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File: 1681240891187.jpeg (750.24 KB, 3465x3465, 7970A612-67B6-4B43-B573-761026…)

No. 291716

Belle Delphine, born in 1999, self proclaimed ‘marketing genius‘, will throw anyone under the bus for a bit of validation, She is best known for lying about selling her bathwater, her failed marketing stunts, creepily styling and editing herself to look younger in explicit content, selling another girl’s nudes claiming it was herself. Shes also know for harassing other content creators in a desperate attempt to stay relevant. Her boyfriend Joshua John Gray also participates in her creepy porn videos where belle pretends to get raped or abducted

Previous thread: >>263556

Recent updates:
>She makes her friend Katie McDonnell larp as her “18-year-old sister called Connie Delphine”. People find out Katie’s real identity quickly and her stunt fails. >>213055
>She makes OnlyFans content with twomad, she sucks his toes and lets him grope her while Josh takes their photos. >>222743
>She cosplays as a 9-year-old character for her porn. She acts childish and inserts gummy worms in her vagina. >>226605
>Belle and Dadfeels made a bizarre spoof music video of the power puff girls >>283831
>Attempts to leach fame off lolcow streamer f1nn5ter with flop collab >>286148
>posts an hour long vlog to her OF where she shows her pathetic life as a shut in and listens to bbc radio1 >>288533
>cosplays as ‘just turned 18’ attending prom for explicit content >>289916

Past threads:
#1 >>>/w/2640
#2 >>>/w/69238
#3 >>>/w/123836
#4 >>>/w/128835
#5 >>>/w/134956
#6 >>>/w/144354
#7 >>>/w/165079
#8 >>>/w/212589
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#10 >>>/w/229309
#11 >>>/w/235422
#12 >>>/w/263556

Onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/belledelphine
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunnydelphine
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXvKUavCtDOlA8bT1i2tI3w
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/belle.delphine
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/tinkersmell
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/belledelphine

No. 291722

File: 1681241577425.png (2.41 MB, 1170x2532, C4F355DA-6671-4162-8535-2DC304…)

What character was this supposed to be? Also this is unedited and can be verified.

No. 291739

OP has old milk.. this is what happens when she doesn't do anything and it's all nitpicking. Also what is with this spoonfeed request from OP? >>291722 You used her photos, shouldn't you know?

No. 291742

Shit thread.
Your recent updates list should begin with the Dadfeels music video because that happened in the previous thread. This isn't milky at all. Post her in the Of thots and cam girls threads in snow.

No. 291749

She's the most famous ethot on the internet, the photoshopper thread is for randos. You can't close the stable door after the horse has already bolted, Belle will never be "not milky" while she is active online due to the utter trash nature of her content

No. 291752

I second this. It'd be the best place for milk rather than the nitpicking of the past few threads on /w.

No. 291757

Nta, but nitpicking her photos aren't fun anymore. Especially when OP is editor anon.

No. 291760

This. Her WKs can keep samefagging all they want but she has a thread for the same reason shayna does. It's milky that a grown woman, who's only getting older by the day, would go so far to portray herself as a child. Very weird and interesting to say the least. She's probably in a manic episode and planning on doing something milky again soon… wants this thread to disappear kek

No. 291785

No1currs about your parroting bullshit.

No. 291801

Like no1currs about your infighting and WKing. We are going to continue to make fun of belle so long as she keeps LARPing as a kid. If the thread bothers you that much, hide it

>>291722 pt I'm poopin vibes

No. 291815

its so funny that yall cannot accept she is just ugly irl and hella sloppy at editing that u accuse anons of editing even tho all it takes is one google search for her leaks to see that 99% of people here dont edit her

No. 291839

NTA you're replying too but nah, shanyas threads go on for so long because of just how bad she manages to be at being a degenerate pedo pandering OF thot. The pedo pandering on its own is more disgusting than milky. Her retardation is what really makes her a cow. Belle is now just yet another OF girl who pretends to be a loli for scrote bucks. Dime a dozen nowadays.

No. 291840

Last thread not even full and someone felt a desperate need for a new one. Sad.
Not sure if scrote or newfag or both.
Nah, there's something else going on there. She's not that remarkable as a cow but the levels of cultish autism she inspires on LC deserve some kind of organised study.

