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File: 1702553570492.png (1.63 MB, 1080x1317, 1701903137050.png)

No. 1942859

For all the attention seekers, grifters and other assorted idiots in the alternative community

Most recent cows:
-ToxicTears (Kaya), veteran youtuber, one of the OG "goths", used to get hundreds of thousands of views but her channel has dwindled, now she constantly makes excuses not to film and when she does it's usually an unboxing or a Q&A or GRWM. Has been pretty active on TikTok lately
-Jude Bishop, OF thot and ddlg pedo-pandering pickme who is also "goth", has her own thread but crosses over here too, publicly thirsts for Jake
-ItsBlackFriday (Freyja), goth youtuber, country hopper, terrible planner.
-Psychara, witchy instagoth who fries her hair
-Of Herbs and Altars (Dorian), goth youtuber who does videos on her ana and drugs past (now published about it too), believes she can fuck ghosts
-Adora BatBrat, instagoth who likes posting provocative stuff for shock value
-Ruadhan, youtuber, rambling shit stirrer

…and other cows who are discussed but not necessarily producing significant or frequent milk.

Previous thread:

Updates from last thread:
>>1891167 ReeRee had breast enlargement surgery.
>>1896247 Coalcandy proposed.
>>1898203 Duke continues begging for a mere bottle of booze.
Luggage saga:
>>1898118 Kaya loses her airport luggage
>>1898579 Kaya packs a plush in her carryon, instead of actual important belongings
>>1898633 Complains to British Airways that her medicine was in her lost luggage
>>1898738 Turns out said medicie is Dukes estrogen.
End of luggage saga!
>>1898626, >>1899140 Lovelies fund Kayas cat plush.
>>1908525 KvD got baptised.
>>1909061 Vanesssa Alexandria starts dating Roman Dirge.
>>1913807 Kaya attends Dark Room, on the night that the Duke is DJing there. They do no appear in any photos together or seem to interact at all.
>>1914375 Hints of Kaya/Duke breakup.
>>1915256 KvD's fellow Christians are not all fans of her music.
>>1918978 Duke seems to be leaving himself Google reviews for his workplace.
>>1928347 IBF wants more kids.
>>1929590 IBF post a weird "big boob problems" video and it gets swiftly removed by YT.
>>1938858 Least unhinged "Lovely".
>>1939125 Adora rattling on her birthday.

No. 1942861

Sorry for short summary anons, but last thread was still 80% kayaposting. Here's to a better thread. Merry altmas to all!

No. 1943045

Thank you for making a new thread nonny!!

No. 1943053

Not a cow as such yet, but why are the tiktok goths dancing to the b52s, specifically rock lobsters, and saying they’re a goth band? Did I miss the memo about changing bands genres?(derailing)

No. 1943192

Idk who that is but ever since #alt became a trendy thing, poseurs have been trying to insist their faves are goth because they don't like goth music and don't want to start, and artists like yungblood and mgk have made entire careers off making a sound that caters to those people.

No. 1943288

File: 1702614218890.png (793.98 KB, 646x801, vandirge.png)

Vanessa is moving out of her mom's house for the first time at 40yo and into Roman's place in LA.

No. 1943300

Because they were born in 2008 and so they think 80s = Goth

No. 1943347

wait she lived with her mom?! Did he ever post anything about the relationship? This seems so one-sided

No. 1943734

Yeah she's basically always lived with her mom while working part time jobs at places like ulta beauty or spirit halloween. All her free time is spent "modeling" and trying to starfuck washed up has-beens. This is the first one that's wanted to settle down with her and go public in any way, but he seems to have a long history of dating various girls he meets at Bar Sinister? A lot of the other girls seemed pretty young for him too. While Vanessa is 11 years younger than him, it's not that shocking at 40 and 51 at least? Last thread it was revealed he was dating teens while he was in his 30s, the same teens an equally as old Davey Havok was dating. They both seem a bit off tbh. Bottom feeder LA types.

No. 1943789

File: 1702718918831.jpg (174.5 KB, 835x840, sinister.JPG)

she smoothened their ogre-faces, unedited pic can be found at the Bar Sinister tagged. last thread mentioned she was constantly having drama with her mom back then, what was that about?

No. 1943864

File: 1702744206840.jpeg (850.32 KB, 2156x3178, IMG_1845.jpeg)

“I stand with the victims but also I paid for this photoshoot so lol”

No. 1943906

This is actually a pretty good way to deal with it imo

No. 1944038

The photos are ugly regardless since she's still doing that goofy makeup inb4 it's just her style, yeah and I can find her style ugly

No. 1944049

veganism is seytaneek, didn't you hear?
jokes aside she was rumored to not be vegan for like 6 years already if not more, she collected taxidermy

also I don't buy her "christianity" as "natural evolution". It's just publicity stunt judging from continuation of "dhark aesthetics"

maybe she is even sponsored for acting "christian"
her fanbase is probably melting significantly every year as many "darklings" who followed her became normies as their age progress and have no time and money for edgy celebs and their products

I don't think that "christian crowd" is a target group big enough to be targeted by her without some shady sponsorship tho

and there are more than enough of such sponsor groups that may be interested to pay her for such acting

No. 1944220

File: 1702817650702.jpg (768.79 KB, 2048x1365, 410975938_10230616525811895_34…)

IBF went to see Santa with her kids - crazy how she went from wearing makeup to bed in case she died and people saw her bare-faced, to taking a forever family photo looking like that… it creeps me out how she puts her kid's faces on social media.

Caption: Getting Severine to sit still was almost impossible but we got there [tongue out emoji] his little lordship was very good indeed. [santa emoji christmas tree emoji]

No. 1944239

I´m sorry if this is really mean but her kids look like little retarded gremlins(autism)

No. 1944253

goff is full of "goofy makeup" so explain us why are you obsessed with this one in particular? You seems to be obsessed with that person in particular over several threads but failed to explain why her out of ocean of other pretty much similar if not even more "edgy: stilizations. Is that your way of dealing with your crush on her? Are you a closeted lesbian?

No. 1944285

Ayrt, you're confusing me for other nonas who don't like her makeup. Did you know people who disagree with you aren't all the same person? Did you know a woman criticising a woman doesn't mean you have a hateboner and wanna fuck her, and it's a moid thing usually? I am lesbian and not attracted to mamie kek. You must be a kid. Or just triggered cos you have a similar makeup style. Tragic! I'm gonna stop infighting now.

No. 1944286

Honestly I think alot of moms can relate to having a period when your kids are very young and demanding where you just dont have the time or energy to put effort into yourself, even when you want to.
But i do agree she needs to keep these photos of her kids to her family only, its too risky to put little kids online nowadays

No. 1944291

Ah so you have a split personality on top of hating the fact she turns you on.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1944382

if she didn't know before she paid then this is the best way of dealing with it imo. But the pics look real bad, maybe it's the shooping/filtering around her jaw but the photo looks out of focus in an unintentional way

No. 1944433

Can confirm, they’re all like that or subpar/amateur looking lol. I’d post the others but I’m not gonna stoop to the level of the nonna who was spamming kaya’s pics in earlier threads.

No. 1945578

File: 1703102420044.jpg (7.04 KB, 184x184, 6673ac21d03fbd663f7f876c5d5bbb…)

Sorry for retarded post but anyone knows what happened to this clown ?

No. 1945579

It's weird how Adora is looking 20 something despite having more kids and being older while Freezer looks 40 in that pic.

No. 1945632

Adora hides a lot of her aging in the exaggerated makeup she wears though. If you look closely at the top left pic in OP, you can see her under eye wrinkles in the black makeup and a lot of wrinkling around her mouth. I think smiling in the other photos helps camouflage it in her laughlines and pulls her skin a bit more taut? She looks good for her age, but she also obviously knows how to hide it well. Freya has always been kinda frumpy imho, but being a mom of toddlers definitely equals less sleep/personal time than having grown kids.

No. 1945825

Blackfriday wears a lot of make up too, to the point she still has pimples from how thick she layers it, and she’s on her 30s. Adoras in her 50s and still looks better.
Angela is in her 30s and uses a filter to absolute death and cakes the make up on.

No. 1945863

Her kids look better in normal colorful clothes. It's sad how she makes them wear all black given how children love colors.

No. 1946155


Angela is in her 40s.

No. 1946248

Ignore that anon, it's pretty obvious they are just dickriding adora's crazy ass. "She looks 20" where? she cakes on make-up and filters just as much as any of them.

No. 1946308

File: 1703271304737.jpg (267.91 KB, 1521x1234, 0656442622.JPG)

Dorian is releasing another book in January.

No. 1946331

I find it very strange when I see babies that don't match the parents style, it makes me think the parents care more about their own style and don't care about choosing the baby outfits and throw any shitty thing on them. Kids can choose their clothes and like colours but little babies? Why do some people believe that alternarive parents have to dress kids like everyone else as if it was a rule? Chances are, some kids of alt parents will be influenced by the taste they are accostumed to and will also be alt, it's normal. Also we reached a point where we have goth grandmas and moms, so it's normal for a lot of kids now to be accostumed and like it. I understand because my grandma was excentric but my mom was normal and dressed in current fashion but I as a child chose the most crazy things! I either looked 70's with bell bottoms or straight up like The orphan. Point is: people have the right to dress their toddlers as they want and if kids wanna dress alt like a relative, what is the problem?

No. 1946400

It's beneficial for the children's development (physical and mental) to be surrounded by colourful things, which includes their clothes. Children under the age of 5 basically speaking aren't able to perceive an object unless it's a vibrant colour, that is why most mainstream toys are psychotic bright and colourful, and so are books. Not because "normies don't care about ~aesthetics~", it's just the science behind how our bodies develop, we begin to distinguish between pastels and monochromes later in life.
So no, alt parents (or whichever parents for that matter) that don't dress their babies to their own style, or to match a certain aesthetic, aren't careless or lazy – they're actually based, and the opposite is just ignorant at best, selfish and self-serving at worst (example: IBF)

No. 1946423

what a fucking reach! clothes are not the only source of color in a child's life ffs! You give them all sorts of colorful toys and activities like a normal person, take them out to several places to see and do different things etc. If I want to dress my child all in black all the while giving them all the stimuli they need and more than most normie parents do wht am I doing wrong? Nothing. Are you even alternative in any way, seriously, you reached so fucking much to justify such a strange prejudice. If you were actually alternative you would see alt parents with their kids (in both normal and weird clothes) at alternative places, events, fairs etc and you'll see that they're just like normal kids and the parents are just like normal parents who let them explore the world and be children despite putting their children on a misfits tee. You are dumb.

No. 1946428

NTA, but other nonna is right to some degree. No reason to sperg out and take it so personally when you aren't the cow in question. It might not really matter for an alt parent to dress their kid in all black, but this is IBF we're talking about. We all know her habit of spray painting everything black and doing shit like Easter egg hunts in cemeteries. I wouldn't doubt she's neglectful in providing appropriate stimuli for her toddlers. She already seems to have a difficult time grasping appropriate behavior while pregnant with them. She was in full blown dramatics about how dangerous it was for her to attend the queen's funeral and she did it anyway.

No. 1946432

Autism is a hell of a drug.

No. 1946433

Nobody is dickriding her. She has a great body and face for a mother of 3 in her 50s and could pass for someone in their 20s that's just a fact especially when you compare her to other cows half her age. Touch grass.

No. 1946454

>thinks that adora's filtered to hell pictures are real life
>touch grass
Nta but lol. Nobody is saying she looks bad for her age, they're just saying she's not identical to her smoothed out pics. Like everyone in the world.

No. 1946502

File: 1703312220787.jpg (897.03 KB, 1077x1600, totally21.jpg)

>could pass for someone I her 20s
Doubt. For all that rattling on about other cows using filters you sure do seem blind.

No. 1946503

File: 1703312272230.jpg (722.32 KB, 1080x1123, touchgrass.jpg)

Not saying she doesn't look good for her age, but that makeup is hiding a lot.

No. 1946799

File: 1703412930545.jpg (2.16 MB, 2184x1672, vllQm5c.jpg)

Kaya's been quiet on social media despite holiday season being the most lucrative time for youtubers - her last upload was back in November. I think this will be the 3rd time this year she's let a month pass between uploads (at one point there was a 6 week lull in the middle of the year). Remember this is a full-time Youtuber who's dream job is supposedly making videos.

The crazy thing is that she's literally sitting on a stack of footage right now. Back in October she made a community post promoting Roly's video and stated that they had also filmed a collab for her channel. She made some excuse about her file sizes being too big for her laptop (a meme at this point) and that she had to wait until she was back in Belfast to edit but, alas, almost 2 months on and we are still waiting. It's disappointing that she's made clubbing her personality and avoided the effort of making creative, longer form content in favour of the usual sporadic ads and GRWMs. I guess there's little incentive to change or keep her word when she's got her army of pay pigs to yasss queen her and give unconditional support

No. 1946809

She's in Belfast right now so all she's doing is rolling around in bed and posting zoomer mento illness memes. She's always like this in between her London trips. She postponed her video uploads due to toothache and just went quiet.

No. 1946818

What she couldn't upload a video cause of a toothache ffs that's embarrassing but she been posting about going out with friends and eating a whole baguette of subway pickles and posting bunch of memes. Maybe if she stopped eating sugar and energy drinks she won't have tooth decay.

No. 1946837

File: 1703424529451.jpg (454.56 KB, 1080x1965, XVTjruz.jpg)

Interesting timing - Kaya's about to bare her soul. Looks like she's finally gonna talk about the Duke?

No. 1946840

When she needs to get out some quick content and it's not a spooky box, it's a 20 minute fussy ramble about her life. Wouldn't be surprised if there's no milk at all.

No. 1946841

She does this Every time like clockwork when someone mentions how long she hasn't uploaded

No. 1946879

Absolutely NOTHING about this says "im about to bare my soul"
Are you THAT starved for Kaya milk that you're literally fabricating?(sage your shit)

No. 1946949

using drama to excuse the lack of posting claiming that whatever this is is totally the reason she hasn't edited her videos guys. definitely not a reminder to her audience that she still exists and needs a bit of a cash dump like clockwork.
honestly her car vlogs bother me more than most else she does. nobody wants to see a girl clubbing her life away, who is able to put herself out there in a relationship and is surrounded by friends claim she's too mentally unwell to do her cool alternative career when it's clear she just doesn't have the discipline to do the one boring part of her job which is editing. the money she spends on travel and clubbing expenses is enough to pay an editor to shit something out because she has content and is going around doing things that could be content other people can use to live vicariously through. it's not like she has her own editing style or anything. and it's not like she's a vlogger too depressed to leave the house, she's a spooktuber living a cushy spook life too lazy or cheap to edit her content

No. 1946954

You've never heard "Rock Lobster" by B52s? (vidrel) It's a weird but fun song but absolutely not goth (not saying you said they were).

I have no idea why "Rock Lobster" is the new hit song with these poseurs. With the Cramps, it was obvious why "Goo Goo Muck" became popular because of Wednesday and all the poseur TikTok "goths" trying to label The Cramps as a goth band when they're not and we're psychobilly/garage rock band.

But you are right that it's mostly because these kids don't like actual goth music. It's funny though isn't it? These kids try so hard to mimic the 80s goth look but yet they will either use mainstream pop or hip hop music or non-goth 80s music like Depeche Mode and Soft Cell.

No. 1946955

They don't even like goo goo muck tbh cos they replaced it with some lady gaga song and that's when it started to go viral

No. 1946964

TikTok posers call anything new wave ‘goth’ for some reason. I guess they think it’s funny because hehe this goofy novelty song is liked by spooky goth people! while everyone knows and likes rock lobster. Ever since trad goth became popular with zoomers on tiktok they’ve just made it so boring and lame.

No. 1946966

zoomers constantly misusing the terms "goth" and "emo" hurt my soul

No. 1947040

File: 1703473985578.jpg (129.5 KB, 944x569, mmmm.jpg)

Kaya posted up a new youtube vid today. Surprise, it's just on going complaining, and about not being able to post - same old cycle.
I couldn't help but notice, she was showing the touch ups/change on her finger tattoos and her hands were shaking badly.
Are people catching on? Are they tired of her shit?

No. 1947048

You were right which is no surprise. Kaya is a boring cow, it's the same thing as always with her. No idea why that one nonna thought she'd talk about the duke, she hardly said a thing about Jake for years until he tried to make drama for views and shot himself in the foot.

She works herself up and gets anxious over almost nothing all the time. That and caffeine can make you shaky. Even if there's one bitter comment, she'll have hundreds more rush to her aid and donate more $$$ to her as a result. Best to ignore kaya's pity parties and let her slowly drift into obscurity from not making any fresh content for years.

No. 1947071

Did that lazy bitch delete the comment? I can't find it.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1947089

Oh I didn't know that about the song swap. I'm not on TikTok and I mostly only see what comes from it on YouTube shorts and the few I saw back when Wednesday came out, I was seeing a shit ton of these "goths" doing the Wednesday dance to that song.

They really do and if you so much as correct them if they wrong call the stuff "goth", you get labeled a "gatekeeper". It's absolutely pathetic and it's just their way of getting butthurt when someone tells them the music they like and are trying to miscategorize isn't what they're claiming it to be.

>Ever since trad goth became popular with zoomers on tiktok they’ve just made it so boring and lame.

Agreed. At first when I seeing these trad-goth looking tiktok kids, I was kinda happy because I thought that it meant these people were exploring goth music but then you hear the audio and it's either non-goth music or quotes from "goth" cartoon characters or horror movies.

No. 1947112

I can't even bother watching her videos anymore. Someone like her who is terminally online and only ever uses it to either be over preparing, over socializing for clubs etc. or to just be an unfunny meme posting, laziest gloomiest gremlin the internet has ever seen bores me, nothing she ever posts on social media makes me remotely interested in having her on my feed anymore. I'll just have to check up on the alt thread and see if anything milky is happening ever. Guess that's the best Christmas gift Kaya could ever do for the lc users that watch the thread for other altcows, the focus is finally off of her, happy Christmas nonnas.

No. 1947176

Yeah, with the title "Everything has been going wrong." Fucking drama queen. Her car broke down and she got a tooth infection, plus something else I can't remember cause it wasn't that remarkable. Sure, shit sucks, but that's just life. It can be hard to catch your breath sometimes and might feel like an onslaught of "bad luck", but that's just the nature of life and a big part of growing up is realizing that you will be doing a lot of rolling with the punches and picking yourself up over and over. It's like this for EVERYONE. She's never going to grow up unless she realizes this and stops being so self-centered. She needs to go volunteer or something.

No. 1947421

File: 1703591338437.jpg (517.94 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20231225_191755_Ins…)

I think Psychara has a new man.

No. 1947428

Good for her tbh. Her last relationship seemed weird, hinting at an engagement after not even a year I think. Hopefully she's taking it at a slower pace this time.

No. 1947467

Weird ass picture to take. Looks like a father and a child. But I guess good for her. Hope her next heartbreak she keeps off social media because that was really cringy to watch.

No. 1947475

Feels like it's pretty obvious at this point that either Kaya lurks here, or that some of her stans do. Certain posts are hyperdefensive of her and are never called out for infighting or white-knighting, but I have 100% been reported/gotten a temp ban for 'being Jake' because I criticized her. Feels like favoritism imo. Plus, she was part of the drama community on PULL years ago (trying to become 'goth Dakota Rose') - does anyone really think she ever left?

If we found out she was pulling a CreepshowArt, I would be 110% unsurprised.

No. 1947503

Definitely looks like she posed her hand like this to make hers look smaller next to his and to not cover their tattoos as much. Looks awkward compared to actually holding hands.

She probably does lurk here, but it's more likely her rabid lovelies defending their goffik kween than kaya herself. They quite literally already pay her thousands for making a half assed video once or twice a month and besides, she's a massive baby. You probably got banned for being a sperg/derail anon if anything, some of you get entirely too worked up over this lazy heifer. Farmhands have had their work cut out for them trying to get spam chan to finally fuck off amongst others.

No. 1947534

Haven't watched her latest car moan but some of her moaning videos have very pointedly referred to posts here. Even one video when she was dancing around the costs of car repairs she was making this fucking face and had a bit of sass and it's like, yea you scammed your fans congrats you big lazy freak

No. 1947555

Any receipts anon?

No. 1947804

Read previous threads it's all been documented before. She makes comments and digs about this website constantly in moaning videos. We shouldn't have to spoon feed the receipts to you

>>1944220 i think its nice that freya doesn't feel the need to paint her face white as much as she used to before having children. Also suprised to see her boy in colour thought she would of done some goth matching outfit and it would been nice to see Mr owl in the photo too.

No. 1947814

Eh, maybe, but it was very specifically after the breakup and tons of posts during that time got accused of 'being Jake' if you remember. I think we just had a higher influx of Kaya stans at that time + nonnies who have dated awful guys in their own life and were empathizing. Seems most of those posters have lost interest and drifted off by now. Incredibly weird behavior by the jannie's tho.

No. 1947821

I listened to this excerpt from a podcast interview that Kat von D did with Theo Von(a comedian, I think) and they talked about her blackout tattoos.
My takeaway from this is that she’s done this because having tattoos is no longer subversive but people are still shocked by full body blackouts. That’s probably why she’s not vegan anymore since they don’t get as much hate now after it has become popular among celebrities.
She’s still stuck in that teen rebel mentality at her big age.

No. 1947844

She hasn't actually though? I've been following the threads back to when she had her own thread and there was never any hard evidence of what you are claiming. Wouldn't be surprised if she's lurked here, but you can't provide receipts because they don't actually exist. She's obviously still a cow, but there's no need to make shit up nonna.

Theo von is buddies with pedo comedian Bobby Lee and has been on his podcast too. She surrounds herself with real winners these days. kek at her becoming a borderline altright tradwife Christian just to be a new kind of edgy though I guess.

No. 1947882

what in the wish dot com Cher has she done to her face

No. 1947950

Tried to watch it but it's just another boring milkless whine as filler content cos nonas called hrr out for slacking with her job, again. In the first minute or so she says
>life has just been one bullshit thing after another and I'm full of rage
But what's new?
>if I've been gone for a while I don't want to drop in with a random video, I wanna sit and chat with you guys
Nice cover up for having no other content lined up kek. I bet she hasn't even started editing that video collab with roly.
Not watching any further, linking video though

No. 1948048

Maybe kaya's depressed because she's unfit and lives in a cave?

No. 1948178

I know everyone is sick of this debate but I really do think she has lip fillers. With her face bare, it even looks like they’ve started migrating. Of course, she’s not going to admit using patreon funds on something so stupid as lip filler when it should go to ADHD meds.

No. 1948188

Just caught the first few seconds of that video and thought the same, fillers for sure.
She always looks like she has concealer lips without makeup, but now I wonder if she is anemic or has fertility or circulation issues due to being on the pill for 10+ years (a good choice since she managed to escape her nasty moid with no strings attached, but she can drop it now - iirc she posted on stories sometime last year that she's still on the pill) - they should be pink but I just realised I've never seen her with any natural colour in her face, or cheeks. And maybe this is why she feels like shit all the time, the pill can definitely do a number on your physical and mental health.

No. 1948194

New-ish IBF video. Drab and boring as usual. Another Gothic Beauty Box unboxing.

>Shameless plug for TEMU-level bullshit

>She barely flips through the magazine but keeps saying how awesome it is, then unpacks the following items:
>3D Skull shaped ice cube mold
>Socks with an admittedly cute gothic cathedral motif
>Perfume oil
>"Pale white shimmer cream" (shit quality white highlighter)
>A… stamp eyeliner
>Halloweenish looking make-up palette
>A bat necklace and a… cat ring
>IBF does showcase some of the magazine pages that show creators within the scene who do arts and crafts and stuff, but barely
>"Most boxes are trash but this one is special" yeah yeah sure

I know that this is her source of income and you don't always have a miraculously interesting thing to vlog about but why she repeats these stagnant, boring video "ideas" is beyond me. The socks are the most useful and nice item in the box. The 3D skull shape ice cube mold is almost like an insult to people who subscribe to these boxes, like the "shimmer cream" that doesn't shimmer and the stamp eyeliner. You can't tell me that that crap isn't 90c TEMU bargain bin crap.

No. 1948231

She’s always been a narc attention whore and contrarian. As you said tattoos aren’t really alt or shocking anymore so she’s resorting to weirder stuff to get attention. Same with becoming a Christian since conservatism is da new counter cultcha or whatever.

No. 1948272

File: 1703829941327.png (885.63 KB, 897x630, romandirge.png)

Slow week for altcow milk apparently, but roman dirge is "releasing his first book in 6 years". It's a hideous children's book about counting I guess. Can't imagine he makes an awful lot off his comics anymore. Lenore was never even that popular to begin with in comparison to other edgelord mall-goth comics. Wonder if he has a day job these days.

god, freyja's voice is like nails on a chalkboard. Her excessive lisp makes her sound like one of those people who constantly slurp their spit back into their mouth. Real gail the snail sounding but with a kiwi accent.

