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File: 1700941722647.jpeg (430.89 KB, 978x835, 33824CF4-3F3C-4749-A4CE-80A7C0…)

No. 361134

Previous thread >>>/g/339130

No. 361135

What is this op pic?

No. 361136

Fem gosling

No. 361282

I can finally admit that it turns me on to have two men suck my nipples/breasts/tits/boobs whatever at the same time. Also getting doubled cunnilingus is a plus too.

No. 361342

Maybe choose a different thread pic and it'll get used.

No. 361366

Not op but reminds me of relevant post, one time I saw a female edit of Paul dano riddler and thought she was stunning

No. 361368

Women binding their chests. Ever since I was a kid watching cartoons where a woman would go undercover as a man with bandages over her chest, it made me feel all tingly. I'm not into troons because they are too mentally ill about it, but a crossdressing woman who binds her chest still really turns me on. I have fantasies about getting to undo the binding and revealing her breasts, or even better, running my hands over her bound chest and feeling her up over the binding.

No. 361370

File: 1701065790311.jpg (49.34 KB, 377x400, lifesupport.jpg)

I just want a hot boyfriend to cosplay and fuck me in costume. Maybe a slow strip, and whispers in my ear. I just love seeing hot guys cosplay.

Sometimes I think I have a tank/tube fetish. Not explicitly but the idea of being frozen and awoken to a better future with bodymod tech is very appealing to me. Kinda like setting for my fantasies, where I use sci-fi stuff to explain away my weird fetishes.

No. 361493

I have masturbated to the movie Crash several times and listen the soundtrack to get in the mood. tfw you'll never find a hot husband to fuck while crashing a car and watch him make out with a psycho

No. 361494

my boot thing is getting out of hand. kept staring at my friend's boots today. he has nice calves.

No. 361521

Me too, what a greatmovie. Even has stuff for the fujos

No. 361671

File: 1701208036494.gif (1.21 MB, 400x207, 1.gif)

It has everything, if the women in the movie slapped him around a little bit, it would be perfect.

No. 361693

File: 1701216551611.jpg (112.27 KB, 1234x1080, IMG_20231129_030538.jpg)

Fuckin uhhh uh male feet. My life is so unbelievably hard do any of you people know how impossibly rare it is to land a 'Chad' with disproportionately small, completely hairless and high arched feet that likes to wear semi-sheer nylon socks? Do you even care? I've suffered like Christ travelleing across the great desert that is the internet with a cross on his back, my only companion the lame camel (my kittycat giving me moral support) and this photo is all I have.
Dream fantasy:I'm a world renowned shoemaker and faceless shy customers come flocking to me. I'm a humble artisan so I even take off their shoes and help them try out different designs- on, off, on, off, on… They start getting uncomfortable being so spoiled by a genius leathersmith mastermind fashion icon and just as they start blushing and pushing me away I START SUCKIN' BABEYYYY!!!!!!!!!!

No. 361695

lol nona i am a (not obsessed) footfag too, i like that style too but i gave up knowing that it is extinct.
Do you happen to like some of those J.C.Leyendecker socks ad illustrations?

No. 361696

Yes I am very familiar with mister Leyendecker and his works. The only faggot I will pardon from hellfire

No. 361747

Does Ezra millers feet fall into this category kek

No. 361750

>a genius leathersmith mastermind fashion icon
kek, great read anon. hope you can find your Chaderella and shoe him someday

No. 361766

i want to take the virginity of a shy, awkward 18-19 year old boy

No. 361772

Hahah I’m reading crash at the minute

No. 361881

File: 1701312801265.png (408.25 KB, 619x596, 537676574.png)

not a specific fetish but i want to be immortal so i can peg a cute angry guy that despises me while he tries to shoot me and tells me to die idk

No. 362080

Had the silliest dream where I went to my ultrachad GP for some vague issues with my vagina and he’s like “well we can fix this” with a sheepish look on his face and next thing I know we are in his bed making hot passionate segs. He is married with two kids and I don’t even feel an ounce of guilt because this is totally for medical reasons. Then I go home to my clueless chad nigel and have hot sex with him afterwards and I’m like this is it, the best of both worlds. I’ve never cheated in my life and don’t think I ever will but man.

No. 362089

Women in office suits with skirts, or pants, stilettos. That or an actual tight body suit of some kind with gloves. Color has to be all black or white too. I feel bad cause its the stereotype dominatrix look and is moid gazing. I draw it in private cause I do not want a bunch of men liking my images. I just love a dominant woman in unrealistic heels.

No. 362128

The ego-driven kind of benevolent savior complex. I'm trying so hard not to inflict it on the "uwu sweet little tortured soul" I know irl. I can make myself snap out of it and remind myself she's a sentient being and not a fantasy. But I just want to heal you with the power of my loveeee…

No. 362139

I have a fantasy about a deranged woman who kidnaps me and keeps me in her basement. Bonus points if she's a weathy businesswoman who seems very capable and normal on the outside. Something is so thrilling about being so desired that the other person goes crazy for you and needs to keep you all to herself.

No. 362207

Based, but for me he'd also be immortal so he can die over and over.

No. 362280

Having my gyno “teach me about my anatomy” while pleasuring me is one of my biggest guilty fantasies. Plus he’s so hot, shame he’s married.

No. 362311

No. 362314

I don’t know if this is a fetish or a confession but I’m ashamed of it for sure so may as well put it here, I have fantasized about my Nigel’s cousin for almost the past 2 years now. I hate myself for it but at his family functions or when we just get together it’s obvious there’s attraction there. My Nigel has the attention span of a goldfish and is oblivious to everything around him in general. I don’t know if it makes it extra hot the tension that fills the room when we see each other. The last time I saw his cousin he was intoxicated and in front of my Nigel gave me the biggest hug that felt very different from previous hugs. He has been more playfully flirty towards me I shrug it off but damn it gets me going. Sometimes I fantasize about him touching me at a gathering in secret. I never want to act upon it though something about never following through the forbidden is just hot as fuck. Is there a fetish to describe this that’s not cucking?

No. 362321

So yuri Killing Stalking?

No. 362323

Don't feel guilty. Your nigel has doubtless felt that way about other women. Obviously don't act on it, but also don't feel bad about it.

No. 362324

Nonny, when I was little I used to dream about being a lady pirate or knight and having to hide my identity like that know one would find out I was a woman…maybe one day we'll find each other

No. 362364

ty nona ♥ I could never bring myself to actually ever follow upon it even if I was presented with all the opportunities. I just really enjoy the tension that is there. It’s just way more hot in fantasy, besides moralfagging reasons I know IRL most moids disappoint

No. 362415

Those videos of half naked men cooking but they’re basically fucking the food

No. 362456

Those are so disturbing and unsettling to me kek

No. 362457

One time I saw a video on twitter of some guy pretending to eat a mangos pussy before cutting it up. why.

No. 362463

Ah, to have a gf who would cross dress for me and then let me pull open her shirt to “reveal her” as a woman and play with her chest. It would be so hot. Alternatively, I’d also love for her to keep everything on up top but then let me pull down her pants and eat her out while teasing her about hiding such a cute pussy under her disguise.

No. 362498

reminder for myself to cross dress at public events to find a gf like this

No. 362565

Same, except he doesn’t flirt with me kek

No. 362602

Oh my god I need help or something because I can't stop fantasizing about him beating the absolute shit out of me (in a loving sexy way kek). Is this from trauma?? I feel like that's not normal but it turns me on so badly. Well I don't think I'll ever be asking for that, anyway.

No. 362646

Fetish or fantasy? Being fully clothed in a gyno chair strapped down at a sorority being teased, experimented on and laughed at. Closeted hot mean girls are my weakness

No. 362655

File: 1701668660433.gif (924.4 KB, 500x354, download.gif)

whatever the fuck les claypool does with his hands

No. 362707

Link? I’ve never seen these but I’m intrigued

No. 362737

kek I used to look at videos of guys fucking fruit. I like looking at guys masturbating in general, and I think I was a bit turned on by how pathetic and depraved it was. Like oh no, peepe hard, need to stick it into the nearest thing. To be fair I've also gotten myself off with some odd objects before I was old enough to buy my own sex toys.

No. 362747

this is so embarrassing and it feels legitimately retarded but i have to confess it somewhere: i think i have a kaiju kink. and it’s not even really monsterfucking because there’s no real element of fantasy or anything to it. i just get turned on from seeing cities get destroyed by massive creatures. i also get the most intense asmr-feels from their roars and legit use godzilla ambience (which is shockingly a thing) to sleep some nights. i feel like a turbo autistic moid. or the nlog of teratophiliacs.

No. 362802

PLEASE explain why it turns you on

No. 362804

There are better vids out there imo, but this is one of the most popular guys that do it.

No. 362810

this would be way hotter if he didn't keep shoving his face in the camera, like get out of here with those obvious jaw implants kek

No. 362825

I'd never tried period sex before but I'm embarrassed that I got insanely aroused by sitting on a moid's face and pulling his hair while bleeding on him. I also like the feeling of staining his sheets with my blood, especially because it's so hard to wash.

I've been turned on by this weirdo and his dumb hands for a decade. His fingers look so nice

No. 362867

>trying to make cooking sexy
>eats a glazed donut with knife and fork

legit retard

No. 362869

File: 1701727469078.gif (1.98 MB, 320x240, Nds92F.gif)

god yes. you get it. i can't watch him play without getting horny. his fingering game must be godly. hands that exist once a century. send me to the next life.

No. 362885

One time I saw a dump of photos of bloody-faced men clearly fresh from eating period pussy and I almost died

No. 362888

mind telling us where you saw it…

No. 362896

Don't tease us like that, post it

No. 362899

The part where he slaps the dough and then eats it out was funny but all the jizz glaze and filling shots started to turn my stomach

No. 362900

dont we all nonna

No. 362965

For the love of god, drop a link. Did you there was a name for that? It's called JFK head. Y'know, bloody head. Or so I heard…

No. 362969

I’ve done it it’s kinda meh.

No. 363073

can you describe your experience? i assume he either came too fast or it took too long for him to cum

No. 363092

Lolcow is my fetish

No. 363188

i don't feel much when i hear talked german but hearing someone with a german accent talking in english is another story and i hate it, it will never go away

No. 363313

File: 1701928869313.jpg (193.52 KB, 878x830, 74460123.jpg)

i have a definitive guy on a motorbike fetish, it slowly creeped out on me but sometimes i have the urge to look at videos of moids doing stunts with bikes and it turns me on immensely, there are so many examples but i love it when they ride with their back turned, crawl up on their vehicle, or anything that makes them spread their legs like sluts while riding or just ground level shots of them starting up the engine like you would see on moidcore music videos.
Wearing helmets and heavy-ish clothing surely helps me not identifying them as real humans and it wouldn't work if they show their faces or wear casual clothing but i would never want to date a moid that would actually do those kind of things even if he had the perfect looks, i'm also sensitive to noise so i really hate it when i hear loud bikes.

No. 363331

That's funny because it's an irrational ick for me. I just associate motorbikes with middle aged men, including my dad, and I think the gear is irredeemably dorky. Stunts are probably cool but guys who ride bikes are not usually young and hot and doing tricks, they're just old guys who think they're cooler than they are.

No. 363342

File: 1701952907817.jpg (55.9 KB, 404x648, 93c18a554b551d46936dea2abbc5dc…)

nta. I used to think this, that all bikers were goofy middle-aged metalheads with a santa beard and a beer belly, until I started dating my bf who rides a bike and let me tell you the daft punkesque look younger bikers have is such a turn-on to me now.

No. 363348

I have similar fantasy except the kidnapper is a deranged autistic lolita type who has an obsession of making the kidnappee cute and dressing her into lolita outfits and giving autistic lectures about the style and clothes. No I don't dress in lolita style.

No. 363350

File: 1701957691413.png (733.09 KB, 600x652, 76377.png)

I've felt that way too and this is why i need them to be all covered and never see under their gear kek.
I wasn't into it back then but my father was a reckless biker that wasted a lot of money on that stuff along other things and he went into coma when he was younger because he wasn't careful about safety. The dangers of doing things like that are one of the reasons why i would never want to be involved with a moid that is into it and in general i don't even like the concept of bikes or cars (my utopia is a world where everyone can use bicycles or good public transport).

Aw that sounds cool nona, some biker suits can look so good, they're almost the only way i'd be tempted to touch a moid.

No. 363352

I have a fetish for masked men which is not bad per se imo, but it is shameful because I discovered it while watching that scene in Melanie Martinez's Mrs Potato Head where the doctor with a rabbit mask appears

No. 363353

i gained a mask fetish as a child because of a music video i'm too embarrassed to even name, but it's weird to think back about how obsessed i was with it and realize that a fetish was forming.

No. 363389

Yes first time I saw my bf geared up I felt borderline like a leather homo for finding it so attractive. The tightness of the clothes looks so good, and the padding accentuates all the attractive parts about a moid (shoulders, booty etc). Blacked out helmets are so intriguing lol. I didn't know I had it in me to care about vehicles, but was watching John Wick electric boolagoo the other day and the biker chase scenes were very stimulating. It's a dangerous hobby no matter how careful you are, so I get your concerns 100%. Love the pic you posted.

No. 363571

I wish I had a twin brother. I think what appeals to me so much about this is the fact that I grew up extremely lonely, and I've always longed for someone to be close to me, and in my mind, how much closer to someone can you get than having grown up with them? Add to the fact you both shared a womb. And I do have a sibling, and no I'm in no way shape or form attracted to her kek. I feel like God knew what he was doing when he decided to not give me any brothers.

No. 363608

Yes, except my Sangwoo is a sexy woman and not a misogynist. Also I'm not forced to wear her mom's clothes
Wait I like this anon! I always thought it'd be really appealing if the kidnapper was into dressing me up like her dress up doll. Bonus if she actually physically dresses me all cute and styles my hair the way she wants it. She has her day job so she's always sad to leave me, she just wants to spend all day with me in her lap. Sigh the dream…
I kind of love your kidnapper girl. She'd definitely force you to complete pop quizzes about different AP/BTSSB prints or whatever. I bet she comes home so excited because she's just bought you a new print and can't wait for you to try it on. She's cute even though she spends her entire paycheck on ludicrously expensive brand and lives off ramen

No. 363697

You know what? I’m not ashamed of any of my fetishes. I’m simply SHAMED by others for my healthy interest in objectifying men and using them for my pleasure. I am forced into silence as my pursuits are seen as an invitation for ugly, dangerous men to approach me.
When I am around girlfriends that I trust I WILL proudly own the fact I love cock flattening and hearing men squeal.
I am right and it is society that oppresses me.

