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File: 1695674654963.jpg (892.2 KB, 1080x1545, Screenshot_2023-09-25-15-14-26…)

No. 1904192

Read the rules before posting! Newfags, type “sage” in the email field (unless reporting new milk). The same ol’ song and dance: Do not post faces of minors or links to Sabrina’s daughter’s social media.

Rules link

Kat/Stormy/Pumpy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman:
>> shitty washed up cam girl with crap plastic surgery who is obsessed with skin walking Sabrina. Went to her same plastic surgen and even dates Sabrina's ex
>> is actively paying him to be with her and trying to trap him into a pregnancy after he successfully talked her into aborting the last child they conceived


Tyler (Ty) Arenas – Sabrina's ex/Pumpy's P4P/Sugar Baby/Official CamWhore Pass Around Links:

Sabrina Nellie "Brina" Juarez:
>> JJ who? Brina has a new boo, “Schwaggle” (nn Schnozzle) — A “sober” BMXer with a nose bigger than JJ’s penis.
>> Despite Schwaggle being supposedly straight edge, Sabrina is as high/intoxicated as ever but also claiming to be sober.. while drinking wine on cam..
>> Schwaggle starts using clips of Brina in his BMX videos and things move fast already with knee-jerk I Love You’s.
>> Ugh, so many cringe videos of Sabrina licking his arm and knuckles.
>> Some SAD cam appearances, she seems to be putting in more effort than usual to scrounge up money. One show had no tips, or even conversation, as Sabrina just stood with her mangled and bruised body that’s been ravaged by years of drug abuse, multiple pregnancies, and the anachan lifestyle.
>> Pierces her ears with a thumb tack and a candle because she’s bored and low IQ.
>> Her and Schwaggle make depressing porn together, where Sabrina is barely conscious enough to make you think that she’s consenting or knows what’s going on.
>> Our Scammer Queen charges people to subscribe to her page and then charges them extra to see the content.
>> In this chapter, she seems to have completely forgot that Big C exists. Further support that JJ coordinated the visits, probably to make her look like less of a vile deadbeat. We still don’t know what’s going on between her and AJ, but the natural assumption is drugs (he also claims to be sober.. while regularly posting lean). She bothers to see Little C a couple of times when she goes to see AJ.


Schwaggle/Schnozzle/smallhands – New Boyfriend/Co-Star:

Past Threads
4 (Mislabelled as 5) >>>/snow/1485139
3 >>>/snow/1405225
2 https://original.lolcow.farm/snow/res/1261804.html
1 >>>/snow/198254

Sandra G Popa:
>> I’m such a silly ol’ goose cuz I tried to trick my mother into watching my porn with Sabrina
>> Still messing around with pharmaceuticals and oopsies ends up puking on the floor trying to yell for help.
>> Responsibly, gets an IUD.
>> Has a Pokémon themed birthday, no BFFL Sabrina in sight? I’m sure she has a good excuse though..


>> A scrote infiltrates the thread and whines about the low quality of Charms’ videos and them costing $10.
>> Rants on twitter about the oppression that comes with having frankentits.
>> Starts trying to put in more work than she has been and does some weird Cow/Easter set (horror cow tier content).
>> Is going to put coverup tattoos on hold so she can afford butt implants, because she is obviously wanting to be ENTIRELY nonfunctional as a human being.
>> Weird deadpan face selfie while she sperges about having herpes.. trying to be diSeASEd gIrLy like her idol Pumpy.


Michael Flores — “Hella Gay” Husband:

Random Updates:
- PNP gets more procedures and engaged “new face, new man.”
- Kati3 is selling used butt plugs. - Used pic of Kati3 and Amouranth at some event they worked last month for thread pic as they are the "most popular" cam girls right now and I couldn't stand to use one of the nasty pics compiled of pumpy

Past Threads

No. 1904194

Used pic of Kati3 and Amouranth at some event they worked last month for thread pic as they are the "most popular" cam girls right now and I couldn't stand to use one of the nasty pics compiled of pumpy

No. 1904197

Blumpkim is seething somewhere over not being in the pic. Good job.

No. 1904198

This is Sabrina current IG forgot to update it:

No. 1904238

Kek good job like the other anon said, Poompy is prob raging that she’s not in it. Also I love the contrast between Amouranth and Katie. I don’t like either of them but Amouranth is in really great shape, like her quads are so muscular and nice and Katie’s ass is visibly saggy/flat even from a 3/4 view kekkk

No. 1904463

File: 1695722685477.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1750, Screenshot_20230926-060102.png)

Thanks for the new thread!
If you thought Charlotte couldn't destroy herself any faster, here's her awful new forehead tat.
Even the tattoo artist won't post it out of embarrassment.

No. 1904471


Oh my God, you are joking. It looks ridiculous.

No. 1904477

why do ppl do this to themselves

No. 1904600

File: 1695749364044.jpeg (158.38 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3048.jpeg)

Bless you for the thread nonna.
Here’s a recent one from Pumpy’s story (not a self post, she just posts twitter screen caps)

No. 1904636

When the fuck has she EVER been treated right? Never.
AND by a "man"? Never.
An attractive one?? Never.
This bitch, LOL.

No. 1904640

Just throw your whole life away at this point, this is the ugliest, shittiest tat I've ever seen, who the heck would agree to do this to somebody?

No. 1904642

Lmao the cope in these posts smells stinkier than an exploded septic tank I can’t. Attractive! Her! And Ty the Toad! KEK imagine thinking anyone is jealous of her for her haggard inbred looks or her ugly, ran thru pedo adjacent deadbeat “father” of a bf.

No. 1904662

File: 1695754803989.jpeg (370.56 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3152.jpeg)

It’s not year 6-7 it’s size 6-7, you 2 braincell anaturd calling normal kids fat

No. 1904668

File: 1695755160318.jpeg (93.66 KB, 1170x321, IMG_3286.jpeg)

The most pickme shit I have ever heard/read LOL. As if wife or fiancée would ever be an option for you!

No. 1904669

File: 1695755183119.jpeg (40.38 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3287.jpeg)

Sabrina’s IG stories

No. 1904675

File: 1695755329462.jpeg (237.3 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_3288.jpeg)

Sabrina’s IG stories Contd.. the Ariana 7 rings lyrics…. Having high “standers”…..

No. 1904676

Omg you guys she's so spoiled! I'm jealous of her, I wish my man came home with the cheapest, tackiest children's shirt from the Walmart clearance section. Hahaha He probably was buying condoms to go fuck some 19 year old on his way home and thought "this is exactly what my roommate pumpy needs"

No. 1904679

It's wild to me that a tattoo artist went for this. Don't most tattoo artists refuse to do head/face tats because they destroy your career potential? Charms' body's state should scream "too mentally ill to give face tattoos".

No. 1904681

File: 1695756551918.jpeg (262.86 KB, 1170x1220, IMG_3291.jpeg)

Pump and dump origin story, version 618: raped by a cop

No. 1904688

File: 1695757016027.png (1.41 MB, 986x1769, Screenshot_20230926-064114~2.p…)


That's a new one from her. Can anyone understand this word jumble from her?

No. 1904689

Lmao why is she saying a “white male” as if she’s not white. Also I would bet my entire life savings that she has never been assaulted by a cop. It’s deeply insulting to the many women who have been for her to add this to her BPD liestory.

No. 1904690

Isn’t her government name Morgan? Is she trying to say that only black men are named Morgan as tho it wasn’t a majorly popular white girl baby name for a couple years in the 90s KEK. Is she basing this off like…Morgan Freeman existing?

No. 1904693

She’s only encountered black men named Morgan. She’s retarded it’s mostly white girls named Morgan lol
Especially to actual prostitutes that don’t sit on their MacBook all day, who are immigrant or trafficked or drug addicted sex workers abused by law enforcement rapists. How tf can this psycho bitch keep making up story after story? It’s funny tho how no one irl clocks her lying bc no one cares about her.

No. 1904779

She has no friends to check her on her lying.

No. 1904898

The amount of fucking typos in this is giving me an aneurism. The first word is misspelled for fucks sake.

No. 1904997

Don't start reading the Lilith thread then if you want to live. It's like a hate crime against the written word.

No. 1905007

File: 1695793206676.jpeg (272.59 KB, 1170x2002, IMG_3320.jpeg)

No. 1905175

>>1904693 it's a white trash name, easy to pun. The one I grew up with was often called Horgan

No. 1905202

Wrong lyrics to basic Ariana grande song
The money thing made me laugh so hard. Money is my best friend. I "atract" money even in my sleep.
Patheticccccc. Imagine being this dumb? Honestly think her and Morgan Freeman are just as dumb as each other.

No. 1905206

Holy shit, she's actually retarded

No. 1905262

She’s weirdly obsessed with Ariana grande as an almost 31 year old.. .. see bunny ears photo. Maybe she looks up to her habitual cheating lel

No. 1905323

File: 1695842181734.jpeg (43.81 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3326.jpeg)

What is she talking about lol. She’s too old to date any zoomer in a bb belt and Rick Owens shoes + shut up, you buy your man $600 shoes. That ramen tee shirt is $12 at target kek

No. 1905328

Also bitch you’re almost 30. It’s cute your gay boyfriend is better than others bc of his 2009 emo uniform but does he even have a savings account? you gonna pay for his retirement?

No. 1905350

Stormy is back on a regular schedule on MFC, her stated goal is a return to the Top 100 and reforming her previous vanguard of financial revenue streams known colloquially as "The Dirty Daddies."
Its amazing that to this day, she still has a layer of grease you can see on her skin. Last night, she bragged her 9-year "Cammiversary" is close, and there are a growing number of simps that will allow her to regain prominence on MFC once again.
Perhaps old-school milk will be on the menu soon…stay tuned

No. 1905367

How laughable! You have always put yourself first, news flash look at everyone who is taking care of the kids YOU abandoned when it no longer suited you and appear in and out for praise. You have never genuinely raised any of them for longer than 2 years. Chloe? Only with Michael. Middle C, you just had him and were off doing drugs yet again, Little C tried while drunk and high and finally get Chloe only to try to kill yourself in front of her. You trashed your mother, sister, Michael, Aj/his mother but who's taken accountability? Hilarious.

Cut out toxic people? Is there a way to cut out yourself? You publicly have talked shit about each one of your "friends" on cam for it to be seen, and to others close to your circle for it to spread.
She literally has always put herself first hello??

A crib for your clothes? Priorities for sure! Nothing about any of your 3 kids you've abandoned. As for tips maybe ask your "sober" boyfriend.

Keep it up with your BS I will put it all out there. Grow the fuck up Sabrina

No. 1905394

Lol I love when Sabrina’s family posts. Makes you wonder what sob story she tells all her boyfriends about being a mom of 3, bc there’s so much online documentation of her being a foul deadbeat.
Then again, most horny men have no moral compass and are plenty excited that washed up Brina is looking at them

No. 1905425

This is so cringe. I cannot believe she shared this publicly kek

No. 1905445

It's just always funny to me that Tyler quickly posted Sabrina the biggest fail of a cam whore and valued her so much, then found out she was an escort behind his back.LOLOLOLOLOL.

No. 1905516

Honestly probably why he won't post Pump. Oh well

No. 1906074

Sage for no milk but I watched five minutes of her on cam yesterday and she was nasty to some dude who then tipped her to play Imagine Dragons songs and like 15 people left her room, me included kek. She’s going to flop but she’ll do what she’s done every month for the past five years and blame it on her depression and lupus instead of accepting she’s over

No. 1906136

File: 1695958378598.jpeg (171.61 KB, 1170x717, IMG_3372.jpeg)

No. 1906481

Does this mean Ty is going to end up with another black eye kek

No. 1906510

Time to start monitoring her follows/following

No. 1906660

Bravo to you, within 5 minutes of logging on tonight she is claiming Lupus is getting the best of her, and she is woozy from to much DayQuil. She put a q tip in her ear and it came out looking like a dip stick covered in old car oil.

No. 1906714

File: 1696042002568.jpeg (166.67 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_3395.jpeg)

She literally talked about getting high a week ago. It’s like a minor version of Sabrina’s “sobriety”

No. 1907097

File: 1696111018072.jpeg (248.87 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_3421.jpeg)

Almost no one does this, retard anachan projections

No. 1907768

File: 1696261680624.jpeg (134.3 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3442.jpeg)

Ended up top 20 last night

No. 1907770

File: 1696261770575.jpeg (313.26 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3443.jpeg)

Double post but this is from her IG Stories

No. 1907832

File: 1696270756791.jpg (757.88 KB, 1080x1529, 20230929_205552.jpg)

This is so embarrassing of her to admit.

No. 1907946

It's 2 fucking days into the month that's why. kek

No. 1908045

File: 1696303195427.jpeg (102.1 KB, 1080x1919, IMG_3484.jpeg)

Sabrina posted this

No. 1908046

And she deleted a tweet from a few days ago (sorry I didn’t SS it before the delete) that said “Me Myself & I” — wonder if a breakup happened

No. 1908083

Yeah she’s probably made 1000-1800$ so far, not that big of a deal when all her pigs have just gotten paid. If you don’t maintain that every day for 30 days you quickly fall.
If she doesn’t make at least 16k she won’t be top 100, even.
Sorry but i don’t find that impressive from the self-proclaimed “blueprint”.
She must really be struggling financially on onlyfans, it’s not that hard to pull 15-30k on there with 1/4 the time camming takes.
The girl works stupid as always.>>1907768

No. 1908100

I remember a thread or 2 ago some of the farmers easily made more money than her lol.
She had less than 400 subs on Onlyfans at $20/$16 take home each. She’s said multiple times she makes around $100K. That’s not even bringing up her debt.
You’re very correct that spending the week camming is much better spent making OF content. She’s just too dumb to figure out how to get more subs. The catfishes and fake accounts she reports are better at getting new followers KEK

No. 1908102

File: 1696314013368.jpeg (193.38 KB, 1169x905, IMG_3493.jpeg)

Same, she bitched earlier about how the thumbnail feature makes it less likely that moids join her room and tip. She can’t build an audience; they have to be fed/routed to her. She got broke when she got too obsessed with her boyfriends to cam everyday. She isn’t intelligent enough to piece together an OF strategy. What’s the plan when she’s 35? It’s closer to her than being 18 again.

No. 1908357

If that’s true she’ll totally derail. Being in a relationship seems to be the only thing that gives her purpose. Not her kids obviously.

No. 1908447

New bf broke af or they broke up. My bet is the former because she would be homeless if they broke up and def abandoned the new puppy.

No. 1908562

Sabrina probably drank past her 3 ml serving of wine per hour during the day that her bf/ roommate that wanted 45% of her earnings allowed and she had to whine to others for attention. Poor girl.

No. 1908581

File: 1696395679703.jpeg (84.64 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3564.jpeg)

Sabrina and her boyfriend are still together. He looks really petite here

No. 1908591

Bahahaha just checked her story that's so funny SHE convered this face. She knows he's ugly

No. 1908826

HAHAHA that’s exactly what happened! They got into a fight so she threatened to move out as if she can sustain living on her own. She can only mooch off someone to survive

No. 1908909

File: 1696447617829.jpeg (134 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3580.jpeg)

Can’t even do it herself on illustrator or PS, needs Canva for this basic ass “design.” I thought Pumpy prided herself on only working 10 min a day?

No. 1908956

File: 1696455813238.png (664.74 KB, 828x1792, 969BC5BA-054E-4520-B647-235658…)

Am I understanding this correctly? Did she go out and get some like felt pumpkins and glitter pens at Michael’s to write some simps’ names on and tape on the wall like some kind of weird skanky participation trophy as an incentive to toss her a few sheckles? I’m dying at the mental image.

No. 1908960

I mean it’s not unusual for a camewhore to do that…many of them do that all the time

No. 1908964

Holy shit, really?! That’s wild. I was kinda expecting nonnies to roast me for my wild imagination… WOW if that’s really a thing.

No. 1909020


What even is this?

No. 1909041

File: 1696468714010.jpeg (191.91 KB, 1170x966, IMG_3583.jpeg)

No. 1909042

File: 1696468749510.jpeg (97.71 KB, 1169x419, IMG_3584.jpeg)

Bet she never brushes her nasty teeth considering how often she posts about not showering or washing her face for days

No. 1909209

Early in her career, back when she was still living in Kentucky, she told the story that her boyfriend would have to remind her to shower/bath because she never cared about it that much. She even laughed that it was a way to troll him.
Now she has evolved to having a constant layer of grease on her skin and her teeth are falling out.
Its amazing to me, regardless of how much she is paying TY the toad, that he can still physically perform and fornicate with her.

No. 1909633

File: 1696573402928.jpeg (41.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3608.jpeg)

Same old thoughts, she doesn’t think about anything else

No. 1909634

File: 1696573431044.jpeg (91.32 KB, 992x487, IMG_3599.jpeg)

Same day she posted this

No. 1909635

File: 1696573460396.jpeg (239.51 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3607.jpeg)

No. 1909792

The way she thinks we can’t tell she still has a face full of filler kek. If she actually got it dissolved she’d look SO gaunt and prob have wrinkles for days. Also “fatter ass” I’m so sure. She’s a short-legged flat-assed anachan, and she can’t convince me otherwise

No. 1910083

File: 1696636073720.jpeg (243.79 KB, 1170x663, IMG_3628.jpeg)


No. 1910171

Trying to reinvent her original appearance— like those sausage lips or her moon face could ever pass as having “no filler.”

No. 1910287

I will never stop hating her for saying she had postpartum depression after an abortion of an early 1st trimester fetus she herself said she “yeeted”. Lmao like fuck off, you don’t even know the meaning of PP depression you ugly goblin and you likely never will know the post partum joy either kek

No. 1910574

File: 1696737177496.jpeg (146.55 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3680.jpeg)

No. 1910693

why don’t you get married and have kids and stop writing on the internet instead of larping house you anachan neet

No. 1911020

Wtf is with his black eye? I swear she is beating him. It’s always after she tweets about something horrible happening in her life.

No. 1911107

Hey I predicted the black eye happening again hahaha

No. 1911132

It’s an older repost I think bc she can’t afford pedicures. I’m certain she hits Tyler

No. 1911225

Shes literally punched Cody for cheating on her (based) so I'm sure she does the same every time Ty cheats on her.

No. 1911363

File: 1696899132714.jpeg (65.59 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3754.jpeg)

Sex work is the exception of course, bc all jobs/pathways end up in being exploited by men in Pumpy’s definition of patriarchy, where women in desk jobs have to suck their bosses dick to get anywhere. Meanwhile onlyfans girls who fuck themselves on cam for a decade with only a cheating boyfriend to show for it are liberated/making the best outcome of their situation

No. 1911465

I happened upon this site for the first time today (when looking old drama from a cow that I was recalling to a friend) so don’t attack me for posting like a boomer/ignorance of the full rules… I just wanted to say that I know one of the main cows here irl and I want to spill milk SO BAD to fill some of the gaps for you all but it will be too obvious where the 411 is coming from. I do want to say, however, that some of you should be PI the way you have made some really impressively accurate assumptions based on insanity-induced oversharing on social media (I think I started reading at thread 7 kek).

No. 1911481

Can you at least say which cow?
I know a couple in-passing, you’d be surprised how many people are on here that run in the same circles.

No. 1911507

One of the most milked cows kek too messy

No. 1911565

Everytime I think she can’t get more retarded she does.

No. 1911622

File: 1696935123751.jpeg (229.09 KB, 828x1266, 90A8D31E-F87D-4743-B284-176994…)

But, Lt. Dan, you ain’t got no friends.

No. 1911627

Also topkek I’ve never met a Leo who could clap for other people’s wins soooo

No. 1911652

“insanity-induced oversharing” has got to be Pumpy

No. 1911784

Wow thx you for this completely unnecessary post. No one cares you know Pumpy and this isn’t milk dumbass.

No. 1911801

Right because you would much rather speculate by watching their every move and deciphering it yourself instead of getting the real details kek sorry for trying to ruin your fun.

No. 1911807

You gave zero details you retard

No. 1911814

Testing the waters hun damn

No. 1911821

File: 1696974677861.png (2.97 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3783.png)

Stories post from a couple days ago (amazing how she’s done this for nearly a decade and still has like, $300 in her savings account at any point).

No. 1911822

File: 1696974746877.jpeg (195.38 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_3683.jpeg)

Another one (this is nasty especially with how dirty she is)

No. 1911825

File: 1696975037415.jpeg (231.19 KB, 1169x812, IMG_3708.jpeg)

No pump, you dont have a single acquaintance that’s lasted 5+ years, youre the problem

No. 1911828

File: 1696976879829.png (Spoiler Image,542.88 KB, 1080x1212, Screenshot_20231010-182412~2.p…)

Pumpy posted a video of her peeing… it's as disgusting as it sounds. Spoiling this. Click at your own risk

No. 1911834

God help us. Even worse when you think of all the highly processed freezer meat substitute foods, $11 sugary lattes, and ramen she subsists off of (albeit in tiny portions)

No. 1911839

In mad I opened this.

No. 1911863

Drink more water bitch god damn

No. 1912081

File: 1697048455197.jpeg (253.59 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3799.jpeg)

She looks like she might be nearing 95, albeit fat is less dense/weighs less than muscle… but her face is so tragic and overpumped that when she finally is a healthy weight, her face will be like a South Park character

No. 1912086

If you know Pumpy IRL how weird does she look in person, given she’s a bony midget scarecrow pumped full of Juvederm?