No. 1948284

I'd agree, honestly at first I didn't believe it but there was a pic earlier of her filler moustache and you can starkly see it now at the start of this video. Her lips are moving oddly and they're more pronounced with what looks like migration still. From a quick google it seems that the best way to deal with lip filler migration is to dissolve it since filler takes up to 3 years to go away and to absolutely not get more filler before dissolving the old stuff since it will just magnify the problem. I wonder if (since Kaya does no research) she's gotten too many filler top ups and also too much at once since idiots on Instagram peddle that shit (usually as a paid sponsorship or free service).
I get that she has kids now, but it would be nice if she uploaded even music reviews or something. She actually likes goth music and can at least just sorta talk about stuff going on in the scene that she cares about and would be pretty much the only person making that sort of content so it would be an easy boost to subs. A basic outfit put-together or something even would be so easy to do

No. 1948321

>>1948188 I might be remembering wrong, but I think she said once that she was on the birth control implant. It also has side effects and it lasts for about 5 years.

No. 1948353

no, lenore itself wasn't popular but holy hell did people bite his style constantly. is he a cow? i feel bad for him.

No. 1948370

He's dating psycho groupie Vanessa alexandria, ex suicide girl with a lot of old drama who defended manson. Also he has some sketchy behavior in the past. Why feel bad for a loser scrote who dated teenagers in his 30s?

No. 1948482

AYRT you're right, I misremembered, it's the implant she has (which makes more sense since you have to take the pill the same hour every day which would be very un-kaya like)
I haven't had the implant but I've read about a lot of bad side effects, it definitely could be an overlooked factor with her health issues.

No. 1948501

>It would be nice if she uploaded even music reviews or something
>A basic outfit put-together or something even would be so easy to do
I agree non, she's essentially turning into Toxic Tears with these boring box/haul videos that are mostly filled with cheap that don't warrant the higher price. I don't get why she doesn't do some music-related videos because like you said, she clearly likes goth music so why doesn't she make some videos about it? The last few times she talked about music, it was Motionless in White and Marilyn Manson so why not talk about some goth bands?

Or hell like you said, even an OOTD or lookbook would be a lot more interesting than the box/haul because I will admit that as ridiculous as she can be, she does know how to show off an outfit.

No. 1948544

>Motionless in White
While reading this I just remembered she interviewed Chris motionless on her channel once, and has reviewed a black veil brides album and been invited to the premiere of some movie with a bvb member, so she's other alt music related stuff too. I wonder how she got those opportunities and if she could've made something out of doing more music/band content.

No. 1948573

>she's essentially turning into Toxic Tears
As if her content hasn't been on par with kaya's for a while now? When was the last time IBF did anything remotely interesting? A collab? Went out anywhere interesting? It's all been junk reviews (she literally did a temu one recently) and mediocre makeup looks.

No. 1948617

True and it's so disappointing because nearly every one of her videos casually features goth music and she could just throw out a video on her top songs that month, review the albums these are on or her favourite artists, spout random goth lore, etc. It could be low effort but it would at least be some real goth content on youtube by a gothtuber. She's at Kaya's content level when she could be making 0$ investment, authentic content. She could make shorts doing old goth dance moves in her outfits if she can dance (I forget cause it's been so long, I know she's been to tons of shows).

No. 1948699

File: 1703950825154.jpg (56.58 KB, 747x976, FB_IMG_1703950714412.jpg)

Do brands count for altcows? (sorry if not)
Rogue + Wolf is now using AI to promote their shit, I guess it was only matter of time until another goff brand bit the dust

No. 1948705

Woah I remember wanting rogue and wolf jewellery so bad as a tween but then I slowly forgot about them

No. 1948843

No she hasn't. I think many people forget that we aren't the only ones who notice things. Normal followers will message her about stuff that is being talked about here too, doesn't mean she lurks here. There is no hard evidence. I also believe she's way too sensitive to read this thread.
I haven't watched the video but she always acts like a few major inconvenient events in her life are an excuse to not work at all. Normal working people have to deal with these kinds of things on top of working full time and she can't even do more than one (!) video a month. Imagine how little time she actually spends working her job. She's still way too spoiled by her Patreon income.
What do you mean anon, she lives in a nice house. Or do you mean it metaphorically because she's stuck due to her mental issues?

No. 1948874

File: 1703984239639.png (490.74 KB, 898x894, IBFmerch.png)

I just really don't get the anons who literally make shit up? It's like the nonna itt who claimed she was for sure going to do a big "tell-all" about the duke only for it to be another boring car rant. She could possibly lurk here, but we have no real way of telling and there absolutely hasn't been any "hard evidence" like anon was claiming. She's also had cowtippers in her Q&As before which only makes it harder to tell for sure if she reads here? It all muddies any actual milk.

Anyway not very milky, but Freyja has repurposed those WGT paintings she ebayed off as t-shirt designs to sell on shopify. Her work is pretty amateur, but at least it's kind of clever to reuse the designs for merch for easy additional income. Now if she'd only make a little more effort with her content.

No. 1948913

Me too nonnie, I lost interest once they started making only plastic jewelry.
They might now make metal stuff again but for a hot second they only sold cheap looking plastic-like jewelry (it might’ve been shoddy-looking resin too since it was around the beginning of the resin jewelry trend ~3-4 years ago.)

No. 1948946

I mean the invoice was posted back a few threads ago with the big zero next to her costs paid and she's not the only anon with a vehicle on finance in NI.

Hope she's using her patron bux to pay her national insurance contributions and has some sort of plan on how to garnish a retirement when the time comes. She's struggling already at 30 to keep up appearances and her mental health clearly deteriorates by the day.

No. 1949016

Non alt but cool YouTuber dankpods is taking his patreon down because he doesn't feel right taking money and giving nothing back

I immediately thought of Kaya and her constant ebegging while giving literally nothing to the community except access to a dead discord
Saged and whatnot

No. 1949019

Like in late 2016? More or less time when goth events stopped being her main focus and endless hauls started and DIY disappeared. What is interesting in watching 9000th video of clothing pieces which most of goths can afford like one or two pieces per year not to mention designs of most brands in these years were looking like copies of each other. You had better chances to look original wearing thrifted normie clothing during these years than wearing yet another "witchy dress".

Yea, I would say late 2016 was the time when goff youtube made a serious dive downhill - some youtubers deleted channels, others "officially grew up", some just stopped posting videos and never came back.

On the other hand I get that scene can get old after a while if you are just a mere participant as a consumer of music and other activities as dance nights, fashion shows. From perspective of a creator it might have some more appeal - that's why DIY helps to get these fluids of activity going as it's a creative activity unlike ordering ready stuff.

No. 1949021

I did not even ever remember hearing about that brand and I have been around for a while

That reminded me of times when Alchemy Gothic were making cast pewter stuff like perfume atomizer bottles, chandeliers. Nowadays they sell cast resin and only jewellery is still pewter.

Was that magazine always mostly pictures with barely any text printed in LARGE FONT SIZE? Or it's more recent development?

No. 1949024

>I mean the invoice was posted back a few threads ago
>she's not the only anon with a vehicle on finance in NI.
What are you on about nonna? Did you reply to the wrong person? Do you not know what receipts mean in context to lolcows? kek

No. 1949067

Yeah, before 2016/17 when you would search for goth youtubers it was a lot of diy, also sponsorships weren't big so even if it was a haul it was a lot of H&M and maybe one or two designer goff things. Sage 4 derail but youtube is so boring now, there was more creativity in 2-3 minute clips of hairstyles or simple DIY's than now in those 30 minute long Shillstar or Aliexpress hauls.

No. 1949101

I used to really want their animal skull necklaces but they don't make them anymore I think, damnit

No. 1949180

Yes, they had a healthy balance between regular/thrifted fashion and designer stuff. What we have now is mostly brands hauls. You barely see anyone dressing like that in real life even among "full time ubergoffs". Gap between youtube and reality is immense.

No. 1949283

File: 1704084052966.jpg (298.26 KB, 904x1734, Screenshot_20240101_044019_Chr…)

Congrats to kaya on 4th place worst cow

No. 1949423

File: 1704139012591.png (65.91 KB, 227x153, 111.PNG)

Disgusting(not milk)

No. 1949582

File: 1704166076443.mp4 (Spoiler Image,6.39 MB, 720x1280, kaya blood vial.mp4)

Kaya posted this on her stories with no explanation, looks like she mixed her blood with surgical spirit and put it in a vial for edgy vampyre reasons

Spoiler for blood(TRIGGER WARNING: BLOOD)

No. 1949660

File: 1704181446537.jpg (809.64 KB, 1365x2048, 415112584_675308521483460_2211…)

There was another Slimelight on 30th December, didn't see Kaya posting much about it.(not milk)

No. 1949740

Her only crime is being lazy, badly styled and having been dumb enough to fall for a troon

No. 1949811

She's playing with fake blood, who cares

Girl needs to learn that stacking belts and chains on her waist only makes her waist thicker, and that she looks even more like a brick. Unfortunate.

No. 1949818

Exactly, there's an obvious reason she didn't even place in the "favorite cow" category. She's boring and most of the milky shit she does do gets buried in nitpicks/derails about absolutely benign or outright made up shit. Not surprised she placed mid-tier in "worst" given that a good cow actually produces milk. Dating a troon was the milkiest thing she's done since the break up with Jake and we didn't even get to enjoy much milk from it outside some really hideous candids.

Even if it is real, dumbass edgelord goths have been making blood vials and blood resin, etc. forever now. The non-milk spam nonna seems to have real tiktok sensibilities. kek

No. 1949821

TIMs won worst cows and you're saying they're not milky lol, Jake also beat her in best cow. Kaya probably has apologisers bevause there's too many losers not wanting to contribute to society and would prefer to blame everything else for why they suck.

No. 1949824

Where exactly did I say TIMs aren't milky? I said we didn't get any milk outside of ugly candids because kaya kept fairly tight lipped about her relationship and break up with the duke. Could it have been milky? Absolutely. She was dating a gangly skinwalking ghoul of a hon, unfortunately though that's as milky as it got and now the duke has faded back into obscurity where he belongs. Oh well.(infighting)

No. 1949827

Kaya's entire lifestyle is milky, get a job lol(infighting)

No. 1949835

>>1949824 this trans stuff is part of the reason this thread gets so boring. It is embarrassing to read(derailing)

No. 1950182

File: 1704284888648.jpg (148.22 KB, 1024x1024, naptime.jpg)

>Even if it is real, dumbass edgelord goths have been making blood vials and blood resin, etc. forever now.

This is edglerod now? I wonder what would you say about these who slept in coffins and were active exclusively during nighttime while sleeping all day (in coffin). And having decor made out of stuff stolen from cemeteries [yes I'm pointing at German scene here in that particular regard] and holding BDSM parties at cemetaries. These were times. And yes, that were stuff that have been actually done.(blogposting edglerod)

No. 1950189

File: 1704285552673.jpg (168.89 KB, 1024x1024, sleepy.jpg)

And yea, it was mostly the '80s to like mid/late '90s. Living The Hunger lifestyle and partying like The Night Of The Demons. Oh, and unironic vampire clans that were still pretty trend back in the mid '00s. What a time to be alive.

No. 1950192

It's kinda interesting how much more "necro" behavior was back in the days when it was so much easier to "trigger normies", bar was so low back then it was not even needed to do anything other wearing all black to be chased with a crucifix in the streets of many towns. A dude or two with black metal band t-shirt being seen once on the street in small European town was enough to start months long "satanic panic" back in the '90s [yes,it's true story] with stories of children sacrificed to Satan on regular basis in nearest forest during black masses.

No. 1950195

>(blogposting edglerod)

Nice to see mods here still have a stick down their asses.

No. 1950226

File: 1704291350235.jpg (498.44 KB, 1058x953, IBFromwe.jpg)

>blog posting edglerod
Kek. I hope farmhand is having fun with all these bans at least.

New IBF video dropped and this time it's a ROMWE (Shein) review. Really leaning into the fast fashion and garbage reviews lately.

No. 1950270

I was just about to post another summary. She's boring as always.
The clothes look horrendous, no idea how she likes some of them. Her bedroom looks dumpy as well. Her house tour was ~8 months ago, she kept yapping about how she wants to DIY the whole house, paint it all black, get her items back from the storage unit… and absolutely nothing happened. She could make some interesting videos out of trying to upcycle some of her furniture like her car repair video, which was actually oddly entertaining.
But no, she's back to reviewing bargain bin crap that she won't ever use or wear ever again. She's insufferable.
I know she's a mom of two and god knows what Mr. Owl is doing job-wise, but the lack of engaging content has been a problem for her channel for years now. Even without the kids.

No. 1950472

It’s popular, as all the youngins are buying from those sites. Do a review on clothes saying if it’s good or not, it’s bound to drag more views in. Prettt over the goth channels doing unboxings or clothes hauls. Where’s all the DIY tutorials or how to make something look better with accessories or something?
Angela just prattles on about nothing for 30mins, or craps on about her youth days with an awful face filter, and everyone else just does unboxings or clothes reviews.

Ibf would be better doing mom goth stuff. Kids meals, dyi and other things she got big for

No. 1950628

Agreed and even with the haul videos, most of the time it was thrifted and they were able to find things that were actually interesting or unique. I know that some here considered TheGothicAlice a lolcow but I personally enjoyed her thrifted hauls because she would find some neat things and create some rather creative looks with them.

I think this is because back then there were more actual goths or alternative people. Like you said, this was before the whole Aliexpress, Shein, and Temu haul bandwagons became a thing that was being further pushed with Tiktok. It feels like the alternative people on YouTube during the early 2010s to about 2016 seemed more authentic and genuine in their likeness for the alternative without it being some costume grift.

No. 1950629

It's pretty interesting to think that the only time her channel was truly entertaining was when she was traveling around Europe back in I think 2014-2015(?) and even that was filled with controversy since it was believed that the money came from a rumored wedding scam.

No. 1950631

Well there is the Random Goth Couple channel that does some content that isn't just repetitive hauls, they've even done some interviews of different bands.

>Angela face filter

Has Angela always used a filter? I don't understand why she feels the need to use one. She knows quite a lot about skin and I'm sure she's used those methods on herself and that she can't look as bad as thinks she does without a filter.
I haven't watched her content in awhile but I didn't mind her storytimes because it was something different than the hauls.

No. 1950663

You may have a point here. Even considering that it was literally an era where almost everyone was trying to look like Johny Slut or Siouxie Sioux. It was such a plague that there were newcomers who were genuinely thinking that they are obligated to sport deathhawks to be goths. Here in Europe mid 2010s were a literal deathhawk invasion on dancefloors and at gigs.

As for more recent channels there are still some that do thrifting and DIY but they barely seem to catch any serious traction. It may be that it's harder to get viewers attention nowadays even if you are a younger youtuber that appeals to people who still have in their lives plenty time to watch youtube.

As for "older channels" that are stil regularly active we have pretty good views counts of ofherbsandaltars and rather low view counts of Madame Absinth for example. Both undeniably "full time goths". So there are some additional ingredients needed than just diy+thrift+music. It's black friday still has really high view counts considering how huuuuge gaps she had between videos in over half of a decade now. That makes things even more confusing.

As for TheGothicAlice she stopped having online presence like 2 years ago. I liked her horror lists videos. She also had "I dress my own way" approach in times where everyone was trying to look like an "update of oughties deathrock revival".

She was interesting to me from her earliest vids up until earliest period when she moved to Leipzig. She made some interesting "going to events vids" in that period. As for a regular tourist travel videos I'm less into them as old euro architecture is a stuff that I see on daily basis as an European.

She did a trip to Wrocław but not to any event there. Wrocław was one of the most active in regard of goth scene cities in Poland (pre COVID there were at least 2 serious gigs + afterparties in a quarter) at time she was living in Germany and in the autumn hosts biggest Polish gothic rock festival Return to The Batcave.

Castle Party in Bolków that she attended is just a generic "dark independent" festival where gothic rock is just a drop in sea of many genres. RTtB is three days of gothic rock gigs. Was also kinda strange she did not make any Gothic Pogo Festival in Leipzig videos too. It's held at the same time as WGT not that far from Agra. It's far more goth than WGT is nowadays. To an extent that many Germans attend just Gothic Pogo Festival.

It was nice she made video about Prague Gothic Treffen in Czechia.

There is certainly a lot of free space to fill in resort of goth events youtubing still.

No. 1950668


I checked several lesser view counts channels and what I see is that their festival videos are among these that have highest view counts on their channels. So that adds a lot of value to question "why not film actual events more often"?

No. 1950681

I miss Herbs' old videos, her channel did a 180 once she started talking about mental health but I still wish she hadn't deleted her old videos. Same with Psychara, her videos up until 2015 were mostly simple diys and some vlogs but the only ones she has up anymore are sponsored hauls. Too bad, I still like her style a lot.

No. 1950701

Herbs oldest vid on channel is from 2013. TBH I don't remember if there was any more content before that point. I certainly remember that stuff between 7 and 5 years ago been deleted.

Which period are you referring to?

Sebastian Columbine reuploaded some old videos of "tradgoth look era" about a year ago on separate channel. But barely any views, but the same situation is now on main channel too. Pretty drastic decline in views since "going pink". But that was a quite lengthy metamorphosis from late '00s to now.

I would dare to claim that most successful channel that is concentrated on core part of goth - music is Yamie Speechie channel.

Cemetery Confessions had potential but it flopped. Probably due being "too American" on top of being linked to r/goth moderation crowd which lives in alternative reality most of the time where over 9000 different "genres of goth" exists. All of these "'darkwave', 'coldwave' 'no wave' 'deathrock', 'goth' and 'gothic rock' [I shit you not, some of them are pushing these two terms as different things unironically lmao] are totally different things trust me bro I'm an expert, don't even dare to have different opinion or I ban you for spreading misinformation" seems to stem from that reddit crowd. It seems like goth is not that big in the US despite that country having pretty large population so people instead of going out and enjoying events spend time online rewriting history of subculture every few years after they forget what was their opinion on these topics 10 years ago.

Seems like biggest USA channel linked to goth is Voltair's channel but that channel is not even about goth itself just overlaps with esthetics. And in a way that is not everyone's cup of tea as he is into very cartoonish version of spooky aesthetics. No idea if Voltaire himself even attends goth events at this point in life. I probably won't shock anyone if I don't count his own gigs as his music is totally different cup of tea than goth rock. Certainly it leaves no mark on his channel if he does attend goth events outside that on video about Mexico City.

No. 1951002

File: 1704450043563.jpg (124.77 KB, 1080x683, londongrifters.jpg)

It seems that scammer asshole(s) behind Gothic Shoe Company and several other earlier "companies" that left customers without shoes they ordered or their money is back in "business". This time company is(are) registered on his son (I assume by birth year, father was born in the '60s) that was also participating in scam of Gothic Shoe Company. So don't feel sorry for him unless he provides apology and returns people their money back or sends orders that were never shipped. I repeat he was participating in Gothic Shoe Company, so he too is responsible, not only his papa.

Latest incarnation of family scam is:


Their previous incarnation registered on papa:

German article that explains story behind scams that family was involved in. Not even once they apologized.


Be warned and warn others. If any goff youtuber starts hauling their products - their channels are dead to me.

If they swindled you - you can say hello to them on instagram - they are @londonretrofootwear

They are also at Etsy, so be careful to not buy from them.

No. 1951055

That's really an interesting point I haven't thought about yet. A lot of goths back then were wearing animal bones, went to graveyards etc. even though there wasn't an online audience you could show this stuff to shock them (okay, maybe you saw some of those edgelords sleeping in coffins on TV as an obscure phenomenon). Now in times of social media everything is about the looks and buying stuff, it's been completely capitalized and shallow. You would think social media would lead to people wanting to one up each other with extreme behavior but it really is just all about aesthetics now.

Also this whole necro thing made me think of this vid kek

She's probably not making enough money from ad revenue so DIYs or lifestyle vids would be too much effort so she just sticks to these sponsored fast fashion vids.

No. 1951086

Maybe the stronger taboos the more effort people are putting into breaking them? Dunno.

Sleeping in coffins was a pretty popular cliche among goths and black metal crowd (which ripped off a lot of aesthetics aspects of goth BTW and of course went full blown on "acting evil" ) that aspired to be "trv". You can read in interview of Rob Darken of polish BM band Graveland how he and other founding member were planning in early 90s to live in same flat and sleep in coffins while having black curtains in windows. Trope very similar to what some hardcore goths were pulling off at the time.

BBC show Spine Chillers season 1 episode 3 from the early '00s had an episode with industrial/goth crowd portrayed in semi parody way, I use term semi as the way some of these characters were behaving was something that you could have seen for real in the wild.

If you have ever seen Polish documentary "Witajcie w Mroku" that documentary - it has a selection of a very special kind of people who would illustrate such point. Of course it's just a very narrow fragment of the scene and not representative in any way but it's hard to find similar types among modern youtube personas.

Some borderline cases went as far as committing actual murders like a certain couple from Germany in the '90s. We had one confirmed nonironic Satanic human sacrifice murder in Poland committed by group of youth too but it's not known to me if they had any link to any subculture unlike German case where couple involved were pretty active members of at least goth scene if I interpret archive materials correctly.

As for that video about grave robbing I have seen it years ago. Dunno if grufties from Germany were pulling off any stealing of corpses. All I heard/read about was taking grave candles and wreaths and maybe some metal, stone pieces.

No. 1951162

kek nonna I went down a rabbit hole of research about them last summer in search of new winklepickers! I found similar stuff and decided to keep my old velours ones.

No. 1951174

File: 1704486536524.jpg (527.86 KB, 1080x1348, lasts.jpg)

The silly part about pikes is that most basic designs are pretty entry level to make but the hard part is to get shoe lasts to model shoe around. Picrel are lasts published by these London swindlers at their instagram. Spiked cowboy boots have very similar lasts but most of them are not as sharply pointed as classic goth pike winklepicker and wider in ankle. Some goth brands were using cowboy boots or pointed chelsea boots lasts most likely for their less pointy than "classic" variants of winklepickers. Steelground from Portugal seems to belong to that category.

No. 1951183

If I recall, IBF rambled constantly about preferring small/handmade brands because "originality" and how everyone looks alike with the same killstar dress etc etc, no?
Ironic she's doing fast fashion hauls now

No. 1951200

Well, brands stuff still could be modified.
Just saying.

No. 1951283

>>All of these "'darkwave', 'coldwave' 'no wave' 'deathrock', 'goth' and 'gothic rock' [I shit you not, some of them are pushing these two terms as different things unironically lmao] are totally different things trust me bro I'm an expert

but these are real things. Goth is an umbrella term, all of these are subgenres but they're INSIDE goth. You're not forced to know or listen to all, but there's a lot of valid reasons for subgenres being a thing, but it's mostly to categorize things that sound alike or come from a specific time and/or place

No. 1951307

This is a cow thread for discussing milk related to altcows, not to chat about goth/alt culture. Instead of derailing this thread, please use existing goth threads such as >>>/g/86956 or make your own thread to facilitate this discussion. You can link a new thread that you make here to drive traffic to it. Any further derailing will get double the normal ban length.

No. 1951341

And let me guess grufti is according to you a different subculture than goth too because "hey, look! a different word"? Not in my opinion. My country was using term "coldwaver" for a goth. It was still the same as goth, still the same as grufti.

Do you know what is the difference between
deathrock, no wave and darkwave or coldwave? Geographical place of origin of term. Just like between goth and grufti or coldwaver. Nothing more. They are not subgenres, they are mostly results of isolation of scenes that developed own vocabulary including different terms for same shit, sometimes of bands or music critics that developed own names too before any particular term won over other in local scene. Just check interviews with oldest bands who actually remember times when these terms originated you will see confirmation of what I just wrote.

Pretending that every new invented local name constitutes separate subgenre we see in some parts of the internet is post year 2000 LARP that originated in so called "deathrock revival circles" in the US. A movement that wanted to be a group of very special snowflakes that started pretending (a la Eldritch) that "they are not goths, they are deathrockers". OK, there was also similar trend in Germany in the '90s when they were inventing new terms to classify their "uh so obscure unique bands" to look cool in black and white xerox zines that only few dozens of their friends have ever read.

Neue Deutsche Todeskunst was one of most "so unique and necro" names for bunch of bands that didn't even had consistent sounding and which you will not be able to classify as anything other than your usual goff band if you were not informed what label they use for themselves. All of these buzzwords you pretend are separate subgenres are not even musical analogue of "What type of goth are you" meme as there was no qualities allowing you to separate these bands in different categories in blind trials.(derailing after farmhand warning)

No. 1951840

File: 1704611332707.jpeg (233.19 KB, 1142x1182, IMG_4726.jpeg)

Kat von D’s ozempic bod looks great. Well worth the stomach craps and pooping her brains out.

Guess this is for a video for her song with Alissa.

No. 1951873

God blackout tattooes all over is so stupid, it looks like she is wearing full arm gloves at all times

No. 1951909

I agree, it just looks like a mental breakdown decision. You just know she'll hate it in a few years max.
God I really can't stand her.

No. 1952665

File: 1704774750823.png (840.49 KB, 670x822, mansonbday.png)

Vanessa still dick riding Manson. No sign or mention of her attached at the hip boyfriend roman though. Guess he wasn't invited?

No. 1952949

File: 1704837809199.jpeg (620.37 KB, 1284x2064, IMG_4904.jpeg)

Haven’t kept up to date with anything so what on earth happened to reeree? This is just sad and pathetic for someone in there mid 30s

No. 1952990

File: 1704848007052.png (916.8 KB, 723x1277, Screenshot.png)

why does she need a 3 bedroom…?

