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File: 1713873475744.jpeg (25.56 KB, 320x216, IMG_0131.jpeg)

No. 373122

post art for anons to rate, critique, give advice, etc.


No. 373123

oh my god that’s such a good idea and my retarded ass didn’t think of that. thanks nonnersss having a hard time visualizing lately
thanks nonnie for the advice and redline

No. 373124

Aww, such a cute thread pic!

No. 373693

File: 1714037846608.png (2.01 MB, 2160x1620, IMG_0599.PNG)

wanted to practice designing cute and simple characters so here's my version of xp-chan. outfit suggestions are welcome, i'm still figuring out the bottom part
i know i used the wrong cursor for her bows

No. 373694

Aw this is really cute

No. 373723

File: 1714045554511.jpg (130.97 KB, 1500x1500, il_fullxfull.388896228_98td-29…)

oh my this is really cute, the glasses suit her well!
hmm for the bottom you can do a skirt with striped pantyhose and classic Mary Jane flats, something like picrel, but you can colour them however you want, maybe a dark blue shade

No. 373724

File: 1714045628020.jpg (82.35 KB, 800x800, Women-Girls-Autumn-Spring-Pant…)

picrel something like this for the pantyhose

No. 373747

I think having her be in a black skirt of any kind would be a nice break from the amount of color she's wearing so it prevents her from looking over designed. I'm also leaning towards the more office wear look. I absolutely love this anon please post more of her!

No. 373751

I loooooove this you're amazing!

No. 373770

File: 1714062429784.jpeg (435.24 KB, 1725x1075, IMG_2056.jpeg)

Gaaaawd someone give advice/tear this up/help me with this please. I’m a character artist not an environ artist but I always end up doing stuff like this for my dayjob. I spend hours on this and can’t get colors right. It’s just so yellow no matter what colors I mess with and looks like the foliage isn’t attached to the tree branches, the branches break up eye flow but feel hopeless to fix them since they’re supposed to be going over the viewer some. I also feel so bad knowing AI could do this instantly.
What can I do to make this better?

No. 373782

File: 1714064433434.png (3.95 MB, 1725x2150, contrast.png)

It seems to me like you will want to push the contrast (maybe even harder than I did in this edit). I'm not a professional so there may be more to it but this is something I always struggled with too until a pro explained it to me.
I think the colors are very nice!

No. 373783

File: 1714064604786.jpg (130.75 KB, 564x564, 9-uSaca93bmzA.jpg)

This looks amazing! But there are ways to improve it a bit, the foliage is a bit flat for a foliage. I suggest you add some variation in tone, darker and lighter chunks of leaves, look at picrel and similar images. As for branches, dont be afraid of hiding some parts with foliage. I'd also added more contrast to the image overall and played around with bouncing light from the grass on the right tree, to make it look nicer and to enhance it as a point of interest. Just throwing some ideas at the wall, because i'm myself not a environment expert, kek.
Also, yep, exactly like >>373782 said, more contrast could improve the image lots

No. 373791

Adorable, I know you said you used the wrong cursors for her bows but they're so cute. I would say give her some blue or green slacks for bottoms, and maybe loafers for the shoes. I really like the pixel collar on the classic nerdy short sleeve button up shirt.

No. 373799

Contrast solves so many issues but since the thing is for a little kids musical, I’m worried it makes it too dark and scary for them. I should have mentioned that in my post. Thank you though, I’ll see if coworkers on the project think it’s scary.
I’ll try to add more detail to the leaves like this without going out of kinda simple storybook style. Thanks.

No. 373830

I loooove her bows. I think you should stick with the white xp shirt and blue tie. I think it would be better to make her outfit design simplistic so you can focus more on her overly designed head.
Since she has a blue tie give her a blue skirt, white socks and white shoes. I think white shoes would put the design all together since it would match her cursor bows, it would 'ground' her design together if that makes sense.

No. 373858

By the way if anyone is willing to bump it crystal cafe has an art thread for those that want to just post their art, there is some moids here and there but it's mostly women so just ignore them. https://crystal.cafe/img/res/21974.html

No. 373878

File: 1714090337176.gif (740.18 KB, 1035x645, ezgif-7-392388e008.gif)

I'm not an environmental artist so I have no suggestion for the composition (that aspect looks okay to me), but I felt like I could immediately see how to improve your colors and contrast, gif related.
You want the sunlight to look golden and bright, meaning you have to push back the gold/yellow/green hues (& the brightness) in the places not touched by light. I chose to push them into darker purple because it would lend the pic a sense of warmth. My laptop screen has fucked color calibration though, so this might look clownish on other screens

No. 373917

This is awesome! i would love to get into painting bgs but i dont know where to start, do yuo have any tips nonny?

