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gender critical and female politics
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No. 24582

Previous thread >>18424

A thread for blackpill feminism. Discuss heterosexual dynamics, female psychology, and the flaws of the feminist movement here.

If you disagree with the entire premise of the thread, you have no reason to enter it. Remember that entertaining disingenuous liberal feminist debate is running around in circles.

No. 24584

File: 1716744719142.png (221.11 KB, 784x3456, 01.png)

Thanks for the new thread. Gonna start by sharing one of my favorite posts that solidified BP for me.

No. 24585

File: 1716745187795.png (115.67 KB, 784x2637, 02.png)

No. 24603

This thread will be ruined by that one schizo, just wait.

No. 24604

No. 24606

Oh no we can't talk about our fds misandry wee wee btw I was just on other social media site astonished by the stupidity of the average misandrist who will say blackpilled things but then act like a handmaiden specifically admit that she can't breath while doing the disgusting blowing but does it Anyway then partakes in blackpill level misandry regardless in between dating. I hope this helps. Oh shit forgot that one "blackpilled" girl from here who randomly started sating a moid and noe she cries and wants to die cause she loves him but they aren't together anymore and hen she says blackpilled misandrist things in between the cries over "the love of her life". Hope this helps much.

No. 24607

last thing she said clit simulation will fuck you mentally her proof is stupid freudian theory I have masturbated all my life never experienced any “ post nut clarity “ what fucks someone mind is piv i can confirm to you any woman who experienced that felt used at some point

No. 24608

the only thing i agree with you on is this yeah most misandrists are fake when males are misogynistic they write paragraphs theorizing how women are subhumans when women try to pathetically mirror that they say stuff like “ men should die in a war “

No. 24609

File: 1716820717857.jpg (1.4 MB, 1080x8516, 024092046.jpg)

Someone with pedophilia is not very discrete on X and I mean two people

No. 24610

I don't care what you agree with me on. Those are facts and my bio essentialism about men, women and sex is spot on, no need to throw childish tantrums like the anon above you and their analysis doesn't even reach the end its just half assed and not self aware. Giving radfem learned concepts and ideas

No. 24611

Might I add again the awareness thing cause I masturbate led my whole life too hut wasn't aware of what I was truly experiencing back them and my point is that female biology sexually is feminine so regardless I'd you do this or that in masturbation or sex, female body reaches sexual fulfillment through femininity so masturbating is fucking with your energy through your nerve endings etc. And through clit it gets released in a shitty way not compatible with your full sexual anatomy like even in reproduction female orgasm is just vagina and cervix spasming to get the sperm in. We women have the same anatomy and by that I mean a female body and it works the same in this context. Sex is inherently gender conforming including masturbation. And that post about hysterical duality or whatever it was called I mean the screenshot is literally right

No. 24612

try to critically think once,i don’t deny biological factors but reducing everything to “ it is because i have a vagina “ the theory you posted don’t rely on any actual proof, you can’t generalize your personal feelings, how is piv compatible with your full sexual anatomy when it doesn’t involve the organ that literally just exist for your sexual satisfaction most women don’t even orgasm during piv unlike clit simulation, are lesbians gender confirming because they rely on clit simulation? do they experience any “ bad energy “ after sex because they are not getting penetrated by males?, you don’t even understand evolutionary psychology for someone who claims to be bio essentialist.

No. 24613

Point flies over you all heads and it all leads to dumb denialism and sex positivity again. No critical thinking coming from YOU but anyway…

No. 24615

File: 1716828938576.jpg (228.8 KB, 1080x698, 27-18-41-06.jpg)

The logic of these people is inside, they need a predator around to feel safe and to protect them from… What? Are they less protected without him? They are more in danger around any man. Of course I find these posts floating around in feminist circles. Nothing makes me more mad than the idea of being forced to live in interaction with men or those prostitution-like transaction. I try to stay calm but humans scare me because I know that my reactions to them and their fuck ups, prostitutions, sexes, injustices and patriarchies are painful and uncontrollable, feel imposed onto me then blamed on me because of my stubbornness and self defence

No. 24616

Kek, you showed up fast.

No. 24617

why do you assume im sex positive? i am anti piv i think sexuality is gross. i am just more educated on human sexuality than you i don’t deny biology at all. something as complex as sexuality can’t be just reduced to physical anatomy .if female sexual machoism is caused by their physical body then all expressions of female sexuality including lesbianism is male serving which is false, males do have g spot in their anus that’s why they enjoy anal penetration yet they never explore that part of their body maybe some in private do idk.im bringing this up so you understand it’s retarded to reduce everything to penis in vagina.there’s something you must understand too there’s no inherent truth in a physical action itself, sex is sociological behavior because it’s socially influenced to high degree read about sexual imprinting theory

No. 24618

they are so stupid for thinking a male stranger is more dangerous than a male they know when statistically this is false. i hate how they are not aware that their need for safety in a relationship indicates that there’s power imbalance. it’s really fucked up if you think about it letting someone much bigger than you with less empathy less self control be around you that’s itself is submission, the dynamics between females and males disgust me.

No. 24619

This brainwashing that if your partner makes you feel safe (literally the bare minimum in an intimate relationship) that you should give him EVERYTHING and whatever he wants as a reward or some shit. Kek no it’s the bare minimum, I’m not doing anything I don’t want to do regardless of how well you treat me. Fucking gross, I hate seeing women act like pathetic desperate sex slaves to the most mediocre nothings of men. It’s seriously jarring to constantly be shown how I’m so different than so many women and find them quite frankly depressing to associate with.

No. 24620

You used the word social so point disproven + I'm right + you don't understand
Women's masochism is caused by their biology/anatomy whatever
>penis and vagina
Thats human biology and reproduction

No. 24621

File: 1716835256029.jpg (753.76 KB, 1080x5410, 2024052530.jpg)

They are safer with a doll/without a real male than a real male around but most will never be her

No. 24622

you are really unable to critically think humans are social animals you can’t deny social influence. biological influence is real too. stop thinking in black and white have you ever wondered about how influential sexual abuse on someone’s sexuality.reducing sexuality to piv is retarded because we get arousal from other organs, for males it’s the anus and for women it’s the clit, there’s nothing that makes female sexuality inherently submissive, piv alone is not inherently submissive ( im anti piv don’t get this twisted) are you aware that males have submissive sexual fantasies as much as women, no biologist deny social influence even genetic determinism does not, sex is sociological behavior again read sexual imprinting theory.

No. 24623

also a fact you can’t deny sucking dick is a resent trend if you asked any woman about that 100 years ago she will think that’s gross.the biological aspect i don’t deny in this is that women will indulge in degrading sex if males demand that (males would too) because women’s role in sex is considered submissive and male is dominate this cause female sexual masochism since females select for dominance it just makes sense that women will lean towards masochism because they want their mate to be dominant, i think the biological factors involved leads to female sexual masochism but for this to happen you need social influence without society defining piv as submissive and dominant dynamic sexual masochism will not be common in women.

No. 24624

why that ugly doll though

No. 24626

Fell for the ugly man psychop I meant her mother since… She made it. But the daughter wanted to live through her hetero romance fantasy so bad that she made it too realistic and accused him of cheating

No. 24627

For gods sake. Also you didn't just say that piv isn't inherently submissive… It literally is and what women experience psychologically in piv is femininity and deep submission because of their anatomy. Sex is biology first most nothing else matters here and men can't be submissive in sex unless anal but it's still different and they don't have a vaginal canal cervix and these nerve endings. Wtf is even your agenda with this arguing, the desperate attempts to defend women just cause they are women are cringe also I could prove that piv is submissive just with pictures of sex + the feelings women experience in piv are that of a servant, forviver, nurturer and feminine role. It's a universal not personal it's universal truth you have that normie attitude that sex is whatever someone makes it to be while the truth about sex is based in human biology/nature and sex is also human biology all the social shit you try to say is not fitting into this argument. You said the most braindead shit by saying piv isn't submissive like I'm shocked people still argue against the most obvious facts. Men don't experience submissive fantasies more cause most of them are hetero and they can't be submissive in hetero sex, they can only want women to initiate sex anything that doesn't involve piv, genital touching etc is not sex at least not natural "sex" so it doesn't count it's an abomination(behavior). None of my points were actually confronted properly tho
I refuse to believe you are serious like that's just too much you can't be fucking serious… That's just straight up denialism with weird intentions. Your logic is emitting a radfem type of copium and their "theories" that are not accurate, it's just weird to encounter it again. I always hated radfem and their theories based on copium and oh the socialisation. What is society if not human nature also

No. 24629

what you think my intentions are? im just trying to judge things objectively im not trying to defend women, im trying to defend my body that you make me feel grossed existing in,yes piv isn’t inherently submissive ofc it’s submissive when you will show me porn clips where the woman pretend to scream like she’s in pain and in submissive position. but the sexual act itself is not inherently submissive. what makes something submissive is what society see,if you’re suddenly in a parallel world where they consider kissing someone’s feet not submissive yes it will be not submissive, simply because there is no such thing as universal truth regarding physical behaviors ,it doesn’t mean i think kissing someone’s feet is ok and there’s nothing wrong with , i think it makes you subhuman because you lack self respect and dignity. our sense of self is respect is a reaction to society. so if you lack self worth ( being ok with others seeing you as a subhuman toilet ) you are masochist. so most women are masochists because they accept piv even if bdsm is not involved or them pretending to be in pain by screaming like retards ( in this case i do not see it as inherently submissive because there is no obvious power dynamics) however it is still submissive because this is how society defined it . women know and they keep accepting piv.

No. 24630

> I always hated radfem and their theories based on copium and oh the socialisation. What is society if not human nature also

society is the result of male nature and centuries of rape, i have a theory that rape fantasies in women are the result of genetic memory of rape trauma, rape victims are more likely to develop rape fantasies as coping mechanism or a result of sexual imprinting. i don’t blame it all on the social aspect as i have explained to you but you keep implying that i deny biology. it’s just stupid to reduce everything to bodily functions. a penis in a vagina wouldn’t cause your brain to develop rape fantasies when rape is against your biological interest there is something deeper than that. human sexuality is so complex and fucked because it is fluid and you can easily get influenced by anything you’re exposed too especially at young age. that’s why males who get sexually assaulted become homosexuals. it’s imprinted if you are introduced to sex in a violent way due to sexual assault or pornography it will affect your sexuality forever.so it’s just impossible to deny the social affect and ofc biology plays a role

No. 24631

You're just straight up bullshitting, rape fantasies are natural cause of female anatomy, they receive pleasure through submitting so pretending that they are being forced makes them give up and submit but they actually choose the men they wanna be dominated by. Also men aren't homosexual or become homosexual because of getting raped and I'm aware of men who got raped as a child hut didn't become homosexual. Also the thing about dick sucking you made in previous post is fucking delusional dick sucking is also female biology in combination with sex orientation its easy to decipher but you have this mentality that men created all of this and that's why nothing you say matters cause it's all an inaccurate analysis. Human sexual biology is who they fucking are only difference is sexual orientation. All those patterns in female behaviors are just their nature but you already fixated on the femake-victim male-perpetrator retarded mentality that is vomit inducing at this point you think women have no sexuality? Then men also don't wanna have sex or rape either and it's just socialisation and sex having is a social construct!

No. 24633

File: 1716841172770.jpg (260.74 KB, 1080x768, 5-27-22-16-58.jpg)

"Sex positive normie mentality isn't a danger to individuals"
Meanwhile sex positive normies are advocating for slavery

No. 24634

they do turn into homosexuals and there’s thousands of cases confirming that because sexuality is imprinted. if anatomy is the reason then men are naturally submissive and like to be degraded as much as women if not more since anal is far more insulting because they have g spot. male nature is to rape female nature is to avoid rape because it is against your biological interest so rape fantasies don’t make sense biologically speaking. in conclusion what i think is women when exposed to bdsm they will pick the submissive role because they select for dominance.

No. 24635

>genetic memory of rape trauma
NTA but this is the weirdest cope ngl. It's funny cause if you have no sexuality then it also makes you a victim of trauma.

No. 24636

>dick sucking is also female biology

most women found that gross and weird before it became popular and males started to demand that

>women have no sexuality

sexuality is influenced by mate preference

No. 24637

genetic memory is real what i said make more sense than your simplified reason, your explanation itself needs an explanation like i really don’t get it how anatomy is the reason behind fetishization of power dynamics it’s just doesn’t make sense

No. 24638

hmm? I didn't explain anything. I'm not the person you responded to…

No. 24639

I'm genuinely done with your retards. You're such an evil gaslighting scum + inauthentic and causing me severe psychological confusion by denying the reality I am experiencing+make me play mind games. I can sense the snarky responses.

No. 24640

I hate these retards who believe pedos who say "I'm only attracted to this age group!!"

No. 24641

Not the cumbreath anon but I wholeheartedly agree with her. I can no longer have any ounce of respect for women who willingly fuck with men. I would never let the rapeape to penetrate me in any way. I'm not a lesbian, but for some reason the mere thought of fucking, dicks and penetration and the psychological impact of it fills me with disgust and dread. It's the utter subjugation. I would feel like a total faggot. When I see women in relationships with men, I see spineless faggots. I'm fine on my own and clit orgasms are enough for me. When I was younger, I tried to think about piv during masturbation, but it never worked and it would just make me less and less horny to the point of not wanting to masturbate any longer. I'm unable to separate physical pleasure from my thoughts about piv (total domination from the male, as you're the smaller and weaker one getting penetrated and risking a lot, from physical discomfort and injuries, to UTIs, STDs and pregnancy), thus I would never be able to enjoy piv and I know myself well enough to not even want to try it. I met like two nice men in my life who were also attractive and seemed like they would be good partners and they respected me and I knew them for over a year yada yada yada, but every time I had to end it because I knew I would never be able to actually have sex with an rapeape. There's no point in dating. I literally can't understand how can someone let a male inside their body.

No. 24646

no one smart disagree with her on the fact sex especially penetration and sucking dick is gross and humiliating, it’s just that she believes having a female body makes you inherently sexually submissive, when males have masochist fantasies and most males also have rape fantasies according to studies, and what’s interesting about the studies made about women having rape fantasies is that 15% of participants experienced childhood sexual assault, it is stupid to look at things in black and white, human sexuality is complex and fluid.

No. 24649

File: 1716877019194.jpg (175.43 KB, 1080x311, 20-19-07977.jpg)

It's not even about (for me) "not respecting women who date men" even tho their minds is also a big source of confusion for me
"you have to be a pickme to date men" is one of my first painful realizations and I knew I didn't even wanna adhere to these standards yet literally not being able to adhere was still distressing like duh My reason to be blackpilled is human biology, this makes zero logical sense to other people because it's unnatural to feel or whatever but now my real intentions for whatever reason are not hidden behind an irrational shame (even admitting to feeling depressed because of the sexual acts humans naturally engage in was shameful and ridiculous even if it was my actual real feelings… Oh how embarrassing) anymore so its basically all because of sex being inherently submissive/degrading/violent + humiliating sexual acts (it caused me pain my thought process is not hard to understand if you consider I find these acts degrading because they are while I'm a woman and it's my existence…) and I know that people have a magical thinking and give useless advice's and will just say "ignore sex". That's not how it works. We can't ignore life, the pain felt because of the reason I mentioned is 1/ a real feeling I experience/d 2/ caused by womanhood first not men or anything else but I know men are sadistic however how's there to validate this specific pain? Nobody as well as when it comes to other issues, you can feel terrorised by men then see other women loving them and that's anger inducing in the worst ways possible, caring about men and talking about them is setting yourself up for the injustice co created by both sexes. I'm simply blackpilled because of sex being degrading to women and it's a big part of life so I feel imprisoned This also makes zero sense to others but me feeling psychological terror, dread, burden because of it (degrading sexual acts) is also a real feeling I experience. This position in life womanhood gave me is unpleasant, sex causes me distress because of the natural dynamic between sexes, humans talking about sex or relationships and their details is horrifying, the natural standards to be in a relationship are fucking insanely burdening and gross, women can't have love without their own degradation or submission therefore I am blackpilled, it's just this simple. Sex is a main part of a human that can't be escaped even your own sexuality but the magical thinking persons will speak to you with a mentality that assumes you can just ignore all of these things (then get mad when you don't) and live your life or get pissy when you wanna analyze something that is such a big source of distress and confusion for you. I don't know what else to say besides idc look at the way humans describe their sex lives and realize I am "blackpilled" because of it (the position women have in sex) and because it's inescapable. Even being celibate or not having children in life is a big deal unlike what the people say. Life is just not a fantasy. Even subconsciously attraction to men being your identity while sex being degrading etc. All the degrading acts and requirements, is severe pain and enslavement and the attention goes onto my biology when I look at what's to blame in this situation then feelings of being a powerless sex slave in a natural patriarchy arise and everyone pro sex is a tyrant from that point of view they are supporting your source of pain and telling you "submit, submit, like degradation like degradation submit to my patriarchy!". Humans subconsciously knowing it all and admitting to all these facts but not in a direct way also makes me fixate, they know it's all true. Human subconscious mind just deciphers it all even the female male dynamic properly, the clues are literally everywhere. This is the sexual reality and my position in it I experience cause of womanhood making me feel like a prisoner because unlike in the fantasy, irl sex and relations is our life making me suffocate and feel claustrophobic in my own body for the silliest reason like not liking submission, femininity and degradation inherent to female sex. Even just… Dick sucking exists? Ups I'm blackpilled then … and it makes 100% sense but humans love their "advices". All the mind games, denying, gaslighting etc are infuriating and not being able to admit your real feelings too as well as those feelings making zero sense to others. Arguing about the patriarchy also is wild, once it exists to humans once not depends on the argument, they can't come to any right conclusions they dont even understand the implications of things they might agree with me on even sexual acts being gross.. Do you understand what it means then if billion women engage in them… What it means about human relations, hierarchies, power dynamics, psychological experiences, even in sex your psychological experienced caused by nerve endings and your anatomy… Is the raw reality you experience, position you live life in because what we experience mentality is our reality and the mind body connection in sex is the basic understanding of how sex works hence why sex is the same for everyone cause there's just two sexes all men are the same sexual anatomy as well as women.
If I am a woman and have a sexuality especially heterosexuality and even if don't wanna engage in it then it's still my identity causing me some emotional pain. I'm also a proof with my mental gender non conformity that gender is a biological construct because if it wasn't there would be none of these dumb limits and I wouldn't feel the way I do, the femininity or masculinity in human biology is soo blatantly obvious! You could feel all other women can feel in sex but if you're not into being feminine then it feels like a irritating torture and none of the female pleasure even seems like a real thing that exists however if you shift mentally into femininity then you align with your sexual biology and become psychologically compatible with it. Gender conformity imposed by my own biology is also a pain in the ass for someone with a brain that doesn't enjoy femininity for whatever reason and by femininity I mean emotions, sensations etc that make you experience being strictly feminine, in sex through their nerve endings and emotions women experience being feminine energy (I don't have other words) so female pleasure is feminine, feelings of serving, nurturing and loving others or self sacrificing is female pleasure which changes your perspective on what a human sex pleasure even is if the popular idea is that's it's you being served no matter what's your gender.
Sex is gender conforming and forces you into a cage. Sex is the source of all bullshit, patriarchy, female submission and male dominance, gender roles and this kind of stuff. Ohh and female or male position in straight sex is reflected in their psychology in insane ways, the empathy women have for men? Its sexual and because in sex women forgive men, women being pickmes and naive about men? It's because in sex their position is unconditionally loving the man and letting them into your body
Women have more empathy for men than vice versa cause of their position in sex…. Straight Sex is exposed literally everywhere. And yeah look at the fucking descriptions humans give of their sex lives and what women "have to do" in there… being fucked on all fours, sucking and jerking dicks etc like that's why I'm fucking blackpillled lmao and if you say "you're against natural things!" Then lowkey you prove my point, my gnc is strongly connected with my sex negativity and not relating to other women cause they all have the psychology of a sexually feminine woman even if they don't engage in that, as long as they are confirming to their biology mentally. It gives me and then different perspectives on things. What can I say here besides repeating that sex is the source of all the issues and into sex we are forced, that's not good, no wonder womanhood feels like a mental rape to me?
Am I wrong for feeling pain when moids or women talking about sucking moid dick? Lol. Ignoring it all, the "patriarchy" is still real and even following the logic of humans who disagree with me… This patriarchy makes things degrading. I started my sex negativity journey from a point like the screenshot(yes it's cringe+not me) but less ridiculous then as I always try to prove of I'm right or wrong then I explored if maybe I'm childish and mentally retarded and seeing sex in a wrong way or get too easily overwhelmed and overreact and after years and years of seeing every perspective possible, shifting into mental states that makes me see sex as ok then shifting back, trying to become "mature" (lol) … I came full circle, I just wanted to know if I'm ridiculous or not cause I have this obsession with possibility being perceived as being "mistaken" in my logic or doing thinking something imperfect that exposes me as low consciousness so I saw other human povs like oh I sound like a childish retard to them who is mistaken of course I don't know why this shit need so many words and humans can't communicate differently like oh I find shit degrading cause I'm not into submission oh I'm celibate cause of this and that reason or whatever blah blah humans start arguing that its not submissive akshually or about your other reasons to be celibate ok… Sex matrix,

No. 24651

I don't even think people should see the suffering as a point of this rant instead of seeing facts cause tf nobody asked for personal remarks I just speak about reality the concept of suffering and one being seen as real valid other as not real not valid also is confuses me like it's personal yet not, it's facts, using my personal feeling to talk about facts
Nobody treats human suffering as real anyway, nobody gives a fuck. Even when you get abused it becomes your problem and burden and blame and consequences. I rather humans reply to me some really, really controversial facts than lie because these facts, no matter how harsh are reliving instead of the opposite, that's my personal preference I also must admit that I like going schizo after insane thinking and repeating things over and over again and getting into a trance, vivid dreams or hilarious thoughts my brain makes me have when I for example go into a half-sleep state and the intense thinking is making me see life in such a crazy way, if I have the drive to repeat some shit then I'm pursuing a moment of cathartic fully rationalized realization. Once in a while life creates a woman who's to rageful to be soft and sweet about it all and honestly every human has some mental problems anyway if you're observant to notice it
i even have autistic traits like nor being able to comprehend why someone says one thing but does another, identifying with other humans therefore if other woman engages in something that would cause me terror then I'm triggered
might I add that I have also been severely bullied(despite not sharing any of my internal thoughts and back they were just sad not angry) by other girls and sexually harassed by moids from age 12/13 till 15 at school everyday. Making porn jokes and stuff like that they saw me as a vulnerable target even despite the fact that other girls had small breasts(small breasts at 12 wow so unusual) while they choose to taunt me specifically for this reason and not others. People know who's vulnerable.

No. 24652

Girl the misandrist bp copium is crossing the line something, I've been there for too many years to believe in it's authenticity, I saw bp misandrists up close as well. The average human is not very aware of what they are even experiencing

No. 24654

File: 1716882628298.jpg (179.44 KB, 1080x1679, Screenshot_2024-05-28-09-40-20…)

This post has 3m views. His response makes no sense

No. 24655

explain how i am coping when all i say is based on studies and psychological theories that every researcher agree on, you’re judging based on your emotions and how you see things.

No. 24656

I’m the one who was arguing with you about how female sexual masochism is not inherent itself but there’s biological factors that lead to it when there is a societal influence/male influence, when i say male influences it doesn’t mean i think women are helpless victims of men, it’s because mate preferences impact your sexuality, since women naturally desire to appeal to men they will sexually serve them, psychologically because from an evolutionary perspective , it’s not in female interest to practice piv if reproduction is not the goal . since piv is risky. so getting into this emotional state or what you call “femininity “ trying to force yourself to relax. that’s true, because piv is risky, now about female high levels of sympathy being developed from sex, not really… because women are more sympathetic ,because they are the caretakers of children in nature, males it is in their biological interest to kill other males and rape females so they developed to be psychopathic,i don’t understand why do you think i am trying to gaslightt or dismiss your feelings,i get your pain and the part of being a woman feels like a mental rape , i relate to that. the power imbalance between sexes is inherent , it doesn’t matter sex is involved or not, males will have more power . because when women get attached to males, want to appeal to them and will humiliate themselves for them, in sex and outside of sex, also the fact males are stronger. the sexual dynamics between a woman and a man, is the same as a predator and a prey, males tops the natural hierarchy, females select for the top and strong males while males select for weakness and low status. being a female is being low status. because of the natural hierarchy that enabled males to dominate the world, being a female is terror because you’re a prey forced to live among your predators, and everyone else ignore this fact and try to force you to submit. females can’t be liberated when males exist. women will always choose males because they’re pickmes by nature, gender is nothing but the way you present yourself to the sex you target. if you target men you will objectify yourself, make yourself appear weak and childlike, it is fucked, nature is fucked , and i hate existing and the world. i hate other women and men , i don’t want to hate my body although sometimes i do, because it’s weak and attract males , i get how you mentally feel. you’re not mentally ill or retarded although your reasoning is flawed because you are not educated enough on human sexual behavior development or evolutionary psychology, i don’t know much myself, maybe i am coping , but i try as much as i can to be objective. i can not ignore the world too and stop caring , it hurts me seeing how males prey on people of the same group i belong to, it hurts me more that women enable them, everything is so fucked up, i try to enjoy life while protecting myself from this , but having to deal with males , make me more resentful towards society because it force me to exist with my predators, i want to live away from others.

No. 24657

Jokes on her, I'm touch-averse and I've never felt better since I realized I'm happy on my own, mommy propaganda doesn't work on me.

No. 24658

I think you repeated my point but slapped the socialisation and other copes on it while it's all a natural/biological behavior and "society" and all the combinations of this word being used disprove nothing because all this behavior and patterns in human behavior are just their biology, male and female sex "designed" "evolved" by nature to reproduce with each other. There cannot be other sex than those two or human female and male biology can't be different than what it is in. It's a direct reflection embodiment of the metaphysical reality like even the feminine masculine polarity which is inherent. I could say womanliness instead of femininity but it means the same. Piv is woman nature cause what is human nature is their sexual biology and piv is an inherently feminine role for a woman etc so that's their psychology (the femininity/womanliness is their psychology and nature only difference is sexual orientation) created from their physical identity through which they experience life cause our biology is life itself. There's no "personal" "subjective view" "everyone is different" when it comes to male female dynamic, it's universal, sex is also inherent not a result of socialization or whatever even survival doesn't disprove that it indeed is woman nature. Pattern in human behaviors, their mentality, psychology and things they speak and the way they socialize come from their nature
>because women are more sympathetic ,because they are the caretakers of children in nature,
Motherhood is inherently sexual and created from hetero sex both sexed evolved for, everything is sexual
And women and men are literally just two sides of the same coin. Like go outside and look at real humans.
The thing you said about gender also shows a lack of a deeper thinking, you said it is to attract the gender you desire but a woman body already is feminine, outwards expressions of femininity just enhance it and are a natural urge because sex is an inherent drive, a woman also can't be masculine and attract others who desire masculinity I know it for sure, gender is not a performance cause your biology already assigned you a gender role in sex having and your biology is your nature. The female sex manifested itself to attract the male sex "target to it and vice versa the nature already created this gender "performance for reproduction purposes, it's not social construct. The female body is designed to be an embodiment of the male desire you see to think is the only cause of all bullshit (and it literally LOOKS like it) and male to impregnate the female and the woman is not a victim of het own body or sex drive. Reproduction and pregnancy is her nature and self interest the way she expressed her existence, human nature is literally just their sex while you seem to think sex is a social construct. Sex has a goal for human which is a sexual release in females it is inherently feminine and requires physical and mental submission to get the sexual fulfillment no matter with which sex that have sex with cause sex is gender conforming. Also what women turn themselves into while trying to cater to men.. They already are. Sex is about sexual attraction and sexual attraction is about sex and sex is the male body being a male body/masculinity or female body being a female body and women attracted to men want to be a female body being attractive to a male body and they already are that, power vulnerability dynamic between sexes is natural, women didn't evolve to be weak cause of men, it comes from both sides. What women are evolved into… It's who they are. That's literally what a "woman" is. And I said that dick sucking is female nature + sex orientation because it is a power vulnerability dynamic aka hetero sexual attraction and women who are hetero are turned on by heterosexual attraction and this act plus one sex position reinforces the masculine feminine sexual polarity the most giving them the most stimulations, submission gives women the most stimulation sexually. Women have a attraction and sex drive outside of reproductive sex and the "gender performance" is literally who they are and what a woman is if not her physical body which in sex having makes her psychologically experience femininity and you don't seem to even understand the implications of admitting that sexual things are gross or degrading… And those acts are female nature as well as male so you repeated my point but think it's all a social construct. Human sexuality(not orientation) is their biology, who they really are physically. . As if women are a victims of their own evolution and even motherhood is something done to them not their sexual nature lol idk if youre hetero but some hetero blackpillers think they are a victims of their existence solely because men don't want ~romance ~ with women also Jesus Christ I'm repeating it again about the previous posts but how is piv not submissive like literally being fucked on all fours by a man from behind you? Even for other reasons than anatomy it will causes feelings of extreme submission in the fucked and the previous post about dick sucking being a psychop? A complete delusion just to defend women, not an actual accurate analysis. People seem to even deny that the behavior of humans all around us is not a reflection of human nature. Recently on other website I saw a woman calling men animalistic right after saying she fucks men as if that's not more animalistic, as well as sucking off dicks till their faces look deformed while having a dick in them bowed down with your body to a moid like holy shit even days ago I went on someone's profile and their pinned post was the sex videos they make and this woman was kneeling to a man sitting on bed and doing disgusting movements with her head, that's what couples do which women literally defend and are proud of but the retards still come and infantilise women. Female sexuality is a much more dark desire because it's masochistic or dick sucking or succubus slut shit than male I would say, I mentioned it cause it's giving come lack of awareness, I don't get it. No woman would agree with you and would defend their sex behaviors instead unless they are the feminist ones with chronic victim mentality not taking accountability for anything they do cause it's all men forcing them. It's life. The way women express their sexuality is a reflection of their sexual anatomy aka what stimulates them. I don't know why I keep engaging in this argument… I'm not even blackpilled atp but gnc and my subjective view is that being a woman sucks but objective view is that it's inherently feminine and submissive and the reason I don't like womanhood it is cause I don't like being that but I am a slave cause sex is inescapable, it limits me but if I liked being feminine sexually then it wouldn't limit me lol. My brain projects masculinity onto womanhood which can't exist in womanhood then I dissociate instead and it's a weird rollercoaster. As someone who doesn't like to sexually experience femininity… Psychologically, even energetically like nerve endings in a woman's sexual organs lower body and the front of the body part and back cause in sex the stimulation happens in these places like an emotions in your body and definitely get to your heart space to I know it to the core that it is inherent to womanhood or else I would have no problem with it, identifying with a woman's body sexually causes identification with sexual submission and masochism. It IS universal. All the proofs and clues can't be a coincidence as well as my sex negativity and being different from other women, I do psychological exercises of shifting into other perspective often and at some point I was like oh wtf it is all so simple, my brain just refuses femininity or sexually submissive acts and it causes most of my blackpilled thought processes and sex repulsion I have is a real experience of terror and physical reactions to certain things + depression. I feel retarded even replying again to shit but I already shitted it out and repeated myself million of times while sounding deranged and being cringe I myself don't even read what I shit out bit I'm confident in these facts. Regardless of everything sex is the issue. do not hate myself definitely like I don't understand people who think I do I don't even self depreciate…

No. 24659

I just hate being a woman I think cause I def don't have a low self esteem unless sex negativity is seem as such, all the limit's and slavery that's sexual even gross acts existing is a psychological burden of even the burden of whoredom womanhood puts on you.. And the unfair treatments even most misandrist women will give you(holding you to higher standards than men) and the masculinity even in the mental realm being not obtainable to me while I prefer being more masculine even with my pov…while sex puts your mind into a cage of femininity and forces you to turn off your permanent ability to see the male pov(which I have) and bond with it through it from a woman's pov like forgive men and shit cause having sex requires forgiving men their natural thought process even that only loves being loved by a woman's body. Like yes it's all personal yet… No… Could be reduced to a few words that would cause argumentes anyways. I'm a shapeshifter mentally but I never sicced in staying in some sex positive States for long… But I can see the perspectives and why they change etc. Life seems the most normal to me if I'm detached from sex and my own drive or pursue androgynous objects of my attraction however I never engage in heterosexuality severely like other women mentally, I don't want romance, I don't even fantasize about it, I never wanted to insert gross act here or "get fucked"(only explored the dynamic mentally to the core but never inserting my own self or engaging in it for real out of desire, rather analysis even masturbation for me was used to explore the dynamic??) by a "crush"
But sex doesn't seem escapable… Unless you rationalize it to the core which people sabotage but it can literally erase the sex drive from your body especially facts do that cause they are unpleasant for a reason. They they are true. What also triggers sexuality is.. Being triggered by not being able to make mental connections and expand your consciousness I dont know how to verbalize it but personally for me arousal is associated with fear and no fear+ clarity on sex no sexuality for me, like completely gone making life seem normal finally, removing attachments.

No. 24660

On a slightly less tired subject:
Does anyone else think that the deeper psyop is the "attractive men"? You know- tall and muscular, physically powerful. An attraction to men larger than you is itself submissive and it's gross when so-called feminists themselves play into the power dynamic fetishism just because they're trying to play into manlet's insecurities. Same deal as when feminists make fun of small dicks- like, yes that does upset them but that doesn't equal a win for women because ultimately she's just saying she wants to be penetrated with a large one, which is an absolute self-own and every man who might otherwise be offended can laugh at her degrading herself.

No. 24661

No comment on the other stuff you said, I'm still trying to process it all, but one thing that I do agree with you on is about how disgusting dick sucking is. Even before I found this thread, even before I found lc, before I started really hating moids, I was always disgusted by dick sucking. Deeply disgusted and never understood how other girls talked about it like it was something normal or even enjoyable. I even watched some videos of it to try see what was so good about it. It's completely animalistic, gross, degrading. Abnormal. No one with self respect would suck a cock. How could you do that to yourself. When my friend mentions it, I just want to melt away.

No. 24662

This is not bad at all actually, although I don't agree completely with point 5 Learn to game the system instead of changing the system

No. 24663

File: 1716916795499.mp4 (490.56 KB, 320x568, ssstwitter.com_1716916545425.m…)

you thought you were watching a video about self defence but then.

No. 24666

File: 1716918319344.jpg (1.05 MB, 1080x5791, 4149.jpg)

No. 24668

I wish I didn't click on that, why would anyone record a video like this and add a fucking laugh track at the end, rape culture is real

No. 24680

I hate having empathy sometimes, I really do. I was recently rewatching Persepolis and the part where the Iran-Iraq came up, where hundreds of thousands of young men and boys died and I started crying. I hate that I felt that way. Why should it matter that these boys, who would grow to be men died foolishly because some mullah told them they'd achieve paradise?

No. 24681

File: 1716977948815.png (128.03 KB, 600x1100, empathy.png)

No. 24682

Men will never have the kind of humanity you have

No. 24685

nta but I literally can't cut men out from my life because I live with my brother. I'm not a NEET by the way. I have a job, I just can't afford an apartment and If I wasn't living with my brother and his wife, I would be living with my parents in another state.

No. 24686

File: 1716985976540.jpg (1.63 MB, 498x7599, Screenshot_20240529_083148_Chr…)

No. 24687

There was a single baiting tard thot/male but a retarded anon kept responding to the bait shitting up the board. Report and move on.

No. 24688

It's obviously a baiting male, I know tradthots irl and even they have their own warped internal logic but it's not this.

No. 24689

Yeah the typing style is disgustingly masculine and the
>based hole
makes it obvious as hell. I just wish anons would stop taking the bait. They don’t even stop when you tell them they’re taking the bait. I sometimes want to slap some sense into them through the screen kek

No. 24690

It's basically saying "if you can't defend yourself from the attacker then appease the attacker"
<sarcasm>Appeasing worked out well during world wars<sarcasm>

No. 24691

"Based hole" was sent by one of the lesbians hating on heteros, try to follow

No. 24692

Lol your brother and father don't count. You can still have them. Just don't have male friends and certainly don't ever date a moid

No. 24694

nta but why wouldn't it? One's brother and father are still males and capable of male acts. If she's relying on her brother for material aid, wouldn't he be able to take advantage of her as well? What's the difference between this and living with a male partner?