No. 1953046

But anon where else would her piles of musty crap go???

No. 1953102

Do you hear neighbors farting in accommodation like this?

No. 1953106

She must be ending her lease or contemplating and wanting to move to loyalist Dundonald or east belfast. It would fit her belfast granny aesthetic.

No. 1953163

>a classy poot
>any hole is a goal
Really starting to think she's on drugs. This entire post reads like some weird word salad meatball eyes Amanda would post.

>her Belfast granny aesthetic
Lmao what?

No. 1953175

File: 1704880347430.jpg (200.43 KB, 1284x2282, 417810685_1161588391487001_385…)

She answered in this one, no prizes for guessing who she's referring to here

No. 1953193

Her face looks totally warped here, and her botched balloon tits… damn she fell off.

No. 1953209

wtf is she blabbing about. Does it men make horny when she talks about piercing holes? Why is she making such a big deal out of getting a piercing if she already has tons of it?!

No. 1953247

Majority of the time when she's out and not dressed up in fetish wear she is layered up and looking like a belfast granny going to the shops in her sleep clothes.

No. 1953249

Kaya wouldn't want to live with her friends and contribute to the upkeep of the house. She'd rather couch surf and exhaust people's hospitality then move on. She doesn't care how disruptive it is letting a guest stay for a number of days and interrupting their routine because she's hasn't got one.

No. 1953276

If she actually started putting effort into her youtube she could easily afford this.

Everytime she talks about making videos it seems like such a horrible chore for her. I understand none of us LOVE our job, but it puts such a damp on watching her videos, knowing she did it only because she simply HAD to and didn't enjoy it at all. Same as I'd hate watching a show if I knew all the actors hated it there.

I feel like she liks to amp up the "trauma" when it comes to this question. Yeah, because all your friends are like Jake and would yell at you for not cleaning?

She will never change if she doesn't get out of her comfort zone. This is exactly why she wants a 3 bedroom apartment, so she can hoard stuff and not clean. This is one of few things I actually believe when it comes to what Jake said. She probably moves to one room, makes a mess, then moves to another and simply cleans only when it's reached a boiling point. She can't do that in a 1 bedroom.

No. 1953348

Are all the lil Belfast grannys out and about in oversized "goffik" hoodies, temu fishnet shorts or beetlejuice striped bell bottoms nonna? kek

Think she's trying to be funny and "sexy" in a "one of the moids" kind of way, but instead she comes off sounding like kind of a schizo.

No. 1953425

File: 1704916820869.jpg (507.53 KB, 1088x1968, zq1OWLh.jpg)

The Camley St listing is in Regent's Wharf, a development located in one of the most expensive boroughs of Inner London. The unit is newly built, has canal views and is a 30 min bus ride from Trafalgar Square which is basically the heart of London (pink dot on the map). Like no shit you can't afford it, this is for obscenely wealthy international students and working professionals…why would you include this example? She's just trying to be dramatic.
The Patrick Road listing is in a more affordable area in East London and looks decent; a 3 bed, 3 toilet modern sharehouse which would cost £200p/w for a room. If Kaya started hustling this could work however she's already indicated she's not open to housemates so the implication is that she wants the place to herself. I wish she'd address how out of touch and ridiculous her standards are, especially considering how little she works.
If living on her own is so crucial to her mental health then maybe she should live in an old houseboat on the outskirts of Greater London just like the Duke over in Uxbridge (a fact we know as Kaya basically doxxed him kek >>1877938).
>Kaya wouldn't want to live with her friends. She'd rather couch surf and exhaust people's hospitality then move on.
It's why she loves flying to London to enjoy shallow and mostly fleeting friendships based on alt clubbing and cocktails. New friendships probably feel very safe to her until these connections actually get tested (e.g. she over-relies on one person for free accommodation) and these people start to distance themselves from her
>It would fit her belfast granny aesthetic
I cringed at her greasy bun and giant Oodie (basically pyjamas) in her last video. Of course you're gonna feel like shit if you go out looking like a housing estate bum who smells of unwashed ass. Would it kill her to draw on some eyebrows and throw on a coat? 
>I feel like she likes to amp up the "trauma"
Of course, it's a deliberate strategy to milk sympathy and deflect any suggestion for change or self-growth. She's been asked the housemate question a few times now and she gives the same pathetic answer every time.
She acts like her biggest fear is being yelled at but I think the real reason is that she's lazy and incredibly frustrating to live with and she knows it won't take long before they'll start to resent her.

No. 1953429

I love this thread pic, it reminds me of early LC.

No. 1953498

Anyone caught up Kaya's YouTube "Catch up with me" Livestream this evening and is interested on summarizing? I saw it on my subscription feed on my alternative YT account, but had other shit to catch up on (plus we know about 90% of what she says she's planning that's related to content creation 1. doesn't get made on time 2. doesn't get made at all).

No. 1953581

File: 1704944370819.jpeg (270.61 KB, 828x474, IMG_3613.jpeg)

No clue about the Kaya video, but if you want to see a particularly haggy looking IBF with the camera positioned overhead for maximum cleavage jiggle as she bounces and sways in one spot while rapping tiredly along to Eminem karaoke, i’ve got good news for you.

No. 1953612

I'm watching it on 2x speed now and will post the summary when I'm finished. Here's the link if anyone wanted to watch it while it's still available.

I think the last stream she did was 9 months ago when she admitted she tested positive for covid when she visited Spain yet attended Slimelight in London immediately after (that unlisted stream can be watched here >>1807146)

No. 1953619

File: 1704957494602.png (39.4 KB, 149x120, kayaprofile.PNG)

that profile lmao. she looks like trash without 100 pounds of makeup on

No. 1953621

Don't know if someone remembers Maimagi. She oppened a physical store a few months ago to shell her sht and she has to close it 2 months after open it. Why? Because she only opens it 1 DAY PER WEEK AND JUST 1 OR 2 HOURS ‍♀️ She stil doesn't understand why it didn't worked…

Does anybody knows if her husband is millionaire or something? She's always saying how tired is for working, but she is still selling the same belts and pendants she did like 4 years ago and NEVER show herself working. It seems she spends the day crocheting in bed and playing videogames…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1953639

I remember Maimagi. I wasn't a fan of hers but I liked a few of her videos on YouTube. I remember her trying to hype up her shop but I didn't follow much about it because I wasn't interested but what the hell was she thinking only having it open 1 day per week for only 1-2 hours? What kind of business practice is that, it's no wonder it didn't last long.

I'm not sure if her husband is a millionaire but he probably is pretty well off if Mai is able to continue being a freelancer at the level she's in what with the failed shop and I have a feeling that she's not raking in sales of her online shop all that consistently.

No. 1953668

Anon did you misread what she posted about? She basically sells her Jewelry and stuff through a tattoo shop and is in store some hours in a week. But I saw nothing about that she ever opened a physical store like that.

No. 1953689

This is so pathetic. The woman is a mother of two and still showing her painted greasy titts for views on youtube instead of getting a real job.

No. 1953740

File: 1704988480729.jpg (1.74 MB, 1366x769, cXI8mjD.jpg)

YT stream recap
>Says she's not doing ok and that she's 'not my best self right now'. 'I'm stressy, I'm stressed!' - she woke up at 8am but had stress paralysis for most of the day
>Admits she still needs to edit the Roly collab from October, says couldn't edit it back in London as Roly's camera is a beast and her laptop can't handle the files. She fails to address the obvious of why she didn't work on it whenever she was back home
>For the entirety of Oct and a bit of Nov she stayed in a squat with Spooks and other random occupants. While she enjoyed free accommodation in London she didn't have access to wi-fi at all
>'I used to know someone who lived out Uxbridge direction' - I guess this confirms that she's not on good terms with the Duke?
>She'll be back in London on 19th Jan but says she won't be hosting any events that weekend. She'll mainly be there for someone's birthday and to hang out with Roly
>She wants more tattoos - she wants to finish the bug arm and start a giant project that stretches from her side to her butt however she wants to lose weight first. She then whinges about all the stuff she wants to do but can't because 'cozzy livs (cost of living) are hitting hard'
>Someone asked about MainlyBoredom (Ari) and expressed concern for why she nuked her social media presence, Kaya replied 'Oh I've been in touch with MainlyBoredom recently' but didn't elaborate
>Admits her house is super messy right now and that her living room is so bad it looks like a wardrobe, claims she needs to get rid of so many clothes she doesn't wear anymore but 'it's too hard to list stuff on Vinted'. Despite not doing anything about the clothes situation for years she claims that she's 'working on her issues'
>She brings up her broken shower but says her house is too messy to have someone sort it (I'm pretty sure it's been broken for at least 4 months at this point…)
>She says it's hard to make money on YT and thinks that donations and memberships are the best way to make money. 'There's a reason why I haven't started up YT memberships…I can't remember right now but there was definitely a reason!'
>Ends the stream and says she wants to do more streaming in the future however she can't commit to a schedule. Says she intends to continue frequent travel to London and that travel is her priority this year (over Youtube and therapy Kaya?)

Oh, and for the anons who doubted whether Kaya reads this thread I suggest you skip to 13:40 in the VOD and have a listen to what she says to this chatter (picrel)…
>Honestly even if you live on the outskirts of London it's still much more expensive than Belfast. I used to know someone who lived out Uxbridge direction, which seems to be on the outskirts of London, and it takes a fair while to get in to the city centre from there. It's one of the only areas I knew of back then so whenever I would hang out with them I'd have quick look at property prices in that area and it's still insane compared to where I live. Even if you're somewhere inconvenient it's still expensive.
It kinda seemed like she referenced criticism from here >>1953425 - her choice of words seemed oddly specific and she randomly brought up the Duke (albeit vaguely). It seems pretty obvious to me that she lurked right before stream.

No. 1953748

Imagine dealing with a broken shower for 4 MONTHS because you can't be bothered to clean. For it to be dirty to the point of her not wanting someone to come over to fix it is insane.

No. 1953758

It's not hard to sell stuff on Vinted? She just can't be bothered.
She'd make an absolute fortune on there!
Between the studio and the broken moped, bundles of clothes- its bizarre she's alright with pissing away money

No. 1953763

She can't be bothered with the shipping organization and stuff for Vinted sales, which is fair.
But then I wonder why she doesn't come up with the idea that she knows someone who makes clothes from other scraps of clothes in London or at least that area (the Exoumbra enby/TIF who gifted her the sweater with the creepy patches all over when they met in London) to whom she could easily donate clothes so they're being reused for other sewing projects.
Especially since she's always going back there.
Or she could put it on sale in Vinted or anywhere legit online with "Pick up at my address only" for example.
Everything sounds complicated with her.

No. 1953779

Just backs up what Jake said about her. Does she still own her cat, she was gone all of October and some of November living in a squat? Lol wtf and she apparently lives in such squalor she can't call a plumber? I hate people that have pets and don't upkeep their home, why subject a wee dote to filth. Her skin issues make sense doubt she changes her bedsheets. She's looking rough.

No. 1953841

So either she's too embarrassed to let a plumber see her messy house, in which case surely that's enough to make you clean it? Or, her house is so messy a plumber wouldn't even be able to get in, so her always wanting to travel and never being home is partly cos of this? Either way just donate your shit to a charity shop or something then. Is she genuinely a hoarder?

No. 1953843

In the pic you can see CLEARLY she got lip injections. Your summary sounds so depressing. Jeez the life she has now, she can´t be happy. And loosing weight?! That should literally be the last on her to do list. At least she could start sorting the clothes, by size or by type and put it in boxes and off the floor. Then she can get the handyman to come over but I assume that´s not the only thing in her house tha´t messy.

No. 1953849

>Says she's not doing ok and that she's 'not my best self right now'. 'I'm stressy, I'm stressed!
Honeslty when is she not? She's always feeling stressed. You know for someone who doesn't have to work and has so much free time in her day to day life, she has a lot of stress lol. I understand that she has depression

>She says it's hard to make money on YT and thinks that donations and memberships are the best way to make money.

I'm sure there is some truth to this but she doesn't help her situation at all when she doesn't upload all that frequently and I mean actual content, not her vlogs.

So true anon. Again, she has so much free time in her day and she can't devote to do at least 10-20 minutes of cleaning so that she can have someone come repair her shower? It's maddening. I'm hoping that the mess is just clothes but even then, if she's this lazy to clean, I wonder if she does her laundry because if not, could you imagine how her place must smell?

>I assume that´s not the only thing in her house tha´t messy.
Well if it's a dish pileup, she could just simply use her dishwasher like a normal person.I'm sorry, I get that sometimes life can get hectic and it's normal to slip up and have breaks where you may not be as tidy but it's important to try your best and break it. Kaya's situation makes me think that she's gonna end up like one of those people on Hoarders.

No. 1953870

ugh she's playing into the big tiddy goff girlfriend stereotype, I hate it. She's always been annoying about her boobs but lately she's been extra desperate

No. 1953981


At least Jake and her had that in common, the weak jaw.

No. 1954006

Like, I can understand the big boob problem where yeah, they’re huge, kind of hard not to look at them. But she specifically draws attention to them in such a creepy way. Why? Are things not going well with Mr. Owl? Is she looking to bait people with her “super sexy”self? Does she just think they’re so appealing, everyone needs to see them? Because yeah, it really does reek of desperation.

No. 1954048

>Are things not going well with Mr. Owl?
That's an interesting speculation. I feel like there may not be anything wrong and he doesn't mind her sexualizing herself but on the other hand, maybe he's getting stressed from being the sole breadwinner and it has been wearing on the relationship. Either way, it's annoying how she's trying to play up the big tiddy Goff girlfriend meme like other anon pointed out. Like Angela Benedict has a sizeable chest and you don't see her trying to play into the annoying stereotype. Then again, Angela does make engaging content while Freya doesn't. If she's that desperate for money, why isn't she streaming to get donations?

No. 1954062

File: 1705036493500.jpg (83.83 KB, 426x582, isgywlY.jpg)

Oof she looks like the female version of the chincel meme. She should probably reposition her camera lol.

No. 1954082

The stuff about the messy rooms kinda backs up >>1953276
The problem with selling individual clothes is people basically expect them to be cleaned, ironed and in newish condition.
She should sell in bundles where the standards/expectations are lower, like 5-10 items at a time.

No. 1954124

>>1953612 imagine clicking on the video expecting her to look like the thumbnail and then seeing this >>1953740 she couldn't of made a bit of effort?

Regarding the messy house and broken shower for 4 months why the hell isn't her mother helping her when she gets that bad that she can't have a shower fixed. Or one her friends if they work together it could be done in a day then she could get the shower fixed and go back to living in a shithole
Anyone know why it's broken? Or is it something she mooching of hot showers and baths from other people cause 'cozzy living'

>>1953981 they had a lot in common weak jaw, weight, lazy, peaked at young age,begging for free stuff, refusing to work, missable moaning attitude. I think if he didn't leave they would been together for life

No. 1954134

She obviously has a weird relationship with her mom considering she would rather stay in a cold studio for months instead of moving in with her (like Jake said she could've and Kaya got pissed because "it's personal"?). There is no way Kaya is like this and her mom is completely normal, let's be real.

Does adhd or whatever she has really work this way? She just can't clean?

No. 1954161

She has serious mental issues and needs to be in therapy. I know because I have a lot of the issues she has and I'm on disability.(blog)

No. 1954191

i'm pretty sure she is a hoarder. i remember she once posted about opening a wardrobe and being buried by the landslide of clothes that came pouring out of it. it seems like she is aware that she has too much stuff and needs to clean but finds the idea of actually tidying up to be overwhelming so she just continues to buy things instead and creates an even bigger mess for herself.

No. 1954192

adhd kinda does work that way, (adhd fag) basically every task is considered to be a deadly serious life altering choice. It's like being a self aware time traveller terrified of every step. If any choice could possibly lead to something bad or difficult happening it will be extremely difficult to make that choice.
The cleaning with Jake: bearing in mind he's messy too and also is able bodied, he could have cleaned himself, but didn't. If she cleaned she was agreeing to be the sole person cleaning, ergo, the slave of an abusive man. Adhd brain says doing nothing is best in this situation.
Big pile of clothes to sell: people might use it as a way to mess with her, give her bad reviews, or people might be unhappy in some way. Best option is to sell in batches to reduce the number of people she has to deal with and reduce expectations, and or get a friend to help her do so.
I can tell she is not used to asking for help, hence she approaches every problem from the perspective it will be solely her dealing with it. This definitely does not help with the decision paralysis. She should start asking friends for help instead of just for fun, honestly I'm sure they wouldn't mind.

No. 1954214

Cause kaya sits around getting stoned by the looks of it and doesn't want her mum and dad checking in on her. Think last christmas her parents were keeping more of a check on her and she was running her schedule for videos by them. Its not only the Internet she has to constantly make excuses for. Her dad lives over in Spain so she can probably ignore his messages and her mum probably knows she's got a lazy 30 year old daughter who blames mental health for everything but hasn't found a medical professional to help her in the last decade.

No. 1954257

File: 1705083906982.png (59 KB, 250x188, Myy_n?kee_Muumimamman_suurenev…)

No. 1954301

>>1954192 She has loads options from selling apps like vinted to going places where they buy 1kg bag of clothes for money, selling them to her friends or just simply taking them to a second hand shop. I get that she struggles but surly someone around her must care enough to get her some help for god sake she hasn’t got a working shower cause her house to messy. I’m sure her close friends in Belfast would be happy to help her if she reached out. And if she sold half her stuff then she have more money for trips to London or tattoos and a clear house it’s a win win. I get she has adhd but it gets to a point where it becomes hard to use that as an excuse it just becomes lazy especially if she isn’t actively taking medication or seeking therapy. She’s already admitted her home is a problem for like 10 years now why isn’t she asking for help and why is no one in her life forcing her to clean.

It makes sense why she’s always sick she’s probably breathing in so much dust and mould from the hoarding. I hope she empties Sebastian little tray daily cause that would smell so bad and throw away old food cause maggots & flies.

No. 1954386

Kek next thread pic

No. 1954390

> I get she has adhd but it gets to a point where it becomes hard to use that as an excuse it just becomes lazy especially if she isn’t actively taking medication or seeking therapy
In one of her vent videos sitting in her car didn't she say something about therapy being hard to get hold of and some nonas speculated she was doctor shopping or something? Bet she's also been put off by meds because of the whole weight gain thing and constantly blaming whatever it was she'd taken, antidepressants?

No. 1954419

Last person who forced her to clean was Jake and she's still saying she has ptsd from it.

I think her issue is she met Jake as a teen and he had a place in Belfast while she was in highschool. She would go laze around his place out of her parents site and he was working. She left her parents to move in with Jake and by his admission he did most of the upkeep. She got into bad habits and has never felt the need to change it because her lifestyle is funded purely by Internet strangers. The people in her own life get fed up with her using them and she'll go cry to strangers online when someone tries to hold her accountable which just starts the cycle of crying for a living.

No. 1954434

Is there a UK equivalent of Hoarders? If so, they should be on the back end for if Kaya's situation gets worse.

Thanks for the explanation, I don't have ADHD so I didn't want to speak on what it's like having it but even with this explanation and Kaya's hoarding tendencies, she really does need some type of supervision that can help keep her in order. Maybe this is why she doesn't want to move back in with her mom because her mother would more than likely not let this fly and would keep on top of her to keep things tidier which would probably stressed out Kaya who seems to be just a laze about who doesn't want to do anything except sit around at home and go out to clubs.

No. 1954435

>Last person who forced her to clean was Jake and she's still saying she has ptsd from it.
And we get that but she really needs to move on now because if she doesn't get a handle on her cleaning & hoarding, she could very well lose her home either by an organization or a house fire.

No. 1954436

I really dread to think the condition she keeps her house in regards to her pet. It seems extremely likely her snake died from neglect. Maybe she keeps getting tattoos of insects cause they're her favourite animals cause they love and live in filth.

No. 1954539

File: 1705138816824.jpg (857.72 KB, 1366x768, S8MJq0R.jpg)

>i'm pretty sure she is a hoarder
I believe so too. I remember in Jake’s ‘Breaking my silence’ video he showed a picture of Kaya’s stuff being stored in his bike garage and it took up half the bloody office (timestamp in pic). Granted, Kaya thought she was moving to a bigger house and was completely blindsided by a break-up but she’s had more than 2 years to sort through the horde piles and purge. She probably thought her hoarding issues would go away if she moved into a house by herself but things have somehow gotten worse. At this point she needs an intervention from friends and family because she refuses to acknowledge how serious the problem is and get help. I know she’s spent a fortune on clothes and wants to make some money back on Vinted but at this point it’d be best if she bagged up as much stuff as possible and drop it off at the nearest charity stop. She needs this shite out of her life ASAP - it’s literally fucking with her mental health and stopping her from getting something as essential as her shower fixed.

>There is no way Kaya is like this and her mom is completely normal, let's be real
Over the years Kaya has made comments on her channel about her mum being a pothead and being really into the stoner lifestyle/community. Kaya’s mum has always come off as well-intentioned but immature on social media and Belfast anons have said she's been unemployed for a long time and most likely on benefits. Jake also hinted that she has hoarding tendencies. At the 1:48:17 mark in ‘Breaking my silence’ he says that she lives in a 4 bedroom apartment by herself and despite the narrative that she had no space to house Kaya after the break-up, he once saw her ‘empty an entire room that had nothing but crap in it for a dinner party’.
It’s sad to see Kaya struggling with very similar issues and heading down the same path as her mother.

>Think last christmas her parents were keeping more of a check on her and she was running her schedule for videos by them. Her dad lives over in Spain so she can probably ignore his messages
Her 2022 Xmas vlog seemed so upbeat and hopeful - she hosted dinner for her parents in her first home as a single woman and, despite the fact they’re divorced, they appeared civil and very supportive of their daughter.
Fast forward to her latest Xmas video and you can see how she’s declined – she was moody and didn’t want to make any effort. At 23:52 >>1947950 she talks about how her mum was overseas for Xmas and that her Dad is back in Belfast ‘so presumably I’m going to see him’ but didn’t seem to want to see him. It was a bit sad to hear her be so indifferent and cold. Like I get that she’s much closer to her mum and that she most likely didn’t feel motivated to celebrate Xmas at all as she was away in Portugal but come on, show a bit more feckin enthusiasm for your Dad who’s come all the way from Spain and make the effort to show him that you actually want to spend time with him.
Also, you’d think with both her parents being Belfast natives that there’d be lots of family around and plenty of dinners and celebrations to attend. She never seems to talk about her extended family though which is strange - never seems to mention grandparents, cousins, aunts etc. She probably made herself the black sheep and avoids them which is why she wanted to spend Xmas alone. Maybe instead of flying off to party with randoms and people she barely knows why doesn’t she reconnect with family who probably live 30 mins away from her? Just a thought Kaya…

No. 1954546

Saging and sorry for the long post, but I just needed to rant.
I used to resonate and feel sorry for Kaya. I saw myself in her a lot too.
I too used to live with an abuser-my MIL. I had to pack my bags, take my kid (that had just started kindergarten) and husband and escape to a small, shitty, cold and unfinished apartment (we didn't have waher/dryer, working light in the bathroom and the window didn't shut and it was winter, the ceilling leaked and there was no insulation and we felt the wind, no bed - slept on a mattress on the floor, no kitchen and not a single room had paint on the wall it was basically a flat under construction.
I told myself if she can pull trough and get her self together, I can too.
It's been a year since we're out. One room is 90% finished, we got a wahser and a dryer, we changed the bathroom window, have lights everywere, we bought a bed, a smaller one for our kid too, bought good heaters, insulated the walls and ceilings. We still don't have a proper kitchen and we still have quite a bit of things to do.
But it's been only a year, we are raising a kid in the mean time, that costs a lot of money. Our kid is turning 5 and this Christmas was the first time we had a Christmas tree and peaceful holidays. The flat isn't done,but it's clean and I work hard to keep it tidy (it's 40 sq.meters and it gets chaotic fast) with the conditions we are in, the constructions are happening while we are living here.
Also with our kid being in kindergarten, we were constantly sick for the past year and that takes a toll on my energy and motivation too. I am younger than her (25) and I also have ADHD.
What i'm trying to say is that I am mad that a young woman is wasting her potential with shitty excuses. She has all of the time in the world and every single video is filled with excuses. Ashamed to call a repair tech, because her house is untidy/dirty just takes the cake. I can understand if you've just moved in, not a year and a half later.(not your personal blog)

No. 1954566

That wasn't her dad with her mum in her Xmas vlog 2022.

No. 1954659

>I told myself if she can pull trough and get her self together, I can too.
I'm glad you got inspiration from this situation and your life has improved so much nonny, sounds like you have been working very hard for you and your family, well done!
(hope that was just a short ban kek)

No. 1954732

Her mom posting subtle and then not so subtle shade about her daughters ex on social media was enough for me to know she is unhinged. I understand a private fb status with some shade, but what she was doing was crossing a line imo. I would be embarrassed if that was my mom.

No. 1954837

Kayas mum is an ex nude model (the classless newspaper type) who has an Eminem tramp stamp and is obsessed with 90s raver culture. She’s never worked a proper job and is on benefits her whole life and is in a council house. Kaya has taken after her 100%

No. 1954843

Does anyone know if her parents were married?

