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File: 1707614059794.jpeg (57.05 KB, 564x609, IMG_2146.jpeg)

No. 1884284

Previous thread >>>/ot/1876136

No. 1884290

I miss dumbass shit so much I could cry over it

No. 1884307

it's open just autosaged >>>/ot/1859933

No. 1884318

File: 1707617886939.jpg (151.72 KB, 900x637, 5423535353532.jpg)

I never gave importance to my first "kiss" but when I remember it disgusts me immensely, that makes me want to vomit and cry. Oh my god it was barely a second but fucking disgust. I feel dirty, besides the moid I kissed I didn't even liked or something.

No. 1884355

30 years old and still being left out of friends events just feels so extra pathetic. Literally discussed having a joint get together less than 2 weeks ago, and find out today they went ahead with the plan and I didn’t make the cut for an invite lol wtf

No. 1884359

god let me go back to my codependent arrangements i hate being all alone in this fucking house. i asked for this too because i knew we needed to break the cycle. i just want my best friend back 24/7

No. 1884367

i miss my old house a lot i really loved how it was set up

No. 1884394

Frustrated with myself cause I tucked my social security and some other important cards away somewhere, and now I can't find them.

No. 1884402

When you find cool actual women online who post about STEM topics but they retweet trannies. Sad!

No. 1884407

I look so different in pictures than I do in the mirror and it fucks with my brain so badly. I can look good in selfies but if I can’t see my face I look awful. No matter how hard I try I come out looking really distorted. I have very soft and rounded features and they seem to really easily get distorted by camera lenses, more so than the average person. If I was a cow people anons would think I am a bulldog faced blob in real life even though I look fine in the mirror.

No. 1884420

Yesterday was a completely fine day and yet as soon as I left work I felt so fucking depressed for no reason so I got really drunk and relapsed for the first time in years. I don't even know what came over me and I barely remember it but I woke up today and now there's a bunch of pictures I took of my hands covered in blood in my camera roll. Almost 30 years old and I still cut myself, what the fuck is wrong with me.

No. 1884423

have the worst liquid shits of my life like what the everliving fuck could you do in a kitchen to make my ass be full liquid???????? heinous

i' just shaved and wanted to have sexy times but now we're just sitting waiting for the next gurgle to hit to hit for both of us. there's a noise and then it gives you about 0-20 seconds.

No. 1884424


No. 1884425

praying for you

No. 1884454

I hate living. Is my true purpose in life only to slave away making money? The things I can tolerate daily won’t make good money and the jobs that make decent money drain my soul.

No. 1884526

it's such a weird feeling when someone i despise has a lot of friends. like…why is nobody turned off by this narcs constant whining, bitching, and self-victimizing behavior? is it because they're mostly online only pals so it's whatever to them? they read her long rambling diatribes and very nearly manic peaks and just think "yeah, that's cool?" odd. i don't think it's my hatred of this chick that's causing all these mean observations either, as these mean observations are what led me to despise her in the first place. i dunno

No. 1884527

File: 1707636926211.jpg (117.16 KB, 600x600, A_DoubleAburi-1.jpg)

Aburi sushi has been my #1 pregnancy craving, literally to the point I have cried because I cannot eat it. I told my husband he must get me a sushi platter while I'm in hospital after birth. Knowing I can't have it for 7 more months makes me want it more. I dream of it. I could eat it for every meal.

No. 1884528

why can't you eat sushi? i thought fish was healthy

No. 1884530

Alot of Western sushi places cut corners when it comes to food handling, so it's safer for pregnant women not to eat it at all. It's not worth the risk of getting a parasite or sick from it. Also the whole rice thing that's been going around.

No. 1884533

what rice thing?

No. 1884535

When left at room temperature rice grows bacteria that can make you sick

No. 1884539

Just get some lol

No. 1884540

anybody who thinks that pig latin is funny needs a big hard punch in the face

No. 1884541

ah i see. better not to risk it nona

No. 1884542

make your own at home so you can satisfy the craving and be sure that its safe to eat

No. 1884547

Yeah I'd hate for it to be the one that gets me sick
Not worth the risk
I've made some at home before when I discovered it and trust me it's not the same. I don't know how they do it but restraunt places are so good, so melt in your mouth. Aburi is only semi cooked so it wouldn't solve my problem of this very specific craving.

No. 1884552

I’ve received such impossibly bad luck in so many areas of myself. Pretty much everything is wrong with me except my general physical health. And really, couldn’t that be considered bad luck too? Since due to everything else, I don’t even enjoy living.

No. 1884558

i am so bloody miserable, man!

No. 1884570

yours is missing monosodium glutamate and all the other drugs they pour in the seasoning

No. 1884575

Why do moids feel so parasitic and gross? Idk if it's me or my boyfriend the problem but I'm constantly insecure, upset or worried about our relationship, I never feel like I have peace of mind

I'm afraid I might regret leaving him because he's very handsome and not THAT troublesome but yeah… I just feel like having this relationship is draining my energy

He's always either depressed so he won't spend timewith me or upset at me for not making enough time for him


I feel like at this point I don't care about whether I have a relationship or not I just want fucking stability and peace of mind

No. 1884576

you should definitely leave him because feeling insecure is NOT what you want in a relationship. you want security, peace of mind and stability, no hot piece of ass is worth not having those.

No. 1884578

Idk if I'm weird, but I really wish I had a smaller stature. I'm tall, I was the tallest in my class from elementary to all through high school, even now in uni I tower over almost everyone. Because I tend to have people rely on me I learned to handle conflicts, take leadership (when no one else is stepping up usually, because I hate it), and typically the one to help out solving problems so people take me for someone stronger than I am.
But whenever I end up in a chair that's high enough to let me dangle my feet back and forth I get excited, I get really happy whenever I find oversize clothes that are actually oversize on me, I wish nothing more than to find someone taller and stronger than me so I can finally have someone that I can crawl to during my mentally unstable days and feel protected for once. I just want to feel small sometimes, and it's hard to explain to some without it being mistaken for a fetish - it is not, I just - again - want to feel protected.

No. 1884579

are you me nonny? I'm not even THAT tall but I always have been the tallest girl (and until 11 or so the tallest person) in class, always been served the mom friend role even though I'm not that good at solving issues but it looks like it because I can express myself well and I'm loud. so I've never felt like that in my life and I wish I had my own mom friend and it all boils down to me being more smol uwu and demure. if I was a few inches shorter people wouldn't be treating me like I am The Adult in the room even though we're all in our 30s.

No. 1884583


I think I'm just high neuroticism and he is too so we don't form a good pair

I've been waiting like 2 years n this relationship for this to change but now I give up I think we'll never be a good match

No. 1884591

>2 years in a situation that makes you unhappy
Good God Girl Get a Grip. This relationship clearly isn’t healthy or secure for you, no matter how handsome your moid is. The nicest thing you think about your boyfriend shouldn’t be that he looks good and isn’t “too troublesome”. The longer you stay the bigger this feeling is going to get and the more you’ll regret the time you wasted once you’re out. All the factors that you think are legitimate reasons to stay with him are going to seem really stupid when you’re sat in the nursing home in sixty years time next to a man who makes you miserable.
If you stay with him and down the road you get married and have children, just remember that this is the example of a good relationship you will be setting for them: two people who bring out the worst in each other, treat one another like a burden and describe them as parasites, who are only together out of convenience and fear that they can’t do any better.

No. 1884592

Fuck wrong reply, >>1884591 is meant for >>1884583

No. 1884601

my ex really just tried to booty call me and help him cheat on his new girl. astounding.

No. 1884607

File: 1707649931262.jpg (28.37 KB, 305x450, 9781984837158.jpg)

Exactly! It causes a lot of complex feelings in me, I kind of enjoy being the mom friend and having people rely on me so my existence doesn't feel completely useless but like you said - sometimes you just want to be taken care of too.
Maybe I would be so goddamn insecure about my height if I didn't get bullied a lot (both in school and by toxic friends) for being the tallest one in the room a lot of the time. It gets easier to own it and not see it as something negative with time, but it's still a lot when people seem to see you as the tough but gentle giant.

No. 1884615

I got a text from my mother how ungrateful I am and how sorry I'll be once she's gone. I'm speechless because she's such a fucking immature hypocrite that never should've have childern.

She (emotionally) neglected me until the point where I started working and making money and she found a use for me. I'M PAYING FOR YOUR BILLS AND FOOD. It might be her house but I'm paying for fucking EVERYTHING, even when I was working part time the financial burden was still on me because her and my brother and too stupid and lazy to communicate. They're the type of people to wait until shit hits the fan and then react. I hate these mentally stunted retards so much. None of them ever were family to me, acted like it or ever said it but somehow it's my burden as the youngest to help everyone and do everything?? No, fuck you, you reap what you sow, fuck you, fuck you, fuck you.

If I could I'd move out in a heartbeat and cut all contact but unfortunately I'm unemployed atm and even with a full time job I didn't make enough to pay additional rent.

No. 1884617

I love how the rent for a 30 m2 apartment costs 300-500€ + utilities and the average salary is 750€

No. 1884618

I fucking hate math. There's no reason I should have to do all this shit in my head and it always has to be super time sensitive. I'm visual I need instructions and math worked out on paper and I need time to absorb it. Everything is always quickquickquick with math and it just makes me so fucking mad. Hold your horses let me figure out if it's actually correct. And don't get frustrated with me and go "Look see it's because this does this and goes into this then blah blah blah" all you are doing is distracting me and I am NOT listening to your shit. I need TIME to WORK IT OUT. Fucking hate math fucking hate how people act like it's so simple and if you don't do it at the speed of light you are a stupid little child that just needs pwactice teehee. No practicing will fix this issue with my brain it's just how I process numbers

No. 1884630

>walk by comic book store
>spot two fat trannies dressed in frumpy mismatched clothes
I hate seeing them in-person. The deep male voice and autistic clothing coordination is repulsive.

No. 1884633

I truly feel this post lol
I hate math too, nona.

No. 1884646

My grandma has severe dementia. We realized recently she's been drinking in secret. I caught her today. What the fuck. She can't understand us when we talk most of the time and has lost 99% of her faculties and language skills but somehow managed to climb up the shelves and fetch one specific bottle. I guess she's been at it for a while because it's almost empty. What the fuck do I do???

No. 1884650

people with dementia can be surprisingly crafty and mobile. my grandma was feeble as hell but one day she managed to slip out of the house and cover a shocking amount of distance before someone found her and brought her back home. anyway, i think your only options are to either keep the alcohol locked up where there's no way she can have access to it or to not keep any in the house at all.

No. 1884654

let her have her drink. her brain is already fried anyway. if I knew I got dementia I would fry the rest of my neurons smoking weed and drinking booze.

No. 1884657

I understand why my lesbian friend is very sensitive about the topic due to how society treat gay women, can't blame her for it being a sore spot for her. But she just won't shut up about when her, another friend and I visited a friend when she got her baby and her husband told us "if any of you meet a guy that won't even consider the thought of taking parental leave together with, even if it's just during the first month, kick him to the curb" because they had been struggling with the baby the first couple of weeks and he felt he couldn't have been able to live with himself if he hadn't been able to be there for his wife to both support her and taking care of the baby so she could rest as much as possible. Since he said boyfriend she feels like he was erasing her homosexuality and expect her meet a man instead, which is taking it quite a bit too far. It could have been a slip of the tongue when actually meant to say partner, he couldn't been thinking straight as an exhausted new father and just based his wording on that two out of the three of us visiting are straight, or something else, but not what she is claiming he was doing. She has always previously been praising him for being the most down-to-earth, trustworthy and reasonable moid we know (which is rare since she, just like me, typically don't trust scrotes) so her throwing it all to the side for that single statement feels really petty and childish. When I ask her if there have been any other instances where he made her feel like that she can't think of any, but still fully believes he was being willfully homophobic.

No. 1884658

I wish there were other people to discuss certain communities with. Because it's not things I want to laugh at or about specific people, but because the dynamics are super interesting to me. None of my friends unfortunately share the same fascination so bothering them with it isn't an option. Does anyone else have this? For me it's the zero covid community right now. The sheer level of echochamber is something I could talk about for hours.

No. 1884661

You don't understand, she's already past the point of being fried. Her congitive skills are so bad she couldn't be asessed. We tried taking her to a neuro but she couldn't understand the tests and had a meltdown.

No. 1884662

You're a cunt because they're the ones that have to clean her up when she shits all over herself and wipes it on the walls because she's drunk and senile. Think about other people before you give bad advice

No. 1884664

File: 1707657609186.jpg (175.55 KB, 1016x1188, 1000002663.jpg)

You need to send her picrel

No. 1884665

Are you sure it matters at this stage in her life if she drinks or not? Does alcohol worsen dementia? My mom used to get mad my aunts and uncles would bring my (also severely demented) grandmother lots and lots of unhealthy junkfood but eventually realized that it didn't really matter anymore because at this point in her life it's unlikely to shorten her life much.

No. 1884668

I guess I'll try to hide it, I don't keep much apart special occasion liquers and cooking wines. But it makes me wonder what else she does when I'm not around. A few weeks ago I caught her eating fistfulls of jam straight out of the jar. She has never, ever done anything like this. At least that I know of I guess kek. It's so sad seeing her completely detoriorate like this.

No. 1884669

Drunk people who aren't confused and demented still regularly pass out and shit the bed. God this "ohmugod let her dwinkkk it isnt harming herrr" sounds like it's coming from people who dont think or care at all about the aftermath. So who is going to clean her up and change her sheets and try to get her to the bathroom?

No. 1884670

She has angry outbursts and severe depressive episodes which now make sense. And she's literally 90 and on a lot of meds that don't interact with alcohol well.

No. 1884671

Exactly. Me and my mom are her caregivers and we can't risk her hurting herself, falling etc. And we'd obviously rather her not suffer from nausea, diziness and gastro problems…or clean up the aftermath.

No. 1884686

It just goes to show that a lot of anons are not good or conscientious people at all and taking advice from them on anything is dubious at best. It sounds like hard work but it's very nice of you two to try to take care of her in her decline. Hopefully she doesn't torment you guys for a long time and finds peace.

No. 1884687

When I asked "Are you sure" it was a genuine question not a rhetorical one dumbass. Not everyone's from a drinking culture.

No. 1884690

Shut the fuck up kek, you're obviously the dumbass here since you even had to ask. Sorry for embarassing you I guess.

No. 1884703

im not even the same poster but why are you so hostile weirdo. go and take your anger out on something else

No. 1884705

My friends are saying I should go get my hormones and thyroid checked out. Except I don't have health insurance and yearssss ago I had these things tested including pcos and they found nothing. I'm the duff in all my circles. Pretty face, okayish career, but fat=fat so I might as well be a persona non grata. My friends have known me for years and are pretty familiar with my habits. They know for most part, when I talk about what I have to do in order to lose weight, my size isn't all that fair.
At our most recent party I was explaining my intermittent fasting and how often I go to the gym for strength training and they looked at me like it was an insane routine.
When I was in college, the only way I got thin was only consuming ~800 cals a day, running in the morning, strength training or aerobics in the day, and then running more at night.
I watch reels and videos of other women with my body and it's depressing looking at what and how much they eat. Pastas, sauces, fried foods, potatoes, bread, sugary drinks, pastries, candies…I eat none of these things yet I still look like them. No wonder people treat me like a piece of shit with no control cause I might as well be funneling carb paste down my gullet and washing it down with a tub of cola for all they are concerned. And this is what people are thinking when they look at me. Obviously all I can do is keep trying but I feel so awful.

No. 1884762

Thank you nonna. I hope for that too.

No. 1884787

tradwives who make being pregnant their whole personality make me want to vomit everywhere especially when tradwifing has only become a recent obsession of theirs due to social media and they’re just spawning a baby so they can try to look fully dedicated to the LARP

No. 1884794

>says I'm sick to cancel plans
>end up actually getting really sick
is this karma?

No. 1884805

File: 1707668380571.jpg (29.58 KB, 680x489, 9bdca0ce9495c9e2fe0d011dd3b6d1…)

How I sleep knowing animal-torturing pieces of shit are going to jail and publicly having their names/lives ruined

No. 1884807

File: 1707668459301.gif (3.96 MB, 500x281, 1000002617.gif)

Wish men who abused women got the same treatment as men who abused animals

No. 1884809

The mind is a powerful tool but no. Take some vitamin c you puny weak receptacle for bacterial infection! Lol

No. 1884817

Are you in your early 20s? You may have hashimotos which is a thyroid problem that doesn’t always show up when they check the basic thyroid numbers. Personally for me the only kind of exercise that gets weight loss results is high intensity interval training mixed in with my cardio and strength. Anytime I stop doing the high intensity stuff my weight plateaus.

No. 1884819

Same, they all deserve suffering

No. 1884820

men who abuse animals likely abuse women and children as well, the same way a childhood bully likely grows up be an abusive person.

No. 1884823

I've bought a few nice dresses over the years but I don't feel confident enough to wear them, I hope I get the opportunity to soon.

No. 1884826

i will pay someone to do my maff homework. i've been so depressed and stressed about a death in my family, i cannot quit crying.

No. 1884827

Exactly. Serial killers start off with animals, too.

No. 1884828

No shit, it's just a shame that abusing animals is the only straw that gets them incarcerated or publicly hanged. It shouldn't have to be a prerequisite to get an abuser his dues.

No. 1884832

NTA, but I've never seen a partner or child abuser scrote not get publicly reviled, unless it's other abusers running defense (which is how it always goes with crimes).

No. 1884834

I mean, the guy who bullied my sister almost beat his son half to death, so yeah, there might be a correlation

No. 1884865

There's such a strong correlation I would argue that animal abusers need the death penalty.

No. 1884891

I mean, this has literally been proven. If you end up abusing or hurting animals, your brain lacks empathy and you end up following up on human beings.

No. 1884895

Why do you type like this?

No. 1884921

I would literally do anything if you just asked me or talked to me but you can't even be bothered to reply to my messages and it's gotten to a point where I feel embarrassed that I even send them. I don't feel valued or included and you've never made any effort to change that no matter how often I tell you. You know why I can't be there in person and you probably still interpret it as me being a cold bitch or simply uninterested. Whenever I can come you don't talk about anything important anyway. Just tell me to fuck off then.

No. 1884923

I have nobody

No. 1884937

can't wait to have a convo with my mother where i bring up all her past mistakes. but really i'm not as awful a person as she is so i'd never do it. the things she's done wrong are way worse than anything i've ever done though. so fuck her genuinely

No. 1884938

File: 1707676150770.jpg (135.9 KB, 859x917, Tumblr_l_49921373450278.jpg)

My life is objectively very good right now (minus the social isolation I guess) but I kinda feel like I'm becoming more insane every day. I'd rather daydream for hours than face the ugly world

No. 1884944

is it normal to be really worried about who I'm going to have a family with?

I really hate men and I'm not into women sexually ; but I don't think I'd want to live on my own or with roomate

I don't know why but the idea of who I'm going to be with once I leave from my parent's is kind of haunting me? I think it's one of the main reasons I'm so worried about the future and unhappy

I wish I could just live day by day without worrying so much about the future

No. 1884953

I'm so sick of sex. Our culture has made it so gross to me, it's everywhere and it's so demoralizing and violent and public, I just don't have a libido anymore. I'm off social media but made a no-friends burner FB bc that's the only way to keep up with local events and I BLOCK every nasty suggested page and report stuff and it's still too fkn much. Sexualized anime shit, cartoons for boomer coomers with full nudity and tons of old timey sexism, fetish shit, tranny shit… like nobody has any dignity we're apparently a world full of nasty apes spanking it to videos of women getting choked, cussed out, spit on, hit, etc. Can't even look at an article about a videogame without blocking and reporting cartoon bdsm degen phone game ads. I work in a mental hospital and get harrassed and assaulted daily by dotard retards who can't remember that food goes in your mouth but somehow still know how to molest and leer and say the nastiest shit. Before the pornofication, at least men pretended that they don't need to hurt us to get off, it wasn't expected for the man to physically harm you the very first time you hooked up, now it's just the norm because mah kinks r so valid. It's pointless, it feels so fucking pointless and vile to try to have sex because I'm supposed to enjoy being called slurs and getting hurt and then turn around and pretend like I feel loved or respected by the same guy whom I guess would be happiest sexually if he was relentlessly beating me the whole time. Like is there a limit? Would he cum better if I died mid-sex? How do you love someone and also want to harm them? And I used to allow all of it to happen, I felt like the only value I had was being a sex object and letting the men I dated do whatever they want, pick me guys I have zero boundaries it's super healthy! Like if I wanted to be loved or valued I had to give up my last shred of dignity to keep them and… why? When did that ever benefit me in any way? And now I'm disgusted and jaded af about all of it and it's depressing because once you go that far you never get it out of your head. I just want to turn the tables once, to hurt a man and put cigarettes out on his ass and call him names and slap him and choke him and degrade him. Not because I want to do any of that, but just to get a response as to why it's cool to do that to me but not to have done to himself. Or how it made him feel. Or whether all that shit got in the way of him having a good time. Just, barf. I want to join a convent. I want to unhear and unsee and unfeel everything so I can pretend there's any point to all this. I want to forget what men are like and go live 100 miles from civilization and pretend the world isn't so fuckin' skanky.

No. 1884964

I'm genuinely amazed by people who lack basic empathy. I fully believe that if you need to consider a "what if it was YOU/YOUR daughter/sister/child/partner whatever" you're a lost cause.

No. 1884968

I haven’t seen an achewood panel in so long… thank you.
Honestly, same. You’re gonna be okay I know it. We’re gonna make it.

No. 1884970

i fully agree with you

No. 1884982

Fwiw, sometimes my mom gives my dementia granny a bit of booze. Definitely not enough to get her drunk, just a glass of sangria.
It's enough that she can't remember either way and it probably keeps her from going wild trying to get some.
I personally don't because I'm not sure I'm responsible enough about it. That being said, I do refuse to feed her corn or beans. Now that will leave shit on the walls and floor.

No. 1885010

Crawling into bed and watching Kaamelott skits until I fall asleep is hands down the best moment of my day and I'm looking forward to it

No. 1885013

I feel this to my core

No. 1885032

Let her drink

No. 1885036

this site is so slow now, maybe because farmhands keep banning people over the stupidest shit. I hate checking my favorite threads and there are no new posts, while certain threads get all the attention

No. 1885048

im so sad i keep missing moovie night

No. 1885057

It's always funny how hyper-aware people become/make shitty comments when I happen to succesfully diet. For example, I aim to have small meals at specific times; one being a protein bar at noon. I finish and try to get back to work early to help out, only for a coworker to yelp "you're ALREADY done eating?!" and stare at me awaiting an answer, while he goes to engulf his rather large meal.

No. 1885058

I HATE having a hard crush on a man. Especially one who is jolly and cute and flirts with people. Why must I be tormented? Why couldn't I be one of those smart gold-diggers?

No. 1885065

the userbase is full of bitter, pointlessly rude, and combative assholes, of course it's slowing down. not that i've even nooticed any slowing down tbh

No. 1885067

this is why i stopped responding to people when they say stupid shit like this and just give them a bored glance.

No. 1885096

I just want to be a kid again

No. 1885124

My one year anniversary with my boyfriend is tomorrow and I was so excited but I just got my period and it's a rough one. I hope I'm not curled up and farting my guts out tomorrow. That would kind of really suck.

No. 1885135

>be me
>complete autist with bad social skills
>be at my cousins wedding
>talk and dance a little with her friends
>we get along well despite me being awkward
>just talk about the food and work and how great the ceremony was
>oh no hot man alert
>one of the husbands friends comes over
>complete hunk is standing next to me now
>have to look away because his face and his smile are so pretty
>also seems nice idk what to do
>brain goes bzzzt
>no thoughts head empty
>manage to tell him my name but i cannot make eye contact or my head will explode
>other woman next to me makes conversation with him and doesn't seem to be bothered at all

what do i do how do i talk with hot men without stuttering or forgetting everything about myself.

No. 1885145

as an autistic woman: you are a loser

No. 1885146

File: 1707687520514.png (677.03 KB, 691x755, hateu.png)

I'm scared I'm starting to undergo some kind of psychosis. The other day I was unexpectedly called into work (retail), when they were already aware I was having a hard time of it lately but they couldn't find anyone else to fill the shift. I went to the shift the next morning, and within the hour started crying uncontrollably. My head pounded, my heart raced, I had to go into the back and squat down with my head between my legs. Multiple people started trying to talk to me, I had one confused old man asking if we sold something we obviously don't sell here, and another woman asking me 20 different questions about an item, people calling on the phone about questions related to the store and I just couldn't fucking do it. I went to my shift manager and just told her someone needed help and I had tears just streaming down my face. She said it was okay and went to go help them instead. She let me sit in the back by myself and I felt like I was in the worst emotional agony of my life. I literally knelt down and put my head down on a chair with my bag over it and just screamed. I was ready to fucking run into traffic. I talked to them afterwards and thank god they said they wouldn't fire me, which was another thing I was worried about. I haven't been keeping up with my grooming, haven't been eating and when I do It's garbage, dehydrated, insomnia, I'm spending more and more money, drinking, smoking, doing hallucinogens.

A lot of it is I'm coming to terms more and more with my childhood traumaa and the abuse and neglect I faced. I was already aware I was probably molested by this one old man who lived in my parents' basement suite, but more and more I'm terrified my father abused my older sister and I and I was just too young to remember it. I'm so fucking happy he died. I'm starting to let myself feel more and more of the pain from my childhood, and throughout my life and I honestly don't know if I can fucking do it. If I lived in the USA I'd have probably already gotten a gun and killed myself. It's also coming to terms with how much fucking anger I carry around inside of me, and how much I hate so, so, so many fucking people, I really do. I hate not fucking saying it, I hate that I haven't been allowed to say it because I have to save my families feelings and everyone else's feelings. I feel like a bomb that's ready to explode, feeling all of this shit I've pushed down for years.

No. 1885153

Mods are fucking retarded. I got banned even for fucking VENTING in the vent thread.

No. 1885185

My head hurts. Everything I was afraid would happen did happen. Maybe I'll try for a last time tomorrow and then I'll leave for real, I can't stand to be around anyone like that anymore. Everyone's friends everyone's having fun. I'm just left out because I can't talk or say the right thing when I try. Whatever. I didn't want to let go but there's no use holding on if it's like this. I'm getting more and more bitter each day. Do it yourselves then. Fuck.

No. 1885194

The shop I work at is dead but my assistant manager wants me to stay. My period pain is killing me there's a weird pain radiating into my crotch area for once and all that helps is sitting. My boss hates us sitting down because she watches through cameras like a lunatic. I'm dying let me go home. This is bullshit I've had coworkers go home for their own hang overs.

No. 1885198

im so fucking broken, nonnies. this death is affecting me so much. i miss my aunty so much, it's making me sick. i want to die, i seriously want to die.

No. 1885199

sending you lots of strength and love, take things hour by hour for now nonnie if day by day is too hard for you right now. I wish I could wipe away your pain, I'm sorry you're hurting

No. 1885218

My friend’s moid is sucking the life from her. She’s basically a single mother who happens to be married. She deserves so much better and I’m so sad and angry for her and all the millions of women stuck in a similar situation: doomed to serfdom for at least 18 years catering to a child they never really wanted to indulge the whims of a man who never lifts a finger to help raise the life he was hellbent on creating.

No. 1885231

I went to my Uni campus to do homework and I’ve made almost no progress after being here for five hours. I keep redrawing over and over and nothing looks good enough to what I want it to be

No. 1885268

File: 1707697894781.png (291.23 KB, 550x550, kaguya.png)

Nothing brings me joy anymore.

Playing video games doesn't bring me joy.

Writing doesn't bring me joy.

Reading doesn't bring me joy.

No weeb shit like studying Japanese and watching anime has bought me joy in years.

Watching movies doesn't bring me joy.

Food videos and eating don't bring me joy anymore. Cooking doesn't bring me joy (Never has, actually).

Traveling doesn't bring me joy.

Taking a walk doesn't bring me joy.

Listening to music…don't feel like it anymore.

Nothing on the internet has brought me joy in decades. The only reason I use it is out of habits/an addiction and necessity.

I've lost all hobbies and interests and am just like a broken shell only doomscrolling all day now.

No. 1885269

waiting outside of a public restroom today, single stall but marked womens. troon walks out. get in and the toilet seat is up.
reeeeeeee dont make me touch a public toilet seat

No. 1885276

You will make it through this nona. You've survived so much already, you had to lock up all your pain to get this far and now youre old enough/wise enough to start to handle it. The more you remember and feel and express yourself, the better the catharsis. Keep writing things like this. Keep asking your colleagues for help and letting them know you're not doing well. It is painful and youre still suffering, but there is light at the other side of all this darkness. I hope you have more people you can trust and confide in. Whatever you do, dont bottle it up. Tell your truth to anyone who will listen. I want the best for you. I believe in you. Please drink some water and have a little meal. Even if you cant sleep, it's good to lay down and rest sometimes. You will be okay. Stay alive, live for the little girl who fought to survive.

No. 1885282

I got demonized in favor of a rapist

No. 1885286

pixyteri trooning out makes me sad

No. 1885294

Many such cases.

No. 1885297

By feminists

No. 1885305

File: 1707700229287.jpg (92.67 KB, 288x425, stop attacking me!.JPG)

So fucking upset and heartbroken right now. I got drunk as fuck and I wanted to cook some fries and I put them in the oven the last of my fries and then I fell asleep by accident because I was drunk and then my smoke alarm woke me up and it turns out my fries all burnt to a crisp and I can't even eat them because they are like charred sticks and I just don't even know what to do at this point because I was really craving fries and then I had a muffin instead but it wasn't the same and I was just thinking about my burnt fries the entire time I ate the muffin but I don't have any more fries to cook I literally burnt the last bit of fries I have and now my house smells like smoke from the fries burning and nothing is going to bring them back and when I dumped the charred fries into the garbage bin I was so fucking upset I wanted to cry but they were playing a Whitney Houston dance song on the radio so I couldn't even cry about it because the music was too lively and happy and I'm just so upset what do I even do.

No. 1885307

Women will call themselves feminists all day but then at the end of the day break bread with predators if it means they get something out of it, unfortunately.

No. 1885311

I'm sorry to hear about your fries anon. ruining the last bit of any potato product is always devastating. if the smell is very strong you might consider cracking open a door or window and turning a fan on

No. 1885315

In this case the people that sided with the rapist or refused to see through his blatant manipulation tactics got nothing out of it. He got an ego boost by feeling like he can be "evil" so he went on to rape a woman.

