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No. 1878365

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1867796

No. 1878392

File: 1707158542579.mp4 (1.03 MB, 480x854, NwHpo7X.mp4)

So this never happened in the books, except maybe once when Ron got mad at Harry for how he snapped at Hermione… But even if she's read the books, I don't think it matters anymore because her perception of the character from fan-fiction has surpassed the actual story and the actual dynamics of the characters.

No. 1878502

it honestly amuses me how people like this who definitely were big fans of HP years ago can't just dislike JK Rowling, but they have to convince themselves that HP was never good at all ever actually, instead.

No. 1878661

Meanwhile they're perfectly capable of "separating the art from the artist" for media made by misogynistic/sex pest men they like.

No. 1878683

Not a huge HP fan. However, without a shadow of a doubt it's chokehold on the book scene was preeminent especially during the 90s and early 2000s. Trend chasers were quick to write ya/mg novels where 4 or more factions determined by personality and leanings then anything tangible like goals. mf divergent, a book released way later, did the same thing albeit to mixed success. You have to be some kind of retarded to claim "harry potter was cringe anyway". A literal cornerstone that defined history reduced to a case of sour grapes. And that's not to mention the multitudes of harry potter fanfiction on almost every site you could think of. You can't escape that little thunder headed bloke, he was everywhere.
Kek, tell me about it. You have vizie burning in the stake for being little edgy than you have actual child grooming scrotes shoving their kinks into kid's media without a hint of remorse. What has this world gone to?

No. 1878697

File: 1707178458347.jpg (Spoiler Image,839.89 KB, 1398x2301, gooseworse-1417375568404746240…)

its insane to me how no one has called out this repulsive troon for his vile fetishes. Meanwhile vivzie gets cancelled every single day for drawing generic vanilla smut 10 years ago. Oh, and dont forget that when you call them out on their hypocrisy they pull out the ''well hazbin is for kids despite saying proffanites, but the multicolored clown cartoon thats available for free in youtube is ackshually not! so goosetranny is not a groomer like vivzie!!1!'' card. I find it insane how they will label hazbin hotel ''for kids'' blame vivzie for minors being exposed to loona porn, but ignore this degenerate troon and his fetish cartoon

No. 1878700

Jfc. hazbin and helluva boss literally warns about adult subject matter. How in the ten nine yards could you ignore it? Also, Doesn't gooseworks have a drill fetish too? Just came out what felt like months ago and somehow the Internet chooses to forget.

No. 1878707

File: 1707179391033.jpg (55.92 KB, 915x672, gooseworse-1343781278009630720…)

he has every degenerate moid fetish under the sun. Its hilarious how he can get clocked on his moid fetishes alone.

No. 1878711

>Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Don't bring this shit back

No. 1878713

it will always come back because pakichan loves to camp in this thread

No. 1878717

drawings from a completely sane individual who should definitely be allowed to interact with other sane individuals in society

No. 1878747

As a Deviantart veteran seeing this stuff is funny because fetishes like this were 99.9% something moids liked. If you told me a "she/her" drew this I'd automatically know you mean a troid and not an actual woman.

No. 1878774

its funny because its not only one fetish, its literally every single DA adjacent fetish. This guy has skeletons in his closet and you cant convince me otherwise

No. 1878779

He's almost 30 and probably has a long internet history, I'm sure at some point someone will come forward that they were groomed by him in the past lmao

No. 1878800

>Astarion being canonically racist
details? not into bg but this is funny to me

No. 1879031

I remember being on DA and wondering how the hell people (males) got off to that shit. But it's XY meets autism. I've never seen a TIM with female fetishes (obviously but hear me out). I've seen some try to be fujos but they can only fetishize the fujo caricature in their heads as a "stinky creepy perverted nerdy girl" but they don't like yaoi or ship male characters together. Males can't stop being males, even at their most deviant.

No. 1879062

I like some of Goose's fetish art
>t. weirdo(no1curr)

No. 1879066

get the fuck out of here

No. 1879191

>female fetishes
Like what besides yoai?

No. 1879221

File: 1707219859046.png (172.28 KB, 884x1751, TV TROPES - BIBLE.png)

The TV tropes page on the Bible is one of the funniest things I've ever read.

No. 1879291

You zoomers will laugh at the Bible on TvTropes but you'll never actually experience the absolute funniest section of the website: Troper Tales/This Troper and the Fetish Fuel example pages. They were the pages were the most autistic fandom dwellers and TvTropes obsessed users would basically overshare to the point of talking about how they shit, how they stalked girls they liked or how some Barbie dolls sported Zettai Ryouiki fetish stockings.
Around 10 years ago a bunch of Something Awful people started doing dramatic readings of the worst of the worst of these TvTropes pages (mostly Troper Tales instead of Fetish Fuel) and they got popular enough that they managed to make the TvTropes admin delete Troper Tales altogether and completely ban any kind of Fetish Fuel examples on the site (and other kinds of overtly sexual pages). They even got to have arguments over these bans on sexual topics which included gems that could be summed up with "If Kodomo No Jikan is not allowed on this website, then neither should be Lolita".

Recently the author(s) of these dramatic readings deleted all of these videos probably due to troll remorse (like all SA trolls), but we have a backup of all of them:
Vid related obviously.

No. 1879300

As someone interested in wanting to read the Bible (not for religious reasons) but is too intimated by its length, this slaps.

No. 1879310

saying the bible is filibustering is so fucking funny

No. 1879334

That's more creepy then funny.

No. 1879356

millennial here
this isnt funny

No. 1879360

File: 1707228429332.jpg (27.22 KB, 501x552, 1565714372464.jpg)

>this peanut gallery of weirdos and creeps isn't funny it's just cweepy!
>on lolcor dot farm
Sasuga fandom thread

No. 1879372

File: 1707229128007.png (65.98 KB, 896x472, 6iwhayt.png)

Do you agree?

No. 1879377

There are definitely some groomer weebs.

No. 1879381

moids arguing about fetishes isn't entertaining
check the autism thread in /m/ for actual funny peanut galleries of weirdos and creeps
they chose a strange hill to die on but at least they're dead

No. 1879392

"What's more deathly to drink, lead or mercury?"

No. 1879393

>moids arguing about fetishes isn't entertaining
It absolutely is. It's both creepy, funny and morbidly interesting. If you actually read archived Troper Tales posts you'll see it wasn't just about fetishes and creep behavior, it was a honeypot of autistic cows oversharing on just about any topic.
And even the autism thread on /m/ has weirdos like that guy who wants to fuck Reshiram and Moltres.

No. 1879397

Lmao weebs talking about grooming is so hilarious. Weeb men literally popularized l^li content and made it mainstream and now its everywhere. These sick fucks should be the last one talking about grooming.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1879414

Or when these old HP fans gaslight themselves into genuinely believing low-mid tier fantasy books for 10 year olds are better exemples of good literature for children because they have "representation".

No. 1879419

This is a really odd comparison, the media from which weebs stem from is so varied that you will encounter a million different types of weebs, you can't narrow them down the same way you can with furries.

No. 1879421

No one ever talks about passionately about the Hunger game books, which had plenty of actual writing issues with the female mc. kek

>ron was rude to Hermione once

Like, they need to get over themselves

No. 1879431

weebs and furries would literally shit themselves when they find out they were one of the same and bumped elbows often back then.

No. 1879433

File: 1707233609709.jpg (167.34 KB, 1442x1080, 1000009675.jpg)

To me it's so hilarious how people are just mad about Harry Potter like at all, that book was such a huge HIT that it changed most fantasies, I swear cool magical schools didn't exist in cartoons, fanfics or series before Harry Potter, same as the whole stuff of having factions based on your own qualities and surely so much more.
And people are seriously trying to pretend that it wasn't that fucking good? Come on, that's just flinging shit like a monkey.
I will always laugh at the people acting like they totally didn't get Harry Potter tattoos, like they totally never consoomed any of the merch, like they never wanted to visit the places thay inspired JK Rowling, like they've never been influenced by Harry Potter or like they never even lined up to watch the movies the moment they got premiered.
I've never read the books because I'm too lazy so I watched the movies, but just from the movies you could enjoy the most important things, and re-watching them as an adult only makes you want to read the books.
The only thing to learn from this whole idiotic mess is that no matter what you do, as long as you're a woman, you can't try to cater to any crowd at all, just do your thing, make your money and let them kill each other.

No. 1879435

This. Both sides seem to be full of groomers too, esp the weebs with their femboy garbage

No. 1879437

Such a based post. I want that deathly hallows ad a sticker. kek. They're gonna keep crying because epic Universe is opening next year at Universal, and both Diagon and Hogsmeade are still main attractions at Universal Orlando. It's always people online, because I've seen a crap ton of both gay men and lesbians at harry potter theme parks. No one outside of twt with their virtue signaling gives a fuck.

No. 1879440

Weebs and furries are the same to me. It's possible to be normal and like anime or cartoon animals, but the moment you make that your identity is when I have a hard time trusting. I've met sex pest weebs IRL and groomer furries online, but weebs and furries who hate each other are the funniest hypocrites in my experience. My weeaboo groomer vehemently hated furries despite liking shotacon and whatnot, and there are furries who think hentai with humans is gross (even if its adults/vanilla).

No. 1879443

This, it's an "animation is a genre" sort of feel.
Then again 90% of what is considered weeb/all anime is either only mainstream shounen, only cgdct, only bad anime, or only things made before 2005.

No. 1879448

Furries try to pull the "b-but weebs groom too!" whataboutism every time they're put against the wall for looking past grooming in their communities. "Weebs" are a much broader audience ranging from little girls really into anime to gymbros into DBZ, japanophiles into seinen, fujos, yumes, jrpg gamers and so forth. They all come together to share their love for different anime, manga or game series but stay in their respective communities interacting with each other only occasionally.

Furries on the other hand are a niche audience defined by their obsession with anthropomorphic cartoonish animals and specifically their notorious amount of sex pests to the point it originally caused the rift in the community back in the BBS days. People who just liked "funny cartoon animals" were disgusted by people bringing sex and porn literally everywhere so a distinction was made and what's today known as "furries" is the degenerate part of that fandom. All furry media is centered around roleplaying, not any consumable form of media, so it's 100% community driven making younger people susceptible to be abused by the older content creators.

No. 1879460

File: 1707234832558.png (27.38 KB, 264x211, p.png)

No. 1879464

The weeb is mad that people think y'all are the same weirdos who do the same weird shit with a different coat of paint. Fucking nerd.

No. 1879466

Mine says "You Will Always Be A Man" I wanted it to be YNBAW but I wanted to make a reference to the books.

No. 1879476

Someone please make stickers of this. I will put it on my water bottle so proudly

No. 1879484

The weeb and furry communities are filled with an overwhelming amount of cub and loli content, questionable behaviors, and an extensive list of drama. Sane normies get unjustly kicked out yet literal degens can stay because they make me pepe go hard… hell, Not too long ago bronies suffered a similar debacle, but since their identity hinged on one gen and nothing else, they petered out like a wet fart. Thank god too. The fanbase was ass cancer and any soon former fan would happily go over why it should've died sooner. Had the misfortune of hearing horror stories about unhygienic bronies in cosplay in the heydays. They were like the bog ogres you'd hear about in fairy tales. Now most have trooned out or moved out of the hobby due to age. But with furries, there's no such thing as a primary source, only a concept. This makes it so that content never drains while weebs mostly stick to given communities like jjk and bnha. Doesn't stop the degeneracy, but it sure as fuck clamps down on the sus portions.
I enjoy anthropomorphic animals, but I am disgusted by furries who have taken it to extreme levels. Can't fathom wanting to fuck a m&m let alone a bipedal fox. then kids are gonna google their favorite cartoon dog only to met with straight up porn, hence the whole grooming problem. Wishing they were safeguards in place especially in this day and age.

No. 1879510

Considering I've seen people praising Hunger Games for having a three act structure, as if that is in any way noteworthy or impressive, the bar is in hell for its fans or just current readers analysing it kek. Back when it was big there were more attempts at critique and discussing its flaws, but now most people who bring it up have such a soft spot for it being babby's first 'political' novel and introduction to social rebellion and activism that they'll just praise it while putting down a novel that has the exact same issues (and not just because HG is one of the core components of modern YA's DNA)

No. 1879515

File: 1707238313355.mp4 (7.46 MB, 624x854, 2tZnlwp.mp4)

The current narrative that I've seen is that HP was only popular because it was neo-liberal and millennials were stupid, Unlike us smarter zoomers who get all our information from Twitter and Tiktok

No. 1879522

zoomers are equally retarded. what is this bitch on about?

No. 1879531

>HP was only popular because it was neo-liberal
Ah, yes, the Austrian School of Economics and Harry Potter, the pillars of neoliberalism

No. 1879532

but wouldn't a decent chunk of zoomers still been within the HP readerbase/audience during its popularity(I know I was kek)? Sure, they would have been younger than millennial fans at the time, but it was a popculture juggernaut that came with the bonus of being a series of books that a kid could progress through difficulty-wise even if they were too young to be ageing alongside the characters, so they're an easy recommend to parents. The movies were almost unavoidable on tv as well during the 2000s/2010s because they could be marathoned and had reliable viewership.

>popular because it was neo-liberal

…they're children's books, I don't think that's what garnered their popularity kek

No. 1879535

Yeah, most older zoomers also read the books and watched the movies, hell some of my younger zoomer cousins like it too. HP is a cultural phenomenon that isn't restricted to it's time and will likely be read by even more generations of children in the future. They just can't stand that such a defining childrens book was written by a nasty terf

No. 1879540

I have a cousin a bit on the older side a gen alpha and tutor a kid who is 8, both of them love harry potter and are reading the books (or attempting to). Kids flock to it naturally and most parents don't know or care about the terf thing.

No. 1879547

I had to teach some teenagers during my internships these two years and lots of them wanted to analyze Harry Potter. Tbh this is not burgerland so I guess it makes sense that kids over here are less likely to give a shit about Twitter bullshit.
If anything, it mostly has been these two people I've talked to, a woman and a man in their early 20's that have sperged about Harry Potter "not being that good" and JK Rowling being le ebil terf. Which is funny because everyone else just shuts up and looks away like "I will pretend I'm not here" or to avoid an awkward silence are like "woah really that sucks man" ad infinitum.
I'm usually like "Ah, I see. Anyways so"

No. 1879553

Literally no one cares about trannies reeing about HP, not even most wokies. I’m in a discord with a bunch of gendies and this one girl is constantly sperging about le evil nazi terf Rowling and how liking HP makes you bad and everyone just entirely ignores posting right under her that they played hogwarts legacy and enjoyed it and omg what house are you?? etc

No. 1879598

This comes from the place of "intellectuals" who want to create bad faith narratives, where they over-analyze every aspect of a character's life, misinterpret it, and then do the same to their work to form their own retarded conclusion. With HP, it seems to have started with the breadtuber shaun, who created this abomination. In it, it states that since JK Rowling was a Blair-era Labour Party supporter.(and since Blair was considered evil and neo-liberal) that means HP are evil and support neo-liberalism. His final proof is the fact that harry becomes a wizard detective in the end and doesn't address the structural issues that allowed Voldemort to rise in the first place.

No. 1879634

Being a furry is a very specific thing while being a "weeb" means being into Japanese pop culture so the comparison is beyond ridiculous. Imagine you tell someone you like watching American action movies whenever you have enough free time for that and someone accuses you of being a pedophile with a foot fetish because Tarantino is one and he makes American movies? I don't know, it's insane to me.

No. 1879646

File: 1707248127256.png (955.35 KB, 1125x1270, PnKOLwr.png)

tbf it's not like there wasn't a strong correlation.

No. 1879651

Fascinating line of thought, I don't think I'll torture myself watching the video anytime soon, so I'll just take your word for it. Disclaimer my knowledge of bong politics is super limited, but: so one can't even call her a Blair supporter straightforwardly and I'm supposed to care (and apply it to a children's book like a schizo)? Doesn't the UK have an almost two-party system with Tory and Labour pulling a two retards fighting? Did he want her to not support labour with Tatcher still in recent memory? Grasping at straws here.

No. 1879704

Literally everybody loves Harry Potter, boomer and gen-x parents enjoyed it with their kids and now millenial parents are making their kids read the books (or watch the movies), I've even seen guys from the hood wear Hogwarts shirts lmao.

No. 1879766

>I've even seen guys from the hood wear Hogwarts shirts lmao.
You just reminded me of my former coworker a few years ago talking about Harry Potter movies and some of them were zoomers who only watched the movies because they were often on TV and I guess they didn't feel like reading the books because when they were small kids it already gained a reputation of having gigantic books, for some reason when someone mentioned that Dumbledore is gay these guys were like "nooo! my childhood is ruined!" which kickstarted a debate among the muslim hood guys and the flaming gay coworker and it turned out to be much more civil than I expected, especially compared to what you'd see online.

No. 1879772

File: 1707255390709.jpeg (953.85 KB, 1080x3381, riordan-no-competition-v0-z2ei…)

The day fandom stops riding Rick's dick is the day we find true happiness.

No. 1879775

HP wasn't popular because it was 'neo-liberal' but for some reason every progressive really really loved it. JKR supported the same rabid progressive fans that eventually tore her apart.
Conservatives also hated her books because something something witchcraft.

No. 1879779

>Doesn't the UK have an almost two-party system with Tory and Labour pulling a two retards fighting?
lmao nona it's exactly like that.

No. 1879793

tbf this is from 2023, now uncle rick is a bad guy cause his wife is jewish.

No. 1879832

I feel the same with the "Assigned male" troon. He didn't have problems in trace a real photo of a baby for his fetishist drawings, but "oh they're meant to be my comfort drawings since I like ddlg stuff" and he's still selling books aimed for kids.

But nooooo, Vivzie is Satan herself.

No. 1879838

It's just unfathomable to me how hard Vivzie makes gendies seethe, I don't even understand what she exactly did to piss them off besides being a woman.

No. 1879843

>His final proof is the fact that harry becomes a wizard detective in the end and doesn't address the structural issues that allowed Voldemort to rise in the first place.
What a stupid point to make. There are no structural issues the dark wizards were just retards. They lived in a society where you can do whatever the fuck you want as long as a muggle doesn't notice and still fucked it up.

No. 1879910

this site is filled with normalfags nowadays, dont even bother. Its pretty hilarious, i miss stuff like >>1879291 and MR metokour talking about weirdos on the internet.

No. 1880016

Omg is that where the “harry didn’t dismantle the system “ point comes from. I know hyper woke people aren’t creative and just parrot what they see on social media. That makes so much sense, i could never figure out why that upset them so much, YA and the like rarely has characters uprooting their society.

No. 1880110

There are definitely societal issues in HP like how the house elves are treated but none really play into the main plot of "muh pure blood" dark wizards. That plot has no systemic argument for it because the wizards live in basically post scarcity so there is no reason for reactionary authoritarianism to develop too far. The poorest wizards we see, the Weasley's, get to live in the middle of nowhere which doesn't matter because wizards can teleport wherever the fuck they want with no cost, have appliances that break which doesn't matter because of magic, and have to do a bunch of chores which don't matter because of magic. The absolute poorest family we know has a better life than 99% of the western world. Why be an anarchist when even the poorest fucker in your society can fuck off into the Amazon rainforest and live like they are in the first world? This is why the dark wizards work as villains and why the books are for kids. The only reason for them to be as racist as they are is because they are rotten to the core vile moidbrained animals.
>But what about how the creatures are treated
Irrelevant to the dark wizards
>But what about how the squibs are treated
Irrelevant to the dark wizards (who hate squibs even more than other people)
The only actual societal issue in Harry Potter is pureblood families were still able to be mask off vile racists between the wars even when they were known terrorists (Mr. Malfoy should have been rotting in jail 11 years before the story even begins but he isn't). In that case, Harry becoming a cop is a legitimate response

No. 1880119

If making fun of tropers is too much for people here this site is truly dead. RIP

No. 1880122

its just being a woman. goosetranny can "joke" about his fetishes and corrupting minors nbd

you can stop being butthurt and samefagging now

No. 1880130

Yup. HP is a cultural phenomenon, and these very few pathetic wokies stay mad. Outside of Twitter, I've met so many diverse people of all ages who have just read it, grown up reading it, or read it to their kids or grand kids. Hp isn't going away. Kekk. Queen JKR gonna keep moids and tras seething.

No. 1880136

Don't forget that 85% of furries are gay or bisexual men, compounding the grooming problem even more.

Coping furry

No. 1880137

The fact that being a normie weeb is possible but being a normie furry isn't should tell you everything about the difference between the two kek

No. 1880146

File: 1707277965429.jpg (23.29 KB, 359x237, 1438802575768.jpg)

You don't have to pretend everyone who disagrees with you is samefagging. Laughing at weirdos online, even absolutely degenerate and creepy ones, is in the DNA of this website.

No. 1880180

People aren’t mad at vivzie for fetishizing rape, they’re mad that the sacred sex work and bdsm was shown in a negative light and angry that they on some level have to face that they are the ones who love rape, and that that is in fact what sex work and bdsm is

No. 1880206

File: 1707287035198.png (481.56 KB, 662x799, Marsha P. Johnson.png)

Truth doesn't matter to these people, no matter how much evidence there is to say otherwise. Their sad delusions are, in my opinion, on par with Qanon cultists. take picrel for example, by all accounts, Marsha P. Johnson did not arrive at the stonewall riot until near the end, while who threw the first brick is contested, the vast majority who participated in the riot were White and Hispanic gay men. None of that matters though, they create the narrative first, and we are all expected to buy it, disagreeing means you're a bigot(Derailing)

No. 1880209

who the fuck even cares about fucking stonewall

No. 1880216

It's about narratives and myths. The gay rights movement emerged from a variety of increasing civil rights movements and changing attitudes. However, discussing this may not be interesting. Its more exciting to focus on one "uprising" against the police as the main catalyst. even feminist fall for by insisting that Stormé DeLarverie actually threw the first brick, although there is little evidence to support this claim either.
This post on Tumblr goes more into it

No. 1880235

imagine being some random crossdresser and getting transed by zoomers years into the future idk why i snorted

No. 1880243

>you can stop being butthurt and samefagging now
ah the classic ''someone else agrees with an anon i disagreed with therefore that anon is samefagging'' peak newfaggotry.

No. 1880254

I hate how it became the cornerstone of gay rights or something, I'm not American and I've heard more about Stonewall than stories from my own country.

No. 1880260

Onl Americans give a shit tbh. There are American people online who are constantly fighting with gay men from everywhere else because they think this mfer gave guys the whole world over the right to exist, it's the height of narcissism honestly

No. 1880268

Yeah you can be a 15 years old kid watching Naruto on TV or the latest shojo anime on your computer for fun like most normal teenagers and still be compared to furries by idiots online, it's insane.

No. 1880287

>a kid watching naruto
the fuck, that isnt a weeb. Does weeb nowadays just means anyone who watches anime?

No. 1880289

That's all I did back in the day and still got shitted on

No. 1880293

If furries are known for one thing besides polycules and perversion, it's avoiding responsibility. They know their community is filled with drug addicted degenerates who groom teenagers and sick, depraved shit like Zoosadists and diaper fetishists throwing shit diapers around a hotel so instead of cleaning out their own space they try diversion tactics and point the finger at weebs saying "b-but what about them?!" and go full on revisionist saying that "weebs and furries were treated the same back in the 00's!" when that wasn't the case at all. Being and oldfag I can attest that everyone fucking loathed furries in the early to mid 00's while weebs were much more socially accepted in online spaces, especially because a lot of the younger Gen X nerds were into it. But furries were bottom feeders through and through.

In the early to mid 2010s everyone let their guard down and forgot why "yiff in hell" even was a thing, yet when the Zoosadist leaks came up people were forced to remember how furries are never to be trusted or accepted. I fucking hate how they exist in /ot/ and admit to being furfags in various threads like it wasn't a thing you keep as a shameful fetish you would never admit to liking even anonymously.

No. 1880295

why are all the weebs ITT so offended as if anime wasnt rotted in pedophilia

No. 1880297

hint: 99% of the people in these threads are weebs if it wasn't already obvious from the stuff that gets posted

No. 1880298

Yes now that's how the word is used and even back then I was called that online for liking manga and anime I read in the library and watched on TV or pirated online, like 15 years ago.

No. 1880299

There are a shit ton of manga and anime in all genres, from different time periods, with a bunch of different stories and characters, from a bunch of different writers/artists and for a lot of different demographics, so you can easily read a bunch of manga and avoid the ones you just described with lolicon fanservice and shit like that. I'm repeating myself but it's like calling someone who says she likes Hollywood movies a pedophile because of some movies while for all we know she could be into family friendly action movies or romcoms and not know the personal life and criminal records of movie directors.

No. 1880301

western otakus being so offended at the mere implication of them being groomers from watching animu, a medium thats mostly known for ''high school girls and tentacles'', is hilarious to me. All mangakas are the very least pro loli/shota if not outright pedophiles like the rouroni kenshin guy. You sound like those twitter kiddies who are proud 'antis' but watch flavour of the month animu with sexualized high school girls and consume media with sexualized underage characters anyways.

No. 1880303

>t. butthurt furry

No. 1880305

Anon please, otaku culture has always been tied in with pedophilia. The father of mahou shoujo is also known as the father of lolicon. Fucking Oda Eiichiro defended a convicted pedophiles, Kentaro miura was a proud lolicon, the made in abyss guy is a literal meme in Japan even though he's a proud pedophile. Feeling holier than though for being a weeb instead of a furfag is like feeling proud over being the tallest dwarf.

No. 1880307

Tbf, nona not watching movies ever because they're all pedophiles doesn't seem too out of the ballpark.

No. 1880308

File: 1707296315062.jpg (234.2 KB, 1179x1500, inculsion dystopia.jpg)

This feels like a monkey's paw. I wanted more black/female charterers but not like this. It's gonna blow up in everyone's face


No. 1880309

valid stance to have but that still doesn't mean movie fans are groomers

No. 1880311

comparing anime to movies is like comparing oranges to apples. Why cant weebs just accept that japan is very pro-pedophilia instead of cocksucking glorious nihongo. Japan is so pro loli they choosed Ken Akamatsu, creator of Love Hina, to represent them and shield them from laws that could censor their degeneracy. They were literally so scared of 'politcal correctness' and 'western ideologies' getting rid of their lolis they all voted for him.

No. 1880312

You sure somebody here wouldn't think that though? That anybody who says they liked a Hollywood movie is basically supporting pedophilia?

No. 1880313

>Why cant weebs just accept that japan is very pro-pedophilia instead of cocksucking glorious nihongo.
Why can't you just accept America is very pro-pedophilia instead of cocksucking glorious Hollywood? America is so pro-pedo they had an entire island for it.