No. 1955119

Yes they were, Cummings is her mums surname and Brown is her dads. Her mum has the surname Cummings Brown on FB.

No. 1955251

File: 1705301540168.jpg (3.58 MB, 1076x2164, LOUFrzg.jpg)

That’s an interesting idea you brought up about Exoumbra – that would be so cool if Kaya and Moose made a collaborative collection based on upcycling Kaya’s old clothes. Unfortunately I doubt Kaya could get her shit together and make it work. In last week’s stream she basically confirmed she wants to continue her current lifestyle of partying in London 1-2x a month which will leave her too ‘burnt out’ to deal with the piles of clothes in her home and studio.
The filler moustache was super obvious in today’s IG stories. I wonder how much longer she’ll deny it and claim it's 100% plumping gloss. I noticed the first time she started using lip plumper was in a Chatty Goth GRWM 4 months ago, coincidentally around the time her top lip first started looking fucked, and she’s been using it in videos ever since. My tinfoil is that she deliberately started doing this to dodge accusations of lip filler because she knows it’ll invite hate and criticism of her spending habits.
If it’s true she’s living in council housing I think it’s ridiculous that a single person can hog a 4 bedroom apartment, she should be moved off to smaller accommodation. That would not fly in my country.
I still think the milkiest thing about the mum is that she let Kaya do medical and latex fetish photoshoots when she was under-aged, mostly unaccompanied and sometimes with alcohol present. Although she was clothed it is unlikely that Kaya fully understood the intentions of the photographers and was extremely vulnerable at the time, her Mum should have known better and protected her. The mum never seems to get any criticism for that.
It does seem like they were married at some point. That’s a fucking unfortunate double barrel name though lmao.

No. 1955291

Her mum posed nude for newspapers when she was under 18 and is a pothead who has never worked so don’t think there is much parental guidance in that respect lol

No. 1955299

This photo is giving dust vibes. I bet kaya never dusts.

No. 1955318

Has she ever actually denied using filler? It doesn’t seem like something to be ashamed of. It looks like shit, but I don’t think it would bring the hate you think it would. It’s a minor body modification on someone who’s done minor minor body modifications on a regular basis. Not exactly breaking news.

No. 1955348

No. I remember that in a GRWM in the cold studio after the jake breakup she used a lip plumper. The one where she did a greenish makeup. It actually influenced me to buy one because I didn't know they existed, So as an influencer she's not bad. But I must say they do not give you a mustache. They only last for an hour, Unless she's got one better.

No. 1955358

I could have sworn someone asked her about it in IG stories or comments and she denied using filler. If I find proof I will post.
Still, if Kaya is over-doing the discretionary expenses when it comes to grooming services, clothing, eating out and travel then I think it's pretty disingenuous to say that 'cozzy livs' are hitting hard and that she desperately needs more support on Patreon guyz! If she's drowning in solicitor fees and car maintenance costs then she needs to budget and work more, not guilt-trip fans for more money. She averages 1 YT video every 3 weeks, never streams and goes to same parties in London every month with the same pictures we've seen a million times - what are the patrons even paying for?
Fair enough, I stand corrected. I guess she has been using that Too Faced lip plumper for quite some time now. Still I really want to know what that weird moustache is, whatever it is it's becoming more obvious.

No. 1955558

It’s not a discussion on whether it’s good or bad, shameful or acceptable, subtle or scandalous to use filler. I think what the other anon meant by "hate and criticism" is that it’s rather hypocritical to endlessly moan about her "bank account hurting" after having to pay her own heating, electric, car and petrol, medical bills etc upon returning home ( >>1947950 ), how "cozzy livs are hitting hard" ( >>1953740 ) and, therefore, she needs more patreon support – just to turn around and drop in on lip filler, tattoos, constant eating out, travel and partying, and shitty outfits.

No. 1955688

>Still I really want to know what that weird moustache is
I mean it's usually overdoing it with lip filler that causes that. If your lips are already full but you get more, it'll be pushed outside your lips and into the surrounding area resulting in duck lips, filler mustache, whatever you wanna call it. Getting fillers in excess while complaining about the cost of living, just like how she has absolutely no work ethic while complaining her influencer job is just so hard and stressy you guys, just shows me she's really bad at managing anything to do with adult life. And she just seems to use her friends until they get tired of her so it's not like they're gonna help kek. She also doesn't seem to wanna help herself which is a shame.

No. 1956115

The thing is that she doesn't hate doing Youtube videos, she just hates the part that requires effort (editing and stuff). So honestly even if vlogs are not the best content, she could leave most of it without editing and at least she'd be doing something that might even bring new subscribers.
I remember Kaya feeling miserable when they were living with her dad, among other things because apparently he'd complain about how little they were helping and contributing in general in his house. So maybe she also had issues like that with her mom or her partner, who knows.

No. 1956252

File: 1705518862130.jpg (1.93 MB, 2246x540, WHhml79.jpg)

I have a feeling this is Kaya's new rebound.
Kaya just reposted a pic from a 'pop-up erotic market' they attended 2 months ago in her IG stories and they had a strong couple vibe so I dug through her Instagram and found some evidence.
Pictures are from assorted London events taken in Nov and Dec showing them hanging out and Kaya sporting some interesting marks on her neck.
There was a cringe comment frothing over Kaya's lesbian relationship but it could just be a confused fan thinking she reunited with the Duke.
Kaya said she will continue to travel to London frequently for work (being refunded for flight tickets during a 2 week holiday is not work when you're losing money lol) but I think it's fairly obvious she's also flying over for dick on the Patreon dime. I think whoever Kaya is dating will most likely come from the London clubbing scene and make appearances on her social media long before she makes any announcements. She's made it clear she doesn't want to date in Belfast and that she's soooo picky so I guess we'll watch this space…

No. 1956442

I hope she doesn't get in a relationship at all, it's the last thing she needs especially after how she jumped from jake to a troon

No. 1956550

So your evidence is they've taken photos together and were hanging out on the same night kaya had hickeys? I think you might wanna go back to the drawing board here nonny.

No. 1956692

>flying over for dick
Doubtful any of these troons even have operating equipment anymore. She might be letting this new one nibble on her neck as a replacement duke or it could be countless other dudes in her social circle rn. Haven't seen rotten hollow or kuro's girlfriends mentioned or in photos for some time now. Did the tattoo artist She was sleeping in the bed of move yet too or? Lots of possible suspects these days.

To be fair Jake was anorexic and effeminate when they started dating. He even skinwalked jeffree Starr early on into their relationship. Seems like she has a type. Funny thing is he just confirmed nonnas suspicions that he's been active on lolcow too.

No. 1956861

Could be anyone at this point. She mentioned staying at an occupied house recently? Maybe it was some hobo/punk dude that doesn´t have social media.

No. 1956898

Yep he moved there earlier this month

No. 1957335

Is the person with the bangs yet another troon?

No. 1957493

Is this considered trad and christian in the USA?

No. 1957511

It's as trad and Christian as disowning your 13 year old daughter for getting raped by your cholo friend.

No. 1957687

extreme evangelical types do not care as long as you are preaching the good word of christ with an ar-15 in one hand and a bible in the other. we’ve been over this video of her’s and everyone should know by now this woman is a disingenuous, lying ass poser who never grew out of her edgelord phase. it’s old news at this point.

No. 1957844

Yes, that's a man

No. 1958284

File: 1705953326126.jpg (1.89 MB, 1072x2048, XvZiwhs.jpg)

I've noticed the same patterns of behavior evident in last year's Duke arc that suggest Kaya is chasing a new dude.
First of all this ashley_mck person, or Twiggy Ramirez as I like to call him, is exactly her type; feminine presenting with long dark hair, long face/features, goth and taller than her. I don't think it's any coincidence that this new Duke clone has appeared in Kaya's life so soon after the last guy's departure (he first appeared on Kaya's Instagram on 30th Nov). A minor detail but I've also noticed that Kaya's favorite spikey lip piercings have not made an appearance in ages which is usually a sign she's been doing a lot of snogging (especially considering the hickeys are back in full force).

There are clues that things are moving quickly. In Kaya's last stream she said the main purpose of the current London trip is to see Roly and celebrate a 'friend's birthday' and admitted she won't be doing any club hosting or collabs while there (it must be a good friend if she's missing the chance to make any kind of money). She has since posted pics from the music event she attended with Roly and his mates to IG stories however there's been nothing from the mystery friend's birthday. Tinfoiling here but I think the 'friend' is Twiggy and that she chose not to say his name or post pictures to avoid suspicion. I've also noticed that her Belfast bestie Fifi is following Twiggy on IG despite being uninvolved in the London alt club scene - maybe it's a friendly gesture to show she's looking forward to meeting IRL? I'm calling it now, he will probably fly over to Belfast in the coming months and stay with Kaya in Bangor.

Just as was the case before you can already see the effect of Kaya's new distraction on her channel. I've attached a screenshot and added dates so you can see how obvious it is for yourself.
In the last thread we speculated that Kaya was dumped by the Duke around the end of September ( >>1904746 ) yet surprisingly in the month that followed we can see that she pumped out 4 videos, probably her best month for uploads of the year. I guess after the Duke left she could finally concentrate on filming new shit and editing the months long backlog of footage at the time. That burst of motivation was short-lived and by November she threw herself headfirst into constant partying and hedonism and after meeting Twiggy her channel was moved to the backburner. Oct 27, Nov 25, Dec 25…once again we are seeing back to back months go by between uploads, just like when she first started dating Duke in middle of 2023. Her last upload was on Christmas day and all we've had since is a grainy complain stream…What the fuck does she even do all day and does she even care about her career? It seems to me she's riding out her Patreon earnings as long as she can and her fans are suckers who can't see what's going on.

No. 1958290

> I'm calling it now, he will probably fly over to Belfast in the coming months and stay with Kaya in Bangor.

Good lord, if that turns out to be legit, I don't know anyone in their right mind who'd do well to sleep over at her place. Does anyone remember if she had gotten her place in order extra for the Duke when he was there? I can't recall if she did the obvious "Can't embarrass myself in front of someone who'll judge me for living like a cockroach, so gotta clean quickly before they arrive" or if she was too far gone to even bother.

No. 1958293

She said her hoarding situation is so bad that she can't get a plumber to fix her shower for weeks now, if that won't get her lazy ass to clean I don't think a new troon bf will either.

No. 1958409

Nah, troon dick is her only true motivator in life. It magically cures her "executive dysfunction", crippling "hangxiety", decomposing in bed for days etc in an instance. If it is really the case, and the new troon will be coming over, everything will be tidy and shining clean in a week.

Otherwise, there’s no instant gratification, and it’s yet another reason to pity her dumb patrons into throwing more money at her.
>Poow wittle 30yo Kaya can’t clean after herself to call the plumber nor get her heating fixed. Let’s just fund her move to a new place, so she can skip the whole ordeal. It’s for the mento health, she needs to focus on living out all the missed opportunities of young adult life uwu responsibilities and integrity are for normies

No. 1958651

Yeah with the duke she was suddenly so motivated to go to London real often, after constantly showing that she otherwise leaves packing to the very last minute and has "flight anxiety". Girl is just addicted to instant gratification as you said, even if it comes in the form of an mtf scrote. And I know being a feminine guy enjoyer is difficult now since a lot of the ones who aren't just gay are trooning out for the coom, it makes me sad too, but surely that doesn't mean you have to become a handmaiden.

No. 1958842

The troons she's dating aren't even that feminine looking. They all look like that type of dude that was awkward af in highschool who obviously fancied girls but was mistook for being gay because they act like anxious little mama boys. Like Jake has that angry straight looking face, was clearly a dude but dressed alt. Idk if him being so short and stocky really made him lean into it to compensate but the troons she's dating now are even more undesirable than a cunt like Jake. It's so funny that Kaya clearly has no goals and is just a codependeny lazy mess. If she did housework she probably would have got a proposal from Jake, look how hard she took it getting kicked out. She probably thinks a troon will be easier to date because they're so desperate and weird to get accepted but there's a lot of maintenance to larping as the opposite sex. I reckon her and Duke butt heads over their living space getting ready and Kaya taking ages to post over his hormones that got lost in her hoarders house.

No. 1958863

kaya has shit on jk rowling so unfortunately her handmaiden tendencies aren't limited to just thirsting after men in dresses. she doesn't seem interested in any form of critical thinking, or thinking about anything at all beyond what she's going to add to her hoard or what trip she's going to go on next.

No. 1958981

>If she did housework she probably would have got a proposal from Jake
Stop with this crazy talk kek this is the same guy who publicised their shared finances on Youtube in great detail after the breakup, he probably just would have whined that she didn't clean well enough or fast enough or some shit

No. 1959012

File: 1706135358868.jpeg (307.36 KB, 1177x1875, IMG_4882.jpeg)

Kat Von D alludes to battling a court case recently. I wonder which one it is. The tattoo copyright or the former HVT employee who is suing because she didn’t follow Covid protocols.

No. 1959088

File: 1706149880600.png (721.17 KB, 719x992, katvondcourtcase.png)

It's apparently the copyright court case. It's kind of funny though reading the articles and then seeing the photos. Apparently they are trying to say that the tattoo was "transformative" and "only took inspiration" from the original image.

No. 1959089

File: 1706150509931.png (361.44 KB, 949x470, totallydifferent.png)

>you will see there are many differences
What do you think nonnas? kek

No. 1959113

Just based on how she botched the hair, they are different. Case closed.

It’ll be interesting to see what the outcome of this is going to be and how it’ll affect tattoo artists using existing artwork as inspiration.

No. 1959116

File: 1706159478070.jpeg (332.8 KB, 1159x1352, IMG_4884.jpeg)

No. 1959122

File: 1706163043586.jpg (99.5 KB, 561x1645, FB_IMG_1706162903582.jpg)

Has this girl been posted before? She's deleting comments on her post, some from SA victims too
Isn't she a little old for Dahvie?

No. 1959149

Well, there are subtle differences, but it’s also dumb to assume that it is technically possible to transfer a photo unto skin, especially the shoulder/upper arm, in a way that it’ll look 100% identical. Of course there will be differences, it is inevitable.
However, none of these said "differences" which they are trying to pass off as ‘conscious artistic or design choices’ qualify as such, since they are too subtle and bring absolutely nothing to the table. She couldn’t even be arsed to change anything stylistically, which is the biggest giveaway that it’s just plagiarism. It’s called a "tattoo artist" for a reason, not a "skin printer".

Also, it’s not that hard to ask for permission, if, let’s say, on the client’s behalf, it were as important to use this particular photo and preserve everything as it is, and you just agreed to do it. Though something tells me it wasn’t the case of a militant client, it’s just her careless, inflated ego, alcoholic copycat arse.

Still, the funniest part here is their retarded defence narrative in court. Like, I don’t know who this lawyer is, but I assume it’s not a cheap one. And him using these dumb, amateur talking points as proof of her innocence, and her sitting there agreeing to this blatant nonsense, while considering herself an artist, and trying to come off as this creator of deep conceptualised work >>1959116 is beyond kek. And then acting all traumatised >>1959012 I hope her arse will get handed to her with the help of this idiot lawyer. Oh and God, of course.

No. 1959290

Why isn’t Rafael with her in L.A and supporting her instead of her dad? Or is he traumatized by courtrooms? kek.

No. 1959557

File: 1706233642822.png (1.09 MB, 2684x1360, new pedo fucker.png)

does she have kids? his last gf had a young daughter.
I can't find her personal accounts (aside from Facebook which looks right out of 2008 https://www.facebook.com/stevieraquelcamal) which seems to be what you posted, I think she DFE'd them. Quite a few usernames related to "stevie raquel" seems to be gone(@stevieraquelcamal, @stevieraquel). Managed to find her professional instagram (@stevie.raquel) where she's recently posted some poetic bible-heavy virtue-signaling about Palestine and Israel.
She's a model but like all his other gfs afaik, is a fail scene musician too (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChDx8hrmn0aIgDJpahI6YGA). She makes the same type of stuff he does so they'll probably have some musical adventures together cause he loves using his gfs for free vocals.
This modeling reel I found shows off her typical plastic body and appearance right out of the myspace/suicide girls era: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q9X4-HolbU. Her backstages: https://www.backstage.com/u/stevieraquel/,https://www.backstage.com/u/stevieraquelbackup/. Imagine ruining your life over has-been (but arguably never famous) pedo dick. Also imagine having so many surgeries you start looking like a troon
Random fact, her mom has been Donna Karan's makeup artist in New York (https://www.modelsadora.com/dvteam/stevie-racquel/)
Here's her tumblr, it's pretty basic and mostly just posts her instagram posts https://stevie-raquel.tumblr.com/

No. 1959558

File: 1706233850399.mp4 (6.92 MB, Stevie Raquel - New York Profe…)

Archived the modeling reel (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Q9X4-HolbU) in case she deletes it, thought it was pretty funny

No. 1959658

So cringe and such hypocrisy, it’s absolutely disgusting. Why wouldn’t she then cry over the sufferings and pray for all the SA victims of Dahvie’s, like the good Christian she is? Or is it because she "forgave" him, as her prayer and the scripture instructed her? Such vile trash.
> Imagine ruining your life over has-been (but arguably never famous) pedo dick
Yeah, how desperate and far gone does one have to be to associate with that? There’s plenty of has-been moids from the scene, why go after him? What does he have to offer? In his case one can’t even play the card of 'I’ve been blinded by his talent, good looks and charisma, I’ve fallen for xyz, and foolishly believed his innocence' or some sort of similar BS, like he’s an absolute loser when it comes to anything, hideous-looking paedo scrote. I guess like attract like, otherwise there’s no explanation. Like the bar can’t possibly be this low.

No. 1959876

I wonder if she was a former (or current) botdf fan. Back then public fans usually received a barrage of hate from supporting pedo dick (most of the underage fans never believed the stories, especially because they could always point to Jessie Slaughter as an example of "faking it for clout") and also for listening to arguably terrible music even by scene standards. It turned the situation from "it's a guilty pleasure/I like some songs/I pirate so he gets no money anyways" to the hardcore "botdf army" who were mostly bullied kids now feeling attacked in the scene too and holding harder to the identity and ignoring the "hate". As the years went on it got smaller and smaller as more stuff came out, but those who were able to keep their online circles small kept the blinders on and became the ultimate stans. Basically like Onision fans back then too. And like Onision, the content was also grooming them on top of the pedo circus around them. Oversexxed lyrics encouraging a mostly underaged audience to shake their breasts and butts for him and an atmosphere that he "gets" you and will support you when no one else will (and coincidentally his DMs are always open to fans going through anything".
Either way she's an adult that should be unlearning this stuff but it would at least somewhat explain the why

No. 1960056

File: 1706372565913.jpeg (189.32 KB, 1171x1789, IMG_4912.jpeg)

Kat Von D won her lawsuit and Rafael is actually by her side and there to party in celebration.


No. 1960058

So the tat was so much uglier than the original photo that they can't say they're the same? Kekkk you sure "won" kat

No. 1960149

Lucky for her the botched hair and other inconsistencies got her a pass. It's very obvious it was meant to be a direct copy. Usually her portraits are pretty good, but this one looks half assed.

No. 1960263

>>1958284 I dont know if you have seen the hellweek post, but please nonnies can you take the trans hate to another thread. It is a constant derail on this thread, which is supposed to be about altcows, not random trans people you dont like the look of.(use reports)

No. 1960267

Listen if all Kaya can date is trans things then it will get commented on.

No. 1960402

File: 1706481876375.png (514.54 KB, 534x595, gross.PNG)

disgusting hickeys, why is she showing this off? she could easily cover them for a video

No. 1960413

This thread is in a pathetic state. Constant retarded nitpicking and sharing of milkless stories of Kaya especially, dating troons and having hickeys isn't milk. It's a wonder this thread isn't locked yet .(Utilize reports)

No. 1960544

Kaya herself is in a pathetic state, she peaked at 16 or something and is trying to be 16 again at 30, including only having energy for partying and mysteriously having mental illnesses only when she has to work.

No. 1960567

She wants to brag about having sex.

No. 1960581

She has nothing to brag about. I feel sorry for the sod that has to fuck her ugly, fridge-ass. I don't know who has more unfortunate proportions, her or a troon.(give it a rest)

No. 1960615

Cause she has fuck all else going for her.

No. 1960852

I dunno, is anyone really gonna be jealous that she got fucked by a TIM?

No. 1960853

I don't understand Dorian, she's been making so many ED videos and it makes you wonder if she was anything else to say. Most of her recent videos in the past few months have either been talking about EDs or drugs.

No. 1960895

She's almost 40, still living at home with only a small youtube income and no job in what, 10+ years? I don't think she does anything aside from sitting at home browsing the internet and reliving her youth.

No. 1961126

Damn you're right, she literally does not have much of a life so all she's got are her old memories and things that happened in her youth and is not in a place to make new memories. It's pretty depressing when you think about it…

No. 1961428

File: 1706766428700.jpeg (298.1 KB, 1179x1995, IMG_4957.jpeg)

Kat is going to milk any support she gets from this. It’s been awhile since she was on the right side of a situation so I bet she’s reveling in the attention.

No. 1961840

She knows what most of her current public wants, that's for sure. She probably needs the cash to buy more tacky jewellery, makeup and perfume. Truly a gender non-conforming androgynous non-binary badass vampire with refined taste.

No. 1961875

At least she makes content and contacts with her viewers unlike kaya. I respect her more and she's really mentally ill so its understandable that she cannot leave home. I do think she should go to treatment though.

No. 1961988

File: 1706910563010.jpg (249.93 KB, 1080x1829, VA24677.jpg)

Vanessa is already back to her usual meltdowns. In the comments she said she's stressed about money lately. Wonder if the plans to move in with Roman are already falling apart before she could slither out from her mom's house and into his.

Not everything needs to relate back to kaya anon. Let the monnas talk about other cows for once.

No. 1961992

File: 1706911275428.jpg (234.16 KB, 995x853, VA24679.jpg)

So shocking that she's experiencing money problems at 40 years old while living at home on mommy's dime and only working part-time/seasonal retail gigs on and off. I wonder if Roman is reconsidering things with her already? It's already been a month since she was supposed to move in with him >>1943288

No. 1962051

File: 1706922850535.jpg (Spoiler Image,583.26 KB, 1284x2249, livingfatnessa.jpg)

she mentioned him on her IG post from last weekend so i guess they didn't break up yet. but it seems we catched her lying since her story here doesn't match her makeup-free story she posted to FB…also if any of this happened, why wouldn't she bring the dog to the vet immediately instead of taking crying selfies!(spoiler this)

No. 1962196

Hold on, hold on. So she was getting ready for the winter ball, "was already done with all her makeup", then, for some reason, went to the shower – that’s when the accident happened with her dog – she panicked and got stressed out (understandable), spent hours trying to get ahold of a vet, and subsequently even more hours crying and taking makeupless selfies, that all lead to a headache and a horrible day, by the end of which she’s magically back in full makeup, smiling, taking thirst traps before washing her face and hitting the sack? Is she on something, or how doesn’t she see all the ridiculous inconsistencies of her lies?

No. 1962291

File: 1706999312971.jpg (Spoiler Image,781.25 KB, 1284x2131, saggypasties.jpg)

exactly, you got it nonna. she's a big fat bad liar! there was absolutely no mention of the dog incident on her IG. maybe it never happened and she told the mom the dog ate all the chocolates cause she was scolded for being such a fatty kek. sorry for missing the spoiler, since Vanessa is able to post her hideous nudes on a public profile it went over my head. attached some cringe, she loves to censor the least bits of her nipples to make sure we know how saggy their positioning is. also kek @ her hashtags.

No. 1962470

She shows signs of Histrionic personality disorder and BPD(armchairing, not even successfully replying to anything)

No. 1962744

It would be pretty difficult for a dog to get into and eat ferrero rocher, they are in a solid plastic case and each one is really well wrapped, like the dog would have to be chomping a lot of solid plastic and foil for the unrewarding treat of a handful of hazelnut chocolates.
She probably just had a good old fashioned mental breakdown/confidence crisis while getting ready.

No. 1962912

These images are also from different days, evidently. Notice how she has black nail polish in the meltdown selfie >>1961988 And if you pay a closer look to the very bottom of the "utilising my makeup before I go to bed" picture >>1962051 where her hair is, the nail is bare or beigey.
Not that it is entirely impossible to suddenly do your makeup while also removing the nail polish by the end of the day, but hardly a lazy cow like Vanessa would do that, when stuff like throwing on a basic arse makeup look is considered a whole day event for her, or, in itself, a list of tasks for that entire day.

No. 1962923

File: 1707158902441.jpeg (630.95 KB, 1284x2338, IMG_5002.jpeg)

So she didn’t have a place over in Scotland, it was in nz? She didn’t want to pay for shipping? I’m so confused by this

No. 1963088

File: 1707211680480.png (28.76 KB, 512x300, 092904.png)

She had hoards both in NZ and in Scotland. The Scotland pile is still there.

No. 1963091

Insane that she has hordes across multiple countries and is still constantly gathering more. Haven't seen her mention that musty old organ she dragged home or the ice-skates she was totally going to start using, ever again. It must be a nightmare living in that mess.

No. 1963104

she STILL has her stuff in Scottland?! How much shit does she have? It can´t be anything valuable, it´s probably just cothes from shillstar and musty shoes. She´s begging online but is still paying the stoage unit for her rubbish.

