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File: 1642479952342.jpeg (513.32 KB, 1170x1559, 5CE1DCD9-8BB3-4929-8EF8-DD96E3…)

No. 864707

Jess is a cam star/abdl porn star who constantly makes fun of fans and is overall a bitch. She cheated on her partners and practically copies her partners personalities .she suddenly has an interest in being a mom and even considers herself one to her bf kids despite handing them over to their real mom multiple times a week.(shit thread)

No. 864708

You didn't even try. Shit thread

No. 864730

File: 1642507478869.jpg (37.64 KB, 540x540, loll.jpg)

No. 864731

why do you have a trip code

No. 866137

Shit thread, post nudes or gtfo

No. 867773

Link the old threads.

She skin walking her new boyfriend by being all hippy and druggy now when with her ex she was all goth and emo like him

No. 868509

File: 1645962109382.jpg (384.16 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20220225-190614_Ins…)

She decided to basically be half naked aside from underwear qnd a bra in public and put on some clothes as ppl walked by she's so gross qnd nasty

No. 868518

She was at the beach in a bathing suit

No. 868647

I used to follow her youtube account a few years back. Do we have any more info on her? I always felt she was milk-worthy

No. 868664

She has threads in snow look it up. And sage your non milky posts

No. 868936

There was milk like a year ago but she not really milky anymore (probably because she not as active online as she used to be) but she appears a butt ton more happy then she was with her ex. I wonder if she marry this dude too?

No. 883139

File: 1657675587007.png (4.44 MB, 750x1334, 27599707-DAA9-4A8F-8F37-2FAFDD…)

She ain’t looking too good recently

No. 883143

Her ex friend posted these a few weeks ago

No. 883145

File: 1657675978135.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 3D73ADF4-C49F-44DA-BE72-70880C…)

No. 883146

File: 1657676006611.png (1.48 MB, 750x1334, 363601E1-E438-481B-9744-E258AE…)

No. 883147

File: 1657676032376.png (1.41 MB, 750x1334, E1B91046-BCD2-4043-9546-326291…)

No. 883151

I’m glad to see this pedophile piece of shit aging like warm milk. it’s what she deserves.

No. 883160

File: 1657681208094.jpeg (996.23 KB, 750x915, 189585F2-03C0-4B0F-9001-684821…)

Putting on some chunk kek(not milk)

No. 883172

what a tiny little baby girl uwu. so tiny

such baby

No. 883188

what are her current socials?

No. 883238

@tangerinehunnie on Instagram

No. 883494

She looks good in this picture orange hair suits her a lot

No. 883696

Vendetta much? Post in the personal cows thread.

No. 885268

It's a shit thread but it's not vendetta, she's a well known degenerate.

No. 885358

But she doesn’t even post anymore and left the age play community and quit sex work. She lives a normal life now, the only thing people come here to do is body shame. That’s not milk.

No. 886108

File: 1659393322051.png (1.06 MB, 750x1334, C79C1F9E-511B-43E8-89AC-ADF2E9…)

She’s now pregnant.

No. 886109

File: 1659393643372.jpeg (264.51 KB, 750x528, F8349BF1-93F4-4992-B07D-34A92B…)

No. 886110

The child is gonna grow up and most likely be bullied if their peers ever find out who their mom is. one Google search of her name and you can find her pussy spread on the internet. Poor kid.

No. 886138

File: 1659406721654.jpeg (93.14 KB, 960x453, 06F4B1DE-47B5-49A3-9B43-B4A33F…)

Kids will see their classmate’s mother featured in the Barcroft/Truly video.

No. 886166

This is nice to hear! Noticed how much she has grown up with Danny he looks like he has shown her better paths in her life like crafting and selling her art rather then taking nudes. She grow up by taking care his children and making a small little family of there own. It nice to see someone happy and enjoying life. I think she be a good mum. You can notice how much she changed with him she really looks like she is acting herself and not like a forced personality. I wish her all the best and genuinely pleased for them.

>>885358 I think she said she left sex work for Danny and his girls if this shows how much growth she has had since meeting him. That was her main source of income so it was brave her doing that and taking the courage to stop

No. 886177

Ayrt, I had no idea. I see her insta is private and she seems to be leaning more into a hippie schtick than the mental illness she once was. Good for her, she looks nice from what I can see. I hope that it's a reflection of her turning over a new leaf.

No. 886182

File: 1659449953228.jpeg (337.51 KB, 750x702, 348F9AEC-2A60-401E-A3A0-D40CA7…)

Well she hasn’t left sex work cuz these videos and clips and stuff still actively get posted on her Twitter. Of her in diapers. Using baby attire sexually. And now she’s having a baby of her own. As well as mothering two other children? Gross.