No. 1885335

Was there a turning point in time where you noticed it starting or just honest depression? A situation?

Sometimes I have to drop all of the stuff I used to do and start over with new hobbies to feel any joy again, then the old stuff trickles back in. It can literally be the weirdest, smallest thing to kinda tickle your brain.

Please don't give up on feeling those small joys again. Don't end up bitter and angry.

No. 1885341

Sometimes I talk myself out of running errands and going outside to exercise because I get scared that some little fucking kids will see me and think its funny to make a tiktok about the state of me and show everyone where the fuck i am and I wish I could just wear a hijab all the time because a ski mask looks way too threatening and I dont want to get arrested

No. 1885342

This sucks sorry about your fries nonnie aw

No. 1885355

As much as I’m trying to drink my 2L of water a day, peeing every hour is legitimately the worst feeling in the world I literally cant even relax anywhere or leave my home for too long before I need to let out another bazooka piss

No. 1885358

Well you aren't alone anon. The one thing which gave me energy and inspiration, music, doesn't even do anything for me now. Walking with music was the single free thing that brought me joy but not even that matters now. All my hobbies feel dead to me. Food is an eat to live situation. Not fully depressed enough to kms but numb enough to have lost love for everything.

No. 1885363

My spouse and I are getting a divorce. My self esteem has not been great due to the circumstance. Recently visited my grandmum and she told me "nonny, you look terrible" and then proceeded to criticise my androgynous style, sporty figure, and choice of piercing and tattoos. Told me a woman needs to be nice to look at. It's fucking with me. This is not helpful, especially not when I'm ending a marriage due to infidelity. I'm frustrated, I feel like she is right because I have been too depressed recently to take care of myself, my skin looks like shit, my hair has been prematurely turning grey, and I have been too stressed to eat properly. I know she's out of touch but it hurts because I know I haven't been looking my best due to poor mental state. I love her but sometimes she needs to keep things to herself, shit it hurtful.

No. 1885372

I'm sorry you are dealing with this nonnie, I hope your situation lightens. My family is the same. It hurts.

No. 1885373

File: 1707703224114.jpeg (3.25 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_5197.jpeg)

i don’t want to write this in my diary because it feels futile. too echoey (as if here isnt) but my depression is coming back and i have no clue why. it has been this way for 11 years now, since i was little. on and off meds. highs and lows as normal people have i suppose. but lately it is getting bad again and i wonder why? i have it so good. my mother andi i get along now. i have a wonderful boyfriend who i get to see every few months. i have loving dogs. im in education, im taking a semester off of work because ive been blessed with scholarship money. i volunteer, i exercise, i go to ballet. i read and play guitar and prioritize my health and take vitamins. i go to therapy. and yet i am hurting again, and i try to remember it is temporary but that is a hard thing to tell myself when it always comes back. i cant stand that while my boyfriend is so happy and loving and patient, i am hurting inside. i ignore his calls just to sleep. i wish hed leave me so i can kill myself without hesitation. and the truth is i dont want to die but i cannot stand to go through life feeling these intense waves of depression that disrupt my grades and work and relationships nor can i stand to be a zombie on an antidepressant. so what option do i have? im starting to neglect assignments again. its as if i can never be happy. i always feel overwhelmed and upset that i have no free time to do the things i love, yet im opting to go to sleep early. when i could be talking to my boyfriend or reading or spending time with my dogs. i feel empty. im surrounded by these lovely things yet i feel so empty. i wish i could die and i wish my boyfriend and mother would accept it and be okay and heal. i dont want to hurt them. i dont want to die. but i feel like its my only option because it always comes back. im hurting and it makes me such a selfish person. i would like to do something nice if i can follow through with it and i know i cannot tell anyone, because ive cried for help before and they have called the cops or got angry with me. i would like to give them my money, maybe do something really special too. i dont know what. i hate to be so dramatic. im tired of myself. i just wish i could be happy like them. i wish i wasnt like this. they both deserve better. i hope i can find the courage.

No. 1885374

She’s being stupid and her comments were inappropriate. Quite frankly a good spouse won’t cheat because of any of that and will see you as beautiful and love you unconditionally even if you are going through a rough time. And all the women I personally know who have gotten cheated on are gorgeous and feminine and put tons of effort into their appearance and it didn’t help them whatsoever. Those things might help when picking up a new partner but they don’t make or break real love.

No. 1885383

Depression keeps coming back to haunt you but so does hope and joy. I know depression makes it all feel like it was for nothing and you can hardly even remember the happiness. But look how many times in your life you have also been happy and how much you care about. To be honest, it sounds like one of the biggest things you need is to release yourself from shame. You sound so ashamed of turning down things to sleep and not being able to permanently beat your depression. But if your body is telling you to rest for a while and be still and stop your very fun but very busy and stimulating routines, maybe that is ok too and it won’t feel quite as bad without the weight of self-disappointment hanging over you. Depression is still shitty no matter what but maybe instead of it being that you are doomed maybe you are just someone who needs to go through cycles like this and take time off from things. It sounds like you know intuitively what you like and that you get back into it in time but it doesn’t always click. I could be completely wrong and just projecting my own experiences because I also go through cycles of activity and contentment and being tired and depressed, but my therapist has told me the best thing I can do at my worst times is to stop shaming myself and being disappointed in myself for it.
If this doesn’t resonate with you I’m sorry and I really hope things improve for you either way.

No. 1885386

>>1885374 This is true, I know it somewhere in my heart, my self-esteem is just shit. I usually like my boyish figure, but the ageing from stress and limp, gray hair has been a blow. Hope to shape up and find a respectful woman eventually (after I work through insecurities. Don't want to impose that on someone else)
>>1885372 yeah, immigrant families are shite sometimes. Idk if that's your situation but I'm sorry you have similar dynamics. Sending warmth and love nonny.

No. 1885387

this is really sweet and helpful nonnie but the problem is that idleness makes me feel worse. and i cant be idle because i have coursework to keep up with. and i want to be there for my boyfriend because he never fails to be there for me. god, he is so patient and caring. but then when i try to care for myself sometimes it just doesnt work, and i wish i could sleep forever, but its not what i really want…i am just hurting so bad. i just want to be happy. i try to treat myself nicer and it has improved aspects of my life but the problem is that this feeling always comes back and blah blah blah. im sorry if this is a rude response. your comment was sweet and it means the world you took your time to respond to me. my brain is just mush right now.

No. 1885399

File: 1707704267693.jpg (34.62 KB, 640x331, tumblr_dc6b6071911b3796745ea31…)

This isn't the life I wanted and I wish I killed myself 10 years ago. I will never get the life I want. I don't even want to live in a world that treats women so poorly and is so apathetic to their suffering. I want to kill myself on live tv and simultaneously I want no one to know what happened to me. I want to get stabbed in an alley by a junkie so someone else is at fault and my death is a tragedy and not an embarrassment and simultaneously want to have an obvious suicide so maybe someone will feel guilty.

No. 1885401

Pull yourself together bitch.

No. 1885417

I'm afraid of everything and I wish my doctors appointment was sooner, I kind of just want to go to the hospital. My brain feels so lost

No. 1885426

This is true, the most modelesque and conventionally beautiful pickme tier girls that are open to doing whatever to please men are always getting cheated on, it’s crazy. If a man wants to cheat or constantly watch porn or whatever he’s going to do it no matter if his girlfriend is a 10/10 model at his beck and call or not. Blaming yourself for men’s shit behavior is unwarranted, there’s nothing you are at fault for in those situations.

No. 1885440

im sooo broke and I don't get paid until wednesday or friday idk which one ughh i just want mcdonalds my fat ass just wants the mcds

No. 1885446

I feel this. I'm sorry Nonnie, it's all so tiresome. No other comment.

No. 1885447

I will never ever go out with a man again, they just gross me out and I get no value or entertainment by being around them. I don't want to touch them, I don't want to start conversation. I just want to be alone and never deal with men.

No. 1885455


>Was there a turning point in time where you noticed it starting or just honest depression? A situation?

I don't know of any turning point in particular, but I've been heavily depressed since middle school. And it has bounced up and down in severity depending on life circumstances.

>>Sometimes I have to drop all of the stuff I used to do and start over with new hobbies to feel any joy again, then the old stuff trickles back in. It can literally be the weirdest, smallest thing to kinda tickle your brain.

Yeah, small things seem to help more.

I've bought three different consoles over the past year and they've all essentially sat collecting dust now. I've amassed over ten different books (digital and paperback) in the past year and only one that I've even started. From my travels, I only bought back a bunch of stupid, probably over-expensive trinkets that I don't care for and haven't looked at since. When I tried to get into cooking, I amassed a bunch of cookware and spices I used once and then didn't care for anymore. Clearly coonsomerism isn't helping.

But, when I've done something much more basic like watch a funny video or find a good snack that would help. However, now it's not enough. My taste buds are more spoiled and my sense of humor is much more absent now. My state of mind is so deteriorated that it's only a temporary distraction at best.


Yeah, music used to be a huge escape. Afterwards, my "listening to music" consisted of only listening to the same ten songs on repeat for the past two years. Now, I don't even feel like listening to anything.

No. 1885466

What is up with judgemental overly critical people? I'm sorry but I'm not gonna be upset by anything that a 60 year old with 100 dollars to their name with 2 failed marriages and 0 friends has to say about me. I swear these types of people lead the shittiest most depressing lives but for some reason are obsessed with giving others grief because they lack any willpower and recognize that it's too late for them. I'm so tired of pretending like I care about the opinions of fuckwits. The craziest part is they will see a speck in your eye and absolutely refuse to see the log in their own eye.

No. 1885479

File: 1707708415805.jpg (25.68 KB, 735x586, 1674547378713.jpg)

This is somewhat true, the problem is though that everyone involved is a woman - me, ex, and mistress. That makes it more hurtful. But the mistress is a pickme and my ex is an insecure woman with internalized misogyny. She is also extremely judgmental of femmes unless they show her attention. Suppose scrote attitude extends to lesbian dynamics. Thank you for the reassurance though. Fuck moids but also fuck women who hurt other women with their moidy mindset.

No. 1885488

That description seems about right, it’s definitely not exclusive to moids cheating, just more common but insecurity is always a main role and you can’t fix that. Cheaters will cheat and it has nothing to do with you, I hope you can move on with the knowledge and find peace even though it’s tough now.

No. 1885492

File: 1707709249346.jpg (17.9 KB, 771x554, FPgTZjYVIAIP-__.jpg)

I feel so dead and burnt out. But I refuse to go back on SSRIs. I'm tired all the time again, like how I used to be. I just need a very long nap where everything is put on hold instead of waking up and getting almost nothing done. I've been procrastinating too much, I feel like my mind won't cooperate with me. Maybe I absorbed too many microplastics and chemicals or some shit and it's causing my cells to die.
I've been holed up a lot recently too and it makes me much more paranoid than when I'm going out regularly. I keep tormenting myself whenever I read about bad things happening to people, or their family members. It makes me not want to go outside because I might just get assaulted by some schizo scrote or hit by some retard in a vehicle and become permanently fucked instead of dying on impact. I think turning into a half-vegetable would be a worse fate than dying. Not to sound like a massive loser but I just wish I had a close female friend or gf who would hug me for a while.

No. 1885555

A long time ago, I had a friend. Then she dropped out of my life. It's been messing with my head and I hate that I feel like a moid because I just miss her so much.
I wish I just had closure. Does she hate me? Remember me?
I've tried reaching out to her via email. Never ever got a response.
I wish we could just be friends but I know that's impossible. I'm worried that maybe she doesn't want to contact me at all. Yet she always was really busy.
I feel creepy because I've been trying to follow her life just to get some closure.
I really miss you. Are you happy?
I wish I could just get a response from her. I wish I could show up to her house and say hello.
It honestly feels like she's died.
I hate that I feel this way. She may not even remember me. It's been a very, very long time.
My worst fear is that I just radiated cringe back then and she decided to ditch me.
Sometimes I want to hate her. I'd like to think that maybe she just thought she was too good to talk to me. I don't know the truth.
I'd be happy if she even replied 'hey go away' because then I'd know how she felt about me.
I honestly just need some way to get over this. And although this is the vent thread, I'm just in tears.

No. 1885560

I do get it, but if they weren't 60 or poor would their opinion have more validity to you?

No. 1885565

File: 1707716857960.jpg (708.37 KB, 2891x3615, E39ZFnZX0AU9Oxv.jpg)

i wish i was 21 on tumblr in 2014 blogging about patd and onceler and homestuck right now
current year sucks ass

No. 1885567

2024 is so much fun stop

No. 1885569

File: 1707717291590.png (770.53 KB, 929x842, bored.png)

the world past 2014 feels so boring and corporate. Movies are gay, music is also gay, youtubers are garbage, the modern internet is gay, new books are a trashfire of reused concepts.

No. 1885571

Me too, nona, me too

No. 1885587

A lot of these luxuries are going to be phased out of importance and people are going to be too busy paying attention to work or just surviving instead of refreshing youtube

No. 1885590

that's even sadder, people seem so depressed nowadays.

No. 1885598

We've already peaked and things have been declining since then. I just found out that Usher performed at the Superbowl tonight and I thought it was kind of weird to sing 20 yo songs at such a massive concert (I am not a burger so idk if that's the norm for the superbowl). Feels like everyone is obsessed with "the good times" and we can't move on. Bleak.

No. 1885599

I wouldnt be shocked if we were already going through a type of depression, not only of morale but also fiscally

No. 1885600

My family is using the internet and entertainment as crutches and it makes me upset. me included but I am trying not to and limiting screen time My mom spent money voting on a live streamed reality show she’s invested in. My siblings are on their phones cooped up in their rooms and don’t like to greet me anymore. I wish we could afford a nice family vacation. I’m trying to spend time with my mom and siblings as much as I can before I live on my own

No. 1885609

File: 1707720750259.png (119.92 KB, 536x297, Diane.png)

An acquaintance of mine asked me if she could bring a friend to our meetup (using feminine pronouns to refer to the person) and I said yes, just to find out it's a troon. The guy is 100% male-presenting, so at least I won't be too offended visually, but, ugh. Those types are the ones I understand the least. Like, why bother if you're going to look like an average male? It would be worse if it was one of those "skirt go spinny" types, but still…

No. 1885617

I want to have sex

No. 1885650

autotune was a disease for music

No. 1885662

File: 1707726107471.png (418.9 KB, 1170x1288, relax.png)

Instead of spamming the sonic totem pole sometimes I’ll just use the yes or no wheel. I’ll ask it an obvious yes or no question and if it answers correctly that’s how I know it’s balanced, and then I’ll ask it whatever real question I have. It’s always been right.

No. 1885666

meh I can't remember anything good from 2014 or the earlier 2010s. I feel like there was a big shift after 2005.

No. 1885680

Iron anemia is so stupid, I ran on rock bottom iron levels for at least months before I got diagnosed and only went through fases of feeling absurdly tired a few times and not at all in the weeks leading up to my diagnosis. Now I can't neglect to take my supplements properly for just a week or so or I start feeling like real shit again. What must be minor fluctuations seem to hit so much harder now, unless I'm stupid and it's a placebo effect. If only those stupid supplements could be taken at any moment, it'd be so much easier to take them right!

No. 1885685

I had just gotten used to going to the gym a few times a week and starting to see progress, and now I've been sick for over a week. I know I'm being silly for being so afraid of losing my progress just from being sick for a little bit (even though my thighs DO feel a bit thicker today) but I can't help but worry, but I also started to enjoy it so I want to go back soon. I'm not even all that sick, but I'm feeling ill almost constantly, my throat is sore and my entire body is constantly exhausted. My period starting yesterday doesn't really help either.
>tl;dr: I'm being a whiny baby over not being able to go to the gym

No. 1885686

>why bother if you're going to look like an average male?
Because they're using it to gain access to women's spaces. They can't stand the thought of not being catered to so they use the "life hack" of claiming troonism

No. 1885690

File: 1707731083994.png (972.74 KB, 870x1244, Q20oRSc.png)

It's the same reason why patriarchal civilizations tend to be pederast as well.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1885691

shut up pakichan(hi cow)

No. 1885692

it's normal to have this anxiety, anon. I understand. You have built up muscle memory and will return to where you were very quickly. A week is nothing. Not one-upping (at all!!) but I had to have emergency abdominal surgery (not laparoscopy) after seeing some great results from working out. It felt like a cruel trick. Two months of no exercise, followed by slowly working back up to where I had been. It came back more quickly than I expected. But I followed my doctor's advice and didn't lift or do high-intensity cardio until I got approval.

Also btw don't rush into working out if you have covid, make a complete recovery first. There's increased risk of complications if you work out with the virus

No. 1885694

I'm just pointing out a fact that is all too common with extreme patriarchy.

No. 1885698

I want to shut down, drink a lot of alcohol and die

No. 1885711

What are you even talking about? Literally most imbalanced and patriarchal historical cultures have possessed a form of pederasty, no matter the country. The more inequal things are between men and women, the more likely the culture contains some societally (moid) pushed form of pedophilia. It's a fact.

No. 1885722

sounds like you should stay out of her life
she clearly ghosted you for a reason

No. 1885724

I'm going to disengage after today. I know I won't be missed because no one gives a fuck about me or what I do and everyone hates talking to me. If they ever ask me for something again I won't hand it over. I'm so mad at them for treating me like this, only talking to me when money's involved and careful not to say a word more than absolutely necessary and giving me answers in try-hard zoomer speak and switching to corporate when it doesn't work. Yeah they are kind and polite, but it's obvious that they think I'm dumb and easy to take advantage of. Which tbf, I am. But only if you treat me nicely. They've always treated me like I'm nothing and I've fucking had enough. I'm not some thoughtless animal, I'm a real person too even if it's hard to believe

No. 1885738

i know, but that's pakichan. All cultures are patriarchal anyways

No. 1885780

File: 1707742631328.jpg (111.71 KB, 540x674, Tumblr_l_519589347705644.jpg)

There's about a foot of snow outside and uni still expects people to come in. Do they want us all to fucking die

No. 1885785

I’ve been pissed that my partner bought loose leaf nettle tea because we have no way to steep that shit but I realized I can just basically use the pour over coffee maker in reverse to make my nettle tea. Max my retard brain didn’t realize this until the winter is nearly over. Ain’t nothing like a nice cup of nettle tea on a cold day.

No. 1885793

You couldn't just have bought a loose leaf tea ball? Those are cheap af

No. 1885797

Just had some random woman on the street get pissy bc I stopped suddenly for a red light even though the ENTIRE street is completely deserted like damn it takes 2 seconds to step around me maybe you wouldn’t be such a cranky bitch if you wore some comfy shoes instead of 4 inch high heels

No. 1885798

I miss having a best friend. Like a childhood best friend, you understand each other because you grew up together. There's nothing better, do best friends in adulthood even exist? I can't let my guard down anymore even if I want to.

No. 1885801

I’m also cheap af kek but those bastards have always done me dirty. I didn’t wanna drop $25 for a proper tea infuser like the one I used to have when I was crazy about loose leaf tea.

No. 1885819

that's why there was an emphasis on extreme patriarchal cultures.

No. 1885821

all cultures are pedophilic why are you pretending as if it's a japan only thing. Your fucking country is more pedophilic than japan, you keep telling us about how moids want to rape your brother and shit.

No. 1885833

I've been trying to organize a meet up with some people who have expressed interests in meeting other people in the same domain of studies. I've met all this people individually but wanted to connect them together, and I figured by asking close to 15 people I'd have at least 4-5 who would actually come and that was fine by me. Only 2 have responded after a few days. Is it just a 2024 thing, is it that I'm growing older and people have too much going on in their lives ? I don't care if someone just flat out refuses to come, but why is ghosting so prominent nowadays and getting people out of their house so hard ? Even with my close friends, it feels like a chore to meet because I can't just ring them up and ask to meet, but we have to set an appointment a week or two in advance to make something work.

No. 1885838

Why are anons in the celebricows thread so lazy?

No. 1885846

File: 1707748536386.jpg (85.41 KB, 1125x1120, celebricows.jpg)

No. 1885853

Kek, these researchers confirmed what everyone already knew.

No. 1885863

Its so fucking expensive to eat healthy. No wonder so many fatties exist in this world

No. 1885874

It won't be as expensive if you keep track of what's in season, besides eating healthy means that you make sure to get enough protein and less carbs which helps you stay full faster and for longer.
Also drink a lot of water, learn the difference between hunger and cravings and that being a bit hungry isn't bad. All of this will not only make your body happy and feeling healthier, but also keep you from getting fat. That said, there is no harm in indulging yourself every now and then, eating and living should still be enjoyable. Just be aware of what you're putting in your mouth.

No. 1885891

File: 1707752860639.png (286.79 KB, 491x525, 2ff4bce540e.png)

I am getting so sick of my sister waking up late, sitting around on her ass on tiktok all day, doing nothing to help out around the house, then fucking off to work or to hang out with a friend all night leaving me to do everything. It's like I wake up, do the morning chores, leave for work, come home, do chores all night besides the measly hour I get to myself, and then go to sleep. I also have to look after her dog too when she's working so there are even more tasks for me to do. On the weekends she doesn't lift a finger unless it's to do something for her own benefit or until I get mad and tell her to do it. I feel like a live with a useless moid sometimes

No. 1885894

what’s wrong with asking people for help with cleaning? just ask her lol maybe she has a different standard of cleanliness than you do, maybe she doesnt feel obligated to clean up your messes for you

No. 1885898

I don't think it's expensive it's just lots of prep, especially when compared to very quick options that require little to no prep. It was way easier to eat healthy when I had a fixed schedule and lived by myself. I'm sure it adds up quick when you're shopping for multiple people though

Also probably why things like multiple kids, intensive labor jobs, college students, etc gain weight so fast. No one wants to spend every last drop of energy they have cutting veggies, sauteeing salmon or chicken, etc

No. 1885902

Same, I feel numb—the only time I feel anything at all is when I'm mad or sad. I need to get on antidepressants or take my vitamin D pills or something, I don't know how much longer I can take it. Not even something stupid like imagining myself with my husbando brings me joy anymore kek

No. 1885905

>all cultures are pedophilic why are you pretending as if it's a japan only thing. Your fucking country is more pedophilic than japan
when have I never claimed that my country wasn't pedophilic? it is(it's far worse state then japan)

No. 1885906

File: 1707753820070.jpeg (188.13 KB, 828x948, 1707752265807.jpeg)

Seeing this post from Jared pisses me off, not only from how false it obviously is but because it reminds me so much of my ex. He would claim his ex abused him, I was acquainted with her so while I don't negate the possibility of her freaking out on him or calling him names since she seemed fairly unstable I still kinda rolled my eyes at him because I was pretty sure he was just blaming a lot of things on her. But because of that he never seemed to understand the abuse I had suffered from my ex and seemed to only equate it to just being called names, leaving me to not trust him enough to go into details or expect him to pry.
The moment I started putting my foot down or tell him off for either crossing one of my very few boundaries (or getting dangerously close to doing so) he would tell me I reminded me of his ex, once even being cold to me for weeks - even when I stayed at his place during valentines, despite me telling him it was one of those stupid little things that is quite important to me - because the last time I confronted him about something shitty he did he was "so reminded of [ex-girlfriend] it left him scarred". He dumped me when he got a love letter from someone and I casually asked how he felt about it since it was his friend, because he thought I was too controlling for asking.
We were dating during the peak of the Jared/Holly drama, and of course he took Jared's side because "relationships and feelings are complicated".

No. 1885916

It's not even the level of cleanliness that's the issue, it's the fact that she doesn't even do the bare minimum or say thanks for looking after everything. I barely make a mess because I'm at work all day, the only messes I make would get cleaned up by me anyway kek. I've tried bringing it up before but she just gets all defensive and pissy and expects me to adjust to her schedule which I don't want to do so I figure it's not worth arguing about anymore

No. 1885917

I never believe men when they claim they were abused by a girlfriend or wife. Men think telling them to get up off their game or asking them to put their crusty underwear in the hamper = abuse kek

No. 1885920

File: 1707754332793.jpg (39.34 KB, 629x379, 1703824999363.jpg)

Man, FUCK AMAZON!!! WHERE is my fucking BRUSH?!?!? It's been over 3 fucking months and now suddenly you can't track my package anymore, like I never ordered anything in the 1st fucking place??? I can't even get a goddamn refund at this point even if I did use amazon prime! That brush was Way too fucking exspensive, but I kept thinking to my stupid ass "oh, it's waterproof and heat resistant and detangles and is soooo pretty, one of those bratz girls would use it, it's like it's calling to me, I just Have to get it", well, fuck me, huh!! I guess this is what my dumbass gets for not getting amazon fucking prime!!
That being said, I still have a smidge of hope, just the tiniest, little bit of it cause back when they did give me my tracking info, they said it would arrive on the 16th and that's still days away, so please pray for me and the deliverance of my package, sweet nonnies, amen

No. 1885935

Exactly, I didn't take him seriously about it and took it with a giant grain of salt but I also kept the possibility open because - honestly - you never know what the full truth can be. But as you said, men claim abuse the moment they are expected to take any sort of responsibility so it's extremely hard to take them on their words.

No. 1885943

I'm manifesting your brush and subsequent smooth, shiny hair nona. Amen

No. 1885977

Tomorrow I'm gonna pay my cute hot physio to touching me. I'm such a creep. He probably doesn't know I get off on this. He's like a taller and younger version of the priest from Fleabag but he's also more handsome. Ughhhhhh why do I have to suffer why can't I have a guy like him

No. 1885983

Body image issues were so much easier to deal with when I was fat because everything was encapsulated within the obesity. But losing weight, my deep insecurities about what I actually look like came to the surface with a vengeance. And there's nothing I can do to change my skeletal structure, I feel so silly and way too old to be this upset about it, crying over it, wishing for an insane hypothetical surgery that doesn't and could never exist. I don't have body dysmorphia either, I am accurately assessing how ew I look. I just hate it.

No. 1885986

File: 1707759076436.jpg (88.23 KB, 640x770, FVdAgxvWYAAapqd.jpg)

i wish i was less observant but i can't control it, i easily notice every little detail and connection and that sucks when it's about painful things.
I hate realizing that i'm not being paranoid either and that's why i feel comfortable blaming myself or making up excuses for others when i know how it actually is.
I wish i could go on for a long time not caring about anything but unless i'm alone, my brain won't shut down.

No. 1885993

Bored but too tired to get up and do something.

No. 1886009

File: 1707761278218.jpg (509.13 KB, 1242x942, 1702591907656.jpg)

noooo I think this guy at work likes me. this always happens. why must I have such a dazzling personality despite being a complete mess?

No. 1886037

It feels so weird realizing that someone you've looked up to your entire life is actually not that great and has many flaws. Flaws is an understatement actually, at this point I'm pretty sure I would've broken contact with this person if we weren't relatives. I guess this is what I get for being a bit of a doormat who gets intimidated by rude older people and feels like trash whenever she has to face their disapproval, but at least I'm realizing that is a problem, better late than never. It feels nice actually, like weight has been lifted off my shoulders. I shouldn't be seeking a specific person's approval 24/7, even if we're extremely close. Now I feel so dumb kek, why did I live my entire life being borderline afraid of her? Why did I perceive every word coming out of her mouth as law, when it was nothing more than a retarded opinion that harmed me in the long run? Why did I let her ruin my confidence ever since I was born? It's time to start fixing all of this damage. It will probably take years because I've been living in this dumb state for years but fuck it. I don't deserve to be controlled by anyone, let alone a trigger happy autist.

No. 1886042

wanted to get annoyed about this woman speaking down to me wrt my writing until i realized she's
>heavily reliant on purple prose ('luminous azure whorls' to describe eyes)
>obsessed with male interpretations of women and "deconstructing" them. her last protagonist was characterized as being evil and heartless BECAUSE she had abortions in the past to ensure she could continue to be a war lord
>a retard whose online moniker is a porn category, also a depp supporter
her view of reality and her idea of "good taste" are not ones to trust lmao. fucking bitch

No. 1886045

so i recently saw a video about a guy confessing anonymously that hes married but cheating on his wife regularly with men and now i keep being paranoid about my own bf because he admitted to me that he used to think hes bi because he dated a "feminine guy" when he was lonely. my paranoia makes me think that hes cheating on me with guys behind my back? he did cheat on me 2 years ago but that was with a girl

No. 1886050

>he did cheat on me 2 years ago but that was with a girl

No. 1886051

If he cheated and you forgave him without him making any serious changes/commitment to you, there's a very high chance he has cheated since.

No. 1886053

> he did cheat on me 2 years ago
no words

No. 1886055

nonnas trust me i want to leave him but i love him plus i feel pathetic cause hes the first bf ive ever had and im 24. i just want to experience love like everyone else i see

No. 1886058

I spent my college years doing nothing except rotting in my bed due depression. I tried getting better, but I always relapse. I wish I could say I at least partied and had fun, or studied and worked on myself. I did neither and wasted my early twenties just in bed, going out a handful of times a year. Staying in for months on end. And now I can’t even find a job and I’ve been looking for months. I spent my time being miserable. Can’t put that on a resume or use it as exciting story material when people ask me what I’ve been up to.

No. 1886061

I could have written this. Except I always knew she was flawed, but I still let all the things she told me get into my head and stay there. Glad you’re getting started with undoing it all, nonnie.

No. 1886062

Believe me nonnie, you will find love. Much better love and relationship than he is giving you now, I promise. You are only 24, you have a lot of time to find someone new that is actually worthy of you!

No. 1886066

Broke up with my boyfriend late nite. We both agreed that we have been acting more like friends and that we want to just be friends. But it still hurt to see him cry and it hurt me to lose him. I feel so bad and sad that I don't even know how I'm up functioning. What kills me most is that someday he's gonna find another girl who loves him just as much. And then I won't be anything to him. That's selfish and narcissistic I know. But it still hurts. I wanted it to work.

No. 1886068

Why would you break up just because you're also friends?

No. 1886070

What do you do day to day if you have no friends and are current unemployed? Just read and watch stuff? I feel like I’m not living, even if I’m practicing new hobbies.

No. 1886074

Go on hikes, cook, talk to my bf, do drugs

No. 1886075

You're supposed to be friends with your boyfriend though

No. 1886076

I'm sorry you also had to deal with this nonna, I know how much it sucks and it leaves a long lasting impact on your confidence and the way you act in general, especially if you've been living your entire life like that. I'm happy you also realized it though, this is the first step of tackling the problem and regaining control. Have you found anything that helped you go through the process and undo the damage? I just realized this all a few hours ago so I would be very grateful for advice from someone who's going through the same thing.