No. 24696

Anyway I am always getting annoyed the misandrist-only blackpilled women, it came to a point when I'm repulsed when someone starts yapping this misandrist shit. It's such a turn off and I can't get past the childish vibe and logic it has. Men and women are two sides of the same coin the patriarchy and what you hate is women as much as men, it's human biology (sex) not JUST men, the victim mentality crossed the line and become immature and delusional. Only I know how many arguments I've gotten into in the past five years in 'blackpilled " spaces and it all was mainly because of this or sex negativity. I just feel physically?! nauseous when I encounter that mentality or talks about how women are superior, men are xy blah blah subhuman blah blah, I only care about facts, not a person with an immature (when they are immature) mentality throwing childish tantrums because I don't relate to it. I cannot understand the childishness. Just can't and their assumptions when I say what I just said. And heir "men are the cause of all evil!!" No it's more things including women. I won't even mention the FDS of this all, nowadays I don't see a difference between a bp misandrist and a trad, fds, radfem who's overly emotional about wanting romance etc. Like I just don't relate and can't relate. I can grasp why they get mad and offended when I challenge them but.. When I was in that phase as they are I still saw men and women as one. And the womanhood positivity sometimes feels like taunting when its done in a certain way. Even sex positivity still finds it's way into these spaces, I remember this specific woman's username… She was sex positive in a blackpilled space and always auguring with me over it. In another space I randomly posted something after the space have been dead for a long time and this woman pulled up out of nowhere, the same one I had arguments with years ago but different from the sex positive one and hit me with the most retarded insufferable "women are brainwashed victims youre no netter than an incel blah blah some insults" but the post didn't even contain that much extremity or blaming it was so mild and not angry. I had even different woman hunting me on another one of these spaces, like she wouldn't stop it was in reddit and she started coming under my comments on unrelated subreddits to psychanalyze me, back them when my opinions weren't even that "controversial". These women demeanor is always so aggressive like what makes you think you can rule over me, what are you even defending. Why are you trying to persecute me. My perception is so different. They can be/do whatever but even normies don't deny facts as much as they do and they try to create some theory that I'm a mistaken person " brainwashed by some wrong narratives and need to awaken!" Or their conspiracies about the "patriarchy" and theories they get stuck on…. Enough really. Copes are a dating strategy etc. I'm not into hetero "romance" because eeeeee i don't wanna get fucked on all fours and suck dicks (the way you can't be this straightforward irl when someone fr family complains about your celibacy like uh but it's true I just… don't want a dick in my mouth and having to make humiliating physical movements then get fucked in piv and conform to my biological gender psychologically in pursuit of sexual stimulation that requires gender conformity and from equals sex makes men and women into unequal feminine-masculine polarity unequals you can't just say it to people even if they literally know it) recently I saw a bp misandrist admit she doesn't like sex but still has it. I'm soo over and out of it. Yeah I'm a killjoy, inaccuracy pisses me off and the idea of romance grosses me out cause of sex stuff so when someone expresses attraction to men through misandry… I feel it physically… As disgust I don't care when they do it in any way that doesn't make me feel gaslighted or attacked or is not around me. I don't know how to communicate with humans it's like as if I'm supossed to hide my consciousness to not disturb humans socializing with eachother.
And those male haters still can't even decipher male behavior properly… Even female too, female sexuality is dark but they just call it victimhood to not admit uncomfortable facts and due to it being inherently dark… Then it's ALL victimhood to them. The gaslighting about the biological reality is so irritating, the denial of human degeneracy… Even through being anti porn and saying its not real life they just express that they are scared of human nature even their own. If these men or even women who are turned on by porn or bdsm were in fact turned on by it then it says some truths about them and their nature. Deniers of it paint themselves as anti degeneracy and pro romance or love but they aren't all that. They they weaponize their flawed analysis against you and want to argue and call you deranged. I'm too observat to not feel gaslighted and severely misunderstood because humans are such a denialists and liars and that's so threatening. Even the patriarchy some say is real… Dissapears for them when you try to argue with them and they act blind to suffering they used as an argument seconds earlier to call you evil for.. Not caring about suffering. Like how you decide what is good or bad whos suffering is real whos not who's right or wrong or evil or good. The blackpills are degenerate unsalvageable things including natural things in sex and I think that those sex things prove my point of the sex being an inherent gender role because if you open your eyes then the male female dynamic is naturally shocking to perceive when it's naked. This makes me question what human morals are even based on if it's not okay to feel distressed by gross things that touch on your fricking personhood deepest parts I always feel so exposed saying it all like it's supossed to be hidden. Maybe I'm smarter than others in one way at least our of many ways and once it makes me look down on them then feel guilt then other times with no guilt like they are just humans humaning but I have the right to seek answers and be scared if there's so much danger around and I'm not someone who just takes shit politely? Like If I got raped I would seek revenge. Most painful one for others making them mourn. I'm so autism brained that I dont need to get raped to even feel it cause my brain identifies with things outside me "empathetically" (not in a I'm a good person way, empathy is just seeing yourself as one with others I think) so I identify with all these women and feel as if it happened to me and my rage is so severe x the psychological terrorism is something I see others doing to me by just being themselves, pickmes and males doing their thing… Before someone overreacts, dont treat it too seriously or as a too serious suffering in me

No. 24697

The way she mentioned it like it's a regular part of her life is so fucking creepy, women have to do it like every other day or week regularly even the positions their faces are in makes their spit fucking leak put of their mouth and dick makes their suffocate and pretend they don't have teeth like this shit is so bizzare and makes womanhood unsalvageable I can't imagine living like this having to do this every other day or everyday. Can't imagine being excited before meeting a moid knowing you have to get a penis in your mouth. While from a male pov? Yeah meeting a woman would be rather exciting not… Dreadful m I remember someone saying that they don't even use men for cuddles… Cause it ends up with them with a cock in their mouth cause men and women can't co exist differently eww its so creepy they use their mouths to have sex with and express their sexual attraction I can imagine the submission and femininity mental cage doing this shit puts them in to avoid awareness that would cause trauma. I can totally see this pov being like this for "security" purposes

No. 24699

Is there anyone you don't hate?

No. 24700

Are you mad cause of the misandry shir cause you're reply is insufferable but anyway I don't give women right to get mad at me over it since I know that are hypocrites in the creepiest ways possible to give proof I would have to give names… Some people HERE make no sense and are sadistic idgaf about their performative misandry. They are sadists. And fake.

No. 24702


Additionally, the study included a decent female sample from a conservative college (Notre Dame Catholic University in Indiana). So I think most of these girls grew up with sexual shame and started building fantasies that freed them from their own sexual desires because they are still very conditioned to think that their enjoyment of sex makes them "sluts".

And like the other nonnie already mentioned, at least 15% of the participants in the study admitted being survivors of sexual abuse (I assume either in their childhood or adolescence based on their age).

As you can see in this link : https://www.psychologytoday.com/us/blog/all-about-sex/201508/why-do-women-have-rape-fantasies

No. 24705

Ok i will say it but sounds woo woo
so how aren't lesbians/single women scared of using artificial insemination to have a child if personality is literally 100% genetic and it's some random man you don't even know neither his family… Getting his genes into your body and birthing your and his child that gets its personality from both of you and your parents etc. genetics. You can literally birth a child who will suffer due to it's genetics we can't escape you can only detach from the material reality but that's not an ideal solution to five up on life. Have to give up on it… Your genetics can make you HAVE TO do it cause those personality traits gotten from both parents are inherent if you're observant enough at some point you will notice it in yourself or your parents. My mother is abusive and it took long before noticing that her anger issues, obsessive thoughts, neuroticism, passive aggressive behavior victim mentality, emotional abusive attachment in me, ocd, etc are inherent and she can't stop them. Your genetics can cut your connection to god(not Bible shit male Christian shit religion I just lack a world to describe what I mean sorry for cringe) off esp extreme shit like anger issues without anything softening it up. Her traits… I have the exact same mental tendencies as her combined with my father peacefulness, ability to process emotions automatically, shyness, passiveness, solitude, never screaming cause it scares your own self, no depressiveness, moods pretensions or big ego, sex repulsion, gentleness (he's like not very masculine, authoritarian or dominant but its still just a male and I would be scared if I was just alone with him regardless) and I am incapable of screaming irl. Or getting in conflict. I'm gentle and love being alone, I'm extremely shy blah blah like I'm literally behaving just like him externally but then the traits from my mother manifest as … What they are in her but as depression, obsessive thoughts, impulsiveness, anger issues that go into my internal world cause I don't let people irl know abt it like my mother etc. We also exist in relation with our parent and second parent and in relation with them both while they exist in relation with eachother and its all personalities interacting and child-parent dynamic has deep emotional even psychic connection in it and strong attachment even if they hate one another. I wish I could erase the bad traits in myself, I wish I was even more my father even if I literally am similar but the anger, depression and obsessive thoughts and other shit pains me. It sabotages the other traits that always made me so proud of myself. Peacefulness, relaxation, gentleness, ability to love solitude, not being capable of wanting conflict irl. Not capable of anger or screaming are the best traits to have it makes you exist in higher states but my genetics make me fucking suffer regardless. One of my siblings never speaks without an anger in their voice. He's just like my mother but also shy like my father but he can't fucking help the anger, my other sibling also has all the same traits of my parents with my mother traits dominating, only in me the peaceful traits win more cause they are screamers. My life is dictated by my genetics, my mother abused me and at some point I saw the traits she has in me and I always had them but they are expressed differently so it made no sense and understanding my own or hers makes me understand hers or my own cause they work in the exact 100% same way same with my father traits in me, you will birth a child with that. Some man's fucking genetics and who knows what relation will you have with that child too cause the relation is also influenced by the inherent personalities of two people and their connection with eachother. You manifest a child into reality co created by a man's genes. You create suffering, possibly. You would have to choose the most gentle peaceful male whos shy without the incel, depression, mental, moody side of it cause depression is literally connected with NPD and contains strong evilness you would have to choose traits that overcome maleness even those in a male nothing overcomes his maleness as long as he is a male body esp not in sex.. But my point here is that 99.9% of males have severely bad traits in them, you birth evil into the world and if you're the one with evil traits especially masculine then you from your own genes create evil lmao. Traits like fakeness, pedophilia sadism are also passed onto the child, children even look like a copy of their parent/s. The other day I saw a mother and a son and they had the same exact body type, then I saw father and a daughter and they looked so alike. What if they become mentally ill woman with a legit pedophilia who posted a link to this thread and said everyone in it should get their clits removed and stalks this thread while pretending to be a moralfagging misandrist feminist? You then become a creator of pedophilia

No. 24706

I rather they have rape fantasies than openly admit to wanting to serve men and suck dick on the knees or get fucked… I don't wanna see it tbh it is shameful and obscene just as when men say they want a woman to suck their dick. I do not care, seeing humans act on shit without shame is traumatic. And wanted rape is not rape its a fantasy of pretending you're being forced or dominated cause it stimulates. Idgaf if men use this fact to be evil if women said they wanna be raped men wouldn't wanna rape them anyway then cause they wouldn't do what women want. Pretending to be forced makes women submit which is compatible with their biology and how it receives sexual pleasure, deciding to initiate the hetero sadomasochism by yourself instead is more obscene… No wonder women are auto pedophilic… And many don't wanna grow into the mother rile but instead stay a child. It is because this sex shit is inherently shameful and a burden. Not a personal choice but a shit you do to get the desired stimulation to which road contains degrading shit thats a price you pay lol women have a burden of whoredom(dark position in sex) on then who the fuck wants this shit

No. 24708

I'd rather have them do neither to be honest. But it's good to dig into the stats circulating in the manosphere and check how relevant they are. Most of the time these clowns only tell half the story in order to spread the narrative they want. These twats are deceptive as fuck and it's always good to remember that fact when they present some counter-intuitive statistics that seem way too over the top.

No. 24709

>IF personality is 100% genetic
Since your whole doom post relies on that asssertion you should start by proving it.

No. 24713

I'm against ivf (and breeding in general) but you got me interested in that "personality is 100% genetic" part. Doesn't science say that it's basically 50% genes and 50% nurture? That famous case of triplets being adopted by three different families is a good irl example of it. All three had very similar quirks, interests and dislikes but only one offed himself and was severely depressed and it just so happened that his adoptive dad was very emotionally cold. and he grew up kinda emotionally neglected from his side, while the other two boys had loving dads who showed them feelings
Also what about people who break the cycle and are totally different than their mothers and fathers? I knew such cases, and I'm one of them. I never had problems like substance abuse, getting in debt, abusive relationships, anger issues etc. I never dated men and I don't want to have kids, not only bc of blackpill; even before I discovered bp, I simply never had such desires. Even if it was in my genes to break the cycle, you can't say that I inherited my personality from my parents because I literally didn't. I'm also autistic, which is genetic, and that could make me less prone to copying other's behaviors. But that proves even more that my mom's personality + my dad's personality doesn't equal my personality. I think my genetic disorder (autism) actually saved me from being like them. So genes, yeah, but not in the way that you described.

No. 24715

I consider myself as different from my parents and breaking the cycle yet I still have all of these traits.

No. 24716

I thought so too. Criminality is also genetic and lesbians seem to usually have sons. Sounds like a recipe for disaster. I have weird traits that I even got from my grandmother. Life just feels like you’re forced to pick up where your ancestors left off. I’m fighting the same shit they fought. Do you think you pass on any self-improvement to your children or no? Like epigenetics. I don’t know science so…

No. 24719

males never feel sympathy to women, I hate the fact women are sensitive moral fags try to reduce your empathy by observing how they talk and do to women.

No. 24720

i thought that was just a feminist cope,interesting.

No. 24722

you’re either like your mom or dad or a mix of both you are just them in a different time

No. 24723

speaking of genetics a lot of males have this gene called the warrior gene. the reason why there’s more males with this gene than females is because they have only one X chromosome so they’re more likely to have genetic mutations.


it is widespread in countries that gone through wars, so i think they should call it the rapist gene, this gene is associated with aggressiveness and psychopathy.

No. 24724

>lesbians seem to usually have sons
the reason lesbians have more sons is because they get artificially inseminated, artificial insemination usually favors male sperm and you actually have to remove them through a more expensive procedure, and even then it's not 100% guaranteed

No. 24725

Ayrt, I suspected it was something like that. That sucks though.
I suspect that a lot more messed up shit with men is caused by a lack of second X. No back up genes. Basically like being disabled. In my experience, female behavior on average is more stable and less erratic. Men express a wider range of behaviors. I thought that the IQ distribution difference was because of that too. I feel like the Y has an effect on brain development. Completely unrestricted. Like male autism can turn you into savant or drooling tard but women are usually not at those extremes.

No. 24727

File: 1717085014194.jpeg (1.08 MB, 1125x1908, IMG_8423.jpeg)


dk if this is the appropriate place to put this but I am viscerally disturbed by the conversation in this tweet. this is what the world expects relationships with moids to be like and moids are so entitled and think they’re victims instead. what is the value of relationships with them other than everyone expecting the female to put up with being raped and pestered constantly and for what benefit? Rfh is even coping like men are supposed to initiate, others are saying men have higher sex drives like it makes the situation better. I feel so blessed to live in a country where I can be single and free of this.
straight relationships are so horrifying to me. maybe this would be more appropriate in an anti sex thread that probably doesn’t exist.

No. 24732

File: 1717094104199.jpg (664.52 KB, 1080x3961, 82428.jpg)

the throat pigs (no sympathy for those bdsm sexual acts lol stay mad) are back, the air didn't even manage to get clean from the smell after the throat numbing spray post that had even more likes and interactions (this has 17k likes)
>girl talk!!
Yeah seem just like it… and like my experience online years ago around other teenage girls and their ~girl talks~

No. 24734

I refuse to read anything RFH has to say to be honest and I have her muted

No. 24737

I understand and she’s a psycho Israeli but it’s more about the whole conversation on that tweet and how everyone including her but not just her expect women to have sex with their husband. who would want to enter such a contract for life. Even many radical feminists act like they want to fix relationships between men and women and this is what they think is a good outcome, either women having sex with the man every time he asks or that’s not enough she has to ask too when she doesn’t want to clearly. They all acknowledge this a common situation.

No. 24738

Yes I saw that post already and called these sex positives a groomers who can't even comprehend that a woman might just not want to have sex no matter what the man does

No. 24739

File: 1717096118271.jpg (448.67 KB, 1080x2593, 074104.jpg)

Here is a response I collected from that discourse and the lovers guide is an account that posts handmaiden trad patriarchal content for years now

No. 24740

that sounds so traumatizing for her. Nature is so cruel for mismatching female and male sex drive and making pregnancy so dangerous. Proof that they are sadists for trying to balance it in their favor anyways. I am forever reminded that we are in a hell dimension where females are especially tortured. She just wants to be loved and appreciated by a fellow human being and instead she gets massively manipulated with each passing day. Her spirit torn down and her body and life put at risk by a parasitic demonic creature known as the male human. When she is fully broken down the male tires of his little game and goes on to continue his sadistic conquest through other women. Even if you fully submit to the monstrosity that is the male you will lose due to his fickle nature and ever expanding lust for tormenting a variety of women. Truly the agents of entropy personified. Destroying all lives and order in their path for passing moments of pleasure and all other microcosm of male personal gain. All males need a biohazard symbol tattooed onto their foreheads. Tattoo it in invisible ink in a color spectrum only females can see, at birth. Is that extreme? Something must be done so the next generation of women does not fall prey to collective amnesia of the human male. study genetics to wipe them out.

No. 24743

Rejects crying about men not loving women I mean. Just no, I can't participate I get physical reactions to it (nauseous) when women talk about romance and cry… The psychology of this…

No. 24744

Straight romance looks like women are being pets of men, however some women act as if men enslave them in life and only solution for the enslavement is a "good romance" they act like they are prisoners of men but it's all biology idk it just is no matter how men act. And if you separated all women from men then they wouldn't be satisfied so their conclusion is that good romance is a solution to everything and men sabotaging it is the patriarchy men "created". I better go, romance is a touchy subjects it pisses other women off when they imagine life without it I can feel the torments

No. 24746

I call bs on this. I experienced a civil war firsthand and have done my own research on post-colonial conflicts and I can confidently say that with the exception of Europe during the world wars, the majority of able-bodied men are not actually fighting in civil wars. In most cases a civil was is between a corrupt government and handful of divided small armed groups and the people are caught in between, again less then 1% of the male population is actually fighting in civil wars.

No. 24747

males are good at manipulating these pathetic women to be their sex slaves, when women will see how disgusting their moids are is male validation that important to them

No. 24748

True, so many women enter toxic codependencies with men because of prioritising relationships with men and male validation over everything else. These women, before being the victims of males, are first the victims of their own short-sightedness and lack of self-respect.

No. 24751

women’s obsession with looks and male validation is the reason why they engage in shameful self disrespecting acts

No. 24753

Sadly, I agree with that too. But even then I wouldn't imagine the imagined scenario to end with a torn vagina, anus and internal bleeding like what is fantasized about by males and portrayed in porn. It's the quest for male approval and validation that leads women down the tradwife rabbit hole too, and many of them end up giving up on their prestigious jobs for the most idiotic reasons, exactly like what happened to Lauren Southen.

These types of women can only learn the hard way, and frankly I don't feel sorry for them at all.

No. 24754

women are obsessed with romanc so pathetic, the solution to this is to show them the truth about their dream romantic relationships, most OF subscribers are males in long term relationships, males will cheat when their wives become middle aged, males are also more likely to cheat when the woman is pregnant, 60% of men leave their sick of cancer wives , brain scans studies proved male brain when viewing a naked woman he don’t think of her as a human he think of her as a tool with no soul, whenever i see a woman saying “ I love my bf “ , I can’t help but laugh you love him but he will not think twice about leaving when you are ill when cheating on you if he got the chance with a woman he sees as a better sex object women are clueless about their beloved males nature

No. 24755

Women are not clueless, they are in denial. That's all there's to it. Women have to be face to face with the reality of male biology in all its depravity and psychopathy in order for the spell to break.

Again, look at what happened to Lauren Southern, some women need to learn the hard way.

No. 24756

This is literally alien talk. I can't see those dumb prostitutes as human

No. 24760

File: 1717146746701.png (62.2 KB, 498x496, copium-gas.png)

I want to believe that the types of women discussed in this thread are outliers and the result of confirmation bias/actively seeking out slutty women. I really don't know, because I don't get in conversations about their sex life, this is surely not what the average woman is thinking and doing when she gets home?
I really hope you're all just chronically online hikkineets guessing what women are like.

No. 24761

File: 1717154116053.jpg (2.69 MB, 1080x12658, 1052024125807.jpg)

Even disabled peoples sex loves look like this.
Plus I have like a decade experience with observing humans sex lives, I haven't researched something as much as this plus I'm insane when it comes to perceiving patterns in this field. Even on Facebook years ago I spend years reading teen girls and older women sharing their sex lives with pics of their faces and their real names on their profiles(it was on Facebook groups) I belonged to these two private few thousand members groups made by a girl who was popular on over platform and a moid who was popular on here too and they made it for their "fans" and it turned into teenagers just hanging out and socializing. There was eben regular weekly or monthly sex confessions/sex stories/sex post… It was insane to me, a prude but back then I had less self awareness. Even at 12 I followed a girl who was a 18yo lesbian life online and her and her gf sex life was also very yk. Then… She dated 5 moids in two years and settled for a neckbeard looking guy. Instagram, Facebook, twitter or especially reddit and good for people watching. On reddit people will talk about their lives but also makes share their sex life so you can see how this or that kind of person sex life looks like and its fascinating to see a person of any kind and their sex life exposed and how it matches your assumptions… Imagine my thousands if shocks upon learning about these peoples sex lives. Yhe most innocent ones were exposed as some degenerates or pigs and reading it over and over again forces your mind to make mental connections. Around a few weeks or months ago or maybe more recently I just become so confident in my generalization that I don't believe I'm ever wrong about this and the confidence was created by humans getting exposed in my eyes. I just started standing up for observable facts and saw all my assumptions as "making perfect logical sense" then copium evaporated from my body and it's nice to generalize ngl

No. 24762

I idolized father traits out of desperation, I don't enjoy Amy woman thinking their father is good cause literally you don't know them, they have their parent persona in relation with you and I rather get Abused by mother than father, all men or women due to their biological sex or position in sex have the same predictable traits, humans follow whatever stimulates them in sex and you know what stimulates men for example and they see world through their sexual desire but point stands still cause its so easily observable in everyone. You can also see that humans barely ever change these mental tendencies.

No. 24764

>yeah well look at this moiddit thread!
As usual this is what happens when you add the keywords "+reddit +blowjob" to your google searches. What the hell do you expect? I could spend a decade seeking out groups for sexless marriages and men complaining that women DON'T want to be mouthfucked, and then anecdotally argue that the only whores here are the men foisting sex on uninterested partners.

No. 24767

Cope. Wah wah men are the actual whores women victims wah wah look at my childish misandry. One of the most annoying mentalities ever and I can't not be embarrassed reading it of I literally understand the psychology behind it can't relate tho. Go join RFH even she sucks cock, openly on top of that CRINGE

No. 24768

I don't suck cock, I'm a virgin until the grave, you penis obsessed fucking lunatic that's why I question your narrative. The people who aren't having sex aren't posting about it on sex forums so of course you won't find them there.

No. 24769

Being blackpilled the way I am no matter if it's good or bad in people's eyes still makes you receive constant insufferable responses like this. Its like I'm speaking to a wall and I'm so allergic to fakeness knowing that these people know what they said wrong, nitpicked etc. Makes me so mad. Go wipe your tears after crying how men don't love women or something. You know accusation about me is wrong and when I say that I met plenty of your mind who say what you said but some day snap and slip and say cringe shit about waiting for a Nigel and me saying this will make you accuse me of shit you did again because that's how speaking to you all looks like usually lol the exchange was about how human sex lives really look like and they look the way they do cause of both sexes biology which I name "men" or "women"

No. 24771

Unfortunately lots participate in stuff like what's posted itt. Recently my sister was telling me about some normie coworker of hers that told her she had threesome with two random guys she met at a club in the back of one of their trucks. She could've been kidnapped, raped, or murdered but went along with it anyway because to many women being seen as desirable to moids is one of the greatest accomplishments in life even if it's completely degrading oneself. Also, look at the amount of women who think sexual violence like choking, slapping, etc. is totally fine as long as there was consent from the woman. Look at how many are all for sex positivity and hook up culture despite the negatives vastly outweighing the positives. Maybe they aren't as open or graphic about their sex lives as what gets posted here but you best bet even the most normie women will degrade herself to keep her chosen xy around.

No. 24775

you're a virgin? why?

No. 24776

Because I don't like to degrade myself? Arguing with cocksucker doesn't make me a libfem.

No. 24778

you’re non virgin? why?

No. 24781

how to cope when you exist in males and their dick suckers world?

No. 24783

By distracting yourself with work and hobbies By spending little time online, where degeneracy has no need for a filter. Making friends with lesbians and celibate woman, too.

No. 24784

If you're referring to me with that word them go fuck yourself, I don't appreciate sexual harassment and it shows that in your mind this act is like 100x more normal than in mine, mine which sees it as psychologically terrorizing and nobody on earth unless they are literally severely mentally disabled is dumb enough to not understand my point in hating it and real revulsion, reasons and terror behind it I really hate how much power other humans have over us and can terrorize us with a few words beyond your control. Women re addicted to lying (yeah blah blah men too blah blah but I'm talking about women now) and the fact that women with my opinions are seen as the ones who can't read while all I do I refuse to engage in manipulation and lies and stupid narratives. Humans will take something thats not true to gaslight you and tell you you're wrong and their rightness is based on a FALSE shit because they think in concepts, ideas they learned and manipulate. All my points were right even the 'hysteric duality " one about clit and vagina canal stimulation. The one about femininity in women and masculinity in men being biological also, thats the structure of the reality. But all I get is nitpicking, people saying I said something I didn't, hijacking the narrative etc. Once I perceived the childishness in other women I knew they are unsalvageable. I just see the psychology of so many things even human responded to me online and atp I know I'm 100% right. And the thing about womans biology being the cause of their position in heterosexuality is also right. Its their natural position therefore their sexual nature/nature(not sexual orientation) and not victimhood cause wah wah men don't give women right romance therefore women are the prisoners of men blah blah socialization conditioning blah blah (its all just human nature, only rather the consciousness we are in a human body is conditioned by human nature) blah blah things are the way they are now but blah blah some theory about abolishing the patriarchy with the "patriarchy" they describe being just natural things that will exist as long as material reality exist therefore now they think its mens fault and women are prisoner's of men men and women have on same shit in then, I used to associate it with men more for a short vile but then I saw it in women fully and I was like… wtf why do I see a man when I see a woman? Because of that thing. Female sexuality is also dark which causes the victimhood mentality and last I human morals are based on bio gender roles cause so much sadomasochistic shit is done even women do that is on the level of what humans here hate men for but nobody cares. The dick sucking shit is also a psychological terrorism but its normal to you do anyway I just hate the filth I feel after this sexual harassment I suspect(now call me a paranoid lunatic) and second last, people get mad when a woman doesn't prioritize qualities grouped as feminine which causes her to wanna be a man rather than a woman, sorry I don't like being these qualities. Now deny that we have to be them as a woman and call it "society" but it ain't true. If womanhood is sexually inherently submissive and feminine then you can understand why I feel the way I do and why im bitter, sex is inescapable unless you detach from everything but it makes me bitter that I have to give up on life. Humans LIE and use lies as arguments duh. Plus I just fucking said that RFH is THAT not you because I understand the psychology of some hetero misandrist mentalities and they are into romance shit behind the he scenes sorry

No. 24789

File: 1717254675564.jpg (473.19 KB, 2048x1912, 626.jpg)

No. 24790

Believe me I understand you, but all you stated can be explained by women valuing relationships with men all too much more than they should, many times at the expense of their own mental health and possibly even survival.

Like another Nonnie here stated, 50 years ago these acts where seen as abhorent and repulsive by most women and the only ones who entertained them were prostitutes who had sadly no other choice, even where I'm from (the Middle East) they are still seen that way by so many women although globalisation and porn culture changed the attitute of many others.

Women tend to conform to social pressure more than men, and that's because it's engrained in our DNA to do so in order to avoid becoming social outcasts and as a result vulnerable to all kinds of predators. It's a survival mechanism that stretches way back to our animal female ancestors who had to rely on the whole tribe in order to survive and get their offspring to survive.

When it comes to certain sexual practices, one might notice that there's a subtle kind of social pressure around partaking in them, the counter culture revolution started to push for the destruction of female sexual boundaries more and more through the media way back in the 60s.

As shaming women for having sexual boundaries got normalised and men became increasingly entitled to demand all kinds of porn induced repulsive acts women adjusted their behaviour to fit the demands of their new environement. The women who didn't were called prudes and cast out, and possibly even bullied.

No. 24791

Oh so we're continuing the denialist gross copium infused "women are victims" mentality. All this behavior is their nature thats not creates by men you even act like female heterosexuality is male fault and that cope about sex acts 50 years ago something something is insanely delusional . its on the level of the "hetero attraction in women is a mutation" cope

No. 24793

It's hard not to come to the same conclusions as I did earlier when you analyse the circumstances our female ancestors evolved in. It comes down as no surprise to see females developping agreeableness, risk avoidance and even masochistic tendencies as a result, after all our primitive female ancestors were subjected to far worse hostilities from the males and the ones who avoided trouble and coped with sexual violence through masochistic tendencies were the ones who were able to reproduce the most.

Psychological phenomenons like stockholm syndrome are an extension of that mechanism. It doesn't mean that women don't have any responsibility in respect to becoming aware of the danger that comes from associating with males, as Shulamith Firestone eloquently put it, we are no longer just animals and the kingdom of nature no longer reigns supreme.

No. 24794

File: 1717269112009.jpg (442.68 KB, 1080x1466, Screenshot_2024-06-01-21-07-34…)

Apparently they wanna do it to increase mutual sexual attraction between boys and girls

No. 24796

only 7% of the female population is masochistic, in technical terms

No. 24797

Depends on what criteria are included for the diagnosis, if you include enjoying humiliating sex acts like putting a man's nasty penis in your mouth, then the numbers will be higher.

No. 24799

sexual masochism.

No. 24800

Yeah, I got it, but what would fall under the umbrella of sexual masochism ? It might seem intuitive at first, but it's never as clear-cut as it seems.

No. 24802

30% of child sexual abuse cases involve a cooffender female w a moid. That’s almost half.

No. 24804

Yes, it's why I believe these women should face harsh consequences for partaking and enabling male depravity.

No. 24806

Forgotten to add: >all the screenshots of female sexual behaviors are actually men in dresses pretending to be women and are NO proofs at all.

No. 24807

they want women to graduate earlier than males so they marry earlier, the fertility rates will keep dropping despite all attempts.

No. 24808

File: 1717305541049.jpg (116.37 KB, 384x1122, 20240602_070536.jpg)

>blame everything women do on men
>deny that female body is their sexuality (not a sex orientation but the pleasure is received/achieved same ways)
>women's biology can't be their sexual psychology at all! Their psychology exists from outside their body, body thats created by men
>denies how all het sex lives look like (cause that's what stimulates humans aka the male female sexual polarity without it the sex is unnatural and not working at all)
>deny that nerve endings inside a vagina is a female sexuality which includes penetration which psychologically manifests as femininity wanting to be fucked and submission
>see women as a victims of their own hetero attraction to persons 2x bigger than them cause women can't possibly be bad!
>deny patterns in female sexual behaviors all around us
>vanilla sex cope
Women aren't masochistic even tho their biology puts them into that position naturally in het sex and make them receive pleasure in a ways that psychologically manifest as femininity submission and masochism!! Men did it!! Men did it! Women don't have a sexuality on their own! Women don't want reproduction at all even if its their nature!! Women are a victims of their own heterosexual desire!! Being fucked esp on all fours is not masochistic, sucking dick is not submissive!! Weee were more copium please women engage in sex cause men brainwashed them into it!!! Women are not their biology!! Men hijacked female biology!! If female sexuality is dark then it means women are eternal victims!! More copium please !! Wah wah women are victims wah wah women are not their SEX! sex having is a social construct!!
And the way everyone is too childish to not engage in this copium. Typical cringe misandrist cope however theres two versions of them other one supports being a cocksucker but calls it dominating men fds romance shit. Even anons on this website have degrading sex oh sorry they indulge in sex out of survival and don't want degradation at all!! Men hijacked their biology to like it.
Female body is female nature, I don't like engage in it cause its inherently submissive and feminine, its a reality I embody and can't suppress unless I transcend it but a woman IS this reality and it is her nature. Her nature and sexuality is created by her physical body sexual anatomy which men didn't make. Penetration is a female sexuality and psychology even outside pregnancy, by dick or not

No. 24810

just stop trying to argue with her she ignore all evidence or any reasoning based on studies psychology evolutionary psychology logic etc other than her flawed reasoning she does not even try to reason further than that she lurk these sex subreddits all day to be able to have a proper conversation on human sexual behavior she is traumatized of what saw so it’s hard for her to judge it rationally anyone who does not agree with her is a sex positive or trying to excuse women who sexually self harm themselves no one is trying to make women look like victims but she insist on that although women are victims and have been victimized all history across species ofc this constant humiliation and victimization will shape female behavior including sexual behavior but to her pointing that out is justifying women behavior we can still hold women accountable we can change women’s mind no one really likes to be humiliated the issue is that media and society does not shame women for this claim it’s not harmful to one’s image women who are indulge in bdsm think their position in bed doesn’t reflect their worth as humans “ i am submissive in bed but I have the power in the relationship I’m not submissive outside of sex “ they don’t see the connection between sexuality and their whole self they hate it when you shame them for it because they do not like to be viewed less so they still have some self respect and if you pointed out to them how their sexual behavior is disgusting shameful make them unworthy of respect they will not help but question their sexuality it is not impossible to change these women

No. 24811

But you anons already forgotten the cock sucking screenshots I think the ones where a woman claims she had a throat orgasms. Just used it as an example to show things, without ragebait people get more confident in denying things. It showed that sex only serves men cause a woman's body I'm relation with men sexually is an empath and her pleasure is empathetic because of her sexual physical anatomy not rape genes or whatever cope in this context. Its not her mind causing it. They say they gag, choke etc because it makes me scream men scream from pleasure. Mouth is not a sexual organ it doesn't being sexual pleasure I mean physical one from physical stimulation, whatever in female physical body makes them an empath in relation with men idk but its true. the psychological experience men vs women have in het sex manifests itself as different emotions in women its emotions of a servant. Thats their sexual pleasure from cock sucking. Its male physical etc. pleasure took as their own. You all try to detach what a woman is from a material reality but the conclusion is rather that a human female body is what enslaved the consciousness living in that body in those things like male female dynamic and patriarchy won't dissapear as long as material reality exists. Abstinence from sex ESO transcending it can make you exist outside this relation with men that affirms you as what a woman body id sexually in it making you experience being it psychologically. But even female nerve endings sexually like genital and other sex organs area feels feminine mentally. I saw a tweet from a woman recently saying that no matter what, in hetero relationships gender roles will be present even if not fully outside sex but still because of sexual biology

No. 24814

what your thoughts on males having g spot in their anus ? how it shapes their psychology ? how it defines masculinity? what excuse you’re gonna come up with to proof male supremacy? you have already given them a hundred reason to justify enslaving you there’s males lurking here gonna use your point of view to justify any rape abuse that happens to a woman can’t you see you’re shooting yourself in the foot? giving your predator moral justification to prey on you ?curious to see what more you will contribute to male supremacy and female sexual slavery ?being bp is submitting to males even if you refuse to submit physically you are already part of the patriarchy what you and the cocksucker share in common is you both give males justifications to oppress you uphold their system if males would agree with you then you’re part of patriarchy. and you are against free women who fight against this all you do is ridiculing women who refuse to submit calling them copers and when they try to do something to you it is useless that’s my main problem with bp women it’s funny how no single on of you is aware of how you are behaving against your own interest and submitting to male supremacy

No. 24815

File: 1717313657369.jpg (212.28 KB, 1080x1335, Screenshot_2024-06-02-09-32-29…)

I had to see these disgusting thrusting movements I hate sex so much

No. 24816

You sound like you're 15-17yo or severely autistic or childish and delusional, this kind of misandrist copium started to make me cringe a long time ago, its so insufferable and retarded(misandry is to be expected in the blackpill thread)

No. 24817

there are a ton of excuses for internalized misogyny and stuff but there's no excuse for horrible grammar. get your shit together guys. jesus goddamn christ.

No. 24818

you just ignored my question if anyone is childish here is you name calling without arguing and what’s autistic about what i said why i can’t be misandrist? moids don’t deserve hatred to you?there’s males lurking here agreeing with what you said and gonna use it to justify enslaving you

No. 24820

not all of us are from english speaking countries if you don’t understand that’s on you

No. 24821


I agree there should be mandatory minimum life sentence for such irredeemable criminals. Inmates should further torture them their whole stay.

On that note what is the bio essentialist take on though on crime response to sexual violence? It should be the way we can try to reduce it or eliminate those who will commit it. Is there any evo psych research to support this? There should be because I’ve seen people say that’s what it is.

No. 24822

Please just stop already this shit is so childish and delusional, reminding me of cringe misandrists who's discussion revolves around the most insane copium like a child throwing a tantrum I even saw grown women shitting themselves over other women saying "bro". You're sop fucking childish I hate women like this in these spaces, I'm just speaking facts and it makes you shit yourself because it doesn't cater to your copium it's the most common mentality misandrists develop making them annoying as fuck they really think they are doing something and I predicted in my mind you thinking that its the man hating thats the problem on your mentality but misandry is not even possible anyway

No. 24823

And I find misandry revolting for other reasons than you think(I feel cringe even saying that)

No. 24824

I'm not gonna engage in misandry(copium and male obsession) like a childish retard while you all are lusting over men behind the scenes. I've seen the phrases repeated here like a million of times and it just makes me cringe now, I even just read "internalized misogyny" on here and felt like vomiting. Be gone.

No. 24825

neither am i but literally just pick up and read an english book, it's not hard.

No. 24826

All men and women are selfish towards individual woman so I will hate both and be Selfish too if that's what actually helps

No. 24827

Female (hetero)sexual sadism. Let's discuss.
Personally, I think that it does exist, but can only truly do so in a paradoxically asexual context. By that I mean that to women who are aroused by hurting and dominating men, the degrading nature of sexuality becomes a turn-off. Before someone tries to invoke dominatrix nonsense or the popular conception of "femdom" (even as defined by our own de/g/enerates) I don't mean either of those things. /g/ femdom anons still are attracted to male genitalia and physically dominant bodytypes and not fully dominant.

No. 24828

Patriarchy theory indulgers:wah everything is catered to men even language! Women probably wouldn't even like it if it wasn't especially cause it doesn't cater to their heterosexual desire and being fucked. But when it is the way it is now then they play victims or are victims or whatever. This gives a new perspective on what a patriarchy is and how much of it is just literally human biology/sex. Women wouldn't even survive on earth if men didn't built shit because of sexual dimorphism which is what a man or a woman want to be real cause it caters to their reproductive role etc. Or whatever. The fantasy cope enjoyers even think that human sex drive us escapable and speak from a perspective that is false and denies how real life even works. Individual women are enslaved by both sexes, conditioned by the human nature itself even in this thread the lies prevent a self realization in this biological sex matrix to which our minds are chained, its human psychology and reality we experience. I don't relate the the blackpill that prioritizes human nature interests because its just romance with men while in sex women are inherently submissive blah blah. "Liberating women from the patriarchy!!!" That's their own biology lol cope. Some even see those sexual acts blah blah as a patriarchy women are a victims of as if they dont have a sexuality on their own and liberation is women not having these acts or sex while sex is a main part of human life which denialists ignore or create even worse cope about what a real female sexuality is. Once I saw a copium addicted woman saying that women can put their clits in male bellybuttons or ears to have clit centered "non patriarchal" sex. Structure of sexual desire and sex is the only real reality. Look at human history and human behaviors all around us are a reflection of who they really are sexually. you think you can win against this shit. You think women ate forced to be pickmes or submissive.

No. 24829

It's incompatible with the natural structure and mechanism of hetero sex and can't be properly experienced and lived

No. 24830

And having sex would force a different psychological experience on you, femininity/submission and emotions that are feminine and that of someone serving submitting reaching humiliation because they submission you experience as a woman in hetero sex is too deep, sadomasochistic and filthy, you have to be also gross to do it. "Female body" heterosexual desire is universal, no variety, I am attracted to femininity vulnerability or even fragility but in my imagination my mind must first register that the object of desire is a male then add femininity however in physical reality I would get stimulated by all other women get because it's biological and here you can't experience any dominance or masculinity and that's the real reality and human psychology is chained to it and the mental fantasies of a different dynamic are ruined the moment you try to live them and consume them properly

No. 24831

is having a gay fetish an example of this? when i read yaoi i feel more attracted to the bottom

No. 24832

I wouldn't take all I see online seriously. A lot of it is just engagement farming and definetly not real. Besides, humans have what is called mirror neurons, which can of let us grasp the experience the other party is having and kind of explain why some people experience sexual arousal out of performing really humilating acts (women are more empathic so it's more pronounced among us). Even incels are having discussions about this in their forums, so it's not exclusive to females, they also share that they like to eat pussy and get dogpilled by their peers for being "simps".