No. 1880315

>b-but america too!
both are wrong, how is that hard of a concept to grasp? the difference is that while hollywood at least pretends to be antipedophilia Japan is proud and loud pro-pedo to the point they vote lawmarkers to shield them from westerns that want to take their lolishit away.
>why do keep equating the degenerate otaku with the average fan who just reads manga/watches anime and calls it a day?
why are you pretending as if loli/pedophilia is only a thing in hentai or niche otaku stuff when its present in fucking sakura card captor of all things. You have to be either dumb or a blinded weeb to not see how even manga/anime for little girls like shugo chara and CCS is deeply rotted in pro loli/pedo sentiments.

No. 1880316

File: 1707297383568.jpg (169.22 KB, 640x647, 1541106721838.jpg)

There's no arguing with them, they would quite literally die on the hill of shifting blame than admit any kind of fault. That's why their communities are rife with pedos raping baby animals, those people get enabled and protected all the time.

No. 1880317

>you cant criticize weebs otherwise you are a furfag
lol its hilarious how both in the 00s and nowadays weebs act the same. 'no mom those chinese cartoons arent just underage half naked girls and violence its actually art!''

No. 1880318

Unironically I believe that lolicons and shotacons are the furries of the anime community.

No. 1880320

>the difference is that while hollywood at least pretends to be antipedophilia
So you're okay with supporting pedophilia by watching movies as long as they pretend to be against it?

No. 1880321

>both are wrong, how is that hard of a concept to grasp? the difference is that while hollywood at least pretends to be antipedophilia Japan is proud and loud pro-pedo to the point they vote lawmarkers to shield them from westerns that want to take their lolishit away.
Hollywood doesn't pretend at all what are you talking about? They release pedo films every fucking year. They just released Poor Things. They killed Epstein to protect themselves from being exposed as pedos. They put no exception for underage girls in abortion bans. Stop talking about stuff you don't understand just to justify your own hatred of weebs. You're more mad at weebs than you are at the actual pedo mangaka

No. 1880324

thats not my point, my point is that weebs dont get to call out furfags for degeneracy when even the mangakas of turbo normie shonen shit like rurouni kenshin and one piece are pedos
i never said that, i just said that defending japan is pathetic when they will literally nuke all of america before giving up their lolis.
sorry i dont watch hollywood trash, you are still defending a medium thats filled with pedophilia and created by a bunch of people that hate you for being ''politically correct' aka hating lolipedoshit.

No. 1880325

>sorry i dont watch hollywood trash
Don't read books either, the history of literature is rife with pedophiles.

No. 1880326

why can't weebs call it out? furfaggotry is literally just a fetish. it doesn't even have a community outside of porn. it's like saying weebs can't call out NTRshit because pedos exist in their community. It makes no sense.

No. 1880328

you are so salty over being told that you are pathetic for defending a medium whose creators hate you and have a whole as committe dedicated to stop you from censoring their lolis, but keep cocksucking japan you are definetly better than furfags!
loli is in mainstream stuff. Cardcaptor sakura has lolishit, Shugo chara has lolishit, sailor moon has pedoshit, most anime has 16yo sexualized high school girls. Stop pretending as if loli is just a niche thing you only find in the darkest corners of animu when, i repeat, rurouni kenshin guy was a fucking pedo, and oda defended him. Naruto's spin off has loli characters drawn sexualized. Like c'mon.

No. 1880331

never seen it
>shugo chara
never seen it
>sailor moon
since when does that have pedoshit?
never seen it
>naruto spin off
NOBODY has seen it
Stop making shit up about people in your head as if every weeb watches and endorses every anime in existence.

No. 1880334

What do you mean by salty? Am I wrong?
If you're going to call out a medium for pedophilia, then go the whole way, hold the same standard for all mediums. If you're going to cut out all mahou shoujo because pedophilia, why won't you do the same for other genres that were influenced by pedophiles? Otherwise, you're just a hypocrite talking shit.

No. 1880335

Eh, I don't know. I think both are allowed to call out eachother since both are practically the same in terms of media creation, community make up and degeneracy. The only difference is that weebs are heavily centered around established media and furries are heavily centered on original creation media with the occasional fan of things like Zootopia, Robinhood, Pokémon etc. Weebs have anime but they also have copius amounts of fetishitic and degenerate porn. Furries have cartoons but they also have copius amounts of fetishitic and degenerate porn. Most importantly of all, to a complete outside who hasn't interacted with either communities both look like a community of freakish nerds who do nothing but jerk off to weird porn.

No. 1880336

Jesus stop arguing with that tard, it's going absolutely nowhere. Ignore and report the retardation.

No. 1880337

whats your favourite anime? i seriously doubt it doesnt have pedoshit. If it doesnt(doubt so) then its most than likely animated by a company that has also animated pedoshit and supports pedophilia. Denying that animu has heavy ties with pedophilia is like denying the sky is blue.
I never said that, you stopped reeing and grasping and straws to justify your pedo medium. I was just making fun of weebs pretending they are better than furfags when both are equally disgusting.

No. 1880338

>You sound like those twitter kiddies who are proud 'antis' but watch flavour of the month animu with sexualized high school girls and consume media with sexualized underage characters anyways.
It's BECAUSE I'm not that kind of person that I say this. You're so bad at guessing how people are it's laughable. I like a lot of manga and anime that don't have fanservice or barely have fanservice.

No. 1880339

>If it doesn't(doubt so) then its most than likely animated by a company that has also animated pedoshit and supports pedophilia.
I have horrible, horrible news about what happens to the children who built your phone anon

No. 1880341

That's not my point. My point is that loli and pedophilia are deeply rotted in the manga and anime industry. You can enjoy your ''unproblematic'' thing but i assure you it has rots to pedophilia somehow and that the author would rather give up water and food than give up their right to depict degeneracy.
the point you have to make whataboutisms just proves my point. I am a weeb too, i just dont pretend i am better than furfags when i know that the medium i consoom is extremely degenerate.

No. 1880342

>the difference is that while hollywood at least pretends to be antipedophilia
kek all while actually traumtizing actual child actors. No the comparison is very apt. Soon you'll try to argue over whether it's better to suffer from explosive diarrhea or extreme constipation when both are literal shit either way.

No. 1880344

how do you explain something like made in abyss being so popular in japan? the open pedo author is also beloved and a meme there, he even has merch of his face lol. I hate stupid modern weebs, at least 00s weebs were honest that their medium was filled with bad apples and just learned to cope with it.

No. 1880345

>I am a weeb too
At this point, with all you've said so far, it comes off like you're basically bragging that you support pedophilia and know it.

No. 1880348

samefag but I have to add. The biggest difference between weebs and furries is transparency which I think has a big play into outsider perception. Furries are very transparent about the degenerate side of the community, so much so that you can't really be an underaged furry for this reason because 98.5% of the community are adults. Weebs on the other hand tend to hide the more degenerate side under platitudes and five thousand layers of irony and zoomer humor. Unironically the only positive thing that the furry community has over the weeb one is that it isn't horrifically misogynistic from the get-go and incels are very uncommon unlike in the weeb community because most male furries are gay

No. 1880350

I understood your point, I just think your point is stupid and doesn't make sense because you're simplifying facts so much they become wrong. You want to read a manga that doesn't have pedoshit in it and is made by a normal person? There's plenty of that. You don't want to support deranged pedo artists? Don't. I personally don't and check what's in a series before starting it so I don't get disappointed or disgusted. It's that simple, there's a shit ton of choices.

No. 1880352

Same reason why Quentin Tarantino is insanely popular despite licking little girls' feet, people either don't know, don't believe it or don't take it seriously at worst, and most Japanese people just pick up a first volume in a bookstore after reading the summary on the cover if they want to start a manga so it's safe to assume they're not very likely to look up who the author is unless they're already fans. I'm personally not touching that manga with a ten foot pole after what I heard about it. The basic premise seems interesting but I don't want to see weird loli torture porn to enjoy a fantasy/horror story.

No. 1880358

They called Lolita a love story in the west, no side has the higher ground here. Also, if you're so adamant about everything Japan produces being drenched in pedophilia, just quit watching it?

No. 1880359

no, i was just calling out the holier than thou attitude of calling out furfags as a weeb kek. Both are fucking disgusting, pretending otherwise makes you comes off as an hypocrite at best.
again, not only you proved my point right because rouroni kenshin and sakura card captor are literally normie entry tier anime, but completly disregarded my point that mangakas, as a whole, choose the author of love hina as a representative to keep westerners from censoring lolicon. The lovely poblematic free manga you so love is most than likely published by the same people that publish '12 yo kawiwi-chan loves her oniichan so much she got reincarnated as a lvl999 sorcerer!!'.
KEK holy shit you are a fucking cocksucking weeaboo. He literally brags about loving little kids and his manga is filled with little kids getting molested and gored.
i literally never choose a side. I just said that you, as weeb, dont have the right to call anyone a degenerate. Sorry but being a weeb will always be frowned upon because of how heavy the degeneracy is in the medium.

No. 1880362

I'm a cocksucking weaboo for… avoiding a lolicon manga on purpose and reading other manga about grown adult characters instead? You're not making sense anymore.

No. 1880363

I guess since you said you're a weeb too, you don't have any right to call others degenerate either. Or does that rule only apply to people who refuse to self-flagellate to feel better about themselves?

No. 1880365

you are a cocksucking weeb for pretending lolicon isnt a huge part of anime to the point mangakas in japan will literally choose someone in congress to shield them from their degeneracy being censored.
i am not calling anyone a degenerate, i am just calling out hypocrisy. Both anime and furfaggotry are things to be ashamed of, like all nerdy shit. But ofcourse some people are so coonsoomeristic they will bow down to glorious nihon and their superior vietnamesse cartoons then do an 180 can call everything problematic and twansphobic, like that weeb Xiriam.

No. 1880366

>Both are fucking disgusting
>The lovely poblematic free manga you so love is most than likely published by the same people that publish '12 yo kawiwi-chan loves her oniichan so much she got reincarnated as a lvl999 sorcerer!!'
>Sorry but being a weeb will always be frowned upon because of how heavy the degeneracy is in the medium.
So basically, you consider yourself a degenerate, disgusting weeb who supports pedos and projects this onto everybody else?

No. 1880368

i never said that kek, i am just saying you cannot call anyone a degenerate while being a weeb, otherwise you end up doing mental gymnastics like whats going on ITT trying to defend the honor of glorious nihongo. You can call out furfags for fapping to judy hopps or lola and they can call you out for fapping to 14yo girls and tentacles. Both are extremely degenerate mediums and both are loser nerds.

No. 1880369

Holy projection. Do you seriously think anons on this site fap to loli tentacle porn? I don't even fucking understand who exactly you think you're talking to right now? Do you think we're male weebs?

No. 1880371

again, i never said that. I just said that both furfags and weebs are degens, and that you can call them out for fapping to furbait and they can call you out for the degeneracy of the anime medium. Its not hard to understand unless you are actually underage, sometimes i forget weebs have autism and they dont understand irony.

No. 1880375

You have autism?

No. 1880377

she's a degen too, self-admitted

No. 1880381

>implying you arent autistic and a degen
>on lolcow dot farms
>while also being a self confessed weeb

No. 1880385

File: 1707301483943.jpg (108.98 KB, 2048x832, 1703387722562167.jpg)

Not a fan of YA books in general, but the one sided rivalry that Percy Jacksonfags try and do with Harry Potter fans will never not be funny to me.
I'm pretty sure most Harry Potter fans don't even know Percy Jackson exists, I feel like Twilight would be the more comparable series but twitter/tumblr types also hate Stephanie Meyer so…

No. 1880386

File: 1707301608441.jpg (60.4 KB, 960x720, 1706004495528.jpg)

>reading anything

No. 1880388

I can't believe someone is actually arguing that we're not allowed to shit on furries on LC. It's LC. They're fucking furries. FURRIES!

No. 1880390

i never said you couldnt you sperg, i just said you cant pretend you are better than furfags as a weeb. I make fun of furfags all the time, but i disagree with >>1879372 both weebs and furfags are disgusting.

No. 1880392

>you cant pretend you are better than furfags as a weeb.
I don't need to pretend. I am better. Maybe you need to pretend but that's your own problem to sort out.

No. 1880393

Why are you even on an imageboard if you hate weebs? Fuck off back to twitter, tourist.

No. 1880395

i dont hate weebs i just find it funny when ironic weebs pretend they are less degenerate than furfags

No. 1880396


No. 1880397

Oh…so if we aren't jacking it to 15 year old girls we are ironic weebs. So are you of the ironic or unironic variety?

No. 1880398

you are consooming a genre made mostly by pedos so not really, no. Both you and a furfag would be shoved into the same locker, to normies both are turbo degen weirdos kek.
again, where did i say that?

No. 1880402

I think we need to ignore the anon arguing that weaboos are as bad as furries, her example of Cardcaptor Sakura is so bad that just by itself it makes her look retarded. God forbid a manga for 10 years old girls have a 10 years old female protagonist. Soon we'll see her say that JKR is a shotacon because Harry Potter is 11 years old in the first novel or some shit.

No. 1880403

>to normies both are turbo degen weirdos kek
good job basing your worth off other people's perception rather than your own actions. hope the self-hate pays off.

No. 1880404

>God forbid a manga for 10 years old girls have a 10 years old female protagonist
KEK who let the downie out of the mental institute. Sakura cardcaptor literally has a pedo relationship between an elementary school student and a teacher, it was literally removed from the reboot from promoting pedophilia to little girls.

No. 1880405

The actress behind the voice died, nona.
That's why she wasn't in it.
To begin with, in the anime it was nothing more than a one-sided crush, wasn't it?

No. 1880406

It's such a small detail that most readers missed it in the manga until they read it again as adults, and it's removed from the anime iirc. They're not in a relationship the teacher says that he'll wait, not that this makes it better but that's why it was so easy to miss. If you want to complain use better, more obvious example like Sakura's parents. You seem like you have no clue wtf you're talking about and just vaguely checked a few TVTropes page before posting.

No. 1880409

>To begin with, in the anime it was nothing more than a one-sided crush, wasn't it?
no, it wasnt.
its removed from the reboot its still very prominent in the original.
>They're not in a relationship the teacher says that he'll wait, not that this makes it better but that's why it was so easy to miss
literally just making excuses for pedophilia just because its glorious nihongo
>If you want to complain use better, more obvious example like Sakura's parents. You seem like you have no clue wtf you're talking about and just vaguely checked a few TVTropes page before posting.
i actually watch and read manga, unlike you, that's why i know how prominent the pedo problem is in Japan, even in innocous manga for children like sakura cardcaptor. lets not forget that usagi is 14yo and her love interest in 21yo in the anime too, and that in shugo chara the main character is an elementary school student and her love interest is almost 18.

No. 1880410

>lets not forget that usagi is 14yo and her love interest in 21yo in the anime too
To be fair that's an anime exclusive change, he's 16 in the manga.
Not that either of them really look like the ages they're meant to be.

No. 1880413

If you don't like the Sailor Moon anime then read the manga. This is exactly what I mean by "you can pick and choose what to watch and read and what to avoid" but you don't seem to care. About CCS the teacher and Sakura's classmate don't have anything going on in the first anime, I wasn't making comparisons with the sequel (not even a reboot no idea where you got that from) because I read the first volume, gor bored and then got pissed off because we have a CCS sequel but still no X ending.
>i actually watch and read manga, unlike you
lol. lmao.

No. 1880414

how is that better though? anime is filled to the brim with degeneracy. The only difference between a furfag drawing judy hopps in a swimsuit vs a mangaka or weeb drawing an usagi in a swimsuit is that at least judy hopps is of age kek.

No. 1880417

thats not my point, never was. My point is that pretending anime isnt degenerate is retarded, because you can find degeneracy even in manga meant for little girls.

No. 1880419

File: 1707303546761.jpg (283.01 KB, 960x1070, 1679941665547073.jpg)

my bad, i refuse to watch it because it looks ugly. I hate the SAO-fication of anime.

No. 1880420

I'm not supporting it but the male love interests are older because girls usually crush on older boys IRL too and it's meant to be relatable. I agree they shouldn't depict it but that is why it is the way it is. Also you should try watching something that isn't 90s/00s shoujo for a change if you hate that trope so much tbh.

No. 1880424

You've been here for like 3 hours arguing that ackshually weebs are turbopedos stop boolying furries, this is paki-chan levels of autism and worthless battle picking. I fucking hope other spergs here will stop replying to your retarded ass or that mods will interfere as soon as possible.

No. 1880425

excuses because glorious nihongo cant do no wrong!, they are actually drawing 12yos with 21yos because girls want that, unlike in shitty westoid stuff made by pedowood like high school musical where the love interest is the same age as the protagonist! kek again, i dont mind, i have learned to accept japanese degeneracy instead of trying to justify it like a cocksucking weeb like you.

No. 1880426

>at least judy hopps is of age
She's a fucking bunny it doesn't matter if she's "of age". It's a bunny.

No. 1880428

i never said that, all of this sperging started because weebs got offended they got called out and started sperging and now are currently defending pedophilia. Dont throw stones from glass houses. You are going to keep coping and calling me a furfag while proving my point by defending pedophilia just because its made by nihongo instead of hollywood.
Again moving the goal post. Both are degenerate. Weebs are no different from furfags and pretending otherwise after spending an entire thread defending pedophilia just because it's made by japan just proves my point lol.

No. 1880431

>westoid stuff made by pedowood like high school musical where the love interest is the same age as the protagonist
And the male actor being over a decade older, lol.

No. 1880433

>Dont throw stones from glass houses.
So we can't make fun of furries because people here watched Sailor moon?

No. 1880434

what, both zac effron and gabriella montez are the same age kek

No. 1880435

no, i never said that. I make fun of furfags all the fucking time, i just dont pretend i am better than them then do 180 and go watch usagi being predated by her adult love interest.

No. 1880436

you say both are degenerate and then immediately defend furfags for "at least" drawing an adult bunny as if that's somehow less degenerate kek. your word choice gives away your bias no matter how much you try to feign impartiality
>shits on weebs
>immediately praises Hollywood
You're not slick

No. 1880439

Most Sailor Moon fans don't even like Mamoru kek.

No. 1880440

>no, i never said that
Do you not understand what "don't throw stones from glass houses" means by "don't throw"?

No. 1880443

>you say both are degenerate and then immediately defend furfags for "at least" drawing an adult bunny as if that's somehow less degenerate kek
again, holy shit the reading comprehension is abysmal. I was saying that BOTH are degenerate. How can you not get that?. Also how come the ''pedowood'' shit can get actors who are the same age and have the protagonist fall in love with someone her age but then make excuses because ''b-but the love interests in shoujos are actually a decade older and pedophilic because little girls want to date 21yos!!!1!'' you are so hypocrite just to defend pedophilia(but made by glorious japan that can do no wrong!).

No. 1880446

>reading comprehension
"at least" implies that you think one is the lesser evil esl-chan.

No. 1880447

lolcow was created by 4chan weebs to make fun of other cringe weebs. I dont understand how you cant be self aware and still make fun of furfags? i dont pretend i am better than some furfag who likes lola bunny when i am a yumefujo and my guilty pleasure is kuroshitsuji. We are both equally degen and retarded to normalfags.

No. 1880449

I was using it as an example. If you were to make fun of a furfag while being a weeb he can easily pull out the ''no u'' card and call you a pedo for being into anime. Whats so hard to understand that both being a furfag and being a weeb are degenerate?

No. 1880458

The whole argument is retarded because a 14 year old anime character will be draw the exact same way as a 24 year old one lol.

No. 1880459

So you didn't actually realize what "don't throw" meant.

No. 1880463

mister metokour(rest in piss) used to make fun of furfags all the time while being a weeb, no one is stopping you from making fun of furfags, it's friendly fire.

No. 1880467

kek this is so funny because this thread will shit on any non roidpig animu boy and call it a little kid resembling a toddler if he isnt draw with a chad jaw.

No. 1880468

A furry making fun of me for reading shojo manga when I was 12 and stuff by ma2, Kotteri or Ai Yazawa now would be laughed at by everyone for even thinking about that comparison though.

No. 1880469

>Her entire argument is that weebs can't criticize furries because they are both degen
>Says she is a weeb who criticizes furries all the time
>She is exempt from her own beliefs
>She believes she isn't a Grade A sped
I don't even know what to say

No. 1880474

Again, i never said any of that kek. Furfags are cringe because of how they act, not because they like cartoony animals. Pretending i am superior to some furfag that draws judy hopps in a bikini when i draw 15yo animu boys in sexy clothes myself would make me an hypocrite, however, i make fun of the furfags like pamperchu that are actually insane and milky.

No. 1880475

>Again, i never said any of that
Stop lying we can backread the thread

No. 1880479

quote it then. If you make exceptions for japanese degeneracy like 14yo girls dating 21yos i dont understand how a furfag drawing lola bunny is any worse. Its not that milky or funny either, i have seen worse degeneracy from anime anyways. I dont think i will ever recover from watching that fucking made in abyss dogshit.

No. 1880484

>i am just saying you cannot call anyone a degenerate while being a weeb
>my point is that weebs dont get to call out furfags for degeneracy when even the mangakas of turbo normie shonen shit like rurouni kenshin and one piece are pedos

No. 1880485

Tbf, I'm sorry but he did look a bit fruity.
I don't think you're a pedo tho.

No. 1880491

how did i backtrack? my point still stands that a weeb calling out a furfag for degeneracy is an hypocrite. Bunny with tits isnt less degenerate than 16yo anime girl with big tits in a bunnysuit, both are degenerate. If you are an anime watcher you have to make a shit ton of excuses to justify the rampant pedophilia in anime like anons have been doing, so going 'nooooo weebs can do no wrong!' is just coping.
i am not an anon kek

No. 1880493

So you think people should gladly be hypocrites?

No. 1880495

Why don't you follow your own advice and shut up already? Or is it just other weebs who should shut up since your so above it all? I bet you think you're "Not Like Other Weebs". Get in the fucking locker since that's where you think you belong.

No. 1880501

maybe you, i have my reasons to hate furfags besides ''lol he jacks off to bunny with tits instead of woman with bunny tits so weird ecksdee anyways time to schlick to my 15yo catbois''. I find a weeb pretending she's better than a furfag miles more milky, at least the furfag understand it's a pariah and they tend to seclude themselves to their own pages, but weebs are becoming incresingly more annoying because they dont understand they are filthy pariahs too.
your kind reminds me of Xirian. The type of weeb that acts hollier than thou and will cancel everyone they disagree with then act super jolly and happy when they receive a letter from the director of the pedo anime they ripped off telling her her shitty book is ok.

No. 1880503

In terms of the shipping debate, do you think pro vs. anti slapfights are meaningless? especially as they're used to divide women even further so moids can reap the riches for themselves? You see this with yumes and fujos quite a bit with the whole husbando thing.

No. 1880504

So you are a filthy pariah?

No. 1880505

ofcourse, that's why i am in lolcow dot farms and not in xitter with they/them pronouns in bio and calling everything problematic while having an anime pfp

No. 1880506

They're pretty meaningless but also deeply entertaining to watch I won't lie.

No. 1880510

>maybe you, i have my reasons to hate furfags besides ''lol he jacks off to bunny with tits instead of woman with bunny tits so weird ecksdee anyways time to schlick to my 15yo catbois''
Kek, so you're just better than the other weebs, despite also schlicking to 15yo catbois?

No. 1880512

We really do have a case of NLOW in here I can't stop laughing.

No. 1880513

no, i am just like any other weeb. I dont know where you are getting this '' i am better than'' angle. My point is tht i dont pretend to be better than furfags, i am self aware i am equally cringe in the eyes of a normalfag, as any loser nerd is.

No. 1880514

Well then you're dumb as rocks. Go to any college campus and talk about anime, no one will bat an eye. Try talking about furry shit and they won't touch you with a ten foot pole. You're stuck in the 00s

No. 1880516

yeah because everyone is a degenerate nowadays. I seriously doubt they care about furfags either considering that both YMS and pyrocynical have huge fanbases while being open furfags. This isnt the 00s anymore, furfags arent really that weird either lol they are out there making out vaccines.

No. 1880517

So you are a hypocrite and happily so for making fun of furries, then?
Why try to deny that with "maybe you are a hypocrite but I have better reasons"?

No. 1880520

how can i be an hypocrite when i dont pretend to be better than them? i just make fun of them because they are milky. This '' i am morally superior to you'' angle to cows its why /snow/ is so fucking dry nowadays and why the only active cow is a shitty camwhore that other cows laugh at to feel better at.

No. 1880521

Oh so now conveniently the entire world is degenerate to suit your argument now. So why do you care about what normal fags think of they are also degen? How are weebs and furries equally degenerate in normalfags eyes now? Or is everyone everywhere a hypocrite expect you, who is so special and self-aware?

No. 1880523

is it not? why do you think people are okay with anime nowadays? normal people find it weird and its why it was mocked in the 00s and 90s. What a coincidence animu is normalized and popular right at the same time only fans and porn consuption is at its highest

No. 1880525

If this is what you believe why do you even watch anime? Or are you too dumb to experience cognitive dissonance?

No. 1880530

i like my kawiwi anime boys, they are pure and cute, unlike 3DPDs who are jacking it off to onimai or trannies.

No. 1880532

Speaking of anime and porn, does anybody know more about Frieren cracking down on pornographic fanworks?

No. 1880533

So you support and indulge in an industry built on pedophilia because it makes your clit throb?

No. 1880534

all i can find is an article from sankaku complex, a porn site lol

No. 1880535

you dont? then why were you so offended at getting called out if you arent a weeb?

No. 1880539

I don't watch the pedo series, I don't jerk it to little boys, why should I associate myself with you just because we both like cartoons?

No. 1880540

Tbf, thats the sort of site it'd effect, no?
Just curious, are you that enstars nonna?

No. 1880543

IIRC at one point you run into a character from an obviously gypsy-inspired group and Astarion calls his people filthy thieves or something, and they’re after him because he fed their children to his vampire master.

I wish my hobby communities were like this. Here they’ll cancel you for admitting to playing HL. One YouTuber is considered problematic because she mentioned participating in a HP quiz at some convention and… that’s it. Apparently, her being a HP fan makes her videos “unsafe” for trans people to watch.

No. 1880544

you just admitted we are both the same if you consume animu. Animu becoming 'cool' and acessible to children is the worst thing that happened in the last decade, these tiktok kiddies have 0 selfawareness.

No. 1880548

I'm not retarded enough to believe that watching non-pedo anime makes me the same as porn addicted degens so no we are not the same. Don't project your own degeneracy onto every anime fan in existence.

No. 1880552

but you just admitted to it >>1880533 lol if i am a pedo whatever you are too for supporting this industry. Your non-pedo anime(doubt so) was animated by people who later on went on to animate weird lolishit for moids. Even if you watch some turbo normie anime like cowboy bebop you are still supporting the same studio that made di gi charat and no game no life, both pedoshit.

No. 1880554

I've never supported the anime industry in my life I'm a pirater

No. 1880559

Me too, we are still consooming it. We are both the same, filthy weebs.

