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File: 1661020744869.jpg (264.26 KB, 943x944, 1661019575692.jpg)

No. 232318

Have you seen those stupid ass short comics that people make and are unfunny as fuck? Of course you have, they're all over social media. Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, DeviantArt, they're the bread and butter of unskilled artists and writers. Unfortunately, there's a ton of these bad short form comics floating around the internet (and people who make a living out of them, as perplexing as it is). Post the hilariously bad, terrible, lukewarm, mediocre, lazy infuriating, and most annoying ones here!

You can post
>Short comics
>Multiple pannels or illustrations
>4koma/4pannel comics
>Abstracts from a bigger comic

No. 232319

>Good for you, girl! Good for you that you're degrading your body and intimacy down to a commodity, and objectified by men! Now people will respect you far less, and men will be more likely to stalk and harass you!

No. 232324

kek the idea of putting all the work to get a phd, then still having to resort to making porn is so fucking sad, yeah, good for you

No. 232331

It's even worse because that's not a regular blobfish but its bloated corpse

No. 232347

File: 1661029388392.gif (79.84 KB, 450x598, 1d1602936644007ad815e5a1a7b41e…)

I'm sorry, I know that boomer humor is a low hanging fruit

No. 232350

File: 1661030215967.jpg (122.6 KB, 1280x692, insanity.JPG)

kek, that was the first thing I thought of

No. 232352

This comic hits home. Animals should be RAW, perfectly pressurized, and LIVING.

No. 232354

File: 1661031483088.jpg (106.23 KB, 950x700, 32a704d7c0e97c642b20e1b0341a9a…)

No. 232355

File: 1661031795424.jpg (137.58 KB, 630x673, image5.jpg)

i feel like i'm cheating when i post troon comics

No. 232358

File: 1661033395967.jpeg (187.95 KB, 1122x1145, 0D363F3B-2A5A-45AF-9192-1BE2D7…)

kek no comment
it's morbid, makes me sad because some blobfish stuff is cute but that was before I Iearned

No. 232360

File: 1661034392086.jpg (361.87 KB, 2050x2050, t3upltqws3f91.jpg)

this got almost 20,000 upvotes on reddit

No. 232369

File: 1661040055989.png (127.4 KB, 1280x706, B82A92C5-620C-4BC9-95B2-477080…)

All her comics are so unfunny

No. 232370

I hate those blobby comics so much they are so superficial ugly and stupid

No. 232371

damn i think the art style is adorable but these are obnoxious

No. 232374

Going off-topic but I don’t get why she’s e-begging while running a patreon and a web shop that has a bunch of crap she clearly had enough money to get from china or w/e

No. 232376

File: 1661042914276.jpg (162.87 KB, 390x1112, q13S3.jpg)

Ugh, there are some awful unfunny Pokemon cringe comics especially ones that are coomershit or where the artist has probably never played the games (uses status moves, it's super effective! Pokemon uses a move that cannot be learned, etc.) Picrel.

No. 232384

Absolutely disgusting

No. 232385

The only good one she ever did was the Miku one, after that everything is fucking special snowflake tumblrina tier.

No. 232387

File: 1661044442008.jpg (191.29 KB, 736x797, Untitled.jpg)

fucking hate this ugly low-effort shit so much and it really is so prevalent with pokemon

No. 232390

The only way in which Reddit humor has evolved past 2011 fedora clad band geek is the addition of the phrases "Chad" "-bro" "to the moon!" and "simp". Will always be unfunny and charmless even from an ironic standpoint.

No. 232397

They're supposed to be bad comics anon, not timeless classics

That bf has gotta look like the soy wojak

No. 232415

They both look like overweight leg/neckbeards

No. 232424

File: 1661058256188.jpg (Spoiler Image,161.7 KB, 500x1515, 29a.jpg)

I hate the coomer scrotes in the Pokemon community. They should all cease.