No. 24833

Gay men is a whole other topic (actually, I'm curious how gay men fit into the bioessentialist model of heterosexuality) but yaoi is one example of how the female sexuality must be distanced from itself to be "free" of itself. I'd say that attraction to male sexuality, genitals etc is a degrading attraction (I don't exempt myself from this. I have dreams like the worst things displayed in this thread and when I wake up I feel a violent self-disgust and horrified rage) and so the self-respecting heterosexual woman can only interact with her sexuality through oblique means. Best if not at all. Honestly I think it's a curse to be born of a sexually reproducing species that feels an instinctive desire for something that violates the self. I'm sure you disagree with this but this includes masturbation and all forms of orgasm.

No. 24834

What do you say about the incels who proclaim in their forums that they enjoy women sitting on their faces ? Because if you go to incels.is you will find a lot of men, hardcore misogynists even, who struggle with that kind of fantasies and when they come clean about them they get ridiculed by their male incel peers.

No. 24835

Hate to say it but a twinge of sympathy. I feel for any human who can admit to themselves that sexuality is self-degradation and yet struggle with the drive. Remembering that they probably were only posting as a short intermission between watching women being abused clears my sympathy right up, though.

No. 24836

No. 24837

>Even incels are having discussions about this in their forums, so it's not exclusive to females, they also share that they like to eat pussy and get dogpilled by their peers for being "simps".
It's NOT the same. Think deeper. Comparing female vs male oral sex is low iq in general. Even pic is designed in a way that forces a woman to be an empath and male more selfish state of mind, it naturally leads to a male ejaculating but not female(she even can't) and thats how reproduction works so women empathetically desire male orgasm. The biological differences are real and obvious, sex only serves men so women are empathetic in sex because the sensations and stimulation they feel even manifest as more feminine or servile emotions she becomes without mental submission hetsex resembles rape etc. I don't know why people are so obsessed with denying shit? Think DEEPER

No. 24838

And stop calling people who speak facts lunatics even if they sound like an idiots at first(I questioned myself every day for years and years to analyze everything properly and find the actual facts and went back and forth back and forth confident in my perceptions or not over and over again until finalizing it so) just cause you haven't thought deeper lol

No. 24839

>Remembering that they probably were only posting as a short intermission between watching women being abused clears my sympathy right up, though

I get you, I simply want to remind you that the male side is strangely having similar discussions about this. I don't really know what to make of all of this to be honest with you.

On one hand I admit that women are more sexually empathic and more likely to tolerate sexual degradation as a result of that but also as a result of prioritising male validation over dignity and safety.

But on the other hand we see similar discussions emerging on the male side, the most misogynistic male side on top of all of that.

No. 24840

There's is literally NOTHING similar or equal in its psychology or physicality and dynamic and role in the dynamic a man vs woman has between oral sex on a female or a male besides that it's "oral"

No. 24841

I think homosexuality has its own bioessentialistic model

No. 24842

People make dumb comparisons all the dumb and comparison to incels and men appears here all the time and it's low IQ

No. 24843

but if that's the case why do you think male on female oral sex triggers arousal in males ?

No. 24844

Did you see the links I sent you or not ?

No. 24845

most males have degrading sexual fantasies but even male sexual submission is self serving it is because the male is never objectified he sees his female sex mate as the object it’s all about their pleasure while women are servants this is their pov and from a female pov since part of female sexuality is self objectification - women can’t have sex if they feel their mate don’t find them desirable - women don’t care about their own pleasures, idk what the reason behind this i think because males objectify women so as a female trying to attract a mate you have to objectify yourself most women have low self esteem and all they care about is being fuckable

No. 24846

It is degrading but its a woman's nature and rather the consciousness in a woman's body might not be it not the "woman", women have self violative heterosexual desired that's why identifying with womanhood sexually manifests as a identification with sexual submission or masochism and the shift in psychology is unavoidable it happens automatically as if thats the structure of reality (human sex) thats why women who date are all pickmes, thats the personality they develop by indulging in sexuality, its impossible to be compatible with her sex without your psychological state shifting to a cool girl and thoughts that are considered as a result of patriarchal brainwashing but all hetero women start their hetero attraction with this kind of thought process and its not a coincidence only a highly sensitive person won't go far into it or will have resistance to it. Sexual desire is the reality we embody and subconsciously identify with. Women seek male validation cause of it mostly and when they want a moid attention then nothing will stop them even if he has a wife or is a rapist simply cause human sexual desire is this strong. Even female animals have a bad position in sex that is hurtful yet they get in heat and want it.

No. 24847

No dumb coper theres nothing similar between these two acts

No. 24849

Yes but the fantasies part is a retard cope in heterosexuality it doesn't and can't even exist even in a male mind. Its literally a cope to make "women win!!" Because thats what misandrists are obsessed with and create conspiracies about women who disagree cause y'all are the lunatics and I dont wanna hear no shit about that useless cunnin something act and I'm traumatized by some bp misandrists using it as a "role reversal" cope

No. 24850

I never said that these two acts are equivalent, but it's fascinating that there are similar discussions happening amongst incels as well.

No. 24851

I don't think there's a better proof of the most controversial bp opinions than a picture of video of a heterosexual sex because that's the reality you all are even discussing

No. 24852

Nothing similar about the discussions of the dynamic and psychology of them is different (yes I'm obsessed with analyzing, details and things being spoken literally for what they are)

No. 24853

Yep lol. While Andrea Long Chu over here is still running around in circles, let's be constructive.
Do you have any strategies or coping mechanisms (I mean effective ones, not "copes" as in self-delusion) for the female sex drive? Frustratingly the most effective measures for suppressing sex hormones have many severe side effects.
Treating sexuality the way one would a mental illness like OCD has had mixed results for me. In some way, obsessively worrying over whether a sexual stimulus arouses me only strengthens the connection in my brain and memes it into reality by reconstructing the emotions I'm searching for, so the best thing to do is to force myself to move on. If I keep myself from "ruminating" like that for a while it does calm the feeling, whether they are false urges or not. But the problem is that sexuality is innate and unlike OCD sufferers I'm pretty sure that deep down those thoughts are real and I can't even cling to the uncertainty that they do.

No. 24855

>Do you have any strategies or coping mechanisms (I mean effective ones, not "copes" as in self-delusion) for the female sex drive? Frustratingly the most effective measures for suppressing sex hormones have many severe side effects.

I do, let the male partner physically spoil you and physically pleasure you. Never engage in sexually degrading acts like cock sucking or anal sex.

I'm interested in having you articulate the main differences between a woman who finds pleasure in indulging in degrading acts with a man and a man who does the same in regards to a woman. Because we really need to chart out those differences if we want to make the case for why some sex acts qualify as being degrading.

No. 24856

You are legit retarded use your mind and analyze the most obvious difference and I saw nothing similar in these discussion. Comparing those sex acts is one of the most low IQ low awareness shit ever and you're responses and arguments are so predictable. You can't be this dumb. Holy fucking shit comparing the psychology and physicality of a piglike sadomasochistic act to the other one like you can't comprehend the difference even on human anatomy and mental states and dynamic between sexes all you want to do is cope them think I'm stupid cause I dont cater to lies

No. 24857

Ma'am, calm down. I know that these two acts aren't identical and I know that one is more degrading than the other, but we need to clearly articulate why.

No. 24858

Lol look post below yours since you delated and asked again but now the details you added expose you as a retard holy fuck. Holy fucking shit retard in the house

No. 24859

It's been articulated so many times around here you're clearly obtuse and asking with wrong intentions

No. 24860

I'm new here, so I haven't seen much about that topic. It's something I understand intuitively of course, but I still have trouble verbalising.

No. 24861

Are you even capable of civility?

No. 24862

Are you capable of not being manipulative/fake, human being

No. 24863

Do you consider male homosexuality to be a microcosm of heterosexual relations?

No. 24864

Stop asking low iq questions

No. 24865

It's true, you think a guy won't feel sexual arousal being going down on his partner ?

No. 24866

You're such a fucking retard I'm begging you to use your brain, thats not the point holy shit

No. 24868

Do you agree or not with this point ? Would you expect a guy to feel sexual arousal for going down on his partner yes or no ?

No. 24869

Hey, here's a question for you: what are your strategies for dealing with female sex drive? I remember you saying something like you redirected it. What do you do? Genuinely looking for all the advice on this topic that I can because anachan is a many edged sword.

No. 24870

Brain dead ass bitch and why did you lie that you know its different yet now exposing yourself, while I knee your intentions the sec you posted this shit. Clearly I'm smarter than you and idk if youre the same anon or not but when anon posted about gender being something you perform to attract the gender you attract it sounded specifically, word for word like this one post on Twitter from bp girl and the other one engaging with it was a blackpilled misandrist and once year/s into her misandrist journey I saw her reply to a Niger haver post about her Nigel with "fingers crossed" meaning she's waiting for her Nigel. Don't call me a lunatic I'm just sharing what I saw because it's retarded and all misandrist copers are pretty much similar

No. 24871

male homosexuality is an expression of male sexuality

No. 24872

Even to the receiving partner?

No. 24873

Two things can be true simultanously, the charge of two sex acts can be different and the male partner can feel sexual arousal by licking his partner's labia and clit.

Shocking I know.

No. 24874

You literally think I'm stupid like legit you think I'm a retard on your level and keep posting manipulative sentences defending an useless to women act using male attraction to women and or being oral as a proof that its similar in any way psychologically

No. 24875

Yesss. masochism in homo sex is not the same thing as in het sex.

No. 24876

Once again I agree that male on female oral sex isn't the same as the inverse, you're the real retarded one if you can't wrap your head around that concept.

No. 24878

You think I dont know that males are aroused and kept going? Speak truth

No. 24879

Out of this thread back into the fds journey, advice for you, I never had to force myself to suppress anything despite having a high libido cause we aren't the same and I'm too sensitive, gnc and not gross to struggle with it this much that I have to ask for advices on how to control it. The most I do is transcending the sex drive itself and heterosexual and female identity by expressing my consciousness or raging at things till I verbalize them properly and then they leave my system slowly. I find it uncomfortable to even think of a woman struggling with self violative gross desires, everyone embodies same sexual desire if heterosexual but I never identifies with the worst parts of it only prude shit or exploring the dynamic from all sexes povs out of curiosity but it wasn't about me wanting it. Sex drive is your physical identity and unconsciousness it just takes self mastery or quicker ways I dont know, or being highly sensitive like me which makes me too sex repulsed to struggle this much

No. 24880

>You think I dont know that males are aroused and kept going? Speak truth

Wouldn't that mean that the male is also struggeling with a deeply internalised love for repulsive shit and self-degradation ? Maybe you can argue that the charges of the two acts is different, and that cock-sucking is more invasive and demeaning, but that doesn't mean that putting your tongue on an unclean part of the female body isn't demeaning enough too.

No. 24881

You're fake, stupid and manipulative and keep comparing the two after saying you think they are different

No. 24882

After you said you think they are different I meant. You're obsessed with your copium

No. 24883

They are different, one is more invasive and more unhygienic than the other, but that doesn't male on female oral sex doesn't also carry with it its own submissive connotation.

No. 24884

Brain dead copium addicted misandrist take I dont understand why others even allow it, inauthentic shit like this is just a manipulation

No. 24885

You're not making any sense at all, you just hurl insults but never really give proper time to answer my questions or remarks.

No. 24886

How can I ask a question in completely good faith only to be answered in insults and uncharitable assumptions? For fuck's sake I'm chopping my lifespan in half because my sexuality is so severely ego-dystonic. Props to you for being born superior, I guess! I have faith that I can be clean again.
Any answers that don't involve "being spoiled" by a moid?

No. 24887

I don't care about your low iq questions? You are obsessed with denying shit for the purpose if your childish "misandry" where women aren't submissive. I dont care about your male obsession, misandrists are one of the most cringe groups of people. Manipulative idiot, anyone smart won't under the childishness in it. You all really can't let men go

No. 24888

There's nothing wrong about receiving sexual pleasure, you can still explore your sexuality without resorting to self-degradation along the way. Gentle sex is a thing too.

No. 24889

Since you're capitalising your sentences, I know you mean well but I seriously don't want to take that option.

No. 24890

>I know you mean well but I seriously don't want to take that option

Why though ?

No. 24892

Your question was stupid and could be answered if you used your mind for a second? You were saying this shit like I dont know or like it proves or disproves something, anything denying reality turns into manipulative or inauthentic conversations or caters to human interests idgaf about, I don't relate to the romance with men misandrist bp shit you want to deny shit cause you don't wanna accept and see it as losing the fight against moids while idgaf about that fight. I've been compared to a rapist by women like you for saying the mildest shit like "women fuck rapists" or for any sex criticism, I've been given dumb ass esoteric "sex with a woman returns the moid to his cosmic or primordial origins" or shit like that as a proof that there can be multiple views on her sex and that was supposedly one of them, I had women doing a witch hunt against me on other platforms (multiple) for the mildest take, the "vagina enveloping a penis and dominating it" cope like ridiculous shit even two specific women were doing the most doormat shit for moods behind the scenes while hunting me like crazy the fufk I don't care go submit id you want I just care about some facts try to have some moment of catharsis or something you don't have to be blackpilled if you don't want too in any was a woman can be blackpilled most of not all besides me are just misandrist, i just care about facts cause I rather felt enslaved in womanhood and purging it all out transcends it even heterosexuality, so maybe start hating things or something? Or admit the sexual desires and give into them by yourself sacrifice yourself for these few moments I thought I have these desires but when I admitted I realized I didn't want it at all but the sexual desire in hetero women is universal, rationalizing sex also transcends it and the lack of clarity, knowing its overrated also, knowing the consequences of having sex or engaging in sexual desire also makes you feel like "been there done that", becoming masculine instead, not thinking about men, spirituality like non duality and it's philosophy, not seeing suffering as real, engage in heterosexuality in your mind who gaf I just care about facts and don't wanna be certain things womanhood forces me into because raging hating and expressing your consciousness helps lol etc.

No. 24894

Vanilla non sadomasochistic hetero sex is a myth (even if it doesn't look bdsm at first glance, it really all is a covert sadomasochism) you're an another coper? that's not how SEX stimulation works

No. 24895

never engage with sex at all with males are you people still really dating, if you fuck moids please don’t post here go to /g/ talk about how your moid spoil you

No. 24896

Why do you think it's a myth ? I'm getting curious now.

No. 24897

Try using your master empath analysis skills because you are putting a lot of opinions in my mouth that I do not hold. I think I've made it very clear that I don't want to degrade myself under a man, and that my issue is not with resisting acting on sexual urges (irl sexuality is no temptation to me, which is where your misinterpretation may arise). "You are not your thoughts", useless psychobabblers like to say, but that's not true, therefore it is the thoughts in themselves that disturb me.

No. 24899

sex is bad we all agree end of discussion

No. 24900

And yet there are sex defenders in here right now. People aren't allowed to be wrong on the internet, so we have to argue with them.

No. 24901

Sex with a man isn’t necessary. They use you for their own gratification. And it’s degrading most of the time. I wish women would use a vibrator and stop letting men volatile them because hookups are normalized.

No. 24902

Sex is insert description of sex and sex/structure of sex can be understood intuitively if you use your imagination to think deeply and perceive which almost no one can even do for whatever reason then keeps asking weird questions… Maybe years ago I would have less awareness too but not noe and back then I would intuitively decipher it anyway. It's bad as a woman if you dont wanna be what a woman is in it, unwanted submission and things like that are a literal hell like terror and psychological torments. And I'm repeating it again but not many understand sexual stimulation which is imprisoned in the way it works by human anatomy and physical sex. The pursuit of this stimulation is a pursuit of fulfilment that happens energetically since emotions are in the body and are energy in motion as they say and sex moves those that's why I even said that clitoris stimulation doesn't move/release the energy in a proper way unless it doesn't end up centered in there which only happens if you relax. Your awareness during masturbation can change the way energy will get released. Full relaxation that will even cause feminine psychological state and centering your consciousness in your head will make the energy travel up and release itself in the whole body it's something people don't seem to understand about sex but Anyway. Sex bad. I even posted parrot sex screenshot >>24815 and the video was so gross cause of the thrusting movements from behind women get subjected to in sex.

No. 24904

The movements felt tormenting only the word fucking describes them, once I even had a breakdown after seeing fruit fly sex cause of the fucking movements… But that's not the worst… a fruit fly flied into a fan once and got cut in half, the ass half of it fell down and a male fly started fucking it. sorry. Pursue individual liberation path, safe space or spirituality(not religious shit) if you can't deal with suffering caused by sex thoughts or idk why but once I think I cured my demon possession causing depressive, distorted thoughts by some kind of mental transmutation idk how. I can't help

No. 24905

I can't disagree that the overwhelming majority of men is that way. But I would like to ask what would an ideal sexual relation between a man and woman look like to you ?

No. 24906

All your typing styles are so distinctive kek it's like reading a forum.

No. 24913

File: 1717388080473.jpg (223.15 KB, 1080x956, 804.jpg)

I don't understand why women indulge in the y chromosome disabled blah blah copium with adding to it even more copium but about women's gender role, you don't have to call one sex superior while calling one bad. I went to an account who posts this stuff often and few seconds in I saw weird posts. You don't have to deny things to describe male behavior? You don't criticize sex fully, both men and women are sex. Even what men think of sex and what they want from it etc. Is both sexes biology. Women think they have a superior wanting of sex and superior ways to have it while the dynamic is the same. Learn to rationalize observations and patterns you perceive and reflect on them. I don't know why nobody easily understands things like sex(I mean men, women and sex having etc.). Men don't love women… because of both sexes biology duh? Accepting it is even conforming to your biological gender btw. Female biology made it impossible for them to be loved and those people say men were made to serve women (the role reversal cope) but it has no proof in reality or sex having where women serve and the servant role contradicts their views so basically they say being a forgiving dick sucking servant is superior but? female body is designed to unconditionally love male in sex and has more empathy for male, goes through pregnancy after impregnation by male and all women's real behaviors show deep real love and admiration for male all over the world and sometimes these women just slip and start lusting after men (the role reversal way) and start talking about pussy eating aka an useless act. Male female dynamic stays the same and the man dumps the woman afterwards anyway? cause their ego, purpose and maleness is not into monogamy with one woman, according to sexual desire and acknowledging that sexual relationship are based on sex and are about sex(without sex its just a friendship) and sexual desire is always in its full form so its not limited to a one person, it means a woman becomes a partner that supports his desire being free and flowing to all other women children and animals anyway(lol) but she becomes the sole provider of sex for him. According to sex and sexual desire which is the structure of reality and both sexes, none of these women mentalities are fully accurate, waiting and waiting but it never exists in sexual reality and these women lust after men in weird ways behind the scenes because I saw it with my own eyes? I don't know if they think men not loving women is solely male nature fault or they just wanna state it as a fact? Women think think they are a special princesses and a prize and their sexuality is less sadomasochistic and they are waiting for their Prince to arrive magically randomly to which they have to give nothing in exchange (not even being feminine which reproduction will literally require? Those people deny the femininity but following their mentality… I think they are stating that loving men unconditionally, being forgiving nurturing bowing down to men and being sexually physically servile is a superior biology however they are not straightforward with it?) to and he will cater to them and compete for them while a human biology is designed in a way that only men are catered to and treated like a prize besides the ones who never get to have sex but the ones who do, its women who cater to them and serve them even female celebs engage in bullshit like that unless that's the superior unconditionally loving lover shit again being superior. "Love" is based on sex while sex dynamic is obvious, anything outside sex is an reflection of male and female position in heterosexual sex, woman unconditionally loves and forgives the man and serves, piv doesn't lead to her orgasm, she has to suck and jerk and accept non monogamy in the man (and this love is seen as female superiority by them), let a man into her body, do physical acts that give her zero physical pleasure that can't be reciprocated blah blah gets pregnant and becomes a mother etc. I don't understand all of these mentalities, yeah men are sex pests that only care about being sex pests and wanting to fuck teenagers no matter if they are 9 or 90yo, with a constant arrogant egoistic victim mentality but it says truth about both? If you read the requirements men have for a woman they wanna date or for sex or read about human sex lives then thats enough to be sex critical or sex negative or anti hetero relationshipa, the ~superior female biology that was made to be served by men but men can't accept it Femdom matriarchy fds get spoiled by men date a rich man pussy eating~ and give filthy piglike sex dick jerking riding sucking blowjobs in exchange for umm nothing just being a superior unconditionallly loving lover wombyn emitting loving love wild free feminine superior shit blah blah. They can't even read examples of how het sex and relationships really look like without their princess romance fantasy sweeping it all under the rug. Yeah go get fucked by males and have demeaning sex cause sex is naturally demeaning, the vile requirement's for a trained private pornstar sex slave having sex with a pest that wants to fuck others and for him sex is love requirements are set by human biology unless you're ok with non monogamy etc? You think a woman wanting to have sex is not sadomasochistic? Sex is demeaning but it's human nature do you even understand the implications of that? Having to physically have sex with a male, be in a heterosexual relationship for me is the scariest shit ever as a woman but that's all human history is about oh did I already say that sex is demeaning
All these requirements… All these lists of an ideal female partner…like my whole point is that women's gross dick sucking jerking and being fucked on all fours servile position in sex literally disproves their mentality?! cause sex is a core of human and main part of life so how this co exists(someone explain) with the things they say about women's existence where they get worshipped and men are jealous of them? They won't even confront these facts or will say shit like
"Its the society that made women sucking off male dicks into something degrading" and go or deny existence of sex having. Like for gods sake? Be more straightforward please?! Follow your own logic properly? If something doesn't connect then I get suspicious and question it I don't wanna read shit spoken from male or female sex matrix ego esp in support of female piglike positions in heterosexual sex activities you can't even confront

No. 24915

File: 1717395588440.jpg (2.41 MB, 1080x14816, 2024075916.jpg)

The few screenshots saying their gfs were the ones who wanted degrading acts proving my points and I absolutely despise anyone that denies that the reason for female masochism is anything but their biology and physical anatomy, its not even a personal choice but it's universal and your body is the patriarchal condition that forced you into it. One screenshots says why women deny it and that's why all their talks about is re absolutely childish and irritating some there are still to say that the misogyny and patriarchy is the reason like they are genuinely brain dead and stuck on repeating the same neurotic childish false theories, its never their fault, always pStRiArChY! Some say that calling it degrading is misogyny cause the submission is inherent to a womans position in sex so calli it degrading is insulting women lol I also saw some admit that getting into rf helps them shame their own desires but it suggests they were submissive before that and now they are just suppressing and can't even date cause that would be degrading and submissive. Yet some still wonder why a woman might hate womanhood and even wanna distance herself from it and other women if 1/ womanhood forces masochism onto you, not your personal choice 2/ women are extremely childish, fake, irritating and addicted to lying in rf/feminist spaces you slight out of desperation to not engage with normie sex positivity but those rf spaces make you fucking mentally ill and the copium, denying and blaming everything on patriarchy is insufferable. I don't know how can anyone even type those dumb copium filled phrases about the female masochism not being biological. Even men tend to have more common sense when it comes to analyzing this shit while women throw childish tantrums because it's too shameful to admit like in radfem spaces until they slip one day and start lusting over fat dicks, fmf threesomes, dick sucking like a bunch of radfems. Nothing literally takes this submission out of women if they have trauma or not. Learn to speak the truth, the fuck? You wonder why their own female biology is uncomfortable for some women and of course now you're gonna cope by naming it for what it is not then getting mad when I don't act like your lie is the reality I am experiencing. I'm so done with the childish neurotic copium filled misandries and radfeminisms and shit. Thats why they lie that felliato isn't degrading, it is some copium, it is far more submissive, violent, humiliating than male side but that's how women receive pleasure. No thanks. Human being are so exposed in my mind now its like my vision is different without the copium

No. 24920

Are you submissive? If not, what do you think makes you different from other women?

No. 24921

File: 1717421099739.jpg (329.51 KB, 1080x1106, Screenshot_2024-06-03-15-22-00…)

I found a tumblr blog dedicated to hating on a girlfriend of a famous moid, it has hundreds of bizzare posts and even made a YouTube channel to make videos "exposing" her. It's all just insane delusions or this specific recent response when she slipped and exposed herself? What the hell is this even

No. 24922

The point really flies over your head, no need to shit yourself it's getting fucking boring, the low IQ responses are outrageous

No. 24923

please, be honest

No. 24924

I'm talking about female biology you heinous obsessed tyrant what do you not understand in my dumb pints you questions make no sense

No. 24925

Aren't you female?

No. 24926

NTA but I believe she means that acknowledging that sex is degrading to women and choosing to ascend it through celibacy.

No. 24927

She said FEMALE BIOLOGY is degrading and people cannot physically transcend their own biology. so she is also a masochist female blah blah blah.

No. 24928

You can't be possibly this stupid, I'm mad at your responses because its shocking how you can't comprehend it and you even think you catch me being a hypocrite. The responses are manipulative with obvious intentions once you even denied them but then admitted fuck off its not that hard to understand what I mean you're just mad at facts like so many women cause it's s topic that pisses other women off
You even ignore what I am posting, proofs etc. And make it personal if the discussion is inauthentic then it probably caters to some human interests and since patriarchy being quiet natural then copium women use is not what I am interested in indulging because I am not even interesting in engaging in womanhood sexually besides curious exploring it with my mind to understand

No. 24929

Why even care? You hate slutty women so may as well just take schaudenfreude in degrading themselves.

No. 24930

“Women are slaves to their biology” And you are talking about "women" what makes you different from them? I want to ask a question w/o you getting offended. What makes you any different from any other woman? Show your flaws too. You can’t escape the chemistry/biology of the human(FEMALE) nor can you escape your circumstances that guide them. I just want to remind you at the end of the day you're still a woman with a vagina, breasts and a womb. I will once again ask. Are you a masochist??

No. 24931

nayrt but there can be variations in a population and still generally be the case. maybe she is a degenerate from the norm or can transcend it as an outlier. idrk tbh but this is the bp thread, this type of belief is the basis. what is the point of being here to disagree w a premise of the space. now it’s endless back and forth arguing about it.

No. 24933

what black pills me is how women are attached to their males there is women who stay with their husbands even if they committed a crime and what’s worse the woman will part take in the crime it is sick female psychology is fucked up a woman is sane until she is with a male she transforms into this pathetic follower there is women who change their views to whatever their bf believes in

No. 24935

File: 1717437681899.png (433.23 KB, 1125x628, 1 in 10 men rape children .png)

yeah sometimes moids will commit crimes for their gfs like gypsy rose blanchard but it’s like killing her abuser while women will offer up their children and younger sisters to be sexually abused to some moid and even participate out of desperation for male validation. they all deserve the death penalty and harsh mandatory minimums and violence in prison. maybe fear of such a fate is the one thing that will stop them from hurting others to please moids and prevent some crimes which they share a large part in enabling.

for lesser slavery to moid validation, not like raping kids, it’s sad when it’s young girls who don’t have a sense of self yet or self esteem which is what moids seek to exploit because they are pedophiles. why women are attracted to pedophiles… it is so desperate and pathetic. i’ve seen studies that found huge percentage of moids are literally pedophiles and prefer children over even young women. like 1/4 moids. other studies have said 1/10 moids admit to commiting a sexual offense agaisnt a child. others have found 35% rape animals when they have access to them. this is what women insist on continuing to seek out relationships with. 1/4 chance he’s a pedophile and I think that’s low for just being a pedo and 1/4 chance he’s a child and or animal rapist.

No. 24936

>>24935 pedophilia is part of their nature most males prefer girls under 18 every study confirm it so it is not shocking if they like younger kids too , I hate how society ignore this males are allowed to be around kids , there’s even male babysitters like wtf

No. 24940

we can’t trust females who have males in their life around kids either because they allow males to rape the kids and even participate. pedophiles are known to target women with kids and with jobs with kids and sadly those women often give the male what he wants.

also that we allow fathers around children when they are some of the biggest culprits of child rape to their own children. if 1% of fathers rape their children that would be so many victims. and it is more it’s like 2-3% and they are some of the biggest creators of csam, a crime their female partners participate in.

No. 24941

File: 1717446272951.jpg (513.47 KB, 1080x1626, 2-20-06.jpg)

Now it's bug sex, the male was making disgusting and fast movements, it is really a female fate to be fucked from behind but in humans it's much worse and sadomasochistic even mentally um

No. 24949

i agree het women in relationships must not be trusted as long as there’s a dick fucking them they will not care even about their own children, children are more likely to be abused by their family it is probably way higher than 1%

No. 24954

This is why you need to vote in the fucking death penalty for pedophiles.

No. 24958

Are you manifesto-chan? I remember few maybe like two women like her and one once randomly said that she will marry a special man then(as a response to moids on twt since she liked moid audience) and like I'm obsessed with real human behaviors and truth I thought she was saying dumb ass shit like marry a rich man. I don't understand why others get so turned on by that type of misandry while still being cocksuckers and similar things or supporters of gross shit. To me it is obvious that men and women are two sides of the same coin, as evil and not acknowledging it prevents a proper self realization in me about this reality and detachment from sadomasochism cause some of the shit women do willingly is 100000x more piglike than a moid could ever do and… No thanks? Like even look at the bug or parrot sex videos posted on twitter and how adding romance to hetero sex would suddenly make the female position it not a hell? It's our own biology that enslaves us in this bullshit first, some of the misandry sounds detached from the reality, you could say it is some channeling of the unseen realm where human real intentions are exposed but that realm rather would be saying something else more proving that men and women are an embodiment of the duality/polarity that is two gender/sex "roles" that can't exist without each other, following all the misandrist thought process both sexes need to be erased because women are natural enablers, not our of survival but it's just like natural

No. 24959

File: 1717504436163.jpg (681.46 KB, 1080x4152, 14953.jpg)

It's probably toxic to read female or male perspective only if it's some echo chamber?
You can speak about both sexes nature and the full evilness in them by both separately doesn't mean the other sex bullshit unreal. Both things can be true at the same time. What puts women into a patriarchy is a combination of their own body, both sexes behaviors and males, theres things men lie about chronically and things women lie about but one thing men lie about less is the animalistic side of sex and animalistic female position in sex and this darkness in female biology that's just nature duh. There's also childishness other women display that is so annoying and makes me wanna cry, not from sadness but frustration its so tiring . Female pov is not the ultimate godlike all righteous pov, its full of lies and manipulation and they can't even have authentic discussions and are scared of the nature of their own physical biology and the sexual submission, attraction to beings bigger than them who embody masculinity physically so their body is all the traits grouped as masculine and all that shit…. Sometimes when I read some analysis of the reality scrotes do it's a breath of fresh air away from the toxicity of severe gaslighting present in rf/bp/misandrist spaces with constant childish screeching, policing, infighting, theories and failed logic stupid accusations and assumptions, stupid responses, moralfagging female socialization and blatant lying you end up having zero power of. It's just all a copium out of inability to admit things for reasons idgaf about. Non copium addicts like even the spiritualists who talk about sex like on the screenshots can at least pick up on the male female dynamic properly even if it sounds controversial all they say is an accurate deception of the nature of het sex that is universal. I tried to go on this woman instagram cause she had posts about how "your pleasure is his pleasure" describing female pleasure in sex being a psychological empathizing with male pleasure but she privated. She also suggested deepthroating is compatible with female sexuality (not orientation) because it induces openness, surrender and being in service, women's psychology in dick sucking and pleasing men proves it. And my point is that humans need to learn to rationalize these observations as true and real reality instead of denying, I don't like this shit either so what idgaf facts don't bother me only annoying human manipulations, my own possible enslavement? If one sex play the victims of other sex in things where they aren't the victims it's insufferable etc. Nobody is dumb enough to not see darkness in sex(male and female) I'm speaking this from a pov of someone who doesn't enjoy the sex slavery womanhood is and even getting into the female sexual energy as a het makes you into a male pleasing pickme? Not worth fucking around with it and experiencing the forced shift in psychology, I only enjoy bp/rf spaces for the crumbs of sex negativity and critical thinking like I just saw a girl get cancelled cause she said she's not attracted to trans people on normie twt and other for sex negativity and sex positivity is rape ideology. I can't even see the sadistic shit males say online without thinking about how much I hate both sexes bullshit and how other women can't even fully perceive the sadism and bizzarness of it cause they fit it probably its all normal to humans. Oh disgusting dynamics between humans? Normal!. Some can't see the holes in their own theories of the patriarchy it's just endless "a woman shits? She's a victim of a man. A woman sucks cock? She's doing it for survival." Same with men they have a victim mentality too but different, it's all over social media. If you don't like being a sex slave then you're constantly triggered like me even threats are everywhere. Humans deserve my grumpiness. I don't enjoy how misandry creates a relationship to men in me, other objects if my hatred aren't causing the same (learn to tell the difference between things) and I developed such an aversion to misandry that I refuse to even make a small commebt cause I know women use misandry to speak inaccurately of reality and mind mind is obsessed with a literal accurate deception of the reality I am experiencing especially sexually? I'm still more brutal than any of these misandrists I don't get it, whatever someone finds pleasant that caters to their personal identity but that ain't my identity. I'm so evil for exposing some women but the same has been done to me and honestly when I look at some shit women do I see a demon into sadomasochism I don't really relate to other women besides womanhood experience and other shit everyone feels. I don't know why I am even writing things, it's not distress or anything just obsession with facts and dark things. And I only feel like womanhood is normal when having sex isn't involved look st the screenshots, the consequences of having sex as a woman, the feminine sexual energy experience in heterosexuality. I always found rf/bp/sex negative spaces as a way to get rid of my Amy of my engagement on the sexual realm. Like this shit on the screenshot and het sex sounds like a burden of whoredom, submission, femininity and I don't like the dynamic between sexes sex reinforces. People don't understand it cause they don't know how two things can be true at the same time but romance ain't cute if she has to suck and jerk cock and be fucked it being consensual doesn't make it not gross

No. 24960

Holy shit wtf is this

No. 24962

Can any blackpill anon here give me a blackpill explanation on why so many fenale friendships are fake turn bad very badly.

I know the video im linking is a extreme case of best-friends gone wrong but in general alot of female best-friends do try to backstab each other (not commonly in the extreme way like om that tiktok but they try to sabotage or compete with the other) and there is no-loyalty. Do you think it has something to do with female intrasexual competition which was posted in the last thread?

Also i noticed this behavior in every community, i even noticed it among radfems when i used to be a radfem.

No. 24963

Who is the famous moid, if you don't mind saying.

No. 24965

jamie bower

No. 24971

I cannot phantom how women can allow men inside their bodies. And many of them even want it. I'm not a lesbian but I just can't understand it, this concept was always fucked up to me and I thought that maybe with age I would understand that but I'm in my late
20s and I still can't understand. Actually the older I get the more fucked up it seems to me because I know more and more about the nature of men and women and heterosexuality, and as a kid I only thought it was disgusting based on my intuition. Like how can you let someone invide the insides of your body like this? This literally makes it impossible for me to bond with women if I know they're dating/want to date men

No. 24973

>This literally makes it impossible for me to bond with women if I know they're dating/want to date men
Literally me. I'm bisexual but I'm deeply disgusted by women that let themselves be defiled by men. The lack of self-respect is really gross.

No. 24974

Jesus that would traumatize me too.
I remember being traumatized from watching some nature documentary where a really huge male sea leon tried to rape a penguin. He literally crushed it to death. Like, it's not even the same species… Males are literal demons
I also remember hearing a story from a vet student about male horses. Like you know they give them the fake vaginas in order to get their sperm sometimes, and sometimes they do "natural breeding" with mares. She said that after some time male horses prefer to fuck fake vaginas way more than real mares.

No. 24975

Mares can kill stallions when they mate so I don't blame them kek

No. 24976

Have you ever looked into the physical changes that happen to the female genitalia during arousal ? If you did, you will understand why. Our clitorises engorge with blood and our vaginal canal elongates, the A and P spots become sensitive too, this is what leads us to desire internal stimulation through pressure.

It purely about seeking physical fulfillment of a specific kind.

No. 24978

>Our clitorises engorge with blood and our vaginal canal elongates, the A and P spots become sensitive too, this is what leads us to desire internal stimulation through pressure
I must be some freak of nature then? Because sometimes I do feel horny but I only feel the need to touch my clit and orgasm from that is enough for me and I don't feel the need to put anything inside of me (finger, toy, dick). Since I remember I've been masturbating with half full bledder and I think that gives enough of internal pressure, it's definitely better than raping your insides kek

No. 24979

It must be because you've gotten used to stimulating yourself via this form of masturbation, years of clit masturbation are also going to affect your brain and reshape your arousal response. Kind of like when men get used to stimulating their anus and lose interest altoghether in stimulating their penises.

I had my first orgasm just by imagining penis-in-vagina act when I was 13 years old. I didn't even touch myself.

No. 24980

Gross, I feel sorry for this kind of mental slavery

No. 24983

File: 1717562057872.png (205.61 KB, 680x309, DzebFwfXcAAMZCS (1).png)

The female body has two points of getting stimulation through the genitals and it's clitoris and the vaginal canal, I used to masturbate through first since 8yo before I had much self awareness I didn't think much of it but now I realize that sexual energy is just real and it's like emotions etc. So the goal of sexual stimulation is to release the energy properly to open all the parts like heart blah blah instead of getting stuck down, the female body sexuality(not orientation) is her reproductive organs made for hetero sex, the vaginal canal uterus etc. Is not some side sexuality instead of the main one, in which women engage for reproduction solely. It's the sexual essence of a female body and how they experience sexual arousal and seek sexual stimulation and fulfillment through this femininity. Women experience arousal in their vaginal canal etc. And have vaginal and uterus opening spasms. Clitoris orgasms if you don't relax and shift your psychology to femininity just make the energy be stuck down there lol the other stimulation makes it goes through the while body if you submit or relax and it also causes a shift in psychology cause engaging in sex even through masturbating as a woman is gender conforming. A few times I got so terrorized by the clitoral stimulation that I'm traumatized and find having this organ even burdening. I just felt a ball of energy stuck around my vaginal opening and also in my stomach and the worst sexual frustration felt physically ever possible like I was being tortured so I got fed up with seeking sexual stimulation through a female body. Even psychological orgasms solely are better (the ones that end up as vaginal and uterus opening spasms) it's like female sexuality is psychological more because of female.. Physical?? Biology anatomy or whatever you call it. The energy stuck manifests itself mentally also as unrepressed emotions and sexual frustration is definitely that but to express it it has to be the feminine stream of energy you have to experience psychologically over your while body but I don't like being feminine that much… Weird fact… It sometimes feels voidful. Overall female sexuality is penetration not by dick specifically but I just mean this pathway of stimulation and opening up which happens physically and mentally even hips opening up. The closer to deepest experience of hell you get is through embodying a female body cause it really allows the hell to be experienced lol that's why the screenshot is right, those are two different points of stimulation ofc they are.. Different??
And I figured out years ago now that if while masturbating through clitoris you make your body like lifeless like you relax it as much as it's possible and not use it besides your hand then force your attention to stay inside your head without going anywhere else then the energy will be released up but your attention can't travel anywhere else…
Experiencing the femininity through engaging in sexuality shift your psychology like i said and its gender conforming to the core. The shifts in psychology are universal thats I say that sex is human psychology but sex is created for hetero reproduction. Only difference ever is sexual orientation. Fear, anger or being triggered in a female body also ends up feeling like repressed energy in your vaginal canal opening. Um it's not worth it fucking around with this energy. In hetero bonding due to the woman's biology a woman is in a servant position obviously and has to stay in the female pov. There's no room for masculinity or dominance here. So. If I had less self awareness I wouldn't understand it all. And certainly the penetration shit is the "mature" sexuality cause it's all connected with motherhood and shit. And idk what's the point sometimes of masturbating, making your energy go down just to try to release it, just to fuck it all up and me still frustrated like with clit orgasms that can be endless and frustrating

No. 24984

File: 1717562094547.jpg (590.57 KB, 1080x1323, Screenshot_2024-06-05-06-04-06…)

No. 24985

I meant it's hell to live as a woman's body because of sex shit

No. 24986

I don't feel anything through my vag but I do through my anus. I'm not even a troon. What does this mean? I've always wondered.
Also >>24984 is depressing as all hell.