No. 1912153

Great now start doing some crunches and Russian twists so you aren’t a skinnyfat bitch. Kek she really is one of the most unfortunate looking people, she’s gonna have a face like a circle if she ever gets to like 105

No. 1912159

I don’t think she can even walk 30 min… she gets ZERO physical activity or outside time. No walks around the block. I’ve rarely seen anyone like her before, even other skinny fats walk around work or the store. A sit up might kill her

No. 1912167

Good point nonna. She is like a withered little old lady physically. Remember when she used to flail around that stripper pole tho KEK

No. 1912174

She’s worse… my friend’s 88 year old grandma does 1 hour of stationary biking a day

No. 1912229

LMAO honestly…you’re right there are plenty of absolute relics at my gym who do quite a lot. Pumpy needs to take stock of herself, she’s gonna be breaking down by 35 if she continues to treat her body like shit. Much like Shayna, but a different flavor. Tbh Shayna prob moves around more than her which is VERY sad

No. 1912283

File: 1697079744523.jpeg (55.26 KB, 640x1136, IMG_3818.jpeg)

Some moid said “body ain’t too shabby Lol” at her on mfc and she got triggered and posted this (and is delusional/stupid enough to think it’s an own)

No. 1912286

File: 1697080133015.jpeg (202.6 KB, 1062x1895, IMG_3817.jpeg)

She saw this comment cuz she posted this. I understand why she’s ana, being underweight at least gives the illusion/hope she’d have a nice shape if she gained 40lbs. Instead we can see she puts weight on her waist/torso but has spaghetti limbs— it’s quite odd.

No. 1912386

She’s always fucking banging on about ‘two broken arms’ and she had her arms in two soft slings for what….a week tops?

No. 1912388

nonna, you do know that with more weight plus activity it'll even out, right? she's not a lost cause, she just needs to gain before 30 and she might look decent with more weight. i think we're so used to seeing her emaciated we think she'd be shapeless if she gained, but i'm not so sure. i wonder if she'd still be this milky since her brain could begin working better too?

No. 1912624

Good point… if she gained another 10lbs, more could distribute to her legs and neck and arms so she’d stop looking like a bloated tick

No. 1912708

“2 broken arms” lmao you can’t get anymore cow like than that. And to celebrate being “healed” she flails around a stripper pole in a thong. Top kek imo

No. 1912733

Her “pole dancing” is so funny because she’ll position her grip like she’s about to do an invert trick or something mildly interesting but then it’s always just her same lazy trotting around in the air.

No. 1913094

OT but a bloated tick made me burst out laughing so hard this morning when it was quiet. Funniest shit I've heard all week.

No. 1913165

Flattered, nonna

No. 1913167

File: 1697228395392.jpeg (222.09 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3860.jpeg)

This was extensions (that you also got again in July and ripped out nastily) but okay

No. 1913265

Imagine the nearest hobby-adjacent activity in your life being obsessively thinking about what you look like, taking pictures of yourself to catalog your looks, and posting said images in order to attempt, but fail, to foster dialogue about your appearance. And that's All. You. Fucking. Do. Grim doesn't come close to describing that existence.

No. 1913330

File: 1697258128875.jpeg (214.89 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3885.jpeg)

Post from Morgan’s stories.

No. 1913332

also, in addition to this she posted some vid saying how you have to be loud to get tips and how other women are acting like “the cool girl.” Huh, I thought accepting cheating and moving in with an unemployed dude was that?
Anyways I didn’t record bc the video actually hurt my ears and I can’t go back, sorry nonnies

No. 1913421

File: 1697278944252.jpeg (144.71 KB, 1154x2048, 1FAF936E-D2A0-4C9F-9F9A-7E6F6C…)

Damn pumpy. You ok?

No. 1913425


No. 1913449

This filter and eyebrow combo makes her look like she could be Vicky Shingles’ sister kek

No. 1913583

Lmao you summed up her life perfectly

No. 1913587

It finally came to me who Pumpy also skin walks aside from Brina. notice it a lot on her talking rants and weird forced voice and weird sausage lips. Sssniperwolf from YouTube

No. 1913612

I have never heard of her but I looked her up and yeah, it’s weird. She does talk like her. And I know she hasn’t always— videos of her talking (Aka harassing her viewers for not tipping enough and shit talking other models) are well documented.

No. 1913670

I get second hand embarrassment for her when I see her on that pole. She looks ridiculous. Definitely doesn't have the strength to invert kek her arms would break for real

No. 1913736

Lmao so her cats sucked on and massaged her toes? Sounds about right who else would want to do that

No. 1913786

File: 1697352742234.jpeg (336.42 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3905.jpeg)

These bobbleheads’ costume is a graffitied junior high bathroom wall. They look like they smell like one too. Does she stand like she has gout to make him look taller?

No. 1913788

File: 1697353042935.jpeg (287.64 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3906.jpeg)

No. 1913791

File: 1697353668093.jpeg (492.06 KB, 1170x1687, IMG_3907.jpeg)

Last one. Camming from her mom’s house was the obvious draw for these pedos

No. 1913834

Surely this isn’t true? First Halloween party ever??? At almost 30??? That’s so sad kek I mean if she was from another country where Halloween isn’t a thing, it would be NBD, but most Americans experience them in their early 20s…maybe I’m nitpicking but it’s just so funny to me that she’s such a loser.

No. 1913893

And she’s not even wearing a costume. She’s worn this whore “cowgirl” outfit many times before

No. 1913914

Being a down to earth Kentucky cowgirl who can’t get her nails done compared to all the LA makeup’d girly girl influencers is her thing, except that she gets 10 meals a week delivered to her, must be driven everywhere, has 50K+ in cosmetic procedures, has a 30 min skincare routine, can’t leave the house without a man, and is a kardashian stan. So what’s the difference?

No. 1913922

Anything for attention, but I cannot understate how funny it is someone this short and small is dressing so thotty so men can stare at her. Like girl do 5’8+ men even see you in their line of sight?

No. 1913950

File: 1697387028383.png (219.6 KB, 469x531, Screenshot_20231015-092327.png)

What the actual fuck

No. 1913958

Did she jack a high schooler’s doodles during history class for these tattoos…?

No. 1913972

That’s how Ty found her cause he’s only 4’11”

No. 1913984

I was laughing at that for like five min. It is so fucking funny kek what’s the snakelike thing? A turd? The expression on the bear (or is it a dog?) is amazing. Hope she paid a ton for it

No. 1914053

LMAO.Now, that's funny.

The longer you look the worse it gets. Lol @ the black leaves,the moon on the retarded dog/bear/wolf hybrid thing? And the turd snake inserting itself into a wilted flower??? I can't stop laughing.

No. 1914065

File: 1697402985059.jpeg (300.45 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_3928.jpeg)

Does this “I’m so relatable” shit work on her simps?

No. 1914080

Imagine not washing your face at night at her big age. Even when I was 19-21 and partying on weekends I still did my skincare routine after each night out. Cannot imagine at almost 30 going to bed with crusty makeup on. No wonder she looks so bad, she has not one real self-care habit

No. 1914090

File: 1697405010392.jpeg (297.52 KB, 1170x1833, IMG_3924.jpeg)

Not going to post the video link bc it heavily features his daughter but found this. No hearts lol

No. 1914390


Lmao Aren’t these the same pics from when she pretended he took her to the OC Fair like a year ago?

No. 1915193

He is so cringe. Match made in cringey heaven

No. 1915258

Yup. Both are hated by all their past partners and have bad reputations. The only reason Tyler has friends is bc men have no moral compass, esp guys in his stupid alt/punk scene.
Women with brains that haven’t been scrambled by Restylane and prostitution know to stay away from Pump and dump.

No. 1915388

Stormy is on cam rn and says her bf only works weekends because she's "always said she's okay with paying for everything as long as she has a house husband that does the laundry and stuff"

No. 1915410

Pathetic. Both her and Tyler.
This knock-kneed idiot is to blame for why Pump is parading like a stepparent. He probably gasses her up about how she’s such a good caretaker. He’s such a deadbeat, getting his gf to pay expenses while his daughter visits “their” (Pump’s) home.
Tyler Arenas the hobosexual’s long con to avoid working 40, even 25 hours a week is impressive. Never seen such a lazy motherfucker. Wouldn’t someone who works 35 hours a week at Wendy’s be a better boyfriend?

No. 1915413

if he only works weekends what does the lazy bastard even do all week?

No. 1915426

“House husband” good luck with the ring Morgan. I noticed she was still peddling her BG content that Ty pressured her in the past to take down. I see why it’s fine now. I would literally rather die than do sex work to pay a boyfriend’s bills.

No. 1915527

File: 1697630515860.jpeg (69.79 KB, 853x480, IMG_9864.jpeg)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen her without the ridiculous comb over wig. She looks good (for her)

No. 1915570


No. 1915576

Are you retarded anon? That's Sandra. Moo is 300lbs
She looks so much better not anorexic

No. 1915586

Why would I be retarded? I know that’s Sandra.

No. 1915599

File: 1697648341001.jpeg (193.94 KB, 1056x1876, IMG_4003.jpeg)

Sixginn.jpg (sorry trying to leave more of a trail for when people google her lol)/ Pump and dump reshared this tiktok.

No. 1915604

I actually thought it was her at a quick glance too, the perils of trendy plastic surgery is that it ends up becoming somewhat samefacey.

No. 1915605

Kek is this her new cope for why Ty will knock everyone up willingly besides her?

No. 1915607

At this point he’s pimping her out tbh

No. 1915608

To clarify, working more than she has in years in sex work exploiting herself as Ty gets financially dependent on her. but hey if she likes paying his power bill, I love it

No. 1915627

Shes also mentioned on cam before that she cannot cam if ty is home so that means hes not at the house all night shes camming. Crazy how she was just bragging how she was gonna start relaxing cause he was picking up the work

No. 1915633

Maybe he’s just doing band practice and skateboarding and cheating, but seriously, WTH bc his daughter’s at school and his mom raises her. Laundry and chores and freezer-based cooking as a part time father with only 2-3 people at home isn’t very much….

No. 1915716

File: 1697671533957.jpeg (71.17 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4018.jpeg)

Milk incoming

No. 1915744

Lmao “taking off November” so an entire month kek. God she is so pathetic and lazy. Is it really that hard to film yourself diddling everyday?

No. 1915764

>>1915627 she can't cam in her own house she pays for unless the hating freeloader or it's child isn't around?! Hot damn he walks like a dog

No. 1915803

Dealing with disgusting horny scrotes all day is probably draining as fuck I'll give her that.

No. 1915910

LOL it was a joke you dumbass retarded mods(still hasn't learned how to sage)

No. 1915931

Perhaps the issue was you didn’t sage?

No. 1916155

File: 1697760457154.jpg (3.17 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20231019_200516370.jpg)

Lord farquaad showing off her greasy ass face. Nothing new.

No. 1916157

Photos like this about how “good” her greasecoat looks are not normal for anyone to take. Psycho.

No. 1916193

On the parts of her face with the light shining on it it’s just so greasy looking and in the shadowed spots her facial hairs are scraggly..she really has a fairly hairy face

No. 1916213

File: 1697775460402.jpeg (131.48 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_4050.jpeg)

I’m p certain her boyfriend has them too

No. 1916214

Plus, proof her 2016 makeup is aging her

No. 1916229

She looks like she was dipped in Vaseline then chicken grease in the second pic LOL bitch can't be serious…

No. 1916281

>”no makeup no filter”
Yeah we can tell lmao. Her profile/3 quarter view is SO funny with that botched nose and overfilled face/lips She really does look like she put a thick coat of lard all over her face. I want to see how she looks without filler so bad, you just know her anachan lifestyle has taken a toll

No. 1916327

For real, her 14 year old daughter should have braces (which probably cost around 5-8K).

No. 1916415

Anyone know if pixie prana is back to camming since her rich bf dumped her?

No. 1916513

File: 1697840045576.jpeg (254.83 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4069.jpeg)

I dare uggo to not file her OnlyFans and MFC W2s next year

No. 1916516

File: 1697840308300.jpeg (216.68 KB, 1170x798, IMG_4071.jpeg)

Lazy and weak

No. 1916594

File: 1697846809105.jpeg (268.39 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4081.jpeg)

What’s the white shit under her eyes if it’s not concealer or powder?

No. 1916630

on cam Pumpy said men don't approach her when she's with her bf because her bf "looks like a gang member" kek where?

No. 1916632

Men don’t approach her when she’s with her bf because she’s with her bf….and also because she’s ugly

No. 1916657

She’s retarded, men never approach women with a man accompanying them.
What gang could he belong to? He looks Filipino, not Norteño. KEK

No. 1916658

File: 1697858342613.jpeg (142.95 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4087.jpeg)

27 going on 45 plastic face, even with the upturned eye filter on

No. 1916659

He literally looks like every early to mid 30s man in a big city who’s a barber/tattoo artist/cook at a restaurant that sells $23 burritos or pho

No. 1916754

Even with that heavy duty filter changing her ugly eyes, she still is barely mid. I cannot imagine what it’s like to be as ugly as her kek

No. 1916807

Kekekekeke spot on anon

No. 1916842

It’s bc he’s brown, stupid racist Pumpy.

No. 1917012

File: 1697907850808.jpeg (262.7 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4101.jpeg)

Wow people don’t just throw money at you?

No. 1917013

Also “no one cares” no shit you retard, it’s noone’s job to ensure you reach 300K income this year

No. 1917230

File: 1697914752120.png (1.96 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_8785.png)

Pumptard we know this story applies to you doesn't she call herself autistic lately as well as not enjoying sex/misspelling of some words #TyOnBlast(emoji using newfag)

No. 1917231

> I cannot imagine what it’s like to be as ugly as her kek

No. 1917232

File: 1697914864511.jpeg (281.73 KB, 1284x1415, IMG_8786.jpeg)

Pumptard rage part 2

No. 1917434

File: 1697937058719.jpeg (250.54 KB, 1170x920, IMG_4118.jpeg)

Uhhh entertain the camgirl getting paid to entertain ?

No. 1917568

File: 1697965574449.jpeg (Spoiler Image,426.44 KB, 922x620, IMG_6969.jpeg)

Why does she have a dent in her ass?(namefag, unsaged)

No. 1917589

File: 1697970451169.png (465.71 KB, 1472x892, xQc3.png)

Kati3kat went to Twitchcon and is wearing xQc's chain in this picture

No. 1917723

File: 1697991270742.jpeg (185.43 KB, 828x607, DDBE82B0-102A-4E72-86D8-E2096B…)

I’m not a cam skank so correct me if I’m wrong here but this doesn’t seem impressive at all…?? Not even one “rank” (the jokes write themselves) per hour. Is that normal? Is that a flex?

No. 1917745

This looks Ai rendered. She's really disturbing to look at

No. 1917763

The ranks are based on how much money was earned that month, and at the top 100 it actually takes a fuck ton of money to pass and move up a rank. Sometimes $1,000-$10,000 between ranks. So it's fairly impressive. Lower ranks like 500's/1000's ect it could be a matter of $1-$5

No. 1917788

I believe the dent is the natural line of her butt cheek and she used an app to expand her butt. This is such a heavily edited image tbh from her jawline, arms, butt…

No. 1917829

File: 1698005922353.jpeg (31.25 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4129.jpeg)

“The trap” and has her own bedroom? I have no doubt her mom was low income and they had section 8 vouchers but Pump acts like she was a street urchin till camming

No. 1917966

File: 1698025009472.jpeg (302.28 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_4136.jpeg)

No. 1918079

Thanks, I was genuinely curious. Shocked she gets that much play/pay tho still. But thanks for explaining nicely lol.

No. 1918113

File: 1698059200187.jpeg (470.05 KB, 1179x2081, IMG_9972.jpeg)

No. 1918232

Do we know what he was in prison for?

No. 1918238

Expanding on that, the #1 rank Miss MFC could be making $150,000 or more. It’s easier to rank higher earlier in the month for this reason, which is why she was at #10 for like a day the first week of October. She’s currently at 46, which 21-100 gets a $200 rank reward from MFC.

No. 1918363

I doubt Brina is sober. Her definition of sober is probably, at best, no hard drugs. Wine drunk on cam is cool though. I just looked at he IG randomly after forgetting about her and this thread for awhile, and she had some post claiming 250 days sober??? I’m pretty sure she’s been drunk on cam more than once this year. She’s delusional and also trying to impress her new “sober” bmx bf.

No. 1918427

I thought people mistake you for being underage now you have someone explaining to you that you aren't 19, no shit. You are getting old with nothing to show for it Brina Jr. All those tattoos and plastic surgery aged you and all you had was a pedo fan base.

No. 1918429

Yay, Nathan is out of jail yet again. Maybe it'll last longer a little longer than 2 years this time. Never anything about your kids. Poor you, you lost friends, you have a great boyfriend, a great house, I'm sober, my brother is out of jail. Nothing ever about your children. Cheers to 31 soon.

No. 1918431

After she gave birth to Coda, she was back doing Ket and she was abusing drugs when she was pregnant with Cora. She's a pathological liar who likes to play victim and blame her family and anyone else who actually is taking care of the children she chose to abandon. True narcissist.

No. 1918457

File: 1698111974014.jpeg (614.9 KB, 828x1166, IMG_0437.jpeg)

We all know she’s a narcissistic drug abusing alcoholic who abandoned her 3+ children (all the miscarriages and abortions) but her ig shops are SO BAD ITS SAD TO SEE A 30 yo doing this while ignoring no one but her children. Want a raffle ticket? It’s yours but want a mother to love you? fuck off you’re blocked.

No. 1918458

File: 1698112037612.png (3.26 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0438.png)

these are on her ig. Looks like a MySpace day just figuring out how photoshop works kek

No. 1918864

File: 1698187156196.jpeg (234.05 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4174.jpeg)

The crying call of an idiot with nothing to offer: “I said/did it first”.
How many applications does she claim? Politics (wisely predicting where our majority conservative Supreme Court would do, no one else had a clue!), gaming, listening to punk and metal, and being an “original” OnlyFans member/unique cam girl. Everyone just copies her

No. 1918866

Same but in addition to “I knew the future of abortion rights”, major & never ending kek at “amazing credit and money” when now she doesn’t even have 400 subs and has to cam 30 hours a week to significantly increase her income

No. 1918922

Bravo, Dumpster. Not all heroes wear capes.

No. 1918928

File: 1698199915039.jpeg (218.83 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_4184.jpeg)

Floating head makeup (and filter)

No. 1918934

File: 1698200935493.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1179x2091, IMG_0016.jpeg)

Her lower lip looks like a filter glitch

No. 1918935

Her tattoos are just so so fucking bad. Scribbles and blobs. I know they are supposedly drawn by one of her kids or something (I think) but those never look good at all which cos why children aren’t tattoo artists. They aren’t even incorporated nicely, it literally looks like someone gave a child a tattoo gun.

No. 1918945

One of her kids dads used to practice on her. She used to bitch on Tumblr about him not finishing the tattoos iirc

No. 1918951

It’s absolutely ridiculous looking. It looks like when we were kids and folded our tongues to look like a weird deformed lip…did anyone else do that lol because that’s what it reminds me of.

No. 1918967

File: 1698208558356.jpeg (58.7 KB, 1366x965, IMG_4188.jpeg)

That’s why I hate whenever someone in this thread claims she isn’t botched. Filler resembles natural beauty (in a photo) but it moves terribly.
For reference: how she actually looks >>1883882

No. 1919099

Didn't Sabrina give up her legal rights to her kids? So she doesn't even have visitation access. As gross as she is for that, makes sense why she never mentions them - She's legally not a part of their lives, it's basically like giving them up for adoption. I'm not knowledgeable in the adoption space, but I'd assume any woman who went that route wouldn't bring up the children she gave away much if at all.

No. 1919120

File: 1698245476608.jpeg (321.41 KB, 1170x1945, IMG_4194.jpeg)

it’s weird how much she reads here. PS Pumpy the bronzer looks like shit smeared on your face— try going outside without SPF50 for once, it won’t age you more than anorexia does

No. 1919121

File: 1698245578069.jpeg (16.18 KB, 157x275, IMG_4189.jpeg)

Contouring with bronzer can’t save this

No. 1919123

It's not really a flex when your before photo looks miles better than your after pumpy. I know she always looked kind of methed out, but her face really wasn't bad, she just needed to fix her dolphin teeth and eat regularly. Her lips are genuinely terrifying looking now, like a nasty prolapse or like they might pop? She's as delusional about her looks as she is with her situationship with her man. kek

No. 1919135

It honestly drives me insane how much she lives in the past. She uploads photos of her at 18 like every fucking day, it's so repetitive and just a bad cope. She's such a loser all she does is talk about herself and post about herself when nobody actually likes her. Everybody just makes fun of her and it's what she deserves. Broke slut.

No. 1919176

Her ugly fucking fillers is why I don’t believe she has lupus, especially now that she’s back to drinking all night on cam and socially a handful of times a month
She is a warning to all looking at camming/OF. 27, nothing to her name, not even a car she outright owns, not a driver’s license, and she is holding onto a YSL bag or 2 as an investment strategy. Cherry on top is paying a 32 year old broke cheater’s rent and his daughter’s finances.

No. 1919268

File: 1698265541421.jpeg (92.13 KB, 1170x440, IMG_4207.jpeg)

She’s broke bc she’s lazy — that’s all. This is just 25hrs week of work (that she only did bc she doesnt know how to attract the OnlyFans subscriber crowd)

No. 1919361

File: 1698280752812.png (8.67 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_8889.png)

No. 1919363

File: 1698280861997.jpeg (249.99 KB, 1284x1809, IMG_8891.jpeg)

No. 1919364

File: 1698280884507.jpeg (442.87 KB, 1284x1788, IMG_8892.jpeg)

(fan art)

No. 1919365

Now deleted tweet but i thought she was so "financially" stable with her money and happy with her relationship with deadbeat cheater ty…

No. 1919366

File: 1698281012083.jpeg (35.76 KB, 1191x187, IMG_8887.jpeg)

Part 2

No. 1919377

No. 1919655

File: 1698333021127.jpeg (293.75 KB, 1170x1308, IMG_4214.jpeg)

No. 1919725

File: 1698341568909.jpg (182.73 KB, 1284x2282, 396282806_876804290678033_6181…)

Brina's brother would be perfect for Pumpy.

No. 1919750

Dump the cheating clown, stop blowing whatever money you have left on garbage and put it in an index fund or high yield savings account. Rinse and repeat. Problem solved. But that would require basic adulting instead of doing nothing to improve your life and complaining on the internet all day.