No. 291870

Shayna has a personality unlike Belle. She starts hilarious slapfighs all the time and overshares on her professional account.

You're correct. This type of autism belongs in 4chan.

No. 291875

100%, big difference between the two is Belle really doesn't do anything except make gross porn and occasionally include a cringey caption. She really is no milkier than a standard issue ethot at this point. I know it's hard to let a cow go but seriously, you can think she's a nasty pedopandering freak without thinking she's also a cow. At this point she's just a dime a dozen uwu aging internet prostitute.

No. 291906

Belle is the doppelgänger for my mom at that age, and it’s tripping me up big time
My mom married a millionaire tho so I guess both gold diggers in different ways
/end blogpost

No. 292552

File: 1681675002403.jpeg (105.17 KB, 1170x1138, 4C36F564-41BE-4BE7-B38E-38EC87…)

No. 292554

File: 1681675396094.png (6.77 MB, 1170x2532, E713CA2D-2075-42E7-A66B-AA2E4F…)

Everyone in the comments is absolutely bootlicking this hoe, her outfit looks like its from shein which is suprising as shes ‘rich’ or whatever

No. 292576

Fake selfpost bait..editor-anon, you're not subtle even when you don't edit. No one in these threads have self posted this often when Belle isn't even doing wanting milky.

No. 292585

Not even a fake selfpost or edited u retard, u can compare it to the one belle posted on her insta if u want its literally the same. I wanted to post it here because it seems that no matter how boring and low effort her posts are she gets compliments blown up her ass. I think 80% of the people still supporting belle dont realise how much of an asshole she truly is behind the belles and whistles

No. 292643

File: 1681693084328.jpg (29.47 KB, 1080x1012, Screenshot_20230416_175741_Chr…)

I would call you a dumbass but that's not even your actual photo

No. 292644

I agree with you anon. Her posts are just so low effort and lazy and I’m surprised that people still pay for her OF when it’s the same pictures of her vag over and over again just in different, cheap outfits.

No. 292664

Anons for the most part make up their own milk at this point, she doesn't do anything interesting and its just nitpicks or some retarded edit some sperg posts. Rebringing up old milk doesn't make a new conversation, but those same anons froth if you say random photos aren't milk (which they aren't)

No. 292669

Welcome to thots online

No. 292706

Thats literally just my pfp i forgot to crop out, idk why your making a big deal out of it and zooming in like a sasaeng

No. 292736

Don't be so thin skinned if you're not going to crop your photos, this is lolcow.

No. 292976

You're pathetic

No. 293013

File: 1681829805667.jpg (183.83 KB, 1080x1854, Screenshot_20230419-005327_Ins…)

As a makeup artist this is hilarious. She must think people are retarded.

No. 293020

No, just you. Sage your shit.

No. 293023

File: 1681833250468.jpeg (870.51 KB, 2560x1920, 4F12470F-2E85-4636-A461-3C15DD…)

You can see the fake eyelashes filter under her eye

No. 293028

This isn't milk

No. 293029

Anon, overall she's wearing no makeup. No one cares. This isn't even lulzy, you just look stupid with this inconsequential nitpicking and zooming in.

No. 293032

Nta but this reeks of WK. It's obviously milky that she's saying she has no makeup on when she's using blatant filters that apply it

No. 293037

But the other comment apparently calling it not milk isn't? >>292552

No. 293052

Shes so ugly and white looks like someone from portsmouth

No. 293053

Fuck off, you werent even invited in the discussion

No. 293055

She looks like some bitch from 2009 that has verucas

No. 293056

She looks like someone with alopecia in a wig

No. 293062

Why are there so many white knights in this thread? W is kinda dead, if this thread gets bumped once a week (even if it’s something that would be considered pretty milky if literally anyone else did it) they lose their minds. Anyway the obvious filter is hilarious.

No. 293063

her brows are colored too or microbladed, her skin is edited, she has digital makeup and lighting manipulation. Why do dumb bitches posts carefully edited selfies with "less" makeup and then claim 'nO mAkEuP gUyZz'. It's so annoying and disingenuous.