No. 1963134

how is she ever going to get all of the scotland hoard back? surely the shipping cost would be astronomical and she's already been paying to have it in storage for years. i can't imagine she has anything there that's worth the money she's sunk into it.

No. 1963233

Did she transfer all stuff from Germany or is there still something left in Leipzig?

No. 1963287

Yeah I'm thinking just how much stuff she must have piled up. She said it's only 50%, that's barely half and yet she still has a shit ton more things she needs to get? Insane.
This is the downside of when you accumulate too much stuff because if something major happens where you have to move into a smaller home, it can be a nightmare having to wonder how you'd manage your things. The common sense thing is having to downsize and get rid of some things but she doesn't seem like she's willing to do that and so it makes you wonder just what she plans to do with everything, it must be costing quite a pretty penny to keep the Scottish storage. I feel like she thinks she may be able to get a huge house someday but with raising prices and her not working, I feel like it's a pipe dream for her unless she inherits a house or something. I mean if I'm wrong about the housing prices in NZ, school me but I have a feeling in the back of my head that if housing wasn't as expensive, she would've gotten a big house by now.

For real. I would say she needs to just cut her losses. She has two children now and things are gonna get a little tighter in the budget when they get older, especially since they're special needs. I think that what she should do is try to save some money to take one more trip back to Scotland, sort through her storage to see what she really wants and then get rid of the rest because there's no way she's gonna be able to take everything back.

I'm just imagining what she would be like on Hoarders and being known as the "goth hoarder" lol. Let's just be glad she hasn't stockpiled her current home like what happened with Kaya and her home.

No. 1963295

Genuinely feels like freyja is just one messy divorce away from being the next raven. Who in their right mind would keep storage hordes in multiple countries for YEARS? She's making haunted butterfly heather's hording look normal in comparison.

No. 1963524

She 100% needs to gather all her stockpiled stuff.
Honestly I feel like it’d be a great idea if she sold it or had some sort of auction for subscribers.
I think it’d make a lot of money if she just set a minimum bid or something, so long as the stuff in storage isn’t literal trash.
With thrifting going into the shitter, its hard as fuck to get gothic pieces.

No. 1963573

When has this cow literally let go of anything? People were saying the same about Heather sparkles and she's let her stuff rot in storage for the better half of a decade now. She's too busy shaking her tits for views and hording even more subscription box junk.

No. 1963584

File: 1707345485456.png (Spoiler Image,2.21 MB, 1266x1992, nessie.png)

Vanessa quickly recovered from the worst day ever and is back to taking thirst traps in her mothers shower to post on her public instagram.

No. 1963590

I don't know who that is and reading that I just imagined a slightly more far-gone Kaya kek

No. 1963644

Looks like a goblin. Why are women 30+ acting like they’re at the peak of their 20s?

No. 1963694

You will understand once you reach their age.

No. 1963848

How can she be spending thousands of pounds per year on this??

No. 1963984

Ikr? Freeloads off of her relatives to solve her living situation, ebegs online, whilst flushing thousands upon thousands down the shitter for literal years, just because she can’t let go of her shillstar and g0ffer-than-most-g0ffs-who-ever-g0ffed spray painted trash, that can be easily replaced with similar trash from the local thrift shop.
Sure, she had some interesting pieces back in her old flat in Leipzig, and surely there may well be things that hold sentimental value. However, hardly there’s so many that she can’t pick those out and transport them, and donate / sell the rest, like the other nonnas suggested.

No. 1964017

IBF has mentioned money struggles before so its extra odd that she wouldn't at least sell off some of it? Especially since she's gained weight since having kids. A lot of her shillstar clothes probably wouldn't fit anymore anyway. Why are youtube goffs such neurotic hoarders kek

No. 1964044

The endless goff subscription boxes and sponsors, probably

No. 1964068

I’m 34 with 3 kids and I don’t feel the need to relive my 30s or pretend I’m an 18 egirl. It only seems to be happening to the failed “goths” that couldn’t keep up internet fame. Think of all the YouTubers or bloggers from the day, they’re all either acting like strippers or telling stories from when they were teens(blogposting)

No. 1964150

File: 1707473183527.png (93.45 KB, 519x815, 975736856.png)

She has loads of patrons somehow, if all these people are giving her £3 per month that's a good bit of money. I'm not too familiar with how patreon works, but her numbers seem big for someone who barely uploads.

No. 1964238

if she's actually doing mostly weekly patreon lives then maybe it is for them since that's more than she does on youtube, but i wouldn't know what she would be talking about weekly that would make it worth it. also not sure what updates she'd be posting that would be worth it either tbh, she just makes unboxing and hauls so it's not like there's much to be said about that behind the scenes. if she were posting outfits of the day and new music finds then it could be more worth it imo, but as it stands i don't see what patreons really get for their money vs just watching her videos.

No. 1964334

No. 1964554

I understand it´s probably hard to organize now that she has retarded children but tbh she just needs to do it. Book a vacation to Scottland with the family and post shit online like an auction. If I know I have money struggles I obv. look at my expenses and where I can cut back, it blows my mind that she thought selling silly little paintings on ebay is gonna help her.(learn to reply)

No. 1964950

>I’m 34 with 3 kids
But you're on gossip image boards trying to act like a 20 something Regina George which is even more pathetic.(infighting)

No. 1965497

File: 1707815940552.png (Spoiler Image,2.3 MB, 1168x1926, van.png)

Vanessa posted this to IG and quickly deleted it, she keeps deleting her posts and claiming it got deleted for nudity - when that's clearly impossible when her many actually explicit posts are still up. I have reported around 40 fully nude posts of hers in the past and none of them got deleted. she lies about getting "zucked" even with posts that show little cleavage in actual clothes or even just her face or pics with Roman. i don't know why she would do this or why she doesn't learn to think through her posts so she doesn't regret them. wonder what kind of health issues she could have that don't prevent her from posting happy looking selfies in full makeup…has she posted anything about it to FB nonna?

No. 1965606

She's probably just stirring drama and finding some round about way to explain away Roman stalling her out on the move in situation while she's likely not working. I don't recall her ever really talking about health issues except for her alcoholism. It's definitely possible she's experiencing some sort of health concern at 40 after binge drinking for a few decades, but the timing definitely seems like a convenient way to excuse her not moving all of a sudden. Especially considering she never has had a steady income, it's not like she's ever not had "money problems"? Seems like trouble in paradise to me. If they do break up I'm sure Roman has some other "alt model" he's met at bar sinister waiting around for him, dude never seems to stay single for very long.

No. 1965625

File: 1707844406277.png (Spoiler Image,1.69 MB, 1166x1628, vanessa.png)

another deleted IG post from today! it was 4:30 AM in Albuquerque when she posted it. so she can't afford her meds, is so ill to the point of potential surgery but is going on another nonsense LA trip just to hang out at depressing Bar Sinister. i guess we can expect valentines-day cringe from this horizontally-blessed couple!

No. 1965684

Ngl, I feel like she might actually relapse and go back to drinking if this relationship doesn't work out. Living with mommy at 40 with no real job prospects and your only friends being aging washed up has-beens who only seem to use you for sex occasionally is bleak. Will be really surprised if they even make it a year.

No. 1965686

God the massive fucking forehead is driving me nuts like does she like it or think it´s cute? Other than that she´s probably deleting because they don´t get enough attention and she has to find an excuse kek

No. 1965704

File: 1707857122526.jpg (740.22 KB, 1284x2263, vanessabangs.jpg)

she got bangs recently and had to make this life-changing decision all about him of course, but she keeps putting them away! also why someone with that much forehead real-estate thinks they need baby bangs is beyond me! you can tell it's all uneven too cause she tried to go for an actual Bettie Page look where they are longer in the front, but her hair is just not thick enough to pull it off it looks horrible.

No. 1965705

gen x alternative women are so fucking painfully annoying

No. 1965787

She's millenial.

No. 1965899

For a person with a normal forehead it would be normal brow-level bangs but on her it looks micro heh

No. 1965900

File: 1707915050816.png (339.7 KB, 538x500, Screenshot 2024-02-14 at 13.52…)

Kaya and BlackFriday can take notes from this(not milk)

No. 1965930

Agree! She has 2 jobs and is a parent, plus she filmed a video when she was leaking spinal fluid so they have no excuse!

No. 1966069

Oh goodness, it looks like she's balding

No. 1966126

File: 1707963003218.png (Spoiler Image,5.42 MB, 2414x2066, vanessavalentines.png)

Valentines cringe from Vanessa is in full swing! (NSFW) She keeps referencing him in every post acting like a teen and not like she's 40 year old dating someone who can't even be bothered to like any of her pictures. he's obviously not giving her enough attention if she has to post these pics she says are intended for him.

No. 1966135

File: 1707966080243.png (564.68 KB, 671x524, vanessaromanvalentines.png)

>hate most of my back tattoos can't wait to cover them
I remember when she did a cover up on her chest tattoo TWICE leading to that blotchy black mess she has today. I can't imagine what she's slap on over the multiple little tim burton doodles. Wonder if her "ass watching partner" doesn't like starting at a more successful competitor's art while hitting it from behind or something. kek

She's also been lovebombing him all over social media today. Not that out of the norm for valentine's day I guess, but kind of sad because he hasn't bothered to interact with any despite being active on social media to shill some v-day pencil sketches.

No. 1966137

File: 1707966172842.png (882.34 KB, 710x868, romanvday.png)

also this 50+ year old man still talks like a teenager from 2005. embarrassing.

No. 1966292

NGL, a solid nitpick of the year candidate

No. 1966362

File: 1708020116582.jpg (408 KB, 1080x1297, 0215115026.jpg)

Even though he never likes/interacts with her many posts she tags him in, she's in the comments of his sales post trying to message the people interested in purchasing the sketches. Definitely weird interactions, or lack of, online.

Yeah, it's totally normal for 50 year old men to talk like "can haz" and call things "spicy buttholes". All I'm saying is that it's pretty obvious why this guy has a history of dating much younger women, he's completely stunted and never left the early 2000s.

No. 1966466

File: 1708038964019.png (1.04 MB, 2608x1454, vanessacustomerservice.png)

omg! why is she interfering with his business! he was replying to customers himself, he obviously already has his system to keep track of sales - why does she have to butt in and act like people should know she's his GF. it sounds like she just overcomplicated things, i doubt he asked for this "help". she probably just wants to show him that she can be useful and doesn't need to get a job to move in with him.

No. 1966468

>Wonder if her "ass watching partner" doesn't like starting at a more successful competitor's art while hitting it from behind or something. kek
i'm both barfing and cackling at the thought of that nonna! picrel is really interesting she's saying they met for the first time IRL! that event was a photo book launch where she was published, probably only for plus size, or rather fridge bod exposure. she had mentioned she got ditched and that he came in to accompany her last minute cause god forbid she do anything by herself! that was probably a lie so she can pretend to have a 'mental breakdown' and guilt-trip him into coming. there's history of them interacting on FB/IG for 1-2 years prior, Vanessa must have been a fan of his shitty doodles and following him all these years until he finally had a midlife crisis and deemed her ok enough after noticing she weaselled her way into celebrities lives. they are both stunted stuck in the past starfuckers.

No. 1966533

The way she is butting in is really weird, like imagine popping up in your boyfriend's workplace and randomly offering to help him do his job. Like why would they need her in the dms, he already gave instructions on how to pay.

No. 1966535

>free worldwide shipping!
>absolutely not
such a helpful girlfriend, i'm sure he'll always remember the hard work she's doing right now

No. 1966546

File: 1708070506542.jpg (297.06 KB, 1080x592, IMG_20240216_100227.jpg)

Kaya posted a new vid and I think she looks good, wow. The braids are pretty.(sage this nonmilk)

No. 1966592

File: 1708086634706.jpg (39.07 KB, 686x386, hq720.jpg)

Does gothic kingcobraJFS belong in this thread? he's a well known lolcow who's also alt there's tons of milk about him

No. 1966612

yes please i wanted to talk about him here for a while, but i thought no one was interested

No. 1966634

if you say so anon kek, also using the LMR riff AGAIN fuck me

No. 1966635

Didn't he have his own thread here already or am I mistaken? He seems really milky but in a less goth and more extremely autistic way. I know the milk itt is already pretty skim though and often borderlines fanclub posting if the recent emilyboo and kaya posts show us anything.

No. 1966639

Cool spill it nonna I´m ready

No. 1966650

And then she turned around and showed off her back flab. Still no milk, though.

No clue who this guy is, but I’m really for fresh milk in this thread. Bring it. Does his face look like that from make up or tattoos? Either way, bad choices were made.(sage your shit)

No. 1966734

>>1966546 I thought it was a good video it just a shame she was sent more clothes when she already has like 3 bedrooms worth of hoard piles but it was finally a video worth watching edited good. maybe she should do a video like Emily boob >>1965900 closet clean out. I saw Emily sold all her Vinted bits In one day she must made like £250? imagine how much money kaya would make if she did one pile worth clothes.

>>1966592 spill the beans on him he looks interesting we need fresh milk

>>1966466 I hate people like this in relationships no wonder why he blanks her existence online. Being obsessive with people who talk to him and constantly checking his posts for messages is creepy af just let him do his own thing they don’t want to buy from you they want to buy from him

No. 1966749

File: 1708119507347.png (Spoiler Image,2.01 MB, 1150x2086, vanessavdayvomit.png)

more Vanessa valentines vomit! she does these side by sides every other week kek i think this is the first time she actually mentioned having gone to rehab, i wonder if she actually did and for how long. why doesn't she tell more about that recovery process instead of just focussing on her body that still looks gross and not like she exercises at all. she can't even go on daily dog walks just "every other day" the thought of her doing hot yoga is nasty.
>not only want to be healthy for myself, I want to be happy and healthy for my relationship so we can have a good long life together.
usually people use this line saying they want to be healthy to be there for their kids kek so she has no reason to live outside of herself besides him! i'm sure he will love that and show his appreciation by not even liking this post(spoiler this)

No. 1966752

>alcohol weight
Vodka is 0 calories. You're fat because you're a binge eater. Anyone who reads the caption is going to know that immediately kek

No. 1966760

Ask and you shall recieve farmers.
Gothic kingcobraJFS real name Joshua Fay Saunders is an autistic self proclaimed "sexy gothic bad boy" who started his youtube channel in 2011 making videos of his awful guitar playing, autistic rants and sharing every detail of his life online this attracted a huge number of trolls these same trolls will contribute to most of his milk.

I only know about him cause he had a massive beef with one of my old fb friends named Gothic Dee who's also autistic and was tricked by one of his trolls to give him a shoutout on her stream he gave her one back and his trolls spammed her comments pretending to be him and saying they would make a cute couple this made her make a video telling him to leave her alone and called him a poser goth (kek) this made him go insane and send his trolls after her.

There are two main channels that document this guy's milk and they made a doc on the beef with gothic Dee. If i had to document his milk in one post i wouldn't be able to finish in a million years as he's been on the internet for over 10 years lol here are the milk channels that document his shit :
Bitesize cobra vids:
Gothic Dee doc:

No. 1966767

>0 calories
Hope to not catch a timeout but are you stupid?

No. 1966768

Ok i know vodka isn't 0 calories but its only like 300 calories for like 5 or 6 vodka shots. A whole vodka bottle is only like 800 or 900 calories, which you'll burn off just sleeping lmao. If she was obese from drinking it certainly was not due to vodka.

No. 1966774

TMDWU nonnie. I've been hoping Jorsh would get mention here sooner or later. The NaL saga has been wild.

No. 1966780

>only like 300 calories for like 5 or 6 vodka shots
>A whole vodka bottle is only like 800 or 900 calories, which you'll burn off just sleeping
i can't tell if you're doubling down or dumb
unless you're drunkorexic or limiting calories in order to drink, sleeping/tdee isn't exactly working anything off. would you listen to a fatty saying you can sleep off a bag of chips?
bless you nonna, some new milk

No. 1966795

I highly recommend watching the infamous hair dye video lmfao

No. 1966837

Lmao I’ve been waiting for him to migrate over here since I won’t touch KF. I feel like he’s a “guy cow” in that he has way more male watchers and documentarians (kek) than female obviously, but god is he insane and funny to watch sometimes. There are a few medium sized YouTube channels that cover his antics in a way that’s palatable and not so testicle scented that I can’t laugh.

No. 1966886

It's another ad and it's less than 10 mins long, the only other video she posted this year was a Spooky Box unboxing. The editing here was mega basic and lazy which is a shame because the haul itself was alright, the only questionable thing was the wet look leggings which reminded me of a beached whale. This kind of alt style is flattering for fat bodies, I hope Kaya actually wears these out rather than shit two sizes too small for her. Sadly no Kaya video is complete without excuses - she said the lookbook was cut short because her camera had issues charging, something she admitted has been happening a while. I don't understand why a veteran Youtuber of 10 yrs can't get her equipment fixed at a shop, buy more batteries or bring a backup camera. I also noticed the video was posted 2 days after her discount code went live (it was supposed to be for Valentine's Day)…incompetence intensifies
Kek her back is so untoned and fleshy it's hard to differentiate from her front

No. 1966887

File: 1708155327359.jpg (706.64 KB, 1171x550, M8z1AaO.jpg)

Just wanted to include the blood vial necklace Kaya flaunted in her new video, it's popped up a fair bit on her IG as well. This is the same necklace Kaya made in that NSFW video some dopey nonna posted last month >>1949582. In the clip you can see someone sitting next to her and it looked like they were exchanging blood as some juvenile declaration of love. I looked through Kaya's tagged pics on IG and found a post from Monster Queen NYE that confirms it was Twiggy - you can clearly see them wearing their little matching vials and looking very much like a couple (kek at Kaya's thigh being the same size as his waist). I don't think she's known him very long, it's been like 3 months and they're already wearing each other's body fluids…I'm getting serious Duke flashbacks here. It's easier to let yourself get swept up in a new world wind romance rather than work on yourself and all your problems back home aye Kaya? 
I noticed her Instagram bio has changed - her three jobs listed are 'Youtube. TikTok. Party Promo' and she's replaced the bat and plant emojis with chains and blood drops…cringe. She's really set on this new BDSM party girl identity and it's putting off a lot of her long-term, diehard fans who fell in love with her witchy, crafty persona. She really thinks that her partying career is going to take her to places like Berlin and beyond meanwhile her Patreon is steadily bleeding and her rentals gather dust lmao

No. 1966923

>Not so testicle scented that I can’t laugh.
hahaha i'm stealing this. But for real tho you're right kiwifarms is a cesspool that smells like unwashed ass and dick cheese so i never went there for his milk. The naked and laughing saga is hilarious tho it's gonna bring lots of milk

No. 1966928

Another alt cow kek
Andrew Paul Roach born Naomi Stewart is a deranged troon that skinwalks marilyn manson and manages to look even more repulsive.

>Has a youtube channel where she spends her time getting drunk, naked, and masturbating on livestreams with the same microphone she "sings" into.

>Sells weird stickers of herself online
>Has been banned from laundromats for screaming at the employees.
>Was banned from the local mall for sexually harassing a minor teen boy.
>Used to work at a museum until she she ran through the museum screaming about all the places she and Marilyn Manson would have sex, harassing families to take her stickers, and littered trash and stickers around the property
>Her brother is a religious fanatic, pedophile (who raped his own daughter.)
>Grew up in a religious household where her father won't let her and her sister go outside but would let her brother
>This probably made her troon out thinking that larping as a scrote would spare her from their misogyny
>Pee's on herself during livestreams because she doesn't want to ''get up and interrupt.''
>Says she would fuck her cats since no human wants to fuck her

Social media:
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mini_manson_talent/
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJhmZp3sSZlT-xQzV9rdisw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AndrewPaulRoach
Youtube video documenting her antics:

No. 1966950

File: 1708179768657.jpg (324.72 KB, 681x1548, daysarenumbered.jpg)

Wow. She's a class act. This is between several posts saying "come troll this guy with me" "executive order #666, let's troll this guy!" Who's your army, your 250 followers who don't interact with you at all?

No. 1966955

Kek which ones is the Billy Bob and which one is the Angelina? I know it seems obvious but then kaya gives more Bob Thornton Daddy vibes lol. Horrible. That top middle photo on her Instagram grid is laughably bad.

No. 1966958

Here's a video describing her piss fetish… Or rather, holding it in. She bounces up and down at the end to make her gut press on her bladder. Made me physically ill.

No. 1966977

She must love UTIs

No. 1966998

Are goth men so hard to find for her that she has to settle for troons? That's sad. I know she and Fake never used to interact with the goth scene to the point they claimed there are no goths in Ireland, but now kaya is somewhat involved in the clubs. I say somewhat cos she just hides in the staff room the whole night for an easy paycheck, but still she's there. Or maybe it's the wallflower nature that draws the tims.

No. 1967043

File: 1708194935562.jpg (273.06 KB, 1080x1940, 1000053651.jpg)

Psychara's new boyfriend is an hair dresser. Maybe finally the hair burning cycle will end?

No. 1967082

File: 1708205343297.png (1.34 MB, 869x643, minimanson.png)

She's like some sort of TIF version of buffalo bill.

No. 1967088


"His days are numbered"!?! Rich Koz/Svengoolie has been a beloved local Chicago TV celebrity for 45 years!

No. 1967106

>cognitive dissonance

No. 1967185

200 followers? Smells like a self post. Go be desperate elsewhere(infighting)

No. 1967209

File: 1708259721026.jpeg (447.86 KB, 1284x2145, IMG_5073.jpeg)

I know we’ve nitpicked her terrible breast job before but I swear it’s just getting worse. Looks like a ball bolted on to her chest

No. 1967219

I see she´s posting him now? She used to hide him, why is she posting him now? Maybe he demanded to be shown to her "audience"? I always thought he´d look more chad like kek he looks like he listens to Blink 182

No. 1967224

Or could be someone trying to revive this pathetic milk less thread and actually posting new altcows that are actually milky beyond dating troons and getting bolt ons. You're fucking retarded.

No. 1967235

Not a selfpost imo this person seems objectively terrifying
The worst thing about this is "my mans be so fine" about this common garden variety moid

No. 1967257

Her scrote looks like a prison bitch

No. 1967289

> easy paycheck
What paycheck? She gets paid absolutely nothing for her "Party Promos". They only compensate her the flight tickets and give a free pass at the door. That’s it. She’s basically partying on her own dime (or, well, the patreons’) nonstop and calls it a "job" kek

Other than that, I think she ends up with troons because that’s just her taste. She’s always been into effeminate guys. All of the good-looking and well-upkept ones are usually already taken, and even if she were to find one, let’s be fair, it’d be hard for her to impress him given her draining, whiny, endlessly complaining, clingy, freeloading, lying, lazy, pathetic, irresponsible, aimless, vapid and overall boring personality. And looking the way she usually does at said clubs, kek, not the picture-perfect match they’d be looking for. Not to mention that he’ll soon find out she’s a filthy hoarder, who spends most of her time decomposing in bed in her own breadcrumbs, looking like hot trash, and binging on the Kardashians. Let’s be fair, it’s hard to impress anyone with said baggage, let alone "prettyface" guys who are too full of themselves to "settle for less" like that. Dating a troon is easier as there’s less competition and there’s compromise on either end. And well, gives her woke points as well.

No. 1967308

Samefagging, but it is also another reason why the Nonna that connected the dots in >>1966887 had a point, that Kaya ought to take the time off partying and focus on working on herself and fixing her problems, and actually bettering her life, independent of anyone, instead of indulging in escapism and chasing endless instant gratification. Otherwise she’ll just keep ending up with troons and other shitty abusive men, besides all the other obvious downfalls.

No. 1967339

Poor thing, they look so disproportionate.

No. 1967440

What happened to Gothic Dee? I kind of liked her for taking the goth schtick to the next level with the hiking in platforms etc, she was selling her old dirty shit on depop for a while but now just nothing

No. 1967995

File: 1708445574324.gif (445.27 KB, 165x91, nakedandlaughing-lolcow.gif)

One of kingcobraJFS "fans" called Jessica has a channel called "Naked and laughing" she became his gf and she's a massive lolcow on her own
>39 year old mentally unstable NEET
>lives with her parents still
>streams on youtube and goes on unhinged rants looking possesed af
>Breaks shit in her room live if she came across a negative comment on her stream
>Made a go fund me to pay for a plane ticket to go see him

The milky thing is tho she was talking about how much kingcobra makes from donations and about having kids with him before they even met a lot on her channel when they streamed together for the first time she acted unhinged af and said "if it happens it happens your little fucking fans can pay for it and i'll be the mother". If those two reproduce it's gonna be a fucking disaster.

can't find her channel here's a link to a video about the milk:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rCbuq4AEG6U [DL][Archived Copy]
and a link to a video of her being unhinged af:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3_R-xHSztPA [DL][Archived Copy]

No. 1967996

File: 1708446043336.gif (2.81 MB, 211x374, nakedandlaughing-that's-rich.g…)

No. 1968008

Shes gonna chew him up and spit him out lol, no way this doesnt implode

No. 1968082

God, there's been speculation that Jessica might be pregnant. I'm doubtful, but what a fucking nightmare it would be for these two to conceive.