No. 1919943

Yep. Her little boyfriend is siphoning her wealth. And for what? It’s not like he is a partner who will pay into her 401K when Pump stops working for a baby. Women should never pay Bob the builder but it’s especially egregious in this case bc he can’t even work to pay half the rent

No. 1920044

Cue Bubba telling Forrest about fried shrimp, shrimp gumbo, shrimp scampi… For real though she probably doesn't go outside because birds try to perch on that thing.

No. 1920049

File: 1698383365681.jpeg (46.88 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4253.jpeg)

No. 1920133

File: 1698406165769.jpeg (146.02 KB, 1284x522, IMG_8950.jpeg)

Deleted Tweet #TyOnBlast

No. 1920144

File: 1698410331698.jpeg (202.65 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4254.jpeg)

She posted this on insta 5 min ago

No. 1920145

It’s 5 am her time

No. 1920149

For someone who despises men so much on the internet, she really is desperate to keep a man around irl. He abuses and cheats on her while she pays his rent, bills, and drives her car every day. She did the same thing with Cody, Dean, and whoever else. Rinse and repeat…..and complain about it….

No. 1920155

They’re not following eachother on IG either and he made his profile private.

No. 1920156

File: 1698412315809.jpeg (389.66 KB, 1284x2642, IMG_8956.jpeg)

No. 1920159

GOD her English

No. 1920160

It's crazy how Ty and pump met around 2019 and have been on/off fuck buddies, broke up and got back together multiple times and can't seem to let go of him she clearly has daddy issues and can never be alone. I'm so curious as to how much cash she has wasted on keeping men around and paying for friendships… She's wasteful and reckless with money it's crazy.. Poor bucky pumptucky will and always be a cum dumpster side chick(learn2sage)

No. 1920166

Hotel robe

No. 1920167

File: 1698413829361.jpeg (56.92 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4257.jpeg)

No she’s at home. Get a restraining order or protective order, call property mgmt, throw his shit out, and change the locks dummy. Tho knowing Pumpy she’s just as abusive as he is (black eye Ty)

No. 1920168

(Obviously far worse of a man to put hands on women but we know this bitch is feral)

No. 1920177

>>192016 then she would be completely alone, which is her ultimate fear. She doesn't have a community, no friends, not even a controllable mini-me mooch to commiserate with. This'll blow over by Monday

No. 1920222

It might be exhausting to be in an abusive relationship but she’s the abuser. If he pushes her out of a car, 90% chance it’s to physically distance himself from her beating him. Tyler lay down with this dog and has a flea infestation he’ll never get rid of. He can’t leave her because he’s financially dependent on her AND she’ll ruin his life by telling lies like this. Reminder that she admitted as much. She’s abusive physically, mentally, and financially, but yeah pump I’m sure you are exhausted.

No. 1920296

File: 1698434112755.jpeg (81.44 KB, 1284x503, IMG_8962.jpeg)

I wonder if they really broke up or a lie to reel in the sad sack pity tippers if so she may recklessly rage post him physically/verbally abusing her just like she did with dean in 2020

No. 1920423

Ty will get sick of sleeping at his mom’s and being around his child, soon enough.
Ty living off her sex work money and calling her a whore will never not be hilarious. Esp when he clearly has a cuck fetish for sex workers.
real crack baby logic is beating up on a man/emotionally abusing him to punish him for w/e the fuck, but taking him back and paying his phone bill every. single. time.

No. 1920424

File: 1698448865494.jpeg (60.46 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4274.jpeg)

Stormy insta stories post

No. 1920428

File: 1698449162653.jpeg (161.59 KB, 828x1472, IMG_4275.jpeg)

Bet pump and chump will be reconciled before this

No. 1920504

What is she trying to say?

No. 1920535

File: 1698457734118.jpeg (25.16 KB, 640x1136, IMG_4283.jpeg)

From Morgan’s Ig

No. 1920543

I give it less than a month till pumpy finds another "brainless" abuser/cheater who uses her again and will probably look like tyblackeye bruh she can't stay single for long.. and is super clingy to whoever she goes out with/posts personal text messages etc… Dumpy shit show all over again…

No. 1920547

since she’s been messing with Ty for 4 years and feels like his daughter’s stepmom I think there’s still more coming in their toxic situationship

No. 1920565

File: 1698461932606.jpeg (217.42 KB, 1061x1909, IMG_4288.jpeg)

She’s online and camming if anyone doesn’t have Friday plans. She also posted some videos of her “dancing”, overly conscious of the male gaze and pornographic

No. 1920566

File: 1698461961340.jpeg (228.76 KB, 1058x1895, IMG_4287.jpeg)


No. 1920570

“I’m so happy watch me on camera pretending to be in glee” ++ dummy doesn’t think videos of her using a vibrator are a thirst trap

No. 1920583

She said on cam that he broke up with her and that she was “wanting him to break up with her for a long time” so basically yeah. He’s going to find some other teenager to hook up with this weekend and then Monday they’ll be back together.

No. 1920584

Ok, knowing that HE dumped her, this scenario seems likely >>1920222

No. 1920589

File: 1698465029372.mp4 (2.82 MB, 720x1280, sad.mp4)

No. 1920595

File: 1698465371017.mp4 (2.6 MB, 720x1280, sadder.mp4)

No. 1920600

Great time nonnas to reread this whole thread with a special appearance by her ex that she was cheating on with Ty

No. 1920710

I watched this three times it’s so fucking funny what is she doing lmao. Her expression and her weird movements I’m dying…

No. 1920744

“Giving him the ex- girlfriend experience” PT.2 kekkk

No. 1920759

File: 1698503772767.jpeg (73.63 KB, 1170x330, IMG_4289.jpeg)

This is legitimately how Kylie Jenner would dance on camera pre catatonia. “Stormy” the Skinwalker defends the kardashians on Twitter all the time, eg said how she looked up to Kendall J for her flat eyebrows. she probably is copying Kylie’s dead eyed sex prance.

No. 1920765

I am 90% sure Morgan hit Ty (for cheating or texting a girl), maybe there was a struggle for his phone & he pushed her away then dumped her. If he was in the wrong, eg pushed her unprovoked, we’d know. This hoe has a pathological need to be the victim. All she can publicly whine about now for sympathy is being lonely and single (after deleting her claims that Ty pushed her out the car).
All her recent hot girl posts scream self righteous, narc denial to me

No. 1920826

>>1920765 no doubt she pulled a heinous stunt during the last tango, her whining is suspiciously devoid of accusations. In the dancing videos she looks shattered instead of the expected BPD raging/preening/manic spending

No. 1920831

Exactly, also “wanting him to break up with her for a long time” is clear BPD doublespeak for routinely acting up/behaving atrociously but being unable to remove or correct yourself

No. 1920833

(Also an attempt at a BS martyr act: “I am evil and you should dump me”, fake regret for one’s past behavior as well as shifting the responsibility of ending the conflict cycle onto the mistreated.)

No. 1920872

I am waiting for her to whine that she can't afford rent by herself. Her rent is about $3750 a month. That or she is magically is going to break her lease without it effecting her credit score.

No. 1920896

Pumpy said on cam last night that she wants to get out of her lease next month supposedly why she isn't going for rank due to moving.. Also claims she's going to fly out her discord buddies to help her move "states" also claimed it was a 16 hr drive from where she is now…
Also claimed that the total cost of her move will be $6k+ including the airline fares for her/buddies coming to her and going to the new place… Also claimed on cam that she owes over $100k in taxes and doesn't want to pay for her range rover, never drives it and is collecting dust… as well as planning to ship it out to her new place which she said was gonna be around $2k.. #PumpyFacts

No. 1920905


Her credit score must be in the toilet. She always breaks her lease.

No. 1920910

She’s an idiot. I’ve done a few cross country moves (20-30hrs+) for work and grad school, shipped my car as well once, this is insanity and lighting money on fire. With two cats she could be doing 2 days of driving/1 night in a hotel/getting rid of everything she has to transport in her car with a co driver. It’s all cheap Amazon furnishings. Her learning permit will be useless out of state too.
She could be moving to Portland or Denver.
How final did she sound? She said this 6 months ago too, before moving in with Tyler in April.

No. 1920913

And isn’t breaking a lease usually two months of rent, sometimes 1.5x if you’re lucky? She’s going to spend like $15K to move. I guess that’s why she’s worked so desperately in October

No. 1920923

We need one of Tyler’s friends or friends’ girlfriends to post

No. 1920973

File: 1698536854695.jpeg (38.46 KB, 350x556, IMG_9029.jpeg)

Yikes it's uglier in the sunlight mrs. puff lookin ass 💀

No. 1920978

File: 1698537058976.png (9.25 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_4315.png)

Every week: “Need more filler” but WHERE does she not have filler??

No. 1920995

I can’t believe some anon tried to say I was overstating how ugly she is kek

No. 1921021

File: 1698540981680.mp4 (1.98 MB, 720x1280, in motion.mp4)

I figured you had just picked an unflattering still of her as she moved, which can happen to all of us but she really looks bizarre in the end of this video.

No. 1921024

Lol I have no problem believing it’s mutual abuse. Ty is not the victim, he’s a slimy piece of shit just like her.

No. 1921034

Filler only looks okay in photos with a still face. She’s one of those people that look terrible irl I’m sure

No. 1921064

I can’t believe Ty let this blowfish give him multiple black eyes before leaving her. Although he did date Sabrina prior and broke her phone and forced her to sleep in a car while pregnant with his aborted child so I guess not really. (Even though she was caught being a prostistute with Anafoxx / Gia) Kekkk. Circus clowns here for unpaid for entertainment.

No. 1921175

>>1921064 idk I see it as a form of manual labor. Getting socked in the eye by a shrimp (who can't even close her hand into a fist because of her giant nails) every so often in exchange for being housed seems like one of the milder forms of selling your body

No. 1921176

christ almighty they both look weird. this what happens when you get plastic surgery to look good at specific angle for a 2D pic.

No. 1921238

Agreed, the labor and performance was worth it for him until it wasn’t. Same thing as sucking her toes and eating her out constantly to give a show that he was devoted (while he thotted around).
It’s crazy how she gets dumped constantly lol typical BPD hoe. She chases every guy she’s been with, Dean, Kyler, Cody, Ty. She should try to be single for a year, bet she’d make the most money since she was 20.

No. 1921357

File: 1698618896852.jpg (1.06 MB, 1920x1920, PhotoCollage_20231029_18345567…)

No. 1921582

File: 1698665766300.jpeg (Spoiler Image,142.65 KB, 1080x1114, IMG_9050.jpeg)

No. 1921583

File: 1698665788803.jpeg (Spoiler Image,109.33 KB, 802x1131, IMG_9052.jpeg)

No. 1921584

File: 1698665818575.jpeg (Spoiler Image,75.47 KB, 907x767, IMG_9051.jpeg)

No. 1921586

File: 1698666094250.jpeg (428.7 KB, 1284x1736, IMG_9053.jpeg)

Her "friend" is just like pumpy sucking random basement dweller dick, likes getting drunk, at least she doesn't look like a praying mantis bobblehead..

No. 1921589

File: 1698666218409.jpeg (263.11 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_9054.jpeg)

She's a typical looking LA latina thot and prettier without makeup

No. 1921591

Spoiler these, nonushka

No. 1921593

File: 1698666776501.jpeg (146.05 KB, 750x1334, IMG_9056.jpeg)

Seems she use to work at mcdonald's before becoming a stripper…

No. 1921594

File: 1698666811173.jpeg (251.98 KB, 1284x1897, IMG_9057.jpeg)

Vs pumpy at pizza hut(do not use emojis)

No. 1921601

File: 1698668382316.jpeg (256.07 KB, 1284x1639, IMG_9058.jpeg)


No. 1921603

Are we back in 2009

No. 1921606

File: 1698669363335.jpeg (1000.29 KB, 828x1577, IMG_0529.jpeg)

Scambrina is no longer pretending to be happy either it seems. Posting desperate deals on her abandoned OF for money. Deleted all stories and posts of her and Snozzle and puppy. Also (pic attached) she is claiming this guy is a narcissist too. Big shock. She will be tossed from guy to guys houses endlessly. She can’t even care for a puppy longer than a few months kek

No. 1921621

Lmfao she was just posting last week about how in love they are and that we need to respect their relationship >>1917966

No. 1921626

I wonder why he dumped her lol there are so many reasons to pick from. these hoes are going out sad. Pump followed her idol off a cliff KEK, both ended up in a pit of six figure IRS debt and an ugly on-off boyfriend.

No. 1921660

File: 1698681020668.jpg (250.21 KB, 1084x1671, IMG_2019.jpg)

Well just like some of you predicted, the “breakup” didnt last the weekend. She was at Tyler’s bands show last night, lurking in the corner in a few videos.

No. 1921663

Good catch anon ^ i had a feeling that they "reconciled" again and she probably gave him a quick hype blowjob before the show.. where'd you get the screenshot from?

No. 1921667

She’s sooooo pathetic LMAO. And so is he. Ty should be careful again not to knock her up again, high risk she’s skipping the pill to keep him for good.
These idiots like Tyler fucking with BPD hoes never learn that taking them back every 48 hours means they never learn their lesson or face consequences for their freak outs.

No. 1921669

File: 1698682635020.png (10.84 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9061.png)

Lmao @ ty's bloated tired face plus their music is garbage

No. 1921670

File: 1698682701244.jpeg (512.37 KB, 1284x2312, IMG_9062.jpeg)

Is he dressed up as a lesbian caveman?

No. 1921672

One of the gfs of the other band members posted stories and one was reshared by brainlessca’s IG. If you go through her stories one of them has the Pumpy video of her alone in the backstage hallway. Morgan’s such a loser she can’t even stand in the crowd w the other band gfs/friends (and she wasn’t tagged either in their group posts)

No. 1921673

Same, but without a doubt she posted that bc Ty’s friends are probably the only ones telling him to dump the pump and maybe picked him up the night he left (temporarily)

No. 1921681

Is this entire band full of ugly dumpy manlets KEK wow

No. 1921692

Kek she's so pathetic. She was just saying how he always manages to know how to unfollow her but would never unfollow girls she was insecure about oh and saying ty personally told her he would never marry her since she's whore who will die alone with her two cats. What a real winner pumpy

No. 1921875

Supreme nitpick but his armpit fat colliding with his moobs is so gross. He’s literally a hobo why can’t he pick up a barbell, and she’s the “blueprint” so why can’t she pull a dude who’s >2/10? Broke, ugly, fat, short, jobless, a cheater, won’t claim her, and abusive according to her. This bitch has no self-respect.

No. 1921889

File: 1698711386509.jpeg (72.43 KB, 828x483, IMG_1130.jpeg)

He followed her again too

No. 1921910

Staying with a man who says, “I will never marry you”, posting each week about “my family” with the guy who calls her a whore. Meanwhile Ty bringing his daughter around someone who hits him (and does god knows what else to him, we don’t hear that part)

No. 1922042

Each one more aggressively and offensively ugly than the next.
Imagine devaluing yourself (further) for THIS.

No. 1922101

File: 1698755223922.jpeg (163.18 KB, 1284x719, IMG_9078.jpeg)

Pumpy claimed on cam that she went to an all "white" boy frat party partied until 6am and claimed everyone was staring/laughing behind her back and every guy wanted to hook up and she wanted to knuckle punch the dudes in the face just for looking at her… Here she is proudly showing her costume dressing as a "bimbo cat" the same in the candid videos… Mfc session… RonnieRex:Did anyone pet you? Pumpy:No I gave them a dirty look while i was cracking my knuckles and they walked away… #Busted #pumpyfacts

No. 1922105

File: 1698755832470.jpeg (405.83 KB, 2279x1284, IMG_9083.jpeg)

Pumpy claimed that she is still arguing with her boyfriend but never mentioned the move happening again… Instead she's going to have her brain checked because there is a "tumor" where her bald spot is and she's worried it may be "cancer"… claims she only has 3 strands of hair left and wants to get a "cti scan" next month… #PumpyFacts #StPumpAushwitzResearchHospital

No. 1922106

File: 1698755912038.jpeg (393.56 KB, 2272x1270, IMG_9095.jpeg)


No. 1922108

File: 1698756015335.jpeg (137.86 KB, 1260x709, IMG_9082.jpeg)


No. 1922110

File: 1698756124035.jpeg (362.78 KB, 2245x1248, IMG_9069.jpeg)


No. 1922112

File: 1698756262295.jpeg (363.92 KB, 2251x1284, IMG_9066.jpeg)

Those sausage lips that vaseline face that fried little hairline she has left(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922114

File: 1698756452776.jpeg (309.68 KB, 2249x1284, IMG_9100.jpeg)

She'll be completely bald by 35 calling it now…

No. 1922214

thanks for the posts and details but just sage please.
It makes her feel powerful that men want to fuck her. She’s got nothing else to be proud of. A completely ass personality, nothing she’s worked “hard” for except a top 10 ranking 8 years ago?, low intelligence, & toxic, dysfunctional behavior.
I was rooting for her to leave Ty but it’s possibly a two way street/mutual abuse. Which is rare for women but if there’s anyone that’s the exception it’s Bloatkin

No. 1922215

In addition to malnutrition, sometimes ppl just have hairline thinning in their late 20s. Even for women… She’s got fucked genes anyhow

No. 1922253

File: 1698781519513.jpeg (275.28 KB, 1284x1509, IMG_9112.jpeg)


No. 1922264

retard(non-contribution, lack of sage)

No. 1922267


you got proof she got pregnant lol(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1922372

Stormy must really be pinching pennies rn. She’s complaining about ordering a pizza being $41 on cam rn.

No. 1922413

File: 1698811757039.png (2.13 MB, 1074x1842, Screenshot 2023-11-01 at 12.09…)

and they are back

No. 1922726

File: 1698866224941.jpeg (339.82 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4415.jpeg)

Uggo back to wearing that trashy necklace(Nitpick)

No. 1923270

Random but does anafoxx or ava have any milk recently?

No. 1923325

Both are still ana, strung out on drugs, still camming while claiming to be sober.

No. 1923674

File: 1699051192694.jpeg (150.28 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4466.jpeg)

Nitpick? this is the gaudy necklace >>1858758 that she shows off after every breakup to demonstrate that she and her hobosexual are back together.
anyways, Pump we already know you dont pay your taxes

No. 1923708

She never stopped wearing it. She was wearing it the day they broke up >>1920167 and the day after >>1920973 nitpicking is not milk

No. 1924105

File: 1699148013610.jpeg (513.57 KB, 828x1385, IMG_9188.jpeg)

this man is so fucking ugly lmao

No. 1924106

File: 1699148057399.jpg (842.75 KB, 1080x1493, Screenshot_20231104_213316_Ins…)

Pnp posted her new man!!!

No. 1924112

She got a divorce?

No. 1924113

This made me check her insta for the first time in years and it is wild to me that she's shilling a gym/fitness/workout program when she looks rail thin and malnourished. Won't people only buy from someone who actually has muscle and looks fit

No. 1924139

File: 1699151166654.png (1.05 MB, 828x1792, IMG_9191.png)

hinting at a baby?

No. 1924202

she’s legit missing a whole patch of hair kekkk

No. 1924254

Weird nitpick. She looks just like any other fitness chick focused on toning rather than bulking.

No. 1924363

File: 1699212427849.jpeg (411.94 KB, 1284x1793, IMG_9183.jpeg)

No. 1924364

File: 1699212455839.jpeg (564.58 KB, 1284x2262, IMG_9184.jpeg)

No. 1924368

File: 1699212652875.jpeg (274 KB, 1284x2261, IMG_9189.jpeg)

I literally spit out my drink when i saw this she's so ugly(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924371

File: 1699212767520.jpeg (Spoiler Image,336.14 KB, 1284x2265, IMG_9185.jpeg)

Pumpy sucking on ty's crusty hobo feet(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1924373

File: 1699212836015.jpeg (Spoiler Image,115.97 KB, 936x1076, IMG_9188.jpeg)


No. 1924395

File: 1699215666949.png (979.42 KB, 1005x1579, Screenshot_20231105-152012~2.p…)

I am trying to figure out where this is taken. It looks like all of his stuff in the background. Tinfoil but do they not share a room?

No. 1924417

Please don’t even speak that into the universe…she would be an even worse candidate for motherhood than Pump n dump kek

No. 1924446

They are both so ugly and equally yoked. Ty saw they’d have a fat headed midget kid coming and got Pumpy to “yeetus that fetus” as she put it

No. 1924456

Oh it definitely seems like they’ve had separate rooms for a while. They’re literally just friends with benefits but his benefits include free rent, all his bills paid, and a car.

No. 1924521

And her benefit is… being cheated on.

No. 1924562

File: 1699244532104.jpeg (Spoiler Image,257.17 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4524.jpeg)

A string of “my man my man my man” posts. There are scores of 16 year olds with more stable relationships than these 2.
Jumpscare of Pumpy’s fake cheekbones

No. 1924661

She has the fattest blob face on an Ana I have ever seen kekk

No. 1924691

THIS is the guy that PNP has been bragging about? kek, do we know what he does for a living? She’s always posting shit as if they’re rich but she’s so trashy

No. 1924705

Her idea of rich is cheap,fake designer LOL. this bitch has always been so trashy but acts like she lives lavishly.

No. 1924710

File: 1699289037569.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1922, IMG_5369.jpeg)

Kek yeah pic related. The only thing she’s better at is facetuning her pics

Her onlyfans thing is so confusing to me. Like she’s advertising it as a fit-influencer thing but also posting fitness themed porn content.