No. 293064

It's not wking if you're posting nitpicks. Try harder to produce actual milk from this cow on this obvious nitpick thread or cry about it like you already are.

No. 293068

Because her target audience (gross coomers) can't tell the difference. The caption says no makeup but doesn't mention anything about filters. So she is not lying. If you point out the filter you are a totally jealous hater according to WKs.

This board is for women only. Don't expect you can fool nonnas with filtered selfies.

No. 293088

File: 1681855547749.jpg (69.95 KB, 750x982, 5L.jpg)

she has lots of freckles without the filters

No. 293090


The WK camps out in this thread and a couple other threads on /w/ all day everyday, very invested in certain cows … its weird and annoying because they won't let the threads flow organically. They act like they solely get to decide what is deemed as milk and what is not,a true minimodding milk tyrant of this board. I'm not sure why it's been allowed for so long, the wk desperately wants certain threads shut down for some reason.. you don't see this nonstop WK behavior happening on snow or pt

Stop infighting, mini modding, and WKing. If anons want to poke fun at what the cow is posting on social media they are allowed to, that's kind of the point of cow threads. Unclench your ass and go outside. Eat a snickers or something

No. 293116

Belle's "not wearing makeup" pics are the same as the Kylie Jenner's "my face is completely natural"…. Botox, fillers, face app filters, etc are technically not makeup but its obvious the "no makeup" pics are not actually natural.

No. 293119

>its weird and annoying because they won't let the threads flow organically.
This is accurate from my observation. It's part of why /w/ is so cancerous compared to other boards. That's not to say retarded nitpicks don't get posted here, it's just this anon(s) is/are incapable of just reporting. They've always gotta bait infighting to the detriment of every onlyfans thot thread they do it in.

No. 293122

She looks like a horse

No. 293126

I noticed this too about the WK who is obsessed with deciding what qualifies as milk and who needs a thread, they are on Belle, Jvloggers and Taylor's threads.

No. 293131

I've been called this apparent WK too, so you might be wrong about this only be a one anon thing also posts like >>293013 are pretty low quality to unsage

No. 293185

She seems happier tbh, I wonder what changed(sage your shit)

No. 293199

File: 1681927515196.jpeg (512.35 KB, 4095x2304, C9913D5D-65B0-40C0-B6FC-A94B88…)

Cute lol(sage your shit)

No. 294095

The shitty box dye jobs are driving me crazy, she’s wrecking her hair. Why not go to a professional who can add some colour dimension and layers? Is she that afraid to leave the house now?

No. 294167

File: 1682373983514.jpeg (890.28 KB, 1920x2560, C0951F04-24E2-4AD0-B153-CAAD81…)

the faceapp watermarks under the onlyfans watermark just plain sloppy

No. 294225

I'm looking at the other photos, it's the blur tool. Probably for her skin. Nothing actually looks edited specifically. At least nothing she doesn't normally do.

No. 294240

It’s probably the teen filter lmao(sage your shit)

No. 294260

TOPKEK she must be in the height of her manic episode because she's getting insanely sloppy with her edits again. I'm sure her devoted WK will samefag all over the thread over the next few days saying it's edit anon who manipulated the picture and put the face app watermark there . Anons have said it previous threads she uses face app on top of snow. Imagine how many times she has to run her pictures through different editing apps before she can post them. Never forget that live podcast where she had no control of her image, that is what she really looks like irl. Bleak, she's such a shayna 2.0

No. 294261

She's definitely using a teen/young filter, the feminizing filter and the hair volume filter.

No. 294282

Yeah…rich but still in her cottage house…did she actually pull in 1 million a month like she said on interviews? She takes a lot of credit for herself and seems to exaggerate everything

No. 294284

The house is super cute imo. I would hate living in some modern mansion like the Ace Family.

No. 294287

File: 1682457103032.png (98.82 KB, 1080x961, 20230101_151543.png)

Let's look at her balance sheet and compare the numbers. Before the wk starts screeching that these numbers don't mean anything, they do mean a lot unless Joshy and Marybelle are committing a tax fraud.

Debtors are most likely her OF customers because she didn't sell any other products that year. Her business was quite profitable. Good job! It usually takes 2-3 years for a business to make profit.