No. 1880561

Deal with your shit self-esteem on your own retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1880562

kek no one who is into anime isnt a degen, otherwise you would be watching breaking bad or the office. This is how we end up with anime pfp feeling like they can lecture us about politics. 0 self awareness.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1880568

this is a pedophilic furry with an IQ of 85

No. 1880572

>Just curious, are you that enstars nonna?
I promised I would never tinfoil about posters but today I'm breaking that rule to say that sounds exactly like her kek

No. 1880595

what rock do you live under anon? most people getting into anime rn are doing so through streaming services like netflix and are watching some of the tamest shit even just from a storytelling perspective, let alone degeneracy level. people also don't start with dated weeb faves from the 90/2000s, they watch recent entry-level, hyper-popular series that are for teens like jjk, demon slayer, and mha etc, or pokemon or some similar shit if they're kids. Other big normie entry points for the last decade or so have been Attack on Titan and One-Punch Man. Maybe we just live in different worlds, but people freely discuss anime like any other form of entertainment- do you also think only basement-dwelling turbo nerds play videogames? I'm not even weighing in on the furry v weeb degeneracy nonsense, I just want to know why you're stuck in the 90s/2000s and think everyone else is too kek

No. 1880667

kek even today it still throws me off when my friends remind me that a ton of people at their work watch anime and play videogames.
I believe Attack on Titan was the big turning point, everyone was watching that in 2013, it practically took the world by storm, probably because the premise followed the popular trends of the time.

No. 1880685

I think the stigmas towards stuff like anime/videogames also depend on where as well as when you grew up. Everyone in my area had at least one of the gaming consoles at some point, and because they were cheap a lot of anime for kids aired in the mornings before school or on weekends on free to air tv and Japanese is a common LOTE subject so a lot of people also encountered things like ghibli through primary school. Full-on, classic otaku-style weebs and gamer stereotypes still exist of course, but both interests/hobbies weren't really seen as super niche or weird to people in my age group. Even then though, was still kind of wild to have my esl boss excitedly start asking if I was watching Chainsawman kek

Attack on Titan's first season was definitely a perfect storm to help open the floodgates to previous non-anime watchers though when it first aired, and I think it being a fairly sexless (especially compared to stereotypes of anime), gritty action series really helped with that, as well as tapping into trends like you said.

No. 1880694

Shitting on weebs is so outdated, anime is mainstream now. Even celebrities watch it.

No. 1880712

Celebrities being weebs into new either, everyone was joking about how Zac Efron is the only Hollywood actor allowed to be Light if there's a Death Note live action movie like 15 years ago because he was a huge fan, Robin Williams was enough of a weaboo to name his daughter Zelda after the video game character, etc.

No. 1880731

File: 1707324777181.png (292.7 KB, 496x313, oh.png)

Robin Williams was actually a big evangelion fan too

No. 1880735

I always thought he was weird, do you think he was a pedo?

No. 1880737

nta but not at all.

No. 1880749

File: 1707325670932.jpg (44.07 KB, 564x650, 429116b2647adeafb601603dae1ffc…)

Do you think he was like 'wow shinji is so me'

No. 1880750

Kek I watched this movie when I was like 10 and remember being so thrown off by this scene because it was so unexpected. Everyone my age was into Pokémon/digimon and I was renting NGE tapes from the local video store and had no one to enjoy it with.

No. 1880778

There's still a difference, a generation and a half watched dubbed anime that was often localized and went out of it's way to western/american sensibilities(see vidrel). The football team of my school had Broly as their unofficial mascot and would play his theme, not his Japanese one, but the soundtrack of the US dubbed movie, which was some metal song. In one of the celebricow thread, people were surprised that Megan was a Nruto fan, but again, it's not surprising because plenty of black kids grew up watching dubbed anime. From my experience, they love any sort of mainstream shonen, and that's the point. While mainstream shonen is okay/cool to like, what makes someone a weeb is only watching anime, being sub-only, and being into far more more stereotypical weeb stuff.

No. 1880779

>"it doesn't count because"
>doesn't refute my point at all

No. 1880840

the definition of weeb doesn't change just because it's inconvenient for your argument lol

No. 1880882

File: 1707335731489.png (991.89 KB, 660x1236, evayg.png)

No. 1880883

File: 1707335745624.jpg (20.21 KB, 604x483, guesswho.jpg)

Kek that's not what a "weeb' is. Weeb was originally used for people who would speak broken Japanese, claimed to be Japanese, and worshipped muh glorious Nippon. It then turned into anime fans using it casually as a way to refer to themselves. This was before the pandemic hit though so idk if it's changed again. I don't even think speaking broken japanese or claiming to be japanese is even that common anymore since people are so quick to scream racism. There's definitely still autists, but anyone who watches anime subbed does not make them a weeb alone. I think "Otaku" is completely dead in the US thankfully but I do still see MX weebs use it.

No. 1880887

I don’t mind furries if they’re just autistic women who liked sparkledogs and neopets as kids and continued to like cartoon animals as adults. Moids in the community are pure cancer though. It sucks being an animal artist because you’ll inevitably get sucked into the furry sphere.
Weebs are honestly way tamer than furries, a lot of zoomer weebs tend to lean anti (not to restart a debate) and are very critical of sexualization of anime characters, especially those who are underage. A lot of the drama and slapfighting among “normie” weebs is shipping and powerlevel bullshit, whereas furries are more often arguing about whether it’s okay to wear fetish gear around kids, or if it’s ok to take a fursuit you’ve had sex in out in public. Weebdom is way larger than the furry fandom and that’s made it a lot tamer over the years, while furries continue to be very close knit and fetish-centric.
t. Recently got into anime again after getting sick of the furry fandom

No. 1880896

File: 1707337058513.png (870.67 KB, 584x854, SO6jEh8.png)

>I don’t mind furries if they’re just autistic women who liked sparkledogs and neopets as kids and continued to like cartoon animals as adults
Those aren't furries though, there's a huge difference between a vivizepop design and actual furry shit.

No. 1880900

>This was before the pandemic hit though so idk if it's changed again
It hasn't changed from what I've seen. And even when I was in middle school (I'm about to turn 30 for context) I kept seeing people accusing each other of being wapanese (which isn't used at all nowadays) or a weaboo online over the smallest things like which specific series or genres you liked.

No. 1880902

As a former weeb I like shitting on weebs because it's fun

No. 1880906

nta but the pandemic was definitely a turning point, for many things, it radicalized almost everyone but also broadened their horizons of what media they consumed.

No. 1880907

File: 1707337747368.jpg (1.55 MB, 1366x4096, Fuly7ZPaAAAY91B.jpg)

No, I think you're still a furry if you do nothing but draw and like anthros and sparkledogs. There's obviously levels of furry between someone drawing their genide sparkle dogs and someone drawing their big, buff pot-belly brap dragons though.

No. 1880911

I'm not gonna put any effort into stopping anyone from headcanoning Elmo as black, but what do they mean look at his mother?

No. 1880912

I was only talking about the word "weaboo" and how it's used. I did notice that the pandemic changed fandoms, media and even the internet as a whole, and imo it's for the worst. My little sister became an annoying One Piece fan and wouldn't stop calling me and sending me messages about how she was binge watching the anime dubbed in French online instead of following her online classes and to this day she won't stfu about that stupid manga.

No. 1880914

No. 1880916

Why are these people always so desperate to put race on literal furry puppets?

No. 1880922

isnt mario from brooklyn too, does that make mario black

No. 1880932

The pandemic ruined fucking everything and everyone honestly. Im still seething about certain groups and hobbies are now filled with randoms who shit up the markets or moralfag about everything. Anons shit on the 2010s but I prefer them as opposed to after the pandemic.

No. 1880936

The pandemic made people watch LPs and read wiki instead of getting into actual fandoms. I swear it's gotten horrible since 2020. How does gen z have so much time on their hands and still know nothing about fandom?

No. 1880937

No, he's italian (BROOKLYN-AMERICAN.) Kek

No. 1880941

The frizzy hair, I guess. I don't see a big deal either way because they're literally muppets, a show for kids (especially inner city ones, according to Wikipedia) anyway, but it's kind of funny to imagine some RW hyper racists dying on the debate hill and sperging about "wokified muppets" kek

No. 1880946

File: 1707339572698.png (611.22 KB, 640x650, XMGILJR.png)

I don't get the appeal of OP. I don't understand how anyone likes it, including shonen-fags, fujos and allegedly queer people. The characters are objectively ugly. When I was a kid I thought zoro and sanji were cute, but after the time-skip, they're ugly as well. The fight scenes are like something out of Tom and Jerry, and the characters act like massive autistic children.

No. 1880949

It exploded in popularity simply because it's the last of the big three that's still running

No. 1880953

why is that a problem like kek he's black ok and. what's wrong with that? woke? i mean really kek come on now

No. 1880954

Dont really get it either. People like pirates, I guess.
Ngl if there was a series of handsomu pirates being handsomu, I'd read it.

No. 1880955

why do you use kek like it's a comma?

No. 1880959

>mom has messy muppet hair
>No dad anywhere to be seen
>he has to be black!!

its not looking good

No. 1880964

you should delete this otherwise it gets reported as race-biat.

No. 1880969

Within the furry community, basically anyone who draws anthro animals is considered a furry, regardless of self-indentification. If you draw animal characters, furries will interact with you.
Vivzie’s stuff is pretty popular among furries too fwiw, they see it as furry too.

No. 1880976

File: 1707341095581.png (440.98 KB, 1207x1162, Screenshot.png)

I'm not a biggest fan of vivzie but she doesn't deserve this, there was a sci-fi author who wrote a book about racoons being the dominant species on the planet, It was originally intended to be a trilogy series. However, furries became obsessed about it, to the point where they would send erotic letters and create sexual fan-art, which they would then send to the author. the author ultimately refused to finish or publish the sequels out of spite. he hated furriers and wanted nothing to do with them.

No. 1880978

Only you said the dad thing tbf

No. 1881025

based author

No. 1881033

Kinda crazy how quick internet slang changes that I’m 6 years younger than you and haven’t heard the term “wapanese” in my life

No. 1881059

Furries have proven time and time again that their inappropriateness online always manifests IRL. Good on the author to shut that down.

No. 1881251

Why is it always quirky punctuation-chan shitting up these threads. Pretty sure they are also the one who posted furry and then sperged in the art thread.

No. 1881303

are you the same retarded newfag that thinks all anons who write in lowercase are the same anon? even though farmhands write in lowercase

No. 1881311

File: 1707370391173.png (459.27 KB, 603x1441, Screenshot.png)

This is the sort of instance where an immovable object meets an unstoppable force, that is swifities going up against Palestinian activism. Taylor's Eras Tour will be released to Disney+ and Disney is bad because of zionism. So now swifties are "coping" and trying to justify it. Actually, "Taylor is the poor victim in this scenario. she's being manipulated and used by a billion-dollar company." It's honestly kind of fascinating to witness

No. 1881313

I hope she gets more money to fund the anti AI lawsuit.

No. 1881315

Why are western yume communities filled with entitled and annoying women? I wonder if Japanese communities are like this too. Its either yumes who hate fujos, yumes who throw bishies under the bus for moidshit, the moralfags, etc. It just has an air of entitlement and arrogance I don't understand. Why can't we all just be frens.

No. 1881324

KEK I agree 100%. Percy Jackson is a literal who outside of America and maybe (maybe) the UK (maybe). Percy Jackson is so painfully American that if you aren't American, you won't connect and if you're Greek, it'll make you hate Americans.

No. 1881325

>made heavily queer coded characters straight
WTF does this even mean?

No. 1881330

It's funny, honestly. I have issues with a lot of OP (especially the repetitive, predictable arc structure, like gee I wonder who's gonna get stuck somewhere for a while before fighting the big bad and who's gonna fight his number 2 and who's gonna fight his number 3 while the rest of the crew fight horrible forgettable filler characters?? every fucking time). But it's a laugh and much more so than any other battle manga I've read, and the humour makes the characters endearing. I don't need bishies 24/7, cartoony characters are fine too.

No. 1881332

Just think about what kind of person you need to be to be able to imagine an anime boy dating you of all people and there you have your answer kek

No. 1881342

>Yumes who hate fujos
Meh, don't care
>yumes who throw bishies under the bus for moidshit
Everyone has different tastes, nobody's forced to like the same stuff
>the moralfags
I'll give you this one, that's actually annoying
Unless you're a turbo normie, you ain't got no moral to criticize other weebs acting autistic. All weebs are inherently delusional

No. 1881345

Basically this, you have to have some amount of mental illness to imagine yourself dating a cartoon character so antisocial and maladaptive behavior isn't that surprising. It's one thing to find a character attractive and like and appreciate them but actually imagining a relationship between you to the point it affects your real life and you call it "love" is not healthy.

As for western communities, if you think they're bad, you should see the Asian yumes. Japanese yumes mostly cry into a pillow sniffing their husbando's overpriced perfume merch and lick their plushies but Chinese yumes will actually murder you if you come between them and their husbando. They will send death threats to creators if their husbando of choice is threatened by another character, male or female.

No. 1881348

I honestly think that some hardcore yumes are on another level of delusion and that causes them to chimp out at other yumes or fujos more easily. Even here you'll have yumes saying that their husbandos are literally theirs, they can't even share the husbando's name in fear that someone else will do something with him and they can't browse for pictures of him in peace because they'll start malding if they see him in another ship. Like they can't fully realize that at the end of the day it's a fictional character that they didn't create and that everyone can do anything with. I've seen some crazy unhinged shit from yumes.

No. 1881410

Can't really blame them considering the way real life men look and act, there is no alternative for straight women.

No. 1881413

>Everyone has different tastes, nobody's forced to like the same stuff
But, why shit on someone elses husbando choice, just to be NLOG? even here there are tons of nonnies who say stuff like ''I prefeer X because bishies are sooooo boriiiing'' and I dont get it, why shit on nonnies into bishies? just dont say the first part, there is no poin to bragging about how your tastes are so superior to nonnies into bishies. It's so weird to me, there is always this constant need of being better than other yumefags or female fans. So weird.

No. 1881415

File: 1707388728336.jpg (155.3 KB, 1080x654, IMG_20240208_113833.jpg)

Newest twitter brainrot I keep seeing: Aventurine isn't white
(it's a character with white skin and blonde hair)

I guess I'm not white either because I'm slavic!

No. 1881416

But Japanese yumes dont seem so mean, they seem sweet and I like how they make Itabags of their boys.

No. 1881417

File: 1707388825282.jpg (113.42 KB, 1200x675, 20240206_081308.jpg)

What the character looks like, for reference. They say he's a gypsy.

No. 1881418

Will this madness ever end nonnies? We used to make fun of people like this in the late 2010s when they were secluded to tumblr, but it feels like it came back full force during the 2020s. I dont think its going to end anytime soon nonnies…

No. 1881420

I haven't participated in this conversation, but I was friends with a jp yume. She kept complaining to me about the strict etiquette in their circles and how tired she was. People were constantly competing for merch and self-insert comissions and if you didn't tweet once a day about your boy people would consider you not devoted enough/you got bored of him. You were expected to talk about him like a real life partner and compliment others constantly too.

But that's the hardcore yumes, casual fans are common in Japan too, but this is the reason why everyone is so desperate to prove themselves with elaborate shrines and pictures of figures and plushies.

No. 1881421

NTA but i see the reverse way more often. remember last year when there was constant infights in unpopular opinions over anons liking ugly characters? (especially tf2 specifically)

No. 1881423

File: 1707389579506.jpg (303.94 KB, 1080x1117, IMG_20240208_115326.jpg)

It's funny because the chinese word would be considered a slur in the west.

No. 1881427

I can sometimes get the criticism but if it’s a fictional race based off real life people who aren’t fair skinned animu things will often still have the characters be fair skinned blonde blue eyes etc. This isn’t new at all. Anime characters that are supposed to be Japanese even have those features a lot of times. Maybe when Japanese or Chinese character designers take inspiration from cultures with darker skinned people they think the characters will look ‘foreign’ enough but I doubt they intend for them to read as anything other than light skinned that could be interpreted as asian (or white).

No. 1881432

sorry to bring up enstars again but two yumes of the same character literally got into a fist fight at an event while said characters voice actor was watching just last year. nip yumes can be just as crazy as western ones

No. 1881434

It's because Aventurine used to be a slave(?) from an underprivileged planet and his "race" (sigonians) is considered to be dirty thieves and other negative stereotypes that have been applied to gypsies but also many, many other ethnicities both white and non-white. The black and white race wars brainrot these people have is unbelievable, the planet we meet him on is a literal melting pot with no real locals and it exists in an universe filled with planets populated with their own people and NO "default race" so I have no fucking idea how these people. can't shut the fuck up for one second and stop poisoning games with their ridiculous ~headcanons~.

Also I hate people who obviously fake being Chinese but they never post anything in Mandarin or Cantonese, their game screenshots are all in English meaning that's the language they play with, they have no idea about the culture, are suspiciously well versed in North American identity politics and their Chinese knowledge comes from misunderstanding dictionary definitions. That "Location: People's republic of China" is a lie and you know it.

No. 1881444

samefag to correct myself because I'm a retard, Aventurine's race isn't called "Sigonia", it's the planet he's from. His race is called "avgin" and it's vaguely inspired by Romani words. In the game one of the characters (Sparkle) straight out laid some slurs and racist takes on him about his background and people are going insane about how pwobwematic it is. What the fuck are these people doing playing this game anyway, can't they go back to cookie run? How will they whiteknight the painfully sexist designs of female characters until the day they die but get so bent out of shape over fictional racism? I mean I guess it's hilarious that we went so far that a white skin blonde character is now considered a "POC" and the obviously Asian girl gets cancelled for calling him a conniving thief but it's also retarded beyond belief.

No. 1881449

File: 1707393044174.png (16.71 KB, 582x280, 1707372510948151.png)

It's extra stupid because Avgin means honey (supposedly). So he just says
>I am a [Honey]
And the whole point about the roma is that they're nomads lol
I can see how it might be a clumsy reference, but mihoyo fans are insane.

No. 1881457

How the fuck are they genuinely cancelling a fictional character over being racist towards a fictional race that's named after a Romani word and looks 100% white in a fictional world, this is actual mental illness.

No. 1881459

The girl "Sparkle" tells the boy something like:
>How did you get the boss to accept your offer? Did you take your clothes off and beg and kneel in front of him?
Twitter is full of people saying she called him a fag and a whore. But it could be refering to the act of dogeza humiliation lol

No. 1881473

I'm pretty sure it was a direct reference to dogeza (especially due to Sparkle's Japanese motif) and I thought everyone realized it but are people actually saying that's the racist part? My personal headcanon is that she was calling Aventurine a whore though kek because apparently the Chinese word she used when referring to him had that connotation but it was translated to "peacock".

No. 1881492

Yeah, there's one specific anon or two who start to rant unprompted how women who have uncommon husbando tastes are pickmes and NLOGs (>implying they would get into a relationship with a real moid kek) and how she's so oppressed for liking bishies despite nobody talking about it.

No. 1881500

>I guess I'm not white either because I'm slavic!
Atp I'm convinced that americans actually only mean white americans when they use that term, it's not like they ever think about anyone but themselves kek. I've seen "white" used interchangeably with "american" as if it meant nationality as well as race

No. 1881501

Not even a husbandofag but the "I hate scrawny bishounens, give me hairy fat men!!!!" people DO have signature NLOG tendencies, it's the repackaged "boybands are so cringe, I like REAL music with REAL men!!!" narrative.

No. 1881505

I thought this whole thread jumped on that when someone posted a Senshi vs Gojo poll where Senshi was winning.
I get the "old man" fuckers because they're mostly fantasizing about somebody like Dracula from castlevania who is hot and mature looking,but the "dad bod" girls make me cringe.
Also knew several online girls who were into self-insert protagonists which is peak pick-me in my opinion because they want the average dude.

No. 1881509

tbh the pretty boy enjoyer/s who pop up here (and sometimes in the art thread, probably elsewhere too) always makes me laugh, that enstars derail was hilarious kek

No. 1881511

but that anon was talking about husbandofags here, not on tumblr. hardly anyone here into things like dadbods, in any other thread if you like a character that's even slightly unconventional a whole infight breaks out and/or someone will complain about that character nonstop.

No. 1881513

I've seen some shit taste on lolcow, but maybe it's just that the unhinged posters stand out. I've had anons call some fictional guys I like ugly, even if they're commonly considered attractive lol

No. 1881515

the posters i'm thinking of were calling even super popular archetypes like masked men and vampires "ugly"

No. 1881527

Oh okay, I agree then that that is taking it way over the top. Vampires have always been a popular fantasy among women and slight monsterboys like werewolves have always been about the power fantasy.

No. 1881544

File: 1707401598986.png (1.59 MB, 1024x680, syrian_gypsies.png)

Seeing Romani/Gypsy racial "HCs" is fascinating to see as someone from the Middle East where the gypsies still exist, gypsies are so mixed, with so many people's across the Middle East and Europe, that it really is impossible to box them into a single racial/ethnic group, their identity is more of a cultural and linguistic one. you can find gypsy full blood siblings who have different skin tones, with some being brownish and others as white as paper. It is their cultural heritage that truly defines them.
So In fiction, characters were gypsies to add depth to a character's backstory, However now there is a notion of having either genuine Roma actors (who are quite rare) or Indian actors(which ironically highlights the lack of awareness surrounding the Roma and Indian history)

No. 1881547

it is even more American now they have race swapped one of the main characters kek

No. 1881550

Can confirm over here it's mostly known by fantasy book nerds.
Eh, maybe it's different from region to region but they're also in the balkans and stick closely among themselves refusing to mix. Here you have a portrayal with Roma actors from the balkans:

No. 1881551

Werewolves by a mile. But I can't help but feel NLOGs are only pick the unpopular boys to seem cool and quirky. They don't love their husbandos like a bonafide yume can and it shows. Asking one would always end in them beating around the bush until their legs give out or something along the lines of "I just like them you pleb". God, bothers me so freaking much. And that's not the worst part, it's always smarmy attudie accompanying each post that betrays their autistic attempts at superiority. Their "likes" can't be likes, they gotta be some high pinnacle morality hence all the body pos woo. It's one thing to like a ugly fat ass, it's another to gaslight half a fanbase Into finding them hot. Can't for the life of me find any so-called "designated sexy boys" hot since half them are disgusting to look at.

No. 1881552

I think a lot of these people prefer to think of racial/ethnic groups to be innate/purely genetic and something you either are or aren't due to birth and not something that outsiders can become a part of (or that members can leave) like a cultural or linguistic group

No. 1881555

Gypsies exist everywhere in Europe, they're a known minority in the North and the UK. Not just Middle East. They're nomads with no centralized home country, it's a huge characteristic of what they are.

No. 1881557

If it weren't for seeing people pushing Percy Jackson whenever HP was brought up as being superior, I never would have known it existed kek. I gave the first book a read when I was younger to see what all the fuss was about and wasn't impressed- the writing was very grating and thought it was much funnier/smarter than it was

No. 1881560

that's the balkans, they have a larger roma population and again this isn't too far from how many "un-mixed" Balkan people look.

No. 1881566

My impression is that in latin america it's known (and generally well liked enough) by people into fantasy YA books, which might be a profitable demographic but its not the same as grabbing a random passer by and they at least knowing HP is that witch boy story.

No. 1881590

It absolutely is a slur outside of asia too, we use cigani in the balkans. But I guess since we've been enslaved we get the c-pass since we aren't white kek.

No. 1881598

>made characters Muslim
Bitch what? A central part of the world of the books is that Abrahamic gods literally dont exist. How can one of the characters be Muslim if they've just found out they're a demigod and Allah is made up? More like Rick Retardan

No. 1881599

File: 1707405054752.png (358.4 KB, 696x499, c13.png)

No. 1881606

dunno about Percy Jackson's lore specifically, but it's not uncommon for stories that start out saying 'only x religion got it right and its god/s exist' to eventually cop out and say all deities and their associated faiths are valid, creating a theological kitchen sink that doesn't make much sense and breaks previously established lore/rules. That, or gods will go by many names across different cultures so, for example, in a mainly Norse-themed setting you'll have one trickster god that's gone by Loki/Coyote/Anansi/etc (I've seen this specific one a few times kek), but functionally in the story they'll just be Norse Loki. It's an odd way of not stepping on anyone's toes, I guess

No. 1881608

>two yumes of the same character literally got into a fist fight at an event
God I wish someone filmed this, I would've killed to see the two Rei yumes duking it out in the seats kek

No. 1881610

It's idiotic, because yeah, I read one of the spin offs in which a character is son of the Nordic gods. It was easy to read but it wasn't anything important, very American with references to shit I didn't give a fuck about like baseball teams and cities, if you told me that that moid is from literally any country and that he's an ameriboo, I would believe you.
He didn't create anything, he just wrote fanfic.
Meanwhile JK Rowling made a whole ass system with rules, created objects, concepts, places and so much more, does anyone have any idea of how difficult is that?

No. 1881611

>Meanwhile JK Rowling made a whole ass system with rules, created objects, concepts, places
It's not really fair of you to say this wasn't done in Percy Jackson if you only read one of the spin-off books though

No. 1881613

File: 1707406909889.jpg (133.81 KB, 600x600, GCXlRsiXQAAS6Sb.jpg)

Well, "white" as a concept was meant to describe Anglo-Saxons and place them above others. Italians, Irish people, Slavs, Germans, etc were all blocked out of the definition. It's a little bit more arbitrary than one might think. Those twitter people are actually being pretty "trad", as per the logic of the founding fathers of the USA.
This is also why some Mestizo people (like "musician" 6ix9ine) are counted as white in official documentation today, even if others might disagree with it.
I will avoid naming any groups, but you might also see some communities try to push to be considered "white", and some others simply calling themselves "white" or "POC" based on whichever is convenient and/or gleams more social strength at the time.

No. 1881620

>actually includes kick ass diverse characters like LGBTQAAA and black, asian, latino, etc

This is so cringe, I'm sorry. Just another diversity check list. Percy jackson fans are weird. I only know it existed because I went on a date with my wife and it was on tv at a cafe. None of us heard of it before then. They are really trying to pretend PJ has even 1/10 of the popularity as Harry Potter. Kekk. Universal Orlando is literally building another Harry Potter park for 2025.

No. 1881629

People that ignore that gay rights movement started since 1912 in USA, but "pride parades" aren't fancy anymore back then where you could get killed for being gay to Tumblr. They prefer the "riot" ("be gay! do crimes!"). That's why they mold the myths about the Stonewalls being leaded by a "beautiful trans woman".

No. 1881630

Oh yeah, Rick Riordan, Mr "I'll mold Greek culture to my liking even if Greeks would hate me for it".

No. 1881637

I don't know, I think that even spin offs should get the same dedication as the main creations, he got lazy with the spin off and it shows.

No. 1881640

I feel bad, because it sounds like an interesting story. Why are furries such degenerate freaks? They're always projecting.

No. 1881643

twtards are awfully quiet on that front.

No. 1881655

>that's the balkans, they have a larger roma population and again this isn't too far from how many "un-mixed" Balkan people look.
Please don't talk about places you've never been to, lmfao

No. 1881657

>mfw i used to know the people who made these videos back in the day

No. 1881658

Kek if one Percy Jackson fan try to push that shit into me I would tell them I'm not reading books for literally ten years olds.

