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File: 1642479952342.jpeg (513.32 KB, 1170x1559, 5CE1DCD9-8BB3-4929-8EF8-DD96E3…)

No. 864707

Jess is a cam star/abdl porn star who constantly makes fun of fans and is overall a bitch. She cheated on her partners and practically copies her partners personalities .she suddenly has an interest in being a mom and even considers herself one to her bf kids despite handing them over to their real mom multiple times a week.(shit thread)

No. 864708

You didn't even try. Shit thread

No. 864730

File: 1642507478869.jpg (37.64 KB, 540x540, loll.jpg)

No. 864731

why do you have a trip code

No. 866137

Shit thread, post nudes or gtfo

No. 867773

Link the old threads.

She skin walking her new boyfriend by being all hippy and druggy now when with her ex she was all goth and emo like him

No. 868509

File: 1645962109382.jpg (384.16 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220225-190614_Ins…)

She decided to basically be half naked aside from underwear qnd a bra in public and put on some clothes as ppl walked by she's so gross qnd nasty

No. 868518

She was at the beach in a bathing suit

No. 868647

I used to follow her youtube account a few years back. Do we have any more info on her? I always felt she was milk-worthy

No. 868664

She has threads in snow look it up. And sage your non milky posts

No. 868936

There was milk like a year ago but she not really milky anymore (probably because she not as active online as she used to be) but she appears a butt ton more happy then she was with her ex. I wonder if she marry this dude too?

No. 883139

File: 1657675587007.png (4.44 MB, 750x1334, 27599707-DAA9-4A8F-8F37-2FAFDD…)

She ain’t looking too good recently

No. 883143

Her ex friend posted these a few weeks ago

No. 883145

File: 1657675978135.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 3D73ADF4-C49F-44DA-BE72-70880C…)

No. 883146

File: 1657676006611.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 363601E1-E438-481B-9744-E258AE…)

No. 883147

File: 1657676032376.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, E1B91046-BCD2-4043-9546-326291…)

No. 883151

I’m glad to see this pedophile piece of shit aging like warm milk. it’s what she deserves.

No. 883160

File: 1657681208094.jpeg (996.23 KB, 750x915, 189585F2-03C0-4B0F-9001-684821…)

Putting on some chunk kek(not milk)

No. 883172

what a tiny little baby girl uwu. so tiny

such baby

No. 883188

what are her current socials?

No. 883238

@tangerinehunnie on Instagram

No. 883494

She looks good in this picture orange hair suits her a lot

No. 883696

Vendetta much? Post in the personal cows thread.

No. 885268

It's a shit thread but it's not vendetta, she's a well known degenerate.

No. 885358

But she doesn’t even post anymore and left the age play community and quit sex work. She lives a normal life now, the only thing people come here to do is body shame. That’s not milk.

No. 886108

File: 1659393322051.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, C79C1F9E-511B-43E8-89AC-ADF2E9…)

She’s now pregnant.

No. 886109

File: 1659393643372.jpeg (264.51 KB, 750x528, F8349BF1-93F4-4992-B07D-34A92B…)

No. 886110

The child is gonna grow up and most likely be bullied if their peers ever find out who their mom is. one Google search of her name and you can find her pussy spread on the internet. Poor kid.

No. 886138

File: 1659406721654.jpeg (93.14 KB, 960x453, 06F4B1DE-47B5-49A3-9B43-B4A33F…)

Kids will see their classmate’s mother featured in the Barcroft/Truly video.

No. 886166

This is nice to hear! Noticed how much she has grown up with Danny he looks like he has shown her better paths in her life like crafting and selling her art rather then taking nudes. She grow up by taking care his children and making a small little family of there own. It nice to see someone happy and enjoying life. I think she be a good mum. You can notice how much she changed with him she really looks like she is acting herself and not like a forced personality. I wish her all the best and genuinely pleased for them.

>>885358 I think she said she left sex work for Danny and his girls if this shows how much growth she has had since meeting him. That was her main source of income so it was brave her doing that and taking the courage to stop

No. 886177

Ayrt, I had no idea. I see her insta is private and she seems to be leaning more into a hippie schtick than the mental illness she once was. Good for her, she looks nice from what I can see. I hope that it's a reflection of her turning over a new leaf.

No. 886182

File: 1659449953228.jpeg (337.51 KB, 750x702, 348F9AEC-2A60-401E-A3A0-D40CA7…)

Well she hasn’t left sex work cuz these videos and clips and stuff still actively get posted on her Twitter. Of her in diapers. Using baby attire sexually. And now she’s having a baby of her own. As well as mothering two other children? Gross.

No. 886201

It’s nice that nonnies want to believe she grew up. The reality is she’s still selling her porn and if she really left the scene she would nuke the accounts and delete every video.

No. 886418

Wow. I forgot all about her. I feel bad for her child. It will be embarrassing having a mom who makes diaper porn.

No. 886434

Gross, we love a redemption arc and this isn't it. What literal retard called this thread vendetta?

No. 886464

She doesn’t make porn anymore, her Twitter and JFF have been abandoned. Those are just auto tweets.

No. 886479

Well she's still selling it so it doesn't really matter if she's still making it. The money is going into her bank account.

No. 886487

Who cares if she’s making money off of that cesspool of a community? I would milk that until people stop buying. You guys nitpick too much. She deleted her kink Instagram and stopped actively making porn and sold all of her kink stuff. Should just be happy with that!

No. 886490

Holy shit this is so fucking depressing

No. 886609

I agree. I would milk it too there a surprising large demand for that content and if i could make money out videos I made a year or so ago and not having to put a single bit effort into it then yeah wouldn’t everyone

How? It’s a good thing new life new beginning. I don’t get what’s depressing about two people who are happy and are starting a family? Explain your depression logic cause it just makes you sound sour

No. 886616

>It’s a good thing new life new beginning.
not always. pedophiles deserve the rope. I feel so sorry for this (potential) child.

No. 886646

>Unsaged wk
>You guys nitpick too much
>Should just be happy with that!
Be less obvious you don't belong here second anon is at least trying.

So the main reason she's a cow is because she made simulated cp and you're both admitting you'd continue to profit off of it given the chance just like she is? Just because the community is disgusting doesn't make you both any less disgusting, sorry to tell you. Women have agency you're not absolved because the men consuming it are worse. How does she look the children around her in the eyes, let alone her own soon? The associations she's made in her brain surrounding children/child-like behaviour is haunting and that would be punishment enough if the degenerate bitch at least stopped making money off of her pissy diper videos and genuinely moved on.

No. 886662


Exactly my point. She was still actively making content whilst mothering her Two adoptive children from Danny. She had her own apartment where she would simulate cp with many different content creators and on her own.
It is not sour to suggest that this is extremely fucked up. She stopped producing and actively making the content. But she was still making simulated cp videos whilst mothering these Two younger children.
The association between that is vile and if you don’t see how extremely fucked up that is then you truly don’t belong on this thread.
Her videos of her her in diapers, pacifiers, bibs. Begging for daddy and mommy. Are still on the internet. And she is making profit from that. She is actively still using that community, she has not fully gotten herself away from it. And now she is having her own child.
How can you possibly disassociate within a year or so these interactions with children.
Plus we already know how quickly and impulsively she makes decisions. She literally cheated on her ex for this new guy and they’ve barely been together for Two years and already they have a family of Three children?
How is that not scary to look at. And overall just worrying.
That one day these Three children are going to grow up and see what this woman put on the internet, and how fucked up their youth truly is destined to be with a pedo baiter such as herself.

No. 886665

this shit makes me so sick. i hope someone calls cps on the children and her.

No. 886678


Not to mention she fully admitted to doing drugs. Probably in front of these children. LSD, Mushrooms, etc etc. All exposing these children to fucked up things.
Not sure but she could also possibly be doing other drugs, not to mention she was accused of having track marks in the other thread.
In front of her kids? Not out of the realm of possibility. And her past with drugs.
All her exes were druggies in some way so there’s no chance she wasn’t also partaking.
Probably still doing it now too, as Danny is known to be a drug taker.

Also what’s really upsetting is that Kara (Jess’s ex best friend and also the band mate for Danny original) effectively being the link and how Jess met Danny to cheat on Stephen. Already confirmed he was kicked from the band for “not respecting women” … so what does that actually entail? He has Two young children and he doesn’t respect women?
All of this is extremely concerning and now she’s pregnant.

No. 886680

File: 1659720405577.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 154.76 KB, 577x573, FDC2165B-82A2-4E8D-BFFF-1056E8…)

How can you possibly state that this isn’t concerning when she’s allowing this to be published on her social media’s? And profit off of her spreading her pussy and suckling on pacifiers? She is very aware that these are still being posted.