No. 1924842

Ugh the face pose is really obvious here…she's like thrusting her lips out with her tongue and sucking in cheeks simultaneously while keeping chin relaxed, it's annoying and hard to do probably took practice lol. these "candid" style shots with tons of touching up and posing are so annoying. nobody believes she just look like that, especially w sloppy blur. It's so bad with some of these cows that sometimes I wonder if manipulation "tells" are left in the photo on purpose intending to make ppl think the less obvious stuff is the real deal

No. 1925012

File: 1699339189741.jpeg (562.91 KB, 1284x2243, IMG_9211.jpeg)

(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1925015

File: 1699339343776.jpeg (76.6 KB, 1271x249, IMG_9210.jpeg)

Deleted tweet wonder if this is about her "friend" nicolette… or ty's other cum dumpster…

No. 1925016

File: 1699339375062.jpeg (461.17 KB, 1283x2257, IMG_9212.jpeg)

No. 1925110

when she’s mad women are bitches but men stay men

No. 1925134

This is coming from the girl who wanted kept spamming stories in past about how she wanted to look like this one thot ginasavage so badly

No. 1925183

File: 1699380671120.jpeg (620.39 KB, 1284x2226, IMG_9222.jpeg)

Pump lookin for sympathy and engagement and tries hard to make every situation about her…

No. 1925184

File: 1699380857357.jpeg (188.5 KB, 1284x836, IMG_9223.jpeg)

LOL never headed this story… she also claimed one time she use to beat herself up and let her "brother" slam her in walls back at the "homeless shelter" also claimed that she dislocated her jaw when she found out she was
being cheated on by her boyfriend mark… #PumpyFacts

No. 1925211

Oh god. Dislocated jaw, broke both arms (LOL, yeah right) Lupus, postpartum from an abortion (another LOL) BPD, born addicted to meth,PTSD, lived in the trap,what else has this woman of steel gone through? She's so pathetic..

No. 1925213

Samefag^ but she's still broke, ugly and single at the end of the day, what a loser.

No. 1925288

Look at ugly, mean, gap toothed greasy Pump https://streamable.com/bpygz0
can’t get a ring, a job, a real friend, she can’t even become baby momma #2 and she’s built like SpongeBob.
Keep selling piss videos to pay your cucked man’s rent, that’s all you’re good for(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1925341

sssniperwolf and Loretta pretend voice “the reason that the best parts of me are the best parts of me are because the best parts of me….”
A literal retard. I bet she can’t spell just like Sabrina. Oh wait….

No. 1925349

This rant is so unhinged, I love it. I wonder if she thinks someone is copying her because she is so "original."

No. 1925391

File: 1699415523704.mp4 (4.66 MB, 1080x1920, unhinged, unfiltered and unreg…)

For archival purposes here the Instagram Story.
> Sounding somewhat (?) serious
“ Just a reminder to all you bitches that think that you could ever try to be me in any form. Um, the reason why the best parts of me are the best parts of me is because every other part of me is completely unhinged and unfiltered, and unregulated and you could never love yourself as much I do to be this way, that’s why you’re pretending to be me. So, suck my dick, you could never.”

No. 1925401

Holy fuck pumpy… nobody wants to be you. Youre a pathetic pick me that looks like a shaved homeless cat. Get over yourself and get a grip.

No. 1925459

Pretty sure she's just making an exaggerated kissing face toward the frog.

No. 1925862

She always says she broke both arms fighting a girl, but when I went back a year ago in the threads she literally says she broke one arm and sprained the other falling down the stairs while moving… and she was moving at the time so that seems like the truth? Idk why she says she broke both arms fighting a girl now.

No. 1926776

File: 1699679967809.jpeg (278.03 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4643.jpeg)

No. 1926777

File: 1699680001828.jpeg (159.09 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4645.jpeg)

No. 1926778

File: 1699680027767.jpeg (175.48 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4646.jpeg)

No. 1926779

File: 1699680066979.jpeg (186.62 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4647.jpeg)

No. 1926780

File: 1699680142888.jpeg (254.05 KB, 1042x1804, IMG_4644.jpeg)

No. 1926790

I am begging you to download a collage app instead of quintuple posting.

No. 1926885

If I remember correctly, the story she told was that she broke both her arms moving some piece of furniture or falling off the pole she can’t use for shit, or some combo of the two, and THEN beat some girl up, with two broken arms. As if she could, even with her scrawny anorexic fully in tact arms and zero actual street cred to show that she could bust a grape in a food fight but ok, PoserSpice.

No. 1926941

File: 1699720385659.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.94 MB, 4032x3024, F9IlFs1WAAAydSz.jpeg)

Anyone remember Ophelia Overdose? Holy shit, she really botched herself. She already had perfect features before and now she looks like every single camwhore out there

No. 1926942

File: 1699720418788.jpg (284.82 KB, 1440x1663, 395301514_916802246470897_4828…)

No. 1926944

File: 1699720515711.jpg (58.43 KB, 560x420, TS560x560~2482846.jpg)

She was perfect. Lip fillers are a cancer upon womanhood

No. 1926960

she's actually retarded, she always had an angularish face when she was younger, the roundness she thinks she naturally has is all of the filler migrating and merging together and giving her pillow face

No. 1926991

But thinks more filler in her chin and cheekbones will give her definition. She should just get a jaw/chin implant and cheek implants if that’s so important to her

No. 1927092

File: 1699745578089.png (1.93 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0730.png)

Damn Sabrina really be out here posting how much she despises her 3 children in real time for the entire world (and her kids to see).

No. 1927103

File: 1699746540185.png (1.89 MB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20231112-004727.png)

What the fuck happened to petite Marie aka saracalixtocr? She used to be so cute but then those fillers and her new teeth look super horsey. Veneers look so bad on girls. Her teeth were fine. Why?? So sad

No. 1927104

Pumpy can't look after herself, there's no way she can care for a guinea pig. They are small but complex pets.

No. 1927105

File: 1699746632351.png (2.22 MB, 2960x1440, Screenshot_20231112-004602.png)

It's hard to get a good pic but if you watch her speak it's so horsey looking.(milkless nitpicking)

No. 1927106

it’s biting everyone in the household already, it’s clearly uncomfortable. But who is Pump if not someone who gets and abandons 1-3 animals a year?

No. 1927116

She'll probably not post about it again until she gives it away or it dies

No. 1927134

Theyre really social and timid, they get listless and depressed alone and it will be even worse with other pets in her apartment and her grabbing and touching it all of the time

No. 1927184

Once again screenshotting a cam stream where nothing is happening like the creep you are is not milk

No. 1927766

File: 1699853607740.jpeg (169.13 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4711.jpeg)

She doesn’t even live in the middle of LA… but ok

No. 1927767

Also if you don’t renew your registration don’t you get late fees every month? Isn’t the IRS debt enough pumpturd?

No. 1928670

File: 1700014957667.jpeg (321.22 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_4754.jpeg)

No. 1928786

Wouldn’t one have to actually know a hot dad in order to love one, let alone multiple?

No. 1928800

Is that where stormy got her moon tattoo idea from? That girl looks like a mix between her and brina

No. 1929435

All the basic cam girls got that moon tattoo from Sara. Sabrina idolizes her too. This girl actually makes money and has her own house without having to pretend to be in a relationship for a place to live, unlike Sabrina though. KEK

No. 1929438

No, I think sara got it at the same time as pumpy and they both got the idea from Zia_Fox. Zia had that tattoo a yr before both of them.(sage)

No. 1929575

Omg you're right, she used to be so cute. I pretty closely followed her costume modeling stuff back in the day and always thought she was so gorgeous. The lip filler is gross

No. 1929695

File: 1700174817867.jpeg (397.45 KB, 828x1297, IMG_9371.jpeg)

she’s (claiming to be) a homeowner now

No. 1929712

File: 1700177008237.jpg (272.9 KB, 1440x1800, 336919037_186504064135312_3847…)

I guess I should have posted her in the altcows thread instead but she doesn't seem to do much but the OnlyFans lifestyle that would get posted about. I'm honestly shocked, she's unrecognizable and as you said used to be so gorgeous and iconic.

No. 1929749

The guy's body and the deleted picture she uploaded >>1924105 is giving ex-military type to me idk. He's probably the one doing most of the purchasing tbh. I hope she got her name on the deed as partial owner or whatever. Also, I wouldn't be shocked if she comes out with a pregnancy.

No. 1929953

bless you nona, came here to post this!
I could imagine she just picked up that sign and stood in front of a random house, but…who knows.
Given her history/money management (remember when there was no money for her Oh So BelOVed DogGo's hip surgery but still enough for fillers? yeah.) I suspect it's HIS house and she's just tagging along..

No. 1929976

File: 1700233624565.jpg (364.45 KB, 1284x2282, 403525922_920071286455126_4623…)

Nothing more romantic than putting your twitter handle on a note to your girlfriend

No. 1929980

>>1929976 why are the stems soaking in redbull

No. 1929992

Jesus Christ her face. It's always looked bad, but it's just a disgusting fat blob, with those big fake veneers, sends chills up my spine. She's BUUUUUSTED.

No. 1930101

She's living the life pumpy thought she would get. Two horrendously ugly women that got botched and became sex workers on two different trajectories in life. One happily married to a paypig that bought her a big-ass house, and one paying a man to stay with her while he cheats and she sleeps on a mattress on the floor.

No. 1930541

File: 1700334241196.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0811.png)

Sabrina is talking to a new guy and liking his photos. So funny he resembles one of her baby daddies AJ so much KEK schwaggle must be getting bored of her

No. 1930542

File: 1700334349477.png (1.39 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0809.png)

I’m calling it that she tries to use this guy next! Esp following all her narcissistic posts directing to her “roommate” as she calls him lately

No. 1930544

File: 1700334635784.png (2.35 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0812.png)

Same fag but actually she’s heavy in this guys likes too. Looking for a new babydaddy #4 already. I’m

No. 1930605

Both those guys look AI generated

No. 1930788

File: 1700390274651.jpg (595.19 KB, 750x868, 1674868426441.jpg)

kek this guy has been in the ridiculous photoshoppers thread

No. 1930789

File: 1700390325809.jpg (1.33 MB, 3464x3464, 1674868468261.jpg)

No. 1930851

Haha him and ty could be brothers mixed with a hint of aj

No. 1931214

This is absolute perfection kek

No. 1931360

File: 1700527551188.jpg (609.6 KB, 1080x1080, 20231121_014611.jpg)

Love this for Brina

No. 1931381

She follows him for pointers on how to photoshop her flat ass and flabby body better. The other guy she’s lusting over looks like the man version of her latest ex James KEK

No. 1932924

where's my milk

No. 1933033

been wondering the same thing. Can't believe those hags didn't post something stupid for that many days in a row

No. 1934670

File: 1701137895629.jpg (2.74 MB, 4096x3072, MTXX_PT20231128_131338716.jpg)

When sex workers advertise on an app predominantly filled with children and then proceed to go on a tyrade because said children remind you porn is contributing to many of society's issues, kek. The sperg about feminism is hilarious too because ofc she's coming for radfems over nothing being a massive troon apologist/handmaiden

No. 1934800

>christian puritism
Teens wanting to be teens without having porn shoved in their face is Christian puritism now?

No. 1935387

File: 1701299099762.jpeg (329.93 KB, 1170x2026, IMG_5754.jpeg)

Posted on Brinas story. So much to unpack here….

No. 1935754

She prob listened to them for a minute. She thinks she's an intellect

No. 1935798

File: 1701375299247.jpg (156.82 KB, 1080x1920, c3RwPWRzdC1qcGdfZTM1X3AxMDgweD…)

I wonder if Ty's going with her.

No. 1935969

>She thinks she's an intellect
The irony is insane here kek. and unsaged

No. 1936041

Surely that was the joke.

No. 1936203

File: 1701455795940.png (1.85 MB, 828x1792, IMG_0949.png)

I can’t unsee a prolapsed butthole on her face. Also Ty tells all the girls he wrote that song for them so that’s a pathetic flex, butthole face.

No. 1936854

File: 1701552958266.jpeg (800.62 KB, 750x1294, 452ADDF5-9FB4-4F44-AEC4-D99F55…)

She is so very obsessed with this nose and it’s profile…

No. 1936862

Samefag, wanted to clarify..I don’t think it’s a terrible nose but the way she talks about it and what she paid for it. It isn’t the cute button nose that she wanted and perceives it to be. Wasn’t it like 16k? Where?

No. 1938507

is brina actually sober??

No. 1939656

File: 1702001043553.jpeg (559.5 KB, 828x1562, IMG_1020.jpeg)

The mentally ill and pretending they are the opposite sex will never make sense to me. This is pathetic coming from a retarded girl who does nothing but talk shit about “boys” then pretends to be one. Go snort some more of your prescription meth loser.

No. 1941660

File: 1702344795298.jpeg (864.4 KB, 1179x2087, IMG_1079.jpeg)

Wow she really only sees her children in Target.

No. 1941690

File: 1702348366501.jpg (455.99 KB, 1080x1588, Screenshot_20231212_023230_Ins…)

From pumpy's IG story, she's been complaining daily about getting little to no tips when she cams. Checked out a few minutes of her show yesterday and again she was bitching that no one was sending anything kek

No. 1941950

File: 1702397288180.jpg (148.06 KB, 1170x2080, 409511582_1531709304036203_491…)

Never forget, she is basically a scientist!

No. 1942054

It's probably the fact she keeps saying she needs funds raised to leave her abusive boyfriend only to turn around and keep talking about him

No. 1943043

Why would she even post this? She's embarrassing. Imagine only be able to see your child at TARGET? ew, it's despicable. She really plays Mommy once or twice a year at the most mundane place. Pathetic.

No. 1943429

That poor little girl probably thinks her “mom” works there. Sad the other kids are still ignored to no end. I wonder if she sends them a $10 gift card to target?

No. 1943465

File: 1702661525681.jpeg (672.55 KB, 1170x1765, IMG_1781.jpeg)

Apparently Kati3 is being doxxed as a result of passing another model in rank, she’s only live on fansly now. Maybe that’s why Pumpy isn’t making any MFC money, she can’t get sloppy seconds anymore.

No. 1943466

File: 1702662073058.png (1.03 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1782.png)

There are bots (?) accusing her of killing puppies, but she claims she’s being doxxed and harassed for calling out “unacceptable behavior.” No idea who she’s calling out though, but this tweet thread has the proof of harassment underneath it: https://twitter.com/Kati3katMFC/status/1730517393506537837

No. 1943491

File: 1702667244720.png (5.45 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9346.png)

Look at that grease stained pillow i just know her house stinks..

No. 1943492

File: 1702667330217.jpeg (1.25 MB, 3464x3431, IMG_9394.jpeg)

No. 1943493

File: 1702667407625.jpeg (557.21 KB, 1284x1962, IMG_9541.jpeg)


No. 1943494

File: 1702667504094.jpeg (265.84 KB, 1284x1346, IMG_9542.jpeg)


No. 1943498

File: 1702667689683.png (388.27 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9584.png)


No. 1943499

File: 1702667786052.png (Spoiler Image,868.95 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9597.png)


No. 1943501

File: 1702667878403.png (434.7 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9598.png)


No. 1943502

File: 1702667973413.png (532.51 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9599.png)


No. 1943504

File: 1702668068244.png (2.36 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_9604.png)


No. 1943506

File: 1702668173375.png (873.18 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9605.png)


No. 1943508

File: 1702668267469.png (654.56 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9606.png)


No. 1943509

File: 1702668360781.png (385.05 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9607.png)


No. 1943511

File: 1702668455249.jpeg (405.7 KB, 1284x2226, IMG_9668.jpeg)

No. 1943512

File: 1702668606462.jpeg (583.06 KB, 1284x2473, IMG_9690.jpeg)

Now she's claiming herself as autistic? That's a new one to add to her never ending web of lies…

No. 1943516

File: 1702669312152.png (378.35 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9818.png)

Deleted tweet..blowfish can't reel in new tippers anymore she only has one pathetic cuck who she manipulates pretty often and ninja tips quite frequently presidentbutt aka katstrophyazn on mfc. I like how nobody nor any camgirls acknowledges her on twitter anymore lol because they know she's a cunt and contanly flaunts her hate for men on social media. No girl wants that toxicity around them hence why she has no friends..constantly claims she is shadowbanned..

No. 1943519

File: 1702669650882.png (414.73 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9822.png)

So much for her failed rank month lmao flop nobody wants to tip you if you just on cam sitting bored bitch about men pout stare at your phone and brag about the ty situationship and constantly ban people who don't tip in your room Bitch you're just toxic and intimidating..

No. 1943520

File: 1702669800471.png (482.09 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9826.png)

Lol anyone remember when whorenickels was mocking her depresshun on cam it was quite funny she was wearing an inflatable pumpkin suit and had her back turned until someone tipped

No. 1943521

File: 1702669914587.png (417.63 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9827.png)


No. 1943523

File: 1702670127681.jpeg (104.23 KB, 654x664, IMG_9855.jpeg)

Just looked up the girl "arianina" she looks like she has borderline down syndrome

No. 1943525

File: 1702670294642.png (353.58 KB, 1284x2778, IMG_9840.png)

Deleted tweet within a sec luckily i screenshot ted lol mentioning the break in that never happened in that McMansion back in 2016(emoji)

No. 1943527

Here's the twitter handle many models and members are pointing out that this is the guy who's been doxxing Kati3kat https://x.com/orrra_?s=21

No. 1943530

More drama on the mfc doxxing situation Zia's point of view https://x.com/ziafox_/status/1734719605783064945?s=46

No. 1943532

Lol pretty sure she's subtweeting pumpy https://x.com/arwen_datnoid/status/1729998276554858582?s=46

No. 1943557

More #K3Drama https://x.com/itskristiebish/status/1734680941547909381?s=46(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1944055

File: 1702770587687.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1179x2098, IMG_1155.jpeg)

You think he’s talking about James?

No. 1944080

No one is crying over her. She' had three children and doesn't take care of a single one of them. Hilarious.

No. 1944117

File: 1702786743675.jpg (382.76 KB, 1178x2098, 1000150839.jpg)

Made a slight edit for accuracy.

No. 1944151

Just… Give up. You're not doing anything to benefit yourself, you broke, ugly bitch. Lol she even said in >>1943493 she took 5-7 years of therapy? Lol for what?? To be ugly, broke and cheated on?

No. 1944152

Talking about from shit from 2016 in 2023 is straight up crazy embarrassing. Nobody cared then and won't now. Goofy bitch.

No. 1945446

yep. and bringing up arianina is embarrassing asf

No. 1946439

File: 1703297751600.jpeg (211.17 KB, 1096x1937, IMG_5549.jpeg)

Only watched a couple but she posted like a handful of videos about how men are abusive when they make comments on her being a sex worker on Twitter and another handful of videos on how women neglect babies from deadbeat men

No. 1946440

File: 1703297874792.jpeg (394.99 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_5551.jpeg)

Another one with date tag, forgot to post but she tried to buy a house for her and her sugar baby

No. 1946441

File: 1703298428466.png (3.79 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_5552.png)

In this picture is a woman trying to look tiny and smol next to a midget and some yellow ass teeth. You just know this man doesn’t have dental insurance

No. 1946446

File: 1703300772017.jpg (195.08 KB, 1170x2080, 00.jpg)

She acts more unhinged when she’s alone. For archival purposes, here are Morgan’s latest Instagram Stories.

No. 1946448

File: 1703300822486.mp4 (4.26 MB, 720x1280, 01.mp4)

> On her day “off”, while alone in her house.
“Why the FUCK! do people treat children like trophies? If you think your MAN is cheating on you, and you are in competition with other women and you get pregnant because you think that child is going to PROVE something to the other women, you’re fucking delusional! You’re delusional and you’re a psychotic careless ass bitch! And I hate you and you should probably die!”

No. 1946450

File: 1703301250083.jpeg (270.37 KB, 1170x969, IMG_5558.jpeg)

No. 1946453

File: 1703301444912.mp4 (8.04 MB, 720x1280, 02.mp4)

> Without stopping one second to breathe.
“Creating trauma and generational trauma and god knows WHAT THE FUCK else you’re gonna cause for that child because the second your baby daddy doesn’t want anything to do with you or cheats on you because you think for some reason having a kid is going to stop him from acting the way he’s already been acting.
> Finally makes a pause
Then that child gets left behind because for some reason you don’t want it anymore because your baby daddy is a “deadbeat”? He’s been a deadbeat. HE’S BEEN A DEADBEAT! Why do [garbled sound] WHY? WHY? GET A FUCKING ABORTION!”

No. 1946456

File: 1703301658269.jpg (201.39 KB, 1170x2080, 03.jpg)


No. 1946457

File: 1703301939627.mp4 (3.52 MB, 720x1280, 04.mp4)

“Also, even whenever you bitches don’t leave behind a child or whatever, like, fucking, give it to a family member. You just keep the kid in your fucking life and just neglect the fuck out of it. NEGLET IT! YOU MIGHT AS WELL GAVE THAT BITCH UP FOR ADOPTION! WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING?”
Isn’t Tyler’s mom raising his daughter?

No. 1946459

File: 1703302155062.mp4 (1.91 MB, 720x1280, 05.mp4)

How many of the gifts here do you think were bought by Tyler for Morgan without using her money?

No. 1946460

File: 1703302235389.jpeg (565.56 KB, 1170x4160, 06-07.JPEG)

Combined two Instagram Stories.

No. 1946462

File: 1703302401524.mp4 (837.6 KB, 720x1280, 08.mp4)

“If I’ve pissed you off by anything I’ve said today, good! You deserve it.

No. 1946487

File: 1703307205035.mp4 (4.93 MB, 720x1280, 09.mp4)

“So, obviously I’m having a lupus flare up. I haven’t really had one of these in a while, um, I thought my shit was just, like, chilling out for a while but I’ve been having a really hard month, um, so I woke up from a nap, I fell asleep. I don’t remember falling asleep. I fell asleep for, like, three hours. I wake up and I’m, like, ‘ok, let me I’m gonna get some work done’. I start pulling out my titties, Oliver (?) starts throwing up in the background of my video and I’m not even joking. So, that’s my life.”

No. 1946488

File: 1703307240612.jpeg (334.87 KB, 1170x1529, IMG_5559.jpeg)

For a misandrist she always gets her feelings hurt when she’s reminded random strangers don’t respect her for being on OF. Don’t forget that includes your own boyfriend Pumpy who calls you a whore when you’re fighting

No. 1946490

File: 1703307412444.mp4 (3.99 MB, 720x1280, 10.mp4)

“I told a man to mind his business because he’s out here talking shit on prostitutes and I’m like ‘why are you shit talking women, who are literally just trying to survive in this hell of a fucking world and this hell of an economy? Like, do you get paid to post?’ And, he said this, and I’m not even going to…I had to mute the post because of men threatening to rape or kill me or saying some other bullshit.”