No. 1881666

I'll never feel bad when fujos start shitting on yumes for random shit because I know for a fact fujos will always have an horrendous, decades long reputation compared to us, it's not even disputable. That's why they're mad, because their gay boy fetish, crazy antics and sheer tranny numbers will always surpass anything an autistic yume does. If they were normies or random people I would stfu and take it but getting criticized by a fujo of all people? Kek get outta here(random fujospering, use the designated threads)

No. 1881672

You dumb fuckers always manage to leak out of your designated threads

No. 1881683

Oh so it's only cool if you guys shit on us? If you mad at me for posting my opinions on a fandom discourse thread, I invite you to take your ass back to your thread at /m/ too

No. 1881685

It's because people who are dedicated to shipping themselves with fictional characters aren't going to be the most mentally stable bunch. When it comes to the moralfagging a lot of them use anti-shipper logic that "fiction affects reality, being in love with your husbando is an example of that because your brain thinks he's real" when that's a huge oversimplification. I think Tumblr's "anti-cringe culture" made people forget that self-inserters were considered weirder than the average fandom person and mocked in the 2000s for a reason. It's because many are super overzealous over ships or sperg out when someone else likes the same character, the standard of treating them like a real partner to the point of being celibate with real people, and consooming merch as a sign of how "devoted" you are. I know some chill yumes/self-shippers and I've accepted that yooming is my personal vice like other people play gacha, but we kind of earned our reputation.

No. 1881689

none of these things are exclusive to yumes imo

No. 1881690

Don't start this shit up again you dumbfucks

No. 1881699

Real question, am I stuck in a time loop? Why are we having the exact same conversation over and over and over again?

No. 1881703

File: 1707415326537.png (799.72 KB, 1169x1759, 2GOi5MH.png)

I hate everyone involved in this.

No. 1881704

because newfags never bother reading the old threads. all these topics have been run into the ground, there is nothing more to add they just wanna start another infight

No. 1881705

nta but
>Stan twitter drag queen meme
your not helping your case faghag

No. 1881707

Nta but because >>1881315 is the one who started it

No. 1881712

File: 1707415765600.png (454.81 KB, 827x1016, OZ8amIv.png)

so people mad that the only A03 equivalent, doesn't allow any depictions of characters under Squidgeworld

No. 1881714

Is there a thread for shitting on yumes somewhere kek

No. 1881716

ppl just made shit up then huh?

No. 1881718

File: 1707416183618.gif (2.72 MB, 500x303, 920c9f0663f530ff6c839f5ed69123…)

>all this yume slander when I'm a yumefujo and half these complaints apply to non-yumes as well

No. 1881721

Funny you guys can talk all the shit you want about us over and over yet we say something back and all of sudden is "let's stop having this argument! Don't star shit again!" Kek

No. 1881723

The majority of people migrating to the America's were poorer Europeans, of course a laborer who has worked their entire life will have a tanner skin-tone.

No. 1881724

I do agree it's fujocoomers who start this shit, but I still It never ends well and I'd rather avoid it, let them keep their sad delusions and let's move on.

No. 1881726

anglos are full of shit and used this kind of logic to colonize and genocide.

No. 1881742

It used to have really fun action and character designs early on and was an exciting, massive sprawling adventure. Everything through Water Seven is great.
I have no idea why anyone likes OP after Impel Down. There are way too many plot threads that cause each arc to take forever and the art has degraded in every aspect. The character design has become pure fucking nonsense, the panels have become insanely cramped so each of the 10,000 characters introduced each arc can get a word in edgewise, and the thick, clear line work has become a thin, jittery mess that makes everyone look like they were scribbled on a napkin.

No. 1881745

Yeah I can see that because one anon called me a faghag for posting a dumb video that applies to the conversation even though I posted nothing else on the topic of yumejoshi and fujoshi in this thread today today.

No. 1881759

File: 1707419521671.jpg (567.37 KB, 1080x1833, 1.jpg)

interesting thread i saw today 1/2

No. 1881761

File: 1707419546406.jpg (678.55 KB, 1080x2031, 2.jpg)

2/2 thoughts?

No. 1881762

Tbf where is Elmo’s dad? Does he have one?

No. 1881763

There's probably people even on this site that can think yume are fucking delusional and fujos are coomers.
It's not a "with me or against me" sort of topic.

No. 1881764

File: 1707419722539.png (284.89 KB, 738x611, Screenshot_671.png)

why is the western fandom so retarded? what does this even MEAN it's a fucking elf

No. 1881767

It's basic common sense.

No. 1881772

I agree + the internet as a whole creates and extreme sense of FOMO. You get stressed and depressed but you still check everyday because maybe that one really cool poster you follow out up a new drawing or you can be the first to hear about new magazine scans for a game you're looking forward to or some shit. It's a waste of time at best but it's hard to break the habit. I mean look at me, I check these threads even though my life would be perfectly fine without them.

No. 1881775

i swear yume fujo discourse doesn't exist outside of lolcow. if i do see it, it's usually men arguing about yumes being prettier than "stinky fujos"

>how she's so oppressed for liking bishies
do you mean the trapschizo kek

No. 1881778

I knew that fucking anime was a mistake, hope they never adapt The Climber.

No. 1881780

No, a "yume cringe thread" has been attempted to be made like 3 times but mods lock it every time. But naturally Paki-chan's containment thread a.k.a fujo cringe thread gets to stay up and she isn't even happy with that, she has to sperg in literally every thread across the site.

No. 1881783

NTA but that sucks. Yumes are insufferable most of the time. I used to know someone who carried photos of her husbando in her real life wallet. She was working an office job.

No. 1881786

I think it wouldn't be an issue if people knew how and why they're even using social media in the first place. Normies ruined it because they contribute nothing to social media. They're just there, posting nonsense about no topic in particular, believing anything they read instead of checking reliable sources, etc. Then even some people who aren't normies became like this. I use twitter because I want to post about a few specific topics for fun: traveling and video games mostly. I also follow artists and people who like the same video games and manga I like. I don't participate in "fandoms" and I don' diverge too much from that to keep myself sane and not have weird news or political bullshit on my TL that would make me angry or depressed, which would make me then more susceptible to taking the bait all the time and I wish more users were like me. Ideally if things were like before FB took over in 2007 people would just post about specific topics, reply to well meaning comments, check other people's pages or blogs, mute or block or ignore trolls instead of feeding them, and move on with their lives.

Instead you have losers who only do what this twinkdefcon guy is explaining, who feed trolls so often you'd think it's their fulltime job, who make themselves miserable over it, and who have several social media accounts instead of one for NO REASON because they have nothing to do or say there besides reposting unfunny memes, stealing content and posting their selfies. Why do these losers use 5 social media websites at the same time with two accounts in some of them? Some of them aren't going to Bluesky completely now that you don't need an invite anymore, they're just adding one account while continuing to use Twitter and bitching about Muskrat for the 10000th time. I think maybe this retarded billionaire had the right idea when he tried to limit the number of tweets you could see everyday but he also caused big blue checkmark accounts and porn bots to ruin the website even more to begin with. This is barely coherent sorry…

No. 1881788

people like this are a blight on fandoms everywhere, like why are they trying to angle it as though the mangaka is racist even though a)it's an elf and b)their take is very americanized so why would the mangaka even be thinking about american racial politics when writing this scene

No. 1881793

>I used to know someone who carried photos of her husbando in her real life wallet. She was working an office job.
She sounds based tbh, this hurts no one and is cute. It's hardly different than having photos of a character you like on your phone

No. 1881794

Tactics in marketing and advertising has been studied for decades, social media is the culmination of a post-capitalist society. Social media sites are owned by megacorps who profit from people being unhappy with their lives - anger creates a lot more interaction and thus data to be sold, and sadness and insecurity makes you buy more product. You make an account to see what's up with the recent drama and boom, now you're making money for the company managing the site. Just like skincare advertisements showing only beautiful, skinny people with perfect skin, the algorithm is designed to make you feel bad about yourself so you'll stay on the site longer to seek validation. Even the notification feature is meant to get you addicted, it triggers your dopamine receptors to see that little interaction badge pop up. This is why sites like twitter and facebook have no real incentive to limit the hate speech and polarization on their site unless they're required to do so by law and even then they drag their feet implementing lazy features to fulfill the bare minimum. They need that interaction and data to be sold because people wouldn't pay $20 for a social media sub to compensate for the services. They need you to stay miserable and angry.

No. 1881795

>I used to know someone who carried photos of her husbando in her real life wallet
Why not just have art of her husbando as the wallpaper on her smartphone? Unless she already did that.

No. 1881796

a lot of them dont even know the difference, i see fujo being used as a synonym for 'female weeb' all the time

No. 1881798

What's the problem? I've seen fujos do the same with their favorite ships. Both are fine.

No. 1881799

I cannot imagine waking up and trying so hard every day to find victimhood and race in everything

No. 1881800

That's not too bad tbh, but I do know a woman in her 30s who refuses to talk to anyone who isnt a part of her fandom. She wont talk to you if you ship the same husbando

No. 1881801

Every conversation about Dungeon Meshi is so annoying/boring. I liked the manga a lot but whenever I see a tweet about it blow up it's just the exact same praise about how good one aspect of it was. How many times can these people tweet about how amazing the artist is at drawing women/drawing men/depicting autism/writing conflict etc. before they run out of stuff to repeat back to each other. It's a good story but there's nothing to talk about. Even this screenshot is not saying anything of substance, just pointing out what's happening and instead of recognizing it as a general experience they relate it back to themselves

No. 1881811

I agree, I haven't read a single interesting discussion about Dungeon Meshi. It's literally like conversing plain white bread. Yeah, it's bread. What else is there? Not a lot more. It's genuinely an anime for NPCs, as stupid as that sounds.

No. 1881814

No. 1881822

Tbf, it's has an ongoing anime so I can see people not wanting to spoil stuff that would be a bit difficult to explain.
Though, I am disappointed that people keep headcanonning lesbians when there's already one in canon that's just fine.

No. 1881836

Omg "you guys" WHO you dumb shit You schizo fuck. You can post about you being an obessive retard with your cartoon character and everyone on this site will prompty rim your asshole and spam "based" but as soon as some anons call out how delusional, weird and rabid you are even to other women they must be either moids or those stinky ugly foojos that no man wants. God forbid a normal woman thinks yumes sending death threats to each other over literal pixels is fucking unhinged. Stop acting like you're oppressed ffs.(infighting)

No. 1881837

Im happy a female mangaka got successful without pandering to scrote fetishes with her work but I tried reading it so many times and it was just boring

No. 1881839

Ntayrt but there have been fujos sending threats over ships too.

No. 1881848

It is hard to get into if you don't like cooking. I'm a fan myself, but it has been overhyped too much, probably because people like the idea of Frieren vs. Dungeon Meshi.

No. 1881850

I think both sides should be called out tbh I don't get why anons think these behaviors are exclusive to one group

No. 1881857

It's a good anime and a good story but the thing is genuinely not fandomifiable, just like Chainsaw Man imo. CSM only got big because of the waifus and the general aesthetic that appeals to zoomers. The characters in both are there to make the story move and nothing else. It's only interesting when the characters are doing something, otherwise the setting is quite boring and if I didn't like the artstyle I would've dropped it immediately.

>headcanonning lesbians
Why are you disappointed about that? It's a popular manga that doesn't overly sexualize the female characters which have distinct personalities and relevance to the plot so it only makes sense that readers find them intriguing enought to ship. What's interesting is that I haven't seen much yaoi of it though, just some Kabru/Mithrun and attempts at Kabru/Laios. But that's another point on why it's never going to have a big fandom presence kek

No. 1881858

They act like massive victims every time its hilarious

No. 1881860

File: 1707423374604.png (85.76 KB, 708x614, Screenshot 2024-02-08 121828.p…)

Is she ever not mad at white people?

No. 1881865

File: 1707423618106.png (61.12 KB, 703x565, Screenshot 2024-02-08 122153.p…)

Wasn't this a club penguin thing?

No. 1881869

And we know, even here we have a thread for shitting on them only and overall fujos get called weird stinky unloved fat fucks (sometimes bordering on misogyny honestly) but if you say yumes are just as mentally ill and aggressive with their husbandos? Nope, can't say that, yumes are BASED only they're pure innocent perfect wholesome girls uwu. The truth is that the vast majority of yumes are delusional misogynistic nlogs themselves but they hate when you point that out and then they instantly proceed to shit on other women.

No. 1881872

File: 1707423929476.png (235.78 KB, 1101x779, 1699344522557.png)

'Yumes are pure' posting just makes me think of this.

No. 1881874

I just like Otta tbh. I guess it makes sense why she's not as popular but I think she's cute.
I should probably keep my personal likes in check though, yeah.

No. 1881875

this + whatever loving fuck is going on in josei smut confirms fujos/yumes are two sides of the same coin

No. 1881878

one side is more porn sick then the other, that is a fact.

No. 1881879

File: 1707424320480.png (146.57 KB, 1347x448, keisuke vs oniichan.png)

Eh, I'd say it's pretty equal.

No. 1881886

uhm wtf?

No. 1881887

i have not a single critique of porn that omits women. as long as no women are harmed theres nothing sick about it

No. 1881890

No, get over it.

No. 1881895

>as long as no women are harmed theres nothing sick about it
this is how i feel too honestly. i can't bring myself to care about anime porn in any shape or form but i obviously despise actual porn involving human beings. one is hurting actual people, the other just hurts people's feelings (which they can get over)

No. 1881900

I'm talking about the level of porn-sickness though, there's a reason why they transition as much as they do.

No. 1881901

>fujos get called weird stinky unloved fat fucks
But this is true(infight bait)

No. 1881903

This delusional sperging and misrepresenting each side has already happened (rarely does anyone get called ugly on lolcow, unless you mean other places by men, and largely fujos are shit on for being pickmes when they seethe about female characters/yumes or being autists when it’s not pakichan reeing about pornsickness). Instead of continuing this gay infight, just read the old one since no new points will be rehashed. Start here: >>>/ot/1563202

No. 1881909

File: 1707426135210.png (790.22 KB, 3144x1146, 1701164450403.png)


"Yumes are pure and mentally sane unlike fujos" always reminds me of this gem.

No. 1881910

what an annoying bitch, just close tumblr if it affects you that much.

No. 1881913

Why do you care so much? Even that is contained to themselves while moids actually hurt real women from being pornsick but I can't imagine you hang out on their boards and argue with them about it

No. 1881916

well sure but it's not really "BL" that's the problem, it's BL combined with western individualism, culture, the fact that troonism is just Christianity for leftists, etc. your claim would hold water if non-western fujoshi trooned out at high levels too, but they don't and they aren't. from my exp most tifs aren't even reading BL, they're reading heartstopper or listening to troye sivan and deciding they want to be a cute gay boi too

No. 1881917

It's 2024 and anons still haven't learned that the female pornsickness sperging is Paki-chan's signature posting.

No. 1881921

>I can't imagine you hang out on their boards and argue with them about it
Nta but this isn't a fujo board, what do you mean? There are no fujo boards here.

No. 1881922

We have this same infight every month for years now, YEARS. Give it up to God already and move on.

No. 1881923

KEK I remember when I used tumblr I would feel guilty and try to filter my speech better every time a word originating from aave slipped out because I thought it made me a horrible racist thanks to retards like this. then I deleted my tumblr and stepped outside and I realized it doesn’t fucking matter

No. 1881927

>"but escalation usually comes from porn consumption, doesn't it? And i don't look at pornography so it will probably be fine.
KEK I love it, thank you for sharing, anon.
It'd be hilarious and sad if this post was made by Paki-chan too.
It's true that it's not Bl, but current western politics. BL was popular before too, but people just didn't troon out back then. Bl is definitely not the reason.
She must mean fujo thread and fujochan.

No. 1881928

>She must mean fujo thread and fujochan
But this is not the fujo thread or fujochan.

No. 1881930

she's talking about moid boards aka 4chan

No. 1881931

She must think that anon definitely goes on fujo boards to sperg too, i'm not sure.

No. 1881937

Sage for non-contribution but the people I see buying the most HP merch nowadays are zoomers. A lot of the ones I know watched the movies or read the books growing up and don't know/care about the terminally online discourse.

On a side note idk why people on this website think Tiktok represents the majority of what zoomers act like. While a lot do use Tiktok most think that the stuff that goes on on it is cringe or annoying.

No. 1881938

I guess it's one of those older vs younger zoomer things again.

No. 1881942

My tinfoil is that the reason live action Percy Jackson adaptations are never casted as book accurate because normies would immediately write it off as a Harry Potter ripoff
>be black haired, green eyed protagonist
>my mom dies to protect me from an attack from the big bad
>my friends are an awkward comic relief ginger and a curly haired, headstrong, brainiac
>I go to a secret place for special teens and am sorted into a subgroup with a certain aesthetic
>some blond boy with severe daddy issues is my rival
>I have a crush on a cool ginger girl
>most normies can't see through the magic veil, but the plot relevant ones can

No. 1881949

percy is blond in the books though and his parents don't die, like there's a lot of differences between the series.

No. 1881959

is it not ripping off HP?

No. 1881968

I believe Harry Potter is superior, but Percy Jackson has its own unique appeal. Technically, both have similar roots, both are mysteries at their core. HP is a "whodunnit" type mystery series set in a specific location, while PJO I would say focuses more on caper stories revolving around treasure hunts.

No. 1881984

File: 1707429099313.png (788.79 KB, 1035x3336, 01.png)

I've said it before, but one day the fandomization of this war will be studied, thee people are tearing themselves apart the most worthless fandom brain-rot.

No. 1881985

lmaoo americans are insane

No. 1881992

File: 1707429365152.jpg (14.3 KB, 145x275, japan is the emperor of cultur…)

>has a history of it being appropriated by the west
I didn't realize you could appropriate literal fruits.

No. 1881997

the first one is so fucking moronic, unlike these Idiots the vast majority of humans around the worst put on emphasis on women and children cause we are at greater risk, able-bodied most of the time can look out for themselves, that option isn't granted to women and kids, the vast majority of Palestinians woulda agree with that.

No. 1882005

My brain is melting through to understand this

They're so weird about literal watermelons. kekk

No. 1882012

>They're so weird about literal watermelons
I honestly thought it was just some dumb meme created for the people drawing palestine fanart with their favorite cartoon/anime characters.

No. 1882013

I genuinely can't keep up with internet censorship anymore. It's purely random what words you're allowed to say and what words you aren't. Why can you get shadowbanned and I still have no idea what that even means for saying Israel but not Palestine or Russia? Im just gonna stick to lc for the rest of my life so I don't have to deal with randomass censorship

No. 1882021

the other day I saw something on tumblr saying that the censorship you see on tiktok is not really because the platform outright bans you for saying peepee poopoo vagina or anything like that, it's because people have lists of words they can avoid in the app to better their algorithm and a lot of people bypass them by typing in ridiculous ways. The example that I saw was something like now people are saying "selfcaring" instead of "masturbating", wish I saved the post

No. 1882024

Being shadowbanned means your account is intact, it's not suspended and you're not banned but your tweets won't show up on your followers' tl anymore or not always and you won't show up at all if anyone is looking for terms or tags you've used in some tweets.

No. 1882033

I think the Twitterfag meant the kufiya not the watermelon.

No. 1882035

As someone who was the peak age for Percy Jackson Fandom when it was still the most popular and the spinoff books started coming out, and as someone who read all the original series and enjoyed it as a kid, the PJ Fandom WAS and is full of absolute insufferable fags. It very much attracted that SJW crowd, especially those horrible spin off books. Even as a literal 13 year old I felt like RR was pandering with the obvious Diversity Checkbox characters and I thought it was annoying and sexist that he made all the female characters NLOGs. I remember all the daughters of Aphrodite were shallow and obsessed with clothes and makeup (???) and when a MC finds out she is a daughter of Aphrodite she's horrified because she doesn't want to be pretty? Because like she is too speshul to ever be like those girly girls teehee. My friends who liked it were obsessed though, it drew in all the weird girls who were obsessed with gay guys and writing shitty fanfiction about said Olympian gay guys. Granted that was 10 years ago back when it was just trendy to be gay, so I missed all the new trendy tranny characters kek

No. 1882037

File: 1707431790480.jpg (49.55 KB, 584x575, 1551383182669.jpg)

>he made all the female characters NLOGs
Doesn't that mean that they're all like the other girls after all then?

No. 1882042

I randomly remembered Piper from Percy Jackson yesterday (the tomboy daughter of Aphrodite). She was Cherokee as well. And talked about her problems with her boyfriend a lot, I think she had some kind of inferiority complex because he was too good for her and she was a plain tomboy (even though she was gorgeous as a daughter of Aphrodite). Very NLOG Mary Sue character from what I remember

No. 1882049

They suffer from taking themselves and their children's book too seriously, and to be fair that is true for HP fans as well or at least it was before JKR turned out to be an evil terf. I guess it's understandable if you're 12, but there's a point in which if you want to be a pedantic asshole over books you should at least read something not designed as entertainment for literal kids.

No. 1882083

imagine getting lectured to by an anime pfp

No. 1882099

This is so cringe, holyshit

No. 1882105

That's also basically the Muslim valkyrie who had an arranged marriage if I remember correctly and the guy was actually totally cool and sweet and she was totally in love with him. She was also kind of a tomboy and she wore her hijab whenever she wanted because she totally had the freedom to choose when to wear it, there was also another obnoxious moment in which they're about to go to some dangerous mission and she had to pray before going even though she wasn't shown praying in any other instances.

No. 1882114

Both are bad honestly. But I will never understand the yumes who throw bishies under the bus for husbandos made for and by men. Its fine if you like them, but it feels weird to call the ones made for women ''boring'' while praising the ones that are made for men ''better''. It does reek of NLOGism, why not just say you like them without shitting on one of the rare mediums thats made by women for women?

No. 1882126

omg thats so cringy. i remember reading the first line of the series in a twitter thread of iconic first lines of books and even then i found that cringeworthy, if thats going to be the first impression im not interested. ive never seen anyone push pj outside of comparisons with hp and le evil terven queen jkr.

No. 1882127

I need to know if japanese yumes/fujos are this autistic and hate eachother too, do they? because as far as i know, yume/fujo fanservice has always been interconnected. Men dont seem to have a problme with their moeshit having yuri fanservice, but for some reason yumes hate fujos and fujos hate women. I dont get it. I know anti-yurifags exist in moid spaces, but all of the ones i have met are perfectly fine masturbating to cartoon lesbians, they just have a problem with the yuri 'fandom'.

No. 1882129

I have never seen such an ironic tweet in my life.

No. 1882131

The first and only place I've seen this level of fighting is on LC. Everywhere else are just occasional spats but not full on seething at the other groups existence

No. 1882146

>please care about out misogynist moids who kill and rape israeli women pls!

No. 1882172

Opinion immediately disregarded.

No. 1882186

Is this a big deal? I don't think so. I've actually only ever seen posts like this about x character being black get popular if it's funny and can ring true. Like grim from Billy and Mandy, etc. I could see it for sure when they say Arthur is black.

No. 1882188

isnt the point of non-human characters that they have no race?

No. 1882190

Some groups of people. Should be bullied.

No. 1882192

>yumes hate fujos and fujos hate women
Kek, nonnas sure are blunt about how they find fujos to be horrible.

No. 1882196

It's a typo, I meant to say fujos hate yumes. I am a yumefujo myself. I get the best of both worlds by loving my husbando and also shipping him with his boyfriend.

No. 1882223

File: 1707445519957.gif (1.32 MB, 600x338, 4A53C31D-0506-4A6B-8D6C-3F162B…)

Bestie !

No. 1882307

i don't disagree with that, it's just that on lc specifically it was the bishie enjoyers attacking other husbandofags first, acting like they were better than everyone else and accusing other husbandofags of things that weren't said. i feel like the only one who remembers these infights fully, like no one was calling bishonens boring, no one at the time insulted bishonens, yet that poster came out of nowhere accusing other husbandofags of being pickmes and how they wanted attention when they were just posting normally and didn't put anyone down.

No. 1882311

i think people who bitch at other people's preferences like she does should get banned. it seems to me most in-fights on this site go like this.
>someone posts something they enjoy
>someone else replies to it in a pointlessly abrasive way
>first anon replies back and it just spirals out of control
but you see how this could avoided if the instigator just ignored the thing to start with

No. 1882314

See? you are taking it personally and doing the exact same thing I was complaining about. Instead of sharing the sentiment of ''well both are bad'' you are jumping in to attack other yumejos with different taste. I don't get it.

No. 1882331

? where did i say it was bad to like bishonens? did you read my post at all?
>i don't disagree with that,
>no one was calling bishonens boring, no one at the time insulted bishonens

No. 1882333

I love the wild Americanized historical fiction
>Adolf Hitler (yes really) was the son of Hades and the Nazi atrocities were just magic fuckery
>Nico DiAngelo (a character TIFs love to skinwalk) is a son of Hades. He was born around ww2 (ignore the implication that Hades was laying pipe in the Axis Powers)
>WW2 was a war between the children of Zeus (FDR, haha get it because eagle and Murica), Poseidon (Churchill, haha get it because England is known for it's navy) and Hades (Hitler, haha cause death)
>in one of the spinoffs, one of them is ranting about how Camp Jupiter (the Roman camp in California) always loses wars and mentions that they fought in the Civil War on the side of the Confederacy
>like >>1882035 said all the female characters are NLOGs. They're totally tomboyish but not in a gross butch way (there is a character Clarissa iirc who is described as being a rude masculine bully and it's obviously demonizing her for this)
Not to mention Riordan's weird vendetta against brown eyes, especially girls with brown eyes. Literally every female character with brown eyes is described as a raging bitch or ugly
>ugly and a bully
>Drew (she's Japanese)
>Annabeth's evil stepmom (Asian)
>moid characters with brown eyes are ugly losers
Hazel is black and Piper is Native American but Hazel has gold eyes because Pluto/Hades is also the god of wealth (none of the other Hades kids have this trait) and Piper has "kaleidoscope eyes" that change colors.

No. 1882335

I was talking about anons here doing that, unprompted and without any form of provaction before. I say this as someone with a weird niche husbando. I just dont understand why some anons/yumes have to shit on bishies when it's one of the rare genres/tropes that's actually for women. This happens a lot on twitter with TIFs and their arrogance, telling women to ditch their cute twinks for fat/dad bod types. Bishies aren't for me because of my niche tastes, but I will never say they are ''boring'' or ''personalityless'' and the praise some characters from a moid manga for being ''better'', that's pure NLOGism.

No. 1882338

Ngl I don't pay much attention, but I've seen people say more shit about the uggos than with bishies.
Worst have been "dude looks kinda generic/fruity lol" which, compared to "you have been brainwashed by the homosexual moids, no one would otherwise find that ugly af character attractive" isn't so bad.

No. 1882357

I fucking wish people called my husbando "boring" instead of…well everything else. People with normal accepted tastes don't realize how fortunate they are.