No. 886682

File: 1659720459754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.84 KB, 662x377, D24C4D50-72BC-4639-B2B3-FE1A28…)

Absolutely disgusting. That this pedo is having a fucking child. And you’re telling me she should be making money off this shit? You’re just as concerning and need a real reality check.

No. 886694

While whiteknighting you also admitted to being a pedo yourself. Nice.

Idk why you would even attempt to defend this. She's still selling questionable porn and that's probably where a majority of her income comes from. It's going to be on the internet forever and her kid's and their friends and their parents will probably find it one day.

If she was truly done then she would remove any content that is for sale.

Tbh, she should have stayed with kittenplay but maybe it wasn't degenerate enough for her?

No. 886843

probably the same anon who can’t stop talking about how she’s an “e-SWer” in /snow/

anyway, hypothetically speaking, any pedophile who gets pregnant should simply die in childbirth

No. 886865

I think Danny is concerning, he literally used his own blood to make a heart for Jess for Valentine’s Day. Beside all the druggie behavior how the hell are they going to be stable enough to have a family.

No. 886878


They gamble a lot. As seen by their twitch streams in the past so we know that for sure. They share very sporadic and addictive behaviours i.e drugs, gambling, the fact he feel in love with that pedo
Not to mention it has been confirmed she literally cheated on Stephen for Danny
Which, just shows how unloyal of a person she still is and how she has not changed her ways in the slightest. She’s just stopped actually making the porn, yet she’s still selling it.
Not sure what Danny works as, but he’s in a band called ‘Young Bird’ after being kicked out of Karas band ‘Peachy’
And Jess, doesn’t work, she just occasionally makes sales in her craft items but that’s not enough to support a family which will now be of 5 plus their cats.

Also I would still love to know what happened to Jess’s dogs. Because she abandoned them too for Danny.
She’s not moved from her ways lol.

No. 886884

Will she abandon her kid too? Time will tell.

No. 886889

I sincerely hope so. No child deserves to be raised by a pedophile. Hopefully CPS is up her ass on day 1.

No. 887256

File: 1660075144661.jpeg (609.74 KB, 828x1251, 48E73D5E-39CB-45EB-BF1C-96C873…)

Here’s a FB post I found, can’t believe this.

No. 887363

this baby would be better off yeeting itself before it’s born. Jess is still in contact with her pedophile clientele. I can absolutely see her selling pics of her new baby, especially because she’ll fit even less into her uwu I’m just a horny baby schtick once she has a kid herself.

No. 887402

File: 1660163280713.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 85B86195-01A4-4F67-800B-C5D383…)

She’s having a girl and I’m guessing by the name hint it’s going to be called Clementine.
Also a “mini me” I’m going to throw up, disgusting

No. 887407

I think it’s going too far to say she would produce and sell porn of her infant child. Since she has been with Danny she dropped the baby lifestyle and only did it for work at that point, which she no longer does. Also proof she’s in contact with her clients? How can you even claim that? I think you’re really reaching.

No. 887455

I like that name

No. 887889

Can you stfu wking this whore, pedophiles get the rope haven't you read the thread consensus?

No. 887908

You throw the word pedophile around so carelessly. By definition, she is not a pedophile and has not done anything illegal. Having a daddy kink is cringe, but doesn’t make a pedo. Regardless seems she grew out of that whole kink lifestyle and all of this banter is obsolete. Wishing death upon someone on the Internet you’ve never met is small-minded and pathetic. You complain about white knights, as if seeing the humanity in someone is somehow worse than being a bitter and hateful nobody behind a screen. Wasting your time checking a forum and posts of someone you hate so much is more telling of your life and priorities than anything.

No. 888002

Can you stop being a retard newfag? I don't mean to hi cow but this is getting ridiculous. Just because other women think "she's" crossed the boundary into pedophilia doesn't mean you can come here an convince us otherwise. There's more to child abuse than physical molestation and her online activities are so disgusting that the thought of her being around children warrants anons calling her a pedophile. Taking a borderline meme phrasing of "X gets the rope" personally makes you seem even more personally invested than camping the thread already did. Oh and you're speaking to more than one anon you absolute degenerate, imagine thinking it's only one person who takes issue with this disgusting behaviour? And maybe you should stop bumping what's likely your own thread, it's getting fucking sad.

No. 888014

Are you lost

No. 888069

>people are only pedophiles once they’ve done something illegal
kys pedophile

No. 888304

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jess or her baby daddy trying to white knight

No. 888425

I know this is Jess forum but her ex is so cringe my god why is he dressing and acting still like a 13 year old emo boy with rubber bracelets ugh makes me whole body shudder he got to be roughly 32 by now? Please Shave your head again you looked so much better

No. 888498

No no no no…

No. 888543

I'd imagine his head is still shaved, the emo hair is wigs. He pretty obviously has a bad case of arrested development.

No. 892788

Jess has literally cheated on at least 3 of her partners, confirmed. Weirdly I think her and Danny will last though. She’s always been someone who has claimed to never want children and now they’re expecting. She definitely is pro-choice so she actually is excited to be a mom.

Her life obviously is on the best track it has ever been with Danny so even if he is questionable I think so far he’s easily the best partner she’s had. I’m sure there’s sketchy shit about him out there too, especially considering his ex band cut him off for being toxic to women. I think a lot of that falling out just had to do with Jess and Kara(?) not getting along and him choosing Jess over the band.

Steve still acts like a 13 year old scene kid and his looks are fading so it looks even more weird and immature than it did before. His TikTok’s are awful and cringe. Maybe eventually he will grow out of this emo phase, it’s not doing him any favors

I do wonder what David is up to. He stopped all social media after his breakup with Jess basically.

No. 892842

This is not a good path for a hideously BPD adult baby ageplayer who's only ever gotten their money and approval through degredation and degeneracy. God help that poor kid. As attention hungry and vapid as she is, this is an awful path to be on as she notoriously makes impulsive shit choices and hopefully she is ready for all that parenting entails, but seriously doubt it. Absolutely hope she somehow turns her life around and is a good parent, but you can see how anons would be skeptical when other cam whores, not doing ABDL content, are not historically good moms. The guy she's with doesn't seem to be as stable or mature as a father should be, either.

No. 892959

I apologize for asking to be spoonfeed, but could you or any other anon who knows link his Tiktok? I'd appreciate being able to laugh at this ugly manchild creep again.

No. 893057

She looks like she has downs here.
She's still a pedophile cringe baby tard.

She never left sex work. You can still find it all online selling it on Twitter still.she still has a chatterbate account. She deleted
her YouTube vut not much else…

If she cared about her future child she would delete it all. She may have matured a bit. But clearly not by much. And an anorexic being pregnant is concerning its self.

No. 893116

She abandoned her subscription site Twitter is just auto tweets and her chaturbate account hasn’t been used in a year. Js. She also deleted her manyvids and clips4 sale along with her abdl Instagram where she had all her fans.

No. 893151

She still has the option to delete her Twitter. Kek. And any other account that still exists. This can all be traced back to her. You can still find her on ABdreams.
Js tard.
She will always be a predator. Js.
If you are on here to defend her GTFO, you don't belong here.
Her borderline traits never changed. She will never be a good person. Her track record is so bad it cant bee undone.
She must regret that babygirl tattoo by now. And all her dumb uwu ink. Pathetic.

No. 893165

You sound so stupid giving so much hateful energy to a person you only know exists through the Internet and a persona. Good think the internet doesn’t matter and she’s actually doing something meaningful with her life while you sit here and continue drudging up a bunch of irrelevant bullshit that clearly bothers only you and this corner of trolls.

No. 893228

Your justification is mind numbing and you are likely a Degenerate just like her. Tell yourself that you're a better person all you want. but the person you're sticking up for is probably just as sick as you. You want to act like the people on here don't have a life. well look at you on here too. You're defending somebody who reenacts being molested as a child and is now bringing a child into this world. let that sink in. You want to say she's bettering herself? But does she have a real job? is she helping disabled kids?Is she donating to foundations? Is she taking down every single bit of smut that she's put out in this world? Is she putting a positive footprint in the world in any fucking way? No ! So check yourself

No. 893276

So you have to donate or help disabled kids to be a good person? You better hold everyone to that standard then. What she did for money in her past shouldn’t define her entire future. She decided to stop doing all of that and start a family and do something more worthwhile with her life. Everyone has the opportunity to do something different from what they were previously doing. You can stay mad forever about what I stranger did online or you can move on.