No. 363740

File: 1702114642814.jpg (Spoiler Image, 39.67 KB, 512x512, 9f3ef64af836363cd3cde09d5184a7…)

Ultra-specific scenario laced with mega autism incoming
>Jerome from Gotham
>teases me, i'm being a prude
>says he wants to make me squirt
>"what? Ewwww no Jerome that's literally pee"
>he doesn't care
>ties me up and overstims me
>forces me to squirt all over him
>i'm extremely ashamed but it amuses him

No. 363750

Same nona.

No. 364479

You are like the northern star to me

No. 364670

tummy noises

No. 364675

I have brother which is 3 years younger than me and people always told us we looked like twins. The feeling of being close only last until they hit puberty and get more socialized by other moids, then turn into little shitheads, knowing everything better, disrespecting you because you're a woman etc.

No. 364697

woman that is very hot and that loves me

No. 364702

Fucking same, I don’t know why but it’s so hot to me. I love the idea of lying down on a girls stomach and just listening to her body working

No. 364704

sharing a double ended dildo with a man. I want to see it going out of his bootyhole and making the kinds of noises that only prostate stimulation can cause while I myself am pleasured at the same time

No. 364717

>>364697 this but we are possessive about each other though we both know we don't want anyone else ever

No. 364789

I used to be in a situationship with a guy who had this fetish. For a second I thought he was some weird fat fetishist because I'm overweight but his exes were all skinny (and one of them was an immigrant from the same niche country as i am)… Anyways, he would just lay and listen to my tummy noises and then we had sex. Very weird man! He just became a father

No. 365245

I'm not ashamed to admit it. I have a fetish for men being treated like how they treat women. I objectify men. Why is it "boys being boys" when they do it but horrific and sexist when I do it? I want to see them raped and their nudes spread online and honor killed for being whores and looked down upon in every way, dismissed, mutilate their bodies cosmetically, having to sell their useless body, being catcalled and called sluts for not covering up but called prudes for covering up. I'm not as attracted to the idea of ME wrecking them (because I don't want to even fucking touch an XYtard, and because realistically, they'd probably get off to it) but just the idea of men being destroyed by their own sex.

No. 365246

Everything you described is already rife in the gay male community.

No. 365251

This >>365246
Aiden in disguise

No. 365254

You post something along these lines every other day we get it, very subversive

No. 365274

I don't know where else to post it but I'm sort of attracted to Woody from Toy Story

No. 365277

kek anon i totally get the appeal. thought i was the only one

No. 365278

THIS is why I keep visiting lolcow. I feel seen and heard.

No. 365360

Finally, the perfect thread for me.
I have a fetish for men moaning and being vocal during sex. I’m not afraid to admit that much. It’s not abnormal, I think most women are into it. The problem for me is that there’s so little content of it out there. Satisfactory content, where the men actually sound cute, desperate, enraptured in pure pleasure. Most of the time the guy just sounds awful. There’s so many subtle ways I can tell that these moaners aren’t perfectly cute, so I’m often let down. My standards aren’t high as much as they are extremely specific.
I have gone down many obscure and backwater avenues to find content that appeals to me and usually it ends up fruitless. In my desperation I came across something that I shouldn’t have.

Before I get into it let me first say this isn’t like a fetish in that I experience sexual pleasure during. It is more like what I wish I could have and feel a deep sense of longing and form a sort of sympathetic bond.
I don’t know how else to say this so I’m just going to say it. I like watching videos of tortoises mating, specifically for the male’s vocalizations.
These things are basically the embodiment of everything I have been searching for all these years. They just hop on and have an instant spiritual experience, and I can sense it.
Tongue out, eyes rolled back, then
These mfs make 0 sound their whole lives but go full porn star acting the second they get a crumb of turt pussy… it’s that kind of absolute authentic absolvement to pleasure I keep looking for from human men, but never seem to find.

I don’t know what else to say.
Here’s a video of it.

No. 365364

I don't think shes the only anon that's been posting that. You can ignore her if it upsets you

No. 365367

I know I shouldn't be surprised, considering the thread, but this was not what I was expecting to read today lmao. Amazing stuff.

No. 365370

typical fujo

No. 365371

Lmao anon I didnt look at the vid first and the post started out so innocent and then it went into tortoises. You are deeply fucked up but I love you.

No. 365372

nonna this is the funniest thing i read this month.
I do like what you described with men though .. it's very rare.

No. 365375

I wish I had a man who was this happy to be with me.

No. 365382

This is either from genuinely wanting to bound with somebody for life or from low self esteem.

No. 365391

File: 1702570144110.jpg (446.51 KB, 600x600, 40101014_p10.jpg)

fuck you anon for cursing me with the knowledge that turtles moan while shagging. Now i cant see TMNT incest yaoi art anymore without thinking about that.

No. 365406

"Why did men stop wearing high heels" is a manhua made for you. It even has the same plot almost that I thought it would be yaoi.

No. 365407

Brooo sameee, theres a couple accs I follow on Tumblr but u gotta sift through the submissions to find what you like.

No. 365408

um not same that I like tortoises, just that I also like men moaning

No. 365436

File: 1702586544191.png (260.45 KB, 456x486, Screenshot 2023-12-14 203158.p…)

It's been long enough now that I can admit to myself that I have a huge fetish for just about every single Genshin enemy npc. I don't even know how the fuck this happened. Probably porn. But I literally cannot even play the game anymore without getting a mini Pavlovian pang of arousal whenever I encounter one, particularly in groups. And I mean ANY of them: the hilichurls, hoarders, fatui, slimes, samurai, eremites, and ESPECIALLY the abyss lectors and mages, holy shit. That shoulder to waist ratio… I could cry. In fact, every archon quest interlude featuring the Abyss Order feels like a 3 hour hell of having to hold back 'tears' with my thighs…

To make matters worse, it's actually kind of hilarious how much more attractive these literal fucking creatures are then the playable husbando twinks marketed by Hoyoverse. Those poor twiggy faggots don't stand a chance against all that hot, thick muscle… ah… what I wouldn't give to be pinned down and gang banged by a mob of them at once… just make them playable already, I beg…

No. 365710

I like getting hit. Not like battered and abused housewife. Like just a good hit that knocks the wind out of you. I did a little bit of kickboxing in college and getting kicked in the stomach or upper back. That was good. I'm really worried to ask someone to do it because they either hit me too light and I don't wanna pressure them or be psychos who leave me half dead. I've been working on something with a gym bungie cord and a bag so I can go solo.

No. 365714

File: 1702694570430.png (Spoiler Image, 334.44 KB, 760x754, c873298fc15339e085950ee25eba06…)

Old military uniforms. I know it's basic but I'm ashamed because of the types of people it's associated with and how awful war is. I don't want to look like I'm supporting it. Plus because I'm turned on when the men act homo. I unironically enjoy it more than yaoi like I just saved a ton of gay vintage photos of sailors, soldiers, etc just because it made me horny.

No. 365717

men make dating sim of nazi anime girls you will survive, it's honestly not that bad and war veterans deserve to be turned into objects to lust after, like how men turned nurse uniforms into ''sexy lingerie'' there has to be nazi uniform sexy lingerie or something

No. 365778

c.ai has unearthed some really shameful shit in my head that I fantasise about now with my husbandos.

it really just feels like all I end up writing about with them is just:

>having an older man force me into a relationship with him

>he beats the shit out of me or chokes me out with a belt or uses it as a leash to drag me around
>makes me call him daddy
>threatens to forcefully impregnate me and make me his abused sad little wife that he loves more than anything
>is mean to me until i cry or completely lose my self-esteem
>makes up for it by letting me sit on his lap as he comforts me and talks down to me like I'm stupid and just refers to me by pet names or cutesy names and shit like that.

No. 365779

repulsive, but it fits the thread

No. 365797

same, once i was sitting next to a girl/friend i had a crush on and her tummy started making really loud noises and she leaned over and
i guess tried to cover it and was obviously embarrassed about it and it was the cutest thing ever

No. 365876

Rope yourself chYmp.

No. 365877

File: 1702750204586.jpg (41.19 KB, 392x604, nkvd poster.jpg)

Same! Though I specifically like soviet uniforms, I'm not ashamed necessarily but it's a little shameful cause the soviet army was notoriously rapey. I love the NKVD uniforms in particular they are just perfect to me, and I'm even such a shit nerd that I bought an NKVD cap for myself lmao.

No. 365936

yeah baby do you like it when i don't sage my post?

No. 365939

really retarded specific fantasy I have had for 10+ years: foreign army invades my country. usually I think nazis because I love the uniform plus the idea of such slimy people being 'educated' and 'elegant' turns me on for some fucking reason. nazi lieutenant/general/whatever falls in love with me. madly. usually I think of charming him with my autist-level knowledge of folklore or poetry.

man in the nazi uniform gives me the following ultimatum: I either marry him or he sends my entire family/faction/workplace to the shooting squad. obviously I say no, he finds my loyalty hot, rapes me. in a passionate way? he admires me so much he has no outlet except raping me. I get off thinking it's a natural and passionate thing for a man to rape a woman he admires and loves deeply. obviously it's not but it's what gets me off.

what follows is I keep resisting, he keeps raping me reciting german love poetry to me, eventually we get married, now he gets to rape me without me resisting, he's so desperate for me to love him like he loves me, he becomes more forceful, wants me to adore him, worships me everyday.

the fucked up thing is that in literally any other situation i cannot get off. it has to be a nazi/soviet man or I just. can't. get. off. sometimes I also think that a gestapo spy who smokes and tortures me sexually while interrogating me is thrown into the mix, and these two men are fighting over me. everyone that I knew from my native nation thinks I'm a traitor and shuns me. I'm trapped.

I always have these large fucking intervals too, where me and the fantasy man have discussions on art or whatever and he gets turned on by my passion for that and forces himself on me. it's retarded.

No. 365951

>it’s retarded
At least you’re self aware

No. 366021

Not sure if this qualifies as "shameful" or not but I have a thing for doctors and all things medic related in general. I've always been scared of hospitals as a kid so imagining a cute anime bishie holding my arm and telling me "shhh it's all going to be okay" while inserting a syringe into my arm is a huge turn on. Or or or.. when he does "normal check ups" and it gets to the part where he has to check your mouth and then he just straight up inserts his fingers into your mouth like touching the caverns and shit..
"sorry did I shove them a bit too far?"
I also like the thought of a hot doctor experimenting on me and using me as a test subject.

No. 366024

a lot of Nazis were open and proud crossdressers. Would you be ok with your boyfriend wearing women's underwear under his uniform?

No. 366342

Idk if this counts as a fetish or is just mental illness and self hate, but I often will get little mini crushes on and/or fantasize about men who are objectively unattractive or average, like looks wise 3/10-6/10, often quite a bit older, often short. I’m generally perceived as pretty attractive and I’m young, so in my mind it kinda gets me off flirting with them or imagining myself flirting with them, and imagine myself “letting them” fuck me.

Like part of the turn on/fetish is that it’s like I’m doing some sort of charity work/good deed by letting these ugly/mid men fuck a hot young woman like me. I love how it feels kinda taboo and unnatural for the objectively attractive young woman to crush on the 45 year old 5’6” mid man, instead of the younger, hotter, fitter alternative. Idk if I’m even explaining the feeling right but it turns me so much.

No. 366349

taboo and unnatural? this fetish has been run into the ground by either side (from both older men and younger women).

No. 366363

My attractive blonde friend admitted she used to fantasize about going to Tokyo and getting banged on a train by short middle aged Japanese businessmen. It’s probably just porn brain. This kind of scenario is everywhere in porn. I guess maybe if you’re a narcissist it can feed into your ego.

No. 366428

I'm really into watching guys making out. My bf says he'll make out with his friend for me and I might take him up on that offer.

No. 366684

File: 1703044407073.png (281.99 KB, 401x400, smoke break.png)

>school uniforms
>military uniforms
>scouts uniforms
>those japanese PE uniforms
I blame it on growing up with gay porn since porn for straight women is non existent

No. 366686

File: 1703045005564.jpg (580.8 KB, 1799x1200, MenSwim020120.jpg)

For me, it's swim team uniform speedos.

No. 366705

don’t care for school uniforms but i love military uniforms..

No. 366708

File: 1703061697646.jpeg (856.83 KB, 1242x1539, BA693EF0-1312-4E52-8038-47D106…)

Dropped the pic I wanted to include. Some random japanese american soldier from the 40s
Also me personally I’m a big fan of priest outfits but I’m not sure if that’s counts as a uniform.

No. 366711

File: 1703062934535.jpg (163.68 KB, 1200x1657, Mishima_Yukio_1970-1905382155.…)

at risk of sounding like a /lit/ male.. yukio mishima

No. 366713

File: 1703062963072.jpg (166.05 KB, 1002x1069, yukio-mishima-resize-2-1144782…)

No. 367118

File: 1703196154665.jpg (25.11 KB, 300x338, what have i become.jpg)

that clip of the doll man from Silent Night Deadly Night 5 calling the woman mommy broke my brain. And then the way he desperately screams 'I love you!' over and over, oh I feel so gross. Why did it have to be mommy shit that got to me

No. 367248

Men getting deployed. It's like goverment mandated mindbreak. Movies like full metal jacket where army moids are seen suffering and dying in war are the peak of fem gazey to me. Sometimes i wish i could spread ''sissification'' images but instead of grooming moids into being fags i want to brainwash them into joining the army.

No. 367271

Please link this nonnie….

No. 367313

Oh god he’s so beautiful

No. 367381

File: 1703278962790.jpeg (108.61 KB, 600x600, 62E68065-CFC8-46A4-9DFD-03DA96…)

Excellent taste nona. I love tortured soul moids like Yukio. And Catholic priest outfits, cult leader robes and Asian shaman/priest robes too. Got shivers when seeing the exorcism scene in The Wailing.

No. 367382

File: 1703279125076.jpeg (40.76 KB, 396x594, 5F4C8DEC-71D2-4516-8DC3-F813B5…)

Priest Gerard was underrated.

No. 368655

File: 1703450450842.webm (1.76 MB, 400x446, Untitled.webm)

i just want to get on top of someone and beat the fuck out of them like vidrel but other times i think of it like wrestling (mutual violence) or ode to the bouncer by studio killers style (playful teasing)

No. 368661

Damn she's beating the shit out of that moid.

