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File: 1719438036695.png (187.46 KB, 443x450, question.png)

No. 2065903

A thread for the daft, the dim, the silly, and the merely confused.

Previous thread:

Please follow all global rules and remember to report and ignore bait: avoid infighting.

If you want to ask random questions and hear other anons’ personal answers, check out the Random Questions thread instead. This thread is more for asking silly questions and getting concrete answers.

No. 2065949

What do they say in the beginning?

No. 2065955

>Yo, this party is lux(urious)!
>Still, more times (variant of "most times"), the music is too low!
>I'll make him turn it (the volume) up!

No. 2065985

What is wrong with fujos?(fujo vs anti-fujo is banned outside of the containment thread)

No. 2065987

Why do we have to try and rehash the same infights over and over and over again. It's like I'm living in Groundhog Day the movie but it's not even February.

No. 2066054

What is the most difficult part of hosting an imageboard? I wouldn't mind trying to make one, but I'm scared of the potential raids and moid behaviours.

No. 2066074

I’m a little sore from walking 10k+ steps for a whole week. Should I rest up for today?

No. 2066129

If that’s what your body needs, then do it. Maybe do some yoga or stretch if you still want to be active.

No. 2066138

No. 2066413

IS "DESTRUCTION" the opposite of "CONSTRUCTION", Etymologically??

No. 2066605

yeah you answered your own question, it's moids everywhere

No. 2066606

Someone spams cp then calls the fbi on you

No. 2066612

File: 1719456702930.jpg (133.36 KB, 809x593, EP-Screenshot-Capture-2022-02-…)

When Kanye was calling Pete Davidson "Skete", was he just making a joke out of the word "skeet" (cum)?

No. 2066622

I think they're antonyms, yeah.

No. 2066638

File: 1719457281403.jpg (42.02 KB, 800x452, r5jHxsPoZa5wU6tfRp3ZtD-1200-80…)

this (dealing with feds) is the main reason m00t gave up 4chan

No. 2066650

Is null being into shota cat boys true? I believe it but idk

No. 2066656

Are there any other good imageboards you recommend? Anons gave me shit for this but I hate 4chan, it reminds me of how weird and pedophilic moids are and I’d rather forget. The only other women-only one I know is cc. Idm ones that aren’t women-only though, just any good ones you know that others might not have heard about.

No. 2066657

Imageboards are dead mostly. Lolcow is one of the most active ones. I mean you have to wait a year to get a reply on certain boards.

No. 2066658

Yeah, I figured, but I stumbled on some cosplay(?) one recently (can’t remember the name) that seemed pretty active, so I wondered if there were other good ones I’m unaware of.

No. 2066660

Third for moids, imageboards naturally attract the worst because of 4chan. What do you think about forums? Some you need a key to enter you get from someone inside so they can be more private

No. 2066661

Forums are also dead as fuck

No. 2066662

I’d love to get into forums but just don’t know how. I don’t even know someone who knows someone…

No. 2066664

I am pretty sure there are sites where you can host a forum so you don't need amazing coding knowledge, the issue is always getting people to find and want to use your forum

No. 2066689

File: 1719459887460.png (338.57 KB, 2900x688, IMG_0350.png)

i see what you’re getting at but no, not quite. they originate from 2 different verbs and construct comes from old french instead of directly from latin.

No. 2066744

DAE's parents do this thing where they expect you to call them first and if you didn't for some time they act all cold and distant and shame you for not calling them and it never occurs them that phones work two-ways and THEY could have called you as well?

No. 2066765

File: 1719466101661.jpg (Spoiler Image,51.28 KB, 736x736, 1000003977.jpg)

I know at least one of you isnt doing shite and has adobe in a tab. Can you edit Chace Crawfords eyes brown for me real quick I want to see something. Please

No. 2066770

File: 1719466539206.jpeg (Spoiler Image,401.2 KB, 736x736, IMG_4556.jpeg)

Here you go! I did a few other edits to make him look attractive. I don't know who he is but he's really not good looking in the before pic so I did a few small changes to make him look hot!

No. 2066777

Ohhh you're a BITCH. I was excited until I unspoilered. Nasty woman

No. 2066780

You edited him into Lisa Rinna I hate you. I just wanted to see him with dark brown eyes

No. 2066783

>Dark brown
You should have specified!! It's not my fault I thought you meant hazel amber colour!!

No. 2066787

kek i love you chadification anon. fuck the haters you're a true artist

No. 2066794

All great artists are under-appreciated in their time.

No. 2066795

Can you please be serious now for once in your life.

No. 2066800

Love you nonna

No. 2066804

His agyeo

No. 2066809

File: 1719468083616.jpeg (Spoiler Image,408.08 KB, 736x736, IMG_4558.jpeg)

Okay sorry I'll do dark brown eyes gosh you can never please the critiques!!
xoxo love you all with all my heart

No. 2066811

is that link

No. 2066812

No it's not a link it's a jpeg

No. 2066819

File: 1719468711870.jpg (88.43 KB, 735x725, 1000003581.jpg)

You took the time out of your day of unemployment and trollings to do this twice but not do a simple eye color change. You're mean

No. 2066829

Both pics have two different shades of brown! What more could you want?

No. 2066833

The fact that you still refuse after putting me through all of this emotional torment… you're a bully

No. 2066845

Why are there no shirtless trump pictures!!

No. 2066849

Altmer-looking ass

No. 2066851

No. 2066867

No. 2066931

joshua conner troon

No. 2066933

throwback to when i thought he was the owner of lolcow

No. 2066938

same KEK

No. 2066945

I've been laughing at this for 6 minutes kek

No. 2067004

why do guys moan when they piss

No. 2067008

How are we supposed to know? They're demented apes.

No. 2067010

does anybody else ever have a wank so good it makes you cry a little bit? i am not an emotional crier and it freaks me out a bit even if it feels right/good in the moment.

No. 2067033

A while ago I wss browsing reels on insta and a girl came up that showed that she tracks everything she does at work really autistically.
I forgot her name, and didn't sve her videos, but now I would like to find them and see again if she has something useful.
I remember that she was asian and had more than one video because she doesn't only track her work.
Pls help out if you know who I'm talking about

No. 2067044

Getting into a forum isn't that hard if you have a specific hobby or interest. There's still plenty of active forums for niche interests, especially if they generally attract an audience that isn't exlusively people in their teens and 20s. Of course a lot of people nowadays see a forum, see that replies aren't posted several times an hour and think that means the forum is "dead" even though forums aren't chatboxes.

No. 2067068

Does having zero sex appeal stem from the fact that I've never had sex? I'm not ugly, I just have no rizz at all.

No. 2067084

Feels good

No. 2067123

Posting again because no one answered.

Why would someone make a fake account on social media (in addition to his real account) to secretly stalk his crush but at the same time use a profile pic for that account that looks like him?

No. 2067125

You got two different answers last thread, what more do you want?

No. 2067127

How would we know? Probably because he’s a fucking dumbass stalker

No. 2067128

None of those were real answers

No. 2067131

I have no doubt that some of the more unhinged nonas here did similar things and I want to hear why they did those things

No. 2067135

No one here is dumb enough to make a sock puppet account with an identical profile picture to their main. farmers understand that would immediately give you away. He did it because he’s stupid and bad at stalking. We are good at stalking. Big difference.

No. 2067137

He didn't use the same picture as his normal account. His normal account has some random picture unrelated to his face. His stalking account has a picture of a face that looks like his.

I feel like he's trying to send me a message or is challenging me. Am I supposed to be intimidated in this situation?

No. 2067139

just block him.

No. 2067141

No. He's cute though psycho

No. 2067145

I want to get a birthday gift for my mom, she loves fashion but wants to clean out her closet so I don't want to get her even more. I have no idea what to get her, she already has a lot of magazine subscriptions, does anyone have recommendations on closet cleanout books?

No. 2067149

what about something to help her organize her closet, like some storage bins or hanging shelves? unless she's already got things set up how she likes.

No. 2067168

Is it folliculitis when the root of a hair gets red and the hairs fall out?
I have this tiny patch on my arm where this happened, never had it before. First I thought it might be big bites but they don't itch

No. 2067173

can i use chocolate mousse in between cake?

No. 2067179

No. 2067188

Why is there a sudden resurgence of Hetalia posting on this site? I don’t mind since it’s a very nostalgic anime for me, I just wanna know where it came from

No. 2067193

Why am I overall treated more nicely the more feminine i dress? Over the years Ive noticed wearing a dress gets me nicer attention from people compared to wearing something completely normal like shirts plus shorts. Even someone I know who is GNC only said something nice about my appearance the only day i wore a dress around then. Im also 5ft2 so maybe normal clothes make me look more stubby. Just thought this was weird and if anyone experiences the same thing

No. 2067201

Most parts of society reward women who perform femininity (dress = additional nice treatment from strangers and acquaintances) and punish women who don't (normal clothes = absence of nice treatment from strangers and acquaintances). Even women who should know better fall into the trap of treating other women differently based on our appearance. I sometimes get a change in treatment when I do my annual head buzz compared to the end of the year when it's all grown out.

No. 2067205

Women are valued based on our appearances above all else. The same thing happens to me. It’s insane how much nicer everyone is to me when I wear a dress to work versus suit-pants (I work in a pretty formal office)

No. 2067265

KEK tell me more null gossip please. I 100% believe he's into degen tranny-adjacent shit.

No. 2067318

What should I do for my birthday tomorrow? Both my friends are out of town, I have no car, and it's way too hot to spend even a minute outside. Also, my parents said they would treat me to dinner, but I have no idea what to eat either

No. 2067319

File: 1719508170574.png (688.81 KB, 1000x1000, season types cool warm.png)

Whenever I see recommendations for people choosing colors that suit them (makeup or fashion), it's always like with like, so if you have warm tones you choose makeup/clothes with warm tones too to match. But shouldn't the opposite also be flattering? I know certain colors don't work for people but if I'm warm toned, wouldn't, say, a cool toned shirt in an otherwise flattering color bring out the warm tones in my skin and features? I always see people talking about it like it's a hard rule to stick to a certain side.

No. 2067320

File: 1719508281488.gif (674.27 KB, 220x294, IMG_3452.gif)

Can they take you to a benihana type restaurant? That might be fun.

No. 2067322

probably because he doesnt care if she knows it's him

No. 2067347

I think that the perception of harmony vs contrast in coloring is trend based.

No. 2067348

well tbh all of this stuff is really just personal preference at the end of the day, but as a cool toned person when i wear something warm i think it makes me look really yellow so i don't like it.
mostly the "wrong tones" can emphasize out the "wrong tones" in your skin, like my example or maybe making an olive toned person look more green etc. but there's a lot of personal opinion too.
like if you go to a "professional color analysis" person in a country that it's considered attractive to be pale they might say colors that make you look paler are better, then you could go to someone in a country where people value being tan so they choose different colors for you.
basically don't worry about it too much, social media is taking it really serious nowadays but it can be a lot about your own style and opinion.

No. 2067371

warm toned people can pull off cool toned colors okay but look better in warm toned pieces. cool toned people look good in cool toned pieces but way way worse in warm toned pieces. Meriamstyle's videos can be a mixed bag but I like this one from her on colors.

No. 2067387

File: 1719511192971.png (603.65 KB, 602x602, Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 12.46…)

This is a long shot but does anyone know/remember or is able to find out the name of this model who was on the Instax 8 mini pink box? I know that's super specific but I was obsessed with her street snap photos when I was a tween and this is the only thing I can remember about her. I'm going crazy!!

No. 2067407

I wanna wear circle lenses again, I liked how they made my eyes pop. I stopped using them during the pandemic for obvious reasons, but now that I'm in my early 30's I kinda wonder if I'm too old for it? Feels like it's the kind of thing you only wear during your 20's… I never used to be self-concious about how I dress or do my makeup until I turned 30, but now I question myself all the time.

No. 2067421

I've been worried about this a lot lately too, but I've found that nobody really notices or cares if your clothes are "age appropriate" if you present yourself confidently. I'm 29 and I've been wearing jfashion since I was a teenager and I don't plan on stopping in my 30s, I still get mistaken for a college student but I would say I look my age. I feel like "age appropriate" isn't a real concept anymore these days.

No. 2067427

Good point nonnie, honestly I think most of my concerns about "age appropriate" makeup/clothes comes from lolcow users' aggressive takes. I guess the autistic part of me kinda believes their unfiltered opinions might be more true and honest than anything my supportive irl friends say kek

No. 2067443

Wear the circle lenses and do your makeup the way you want to, nonnie! Life is too short and I can guarantee you no one cares anyway. If it looks cute on you then it looks cute on you. I'm turning 31 and I still wear my hair up on space buns sometimes even though they're supposedly juvenile and out of fashion but I get nothing but compliments from other people. Turning 30 doesn't mean you need to turn frumpy as well.

No. 2067580

File: 1719520151780.png (21.49 KB, 810x221, Screenshot_20240627-162642_(1)…)

Im socially retarded. How should I respond to this message i got on Tinder?

No. 2067587

Depends, on a 1-10 scale how hot is he?

No. 2067594

Probably like a 7

No. 2067599

If you're interested: I'd say you're cute, and yeah, let's get some coffee. How does <date time and place> sound?
Pick a place you know well and will have a lot of people at the time and day you choose. Do insist on it being a place YOU choose. If he complains about it, say it's for your own safety. If he disregards your concerns, he's not worth your time.

No. 2067730

File: 1719526911122.png (133.05 KB, 655x397, Screenshot_20240627-152042.png)

Why does Bluetooth suck so much?
Specifically, what's stopping them from making Bluetooth headset mode better?

No. 2067754

they want you to kill yourself

No. 2067768

Who knows. Bluetooth wasn't really meant to be used for what it is now, we need a new standard actually meant for wireless audio. I should be able to join a voice call with my wireless headphones and not have the other people sound like a landline phone call in 2024, but it doesn't look like we're moving on from it any time soon because of how it dominates the market.

No. 2067777

They're succeeding

No. 2067784

Why are men so retarded? There is a girl in our friend group who has a toxic bf. Apparently when one of the moids in our group tried to speak with said girl via chat her boyfriend replied with hostility and now theyre saying they wanna beat the dude up and how we are hypocrites for not hating her and calling her out and even compared it to her being a robber and us being fine with it. I mentioned that if they provoked her boyfriend he might take it out on her and make the situation and the relationship itself worse and they said they didnt give a fuck because she's not their family. I hope they get prostate cancer.

No. 2067792

All I know is that in old messages he said he liked kids basically, but the only source I've been able to find is this old ED page https://archive.ph/2016.01.03-231115/https://encyclopediadramatica.se/Null

No. 2067806

File: 1719530421516.png (112.52 KB, 338x602, Screenshot 2024-06-27 at 7.17.…)

is snow dying?

No. 2067807

yeah pretty much kek

No. 2067810

We need to start a content to see who can find the best new snowflakes to revitalize /snow/

No. 2067818

it’s probably just becoming less fun to keep up with total losers KEK, keeping up with Shay just made me feel kind of sad after a while

No. 2067820

Cows are harder to find now, specially lighthearted cows that are just cringe, everyone is too self-conscious about their image, so now the cows we have are only the most annoying ones that are just either self-posting or old as fuck cows that anons are following out of routine at this point.
We will never have another PT, that's it.

No. 2067833

hasn't it been dying for some time now? there are some good cows in the world still, but it seems that they are all on KF now which is a cesspool of attentionwhoring moids who are cows themselves. Lolcow now is just like any other imageboard except mods having sticks up their asses

No. 2067836

Bolivia nonnies you ok? Also why do you guys have a navy when you're landlocked?

No. 2067863

File: 1719532086606.png (1.93 MB, 1170x2125, disappointing .png)

why do maternity clothes need to be so unattractive i can still be hot

No. 2067865

at what point is having a husbando a bad thing

No. 2067875

Tradthot or ratchet?

No. 2067880

Ratchet maternity sounds like a new Dolls Kill line

No. 2067884

Nothing other than if you're spamming ooc as canon to everybody because you keep morphing your husbando into whatever you fancy.

No. 2067894

No. 2067897

Oooh, I'm not sure if we have one of those near me, but I'll check. I've never been to one.

No. 2067954

why did I read this post as "at what point is having a husband a bad thing"

I was about to reply with all the cons of marrying moids dammit

No. 2068049

Is there anything similar to Omegle where you can just chat with random people without having to create an account etc? I miss just hanging out and chatting with randoms, trolling occasionally.

No. 2068062

Is posting the screenname of a Discord user considered doxxing on lolcow, or no? (They're related to the subject of the thread.)

No. 2068065

What are the cons of marrying a moid, nonnie? I want to know.

No. 2068098

Is there a childfree thread anywhere? I haven't been able to find one. If not, I kinda wanna make one, do you think it would fit better on /ot/ or /g/ though?

No. 2068110

there's one in /g/, don't know the last time someone posted tho

No. 2068116

It’s still active >>>/g/156622

No. 2068139

File: 1719540591664.png (4.63 MB, 2349x1568, tzoulia-julia-alexandratou2.pn…)

why did her face change so much?

she is a local celeb i kinda love since she is so pretty like i wish i was her but in a decade she looks like a different person. Her face went from chiselled and long to short and almost a chinlet?? its not weight gain and idk about bulimia since from my experience bulimia bloat is different but i might be wrong. Idk about filler but maybe. Like she looks like if she had a short beta cousin

No. 2068229

Nope! Thank God

No. 2068301

he defended traps in the past and hired tranny mods on his site

No. 2068320

Will I be fine if I ate birth control off the floor?

No. 2068326

things a cat would say:

No. 2068361

Are some character ai characters just undateable? Like, written as such, to be so?

No. 2068364

Well, they're like computer programs at the end of the day so when you find them un-dateable, it's just your normal human reaction to speaking to a a collections of zeros and ones.

No. 2068384

No. 2068387

Does anyone here still use Windows 7?

No. 2068437

Oh no, I meant more literally.
It kind of seems like some of them are written to keep repetitively responding with “really haha why do you think that”.

No. 2068445

So they're exactly like real men on dating apps? Kek

No. 2068461

nonnas it’s 2am and I’m wide awake unable to sleep because I slept most of the afternoon but I don’t wanna get out of bed so now I’m just scrolling what do you reccomend?

No. 2068465

File: 1719559186500.jpg (383.88 KB, 1024x1138, 385b495d-a6fe-4343-8c66-f77821…)

buy games on the steam summer sale!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 2068478

Nayrt but thank you nonna for reminding me about the sales, I got Disco Elysium and Celeste for less than 6e total! I've been meaning to play both for forever. I'll have to finish Shadow of Erdtree first but I can't wait to play them.

No. 2068546

are fujos into anal so they can larp as the gay men they read about?(do not post about fujo or anti-fujo outside of the containment threads)

No. 2068564

husbando spotted!
I'm a poorfag so I want to pirate, but I also want the achievements, dilemma.

No. 2068568

No. 2068570

Is this a thing one can even find out? Like you'd have to find one and then ask and then hope they don't say >>2068568

No. 2068573

i know of one who did years ago and it ruined yaoi for her. most fujos are into it for the voyeuristic aspect and have normal sex with their bfs.

No. 2068641

File: 1719575085330.png (310.92 KB, 986x631, BL.png)

Silly nonna, anal doesn't happen in yaoi

No. 2068643

File: 1719575366902.png (199.91 KB, 826x803, 1718971231918.png)

We are not going through a another fujo/antifujo war again. go sit in the austimo corner

No. 2068698

File: 1719578995030.jpeg (69.91 KB, 736x981, 15 Summer 2023 Nail Trends You…)

Anyone know good youtube channels or other resources where i can learn nailart and taking better care of my nails?
I know these are fake but i'd prefer if the designs like picrel were done on real nails.

No. 2068704

Why are moids who larp being a pure christian and preach le "traditional olden day values" the most insufferable and demented coomers on the internet? Like, not even out of a place of irony. Does the porn rot their brains so much that they delude themselves into thinking they're so righteous?

No. 2068745

How do I make the most out of living? I fucked my late teens and early 20s up so badly and I dont want to be such a downer about it anymore

No. 2068785

That's what that time period is for, nona. It's all good to fuck up and make mistakes when you're young. Without knowing more details, take care of your body and mind, develop a curiosity about the world and learn as much as possible, go out in nature as much as you can, and love the people you love fiercely. You're going to be fine.

No. 2068879

Does anyone here support Trump for president? I'd like to hear your perspective on why you do so.

No. 2068885

You are hilarious

No. 2068891

good people think they're bad, bad people think they're good. it's that simple

No. 2068932

there are very few mistakes that you can't come back from and doom you to having a hopeless future. i'm going to assume that you're not typing this from prison so it's entirely possible that if you learn from your mistakes and don't repeat them then you can have the kind of life that you want.

No. 2068953

I was miserable in my early 20s. College life is overrated af. I'm in my late 20s now and life is amazing. You are at like less than a quarter of your life. Don't throw in the towel yet.

No. 2068992

this question is going to be constantly recycled until after the election so if you truly want to know to the amerifag thread.

No. 2068997

I will never forget nona being genuinely upset over this, this is so funny

No. 2069024

File: 1719592850743.jpg (765.41 KB, 3024x4032, what-is-the-sound-of-one-man-p…)

I'm not American but I really hope Trump loses just so I don't have to deal with this shit in my city. I know American culture is everywhere but simping for another countries former president is just sad.
I just want to get back to politics being about the party founded by terrorists, the other party founded by terrorists, the party who was recently associated with terrorism and the Greens.

No. 2069026

>foreigners joining the trump cult
That’s crazy lol. What country are you from if you don’t mind me asking?

No. 2069031

File: 1719593045426.webp (48.97 KB, 354x767, agb7zknc955d1.webp)

Ireland. We suck up to the US I won't lie but I've never seen this shit before.