No. 893278

Meanwhile why don’t you look at who actually isn’t changing or contributing anything positive? Stephen. Stephen is still pandering to minors and the ddlg community, making emo porn on onlyfans, working at Walmart, wearing a wig, and being an uwu sad emo boi at 33 years old. Jess on the other hand slowly moved away from the fetish shit when she could financially afford to quit and then decided to focus on art and family. This thread feels pointless because all anyone comes on here to do now is talk about shit she isn’t even doing anymore and how she will be a bad mom. That’s so lame there’s way more problematic people out there to direct your attention towards.

No. 893293

Why do you guys think Jess left Steve? Because she wasn’t into abdl anymore? Curious to hear your opinions

No. 893313

Speculation doesn’t lead to truth.

No. 893315

Probably because she wanted to grow up and he did not. I doubt someone like him could me mature enough to handle a marriage and all it entails. It would get exhausting being married to someone who only plays video games and makes videos jumping around to emo music. Clearly she evolved once she left him.

No. 893325

>You can stay mad forever about what I stranger did online
>About what I did online
>No sage

No. 893332

Do y’all think Jess will cheat on her babydaddy? She’s cheating on everyone she’s had a relationship with

No. 893548

>What she did for money in her past shouldn’t define her entire future
The internet is forever newfag, you coming here to sperg about muh change every month won't suddenly persuade anyone to agree with you.

This isn't his thread stop deflecting you look like the biggest cow.

No. 894200

>What she did for money in her past shouldn’t define her entire future.
when “what she did for money” was pedophilia, yes it absolutely should define your her entire future.

No. 894531

Why is anyone defending her ?? Its likely Jess. I wouldn't be surprised if she still looks on here daily.

As for stephen ya hes a loser just like her. Only difference is he likely wasnt a cheater like her.
The guys gotta grow up sooner or later. There should be a thread for him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 894682

cp warning, bump

No. 894691

There’s no cp…

No. 894694

on account of it being deleted now, yes.

No. 894698

But there were no children. Everyone was over 18. Therefore, NOT cp. Fucked up? Yes. CP? No.

No. 894792

Sure she didn't make porn with anyone underv18 but she did sleep with a 17 year old when with Stephen. I was an insta post about it about 2 years ago.(imageboard)

No. 894800

cp again. bump

No. 894802

what?! isn’t she like 30?

No. 894811

She’s 27 and that literally never happened, she doesn’t even talk to minors. People love to make shit up here.

No. 894812

You guys just say anything you want here, don’t ya? Doesn’t matter if it’s true as long as it makes someone look bad. Fucking dumb.

No. 894814

File: 1665413990736.jpg (369.6 KB, 1283x1283, 1621182301478.jpg)

>unsaged posts
>hyper defensive correction
>getting offended over being called 30 years old
tell me you're binky without telling me you're binkie. Nobody gives a shit. Nobody was even accusing Binkie of making CP. "CP bump" is because the website is getting raided by people unrelated to Binkie, you're projecting more than you realise. Nobody thought she was making porn with minors but you're extremely agitated, which looks guilty as hell.

>she doesn’t even talk to minors

she was dating a guy with children last year, what a dumb lie to push. "She can't fuck children because she keeps herself away from ALL of them!!" sus as fuck

No. 894815

pic rel is her last bf who isn't underage but sure as hell looks like it kek. Definitely normal for a 27 year old to date men who look like teenagers

No. 894818

Clearly being around her bf’s kids is not what I was referring to. Read the context. I was talking about the accusation of fucking a 17 year old.

No. 894819

That’s her current boyfriend and you are reaching.(sage your shit)

No. 894822

If you stop bumping the thread with your defensive autism people will stop baiting you by shit talking your precious cow. Please shut the fuck up, no1currs as much as you do.

No. 894904

i'm >>894682 and you're right, i was literally just trying to warn site users about the cp spam on the front page.


you're all fucking retarded. hope this helps!

No. 894912

what would y’all do if you found out your mom made pedo porn? I’d probably kms personally, or at least expose my parents, emancipate myself, change my name, and leave the parents to rot in their weird baby sex room in their stinky trailer.

No. 894917

File: 1665479956480.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

This thread contains one of the most committed wks I've ever seen. Watching them squirm over something as irrelevant to them as a courtesy cp bump can only be described as

No. 894920

Ah yes because dating someone who looks young makes you a pedo even though I think he is a year older then her. Makes sense. You sound like a literal retard or someone under 16 who lacks brain cells. Kek

No. 895064

Bumping CP further down.

No. 895488

I wonder if Steven knows that Jess is pregnant so fast after their divorce(i wonder if you know how to sage)

No. 895536

Its been nearly 2 years not really that fast

No. 897368

Jess looks really good honestly. Like what a glow-up(necro)

No. 897453

Bump - CP on main page

No. 897686

Her style suits her too she looks a lot better then she used to. Natural hair colours suit her better

No. 897694

That’s what I’m saying. Natural hair and a bit more meat + plus no drugs or smoking really has made her glow up.

She still skin walks all her partners but honestly this is the best look so far. She was always way out of Steve’s league imo and the way he looks in his most recent YouTube videos Compared to how she looks now is like night and day

No. 897717

The more meat is cause she’s preggo lul

No. 897719

I agree she’s always taken on her ex’s style or personality, but I feel like the way she is now is most authentic to her genuine self instead of just a copy of her boyfriend. They seem to complement each other well and she looks to be healthier and happier. I’m glad she stopped being a degenerate and moved onto better things.

No. 897775

When she was David she was hippyish too I think this style always been her style but she changed it for Steve or when she was a kitten. I think she only skin walked Steve ex because he was still obsessed with her. Maybe why she stole her tattoo

I agree the browns look very nice on her and the orange hair.

Yeah they look like a good couple

No. 897779

That’s a good point… the second they divorced Steve started posting about Tori heavily. It must’ve gotten to Jess that he never got over her and gave her some sort of complex to be like her.

No. 897791

He was still in love tori even after cheating and abusing her (dunno if she was the same) but it must made jess feel like crap knowing she won't be like his ex

No. 897813

This definitely seems like a much less toxic situation because fuck that

No. 897815

Jess honestly had just shitty luck with guys. Both David and Steven are losers who treat women awfully.

I remember David refusing to take down pictures of his ex sucking his dick on tumblr (not Jess, a girl after Jess) after they broke up.

Steven abused his girlfriend physically and emotionally. I think Jess stayed with him for so long cause she had already blown up her other relationship and she thought Steve was hot. Steve somehow hit the wall so not only did he have that shitty past and no real job, he also wasn’t as attractive anymore. Made it easier for her to leave.

He always weirds me out with his content. It appeals to minors while he also talks about kink/weird daddy shit(lolcow.farm/rules)

No. 897833

That photo wasn't David it was Steven and his ex its still up I belive. Yeah Steve creeps me out to I get strong perv vibes from him he claimed he wasn't into the daddy dom but its all he posts and talks about, it makes it worst the fact that he never grew past teenage emo vibes just something really odd about him

No. 897837

While I wouldn’t put it past Steven to do that, I am referring to a post on David’s topazdaddy tumblr account. Both of them were clearly creeps towards women.

Apparently her current baby daddy got kicked out of his band for being disrespectful to women so I guess it is a trend with Jess.

Even though it is a glo-up from the degenerate borderline pedo shit she was doing, I am sure their relationship is going to blow up in the same way all of hers do. Steven recently confirmed that she did in fact cheat on him. We all knew, but I guess there’s an acknowledgment from him now(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 897963

But didn’t he cheat with her on Her ex David? So no sympathy for him

No. 897980

This is true. Steven knew who she was.

Does anyone know if Steven has a thread for himself so I don’t have to keep dragging it on this one? Until Jess has a baby there probably won’t be much milk on her

No. 898023

There’s no milk anymore anyway period lol

No. 898105

Assuming she doesn't do a complete 180 and return to baby larping while sucking dick on cam while she has her own infant, sure kek. For her child's sake let's both hope not.

No. 898113

Well she deleted all of her baby socials and sold all her stuff. Worth mentioning she also has never made porn with her current partner.

No. 898134

Yeah, but she continues to profit from and keep up old videos of her morally reprehensible porn despite claiming to have moved on. I've seen weirder shit happen but I hope it doesn't.

No. 898155

Yes she did she sucked his dick in car park in very early relationship its on one the prev threads

No. 898178

She never posted a video of her sucking his dick she just posted saying she did.

No. 898180

She said the photos she took of herself were taken after sucking his dick in the parking lot, but no footage of his dick being sucked was ever posted. She never posted him anywhere on her porn sites.