No. 232428

>Makes a threat of violence
Yeah, real "women brains" usually think about beating up people who don't agree with them

No. 232430

I forgot about this troon holy fuck I hate his art so much

No. 232435

This is not supposed to be here

No. 232501

Don't have any of them saved but I hate all these comics with "Normal people - Me" that are just showing the most mundane and generic things you can imagine that are seen as super quirky and special by its authors.
I don't stumble upon that shit since I only follow good artists but there were a lot of them years ago.

No. 232507

File: 1661097245452.jpeg (281.59 KB, 750x1500, CFFCEDCD-13D2-4E8A-9152-B6EACD…)

Nowadays there's a trend of people making ship art of those.

No. 232514

What porn addiction doee to mfer part# 50006

No. 232517

I don't think it's porn addiction (well, unless it's literal porn). I think the idea is cute, we can love each other despite our differences uwu etc. I even was in a subleddit dedicated to those but it was all gender bullshit lol

No. 232522

I honestly haven't seen porn versions of these memes, it's mostly dumb drawings either making the two characters befriend each other or turning them into a cute couple.

No. 232530

I'm sure there's a subreddit for this

No. 232531

i like these honestly lol. turn boomer comics into ship comics

No. 232625

Thanks, I'm mad IRL now.

No. 232628

Kek you're welcome

No. 232636

eat your own dog!

No. 232656

They should show the stupid fish humiliating himself on OF if it's so ~wonderful and empowering~

No. 232657

Spicy straights

No. 232697

I saw a person under one of her tweets saying she scammed her by never giving a commission, irc the person paid 400-800$.
Who would commission whatever this is

No. 232708

Fear is a human instinct, not an abstract construct. They fail to "own" us even in their own content lol

No. 232709

Why did you have to remind me that this pokemon date rape comic existe

No. 232714

What could you possibly pay that much for? She draws ms paint shit

No. 232741

File: 1661183286480.jpeg (207.96 KB, 750x466, 398DF2B3-C1AC-4583-8B83-630C23…)

wow how cool fun and woke of him to make fun of struggling colleagues

No. 232746

This stupid fucking corpse keeps eavesdropping on people's conversations. At least he isn't interjecting himself this time. Who let him in the mall? Doesn't he usually ride in the bag of some girl? I bet that stupid pink ballbag's gonna look up that girl's Onlyfans and subscribe because "support your local sex workers!!!" but really he's just a pervert.

No. 232747

File: 1661185860190.jpeg (63.63 KB, 680x680, bikecuck.jpeg)

Nothing will compare to the responses this one got. Classic

No. 232748

File: 1661186691205.jpeg (208.5 KB, 750x942, 1466B5F7-404D-4AFE-BE76-6942B9…)

the fish don't real he's the authors' mouthpiece, calm down

No. 232750

wow, I would have bet that a libfem would have been the author based on the artstyle

No. 232752

I was mildly surprised to know that garbage is made by three people, how can you need three people for something so low effort and unfunny?

No. 232755

Even worse, you know these creepy assholes just butt into random conversations and go "um that's not woke that's offensive you can't say that" especially the guy in the middle who looks like a fucking predator baring his teeth to pretend like he isn't the most insufferable man alive

No. 232756

Sorry for spoon-feeding anon, but what were the responses?

No. 232758

File: 1661190247471.jpeg (292.6 KB, 1799x1799, 65662836-7D11-42A0-96BD-5BFBBF…)

people made a lot of variations of the comic making fun of it (pic related is my fave)

No. 232798

i bet the moid comes up with the ideas and the handmaidens do all the art

No. 232803

I don't understand why this badly blew up, like to the point he made a public apology. It was supposed to be taken seriously?

