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File: 1407709046054.png (1.92 MB, 1820x2158, 1399632572963.png)

No. 6396

ITT: Thin privilege/ Health at every size bulshit

Basically fatties claiming it's genetics they can't stop stuffing their face with McDonalds and complementing each other how beautiful they are.

Anyone knows what happened to nearsighted owl? (pic related)
She shut down her blog.

No. 6400


I submitted some posts from FWG, I haven't checked it enough to know if they posted it.

No. 6404

> "thin privilege"
Just put down the fucking fork, what the fuck is wrong with these people.

No. 6406

I never understood how anyone could think that the woman in the OP image is beautiful. She has fucking visible layers of fat sagging to the damn floor and some ugly tattoos. It isn't even well drawn.

No. 6410

TITP spreads false information with that HAES bullshit. They have the nerve to say Doctors who spent ten years in school know nothing about the human body all because of their feelings.

No. 6412

File: 1407717212322.png (1.2 MB, 1000x750, 1405213448758.png)

use this instead

No. 6447

File: 1407742531210.png (230.68 KB, 500x500, 1407609504291.png)

No. 6797

>This is not strictly tied to the topic of your blog, but I wish people would stop preaching eating "right" everywhere.
>It implies that food can be right or wrong (usually, it's "right" because it helps you lose/maintain weight, as opposed to being more or less beneficial to our body).
>As someone who's suffered from ED for 6 years, >I find it not only triggering, but I also know how dangerous having this idea can be. >Or the idea that eating certain types of food is a sin b/c you need to be thin.


No. 6802

What the fuck.

No. 6820

>Thin privilege is the children’s show Lazytown (and any other “kids need to be healthier” tv shows that exist).

>I only recently discovered this show was still running. >But for anybody who has never seen it, it’s a show that encourages children to be “healthy” (i.e. thin) and basically criticizes children and parents who prefer to play on their computer or stay indoors. >The town is called Lazytown because it is filled with lazy people. >Some of the inhabitants include: a fat kid who loves to eat chocolate, a fat woman who is always sticking her nose in other peoples’ business, the fat mayor who is also not very intelligent, etc. >Basically, all the fat characters are portrayed as being lazy, stupid, or annoying. >The ONLY smart people in the show are Sportacus and Stephanie because they exercise the most and eat the most fruit (in fact, Sportacus can ONLY eat fruit. >He is allergic to anything that isn’t fruit. >Because an all-fruit diet is TOTALLY healthy, amirite? *rolls eyes). >And the villain of the show is also the laziest person in the town, who enjoys OMG!TOTALLY!EVIL! things like eating popcorn, sleeping, and watching tv (oh, the horror!)

>I remember seeing interviews with the man who plays Sportacus (he also created the show) and he said he came up with the idea for the show when he noticed that Iceland had a rise in obesity and a decline in “healthy lifestyles” and he wanted to do something about it. >It really pissed me off that the hosts kept praising him for being so proactive and inspirational. >I just found the whole thing really patronizing because why the hell is a thin man being praised for this?? >Why are fat people always seen as something that needs to be “fixed” by thin people? >It makes me sick to think that there are thin people looking and my body and thinking to themselves, “This person’s body is wrong! >I need to do something about this!” >It’s especially gross when it’s aimed at children because they don’t know any better. >Lazytown is aimed at pre-schoolers and I find it extremely sad that young children are being taught to point out “bad behaviours” and “bad lifestyles” in other children before they even enter school.


Some of the posts I can say are somewhat valid. But this kind of stuff is pretty lulzworthy, I'm not going to lie.

No. 6832

No. 6837

i used to be fat and hates thinspo girls. now i'm a thinspo girl and i hate fat people.they disguist me because they're incredibly lazy. i know it because i was a lazy fat piece of shit. fat is not only ugly but also unhealthy

No. 6898

When will fat people learn… it is about health. If you can't even run around the block without rolling over and dying on the side of the road there is something wrong with you. It is not an issue about vanity. It is about us as a species being fat fucks who wont be able to defend ourselves from anything. When something as simple as sugar is something that can kill you, you need to back up and look at yourself.

No. 6899

File: 1407898447345.gif (1.91 MB, 265x285, 1386821070953.gif)

I'll dump a couple images from my fitsperation folder.

I'll start with my favorite .gif

No. 6900

File: 1407898553648.jpg (135.43 KB, 641x583, 1364612221904.jpg)

No. 6901

File: 1407898677145.png (388.91 KB, 754x605, 1364612481574.png)

No. 6902

File: 1407899015543.png (337.52 KB, 607x496, 1364612806432.png)

No. 6903

File: 1407899170706.jpg (215.98 KB, 1024x855, 1363492422852.jpg)

I don't remember if this one has been posted before on here or SR. I'm posting it again, anyway.

>I shouldn't lower my standards but everyone else should for my fat bitchy ass

No. 6904

File: 1407899402964.png (78.63 KB, 646x490, 1387583700748.png)

No. 6905

File: 1407899594166.png (210.37 KB, 453x296, 1348137114130.png)

I'll stop flooding the thread for now. Here's my favorite /cgl/ picture before tumblr took over the place and made it impossible to criticize overweight people for wearing improperly fitting clothing.

No. 6906

The thing about the fat acceptance movement is that it bullies women who want to lose weight. I have a friend who is my height but massively over weight. This past year she's decided to eat more healthily but she won't say diet or that she's going to change her lifestyle. It's like she's ashamed of trying to better herself. I assume it's because she has fat friends.

I thought she had a towel on in the thumbnail. Gross.

Also that's a tiny apartment if her bed is right next to the fridge. Studio?

No. 6908

Man, the person on the right doesn't even look human anymore. You really are what you eat because their intestines look like sausages, their fat looks like nasty Mac n cheese, and some other shit in there looks like bad BBQ.

No. 6911

thank you

brb jogging

No. 6922

An acquaintance of mine work as embalmer at a funeral home. They once had to prep a gentleman who weighted about 500 lbs. It was a pita embalm, clean and dress him, only to find out that they didn't had any coffin that could accomodate such massive body available. Then his family decided to incinerate him instead and funeral home employees struggled a bit to put him into the oven. How sad.

No. 6923

OMG what s stupid bitch! My friend's mother used to force her to eat. Now she's 20 and obese. She just doesn't realize that she's eating too much because it's how she was taught.
I blame shitty parenting
"I am going to make them as fat as humanly possible" What the fuuuck!!

No. 6927

There's a show called Supersize vs. Superskinny, and I remember this one episode of it where the doctor comes to the US for a segment about the side-effects of the obesity crisis and he was talking to a funeral director who said sometimes, when the family wants the massively obese person cremated, the have to actually cut off body parts to get them to fit in the incinerator. I couldn't say if that's 100% true, but jesus christ, just the thought that you would need to do that is enough to terrify you into loosing weight.

No. 6928


She didnt mentioned anything about it, but maybe they had to. I'll ask her next time.

>inb4 fat activists claiming being able to be incinerated as a whole is thin privilege

No. 6929

Or she sleeps in the living room

No. 6955

>Where do you want the bed?
>The bedroom is allllll the way down there and I have to walk to the kitchen.
>I can sleep in the living room!
>More food for me!

No. 6956

>cremating fat people
That also can be bad news.


Those poor firemen are covered in burnt dead fat person grease, jfc.

No. 6957

dude the insides of bodies are gross no matter what size. When I was 19 I had my appendix removed laparoscopiclly and the doctors said they could take pictures on my insides if I wanted. Me, being a morbid fucker, happily accepted.

the fat that holds your organs in place and keeps them cozy and safe?

It looks exactly like mashed up Cheetos, like if you mixed one part lard with two parts Cheetos in a blender.

No. 6971

File: 1407952987878.gif (Spoiler Image, 1021.46 KB, 245x226, 1363409241594.gif)

I had the same proceedure done when I was 20, it didn't look like lard or cheetos, just kind of like light orange with veins. Maybe your organs just aren't as kawaii as mine (This is a joke).

Here's another from my fitsperation folder. Spoilers because I can't tell if there's genitals or not.

No. 6972

omg, will we be having fat people stories from now on?
this is the best forum ever.

No. 6975

File: 1407954095261.png (264.85 KB, 500x337, rabbit.png)

I'm an intern at a funeral home. I thought the 300 lbs. guy I had to help my co worker dress and casket was bad enough. We had to put him in a plastic onesie first because he was leaking from his sutures after the donation people harvested the bones and skin and stuff (don't worry, he was a donor. They don't take things without permission!). Then we both struggled getting his boxers and pants on. We had to cut his shirt in the back because there was no way we could hold this dude up and put the shirt on.

After we dressed him we got a lift that's used for cars to put him in his casket. After we put him in we realized he was slightly too big for it and me and my coworker just looked at each other and were like "oh shit". It took us thirty minutes for him to hold the guy up while I struggled to get a pillow out from under him so he'd fit. I felt so bad for that dude. His family was pleased with everything thankfully, but god that was a struggle.

Bonus, mfw I asked my coworker who was the biggest person he ever had to do a service for, and he told me it was someone who was 700 lbs. And they got him into our retort (the machine that cremates bodies) in one piece somehow.

No. 6988

File: 1407963011527.png (601.26 KB, 835x694, fatlogic.png)

>Tired of men only wanting me for my sexy body and 52DDD breasts

No. 6994

>I'm unique and not a skinny twig

I think we got past that a loooong time ago. I think she has pt vision "I'm still kawaii and sexy , they're just making clothes to small these days!"

No. 6997

I've noticed that the fat acceptance-ness of /cgl/ comes in waves, but can't be bothered to document it and see if it's related to timezones (fat murricans amirite) or certain days of the week.
One moment there's a thread where multiple anons declare it perfectly normal to wear dresses with the zippers unzipped and anyone who disagrees must be jealous and butthurt that a fatty owns the dress but they don't. Then, what feels like the next day, there's an entire thread making fun of a girl for daring to wear a bikini despite having a bit of a muffin top.

Maybe the lolitas are more fat acceptance-y than the cosplayers? I don't know. You really only need one angry anon to shit up an entire thread.

Yeah I'm pretty sure that counts as child abuse, especially if it's something the parent is consciously doing.

I still can't tell if there's genitals. I'm not even sure what part of the body I'm looking at.

No. 6998

File: 1407966167804.jpg (76.17 KB, 720x960, 1364611604367.jpg)

>52DDD breasts
She DOES know that the number is her bandsize, right? She just told everyone that her underbust measures 48-52 inches (depending on the measurement method used) and there's only about a 6 inch difference between her underbust and breasts even though she's that large. Claiming to have a 52DDD is something that a guy who has never ever handled a bra would find sexy-sounding.

I think it's the crotch-area. Have another enigma. I don't know what the fuck is going on in this one.

No. 7000

Holy fuck, that's some bad case of untreated elephantiasis.

No. 7001

>Maybe the lolitas are more fat acceptance-y than the cosplayers?

I don't think so. Just look at how mad they get at landwhales wearing burando, especially if they got the dresses altered. Also, majority of girls posted on ita threads usually are chubby or fat.

No. 7003

I don't understand why the HAESers won't admit they like to eat bad. I mean, part of their argument is "someone else's health is none of ur business" so on that same vein, why not just admit you enjoy overeating? I will even agree that someone else's health is no one else's business and that it should stay between that person and their doctor. It's a far more reasonable stance than "I'M TOTALLY HEALTHY AT 350LBS!!!!!!"

No. 7014

how does it look after its cat at that size? it can barely move with those leg flaps

No. 7019

plot twist: actually the cat looks after her

No. 7021

/cgl/ must have really changed over the past year or so since I stopped visiting 4chan… I've never seen them welcoming of fat people to fat acceptance levels but the SJW stuff started a while before I left. Calling a dumb fuck out on their obvious racism is one thing and not being a SJW buuuut when they talk about this so called "slut shaming" and "appropriation", that's a whole 'nother can of worms… Labeled SJW.

No. 7022

Someone please take custody of that cat…

No. 7030

I took a hiatus from /cgl/ around the time moot made the new rules banning dramu. From what I remember it was on the brink of being as SJW as it is now, though not as harsh as before then.

I think what happens is people get more fat acceptance-y when it comes to fat girls wearing clothes (i.e. the fat people whiteknights in ita threads, being okay with not zipping, etc) and harsher about weight when it comes to fat girls wearing skimpy clothing/showing off her body/trying to be sexy.

No. 7035

Does "not zipping" mean what I think it means?

No. 7036

If you mean not using the zipper of the clothing, yes.

No. 7038

File: 1407984536666.jpg (37.37 KB, 301x287, 1406002807830.jpg)


absolutely disgusting

No. 7041

Not going to lie, I'm fat myself but the moment you can't zip your clothes you need to admit defeat and go up a size or lose weight. And why would you post pictures of that on the net?

No. 7043

Most people only write about it but don't post photos where you can see it.

No. 7045

Usually people hide the zipper with a bolero or other similar clothing.

I agree though, what's the point of wearing clothes you can't even zip up?

No. 7057

Status. Many lolita dresses count as status symbols and wearable collectors items in the community. This is why a question like "why would you wear a dress that doesn't even close on you?" is met by "PFFT YOU'RE JUST JEALOUS THAT I OWN IT AND YOU DON'T". The status symbol factor plus the fact that most lolita dresses come in only one (usually rather flexible) size means that you get people forcing themselves into clothes that don't fit and look terrible on them. To girls like this, being seen to own the dress is more important than looking good in it.

No. 7058

File: 1408001340802.jpg (124.12 KB, 726x831, 1407933521970.jpg)

No. 7059

>>I'm a HUGE anime fan

No. 7061

I left /cgl/ over a year ago when Igot banned for trying to start a fps thread(/cgl/edition).I just wanted funny stories about fat weebs and loli's and neckbeard anime fans. I even put a little pink bow on /fit/'s fps whale picture.
If anyone has stories please post I need them!

No. 7064

File: 1408008427897.jpg (752.4 KB, 1280x1707, 1352827452895.jpg)

No. 7077

This reminds me of when I was losing weight. I was still used to shopping at plus-size stores but I didn't notice until I was there that I lost that much weight that those clothes were all too big for me. (I didn't buy clothes very often and it was all very baggy)
The shopkeepers constantly gave me angry looks and were pretty rude :(

No. 7091

File: 1408019783398.png (210.97 KB, 1032x334, 1364614047563.png)

People like this probably think a higher score in golf is good, too.

Here, have this. It's my favorite /fit/ story.

No. 7093

No. 7094

That sucks. Talk about fat privilege.

No. 7099


No. 7102

this guy and his son are both ill-mannered. You don't insult people for such behaviour, even if they are wrong.

No. 7103

What's really dumb is that they all say people get fat no matter what they eat, then later say that if someone eats too much shit and that's why they're fat then there's nothing wrong with it.

No. 7104

Seriously, if anyone needs motivation to exercise, do it while watching this show. it's the best thing to do since you end up going "fuck no that's not gonna be me"

No. 7114

>hasn't put any effort into exercise or changing her diet
Waaaaaahhh why isn't it working? I'm doing everything right! ;_; It's someone else's fault!

No. 7116

That's sounds so fucking fake
If you thought that episode was infuriating, check out her twitter https://twitter.com/pennymylife

No. 7118

I'm really glad that her kid isn't fat as well.

No. 7132

how come she isn't dead yet?

also, dat 'Help end childhood hunger in America' RT.

No. 7136

Oh he will be. In those pics it shows he's eating a lot of fast food along with his mom and dad.

No. 7137

File: 1408057339472.png (65.73 KB, 535x480, 1364612230799.png)

Calm down, it's probably fake or highly exaggerated. Most /fit/ stories probably are. I just posted it because >>7061
wanted some.

Here's another. True or not, it still sounds hilarious.

No. 7139

Yeah but on her twitter it shows him playing soccer, so at least he's exercising. Hopefully him growing up seeing how helpless and disgusting his mom is will instill a sense to avoid becoming like that.

Considering they've been eating like that since he was born and he's not a roly poly kid yet, I have hope for him.

No. 7147

File: 1408066526341.png (8.27 KB, 515x307, kek.png)

Apparently people have no control over their weight.

No. 7159


>Victimhood has been valued so highly by our society that some people see nothing wrong in standing up and declaring themselves to be victims openly or subtly. They reap the social rewards, exaggerate their own weakness and failures to get more social reward, fight with other self-professed victims over who’s more deserving of the social rewards and generally neglect actually doing anything with or for themselves in lieu of being victims. Some even put hard work into being victims. Yes, time and energy they could have spent on bettering themselves is invested into becoming more of a victim. And this problem is spreading. It may even become epidemic. People everywhere wishing to be weak and useless, to justify their own weakness by claiming victimhood and idly sit in a bed of their own making whilst crying about the injustice of it and demanding handouts. Because society values that.

from https://yourwifeisevolving.wordpress.com/tag/fativism/ TL;DR but very related

No. 7174

File: 1408085685181.jpg (31.85 KB, 600x382, 10615596_950824784933962_65927…)

No. 7180

A bit of a late reply, but one of my tutors at uni is a literal hamplanet (I feel bad saying so because she's a pretty awesome person, but it's how you'd describe her). She's bigger than that girl, but she dates pretty attractive men. She was telling us about this rugby player she was seeing for a while, he took her out to some of the most expensive places in town for dinner and everything. She ended up dumping him because he was too needy. He wasn't an isolated case either, she dates guys like that regularly. I guess it's tumblrites' entitled attitudes that cause men to avoid them, moreso than their looks anyway.

No. 7191

No. 7192


That made me want to fucking gag, holy shit.

No. 7193

ewww what the fuck

No. 7194

Appearance is also something that can easily be changed by makeup or even surgery and dare I say it weightloss. You can get help for mental illnesses, Tumblr romanticised mental illness so much it's disgusting. You don't need to be fawned over for your multiple personalities, you need to get some meds and someone to talk to.It's hell living with untreated schizophrenia, trust me, don't listen to the tumblr sjw's telling you you're beautiful and unique and perfect, if you're suffering because of mental health or if you're suffering under all that weight or if you feel bad about your face, fucking do something about it.

No. 7211

Well, they did say "choose" not "change." I do agree that a lot of things can be changed (as you said), but it then becomes a question of should one change and the lengths one should go to do it. I think SJWs have some things right but they either take it too far or apply their own bullshit to it to make it into a joke.

I think it is better to say that a lot of things on that list can be treated and that is what should be done.

I agree, I've seen some pretty big women date some great guys, personality really goes a long way.

No. 7248

File: 1408176582336.jpg (373.33 KB, 1000x1867, 1408170286811.jpg)

No. 7254

File: 1408184574559.jpg (41.86 KB, 570x457, freja_beha_erichsen_6.jpg)

No matter what, I'll never believe a ham telling me they aren't jealous of thin girls, not even a little. I've been chubby, not even overweight, and I resented everyone around me with a nice body. I can't imagine how they must feel.

No. 7258

Kinda OT, but how does one get an internship at a funeral home? This job has always intrigued me but I don't know how to go on about it. Do I just walk in and ask for a chance?

No. 7276

anon from >>6922 here, basically that's what my friend did, but not sure how it is in other countries.

No. 7289

The fatty in that photo must be steaming since not only is that lady quite thin, she looks like quite the beauty too. Lol

No. 7292

100% sure she wrote a rant on titp about how she couldn't wear a bikini because that girl was fat shaming her by existing.

No. 7294

Wow, sounds more like you have your own issues. I'm a fat fuck and pretty much all of my friends are thin/healthy weight, but I never felt resentment towards them or other people just because they're thinner and I'm huge. It's not their fault I look gross it's me.

No. 7300

Quite a vocational schools offer funerary classes. I'd think from there you can get an internship. Check your nearest community college or tech school.

No. 7301

That's kind of your issue. I've had friends with far better bodies than me and I never resented them. That's just life, there will always be someone more attractive than you out there.

No. 7488

File: 1408295378760.jpg (78.57 KB, 500x303, tumblr_md51osnLts1re0sdlo1_500…)

No. 7508

he'd fuck her.

No. 7510


No. 7529

Oh ew I just noticed the "than". If you're going to make one of those stupid note pictures in the hope it will go viral and ~promote positivity~ at least get someone to proofread it jfc.

No. 7877

File: 1408442818815.jpg (47.53 KB, 500x334, muh genetics.jpg)

No. 8265

File: 1408561459585.png (375.46 KB, 591x661, pjT3IGh.png)

Translation: "Whaaaah I couldn't find a dress at my size because they were sold out and that's OPRESSION because I DESERVE cute clothes".

Seriously, if you biggest problem is being unable to feel like a pretty princess in a trendy dress, maybe you aren't as opressed as you think.

No. 8275

Source on the F21 rant?

No. 8277

i think no one's bothered by her lack of defiant shopping at f21

how about when my my size is all sold out, can i call skinny shaming?

No. 8296


Why didn't I think of it at H&M today! I visited 3 H&Ms today and the sizes xs and s of the white skirt I wanted were sold out in every store.

My options were buy the M which was too large or order online.

skinny shaming!!!

I'm just kidding about the skinny shaming

No. 8322

I recently got some clothes from Hollister (online). And the sizing is crazy. I always thought Hollister was kind of okay, especially for a US company… But I got an XXS small in a few tops (yup, two Xs) because they didn't have XS or S and I figured I could return them if they didn't fit. They fit fine.

That wouldn't be a big deal, but I am 160cm, 53kg and a B-C cup (in UK sizes). True, I'm not huge, on the smaller side maybe, but no one would ever describe me as 'extra' (let alone extra-extra) small… I know so many girls who are so much smaller than me and these clothes - XXS - would be baggy on them. It's really not fair.

(and their trousers/shorts are no better. I've always been a size 8 UK. In there I'm a size 3 US. Something tells me that's not a direct translation)

And for any fellow Britfags, I just want to blow off some steam about Superdry. Seriously fuck Superdry and their "XS" skirts with a 26 inch waistline. Fuck that.

No. 8397

Only douchebags shop at hollister.

No. 8447

start the revolution, sister!

vanity sizing does that, it's really annoying to have an L in one store and an S in another

No. 8460

File: 1408615392914.png (34.93 KB, 659x838, titp.png)

Thank you for this thread.
It's motivating me so much to start to not only work out but also to get things done.
I never want to end up with such a boring, lazy life like most of those landwhales.

Also I found a few things on titp that made me laugh.

No. 8465

Everyone I knew that shopped at Hollister was piece of shit or a basic bitch

No. 8502

Was this posted by an actual twelve-year-old? She looks super young. Also that would mean her mother took the photo which suggests she was at least condoning this whiny blog post. Ergh.

>Thin privilege is seeing women with your body type proudly discuss how it's perfectly natural and healthy to be that size.
This one really confused me at first, because I've never overheard thin/fit women "proudly discuss" anything like that ever. When thin women talk about being healthy and natural they talk about healthy diets and exercise, not their actual body dimensions. Overweight women, on the other hand, always seem to be on the defensive about how healthy and natural their body is even though their doctor says otherwise.
>Thin privilege is NOT seeing women with your body type defensively discuss how it's perfectly natural and healthy to be that size.

No. 8512

She doesn't write like she's 12. She does write like she's spoiled. And lol to her for going to forever 21 and expecting large sizes.