No. 1882387

Kek I knew these books were stupid af, I was too old when they got released and the concept sounded so American, of course he wrote dumb shit like this.

No. 1882418

What really bothers me about ugly man fuckers is that they make their way to a fandom based on something that's full of bishounens and pretty characters and then get legitimately mad at how beautiful every male character looks. Like in the case of gacha games whenever a new male character gets released they throw a fit about him not being a hairy, ugly, fat old man and how "all the bishies look the same!". Go play something else for the love of god, you have plenty of where to choose from.

No. 1882443

The american need to have everything cater to you or at least mention that it doesn't right now

No. 1882450

>tfw moids have been seething with rage about mine nonstop for nearly a decade now.

No. 1882468

Both are bad to be honest, why not just shit on no one's husbando choice? getting angry and calling bishies boring just makes you sounds like you are insecure about your own tastes.

No. 1882543

Idk. To be frank, I think most people who say anime boy looks boring just don't care about anime in general and would say most anime designs are boring.

No. 1882547

Still, why say that? It only makes you sound like an arrogant person at best, or a NLOG at worst. Again, I say this as someone with incredible niche tastes that so far have only been met by one single character.

No. 1882548

it's a fucking medieval setting, what the fuck are you on about? Do these people seriously think all of human history let children through to adolescents just loaf around with no expectations of responsibility or work? Not even touching how dumb it is to get upset over this via a character with a fantasy race and (I'm assuming) potent magical abilities. I get being mad over tropes like the '1000 year old loli/shota so it's fine to sexualise it' but this is grasping at straws to find fault and offence

No. 1882551

People don't like anime, I guess?

No. 1882557

I'm a twisted wonderland yume and even before the game came out in english I was only focused on the JP side of things. I can tell you that things are vicious there, just in a less public way. One of the main things is that any pairing (whether yume or bl) will essentially be tagged using emojis or actual tags. And if you fuck up, forget to use the right tag, and a fujo sees your yume art, prepared to be shunned. They're incredibly autistic about the tagging system (I like it but it's there so no fujo has to see yume and vice versa)

No. 1882566

So, this goes into a subject I've talked about before, that user might be Palestinian, I'm not denying that, but culturally, she's something else. Her level of English makes it obvious she lives in the West or is from the upper-middle class, another proof is the issue she cares about, she might have some connection to her culture, but not truly. She's in a liberal bubble, and this issue plagues academia. I was just talking with a friend of mine about this with regards to academic Afsaneh Najmabadi, she is a wildly cited academic on Iran, She is a "gender theorist" who lives in Western academia bubble, but presents herself as an expert on Iran's history. According to her, since men in Iran used to wear makeup and women wore fake mustaches, that means Iran was progressive society that blurred gender roles and that 100 years ago concept of Heterosexuality didn't exist and this might obvious bullshit but her writings are the narrative being taught to these westerners who all from upper-classes, it's a denial and manipulation of reality. I don't think these people are even aware of it, they are just that moronic.(derailing)

No. 1882588

Thanks to the internet and American soft power it's easier than ever to become fluent in English despite never setting a foot in an English speaking country as long as you have an internet connection and regularly practice even if just by yourself.

No. 1882598

not really, there are higher rates in south-asia and a few SEA nations, but Arab twitter for e.g usually just remains Arabic, cause there's no need to learn English.

No. 1882605

Thats still not an excuse to shit on bishies and other yume tastes lol.(infighting)

No. 1882606

can you stop derrailing this thread pakichan. You have an entire thread to talk about your culture.

No. 1882614

>So, this goes into a subject I've talked about before, that user might be Palestinian, I'm not denying that, but culturally, she's something else.
Ever since you or another nona brought up this topic I've been fascinated by it. It's absolutely true and I notice it everywhere I go now. It's completely possible to alienate yourself from your own country and nationality just by virtue of becoming westernised (or dare I say americanised) due to social media and end up basically a foreigner in your own country. When you work in academia you see it even more blatantly.

No. 1882619

Finally a good topic and smart topic to talk about and you want to talk about weebs and furries again?

No. 1882620

It has nothing to do with fandom. There is an entire thread for pakichan sperging, fuck off there.

No. 1882653

If they want to see legality of elves in terms of human ages (being a 100 year old elf is like 20 for humans), then they should agree that all ships with Marcille is illegal because she's 50 kek.

No. 1882660

>Adolf Hitler (yes really) was the son of Hades and the Nazi atrocities were just magic fuckery
>Nico DiAngelo (a character TIFs love to skinwalk) is a son of Hades. He was born around ww2 (ignore the implication that Hades was laying pipe in the Axis Powers)

I understand he tried to make an edgy reason why they were evil, but Hades being the ruler of the underground didn't mean he went and killed anybody that he wanted, he just made sure dead people didn't leave his kingdom. I blame Disney's Hercules for it.

No. 1882672

File: 1707487214290.png (610.98 KB, 606x1021, Screenshot.png)

An interesting thing I'm seeing is that these people are applying the type of online activism that was mostly used for Black/Asian Americans and gay people on a people that are so far-removed from those issues, like the rhetoric on the Arab/Muslim side of Twitter , "innocent Muslim women and children are being murdered" (and some anti-Semitism). And that's all that's needed to get 1 billion Muslims to condemn it. On the Western side, it's about how "queer/black Palestinians are suffering" or "X invention was actually made by a Palestinians somehow." Again This type of activism is again mostly used for American minorities and gay people. Seeing it applied to anyone outside those groups makes you realize how kind of dumb it was in the first place.

No. 1882684

>the climber
The Sakamoto Shinichi manga? Or something else?

No. 1882685

I have only the faintest memory of that and, while I'm guilty of screaming shit taste at people who like things I dislike, I thought it was very weird that they were calling anons pickmes for liking ugly characters. Like, no, no one is attempting to get picked by liking those blocky cartoony spies/mercenaries or whatever they were, that's a very irrational plan to get picked.
>Poseidon (Churchill, haha get it because England is known for it's navy)
>immediately think of that pic of Churchill at the beach
Yes, very demigod kek. There were so many things I just brushed off with "sure, whatever" when I read those books, things like that which shouldn't have been written down at all cause nothing would have been lost. But I did think it'd have been really cool to have been one of Artemis' hunters.

No. 1882688

How tf does it make the 'community' "unsafe" for them lmao

No. 1882693

I bet the person isn't Palestinian, that's why they type and talk like that and from that perspective.

No. 1882698

File: 1707489840428.jpg (38.18 KB, 828x622, 340753704_591373953056308_8396…)

this is an interesting thing to observe. internet discourse has become so convoluted and like an entirely separate beast from how people actually think about and discuss things. there's also this tone of condescension, rather than meeting people at equal footing. i think that might just be the effect of having a 'platform' and thinking yourself important.

No. 1882708

Kek I'm so tired of these fuckers spamming about palestine and tweeting "from the river to the sea" over a shitty cartoon doodle with a watermelon.
>our men are ppl too and they also need to be talked abt etc.
Once this war is over most of these people will go back to ignoring the suffering muslim women and children go through at the hands of their own community, expecially men. It's funny seeing them suddenly care about the suffering of muslims if it's caused by a state they perceive as slightly "whiter" but will turn a blind eye when the same comes from muslim men, because then it's only "culture" and "religion". Also the poor muslim men were caught several times on camera spitting on the corpses of innocent young women, but no one gives a shit about that. Oh and your poor muslim men have been honor killing women for fucking centuries and yeah, they would gladly genocide their non-muslim neighbours if they could easily get away with it (though they are known to regularly assault and kill religious minorities in their countries). I'm so tired of seeing these types of posts literally everywhere coming from sheltered kids with an anime pfp and trans flags in the bio.

No. 1882739

File: 1707491398886.png (13.97 KB, 666x158, z897tgz6rtft5rzdt57gu8zu8080ij…)

No. 1882740

Sometimes I have to wonder if people like this have even stepped foot in their home countries or if they're just holier than thou Americans kek

No. 1882742

This can't be an actual Palestinian user, right? The chronically online american-speak is too much.

No. 1882747

Probably third gen immigrant. Fully American but think they are the authority on the subject because their grandpa who they barely see came from the area.

No. 1882748

No. 1882749

Same. Online censoring is absolutely bonkers. The fact that so many youtubers arent saying the words 'kill' or 'suicide' because it gets censored by the platform. Like wtf is that? If i hear the word unalive again one more time, I will punch someone in the face

No. 1882752

Yup. But westerners for some reason are obsessed with race. I cannot fathom being american and constantly being bombarded with race discussions all the time about a literal childrens show non human character.

No. 1882755

Yeah, I see this a ton right now in America for instance, people who are 2.1384747% Palestinian and have started simply calling themselves Palestinian, saying “my people are being attacked” “we are not safe” meanwhile they are pale, obviously white, middle class typical culturally assimilated Americans.

No. 1882758

It's the Americans. It's seeping in here but I'm perfectly capable of hating the Fr*nch without needing to pull out a colour swatch.

No. 1882767

I see it online all over the place
>As an Irish…
No shut up. You're from Boston you have no idea what you're talking about. Don't pretend to speak for us to justify your thinly veiled racism because you drink green beer on Paddy's Day. Or act like we're all mad religious. The Church was responsible for septic tanks full of dead babies taken from single mothers.
I was in the states a while ago and a lad in a bar actually said to me "up the 'ra". I just stared at him. I grew up during the Troubles. You don't glorify any of that.
Also it's always claiming Irish, Polish or some other country that had a hard time. No one says they have English heritage.

No. 1882771

I think the reason nobody says they have English heritage (some people do, but rarely) is because the English came here first and it was so long ago that people likely have more than just English in their blood, and it would be more recent, or they just are 'American' and don't have any records of the English ancestry from hundreds of years ago. I hate Irish-Americans too for claiming their Irish heritage. They also came here a long time ago, but I think the reason is stays in their ancestral memory is because of the ghettos (as in towns/streets of people from one specific ethnicity). All Irish people lived in pretty much the same places and had their own Irish-American culture. I hate how they act like they're literally from Ireland though. I don't think it has to do with wanting to identify with the oppressed, I think it has to do with the fact that once being a lesser class in America made it so that these groups stuck to each other for generations.

No. 1882779

Holy shit stop derrailing with politisperging. We should honesltly ban the palestina shit already since it has nothing to do with fandom.

No. 1882784

I don't really disagree but the topic is seeped in every corner of the internet right now, and very strongly so in fandom corners. You can't avoid it regardless.

No. 1882785

I agree. it's getting real /pol in here.

No. 1882786

File: 1707493970611.png (189.6 KB, 599x311, izqJnea.png)

The thing about "accurate Greek mythology" you see from memes like this is that Greek religion was far more tribal and arcane than people realize. They didn't think of Gods as characters with an established canon or anything, but myths were often meant as allegories for the natural world. The gods simply represented those attributes. Greek mythology itself was a confusing mixture of Indo-European and Semitic myths that were jumbled up together
The story of Hades and Persephone is good example. There is evidence to suggest that Persephone existed before Hades, and that the male custodian/ruler of the underworld was initially a deity named Zagreus.(the current theory is that Persephone was the queen of Hell and Zagreus was her son, but somewhere along the line his aspects were changed and he became Hades) but even Hades was established, different regional variations of the story depict Hades kidnapping Persephone or it being a more romantic gesture. Both versions can be considered equally valid. The important point is that Persephone has a story where she goes to the underworld and becomes the queen of the underworld. This story emerged naturally, it wasn't created by anyone either.

No. 1882801

except mods have already banned pakichan a trillion times and she keeps coming back to sperg about the politics of her shithole

No. 1882807

Is she really still here. I havent seen her here in months.

No. 1882811

I have been suspended a few times for off-topic, but never anything in the fandom thread.

No. 1882828

i refuse to believe there is someone else who cares this much about pakistani politics

No. 1882830

Like probably on some ArabicCow site but it's weird alright in the English sphere. Actually I wonder if there's an equivalent of this of there. I wonder what they post.

No. 1882835

Liar. Mods have banned you multiple times but you keep ban evading just to personalityfag and sperg about "pornsickness" and Pakistan forever.

No. 1882844

I don't wanna be accused of persnality, but I haven't banevaded, I've been using the same laptop and IP service for the past 7 years now, It's just a Chinese service which has it's own share of issues.

No. 1882845

>or it being a more romantic gesture.
Where are these versions? The version most people are familiar with comes from the Homeric Hymn to Demeter. I know there are other versions where Persephone starts liking Hades because he treats her well after he kidnaps her (sounds like Stockholm Syndrome or 'arranged marriage isn't that bad' message for women, but whatever), but I don't know of any versions where Persephone is ok with getting kidnapped by him or where he doesn't trick her into eating the pomegranate seeds.

No. 1882850

>>Adolf Hitler (yes really) was the son of Hades and the Nazi atrocities were just magic fuckery
So this shit is ok but Voldemort just being a vague parallel to several real life violent dictators because of his violent behavior and bigotry is problematic? Well then. I'm glad I never read these Percy Jackson books not even because they're too American for my taste based on your post but because of the way it's so American. I found the HP world immersive because even if the story mostly takes place in the UK it didn't feel like the UK was the center of the universe and the fourth book introduced other European schools, the supernatural things mentioned are either legends that were told irl for centuries or more or things JKR completely made up based on actual legends, reading about how an actual historical guy from just a few centuries ago killed actual, real people because the author misinterpreted an ancient Greek god and myth that don't exist at all completely ruins immersion imo. I'm not even going to talk about how disrespectful this is because it's too obvious. That kind of shit only really works with conspiracy theories, like how Persona 2 has Hitler trying to start shit with everyone because rumors become true if enough people spread and believe them and the story happens in the late 90s when the conspiracy that Hitler faked his suicide and was hiding somewhere was popular.

No. 1882854

File: 1707499872695.jpg (147.8 KB, 707x571, Written by a troon.jpg)

>defestishizes yuri
>written by a actual "lesbian" its a troon
I'm so tired now nonnas actual lesbians are bullied into drawing troon dick whilst troonbians are so valid!!! …how did we end up this way…

No. 1882857

nta and I'd like to know which these more romantic versions are as well, but I wonder if it's 'more romantic' or whatever in the context of ancient greeks rather than anything we today would really see as an improvement. Against a bunch of myths where gods rape women as literal animals, maybe the one where the woman gets stolen and tricked into eating special fruit doesn't seem so bad kek (I still don't get the modern fixation with Hades and Persephone though)

No. 1882864

wait, what? I thought the MCs in I'm In Love with the Villainess were both women? And that is was written by a woman?

No. 1882867

File: 1707500689674.png (1009.4 KB, 612x1000, yDwStwF.png)

>Where are these versions?
This specific version can be traced back to the book 'Lost Goddesses of Early Greece' by ecofeminist and philosopher Charlene Spretnak. This book was dismissed by actual historians, however it gained popularity within academia, and its version is now the most popular telling. Phyllis Chesler talks about this in her book. During the second-wave feminist there was an obsession with ancient Greece (due to the Amazons) and a general attitude that since Christianity was the worst thing in the world and the source of all patriarchy, anything before it was obviously better

No. 1882877

Same. That's tragic if they are trannies, women can't have shit.

No. 1882892

So, just to be clear, she didn't find any historical evidence of a 'romantic version' of the myth? She's just like 'there was totes a romantic version cause I think there should be one'? I mean I know there is evidence Persephone, and other gods, existed before the ancient greeks adopted or developed the Olympians to rule above all, which I would love to read about, but sounds like her book is not that book.

No. 1882894

AYPT I forgot to mention something
>it didn't feel like the UK was the center of the universe
>but because of the way it's so American
In the Percy Jackson books, the Greek gods "follow the heart of Western civilization" and that's why they left Greece (yes fucking really) and followed settlers to America. With the odd gendie pandering, one dimensional poc characters that feel like tokens and shit like above, Riordan doesn't seem like an older out of touch boomer liberal but a liberal in the streets, a conservative in the sheets.

No. 1882907

The logic of that period was that "all recorded myths were written down by patriarchal Christians who went out of their way to manipulate the narrative. So, why wouldn't we should instead, find or create our feminist versions equally valid?" It wasn't just feminist btw. It involved a lot of leftist historiography, initiated by Foucault and his movement

No. 1882908

Iirc the author posted a tweet about not being an orthodox woman because of their genitals or something. It was very vague, but most likely tranny.

No. 1882909

The mcs are women but the author is a tim,So it's literally a moid drawing his fetish. makes sense since there is a incest couple in it

No. 1882910

so… fanon and overzealous headcanons for academics then? It's funny how the logic is reminiscent of fandom behaviour discussed here kek

No. 1882914

Very on brand

No. 1882987

>see a yume for a male character I like
>omg he wouldn't be racist or homophobic and would support trans rights because he's so perfect and loves everybody
>male character directly says "I'm not into gay shit lol, I'm normal" in the story
People really need to reread the characters they're supposedly in love with. Part of liking a character is liking their flaws.

No. 1883093

Barafags call them "bishounen barbies" It's kinda funny lol

No. 1883120

I saw a news that is quite common for Palestine gay people ask for asylum in Israel because is the one place in the MEA region that do accept their gay status (of course they cannot get married in Israel, but is that or being hanged in Palestine).
Funny how the one country they're defending so much have no problems in beat women and gay people, but the one they're against do help them.

No. 1883124

Gay Palestinians are regularly blackmailed by the IDF (as in the IDF threatens to out them and send them back to Palestine) if they don’t work for them (as a spy etc). Imagine being some 17 gay arab kid, running away to Israel only to be told that you can only stay if you work as a mole kek. Israel sucks for gays tbh. With the Hasidic birth rates rising whilst secular birth rates fall it’s about to become a lot worse.

No. 1883126

>Dazai: Can be a big ass manipulator, wants to die with a woman, doesn't care about Akutagawa proving himself being strong for him, etc.
>Dazai in fandom: He's a precious baby that loves everybody and would care for his closer ones. I bet he would care about trans rights too! He's my kin and he always says "Trans rights!"

True that. Also they cannot get married but they have to marry outside the MEA region to be recognized. And even then, the IDF and the government are pieces of crap.

No. 1883129

Yeah Hamas is horrible but so is the Israeli government, both parties of the conflict are pieces of shit in and civilians have to suffer for it.

No. 1883133

An artist in Israel mentioned that and people still think she's Zionist. She's not, she's angry at the shit her country is doing against civilians of both countries, but they only hear "Hamas is doing it too" to call her like that. People are so into "Israel are colonizers" that cannot think Israeli people are against the occupation as well.

No. 1883252

File: 1707530772035.png (62.5 KB, 940x676, Screenshot 2024-02-09 180648.p…)

This is so hilarious to me since it's for a ship that's shipped pretty much exclusively by women and the 'pedo character' is 17.

No. 1883267

Ugh I bet she still call it pedophilia until the minor character is 25 years old because "adult brain blah blah blah" and even then, age difference pairings between two consenting adults are wrong because… pedophilia?

These people cannot be happy until people do what they want to see.

No. 1883268

Women thirsting for ugly men have always been a thing, but the ugly characters were nerdy looking instead of old fatuglies.
I kind of don't mind them that much, but do think it's annoying how their discourse often comes from an "let's show people how much we like REAL men, they deserve love too!!1!11".
They do tend to bash bishounen, but their mock is always a "they are boring" so, I simply ignore.

No. 1883330

File: 1707536839743.jpeg (257.57 KB, 750x846, 202EC4CC-140B-4023-91E0-AE259B…)

Both posters are male troons. I’m not even a fujo but it’s fucking annoying seeing men burst in on women’s fandom and act like it’s their domain all of a sudden.

No. 1883332

>inb4 the "yaoi" they like is exclusively trapshit
I'm going to alog so fucking hard I'm so tired of men appropriating our spaces.

No. 1883352

kek this, its like when moids like vaush bloat about being so bisexual but all the gay porn they consume is traps and trannies(at least they are honest though)

No. 1883359

File: 1707538720915.png (Spoiler Image,113.69 KB, 360x262, fat men computer meme(1).png)

Real pic of them chatting.

No. 1883393

Remember when being a fujoshi was a bad thing? What happened to us being evil fetishists?

No. 1883405

TIFs still hate fujos, but moids started to fetishize us

No. 1883409

Moids want to be fujoshis because they see fujos as a genre of girl they can be. They won’t actually post about their ships or post fanart or fanfic or headcannons, they just see I as being a quirky female coomer.

No. 1883415

we need a new wave of misandrist terf fujos

No. 1883451

File: 1707544155533.png (21.69 KB, 525x151, himedanshi x fujoshi marriage.…)

Most weeb moids just fall into the category of 'I want to hatefuck a fujo' with the only ones who really hate fujos being gay guys who already hate women like James Somerton.

No. 1883462

What is this even saying? If a man was into a 99.9% female fandom, he would automatically be superior than all the rest of the icky women by being a man? Or is it that he could've had ghey yaoi sex with other men? Men will put on eyeliner and start cooming to yuri and femboys, and then think they could ever truly understand the brain of a true sperg woman. Pathetic.
I think open fujoism is more normal among TIFs again, but only the "ironic" kind that are obsessed with calling everything "old man yaoi" and drawing shitty gendie art. It also plays into the 2000s and early 2010s internet culture they are obsessed with recreating.
We can do it, fujosisters…

No. 1883464

>he would automatically be superior than all the rest of the icky women by being a man?
I think it's him trying to be relatable because guys into BL generally get attention, but it just comes off as him thinking men are superior while he larps as a woman.
>but only the "ironic" kind that are obsessed with calling everything "old man yaoi" and drawing shitty gendie art.
If you point out that they went from 'YAOI IS DISGUSTING FETISHIZATION' to 'teehee yaoi cocaine XD' within about a week they'll get real pissed though.

No. 1883465

I need to see a full on war between fujo TIFs and TIMs who masturbate to trapshit and call themselves fujos. It would be hilarious.

No. 1883469

why would there be? your on the same side more or less, sure TIMs might like more "trap-shit" in general, but both still fundamentally despise straight ships on average and like feminizing certain male characters based on arbitrary feelings.

No. 1883474

File: 1707546827871.png (200.23 KB, 570x563, 6ohKt4B.png)

I think you all are misunderstanding what's going on, the types of TIMs who are into yaoi are usually a sub-set of AGP TIMs you'll see a lot in fandom spaces, they are into yaoi due to the usual porn-induced pseduo-bisexuality however yaoi also confirms their desires about being "ultimate effortlessly feminine bottoms" another factor is that these TIMs do genuinely despise straight ships,
another nonna in the MTF thread described it best
>Weeb tansbians hate het ships with their waifu featuring an attractive husbando because they subconsciously see him as competition for said waifu—as well as the male character being a constant reminder of having traits that they don't have that women irl like.

No. 1883475

because they are ''fetishizing'' their gay boys or some shit like that.

No. 1883477

you have posted this like 4 times already. Trapshit, the kind of porn these tims are into, isnt yaoi anyways. I honestly despise troons for clogging the yaoi tag with their sissy trap shit

No. 1883503

I'm saying that in terms of hc's, both see the designated uke/bottom as ultra feminine to the point they become a new character.

No. 1883505

What manga? Source?

No. 1883516

This is why we need to gatekeep fandoms. Even normal gay yaoi fans (not fakebois, real guys) suck because they enable that shit and insist that yaoi is for everyone, should be more mainstream and represent the LGBTQAIBBQ+×÷ community as a whole.

No. 1883519

They get pissed and they often go like this "uhm, like, you know we were all joking when we talking about old men yaoi, r-right? oh that's not a joke? ew, hm, that's not- [insert crusty kpop singer gif]" and they go back to calling us fetishizers for being straight women who are attracted to idealized fictional men and who want to read romance between guys.

No. 1883568

Yeah this, moids conflate "being a fujo" as "being a horny, nerdy, antisocial but cute girl who hangs around in oversized hoodies and panties (that I can fix with my magical dick)". It's another fetishized female stereotype for them, they still despise actual fujos and have never read a BL manga, book or a fanfic in their life.

No. 1883736

jessicobra has no yaoi in his likes or his rts, and is in a prison gay relationship with another male. his selfies are scary. the other one, neobonegirl, does not have any yaoi in his likes or rts either. he does, however, rt a lot of heterosexual porn and anime girl obesity fetish art. neither of them even consoom trapshit, but they both like to larp as a fujoshi once a blue moon it seems, until they decide to go back to turning another "type" of woman into a fetish.

speaking of fetishes, does anyone hate what moids have done to elves of late? all the shitty fantasy animes where female elves are nothing but retards with big tits and ridiculously long ears, if you try to find anything on social media about them, their porn clogs the tags.

No. 1883757

>speaking of fetishes, does anyone hate what moids have done to elves of late? all the shitty fantasy animes where female elves are nothing but retards with big tits and ridiculously long ears, if you try to find anything on social media about them, their porn clogs the tags.
I hate when they turn the male elves into femboys, we cant even have cute boys to ourselves.

No. 1883886

I'm sure it has always existed to a certain degree but the fandomification of Achilles and Patroklos into a tragic uwu yaoi lovers ship bothers me so much. Not because they weren't gay but because both of them are horrible men and used women as walking incubators. So I just hate seeing them lauded as romantic and Achilles so tragic and sad when Patroklos died as if the man didn't have a whole ass family that I guess isn't as aesthetic. And yes I'm blaming Song of Achilles for this.

No. 1883887

If there was a gay relationship it would been only possible when Achilles was a teenager, relationships between freeborn adult men were unheard off.

No. 1883893

I have spoken about this before, but there's a theory I have regarding this, there are many overweight ugly balding moids who are incapable of embodying the young male protagonist or the tough macho action hero. so they opt to insert themselves as creatures such as goblins, ogres, orcs, trolls, etc. And as men in become increasingly uglier, this trend has gained momentum. I first observed it in the Baalbuddy comics, where all women are portrayed as longing for these revolting monsters who were depicted like ugly men.

No. 1883895

File: 1707589404781.jpeg (330.13 KB, 827x1181, IMG_1801.jpeg)

Hyper patriarchal societies often have normalized pederasty. While all cultures have patriarchal elements, those that treat women as subhuman are more likely to have a culture of young boys being raped by name nobles due to the deep-seated hatred for women, meanwhile modern queers interpret it like picrel.

No. 1883899

I'm tired of these LARPers. Yaoi is one of the few spaces where TIMs rarely tread upon but because of this whole "I'm a fujoshi XD"
trend they all want to pretend they've always liked BL now. The only troons capable of being genuine fujoshi are TIFs because being a fujo is female behaviour. I used to have one TIM "fujoshi" mutual (not larping, he's a homo genuinely into BL) and the way he interacted with yaoi content was completely differently than how women do. No cheesy headcanons or overly poetic character analysis, wasn't even a coomer in a fujo way i.e. reading ABO fanfic, was barely into shipping, he basically just read shotacon manga and self-inserted. These moids need to go back to the shithole they came from.