But whatever happened to that cash at bank and in hand? She is a big spender too. Fast money goes fast. It is not cheap to live in those mansions. As for the cheap clothes. You know what they say. Money can't buy style.

No. 294289

As Anons said before, this spreadsheet doesn't say anything at all. I don't know why you obsessively repost this. This has no info about her personal finances and the numbers also don't make any sense at all and are too simplistic for a business spreadsheet as well.

No. 294291

Read the bottom line. This is not the whole report. Do you really think they share detailed information about business finances online for free? Why would it include her personal finances? Are you dumb? If the numbers make no sense at all maybe they are not being totally honest about their business or you can't understand a simple spreadsheet. Josh has his own company too.

No. 294301

The post says nothing. This was gone over before.

No. 294328

The post says nothing because? Do you really think it works like that in Britain? Businesses send random numbers to HMRC and nobody goes through them? Why can't you accept that her company made a lot of money last year?

No. 294352

These numbers relly went all over since she hopped onto OF. Like who the hell owes belle 11,3 million sterlings?
Too bad she didnt file copy of profit&loss account. Doxxed herself three times but here she was smart.

No. 294372

I cant wait for her future daughter to be born with a massive roman nose and tiny rat eyes and say ‘mummy why dont i look like you?’ “Well sweety, mummy had a lot of plastic surgerys :))))”(:)))))

No. 294388

The profit and loss account is not included in the public summary. Debtors is most likely OnlyFans. OF will snitch tax evaders with pleasure.

No. 294396

Maybe josh invested in bitcoin and they have to make their money back

No. 294398

If he invested the LTD's money on crypto or stocks the assets would belong to the company. He is totally shit investor if he lost 7,182,611 in one year that way. The money could be transfered to some other account. Who knows. This summary doesn't tell much.

No. 294400

Kind of makes sense. She started OF in 2020 and made the Christmas porn. 2021 she was on hiatus so she made 1,7 million simpbux. It's not like she had to work that year. The company had 10,2 millions she earned in 2020.
In 2022 the "I'll never leave you again" video came out.

No. 294455

The numbers don't add up and make no sense. She's not losing that amount of money on onlyfans. Anons already discussed why these posts don't matter when posting, anon can't even read and understand it themselves and think it's milky. No one has investments in her OF accounts. That's not even how that works and 11mil makes no sense from investors when she makes all the money herself. Don't be this dumb. Please. This also doesn't account for crypto which shows anons don't even know what a crypto account sheet looks like either.

No. 294458

Please don't be this dumb. She is not losing money on OF.
>In general, a debtor is a customer who has purchased a good or service and, therefore, owes the payment in return to the supplier.

Her company has two shareholders. No one is investing in her business. Cryptocurrency is taxable in Britain. The current value of your crypto is included in your assets. Go educate yourself.

No. 294460

Again, these numbers don't make sense for what you're trying to say.

No. 294695

File: 1682746926707.jpg (Spoiler Image, 231.68 KB, 1079x1687, Screenshot_20230429-153956_Chr…)

Of course she's abusing wlw again just making fun of sexuality for her incel fan base.

No. 294709

Probably gonna be some irrelevant whore with 30 OF subs because belle is that desperate for collabs

No. 294714

File: 1682767594518.jpg (Spoiler Image, 419.99 KB, 1356x2048, 343652420_1737874503336209_187…)

These pics are old/being held back,Belle spent the weekend at a 4 day larp event and has since been in italy since it ended with her crusty pedobaiting sex worker single mother friend tayzea you might notice from 2018

No. 294720

If the new set of her with another woman is old then who is the other whore?

No. 294736

Matches her of whore friend that lives with her jen https://twitter.com/jenloveheartx/status/1645391631925870593
Wide shoulders and hips
She is the same one that went to Barcelona with belle and bella before too

Almost all her socials are dead so it makes sens belle would boost her with a collab

No. 294743

think its Mia Malkova, shes obsessively commented on belle’s tweets a couple times and the mole on the hip would match hers. could be wrong


No. 294768

No. 294769

No. 294775

How the fuck do you know about Belle's whereabouts this precisely?

You have extensive knowledge about whores. Are you sexworkers or moids?