No. 1886078

So I tend to do this thing where I fixate on other people's problems that they cannot fix immediately and stress out over that, compared to doing something for myself to benefit me and my future? How can I find the ability to focus on myself? I've been stressing out over my boyfriend overworking himself, but at the same time right now this is all he can do because what he's doing for a temporary amount of time is making him a majority of his income. I realized this morning, I should be using that energy to benefit myself, because I know in a few years, I want to be able to find ways to have a decent passive income so I could comfortably work from home, or at least have enough in savings, so the dividends will eventually pay my split of living expenses. How can I find motivation? It's difficult.

No. 1886079

The guy I am edating calls other women that are being cyberstalked by people who think they are me as Innocent but doesn't refer to me as Innocent. He also uses a lot emotional blackmail.

No. 1886081

Dieting is fucking hard
I think my mistake was thinking I could survive off 2 boiled eggs and 2 croissants for 10 hours

No. 1886084

I'm turning 26 and have never been in a relationship yet still know better than to stay with a cheating moid. Once a cheater always a cheater. You can do better, besides it's just societal conditioning that makes women believe they're incomplete as humans without romantic love or a man in their lives. If you weren't with him you wouldn't even be stressing about whether he's going to cheat again

No. 1886087

Ugh i have a super hard time making friends. Either everyone is unlikable and i cut them offor I sabatoge the relationship and they dont want to be friends with me. It's so annoying having to be alone all the time, never having plans with other people, never having someone to vent to or joke with.

No. 1886095

i tried drugs for the first time last week and now i understand why people do them all the time, i want more

No. 1886097

Not sure what kind of relationship you have with the person, but if you grew up with them it’s worth looking into things about dysfunctional families and CPTSD. What really helped the most is having a creative project that really lets me dissect and mull over the person’s motivations, like basing a character off the person (not to make fun of them, but to put yourself in their shoes and get a feel for why they are the way they are.) When you’re able to see them as a whole person, you’re not only less afraid of them but more accepting of things (even if you have to cut them off and have nothing to do with them).

No. 1886107

Lmfao did ypu just smoke weed for the first time nonnie

No. 1886108

not good anon

No. 1886112

Thank you so much nonna. Yes, I did grow up with her. She is my older sister and has always acted like that (sorry for blogposting but recently our mother even confessed to me that she can't believe my sister is her actual biological daughter, she was so disappointed because her first daughter ended up being such an "insensitive and rude bitch"). I will try to put myself in her shoes so I gain more understanding of her behavior. Also tomorrow I have an appointment with a counselor so I will bring it up. Thank you once again nonnie, you really made me feel better

No. 1886115

Started chatting with a moid on a dating app that seems pretty nice, we were supposed to go on a date but I got sick and now I've lost all interest in him and feel kinda bad about it

No. 1886117

Because they are predatory men who want to invade women's spaces. You should cut your shitty acquaintance off while you're at it. Or at least ask her why she lied to you

No. 1886120

don’t feel bad, you don’t owe anything to some rando moid from a dating app

No. 1886122

I hate my mother so much. Argued with me that the church shooting was a false flag because a woman was the shooter. No wonder shit is bad when we have idiots like my mother who rather pretend things aren't what they are. Can't wait until she tells me they were all actors and none of this really happened.

No. 1886130

Most men talk to multiple girls at the same time.

No. 1886132

Yes! My frustration comes from the very fact that they're broke trying to dictate another person's finances! Or someone who's never had luck in love trying to tell me what's what vis-à-vis romantic relationships. It's the same reason when I walk past a cracked-out schizo homeless fuck on the street screaming about UFOs or whatever, I never stop and say "hmm what was that you said about aliens? hmm so wise thank you crackiechan!" Why would I listen to a crazy person?

No. 1886141

do you have any rare books?

No. 1886147

i did this except now it's been two years and my parents are paying for me to go to grad school where i'm doing the same thing. don't end up like me, take care of yourself and push yourself to do something.

No. 1886154

I feel you, I tried weed for the first time when I went to see the barbie movie in the summer and got way too high and thought I was dying but once I chilled out it felt so good that I went out and bought some edibles a couple days later KEK. I even have a favourite dispensary now too. I don't do it all the time though, maybe a couple times a month at the most as a treat or when I want my brain to shut up

No. 1886155

kek some of you nonnas crack me up

No. 1886163

>ask for phone number from client (required)
>he smirks and goes why you gonna call me
Fucking hate scrote clients they get their rocks off knowing I'm trapped here forced to be polite to them

No. 1886167

I get wantijg to rage but giving him a dead serious literal answer and pretending you didn't read between the lines is probably the least satisfactory response you can give him imo

No. 1886172

I don't know why I've received so much racism on the internet even on lolcow where it seems most anons are normal and not right wing extremists. Basically got accused of being part of an ethnic minority that I am not part of.

No. 1886175

I hardly buy myself anything now due to money but finally I bought a new perfume. It's been a week the damn item is only two states away. Every time it updates the date gets further away I'm pissed. There's an event this weekend that I planned on using it for but nevermind! My life is a mess can't even have something nice of course.

No. 1886179

men are trash, i hate it when they pull that shit
aw well I bet it smells nice nonnie, who knows, maybe that last spray will be used for a really important unexpected life event and you will be glad you have the sprays left

No. 1886198

I'm just so tired. I have wasted so many years on a relationship I knew was doomed from the second year, in a few days it will be our eight year anniversary. I want to leave, I really do, but lack the guts to do it. I don't necessarily regret the decisions I have made in my life, I just fell that I'm useless and it doesn't matter if I exist or not. I'm sick, but not too much, I can function just fine in daily life, but enough to be sore and tired so I don't have energy to do fun things or see friends.

There are many good and happy things in my life, I'm just too tired to enjoy them properly. I have isolated myself, and don't know how to get out. This post doesn't make sense, and I know I'll feel better tomorrow, but now I feel like shit and wanted to vent.

Don't waste time like I do, if you see something in your life is wrong, fix it now! I swear I will have the strength to do the same, hopefully sooner than later.

No. 1886200

I feel terrible that some of my work a year ago is better than my current in some aspects. the anatomy got better but due to work my hand drawings degraded and i need to get better at fluid movement. some of my perspective was better too since there was more time to stare at poses…

No. 1886203

fuck and I seem to have made double spacing, sorry

No. 1886210

My 18yo coworker randomly mentioned thinking about starting a fucking onlyfans. She's one of those "sex work is real work" idiots and thinks porn and prostitution are perfectly fine if the woman freely choses to do it and is totally happy with her choice. Doesn't help that we're in a country where prostitution is legal. I'm really awkward and not eloquent at all so I really didn't manage to bring my point across as to why this shit is fucked up even if the woman THINKS it's her choice. Makes me even more angry that she knows lots of my trauma cause I can't fucking stop oversharing whenever the topic comes up. This fucking idiot just keeps making the same mistakes with regards to scrotes and I have to listen to her whining afterwards. She also likes "older men" in their late twenties. Oh my god she makes me seethe so badly, I secretly feel so protective over her. Guess I'm projecting or whatever, I don't know how to handle this stuff. I tried distancing myself from her because I always feel retraumatized after talking to her but she's so extroverted and actually really nice and I'm desperately looking to make a friend even though we're not compatible at all. Had to get it out, I'm so full of rage at this fucking society and everything feels hopeless and you can never escape this fucking porn and misogyny and sexism everywhere. My anger toward her is just misguided rage about moids. Wanna fix her so badly kek

No. 1886212

I think the most annoying thing about moids is when they think they need to remind you of something or tell you to do something you already did/were doing.

Like for example, I didn't realize I had a few bucks in my cash app account waiting to be cashed out. I did it then mentioned I had forgotten the money was there in passing and he's like
>Well cash it out.
No shit genius. I already did that, did you think I was a mouth breather who'd look at the money and just leave it there until a man told me to cash out?

No. 1886219

same. everything is so gross nowadays. i wish being more modest and keeping your sex shit in your bedroom became trendy so I'd be free from this garbage

No. 1886235

ive been emailing and messaging random meta employees on linkedin asking them to delete the instagram account i dont have access to anymore

No. 1886247

I wish I was a lesbian

No. 1886253

I wish I could go NEET for a year or two and just do literally nothing but without feeling guilty

No. 1886256

I know it's frustrating, anon. I used to work with a 19 year old woman at starbucks who quit on the spot and told us she would start an OF. Apparently one of my coworkers found her online. I think that way of thinking of extremely privileged. They are okay with showing their asshole to random men, as long as they dont have to interact.
They wont think about the consequences of their actions until way later or when they are older. I think some people who originally started off as SEX WORK IS REAL WORK are not radfems who are openly against it. Most people within the radfem and feminist circles know these women are usually forced into prostitution. Have hope, anon. I really hope that coworker and many other women wake up soon.. It's sad how many are groomed into thinking sex work is okay and normal.

No. 1886257

I wish I could afford to be a NEET. Like, you cant do that shit with bills and not living with your parents. Privileged

No. 1886274

Why? You aren't missing out on anything, they have a tiny dating pool tainted by trannies and larpers who throw false flags. If they issue is that you are straight, you just need to become better at masturbating and be celibate.

No. 1886282

hi this is my vent

No. 1886285

File: 1707783137017.jpeg (138.93 KB, 1065x1936, IMG_2055.jpeg)

Ideal future

No. 1886286

File: 1707783159924.jpeg (1.7 MB, 4511x3007, IMG_2056.jpeg)

No. 1886307

God I had a dream I had a house bf the other day. When we hold them down and turkey baste their holes and force them to give birth via womb transplant and cesarean section

No. 1886309

File: 1707786317804.jpg (20.54 KB, 400x400, 1000002681.jpg)

I feel like if you have a readily available "if I liked [x gender you don't identify as being attracted to] I would like x type of x specifically" you might just be a little bisexual? When I try to think about the type of women I would like if I were attracted to them, nothing really comes to mind because im not attracted to them. Or people who say "I wish I were x" like you don't have to say that. I don't wish I were attracted to women, I just wish men weren't soulless. Do you see what I am trying to say.

No. 1886312

my roommates are actually retarded, i think. i'm about to put in a work order for our garbage disposal for the THIRD fucking time. how the fuck do you not know how to use a garbage disposal?!

No. 1886320

whys he so beefy

No. 1886324

File: 1707788050362.jpg (743.23 KB, 1080x1391, pn4d2fkkkpo91.jpg)

I'm gonna be real honest, it sucks that my only talent in life is being a human cockroach. The only reason I have the career I do and is that I'm stubborn as hell, poor, desperate and would rather subject myself to insane conditions just to say I made it than quit. I guess I'm a fast learner and adaptable, but not before making a complete clown of myself and looking retarded.
I wish I had a special talent for something people could be impressed with. Instead I'm mildly stupid, can't even sing or draw, or play an instrument. I'm not particularly pretty or charming. My only talent is having massive balls to look like an idiot and do weird things.

I'd be a fantastic finance bro if I wasn't poor, female and LatAm.

No. 1886325

He's under our eye.

No. 1886334

>My only talent is having massive balls to look like an idiot and do weird things.

You sound based as hell, nona and I admire you

No. 1886336

Seeing 30k likes misogynist and racist comments on a woman's video is so disheartening. Need to get off reels and Tiktok but it's stupidly addictive

No. 1886346


Dang, I could have written that because I have felt the exact same way nona - that literally my only redeeming attribute is sickening stubbornness. I don't have a single skilled bone in my body, whether it be in traditional arts, music, technology, crafts, science, not even making my own bed look nice. Nothing. I've just gotten through life by being good at metaphorically banging my head against a wall.

Yet even that skill feels like it will run out soon. Even a cockroach can get stomped only so many times, after all.

No. 1886348

Thought this was a proclamation of actually having macrotesticles

No. 1886359

File: 1707790765743.png (1.51 MB, 850x1020, myboyfriend.png)


iatyart and it's funny you mentioned husbandos because I was thinking exactly that too. I've always obsessed over fictional husbandos all day long, but even that has waned compared to what it was.

It's sad because they have always been one of the only things keeping me going, too. Well, I'll try to keep it together at least for them. I love Takeru from CollaMari too much to kms.

No. 1886377

No. 1886423

Wasn't this posted already? We all told you to dump his ass.

No. 1886429

He's too pussy to break up with you and is hoping you'll do it

No. 1886432

Cheat on him and ghost him when he finds out, fuck that stupid retard.

No. 1886442

The relationship is over, do you want me to add him to get proof hes looking elsewhere?

No. 1886449

I agree with you, Nonna. When people say "I wish x was y/z gender so I could be attracted to them" it screams internalized biphobia or something like that, like they want to believe they are straight so bad. I also just believe most people fall somewhere like a 2 on the Kinsey scale without realizing it, the prison gay phenomena happens for a reason.

No. 1886454

my parents are finally moving forward with their divorce. it’s such a waste. my mom rotted her brain with coke for so many years and became a physically piece of shit. my dad is disabled and lives with me. i’m parentified by them both because they’re retarded and fucked their lives up.

No. 1886464

i'm realizing that fiction is very wrong. i mean yes fiction is fiction but i'd hoped there was a crumb in truth in that once you hit rock bottom then there was nowhere but up to go. you know? you'd get a fucking break, but that is not so, you can always reach a bleaker place. it feels like my life has been a long string of losses and i'm so tired of eating them. i want to rope but if i do that i'm just doing what everyone said i'd end up doing anyway. and nobody would care, even my own mother's of the idea that if you want to die, you can just die. it's such a joke. it's been 25 years of this. when does the happiness start

No. 1886473

Hang in there, nonnie. If it’s any consolation, I’m in my 30s and life is better than ever now but it took what felt like a really long time to get there. Some people luck out and get to live the life they want when they’re still in their 20s, but most of us will have to hold out for longer. It doesn’t mean you’ll never get there.

No. 1886523

Idk social benefits?
I cant afford it either because my parents would bully me

No. 1886531

sniggered smugly

No. 1886571

I don't want to complain about men anymore because if I complain about them it means they're an issue and I care about it and I wish it wasn't the case.

I need to accept that dating a man = dating a walking dick
It'd be fine if most walking dicks didn't make the relationship all about getting their dick's needs met, but everytime I tried it ended up the same

I even dated my ex because I was so fed up with the sex obsessions and I thought he was asexual but it was actually just larp and he's just another walking dick

So either I accept that dating a man means dating a dick that needs taking care of, either I don't date ; simple as

I choose to not date because I honestly have better things to do than be someone's personal whore but yeah.. it's a waste they don't explain you that in the media. You feel like love is about mutual help and support and companionship and sex is a side thing but truth is it's what it's all about so you shouldn't bother if that's not what you're interested in.

No. 1886576

Whenever I expressed the first thought and asked other anons what sexuality this is, they said I was straight. Like numerous times in different threads. So I'm calling myself straight out of convenience.

No. 1886577

i dont feel comfortable making internet friends anymore because they're all very weird and stalkerish without realizing how invasive they're really being. A girl i knew somehow crawled through instagram long enough to find my mom all because she hadnt heard from me in a few days. people are incredibly scary, even women who you think you can trust can act in extremely obsessive ways.

No. 1886584

>uwu at least people want to stalk you
No wonder no one fucking cares about you lmao

No. 1886589

To be fair you said a few days in the first post, then a few hours in this one and you also didn't say she harassed them either..

No. 1886592

even if i had an irl friend (which i dont) i would still feel very bewildered if they for some reason felt comfortable contacting my mother and looking through her instagram account in an attempt to gain my attention. an 'internet friend' isnt really an individiual who should feel comfortable getting in contact with close family members in regards to someone who they are not particularly close to.
A few days is a matter of hours kek. Her going out of her way to find my families accounts and contact them unprovoked (I didnt go missing, I wasnt dead, I just wasnt fucking online) is harassment. It is weird. You should not feel comfortable getting into someones mothers inbox all because you're not getting attention when you want it.

No. 1886597

Most men want sex from a relationship, I dont know why you think thats so bizarre? Sex is a big deal in most relationships, its a way to be more intimate and close. If sex breaks down its usually a sign of bigger issues witihin a relationship, most people wouldnt stick around if their partner stopped having sex with them for years.
I'm sure there are asexual men out there with no interest in sex, but I'd imagine they will be far and few between.

No. 1886598

samefag but this is a major problem across all zoomers kek. Nobody has any sense of boundaries because social media makes it so easy to get in contact with whoever you want, even when its not necessary and you have no jurisdiction trying to weasel your way into the personal business of a casual friend who you talk to every once in a while because youre just euu so caring. You're either bored and craving attention, or you have some kind of obsession that you should consult with a real psychiatrist over if you feel the need to do things like this. Learn how to move on and respect the privacy of others. If someone isn't talking to you, then dont pester the people close to them.

No. 1886601

I've only had 1 bf with ED, its because of his porn consumption and death grip + circumcised. That sucks that they have all been that way with you nona

No. 1886619

File: 1707811112448.jpeg (134.9 KB, 720x960, E0D34D04-C677-4315-A237-6940C2…)

I OD’d on caffeine today and I also ate way too much THC distillate and it was not a nice combination at all but I survived (still feeling the THC but im hydrated and the caffeine is wearing off)

No. 1886622

I love THC and caffeine but separately, if I do both I start trembling like a sticc bug.

No. 1886623

I got a new job recently and my boss is really rude to me, constantly nitpicks the way I look, the way I sit, and recently got annoyed with me for misunderstanding something menial (I said good morning when he asked how my day was in the lunch room) even after I told him I have hearing issues.
Earlier today I found out that he was steadfast against hiring someone in my position because he wanted to outsource the work, then my manager told me he was annoyed that I had lunch at my desk, because it doesn't look good for me to eat at my desk. I've just been crying all day because I hate job hunting and I think the writing's on the wall, now I just have to wait for them to screw me over. I hope this is just the awkward first few months, but I can't imagine it getting any better. I keep leaving jobs because I don't like the way people treat me, and I really have to get a thicker skin about it, but I'm sick of feeling like a punching bag to randoms just because I'm quiet and mildly retarded.

No. 1886633

My boyfriend was gone for two weeks and I felt really excited about him coming back home. He was all nice and sweet the first day. Today he kind of got back into the groove but he's also back to his moody self. I hate when he's like this. It tears my mood up even though I really try to ignore it. Why are men so inconsiderate. They don't give a fuck about how you feel, they'll just gaslight you and tell you that it's your fault that you feel sad not theirs.

No. 1886660

Nigel havers shouldn't overshare the details of their sex lives cause it ruins the fantasy of womanhood/hetero romance without the degradation (since they share their relationships anyway then they at least should consider not depressing girls like me), if I saw this specific Nigel haver who responds under every post talking about what her Nigel is and what not like she has a 1 in billion moid, years ago when I was in a worse mental state depressed because of how women can't have love without their own degradation then I would have killed myself because now she said that she gives good blowjobs which basically means she does them in a piglike, sloppy way and spits all over herself while acting like a dirty whore cause what else. Nobody needed to know why your Nigel is with you, the real reason I mean, I would have wanted a fucking fantasy and not hearing about how you do degrading acts that makes peoples eyes water because of the natural gag reflex every human on earth has. Imagine being a young teen girl learning that you have to break your own boundaries and erase your natural body responses plus the disgust responses to experience love, I would have ended it but is as retarded and naive and lived in a fantasy back then which was my only coping mechanism. If I were a man I wouldn't have to feel like this. Men are not the ones who have to experience being a humiliated bottoms.

No. 1886668

it feels like you need to read Why Does He Do That more than keep on being in this doomed relationship.

No. 1886680

my boyfriend broke up with me today and im not sure what to do now it hurts so much nonnas

No. 1886682

Does he have a hot older brother?
Or younger I guess as long as its not weird

No. 1886686

only a hot older sister but she's engaged i cant win

No. 1886687

Any hot friends?

No. 1886690

I don't want to work on valentines day, i don't want to be around others, i wish i had no social life so i could just go out with a stupid plushie of my husbando and have a date with him, i want to prepare romantic chocolates and surround my place with roses while i pretend that we are spending time together. Fuck living a normal life i want to indulge in my delusions.
Wish i could split myself in half so a part of me can be the free loser i wish to be.

No. 1886759

I'm really starting to get fat

No. 1886784

The restaurant that gave me a coupon closed for a break during the same week the coupon expires

No. 1886800

Male worshipping lunatics… I used to think that women are the adored ones provided for, catered to and pleasured in heterosexuality but it's the complete opposite. Lunatics on their knees for their gods in Human moid form. Nothing nice a woman can get in heterosexuality, just nothing, you're the servant of dick

No. 1886807

me too nona, being a wagie sucks on holidays. best i can do is a night of husbando indulgence after work by reading through my favourite yume doujins, buying some flowers and having some candles lit kek. try to enjoy it where you can though!

No. 1886830


Is your job one that can be done remotely? I too am very worried about this because I'm also quiet and mildly retarded, so my end-goal is to eventually escape office work entirely. I'll grit my teeth working in an office only for the first few years if I have to, just to get good and trusted enough for a remote job, but then I will GTFO.

No. 1886857

No. 1886903

>only had a mini breakfast all day
>tired and brainfogged the entire time
>eat chocolate at 6pm
>brain activated, I can see the microbes on my hands, ready to find the cure to cancer in one sitting
Is sugar addiction real after all?

No. 1886909

I don't think I'm interested in romantic relationships, which sucks because the kind of relationship I would be interested in isn't considered normal for platonic friendships. I want companionship and connection, I want a friend I can hold, even kiss, because I do love people deeply; it's just not romantically. Maybe I'm just damaged but this is always how I've experienced close relationships. I've entered romantic relationships in the past thinking I can change because obviously there is a connection there, but it always feels wrong. Being upfront and explaining it to people does nothing, they will say they're fine with it but fall in love with you anyway and think they can change you by being good enough, then grow to resent you. Or they will go along with it because they just want sex and think I want a fuckbuddy when I couldn't care less about that aspect. I feel broken and abnormal.

No. 1886919

I was like this until I found somebody I actually loved. It's one of those things that doesn't happen until it does. Maybe you're surrounded by fuggos.

No. 1886928

What was the difference for you? What made you know it was actual love?

No. 1886930

no it's that your brain wants calories. food is important eat!

No. 1886931

I only have a libido when I stop taking Prozac. But Prozac has altered my temperament and thought process so positively and significantly that I can't see myself not taking it any time soon.

No. 1886941

Even if it's not a real relationship or anything close to human contact the dumbass shit threads made it seem like i had someone to talk to. i wish i was able to make friends irl, everyday life feels a lot less worthy of living.

No. 1886948

I hope all is fine with your mother as well. It is kind of odd for her to talk about her daughter so harshly like that. She raised her as well, or so I assume, so she would have had chances to tell her some behaviors of what to do and not to do before she became an adult.
Regardless, it's good to dissect the trauma you've dealt with, because it'll help you view your life in a clearer sense. The downturn is you'll realize how bad it all really is, but big kudos to you for having self realization and learning how to completely love yourself and the steps needed to live a healthier life.

No. 1886963

I'm in some autists house. He touches me and objectifies me and he is a moron. I don't like him. I just have nowhere to go. My family is almost non existent. I have no normal aquintances or friends and I am too mentally unstable to maintain employment. I want to kill myself. I'm tired.

No. 1886966

yeah same. I don't want to be whiny about it but it really felt like I was able to have fun with likeminded women in there.

No. 1886968

try dst on heolkek.cafe? you dont have to like kpop you just cant talk shit about it

No. 1886974

dumb as fuck rant but my buzzfeed account was completely shadow banned. i get bored at work and like to read the articles and sometimes comment and i just realized any comments i post are only visible to me. if i log out and look i can see every other comment but mine. i know this wasnt always the case because ive got in stupid spats in the comment section before for not agreeing 1000% with the hivemind. if i remember correctly it was one of those "reddit aita" articles about a man who was annoyed that he was expected to provide for his long term partners kids from another relationship. everyone was praising him for sticking up for himself and that he shouldnt have to care about the kids because "theyre not even his fucking kids" in their words. funny they would shadow ban my account after that.

No. 1887031

File: 1707845901604.gif (3.4 MB, 488x460, 2d23a913d50be0f27d786444bb12d5…)

And again no feedback from the last apartment viewing. The guy said that he would come back at me on monday or tuesday if it works out, but it's tuesday evening and yeah, no reply. It was a nice flat, like all the others I've visited before and didn't get either.

No. 1887047

I know you'll fine a home nonna.

No. 1887057

im starting to have a crush on a mtf and i hate myself cause i hate trannies what is happening to me

No. 1887063

Why did mods close the thread down?

No. 1887067

Why do you like him?

No. 1887072

because hes very silly in a non cringe way, he makes music that i rly like and hes just rly rly nice.(you need to be at least 18 to post here)

No. 1887075

>appearing nice is all moids need to be liked
god being a moid is so fucking easy

No. 1887077

well its cause most of them suck so even the bare minimum is good enough for women to start dating a moid

No. 1887079

Unfortunately, sooner or later, you’ll realize that chasing the coom is what led him to trans his gender and now coom has consumed him more than you realize. That, and misogynistic notions of womanhood. I can’t think of anything less attractive or more cringe. Healthy and sane people don’t think they’re trans

No. 1887080

i know this but i still cant help liking him

No. 1887081

Fr. and stupid women keep falling for it.

No. 1887084

Good luck, nonnie. I wish you could respect yourself more but don’t say we didn’t warn you if you do decide to get involved with him

No. 1887086

how do you not get a room you can pay for? i guess i need to look into apartment viewing because what the fuck

No. 1887090

I was going through a crisis for like a week and I ended up looking at online life coaches. I didn't contact any of them, but one them caught me off guard by calling my personal phone number (I guess the site gave it to them). I didn't want to turn her down over the phone and I was still in a bad spot so I scheduled a information session with her. I really don't want to do it, I hate phone calls, but I can't stand her up. I can't even afford the sessions either.

No. 1887097

hate the way my mom wastes my time. why do i need to go with you to the food bank. note that she doesn't even NEED the food bank she's just an insane cheapskate. what kind of greedy asshole pulls up to the FOODBANK in her 2024 nissan? insanity

No. 1887101

Because according to admins despite being the most active thread on the site, "a chat style thread doesn't belong on lolcow since it attracts normies and moids to race bait and infighting with one another" fucking bullshit reasons, I feel like they simply didn't want to moderate the thread properly.

No. 1887105

Just text (or call) her and tell her you won’t be needing her services due to unforeseen circumstances. That way you’re not wasting her time or your own time stressing about it.

No. 1887106

fucked up.

No. 1887116

File: 1707850012979.jpg (62.39 KB, 657x916, 8383785973.jpg)

I really hate the unfortunate combination of my wide shoulders and my fat distribution - I carry all of my weight in my thighs and butt so my upper body ends up being bony even when I'm at normal weight. I have to choose between anachan arms + chest and stubby legs. I really love dresses like picrel and would love to wear them but I end up looking like Dylan Mulvaney and I hate it so much… I know this is such a 1st world problem and there are other clothes I can wear that don't look that bad on me but it still annoys me a lot.

No. 1887122

I wish I had gotten treatment for BPD sooner, I was diagnosed in 2015 but wasn't informed that there was a BPD treatment program that's fairly easy to get enrolled into until 2020. They did some tests on me before accepting me, which turned out that I don't actually have BPD - I'm just really traumatized and don't have the tools to handle neither the trauma nor regulating my emotions in a healthy way, so they enrolled me anyway because they still want to ensure that I would live an enrich life (and the psychologists attached to the program also have experience with body dysmorphia and ptsd, so they would get me a bit of a start to deal with those issues as well).
But, BUT, I'm so upset that I was given this information. That no professional ever told me, I spent half of my 20's suffering with several suicide attempts and continuous self-harm because they felt I was self-aware enough to handle this shit on my own. Hell, they didn't even want to bother with my addiction to cutting myself because I was "fully aware" of why I'm doing it, that it's dangerous and how it affected me. But the BPD program saved me, I am now more whole as a person and I can tackle life much better than before.
Do I still hear voices when I'm extremely distressed? Yes, but they are not as loud and go away much quicker.
Do I still get anxiety attacks? Sure, but they are few and far between and it's easier to calm myself down than before.
Do I still get the itches to cut? It happens, but again - very, very rarely. And it doesn't feel like something is under my skin like it would cause me to relapse.
Do I still have suicidal ideations? Kinda, but it's also fairly rare, and I don't get the catharsis I would feel when the reality hit me that I could off myself anytime and no one, NO ONE, could stop me. The ultimate feeling of control and having a goal - death. These feelings are just a mere memory I wish I was good enough to create art of.

tl;dr: I am more whole than ever, but my 20's was the price I had to pay.

No. 1887124

i fucking hate filing taxes

No. 1887127

Maybe a 1st world problem, but still a very understandable one nonnie. There are so many nice clothes that only very specific body types look good in and it always sucks to have to not be able to wear the types you're into. But I am sure you are absolutely dazzling in other types of dresses!

No. 1887135

i think anyone can wear pretty much anything, it's just a matter of styling, i think you can wear the picrel dress, just with smtg over the top that can balance your heavier lower half, like a shrug maybe.

No. 1887136

Depop resellers are so annoying. All I see now in secondhand stores is 2010s polyester garbage and the few nice things are overpriced.