No. 8517

Forever21 has large sizes, though. I'm small but not "teenage-skinny" and their "small" is too big for me, and the rare occasion they have size xs that's often too big as well. Forever 21 first opened in my city in like 2006 and it fit me fine then.

No. 8522

There was probably a plus size section at that F21 where she would've found clothes that actually fit her. Most of their XL-size stuff is there.

No. 8525


>BAWWWW store not carrying MY size!!! FAT SHAMING!!! BODY POLICING!!!!!1!

as if F21 would care about a whale not buying from them anymore

No. 8527


That's cool. I didn't know they had that area. She should have shopped there then.
I've only been there a few times and I've seen tons of S-M, which is rare for me to find in stores. I'll have to see if the one near my place has a XL etc section.

No. 8553

>I feel alienated because there are so many other people my size that the store had completely sold out


No. 8628


now imma let you finish but hollister has a lot of nice stuff. who cares if people you don't like shop there, are you guys like 12 orrr

No. 9550

The fat is definitely the most disgusting part of this whole image.

No. 9553

Oh god I remember watching that episode. That woman was a complete bitch, treated her husband like shit.

No. 9895

did you watch it on tv or online? cuz i've been trying to find a link to that ep. for ages.

No. 9899

Ah, I saw it on TV, sorry.

No. 9961

>last post july 2012
this site is pretty dead, mate

No. 10646

File: 1409378851940.jpg (129.25 KB, 1280x960, FfCFyAi.jpg)

No. 10647

File: 1409378926815.png (174.08 KB, 1868x556, SgP482Q.png)

This is a good one.

No. 10707

She seriously needed to fuck off. He's. Not. Interested. The irony of her saying he isn't good at taking a hint.

His friend grosses me out as much as her, though. It wasn't clever, it was only a step up from "Hurr hurr u r fat" and pig noises.

No. 10708

Say what you will of his friend (who obviously was a douche from what he was saying) but doing something like that is an efficient way of getting someone so obnoxious to fuck off without resorting to physicalities. If it wasn't so indicative of his personality I'd have considered him a great friend, if it wasn't for the fact that he delayed so much to do anything. When you're out with friends, you take care of eachother.

No. 11102

Damn that skin looks unhealthy, grime must just accumulate in the folds… Reminds me of a story I heard of this obese bitch who's asscrack was so deep she couldn't clean it, and it was such a tight, deep ravine that feces just gathered and fermented in it.

No. 11308

File: 1409647661449.jpg (82.5 KB, 680x680, f5753870a40ccef114a6cb88e7f485…)

No. 11330


Wouldn't that have been very painful and have resulted in the development of open fissures over time though? Faeces can be very acidic depending on your diet and she was that fat I suspect it may well have been.

No. 13209

This. A thousand times this. I get that food can be a physical and psychological addiction, but it all boils down to self control and healthy habits.

None of this "muh thyroid" bullshit. Even thyroid disease causes 5 to 10kg overweight MAX

No. 13227

File: 1410815188850.jpg (178.9 KB, 664x1673, 1376407385310.jpg)

No. 13228

File: 1410815227772.jpg (53.64 KB, 564x481, tumblr_mjd8meGS3r1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 13229

File: 1410815249256.jpg (263.14 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_mqwo7n1A1R1ryeto5o1_128…)

Dammit tumblr

No. 13230

File: 1410815324504.jpg (Spoiler Image, 506.85 KB, 1200x800, 1386448281096.jpg)

Warning, you may need eye bleach.

No. 13232

File: 1410815667966.jpg (541.39 KB, 1450x2048, 1404498386269.jpg)

Always relevant.

No. 13233


Don't forget the ranch soaked salad and diet coke!

No. 13234


No. 13235

I guess it's like training for a marathon, you practice lots and constantly improve. If you try really hard and believe in yourself you too can eat 2 loaves of bread a day anon.

No. 13236

What is it with SJWs and "gross"? Everything is always "gross" to them.

I do kind of understand how the "summer's coming…just sayin'" and the implied "you want to look good in a bikini/whatever, don't you?" could possibly trigger a very, very insecure person into disordered eating even if they're a healthy weight, but you just can't babyproof the universe like that for a tiny number of people.

No. 13245

This photo never fails to make me feel ill. How can anyone eat or drink that much crap!?

No. 13246

Isn't this the same chick who had multiple organ failure at 20 and had to be cut out of her house?

No. 13247

Yeah I hate it when they say that word over and over for things they don't like. It's not a really creative word, but then again it's a buzzword.

And I'm not fat but I feel fat on the inside because I like junk food. I have to watch myself though. Recently I've been eating out with family and when I'm by myself it makes me want to get fast food but I have to watch myself. I don't know it is really chemical addiction or laziness but if I eat fast food one day after not eating it for a while I really start to crave it and get lax with my food choices.

No. 13248

File: 1410821087545.jpg (71.44 KB, 495x533, tumblr_n5zqm3AvNz1shm621o1_500…)

Daaaamn…Seriously? That's pretty sick, esp considering that the NHS pays for all that shit

No. 13249

File: 1410821159522.png (46.31 KB, 658x459, tumblr_mo5ek8XxXJ1ryeto5o1_128…)

Don't worry anon, you'll be fine. You sound really self aware and responsible, these people on the other hand are deluded and irresponsible, childish even, in respect to their health and dietary choices.

No. 13250

File: 1410821195459.png (8.76 KB, 513x98, zZ6eZUJ.png)

No. 13251

File: 1410821307381.png (571.74 KB, 941x768, 1386447396753.png)

No. 13252

File: 1410821923946.jpg (233.57 KB, 960x1280, 1404499287267.jpg)

No. 13262

Ugh, back a year ago when I just started out on tumblr I was really getting caught up in the "don't slut shame, don't call fat people fat" movement and I told a girl I know about it and she ran off to hell with it. well over 250lbs and still in school, she refuses to eat healthy or exercise because she's "sexy" (has fat ass and thighs because fat. [Smashes herself into a size 22]) and it's "too hard". In a year she's gained probably 30lbs and screams at anyone who tries to explain to her that at 18, you shouldn't weigh almost 300lbs. Should show her this and watch her have a breakdown…

No. 13263

File: 1410825445965.jpg (90.83 KB, 736x932, 0b166427562caac5f80d3c21ac4d87…)

Does anyone here remember pearchan? She ended up doing bbw porn and became a gainer, she gained tonnes of weight an got heavily into SJW stuff.

She has a tumblr and everything, also a skinny hipster bf. Goes by the handle of beccabae in porn/gravure now.

What a waste of a pretty face eh? You have to admit, she has a nice face.

No. 13264

File: 1410825462328.jpg (106.17 KB, 606x611, ss (2014-09-15 at 06.55.41).jp…)

fuck, dropped the pic.
Her "sexy" ass.

No. 13265

Wow she sure doesn't look like she weighs 300 lbs. Maybe it's the angle?

No. 13267


Last time someone checked she was over 260 and she only eats kawaii japanesedesu candy so she's gonna hit it soon. She doesn't upload pics on her body unless posed where you can't see how fat she is, only how bit her tits and ass are

No. 13268

I'm attempting to bulk to build muscle as part of my attempt to handle depression. I cannot for the fucking life of me understand how these people eat so much. I eat a 90g burger with plenty of dressing every other day and I'm still not fucking gaining. They probably inhale two or three of those daily, on top of what I eat. It makes me physically ill to try to eat this much food.

tl;dr trying to gain, can't. amazed at these people.

very much the angle. and people who aren't fat would have a bit of a, well, crack. like a '3' shape instead of just a ')'. If that makes any sense. it's bodyfat that's "filling in".

No. 13269

dat spillage bro. the fuck is with her back, it's like all the fat is trying to escape and crawl away

No. 13270

Who in their right mind would employ such a person?

my knees hurt from looking at that, goddamn. can you imagine having heavy weights tied above your knees, pulling inward? fucking hell.

No. 13272

File: 1410827252488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.85 KB, 492x400, 90.jpg)

Yeah, joint problems end up being a HUGE pain for people this size. Not to mention that when they get to a size like pic related walking not only causes strain on joints but on the skin itself, so their skin is very thin and can even tear from moving or walking too much.

No. 13273

File: 1410827429165.jpg (54.85 KB, 421x599, 421px-1guy1cameracookie.jpg)

No. 13282

She looks sad, both her body and facial expression

Does anyone know what her tattoo says? I for know much about her but did she lose weight and then got into this weird mindset and looks like this now? That's a shame.

No. 13283

They could have just left it at calories, but I get it as being a joke.

You don't see people bitching about fast food restaurants having the calories on the menus.

No. 13295

…myself into the grave. And I want everyone I know to be 100% cool with it.

No. 13296

Bruh as a fat person I don't get how someone can eat that much. Like fuck I know I'm fat from eating shitty things from time to time and not working out, but I aint my own planet.

No. 13297

well at least she's honest

No. 13304

i have actually, some tumblr-chan saying it was shaming peoples choices and could potentially be triggering to people with EDs or whatever. who cares about the people that may want to be conscious of their intake and make informed choices though, right?

No. 13307

I thought she had four tits for a second.

No. 13353

I'm skinny and tall! Where are my sexy men hiding?

No. 13354

File: 1410895015538.jpg (44.6 KB, 589x600, 589px-Fat_-_Genetics.jpg)

Real women have cuuuurves

No. 13355

File: 1410895044062.jpg (Spoiler Image, 150.31 KB, 605x900, 4r.jpg)

It's like giant underboobs I suppose

No. 13356

File: 1410895073851.png (226.8 KB, 800x357, Fat_Wall_e_Blog.PNG)

No. 13358

File: 1410895162329.jpg (44.45 KB, 450x600, 450px-Fat_American_whale_with_…)

Just eating a whole jar of mayo, as you do.

No. 13361

Don't worry it has olive oil in it so that makes it healthy.

No. 13364

"and all or what little joy in the world seemed suddenly simple and endlessly mine""

No. 13369

I'm sure that quote refers to food somehow.

No. 13432

>She ended up doing bbw porn and became a gainer
I didn't think she was a gainer, at least not intentionally.

She's a bit heavy with the SJW stuff but seems nice enough. Her bf is pretty cute imo.

Honestly though I think she would have had a weird body either way. She just does.

No. 13434

She has such a beautiful face yet destroys her body. It's a damn shame, a trajedy even.

No. 13443

File: 1410926916714.jpg (113.76 KB, 323x454, k.jpg)

No. 13466

>If you try really hard and believe in yourself you too can eat 2 loaves of bread a day anon.
made me lol so much!

>Privilege is never earned
But that's the point! This is why thin privilige is not a privilege. Unless you have a disease, you CAN help the fact that you're fat…how can these people stay so blind?

What is up with SJW's constantly using big words and putting multiple labels on themselves? And on the other hand they's like "STOP LABUHLING MEEEEE"

>I pride myself on my empathy and care for others
Except for thin people, I presume?

There's a small chance he put pudding in there and eats it in public to trick people, my friend once did that, fun times.

No. 13491

no one can find that attractive. Seriously, even in the sickest fetish, no one can actually wanna fuck that.

No. 13494

I don't know why but this makes me feel sick and puts me off over-eating more than anything else on this thread. Christ.

No. 13498

File: 1410961333192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 410.85 KB, 736x962, tumblr_n6mcdiT0A71s8qpo9o1_128…)

They do. It's a legitimate fetish…

No. 13501

File: 1410961530297.jpg (126.32 KB, 720x960, Y87UI1w.jpg)

Mmmm ketchup

No. 13502

File: 1410961574424.jpg (117.43 KB, 782x600, 782px-Fat_-_Too_Fat_To_Work.jp…)

No. 13503

File: 1410961809397.jpg (422.54 KB, 3264x1836, TV0Z7BI.jpg)

I'm sure we all know someone like this…

No. 13504

File: 1410961842662.png (560.22 KB, 723x849, cG8yPbz.png)

No. 13505

fat girls seem to think long nails will make their fingers look slender and elegant, it just looks disgusting

No. 13507

I don't know, spend less money on food? You can live off of that much money fairly comfortably. If you don't have rent to pay you're pretty well off with that money.

People who blame their fuckups on others or people who sabotage for others? Because in the end, it's you who eat or don't eat.

Like some kind of deep sea monster. Fucking Lovecratfian.

No. 13508

holy fucking god

No. 13509

File: 1410962899940.jpg (295.34 KB, 714x800, mo.jpg)

more cushin' for the pushin'

No. 13510

>admits they don't eat healthily and don't exercise


No. 13511

Excuse the shit quality but the lulz just keep coming with this family:

No. 13519

wow,her terrible tattoos and thinning hair are just the icing on the cake aren't they.

No. 13521

This is so set up, it's so clear it's scripted; she's not even crying, hence why she is facing away all the time to cover the fact she isn't. The judges have been specifically told to talk about the dress by producers, because they normally don't give a shit about "who made your dress" and they wouldn't have know it was made for her without being told. X factor gets me so angry because it's so fake and a cheap laugh. Well this family got a reality show on ITV2 or something for a short time afterwards.
like that

No. 13523

File: 1410970368046.png (343.04 KB, 1280x2324, 1410953932564.png)

This horror story…

No. 13525

14 weeks.. fucking hell, ashamed how my country give sick people like such light sentences. I feel 3yrs wouldn't have taught her a lesson never mind about 3months. Wow, this is terrible.

No. 13529

I hope this guy never, ever has to run into a feminazi. They'd verbally assault him so bad that he'd go into a panic attack probably. I'm not saying I've experienced anything quite that bad but I've been through some stuff and I have been told by both feminazis and just general assholes that I'm just making it up. Like my psychologist asks me when we should book next time every week just because we think it's fun…

No. 13533

I remember her, she went back on a couple of years later with her sister. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1A--jIb_dic
iirc, the family also got kicked out of their house and they had to live in their car after singing loudly at silly times in the morning.

No. 13534

This is tumblr feminazis. As far as the feminists I'm accustomed to (the academic type), they resent the notion of "masculinity" when it comes to male rape victims and respect VICTIM rights despite gender. The idea of patriarchy as a negative is because it hurts both female and male individuals. They also often argue the same for matriarchy. All these tumblr bitches do is try to pity themselves and play vengeful victim for attention.

I wish more men would talk about their experiences when it comes to rape. I don't think many people could read that horror story and feel like that guy got "lucky" and should man-up. That would make any human being capable of empathy feel disgusted. Poor dude. :(

No. 13537

Urgh, Emma's sister would be beautiful if she wasn't so obese.

No. 13539

what the hell is that smaller blob thing peeking out from under her calf fat on her foot? How? WHat?

No. 13561


I don't think that girl is necessarily fat. The chest muscles are pretty weak and it doesn't take much weight to make breathing hard.

I also doubt he was drugged. Probably just a teenager with little drinking experience who got the spinnies from laying down. It was pretty common for my friends to claim to be "drugged" when they got too drunk but they all grew out of it as we learnt our limits.

My rule for drinking is "it's not how much you drink, but how fast you drink". Shots are very fast and playing games gives away control over your drinking pace. Shots at the end of the night is a stupid idea.

inb4 "blaming the victim"

No. 13577

Meh, if it went diwn like she said it did, the coworker is a fucking bitch. Someone admits to you that something is there favorite thing ib the whole world but they are trying ti avoid it…then you show up with that exact thing the next day? Sounds fishy as fuck. I wouldn't be surprised if she wants the dieter to stay fat and eat cake so she can feek better about her own gorging.

No. 13594

>People who blame their fuckups on others or people who sabotage for others? Because in the end, it's you who eat or don't eat.

True, but it's like flashing alcohol in front of an alcoholic or blowing smoke in the face of someone trying to quit smoking. It's a dick thing to do.

No. 13599

awww man, poor guy

It would've probably been a lot more if it had been the other way around…

>inb4 "blaming the victim"
It's not because you say that, that it's any less true. You ARE blaming the victim. Most people have drunk too much at one point in there life but that's no excuse for rape.

No. 13601

>implying people deserve to get raped when drinking too much

No. 13607


You guys are ridiculous.

> guy says he might have been drugged

> I disagree and think it's just alcohol, based on my experience getting black out drunk every week for 5+ years
> accused of being a rape apologist

His story reads like situations I've been in a hundred times (minus the rape). I don't think there's any need for drugs to be involved and people should understand what happens when you drink too much alcohol. When you go past your limit you go past it fast. Personally I go from energetic to very sleepy in 10-15 minutes and it's not because I've been drugged.

No. 13610

Never said it wasn't. But in the end it's their job to not drink or eat or do whatever vice. You'll be exposed to it inadvertently too, and then it's literally only you who is to blame.

Doesn't sound like you're blaming him. It's true that drinking this much is irresponsible. I know I'd be fucking scared to sleep near a pool if I was remotely intoxicated. Additionally I never play games, or just go until I've had what I'd drink anyway.

It was more of an anecdote. Heavy inebriation mimics the depressive effects of opiates and possibly benzos. Alcohol is a drug. It will make you feel "drugged".

People are reading that you're saying that he shouldn't have drank so much [and he wouldn't have been raped].

I understand that's not what you're saying. You're saying it's bad to drink irresponsibly. That's true. You're not saying that he brought the rape on himself by drinking too much, because we all know that's fucking retarded.

No. 13622


Well I like to drink irresponsible amounts so I'm not gonna give him shit on that, but even irresponsible drinkers should be drink aware.

Blaming normal affects of alcohol on spiked drinks is being unaware of what alcohol can do to you.

Problem is, with young people it's often a competition to drink as much as possible and anyone who doesn't keep up is a loser, so claiming to have been spiked is a way to save face. The presence of drinking games hardly helps with this attitude.

No. 13644

File: 1411065872232.png (379.91 KB, 697x685, 0ZpvvtA.png)

Fatty shops for fruits at marks and spencers

No. 13645

File: 1411065910419.png (40.68 KB, 747x422, 0fwOO5Y.png)

Deathfat is a term used in the pro fat community to denote the morbidly obese, the term is supposed to make fun of the term 'morbidly'

No. 13646

File: 1411065948392.jpg (198.8 KB, 800x1191, 159beccabae_all.jpg)

No. 13647

File: 1411066287831.jpg (90.72 KB, 500x568, tumblr_nbwwgj4I5u1rrw561o3_500…)

No. 13648

File: 1411066344083.jpg (33.67 KB, 402x534, ZIzaSX4.jpg)

No. 13653


>I went to the grocery store to pick up fruits in order prove to other people that I eat healthy and mah obesity is just genetics. I bought all these to eat in one sitting and It wasn't greasy and sugary enough for my hambeast body to devour. I also bought three other pizzas with the $32 but my fat instincts made it so that I bought them and ate them without the part of my brain that likes to victimize my lardness from knowing. I'm now crying and empty because I could've bought 6 burgers from Mcdonalds and have eaten them all by now. Fucking anorexic bitches are rich as fuck because they eat whole pineapples and bags of grapes for $32 everyday. How dare they tell me eating 3 pizzas, 3 cakes, 6 sandwiches, 4 burgers, and two liters of coke is more expensive than buying fucking fruits you can grow on the ground?????? Dumbass healthy people don't know economics. Just Stahp.

No. 13657

Which grocery store do they go to???
holy shit, either they bought it at a super expensive ~organic~ store, or they're lying out of their ass.

No. 13660

I know you're not supposed to shop when you're hungry but it looked like she was shopping when she was drunk.

No. 13666

her face and complexion are so beautiful that it honestly is painful for me to see her so fat and disgusting.

i often see morbidly fat women (i work in retail so im always out in the public) who have really pretty faces and it always makes me sad

No. 13669

File: 1411074629862.jpg (139.82 KB, 800x1191, bec_prev97_ff.jpg)

Same. She could be so cute.

No. 13670

She's gorgeous. She doesn't even have that piggy nose that a lot of heavy people have. Unfortunately, she probably doesn't have any kind of incentive to lose weight.

No. 13673

File: 1411077166071.jpg (41.38 KB, 450x600, p01.jpg)

just posting my fave pics of becca. honestly, she has one of the most gorgeous faces ive ever seen

No. 13674

File: 1411077212560.jpeg (139.94 KB, 450x672, 7681_5c82_450.jpeg)

No. 13675

File: 1411077355857.jpg (32.72 KB, 600x800, img.jpg)

No. 13676

Urgh, she is beautiful, it's so weird how she doesn't have a fat head, it's like her body is from a completely different person.

No. 13677

Since she became a feedee and has put on even more weight it's really starting to show in her face finally.

She looked good when she was like around 230lbs, but her face is really starting to look fat and jowly.

No. 13678

It's sad.

No. 13681

File: 1411078155974.jpeg (207.96 KB, 960x640, 8152_6d4b_960.jpeg)

wait so is the current boyfriend the feeder?

No. 13687

they're both fat these days

No. 13688

File: 1411080232362.jpg (148.35 KB, 800x1191, bec_prev111_ff.jpg)

I think she keeps most of her weight on her butt and legs, she has disproportionately tiny breasts, so maybe that's why her face is so slim.

No. 13689

File: 1411080278781.jpg (59.35 KB, 500x500, tumblr_inline_n91jovWGca1qipeg…)

dropped my pic

No. 13690

File: 1411080310641.jpg (312.79 KB, 535x799, bec_prev_08.jpg)

Really? I have half a mind to sing up with bigcuties just to get her pics tbh

No. 13691


Hope that fucker is ready to pay for her med bills

Yes I'm mad

No. 13692

I can't get over how fucking cute she is. I'm stalking her fashion blog right now and she seems really sweet, too. Not like an annoying fat activist at all

No. 13693

File: 1411080397247.jpeg (500.21 KB, 960x1440, 5767_c448_960.jpeg)

Lel her bf is a hipsterfag wow

No. 13694

dem legs are fucking gross

No. 13695

File: 1411080465037.jpg (216.02 KB, 800x1191, Beccabae124_prev.jpg)

What's her tumblr again?

She does have a sweet personality, she's a really lovely person. I'm sad about her health tho.

No. 13697

File: 1411080622131.jpg (202.74 KB, 800x1191, bec_prev42_ff.jpg)

Pic related is from her slimmer days

Her legs do look huge, eventually she might get problems with fluid retention in them, esp if she keeps gaining.

She has a really 'healthy' shape though, so she's better off than most fatties healthwise. Abdominal fat is the worst.

No. 13699

File: 1411080803393.jpg (148.93 KB, 667x1000, 7734ab75f352af0b5a646d310a4315…)

Becca: what saxy wishes she could be

No. 13701


Actually all this stuff together is half that price if shopping at wal mart… not including coupons or using a rewards card. If you buy local food items it becomes even cheaper.

No. 13702

fattyvixen.tumblr.com/ personal
afatfox.tumblr.com/ fashion

No. 13703

File: 1411081249899.jpg (Spoiler Image, 844.8 KB, 667x1000, tumblr_n9q0zlrbTx1rje21qo1_128…)

Not to mention that nobody buys things like grapes, raspberries or a pineapple to eat as a standalone MEAL.

Bitch should buy some rice, potatoes, bulion powder, carrots, onions, rye all cheap shit. Should also learn how to cook.

No. 13705


>stop shaming people poorer than you

I buy my food at local saturday farmers market (an actual one, not eco-friendly hipster -add 100 fancy labels here- shit) spending around $25 usd (approx 8-10 kg of veggies,fruits, eggs and dairy for a family of 4) and I live in a piss poor country.