No. 898181

how has this thread not been fucking nuked. it's meant to be in snow in the first place not pt and the same fucking wk keeps coming back to say wow she deleted her porn of herself acting like a baby, what a woman

No. 898221

Kek I know right. She's so brave and stunning.

No. 898993

Seeing Steve's twitter it clear he was in to ddlg and she was in to the baby stuff more.

No. 899013

He chose to get with her knowing she was full blown into that at the time and exploited it for views anyway, so nobody feels bad for him. He definitely seemed into it for the camera!

No. 899112

Yeah he acts like he not into it but even his ex before binkie was doing it too he is such a liar(sage your shit)

No. 906421

File: 1673331272574.jpeg (753.94 KB, 828x1467, 46492E24-5F28-4A6F-B3F8-C781E8…)

No. 906434

>Despite this I continue to profit from it by not scrubbing the content I'm in control of and I wk myself on an imageboard monthly saying this exact same shit

No. 906438

It’s so funny how she was so hateful if you had anything negative about that lifestyle but now that she has a baby on the way she’s ashamed and wants to block all the weirdo DDLG/abdl lovers who made her mildly relevant

No. 906450

It’s good to see her move on from that. Doesn’t appear that relevance is something she cares about anymore and this isn’t milk. Ded thred.

No. 906489

File: 1673415340957.png (111.83 KB, 824x610, kek.png)


Maybe delete your fucking porn accounts if you're "tired of seeing it." Anybody can still pay Binkie directly for her degenerate pedo porn right now, this is a screenshot from her justfor.fans taken today.

No. 906549

File: 1673507088113.jpeg (379.72 KB, 828x1293, DCF07289-2464-4E0B-8408-6904DA…)

No. 906550

File: 1673507112635.jpeg (349.13 KB, 828x1300, D4785440-CD5D-4845-8387-CAE70A…)

No. 906551

File: 1673507134307.jpeg (565.22 KB, 828x1066, AC673567-6CFC-4D9D-8ADD-737272…)

No. 906563

her eyes are so close together wtf

No. 906565

Well she’s dead now so her eyes aren’t really anything anymore.

No. 906573

Fucking kek nona

No. 906593

I know not related and not really milk but if you ever want to cringe look at Steven’s tiktok and Instagram it so embarrassing. He acts like a 13 year old. What makes it worse is that is a nearly 40 year old man who’s followers consist of teenage girls.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 906705

Is that why u abused her and cheated on her and mocked her publicly for having issues and did a video on her letter/email she sent to you in jail and publicly mocked her or has he forgot that?


>>906593 I know it's gross he looks like he needs a good scrub. His wigs don't suit him at all and the jelly bracelets need to be trashed. Waiting for the day he gets called out being creepy he already has the vibes.

No. 906732


I definitely think it is only a matter of time before someone comes out accusing him of sexual assault. He’s already physically assaulted his ex. He gives pedo vibes.

No. 910684

Oh dear lord its given birth and the baby looks like its embarrassed already(imageboard)

No. 910690

Firstly, sage your shit. Secondly, this is an imageboard. At least post a screenshot.

No. 910692

No need to sage as this is a update. Also don't fancy embarrassing the poor baby. It's on her Instagram(yes you need to sage. this update is worthless without any context.)

No. 910695

Don't post the baby on here not with the tags and topics that are posted in this form. just for the baby safety

No. 910717

yeah, not posting pics of the baby but it’s a girl. big fucking yikes @ pedo princess, hope someone’s keeping an eye on all of them.
>prior community I was previously a part of
you’re a pedophile forever, dumb bitch

No. 910774

No one asked you to, you could've blurred the child or only posted the caption. This is an imageboard your unsaged conjecture isn't valuable here.

No. 910817

File: 1677978695357.jpeg (517.95 KB, 828x1061, 449F72F6-8D77-4729-81C1-9BB6BD…)

stop mini-modding, you’re “contributing” even less

anyway. poor baby

No. 910826

It's not minimodding to inform you this is an imageboard, newfag. Thanks for finally doing the bare minimum.

No. 910836

File: 1678002292847.jpeg (658.15 KB, 828x1039, 5BA4468D-593B-4994-848B-A23B54…)

you’re really going to continue to shit up the thread and not contribute anything at all? not even snark? oldfags report and move on

anyway, I wonder how much of the actual baby/kids stuff she bought for porn will be reused with this baby, vs. how much she sold off just to re-buy kid-sized versions of the adult-sized kids things she bought.

No. 911688

Her body will never bounce back. Goodluck selling porn now lol.

No. 911689

>>910695 maybe she should protect her own baby by not posting public photos of her child when she likely has pedophiles fallowing her. If she's that concerned she would protect that baby her self but she's already failed to do that.
I feel so bad for that kid already. Imagine having that as a mother.

No. 911715

How long do you guys give it before she cheats on her babydaddy and replaces him for someone else?

Also how do you think Stephen feels about his ex wife having a baby with the dude she left him for(sage your shit)

No. 911723

Stephen posted a video of how much he misses his other ex who passed away.
After seeing how sweet tori was , I can see why jess was trying to skin walk tori so badly. Because Stephen was still in love with his ex even when with jess.
He straight up said in his video that he could never grieve his ex death because of jess.

I know he wasn't nice to tori but imagine not being able to grieve over an ex because you're wife is a crazy jealous bitch.

No. 911727

I give it max 3 years.(sage your shit)

No. 911728

She stopped doing porn way before she even got pregnant.

No. 911733


Tori was a drug addict and Stephen abused her. He just tries to get clout and sympathy off her death every so often even though he was awful to her. Jess also just is a perpetual skinwalker. She just becomes whoever she is dating or friends with. Now she’s a hippie because she’s with her current bd but she was emo/scene when she was with Stephen. She was a weeaboo with David cause he was a weeaboo.

I think Jess really has never had a sense of self or personality.(sage your shit)

No. 911871

white women never had a personality. she went down the riley reid route. quit doing degeneracy because they’re old and feel bad, found a 5/10 guy and have a kid with them, promote trad wife culture despite being disgusting porn whores back then

(ban me idc, id you do that means you’re a white woman)(newfag)

No. 911874

This guy is average and sloppy looking. He also looks like a manley. Great sperm picking. you know, when you fuck and try for a baby, and end up with a girl- it means that the sex was bad and the dick didn’t reach the cervix.

enjoy your small dick husband and your autistic kid jess, you fugly pickme bitch ;)(;))

No. 911888

Jess needs serious mental health therapy. Her borderline personality will always rule her life. Her mental health will only worsen her child's life. You can't save everyone. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ just remember she managed to make her marriage look picture perfect online. She will likely do the same with that child's life. But we all know behind closed doors it's not a picture perfect family. It never will be because jess will never be happy with herself. Unless she get therapy and strong medication. Back in the day women like her were put in Psych words.(¯\_(ツ)_/¯)

No. 911956

Why so salty? She might be on medication and you can tell she mentally more happier these last 2 years since she left her ex she doesn't look drained or ill no more and she posts happier content and days out. Nobody life is perfect everyone has ups and downs, people make mistakes so you can't just point fingers and act like she the only one. I'm not defending her past but she put a instergram story up a while ago long before her baby saying she choose to stop doing porn for the girls and she looks happier for it.

No. 912004

Some times having a child can 'ground' people I know a lot of people who were wild and chaotic and felt lost before they had a child and afterwards they had something worth living for or they calmed down and became more motherly. I think this has happened to jess and its nice to see.

No. 912008

no it’s not you weird moid. jess won’t fuck you, hee clam is forever ruined and hee tits are sloppy(sage your shit)

No. 912009

She had a c-section so nothing got ruined. The way you speak about women and mothers is disturbing… this entire back and forth is creepy and delusional.

No. 912019

And the way jess sexualized babies, children and fathers in order to profit from pedophile porn is disturbing. I hope that shit sticks to her forever.

No. 912058

“i had a kid guys so that doesn’t make me a pedo anymore!!”

invalid excuse

No. 912185

i’m not surprised that most of you are defending her. i just remember seeing fucked up pedo shit in off topic threads here and there. crazy how you guys won’t let shayna off the hook but it’s okay for jess because she got knocked up and have a kid. so every pedophile should have a kid, and that will stop them from being pedophiles? is that the retarded logic that you idiot women are sticking to right now? godspeed that all of you in this thread defending binkie are fat and alone and miserable so you guys don’t have children yourselves. i wouldn’t even trust my kid around you freaks

No. 912186

fucking sick weirdos lol

No. 912488

Also Stephen posts on his OF its super sad and pathetic. He’s a bigger degenerate loser than Jess ever was imo

No. 912500

Having a baby doesnt excuse her pedo porn. Infact it makes it all WORSE! Whos to say shes not one of those sick bitches who would exploit their children for male attention.