No. 1887141

anybody gotten sober and realized your relationships were kinda shitty and you can barely tolerate them?
ive been close with a woman for about 6 years, i consider her to be my best friend. i think the primary reason was because she was a single parent with a small child and i'm a big softie who grew up in that. so i helped her out, a lot. i had to set boundaries because she was so entitled it turned into an, if you give a mouse a cookie situation. i think at times i stuck around because i was so worried about him. shes done shit that gets your kids taken away. like driving drunk with him in the car, and leaving him alone sleeping while she drives 45 minutes (again, drunk) to go fuck some guy in the middle of the night. and she didnt realize it was bad until i and other friends told her.
a couple years ago she "accidentally" got pregnant with a guy shed been hooking up with on again/off again for years. The accident being she "forgets" to put her nuvaring in, even with casual hookups. i honestly think she was hoping to get pregnant because this guy had always been emphatically clear that he did not want a relationship with her. they decided to make a go of it, and she had the baby 2 years ago. she was gonna stay home for awhile and take care of the baby. she hasnt worked or even looked for work since. and he does not make enough to support a family of 4. she is the only child of very well-off parents and money doesnt concern her at all because she knows she has a huge safety net. ive seen her hit up her father multiple times in a day to have money transferred and ive seen her get hostile if she gets pushback. if she has money she spends it on doordash and amazon. she cashed out an acct her parents set up before the holidays as a cushion and wound up spending 3k on presents.
she has become SHOCKINGLY lazy. their house is a pit. she wont even get off the couch and walk 15 feet to throw the babys diaper in the trash, she rolls it up and chucks it into the kitchen. her partner is miserable. he comes home from a job he hates and has to clean the kitchen just so he can make food. the baby is old enough that she just puts on bluey and hangs out in her room on her phone. bluey is on 10 hours a day. she doesnt leave the house most days since her partner brings the oldest to school and he can walk home. shes gained about 100 pounds from being sedentary. her parents bought her an expensive gym membership but of course she didnt go.
i told her i wanted to do dry january and she did it too. she says she doesnt want to drink anymore, which is amazing, because she drinks 2 bottles of wine and day and is starting to develop fatty liver. i was hoping this would spur other healthy changes but it hasn't, at all. now that we arent drinking, i realize how little we have in common. all she wants to do is watch trash TV. im honestly starting to resent how spoiled she is. the fact that her parents bought her a beautiful house and she doesnt lift a finger. like she used to pay someone to pick up the dog shit because she couldnt be bothered to in a very small backyard. the fact that she looooooves being a "mama" but lets her kids stare at screens all day, and talks about having ANOTHER BABY because she wants a girl. the fact that she has had every opportunity in the planet and doesnt appreciate it. im just sad, and frustrated.

No. 1887143

Honestly, nona, what you've done is huge. A lot of people aren't ever capable of the change and progress you've made in your life. I wouldn't stress so much or be self-critical about those painful years in your 20s. It's a complicated and hard time for a lot of women. You should absolutely take pride in where you are now

No. 1887149

My unemployed aunt got conned into giving $25K of my develop mentally disabled uncle’s money to some Indian scammers. He’s really gullible and easy to manipulate, so he trusted her with the money

No. 1887161

Thank you so much nonnie, you're so sweet! You're right, I should appreciate the other types of dresses as well instead of only thinking about this one specific model that happens to not look so good on me.
Thank you for the idea nonna, I hadn't thought of that but I will definitely give it a try.

No. 1887162

I just want to sit somewhere in nature. I want to detach from all the bullshit of the world and all the toxicity and hipocrisy. Too bad that even being in nature actually requires money. Wish I had a fucking family. Actually, I don't think that I want to interact with people anymore. With anyone at all.

I can't believe that my life is just this…

No. 1887163

I want to break everything around me and I want to kill myself. I have no peace and nothing after such a long fucking time. I deserve to rot and to be called a fucking dog by everyone. I'm so fucking tired

No. 1887167

I fucking hate entitled people like this and they deserve the fucking guillotine and to have nobody involved in their life. It just reminds me of how much I hate my life. Of how some people literally spend their whole life having shit handled to them while being complete wastes of air when I did everything perfectly in my life and made sure to be as NICE and USEFUL to everyone and I have suicidal depresision, no resources and support and people like this have everything and can't even fucking bother taking care of their fucking children.

No. 1887168

I hate resellers in general, especially clothing ones. I used to work in a thrift store. they are like parasites

No. 1887173


No. 1887177

man fuck being sick, it's been 2 months give me a break already

No. 1887180

Maybe you bothered me first

No. 1887181

no offense but you sound very young and retarded

No. 1887185

File: 1707853929069.jpg (40.89 KB, 736x736, edb2d5ad1d2d140442a93eb6b8fb47…)

I just found out that my ex (who I'm still very much in love with and hoped to reconcile with) got back together with his "first love" ex of seven years. We broke up in December of last year. I've always had a suspicion that he's not completely over her but they broke up in 2019 and we started dating in late 2022. I'm gonna try to stay awake all night so that I sleep throughout Valentines's day tomorrow. I just wanna die right now. This hurts like hell. I've never loved anyone like him before. I hoped to have a better year and I know I sound dramatic but this is my worst nightmare.

No. 1887186

Fuck I want to kill myself. Can I vent on fucking lolcow? I can't afford a therapist. I can't talk to friends because I'm just bothering them. It's impossible to go to therapy and the medical field has placed me through even more trauma.

I just want to end my life. I wish that after 16 years I had one person that genuinely care about me. I don't know it's like people lose empathy. I don't want my life to be like this

No. 1887200

I can't believe that I tried so hard to be normal and to live a normal life and be surrounded by normal people and I got turned into a freak while I see people that are actual freaks get away with it. Also, I can't stand the fact that the man that abused me ended up raping a woman. I could feel it in my fucking guts and that somehow I got framed as this villain evil person. Why am I banished to having to live and interact with actual freaks because everyone normal leaves my life and why do I have to have my boundaries and integrity constantly crossed. Fuck I've never felt like a human fucking being

No. 1887201

if it wasnt for her kids, i wouldnt talk to her anymore. i cant deal with it. i honestly think having kids is her excuse to be lazy, get more $ from her parents, and get special treatment. she was talking recently about being a surrogate because shed happily go through a pregnancy for someone else so she can sit on her ass for another year. she is morbidly obese as it is. im starting to distance myself, but im heartbroken for those kids and her boyrfriend.

No. 1887203

She's an abusive piece of shit nonnie. She doesn't deserve to be coddled and honestly you are wasting your time on her. There are people that actually suffer from severe mental health issues with no financial support or friends. Maybe find someone that is actually worthy of friendship or needs it

No. 1887234

Ugh. My phone is cracked internally now, it's bleeding and the pressure from the glass is having it spaz and open nearly everything so I have to keep it turned off. I want to get it repaired rather than replace as it has nearly everything on it but I don't want to fork out so much money nor do I want them going in my phone. Also I can't even get a quote, I don't have the product number or serial numbers, I threw the box away a few months ago. (I got it 2 years ago, samsung a22) Ugh, I'm panicked but I at least have retrieved my bank account, that's something…

No. 1887257

I got perma-banned on CC a few weeks ago for no reason. That place seemed like it is only full of 12-year old girls and larping moids spamming gore and CP every day now though, so no big loss I guess.

No. 1887258

is this a copypasta? i feel like ive seen this multiple times now

No. 1887260

People who come to the gym in groups of 3 and hog the machines… kill yourself please I’m begging you to kill yourselves
I cant wait for the resolutioners to fuck off already and the gym at 9pm is silent again

No. 1887261

I wish I was kidding but no… lol

No. 1887265

Adaptability and a strong will are admirable – immeasurably more-so than any talent. Do not underestimate yourself nona

No. 1887267

Same. And today has been like the deadest day I’ve ever experienced on this site. I don’t think we’re coming back from this and tbh I don’t know what I’m going to do with myself now, lc has been like the only enjoyable part of my day and I spend all other moments wishing I was dead so without this distraction i don’t know. I just don’t know what I’m going to do.

No. 1887288

File: 1707860601157.jpg (38.11 KB, 632x675, 20231218_170437.jpg)

Hate that my city's transit sucks, it's either get to this test almost an hour early or get there with like 10 minutes to spare but could potentially be late if there's traffic or the bus is running late which would make me miss my connection. Ugh, why is there no inbetween

No. 1887296

File: 1707860966514.jpg (119.56 KB, 1200x675, gamez.jpg)

My two friends who I play games with have moved out of the country and didn't take their PCs with them. I sometimes play with my BF's friends but they suck. They get hyper competitive and shouty. I wanna play some chill games. There's a girl in work I kinda half know who plays a lot of stuff with a group but I don't know how to go up and ask her to add me on Steam without looking weird.
I've tried making friends with other girls online on Discord or Reddit and it's been a disaster every time. I don't trust them if I don't know them irl.
I might need to bite the bullet, talk to her and not be so super awkward for once.

No. 1887313

I have a decent paying job with low stress, work from home, inherited an apartment..I am aware most people would be more than happy to have what I have but I have been feeling so miserable every day. I basically have one friend that I see, I feel so lonely otherwise like my life has stopped. I get a stupid crush on my coworker who is in another city (remote work) and start daydreaming absolute nonsense because I hope that will be my future. I just feel so miserable and isolated in this town and I dont know how to escape, I have no hope for my future..

No. 1887324

it sucks being a good person and seeing shitty, unappreciative people get everything handed to them. ive always been self-sufficient and i cant respect people who arent. im sorry nona

No. 1887333

I'm tired of seeing trash everywhere. Can't go for a walk without stepping on or through trash. Can't enjoy a drive without seeing trash on the side of the road and highways. Can't enjoy the beach or public parks without trash spewn everywhere. I wish people were more considerate on where they threw their trash and were more considerate to the planet in general.

No. 1887335

I feel this nonna. I have an okay life, but now social life. I didn't love high school or anything but it felt so normal seeing your peers everyday, but when you hit adulthood, it feels like a lot rarer to see people your own age and it can feel isolating. I don't know how to deal with it either.

No. 1887342

File: 1707863465549.jpeg (147.8 KB, 593x651, IMG_1238.jpeg)

What the fuck is wrong with autistic men?? Before I start, I’m autistic too.
My mother lost custody of my brother when he was young because of his shit grandparents (he’s only half brother). Ever since he was 6 (he’s almost 28 now) she would drive 45 mins for him every other month or so for ALL OF THOSE YEARS, TO THIS DAY. She would bend her back for him and do everything she can for his ass, even treating him better than me at times. All he likes doing is playing video games whenever he’s here, and my mom told me that last night he messed up in the game because of something she did and told her, “You ruin everything.” That made me so fucking angry for no reason, I don’t care that he’s autistic he isn’t a fucking child, he’s pushing 30. Made my blood broil because how dare you say that? Me and my mom aren’t always on the best odds either but I will defend her with my life. It was so fucked up. Also I bought him a coffee today and he didn’t say thank you, he never ever does. Never says thanks for anything.
Why are autistic men fucking like this?

No. 1887346

put paint chips in his microwave pizza

No. 1887348

Recently my friends put me in an awkward situation where now someone else doesn't want to be my friend anymore. Even anonymously I don't want to share much details, out of my own anxiety, but God, it pissed me off so bad. They didn't think and were ready to accuse this other person of something. I am just in such an awkward position and now thought to be an asshole. Its really upsetting to me at the moment.

No. 1887353

WHY THE FUCK IS MY FAMILY SO UNCLEANLY MY GOD nobody fucking bothers to tell anyone else they are sick so i can properly quarantine away from their disgusting asses and nobody fucking bothers to wash their hands and disinfect anything they touch even if they had the goddamn plague SO NOW I FEEL SO FUCKING MISERABLY SICK AND I WONT BE ABLE TO SPEND VALENTINE'S DAY WITH MY GIRLFRIEND ALL BECAUSE THESE RETARDS DONT CARE ABOUT SPREADING THEIR GERMS!!! "welp thats just what happens when one of us gets sick, we al go down with them! tee hee family <3 uwu" KILL YOURSELVES(learn2integrate)

No. 1887355

What did you get? I'm sorry anon, maybe you and your girlfriend will still be able to have a good post-Valentine's Valentine's day.

No. 1887361

I don't know how exactly it started but in the last few months I've become so insecure about my appearance, especially my height. Which is weird because I've never minded it during my teen years when such thoughts would be more expected. I'm 5'3"/160cm which is a bit less than average and I used to be completed fine with that but for some reason I'm having these obsessive thoughts about it. And comments about height are getting to me for the first time in my life. I keep thinking about guys telling me "well I think you look great but you're too short" without me even asking, a tall girl doing the same thing + saying short women are pathetic and don't stand a chance against her, and I've lost count of all the times I've been told that I look like a child or all of the "ha ha you're short" jokes that are supposed to be funny. Yeah, they were the first couple of times, now they're boring. I'm so sick of being viewed as the "small childish girl" when I am an adult woman. It just feels like people don't view me as an adult and I hate it. I hope I manage to return to the "I like my body" mindset I used to have.

No. 1887370

I got WFH and moved out of the city and I feel the same. I moved out to a small town near my family and bar my sister I don't have much social outlets. I always feel like I'm the third wheel when I'm with her and her friends. I tried joining some local clubs to build up a friend group but everyone already knows each other.
I'm happy I'm out of the city because I'm was going a bit too wild and now I can afford a place by myself and not have to deal with shitty roommates but it's lonely. I'm saving a tonne of money but I don't know what to do with it. Green hills and nature are nice for a while but I want to do stuff.
I do really like being able to see my baby niece, she's awesome.

No. 1887384

Im so fucking irritated cause I just did an entire load of laundry that had a rusty steel wool pad in it (that's not even mine), so I have to do the load completely over and I have no vinegar so I have to settle for soap and bleach.

No. 1887396

File: 1707868765838.png (178.03 KB, 361x355, ghost.png)

i got delivery and they left it at the wrong house a couple doors down, and when i went to see if the food was still there it was gone. so im assuming my neighbors are enjoying my dinner. i hate my life.

No. 1887401

date stood me up. i texted multiple times and he never responded. fml i somehow end up attracting the worst men imaginable

No. 1887407

Took MDMA for the first time when I was out drinking with my London friends on Saturday. Absolute purest sincerest happiest I've felt in ages however worst hangover ever on Sunday. I still feel like foggy shit. Horrific dreams too. I messaged them and they said something like "lol that's normal it'll wear off in a few days". Warn me ahead of time bitch. This is the worst. Never again.

No. 1887426

Godd my heart hurts constantly for some reason (not metaphorically), I’ve been smoking more recently but I doubt that’s the reason (and it’s so lame if it is). I would rather have a stroke or whatever now and get it over with.

No. 1887427

They didn't tell you that you would be fucked producing seretonin for the next week or two? Terrible. I did MDMA and thats what my frienda first warned me about . Glad youre safe and had fun

No. 1887435

what’s wrong with me I used to have so much energy and confidence when I was younger did life really just beat it out of me or what. I feel so awkward and anxious now I can barely be a functioning adult, I feel like I had my shit together more as a teenager than I do as an adult how am I going backwards how do I be more functional and normal again

No. 1887436

>well I think you look great but you're too short
this is extremely weird anon. are you sure they aren't trying to neg you? im 5'3" too and while i wouldnt mind being a couple inches taller so that clothes fit me more elegantly, it has literally never impeded my dating life and in fact has only ever served to make a wider variety of men like me because they arent intimidated by my height. women are often protective of me too, which is endearing. If people are truly interpeting your appearance as childlike i wonder if you might try to choose a more maturely feminine hair/makeup/fashion style?

No. 1887437

File: 1707871311453.jpg (309.51 KB, 1200x1000, 1000006886.jpg)

I find these semicolon tattoos so cringe and manipulative. Cool you want wait to share your mental illness with the world, I do not care and don't think you're brave

No. 1887451

Not really. We had been drinking since about 3PM. We were talking about going to clubs and my friend asked me if I wanted to try some MDMA since x,y,z and herself were going to be taking some. I asked if it was like coke (I used to dabble in uni) and she said it was way better. My drunk ass said why not and she poured some of the bag in my drink.
Tbf she looked out for me and made sure I drank water and got home safe but a heads up about the comedown would've been nice. I had tonnes of fun but this hangover suuuucccks.

No. 1887452

I haven't done coke but mdma is nice, I only did it once. Sorry about the comedown and how shitty it is, you will go back to normal but your seretonin needs a rest. Just remind yourself its only a facade.

No. 1887453

Thanks nona

No. 1887455

I am so insecure about being short, too. I wish I were tall, but not because of men, because I find that women being tall makes them instantly more attractive to me and I wish I found myself attractive like that. It's never hindered me in finding a partner, but I just wish I could be tall.

No. 1887459

Visit rollsafe.org and pick up the supplements recommended for afterwards. 5HTP and green tea extract can still help you. I don't have personal experience (yet!) but my friend is a kind of evangelist about safe mdma use. Like, she rolls twice a year and has the supplements and tests her shit, etc. I want to try it when I'm done with my phd but not before.

No. 1887461

the highs arent worth the lows for me. when ive done it i feel depleted of everything afterwards. just an empty shell. take it easy for a few days.

No. 1887466

Thanks nona. I'll try to pop out to Boots tomorrow and get that.
Tbh I'm bitching about the hangover but if they work I might give it another go. I've got tickets to Boomtown and it seems like it would be fun to take it there.

No. 1887469

File: 1707873802422.jpg (19.92 KB, 370x307, static-assets-upload4989279466…)

Speaking of all of this, I accidentally had a greenout on some edibles yesterday and I feel fucking misetable. No amount of casual or recreational highs is worth that living hell. I keep telling myself that I've grown a tolerance and that I'll take a smaller dosage but this shit keeps happening. Anyone have any self-care advice?

No. 1887470

Stop doing drugs if you can't handle the high. That's my self-care advice.

No. 1887472

I got the impression that if you prepare well, it can be fun and less neurotoxic than taking it spontaneously. I want to try it so badly bc I have never felt euphoric from anything (not alcohol, not even morphine or other drugs after surgeries). I have all my hopes pinned on mdma.

If Boots doesn't have 5HTP, try Holland & Barrett or a similar place for supplements.

No. 1887473

I greened out on edibles one time (100mg) and I thought I was going to die and I am a casual/daily smoker. I feel so sorry for you nonnie. Lots of water and sleeping it off will help. You will feel groggy for a few days though because its in your fat/blood, exercising will help. Or sweating.

No. 1887475

i grow my own psilocybes but i no longer experience any kind of high from taking them. I wanna try to breed my own mushrrom though

No. 1887477

Its fun but its not super crazy, like I have bipolar and it mimics a bipolar high and thats about it. Don't get all your hopes up. I loved it once but never again. It was fun but more of a thing to try.

No. 1887482

I don't want to get banned from the Vent thread for derail but: I'm curious what you mean! Do you have a certain type of mushroom in mind? I've only grown some for a lab a long time ago (obviously nothing hallucinogenic)

I'll add a vent: I can't sleep and I have shit to do in the morning.

No. 1887489

i'm not sure if this could be possible but i'd still love to try combining two different liquid mushroom spores in a grow bag to see if they'd spawn a single new crossbred strain of the two?

No. 1887490

Thanks nona, I think this might be what it takes for me to start on a sobriety and exercise regiment. I was already weaning off thc but I think experiencing ego death for what feels like longer than the heat-death of universe for the nth time might be what puts me off it for good.

No. 1887491

File: 1707874925791.gif (2.16 MB, 498x379, annoyed-disappointed.gif)

Just a reminder before valentines day that I was with my ex fiance for 9 years and he broke up with me because he told me he wants to fuck other people (his last year of school is this fall) and sees no future. I am so bitter.

No. 1887492

Hm, I think you'd just end up with some of both individuals in the outcome but I'll give it some thought when less tired. Maybe you should make a thread, could be a fun topic to discuss. I'm not a biologist but have a lot of interest in stuff like that.

gdi I didn't even drink coffee today, I shouldn't have worked out so late

No. 1887497

I hate having to be around gendies just because I'm female. I can't even "hate men" (read talk about misogyny and the way it affects me and my other female friends) in peace without the one fat American "system" gendie taking it as a personal attack on them as "a man". Even the actual men around me are more willing to acknowledge misogyny than the TiFs I'm unfortunate enough to be stuck around. I only put up with them to be around some other long term friends but I'm going off them too from association.

I also hate how they oversexualise everything can't stop talking about their disgusting kinks and gendie bs. I hate cutting off friends but I don't think I can put up with this anymore

Where to find normie friends???? How to extricate myself from these freaks without blowing up my other friendships??

No. 1887506

File: 1707876052593.jpeg (29.12 KB, 448x420, 1693149197000.jpeg)

don't really have the energy to feel that annoyed but in the past months in the evening I've been burning up and my face even turns red for hours, it's so uncomfortable! I used to never flush nor blush at all. I don't understand it. is it some kind of cortisol issue? ugh.

also the top of my finger has been very swollen and red for a few days now for 0 reason. bodies are dumb.

No. 1887513

Not gonna lie, I walked over a bridge today and the water was looking real nice. Sometimes I wonder if anyone would stop me.

No. 1887522

Men don't have an original thought in their heads. They learned the word "accountability" and now want women to be "accountable" for everything. Saw a reel where a woman forgot that her boyfriend told her they were out if toilet paper so when she asked him to get some he threw a tantrum and physically assaulted her. Comments are full of men justifying his behavior and the sheer violent hatred and retardation is palpable through the screen. Somehow these troglodytes have convinced themselves that this is how you "teach women a lesson" and "hold them accountable". I let myself spend 45 minutes making inflammatory comments to moids which is cringe and also terrible for my health. I think it's bothering me more because I actually have a decent Nigel but he's moving for college credits in a year and I'm unconvinced that we'll make it and I'm so tired of picking through moids knowing there's more of a chance that he thinks it's justified to throw toilet paper at my head when I ask him to get me some instead of helping me like an adult. I was really worked up about this shit, thanks lc, glad hellweek is over so I can use you exclusively as a blog again

No. 1887530

People are incapable of having empathy towards me. I don't know why.

No. 1887533

File: 1707877150318.jpg (65.66 KB, 500x500, artworks-7tu9JMcatDPmlejG-wkoW…)

I used to admire an artist and she blocked me out of nowhere. Never curse them or mistreat them. I know I can separate the art from the artist, but damn is hard.

No. 1887534

Just go swim somewhere.

No. 1887543

Admin just posted 20 mins ago doubling down saying that they are nuking dumbass shit "for the foreseeable future" even after all the protest. Ironically, in the same post they say site changes will be discussed beforehand. What?

No. 1887550

Go skydiving

No. 1887552

theyre behaving this way on purpose to make people want to leave kek

No. 1887553

Well, it's working. The site has been so dead now that I am going to leave too, there's no point anymore. Sad it had to be this way.

No. 1887557

Same, this is the only female imageboard that actually gets traffic. Would not be surprised if this ends up being dead as CC

No. 1887559

what's their end goal with that?

No. 1887560

i don't know. Looks like anons have given up even complaining in meta, or there's no one left to even see the new announcement. There's been a lot of false alarms in years past, but I think this is really it for us. I never expected cerbmin to be the one to kill the site.

No. 1887562

>>1887550 >>1887534
Thank you nonnies. Think I might go to the pool this weekend and jump off the high dive.

No. 1887566

What a POS. Hope he gets STI's. I'm sorry nonny.

No. 1887567

File: 1707878847310.jpg (91.98 KB, 1280x720, 1000007101.jpg)

They know the scrote that used to browse lolcow for years talking to minors went to prison for raping a woman 8 months after being outed on here. Admins are shitting their pants. This place is probably filled with glowies as it should.

No. 1887571

Good. Go cry.

No. 1887572

who tf is this?

No. 1887573

You are schizophrenic.

No. 1887574

enjoy your dead site, you sad joyless thing(infighting)

No. 1887575

it keeps me from coming into /ot/ and i've really been missing the thread.

No. 1887576

You're crying and throwing fits because you can't make unfunny shitposts instead of using the site as intended. Bitch I don't care.

No. 1887578

Ok. As I said, enjoy your dead site, you sad, joyless thing. I'm sure even you can see that people are leaving. Soon it'll just be you making sooper sewious posts about shayna's asshole, or something. Enjoy.(infighting)

No. 1887580

they want slow, ez moderation and to circlejerk in their discord

No. 1887585

I miss it too because so many dumb things happen to me and I don't care enough to dig out the thread

No. 1887586

>you sad, joyless thing
And keep up your echolalia you stunted, attention-starved child.

No. 1887589

There's something called bookmarking, not that any of you are evidently intelligent enough to use the feature

No. 1887591

You need to elaborate more on this otherwise it just looks like schizo tinfoiling

No. 1887592

Slow down, licking that many boots can't be good for your health

No. 1887594

now I understand why the site is doing its death rattle, this is the only type of anon left standing.

No. 1887597

You are genuinely conducting yourself like a petulant brat. The thread isn't gone, it's just on autosage. You're such a narc you can't handle your stupid word vomit not being front and center. If the only reason you came to the site was one singular dumb thread, thats on you. Sorry you don't have friends or a different method of sperging.

No. 1887598

File: 1707880016649.jpg (73.08 KB, 700x582, 2qsr5z.jpg)


No. 1887600

>you're licking boots because my only means of attention is on autosage!!!!

No. 1887605

stop being so mean. dumbass shit was a lot more than just shitposting and racebait.

No. 1887607

this is genuinely sad. this site is going to be so creepy as a ghost town with only one attack dog anon walking its empty hallways.

No. 1887609

i don’t think it’s about attention it’s more about community

No. 1887612

File: 1707880238047.jpg (84.73 KB, 1333x1579, 1tKiwkhg0vyQPoTl0P3vn3nz21kvX6…)

Legit crying at watching all the nonnies fight and the downfall of lc. I am so sad.

No. 1887613

what does this have to do with everyone retiring over dumbass shit being put down

No. 1887614

I can't believe that you are fighting over a fucking thread when YOU LITERALLY IGNORED AND SIDED WITH A MAN THAT I WARNED YOU ABOUT THAT BECAME A RAPIST 6 MONTHS LATER(schizo)

No. 1887615

You're throwing a fit and threatening to leave a decade old imageboard because your precious dopamine reserve is on autosage. This is you losers.

No. 1887616

File: 1707880373253.jpg (28.79 KB, 500x487, tumblr_inline_p26stn9JQY1tls99…)

I've grown to fucking hate Ovarit. You can be downvoted and have your comments deleted just for talking about your dislike for Taylor Swift. I never gave a shit about her until this month, no thanks to media over-saturation. Apparently, you have "internalized misogyny if you talk about your disinterest. Apparently, even acknowledging that rich women have less to gain from feminism than poor and middle class women is a bannable offense.

No. 1887617

Please someone come collect their schizo granny Jesus Christ

No. 1887618

either a much slower less user friendly board or they’re just going to close it down as a whole

No. 1887622

can you link us to a few posts relating to this please?

No. 1887624

Words have meaning.

No. 1887626

Nonnie what? Seek help, or provide context. Preferably both

No. 1887628

File: 1707880572117.jpg (20.93 KB, 220x309, 1000002760.jpg)

Mods are trying to distance themselves from the fact that a cannibal rapist has browsed lolcow for years. I've BEEM TRYING TO TELL YOU ALL BUT YOU WONT LISTEN.(Jeffrey Dahmer is not a farmer)

No. 1887629

Are you insane or gaslighting me?

No. 1887630

>petulant brat
>attention-starved child
Think you need to head to the retirement home, not sperg on LC

No. 1887631

We're listening so provide context or stop because I have no idea what you are talking about.

No. 1887633

You can't throw stones in your glass house miss im-leaving-because-one-thread-is-autosage

No. 1887634

That is a picture of Jeffrey Dahmer.

No. 1887637

I’m not even the anon you were arguing with kek you just sound retarded. Sorry the dementia has set in

No. 1887638

No. 1887640

It's not fucking funny. If you think what happened is funny then you are demented. Why are you making a joke out of this and how it affected me emotionally? The fact that I warned you and you all demonized me and did what the insane sociopathic moid ordered you to do and after 3 years you will have the guts to tell me that I am lying.

I keep repeating the same shit but nobody listens. It's exhausting.

No. 1887641

wish I could reach through the screen and strangle this idiot. nothing's worse than people who try to hold on to their disaffected ironic blackpill schtick despite working a regular pmc white collar job. just quit if you hate it that much jesus christ

No. 1887644

Nona don't be mean. Grandma-san has bought a new thesaurus and she's sharing her 'words of the day' with us. Thank you for teaching me Grandma, or in your language: Many Gratitudes towards you, Grandmother, for enlightening us with your sage verbiages.

No. 1887647

use specifics instead of vagueposting, nobody knows what you're talking about and it sounds like you're larping

No. 1887648

fucking kek

No. 1887650

You're exactly the kind of cringe autist that tries too hard to be funny because you're a misfit everywhere else. A for effort I guess.

No. 1887651

What are you even talking about? Explain the situation

No. 1887652

I wish we could have more fun. If dumbass shit was still open we’d be having a spirited debate about something much more retarded and unimportant than this..

No. 1887653

I'm almost certain that's a certain "anon" we should not encourage or interact with..

No. 1887654

NTA but it’s actually hilarious how un-self aware you are about how you’re coming across

No. 1887656

oh hey shiloh

No. 1887657

i'll miss you all dearly. am sure as shit not going to crystal cafe. when i'm sharing milk in the cow threads, i'll think of the chance that i'm crossing paths with one of you, dear /ot/ nonnies, and i'll smile

No. 1887663

I dont care. It isnt a lack of self awareness, I'm literally just calling a spade a spade.

No. 1887664

File: 1707881456920.png (2.69 MB, 1694x1544, bus meme.png)

No. 1887667

made me laugh

No. 1887668

You went out of your way to make that. You crave attention and it's terminal.

No. 1887670

lmfao thanks nonnie

No. 1887671

lighten up ♥

No. 1887673

>getting mad at OC

No. 1887674

I decided to spend 2 minutes of my life editing an image to post on an imageboard to bring light and laughter to fellow nonas. I'm not gonna say sorry just because you're so butthurt and responding to a bunch of different anons with your depressed schizotypal outlook.
xo I do it all for your keks

No. 1887675

KEK this is really the only way to respond to her. She’s so distinctively curmudgeonly that I am recognizing her in other threads too. I’m just gonna start copypastaing your reply at her kek

No. 1887678

This is pure fanfic.

No. 1887679

File: 1707881955221.jpeg (262.18 KB, 1098x624, IMG_1697.jpeg)

Laughing because I thought I was the only one that recognized Grandma's typing style. She was in the confessions thread last night being nasty to the Tina Fey sperg.

No. 1887680


No. 1887682

Watch "fucking kek" get banned and the retard stay

No. 1887684

avatarfagging is frowned upon but this is an aggressive way to go about delivering that news to her kek

No. 1887685

Dumbass shit thread isn't necessary since you've just started using vent and confessions thread as that anyways

No. 1887686

File: 1707882234503.jpg (90.06 KB, 1272x1139, Capture.JPG)

cringe, you love dumbass shit enough to post there all the time even when no one replies to you

No. 1887687

do you seriously think that's all one anon? take your meds

No. 1887688

No. 1887690

what’s with all the tina fey posting? Did she do something

No. 1887692

I love you nonna

No. 1887693

It isnt Tina fey, there's some weird boomer woman avatarfagging with the lady from an old satire movie called Superstar

No. 1887695

My head hurts, goodnight

No. 1887700

sucks, but sometimes you gotta make a new account and just deal with it

No. 1887706

File: 1707883016414.jpg (326.66 KB, 1049x1039, 1000002578.jpg)

Could you imagine someone with 3 syrings of lip filler telling you what to do? Omg just the thought of it is sickening

No. 1887711

File: 1707883443918.jpg (377.74 KB, 1080x1601, Screenshot_20240213_230212_Chr…)

No. 1887721

I followed this girl whose memes I admired and she blocked me because once she posted a selfie and I commented that she looked like John Kramer a la Saw franchise.