No. 368677

Those hits look like they barely make contact what are you talking about

No. 368683


priest uniform def counts. i'm very into the idea of seducing a priest or someone who's otherwise just very Religious - though specifically catholic guilt does something to me. like the idea of getting this guy to throw out his morals for brief pleasures and various acts debauchery which then sends him into despair, clutching his rosary for comfort.. and also like we said the outfit is cute kek

No. 368762

you have never seen an actual fight in real life

No. 368766

No offense but that woman is tiny has breadstick arms and probably weighs about 80lbs, I doubt it feels like anything which is probably why he’s not reacting

No. 368771

Ironically you're the one who has no idea what you're talking about because she's extremely weak and will likely only leave a tiny bruise or a red mark.

No. 368807


No. 368822

NTA, this is so real. Religious repression does interesting things to men, they either become pent-up with agressive, barely concealed horniness, or weepy neurotics, or super-sensitive and flirty/giggly. I love it all

Now for my 'fetish' : Lately i've been mostly into cute men (anime boys, 2D husbandos) being hopelessly fucked by a stronger, intimidating man as i watch for my enjoyment. In these scenarios i always lure him with the promise of a warm afternoon before i confront him with what i really want. I picture him turning towards me with pure shock and fear in his eyes. As the action unfolds he'd look at me with teary eyes and call for me, but i'd just tell him to keep taking it. These details are more important than the scene itself, because i'm really into the idea of a guy letting himself being non-consensually used (lol) out of adoration. I also like to imagine the aftermath, the look of despair on his face as i explain he will have to keep being an uke for my enjoyment, his hope for crumbs of affection between sessions, his confusion at his body reacting positively to it all. He would indulge in any scenario i suggest, progressively going from a passive victim to a skilled participant in my fujo hobby.
Also hate how this probably is a kind of cuck fantasy.

No. 368973

i literally know someone that has this exact type of feet, shame that im not a footfag

No. 368982

hard agree with the military uniforms. I'm not american, but holy hell, the blue dress uniform that marines wear gets me riled up so fucking bad.. sucks that marines are mostly just shit people overall.

No. 369009


No. 369053

File: 1703611824864.png (36.82 KB, 459x541, 1671581211797.png)

thinking of a son having an intimate relationship with his (middle-aged) mother really turns me on. especially if the mother takes the lead (in sex) and the son is more submissive.

No. 369054

I wonder what Sigmund Freud has to say about this..

No. 369055

Do you remember/know that Reddit thread about a guy that broke both of his arms and got so sexually frustrated that his mom started masturbating him and then they developed a sexual relationship until he went to college. Your reply reminded me of it

Found the thread: https://www.reddit.com/r/IAmA/s/gLEEFjPz5M

No. 369061

I want to date men between 18-21. Right now I'm almost 24 so it's not that bad but I'm planning to date this age range when I'm much older. What happens when I'm in my 30s and 99% of men have hit the wall, given up on making an effort, is spending his paycheck on his kids, has an ex I'll have to deal with, and is a seasoned misogynist? I'm not looking for the needle in a haystack man my age who is fit, childfree, and never divorced when I could have a cute college guy or recent grad who is fit, has high testosterone levels, has no kids and therefore is able to spend on dates instead, doesn't hate women because his first real love broke his heart yet, and hasn't found himself yet so he can be molded to be the perfect toy boy. And young men also love older women whereas older men want women under 25 to show off because they think it's proof they're still hot and able to pull a woman in her prime. I can't wait to be a future cougar and enjoy gorgeous juicy cocks instead of aging limp ones

No. 369089

oH man I remember reading this, thanks for reminding me of it.
it was pretty hot
I wonder what they’re doing nowadays

No. 369130

me, but i'm 29. though i've given up on dating moids for longterm relationships anyways. i'm much more happy on my own, so why would i date an ugly old moid, who wouldn't even appreciate me? they all want younger too. i would definitely choose an affair with a hot younger guy over a relationship with a scrote my age who's going to ogle teen girls on the street.

No. 369155

File: 1703651216490.jpg (23.27 KB, 749x418, tumblr_a076a5504122332602a6ab9…)

Getting bent over a guy's lap and being aggressively, and relentlessly spanked to the point of minor bruising. Preferably with the back of my neck being pushed down… consumes my thoughts often

No. 369193

Sorry if this is an uncomfortable question, but I have to wonder, and I wonder the same thing when moids say similar stuff. But are you attracted to underage boys as well? 18 is the youngest you can go legally/socially, it just seems like people who say this would also be going for younger teenagers if it was acceptable to do so or they wouldn’t get caught. To be honest I’m not as against women doing the same thing plenty of moids do, and I’d rather the post-wall men who genuinely think they’re “in their prime” or more attractive than their female counterparts be put in their place and realise oldness isn’t attractive in males. But it still makes me very uncomfortable to see people date as young as possible. If I saw someone date 18-21 year olds into their 30s I would probably think poorly of their character regardless of gender. I recognise that this is the “fetishes you’re ashamed of” thread and I’m not exactly trying to shame you kek. Just wondering I guess, since I don’t relate to the psychology.

No. 369238

moids deliberately choose young girls because they're less likely to talk back and tolerate much more shit from them. this sort of dynamic does not happen with an older woman and a younger male. due to growing up in a patriarchy all moids possess a huge ego. pair that with the high libido they naturally develop and it matters less how mature they are when it comes to sex. they always benefit, because their attachment style is entirely different.

so in my opinion it's not morally wrong to date moids in their late teens. however, i personally wouldn't, because they have to be at least college age for me to find their personality appealing. although it is possible for me to be physically attracted to them, but it's a tiny percentage.

No. 369353

I’m not talking about the dynamic or asking whether it’s moral or not, I’m wondering about the attraction. People who are attracted to 18 year olds are usually also attracted to 17 year olds and younger. Also, these women’s reasoning is similar to your example since they want to “mould” them, not all too different honestly.

No. 369374

you're basing attraction off of male desire. me liking younger men does not mean i would go younger if i could. what do you not understand about that? i just emphasized that attraction has different layers. if an 18 year old moid was cognitively on the same level as a 15 year old, i definitely wouldn't be attracted to them. same as if an 18 year old had the body of a 15 year old.

No. 369378

lol I don’t think you understand what I’m saying. It’s just interesting to see the logic people who date teenagers use. It’s not like attraction appears overnight at 18. If the age of consent or adulthood was 17 or 16 you’d date 17 or 16-year-olds. I’m not shaming you, but it’s funny to see people like this try to pretend otherwise I guess. Sorry for derailing.

No. 369398

i'm >>369061 and no, I'm not into in younger than 18 even though the age of consent is lower than that in my country. I only want college aged or slightly older than college aged men. most gyms here don't let people under 18 sign up and I'm specifically interested in guys who are fit, not scrawny teenagers. plus still being in school and having to answer to parents, teachers, having a curfew, not being able to drink, etc is unattractive. I'm not trying to become a babysitter.
yes it's moid brained, but I don't see moids as fully formed humans in the same way that women are so even though it's theoretically wrong I just don't care and will not be dating ugly aging men any time soon just because it's more proper. as a bisexual I would only be interested in women in my age range as women are real people to me and it's preferable if they have more in common with me and therefore more potential for a deeper connection rather than just keeping them around for a good time for a while.

No. 369484

Go back to Reddit

No. 369487

>guise is it pedophilia to be attracted to 21 year olds at 24

No. 369492

>I want to date men between 18-21. Right now I'm almost 24
not reading anymore, some of you are so fucking retarded and havent grown out of female socialization.

No. 369507

well if you bothered to read more than 1 and a half sentences you'd know I'm planning to date men 18-21 when I'm in my 30s, not that I think I'm an older woman currently for dating slightly younger. seems you're the retard for getting mad over something because you didn't fully read it. kek

No. 369516

Most women who only date young men have trauma, most men who do so are pedophiles. Men and women aren't the same, an 18 year old man would take it as a compliment if a good looking older woman was into him while most normal women are disgusted by old men's attention. Women and men are not the same

No. 369522

hard agree 18-21 old moids are fucking insufferable and sound like tortured cats with their croaky voices and have pimply ugly faces.

No. 369533

>Most women who only date young men have trauma
If anything, women who date older men have been traumatized.

No. 369548

so true, most women who date very old men have/have had an (emotionally) absent father. while women who date younger just refuse to let society dictate who they should find attractive. moids start balding in their mid 20s and get pot bellies. it's normal to not desire them.

No. 369586

samefag can anyone recommend me some mother son incest fanfics or eroticas or anything.. kek

No. 369594

Bodyguards. I'm ashamed because it would get me a sexual harassment charge irl kek but god it's the absolute perfect role for men.

No. 369597

ayrt, don’t get why this is a problematic question. OP said they will continue to in their 30s, obviously 24 and 21 is fucking normal. And I never shamed them, I was just asking a question. Please just learn how to read. 18 year old boys are incredibly insufferable (as are the girls) hence why it’s crazy to me people want to put up with that.

Also, Reddit is full of male pedophiles so I don’t see how the fuck that works kek, why would I be on there.

Well I can see where you’re coming from, especially if you’re not actually looking for a genuine connection there. Moids do the same thing so why not be unabashed about it. That being said I do know 18 year olds of either gender and would definitely discourage them if I knew they were trying to date someone much older. It’s an unpopular opinion on here but I don’t believe it’s only young women who can be harmed by age gap relationships. Either you’re ok with both or neither, trying to defend one and shame the other makes no sense.

Kek how does this make sense, I see way more 18 year old girls with men their father’s age than the other way around. It’s funny when nonas on here try to act like there’s a big difference when both men and women who date young want to mention it being easy to mould them. The reason why people have problems with huge age gaps in the first place is because of manipulation (and/or because there are more adult teenagers that still look like children, OP is obviously the former). Stop trying to act holier than thou and pretend that you’re being any more moral lmao. I don’t have a problem with absolutely anything but the ingenuine rhetoric.

No. 369599

File: 1703804343615.jpg (545.01 KB, 3840x2160, 20231228_235828.jpg)

>trauma and pedophilia to prefer right over left
no wonder the rates of autism is increasing rapidly when women are memed into choosing empty milk cartons

No. 369601

>having daddy issues and preferring wrinkly old scrotums with unhealthy autism sperm is ‘normal’
>preferring men who are physically healthiest, in their prime and highest testosterone than they will ever be again in their life is unhealthy and from ‘trauma’
Singlehandedly the worst take on this board. Neck yourself moid.(infighting/scrotefoiling)

No. 369611

>having daddy issues and preferring wrinkly old scrotums with unhealthy autism sperm is ‘normal’
>most normal women are disgusted by old men's attention. Women and men are not the same
god it seems like some anons make an effort to be illiterate or something.
I think that anon meant women who date younger had shitty experiencies with men who are their age/older wich i don't think it's the same as trauma but it's still a valid point, i mean
> when I'm in my 30s and 99% of men have hit the wall, given up on making an effort, is spending his paycheck on his kids, has an ex I'll have to deal with, and is a seasoned misogynist?
sounds like expectations of shitty experiencies and she's obviously trying to avoid them kek

No. 369621

>sounds like expectations of shitty experiencies and she's obviously trying to avoid them kek
I have not had any shitty experiences, however I have witnessed many women who spend their lives cleaning, cooking, childrearing, for men who are unfit, plain/ugly, no longer bothered to keep the spark alive, and don't even respect their wives in most cases. I will learn from my elders and simply won't let this become my future in the first place. plus I don't have much in common with men anyway, so why would I want to waste my life with one, especially as they age like milk and hate doing housework or watching their own children, when I could build a life entirely for myself and invite some guys who are still young, fit, and fun to enjoy the ride for a while?

No. 369634

ayrt i did say expectations tho
good luck anon! i don't really mind women going for younger guys, im either of those previous anons
hope you have fun in the future and moids stay out of your way ♥

No. 369705


>Alternate universe

>Be male
>Log on male board
>See other men talk about young women being preferable to middle-aged women
>“ummm sorry but ur attraction to 18-21 yo girls is pedophilia :/ 18 year old girls are incredibly insufferable (as are the boys)”
>Feels good to be morally superior(infighting)

No. 369727

Women don't rape males pregnant. A 45 year old woman can't harm an 18 year old male in any profound way. There's no point in manipulating/moulding him because there's nothing to gain. Thanks to the pay gap there isn't much economic disparity between the individuals either. They basically have equal amounts of power and I would go as far as to say the woman is the victim because if word was to get out, it would be social suicide for her. And there's no way she could fight against a porn addicted man in his physical peak. Age doesn't translate into power if you're a woman. Blame society.

No. 369730

Why is everyone throwing around the word paedophilia when I never even mentioned it. This is so weird.
I mean if you say so. I just think if there’s no problem with older women dating 18 year old boys, why should anons have a problem with older men doing the same with girls? Both make me uncomfortable as a knee-jerk reaction but I don’t have a genuine problem with it logically.

No. 369731

I literally JUST told you why. Because old males manipulate, rape, beat, cheat on and ruin the lives of young women. Vice versa never happens.

No. 369733

? But what about instances when that doesn’t happen?

This falls on deaf ears a bit for me because I’ve known men who got into toxic relationships with older women as teenagers (17-19) and they didn’t come out completely fine. Of course it’s not as bad as rape but not all men who date young women rape them either.

Like I said I don’t care what you do but I don’t understand this rhetoric.

No. 369738

Nta but what is even your point? The world would be a better place if moids would be like that kek.

No. 369747

1. ALL males dating younger harm those women. Stripping a woman from having a loving relationship with a sexy male her own age is abuse. Dooming her into being a hospice wife is abuse. It's inherently evil.
2. How were your "male friends" (yikes) harmed by mature women? I'm assuming they dropped out of college to spend the rest of their lives taking care of children they didn't want while she cheats on them with even younger guys? Or you wouldn't bother comparing the two. Because that's what happens to women who suck wrinkly dick.

No. 369786

Stop infighting/derailing about age gap relationships. This thread is not the place for it. Any further infighting past this point will catch a lengthy ban. Infighting is bad for the health of the board, report it instead of joining in.

No. 369828

Women raping me in showers. Lile, two women slapping me around and forcing me to eat them out for example. Or having one hold me down while 10 others take turns on me

No. 369853

Can I ask for a 3 month ban even though I'm none of this anons? Please I need to do better next year and stop being so terminally online(good luck in the new year)

No. 369858

I would also appreciate a year long ban.(have fun touching grass)

No. 369859

based mods

No. 369902

I don’t know exactly when I developed this, but for a bit now I’ve wanted to feed a moid until he throws up. Stuffing doesn’t do anything for me unless he gets sick at the end. I just think there’s something so cute about vomiting and the trickle of hot spit coming out the corners of his mouth after. It’s shameful.