I pray for her child. I dont wish anything bad upon that child but who knows what this bitch is capable of.

No. 912505

Pretty sure she made weird fetish porn and then grew up and realized it was shameful and now she has moved on and started a family. Everything you just said is really extreme and ridiculous.

No. 912529

Anon, it's not the same people ripping Shayna to threads but giving binkie a pass. The same people don't occupy every thread, and it seems to be one or two people max defending this shitbag pedo with the same lexicon and lack of sage every time.

No. 912532

stop defending the pedo

No. 912533

She made pedo porn for years as her sole source of income. She posted it to multiple sites and continued to sell it even after she stopped making new porn content. She was one of the loudest and proudest about her degeneracies and openly flaunted it online for many years. She was already an adult woman while doing this. People who don't think this shit is extreme and disgusting are just as fucked up as Jess. Why are you defending a fucking pedo-enabler so hard?

No. 912534

In reality someone who dressed like a baby isn’t a pedo no matter how much you want to make that the case. Even if the porn she made somehow appealed to pedos, which it still wouldn’t because pedos like actual kids, that still doesn’t make her one. You can hate ABDL all you want but it’s cringey and embarrassing at worst. Not pedophilia. There’s nothing left to even say about her anymore but you just want to beat a dead horse and hang onto her being a “pedo”. There’s no new milk. It’s stale.

No. 912542

No offense but ABDL is pedophilia. Not all pedophiles want to assault children because of the consequences but they turn to the next best thing which is Abdl

No. 912544

I’m sure for some people that could be the case, but for Jess she clearly just liked the money and attention from it until she decided to do something else. It was trendy but then became oversaturated and when she left Stephen it fizzled out and she moved on. I see it as her sexualizing her inner child and needing fatherly male attention from her partner until she healed and then that partner got discarded and the abdl stuff ended. This girl desperately searches for an identity and obviously it was easy to latch onto that for a time, but now it’s over.(whiteknighting)

No. 912547

Everyone white knighting in this thread has brain worms.

Her, in a diaper and a onsie, pretending to be a baby while getting fucked is disgusting. If she did it SOLELY for the money she is not only disgusting, but also a lazy exploitative whore.

Why dont all of you guys go white knight shayna when people call her a pedo? Fucking retards.

Def not trying to minimod,
Everyone defending ABDL in this thread should be permabanned.

No. 912548

You are fuckin deranged

No. 912550

I do wonder if Stephen made her realize how disgusting men who are into ABDL/DDLG are. David was definitely never into it, he seemed like he went along with it and I’m pretty sure they broke up due to him not liking it. I think once she was with Stephen who genuinely is into that weird shit she realized dudes who are into that are weird creepy losers(sage your shit)

No. 912553

if this is a moid, jess will not wear diapers and have sex with you. go jerk off to shayna okay?

No. 912554

For the love of god, stop evading the fucking ban to justify your pedophile bullshit opinions you stupid fucking faggot

No. 912575

After her and Stephen broke up he said he wasn't into ddlg and daddy dom shit but look him now doing thirsts about it and actively saying he looking for a little and doing role play. He so creepy

No. 912576

I personally think she enjoyed it when she was first getting into it wearing the frog onsie and having having few pacifiers but she saw a open market with diapers and porn and she went for it for money and it went to far.
During the time she was heavily into it a lot of youtubers and instergramers ect were either doing kitten play or age play it was such a odd time in the world and I'm glad it over.

She be forever known as as girl, I'm surprised she hasn't had her name changed to get away from it

No. 912577

Anyone know how much money she used to make during the peak? If I remember correctly she had porn snapchat and like 2 or 3 websites. Also does anyone if she got money from her social media's

No. 912580

stop samefagging to whiteknight some ugly pedo ogre on the internet you brainless retard

No. 912581

whoever defends binkie princess should be on a watchlist and banned from the internet. go defend shayna clifford, we don’t need to hear your hot takes on how every pedo should have a kid because it changes them lol

No. 912595

Yeah her name will forever have that soiled (no pun intended) reputation I am also suprised she didn't change her name. Good luck if she ever wants a job or the children search her up. How can her partner let his kids around her and how can his mother support that

No. 912598

No one gives a fuck about the person you mentioned 4 times

No. 912618

Stephen is a blatant liar. He definitely liked it before her and still does after. Idk why he lies about it(sage your shit)

No. 912655

go defend shayna pedo

No. 912682

>>912542 my dude I need you to explain your logic. They're not allowed to get off to kids so they instead get off to adults and getting off to adults is… close to pedophilia? I feel like getting off to adults is the furthest thing you can get to pedophilia.

No. 912683

Healthy normal adults are turned off by other adults acting and dressing like children/retards.

No. 912692


No, I get that. It's extremely weird. I'm asking what makes them pedophiles though.

Cuz like, for example, I like women being treated like furniture, right? Put her on all fours, treat her like an inanimate object ect ect. It's hot because of the degradation and sense of control over someone willingly giving it up. But it doesn't mean I want to fuck my dining room table, you know?

So how is ABDL different from that? Are you sure they want to hurt kids??? It seems like they're actually pretty adamant in NOT involving kids. Hell Binkie tried to expunge this fetish long before she had a kid specifically because she didn't want it associated with all of this.

That sounds like the opposite of pedophilia, so I am just incredibly confused.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912699

It’s not pedophilia and your logic is sound and correct. These people just talk out of their asses because they want to be hateful and bitter over a stranger on the Internet that they don’t like or agree with. So much so, that they keep this thread alive even though there’s nothing new to talk about and this is all recycled and regurgitated nonsense. >>912692

No. 912711

no, you’re just a pedohpile apologist who is wasting their existences on some ugly sow who pretended to be a baby getting fucked for some reason. i bet you’re the sick shit that requested the shayna “board.” sick retard. nobody cares that you’re a pedo lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 912730

top 10 lolcow threads that desperately need to be locked and stopped

No. 912746

Okay, BinkiePrincess(hi cow)

No. 912773


No. 912804

Still unsure how this thread has been bumped so consistently over the past week. Like just log off, look away from the screen

No. 912805

Oops meant to reply >>912730

No. 912824

This thread really needs to be locked. It's getting bumped to the front page every fucking day due to newfags not knowing how to sage.

No. 912828

yeah this place is such a shit hole, i see more traffic at the farms. at lest the farms closes shit threads and hides them

No. 912870

someone has an extremely vested interest in clearing this pedophile’s name, and also continually bumping this thread. I don’t know who that could be though

No. 912871

someone has an extremely vested interest in clearing this pedophile’s name, and also continually bumping this thread. I don’t know who that could be but I’ll be relieved when CPS catches up with her

No. 912872

someone has an extremely vested interest in clearing this pedophile’s name, and also continually bumping this thread. I don’t know who that could be but I’ll be relieved when CPS catches up with her

No. 912897


Lmao how is CPS gonna catch up to her? She literally stopped doing the ABDL stuff months before she even conceived her kid??? What're they going to do? Press charges on her for being a responsible parent?

No. 912906

>being a responsible parent
Nta you're not wrong about the cps thing but if this is the metric by which you judge someone to be a responsible parent, the bar is in hell.

No. 913048

bump don't scroll CP

No. 913187

mommy, these are probably the same sick pesos that approved the shayna pussy worship thread. might as well make one for binkie and all the sickos here. all of you are hypocritical fat pieces of shit that virtual signal about a bad person when you guys do the same thing lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 913227

I totally forgot about this creep. Do her videos still exist anywhere on the internet or are they gone forever?(sage your shit)

No. 913238


She did the salt the earth move. But still happy to post breastfeed photos on Instagram so her old fans get some their rocks off still

No. 913240

even though she removes and blocks anyone that has to do with her past Internet stuff? Okay. You’re the one sexualizing her relationship with her baby like a weirdo.

No. 913284

Awww bless jess

No. 913341

No. 913385

wow imagine asking to sage old posts. brainless idiot

No. 913404

When will this thread finally be locked? Seriously, it gets bumped all the time by newfags who haven't learnt to sage after months of this shit several times a week and there hasn't been any milk in a looong time.

No. 913407

Not the anon but they didn’t ask for it be saged you ‘brainless idiot’ triggered much?