No. 13706


Just FYI to all non-Brits reading this, Marks & Spenders, also known as M&S, is a super expensive chain store that you'll find upper-middle class wannabe's and Stepford wife types shopping in.
They used to be really good in the 90's as a wholesome British chain but decided to try and start marketing themselves as a store for the posh and their sales have since flopped over the last few years since their quality went down and their prices went up.

No wonder your fucking fruit was expensive bitch, you bought it cunting M&S, get it on the market jesus christ they mark that shit up like 230%.

No. 13707

File: 1411082494904.jpg (64.7 KB, 800x600, Pearchan6.jpg)

I remember back when she was known as Pear-chan on 4chan and she looked like this, and even then everybody thought she was a fucking whale (which of course, she was).

To look at her now… she actually looks slim in this picture when comparing…

No. 13708

thanks for the explanation anon

No. 13709

File: 1411082813373.jpg (118.41 KB, 600x800, 6ca4153e7dc0d6d53af0300066c428…)

She used to be tiny

No. 13710

File: 1411082911061.png (617.84 KB, 1192x725, ysfN1nB.png)

We should go to bed anon, it's so late!

No. 13711


>Marks & Spenders

Bleh, I meant Marks & Spencers*

No. 13712

I know she's a "pear" but god damn her body is awkward. As another pear I've always hated my body. I now realize that if I gain weight, I'll look even worse.

Thanks pear-chan, I now feel better about my self-esteem.

No. 13715

I'm a pear too and let me tell you, it's the best thing ever. We have lower rates of many cancers, heart disease, lesser infant birth mortality etc.

Also not storing weight in your upper body keeps your face slim. I had a friend that was an apple, or more like a lollipop shape. She was obese, but her legs were skinny sticks. She looked like a disgusting 50 year old man in drag.

Sure, we don't have huge jugs, but there's always surgery. I'm going to get some in ten years, for now it's still cute to be flat chested.

No. 13717

Grapes are fucking expensive 90% of the time and you need to either buy on sale or buy less. I work at a grocery store and people are always shocked when they bring up a huge bag of grapes and it's $20. You want cheap fruit? Learn to love bananas. Cheapest fruit we sell. If you like them riper than usual, you can even get them at 50% off.
Next would be whatever non-designer apple is in season. Honeycrisp us not your friend when you are on a tight budget.

No. 13718

File: 1411087466586.jpg (12.44 KB, 125x105, 1393982801010.jpg)

>tfw inverted triangle & short legs

No. 13721


wtf grapes are $20 in the US? You can buy a punnet for £1 in the UK. In fact I have some in my fridge right now.

No. 13723

You need to buy stuff on sale fatty. Raspberries are kind of pricey most of the time and so are grapes. If they are not in sale buy another fruit. That's why you get the circulars to different stores and look through them before you shop. Unless you live in an area without a decent supermarket and lack transportation it's not that hard.
I'm from the ghetto and we had this awful supermarket that hadn't been remodeled since the 60s. The freezers were broken and always leaking and they got the worst of the fruit. So I would walk several miles to the sister store in the nicer neighborhood to get better fruit and often better prices. You'd be surprised at how much you get gouged in a neighborhood with no real competition. Bodegas and 7-11's don't count. They don't care that you're poor. You'll pay what they want you to pay for that food. I couldn't always afford the bus back so I'd walk. With heavy groceries. You maintain a nice figure that way.

However, I'm having trouble seeing how that tiny haul amounted to $32. This person doesn't know how to shop and probably just bought a bunch of non-sale items at a high price store rather than giant bags of chips, cookies and 3 litre sodas at the dollar store. Or they intentionally sabotaged everything with high price items because they were desperate to prove their point.

No. 13724

>I couldn't always afford the bus back so I'd walk. With heavy groceries.
You should have invested in one of those wire carts. I've had to do a four mile hike to go grocery shopping for the last few years, and in terms of what I could get that thing was a god send. Makes a huge difference when you can get stuff like rice, veggies, meat, etc. in relative bulk without having to worry if you can get it home.

No. 13725

File: 1411089994887.jpg (54.18 KB, 216x306, tfwdumpingoldgrannybody.jpg)

oh god anon i know that feel. though im more of a retarded awkward square? im not even fat but i recently gained about 10 pounds in the last year (i still only weigh 120) but i've seen recent pics of me and i am shocked at how dumpy i look

No. 13736


You should also wear raggy dirty clothes so people can give you money on your four mile walk with your stolen shopping ca- I mean wire trolley.

No. 13737

Where in the US do you live that grapes are 20 fucking dollars? Boca?
A huge bag of grapes is like $5, shit.

No. 13740

this. where the fuck do you live anon, alaska? grapes are one of the cheaper fruits where I live in MA

berries or cherries on the other hand will cost you

No. 13741


Anon actually works in Costco so when he meant a bag is worth 20 bucks, what he meant was it was 10 Pixyteri sized bags

No. 13742

I gained 40 lbs. But my metabolism pretty much crashed from other problems as well. However once I started medication the weight fell off.

No. 13747

Canada. I should probably have mentioned that. Grapes are about $3 a pound when not on sale and sold by weight. People bring huge bags up and are shocked when they are expensive. Cherries can be expensive too but people don't tend to fill the bags the way they do with grapes.

No. 13748

Well aren't you just a little fucking cunt.

No. 13752


>dear diary, today someone on lolcow made fun of me

No. 13757


Psssh…. nothin personnel… kid

No. 13758

If that guy is the same guy as >>13681 holy hell he fell far.

No. 13767

Her face is really beautiful and I'm so goddamn jelly about her perfect nose.

No. 13773

She is a fat activist/SJW. She does seem very nice though.

Also shocked to see what happened to her bf, he used to be so damn cute.

No. 13790

top kek

No. 13793

one of the most expensive of fruits


lots of calories in comparison to other fruits


very high in fat

Great job, fatty

No. 13794

>10 Pixyteri sized bags
We have our own unit now? This is awesome!

No. 13795


>"B-but I eat healthy! I'm vegan!"

sadly, some actually say that

No. 13797


They must photoshop the fuck out of her. It's a shame she's so gross looking in her vids. She has the beautiful gene, and she threw it all away.

No. 13799

>As I've gained weight over the years, I've noticed some not so subtle struggles and changes that keep coming up. I discuss how difficult it is to find clothing, what it's like fitting into seats, even how hard simple tasks have become and how I've learned to accommodate my new fats to put the least amount of effort in as possible. :p This video is all about my new struggles with my newly added weight. clips4sale.com


No. 13802


I remember watching a fat fetish documentary where like a 500? pounds or so woman was the fattest in the industry. Her son is average guy, doesn't have a life and is her feeder. she talked about how her fans go nuts over her fat hanging farther than her knees when she stands up. They also love her showing off her armpit hair and her wounds from bed sores.

No. 13804

Here's a fat youtuber I used to watch because her life is interesting. She has a beautiful face but is extremely obese. She's also a bbw and her boyfriend is her feeder. He's actually very attractive and buff as well. What's weird was that he was always at the gym and she would just stand there and record him working out. I wonder if people there think "Oh, he's so kind because he's able to look past her weight and he's now trying to help her!" But fucking nope, you would never expect him to be the type of guy who enjoys enabling her and being so depended on.

She's also a fetish model and frequently posts on social media how an obese woman can find a man with a pack to love her.

No. 13805

Why did I have to google that?

No. 13806

does anyone know how much she actually weighs?

No. 13807

File: 1411116197726.jpg (71.38 KB, 736x981, f9bba4cfd1a8e56f7eb8beb8da9fc4…)


The girl and her feeder. All the tumblr fags are all saying how he loves her regardless of her weight but really, I 100% believe he's loves how obsessed she is with him because she can never get another guy close to how he looks. It all works out in the end because his fetish is a fat fleshlight

No. 13810

Not to mention the money they're making from it

No. 13812


No. 13813

She sounds so proud of not being able to do certain stuff well anymore because of her fat, how can people be so proud of this?

I don't know about that girls, have you seen how he looks at her in the video? To me, it just looks like a face of someone truly in love. He probably does have a fat fetish but if she's okay with that, what's the harm? Except for her health obviously but I doubt she'd want to lose weight with or without him.

No. 13814

Well that's a fucking crying shame.

No. 13815


You actually look 100% normal, and 120lbs is a fine weight at any height, unless you're like 3'2" or something.

No. 13816

File: 1411124987980.gif (839.41 KB, 640x365, pitgif.gif)


Oh man the weight is reaaaaaaally starting to show in her face. She is no longer that obese chick with the cute face, she is just your average gross-looking feedee.

How much do you reckon she weighs? I mean that's gotta be near to or over 400lbs right?

No. 13819

I think it's more the clothes.. They're not the most flattering.

No. 13820

good god he's gorgeous

No. 13821

I can't even imagine what it's like to carry around that much leg fat.

No. 13822


I want to know how people like this wipe their arse, cause like I had a period where I put on a tonne of weight due to depression and subsequent massive overeating and even at my highest weight of around 200lbs even I noticed that there was a little more difficulty in, er… "reaching".

How in the hell do people like this do it?

No. 13823

File: 1411130619958.jpg (33.33 KB, 500x377, hD139B903.jpg)

like this

No. 13824

>a tonne of weight

are you a midget?

No. 13825

whats with the armpit hair going hand in hand with the obesity fetish things? Do these people just generally enjoy women who are unkempt and have given up on themselves? It also amazes me how she's able to style her own hair still, her arms are so heavy they must get tiring up over her head if she's curling her hair

No. 13832

unless you're 6ft tall or above, it is a ton of weight

No. 13833

I don't think it's an actual fetish. I think it's just obese tumblr girls who think they're real edgy by not shaving. And then a bunch of other fat girls rally around them going yeahhh stick it to the patriarchy slay grllll

No. 13835

fatty detected

No. 13837

Whatever it is, it's depressing to watch.

No. 13838

Also wouldn't they be extra sweaty with all that hair and fat? that cannot be comfortable

No. 13839

>lots of calories in comparison to other fruits
Nope, you're probably thinking of bananas. One grape is like a single calorie (or up to three).
Unless you eat 10lbs of grapes per day, that shit isn't exactly calorie-heavy

No. 13840

Just wear heels

No. 13841

I wish I was pear. I have broad shoulders and my body tends to store fat on my arms

No. 13846

>shirt says rancid
this brings me back a few posts, and then triggers me. we should clearly start a tumblr to check their privilege.

There's nothing about that picture that shouts unattractive. The grills here probably know better how you should style yourself though. And hey, working out is never, ever bad. You'll /feel/ better from it if nothing else.

Grapes are water and sugar though. Mostly water though.

No. 13847

I'm a pear and weight 150 and most people think I weight 130. It's seriously nothing to complain about. I also don't gain weight on my stomach.

Meanwhile, I'm 150 and feel horrible. I should go to /b/ and start a weight loss thread where we can stop eating pixyteri sized portions. :)

No. 13848


No. 13850

>Grapes are water and sugar though. Mostly water though.

And we're mostly water. Therefore, we are grapes.

No. 13852


I'm 5'6" and prior to putting on the weight I was a neat 130lbs, so it was a hell of a lot to gain.

No. 13854

You're grape shaming me.

Anyone consider that maybe he's with her not in spite of looking good, but because he's maybe a shitty person?

No. 13856

It is, but not to hamper daily activities like that. A few years ago I injured a leg pretty badly and couldn't walk much so my weight ballooned up to just over 200lb and I'm 5'5 (so yeah, a lot of weight, I've since lost the excess). Even at my highest and with an injured leg I still didn't have an issue wiping or keeping myself clean.

No. 13858

I'm sure you look fine, it's probably just that your clothes are ill-fitting.

No. 13863

It's also a matter of where you store your fat and your proportions. I.E., have a lot of butt/lower body fat with slightly shorter than average arms would make it harder to wipe after gaining certain amount of weight.

No. 13869

oh my god she looks like kathy bates now!

No. 13888


This >>>13863

200lbs was a lot of weight but I'm a pear so it ALL went to my hips and ass.

No. 13890

File: 1411158812678.jpg (9.25 KB, 448x252, Kathy-bates.jpg)

does anyone else see it?

No. 13905

File: 1411163600298.jpg (245.47 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_nbzyq66gXo1tp2wz5o1_128…)

please someone tell me this thing is trolling… right? right?

No. 13906

looks like it might be a shoop? the writing doesnt look real

No. 13909

Looks fake to me.

No. 13923

File: 1411171958299.jpg (95.32 KB, 667x1000, 5c226e56702915924da6861a87da42…)

Oh man, what a waste of a cute face. Not to mention her poor organs, they're screaming for help.

No. 13924

File: 1411172095194.png (18.25 KB, 516x262, rPzGsOG.png)

I agree, anon should dress more feminine. Skirts, heels and belts/tights tops/buttons to clinch in the waist can make even the frumpiest of frumps look cute.

You need to throw out all those dark colours and baggy trousers anon, in with the yellows, pinks,chiffon and tight sweaters.

No. 13925

File: 1411172178622.jpg (111.4 KB, 640x640, 10570252_830774236932764_42689…)

I'm guessing it's really painful. Becca doesn't look like she has skin pain from simply walking (when it rips) but I'm sure she has difficulty running, exercising, walking up stairs etc.

No. 13926

File: 1411172277356.jpg (58.87 KB, 500x679, tumblr_mwgeluel9P1rzms55o1_500…)

200lbs is 100kg. 100kg anon. That's really fat. Most girls are around 50 to 60, that's around half that weight.

No. 13927

Well when I was younger I used to be very skinny (not eating disorder, and when I got older I reached normal weight) and people would say that to me.

>Gain some pounds, you will look better

>You should eat more and you will see etc.

I never was offended tho.

No. 13928

File: 1411172597826.jpg (68.64 KB, 800x594, Unpopular.jpg)

If I were a grape I'd be one of those seedless purple ones
It's a shoop anon. You need to go back to the school of shoopin and brush up on shoops.

No. 13930

Uh, 200lbs is 90 kgs. Not that 90 is all that much smaller, but lrn 2 math anon.

No. 13932

File: 1411174418440.jpg (1.7 MB, 4564x2912, tumblr_nayxv19luy1sua62no1_500…)

No. 13935

First of the first chick was just 160(not a big deal)

The other two yeah fat.

But what I don't get is did they know they were being filmed? Cause if not that's really shitty and low.

No. 13937


Oh my god someone be a based anon and link that vid

No. 13939


To be fair to me at 5'6" it actually didn't look that terrible. I think when people think 200lbs they think "holy shit whale mode", which is what I previously thought, but I didn't even realise until the day I weighed myself because it was a pretty subtle gain. I didn't have stretchmarks or folds or anything. Luckily for me I carried it really well.

Anyway now it doesn't matter since I'm back down to 130lbs.

No. 13940

Why would you want to watch someone be degraded and humiliated?

No. 13942

go back to tumblr

No. 13945

Bruh I'm not.
I just think its really fucked up if he filmed them without knowing, so the biggest losers besides /b/ could get a laugh.

No. 13946

That also doesn't answer my question is that your kink maybe?

No. 13947


http://archive.heinessen.com/fit/thread/S27413339#p27413339 found it


you are literally on a site called lolcow and it's from /fit/

No. 13949

File: 1411179418340.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.74 MB, 297x343, 1404418609790.gif)

Aw there wasn't a video I thought there was :(

No. 13969

I think it looks more like a bear paw, no?

No. 13978

as if it weren't enough shitty and low of the whale asking the guy if he is gay because he couldn't cum.

No. 13989

is anyone seeing this womans nails, holy god those are the worst fake nails I've ever seen. She has tiny shovels on her fingers for all the food

No. 14026

File: 1411247172811.jpg (78 KB, 572x599, 572px-Fat_slim_more_beautiful.…)

Stone is even worse. How much is a stone? You weigh 9 stone? That's…Good?

No. 14027

File: 1411247227025.jpg (88.2 KB, 600x800, tumblr_nbqvop1e2d1rzms55o1_128…)

olololol My sides have reached terminal velocity

No. 14028

File: 1411247278301.jpg (112.56 KB, 1023x851, SfvSlxo.jpg)

That's actually my fetish anon, stop kinkshaming me

No. 14029

Lol she has the body of a fat old man.

No. 14033

Wtf are you talking about?? I said your math was wrong, not that I weigh 9 stone you sperg.

No. 14038

you fucking spastic they were leading on from what you said. "You weight nine stone, that's … good?" Was to a hypothetical person to illustrate the anon has no idea what that means or how much nine stone is.

I swear to god talking about people with aspergers makes people into spergs.

No. 14039

Lol, your post didn't make sense. Calm your tits and don't samefag.

No. 14041

Made sense to me and I haven't even been following this thread.

No. 14044


A stone is 14lbs.

No. 14046

File: 1411256146344.jpg (203.39 KB, 800x600, tumblr_na13twIYsQ1rwyjkto1_128…)

Lol that's what I was trying to say, I'm glad I'm not the only one that thought what I said made sense.

I've read a little too mush asha so sometimes I worry that I've become infected by her word salad.

I'm not that anon, but I guess I can't prove it.
I apologise if I wasn't making myself too clear, I'm a bit messy with words sometimes.

No. 14047

File: 1411256243749.jpg (72.58 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n1fh3v6P6U1to66jvo1_500…)

I like to watch superfat vs superskinny sometimes and they always give weights in stones, it's really annoying.

No. 14048

File: 1411256280499.jpg (39.22 KB, 600x399, 600px-Fatacceptancefuckflatter…)

No. 14049

File: 1411256519168.jpg (35.05 KB, 600x450, Shit_Bricks_-_Naked_Fat_Arm.jp…)

When you see it…

No. 14050

File: 1411256552949.jpg (249.42 KB, 768x1024, hs2Naqa.jpg)

No. 14053


It's annoying that a country from which the majority of America originates has it's own unit of measurement?

No. 14055


Just FYI 9-10 stone is generally a normal, healthy size. That is like the average, perfectly healthy size, so think of 9-10 as a landmark for weight reference in the UK.

11-12 stone can be any where from chubby to fat and anything above that is generally obese. 9 stone and below is usually slim, 9 stone being 126lbs. 8 stone is petite and anything below that is bordering on the beginnings of emaciation.

Of course this all depends on height but providing you're within the 5'-6' region it's pretty encompassing.

No. 14058

File: 1411258446716.jpg (122.71 KB, 577x1024, dEs4uPA.jpg)

What does this have to do with america? I'm not american lol.

I guess I just wish everyone would use the metric system. It's much simpler.

No. 14059


Maybe all the world should forget every language but English and only speak English. Much easier.

No. 14060

File: 1411258690353.jpg (51.9 KB, 640x482, The_Amazing_Disappearing_Scoot…)

Well, the sentiment that the metric system should be adopted all over the world is one shared by many.

I think 'stones' sounds kinda cute actually. I can just imagine medieval brits saying "Oh, she's a hefty one she is, about 3 big rocks watchoo call them stones".

A lot of people are really divided over this metric system issue, it's a tradition etc. I don't care much either way, personally.

No. 14062

JFC I don't know why it makes me rage so much whenever I see people that are so fat that it looks like they have rubber bands cutting off their circulation. How do people let themselves go so badly?!

No. 14067


No. 14074

I know! I was about to say that. It looks like she's made of dough. The creases make her look like a bag of air, like it's straining to get circulation to the joints that are cut off. Ugh.

No. 14077

File: 1411267660177.jpg (74.17 KB, 640x640, image.jpg)

I couldn't find her Instagram but I found this link

I hate HAES because it encouraged people to look like crap. Yeah we all aren't going to be body builders or super fit but you can't tell me this is normal or ok. It's just giving up.

No. 14081

File: 1411270404879.png (370.09 KB, 550x647, quirkyloverosee.png)

No. 14083

I hate it to. I get accepting you are a pear shape or you have massive boobs or something like that and embracing those natural differences and I can understand accepting chubbiness assuming it isn't the modern American idea of chubby which seems to be like 50+ pounds overweight rather than 10-15 pounds of "softness," but I cannot understand how anyone can be so delusional to think that carrying that much extra weight is acceptable and beautiful, let alone healthy.

And it's funny because people are so quick to call someone 10 pounds underweight unhealthy but will 25 pounds overweight is fine, even called healthy. Health at EVERY SIZE!!! (except average to underweight.)

No. 14084

Ugh, too, not to.

No. 14085

That body fat distribution is bizarre

No. 14086

Why is it perfectly acceptable for morbidly obese people to take half naked selfies? Also, my main question is; how does it feel to not be able to find your bones anymore? I'm not skinny but I can still feel every rib, hip, vertebrae, I can just imagine being trapped in a sea of flesh would be really scary

No. 14087

Cripes, that's cringey. Any idea on the source?

No. 14088

File: 1411272475314.jpg (72.58 KB, 640x640, 10693358_914527325228347_65987…)

Every fat girl gets this face in the end. It's horrible and far from 'cute' like everyone keeps telling her

No. 14089

So fat that her nose looks like a potato on her face…

No. 14092

They all seem to get that squished fat nose and lip combo going on. When your forehead gets fat you gotta stop girl

No. 14096

File: 1411274439599.jpeg (15.84 KB, 300x400, Shrek.jpeg)

No. 14103

I don't think that's "fat" I think that is an actual deformity. I don't know the name of it though.

No. 14123

File: 1411296027127.jpeg (134.76 KB, 1024x962, 9iiBKcvh.jpeg)

That'sthe shittiest eyeliner tho, who is she kidding

No. 14124

It's all ogre now

No. 14127


I'm a language student so I think preserving individual cultures and traditions is absolutely paramount within human society providing those cultures and traditions do not impede negatively on another being, say for example whaling.

No. 14130

A lot of chemistry/science students on the other hand would argue that the metric system is far more accurate (physical represantations of the kg exist, eg. the famous 1kg in paris which is accurate within 0.0000…1 percent).

When it comes to things like maths and calculation it's also much better to have one unit to minimise error and misunderstandings.

No. 14131

File: 1411300921954.jpg (90.74 KB, 640x960, 138fbb4b82edacf6401cc3e13270ce…)

I have a legit question anon, what do you think of racemixing and immigration, in light of what you said? Doesn't multiculturalism diminish cultures?

No. 14132

File: 1411300955603.png (105.1 KB, 564x1050, 0yc1mqy.png)

No. 14133

File: 1411301200447.png (28.41 KB, 1208x186, sGGTVkM.png)

No. 14134

File: 1411301265907.jpg (34.3 KB, 532x800, j1ARrN1.jpg)

No. 14135

>Ausfag magazine
jfc why am I not surprised

No. 14136

It feels the same, you just can't feel your bones by pressing down on your skin or rubbing yourself on shit anymore.
I don't even understand how you can imagine that as being in a "sea of flab". What the fuck anon

No. 14138

Those are some sad sad titties

No. 14139


Given that I'm from the UK I don't think multiculturalism works. Period.

The UK is a prime example of how it doesn't work with an enormous amount of immigrants instead of absorbing themselves into our culture instead choose to retreat to boroughs populated by people whom share similar ideals which in turn leads to these boroughs turning into mini versions of whatever country they've emigrated from which then becomes a no-go area for whites.