No. 294781

She posted she was at a "renaissance faire" and the tent she posted in is a standard tent used for the larp event and one she posted from last years she went and her asian sex worker friend tayszea also posted on her tiktok on about it and you can catch a glimpse of her

No. 294783

Who fucking cares? It's a fair. Nothing even milky. Stalker-chsn, go outside.

No. 294795

It's the milk tyrant again, here to minimod and infight until their heart is content. Let's hope belle is sober minded enough to crop out the face app watermark off her next set kek

No. 294836

File: 1682831583019.jpg (110.82 KB, 720x1600, Screenshot_20230430_150500_Ins…)

Kek this isn't particularly notable but just caught this from one of the Belle's skinwalkers with a minor thread on snow >>>/snow/933276 . I wonder if she did so recently since I find it hard to believe she doesn't lurk Belle semi frequently.

No. 294854

>>294836 I find it highly reasonable that you would ban someone trying to wear your literal skin, it is creepy af and honestly I feel bad for anyone who that happens to, whore or not. Kittenfangz is so creepy about it too.

No. 294882

She blocked alice delish too

No. 294885

Good. No1currs.

No. 295019

Ayrt hard agree. It's just mildly kekworthy when the skinwalkers try to feign ignorance.

No. 295202

kek she looks like she has 3 buttcheeks

No. 295215

File: 1683024116815.jpg (54.11 KB, 925x520, confirm.jpg)

No. 295235

File: 1683041581786.jpg (261.8 KB, 1080x1839, Screenshot_20230503-013251_Twi…)

Mia malkova confirmed, looks like belles editing morphed Mia's face.

No. 295243

So she invited a fatty friend so she looks better for once?

No. 295248

who she collabs with isn't really important when the other girl is a no one to the board, is she doing something with gummy worms again, anything milky?

No. 295250

having "sex" basically means taking pictures naked/with lingerie together belle never filmed herself having sex with another woman before why would it be any different now?

No. 295255

not bad man(male)

No. 295261

The other girl may be “bigger” but she has WAY more muscle tone just from these pics than Blob Delphine. She has all the time/money in the world to tone up and yet she doesn’t and it irks me sorry for nitpick

No. 295267

File: 1683053892316.png (Spoiler Image, 534.94 KB, 446x743, musclewhere.PNG)

Muscle where shes just a fatty whos had a fat transfer

No. 295290

This was necessary to share why?

No. 295300

There looks to be a finger up Belle’s vag but other than that they’re just posing with each other’s bits and pieces.

No. 295324

>hand resting limply on other girl's upper thigh
the lack of sexual tension in these photos, she is bad at everything to do with her job but her attempts at lesbian anything are all, particularly duds, like doesn't even have the air of bicuriosity literally just two women hanging out platonically

No. 295335

Literally this, it's just obligatory content for her and a means to "collab" with other e-whores

No. 295336

File: 1683113501172.jpg (631.11 KB, 2448x3264, 72511757.jpg)

Belles eyes are so tiny/ beady and her horse face is so long irl. Anytime she collabs with someone else, the filter settings on her meitu app give them huge white poorly expanded eyes and an unproportionate ,smushed shortened face kek

No. 295354

Has there ever been any real milk on Belle? I feel like these threads have just been a war of sperging and wking for two years. She's just a pedopandering ethot but I she's not worthy of her own thread imo

No. 295355

My ex was obsessed with Mia Malkova's porn, these pictures make me smile

No. 295364

She pedo panders, she posts her herpes and anal warts then spergs out about it when people point it out, she gets caught heavily filtering/photoshopping her content (her latest slip up was forgetting to crop out a face app watermark), is so desperate for attention when shes manic she will stick a random moids ashy feet in her mouth on camera. She's milky for the same reasons shayna is, perhaps even more so because she has so many skin walkers and influences so many young girls

No. 295371

Herpes isn't real.
No one asked about old shit.

No. 295375

Die mad about it whiteknighting milk tyrant. Your fav is incurably diseased with forever oral herpes and anal warts. You couldn't pay me to post pictures of myself during an active outbreak like she did (multiple times) kek. She is truly shayna level nasty

No. 295381

She literally admitted she has cold sores. Otherwise you are right. The milk dried up after the simulated kidnapping rape fuckery. Her porn sucks.