No. 914148

Not Stephen’s new girlfriend having the same name as Jess’s newborn baby(sage your shit)

No. 914151

His new gf already moved in with him too. This guy just does the same thing over and over with every girl. Already trying to exploit her for attention online. Also she’s 24 and he’s 33. Gotta go for younger girls since he’s mentally 15 forever!

No. 914152

She’s also into the weird baby and kitten play shit. And yes the age gap is super creepy(sage your shit, emoji)

No. 914153

Give it few months and the first only fan clip will come out. So gross thought he publicly stated when him and Jess broke up that he wasn’t the one into this shit? He creeps me out so much he just dirty older man vibes.

No. 914154

You can tell a creep from a mile of by who they are following and if you look at his in instagram it just all underage littles, abdl/ddlg and porn accounts

No. 914155

You can also tell a creep by the fact that he insists on dating fan girls younger than him so he can take advantage of them and put them online for views. His relationships are all performative on his end, even him “grieving” over his dead ex. He’s a creep and a pathetic man child who needs attention from teenage Internet strangers to feel valid. And the worst part is he’s bald.

No. 914156

It is a clear pattern. All his girlfriends are copy paste of each other.(sage your shit)

No. 914162

When writing a post in the email section put sage so you don’t get banned,
I Wonder how long until she lets something slip about Jess or starts dressing like her and his other ex

>>914155 lol it’s just wrong he definitely will end up being a middle age pedo who hangs out with teenagers if he isn’t already. How old is he 33? And he still wears emo band tops and bracelets and long colourful wigs it’s always the people who never grow up always end up becoming nonces. I know it’s shit his ex passed away but did he legit forget it beat her up and shamed her a video over a email she sent from jail I have zero sympathy for him. I know Jess is a skin walker but it must been shit for her to be second best to his ex

No. 914164

I mean Jess probably skin walked because he made her feel like she would never compare to Tori.

No. 914969

Jess gtf out of here. You made your bed. Your name will never be cleared. You have train filled of people who fucking hate you. At least 90% of people in this thread see you for who you really are. A used dirty diaper Degenerate girl with a baby. Keep defending yourself all you want. But you are indangering your child posting public photos of your child considering your past… doesn't matter if you blocked those people. Anyone could have a fake account and still fallow you and your baby for sick kicks. I feel bad for the father of your child… because Jess puts all those little girls in harms way just being under the same roof as them.

No. 914971

She skin walked more people than just tori. She's mentally ill and becomes obsessed with people.

No. 915024

Yall are seriously so bored(back to twitter)

No. 915388

She's always been pretty homely looking but she currently looks more haggard than ever before. She lives in s trailer now and has a bowl hair cut. Kek look where baby porn got her. No where significant. Good job Jess. You're still gross.(necro)

No. 915396

She does not live in a trailer… where’d you get this from? They live in a house with multiple bedrooms and a big backyard where they also have an RV.

No. 915397

Good job, anon. You’re still obsessed and posting online about someone you dislike. Sounds like you’re doing much more significant things!(whiteknight)

No. 915453

now how would anyone know that? anyway hope this pedophile retard has her kid taken away before Binkie Princess uses its bottles as sex toys or worse

No. 915471

She makes it look like she lives in that rv on her social media. Regardless she looks more haggard than ever. She's still gross.

No. 915477

Not really… their RV is in like 3 pics and they used it as a prop for a maternity shoot in the backyard of their actual house. She’s posted pics of the baby’s nursery, their bedroom, the kids’ bedroom, and the outside of their house. You just wanna talk shit. And haggard? The definition of the word means looking exhausted or unwell from fatigue. She just had a baby cut out of her 3 months ago and is caring for a newborn plus two other kids while still putting some effort into her image and going out into the world. You try having major abdominal surgery and care for a baby on top of it and try to look anything but exhausted. You’re a miserable loser. Get off the Internet and get some fucking perspective.(sage your shit)

No. 915484

>She’s posted pics of the baby’s nursery, their bedroom, the kids’ bedroom, and the outside of their house.
wow that seems really fucking dangerous for anyone, but especially someone who’s spent the past decade pretending to be a baby getting raped for the internet. ffs those poor kids.

No. 915485

File: 1686484188752.png (471.29 KB, 856x1058, Screenshot 2023-06-11 at 7.49.…)

IG: https://www.instagram.com/tangerinemommy/ (https://anonstories.net/stories/tangerinemommy)
TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tangerinemama (https://proxitok.pussthecat.org/@tangerinemama)

it's actually disturbing how many pics she posts of her baby and two young step-daughters, knowing she's a fucking pedophile with pedophiles watching her. also she looks absolutely busted now kek, you love to see it.

No. 915496

You are clearly Jess. You do a really bad job blending in and whiteknighting on here.
Actually my sister had a c section 3 weeks ago and she doesn't look half as bad as Jess. Jess will likely have a mental break down real soon. Taking care of 3 kids, she couldn't handle taking care of herself not too long ago. And how do you know how big her house is if you aren't Jess?
Oh and those stomach tattoos must look really good after giving birth. Kek. Her age play videos are still online with some tranny btw.
It's also concerning how she's posting public photos of these children online.(sage your hi cow)

No. 915500

I don’t get the point of picking apart someone’s physical appearance after having a baby. Seems like low hanging fruit. She just looks like an average person.

No. 915501

normally I’d agree but this bitch is a pedophile so fuck her. plus not everyone lets themselves go when they’re pregnant but BinkiePrincess clearly did. it’s hilarious that she looks like she’s 45 years old now. it’s what she deserves.

No. 915502

here’s a cute lil trip down memory lane for Baby Clementine to watch in a few years ♥
>diapers aren’t really his thing so much as they are mine
fucking freak. she got so fat since then too kek.

No. 915688

She just losing any attention from her sex worker days. She just exploit the kid

No. 915725

my mom is 40 and looks younger than this hag. karma is looking good. and apparently her husband has a pre-existing child? (her ig mentions something about being a “stepmom”)(sage your shit, not your personal blog)

No. 915735

BinkiePrincess is stepmother to at least two super young girls, yes. hope CPS is watching.

No. 915745

That's frightening if those kids go on YouTube at their friends house they will see step mommy on that documentary she did with David.

No. 915750

File: 1687057787974.png (72.52 KB, 1802x747, lol.png)

I'm fairly sure Jess is watching this thread for damage control, if she's not the one wking herself then she's got a really unhealthy relationship with someone with a learning disability. I'm certain she's reading here because after I posted >>906489 she removed the public subscription option within 1-2 days.

I'm less sure about the next part (its all tinfoil) but I think she's still camwhoring and keeping it on the down-low. She has preexisting customers from before and her camming profiles are active. She is still getting likes on her posts and her posts/videos/photos go up and down. She has also gained a "live cam power model" badge on her profile in the last 5 months.

No. 915758

File: 1687084386178.png (350.56 KB, 1792x828, IMG_1808.png)

found her baby daddy’s mugshot. he’s had multiple DUIs and flipped his car off the interstate a few years ago. there was a baby seat in the back so he already had kids by this point. Jess has since posted pics of them drinking, even after the new baby. so this dude has three kids and as many DUIs before 30. nice! https://www.abcactionnews.com/news/region-tampa/watch-drunk-driver-flips-car-off-interstate-in-tampa-after-crashing-off-exit-ramp trying really hard not to a-log right now because drunk drivers are the scum of the fucking earth and he easily could have killed someone. people shouldn’t even have a chance to get a second DUI. Danny and Jess both absolute retards confirmed

for fuck’s sake, Jessica

No. 915759

She’s had subscriptions off for months, you can’t delete your page until the last subscription runs out so someone probably paid for a year awhile back. Anyone who has ever cammed on there gets a badge, since badges are new and she used to do live shows, they put one on her profile. She’s not using JFF. >>915750

No. 915762

no i don’t have to sage anything. retarded butthurt mods lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 915763

this website is so dead because of the stupid bitches admin hired for mods lol binkie doesn’t care about your fat asses(sage your shit)

No. 915767

Take your meds and Sage your shit

No. 915775

File: 1687109467890.jpeg (251 KB, 828x1153, IMG_1809.jpeg)

double checked and this is definitely her Daniel Buchholz / @zenscientist https://www.instagram.com/zenscientist/

the latest pic on his grid is him smoking pot whilst driving. I’m no teetotaler but I feel like that’s pretty fucking dumb when you’ve got at least two DUIs under your belt, but I guess any man who knocks up a grown woman pretending to be a baby isn’t all there

No. 915828

Did Stephen have a criminal record? I know David did but was wondering if it’s a full on pattern for Jess(sage your shit)

No. 916187

File: 1687996454076.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.28 MB, 4032x3024, 20230628_195310.jpg)

She's still on chatrbate her age play videos are still on there and she still has a fetlife account with tons of abdl content available.