No. 24988

In any sex stimulation or orgasms a woman experiences it in the vaginal canal etc like all orgasms those spasms can happen without the asshole ones but the other ones won't happen without the vaginal. Gay moids for expl have it different cause male anatomy is different and doesn't have feminine reproductive organs making the feelings if anal different

No. 24989

i have always knew since i have been exposed to piv sex i will never feel comfortable to allow a male stick his penis into me i was not aware how humiliating piv is i just thought it will be painful and uncomfortable I don’t want it to happen to me i am pretty sure every woman who have sex for the first time experience feeling anxious this is what the extreme blackpilled anon talked about the “ mental submission “ i can not mentally submit and allow myself to feel pain and fear i have never even thought of sticking my fingers into my vagina it feels really uncomfortable I don’t know how to describe it but it is like being invaded and colonized piv is violent if you ignore the sexual nature of it it’s physical abuse it’s like beating and hurting the other person and what makes it worse is the sexual aspect of this abuse piv is sexual violence the invention of birth control and condoms is recent so piv have always been dangerous there’s no reward a woman get from piv unless she wants to reproduce which is dumb because pregnancy is torture so women having constant piv proves women only want to please males

No. 24990

i hate humans i wish i was born a spider or a lizard i hate apes and mammals so much why do we get pregnant instead of shitting eggs? apes are disgusting and ugly creatures the fact they are social animals makes me hate them more human intelligence doesn’t make them less animalistic than other animals especially the males i hate how humans feel superior to other living beings just because they are disgusting high iq social apes they are ugly monkeys unlike other beautiful animals humans disgust me

No. 24991

I have my own version if positivity about it now two hours after seeing it… I think female heterosexuality has some parts of it naturally that want to be below men(they even kneel to them) but in a worshipping way in the context of who has more power and who's the one loving and serving since men embody power (not yo devalue what women embody lol) women attraction to men is then worship of male power and human sexual anatomy doesn't change so some sexual acts and positions are always a sadomasochism even if you learn to rationalize some observations like pics of het sex acts and why they are shocking then it's a proof, romance happening in the mind doesn't change the sadomasochism, so if humans get hooked on porn more than will think it's better than reality and stop having so much sex irl and since porn exposed some things about human nature like the dynamic between sexes then it can possibility induce some self realization, existential crisises etc. At some point human consciousness will move on from the embodied sexual duality. Even when a woman becomes a misandrist rf or bp she often erases any pick me hood from her then she becomes incompatible with hetero sex due to this shift in psychology, all women who date men or fuck them have pickme etc. Traits because their psychology shifts to their natural position in hetero attraction. Hetero female attraction manifests itself as feelings of male worship and adoration of men, it is all not a coincidence. I learned to just be rational about real things even those pics of sex which is a real life I always let others gaslighting me about or accuse me of liking it or some shit. The worst in it all is the attachment to a physical sex in combination with sexual orientation. Even if you were never into the more humiliating parts of heterosexuality, dating(never even pursued or or thought abt it) never had sex kissed or dated it still can feel like your identity subconsciously even forcing gender onto you, even accepting male nature like non monogamy is being gender conforming as a woman cause their non monogamy reflects a womans position in hetero sex anyway. Gross shit like for expl. Since I've been thinking about abusive mothers then: abusive mother making her minor barely after puberty daughter resort to living with her adult boyfriend and him making her suck his dick as an exchange. Sadomasochism you would see while walking into hell full of slimy, filth, screams, disgusting noises, terror, slaves bdsm so basically sex has all these qualities lol I've dealt with an abusive mother and much of this abuse is emotional incest and weird obsession with her daughter even gross sexual comments or competition

No. 24993

so true women’s love and sexual attraction to men is worshiping and idealizing the male women infantilize their males sometimes this is a result of idealization this is also because of female sexual selection women want males smarter bigger more successful than they are so for a woman to be able to love a man she must see him as superior therefore respect him I think this what cause female masochism it’s not about self hatred it’s about worship of power when i understood this everything was more clear I thought these women just have low self esteem of course they have no self respect the ones who enagage in extreme bdsm but the regular ones who like “ vanilla sex “ which is also fucked their masochism stems from worshiping and idealizing male strength you can see this even outside of sex how women treat their moids how they love them and are influenced easily by them if a woman loves a male she expresses her love by submitting to women love is submitting because of the nature of piv it puts you in this vulnerable position under this stronger creature you are attracted to its strength so mentally love equal submission so romance is the biggest black pill while female love is about submitting and idealizing respecting a stronger person male love I don’t think even it exists because of how males treat the women they claim they love male love is about owning the woman it is evil and sadistic the male wants to own the woman womb and mind so love is not pure it is fucked too just like sex because it reflects the sex dynamics male love is degrading when a male tells you he loves you he means i want you to submit to me I want to own you and when I’m done with you i will throw you or replace you with a better object and when it comes to women accepting male love is submission because you accept being used and female love itself is submissive so the romance does not make it better it makes it worse this is the truth of het romance it is insulting to be loved by a male and love him it means he did not only penetrate your body but also he penetrated your soul so a relationship without sex is also disgusting and sexual because it reflects sex nature

No. 24998

I think people even see piv as putting a woman in her place because of the femininity of it and pregnancy/motherhood and affirming woman's position in sex in relation with male but mainly motherhood.
Being desired by men is important for het women also cause pregnancy is about that but being desired by men means being desired by insert description of men
Men don't even care about their spawns while centering their life around cooming, I just saw a comment of a man saying he will sacrifice his firstborn for some online thot and a woman saying her husband was on reddit thirsting over the nurses he saw at the hospital while she was dying from sepsis after childbirth. I know a moid ("know" not personally) who dumped his 1-2yo sons for a stripper the moment he met her then divorced ex wife and for some reason he was so obsessed with having a son again that he choose a male name for the child bit it turned out to be a daughter anyway he dumped stripper and minor child again for a 20yo younger woman… The.. Week he met her. Plus this YouTube short…

No. 24999

Nonnie nonnie nonnie
What do think of TAMPONS?

No. 25002

File: 1717607696958.jpeg (18.84 KB, 326x154, 772174DE-2E0A-433D-88ED-8B70CD…)

nietzsche black pilled me

No. 25003

File: 1717612356889.png (74.99 KB, 1120x1131, niet2.png)

What does he define as "truth regarding men, love, children, society, the purpose of life"?

No. 25005

How they can become equal if they are two different sexes that aren't equal especially while doing the deed and how a society that treats women as equal looks like and how womans masochistic sexuality fits into it and if it doesn't disprove it. Make it not sound like a radfem theory that fantasises about abolishing biology but not in a straightforward ways they just say that this and that is a patriarchal invention but in reality it's just biology so…

No. 25006

some what he say about women is biased and contradicts his principles but i agree that women refuse the truths and like to live in their delusions this applies to men as well

No. 25008

I don't like reading philosophy for this reason it's like you're always reading male or female ego point of view

No. 25009

File: 1717618377615.jpg (602.86 KB, 1080x1441, Screenshot_2024-06-05-22-11-17…)

I guess she became feminine

No. 25010

yes all male philosophers are biased against women im interested in nietzsche because his philosophy helps me cope with nihilism his philosophy can be boiled down to let your will to power guide you do whatever you want create your own values he has some stupid opinions too he was a schizo he hated women so much to the point he criticized women cooking skills and blamed society bad diet on women

No. 25011

anons are you able to watch movies/tv shows after getting blackpilled I just can’t i don’t want to watch sex scenes or romance I can’t relate to the female characters and I hate watching movies that revolves around males and their pov i can’t relate too so I just have nothing to do with my free time watching movies was my hobby

No. 25012

I was never into romance, but now I just utterly refuse to read/watch something with a female protag if there's any kind if het relationship.

No. 25015

File: 1717623469398.jpg (70.09 KB, 1280x720, lUUB7fPMx5bNYpE1ePoKlO8eaKj.jp…)

It's so rare to see a movie that centers around humanity of women, without it being about romance or having kids…
Just recently I watched The Miracle Worker (1962 version). It's about Hellen Keller who lost her eyesight and hearing at 19 months old and her female teacher who taught her to communicate with the world. And I was so amazed by it and I cried a lot. No just because of the story itself and the stellar acting of the two main actresses, but also because it was about them as people, not a single time there was something like "she should this and that because she's a girl", not a single "boohooo she will never become a mother, what a tragedy!" or shit like that. If you switched their genders to male you wouldn't have to change anything in the rest of the dialogue, that's how universally "human", at the core, their experiences are
At the same time I can acknowledge that no man on this earth could've achieved what Anne Sullivan (Keller's teacher) achieved. Because it required both incredible strenght AND incredible emotional intelligence and a male would NEVER BE capable of BOTH. Srsly I still have chills on my skin just thinking about the last scenes of the movie. I strongly recommend it

On another note, if you like anime, I would give Revolutionary Girl Utena a try. In this one we're not free from male influence, but it perfectly illustrates male abuse and how males create their own myths and how they use women as scape goats. It ends with breaking free from the male-made construct, unlike many other shows who call themselves "feminist"

No. 25018

It's funny that you all view this through the context of submission, that's not how I would qualify the vaginal craving in my opinion. The most correct analogy based on my own experience with arousal is one of hunger, dare I say ? It feels a lot like hunger but in your lower part lol. Your interal clitoris and sensitive spots crave some sort of stimulation that will result in release. When you don't get that sort of stimulation you become frustrated and dissatisfied.

You focus a lot on the relaxation part and automatically assume it must mean submission, when in reality it just means being relaxed enough to trust you won't be hurt and to let that hunger all out. It's not a passive drive that can only render women passive during the act

No. 25019

what can happen to a woman during piv, at best
what can happen at worost
>STDs, UTIs, vaginal tearing, pain, bleeding, unwanted pregnancy, rape by deception (when he pulls the condom off without her knowledge), unwanted pregnancy, rape (if he doesn't stop when she wants to stop), death etc.
Nta but don't tell me that risking ALL this shit for the sake of a few minutes of pleasure (when the moid doesn't risk basically anything) doesn't require submission

No. 25020


It's true that we take more risks in indulging in piv sex. But my question is should the act of putting a man's penis in your vagina be viewed as subissive on its own, even when we magically develop defense mechanisms against those risks ?

No. 25021

>even when we magically develop defense mechanisms against those risks ?
Are you serious right now

No. 25022


I am more than serious, if we found ways to magically isolate the act from these risks, should we still view it as a submissive act ?

No. 25023

We literally cannot because it's impossible to change male nature and it hasn't been changed since the dawn of man. Making up hypothetical scenarios as a cope is a proof of your inability to defend piv

No. 25024

>But don't tell me that risking ALL this shit for the sake of a few minutes of pleasure (when the moid doesn't risk basically anything) doesn't require submission

Yes, but this is why the desire for that pleasure is great to begin with, espescially if you happen to be on your ovulation phase. Hell, even your standards for what would qualify as an attractive partner drop during that phase.

The problem is that you ladies characterise that desire for release as a desire for submission, when in reality it's just what it is : a desire for some sort of stimulation and sexual release. When the female desire piv sex as a result of hormones and arousal, she is not desiring to be dehumanized and subjugated, not even at a subconscious level, she's just desiring physical pleasure and orgasm.

You're just deflecting right now. And just so you are aware transhumanism is on the horizon, CRISPR gene editing is now a real possibility, so yes we can change some aspects about human biology.

No. 25025

Most of the risks listed can be avoided by choosing a partner who isn’t a rapist and wearing a condom + using birth control, so it’s not even some far off future. PIV isn’t inherently submissive any more than someone putting their finger in your mouth makes you submissive. It’s a vulnerable position, which has been exploited to enforce violence, but vulnerability isn’t inherently submissive.

No. 25026

>PIV isn’t inherently submissive any more than someone putting their finger in your mouth makes you submissive. It’s a vulnerable position, which has been exploited to enforce violence, but vulnerability isn’t inherently submissive.

100% the case. It's easy to conflate the two, but the best course of action is exactly is to limit the risks in the same manner our sisters in the animal kingdom do.

No. 25031

Why is the coping retard back it's so distressing there's no way to prove is piv not submissive or servile position and it even includes severe sadomasochism like being fucked from behind on all fours and it is an inherently feminine role. You can't gaslight others this much just to lie to cope idiot. It is really some low iq person

No. 25032

It's probably the same one thats coping in the same thread that sex is better for women and clit has 1000x more nerve endings while they have around the same amount… It's been debunked that it has more/ much more
clit is also like a small dick. There's just too many holes in your logic

No. 25033

Plus this so not thanks I don't wanna engage in this "better sex" cause I don't enjoy submission and femininity feminine pleasure is different than male and much in heterosexuality comes from serving and submitting, even being penetrated is a desire to receive dick aka get fucked that will even manifest as self objectification and being fucked on all fours is probably the most psychologically terrorizing shit you can go through. Any woman who archived at least some self mastery can control their arousal and I choose to not experience it in a female body, it makes you a slave and it's uncomfortable even physically. Piv also directly leads to a male orgasm while forcing gender conformity, loving and pleasing the male and selflessness in women. They can't even make any movements physically like men can, the clit head is not being touched etc.

No. 25035

Overall the world weaponizes your unconsciousness against you, I explored sex to the core in the privacy of my own mind, all the possibilities, sceneries and sensations, all possible achievable "pleasure" and my mind wouldn't "give up on sex" until I fully explored it, purged it all out of me, raged it out, rationalized it, named it all, transcended. And I hate the way my mind was years ago since I was a child, influenced by the sex positivity and all the ideas around sex, conforming to the moral and social standards. Being accepting of sex and all of that, I don't like that mental state and perception of things denying right to my individual consciousness and the perception I have right now. Important thing for me is to go through life without being forced into sex or enslaved in it even mentally through unconsciousness while sex positivity is grooming etc. Female sexual pleasure is not separable from femininity etc. I don't even like it, theres no point in fucking around with that and living with actived sexual desire just to get fucked and desire to be fucked over and over again irl. I always hated all the male and female narcissism in sexual relations and them getting off on the other humans attention and on being higher on the hierarchy that other humans whom they use as a validation of their position and basically the whole world served as a validation plus all the competition etc sex is basically every humans nature so we have the right to consciousness about the reality we are experiencing 24/7 plus sex is seen as love so that's a big attachment, ofc I wanted to know everything about it. And to transcend it as if its a reality happening to me/being done to me by just having a human body. People need to understand the structure of sex and that sex isn't equal and that male and female pleasure isn't equal, that sex only serves men and women's het pleasure is serving, it is gender conforming pleasure and feminine sensations. Even admitting most painful facts is more reliving that being bullshitted . at least it gives you a moment of catharsis. I don't wanna be subjugated to hetero sex and the road to stimulation contains femininity, submission etc. Those are obstacles on the road. I prefer the way my mind is now than when conforming to sex positivity and I see the past mental state as not full freedom it actually bothers me. Giving up on sex is also not something that natural or easy it's monk shit and the attachment to it is cause of the validation, power, love etc. Shit physical identity. I must say even admitting to the biological femininity of the female biology raised my consciousness more, it also feels like being a void but you don't wanna experience it through having hetero sex, you become a loving void loving a moid and cucked. Unless you wanna serve. Even the vaginal spasms type of orgasms feel like a feminine stream of energy same with the one where you center tour attention in your head while doing clitoral stimulation and it travels up instead of staying in your clit, it can reach your head. So its obviously service to men. And a picture of hetero sex proves my points motherfuckers!! Point proven for eternity BYE

No. 25037

>Yes, but this is why the desire for that pleasure is great to begin with, espescially if you happen to be on your ovulation phase
Didn't happen to me, maybe because I'm autistic thus less connected to my body this I don't have animalistic instinct and retarded thoughts taking over logic and even my intuition

No. 25038

The coper souds even more delusional than the most autistic blackpillers kek

No. 25040

Ok why my bp would be delusional if its an accurate description of human biology? I am really sentient, in tune and intuitive when it comes to this plus I am mentally very not into femininity so I see the limits and femininity of female biology. I can tell and have proofs and million observations, I don't understand the ridiculing, the only delusion I had is that I can be not gender conforming or not submissive sexually or feminine and still fit into womanhood, I was denying the biology. Here's your social approval for ridiculing the crash lunatic blackpill I guess. My perceptions have proof

No. 25044

even if piv is not inherently submissive it is viewed as submissive just like kissing someone’s feet you can not escape society because as a human you’re a social animal doing things that are considered shameful like piv anal sucking dick kissing someone feet ass etc you can say all of these acts are not inherently submissive and motivated by sexual desire but if you reject what society agrees upon it means you lack dignity because dignity self respect etc is a result of interacting with others when a male fucks you he thinks he is dominant over you allowing a male to feel this way about you says a lot about your assigned self worth I used to think piv is not inherently submissive but after thinking deeper about it ,i have come to the conclusion piv is violent humiliating and sadomasochist you’re under the mercy of someone stronger than you , you said vulnerability is not inherently submissive but it is weakness leads to submission, you submit to whatever the other person who can easily kill you impregnate rape you want , this relaxation state is just training yourself to accept the position you are in to accept being the prey , women are prey and males are the predators and piv confirm this you’re in vulnerable ( prey ) position under the dominance of the larger predator, if this is not submissive then why women choose the submissive role when they are exposed to bdsm because in piv their natural role is submissive this what leads women to be masochists

No. 25045

These stories of women getting gangraped on their wedding day by their husbands and other men are something else the reason I'm saying it is cause I saw multiple of those atp and also on the blackpilling subreddit (twox) there's so many of those but not specifically on the wedding day.

No. 25053

>if this is not submissive then why women choose the submissive role when they are exposed to bdsm because in piv their natural role is submissive this what leads women to be masochists

To be honest I think of this less as a consequence of piv sex and more as a consequence of women being more pro-social, empathic and more likely to identify with vulnerability than with the desire to inflict pain on others. Women evolved to be that way because our female ancestors didn't have to compete over resources (food and mates) in an environement of scarcity the same way males had to do.

I would also add that women in general are less likely to view sex through the lens of dominance the same way men do generally. As a default, women want sex to be an equal act where they get to enjoy themselves alongside their partners. The women who are drawn into the BDSM lifestyle tend to have some sort of previous unresolved trauma, usually sexual trauma.

Desire to submit is also surprisingly common among men who get into the BDSM community, but because men are less likely to identify with vulnerability you won't see that desire to be so common as in the female half of the BDSM subculture.

No. 25055

You’re right. Sexual masochism is common in both sexes and there are more male subs in the BDSM scene than female subs
Masochistic emasculation is the most common straight male sexual fantasy.

No. 25056

Not sure what grand cope you're both concocting but no, masochism, martyrdom and humiliation fetishes are far more common in women. It's practically written into the social norms of being a woman. Fake misandry like this is not helpful.

No. 25058

idk about that i don’t think personality traits affect your sexual preference it’s because women are attracted to dominant and aggressive personality the “ bad boy “ trope is common in women’s fiction , by the way non western women score lower on agreeability than western men

No. 25060

just let them cope

No. 25062

Anonymous 06/07/24 (Fri) 06:35:46 AM No. 25061
Honestly misandrists are just another group of people I fucking despise with all my heart and want to vomit anytime I see their yapping, group who will gaslight you about the biological reality we are are experiencing and act like being dick sucking is women having any grace cause their desire for sex is superior while their biology is sexually submissive making all hetero bdsm. Theres no male subs in hetero sex, its just women serving men again. Submission and masochism is natural in women because of their anatomy, hetero sex can't be equal even if you try to narrate it as such with your mind pretending it's all love. Nobody fucking cares how obsessed you are with men and ashamed that women are submissive to them, I only care about facts not catering to some childish women. If you don't have enough self awareness to understand human sexual biology then stop yapping cause the holes on your logic are insufferable copium, that's not the reality I am experiencing and living so why you gaslight? It reminds me of the endless talks about faggots in these spaces. Imagine desperately trying to defend this shit you defend make women win in your childish misandrist mentality

No. 25063

Theres no way for a man to be submissive in hetero sex so I'm talking about human biology which is their nature anyway. Copers

No. 25064

Forgot to say that femdom is just women initiating "sex", I don't wanna see this sketchy shit. Understanding sex is a matter of awareness and rejecting copium. I had the femdom cope thrown at me too many times I hate them, it is even unnatural due to human anatomy and the man never can submit cause his anatomy gives him this security. I've seen bigger male worship in femdom than other sex. There was this woman critical of femdom that was really based but she was still a coper (fds type of shit, just dont live with him and meet up with him only for sex!!) But her critique was so smart and enlightened I wish I could find it

No. 25066

I remember the common thing in other girls sex lives being those girls trying to convince their bfs to let them stick their fingers in their ass like they couldn't help themselves psychologically and stop this urge to touch a moid butthole and I was always arguing with them as politely as I could back then cause I was scared of being banned and denied having a space, I couldn't comprehend other human sex lives even while being the same age as they are. Even the most vanilla shit or other humans making out leaves me in shock like I didn't expect it yet it did accuse people of this degeneracy constantly. Why are teenage girls even doing that shit and other kinks at a young age out of their own will and 100% you would find proof that people behaved like this before porn. My mind can't be compatible with the "adult mature sex lives" realm I'm even intimidated by adult looking adults like I will never be them. I always end up in the biggest shock even currently still like my mind never fully comprehends that it's something humans do, I project my mind onto them.
The reason why these girls might be doing is is probably simple: seeking stimulation and whatever pleasures men, hetero women like it so they get easily programmed. The road to degeneracy is quick if you engage in sexual stimulation and that's? It doesn't take a special person to have gross kinks, this is gonna be an extreme unusual example not representative of the average person but there are communities of shit eating people who eat shit for sexual purposes, men and women, pictures videos or text posts. Even on reddit there's one, I mean of course. There was a "toilet Dom" around there who has "8 toilet subs" who are women and I'm using him as an example cause he said something like: it's easy to train a woman to become a "toilet" because women are a "magical creatures" who will go to hell to please a man, they get turned on by a man being in pleasure which allows them to get easily programmed to "serve" "selflessly". These women eat and swallow his shit, he said two didn't even wanna lick his asshole at first but changed their mind after training to enjoy whatever pleasures him. There are male shit eaters to but they don't really do it for female pleasure as much. The thing is that these poop eating people are literally real… how did they end up like this? Even pedophilia is common and people still think a pursuit of sexual stimulation doesn't automatically mean gross kinks etc. Yet my mind still projects while at the same time being extremely blackpilled. Anytime the smallest detail of a human sex life is revealed I can't believe it, yet I do…. Even other autistic people seem to be okay with engaging in sex things? and the male shit eaters there's probably a little more of them than women but there's always a different between female and male degeneracy in sex because my whole point is about human biology/sexual anatomy that puts women in a submissive position in relation with men which men cannot experience.
These men are degenerate but never achive the same psychology or mental submission women do in sex relation with men. They are never pickmes for women etc. There's tendency in men for extreme degeneracy but there's tendency in women to be pickmes/handmaidens and it's different, their self destructions are different if you learn to tell the difference between things in this context human biology. I'm not gonna go and count how many males vs females are in these communities cause I would have to read unpleasant things thankfully this shit leaves your mind quickly. I also don't think those people are behaving like this due to trauma unless life itself is traumatic.
traumatic. I can't believe that seeing a big obscene looking male ass is what made me think and remember all of this, I think it's cause a woman said she wants to touch it ew it was muscular and WIDE
You don't wanna deal with male "masochism" they probably don't even see or feel it as masochism

No. 25068

Male masochism is self-directed and selfish(autogynephilic straight men are narcissists)
Female masochism is just pickmeism.

No. 25069

>You don't wanna deal with male "masochism" they probably don't even see or feel it as masochism
I can't find it now cause I don't wanna search these bdsm communities or online places but there's plenty testimonies of women who have dealt with male subs saying that they are insufferable and tiring and psychologically they don't give in easily, they are a typical egoistic male who will quickly get defensive and ironically don't let a woman step on him. Some even rage in these communities how much they don't like pegging but every female dom assumes he must like it as a sub. Some men say a submissive woman is the one who's truly in control but the trick is that without the female submission first that goes to the core (her root/sex/most intimate parts) there's no "male submission" and the so called male submission is just a male being pulled in by a woman serving him selflessly aka the regular hetero sex that caters to the female-male sexual polarity. I wouldn't trust all of it.

No. 25070

Male masochism(in het men) are just autogynephilia. AGP overlaps with masochism. Feminization is seen as the ultimate degradation, pegging, humiliation and submission in the eyes of men.

No. 25071

this reminded me that Valerie Solanas had a scum book club and the only people who attended were male masochistic crossdressers.

No. 25072

Makes sense.
masochism in androphilia(female het POV)
is about attraction to masculinity and strength, its directed at the partner. masochism in gynephilia(male het POV) has more ties to autoeroticism, autistic traits, autogynephilic urges, narcissism, self-perceived meekness, its about the self.

No. 25074

there’s no single “ femdom “ act i can think of even pegging is just pleasing the male I don’t see how can a woman enjoy pegging

No. 25075

If you're sex repulsed, male hating, not relating to other women pickme behaviors then how much of these traits(there is 173 in total) do you have? I'm curious about other people's score since I have 164-166

No. 25077

> Women evolved to be that way because our female ancestors didn't have to compete over resources (food and mates) in an environement of scarcity the same way males had to do.
Males and females aren’t two different species, whatever traits males are selected for, females will also be selected for.

No. 25078

I don't hate on males as much anymore (mostly I just hate what femaleness is in relation to maleness), but I meet the other two criteria. I got 89/173. Not sure if this was the best test though, 'cuz many of the points are relatively common in neurotypicals and many of them repeat in the test with slightly different wording.

It seems that many bioessentialists forget that one half of the species doesn't evolve without the other. Males and females evolve at the same rate, in the same way. A weak mother would mean not only weak daughters, but weak sons, too.

No. 25079

I don't talk about my misandry yet I still know everything about male nature even their male physiognomy (not individual person physiognomy but just maleness says everything) and I'm 100% sure there's no exceptions. Even understanding hetero dynamic makes you understand male nature and pov same with sex in general. All their behaviors are predictable. The spaces I go to overlap with misandrist spaces and what I cannot stand the most is the gaslighting through inaccurate descriptions of reality plus the copes plus the fds or misandry perceptions of human sex biology full of copium and female dating strategy not even the nigels are the most annoying part of the misandrits, it's the bullshitting. But there are legit bp level misandrists who stay with a rapist who assaulted them and yap how he's different (its a real story) and allow him around her future child plus acted oblivious while confronted about it saying "what?" "Who?" "What are you talking about." "Hes not a rapist" when you asked about him then finally gave in and admitted what she already posted but then deleted. I just want straightforwardness about human nature degeneracy male female dynamic human hierarchies human evilness in both sexes etc. Even if you're born prone to having more self preservation blah blah then you still have to rationalize it all through reading about male degenerate behaviors or else you will give in to the world gaslighting you. Overall the socialization cope is just humans bullshitting cause society is still human nature and biology and I've learned to rationalize patterns in male and female behaviors as real reflection of their real nature. I just can't stand so many things in misandry and when humans just start bullshitting I'm out. The worst I've been fooled and the most someone fucked with my mind is when they try to sound smart or speak their bullshit confidently. since I notice everything then I even try to decipher the psychology of the gaslighting lol male nature is obvious to me but there's still some gaslighting about female I got too deep on my head plus womanhood is the center in my life cause it's shat put me in this position in life, I dont see men not wanting romance as the clause of my shitty position, I have self preservation but so what if I barely escape bullshit in this life through hard work forced onto me by both sexes if if youre born then naturally you go through bullshit and then get gaslighted by both sexes no justice no anything then youre not allowed to be angry and youre also born speechless (unconscious) and can't even properly verbalize what's been done to you cause humans even use language in a way that prevents raising your consciousness. The socialisation is mostly human socializing as their nature and thats how bullshit gets conceived. I don't think hating womanhood is self hate for me neither that hating womanhood after knowing rape exists is turning your hate on the word thing since sex and sex desires still exists and is similar to rape especially visually and its both sexes. Plus proof that both sexes are two sides of the same coin - pictures or videos of hetero sex

No. 25081

Em humans are animalistic, I go on instagram and all these '07, '08, 09 "girls" are acting there like whores from porn all these pictures are insane and.. basically the same, you can scroll and scroll finding thousands of these accounts and all their pic captions or usernames are extremely vulgar and vile, there's a slang in my country for the word hag or old woman and they keep using it or say "old whores" to refer to grandmas outside, one girl profile pic was get almost bending over but her hands were not on the ground but a bridge and spreading her ass to camera. No wonder men like these young ones if they act like porn stars, since human sexual desire is not possible to overcome unless you literally like transcend it then there's obvious female competition like young ones see themselves as superior to older ones while older ones try to look like teens their whole life(because since hetero women want to be desired by them then they naturally have to care about the moid picking them and not other women, they have to compare themselves to other women etc. Even female celebs engage in female comp competition cause it's just about being desirable and other women being desirable sabotages them getting picked etc. You can see it even in the woman who look not trashy mentally at first glance but then after all they all compete. I even saw a misandrist Nigel haver obsessed with looking like her moids celev crush ehhh let's not lie that even shit like make up is to make your face look like a little girl's face), but you can never compete with a literal slave acting women and young ones have like million times less self control, they are posting pictures and videos of themselves acting like a porn bimbo and the clothes they wear!?, once when a group of moids beat up some other person (and ofc as always theres some thot with them) and there was a drama on social media so someone posted her @ and she was 13, calling herself a whore on IG, posting condoms and sitting on her boyfriends body, yesterday when a group of girls beat up another girl over some minor shit, someone posted their igs and they act like whores, if you go to their following list you find even more vulgar whores but it's all literally just minors. I had degenerate experiences at 12/13 too cause first day at school I got stared down by the popular rapey moid who bullied me for the whole year, he was older by two years and these kids were onto some real degenerate shit. Even the girl from my class who had a tattoo at 14(???) always walked into me like I am invisible and dated a 20yo still is with the moid till this day and has two boy children with him yet she's not from some pathological family, she acts like it's all normal. 12-18yo is the most evil age for humans and I think being in radfem spaces for years and years and seeing them endlessly call minors ~gitls uwu~ just brainwashed me to forget that even teen girls are a vulgar animals at their going through the most whorish pornified phase but it's all literally just human animal nature. Those girls can beat up another girl and act like they've been brutalizing people like this for years while doing it based on their movements lol I even saw videos of girls taunting some mentally disabled prepubescent moid so they don't only target girls despite being pickmes but if its the moids beating other kids then theres always at least one thot with them giggling. In the recent years there was even some extreme case of a 18+ woman driving a car with minor and 18+ moids and drive them to kidnap a minor girl then these moids gang raped her, cut her hair off etc. And it was all over the girl calling the woman some names and a small amount of money…
I was bullied by "cunt" type of ones more than "thot" type of ones as a minor and taunted by moids even more, it was all insane. Kids have this secret really adulty world invisible to adults cause adults… they just see those minors as small children while those "kids" are torturing eachother or their targets who don't fight back. I was targeted for 3 years it was insane, none of these ~uwu girls cute and innocent little angles~ stood up for me against moids. But what happens to the rare innocent girls among all these thots and moids trying to survive the human hierarchies lol kids are fucking evil, their world is crazy. Their have their own fucking world

No. 25082

I don't think turning my attention on womanhood after hating that rape exists is me turning the attention on the wrong thing* humans also don't care as much as they claim about rape. I thought about an example of this women decades ago who got married to a grown mad at like.. She around puberty or less? I don't remember so she was with him till he died and while being middle aged said she doesn't regret it. Her mother also wasn't against it. Humans are degenerate, the morals are just to keep them in check. When a famous moid rapes people yap about how he must be innocent and it's their way of saying that they just don't care. About the rape.

No. 25084

the more you hate men the more you hate women , both sexes uphold sex polarity women pressure women who do not confirm women feel deep insecurity when they see a woman free of sexuality and animalistic desires, that’s why when you criticize their behavior they become so sensitive deep down they know their obsession with being fuckable with males is self distractive and disgusting yet they keep behaving that way because they are just like men slave to their animalistic instincts, I can’t believe there’s women who get breast implants starve themselves just so a man can enjoy fucking them they say they do it for themselves they are lying and they know it , women sexual obsession with violence I don’t want to talk more about it we already discussed its origin we need to talk about how it affects all women because women like to imagine they are getting sexually assaulted males use this to excuse their crimes why women don’t feel moral responsibility when they act this way? why are they not aware how they harm victims? women are extremely sensitive about age gaps but they themselves harm children by trying to look like teenagers, women are responsible for a lot of shit men do too because they do not only protect and enable males they also confirm male supremacy and rape culture by being masochists as a woman who since I was a kid I was mainly concerned about women’s rights when a male talk about how women like to be abused therefore it makes abusing them ok how can I defend them ? my english is not good so I can’t explain this but it makes me really depressed they don’t want to take responsibility for how their behavior affects victims and other women who are not like them the existence of these women is used as an excuse to hurt women and girls I hate how males assume that any woman is submissive and enjoy abuse and you can’t blame them really because yeah it is true women are masochists no one enjoy unwanted abuse but men will use these women to justify rape i hate it I hate women so much what makes me feel less depressed is that separatist bp women exist

No. 25085

men like teenagers because they are pedos not because young girls act like porn starts , I blame their parents children shouldn’t be on social media until high school

No. 25092

File: 1717789287358.jpg (290.59 KB, 1080x1007, -21-33-44.jpg)

I found the pedo(comparing it to a pacifer for toddlers, it made me physically sick) pig who replied to me on this website and she's calling me frigid

No. 25093

Holy shit, post this on meta. The mods need to see this.

No. 25094

File: 1717790068286.jpg (383.03 KB, 1080x1733, 7-21-48-42.jpg)

And this moid in the replies, I remember seeing the lesbian MAP who kept calling me lesbophobic and who's stalking this thread and thinks she knows me letting him say this and liking this tweet ans continuing to interact with this moid cause they all including the eris something interact on twitter lmao you filthy retards

No. 25097

We are talking about the BDSM scene. In the female side of the BDSM subculture you will find that masochism is overwhelmingly more commonplace, in the male side masochism is almost as common as sadism.

As for the bad boy trope it's about exceptionalism and desiring being the only one the bad boy would see as an equal. It"s not because women may like "bad boys" that their sexual fantasies would be about being mistreated by those bad boys, oftentime the wattpad fics with a stereotypical bad boy will have him act totally gentle with the female love interest.

No. 25099

File: 1717815627979.jpg (95.41 KB, 1280x1222, 1717797244125334.jpg)

What do you make of this news story?

No. 25100

she needs a mental check and female friend group in her life and he needs to be put down. five fucking gunshots means he was set on killing her, being "provoked" means nothing.

No. 25101

According to the structure and mechanism of het sex and sexual desire, women's position in it is selfless, unconditional serving due to their sexual anatomy, shift in psychology has to happen to match this and it happens automatically. Women's empathy for men comes from their sex and since male anatomy is different then they don't have as much as empathy for women and can't feel female pleasure empathetically as much women feel it like 1000x more. Sex only serves men because women pleasure is serving in it. Men like sex so much psychologically etc. cause its another person (I mean specifically a woman but anyone they rape can be similar but not fully like a woman due to her anatomy being in egoless self) sacrifical service to you. Men would rape a newborn if you put a pink bow and a dress on them, rape a dog, cat, rat(true story I remember that video om twitter), cow, elephant, a grave(Sabrina carpenter bf, she probably likes it) anything that looks like a mouth, asshole, hole or a vagina, worms, snails(they use them to masturbate), dolphins, fish, baby while its still in a woman's stomach, hole in a woman's stomach, they would take a newborn and make it into a sex slave, they are attracted to vulnerability so it includes all children etc but despite all of this humans still conceive what they call and see as "love" because women LOVE all of this male desire I described because they desire a strong male desire to desire them, it has to be as strong as possible and they want it manifested into reality to desire them to validate their existence and they want to selflessly give themselves to it cause a woman's body is designed sexually like this, women don't embody power like men therefore calling women superior is saying that being selfless is superior and insert all the inherently feminine qualities even the so called female strength is just the ability to put yourself through natural sadomasochism without developing ego about it and quickly getting over it, "emotional strength" . Engagement in sexuality manifests itself as a psychological shift to fit your position in heterosexuality thats why its impossible to have het sex and not be a pickme not like submission etc. As a woman the shift happens automatically and its all due to human anatomy I mean vagina uterus womb, dick and balls, not created mentally. Women act like this because they love men unconditionally and emapthize with them, the darker a man is the bigger the polarity between them. Man can't love a woman due to his biology. He only loves her self sacrifical position in sex yeah he feels like he loved her cause she loves first/he loves her femininity mental or physical performance. The reason women do acts like face fucking is cause male pleasure turns them on.
Male physical sex gives them the security that prevents the submission to the "core" women experience if you learn to tell difference between things. Female submission is a selfless egolessness and giving yourself for other persons pleasure/loving others unconditionally.