I feel a little guilty about it, but I really didn't mean to offend.

No. 1887724

>I told a woman she looked like an 80 year old man but now I'm pretending to be clueless of how rude that is
See what happens when you play too familiar with strangers

No. 1887725

Kekkk. She's soft and did you a favor. You did nothing wrong

No. 1887728

I can do it remotely, yeah, but I'm sure they would prefer me not to as only the higher ups get to work from home. Office work has always been very terrible for me because there's so many stupid social dynamics and unspoken rules at play that I miss completely, and they would always prefer a worker that gets on well with others than one that can do the work well. If you're lucky, they might find your "shyness"appealing as opposed to stuck up and bitchy. Lets hope we can be all be freed from other people one day!

No. 1887729

i just heard someone screaming like they’re being killed…

No. 1887730

This is what happens when you spend your whole life indoors and never learn how to interact in the real world

No. 1887750

depressive episodes keep coming like tidal waves since the beginning of the year, i can't open my eyes and crawl out of bed for anything but work (because i can't afford to lose my job). takes hours to form a string of coherent sentences, don't feel like talking or eating or showering. Even shooting the shit about mundane topics feels like maximum effort for poor, low quality output. shit sucks.

No. 1887762

And this is why not all artist or writers or whatever are open to be friendly with most of their fans.

No. 1887764

File: 1707887842404.jpg (33.27 KB, 612x408, fuck.jpg)

i wish i had an explanation, ANY, for these horrible sensations i get in my face. especially my jaw/nose area but also between my eyebrows. its like a combination of restless leg syndrome but in my face and my skin feeling too small for my face. it's horrible. all i ever get told is it's psychosomatic or to do facial exercises which don't help. the discomfort gets so bad i cry and can't sleep. this has been going on for 10 years. i hate it i hate it i hate it i hate it.

No. 1887768

have you ever heard of trigeminal neuralgia?

No. 1887780

I understand why graphic footage from the conflict in Israel is being shared and this isnt a complaint about that but I do not understand how people are able to just look at that all day. "They have no choice but to look, you should be able to handle the reality" Good for you for being able to do that but I cannot. I cannot and do not want to look at murdered children and I feel like that's a normal thing to say. The other night I dreamt about it graphically and that was kind of the last of it for me, I don't want to see it and I don't want to hear about it. Why do I have to constantly bear witness to men destroying everything and hurting everyone without a conscious or care in the world.

No. 1887782

i dont even understand why anyone would want to look at it. it isnt going to make anyone care. gratuitous gore just makes me want to ignore the internet and spend more time outside

No. 1887786

i am so fucking done with life. i don’t want to get up. i feel useless and i hate living. sometimes i wish i could give my life energy to someone more deserving like a kid that’s terminally ill or something

No. 1887798

My Nigel is going away for 3 days and this will be the first time I've been alone in the apartment. I can already tell I'm going to feel weird and miss him.

No. 1887799

I think it's like self flagellating. Twitter users are fully aware their donation links and watermelon emojis don't do shit and watch gore to stoke their guilt

No. 1887800

anybody who says bullying should be brought back better not cry if randoms call them slurs. every time i see an obese dysgenic tranny say bullying should come back i want to a-log them so bad

No. 1887801

Lmao right? I keep seeing trannies say that bullying needs to make a comeback. Sir you are not a woman.

No. 1887804

bullying scares me so bad. the state of online harassment in 2012 was bad i cant imagine what it is like today when someone thinks youre ugly

No. 1887808

It is possible that this guy was trying to neg me, I really shouldn't let it affect me so much. And when it comes to clothing I've recently started wearing more mature stuff (like coats, long dresses etc.) but I still get treated like a child. Maybe it's because I wear no makeup and I'm in my mid 20s and I'm still a bit young? I don't know but I really hope this shit disappears by the time I turn 30-35 because it's getting very annoying. I'm glad you had such positive experiences though! Especially the part about taller women sounds cool, I'd much rather experience this than being called a midget by a 6' woman…
I get you nonna, it really sucks not being your own type so to say. Especially when it's something you can't change like height. I'd love to give you some advice to tackle this but I'm in the same boat over here…

No. 1887815

I needed to change my electric meter so an electrician came today, it took him 10 min and left but right after i get a text "really cute btw"
i feel so violated, he knows my address and the code to my building. I want to report him for using customers' private infos but i'm scared he'll hear about it and comes back to my appartement.
I feel dumb for not assuming he's a creep right away and making sure a friend was with me when he came by…

No. 1887816

their confusing shaming with bullying

No. 1887822

I have a sore throat with white lesions. I went to the ER last night due to the pain and swelling. Just got the results of the swab back and it's somehow not strep? Only alternative I can think of is mono, but I also had a viral panel done and everything was negative. I'm still going to finish the antibiotics but it's so frustrating to not truly know what I have. My boyfriend is retarded and insists on spending Valentine's with me because he probably already caught whatever it is I'm diseased with. He said he noticed some symptoms today (2 days after I exposed him, but the heat went out in his apartment so maybe it's just a cold?). I guess we'll be spending tomorrow together sick af. I just want my throat to stop hurting and I don't actually want him sick! What is it if not strep? I'll try to get an appointment tomorrow (again) and will go to urgent care or the ER (again) if I can't. I have great healthcare and it costs me literally no money, but I'm just dreading the time sink for tomorrow.

No. 1887825

Kek ironically every time I hear someone say this outside of lolcow it's always raging handmaidens and they say it after seeing what some "cishet" person has said/done. The absolute lack of awareness is astounding exactly for the reason you pointed out.

No. 1887827

sounds like tonsillitis (if you have tonsils), I had that in october

No. 1887849

I'll look into it when I start calling/writing the doctors tomorrow. Thanks for the suggestion

No. 1887855

I'm starting to not feel sorry for women who complain about men insulting their features or not considering them beautiful. Because these same people will laugh along to men slut shaming the women they sleep with or making degrading comments that reduce women into either slut or "wife material".
If you have no sympathy for women who get dehumanized by men why should I care that some scrote called you ugly because of xyz? Clearly you love it when men don't treat women like they are their own person

No. 1887857

Greek yoghurt is so THICK how the hell do people have this with toppings every morning?

No. 1887858

shaming is bullying though and quiet as it kept the obsession with shaming people for being cringe (usually teens and tweens) is the reason why things like sephora kids exists. we bullied an entire generation of children into being so scared of being considered cringe and getting made fun of online for childish things, that they are scared of acting their age.

No. 1887859

How do you know they're the same people?

No. 1887861

because I went to a group discussion with them, they complained about guys not loving their looks enough and preferring other girls, then proceeded to laugh along to guys bragging about how the girls they have sex together with are not good enough for relationships (but of course the men themselves are good enough for them).
I've just seen too many people who only complain about misogyny when it comes to them not getting a boyfriend but are fine with other women getting degraded

No. 1887862

Weirdly enough I've only ever met the opposite types of women. They go out of their way to be against slut shaming but will happily laugh along when some moid is making fun of womens appearances

No. 1887864

I think the hardest thing about getting raped is realizing the majority of people may believe you but won't care and will start avoiding you once they know. even worse they will keep contact with the person who raped you or the people who were rape apologists while slowly distancing themselves from.
yes not everyone is heartless and you may have some friends who stand by you. but it is such a dehumanizing feeling to know you can be completely vulnerable or victimized and people will just look away. it takes away my sense of trust and safety, i hate everyone around me.

No. 1887868

Yes and no to that. On the one hand kids nowadays care way too much about muh aesthetics, but on the other hand the way these sephora kids and the likes act in public is unbearable. They should be shamed meaning scolded by adults (their parents and others) but that is simply not happening anymore.

No. 1887881

just world fallacy, they tell themselves you deserve it so they never have to think about their own environment. It’s evil but very common. If that happened to you I want you to know you are not alone. I know that sense of betrayal too

No. 1887885

thank you for telling me this, I've never heard of it but it does put things into perspective. I could never find the right word for the way people treated me since I got raped.

No. 1887898

>tells me that he's jealous i'm not his
>bought me a belated birthday gift today
>is jealous over hypothetical situations of me bringing up being on a date with other people

IT IS VALENTINE'S DAY AND YOU ARE SENDING ME THESE MESSAGES AS A MARRIED MAN. I don't know what the fuck his therapist is telling him but this whole mess is so fucked up.

No. 1887900

I'd snitch to his wife so fast

No. 1887905

It was an online affair (I'm a POS being complicit - but I thought his marriage was ending), so I can't. This guy is not sexually compatible with his wife, to the point where it's a deal-breaker (one bc he literally cheated, and also because it's been a decade and nothing has changed between them in that respect), but he won't end it. Instead he's low-key sending me messages at 3AM about how badly he wants me, and both wants me to be happy and spoiled by someone else but also doesn't. This isn't even coming from a place of conceit, but if I implied to him that I wanted to rekindle things, he would fold so quickly. He already ignored his therapist's advice re: maintaining no contact with me.

No. 1887911

Can I ask why you maintain communication with him though? Seems like you could easily solve the problem by refusing to interact at all—unless I misunderstood and you are leaving him on read but he’s still doing all this.

No. 1887912

Eww. Girl, you need to block and move on. You must have such low self esteem to consider talking to him. Dont be a POS.

No. 1887916

What's in this for you?

No. 1887938

Happy Valentine's I got my period

No. 1887942

I've been feeling suicidal again. I got over it a few months ago and thought I had the strength to keep living no matter what but lately I can't stop thinking about it. Again. Not like I'll succeed ever but it makes it painful to live.

No. 1887988

I struggle with starting assignments I'm not confident in, even though there's a lot at stake with this one. I was planning to work ahead but it's wednesday now and I still haven't done anything. Even worse this has been a thing throughout my entire uni career and it keeps tripping me up and making things more difficult than they have to be, yet I can't break the cycle. Why am I like this, kill me.

No. 1887995

Same! Hope you feel better soon

No. 1887998

I can't stop daydreaming about purposely falling off a ladder and breaking my arm in the process. It's not even a self-harm thing. I just want 6 weeks paid time off my shitty retail job because I need a break and maybe I want attention from my family and be coddled and cared for. I'm such a wimp I should just get really drunk and do it but I'm scared of falling on my head or dislocation or actually fucking dying alone in my apartment kek
There's no bridges or high places in my area otherwise I'd try breaking my feet. How do you even purposely cause an accident? Even thought about letting my car roll over my foot. I'm such an idiot kek wish me luck nonnies

No. 1888001

me too! woke me up in pain at 4 am in the morning, not happy. my dream was also about my period

No. 1888004

Anons, I don't know if I should go to the hospital. I've been thinking about suicide these past few days and cried all day at work but I'm scared that they will send me away because I'm going to hog the space from the real sick people with cancer and heart attacks and all the medical staff is probably ready overworked and I also feel ashamed

No. 1888013

I'm sorry nona, any chance you can call one of those suicide hotlines and talk to someone there? That way you wouldn't have to worry about hospital staff and the person would probably be able to help you out more than a random nurse

No. 1888016

I called a hotline before and the woman there just went "does it take longer than 15 minutes?" I don't really want to call those again

No. 1888018

My period is almost two weeks late but I got diarrhea. Happy v-day!

No. 1888027

My ex didn't even respond to me dumping him last night. On the plus side I'll be banging fresh zoomer meat tonight so I'll live. Damn though. I called my ex a manlet for good measure

No. 1888029

What does that even mean wtf is wrong with that hotline operator

No. 1888031

When I was a kid on a holiday in spain, some boy with her little sister came up to me and my sister in the ocean, like we were in the waves and I was kind of already scared when this boy just started touching me all over. The little sister kept telling me something in spanish, like one word that I think was just about how I was fat because I was and to this fucking day I think that was one of the most disturbing sexual harrasment I've received, my sister just bailed on me and I thought I was gonna drown and I was crying. I somehow just thought they were just picking on me for being fat and I was too embarrassed to tell anyone, my sister just left me there the second the kids spoke to us. There's so much wrong here, have you ever freaked out during a swim in the ocean? It's fucking awful and I hope that boy has grown up to be a dead body by now. It's not my only harassment story or even a near death story but it's somehow the most miserable one, why the fuck did I spend 20 years thinking it was just my fault for being a cringe fat kid, that scrote nearly killed me and no one looked after me what the fuck.

No. 1888032

File: 1707924899860.jpg (136.88 KB, 718x817, 1565023030.jpg)

I'm totally addicted to caffeine. I've already had two cups of coffee this morning. It's not even eleven and I'm eyeing the celsius in my fridge, but if I drink it now, I know I'll want one later and then I won't be able to sleep

No. 1888042

I think whenever I get super tired I start thinking the exact same thing, like actually? Why the fuck are you people putting something like that in your mouth, then you try to make it into some sexy thing? My libido has always been very non existant and I don't need sex pretty much at all, I know I am the weird one but all of that just seems pretty nasty to me. Gross and unhygienic, sorry to write a novel to you, I just agree with you even though I know I'm the odd one out with this.

No. 1888043

Taking dick never cured anyone's mental health you retarded invasive whore talking like a rapey moid

No. 1888044

And how they end up doing it for moids they don't even date and shit like that. Like I saw a screenshots of a moid saying to his gf that he cheated on her and that her friend sucked his dick two times, ok tf?

No. 1888046

Oral sex is normal you're just a weirdo

No. 1888048

I am so repulsed by dick sucking. So many women act like it's completely normal when men will never go down on a woman

No. 1888051

I think it's fine if the guy also goes down on her too, and is not thrusting into her mouth when she gives him oral. But unfortunately, most of the time dick sucking is just another way power imbalance manifests in relationships between women and men. Women will get on their knees to pleasure a man, while getting nothing back in return except short-lived male validation. That is humiliating.

No. 1888054

I know my mental health is at rock bottom when I start fighting for things that don't matter. I'm either rotting in bed or fighting anons for no reason. What a sad neet life I have

No. 1888057

Clutching your pearls for what. Who cares how you look giving oral I'm not looking at the man when he's in my pussy it's about how it feels. I think you're just too neurotic

No. 1888059

These acts are unequal

No. 1888060

Nobody cares, low iq retards.

No. 1888062

File: 1707927374165.jpg (40.98 KB, 575x606, GEjCCDva0AA2fJs.jpg)

>think i'm uber self aware about my unhappy life situation
>have no will to fix it
>realize i'm not self aware enough to know the core problem of said lack of will

No. 1888063

How so?

No. 1888067

As a schizo pattern perceiver nothing in the dynamic between the male and female can be hidden from me cause it's all just too obvious

No. 1888070

I need to kill myself you people have no brain

No. 1888075

I don't like that I know someone like this. She'd fit in well on this website (wouldn't be surprised if she already lurks and posts either) if she didn't sometimes comes off as a horny moid herself… to the point it comes off as attention-whorey. Not saying she's pickme, just a very odd case lol but people love her so ig it works

No. 1888082

youre the opposite of autistic

No. 1888086

No. 1888091

I feel so fucking nauseous. This is the second time in the past few days I've gotten so much gas that it's made me sick.

No. 1888092

File: 1707928842078.png (3.67 KB, 275x269, FoKXsSjaQAEhDg9.png)

Just found out a mega pickme I know online only is really pretty and hot dammit why can't she have a nice personality too

No. 1888140

Really been redtexted for the dumbest reasons lately, while actual retarded bait posts are left up

No. 1888144

I love that shit.

No. 1888194

It's because the retard was a mod/admin/admin's friend, kek.

No. 1888210

File: 1707934902999.jpeg (11.74 KB, 275x190, 1690443617694.jpeg)

Speaking with my therapist made me feel so much worse. I get therapy can be difficult. But my therapist is an older married woman. So she's not going to get how I feel. Is being able to go without sex really that odd? Because I feel like you can simply talk to any man today and never have the urge again. They are repulsive. Why am I seen as so strange for not wanting to fuck them? Im already trying to deal with the fact my future is going to be a lonely one because trauma has me connecting more with an aro/ace vibe. But I so badly want to be normal. I want to be a normal straight woman and have normal attraction to men. I just don't. It's barely there. And the pressures of society make me miserable about it. She asked me what my past crushes were like and I tried explaining I barely have them and rarely take interest in people. But she just thinks Im shy talking about it. There's just not much to talk about. I was born a broken person and have only become more abnormal over the years. I cant feel much or anything towards men anymore, if ever. I just want to be normal so I dont have to think about this anymore. Of course I want a relationship that I was able to enjoy the intimacy of. But I feel like that's impossible for me because I just cant feel that way with any man. I feel so abnormal that it makes me want to disappear because I cant participate in life like others can.

No. 1888233

We share mutual friends and are in the same Discord server. Blocking on Discord when you're in the same group server is pointless. I don't want to air out the dirty laundry, and I also want to spend time with my friends.

I don't want anything from him. I was hoping we could peaceably co-exist in the same space bc he was getting therapy to deal with his marital and personal issues. It's why we went no contact for months, but ended up in the same main server again. I thought maybe it'd be enough for him to move on.

I'm taking a break from the server after this stuff because I'm anxious af about this mess. It'll be a year soon since we got involved soon and half a year since it ended yet he still has feelings, idgi.

No. 1888238

Wow my is ex threatening to expose me on 4chan. I'll go nuclear and call the police if he does. I'll also have my mom message his mom on facebook and request her to control her son

No. 1888242


>obese dysgenic tranny say bullying should come back

I've seen people say this alot too but never trannies. Trannies are the type to publicly embarrass themselves like walk around with cat ears and pride capes at school, so I would think they are a group particularly against bullying. That's extremely kek if they, of all people, actually think that and goes to show how much self-awareness they lack.

I also hate when people say that, tho..because I've been cruelly bullied only for something like being quiet and unsociable, not for being an embarrassing degen, so when people say that, they encourage kids who are like I used to be, to be lumped in with the embarrassing degens.

No. 1888261

He's disgusting. I hope it doesn't come to that, anon - but good on you for making sure he'll be held accountable for his shitty actions. I had an ex stalk and threaten suicide over me, so I know how stressful situations like this can be. Hoping you're doing okay.

No. 1888265

Maybe people bullied you because you assume everyone else is an "embarrassing degen" and you think you are better than them.

No. 1888268

File: 1707938174797.jpeg (19.62 KB, 275x275, 1651100063197.jpeg)

i've been talking to this guy for almost a month now and i really like him. i've met his friends, he's taken me out, etc. i really thought he would ask me out or get me something for valentines day. of course he didn't, didn't even mention it. i've been crying on and off since last night about it. i feel totally stupid. i'm 24 and i've never gotten flowers or chocolate from a guy for valentines, i thought this year it would happen for me. my heart hurts really really bad.

No. 1888269

Remember how you feel right now anon, and don't give that guy time of your day again. A man this thoughtless isn't worth keeping around at all

No. 1888277

I hate my coworker so much. I hate his ugly incel redditor looking ass. I hate how he treated me like shit for the first few months of me working here and I blamed it on myself. I hate that I decided to forgive him and tried being friends with him cause I thought I was in the wrong. I hate him for pulling the exact same shit on our new female coworker and how he treated her like an idiot and always mocked her and derided her. I hate him for acting like he knows more than me in my own fucking field when I’m the one with a degree in this shit while he’s a college flunkie who only knows how to recite shit he heard in YouTube videoes. I hate him for being the employee who’s been here the longest besides the boss and he’s easily the least productive. I hate how he bosses me and my coworker around even though he literally isn’t. I hate how he shoves work onto us even though he’s literally the employee with the fewest responsibilities here. I hate myself for sticking with this job because it’s comfy outside of him and I’m scared of not being able to find a better one. I fucking hate retarded redditor ass moids like him who larp as feminists and treat women like shit anyways. Fuck him fuck him fuck him.

No. 1888282

Ok then don’t post a paragraph about it?

No. 1888285

Hi RFH thanks for stopping by!

No. 1888292

Kek! Screenshot this one nonnas!

No. 1888295

Lmao touche, needed it off my chest

No. 1888296

No. 1888304

nonnas, i miss the dumbass shit threads

No. 1888305

Tall women that make fun of short women piss me off. It’s not our fault moids are disgusting pedophiles that are into small women. They act like we want that kind of fucking attention. I’m not treated like a grown adult by literally anyone even though I’m 30. People literally look over my head and pretend I’m not there. all the fuckers that used my head and shoulder as a fucking leaning post for their goddamn elbows. Finding clothes that actually fit is fucking impossible. And worst of all, there’s almost no chance in hell I can get away from a moid that wants to attack or kidnap me. So to every tall woman that’s so fucking salty about short women for stupid ass reasons, you’re fucking pathetic.

No. 1888308

admins should give us a valentine's day treat. i even miss shaymin at this point

No. 1888332

just another day where nobody in the friend group will name the issue and will dance around it to avoid causing issues or drama, MEANWHILE, the walking living breathing issue is constantly causing the issues and drama because nobody has properly sat them down and told them that their bullshit isn't welcome here

No. 1888350

First year without a valentine and I have to work. My girlfriend cheated on me a few months ago so I ended it. Also, I hope the autistic male in my group chat removes himself again. He's such an attention seeking scooter.

No. 1888361

HEY YOU seXXXy LITTLE NONNAS‼️‼️Today is FUCKUARY 14TH which meansDADDY CUPID is cumming for you⚠️‼️‼️ He's been ✊YANKING✊on his bow and arrow all night getting ready to shoot all over you so Daddy Cupid draw your bow and let that CUM FLOW➡️ ‼️This day only CUMS once a year so ❌rip off❌ your clothes and JUMP ON THAT GOOD DICK! Saint Valentine is the SLUTTIEST Saint there is, so spreadyour holy bible ⬅️wide➡️ to take everything he's got. ☄️SENDto 5 VALENHOESso you can get OFF tonight ❤️‼️ if you DON'T you'll be STUCK ❌without❌ CHOCColate or longthicc PLOW-HERSfor the next 6️9️ YEARS!!!!(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1888366

Jesus christ kek

No. 1888367

kek, enjoy the incoming red text nona

No. 1888379

Worth it tbh, happy Valentine's nonnies.

No. 1888387

thank you for your contribution

No. 1888388

Happy valentine's Nonna.

No. 1888395

File: 1707945694583.gif (493.82 KB, 400x400, 818559948_2079404.gif)

Love you too retardchan

No. 1888398

I chuckled, love you nonnie

No. 1888416

lol same, I used to feel like shit after every therapy session and everyone around me would just go "you can't stop, you have to keep trying!!!" but not until I stopped going did I start to get better. I also used to be "asexual" (as in I wouldn't even masturbate for literal years and be fine) later figured out part of it was being on anti-depressants, part depression itself, part autism, but also naturally having a low libido "at best". Nothing wrong with having a low libido.
I also personally think there are people (especially women) who just react to stress by shutting down any want/need to reproduce, because why the fuck would you have a baby if you're in a stressful and dangerous situation? That's evolutionarily speaking a massive risk and waste of resources you need to stay alive.
I met someone who I feel comfortable with who accepts me as a I am, I'm still abnormal in lots of ways but it worked out for me so it can work out for you too.

No. 1888424

When i started dating my bf it was october and he got me some gifts for xmas just 2 months later, his whole family strictly told him NOT to because it was "too early" and they all told him he would come off as clingy and obsessive and that it would risk freaking me out and scaring me away. I find that so silly, I loved my gifts and love getting spoiled lol
What I'm saying is some people would find it unbelievably cringe and red flag worthy to get valentines gifts for someone they've been talking to for less than a month

No. 1888432

Men are so stupid. He could have used the opportunity to show he was worth something but he blew it. I'm sorry nonna, you'll find a nigel who is worth a damn, this guy is not it.

No. 1888433

Mod are anti-fun, unban my autistic sister from another mister right now

No. 1888437

>Is being able to go without sex really that odd?
No it's not. Otherwise nuns and monks wouldn't exist nor would the word chaste. Think of it like being really short, like 4'9''. It's not common but it's normal.
I'm sorry you can't connect with your therapist. Being able to form a positive relationship with your therapist is pretty important in being able to get something out of therapy. If you trust her enough to be vulnerable, print out your post and show it her. Tell her this is what you feel and need help with. Her response should let you know whether you should continue with her or find another therapist.

No. 1888442

My boyfriend hates going out when things are crowded, so I told him I would plan our date this year and planned a whole huge day of at home date activities for us today. And I told him not to plan anything since I was taking care of it. I decorated, cooked, got his gifts all wrapped up.
But he didn't get me anything. By "don't plan anything" I just meant don't feel obligated to make dinner reservations or something. Is it my fault for not being more clear? I still wanted like some candy or chocolate or a letter even.

No. 1888452

He's clearly retarded or doesnt care about you. Dump him. Sorry to hear about the wasted effort

No. 1888457

He doesn't like you, lol. No man is so retarded that he'd hear "don't plan a vday outing for us, I'll do that" and decides it means he's off the hook for doing anything romantic/kind for you that day. You'll probably justify him blatantly showing how much he doesn't care about you though, so I won't tell you to reconsider your relationship with him. I guess buy yourself chocolate and roses then cope and see the during the date. At the very least, make him foot the bill.

No. 1888458

I hate my friend group because I need them more than they need me! Why can’t I be normal and chill and well-liked! Why am I so autistic!

No. 1888462

Too lazy to edit but I just reread your post. You already paid for everything. Lol, he's got you well trained Hun.

No. 1888463

Pretending to be schizo is annoying. The way you pretend to make word salad posts is so annoying. I hope it's getting you lots of attention from your incel orbiters. You are extremely mentally ill and not in the way that you wish you were.

No. 1888473

File: 1707950465352.png (1.54 MB, 1024x768, exhi.png)

I opened my window early and I nearly just broke it trying to close it. I live in an old house and I have used the window literally hundreds of times. Basically the window opens on a swinging hinge (aka it doesn't slide) and when I was closing it the hinge got stuck and I almost couldn't get the window back into the slot to close it. Holy shit what a nightmare. I live with family and they would have killed me if I broke a whole ass window, that would have been so expensive. Picrel is not my window but looks close. I am actually sweating, I know this sounds dumb but almost breaking expensive shit is so scary. I guess the hinge is too old now, and the window must be bending the hinge.
Never opening the window again I gues…

No. 1888474

File: 1707950475999.jpg (19.3 KB, 305x305, Ri3bebi22465i.jpg)

>mfw I need to go job hunting again

I don't fucking want to. My last job was stressful as fuck but it paid well and my coworkers were nice. I don't want to have to be fake nice on interviews and use dumb corpo speak. Not to mention meeting new people and risking ending up with a bunch of stuck up suits again. The huge amount of layoffs in tech aren't helping either.

No. 1888482

File: 1707950883715.jpg (29.08 KB, 720x405, 2384578235.jpg)

I hate men so much it's incomprehensible and I want to protect every woman out there but lord do women who cape for men test my patience. I don't mean the actual retarded pickmes but bitches who be acting all tough and feminist but suddenly the cognitive dissonance kicks in and they're belittling all the damage men commit and shielding their world from breaking by pretending as if men aren't responsible for like 99% of the problems in human history. The kind of women who talk big about different female representation but will retreat the moment they should defend lesbians or support other women over men. The kind of women who talk about being such a boss babe yet shrink down and break down in tears if they have to tell a man off and will throw every woman under the bus just so they don't have to challenge or question a moid opinion. Fuck, kick the dick out of your mouth at once. I'm so sick of it. Yeah they'll gang up on you and call you every name in the book, so what? Oh no, they might say mean words. Fuck it, dish it back. Grow a spine. The faster you learn to hate men the easier your elder years will become when they stop acting nice in hopes of getting a crumb of pussy.

No. 1888493

repost was meant to reply to this. but yea, it's sad how much it's glorified. i'm not sure how it is for anyone else and maybe i'm just terminally online but it's become so easy to differentiate the "schizo" type that retards orbit and posts from an actual person suffering from it. schizoposting is fake, gay and retarded but i agree, they are mentally ill- just not like that.. lol.

No. 1888506

You will dump him on this high note of this great vday you did for him. He will be left gf-less and he will know exactly why. This will eat away at him and he will deserve it. You will not reconcile with him, he's shown his true colors already.

No. 1888511

I remember being a wee little fag back in 2015 and seeing one of my friends watching ericka camacho’s snapchat story over her shoulder and I asked her why she was watching fucking porn in class. Feels like a lifetime ago…

No. 1888513

Nta but I think it's romanianon and she's talking about Steven.

No. 1888522

oh my fucking god it's really him wtf

No. 1888524

Can't believe my worst valentines day yet is the one where I'm not single holy shit

No. 1888554

I saw my neighbour beating up a women today through my keylock, called the police but I don't know what happened to that. Can't shake the feeling though knowing he lives right next to me

No. 1888560

I think it took me a decade and a bit to realize that I determine a part of my self worth with sex. I really hate some men. I wish I wasn't used like that. At least I'm aware and I can maybe fix it.

No. 1888561

If it is broken, replacing the hinge isn't a big deal. All you need is a new hinge and screwdriver.

No. 1888568

Same nonny lmao. I hope you treat yourself tonight instead, you deserve a good day

No. 1888575

Make it his worst valentines day instead by dumping him.

No. 1888583

Im so annoyed cause my new Bluetooth mouse suddenly can't be discovered. It literally disconnected in the middle on me using it hours ago, and even after charging its not detectable.

No. 1888595

i've vented about this before, but, i dunno, i'm glad my mom is abusing weed again. i spent many years trying to get her to not do that because i was worried about lasting neurological effects (even now she'll be so high that she can't type or speak a single sentence coherently) but i dunno it's peaceful now. i don't care if it rots her head through anymore, i just hate that the smell of it makes my head hurt. if this is what it takes for her to be a decent human being, so be it

No. 1888599

just ate a big fat sushi platter happy valentines day ladies

No. 1888620

Nice, i ate a huge plate of Pasta, enjoyed it, totally will not regret it later, happy Valentine's

No. 1888627

This rarely happens in actuality offline… and most of the hate you see online is literally just men

No. 1888632

A lot of it is really self righteous and that's uncomfortable. Most of them aren't living in ovjective reality though and everything they do on Twitter is a puppet show to sate their ego for some reason, so idk. I appreciate normal people more and more as time passes because people who spend their time making a ton of Twitter posts about social justice are always rampantly mentally ill it really is a pattern

No. 1888637

i miss my ex fiance and want to message him but i won't

No. 1888640

dump him, dump him, dump him. Stop settling.