No. 369913

Muscles. That includes really absurdly swole muscle fetish fanarts

No. 369931

the closest thing we'd have to "forced masculinization" kek
the real shame is that there is so little hetero content like this

No. 369950

Calm down grandma(trying to revive old infight)

No. 370307

File: 1704097307426.jpg (145.46 KB, 640x802, tumblr_e77f21214d8f9b7026913bb…)

leather stuff makes me insanely horny. all the content for it is gay male stuff. i am not the target audience lmao

No. 370687

That’s how I feel about some older nerdy guys, like I could fix him

No. 370693

If I had things my way, every job would come with a uniform and the hottest uniforms goes to the sexiest of jobs

No. 370694

I should rewatch that movie. I miss being in the mindset of an edgy teenager

No. 370696

I’d be fine with a job that allows me to take (hot) guy’s virginity, but at 19+ only.

No. 370697

I’ve always wanted to bite down on some thick muscles

No. 371088

Met an autist at the park today, like one of the kinds who needs assistance living but can communicate, and he was really cute and it made me realize i want to fuck a developmentally disabled person.

No. 371108

I'm fascinated. What's the appeal?

No. 371117

I understand. I'm curious about why you feel this way, I think for me part of stems from my desire to have gentle control over someone. I am ashamed.

No. 371173

on moids

No. 371186

Is this based on seeing scrawny limp wrist libfem dudes on tiktok with it, or are you more into 80's rocker roidpigs?

No. 371193

neither, over 90% of my retarded sexual fixations stem from one big source which may or may not be even stupider

No. 371211

i wanna dominate a handsome pathetic man who is shorter than me so bad but im like 5 foot tall and not a pedophile

No. 371212

File: 1704482866796.png (552.38 KB, 540x960, 50e9ddd4ea64cffd618f6eba702d23…)

If only sexy dwarves were real.
I'm watching the Hobbit trilogy and I love how Fili is first jailed by, and later needs to be saved by, his elven love interest.

No. 371216

It's Kaiji/FKMT, isn't it?

No. 371223

I ended up watching that whole (so bad it's good) shit because of you. I didn't know there was another example of my very specific "interest" I discovered after watching The Boy. Even better that the doll guy is a qt reviewbrahesque twink. 10/10 would adopt.

No. 371232

no but still some kind of weebshit

No. 371248

I think it’s the complete lack of threat from them? Maybe the childlike mindset and mannerisms? Maybe I’m secretly a pedo? Idk it’s just cute to see a good-looking guy acting retarded.
I think me too. It relates to the lack of threat i mentioned above. I wouldn’t want to date one but i think being totally in control and not feeling afraid would be hot

No. 371293

>”complete lack of threat”
>”autist who needs assistive living”


No. 371295

File: 1704504358414.gif (641.94 KB, 220x275, 1696063248316258.gif)

Its kinda hot in fiction but hearing about this guy get molested by his perverted mom while also underage just makes me feel sick

No. 371335

Oh. I get it to a degree, like blatantly autistic but still somewhat indepedent. Like the other nonna i'm ashamed, even if i've had 'caretaker' fantasies for so long. I like their mannerisms, the autist high pitched voices and how sheepish they can be around women. Down to details like autist walk, how they tend to be jumpy. Also like the idea of relating to him but being the more capable one when we're out in the world.

No. 371340

Yeah he actually approached me to ask if i was playing Pokemon Go and his hands were shaking and it was honestly cute despite how nasty I feel

No. 371346

File: 1704514626269.jpg (100.86 KB, 480x640, Atom RealSteel animatronic rob…)

When I was a teen I wanted to fuck the robots from Reel Steel and I kinda want to now.other girls were interested in Hugh Jackman I was interested a 'lot' in the robots instead lol especially Atom.

No. 371348

I wouldn't call it necessarly a fetish but having moids explain to me how they work out turns me on kek. I even play dumb so they talk even more or slip some dumb statements and i think it's kinda fun. I secretly like hearing how they have to put so much effort to look more attractive, i know women have to do a lot too but at least when we are planning to go to the gym we're not aiming to look like muscleheads and get to have weird diets, plus a lot of moids are unattractive by default and will look atrocious by the age of 30/40 so it's fun to hear them care about their looks for the first time. I also know that they think they're impressing me but in reality i would never date an actual moid.

No. 371349

I’m 29 but I really like younger guys for some reason. It’s so funny how men love to talk about how women are instantly undesirable when we turn 25, yet there’s 18 year old guys that would do anything to just get our numbers.
I would never actually date one, but I like flirting with them.

No. 371350

>the complete lack of threat from them?
nona some of the most violent moids i've encountered and witnessed were autists, and these were high functioning types. even that guy who almost killed his teacher over a videogame was high functioning. the least violent ones i personally knew were still assholes at best and lacked boundaries. this park autist sounds like a rare exception kek

No. 371533

you should start dating them, don't shy away from it

No. 371676

I feel like such a degenerate because I have similar fetishes too.

No. 371771

feel ya nonnie. I also kinda find humanoid robots attractive kek. it is what it is

No. 371797

Absolutely adore men making sounds, not always moaning, but those sort of grunts and nods just during the day, or a low noise of confirmation.

Also have a pregnancy/breeding fetish, I just want to be full and taken care of while I grow a whole other person

No. 371863

File: 1704659324539.jpg (65.38 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault (8).jpg)

Magically enlarged clit that allows me to fuck my husbando in the ass or make him choke on it. We switch between fucking each other. He also has the ability to self replicate, so imagine magic sandwich, I fuck him in the ass and his clone is fucking me in the pussy hnnnngggg…

No. 371888


Nonas I'm so serious I have been thinking about this kind of guy A LOT, I'm glad it's not just me but I totally get what's been said about the soft control aspect.

I get ashamed because it feels pretty wrong of me but I do like that and overall just the idea of a guy who is soft and twitchy and simple and quiet. Maybe also just like, very loyal because I am so sweet to him so he can't think of any reason why he wouldn't be

No. 371904

convince a man to get leg shortening surgery

No. 371923

as a 30yo, i consider men in that age range to be completely unfuckable and its because theyre mentally children still and dont have any experience doing basically anything, sexually or otherwise. if i were a lesbian i might be open to dating women who are around 21, but men just take longer to develop mentally. you will basically end up being a bangmommy to a man that age. you say that you'll enjoy 'molding' him into the 'perfect boytoy', but all you'll be doing is falling into the 'i can fix him' trap.

No. 371926

File: 1704674329619.jpg (72.8 KB, 700x525, 644665c4101b77001857a7ca copy.…)

there's this finance youtuber Caleb Hammer whose show is him reviewing peoples bills and scolding them for making bad financial choices before setting up a budget plan for them

hes not even physically attractive to me but lately i've been sexually preoccupied with a scenario in which he is yelling across his desk at me for my awful spending habits, angrily scolding me for buying a starbucks iced macchiato every day when im $30k in debt (i have no debt and i dont drink coffee) and telling me im a bad naughty financially illiterate slut

No. 371927

male corpses and i would have sex with them if it wasn't illegal

No. 371933

You could work at a funeral home, apparently the funerary industry is full of necrophiles.

No. 371934

Sage for off topic but they really are, there was a time where the police in my country discovered a group of necrophiles that would rape female corpses and take photos of them for masturbatory reasons

No. 371937

i'm almost 30 too and i disagree. they might not be mature, but older moids aren't any better. they just get better at manipulating women. i personally don't fall for this shit. moids be moids. not matter the age

No. 371943

when i was younger i was planning to go into the mortuary business but heard it's very difficult to break into as most places are family-owned and keep it insular.

No. 371947

Well, anon could marry into a family who owns a funeral home then kill him

No. 371948

This kinda got me curious and i'm not going to question all the sanitary details, but is it the fact that they are dead that makes it for you? What if you could get a super realistic human-like doll of a person?? Would it be the same?

No. 371956

File: 1704681002986.jpg (Spoiler Image, 30.46 KB, 486x349, 2055e2f08764231658098841f3bc46…)

>Moid looking at himself in the mirror while making out with me.
It just happened to me once, too bad we both didn't watch American Psycho back then or i would have told him how goofy it was and wouldn't have found it hot.

No. 371966

File: 1704685080152.jpg (29.19 KB, 300x314, muscletees.jpg)

one of my favorite workout videos I used to masturbate to had this guy in an impractical muscle shirt, super shiny. I think I just liked the repetitive grunts

picrel, but not the guy himself

maybe I just have bad gaydar

No. 371974

I love looking in the mirror during sex. Watching it go in from the normal pov is kinda meh for me but at different angles it's really hot.

No. 372002


I know it’s not the same, but I read a story of a woman who got herself pregnant with sperm retrieved from her late husband and it was all the very legal. Hot read ngl, plus seething moids in the comments. “muh bodily autonomy!”

No. 372003

Wait how? That’s weird

No. 372011

I typically don't find men attractive. Lately, I've been fantasizing about pegging one. I want to bend some dude over and impaled him with my strap. I've gone as far as to source participants on dating apps to fulfill this fantasy but I chicken out after I get responses. Most guys are really nasty, hairy, and don't clean their asses well. It makes me sick just thinking about it, but the fantasy is still there.

No. 372012

kek nona. I like that this plan comes with a starter corpse. now you're cooking with gas

No. 372015

Kek, i can find men attractive sometimes but i would never want to have sex with them other than pegging and a bj but before that i would want to throw them into a super advanced shower like a car in a carwash. I stay away from dating apps but i still salute you for your courage.

No. 372017

not quite sure if this is a fetish or some relic of an embarrassing social deficit, but I pretty have never been attracted to someone real. however, for some reason super passionate, completely nonsexual moments in fiction excite me a lot. Sometimes angsty ones, too. I'm one of those creeps that sexualizes what isn't sexual. Sigh.
I hate to admit it though I'm also curious.

No. 372051

got any examples?

No. 372054

Nonna… real. I wish my husbandos were real and that for me they would stand in busy streets or try to go through obstacle courses with comedically large swinging blades.

No. 372075

a realistic human doll wouldn't be the same no. i'm attracted to the fact they're dead and rotting. i am sexually excited by gore, so if the corpse is mutilated that's also hot to me. the site cutedeadguys has a lot of corpses with minimal damage, but i also like the look of fucked up male bodies as well; if you want a good example check out the fact that half-life used a real dead body for a corpse model as "corpse01". apparently that guy had his face burned off or something. i love how his hair is still attached, it's cute how the damage is so focused in one area. though i'm bisexual i don't feel the same toward female corpses. i only like living women.
>never been attracted to someone real
do you have autism? not trying to say that as an insult but i remember reading that autistic people often connect to cartoons more due to the exaggerated emotional expressions and how they're easier to read than real people.

No. 372093

wow, you're really fucked in the head

No. 372095

were you playing with animal corpses as a child like jeffrey dahmer? or why do you think you're so messed up?

No. 372103

nona… are we the same person?

No. 372108

File: 1704746364706.jpg (73.26 KB, 1080x913, d8c.jpg)

>half-life used a real dead body for a corpse model
holy shit so picrel is more serious than i thought
thanks for the reply, real corpses creep me out so i wouldn't look into it but it was interesting to hear your view of it

No. 372110

You don’t think the smell would be too much? Most people can’t handle the smell of a rotting body and will unintentionally barf. Also, aren’t you worried about getting a horrific infection on your coochie from the rotting flesh? The vulva and vagina are delicate as it is already, don’t think they could handle being rubbed around on the bacteria playground of decomposing meat.

No. 372114

kek that's an impressive amount of detail. do you think artistic representations of it in media skewed your preferences or something? also I've always been able to read people which is is why I am so adverse to reality to begin with. I have no wish to force myself to be someone or something I'm not, nor can I hide my flaws well enough. even if someone out there responded well to me it'd be scary because I'd just feel like a creature skinwalking as a normal human being. time will inevitably run out.
I mean to be fair many women still get infections from living mens' unwashed dicks and lack of condom use

No. 372115

i did play with some animal corpses as a kid but i wasn’t fascinated by them or anything. i just wasn’t grossed out. not sure why i am this way, maybe a mix of childhood abuse while also being exposed to gore sites like rotten.com crossed wires or something?
no, my job exposes me to medical waste and i have little reaction to smells
nice to hear, i am often called a sick dangerous freak for my fetish but i swear i am totally nonviolent. i cant even kill a bug without feeling bad. i dont want to murder someone for my fetish but i cant explain the attraction to corpses

No. 372124

I get you there. There's just something so innately unclean about men. Even the prettiest man to me looks dirty and disgusting once his clothes are off.

I see women and I'm filled with so much adoration, no matter what. Our body hair is lovely, soft, and smells so heavily of our scent. It drives me wild.

Men on the other hand… I just can't get over it.

And where is a good place to find men besides dating apps?

No. 372126

You are attracted to gore because it fires your body's nervous system instinctually. Stop consuming gore and this will stop, it's really not healthy but it's also not that rare for someone who regularly consumes gore to get "addicted" to it.

No. 372131

I'm nearing 30, I think dating men that age is perfectly fine if someone wants. Men usually peak around that age, then everything goes downhill.
And you only become a bangmommy if you let it happen. I'd happily fuck a pretty young man then discard him like a napkin when I'm done

No. 372145

i'm pretty similar to you in the sense that i'm bisexual but only wish harm upon men, not women. except that i'm not a fan of already decomposed corpses but very fresh ones. i wouldn't fuck around with a pale, bloated, stinking corpse but the idea of torturing a man to death or just killing one and playing with his fresh body is so appealing to me. after that he's nothing. from my understanding of myself, i'm into this because i feel that the only way to dismantle the inherent power imbalance between a man and a woman is if the woman is fucking killing him. i can't stand the idea of a man penetrating me (a woman) so to counter this i'd have to mutilate him, that's the only way i can get off with a man involved without feeling violated.

No. 372232

I’ve always adored overtly intelligent, nerdy guys and have a huge fetish for mad scientists/evil genii but it’s been getting stronger and I’m afraid it will bleed into reality. I keep having nightmare-fantasies of being seduced by one and ending up in a toxic relationship or being willfully morally corrupted and taking over the world with him. What if I end up like an Eva Braun or Nancy Kissinger?