No. 25102

Stupid yapping about my conflict with womanhood
That's why I am not even blackpilled but gnc, if we could be whatever we want despise our biological sex then there would be no limits. Its not that black or white and I'm a troon or something, I don't even relate to them I just have a few qualities I can't be while I'm a woman. My brain then makes me perceive the limits of biological sex and sees it as the same a a gender "role" that is inherent. My natural mental state makes it impossible to be compatible with hetero sex due to the submission that happens in it forcing my mental identity to be erased and replaced with gender conformity. At some point I had to give up on sexuality but since sex drive is not erasable then I kept experiencing internal conflict, the arousal plus feminine sexuality vs my mind like I kept forcing myself to like the first now I don't even "allow"(self mastery and being a prude naturally rather than suppression) my arousal in myself cause atp I know it forces femininity onto me cause it happens in a female body and heterosexuality I don't even fantasise about romance shit like kissing or hugging. My brain also projects some masculine trains onto womanhood then creates a false perception of the reality around me and when I try to live in those traits it is impossible cause our biology/biological sex is the master here we can't project whatever we want onto it then live it if biology is the life we live. I for sure know the limits, the reason it feels like a punishment cause when you try to to against it you are prevented and it gives you "I'm being punished" thoughts so womanhood feels like being cucked, if you dont like submission then its the most degrading vile tormenting thing
possible if you do then it isn't but people aren't straightforward when it comes to the truth about sex cause it seems misogynistic to say what it is. Even the female strength is just the ability to quickly let go after the sadomaso sex instead of creating an ego about it. So all the female "superiority" are more about being the love than power and no amount of coping and describing the femininity with masculine qualities will work. And if you learn to rationalize observations as real then it all becomes obvious even observation like me feeling different from other women, even being here proves it, so it's a real observation if you rationalize it says something. Even hating sex shit if you're real about the hate shows how you can't be gnc as a woman like for expl gross sexual het acts, I am a woman and I'm not okay with a female body being that position etc. Oh I can't and have to be forgiving instead lol? The only way out is detachment and chilling with not much physical identity but sometimes I get out of it then try to force myself back then I feel like I'm pretending and it is triggering. I hate that there are two roles you can be, two sexes and you can choose to be the other, I mentally prefer experiencing some masculinity not allowed to me and it gets mixed with femininity and woman's emotions and interests lol in my natural state I don't think it's even possible to want hetero sex. I rather become soft in a detached from physical reality way than soft through accepting femininity and submission but I don't enjoy being soft anyway. I hate the limits. You perceive them when you don't fit all of them for the smallest reasons, its so dumb?. I can chill but then get bitter and wanna access things that are forbidden and when I see that men can I get so fucking angry. Any woman who even sees gross sex acts as normal is fitting into womanhood ew masochism is fitting into it but I don't enjoy self hate and deprecation? I enjoy self love but the self love in a woman body according to others is loving others, I only can when I reject sexual reality. Ego in a male body is natural, in a female it is hated, so I for sure see things about human biology and can name what I don't like about womanhood or whatever lol it's just that I'm bitter and can't give up and chill cause I'm mad at things not allowed to me that's another one of my mental tendencies. In the current world people worship "mental gender" but I just saw a ftm with a beard, chest scars and with pregnant stomach and other one dancing like a slut so anyway whatever these people mean but at least it allows you to pretend you can be androgynous.
And the sex is the cause of all the gender roles it's always the sex, sex having, sexual relations. It really forces those gender roles onto people…because notice how I have to reject sex lol that's why it(sex etc.) is so threatening to me, I can be forced into what I don't want then forced to let go and erase my mind for the sake of accommodating myself like oh it can be done but it's so sick. All the intense thoughts about sex really started awakening the sexuality in me ironically years ago and the interest in female sexual energy made me try to explore and explore it awaken it in my own body consciously to understand it that now during ovulation I experience the vaginal and cervical spasms moving through the while body without thinking about sex or touching myself and extreme awareness of my own sexual energy like it's some kind of self mastery done by accident the more I hate femininity the more I get into this feminine sexual energy because I am a woman body I also noticed repressed emotions have to do with sexual energy to I can't stop noticing. I started going so schizo and it all cause I am a woman who's not into being a pickme/degradation or submission that's literally all. And a picture of hetero sex like dick sucking proves all of my points as true if you learn to rationalize this observation as real and analyze what you even see on those pictures, the dynamic psychological state, those are pigs and tyrants when it comes to women in them but some like to idolize women cause their position looks like victimhood. Overall my mind sees those acts as so bizzare that anytime I keep falling asleep I experience some weird ass "omg this is all so bizzare and absurd" thoughts about it and other things in life like it's so fucking ridiculous to me I can't believe it. And anything that happened on earth, women's and men's whos consciousness fits this sex matrix basically deserved all this bullshit they co create with eachother cause their consciousness is still on the sex desire level.
Normies would argue about the psychological reasons of why I feel the way I do but I mentally already explored them and don't wanna write about it it's to much. I even tried to admit that I want sex shit just to realize I dont after admitting with no resistance, I am not made for this mentally, but other women since they have active sexual desire and arousal and it automatically causes s psychological shift then basically their pov is different from mine, we can easily just generalize them all. And since sex only serves men then if the psychological shift in your doesn't happen then you have less than zero in sex than a woman not even the validation from the male pleasure so you're forced to settle for what your biology
cooked up for you. Settle for male pleasure etc. The reason why I am physically the same as other women but different mentally is also easy. And look at the traits
in this art-of-autism list, the "philosophies, continually" "sees everything as complex" or something like that, takes everything literally and analyzes everything etc. Thats my inherent mental tendencies, that's what my mind does 24/7 I analyze the reality around me and the male female duality is the easiest to spot with all it's patterns, I kinda like how schizo I go from repeating it all over and over again until I feel like I'm living in a matrix or start perceiving the outlines of the structure of the reality and it's limits, it is necessary to use your imagination to perceive all of it. And last I think its based to wanna get rid of your sexual desire or to hate sex, men and women for sex reasons and raging at it all or being the devil. To me the shit in the world is bizzare, others don't look twice at it and think. and the internal conflict created from heterosexuality plus other parts of me was/is vile and painful sometimes, it makes no logical sense to others cause they are denialist who think sex in the physical reality can be ignored etc blah blah. And also they are denialists when it comes to acknowledging that a woman's sex drive is as hard to control as a man's so they think those hetero women will just be ok in a world without men or something magically. Overall what freed me the most is hating womanhood to the core and naming it with as bad names as u can name what men are or do its like I wanna use these vulgar words to describe the darkness I see in reality, it erases me from the dumb structure of reality and even the limits it sets on love, I don't hate myself so if you do its your problem lol

No. 25103

Dumb female competition shit I experienced irl: anytime my mother looks like me her eyes just travel all over my body carefully analyzing any tiny detail then she makes a comment about my looks. Every single time. My while life, she never looked at me differently. At 12 my aunt said that I will be fatter than my sister. My sister wasnt and isn't fat, overweight or chubby neither I am or was. At 13 my mother accusing me of not wearing a bra under my hoodie to make my tits more visible. I didn't wanna wear it cause it didn't fit my chest and it was sticking out cause she refused to buy me a sports bra. At 13 she was laughing at my crooked tooth and how I won't be able to kiss boys because of it. She refused to get my braces. Few years later endless accusing my of prostitution or being pregnant. I didn't even have friends neither was I going outside lol. Accusing my of dressing for boys at school. I wasn't. Getting excited at the thoughts of me not looking 12 anymore at… Not 12 anymore. Constantly commenting on my age. Commenting on every imperfection on my face and body. Calling me fat year after recovering from anorexia I almost died from. I wasn't fat.
Also >>24467 here you can see more deranged mothers, it different but my mother once also got mad that my father gives me attention.

No. 25104

i don’t see this kind of women as human hypersexual people who have no shame expressing their disgusting thoughts are subhumans soulless subhumans anyone who’s frigid/ asexual is more human than these animals

No. 25105

i don’t deny males being masochists ik it’s common but it does not really matter because male sexuality is self serving males are hyper sexual animals so they can be into everything

No. 25106

It seems to me like you’re sexually repressing yourself. There’s nothing wrong with desiring sex, having a sex drive is normal and healthy. Sexually repressing yourself will make you unhappy. I recommend you get a therapist specialising in sexual health who can untangle your hang ups with sex.

No. 25108

why do you care she does not desire being penetrated ? why do you want her to go to a “ therapist “ who’s going to manipulate her into thinking her beliefs are wrong? when she’s right about sex being gross and submissive to women why women like you want every other woman to be humiliated? you have to understand some women just don’t want to submit there’s nothing wrong with us she will not be happy if she accepted the female submissive position some women just don’t want to dehumanize themselves like you please leave us alone and don’t shit up our spaces the whole world is full of cock suckers why do you care some women don’t want to suck dick and fuck men just leave us i am aware deep inside we make you feel insecure about yourself but that’s not our problem sexuality is disgusting and it’s good to suppress sexual urges even if it will not make you mentally “healthy “ it is good because human psychology and nature is fucked

No. 25110

You have a lot of negative misconceptions about sex. There’s nothing wrong with being penetrated in consensual sex. Now I don’t want to force anyone to have sex, but it’s clear to me that that other anon is torturing herself fighting against her sex drive. Sex is beautiful and enjoyable, it adds happiness to your life. The sex drive is one of the most powerful of Human desires, and vilifying it won’t make it go away, you’ll just end up hating yourself for having natural sexual desires

No. 25111

Nta but now I feel actually better than when I was thinking about the possibility of dating males and that I "needed" it for something and when I even masturbated thinking about them etc. I was gradually losing interest in sexuality and now I feel much better, like I'm free, and I actually feel less tension than before. I never dated men irl and I'm glad that I never committed this mistake

No. 25112

You literally talk like a drug addict kek. Why are straight sexually-active women like this? It literally sounds like males alter the chemistry of their brains.

No. 25113

No I don’t.
> It literally sounds like males alter the chemistry of their brains.
There is no alteration, having sexual desires is the default state of Humans, sexual repression is the abnormality, whether that sexual repression is due to religion or due to feminism.
If you have no desire to date men then don’t. Your choices should come natural to you without letting ideology force you to do something you don’t want to do.

No. 25114

you are for sure a troll , all I’m gonna say is i feel mentally much better knowing I’m free of males , all women’s mental illnesses is caused by males existence and worrying about how to serve them single women are much happier than pathetic insecure male lovers, I still masturbate much less after discovering the truth of het sex and this made me feel better, i also become repulsed of femininity so I stopped wasting money and time I feel much better after freeing myself of animalistic instincts, you will never experience this level of happiness and freedom

No. 25115

So it's all about being "natural" and going "against nature" then? KEK Then go live in the forest. And don't get treatment for cancer (or other life threatening disease) because it's just nature wanting to eliminate your genes from the gene pool and you can't go against it. Also don't save babies who were born too early to breathe on their own, that's against nature.

No. 25117

Be fucking realistic or do you want me to post a picture of the reality you're talking about aka hetero sex? Imagine being fucked on all fours right now or penetrated by a man on you. I personally don't wanna have sex so that was a cunt response and I literally mentioned that normies and others have their own psychoanalysis of my mentality and I already explored all of it and in my post said that it's too much talking yet you still decided to reply like this. Either be authentic, straightforward and truthful about the reality and agree with me or? I had the worst day ever and my worst nightmare happen on the 1000000000000 level of the depths of hell and I had precognitions about it and I have dealt with some hellish shit in life and even in situation like this what helps the most is truth and being understood and the hell being named instead of dismissed also I am literally blackpilled because of how inherently sexually degrading and submissive womanhood is if I wanted to have sex then I would but I don't and sex positivity is rape ideology. Either be honest about what het sex is and not ignore facts on purpose or fuck off. Confront facts or even pictures or videos of what straight sex is or else you're just bullshitting and you also sound like a moid cause they tend to reply to me like this online when I say something blackpilled? There is no possible way that I'm wrong about straight sex. Bl3eh it's so annoying, I don't want to have sex I haven't even kissed anyone and didn't have to force myself to not to, I have never sought male sexual attention or posted my pics online, I hate immodesty and I'm a prude, I don't wanna be around men and never talked to one this I didn't have to force either lol. At first when I started talking about blackpilled thought I would just say simple statements other who get it would get it then when no wasn't enough I had to expand it and expand it.

No. 25118

I don't know if we can call masochism self-serving, by definition is can't be about the preservation of the self but the desire of absolute self-annihilation.

No. 25119

Absolutely, there's a lot of sexual frustration emanating from her words.Deep down she probably wants to find a partner that cares for her and with whom she can have dignified sex that doesn't put her dignity down. But at the same time I can't deny the truth in what she's saying about how society treats piv as a submissive act. I totally agree that oral and anal sex are not only disgusting but also degrading, I don't know how fair it would be to extend that logic to regular piv reproductive sex.

No. 25120

File: 1717853642089.jpg (832.8 KB, 1080x1409, 8-15-30-56.jpg)

Men invented life itself to torture women

No. 25121

No?? Stop being a cunt wtf I don't wanna have sex retard it feels like you're sexually harassing me. There so many people of all sexualities and genders who never had sex or partners or don't want to have sex? Are you dumb

No. 25122

That's not the impression you are giving me sis, it's obvious that a lot of your anger is rooted in sexual frustration and dissatisfaction with the state of affairs regarding male behaviour.

No. 25123

Kill yourself retarded monster, I knew I didn't wanna date be Marris or have children since I was 13, i don't wanna have a sexual relationship with a man / be in a heterosexual relationship. Would it be okay to say what you said to a lesbian? But you see it as okay to say to me and think you know better what I want, your assumptions is something humans repeat so many times cause they are retarded and refuse to think you think I haven't heard it millions of times including irl?

No. 25124

I hope someone beats you up till you squeak like a pig and die

No. 25125

Nta but is it really impossible for people like you to accept that there are women who feel disgusted by sex with men and by male nature and who never want to be touched by males without being frustrated and secretly desiring it deep down? Women like this simply don't exist in your world (unless they're lesbians)?

No. 25126

My refusal to be in a heterosexual is not about men or male behavior and literally? NEVER was??

No. 25127

It depends on what the lesbian in question is saying and what her words imply. I never said you wanted to get married or have children, I said you experience sexual frustration and you repress your sex drive, that doesn't necessarily mean you want to get married and have children.

No. 25128

All you are doing is repressing your sex drive, that couldn't be more obvious.

No. 25129

I don't have to suppress it?!

No. 25130

I don't know, it's really up to you. As long as it doesn't make you suffer on the longer term.

No. 25131

Lmao ok moid/whore/hate stalker thanks for your fake sympathy/concerns

No. 25132

It's not easy to repress your sex drive and resent yourself for having it.

No. 25133

I don't resent myself and I don't repress it?

No. 25134

maybe they're getting this impression because you use so many unnecessary question marks. you do sound passionate, to the point of sacrificing grammar and coherency but i personally won't pass judgements regarding your sexuality, i can't really decipher your posts. or like half the posts itt for that matter.

No. 25135

I mean, isn't that obvious, she clearly has a sex drive, a female sex drive nonetheless, but she still resents it because of things she associates with it.

No. 25136

File: 1717856198335.jpg (74.56 KB, 1280x693, c9407465956cfb0375a55e7e5e6ced…)

I can imagine the best, most considerate, empathetic, providing, interesting, deep, smart, funny, kind and physically attractive male partner who would want to spend his life with me, and guess what? I still would have no desire to be penetrated by him (I can imagine living with him but only if he was commited to not ever have sex with me or anyone else, as I can get emotionally attached to both women and men and I wouldn't want to share my partner with anyone. But such men don't exist. Literally every man wants to fuck because they're sexual pests. And such women are rare, but at least they exist and maybe one day I will meet a woman like this and I will spend my life with her. Still, it would have to be a person who likes to spend some time alone as I also need lots of alone time and I was a loner since I could remember, so that leaves an even smaller pool of potential women I could partner up with). It seems like normie women are simply unable of grasping such concept. Maybe it's because of my autism but I simply have no such desires, and my hatred of men only fuels my need to stay sexually away from them.
I would also never obey to anyone to the point of letting them insert anything inside of me (unless it's absolutely needed for a medical procedure, but I'm healthy - and
one of the reasons for that is probably not having sex with males ever - so there's no need for that).

Only faggots (mental and/or physical) let other bodies inside their own. We are not the same. I do feel frustrated when the world tries to push sex on me and tells me it's something I should need, not because I feel no need for it. And the lack of need for it was before I got interested in feminism and blackpill. Blackpill only fueled my natural hatred for males and women who obey them. Sexual energy, especially straight sexual energy, is the lowest form of energy and literally every woman I met who was fucking men sounded like her soul was dead. The most contemplative, sensible, pure, intellectual, deep, and IN TUNE with their own self women I ever met or heard were women who were not having sex with men either because they were celibate het women, asexuals, single sex exclusive bisexual women or lesbians.

No. 25137


This is not me btw(the one being taunted a moid/whore/cunt/ or the pedo lesbian since it enrages her to be called a pedo even if she is) I literally do not give a fuck men how many times it has to be repeated, it's not because of men, het relationships aren't even bad because of men

No. 25138

her autogynephobia is evident. autogynephobia would be hatred/aversion of/to womanhood within yourself. but I don't think this is dysphoria per se.

No. 25139

I also don't want the troll to mix us, I specifically said "NTA" in my first responsee here >>25125

No. 25140

you can’t even imagine there’s women who want nothing to do with males there’s women who don’t find piv enjoyable, she’s just making you feel insecure about yourself I know the truth is hard to accept stop gaslighting her I hate whenever a woman rejects social norms everyone start psychoanalyzing her labeling her autistic or any other mental disorder people want to control women’s opinions and behaviors it’s not our fault you feel insecure no one wants a loving moid partner I have reached a point that no male no matter how “ perfect “ different etc will be able to make me interested in romance or sex I just want nothing to do with them I don’t want them to perceive me

No. 25141

I don’t want to even be with this “ perfect male “ without sex because romance reflects sex nature and I can’t stand males at all no matter how different he is I will still hate him and feel uncomfortable males as a class have enslaved women and treated them like literal animals so even if a “ perfect asexual male “ showed up I will still not want anything to do with him I feel I’m betraying my self and humiliating myself by loving a person from the group that enslaved my group since the beginning of time I just dislike maleness biologically it’s in male interest to rape and enslave women so I just don’t want to do anything with males.

No. 25142

File: 1717857540076.jpg (351.27 KB, 1080x826, 04519390.jpg)

If you don't care about these topics understand what I'm saying and my points hen fuck off pedo (if that's you since you come here, it gives you)
stop using these words, you act like I'm stupid or say bullshit that doesn't matter or is not true

No. 25143

Yes, it's impossible to separate males from their nature which is fueled by their desire to fuck that's why such "romance" would never work irl, it was purely hypothetical

No. 25144

Also, I was literally never capable of forming any kind of bond with a male, even in my own family, even if they were "good" and I always felt like hating them on a genetic level. I think it's literally genetic memory

No. 25145

File: 1717858014648.jpg (153.5 KB, 1080x999, 024044523.jpg)

Literally fuck off if you don't care about this shit. If that's even you if not ti doesn't matter, but I have a screenshot of you saying you wish you were straight and fragile to fit your masochism

No. 25146

how would this animal feel like if she got assaulted would she not want the rapist to be punished because people can do whatever? I hate these amoral animals they’re amoral until something amoral happens to them

No. 25147

Transhumanism gives me some hope that we can indeed remove the most negative aspects of both male and female nature from the gene pool.

No. 25148

There a lot of fake female profiles on twitter/X, as well as lot of engagement farmers. So don't take anything you see there seriously.

No. 25149

I don’t want to genetically modify males or anything I don’t want them to exist women don’t want a world without males so they pathetically try to change males it is pathetic really even after centuries of humiliation you still want males to be around you your issue is them not treating you like a little princess lol

No. 25150

She literally showed me her accounts @s and posted @s in her curious cat. It's not some random for gods sake dude, she was talking about me there too tf. Literally like only 10 women online know me and I know them back

No. 25151

And what is your issue with them if I may ask ? Doesn't your anger also stem from observing their behaviour and how primal and repulsive their sexuality is ? If there's literally nothing in their behaviour that prompts you to hate them, you wouldn't even want them gone.

As for genetic modification, I favour this route because I don't see a future where we can sustainably reproduce without sperm.

No. 25152

>says humans/men and women are degenerate
>gets dismissed
>prove they are degenerate
>gets dismissed
>humans keep exposing themselves as degenerate and their behavior fits all my worst and specific assumptions
Ffs lol

No. 25153

I hate them so much that I don’t want them to exist I don’t want to exist in a world where women have piv with them i hate their features and bodies ( not a lesbian ) because they are stronger and look sharper than women they look like predators I want maleness to be erased

No. 25154

so it's about their behaviour after all, you realise that all of that can be erased by transhumanism and genetic modificaton ?

No. 25155

The one talking about men is not me and transhumanism is hijacking human biology it crosses the level of unnaturalisn that is even possible without failing

No. 25156

it’s not all about their behavior , I hate the nature of heterosexuality itself, even if you changed their behavior I will still hate them because these creatures enslaved my group and because of their existence children and women suffer so even if that changed I will never forget , if women had the power to change them they will turn them into “gentle men “ and will still submit to them in sex , when males talk about genetically modifying women they want them to be brainless sexdolls , meanwhile women want to change them to perfect husbands so they can suck their dicks without worrying about them murdering them or cheating lol, so a future where males are kind and empathetic will not end male domination because women will still get fucked , so you have to genetically modify people to be homosexuals, or castrate males ,so you either have to erase heterosexuality or maleness

No. 25157

Because your brother and father are less likely to do bad things like that to you. They're more likely to have unconditional love for you while a male partner is just some random moid that could do whatever horrible things he wants without remorse.

No. 25159

Isnt most violence acted by people close to the victim instead of strangers though?

No. 25161

>when males talk about genetically modifying women they want them to be brainless sexdolls

I have heard that way too many times, and sadly empathy is very much lacking in males generally, except for a small minority of them. I believe these sociopaths should be removed from the gene pool altogheter, and only the gentle males reproduce so we get healthier gender relations.

>so a future where males are kind and empathetic will not end male domination because women will still get fucked

That's another problem right here, you see heterosexuality as inherently demeaning. I recognize that yes piv is a vulnerable position to be in, and yes the power dynamics that society attribute to it stem from that very fact. But I wouldn't put it on the same level as anal and oral sex, which are both disgusting, degrading and dangerous. With piv sex a woman can still experience sexual and physical pleasure, and even orgasm, so in a sense that pleasure is mutual.

No. 25162

No, they are more likely!?>>25157

No. 25163

wasn’t even me replying in it.. mf acting like I said that, chill omg

No. 25164

i’m not the one harassing anyone. just stop lying. you're the one who is harassing me
i’m the one who constantly gets harassing messages lately. you even called me a cocksuckar, ur the one who started talking shit on my moots. also, my life would be a lot easier if i was straight + i’m not a masochist
it’s already bad enough getting called a cocksucker you don’t have to call me masochist too.

No. 25166

These two situations aren't even remotely comparable.

No. 25167

Heroin addicts can experience pleasure too

No. 25168

Are you the pedo? Lmao you literally have rape kinks and admitted pedophilia

No. 25169

i’m not apologizing because that person is NOT ME!

No. 25170

Are you now in your feminist misandrist boohoo moralz mask or pedo with moid friends real face. If that's even you cause idk anymore I don't know what moots you're talking about

No. 25171

you deserve harassment

No. 25173

Shh I am the one who's gonna be facing consequences of this reply. She's the one who started accusing me of being a porn addict, self hater blah while being a gooner and self hater and other things. And I am not the one who's sending her harassment outside of here. If she didn't wanna be shitten on then she shouldn't have started on other website and I would politely ignore pedophilia and other degeneracy and leave

No. 25174

i don't like blowjob-chan, but I have never called her degrading terms, but she has called me a cocksucker, whore, prostitute, pig and masochist…

No. 25175

If youre the pedo/MAP pride shit who liked literal almost-child porn on twitter then first *a spiritual cocksucker second you're a pedo? Third you admitted to being a masochist fourth your moid friend already mentioned in this thread liked the tweet where you said I should be raped and dissolved in acid fifth you engaged with tweets promoting incest done on daughters and child porn trading sixth you switch your faces in seconds, liking tweets on your feminist acc then liking contradictory ones within minutes on map acc. If thats even you or someone pretending here or being confused

No. 25176

And lastmost, she is lying about being innocent everybody

No. 25177

what's the drama itt kek

No. 25178

i never said you should be raped wtf and im NOT a masochist.

No. 25179

File: 1717868010321.jpg (34.6 KB, 1080x228, 9-11-47_1.jpg)

No. 25180

i was just trying to annoy you cause ik you have anger issues… i hate u but i really don’t wish that kind of evil on anyone at all.

No. 25181

You didn't even know I will see this. So you will just keep chronically lying and manipulating

No. 25182

all the people on this thread calling her sexually repressed, frigid etc i don't know anyone else here, last time i checked, i wasn’t talking shit about anyone….

No. 25183

We're not saying that to insult her, I have been in the same place too so I can relate to how she's feeling.

No. 25184

No you haven't you cunt stop projecting. we are not the same. This shit is one of my biggest fear and i know of and I've heard stories of women being forced into heterosexuality against their will. When my mother once threatened me with this shit I was left in severe shock, the moid propositioning himself to me even tried to find me online but luckily I don't post pictures or private info publicly. In any het scenario humanly possible I would react the same. I would just Kay lifeless until I shit piss myself and die if starvation and no word will be heard from me throughout all of this. I don't despise myself neither repress but I hate the position in life womanhood put me into. If I was a victim of shit like rape etc. Then atp I would hate other women billion tomes more because look at you evil slags. Everyone smart can tell your intentions. If you don't understand my points then fuck off. I and anyone like doesn't need your remarks

No. 25185

Just a question, are you heterosexual ?

I really feel bad over the fact that your mother threatened you with being forcibly married.

No. 25186

i don't even like her, but im not the one sending shit like that. also, she knows my real name..so.. i would prefer not to mess with her i don't want to get my ass doxxed

No. 25187

File: 1717882113279.jpeg (193.41 KB, 1187x298, IMG_5597.jpeg)

No. 25188

What a dummy. If femcels were the female equivalent of incels, then they would be women who want to have sex and relationships with men but can't because they're too undesirable. Women itt literally don't want relationships and sex with men.

No. 25194

> Women itt literally don't want relationships and sex with men.
So why are women itt so angsty?

No. 25196

It literally sounds like a man. Anytime it was a man shitting himself at me saying something blackpilled he sounded like this, some admitted to being men at some point one started yapping about his sex life with his gf, admitted women's position in sex is much more submissive than a male can be then called women dykes. I wish there was a space where you can talk about blackpill thought without the space being full of talks about men or the "women are victims only" mentality like there's this one subreddit but they hap about men or romance to much. My life is about womanhood not men cause I'm a woman's body physically. And all the individual women online that I find like blogs etc that sound enlightened, all have something retarded in them or still follow learned ideas concepts morals about life humans have and act dismissive of facts, observations, suffering and what reality really is often to cater to those moral or human ideas.

No. 25197

File: 1717909432407.jpg (87.46 KB, 579x588, 1717814370676191.jpg)

No. 25198

these double digit iq retards can’t even comprehend the existence of people who aren’t controlled by animalistic instincts or stuck at 9th grade brain obsessed with cringe romance it’s probably a male saying this since every time a woman say something they don’t like they like to believe she’s a “ femcel “ especially males can’t grasp there’s people who are not interested in fucking them

No. 25199

You’re not intelligent because you’re asexual. Asexuality is an abnormality, you wouldn’t exist if your ancestors didn’t have sex drives. Sex drives are as natural as the desires for food and water.

No. 25200

File: 1717919629008.jpeg (151.13 KB, 1080x1220, F8EIQEWXwAALxwL.jpeg)

If you're criticizing me and you're whole argument is that I'm morally bad while I haven't said anything I didn't then?

No. 25201

This is why I do the mental exercise of calling you people tyrants, pigs etc. a million times

No. 25203

That’s as effective as homosexual conversion therapy; that’s not effective at all

No. 25204

this is the dumbest argument what’s natural isn’t always good , i don’t care about existing, I’m not asexual, my ancestors for sure didn’t have sex my male ancestors raped my female ancestors, rape is male nature too it doesn’t make it ok , nature is disgusting , everything about animal nature is wrong and disgusting, the origin of it the instinct to survive is even wrong , animals prefer suffering over death, humans who are not controlled by their animal nature are superior, they are the ones that will rather die than be slaves, sex obsessed humans are animals I don’t think they deserve to be considered human

No. 25205

File: 1717920736197.jpg (179.2 KB, 1080x1258, 0924.jpg)

It's probably the self hating pedo pig who wants to be het since the posts match her mentality but probably pretends it's not her

No. 25207

File: 1717922311507.jpg (428.55 KB, 1080x1115, -23-06925.jpg)

Intelligence of sex positives

No. 25208

disgusting animals

No. 25209

They are sadistic and don't even know the assumptions they make I already predict while typing the thing they will create assumptions about me from. Sexuals can't even take no for an answer cause they love rape. I feel so brutalized anytime they accuse me of self hate including the pedo and the one from the last screenshots, I feel like I'm screaming and crying without actually making any sound or tearing up and my ears start ringing, it is genuinely my trigger cause I know how much it is not true. Human manipulation 101 is also them using your distress or responses to say you're having a breakdown as if it proves their point. They probably project their retardation and evilness onto me, these people are a waste of life, retarded monster human worms

No. 25210

claiming women who refuse to be used hate themselves is so dumb because if I hate myself I will not mind other using me, hating female sexual role is not self hate because I never wanted to be in this position so how I hate myself I feel thankful for being me and not someone who accepts this role without shame

No. 25211

i don’t understand too why these gross dickbrained animals are in radfem circles i have stumbled upon their accounts when I was lurking radfem twt they’re interested in radfem because they hate troons they are ok with all kind of sick shit

No. 25212

I'm so fucking sick at how hard it is to connect to others if you're like this. I'm completely alone. I haven't even talked to anyone in years. I so badly want likeminded friends but males disgust me obviously and all other women can talk and think about is how to hurt their friends to get ahead in the retarded competition for male attention. Even if I was able to miracously obtain friends, the mind games, constant competition, and neverending talk about moids and how to attract moids and fucking moids would make me noose in seconds. Nonas with friends, how did you do it? Please tell me

No. 25214

i dont like you, i dont think ill ever will, i dont care about u anymore.. im not out here attacking you

No. 25215

this person is NOT me fyi. thats a different person.
"the self hating who wants to be het" first, i don't hate myself, second im not a masochist, i don't have internalized lesbophobia.. my personal situation is also a little more complicated bc of the specificity of who i am ofc but i feel that my existence would be more palatable to people in my life if i were straight
im a feminine woman but im not attracted to male bodies im not attracted to male genitals and i’ll never have sex with a dick owner. i think this is one reason i feel "ashamed" of my sexuality.. it feels fundamentally 'wrong' for someone who looks like me to desire females and somehow it feels humiliating that im often physiologically more feminine than even the feminine females i am attracted to. it’s incredibly common for lesbians to feel alienated from womanhood as a result of society’s/biology positioning of womanhood as being defined by one’s relationships to men. it's ignorant to deny how alienated lesbians feel from womanhood, when an essential part of traditional womanhood is being a man's wife, having a man's child, doing things for the male gaze/pleasure because sexuality and gender are SO intertwined… sexuality is a dimension of gender, lesbian relationships do not and cannot have the same dynamics as heterosexuality. straight relationships and het sex have their own dynamics(unequal) even homosexual male relationships have their unequal dynamics(top/bottoms) this is a characteristic of penetrative sex. lesbians don't have because of the non-penetrative nature of lesbo sex. i don't envy the het dynamic because i muhhh secretly want to suck dicks but because lesbian relationships seem sterile… it makes me sad seeing so many women(bi-het) i know announcing their pregnancies, why can’t my girlfriend get me pregnant???
and if womanhood is defined as loving men, then someone who is like me may feel alienated from it, or express it in their own way..

No. 25216

File: 1717959335623.jpg (159.41 KB, 650x772, O21.1Seiren.jpg)

Stuff like this makes me want to grow my nails as long and sharp as possible and apply some strengthening treatment so they don't ever break, basically getting actual claws so I can defend myself like an ancient harpy or siren

No. 25217

Can you retards stop shitting up the only blackpill space we have left online with your stupid fucking infighting. Every single thread its the same fucking thing. Exchange socials and duke it out in dms and let blackpill women vent in peace

No. 25218

I feel you, I'm in the same situation and it gets very lonely. I also think part of the blackpill is to accept that we're going to be loners for the rest of our lifes. I wish there was a womyn's land in my country with women of all ages.

No. 25219

Just buy a weapon. Human nails are brittle, you cannot strengthen nails.

No. 25227

I hate it so much that I can't even go to the most most feminist spaces cause even the most romancefag "loving healthy"/relationship "he worships me" yap yap yap yap nigel shit ones are the same as pickmes and other degenerates, literally same mental state all predictable so easily it makes me feel like I'm hallucinating it when it happens continuously. You go to the most feminist spaces and they still express their sexual het desire as "I am owned by my nigel" "my body belongs to him for his desire" "he can get it anytime since he's a nigel"(stimiliar to male language about sex like " she put out" etc.) I just got triggered so badly I just saw romancefag whore desvrivet her sex life with a disgusting term with disgusting "my nigel owns my body" psychology. I feel physically nauseous and like disappearing sometimes people don't understand how much it grosses me out,
I see womanhood, female position in sex (which is a whole woman's existence since it's her biology) and my physical sex desire as something happening to "me"(the me which I don't hate resent or despise literally ever, who isn't just the woman's body) that is not it, I mean the consciousness in a human body me and that's my blackpiller "suffering" or enslavement or patriarchy which turned out to be something natural unlike what I was made to thought. The female position in sex is position I am forced to exist in. I can't even go on instagram cause it's full or retarded couples/love/sex memes and the thing is that the het dynamic… Is always the same. The woman is the receiver of dick and the submissive, the whore that has to be trained to please and suck, the one who gets bend over and all these memes about sex or LOVE are always exposing the natural male female dynamic and I just don't and can't identify with female natural position in it, it is a torture, I hate anyone overeactingt or using the admitting to this suffering as a green light to use it against you if you're any blackpilled like I am, or people think it's nor valid suffering, it's your fault or you're suffering because of this specific shit because you're blackpilled and not the opposite.
I don't understand sex positive women yet I predict their psychology to the core and the conclusion is that I don't understand identifying with sexual submission or servileness or sexual femininity because I am not compatible with my own physical sexual drive in combination with my biological sex and some my other desires from the "me" are unachievable in woman's body. These sex positive women are predictable. The psychology is the same.
Het desire makes women wanna move like a snake at men's feet and in their sheets (people see this as shaming women's sexuality when they identify with all this reality while on me saying these things doesn't have that effect) that's the thoughts men inspire in them , I don't have to repress it cause I don't with into sex submission with my brain
anyway so I don't go that far like literally never I only use my sex drive to observe reality from all sexes povs, people don't understand that all humans are sexually frustrated over and over again (and all repressed emotions have to do with sexual energy which state you can feel just through your mind anytime and being frustrated or triggered at remarks sounds sexual cause all anger has sexual vibe anyway)
and what it really can mean, I don't wanna have straight sex and remarks made to someone like me if its done by a hetero woman then it sounds like a projection cause her mind is different and she can't help it, I saw plenty of these women and there always are signs and they are different from me and I can and always predicted it, I never willingly identified with sexual submission or feminine sexuality unless to force myself to participate in my physical identity to get a relief but I projected power onto womanhood and the fantasies were so immature and frigid and delusional (and I never expressed my heterosexuality in a pig way and only found like 2 males truly aesthetically attractive even if I got the change to date I wouldn't take it yet it was still emotionally painful to identify with it and have the burden of whoredom, sexual submission and degradation in the back of your mind/on you and the pain of knowing males have 10000x more power on het dynamic and they are the master, not conforming to femininity yet knowing males are attracted to it but I couldn't won't can't and didn't confront regardless… Ever physically) or then degenerate obsession with analyzing het dynamic and imaging het dynamic from all povs all possible scenarios to understand it until recent years then I just started to approach it differently then few months ago fully rationalized it all in my mind and I can't accept how brainwashed I was to find it all normal and how influenced my mind still was I look back and I see how much I fell for other humans just saying shit,

No. 25228

I think all others say is true and I'm the dumb one. Now none of this shit is normal to ME, I have gave up on my oppressive physical identity my mind won't fit into without force, I stopped some forcing I still did subconsciously and pulled back , subconsciously months ago I was still trying to force it cause it's my material identity sometimes it looks like I was trying to pretend in the back of my mind to be like other women(now I look at them like wow I really tried to be it but literally just in my mind) who's consciousness is also forced to accommodate their psychology to womanhood thats why they (a woman) seem like a victim at first glance but they fit into this shit more or completely. I had this realization that even the portrayal of women in the media has some truth in it I mean the portrayal of female desire (not orientation specifically) like look at the self objectification and the aesthetics people like it for a reason, I have no problem with admitting any womanhood and woman's sex role is and I don't feel offended or like men win. I just say facts. Society is biology. I wanted to say that sex positivity coming from other women really confuses me and I despise when humans try to sound smart cause my mind fell for it my whole life now I'm not playing this game, you can see how much your mind will change when you stop reading other people's bullshit like stop being exposed to it at least for some time then look back at them or idk if its my autism thinking everything other humans say is true cause why would they say inaccurate things(my logic). People don't understand this internal conflict and pain(which can make you get wasted for years in forcing yourself to identify with shit you don't want for the sake of your physical hetero identity and emotions around it and you realize it was all pretending after so much time wasted trying to fit into it and all the emotional pain, wanting this bullshit while not wanting at the same time while never pursuing it when thr chnaces were and not feeling bad ab it but the subconscious identity still feeling like you want it unless a chance appears) because they're a denialists, think their suffering is more important, think it makes no logical sense so I had to repress my real intentions out of shame or fesr of wrongful psychoanalysis
and also think its funny to taunt a woman who doesn't want submission, with submission cause they know what it is same with all the gross sadomaso hetero acts about which everyone knows the truth subconsciously but denies. Your eyes can see it all clearly became the human biology you see and dynamic between sexes is visible to anyone who has a brain.
There's nothing more simple and obvious than my real intentions here. People deny so severely I have to resort to pictures of sex which is a real reality the one they wanna harras you with when you're a woman who doesn't want it cause they know. Humans know that there's nothing more funny than forcing submission on someone who desperately doesn't want it/doesn't wanna live in it. Some hetero blackpilled women become delusional and try to put "womyn, i love womyn " in place of their heterosexuality but its still about men if they pretend. There's no fds talks in your individual path if you don't really want be a cocksucker, any non individual space just caters to human sexual interests and socialization that's why nobody likes it when its not just fds and misandry here, different interests between lesbians and heteros, no copium etc. But I still can't believe the simplest bp concepts are that hard to comprehend for other women and we have to play a psychological game and get stupid remarks and psychoanalysis. I don't wanna be like these nigel having women with grabbed or slapped asses(but gently uwu it's just a touch uwu cauude he cries when I'm hurt uwu love) and penis in their mouths which is the most bizzare absurd thing about it all (idk how I didn't just hallucinate this reality cause I really really can't comprehend the pigfication you have to go through mentally to even end up with a cock in your mouth whether its nigel or not my eyes go wide trying to get it and people probably think I'm mistaken but I really explored it, observed, faced real life and came full circle I've tried grounding ans everything and saw all povs. My body refuses to co operate with this reality I mean my mind then I feel catatonic) and predictable mental states cause this bullshit is universal and you can just generalize them all with 100% accuracy and it's not your business why I don't wanna be like this is you don't get it in the first place. All I wanted the most in life is to be away from other humans physically, safe and independent,
I feel like a wild small or prey animal jumpscared when a human comes near me all it causes me is analyzing why everything and every human interaction its meaning and all the emotions while being ridden with guilt for pitying others sometimes and seeing them from this weird pov BUT still the pain from the internal conflict because of womanhood and heterosexuality is real and as real as my physical identity I interact with the physical word with and through this identity and it's position in life and hetero dynamic the hell is happening to me and I rather express it happening to me and since o see other women as self oppressive cause when you don't wanna be that sex role then it's oppression then I just say they self opress.
And the recent post about having no friends as a bp made me think about how much I don't like participating in anything as a woman's body, all these hierarchies, dynamics and relations are ruined, I don't like drinking or drugs, I am short and it's uncomfortable also, I can't dress too masculine as a woman due to my biology, I don't like being perceived by many times of people, I hate drunk moids or whores, I start going psychotic at the thought of being around a woman who regularly has a dick in her mouth and making those gross pig blowjob movements like she's admiring a man like he is a god(and the nigel hsver that triggered me now also sounded like she admires him as some daddy figure ehh) I feel threatened and unsafe around women who are cohabiting with men, o am scared of adults as if they are unpredictable animals, normies have so much bullshit going on, I can't take to see a woman date a man around me aka love him deeply, submit and worship. I can't socialize with these people and I never had friends anyway I was even busy having anorexia or depression in early teens or getting abused by regarded parent but isolation from others outside of my house definitely protected me.
I can't believe how seeing a bunch of words from a romancefag whore can make me have a physical reaction to it. This is why i got obsessed with stalking these people for years and years trying to prove my point that these relations are what I think they are unlike what others say to gaslight me. I hate romancefags and I'm scared of them. I hate their accusations, I saw a woman claim that other women who judge their relationships where "the man worships them" are jealous and I hate this female competition so much, I hate those relations cause I don't want my role in them, they disgust me now severely especially the sadomasochism piglike sex acts and positions part. I don't see this sex shit as normal anymore. Male female dynamic is prostitution. Women gives sex in exchange for male validation etc I hate how much these people brainwashed me my whole life to think of romance as wholesome. I literally saw a meme page on IG with wholesome love something in its name and its all memes about the "wholesome" hetero sex life, didnt take long to find memes about dicks in women throats, hair pulling, being fucked on all fours, women having jizz smeared on them, women being trained at pleasing men, violent sex, drawing of a woman kneeling to men, joke about knee bruises "a man putting his gf to work". What I felt ashamed of is feeling all of this and also being a prude. I don't even feel ashamed that I had hetero limeramce cause I was never retarded with it, a pig, cocksucker or a whore or had retarded thoughts unlike most hetero women, these few people are almost not even real, didn't know I exist, dead or super rare in looks. I feel bad even mentioning it cause the subconscious het identity was that serious or is but this crush shit not and I don't like it when other straight women express it around me it it makes me uncomfortable I don't wanna hear about it, if you don't truly want it then you know it's true so you can sweep these limerances as not that serious but the made me reality my fate as a 'female position in heterosexuality" after my prude mind repressing and repressing it to fit it but truth about sex always left ms in shock and my physical identity as anyone else's is stimulated by the same shit in sex, beside sex orientation its all universal so I literally can't get no stimulation without submission, its like an obstacle and at some point I began using my sex drive to explore sex dynamic from a higher pov but never identified with it super closely. So anyway I hate nigel having bitches and their mask off moments. I think this whore was just drunk posting her male worship cause it's weekend and that's what humans do and why I don't wanna socialize. I just wanna dig a dark hole away from humans and sit there I'm safety and solitude that's all I ever wanted to be, alone and unbothered but not punished for it with human manipulations "sit with us or else you don't deserve our helot when you need it" cause humans need a community sometimes. I know the horrors of life that happens in this private communities ska families. Its not unusual for autistics to just want to be left the fuck alone.