No. 916188

File: 1687996567193.jpg (1.5 MB, 4032x3024, 20230628_195145.jpg)

Still on fetlife

No. 916189

File: 1687996649444.jpg (Spoiler Image, 1.92 MB, 4032x3024, 20230628_195903.jpg)

Bullshit she deleted everything.(spoiler nsfw content)

No. 916261

File: 1688203757623.gif (3.68 MB, 480x358, F244AEB1-DC63-4F61-9253-20A80A…)

Yo she looks like shiiiit

No. 916273

Imagine being so obsessed with someone who clearly moved on with their life to excessively search the Internet multiple times to find the most pointless shit on them and to actively search for the partner too. No one cares about them why don't you go get a life. Learn to sage too.

No. 916276

this pedophile deserves permanent ridicule and shunning from normal society. On top of that, this pedo shouldn't be allowed to be near any children ever again, including her own. Nasty POS.

No. 916310

Imagine thinking you're better than everyone on here, but you keep coming back here to comment becauseyouhave no life. Imagine being such a Degenerate that you defend pedophile age players.
Jess just got caught. She didn't delete everything online like she said. Such trash.(sage your shit)

No. 916319

“Got caught” that’s so dramatic. She probably forgot about them since she hasn’t been active in over a year.

No. 916333

If you haven't been active in a year then you'd be able to close your Justfans account. You said 2 weeks ago that you can't delete your shit because you're still getting money from degenerates >>915759. Closing a fetlife is easy. You didn't do it because you still make money through fetish content. It takes zero effort and they allow anybody to delete their accounts at any point.

I feel bad for her kid. Imagine going on YouTube, seeing your mom in a crib and googling her username just to find all of the fetish porn she didn't delete because "she isn't active anymore"

No. 916356

Exactly! we all know the truth. She's just as gross as always. She claims she removed everything offline but there's still a lot out there.(sage your shit)

No. 916396

File: 1688649764363.jpg (519.7 KB, 1080x1565, Screenshot_20230706_092437.jpg)

Was wondering why she got pregnant so fast. I know that her ex was a man child but this post just confirms it.

No. 916399

Danny is the most well adjusted man in her life. No one in their right mind would ever reproduce with Steven lmfao. Dude acts like he is a 10 year old and makes content that appeals to 13 year old girls(sage non-milk posts)

No. 916411

If a drunk driver is the most well adjusted man in her life. That's just fucking sad.(learn to sage, lolcow.farm/info)

No. 916416

Who do you guys think has the creamiest cum? David, Stephen, or Danny?(Sage that nasty shit)

No. 916436

Sorry forgot to Sage there, my answer would be David. I think his would be the milkiest and most fertile.(retard)

No. 916446

Her taste in all men is deplorable, this just screams "the man I'm obsessed with cares for his 2 children and I needed a child as an extension of myself so me and my child can compete for the attention."

No. 916455

David would be most fertile having been a heroin addict for years? Versus Danny who has three kids? Logic!

No. 916456

You just scream “I can’t let go of the obsession to hate this stranger online and post to forums about her life even though there’s nothing to talk about anymore because I’m bitter and unfulfilled and feel threatened by people’s growth and happiness” sad.

No. 916472

Wouldn’t that also make you obsessed? Besides the last couple days this thread has been empty kek. So what, you’re just checking in on a pedo waiting for updates just to chastise anonymous people? Definitely what a fulfilled person does.

No. 916475

You’re literally doing the same exact thing tho? Checking on her and checking on the thread and posting to it and responding.(infighting whiteknight)

No. 916489

Welcome back nonna! We knew you’d be back

No. 916495

it’s about time these (retard) mods do their job. make this thread dead s possible. and fire the ugly incel that’s restexting, that shit needs to be abolished. i want kiwi farms back not this dead shithole of a website. die(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918450

She just posted a story about how she drinks and eats her own breast milk

No. 918453

Okay she did not say she drinks it she said she’s tried it there’s a difference there

No. 918467

File: 1692939340932.png (7.55 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3608.png)

She also posted this rancid pic of her a few days ago

No. 918525

So creepy to think about the fact she eats and drinks her OWN breast milk especially after her being into ABDL and drinking out of bottles for half her adult life

No. 918530

She said she has tried it once and tries the purées she gives to her baby to make sure it tastes sufficient before feeding. That’s far from “eating and drinking” her breast milk as if she’s just constantly doing it in large quantities because she likes it. YOU are making it weird, not her.

No. 918577

Does anyone know why she took down the David porn? I miss that video of his meat(unsaged thirstposting)

No. 918580

Didn’t she take down all her porn though? Cuz yknow, she’s “ashamed” or whatever?

No. 918642

david has a pathetically small penis but yes lust over a shitty deadbeat drunk parent and his diaper wearing loser of a wife

No. 918654

The fact she used to dress up as a cow sexually and is mimicking it in that photo of her milking herself is actually gross

No. 918655

I’m not making it weird, she made it weird when she drank from baby bottles and fucked in her cum filled diapers only to now go on and have an actual baby of her own- everything she does is now weird. Drinking and eating her own baby milk, is creepy in HER circumstance because she was a degenerative that acted exactly how her newly born child did whilst getting dicked down by her partners. How she can look into the eyes of her small little baby and not feel ashamed from the porn she produced is beyond me. And the nerve to publicly blast her child’s face in this day and age is also crazy.

No. 918678

You sound stupid because David’s cock is huge. Also David is her ex, he doesn’t have kids as far as we know.

Let me be mad about my favorite porn being gone. If anyone has it still please be willing to sell it to me I will pay 400$ for it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 918711

Unrelated but does it bug anyone else how willing she is to post her kids face and her step kids faces? Especially given what’s been happening with kids pics online and her past audience? Like it’s so negligent and screams “I had a baby for clout cuz getting fucked dressed up as one wasn’t cutting it”

No. 918712

I really wanna know what the biological mom thinks of her posting photos of her step kids faces. It’s so weird because it’s not hard to find the full name of all 3 kids at all, I wonder if their grandparents who own a cut little Floridian cupcake shop know about the porn she produces. Would be a shame if they ever found out, right?(don't tease about cowtipping or involving family)

No. 918719

Threatening to invade the personal life of someone on the Internet who you do not know, even if you don’t like them, is fucked up. Messing with someone’s family and interpersonal relationships just because you disagree with things they’ve done online in the past is not a valid thing to do. The fact that you can’t move on with your life and continue to even think about harassing someone offline is really weird behavior, especially when this person has clearly done their best to scrub the Internet of their old content and start a family. I really hope you are perfect and have made zero bad decisions your whole life so a stranger doesn’t follow you around forever constantly reminding you and threatening to ruin your life even if you’ve changed.

No. 918731

File: 1693530071113.png (1.44 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3681.png)

Not Jess but can this man please shut the fuck about about his failed marriages and relationships. He post such cringe shit on his story it’s embarrassing, like the divorce was what? 2 years ago? get over it

No. 918736

File: 1693539951252.png (1.11 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3720.png)

Yaaayyy another cash grab! Guess the ceramics business wasn’t cutting it just like the porn! So glad she’s starting a bar business with a man with what? 3 dui’s?

No. 918746

Opening up a legitimate brick and mortar business is not a cash grab, it takes a ton of money to start a business like that. If they’re opening their own business they must’ve been saving for awhile. People trying to make money without having to work for anyone else is the dream we all wish to obtain.

No. 918756

File: 1693585788197.png (172.99 KB, 613x473, 1.png)

kek anon it's a craft beer GARDEN in florida, it's not a real business or bar. Look it up on google, it's in a residential area being run out of a trashy home. Definitely a cash grab, especially with the hipster craft beer theming.

Picrel is the google location, company logo is the same as binkies company.

No. 918758

Stephen is a huge fucking loser. Literally of everyone in Jess’s life he is probably the biggest fuckup. He posts shit that I expect from an emo 12 year old. He also dates the same type of woman expecting a different result. His new girlfriend is also an online clout chasing slut who posts her ass and tits on IG, does the kitten play and ddlg nonsense.

Does anyone think he’s just a hobosexual and uses women for housing???

No. 918759

Also sorry forgot to Sage(you have a 30 min window to delete and correct posts)

No. 918765

You don’t know much about Tampa do ya bud? Commercial and residential areas are mixed together especially in the area their bar is in. Lots of businesses are in old historic homes. They’re probably turning the building into a bar. Beer garden doesn’t mean literal garden, you sound dumb af. And yeah opening a business is to make money… like any other business. When you go to work you’re also cash grabbing. Everyone wants to grab cash. You have to, to live. Some people are entrepreneurs, some work for other people. You sound jealous.