No. 232878

File: 1661237647392.jpg (66.51 KB, 640x626, 79zytab8c5yy.jpg)

I hate this unfunny bastard and don't even get me talking about his attempts at "horror"

No. 232887

File: 1661243491746.png (838.17 KB, 1000x1164, b9b.png)

Another classic, the MTF author is annoying as fuck

No. 232899

File: 1661257121143.jpg (153.79 KB, 880x880, 62723b5b8ab45__880.jpg)

at least one of the authors seems to have issues with their mom

No. 232901

File: 1661258506544.jpg (572.56 KB, 2892x4096, EVH-4ISXsAM8edg.jpg)

lmaooo the responses to this

No. 232905

File: 1661259659045.jpeg (112.11 KB, 544x1600, A4EFDC11-E04B-4A62-B983-D12319…)

No. 232920

I'm betting on the psychotic looking moid, not even the tranny(?).

No. 232923

File: 1661265401472.png (125.73 KB, 529x498, E707DAB4-C5E6-432B-A091-4F1346…)

Bringing this over from the mtf thread.

No. 232924

No. 232929

At least it's realistic, the throuple is made of three ugly as fuck losers.

No. 232941

I know it’s a cartoon but jacket draw some eyelids.

No. 233020

Women deal with this every day suck it up buttercup

No. 233021

he's also a piece of shit
he saw a comic he liked by another artist copied it, released his copy and had his fans bully her off the internet for stealing 'his' comic idea

No. 233022

is he still really close to trooning out
hes made comics were his insert is female, about traps being cute isnt gay, female fashion is wonderous compared to male fashion
and posts about how he is 'working things out'

No. 233024

File: 1661291186108.jpg (107.19 KB, 616x620, the incel version of loss.JPG)

No. 233025

File: 1661291457170.jpeg (32.06 KB, 554x554, images (4).jpeg)

Unironically inferior to the Jesus one

No. 233036

File: 1661292734517.jpg (496.04 KB, 1607x1608, DtmTfzRW4AYteb7.jpg_large.jpg)

No. 233038

File: 1661292987290.jpg (129.36 KB, 700x700, 611f4d521ff79-comics-about-soc…)

Omg thank you, picrel made me want to kill myself

No. 233042

Who or what? Google only turns up something about coldstone creamery

No. 233053

File: 1661297712400.jpeg (52.76 KB, 351x337, D6174861-EAC9-4080-89EA-5DCF74…)

Kekk this is so jarring, I’m stealing it. Almost as bad as Loss.

No. 233057

File: 1661298984317.png (109.37 KB, 1160x1200, EhFCDl6XsAE9PBW.png)

>"black voices are important!"
>the fucking blobfish is speaking instead of the black woman
i mean COMEON dude she's right there
you're so right nonny

No. 233060

File: 1661299803653.png (383.12 KB, 797x538, weirdass.png)

NTA but all I could find as of right now is this

but I do remember when this happened it got big on twitter he was posting about a short film stealing his concept and people in the replies were linking the comic he stole himself and calling him a hypocrite so he edited a screencap pretending his "version" of the comic came first but when people went to his website the image with the date he was claiming wasn't the one he posted and he eventually deleted the edited screencap he made after the backlash, overall really fucking weird thing to do but he did work for BuzzFeed and stealing content is par for the course for them

No. 233063

File: 1661300846959.png (152.88 KB, 507x493, cute!.PNG)

cp bump, scroll with caution.

No. 233072

File: 1661304027431.jpeg (207.1 KB, 750x1065, 41E8CEBF-A756-424B-B119-C21CFB…)

No. 233073

File: 1661304067751.jpeg (251.21 KB, 700x1170, 91997B55-349B-4921-8FA0-7962BC…)

No. 233074

This is bad but I think it's kind of cute, idk. Just a cat family living out really fucking mundane and boring family things. It's a lot less eye-roll inducing than any of the blobfish comics, that's for sure.

No. 233078

These are good though?

No. 233081

File: 1661308871809.jpeg (473.5 KB, 1356x1810, 2E67226A-9699-41D2-A733-BECE1C…)

No. 233082

The fucking troon zipping up his pants after he leaves the bathroom and it looks like he's not wearing underwear kek, really bold for blobby and friends to accurately portray the freakish and predatory nature of a tranny.