No. 2069035

Ayrt. Wow, I’m actually going to Ireland for vacation soon. Was hoping to get a break from retarded burger politics kek

No. 2069064

File: 1719593887925.png (1.37 MB, 1213x1708, 3b369694f0e6ab02fe676eacce69ef…)

You forgive yourself. It's easier said than done, it took me until my thirties to let go, but it's the only way forward. Whenever I find myself circling, I always chant to myself "Here's the deal, Ouroboros. Either bite down, or let go. But you can't keep holding on like this." I don't know why, but it really resonated with me and so brings me solace.

No. 2069070

File: 1719594012906.jpeg (63.27 KB, 700x915, zuNzQGi.jpeg)

You'll be grand nonna. They're a pretty fringe group so in all likelihood you won't see them outside of Dublin. They only really show in large groups up to counter protest. You main danger is dying of cringe at the Barack Obama Plaza in Tipperary.
If you are intending in July I would avoid Northern Ireland around the 12th. People descended from British settlers light big bonfires like pic related to celebrate a historical battle. It gets very Purge-y

No. 2069076

File: 1719594089953.gif (423.07 KB, 220x143, what.gif)

>stopped using them during the pandemic for obvious reasons

No. 2069084

File: 1719594331424.jpg (18.49 KB, 640x427, TUFZMTM5NTM4MzMw.jpg)

Samefag. They build them everywhere. If the police or fire brigade show up to stop it they riot. I can't stress how important it is to not be in the north during this time.

No. 2069085

No. 2069125

When they say rent should be 30% of your income how does that work? Because I feel like rent is way too much of my paycheck no matter what. I make $70k per year, my recommended rent is >$1,750 but I swear that number is assuming I’m pulling in $6,000 per month. I think with taxes and everything else deducted my monthly pay is around $3,000 which would mean rent is more than half of my earnings. Is this normal and how should I determine rent? I don’t wanna live in a dingy place with rats or a horrid roommate but I also don’t want to live too far beyond my means.

No. 2069126

Fascinating, thanks for the info! Don’t worry nonna, I’m not visiting Northern Ireland (though I am going in July), just Dublin and some smaller towns as well. I’ve been to the England before, so I wanted to visit somewhere outside of the UK this time

No. 2069128

Kind of obvious that there was no need for anon to wear make-up during the pandemic when people were only allowed to go out for groceries and that while wearing a mask

No. 2069131

I always heard it's supposed to be 33% of your net income, so $990 if you make 3k netto a month

No. 2069132

File: 1719595577097.jpg (30.61 KB, 564x552, 2c38130c6549b21609592349c15f71…)

anyone else feeling fatigued and lazy?

No. 2069135

No. 2069150

File: 1719596134178.gif (423.26 KB, 220x143, confusion_intensifies.gif)

Contacts are considered makeup now?

No. 2069157

Every single day

No. 2069161

Me. Slept for 12 hours, woke up with no alarm, and had 2 cups of tea, some sugary treats and carb finger food after a healthy breakfast, and yet I'm slightly tired but it's probably because I'm bored. On a side note, my boobs hurt for no reason even though my period was over a week ago. So annoying.

No. 2069165

No you're not to old, especially for the subtle ones.

However I've spent so much money on circle lenses from the best brands and ALL of them are uncomfortable and irritating as fuck compared to my regular acuvue oasis prescriptions. IDK how girls wear them all day

No. 2069166

You probalby suffer from bipolar disorder and are in the depressive phase

No. 2069169

Circle lenses typically serve no purpose beyond aesthetics. I don't know if anon has colored contacts, but I'm sure it would've been easier to wear glasses in that case.

No. 2069171

Might not be for everyone but sleeping less has helped me. I used to go for 8-10 sleeps and I'd constantly keep waking up and feeling groggy until noon. I go for 6 hours sleeps now and I don't wake up at all and feel really alert. I think I forced my brain into using sleep time properly

No. 2069175

Caffeine can make your boobs hurt but if you only had two cups of tea I don’t know if that’s really enough to affect you… unless you’re super sensitive but you’d probably know

No. 2069184

Is it worth saving up for a house anymore? Genuinely asking. It feels like everything is inflating so hard and by the time I get "enough" (to the current market's standards), it wont be enough anymore. Like a horse chasing a carrot

No. 2069188

Get active and sleep properly

No. 2069226

I've stopped shaving for a while and I've noticed my personal hair is a different color from my head hair. I'm a natural blonde. It's looking very red/ginger. Is that normal? Is it just a getting older thing?

No. 2069231

its worth waiting for the next crash, which is certain to happen eventually

No. 2069248

youre turning into a ginger

No. 2069254

If you say someone is comparative [adj. mode], do you imply the one they're being compared to is also positive [adj. mode], just not as as them? Like, X is funnier than Y. Am I implying Y is also funny, just not as funny as X is, or is it a more or less objective observation and the fact that Y is the unfunniest dipshit on this entire continent is completely irrelevant?

No. 2069257

How can I lift the curse?

No. 2069261

all the time. all the usual solutions (sleeping properly, exercise, etc.) makes it worse weirdly enough

No. 2069278

Closer to the first example than the second, if you're simple about how you say it. There's simply an increase in quality rather than an objective decision about the quality of Y's funniness.

No. 2069281

How to be a friend?

No. 2069287

File: 1719600150728.jpg (46.25 KB, 564x564, 1719354110893.jpg)

What cat breed is this? Siam?

No. 2069289

You feel worse at first before you start feeling better, if you’ve been like this for a long time at least. Its like a shock to your body

No. 2069291

From the thumbnail I thought this was Nate from Gossip Girl.

No. 2069292

More pics of the guy pls? I wanna objectify him.

No. 2069294

Snowshoe cat maybe? They’re a type of siam mix and the paws fit the profile

No. 2069319

Damn that’s impossible to find where I live, I guess I will be not following that advice then

No. 2069343

File: 1719601984440.png (321.03 KB, 377x337, 46452372377284.png)

I'm a democrat but I'm genuinely thinking of voting for him this time around. I live in California and the situation with illegals is fucking insane at this point, not only are we a "sanctuary" where illegals can't be reported to authorities, but they also get free food and their children go to school here for free. Now the governor is proposing giving them free healthcare as well. Meanwhile I pay premiums out the ass for bottom of the barrel healthcare and grocery store prices are getting ridiculous too. Why not help actual citizens instead of felons?

I'm just fucking tired of it. Trump is the only one who has proposed doing anything to rectify this shit (building the wall and eliminating sanctuary cities) so he does have my support at the moment.

No. 2069352

File: 1719602177963.jpg (492.51 KB, 900x758, Hollywoodland Sign 1930 Actor …)

Aaaay, I'm from California too but I got the fuck out of there a few years ago. Glad I did, too, just before the shitty new "no bail" policies were enacted. Hope you're not in LA or anywhere expensive, can't imagine trying to live there in this current economy.

No. 2069373

I‘m not judging you, just curious: do the illegals ever bother/harass you? or commit crime? or do you simply think that the government is wasting their money on them? the main reason I wouldn’t vote for trump is because of the anti-abortion laws so i can’t quite grasp how illegals would be a bigger problem than this. (Not trying to debate you btw just want to hear your pov nonny)

No. 2069480

Bay Area kek. I'm getting by alright, but Newsom is fucking nuts. I've seen more and more dems turning against him over the years.

No, the problem is that they're leeching off of citizens. They come here, don't pay taxes, but then the children they drag along get to go to school here - which is funded by taxes. They get free food - which is funded by taxes. And now they'll be getting free healthcare - which will be funded by taxes. The healthcare industry is so impacted and overwhelmed here that we often have to wait 3-6 months or longer just to see a specialist of any kind. Now it's going to be even worse as millions of illegals join. Good luck getting your hypothetical abortion done in time, with a decent quality doctor who won't fuck up your insides, while things are like this.

Meanwhile our streets are full of potholes, trash everywhere, run-down underfunded schools, homeless people who need help, regular workers struggling etc. There are so many better things our tax dollars could be going to in order to help citizens. It's just disgusting that we keep adding rewards and incentives for these felons, which signals to other countries that we welcome and accommodate these people, and in turn that encourages even more of them to come here. It's a never-ending cycle.

No. 2069533

something i'm curious about, but you do need to actually be diagnosed with an ED by a doctor in order to know if you have one, right? i'm asking because many people irl (mostly from school, and a concerned teacher) have accused me of having it but my own doctors and family never said anything, and i don't really have the symptoms. surely someone who's job involves health and weighed me on the scale multiple times is more knowledgeable?

No. 2069536

big dick or small dick? big dicks all the way tbh

No. 2069546

Gonna be honest, I think about 2/3 of the homeless there are beyond help.

No. 2069547

Depends if you believe in self diagnosing or not.

That said not sure what ED you've been accused of but not all EDs are characterized by a number on the scale.

No. 2069560

it was anorexia accusations

No. 2069596

If Harry Potter is for millennials what's the Zoomers equivalent?

No. 2069609

Harry Potter is for middle field and young millennials and old zoomers

No. 2069642

Percy Jackson.

No. 2069645

Any tips for what to when you're wired?
I went to a friend's house party but police shut it down early. I'm at home right now bursting with energy. I tried to clean my apartment but my roommates told me to keep it down.
Any ideas, any love, any cool videos all appreciated.

No. 2069652

Is it? I'm an early-ish zoomer and I always thought of it as one of the "older" series.
I'm saying Hunger Games

No. 2069662

Warrior Cats. I know some millennials who were still into the Hunger Games.

No. 2069667

If your BMI is below a certain point, you are either starving or you have anorexia.

No. 2069801

File: 1719617603320.jpg (108.3 KB, 544x720, 4c623ae889bf2716389ab66de9c418…)

why do cows post their problems/personal matters online when it does not make them money(i am not an influencer but i have a feeling it does not) and instead of discussing them with people in their life or anonymously?

i mean what makes someone a cow is that they do not hide their issues correct? so they would stop being a cow if the would stfu and just post pictures of themselves or inoffensive entertainment content. You can say they need attention but isn't discussing it with their friends good enough?

No. 2069805

>why are people we mock for being mentally ill mentally ill?

No. 2069813

Why are you assuming cows have friends who actually care about their problems?

No. 2069821

i mean i am pretty fucked up autism,ed,depression and i easily found online close people who i can talk to. not powerleveling just do not get it

No. 2069834

File: 1719619218249.jpg (74.89 KB, 640x423, yaoi car.jpg)

whats a good place to download VNs? i only know f95zone but that's only for eroges

No. 2069843

the only difference between a mentally ill random person and a cow is their internet presence. what is your question again?

No. 2069846

What would be the cheapest place to buy a Hubbard Electrometer second-hand?

No. 2069851

cow watching is just a cope for mentally ill people. most of the people here would be cows if they were vocal about their shitty lives

No. 2069858

File: 1719620056387.png (921.32 KB, 1246x749, WHATISMISSING.png)

Question, what was here before. Last week there was a 4th thing and I cannot remember and it's actually disturbing me.

No. 2069859

just saying why do something dump when there are alternatives like friends or anon posting on reddit. Isnt that "safe" attention good enough

No. 2069864

File: 1719620297207.jpg (32.67 KB, 848x248, lol.JPG)

league does all sorts of limited-time game modes. not sure what the most recent one was but U.R.F and nexus blitz will show up on that menu fairly often.

No. 2069895

/r9k/ daughter or crystal.cafe lurker son

No. 2069902


No. 2069903

I aware nonny, I just cannot remember WHICH game mode (if there was one) I know Arena was the game mode, but I think maybe U.R.F? My tism just wants to know the change.

No. 2069909

It was the same modes last week, they just changed the TFT icon and moved it to last place.

No. 2069928

When in the hell is the new farmhand applications going to be made? I actually can’t take this shit anymore kek

No. 2069937

Crystal.cafe lurker son. I’d be so depressed if I had a daughter turn out like Ciara

No. 2069945

No. 2069989

Neither. Dick is over rated

No. 2069990

Make are, work out? Put on music in your headphones and dance around. Go for a walk

No. 2069992

Sorry. Make art

No. 2069998

Screenings for that are typically done by a psychiatrist/psychologist, not a regular MD. If your bmi is under 18 you should def ask to be screened.

No. 2070039

Hunger Games, Umbrella Academy (books not the tv series)

People with certain mental disorders are not really capable of thinking rationally. BPD and NPD specifically.

You know we haven't heard from the admin in a long ass time, right? I think we'll be seeing her resignation post rather than updates or applications.

No. 2070067

File: 1719628794490.jpg (176.62 KB, 865x743, feelssobad.jpg)

>Bay Area

No. 2070080

If you see a hijabi's hair for the first time because you aren't that close and she added you to her private story on instagram is it a normal response/compliment to reply to her with "Your hair is so beautiful!" or is that culturally insensitive

No. 2070101

Write something less scrotey, and more engaging, like, "What do you put in your hair that makes it so shiny/thick/wavy/etc.?"

No. 2070137

If you’d like to share your reasons, why do you feel uncomfortable publicly stating your anti-troon politics?

No. 2070144

It is insensitive. You shouldn't act surprised that she has pretty hair just because she covers it all the time.

No. 2070175

File: 1719633486166.jpeg (234.22 KB, 800x624, Briullov_Karl_-_A_Dream_of_a_G…)

How do you get yourself to have more dreams? I already have more than most people do, but my goal is to totally live via my dreams since my real life is so unfixably dull. I slept off and on all day today and had a couple of dreams, but I really want to increase the frequency of my more complex dreams. My favorite moments from the past few years of my life were all in dreams.

No. 2070180

How long has it been since the newmin has been active? Also she probably has already resigned and transferred it to someone else and we just don’t know

No. 2070182

Melatonin and other assortment of drugs

No. 2070194

Which mental illness is it when you feel bloodlust and a need to do impulsive thrill-seeking things because you’re bored??

No. 2070195

Y chromosome

No. 2070197

is that BPD? or maybe psychosis? i don’t know the names of other attention seeking disorders lol

No. 2070211

If my work got wind of it, I'd be in trouble. That's pretty much the only reason.

No. 2070215

2 months of silence so far afaik

No. 2070269

Could be any Cluster B disorder. BPD, NPD, ASPD etc. Bloodlust is more ASPD but thrill-seeking impulsivity is more BPDish.

No. 2070306

low sensitivity person, muted nervous system. the opposite of an HSP. Also called low arousal, but not the sexual kind.

No. 2070340

Erogedownload, don't be fooled by the name they have everything.

No. 2070617

best drugs to get yourself fucked up on without entirely destroying your body and psyche?

No. 2070625

File: 1719666262464.png (187.7 KB, 617x600, Harmchart.png)

Imo acid

No. 2070648

The psychical harm for alcohol seems low

No. 2070662

Maybe alcohol wasn't that bad until we started adding things to it (colorants, additives, etc). All alcoholics I know have aged poorly because they didn't simply drink oldschool whisky but coctails and wine with soda

No. 2070667

where can I acquire this drug kek

No. 2070672

Is there any websites that lets' you post nsfw stories for free? Preferably non-fanfiction sites

No. 2070676


No. 2070868

What are some good names for a child? We're trying for a kid and right now it's Imogen for girl and William for a boy. I would like something that isn't that common but not too weird. I'm Scottish so I don't mind leaning into Celtic names. I just don't want her to have to explain how her name is pronounced every time like I had to.

No. 2070878

I bet the majority of my coworkers are normies who either are vaguely disgusted by troons or else think they just want to pee, but I definitely have a coworker who's a troon supporter. She's had every one of her children and herself diagnosed with autism, and she's said that children know by age three if they want to transition or not. So if I made it known how I feel, she would definitely report me to HR, and my company sponsors drag queen story hour and hangs the tranny flag for June so I don't think it would go well for my career.
So I don't let anyone know because I would get fired and likely blackballed out of my career.

No. 2070881

Some ideas:
- Ava
- Freya
- Mara
- Briar
- Isla
- Sirris
- Erin

No. 2071007

>t. Hunger Games

No. 2071040

My fav is lili/lilja

No. 2071048

File: 1719692348317.gif (576.8 KB, 480x360, feltlikethisalleveningyesterda…)

Yesterday my leg randomly started cramping up out of nowhere. It lasted all evening and ranged from my leg tingling to not being able to step on my foot because stretching out my leg was too painful to curling up in a ball and holding my breath the entire time while hoping for this wave to pass. Today is way better, I just have some slight pain in the back of my knee when standing on tippy-toes and my foot cramping up when I sit on my knees. Will doing leg stretches now alleviate the problem or make them worse?

No. 2071049

Suga balls would be a cute name for a man

No. 2071128

You can scroll through the Drugs thread to get more opinions and read through other anons' experiences. It might help you make your choice. I agree with the other anon though, mushrooms or LSD is probably the least harmful and least addictive drug to take. When I got high on mushrooms, I didn't have a negative thought for like 3 weeks after the trip (I remember because the first time I had a negative thought I was genuinely surprised)

No. 2071142

Leg stretches help in my experience

No. 2071190

File: 1719700258785.jpg (93.55 KB, 600x615, best-body.jpg)

Where did these types of pictures come from?

No. 2071201

Anyone correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm pretty sure most of these pictures (teenagers doing cringey things in 4 panels) originated from like 2011-2014 Instagram. Back then, Instagram started getting really popular among middle school students, and so was Musical.ly, the app that preceded TikTok. Basically a big portion of Musical.ly was middle schoolers acting out romantic scenes or saying pick up lines or trying to be cute, it was a major trend on the app and it had a cringe reputation among teenagers at the time because it was known as a middle schooler app. When Instagram started getting more popular the year after it was released, a lot of young people signed up for the app and started posting regularly. Around the same time, 4-panel memes or comics were really popular online, so it was natural for the people to start making 4-panel photo edits to post on social media. So a lot of the middle schoolers that were on Musical.ly and were exposed to that trend of being a "cute romantic preteen" (like Jacob Sartorius for example) started making these types of cringe edits to attract fame and social media popularity. So, basically it was a trend to be a "romantic boy" on Musical.ly among middle-schoolers, then that trend spread to Instagram.

No. 2071212

Sounds like a charlie-horse. I recommend just resting and making sure you're hydrated.

I remember a lot of these on early Tumblr, with quirky scene and emo kids in particular.

No. 2071215

Sometimes simple breakfast type 'recipes' call for half a banana, half an avocado etc etc. Does anyone actually do that? Unless I'm baking or something I'll just throw the whole thing in, you could eat the rest but these influencer types seem super strict with their diets. Do they just eat it, I can't imagine throwing it out but maybe it's normal among some rich influencer types? I've never understood this, especially when it's something like oatmeal and they say they add half a banana but don't mention eating the rest and it never shows up again when they seem to be the type to count every single calorie.

No. 2071222

It's usually for the purposes of recipe marketing. If you use half a banana in the recipe, it cuts down on the calories and sugars, obviously, and they may want to market their recipes or cooking videos to the health-conscious type or the dieters, so lower calorie listing is advantageous to their goal.

No. 2071238

I’ve done it and just saved the rest for later when calorie counting. I would never throw it out. I wouldn’t put it past some people to throw it out though, people can be insanely wasteful with food.

No. 2071256

A bird flew into my house. what do I do. help

No. 2071257

Idk about those people, but I either use the whole thing or find a way to preserve it for later. Alternatively, as chef John would say, that's the chef snack.

No. 2071258

well i tried really hard to have dreams last night and I was rewarded with a really long and graphic dream about watching a family cannibalize their (diseased from natural causes) toddler. The other kid in the family didn't want to eat the toddler leg she was given and the father was chastising her for not biting into it hard enough and only pretending to eat. I guess I'll take it?

No. 2071259

what does" showing up to a birthday dinner with box braids is a crime" mean? i am white and that was a punchline to a joke i still think about lol

No. 2071260

Catch it with a towel and put it outside if it won’t leave on its own. Throwing a towel on it is best practice

No. 2071261

What did you do to make yourself have dreams? Just mental focus or what?

No. 2071262

Call all the old people in your family before it happens.

No. 2071264

2CB. At lower doses like 10-15mg it's diet MDMA but no comedown or hangover. At higher amounts it gets acid-y

No. 2071291

this was the best era for real

No. 2071328

File: 1719709988784.jpg (291.22 KB, 1170x1452, IMG_2455.jpg)

Nonny, that's nothing. One time a squirrel got itself stuck between my 2 window panes somehow. I had to call animal control and they had my landlord call a handyman to remove the window. It (the squirrel) somehow survived some 14 hours being trapped in there .

No. 2071354

>It (the squirrel) somehow survived
but did the landlord survive? or the handyman???

No. 2071438

File: 1719715695321.png (35.94 KB, 717x162, Screenshot 2024-06-30 081645.p…)

Are there any threads where i can post "mirroring" posts as in picrel? don't know where else to post such things that it won't be considered alogging.

No. 2071460

Look up the catalog on /2X/

No. 2071468

is describing someone as a "wigger" or "wankster" racist? like too racist to say around someone who is base level of woke? if so what is the appropriate way to describe someone who Is undoubtedly a wigger?

No. 2071475

I think wankster is fine to say, if a little crass, but it could mean a lot of things. Wigger seriously fell out of fashion in the last 15 years, I’m pretty sure you can’t say it in polite company anymore. You need a pop culture reference, like calling him Vanilla Ice or J-Roc

No. 2071485

I’ve been using this website since 2018 (granted my memories aren’t very good since I was 12) would I be a newfag or an oldfag? A midfag?

No. 2071558

fuckin hell

No. 2071594

Oldfags are people who have been here since the beginning of the site or close to it (ie they migrated from cgl). Newfags are people who have been around less than a year.* You're just a regular anon.

*Some nonas will say anyone from 2020 onwards is a newfag, but I don't think anyone who has been here for 4 years can be called that anymore tbh. That's stupid.

No. 2071634

Can any smart anons explain to me the brain differences in cluster B disorders I’m really curious

No. 2071648

none of them quite fit what i want to do, it'd be more akin to derailing

No. 2071670

i thought the only people who say that are just joking or in the same energy as "cracker/can't eat spicy food" memes

No. 2071673

Oldfags are just people who have been here for a long time, it doesn't have to be since the beginning. But how many years you have to be here to qualify as an oldfag changes from anon to anon so idk.