No. 1968109

Cobra got herpes after their meet up KEK

No. 1968378

she’s an absolute trashfire, but fuck all the moid Cobraverse reactors who are trying to protect their sweet smol bean from the mean lady
it’s embarrassing how many of them are all “just leave him alone” like he isn’t an alcoholic rage volcano constantly grifting and getting arrested and shit
oh the bad woman is going to ruin this fine upstanding citizen oh no

No. 1968392

File: 1708538832487.png (858.8 KB, 1044x1064, rememberyobroshomie.png)

so, she found another loser douchebag to shack up with? i peeked at this man's insta since she plugged it and he's your stereotypical aussie gymbro twat. shitty blown out tattoos, flexing his muscles in the gym, mega butter face, lots of photos with the lads, "dogs are so loyal and obedient uwu". oh and i found this reddit-tier meme as well. i couldn't get the whole thing but it's your usual whining about boo hoo, men have feelings too boo hoo, hug your homies because men suffer too waaahhhhh.

No. 1968433

>anyone relying on men
>men are an isolated pillar of anything but wants and needs
my sides

No. 1968456

The thing is she keeps talking about having "beautiful babies" (kek) with him on her own channel which is now terminated that's why the trolls and reactors want her to leave him alone which is fair since kingcobraJFS is a raging autistic alcoholic that couldn't even take care of a lizard (RIP Puff) imagine what would happen if that bat shit insane NEET has his kid

No. 1968460

>Women are becoming too independent and don't need men anymore waaahhh men are lonely
>Women depend on men too much waaahh men are lonely
lmfao so which one is it ? what a worthless scrote.

No. 1968708

it´s giving "I had to cheat because you didn´t give me enough"

No. 1970313

File: 1708991158882.jpg (925.39 KB, 1080x2340, 1000056104.jpg)

Jude got another terrible haircut

No. 1970324

File: 1708993908532.jpg (1.78 MB, 2638x2269, VanessaModelling.jpg)

Vanessa scored herself some "modelling gigs" in LA - theres more levels to this cringe than her fridge bod or her undereye circles - she's modelling bootleg merch literally knocking off her "friend" Manson

No. 1970327

File: 1708994235452.jpg (3.63 MB, 2940x2698, VanessaDirge.jpg)

another romantic night out for Vanessa and Dirge at Bar Sinister that literally had a BDSM show going on! and she's calling his home "our apartment" despite still not having moved out of mommys.

No. 1970355

face looking like lumpy pudding and sporting a meaty tuck in that left pic.

their fucking foreheads kill me every time, long as her boobs are lol.

No. 1970392

ikr? It’s almost as if their foreheads are getting more and more massive with each new photo together. Like the nose of Pinocchio. A mixture of hilarious and tragic.
But I really don’t get her though, she’s delusional, but she can’t be blind. She’s had her bangs done recently >>1965704 and even though they probably didn’t come out right, she doesn’t look bad with them. Much better than sporting all that forehead real estate. What’s her hangup with it? Why hide the bangs? To twin with "her Roman"?

No. 1970416

File: 1709018535673.jpeg (365.78 KB, 640x766, IFBKdjC.jpeg)

>>Why hide the bangs? To twin with "her Roman"?

yes, probably. I think they think they have a victorian dramatic middle part, so goth. But it's literally the worst era of hair dressing imo

No. 1970565

A death hawk with tumblr micro bangs and sideburns that are too big? Kek.

No. 1971584

File: 1709341415941.jpg (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 4000x4000, VanessaVulgar.JPG)

sounds like he left her home alone and this is how she spends her time. the pic on the left "got deleted" as well. she seriously tagged #frenchrevolution kek

No. 1972066

She makes it sound like she showered last week Tuesday kek

No. 1972251

File: 1709537913828.jpg (194.44 KB, 1080x779, beggingforaride.jpg)

>it came out more geisha looking
kek delusional weeb as always

I should have screenshot it on mobile when I saw it earlier, because she already dirty deleted it, but earlier today she made a post about how she is back in New Mexico and has been "in bed crying" all day. Pretty standard stuff for her tbh. She was also begging for rides during her most recent stay with Roman. Seems he doesn't have a car either and won't travel with her on public transport, leaving her to Uber back and forth to her random "modeling gigs", which she also apparently cannot afford.

No. 1972252

File: 1709538325130.jpg (356.93 KB, 1080x1329, vanessahollywood.jpg)

In the comments someone tells her to request that the photographer pay for her travel costs and she reveals that the gig is nude modeling for a man (supposedly a sculptor) and his wife at the man's home. And goes onto say "that isn't how modeling works" despite the comment being made by another alt "model". Also she nearly drops Roman's address in the comments while complaining about it being so dangerous where his apartment is. Seems like there is already a lot of tension building.

No. 1972265

>goes to hollywood
>is surprised there are homeless everywhere

i thought she was going to stay she was living somewhere like near usc or the jungles, legit dangerous areas of la where you cannot walk around. the area around hollywood blvd isn’t the best but it’s hardly exceptionally dangerous. i understand they are weary of the homeless, and for good reason, but this has been a problem for a while now and if you want to live smack in the middle of hollywood, you have to deal with all the tweakers and crazies who drift there as well.

No. 1972266

omg! yeah it's not the first time she dropped his address, she mentioned in an IG post before how they were at a show just up the street from him and the band literally had a map with the location on their page kek she must feel so fancy living next to the Walk of Fame! can public transport really be that unsafe? and remember Vanessa is really tall, not just wide - not sure how many people would approach this giant butch 40 yr old goth lady that could give you a deadly headbutt with that forehead. how does she feel comfortable going into random strangers homes to get naked but too afraid to be outside?! very telling that Roman doesn't care about her safety and would rather her hitch a ride from a random on Facebook then offer to cover all her transportation. most boyfriends would want to even come to the gig and make sure it's safe too or wait outside - what would she do if it goes wrong and she wants to leave early?! i wonder where she even finds those gigs, i think they are more dangerous than the people on public transport.

No. 1972267

The irony of making such a fuss about safety while asking for a ride from internet strangers, posing nude for random men in their homes and almost doxing your bf's address

No. 1972814

File: 1709674943279.png (Spoiler Image,4.28 MB, 2230x2050, Vanessa_JeremySaffer.png)

Vanessas latest photoshoot and the casting call this is for. This photographer actually shoots a bunch of actual famous people and seems to have clout - how would he possibly chose Vanessa for this project, which is will be made into a book when there's so many more attractive plus sized alt girls in LA who can actually model?!

No. 1972905

Judging from his post he's using volunteer "models" and pretty much anyone could apply. No wonder she's hurting to make Uber money, half the random "gigs" she gets seem unpaid. Honestly suspect her sudden mysterious "health concern" that is keeping her "part time living in New Mexico" is an excuse not to get a real job. If she moves I with Roman full time he's surely going to expect her to do more than a (possibly unpaid) nude modeling gig every other week.

No. 1972929

Man her chest tat just looks like a black smudge

No. 1972970

File: 1709713122076.jpg (490.3 KB, 1080x1225, 240306-021848.jpg)

That's because it's a cover up of another shitty cover up. Three layers of ink and probably aging like shit since she constantly seems to have her tits out for whatever reason.

No. 1973067

what makes this worse is, this was a 30 Seconds to Mars lyrics from her wannabe groupie days, gross. she also used to pull this "big brother" nonsene with Jared Leto.

even if it's unpaid i bet there are hundreds of better looking hefty alt girls that applied to it. i wonder if she maybe sells herself as having all these connections that made the photographer think he will gain attention by including this starfuckers forehead in a book, she's a namedropper for sure! she even pinned her post about attending Mansons birthday at KVDs house to the top of her Instagram page, next to her pins about her anorexia and hysterectomy kek - it's crazy if you consider she sees these things as her accomplishments.

yeah it sounds like Roman does not endorse her wasting time and money with these nonsense shoots. especially as a self-employed artist for decades, he probably does not support doing unpaid work at her big age. and it's not like she can tell him "it doesn't work like that" since he dated actual models before kek

No. 1973163

the problem with these cows is that they fancy themselves as some kind of artist because of "modeling" or being known on the internet so they're too good for a regular low paying job when in reality all the artists I know, including myself have "day" jobs or do something on the side like waiting tables, odd jobs etc to get by. Most people won't get rich or even make a living with any kind of art for a long time and sometimes never. You have to make some money while insisting, how does she expect to pay for her life while at like 45 she's still not making any money from modeling? She doesn't even has to give up, since it looks like she likes it, but she has to be real with herself. There's no shame in doing odd or temporary jobs and I bet Roman has had to work like this sometimes, it's just how it works for small independent artists.

No. 1973165

Her only work experience is posing nude and part time/seasonal retail gigs like ulta or spirit Halloween. She could easily get a retail or waitressing job out in Hollywood, but knowing her habit of having huge crying meltdowns over almost anything, there's no way she'd keep any job for very long. Honestly the only way she's made it to 40 and hasnt been homeless is thanks to her mom letting her live at her house for free all these years. She's definitely hoping to find a boyfriend who will take care of her, but it doesn't sound like Roman is that guy if he won't even pay for her uber after telling her it's "too dangerous" to walk or take public transport in the area.

No. 1973188

File: 1709759688338.png (Spoiler Image,2.31 MB, 1612x2034, Vanessa_AlexaTrier.png)

she also tried to be a camgirl in 2021 but that only lasted a minute by the looks of it (she had linked this on her personal Twitter back then, so this is not outing her) the page is still online, kek @ Breast size: Huge / Build: BBW

No. 1973283

TT made yet another chatting grwm and it's about what she did in London, from October to present day at the time of filming which seems to be January. Skipped through for any milk.

>for a while when she's gone to London, and when she hasn't been pestering people to freeload from, she's been staying in a squat. But it's being evicted now.

>In usual kaya fashion brings up something that was stressing her, couldn't eat or sleep, but then doesn't want to say what. But with what she's like, I bet she just lost her shoe. It was one night at darkroom London when she was in red pvc and was with Kuro.
>she did indeed see jazmin bean at the Spotify corporate I mean "alt" "anti prom" thing
>mentions the Q and A where she got some response like "how have you not been assaulted yet", which is pretty shit, but kaya was so proud about shamelessly plugging her dead joke of a patreon off the back of that. She also says while there's no shame in being a slut she hasn't been banging anyone, so I guess she's sweeping the two troons under the rug?

Apart from that mostly inane rambling, she didn't even detail what the clubs were like despite being a host for them, just oh I had a nice time there or oh it was boring in that one.

No. 1973286

Oh and she adds that she might finally make some patreon content for once, nsfw storytime stuff that YouTube would demonetise.

No. 1973369

File: 1709806936025.jpg (382.7 KB, 1080x1938, Tomuchshitkaya.jpg)

>>1973283 I'm pretty sure the red pvc can't eat drama was her break up with Duke idk why she even bothered mentioning it if she wasn't going to mention the full story she loves to hold onto negative moments never good moments. The patron plug was cringe that comment was made months ago and she's still talking about it and still using it to get people to give her money out of spite.

she also posted this the other day no one mentioned it but she has so many clothes on one pole that it broke and damaged the wall. She said this is all for vinted fingers cross she finally sorting though her hoard pile.

No. 1973544

even camming is more work than nothing. she keeps showing herself nude for free on the internet, she should at least try to make it profitable if she thinks she's too good to work on Ulta.

No. 1973548

>kaya is a whiny baby/couch-surfer
>she saw jazmin bean
>kaya promoted her patreon months ago off a salty Q&A comment
So it's just rehashing what we already know and discussed forever ago. very cool, very "milky". Would like to know more about this supposed "evicted squat" situation though, did she really confirm staying with squatters?

Didn't screencap but when she posted this she did say something about sorting through her clothes to sell some off. Guess we'll see if she actually follows through for once.

No. 1973631

File: 1709847540058.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.6 MB, 3706x3997, Vanessanude.jpg)

>she keeps showing herself nude for free on the internet, she should at least try to make it profitable
oh i agree! i never understood why she doesn't do OnlyFans, it's disturbing that she doesn't make Instagram page private. there's not even anything artistic about her nudes, imagine a 40 year old man posting pics like this with his saggy junk out for everyone to see - people would say he's a perv i actually believe she's just an exhibitionist who gets some kind of fetish kick out making people look at her body - maybe since it's her only way to get attention? Picrel she talks about being glad she's not male so she wouldn't worry about getting a boner while modelling. barf.

No. 1973642

>very cool, very "milky"
Ayrt, no need to get prissy when we all been knew kaya is stale and we discuss her messy shit before she does cos she's slow. It's just interesting what she acknowledges when she finally catches up. Still cares about her silly patreon thing but hushed up the trannies she's been after? And has nothing interesting to say ever about her club hosting gigs?

>did she really confirm staying with squatters?

Said it at the start, then mentions little things. Like "most of the people staying there weren't alt", so I guess several randoms she didn't know lived there. Though I think she mentioned one "friend", he saw her passed out on a couch after a mixup with rooms, and let her sleep in his room cos he was going to work.

No. 1973665

It's just funny her only "milk" is still the same old shit she did and we discussed actual months ago. No need to take it so personally anon, she just doesn't produce much milk. Finally had the chance to watch the video and it really is just 45min of her droning on recapping her Instagram stories. Her staying in a squat is pretty milky though. Sounds like it was almost some kind of commune? Wonder who got her the invite in as she says she hardly knew most the people there.

In the video she says darkroom was "overall a great time" but that there was some "other bullshit going on" that was making it not fun for her. Pretty sure that's when the duke was on the guestlist as a DJ.

No. 1973834

>>1973642 she has nothing interesting to say about hosting clubs because she isn't properly hosting. A host should set the scene in some way, be hanging with lots of different people across the different rooms, influence the vibe etc. I have seen her at slimelight and she mostly hangs out in hallways or backstage with the silly new guy that runs the place (he wears terrible makeup, talks like a teenager, and doesn't interact with anyone other than twinks and 'internet famous' people). I think deep down Kaya knows how shallow she is so sticks to her shallow little buddies.

No. 1973843

How is it milky that she stayed with squatters in a house? The people who got here there are probably more punky goths she met at one of the events so I´m not surprised about that either. Not to blogpost but it´s not uncommon in alternative scenes in Europe.

No. 1973844

>several randoms she didn't know lived there
Wait so from oct to jan, whenever she was in London she was chill to sleep in some squat with strangers, this same person who apparently gets so stressed and scared about life that she usually doesn't get out of bed? Guess her friends finally got sick of her mooching. But if her only other option is a squat, either she's real broke and needs to get her ass in gear, or she's just a freeloader.

No. 1973845

Apparently the people weren't alt and she didn't know them

No. 1973850

In a sqatted building you don´t have to be nice and tidy, nobody will expect from you much cleanliness. So I think she fits there perfectly. She was too afraid to share an apartment because of the previous trauma she has from Fake. Both of them were super messy and he would yell at her for it or something.

No. 1973857

it is super annoying to have randoms show up at a communal house and crash in the shared spaces for extended periods of time. like, people want to give you your privacy and space to unpack your stuff, but that means the actual housemates can't use that room of the house for as long as you're sleeping or hanging out or whatever. most places aren't spacious enough for that not to be an inconvenience.

no idea how long kaya was there, maybe their squat doesn't mind if you hang around for a full-ass month, but it's just further evidence of how much of a moocher kaya is (and also how few real friends she has if there was nOBODY else in the whole city willing to let her crash with them.)

No. 1973858

It's amazing how she manages to turn what could be a fun story of parties / squats / living it up into the most boring snoozefest you've ever heard. Kaya is an exceptionally bad story teller.

No. 1973880

Previously I was also wondering why she doesn´t have an OF yet but seeing this picture made me realise nobody would subscribe. She only got 61 likes kek

No. 1973926

File: 1709925307900.png (875.96 KB, 1080x750, haunted_baked_ham.png)

Being fat and stupid is not milk (although funny), but I keep getting recommended Drama Kween and her braindead takes. No shit the super dedicated black metal,death rockers and music based subculture peopleare gonna laugh at a dumpy mighty boosh moon in eyeliner stuffed like a sausage into egirl clown suit number 63489.You put yourself out there, some people are gonna dunk on you and not like you sometimes. Subcultures are gatekeepy around goofy ass attention seekers, shocking. Altok so mean u guise!!

No. 1973972

Her videos infuriate me. I watched a few out of curiosity, and all she does is yell… as if that will make her takes more poignant. None of her clothes fit right either and she just looks sad.

No. 1974016

>Subcultures are gatekeepy around goofy ass attention seekers, shocking
Yeah the only people who cry about gatekeeping are the people who the gates are keeping out anyways. She seems to cover solely tiktok based content so I wonder if all her interests are tiktok based too kek.

No. 1974025

File: 1709950331222.jpg (245.49 KB, 798x1054, mm.jpg)

What in the fuck, look who's back from social punishment lol. Hamson is going on arena tour. I thought his label dropped him and he's out of options? Is the music industry accepting him back?

I know Manson threads are banned but he fits altcows, he's a biggest cow of them all. Wondered what's going on for him and Lindsay Usich just lately and guess they're trying to wriggle their way back…

No. 1974027

File: 1709952788556.jpeg (496.66 KB, 1284x2070, IMG_5184.jpeg)

Reeree is currently having a cry she had to pay full price for meds while hardly being able to move her lips from all the filler. Then next story is her buying a lottery ticket to either disappear or kill herself. I don’t how to share stories

No. 1974094

File: 1709971379904.png (174.86 KB, 1182x842, image.png)

Well I can see why ffdp is working with him…
Manson could have just asked his friends for the support or they're good enough friends this tour would have happened with or without the drama. Abusers in the industry seem to all be friends

No. 1974128

>I know Manson threads are banned
why are they banned?

No. 1974136

I think because they used to bait a flood of newfags who knew nothing about lolcow, including some of the victims, or fakers (remember the annie saga?) who came to sperg the fuck out but in a way that wasnt a contribution, just their private livejournal or private lolcow thread. and yes, that possibly maybe included Manson himself: some of the posts were so bizarre, like posting specific obscure 70's kid shows or whatever. We had 12+ Manson/Lindsay threads before they went to shit, but when he started gettinng milky again and we tried to start a new thread, farmhands locked it immediately. which imo was unnecessary, newfags wouln't know about new thread but i can't say i don't understand their motives. MM threads were crazy)

He's gonna gonna play the victimized role like in 2000. It's a shame some of the women settled or turned out to be faking it, because he's a 100% abuser and people will just let it slip just bc of that.

No. 1974169

is she okay? maybe i'm overreacting but between the plastic surgery, the onlyfans and the strange posts she's been making over the past year or so i find her behavior quite alarming

No. 1974171

Of course not. She spiraling since she got with the new guy. I think now the hype of the plastic surgery ent down and she is at point zero again of hating herself, so I suspect more injections soon. She clearly is super self conscious.

No. 1974200

File: 1709997563892.png (125.28 KB, 1453x689, image.png)

Went to download the story earlier tonight but her "multipass" alt account went private and it still is. If the story was on her main she deleted it
I hope she gets the help she needs, she's been spiraling so bad since her ex

No. 1974207

Can you try and rephrase that post in English? I see words, but there is no sense in way they are used.(bait)

No. 1974370

Does anyone know what happened to William Control after the sex cult/abuse allegations and his wife divorced him and took the kid?

No. 1974428

It’s always been private and the story isn’t deleted. She doesn’t seem like the type to delete anything embarrassing anymore

No. 1974617

File: 1710100133180.jpg (241.77 KB, 1080x1886, 1000057561.jpg)

Now she cries about her butthole. Saged just in case.

No. 1974631

I don´t know how to explain but that´s such a pick me thing to post, also with the song choice

No. 1974652

File: 1710104997568.png (680.49 KB, 1250x922, 07642345.png)

Kaya finally started selling on Vinted. I think she listed 5 items (1 pair of boots sold, not in screenshot) before her chronic "I'm so stressy" problems came back. The items look very creased and like they were stored poorly/improperly, especially the first dress. I don't shop there so what do you anons think of the prices? I normally hear about people buying things there for under £10.

No. 1974654

Yeah, he still has two gfs. He released an album last year with every song name essentially being words that are often searched along with his name
Brand, abuse, sex cult and more

No. 1974662

kek I noticed her on vinted too. at least we know what size she got those in as she would always hide that info. It's a start at least

No. 1974727

Naming your album Sex Cult after that is fucking wild.

No. 1974795

File: 1710145581570.jpg (521.72 KB, 1112x1216, MNvMM4e.jpg)

Kaya took ages to edit this one. She has a TikTok with this exact makeup look dating back to Jan 15th so she procrastinated for almost 2 months before she posted this to YT on March 4th.
It's all super stale stuff we already know from IG stories and livestreams, she mostly talks about events from 4+ months ago (apparently she went to The Box 3 times).
She did drop that she met Duke 2.0 (Ashley) through a mutual friend called Harmony for the first time in November and the times they met up. I was looking through the previous Altcows thread and a nonna had noticed her gushing over someone with her friends in IG stories, it's so obviously this same guy >>1937596
I bet this was the date they became official because by January they were already exchanging blood vials. Kaya's definitely learnt to be more secretive post-Duke but I still see warning signs she's getting obsessed with her new relationship to the point that everything else in her life stops mattering - it's a bit of a pattern with her.
>mentions the Q and A where she got some response like "how have you not been assaulted yet"
I thought her initial response to the unhinged anon was great but then she took it too far with the heavy Patreon promo and lame 'Spite Army!!!' sperging. This drama is from last Nov but she's so hungry for subs she chose to re-hash it again. Kaya is definitely getting quite desperate for money at this point - she's been losing a couple dozen subs every month for ages and she'll probably be down to 300 patrons by the end of the year. She did gain some recent lovelies for the Spite Army so she must be delighted there is potentially positive growth for her Patreon after so long

I cringed when she tried to gauge interest for her spicy story times. This is such a dumb idea because  a.) you can read about the stuff 'Rose Wood' gets up to at The Box quite easily with a Google search (spoiler: it involves a lot of butt stuff and fake bodily fluids) and b.) if she starts sharing stories of what she sees at TG she'll probably get a reputation as a cringey vanilla Youtuber looking for content amongst actual BDSM-practicing fetish circles.

Rofl it was definitely some kind of anarcho-commie squat, Kaya's posted stories from a room with a massive Anarchy flag since at least June last year >>1848338
She was dating the Duke by then but probably preferred the location of the squat and Spooks seems like a bleeding heart who always stepped up whenever Kaya begged mutuals for free accommodation. I'm sure the other inhabitants didn't have the highest opinion of a spoiled Killstar goth influencer in their midst, especially one rich enough to own a car and house in another country. No wonder those punks had nothing in common with her.

No. 1974870

The prices don't seem crazy for Vinted honestly, name brand things are always a bit overpriced there ime. Also she's probably never worn them kek so it makes sense, though if she wanted to actually get rid of things she'd be better off making bundles ('5 new Killstar items size XL') or at least lowering the price.

No. 1974912

The descriptions do tend to say that they were worn once/tried on only for the items that I looked at, but I hope the buyers are aware that these clothes seem to have been scrunched up in plastic bags & dragged from one storage to another for years. You can tell from the wrinkles she won't even run a steamer over them. Hope they aren't too musty.

No. 1974935

>Rofl it was definitely some kind of anarcho-commie squat, Kaya's posted stories from a room with a massive Anarchy flag since at least June last year >>1848338

Good catch. If they were all like that, I wonder how they let her live there when her entire content is based around consuming cheap tacky stuff she will never use again

No. 1975317

>>1974870 yeah I think she also probably thinks they are worth extra because they have been owned be a celebrity, ha

No. 1975362

File: 1710248955052.jpg (1.18 MB, 4416x2496, yC0FosF.jpg)

Yeah no shit that pole was going to drop Kaya. Let's see how long she takes to fix it, I bet she'll wait until her Dad next visits to take care of it rather than just learn to DIY repair it. This was all so avoidable if she had brought stuff over from the studio in small batches to sell and better utilized existing storage space (bedroom, office closet and space under stairs).
I hope this doesn't set her back 6 months - she should unscrew the wall mount, buy a standing clothes rack and keep going with the Vinted mission.
She definitely needs to lower the price a bit more if she wants to sell them quicker and get some much needed cash into her bank account asap. Also it's no secret that her stuff has been sitting in damp storage for years - it doesn't seem fair to sell that high. At least run a steamer over them before you list them online lol, they look quite scruffy.
The problem is that Kaya is still buying stuff regularly and she has expensive tastes - the root of the problem still hasn't been addressed. I took a few screenshots whenever she posted flashy new shit (this is not even all of it). In January I remember she posted a story about desperately wanting £250 Moonboots and then less than a week later she was obnoxiously showing them off in videos while squeeing like a retard. When you combine this with the fact she barely works I find it very hard to feel any empathy when she complains about being poor.

No. 1975503

>probably thinks they are worth extra
The anon you responded to just said they were reasonably priced. What are you even on about.

I don't know nonna, the prices seem okay? She seems to be selling things as quickly as her lazy ass can manage to ship them which is probably why she's only doing a handful of items at a time. I'm no kaya fan, but her finally clearing some shit out is one of the few things she seems to actually be doing right lately. Shame she can't drop the woe is me act otherwise though.

No. 1975523

>>1975503 I meant more than people usually charge on Vinted for clothes that look crumpled and covered in dust.