No. 1946491

File: 1703307481945.jpeg (552.17 KB, 1170x4160, 11-12.JPEG)

Combined two Instagram Stories, again.

No. 1946557

File: 1703329348494.mp4 (8.45 MB, 720x1280, 13.mp4)

“If you guys ever get tired of me sitting here shit talking about men, I think you need to realise that I get this type of shit from men all day long, and not to mention whenever I leave my house and men will literally sexually assault me in some form [sic] of the way, so I just don’t. That’s why don’t leave my house. That’s why I don’t hang out with people. So, if you think this only happens to me you’re fucking delusional. This happens to your mother, your sister, your daughter. Every woman you know this happens to! So, HONESTLY! Whenever I go tell men to join the rates (?) I MEAN IT WITH MY. WHOLE. FUCKING. PUSSY! My whole pussy! The world would be a better place without men like this. Literally, go join the rates, bitch! Join them. FUCK YOU!

No. 1946682

File: 1703372830618.mp4 (4.8 MB, 720x1280, 14.mp4)

“Also, I think it’s hella weird when men can only understand men being abusers or people that sexually assault or rape people when it comes to their child. Why do you only think that it can’t like [cuts self off] are you a fucking pedophile? Do you think that men only sexualise children? And not your wife or ow someone that is my age? [rising inflection] Because it’s not adding up! YEAH! Like, EXPLAIN IT!”

No. 1946684

File: 1703373343968.mp4 (8.71 MB, 720x1280, 15.mp4)

“And if you only give a fuck about the women, like your mother and your daughter or your sister getting sexually assaulted, you’re a misogynistic piece of shit. You’re not a provider. You’re just a misogynistic pi [cuts self off] why does a woman need to know you for you to care about her? THIS IS WHY there’re civil wars. WHY everything is going on in the world, because men only give a fuck about women when they’re providing something for them. Like a child, or shelter, or unconditional love, regardless of their shitty behaviour. WHY? Why are women just to be disposed of whenever we’re not giving you a child or taking care of your dusty musty ass? Why? Why are the first ones to get targeted in war? I want men to sit and think about this shit! And I want you to feel guilty.”
If you only watch one of these videos, this is the one.

No. 1946685

File: 1703373883654.mp4 (7.28 MB, 720x1280, 16.mp4)

> Complete change in tone
“Even if you aren’t a man, that acts like these men, you’re not acting like these men in the other direction. You’re not defending women who are going through these things, you’re not protesting. You are not voting based off of what affects women’s rights. You’re not doing all these things to protect women. When men are 50% of the population and women are so oppressed, because, probably 90% of the male population is abusive or aggressive or wants women to be oppressed. Um, you need to have a louder voice than them, and if you aren’t proactively doing things to protect women, not just the women in your life and how it affects them, you’re part of the problem. You think I need to sit here and speak about abortion rights whenever I live in California? My abortion rights are protected, I still do it.”
Saint Kat/Stormy/Pumpy/PumpkinSpice/SixGinn/Morgan Hoffman has spoken to her audience of men, Nonas. We’re saved.

No. 1946703

File: 1703378054305.mp4 (6.71 MB, 720x1280, 17.mp4)

“You think I need to sit here and repost missing women? I don’t. I don’t need to! But I do it because what the fuck is it going to harm? What does tanning up for women, fighting for women, protecting women, do to harm you? Nothing! What?! An abusive man is going to call you a simp?
> Heightens theatrics
OH MY GOD! OH MY GOD! YOU’RE SUCH A SIMP FOR NOT ABUSING OR RAPING OR KILLING WOMEN! HOLY SHIT! Like, [gestures] I’m on a, I’m gonna fucking lose my mind today. I’m gonna fucking lose my mind.”

No. 1946705

File: 1703378284860.jpeg (382.02 KB, 2340x2080, 18.JPEG)

Combined Instagram Stories.

No. 1946706

File: 1703378450352.jpeg (443.8 KB, 1170x4160, 19-20.JPEG)

Combined Instagram Stories.

No. 1946707

File: 1703378551223.jpg (199.69 KB, 1170x2080, 21.jpg)


No. 1946708

File: 1703378852569.mp4 (1.41 MB, 720x1280, 22.mp4)

“Men think that being an educated person with a wide variety of vocabulary is me using buzzwords but their buzzword is buzzword.”

No. 1946717

File: 1703379502673.mp4 (4.44 MB, 720x1280, 23.mp4)

“This shit ha have [trips over word] will have me in a manic episode all day because the shit men will attack me for is not even controversial. Is literally me just being, like, ‘stop putting down women for being survivalists, doing what they need to do to survive. Like, why are you shaming a woman for that? Why are you on Twitter like a bird, like a bitch!
> in the shrillest of tones
Like a goddamned female? Posting! Gossiping with your boys! GO TO WAR! GO BUILD A HOUSE! WHAT THE FUCK?”

No. 1946721

File: 1703379952990.mp4 (8.96 MB, 720x1280, 24.mp4)

“I know that this is really annoying for a lot of you guys to hear but this is something that I always go to therapy about and I always talk with my therapist almost every single week, is about how passionate I am to make a change in the world, to widen, like, peoples’ eyes, like, you don’t have to agree with the fact that I’m a sex worker or that people do sex work but for you to sit there and go out of your way to do harm to people that you don’t agree with, when they’re not doing any harm to you, it truly upsets me, especially whenever it comes to women’s rights over their own body. Because essentially that is what sex work is, right? Is like, a woman having control over her own body and, my therapist is always like, ‘you need to be on a forum, you’re so passionate, you have to many right and valid points blah blah blah’ so, I just vent, bro. I get mad and I start venting and I [cuts off]”

No. 1946722

She surrounds herself with the worst type of men and has this tiny, tainted sample size and, due to being a tard, figures this to be the universal woman's experience. Your fault for rooting around in shit with pigs and never finding someone to genuinely value you, pump the genius camwhore.

No. 1946724

Samefag, but it's kinda funny to see her low IQ genuinely causing her pain and distress in this one. Also whoever said she loses her mind every time the house is empty and stubby ty is gone is spot on.

No. 1946734

Men are trash tbf especially manosphere orbiters insulting a street prostitute, but they’re not trash bc they don’t respect Pumpy’s onlyfans. She wants the sort of respect a professor or writer gets kek.. it’s really embarrassing considering other whores like @rejaniced post frequently about social issues but don’t come off as retarded and don’t get into internet fights like these.

No. 1946741

File: 1703389818434.jpeg (196.35 KB, 1170x656, IMG_5583.jpeg)

Morgan posted weekly about how buying a house was a waste of money but it sounds like she bought one. She’s being relatively private about it — prolly bc she’s a fucking loser paying his bills and letting him live with her

No. 1946757

Uhhh she looks young ? Tf(learn to sage)

No. 1946800

File: 1703413023175.jpg (61.33 KB, 800x450, keyboard.jpg)

No. 1946801

I swear to god this bitch and her post partum. You were pregnant for two seconds Pumpy. You “yeeted” it. Stop talking about it like you were traumatized. It’s just so insulting to women who ACTUALLY get post partum from pregnancy or abortion. Also lmao this entire flood of stories she’s ON one. I never realized how mousy her voice is, that’s prob the one thing she could still use to pedo pander bc it’s so high pitched. Gross kek

No. 1946854


I took it they are staying at her current place she is renting but who knows with her.

No. 1946860

File: 1703431019616.mp4 (8.65 MB, 720x1280, 25.mp4)

“And obviously the people that support sex workers, this is not about you. Like, I don’t fucking wish death on you, unless you are an abusive piece of shit, then obviously yeah. Uh, but gimme your money first. But like, I genuinely have no outlet for this because if I post about this on a forum where people are allowed to have discussions, it brings in men like that. Where they’re very abusive, and they’re really aggressive and so [cuts herself off] my house has been broken into by men like this, literally, I’ve been doxed, my personal information has been given out, my mom was sent photos of me nude, I’ve had my house broken into, my birth certificate posted online because men, literally, are so insane and bitches that are anti sex workers are so insane, that these are the links that they go, all the time. So, I just don’t put myself into a position to give them the opportunity to discuss bullshit that is, is [cuts self off] you’re wrong. You will never be right in my head, ever, no matter what the fuck you have to say.”

No. 1946888

I feel she has to be brain dead then to not realize that sw just isnt worth it. I mean I guess once they are dead they dont have to worry about it anymore, but why not get out before some psycho scrote kills you next.

No. 1946896

X to doubt the birth certificate story. where would they get it if SHE didn’t post it first? also, SWers who think their parents won’t find out and see pics are simply delusional. don’t let anyone tell you that you can do it secretly. everyone in your life WILL find out.

No. 1946979

File: 1703455580061.jpeg (303.4 KB, 1091x1917, IMG_5606.jpeg)

Wow, men who solicit sex workers are the lowest of the low. Who knew? Everyone who “ruined her life” used to be a john and pro SW.
and little miss illiterate keeps insisting all other professions including MD-PHDs are a race to the bottom for women. Yes, scrotes are everywhere and can be patients or admin, but none of these women had or needed to show vag to get anywhere. Pumptard, they worked hard in ways you will never understand and made difficult, worthwhile decisions. you are too stupid to do anything but “spread them cheeks.” They are not the same as you and it doesn’t make OnlyFans equal to medical school

No. 1946980

Same but how is she educated? One quarter of gen ed at community college? Does she even read recreationally or listen to audiobooks? Is Instagram and tiktok her education?

No. 1947004

File: 1703463351212.jpg (120.3 KB, 1170x2080, 26.jpg)


No. 1947011

File: 1703465720678.jpeg (207.81 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_5611.jpeg)

No. 1947044

File: 1703474829837.mp4 (5.99 MB, 720x1280, 27.mp4)

“Let me just say something, real quick. I don’t know if you guys have put everything together but! The reason why women cannot have licenses or have certain amounts of babies or certain genders of babies, um, can the husband be married to multiple women but the wife can’t be, the reason why we can’t have abortion [sic] in so many countries, the reason why women are not allowed to show skin in some countries, the reason why men get offended when women get tattoos or body modification or change anything about themselves that they don’t like is because m [cuts self off] or do sex work, this goes hand in hand, is because they have an issue controlling women’s bodies in every sense of the word.”

No. 1947046

File: 1703475008779.jpg (170.31 KB, 1170x2080, Morgan Hoffman in Crack Baby.j…)

She loves bringing this up unprompted.

No. 1947077

File: 1703485459879.jpeg (243.61 KB, 1109x1929, IMG_5637.jpeg)

Fat face is always dressed like a whore at family functions.
& honest unrelated question, do men ever want children with a woman who they pressured to have an abortion?

No. 1947103

File: 1703499059083.mp4 (3.92 MB, 720x1280, Where’s the house, Morgan?.mp4)

“Also, some of you guys are like ‘oh my god! You’re too pretty to get…to do this. You’re too pretty to strip. You’re too pretty to do sex work. Like, you should get out of this. I hope, you know, find a way out of this’. And it’s like, ok, are you gonna buy me a house? Oh! Oh wait! You can’t! You can’t buy a house doing your job, either. Damn! Crazy!”
> can’t buy a house either
Maybe her mom did do meth while pregnant with her because this isn’t the gotcha Morgan thinks it is.

No. 1947132

>So grateful to share experiences with humans

No. 1947185

>Fat face is always dressed like a whore

whoa there, moiderino.

No. 1947187

File: 1703522711633.jpeg (177.23 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_5640.jpeg)

Not a moid, she’s a hoe
Picrel is Pump skin walking motherhood.
& merry Christmas to farmers who celebrate, enjoy today and your families

No. 1947188

File: 1703522888602.jpeg (219.33 KB, 1086x1938, IMG_5641.jpeg)

Socks probably with $1000 tucked in

No. 1947236

Her nasty ass mouth spit/crust balls never fail to make me gag. I just know her breath is absolute ass.
Who gets on instagram to rant before even brushing their teeth?
She needs to understand the concept of priorities Jesus Christ.

No. 1947249

File: 1703543342795.jpeg (134.06 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_5655.jpeg)

Mysteries of the hobosexual lifestyle: How does this chubby moid who works -part time- afford a $4K bracelet? Did he spend $4K of his $30K a year income since he doesn’t have to buy groceries or pay electricity? Did Pump give him $5K to buy presents for her kek

No. 1947281

His mom (?) takes care of the kid when she’s not at her mom’s house. Morgan pays rent and utilities. Tyler probably has very few expenses. The least he could do is get her a nice present to keep her somewhat happy and financing his life the rest of the year. It’s an investment for him.

No. 1947285

File: 1703555068092.jpg (339.69 KB, 1170x2080, hs.jpg)

He actually got her more. There’s no way she just got him socks >>1947188

No. 1947287

File: 1703555256117.mp4 (1.79 MB, 720x1280, Last year being Santa.mp4)

> last year being Santa.
When she has admitted it’s her first time >>1947077. Skingwalking motherhood indeed.

No. 1947288

File: 1703555318153.mp4 (962.66 KB, 720x1280, Tyler’s socks?.mp4)

Unless she got him a lifetime’s supply of socks?

No. 1947325

it’s like when my company spends a respectable amount of cash for client Christmas gifts

No. 1947335

She means Tyler’s daughter will be too old for the Santa gimmick next year, archive-anon. The file names make you really obvious. Maybe just keep it on your hard drive because her every Instagram story is not milk.

No. 1947658

> our last year
If it were another stepparent, I’d give them the benefit of a doubt but since it’s Pumpy, she doesn’t deserve it. It’s obvious she’s trying to exaggerate the role she has in the kid’s life which is milk considering everything else we know.

No. 1947671

Most likely not more socks, but tbh socks for Christmas as an adult when you only really buy socks once a year is awesome. Toss the old crap with holes away. Don't know why practical gifts are seen as bad lol

No. 1948124

File: 1703788443828.jpeg (1.72 MB, 1170x1884, IMG_5658.jpeg)

PnP looking more mtf than ever

No. 1948131

I saw this a couple of days ago (i lurk her account now and then), and damnit I hate this hair. She was looking nice with the longer hair before. I wish she would just do wigs when shes feeling manic.

No. 1948146

Same lol. I lurk every once in a while bc I don’t buy her “my life is so good” LARP while being a sex worker. Yeah the longer hair suits her better. I always hope she stops doing the fake freckles but it’s like she’s added even more. It makes her look dirty

No. 1948180

Late but the way she holds her hands while sleeping (t rex position) indicates that her body is stuck in fight or flight mode.(armchairing)

No. 1948574

File: 1703910592596.png (86.48 KB, 1174x274, Insufferable.png)

Like every month then

No. 1948661


Tinfoil: Tyler has a lien on his paychecks for child support or something.

No. 1948726

>buys her thousands of dollars of Christmas gifts
>says he can't pay rent
God the fact that she's been taken for a ride for years now by a 5'5 fat moid is actually insane. He's obviously lying about the check

No. 1948748

>chase stole my boyfriends check
I see she’s still out here getting scammed for her OF money by bottom-of-the-barrel moidlets. She’s one of those cows like Heather Sparkle that really exhaust me. Locked in the same toxic cycle getting used and dumped by loser male after loser male, but personality disorder won’t let them walk away and get a life.

No. 1948860

File: 1703981252649.png (2 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1228.png)

No way a sober person would post this. Her eyes look like she is high on ket and xanax kek

No. 1949302

What the actual fuck? The "I am me" is killing me and the lion filter glitching inside of her dumb face

No. 1949500

File: 1704151694903.png (1.29 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1247.png)

Not Sandra with her purse filled with prescription pills for a night out for NYE of shitty artists performing

No. 1949505

Wow wtf.. and that outfit. Costume jewelry and lingerie with a ratty tracksuit, Reef flip flops and unpedicured feet. Quite a look

No. 1949506

sandra is such a crazy yet so funny bitch.

No. 1949869

And the clear bag full of prescription pills kek she looks like a walking billboard for mental illness

No. 1950009

File: 1704243326829.png (242.92 KB, 665x803, angles.png)

No. 1950011

“Natural changes” KEKKK

No. 1950028

"natural changes" you mean the totally natural editing she does to look like a retarded 3D disney princess reject?

No. 1950890

File: 1704412888977.jpeg (282 KB, 1170x1324, IMG_5929.jpeg)

No. 1950947

Proceeds to tell her life story as some sort of a weird flex.

No. 1951584

File: 1704565648260.png (1.2 MB, 1004x1778, Screenshot_20240106-110750~2.p…)

That's a new lie.

No. 1951732

Wtf, if this had actually happened she would've never shut up about it long before now. Why does she make up such exaggerated lies?

No. 1951845

File: 1704612225683.jpeg (275.13 KB, 1118x1963, IMG_6005.jpeg)

Thought SW was a liberating profession, yet Pumpy is kowtowing to 55 year old cheating moids. Isn’t showing your butthole to other men to pay your cuck bf’s rent enough degradation? Now you’re hiding your tattoos

No. 1952365

Didn't she say they raped her too?she can't keep track with her lies lmao

No. 1952740

File: 1704795816032.jpeg (528.81 KB, 1242x2261, IMG_3355.jpeg)

No. 1952991

File: 1704848111465.jpeg (140.96 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6096.jpeg)

He really is a framecel. Those shoulders are more petite than most women’s

No. 1953282

Ewww he looks like a drowned fetus

No. 1953603

I'm sure this one will surely be thee plastic surgery that finally make her love and accept herself as she is. Right? Right, guys? lol, lmao even.

No. 1953960

File: 1705011289924.png (739.15 KB, 1012x1504, Screenshot 2024-01-11 at 5.15.…)

Deadbeat mom Brina giving us a glimpse into her idiotic mind.

No. 1953962

orochimaru head ass

No. 1953966


If you told me his birth certificate said ‘F’ under sex I would not be sceptical.

No. 1953973

KEK she stays lurking even now.
Bbbbut she swears she’s tHriViNg now and is a successful stripper and is a different person now.

No. 1953996

She's such a child at heart, she abandoned three of them.

No. 1954003

Typical crackhead ramblings. They always talk like this. Romanticizing their shitty circumstances helps them avoid accountability. If she’s a “child at heart”, she never has to grow up or get her shit together.

No. 1954103

Idk why this didn't occur to me before, but brina must be paying a shit load for child support every month, right?

No. 1954176

I mean each baby daddy would have to take her to court cause I highly doubt she’s paying them willingly. The oldest daughter is taken care of by her mom and family and I think her mom knows she’s a POS and an enabler so I doubt she has taken her to court. The baby daddy of the middle one wants nothing to do with her and is well aware she is a POS so I doubt he has taken her to court. And AJ is too high on drugs to file the paperwork and probably makes his mom raise the youngest one. So I really doubt Brina pays a penny to any of her kids

No. 1954345

File: 1705096211439.jpeg (130.95 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6191.jpeg)

The cam girl who posts nonstop about her boyfriend, has a bitter personality, cams sporadically, recycles decade old content, brags about “working” 20 min a few times a week for years, and uses AI answer bots can’t get anyone to spoil her. Who knew!

No. 1954639

Ew your PFP is showing.

No. 1954719

if you/someone other than the same 3 anons posted milk here, you’d learn Pumpy is always posting SS from her Twitter account onto her stories. Not a self post.

No. 1955136

File: 1705267161320.jpeg (425.09 KB, 828x916, IMG_4602.jpeg)

Ye olde thoriathis acting up or just purposefully disgusting makeup?

No. 1955156

As someone with naturally heavy face freckling this kind of shit is borderline offensive KEK why does she (and many other an e-thot) like to do dookie freckles? Just why…

No. 1955160

Kek the funniest part to me is the perfect little circle on the top of her nose. It’s like inverted clown makeup

No. 1955327

Is that what the pfp is??? It's a twitter post about some Asian girl. Maybe you shouldn't fucking vague post and just say what you want to say. No one can tell this is pumpys ig story and your description is vague and sarcastic.

No. 1955394


Lurk more newfag. This has been discussed several times in the threads.

No. 1955503


The flaky thcalp is grim.

No. 1955625

File: 1705381745772.jpeg (89.41 KB, 1170x778, IMG_2272.jpeg)

Pumpy and Tyler unfollowed each other once again on IG….so nothing new going on in that relationship…

No. 1955637

File: 1705385490085.jpeg (46.5 KB, 1170x248, IMG_6355.jpeg)

I know they’ll be back together in 2 hours but

No. 1955857

Hahah, this pic of Sandra is the content I periodically come here for. Everything is hilarious. A total fashion faux pas. Can’t believe she leaves the house in these types of outfits, let alone going to an NYE party looking like that. And then the prescription pills in a clear bag?! Oooof! I sometimes think Sandra is the cow who could turn it around one day, but her seemingly low IQ combined with the people she hangs around only propels her in the wrong direction. We need more Sandra content here! 10/10

No. 1955895

File: 1705437492806.jpeg (143.4 KB, 1063x1924, IMG_6356.jpeg)

She’s illiterate

No. 1955955

facial feminization surgery…? she DOES look like a man but it’s weird that she’s seriously looking into getting this. the constant jokes about ariana looking like a trans woman are starting to not feel like jokes kek

No. 1956430

Why hasn't the irs taken action against her yet pretty sure this isn't the only shit that she owes them..

No. 1956431

File: 1705563665460.jpeg (231.54 KB, 1284x948, IMG_0189.jpeg)


No. 1956454

is this about her failed skateboard company? kek

No. 1956554

She has the highest opinion of herself yet absolutely hates how she looks. The dissonance is astounding.

With her list of half-assed ventures and aborted (heh) projects it's awfully difficult to even keep track of her failings.