No. 2071679

Wigger has been unacceptable since the early 2010s I would say. Never heard anyone say wankster to describe this kind of person. Maybe blackwashed is a good term to use, just like how nonwhite people are called whitewashed if they try to act white.

No. 2071718

Wow I haven't heard those since middle school. You probably don't want to use wigger, but wangster should be fine as long as you don't have to explain it.

No. 2071748

>*Some nonas will say anyone from 2020 onwards is a newfag, but I don't think anyone who has been here for 4 years can be called that anymore tbh. That's stupid.
Idk if they'd be a newfag technically, but the pandemic years are when this site started taking a huge nosedive, like there's a very noticeable difference with anons who showed up at that time vs other anons.

No. 2071773

>pre vs post pandemic
Agree with this so much.

No. 2071776

How do mods catch ban-evaders?

No. 2071790

Newfag is being unintegrated, not how long you've been here.

No. 2071821

Someone having a vetted interest in repeating the same spam over and over is pretty obvious to spot when you have all their previous deleted or banned posts at your disposal.

No. 2071846

Cluster B disorders aren't caused by brain chemical imbalances or damage like other mental illnesses. They're caused by upbringing. Except ASPD - there's a big debate in the psychology community about whether that one is caused by nature or nurture.

No. 2072101

How to cure BPD? Alternatively does anyone have any good stalking sites or apps or whatever especially if theres a way to get fhem free? Either answer is fine

No. 2072110

What was it like pre pandemic?

No. 2072135

File: 1719757480933.jpeg (214.11 KB, 1179x615, IMG_3527.jpeg)

I don’t understand the reply, can someone explain why saying “we” would get this response? Please I’m not trying to drag an infight across threads, I don’t think we were really fighting and I am not remotely mad they said this I just don’t understand why what I said made them post what they said. I thought maybe I would have an epiphany about it but I have not

No. 2072143

They kinda guess. Because I've been banned on two separate occasions and the reason given was for "ban evading", when I hadn't been banned for anything in the first place. And the second one said singing along the lines of "ban evading when I told you to stop starting fights in the fujo thread." and that's not a thread I've ever posted in.

No. 2072148

My workplace has a programme where you get up to £150 paid for in 'health and wellbeing' subscriptions, like MyFitnessPal or those weird meditation mindfulness things like Calm. Reason being everyone is WFH so it's good for keeping active or encouraging health or something.

I was thinking that if it's not on my dime, I'd like to get a Fitbit again with the Premium subscription which is £70 a year or something like that (previously threw my fitbit out when it went paywalled and bought out by google).

However, I just started in March and have six months probation, and it's a very small company (35-ish people), so don't want to rock the boat.

Do you think it would be most appropriate to wait for…

1) approximately one month after probation ends
2) the early-middle of January
3) approximately one month after one year of employment

I was thinking #1, but my husband said at the very least #3. I'm American so wondering if there's some additional cultural aspect I'm not taking into consideration.

No. 2072159


No. 2072160

So I'm not black, but my understanding was that it used to be traditional that for major events, black women would get their hair relaxed and straightened because it was considered classy and proper etiquette. So for a woman to show up to a major event in her honor, the birthday dinner, while being improperly dressed, the box braids, would make the older women in the family gossip and criticize her.

No. 2072185

I’m American and I would consider it good to participate in those sorts of programs as soon as you are eligible. It makes you seem invested in the company and the benefits of working there and someone in HR will be very happy you’re using their program. But always make sure you are not on the hook for the costs if you get let go, there is usually fine print to the effect of “if you don’t make it x number of months at the company you will be liable for the full cost of the product/service.”

No. 2072203

File: 1719760670389.jpeg (116.81 KB, 736x915, IMG_1518.jpeg)

Am I a lolitafag all because I want to be picked up by a taller scrote and it makes me feel small, soft and cute? You bitches can be so ridiculous and dramatic

No. 2072208

as long as you're not making it a lolita thing i dont think its a lolita thing. dating a male is enough of a crime, wanting to date a tall attractive male is on the more acceptable end of dating

No. 2072211

File: 1719760972928.jpg (295.76 KB, 1876x2497, J. crew.jpg)

/me Kills myself
am i retarded or should the little girl not be in that style of bathing suit? it doesnt feel appropriate

No. 2072212

I want one so bad anon so badddddd

No. 2072218

you are fucking cringe

No. 2072219

Wanting to date tall men because they’re more attractive than midgets is based. Wanting to date tall men because they make YOU feel more attractive is cringe. Making your self-perception dependent on moids is retarded.

No. 2072220

Need a cute man to pick me up and fucj me nonny(horny sperging)

No. 2072222

That’s not realistic, we get our validation from our male partners kek

No. 2072223

nice bait

No. 2072230

Is it bait to want to have sex with a man? Do you genuinely think most of the users here are epic celibate nuns who have swore off sex for life

No. 2072235

have you even read the comment i replied to?

No. 2072237

File: 1719761692422.png (83.96 KB, 295x498, IMG_4495.png)

Yes that’s why we‘re called nunas now shut up unfunny loser

No. 2072244

No. 2072245

I actually agree with this now that I think about it. If I did get a Fitbit I'd get 6 months of a free trial, so could raise it after that point. Thanks for the perspective.

No. 2072246

just get a husbando smh

No. 2072247

Why do d/g/ens always type like retarded teenagers?

No. 2072249

I'm assuming some of them are.

No. 2072254

Nuna nunaaaa
I already have a few but I still like 3dpd men
God forbid someone makes a typo.

No. 2072257

The typo isn't the problem

No. 2072259

Don't feel bad. Finally getting a good orgasm or the stress/hormonal situation that releases makes it act up. Personally did that again recently and was even concerned about why I sounded like I was about to sob. If the intensity/situation different, that can happen.

No. 2072265

holy fuck you sound fucking insufferable, no wonder no handsome dude wants to fuck you

No. 2072266

You are the type of person to scream at children for accidentally throwing their ball into your yard. Let a woman have fun and be free wtf(ban evasion)

No. 2072269

Did you have a bad day and you’re trying to make other people feel as bad as you? Kek

No. 2072275

no i just think your posts are insufferable, thats all

No. 2072276

Get you a 3dpd who will act as your husbandos. Settle for nothing less.

No. 2072277

Ok anon
Good idea actually

No. 2072280

Good luck and godspeed.

No. 2072355

How do I appeal to women on dating apps as a woman looking for something more casual? Assume I'm decently cute. What should I write on my bio?

No. 2072397

why is it refrigerator but fridge with a d

No. 2072487

What the fuck is gravure? I just don't get it, some people say that its basically softcore porn and others are like "that's totes not porn! u don't understand japanese culture"

No. 2072502

Models and aidorus posing in swimsuits, underwear and other types of revealing clothes. You don't see nipples and especially no vag, so technically it's really not soft porn, but it's also not the kind of photobook you'd want to have lying around in the living room.

No. 2072548

Because there is emphasis on the "frige" in refrigerator, it was shortened based on that because it's easy. But if you just write frige, it wouldn't sound like the "frige" in refrigerator because of how the word is constructed, so a d had to be added. Otherwise it would just be frig or fri-ge.

No. 2072630

How can total tranny death be feasible?
Like whats the most efficient method?(fedposting)

No. 2072632

relax. they’ll take care of themselves.

No. 2072654

Aborting male fetuses.

No. 2072663

it's a religious belief and ideas don't simply die. scientology still exists even if smaller, with more obsessively devoted adherents.

No. 2072727

File: 1719781618650.jpg (206.67 KB, 768x768, d4e27cfbcbd01a33eb6338d885d1a2…)

nonnas who still live in with their parents ¿ when family visits do you greet them an socalie with them, just greet them and go to your room or not greet them at at all? in occasions like parties or meetings (pic unrelated)

No. 2072733

I'd consider it rude if you didn't greet and make small talk for at least 15 minutes. Family coming over and hiding in your room is considered rude when you're a teenager, if you're an adult I'd think it was even ruder.

No. 2072734

I greet them and go back to my room, usually. I'll pop in a couple times while they're still there but I'm usually just in my room doing my own thing

No. 2072736

when I lived with my mother it depended. if I liked the people, I greeted, interacted, even made them coffee. if I disliked them, I would either make myself scarce or lock my room and pretend I was asleep. if it was a neutral interaction I said hi out of politeness but didn't stick around.

No. 2072743

File: 1719782013488.png (1.97 MB, 1878x1242, Two woman friends enjoying the…)

How to have a wholesome vacation in Europe on A TIGHT BUDGET? I'll be based around the BENELUX area for a month. Definitely want to go to Amsterdam. But would like to take a day trip somewhere in southern Europe based on what's safest. I will most likely be solo traveling..so advice on that as well would be much appreciated.

>What should I experience that is quintessentially European? Where can I meet and talk with people casually? (I do speak a European language)

>Going to post this in two threads sorry.

No. 2072767

Didn't you already post this in a different thread?

No. 2072772

How do you politely tell someone you don't want to have kids? My go-to is telling them my family genes are riddled with anxiety disorders, possible cluster b+autism, but people will take that as eugenics these days

No. 2072777

I find "I don't want to have kids" without offering an explanation and switching subjects before they can react most effective. People love to hate on people who don't want kids so don't give them the opportunity.

No. 2072778

>How do you politely tell someone you don't want to have kids?
"I don't see myself as a parent, I would prefer to live a solo lifestyle."

I'd actually say your "go-to" is a lot ruder because it reveals too much about your personal family life. It's like, "okay thanks for letting me know your family's personal medical problems, TMI… I didn't appreciate that." It's considered impolite to reveal too much about yourself like that.

No. 2072784

A somewhat dishonest way would be to say "I can't have kids" and let them make their own assumptions. If they try to discuss specifics say you don't want to talk about it.

A benefit to this is they'll probably avoid bringing it up to you in the future.

No. 2072794

What's the best sunglasses style for someone with a square face?

No. 2072797

Why do people talk about peoples posts being exposed here? Or being recognized on here? Are they just paranoid schizos? I dont mean self posting cows, Regular people.

No. 2072801

fair enough, but if i say i prefer to be alone or living a solo life, i get more hate where i'm from. it's actually better for me to say i'm riddled with bad genes kek.

No. 2072832

some anons do try to assign a personality to random posters who aren't trying to seek attention to be fair, and it's very common for anons to go "are you the blahblahblah from the blahdedah?". there were also times farmhands "accidentally" exposed regular anons IP addresses and that one farmhand who posted manifesto-chan's post history (that incident wasn't malicious but still)

No. 2072879

Games with cute male protagonist or antagonists? I really like noctis and Leon kennedy but are those the only ones?

No. 2072934

>Going to post this in two threads sorry.
I included….in both posts that I would post in two threads nonny. Thanks for reading all the way through–twice kek.

No. 2072936

No. If you start calling him daddy and bringing other DDLG elements into it, then it would be creepy and gross.

I don't see anything inappropriate about it. There's full on tiny bikinis for kids which are much worse. This is a one piece that just shows a little tummy, who cares.

I just say I've never been a maternal type of person. I don't think it's a good idea to trauma dump on random people like you're doing.

Doesn't work, they will tell you that you should adopt or use a surrogate. They don't drop the topic.(learn2integrate)

No. 2072948

"I don't want to have children" like >>2072777 said, with a polite smile, maybe a little head shake. As if the person asking is offering you beets and you're saying No, thank you I don't like beets. in a gentle way. Also just a simple "No" with a polite smile and immediate change of topic if they have asked you if you are going to have children.

No. 2073031

It's a state of mind. Newfags are the posters that behave like how the outsiders think IB posters should behave, they're aggressive, rude, and tend to bait and infight for the sake of it. Real anons know that we're here to make fun of cows, not each other. Newfags are always aggressive, malicious, and try to LARP as Regina George because they think anonymous imageboards are a competition to see who can be the most annoying and egregious poster.

No. 2073041

>we're here to make fun of cows, not each other
To be fair a lot of anons these days are more cow-like than the cows themselves

No. 2073339

File: 1719816126686.jpeg (Spoiler Image,39.13 KB, 136x328, IMG_1221.jpeg)

Put this kind of bleach in white laundry load?

No. 2073392

Yeah, I've used regular bleach in laundry and it's fine. I'm pretty sure all bleach is the same.

No. 2073437

Does anyone have that pink-and-white comic about how female sexuality is more about getting off to people being attracted to you, rather than being attracted to men?

No. 2073439

File: 1719827299591.jpg (180.51 KB, 712x1000, 91tuQVIWztL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

Is this the one anon?

No. 2073442

i don't think that's what nonnie's asking for, LEL doesn't have a scene like that, i've saw the comic she's asking about but i don't have it, it's in the format of those scrolling tumblr comics.

No. 2073454

Why have there not been more lesbian/bi music artists? Like I know we’re not a large part of the population but I feel like the proportion of artists that are is even smaller. I’m jamming out to a song and just thinking it’s weird I never come across any where the lyrics just happen to be about being into another woman. Even the few artists that write songs that are gay (Chappell Roan, Ashnikko) feel performative almost

No. 2073461

No. 2073476

File: 1719831845305.webp (91.78 KB, 640x852, tiny-slits-in-frozen-food-pack…)

be so for real are those things safe. I have tried looking up the holes in the frozen food bags(this picture is from reddit where another person asked about it) and people say they are safe. But how??? anyone could just shove a needle of cyanide or something through them in the grocery store. Or just when the worers are cleaning the freezer some cleaning agent accidently sprays on the bags and sips threw it. Hell in my grocery story there has been a dead spider inside the freezer next to the bags for months now nobody has ceaned. I know i sound crazy but this is really fucking me up cause i love frozen fries and all of them in my area have these on em by design

No. 2073486

poor anon, mods don’t read

No. 2073493

Do you have OCD?

No. 2073494

i have only been diagnosed with the tism as a child. Have not been in a few years to a therapist so maybe i have developed it since, i genuinly feel like i am going to get poisoned anytime now fml

No. 2073501

They're there to stop the bags from exploding when they're piled into pallets and carted around in a truck. Cleaning products used around food are food safe, in the sense that you won't die if you eat a tiny bit of it that accidentally got sprayed onto your frozen fries. Since the fries are frozen and meant to be fried before being eaten, germs aren't really an issue.
And you haven't asked this but just FYI the reason plastic milk cartons are dented is to prevent the cartons from bursting on impact when they're in transit, if you were wondering about that too.

No. 2073502

I don't wanna diagnose you online, you just sound a lot like my friend who has OCD. Stress in life can really exacerbate these kind of thoughts, if something stressful is going on for you right now and you're able to deal with it so it stops stressing you out so much these thoughts might go away. Maybe you need a vacation.
If it makes you feel better to hear it: No one shoved a cyanide needle in your frozen fries. Not enough cleaning agent could get through there to hurt you even if you sprayed the bag directly. Frozen spiders can't hurt you even if they did get in there, you're going to bake the fries. Potatoes come from the dirt underground. Cooking the fries at home is the final step to making them safe, like all frozen prepared food.

No. 2073506

Jesus christ anon, she just asked because there were holes. Understandable since products often display to return them if not sealed, it’s not odd to wonder if it’s safe.

No. 2073511

they see a link and it just violates their prime directive. I don’t think they actually check the content of the post.

No. 2073514

Why do people become image board jannies and mods when there’s no pay and no clout to be gained since it’s anon? Seriously why

No. 2073518

Someone's got to do it

No. 2073522

inside knowledge is fun tho, and some people crave positions of power

No. 2073537

File: 1719837524039.jpg (113.35 KB, 600x600, potato.jpg)

Did you read her post? The holes are part of the bag design, the container is not breached it comes that way. Lots of bags in stores aren't airtight, it doesn't mean your food is contaminated (although food can always be contaminated but that's a whole other topic).

No. 2073563

Do you ever feel like you kind of forget stuff because of social media? Not in the "Oh shit I forgot to turn off the stove" way but in a "I forgot this shit existed until my brain decided to show me something in a small flashback" kind of way?
Because I swear I forgot that Stranger Things exists, but today I had this flashback reminding me of it, it's so annoying and weird.

No. 2073569

you sound autistic

No. 2073591

File: 1719841682390.jpg (35.08 KB, 453x258, 5u7irt.jpg)

No. 2073619

Where did this catgirl/boy shit come from and why is it so coomerish?

No. 2073622

Is there something wrong with me for not wanting to have sex ever? Even I feel immature for it, but I just can’t imagine it being positive

No. 2073631

Not necessarily

No. 2073633

What would be the correct thing to do if a thread of you was created here?

No. 2073634

This really is a stupid question, but the answer is don’t engage and never apologize.

No. 2073642

Admin doesn't delete threads that don't violate the website rules so you cope and don't reveal yourself.

No. 2073644

you are afraid the workers are going to spray cleaner on the bag, yet you observe there has been a dead spider on the shelf for months. obviously they don't clean the freezer so you have nothing to worry about.

No. 2073657

Try and be as cowish as possible for the shits and giggles, achieve maximum fame that way

No. 2073682

I'm the same and I've never felt any shame for it, I'm a if it happens it happens kinda mentality. I'm not into men either so I imagine it would be positive with a woman I'm just apathetic about it, nothing wrong with it.

No. 2073694

Maximum game that ruins your life yeah I guess kek

No. 2073716

You don't even have to do this, just occasionally post something that will make the users here seethe and then go about your life kek

No. 2073722

Post me fat gunt on the daily

No. 2073749

Do people truly change? By that I'm talking about over 25 adults with the pfc developed.

No. 2073752

I believe it's possible, but it requires a LOT of hard work internally and being willing to "catch" yourself slipping into old habits, so people who dramatically change were most likely good to begin with (even if it is deep down)

No. 2073772

Depends what they're changing but in my experience (non-criminal, not relationship ending but definitely hurting) yes they can, but that part of them will always be there.

No. 2073786

Be extra entertaining, god knows this place needs fresh milk.

No. 2073815

Is it weird that I use "bro" in sentences towards my boyfriend? Its just a part of my daily language but he hates it because it makes me sound like a guy

No. 2073820

Nah, I use the "bruuuhhhh" phrase all the time (just in private with my bf) and at first my boyfriend didn't love it, but now he accepts it.

No. 2073828

zoomers use bro as a pronoun now so it's normal

No. 2073852

it's not weird he's a baby

No. 2073896

What does it mean if there’s this guy who like just won’t leave me alone I mean he said he was gonna go home last night after spending the night with me for 2 nights but he stayed here

No. 2073906

Some dudes been staying at your house for two days straight?? Girl kick him out he's trying to fuck you

No. 2073908

does he have somewhere else to go? I've known charismatic/popular guys who just couch hop with whoever will let them stay, maybe he's hoping you won't kick him out. tell him to gtfo

No. 2073911

hes a hobosexual trying to stay long enough to become a tenant

No. 2073944

Do any of you have that one pic of a woman and man in bed after sex, shes smoking and looking cool/smug while the guy is in a fetal position and crying on the side? I can't find it and I am only getting the meme one where the guy looks "surprised" but not crying

No. 2073986

Do you believe it's possible to force yourself to start enjoying/being passionate about something you normally find extremely complicated and boring? Like advanced mathematics for example?

No. 2073992

If you spend enough time on it you might.

No. 2073999

Is it normal for your teeth and gums to get extra sensitive a week before your period starts? To the point where it hurts to chew even soft food? It's always during that week and barely any other time.

No. 2074003

It's not abnormal. Sometimes periods make teeth more sensitive. The only thing though is you have to be sure it's not caused by grinding: sometimes at night if you're in pain you may grind your teeth. Next time you're at the dentist ask her to look for signs that you grind, if there are none it's probably just normal pain from the period.

No. 2074025

File: 1719867839103.png (166.33 KB, 1649x581, Mirroring.png)

Nonna, i wanted a thread like this myself after i watched that video. It's honestly close in spirit to Post like a moid thread, it might fit on ot. Tbh, i think we can use mirroring kind of everywhere too.

No. 2074032

French anons, what are your thoughts what is happening?

No. 2074038

How do i get myself to do my homework? I just fucking hate uni… i dont give a shit about it. I wish i could take a drug that would make me normal.

No. 2074045

ask chatgpt

No. 2074048

wee wee baguette

No. 2074057

>I wish i could take a drug that would make me normal.
Don't let society tell you it's wrong to take study drugs AKA cognitive enhancers. Colleges usually have a lot of people dealing drugs like amphetamine and modafinil for cheap.

No. 2074070

Just do it. Once you start it you'll realize it's not that bad or that long, and you'll end up finishing it and feeling dumb for procrastinating it. But it will teach you a lesson about yourself and your abilities and that lesson will motivate you to do your next homework in time so you'll never feel burdened by it ever again. Listening to fun music I love helps me personally, or having a snack and a cup of tea or coffee while working.

No. 2074078

>Phone on airplane mode in the other room
>Block everything on your computer that's a distraction. My roommate is the only one with the password to unblock
>Well lit room and some light music (no words) in the background
This helped me. I almost lost my WFH job like a tonne of times over covid until I started doing that. In college I only did anything until there was literally no time left. Some people say it's best to do 40 min blocks with a 10 min break. I work best with 4 hour mode until my lunch and then evening meetings. If I break from that I lose my groove.

No. 2074081

What specifically do you not like about your homework? Also, you don't need to do everything in one go. You can do one question and see if you feel like doing more. You can watch a video or browse lolcow while you're doing it. It might just be analysis paralysis.

No. 2074089

Is it worse to over season or under season your food?

No. 2074094

I just dont like living in this reality

No. 2074100

>Also, you don't need to do everything in one go
Even if it's not a question by question thing breaking it down into steps like planning, research, writing, more writing and review with breaks in between can make it more manageable and like your accomplishing something

No. 2074102

Few do

No. 2074107

I wish my psychiatrist would put me on some speed shit and not an antidepressant

No. 2074108


No. 2074109

File: 1719871405229.webp (72.14 KB, 768x768, Icecream .WEBP)

If someone asks you to pick up something for them from the store, would it be considered rude to get them the generic brand?