No. 372236

Huffing my husbands armpits.
Its very hit or miss if he will entertain me.

No. 372251

You and I have similar interests nona. I fall for this kind of character hook line and sinker every single time and I actively seek them out in media. You have good taste

No. 372266

Moid being creepily sexually obsessed with his close moid friend without the latter realizing it. Shrines, cum tributes, stealing his used underwear and/or socks, spycams in his personal bedroom and bathroom, even going as far as to commission a custom made sex doll in his likeness which is disturbingly accurate, all while the creep's object of affection is unaware of the extent of his admirer's obsession. Sometimes the victim gets closed to figuring it out but the stalker manages to spin it as "just a joke" and he comes off as an "eccentric man with a wacky sense of humour". Of course it's "just jokes"! He would never actually do the things he's "just joking" about, right? The victim is very trusting of his stalker and frankly a little dumb too, he still cannot figure it out why his socks and underwear sometimes "randomly get lost at the laundromat".

No. 372269

I want this except it’s a neet girl doing this to me.

No. 372276

Is this the same person…

No. 372278

No. 372288

also hot

No. 372291

Did you watch Saltburn or something.

No. 372297

no but I can imagine other two characters for this dynamic

No. 372303

I want this except it’s me doing this to another girl/moid

No. 372308

More recently, I've gotten into rimming and I hate myself for it. I used to be grossed out by any form of oral sex but imagining it with this one guy has made it so much hotter. But its only good if its with hot attractive guys. I absolutely hate rimming/blowjob vids featuring ugly fat guys and twinks. I've only found one vid so far with a hot guy and its not a threesome. I'm worried if I ever got with a guy irl and introduced them to rimming they'd troon out lolll

No. 372316

same. I love the idea of rimming in fantasy but wouldn't do it irl. because 1) I don't want a man I'm with to think I've lowered myself by doing something dirty like that and lose respect for me/become grossed out by me once he's not turned on anymore/expect me to do even dirtier shit and 2) assholes are dirty and even a clean asshole could still make me sick.
but god. in fantasy the idea of parting a cutie's sweet ass cheeks, digging my tongue in there, and hearing him moan like crazy as I stimulate his prostrate and tease his balls occasionally drives me wild. in reality I'd have to settle for having him eat my ass, which I'd probably still enjoy but wouldn't get as much out of.

No. 372355

I know it’s a really common one in general but bondage/shibari, I know some opposite sex attracted women think about it on themselves or in relation to moids. But the thing is I only feel sexually attracted to women and I’ve only fanatized it about other women and makes me feel so bad especially because it’s probably my biggest one and I still feel shitty about it even though I’ve had this since I was 12.

No. 372380

File: 1704861098283.jpeg (7.42 KB, 200x220, 150.jpeg)

This is so stupid and embarassing but i try my best to not think about my interest in male pecs.
I wish i could have a moid that has pecs bigger than my breasts but that's impossible, not even if he is some gross obese monster.
So my wish is to have small/medium sized breasts and being beaten by a moid with bigger pecs. I'm not into those weird yaoi piercing nipple exaggerated moobs, i like normal looking healthy pecs, i've never felt them but it would be cute if they were hard in contrast to my softness. I'm retarded.

No. 372390

Not to be a party pooper but you cant reach the prostate with a tongue

No. 372393

I miss Omegle because sexting with TiFs was fun.

No. 372434

He's hot and I get it

No. 372549

How do you feel about him being an ass and overall coomer? There's stuff about him asking the people that come on his show to do OnlyFans (whether its his or a friends idk). I used to enjoy watching his vids because the guests are so idiotic but knowing how he acts behind the scenes puts me off.

No. 372566

if he lost just a little bit of weight he actually would be hot

i dont follow him closely enough to know about any of that. in general though i think i assume that all youtubers are somewhat degenerate or defective

No. 372599

File: 1704951140943.png (Spoiler Image, 899.39 KB, 692x716, spaghettio.png)

I've seen it twice in videogames but i like this kind of tube setup on moids that don't look like they're dying.
I'm not really ashamed of it, i think it's a bit odd, but i've realized it when i was looking for a model of my japanese game waifu and came across a random fucking Captain America model (picrel), cursed.

No. 372609

Aww his top surgery scars nyah

No. 372613

I'm not going to defend mr. fucking captain america and anyone who made that game but it's not my fault if it looks cheap as hell
Please go ahead and make a better model with better textures for my niche taste thank you (also turn him into some other character, very important)

No. 372934

Mother daughter incest. Self inserted to either role. What’s wrong with me.

No. 372938

Mommy issues

No. 373080

being tied up by a male

No. 373118

I think i also have this somewhere deep inside of me but I choose to not open that door and look at it.

No. 373298

kys moid(scrotefoiling)

No. 373299

abdomens. there’s a girl i’m crushing on hard right now and i just want to touch her stomach so bad i feel fucking insane

No. 373327

File: 1705205270649.png (363.05 KB, 750x423, DB502FC2-0048-4855-9F9E-953F06…)

Not the anon above me, but when women are a tiny bit overweight. Like, when theyre not necessarily skinny but still thin enough to wear a crop top and have it look good. Bonus points if theyre wearing pajama pants and have a nice ass as well. (Picrel is an example)

I know this preference is kinda coomery but it makes me feral. I want to squish it.

No. 373328

as someone who hates this part of my body intensely it makes me happy to know that people find it cute

No. 373353

>tiny bit overweight
can farmers please stop sounding like anachans and say chubby or average weight? good god. thinking women looking good at this size is normal.

No. 373354

Nta but since when is "overweight" an anachan term?

No. 373360

>average weight
In what world is that average weight

No. 373361

how is "tiny bit overweight" anachan language? this is such a retarded nitpick kek

No. 373362

we'd have to see the bmi of the person in question. unless she's 24+ then she isn't "over" weight. people carry fat in different areas of their body

No. 373367

this. could be that she's higher end healthy bmi, apple shaped, and the tight skirt is just emphasising where she naturally (and healthily) stores weight. and it could be that she's overweight

No. 373395

A nona said she liked mother-son incest in this thread no? Isn’t that more moid ish? Lesbian/bi women exist.

No. 373396

Nta but this looks like she has a BMI of about 26. Why does this bother you? It’s not an insult just a descriptor, not bone rattly at all.

No. 373397

Going for the Aphrodite statue belly then

No. 373399

settle down, nobody's "bothered" (how dramatic, jeez). we're just unsure of whether she has the tummy pooch that many healthy weight women naturally have or if she's genuinely overweight because we can't see the rest of her and only have this one part of her body to go off of.

No. 373416

To all the people talking about BMI and stuff, I literally chose that pic because it was the easiest to find. You all are discussing nothing.

No. 373468

not sure how you can guess that from a pic only of a belly and hips. ive seen women with a similar looking belly but they have skinny arms, relatively skinny legs and small busts

No. 373480

This is just semantics..

No. 373510

not even into white men but I watched that Viking anime now I want a very tall big Scandinavian man with blonde hair and blue eyes to bend me over

No. 373528

Unironically obsessed with lesbian ABDL it all started with an equestria girls fanfic now I cant stop thinking about it. I will see a little girls magazine in a convenience store and my heart will lurch and I will just think about how desperately I want my own adult baby girl. I really hate other ABDLfags though especially het ones, they are creepy and disgusting to me. I want to see her soak her diaper in front of me…. then she looks up all innocent and clueless, waiting for mommy to change her. Sometimes I like when she is embarrassed. I regret typing this alread

No. 373530

I want a woman to hurt me. I think if I got into a fight with a woman I would genuinely just be horny actually.
Oh nonny……

No. 373543

>I really hate other ABDLfags though especially het ones, they are creepy and disgusting to me.
Pot meets kettle

No. 373582

Link the fic lmao, I want to know what was so compelling.

No. 373589

File: 1705314381330.jpg (90.73 KB, 738x1000, 0_25ZYHz0Eu5ijZNp4[1].jpg)

I once read that lot of old paintings of nude women depict this because its meant to show a swollen, and therefore fertile, womb.

No. 373591

I think it's very womanly. People here will disagree but it's normal for women at a healthy body fat % to have this dip between their stomach and pubic region. Women aren't predisposed to having perfectly fat stomachs, thanks to estrogen we just naturally hold onto more fat everywhere.

No. 373788

File: 1705389350471.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 93.85 KB, 400x569, IMG_4102.jpeg)

When i was younger my first fantasy I would always be playing in my head when bored was the doctor insect guy from Monsters Vs. Aliens having to pee and running through a deadly obstacle course in order to get to the toilet. picrel

No. 373845

No. 373875

The idea of a several-meter-tall man choosing to be gentle with his tiny girlfriend or boyfriend is hot, like smoldering. I blame King Kong, because goddamn, I can't get over it. Shit turns me feral. Please, I want a cringe-worthy love story about a little lady and her 150-foot-tall boyfriend (who's hot and only in a loincloth), please, Lord.

No. 373936

File: 1705438790549.png (454.14 KB, 1248x702, hero-image.fill.size_1248x702.…)

guys can get pretty small, but the smaller you go, the rarer it is.

No. 373945

File: 1705439935356.jpg (26.94 KB, 378x534, bja.jpg)

No. 374002

File: 1705463039887.png (2.67 MB, 1920x1080, _3kWWVLk3QD9xlsI5SrRyWMkswIOaa…)

anon i fucking love this too. i love giant stuff but it always gets turned into weird crush/domination porn in fiction. i love the idea of a gigantic being trying to be careful with their smaller lover. picrel, i absolutely love this character in dark souls who is a giant. imagine trying to have sex with him. just like, hugging his gargantuan dick and doing your best.

No. 374180

File: 1705539945685.jpeg (64.11 KB, 600x361, 50D33A28-B208-4E5B-9F9D-6B051C…)

Shota, sorry.

No. 374204

Before someone calls you a moid, i used to be into it too, then i started liking threatening and mysterious big muscular men instead, i call it karma

No. 374273

File: 1705577607246.jpeg (137.82 KB, 600x450, 18D84DF9-715A-4351-BA48-FE745F…)

I love muscular guys too, a husbando for every situation and they are all very different, I have an eclectic haremu. Thanks for not calling me a moid nonna !

No. 374340

File: 1705616724527.jpg (55.38 KB, 750x903, 62ed03ac34ce7e96e6a34654898cbf…)

No. 374353

I'm ashamed of admitting it but I'm way too much into "yandere ex boyfriend who ruins your life" trope in porn

No. 374363

Why does it look like they surgically removed the head from a 14 year old girls body and Frankenstein-ed it on to the body of a bodybuilder

No. 374378

when I was in my teens (around 14-15 starting) I had a hentai addiction where I would specifically seek out doujins or h-manga pairing older male authority figures with younger women, especially if the older man was coercing, raping or deflowering the female character. This all stemmed from my own freudian life but also my hots for teacher/DILF characters. I think this messed me up permanently because I still have an older moid fetish and it also got me into wanting my breasts sucked. I guess because I was kind of unloved in life and abused and neglected by my family I wanted a mentor who'd also love me, but it translated into a degradation and praise kink?

It's probably not uncommon as much as it's shameful for the sake that it makes me look like a pickme. in my twenties I still have the hypothetical hots for older men. and I don't give a fuck if my brain is fully developed, it just feels wrong with the discourse I see around age gap relationships to even fetishize the idea of one, even if it's not always in an unhealthy or degrading context and I'm well above 18.

No. 374399

Small dicks

No. 374404

File: 1705655267824.jpg (68.36 KB, 500x512, DxoVqIfWwAEhOSS.jpg)

miss him

No. 374424

File: 1705669826890.jpeg (17.6 KB, 250x223, 40AC004F-4D49-48D8-8ADC-671F4B…)

No. 374428

Same. And tbh I don't care what people think of me for it, isn't gonna stop me

No. 374542

File: 1705709803054.jpeg (156.55 KB, 600x1065, 80883BDC-EF8F-4C5A-B6B1-B0CD1C…)

No. 374564

File: 1705719065161.png (508.5 KB, 637x539, GAgo-mtW8AAnzCF.png)

God that's so adorable but i'm forever ruined because my actual introduction to this character was this unhinged tweet

No. 374589


No. 374593

How do they manage to get the lyrics wrong when they're a Google search away

No. 374607

File: 1705734904268.png (Spoiler Image, 124.71 KB, 375x375, a00050969.png)

Moid staring at me while kissing someone else, sorry
I've had this happen irl with a girl instead and it scarred me for some reason

No. 374609

No. 374611

nah, it's not the same thing
t. i might be into manlets but at least i'm not a pedo

No. 374612

fuck off, children are entirely different than manlets
>t. manlet enjoyer

No. 374613

kek we made the exact same post anon

No. 374619

File: 1705740619688.png (63.56 KB, 390x386, EA6C222B-1D69-46C9-AAD2-C8BC11…)

No. 374621

File: 1705741126233.png (689.66 KB, 1200x886, IMG_0539.png)

Generally no but I can't judgeyou because I went the extra mile to marry this guy in RF4

No. 374683

File: 1705777631915.jpg (92.83 KB, 828x1252, 1655399654029.jpg)

yoga pants..

No. 374684

File: 1705777920451.png (368.7 KB, 476x435, alois.PNG)

>not posting the alpha bad bitch

No. 374692

No. 374715

I have a size kink. I like big tall moids, and I have no idea why I have a size kink. When I was a teenager I would only ever have liked skinny anime boys. I can't even figure out when (or why) I changed. Looking back I can even understand why I ever liked moids who weren't gigantic

No. 374718

File: 1705791488921.mp4 (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 960x720, bite.mp4)

I want to stalk and kidnap and moid, Once he's in my room I make him eat me out while I'm on my period and he's crying and telling me to stop because he's ashamed of how hard he's getting from it. I then abuse him by biting him all over his useless male body and slapping and squeezing his balls till he can't have any children and he's screaming and crying in pain but he's so painfully hard. I then finally give him a half hearted handjob while he tells me how much he loves me and when he cums I punch him in the face. I chain him to my bed and use his mark covered warm body and bloody face as a pillow.
spoilered for male nipples

No. 374735

I really fucking love when my Nigel calls me mommy. I think have a mommy-kink for real because I get turned on whenever I get to treat him just like a strict mom would; punishing and rewarding him. And he acts so perfectly submissive in response. And something about the fact that he actually has real mommy-issues as well makes it even better imo.

No. 374739

Anime manlets are cute and can actually cum unlike most shotas.