No. 886201

It’s nice that nonnies want to believe she grew up. The reality is she’s still selling her porn and if she really left the scene she would nuke the accounts and delete every video.

No. 886418

Wow. I forgot all about her. I feel bad for her child. It will be embarrassing having a mom who makes diaper porn.

No. 886434

Gross, we love a redemption arc and this isn't it. What literal retard called this thread vendetta?

No. 886464

She doesn’t make porn anymore, her Twitter and JFF have been abandoned. Those are just auto tweets.

No. 886479

Well she's still selling it so it doesn't really matter if she's still making it. The money is going into her bank account.

No. 886487

Who cares if she’s making money off of that cesspool of a community? I would milk that until people stop buying. You guys nitpick too much. She deleted her kink Instagram and stopped actively making porn and sold all of her kink stuff. Should just be happy with that!

No. 886490

Holy shit this is so fucking depressing

No. 886609

I agree. I would milk it too there a surprising large demand for that content and if i could make money out videos I made a year or so ago and not having to put a single bit effort into it then yeah wouldn’t everyone

How? It’s a good thing new life new beginning. I don’t get what’s depressing about two people who are happy and are starting a family? Explain your depression logic cause it just makes you sound sour

No. 886616

>It’s a good thing new life new beginning.
not always. pedophiles deserve the rope. I feel so sorry for this (potential) child.

No. 886646

>Unsaged wk
>You guys nitpick too much
>Should just be happy with that!
Be less obvious you don't belong here second anon is at least trying.

So the main reason she's a cow is because she made simulated cp and you're both admitting you'd continue to profit off of it given the chance just like she is? Just because the community is disgusting doesn't make you both any less disgusting, sorry to tell you. Women have agency you're not absolved because the men consuming it are worse. How does she look the children around her in the eyes, let alone her own soon? The associations she's made in her brain surrounding children/child-like behaviour is haunting and that would be punishment enough if the degenerate bitch at least stopped making money off of her pissy diper videos and genuinely moved on.

No. 886662


Exactly my point. She was still actively making content whilst mothering her Two adoptive children from Danny. She had her own apartment where she would simulate cp with many different content creators and on her own.
It is not sour to suggest that this is extremely fucked up. She stopped producing and actively making the content. But she was still making simulated cp videos whilst mothering these Two younger children.
The association between that is vile and if you don’t see how extremely fucked up that is then you truly don’t belong on this thread.
Her videos of her her in diapers, pacifiers, bibs. Begging for daddy and mommy. Are still on the internet. And she is making profit from that. She is actively still using that community, she has not fully gotten herself away from it. And now she is having her own child.
How can you possibly disassociate within a year or so these interactions with children.
Plus we already know how quickly and impulsively she makes decisions. She literally cheated on her ex for this new guy and they’ve barely been together for Two years and already they have a family of Three children?
How is that not scary to look at. And overall just worrying.
That one day these Three children are going to grow up and see what this woman put on the internet, and how fucked up their youth truly is destined to be with a pedo baiter such as herself.

No. 886665

this shit makes me so sick. i hope someone calls cps on the children and her.

No. 886678


Not to mention she fully admitted to doing drugs. Probably in front of these children. LSD, Mushrooms, etc etc. All exposing these children to fucked up things.
Not sure but she could also possibly be doing other drugs, not to mention she was accused of having track marks in the other thread.
In front of her kids? Not out of the realm of possibility. And her past with drugs.
All her exes were druggies in some way so there’s no chance she wasn’t also partaking.
Probably still doing it now too, as Danny is known to be a drug taker.

Also what’s really upsetting is that Kara (Jess’s ex best friend and also the band mate for Danny original) effectively being the link and how Jess met Danny to cheat on Stephen. Already confirmed he was kicked from the band for “not respecting women” … so what does that actually entail? He has Two young children and he doesn’t respect women?
All of this is extremely concerning and now she’s pregnant.

No. 886680

File: 1659720405577.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 154.76 KB, 577x573, FDC2165B-82A2-4E8D-BFFF-1056E8…)

How can you possibly state that this isn’t concerning when she’s allowing this to be published on her social media’s? And profit off of her spreading her pussy and suckling on pacifiers? She is very aware that these are still being posted.

No. 886682

File: 1659720459754.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 209.84 KB, 662x377, D24C4D50-72BC-4639-B2B3-FE1A28…)

Absolutely disgusting. That this pedo is having a fucking child. And you’re telling me she should be making money off this shit? You’re just as concerning and need a real reality check.