No. 2074111

I'd hate them forever personally but I think it depends on the food, picrel would be unacceptable but other things might be fine.

No. 2074114

Is cocaine that bad? What about heroin?

No. 2074116

are you stupid

No. 2074121

No because in my house we can only ever buy generic, I'd be so grateful

No. 2074138

Not everyone gets addicted to cocaine, but if you have any type of obsessive or addictive personality, you should stay away from cocaine. And everyone should stay away from heroin because its high fulfills the dream that not is everything going to be okay, but that everything is okay too.

No. 2074144

>because its high fulfills the dream that not is everything going to be okay, but that everything is okay too.
What does that mean?

No. 2074145

I want to kill myself

No. 2074146

File: 1719872496121.png (306 KB, 582x429, the.png)

If you're going to go into debt/spend a lot of money you may as well do your assignments.
Exactly. Just do something even if it sucks. It's less intimidating to fix work then do it anyways.

No. 2074147

Do you ever dislike the direction of what your life has become? Do you worry about the future or what people think of you? Heroin high makes everything okay. You're at peace with your decisions and you feel like everything is going to turn out okay.

No. 2074149

No. 2074151

>I wish i could take a drug that would make me normal.
Adderall. Literally an open joke that all college students do it.
It's worse to over season. You can't make a food less salty so you just have to throw it away, but you can add some salt after the fact if you under season.

No. 2074152

Basically the reason heroin is worse than cocaine is because of the numerology of the words. Heroin has 6 letters spit between 3 syllables, so basically Heroin is 666. In the 13th chapter of the book of Revelation, verse 18 clearly tells us that 666 is the number of the Beast. Every time you say heroin or think about heroin, your vibrational energy from the 2nd and 4th chakras actually send out power to Satan, which is why another street term for heroin is "DWD" (Devil Worshiping Drug). Heroin always come from the opium poppy, which has a long history of causing wars and distress amongst the countries (E.G. British Wars of Aggression onto Late Qing was caused by opium fumes). Cocaine is completely different, it comes from a leaf and early Catholics in Latin America loved it for its spiritual and psychosexual effects. Cocaine has the ability to allow the conscious Self to breach the Id-line of the mind, so it's a euphoric sensation like when your soul meets with ethereal Brahman before entering the new stage of samsara. Either way, don't do these drugs because it's illegal (that's when the government says no) so if you do the drugs that makes you a criminal (that's when you do stuff that the government says no to). Either way, make sure you know the facts!

No. 2074155

This isn't Scotland in the 90s nonners

No. 2074160

I worry about this so much…

No. 2074162

Heroin is no longer a thing in most places. Fent is its replacement, and it's a shit drug.

No. 2074164

Ijust dgaf nonna. I actually HATE it. I hate the stupid ass career i chose, the dumbass assigments idgaf about. When is it my turn to be happy? And before you ask, no, i dont have any hobbie or dream.

No. 2074166

I love you kek

No. 2074168

Damn why can't they make it into an antidepressant then

No. 2074170

how do i stop fucking sweating out of my back? today it was 38'c and i sweated so much my entire back shirt was soacked and it went into my shorts and the back of my shorts had a fucking piss stain similar thing going while i was outside.

man i'm losing my fucking mind help please

No. 2074173

Thats what im saying

No. 2074174

If have the money to afford it and only do it a couple times a year, no. You'll will be annoying af to other people when you're high though.
There's lots of other stuff out that's not additive and won't destroy your life.

No. 2074176

File: 1719873521951.jpg (88.46 KB, 1500x670, drysol.jpg)

Look for this product called Drysol. It's a very strong liquid antiperspirant. You basically apply it to wherever your problem areas are once a night for a week, then once every 2 nights, and then eventually once every 3 nights. It's the only thing that's ever helped me, and it's usually pretty affordable. I always use it in summer on my hands, otherwise they're always clammy.

No. 2074181

Ok I guess I have nothing then. good luck

No. 2074187

thanks I'm in a 3rd world shithole so that'll be pretty hard to find but i'll fucking import it if i have to man i cant fucking go outside anymore. Pretty sure my antidepressants are the main reason for the extreme sweating so i either be depressed and dead inside or soaking wet in 2 minutes while going outside.

No. 2074195

It's very physically addictive. As you can observe, most people won't suck dick for anti-depressants, but all heroin addicts will suck dick for heroin.
If you're depressed, stick to mushrooms and acid like the rest of us. Ketamine if you've got the money (it's legal for a doctor to prescribe it to you for depression now).

No. 2074201

Get off that fuck ass antidepressant

No. 2074259

I had crazy sweats from bupropion which has lessened after a few months and switching to taking them at night with food.

No. 2074261

Are the stomach aches/cramps I get from coffee anxiety or just incontinence hmmm

No. 2074301

Is CC down for anyone else?

No. 2074303

May be the milk, try switching to lactose free

No. 2074310

nah I drink pure black coffee

No. 2074311

who even uses cc tho kek

No. 2074313

What's the point of responding to a question like this? Did it make you feel better? Did it give you a sense of satisfaction? If not, why do it? I don't get it.

No. 2074317

File: 1719880854918.png (9.63 KB, 360x224, 23640.PNG)

No. 2074324

Trannies and those who are permabanned here kek.(scrotefoiling)

No. 2074344

File: 1719882825595.jpg (78.24 KB, 640x360, 1716916530512666.jpg)

I've been a tourist ever since cc went to shit with males and i can tell you 90% of farmers are like this, aggressive and annoying, constant infights and flamewars everywhere, you gotta get used to it.

No. 2074363

Reading through some old threads from 7ish years ago and saw a lot Putin avatarfagging, what was up with that?

No. 2074369

IIRC there were like 3 or 4 Russian spies using LC to agitate Americans & spread pro-Kremlin propaganda, thankfully they were caught and permabanned but it's still freaky thinking about it.

No. 2074372

REALLY? That's so strange

No. 2074375

i do for bio chan, nobody's drawing anything new tho
nta but it's true, that site is dead and occasionally lurked by troons

No. 2074376

For fucks sake farmhand I was talking about CC.

No. 2074382

KEEEEEEEEK, they don't even read properly

No. 2074387

Delete all social media, get a real job, create an alt account where you don’t post anything identifiable and live life in relative obscurity

No. 2074391

I can't tell if you're being serious

No. 2074393

If one did not shower for an undefined amount of time, how long would it take to emit enough grime to act as an insulating layer to keep warm in cold weather?

No. 2074404

Kek. Based on the America thread, like zero percent of us vote, so what were they agitating people to do? Post more cows?

No. 2074406

Not possible. Dirt and dead skin cells don't insulate very well, and you'll get to a point where movement sloughs off chunks of your "shell." It's better to stuff crumbled newspaper into your clothes and wear layers as a cold homeless person.

No. 2074411

File: 1719887329000.jpg (182.12 KB, 1024x1182, Screenshot_20240702-122736_Chr…)

I guess so?

No. 2074488

A fellow college student (that I'm not really close to, we text every week or two but that's it) invited me to his birthday party. I really don't want to go but during the last month he already invited me to meet up 3 times and I declined all of them (I found some excuses but truthfully I don't like him enough to want to hang out with him, we're not that close and I'm fine with that). I'd feel so guilty rejecting him again and on his birthday out of all times. Should I go so I don't make him feel like shit or should I respect my own will and not go somewhere I really don't want to be?

No. 2074498

Is this real? I barely remember

No. 2074500

Whatever you think is best nonna

No. 2074516

This is a really daft dim & silly question: what the hell is tripfagging?? I never used 4ch, I found LC from PULL. I see tripfagging used sometimes and when I look it up I'm still confused by the definition.

No. 2074520

Do fish care if they live in a fish tank? Like can they tell they live in a closed environment?

No. 2074521

This is a tripfag, basically a name with a # after it to generate a password https://wiki.installgentoo.com/wiki/Tripfags

No. 2074522

Thank you for answer!

No. 2074542

I almost reported you kek

No. 2074596

This question is probably going to sound juvenile, but I’m asking because I’ve only had one job in my life for about 5 years and recently left it. I’m in my hometown for 2 more months with absolutely nothing to do, would any employer realistically hire me part time if I can only work for that short of a timespan? I’m leaving the country for school at the end of August, and after that I’d be in a different town anyway so it’s not like I can start the job and then come back. I know there’s probably nobody hiring for such a short term but I’m already so bored and it seems like the only option I have to get out of the house.

No. 2074603

Depends on the job and how desperate they are for workers. Manual labour is more likely to hire short term.

No. 2074647

Kek it's ok I would take the ban if it meant helping a nonita out

No. 2074673

Anyone else love geoguessr and just spending hours on google maps? I want to make a thread to discuss gameplay, tips, interesting things we saw and learned. But I need to know there are at least 2 other autists interested

No. 2074680

will you get free food/drinks by attending? is there potential to network with other party attendees? does he have hot friends? I'd say show up for a little while, tell him happy birthday and stuff, but have an excuse to leave up your sleeve.

No. 2074688

sort of, to my knowledge. they don't like living in those round fish bowls, for one thing. it distorts their view of what's outside which can cause stress. I see that a lot more with betta fish, because they like to be alone. they still need an enriching environment despite their minimal social preferences of course.

No. 2074743

I'm still having some doubts, thanks though!
I am not sure about the free drinks and food because he didn't tell me almost anything, he just said his birthday is tomorrow and I'm invited. The other party attendees will most likely be random fellow students who wouldn't help me network. I have never seen his friends but I highly doubt they're hot because we're attending a STEM university and the bar is in hell when it comes to guys' appearance. I'm rather introverted and don't really want to meet new people (let alone moids kek) but I feel guilty for declining. I like your idea of only going for a little while and having an excuse to leave sooner, thank you nona!

No. 2074754

There is hurricane in my country and my city is in yellow. I have an exam today. Should i go to uni? Or ask for next week?

No. 2074765

Do you need more time to study? If yes, use the hurricane as an excuse and ask for an extension. If you're ready to take the test, just go. Of course, I'm from Florida and so I laugh at hurricanes, so take my advice with that in mind.

No. 2074786

Would you get irritated/annoyed if you're speaking in a foreign language with a native speaker but they immediately switch to English every time you don't understand something they said instead of simply repeating? (I'm talking about it happening rarely, like once in a conversation, not in every sentence or something like that)

No. 2074789

No because I know they're doing it to be helpful.

No. 2074812

I want to sleep better, feel better, eat better, lose lots of flab. But I'd also like alcohol. How do I lead a lifestyle on the road to health and also incorporate alcohol?

No. 2074817

What could i possibly do to make myself… live? Im even struggling to write this down. University is the only place i get so i can socialize, but honestly? I could care less. And i hate and dgaf what im studying. I could go work w my mom (im really just living for her), but the only thing i like is rotting in my room and go on the internet all day. What could i possibly do, where could i go, to make money and make friends my age (zoomer).?

No. 2074825

File: 1719929449383.jpg (464.73 KB, 2480x2676, 1000038163.jpg)

What type of denim pants are these? What cut? What length? Type of wash? I need to know, if you can tell me where to find something similar I will give you my contact so I can love you forever and send you "good morning heart emoji" texts daily.

No. 2074827

Ripped straight leg jeans in light wash, regular length but cuffed?

No. 2074829

How do i get a life?

No. 2074831

File: 1719929958657.jpg (14.12 KB, 474x474, OIP (16).jpg)

they're available on levi's or ..any jeans shop really.

No. 2074845

Steal it from someone else.

No. 2074896

Why is drinking alcohol more socially acceptable than drinking (plain) milk in public?

No. 2074898

Milk is an ingredient, cereal wetter, or drink for babies. Adults drinking it especially in public is just odd.

No. 2074901

Homegirl wants to dress like a middle school boy who reads diary of a wimpy kid

No. 2074917

Thank you, nonnas, I will search for them, I just never knew exactly what to ask for and I don't want to show a picture of my husbando at a shop.
I don't speak Xtian.

No. 2075002

When getting married, should you share a bank account or not? I think you should have two separate bank accounts but my nigel insists on a joint account. He earns much more than me if that matters

No. 2075014

Your own bank account, his own bank account, and a shared one. Three. The latter is for rent/super/kids etc. but never be dependent on a shared account only

No. 2075033

Like the other anon said, 3 accounts is ideal but if he's insistent on the 1 joint bank account, go to a lawyer and get a prenup agreement that heavily focuses on the finances.

No. 2075088

Can you wear pads with boxers?

No. 2075209

yeah, you just gotta press on the wings for a bit when applying and don't glue it down when the fabric is pulled very taut or it will start lifting quicker

No. 2075363

My little sister is abused by my mom and she yells. A lot. How can I get her to calm down, she’s defensive and screams a lot and I know it’s not her fault but it’s very annoying and frustrating , I’ll ask her a question and she’ll scream the response back defensively. I’ve been like “please stop talking like that it makes me upset

No. 2075370

Would anyone be interested in a robot thread.

No. 2075372

But how do I get her to stop yelling s much it’s weird cause I was abused the same but it made me really quiet and meek

No. 2075375

Therapy? Her situation sounds a bit fucked if her response to that abuse is to be that defensive

No. 2075378

robot fucker? or like actual robots

No. 2075380

Robot fucker

No. 2075381

i am interested.

No. 2075405

There's already one on /m/

No. 2075408

Why does my left thumb randomly shake. I'm in my 20s not 80s with Parkinson's, did I bust a nerve or something and the damage is permanent

No. 2075417

Do you know if anyone in your family has a tremor? A coworker of mine and me both have relatives with tremors. We're not geriatric but she actually noticed we both "shake" even when we're still and blame it on our dumbass genetics kek

No. 2075423

Nobody does so I'm just extra confused. I remember it randomly started shaking when I was about 16 so I probably sustained an injury or something but I don't remember doing anything that drastic. It just feels like this urge to start shaking, kind of like a sneeze.

No. 2075427

You mean the mecha thread?

No. 2075430

No. 2075434

and this one but it's less about fictional characters, i think

No. 2075436

>humanoid slop
Not true robots

No. 2075443

File: 1719963357994.png (199.42 KB, 640x570, 1000015286.png)

kek they allow non-humanoid ones too

No. 2075466

As cats get older, does their fur also turn grey or white like human hair does? My beloved kitty is 18 and she's starting to get a few these white hairs around her eyes and forehead. She's in good health, it's just funny because it makes her look more like a babushka. I was just wondering if this is normal for cats or animals, to grey as they grow old?

No. 2075474

it's just pigmentation decoloring right? so yes to your question

No. 2075479

YES NONA!!! I've spent so many hours on geoguessr this week and I have nobody to talk about it with!

No. 2075483

>”idon’t really give a fuck that my sister is being abused by mom and she’s being reactive and hyper vigilant i just want her to stop making her problem MY problem”
I manifest the most nasty, gory anorectal violence for you(infighting/alogging)

No. 2075511

nta but not what anon meant and you know it

No. 2075516

my sweet kitty is getting older and she is a gray tabby, but now her nose and eyebrows are turning just white. i think she looks like a wizened witch.

No. 2075543

I used to a long time ago. Now since I work a job in tourism and we talk about different trips and places we've been on holiday with my work colleagues, I have the inverted Geoguessr where I know the name of the place but use Google maps to give myself an idea of what it looks like kek.

No. 2075590

Is it true that straight relationships always work out better when the man is more in love than the woman? How the hell do you even end up in one of those?

No. 2075598

me! I have pictures saved that I would contribute too.

No. 2075612

Jesus anon its a complex situation, CPS has been “checking on” us since I was a small kid and before my sister was even born, and they have done nothing, I’m pretty much powerless in this situation I’m just doing what I can. I’ve tried everything I can’t take her to a psychiatrist because I’m not a parent.

No. 2075620

Does anyone have any good songs with a kind of good girl bad girl opposites attract vibe? Especially the lyrics. The closest I have so far is drag by placebo.

No. 2075633

I always thought it was another form of avatarfagging kek

No. 2075652

It’s not “love”, moids just exploit women’s empathy.

No. 2075714

Does a plugged in laptop consume lots of power? Will I see a noticeable reduction in my electricity bill if manage to reduce its usage by 50%?

No. 2075721

do erasable pens leave eraser shavings? i hate eraser shavings so much.

No. 2075731

I dont get that vibe from that song at all

No. 2075739

Is there a single female pop star in modern times who DOESN'T pander to trannies?

No. 2075743

most of them feel forced tbh, at least most of what they do is fly pride flags at their concerts or say love everyone

No. 2075744

overseas pop stars like in kpoop will often avoid any mention of gendies (and the lgb by association) but the real question is do any of them not cater to moids?

No. 2075751

….Most of them?

No. 2075753

File: 1719977084834.png (313.17 KB, 1258x811, image_2024-07-02_202315728.png)

do any seamstress-fags have beginner sewing machine recommendations for a beginner? i'm considering getting a singer M1000, is it any good?

No. 2075755

How do I get rid of my anxiety opening my emails? I can't tell whether I want them to reply or not to reply.

No. 2075756

samefag, preferable around 100-150 dollars

No. 2075762

Boomer tier

No. 2075764

singer machines are pretty good. you know what. if I had to pick a machine I would pick one that a store near me services it. some stores only service certain brands and after a few years of use you will have to get it checked anyway.

No. 2075774

Is it normal for molars to have a more yellow shade than incisors and canines or have I not been brushing properly?

No. 2075781

It's where liquids sit and food tends to stick and they aren't usually given as much attention during brushing or come into contact with water flow as often so yes

No. 2075799

Do myopic/hyperopic eyes also get more sensitive to sunlight, dryness etc.? One of my eyes is myopic and the other one is fine and the myopic eye gets so dry and painful whenever I'm sleepy. Or when I go out into bright sunlight, it automatically squints while the healthy one is fine

No. 2075805

Mfer schedule an appointment with an eye doctor

No. 2075809

not an answer + literally no time and money kek
I've lived like this for a while and gotten used to it, I assume it gets more sensitive since it's damaged

No. 2075813

How the fuck are we supposed to answer. This is the stupid questions thread not ask an md

No. 2075814

that's exactly why it's stupid

No. 2075815

What's the longest you've gone without shitting?

No. 2075816

two days

No. 2075834

No. 2075835

probably a week and a half?

No. 2075838

10 minutes

No. 2075839

how- my only thought is anachan

No. 2075840

A week when I was 10 because I was camping and too afraid of/disgusted by the campsite toilets

No. 2075841

not an anachan, just have an absolutely fucked digestive system.

No. 2075844

nta but is it a slow metabolism?

No. 2075850

I'm the same as that anon and yeah I also have a slow metabolism. It's not uncommon for me to shit once or twice a week even though I eat fruits and veggies every meal.

No. 2075874

Thanks nonna!

No. 2075904

File: 1719989846925.jpg (192.51 KB, 735x1025, 6407b88ce3fd5058b09385760e3a68…)

Why hasn't Japanese music/artists been able to find mainstream success in Western countries when anime and Kpop were able to?

No. 2075915

As a jpop turned kpop fan they just made it too hard to be a fan, esp back in the day it was incredibly hard to just listen to the music (e.g if the mv was even uploaded they'd only upload like a 2 minute clip). Artists never toured, it was hard to even buy music sometimes as it wasn't available in Western Market places, lack of translations and content etc etc. I think the musical style is for a very specific taste too which is good imo! I don't want jpop to be just like western or kpop

I still love a lot of jpop artists; Tommy february6, namie amuro, Crystal kay, perfume, daichi miura, sheena ringo etc etc and it's gotten better but jpop missed their chance, even kpop is seeing a downturn atm.

No. 2075917

Because the japanese aren't interested in the global audiences, while kpop is manufactured exactly for that purpose (making money). It's extremely expensive for jpop fans to get merch, cds etc of japanese artists, meanwhile kpop is an export product, with kpop groups even having international performances. They made it easy to be a global kpop fan because they saw money in it, japanese are known for making shit financial decisions because of their lack of interest in non japanese people.

No. 2075928

They were actively gatekeeping Japanese music until recently and to this day I don't get it. If anyone uploaded some jrock or jpop music on youtube like 15 years ago the video would get removed soon after. Unless whoever posted it made the music go faster or changed the pitch. Pirating was the only option for some time, and now these same songs have been uploaded on youtube by the artists themselves just a few months ago. If it weren't for that and if companies weren't trying to shut down everything with their music on purpose I would have said that maybe these companies and artists just didn't think they could profit from other markets but that can't be the only reason.

No. 2075977

is there a thread or a megathread featuring 'wolf hailie 1997' or 'helloimken'?

No. 2075985

What's a good excuse for calling in sick to work? I drank too much last night and I can't be around people.

No. 2075990

i like being called pretty even if the person saying it is a moid, does that make me a pickme?

No. 2075992

No. 2075993

No but I'd be suspicious about the intent behind it

No. 2075994

Say you're having bathroom issues and can't get off the toilet. Kek… works every time.

No. 2075995

Thanks but my boss is a guy and has no filter. I don't want to be known at diarrhea chan

No. 2075999

gym injury, ankle is sore, cant walk

No. 2076001

I like this. I have an ankle support wrap lying around so I can milk it when I come back in. Thanks nonna.

No. 2076007

You could just say you've been vomiting and have a temp.

No. 2076048

you don’t have to say exact symptoms. just call out sick and if anyone asks, you think it’s that stomach bug that’s going around or food poisoning

No. 2076111

I've had a pack of sealed raw chicken in my fridge since Saturday is it too late to freeze it

No. 2076165

Idk if this type of question really belongs here but the sex thread in /g/ is not active soo… my question is if theres a word for that feeling you get in your lower stomach when you are thinking about doing something super hot with someone… it's lasts just some seconds long and it kind of feels like a mini orgasm? But without the "extras" that come with a full blown orgasm. It doesn't just come randomly but only when I am thinking about doing some type of sexual stuff with my partner.