No. 1888641

File: 1707964107353.jpeg (30.53 KB, 400x400, IMG_1047.jpeg)

My little sister makes me cringe so hard. She is literally one of those annoying moral fag tiktok furries. For over a year now , despite being a 5ft girl, she has been faking this deep voice thats make it hard to understand what she is saying(She sounds like patrick from spongebob kek). I still don't know why she does it but she is probably trooning out because once i said something to my mom about someone looking like a tranny and my sister interupted and said "Thats transphobic thats not cool" KEK. Shes also displaying other autistic behaviors like wearing animal tails to the fucking store whilst dressed like a MTF, crying over everything and more. If she wasn't my sister i would post her here kek.

No. 1888643

you must be going through it because is see you post some variation of this somewhere on the site almost daily kek

No. 1888645

My laptop that I’ve been wishing for is so effing slow

No. 1888648

I honestly have no one to talk to in real life and I have no friends (obvi) so I say it whenever I feel like messaging him in hopes it stops me or someone calls me retarded lol its nice to see love is still alive on valentines though i guess idk but yeah

No. 1888649

File: 1707964347909.jpg (78.8 KB, 828x786, 1000002432.jpg)

Nta but its so true I think about an ex bf from several years ago penis and the smell of his scalp (he had really cute hair) at random and my world crashes down for 3 seconds but thats too embarassing to post about here

No. 1888653

He was so smart and had a big dick too, he is also handsome by my standards but he wants to be a hoe in his last year of school so fuck him. I am so bitter lol

No. 1888665

i dunno wtf my dad did to make valentine's day shitty for my mom (because she never tells me anything especially not badmouthing dad when he deserves it so literally all i know is that it was shitty) but i am already fucking furious at him for it. all the taken people are having shitty valentine's today for some reason (it's moids, moids are the reason for shitty valentines) and it just makes me wanna cry and then nuke males off the planet. christ fucking hell mom is in her sixties she should be having bomber bitchin valentines every year not dealing with whatever jerkitude dad decided to throw today. praying that people get better valentines days next years and that males pull their teeth out of their fucking rectums before the shit they're full of melts their stupid fucking faces off. damn.

No. 1888671

omg my mom too, her moid was being a dick too. I have no idea what it is but its so awful. I can love her better!!

No. 1888677

My dad went to the hospital for a check up, he wasn't feeling good lately and he went to cardiologist to see if there was anything wrong, he is okay, high cholesterol, hypertension, accumulated fat, normal old people stuff but that made me realize that in 4 years my father will be 60, in 8 years my mom will be 60, I'm 24 right now, me and my brother still live with them, we both have jobs, my brother helps with some of the bills, i don't earn much but i can always help with the groceries, I'm not ready to lose my parents, i have done so little for them and i feel like once they are gone i will never be able to get over it, i don't know if I'll be able to survive without them, why am I so fucking useless? I can't stop crying just thinking about everything i could have done to even make them a little less stressed out.
I need a hug.

No. 1888682

File: 1707965689933.png (1.68 MB, 1233x952, nonny's mom party trip.png)

idk why she puts up with it nona, yours or mine. hope your mom ditches her shit moid and gets to live it up!

No. 1888683

Someone online said they hope I have a miscarriage, and it did the opposite of what they were intending. I couldnt help but chuckle at how absurd youd have to be to say something like that to someone lol. I wonder if theyre like that in their everyday life or if they use the internet as some sort of negative emotional outlet?

No. 1888684

you are their life nonnie, you should share these feelings with them, i did before and it really helped my anxiety. i know it is so scary. hugs

No. 1888687

i was walking today in the mall and talking on the phone about how i hated my ex and this guy called me a bitch??? like he turned around and walked past me and said 'bitch' like what. I wasn't super loud or anything but what.

No. 1888690

Nona it's okay. Most people die at age 75+ these days. You have lots of time to spend with your parents. You're in your mid 20s, it's normal for most people that age to be away from their parents so that they can individualize. Your parents are in their 50s, that's quite literally mid-life. There's no point in mourning for people that are still alive. Once you move out and further individualize, you'll be able to show your appreciation in different ways. Until then, if it makes you so upset, spend more time with them and start involving yourself in family activities like board games, walks together, movie viewings, etc.
>You are their life.
I don't agree with this sentiment. You and your parents are different individuals. You shouldn't feel like you can't survive without them, and vice versa. You have to actualize and become your own person; that is what will make your parents the proudest.

No. 1888691

He was triggered

No. 1888692

oh and when I was talking about hating him I was pretty much like "yeah I hate (name) he's such a dick. Everything right down the drain. I'm prettier than he'll ever be handsome though lol" and yep. Moid did as moids do. Such a strange interaction.

No. 1888695

I hate men

No. 1888698

>you are their life
I mean nonnie is their pride and joy, her life will make them happy no matter. I do not mean intertwined. Please do be seperate fron your parents but also they love you and they care is what I mean if you are as close as you feel/seem.

No. 1888699

His feelings were hurt. A man could hear a sliver of your conversation where you'll be talking about like a pedophile rapist murderer and he will do CARTWHEELS to defend the guy. Its pathetic.

No. 1888702

I masturbated and orgasmed four times today

No. 1888703

I swear I thought I saged this sorryyyy

No. 1888707

Rookie numbers

No. 1888709

Oh fuck no I was putting it in the wrong field . I am fully retarded actually

No. 1888711

Maybe delete both these posts and add it to the confessions thread or the masturbation thread or something.

No. 1888729

It's so funny when autists try to bully. Nothing you say means anything to me bitch, no one takes it seriously. Doing Kung fu at your fuckin shadow.

No. 1888748

It's okay to not want to have sex. It's the thing you need to want to have it in order to do it properly, otherwise it will feel like absolute shit. Most people find this weird, but most of my friends also complain about bad sex all the time too. Don't force yourself into something, regardless how out of normality you are, you aren't hurting anyone over not having sex. Maybe you'll find someone that makes you want to have sex, but don't sweat over forcing yourself to do this. I say this as someone who also barely had crushes and I have a very low libido. I felt pressured to have sex and it led me to very shitty experiences. It only feels good when you really want to do it. I can't promise you'll find someone, but I assure you are not that abnormal. I believe most people lie about how much sex they have. I'm not saying there aren't people who do it a lot, but there is a certain dumb expectation to be fucking all the time and it's seen as bad if you don't do it "enough" so that shifts the general perception of what is a true average for normal healthy people. You are perfectly fine.

No. 1888754

Oh boy if only there was some chat style thread so nonnas could share their dumbass shit that wouldn't fit on any other currently active thread

No. 1888757

Thankfully there is one, funnily enough it's actually really called "dumbass shit thread." It's autosaged right now but you can still find it but searing the catalogue on /ot, or just by doing ctrl+f and typing "dumbass shit." I'm surprised you haven't heard of it, it's kind of the centre of a controversy right now on the /meta board.

No. 1888761

im sad i wasn't born as a cute japanese girl but instead white and butterfaced..(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1888775

What a fucking loser lmao, guess he felt called out even though you weren't even talking about him because you reminded him what a pathetic scrote he is. Don't mind him nonna.

No. 1888784

I always get cheap presents. Meanwhile, if I'm planning to gift something to someone, I always make research, I try to know what they like, what are their interests, tastes etc., but no one ever did that kind of "research" for me. And I never give cheap stuff, even if a present contains a few things that aren't really expensive I always combine it in a way that overall makes for not-cheap present and it's never low quality. Meanwhile I just get a mug or a pair of stockings that someone bought for themselves but decided they didn't want them so they gave them to me.. I never got perfumes for example, but I gifted it to people. All of this shows me people don't really see me as worth investing in. I have a deep resentment about that stuff because my mother didn't spend money on me even when it comes to actually important stuff like dental care, and my teeth was fucked up, instead she was addicted to buying herself new jewelry, bags, clothes, perfumes. I think she got really addicted because for example she was able to lend money from her coworkers just to buy a new piece of jewelry she liked and she never gave that money back. She took loans in banks and payday loans, by the end of her life she was in debt; at least 60k, that's just what I know of. Sometimes she didn't even have the money to pay the bills, we had our electricity cut off, I had to do my homework with candle light. She went to lend money from my aunt to pay the bills, then she got another paycheck and spent most of it on her addiction. And of course, she didn't give me any birthday presents except I think for my 12th and 14th birthday, and they were shitty too. Anyway, because I see that people don't see me as worth investing in I started telling them to not give me any presents, especially on my birthday and for christmas, but they can't even respect my request. I guess I will just start telling them that if they can't respect my request and they still want to give me something, they can just give me the money they would spend on a present for me (which won't be much anyway kek but I will make a better use of it). I will take care of myself in all kinds of ways, buying gifts included. There's a guy who wants to date me but I'm too afraid he won't see me worthy of investing either, and I don't want any more awkward situations when I get something shitty and I have to pretend I'm pleased. I think it would be especially awkward with a boyfriend. I read stories about men being super cheap with women these days and I don't want to put up with that

No. 1888789

Shut the fuck up, you sound like a faggot

No. 1888791

File: 1707969689778.jpeg (57.25 KB, 557x551, IMG_4754.jpeg)

No. 1888798

i get scared to take my bra off

No. 1888802

Afraid the oranges will roll out?

No. 1888808

yes my boobs are so gross and im anxious to be alone with them not being held up by a bra.i need to get lipo or something

No. 1888811

I think you have to learn to live with your body when alone before you make any changes tbh just a suggestion. I don't think it's healthy to leave it on either but im not sure

No. 1888813

I used to be like this until I realized pornrot had gotten into my brain and convinced me my natural breasts were too saggy when in fact they were natural and beautiful and get more beautiful as you age too.

No. 1888827

If you were born japanese you'd be a westaboo

No. 1888838

when i was 14 i used to wish i was a skinny white girl with thin straight hair rather than a butch polynesian girl with thick hair and awful waves but i'm ok with what i am nowadays, put down the animes you'll get over it sucka

No. 1888873

my boobs actually are very saggy and disgusting because i lost 200 lbs, sad i know

No. 1888890

I lost 65lbs and my boobs are also saggy. Sometimes I wish they were more perky too but its part of the process nonna and its a cool sign of your hard work

No. 1888897

My mom, my dad and my brother gave me Valentine's day presents, i didn't got them anything, i feel bad about it.

No. 1888900

I want to cry but I've been feeling so numb I can't even do that.

No. 1888907

I’m 100 lbs and my weight has never reallt fluctuated and my boobs are saggy, always have been. They’ve been saggy since I hit puberty lol. My boobs aren’t even that big but they’ve literally -always- sagged, it’s hard not to envy ladies with naturally perky breasts but as ive gotten older I’ve started to care a bit less. It’s just how my body looks, it’s the only body I’ll ever have.

No. 1888914

you see you'll say this, but right now there's anons calling bisexuals subhuman and saying they don't even exist to begin with (not even the first time this has happened tbh) and on some other boards anons will say that it's common for straight women to desire sex with other women. like no wonder no one wants to claim bisexuality, nobody likes it.

No. 1888916

I did it again… I spent money on an ungrateful pos male…. Why do I never learn that I'll never feel better after throwing money at a male for playing games all day

No. 1888928

File: 1707977742000.jpeg (295.94 KB, 728x690, IMG_0433.jpeg)

>I visit LC for the first time in hours
>Check /meta/ to see retards dismissing all genuine complaints as samefagging
>Post warning to nonnies not to engage in bait
>Am immediately baited by this retard claiming I’m all other posters
>Must take my own advice….

No. 1888931

My nipples have been extremely sensitive for like a week and a half. Gonna take a pregnancy test before anything else but this is agony.

No. 1888937

I tried posting on those online gamer pals Reddit before and no luck. What kind of games do you play nonna? Why not try posting on the LC friend finder thread?

No. 1888938

I'm pregnant and my nipples are so itchy at the moment. Are you due for your period?

No. 1888939

yes i’m fucking late on rent you fat normie teacher bitch yes i’m going through ‘hard times’ or whatever the fuck and the landlord keeps on calling your fat ass instead of me because he is literally retarded. kill yourself

No. 1888942

get the fuck over it there’s a reason why your rent is like $400 and you’re 29 living with 23 year olds. have you ever heard of tenants rights you fat cunt. when i get back from vacation i’m not cleaning or doing my part because the rest of you fucks don’t do shit but fuck shit up then complain. and stop eating up my food i’m about to put laxatives in my shit

No. 1888947

my nipples are itchy and smell like cheese but i am not preganant

No. 1888948

Have you put cheese on your nipples recently?

No. 1888952

In just over a week. Hopefully it's just a long lost PMS symptom that decided to pop back up but itchy fits the bill more than sensitive. Wishing you a healthy pregnancy and bubba

No. 1888953

We could've had a nice fun valentine's if admins actually listened

No. 1888955

Have you showered anon?

No. 1888960

Being bottom heavy fucking sucks balls sometimes

No. 1888968

File: 1707982296477.png (1.28 MB, 1024x768, 1699724631008.png)

>graduate uni in may 2023
>get a shitty temp help desk slave job that pays jackshit. last month i didn't even get paid because the company capsized
>nothing else afterwards
>job hunting now, really need cash
>don't want to work fast food
>would be okay with a retail job, but i haven't found anything close enough yet
>need about $200 monthly for phone + internet bill
>thinking about selling plasma
>this would easily get me through the next few months at least if i go four times ($100 for each visit if you're a newcomer – like $75 after)
>decide i can probably earn ~$400 per month by selling plasma
>tell mother my plan
>"i'd be happy to give you $100 - $150 per month for groceries" (in addition to what i'm paying for the phone & internet bill currently – so $200 -$250 from me)
>get screeched at because $100 usd is useless to her and she'd rather i pay a few of her bills (she racks up high bills because she insists on leaving the tv on all night, her laptop, a few lights in the back, etc.)
>long rant about how "living is expensive" and "she gets no help"

i mean…i guess she's right, i am an Adult now (i'm 23), but i just don't want to stand on my feet for ~9 hours per day to earn pennies that i will then burn on being your wallet again, that's why i don't have savings now, being your paypig. it's also just…i don't know man, you're almost 60, why are you so broke? you bought a 20k car just this year…why did you buy that if money is an issue for you? it feels annoying that i have a mother like this. i know i'm in the wrong but i can't help it. i feel like the ideal parent isn't nickel and diming their kid and expecting them to pay their bills for them lol.

No. 1888970

i really hate how much everyone seems to love holding grudges

No. 1888974

I don’t wanna go to work tomorrow. I hate working. Is there a way to work without it being awful and dumb bullshit? Yes I’m lazy but it sucks! Does someone here have a cool gig where they just survive by doing something niche? Pls give me hope

No. 1888981

I opened a new issue of a journal published by my university and there is an article written by some woman who is working towards getting a PhD, she wrote an article about the social perception of paedophilia. It really upset me because after giving her research about what people think of pedos and what punishments they accept or not, she concludes the article by saying something that paedophilia is misunderstood, that this is a disorder and something more complex than people and media think, etc. It make me wanna vomit, she's not a troon obviously but why on Earth would anyone care if paedophilia should be described in "politically correct" words or not? Thanks to idiots like that we're taking the route of "they're just actually ill, bigot", I can't imagine the consequences it would have to victims. Anyone, scientist, doctor, political or an ordinary person who believes paedophilia is something more than just a sick way of expressing lust should be in prison too. I hate the subtle indication that this disgusting crime is something the abusers can't control. I bet the person who wrote it is just a sort of moron who is too idealistic and has stupid ideas about helping prisoners. I was never abused that way, yet any mention of sexual abuse disgusted me to the core, especially towards children. I hate this world, maybe I'm exaggerating but this is some shit that NAMBLA would proudly support.

No. 1888990

I've seen your vents before, why are you still offering her money? I'm not saying you're at fault but it sounds like you're enabling her. Watch her make smarter financial decisions real fast once she realizes you're not a reliable backup plan for when she spends too much money. Stop giving her money, lie about how much you make if you have to.

No. 1888994

these takes are so fucking insane

No. 1889001

i wish i could post in the friend finder thread but the thought of men messaging me makes me so upset to the point i dont even wanna bother

No. 1889007

Ask for confirmation? A hand pic with timestamp or a voice recording?

No. 1889031

I handmade a gift for my (terrible) mother around the holidays, but then at last minute decided I didn't want to give it to her. I still don't but I also don't want to hang onto it because it just reminds me of her. I'll probably just ask someone else to give it to her and call it that.

No. 1889033

what an awful story, sorry that happened to you nona

No. 1889043

I wish I was a Japanese woman instead of a hood nigga from the bronx…(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1889044

Basically in benzo withdrawal and will be for like 2 weeks at least. It’s my fault. I took a bunch of my pills at once cause I wanted to kill myself but then just chilled out instead and didn’t want to die anymore. My usual dose is 1mg a day and I have enough to take .25 a day until my refill so that’s what I’m doing. Only day 3 and it just sucks so bad. At least I have enough left that I don’t have to worry about seizures from the withdrawals but the anxiety and panic attacks are out of this world.

No. 1889047

Technically shes not wrong, it is an illness of the brain.
The brain is a funny thing. Some dude had a bit of rebar go through his brain, damaged whatever part and his whole demeanor completely flipped. To the point he turned himself into the police because he was consuming so so so much childporn.
Kinda terrifying that we're one accident away from becoming horrific monsters.
You have people who are attracted to children, and then people who prey apon any vulnerable person which happens to be children. Both equally horrible in my opinion.
The human psychology seems to be entwined with abusing anyone weaker than themselves (men I'm meaning, I'm sure some women too), you see it across every single culture in the world. Very sad that humans are like this and I'm glad in western countries its something thats illegal compared to other places in the world.

All of that said I dont think pedos should get any sort of sympathy, there should be support groups for ones who dont want to offend ever but it shouldnt be something thats "normalized".
Offenders should have to be branded and microchipped and every public space should have some sort of sensor so if they go somewhere it sounds an alarm and people in the area know that that person is a child rapist. Or maybe just a bullet to the head.
Kinda weird she wrote a sympathy piece on pedos, maybe shes hiding something herself.

No. 1889053

>maybe shes hiding something herself.
If it was a male writing it, i'd think exactly so, but she's just a retard giving out her sympathy and understanding to just everyone kek Perhaps it makes her feel good about herself, she's so compassionate, the most compassionate, can even forgive a pedo.

No. 1889056

Oh thats it nona, shes way more moral than us because she can see past the disgusting filthy pedo first layer and see the lovely sweet not scary at all inner layer of these putrid scrotes. How very saintly of her!

No. 1889059

I don't get how painfully subservient and handmaideny some women can get, even to a point of giving pity to pedos. I really, really don't understand why some women will defend the worst people on the planet, sometimes even support them financially and be their wife or gf like Jizzlaine Maxwell. Do they never wonder what they're getting in return? What's in it for them? What their beloved moid has done to justify all that help lately? It's not selfish to wonder that, just common sense. I'd call it pathetic but it goes way past that into mental illness territory.

No. 1889060

Been there. Rough ride but you can see the end, you just have to make it to refill day. That's it. You can do that.

No. 1889061

It's weird that I've been turned into a freak and dehumanized to severe extents. Because most of the people that I am surrounded by are much weirder than I am.
My life makes no sense.

No. 1889062

Why surround yourself with them? Genuine question btw. Do you not think you'd be treated better, if you surrounded yourself with better people?

No. 1889067

Caffeine makes me sleepy. That's it, that's the whole vent. Short of trying crack I have no idea how to get energy to live.

No. 1889073

I try surrounding myself with normal people but I always end up isolated and turned into something freak like or persecuted for abuse or normal things and then I realize that a lot of people within the group are much weirder than me but they aren't turned into something freak like. I've been suicidal for 16 years and at this point I gave up on the thought that I will be integrated in society

No. 1889076

I lost one of my earbuds and can't find it nooooooo

No. 1889079

I want to kill myself

No. 1889081

How do you accept absolutely nobody cares after placing a certain amount of effort into your life?

No. 1889091

Today is my 29th birthday and I feel nothing. I literally feel like my life is over. I just want to lay down and rot. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to talk to people, I don't want to go outside, I don't want to go to work, I don't want to eat. I want to be alone and in my home forever far away from everything and do nothing

No. 1889100

Slowly I guess. Take your time to accept that we only have ourselves in this life. Learn to enjoy your own company, treat yourself, meditate, embrace a life in solitude.
Happy birthday, anon! Enjoy your day doing whatever you feel like doing, even if it's nothing at all.

No. 1889101

File: 1707997876346.jpeg (402.94 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_4947.jpeg)

I bought this a while ago for my knee, and every time I used it there was no effect. Fast forward to last night, I applied to my knees and woke up an hour later feeling like someone lit gasoline on my legs. I don’t know if the ingredients concentrated further in the tin or something but it was weird as hell.

No. 1889104

woah i hope it didn't end up giving you some kind of chemical burn. maybe you should toss that tin and get another one

No. 1889123

This is why I never listen to partnered people, they just can't understand my predicament (nor do I understand theirs). I'd say I'm even more of an anomaly than you because I'm staunchly volcel, I don't want a romantic relationships or random hookups and I never met another woman like me irl. Maybe try to find a different therapist? Younger people are generally more open minded when it comes to sexuality.

No. 1889143

Sounds like an allergy? From experience the only thing I’ve had arnica help is bruising, like the appearance of bruising and bruises to go away faster. It doesn’t help with pain the way like icy hot does. But it makes bruises go away wayyyyy faster.

No. 1889157

ok but the tin design is really cute, i understand why you bought it

No. 1889159

I feel you, but before abandoning the idea completely and becoming a hermit, have you actually tried? So many things in life I thought I couldn't do, i was too broken for, too traumatized, too asocial, too depressed i ended up trying and things worked out. Give it a real honest go if you truly think you want a "normal" life. Don't listen to lc, there ARE normal men out there. They're rare but they exist.

No. 1889167

Recognizing they have a disorder does not sound the same as giving them sympathy imo

No. 1889173

Thanks I'm really struggling right now. I feel scared and like I'm spiraling. I might go stay with my family for a bit

No. 1889179

File: 1708002799045.png (188.75 KB, 261x341, oh emotional support severed h…)

Logged in to Facebook for the first time in over two years because elderly relatives won't use email like civilized people, and the first post I saw was from an obnoxious former friend. Apparently the turbocringe lesbians who had a fucking Klance themed wedding are not only still together but have a son. Naturally the toddler's been extensively photographed (neither of them is healthily paranoid about what men do with pictures of children on the public internet and one of them fancies herself a photographer) but this ain't about him. How the fuck am I supposed to convince myself I'm not an abject failure as an adult and a woman even compared to the most tedious people I used to know, now? Sure, marriage and childrearing aren't the sum total of female adulthood but when literally everyone I knew as a stupid kid on the con circuit has managed at least one of the two and all I've got is a divorce and a cat and a job I hate in an expensive city several hundred miles away from my lover what the fuck am I supposed to think?

No. 1889183

i am seriously panicking because i have upcoming drug test analysis for my driver license and i've been doing a shit ton of benzos, painkillers and weed, which i'm scared is going to show on these tests. i've been sober since the 4th and my tests are on the 19th. i think they're going to do both urine and blood samples for some reason and i'm so scared. i'm probably going to call in sick and pray to god i get a much later date. i was so scared i even bought a bunch of at-home urine tests and those were negative but they have a much higher cutoff on the traces of benzos they measure than the analysis so they feel useless. at the same time, i only have 2 weeks to finish my classes, which i've been ignoring and have almost all of the assignments and exams left to do, so i really need to be able to relax and focus on doing schoolwork now more than ever, but the thought of these impending drug tests are giving me constant anxiety that makes me unable to even think or do anything. i think i've even gotten IBS from stress. i know i only have myself to blame but please pray for me nonnies, i didn't want to fuck my life up like this.

No. 1889194

I got out of bed right away and washed my legs off, they looked red but luckily no burn. It does have capsaicin in it so I guess there was a lot of it further in the tin. No exaggeration I would smoosh a lot of it on my knees before and it would do nothing.

No. 1889196

Can you talk to your professors to see if they would give you extra time? I told one of mine about my schedule being really busy and they actually said it’d be fine if I hand in my last assignment late. It might depend on where you are but some schools don’t submit final grades for a week or so after exams

No. 1889212

>All of that said I dont think pedos should get any sort of sympathy, there should be support groups for ones who dont want to offend ever but it shouldnt be something thats "normalized".
>support group
I'm afraid that would contribute to normalizing it, whether you want it or not.
All of them are evil, there is no such thing as a non-offending pedo. They shouldn't receive help, therapy and help should be for people who really need it and not perverts. Calling it just a result of brain disfunction is still a massive cope.

No. 1889220

People who post photos of their children are insane. it's one thing to have your own photos at home or send privately to your relatives or friends, but people just go crazy on IG and tiktok for views. It needs to be illegal

No. 1889233

Honestly think the internet would be a better place if photos of people weren’t allowed.

No. 1889236

I've been cyberstalked and harassed for the past 3 months and it's making me lose my mind. This is what happens when you compliment a moid's hobby. Never again.

No. 1889240

I can't believe people still think oscar wins and nominations determine quality in 2024 after all the trash that won in the last 7 or so years

No. 1889263

But if barbie wins it's because it's actually a masterpiece, right nonna?

No. 1889266

Don't, your folks don't seem to realize what valentine's day is all about, unless they're into incest or something.

Yeah, that's fucked, stop trying to buy love with money.

Me too, makes it harder for me to insult them again.

Happy birthday.

No. 1889268

unfortunately i have already extended my classes to the maximum. i just finished another assignment, i probably won't get good grades in these classes but the most important thing is that i finish them i guess.

No. 1889270

He's nice because he's putting up an act. His life is just a puppet show. His autism makes him seem friendly and nice, but he's just playing a character. Same thing with the "woman" he's becoming. It's just a character in his coomer fantasy RPG.

No. 1889272

it’s very obvious when males add you and it’s usually weirdos from middle eastern countries (don’t ban me for racebait, this is personally the experience i’ve had from posting itt) so they’ll immediately start talking about how you need to breed before you’re too old. but i’ve spoke to other nonas that have never had this happen to them. you should be fine!

No. 1889274

>Don't, your folks don't seem to realize what valentine's day is all about, unless they're into incest or something.
nta but i thought valentine's was for platonic love too? at least where i live anyone gives it to someone, family, friends, classmates, coworkers even random strangers

No. 1889279

File: 1708012494001.jpg (28.75 KB, 519x421, AEP.jpg)

Well, i probably said something unnecessary then.

No. 1889303

because i live here and i need to pitch in, and other parents kick their kids out (and she could just kick me out), so on so forth. i don’t really have a choice here.

No. 1889306

I swear next time a moid starts to mansplain his bullshit to me, I'm just going to go full manifesto sperg and explain to him exactly why he has the mindset of a leech. I don't give a shit anymore? Why am I even bothering pretending to be nice? Why do I entertain their endless babbling about egomaniac bullshit? Why do I conceal my hate? Shut the fuck you piece of shit defected creature.

No. 1889309

I feel like I'm suffocating my boyfriend and a few minutes ago he pretty much let me know it's true. I believe I am guilty of moving too fast and letting things move fast, even though I've told myself I wanted to wait to do certain things in the beginning, but I allowed myself to do things because we spent many hours together. My boyfriend even questions if we're moving fast, and he has wondered if I'll be okay emotionally if we don't spend some nights together. He did meet my family early and I met his after a month of meeting him so there was a bit of an illusion of pace, mainly due to the holidays. Today I posted something and he said the caption was a bit too much for him because we haven't been dating for very long. Now I feel bad, I was in a bit of tears receiving his feedback, but I changed it out of respect to him. How can I slow myself down? I want this relationship to work so badly. He has so much responsibility and my previous relationships have been very toxic and have moved too fast, it's a shock to shift so quickly and it does make me emotional realizing what should be healthy for me in a relationship.

No. 1889310

Just laugh at him, nothing pisses moids off more than when a woman laughs at them.

No. 1889314

how does one stop complaining? i grew up in a family of women who did nothing but come to me with their problems rather than solve it as the adults in the situation and that crap rubbed off on me. i'm a negative nancy and bitter as all life

No. 1889319

My mother is struggling for money, so I told her maybe my adult sister who lives with her could get a job and help out. My mother responded with 'but that's her money, it wouldn't help'.
Funny thing is, she charged me extortionate weekly rent for a box room when I lived at home and evicted me at 19. I also worked for free for the family business for years, while golden child sister (literally) sat on her ass watching YouTube. I can tell she's angling for me to offer to help now. She's on her own lmao.

No. 1889328

I feel like I have to see my family from time to time out of obligation, I feel no love for them but I feel guilty if they invite me and I refuse. But every time I see them is just telling me shit like
>you didn't get fat huh haha
>your hair looks bad, eat more meat
>you look sick
If they ever ask me how I feel and I happen to feel bad mentalny or have some physical problem, and I want to be honest and I tell them, they're like
>that's not a big problem, get yourself together haha
>you're overreacting
It's such a chore. They hated my mom and idk if after her death their hatred came onto me or something. My aunt literally wanted me to give my apartment to my cousin after my mom died and she wanted me to move to my grandma and take care of her. I was 21 and my grandma has one-room flat… My aunt literally wanted me to live with my grandma and give away my home to my cousin. I'm still fucked up when I think about it. Now I work abroad and I probably earn a little more than my cousin, idk if their behavior is dictated by envy or what but it hurts

No. 1889335

This post screams Slav for some reason I think it's their comments. Anyway, I've been in your shoes before, fuck them. Don't give them a penny and fight for your right to the apartment, take their seething as a sign you're doing great.
It gets easier once you recognize it's a habit. I grew up in the Bermuda triangle of complainers, it's a cultural thing where I'm from. I was so used to it that I genuinely didn't notice I was complaining. Then I moved to a continent where telling people your business is considered weird and every answer should be "I'm doing great". I had to tell myself to chill for many years until it stuck.

No. 1889341

my skin has been going crazy these past few months and it's a nightmare, it used to be fine, not perfect, but I was happy with it. now I get eczema in places that were clear and a lot of redness, it's a fucking nightmare I want to scream
I have days when I don't want to leave the house at all
I guess it's a good thing I don't have a job because I could not fucking handle going to the office at all

No. 1889360

Wtf is it with neighbors that slowly turns the music back up after you tell them to lower it because it's too loud? Dude I'm not a fucking frog, I can tell you are slowly turning it up you ain't slick.