No. 373918

Nta I like the "before" version more

No. 373930

Oooh I love the reds and purples on the right side especially, and the contrast the red makes with the trees on the left. It might be a little strong (and going too much into brown territory which is the main color of another area in the story…sorry I feel like I keep making excuses but it’s that there are so many limitations with this project) but I’ll throw some of it in there.
Im still relatively new to taking it seriously and am entirely self taught, so I’m no pro and it’s boring advice but I’d say just save tons of photos of real life and imaginative places you like as you come across them…I always have “I can use that for art sometime” on my mind. Especially if the bg I have to do has manmade buildings and stuff where perspective is more obvious, I will use one a photo as my structural “base” regardless of color or architecture in it and think of the floor of it as a 3D plane I’m placing stuff on.

Oh also I’ve found that throwing colors down on one layer with a messy brush and zooming really far out to make thumbnails is best for me. Then can move in and detail and “build” it (still all on that same layer, not being afraid of just coloring over stuff I don’t like)

No. 373969

File: 1714140140337.jpg (5.96 MB, 4032x2268, 20240426_105015.jpg)

Was bored during class and drew this on paint, I was thinking of doing a proper version at home, thoughts?

No. 373971

Love it

No. 373976

I agree it needs more contrast. Instantly made the sunlight pop. >>373799 The yellow/autumnal tone is what's making it scary with more contrast, especially with purple tones added. Yellow/orange leaves on trees = fall = halloween. Just make the leaves green, or even something whimsical like pink.

No. 373984

Aweee lol this is nice, please do a proper version!

No. 373996

File: 1714148729066.jpg (1.04 MB, 1725x1075, paintover.jpg)

personally i only think your piece just needs finishing touches, the composition is good as is the rendering just needs a bit of filtering and a bit of making the light reflective with the surroundings although i'll admit making landscapes isnt my strong point but ive have to say you did a amazing job nonnie! i loved seeing all the textures zoomed in

No. 374132

woah you're a pro artist?

No. 374133

looks a little trannycore even with the flag

No. 374163

Oh that looks great! The glowing light in the shadow to break up the darkness! 100% going to add that, thanks. I should be able to finish this thing today and will incorporate all the nonna’s advice.
Not really, I work at a small youth theatre company doing all art related stuff they need (in this case, backgrounds to use as a projection instead of a physical set)

No. 375173

File: 1714522221182.png (2.7 MB, 1725x1075, Layer 7.png)


tbh if thats the work you are doing then this is more than fine, as long as you are hitting the brief and the director is happy with it (i doubt they are paying you enouhg to spend more time on this)

but if you do want to practice you skills, it might be worth spending your own time on this. Looks to me it needs a bit of a detail pass over everything. The ghibli example someone posted is a good place to start for foliage detail and shapes. No need to go crazy and paint every single leaf, but see if you can get some more detail in the shadows (as thats what your scene is exposing for) and closer to focal points where you want the eyes to be drawn.

I agree with other nonnies that it needs more constrast cuz the scene overall looks underexposed (but idk what the production needs, maybe you purposely underexposed for the brief) And a bit more exaggeration of the cool tones in the shadows you are already doing to help break up the yellowness of the scene.

Overall great job with the colours and the mood. Needs to pushed a little further and the intention needs defining ala, a focal point, to help you go in the right direction.

No. 375182

File: 1714526348927.jpeg (427.6 KB, 2160x1620, 1E1252A8-A492-4CC1-A9B8-1AB1D6…)

i know i'm drawing the neck too long, i kind of like it stylistically. does it look retarded?

No. 375192

It doesn’t look too long. A little thin on the left side though.

No. 375212

thank you.

No. 375237

It's a bit long, but stylistically long in my eyes, it looks fine and your drawing is really cute. I would personally angle the neck in the direction he's tilting, rather than make it a straight line.

No. 375341

File: 1714578344306.jpeg (384.06 KB, 2048x1536, 32BCF467-80C7-4045-AEB0-841AA2…)

some practice. i think i’ll try coping morpho/bridgeman for the next few months and see where that gets me

No. 375342


No. 375347

This is gorgeous, nonni. I really like the style.

No. 376080

Sorry for late reply, your edit is so beautiful. And thanks for all the advice. I have all the time to work on it in work hours so I can still push it more lol it’s better than the other bullshit no one is waiting on I have to do.

No. 376106

no worries and good luck! Would love if you posted the finished piece here, but no pressure <3(<3)

No. 384207

File: 1716164026709.png (165.73 KB, 444x463, Captura de tela 2024-05-19 211…)

I'm really upset about the colors. My tablet screen has way more vivid and red colors. I tried to adjust bout couldnt. So whenever I finish something I have to try to correct color balance.
I'm using a reference.

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