No. 1883913

>Baalbuddy comics
Aren't those parodies of fantasy and hentai tropes though? The women are into the orcs and stuff because it's a play on the whole orcs/goblins exist to rape women, so the joke is that the women are actually into that idea but the orcs are just normal dudes and get creeped out or an orc and a lady get together consensually. Admittedly I've only seen a random few of the comics, but they're pretty straightforward and aren't serious so I don't think they work as an example for your theory.

Personally I don't think men are self-inserting as uggos or monsters (unless we're talking about the type that enjoy certain hentai), mostly since self-insertion isn't about what is possible for you in reality. A lot of people just like beastly character designs and they make for an easy, visual relationship dynamic that people find endearing and charming (or hot because big, idealised fantasy barbarian make the snu snu with a female self-insert). Idk, it's not that deep, I guess.

A lot of the hardcore 'you will love fat uggos and discard your twinks and be happy' types are tifs, and I think they're just coping hard and trying to redefine their own unfortunate appearance as being attractive- it's kind of similar to how some fat women desperately try to push their body type as being the ideal. That, and the ones that are plain feeder/gainer fetishists kek

No. 1883928

He is clearly a porn-addict and If you find his humour funny, then you need to revaluate yourself.
>because big, idealised fantasy barbarian make the snu snu with a female self-insert
except it's never hot barbarians, it's ugly pig-faces monster's like picrel, are you denying that men aren't getting uglier and more porn-addicted?

No. 1883947

kek I never even said that I liked or found the comics funny, just what they're doing. Calm down.

>never hot barbarians

To you, maybe, but I was referring to idealised fantasy barbarians, ie orcs, not idk Conan or bodice-ripper cover barbarians. Also I don't give a shit about crusty coomers and you shouldn't either kek

No. 1883959

>No cheesy headcanons or overly poetic character analysis, wasn't even a coomer in a fujo way i.e. reading ABO fanfic, was barely into shipping, he basically just read shotacon manga and self-inserted.
Male fudans are always either shotacons or barafags. No exceptions.

No. 1883961

There's some guys on /a/ into regular BL, but they don't really like the tropes in it (ie: rape) so they more just like it because there isn't an option for gay guys not into barashit.

No. 1883973

>he basically just read shotacon manga and self-inserted.
have you ever considered there shouldn't be "shotacon" in the first place? also your mutual is a pedophile!(bait)

No. 1883974

>have you ever considered there shouldn't be "shotacon"
Shota is a pretty big aspect of fujo culture, just not the kind that guys look at.

No. 1883976

There are some guys into normal BL but the ones I've spoken to seem to just care about the porn aspect and don't really care for exploring the dynamic outside of a sexual context.

No. 1883977

File: 1707594590115.png (2.48 MB, 698x4376, merryweather ugly bastard.png)

>Personally I don't think men are self-inserting as uggos or monsters (unless we're talking about the type that enjoy certain hentai), mostly since self-insertion isn't about what is possible for you in reality. A lot of people just like beastly character designs and they make for an easy, visual relationship dynamic that people find endearing and charming (or hot because big, idealised fantasy barbarian make the snu snu with a female self-insert). Idk, it's not that deep, I guess.
Baalbuddy and that particular genre of fantasy hentai is pretty clearly using orcs as just a fantasy-equivalent to the ugly old bastard trope. Monster fuckers are one thing, men who want to see women degraded by seeing them have sex with hideous men is another.

No. 1883984

why did you say like that was a normal statement.

No. 1883985

Because it is?

No. 1883989

eh there's this one male youtuber that posts bl content and he isnt into bara or shota (at least not exclusively) so they do exist

No. 1883990

it isn't though, saying that "shotacon is just a part of fujo culture" and not realizing how incredibly fucked up that sounds is kinda messed up.

No. 1883991

Personally I don't think it really matters one way or another, since they're not real and it's literally true that shotacon is a big aspect of fujo culture.
KrisPNatz right? He claims to be bi but I don't believe him.

No. 1883993

Shut up Paki-chan.

No. 1883994

No, I want you to explain to me, why does it have to be with children though?

No. 1883995

Don't get her started on the Björnsperging again, I'm begging you.

No. 1883996

NTA and don't approve of shota either but its literally just a simple fact. Anyone whose spent any time looking at BL will come across it sooner or later, especially before ~2015 when the internet was wayyyy less sanitized. I used to get jumpscared seeing shota doujins while looking through tumblr anime tags as a teen.

No. 1883997

I see it's time for the scheduled shota infight. Good day, ladies.

No. 1883998

I'm a fujo myself, dummy.
The difference in body type just looks aesthetically pleasing sometimes. Why else do you think Sebasciel was so huge?(bait)

No. 1884000

>The difference in body type just looks aesthetically pleasing sometimes
…….I don't even have words for this, you have to realized how fucked up this sounds.(infighting)

No. 1884004

Is it your first week on the internet or something

No. 1884005

So I have a question: if there were any sort of legislation that would ban all depictions of sexual acts between children in all contexts, whether it's child x child or adult x child, would you oppose it because it would end your precious shota porn?(infighting)

No. 1884007

>just read shotacon manga and self-inserted
Did he self-insert as the shota or the person fucking them?

No. 1884010

>his selfies are scary.
You weren't kidding kek I just saw his pinned tweet and he's ugly as fuck. I'll block all these men asap.

No. 1884019

Never into shota myself (I did want to see Sebas bottom though) but stuff like Black Butler and Naruto were huge fujobait back in the day. It'd just be lying to say they weren't a thing.

No. 1884025

>No cheesy headcanons or overly poetic character analysis, wasn't even a coomer in a fujo way i.e. reading ABO fanfic
I know gay men who are exactly like the typical fujoshi like you described us but none if them are trans. They're real guys who would never, ever think about being MTF even if they're TRAs. The contrast between them and the troons you're describing is huge.

No. 1884027

>would you oppose it because it would end your precious shota porn?
No obviously I wouldn't oppose it, what kind of retarded question is this?

No. 1884028

Don't interact with her, she's trying to start shit

No. 1884029

I asked this question a few thread back and the fujos were basically saying that m/m should remain, but a few relented in the name of free-speech, so I guess your an exception,(bait)

No. 1884030

I am so tired of the shota debate, holy shit. I hope and pray for the enstarsfags to come outsperg everyone, at least that's funny to read.

No. 1884040

This is why I'm a "puriteen"(I'm in my 20's) I just think this type of stuff shouldn't exist in the first place.

No. 1884050

File: 1707599458663.jpg (133.07 KB, 750x919, 20220909_085506.jpg)

I swear opening this thread is liking walking into a time loop, always arguing over the same things we were last week. And true, enstarries are at least entertaining with their autistic shit flinging. Unfortunately all I have is vintage milk from several years ago when I was still acitve in the fandom but not sure that would summon them kek

No. 1884053

this isn't a fujo thread, you have your own board and website.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1884058

If this isn't a fujo-related thread then why the fuck is everyone (you included) talking about fujos non-stop?

No. 1884059

Could post the sports festival feet card and having Puriteen vs. Enstars but I feel bad for enstars nonnie. She just wants to be happy with her bishies. The world is cruel.

No. 1884061

This also isnt the fujo cringe thread btw. The topic at hand was TIMs appropriating the fujoshi label in fandom spaces but you people derail the discussion every single time with "muh porn sickness" retardation every single time. You've had this same discussion 20 times already without a single new insight give it up to god

No. 1884064

Men into men coom to yaoi involving hunks and twinks too. It isn't some speshul male repellent, it's just a straight male free land. Coomer males have always been into BL spaces, don't try to get sanctimonious about it.(derailing)

No. 1884082

God you reminded me of the moid mutual I had as a teen claimed he was a "fudanshi" aswell but only drew shota porn despite having a younger brother..it threw me off so much, I only later realized that the fucker was trying to groom me.moids in bl spaces should never be trusted I mean bara is a gay moid category and just see the difference between fujo bara and gay bara.male fujos exists but you can always tell them from actual women since the fetishes they have are repulsive which includes the troons

No. 1884143

Kind of a retarded statement to make or even argue/get upset about in general tbh. Like, of course actual gay men are going to be attracted to a space that involves cute fictional men being gay. Created by women or not, I don't understand how it's "appropriation" for them to be there. It's literally about them lol. Unless you're arguing that yaoi isn't about actual gay men, which kind of just confirms the whole "fujos writing men as women for women" arguement that they're so against to avoid accusations of misogyny, but whatever.

No. 1884157

File: 1707605180718.png (167.17 KB, 592x313, 2kV32g5.png)

these aren't gay men though, these are "pseudo-bisexuals", men who are so into coom that their fetishes start expanding to a point where really get off to a fantasized idea about m/m sex rather then the real thing.

No. 1884165

>It's literally about them lol. Unless you're arguing that yaoi isn't about actual gay men, which kind of just confirms the whole "fujos writing men as women for women"
It's not and has never been about real gay men. It's about extremely idealized men, just like het romance male leads don't reflect real life straight men. Are shoujo romances suddenly "for men" because men and heavily depicted in them as well?

No. 1884167

I feel like fujos, gay men into gay porn, and pornsick degens are three different groups that happen have superficially similar tastes. the average bl manga or fanfiction is not at all similar to just regular gay porn which also way different from the trapshit/shota/whatever that the "pseudo-bisexuals" are into

No. 1884169

It is about gay men but it's made to cater to women, so themes and plots are going to be interesting to women (reason why gay comics for gay men have no plot, just porn because that's what males want). It's like men in straight erotica for women, they're men but they're written to appeal to women and men generally aren't into self-inserting as them even if they're men. It's really not a hard concept to grasp but it seems many anons here struggle with it.

No. 1884179

pseudo-bisexuality isn't limited to straight-male AGPs though, it can and does appear with gay men and I think certain lesbian/straight women who consume any type of porn/erotica unrestrained also show sings of it.
What pseudo-bisexuals desire is a hotchpotch of male and female, that can be a futa or an omega.

No. 1884205

I don't think it's a hard concept to grasp the fact that media involving gay men is going to attract gay men and to complain about them invading your spaces like they're the ones in the wrong is retarded lol. An idealized version of a man is still a man, and any media where cute men are the focus is going to attract people who like men. It's not rocket science lol. Also, not all gay men are the same and enjoy porn without plot. Some like BL and even shoujo because people can find things relatable/likable even if it's not about or for them, kind of like how fujos have their m/m ships everywhere even if the media isn't catering to them. People create their own things in fandom all the time, and characters being straight or gay has never stopped fandom from self inserting or shipping.

No. 1884217

Please don't ever genuinely use that word again here kek. It is quite literally made up twitter speak

No. 1884239


No. 1884299

I only used it because that's what nona called herself. >>1884040

No. 1884404

File: 1707628124900.png (203.13 KB, 360x702, IBnQdUB.png)

I'm not denying they exist, but the only example of this I have personally seen is with a yume isakei story, which features a fat girl who dies and is reincarnated as an orc. She's depressed about it until a knight appears and desires to kill her. She blurts out that she doesn't want a virgin, so the knight, seeing she's a female, "ravishes" her and then takes her to his estate where the usual romance tropes happen, but it's essentially an ugly girl finds love with a strong handsome guy story, but using orcs as a metaphor.

No. 1884413

sounds oddly charming kek

I've seen other monstrous woman x cute/handsome guy stuff before, but that niche is also gendie city so a lot of it can be pretty repellent due to their favoured visual cliches etc. Content by normal people is a lot more interesting and endearing- I have a soft-spot for the 'feeling monstrous and unlovable' trope in general (but especially from a female perspective and using fantasy or sci-fi to portray it) though, so I get that it's not something everyone else might like or want to see

No. 1884415

The child goth waifu gets me every time I see this, like one wasn’t enough.

No. 1884421

>i-its just a joke
if you even know what ‘bad end orc hentai’ is and the punchline is that there’s no rape because you expected rape, haha! it’s over for you and you need to kill yourself.

No. 1884490

File: 1707634808498.png (1017.6 KB, 910x1024, image (10).png)

I hate fanboys who complain about how female protagonists are "taking over" and how no one cares about male protagonists and everyone likes female protagonists. Like the most popular anime series don't all mostly have male protagonists.

No. 1884560

But anon, men must dominate all media including in areas of media where they are lesser percentage of the audience because men identify as special and must be the centre of everything. How could we defy their divine right (aka entitlement kek). Seriously though, men never cease to amaze over their bitching about female protagonists. I just tell them what they used to tell women "Well why don't you make your own stuff instead of whining" kek.

No. 1884605

When you're accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression. Men treat everything as a zero sum game where all that women gain is done at their expense. More female mains that aren't just male eye candy or female-focused series? Waaahhh, feminists are ruining the western society!! Based nips would never!!!

No. 1884609

Female One Piece fans are without a doubt the most pathetic type of pick-me's imaginable. I'm a resident fujo-hater, but I have more respect for fujos who watch it just for their ships than women who genuinely like it and will outright argue that "One Piece is actually feminist and inclusive", I would prefer something like JKK that sidelines its female characters over something like One Piece that turns into porn cut-outs.

No. 1884621

>A lot of the hardcore 'you will love fat uggos and discard your twinks and be happy' types are tifs, and I think they're just coping hard and trying to redefine their own unfortunate appearance as being attractive- it's kind of similar to how some fat women desperately try to push their body type as being the ideal. That, and the ones that are plain feeder/gainer fetishists kek
Stop coping, it's ugly bitter men pushing ugly bastard shit lmao

No. 1884625

>would rather the female characters not have depth if they show too much booba
This is why I hate talking about anime on here

No. 1884634

In anon's defense, it is more of a case of neither have depth (going by what she's saying, I haven't read either). But what else could you expect from shounen?

No. 1884636

>One Piece
Pick one and only one.

No. 1884698

The absolute mental gymnastics at work here. Girl that's MEN. Men want you to accept them physically despite their mediocrity, gaping hole for a heart and soul, embittered mindset, overall incompetence etc. It's men telling you that you're disgusting and unworthy of even the most grotesque of males, not women. The women that do were psyopped into it themselves. Stop searching for roundabout ways to blame women for the system men have put in place.

No. 1884753

Holy shit, this. What an absolutely retarded cope. Roundabout way to blame women as you said. It's always men who cry whataboutism about "male beauty standards" and guilt trip women into doing their bidding with the dadbod meme.

No. 1884775

I love me some bishies, and no, I'm not really a fan of the sameface syndrome in most especially recent anime, and I wish more people would understand that bishies don't have to mean sameface. You can have a cast full of pretty boys that are still facially distinct from one another, it's a matter of art style.
Prefacing this with JUST MY OWN OPINION but personally I can also have a pretty high tolerance of buttisfaces provided that their bodies actually are hot. I can get past a wonky faced dude if his personality is cool and his body is fit but pot-bellies are a hard no. I am very much into a series that is known for gratuitous shirtless scenes of bafflingly fit men (considering their ages and/or occupations) and even here there are people, usually virtue signaling aidens, whining that "they all have almost the same body type with little variation!" as if that this isn't the status quo for female characters almost everywhere, including this very series. God forbid the vast majority of people don't want to see fatties and trannies and fat trannies half-naked.

No. 1884911

This is how I feel about chainsaw man and its fans. Fandoms on Twitter should've never turned the word "femcel" into a catch all for any girl who experiences more than two emotions in a shounen. The chainsaw man mangaka is a weird mood anyway for role-playing as a little girl on Twitter and including his weird loli incest in his "so deep" manga

No. 1884945

File: 1707676794267.png (515.66 KB, 603x667, ewwww.png)

I can't remember know who said it, but I remember a quote by a female fashion designer about how they (the gay men who run the fashion industry) want women to resemble malnourished boys and they want to keep the handsome men for themselves and leave women with the scraps.

No. 1884952

Starving women into wire hangers is their favorite hobby

No. 1885002

please someone find this quote

No. 1885033

File: 1707681677121.jpg (305.09 KB, 691x2210, ZlQT2.jpg)

No. 1885059

File: 1707682824903.png (741.53 KB, 904x899, 1000002495.png)

The overwhelming truth to this my god

No. 1885072

This kind of shit is always from people who have never experienced actual irl racism because if you have this really doesn't even hit your radar. Yes, everyone saying gonna finna slay is annoying but being called a you know what to your face is worse. Stupid ass.

No. 1885167

I grew up in a mostly non-white area and I've never had a black or 'POC' in general care about white people using the same slang that everyone down here uses as long as they weren't calling them slurs to their face.

No. 1885175

i like how that tweet is included for jk rowling as if its a bad thing. tras are truly delusional

No. 1885202

This sounds really cute… what's it called?

No. 1885271

Posted on a subreddit and run into one. She's was fine with me drawing most cute men with one caveat: I have be "body positive" by drawing men outside my taste zone. I mean, my preferences in guys is pretty wide, but no way am I finding some fat, balding, old-school moid sexy. Drawing bishes can get boring but i'd rather draw ten billon noodle limbed pretty boys than yet another gross fat neckbeard (but it's woke now you knows so it's totes ok)
So to tell you the truth, they do exist, and I assumed the idea came from somewhere since fat positivity movement was founded by a male fat fetishist.
Ain't shocked lol. It's all inclusive positivity these days. Makes me miss the days where the most woke thing about a show was the ethnic diversity and that's it.

No. 1885273

I wonder if you can circumnavigate it by drawing handicapped characters. Missing arms, burned marks, scars, that sort of thing.

No. 1885487

>I'm a resident fujo-hater
why would you admit to that

No. 1885495

shayna levels of pickmeism. I genuinely dont understand women into fat men who want to shove it into everyone's faces. That's literally the average bodytype amongst 3DPDm why do you want to feel superior over women who want to escape the gross reality of scrotes with cute anime twinks? just date a gross 3DPD at that point and leave 2D alone.

No. 1885526

I keep seeing people say this but does anyone have any proof? Nowhere online do I see the author is trans, just that they're dating a woman.

No. 1885533

No. 1885537

File: 1707713827847.png (46.7 KB, 1333x186, yurifagtranny.png)

No. 1885547

File: 1707714999515.jpg (747.56 KB, 1080x1592, villainess1.jpg)

I thought the manga had a lot of cute scenes and touching moments, that sucks. If the author isn't just intersex, it would explain the rapist character that the mc relates to. Picrel 1/2

No. 1885550

File: 1707715104901.jpg (186.37 KB, 602x784, villainess2.jpg)

Instead of being horrified her reaction is "just like me fr"

No. 1885551

it's so gross and tacky that the abuse is sexualized, fucking moids

No. 1885572

I'm admitting to that even though I dislike fujos, I respect them more. cause they watch crap like One Piece for the sake of their ships rather then anyone who genuinely likes it and thinks its a compelling story with well written characters.

No. 1885580

One piece moids are butt ugly i dont respect a fujo that reads that trash when better stuff with hotter male characters exist.

No. 1885607

I think past a certain age and depending when they started One Piece I can understand why women would be into it, fujo or not. At that point the series is so long I'm gonna assume most female long term fans (and even some of the guys) suffer from Stockholm syndrome atp. I watched the 50 episodes on TV when I was in middle school, for all I know maybe I could have been a fan if the next episodes were also on TV back then because it wasn't too bad.

No. 1885614

No wonder it had that dumbass scene where the MC said sex doesn't matter for attraction but gender does.

No. 1885628

As someone who watched both OP and other popular anime as a kid because it's all I had access to, OP always had women characters with actual cool abilities and personalities compared to other shonen series like Naruto where it's a running theme that kunoichis are weak with shitty powers. I simply didn't like that as a child. The booba also came later and characters looked different at the beginning of the show. I'm not a weeb anymore but I can't hate OP.

No. 1885663

i see a lot of regular, non deranged or fujo women into op too. better than bleach where i literally only ever see nlogs and pickmes into it (though i’m sure there are normal women who like it too)

No. 1885665

The thing with big 3 is that these are huge gateway series that people latched onto in their youth and some people never move on. Like you can't extrapolate anything about a person from being a Naruto/Bleach/OP fan because there's just so many people from every walk of life into them. Unfortunately OP has fallen victim to ironic pandemic weebs because it's the only Big 3 still being serialized today.

No. 1885668

File: 1707727071944.png (613.66 KB, 747x689, VASDFG.png)

I don't see the appeal of shit like picrel, you have to be the most irony/coom poisoned fujo to actually buy this shit.

No. 1885674

thats not what fujo means

No. 1885700

>Buying husbando merch = fujo

No. 1885701

>What are yumes

No. 1885703

My little sister's husbando is Zoro, I should show that shit to her to see her reaction because aside from that she's a total normie kek

No. 1885705

fujos like gay couples anon

No. 1885710

File: 1707734437556.jpg (35.11 KB, 564x609, kot.jpg)

The discourse surrounding that coomer game 'Stellar Blade' made me realize how deeply insecure men truly are. They are all for ''freeze peach'' unless it's about hot men in videogames, then they must be censored, shunned and trooned out because men are sensitive whiny babies with baby carrot dicks. I used to be all for freedom of speech, but seeing how it's always in favour of men's coom and never in favour of women and hot men, now i want to see all their coomer games censored and shunned. Goon in hell, hypocrite faggots.
Also, apparently this 'stellear blade' game fired two 'feminists' for unknown reason. Which considering it's a korean company who only makes coom games it wouldnt surprise me if it's either just a marketing campaign to attract contrarians and korean incels or these ''feminists'' were actually sexually harassed and they had to fire them and make up a bullshit excuse to hide their tracks. It smells extremely fishy to me, because why would a feminist, a korean one at that, work in a company that only makes coomer games for moids? and if she's okay working with a company that makes games where they have little girls shaking their asses, why would they complain about the new coomer game? so fishy.

No. 1885717

Based. Men when they say free speech they 9/10 times mean freedom to be society destroying degenerates without repercussion because they identify as god king. It's why they caused the tranny problem we're currently having.

>Why would feminists work on this game

They probably just mean non-male serving women, not someone who is explicitly feminist.

No. 1885721

File: 1707735719352.png (470.64 KB, 485x700, pedo 2.png)

>They probably just mean non-male serving women, not someone who is explicitly feminist.
Definetly. Men are so low IQ they see ''women fired for feminism'' and rejoice in happiness. If you work for a company that made this pedoshit you cant be a feminist, they must have either been harassed or dont even exist.

No. 1885725

Tbh they're probably not even real and just a marketing technique. The way the coomer sex claps like seals and eats it up shows you how much a mindless consoomer they are kek.

No. 1885734

How do you avoid the splashback of fandom discourse? There was recently a huge implosion in my fandom circle and a few of the people were those I casually knew / was mutuals with, but I want to cut contact because what was involved goes way beyond petty squabbles, like doxxing.

No. 1885736

just log out

No. 1885760

Goddam, Nona, are you retarded? First, it's for yumes; second, plenty of women would love this; and third, you underestimate the thirst of husbandofag. I don't even like one piece, and I'd get one.

No. 1885765

I am pretty sure its pakichan sperging as usual. She calls all women pornsick.

No. 1885777

Has anyone else realized that the same spergs who cancel western artists/writers also make excuses for problematic Japanese creators? I remember reading some tweet from TIF with a Metal Gear Solid pfp saying the usual bullshit about Rowling, and I just couldn't hold my laugher. It's hilarious to be lectured about 'problematic' creators by someone with a pfp of a game where you can grope 14yos. I have seen this a lot from weebs, lecturing people about problematic artists/writes/creators while having the pfp of some problematic anime or game from Japan.

No. 1885796

File: 1707743497672.jpeg (227.1 KB, 945x2048, B694EBA8-123A-4045-BD75-B9D966…)

i will never forgive arcsys for turning testament from a hot male goth into a shitty waifu ass character, never. for stellar blade, i've even seen moids cheering on the fact the male characters are covered head-to-toe because it makes women upset they don't get fanservice, or makes the sexism of the game more apparent.

i've seen a lot of them posting pictures of the women they used as a reference to make the game, shes some model who posts a bunch of /obviously edited/ thirst pics and so they cry about how the game is actually realistic, how only insecure women don't like "beauty." i wish they would stop making it all a ~FemInsiM OwN !!1!~ and acting like this game is somehow revolutionary for giving them fanservice, when.. literally every game does. it really does show that they're all coombrained and insecure.

No. 1885800

>i will never forgive arcsys for turning testament from a hot male goth into a shitty waifu ass character, never.
I am still seething to this day.

No. 1885804

men are such irredemable faggots. I havent seen a single woman complain about this shitty coomer game, men are the only ones complaining about how based they are for consooming some shitty untiy assets flip. Men are the retarded irrational sex and if the 98% of crimes commited by them didnt show it, this did.

No. 1885809

I'm living in a delusion where that never happened, lalalala Testament is man can't hear you. They might retcon him into a man again when the troon trend is over anyway

No. 1885816

File: 1707745422470.png (512.4 KB, 727x1024, testament.png)

the worst part is that moids dont even like tranny westernized testament because he isnt girly enough. I am so glad that ''wokenes'' took over the western game industry and are taking over the japanese game industry. If i cant have hot men, then men cant have their gratitous sex appeal either. Hope they cope and seethe. Even if I hate the new April o'neil I am so happy they keep making her uglier to moid's eyes, because men didnt care when casey jones went from hot hunk to generic self insert male. They wouldnt fight for me to get croptop wearing casey, so why should i fight for their coombait april? hope they keep ruining moid's waifus.

No. 1885817

typical yellowfever weebs

No. 1885827

File: 1707746695655.jpeg (352.37 KB, 1153x1108, 3D0B48B3-4E40-4D74-844D-1572E5…)

they just mod the game to make him more of a true waifu, but i remember all the annoying porn when he was first announced. even in his birthday posts and such, i see moids praising "femboy testament" which gets the pronoun users seething, lol. the chaser jokes will never end.

if they make him male again, they'll probably roid him out like the rest of the male characters (like his concept art). a tragedy.

No. 1885834

Korean gacha and gamer moids are the most extremist incels you can find that even the Chinese and Japanese moids are put off by it.remember when nonnas talked what happened to taeso and yommi two female artists who were harassed and threatened with rape,death and mutilation even though they didn't make the content that the moids seethed over? only because they dared to be female who dared to fight for their own rights.korean game companies treat their female artists like shit.
>inb4 racebait
This video has stated some issues they've caused but god the nikke bit is laughable. Korean female artists are so talented it's a shame they live in a shithole
sorry for reposting but lolcow keeps bugging out for me

No. 1885835

>i've even seen moids cheering on the fact the male characters are covered head-to-toe because it makes women upset they don't get fanservice,
It's funny because the guy in the pic you posted looks hotter than most guys in Western vidya just for having a good looking face so I wouldn't even have thought about it until you said that about these guys on twitter. If they care more about how hot or covered up fictional vidya guys are than I do they have to be a little gay and/or mentally ill tbh.

No. 1885842

korean women are so fucking based for standing up to this bullshit. It makes sense why they make the best otomes, they have the worst moids on earth.

No. 1885865

I mean I remember reading an account by north-korean defectors about how surprised they were about harassment in south-korea, which shows bad it is over there.

No. 1885885

Hol up, do they have one for Crocodile?

No. 1886004

I figured kek

No. 1886011

isn't he a TIF or something?