I myself very recently moved to a new city and I accidentally walked into like a ghetto which was majority populated by Western Asians and blacks and I was absolutely terrified that I was going to get mugged or grabbed by somebody. Whilst walking through this area I was literally the only white person and the only female that I saw and I was being stared at and talked about in a different language by EVERYBODY which was so fucking intimidating.
I was harassed no less than 3 times walking through it, once by a black guy followed me up the street going "Hey bby u beautiful bby c'mon bby come talk to me why won't u talk to me bby c'mon bby give me a smile beautiful come back to my place I give u a nice time bby".

When I eventually managed to get home I Googled the area and the results that came up displayed that it had one of the highest crime rates within the city, with stabbings, murders, burglaries and hard drug use and I don't think anybody can try to deny that there isn't a correlation there between the residents and the crime percentage which actually pains me to say because I have a great many black and Asian friends who are just absolutely wonderful and it feels like I'm shitting on them directly.

I think more countries ought to emulate Japan in their homogeneous nature, as thought it's undeniable that Japan has a few hiccups in relation to suicide percentages and the like, in conjunction with having a very small rate of immigration they also have one of the lowest crime rates and the 3rd largest economy.

It's funny because in the 70's when the UK had a large influx of black/specifically Caribbean immigrants come over they absorbed themselves into the culture no problem because the reason they came here was to escape their own culture and start a new life, but rules and regulations were tougher then. The UK has since become an enormous soft-touch and a lot of the people that are coming over now have no desire to immerse themselves and it's things like that result in places like the city of Bradford A.K.A Bradistan the 6th largest city in the UK which incidentally has very high West Asian demographics and is now a crime hotspot, is fast becoming a dangerous area for whites to reside and is laden with shit like honour-killing, FGM, riots, hard drug use etc.

It's funny because all of the Europeans I talk to, people from Portugal, Hungary, Sweden, Romania, France etc. they totally get what I'm talking about, but in the UK if you try to discuss this openly and with clarity you will be labelled a racist and a bigot.

A few articles lauding the great multicultural city of Bradford:







No. 14140


Eh, I can kind of support those people there to be honest.
The level of commercials currently being aired all trying to sell you one thing or another telling you how shitty you must be and how much better you'd be if you'd purchase their product now at a cool rate of only 5 instalments of $67.99 per week is pretty revolting.

No. 14141


Only 3lbs? Fucking hell I lose about that much when I go for a piss and a dump in the morning.

No. 14142

>they also have one of the lowest crime rates
No offense, but do you seriously think this isn't a social aspect of people suppressing shit or not wanting to go to the police because it'll "look bad" or inconvenience others?
Also, IMO what's currently going on with immigrants refusing to actually become part of the countries they join isn't actual multiculturalism at all, just trying to make other countries into their own shitty neighborhoods.

No. 14143

File: 1411304617152.jpg (71.41 KB, 978x734, rZkMos7.jpg)

I know what you mean. My mum lives near an area that's heavily carribean/black and it's the shittiest of shitholes. The council pours buckets of money into the borough and they still manage to mess it up. People regularily deface the elevator, smash windows, graffiti shops and mug.

Last time I went there I got catcalled countless times by scary looking carribean men 'ey bebby ey' no response 'fuck you BITCH'.

The UK is going to die if we let those tumblr ponces have their way any longer. These people, esp. carribeans and west asians need to integrate or get kicked out. Seriously.

Some parts of london are like money sink ghettos. It's like detroit all over again.

No. 14144

File: 1411304700857.png (4.7 KB, 533x157, OryiuS8.png)

Check your fibre intake privilege

No. 14145

File: 1411304880734.png (372.16 KB, 684x555, QY8fDei.png)

Boiling out the calories lel

No. 14146

File: 1411305130800.jpg (35.37 KB, 727x394, Pizza_-_American_Pastime.jpg)

No. 14147


Even if you take that into account though there's no denying that they still have a remarkably low crime rate.
I mean honestly you could argue that point for any other country, that the statistics are skewed because not everybody is reporting crimes.

>just trying to make other countries into their own shitty neighborhoods.

Yeah, multiculturalism. That's exactly what multiculturalism is.

No. 14148


Oh my fucking god…

No. 14149

That would actually be a cute picture of a kid cosplaying if you cropped out the adult.
Wait, is that Honey Boo Boo?

No. 14150

>That's exactly what multiculturalism is.
Multi. Culturalism.
Multi. Cultures.
Not one culture. Multiple.
Did you seriously need this broken down for you?

No. 14151

nice one

No. 14152

File: 1411305616563.png (503.23 KB, 588x788, Wu16oZ8.png)

No. 14153

File: 1411305687860.jpg (37.85 KB, 912x611, lnBooCZ.jpg)

taobao asian shitlords

No. 14154

File: 1411305727993.jpg (Spoiler Image, 108.06 KB, 680x383, tumblr_n9ivbdyHTI1sgo7p0o1_128…)

No. 14155


What the actual fuck are you talking about? Where did I say it was on culture? I think you really need to go back and re-read what I wrote because you see to be getting very confused.

No. 14156

No. 14157

File: 1411306145770.jpg (Spoiler Image, 48.57 KB, 500x667, tumblr_mxxm1rfDgR1s3o3dro1_500…)

Just for you anon

No. 14158

Going to a country and refusing to integrate, instead choosing to go to "ghettos" of people who are your race or background is literally the exact opposite of joining cultures.
It's not multiculturalism at all. I think you're the one who needs to re-read things.

No. 14159

File: 1411307271748.jpg (141.71 KB, 673x800, WMm0DGA.jpg)

I don't want to get too involved in the argument you guys are having, but as a neutral third party I'll drop a google definition

"Multiculturalism" is the co-existence of diverse cultures, where culture includes racial, religious, or cultural groups and is manifested in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, patterns of thinking, and communicative styles.

No. 14160

OMG her head is the same size as one of her boobs! WTF is going on with her ankles… and how does she wipe after going to the toilet… so many questions

No. 14161

File: 1411308493173.png (938.89 KB, 590x1521, nPrXlUn.png)

Her ankles are long gone

No. 14162

>#sexual harassment

No. 14163

I actually like her attitude and that she got fit and can still take care of her kids. She has a lot of discipline and was simply telling other moms that they could do it too if the tried. Not that they'll all look like her but they'll be fit too. I don't want to look like a different person after kids. So this chick is really encouraging.

No. 14164


No. 14165


Multiculturalism is the existence of a myriad of cultures together. Whether or not they go along is irrelevant. Jesus christ.

No. 14167

And the current attempt at it isn't coexistence as much as it is separation.
You don't seem to understand that for whatever reason.

No. 14169

File: 1411309662241.jpg (102.58 KB, 800x600, Rz1uhKF.jpg)

Hey, can you guys go and argue about this on/b/? It's getting incredibly spammy.

No. 14170


It doesn't fucking matter what your "personal" opinion of it is, the definition of multiculturalism is as follows:

>"Multiculturalism" is the co-existence of diverse cultures, where culture includes racial, religious, or cultural groups and is manifested in customary behaviours, cultural assumptions and values, patterns of thinking, and communicative styles

Doesn't say shit about whether or not it works or how well they get a long.

Christ how can you be this thick.

No. 14171

File: 1411310061454.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.09 KB, 600x693, 0b7KY4G.jpg)

No. 14172

WTF am I looking at here?

No. 14173

File: 1411311041479.jpg (15.26 KB, 450x355, 1241225590383.jpg)


The typical Reddit or Tumblr user

Now for a classic picture

No. 14174

I bet she's the sort of person that's always complaining about people staring at her.

No. 14181

No. 14183


Ah yes, this is actually happening in Rotherham which is a few miles away from where I live.

Huge, huge shitstorm going down in the UK right now.
Basically it's come out that police, social workers and a shit load of authority figures were knowingly ignoring gangs of Asian me who were soliciting young British female schoolchildren into prostitution, or simply grooming them, picking them up and raping them.

The victims are nearing 2000 now and every single member of these gangs were Asian men from places like Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia etc., and almost every single victim a young British white girl.

Everybody ignored it and refused to take it seriously because they were terrified of being accused of being racist.

No. 14184

Jesus I knew nothing of this, my tv's had no signal for months so i'm not up to date with the news.

No. 14187


The thing is, these gangs were always a public secret. I remember hearing about them 10 years ago but it was the height of the War on Terror and talking about them was considered "Islamophobic".

Even 2-3 years ago when the BBC etc started reporting on them they always spun it with "it's not only Asian gangs that do this".

Rotherham really blew a the lid off but I'm not really sure why. The scale was known at least 2 years ago so it's not that. Is it just because UKIP are stirring shit up (Rotherham is the same council as the foster parents scandal from 2012)?

No. 14202

The second woman does actually look like her body shape is from having kids. She's pretty average everywhere except her stomach, which looks like it has a good deal of excess skin. It'd be great if she could tone up some, but there's not a whole lot that can be done about stretched out skin without surgery. Bottom girl doesn't get the purpose of the ad. Ignore her.

No. 14206

muh trypophobia

No. 14208

I think they're spots. Just really huge blackheads because she can't scrub her ass properly

No. 14211

sorry about your autism

No. 14213


My apologies that you're a lazy, selfish lardarse who's too incompetent to memorise a relatively simple unit of measurement and instead expect the worlds to cater for her every whim and need.

I mean for fucks sake, most people in the UK understand lbs and kgs, is it really that difficult? Get off your fat ass and study jesus christ.

No. 14214

Please stop, you're making brits look bad. In fact you're really cringey, you should consider leaving this board.

No. 14215

File: 1411344020838.jpg (101.08 KB, 500x750, 503e813995dd0dd95607cbf5c763c7…)

The autism in this thread is reaching critical mass. Lets keep on topic ladies!

No. 14216

File: 1411344059197.png (16.67 KB, 502x213, 1UlyMyN.png)

No. 14217

File: 1411344123634.jpg (235.54 KB, 523x948, 1411282847041.jpg)

No. 14218

File: 1411344148592.jpg (480.85 KB, 1840x3264, 4zjeRAG.jpg)

Shitlord door

No. 14219


Britain is already bad in case you didn't get the memo.
It's a politically corrupt cesspit-cum-immigrant paradise.

No. 14220


Needs more tags

>#fat placement policing #fat curvy privilege #bodyfat distibution shaming

No. 14237

Yes, multiple culture. You can't have those if people integrate into your own culture, get it?

No. 14258

same here! People think I'm much lighter than I really am because I store all my fat in my legs and usually wear skirts.

>pixyteri sized portions

again with the pixyteri units, this is better than the metric system!

No. 14259

>I can just imagine being trapped in a sea of flesh would be really scary
made me lol

No. 14299

File: 1411409951078.png (95.81 KB, 831x406, tumblr_na96x5TF961ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 14300

File: 1411410103929.jpg (60.56 KB, 586x222, tumblr_mrldov8QRC1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 14301

File: 1411410170198.png (7.61 KB, 459x145, tumblr_mqrq8gfKto1ryeto5o1_500…)

No. 14302

File: 1411410238924.png (17.91 KB, 610x301, tumblr_moyaxecFPd1ryeto5o1_128…)

No. 14303

File: 1411410581474.png (10.73 KB, 626x196, fatty.png)

No. 14304

File: 1411410623147.png (89.84 KB, 1690x728, fattie.png)

Lolita community is full of stupid.

No. 14305

File: 1411410845808.jpg (35.54 KB, 500x750, 1378016203377.jpg)

No. 14306

File: 1411410940804.png (465.65 KB, 622x840, 1369390827002.png)

No. 14307

File: 1411410972237.jpg (192.27 KB, 928x762, 1365403072792.jpg)

No. 14308

File: 1411411060858.jpg (66.63 KB, 780x260, fat acceptance is stupid_7c64d…)

No. 14309


Do you think guys with a fat fetish objectively find Donna more beautiful than Eva? Fetishes are weird and I can easily see a situation where someone sexually aroused by obese women would still find normal women more beautiful.

No. 14310

This looks like the Houston zoo. Jasmine?

No. 14326

I think everyone an acknowledge something that is conventionally beautiful even if it isn't their own "thing"; so yes, I think men who have fetishes for huge women and could only get off to them and all of that can still say they think a blonde supermodel is, objectively, beautiful. It's just not their preference.

I think it's like me, a straight woman, saying that I think a woman is extremely beautiful and even sexy while still not being sexually attracted to her.

No. 14372

Wth Eva is way hotter. Think about it, if you had to choose, would you have evas body or the land whales?

No. 14397

pretty sure everyone would go for Eva, including sjw's (except they'll never admit that)

No. 14400

I'm browsing beccabae's tumblr and in her review of sock dreams she says her calves are 24". That's literally the same as my waist.
I've seen how big she is but I never really realized it until now.

No. 14401

File: 1411474661940.jpg (114.42 KB, 824x1000, tumblr_ms2l1fsnrF1qjdniso4_128…)

Those are plus size thigh highs she's wearing

No. 14403

i was about to eat a cookie… this changed my mind.
omg… some ppl are so disguisting. what on earth do they eat ewwwwwwwww

No. 14407

I'm pretty sure the reactions of the salespeople would be to laugh at them. And then the fatties would claim oppression, despite bringing it on themselves.

No. 14409

What is her tumblr? the beccabae url is just some spambot nonsense.

No. 14420

No. 14427

Reminds me of Chloe Moretz.

No. 14428

It's amazing how little weight she carries in her face. Sure, it has changed but not much considering just how much weight she's put on.

No. 14431

In the last few pics she looks constipated or confused. She's pulling PT faces. It looks like she doesn't have enough energy to be kawaii like her earlier pics.

No. 14442


Oh it totally has, she just uses flattering angles.

No. 14448

File: 1411509956202.jpg (65.87 KB, 620x640, image.jpg)

No. 14449

To me she just looks sad.
I don't believe that anybody would be happy in a body that restricts someone so much.
Just think about how much even walking for a while could hurt. It'll get only worse as she is aging.

No. 14456

I don't understand Becca/Pear-chan.

She does seem to be a reasonably intelligent young woman. That being said how can women like her not go to bed every night fretting over things like DVT, beetus and having a heart attack in their sleep?

Do they not worry about this kind or thing, or not believe it exists or what?

No. 14464

She is convinced that fat is her natural body type and that nothing she does will change it.

No. 14481

But considering how much she weighs she has a relatively slim face, comparatively. Good genetics on her part and as someone who gets a fat face whenever I gain any amount of weight I'm jelly. Her face is so beautiful. Just a shame that she's getting so much bigger.

I am seriously curious how she's dealing with her weight gain and if she ever regrets any of it. Especially since even she admits (for fetishists) that it makes life harder.

No. 14483

She did it for the money, basically?

If she lost weight, she'd be an even bigger inspiration instead of catering to fetishists; excuse the pun.

No. 14489

>She did it for the money, basically?

Wait did she? I have sort of followed her around on and off for a while because she's fascinating (though I wouldn't say she's a full on lolcow, all her fat stuff aside she seems quite reasonable and sweet) and I didn't think she was a feeder/gainer, I thought it just sort of happened.

I really hope she didn't gain weight for some guys to fap to, that's so horrible.

Speaking of losing weight though, it seems like the girl from Cupcake's Clothes is losing some weight. I hope she's feeling better. I admit I kind of look at both their pictures sometimes if I'm craving sweets or whatever to keep myself away from it but they both seem quite nice and it would be great if they could get healthier.

No. 14627

File: 1411591301317.jpg (63.5 KB, 736x1104, 991364079c30b95bece30ac55d734b…)

LOL they think they're so badass but it's actually really pathetic. I bet she'd never even have the guts to do it.

No. 14628

File: 1411591380446.jpg (Spoiler Image, 486.18 KB, 1705x500, tumblr_n0zsfodDzq1s7e3tgo1_500…)

So she can't even have plus sized thigh highs? What does she use for underwear? Window blinds?

No. 14630

File: 1411591516550.png (464.04 KB, 550x545, G7XtWKZ.png)

No. 14631

File: 1411591566426.jpg (190.75 KB, 768x1024, ixmyW9j.jpg)

No. 14632

File: 1411591638454.jpg (72.83 KB, 740x883, 1411267247231.jpg)

No. 14635

File: 1411592281854.jpg (564.23 KB, 3264x1836, uT0viLM.jpg)

No. 14636

There is so much scum like this in the UK. I hate living in this country.

No. 14639

People like this and a police force being perfectly FINE with Pakastani scum raping innocent children (while calling them racial slurs) are reason enough for me to no longer consider immigrating there.

No. 14643

This is Quirky's IG

There's a link to her latest youtube video there, too.

No. 14646

Girl, no. You can lie to yourself and everybody else but YOUR BODY knows the truth about your junk food habit. Takeaway on weekends, my ass. Forget the 1£ for every pound you lose. How about for every stone you lose, you are more likely to see your kid graduate.

She's got a kid to raise but, if they don't already, they will grow up and eat crap because this is their "no.rmal"

No. 14647

I would love to see this entitled fuck sent to a third world (or even second world) country where they would laugh in her fat ugly face if she demanded government money to sit on her backside gorging herself into a disgusting bloated mess.

No. 14649

File: 1411598030581.png (1.83 MB, 800x3318, 1411577916437.png)

That article was from the metro by the way, makes me sad. The west is doomed now, it's time for Armageddon. All is lost.

No. 14650

File: 1411598081077.jpg (78.62 KB, 577x1024, eXYYrkb.jpg)

Smart move

No. 14651

File: 1411598185017.png (528.2 KB, 500x700, mEmiTRs.png)

I found this under the 'haute couture' tag wtf

No. 14652

File: 1411598397649.jpg (54.59 KB, 600x600, 1411267556777.jpg)

No. 14653

File: 1411598716654.jpg (97.96 KB, 640x836, 1411569579198.jpg)

Shitlord door frame

No. 14654

Lol. Oh man, they serve the most fattening ice cream ever. I never understood why people wanted to see the nutrition info we had at the cash register until I looked at it myself. 83% fat in a large… I couldn't fucking believe it. I didn't understand why customers kept asking me how I stayed so thin working there until I read the labels. Thank god I walked 3 miles to work daily and rarely ate the ice cream…

No. 14655

tfw people homes are people sized.

No. 14656

Some women, especially tumblrtards, think "haute couture" is being "unique" in their fashion choices.

Oh ignorance is truly bliss.

No. 14658

File: 1411600490631.jpg (25.43 KB, 560x764, 1411266074010.jpg)

Check your thin privilege

No. 14661

>hmm, what's that in dollars
>let out a very audible, "holy shit"

How on earth does one spend that much a month on take out?

No. 14663

File: 1411603829240.jpg (33.4 KB, 540x596, aABrssI.jpg)

By eating it every few days at LEAST if not every day. In the UK takeawayss tend to be v cheap in comparison to certain other countries cough cough switzerland cough so some people have diets that consist of nearly nothing but takeaways.

Where I live a bigmac is around 7 quid/12 dollars so we can't afford to do that. I honestly think that the cheap price of takeaways is what made britain so fat.

No. 14666

File: 1411604921150.jpg (133.01 KB, 586x928, 89cf81b811b43d7d307c1b001adec8…)




No. 14667

Super Saiyan?

Those are regular sized doors. Holy crap.

No. 14668

waffen ss?

No. 14669

She's the only obese girl I've ever seen who I legitimately think looks good.

No. 14671

File: 1411606276604.png (1.9 MB, 762x1280, tumblr_nc9lu5usrt1qlfo71o1_128…)

No. 14674


What made Britain so fat was the introduction of the American diet.

Given that we are essentially America's lapdog at this point it's been much easier for them to introduce and merge their "culture" into out own as opposed to say Sverige or Russia.

Seriously, fuck America. Before them the British had a relatively healthy diet. Everybody ate plenty of fruit and veg and meats and dairy but all in moderation. We "were" a healthy peoples.

No. 14676

File: 1411607259139.jpg (278.27 KB, 1280x800, uXSvZ0M.jpg)

I don't know about healthy, yorkshire puddings every sunday, rashers on toast, toad in a hole, pudding…

Still, way healthier than the fare people have nowadays, back then they actually COOKED and ate things like soups and veggies. I was watching supersize vs superskinny the other day, or something like that, and there was a fat woman who basically admitted that she never cooks, thinks cooking is a waste of time 'cos u can just buy all that at tesco's…And the cherry on the lard cake, the only veggies she consumed were in takeaways, like a soggy carrot in a chicken vindaloo.

No. 14677

File: 1411607332306.png (875.28 KB, 1464x600, orrr.png)

lol that oreo

No. 14683

I love making fun of Amerifats as much as the next Brit, but lets not kid ourselves here, we've always more or less eaten stodgy garbage and are famous for our terrible food. It's just now we don't do any back breaking manual labour down't mine/mill to work off all the pies.

No. 14684

Why do other countries watch our TV so much? I'm just curious. I would think that people would prefer their own shows, yet every foreigner I've ever talked to watched American T.V.

No. 14690

Some people don't have a choice. In Australia we have nothing but American/British T.V. Few Australian shows are good, most are just Australian versions of shows. It's horrible.

No. 14693


idk man.
I know potatoes, sausages, yorkshire puds, stuffing, Sunday roasts etc. are all fattening, but at least back then we had moderation.

No. 14694


Well generally they don't, people will just watch whatever is airing.

British television airs some American shows just like American television airs British shows. I mean, don't they air Doctor Who and shit in the states?

No. 14696

Bullshit, the traditional British diet isn't that great and it got fat on its own. Brits gorge themselves on way too much shit and don't exercise, blaming America for that is "I need more benefits to lose weight" level retardation.

No. 14700


Which completely explains why up until the introduction of the American diet to Britain why we were so slim and healthy.

Yes. This makes perfect sense.

No. 14703

File: 1411618015405.jpg (146.49 KB, 634x1042, 1411582768772_wps_83_Picture_s…)


Picture related is the woman in question.

Note the Pop Tarts in the cupboard, which I believe at present is only sold at Tescos in the UK, and last time I looked they were being retailed at around £3.00 per box.

You can buy one loaf of cheap bread, a carton of eggs and some milk for that price.

Not enough money to lose weight but enough money for get piercings, tattoo and dye her hair regularly.

Walking doesn't cost anything lardo.

No. 14705

Funny how Americans up until relatively recently also remained slim despite eating the "American diet." Modern British eating habits have nothing to do with the USA.

No. 14708

File: 1411619952395.jpg (85.09 KB, 691x545, 140069916787.jpg)

Thiiiis. Fucking fatties and their stupid fattie excuses.

No. 14709

No. 14714

Crazy fatties that overreact are my favorite kind of fatties.

No. 14719


>all those excuses in the comment section

No. 14720

I looked up that opening. It's a Weird Al song

No. 14721

No idea what the fuck they're talking about when they say junk food is cheaper. It costs roughly $7-10 to get enough McDonald's/BK/KFC whatever to fill me up (albeit temporarily), and I don't even eat that much. Our takeout is much more expensive than making a meal at home

No. 14722

for some reason I think this is kind of cute
also loving that she doesn't seem bitter towards the thin girl at all, a sight you rarely see these days

No. 14723

Holy shit that's a lot of money! My bf and me together don't even spend that much on food.
the problem with most of these fatties is, is that they don't cook. Wich I don't get in this lady's case. What's her excuse? She doesn't have a job so she's got the time to do it. I mean, if a full-time employed couple with kids can cook, why can't she?

This has got to be a troll!
and if not, fuck you bitch, Leslie Nielsen is awesome!