No. 233084

File: 1661310106049.jpeg (196.53 KB, 750x750, 6160DF27-EA19-42A3-93DF-D264B7…)

No. 233085

File: 1661310132879.jpeg (210.84 KB, 700x734, 80F914B7-0663-4732-BB31-B873DE…)

No. 233086

File: 1661310171431.jpeg (190.06 KB, 700x734, B09CC047-72CB-4027-9ADF-B496B7…)

No. 233087

his stupid face in the last panel makes me so internally angry I really cannot explain it

No. 233096

you know what, I can't even bring myself to hate this, like these are two probably unwashed, fat and smelly Disney consumers IRL and they likely have a kid named after a Video game character but its nice to see people who love each other and can express affection for the other

No. 233104

I’m sick of normies calling themselves goblins at this point holy shit it’s aggravating. I’m so messy and casual! relatable content!

No. 233106

Kek wtf

No. 233108

I wish all troons died.

No. 233110

This looks like steven universe but worse, wow.

No. 233111

So she rather keep it a corpse? What an idiot.

No. 233112

They are unfunny anon

No. 233113

File: 1661314076416.jpg (139.79 KB, 700x948, new-vs-long-term-relationships…)

reminds me of this wretched person. i cannot stand her fucking shit comics

some of them are kind of funny but they reek of trying to be "hyperbole and a half" with only 1/4 of the wit and charm

i also just fucking hate comics where the punchline is just "hehe me and my boyfriend are so quirky look how much we love each other" but maybe i'm bitter

No. 233115

I don't like these couple comics because they feel like a huge cope, and the moids tend to be shitty while also looking unwashed even in comic form.

No. 233116

File: 1661315023520.jpeg (150.27 KB, 780x918, 6C0C83A0-CD18-438A-97AC-6B369F…)

No I definitely agree they’re mostly super cringe and annoying. Also adding the husband and wife comics that are the most stereotypical concepts ever like hehe wife don’t shave! We annoy each other! At least these don’t have a veneer of woke in them.

No. 233136

I don't get this one. What does it try to say?

No. 233139

Hate this scrote.

No. 233140

Meanwhile they actually look like that year round.

No. 233141

I love how the male is dressed like a slob and has an unkempt looking beard. Poetry.

No. 233146

File: 1661325547594.jpeg (Spoiler Image,757.22 KB, 828x1154, 2C99DBFC-EDD8-4128-B02C-D1AF24…)

It’s funny most of the scenarios are the wife doing something weird, overreacting or getting in the way and then the husband is just reacting or existing. Also hate how exaggerated the bodies are like the man is super chad and muscular while the woman has big round boobs and ass. It’s too coomery and gross to look at. Picrel kek

No. 233148

File: 1661325956528.jpeg (Spoiler Image,401.12 KB, 613x902, 42BB0F7B-EF98-4B02-8905-5B47F6…)

Reeks of Reddit pickme behavior, yes ladies just flash your husband every time he’s sad! Your body is simply the equivalent of an object to cheer a moid up.

No. 233151


No. 233152

I think this is an edit

No. 233153

Tbf I've seen this comic circle online and every comment section is filled with moids who agree that having a girlfriend who would let them see boobies when sad is the ultimate dream. Some moids even said they wished a random woman would flash them in public if they were standing around looking sad. They're so primitive and pathetic.

No. 233161

I hate this scrote

No. 233171

File: 1661330756086.jpeg (116.96 KB, 960x620, Entitlement.jpeg)

ah yes, the evil feminist lesbian with short hair and exaggerated rage faces giving sane advice

No. 233174

I don’t see how this is even hypocritical? What’s their point?

No. 233180

File: 1661331606884.png (314.83 KB, 1208x667, fabc70144210c72e270dd7f465e486…)

holy shit it really is her

No. 233183

File: 1661331745130.jpg (Spoiler Image,336.6 KB, 1190x1120, tumblr_0e6cdf36cb3f796febc2bb1…)

You need to see this guy's terrifying comics about his struggles with porn addiction for the full context

No. 233218

File: 1661336464108.jpg (811.07 KB, 1984x2608, pt2022_08_24_12_21_24.jpg)

Reminder that this is what they really look like kek

No. 233220

Pink haired woman is absolutely based.