No. 1889374

File: 1708020418217.jpg (59.12 KB, 750x420, tumblr_98eab948f46b6d206f2b1ae…)

I've never had a boy give me anything for valentines, I really feel completely out of place and unlovable

No. 1889376

>This post screams Slav
You're right KEK. And thank you nona

No. 1889379

i don't know where men in tech get off thinking women get a free ride. i check back on companies i rejected from to see who got the spot i applied for and 9 times out of 10 it's a white guy. god i hate them so much

No. 1889384

Women don't get enough of a free ride. Having to put up with male stem majors should entitle you to government compensation.

No. 1889385

>look desperately forward to 1 week off
>spend the entire time trying not to off myself
I know that it's because I don't have work and stress to distract myself, but it still sucks so badly, I haven't had a good time in years.

I want to quit this job and live my dreams so badly. But all my dreams are super unrealistic if not completely impossible. Yet I can't get them out of my head and it get's only worse as time passes by. Having off-time also means being able to consume more media and that media reminds me of my dreams and the fact that I can't have that and instead have nothing going in my life except for my job that I hate.
Sometimes I feel like I can't trust myself to be alone anymore.

No. 1889386

Be your own valentines nonnie, give yourself some flowers and make (or order) your favorite food and watch your favorite movie. Make the entire day about appreciating yourself and your own company.
I know it sounds cheesy but that's what I usually do and it feels great!

No. 1889387

File: 1708021170966.jpg (77.81 KB, 444x441, R-523665-1152468015.jpg)

Same, but with psoriasis. Its been out of control for several years now and i already accepted that my future life will be a lonely one.

No. 1889391

As much as I hate my ex I'm actually glad he lives nearby because that's some pretty good motivation to get myself out of a long rut I've been in since October. Cope and seethe, scrote.
Nayrt but this is what I did yesterday and it was great! I prepared my favorite pasta, drank some wine while watching nostalgic movies and then I had a looong hot relaxing shower. So to >>1889374 I say try this out! You can also get a box of your favorite chocolates if you're into that. You don't need a man to have a great time and treat yourself just the perfect way you like. You deserve some pampering!

No. 1889392

yeah. grinds my gears to know every white guy i interviewed with (it's always a white guy) probably looks and me and thinks "oh wow, a girl. not gonna hire her she'll probably get hired at xyz place because she's a minority and a female and they really want those." also weird how these people work in 99.9% male and white workspaces but still blame women and indians for the degradation of their fields. maybe too many retarded white bois got in, idk

No. 1889408

Every time i order from the Ordinary their prices have increased. I just went back in my email and found the first order I ever placed with them back in august 2020 to compare the prices to now. I had bought the 60ml bottle of hyaluronic acid and it was $12.60, the same size bottle is now $21.20. I thought their entire brand was meant to prove that good skincare can be affordable and the active ingredients aren't as expensive as other brands want you to think? Now it seems like they dropped that and they're just becoming those other brands.
It's still cheaper than other brands unfortunately but to nearly double the price in a little under 4 years is annoying as fuck.

No. 1889409

Shame those companies don't know whats good for them, you sound like a real money maker.

No. 1889415

I used to order from them because they were cheap, this is disappointing to hear.

No. 1889418

File: 1708023186671.png (62.11 KB, 1102x760, new1.PNG)


No. 1889419

Your motivation won't last long if it's just to impress some retard moid kek

No. 1889423

File: 1708023551723.jpeg (25.75 KB, 453x677, images.jpeg)

Can't you sleep at a normal fucking time you flat-footed dipshit? Now I'm awake and you're asleep and it's 4am and I'm not getting back to sleep but oh you're happy in dreamland playing Tekken or some other stupid bullshit to keep your monkey brain from imploding inwards. I could figuratively to the point of literally launch myself from our balcony and into the lightening sky of the early EARLY morning with the white hot rage I feel. Idgaf if I die because I'll be making enough of a point that from that day onwards you would realise having the sleep routine of a seventeen year old wannabe streamer is cringe af. You wonder why you have so many health issues too. Now I have to start my day cleaning my dead dad's house so I hope you're elated you took away the only solace I had that allowed me to escape that reality. Holy fucking shit.

No. 1889424

it really sucks. I built a cart with the exact same products/sizes now as i had bought in 2020 and it's $25 more expensive now

No. 1889431

File: 1708024233617.jpg (65.34 KB, 719x719, 1701665492548171.jpg)

>Didn't really know it was Valentines or care about about it yesterday
>Check Instagram this morning
>Now I'm sad
Uggh I why do I do this to myself

No. 1889455

Some of my friends are really active on IG and Snap, the usual mirror pics, gym pics, beach pics, it's normal that they get comments from thirsty men and that sort of stuff but one thing that I find interesting that at some point someone has asked them to open an only fans to each of them, and like some of them consider it because the money and banking off simps is always good.
I am not active on IG and i have never actually used Snap, when I use IG I'm usually really shy and barely upload pics of myself, both still I'm having mixed feelings, I'm both sad and glad i have never been asked to open an onlyfans

No. 1889458

men these days are weirdos with no shame. i cant believe its normalized these days to ask random women to open an onlyfans

No. 1889482

Mostly just flavour of the month stuff or horror. I like games that you can just mess around and not take it too seriously. We were playing Lethal Company and Phasmophobia before they left.
>Why not try posting on the LC friend finder thread?
I might try it but I like people I know irl.

No. 1889489

>open IG for the first time in a month
>expect to open my feed and expect to just see a bunch of pictures of my husbando because I only follow accounts about him
>first thing I see is the palestine overlaid on a picture of him
>activates neurons linked to pictures of decapitated/mangled/raped corpses courtesy of hamas
>block user
>close IG
I'm fucking sick of this.

No. 1889501

i once was talking/flirting with a guy online until he suggested i start an OF and give him a percentage of the money if he got me subscribers. literally asked if he can pimp me out on OF. i immediately blocked and deleted him. don't know why i even gave him the time of day, i was just bored and wanted to flirt. never again

No. 1889528

>men sexually harass you suggesting you do prostitution
>feels complimented
Women are so fucking cooked.
Insane the way scrotes these days actually believe pimping is entrepreneurial. Those OF promotional accounts are one step below that.

No. 1889533

I keep thinking about how any more female-geared community keeps talking down the speech part in the barbie movie because it's libfem/white feminism/whatever their preferred term is. Because while yes, it is basic, not nearly every woman has even gotten that far yet. Everyone needs to start somewhere. And it made so many men so mad despite how basic it is. It just kind of annoys me.

No. 1889550

Agree considering the movie was very successful in developing countries and is radical enough to get banned in some absolute shit holes.

No. 1889574

christ i hate my fucking mother

No. 1889578

i’m speaking from irl experience but okay, cool chart, i’m sure it’s true to life

No. 1889600

My friend just recently sent me a screenshot of some dude texting her gf on ig, trying to make an arrangement where she'd come to his house and do whatever he wants for "weekly allowance". "Hoping for your positive reply". There's nothing in her profile that would even vaguely suggest she's a so-called "sex worker". And it's not a rarity apparently. Imagine the audacity.
Anon, there's nothing flattering about it. It's incredibly intrusive and narcissistic. There are nicer and more appropriate ways to find out that someone finds you attractive and desirable (if you feel insecure and that's what you'd like). Realizing that you're just a piece of meat in some stranger's eyes just leaves you feeling like you stepped in shit.

No. 1889608

Every single day I think about the scrote who ghosted me two years ago and wish death upon him. Haven’t been with anyone since which probably doesn’t help but I simply cannot get over it.

No. 1889609

File: 1708031364256.jpeg (30.91 KB, 800x533, hiss.jpeg)

Calling my own ass out!!
No, I would not "totally have been suuuper productive IF IT WASN'T FOR THAT ONE PERSON OR THING". My dumb ass gets plenty of opportunities to work on hobbies or be productive ALL day, but I don't ever do it. I get the day off and I wait until after my work shift hours have ended to start doing anything anyway, I don't use my "extra" free time at all instead I just sit on my lazy ass and scroll social media or watch dumb videos. IF I start working on something it's not until like 9pm. I literally could have gone to work, it wouldn't have made a difference in my personal "productivity".

But then a random visitor pops by and I immediately despise them becuase I was "totally just about to start doing X thing UGH HOW DARE THEY STOP ME" when I know full well I would have done FUCK ALL all day, like I always do. Can I stop blaming others for my own lazy ass? For 5 seconds? CAN I DO THAT?
It's so exhausting to blame everyone else for my own shortcomings.

No. 1889612

Tell her to message him back and that she’s going to need him to send her $1000 in bitcoin to her secure wallet as proof of income. If he does it, bam free money! Ghost and block.

No. 1889619

My boss is a former athlete with a ton of female gym friends. I have a medium-sized social media following (for a nerdy franchise) so he assumed I get lots of thirsty men after me and was shocked when I said I hadn't gotten a single one when his female gym friends who don't even have followings get them on the daily.
I would consider it sexual harassment to be asked if I have onlyfans, it's literally men telling me to sell my body to them which is disgusting.

No. 1889623

>Driving test today
>Been studying and practising like crazy
>Nailed the hard bits like reversing around a bend
>Correctly dealed with scrotes crossing when I had the light
>Accidentally indicate the wrong direction before correcting it after two blinks
>Instant failure
Like I shouldn't be surprised this test centre has a 40% pass rate. I know strict tests make safer roads and all but I've seen so much worse from people with full licenses. Guess it's the bus until I can get another test in a few months.

No. 1889625

mom is now telling me only crackheads and homeless people sell plasma. as if working at fast food is any better. god i hate her SO much it isn’t even funny

No. 1889655

Hehe thanks for advice anon, even though she's probably too nice to do it.

No. 1889661

File: 1708034300487.jpg (8.27 KB, 245x206, cat3.jpg)

>Open up Youtube video
>2 unskippable ads
>Click past intro
>Another ad. Skippable after 15 seconds
>Land in sponsorship read
>Click to middle
>Same ad as the start
>Close video. I don't care anymore
Jesus Christ Youtube fix your shit or at least give me ads for something I care about. You have all my data stop sending my the same fucking M&Ms ads

No. 1889667

You know you want those M&M’s nonnie.

No. 1889673

I just finished reading Borrasca and I just want to seethe about what a shit piece of worthless literature it was. It already read like a pretentious YA novel thorough but I wanted to carry on to see what the big twist was and I was disappointed beyond belief. Not even at the subject matter that was used, but how it was presented and handled in the story. I'm so angry that I wasted my time with this and I was enough of a fool to actually read halfway through the "part 5" which turned into a ridiculous buddy cop drama which was mindblowingly retarded, fuck the people who claimed it was "le cweepiest creepypasta I have ever read!!!!" you don't know shit. I can't believe a woman wrote this. Good for her for getting the bag at Netflix due to this but my god I want the time I spent back.

No. 1889678

It's actually turned my off M&Ms. I'm not gonna post it here but it's some inane cooperate party thing and they invite some mime and it's awkward coz he's a mime. So fucking dumb. They'll call him a "dedicated employee". Pure detached corpo talk.

No. 1889681

>No adblock
>No sponsorblock
It's all on you, the tools are there nonnie.

No. 1889689

I've been using UBlock Origin on Chrome and switched to Firefox when they started doing the popup thing. It was fine for a month on Firefox but then it started popping up there too.
I even played around with PiHole but since the ads are served from the same domain it doesn't work.

No. 1889704

If she thinks pedophilia is just 'misunderstood' then she shouldnt be honored with a doctorate. She sounds like a danger to herself and others. If she has a nigel, she probably assists him in masking his pedophilic behavior. Absolutely sickening that they'd allow that to be published after reading the content.

No. 1889706

posting selfies and trying to cultivate an internet 'persona' even if youre not trying to be an influencer or famous is just attention seeking and obnoxious.

No. 1889720

Just download brave

No. 1889722

There’s a book thread on /m/

No. 1889739

Still get ads, not as much as Chrome, but still. It's a fork off Chromium. It's only a matter of time before it's forced to align.

No. 1889769

I don't get ads on youtube with it, not on desktop nor on mobile. And use it until it doesnt work anymore if you are worried about the future.

No. 1889796

I can't deal with my ego centric autist mother. I moved back in with her and her newest boyfriend 2 months ago while I wait for my nigel to secure a new place to live for the two of us in a different state. I've been here for 2 months and her new boyfriend has said a total of 50 words to me. It's honestly bizarre, I'll try to make small talk but I've never gotten more than a 1 word response. My mother constantly lies about me because she has no life and nothing else to talk about to the point where they searched my room last week for heroin. I've never done heroin or any drugs but sleeping until 10am is apparently a sign of hard drug use in my moms eyes. My mom has this thing where she seems to not understand gossiping behind people's backs is wrong, so when her boyfriend is gone for the day at work she will constantly shit talk him. I don't engage with her when she does this because I know she just wants attention. At the same time, I know she talks shit about me to him when I'm not around. I can't tell my mother anything about myself or my life because she immediately spreads whatever it was that I told her around to her family members, I assume she'd tell her friends too if she had any but she hasn't had a friend in over 2 decades. She has no sense of boundaries, once I was getting ready for work in my room and she told her boyfriend loudly "Oh anon is just getting all dolled up and pretty for you!" and I threw up a bit in my mouth. Then when I went outside to the living room she said "I was just joking with [boyfriend] about how you want to get all the attention!" and then she repeated the "joke" she told. I just made a gross face because I know she was just trying to put me down. I just needed to vent this here because the heroin accusation made me roll my eyes and I'm not about to tell my own friends how insane my family is.

No. 1889806

I'm going to start by saying that I know this is the most privileged vent ever, but here goes.
I'm in the union for professional theater actors, and after a dry spell and theaters closing during the pandemic I'm finally ready to go out and audition again. Being in the union also means that I can't audition for any shows that aren't "union" shows, so there's a small pool of places where I can actually audition.
Ever since 2020, theaters are all leaning VERY hard into diversity. It's been extremely hard for me to even find auditions as a caucasian woman now. Acting roles are already hard to come by if you're not a man, let alone "good" roles, but holy fuck it's extra frustrating now.

I was just looking at upcoming auditions for 2024 and so far:
-one theater is casting 6 roles. 4 of them are for black men and 2 for black women. All actors must be black.
-Another brand new theater is casting for their upcoming season! Oops, turns out it's an all-arab theater group and they only want MENA actresses and actors (again, mostly men in the breakdowns and a few women.)
-Shakespeare festival: "Strongly prefer performers "of color" and "diverse" gender/queer backgrounds.
- A popular musical. Seeking only male dancers.
God damn it I just want to work again and I miss the theater so much, it feels like if you're not black, mixed, or a gay/trans man you're out.

No. 1889809

i hate people who start 'weight loss journeys' and give up after losing 5 lbs

No. 1889811

When I was an ana-chan, about 13 years old, my entire family shamed me for cheating at losing weight, sneaking extra calories in foods when I did eat, and not taking me to treatment until I was actually dying and they couldn’t hide it anymore. My health and fat distribution got fucked up too, so even though I’m a healthy weight, I look fatter because I didn’t get enough growth in my figure during the anorexia, so all my fat just collects in my belly. Plus, they didn’t stop sneaking extra calories in until I was 18, so it was extremely hard to maintain a good weight.

Now that my brother, who used to be a fatass, has his own form of anorexia (he eats 1500 calories a day despite being 6’3”, works out for 3 hours a day on top of that tiny amount of food, and taking steroids for muscle growth), when he does it, everyone admires him because he’s lost 100 pounds in 4 months. He’s getting congratulations on the weight loss, he’s getting my family’s praise, and he’s rubbing it in my face that because I fucked up my body as a teen, that I have a fucked up body now as an adult. I wouldn’t even care about him being in better shape if he didn’t have to rub it in at every opportunity. It’s not like I was cruel to him when he was fat either. We were kids, so we joked about each others appearance a lot, but I think he has resentment from when we were kids, and now he’s rubbing the fact that he waited until adulthood for his eating disorder

No. 1889820

I also want to add that the union and other groups always spout about how "DIVERSITY" means including women, but it always somehow seems to only mean minority women or trans "women". It always feels kind of pandering and patronizing too, like you have to be a half-black, half-latina, queer trans activist in your community and do a whole interview about how theater gave you a chance at a better life than your immigrant mother had, everything is about the struggle and how much your family suffered, and acting saved your life, blah blah blah blah. I'm just tired and I'm sorry if I sound like a bitch

No. 1889822

I don't think my grandpa is going to make it through the weekend. It's been extremely sad to watch him deteriorate for the past almost 13 years. I feel numb.

No. 1889832

This is really sad nona I hope you can find solace in your time of hurt.

No. 1889881

I'm so sorry, anon. I hope your grandfather isn't in pain and can pass peacefully when it's time. You and your family are in my thoughts.

No. 1889899

I’ve come across like 5 anons in the past hour that type like they came straight from tiktok or stan twitter. What the fuck was hellweek even for, it’s gotten worse.

No. 1889902

File: 1708045706474.jpg (28.43 KB, 518x318, 48214deb026983d1b102851.jpg)

i want to kill my fucking uncle abd his gf so bad. grandma's sick and they can't even be civil to my mother or me for a sec bc my mother offended him over some trivial xmas shit back in 2021.
meanwhile the gf is sucking up to grandma hardcore bc she has her sights on the house. i hate them so much

No. 1889924

The last conversation I had with my estranged mother was so angry. She died yesterday of an overdose and now I’ll never have a chance to forgive or make peace with her. I always thought in the back of my head that I’d do it someday and now I can’t. The guilt is eating away at me from the inside. She was a bad mother and we hadn’t been close for years, but I know she died thinking I hated her and I can’t forgive myself.

No. 1889926

It's either that or they talk like lost, confused boomers who are trying too hard. Im ignoring most posts now

No. 1889928

>Confused boomers
Well there was that 60 year old gay moid that selfposted in the Pixyteri thread a few days ago, so I don't think the lost boomer accusations are baseless.

No. 1889930

I've honestly theorized an annoying boomer that posts in /ot/ regularly now was a man thanks for validating my schizophrenia

No. 1889944

man thinking about putting myself on the wait list for breast reduction. I'm not even fat, just unfortunate.
my doctor asked if i wanted to, i said no because i'm anti cosmetic surgery but its really starting to bug me. these genetics are driving me insane. i cannot find a proper bra thats not 100$ a piece, my back hurts, my confidence is shit. im so tired of it man, idk how my mum did it without surgery

No. 1889947

If it's not too awkward to answer, what is your size?

No. 1889949

I try to tell him over and over again I feel depressed and lonely and he just brushes it off every time
I'm so sorry anon

No. 1889955

Currently dealing with this as well. You deserve someone who cares about you emotionally. Take care of yourself before you dig yourself into a deeper depression over someone that should be helping you get out of that hole

No. 1889957

That hardly counts as a cosmetic surgery for you.

No. 1889991

File: 1708051071417.png (35.72 KB, 642x539, 15649876516.png)

That's heavy anon I too have a dead parent with whom I didn't have a good relationship. If you're able to, maybe reach out to a grief support group, you don't have to pay for a therapist if you don't want to. Let yourself hurt and cry and be loathful, I just hope you also have someone to lean on.

No. 1890004

Everything in the world is shit and it is only going to get worse. I feel so hopeless and useless. I wish I could go to sleep and never wake up.

No. 1890049

The growing number of red pill incels scares me a lot. I'm not sure exactly how many of them are and what percentage they are in the male population but just seeing them around is deeply disturbing. I'm afraid that they really are becoming more prominent in society and might actually have some amount of power over people. I guess with how accessible porn is as well as with the right wing recruiting more young people it makes sense. Right wing conservative MRAs are claiming that men need sex and making genuine violent threats or suibaiting women to try to force them to sleep with them and it's horrifying. I've seen men in tech and programming believe that women are only good for porn and sex, which is deeply upsetting since I am into tech myself. I really don't want to marry a man. I really don't want to sleep with a man either. I'm not even lesbian or asexual, I'm just repulsed by men and am disgusted by the idea of sleeping with them. The men who say we need to have compassion for men who just so happen to be "born into obese, ugly, unclean" male bodies with no sense of self awareness, as if they have been forced to be fat and disgusting and smelling like feces. I never want to have what they call "compassion" for any man and nobody should criticize or threaten me for that. If it really is true men need sex to function, why don't they develop some compassion for their fellow man and download grindr? All of a sudden they don't need sex so bad, do they? Because they expect us to do it, not them. Nobody truly wants men. Not men, not women. If they say they're going to be "forced" to become violent due to being deprived of sex, then I'm content with just getting a gun in case it happens. Men really only see us as resources they are entitled to. I seriously hope this does not become a serious movement in society that affects policy changes. We already have hardcore porn addicts infesting politics and I'm afraid of it worsening. Why can't people just accept that some women never want to have sex and that's okay? I fucking hate religious conservatives for being such disgusting creepy predators. Anyways, my default response to incels and conservatives who claim male loneliness and sex deprivation is a real problem is just to suggest they hook up with a man off grindr. They're too stupid to have the self awareness and empathy to realize that's exactly as ridiculous as what they are demanding of women, but it's still good to make them feel uncomfortable.

No. 1890059

I feel the same but i am terrified of getting surgery there so you know what???? Screw the WORLD i'm going to work hard and make sure that women in the future will have the possibility to get decent bras for less common sizes, and good looking ones too!
Somehow i was the one most afflicted by it but my mother and my sister are similar and i don't know if this can eventually happen to my daughter as well but i don't want her to feel as uncomfortable as i felt about my body. It sucks so much.

No. 1890067

4 hours of no sleep woohoo watch me get tired the second the sun comes up

No. 1890103

Man, the western/japanese fandom for a series I like is like night and day.
It really goes to show how important translations are, I guess. It's weird getting vastly different opinions in parallel. The smug western trend of "I am too smarterer for this book/game/genre so I will refuse to think about the story in any serious capacity and instead use it to channel my sexuality" is so fucking tiresome.

No. 1890104

i give up so easily no matter how good i do to the point i'm cooped up in my room being a fat neet doing nothing all day- comfort. it gets tiring but im luck out of will for now and i hate this

No. 1890108

I love my friend but she keeps suggesting the worst possible holiday destinations for us to go to. We always send each other pictures of cool places and countries we'd like to go to one day. There are so many nice places out there like Italy, Spain, Iceland, Germany, Japan etc. But she keeps choosing 3rd world Muslim countries (I guess since she's a Muslim herself). I just don't get it. Why on earth would she want us to go to countries where women aren't respected or safe? Where men on the streets catcall or grope you? Or even worse, kill you? Those countries usually aren't stable either with religious terrorists running around. She's really starting to get on my nerves. She just looks at Instagram reels showing off all the pretty touristy places but doesn't even begin to consider our safety. I can't even say no to her because I don't want to be mean. All the countries in the world and she picks these shithole 3rd world Islamic countries kek

No. 1890111

How is being honest about safety concerns being mean? Just find a middle ground, it’s not a vacation if you don’t want to go (just a waste of money) find somewhere you can both agree on. You’ll hate yourself more if you go somewhere knowing it’s dangerous and the two of you get hurt.

No. 1890115

Have you travelled with her before? If you can't even discuss vague trip planning properly, travelling together will be an absolute disaster. You need to communicate and compromise properly or it will be miserable no matter where you go.

No. 1890116

Because she's really sensitive and would probably take it as a huge insult. But yeah, you're absolutely right. I'll just suck it up and tell her. I don't want to die just yet

No. 1890117

No, we've never travelled abroad together before. For now, we just like talking about countries we'd like to visit soon.
You're right though, thanks for the advice. I'll have a talk with her tomorrow and discuss things properly.

No. 1890131

I've been deeply depressed since I was 11, my mental illnesses are eating me alive. Now I'm in my late 20s, I've been suicidal on and off for as long as I can remember, but it was only ideation. I have no idea how to progress further but I made a step forward tonight by checking out Sanctioned Suicide and reading up on methods, none of them are appealing to me besides the self blood choke method. I don't care who I leave behind or that my parents would likely discover my body this way in my bedroom. The only thing that pisses me off is that it would take a while to get rid of all my possessions and data so I can comfortably exit life without leaving a trace of myself in this wretched world. I don't know if I'm ready, but I feel that way about everything. Sometimes you just have to go ahead and do it and that's how I feel about killing myself. Fuck finding other answers, fucking 'being selfish'. If I'm considered a self centered person for how I've lived, then maybe it's even better that I die. I want out.

No. 1890142

I have to say, she doesn't sound like a great travel partner. Being sensitive and easily offended isn't conducive to handling conflict you tend to expect from travelling (like stressful situations and complications, disagreements on what to do or see or eat, generally just being tired and grumpy). I feel like you need to be pretty zen to ensure tensions stay low and everyone has a good time. Someone being a good friend you have fun with isn't necessarily enough. But good luck with talking to her, maybe she'll be more flexible than you expect.

No. 1890150

Another nona in a previous thread had a good idea. If you're at this point where you're more upset with your family finding you than doing the act itself, run away. Take your shit and start new. The illness will still be there but the environmental factors won't, plus you'll get a clean slate to try and improve anything

No. 1890158

I was just thinking about how I never understood the 'sometimes I miss my ex but her aim is getting better' jokes, and I had a flashback to when I was 10 years old on instagram and saw a picture of someone wearing a shirt that said that and starting a whole fight in the comments all because I didnt get the joke. It ended in me calling her gay

No. 1890161

You cant trust anyone, especially not your father

No. 1890164

Yesterday i witnessed a debate in which two troons were figting about AI cp. One troon thought it's will be benefitial for society because pedos wont have to use real material, the other troon said it's a stupid idea because they'll just be hungrier for more degen porn and will want the real thing. If evil is at your fingertip you excuse it by "it's ai it wont hurt anyone". The addicions and resulting crime will be extreme. Absouletly nuts what is happening.
Some people were agreeing with the first troon and i think it's because people have lost their instincts to toxic emapthy (i don't know if it has a title but i hope you know what i mean). It's like we went from reasonable apes who had their own minds to a mindless colony of ants and some ants started to walk in circles so more and more ants join in. I have my instincts, i wan to hurt pedos, only a mention of them boils my blood but a LOT of people don't have that and it's scary. They feel sorry for poor scrotes ho can't bust a nut… even women said that! These stupid bitches who read an article once about muh parafilias and suddely they understand these poor souls and their struggle! I hate them and i hate that troon who thinks getting a therapist now makes him enlightened on all psychology. As if psychologists weren't the ones pushing whatever their agenda is on to people disquised as science. People are so stupid!

No. 1890166

If ai cp got so good you couldnt tell the difference, using it to flood the market would make the ass end fall out of that industry. It would no longer be profitable for the most part, although I'm sure people would be wanting "real" stuff. But if it was so spot on that you couldnt verify the difference then would you not agree that long term it would be better?
No actual children being abused by it, the market falls apart, sick moids arent able to profit off the suffering of children.

No. 1890169

It would be trained on actual CP, or at the very least images of children, how is that not harming anyone? AI doesn't make images out of thin air.

No. 1890176

That content would already be logged and filtered through somewhere like THORN though, if running it through AI in order to flood the market to stop new stuff being produced I think its the lesser of two evils

No. 1890177

Children would get hurt, these pedos would train their brain on this free CP, they would watch tons and tons of cp and that results in them not being able to cum to that anymore, they would get a doll resulting in creating a touch memory to their fetish and then resulting to them literally going and abusing children because the doll won't be enought in the end either. This is how it works. This is the excact reason men in normal parts of the world aren't just invited into women's bathrooms, why would you put a wolf in your flock, showed the wolf meat and then just hoped he won't kill your sheep? Why would you just give a mind destructive material to a dangerouns person who is bound to indulge on it. If somebody has a pedo problem the solution is full abstitetnce that means no sight of porn, not even ai porn.
Another horrible part to this is the people who are normally scared to search for cp and that is keeping them at bay. Now they wouldn't have a problem doing it and opening doors to this addiction because "it's not real" there would be extreme increase in pedofiles aroun the world.

No. 1890178

So I have schizophrenia which means that sometimes I have this fun hobby where I stay up for days straight reverse image searching every single photograph of myself I’ve ever taken on my camera (because I cant remember what selfies I posted on social media also I’m scared that my phone could be hacked) to see if anyone ever posts about me on image boards or reddit making fun of me and to make sure no one is catfishing as me either. I also love to google my families names and my name and make sure we’re all removed from public records websites so that nothing comes up at all when you google any of us. I’m almost to a point where I want to just get rid of having a phone entirely because it’s really exhausting to be worried about things like this constantly but then I remember that even if I didn’t have a phone anymore I’d be worried about my husband all day because I wouldn’t be able to track his location and see that he’s safe.

No. 1890179

Thank you for trying to help but I think you got the opposite of what I meant about that. Sometimes I even fantasize about them finding my body sometimes because I want to punish them for having me.

No. 1890181

Why does AI cp need to exist to make the industry crumble when we could just have more online security to watch people who do search for imagery like that? It would be incredibly easy to implement, and it’s not like anyone would need to know about it. I can easily see Apple doing something like that for the purpose of cutting down on child pornography, there is such thing as necessary surveillance.

No. 1890183

Just so you guys know, TinEye is not a real reverse image searching engine. It’s an image hoarding scheme. I know because I searched the image I posted of my hand last year and nothing came up even though it’s been reposted like 10 times.

No. 1890192

samefag but i gotta add. This is exactly where the toxic emapthy comes in. People feel like they need to provide some material to the creeps. They feel like they need to compromise. "They just can't be wankless forever what a terrible fate" IS IT? Why do people care if a bad person has masturbation material. It's completley okay and a good thing to deny this to them.

No. 1890202

Just thinking about the ghetto kids in high school they felt really badass picking on me when I was practically mute and trying to pick fights with me.

No. 1890207

Nonnie, I don't know your situation and what you've tried so far, but have you been to a psychiatrist? Everyone has different experience, but I was also depressed from the same age and used to have suicidal ideation. When I started taking antidepressants, I stopped thinking about suicide. The pill doesn't solve all problems but it might help you feel normal and learn how it actually is, which kind of helps you to self-regulate(?) and get rid of some of the most extreme negative emotions and thoughts about yourself. I don't know if it was just a pill (which I didn't take regularly) or an act of self-care in general or some things I learned/realized in the process, but it started with the psychiatrist appointment. I had those thoughts for a very long time but now it's even wild to remember. I also never really harmed myself, I mean no cutting and leaving marks but I would hurt myself in other ways when feeling intense and I never get this impulse now. Even though I can still be unhappy and depressed, it's just not filled with self-hatred. I'm sure there are still things you enjoy (even if it's just observing nature, listening to music and hanging out with cats, etc.) and things you'd like to try. Suicide ideation is a part of autoaggression that's believed to be a defense mechanism used when you can't allow yourself to be angry with the external object. So maybe it's also worth looking into. Sorry for rambling, my point is just that you or anyone else doesn't have to feel this way, you don't deserve this hatred and violence, and you can become a friend to yourself even if other people had let you down. I hope you won't actually do it and I wish you to heal and love yourself.