No. 1956578

this would mean she only pays around 6k a year in taxes?? no way that’s possible. idk if she was trying to flex something with that amount, but most people pay that amount or more into taxes weekly with near minimum wage vanilla jobs they’re just not on payment arrangements

No. 1956595

She is already in 5 minimum, if not 6 figure IRS debt and makes monthly payments. She’s discussed having substantial tax debt on cam prior. Every single one of these cam girls was surprised by how much they owed over 3 years as they didn’t put aside 25-30% for taxes and put off reporting.
That’s why she is unable to pay for something like $5K in vet bills upfront, low savings for income, heavy amount goes to IRS debt, stupid unwillingness to sell luxury items (no your YSL bag will not appreciate) to have more capital/avoid credit debt. Drains whatever cash reserves she carries month to month by rent deposits, moving fees, high CoL. We all pay taxes, she just doesn’t have the self control to put aside for hers.

No. 1956982

File: 1705696613572.jpeg (834.56 KB, 1290x1549, 7BB343E0-3B2C-4A6D-996D-AD7000…)

No. 1956992

She's so full of shit. ESA my ass. If she's actually having heart palipations it's because she's anorexic lmao.

No. 1957039

CHF is 9 times out of 10 an acquired condition that usually occurs in older people as a result of ageing or poor lifestyle choices like obesity or smoking (her mom is a meth addict). It’s rarely congenital unless your family has a strong history of heart defects that they were born with. Also getting heart palpitations doesn’t mean you have CHF. Tons of healthy people get heart palpitations daily and 3-5 a day is basically nothing (many healthy people get 5-10,000 a day)

No. 1957319

Esa means emotional service animal, no esa will ever ever ever alert to medical needs. She’s thinking about medical services animals which are 20grand minimum and typically a dog not a cat.

No. 1957340

File: 1705767868501.jpg (152.57 KB, 1063x786, Screenshot_20240120_092238_Fir…)

But she was gonna buy a house with him and what about her "much family"

No. 1957447

Wow, who knew being a sexworker would attract moids with a "pimp" mindset? shocking.

No. 1957516

She chases guys with known bad reputations like Ty and Dean

No. 1958637

she def doesn’t have a high opinion of herself… that’s why she acts like that online, it’s who she wishes she could be. her confident “bad bitch” online persona is just posturing, she’s admitted as much in the past. irl she’s a cowardly insecure weakling who uses plastic surgery to cope. hilarious because she’s never going to be the naturally pretty girl she so desperately wishes she was and she’s quickly aging out of her dream job too kek

No. 1958671

For the record she hasn’t posted about Ty for a week on either IG or Twitter— they must still be on the rocks.

No. 1958707

File: 1706057102296.png (8.52 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_2627.png)

Jocelyn Wildenstein looking ass

No. 1958932

File: 1706120091781.png (149.99 KB, 1188x586, morgan_stupidity.png)

She must have noticed your post.

No. 1958944

I wish she still had a thread. I know she doesn't have that much milk anymore but she was one of my favorite cows to follow, even when there's no drama. I scroll through this thread just to see if there are posts on her, I don't care about the others

No. 1959078

Yiiiikes her face looks so swollen, especially the right side

No. 1959110

It doth noth lookth stwollen is what she is trying to show lol this bitch looks uglier and uglier by the day. I remember her thinking she was hot shit on Tumblr because she had a 4some with doormat,that creepy bitch baby trash and her fat boyfriend…. Such entertaining times.

No. 1959296

File: 1706198083356.png (1.48 MB, 816x1440, Brina_Idiot.png)

How romantic…

No. 1959387

Of course the guys are the toxic ones if the relationships. Not Sabrina. Not in her version of events anyway

No. 1959408

Ah, yes. You're boyfriend is as pathetic as you. Enabling behavior. You are undoubtedly the toxic one, three kids and never took care of or even helped financially. You know you failed them. Most of all, Chloe.

No. 1959411

How do you sleep knowing you ruined her mental health? How do you feel knowing her struggles and only caring about yourself? You want to pretend all the time for social media. You will be alone. Cora too will see you for who you are too. Thankfully Coda was a boy cause you never wanted a boy. He's out of reach from your harm thankfully. You have done so much damage to your OWN children. You may of gave birth to them, but you are NO mother.

No. 1959455

Imagine you and your current bf are not over your exes. She must talk about her ex bfs nonstop for him to put in all that effort.

No. 1959494

File: 1706225766838.png (1.8 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1384.png)

Wasn’t she the one who broke into Nathanial’s house after he dumped her for being a deadbeat mother KEK

No. 1959522

This is the most cucked shit ever.

No. 1959542

File: 1706232515420.jpeg (214.55 KB, 929x1317, IMG_6621.jpeg)

Sabrina’s been skating on “pretty privilege” forever, too many men ignore how much of a deadbeat she is bc of their boners. Only a few more years till her looks completely deteriorate with age and poor care and noone will be around.
Pregnant again or pouch/small belly from having 3 kids?

No. 1959544

File: 1706232729824.jpeg (597.57 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_6624.jpeg)

Sabrina’s post (if you couldn’t tell by the five below home decor)

No. 1959551

File: 1706232947791.jpeg (383.68 KB, 1284x2282, IMG_6625.jpeg)

A truly delusional person, both Sabrina and her remaining parasocial fans

No. 1959560

The 5 below comment was funny even if it was tapeworm who wrote it. Yeah she does look pregnant?

No. 1959567

File: 1706234620174.jpeg (221.41 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6593.jpeg)

Last post tho Brina’s ex stunt is more interesting kek. Ty and Morgan got back together in time to go to his show in Fresno (eg, for her to pay for his hotel). Here’s her bragging about human decency.. her life really is pitiful

No. 1959571

File: 1706235087560.jpeg (273.63 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6592.jpeg)

Forgot one of Miss pillowface. Love how she’s a SAH stepmom with Ty’s kid except when he has a show and they ditch the kid with grandma on a school night. Not for a rare date night, not bc mom or dad has to go to the hospital, not bc of working nights— but to play in a dive bar in mfing Fresno. FRESNO. To get paid less than the gas cost to get there.
Tyler and Sabrina were a compatible couple tbh, my otp

No. 1959589

File: 1706240500468.jpeg (238.46 KB, 828x1122, IMG_6193.jpeg)

No. 1959623

Holy fuck i live near here! I wish i had known. Kek i could have gone and possibly snapped pictures of the cow in the wild. Would have been kind of cool. For you who dont know, fresno is horrible. High crime rate, no charm. Lots to do but shit city. Its not impressive to play in fresno at a savemart center. Let alone a dive bar.(blogging, cowtipping)

No. 1959632

damn nonna you could have settled once and for all if Ty’s 5’5 or 5’4.
& yes they literally drove 3+ hours to play on a Wednesday night. Tyler has a strong unemployed (underemployed?) aura kek. It’s so unbecoming of a grown man to not work or work hard…(encouraging cowtipping)

No. 1959665

That’s hilarious as I live right near Fresno as well and had the same thoughts. Wonder which shithole in the wall they played at. Fresno legitimately sucks and so does driving there. There’s so many other infinity better bands that play at some of those dives, I can never even remember the name of ty’s band. (A sure sign of future success..ha).

No. 1959846

Ah yes, the forgotten hidden tapeworm Zoey Pascalame. Forever obsessed with Sabrina and her kids and babydaddy instagrams. Creeeeeeep

No. 1959856


Mods need to get the stuck out of their ass. The anon was joking about checking Tyler's height. Some of us find it interesting that Tyler's band is so shitty they can only get gigs in Fresno. Pumpy brags to make her life seem better than it really is.(take it to meta)

No. 1960076

mods are moids, what do you expect. probably also manlets. ban me you cowards, idgaf, you have been silencing women calling you out for weeks, if not months
>inb4 take it to meta
fuck you, because that does nothing either(ok)

No. 1960131

File: 1706393799944.png (1.57 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1393.png)

Just Sandra making eggs with her mouth of course

No. 1960142

Rhett, Nathanial, James.. who’s the 4th one they always talk about? Kek

No. 1960169

No. 1960177

File: 1706406195216.jpeg (431.55 KB, 1198x1800, IMG_6695.jpeg)

No. 1960178

File: 1706406376391.jpeg (189.37 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6690.jpeg)

Reminding us how she keeps Tyler Arena$ (certified sugar baby) around

No. 1960179

File: 1706406512022.jpeg (145.16 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6696.jpeg)

No. 1960314

As she posts that from the same air matress on the floor that she has had for the past, what, 2 years?

No. 1960466

File: 1706494680065.jpeg (199.5 KB, 1091x1964, IMG_6707.jpeg)


No. 1960644

That's a lot of traveling for Ty, she's probably already jealous and freaking out and that's why she has to post about what a great relationship she's in.

No. 1960649

Yeah shes really laying it on thick the past few days. When not even 2 weeks ago they weren’t even speaking and unfollowed each other on social media.

No. 1960701

File: 1706558184910.jpg (285.11 KB, 1170x2080, YuuA9U9WWZ74.jpg)

The tour has already started and she's shitposting from her floor bed yet she's implying that she's on this tour or has any role in this at all? Of course she does.

No. 1960770

File: 1706571727945.jpeg (303.59 KB, 1169x1204, IMG_6726.jpeg)

She claims that he has full custody… in reality his child stays with his mom at least half time considering he’s traveling. He’d make more money cutting hair 5 days a week but whatever, retire off him.

No. 1960788

Glad to see your also back Samantha kek(hi cow)

No. 1960827

Not Sam, the same farmer always posting in this thread using nitter (me)

No. 1960918

File: 1706627002404.jpeg (275.24 KB, 1080x1920, IMG_6734.jpeg)

No. 1960930

There's no way this relationship will survive this tour, but I'm excited for when she inevitably gets wasted and acts a fool and gets sent home.

No. 1960967

File: 1706639385986.jpeg (265.69 KB, 1170x2065, IMG_6739.jpeg)

I’m still aghast at how Tyler’s kid is at home with grandma for two months, the real permanent caregiver. Meanwhile Pumpy pays $100-$400/for 3-5 nights a week of hotel rooms to make sure her man doesn’t sleep elsewhere. Not a mother, will never be a mother.
Pumpy didn’t travel the first couple weeks of January, not to Seattle or Portland or Reno— she likely fought with Ty over not being brought along for the tour. She probably pulled her funding for his hotels until he takes her.

No. 1960985

This is the most pathetic thing I have ever seen. What an absolute retard. Why post this!!!?????

No. 1961148

File: 1706686329953.jpeg (426.74 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_6764.jpeg)

Pumpy you are literally.. white

No. 1961150

File: 1706686572609.jpeg (625 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_6761.jpeg)

No. 1961208

Foster kid? She just comes up with a new story every minute.

No. 1961213

So she has four siblings who also want nothing to do with her? It’s never the flex she thinks it is….

No. 1961283

No way did she seriously post that about watching him???

No. 1961316

File: 1706735038585.jpeg (106.96 KB, 1170x582, IMG_6771.jpeg)

Working harder than Ty

No. 1961431

We get it Pumpy, you fund your man’s entire life so he’ll stick around but still end up getting cheated on. Big flex.

No. 1961483

She's living her best life with a 49 year old divorced manlet in the suburbs of PA that she MARRIED. Kek Ariana Pennente.

No. 1961485

How much you wanna bet he was her cLieNt or she met him at the club(do not dox)

No. 1961724

File: 1706842848404.jpeg (214.29 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6810.jpeg)

No. 1961852

File: 1706883782720.jpg (885.68 KB, 1079x1435, 1000032180.jpg)

Peep the "Eric" tattoo in red for her 49 year old client turned husband

No. 1961954

What a fucking loser. She's already broke and going more broke to keep an eye on her ugly ass boyfriend 24/7 because he's interested in younger girls. Such a dumbass.

No. 1961996

Every damn time.

No. 1962071

File: 1706927154736.jpeg (81.18 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6848.jpeg)

Ofc cheapass Morgan tips drivers 10% while she herself demands tips for breathing(nitpicking)

No. 1962105

File: 1706934550175.jpeg (186.81 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_6857.jpeg)

idk why but she looks like Elon Musk to me?

No. 1962224

File: 1706979999335.jpeg (274.99 KB, 1284x2247, IMG_2115.jpeg)

(don't use emojis/ emoticons)

No. 1962586

Any pics of the guy? Guess we were off about him being a dentist. He can’t be that rich then. Prolly makes good money but not like that.

No. 1962714

No. 1962828

Her fake freckles are some of the most egregious. I feel like those of us w freckles should be able to slap fine tickets on people who do the heinous doodoo type of fake ones rather than the subtle inoffensive fake sprinkle over the nose kek(absolute autism)

No. 1963051

File: 1707192670725.jpeg (71.3 KB, 1170x315, IMG_6982.jpeg)

She posted about a prostitute in MX and a stripper in TX, must be fun tagging along on your bf’s constant boy trips to strip clubs… & what’s up with the double standard of monitoring Ty when he talks to women but she can pursue or demonstrate interest in women?

No. 1963142

because ty is actually sexually attracted to women and she isn't kek she's just putting on a show. there's no way she'd cheat on him with a woman

No. 1963223

Considering the house is only worth about $600,000, he's just middle class. But to Ariana, that's rich Kek. She's still working in the club though, which is sad that despite having a stable roof over her head and being a newly wed to a middle aged manlet, she still needs that validation from men.

No. 1963321

what a cuck, there's no doubt she's doing "extras" in the club. hopefully she doesn't procreate, she'd be a terrible mother. bpd women should never reproduce, the kids are traumatized an turn into fucked up adults.

No. 1964368

Surprised she let Ty go to NOLA alone kek

No. 1964443

File: 1707551533940.jpeg (173.18 KB, 1169x876, IMG_7123.jpeg)

Idk I think she went back with Ty. The original plan for some reason was drive 20 hours back to CA. Pump and dump made sure to post and delete today about her ugly man’s bag of hot chips and “emotional support vape” in the bed.

No. 1964564

Kek her gym is planet fitness which is all we need to know about how “rich” they are. He can’t afford to maintain her full time so she has to work atleast a little. That’s probably why she tried so hard to shill her onlyfans recently all over again.

No. 1964596

File: 1707594825045.jpeg (196.25 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7130.jpeg)

Stupid and foul.
she’s sedentary, eats more bc of living with a man since 2022, and her metabolism is beginning to slow bc she’s 27/28. Pumpy, nothing happened to your hips, bladder, spinal cord by having an abortion at 2 months.
I know you’re jealous of women who did (at least 2 of your man’s exes) but you did not bear the burden of giving birth

No. 1964604

I don’t know who this is but those fake freckles on her nose looks like a shit smear, I see what she was going for but she over shot

No. 1964613

Plasticnproud aka PnP. She had a series of threads few years back but they died off due to no milk.

No. 1964614

File: 1707598821847.png (Spoiler Image,1.87 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1656.png)

Ana foxx drugged out on insta flashing. Real classy

No. 1964618

Technically conception alone can fuck you over and turn you into melted pudding (relaxin increase), but I doubt that's what she's referring to.

No. 1964633

For sure. she’s definitely just pretending like her aging low density skeleton and flab from literally 0 exercise is a pregnancy outcome. Girl you’re skinny fat, actually eating a little, and in your late 20s.

No. 1964635

File: 1707603300478.jpeg (211.83 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7142.jpeg)

Her body is a semblance of angles anyways, even the the body she misses is a contortion. She’s always posed to fake that she has an ass (never has) or wide hips, flexes abs only visible bc of her extremely low body fat. She should focus more on her botched melting wax face

No. 1964637

I would post the video but she’s high and it’s a lot of nip, she has issues…. She straight up drags her top at the beginning to show her nipple.

No. 1964657

File: 1707607393481.jpeg (362.39 KB, 750x1334, 392D7851-9568-4815-9022-B9D3FB…)

This isn’t the first time she’s done it either. She seems really so lost and has seemed that way for years.

Went to go see those stories and came across the others she posted with her and her friends pulling “funny” faces. This is all she could come up with I guess. Reminded me of when we were very small children and severely lacked self awareness.

No. 1964658

File: 1707607434382.png (1.35 MB, 750x1334, 34B77A68-D94F-4BC8-A7F1-767B06…)

No. 1964805

File: 1707640963004.jpeg (180.27 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7166.jpeg)

Did he just stop touring..? Miami today, Orlando tomorrow. She’s also over sharing about him, something feels a little off

No. 1964809

File: 1707641360849.jpeg (201.24 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7165.jpeg)

Especially when on 2/9 Friday she was tweeting about going to Miami too and e begging for ticket money. The tour had Miami for 2/11 and Orlando 2/12.

No. 1964824

Where's the thoughtfulness when he cheats?

No. 1964888

File: 1707676540218.jpeg (163.21 KB, 798x282, IMG_2082.jpeg)

He should be in Miami, but apparently they’re going snowboarding… but are also home?

No. 1964918

File: 1707683912174.jpeg (701.09 KB, 1284x2269, IMG_3222.jpeg)

Did pumpers quit going to tour with ty or did he quit halfway touring?… Thought they were suppose to go snowboarding?

No. 1964925

it’s only been a year? jfc I feel like all she’s talked about for the past fucking DECADE is being pregnant / breaking her arms / woe is me whatever the fuck sob story. get a life morgan jfc.

No. 1964943

File: 1707690256322.jpeg (139.85 KB, 1091x729, IMG_7178.jpeg)

It’s not interesting enough to repost but her stories show she’s in the mountains now. My random guess is Ty dropped bc his mom stopped wanting to watch his kid and Pump’s cats. My second guess is he got overshadowed by another opener or maybe the set times in these small venues weren’t enough for two openers and the main band.
How will he pay for Pumpy’s retirement now? Third guess, she pressured him to drop because she was done and she didn’t want him alone around Miami 9s and 10s
And the way she acts like getting her hair damaged is the end of her life. It looks fine when it’s styled and she only started wearing it in its natural curl in recent years anyways. this is not a rare thing to have your hair fucked up tbh

No. 1965011

I'd say a mix of all three. But a bit less of #3, because when has Ty ever cared about getting caught cheating or Pumpy's reaction to it?

No. 1965714

File: 1707858590582.jpg (Spoiler Image,420.62 KB, 777x1178, SPOILER_Image3.jpg)

Lana Rhoades bragging about the lipo and breast lift/implants she just got on live stream

No. 1965999

Idk who this is but it looks like the little boy from Stranger Things and also a standing cricket

No. 1966025

She’s a popular porn star (used to be mainstream industry porn now it’s her onlyfans I believe), tho increasingly a bpdchan and anachan. Baby daddy is Blake griffin, but she’s super in love still with her annoying ex Mike Majlak. They broke up years ago. She posts concerning things on tumblr all the time, about him, her life, her mental wellbeing. She’s bashed the porn industry and what it did to her. More than the women in this thread. But she’s still on OF so…
Shes fucked up but imo not as evil as Pumpy or Ariana (who honestly deserve nothing)

No. 1966277

lana rhoades is horribly depressing. there was a meme circulating with screenshots of her as a teenage girl talking about how she wanted to be an influencer alongside a current image of her red-faced and crying. she did some extreme content, likely while under the influence of hard drugs, and i have zero difficulty believing she was mistreated within the porn industry and by moids who fetishize porn stars

No. 1966772

File: 1708122958696.png (1.49 MB, 1026x1734, Screenshot_20240216-173647~2.p…)

Did we ever figure out why Ty suddenly stopped touring.

No. 1966779

No, I’ve been checking Pump’s stories and Twitter and haven’t gleaned anything yet, no oversharing posts and deletes.
She went from begging for money for Miami to 24 hours later both of them at home and no tour.
I’m leaning toward child care issues. The two bums thought his mom would watch his kid for 8 weeks while Ty parties at strip clubs each night.

No. 1966833

I'm leaning on they band was trash and had to be fired from the tour

No. 1966836

File: 1708139206177.jpg (485.67 KB, 1284x2282, 427968559_1087847219124288_643…)

The complete lack of self awareness by Brina is… expected

No. 1966922

Sorry but, lemme get this straight. They have had an air matress since forever, now he's doing his "job" on a plastic desk shelf… but they have a fuckin' alcohol refrigerator? And they claim to be healthy and thriving? Wtf does his kid sleep on?

No. 1966960

They have a second bedroom I believe, that she uses. Pumpy likes to bring up constantly about the loss in income due to lack of privacy (Nevermind that kids are at school like 7 hours a day). The move was clearly delayed due to spending money on hotels for the tour

No. 1967143

File: 1708224202735.jpeg (105.48 KB, 1170x401, IMG_7394.jpeg)

Posting old content despite (rightfully) saying men are pedophiles for preferring her old look.

No. 1967144

File: 1708224285240.jpeg (229.74 KB, 1170x1399, IMG_7395.jpeg)

Looking at places in Bakersfield for some reason (a shithole— I would know, I was born there).

No. 1967161

She would fit in perfectly in Bako

No. 1967279


I will simply die of schadenfreude if she relocates to Bakersfield…As you said it is probably the biggest shithole in CA and a huge downgrade from wherever she's living unless shes in like, Modesto which would just be a lateral move. Do they live in LA still technically or…?

No. 1967283


This woman is the most loathesome LOLCow to me on god. Brought THREE children into the world, abandoned every single one in succession with zero remorse, spends her days journaling with colored gel pens while she bounces from one loser to the next. Just the most selfish basket case. I genuinely feel so awful for her kids.

No. 1967301

They live in La Mirada.

No. 1967309

Holy shit, really??

No. 1967321

Can’t believe she’s in the suburbs looking like… that

No. 1967330


I found the Zillow listing forever ago. I can share it with the address blurred out. I know the second I share it she will throw a fit about being doxxed. Funny she plays victim about being doxxed but she doesn't do a good job of hiding the local places she goes.