No. 1975596

The clothes look shapeless and worn too idk if I believe she only wore once or maybe it was just bad storage but somehow they look frumpy on a fucking mannequin lol.

No. 1975642

It's cos that mannequin is shaped like a door just like she is

No. 1975796

she was probably giving them free booze, food, and maybe even drugs. that will keep most of those types content to overlook pretty much anything since they often feel entitled to have other people’s stuff.

No. 1976003

Her choice feminist stances on stuff like plastic surgery are truly braindead. She seems to think that there's no reason to criticize fillers, BBLs, baby botox etc. if women aren't being dragged to the clinic against their will screaming and crying. She just goes "well if she feels happy and confident now then it's fine" and leaves it at that, zero critical thinking

No. 1976120

What's the moment you draw a line at what is OK? Body mods like piercing, implants (I mean more than breast implants), scarification, tattoos, permanent fangs, skin whitening - which of these are not OK too and why?(derailing)

No. 1976337

File: 1710465972977.jpg (293.1 KB, 963x1758, VanessaCasting.jpg)

Vanessa took a selfie in a public toilet for an audition, with all those photoshoot she does, how does she not have a solid background one she could use?! such a professional! also notice whenever she's back home in NM she has a bad week kek

No. 1976818

Don't even know what about the new Dorian video rubs me the wrong way. Specifically the first part of it, about losing friends.
Perhaps it's misogyny. "Some girls treated me bad and I am autistic, so I hung out with guys from then on", oh, okay. Didn't even try then.
"Every guy who was my friend wanted to fuck me", yeah, had something similar happen too in a certain friendgroup, but. Overconfident much?
"All my guys who were friends with me once they got a girlfriend, they'd abandon me, because their girlfriends would be jealous of me being pretty", huh, so it's the woman's fault?
"Do the guys even know they're being manipulative when they make friends with a woman and then leave her because they got an actual girlfriend? I think they do", yes, I can see the point. But to be quite honest… Maybe if all your friendships fell apart, you should have looked at yourself? Oh, she did, and decided it was pretty privilege.

Yes, I can see what she's talking about. But the air of misogyny is palpable.
"I didn't have any friends because all my guy friends left me for their girlfriends and I didn't even think to try for female friendships because women are catty and judge you", wow.
Also the dickriding never stops. Really, why is she so hung up on men she doesn't even want to fuck?
Also also the entitlement. Like she is owed friendship, and whatever happens in another person's life is their fault and it's their fault for friendship dissolution (or more like their gf/wife/whatever woman)

And then half a video later she just pivots and says "well, try to have some female friends, especially neurodivergent female friends" and yes. Could have just said that from the start? I get that guys are shitty, but she somehow manages to twist it into guys being shitty because their girlfriends didn't like that she was so pretty.
Not even a fucking mention how most guys she always hung out with were always much older and that them being around her and admitting their attraction to her, should have already ended the relationship. She was a teenager hanging around 20+ guys, how is that not the first red flag?
And goes back to shitting on "neurotypical" women, how they are dismissive and rude and hate her.

Second half is just her being vapid about being beautiful and scared of stopping being beautiful and aging. Some good points there, but the first part is just… The undercurrent of hating women is just so strong.

No. 1976831

women that identify as nonbinary tend to believe that they are superior to other women. they view women through a misogynistic lens but see themselves as unique and intelligent, so that must mean they aren't a woman at all.

No. 1976844

Couldn't stop rolling my eyes at her forcing herself to say "assigned female at birth" instead of "women", but never once saying "assigned male at birth". Once she starts blabbering she starts to forget and uses "woman" normally. Same as her insisting she identifies as male but slipping up and saying "us women" and similar throughout her content. She's been at this larp for years, surely you'd just give up already. I'm sure she thought her message was some sort of callout for men, but it stinks so hard of misoginy, and her own nostrils are too fried to smell it.

No. 1977397

File: 1710751930010.jpg (255.32 KB, 1284x802, VanessaBio.jpg)

Vanessa edited her bio, where it used to have a heart-emoji saying "my heart belongs to @taxidermied" there's now a ring-emoji. i seriously doubt he proposed to her over text while she's back home - and we would have heard all about it if he did in LA, she also complained about depression and sleep issues as soon as he got home. not to mention all the other various reasons he wouldn't propose to her kek

No. 1977580

Thanks for watching it anon, I couldn't bring myself to do it. I completely agree with your takes on the video. She has always struck me as a huge nlog and the fact that at her age she's still stuck on that mentality is pretty sad. I remember watching some video where she talked about agegaps and dating in the goth community (''How to get everything you want froma goth gf'' I think) and she had the most retarded opinions about relationship dynamics and abuse.

No. 1977663

New Freezer video.
Her content as of late has been quite drab and boring as usual with boring OOTDs and shit but this video was actually pretty entertaining. It's her own take on the Pat McGrath wet look makeup that was trending a while ago.
She actually does a decent job and puts her own spin on it by making it look more "creepy" and doll-like. I think she did a good job on making it look cool and waxy.
I was mildly entertained by this video.

No. 1977675

Agreed, she's clearly suffering from "not like the other girls" with a side of pick-me. Embarrassing at her age to still be acting like this.

Lmao oh no. She's too broke to properly move in with him and he's too checked out to help her get to and from her "nude modeling gigs", but they're potentially "engaged" already? He's done this before with other previous girlfriends and it usually leads nowhere. I expect some drama and plenty of crying selfies from her within the year tbh.

No. 1977747

Typical theyfab BS, it’s just coolgirlism on steroids. They NLOG so hard they delude themselves that they’re literally not girls. Also it’s very common for people to fall off the radar and hang out with their friends less when they get into new relationships, but she has to make it a uniquely gendered competitive thing bc she hates women.

No. 1977811

Yeah judging by the thumbnail she didn't do too badly, nice job froyo

No. 1977849

>they're potentially "engaged" already? He's done this before with other previous girlfriends and it usually leads nowhere.
he did?! i don't believe he proposed to her tbh, i think she's just being more aggressive "claiming him" - she must be super insecure letting him go to Bar Sinister by himself kek and maybe planting the idea in his head.

No. 1977916

It doesn't look too bad tbh, especially since she only had one attempt. I like the blue blush a lot, but the contacts ruined it for me personally. She admits that she shouldnt have worn contacts at the end at least

No. 1977976

It made it look mid-late '00s visual kei creepy style look

No. 1978047

Jessica (kingcobraJFS's girlfriend) having a mental breakdown on stream before heading to the airport to meet Josh lmao she's fucking unhinged

https://www.reddit.com/r/kingcobrajfs/comments/1bi4vev/happening_now_nal_having_a_mental_breakdown_while/?utm_source=sha(this is an imageboard)

No. 1978108

File: 1710892356771.png (1.36 MB, 1550x710, cracked doll.png)

I think this actually turned out really well, it'd be nice to see her do more creative things like this and maybe not wait for a trend she likes to come along but instead come up with her own ideas again.
Also it was really funny to see the face mask scrunch up afterwards and destroy the look in a microsecond. These makeup trends really are Instagram-only kek

No. 1978187

Lol everyone knows that's a toilet door like that's the only time you are near a backdrop like that aside from being in a lift. She couldn't find a white wall somewhere?
>Really, why is she so hung up on men she doesn't even want to fuck?
Seems like cognitive dissonance like she wants to be "one of the boys" but is also aware all her male friends were just using her as a backup plan before they got a girlfriend. And imo girls can be very dumb, pickme, catty so the girlfriends hating her could be true too. People get very defensive and competitive when it comes to scrotes. But the truth is it's possible to have female friends, you just need to search for women who aren't male centred/pickme/competitive, but based on what we know about her she herself is a pickme so the normal women will steer clear
>see themselves as unique and intelligent, so that must mean they aren't a woman at all.
internalised misogyny: the movie like if you aren't an airhead, submissive slut (which tbh most women don't fit these regressive sexualised stereotypes) you aren't a woman at all.

No. 1978300

>internalised misogyny: the movie like if you aren't an airhead, submissive slut (which tbh most women don't fit these regressive sexualised stereotypes) you aren't a woman at all.
That is what I don't get, I don't understand how women like Dorian can feel like they're that weird of a woman for not being a submissive slut for men when she's perpetually online and more than likely comes across other women who feel the same way.

No. 1978318

it’s way more complicated than that. usually these women have bad relationships with their mothers who are typically stereotypically hyper-feminine and narrow minded in their conception of what the “ideal” daughter looks and behaves like. so of course when their daughter comes out attracted to supposedly non-feminine things, they often go on a crusade to try to “fix” their daughters and make them into pretty pink princesses. on top of that, a lot of women in alt subcultures seem to suffer from inferiority complexes because they’re attracted to “dark” stuff like death and wearing black clothing, not smiling all the time, and perhaps having more direct personalities like cursing and not talking like a child (using words like yummy). so society then doubly reinforces this feeling that they aren’t good enough, and other women who conform to standard ideas of femininity add on to it by treating them like weirdos or parasites, often times bullying them and making a big show of ostracizing them for being different. yeah it’s not great that women like dorian have internalized misogyny, but i think people forget or overlook the reality that alt women were, for a very long time, treated terribly by normalfags and in some ways still are treated terribly depending on where you are in the world. these women don’t just pop out hating other women; they often sadly have legitimate reasons for their resentment and frustration. they just don’t say anything because they know no one understands and will just accuse them of being “haters” or “not trying hard enough” to get along with other people who refuse to accept them.

No. 1978337

>they often sadly have legitimate reasons for their resentment and frustration. they just don’t say anything because they know no one understands
And when they do lash out its at themselves and other women, look at how edgy tifs fall over themselves to be wannabe MRAs and misogynists to "pass", and never say a bad word about men except for when they don't affirm their pronouns(derailing)

No. 1979130

I wonder how much in total she has. Just on curiosity basis. This was her closet a decade ago in New Zealand. She had while being in her mid 20s a lot more alt items of clothing and accessories than many goths managed to collect in their whole lives [heck, I know many normies who had smaller wardrobes of regular clothing around same age even when they were mostly thrifting their stuff]. Nothing wrong with that. It just brings a lot of interest to how big her wardrobe grew since.

No. 1979131

And this was her wadrobe in Germany over two years later.

No. 1979136

And last wardrobe related video been posted almost 5 years ago - summer 2019. Looks like wardrobe stoped growing that much at this point but she get a lot of houseware stuff. Shortly after a lot of that went to storage.

No. 1979428

I thought there's nothing more annoyig and utterly boring as her ED videos, but when she shuts up about it once a year, it's not much better. When she drops ~i'm fondly reminicing about my precious ED!", "My super cool adventures at 2002 proana forums!" and "oMGGEE goodbye Eugenia! #Goth eulogy for Eugenia Cooney" videos, it goes straight "I was so lonely and world hates me because i'm pretty uwu"

No. 1979520

I wish she'd make more videos showing how she constructs outfits to teach younger goths how they can work with pretty much anything. Get accessories from ebay and style it with black clothes you can find at a second hand shop if you know what to look for and dedicate the time to it.
She does all these hauls and sponsorships but she actually has a treasure trove she could make infinite videos about. I've mentioned this before but I think she should also make simple videos about the goth music she likes since she clearly actually listens to it.
It's quite sad to see her being an actual lifelong lifestyle goth but completely unable to create videos around that despite video creation supposedly being an art she was very interested in. Unfortunately the only video that sticks out in my memory of hers with interesting camera work or concept is that Onision video responding to him mocking her and her bathory bath bomb video which were both eons ago.

No. 1979532

>I wish she'd make more videos showing how she constructs outfits to teach younger goths how they can work with pretty much anything.
Well, you can do that by having coherent set of items like clothing and accessories
but that a topic for >>>/g/86956 thread

No. 1979533

>You can do that by having coherent set of items like clothing and accessories

No. 1979571

One could also add that first of all you shall wear whatever the fuck you want and learn on your own what you like to pair with what. No "style guide" is needed beside your own judgment and preferences. It's up to you what is coherent look you want to express. which she kinda said on several occasions in her videos if memory serves me well.

Secondly style she represents visually is in context of real life scene marginal.

People who know only online "goff" are often shocked how diverse in looks actually goths are - it's especially well visible at international events where you have in one venue people from South America, US, UK, Greece, Italy, Germany, Poland etc. especially representing different age groups.

No. 1979631


She has moved to two different countries and put on weight since then though. I think she left some things behind in Germany and some things are in storage in Scotland. Since she moved back to NZ and after having children she put on weight so whatever she brough back she has probably given away. I think at one point during Covid when she was doing a live stream after moving back to New Zealand she said she had hardly any clothes.

No. 1979671

I'm not talking about for me you dolts kek, I'm talking about for her and her channel. Obviously she isn't the sole type of goth to ever exist, but she practically has scrooge mcduck's vault worth of clothes and random crap she could make endless content of unlike most gothfluencers who only have their recent killstar/dollskill sponsored hauls in their collection and otherwise no goth in their lifestyle, even in their spotify. Especially for a goth interested in film and media it's sad she didn't really push and put much effort into her work to stand out or keep doing things that were interesting or unique. She let her channel die when things started going awry in her life instead of coming up with new plans and ideas. Maybe the wardrobe loss was worse than I thought (losing a majority of those clothes can still leave you with a lot), but there was still stuff she could have done. And tbh her content wasn't exactly maximizing what she could do when she did have everything

No. 1979717

>she practically has scrooge mcduck's vault worth of clothes and random crap
>She let her channel die when things started going awry in her life instead of coming up with new plans and ideas

She's taking notes from kaya kek. Of is it the other way round?

No. 1979770

Kaya at least started selling her old goth clothes on Vinted, or wherever. Freezer could have made bank doing the same thing. She used to have some really good quality things. Probably still does, in a forgotten storage unit somewhere.

No. 1979943

Either she's still making payments on the storage units or they've been auctioned off and emptied by now. She definitely seems like one of the more irresponsible goff influencers, especially since there are now children (with disabilities at that) involved. Kaya is fat and lazy, but she's only responsible for herself. If anything ever happens to Mr owl, freyja would be screwed and mooching off her family even more than she already does. Her priorities are still gathering more junk and trying to scrounge her way to WGT despite everything.

No. 1979944

I would not call her channel dying. For how rarely she posted in recent years she has pretty solid amount of views. There are more active channels of goth youtubers with almost no public that been active for 5+ years. I guess the oldest channels just gained more popularity because back then there was almost no goth vlog content. Or something like that.

No. 1980013

File: 1711470691914.jpg (174.29 KB, 1023x901, 0024032611293.jpg)

Nta, I'd agree that it's not dying, but it's definitely done growing in any significant way and will most likely fade into obscurity in another decade or less. She makes around the same amount as channels with half as many subs. There's no way she's even bringing in min wage monthly.

No. 1980099

File: 1711492853876.jpeg (489.46 KB, 750x1145, IMG_7675.jpeg)

No. 1980102

Samefag, but 30 days to make 300,000USD? It’s posted on indiegogo and I’m not sure how that works but insane actually trying to get that amount in 30 days?! For a flop??

No. 1980105

Seems like she's trying to scheme her way into getting other people to foot her travel costs since she's too broke to even consider WGT anymore. Surprised she didn't use her kids to try to drum up support like she did when she was trying to make it out to Germany last year.

No. 1980106

Sorry to samefag, but is she using AI art too?

No. 1980108

That was my first thought too, was that she’s just using this as a means to get to Europe, it’s pathetic.

No. 1980217

300k USD? They going to visit every country on the globe?

No. 1980226

The idea of a documentary is good and today it could be done with minimal travel since there would be people on the ground in every scene who could be roped in.
That's probably not what's happening here though.

No. 1980239

File: 1711537363591.png (19.68 KB, 717x194, 105815.png)

This is the best she could come up with for the Risk & Challenges section of a $300k project?
She claims to have a production team of 4, but since noone is named in the project I can only assume that's her family. The campaign is writted so amateurly, it's cringeworthy to read. "Please please give me money, promise I'll make something with it. I'll do my best, corpo sponsors please call me."
I have a suspicion that it is AI. Ladys left leg is a foot longer than the right.

No. 1980258

Trying to scam retarded goths out of 300k $ so she can move to germany again and stay there with her baggage kek

No. 1980261

There are places in Europe where one can buy villa for 300k. Is she going to buy some supper dupper filming gear or what is the biggest part of these expenses? I would normally assume that one would buy some 2nd hand gear unless that is not a one time adventure and she starts a film making business. You don't need some Hollywood grade camera to make documentary about subculture unless you have ambitions to make it all extra shamncy-fancy artsy looking full 8K or something. Which to be honest would be an overkill in case of group which is mostly centered around gigs and dance nights while wearing makeup that looks best from distance and in dim light. If given scene happens to have individuals wearing goff makeup at all as it is not as common in many countries. So many details are lacking in that description. Also "paying artists" - for music or for getting interviews from them? [I would personally stop listening to a band if I get info they demanded cash for getting interviewed, WTF] If she calculated all of these numbers why not post them?

No. 1980266

Hmmm wikitubia mentions she "is about to start filming company" but that paragraph ends with "She is currently residing in Leipzig, Germany".

No. 1980306

>production team of 4
is she going to have the babies film and edit? How exactly is she planning to do all this while raising a disabled toddler. She's delusional as always.

>"paying artists"
meanwhile she's using wonky AI art for the promo. kek

No. 1980368

since the goal is flexible, I believe that means she keeps all the funds regardless of meeting the goal or not. she probably doesn't think she'll actually get that much but set the goal as high as possible

No. 1980602


Check if your friends are not liking posts of these scammers, if they are warn them.

No. 1980606

File: 1711636880097.jpg (320.58 KB, 673x755, Confession.jpg)

No. 1980609

I wonder if he learned swindling too. Yes, he was active in GSC too. No fucking explanation still why they left customers without their orders and money.

No. 1980721

File: 1711663562668.jpg (828.12 KB, 1079x1915, 1000002278.jpg)

Not milky but I think the hypocrisy is funny. the lid is attached for environmental reasons and she claims to be such a witchy nature girl so incessantly

No. 1980807

tbf with all the spooky club unboxings and general killstaring etc i don't think she's ever actually claimed that lol. above all she is a Tard

No. 1980851

Definitely feels scammy, she's currently got 3k in donations with 28 days left to go. Can't wait to see what mess she actually delivers at the end of all this.

Must be the same anon who went off on her touching a frog once. I get she's a lazy cow and all, but who gives a fuck about her bottlecap.

No. 1980935

I mean I said it's not milky and I saged. You're on to nothing

No. 1980949

This is so obviously her WGT budget this year. Can´t wait for her to announce she´s coming.

No. 1981037

LMAOOO can't believe the spastics actually donated to this fat scammer bitch. Just wait and see she will blow it on WGT and do a low effort vlog there then call it a documentary

No. 1981038

File: 1711759009033.jpg (137.05 KB, 686x1230, 8KzJLhv.jpg)

God she's always guzzling Fanta and energy drinks in her IG stories. Just like IBF I think she starts everyday with a can of Monster.
She's flipped flopped on whether she buys Monster for the taste ('caffeine has no effect on me bcuz of muh ADHD!') or whether she needs them to function and will get intense caffeine withdrawals if she tries to quit them. Honestly I think she's just addicted to sugary convenience shit. She's probably one of those retards who thinks as long as she opts for sugar-free she's fine but the acid will wear away her teeth and artificial sweeteners are really bad for gut health. No wonder her teeth are yellow af and she's perpetually bloated, drink some water ffs.

In other news Kaya announced that she's actually gonna follow through with the spicy stories series about The Box on her Patreon. As I said before it's easy to find info about the place online, I took some screenshots to save you the time. It sounds repulsive and pretentious af. Any nonnas subbed to her should post the links to the unlisted videos here so we can laugh at her terrible story telling skills.

No. 1981046

None of this shit is milky you fucking sperg you sound like miserable vendetta having fat bitch yourself sperging on her drinking sugar filled drinks let me guess you must be a top notch fitness girl that only eats organic food (doubt), this thread attracts the most autistic mentally ill social rejects out of them all.
Two new cows were posted (Mini Manson, KingcobraJFS) plus Freezer is trying to scam her audience yet again but you retards still won't discuss any actual milk and instead sperg over Kaya being lazy.

No. 1981047

imo kingcobra is an established cow already and deserves a separate thread. he's def milky enough to justify it

No. 1981056

Calm your tits, people have been discussing IBF and Vanessa here a lot lately. This is no longer a Kaya centric thread however we're still allowed to talk about her. Kaya is desperately trying to justify losing money on her constant partying and visits to sex clubs and this is the best she can do (I'm still skeptical after so many broken promises of Patreon-exclusive content).
Someone made a thread on his gf yesterday and a farmhand commented that it could be used to discuss KingcobraJFS too. Link is here >>1980615

No. 1981072

NTA, but I get the general irritation over posts like the retarded bottlecap one. Some of the kaya nonnas used to spam the thread with the most mundane shit as if it were milk. The bullshit "art performance" troon pooping on a pizza club thing might prove to actually be milky, guess we'll see! Definitely didn't need an entire paragraph about reeee sugary drinks reeee though. Breathe nonna.

Tbh would love to see more discussion about mini manson cause what a freakshow that creature is. My only real complaint is that she seems like a self poster and actively enjoys being a lolcow. also shame Vanessa is dirty deleting her unhinged posts pretty quickly these days, guess Roman has her on a fairly tight leash as far as their public image goes. Freyja is obviously scamming her way to WGT, should be funny when she fumbles making anything more than a shitty vlog of her experiences.

No. 1981347

File: 1711839233218.png (91.07 KB, 991x1096, worldgothdoc.png)

Looking over this fundraising page and there are some real gems. Freyja is promising to ship DVDs, T-shirts, and more to those donating (as well as invites to private screenings of the documentary). She has plans to go to "Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa" somehow to film all this. She also goes on and on about how she's such an incredible film maker despite her YT videos being mediocre at best? Also had a hearty kek at her claiming "I am at heart a tight-fisted Scottish git and don't like spending where not necessary" as if she doesn't throw money away on bullshit constantly (hello multiple storage units across multiple countries). She's really going full throttle into cowdom again it seems.

No. 1981362

Honestly it's just a drag queen doing stuff with his anus, nothing scary or crazy or shocking unless you're a sheltered normie. Like kaya, I guess.

No. 1981373

I hate to admit it because I like to believe in the good of people but this is freaking Freya here, the woman who scammed her fans for her wedding that was coincidentally called off and she used the funds to travel around Europe (no way in hell she saved up enough money from when she was working to travel for 1 1/2 years). she already burned that build of trust with that and she shouldn't be surprised if people pass on supporting this.

No. 1981374

File: 1711847717178.jpg (75.2 KB, 720x720, rose-wood-portrait-bw-720x720-…)

Anyone sane wouldn't pay to watch some ugly old troon do magic tricks with his ass or eat his own shit off a pizza, nonna. Surely this is bait?

Anyways >>1981347 seems like the donations are taking a steep drop off from the initial 3k donating in the first two days. Curious to see how much she manages to scam.

No. 1981375

File: 1711847808234.png (19.62 KB, 538x434, funding.png)

just a couple hundred more in donations in another couple of days.

No. 1981384

>shitting on a pizza and eating it
>nothing shocking

No. 1981385

File: 1711851675109.jpg (228.43 KB, 2340x2340, 1000013405.jpg)

Found these couple faggots on my explore page. Nonas can you guess how many STDs they have? I'm guessing twelve. Also the fucking irony of being faggot moids and listening to Burzum kek.(sage your shit)

No. 1981424

Corpse paint while wearing a type o negative shirt and an Amazon spiked collar kek

No. 1981437

Tsk tsk you had me thinking this was a self post for a second nona

No. 1981465

Back in the '00s we would most likely use term "mallgoth" in such case.

No. 1981559

Faggots? Thats a straight relationship

No. 1981569

Nona those are two men.

No. 1981571

Obviously a tif and her boyfriend

No. 1981663

File: 1711940658854.jpg (847.3 KB, 1080x2190, Screenshot_20240401_Instagram.…)

Hmm I went on the smaller one's account and this person is talking like it's a boy but looks like an androgynous female

No. 1981664

So how do these fundraising sites work? If she doesn't make the goal, does she get to keep the money that was donated or does it automatically get refunded back to the donators?

No. 1981672

File: 1711946172132.png (19.5 KB, 534x414, graveyardscene.png)

Since it's a flexible goal, she will get to keep the funds minus the 5% indiegogo charges for using their service. The donations have slowed down quite a bit though, if it keeps at this pace she'll be lucky to end the campaign at around 10k. Not nearly enough for her to go to "Europe, the Americas, Asia, Oceania, and Africa" like quoted in >>1981347 definitely feels like she's going to burn through all of the funds going to WGT this year in May. Plane tickets for her, mr. owl, and the two kids will cost her at least 5k alone.

No. 1981827

Thanks for the explanation. Honestly I just can't help but feel this is another scam. I can't help but feel that if she doesn't make the goa, she's gonna stash all that money away and then suddenly start traveling as well as get all her stuff back from her storages because she sure as hell doesn't have the money to do that now. I just hope that people keep an eye out on this.