No. 14724

File: 1411631584320.jpg (51.89 KB, 700x465, donna-simpson.jpg)

No. 14728

Well that's depressing, that girl could be pretty if she wasn't carrying the weight of two other people

No. 14729

at least she's hoisted her boobs up to a normal place and she's mostly covered

No. 14730

File: 1411643888226.jpg (52.8 KB, 568x600, Endlesscandy.jpg)

No. 14733

File: 1411644580558.png (742.38 KB, 837x960, 1411266965021.png)

No. 14734

File: 1411644600594.jpg (75.14 KB, 850x582, me-and-marilyn-monroe-side-by-…)

No. 14735

File: 1411644834320.jpg (60.59 KB, 478x566, p4KKqKV.jpg)

I love how these fatties obsess over marilyn monroe, claiming that back then people could really appreciate a real woman™

The fact of the matter is that if marilyn was alive today, she would be wearing a US size 4, and at certain points in her career she was a size 0. She was not "chubby" or overweight by any means. She weighed around 120 pounds and often less.

She was also incredibly unhealthy, had psychological problems and a drug addiction that ultimately killed her. I guess she was similar to the fatties in this respect.

No. 14736

File: 1411644913692.jpg (57.31 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n9ibi9Wris1t93uevo1_500…)

No. 14737

File: 1411644949148.jpg (534.92 KB, 1536x2048, M9l6cCJ.jpg)

No. 14738


Except it down because it was your fucking government that first synthesised high fructose corn syrup and began pumping it in sodding everything and last I checked it was your government that first began dicking around with this cancerous GMO bullshit.

No. 14739


Up until recently the majority of Americans were also consuming a British diet given that most of them had emigrated from there.

Give it up girl, everybody knows this.

No. 14740


Unrelated but there's a shit load of evidence and eyewitness accounts that indicate she was assassinated.

No. 14741

Thinking GMO is dangerous is right up the with antivaccine and homeopathy. Just sayin'.

No. 14743

File: 1411645646777.jpg (243.2 KB, 765x960, dietad20.jpg)

True, there's some evidence that it could've been a homicide, but the general consensus is it was most probably a suicide or an accidental overdose.

No. 14744

File: 1411645673494.jpg (129.99 KB, 600x351, Rat-Tumor-Monsanto-GMO-Cancer-…)


You do know that when they first began developing GMO Monsanto deliberately swept aside and covered up research that indicated that rats fed on an exclusive diet of GMO fastly developed tumours?

Following its publication it was quickly and mysteriously withdrawn.

Do you know absolutely nothing about Monsanto as a corporation?

No. 14745

File: 1411645715251.jpg (117.55 KB, 457x500, bV1OinT.jpg)

No. 14747

It was probably withdrawn for being full of shit, just like that "study" about vaccines causing autism.

No. 14748

File: 1411645834660.jpg (41.48 KB, 389x519, oM9Ba9O.jpg)

HAES squiwwel

No. 14749


That's some nice evidence you got there.

Nevermind, Monsanto is a good corporation who never did anything wrong. Good, good. Not bad. Continue to eat your GMO. All is well in the world and you are happy.

No. 14750

File: 1411645981342.png (111.26 KB, 1137x477, pknmljc.png)

No. 14751

So what do you eat and how do you avoid the scary ole gmos

No. 14752

If ur fuckin obese you're not anorexic and you would not die from anorexia

No. 14753

File: 1411646205234.jpg (247.13 KB, 750x1047, pQlwZoY.jpg)

Well technically if a morbidly obese person stopped eating completely they would die.

We all know that's not the case and that she probably just started eating one cheeseburger instead of five.

No. 14754

ITT: People don't understand nutrition (I'm looking at you "thank God I didn't eat the ice-cream-chan and people claiming brit diets are bad because they're high in fat)

It doesn't matter what foodgroups what you eat is composed of. Fat in food doesn't become fat on your body. This is the same shitty logic that fat people have "But I eat nothing but healthy food! Why am I fat?!" You're fat because you eat too much food. Your calorific intake is too high for the amount of activity you do.

No. 14755

You can live a long time off all that stored body fat.

No. 14756

Wouldn't their body just feed off of the fat

No. 14757


I live in a country where GMO is banned and prohibited from importation, just liked the multitude of other countries across the globe.

>the science is just wrong!

>Murrica always right!


I bet you think hexafluorosilicic acid actually helps your teeth when ingested through the water too.

No. 14758


There was a case where a grossly obese Scottish man who was desperate to lose weight ate almost nothing aside from nutritional supplements and juices for a year and his body literally lived off the fat for a year by catabolising it all for energy.

No. 14759


>You do know that when they first began developing GMO Monsanto deliberately swept aside and covered up research that indicated that rats fed on an exclusive diet of GMO fastly developed tumours?

>Following its publication it was quickly and mysteriously withdrawn.

Monsanto first started developing GMOs in 1983.

The study you mentioned was published in August 2012 and received widespread media coverage.

The study was publicly retracted in November 2013 but didn't receive much media coverage outside of the science press. http://retractionwatch.com/2013/11/28/controversial-seralini-gmo-rats-paper-to-be-retracted/

No. 14760

Are you guys crazy?

There have been morbidly obese patients that have literally starved to death.

If you are severely obese, eating too little too soon can literally kill you. That's why doctors usually step you down on you daily caloric intake.

(Michael Edelman, for one, before you ask for an example. He developed a pathological fear of eating after one of his obese friends died and rapidly lost several hundred pounds, eating only when spoon fed. At about 600 lbs, he literally starved to death.)

No. 14761

He was continually monitored by University of Dundee medical staff in Scotland that only fed him yeast, multi-vitamins and occasionally potassium for his heart. They kept their eye on his condition and took routine blood tests. After all was said and done, he had dropped from 456 pounds to 180 pounds. He was weighed again 5 years later and had only put on 15 pounds.

So he didn't just wake up one day and decide not to eat. He had an entire medical staff there to prevent his heart/organs from shutting down. Without their expertise, he would have surely died.

No. 14768


Having come from Dundee I already know about this, I just cbf going into the details.

I would have thought it obvious that he'd have a medical team supporting him?

No. 14769

What exactly is GMO ?
Is it what's in prosed food, or what's in fast food?

No. 14770


Genetically Modified Organisms. It covers things from genetically modified crops to gene therapy in humans to cure HIV.

No. 14771

Her feet and arms aren't even in the same position. It's close but not the same. I don't think she could point her toes or keep her leg straight.

No. 14772

The sad thing is, a lot of people have become used to seeing this. There are a lot of heavy people now a days so if someone encourages working out, they're the minority and should be shamed for exercising.

No. 14778

That study should probably use an animal that isnt prone to developing massive tumors in over 50% of them at any given time. Not speaking as a pro GMO, just a rat keeper who has only had 3 out of 12 rats total not develop tumors.

No. 14779

File: 1411657489023.jpg (108.22 KB, 640x644, tumblr_nblvabR5bP1ts10q9o1_128…)

Yep. Calories in, calories out. Also LOL at the people who think morbidly obese people can't starve to death. It's like they took a long snooze through high school biology.

No. 14780

File: 1411657690683.jpg (267.45 KB, 640x960, HU29oRc.jpg)

You know juices are full of sugar and fibre right?
No. "If you have access to water but no food, then the entire starving process will take between 2 to 8 weeks depending on how much body fat is stored up."

No. 14781

File: 1411657788469.png (93.1 KB, 500x536, tumblr_mziqfglcp41tq3d5ro1_500…)

No. 14783

File: 1411658145267.jpg (34.87 KB, 500x342, tumblr_na08y8Gysx1ta9a5uo1_500…)

No. 14784

File: 1411658189488.jpg (Spoiler Image, 66.45 KB, 500x657, tumblr_mnjgtuu9PG1s7ed4oo1_500…)

No. 14786

MG is the very definition of every single unpleasant fatty ever.

No. 14787

Why do tumblr HAESers and SJWs constantly spew this shit? Actually yes, it is your job to educate us because the burden of proof is on you. if I google "does obesity cause heart disease" I'm going to get 100 links that say yes and maybe one buried 10 pages in that says no. Why should I care enough to go digging for that one (not credible) source? I'm not fat, why would I concern myself with the plight of fatties when I have better shit to do?

Same with the marginalized groups shit. The other day on tumblr I saw a girl who wanted to write a story about a gay Muslim ask a gay Muslim for some credible sources so she could do the portrayal justice, and instead got a 20 page essay of ITS NOT MY JOB TO EDUCATE YOU!!!!! ok, if you don't want to take the time to help, you know, un-marginalize yourself and wonder why there's no portrayals of queer Muslims in media… There you go.

No. 14789

I want to shout "It's not my job to educate you!" next time someone asks me what time it is or how my day is going.

No. 14790

File: 1411661175917.jpg (Spoiler Image, 94.86 KB, 1191x670, Biggest Boss.jpg)

the Ultimate makes it sound like an end boss.

No. 14791

I love it when fatties try to use Marilyn Monroe as an example of a fat ass when in reality, her dress size translates out into a size 0 in modern times.

No. 14792

Err… I forgot to link this but here we go. I wonder how much fatties would rage over this and sit in denial http://www.todayifoundout.com/index.php/2012/04/marilyn-monroe-was-not-even-close-to-a-size-12-16/

No. 14793


No. 14794

File: 1411664208640.jpg (251.9 KB, 1280x1280, yQRBqVS.jpg)

Yep. She was even a size 0 at certain points in her career.

No. 14795

File: 1411664253755.jpg (34.45 KB, 500x139, tumblr_na8ekmrcNe1ta5q5qo1_500…)

No. 14796


As another person stated before, GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.

The problem with it is that the organisms that we are dicking about with, specifically our foods, are ones that have evolved their genetic structure over billions of years no.

In theory alone fiddling around with the DNA of these organisms in order to produce certain beneficial effects for humans (i.e. being naturally resistant to insect repellent, rat poisons, drought, floods etc.), in theory this should be sound but that's really not the way that nature works.
Take a human for example, a mere singular chromosomal defect and the result on the developing organism is disastrous producing such conditions as Down's Syndrome, Patau Syndrome etc.

Research on the GMO conducted on rats over the course of two years revealed that each of the rats involved in the experiment all developed some form of debilitating condition from tumours to kidney failure.

You really can't fuck with mother nature because she will fuck you right back.

Monsanto, the corporation that's heading GMO development project and has done for many years now, is an organisation with a wealthy history or corruption, cover ups and paying off researchers in order to pass their products as safe. They are actually the ones that are responsible for the Agent Orange scandal that is still responsible for and causing thousands of birth defects a year.

They are trying to push for GMO commercialisation across the globe and due to the fact that they've since trademarked these new strains of GMO they will reap disgustingly enormous profits. Another issue with this is that they're actually strangling organic farmers due to a law that stipulates that if the organic farmer has a plot of land next to a GMO Monsanto owned plot of land and some of the GMO seeds blow onto the organic farmer's land and contaminate his crops, it's the organic farmer that's held accountable, not Monsanto.

You guys have seriously no idea how potentially detrimental going down this route could be to not only humans but every species on the planet, hence why countries that are banning GMO in droves, from Austria to France, to Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Egypt etc.

Every where but American where Monsanto has already paid off the relevant peoples.

More people should be terrified about this really.

No. 14802


Jesus jibblies Christ that is not how the human body works.

Starvation mode is not this miraculous state the body enters into where you can eat as little as you want and expend virtually no energy. Starvation mode is basically another word for when your metabolism as a whole receives messages that there is no energy coming by way of food.
If you have nothing to feed the cells in your body eventually your enzymes will cease function and you will die, so what your body first does is it brings all of your functions to a slow grind, and that's everything from digestion (so the body has more time to suck every last nutrient out of whatever last meal you ate), to bowel movements to brain function.
You will not shit for days, you will become slower to react to things and become generally stupider and irritable. You will also sweat profusely as a symptom of hypoglycemia.

Your body is trying as hard as it can to conserve every last possible bit of energy (hence why if you don't eat and then try to do sport or high intensity activity your body will go NOPE.jpeg and shut your shit down = fainting), and failing that will begin the process of catabolisation which is when your body begins breaking down your own cells to convert into energy, which is a generally slow process and will leave you exhausted every day. First it will catabolise any reserve fats, then it will catabolise muscle, and as a final step it will begin catabolising your own organs which is how anorexics get so fucked up.

This "starvation mode" that people talk about it a ridiculous temporary state that lasts on average 2-3 days. Following that you WILL being to lose weight because you body is literally eating itself in order to fuel your movements/thermoregulation/digestion/enzymes/neural functions etc.

No. 14805

Why can we have irrelevant shitting on Americans and not irrelevant shitting on Mexicans? I thought Mexican wasn't a race?

No. 14807

>that fat

literally a planet

No. 14809

Gene therapy like… retroviruses modifying DNA? I thought that was strictly theoretical/fictional.

My impression is that the worries lie with problems of outcompeting to the point of extinction wild non-GMOs, and arguably that the GMOs may inadvertently develop weaknesses to things the non-GMOs are resistant to. Interestingly, technology for making crop seeds sterile exists.

I'm certain that something as genetically complex as a mouse would often times die from genetic experimentation. However, I hope you're not implying that GMOs are inherently unfit for consumption.

Keep in mind that genetic modification has existed since forever. The domestic dog is a result of it. Many plants have been selectively pollinated too, in order to bring the best yields and so forth. It's a biochemical shortcut, short-circuting evolution. We can't give pineapples legs, but we could perhaps create cows that have no lactose production, allowing those with intolerance to consume regular milk without the need of processing. Theoretically.

I think it's a promising technology that needs to be paid close attention to, but it seems invariably positive, promising to solve many problems. Largely, it's like nuclear technology, only with less potential for blowing shit up.

It may be in fast food. Organic ingredients will not be GMOs. The difference is effectively nonexistent for the average consumer. It's another "muh genetics".

No. 14810

Not when you have people itt saying you can't starve to death if you're obese.

No. 14814

Wait, what? Are people saying this? Haven't they heard about rabbit starvation?

I imagine that one shouldn't move much during such a regimen, to conserve blood sugar for basic body functions.

No. 14815

Can they prove those tumors are actually from GMOs? Because rats are very VERY prone to tumors anyway, especially females, and those pictures are of girl rats. 2 years is about the amount of time it takes for rats to pop up with a tumor anyway. Like I said before, over 50% of female rats will get big awful mammary tumors.

Like I said before, they should use an animal not so prone to tumors on their own anyway.

No. 14816


Well technically you can't starve to death when you're obese - at least not for a while.

When people typically starve to death it's not the actual lack of calories that kills them, it's the malnutrition. If you were very obese you could actually live for a considerable amount of time off of your own bodyfat providing you were still receiving all the necessary nutrients.

No. 14817


The paper was retracted because the sample was too small for any statistical significance over natural causes.

The whole thing was a bit of a cluster fuck. Séralini made the media sign an embargo so that nobody could check the data.

>The agreement included a penalty for non-compliance: “A refund of the cost of the study of several million euros would be considered damages if the premature disclosure questioned the release of the study.”

The data was eventually released but not until the media circus had passed.

Séralini has a bit of a history of releasing research that turns out to not live up to its claims.


No. 14818

holy fucking god that must take so much effort to find her vagina

No. 14821

Like they get any nutrients anyhow.

No. 14822

Nobody besides Britfags knows about rabbit starvation and we only know because of QI.

No. 14867

I'm inclined to agree, but an eating disorder it remains. Overeating, then starving. You have to really be trying when overeating to gain so much during the periods you do eat.

People watch QI outside of Britain, you know. I honestly don't remember where I learned about it though. I remember seeing a QI episode about it, but also documentaries about arctic explorers starving to death and such. Wait, why are we discussing such a thing?

So they don't need calories to "fuel" the metabolization stored fat, but rather micronutrients. Hm.

Eat enough of anything and you'll get some (micro)nutrients. Strictly speaking there's nutrition in practically everything.

No. 14868

no we are not crazy we just didn't know this. calm the fuck down damn.

No. 14869

sure it's "banned" but how do you know if they are actually using it or not?

No. 14874

Yup, those cute little critters just aren't meant to live for this long, that's why they get tumors (same for humans).
Rats living in nature are much more likely to die earlier so they don't get to live long enough to get tumors.
I had two rats myself. They both had surgery for tumors and afterwards still died from new tumors. I still miss them.

No. 14876

Believe it or not, their short lifecycle is why they're used for science.

Sorry to hear about your loss, I hear they make good pets.

No. 14877

Really? But why? I read here that they did research and concluded that after two years the rats would get tumors. That research can't be accurate since rats' average lifespan (in captivity) is two years and their death is usually caused by tumors.

They make amazing pets! They're really intelligent and very loving. The only bad thing about them is that they die too early.

No. 14890


Well I suppose if people were to find out that it was being imported and distributed into our food that would enable my countries peoples to collectively sue the government and that is not something they would want.

No. 14895

I owe so much to QI. People think I'm smart, my life is a lie.

No. 14902

me too anon, me too.

No. 14907


They use them so that they can be sure that the test subjects will actually develop cancer. You can expose humans to Chernobyl levels of radiation and it still takes 20 years for cancer to develop, so a species that easily gets cancer is useful for testing.

But you have to use a large enough sample size to be able to determine statistical significance.

No. 14916

File: 1411748361878.jpeg (102.34 KB, 486x766, VQXeg87.jpeg)

No. 14917

File: 1411748601581.jpeg (218.39 KB, 640x744, tumblr_n5utzalz951ts10q9o1_128…)

No. 14918

File: 1411748702854.jpeg (86.82 KB, 640x537, plLu7OTl.jpeg)

No. 14919

File: 1411748771311.jpeg (763.17 KB, 750x2859, amk9p5w.jpeg)

No. 14922

Is that not just a really fat man? I mean they get estrogen from having too much fat.

hashtag bazinga indeed

No. 14926


I am so fucking liberal and I have zero problems with anybody wishing to look the way they do or dress themselves the way they want or adorn themselves with tattoos and piercings and whatnot, but sometimes I think people like >>14916 just do it for the sole purpose of being controversial and difficult.

Like, she knows nobody is going to be attracted to that shit, she knows nobody think it's good, but then she has an excuse to cry and scream about the patriarchy and throw her toys out of the pram over the fact that nobody wants to feel bristles when they're kissing what they assume to be a female.

No. 14928

And you know if someone said the whole "You're not entitled to a relationship. People can't help it if they're not attracted to you" spiel to her like SJW's do to gross neckbeard guys she'd absolutely flip her shit.

No. 14932

Not quite, I've seen some documentaries about morbidly obese people (especially the ones so big they can't really move) and a lot of them suffer from some serious malnutrition issues. Their diets are incredibly shitty beyond belief (or not).

And that other person was right, you an starve to death while being obese because a lot of essential vitamins are not stored in fat.

No. 14933

>You can expose humans to Chernobyl levels of radiation and it still takes 20 years for cancer to develop
That's not quite true, it depends on a lot of variables. Plus yeah, depending on the level of it radiation can kill you pretty quickly.

No. 14942

File: 1411762110766.jpg (Spoiler Image, 56.54 KB, 403x600, 403px-Naked_Pear_Chan0.jpg)

Yep, exactly this. I don't mind body mods, tattoos, pink hair etc. on others, even if it looks bad. It makes me roll my eyes so far back into my head though when they do this stuff and then complain that people are staring at them.

I had a friend, green mostly shaved hair, face full of piercings (around 20 facial piercings), visible tattoos, gothic clothing and she was fat to top it all off. She was forever complaining about how people would stare at her, even wanted to take pictures.

She ended up growing out of it, started to dress normally, took off all her facial piercings, got normal hair, she looks adorbs now. Her personality has changed too. She no longer looks down on everyone in this pretentious 'hurr you're not goth so you're a twat' way.

No. 14944

File: 1411762186946.jpg (24.7 KB, 500x171, tumblr_nayb55Xaio1tiowwfo1_500…)

No. 14945

File: 1411762290393.jpg (121.31 KB, 620x1000, tumblr_msww4s0gH51s5z3h9o1_128…)

No. 14946

File: 1411762506124.png (28.72 KB, 526x349, tumblr_naya3ozUA01tiowwfo1_128…)

A lack of vitamins doesn't make you starve to death, a lack of vitamins causes a vitamin deficiency. Eg. a lack of vitamin c will cause scurvy, a lack of vitamin d can make you tired and make children mentally retarded.

No. 14947

File: 1411762679205.png (938.73 KB, 1080x1920, b7wqMif.png)

No. 14948

File: 1411763052610.jpg (93.73 KB, 500x692, tumblr_myms0tM7ED1t93uevo1_500…)

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I remember reading that many of the few surviving emergency personel particularly the firemen got extremely aggressive cancer within weeks if not days of exposure.

No. 14949

File: 1411763236585.jpg (100.19 KB, 679x800, 1411556251807.jpg)

No. 14950

File: 1411763567956.jpg (74.48 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n8axuwEqrU1sbxm8oo1_500…)

No. 14955

>no matter how much I exercise I'm still fat!
>must be muh genetics!
>not that I'm a fucking moron

No. 14957

Laughing forever. This is just as good as the time I saw someone come into the gym with a Monster Energy drink or the time I saw someone finish a McDonald's breakfast before proceeding to jump on the bike.

No. 14959

File: 1411765287152.jpg (192.92 KB, 1000x1000, deqDGsX.jpg)

Maybe they were bulkin'

No. 14961


When you're affected by radiation directly it's called Acute Radiation Syndrome which is different to cancer. You can survive ARS and then go on to develop cancer later in life.

Hence why death tolls for Chernobyl vary from 40 (ARS) to 4000 (cancers).

No. 14963


I'm not sure I even want to ask what that is on the right of the dish but I'm pretty sure we don't serve that in the UK.

It looks like lard mixed with herbs.

No. 14964


Correct me if I'm wrong but isn't radiation basically rogue atoms without a structure that randomly fly around and attach themselves to existing structures (i.e. humans, trees, animals) and that's what causes them to fuck us up?

No. 14968

Can't say. I thought it was Chinese at first but I think it's chicken bites or shrimp bites. Either way it's fried and not what you need after a 'workout' since I'm sure they worked out long and hard enough to warrant that meal.

No. 14969

It did also cause cancer though within days. Look it up.

No. 14970


There's only two people on the official list said to have died of cancer.

> Volodimir Mikitovich Shevchenko - "cancer and complications of ARS" a year after the explosion

> Leonid Telyatnikov - "cancer" 18 years after the explosion

No. 14981

I'm from the US South and I don't even know what that is. Strange-looking grits? Maybe sauerkraut? White gravy?

No. 14990

Also from the southern US, to me it looks like a big ass plate of popcorn shrimp, whatever the hell is behind that, and some nasty cole-slaw.

No. 15015

File: 1411775816659.jpg (93.72 KB, 640x640, kill it with fire.jpg)


She took some new pictures today and jesus fucking christ are they awful. Why does she constantly look filthy despite showering? Her makeup is terrible and I don't know why she thinks she looks good. People need to stop making her delusional, she isn't healthy or beautiful.


No. 15016

File: 1411775886461.jpg (79.46 KB, 640x640, MOOOOOOOOOOO.jpg)

No. 15019

File: 1411776042665.png (732.53 KB, 1189x720, sucking it in still.png)

Why do people lie to others..