No. 1967385

File: 1708292691830.jpeg (211.86 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7415.jpeg)

Not sure my sister still lives there and Bako has a conservative streak. the areas she’d like consider living in (keeping in mind Pump’s supposedly renting in La Mirada) with 3-4 bed new construction bedroom homes, $2-$3k rent, and good schools in the west and north have a lot of white conservative middle class moms who go to church each week, either SAHM or teachers/bookkeepers/nurses, married to decent earning tradesmen or city positions like cops and firefighters. There’s face tattoo’d white trash like her background in Oildale but doubt she’d live among them.
Pic attached is Pumpy claiming to be a mom. I look down on Sam/doeprudence as much as I look down on Pumpy for letting that nut job be around her child

No. 1967468

File: 1708309256522.jpeg (368.17 KB, 1170x1206, IMG_7435.jpeg)

No. 1967479

File: 1708312598851.jpeg (248.39 KB, 1284x1013, IMG_5897.jpeg)

No. 1967480

File: 1708312629780.jpeg (312.85 KB, 1284x1186, IMG_5896.jpeg)

No. 1967499

Kind of nuts to get an s corp with $0 of net profits.

No. 1967593

File: 1708357810596.jpeg (318.31 KB, 1080x1949, IMG_7458.jpeg)

31 year old woman with three kids(nitpicking)

No. 1967820

File: 1708404901744.jpeg (160.59 KB, 1170x646, IMG_7470.jpeg)

Girl it’s almost march

No. 1967834

File: 1708407946184.png (2.84 MB, 984x1323, Image3 (1).png)

Belle is excited her "friend" twomad died so she's coming back to leach off any fame his name has left. She got her botched implants removed and caked makeup on her underboobs for some unknown reason.

No. 1967845

The top looks painted on.

No. 1967871

Wow she really only had the implants for like a year or two and she was offline for most of that time

No. 1967953

could the makeup be to hide scarring?

No. 1967975

Looks more like post-OP bruising to me

No. 1968086

This looks off tbh.

No. 1968087

did you respond to the right post?

No. 1968096

File: 1708465840609.jpeg (131.87 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7486.jpeg)

She reshared this but it’s silly because she can’t confidently say this anymore. Her social network comparison is Ty’s bum friends. Plus she copes about dropping from a million a year to just north of $100K by lying that everyone who went to college and makes similar money without showing their tits has mega loan debt.

No. 1968099

File: 1708465918292.jpeg (127.82 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7487.jpeg)

Been with a man four years, so where is the ring? kek

No. 1968101

Doublepost, but this is the same supportive man who gets mad and calls her a whore. What a prize.

No. 1968179

File: 1708477731998.jpeg (723.5 KB, 1179x2106, IMG_2181.jpeg)

She had just bought this laptop like 2 days ago.. now she’s in “Gorgetown, D.C.” studying law. I can’t with her.

No. 1968263

File: 1708498523838.jpeg (248.32 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7506.jpeg)

she wears Van Cleef and has YSL bags sitting in her closet, only to claim a measley $2K liquid in the bank (presumably her weekly OnlyFans drop) and a man too poor and lazy to split first month’s rent and deposit with. Her life is an absolute joke.

No. 1968264

File: 1708498577311.jpeg (237.52 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7507.jpeg)

No. 1968347

It's absolutely insane to have made a million a year at one point and have nothing to show for it. She could have bought a house. What did she even spend all of that on???

No. 1968376

She spent it all on the men in her life. No way any of them would stick around unless she pays them to.

No. 1968410

Honestly this is crazy. She said all her money was taken from her bank account. She said they took 2k!! She is so retarded it’s mind blowing. Flexing a life as if you make all this money yet you’re really living paycheck to paycheck like a lot of the individuals she puts down, except the difference is she’s degrading herself to near death for those checks. What a joke.

She really doesn’t make any money, I can’t imagine how much debt she’s in. And then considering how she’s been posting about not paying taxes as a rebellious flex. This broad is a useless delusion waste tbh

No. 1968436

Does she not realize she has to save for 20 years of retirement? Why does she talk about buying a house when she sure doesn’t have a 10-20% downpayment and everything would be financed at today’s insane interest rates? She doesn’t even have a month of emergency expenses.
She is in denial, comparing her pay to Ty’s early 30s friends. None of those burnouts are good examples. But yeah she’s “rich.”
She wouldn’t be the first person to not be gainfully employed and with debt at age 27/28, but she’s going to miss her window if she doesn’t think long term soon. She’s too dumb for college or a nice desk job, but there are other opportunities if she learns a skill. That’s why she fixates on not aging, so she can do sex work for another 8 years. But she knows her heart’s not in it and she barely works now as it is.

No. 1968441

Also, Sabrina is probably winning life wise bc at least the loser she picked to date had his own apartment that she moved into. A man who can make a rent payment or at least half of his gf’s is the lowest bar, but Tyler isn’t meeting it.

No. 1968478

File: 1708554567401.jpeg (1.64 MB, 3830x3830, photo-output.jpeg)

If pumpy would deflate her retarded bottom lip I guarantee her life would improve because she wouldn’t be AS nauseating to look at.
She needs more height on the top lip so she looks less like a baboon also.
I can’t believe she walks around looking like that and expects to get paid for how she looks.

No. 1968539

File: 1708564983729.jpeg (1013.81 KB, 1125x1282, IMG_3123.jpeg)

No. 1968545

Funny how Belle's hype has died down so much. She's trying to make a comeback yet is failing. Her videos don't get even close to the millions she used to get. Her twitter pics are getting the same amount of likes as other ewhores. Reddit and other social media boards don't care about her and hardly anyone is talking about her come back. Her whole style is old. Its just embarrassing. She better start paying for view/follower bots to look a little bit better

No. 1968548

She's an idiot for actually caving and doing real porn. She could've kited and trolled the malding simps waiting for her to take dick ad infinitum, instead she did the one thing that made them lose interest.

No. 1968549

Right, dumbest financial decision ever. She was breaking into mainstream fame yet threw it all away to sell pussy for pennies and fading into nothing.

No. 1968551

File: 1708567136353.jpeg (909.45 KB, 937x1056, IMG_3124.jpeg)

definitely went on break to get her implants removed. all these breaks really stopped her momentum. she could've just been a streamer that has a lewd onlyfans and stayed consistent. she's probably gonna keep having to come back because her man is spending all her money on bitcoin or some shit investments.

No. 1968558

She was the blueprint for a lot of these Twitter hoes who want to emulate her meme e-girl cosplay thing so now it’s not interesting anymore. There’s literally thousands and thousands of girls doing the same stupid shit for guys to jerk off to. Her peak is long gone but I don’t think she’ll have that many issues financially unless she’s dumb squandering millions and millions somehow.

No. 1968564

i’m tired of hee playing stepmommy to ugly cholo douchebag era, i think we should stop talking about bees lips for a while. her abortions, tyler, and being a nobody in california isn’t milk

No. 1968573

I remember seeing coomers say something to the effect of "I'm just waiting to see her suck an actual dick, then I can move on". Pretty sure 99% of her coomers were like this, absolute lobotomy tier career decision to let them have their way.

No. 1968577

She was stupid for jumping straight into showing her pussy and not making creative and weird youtube videos and focusing on being a personality instead. That would have kept the moids attention a lot more and left something to the imagination. Now that they have seen it all, what more could they want? One of the biggest fumbles in history.

No. 1968589

File: 1708575090319.jpeg (304.64 KB, 670x884, IMG_3133.jpeg)

the fact that her skinwalkers are mistaken as her in articles is hilarious. this is a picture of miawaifu

No. 1968594

File: 1708575640730.jpeg (622.43 KB, 1063x973, IMG_3134.jpeg)

No. 1968614

Good thing she got them out, but who cares?

No. 1968622

no one except her coomers

No. 1968623

Has anyone even said anything about it? Hopefully got them out before they started making her sic.

No. 1968681

I know the malding vendettafag posted this as an own but she looks gorgeous, even though she botched herself she still has what the other egirls could never replicate. Also can't believe PULLfags and moids were always screeching about how this >>1968551 isn't her real hair and yet.(derailing wk)

No. 1968698

File: 1708602704967.png (64.86 KB, 176x217, Screenshot 2024-02-22 115349.p…)

Stop coping kek

No. 1968700

File: 1708602941066.jpg (15.65 KB, 231x271, Screenshot 2024-02-22 115546.j…)

This is the same woman. you are ridiculous if you honestly believe she is gorgeous she is a rotten pedobaiter and literally admits in the podcast she was in that she sees josh as her daddy because her own daddy left her

No. 1968709

File: 1708605370537.jpeg (63.89 KB, 529x742, 415C3A71-6F0D-48E0-BE53-BB2504…)

wtaf?? just came across a clip of belle on tiktok and she looks like an entirely different person to the pictures she posts.. i’m not calling her ugly by any means but it just made me feel a bit bad that she feels the need to photoshop herself into an uwu loli sex doll.. surely this has some lasting effect on your identity to look completely different from your online presence ??

No. 1968712

What the fuck has she done to herself? She’s so botched.

No. 1968716

She looks like Blaire White kek

No. 1968804

File: 1708623167383.jpg (Spoiler Image,3.73 MB, 3072x4096, 1000027734.jpg)

Looks like belle is still pedo pandering in her newest toy story set. She's removed her botched implants and is hiding her deflated tits for the time being

No. 1968807

File: 1708623490174.jpg (Spoiler Image,4.09 MB, 4096x4096, 1000027735.jpg)

Do you think she will get a lift? She obviously removed the implants because her pedo customers were bitching about them so much(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1968809

Agreed. You can smell the vendettaspergs from /w/ camping in here. We don't want this thread to derail about Belle and she's not even a camgirl, she's an ethot. She doesn't do any type of streaming.

No. 1968835

She has too much cheek filler/never needed it but she’s still very pretty and everyone looks bad mid sentence.
Yes, what’s going on in this thread? Belle is not a cam girl, she looks better than all the cam girls in this thread, and an anon straight up complained about posting Pumpy in… Pumpy’s thread, right after milk about her only having $2K

No. 1968854

The mods of this website are the ones who said to keep discussion of Belle Delphine in the camgirls thread.(sage your shit)

No. 1968861

Belle's irrelevant now so she doesnt even deserve her own thread on lolcow.

But get ready for some posts from Belle's team… They love to post okay looking pics of Belle and say "omg she's so ugly" to bait people here into defending her. They did it nonstop on the old threads and I'm shocked people still feed into that shit.

No. 1968862

after locking the belle thread mods literally made us divert the talk about her here.. honestly the thread should just be unlocked and the retards who derailed it always should be banned. belle is way milkier than 90% of people posted on this imageboard. ill never understand why the mods whiteknight her so hard. are they moids in disguise? or being paid off by belle

No. 1968874

The Belle thread was locked because of the nonstop edit-Chan posts, total lack of milk and spergery. Every time it was bumped it was absolute shite, even a retard could see that. See for yourself, retard: >>>/w/291716

No. 1968897

>lack of milk
she has triple the milk compared to all of the boring ass sluts posted on snow and w. shes doing a bunch of milky shit rn like going on podcasts and saying she has a daddy kink and sees her hairy big bf josh as her father. ur clearly a moid who meatrides ur 12-going-on-28 wannabe loli pedobaiting kween(infighting)

No. 1968911

>in disguise

it's common knowledge that admin is a moid lol(derailing schizoposting)

No. 1968917

Ew why is that allowed(responding to bait)

No. 1968922

File: 1708643564909.jpeg (439.88 KB, 1800x1800, IMG_7544.jpeg)

Well, for the few of us interested in Pump’s trials and tribulations with her sugar baby, she is saying California squatters have more rights than she does— when her lease expired 2/1 and she’s gone month to month (btw squatters’ rights in CA kicks in after 5 years of squatting; otherwise they get 30 days). That’s why you’re supposed to resign the lease before it ends Pumptard, especially in a tight housing market like CA.
She says she needs $10K to move and that it cost $15K to move into her current unit.

No. 1968924

lol @watchmemakeme / Ana Fox/kristen went private on IG.

No. 1968935


She moved in last March if that matters. She does this every time she wants to move. She claims she needs a ridiculous amount of money to move.

No. 1969004

File: 1708656972446.jpeg (121.63 KB, 1179x2096, IMG_7561.jpeg)

She’s now doing following chains on IG with other OF girls to drum up new subs.
every single financial emergency she has, Ty is expected to contribute $0. Men really are the worst gold diggers out there

No. 1969026

Who?? You cropped out who was making the post.

No. 1969038

File: 1708665067005.jpeg (366.44 KB, 1103x1848, IMG_7571.jpeg)

No I didn’t, that’s how IG stories look for shares. If you go to Pumpy’s stories posts, she has half a dozen “Follow” posts of various women, see picrel. And if you go to any of the Igs for the women she reposted, they have posted Pump’s pic saying to follow her. It’s not milky that she’s doing a follow chain, just pathetic since that’s what small accounts do for promotion

No. 1969077

>still very pretty
She looks deformed. Like something from the hills have eyes. Her upper lip is completely fucked. Sorry but she’s ruined her face.(ban evasion)

No. 1969134

wow. moving. this bitch always moves this isn’t milk. we’re scraping for pump milk and we should stop talking about her

No. 1969156

A little weird how aggressive you are about stopping Pump posts when this thread used to be populated with Sandra’s cooking and documenting Sabrina’s weight gain….

No. 1969385

File: 1708732658725.jpg (509.02 KB, 828x811, IMG_3068.jpg)

she looks so… interesting here.

No. 1969389

This is vomit inducing. Oh God and the thought of her opening her disgusting mouth and showing her wrecked teeth and extra lip is making me want to turn off my phone and take a long shower. She looks so filthy,I can't imagine how she smells.

No. 1969504

She looks like she got sharted on lol

No. 1969893

File: 1708882555559.png (213.18 KB, 1170x2532, IMG_5769.png)

KEKKK the freckle nose contour with high lighter on each end is a choice.
Also she posted this on her Twitter.
I bet she isn’t making much at the ~clerb~ now and needs some reassurance that it isnt because shes ugly or something. Maybe she made more when she first started because she was the new girl or something and it slowed down now that all the moids see her often.

No. 1969904

ATP she’s actively trying to make everyone w freckles mad kek they look so fucking bad and you know she’s told at least one person they’re real when wearing them like that

No. 1969977


her IG and Twitter accounts are down now. Guess she’s not feeling totally thriving anymore?

No. 1970090

File: 1708932628597.jpeg (475.2 KB, 1709x1660, IMG_7696.jpeg)

He won’t be on camera bc he knows he’s ugly but Schwaggles fine with capturing endless randos and children in his clips of Sabrina. They took the dog everywhere including hotel spaces and inside restaurants.

No. 1970166

Brina will be 60 and still dress like a 16 year old

No. 1970643

Within just a few months the dog gets more visitation, trips, treats and time over her abandoned children. Jesus Christ.

No. 1970671

File: 1709087397181.jpeg (230.57 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7758.jpeg)

Cam whores just love gel pens and journaling. At least normal illiterate people have a sense of shame or are humble about it— Pump and Sabrina share their poor reading and writing with pride

No. 1970672

she’s def mean and neglectful to the dog when her boyfriend isn’t around. Taking care of the dog might be part of her deal for living there rent free (but ofc she attempts to make herself look like a caring dog owner). The dog will be in this guy’s life longer than Sabrina

No. 1970675

You're just jealous of her khacial situation.

No. 1970685

File: 1709090470450.jpeg (230.73 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7760.jpeg)

She might be worse at English than Sabrina:
“Cam go really well”
“Everythy go well at vet.” Maybe, maybe everythy is a shortcut but does she not know tenses: “goes” ???

No. 1970784

File: 1709131719281.jpeg (726.89 KB, 1284x2619, IMG_7735.jpeg)

No. 1970786

While this isn't wrong in theory, she's dating a broke ugly man so she's not even on par with the women she's dragging here?

No. 1970798

I immediately thought of Lucinda

No. 1970801

How rich that she says she's grateful for her education when she can clearly barely hold a pen, can't spell for shit, and doesn't seem to have even a basic understanding of common words. Bitch that's not "adhd" that's RETARDED.

No. 1970808


Ironic her writing this with her taste in men. Top kek.

No. 1970847

it’s hilarious, bc Pumpy is the ugly person with money that jobless Tyler is dating, and he had her get an abortion knowing her genes would end in an ugly midget kid. I think she deleted this post for that reason.

No. 1970879

okay for one thing people could call her bf ugly and he is also poor so get real girlie. also some women think ugly men are hot, everyone has their own tastes. some people like weird looks! i hate the concept that hot people can only find other traditionally hot people hot or else its not real attraction. attraction is subjective.

No. 1970946

>I am grateful for… the sun
deep vibes though, one of life's true essentials

No. 1970975

File: 1709174569440.png (231.92 KB, 1549x1077, comments.png)

Jenna Lynn Meowri's follower bot provider has been going on a rampage today. Theres literally thousands of comments all over youtube/insta/twitch about how he was hired by her to add fake bot followers/views to her account over the years and the last 100,000 followers she purchased in december wasn't paid for. lol He uploaded on insta her venmo payments and her requests to add mean comments about other cosplayers/cam girls in posts. NEXT TIME: PAY YOUR BOT PROVIDER JENNA!!

(I attached just a few of the comments he posted on youtube. Its been going all day and theres literally thousands)

No. 1970976

File: 1709174615100.jpeg (637.23 KB, 1798x1655, IMG_7788.jpeg)

No. 1971186

What ever happened with Pumpy and that Alohaali girl? Does she still cam too?

No. 1971292

It’s honestly kinda impressive how stupid and delusional this bitch is. WOW.

No. 1971899

AlohaAli had like a mental breakdown after camming with Pump. I remember seeing her on cam crying while at a local park at night explaining it all, I wonder if anyone has that stream somewhere. She hasn’t streamed in years, but last I saw her she seemed seriously cracked, angry at everyone and legit delusional. Maybe drugs fucked up her psyche

No. 1971900

File: 1709444193292.jpeg (Spoiler Image,28.21 KB, 180x135, IMG_7014.jpeg)

Back in the day MFC camming in public was wild lmfao this is AlohaAli getting caught by police stripping(spoiler nsfw, sage non-milk)

No. 1971905

You can't even zoom in to see the face to tell it's even her. Spoiler this shit too.

No. 1971920

File: 1709450037230.jpeg (149.36 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_7922.jpeg)

This is Pumpy if you couldn’t tell by the heavy filter. She posted some rant videos I assume but I didnt watch her retarded screeching.

No. 1971959

Cope away pumps,a brick is smarter and more likeable then you'll ever be

No. 1971977

Wow, she seemed really sweet and smart. Definitely didn't seem like something she was going to be doing forever but looked like after the whole pump thing she was doing really good with the rankings. I wish I saw that stream I'd love to know what all went down back when they cammed you could tell pump was jealous and had issues with anyone doing better than her.

No. 1971997

says the woman with the face tat still camming at 30 kek. ok lumpy, whatever helps you sleep.

No. 1972109

File: 1709495503942.jpeg (188.36 KB, 1170x1298, IMG_7928.jpeg)

Apparently Ali had a mental breakdown and started being really mean to her fans (good, lmao). a lot of SWers end up resenting their moid fanbase and raging on them before exiting. I searched and there’s an old, now taken down video where Ali talks about Pumpy. No idea what she said, does anyone remember viewing this?

No. 1972241

>grateful for "my education"
> "her getting to big bear sol?p?ely?
>1000$ (dollar sign in wrong place)
>everthy go well
>cam go really well
>my finacial situation
>olives vet visit go well
delusion at its finest. you will never find a smart person bragging about their intelligence, its always these retards. go take an IQ test then pumpy, prove us all wrong. tell us how your terrible spelling, grammar, taste in men and common sense are just on another level we could never understand.

No. 1972326

> "her getting to big bear sol?p?ely?
I think it says: “Tyler getting to big bear safely”.

No. 1972592

File: 1709618585634.jpeg (271.24 KB, 1088x1866, IMG_8001.jpeg)

You ever wonder what nose pumpy showed her surgeon? We know Sabrina’s implants were her inspiration.
No one actually beautiful walks around pornographically admiring how perfect they are— it’s just their biological pretty face. For Pumpy it’s a mask.

No. 1972595

File: 1709618934883.jpeg (188.79 KB, 844x880, IMG_8002.jpeg)

“Perfect irl” where? Looking all of 47yo like Kylie Jenner does.

No. 1972629

ah yes whom amongst us doesn't envy her saggy, blown-out ear lobes.

No. 1972701

She looks 35 here, not 27. Not a lot of tightness in her skin

No. 1972745

File: 1709665571608.jpeg (198.81 KB, 1284x996, IMG_0192.jpeg)

No. 1972746

File: 1709665595215.jpeg (188.38 KB, 1284x798, IMG_0193.jpeg)

No. 1972747

File: 1709665622336.jpeg (274.41 KB, 1152x2048, IMG_0194.jpeg)

No. 1972764

Rare Stormy W

No. 1972812

Not her saying this while looking like a melted candle lmao

No. 1972816

File: 1709675258033.jpeg (485.32 KB, 1284x1690, IMG_0203.jpeg)

Lol dumpster pump getting evicted soon and i call bullshit on the dead landlord…

No. 1972820

File: 1709675927577.jpeg (256.75 KB, 1283x1050, IMG_0205.jpeg)

Lmaooo the downfall she went from getting kicked out of moms house to renting out hotels getting her first apartment in pumptucky then in her prime rented a condo in henderson then rented that mcmansion then downtown la then beverly hills then LA then beverly hills then sherman oaks then north hollywood then irvine then finallyyy La mirada. wonder if she'll shack up with manlet ty's mom or tent up at a local pizza hut parking lot….

No. 1972827

I don't follow these threads that closely, but has she ever justified why she constantly rents instead of buying a place? I get whiplash from her posts going from bragging about making massive amounts of money to not being able to afford shit. Even assuming she exaggerates her income, surely she made enough to buy property at some point. I can't fathom being so retarded that I wouldn't bother to secure long term housing in an industry where you lose value every moment you get older.