No. 295398

The other girls always look so deformed bless them, she abuses the shit out of whatever she uses to shorten her face kek

No. 295413

File: 1683170195526.jpg (188.35 KB, 1079x1857, Screenshot_20230503_231732_Gal…)

Looks like she's using SODA now

No. 295415

Editing sperg, no1currs whether it's SNOW/Facetune/SODA. Everyone uses some kind of editing app, even for just covering pimples. It doesn't matter what app she's using. Focusing on it makes you look dumb as if this is some new info when it's not and doesn't add anything.

No. 295417

Nobody but belle is sloppy enough to keep posting glimpses of the filtering apps and their watermarks on their paid content kek
>>295415 you keep screeching about someone editing her pics but I'm not seeing anyone do that tym

No. 295418

I didn't mention anyone editing her photos. I'm referring to the anon sperging out what editing app she is using. Sorry you have nicknames for certain anons on an anonymous board.

No. 295445

Quit getting uptight about nothing newfag, it makes you look dumb.

No. 295448

Mods banned someone over nitpicking what editing apps she uses because its not milk and its retarded to focus on, so maybe listen to the anon.

No. 295477

File: 1683225175564.png (804.44 KB, 1170x2532, ADF137B0-9240-4BAD-AC1E-C4C500…)

Brooke monk looks just like belle recently… i cant tell if shes actively skinwalking bellend or if thats just how a plain white girl looks after 4lbs of e girl makeup

No. 295480

File: 1683225290899.png (786.84 KB, 1170x2532, D8C124C4-2574-43B3-B474-ACC5AA…)

I think its the facial expressions and vapid conversations with her moid fans >>295477

No. 295500

The ban was probably was ages ago when we had serious issues with the mod on /w/. It's pretty milky that one of the biggest "e-girls" keeps being sloppy on her PAID content. >>295445 it's just the residential whiteknight again. Someone REALLY doesn't want belle to have her own thread but is too much of a newfag idiot to realize she's a costhot hall of shamer.

No. 295512

No1currs about skinwalkers. There's hundreds of them. This bitch isn't special.

No. 295560

File: 1683282727220.jpg (147.19 KB, 1080x967, 20230505_133147.jpg)

Belle is sperging out on Twitter defending idubbbz and anisa and now she is posting stuff like would you date a girl who does onlyfans? And I can't believe this is my job hehee it looks like she is coping really hard about her "career" sorry belle but nobody other than your british twink Joshua and creepy redditors would seriously date a girl like you

No. 295561

File: 1683282882953.jpg (Spoiler Image, 177.29 KB, 1055x1275, 20230505_133203.jpg)

No. 295565

File: 1683289957652.png (308.85 KB, 1080x1470, 20230505_152709.png)

Well she has a point. Freedom of speech doesn't mean freedom of consequences.

No. 295567

>>295560 I like the way her eyes look here idk what makes them that way, the fat above her eye making her have a monolid basically or what

No. 295571

You're not even giving OP context. Wtf is this even about?

Spoil your shit, retard

This ain't milk, anon. You're trying too hard to nitpick her posts. This isn't milky to ask and is a part of the #just girlythings bullshit women have been doing the past 2 decades. You gotta be 18 to post here.

No. 295579

The context is the post it's replying to. Belle defends IDubbbz and Anisa

No. 295581

Her eyes are practically invisible without all the lashes and liner shes got on(sage your shit)

No. 295585

Take your meds, sperg

No. 295628

File: 1683333298429.jpg (643.17 KB, 2448x3264, 203306282.jpg)

She's looking so dry and crusty lately.. she'll be giving shayna a run for her money soon

No. 295691

You really made a cum edit.

No. 295705

File: 1683388698624.jpg (Spoiler Image, 724.82 KB, 2448x3264, Herpegirls.jpg)

If you're retarded just say that, it's sunlight peaking through her bangs. Nobody edits belles pictures but belle herself

Anyway here's a screenshot from her recent "sex tape" with mia. Looks like they shared sex toys and stds. Josh makes a guest appearance wearing a mask, as usual

No. 295706

Did josh fuck both mia and belle?