No. 15020

File: 1411776143765.jpg (45.57 KB, 640x640, you hear rosanne barr's laugh.…)

No. 15023

File: 1411776275941.png (861.47 KB, 1193x811, fuck no fatass.png)

No. 15026

File: 1411776395067.png (693.91 KB, 1194x721, LEL LIKE A BALLERINA.png)

Ew at the thirsty nigger (lol literally) on the comments. What the fuck is it with black guys trying to bang dumpy, white bitches?

No. 15027

File: 1411776591015.png (757.86 KB, 1202x791, gross.png)

No. 15028

File: 1411776879145.png (817.52 KB, 1195x723, kill yourself quirky.png)

No. 15031

Am I seeing things, or does she have cellulite on her fucking face?

No. 15032


She looks revolting. She has to gasp when she talks, what the actual fuck. Did anyone see the posts where her Dad's friend died of obesity related causes, so she fucking buys her Dad CANDY?


This guy was apparently a close, family friend and his death wasn't even a fucking wake up call for her to get her ass in gear. Still cannot believe that her followers will buy pizza for her if she's broke at the moment. They're encouraging her to be a fat, unhealthy piece of shit.

No. 15033

File: 1411777260398.jpg (112.06 KB, 640x640, fucking kill me.jpg)

No. 15034

File: 1411777422570.jpg (60.63 KB, 640x640, JESUS FUCKING.jpg)

Please.. stop..

No. 15035

File: 1411777563516.jpg (126.89 KB, 640x640, fucking shit.jpg)

No. 15037

File: 1411777726083.png (764.99 KB, 1205x772, ewww.png)

No. 15038

File: 1411778082003.jpg (72.59 KB, 640x640, closest thing to a dick.jpg)

No. 15040

Holy shit, her head is so small compared to the rest of her. The width of her arm is larger than her head.

No. 15042


This is…… HOW DO THEY WIPE!?

No. 15044

File: 1411779108718.jpg (27.67 KB, 620x184, product_img.jpg)

I just had to go and Google it didn't I…


No. 15047


What gets me is the fucking nose. Like, did her nose gain weight too? Wtf.

No. 15052

They always have that look to them. Like, you can see where her chin would be if she were thin, and then there's a puddle of fat surrounding it.

No. 15054

>>gal inspired

No. 15077

she looks like a pug. she probably breathes like one too

No. 15078

File: 1411787710175.png (713.13 KB, 1192x842, your outfit is horrible.png)

No. 15079

File: 1411787912056.jpg (49.02 KB, 640x640, quirkyloverosee.jpg)

For fucks sake, shut up and stop trying to make shit about you when it isn't.


No. 15080

File: 1411788495282.jpg (84.54 KB, 640x640, potato.jpg)

No. 15081

File: 1411788693873.jpg (61.69 KB, 640x640, ew die.jpg)



She always looks dirty..
Also, in the second video, she looks like a female version of John Candy. No joke, open another tab and compare a picture of him to this video right here and you'll see it.

No. 15084

>>still wanna say fat shaming doesn't exist?

Pretty sure everyone acknowledges that it exists, it's just that no one thinks it's bad because being a fat pig is disgusting.

No. 15085

File: 1411790324002.png (773.54 KB, 1179x811, stained.png)

She can't even eat without staining her clothes..

No. 15086

File: 1411790576801.png (899.34 KB, 1179x705, dude seriously.png)

No. 15087

>>honer my curves
What curved? You are a sphere.
Looks like her brother wants her to die young.

No. 15096

File: 1411791894402.png (1017.63 KB, 1181x710, too much.png)

No. 15099

Well at least its turkey bacon

No. 15108

File: 1411793973911.png (782.77 KB, 1178x702, fat fingers.png)

No. 15127

Looks like a giant ugly baby

No. 15134

Holy shit, I couldn't manage that if I tried. They should stop excercising if they have to eat that afterwards- that's what's making them fat.

Strictly speaking no. Though alpha particles are a helium atom stripped of its electrons. Beta radiation is electrons or, apparently, positrons (the fuck, science? is my education already outdated?)

Not sauerkraut, I can tell you that.

High testosterone levels :^)

>into a better life
>into a better health
so deluded…

No. 15135

Whenever someone days 'thick' I imagine it being muscle definition with some soft curves, so not quite a body builder but there is definitely power and grace in the body's form.

When obese people call themselves thick it's laughable. There is no elegance in it.

Yeeesh. Are those second lines her workout lines? Why would you encourage obese people to wear things like this? It's not nice.

No. 15136

They're the only white girl that fuck them.

No. 15138

No. 15139

I live in the American south and if I had a dollar for each time I refuse seconds/sweet tea/unhealthy food/etc. and hear something like "you don't need to watch what you eat, you're skinny!" I could buy a hundred thousand big macs.

>tfw why the fuck do you think I'm skinny you fucking lard ass morons

No. 15141

I googled it and it's another body positivity thing, nothing to do with gyaru. Unfortunately.

No. 15142

I don't know about you guys but I want to know more about this alphashadowwolf gentleman.

To be fair, there are multiple lumps that probably have a curve to them.

Isn't food porn supposed to make you want to eat? This looks revolting.

No. 15143


She will never be able to bend her back this way. Ever.

No. 15165


Oh my fuck she is actually so fat that the fat is preventing her from bending her spine backwards!!!??

No. 15166

File: 1411837217339.png (700.93 KB, 1178x712, filthy.png)

She keeps doing the same, stupid pose with the side of her face and one hand on her neck/cheek, but it looks retarded. All this does is show off her horrible skin and premature aging. Seriously, her under eyes are just disgusting. To be 22 and have those massive fucking wrinkles.. ugh.

No. 15170

Hey anon, just as a protip, you should look up 'a holing' in relation to lolcows because that's what you're doing.

I get that she's gross, but unless you're making a joke or a relevant comment the constant 'hurr durr she's so ugly' comes across as stupid and childish. You almost sound like her, like she just came here to lamely imitate what she thinks 'le top trollz' sound like so she could whine about fat haters on her blog.

Also, those folds under her eyes are because of fat, not because of premature aging.

No. 15172

She is remarkably ugly though, like an ogre. If people want to discuss how being obese has made her face disgusting like a hideous baby, they should be free to, why do you care.

No. 15173

That's called a 'fatkini' right? It's like a bikini where there's extra material on the pants part so you can stuff your fupa into it.

So, what's her story and what's her deal apart from being fat? Is she a SJW, gainer, drama whore or anything lulzy like that?

No. 15175

Those lines are actually from premature aging, because not everyone has those. That's from skin care neglect along with not eating properly or using sunscreen.

Also, the point of this board is to shit talk. She's a "feminist", SJW, drama whore who got posted here because all she does is encourage others to slowly kill themselves via too much food and claims that she's healthy.

If you don't like it, you can fucking leave.

No. 15177

Go back to PULL.

No. 15179

I love how you britfags always complain about your nanny state government, but fuck those Murican corporations for pouring billions of dollars into lobbying against regulations that would promote healthy eating and make it harder to churn out unhealthy shit "food"

No. 15180

>all she does is encourage others to slowly kill themselves via too much food and claims that she's healthy

Anyone who believes her crap doesn't deserve to be alive anyways because people this stupid shouldn't be allowed to exist.

No. 15181

there's nothing wrong with hating Monsanto, it's a genuinely evil corporation.

It's the science denial that makes you sound retarded.

I hope you're a Eurofag who bitches about "muh PC nanny state." That would make your crying about ultra neoliberal corporations that much funnier

No. 15182

No that anon but
>Googled "A holing"
>Just results from illiterate niggers asking if they go into "A holing cell" whilst on bail
>Still no idea what it means

No. 15183

>i'll take cross pollination for $1000, Alex
take a look at the movie Food, Inc. genetically modifying organisms through cross-breeding has been around for literally thousands of years.
>who is Gregor Mendel
the problem with Monsanto is their neoliberal bullshit of patenting genes and creating a monopoly on seeds that fucks over regular farmers

No. 15185

File: 1411843786402.jpg (55.1 KB, 500x483, geneticallysweet.jpg)

not that anon but let me tell you what i know so far
>she developed a eating disorder because of supposed rape
>got bullied in school to the point where she had to leave high school, never graduated.
>she's a huge binger [no pun intended lol] and she's always posting pictures of fatass foods, but from one day to another she will go and post about how she wants to get healthier and how she's going to go "natural" [she has this subscription to healthy snacks and shit, that honestly don't do anything to her]
>when called out on her shit, she'll block the person and then screenshot the comments to get her hugbox in action. This applies to both her facebook and ig
>the people around her don't dare to tell her shit because they're afraid to hurt her feelings
>one time she posted a picture saying that she had medical tests ran and that she was going to know if she was diabetic in a couple of days. after that, those tests were never heard from again
>she said about a month ago that a tv show contacted her to interview her and that she was so excited. she even said the interview was going to be really soon. obviously, that was the first and last time she ever talked about it.
>one of her dad's friends recently died because of complications due to being obese, and her way to comfort her dad was to buy him shitloads of sweets and snacks while baww'ing about her own mortality and how that could be her.

Overall she's just a big piece of walking denial and delusion, telling herself that she's okay with her body when a lot of her actions say otherwise. She tries to delude herself into thinking she's beautiful when in fact she knows she's not okay and has to correct her habits or else she'll die pretty soon.
She also gets her hugbox army to the rescue whenever someone dares to ask her about her health, and it doesn't matter if they're polite or not, they will all attack that person until they make them go away, because how dare you ask a fatty that kind of stuff.

No. 15199

She literally looks like fiona from shrek. She's so fat she needs her own thread, anon, would you do the honours?

No. 15201

I really don't give a shit about this girl. I get it, she's fat and ugly, but she's also rather uninteresting. I'd rather see some delusional or raging tumblr posts than this girl's instagram being spammed ITT.

No. 15207

File: 1411851941114.png (104.65 KB, 540x261, 2.png)

I agree.

Time to post some real HAES.

No. 15208

File: 1411852002352.jpg (239.37 KB, 857x1280, tumblr_n5h5msuLhs1riawvoo1_128…)

No. 15209

File: 1411852059352.jpg (66.75 KB, 700x376, 903.jpg)

No. 15210

File: 1411852084069.jpg (49.24 KB, 720x960, tUuC5l9.jpg)

Asian shitlords at it again

No. 15211

File: 1411852105493.jpg (66.32 KB, 480x640, tumblr_mws8sxWbJv1smu8gho6_500…)

No. 15212

File: 1411852263649.png (Spoiler Image, 723.98 KB, 796x727, holifuk.png)

No. 15220

I think they meant alogging, but they're to afflicted with autism to use the correct term.

No. 15221

File: 1411856773700.jpg (56.73 KB, 600x800, tumblr_msp3r3YsfW1ras9hto1_128…)

Everywhere I go, my autism ready to blow, shawty don't even kno' she can get any by the low

No. 15235

I see tons of curves in this picture but none of them are anywhere they're supposed to be

No. 15244

It makes her look like a bloated guppy, with the way her mouth hangs open like that. It's like she's too fat to close her mouth all the way, it's so gross.

No. 15250


This is hilarious. Look at how clumsy and basic this shit is, yet she thinks she's some kind of professional fatass dance revolutionary.

No. 15254

Man, whoever installed that pole is a god-tier carpenter. That's some awesome load-bearing installation.

No. 15255

I read her URL at first as meowtan

I mean I knew she got fat but I didn't think she got THAT fat

No. 15257

I agree, she doesn't quite warrant her own thread but is good filler for this one. I like the bitchy ones best.

No. 15283

i was wondering why is her hair defying gravity and then i realized she flipped the image to make it look like she can lift herself. smh.

No. 15285

she needs to do a lot more dancing and a lot less eating

No. 15289

Only poorly drawn cartoon characters have round breasts though.

No. 15299

File: 1411885169487.png (491.2 KB, 719x538, 1407843486658.png)

holy shit

No. 15300

I can smell the stench through the internet…

No. 15301

Just a question- what suggests to you that she wouldn't have been raped?

lets just agree that saggy old lady tits aren't the best, ok?

No. 15316

She has sweet fuck all emotive energy compared to any of the other dancers. Its interesting that the only reason she draws the eye is because she is so fat when really if she was thiner she still wouldn't be compelling to watch.

No. 15317

No. 15343

What's with the non-fat girl at the far right?

No. 15347

well, I'm gonna have nightmares.

No. 15354

her lips make me want to punch her repeatedly

No. 15357

She always has huge cleavage in all her pictures but yet her boobs look so small here swallowed into the rest of her fat

No. 15359

Fuck these people, people like her and Raven. You know what I did when I was raped? I went to fucking therapy because I realised I was destroying my life after it. They seem to think there is no way over it and you can use it as an excuse for the rest of your life, just go the fuck to therapy and get the fuck over it. Don't let it rule your life, you're just letting them have control over you.

No. 15361

File: 1411906878137.jpg (83.89 KB, 600x800, 1411856773700.jpg)


Nu-oh my god…

No. 15365

I don't know. I was watching her because she didn't need to be in that group.
The whole group though didn't really dance,
it was more jazzercise than anything.

No. 15429

Same. I don't know why she thinks it looks good. She looks even more retarded than usual and it doesn't help that she's a fat fuck who needs to kill herself.

No. 15436

File: 1411932927382.jpg (9.91 KB, 247x248, 1392504790267.jpg)

>dainty ankles like a ballerina

No. 15438

oHHH sheeet this is hilarious

I love how fatties are always claiming they exercise and are great at it (like this pole dancing bitch) but it's invariably all lies.

No. 15439

File: 1411934201921.jpg (92.2 KB, 800x589, 1411759485923.jpg)

Maybe she was their dancing instructor? She looked like the only one who had any idea as to what to do

No. 15440

File: 1411934222055.jpg (274.78 KB, 800x1191, becca49_prev_ff.jpg)

No. 15441

File: 1411934260460.png (112.64 KB, 1228x712, V6giSk8.png)

No. 15442

File: 1411934304687.jpg (106.79 KB, 588x810, 7Hl3gQH.jpg)

No. 15443

File: 1411934475683.png (578.93 KB, 609x610, 1411107000026.png)

No. 15446

I hope that's a small chair.

No. 15447

Are those food stains on her top?

No. 15449

That's hilarious, I hope it's real.

No. 15454

Oh fuck them. Tall skinny people go through this shit and they're not bitching to hell and back again like these damn whales.

No. 15459

haha oh man, this guy's got the thousand yard stare going on, he's on his last leg

No. 15460

this is just so incredibly frustrating, moreso because i'm guessing those 50k notes are people who totally agree with this logic. anyone of any size can have body issues or be rejected for their looks, you're not oppressed when nearly everyone goes through the same thing at some point. if they were truly "body positive" they'd acknowledge everyone has body problems and that's ok.

No. 15461

Yep, the internet was in uproar over it, its v real, or at least was until they removed it

No. 15463

I agree. I'm tall and skinny and I've had people all my life tell me (esp in retail from customers) that I'm so lucky, I'll never gain weight or 'you're so skinny!', I can eat whatever I want and so on.

Really it's hard for me to find clothes too but I've always made due. And I can't tell you how many insults I've got from girls who say boys only want to be with a skinny girl because they're pedos and it's all bone, no meat etc.

It's really petty so I find it funny that they'll love their obese sisters but if one of them loses weight they'll turn on her because being healthy, and losing weight, is the worst.

No. 15465

how are you gonna get pissed that the bigger size is cheaper? Like wtf.

No. 15466

i can't tell if you're making a joke or not

No. 15467


Look at the colours friend, not the price.

No. 15468

These are my favorite dresses in the universe. I have 4 colors and it's still not enough.

They do run really huge though, like I'm pretty average and wear an XS in these, so someone getting a plus size XL probably is about the size of a manatee. It's a description, not an insult. (The sizing 2 years ago was even worse. An XS was actually too big for me.)

No. 15480

File: 1411964118653.gif (779.99 KB, 360x250, qhGADWj.gif)

I hope you're in a better place in life anon. Good on you for doing something about it.

And here's an on topic .gif ~

No. 15493

File: 1411971506105.png (2.04 MB, 1280x1106, 5w1rq1aw1o3.png)

No. 15506

File: 1411981077882.jpg (82.18 KB, 500x466, tumblr_msbaho3gtU1s0jpypo1_500…)

Well, the official explanation was that this was just an oversight when they were adding colours to dresses. Manatee grey exists on dresses of smaller size and the same colour. They said it was accidental that whoever was writing the colour names for their site got it wrong.

Still, didn't stop the fatties from going up into an uproar and even writing articles about the incident and how it's fatphobic.

No. 15507

I'm chubby and even I can understand this. My friend can't gain weight even though she eats a lot and works out to gain muscle. She often complains to me about people telling her to eat more (even though she does) and people calling her a flat board.
What's worse is that she can't really help it and I know I'm losing weight easily by just eating healthy.

No. 15508

File: 1411981152295.jpg (36.39 KB, 450x605, a98569_fat-shaming_10-blue-cig…)

I hate these pics, makes me so sad to see people destroy their bodies.

No. 15509

Yeah, fatties are way more bitchy about skinny people than skinny people are.

My fat acquaintance (wouldn't call that bitch a friend) always and I mean ALWAYS makes references to my size, especially when we're eating. "Oh, you're like a stick, why order a salad?" "Are you eating that because you're dieting?" or the worst when we were shopping "Your boobs wouldn't fit into that, they're too small". Seriously wtf, I'm slim but not skinny, and my boobs are perfectly average at B cup. Sure, compared to Miss snorlax they're dwarfed, but her fat droopy orangutan tits are bigger than my head.

No. 15510

File: 1411981497524.png (149.69 KB, 774x564, TM6V2YL.png)

No. 15517

damn,she was so pretty before getting so fat. on a related note, I've noticed that most really really fat girls I see have scene hair or huge hipster glasses in this country, I think it's to try and draw attention from the fat? no idea, it's a weird coincidence

No. 15542


>people thinking there's any cocoa in modern chocolate


No. 15551

25 miles doesn't equal 25 minutes… Right, this whale has multiple college degrees and yet can't spell, use proper grammar, and sure as hell can't read. I love it when idiots try to make people believe they're educated when they're most likely high school drop outs.

No. 15577

Having a degree means fuck all about how intelligent you are these days, even a monkey can graduate college.

No. 15581

True. I often forget that idiots like Chris Chan, Pixyteri, and Marijan got college degrees. They basically give them away to anyone willing to pay now. Granted, they all got degrees for idiots but still.

No. 15584

As a high school drop out, I am totes offended by this! ;)

No. 15587

No. 15601

There is cocoa in chocolate that isn't shit tier.

No. 15602

Lolno even PT has a degree. I've met more pretentious deluded retards who have a degree in gender studies, art or literature and shit to show for it than who don't.

Everyone and their aunt has a degree now.

No. 15614

She seems really stupid, like genuinely dim. I feel bad for her.

No. 15615

File: 1412028204606.png (51.25 KB, 654x379, 1FLnVNr.png)

No. 15625

a. fucking. men.
I was raped last year and impregnated, ended up miscarrying. Huge fucking emotional wound. I gained a lot of weight and basically destroyed my life and home. I managed to get into a sliding scale therapy office, and through that, I've found a wonderful art community and gotten hold of my body again. It took work and sacrifice and a hell of a lot of mental stamina, but it is possible to recover. You just have to fucking believe in yourself.

No. 15635

File: 1412031778047.jpg (58.64 KB, 500x705, tumblr_n23tyhjCuq1s3o3dro1_500…)

No. 15636

File: 1412031813947.jpg (119.2 KB, 760x478, GszThoT.jpg)

Real women, as opposed to those fake skinny bitches

No. 15637

File: 1412031882821.jpg (112.35 KB, 500x636, yeahthathappened.jpg)

I'll take things that never happened for 500

No. 15638

File: 1412031940159.jpg (187.45 KB, 750x1001, 1411136830821.jpg)

No. 15640

File: 1412031977693.jpg (80.42 KB, 640x647, v0IJSdg.jpg)

No. 15646

File: 1412035212944.png (543.77 KB, 1162x808, moar lies.png)

>she said about a month ago that a tv show contacted her to interview her and that she was so excited. she even said the interview was going to be really soon. obviously, that was the first and last time she ever talked about it.

Well, look at what else just cropped up, lol..

No. 15647

I love real-life fan fiction. This thing has everything social justice warriors love: stereotyping Japanese people, made up stories of whaling, sexism, and of course, a story that has no credible sources. If this were real, it would be all over the geek circuit.

No. 15649

It's a possibility that a popular fat girl did the same style and managed to look decent but I'm betting it's more an excuse for why they get stares at public places. It's like when they're loud of no reason. It's so they can say that people stare and gawk because of X instead of the fact they take up way more space than the average person.

No. 15659

>>asian person saying "dishonor"
i call fake

No. 15661

Among all the other obvious signs that this is fake
Also i hate the marshmellow girls trend, chubby girls (actual marshmellow girls) are cute, but now obese girls think they're kawaii

No. 15664

I used to be one of those people who would go shopping for clothes and would leave most stores almost tearing up because the biggest size wouldn't fit me. I always had to go to stores with not so nice clothes because those were the only ones I could fit into. I also got shit like "you have such a pretty face, now if you changed your body" told to my face plenty of times, and you know what?
After so many times of that happening, I grew tired of it and decided to lose weight instead of wanting the world to change around my whines and demands.

No. 15669

Like patriarchy is solely a white thing. Yup, that's a completely sound theory. She doesn't deserve to have the Kramer on her wall.

Great work, anon! That shows excellent self-control and I hope you're able to keep it up.

No. 15670

Also I just realized how ironic the poster is after the whole racial rant episode.

No. 15673

whenever I see these kind of people acting all ignorant, I console myself to the fact that they'll all die early.

No. 15675

No. 15676

File: 1412058711541.jpg (81.15 KB, 262x303, 1375038626956.jpg)

>no one meddles with a guy beating chicks
>people actually saying "we don't have to help her, she's fat"
>implying spaghettifag bronies would actually get over their aspergers and talk like this
>granny glasses, the fedora for women? really??
>perfect and hot nipongo man is the only one to help her
>japanese people saying fat chicks are beautiful, in fact, the cornverstone of kawaii (don't most japanese hate fat people?)
>japanese guy blushes from kiss like in animus

No. 15679

This article… this guy's health sounds pretty bad. Developed diabetes from eating nothing but shit, blacked out from episodes twice, one of which could have killed himself and an innocent person. I love pizza but oh my god, this man is insane.

No. 15681

Yeah, he's killing himself. But it seems like he's in therapy and working on his issues.

I just linked it because it shows that you can eat like shit and not necessarily be fat; I'm assuming he consumes normal portions, just shit foods.

No. 15684

Thank you, anon.
About two years ago I went to one of the stores I used to leave tearing up and all the clothes fit me.
I've been able to keep it up and this kind of threads only motivate me further.

No. 15686

How could she think anyone would believe this… the whole thing is completely fucking ridiculous.

Oh yeah, it's Tumblr, I guess.

No. 15687

Ah, I remember cobbling together interviews with nobodies for the documentary part of my film course. I love that she's spinning it as an ~independent film documentary~ like it's going to make it to the cinemas or some shit.