No. 918779

I'm not even that anon, but you could try reporting nitpicks instead of writting emotionally invested paragraphs and calling anons jealous of an ex baby prostitute.

No. 918782

But that’s where the jealousy comes from. That someone they hate so much and think is such a degenerate actually did something better with their life while they are still in their same undesirable position, longing for more but doing nothing to make it happen. Meanwhile projecting that onto strangers on the internet to feel better. Cause at least I never used to make fetish porn, amirite?! Sad.(whiteknight)

No. 918789

Do you live in Tampa?

No. 918790

i don’t understand why bitches go on lolcow farm to defend some human being who doesn’t give a shit about your existence

No. 918805

this thread is one of the hardest not to “hi cow” in istg. some cows I kinda get defending, they’re harmless and can be endearing. not this bitch. she’s a pedophile and she’s fucking ugly iside and out. this new hippie dippie flower child persona she adopted for her latest boyfriend can’t hide the fact that she’s a nasty fucking pedophile who enjoys pretending to be a baby getting raped.

agree with banned anon - I accidentally found all this info just looking at Jess's socials. why would you pretend to be a raped baby and then post pics of your actual baby online? to the SAME AUDIENCE?

I hope this stupid cow gets mastitis

No. 918816

Why in earth would I be jealous of Jess? She reeks of attention whore and is a god damn cheater. You can give her the benefit of the doubt all you want but that won’t change the fact that her old fanbase definitely still follows her and is now looking at images of her baby and possibly doing gross shit with said photos. Generally speaking it’s not safe to post your baby’s photos online due to the rise in ai generated shit and god knows what else and the fact that she went from making abdl porn to making her whole account revolve around her baby is a special kind of gross in my opinion. You can make mommy content with out posting your child yet she chooses not to cuz she knows her baby girl will get her the most views.


Anytime she post herself pumping/heart feeding it feels like soft core fetish shit. Wouldn’t be surprised if it was honestly

No. 919633

File: 1695156039196.png (848.34 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_3903.png)

This shit is so cringe

Also you love your daughter so much yet you don’t have the decency to cover her face when you post her or not post her at all knowing your old fanbase of predators are scouring your page still

No. 920334

File: 1696425090120.jpg (8.18 MB, 4624x2080, IMG_20231004_140658.jpg)

Jess you can run but you can't hide from your past.

No. 920343

plus her husband is a deadbeat piece of shit drunk driver danny rip off with two pre-existing children he shouldn’t have custody of because he drove drunk WITH THEM

No. 920502

File: 1696651384944.jpeg (428.32 KB, 1170x1373, IMG_4162.jpeg)

Bell is back, she posted an explanation on why she was absent on her jff though there was no mention of Jess. Are they even friends still or? I’m honestly curious if she’ll even bring Jess up at all

No. 920727

File: 1696974915603.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x1964, IMG_4256.jpeg)

Really? That’s what she cheated on Stephen for? Also for fucks sake can you at least try to cover up your baby before posting her. You know the fucking creeps that scour on your page.

No. 920891

File: 1697334180923.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 587.92 KB, 1170x936, IMG_4373.jpeg)

You’d think for someone being “done with abdl” she’d ask them to not repost or reuse her content

No. 920892

File: 1697334225361.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 157.45 KB, 870x460, IMG_4374.jpeg)

The photographer when asked why he still post her btw

No. 921049

These people have kids and then get jealous when their baby gets more attention then them. Why even have a kid at that point? She’d probably pimp her daughters out if it was legal. people into ddlg are the same as lolicon(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 921952

File: 1698805632256.png (6.37 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4712.png)

I find it interesting how she rarely post about her step daughters, where are their pumpkins?

No. 922493

Pretty sure they’re with their real mom

No. 922671

File: 1699759035240.png (4.98 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4868.png)

How long we thinking this is gonna last?

No. 922672

>marinade on that
among so many other reasons (pedo being the main one), this retard should have NEVER been allowed to reproduce.

No. 922675

She’s a serial cheater so we will see. Though they do give weird poly couple vibes so who knows(sage)

No. 922681

It's lyrics from a Dope Lemon song.

No. 922727

File: 1699919611053.jpeg (111.95 KB, 534x470, IMG_2047.jpeg)

Girl looks like a corpse(unsaged non-milk spam)

No. 922750

Anon you might wanna change your profile picture

No. 923039

File: 1700325137611.jpeg (448.79 KB, 828x1466, IMG_1902.jpeg)

Girly does have regrets it seems. Should delete her porn twitter then if that’s the case. Feel bad for the baby, kid is gonna have a fucked upbringing especially when it gets exposed to the internet. Bet in a few years she’s going to divorce again and be a single mom “influencer” as her next gimmick.

No. 923064

She doesn’t have any porn social media? Everything is deleted.

No. 923083

>don't post any of that one day it will be embarrassing
That's not the word i would've chosen kek

No. 923093

Her content still gets re posted by abdreams not to mention bell has still content with her. >>922750
Also no fuckin way she blocked me, just from pfp alone that’s actually insane, crazy how she’s “moved on” and “not focusing on hate” yet monitors this thread 24/7

No. 923107

No offense but you’re a retard for doxxing yourself and when I like looked at your profile you’re literally a degenerate DDLG e-girl yourself so I’m confused why you are here when you are literally like Jess LMFAO

No. 923113

>social media isn’t real
Why do people say this now? That might have been the case one upon a time but now what you post on social media can have a major impact on your actual life and how you get treated or where you can work or any number of things.

No. 923115


Hiiii cow! I genuinely don’t believe anyone here other than Jess would take the time to find my account just from pfp alone, cuz yknow, forgetting to crop out my pfp that I changed recently is definitely me doxxing myself. Also crazy shit accusing me of being into ddlg when that’s all people remember you for.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923118

lol I am definitely not nasty ass Jess. You are just stupid and gross. You aren’t the first person to dox yourself like a moron here, I expose the last person if you scroll up far enough. You just look stupid posting on here when you are literally a nasty pedo baiter yourself LMFAO.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923129

I'm the one who pointed it out and I didnt even bother, kek.
Can you sage your retarded powerleveling?

No. 923667

Not really .. she is chunky now

Isn't this her 3rd engagement? And she's not even 30 yet.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 923785

File: 1701409068318.jpeg (317.82 KB, 1170x816, IMG_5224.jpeg)

This isnt like, personal info but this also something that should probably stay between family? Your babies milestones shouldn’t be shared to 5k strangers you’ve never fucking met and don’t know the intentions of, what happened to keeping that shit to your close family???Like it’s weird as fuck your account solely centers around your baby and nothing else. What is Jess gonna do when Clem is 13 exactly? Post about her going through puberty like all those other mommy bloggers?? Complain about how hard it raising a teen cuz she can’t exploit her anymore?


It is, they’re moving real fast too they’ve only been together for what? 2-3 years? Having a baby only 2 years (or less) into dating. Embarrassing honestly

No. 923823

How is meeting someone and having a child after 2 years rushing? And same with getting engaged after 3 years? That's pretty normal when people are in there mid twenties

No. 923830

She’s only with the guy cuz she slept with him while married to Stephen, and Jess is not in her mid 20s she’s pushing 30.

No. 923837

Probably because they’re way more well-matched than her and Stephen were. They seem happy and in love to me. And yeah people in their 30s can’t wait forever to have babies.

No. 923855


The meat ridding is crazy, she’s literally a serial cheater and made porn of her dressed up as a baby. Also “well matched” my ass she changes her aesthetic every new boyfriend. He probably only Married her cuz they have a kid together.

No. 923868

He proposed to her at a concert to their song in front of hundreds of people, he definitely loves her. She didn’t get accidentally knocked up either they planned their pregnancy. Whatever fits your hateful narrative about two stranger’s lives tho.(whiteknight)

No. 923891

“Strangers” really now? Last I checked Jess willingly dressed up as a baby and made a living off pedo baiting. No one in their right fucking mind is gonna have a positive narrative on someone like that. Having a planned pregnancy doesn’t erase what she’s done, Danny ain’t a saint either, his ex band mates have came forward and said he treats women like shit as well as having multiple duis and driving while under the influence of pot. Ur honestly retarded for defending them

No. 923896

“Driving while under the influence of pot” lmaooooo

No. 923900

Retard can’t come up with another excuse for defending them so they attacked my word choices. Sorry is weed better? Cannabis? Like it’s all the same shit fagtard get outta here with your whiteknighting

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