No. 1972830

SIGN A NEW LEASE BEFORE IT EXPIRES. You wanted utmost flexibility to leave at any time by going month to month; guess what the compromise is: security!
You are not working full time which is a minimum of 32 hours a week. You got a chemical peel yesterday. You got your hair done Sunday. You went to Ty’s hometown show.
It is NORMAL to allow people to see your rental whether you’re leaving by choice or the owner sells. They literally walk in and out it takes less than 10 minutes. This stupid hoe acts like she’s uniquely burdened. She should take out her frustrations on her man who won’t pay a dime of rent

No. 1972831

Double post but this bitch thinks she can throw a fit over normal life difficulties and men will give her $1K like they did when she was 19. She’s pretending like she’s inches from poverty when she’s spending hundreds on beauty treatments (still mid). Pumpy, you are the one who chose to move to CA and act like a retard letting your lease expire in a tight rental/buying market.
I’m sure there are places, she’s just being picky about looks, 3 bedrooms and a “house” (condo). Maybe sell Ty’s bracelet, it should help with the deposit.

No. 1972835

Why is she doing the cooking and cleaning when she’s the only one working and that’s not her kid? R e t a r d

No. 1972926

I don’t think (as an actual stepmother*) I’ve ever seen anything more obnoxious and ridiculous as this dipshit claiming to have a kid for no fucking reason. Jfc.(no1currs)

No. 1973079

>uniquely burdened
You hit it on the head, that is the story of her life.

No. 1973119

It’s a tougher rental market but a person who makes $10-12K a month struggling to find housing in the valley with no need to live close to a job, party of just 3, no need to be by public transit, not buying just renting. This is a completely personal problem lol.

No. 1973230

File: 1709772853635.jpeg (215.08 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8040.jpeg)


No. 1973683

Which surgeon did her nose?(sage your shit)

No. 1973785

File: 1709892046110.jpeg (400.47 KB, 692x696, 854F4BBA-EDE3-4332-81DA-CDCDBE…)


Y’all claiming blog just for someone giving context is dumb af. This is what you look like.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1974075

File: 1709965136760.jpeg (65.31 KB, 504x649, IMG_2425.jpeg)

Pumpys raging because nobody is tipping her on mfc, meanwhile she’s sitting there lookin like this….

No. 1974152

I want to read milk about belle it fucking sucks the thread has been locked(unsaged, non-contribution)

No. 1974179

File: 1709995123729.jpeg (184.35 KB, 1284x781, IMG_1307.jpeg)

lmfaoo i mean have you seen the way she looks lately looking pretty bloated and back to her pedo looking ways which isn't a good look for her in the first place considering she's a few years short till 30… trying to lure in tippers but is failing miserably at doing so… pump the ship has sailed time to go back to working for $8 an hour at pizza hut..

No. 1974205

Also heard that olivia's sister is retiring at the end of the month also her 9th year cammiversary as well name is"PoppyNaked" i'm pretty sure she mentioned one member helping her pay for a college tuition hence her leaving MFC..(post proof)

No. 1974227


These are some weird posts. Do you have any real milk or proof? Sage your shit.

No. 1974245

File: 1710004302208.png (264.72 KB, 1080x945, Screenshot_20240309-105829~2.p…)

Pumpy looks insane trying to call Tyler's daughter her own.

No. 1974262

A term of endearment isn't the same as claiming someone is your daughter. She doesn't even say daughter.

No. 1974268

no I agree w nonny she’s entering a weird mommy larp fs
>>1972816 “they don’t care that I have a kid”

No. 1974319

File: 1710018691682.png (1.34 MB, 1200x600, louis-theroux-shares-alopecia-…)


Belle Delphine was on the Louis Theroux podcast this february and confessed a lot of personal things. This part in perticular made me sad.

Shows that you might make millions selling nudes online, nothing will replace the sense of security an actual family provides, and she has to fill the void left by her father with some limp dicked scrote who makes a profit off of her whoring out.

She also talked about income. She makes 1 million a month with about 15 000 subscribers to her onlyfans.

(Sorry for the streamable link my computer is broken I don't have a better option from my phone

No. 1974416

“Baby” is not a general term of endearment, you’re a delusional Pumpy defender. It is used exclusively for romantic interests and kids.

No. 1974433

Ah so everything the vendetta posters denied is actually true. She does make good bank.

No. 1974459

Sorry but I don’t believe it. No way she makes that much.
Besides they were right about one thing. She is insanely, irreparably botched.(repetitive comments about her being botched)

No. 1974467

She did say it multiple times.

But she seems like a smart person (she even quotes the "Ripple effect" earlier in the interview). So it might just be that she thinks if she exagerrates the hype around her OnlyFans by lying about how many people are subscribed to it, she will get more subscribers.

For example in some interview (I can't find) she's asked "Since you posted the porn video did you get more or less attention" And she's like "Definitely more attention…" Which is an obvious lie. She's probably doing the same thing here.

No. 1974468

If she was that smart she wouldn’t have botched herself. She was seriously cute before.

No. 1974476

Her dumb scrote partner is probably behind it. I wish there was more milk about their relationship

No. 1974480

File: 1710068150660.mp4 (6.86 MB, 1920x1078, 0hnfttxvi5hgro3j5bof9_source.m…)

Do you guys think she's trying to change careers?

No. 1974505

I hope so. As much as I dislike her every woman that leaves the sex industry and gets a proper career is a win. You never know she could be the next Amelia Earhart and get devoured by coconut crabs on a desert island. That’s a much better fate than fading into obscurity with no other prospects.

No. 1974535

File: 1710082340820.jpg (1.33 MB, 3088x2316, GIBS48UW8AEz3yN.jpg)

Zoom into her shirt. Height 5'4 and weight 92. SURE BELLE LMAO(this isn't milk, sage it)

No. 1974555

>more attention is a lie
Thats not true lol Look at all the threads, reuploads, DMs for free shit and her personal attention.. what do you mean doing porn didn't give her more attention. She's not specifically meaning IRL, but I don't doubt people IRL have recognized her or at least heard about the bathwater.

No. 1974624

File: 1710100638122.jpeg (265.25 KB, 1284x1024, IMG_1732.jpeg)

Lol she's lurking here for sure sup pumpy you're still ugly and a has been quit mfc and social media already k thanks..(emoji)

No. 1974627

impossible to be that weight at 5'4 unless you're anorexic

No. 1974646

Even more impossible considering she's actually 5'6-5'8, isn't she?

No. 1974685

File: 1710110584191.png (406.34 KB, 899x962, Screenshot_20240310-184348~4.p…)

It looks like Pumpy is finally gaining weight.

No. 1974704

Did she say why she quit? Alohaali? When did she? I thought she was still on cam like a year ago.

No. 1974745

File: 1710125296391.jpeg (130.73 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8113.jpeg)

Attached a post from Pump’s stories. Uhh you dumbass hoe what do you think sex work is? Do you think every customer is single? She’s in that retarded liberal feminism logic of “sex work isn’t infidelity” while knowing that she’d slap Tyler around for buying another girl’s OnlyFans and sending her a message.
She has been slowly for a year, since she moved in with Ty. Slowing metabolism with age and a long term ED

No. 1974748

She’s saying this face is “super young” lol. It’s weird how she claims tattoos make her look older (seems like a pedo reference in and of itself); plenty of zoomers on social media have tattoos and it doesn’t age them (ntm so many tattoo artists are doing tattoos for 16-17yo). She looks 27-28.

No. 1974946

File: 1710172499612.jpeg (139.98 KB, 1179x308, IMG_4847.jpeg)

no one in their late 20’s would ever say something like this unless they were trying to act like some small little child, even if it was true. she consistently caters to pedos. look at her pfp with the bows. delulu.

No. 1974949

File: 1710172668852.png (97.52 KB, 1080x543, Screenshot_20240310-110039~2.p…)

She posted this the other day.

No. 1974959

Ah, another little fight with Ty. Must be freaking out at him for being useless in the housing hunt for a place for them/his daughter

No. 1975060

File: 1710191149851.png (291.59 KB, 1030x1846, Screenshot_20240311-170711~2.p…)

This is probably a ploy to get a bunch of money quickly. She probably isn't going homeless.

No. 1975069

She’s only applying to houses and condos with yards. Last night she tweeted about seeing a dream home. She could settle for an uglier, smaller place (2bed) and actual apartments. She makes $10k a month and can live anywhere. This is nothing close to homelessness.
She could live in an air b&n or hotel for a month, put her stuff into storage, and continue searching. But her simps will fall for these ploys

No. 1975101

File: 1710197356043.png (1.25 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1769.png)

Sandra after visiting Sabrina= concert to herself of herself in her bedroom

No. 1975104

File: 1710197404212.png (1 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1770.png)

What antidepressant is this girl on again?

No. 1975110

File: 1710198393993.jpeg (127.9 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8133.jpeg)

“I’m not pedo pandering” > takes glee in (formerly) looking like a child

No. 1975174

All of them

No. 1975274

As someone who has slept outside, on couches, in my car etc. and who is trying to now contribute to society with a masters degree FUCK THIS DUMB POSER CUNT(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1975294

Airbags turn on at 25 pounds, my dog activates it. Why lie about this? Like such a weird thing to lie about ig??

No. 1975299

Yeah, they turn on for babies in carseats, too. Does she just lay in bed thinking about what to post that would give her the most attention??

No. 1975300

She's not even fat. Take your retardation Ana sperg elsewhere

No. 1975335

File: 1710243842885.png (886.37 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240312-074540.png)

Pumpy is indeed getting kicked out because the kids are selling the house.

No. 1975470

I checked the rent for this place in March 2023-$3,750. Despite being able to pay nearly $4K in rent she claims she cannot find a place now and calls herself close to homelessness. She is the craziest bitch

No. 1975472

File: 1710263794493.jpeg (173.18 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8151.jpeg)

The kid could spell better than her, I’m certain

No. 1975473

File: 1710263849190.png (148.26 KB, 1056x1194, Screenshot_20240312-131737~2.p…)


No she is larping as a mother.That is down right creepy.

No. 1975482

Hey Doe - would love to hear your input on this(hi cow)

No. 1975495

ntayrt but do you even think Doe would know the word “larping?”

No. 1975540

I don't lurk this thread often, is this engagement baiting to correct her spelling or is she just that retarded? Is she high? Is the botox getting to her brain?
ph-sy-chat-rist fucking kek

No. 1975568

File: 1710279661663.png (1.47 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1772.png)

How about Sabrina’s full body “streach” KEK these girls are so dumb

No. 1975569

File: 1710279859336.png (936.99 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1771.png)

Even Sabrina’s “boyfriend” looks at her like what the fuck are you doing. From Sandra’s IG story.

No. 1975582

File: 1710283292808.jpg (3.32 MB, 4096x4096, GridArt_20240312_184321051.jpg)

No. 1975643

Some people just don't recheck their spelling.

No. 1975658

Why is there someone in here wking Pumpy

No. 1975661

I'm not wking her. I'm pointing out the stupidity of not checking your spelling.

No. 1975664

Morgan could check it five times and not figure out where the h goes

No. 1975784

File: 1710340976484.jpeg (90.38 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8168.jpeg)

(no context to image, at least say who this is from)

No. 1975790

You can screencap instagram and keep the users name in the top left corner, anon. Who even is this?

No. 1975791

Keep crying you broke, ugly retard. I thought she's "survived" homelessness? Foster Care? Trap houses? She's the baddest bitch and a millionaire, but she's getting kicked out of fucking LA Mirada. LOLLLLLL. The jokes really write themselves. Also love how she has done absolutely NOTHING except ask for people to send her money and they don't. God, I can't believe people live with themselves like this. I wish nothing but the worst for this disgusting, pedo pandering piece of shit.

No. 1975802

It literally says StormySummers in the screenshot.

No. 1975832

File: 1710352386314.jpeg (214.83 KB, 1085x871, IMG_8174.jpeg)

No. 1975873

Not getting your $4K a month goal condo bc you can’t pay $8K for first months rent and deposit right now and have to wait 2 weeks for Onlyfans paychecks is homelessness….

No. 1975979

Drop the addy janny cunt. I have nothing to lose(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1976022

File: 1710381596296.jpeg (182.05 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8189.jpeg)

No. 1976072

File: 1710401820542.jpeg (371.25 KB, 1242x1675, IMG_3428.jpeg)

hows our other favourite trailer trash BPD hEAuX doing? i guess she’s still just doing her ~dream job~ with her dentist husband or whatever? god, remember when she looked like top picrel at her peak? then she did that video with dollskill (bottom picrel) and any pretense she had of being pretty immediately fell away kekek

No. 1976081

recovered addict? kek what happened to her supposedly never touching a drug in her life and rarely drinking??

No. 1976087


No. 1976144

File: 1710424033664.jpg (1.87 MB, 4096x3072, GridArt_20240314_094735432.jpg)

What is that in US dollars like 2k?
Is that before MFC takes taxes out?

No. 1976172

$650… post 20% tax (might be closer to 25%) $520 LOL. The bulk of her income is from passive OF subs. Camming is such a waste of time for the money.

No. 1976177

OF specifically takes out %20 of EACH purchase. Then it rolls into the take-out for mass withdrawl. If he withdrawl was over 2k, the only thing extra they take is a transfer fee, its free if you wait a few days. Otherwise you have to pay like venmo. 2k to $650 doesn't make sense.

No. 1976200

But isn’t it .05 cent usd per token?

No. 1976202

And to clarify, I meant contractor taxes. Not Onlyfans fee. The self employment taxes that fuck every camhoe over, of which you should set aside minimum 20%, closer to 25-30%. That’s why Pumpy, Brina etc have IRS debt.

No. 1976204

That's for everyone and they aren't that bad. You have to calculate it yourself, but like.. So does every small business or independent worker who does DoorDash even. It's not that deep. The initial filing is a few hundred and then your taxes. Just sounds like she didn't take stuff out and pay it every 1/4 of the year.

No. 1976216

I wasn’t saying self employment taxes are hard or a complex process (we all know these girls are just retarded), only pointing out that her 13K tip isn’t that much money after all post tax, especially after she reported weeks of no tips on cam. Plus this “whale” disappeared and he won’t be returning. Her fans don’t want to give her tips anymore not even when she’s supposedly on the verge of homelessness

No. 1976260

File: 1710446988817.png (3.3 MB, 1284x2778, IMG_3992.png)

Accidental face reveal of Schwaggle from sloppy Sandra

No. 1976285

Fuckkkkk hahahaha. He’s not just not her type, he’s hideous.(chatting)

No. 1976315

File: 1710460489070.jpeg (332.12 KB, 1101x1974, IMG_8210.jpeg)

Tyler has as many mommy issues as Pumpy; this is not normal

No. 1976537

Sage for nit-picking/talking about something already mentioned ad nauseum, but how do you get so much work done to your face just to use the heaviest, egregious filters over it? All while trying to convince everyone she's a confident girlboss goddess. The mild tan and the way the filter pinches her nose is unsettling kek.

Pumpy's existence and any remaining relevancy she has on this site runs entirely on schadenfreude and I love that for us.

No. 1976579

It looks like the blonde piece in her bangs is newish and tyler's hair looks freshly patchy, did she add some bleach to hers while she was trying to dye his hair? Can these people not even afford a salon? Doesn't Ty literally do hair for a living?

No. 1976599

She nuked all her social media accounts just recently. I have a tinfoil that she realized we were discussing her in this thread bc I’m sure she lurks and had a bpd meltdown about it.

No. 1976620

Good, thank God she did because who really wants to see those abominations of wood slabs she would make? And her "glow up" posts just totally failed because she never looked good to begin with. I wonder what her husband thinks? Or doormat LMAO

No. 1976691

File: 1710554761115.jpeg (395.01 KB, 1169x1876, IMG_8265.jpeg)

Morgan’s “pay my rent” thing on Fansly is $3000 whereas her condo’s rent was/is $3750. There’s a risk of taking it too literally (she may be too lazy to type her full rent out), but it could also mean she pays $3K and Ty pays $750 (pathetic)

No. 1976694

File: 1710555515671.png (590.96 KB, 1074x966, Screenshot_20240315-221649~2.p…)

Pumpy is in cam whining about the landlord kicking her and her family out. She kept calling Tyler's daughter her daughter. Weird

The bleached part of her hair is a weird yellow.

No. 1976862


I am curious how much she made from her show last night. Not like it matters. I wonder if she can't find a place to rent because she doesn't have a stable income(samefag)

No. 1976951

File: 1710624964771.jpeg (82.44 KB, 1170x429, IMG_8292.jpeg)

Why does she talk about this like she’s buying a single family home vs renting a condo? it’s just like how she calls her boyfriend’s kid “her” daughter. Incapable of honesty

No. 1976955

It does not sit right her calling Tyler's daughter her own, she has enough pedos following her. Maybe it's a larp for them? If it is, it's twice as disgusting as it already it. Just some tinfoil.

No. 1977158

she just latches onto something and makes it part of her identity regardless of whether or not it's true or contradicts something she's previously claimed. i don't think she has any nefarious intentions but she's a short-sighted idiot who never thinks anything through which is why she doesn't see the problem with posting about a child on an account linked to her onlyfans, especially when you consider the type of moids that follow her

No. 1977179

Yes, not who you’re responding to but her desire to have the world know she’s dating Tyler and that she’s playing stepmommy trumps any considerations for privacy and safety. She uses her main tiktok to comment on Ty’s TikToks of his child. You can easily find out the child’s name, and as another anon did, their address. Idk why she’s spent a decade bitching about Arianina doxing her when she’s done far worse herself

No. 1977301

File: 1710723244058.jpg (2.04 MB, 4096x3276, GridArt_20240317_205000059.jpg)

Is this the only way she makes money, by putting her page 50%?

No. 1977304

her posture is atrocious. No ass no matter the contortions, give it up. & yea she’s always saying “my OnlyFans needs to be more expensive for what i offer!” But she has more sales than JcPenneys

No. 1978072

File: 1710885326744.jpeg (146.02 KB, 1170x641, IMG_8359.jpeg)

This is disgusting but Tyler’s micropeen is confirmed.

No. 1978463

File: 1710989768887.jpg (209.34 KB, 1076x1794, 1000016429.jpg)

Sandra was working at CafeLu recently

No. 1978581

No. 1978945


No. 1978953

It's just a cringe video, won't even play on lolcow though

No. 1978982

File: 1711144145951.jpeg (298.19 KB, 1170x1999, IMG_8466.jpeg)

“First” time

No. 1978983

File: 1711144289054.jpeg (143.28 KB, 1170x724, IMG_8467.jpeg)

No. 1979123

she has talked about getting Botox 10000 times and then has these random moments she pretends she never did(learn to reply, learn to sage)

No. 1979134


This is her MO. She has in the past claim to be an anal virgin and make videos of her "first time" for anal sex.

No. 1979604

File: 1711339827563.png (2.44 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1857.png)

So cringe how desperate Sandra is to be noticed or a part of anything or anyone who can stand to be around her long enough

No. 1980743

File: 1711669714387.jpeg (174.15 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_8745.jpeg)

He’s definitely pudgy I’ll give her that

No. 1981217

File: 1711804283297.jpeg (256.01 KB, 1284x1319, IMG_9392.jpeg)

Sandra looking for John's on Twitter

No. 1981660

File: 1711939048064.png (154.07 KB, 1440x460, 1000187674.png)

>Nothing sexual.

Uh huh… I'm sure the people renting you are there for your take on the Pakistan/India border disputes.

No. 1981774

File: 1711988111670.jpeg (238.46 KB, 1112x1966, IMG_8945.jpeg)

You’re not a stripper bitch, you can’t even leave the house alone much less dance on strangers

No. 1982029

This was the cringiest video (I was at work and couldn't share), there is no way she could ever be a stripper. She has no idea what to do with her body kek

No. 1982736

File: 1712273055909.jpg (110.71 KB, 1077x731, 80085.JPG)

So glad to be witnessing my generation's Lolo Ferrari in real time. I bet Lolo's IG would've been lit and she would've had her own lc thread if social media had existed back when she was alive.

No. 1982852

Fucking Christ has her glow down been an epic, years-long train wreck that has never stopped to reflect and instead continues to barrel full speed towards the lowest pick me, self hating bar known to humanity. She used to be so damn cute, I can’t believe this is the same Charms but shit if I can’t look away from this circus sideshow, popcorn in hand, ready to see what the deepest levels of untreated mental illness, pick-me and coomerism has to offer.

No. 1982886

I used to think so was so pretty way back on cgl…. what the actual fuck

No. 1982907

I guess that when you're almost 30, constantly doped up on weed and prescription drugs, you've never held down a real job for more than a few weeks, your hedonistic lifestyle is entirely funded by mommy's money (I'm sure Charms' parents have given up hope of their daughter ever becoming an independent, successful healthy adult), and you're married to an enabling moocher faggot like Mike, appealing to bottom of the barrel coomers with cartoonishly large fake tits is your best hope of being relevant and building some sort of legacy. I would not be surprised if Charms ends up suffocating under the weight of her fake boobs in a drug-induced haze.

No. 1983173

File: 1712410114871.png (517.21 KB, 828x1792, IMG_1893.png)

Sandra’s “song drafts” are nothing short of retarded and A why coming off gay as fuck

No. 1983179

File: 1712410612595.png (1.01 MB, 828x1792, IMG_1894.png)


No. 1983508

She’s so retarded

No. 1983593

File: 1712522551228.jpg (652.19 KB, 1080x1441, big-ol-belle.jpg)

Sure, Belle….

No. 1983625

File: 1712535992944.jpeg (191.8 KB, 1170x2080, IMG_9162.jpeg)

Bad bodied male

No. 1983675

This is old isn’t it? He’s much fatter now iirc and looking more and more like a Central Valley dyke kek

How does she leave her house? I’d be so embarrassed to look like this in public. Literally everyone would be starting at you with your giant tits out on display. I’d die.

No. 1983697

Well it certainly wouldn’t implore me to get gargantuan basketballs attached my chest, This is a special level of mentally ill

No. 1983931

File: 1712632980853.jpg (678.98 KB, 2037x1403, Catfish.jpg)

(sage your shit)

No. 1983966

i looked at her twitter bc i forgot about her, god she's pathetic. does anyone even simp for her anymore besides old indian men?

No. 1983970

That girl looks 14, is that one of those love dolls or just extreme photoshop?