No. 1890222

Feeling like shit, going to do my morning jog and then devote the morning to myself, which means cleaning a bit the apartment and tidying my room. I've been styling my hair in a ballerina bun successfully and I also want to try something different. I also will read a bit, but not the books I'm supposed to be reading for uni. I used to be an early bird and now I can't get up from bed earlier than 9.

No. 1890225

Barely out of hell week and the infighting in the celebricows thread is back in full force

No. 1890226

File: 1708072497989.jpeg (166.19 KB, 640x806, 60EE9479-39CA-4EBD-A0A7-E47F7D…)

I’m other news: Fags being fags

No. 1890274

File: 1708077922090.jpg (25.14 KB, 379x273, screenshot (18).jpg)

ummm… based?

No. 1890285

Gonna go to the beach and do weird film student shit for my Nigel even though I’m tired and don’t really feel like leaving the house. At least it’s kinda fun and I like the concept he’s going with and it’s nothing like, objectifying. I should be thankful I live so close to such a beautiful place to frolic and stuff but I’m lame

No. 1890293

File: 1708078844580.jpg (316.07 KB, 1080x1226, aitwitter.jpg)

Saw people in the replies to this discussing a 13 or 14 year old girl who killed herself because boys were spreading deep fake porn of her around. Males are fucking evil. Someone please tell me laws are in process of banning this.

No. 1890305

I'm sorry, no hate to the girl, but why are people STILL talking about Madeleine McCan? I remember hearing about this case when I was a child myself, over ten years ago. What about her has people so obsessed compared to all the other children that go missing?(wrong thread)

No. 1890308

this isnt the thread for it

No. 1890309

I mean it's the vent thread and it frustrations me the way people seem to drag it out for clicks.

No. 1890313

Just found out about Sora. Makes me glad I didn't pursue a creative field but also made because I really want to pivot to the industry one way or the other (my studies including masters is in something really irrelevant)
I wish all those dumb techbros would make AI for maths. ChatGPT and the like are really shitty at solving math problems. My profs are always worried about us cheating up chatgpt really fucking sucks and will straight up give you incorrect answers.

No. 1890314

I doubt OpenAI will let you make CP. ChatGPT has heavy restrictions on what it can and can't do which pissed off a lot of people at the start.

No. 1890322

its not about online services, but the open source models moids will train on porn out of the gate. text to image models themselves don't discriminate or have rules on what they can generate, so if some degenerate types those words the ai will try its best to piece concepts together. stable diffusion in general is contaminated because laion (the images they trained on) had CSAM in it. emad was incredibly irresponsible pushing the model out early, especially after seeing how many pedophiles tried to bypass the filters during the beta. but there will always be bad actors, muh photoshop, it helps pitiful men, blah blah

No. 1890323

Every time I'll take my meds I'm plagued with anxiety. I can't stop thinking that I'll get the side effects. I get so anxious that I think I'm sick from it, when it's probably just the anxiety. I have 12 more days of this until I'm done with the treatment and I don't know what to do. I know it's bad to cut treatments midway, so I'm trying really hard to no freak out. I don't want to google too much about it, because I know what I'll do. I'll convince myself I'll get the worst symptom and start having a panic attack. I'm pathetic.

No. 1890325

i iwsh i could force everyone to participate in a day where we report all of the child porn on google but even if a million people reported all the real cp thats available just in their search engine they'd still leave it up

No. 1890337

I dumped my ex for ignoring me and missing Valentine's day but it turns out that he was in the hospital since Tuesday his mom had no way to reach me until last night he woke up from being on the ventilator and I was the first one he asked for I feel like complete scum

No. 1890338

Another day, another "what's wrong with straight people?"

No. 1890352

Then stop dating him, retard.

No. 1890354

jesus christ girl don't date a misogynist. you can't fix this shit

No. 1890361

This valentines? Why don't you try apologising and try to make up. If you leave it as is than ypu actually kind of are scum for breaking up with someone while they were on a ventilator.

No. 1890365

I talked to him last night on the phone when she passed it to him he seemed so messed up slurring his words apologizing for missing Valentine's. I told him he's not in trouble, his mom and I love him and all he needs to worry about is resting. His mom is being so kind giving me information and told me what hospital he's at when I asked. I really want to go see him he might get discharged today or tomorrow I'm calling at 8am to see if I can talk to him in his room his phone is going to die according to his mom

No. 1890368

Well I'm glad it worked out anon. I'm curious though, did you break up with him through text and did he see it when be woke up or are you yet to actually see his reaction too it?

No. 1890374

I've yet to see his reaction to the break up I texted him his mom just saw I blocked him but called me from her phone because he was asking for me. I can't believe this is happening

No. 1890376

I mean.. there is zoo porn being made on AI that i've had the misfortune to see.

No. 1890381

You said his phone is going to die maybe say you'll charge it for him and delete the text if you know his code?

No. 1890402

LMAO that is so funny. It's okay. I think he'll understand. Just be honest when it comes up, obviously you thought he ghosted you on Valentine's and you feel bad now, you couldn't have known he was in the hospital. You don't need to sneak and delete the text or something, that's super weird don't do that.

No. 1890405

I am 34H, sometimes 34I . I don't mind the question. I'm also very awkward body in general
Surgery is scary as fuck. I'm glad I'm not the only one.

No. 1890410

That's such a weird reaction to have though, if you're with someone who's otherwise a good partner wouldn't your first reaction to ghosting be worry? Is this a pattern nona…

No. 1890412

I had a breast reduction in 2019, I was a G and went down to a C/D. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made. I used to be so uncomfortable both physically and mentally. I won’t bore you with the details. But I’m a bong and got mine free on the NHS as my BMI/Weight is normal.

No. 1890420

What type of braindead IDIOT thinks it's hunky dory to let a dementia patient out free in a fucking kitchen????
Sure, she was fine but her stomach fucking wasn't and guess who has to clean the literal pounds of shit the next day??
I was gone for an hour you pos! Kys! I'll kill you!

No. 1890429

File: 1708092013353.jpg (200.54 KB, 1093x619, Screen_Shot_2018-12-17_at_1.50…)

I dispise the meme where men praise each other for living in shit holes like this. The other day a video of some pickme came up saying women are just awful and stupid for liking thier homes to be nice and warm and inviting and men are superior for wanting the bare minimum. I swear to god men will be praised for literally anything they they do and women shit on.

You could maybe argue about buying useless shit for ur home but a home full of love where guests can actually sit somewhere and you feel comfortable and welcomed is psychologically beneficial to humans. I want a home that feels like a escape from the real world. I don't want to have only a chair and tv. It's soulless.

No. 1890430

To be fair, every v day and xmas there's anons asking for advice because their bf fell off the face of the planet and is unreachable. The thought of having to buy a gift being what made their bf say fuck it and just ghost them, leaving them thinking 'maybe hes stuck in hospital' when he's not. We finally have that turn out to be true but why are so many anons in situations where you're almost in a seperate compartment in this guys life. Where nobody in his family can reach out to you or vice versa for confirmation either way. If you're not pretty new to seeing each other its shitty to realize you're out in your own seperate bubble.

No. 1890439

You just know he plays along with them when he’s with them and does the mocking of your hobbies stuff with his friends too. Start calling him out every time he does it. He probably belittles you because he’s insecure about his dick size, men are a bit childish like that, just let him know it’s ok because penetrative sex isn’t everything.
There now you defend him and when he does that shit to you next time just be like “I defend you when my friends are laughing about how you must have a little dick to be so insecure that you can’t even defend me to your friends; I told her off! She was being totally out of line but don’t worry, I got your back babe!”
You guys sound young but seriously that shits not ok. My husbands friends finally stopped with the whole “is your wife holding you hostage nonsense” and now whenever a new guy starts in on sexist shit like that all the other guys are like “nah dude, stfu, he really loves his wife” and it stops. Guys can and do police each other with enough pushback.

No. 1890441

I hate working in an office owned and 1/3rd staffed by fundamentalist religious people. It’s a cult and if you weren’t born with the right blood then they don’t respect you, but the women who are that religion can get away with being absolute morons and actively fucking everything up for everyone else but they won’t fire anyone of that religion. I’m only working here for 6 more months before I go back to school and I’m so excited to get out, even though I’m going into an industry that’s dominated by this religion. I’m never taking another job where the office is in this religious enclave suburb again at least, i think I can work with them on neutral ground kek.

No. 1890450

nona, I'm so sorry. I would be furious. It's so difficult when you give explicit instructions or expect the most rudimental understanding from someone, and you come back to complete neglect or chaos. It's happened to me and it just cements the feeling that you are all alone with a situation. It is so, so isolating because you can't trust anyone to care for someone the right way. gdi I'm so sorry. I wish I could help you somehow.

No. 1890452

What industry is dominated by religious people that isn't church stuff?

No. 1890457

I work at a law firm, I’m going to law school

No. 1890465

File: 1708096166505.jpg (9.74 KB, 358x284, 1b24c1bf1e3dd00ff8153941f4b14f…)

I just saw on Twitter AI videos from some sort of new text-to-video that's coming out program. If the government doesn't stop it immediately, they're stupid. And crazy thing is they probably won't until it's already available for everyone to use and people are making fake videos of real people.

No. 1890470

Holy shit, if you can bore me with the details, please do. I knew someone in the UK who couldn't get hers covered due to her BMI being high. Mine is normal as well, so it would be covered in my country, although the wait is about 3 years here. I'm really curious how it changed your life. How was the healing process? Are the scars visible?
Happy you're happier too!

No. 1890474

The government has access to better versions of this technology. This is the pleb rollout.

No. 1890480

I truly am not getting lectured by my live in boyfriend I think he just finds small shot to yell at me about or just bark at me for. I’m so tired I don’t even wanna go to work

No. 1890484

>You could maybe argue about buying useless shit
The thing is that moids and pickmes like the ones you mentioned consider even a bedframe useless for varying reasons. Moids consider useless to have a nice looking place if all they do is engaging in vices and porn addiction, but they are such visual creatures apparently and pickmes think like that so that they can score some "she's one of us" points.
They can have their shithole apartments while I put on some nice fairy lights and flower pattern bedding kek.

No. 1890489

You either train the pet to respect you or you give it away

No. 1890492

Consoomer thread makes me kinda salty because of all these rich retards having more money than they know to do with wasting it on plastic trash when I’m here worried because I can barely afford my groceries since I’m trying to adjust my diet to a healthier one. I wish fruits and fish werent so fucking expensive.

No. 1890494

And I’m sick again. I’ve gotten sick more times in the last 2 years than I have been in my life I think. Just constant cough after cold after flu. What the fuck is up with this? i actually got covid in 2022 and that was the first time I had been actually sick in my adult life. Ever since then it’s been like every other month I pick something up. Maybe it’s just a coincidence but…

No. 1890495

I bought a 24 pack of seltzer to take over for a social event at our friends' house. I told my husband what it was for, and to please not open the package. He stole a bunch of cans from the side and I am irate. I do not want to go buy more; my paycheck is late and I am already drowning in expenses. This man never drinks water unless I ice it, carbonate it, and put it in front of him. He's the one who insisted I buy a SodaStream (the expensive glass one), and he always takes the cans of seltzer that are for taking places. I clean a heavy annoying water filter (that I also bought and buy all parts for) every two weeks, but he only ever drinks seltzer, juice, and cola.
I pay for all of the groceries in out home. When I was postpartum he'd go out and buy groceries (with my card) which I appreciate, but I swear I pay at least $80 a month between never-from-concentrate grapefruit and orange juice, big things of Coke, small things of refrigerated coke from the front of the store, which cost $3 but are cold because he can never buy a fucking 6 pack and save it for later, and seltzer that's supposed to be for things like taking to people's houses of throwing in a bag when leaving the apartment. I used to hide it in my closet and he lost his shit so I can't do that anymore. I was hiding a single pack of individual bottles of coke so I could chill one and bring it FOR HIM when we went out instead of paying $3 for one by the checkout lane.
I always do all the work of providing food when we go places; I am making a lasagna and two sides. His only job was to NOT DRINK THE SELTZER. So now I guess we are bringing a partially empty case because I don't want to buy a new one and then watch him guzzle all the cans that, if he didn't guzzle, would be enough to take with us on errands out of the house for a month. A reusable water bottle would be enough for normal people, but then he would just stop in a grocery store and buy a $3 bottle of coke instead.
If I bring any of this up he'll just start ranting about how me makes more money (I watch our child while working and do all cooking and cleaning and he's never once given the baby a bath) and any other complaints he has.
I am ridiculously worked up about a few cans of seltzer and also don't want to argue all day about something truly minor.

No. 1890503

Kind of want to go to the protest tomorrow kind of don't. I don't really have a reason not to go, except the travel time is 1h one way and I obviously have to pay for a ticket. And the whole thing starts at 11am. Idk man

No. 1890512

nayrt, but hope it's okay to share! I got my reduction done when I was 20 in 2016. I went from a 32F (UK 32G) to a 32DD (UK 32E). Sorry I won't post my photos but it's been almost 10 years and the scars have faded substantially; I got the anchor incision and you can barely see the incision scars going vertically down from the nipples. They reduced my overall breast size and the nipple circumference as well. Pre-surgery size had mild sagging already and my nipples didn't completely watch the floor (haha) but were pretty downward-facing. My current healed state is just fine, like normal boobs. They're not bolt-on perky or anything but a manageable nipple and breast size. I still wish they were smaller but it's SO MUCH BETTER than before. My relief is immeasurable.

The post-surgery healing process was overall was smooth sailing past the first month. The surgery was my first time during anesthesia and it was so fun, lol. Best sleep ever. I had to of course wear a post-surgery special bra and sleep on my back, which was honestly hell the first month because I'm a side sleeper tosser and turner. I padded my sides with pillows so I wouldn't unconsciously move. Because this is Murrica I think they only gave me prescribed narcotics for 3 days? Or maybe 5, I forget. Afterwards, I was only on acetaminophen for pain because it doesn't thin blood. I remember the initial pain relievers wearing off the next morning; my surgery was at 6:00 am, so I started feeling pain the next morning at like 7:00 am. Make sure you have the medicine close when that happens. My parents helped me with the care, especially within the first month, so if you have someone who can help you while you're aching, it will make a big difference. My most important piece of advice is to trust the process. I was horrified how my breasts looked immediately after surgery and the couple of months after, but once they fully healed they looked just fine. The initial jagged scars healed very nicely and I had okay nipple sensation. However, pre-surgery they were never super sensitive anyhow. They're still not bolt-on perky or anything but a manageable nipple and breast size. I still wish they were smaller but it's SO MUCH BETTER.

The only thing I'm sad about is that they couldn't take more (I wanted to be like a 32C/UK 32D), but it's understandable because I went to a reputable doctor who took out as much as was healthy without compromising my tissue health or ability to breastfeed. I want kids, so that was important to me. If you can do it nonna, I encourage you to save up and get it. I got it because of back pain and my hatred of the sexual I got. Whatever your reason is, believe me you'll be happy. Just go to a doctor who is sane and thoroughly explains his methods and your role in aftercare.

Ok this got very long. If you want me to answer any more questions, lemme know! I'm very open about this process to any women, especially my fellow melonbearers, haha. Yes, I did get some people snarking about my procedure, but fuck them and they never had to live with my discomfort anyway.

No. 1890523


No. 1890549

maybe the guys were more qualified?

No. 1890555

Nope, it’s not an evangelical religion which kind of makes it worse— there’s no option to become a favored one, either you are or you’re not

No. 1890556

File: 1708101746385.jpeg (857.62 KB, 784x1217, IMG_6531.jpeg)

Well, you know what we are going to say…

No. 1890560

Nta but aaaaahhhhh I want a reduction so badly! If I could I’d happily go down an A or B cup. I’m glad it turned out nicely for you nona

No. 1890561

Jannies dont ban me, but are you working with Jews…?

No. 1890563

if its any consolation, openai is overcensored on purpose and they'll probably be more strict about whats created compared to dalle3. it will probably be used for companies to make new stock videos. it would be dumb as fuck if they released it to the public at all

No. 1890566

ahhhhhhh i better get my period i better not be pregnant aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

No. 1890569

Yes, orthodox. The women all cover their hair and wear long sleeves and long skirts and have 10 kids, the office always gets us lunch but it’s shitty kosher food that makes you sick if you didn’t grow up eating it and you’re used to restaurants with no health standards. They won’t fire any Jewish people, but fired one of my favorite coworkers for being in a relationship with a non-Jewish man, having tattoos, and wearing pants after she grew up Frum (of course the real reason was that she “wasn’t working hard enough”), I heard my manager and boss discussing months afterwards that they fired her for not being religious. At least we get off early on Friday for shabbos.

They only hired me because people think I’m Jewish a lot, I’m just a white girl with dark features. I worked here for 9 months before my boss asked me what I was doing for a holiday before I told him I wasn’t Jewish, he didn’t believe me and said “no you’re not religious right, but you are jewish?” Kek.

No. 1890570

open source nonna, a gift and a curse.
that's the weird part i don't get, males having access to porn 24/7 on the internet use AI just to create more porn, what's the point of that?

No. 1890572

NTA but I also work at a law firm in big law and there are so many jews in my office. I’m jewish myself though (but not orthodox) so maybe I’m the kind of person nonna is complaining about kekkk
Nonna if working jews is this frustrating for you, you may have chosen the wrong industry kek

No. 1890573

i don't want to imagine what's going to happen whever the open source devs are able to produce equal quality videos, all that power completly uncensored, is not going to end well

No. 1890581

Nta but wow this is news to me. Are there really that many jews in the law industry? Thats kinda creepy

No. 1890584

Lol it’s just working with orthodox people, in college I was in a secular sorority founded by Jewish women who didn’t like the Christian exclusionary nature of sororities, so a lot of my friends were Jewish & I dated guys in the Jewish frat. I would feel similarly if I was working with fundamentalist Christians or Muslims, it’s just really shocking since I didn’t grow up in religious community like this. Also my office is just horribly run, we’re bottom of the barrel, bus-ad personal injury office. I’m never touching personal injury again once I’m out of school.

No. 1890585

Yes…? At least in the US it’s a common stereotype (with some truth to it kek)

No. 1890586

I get it, I would probably be uncomfortable working with a bunch of orthodox jews even though I’m jewish myself, because I would feel like I wasn’t “jewish enough” for them since I’m pretty secular. Hopefully the next law firm you work at is better

No. 1890590

Are you kidding? Yes.
I knew it, especially since you didn't state it outright.

No. 1890595

I thought /pol/tards were pure schizos but I guess they were right about jews running shit everywhere(pol racebaiting)

No. 1890601

Being over-represented in one industry in one country does not = running shit everywhere, retard

No. 1890602

No they are schizos and antisemitic to boot don't even joke about it

No. 1890616

You sound delusional and naive(infighting)

No. 1890620

Go back to /pol/

No. 1890625

I think AIshit media is what will finally drive a considerable amount of people away from the internet. It's still relatively wonky and clockable now, but it will only get worse and I don't see governments giving a shit about it rather than they themselves abusing it. At some point you can't trust any information anymore released after 2020. I'll just archive as much old things that I like as possible and live with it for the rest of my life. I've been addicted to the internet since I've been 11 and a part of me is just sad that this is how it ends up, abused to hell and full of lies.

No. 1890627

every single anon i've seen say "hit dog hollers" so far on this website seems like an annoying sped

No. 1890632

AYRT SORRY for late reply I hope you see this still kek but my cousin (big boobs run through my mums side of the family as my nan also had a breast reduction the year I was born) was denied because of her BMI/weight. I know people shit on the NHS but I had such lovely nurses and doctors and surgeons. This one nurse who finished her shift actually stayed with me in the little cubicle so I wasn’t alone whilst waiting for the surgery after all the prep, because I got a bit faint after the blood test and she was so sweet and talked and distracted me as I was a lil anxious and walked with me to the operating area. I only waited 8 months between my consultation and my surgery. I have body dysmorphia and other stuff and my GP referred me. Anyway yes, I always remember how I was at uni when I had it done (over the summer) and by my uni was a big building with windows that I could see myself and I would always tug at my clothing as I felt embarrassed and uncomfortable. And I remember going back and not doing that anymore. I felt more at ease and because I have a ‘small frame’ in comparison to my boobs they caused backaches esp during periods and ugh. My scars I will admit get me down sometimes, (they aren’t as faded as I hoped)but not as near as much as I felt before the surgery. I’m writing this in the car sorry for mistakes or anything

No. 1890658

File: 1708106676330.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x378, cbc687949ea35e384704706355ad48…)

stuck in bed sick with what i presume is some kind of virus. made the mistake of looking in the mtf thread and now i'm even more nauseous

No. 1890729

File: 1708109822227.jpg (99.93 KB, 1006x1036, FI7xJ0_VcAEfUWS.jpg)

>using phone as a hotspot
>need to set it in the window sill for this to work because the roof is made of metal
>can't use my own window sill; it's rotted out and the window is stuck
>usually set it in a window sill in the kitchen
>mother does this too
>we have existed in harmony for months and months until she decided to set her phone on top of mine (i ask her why and she goes "it likes it there~<3") but i know it's because she's doped up and not thinking, which for whatever reason makes my phone constantly disconnect
>asked her politely to stop
>she "stops," fussily.
>issue continues, my phone rapidly disconnects and reconnects, can't use the internet
>continues for a week until i go "well wait let me check!"
>her phone's on top my shit
>me: "why did you do this? i purposely set my phone on the far edge of the sill away from yours, so we could avoid this problem. we have been avoiding it for months."
>she blows up and gets pissed off that i'm trying to "chastise her" and a whole bunch of other shit i don't feel like typing
>get annoyed myself; hiss that i'm trying to rehearse for my interview today (over microsoft teams) so it's imperative that i don't lose my connection
>she says some awful shit about how i'm "not going to get it anyway" if i'm preparing this late, never-mind that you're expected to tailor your answers to the company and this interview was set up just yesterday, and i spent all night prepping (right now i'm just trying to rehearse my lines).
christ i'm Tired. my life with her is a loop of her being a dumb cunt, me asking politely "why?" and her getting mad at being questioned. i think the worst thing i do is here is that i'm slow to clean sometimes, and that's mostly because she's a useless slob who only cleans when she wants to prove a point (and she bitches all the way through it) and i know if i CLEAN she's going to funk it all up within the week.

No. 1890742

I'm down. I'm unemployed right now and most of my hobbies involve spending money. Sorry, that probably sounds shallow.

No. 1890758

Most hobbies involve spending money. You need money to live. You're not wrong and that's not shallow. Feel as down as you want.

in a similar situation right now

No. 1890767

File: 1708111268325.jpeg (35.68 KB, 411x412, IMG_3408.jpeg)

In pain. I hate endo.

No. 1890772

I finally cut off my best friend. I've previously posted here a few times about how fed up I've become with her and how much I don't want to be her friend anymore, but in the end I wouldn't do anything about it but complain to some other friends and then carried on with her in my life. My best friend was everything to me. She brought so much joy into my life and was truly one of the first people I had become friends with where I felt safe around her. I didn't have to question my place in her life, and she was always support of me and poured as much love into me as I did to her. We met in college, and were planning our future together for so long (like moving out together).

I think we've outgrown the place we held in each other's lives. I think it might be too strong to say she is growing in the wrong direction… but it really does feel that way. I realize more and more that she always insists she is the victim, and I'm tired of it. Maybe as her best friend I should be the voice of reason and help her see other view points, but the one time I did, she just shot me down. I realized she's so difficult to talk to, and that's why it feels so much harder for me to tell her when she's full of shit.

All I wanted was respect for my own personal space and time, but every time I've tried to assert it (either directly or indirectly) I get a "I understand BUT, I feel like…" like she just can't let things go and must always let me know how her actions have upset her, yet never seems to realize it comes off as a guilt trip. I've even worked up the balls to tell her that once, that it comes off as guilt trippy. Surprisingly, she apologized! … And then does it again.

She's spun every other friend she's lost as a massive bitch, so I won't be surprised if she does the same about me. Well, it's no longer my problem. I'm sad that we can no longer be friends, but I have other best friends who respect me and my space and who love me like I love them, and we are also going to Italy together next month. So I'll cry about it as I stuff my face with fresh pasta.

No. 1890774

i bet if you didnt have your other "best friends" you never wouldve cut your old best friend off, youre a coward

No. 1890777

Yeah I am, and I probably wouldn't have if I didn't have them. But I do, so I did.

No. 1890781

I tried finding an accountant ytber since I’m doing an accounting degree and I was just curious what they might talk about, but every single one eventually made a video about them quitting the career lmao… I feel like I might have made a mistake now

No. 1890782

I respect you nona. I went through something similar a few months ago and while I know it was for the best, it still hurts. She went and shittalked me behind my back to the rest of our friend group and took them with her, nobody was interested in hearing my side. Good riddance I guess, but I can't help still love her even though I don't want her in my life. People who paint friend fallouts as having been massive bitches the entire time are red flags, my best friend was just the same as yours in that regard. You're lucky you still have other friends to count on, you seem like you have good self esteem and you're doing the right thing. Sometimes we outgrow each other.

No. 1890789

I hope you're doing well without her nonna. I heard interesting things recently about how my best friend lost two big friend groups simultaneously because both groups found out she was talking shit about one of them to the other (she introduced them to each other because they are all into the same hobby), so both groups decided they were done with her kek. I heard those things through the grapevine but my best friend just told me "I don't know what happened!". I started speaking with some of the few mutual friends we had that I was close to (I was away a lot during uni so I never became as close to many of them as she did) and I found out she felt the same way. I think a lot of people viewed me as someone they couldn't trust because 1) I stood by my best friend through all of the fallouts that others saw happen too, 2) they didn't really talk to me so they didn't know my feelings. I felt better when I found out I wasn't the only one who felt this way about her.

I'm very appreciative of my other friends and the support they give me. I hope you will find others who will love and appreciate you too ♥

No. 1890796

I really hate technology i wish i lived in the 90s or early 00s

No. 1890799

My currently little hobbies include embroidery and doing paint-by-numbers kek.. I sound so lame

No. 1890801

me too and it's going to get worse for us

No. 1890821

I hate having anxiety. It's so stupid, why am I having diarrhea and sweating and having my heart race over talking to fellow human beings or going outside or ordering a coffee or literally anything. This is fucking ridiculous. ~Oh no, someone saw me struggle to open the door I should crawl in a hole now and die. Like get real.

No. 1890827

I looked up Mamamax due to the recent dramas and I found out about his previous allegations. While other gfs give out bpd signals, the girl she was obssessed with in highschool has a story that resonates with me. If you feel bad for a lonely incel guy and talk to him, they become obssessed with you. Then they interpret every kind action you would do for anyone as mixed signals and blame you for their obssession which seems like what happened. He also admits to attempting suicide and sending his cut marks to her as a threat.

What makes me sad is that this is such a common story, yet he just said "nu-uh" and suddenly everyone believes this incel. Women are never believed, they're always sending "mixed signals". Even if they outright say they're not interested romantically, they'll be told they're asking for it because they dared to greet the person. This dude has a history of documented cringe edgelord inceldom, deflection, lying and narcissism and people STILL tell this girl she is blowing it out of proportion. Women are fucking doomed.

No. 1890840

Kekk I'm sorry, but this made me chuckle. As a fellow anxious person I understand you, but when we lay out our fear like this it really shows how silly they look. Not that it prevents me from still feeling like shit when I go out of my house, but I feel you.

No. 1890852

>I think a lot of people viewed me as someone they couldn't trust because 1) I stood by my best friend through all of the fallouts that others saw happen too, 2) they didn't really talk to me so they didn't know my feelings
That's really interesting, it was very similar in my case also. I always stood by her through her own (numerous, in retrospect) friend fallouts with people that I either didn't know nor was close to. I listened to her because I felt that was what she needed, but always standing by her side while not really talking 1 on 1 with the others probably made me seem untrustworthy to others, too. In the end, she was the one that was closer to the others in our friend group. I think I tolerated it when her friend fallouts didn't concern people I was actually close to, but recently she had started having issues with the others in our group and coming to me to complain about them. If I suggested she communicate with them she would explode at me, so just listened. And deep down I believed it some, and it made me distance myself from our other friends. Guess what, she was talking shit about me to them at the same time too. The fallout was inevitable. I've known for almost a decade that she likes to gossip and talk behind people's backs but I always accepted it because she was my best friend. But I can't have this in my life anymore.

I wonder if there are others who feel the same way as I do now, but I've left that life behind so I will never know. It doesn't bother me though. Thank you for your well wishes nona. I think I'll be alright even though I feel a bit lonely at the moment. Hope you have a great time crying into delicious pasta.

No. 1890855

I just pulled out the biggest grosses smegma pearl i’ve ever seen. I’ve never had like a solid pearl in my clit before so when I was cleaning it and it didn’t go away I was getting confused and then I grabbed a pair of tweezers and plucked it out from between the skin but there was still like a root left (?) so I had to hold my clit open and kind of dig a little into it with the tweezer to pull it out and it wasn’t painful but I was surprised as to how big the thing was

No. 1890861

having a heart attack right now because I just deleted my linkedin and now someone in /meta/ is writing messages directed to a certain individual who just deleted their linkedin now I feel like i’m going to have a stroke which one of you is fucking watching me?? and why?

No. 1890862

Serious question. Is this a normal thing to happen? To have it in your clit? I never had that happen to me untill recently and it seems like a sign of some illness to me.

No. 1890864

why does suicide have to be such an ordeal? apparently even laying my head on the train tracks might not work, i'd still be in pain and agony and if my animal instinct kicked in (it would, according to all the horror stories i've read) i'd have to live with the consequences forever. even shooting myself in the head might not work. i wish there was a pill i could take or something

No. 1890872

drinking yourself to death is really easy! also having seizures and not going to the hospital you might die

No. 1890873

File: 1708118413825.png (338.54 KB, 1354x468, keratine pearls.png)

yes they are normal nonnie kek you're probably just less likely to get them if you clean your clit a little more thoroughly

No. 189087