No. 886694

While whiteknighting you also admitted to being a pedo yourself. Nice.

Idk why you would even attempt to defend this. She's still selling questionable porn and that's probably where a majority of her income comes from. It's going to be on the internet forever and her kid's and their friends and their parents will probably find it one day.

If she was truly done then she would remove any content that is for sale.

Tbh, she should have stayed with kittenplay but maybe it wasn't degenerate enough for her?

No. 886843

probably the same anon who can’t stop talking about how she’s an “e-SWer” in /snow/

anyway, hypothetically speaking, any pedophile who gets pregnant should simply die in childbirth

No. 886865

I think Danny is concerning, he literally used his own blood to make a heart for Jess for Valentine’s Day. Beside all the druggie behavior how the hell are they going to be stable enough to have a family.

No. 886878


They gamble a lot. As seen by their twitch streams in the past so we know that for sure. They share very sporadic and addictive behaviours i.e drugs, gambling, the fact he feel in love with that pedo
Not to mention it has been confirmed she literally cheated on Stephen for Danny
Which, just shows how unloyal of a person she still is and how she has not changed her ways in the slightest. She’s just stopped actually making the porn, yet she’s still selling it.
Not sure what Danny works as, but he’s in a band called ‘Young Bird’ after being kicked out of Karas band ‘Peachy’
And Jess, doesn’t work, she just occasionally makes sales in her craft items but that’s not enough to support a family which will now be of 5 plus their cats.

Also I would still love to know what happened to Jess’s dogs. Because she abandoned them too for Danny.
She’s not moved from her ways lol.

No. 886884

Will she abandon her kid too? Time will tell.

No. 886889

I sincerely hope so. No child deserves to be raised by a pedophile. Hopefully CPS is up her ass on day 1.

No. 887256

File: 1660075144661.jpeg (609.74 KB, 828x1251, 48E73D5E-39CB-45EB-BF1C-96C873…)

Here’s a FB post I found, can’t believe this.

No. 887363

this baby would be better off yeeting itself before it’s born. Jess is still in contact with her pedophile clientele. I can absolutely see her selling pics of her new baby, especially because she’ll fit even less into her uwu I’m just a horny baby schtick once she has a kid herself.

No. 887402

File: 1660163280713.png (2.9 MB, 750x1334, 85B86195-01A4-4F67-800B-C5D383…)

She’s having a girl and I’m guessing by the name hint it’s going to be called Clementine.
Also a “mini me” I’m going to throw up, disgusting

No. 887407

I think it’s going too far to say she would produce and sell porn of her infant child. Since she has been with Danny she dropped the baby lifestyle and only did it for work at that point, which she no longer does. Also proof she’s in contact with her clients? How can you even claim that? I think you’re really reaching.

No. 887455

I like that name

No. 887889

Can you stfu wking this whore, pedophiles get the rope haven't you read the thread consensus?

No. 887908

You throw the word pedophile around so carelessly. By definition, she is not a pedophile and has not done anything illegal. Having a daddy kink is cringe, but doesn’t make a pedo. Regardless seems she grew out of that whole kink lifestyle and all of this banter is obsolete. Wishing death upon someone on the Internet you’ve never met is small-minded and pathetic. You complain about white knights, as if seeing the humanity in someone is somehow worse than being a bitter and hateful nobody behind a screen. Wasting your time checking a forum and posts of someone you hate so much is more telling of your life and priorities than anything.

No. 888002

Can you stop being a retard newfag? I don't mean to hi cow but this is getting ridiculous. Just because other women think "she's" crossed the boundary into pedophilia doesn't mean you can come here an convince us otherwise. There's more to child abuse than physical molestation and her online activities are so disgusting that the thought of her being around children warrants anons calling her a pedophile. Taking a borderline meme phrasing of "X gets the rope" personally makes you seem even more personally invested than camping the thread already did. Oh and you're speaking to more than one anon you absolute degenerate, imagine thinking it's only one person who takes issue with this disgusting behaviour? And maybe you should stop bumping what's likely your own thread, it's getting fucking sad.

No. 888014

Are you lost

No. 888069

>people are only pedophiles once they’ve done something illegal
kys pedophile

No. 888304

Wouldn’t be surprised if it was Jess or her baby daddy trying to white knight

No. 888425

I know this is Jess forum but her ex is so cringe my god why is he dressing and acting still like a 13 year old emo boy with rubber bracelets ugh makes me whole body shudder he got to be roughly 32 by now? Please Shave your head again you looked so much better

No. 888498

No no no no…

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