No. 1886013

File: 1707761451340.jpg (1.07 MB, 1056x3434, Tensei shitara Saikyou.jpg)

I looked it up again and realized I misremembered some details. She's not really fat, just an unkempt NEET who lost her job due to a recession. When she reincarnates and learns of the handsome knight, her first intention is to literally rape him. When the knight arrives and defeats her, she blurts out that she doesn't want to die a virgin and that she wants him to "ravish" her, which he does and the usual romance tropes with these types of stories happen.

No. 1886038

File: 1707763104127.png (338.25 KB, 782x755, TDJH7QR.png)

The story is just fine, but I'd respect it a whole lot more if the MC reincarnated as something akin to picrel, it can be the most stereotypical daddy dom bs, but if it had an actual revolting looking female MC, It would be at least something new.

No. 1886128

Fucking no. Fuck that theory. It's fucking stupid and continuously disregards the goddamn timeline.

No. 1886283

File: 1707782923013.jpg (46.3 KB, 1000x1000, 51T0gliuDoL.jpg)

Haven't you used these mousepads before?

No. 1886294

I'll be honest when you described it I was expecting some sort of stealth, Shrek AU. I mean I'm still gonna read it, but I'm a tad disappointed.

No. 1886391

No. 1886451

I need one of Franky’s ass cheeks in his speedo.

No. 1886512

I'm thankful I'm not a gachafag and my interests are so niche that I won't ever deal with annoying shit like this.

No. 1886555

I though the same and then tifs found out about my niche interests through tiktok

No. 1886557

yeah, that's a big fear I have as well. but I'm content with the fact by that time civilization will have collapsed of the troon fad will have ended.

No. 1886560

it will never end, it's here to stay

No. 1886564

that's just as naive as what TRAs believe, I know troonism is a symptom of declining civilization, and either we society fixes its self or it collpases.

No. 1886569

File: 1707807118882.jpg (315.72 KB, 1254x1294, retarded coomer korean moids.j…)

oh wow this is both laughter and rage inducing. Korean moids are out there fighting feminism with coom kek men are so low iq

No. 1886639

Goddamn those designs look like a PS2 game from 2002, you'd think that in 2024 there would be certain sensibilities to either make both sexy or practical, not dressing only the female character in stripper wear.

I'm still so fucking mad over them trooning Bridget out too, seeing the official site use "she" pronouns for him makes me want to a-log so hard I can't take it. They completely retconned the entire purpose of his character lore just because being a trap triggers homophobic bicurious dudebros too much now, you need to be a brave and stunning trans woman. Everyone knows they didn't do it for woke reasons but to keep male coom but nobody dares to say it out loud.

No. 1886648

File: 1707814562070.png (939.39 KB, 1200x675, hYtdGfG.png)

>Goddamn those designs look like a PS2 game from 2002
That's offensive to PS2 designs.

No. 1886653

>Goddamn those designs look like a PS2 game from 2002, you'd think that in 2024 there would be certain sensibilities to either make both sexy or practical, not dressing only the female character in stripper wear.
it's a game for coomers, not for gamers

No. 1886664

the fact that these losers will uplift riordan while shitting on rowling is hilarious. the issues they take with non-white characters she wrote are basically one in the same with how riordan wrote his ones (see: native people disliking how he wrote that girl piper from the second pjo series). once again fandom just hates women

No. 1886699

File: 1707820805203.png (379.6 KB, 748x870, wredb.png)

I don't understand why so many people that 'stan villains' also need to assert that these characters aren't problematic. For example they might say 'X character is a perverted porn producer, but they aren't fatphobic.' Or 'X is is a pedophile child trafficker, but they aren't racist' It's fucking infuriating.

No. 1886706

why does this still looks like something written by a moid? the orc girl looks like a waifu, why give her those big boobs? for some reason it turns out that whenever a woman writes a romance story with sexual elements, she must always make the female protagonist extra coomery

No. 1886707

because women are conditioned since birth to seek validation from men, sadly

No. 1886710

it's worse when even regular moid harem protagonists have more personality than the male LIs in these female oriented stories…. at this point there's no difference between josei isekai and moid isekai, just a switch of POV

No. 1886723

File: 1707824331314.png (5.05 MB, 2022x2342, obligatorymeangirlrival.png)

I tried reading this and I'm dying of cringe. The knight rapes the orc girl, puts her in shackles, and takes her home as a "trophy" (he was going to kill her until he found out she was a female orc, and there's a moment where he tries to put his dick in her and she panickily assists because she's scared he'll kill her otherwise). In the beginning of the next chapter she has some cutesy flustered tsundere moment because he smiled at her.

Then they introduce the sweet-looking princess who has a crush on the knight, and within 3 pages she's revealed to be a jealous two-faced bitch and humiliates the orc girl, who of course gets saved by her rapist in shining armor.

I was hoping it'd at least be interesting since I haven't seen an isekai with an orc girl mc before, but no just another tropey thinly-veiled NLOG fantasy, but with a girl who honestly just looks like an elf with fangs if you see the cover art lol.

No. 1886724

I think a lot of women still internalize the idea that a woman has to be fuckable to be lovable. Sadly a lot people in general just don't find it believable that an attractive man could genuinely love a "less attractive" (by moid standards) woman, while the other way round is seen as not only believable but actually an aspirational ideal of female virtue. We live in a (patriarchal) society

No. 1886726

yeah, it's really no different from most abusive medieval european rpg isekai stories.

No. 1886732

I've long since lost my trust in manga/manhwa telling stories about unconventional appearances kek. >>1884404 made it sound way more based.

No. 1886733

I dont think there is a singler genderswapped equivalent of beauty and the beast or shape of the water. The 'monster' woman always just looks like a hot woman.

No. 1886735

meanwhile in the west creators have no problem adding their self-insert like with april o'neil and changing the personality of established characters

No. 1886736

It always pisses me off when women write misogynistic shit like this. You expect it from men, but "wish fulfillment" for women is full of trash like this.

No. 1886737

honestly any monster woman is gonna get ruined by monster fuckers eventually

No. 1886741

i wish it was possible to allow female characters to have a simple neutral role. not that i'm asking for them to be ugly, but i hate how no matter the media source, they always end up sexualized or girlbossed. even in otome fandoms i keep seeing people wish they could date the heroine instead and how much prettier she is than the romanceable guys. or when there's a couple they are like "move male char she's mine". it's always the same treatment of treating them like an object, of a girlfriend, being oddly idealized. never allowed to just EXIST in a neutral way, where you don't have everyone fake simping for her

No. 1886755

anon just wants a neutral otome mc to self insert kek anyone who is not self inserting finds neutral mcs extremely boring.

No. 1886757

Ironically Twilight did get close to that, Bella is described as "plan looking" in every description and she's never sexualized either, but that comes with the other issues Twilight has.

No. 1886760

please dont start with the ''pretty women are opressed and you just want an ugly hairy dyke mc'' again

No. 1886766

why is this only a problem in female media? why are no moids crying that the male MC is boring? also this wasn't even my point in the first place but seems like you have no reading comprehension. i'm tired of seeing female characters valued only as potential girlfriends or a girlboss and not being allowed to exist in a neutral setting. even if a heroine was ugly or fat you'd still find people claiming they actually want to date her or fuck her and she's actually so beautiful and amazing etc

No. 1886767

I remember when someone said that male-attracted Aidens wouldn't exist if more otome media had tomboys as female leads and I still believe she was right.

No. 1886769

crossdressing heroine was a trope but usually it reverts back to "she's actually super feminine and cute" and they'll add a scene where she wears a dress or something like that

No. 1886810

They don't cry the mc is boring, they claim he's a pussy/too feminine, unless he isn't a roided steroid freak.

No. 1886815

i hate how tomboys became another moid coom trope

No. 1886832

That seems to be more of a western fan complaint tbh

No. 1886845

men don't care about personalities or appearances (for the most part), they only care about actions. they are too stupid and incapable of actually giving a fuck about characterization, and instead, as long as the MC kills a dragon or gets a hot bimbo slut as a love interest, then he is a cool MC and they can self-insert, as all fiction is only a "he is totally me" scenario for them to be the most badass man with the most waifus.

No. 1886860

I understand what you mean, but you must focus on your own happiness, sister. And scare the moids out of your fandom.

No. 1886861

Do you happen to know what male asian gaming fans typically complain about when it comes to male main characters? What are some common grievances they have?

No. 1886871

the key is to give them features that are unattractive irl, hairy arms legs n shit

No. 1886878

And then get posted to lolcow dot farms for making cringe ugly designs fuck yeah. Yes, I support more varied and natural female character designs, lc is just a baby about anything that visually exist

No. 1886880

what are you even screeching about

No. 1886913

Monsterfuckers love ugly monstruous female creatures. They will slap bob and vagene on the xenomorph queen and call it a day.
Men can meme themselves into wanting to fuck everything if their brain is really wired into something. The "low level" ones will stop at slightly ugly furries but the real degens want to fuck any kind of fantasy creature as long as it's female and bipedal.

No. 1886917

File: 1707839225552.png (700.1 KB, 741x804, bd7 (1).png)

Kek too real, sometimes anons here are exactly like picrel

No. 1886923

File: 1707839467472.jpg (48.5 KB, 720x733, real stray cats have curves.jp…)

No. 1886935

You don't have to face everything with hostility in your heart.

No. 1886944

File: 1707840750861.png (581.11 KB, 1200x1400, nebMhUc.png)

The thing I don't understand about korean moids whining about conscription as if it were the worst thing in the world is that there are plenty of nations that have conscriptions that are nowhere near as sexist as SK. My dad's description of conscript life was him hanging out with his friends, going to the library, driving a tank, and doing a lot of exercise. It was mostly kind of mundane, like university life, but with exercise and military drills, even in other asian nations like Singapore and Taiwan, they don't have anywhere the sexist bs of SK.

No. 1886954

nah i though it was that one sperg who derrailed some thread before, my bad

No. 1886956

I'm going to say it, the LoL Netflix show might have created more trannies but it saved LoL from being a male dominated e-sport

No. 1886958

You should see the amount of whining Finnish moids do regarding conscription.
>Oh our country has the highest prevalence of violence against women in Europe? B-But us men are required to attend 6 months of military service (i.e. learning how to use weapons and getting into shape while getting paid and fed well)!

No. 1886959

it's a shame that military conscription isnt a thing in every single country

No. 1886970

I would actually like something like a sex-segregated form of conscription, for at least six months, where I could make some friends and also learn some useful skills.

No. 1886972

kek I was about to comment the same. Not a week goes by without moids crying about having to play hide and seek in the woods for a few months (or skip it and work in a nursing home as the coffee maker while the state pays their rent).

No. 1886990

South korean men are pathetic and angry that their society is literally made for them (feminism is pretty much illegal in SK) but they have to spend a year or so in the military. They dont even do anything in there. It's like one giant vacation half the time. I will never get the appeal to those moids

No. 1887007

aren't people obsessed with them because of kpop and kdrama? so many women in kpop think those guys actually respect women and are totally feminist but i doubt it.

No. 1887012

Every moid I know actually enjoyed the conscription since it's just a glorified summer camp. They lost weight, got in better shape and made friends during their time there, but they act as if it's a severe form of oppression against the male sex yet it was men who decided women don't belong in the army and even today most of them still don't want them there.

No. 1887021

>why are no moids crying that the male MC is boring?
Tbf I see this all the time. "Why is the mc boring, he's such a faggot, 100 chapters and no fucking, you just hate him because you are him", etc.

No. 1887033

I don't like it when female MCs are "boring" only because that almost always means they're going to be passive and pushed around by the male LIs. I don't like that kind of relationship dynamic.
>i keep seeing people wish they could date the heroine instead and how much prettier she is than the romanceable guys. or when there's a couple they are like "move male char she's mine".
I hate this shit too. Wherever you go you can't escape women being objectified for their appearance, even by other women. Otome is supposed to be an escape from that.

No. 1887046

I hate it too, like why are you even here if you care more about the female characters. Though tbh I can see where they're coming from, most otome and their LIs don't appeal to me as much as I wish it would.

No. 1887073

File: 1707847595691.png (1.41 MB, 1321x1393, GrhlfBW.png)

So Internet funnyman JelloaPocalypse's team Discotek Media(Jello and his friends) got into a controversy after revealing they filled an official dub with entirety pop-culture references, changed the entire story and insulted both the original work and it's creator

>Many of you probably already know this about me, but I am a romantic and love writing Actual Good Romance (tm) because nobody else on earth seems to know how to do it.
>Frankly, having the dub come out this good in the end is a little frustrating. Anyone who watched this show as a kid and has fond memories of it and revisits the dub will think "Wow! It's just as good as I remembered!" No it isn't. We made it good. This show SUCKED!!!
>I'm very, very proud of the work we did. I think we turned an unremarkable and frustrating 3/10 show into a pretty funny and mostly watchable 7/10. I want to show off what we did! However, I don't really want to recommend that people watch LoveCom in order to see it.
>This is one of those series that was written by a very strange person, kinda like 50 Shades of Grey, and it just gets stranger and stranger the longer you look into it. The way all the characters talk and interact is wrong. The way Risa is painted as the good guy despite makes exclusively bad decisions makes everything feel like it's written by a woman with "I HATE drama!!!" in her Twitter bio and then five separate callout tweets right below it. You get the sense the author sees the world the same way Risa Koizumi does, and Risa Koizumi as a character only makes sense if she is a psychopath who does not understand human empathy.
>"Of note: the Mangaka also makes a cameo in the final episode of the anime. She shows up as a fashion designer and everybody praises how pretty and talented she is. She then tells Risa "Its my job to make you look good!"
>I think you failed, ma'am.
>Lenti was the head writer on this and all their decisions were final, but I did tell them that if we didn't cut the characters praising the mangaka out of the episode in our dub, I would quit the co-writing position on the spot."

No. 1887078

>only shoujo where the female mc isnt a meek nice girl(tm) and the moid isnt an abusive asshole
>moid ruins it
we literally cant have shit holy fuck

No. 1887085

its definitely not the only one but yeah i dont understand why men even touch shoujo, its not even a genre made for them, go back and watch your shitty harem isekais

No. 1887087

and this is why people don't support dubs

No. 1887095

Didn't he complain about sexualization in mha? Doesn't seem the type to be able to watch isekai.
It's all just cashing in on the anime fad, really. Shoujo is just "the least anime".

No. 1887096

tbf there were some libfems involved in this as well, and I guess that's what gave him the confidence.

No. 1887100

God, this is everything I fucking despise about the american dub industry: taking something someone else made, scribbling your own burger pop culture vomit and quippy writing over it and claim you made it better. Not only is it insulting to the writer who made the original thing herself, but it also makes you look like a jealous frustrated wannabe.
I know some people can't stand TeamFourStar making DBZA more serious and dramatic the longer it went on, but I admire they humility on telling everyone at any given chance that DBZA is just a bastardization of the original work and that it's by no means "better," I know it's a low bar, but still.

No. 1887104

he seems like one of those self righteous nerds who has pretend that he's above regular sexist moids, but only because he's into IRL porn.

No. 1887107

Jesus christ this reads like an Onion article. Imagine having this amount of foolish confidence and delusion, it genuinely must be written in the Y chromosome's genetic code because only a stupid fucking scrote would say this with a straight face.

No. 1887112

File: 1707849616745.png (530.6 KB, 1080x1080, A8yydN7.png)

guess I was right, cause he has an open fart/scat fetish account.

No. 1887113

Out of all the anime out there, why did they have to fucking ruin this one.
I think I'm gonna go watch it again, subbed.

No. 1887115

why are moids so deranged

No. 1887119

Why do men always have such obscene fetishes? I know women have monsterfucking and all that but that's comparable to a weird sex toy, moids get off to things like farting and eating shit all the time.

No. 1887121

i don't really know if LoveCom is all that good but who the fuck is he to tell us it's bad? we can see for ourselves if it's bad or not, if it's shit we'll know it. who does he think he is trying to spoonfeed us and trying to overwrite the original especially when it's a fucking dub, it's no reboot or remake that you have to build upon while fixing some parts. you're no director, and doing this petty shit makes it obvious you're a seething balding male that became feminist for convenience. times like this i wish i could accuse him of racism for being a white moid youtuber thinking that he knows writing better than a Japanese woman(whose won an award for this manga btw) and get him wiped off the face of the internet.

No. 1887129

He does seem really self righteous, reminded me of that really funny "vote" video he made before.

No. 1887140

I remember when this guy had an illegal streaming service (kimcartoon) taken down. Why you ask? Well, the comments highlighted how much the show sucked and was basically just an animated tabletop campaign, and he got pissy about it, meanwhile he made an entire career criticizing other people's works.

No. 1887152

I feel like it's just because they are aware that they prefer the male characters but they don't want to look like they hate the female ones (because female characters have historically been getting hate just for existing and fangirls are often stereotyped as only caring about males). At the same time they can't find anything but her looks to comment on because they just don't actually care about her. It's the same as women who insist they hate some male character while only posting about him and how much they want him. It pisses me off so much, words are supposed to have meanings kek

No. 1887190

Apparently they hired 20 or so trans/NB VA's, seemingly hiring anyone who had auditioned for some trans character's role and putting them into other roles.

No. 1887198

I mean they just say the story is badly written then move on or attack the character/story for being overrated

No. 1887248

Who the fuck even watches dubs? Fanfic writers have more reason to brag than this random.

No. 1887262

Apparently very few of his changes made it to the end product, most people are saying the dub script is more or less similar to the subs. Picrel is a statement from the company who made the dub.
Still absolutely insane that he had the balls to spill all his shit like that though. Hope he never works in the industry again. Men have no fucking respect for women’s media, I don’t know how many times I’ve heard men default to comparing women’s romance stories to 50 Shades or Twilight without a second thought because they fundamentally don’t respect what women write.

No. 1887263

File: 1707859276302.jpeg (284.19 KB, 1125x1604, C6551F35-34A1-4677-BA05-1753DB…)

Dropped my pic

No. 1887285

Wow, hope the industry learns from having to do this level of damage control to never hire this dipshit for anything again lel, way to blow your chances

No. 1887347

This only became an issue because otome, like most female centered fandom, is being invaded by tifs and "lesbians" who're incapable of integrating and accepting/understanding the general tropes of otome games. The only idiots who say that are the ones that shouldn't be playing otome to begin with.

No. 1887507

He wasnt. That was a rumor thats been circulating for years unchecked. He said he knows of it,but he didnt watch it (evident by the fact he calls it evanjellyon) they just picked up the prop at the local geek store.

No. 1887508

File: 1707876117710.png (96.75 KB, 716x561, Screenshot 2024-02-13 180357.p…)

Kek, these people are crazy.

No. 1887511

File: 1707876323670.png (102.81 KB, 712x652, sephiroth wives are shaking th…)

No. 1887512

wtf, only in the west. gross

No. 1887525

RIP. I'll never forget when i snuck into my uncle's room to play his xbox when he was out and discovered testament. They absolutely ruined his character. And for what??

No. 1887604

File: 1707880122313.jpg (101.91 KB, 750x1334, 1000007990.jpg)

No. 1887788

Nice icon. Please watch when you take screenshots nonny, for your own safety

No. 1887832

File: 1707898825543.jpg (1.41 MB, 3264x2452, so close!.jpg)

korean moids plotting about how to get westerners on their side to attack women artists

No. 1887839

I've seen this happen a lot recently, Korean incels trying to rope westerners into their retarded one-sided gender war and once told they sound retarded for it they accuse them of racism or xenophobia for "not understanding Korean culture". They constantly rely on the language barrier to keep outsiders from learning the actual events and context of what happened and it's hard for Korean women to keep up since they rarely speak English and risk harassment and violence if they do so. All in all Korean incels are next level psychotic and it's thanks to their extremely misogynist culture mixed in with SK's late stage capitalism that this has happened, it's absolutely baffling the amount of retarded psyops that they're pulling just to "own women". I hope these screencaps spread as far and wide as possible and I also hope that women of the Korean diaspora that speak English fluently do their part in translating as much as they can.

No. 1887850

ironic coming from gacha players

No. 1887853

File: 1707903497702.jpg (116.21 KB, 850x850, smug furina.jpg)

I hope this koren incel shit drives more women into becoming misandrists. It made me laugh to learn that the artist for Furina, Korea's favourite genshin character, was a full blown misandrist and they couldn't do anything to fire her because she works for a chinese company and lives in shangai.

No. 1887863

She wasn't even a "misandrist", she just said that she wishes that rapist men would die in a tweet regarding a sexual assault case which is like the most inoffensive vent tweet ever.

No. 1887865

she also said she doesnt mind women chewing their stuff loudly but would kill men doing it kek she seems pretty based

No. 1887867

And it's working, you constantly see people claim that korean feminists are supposedly taking it too far, with absolutely nothing backing that claim up. For example I came across a random post on lsa claiming that korean terfs are pedos, like..?

No. 1887869

File: 1707906426636.png (125.95 KB, 604x387, zBi1CVg.png)

Got into an argument with some bozo regarding trooning out kids, I looked up her profile. She's a pro-shipper whose entire account is dedicated to shipping either the brother and sister from the incest game or JoJo characters. lmao(vendettaposting)

No. 1887870

apparently 1(one) korean schizo ''feminist'' raped an australian boy and that's enough for men to say all feminists are pedophiles. But don't show them crime statistics based on sex because they will eat you alive for trying to paint all men as violent pedos.

No. 1887871

File: 1707906615307.gif (154.43 KB, 275x156, no1curr.gif)

this isnt your personal army

No. 1887872

You need to be over 18 to post here Becky

No. 1887876

not underage and not asking anyone to dox her, I'm just pointing that type of degen who would be find with kids being mutilated.

No. 1887878

Never heard of that.
I'm pretty sure they either simply believed some random korean moids words or they fell for those mirroring posts that korean feminists do (which include talking about boys/men the way moids do to show how horrible it is to call somebody expired at 18 years old).

No. 1887880

Whether someone is into fictional incest or not doesn't really tell you a lot on their opinions about trans people. There's plenty of anti and pro troon people on both sides. On the other hand, someone that unironically cares about chronically online twitter labels such as pro/anti shipper is a good indicative of their age probably being under 18 kek

No. 1887882

making it about proship/antiship discourse is also autistic, stay in twitter

No. 1887884

File: 1707907726929.png (183.64 KB, 720x389, yRBjR36.png)

I looked into the incident sometime back, and it technically did happen. She was a member of Womad(not Megalia) and was living with an Australian family as an au pair. we can't know if she did molest/rape that boy, however she did post illegal photos of him online and claimed she raped him, which is still highly illegal.

No. 1887886

Do normies in SK take radfems seriously? They seem like a joke to me but they’re constantly praised for their inability to be diplomatic here kek

No. 1887888

most korean 'radfems' arent even feminists. Some are just plain misandrists or trolls. I wish women were just allowed to be minsandrist trolls without moids attaching the feminist label onto them.

No. 1887906

This is not from my own account. I got this off Google

No. 1887908

File: 1707914203233.png (1.03 MB, 1805x967, 나의-진짜.png)

I could be wrong but I think that Korean radfems often face a lot of animosity(atleast on twitter) because of their extreme views. This is an old discourse but in 2022, a Korean radfem account on twitter had mockingly posted that the k-pop group G-Idle claim to be feminists while performing in garter belts and clothes that are akin to lingerie. She got attacked by other feminists from Korea(possibly libfems) who have the viewpoint that women should have the liberty to wear what they want without getting objectified. Eventually, her account got suspended kek but here are the qrts.

No. 1887909

kek reminds me of the kpop terfs on twitter. I dont understand how you can call yourself feminist then consoom kpop.

No. 1887947

File: 1707917628199.mp4 (15.24 MB, ssstik.io_1707917630689.mp4)

>I dont understand how you can call yourself feminist then consoom kpop.
I've spoken to a few, and their logic is that if they support the girls' group by stanning them, buying merch, and tickets, they are showing the companies and the world that women have "value". Their main proof was certain Blackpink members (who are feminists in their opinion) getting brand deals and being chosen to speak at certain charities

No. 1887951

>proving women have value by only supporting the ones sold to you as products by men

No. 1887954

>Fuck you wokey d pronouns, genuinely.
MY FUCKING SIDES they sound like parodies of themselves at this point.

No. 1887956

again, they have a reply to this "No one cares about the old men who might actually run the business because they don't influence hundreds of millions like girl groups do." Ironically, they end up sounding like delusional male fans who claim, "Since they don't have public boyfriends, that must mean they secretly hate men and are totally reading radical feminist texts"

No. 1887967

The stupidest cope I've heard. Female k-pop stars are systemically abused, coerced into sex, starved and forced to get plastic surgery just so they correspond to the unrealistic female ideal set by men. They're not "showing the companies and the world that women have value". They're only showing they have value as a commodity, not as people. As for influence, they're only allowed the influence the male managers make them have. If someone likes their music and style it's whatever I guess but trying to make it into a big feminist movement and writing fanfiction about how ackshually all the k-pop stars are secretly lesbians and based korean radfems is just trying to deceive themselves.

No. 1887984

i can understand kpopie 'terfs' who simp for plastic kpop moids, but the ones for women have no excuse.

No. 1888021

Korean feminists dont even exist at this point, I'm convinced. Many of them will cap for their ugly moids, who basically made feminism illegal in their shit hole country.

No. 1888023

Women who call themselves feminists but consoom kpop are the biggest retards on the planet. "Oh no, but i only like girl groups" – you mean the ones that dance in front of grown men in the military when they are underage? Okay

No. 1888066

Some tif in a fandom of a game I like won't stop posting her ugly tumblr art of 2 characters she ships. Who are a detective and some magical man who killed the detective's parents in the 70s when the detective was 9, the magical man is an reincarnated guy from the 1700s but still has his previous memories. The story and themes don't land themselves to romance or shipping at all so I don't understand where does this come from. All the canon couples are straight ones who are there just to be parents of important characters, and the main murder mystery victim and her suicidal boyfriend who is accused of killing her, which is supposed to be dark and tragic even though their romance was sweet. How could anyone play a game about magical reincarnation shit and evil spirits and think "those 2 characters should fuck". I ship characters sometimes but only when they actually have chemistry, the only chemistry the 2 characters she ships have is the detective killing the guy. It's such a weird fandom phenomenon where they think the point of consuming media is shipping and if they can't ship anything they won't look its way.

No. 1888074

where do all these 12 years old come from? go back

No. 1888093

nta but why are you upset?

No. 1888095

because there is an influx of unintegrated newfags lately

No. 1888097

No. 1888101

>why do people ship?
its fun. there is no other reason. i swear its like some of you aren't even a part of fandom spaces but insist on using this thread

No. 1888102

Underage newfags dont even read the thread's desription anymore. They think this thread is to engage in tumblr/twitter faggotry rather than discuss it. That's how we ended up with some twitterfag posting some troon she was fighting with and some retard who has never heard of crackshipping.