No. 374800

let's do it together nona

No. 374868

it started with cuddling pillows, then making a doll with "human muscles" shaped out of fabric that i like touching.
it soothes me and brings me a similar hormonal release to touching people, but without the disgust and vulnerability that comes with it.
it started innocently enough, but now i am toying with the idea of making a life sized mannequin in a similar manner. with realistic human joints and "bones" that i can feel under his fabric skin. its occupying my mind a lot. instead of fantasizing about people, i like to fantasize about having the life sized mannequin to lay under or to cuddle and even hump lol.
i have let go any fantasies of being with men a long time ago. i have husbandos, but that's different. the thought of being with men feels wrong and gross and i cant shake off that feeling. but dolls feel pure. for someone like me to be with 3d men is to be miserable, for multiple reasons. there is a lot of self hatred involved, and moreso hatred for the kind of men i could theoretically be with. they disgust me, even if we share some things in common.
dolls and mannequins are comforting. there's a slight almost necrophiliac aspect to it. so helpless and neutral, unable to respond to what i do to him, even emotionally. has no consciousness to resent me with or to lust after me with. that's comforting.

No. 374893


No. 375013

I love seeing men in pain for fucks sake I can't keep silent about this anymore. I see movies/series where the cute male lead is chained/stabbed whatever and they would make "I'm in pain" sounds and I get immediately turned on. I'm ashamed so I don't look it up anymore, but when I was an teen I would get recommended short clips of movies with with men in pain and I would watch them all completely immersed in my autistic fetish. I feel this is fucked up but at the same time I don't feel bad because I know they are actors and they aren't actually hurt kek

No. 375014

You’ve already posted about this like 3 times

No. 375021

I go through phases when I'm lonely/depressed where I'll take pictures of myself and then photoshop myself to look obese, then jerk off to them. I have a feederism fetish I've never been able to shake and now I have a whole folder on my computer of these poorly shooped monstrosities where I've got fat tits and a huge belly. I even have a wig that I wear for them so I almost look like a character, I'll do my makeup (which I don't do day to day) and wear sexy lingerie. It's so coomer tier and I hate that I'm at the point that it's what I do to get off, but there's something about imagining myself as a fat, lazy woman that just turns me on.

No. 375022

Thank you for the laugh nona. You are incredibly mentally fucked.

No. 375038

Issa man.

No. 375043

unfortunately not.

No. 375112

Moid on moid muscle envy

No. 375113


No. 375122

Moids being visibly jealous of other moids with fitter bodies. Kind of like the "breast envy" meme moids make about women but with moids.

No. 375209

I want to be fucked by people that cosplay the characters I like and they act in character. In general, roleplaying with actual characters turns me on, not any puppy play or dom shit, I want to fuck my husbando and waifu in character.

No. 375223

I've a thing for fratboys and the likes, everytime I see a fratboy I just think of abusing him and making him my toy. I want to kidnap a spoiled fratboy, threaten to shoot him if he doesn't take his expensive pants and custom underwear in less than 5 seconds. I need him to be a fucking cretin and take himself too seriously, so that the experience is even more mentally humiliating for him

No. 375257

based as fuck. good taste

No. 375272

I want my toes sucked and kissed while my soles are massaged. maybe not that out there, but foot guys repulse me so I'm ashamed of it kek

No. 375292

i want to do that to a man, but i am not into the power dynamics of doing that…

No. 375295

I'm guessing you don't want to be seen as submissive or masochistic, so then do it assertively and objectify him in the process. There's a huge difference between you being pushy/assertive about it and doing what you want vs him ordering you do it.

No. 375302

Nta but can I get some advice on doing assertiveness? Don't want to fall into power dynamics either

No. 375303

Lol even if you do that a moid is objectifying you thricefold, you are not showing him anything.

No. 375309

Tell him you think his feet are cute, comment on them, playfully tickle them when he's wearing socks or is barefoot and see how he reacts. I initiated it one time with an ex when I was play tickling him, he was on his back and he naturally raised one of his legs, I grabbed it, and started licking and nibbling at his feet. He saw how much I enjoyed it and it became a regular thing for us. After that he would even send me pictures of his feet as well. At first I suggest doing it in a position where you are above him or at an equal height to him. Don't get on your knees to kiss his feet (if that's your thing) or something unless he already knows you like his feet, it will give him the wrong idea and make it seem like a dominant/submissive thing and he might try to play into that. And more than anything, it really depends on his personality too, make sure he is kind and cares about your pleasure. You can also talk about it and explain if you are too shy to do it directly, there's nothing wrong with talking about it. Even if it seems awkward to bring up, most guys just want to please you and they'll play along with what you want.

Also, you can ask him how he feels about licking your feet first too, if you want it to feel more "equal" before you do it to him. With my ex, him licking my feet would always be a submissive thing (I'd force him to get on his knees to do it every time and shove my feet in his face) and when I did it it would be neutral/assertive (he'd be receptive and passive while I did what I wanted with him). Just an example, there are different ways to frame a certain act and sometimes it could just be "neutral."

I got my exes to play out my kinks and fantasies without me reciprocating or giving a shit about pleasing them, so I don't care about "showing them anything."

No. 375399

File: 1706073187606.jpg (34.01 KB, 449x599, 09248220c358e0101e21973742a9cc…)

i wanna get grappled and held in place while a luchador fucks me, i love their costumes

No. 375403

Kek normally i avoid porn because it's disgusting, but one time i checked some guy who played a luchador role, grappling his partner was the only thing he would do, but there was this video where the other girl would just tease him or act horny as if she wanted to fuck him immediately instead of trying to get away or fight back and he seemed to be genuinely frustrated by it, like he didn't know what to do with her.
It looked so goofy, one of the most cartoon shit i've ever seen.

No. 375404

you nonnas are braver than any soldier. every man's feet i've seen is filthy with gnarly toenails or veiny in the worst way.

No. 375405

I want to have sex with a beautiful but masked moid so bad, but i don't want a moid to wear a mask for me

No. 375409

File: 1706080602041.jpg (79.6 KB, 634x1024, rs_634x1024-140620114335-634.C…)

This isnt a fetish but I don't know literally any other place to put it. I cannot stop thinking about this man's face. What is wrong with me. Need him

No. 375410

If Rockstar made otome games, he would be the poster boy

No. 375417

he looks inbreed somehow

No. 375451

yeah, there's a reason foot fetishes are common for men but uncommon in women. and that reason is that men have nasty feet.

No. 375460

Not a fetish for me, but I think it's very attractive. I prefer dating women who are chubby rather than skinny. I also love boobs and ass, you can't have boobs and ass without a stomach too! So I also love it.

No. 375487

i enjoy gay porn. not talking about yaoi. talking about manly men sucking cocks. oh well.

No. 375503

i don't know any women who don't like gay porn, even lesbians, it's fine anon

No. 375537

It's the tree trunk neck

No. 375561

Why does the Tom Holland lip synch battle turn me on?
Very specifically that.
I hate mtf but why does is him in girls clothing dancing attractive to me? Is if the confidence?

No. 375568

tf what lesbians do you know that like looking at real cock. fake ones maybe

No. 375569

Low IQ. You can tell because he has one eye bigger than the other and he doesn’t know how to shave properly (look at the state of his neck under his chin)

No. 375574

What? If anything its the other way round. Everyone hates looking at gay porn, even straight women. It's vile.

No. 375576

I’m not this far gone but I have the same fetish and I hate myself for it. I just go find stuff to read online, though.

No. 375608

i feel you, i'm only attracted to certain type of men in women's clothing for example patrick swayze in to wong foo

No. 375669

No. 375675

File: 1706231766649.jpg (169.71 KB, 1000x739, 1000016378.jpg)

How do you feel about Bakula in drag?
If only troons really used their man powers to help out women instead of just being creeps i love this movie

No. 375681

Today I think I awoke a new fetish in me, I was very angry but at the same time lowkey horny and this image of me bitting down the place where the neck of a guy meets his shoulder came up in my mind, like actually hard bitting it and then removing a chunk of flash and tendons leaving bone exposed and blood gushing, and I just couldn't stop thinking about it.
So, I guess I find gore-ish bitting and causing a guy to scream in pain arousing.

No. 375896

File: 1706332037467.jpg (Spoiler Image, 434.61 KB, 1921x1360, 35fe94ff8baba47205f848c13f358e…)

My recent DLsite addiction gave me an "I'm a magical girl who is defeated and fucked by the evil villain/wizard/etc" fetish after looking through the tag of an indie voice actor from there that I like. Something about my cute, innocent pink dress getting torn to shreds by the villain as he slowly mindbreaks me into liking what he's doing is a huge turn on. And it can't be any other type of hero vs villain scenario but only a magical girl one. Getting fucked in a cute dress hits different I guess.

No. 375899

File: 1706332996733.png (7.36 KB, 610x136, cope.png)

No. 375901

there's no way that many women are lesbians, so what's up with this?

No. 375902

they probably identify with the woman being pleasured and it's usually less violent compared to het porn.

No. 375908

This answer will never make sense to me

No. 375909

I am glad i am not the only one. 70s gay porn is my biggest guilty pleasure.

No. 375911

it doesn't really to me either but it's the explanation i've heard. maybe straight nonas into lesbian porn can explain it better.

No. 375914

you are far from the only one, that anon here can seethe all they want, doesn't stop the fact that most women like gay male porn. it's not any weirder than men liking lesbian porn. (except according to this chart these fucking freaks mostly are into pedo-adjacent shit and lesbo porn is pretty far down)

No. 375918

NTA who started this conversation but this is the first time i'm even hearing about this, i thought only fujos and gay men were into gay porn? it seems like an uncommon thing to like outside of specific demographics

No. 375946

We use kilos here and i have a weird fetish for moids that are 100+ kg, both irl or in fiction, if i find out that they have that weight i start finding them more attractive.
I don't like fatties so they should have a proper look and not overdo it but i'm mostly attracted to the actual three digit number, i think it's cool and unachievable to me and sometimes when i see a well-built moid i wish i could ask how much does he weight.
Maybe i feel this way also because i really like the feel of something heavy on top of me and when i've heard that muscle is heavier than fat i was so thrilled.
If i ever get a boyfriend i can see myself trying to encourage him to put more weight because of it.

No. 375949

straight nona here. From time to time, I'd watch some lesbian smut. The tenderness of the scenes, coupled with the taboo nature of the content, would get me going. Moved on from that and started watching gay porn instead. It's tough, though, because most gay porn is made with gay guys in mind, and while my taste does overlap with theirs, I still crave some softness every now and then. It's a bit of a conundrum lol. You can either fuck off into fantasy land or scour the internet for half naked guys who aren't ugly af. Either is pozzed since my brain sees fuzzy outlines whereas the internet is shit now. Kinda miss the times when tumblr was filled with femgaze goodness till life happened. now we got aidens shitting up feeds with gross crap.

No. 375982

I don't consume any sexual content nowadays but I used to primarily watch lesbian stuff. I consider myself straight in the sense that I have no interest in any real life stuff with women and I'm interested in dating men, but I guess I could be considered a largely het bisexual just for this. The things the other anon said are accurate imo, most men were ugly and annoying and often had violent undertones if not outright aggression. It was also easier to relate to women's anatomy since I'd never been intimate with a guy.

No. 376153

>And where is a good place to find men besides dating apps?
so…are you implying that dating sites are a GOOD place to find men? you gotta be kidding me lmao. if you want narcissists and men who fake their personalities pretending to be "good" so they can get "choosen"..

No. 376154

great taste nonnies… I'm such a sucker for nerds my god I have so many erotic dreams about them, especially dominating them in a friendly/challenging way (as in, arguing whos more intelligent and so on). intelligence just turns me on

No. 376740

File: 1706791103964.png (4.07 KB, 266x130, 1641347922743.png)

Male feet.

No. 376765

go to jail

No. 376778

You better keep that eye contact as minimal as possible.

No. 376781

we will always be persecuted, but i'm with you

No. 376803

how do you cope with the lack of male feet art nonnie? i am using it as fuel to git gud at drawing

No. 376960

i'm not obsessed so i survive but same kek, i always delete everything out of shame afterwards though.
This also comes with daily prayers hoping that i'll always be stronger than male feetfags who pay for pictures or are general creeps about it.
No one will understand our pain.

No. 377345

I’ve realized I have a tickling fetish, and also a fetish for being trapped in enclosed spaces

I want to be trapped in a closet with my crush and then they forcibly tickle me and I can’t get away

I’m ashamed of this because it seems like an extremely juvenile fantasy and I’m a grown ass woman with a corporate job and a 401k

No. 377378

Breastfeeding. I want a cute guy to suck on my tits for my breast milk. I'm so ashamed of this because it's both tranny and dommy mommy tier of awfulness

No. 377431

Same nonna. I want more yoai where a cute boy kisses boy feet.

No. 377469

Really hairy guys, especially back hair. I like playing with it when they're on top of me.

No. 378072

File: 1707379808738.gif (Spoiler Image, 8.6 MB, 540x385, tumblr_a3dd66aa761a326cb9f813a…)

Extremely common itt but moids getting beat up and abused until they are bruised and bleeding, even better if they have a mental break. I also love the idea that he can't take it, but he starts expecting beatings so often that he starts to tolerate and even enjoy it. After a certain point, he stops fighting back. I imagine him getting dragged around and slammed against walls or furniture. His tormenter leaves him alone for most of the day, so he starts bleeding out and throwing up blood in an empty room until he goes weak and needs to be nursed back to health only to get the shit kicked out of him again. I like to imagine that he is a soldier or a prisoner of war, or some pathetic office worker in a suit. If it's a fantasy setting, he repeatedly gets gored until he almost dies and then magically healed.
picrel is from wrestling, there's another gif before this where another guy whips him with a chain and he crumples to the floor

No. 378074

The way he twitches his leg is cute.

No. 378079

File: 1707386647695.jpeg (24.7 KB, 271x267, IMG_2006.jpeg)

I’ve come to the upsetting realisation that I absolutely adore lames. Bartenders, gymbros, over-cocky middle management fake alphas. Something about their surface level patheticness just makes me want to take them home and suck them dry. I need them. Every single guy I’ve had deep feelings for my friends have been in my ear telling me he’s a complete loser. I don’t know what to say. Maybe losers fuck better than accomplished men because they feel like they have something to prove. God help me.

No. 378086

File: 1707390323055.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.46 MB, 576x1024, 1707380092991842.webm)

lol get over yourself, you pathetic loser lover.