Like I mentioned, I wish I could give her the benefit of the doubt but I just think back to her wedding scam. She raised quite a bit of money at that time and I can't help but feel she's trying this again because even if she doesn't make the threshold, she can still do a lot with the money she currently has. When she was doing her traveling vlogs with the wedding scam money, she was able to make it work because she used the money frugally staying in hostels, getting food for quickie marts, and traveling by train (outside of the few plane travels).

No. 1981840

I'm also thinking WGT and getting her Europe storage stash are the real goals here. She just wrapped it up in a bullshit documentary with highly unrealistic goalposts out of pure delulu or the hope that she'd at least get to do WGT, snatch her storage horde and maybe get a lil bonus travel on the side. She's definitely going to fumble the promised documentary and physical copies of DVDs though. I'm also curious to see how she's planning on doing any of this while taking care of her two toddlers, one of which is disabled. Is Mr. Owl staying at home to care for the kids? Is she going to enlist even more help from her poor constantly mooched off family? Or is Mr. Owl planning to dip on his job to come with? Seems like a real mess in the making.

No. 1981947

She's 100% trying to scam brain dead "goths" so she can afford going to WGT. Remember how she dead ass posted a pic of her holding her daughter and E-begged for the tickets last year? kek
Freyja is one of those pathetic narcs who think having kids is as simple as having a "mini you" and never consider how much they alter one's life and finances, she wants to live the same lifestyle she did before jumping from country to country and being carefree while she has special needs kids but instead of working hard to afford it she rather scam retarded followers or E-beg.

No. 1982056

File: 1712076437671.jpeg (583.14 KB, 1170x1969, DB053FB2-1AA8-42A7-87A6-FE38E8…)

Jake thread has died so continuing here
Not enough milk for his own thread

Anyway, Jesus he got sooo fat so quick?!!?

No. 1982088

I might have time this weekend to make a new one if it's wanted, but it's true that he is a fat boring cow most days now. His band is no more, his vtuber attempt failed, and all his major paypigs have moved onto greener pastures. Still funny to watch him flounder about trying to convince everyone how jacked he totally is while looking like a whole stubbed toe though. kek

No. 1982198

File: 1712110484341.jpeg (Spoiler Image,517.54 KB, 1263x2048, IMG_0710.jpeg)

he probably thought he had something with those movie reactions but as usual he can’t maintain an upload schedule. didn’t forget to plug his patreon, which somehow still has almost 400 subscribers.

claimed he would be making three posts a week on onlyfans, did two adding to dm for extra content, and he lowered the price to $20 a month. considering pic related is what he’s using to promo the new content, he can keep it lol. love the in-progress coverup by kat, it really highlights the flabbiness of his arm.

No. 1982228

Wow his bitch tits are almost a D cup!

No. 1982255

File: 1712131324562.png (Spoiler Image,199.08 KB, 324x195, image.png)

he's using his hand to hide the blubber on his belly kek
also the light is highlighting his bitch tits

No. 1982256

why is he built like this? no neck, flabby fat arms, big moobs hanging towards the floor, and the shortest torso I've ever seen on a man without a genetic disorder. I'd pay him $20 to keep the clothes on.

No. 1982353

He looks so much like a ftm or butch my brain can´t recognise him as a man

No. 1982489

>why is he built like this?
Well, build as in length of stuff or ways fat deposits is genetics. Fat levels in human are result of habits and lifestyle. While he has significant fat levels he has also significant muscle level and mostly even fat distribution. There are less fortunate fat distribution patterns in males. Muscle makes males wide from side to side. Fat adds to that dimension too and to front-back as well.

I'm not sure if you were even interested in reading any explanations but whatever.

Yes, human brains typically recognize high fat levels as female traits. It's wired in old primordial regions of brain as females need certain fat levels to sustain fertility and later pregnancy.

No. 1982510

He looks like he has a c-section scar.

No. 1982513

The proportions of a giant baby. Also how are his nips pointing straight down like that?

No. 1982514

File: 1712205826316.png (1.44 MB, 1337x814, vanalexandria.png)

Small Vanessa update since milk is slow with the other cows. She seems to be dropping hints on wanting Roman to be more serious, first replacing the heart with a ring emoji in her bio and now she's pulling a "teehee people ask if we're married all the time!". Also apparently she's on Seroquel now and everyone has to know about it + sad topless selfie as always.

kek, this is so autistic anon. We've all seen his full body photos and know he's freakishly shaped, we don't need your research papers on unfortunate male anatomy when we have eyes.

No. 1982516

File: 1712206426313.png (59.02 KB, 502x580, sadboobs.png)

The instagram version of the photo is basically the same but with her tits almost completely out with tags like "mentalhealth" and "cleavagefordays". Never miss a chance to turn your suffering into a thirst trap I guess? Some additional information like her claiming to have been on 30 different medications for anxiety over the past 21 years, and how Roman tried to get her to smoke pot with him, but she had a freak out.

No. 1982531

>25mg seroquel
correct me if this isn't accurate for all uses of seroquel as a psychiatric drug, but it's only one over 100mg. Anything under and it's just a sleeping pill. t. idiot doc thought they'd "ease me into it" cause the dosage recommended was "high" but instead I found out 75mg puts you asleep all day (and seriously fucks your digestive system faster) then when you're on a real dose it totally flips and actually does the brain shit. Also for anxiety it feels odd that basically all she was given is pills to give her a good night's rest. But any nonas with experience using the demon drug for anxiety please correct me. Maybe she got it cause she only gets nighttime anxieties? but it's odd that she'd only get nighttime stuff for 21 years.

No. 1982542

in the comments she talks about her near constant anxiety attacks, so it doesn't seem like it's just a night time thing. I also get having an anxiety disorder and all that, but it's difficult to understand what has her anxiety triggered so constantly, she doesn't have a real job, she still lives off her mom, and she seems more than happy to sit around butt naked in front of complete strangers for a quick buck (something that would make most people anxious)? Wouldn't be surprised if her brain chemistry is even worse off from being on and off "30 different meds" over a span of 21 years, if true. Not to mention her being a raging alcoholic for at least 15 of those years. (and anorexic for around a decade too?)

No. 1982553

The idea in and of itself is cute.
It's true that goth scenes exist in nearly every country ever and in the hands of someone who has accurate funding and is experienced in doing shit like this, this might be a good idea.
The indiegogo page quite literally says "Trust me…", we can't even trust you to film your 500th punk rave haul on time.
I'm predicting that this is going to be a huge huge mess, I wouldn't be surprised if this turns out to be another "All-or-nothing" or "Miss Officer and Mr Truffles" tumblr scam ordeal which will result in Freezer's reputation ultimately becoming so tarnished that she disappears off the internet like Drac Makens. "Need some time to myself and my family…" type vanishing.
The campaign sits at 5.100 USD right now, approx. 4.700 EUR. With 22 days left, it's looking quite dire, Freyja…

No. 1982668

Why does his pube area look so fuckin scabby? Looks like he's got syphilis

No. 1982697

She better for the sake of her reputation actually be serious about this and not scam because unlike the wedding scam, she has even way more subs than she did back around that time with way more eyes on her and if she does end up pulling a scam, there will be no coming back form that at all.

>"Need some time to myself and my family…" type vanishing.

If this does happen, I feel like she'll probably disappear for like a year, maybe two and when she comes back she'll be in a super furnished house setting and not address the fundraiser.

No. 1982757

kek Vanessa, people don't assume you're married cause you two are cute, they assume cause you have the look of a sexless, unbathed, morphed into one unit marriage!

>Roman tried to get her to smoke pot with him
she's not sober like she claims to be if she's randomy smoking weed! so Roman is a bad influence for her and does not respect her sobriety or what she went through! it's her sober anniversary soon, i bet he will give zero shits. btw do we know anything about her sobriety journey? she always does these throwback side-by side posts, but she only ever talks about her weight loss since then, she never mentions what helped her, was she in AA, did she go to rehab?! it's annoying she's trying to be "inspirational" with those posts but never provides anything helpful.

exactly. have you noticed her mental health posts always pop up whenever she's back at her moms house, she does not seem to have any issues whenever she's doing any of her nonsense trips to LA or hanging out with Roman. i think her anxiety and depression stem simply from living a depressing life. she should work on changing that instead of chasing after celebrities, nude photos of herself and a one-sided relationship…it's insane she's been on meds for so many years without improvement! but like you said, "if that's true" it does not seem like she's even in therapy. i bet she's also just always sleeping in very late and never getting any sunlight or has a routine unless there's some event to go to.

No. 1982800

You can get a stomach crease there when you're tubby t. myself kek but at least I'm more self aware than him

No. 1982958

>The campaign sits at 5.100 USD right now, approx. 4.700 EUR. With 22 days left, it's looking quite dire, Freyja…
Maybe she calculated it like that and will be like !oh it´s not enough for worldswide but enough for WGT" so she´ll go there and try to halfass vlog/interview non German goths and call it a day kek

No. 1983128

New Jake Munro thread:

Was on the fence about making one or keeping discussion here, but after someone just copy-pasted the entirety of thread #2 for a new thread, I figured it'd be best to make a proper one to avoid any confusion. Sorry for the delay nonnas.

No. 1983142

Thank you for the spoiler, it gave me time to mentally brace myself. Dear god, it's getting worse. I guess it's time to start reading his thread again kek

No. 1983144

The idea itself is pretty cool, I'd actually be interested in watching something like that, even thought I'm not involved in the goth community. I doubt that the documentary will ever become a real thing though, considering all the things she promised and never did in the past. I just feel bad for the people donating, because they're essentially just giving her money that she's gonna spend on stupid shit

No. 1983178

I was also given 25 for anxiety, It messed me up. Found the seroquel XR in a low dosage better for anxiety, But it makes you gain weight like crazy so I stopped and I'm on benzos. I also tried 30 different drugs. Sorry for blogpost

No. 1983571

File: 1712515212715.jpg (305.74 KB, 963x1819, VanessaBridesmaidNeverBride.jp…)

Vanessa pulled all this drama over her mental health just to feel fine again within a few days! she's so exhausting. here's more marriage hints at Roman who she says responded with "ah fuck" about her catching the bouquet. shouldn't this raise a red flag for her? how is she not embarrassed to tell the world. they don't need to get married but it's not an ideal attitude from your 51 year old boyfriend.

No. 1983637

File: 1712541009890.png (15.91 KB, 517x286, itsscamfriday.png)

Freyja's documentary scam is up to $5,700 with only 18 more days to go. So far the promised perks has her owing 48 claimed DVDs and 46 claimed limited edition T-shirts. Something tells me none of these people are getting what they are paying for. Having all these things made and shipped out is going to already cost her much of what she's raised.

Hilariously, Roman hasn't liked the post either (but Vanessa made sure to like her own post of course). Not sure why she gave up on the bangs already, she looks extremely creepy and ghoulish in that pic. Can't say I entirely blame her loser boyfriend for reacting with an "ah fuck" if that's what she sent him. kek

No. 1983667

I wonder why no video about that project. It goes against youtube rules in any way?

No. 1983814

Judging from >>1980099 there was a video, but I don't see it on her channel?

No. 1983832

it's unlisted and has a whopping 1 point 3 k views

No. 1983871

Just posting this to see that the “flexible goal” does mean she gets to keep anything regardless, in case some nonnas don’t actually view the campaign itself.

She knew she would never reach that goal so I have no idea why she put something that ridiculous unless she just wanted to raise a lot of money for herself. But now she’s posting on her story yesterday asking if ppl would prefer one long 120min vid or 4-45min vids. Just stringing them along…

No. 1983872

Did she keep it unlisted because it's against YT's rules then? I'm surprised she isn't doing more to promote this project with only a little over two weeks to go. Freyja seems like the queen of half-baked ideas.

I'm still betting on her mostly using this money to fund a WGT trip and vlog. The other half is going to somewhat mysteriously get eaten up in a very half-assed attempt to fulfill the DVD/t-shirt orders, with most supporters likely receiving neither. I know she sells t-shirts of her designs through a 3rd party website, but has she ever produced any kind of DVD before? That "trust me" portion of the fundraiser page seems more sketchy the longer I think about it.

No. 1983873

File: 1712615620396.jpeg (213.79 KB, 750x1254, IMG_7724.jpeg)

Samefag, dropped pic

No. 1983920

File: 1712630368359.jpeg (786.29 KB, 1284x1158, IMG_3335.jpeg)

Not sure if it’s milk so saged, but Angela got called out by some retard on TikTok because she apparently “misgendered” him. I thought she learned her lesson not to acknowledge the gendies after that other video that got backlash, but I guess not. She’s really naive about how violent TIMs are. I guess in some goth circles (Reddit) being a terf is oh so horrible so she has to “clear her name”, but this is ridiculous.

No. 1984059

>that other video that got backlash
Which video anon?? I think I may have missed something, is it still up? But I agree, she really does seem unaware about what the trans community is really about which is domination (of women) and sex fetish. I wish that she would get with the program and actually look into the reality of trans ideology that the mainstream public doesn't show but I feel like her having a cousin who identified as trans is clouding her mind.

>As long as you're happy, healthy, and not hurting anybody

You might want to look into things more Angela because these people are not healthy and they certainly are hurting people, specifically women, girls, and gay youths.

No. 1984062

The cynic in me thinks that the only reason she made the margin so high was because she predicted that even if she doesn't make such an astronomic price, she'll still at least break 1,000 USD if lucky and any somewhat large number is better than none because it will be a lot more than what she currently makes in one month (her patreon). And with this extra accumulation of funds, she'll have enough to get her hoard.

But on the other hand, if she's asking about the time preference for the potential video, there could be a chance she's being serious about it .

>Has she ever produced any kind of DVD before?

Doubtful but I think she did take some classes for video production years ago so maybe?

No. 1984082

Took quite a bit of digging through Kaya and Jake bs to find the thread again, but here's the original post >>1522377 and yes the video is deleted now.
She mentioned Kai Decadence once in a very old video, and someone tried to cancel her for it by calling her a terf. She made a video stating her views and mentioned that biology doesn't equal sex identity >>1523580 which of course made trannies mad because they do see themselves as "real-born women".
She deleted the video because people started unfollowing her for being a trans supporter, and I'm sure troons also unfollowed her for saying what is now considered a "transphobic" opinion.
Imo it's better not to mention this crap at all if you're any sort of public figure, but I guess people kept pressing her. She should have ignored them. I guess this time being called a terf bothered her because she was also called old with it. Vidrel is the new video, she seems more bothered by the fact she's called old kek. It tracks since she has a hard time embracing ageing and always insists she looks "naturally young and doesn't age" despite using heavy filters and fillers.

No. 1984102

Oh okay, thanks for the clear up anon. I agree with you that if you don't have the fortitude, it's best not to talk about trans crap and just ignore it because that shit can be never ending, especially if you're a people pleaser which I feel Angela kinda is and I get it but the trans bullshit is one of the most divisive topics of the modern time and especially in the goth scene.

>She seems more bothered by the fact she's called old kek

That is sad and it sucks that Angela has fallen victim to filter culture. I remember when she first started her channel back in 2015, she would film normal with at most, decent lighting and she looked fine. I don't understand why she feels the need to film with a filter at all times because she even uses one when doing her thrifting vlogs. I used to look up to her as a good example of aging and not being too bothered by it and just keep up good skin care regimen.

No. 1984437

Somewhat OT but I’ve never liked her because she’s friends with Piper Sweeney and seems to be a Johnny Depp supporter.

No. 1984458

>she’s friends with Piper Sweeney
gross, i didn't know that.
>seems to be a Johnny Depp supporter
i'm sure it's just because she's clouded by her love for his movies. retard.
she's a people pleaser and has no backbone. i used to be subscribed years ago, but that was before the troon support and excessive filtering. boring rambling now too.

No. 1984669

I never heard of this Piper Sweeney so I looked her up. What's wrong with Angela being friends with this person?

No. 1984833

Art community troon who mostly makes videos about Melanie Martinez and Johnny Depp. Not milky enough to be a lolcow or anything I just dislike her personally.

No. 1984842

Nuff said anon kek

No. 1984890

I'm gonna save you all the time and effort of watching the new IBF video. It's retarded and should've stayed in the drafts, borderline braindead reaction slop trying to grab some clicks off of the new Beetlejuice 2 movie.

>she reacts to the new Beetlejuice 2 movie trailer

>begins with talking about how awesome the first movie is, how much of a fan she is, she's a hardcore fan etc.
>the trailer is very short
>she has no opinion whatsoever (imagine my shock)
>"I'm nostalgic", "I guess we'll find out", other vague phrases that don't mean anything
>comments are full of people writing essays about how they feel the same way as her, how great her reaction was etc. literally braindead fanbase
tl;dr trailer doesn't show anything and we'll see if the movie sucks or not.

I do like her green contour, it's different I guess.

No. 1984896

File: 1712934449060.jpeg (897.92 KB, 1125x1120, IMG_1674.jpeg)

Shes ftm and tries her hardest to do a “man voice” when she just sounds drunk as fuck. Her takes are retarded and yet her channel is dead because nobody cares about her anymore.

No. 1984906

people didn't learn from last time when she was making people donate to see her marriage to matthias livestreamed, only to completely pretend it never happened and she just made a youtube video about it instead way after. no one got their money back obviously and it was essentially forgotten about because no one really called her out on it.

No. 1984980

Right, that happened. I forgot about that as well LOL the people donating are in for a right treat
I bet the money went into their spoopy apartment. Looking back at her old apartment in Germany and the apartment/house she's living in right now, she must be fucking fuming at how she fumbled it all so badly.
Plus most of her wardrobe and furniture she was so proud to show off is now STILL rotting away in storage. Never change, Freezer

No. 1985033

File: 1712961190704.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.57 MB, 4000x4000, VanessaCringe.JPG)

spoiler for Vanessas uterus in a jar. i guess we can expect some new milk from her with Roman soon - i'm pretty sure one of those milestones is her sober anniversary coming up, since she makes posts for the same anniversaries (sobriety, hysterectomy, anorexia, weight loss) every fucking year, i swear every month she's celebrating some shit she did in the past while still living with mommy with no job waiting for her boyfriend to finally let her move in. i wonder if Roman even cares about her sobriety anniversary (i think it'll be 7 years) since he basically sabotaged her making her smoke weed!

No. 1985076

Thanks for the breakdown, I was debating on watching it but I had a feeling she wouldn't say much of anything interesting or insightful. I mean hell, if she simply interjected and took some time to nerd out about things she liked from the first and wove that into what she's hoping to see in this sequel, that would be better than braindead reaction.

OT but I'm iffy on the movie myself because I fear it won't have that same spirit and vibe as the first one did.

No. 1985077

I'm sure the money went to the apartment for sure but also for trips she was doing when she was doing travel vlogs with him. She has no large income so how was she able to afford to travel on just a YouTube adsense/sponsor salary which even with the sponsors, I'm pretty sure she was just paid in clothes, not actual money.

No. 1985281

>she just sounds drunk as fuck
No kidding, what is this voice even trying to be

No. 1985285

The makeup on the left suits her a lot better

No. 1985348

it’s easy algorithm bait. goff reacts to goffick movie, how innovative. make a few goofy rah rahs here and there whenever certain characters come on screen, whine about how people stopped existing after 1985, something something nostalgia. your average jim bob and lisa lou love this kind of content and that’s the majority of who continues to watch her anyway so hopefully she gets more than 10k views kek. her makeup is really pretty though, i actually love the green and hope she continues to try something other than the crayola black we’ve been subjected to for the past decade.

No. 1985682

File: 1713167669848.png (528.02 KB, 506x897, wowsoquirky.png)

She also looks better in the left because she's covering her massive forehead for once. I don't know why her bangs were so short lived, they are basically a necessity.

Anyway, Freyja's latest scam is stuck sitting at 6k with only 11 days left to go. Looks like Mr. Owl is going to have to buy his own ticket to WGT this year.

No. 1985692

File: 1713172323503.jpg (128.31 KB, 791x808, gothbaby.jpg)

What do you guys think about the Reby Hardy/Gothic Baby thing? For those who don't know her Reby descrives herself as 'Content creator. Classical pianist. Game designer. Former Playboy Centerfold/TV Host/Wrestler/Etc', she started making a Tik Tok series centered around her baby girl being the new Wednesday Addams and has been capitalizing it to the max with merchandise and books. To me her view on goth seems extremely superficial. Pic related she's promoting the whole thing with Trisha Paytas of all the people.

No. 1985771

so she has attempted to be famous in numerous ways and is now using her child as a means to gain the fame she so badly wants?

No. 1985786

>I'm the goffest mom who ever goffed and because of the popularity of Netflix's Wednesday I can rope my kid into it too!

No. 1985791

Alright, another Freezer video recap. I was a bit surprised to see this so soon after the Beetlejuice 2 trailer reaction. Here we go:

>she's participating in the 333 challenge, 3 tops 3 bottoms and 3 accessories to create a bunch of outfits

>using Killstar only
>of course this video is sponsored by Killstar
>her makeup looks raggedy today, very messy, lipstick and eyebrows look worse than usual
>she shows off some clothes that she will use for the outfits, most don't fit together at all
>fishing for compliments ("I never had a good body…") etc.
>1, maybe 2 outfits don't look like complete shit
>most outfits don't match at all
>her bedroom looks like shit, the carpet's dirty as fuck, her epic Queen Anne style furniture is of course still not painted black
>shilling Killstar at the end

Boring as usual. OOTD haul sponsored shit as usual. You can tell she puts very little effort into these videos. I won't comment on her body shape as it has been discussed to death but she can't dress for shit and always chooses the worst items of clothing that truly make her look freezer shaped.
Her hairstyle looks really terrible from the back. Her entire school-of-Elvira look needs a total makeover, it's clear that she's aging out of this look slowly but surely. It makes her look messy and unkempt. I feel like a couple of years ago, it wasn't as bad as this (might be the kids/motherhood but who knows). I know she knows this to be true because her thumbnails and Instagram posts are always filtered to death.

No. 1985836

I feel like the Elvira look is ageless, it's more likely she hasn't got much uninterrupted time to do makeup/hair with two young kids, I don't have kids but what I've gathered from reading mothers sharing online is you get zero personal time for like the first 6 years and limited even up to 18, small person you are legally obliged to dote on always takes precedence

No. 1985871

>Not dressing for her body
To be fair this is something that she has always seemed to have problem with. It's not so much that the clothes are crap but it's just that she hardly chooses anything that flatters her build and makes her stand out more in a way I don't think she intends. I'm all for wearing what you want but sometimes it's good to think about things that can flatter your build. I think back then it wasn't as bad because she tended to wear corsets that seemed to properly fit her and bring everything together but obviousl motherhood is time consuming and who has time to wear that which I get.

I think she just needs a style consultant who can help her make choices on clothes that'll flatter her. But this is of course if she wants that.

No. 1985879

Kill star might as well be cheap garbage from Shein, it looks like shit.

No. 1985891

File: 1713222784843.png (Spoiler Image,1.54 MB, 1120x2026, VanessaBarbarian.png)

special edition of "make sure everyone knows you have a boyfriend!" kek she better stop giving Roman more icks, it's not like he hasn't got enough reasons to find her unattractive! picrel is one her "modelling gigs" she's supposedly going to LA for, i can't find anything regarding payment info for the model on their site - so it's doubtful they get paid, at least not enough for her to afford a safe car ride to the location as we know! hilarious she's trying to pass this off as serious modelling work she's travelling for

No. 1985899

It's a paid gig I'm sure, but considering it's $20 for drinks at a venue and split between two "models" I'm sure she's lucky to walk away with 100-200 bucks at the end of the night. Not bad for a three hour gig, but she doesn't get nearly enough work for this to be her main source of income, she's delulu. Crazy too how someone who has "crippling anxiety" is comfortable being almost nude (in a see through chainmail bikini) at a random LA bar & grill though. Like this isn't even a private event.

No. 1985927

she's always been kind of sloppy with her presentation and her everyday makeup and attire has always been a bit bad even when she was younger. idk why but she got away with it for a long time just on the basis of being an extroverted goth who traveled a lot and had big boobs lol. i think the general grubbiness of her living situation emphasizes all her flaws.

looking like a blockheaded 90's computer game character here kek.

and you know there's going to be plenty of grabby males at the bar who will either be eye fucking her into oblivion or trying to rub up on her/cop a feel whenever they can, yet she's totally fine with that, never complains whatsoever. but she gets anxious just trying to go to vons to get groceries. make it make sense.

No. 1985957


>her epic Queen Anne style furniture is of course still not painted black

Thanks Gods!

No. 1985986

AYRT, I agree with the other nonas, she's looked disheveled and raggedy for years now, even when she was childfree and married to Matthias. If you look at her old GRWMs and OOTDs, her eyeliner and lipstick application have been… interesting… since the dawn of her YouTube channel.
I do assume that this is highlighted by having less free time because of the kids (and her bad living situation, as the other nona said), of course.

No. 1985988

killstar and other alternative brands have been popping up in thrift stores all around me, their glory days are over. their heyday was about 5-6 years ago, no idea how they got so popular, probably influencers or something
their prints are cringeworthy at best and awful at worst. the quality is okayish but nothing special and the prices are definitely not justified. i've heard that the shoes and leather accessories are especially bad and fall apart after mere weeks of use
i assume IBF doesn't care as long as money keeps coming in from sponsorships and she can add more GOFF clothes to her hoard of black rags

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