No. 2076170


No. 2076178

No its not a feeling that lasts a long time, its just like a strong stitch in the lower belly/ vagina area that feels like a mini orgasm, as I described above, and just lasts a few seconds

No. 2076184

I've felt what you've described and I'd call that arousal, an intense and brief arousal spasm

No. 2076198

Interesting. Thank you for answering!

No. 2076231

Am I going to look like a dumbass for showing up to work today when no one else did? I got to work, then messaged my coworker what time she would be getting in, and apparently it was “implied” that everyone was WFH all week. This was never explicitly stated even when I had an emergency and requested to WFH for the first two days of this week (yesterday and the day before), you would think she might say something like “oh anon that’s okay, we aren’t even in the office this week” but she said nothing at all. I just started this job a few weeks ago and I feel really stupid. I also have a strong suspicion that she doesn’t like me and I’m kinda afraid of how it’s going to be taken by other people when she tells other people about it later on, because she does that. Is there any way that I won’t look like a total idiot? Most of the bosses at my workplace are on vacation so she’s the only one who I can consult.

No. 2076241

not that anon but what's the correlation between anachans and constipation? this is about the third time I saw the two mentioned together and I don't know anything about EDs

No. 2076243

Same. Some people just don't need to poop every day and that's normal for us.

No. 2076245

Probably, smell it

No. 2076248

Tl;Dr starving yourself fucks up your digestive tract and your body practically forgets how to function.

No. 2076310

Has there ever been a survey to see the demographics here? I feel like everyone is in a similar situation as me but every now and then I'll see a bunch of replies that makes me think that 70% of of women on this site have kids.

No. 2076388

Do you guys know any bikers irl and how was your experience with them? Tell me why the ones I've seen on social media have such a big complex and etilist mentality about mopeds and other 2-wheeled vehicles like pedal bicycles and such. They love to make fun of the ppl who ride them and see them as "inferior" in a way and would fight tooth and nail not to be categorized as such.

No. 2076393

I only know one and she's a woman so probably doesn't have any of the issues you're thinking of, she also drives so yeah, good experiences

No. 2076397

My bf rides a motorcycle. He doesn’t look down on mopeds and admits they’re actually really fun for in-town errands. Have definitely met the type you’re talking about though.

No. 2076399

i've had mostly good experiences with bikers. the older grizzled ones are usually chill asf and way friendlier than they look. once complimented a local biker group on their leather vests in a bar once and they spent like twenty minutes chatting with me about their patches and where they got which ones. fun times! most of the elitism i saw came from complaining about hazardous drivers because car drivers don't look out for motorbikes much and cyclists don't pay attention to anything.

No. 2076402

File: 1720022428723.png (18.36 KB, 167x161, Untitled.png)

is there still an active discord server? can someone link an invite

No. 2076407

There is probably some sekrit club out there still but the official LC one was closed iirc.

No. 2076408

File: 1720022627127.png (34.56 KB, 943x327, Capture.PNG)

I'm not an anachan but I've been on a diet lately and because of that I tried to cut down my calorie intake and it really messes with my bowel movements. I did some research and it turns out that when you don't eat enough it can also cause constipation even if you eat a lot of fibre, you can still become constipated.

No. 2076430

This explains a lot, I don't eat much and don't poop much but I went to a wedding and had a tonne of great food and I just felt so elegant with how consistent and good my poops were for a few days.

No. 2076431

there's some not so secret ones you can find advertising openly but requiring verification with hand pics or something, idk wasn't very interested

No. 2076455

4 days nearing 5 but ive never break that streak before

No. 2076460

anti anxiety meds just make your anxiety worse, right? like isn’t stress the first side effect of shit like Zoloft

No. 2076474

thanks guys

No. 2076475

dont do ssris or benzos or antipsychotics it will fuck you up even worse than before

No. 2076492

Lyrica works just fine for me

No. 2076551

dae here know needy streamer overload, the protagonist looks so much like crystal cafe's bio chan or maybe i'm just schizo

No. 2076557

Why do so many lesbians dress/cut their hair to look like a little boy

No. 2076558

bc it looks cool and they like it

No. 2076562

But it’s not cool, it looks…stunted

No. 2076564

Short hair is practical and low mantinence. Plus, it looks better.

No. 2076565

it looks better on them than it does on actual moids so

No. 2076568

I haven't played it but I'm aware of it. Saw this post about a cow getting a tattoo of the main character the other day

No. 2076606

Kpop is literally just an Asian version of western girl/boy pop groups in the late 90s and early 00s (Spice Girls, Backstreet Boys, Nsync etc). There's nothing original about it, it is very basic and bland, appropriate for a wide audience, and appeals to nostalgia.

Japanese music tends to have a lot of weird shit going on that does not have wide appeal (kawaii idol bs, vkei, Babymetal, whatever). This only appeals to weebs and "alt" type of people. Doesn't gel with mainstream audiences or fit well into western culture in general.

No. 2076607

nta but the page boy cut does not look good on anyone

No. 2076617

Zoloft is SSRI, those can def make you more anxious and suicidal and stuff. I don't suggest taking SSRIs especially if you only have anxiety and not full on depression. Meds specifically for anxiety like benzos do work but can lose effectiveness over time or become addictive for some people.

Because they don't feel the need to conform to beauty standards that moids like. Short hair is very low maintenance, easy to wash quickly and doesn't need special styling.

No. 2076625

I've been a vkei fan since I was like 10, honestly like another anons said, kpop is way more generic and safer than j-pop or anything like that. even j-pop can be pretty "weird" like Kyary Pamyu Pamyu. That being said, I have noticed very recently seeing like, stan communities for vkei on Twitter namely for groups like gulu gulu, JILUKA and stuff like that. I think younger zoomers are starting to get interested in it more. Also, most bands refuse to come overseas, like ever or it's like very very rare.
>tfw will never ever get to see the GazettE in the USA

No. 2076640

For the anons who paint their nails or wear fake ones, do you do it all yourself or do you go to a salon? How often do you change them?

No. 2076645

anime and jpop paved the way to make asian things socially acceptable, then kpop took over due its' massive marketing appeal.

No. 2076696

File: 1720038417984.webp (26.66 KB, 720x540, il_fullxfull.1048703412_jbe2.w…)

Are two finger rings trashy? I want to get a nice one like pic rel.

No. 2076702

I just think they're unpractical but they can look pretty cool.

No. 2076707

They're fine, kind of dated but not tacky or ugly by any means

No. 2076723

reminds me of cheap H&M jewlery from 2012

No. 2076731

i used to get them done at the salon once a month but now i do them myself. i re-do them when the paint starts to chip or just whenever i feel like doing something different

No. 2076732

I do them myself and I never keep a set on for more than 2 weeks (I'm trying to keep them on for longer, it's genuinely a problem kek).

No. 2076737

no, they're cute

No. 2076835

Samefag, don't wanna tag all the replies but thank you for your answers anons. I found them incredibly interesting!

Now that Japanese music is more widely accessible, do you think it will have western success in the upcoming years or has Japan already got their "big thing" with anime? I say that because, at least in America, basically half of east Asia has had some sort of big moment in entertainment. Japan has anime, years ago China was big in film (particularly action movies), and South Korea has K-pop. Based off of your answers, I would guess no since you guys say Japan wouldn't care about making their music more palatable for mainstream foreigners

No. 2076930

I wouldn't say trashy but definitely scary and gang-affiliated. To the untrained eye, these look just like brass knuckles. If I saw someone wearing a ring like this, my immediate instinct would be to cross the street or run away because it gives off a violent and malicious atmosphere. I wouldn't wear these because I'm not a criminal or anything, so if you wear these it's sort of like saying "Hey, everyone! Be frightened of me!"

No. 2076980

do any of you get period clots? how big or small are they kek

No. 2076984

I do get clots but it depends on my flow really, if my flow is heavy so is the blood clots and vice versa

No. 2077001

File: 1720056963315.jpg (245.91 KB, 630x600, DMV_Raw_pet_Food_chicken-liver…)

I get humongous ones when I sit for a length of time.

No. 2077002

>do any of you get period clots?
I know this is the stupid questions thread but..

No. 2077006

Be honest, were you raised in a gated community?

No. 2077012

>that pic
those are the worst ones

No. 2077014

File: 1720057389709.jpg (413.76 KB, 3000x1687, 190530115952-brass-knuckles-st…)

>brass knuckles
KEK anon

No. 2077018

blood clots can be normal but not when you get huge ones, that’s usually a sign of endometriosis/pcos/fibroids

No. 2077035

How bad is it to have a plushie that you treat as a child? I have this little bunny plushie that has the cutest face and I can't help holding it to my chest and pretending it's my child sometimes

No. 2077038

I wish I was your plushie anon

No. 2077049

How does vision and dental insurance work? Like, if I were to schedule an appointment with an eye doctor how do I know whether vision insurance will cover some of the cost? I got a card in the mail and could register for a health insurance account, but I got nothing of the sort for vision and dental so I'm confused.

No. 2077055

Your employer should have sent you files explaining the benefits when you signed up. If they didn't, you should contact HR and request it. Dental and vision works differently than medical. Medical usually has a million different copays and charges depending on what exactly is involved, but dental and vision will usually just have a blanket amount of coverage for everything (ie they pay 70% of any claims)

No. 2077229

Why do white British people look so much older than white Americans of the same age? I’m university age and my peers look like they could easily be in their 30-40s whereas my American mutuals look the same age as me.

No. 2077259

My legs hurt a lot from walking a lot and taking stairs all the time while I'm visiting another country and I'm not sure what to do about it. I'm in my hotel room to get some rest and relax because there's a heatwave right now so I'll go outside later this evening, but I know that won't be enough.

No. 2077278

File: 1720077366336.png (28.86 KB, 1973x140, image.png)

nonnas i feel like a retard. for the life of me i cant find the thread this anon is mentioning. ive been on lc for years but im sleep deprived and confused. thank you and bless you

No. 2077282

Anti-inflammatory nona. Don't use them like this too often though.

No. 2077284

That's the gender critical thread (the anti-tranny one)

No. 2077288

would you mind linking it? i know the thread i just cant find it

No. 2077368

I don't have anything like that on me and I don't see myself getting that easily when abroad without a prescription. I put on my compression stockings like 30 minutes ago just in case, but I don't think it's working. My legs only hurt when I stand up, I'm fine when sitting down on a chair or laying on a bed.

No. 2077423

No. 2077456

File: 1720089340953.jpeg (190.35 KB, 828x751, ohnonono.jpeg)

do americans really eat their burgers with milkshakes or did happy days lie to me again? and if yes, whats wrong with you?

No. 2077461

I always temporarily ghost people by accident because I'm so in my own head all the time but I don't want them to feel neglected (I get texts sometimes like "hey anon if you want to do something just call me!" and I feel kinda bad about it). How do I become a texter/reach out to people more? I love them, I don't want to lose any of them I just like spending time by myself and hate my phone.

No. 2077462

You can but unless it's a place like steak and shake or Wendy's most people get a pop. It's good to dip fries in the shake

No. 2077465

> It's good to dip fries in the shake
and you bully us for dipping our fries in something normal like mayo

No. 2077468

I'm American and I dip my fries in mayo or fry sauce (ketchup mixed with mayo). I also have mayo on my burgers I'm a mayo fiend

No. 2077476

opinion on dipping fries on mustard?

No. 2077487

File: 1720092757237.jpeg (499.88 KB, 1600x899, F9CA61E8-D5B4-4E23-91E5-53360F…)

it’s generally seen as more of a special occasion thing. like if you scored big points at the swim meet so mom is taking you and some friends from the team out for burgers and milkshakes after. or even if you didn’t score well maybe lol, I knew some kids on the local swim team whose mom would take them to Dairy Queen if they got disqualified

No. 2077525

Who is that musician with the gigantic face and the weirdly small nose that looks like he has heavy plastic surgery? His name might be James or Jason or something. He's white and has that stupid brown wispy flip up wavebowl hair. His face is fucking huge

No. 2077533

This is driving me crazy. A video was recently posted of him on stage with corn rows being lowered down from a podium too slow

No. 2077545

It's a common meal, but it's considered a dessert to the burger meal so people don't do it every time they have a burger. Most people get a soda with their burger, which is also a ton of sugar and calories.

No. 2077548

Maybe maturity? I haven't had the same experience but I do tend to avoid Americans

No. 2077583

File: 1720102615849.jpg (111.47 KB, 976x549, 1000004020.jpg)

Found him. It's James Arthur and his rhinoplasty makes his face look the size of the moon. People who do this to themselves are faceblind.

No. 2077584

File: 1720102724601.jpg (31.38 KB, 615x409, 1000004021.jpg)

I hate him off looks alone

No. 2077597

I grow out my own nails, shape them with a nail file, and paint them whatever colour I feel like. I can go one a half weeks until they chip. After that I just take the polish off and wear a new colour. Too poor to afford to have them done and honestly I'm not interested either. I think I do a pretty good job

No. 2077598

Drinking and smoking

No. 2077602

Alcohol for sure. Drinking culture in Britain is nuts

No. 2077626

File: 1720105223721.png (43.69 KB, 1080x253, dudefromapp.png)

If you get a message like this after talking to a dude for a few days, is it weird? Plus he got the day were supposed to meet up wrong (it's not tomorrow). Just never got a message asking for that 2 days before we meet up. Like, you're going to see me soon in person anyway…

No. 2077629

Ah yes, the full body pic that'll help him recognize you in a crowd. He's not slick

No. 2077630

Yeah it's weird when you put that into context. Stay away. He's probably using your pics to catfish or stalk you.

No. 2077635

Men are so fucking dumb. He just wants to make sure you aren't fat and jerk off as well. If he doesn't like your weight he's going to fake sick kek

No. 2077658

Thanks nonas. I figured it was something weird. He's not really cute anyway. I just wanted something to do Saturday lol

No. 2077662

It's so funny how they think they're covertly manipulative and no one ever suspects them or can see their obvious true motives. You should ask him to send you a fully body picture

No. 2077675

File: 1720108580345.webp (480.44 KB, 846x613, IMG_1848.webp)

Idk who this moid even is but I can tell you from this picture that he has Botox and filler which is creating the moon face. It reminds me of picrel.

No. 2077680

Yes the first thought I had was that hes worse than Noah Cyrus with the shit. So unbelievably punchable, i hate filler moonface. It never under any circumstances looks good, especially when they think it will give them model bone structure but it makes them look deformed instead. Lily Rose Depp and Chrissy Teigan come to mind as well, they stuffed themselves to look like deflated basketballs even though they're beautiful women

No. 2077700

I know you'll not bleed out if you take a bath during your period like I've been told growing up, but what actually happens? I haven't lived in an apartment with a bathtub ever since I'm old enough to get my period. I also heard the opposite a few times, the water pressure will prevent any blood leaking out at all, or something.

No. 2077732

Is that really a thing? I still bleed when I bathe.

No. 2077737

Will I be okay if I eat chicken that I left out of the fridge yesterday? I kind of left it in the oven afyer lunch because I forgot to clean that up, it looks okay and doesn't smell bad.

No. 2077763

File: 1720112968146.webp (12.74 KB, 288x640, IMG_1586.webp)

Why does her face look rotund? Like she’s about to walk into a mysterious driveway and I approach her saying “I’ll be crying if I look like that too bruh that’s fucked up what they be doing to ya’ll I ain’t even gonna hold you bruh I be sayin that’s fucked up like bruh you probably would have that full wide set your shit be fire if they didn’t cut your shit. fuck it though bro it’s your life”

No. 2077764

Nothing happens. You bleed into the bathwater a normal amount.

No. 2077767

You bleed a little bit, same amount you bleed when sitting anywhere else, but there's so much water that you basically can't tell.

No. 2077770

depends on your body, i've never bled into the bath but my flow resumes after i get out and dry off

No. 2077775

theyre not trashy just hard to use which is why they got out of style

No. 2077784

Growing up I had a friend who was on a swim team. She didn't use tampons and her mom told her that once you're in the water you don't bleed anyway. Idk about that level of confidence. I've def bled a lil while in the bath. Seems to slow down but if you move much or when you're standing up to get out afterwards.. ime it kicks in again right as you're about to step out. A few more seconds of grace would be nice.

No. 2077879

File: 1720117162967.jpeg (5.8 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

Can someone give me the "lore" on Ciara? Like how she became so popular on r9k? Or was she just another generic e-girl?(lurk more/learn to use catalog/search/spoonfeed request)

No. 2077882

I remember hearing that as a kid and so i never wore tampons when i went swimming and i never had any issues with bleeding in the pool. However i haven't gone swimming on my period as an adult so i don't know anymore. When i take a bath on my period i do bleed in the bath a bit though, usually when i stand up afterwards it comes rushing out lol

No. 2077888

She was an underage girl who posted nudes of herself constantly and did drugs

No. 2077931

Are beards ever soft? I feel like every single beard I've ever seen or touched looked and felt like wire.

No. 2077933

if my vaseline smells weird should i throw it out

No. 2077973

My guess is because Americans are a lot fatter? Facial fat makes people appear younger as wrinkles don't show as easily and the skin is plumped out.

East Asian guy's scraggly beards that they can barely grow is much softer/finer than other types of men ime. The rest of the little body hair they have too.

No. 2077985

Like other anons said, drinking and smoking. The other thing is sun damage. More people go indoor tanning in the UK in their youth and so they see sun damage affecting them later on. Also I believe that living under a monarchy ages them prematurely because their spirit knows it is not truly free until it escapes their body. Also there is the effect of Anglicanism that wears the soul down as well. So in the end it's a lot of reasons that the British peoples age so fast.

No. 2078044

Why do magical girls get older when they transform? I never understood the reason for this. For context I’m rewatching the W.I.T.C.H tv show kek

No. 2078050

Most of the time they're some kind of ideal self, and lots of eleven year old girls think older teens are cool.

No. 2078054

What the other anon said. I also think it's to hide their identities in universe.

No. 2078062

Teenagers and adults are both stronger than children. If they're going to fight it makes sense to be in a body that can fight more effectively.

No. 2078090

There's no specific word but that's an adrenaline rush.

No. 2078161

File: 1720135768283.png (4.74 MB, 1240x2520, UHMMM.png)

Any hairdresser anons ITT? I already posted in the hair talk thread on /g/ days ago but didn't get much of a response.
This is what happened when I went to the hair salon, I emailed them later about how unhappy I was with this so I'm having a new appointment with them tomorrow. But can they even salvage this or get it close to my original request?? I don't want this color at all and I HATE it (Note: What I got is actually a bit brighter red than the below image and it doesn't budge no matter how much I try to wash it)

No. 2078174

Not a hairdresser but dyed my own hair a lot. You would need to bleach out your hair to a very light level to get the first result. If they agreed to make your hair that color without lightening it significantly it was already doomed. What color did you start from?

No. 2078185

I had a medium brown color.
What makes it all even shittier is that I actually emailed them with the reference image a few weeks before hand with images of my hair asking if it was possible, which they said sure to. I asked again right as I was sitting down in the chair if it was possible, again, they said sure. Just for his senior to come up and start pushing this kinda violet-brown color that I asked if they could go brighter. They started pushing the violet-brown color again as I was getting my hair washed, and when I again asked if they were sure it wasn't going to be way too dark they walked away, chatted for a bit and then came back saying they could make my hair pastel pink instead which would be too bright. Then they pulled up an image that looked…well, not all that similar but it looked close enough at the moment and I started to feel very put on the spot and my neck was really starting to hurt from having to lay against the sink during this neverending back-and-forth.
I just wish they had just said it wasn't possible or whatever instead of having it end up like this.

No. 2078187

should i buy clothes for a fashion i really want to try but
1. can't wear them to work as i have a uniform
2. barely go out even on my 2 days off

No. 2078198

You can always just dress nicely at home, I don't see what's the issue. If anything, maybe your clothes would las longer even if you wear them around the house because you would be in a place that's cleaner than the outside.

No. 2078202

NTA But yeah, it's bullshit they lied and said they could do it, but that color is just impossible not pre bleached. I hope you can get it fixed

No. 2078216

Maybe invest in really cute pajamas as an alternative?

No. 2078293

If it would make you happy than yeah sure. You could always even just wear it at home. Most people don't wear their regular style clothes to work anyway, that part's not a problem.

No. 2078294

I mean, it's not like I didn't expect it to NOT get bleached. I'm not retarded. But I didn't expect them to push other colors when I was in a position where I was pretty much stuck… like you said, it's a bullshit move from them.
I also did a thread on reddit out of desperation, I just want to know what they could possibly do to salvage this mess but I keep getting "they/you should have done x, y, z". Thanks just lemme pop into my time machine real quick.

No. 2078385

Nope. Virgins can have rizz. Promiscuous people can have no rizz.

No. 2078420

>But how do I get her to stop yelling s
Tell her, compassionately, "I'm not mom. I don't yell at you and I never will. I would appreciate it you would not yell at me." But seriously, she's got realize that she is doing this a cope against her mom's abuse and that it will hurt her relationships going forward, with people who aren't are sister, if she can't keep it under control. But you can't make her realize this. idk, maybe read some books about how to help people who've been emotionally abused and how to deal with emotional abuse. Maybe you will find some advise to help your sister.

>but it made me really quiet and meek

A lot of temperament is inborn - e.g. fight. flight, freeze, fawn. Your sister was born with fight, you were born with fawn.

No. 2078424

Another thing you can do, if it won't make it worse, is set a boundary and not be around her when she yells at you. Like tell her that from now on you will need to take a break when she yells at you, because it triggers you. And then the next time, and every time she yells, tell her you need a break and leave the room for five minutes. But since she's still being abused you could trigger the fuck out of her so you know, find something that won't make it all worse for both you.

No. 2078431

Make a rule that you will respond to all emails within 48 hours for the next week. Force yourself to do it. Then see how you feel. This is technically called exposure therapy and can decrease your anxiety or make it worse if it's too much. So if your anxiety gets too bad while doing it, decrease the time to a two days, every other day, every third day, a day a week, an hour a week etc, and then slowly in increase. Good luck.