No. 15694

I think one of the worst side effects of the obesity crisis is now a lot of people with terrible diets/health issues think it is perfectly fine to carry on just because they aren't fat. This guy has a horrible diet and diabetes, yet he says shit like, " I sound like a horribly unhealthy and fat person, I'm not. I'm thin."

I really wish there were more actual health classes in schools, people really need to learn how to take care of themselves.

No. 15695

Over here in my country we actually have cooking classes once all two weeks where they teach you how to cook and eat healthy, I think that is only common in some european countries tho.

No. 15705

File: 1412090871315.jpg (125.78 KB, 640x960, 1411586531933.jpg)

Yep, I remember being taught about calories, that some fruits are full of sugar and thus calories, how fats aren't evil per se etc. It was pretty useful.

Not everyone takes what they learn at secondary school to heart though, as evidenced by the amount of people who buy homeopathy.

No. 15706

File: 1412090920094.jpg (44.54 KB, 460x319, 78uij.jpg)

No. 15707

File: 1412090992649.jpg (Spoiler Image, 106.18 KB, 800x1191, tumblr_mw8rl3QK8x1s7kqsio1_128…)

No. 15708

File: 1412091109329.jpg (26.62 KB, 585x303, FgxwGzB.jpg)

No. 15709

File: 1412091147458.jpg (401.93 KB, 640x3904, 1411547122874.jpg)

No. 15710

File: 1412091219860.jpg (60.56 KB, 500x588, tumblr_mwbk8pRQh41ruljx9o1_500…)

No. 15711

I didn't put a spoiler on this 'cos you can't see the nipple. Does anyone have a rule of thumb for spoilers?

No. 15714

It looks like she's slowly absorving him.

No. 15717

File: 1412095734766.jpg (11.89 KB, 217x208, 134547960327.jpg)


How fat does someone need to be for them not being able to cross their damn legs? Some of my relatives who are fat and weigh around 240-270 lbs are able to cross their legs just fine.

No. 15721


When you can't cross your legs that's gone far far beyond 'thick'

No. 15731

This dumb fuck thinks those are thunder thighs.
Bitch please

No. 15732

The runaround this chick is playing too much.
He even says that's great if they are happy with their body,but do they think their healthy.
Like if you are cool with how big you are why not jut answer.

No. 15734

The entire show is gold. I'll dig up a link.

No. 15735

How the fuck can this be body positive when they're the size of a dwarf planet…

No. 15736

>I don't think a thin person would be asked that

Right. No doctor has ever asked this to a thin person with symptoms of an illness or someone with an eating disorder.

No. 15737

Here it is.

No. 15740

File: 1412102096350.jpg (22.54 KB, 301x343, image.jpg)

No. 15749

I can't watch the whole thing right now but here are a few thoughts.

I don't think they'd do anything like this in America. The backlash would be too great but I'd love to see an open dialogue like this happen.

The first woman they asked to describe her body said voluptuous, free, etc and said she used to be thin, so she wasn't always like that. To me, it sounds like she just gave up and that's the saddest thing of all.

Of course it's going to take hard work to get back to one's initial size. Granted as you get older you won't look like your late teen/early college self but no one should strive for that because that's delusional. They should strive to work out and be healthy, and in due time you will lose weight because of a changing diet and adding in more exercise.

I don't understand why people, women especially, are so afraid of that.

No. 15768


This hurts me as I've just entered into university in the UK and my course is intense as fuck and I'm having a difficult time.

That being said the course has a 50% failure rate so it's not that I'm dumb, I'm actually one of the ones that are coping better.

Maybe it's different in America idk.

No. 15769

Depends on the institution, really. There will be a huge difference between a University of Cambridge graduate and one from some shitty place like University of Nevada Las Vegas. The former requires a shitton of hard work and intelligence while the latter gives away degrees to any idiot.

No. 15789


Ah I see, cause I'm studying a pretty prestigious university in the UK that plays host to the number one East Asian Studies department so the course is…. overwhelming to the say the least. Of course I love every second all the same.

It's funny because it's actually Japanese Studies I'm doing which encompasses everything from speaking and writing to Japanese History/Literature etc. but I don't think for one second it's something that PT could handle because it's so intense which is amusing because she claims to love Japan soooooooooo much.

She'd drop out after two weeks max with the 9 contact hours a week which is almost 2 hours a day of Japanese speaking and writing alone and it's all NEW stuff that you have to memorise before the end of the week.
Not by next week so you don't even get the advantage of the weekend, you have to learn it IN the week otherwise you're fucked.

No. 15798

>>being overwhelmed by social science
Confirmed retard.

No. 15802


>social science

>linguistics and language

Oh goodness, I don't think I'm the retarded one here sweety.

No. 15813

the illuminati killed her you fuckin twat

No. 15817

It annoys me to no end when people insist that "diets don't work". Because, yes. They do work. Maybe people just can't stick to them but if they did, the diet would work. "Diets are too difficult for most people" might be more accurate but then that would require everyone to accept that they aren't trying hard enough. I don't feel sorry for fat people at all. 95% of people (maybe more) have the choice to become fat or not. The fact that such a high percentage is not willing to put in the work to stay fit, just proves that those people are parasitic and saying otherwise is just feeding them excuses.

No. 15828

been there, done that, lived in Japan for a while.

Protip: your classes likely won't prepare you for actually living there. If you're female, prepare to be sexually harassed/assaulted in public. As a gaijin-san, prepare for every new person you meet to treat you like a tourist and ask you the same questions: why are you in japan? do you like japanese food? can you actually use chopsticks? why did you start studying japanese? can you speak japanese?
Also staring. Lots of staring. And a government that doesn't actually want you to live there

No. 15829

It's because they're speschul snowflakes and edgy desu and "so misunderstood". And because they're too fat for normal fashion styles

No. 15833

I had a home ec class in junior high, that had a weeklong or so cooking lesson. We learned how to make funnel cake and rice crispy treats lolol

No. 15834

how's your Japanese faggot?

No. 15835

meant to reply to

No. 15851

Not really. I lived there for years as a white, blonde female and it's not really like that. Lol at the "prepare to be sexually assaulted" part. I'm sorry if that happened to you, but if you're used to the behavior of men and people in the states (and other parts of the west) you'll find Japan to be ABSURDLY safe, and the people there are generally really respectful. If you get sexually harassed on a train or crowded area, the police there take claims and reports very seriously, in my experience, much more serious than the states. In my years there, I was harassed once on a train, reported it, it was taken seriously and the guy taken off the train by an attendant. Japan also made female only cars and capsule hotels due to the amount of harassment complaints. I mean, no country is perfect and yah, you get stupid foreigner questions (the same kind of shit outsiders get the in states even if they live here) but guess what, people are curious and you are an outsider. Don't want to be ask questions because you're different? Don't travel internationally. It's a shock at first, but if you're not a stupid weaboo whose delusions are breaking all around them, then you'll adjust quickly and be okay with it.

No. 15853


LOL you are confirmed for retard. I went to a good university in the states (by no means Harvard, but above a good state school) and even in that language program you had AT LEAST 2 hours a day of reading and writing (though that does seem really light, our program was 2 hours of active speaking and writing a day and then one hour of engaging with the ESL students and usually another 2 of study with expected mastery of the new material by the next class which was typically 2-3 days later depending on your scheduling). But what you're saying isn't actually adding anything to the conversation, you're just humble bragging and trying to have a "whose got the more rigorous japanese program, baka gaijin desu" pissing contest. Stop being a weaboo, speaking Japanese isn't that big a deal.

No. 15859

One of my friends from high school was 5'9" at 16 and could never find ANYTHING that fit. Full length skirts and trousers were calf length on her. Normal shirts turned into crop tops. Even sewing her own clothes was a challenge because commercial patterns come in the same sizes as regular clothing - she had to learn how to draft her own patterns before she could even make anything that fit her. No guys wanted to date her or dance with her or even stand next to her in photographs.
She never complained, because when she did, she'd be yelled at by fat girls who told her to shut up because supposedly the fashion industry only caters to body types like hers and men only want to date tall models anyway. They saw her struggle, they saw her crying quietly by herself, but they still told her to stfu because THEY wanted to be the only "oppressed" group who had any right to whine. Even though they could lose at least a little weight if they tried but she couldn't just take a chunk out of her femur, they didn't want to hear it. I always felt so bad for her.

No. 15861

>9 contact hours a week which is almost 2 hours a day
Sounds pretty chill, actually. Most students I know have between 20-30 contact hours per week unless they're studying something really bullshitty or something that requires mostly self-study. In the first year of my bachelor I spent between 6 and 8 hours every day shuttling between compulsory classes and practicals.

>it's all NEW stuff that you have to memorise before the end of the week

>you have to learn it IN the week otherwise you're fucked
In my experience that's pretty much the norm no matter what you're studying. It's to keep people from falling behind. One of the professors I used to TA for learned the hard way that if you're not strict in this, people will show up a week before the exam with questions that should have been handled at the beginning of the semester and the overall failure rate is much higher.

I don't think you're dumb or lazy or whatever (I sure as fuck can't speak Japanese, so good on you) but if this is considered super overwhelming I don't even want to think about the workload in lesser universities. No wonder PT had no trouble getting a degree.

No. 15862

>acting like 9 hours a week is a lot
top kek

No. 15867

Can you guys make a seperate topic about this and let us continue discussing fatties?

No. 15868

idk man as part of my course I do actually get to go to Japan in my 3rd year on a year long exchange so I kind of have to prepare myself for living there, not my university.

Anyway I'm not doing the course because I have some desire to escape to magical Nippon or anything, I am legit fascinated by it's culture and history being able to speak the language just makes me feel amazing.
You never know though, I could get there and absolutely fucking hate the place.

No. 15869


Holy shit you are one of those girls that has that "the only gaijin in Japan" complex aren't you? You can't STAND to hear that there are other people studying the language and might potentially live their in the future.

No. 15870


I mean 9 contact hours a week in speaking and writing alone. I have a total of 16 hours a week. Maybe it sounds like a light load to you idk but 9 of those hours are being bombarded with information on Japanese Literature, Japanese History and the history of gender disparity and roles within East Asian history (which is actually a really interesting module).

It is by no means one of those fluff courses.

But yeah, they do leave out some time for self study because you get homework after every single class every day. People who joined up to the course thought we were all going to have plenty of time to party during freshers but not one of us have been able to go out because of the workload.

No. 15877

Well, yes and no. "Diets" work to make people lose weight, but many "diets" aren't sustainable because they don't teach you the logistics of how to continue to lose or how to maintain, and leave people in a state of feeling as though they are depriving themselves, leading to a weight yo-yo. What works long-term is a change in how you eat and exercise and you have to educate yourself on nutrition and learn how to appreciate moderation and balance.

No. 15879

I figure that went without saying. Of course you have to maintain a healthy lifestyle, eating right and exercising enough, in order to maintain a healthy and desirable weight once it's been achieved. But people don't gain weight unless they're overeating or being generally lazy. So it's not like they're depriving themselves of food and relaxation by dieting; they are making up for something they overindulged in. That's like saying that if you steal money and then have to work to pay it back that you're somehow being deprived of your wages.
There's no sense in saying diets don't work because you shouldn't have been getting fat in the first place if it's something you were against. Oh well, you made a mistake. Fix it, then.

No. 15881

File: 1412172065867.jpg (124.33 KB, 500x667, tumblr_n39macbon51r4dv9vo1_500…)

You know they won't. They think someone actually gives a shit about their japanese lessons, GMO, english literature degree or whatever shit of the day they want to feel self validation from.

No. 15882

File: 1412172086816.png (344.07 KB, 872x700, 1411860745427.png)

No. 15883

File: 1412172162104.jpg (209.82 KB, 950x770, tumblr_mvis5xUYyI1qh1d8lo1_128…)

Do fat people need special beds? I always wondered about that, I'm slim and I've had old rickety beds creak under me, I can't imagine what a fatty would do to a cheapo ikea bed.

No. 15884

File: 1412172235302.jpg (26.68 KB, 450x382, a98569_fat-shaming_6-bus-stop.…)

Shitlord bus stop

No. 15885

File: 1412172317178.png (73.02 KB, 1167x480, fdsfsd.png)

No. 15886

Judging by photos they usually use couple beds, they can endure more weight after all.

No. 15887

File: 1412173066524.jpg (368.73 KB, 726x1024, tumblr_nc1yzis1Pt1tgfcxmo1_128…)

No. 15889

My boyfriend has two roommates who, between them, broke two bedframes, a chair and a couch just by sitting down on them. So yeah I'd imagine they could use some extra fortifications.
Last time I saw her the female roommate (who single-assedly broke their three-seater sofa) was moving in with her boyfriend who is even bigger than she was and I must admit that I spent some time wondering about the logistics of this arrangement. Together they must weigh like 400kg or maybe even more. Where are they going to find furniture that can take that much weight? Will they just sleep on a mattress on the ground? She was really in denial about breaking the couch ("it was already old and flimsy!" even though it could take three fully grown men without a problem) so I doubt they're going to go into a furniture store and ask hey, approximately how many baby elephants can this bed support?

No. 15890

That's terrible

No. 15892

Two of my borderline obese friends recently broke a bed having sex. I can't even imagine what it must be like for these morbidly obese types.

No. 15896

File: 1412178638345.jpg (282.22 KB, 578x2655, 1411756326013.jpg)

No. 15897

A bit SJW but really funny, fat girls are always taking fat girl angle shots and are then surprised that men don't want them once they meet them.


No. 15898

File: 1412179013752.jpg (106.85 KB, 960x638, 1411082671323.jpg)

No. 15901

What does the tekst say?

No. 15902

>forget the glass slippers, THIS PRINCESS wears running shoes


No. 15930

That was such bullshit. No one likes to be cat fished.

No. 15942

Yeah, I think all the guys were pretty reasonable. Maybe kinda rude at points, but who wouldn't be when they were lied to like that?

No. 15944

File: 1412185386303.jpg (Spoiler Image, 35.4 KB, 500x306, tumblr_n9rq8rpjrH1tb919fo1_500…)

No. 15949

Not seeing how what you're saying is related to the video. They used real pictures of her and then made her fat.

No. 15950


Highschool dropout detected.

No. 15954

I know a girl who does that. All her Facebook photos are just of her face, which is not-fat, so I was so shocked when I saw photos of her at her dad's 50th birthday party. I hadn't seen her in years, and she had ballooned up so much.

Also regarding that video, it's been known in the field of psychology that men place more value on the appearance and attractiveness of women than vice versa when it comes to forming impressions of them and short-term dating. The video is no surprise to anyone who has any knowledge about the psychology of relationships.

Not only that, but I would wager they've edited the video (and the other one where they switch the genders) to make men look shallow. Also the 'fat' guy's fat suit is a million times less convincing than the girls' and she's hidden behind a table while he's just on a bench. Those videos mean jack shit in proving anything new, they were just produced for shock value and to get people mad.

No. 15955

yeah, because people only go to college to get validation from others, not to improve their potential career prospects in a field they enjoy.

No. 15956

File: 1412191333100.png (1.57 MB, 1564x848, 1412176629585.png)

the sjw bit was when they said that the worst thing a woman is scared of is that a man might b a murderer, for a man it's that a woman might be fat.

Also it's made to make the men look shallow

No. 15958

File: 1412191566079.jpg (544.08 KB, 1456x2592, W965Awr.jpg)

You didn't understand what I said. I meant self validation from posting about it, not doing it.

You want people to reply to your posts about studying japanese or whatever in a thread about fat people. If you want people to discuss your dog, degree or your opinion on racism go make a thread about it on /b/.

Once or twice is ok as banter but when you make 14 posts about it it's too much and shits up the thread.

No. 15959

File: 1412191660442.png (406.72 KB, 654x462, 1411112383615.png)

No. 15963

If someone wears running shoes as every day shoes you just know they're going to be super weird.

No. 15971


I'm not even that person, my first post was >>15955
I just think your full of shit.

No. 15976

Im in the middle of an intense physical training regime and the more I look at this pictures the more desensitized I become and think "oh it's okay if I don't get lean and fit anymore"…..Uggghhhhhhghlgkjds

No. 15979

File: 1412204114141.jpg (89.24 KB, 500x671, 1411760518460.jpg)

>YOUR full of shit

opinion discarded

No. 15980

File: 1412204166038.png (221.89 KB, 819x1129, 5IYyrAY (1).png)

No. 16006

Gross. No one wants to see that.

No. 16008

>custom-made bazinga shirt
top lel.

Unless you are like 6 foot 5 it really does not matter beyond size XXL. I am a short chubby at 5 feet and while I can and sometimes do wear a size L in women's shirts, I feel better in unisex sizes as they don't cling as much. If you have any belly at all, women's shirts hug to it.

With that said, some fat girls seem ok with a t shirt stretched across their gut, so whatev.

No. 16010

This——→ >>15853
No one cares about how hard you think you have to work. There are people in the world who major in things that are actually important and requires inelegance. Your course sounds pretty basic for a university.
>>omg u guyz look at how smart i am for struggling in school

No. 16011

>>Also staring. Lots of staring.
You were prolly decked out in a bunch of obnoxious, slutty weeb clothes thinking it's normal.

No. 16017

File: 1412222495019.jpg (70.57 KB, 640x640, fat fuck.jpg)

Apparently, there's drama in fat bitch community:

"I 100% people who choose not to use #pizzasisters4lyfe tags for whatever your reasons may be…. But individually messaging girls convincing them to unfollow all pizza sisters and leaving? That's really petty… I love all of you, and I am so done with the continuation of the drama. For now I'm still using the tag for everything it is standing for, and the friends I have made and love through it. I hope you all know that I'm here for who ever I can be, and if I have an issue with you, you already know it. Let love, let life my friends💕💕👑👑 #iamproudtobe"

No. 16023

I'm honestly getting sick of this girl being spammed ITT. She's boring as fuck, even the most controversial or delusional shit she says is boring. I just don't care about her. If you care so much, you can always make your own thread. Is this a vendetta or something? I'm getting the impression it is from the filenames.

No. 16025


You shush.
Anon keep posting her she's hideous and I hate looking at her but at the same time can't look away.

No. 16026

There are a million other grosser fatties out there. I get it, she's fat and ugly and thinks she's not. What else is there to say about her?

No. 16027

File: 1412230887057.jpg (39.6 KB, 560x432, haha_oh_wow.jpg)

hahahaha, thanks anon!

No. 16028

Excuse me, I believe this board is called 'lolcows', not 'brag about your your school so you can feel less pathetic'

No. 16029

No. 16031

Yeah but the problem is that diets don't teach you how to keep that healthy lifestyle.
Diets teach you to restrain yourself from eating certain foods, when in reality what they should teach you is to control your eating and change your eating habits for the better.
Not to mention that most diets are temporary.

People don't need diets. What they need is learning how to eat properly. That's all there is to it.

No. 16032

Because they think that by doing so they're taking away all the attention they get for their size. It's like compensating for what they lack.

They lack the looks so they have to look at other things that make them stand out. Also because special snowflakes.

No. 16033

I've watched it like three times and even though it starts off in a civil manner, in the end the fatties get butthurt because they feel "targeted".

It's kinda funny to see fat women describing themselves as "voluptuous" and "curvy" as a means to sugarcoat the fact they're fat.

As for why women are so afraid of that, it's not so much fear but rather laziness to take care of themselves.

Most women, once they get married and have children, think they don't really have to dress sexy or take care of themselves because they're married and are moms. I've seen plenty of cases where women just feel undeserving of looking good anymore because of these two events in their lives.

No. 16039

I once knew a chubby who seemed comfortable in her body and pretty cool about it. She'd make fat jokes herself like "watch out or I'm gonna eat your food too!" and comments about how she eats a lot.

Then again, this might've just been insecurities in a sense of "making the jokes yourself before someone else gets the chance to do it" and that makes it kind of sad.

No. 16041

File: 1412240089545.jpg (8.96 KB, 250x300, 125051.jpg)

That and a lot of people have no idea how to eat healthy or wrongly think they do.

Take this airfryer for example. I've seen this being promoted on tv as a healthy option to frying. And you get to see people talking like this:
>"My doctor tells me to eat healthier so I got this airfryer"
>"I have a heart conditin but thanks to the airfryer I can eat fried food anyways!"
No people! this is not how it works. If you have a heart condition or trying to lose weight, maybe you should just not eat fried food at all (maybe once a month or so if you really really want to?) Sure, this is healthier than a normal fryer but it's still not healthy, you're still frying your food! Your body doesn't need fried food and the less of it you eat, the less you will crave it.

No. 16058

True. My mom always told me that women give up looking good for themselves and their husband when they get married.

So, I always try to look good for my husband and I know he appreciated it. Even when I'm not dressed to the nines, I always make sure I'm not going out the door looking frumpy; and I acted like that before I was married too.

It is interesting to see women giving up, or succumbing to laziness once they have kids or get married. One of my friends wanted to wear hoodies and sweats all the time and not do her hair because she frankly didn't give a crap and was unhappy with her body but didn't want to change either. Eventually she changed a bit and is married now but we kind of teased her for wanting to move to a small town since they all dressed frumpy too, while my best friend was always dressing nice for herself and her husband in that small town and everyone gave her looks for it. Interesting dichotomy.

No. 16059

I thought that was a rice cooker and you were going to talk about healthy eating lol

I have heard of an air fryer but it still sounds gross. Occasionally it's ok to eat fried food, like fried chicken, but I couldn't subsist off of it. Way too greasy and heavy.

No. 16062

This is sounding like bullshit to me.

I mean, keep it coming because I like to hear it as this thread is entertaining as fuck, but tone it down a little is all I'm saying.

No. 16063

Pretty much this. All she has going is that she's ugly and fat, otherwise she is boring as fuck. There are way uglier and fatter (along with more entertaining) lolcows out there, so why focus on her unless you've got some vendetta going?

No. 16067

File: 1412264639922.png (31.15 KB, 508x539, k12I50h.png)

Please stop, it's obvious that you're either the fatty you keep posting or a retarded vendetta chan.

If you want you can make a thread for her and see if people are interested, but stop spamming the thread with this unfunny uninteresting hambeast.

No. 16068

File: 1412264732326.jpg (94.24 KB, 940x940, xzNBhax.jpg)

No. 16069

File: 1412264947430.jpg (45.39 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n0r14nOHaO1s22klwo5_500…)

Something inspirational for once, a before and after weightloss

No. 16070

File: 1412265061867.jpg (37.88 KB, 481x480, 1411556030207.jpg)

No. 16071

File: 1412265114348.jpg (77.96 KB, 558x744, tumblr_mws8sxWbJv1smu8gho7_128…)

No. 16073

File: 1412265334745.png (14.46 KB, 515x193, X3UZquH.png)

No. 16076


No. 16080

File: 1412266773445.jpg (35.42 KB, 501x535, 1411755158939.jpg)

No. 16105

Then don't read posts about her. She's not important enough for her own thread, that's why we have a fatties general. It's not hard to scroll down when you see something that doesn't interest you, complaining only clutters the thread even more.

No. 16107

This. Stop fucking bitching, anon. Its not hard to scroll past shit.

Cuntier than cgl, I swear.

No. 16110

>workout lines

No. 16112

Her torso is obviously swollen from working out

No. 16113

What do anime characters have to do with anything

No. 16114

Some one sane. Finally.