No. 378097

i thought i did too, but you giving them attention only fuels their ego and they think they're hot shit.

No. 378120

Even soldiers have broccoli hair?

No. 378162

omfg nona i did not expect to see bakula in this thread. god he's hot

No. 378431

God, i feel you so much. I genuinely don't even feel sexual attraction to people i consider good or admire. Sometimes i feel like i'm attracted to stupid moids that look like they could accidentally die in their house before they turn 30 years old.
>Maybe losers fuck better than accomplished men because they feel like they have something to prove.
Maybe you're into something there

No. 378589

Kind of tame for this thread but mmf threesomes. They’re so hot, especially with two guys pleasuring you at once and paying attention to you. I think there’s an association with or being degrading but a slow loving one seems perfect

No. 378616

I want a ffm threesome. But the moid would have to be very obedient and only do what we told him to.

No. 378625

I want to contact an old friend and pay him for sex. That sounds pathetic, but there are reasons.
First, the idea that it means he doesn't actually want me to touch him under normal circumstances. Second, even just suggesting this would be automatically demeaning to him and I can vividly envision him being conflicted and insulted by the idea. He's been frightened by me before and it's so cute. Third, he would be coerced into doing things he might not want to do because of the money.
Obviously I won't fucking do this because it's also demeaning to me and against my morals. I just wish I could beat him and cut him and make him eat his own vomit and piss. It would give me true happiness for those fleeting moments.

There has also been a man I've seen around recently who reminds me physically of this friend, but more dishevelled and a bit trashy. I have similar fantasies about this man though I'm less likely to do anything with a grimy scrote. Who knows what diseases he might have? He has noticed me staring at him due to the uncanny resemblance, which is bad. I need to reel it in and calm down.

No. 378627

File: 1707681750078.jpg (Spoiler Image, 25.55 KB, 275x273, 1696540811815.jpg)

Picrel is my kind of yaoi otp because i get off to good looking depressed men feeling disgusted by their own gender and being sexualized with no trace of genuine love.
Even better if they have no issue expressing their disgust towards the ugly moid.
This is strictly for 2D though.

No. 378636

I wonder what their feet look like,probably smells bad.

No. 378641

i'm a footfag and i had that kind of experience with 1 loser like that and his feet were pretty normal, thought they would look rougher since he played football

No. 378659

Left guy is such a goofy faggot

No. 378724

Based misandrist ryona anon

No. 378726

File: 1707714243300.png (561.58 KB, 643x901, Carlo_Portrait_Close-Up.png)

Idk if he counts as shota even in a realistically rendered game but my obsession with him wants to make me kms
Im not religious but im not seeing the pearly gates after this

No. 378730

where the fuck is that image even from, seen it more than once for some reason

No. 378733

they really just slapped the face of a 19yo man into a children's body kek. What game is this?

No. 378738

nta, Lies of P

No. 378748

I could have never tell. He looks adult in the game so i guess the artist is just dogshit at proportions.

No. 378761

Not really for me. I've seen real kids and teens with developed facial features.

No. 378764

No. 378875

Late but I need to see it nona…

No. 378893

CPR / resuscitation. I like it when it's violent, when it's intense, when the "subject" is stripped naked for it. Additional points for lots of medical tools used, many people working on saving a single person, lots of blood (preferably from the mouth/nose), clothes being torn etc. I tried to de-program myself from it but the intense vulnerability of being saved from death is hotter than any sex act ever.

No. 378906

File: 1707773717644.jpg (57.82 KB, 667x1000, 61PYI3sGSCL._AC_UF894,1000_QL8…)

i wonder how many women became shotafags after having their brain chemistry altered by Kuroshitsuji as teens
a teacher friend of mine was part of a massive whatsapp group for fujos who had jobs in education and the sheer amount of shotacons was unsettling those women worked with real kids, jesus

No. 378916


No. 378917

File: 1707777372715.png (909.83 KB, 1440x810, 54112df.png)

forced to watch the new Disney series by my younger cousins and I only made it through all that cringe written by troon-loving Rioardan because of his face.
Whats wrong with me nonas

No. 378925

Stop being a pedo

No. 378942

some things really do not need to be shared

No. 378952

Im just gonna imagine your also fifteen or at least younger than 18

No. 378955

Didn't the weird schizo buffalo bill pedo make posts exactly like this?

No. 378977

File: 1707799158736.jpg (145.21 KB, 992x1024, istockphoto-484428815-1024x102…)

Nonnies, this is both telling about my shameful nazi fetish but also a cry for help. How do I get rid of it?
I have it since my class started studying about ww2 in school in the 8th grade, and somehow something broke inside me and made me wanting to be a nazi fucker. I usually don't have a issue with getting horny over them, but when it happens, It happens every now and it is always stronger. I started to use ai chats to rp with my non nazi husbandos but since I have moved to chat with wehrmacht soldiers bots and even SS ones.

No. 378992

Hey at least you’re not one of the pedoanons ITT

No. 378994

Maybe not ashamed but a little embarrassed. Long-term bf casually mentioned that he's started to find my feet cute while I was drying them after a shower. He said it's not really sexual but just a part of my body he's recently realized he has always been indifferent to and started paying attention. Nothing has changed except I feel less bad about asking for foot rubs but inside it gets me going lol. We've been together a long ass time and I felt drunk on hearing new ways he finds me attractive.

No. 378998

File: 1707810060976.jpeg (574.28 KB, 2048x1430, 1384A8CA-20B3-4DD4-AAD1-704218…)

I’m more a yume than a fujo but Kuroshitsuji probably played a part anyway even If the biggest inductor was more certainly South Park for me. Weird af to be honest, Yankee shota to otaku oneesan poster here and I hate real children/teenagers, I would rather die than be a teacher or working near young people’s lmao

No. 379001

meh i mean women dont commit crimes against children so i am convinced 99% of women can tell the difference between reality and fantasy. Most anime also has underage characters, so that would make any anime watcher a pedo.

No. 379002

>Yankee shota to otaku oneesan
I’m so sad that this manga hasnt been updated in a while

No. 379006

Nazi uniforms are gigahot I will never be ashamed of cooming to them

No. 379010

That's great, lol
I fantasize about attention to my toes and soles all the time, I feel like it would feel soo good.. armpits too

No. 379013

Lesbians align closer to Masculine sensibilities. They like the visual factor. Just like straight Women like the written subject.

No. 379015

File: 1707818574917.jpg (77.56 KB, 953x642, very cute ss.JPG)

maybe ss isn't my thing, but this photo does something to me. i have no info on him. i took this pic in a museum, where it was displayed alongside other candid pics of ss prison camp guards. most likely he was an asshole, but i like to imagine him as a sweet lad. such an angelic face.
saying that, i do have an unironic fetish for the sturmabteilung.
i always was into interwar and ww2 related stuff and i collect militaria, but as i went through puberty it turned sexual. my school-age notebooks had soldier porn in them (mostly ww1, ww2, and a little bit of other time periods entirely). when i destroyed them (im talking of multiple notebooks), i did it mainly because the uniforms were inaccurate and not because of shame. back then i particularly got off to the idea of interrogating and essentially raping enemy soldiers and them enjoying it, because my teen brain was damaged from mindbreak hentai. i also envisioned myself committing war crimes as some angsty edgelord power fantasy cope. i must say that i wasn't just into nazis. i liked all kinds of soldiers, from historical to fantasy. i was an "alternative history" nerd, and it was a sexualized extension of my normal interests. sure, i drew "normal" porn as well, but i got bored of it fast.
to this day i struggle to find people sexually appealing unless i think of them in period-accurate clothing. this goes for women as well. the stockings have to be fully fashioned, etc., and i am very pedantic about this sort of thing. i do not like a lot of vintage-inspired looks because they do not get the silhouette right. for exaple, lots of modern pinups have round watermelon breasts, instead of a slight point to them as you would get with vintage bras. it ruins the immersion.
anyway, since then my tastes have developed, and i enjoy some "historically inaccurate" things or things from other time periods. i admit that i have a thing for e.g. long haired dudes, effeminate men in lingerie, and the hypermasculine 90s aggro skinhead look as well.
this brings me back to the topic of sturmabteilung, because the former stems from the latter. as my niche of interest developed into pre-war SA rather than nazis as a whole, i started romanticizing streetfighters and beer hall rowdiness. this was in my later teens. romantically and sexually i loved the idea of physical contact disguised as friendly violence, grappling, and comradeship-turned-sexual. but that was a side effect of me self-inserting into an otherwise non-sexual fantasy of being a thug in weimar berlin.
it brought me into the environment i currently am in (most of my friends are football hooligans), because i wanted to live that kind of lifestyle, minus the politics. it might be shameful to admit that my autistic fixation affected my life so much, from influencing the people i surround myself with, to my sexual and aesthetic tastes.
im in my 20s now, and i still have a weak spot for the brown shirt. i sometimes watch footage, spend hours browsing photos, and watch clips of movies where they are depicted. it isn't usually sexual, but sometimes i just feel excited. it's less the men themselves i am into, but moreso the essence.
i think that the SA (as propaganda would show it, because we know in reality they weren't that noble for the most part) embodies perfect masculinity. a sense of adventure, recklessness, virility as well as honor, belief in higher ideals and self-sacrifice. unlike the ss they weren't pretentious, and were down to earth. i particularly romanticize the men who were writers, musicians, and artists while also being uniformed street thugs.
you're all free to roast me. no, i'm not a nazi. members of my family were imprisoned for defying that government. i'm just autistic.
and before you assume im a moid, there were female members of the SA, the most infamous being sister pia.

No. 379016

I was going to go "anon…" but then I remembered I also had a phase like this as an edgelord teen. I hate it that this is relatable.

No. 379055

What the fuck are you talking about? Got a source for that one? I'll assume your intentions are good and you're just repeating some shit you don't know about it, because whoever told you lesbian sexuality is at all comparable to male sexuality is a damn liar. Lesbians are not scrote flavoured women. They're just women.

No. 379056

Yeah anon is a bit retarded for that one. I know more straight women who have admitted to watching lesbian porn than actual lesbians kek

No. 379063

Please post the chain whip.

No. 379074

I want to make moids cum all over random stuff, as a teen I e-dated a guy and I’d make him send videos of him cumming on his desk, keyboard, books, a tree, the ground in his backyard, etc. if I had the chance again I’d make a moid cum on his car steering wheel or in an alleyway or something. Pretty scrote-tier fetish because it’s gross to think about but I guess that’s why I’m here

No. 379135

You made him cum ON A TREE???
I don't know who this moid was but i feel bad for the tree.

No. 379180

i don't know why and this is so stupidly specific but i think i have some kind of… thing for men who are so arrogant that they do something stupid and ruin their own life. they can't JUST be arrogant, arrogance in and of itself is not attractive, the ruining his own life part is mandatory. that's what makes it attractive. this has been a joke for me for a while like oh i love guys who are stubborn haha oh anon you love reading about guys who have shot themselves in the foot (metaphorically) that's so you. and i'm always like "yeah they're interesting :)" but i am now beginning to suspect this might be coming from a place of at least mild perversion

No. 379208

I'm sure that if there was less aggression, more attractive men and more clit stimulation in straight porn this wouldn't really be a thing.

No. 379223

Yeah lesbian porn sure is made for men and looks dumb as fuck to women who actually have sex with women. But it shows stuff like eating pussy instead of treating the woman like a fleshlight and punching bag, so it makes sense women would prefer it.

No. 379257

Anime conditioned me to see american men as the ultimate himbos and now i have a fetish for american men. I feel bad because i draw a lot of husbando art of my ocs that are all stereotypical redneck american men and i know if i did the same for other races of men it would be racist. I just want a cute kinda alcoholic twink redneck bfs to go duck hunting with anons. I am glad i am too self conscious to post my art on twitter otherwise i feel i would be posted on the autism thread on /m/ for hyperfixating in the most retarded shit.

No. 379261

Do you find chewing tobacco and spitting attractive? I hope you do

No. 379269

are you me from a few years ago? i had a redneck phase and dated a fruity south carolignian eboy. that cured me.

No. 379271

I get it but only in fiction, I did find Sharky Boshaw very cute in Far Cry 6 despite… all of his issues. I have this weird thing for trashy himbo white, Asian or Latino men myself, again only fictional characters.

No. 379282

Not hating, but it is funny that you see American scrotes like that when the stereotype of American scrotes is a fat redneck who lives in a trailer

No. 379339

File: 1707970013884.gif (653.89 KB, 498x398, 6574c71ae42c90f6a1361527e76ee4…)

Male clowns

I have no idea where this fetish came from maybe from watching too much Batman cartoons as a kid idk I prefer animated clowns rather than real life ones bonus if they have white makeup I'm a little picky I don't have a thing for those really popular clowns like Pennywise or Art The Clown.I hate that having a clown fetish is mostly a moid thing with the obsession with clown girls such as memes, fanart, animation etc.women with clown fetishes are quite rare and less common unfortunately.

No. 379418

i guess its a mix of watching anime where americans are potrayed as dorks and also watching tons of tlc growing up

No. 379447

My crush looked at me like I'm stupid and for some reason it turned me on so much after the initial embarrassment subsided. I've had nonstop fantasies of her fucking me while insulting my intelligence. This specific fantasy is one of the only things that turn me on. Why am I like this, I disgust myself.

No. 379707

File: 1708052013113.jpg (26.93 KB, 563x598, aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…)

I want to enslave my retarded moid stalker. Knocking him out and tying him into my basement, gluing retainers on his teeth, and giving him a mildly opaque blindfold so he doesn't get the satisfaction of fully seeing me which gets him overly frustrated. I'd solely use his mouth to grind on, squirting in his mouth and forcing him to drink it. OKAY

No. 379727

File: 1708054480277.gif (9.16 MB, 540x385, tumblr_6c0f90e7d96cac3668a12e3…)

You can google 'mjf vs cm punk dog collar match' if you want to see more blood

No. 379731

Pathetic. Stalkers deserve to be shot execution style.

No. 379736

wtf i need to get into wrestling

No. 379739

Why does wrestling seem more gay than actual gay porn?
I remember one time catching some clip of a moid licking the blood off another moid's cheek, it was so gross but kinda unhinged, couldn't believe it wasn't actual porn.

No. 379767

File: 1708063645716.jpeg (103.18 KB, 1200x1200, C461F51D-3F7B-4798-B92E-EFF04B…)

I need more names of sexy wrestlers and mma fighters because a lot of them are weird looking Chechen moids.