No. 2078432

File: 1720151394772.png (24.7 KB, 518x332, Adelaide time.png)

Why the hell does Australia need to be an extra 30 minutes ahead?

No. 2078442

Step 1. Be honest and tell all your friends about your horrible texting habits so they know why you don't text back right away.
Step 2. Get message app that lets you schedule texts so you can schedule random texts to your friends or schedule responses to their texts.
Step 3. Profit

No. 2078446

If it's cooked you'll probably be fine. Eat a quarter of it and see how it goes.

No. 2078447

No, throw it out.

No. 2078448

I would throw it out. Vaseline should only smell like Vaseline.

No. 2078497

How much dirty talking during sex is too much?
Is it weird if your partner doesn't talk dirty during sex?

No. 2078517

File: 1720155582025.jpeg (46.48 KB, 640x640, 3BC8FB57-217F-44A6-9826-AB5C51…)

Are you a burger anon? I feel like the average American can’t conceptualize more muted colors when it comes to hair dye. It’s either disgustingly over saturated fashion colors or nothing. I’ve thought about doing something like picrel but I have a feeling most normie stylists would just fuck it up completely.

No. 2078558

my youtube watch history from tonight is
>1 hour and 30 min compilation of Beirut Blast footage
>7 videos about leishmaniasis totaling 2 hours
on a scale of 1 to ten how hopeless is it for me to ever make a friend. I'm 25 btw and work as a secretary

No. 2078577

>How much dirty talking during sex is too much?
any amount kek it's all cringe inducing to me

No. 2078586

Those pale shades aren't really a trend in the west like it is in Japan, I can only assume the stylist saw anon's pic and thought 'well, she chose a bad example of red hair because it's so washed out but sure, we can dye brown hair red'. Because it's insanely obvious you would need to bleach it first to get that pale pinky red colour, no stylist would think you can go from brown to such a light colour without it so it must have been a misunderstanding (or they are seriously disreputable and were intentionally lying to anon, but since she's getting it re-done surely that's not the case?)

No. 2078662

In America this is called dishwater

No. 2078675

Is it? Genuine question because it looks like a matcha color to me
Some asian stores may carry that type of hairdye and with enough knowledge you could do it yourself. Try searching on amazon too
>I feel like the average American can’t conceptualize more muted colors when it comes to hair dye. It’s either disgustingly over saturated fashion colors or nothing.
It's the same with makeup, but I wouldn't say it's just Americans, it's the west in general

No. 2078677

File: 1720170258074.jpg (360.6 KB, 1024x768, 1000004039.jpg)

It fits. Matcha…? Seriously?

No. 2078681

File: 1720171124473.jpg (47.21 KB, 500x571, images-3.jpg)

They probably thought your picture was photoshopped or with a filter on and since they're the "experts" they did not listen to you at all. I think that to get that exact color you would need to buy it exactly as it is from like an asian brand because most hairdressers aren't color mixing masters and barely know what colors could work together, for that you need to go your way and learn proper color combinations. To use a red and a violet on you is stupid because the color you posted looks like a pinkish mauve to me and red with violet doesn't make that color like, at all. And putting a dark color on hair that's already darker than blonde is not going to turn it lighter kek.
I think next time you should go to a better salon. For now I guess you could try washing it, maybe using a purple shampoo, I'm not sure if bleaching and re coloring would be the best idea immediately. They sell colored conditioner out there so maybe thats something you could look into. I'm no expert, so this is just me guessing.

I'm also curious to know if they interpreted the color either as red or a rose gold. Pic rel is more of a rose gold color, was that the pink color they showed to you?

No. 2078683

Is this color very infamous to have in your hair? Lol

No. 2078685

Oh I wouldnt say so at all, I don't think it's bad but the greyish brown or greyish ~dirty blonde~ does suit the name dishwater lol

No. 2078688

Girl I once brought in a picture of a natural looking red (as we all know is orange) and they dyed my hair bright fucking red too just going "well it's gonna fade into orange anyway"
It didn't fade into orange, it faded into a less saturated red. Maybe in your case less saturation would work though?

No. 2078696

File: 1720172185446.png (842.55 KB, 557x708, fdfdfd.png)

I'm scandinavian, but it's probably like the other anon said; colors like this aren't very popular in the west so they got confused. Or they just realized it wasn't possible when I got there and simply weren't transparent with me.
When I think about it, I did hear them say something about it "being filtered" between each other when they looked at the image, right before they showed me the violet options. The image they showed was picrel, which admittedly looking at it now look redder than I initially thought which explains the color I got in the end since my hair was darker to begin with. I was sort of starting to panic at the time because I HATE being an inconvenient customer and I wasn't exactly in the best spot to argue at the moment since my neck was really starting to hurt from lying in the sink the entire bloody time, on top of being confused as hell due to lack of transparency over why they were suddenly pushing other colors.

No. 2078704

nta, sure it's filtered, but that doesn't matter when it comes to the color you want. You're obviously not asking for it to look like that "when filtered" but for it to just look like that irl

No. 2078707

Very much true, I honestly figured they would understand that and that it was just a general statement rather than… I don't know what. I kinda just waved it off at the time since I figured they understood that, filtered or not, it's what I asked for and what they initially agreed on. Again, I was very confused due to the lack of transparency and a part of me was "hey, I'm the only one in the room that haven't studied color theory so maybe they have a plan". Honestly, I should have stood up for myself more so I wouldn't be in this mess instead of giving up.

No. 2078749

How do I wipe my memory of cringe things I did when I was 10 years old. Even though I'm over a decade and a half from then, somehow my dumb brain sticks with those moments and decides to make them such a big, annoying deal.

No. 2078841

You can't forget you simply must endure and find the funny in them. Once I admitted my crush on someone by comparing it to how Jesus loves the world (Catholic school, Jesus was on the wall at the time) and that's awful but I can laugh now.

No. 2078855

as stupid as this sounds, I kind of started imagining what it’d be like to tell my kid self that they’re cringe. you kind of realize that it’s silly to make fun of a kid so much after a while and like >>2078841 said, you eventually get over it and find the humor in things. you were only a little kid, kids act cringe all the time. sometimes you have to be cringe to learn how to not be!

No. 2078895

How do I motivate myself to do anything? I keep procrastinating and being unhappy about myself. I have so many things I want to do, many of which I do like, but sitting and consooming is so much easier than doing things that will help me for my future. Everyone in my family except me and my aunt is a workaholic and my aunt managed to become a doctor and marry rich. I wish I was a workaholic. I know it's bad but at least then I would do something instead of just hating myself and being the black sheep of the family.

No. 2078935

Does an anon know a female artist that has a similar concept to ethel cain but is, you know, an actual woman? Prairie dresses are a plus.

No. 2078948

Does anyone here have a double waver? Is it good to style your hair with very little effort or does it actually take a long time?

No. 2078951

Nicole Dollanganger?

No. 2078970

i think you need to include some more context since i think there are two potential approaches. If you truly a NEET or close to, and wasting your life– I'd suggest choose one relatively small task with few hurdles to complete. If you can't choose, write them out on a slip of paper and select at random. Get out of your usual environment, like a coffee shop or a library to get it done. You might have a hard time motivating yourself if you're in an environment that you've subconsciously connected with being a potato at first. Do the thing and congratulate yourself for this one win. Maybe even give yourself a reward. Don't allow yourself the negative thought of "it wasn't a big deal/it's something i should easily be able to do" to beat yourself up. Accept where you are and celebrate it. This will create positive momentum and allow you to keep pushing little by little. Next time accomplish 2 things you need to do or tackle a bigger task with more steps, if you can only still do one small task a time, that's ok, just don't beat yourself up about it, it'll just keep you in the situation you're currently in. On the other side, are you sure some of this isn't self-hatred or shame based and actually you are doing fine? For example, what does it mean in your family to be a "workaholic" or "lazy"? The example of your aunt being a doctor is not someone most people would define as lazy for example.

No. 2078978

I procrastinate a lot and I lack motivation a lot but I realized that for the right thing I’ll always have motivation. I recently started taking some vitamins and switched to a healthier diet and I feel much better with more energy left. Sometimes a little lifestyle change can help a lot.

No. 2079041

I am not a 100% NEET, I have a part time job and do my masters. It is a horrible, underpaid job but I don't take the measures to get a better one because I am so afraid of the whole application process and just procrastinate again. I barely do anything for uni even though it should be my highest priority and I am not productive at work either so it's not like I am overworked.
My aunt isn't lazy of course but she definitely isn't a workaholic either which makes her stand out in my family. She isn't the black sheep like I am because she "did well" in life unlike me.
It is not motivating that my parents are pretty open about how they see me as a failure either since they always compare me to the son of a friend who was a complete NEET until his mid twenties. Apparently he was "just like me", even though I at least managed to get a bachelors degree which took me way to long (I developed an intense exam anxiety in corona times and just didn't show up, just me avoiding again) and did therapy for years. Sorry for all the whining I just really don't know how other people manage to be functioning humans.

No. 2079071

File: 1720198548444.jpg (38.25 KB, 736x414, e145b21ac6c567e66d8fcd9ef217f3…)

Anons is this really a common dream? How many of you had it? Or is it just a silly tumblr "girlhood" meme and not really that common? I have never had a dream of pregnancy. Wtf is THE pregnancy dream?

No. 2079073

I forget my dreams most of the time so who knows but I don't think I have ever dreamt I was pregnant.

No. 2079076

The only time I have pregnancy dreams is them being nightmares. I'll dream that I'm rushed to the hospital and they discover that I'm nine months pregnant and that I have to have the baby. But maybe women who want children have good pregnancy dreams?

No. 2079078

Funny enough I had it last night and I fucking hated it holy shit. I was literally begging for the 8 month old child inside me to be taken out. It was so awful, I was so glad it was a dream. To each their own.

No. 2079080

no clue but one time i had a dream that i actually birthed a kid and regretted it immediately and hated my life. very miserable dream, waking up felt awesome

No. 2079086

This is my first time hearing of this, I've never had it.

No. 2079090

Never had a positive pregnancy dream, just ones where I am suddenly pregnant, with no reason since I have never touched a penis in my life, and I always try to get a miscarriage in different ways because the guilt from getting an abortion is too strong in the dream

No. 2079142

Never, I'm staunchly childfree and I never think about anything pregnancy related so it can't influence my dreams.

No. 2079152

Weirdly I never have dreams about being pregnant, but a lot of dreams where I have a young child.

No. 2079157

What is GG? I assume its another image board like this one as I'm seeing it mentioned in other threads but never heard of it.

No. 2079159

Depends on context. In the gamer community, it usually means "Get Good."

No. 2079162

no it usually means good game in gamer context

No. 2079170


No. 2079210

Thank you anon

No. 2079238

It can definitely be hard to do well in an environment like that. Sounds like your parents are quite critical. If you still live with them, that'll unfortunately keep being a damper for you. Not to be harsh (as I had similar parents), other people do well because they are not in the same sort of environment, being given only negative feedback about their work/level of effort. I would really suggest doing the suggestion of listing what you need to do, picking one either completely randomly or by urgency (if you can handle that) and do your work out of your home. Maybe in addition to finishing up manageable (whatever that looks like for you) tasks, you organize them under concrete, very small "goals" like a certain amount of study time or getting a paper done by a specific date. Congratulate yourself when you hit that goal, maybe even write it down so you can remember all you've done. It might seem silly but I think it would be helpful to re-establish some self-esteem in this regard since your parents tear you down despite what you've already managed to do. (And it's not nothing to be working and getting a masters at the same time, to boot). Good luck nonnie!

No. 2079263

Why do librarians dress like librarians? What is it about cardigans and long skirts and kooky prints that just has them in a chokehold?

No. 2079285

do any of yall have friends IRL? and how did you make them if you do

No. 2079292

I keep accidentally making friends at work. I guess I got lucky that my boss tends to hire people around my age group and we sit in an open office where we can talk all the time, and I'm maybe more confident interacting with people there because I know what I'm doing at work (unlike normal social situations).

Other than that I only have my dwindling group of high school friends I barely see.

No. 2079297

At work. I didn't go to school.

No. 2079306

Libraries are cold as fuck, fun prints are fun, long skirts are comfortable because they don't feel constricting like pants but are long so you don't worry about flashing anyone.
I love that style.

No. 2079311

Thank you for the tips nona! I moved out basically the second I was out of highschool. I think this contributed to me becoming a NEET, because I wasn't in a "survival" mode anymore and just wanted to be left alone. It was probably inevitable though.
Doing my work outside of my home is a good idea to keep myself out of procrastination mode, I just have to get over my discomfort of going outside somehow.

No. 2079314

through artist alley and a fashion community. i have a few friends from high school as well but they're the ones i have the least of. don't give up anon, i'm sure there's a club or something in your area where you can meet people. once you have at least a couple of good friends it gets easier and they will hopefully introduce you to more people. just keep your mind and your heart open.

No. 2079378

Nonna did you like the new color? How did it go?

No. 2079379

>through artist alley and a fashion community
Are they normal or are they gendies though?

No. 2079381

File: 1720231305445.jpeg (43.36 KB, 1136x852, 5910764569e69a90008b5126.jpeg)

When you get medicine that has a cotton ball in it, do you take it out or keep it in?

No. 2079382

i take it out i thought that was just to stop the pills from making a rattle noise

No. 2079384

I eat it

No. 2079385

Who the fuck is ntyfag

No. 2079386

I take it and add it to my collection

No. 2079388

I asked this on a different board but it got drowned out by the anons infighting there.

Would any anons be interested in a thread about Gypsy Rose? Im thinking of making a thread about her in snow since after she got released from prison she became thia influencer who gets into drama all the time. I could make it a thread rule that anons dont question her past or the abuse she went through and that we only talk about her current milky antics after she got released. Would any anon be up with that?

No. 2079391

I feel as if a thread on her wouldn't have too much longevity.

No. 2079395

Idk nonnie she’s not all that milky. Sometimes she has embarrassing one off posts but she doesn’t really have the extremist energy of Shay or Nika

No. 2079397

My girlfriend

No. 2079400

Idk shay is very boring lately and there are alot of cows on snow who are not that milky.

Her "you're just jealous because i have a chad and you're panini pressed" video is so funny lol.
I'll probably make a thread on her but i don't know if the mod will lock it or not.
I dont even want to talk shit on her i just want to keep up with all her antics.

No. 2079405

yes please i think she's fascinating

No. 2079436

My stupid question is what is the difference between the lolcow and stamina rose themes? I feel like I'm losing at a game of spot the difference.
I don't think it'd be a good idea. Gypsy Rose lived a really traumatic horrible life, and not in a lolcow funny way.

No. 2079445

Kek you're right she is really unintentionally funny sometimes

No. 2079447

NTA but I don't think she means her early life nonny just her current whereabouts now that shes not a child being abused anymore

No. 2079455

File: 1720243258689.jpeg (59.72 KB, 800x434, IMG_1297.jpeg)

Nonnas, is it weird to sniff your cat? I love smelling the top of my cats head.

No. 2079459

not werird at all, kitties smell so good

No. 2079461

I need to know how nonnas hair went

No. 2079475

not at all, i love sniffing their tummies. especially when my cats just came back from outside and they are extra stinky

No. 2079551

File: 1720255366120.png (6.23 MB, 2340x3165, IMG_20240706_093505.png)

Can nonnies identify this plant? I've been growing this plant for a while because I found a small patch of them on my garden and at first I thought it was some kind of mint because it smelled minty when touched/rubbed. It looked like mint when small but now it's clear that that's not the case and it has grown some very small purple-white flowers. I've googled and looked at a bunch of wildflower and meadow plant books but nothing looks like this.

No. 2079556

File: 1720257373296.jpg (50.22 KB, 1200x800, oregano.jpg)

It sort of looks like oregano or marjoram, especially the leaves. Oregano and marjoram are in the same genus as mint which might explain why it has a minty like smell and looked like mint.

No. 2079572

I have the exact same dreams, they are reoccurring too. It's always that I find out too late and can't do anything about it and it's a horrible feeling. I think it's about feeling out of control

No. 2079578

Ooh anon you might be right! The small plants and flowers look especially similar. I'll wait for it to grow bigger so I can see what it looks like in full bloom. Thank you so much!

No. 2079590

Looks like Calamintha nepeta to me.

No. 2079594

Do eyelash curlers even do something? I feel like they are a meme item like jade rollers.

No. 2079597

Yes, if you had the money you could buy a heated eyelash curler but if not you need to curl them at the root/base and then move outwards. Your curl would be more pronounce that way.

No. 2079631

That's also so similar, the flowers are identical actually!

No. 2079664

Yes, by sperging about anime and larping as magical girls. Might not work if you're above the age of eleven lik we were.

No. 2079671

why is there no thread for the euro cup? before anyone says football is retarded, there was also one for the euro vision contest.

No. 2079674

Looks like no one here is interested in it.

No. 2079684

surprises me if not even for semi-finals. too bad

No. 2079711

I’ve been here for well over 5 years and still dont know why /sty/ exists and why the fluffy pony abuse thread was so active. Can an oldfag explain?

No. 2079713

You can always make the thread yourself, you don't have to wait for someone else to do it.

No. 2079736

How often is someone supposed to change their period panties?

No. 2079763

Nobody really seems to care about sports here. There is a dead general sports thread buried in /ot/ somewhere.

No. 2079765

Nice but can you actually answer anon

No. 2079772

nta but it's a discord user personalityfag whom another discord user personalityfag has a vendetta against. Everyone in question is insufferable and best not given any attention. They usually frequent fujo/weeb related threads and they're all bored neets with too much time on their hands

No. 2079932

I've always used them before applying mascara, I notice it's easier to apply when the eyelashes have been pressed in a uniform way.

No. 2080037

Oh, thanks. Well I propose we stop giving literal who, uninteresting anons -fag/chan names. It used to be for more notable anons, now everybody is a fag. Even I've been a -fag a few times.

No. 2080047

she might have started it herself considering how she has signed her incest fanart with ntychan.

No. 2080051

The only name I've ever been given here is rapesockchan and it was the most ridiculous thing ever perpetuated by a single angry sped

No. 2080063

File: 1720310442675.jpg (43.64 KB, 365x674, 1000019543.jpg)

Is there a name for these types of dresses with short torsos and long skirts?

No. 2080069

What is life like in a covenant?

No. 2080070

No. 2080078

I always thought these were called empire waist dresses.

No. 2080086

It's like an irl fujoshi forum but they all share the same Husbando and spend most of the time reading fic about Him and thinking about Him.

No. 2080091

you mean a convent with nuns?
It depends in the order the nuns belong to (some are more strict than others) and it also depends on whether it's cloistered (cut off from the world) or not. cloistered nuns do shit like agriculture (they produce shit ranging from beeswax to herbal teas to booze to cosmetics) and producing crafts. other orders might have nuns works in hostpitals or schools or orphanages, that kind of church-run place.
Either way you're looking at a life of getting up early and working hard.

No. 2080154

Home from the club. Do you guys have like a white cluster of spots on your lips below the skin when you stretch them out or am I a virgin with an std and should kill myself. At this point I have no idea what a fordyce spot is and what herpes is.

No. 2080158

nona everyone has those

No. 2080160

Hey so the past three nights o been drinking and today I just slept all day almost what does that mean and I’m not hungover but I wanna get back o the horse health wise

No. 2080177

File: 1720323798185.png (1.42 MB, 2842x1722, tarot thread.png)

What is this issue in the tarot thread? I already asked "huh" (picrel) but got a schizo tier reply and don't want to press further and potentially derail the thread since she seems to think I'm up to no good. (I'm not the person who did the reading, I was just scrolling by and confused at what the fight was about.)
I don't understand why the Paytas-nona is upset at the reader or why the other reader is telling her it's not ok. what was the unspoken agreement here that was violated? is it considered rude to read for someone replying to another reader's "hey, send me your questions" post?

No. 2080181

tarot bitches get possessive over reading requests, what cows

No. 2080182

They believe in tarot, of course they're speds.

No. 2080184

I'm confused, too. It kind of seems like Paytas and the original reader are the same person, since she just happens to show up and get offended at the same time. It's an image board, there's no guarantee someone will come back to do a reading. Very odd.

No. 2080199

Pro-sports are factually much more of a moid interest. Not a lot of women are passionate about watching them, so that's not surprising.

Empire waist, renaissance style

No. 2080209

No, those anons are just being retarded and possibly underaged cause I can't imagine an adult caring. Also funny that they suddenly popped up to do the reading only a few hours after that post kekkk.

No. 2080280

who the fuck is romanianon and cockchan

No. 2080293

I think you mean regency, not renaissance.

No. 2080351

File: 1720336403101.png (852.45 KB, 544x754, mdlf.png)

They still didn't get very close to the original image (hairdresser admitted that she had never seen a color like that before and was a bit at a loss what to do when I got there) but they did some manage to do some magic and give me something similar to picrel and I love it! They also cut my bangs and made a colored hair mask that will last me a little while while they were at it, so I could attend my friend's wedding yesterday feeling amazing

No. 2080354

Wait then can someone please tell me how the fuck you actually pronounce hozier for real? This is how I always pronounced it in my head (hojeur) but everyone says it's different and I've heard it pronounced like 4 different ways this month

No. 2080464

What makes a person seem scary when angry when it isn't them getting loud or violent?

No. 2080475

unpredictability. there are lots of loud people who aren’t scary, but when someone gets loud without warning or a history of being loud, it is so unnerving, it changes how you view that person.

No. 2080482

It looks pretty! and way better than what they originally did, I'm glad they were able to fix it.

No. 2080541

Why do pronoun people always use two separate ones when announcing their preferred pronouns? Like "she/her" or "they/them"? Why use two?
Also if they're using multiple ones from different categories, why is it "she/they" and not "she/them" since it seems like the one following the slash is usually in the objective case (not sure of the correct term)? I can't wrap my head around it.

No. 2080558

How do you "fake it til u make it"? I've never been able to feign confidence. Do I just pretend not to care?