And compared to her weight loss, she's not 'stick thin' either. So I don't know why these fat people are so scared they'll lose themselves and their fat identity if they lose weight like this girl. She looks healthy and really nice.

No. 16115

2D > 3D

No. 16126

It's a fat hate thread and Quirky actually falls into it.

I love how a board for shittalking is trying to act like there are rules and standards for talking shit. Fuck off you holier than thou sandy cunts.

No. 16145

>stop posting what i don't like to see despite being relevant to the thread.

No. 16247

they should invent bras with double the cups to hold fatties extra dog tits

No. 16248

aaand say yes to actually learning how to eat healthy and for your activity level
also why do they never source their statistics. diets don't work because people don't learn how to eat right, they just lose the weight and then put it all back on again because they don't maintain the diet.

No. 16258

anyone have a link to this thread?

No. 16282

File: 1412338012626.png (33.21 KB, 691x376, 2ogZRe7.png)


No. 16283

File: 1412338064570.jpg (85.56 KB, 640x716, IINNkMm.jpg)

No. 16284

File: 1412338099406.png (27.66 KB, 522x269, tQHmgfj.png)

No. 16285

File: 1412338185228.jpg (140.82 KB, 1018x662, tumblr_nak5jusdcd1taut99o1_128…)

No. 16291

This is like the least fortunate body type ever, haha.

No. 16294

You know when you look at someone and they just scream "Do not talk to me, I WILL lecture you regardless of subject matter" yeah…

No. 16295

Looks like someone forgot what muscles look like.

No. 16296

File: 1412345531996.jpg (70.2 KB, 570x603, 8i999.jpg)

Lol this is so true. It's usually a combo of fat, neon and/or short hair, unusual piercings, tattoos and an ALT fashion sense. Also weird thick framed glasses, bonus points if they're cat eye style.

No. 16297

File: 1412345562240.jpg (67.3 KB, 600x600, q0EmELO.jpg)

No. 16298

File: 1412345616129.png (158.22 KB, 569x1484, vCsQuDy.png)

No. 16299

File: 1412345648231.jpg (113.71 KB, 492x660, 4d6e2fd69fb90a887d311938631367…)

No. 16301

File: 1412345815251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 43.62 KB, 533x800, tumblr_n53yncHgoK1s0adsfo3_128…)

Walk into your bathroom in the morning, see this, what do?

No. 16302

ewww this is disgusting. i don't even like touching mildly attractive strangers, not to mention gross hamplanets……. jfc how can people be the size of a planet and think the entire world should cater to them???

probably call a towing service idk

No. 16304

>people of size
Are they really trying to make this a thing like 'people of color'? Seriously?

No. 16305

Rejoice that I now have a much larger shower and politely ask the woman to leave.
Seriously, though, where do you find a shower this big?!?!

No. 16306

File: 1412351629737.png (251.99 KB, 415x285, bet they get beat up at school…)

Even her kids think it's bullshit

No. 16307

so how is being poor an excuse to be fat, again?
if anything, being poor should hamper your caloric intake. but if you've managed to eat to such excess to achieve hamplanetmode, then clearly you could've been putting some of that grocery money in a savings account rather than stuffing your face with it.
but no, you need money to get ~skinny~
fat person logic confounds me.

No. 16315

Like many things, there is some truth to it that is exaggerated to the point of stupidity.

Many poor people live in areas where it is difficult, extremely expensive and/or very time consuming to get any fresh or healthy food (food deserts). This is definitely an issue and a contributing cause to obesity in some areas, but it also doesn't explain why people who do not live in those areas are obese.

Fresh food is often more expensive and definitely a lot more quick to perish than unhealthy packaged foods, but depending on the season it doesn't have to be.

Anyway, I won't make it tl;dr but eating more produce and less processed foods can be expensive, but not to the degree these people claim it is and I'm willing to bet a lot of them don't live in actual food deserts. They also tend to conveniently ignore healthier foods that are cheap (like legumes). I'm also willing to bet they are happy to throw down quite a bit of money eating crappy take out when they could have spent that money on healthier foods.

No. 16318

File: 1412355777244.jpg (72.35 KB, 423x750, tumblr_ncsfmbUnMn1riia6ro1_500…)

No. 16319

File: 1412355812733.jpg (135.66 KB, 373x600, klRc0qI.jpg)

No. 16320


I think lefty bleeding hearts years and years ago actually started the meme that unhealthy food is cheaper, i.e. "look at how decadent the capitalist West is!".

I remember chefs like Jamie Oliver standing against it and showing how to make healthy meals for like £2 per head. It takes time and effort of course.


Pretty much every supermarket sells fresh food. I don't see how it could be hard for anyone to get access to healthy food.

No. 16321

>Pretty much every supermarket sells fresh food. I don't see how it could be hard for anyone to get access to healthy food.

Not all areas have access to actual supermarkets, they have smaller markets that tend to sell packaged foods. What little fresh food is really shitty and really expensive and I wouldn't fault people for not buying it all. I've seen shitty, soft apples sold for like $1.

For them to actually go to supermarkets would require a rather long commute (and, depending on area, it would be a long commute by public transportation which is a pain in itself because it also means they would be able to buy much/buy in bulk which is more cost effective).

Look up "food deserts."

No. 16322

>I've seen shitty, soft apples sold for like $1.
Sorry I meant like each, same for something like a really spotted banana.

And no fresh vegetables in sight.

No. 16323

File: 1412356487652.jpg (52.17 KB, 488x448, Thesugarwhale.jpg)

gastric bypass b4 and after

No. 16324

File: 1412356499839.jpg (40.25 KB, 450x547, rinDZV8.jpg)

No. 16325

File: 1412356583276.jpg (960 KB, 2048x1536, BREQWOF.jpg)


No. 16326

File: 1412356607013.jpg (50.44 KB, 500x593, 71110b061286eeac2369c6b853e97b…)

No. 16327

Society doesn't control what people find attractive. Yeah they put a lot of emphasis on being thin and pressure people to looks a certain way but people are hard wired to like what they like. That's why there are plenty of dudes who are aroused by fatties and even prefer them.

No. 16331

what was the point seriously lol

No. 16332

WTF? Her boobs are nearly bigger than me.

No. 16334

File: 1412357815172.jpg (92.25 KB, 560x622, 155543.jpg)

Still not fat people.

Why do they think society "decided" fat people are generally not considered to be attractive. Because an evil cult of anorexic bitches started a sinister hate campaign against them because they were jealous of their currrrrvees? Or because most people are naturally not attracted to obese people due to it being unhealthy, the same way people are not attracted to obvious diseases and illnesses. They should know, not even they themselves are attracted to fat, almost all of them want hot, in shape guys.

No. 16336

There's huge rural areas of South Carolina, West Virginia and Virginia I've been through where yeah, pretty much the only place within a 30 mile radius to get food other than fast food is the gas station and maybe an occasional drug store if you're lucky. It's really sad, and a lot of people living there are old people who couldn't drive 30 miles even if they wanted to.

But skimming the Wikipedia page about food deserts, it seems like there's still more research (and better research) to be done about how living in one relates to obesity, and even whether many places labelled as food deserts are actually such. See: http://www.nytimes.com/2012/04/18/health/research/pairing-of-food-deserts-and-obesity-challenged-in-studies.html

No. 16340

since when do you need a gym member ship to be able to work out? bitch go outside and run.

No. 16341

you know when you look at someone and you know they have tumblr

No. 16346

Don't forget the undershave

No. 16349

This looks exactly like my art teacher who got fired for knowing nothing about art and just being shit useless at everything hahaha.

No. 16350

Have you seen the video?

No. 16352

"I'm reading fuckface!" oh my Jesus lawd this is great.

No. 16354

All these people are hilarious, lol at the angry asian fedora.

No. 16361

File: 1412366314936.png (310.66 KB, 500x500, tumblr_n732ghEaNI1stgpx0o1_500…)

No. 16363

File: 1412366440353.jpg (21.29 KB, 450x583, a98569_fat-shaming_8-peta.jpg)

No. 16364

File: 1412366480599.jpg (495.69 KB, 1987x1400, 1412201078142.jpg)

omnomnomnom precious calories

No. 16365

I was confused until I read the file name. Oi vey.

God forbid anyone promote healthiness anymore…

No. 16367

I don't know who's worse, MRA's or Feminists. I wonder how this lady feels about becoming the face of radical feminism. As a joke….

No. 16369

File: 1412366697509.jpg (52.35 KB, 480x480, Transfats.jpg)


No. 16370

File: 1412366819077.jpg (380.53 KB, 788x1170, 1376408103474.jpg)

I think MRA's and modern western feminists are made for eachother.

I ship them.

No. 16371

Good goy, don't buy into society's narrow minded views of beauty, buy lots of food, get fat, then buy lots more food because you're fat, then pay lots of shekels for healthcare.

That's true beauty.

No. 16389

File: 1412368582694.jpg (107.07 KB, 1256x592, lol vegans.jpg)


Got to love that false advertisement though. I've seen plenty of fat vegans. Ahuviya Harel is a good example of one. Just because someone takes meat or dairy out of their diet, that does not mean that they're cutting down on unhealthy food.

No. 16399

>gluten free

No. 16401

The last South Park episode just sums up how stupid this all is.

No. 16403

File: 1412371566836.png (82.36 KB, 511x924, WM71ryeto5o1.png)

No. 16404

why put in all this effort to find clothes anyway and then bitch about it, you clearly dont give a shit about your appearance if youre that massive

No. 16420

I really don't get why she's complaining about the prices. Of course it will be a lot more expensive to buy clothes for an obese person than it is for a smaller person. She's getting upset about not getting bigger clothes in her country when it's considered a niche market. Does she really expect clothing stores to accommodate for every single shape and size? My younger brother is 6ft tall and a little over 100lbs, he doesn't have an eating disorder, just a high metabolism. It's impossible to find clothes for him, but you don't see him or any other skinny/tall people complaining about it. Skinny/tall people rarely complain about clothes not fitting them when they can't control their metabolisms/height. Overweight people may not be able to fix their slow metabolisms, but they sure as hell could definitely get in better shape. I know it's not the easiest to get in shape, but if you really want it, you won't let anything stop you from doing it.

No. 16425

This made me do a double-take and snort out loud.

>major in things that are actually important and requires inelegance
I can confirm that my major does not tolerate elegance of any kind. Track pants and flipflops or gtfo.

Because before anime became a popular medium, men didn't have a preference for non-fat women? Idk.

No. 16452

the way she says 'outgrown' makes me laugh. like it's a totally natural thing, like when children outgrow clothes because they get too tall. It's not natural as an adult to finish growing up the way and start growing out the way. You should not outgrow the sizes they have in store and feel you are totally normal especially, that's just insane.

No. 16457

Torrid apparently stops at size 32. If she's really a size 36 (oh I hope to God she's not), she wouldn't be buying her underwear there.

Ehh…My uncle's 6'6" with a long torso and he does actually complain a lot about not being able to fit into normal clothes. He might just be a diva. Not like he can do anything about it, though. He's a little heavy, but you don't lose height when you lose weight.

No. 16475

Can someone please find me an example of a person who is a US size 36? (if that exists?) I've looked really hard and maybe I'm blind but I can't see any pictures of people that specific dress size, just to get my bearings and to how huge this woman is.

No. 16476

No. 16478

OT a bit but is your brother under the care of a doctor? Even if it is just a "high metabolism" being that thin can't be healthy and things start to shut down if you can't keep some amount of weight on you.

Also, overweight people usually actually have higher metabolisms than thin people (albeit proportional to their size) because it takes more calories for them to maintain their bodily processes.

No. 16480

Thank you!

No. 16483

If you're asking if he goes to the doctor, he does, he's perfectly healthy and according to him he's been gaining weight lately. I don't really see it as an issue because a lot of people in my family are/were very skinny and tall.
And thank you for correcting me on that!

No. 16582

DAMN that's big

No. 16583

File: 1412432985257.jpg (20.8 KB, 266x448, 0a0d85bdf9354a84c37efede1e35dd…)

No. 16584

File: 1412433077292.jpg (9.02 KB, 622x263, 7oCdFc8.jpg)

No. 16585

File: 1412433113547.jpg (136.29 KB, 480x474, tumblr_ncp36idj0V1ts10q9o1_500…)

No. 16586

File: 1412433247762.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.73 KB, 500x350, poop.jpg)

No. 16587

File: 1412433324331.jpg (193.1 KB, 1762x1554, 1412197022059 (1).jpg)

furaffinity, never change

No. 16588

File: 1412433398402.png (165.32 KB, 676x979, AosIMT9.png)

No. 16589

File: 1412433444606.jpg (59.51 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n4zu90nVAp1taut99o1_500…)

No. 16591

File: 1412433623755.png (840.28 KB, 1080x1920, gSEBT3P.png)

No. 16617

I will never feel to fat for pole fitness again. Holy cow, that poor pole. Come to mama, I will treat you with much less weight.

Even the right way up I feel bad for that pole.. Why do fat people always claim they can totally exercise at the level of an healthy person. I am only slightly overweight and I already have some trouble supporting myself when hanging upside down in a pole. Also story time:
> Not much poles in pole dance class, I prefer the 40 mm over the 50 mm, because I have stupid tiny hands
> Fat girl joins my pole, kay
> Everytime she spins in the pole the fucking platform moves.
> Those platforms are meant to stay in place.. the fuck girl..

No. 16652

File: 1412469411290.gif (855.35 KB, 389x259, giggle-giflaugh-gif.gif)

every fucking time.

No. 16653

File: 1412469727111.gif (476.32 KB, 335x249, foamy.gif)

>i'm trying

No. 16669

File: 1412475650094.jpg (117.21 KB, 446x1200, gfgIobO.jpg)

No. 16824

This is bullshit, it's not more healthy to be vegan or vegetarian. I have vegetarian friends and they all have to take pills/get shots for the vitamins they're missing from not eating meat. The ones who don't take those pills/shots look kind of sickly most of the time (very thin, very pale,…)
It's true that most people in modern society eat way too much meat but we shouldn't cut it out completely, we're omnimvores, not herbivores.

No. 16827

I'm a vegetarian and I agree with you for the most part, especially with the vegan diet. The first year I became a vegetarian, my nails were blue/purple, my skin looked jaundice, and my cheeks started to hollow a bit. And it was mostly due to the fact I wasn't getting enough animal protein in my diet. I've never met anyone who is a vegan, so I can't even imagine what it does to their bodies, especially since just being a vegetarian isn't for everyone. I feel like if your body really can't handle being a vegan/vegetarian, or you just like meat and don't want animals to suffer, why don't you just get meat/dairy/etc directly from farmers? A farmer would never abuse their animals because that's how they make a living.

No. 16828

Though you're right, it doesn't matter if you think someone should or shouldn't eat meat. As you said, some take vitamins and do better. Others don't. If they don't and they go around bragging about how healthy they are, then they deserve to be called out just like the fatties in this thread who do the same.

tl;dr: We can't tell people what they can and can't eat, but we can laugh when they brag about how "healthy" they are as they fall apart.

No. 16829

I've met vegans on all sides. Those who always looked glowy and healthy, those who looked like they just wanted to be mad about something, and those who only wanted to have an excuse to not eat anything at all. Anon is generalizing vegans/vegetarians. Even though, just as anyone else, they come in all different types.

I think the biggest problem with going veg is that most resources concentrate on the animal abuse and not on how to be healthy at the same time. I think it's the reason most of use almost died in the beginning…

No. 16830

this anon here.

Sorry, I was generalising a bit too much because i've met too many judgy vegans/vegetarians. I've even met a vegan 'hippie' judging us for eating meat products and drinking coke but at the same time he was smoking tabacco…

But they're not all like that, I have some veggie friends who are pretty cool about it. And I do respect not wanting to eat meat because of moral reasons but don't tell me it's more healthy and natural because it's not. (not that you guys are saying that but we all know people like this)

No. 16832

File: 1412590148696.jpeg (79.56 KB, 500x336, tumblr_n7jcytQj1m1ts10q9o1_500…)

I'm not vegetarian, but i know youre wrong. Vegetarianism decreases risk of heart disease, various cancers etc.

iono google it before ranting at length

No. 16833

File: 1412590388552.jpeg (87.34 KB, 640x589, wsFJiTRl.jpeg)

I think anon is mistaking "anecdote" for the plural of data.

No. 16834

That might be but if you'd googled a bit further you'd know vegetarians still have a B12 deficiency.
And if you eat the right meat and don't eat it too often, your chance of heart diseases and cancers will go down too.

No. 16866

File: 1412619158374.jpg (111 KB, 382x594, 7652f8147ab7369c62b3bccef5a671…)

No. 16867

File: 1412619222029.jpg (48.58 KB, 620x620, Y0uWOW6.jpg)

No. 16868

File: 1412619346938.png (67.44 KB, 1269x516, fddi.png)

No. 16870

Is… Is this real? If yes, holy shit these people need to die already.

No. 16878

Yeah, I was scrolling through the fatspo/etc tag and this sort of stuff is rampant there

No. 16879

File: 1412624656229.gif (Spoiler Image, 959.52 KB, 420x322, 1411762056049.gif)

No. 16880

HAHAHAHA how is he alive?!

No. 16889

File: 1412626918975.jpg (168.55 KB, 900x582, 2014-10-03-Drugging-Your-Feet.…)

No. 16894

No. 16896

File: 1412628423019.jpg (243.29 KB, 1920x1080, 1411214729104.jpg)

fatlogic at its finest in that comic

No. 16897

File: 1412628466734.png (208.39 KB, 477x471, 1411582029547.png)

No. 16899

File: 1412628522195.jpg (396.18 KB, 633x1803, 1411532474566.jpg)

No. 16900

>that fat woman wearing a whale brooch

No. 16903

How is his pelvis not broken… it looks like bestiality at this point. Gross.

No. 16904

This is so shameful.

No. 16905

jiggle jiggle jiggle
Hey I just realised I can embed videos

No. 16907

>his favorite snack is steamed broccoli and he's still big


No. 16910

It's bothersome that he's 11 and they call him a "tyke"

His parents aren't small either, what do you want to bet his favorite snack IS actually steamed broccoli but they never have broccoli around and he asks for it but they tell him to just go to the pantry and get some chips if he's hungry?

No. 16915

This needs to happen more, child obesity should be deemed child abuse.

No. 16917

I think in some schools in America they've gotten rid of pop machines in middle and high schools since kids would drink a ton of that sugary crap and gain a lot of weight.

Not sure how successful it is but I know they implemented it when I was graduating from high scxhool, so there's some hope there.

No. 16918

yeah, my elementary/junior high didn't have soda machines and we weren't allowed to bring sodas to school. my high school had tons of soda machines but strangely most of the kids i hung around with drank gatorade or water. maybe out of habit?

No. 16922

File: 1412651392503.gif (483.24 KB, 250x167, 1407891739386.gif)

No. 16923

File: 1412653190851.jpg (21.55 KB, 375x525, fail-fat-people-cosplay_o_8485…)

No. 16924

If I had 1¥ for every fat Inuyasha I've seen, I'd have 100¥.

No. 16929


Awww no I actually really like Beth Ditto.

No. 16930

Whether or not that was a joke, I just threw up in my mouth a little.

It looks like she's eating tumblr.

No. 16933

>adds the word myth to search

oh would you look at that, when I don't do that, I get search results where there's no mention of a myth


No. 16936

>it's not really like that
confirmed for tourist
3 months /= living there

No. 16937

jellyfag detected

No. 16941

Lmao okay you nasty weeb. What am I jealous of? I'm not a weeb, so there's no reason for me to embrace my cat girl heritagi desu~.

No. 16946

Can you autists cut it out? If you want to sperg about who had the more authentic Japanese living experience go spam /b/ about it.

No. 16947

Data is already a plural. Datum is singular.

No. 16948

I was born with a b12 deficiency and I can tell when I need meat. I couldn't do vegetarian at all. When I was living on my own I didn't buy meat a lot to save money and my grandmother noticed I looked tired.

I can tell it helps tremendously whenever I eat meat because I feel energized and awake.

If people don't want to eat meat that's fine but I doubt they're getting all their nutrition through pills or vegetables.

No. 16973

File: 1412694762050.jpg (243.82 KB, 1440x1440, 1411754925645.jpg)

Everyone knows you're the kawaiiest and most jeppernesu desu

No. 16974

File: 1412694803604.jpg (282.5 KB, 465x603, diet6.jpg)

But anon chan, sperging is the lifeblood of this board.

No. 16975

File: 1412694832332.png (83.59 KB, 725x764, qA9LYMA.png)

No. 16976

File: 1412694961367.jpg (719.03 KB, 800x587, dsc_0531.jpg)

No. 16977

File: 1412695039249.jpg (244.42 KB, 800x1191, sum_prev04_ff.jpg)

Ha cool, you learn something new erry day

No. 16994

It depends on whether they're feeding /force feeding the child unhealthy foods, or if the kid just has baby fat.
a girl in my class had her niece taken away because she was too fat, but they fed the child correctly so?

No. 17011


Sometimes I wonder how they let those obvious troll ones pass through.

No. 17043

I'll take things that never happened for 1000.

No. 17047

Border collies confirmed for best dogs.

No. 17077

File: 1412720206178.jpg (101.89 KB, 640x480, 48yS7Ea.jpg)

When a 9 year old weighs 90 kg and has no extremely rare condition (like that one which makes people extremely hungry, prader willis?) then NO they are not feeding their child correctly.

No. 17078

Here's a documentary on prader willis, it's basically a neurological disorder tht makes people believe they're starving hungry NON STOP.

It's nightmarish.

No. 17090

rotfl how stupid do the mods have to be to let such fake stories through?

No. 17112

File: 1412741677837.jpg (66.96 KB, 500x577, image.jpg)

I saw this on Tumblr today. I couldn't stop laughing. This man is my hero.

No. 17119

File: 1412748095052.jpg (31.86 KB, 720x410, fat is fat.jpg)

No. 17120

I wish I took screen shots of this one retarded forum where fat ugly women were bashing skinny women and equally ugly slim guys were bashing skinny women too. One of my favorite threads was where they were saying things that skinny women can't do but fat women can (lol yeah right). Two of the dumbest ones were saying that only fat women look the best in pencil skirts and skinny women don't. Uh… No one wants to see rippling fat through a tight skirt. NOOOOOPE! And the other was even funnier because it was "skinny women can't eat delicious food." To them, delicious food isn't something like salmon en croute with steamed green vegetables… Nope. It was 3 large Big Mac meals and a 2 liter soda.

I was fucking dying.

No. 17121

>3 large Big Mac meals and a 2 liter soda
ughghghghehghghg these people….so uncivilized

No. 17123

How the fuck do you drink 2 liters or even just 1 liter of soda at one meal? How is that even possible without throwing it up immediately?

No. 17124

I understand that this is a condition, but why do they always have to eat shit foods.

No. 17125

That condition usually comes with other mental disabilities.

No. 17126

File: 1412765881883.jpg (30.69 KB, 393x700, f9bbe79b7aa7cba2078aad4b0fbcba…)

I guess their stomach is bigger than yours so they don't throw up/feel as full. I'm mildly sure fat people/people who eat a lot have big stomachs (as in the organ).

No. 17127

They'll eat anything really, even dirt, but candy etc. tastes nice I guess so it's what they crave the most.

Good food wouldn't make them full, they will never feel full. They are always starving.