No. 1888105

I am in several fandoms, I just think not all media lend themselves well to shipping. I understand that shipping is fun, and I already said I ship something, but when it's actually already established in the media. I don't think it's a necessary part of fandom and can be optional. I prefer theorizing and discussing plots and themes of a piece of fictional media over shipping, and that why I think it's weird to like a media only for ships even when it's shit. It's why some shitty games and anime/cartoons recently get popular when it has minimum substance, because people just want to ship characters rather than enjoy a story. Isn't that a negative aspect of modern fandom?

No. 1888110

No, a negative aspect of modern fandom is people like you that want to police how people enjoy fandom. A TIF having a crackship doesn't affect your fandom experience in the slightest, but people like you going around shitting on said people that are just having fun are the cancer that's killing fandom.

No. 1888112

okay, so this is all about your personal preferences and not any fandom drama. shitty media gets popular for non-ship reasons too like flashy art or tropes, you're just singling out the reason you don't personally like. also shipping is a way to enjoy a story.

No. 1888113

>and I already said I ship something, but when it's actually already established in the media
Why does it matter if it's established in the media or not? Shipping is done for your personal enjoyment and for fun, you can imagine anything you want to in your head you know? Choosing to restrict yourself by the canon is entirely up to you of course but it doesn't make it weird if others don't do that. Shipping by itself is a silly pastime.

No. 1888129

The problem is she keeps spamming the subreddit and discord fan creations channel with her art everyday. While any theory discussions are ignored on the subreddit. She's not the only one doing weird shit like that though, there are some people who ship their OCs with characters and spam the subreddit and discord server with their art of it instead of posting it on their personal social media, and others who ship incestuous ships and legitimately commission fan arts of them in the ugliest art styles possible and post it all over the subreddit and discord server when literally no one cares and mods have to remove it to stop the infighting. I don't engage in the arguments and I do ignore the posts but they've become the majority and are starting to ruin the community. The game unfortunately attracts all types of annoying mentally ill troons and people who fake DID, they used to roleplay with their different personalities together in the off-topic channel, but because no one gave them attention and the trend dies out, they left the discord server thankfully. And yet there are still some annoying loud people who never shut up in it.

No. 1888132

This isn't "fandom discourse", it's just you ranting about some equally underage sperg in your ship wars at some gay discord server.

No. 1888134

You brought this upon yourself. Also this isn't a vent thread, screenshots or gtfo

No. 1888163

fuck you for making me feel sympathy towards a tif

No. 1888166

Not my fault these are the least weirdo infested ways to stay in touch with the game news without having insta, twitter, tumblr and the such. I understand what this thread is for but why can't we criticize common fandom behaviors in it?

No. 1888168

you sound as annoying as the tifs. They arent bothering you so why even sperg this much? if they were trooning ot the characters i would understand it at least, but they are just having fun with their cringe ships.

No. 1888183

Diversity win: This canon rapist/sex trafficker is open to abusing fat women too???

No. 1888213

Liking ships you don't like and posting bad art isn't milk. Unless they're doing something actually retarded you're just complaining to complain

No. 1888230

File: 1707935756229.png (43.71 KB, 1257x768, VlNZEbH.png)

slightly unpopular opinion, but I don't think the modern eltingville club fandom is that bad.

No. 1888235

I refuse to believe this. That artist is an oldfag anyways, she's been drawing EC fanart on /co/ since 2020

No. 1888241

I kind of get what you mean but it's not something I'd ever feel the need to say out loud. It is kind of annoying when people have intense shipping brainrot, but there's no harm in it so there's no need to talk about it. You only caring for canon ships means you wouldn't understand why people have fun with it anyway. Just find other people in your server or reddit that are also annoyed by it and make your own or something. Fandoms are what you make of them.

No. 1888248

File: 1707936695310.jpg (92.13 KB, 585x404, 20240214_134646.jpg)

The company behind the Lovely Complex dub released a statement. They didn't name names but this is almost certainly about JelloApocalypse. 1/2

No. 1888250

File: 1707936809777.jpg (59.74 KB, 1560x378, 20240214_134648.jpg)

No. 1888314

wow….so just like in the west. also lmaoo at them thinking that these kpop women actually have any choice or "liberty" to wear what they want/are comfortable with

No. 1888322

I dislike shipping and how it's overtaken modern fandom, but NGL you also sound like those "no fun allowed" "canon-only" fanficrants people on 2000s Livejournal. I never thought I'd side with the shipping-obsessed TIF in this situation, but you're better off ignoring her and interacting with the discussions on Discord/Reddit about "the plots and themes of the canon" (which isn't even exclusive to shipping) or making a no-shipping-allowed space for it instead of getting huffy over some girl's crackship and ugly fanart/annoying troons you can block. People like you are just as annoying as those who only get into media to ship characters.

No. 1888339

>Anyone expecting an actual proper translation should be watching the subs uwu
They're only mad that he blogged about the changes and not that they were made in the first place. English dubs are such shit and I pity any normie that watches them.

No. 1888376

Oh no, I didn't mean I only care for canon stuff, I like non-canon ships too but my point was the story didn't have any real romance in it between characters and it wasn't developed, since it's a point and click game it has minimal dialog. That's why I find it weird people focus on shipping way too much in the fandom. I prefer not creating or uploading anything on the community channels because I don't want to engage with the person in the wrong discussion and get in trouble, but there's at least one fan who makes serious theory and analysis videos that I enjoy and I used to get in discussions about the story with him when I had more time. He even featured some of my theories and the information I helped him looking for about alchemy in one of his videos. I just wish more server/subreddit members where like this instead of the shiplong brainrotted ones as you describe them. And it's not just this fandom, it's all the ones I'm in, there's always shipping brainrot and race/sexuality/gender/representation brainrot and arguments and posts about that stuff and character 'redesigns' where they change the characters' looks 180° and racebend them. There's rarely any genuine discussion, and where there is, it's the same popular opinions over and over again and nothing new or interesting unless it's someone's OC or actual theories and news about the media, which is why I stay and endure all that shit.

No. 1888378

Just leave the fandom if you don't like it.

No. 1888394

How is this not libfem logic? Radfems are supposed to be against or at the very least critical of capitalism. I'd get it if they pirated the music, but buying merch and tickets of female idols is "supporting women" just as much as buying makeup and dresses is. (Hint: It's not)

No. 1888396

Well the disabled part is completely correct.its just another attention seeking Twitter retard.

No. 1888445

File: 1707948919846.jpg (84.12 KB, 1000x563, 71KqO5X3SWL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

girls who don't self insert in otome games are cringe. just read shoujo manga if you want to see some mega stacy get a hot bf

No. 1888456

im enjoying wokeys downfall hes an annoying fuck. but at what cost

No. 1888494

This drama happened like two months ago by the way. Everyone moved on from it. Wokey still posts but not as much.

No. 1888519

Have I somehow dodged this fandom for years or is Eltingville Club exclusively popular with the most autistic of NEET women? I only ever hear about it from this thread kek.

No. 1888534

File: 1707953948671.jpeg (804.39 KB, 1346x2561, the second I read this on the …)

>Ukes are futanaris so they're transphobic
Well, that's certainly a new one for the books.

No. 1888538

File: 1707954192632.jpeg (567.94 KB, 1271x1723, 1707953508526-1.jpeg)

No. 1888541

Lol is this person in the same circles as that one anti-fujosperg over here?

No. 1888543

Antifujos are TIMs confirmed, also holy fuck the amount of projection is astronomical

No. 1888545

File: 1707954555890.jpg (81.14 KB, 1080x816, Screenshot_20240215-004822_X.j…)

This reply was fucking hilarious

No. 1888556

Blah blah blah, another man crying that women will actively choose fiction over their disgusting beastly selves.

No. 1888569

It should be obvious yaoi is not about mtfs simply cause mtfs are ugly, but narcs gonna narc.

No. 1888573

I can see how they'd assume the whole "men taking on the same oppressive gender roles as women" thing since m/m is guilty of that, but to call it "transfem" is reaching since the men are clearly still men and that's the whole appeal of it. Most fujos are vehemently against any sort of trans depictions in their media.
Imagine thinking that you engaging in cartoons about twinks having their asses blown out is "revolutionary feminist action?" Just embarrassing behavior all around. Fujos like that are equally annoying and sanctimonious as the person replying to them.

No. 1888577

File: 1707957727138.jpg (173.14 KB, 750x614, 1665828527969.jpg)

>Imagine thinking that you engaging in cartoons about twinks having their asses blown out is "revolutionary feminist action?"
It's feminist in the sense that it's a complete dismissal of men's desires. Yaoi as a genre is completely female gaze in it's purest form and it disgusts men because of that.
Even gay men who don't like bara type guys and read BL instead don't really like it because they don't want to read about ukes getting raped and mpreg'd.

No. 1888608

Nah this is fujocringe in its own, with how this tim is smelling his own farts about it.

No. 1888610

I wouldn't say completely dissmises but whatever helps you justify your porn.

>Even gay men who don't like bara type guys and read BL instead don't really like it because they don't want to read about ukes getting raped and mpreg'd.

I don't blame them tbh. Most normal women, straight or not, don't want to read that shit either.

No. 1888614

Trannies think literally fucking everything in fiction is about them
>Inoffensive story about a female character for a normie audience
Trannies: omg she's totally a trans girl
>Story about a typical male action hero
Trannies: omg she's totally a trans girl
>Story about a lesbian
Trannies: omg she's totally a trans girl
>Story about a supernatural creature
Trannies: omg she's totally a trans girl
>Story about a male character for the female gaze
Trannies: omg she's totally a trans girl
Troons are just narcissists who think you're always fucking talking about them. Everything is about them. Based for fujos to make them seethe, they can't handle when the world doesn't revolve around them and their fetishes as much as they try to force it to.

No. 1888617

thousands of thousands real and usually impoverished women and children are actually trafficked and tortured and have their suffering neatly labeled online by the most degrading and blatantly racist and sexist categories for usually not impoverished men to peruse but somehow that's all hunky dory and super duper true progressive and none of these people ever have a problem with it. of course.

No. 1888622

Same with tomboys or nlog anime characters: TOTALLY A TRANS MAN!

No. 1888634

>a phenomenon called guy on guy is hot
My fucking sides.

No. 1888656

Gay men will never ever defend you while you dedicate entire videos to defending their fake honor. So pathetic.

No. 1888666

I already fear tifs projecting to gnc female characters but I now worry about tims doing the same.

No. 1888727

i am so tired of trannies always perceiving the more 'feminine' character as a tranny because 'women must be weak and holes uwu!' this is why men cope, seethe and ''sissify'' bishies, they are misogynistic moids at the end, and men see anything that's not a hairy macho(ironically gayer than twinks) as female.

No. 1888740

this is pretty hot. Why dont tiffies worry about the depiction of female rape in pretty much every piece of media, from dark fantasy shit for moids to ''femgaze'' stuff meant for women. Men arent getting raped enough irl for me to give a shit about them being abused in yaoi.

No. 1888806

This guy has been on my radar for awhile. He's one of those "feminist" TIMs who repurposes radfem rhetoric about misogyny to be about him. These men have the biggest victim complexes over something they chose to be.

I don't think seme/uke and omegaverse is exempt from criticism but not all BL is violent rape with the uke as a stand-in for a woman? I'm not even a fujo but I never understood this "yaoi is bad because it's all rape" argument when I could go on a manga site right now and find plenty of BL that isn't.

No. 1888816

I mean it kinda is though, the way the uke is depicted is closer to an MTF or FTM then an actual human male.

No. 1888820

but it's never even been about two men though, no matter how much fujos to claim that it's somehow different, it's always been a female stand-in and an actual male.(derailing)

No. 1888822

Linking this thread, so we don't get more future transmen

No. 1888828

This always seems weird to me, like just how manly does both characters have to be? Like, isn't the trendy bl thing right now between two buff guys and a giant robot?
It just seems like an excuse to bully women into liking ugly and fat/old men or else it's misogynistic self inserting.

No. 1888830

it's not just about supposed masculinity, have you ever had anal sex? cause if you know, you know!

No. 1888834

So anal sex = woman to you?

No. 1888836

I'm saying that exact opposite, the depiction of anal sex in Yaoi has never come close to resembling the reality, not even by 1%, and that it is much more similar to vaginal sex.

No. 1888837

Oh, so unless women watch enough anal sex for it to be as accurate as you'd like, then they're simply self inserting?(baiting)

No. 1888854

File: 1707973128948.jpg (109.66 KB, 1265x720, 418751171.jpg)

Don't you nonas ever get tired of arguing about yaoi? Variations of this infight happen constantly. It's so repetitive I have to assume it's the same five or so people sperging about it every time and they all have short-term memory loss and severe autism.

No. 1888859

We already had this argument last week shut your damn retarded mouths you have nothing intelligent to say

No. 1888877

it's the fujos who start it, cause they can't keep to their own thread and website and then spam porn when they don't get their way.(b8)

No. 1888893

File: 1707975286010.png (428.41 KB, 618x848, 32RcNEJ.png)

>Even gay men who don't like bara type guys and read BL instead don't really like it because they don't want to read about ukes getting raped and mpreg'd.
You really believe that? As much as I dislike fujos, I can acknowledge that gay moids are far worse. They write novels and erotica about how much they want to constantly rape little boys. They are born degenerates. fujos though nowhere near as bad, are still brain-rotten. I guarantee there's at least a couple who looks at picrel post and thinks "that's hot"

No. 1888971

Shut the fuck up, that doesn't happen and you're making it all up every single time. Don't you have hands to post?(derailing)

No. 1888972

Lesbophobia is when you're a woman who's sexually attracted to good looking men so you like reading books and comics about hot guys now.

No. 1888973

Someone posts a deraged TIM going on a delusional rant about how ackshually fujos want his ladydick but are brainwashed by evil yaoi into rejecting it and everyone is having a good laugh about the tranny bullshit yet you have to make it about "well I mean fujos ARE disgusting degenerates who want to be raped!!!!" for the nth time instead of staying in the topic. Shut up, it's on par with racebaiting at this point.

No. 1888977

File: 1707983668469.jpg (206.11 KB, 711x1434, yawee.jpg)

>well I mean fujos ARE disgusting degenerates
I mean you said it, not me and it's not unfounded either.(posting bait all over the site)

No. 1888980

Real. It's a shame cause this thread is good when they're not around. Despite what these retards say the real containtement thread is the fujo hate one on /ot/ so they're the ones who should fuck off. The fujo thread on /m/ is to post about BL media and is not a containment. Just ignore the bait as always. Female fandom is halfway synonymous with BL too so they're actually retarded.

No. 1888984

>Female fandom is halfway synonymous with BL too so they're actually retarded.
your doing it again, you are on the same side as male coomers whether you like it to admit or not.

No. 1888986

Tell us more about your family's incestuous relationships, Paki-chan. That's way more interesting than your obsession with fujos and pornsickness.(hi cow, encouraging attention whores)

No. 1888992

>reddit hunting
Frankly, I'm surprised this sort of collage isn't here more. You can probably find the same response for any sort of media.
Seems kinda fun to find the most retard "this made me trans", like some fucking fast food meal or some shit.

No. 1888993

How is reading cutesy fanfics about Naruto and Sasuke dating or romcom manga with occasional sex scenes between two fictional guys equal to men watching real women getting raped and tortured on camera?

Shut up or she'll start sperging about how her grandma is a irl shotacon for marrying a way younger guy because it was the tradition back then.(taking the bait)

No. 1888995

my (twitter) fandom experience is so much better now that I mostly interact with non-Americans. I don't get what it is about America that produces such unfriendly people.

No. 1888996

its pakichan, dont respond, just report

No. 1888998

Non-americans as in which group? Cause the Japanese and Korean side of fandom is absolutely insane and schizoid only in a different way.

No. 1888999

i used to think like this but sadly the spanish side of fandom became infested with american politics too

No. 1889000

Same with the Brazilian one. The exportation of american culture and gendie politics seems really inescapable at this point. Especially in countries where people already want to be american so bad.

No. 1889002

I thought so too but they'd understandably would rather keep the fujoshit flinging in fujocringe thread. "tifs troon from bl" content is seen as a pakichan dogwhistle.

No. 1889008

Stfu ♥
It's one specific anon starting infights every single time like a broken record, it's so fucking tiresome.
Does this message mean to imply Mtfs are not humans??? KEK
I'm curious! I always imagined japanese side would be fairly calm. How is it really?
Is it confirmed to be Paki-chan though?(infighting)

No. 1889009

It's so obnoxious. Hispanic fandoms always felt like a time capsule of the 00s, but then suddenly the ''free hugz'' and cringe but free edits of ukes pasted onto all the single ladies turned into american politics and shit flinging over artists being 'transphobic'

No. 1889010

>Is it confirmed to be Paki-chan though?
I don't think they care whether the posters are pakichan or not.

No. 1889011

Ngl I can agree on that. I meant actually ridiculously stupid trannifying reasons, like somebody turning themselves into trans Harry potter out of complete spite alone.

No. 1889014

>Is it confirmed to be Paki-chan though?
She always openly admits to it being her so yes. She has a long history of derailing threads just to sperg about fujos and pornsickness, but to be fair there's one more person who's suspected to be a certain nutcase from Kiwifarms and her style is a bit more on the aggressive schizo side while Paki-chan is more of a tard.

No. 1889015

nta but it's kind of true though, there are a significant number of people who transitioned due to yaoi porn.(baiting)

No. 1889016

Homo relationships written by women have (not always but often) an interesting story, character development, drama, etc. They have literally value in other words. But shit written by actual homos consists always almost of nothing but boring shallow sex or, best case scenario, how characters try to have homo sex despite being oppressed by the evil society. Exceptions are rare and little known of like James Purdy

No. 1889017

Latin American and Brazilian fandom is still not as bad as American fandom so I can tolerate it better.

Japanese and Korean fandom is mostly OK to interact with. Because everyone is translating I think it results in stilted, formal speech that acts as a sort of restraint on worse impulses. But I'm sure the Koreans and Japanese are vicious among each other.

No. 1889019

NTA but yeah, Korean artists tend to have huge public meltdowns on their social media over the pettiest things and threaten suicide all the time and the Korean incels and their influence have already been discussed. Japanese fandom tends to be very two-faced, they act nice to each other in public and then go to talk mad shit about each other on 2ch or on their private accounts.

No. 1889022

File: 1707989243699.png (881.67 KB, 562x1007, killantz.png)

this has 1,1 million views and near 400k likes, like you can't deny there isn't a strong correlation at least.

No. 1889026

Nobody cares, go sperg about this shit in the FTM thread with the rest of your kind.

No. 1889027

There'd be more to back it up if it didn't seem to be a mostly western phenomenon. As far as I know, most fujoshi authors stay women just fine and their bl pop up shops/cafes aren't filled with Aidens.

No. 1889029

I'm ta, and that's what i suspected, honestly. Very recognisable style. I guess 2 of them are derailing, thank you for the answer.
Kek at the japanese fandom, i can't even tell if it's better or not.
Homo relationships written by women have (not always but often) an interesting story, character development, drama, etc. They have literally value in other words
I agree, it's true to most of the female-written erotica. If you take porn from male-written rotica, there's no genre.

No. 1889032

God, same. Faggots get all the cute men while we get the leftovers.(derailing)

No. 1889035

File: 1707990318420.png (750.41 KB, 1196x509, BAs2TSG.png)

It seems to be growing there as well, there's a popular korean FTM vlog channel, who titles all videos with "BL"

No. 1889036

I can always tell if a man is guy by how good looking he is, the most attractive ones are always homosexuals. Always.(derailing)

No. 1889037

No. 1889039

Is this a fujoshi author? What did they write?

No. 1889041

wrong thread, let me redirect you to your containment

No. 1889049

File: 1707991396709.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1080, 4COtnik.png)

that's literally propaganda gay moids use to feel better about themselves, the vast majority of gay men are rather ugly, they have better grooming standards but that's about it, fags are just more manipulative, by your logic the moid in the back should be far more attractive.

No. 1889050

I don't disagree but it's just a hot button topic that cannot be trusted in most lc threads. You can already see anons speculating it's the pakichan derailing kek.

No. 1889080

>Female fandom is halfway synonymous with BL too so they're actually retarded
This is a very reductive and self-centered perspective on female fandom, not everyone likes yaoi
I don't understand why turning into a "gay boy" is such an obsession for so many tifs, it baffles me tbh. Whatever correlation there is it should be studied because it's actually interesting albeit disturbing the effect that type of media has on women. Inb4 pakichan, I'm neutral about yaoi so please quit tinfoiling

No. 1889084

File: 1707996013982.jpeg (1.01 MB, 2666x4000, xz2w4ro.jpeg)

the attractive gay men in question.

No. 1889086

File: 1707996278687.jpg (33.56 KB, 750x750, tumblr_plkzj66ZIa1wtmb6p_1280.…)

which characters have been the biggest victims of transification for you? ftm headcanons are usually way less offensive than their mtf counterparts kek since it's just weeb girls going ''he's just like me'' i guess..

No. 1889089

File: 1707996563751.png (93.94 KB, 312x279, ZTf7z1f.png)

happens to every single little boy character whose personality isn't being a pervert.

No. 1889092

File: 1707996973176.jpg (478.65 KB, 942x701, 678057907.jpg)

>This is a very reductive and self-centered perspective on female fandom, not everyone likes yaoi
I'm also neutral about yaoi but I hate it when people assume I like bl because I lewd men in my drawings. I ask for non-moidy romance recommendations and my tra friends give me tif stories or bl lol.

I believe the worst ones I've seen are those of real people or their avatars. These are non trans identifying people except for the rightmost character which is a woman who just goes by she/they.

No. 1889097

That's because homo relationships written by women are idealized versions of men and gay relationships. Most of the fiction I've read by gay men tend to stick to the reality of things, which isn't so pretty and would unsurprisingly, turn off most straight women who mainly focus on BL.

No. 1889098

Same 2 or 3 anons baiting for the 100th time about a topic that has been discussed ad nauseum in every board, but I'm over here just wondering if the pendulum is already swinging so quickly back. Is it going to be encouraged to crybully fujos out of fandom again? This time instead of TIF feefees because of TIM feefees? Even someone like me can tell this argument is embarrassing. How does a genre that's called BOY'S LOVE that clearly delineates that all characters are MEN make a "transphobic" attack? I'd sooner agree with the most insane autistic fujo faghag gene pool reject than even a single tranny who thinks that any cases of misogyny in male/male content affect him in any way.

Deku is THE ftm projection posterchild

No. 1889106

what about the one proto-fujo(?) who wrote those gay slasher romance novels in the 90's, that were apparently super misogynistic and just filled with sex scenes, misogyny and a featured a child being killed and raped

No. 1889108

>ancient greek tif
??? how the hell would that even work? where would you get the hormones? medicine and surgery was so shitty back then you could die by just scratching yourself on a rusty sword but i guess a woman who thinks shes a man doesn't believe in logic and reality anymore…its baffles me more they keep transing ancient humans? what would that achieve?

No. 1889110

I made an anti-fujo cringe thread if anyone wants to join >>1889096 i dont wanna spam this thread with anti fujo autistic takes, the cringe of paladinboo alone is enough to kill several small horses.

No. 1889112

>I hate it when people assume I like bl because I lewd men in my drawings
Try being into male abuse/ ryona, it's even worse. Most women into that are fujos too and people automatically assume I want to see males raping each other assholes too ugh

No. 1889118

youre thinking of poppy z brite (who is genuinely deeply untalented and made up for this with shock value as you rightly point out; shes also an early example of a yaoi-addicted tif interestingly) but calling her a proto-fujo is stupid, kirk/spock had been a thing for decades at that point, bl in japan developed in the 70s, lesbian fujoshi mary renault was writing her alexander fanfiction in the 60s etc etc

sage for dumb sperging about fujo history

No. 1889120

Thank you nonnie. Good thread idea.

No. 1889125

Um, I think my point still stands that most BL is just an idealized version of what a woman thinks a gay relationship is and it shows, though thank you for the history lesson.

No. 1889150

Already locked. RIP.

No. 1889186

admins made me move the thread to snow >>>/snow/1966263 hope they dont sperg out and lock it again considering there are so many milky cows in the anti fujo sphere

No. 1889189

Mary Renault was bisexual not lesbian, she even rejected the label when people called her a lesbian

No. 1889207

It's actually a youtuber, tifs were projecting to him because one of his reoccurring jokes was how short he is and that he's insecure about it.

I know it just got moved but that's so fucking funny.

No. 1889208

jfc, poppy z brite. I still have two of her novels from my teenage high school years. What a walk down memory lane.

No. 1889255

To be completely honest, I can't recall any ryona series yume have given the time of day, even straight moids flock to that sort of thing more, since usually there's a cute girl somewhere.

No. 1889276

I wished there were separate fandoms for aesthetic enjoyers and people who actually care about the story and lore. I can't even blame zoomers because I feel this aesthetic obsession began with tumblr. It was one thing to repost images to fit your blog's theme, but now there are people who genuinely think they are fans of somehting they don't know anything about. I wouldn't complain if there wasn't so many of them. I've recently saw one of them whine on twitter over being blocked by an established artist who has been in fandom forever.
>I don't understand, why was I blocked? I've done nothing wrong!
She probably blocked you because she doesn't want to see your furry dumb oc fucking a character from the series. People proceeded to tell her she dodged a bullet because the artist who blocked drew a ship they think is 'problematic' due to their relationship in canon. As of any of them cared about the lore and characters to begin with.
I can't put all the blame on the fandom, look at what konami did to pyramid head. They knew they could keep selling it and they just put it everywhere, people bought it and loved it. Now we got sexy nurses and pyramid head in every other silent hill. It's no suprise that the franchise turned to shit after team silent left.

No. 1889298

I heard aesthetic blogs are just female autism manifesting itself. In general I feel like culture posers exist per generation and isn't unique to tumblr. I do constantly worry about each generation just losing reading comprehension and context. In another thread, someone's accusing a character being ddlg kink when she probably just means manipulative male character shipped with a naive optimist female character kek.

No. 1889318

>Most of the fiction I've read by gay men tend to stick to the reality of things, which isn't so pretty
I enjoy realism in literature but their realism is somehow always only about sex and how to get it. There's no depth, drama, interesting thought-provoking plot elements, diverse perspectives on things, unique dynamics, or just emotions lol. It's not like I want polished domestic life in works about gay men relationships but female authors just tend to offer more in their writings (even style-wise).

No. 1889338

That redtext basically confirms that it's one (maybe two or three) anons causing and perpetuating these infights at every possible opportunity sitewide. I'm beginning to think that it's a moid trying to fuck threads up on purpose.

No. 1889340

It's kind of funny to think that straight men write more "fujo friendly" gay chemistry.
I mean, going off of stuff like fujobait and "I have gay feelings but it's not that type of show so instead there's waifubait".

No. 1889343

I'm a fujo and I agree that there's something going on here, particularly with anglophone fujos. I don't think it's solely the hyper-obsession with BL, though it's obviously a contributing factor. I think these TiFs probably have additional mental illnesses like autism and BPD that give them a fragile or nonexistent sense of personal identity, so they internalize whatever fandom shit they consoom as their "personality." It's particularly bad with Americans, who are basi