No. 2080562

It's kind of like "dressing for the job you want". Keep your head high, eyes forward and just find things you do/are that you like about yourself, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, and focus on those for starters. Remind yourself that you are your biggest critic and people don't pay nearly as much to your mistakes as you do yourself.

No. 2080571

It started with neopronouns which were unknown to people so you had to write down all forms, and it stuck.

No. 2080589

It worked for me in terms of social skills, I just mimicked the people I thought had admirable social skills until it became natural. I guess you could do the same with confidence. I'm sure you can think of someone who has the confidence you wish you had, how would they behave or react?

No. 2080612

Where do computer viruses go? If I took the hard drive of one computer and plugged it into another, would that computer have the virus now, too?

No. 2080670

Yes. It's not the computer hardware that's infected, a virus is a malicious program and this is usually stored on the OS drive. So if you take the drive out of one computer and put it in another, the virus will still be there.

If you have a virus and need to remove it you can try

No. 2080728

Why are moids on /y/ and /cm/ so misogynistic when women make 90% of the content they post

No. 2080735

Males profiting from women's labour while hating us at the same time. Male jealousy, tale as old of time

No. 2080748

> "god this is so relatable"
> "the intrinsic male experience"
> "women could never understand"
> media is made by a woman
Every single time kek

No. 2080760

How do I get serious about learning a new language

No. 2080775

Pretty sure a sizeable chunk of posters on there are female but larping just to fit in. Retarded either way.

No. 2080789

anyone else get pimples with huge white heads during their period around their lips? Like one or two? No it's not herpes.

No. 2080794

I don't know about /cm/ but there are some moids on /y/ who see women everywhere and even bring them up unprompted. You'll be going to a thread and suddenly someone says "wow female posters are not going to like this" which is surreal to read while I'm holding up my phone with my left hand. For a bunch of faggots they sure are obsessed with women

No. 2080818

In a strategy game how many steps ahead do nonnies normally think?
Lately I’ve played with friends and they’re always surprised how quickly I win or how quickly I can dominate the board, and this is really simple turn based games. I asked don’t they all think multiple steps ahead and many of them said they didn’t, they just played the game. I asked if they think ahead when working on projects or having discussions with others, if they prepare for problems or potential miscommunications in advance and take preemptive steps to avoid such things and a lot of them gave me weird looks. Now I’m wondering if I’m just neurotic but I always thought it was normal.

No. 2080867

Depends on the game but yeah in general for multiplayer strat games thinking ahead is step 1

No. 2080915

My co-worker was complaining about her child and husband and then jokingly said "Anon. Count yourself lucky you're not married with children". She talked to me while I was working on something, so I responded all serious and without really thinking that I really, really am. Was this inappropriate?

No. 2080927

Yes but only because it’s “unkind” and these days you’re meant to placate people instead of letting them wallow in their shit. You shouldn’t feel bad though because she’s the one that thought to talk so carelessly about her life and invite comment.

No. 2080943

File: 1720383126969.png (215.74 KB, 538x352, 24522423565.png)

How long does unopened circle lenses last? I was sorting through my bathroom cabinet and realized I bought a couple of pairs like 1,5 years ago that never got used because the plans I had for them fell through. The seal is untouched.

No. 2081001

Am I the only one who does not remember the infight thread having a red text? I wasn't here when it was bumped but I remember when it was active before

No. 2081027

i am ashamed to ask this, but im slowly freaking out:

i got dry fucked very hard continuously for almost 90 minutes by a moid with a wide dick and afterwards i had a pussyache. it still hurts even a day later. will it go away on its own or do i need to go to the hospital? also, is it possible i broke something inside me? please help, im frantically googling but get mixed information everywhere

No. 2081033

No, it will go away. Next time, don't let someone fuck you for 90 minutes if it hurts…

No. 2081035

In most cases, you'll be fine, just allow yourself to completely heal before having sex again. So no sex for two weeks. There is the rare case where women can be seriously injured by this, but one, are you actively bleeding? And two, feel the vaginal canal. Does anything feel out of place and deeply painful, like he's prolapsed something? If not, you're bruised, but you'll be fine.

No. 2081039

I heard it recommended as a general rule to go to the hospital if the pain is keeping you from sleeping or going about your daily tasks. Basically if it's all you can think about, then yes, definitely go to to the hospital. If not, it'll go away on its own.

No. 2081041

hope your moid kills himself

No. 2081048

No. 2081055

Anon that is practically torture, don’t let yourself go through that again. Assuming this was consensual remember it’s okay to say no mid-sex or during foreplay if you suddenly lost the mood.

No. 2081064

this happened to me too. i was too embarrassed to tell anyone and it went away after a week and it was fine but i am a retard so don’t be like me. if it hurts enough for you to consider going to the hospital you should probably go to the hospital.

No. 2081089

The question above makes me wonder, do men not feel friction as well or have as many nerves on the shaft of their dick as women do on their vagina? I do realize that being too wet can decrease how much both partners feel, but surely fucking a dry vagina must not feel good for them either?

No. 2081090

I don't have a dick but I don't think it does either based on anecdotal evidence with moids. I think most even use lube or lotion when they jerk off

No. 2081154

I know that instagram now allows you to block an account and all other secundary accounts that have the same IP. Does it includes the accounts that were created before the first account you blocked? Or is it just for accounts created after the initial blocking

No. 2081161

Anons does anyone know if there is a way to see a message someone sent you if you were not friends and they had to add you as a friend but you haven't added them back?

No. 2081191

File: 1720400817070.jpeg (141.02 KB, 800x889, hair color chart.jpeg)

Is there a way to darken your hair a tiny bit without using hair dye? I have dark brown hair (02), it looks lighter when it's freshly washed but I love how dark it looks when it's greasy and slicked back, it's like a warm black (01B). I don't want to have pitch black hair just a little bit darker, I don't want to damage it with box dye.
Anon I'm so sorry, please dump him you're better off. Hope you'll be okay.

No. 2081196

File: 1720401198264.jpg (17.54 KB, 275x275, 1000004484.jpg)

I'm sorry nonna but this is what I want to do to your moid

No. 2081199

5 volume developer plus the professional semi permanent dye of your choice (I use Schwarzkopf Igora). Dilute above mix 1:1 with conditioner to make a hair "tint" for dark hair. Do not go below level 3 dye, use the color chart of the dye brand to pick the undertone you want.

No. 2081205

Unrelated, but medieval art was so based. A masterpiece like this would never be allowed to exist today.

No. 2081209

Agreed, the modern normies fear what they don't understand.

No. 2081210

So basically whenever I masturbate, ever since I first started masturbating.. the way I do it is basically by laying in bed on my stomach, putting a sneaker between my legs where it’s right on my clit and basically moving my hips and rubbing it until I cum (I don’t do this naked btw I do it over my clothes or underwear), I know this probably seems like a really weird whack way to masturbate but it’s what I’ve always done cause it feels reeeally good and I cum really fast. But I’m wondering does doing something like this to masturbate damage the nerves in your clit or desensitive them? Because it’s really hard for me to cum by just rubbing my clit with my fingers. I try and it takes too long and it doesn’t feel as good as my shoe method. So am I crazy and also have I damaged my clitoris?

No. 2081234

File: 1720404190705.jpg (145.67 KB, 1080x1080, 1000040079.jpg)

KEK nonna why specifically a sneaker?

No. 2081238

No, it’s not gonna damage your clit it desensitize it. It’s not easy for everyone to come with their fingers. Keep getting off on ur sneaks girl, make it work for you.

No. 2081249

I have a specific way of masturbating too (I have to kegel and I always masturbate with underwear on, have a hard time cumming with no underwear) and like the other anon said, I don't think it damages your nerves but just desensitizes you. It's the same for women that use vibrators. If you stop masturbating for a long while and then try to masturbate with just your fingers and naked it will probably work. I'm pretty sure damaging your nerves is very difficult btw, like it would require some kind of trauma or infection to actually damage your nerves.

No. 2081278

With a sneaker? Girl…. At least I hope it's clean?

No. 2081368

just as long as it's not a piece of food I don't see harm in using clean household objects if you don't have a dildo

No. 2081405

Who/what body do you visualize when you’re working out for motivation?

No. 2081440

kek I was thinking the same thing but what are the odds she has a Masturbation Sneaker set aside from her normal ones? kekkkkkkkkk

No. 2081534

A shoe…?

No. 2081591

File: 1720431528447.jpg (22.94 KB, 500x358, 1000021016.jpg)

How do I know what my qualities are? Asking friends is not a good idea since I'll probably dismiss everything they say.

No. 2081662

Quite the opposite. Not masturbating or orgasming may cause clitoral atrophy which is why so many married women have anorgasmic nanoclits. It's unironically use it or lose it.

No. 2081664

Is this true, lmao? When I was younger I would masturbate all the time with a wand and I was always able to cum really quickly. Then I had a long period of depression where I didn't masturbate or cum at all for years and now when I try I feel like the sensation down there is a lot more numb than it used to be.

No. 2081666

Is there a way to reverse that? Please say yes

No. 2081674

Maybe this is what Freud was referring to when he called clitoris-based sexuality "adolescent" and vagina-penetration based one "mature and developed". It's clitoral atrophy from pair bonded obligation sex with no orgasms. If anyone else's orgasm quality went to shit after getting hitched it's probably this.
Unfortunately I don't know. I've heard of older women using topical androgens for this but it's unproven and might fuck you up.

No. 2081680

Why are masculine women assumed to be lesbian?

No. 2081681

Whenever I’m in the gym, I wear clothes that show my midriff and just look at my pale flabby tummy as motivation, kek.

No. 2081682

No that's not why he said that and the vaginal canal is rather the main point of female sexual anatomy therefore sexuality (not orientation) especially because it's about pregnancy and the feminine role that it is as well as being penetrated is feminine
and even in clit orgasms the spasms happen inside the vagina

No. 2081683

Because being fucked and engaging in hetero sex is feminine, requiring no masculine ego that doesn't make you like the idea of getting fucked or servicing dick(ban evading schizo)

No. 2081686

Yes I literally do LMAO and yes they’re clean they’re not a pair of shoes I use to walk around and go about my day in lol

No. 2081689

Here's a question: Why is this post >>2081682 so irritating? Is it the fact that it was obviously typed on mobile?

No. 2081690

Yes there’s a reason bottom faggots are always mentally ill and have complexes.

No. 2081691

Maybe it's cause of the facts that seems to always piss people off, standard. But it's all literally true, are we gonna deny that women have a vagina(assuming you're mad at what I said)?

No. 2081693

In men being penetrated is a little different because of the lack of a vaginal canal in the center of their bottom it feels differently psychologically but still a bottoming and receptive servile role

No. 2081694

I have bad news about muh skuleene hetero men nona. They absolutely love the idea of getting fucked and servicing dick.

No. 2081695

I swear to God if you start an infight over a nonna’s shoesturbation I will burn your houses down

No. 2081696

>hetero men
>Like getting fucked
Yeah totally they do that makes sense
The usual cope that appears after saying that woman body was made for getting fucked or rather for receiving penetrative stimulation due to our anatomy. I don't get offended by it cause I don't have sex and have no problem with admitting facts

No. 2081697

Personally I got bored of that type of masturbating techniques after doing it since 8yo for years and years multiple times over and over again and hope my clit disappears it's quiet useless tbh

No. 2081698

You would have absolutely 0 orgasms without a clit you dumb bitch

No. 2081699

Masturbation is so fascinating to me because it seems like women get stuck with the way they learned to masturbate. Like some women syntribate, some rub themselves against a pillow. But I personally would never be able to achieve orgasm if I wasn't touching myself directly.
To answer your question it's unlikely you have damaged your clit and you can learn to masturbate other ways but it requires self-control because you have to edge yourself. Maybe take yourself half of the way with your favorite sneaker and then do the rest of the way with your hands or a vibrator or something. Eventually you can learn to cum in any way but it takes time especially if you're used to exerting that much pressure

No. 2081701

That's not in disagreement with that theory. If disuse indeed causes atrophy, the transition towards "fertility" PIV sex would probably facilitate it - possibly even cause a rewiring of nerve endings.

No. 2081702

Wtf now Im scared this happens to me because my clit is already so tiny. And I have masturbated a lot over the years KEK better keep it up.

Straight people are more expected to perform gender roles.

No. 2081703

Suddenly muh vaginal orgasms don't exist but also they are useless so and the vaginal ones are feminine the clit ones are less fullfiling bc the other one go through your whole body more because a female body seems to have a feminine sexual anatomy therefore role and psychology of it is that as well, clitoris doesn't stimulate all the nerve endings we can get stimulated. But so what if I would have non lol talking about female orgasms like it's something wow is low IQ even tho I probably had more than anyone in here

No. 2081704

“Vaginal orgasms” are caused by the internal structures of the clit you dumb bitch

No. 2081705

I do not enjoy touching myself at all. I use a vibrator over clothes because I don't like the intensity of direct contact with my toy. I love my boyfriend touching me but I could never and I don't know why I've such an aversion. There are times with my vibrator everything is feeling so wonderful that I wish to be penetrated but I never do with my toys either. Usually ill have a mild orgasm then can keep cumming and letting it get more intense until I finally tap out or my battery runs out. I definitely favour orgasms that involve penetration but I also love cumming a lot and I can't go for as long with my partner because I get so stimulated

No. 2081707

c-cockchan? The fabled one? Is that you?

I'm gonna leave a little gift for you: google "getting a boner while pooping"

No. 2081709

I think he is right cause vaginal canal stimulation/penetrative stimulation is a receptive role so it's feminine, it's connected with motherhood so it's nurturing and servile role, it gets the dick in
If it's about motherhood then having sex with our anatomy that is about motherhood is in fact engaging in femininity. Those two points are separated causing some conflict between them? They have a different psychology

No. 2081713

File: 1720443039583.jpg (241.46 KB, 1439x1441, Tumblr_l_69045061790589.jpg)

In a mixed sex sauna are people usually fully naked? I'm in central europe if that makes a difference.

Also how weird is it to make a social media account and just start posting about yourself without any followers? I want to make an account on weibo or xiaohongshu but I don't have any chinese speaking friends.

No. 2081715

It's the total opposite for me, I usually get a few big orgasms I can milk for all their worth but after a while I'll be masturbating to get anxiety relief but it doesn't even feel good anymore. I have a very small clitoris and with precise pressure I can edge myself without having an orgasm to the point it feels like my clitoris is literally being electrocuted (in a good way) but then I won't get a big orgasm at the end. But when I do that it takes my pussy out of commission for like a week, I can't feel anything when I touch it

No. 2081716

from what I can decipher here, sounds like numb clit cope or useless cock cope

No. 2081719

Forgot to say you were right about rewiring it can also change you psychologically but vaginal penetration is servile and in het sex women suck dicks so that'd servile to do when you rewire yourself to this vaginal stimulation instead it seems more compatible with het relationships anyway cause it's feminine. It can change you mentally like I said, touching those nerve endings def does something weird

No. 2081722

Stop shitting up this website with your schizophrenic ramblings. Yes, we know cocksucking bad. But you're even lower than a cocksucker because your brain is getting fucked non stop by dick worms. You're literally more cock obsessed than the women you're criticising. You're getting brain fucked in your brain canal

No. 2081724

I am trying to understand what kind of rewiring produces your posting style

No. 2081728

Every time I stumble across your ramblings my brain is rewired to feel violent compulses and despair

No. 2081730

Why so? The gender role thing.

No. 2081734

Voice to text maybe?

No. 2081736

No it's not numb? All is said is fact I don't understand the endless backlash. It's actually painful(ban evasion)

No. 2081738

Bitch you keep repeating yourself like a broken record it's not entertaining anymore go back to your containment center

No. 2081739

Not exactly accurate seeing as vaginal orgasms still involve the clitoral body too.

No. 2081743

Dr. Cockchan, with all due respect - no, what you said isn't all fact. Vaginal "orgasm" is at best psychosomatic. You can read more about the boring inner workings of it here:


That being said, sucking dick bad.

No. 2081749

Mixed sex spaces are so gross. yeah probably but not entirely naked, maybe wearing a towel only in the sauna because nobody would want to sweat through any fabric.

No. 2081762

File: 1720446327374.gif (1.96 MB, 615x413, fBFUW9P.gif)

>Do you have a het sex with your cunt or not?

No. 2081763

I legitimately cannot follow this conversation, what are you guys even talking about.

No. 2081766

it's incomprehensible because at least one person is typing out long thoughts on mobile with no punctuation.

No. 2081767

They literally give children in primary schools text without punctuation and they're able to decipher where the syntax should be. Maybe stop getting so worked up

No. 2081776

>calling servile acts servile
kek, esl

No. 2081779

Women are slaves in piv. Men hang piv sex over women’s head as a threat of possible unwanted pregnancy and enforced servitude in a heterosexual relationship. Vaginal orgasms are possible but rare, we get our pleasure from clit rubbing which is outside our vaginas. Men who wanted to project their homoerotic ideals on to women thinks a vagina = hole and holes are to be penetrated, just like an anus when they are two completely separate things and the vaginal area is a whole complex system while faggots think the anus is the apex of human civilization when it’s just a diseased area of the body that shits out excrement. The male scrotum and anus is entirely inferior to the godly nature of the female reproductive system, crafted and created by the alchemists of the universe, while a man’s penis and anus was created with afterthought. This also naturally explains why lesbians and sapphic bisexuals are the only valid gay people as they are reasonably attracted to genitals that excrete feces and smelly poop. I’m kind of joking here but I think I’m on to something tbh kek

No. 2081781

*reasonably attracted to genitals that don’t excrete feces and poop and cleans itself

No. 2081782

>foreskinfag and cockchan together in the same thread

Is this what normies feel when they meet a celebrity?

No. 2081788

It's because they're circumsized. Imagine if you had no clitoral hood and your clit was constantly rubbing on the inside of your underwear. It would get dry, hard, and numb after a while. That's what happens with moid's dicks. A guy who still had his foreskin would actually be so sensitive he'd be in pain penetrating a woman who isn't wet and turned on enough. For example >>2081027 aperape is definitely circumcized. An uncut man wouldn't be able to go for that long, and he wouldn't be able to be that rough. It would hurt him. That is how unnatural circumcision is. Rough sex wouldn't even be able to happen unless the woman was wet and relaxed enough. I used to think it was a good thing that so many men get circumcized and can't feel as much pleasure, but it leads to them deathgripping their dick and needing to jackhammer women to feel anything, so it's actually way worse.
Also, I don't even know who foreskinfag is, the is the first time I've ever even talked about foreskin. And the only reason I give a fuck is because it hurts women.

No. 2081793

Can moids die/bleed to death if you cut off their balls? There's a lot of blood going around that area, or not? I asked chatgpt but it was so vague in the answer.

No. 2081795

foreskinkun and cockchan should kith

No. 2081797

>it leads to them deathgripping their dick and needing to jackhammer women to feel anything
The fix to this is just to beat them when they're too aggressive, is it not? If he's jackhammering, just walk out.

No. 2081803

Based, only intactcels are anywhere near cock obsessed enough to match her powerlevel

No. 2081804

Obviously yes, but most women don't have the ovaries to leave when that happens.

No. 2081825

I would say it's possible if the area went completely untreated or if the man had some kind health problem. Probably not that likely though. Males thousands of years in the past lived through castration.

No. 2081828

Knowing men are too numb to feel any sexual pleasure because a nurse just ripped their stupid meat hat off would bring me the ultimate satisfaction. A real circumcision removes the inner pink skin too, resulting in an aesthetic look. The frenulum must also be carved out, transforming him into a meat dildo. Thank you jews

No. 2081830

Imagine having to choose between AIDS flavored cheese maggots or getting jackhammered. Thank god I'm celibate!

No. 2081836

Would you rather be in a relationship with a moid you’re not that into but he worships the ground you walk on, or in a relationship with a moid who you’re batshit crazy about but he’s not that into you? Having no moid is not an option in this scenario

No. 2081841

Cuck the first one with the second one.

No. 2081844

Obviously the first. If he worships the ground you walk on, you can turn him into your dream man.

No. 2081845

First one and I'd make him do weird depraved shit for my enjoyment

No. 2081847

Lately it feels like every post on /ot/ has been about nothing but moids. Maybe 1 in 3 posts there is a post that talk about something else unrelated to moids. I feel like it wasn't like this years ago and there was a lot more varied and interesting discussions going on. Does anyone else also think so or am I just growing tired of this site?

No. 2081849

I'd like to talk more about hobbies but I'm worried that it will look personalityfaggoty if I talk about mine too much.

No. 2081878

File: 1720454280560.gif (4.05 MB, 640x628, 1000015389.gif)

omg they're still going

No. 2082074

Is it possible to become permanently tanned? I got naturally tanned during my summer vacations last year and I still have a slightly paler white band on my wrist from my watch. I don't live in a sunny country (especially this year) and I avoid the sun otherwise.

No. 2082077

Yes, my dad has a permanent tan on his arms, never seen his arms go back to the same color as the rest of his body.

No. 2082129

I hope I didn't contribute to it by asking, I was honestly just confused and mildly curious about reading etiquette.

No. 2082168

I don't get why she's invested. Infights happen in every thread daily, is it different here?

No. 2082171

Why are straight people more likely to be gender conforming?

No. 2082181

what kind of neighborhood did you guys live in as kids? the burbs? downtown? i lived on the industrial drive in my town where all the factories and shit were

No. 2082183

Stuff like that reminds me that some anons are genuinely autistic lmaoooo

No. 2082188

because enbyism isn’t attractive

No. 2082192

Go back

No. 2082199


No. 2082250

what else do you mean by GNC?

No. 2082254

Rural not far away from town but not close enough to walk.

If you're the norm you don't feel the need to deviate to affirm yourself

No. 2082259

nta but enbyism has nothing to do with gnc.
i think when you grow up "outside" the standard mould, so to speak, its easier to see through the constraints that the mould creates. i was very gnc in childhood, even before discovering my sexuality. i found it easier to realize the vapidness and constriction of gender roles earlier on, whereas it took longer to dawn on my straight friends. it's easier to see the box from the outside in a way.