No. 25229

File: 1717990886167.jpg (224.71 KB, 1080x589, 20240610_053909.jpg)

Remove two first words. My mind didn't go as far as some gross sex shit ever , but anyone with a sex drive can see what kind of thoughts twos exes inspire in each other and its not the other sex fault most of the time

No. 25230

Hit character limit so get it in your head, but normies are an unsafe space. I don't wanna be raped or be around men that's a valid concern and something so simple. That is enough to be blackpilled. Just feeling unsafe around human beings as a woman. I have to fear bullshit my whole life, being around others would worsen it cause they have all these parties and moids around me and everything that comes with it.

No. 25231

What country are you from?

No. 25232

According to this logic: men created women(woman: a female body, vagina and all connected with it), women sexuality (vagina etc) is rape and women's arousal is like vagina getting wet etc is a defense mechanism against their own biology which women are, women are not their female human biology? Women are a victims of their own biology and life? Women don't want to exist at all? Women want to have children as a coping mechanism to deal with existing? Women's sexual functions àre just a coping mechanism cause women's sexual organs/reproductive system was created for rape… By men?
A woman is imprisoned by being a woman?(aka body created by a man) and because men exist?(and not because of her own biology)? Men created the male female duality and women are just passive in it? A woman is not a female body as it is now (which wouldn't exist without men and vice versa) (but a woman human body can't be different than what it is now so wtf a woman reallly is to these people?)
Life was created by men and women's ability to birth is male creation too?
(Based on all this logic heterosexuality is natural then lol but anyway) since two sexes exist to reproduce then according to these women logic men are the one who created reproduction by their own impulse and women are passive in the creation of this duality lol
They say patriarchy didnt exist 6k years ago but humans still reproduced and had sex?
If you made women live alone on earth they wouldn't like it so they would say that it's because men brainwashed them.
They say women created men and life but then that men created female biology and humanity out of their male impulsive they brainwashed "women" (who women even are atp) women with through… Creating life… They imprison them in?
As long as a human woman exists she's a victim because she has a vagina created by men for male pleasure? Wouldn't that mean that a woman is evil cause if her whole biology and who she is is created by men?
Men forced women into existence?
Women are one and the same duality with men so if men created it then the "women victim" they talk about doesn't even exist? Women's sexual reactions to men are created by men existing as men and by women having a vagina men made so now women get wet and aroused and surrender to avoid rape?

No. 25234

Fuck off obsessed pedo retard you already called me a pooner and trans masc multiple times this had nothing to do with the post, I jsut posted some ridiculous blog post claiming heterosexuality is not real

No. 25235

stop being stupid, the delusional person in this convo is not me

No. 25236

File: 1718014452132.jpeg (137.01 KB, 750x743, 755D07BD-DE51-41EE-ACFF-61598A…)

if you don’t agree with the facts there’s no need to shit up this thread you can argue about the bp in other threads if you are not a separatist sex positive “radfem” please don’t post here we are tired of your copes you don’t even have any good arguments if you disagree that het relationships/sex are inherently sadomasochist therefore self respecting women should become separatists which is the fundamental belief of bp feminism you are not blackpilled

No. 25237

I wish we could talk about this without the constant infighting because it's true. Normies are dangerous. Normies live for hurting their friends and causing as much harm as possible. Female friend groups are full of hatred for whoever they deem is the weakest, most unfeminine, least desirable. I was very briefly part of a modern female friend group and my self worth was deliberately destroyed by them because I didn't dress as well as them and didn't get any male attention. It's impossible to find friends because the definition of friend nowadays is someone who will monitor you and harshly punish you if you fall out of line. There is no friendship. Especially not for women. And ESPECIALLY not for autistic or radfem or mentally ill or just in general odd women

No. 25238

You're mind is so small you fixed on your low iq perception and conclusions and think you're smart + troong obsessed idiot. Or is this another one of these "I hate myself so I will accuse her of it" "I'm porn addicted so I will say she is"! " I'm autistic so I will call het that! " I saw you calling me an autistic transmasc like the months ago because I called you a leech

No. 25239

You have fixated on it

No. 25240

i don't even hate myself + im not transphobic

No. 25241

…Why do you keep lying in front of these retards here

No. 25242

there’s no need for anyone to lie here…

No. 25244

It's the sadistic leeches/human worms or pedos like the one here that poison these spaces and refuse to fuck off cause women's re genuinely too stupid to not let them/to not let other women get away with being scum then point fingers at the wrong ones and call them scum. Human worm intelligence. They need to get the holes on their logic get constantly pointed out or human degeneracy and fakeness pointed out

No. 25245

Try to talk about vileness in nature, humans, animals etc while a sadistic pig is in the house

No. 25246

can you both go fight somewhere else

No. 25247

Can jannies please do something about this. I feel like I'm back at the bpd ward and have to watch two frenzied bitches fighting

No. 25249

The brief mention of rape that took place two days ago on the fetishes you're ashamed of thread made me want to alog so much. I feel sick thinking about the coercive rape I had to endure with the only moid I dated. The idea of some women finding rape scenarios or using the word ''rape'' to describe any type of sexual fantasie (even when it's technically just a man being dominant, also gross btw) is disgusting. I don't know if there's something genuinely wrong with women that express this kind of desire or if they're just young and inexperienced and say shit like this because they really don't know what they're talking about.

No. 25252

I struggled with the same anger and disgust and thought a lot about how young and foolish these women must be to explicitly say their fetish is rape but unironically rape might the most common fetish ever among women. There's like testimonials from the 60s from women about their "hidden kinks" and rape is always the no 1. I have no idea how thjs came to be

No. 25255

Human anatomy is the reason for these rapey desires. Female anatomy makes women receive pleasure through surrendering which is a submission esp in straight sex and males dick gets pleasure through opposite and wants the other one to surrender to their will. Human anatomy is the same reason a woman can't be selfish in straight sex even cause her clitoris is not fully involved in piv and selfishness is the opposite of how she receives pleasure, pleasure is not equal, women's pleasure in straight sex is just male pleasure that's why there's no equivalent of the pleasure men get through dick sucking and shit like that that women can get. It's all the easiest thing to notice especially the female submission in straight sex I don't understand why humans lack so much awareness. Those rape desires will exist as long as humans exist cause that's what brings them stimulation through their anatomy thats why womanhood is so enslaving, servile sexual role, pleasure from serving selflessly. I want nothing to do with it, it is depressing how sex can't serve women. Rape desires can also be repressed emotions, that will require more force and dominance for a woman to induce the state of submission to get what human seek: stimulation

No. 25256

stimulation is their gaol of course they will do whatever induces it, and as it is selfish of these women to be like this towards other women, it's selflessness in relation with men anyway. I don't think in this context thinking about what causes the rape fantasies is even important if it stimulates both sexes anyway that's why they fantasize, the morals will be offended with this one but maybe in some different thing thinking of causes would be necessary but here it is obvious, rape might be less fitting word for female rape fantasies than male became wanting rape makes it not exactly rape but.

No. 25257

I don’t hate women but when I see them express sexual attraction by instantly reverting to wanting to be abused sexually or treated poorly it makes me feel shame like I want to crawl out of my skin and hate that I’m born a female. Like haha you’re so quirky for being conditioned to think your horniness means you should be willing to be used like an object yay let’s perpetuate that dynamic! I don’t think they’ll ever unlearn that, it just cycles with each generation. Just when I think we’ve learned that something is harmful NOPE. It’s too easy for women to want to be pathetic, essentially willing slaves. And now if you’re not that way you’re just encouraged to transition because the reason you’re different must be because you’re a man, you know, a real human being of course! And zoomers think that’s okay. Anyway, I’m just shocked at the state of things whenever I leave my online bubbles like oh…this regressive shit is practically the norm I guess.

No. 25258

these women must be shamed and ostracized , whenever you come across a woman like this shame her

No. 25259

No, I am a woman and I don't find ''surrendering'' sexually or any rapey scenario arousing, that sounds like something people with untreated CSA would say. These inclinations and desires are taught to young women and can be unlearned. Rape culture has evolved and perfectionized itself through years of male domination. The blackpill here is that is takes a lot more than equal rights to destroy rape culture, I'm talking about segregated schools, female separatism and, eventually, male depopulation.

No. 25260

But that's what even piv literally is, you can't be tense or hold your breath and those two are forced out of you. I don't care about your copium. Why these words make people so mad, the submission is obvious, stop lying. I'm not a CSA victim either

No. 25262

And your idea of making women stop having rapey desires is removing men from their presence cause you think women desires are men's fault, yawn childish typical response of people ashamed of facts

No. 25263

File: 1718102592845.png (66.41 KB, 854x465, cucks-and-handmaids.PNG)

I wish we'd stop circling through the same conversations 100 times in a row. But yeah, if you had any doubts about this, pic's your confirmation.

Highly doubtful that it's just socialization. It's heterosexuality itself. Remember that it manifests as intrasexual competition. Everyone wants to climb the social ladder to ensure that they'll have more opportunities for better sex with better partners. You might have missed this if you're autistic, because you aren't an active participant of social life, but trust me - that's what gives "normies" their reputation. Obviously, sellouts that want to be higher up on the social hierarchy will need to indulge in more male-pleasing behaviors. I wouldn't feel bad for them, they've already revealed that they're willing to give up a lot (including dignity) to roleplay that they're the sexiest women of the patriarchy. Even in my darkest pickmeisha days, I didn't even consider doing what these xx mental cripples do on the daily.
Also, you should let them sell themselves out, that's a very important lesson that they need to learn and your preventative measures would keep them blind to real life male depravity. Additionally, usually females start to feel "oppressed" when you take away their precious males. BP-adjacent views need to be adopted by the individual herself, motivated by her personal feelings on the matter, otherwise it doesn't work.

No. 25264

You're mixing up two things here to make your point: 1. How sexual arousal works, the things that make you horny. 2. PIV, a physical act. PIV is inherently a vulnerable act to women but female arousal is not limited to PIV, that's a rather limited point of view on female sexuality. You can get turned on by a lot of things that don't involve dicks, men or penetration, also, you can masturbate through clitoral stimulation or just finger yourself and still there will be 0% ''surrendering feeling'' or whatever the hell you call it.
>You might have missed this if you're autistic, because you aren't an active participant of social life, but trust me - that's what gives "normies" their reputation.
I have been tested for autism and I am not an autist. I am however certain that there's something different about me, and a lot of women here might feel it too, when it comes to sexuality, so I can agree with you that normies sexuality is strange, but a male normie and a female normie sex drive don't work the same imo.
I'm all for shaming the attitudes of handmaidens, not the women themselves but their brainrot, sadly, putting this into practice irl has taught me it won't be an easy task to normalize handmaid-shaming.

No. 25265

Yeah yawn at the denialist of human sexual desires, for women it's not exactly "rape", because its wanted but still. Those are human authentic desire coming from their sexual anatomy that won't change I have no problem with talking about it I feel secure and all of it… There's proofs of it, after the steps she said that have to be taken to remove the 'brainwashing". They would still have the same sexual desire but what else you expect from a human sexual desire. I don't boy he conspiracy that men caused it all in women, rather woman's existence and her own body and the ways in which its men causing don't disprove my whole points and mechanism of straight sex is indeed female surrender but they will go in circles and create a point while omitting facts so anyway. My intentions are obviously also not support of the reality I describe or rape culture or male dominance

No. 25267

>Those are human authentic desire coming from their sexual anatomy that won't change
If the desires come from human anatomy how do you explain SSA women and SSA men? Genuinely asking since you say
>There's proofs of it

No. 25270

Their female body still receives pleasure the same way, and clit stimulation is still feminine and sex stimulation is about the whole body and female body attains pleasure through femininity clit stimulation often doesn't move the energy right way and arousal on a female body is still feminine because woman's sexual anatomy is feminine. You're just bullshitting too much. Females sexual anatomy main point is the vaginal canal cervix etc. That's how the sexual stimulation or energy goes through a woman's body and where women feel arousal or orgasms. And lesbians still fantasize about being forced
Nobody says the want men/dick but that their anatomy is the same as other women not some exception people try to prove or act like lesbians are different species while they can be pickme too, wanna be pregnant, be feminine, wanna be celibate be anti sex and romance or whatever the fuck. I hate sex positives and havers because if I had any sex rn I would experience what I'm describing and be forced to conform to some femininity of my biology and then I would get gaslighted about it and that would be scary to get gaslight about the reality you experienced thank god I managed to have a real self realization about all that sex shit. I'm done arguing about sex like for real

No. 25272

And the more extreme gaslighting (gaslighting about het sex) was something that genuinely harmed me like how can humans bullshit like that, it's an extreme deep submission to the core, a deepest one a being can experience, the feelings of the insides of your vagina being touched, your root being penetrated in uncomfortable physical submissive positions esp while male is behind a woman while she has to spread herself and the stimulation of vaginal canal sensitive skin induces submission. Women are bottoms het relations even revolve around a man grabbing a woman's ass. Think of the feelings pissing and shitting causes like primitive or filthy or vulnerable (shitting lol) etc. I don't know what's so hard to comprehend, humans lack self awareness. Can't see how animalistic and degrading it is to be fucked on all fours for example? There's no way your body being invaded in the most intimate part going the deepest in your mind doesn't induce extreme submission. Who wants to have a moid make fucking movements with their body into your body from behind or while laying on you? Esp the first one makes women feel some male worship because sex takes two, woman's sex having is about male pleasure not just their own shit. I was horrified at certain positions when I got my real first crush and I knew I could never do that. People see a masculine or not submissive woman and fantasize about her humiliation aka her getting feminized aka having het sex aka being bottom. I also thought about cutting the crush dick and putting it in his mouth overall I am done with sexuality including masturbation cause even arousal in a woman's body feels feminine and I'm tired of forcing this gender in myself for the sake of sexual stimulation. before the: gender dysphoria, repressing sexuality accusations walk in here: shut the hell up I am also not more mentally ill than a lot of humans like today I've heard a voice recording of the girl perpetrator of the recent brutal beating of another girl, she is 16yo and said she's capable of cutting up a person into small pieces and feeding it to their family

No. 25273

Are you the anon that was talking about demanding McDonald's on the conspiracy thread some months ago? Have we been talking about TIs on the paranormal board of CC? You sound like those unhinged nonies, no offence

No. 25274

No and I don't know what you're talking about tbh but ok you guys won I am retarded and stupid. Happy?

No. 25276

No, I respect you even if we don't agree on stuff

No. 25277

So do radfems ever do anything with their so-called ideology and book knowledge or no? Do any of them do any activism, or sincerely care about other women outside of online political virtue signaling? Women who call themselves radfems typically don't even read theory, they just gravitated to the community because they're sick of the TRA movement or they're mad that their boyfriends are lazy POS that don't do housework. 99% of radfems are actually just gender-critical, porn-critical (not even, they're just unhappy about their moids' erectile dysfunction and violent kinks) liberal feminists, and I wish they'd say as much. I can't believe the amount of self-id radfems that sleep around and think that that's a #girlboss move or whatever the fuck. Their idea of praxis is going on the FDS subreddit, and I really can't help but feel like I'm of a different species as someone who dreams of actual women's liberation. Moid lovers will forever hold back women's rights, but they're too blinded by their attachment to care or notice. I genuinely believe heterosexuality has poisoned the chance for women to ever gain true freedom. They don't even want it, they just want to be more comfortable around men.

No. 25278

Why are women allergic to admitting the nature of sex? Is it cause they are the gender that has to spread their wide ass and put it up for moids on all fours with their head down? Is it because it's shameful to admit? Even pictures of sex prove the nature of sex? This is not personal truth

No. 25279

Ayrt, and usually this is in public spaces where I happen to overhear or be waiting with groups of women. I sure do make a disgusted face but I can’t shame when I’m usually by myself and they’re with some group of other similar brainwashed women. I’m not about to get attacked or berated for standing up to their pickme bullshit, ruining some event I’ve waited or paid for. Even with friends, they’ve hardcore shunned me for speaking about my views and it’s tiring having people think you’re some radicalized weirdo for not thinking selling yourself is a cool choice. There’s nothing more to do than sit back and get the popcorn while some of them undoubtedly wake up, some of them never will because the drive for “I want a man to like me and if I act like his slave or an attractive object he might like me” is too strong for some reason. How can you have the internet and see all the bullshit men do, laid out in constant pattern, and still think that a man should be your drive in life to the point of sabotaging other women?

No. 25280

So the Bible words supposedly hold s deeper symbolic meaning while these words in question with a deep meaning sometimes sound like coomer sentences one after another like the most insane pages like the one about a man with two wives and children from them, the wives had sex with other men the men were called filthy so no the women are filthy and tainted now they get called prostitutes and the men are ordered to ride on their horses and brutalize those prostitutes then… Stone them and kill their children then the prostitutes(the two wives) are called the killers? Also something about those women lusting after horse sized cock with horse amount of semen? That's how you communicate deep things? Excuse me

No. 25281

What? lmaoo

No. 25282

I'm sorry I just can't stop thinking about this. I'm insane but stable, I'm not trying to depress anyone, just ignore if it bothers you. But a month ago I've read about how women pay for civilization with sex and it's not funny considering that women have been sex slaves since always and even if it isn't inherent then it will always exist as long as humans exist and anytime they exist. The cause of this dependence is sexual dimorphism created from sex/reproduction and by some radical feminist theories sexual dimorphism is seen as a creation of men's will meaning that the human woman as it exists now with it's anatomy etc. Is a creation of men(wouldn't that mean that having sex is then submitting to male, Their creation and will) the feminine energy is seen as passive and acted upon by the masculine force then cit creates this reality and defines the women for what they are in relation with men. To be content with this reality, do you have to conform to men's will or tour own biological gender? It is rare for a woman to not be content cause most don't care. It's someone like me who's seen as depressed about it or whatever. I'm trying to understand it, is having sex a submission to male dominance and patriarchy if sexual dimorphism is created by masculine force. Other women are making me go schizo with all the theories… And the straight ones desire … Men and it is seen as a fault of men? Why is the world like that? Why is woman always the victim while being enabled to act on her victim sexuality with no shame and it's called superior? Did I go too far with analysing… Is it other people and my environment making me fixate on sex reality however the slavery is true and real… I feel like I am supposed to hide my awareness and leave the world alone without letting it know my perceptions it feels wrong to say it all publicly so I genuinely just think I'm retarded and went to shizo, see it as a lesson to not fixate. It is all my own fault but I'm too overall sorry for airing my mental illness and special interest in here, I'm not trying to get perceived as the most schizo person online ever so I will keep things private I think I am just having some hallucinations or something or mold poisoning. Stay mentally healthy anons. I will clear my energy.

No. 25283

File: 1718125151145.jpg (67.96 KB, 1080x352, Screenshot_2024-06-11-18-50-51…)

Like I will say something horrible like "oh women are not sentient enough to know if they are having an orgasm" and then… I see stuff like this and it makes my schizophrenia goes insane over the pattern. I'm just demonstrating, this is the same woman that suffocates while sucking dick but still dies it to please men, these women make me go schizo, those and Nigel having ones who still use "giving it to him" "he didn't rape me so now he gets it anytime" "he makes me feel safe so I act like his personal whore" "he doesn't rape me uwu" "some manic ass hypersexual shit or female narcissism" "easy access dress". My mind sees it one time and is in shackles after for too long and I've always felt like this lmao I have physical reactions to heterosexuality, sometimes gayism too like nausea and acid reflux and dizziness

No. 25285

I didn't know you had schizophrenia. But it explains a lot. Lol.

No. 25286

Not even a good argument at all. Lesbian sexuality is still feminine, lesbians still engage in masochism (even sexual masochism), lesbians do not have a male typical sexuality or male anatomy. The only difference is that lesbians and straight women have different erotic targets. And male homosexuals have typical male sexuality, high sex drive , high rates of promiscuity and risky sexual behavior.

No. 25288

I just stumbled upon this shit and it reminded me how much women (pickmes) who try to normalize degeneracy scare me. I thought she would criticize zoophilia and mention some negative consequences for the animal and talk how an animal cannot consent etc. but she basically says it's an orientation like any other and we have to listen to a man who rapes his dog and thinks it's true love. Women like this are sociopaths. All zoophilia is disgusting but that commited by males is way worse because a male can literally kill an animal with the act itself or seriously injure it and it scares me that there are women who cannot understand it. I don't expect anything from moids, but I'm astill angry and baffled when I see women like this. Women defending porn or women caping for pedos and zoophiles and other degenerates. Fucking disgusting

No. 25289

Nta but I genuinely believe that schizos and autists are able to see through the matrix by deafult and that's why the world constantly attacks them. I'm an autist and this world is true hell when you constantly analyze everything around you and you see more things than others

No. 25291

I'm not diagnosed with anything I'm just giving in to human worms like you tyranny, ridiculing and gaslighting. No way to win with snarky, heinous, inauthentic, manipulative human worm tyrant minds making you feel crazy

No. 25292

Worms who can't even connect things, listen or read or comprehend or be fair or honest

No. 25293

Nothing I can say will ever be properly acknowledged or comprehended or not not nitpicked by a manipulative worm, facts and proofs are just ignored, only a bunch senseless worm words are seen as making sense by other worms, being looked at like a freak cause of not caring about social approval, worms thinking you're a freak having a breakdown then point and laugh, dismissing real reality around me which I experience with my feelings and consciousness and I'm authentic so I care about what it really is, ignorance etc

No. 25295

To those who think female body is not a prison: menstruation and the mood swings it makes women have is tortures. Only pride doesn't make other women admit it or liking being a slave or lacking self awareness or being a normie or denying shit but if you perceive patterns then you quickly get overwhelmed by bullshit that happens constantly and without long breaks in between. It makes me dissociate. Women can't interact with the world with their mind different than through intense burdening emotions, women have a sex drive as high as men especially during ovulation that feels like some equivalent of blue balls and supposedly gets worse with age and women starting having animal urges like craving to get pregnant no matter if they are ace, lesbian or anything else. Ovulation phase emotions, other menstrual phases emotions, the phase before period where you have less capability to process emotions which makes you irritated, bleeding phase, and no breaks in between the intense disabling emotions. Imagine for expl getting traumatised in the phase before period. It would make you go psychotic.
And childbirth and the emotions it forces onto you toward the child and other things? Slavery. The trauma of childbirth? It gets forgotten quickly I mean the pain… The trauma stays but women are unaware about the consequences. Traumatic events like this permanently alter you. The slavery of self violating sexual desires making them wanna go on all fours and spread their legs?
The burden of dealing with other women's emotions?
Your whole life?
Is there a way out of these emotions I mean specifically just the intense emotions, theres a female pessimism subreddit but… Its overridden.. By these emotions and extreme childishness, talks about men and copium, theres no non childish woman on earth thats why there's no real resources. Human biology exists in the mental realm like that's crazy. I don't care about the sex drive shit it pregnancy but the emotions, empathy are disabling constant and never give you a break as a woman, even our mother's emotions became our burden and we get abused by them and look at those mothers and how they don't change their whole life. Also… Menopause…. You become enslaved and controlled by emotional state forced onto you by the flesh prison being the tyrant. Having a mother in menopause as a teen or before or after… But even menopause doesn't relieve these women of emotions, they just become worse…
Having to socialize with other women's… Oh I mean emotions since they control their life. Women are mentally ill because of their biology…look at the premenstrual disorder subreddit and what they going through. I don't experience menstrual pain but experience all these phases of emotions during whole month. I won't even ask normies for resources cause talking with these women is like talking to these emotions themselves or their het sex drive poisoning and controlling their whole life and mind. No fucking resources. I don't even wanna look cause I will just find women talking about getting cummed in by men and sucking off penises aka just natural violence. And the blackpill is also that humans are sadists and bullies who would burn one another alive but then act like they are all good and you're crazy for pointing out all the sadism. Even women are sadists towards other women. Humans also love the tortures female biology causes women and love to taunt them, use it against us, even womanhood positivity feels like taunting sometimes, sex being everywhere feels like taunting, humans saying things that suggest they are good I mean like literally they say they aren't what they are, they don't just speak shit like socialising and existing. They are painting themselves as non sadists while bullying one another with their real face behind the mask then gaslight you about being bullies. Like for gods sake what is going on on earth. I don't wanna feel female emotions no more. I don't wanna deal with them my whole life. This is a disability.

No. 25296

Shit like this and the wah there's nothing between asexuality and hypersexuality in female sex drive. If it's on then it's hypersexuality… Mania, bpd, trashy slut behavior, cool girl or pickme attitude, female sexual narcissism, mood swings their sex drive doesn't exist without it and in heterosexuality a hetero woman wanting her own pleasure manifests as male worshipping/male addiction thoughts. Even when women even on this website express their sexuality… they always sound manic. I went through hell because of a menopausal mother tho…

No. 25297

i can’t relate to this tbh i feel im emotionally stable most of the time when I’m on period i get irritated easily anything other than that I don’t feel it, I have seen a study that a number of female murders where on their period during the murder , when you’re on your period testosterone is higher than the other weeks, so at least during this week you become aggressive and more violent

No. 25298

The only way to live in peace as a blackpilled woman is by yourself completely or with other truly blackpilled women. My libfem sister is misearble because her boyfriend and her moid group of friends don't treat her like a human being, my mother has been caping for her dead abusive husband for almost twenty years. Yet I am the crazy person because I say men can't become women and all men are dangerous and miosgynistic pigs.

No. 25300

Or maybe you could just not live at all and kys. You're annoying and worthless and ruined the site with your drivel.(infighting)

No. 25301

Well, you said
>I see stuff like this and it makes my schizophrenia goes insane over the pattern.
You post on a stupid blackpill thread. You don't have any insights or anything valuable to say, just delusions and cope. Take your meds.

No. 25303

ignore the retarded coper

No. 25304

This resonates

No. 25306

I'm not the anon who rants all the time, but even she deserves to live in peace
It's catchy

No. 25312

Can you bitches talk about the blackpill already. Here I'll start. Female friendship is impossible due to moid influence

No. 25315

No. 25316

i disagree it depends on the woman personality

No. 25317


No. 25318

Zoophilia defenders are so stupid. Putting aside that animals can't consent, it was found that a huge portion of zoophiles get arrested for CP or have pedophilic tendencies

No. 25319

It’s definitely possible but I have had a friend randomly throw me under the bus and make shit up about me for the sole reason that she was jealous I spent some strictly platonic casual time with a guy she wanted to fuck. It’s crazy how pickmes will shit on you the moment you get in the way of “their man” or some opportunity for exclusive male validation. So it’s a matter of finding women who aren’t absolutely pathetically dickbrained.

No. 25321

Most women nowadays are either dickbrained or act like pathetic retarded children. I don't care if this is misogynistic. I'm tired of being expected to yaassskween women to experience a massive mental breakdown unless they slather their faces in 50 products that do nothing but drain their bank accounts. I'm tired of the constant dick measuring contest (who's the prettiest/skinniest/most popular/most gender conforming) every woman is engaging in. I didn't sign up to compete in the acting like a braindead toddler olympics. I'm tired of women digging their own graves supporting all this tranny and mentoo shit. Everywhere I go I see women coddling moids and making excuses for them/antagonize the women in their lives. Meanwhile moids go online and call us worthless holes and post about how the ideal female is a mute, dumb, and deaf 9 year old

If moids showed the behaviors that the average normie woman is exhibiting every day of her life, literally EVERYONE would recognize it as the humiliation fetish mental illness that it is. The intentional idiocy of other women make me sick. I've spent time with women who literally gave each other the side eye and started talking major shit the second a woman fell even slightly out of line, didn't Buy Product, or dumbed herself down to their retarded level

No. 25322

anons did you start to feel suicidal after becoming bp? i have been always blackpilled about male nature and idc i mean being blackpiled on women and their reality

No. 25323

Not impossible, just difficult. I have one female friend who isn't dickbrained and I fucking love her. And if I met any of you nonas, I feel like we'd get along pretty well too. It's not completely hopeless.

No. 25324

One of the first things that blackpilled me when I was a kid (besides just observing people, how women behaved towards men, how women behaved towards me, how differently they treated boys and girls etc.) was when I found out that lionesses would mate with the male lions that killed their cubs. Like… This is female nature. And then I found out that the dominant females among bonobos allow their sons to sexually coerce weaker females that are lower in the hierarchy… So much for "egalitarian", "matriarchal" bonobos… The existence of boymoms and pickmes among animals is very blackpilling

No. 25325

>I've spent time with women who literally gave each other the side eye and started talking major shit the second a woman fell even slightly out of line, didn't Buy Product, or dumbed herself down to their retarded level
Kek literally this. I met women who were trying to make me feel weird and bad for being a virgin and for the fact I wouldn't sleep with someone after the first date, trying to guiltrip me into a relationship with a moid because "soon you will be too old to find someone" when I'm literally still in my 20s and men would fuck anything, trying to make me feel weird for not watching the newest flavor-of-the-month netflix show or for not using make up and wearing "sexy" whore-like lingerie. Srsly
one slut was trying to pick on me for wearing comfortable cotton hipsters instead of strings and she literally BOUGHT me two pairs of strings for my birthday. She was a narcissistic controlling bitch trying to affect the way I did my hair, the clothes I wore etc. Backstabbing me at work when she thought I could be better at anything, making up shit about me, gossiping and then pretending to be your friend, etc. Just terrible people. I never trusted men but I still don't know how the fuck am I supposed to trust women who are dick-obsessed try to drag you down to their level? And dumb normies from /ot/ will call you a nlog or tell you you have internalized misogyny for calling it what it IS

No. 25328

This is so real. The amount of times I've been made to feel like a straight up freak by other women for not watching a fucking netflix show or some dumb womanbait romance movie is in the double digits. And it's always the most vapid shit ever. It's always some braindead ya or romance thing. This is why I can't take women on here who try and tell me that "sisterhood" is important and female friends are amazing seriously. I can't trust women. I've been very brutally put in my place by women many many times for things as simple as not following trends, not having social media, and yes, not watching fucking Bridgerton or some shit.
I've completely given up with women because I know that even if they seem nice and normal at first, there will be the inevitable point where they will band together and go "haha there's the freak get her get her". When I worked in retail I had a group of "friends" that were my coworkers. We even met up a lot and went places and I thought I had finally found something that made me happy. Fast forward a few months and all they did was humiliate me and bully me. If I had a shift with them they'd wait until customers were around to sexually humiliate me and talk loudly about how I "don't swallow", presumably because they found me ugly/not feminine enough for the honor of having a moid violate you. They abruptly stopped talking to me too after a few months of this. I feel like I was going through a gradually worsening punishment game where I was bullied and broken for the crime of not following the Women Rules aka be stupid be vapid be a whore suck cock

No. 25329

> talk loudly about how I "don't swallow"
wtf they are shaming you for not being a cocksucker women are retarded these type of women will cry if you criticize them “ it’s my choice!” but they ostracize women who don’t behave like them, i think because deep inside they know it is subhuman behavior so when they see a woman who doesn’t act like this they feel insecure, they get so sensitive when sex is criticized deep down they feel shame that’s why we must shame them harder

No. 25333

Every time a random video with a new born and its mother pops up, literally seconds after birth. And I see the woman having full make up on… Literally what the fuck is wrong with women? This degrading clown performative behavior has no end

No. 25335

It's 'cuz they live for social validation. You know she'll be posting those pictures on her Facebook or Insta.