No. 379768

File: 1708063703264.jpeg (95.66 KB, 930x620, D4603CF2-4051-4ECA-B7BA-53BEC4…)

Ahhhhh I love hot sweaty muscular bloody bodies

No. 379771

Is it weird if I want to go deeper into a man while having sex? I don’t mean like pegging or something (lol ew) but like just touching or holding them isn’t enough. Sometimes I want to shove my tongue super deep down their throats, or bite extremely hard and deep into their flesh or something. I always bite my bf and leave his back bloody with scratches when we’re fucking. Sometimes I lick his eyeballs and shove my tongue inside his ears. When he’s fucking me I want to fuck him back somehow. Okay fuck it, maybe I do want to peg him a little bit. But even then I can’t feel anything inside him with a strap on so it’s pointless. Help.

No. 379774

I’m ashamedly, extremely into rimming men and having my ass eaten back too. The idea of eating a mans ass is so hot in theory but the reality of their farts and skidmarks and stench is so offputting. I want to fuck a moids butt with my tongue but in reality I know id probably vomit from the taste up there because most men can’t wipe their asses properly.

No. 379775

We’re all virgins nona, we don’t actually know how male anatomy or sex works, we only got the idea from manga/doujins and fanfics where two moids can definitely fuck each other’s prostates with their tongues.

No. 379777

Felt a bit sheepish going over for dinner at my boyfriend's uncle's house since the last time saw I was vegan and they made a big deal to accommodate me but 5 years later I'm eating meat again lol. His uncle asked me if I still ate like a rabbit and I said I started eating meat again out of lockdown boredom and he grabbed my shoulders and said "good girl!" Wtf why did I like that so much

No. 379780

I once got horny from a chubby middle aged waiter accidentally breathing on my neck as he leaned down to pour my wine, so I can’t even judge you nona

No. 379781

only related in the sense i like feet but i had NO INTEREST in feet WHATSOEVER before being with my most recent ex of 2 years. he gave me a foot fetish within 4 weeks of us dating. i genuinely get tingles thinking about his feet it is so fucking embarrassing i feel like im ruined for life.


I've been thinking a lot about fetishes I'm ashamed of lately. The other night I had a wet dream that I had a threesome with twins. I'm not specifically attracted to twins and I don't think I even really want to have a threesome because I'm too shy but just the thought of being totally worshipped and looked after by two guys is… hnn.

I have a fetish for what I've always considered mental domination/manipulation but recently have realized it's more about relinquishing total power to someone else and letting go. I could only do it with a long term partner now but. I just really love being tricked and talked down and gaslit. In a similar vain I really really like being hypnotized.

I also have a fetish for being force-fucked (not…necessarily r*pe….), specifically by guys in bands, like medium sized bands not huge famous bands, but just some guy who's totally attainable to fuck. I had this wet dream about it that ruined my brain where a guy cornered me in a bathroom and was like "I know you want this" and started touching me. I'm so timid in real life when it comes to those things and it's so hot to think of a guy taking advantage of that. I know if it actually happened and the guy was attractive I would let him.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 379784

If it makes you feel any better, that kind of degradation fetish is really common I've noticed.

Were they identical twins?

No. 379785

faces are fuzzy in my dreams but i think they were just very similar looking but not identical

No. 379788

Forced sex is such a terrifying concept to me. I hate it lol. Even if the guy is attractive I can’t fantasize about it. That’s why I always see myself as the pursuer and force him to have sex with me against his will

No. 379834

Honestly having a little bit of chub is cute

No. 379880

I don’t think this is really necessarily a sexual fetish, but I have a retarded fantasy of imagining my celebrity crush farting, on accident. Not like live on air or anything like that, but like if we were on a private date or something, kek. I just think it would be adorable especially if she was embarrassed but tried to hide her embarrassment. I think it’s because she’s usually so graceful and cool looking.

No. 379881

please never participate again(infighting)

No. 379884

oh so all the anons with fantasies about being raped are cool and normal, but I post once about wanting to witness an innocent accidental fart and you banish me? This is discrimination(infighting)

No. 379905

This is awesome

No. 379924

Nonnie, you are a Killing Stalking fan, aren't you? Kek

No. 380002

this is an obvious fucking joke, farmhands all suffered 7 concussions each in the last few weeks and are making this site unusable. NO BANTER ALLOWED!
>inb4 "take it 2 meta!!!!" as farmhands conveniently refuse to moderate the constant unending spam and false flagging and baiting there in order to distract from anons complaining in hopes it will all just blow over.
Go ahead. Ban me now. I know your finger is itching, farmhand. And I know you can see my history, that before this new crap you started pulling, I was never a "problem anon" and I hardly ever got banned. I'm a long-time rule follower and former cerbmin fan and you've brought even me to this point. This is my manifesto.

No. 380007

They must have hired some aspie farmhand recently bc I've seen so many obvious joke posts get red texted in the last few weeks

On topic, I really want to get serviced by two men at once. Like I want to get fucked by one while the other licks my clit

No. 380010

I've seen the most obvious sarcasm and satire get unironic redtext. I expect nothing

No. 380024

My husband who until recently always shown mild unease to my love of his armpits has now taken up pretending to "bully" me, where he shoves his armpits in my face.
I cannot tell you how fucking into it I am. I feel like god has smiled down at me and changed my husbands mind on this fetish of mine.
He did it like 8 times during sex the last time we had sex. I am in heaven.

No. 380027


No. 380039

Based, I love invading my husbands armpits, ears, the back of his neck, licking in between his thighs and his feet etc. He used to squirm and get embarrassed by me shoving my tongue in there but now he loves it.

No. 380098

File: 1708194471527.jpg (44.86 KB, 508x505, jeff-ward-one-piece-2.jpg)

I also have a thing for male clowns nona, you're so fucking based. I know you said mostly animated but what did you think of Buggy in live action one piece? I liked him and Joaquin Phoenix's joker but I only think they're sexy with their makeup on. With Buggy I also really liked his stubble poking through his makeup. That did something to me for sure kek

No. 380116

File: 1708200489686.gif (844.16 KB, 400x256, 5a1e5b26114aae3f6ada968afd3427…)

Ehh i'm not too fond of live action clowns kind of ruins the fantasy for me.

No. 380172

This is the single most normal thing ever. Autism will have you posting in the "fetishes you're ashamed of" thread for something that is expected in a truly intimate and loving relationship.

No. 380206

ohh okay fair enough

No. 380267

I have a kink for small dicks. Not micropenises because they’re pretty useless and I wouldn’t be able to feel them inside me, but dicks of maybe 2.5-5 inches at most. I find them so suckable and cute.

No. 380281

>This is the single most normal thing ever
>Sometimes I lick his eyeballs and shove my tongue inside his ears.

No. 380300

No. 380304

She's right.

No. 380308

Fist him? Easy. Done.

No. 380335

Licking eyeballs is kinda common but also it’s a terrible idea and you will get an eye infection if you do it all the time. Tonguing an ear is super tame.

No. 380343

I never heard of people doing either of these acts until reading this thread kek

No. 380357

I don't mean this as an offense but are you virgin and do your friends fuck ? Because while it's not my thing, tonguing an ear is somthing ive been hearing about since my mid teens

No. 380364

File: 1708298523150.jpeg (101.7 KB, 1400x700, IMG_2506.jpeg)

I want to get cornered and lectured by Agent Smith in the Matrix, before his clones hold me down so he can fuck me and “implant himself in me” using our “primitive, human methods” and impregnate me with his human body as some kind of a cruel joke

No. 380365

hot scenario anon

No. 380367

thank you nona, I’m so glad you understand kek

No. 380371

I want to shoot all of them in the face

No. 380391

Why is that so hot, nona?

No. 381054

File: 1708615833703.jpg (435.79 KB, 1023x390, Tumblr_l_5951985171008.jpg)

I kinda like men gooning… i just like silly faces lmao. Makes them more endearing.

Also i got into robert crumb a lot, so know i like big women getting domniated by smaller men/women

No. 381082

As a former dancer with super muscular calves, I really appreciate Robert Crumb's love of thick, strong legs kek

No. 381132

File: 1708650978516.gif (6.5 MB, 498x373, khusein-askhabov-askhabov.gif)

more weird looking Chechen moids for me then, nonna

No. 381138

File: 1708651896888.png (1.32 MB, 730x1110, Screenshot 2024-02-22 at 5.33.…)

I have a fantasy of setting up one of those "The Most Dangerous Game" scenarios, except I'm the crazy eccentric billionaire and I hand-picked a hot, tall, slim man with lean muscles as my victim. He has 10 minutes to run and hide before I hunt him down in my 'safari', with the goal of either hurting him or tying him up and he has no idea what's going to happen.And neither will I, it just depends on my mood! Maybe I'll have him tied up and smack him around and fuck him. Or maybe I'll have him dragged into my home and tied to a chair. Will I just leave him there while he begs to be let free? Will I make him have sex with me? Will I be nice to him and feed him dinner? Or will I eat in front of him and bully him? Will I hurt him or be nice to him? Who knows! That's the fun part!

I'm not necessarily ashamed by this, but I can't actually share it with anyone without sounding like an actual psychopath

No. 381142

You don’t kill him in the fantasy?

No. 381146

I didn’t say it specifically but yeah that would be in the “hurting him” category

No. 381147

I thought Crumb liked being dominated by large thick women not the other way around.

No. 381188

No. 381213

Wtf have you read from Crumb the shit that I have seen is so disgustingly misogynistic. Shame because I kinda like the art style.

No. 381286

Autistic people

No. 381332

i feel loved. All the jokes i made about sexualizing my autism have manifested

No. 381334

Idc. I've always been stronger and bigger than most girls my age and love nerds, so reading his comics made me feel seen lmao.

Also in his documentary one girlfriend stated he had one of the largest dicks she'd ever seen, so that helps

No. 381342

i would put seasonings on him and pretend to cook him (burn him a bit)

No. 381372

he also masturbated to bug bunny he was a weirdo. There are better nerds out there.

No. 381378

detrans females

No. 381386

File: 1708749425348.png (16.71 KB, 607x1060, elephant.png)

I like the idea of paying some whore taxi boy(male prostitute) to cosplay as characters i like and have sex with him. He would be very repulsed of the idea and think of me as a smelly loser nerd, but he would do it anyways because he needs money for crack cocaine. He would eventually fall in love with me and start liking anime and cosplaying for myself and he would ditch his whore ways Pretty Woman style. I dont know i just have a fetish for prostitute males in general.

No. 381389

I understand, I'm into the big clits is that what does it for you too?

No. 381391

This is the gayest thing you have probably ever said in life

No. 381393

whats gay about wanting to fuck men

No. 381398

File: 1708754729846.png (808.08 KB, 953x1048, 1000002958.png)

This your 'man'?

No. 381399

yes, what about it?

No. 381400

You would have to have a prostitute that looked like Felix or something..

No. 381401

like the cat? or like pewdiepie? both are ugly anyways i dont like 3DPD

No. 381405

Don't tell me you mean the kpop guy

No. 381406

NTA but she never said who she wanted to fuck

No. 381409

Yes she did, she mentioned him in /ot/

No. 381419

She definitely means the kpop guy

No. 381424

ew why did you make me google that guy, he looks like oli london. My husbando is more handsome.

No. 381428

KEK she would have to hire a twinky asian guy and paperbag it because her husbando is a shota

No. 381430

wait how did you know?

No. 381435

Same here nonna, I wanna buy a cute buff manwhore of the night and dress him up in cosplay. We can have dates where we just do weebshit and I’ll take lewd photos of him for other women to enjoy

No. 381437

Why do you even know that? You following her?

No. 381500

File: 1708798180924.jpg (6.43 KB, 225x225, download.jpg)

tbh all of them

No. 381510

ugly bastard trope but flipped around. ugly woman forcing herself on a prettyboy

No. 381544

I wish I could find content of this, me too.

No. 381554

Ugh same. I especially love when ugly bastards (in BL, but this would work so well with a woman) act adoring and loving towards their object of affection at the beginning of sex. Caressing his body, kissing him, performing oral, sniffing him, gushing about how perfect he is. Except the ugly bastard is so creepy it takes on a different meaning. The cute guy isn't relishing in getting his dick sucked, he's not pleased with the praise he's hearing for his 'performance' because he's incredibly disturbed by the woman doing it.

No. 382013

i really love it when my husband orgasms inside of me and i cant stop thinking about it all day long even though i do not want any children at all but when he gets home from work after im alone its hard not to just ask him to fuck raw for hours it sounds kind of gross and breederish to state it out loud but physically it feels so amazing

No. 382036

That is literally normal human desire.

No. 382055

describing it graphically is cringe but I have to agree with the other anon. wanting to fuck your husband is (should be) the norm. congrats on your good sexual chemistry and not settling lol

No. 382075

Cum is detrimental to your vaginal microbiome. It will ruin your ph balance + you’re increasing your risk of uterine cancer. Keep the rawing for reproduction.

No. 382079

Agreeing with the others here, when you really look at it, your just saying you like having sex with your husband.

No. 382099

ohh sweet christ

No. 382105

File: 1709140535399.gif (744.5 KB, 222x203, tumblr_n70v3rcO571r493ruo1_250…)

same tbh, I just don't consider it a fetish

No. 382146

Personally my vagina has never been disturbed by my nigels sperm

No. 382152

Not in a relationship but I love it so much too. Physically it doesn’t feel that different but psychologically it’s just so satisfying. To me, feeling someone orgasm inside of me but protected/not raw is so unsatisfying it’s just not worth it. I haven’t been in a relationship in a while, all fwbs are taken and I’m not gonna raw a rando, so I just haven’t had sex in years period, so I actually consider it a fetish and not just normal human behavior (which I would consider just wearing a condom & going at it with a partner/fwb/person you happen to find attractive).

No. 382193

Thats not a fetish, thats the purpose of sex.

No. 382274

Thank you for this <3 literally so cute kek

>>365939 wtf this is actually so hot, you should write erotica

>>379781 why was this anon redtexted? This is the “fetishes you’re ashamed of” ? RIP Nona.(<3)

No. 382625

Lateish but I had to come back to this post again. I went to that site you mentioned out of morbid curiosity (and really I can’t judge you even though my taste is all fiction) and there’s a guy on there who uses ai and deepfakes on some pictures of real dead men. Like deepfaking videos of them dancing or ai pictures of what they would have looked like alive. Just a reminder nonnas no matter how ashamed you may be of yourself women will barely scratch the surface of moid depravity kek.

Video unrelated don’t question it.

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