No. 295707

Not that I can tell so far, im struggling to get through the 30 min vid.will probably upload some clips here for everyone to see . It's pretty awkward ngl mia looks like she has some idea of what she's doing but belle comes across nervous and awkward kind of like shayna in irl porn(sage your shit)

No. 295708

I wonder if joshua was hoping to fuck Mia Malkova but Belle was like nope

No. 295709

What an insecure jealous bitch lol

No. 295730

That's not sun. Stop zooming in on stupid shit.

No. 295731

You're actually retarded because the picture is available online for you to see it's not a cum edit, it's clear you just want to infighting and wk as usual. Anyway It's funny miss "hot teenage dream" (her words not mine) is so riddled with wrinkles

No. 295732

File: 1683402843775.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 114.18 KB, 1500x783, liGjwDnc.jpeg)

No. 295740

Jfc, go outside.

No. 295750

I don't think she's an insecure jealous bitch because she doesn't want her boyfriend fucking other women. Some cuckquean shit.
It's to be expected tho, she does porn, her bf definitely wants his own sexual "freedom" in some way. Super cringe.

No. 295752

Where did you get that?

No. 295755

I thought she had a nice body but she’s just a fatty with a bbl

No. 295782

I watched the latest porn video. Wow it’s bad. How can she be so bad at making porn after years of doing this. It’s boring, the camera angles are horrible. Her stupid boyfriend looks like a retard assaulting her vagina with his small dick and three fingers. They all look at the recording equipment screen every two minutes pulling weird faces. 1/10 did not cum.(sage your shit)

No. 295788

Her botched nose at sideview(sage your shit)

No. 295801

She is a pornstar eventually she will let her bf fuck other pornstars in future collabs
Remember how she bragged about not doing porn before she eventually caved in?

No. 295802

Because its Belle Delphine

No. 295812

She is the pornstar not that fat moid. That means she is going to fuck other pornstars and Josh has to cope with it.

For real, look at this picture. I guess that's what you call a dad body if you want to be nice. Fatty should hit the gym. I feel sorry for Mia for having to see that. I hope she didn't have to let him touch her. Belle could do better.

No. 295817

I dont think the same woman who did rape loli porn deserves better I think her fat moid and her are perfect together

No. 295836

josh looks like he has gynecomastia. absolutely hideous.

No. 295891

File: 1683559329949.jpg (Spoiler Image, 40.83 KB, 680x437, FpGQJlgaMAEd-vk.jpg)

Belle and Joshua relationship in the future

No. 295905

Saged because the source is Imallexx but hes mentioned before that he went to the same secondary school as belle. In a video today he said someone at his school faked having cancer.. didn't want to say who at first but apparently it was belle.

Has anyone else from her past ever come out and mentioned it?(imageboard, embed the video)

No. 295906

I will play the devil's advocate and say that it isn't something you should be mad about, and nothing that a good relationship can't beat.

It might hurt, sure, but if you look at this objectively, we are all just monkeys in shoes programmed to get impregnated / impregnate. It's not like your partner can beat thousands of years of evolution and mind-control his dick.

And if you disagree with me and go that route, then you automatically need to also agree that women who experience sexual arousal during rape are enjoying being raped, which is obviously a retarded and untrue claim. But it's the same logic. After all, they too should be able to control their bodies on demand, right?

No. 295909

File: 1683576028167.png (130.65 KB, 400x224, o13.png)

Belle herself talks about it in one of the podcasts. She was at Priestlands and made a poor taste Facebook post and was subsequently cancelled by the entire student body, was forced out and ended up at some school in London.(sage your shit)

No. 295914

I am so sorry nonny

No. 295917

Now I'm curious what she said that made the school fucking kick her out

No. 295918

She once said she envied make a wish kids because they could go to disneyland for free or something like that not sure how true that is(imageboard)

No. 295922

Provide proof

No. 295923

Ah yes a woman having a involuntary reaction to her body while something horrific is happening to her is a great argument why a porn addicted moid can't get his dick hard by his fit attractive girlfriend/wife. Stop consuming pornography moid

No. 295927

Due to the high level of reports this thread generates in relation to a complete lack of milk, this thread is being locked. If anons want to continue discussing Belle, or actually post milk, it can be posted in the camgirls thread. Thanks.

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