No. 25341

Imo, now undeniably, Human female behaviors (in sex especially) are not caused by mental influence, it's their anatomy, there's only two sexes therefore women embody feminine sexual energy and male masculine this alludes that women with their nerve endings, sensations and emotions experience being the feminine stream of sexual energy in sex, the vaginal canal is then proven as the real female sexuality (not orientation), in straight sex then woman can only serve the man(and natural het sex is her empathizing with moid pleasure anything else isn't. Cope) since the only reality she experiences with her mind forced onto her by her biology are feminine emotions and empathy and nurturing and unconditionally loving the other (even outside sex women's empathy for men is so deep it makes me despise women not because I depise my own self it's just that those female emotions and empathy are very enslaving suffocating and a shitty realm and pov to be forced to exist in with your mind), women get turned on empathetically by the male being pleased because of their physical anatomy and not conditioning. I can feel everything or more that is achievable for a female body sexually yet I still think it's is useless and unfulfilling and that's cause I don't like being submissive or servile that's why I don't find myself in it and it is frustrating, also notice that female role in hetero sex is seductive cause male pleasure is what psychologically turns them on, another thing it would be impossible for me to wanna do for the sake of getting stimulation everyone seeks in existence. It takes two to have straight sex, a woman seeking her own stimulation, emphatically seeks to please the male / be desired by him. it is all universal, not personal or subjective. "But I like sex!!" I'm saying what it is so responses like this are low iq lack self awareness. I don't know why I have been ridiculed so much for speaking the truth about hetero dynamic
Pictures or videos of sex prove my point (and I am obsessed with dark things cause I wanna understand them, obsessively analyse them or get free from those parts of reality and those things being shocking to see make me fixate on why human biology is traumatic to perceive), those things are psychologically terrorizing to me just as sex is so being gaslight about them makes me mad. This is even the reality I experience while I masturbate/d or experience/d sexuality and you're gaslighting me about it like… It makes me go mad
Sex only serves men is like a simple generic blackpill realization, female position in sex is inherently feminine (no vagina enveloping the penis cope(it's still a woman loving the man and submitting to his force please ffs) or what I saw yesterday "but a woman can press with her vagina on dick and be the doer and make him whimper and cum!!!" Dumb ass, nobody asked you to talk about male pleasure, itse terrorizing!! that's why a female body is terrorizing to me since it can serve the male sexually but not your own self, no "shame" "internalized misogyny" "patriarchy" cope please, y'all are insufferable) get it in your head and understand this point about human biology I specifically mean sexual anatomy and stop calling people talking about it obsessed and making assumptions
I think sex only serving men while humans have sex with their most intimate deep part meaning a woman at her deepest parts of psychology experiences this inequality and submissions with the whole being is why I hate womanhood. But I don't hate myself cause I see myself rather as a channeler of the physical reality identity and sexuality (which is the point bitches like to make assumptions about cause in low iq mind that's the only conclusions they come to and want to humiliate you)
I always just pursued sexual stimulation mentally for the sake of the stimulation solely and out of lack of more self awareness and I've came to the point of having intense sexual feelings physically I don't even attach myself to them or to other humans, it's just weird how exploring sexuality with my mind intensified the feeling of feminine sexual energy in me and at the same time gave the ability to turn it all off(sex drive etc) and I have fully awaken to what the hetero dynamic naturally is: the natural het sex is a woman wanting to please the man and be desired, being submissive etc not submitting to male desire only, her desire is also to empathize, reinforcing the natural polarity between sexes (anything else is straight sex being done wrongly), and only way out of it is rejecting the sexual duality. Can we please stop coping and gaslighting already, it's the same arguments over and over again? I am not interested in female lies cause I don't live by them cause I am not ashamed neither scared cause I don't identify with womanhood in some way that's why I shit on it or on sexuality while materially being it and not getting offended lol
I'm saying it all cause it's our existence, how you wanna have a self realization if you lie?! I have been reading all these bp, rf, misandrist theories and experiencing some mental terror due to womanhood as usual, it's not that serious yet it is but makes no logical sense to others, I feel really bothered by the female existence and think a male or a female hating their material rape drives is based and shows they are more sensible if its not forced suppression cause then they would only get defensive over them or threatened in their personal world in the privacy of their minds. Raging at sex involves saying what it is and you rage cause it's what I described(it is enraging that it only serves men, get it?) It's like cathartic to admit it all .
So, there's a theory and also studies about blah blah blah gemates split into small and large ones small gemates aka males attach themselves to females (supposedly "parasite off"(fetus can be classified as a parasite too) of their investments catching the zygotes that the large ones produce cause males ones don't survive while female ones do) to reproduce. Blackpillers use this to paint women as the vicitms in the existence but IMO, 1/ the "female" wants to attract the other one (not the victim blaming lmao classic) 2/ without this shit happening there would be no human female while they see it as the male acting with it's force on the female. Then it means thàt a human female is a creation of the male so now their logic fails again. Looking at real human behaviors, women love those so called 'parasites" that's why I don't like this cope, I feel about it similar to men being misogynistic while women being pickmes and it makes the reality around me mentally torment me, you know why. +their love for males is real.
Look at the picrel, human women want to pass on male genetics as a way to love men.
Let's also add that a vagina embodies an energy that wants to attract dick the only difference ever is sexual orientation, the theory that the female was a passive being peacefully existing and got acted on by the male force seems strange (yk the feminist misandrist women who get stuck on these theories and create a conspiracy about any woman who disagrees while using the words patriarchy society and male dominance), humans gotta own up their own material dark desires, women wanna be abused cause they are undeveloped in their consciousness and wanna self loath after cause they like turning anger onto themselves and play the vicitms cause they can't express the existential pain differently, you have to express the material reality happening to you in some way, while moids rape etc. out of their own underdevelopment and the women concerned with social approval with their polite little "umm umm I don't agree with you, it's too much" "she's going too far" can leave me alone and go get their social approval not through me. Everyone has right to the truth in the privacy of their minds but humans are influenced by other humans words. And here again go back and look at pictures or videos of heterosexual sex because it shows the y chromosome stuff in a different light then.
The things that are seen as a patriarchal construct seem like a biological construct even when women tell me "don't hate your female body, hate males and society for seeing it that way and constructing sex as degrading" makes me feel sexually harassed for some reason cause what makes you think that het sex isn't a submission (being on all fours, getting your sensitive skin inside vagina penetrated enforcing submission onto you, male being behind you, sucking dicks, physical movements you have to make)
It is obviously the female body.
They act like we don't have our own brain.
Is it a coincidence that the female body has a short torso but a wide fat bottom while males are attracted to humiliation and submission and positions that turn them on them most is a woman sucking dick or on all fours. I have my own mind, society didn't teach me to feel this way about straight sex. But other humans teached me many wrong things.
I feel the same when I feel frustrated by this world severely, female existence bothers me more than anyone else probably including rape, the most confusing thing to me here in it all is women, I know rape exists blah blah sex is degrading, women are slaves and it literally makes my hatred be directed towards women because of their desire for this world and men that's natural, biological and they never take a blame for it. And I'm a person who generalizes males more than any misandrist who would get mad at me right now. I still don't think I am wrong and my mentality is not that black and white here for expl I am probably more brutal than any of those misandrists, my biggest trigger is female distress so if I've

No. 25342

heard it irl caused by a male, the adrenaline rush would made me go into a brutal mode and I would slaughter him immediately not even cause I feel sympathy for the woman or "love womin!!!" but I would see a predator and a gross dynamic and in hetsex female "moaning" resembles distress
No, fuck off, you know how unsafe we are in our existence and what women are in relation with eachother and how they partner up with men and love men. We get born into this world fragile(if you're sensitive and autistic like me then even more), alone, unsafe, dependent, confused and then out own mother can engage in female competition with us(female competition is natural cause human material desires are this strong and erase this much clarity in humans, they can't help) which puts us into dangerous situations, we exist with a male in the same house, whenever I think about the fact that rape exists
I cannot accept it and my rage toward other women becomes severe.
Women esp hetero exist with their most intimate part in relation with men so women relations with eachother are something I deciphered but I called it: a woman in a cage owned by a man socializing with other woman in a cage but both are inside it and socialize as those cages but it's more a self chosen cage despite that material desires are strong and a suffering that takes mastery that comes easier to some or the wanting to achieve it comes easier to some for example me. Women prioritize romance with men so the anon probably didn't mean just a friendship but something deeper. Women on a mass scale partner up with men due to the human sexual duality, we are made to reproduce with moids(the sex biology is made for it) add to this heterosexuality and then think of what women are in relation with eachother vs their emotions attached to men + what makes humans wa na live together.
Parthogenesis is impossible in humans, those gemates are not human females to identify with them, some call them beings like lesbians like the screenshot already posted here talking about hetero woman love for men is her seeing a female in him and falling for her(delusional delusional but anyway) even hating womanhood allows more freedom from the structures of this reality in the context of love for me personally. Also I hate when other women dismiss the tortures I go through because of womanhood.
There's a few types of women here, the lunatic bp misandrist with the woman vicitm male perpetrator y chromosome patriarchy society men created here insert things that are actually just biology who create a conspiracy about why you disagree with them and say some lunatic stuff, resort to denying shit to create their points, some of them also deny sex like I mean they are ignorant that women in a mass scale have sex and love men, the libfem or something sex positive, the fds ones etc.
But some contradict themselves, they say men created women and enslaved them through being parasites since the beginning of times but then these women act sex positive and say sex is not inherently degrading or then say women created men. I am done with being gaslight about the reality I am experiencing, all this shit you call a social or patriarchal construct is a biological construct you idiots. It's not a personal or a subjective opinipoints
You mentioned in the /ot/ "normies" and they remind me of me still falling into the deception in the past by reading their false ideas about sex… Women are as addicted to sex as men but in a different way si they keep engaging in that reality, those women's descriptions of sex are deceiving and don't describe the reality of it perfectly
I don't think anyone has the right to disagree with facts about sex, I don't like getting responses psychoanalyzing me instead of confronting my points and I hate the psychology of everyone who is disagreeing.
and those facts are unpleasant because they are facts and because of female natural position in heterosexuality that also makes them have a weird mentality while having sex that resembles penis envy since they can only get full stimulation from male aka dick desiring them so they seek whatever feels good for dick, like psychically they channel it automatically by seeking their own stimulation. In woman sex anatomy theres nothing that allows her to be selfish in sex. Learning to have straight sex is learning the female male sexual polarity aka it turns into you having to learn sexual femininity it is anatomy. Women in sex act jealous of dick while men desperate to go back to womb. One woman admitted she sucks off dick cause has none of her own. Lol. That's why straight sex is the way it is. It's not society. I can go in circles but humans can't contain a few facts in their brain in the same thought process so what people don't get is that in a hypothetical scenario where this shit is biological (but it is) we still are opressed and unsafe as long as humanity exists. So??

No. 25343

Literal horror list of what pregnancy can cause to a woman
But it's not more, I've seen worse like broken bones

No. 25344

File: 1718526975712.jpeg (87.08 KB, 667x680, GQGIIXibEAE21Ac.jpeg)

Chainsaw horror too, thoughts? kek

No. 25345

I always knew I would never have children for various reasons, mental, physical, cultural etc. And every day I see things that cause me to fear pregnancy, even though I don't have sex with men and I live in a country where abortion is legal so I don't have to worry about getting pregnant. And yet the fear is still there

No. 25346

After reading this it feels so good to be low empathy low libido autist. I only have empathy for certain animals and kids. For humans in general I just feel sorry for their mere existence, but I don't cape for them and I don't help them. I always got shit for not being "nurturing" enough. Well, that's not my problem.

No. 25347

It will be possible to change sex in a few years. Are you familiar with the developments in reproductive tech?
Keep in mind that the present isn't permanent. Human "nature" is neither static nor eternal.

No. 25349

>and then out own mother can engage in female competition with us(female competition is natural cause human material desires are this strong and erase this much clarity in humans, they can't help

I remember my mother was very angry at me for not getting "interested" in men and for example when I was 14 and we were walking somewhere and an adult guy was looking at me, she was literally pointing out to me that a guy paid me attention and when she saw I didn't care and that I didn't even want it, she was looking at me like I was a disgusting weirdo and called me a nun etc. When I didn't want her to invite strange men to our house or my biological father (bc he was an alcoholic and I was scared of him) she was getting very angry with me and saying "I won't spend my whole life alone BECAUSE OF YOU!" Literally screaming this shit at a 12 year old kid lol. When I didn't want to wear make up or dress in a very feminine way, she would say I behaved like a "dyke" or a "faggot" etc.
It's hard to admit your own mother had a whore mentality but it is what it is. She was also jealous of me because unlike her I could live without any kind of male validation, hell, I didn't even want it, meanwhile she was living for it. I remember when she told me that when she was young and a guy paid her attention for the first time, she felt like it was the god himself giving her a chance and looking at her. How pathetic is that? How spineless? How can you say things like this to your own daughter? Probably as an attempt to destroy her own sense of self, her self worth and identity, and drag her down to your own level because misery likes company. My mother died when I was in my early 20s and honestly I'm happy about it. I can't imagine living if this dick obsessed monster was still around and not being able to stand the fact that MY existence was not HERS. I think some higher force freed me from her, because sometimes I was literally praying for it. I was lucky to not have any close really traumatic encounters with men because I was always instinctively avoiding men, I never wanted them at our house or in my life when I became an adult etc. But the relationship with my "mother" traumatized me the most, overall

No. 25350

The empathy I am talking about is sexual, I mean it comes from their biological sex and sex = reproduction male + female so the empathy is based on the structure of sex, it's not always given equally to everyone. Looking at what women are in relation with each other in straight sex shows they they are pickmes for men but can be bad towards other women or compete with them. There are women who say they don't have much empathy but to have straight sex you are forced to experience femininity cause of your anatomy which you have to experience psychologically so women who don't have rapelike sex, the sex is even more gross or they are even more masochistic or something, it completely ruins the goal of sex so this shows straight sex and what sex is in a weird light, what exactly they get from it? But overall female empathy is seen in all that pickme behaviors. Even when I was watching an interview with this musician woman, not too popular, she said something that shows extreme empathy for her moid while his actions prove he doesn't have it as much just as in straight sex where male position is selfish, the way a male gets stimulation and fulfillment is more selfish than in a woman, the empathy I am talking about is the one contained in femininity. I hate my own empathy and I used to be scared that I will start liking or sex shit but have realized I hate it cause I don't like being it, it's pike beyond our control so I have this masculine traits incompatible with my biology along with my brain developing in a female body, puberty, hormones so I have all that empathy along with contradictory traits and I feel the best in masculine gender role cause acting on my empathy makes me feel suffocated, caged, sad and bored, I don't like living in that realm at all. I don't like being on that side of things like me not wanting it is actually legit, it's like with menstruation some really don't identify with all this shit their body does. There are also studies proving women have more empathy than men.
I can erase all my empathy and make it impossible to be invoked by anything if I see porn for example but overall I don't think I'm unusually empathetic I just have the "feels empathy for objects" autism and high libido but I see it from a distance I mean the libido and I used to think it's funny and can also turn it off but I am attached through bitterness and envy of moids sexual position not even in sex but life… But I wanted to communicate that women not having empathy gets in conflict with them having sex especially hetero or getting pregnant. Yeah mother's are deranged but at the same time they still have a motherly instinct. All people are deranged cause they can't help their material desires turning narcissistic and selfish (but in her women selfless for a moid)
Men will never have as much empathy for women as women have for men cause that would then be them going against their pleasure.
I really feel like a slave of my own biology and people can believe or not but I don't hate myself neither secretly wanna be all those sexual or feminine things, it's just a burden. Women can act like whores while still cruel outside it but whoredom is male loving…
The empathy women have is also seen in their female physiognomy if you compare it to male. My mother abused me but she still treats males with more empathy also mothers are so mentally ill nobody ever wonders how and why it happens. I kinda see why someone would wanna act sociopathic sometimes if thats their only option to express their existential suffering. There's a point at which humans can just want to abuse others to feel a relief but despite the abuse my mother was being in between evil and cruel and neurotic, empathetic, guilty, nurturing. Men ain't like that. Their biology fits egoism

No. 25352

That nun comment is so common. But she probably accused you of whoring yourself out too right… To me both happened. It's like they identify too much with their daughters but also compete with them

No. 25353

File: 1718545787304.jpg (371.61 KB, 1080x991, Screenshot_2024-06-16-15-29-48…)

I'm not saying women have empathy for every male they see but they worship maleness as a woman, it's different than for example wanting to be a male, they wanna be a woman worshipping a man. Maybe it comes from sex drive too, vaginal penetration definitely can cause some shifts in a woman's psychology I mean turning her more into femininity after all piv leads to a fucking pregnancy. I generalize men too but those generalisations my mind rationalized and they are deranged and killjoy. The woman on the screenshot at first seems deluded but it's all just male worship. Like when women idolize their fathers, I don't think I could go that far but I have an unusual stimulation where my father never acted threatening, masculine,having egoistic human conversations, confrontional. And I am easily shocked, triggered and in mental pain(that's why I am so angry if so little bullshit from men, women and sex makes me suffer and feel pain beyond my control) so despite his behavior I was still uncomfortable with being perceived by him and until sometimes shocking happened like he started acting weird to my mother literally just once and my mind fully processed it immediately. I don't think I am as naive as other other because I am definitely less prone to that and this situation caused me so much rage and inability to forgive this world for being the way it is. It even made me feel rage for women cause this was a small thing that happens all the time in the world and I see zero women ever talking about it and being angry, it also made my mind fully rationalize my generalisations about men and prove what sexual desire is and how it works and how it never leaves a male or a female so those male behaviors are predictable and not preventable in male minds. What I thought was my deranged projections are real human thoughts in this context male. So anyway I hate womanhood and it feels nice to rage at it, theories about why I feel this way are not appreciated since I know the assumptions already. It feels relieving and not self hating also I don't feel suicidal after getting blackpilled in the way I was when I had severe depression like from age 11/12 then I legit was suicidal in the real way… Prefer being mentally in the doomer side of things and raging helps, not doesn't help. And people underestimate how mentally ill someone like me is in comparison to others if others are so fucking fucked up lol I can be as deranged as I want

No. 25357

heterosexual romance is sadomasochist, women idealize masculinity in a way they deep inside want to resemble but they can’t because it goes against what males like and female sexual position, you can connect this to penis envy, women are attracted to the most dominant superior mates , it is natural their love / sexuality expressed in masochist way. it’s about respecting this superior male. women do love males , males don’t really love them they love them the same way they love their fav meal / computer whatever they love them as objects and don’t see them as humans they don’t have any respect, respect and equality is needed to feel sympathy . so males don’t feel sympathetic to women because women are weaker so they are not a threat , empathy is developed by weaker animals so they can collaborate with others to protect themselves, that’s why women are more empathetic and social , you don’t need to feel empathy to someone who’s weaker than you, that’s why humans act abusive to people under their control, for example in school the kids will bully the weakest kid and will feel empathy to the stronger , women are this weak kids getting bullied by the stronger kids. so I don’t feel proud that I’m more sympathetic or superior for it like feminists believe. there’s no such thing as moral superiority. women are not better because they are more sympathetic, empathy is the result of weakness , feminists should advocate for women becoming less sympathetic instead of idealizing sympathy, also since empathy is lower for those who are weak , women have more sympathy to males look how boymoms idealize their sons while abusing their daughters because the daughter is weak and can’t resemble what the woman desire unlike the soon he resembles “masculinity “she want to resemble but she can’t because it goes against her sexual desires. the daughter is useless to her cause she can’t have a penis and penetrate someone, she can’t have this kind of power, sons throughout history improved their mothers social status, concubines will be freed if they had sons in some cultures. males are higher status than women , so mothers idealize their sons out of selfishness , it’s like how parents prefer the more successful kid , this is really blackpilling if you deal with abusive mother who treat you like shit but worship your brothers, women do prefer having sons, there’s women who wants to have daughters, but the past generations of women obviously prefer sons, it’s not shocking women will feel threatened by their daughters, although some women identify with their daughters so I think this is not universal but common , I think mothers abuse of their daughters is mainly cause they don’t view you as useful to gain status. you’re just low status female to her ,unlike her superior high status male and some women are romantically attracted to their sons they see them as husbands if they had issues with their relationships

No. 25358

File: 1718553557805.jpg (933.03 KB, 1080x3750, loveuwu.jpg)

Talking about how men don't love women and it's a shitty life position, ok, but when they bring in the parasite "copium" I get a little annoyed cause their only reason to say that is cause men don't love them, the lack of love and women being invisible to men as anything else but femininity is the fault fault of male and female biology, they say "parasites" but they love them deeply and can't stop and in other comment op says the moid filled the emptiness in her. Thoughts (without copium)? Isn't it contradictory? What's the meaning of women's love for men

No. 25359

Are hetero women attracted to being attractive? Do they get turned on by what they see in the mirror especially when they perform femininity just like autogynophiles? If they see themselves from male pov then it's like there's a male inside them looking at the image in the mirror or picture of self and getting turned on, then they wanna consume this attraction by getting consumed by the male in the male female dynamic that's like power-vulnerability. Men don't see themselves from female pov sexually, while women think of how they look like to the male and validate and affirm their physical identity with male desire. It's not a coincidence that porn looks the way it does, unpopular opinion: it caters to heteros of both sexes, the women who do porn willingly and their behavior in it is very telling you would say 'but it's made for male pleasure " but thats what hetero women like… Male desire to affirm them even a cock in their mouth makes them feel affirmed even visually when they see it around their mouth the sado maso dynamic… Is sado maso ing…. Affirming her position in relation with him…
So is it better to be born unattractive as a woman? Does it protect you? Do really "hot" women become obsessed with their own hotness? Hetero women are even pedos when they become autogynophilic… Jesas it's all so…
Be grateful if you aren't conventionally beautiful as a woman I guess at least males hit on you less, less of their thoughts being sent your way

No. 25361

Yeah women(I'm a woman too but I just talk like this) definitely wanna date men in power cause they want to experience this power men have but women aren't invited to the male world or pov as anything else but what their position in straight sex is and sorry again but analyze porn and what women are from male pov. They don't become anything else but a whore in male world and no power is allowed to them so they see male validation as power this makes me think that accepting this is somehow gender conforming: you accept abandoned as a woman and that males are naturally emotionally detached, outside tour cage, not seeing you as one with them while you do but have to let them go and fulfill their life purpose, maleness, if maleness is ego then yk. Women have to accept being invisible, unconditionally loving the moid while he sits detached with heinous thoughts cause if he wasn't detached it would go against his maleness and erase it. You could call it clingy for a woman to wanna be so close to a man that she wants to live from his pov but how is heterosexuality intimate and an union if theres this gross distance? Men yap all the time how they wanna be left alone and not suffocated by the woman, they don't wanna be "negged" etc they want peace but a woman gets mad cause she feels rejected and enslaved in her punished servant position. So theres this separation of sexes this physical duality creates, only not engaging in sex even mentally makes you live a little outside this stuff and gender roles. Women also are like in a trance, I'm not good with words but its as if someone's brain was unable to ever perceive other being point of view so women can't see male pov and instead project onto them. Every single woman on earth unless shes bp or a misandrist or for shocked by the truth but then it goes back to a default state. So your perception on life and other sex and things is different than male like two different worlds they are living in and women have to accept their pov, accept never being loved/being invisible as anything else but femininity, accept male non monogamy and not cling to male power cause its not allowed to them. And this distance between sexed makes heterosexuality so non intimate, the male naturally conspires against the woman, he doesn't try, he's just being himself I also could call it a "distanced" state like being behind someone's back, when men call their gfs pussy behind their backs they do what I just described as conspiring it proves their natural emotional detachment from the woman(unless the attachment they have to you as their mommy) they always see you from that "conspiring" pov I used to see it as a woman being in a cage while make lives outside it and surrounding it at the same time and their minds have the same positions. Women are always the grounded ones. Spiritual pickmes are always absolutely fucking spot on on male female dynamic but they call it divine blah blah shit, however it's accurate. The "abandoned wound" is cause women have to accept to let men go, "masculine purpose is freedom and they experience love through freedom" also spot on, its cause of their biology. Proof of it are male cheating and desiring all other women and many more things. So basically the woman is so caged and emotionally enslaved while the man can just be egoistic while his servant sticks around and he only loves her cause she loves him(loves being loved)
Accepting male non monogamy = conforming to your biological gender as a hetero.
I can't help but be soo jealous of men and their point of view, but I wish I could have it as my female identity I am attached to despite traits I have that are not compatible with it however its impossible and it makes me so bad, I'm jealous that men get loved and I feel this intense insane deep longing and powerlessness like I'm reaching something and get stuck in the feeling of reaching it but never get it. Sex is what creates these fucked roles, no sex no dumb roles but men get this raw experience of being loved wtf
I get so bitter and wish I could access male power but I don't wanna date or have hetsex relations or shit like that like duh wtf.
Woman only can enter their world as a sex servant while being promised power and affirming this position you have in relation with male is not nice, no sex no gross duality but sex is material reality.
I hate that this separation of male and female pov exits and women can't access male pov I kinda get it why heteros are si neurotic about male cheating, or get clingy lol however the moid wants his freedom. If I was hetero dating I would be so hysteric about a moid being an individual with his own existence and alone time cause I would feel like I'm in a cage while he is free in his male pov and is emotionally detached while I have to be attached as a foreplay to go through fucking straight sex that women have emotions involved in.
The psychological shift that happens during the change of your mentality from either being ok with female position or to being jealous of male one is so crazy, basically acceptance of female one comes with identification with some female submission and all this type of traits like duh of course your mentality is different when you are in one state in comparison to the other but… I see a fucking gender here holy shit, the psychological shifting is insane etc
The womb vs dick, two mental states and to be a killjoy imma say if you are obsessed with being loved then you should have been born with a dick. Womb is a different vibe… I can feel it but I'm so fucking bitter, and keep identifying with womanhood and projecting power onto it or masculine traits and get mad I can't experience what men experience. I am even jealous of how women worship and pleasure them like gods. And women… Can't comprehend male pov, they keep projecting, it is an unknown world to them I know all humans are same species but this shit is different you just can't see it while in your female trance and projection. You don't know the world men live in as much as you think you do maybe only when you get shocked. I think….
Sad, call me a parasite for wanting to be loved by female body like men are I guess.
So anyway the source of this issue is sex and attachment to it or your material identity. Men are loved so fucking deeply it's insane I can't comprehend it or I can… Lol I wish I was emapthized with like women empathize with men. Men still act deranged but idgaf I'm just venting, not all of them are miserable. I don't know to be compatible with the female realm and other women loving men all the time and socialize with it, I think I just feel unsafe and threatened. I also keep accusing humans around me in my mind of degenerate shit then feel scared of them like all male behavior irl I predict anyway, the older men in my family are going crazy(I think its common for old men to go crazy…..) And I was right about the thoughts they were having secretly like that's insane, I know their thought process and wanna be away from what they are umm going through… In that phase of life, it's burdening. One of them is 70s and obsessed with partying and hanging out with younger people, hitting on women and expresses regrets of his marriage and monogamy, she passed. He cried like a uwu Nigel then started getting werid….. Started acting psychotic, schizo and all that shit. Its weird to be around men in your family that clearly just wanna run away with some prostitutes… It makes me wanna cry from uncomfortableness of being around thought like this like yeah you hate us all(family) and wanna be with a whore right now… And I sure know my deranged "accusations" are all right.. They always come true, I always feel uncomfortable because of the presence of these thoughts around me…

No. 25363

good analysis of how we can’t never have male pov, i envy how males can be loved respected , I envy how the world revolves around their existence all cultures are the result of their pov, I envy the male physical body , I don’t envy penis literally but I envy being breastless and muscular, it’s better for women to be muscular but muscular women are also sexualized and there’s something that seem just not the same, it’s easier for males to be muscular it suit their bodies better , I even envy how they look , women look more soft and passive , while males look like predators,I don’t want to transition but after getting blackpilled I started having “ gender dysphoria “ I wouldn’t even call it that, because I don’t want to change my sex it’s just penis envy, not that I want to have a dick , I just dislike the female body, it’s weak, i envy that most great historical figures and artists are males, i envy male strength, male pov and male brain is self centered, as a woman you look at the world with their “ pov “ but not really experiencing it I want to experience it , I try not to pity my self so I’m doing things to make me feel stronger like learning martial arts maybe I will start building muscles, I want to feel comfortable in my body and I don’t because it’s weak. and I advise anyone who feel the same to do something instead of drowning in self pity. learn martial arts they are helpful. do something to become stronger

No. 25364

Interesting. My theory is correct, dysphoria does not exist in women, only in men. Dysphoria in women = women wanting to escape the patriarchy. Gender dysphoria in men is very real and innate.

No. 25365

Do you envy males raping babies and animals too? Do you envy them having brothels where they "employ" monkeys? There is getting blackpilled about the sad reality we live in and then theres a point where it cycles back to man worship. Most men today are as smart as a sack of dogshit. They're weak and flabby. They're addicted to violent porn. They're emotionally stunted and dumb to the point of genuine retardation. If we lived in ancient greece where they were actual fucking physical standards for men I can see getting jealous of a muscular male body but please look around and see the absolute worthlessness of the male sex

No. 25366

Oh you're back, retard, that childish one.
And the patriarchy you're talking about is a biological construct. Leave me the fuck alone, bitch. I'm tirted.

No. 25367

i said I envy male physical strength I envy the male ideal body not their disgusting behavior or most males, I envy how the world revolves around them, I hate how feminists idealize weakness and victimhood , male history is about them being warriors and the center , women history is just being livestock , I’m aware most males were slaves for higher males but they at least have “ masculinity “ be push them to have superior traits , they fought, and are considered human. I envy this. i want to experience masculinity and bond with other males over it like they do when I imagine what I envy it’s not the average male and I envy what he imagine himself to be. I can’t imagine as a woman because I have doubts will I ever be this ? with my female body ? are women capable with their prey bodies and psychology ? that women idealize and think it makes them superior but being cowardly seeking social approval is not. and it’s not like most males are not cowardly or does not care about social approval, I look down on male sexuality too and how they are controlled by their dicks, I just envy how the world is centered around them and some benefits of their psychology like their ability to take risks and lower empathy, I envy for sure their physical strength. I agree that most men are losers cowardly approval seeking etc. and when they take risks it’s just dumb risks like driving fastly or something, i envy masculine ideals and males who have them.

No. 25368

Nta but it sounds like you just genuinely worship males, nothing controversial here at all. If you're so proud of "the great moids" whats stopping you from becoming a great artist or historical figure (as defined by moids) too? Simply follow your worship to this final brainwashed conclusion. I can understand feeling physically weaker and desiring strength but you self answered your own problem; males are worshipped because they constructed a narrative in which males are worshipped. If men get to decide who the great artists and great historians are in history guess which gender they're going to pick?

No. 25369

Delusional lmao

No. 25370

it’s not about only escaping the patriarchy I want to escape my biological weakness I want the male body but without actually being a male I don’t want to be a woman too I want to be sexless with male physicality. gender will not help me to cope because i can’t change my biology. I don’t want to become like most men and their disgusting bitchy personalities. I hate most men and women what I envy is the idea of the ideal male and how as women don’t have something like that, an empowered woman is a whore or a doctor not some great figure. I don’t complain without doing something like some I try to become stronger and more comfortable knowing I will never be penetrated or be pregnant enough is not liberating I want to be stronger

No. 25371

Can you elaborate? Or are objectively good human traits also somehow only masculine? Is the alternative of seething and staying as a loser a better alternative than practicing as a artist or making change as a historical figure?

>or a doctor not some great figure.
Kek what makes doctors shit to you? What exactly is a great figure to you?

No. 25372

there’s great males in history based on my own standards I find great and there’s no female equivalent of them, there’s women I respect like athletic women women with strong personalities, you anons since you are aware of reality and refuse to submit, it’s just there’s no great female figures, they’re rare, and I’m more fascinated with masculine ideals, I don’t worship the average male and his pathetic life although it’s less pathetic than women hundred times it’s a life of an average human and a woman life is life of a slave, there’s no women with values or aspirations to be something great, even radfems have no passion, second wave feminists understand the importance of strength so they opened martial arts school I think for women I have heard something like that, but in general women no matter blackpilled or not don’t search for meaning or desire to become something great. males position in sex and female makes me idealize masculinity more, like even these powerful women get penetrated simply this is what I feel and think

No. 25373

Biological differences are The patriarchy

No. 25375

I’m not the person who replied to you

> Can you elaborate? Or are objectively good human traits also somehow only masculine? Is the alternative of seething and staying as a loser a better alternative than practicing as a artist or making change as a historical figure

I’m not only seething I’m actually trying to learn martial arts and do something about my feelings of weakness. I don’t think good traits are masculine or feminine in particular, it’s just what considered masculine is good. Ik I am not capable of being great I’m not born in the right environment and I’m myself my psychology is prey since I’m a woman too. and mind follows the body so I’m trying to be stronger so I stop thinking like a prey

there’s nothing wrong with being a doctor or working a professional job ofc but it’s not enough for me to look at a woman who have this position and be amused but when I read about male great figures I feel amused. esp knowing they get penetrated I can’t respect any woman fully

No. 25376

You're being vague.

No. 25377

I think I have explained what i feel well , it’s just feelings so it’s hard to express but most women are just not as passionate as males they don’t have values or anything they just complain without doing anything

No. 25378

There is something about the pov of being "human", like even with fictional characters. Male experience is perceived as universally human by both women ann men. Women were never seen this way and they won't be… I was never interested in sex, romance with males, femininity, child bearing, family etc. I just wanted to do great and interesting stuff and have adventures and be an amazing artist etc. And those figures were always male. There was no women who weren't at some point poisoned with be baby-making, romance, weak femininity bullshit…

No. 25379

thank you, explained what i feel well

No. 25380

This is not me (me:>>25366)
But y'all are fucking insufferable regardless. Go to hell childish cunts, how much can you gaslight (etc.) Making me go through million circles in hell. I hate you. I hate you so fucking much with all my heart.(infighting)

No. 25381

I just expressed what I feel

No. 25383

I'm saying >>25367 is not me. I'm the ones before that post and two before it are not me

No. 25384

As opposed to males who don't sit around and complain and have no values? All political movements in recent history are spearheaded by women. Women are outperforming moids in academia all around the world. This "male loneliness" shit is literally just males being worthless, useless, and lacking values and passion.

Look, I can probably tell what kind of person you are. I think you might be autistic/mentally ill, sheltered, and lonely with no meaningful human connecting. That is okay. I think to some extent we're all like that here. But we can't let our autism and solitary lifestyle lead us to a state where we only expose ourselves to heroic/genius moids in media etc. I think you've stayed inside so long that you have lost connection with what the male and female sexes actually are like in real life. I don't mean this in a hostile way and I'm sympathetic to you because I understand where you're coming from but we simply can't start worshipping males because we're so sheltered that we only look at curated images of them that other males want us to see

No. 25386

Leave. Cunt.

No. 25387

Are you retarded? I said I was sympathetic to you. Nevermind then

No. 25388

that is what make me dislike women more when you want to achieve something “ great “ and have passion they label you autistic, I’m not talking about you in particular because I assume by what you said in the beginning you don’t label my rant of how I want to have a higher purpose and only males inspire me “ autistic “ anyway academia it’s not something not important but it will not make you a role model, what it is your source women started revolutions I genuinely want to know

No. 25389

And I'm not that anon

No. 25390

I’m not the person insulting you.

No. 25391

+ male characters and figures inspire me more, I have searched for female figures but no one inspire me, all female philosophers don’t give me what inspire me not that I find them dumb or whatever

No. 25392

Tbh most revolutions were just male response to problems created by other males…

My bigger problem is that most amazing artists, geniuses and creators were male. For most history women didn't even have the opportunity. Mozart had a talented sister but the parents just focused on their son and put all their resources into him because he was a boy, and so on and do on… But even now, many women are willing to put their career aside for the family because "they want to have kids uwu". Moids would never do this shit that's why women did it for them. It's a parasitic relationship and one would not exist without the other. It's such a tragedy to be a human, I don't want to be a woman but being a man would mean benefiting from women being cattle (first forcefully, then out of their own will). There's just no escape from this hell

No. 25393

The clownery of this person

No. 25394

but women never resisted as violently as men like why are feminists so peaceful why the women in afghan don’t do something? male psychology makes them more rebellious because they take more risks this is btw not me saying “ males are great revolutionaries !” since revolutions usually start when survival is threatened, this could be why women never rebelled violently because patriarchy assure their survival most men and women will accept submission out of fear

No. 25395

This isn't even a bp opinion. This is literally just how 99% of the world population thinks kek. Congrats, you would be considered normal

No. 25396

women confirm my point again. females have no values and want to lead pathetic lives and when someone want to have a purpose they are “ autistic “

No. 25397

i don’t like what I believe in btw i wish there were great female artists and creative minds

No. 25398

You're not autistic. You're literally just deeply mentally ill and your clownery is shitting up a thread where blackpill women want to have actual discussions that are not a constant "bbbut the mens have more muscle and bigger brain than females" circlejerk

No. 25399

but this is definitely related to bp women being weaker having prey psychology, women art is centered around sex and romance, you think I like this? No, I want to change this why we should ignore this reality

No. 25400

>women art is centered around sex and romance
This, I fucking hate it. Stories from men have more variety. Sure there's also lots of coomers, but you can simply ignore them and choose those which focus on friendship and adventures and changing the world and "hero's journey" etc.

No. 25401

Moid fucking mentality. Careful not to choke on that dick.

No. 25402

males are like this too most people are. but women especially will label you autistic if you don’t want to live a meaningless life. idk maybe males are like this too since I don’t interact with them. males values are performative too

No. 25404

File: 1718575016934.jpg (314.9 KB, 640x625, 1717824102897735.jpg)

Most pregnant women won’t go through that though. For most pregnant women pregnancy is easy and safe thanks to modern medicine.

No. 25405

Fuck off with your predictable, childish worm hive mind responses. I don't consent yo your retarded psychoanalysis, talking to me like I don't know what I feel and the causes of my feelings better and retarded denialism of how real life works, retarded ass assumptions due to which I can't say shit cause I know the responses I will have to fight if I say it.
Justice doesn't exist because if women. You are centimeters/wall away from being in the wilderness and cold and not having a roof over your head cause women cant even build shit because of their biology and don't fucking dare make these predictable assumptions and responses to this point. Leave me the fuck alone or be authentic. stop calling me mentally ill or not well adjusted as an argument. You are the one detached from reality and I've heard your worm hive mind words a million of times and analysed them wasting my energy just to find out after years that y'all are bullshitting.
And ignorant towards the earthy brutality, blood, tortures, tears, screams, rapes, cock sucking, enslavements, wars, abuse, slaughtering and hell etc. since the beginning of times

No. 25406

You're the male obsessed cunt
Do you see her sucking dick or dating moids you dumb btich, go throw your childish tantrums somewhere else

No. 25407

I agree with most of the stuff you say, but in the end it's better not to think of males at all and just live your life? Don't have sex, stay celibate, hang out with women only, etc. I mean, it will be pretty hard to find other bp women but it's not impossible. Of course thinking about this stuff 24/7 would drive anyone mad. But we can choose to opt out and live a fulfilling life. Difficult but doable. I've been doing it for most of my life without even being conscious I was doing it. (Going to all-girls schools, didn't talk to males because my parents told me not to, never even cared about males anyway so it wasn't hard, hated the idea of sex ever since I first learnt about it.) Yes, I feel disgusted at all the other dumb women who still pursue moids and seriously believe they can ever have a pure and equal love with them, but that's their fuckin problem, so whatever. I don't care what they do to themselves. I'm living my life moid-free and enjoying every second of it

No. 25408

>go throw your childish tantrums somewhere else
lol, take your own advice. Deranged.

No. 25409

File: 1718582757824.webp (337.21 KB, 1420x946, IMG_5632.webp)

Hey look at this pizza I ate today.(off-topic)

No. 25410

I know where you live now from that exif data

No. 25411

I meant her mentality is moid-like, dumbfuck.

No. 25412

This thread has to be the purest concentration of genuine life ruining mental illness, crippling delusion, and destructive thought cycles I've ever seen. Bravo

No. 25414

just hide the thread

No. 25415

Childish, senseless, retarded and CRINGE crying cause wah wah you sound like moid wah wah how dare you oh em gee I am so offended now, men bad don't be like men omg!!!! It's giving a bitch shitting herself when other one said "bro" cause weee were the menz say that!!!! Weeeee crying
Ignorant as fuck senseless rape loving
Cringe senseless retarded giving a childish blackpiller
All allergic to authenticity and not being childish atp youre the patriarchy you create your lunatic theories about, words cannot describe how insufferable I find women as a woman, fake, ignorant and all over unbearable but this kind of spaces making y'all go over the top with these traits like seriously. I predicted all these response literally yesterday. Plus many of you are so obsessed with men performative or childish misandry type

No. 25416


No. 25418

So as the number 15 says >>24585 do you have a purpose or any special interest to help you navigate life as a blackpilled woman? An amazing career? A niece you wish to positively influence on? Maybe you shelter former stray cats? What are some of the big or little things that provide you with mental stability? In my case, I might be able to live in a small country house with enough land around it to take gardening as a serious hobby. The place is tiny but there's plenty of space for some trees and a garden. I think it's great because I can invest my time completely on this once I land a serious job.