No. 2082262

Rural. 20-30 mins cycle to nearest village. Dad wanted a bit of land so he bought a field surrounded by farms. I used to play with the local cows and sheep a lot a kid. It's probably why I have no social skills.

No. 2082265

would you get a wedding gift for a friend whose wedding you can't attend?

No. 2082269

ntayrt either but
= gender non-conforming, where gender is defined (correctly, imo) as a set of sex stereotypes defined by society
by contrast arguably leans into sex stereotypes by saying "I dont fit the stereotypes for my sex, therefore I must belong in some other social category instead of woman/man" instead of challenging sex stereotypes by accepting that you are one of the proofs that the stereotypes are incorrect and stupid

No. 2082270

I'd probably have flowers with a card delivered.

No. 2082288

Yes, absolutely. How is this a question? (t. burgerfag)

No. 2082290

As a military brat we never stayed in the same place for a long time but for some reason we constantly went to lame towns where nothing was happening but their inhabitants thought they were hot shit because it was the biggest town in the region. I was insanely jealous of other military kids who got to move to big cities or other countries, even those who stayed in lame places for 10+ years had it better than me by keeping the same friends.

No. 2082291

Are furries more or less likely to have grown up with pets or around farm animals?

No. 2082293

Rural-ish outskirts of a city.

No. 2082294

In an old village of about 800 people. My family didn’t have a car so we’d get the train into town if we needed to do anything. Now I live in a major city and I miss the simplicity of village life.

No. 2082296

I've only been to a one wedding and this one would be abroad with the promises of this couple having a second wedding here later, so I'm thinking of having something like flowers sent + card but as wondering about the actual gift. Over there it's a custom they get money, I don't have money to give really, not even gonna attend unless they do throw that local to me wedding, then I would just get a regular ass sentimental yet useful gift they then need to lug back. I think I'm overthinking this shit.

No. 2082303

Furry is 100% contracted via internet/TV coomer media. Zoophiles though, they probably grew up on a farm.

No. 2082307

suburbs, nothing like the ones on tv, wasn't even a cul-de-sac and the schools were constantly overcrowded, the overall vibe and things that went on felt more like a mini ghetto city to be honest

No. 2082325

Generally they last like two years tops if unopened

No. 2082329

Is it okay to eat at a sit down restaurant if it's only me?

No. 2082331

An extremely boring, ugly, and hot suburb on the outskirts of a big tourist destination. I didn't have any neighbors my age either so it sucked to grow up in but at least I got to visit the countryside once or twice a year

No. 2082341

Yes. If you're worried about it, go on a weekday or during lunch. Or find a spot at the bar. Eating alone is a pleasure.

No. 2082342

Yes do not worry nonnie, I see it all the time

No. 2082344

Europeans, what do you consider a long drive to be?

Asking because I've heard stuff about how Europeans visiting America underestimate how far they need to travel by vehicle to get from one state to another because they don't have to travel as far in Europe to get from one country to another. I've even heard stories about some Euros not visiting their family often because they live 1-2 hours away.

No. 2082349

over 2h

No. 2082354

I love it, I go to my corner, pull out my ipad and have an amazing time lol seconding going on weekdays if you feel weird about loitering

No. 2082368

What is the website with the most annoying spam emails?
Long drive for me is 1,5 hours but you can drive cross country in 2/2,5 here.

No. 2082373

How is porn/onlyfans allowed if prostitution is illegal? It’s literally the same thing

No. 2082378

No it's not, stop saying this because you're just watering down how much more serious and dangerous actual prostitution is.

No. 2082379

Prostitution is getting paid to have sex. Making porn is getting paid to have sex. Sorry I’m not really seeing how they’re different. All forms of prostitution are dangerous, if not lethal.

No. 2082380

ntayrt but i think having sex for money and recording it then posting it online is just as serious as getting paid to have sex and not posting it online

No. 2082387

I'm not even trying to be rude but I genuinely do feel as if you're being purposefully obtuse if you're saying you can't understand any difference from what actual prostitutes do and masturbating/having sex with another pornstar for only fans. I'm not saying making porn isn't dangerous either (I'm completely against porn), but actually selling your body IRL is a lot more risky. If you're against prostitution/porn/any other form of sexual exploitation then you should be willing to acknowledge these differences. Someone selling their nudes won't ever be the same as women actually having to have sex with multiple completely random men.

No. 2082394

I’ve always heard about voluntary singlehood from a straight perspective but I’ve always wondered what’s the prevalence of lesbian or women leaning bisexuals that are voluntarily single?

No. 2082397

First anon, I’m not referring to girls who make individual content or just post nudes on onlyfans (which is still disgusting and dangerous) I’m more talking about women who sell their bodies for physical sex that also happens to be recorded and then shared/sold online.

No. 2082399

I was including women who have actual sex (hence the "having sex with another pornstar") in my post. Onlyfans/porn is extremely saturated these days and most of those women are making solo content though, so if you're talking about porn you're also talking about them.

No. 2082408

Sorry I probably should’ve been more specific when I was questioning why porn/OF content is legal I was referring to pornographic content that’s two people fuckin not solo work, which is why I’m curious as to why it’s legal/socially acceptable for two people to get paid to have sex on camera but it’s illegal if it’s not on camera

No. 2082454

One step above the ghetto. Dirty, sad, and overcrowded area. There was crime but not as violent or deadly as a true ghetto, so mainly just depressing instead of scary.

No. 2082456

File: 1720493624662.png (648.86 KB, 1024x768, The-Man-Who-Fell-To-Earth-davi…)

Is there a name for this hairstyle? I don't want to have to show my hair lady a photo of David Bowie to explain what I want.

No. 2082462

ngl this kinda looks like a ‘karen’ cut

No. 2082464

looks kind of like a long bowl cut

No. 2082477

the karen

No. 2082494

Male curtain bangs/90s boyband cut

No. 2082506


No. 2082511

Just show her the photo

No. 2082560

how do police know if nothing was stolen from a person’s house when they go missing or whatever? like obviously if they have relatives who visit often or live there they’d know but unless it’s obvious that the perpetrators ransacked, how do the police rule it out?

No. 2082659

What’s are some fun, inoffensive websites or apps I can enjoy inbetween breaks from work?

No. 2082667

File: 1720516171477.png (145.4 KB, 504x512, Wolf-Cut-On-Medium-Hair (1).pn…)

Are wolfcuts out of fashion now? I just want to get one really bad

No. 2082669

Yeah sure

No. 2082673

File: 1720516773643.jpg (231.4 KB, 600x600, The-Wolf-Cut-1.jpg)

The way it's done in your pic is def not out of fashion yet, I'd be careful about getting one with too many short layers like these ones, I think people are over these now (I hated them and they make your hair look thin and scraggly)

No. 2082764

i wish i looked like this

No. 2082765

File: 1720524876238.jpg (84.29 KB, 338x512, 1000014936.jpg)

Anons, which one would you choose, your mental health or money?

My relationship with my narcissistic mother has been quickly deteriorating and I've completely abandoned hope that it will get any better. Our conversations nowadays exclusively consist of her degrading me, ridiculing me, and comparing me to other people and noting how much smarter/more ambitious/popular they are compared to me. When she lets me speak, she doesn't acknowledge anything I say and acts completely disinterested in me and my life. When I tell her something positive, she mocks me, when I tell her something negative that happened to me, she gets angry and tells me she has it much much worse because she's 'old and dying'. I recently got married and instead of being glad for my happiness, she told me that the stress caused by my wedding is the reason why she has fallen ill and have been unable to walk (…ok). Our interactions leave me drained on a good day and horribly miserable on bad days, with me going over and over our conversations in my head, unable to sleep and questioning my self-worth.

Her current golden child is my cousin, and she's been telling me that she's been considering disinheriting me and leaving everything to him. Not sure if it's meanness or survival instinct, but I've been in a rough spot financially and been thinking about keeping up some sort of relationship with her just to ensure financial stability, on the other hand, being around someone who chooses to see exclusively the bad in you and treats you as if you were some disease-spreading monster obviously wrecks my mental integrity and might not be worth it.

Also, another question: anons who cut off a narc parent, did you just fade away or did you tell them that you would cut ties with them?

No. 2082771

Why do women like ryona so much?

No. 2082772

Mental health. You can earn money on your own, but you can't grow to that point in a toxic environment. You become who you hang out with - if you stay with toxic people you will become like them in the end.

Also, what fun are money if you're depressed anyway? They're useless then.

No. 2082777

They don't? I don't think the vast majority of women are into ryona.

No. 2082778

>she's been telling me that she's been considering disinheriting me and leaving everything to him
That's manipulation anon. She wants to ensure you stay in touch with her and most probably do things for her. And she'll use it to make you even more miserable. And there's no guarantee you'll get something.

No. 2082779

1 hour, I hate car rides.

No. 2082785

Theres not many who are but from the few ryona vn players I know its about dnamics mostly, especially with reverse ryona where its the moid getting beat up or tortured. However like 95% of the games are just guro hentai with every weird fetish you can think of. It's really more of a moid or edgetard pickme thing but there's a small minority of women who are neither

No. 2082790

I’m old af and just learned about Sketch from his OF leak- is he like legit special needs or is it a bit? I’m at a point where I don’t know the difference between diagnosable mental retardation and brain rot anymore

No. 2082792

Mb, I meant weeb women not normies kek

No. 2082806

Do you mean whump?
If so, probably a combination of aggression/sadism towards men, wanting to be in control, and maternal instinct (hurt/comfort type content).

No. 2082820

Is there any websites with a female following, direct ways of communication, and allows adult discussion? I'm growing tired of discord, I find twitter to be a maze, and instagram is only good for pretty pictures and that's all.

No. 2082832

i discovered gurochan in middle school and it changed me forever. that aside, male ryona is very rare. i can't speak for everyone but i like seeing men in such an intimate, vulnerable position and like another anon said, it's also nice to be in control. it's purely fantasy.

No. 2082847

you need to seriously ask yourself if the money is worth putting up with her mistreatment of you until she dies. are you willing to keep feeling like this for years, knowing that she'll always have the upper hand if you allow her to use her money as a means to manipulate you? you don't have to cut her off entirely if you don't want to but if you start trying to enforce boundaries or minimize contact don't be surprised if she has a meltdown over you not making yourself available as her punching bag.

No. 2082864

It's not worth it. I'm not sure what the number is that would make it worth it but I'm gonna guess she's not a multi-millionaire.
>question: anons who cut off a narc parent, did you just fade away or did you tell them that you would cut ties with them?
I told him over the phone and then I never spoke to him again. He's dead.
He had a lot of money when I was a teen, a 600k inheritance he spent within 4 years. He got a multi-million dollar inheritance while I was no-contact and I still stayed away. No idea what happened to the money, he probably spent it all since I hear my mother is in debt now. He would sometimes give my siblings things like a truck (when he was done with it) or vague promises of financial help, never anything substantial because obviously he wanted it for himself. It does not appear to me that he helped any of them financially and they all had to take care of themselves same as me. Actually one of my siblings literally helped my dad build his house, which is not something my dad would ever do for one of us.
What I'm wondering in your circumstance, will you actually get any money if you stay around her? And even if there is money will she actually write you out or is that just a threat? I hear my dad was threatening similar things before he passed, some random child he met in his new town that he wanted to adopt and leave everything to (as if he had anything left) but he never actually put anything on paper, it was just his usual manipulative erratic ramblings because his feelings were hurt no one wanted to see him. My dad used to threaten to cut people off all the time which was so funny because being free of him would be a blessing for anyone.

No. 2082873

Am I really going to die alone like manospherefags say if I am a very stubborn and independent woman who can't bite her tongue? I am argumentative and I'll just tell it how it is without sugarcoating, I can't be overly nice to men even if I'm attracted to them, I have always sucked at following orders from anyone, I always do whatever I feel like doing and apparently, moids resent this, they want docile, submissive women who do what they tell them to do. I could never change myself enough to make things work with a man like this. I wish I could find someone who appreciates a woman with a personality like me

No. 2082878

It’s a moid cope that women are miserable without them. The reality is that moids are miserable and helpless alone while women show greater life satisfaction single than married.

No. 2082890

It's literally a right-wing "trad" cope. Well-adjusted men love all kinds of women instead of resenting them for existing. Do your parents, your friends and other people in your life like you? If yes, a man can love you too. Even if you're unlikeable to the point your mom doesn't want to be around you, you will probably still find a man desperate enough to be with you

No. 2082903

It's not that unusual to have women be the dominant partner in heterosexual relationships. I can think of several couples that I've met in my life where the wife is clearly in charge.

No. 2082906

i’m struggling to lose my postpartum weight and i’m feeling super lonely. so give it to me straight. do i want bangs bc i might look good with them or bc i’m spiralling??

No. 2082910

we often want to make drastic changes to our lives when we are stuck in a rut, and changing your hair is the easiest way to get that fix. try on some clip in bangs before you commit to cutting them though.

No. 2082918

Don't do it, anon. It takes forever to grow them out if you don't end up liking them. But if you must and it's summer where you are, at least wait to do it until the season is over. Bangs never look good when it's hot and humid

No. 2082919

this really is a stupid question but does anyone know if theres a way i can automatically hide or not see a certain thread when i open /snow/ ? even if its using an firefox extension etc. something very traumatic happened to me relating to a certain notorious cow and seeing them when i open /snow/ just brings me back to memories id rather not remember.

No. 2082923

Honestly, yeah probably kek. Men flock to women who haven’t discovered their own self-worth or don’t threaten their ego

No. 2082925

Please spill

No. 2082929

Click [-] at the top left of the thread

No. 2082940

File: 1720539041798.png (2.47 MB, 1812x1356, Illustration2.png)

did malls and shop and everything else in the 90s really look all pink pastel and cute? i am watching the nanny and everything looks so cute instead of soulles and grey/white like today. I know they are sets, but i imagine they might be based on what was popular in interiors back then, right?

No. 2082944

What is with the lesbians on /g/ kind of seeming incel like? Especially with their language, they love calling women bisluts and constantly talking about being forever alone and admitting they find tifs attractive

No. 2082946

God no, don't listen to manosphere faggots. This is good, you will filter their types. Don't change yourself.

No. 2082950

its the home of a very annoying schizo who's literally irl kikomi.

No. 2082964

I'm tired of everything always circling back to bi women on that thread. I'm not surprised lesbians with horrible attitudes and a ton of hatred towards women have trouble getting laid.

No. 2082971

No. The 90s were much more saturated and full of bright colours.

No. 2082975

why is no Onision thread anymore did i miss something

No. 2082976

>What is with the lesbians on /g/ kind of seeming incel like?
Because they are

No. 2083004

I want to scream at the top of my lungs but I live in a flat right next to another flat surrounded by several houses nearby. Also I've never screamed before. Should I?

No. 2083005

You could wait until it's raining heavy, that's when i do my street screaming.

No. 2083006

Please don't. You will scare them out. Rent Karaoke room or take some studio vocal lessons?

No. 2083015

No, you will make people worried.

No. 2083033

do you have a car? you can drive somewhere far away and scream in the cars

No. 2083040

I usually scream into a thick pillow. You could do multiple if you’d rather.

No. 2083049

turn the shower on, grab a pillow and scream into it. that’s what i do when im overstimulated around family.

No. 2083079

What would you do if you have a corporate event with short sleeved shirts and you have old self harm scars? I normally would just wear a jacket but everyone has been saying not to bring one because it’s unbelievably hot where I live and we’re gonna be “working” outside. I basically have to cover my arms somehow right? I swear another anon had a similar problem but hers weren’t self harm scars. Mine are VERY obvious self harm scars, like they’re all done in a row and it looks incredibly obvious if you look at them close enough. I already wear long sleeves to my office everyday and I kinda get away with it for now with no questions bc i can just say that the office is cold.

No. 2083084

File: 1720545608513.jpg (90.89 KB, 600x900, fd7f8d1037bfb460d0c3ae4264399c…)

Do you have any mesh tops like picrel? Its what I usually wear when I want to hide them but dont want to be hot

No. 2083090

File: 1720545945620.webp (57.31 KB, 768x768, Womens-Casual-Long-Sleeve-Open…)

Maybe something like this?

No. 2083093

I'd wear a breezy linen long sleeve so when they ask about it you can defend it by saying that linen is cool in hot weather (true) and your skin is protected from the sun. Your only challenge is finding one that isn't ugly.

No. 2083095

I wear long sleeve/turtlenecks- my excuse is getting a farmers tan. I hate farmers tan/tan lines so I always wear long sleeves.

No. 2083111

This post keeps making me laugh and idk why kek

No. 2083115

File: 1720547320954.jpg (128.86 KB, 1242x1837, 1000014945.jpg)

You could check out those foundations/concealers that were designed to cover up tattoos. Are your scars on your wrist, or further up, on your arm? Maybe you could try blouses like sheer sleeves like picrel

No. 2083116

In extremely hot weather I wear a rash guard UV protecting long sleeve shirt. It covers me and it does actually keep you cool for bonus points.

No. 2083127

If the scars are on your wrist, you could maybe wear a thick bracelet? Or just cover it up with a big bandaid and say you've burned yourself while cooking

No. 2083132

Bring a light cardigan and say your skin burns easily and you would like to avoid it

No. 2083140

i slap sunscreen over my old scarms and just don’t rub it in all the way, i say it’s because my skin is sensitive

No. 2083228

Why is some peoples skin so incredibly shiny when bald? An old mans completely bald head for example, or a womans waxed legs. Like, I've seen some of it reflect light like some mirrored surface.

No. 2083235

File: 1720554452834.jpg (130.92 KB, 736x1081, 6d667b9af8c19682712f65ad538b90…)

Does Japanese actor Hiroki Hasegawa have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome?

No. 2083237

do you say it like zen day uh or zen dye uh

No. 2083241

At what point does a racial pattern in people you’ve dated/been attracted to become problematic? There’s one race that’s not my own that I have a disproportionate preference for. I’ve dated people from other races too, and race isn’t something I consciously consider. Does this mean I’m fetishizing people of that race?

No. 2083242

Zen day uh

No. 2083243

It's "zen-day-uh". Like how it's spelled lmao nonnie.

No. 2083246

It's problematic when you're clearly viewing them as sexual objects and not like people with full autonomy and flaws and etc. But if you just think they're a bit more attractive than other races, then it's just a preference. Don't drive yourself crazy about this btw.

No. 2083247

ntayrt but to be fair i heard some people pronounce it the second way too

No. 2083248

I try not to think too hard about it tbh. I don't prefer men of my own race because i hate how hyper sexual they act and they are extremely abusive, but always gets free passes for it because they can use minority status to cover for it and have a ton of handmaidens to protect them even if they are victims themselves. My dad is not the same race as me, so the theory that women are attracted to men who look like their fathers appeals to me because it works as the perfect cope. Even my father said i would fair badly dating men my own race which i always found awkward to hear when i was younger, but unfortunately he's right. Nonetheless, it doesn't really matter because i've opted out of dating completely.

No. 2083255

Thank you for the responses, nonnas. I’ll try not to overthink it. I don’t view them as sexual objects at all. I wouldn’t say that I even think any race is more attractive than any other. But when I think back to people I’ve been into/dated, it’s like 50% from this one race, which makes me feel gross and like I’m doing something wrong

No. 2083259

Anything that couldn't be a reasonable daytrip. I wouldn't start travelling at 7am to eat brunch with my aunt at 11am and then go back at 4pm to arrive at home by 8pm, but riding a train for 1.5 hours to the next big city, do my business there and drive back once I'm done is no problem and used to be my way to school. Can't say if it's any different if I had to drive myself.

No. 2083268

1 hour. I live somewhere with a low speed limit, around 20mph for most areas. Makes driving pretty irritating.
Yes, go during the weekday though when it's not super busy. It's more relaxing that way,

No. 2083269

Yeah I used to ponder this bc I’m white and I have always dated Hispanic men. Eventually I realized I actually did have a physical preference for them (I will always think they’re sexier than other men by default) and I kinda do fetishize them in some ways. One of my exes used to speak Spanish and just hearing it made me crazy horny. And by default, dark hair, eyes, and tanned skin are much more attractive to me compared to the typical Anglo-Saxon phenotype. I don’t care about fetishizing moids of any race because I don’t see moids as victims of women. Me fetishizing Latin lovers is not the same as other races of men fetishizing Asian women, Eastern European women, and Latinas. Moids’ racial fetishes are always rooted in the women being submissive and financially dependent sex slaves while women’s interracial preferences are usually just physical and maybe cultural. In my case I also liked aspects of Hispanic culture as well like how closely knit my exes were with their families, food, music, etc. I also am super pale but I’ve never found really pale Anglo-Saxon type of men attractive and I do not see what other women see in blonde men at all. However I’m trying to test myself and going to actually try to go for a white guy next time to see the extent of my fetish/preference.

No. 2083271

I don’t know but I’m the same way (only even more extreme) so I’ve decided to never date because it would make me look like a creep. Sucks.

No. 2083280

Ayrt, genuinely relieved I’m not alone in this. I’m also white and often am attracted to south asians, moids and women both kek. I don’t have a particular interest in south asian culture other than what I’ve learned from my exes. I do like their food though

No. 2083293

File: 1720557914905.jpg (74.44 KB, 570x570, il_570xN.3036236350_2z0m.jpg)

I wanna learn the Charleston really bad. It's such a fun dance and seems so modern despite being 100 years old now. I've been learning to do it for the past week now. I got the hang of the steps but I lose balance from time to time and sway around to the side kek. I noticed all the flappers are pretty thin. Even the people dancing it on YouTube. I'm kinda overweight and heavier on the top so I'm wondering if that's why I'm off balance KEK. So basically, is the reason I can't do the Charleston properly because I'm a fattie?

No. 2083301

Do you live in England?

No. 2083303

No. 2083319

i have a bunch of tomatoes i got from the ugly market (where ugly vegetables are sold for dirt cheap) and im not sure what to do with em? i don't