No. 25420

Sex power hierarchy:
Moids who have sex lives at the top and no woman can be in this position or above it + the "chads" are non monogamous lol

No. 25421

Shut the hell up, I speak nothing but truth, it's you alls intentions that are fucking weird, the childish misandrist fdsers, the ones obsessed with wah wah wimin superior which sounds like they are flaunting their female submissiveness as something mighty in comparison to male and SHIT themselves at the littlest suggestion that you hate womanhood because they are so fucking obsessed with their childish misandrist mentality and with "wamim must win, wamin aren't submissive!!". It kinda grosses me out and the hate stalkers who are self admitted sexual submissiveness ?
Men and women as sex are two sides of the same coin. I constantly ask, don't make retarded assumptions and responses yet they are made. If I hear the words patriarchy male dominance society I'm gonna vomit. Patriarchy is a biological construct first, humans socialize as their physical nature and condition and brainwash others but the brainwashing is done by their own nature and desires not the endless victim " I feel for the patriarchy brainwashing me to love men!" Stuff, you fell for your own drives. It's woman's biology enslaving them in this position so even tho hetero relations and sex is sadomasochism they still defend it because they act like they are held on a leash by their own hetero attraction cause in physical life there's nothing else they can do, .
Anyone who disagrees with me about facts, I am suspicions of and often grossed out if you act like female sex is mighty while it's sexual behaviors are one of the most gross things a living existing being can do. I don't understand people getting constantly personally offended, I am just talking about the structure of the reality but some can't comprehend I am not into submission like them like wow what a hard concept to grasp, hate stalkers. analyze the reality properly and I personally do NOT hate womanhood cause of what men do or "PatTiArcHY!!" But other reasons and I have my own fucking brain. Besides that women are still slaves cause they can't build shit in the world, making them dependent on men, thats scary and tragic and once again the eternal brutality, rape, blood, enslavement, brutal pregnancies that happened on earth y'all are ignorant towards as if you're okay with it, I'm NOT.
And the "if you wanna be a man you're evil" is just the typical "I'm gonna threaten you with morals" shit that are childish and I have observed those spaces for years and y'all always develop the same mentalities and make me go in circles starting from the beginning, same assumptions and failing logic spoken at me, the same psychoanalysis normie ideas concepts understandings and mentalities. Weee wee women are not submissive womin win against male wah wah insert a pic of a bitch fucked on all fours
~created by female and male biology for you
Stop being male obsessed be a normal male haters and I will think whatever I want about female biology and call it piglike if I want to and feel like it if it doesn't cause self hatred in me then I win. I'm not gonna listen about no misandry from male lovers especially the hetero ones that have crushes.
What's your problem you think I haven't had tantrums thrown at me cause of mildest shit even acknowledging women are smaller than men lol sorry thats your current mental fixation (denying facts) but I acknowledge facts no problem

No. 25423

Your rampant self-hate and internalized misogyny are not blackpill feminism

No. 25424

How many times I have to say to not give me your retarded psychoanalysis, I'm neither of those internalized misogyny is internalizing external worlds view on women, self hate I also don't have you pos, its crazy how if I was a moid I would have some retarded pig sucking my dick right now instead of having to endlessly deal with a "crazy woman" treatment, getting mental tortured and gaslighted for the millionth fucking time, go to hell with your "feminism". Loser behavior, worm brain. You are all are being abusive at this point but women love psychological abuse caused to other women, thats what all feminism spaces revolve around, its like they are beating each other up and in the radfem spaces there is also some club of female attracted women talking about how they find female on female abuse hot. Speaking to y'all is like speaking to a wall, you think you know someones intentions better and keep trolling me with responses like this, stupid little feminist worm brain phrases like " internalized misogyny". Cursed dick sucking creatures.

No. 25425

Denial in its purest form kek

No. 25426

Misandry is childish, but hating womanhood is not. What makes the misandrists childish and you a self aware person?

No. 25427

Nigga you literally hate being female, I don't care if you hate 'biological patriarchy' or whatever but those are just facts. It's not psychoanalysis, it's not rocket science.

No. 25428

Wait and my "internalised misogyny" is just me talking about what womanhood is and how I a don't like it cause I dont like submission or being a dick sucking pig or pig fucked on all fours or by dick and I literally said just now that y'all can't comprehend that someone isn't like y'all, men and women are two sides of the same coin, you dont hate female sex nature you dont hate male darkness either. Y'all keep saying I hate myself while I already stated that it makes me fe brutalized to hear if because I literally do not hate myself and never had a single self depreciating thought since 2020 so you're telling me something that is not true and something I had million exchanges about and then act mentally disabled like you're unable to comprehend why I get mad, but you pretend that you don't know and pretend that you think I'm self hating. You all are pieces of shit of saying this to me over and over again, weird ass intentions. Stop projecting on me perhaps. I struggled so much due to too much self love and other traits like that and here some retarded bitch comes and tells me a million times that I hate myself triggering my sensitive spot that caused so much pain and frustration,

No. 25429

Are you fucking mentally retarded? I hate womanhood but I don't hate myself? Too much to comprehend for your mind? Nobody wants you fake stupid concerns anyway also confront the fact that all bitches who always hate me for being blackpilled are sexually submissive and women who love womanhood tend to identify with sexual submission

No. 25430

Its not the misandry thats the issues, its the childish mentality and logic surrounding it/that comes with it usually

No. 25431

Telling me something that I know isn't true over and over again and teasing me then getting mad when I get pissed!

No. 25432

Okay bro

No. 25433

> I struggled so much due to too much self love
Yeah I don't think too much self love was your problem at all
>and other traits like that and here some retarded bitch comes and tells me a million times that I hate myself triggering my sensitive spot that caused so much pain and frustration
You're almost getting it but you're not quite there. Anyway, could you please stop ruinig this thread? We don't agree with you, you're making it so unpleasant to post that it seems like you're doing it on purpose. We got the memo, you think womanhood is servile, now can you stop parroting your opinions over and over again? Nobody is going to agree with you, you may have realisad that by now and if you hadn't I'll tell you again: we don't care, what you say is not blackpill feminism, this is the wrong thread for you so please gtfo this thread and go somewhere else with your walls of text.

No. 25434

File: 1718629349170.jpg (901.51 KB, 1080x5087, 024025622.jpg)

Whore. And prostitution is not mighty. Female existence is slavery (before you said it's cause of men. Leave the the fuck alone)
And classic mans wife dies blah blah just like I said yesterday but nobody listened as always >>25367 last words in there.
I can imagine women have always gaslighted eachother like this, this is what happens to women done by other women hands some retarded ass brainwashing or whatever. My predictions are always true like? And I'm the lunatic still? Or it's cause I don't find being a prostitute… Bearable even a little

No. 25435

Then why y'all dont want to agree with facts? It makes you all look repulsive and with weird retarded intentions and psychology. Are you allergic to being authentic

No. 25436

And womanhood literally is servile and submissive sexually, we have a million proofs of that. So you're gonna gaslight me about the reality I am experiencing then wanna have inauthentic discussions since you all don't acknowledge facts and have discussions while denying facts? Why does the truth offend you this much and why you all always resort to dumb psychoanalysis?

No. 25437

>knowing they get penetrated I can’t respect any woman fully
So you only disrespect het and bihet women? How do you feel about Alan Turing out of curiosity?

>there’s great males in history based on my own standards I find great and there’s no female equivalent of them

Holding women to a higher standard is what society is made of, this is not a unique perspective to you, this is something every girl is taught at birth. Being disgusted at womens collectively people pleasing moid focused behavior is something that everyone has subconsciously, it's why women are casted as sycophantic. Unfortunately the majority represents all and the majority of women would rather uphold their own enslavement than do something great. Most settle or give up, that's true but arguing it's impossible for women to be great isn't even black pill it's just boring old moid worshipping and self fellating red pill.

>it’s just there’s no great female figures, they’re rare, and I’m more fascinated with masculine ideals

I'll repeat; what is masculine about intellect and artistic skill? The only thing that sets men aside from women is physical strength. Just because women aren't acknowledged for contributions outside of shitting out babies and selling their asses that doesn't mean that great women didn't exist. I work in an industry dominated by males and studied in a field dominated by men, it can't be denied that this is upsetting to live in still in 2024 but I'm comforted by the fact that there are great women who are scientists and artists around me as well who see themselves as more than the sum of their reproductive parts, asses to be sold and as accessories to moids. I'm exposed to the constant bullshit of males (though not mistreated), I use frameworks, technology and tools that women have barely touched through history even to this day which pains me, but still don't have this strange male worshipping self defeatist mentality you're spewing. A previous anon said you are looking at only the positive parts of what men that they have created as a narrative of their collective "success" in order to shield the billions of collective failures, massacres, and inhuman acts and your only response to this is so what? If you're going to acknowledge that most women would rather whore themselves out then become engineers you have to acknowledge that most men would rather massacre each other, children, animals and women than become an engineer too by the numbers.

The cop out of autism as driving a difference in women is incredibly retarded. I've never been diagnosed with autism and or any mental illness aside from depression and don't think like this. Part of learning about the technologies you're praising and the fields is learning that no one singular person owns an invention, no one singular person invents an artstyle or produces a great work of art. Great work is the sum of others. I'm not trying to be inspiring but you are capable of becoming a great artist and whatever you put your mind and body to. Who cares how others think of you? how men will see you and other women; you're improvement and achievement is all that matters.

This isn't a "black pill" thread anymore it's a male worship one which is already all of /ot/ and /g/ and the entirety of the internet and mainstream societal opinion. What IS actually devastating is that you can't find places for discussion on the things you're saying that make you respect male figures outside of a petty gossip and male worship forum like the one we're on right now that are specific to women.

Lol your speak of women being prey and lacking ambition is schizophrenic, I don't consider myself prey nor a complete loser incapable of achieving anything that a male can intellectually but there's some honest truth to the statement that women are obsessed with moid worshipping romance and that's actually black pilling and interesting to discuss! Romance is by far the most popular written genre women are drawn to and it's shameful given reality. It's okay to say that's a shitty reality, the premise of this is fucking grim given the context of how women are treated in the real world by men as compared to their fictionalized coping stories. I'm personally pretty unhooked from most writing anyway. I don't consoom media regularly, and am critical of most, this being a good reason. In general, I'm sick of literature and media being denied as soft propaganda by the majority. I'll still read a book and see a movie with a friend or family member if I'm dragged into something but I switch off at the point women are portrayed as broodmares and the plot is a romance that has a moid and a woman. I also don't need to see women suffer like they do in real life constantly in fictionalized for entertainment. Nor care about mens free speech to assault women, children and animals. This ties nicely back to the idea of moids works being seen as "great" and you worshipping great male artists and literary figures. Many geriatric moids who are worshipped by society like Orwell, Tolsty and Scorsese whose most important contributions to humanity and planet earth are (and will be in the case of the latter) their effective ability as mulch.

No. 25438

Oh Jesus Christ so youre this type of a bitch. I've been in these spaces for so long I know every type of women here, most of them are insufferable. Shit yourself more, try to sound smart more, cope and seethe. Yawn yawn yawn yawn

No. 25439

ok, you might be right. But how would you react if they said you were inferior because you were female? If we suffer oppression based on sex we should not complain, because to be female is to be inferior and a slave, and slaves should not complain about anything. We should remove all laws that protect women and girls. ahhh, I forgot that women shouldn't study too. You may be right about the reality of womanhood, but know that everything has consequences.

No. 25440

First of all, stop samefagging and drop the y'all, integrate. Second of all, you don't tell facts, you exaggerate things and speak of women in a disgusting and disrespectful way >>25424
>its crazy how if I was a moid I would have some retarded pig sucking my dick right now
>Cursed dick sucking creatures.
Sometimes you simply spit blantant lies
>women love psychological abuse caused to other women, thats what all feminism spaces revolve around, its like they are beating each other up and in the radfem spaces there is also some club of female attracted women talking about how they find female on female abuse hot
And it's obvious that lowkey you cape for men >>25434
> Female existence is slavery (before you said it's cause of men. Leave the the fuck alone)
And you do this every single time someone posts in this thread, even if they are not talking to you nor mentioning any of the stupid topics you insist on bringing up. There's nothing you've said that you didn't already say so please stop repeating yourself and accept that no one wants to interact with you and have a meaningful conversation with you. And in third place, when some anon takes the time and patience to reply to you then you simply refuse to be answer or come up with anything to say like you just did >>25438 , you dismissed her in the most childish way. That is childish, not talking about feminist issues. Nothing you say is remotely interesting, intelligent or even entertaining. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's no tinfoil of mine, you have internalized misogyny to an absurd degree and spouting vitriol against your own sex in an anonymous female forum is not the gotcha you think it is, it's actually quite pathetic.

No. 25441

I don't hate myself you retarded brain dead sadomaso loving female pig tyrant how many times it has to be fucking said I never engaged in half of the self hatred or self harm any woman on earth does stop fucking gaslighting me and being ignorant about this reality, stop being detached from reality

No. 25442

Rape loving pigs you love your rape loving flesh and act ignorant to all the brutality I posted proofs of in here that happens on human life, you call my topics stupid but I just talk about this real hell life and brutality.

No. 25443

Speaking to a wall. Thats why justice doesn't exist.(samefagging/ take your pills)

No. 25444

i think anons misunderstood what i said i absolutely don’t envy most males, i don’t like most people or respect them, i don’t respect most males either. it’s just there’s male authors and thinkers I agree a lot with and think positively of and I hate this because i want to center women even intellectually but how? when there’s no one that inspire me ? it’s not like I think women are dumb or not capable of producing great art. my main issue with most women is the fact they suck dick and accept the female position in relation to male, most women I see I have no respect for because of these things not because they are not “ great philosophers!” I know most people are incapable of being unique. but at least males idealize strength and dominance women want to be fucked… most women don’t really seem to have values,their political opinions everything is shaped by what’s trendy, herd mentality affect women more than men until a certain age, but even older women are pathetic sex slaves, so there’s just no woman.. even in radfem spaces women seem to have no passion or desire to do anything just whining.. about how males are evil to them. why women don’t try to be violent too? women have this slave morality “ I’m good because I’m weak “.. i don’t like how radfems idealize women weakness and sympathetic prey psychology. when I say prey psychology I don’t mean every single woman is submissive dick sucker with no self respect although most are, I mean in general because of our physical weakness we have developed to be social and collectivist we take less risks, and this is why probably no creative women as much as men because if you have a creative idea you need the courage to spread them, male scientists needed to do experiments on themselves this need an ability to take risks, males on average take more risks, ofc when it comes to most males it doesn’t really make them superior because they are dumb and incapable of producing any ideas, but again average males live like average humans, women live like servants and they like it, and this makes me feel mentally hurt, I have interest in many things and if I learn more I think I can produce something inspiring .. but probably no woman will be interested in my philosophy, although it’s related to my pov as a woman, because women don’t have the same passion I have, it’s not that I think I’m superior intellectually to most women, but I have an imagination, maybe women waste their talents because their imagination is centred around males and their position as submissive in sex.

>So you only disrespect het and bihet women? How do you feel about Alan Turing out of curiosity

yes but they are the majority of women and most female thinkers because lesbians are extremely rare, I don’t know her I will search about her

I'll repeat; what is masculine about intellect and artistic skill? The only thing that sets men aside from women is physical strength. Just because women aren't acknowledged for contributions outside of shitting out babies and selling their asses that doesn't mean that great women didn't exist

I didn’t say it’s masculine, I said males have predator psychology and evolutionary pressure to produce something amusing. women don’t want to be great they want to gain social validation and male sexual interest, and to get male being sexually interested in them women will make themselves appear weaker childlike and fragile. women don’t have heroic fantasies (not all for sure but less likely than males), and when they have it goes against their instinct to attract males so women have to choose between their animal instincts or their aspirations to be great, and women who are great they still submit to males in sex, so how are they as human beings “ great” to be worthy of respect as a woman you need to disable your animalistic instincts

If you're going to acknowledge that most women would rather whore themselves out then become engineers you have to acknowledge that most men would rather massacre each other, children, animals and women than become an engineer too by the numbers.

I never said this I’ve never brought up stem or intelligence whatever, I mean women creating their own philosophy and ideologies, having passion, I envy masculine ideals and wish women had them. and the only way for women to be capable of achieving greatness is to disable all their sexual desires, because female sexual desires is submissive. women can do professional jobs well even some women does them better. but I’m not talking about that. a female engineer can do her job well, but does she have her own values? does she have dignity? doesn’t she suck dick and get fucked? I’m not trying to say women are stupid and low iq women are not dumber than men women are just soulless .. and when I’m saying women are soulless I’m not saying every single male is a great and superior being most people are soulless but at least males live as average humans women live as their servants, women don’t even think that this is pathetic.. why women don’t aspire to be strong physically and mentally ? women are afraid of gaining a little of weight or becoming muscular. women want to look fragile, this might sounds misogynist but I don’t really care, I don’t want anyone to feel like shit here but our reality as women is shit.. and everyday I feel pain thinking about it… the female body is not beautiful. it is weak, I feel horror existing in my body, that’s why i envy male physicality I envy muscular males, it’s mainly about my physical body, I feel insecure , I find breasts disgusting the fact they just exist to attract males… when I look at sexualized image of a woman.. I don’t find her body beautiful.. it makes me feel something I can’t describe, but the female body feels like a prison… and this body affects women mentally.. because we interact with world with it .. women are less likely to take risks , more sympathetic, more social.. because of this body it’s a prey body so we have prey psychology, it’s not that women are incapable of being intelligent or easily broken mentally, but women interact with the world as prey, always afraid always in need of social approval. maybe they don’t need it mentally but they understand they need it to feel safe, women don’t voice out their thoughts, always smile, always apologize, mentally they are prey.. this is not socialization this is just the affect of living in female body.. and I’m not going to talk about sex but it makes everything worse.. female body position and how it affects the woman mentally.

in general i just dislike the female body. it’s position in sex.. and how women get so sensitive when you question it, women don’t want to be free from their body and try to improve it, I even hate how women who are aware of this don’t try to do something about it to become stronger, most women even like being weaker than males, I hate women’s hypergamy they are so proud of, it’s the reason why they submit to their mates, because they select mates higher than them physically and just in everything else, I remember how some high iq women were talking about how they will never date a lower iq males, and males at the other hand want incapable women although women are already weaker, because of male standards women don’t have the same pressure male have to be superior, males want their mates to be inferior so women will try to be inferior. how sexes select their mates it makes the nature of heterosexuality more sadomasochist and the main reason behind female self disrespecting behavior. and whore behavior, women like to be pedo bait , women like to be weak and dumb , they say act dumb to each other they want to appear dumb, they understand males want them to be retarded and they want to appear retarded the bimbo trend femininity gurus all that shit. women want to be males sexual fantasy , meanwhile men want to be dominant predators women with their slave pathetic morality mock males for that because it make them insecure that they want to be sex dolls. radfems idealize female weakness and female body, feminism to work must be realistic and acknowledge reality, women are prey , they are capable of being something more than livestock, there’s potential in them, no denial, but women like to be prey and are prey, that’s the reality

No. 25445

Be patient, I think womanhood will be extinct one day. I believe in transhumanist philosophy.

No. 25446

the human intellect, male or female are still "animal instincts" I think the problem is that you think that a male brained woman is not natural, and that is the flaw in your logic, you are VERY mired in your bioessentialistic that thinks that women like you are freaks of nature. but it's not, you're not a freak or a factory defect, you're NATURALLY like that.

No. 25447

Shut the hell up, y'all are so insufferable. Anytime someone says sucking cock is degrading y'all call them a freak and anytime a woman thinks hetero sex is degrading then yall also do. Because it is not natural, not compatible with our biology to think this way. And y'all keep fantasising about "in a non patriarchal world women will be in masculine roles!!". No they don't even want that as much as you think and it goes against their biological purpose. Women are also sex slaves. How can't you see gender is physical/biological

No. 25448

"Because it is not natural, not compatible with our biology to think this way" So you assume you're a freak???

No. 25449

Well I keep getting treated like a freak being psychotic and that mentality I have which is the mental me just being me causes me constant issues proving it is not compatible with womanhood. And I believe gender is biological which is obvious but people disagree they also disagree that hetsex as a woman is inherently submissive so degrading if someone doesn't wanna be submissive, my last resort is always pictures of sex or women sucking dick to prove my point but then they keep denying and call me sick instead making me feel like I'm imagining all of this bullshit and these stupid ass feminist "theories" are making me go in circles and it's embarrassing to read them at this point even here anytime someone writes this this I'm like ah shit here we go again. Nobody can't comprehend shit. Can people stop asking the same dumb questions(ban evading schizo)

No. 25451

i don’t see myself as a male brained I’m just aware of how my body limits me, my animal instincts are disabled since I have understood reality, I had always wide imagination,and I have a desire since I was born to have strength. awareness of my female body and female sexual role, it makes me feel insecure, I have a lot of feminine psychological traits like I’m always anxious, I understand, it’s because I have a female body, I want to solo travel and explore the world but I can’t , because of my female body. I live like a prey. i try to do something though, to feel less insecure, I don’t relate to most women because they want to be sex dolls powerless brainless followers ,it is what women want , not who they are, they are not incapable but they desire submission and being dominated that’s what fit their sexuality, and what men like the resent trends in fashion, the “ I’m just a girl” trend , bimbo trend , popularity of prostitutes like that sprinkle sprinkle woman, popularity of femininity gurus and tradwife life style, women obsession with looking fuckable, how I can respect these beings?

No. 25452

>crtl + f
>penis: 20
>cock: 30
>dick: 88
>suck: 79

No. 25453

>you can’t deny sucking dick
>the thing about dick sucking
>fucking delusional dick sucking
>dick sucking is also female biology
>and sucking dick
>Dick sucking exists?
>sucking and jerking dicks etc
>sucking moid dick
>that dick sucking is female nature
>previous post about dick sucking
>sucking off dicks till their faces look deformed
>or dick sucking
>how disgusting dick sucking is
>by dick sucking
>would suck a cock
>fucked on all fours and suck dicks
>suck dick on the knees or get fucked
>want a woman to suck their dick
>even she sucks cock
>I don't suck cock
>Arguing with cocksucker
>dick suckers world
>The dick sucking shit
>sucking dick is not submissive
>supports being a cocksucker
>cock sucking screenshots
>sexual pleasure from cock sucking
>and the cocksucker
>like cock sucking or anal sex
>cock-sucking is more invasive
>forgiving dick sucking
>he has to suck and jerk
>dick jerking riding sucking blowjobs
>dick sucking jerking
>women sucking off male dicks
>dick sucking like a bunch of radfems
>still being cocksuckers
>psychology in dick sucking
>woman sucks cock
>suck and jerk cock and be fucked
>suck his dick as an exchange
>piv anal sucking dick kissing someone feet ass
>act like being dick sucking is women having any grace
>hetero sex like dick sucking
>the whole world is full of cock suckers
>suck dick and fuck men
>so they can suck their dicks
>ou even called me a cocksuckar
>getting called a cocksucker
>she has called me a cocksucker, whore, prostitute, pig and masochist
>a spiritual cocksucker
>secretly want to suck dicks
>be trained to please and suck
>if you don't really want be a cocksucker
>cocksucker or a whore
>get through dick sucking and shit
>suffocates while sucking dick
>sucking off penises
>be a whore suck cock
>cocksucker women
>male being behind you, sucking dicks
>woman sucking dick or on all fours
>she sucks off dick
>cock sucking, enslavements
>Do you see her sucking dick
>retarded pig sucking my dick right
>Cursed dick sucking creatures
>a dick sucking pig
>is the fact they suck dick
>submissive dick sucker
>doesn’t she suck dick and get fucked?
>Anytime someone says sucking cock
>women sucking dick

No. 25454

File: 1718644654031.png (84.06 KB, 804x1472, bpanon.png)

What's most annoying about BP-chan is that she frequents any and all blackpill-adjacent female communities/blogs and continues to spam the same drivel, and she's extremely easy to spot because of how she words her thoughts.
I know for a fact she lurks on r/femalepessimist, but I haven't seen any posts (unless she changes her typing style there).
I've also seen her on anon harassing one Tumblr blog with constant asks about the same stuff she posts on here, and when the poster disagreed with her on like one point, she threw a tantrum in her askbox. She is basically treating these spaces as her own personal diary, without regard to how anyone else might receive it. She's also sent a bunch of asks to one of my favorite spirituality-oriented blogs, exactly of the same nature as you'd expect… Despite all of this emotional/mental leaching off of people in these spaces, she still barks the same shit she had from the very beginning, so it's an endless drain. BP-chan, try journalling.
Now that she's gotten banned here, she'll probably start launching her lacking in punctuation paragraphs in other spaces.

No. 25455

Would those women you don’t respect want the same things under a different society, where they hadn’t been conditioned to become what they are since before even leaving the womb?

No. 25456

Wow it's almost as if "blackpillers" are just one single tranny with humiliation fetish is the one whos making posts while fapping to the thought of sucking men and being an inferior femoid! Who could've guessed?
Oh wait… It was already revealed in the last thread because the tranny admitted to making posts here on 4chan and anons posted proof here

No. 25457

They were revealed to be a transgender mtf person. It's not a woman, it's just a biological male who loves going into women's places and spreading his pornsick(blowjob and dick obsession) idess

No. 25458

i don’t understand why schizo anon got banned this is a bp feminism thread and she’s one of the few here who’s actually blackpilled here why there’s no freedom of speech. that’s the only black pill space left and you ban bp women instead of people who come here to shit up the thread even tradthots post here and they don’t get banned.. this thread will be dead again and full of radfem cope instead of actual bp discussions without schizo anon and I don’t like how she repeats the same points and act retarded sometimes but it’s unfair to ban her.

No. 25459

If anyone wants to reply to a post I made that was lost on the infight >>25418 I understand that ''blackpill feminism'' is just the most pessimistic approach to life as a feminist, not an antifeminist concept, that's why I find the couple of pics posted at the beginning of the thread so interesting.

No. 25460

Talking about your humiliation or cocksucking fetish isn't pessimistic feminism, its simply fetishism. That individual obviously has a humiliation fixation and porn addicting issue because i remember them posting literal blow job porn on ot several times.

No. 25462

You're not a male brained autist you're a low iq schizo who spends her time talking and thinking about humiliating sex and blowjobs instead of socializing or working like a normal person. You're literally the type of sexpig you think every other woman is, you're the one who cant get mens cocks and porn out of your empty rotten brain.

No. 25463

i don’t think she has a fetish for anything if you hate her opinions argue with that no need to claim something clearly she is not if she likes blowjobs why is she blackpilled clearly she just want to explore that since it’s confusing to here, because she is not a cocksucker mentally

No. 25464

I’m not schizo anon

No. 25465

It's not what's she's saying, it's how she's saying it. There is zero reason to post about sucking dick and other porn sick shit in this thread. If she finds hetero sex degrading, it's entirely possible to state that without sounding like a coomer incel.

No. 25467

>admitting you're an ftm with a fetish of sucking dicks of real men and being humiliated because you're never gonna be a real man
You couldn't torture this info out of me

No. 25468

do you think women are not interested in attracting males? do you deny this biological fact women want to be desired by males that’s why they like to be inferior because males like inferiority

No. 25469

nta but at least change your writing style a bit before defending yourself you cocksucking bp whore

No. 25470

How many times have you masturbated to the fantasy of sucking dicks today, bpd-chan?

No. 25471

i just live according to my own standards, i aspire to be strong physically as much as I can, im gonna start learning martial arts, i spend time gaining more knowledge in various topics,I hate how bp spaces never talk about how to self improve and reach your potential, female liberation is hopeless but we can give women freedom so i didn’t give up completely on fighting for that, i care about women around me, and I want to inspire women who feel insecure about their biology and hopeless, it’s hard being a separatist if you’re not rich so I’m trying to make a lot of money, I want to buy a land I will make it a separatist land just like the separatist lands already exist.being bp doesn’t mean you have to lose all ambitions and be depressed, actually bp is freeing, I am free of animalistic instincts, I feel better although sometimes I feel suicidal and depressed because how most women are, but I will keep improving my self and supporting separatist women and women I love.

No. 25472

I’m not her she got banned

No. 25473

I’m not her I don’t even agree with some of what she say but she’s right about you being copers, women have animal instincts, read about evopsych

No. 25474

>Talking about your humiliation or cocksucking fetish isn't pessimistic feminism
What the fuck are you talking about? Where did I mention any of that? Oh, it's you again, isn't it?
That sounds so based nona, what martial arts have you chosen? I want to learn martial arts too or any fight style but they're not popular where I live and I don't know where to start to make my decision

No. 25475

sambo is the best for self defense. i will start by learning judo. by the way martial arts is whitepilling because you can win over untrained males they are not useless for women as people claim

No. 25478

FtM* with a strong autogynePHOBIA.

No. 25479

>thread talking about female psychology, hetero dynamics and retardation in feminism
>women ITT displaying the most retarded female traits and dumbest feminism mentalities on a website dedicated to mentally abusing women who are popular online
Is any person on earth capable of not being fake? The straight ones probably using this place as a placeholder before they go back to thinking about hetero romance like 90% of the women I met in those spaces I was 5 years in yet still have the audacity to engage in the childish "you wurship menz" tantrums
None of you are authentic neither talk about human nature authentically, none of you can talk about real life honestly and you all engage in socialization theory knowing how many timed the word society was used in analyzing human biological sex behaviors and society was pointed at as if it's what is causing those behaviors while society is just human biology, you can't comprehend it. Who wanna bet it all comes from identification with your material sex too much so you piss yourself when it's criticized even tho women are the ones who do the most filthy shit in existence. You can't comprehend someone not liking it, ever.
It's just endless pointing at men and other things in the issues they have nothing to do with as the causers of them. If you were repulsed by pigness and sadomasochism you wouldn't act obtuse about facts
Feminist spaces are deceiving because they revolve around talking how wonderful women but women are and can be abusive. How am I supposed to beg others to be authentic if they are committed to not being it? What kind of mind games are we playing and what kind of interests we are catering to besides some dick sucking collective pig interests, hetero fds misandrist, cope interests etc. I'm an individual I don't wanna socialize with the collective like this? Even exposing human degeneracy flies over peoples heads. I haven't seen an accurate analysis of reality in those feminist or misandrist spaces ever in my whole life. The piglikeness of some women brains is repulsive so much sometimes idk if it's because of being exposed to it so much. all I do is hating being the raped gender, the one with female sexual anatomy and gross dark submissive sexuality and it's the most controversial thing ever, the discussions about female liberation are weird as well and you think everyone disagreeing is mistaken and evil and a defeatist while those women don't wanna be liberated in the way you Invision it, they will suck cock in their heterosexual dynamics that will always cause bullshit that we will get gaslight about.
The way people here point at individual person and call them a freak for showing behaviors that billion human on earth show is weird to see only I can even notice shit like this!! Because I'm observant!!
Why does human socialization/women socializing together looks like this? Why you guys think in concepts and ideas about life and things you have learnt or got stuck on constantly throwing dumb psychoanalysis at others? Why call someone the devil for something probably most humans on earth are lmao like. At least be honest? I don't wanna interact with human beings, they all are patriarchy and I don't wanna be the woman in it. I don't wanna socialize with that, I wanted to see those brains speak from a detached perspective and not… joining in THIS much. Doesn't it explain that humans socialize as their nature after all!?? I am not attached to most things others are and the things I am attached to aren't getting threatened. I don't give a fuck about fake concerns thrown at me either or yaps about mental illness, I don't fucking mind engaging in this blackpill mentality this much to cry and whine about how sad I am cause of it, none of my "I wanna kms" in the past four years was ever that serious, I was suicidal before that and severely depressed, now it's different lol stop projecting onto me. I have to be surrounded with proofs of my claims 24/7 then get told my claims are bullshit so. Be more observant?? If you not analyzing the reality properly then what I am engaging in here, I'm just curious can someone decipher the structure of all of it I'm tired of doing it alone?! Am I taking everything literally while humans are supposed to be fake? None of my small lies probably told to protect myself from bullshit match all other humans fakeness ever. All I do is hate sexual degradation and submission personally in a "I don't wanna have sex as a female body" way, but nobody can comprehend not wanting to be a submissive whore in any way not even while having sex this sexuality can be engaged in and I don't mean submitting to other humans and shit they say, it works differently but I see it. Its like most of you can't help it especially the one who literally are into masochism and act like the demon in them making them a pig is me or the pig in them gets personally offended
and then they rage at me. Ok, but? I rage at humans for different reasons
I care about facts cause it has to do with my individual consciousness. Y'all can't comprehend I'm not like you even a bitch in this thread said she want to be slapped an slap her girlfriend in sex. Even fucking here. Now your brain doesn't see any escape and you will project onto me and call me mentally ill or trans cause you perceived the inescapability of this bullshit and are only capable of dumb low iq logics like the constant debates which sex is superior or shit like that.
All women want to talk about is female dating strategy and require and demand to be talked to like they are children. Want you to be their slaves. Constnsly going in circles starting from the beginning. Constantly blaming men for their biological enslavement cuz "men don't love women" but in the problems in which its literally not even men causing it like seriously. They require constant posts explaining in detail to not suck off the predators like https://www.reddit.com/r/femalepessimist/comments/1di5k6e/mandatory_readwhy_do_women_keep_trying_to_tame/ here.
They demand million proofs. they demand you to collect "ragebait" to constnsly defend yourself from these whores bullshit gaslighting and brainwashing. Women brainwash eachother to fall for their own material desires and stuff like that, that's the blackpill. They do it constnsly, its their default state so what is the conclusion here?
You are forced to constnsly explain yourself to them as well, nobody ever heard me scream when I talk about how heterosexual relationships are naturally bad, that's first but also real male thought, the mechanism of straight sex and what straight sex is etc.
Even example like this: a misandrist (not a real one just fds shit) with a Nigel constantly praising him in radfem spaces over and over again, "healthy" "loving" "intimate" using these words to describe the sex and relation blah blah for a year straight every single day yapping about him while at the same time her while emotional state revolved around him, she was suicidal more than ten times because of him, starved, she was manic because of him, extreme mood swings. No self awareness, moid did so much bullshit she is incapable of rationalizing. She was creating a story of romance not fitting into a natural hetero dynamic while suffering constnsly cause of him, she lied cause those people love to lie. Women create the idea of romance and spread it. Not men. Women lie.
Romance is also bad NOT cause of men but natural hetero dynamic.
Other example is that when I look at a male in straight relationship or not I see the bad things in their nature/I see them demon nobody else's see and nobody else's acts like its real. It makes me feel brutalized, powerless, frustrated unsafe and tormented, I see but they dont and I can't even verbalize what I it and if I tried I would lose so much energy. No one, not even any of you or blackpilled women see my point of view, they still fall for shit and I have to constnsly be the one fixing holes in human logic. They see a lie, a narration of reality making the reality sound uwu love intimacy mutual blah blah shit and they don't think more deeply about it and then that AFFECTS me and how I am understood in my fucking existence cause nobody can think deeply about it as I do AUTOMATICALLY as I see this shit but I am speechless. How do you even explain something like this to humans, how many words I would have to shit out to psychoanalyse and analyze what I see in males and heterosexuality and women to every tiny little detail which I see with my mind eye(lol) ? Do you realize how frustrating it all is? And I think straight sex and what it is (which I'm right about) also exposes the psychology of both sex so even based on it I know everything male things but can't put it in words. And women are so vile that they stay silent about what they experience in het relationships and won't even warn other women. They sit there acting like it's all normal. When I woman shared what she experienced in a het relationships I get so fucking rageful at her cause she speaks like it's all normal average life and I see no women ever talking about this shit in a non low iq way or in an anrgy way standing up against this world. I know if I was dumb and engaged in relationships f-m or f-f and got abused, no other woman would hear me scream. They would all act like its just life.
I spend my life thinking this shit in unacceptable because of it happened to other women, I would see them psychoanalyze it even analyze the males see their pov and why they did all the bullshit. To expose them. But….?
Do you see now what women do to other women? And the way they constantly lie? Even stuff like on the screenshot just going in circles with these stupid ass conversstiie or angry Boohoo misandry omg all men would rape if they could!!! But women don't care cause they desire them. Can you even understand it all??!! -

No. 25480

File: 1718689222298.jpg (373.74 KB, 1080x1925, 4072753.jpg)

- Are we stuck in those hell conversations forever because of all other women? The thing about
those women main interest being romance is also universal (we can generalize)
and I literally wanted to talk about female biological behaviors like this just to be dismissed a million of times or told I'm wrong while I'm right
What is all of this bullshit and solution to it? If women are committed to bullshitting eachother and its their default state. Will they always cause hell to eachother and bury any attempts other woman made at speaking the truth? Is their misandry just fake if they don't cross a certain line because they are still secretly attached to hetero romance but lie? Will women just torture eachother for eteenit?
Yet we can't be blackpilled in peace and fucking generalize people. Women literally have a vagina canal made to let the male in of course they worship them out of their own will.
And the last screenshots? We can't be nlogs but a male can be rare and special??
And I wasted my energy again for other women to just ruin it? What is the meaning of all of this? Why can't people at least be honest?
And women worship men cause of their biology I have no problem with admitting it cause it doesn't pain me to be honest about what sex is I don't care anymore about coping. Will this hell ever end like wtf turn version for computer so the text gets less long looking before you pee yourself over it.
Soo are humans engaging in some animal mating strategies that involve lying or what(ban evading schizo)

No. 25482

I don't think I can find any place specialized in sambo around here but what you say makes sense, I'll have to check judo clubs and start from there whenever I give it a serious chance. AHH I regret not taking up judo in middle school

No. 25483

Bjj > sambo > judo

No. 25484

File: 1718715748807.jpg (402.72 KB, 1080x651, -55-00.jpg)

No. 25485

We all see it, the difference is that you don't accept reality while the rest of us just see it and do nothing.

No. 25486

anons getting hostile at you to the point they want to silence you is blackpilling, i only disagree with like 1% of what you say the rest is true and spot on, you are speaking the harsh truth about female sexuality, I don’t get why someone will get offended unless they engage in sex

No. 25488

is bjj good for women? I have heard sambo is the best

No. 25489

pathetic servant

No. 25491

She’s a schizo who claims to be a “superior male-brained” woman. Don’t encourage her.

No. 25495

File: 1718728574475.jpg (30.93 KB, 533x259, 56565767.jpg)

did you self post?

your blog is insane


No. 25496

File: 1718728943278.jpg (160.84 KB, 534x464, 656775.jpg)

it's literal femcels who squat this thread

No. 25497

File: 1718729050746.jpg (72.24 KB, 528x197, 354364576256.jpg)

actual, literal femcel neets egging each other on into staying friendless neets

No. 25498

File: 1718729267746.jpg (157.13 KB, 520x472, 54354326.jpg)

raging about the SHEEPLE

No. 25499

File: 1718729624276.jpg (215.18 KB, 529x1005, 7684783567.jpg)

anoher one from the same circle, these are the people you are lurking with and who are posting their cocksucker posts here.

No. 25500

she's so insane

No. 25501

there's more of these people posting lolcow screenshots on tumblr and luring these insane retards here. they're hilarious, for example "lesbians" absolutely obsessed with posting about bihets and het sex in between reblogging sasuke/naruto yaoi in their tumblrs kek

No. 25502

Average "lesbian" BP

No. 25503

The blog is not mine. I specifically left out the blog's username so that she wouldn't get any negative messages from people on here for whom the content obviously does not appeal. Clearly not everyone got the memo.

No. 25504

kek wtf

No. 25505

Not everyone enjoys being fucked on all fours like a retarded submissive pig. Get over it. Not everyone living in a female body likes being submissive or degraded or likes sadomasochistic hetero dynamics. Sex is a sadomasochistic burden, the culture around it is disgusting, vile, full of abuse narcissism manipulation and disgusting dynamics and hierarchies, the psychology of it all is is brutal and repulsive. Not everyone is okay with female piglike masochism being in every corner on earth with their piglike degradation fetishes they express every fucking where and beg men to dominate them. Not everyone likes the sadomasochistic psychology of sex making them unsafe in this fucking world in every second of their life. Not everyone wants to spread their smelling pigshithile for a rapist opressor to look at in a rape reality where we have to fear rape and sex abuse and filth and brainwashing and slavery 24/7

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