No. 233223

wamen sad wamen want shopping and ballooons

No. 233224

based and pp’d

No. 233232

I don't understand this

No. 233238

>Some moids even said they wished a random woman would flash them in public if they were standing around looking sad.
this is one of the most tragic and stupid things ive ever heard

No. 233239

File: 1661343655806.jpg (254.55 KB, 449x608, qpqganr.jpg)

This is literally just the 2010s/2020s version of boomer comics

No. 233240

Each day my desire to dissolve boyfriends in acid grows stronger

No. 233241

File: 1661343890764.jpeg (443.2 KB, 750x730, 9111E967-6B7A-4FDD-8A0A-76B313…)

some nigerian guy
none of his shit makes sense and its hilarious

No. 233242

Does this retard think LIVING blowfish are creepy but their dead, mutilated corpses aren’t?

No. 233249

File: 1661345594111.png (67.78 KB, 640x640, 277116082_1328541034320469_513…)

Lol it's kinda funny.

No. 233256

lol okay this one got me.

No. 233273

Ok that one is comedy gold kek

No. 233278

File: 1661351821870.jpg (91.07 KB, 736x917, f1eca95d55925154d46110e7b9c458…)

i have fond memories reading this one with my friend back in high school.

No. 233279

File: 1661351877952.jpg (51.93 KB, 500x623, tumblr_mw6qq1mno61skjbkno1_500…)

No. 233281

Oh is that Jasmine's boobs hurt?

No. 233282

File: 1661352244636.jpg (81.07 KB, 413x600, BLEACH.600.549122.jpg)

Damn, i actually got invested kek.
I remember i saw her bleach works but it seems like the DA account is gone for good, anyone knows why?

No. 233284

File: 1661352925560.jpg (68.29 KB, 600x747, Tumblr_l_172218146009358.jpg)

Oh yeah her Bleach comic was cringe gold too.

Idk why it got deleted but there is a rehost of her entire Avatar comic here https://howibecameyours-rehost.tumblr.com/

No. 233305

File: 1661358750382.jpg (235.91 KB, 640x640, 1568530331705.jpg)

No. 233308

Has he looked in a mirror?

No. 233312

File: 1661359196074.jpeg (648.53 KB, 1024x764, 07F22154-2ECF-4E62-98FE-2547CF…)

I hate this moids stuff. It always feels fetishy and overdrawn. It was weird to me when they released this merch of dolls of them with their child.

No. 233313

They think womens bodies are public property.

No. 233320

i don't get it

No. 233323

imagine not wanting to fuck your werewolf wife

No. 233324

lmao she's right

No. 233326

he's so ugly

No. 233330

For real lol. Dude has no taste.

No. 233332

The idea of the "joke" is that the moid that disappears doesn't want to marry her because she's "used goods".

No. 233347

NTA but that's dumb how'd the future guy even know she slept with other guys

No. 233369

My interpretation of it was that if she has casual sex she's never going to find a good man to marry because good men don't like "whores" or something.

No. 233371

Most men are such whores and have way higher body count than the average woman unless you’re some party girl who likes one night stands which is the common projection onto any young adult woman. Pure fiction, let’s not act like guys are just sadly sitting around waiting for someone to be loyal to kek their porn addiction takes over any sense of trad relationship values.

No. 233372

How the fuck do those two things contradict each other? In both panels, she's supporting the idea that it's wrong for men to demand sex from women whenever they want. Moids really think any demand or complaint about their behavior is "irrational" even when it makes perfect sense when you dedicate more than 2 seconds to think about it. And/or they think that sex is as important as whatever women want in a relationship and saying otherwise is irrational (typical scrote coombrain).
His wife looks so different from how he draws her, not surprising since he pornifies her in every drawing and thinks not shaving her natural body hair makes her look like a horrible monster

No. 233397

He probably draws the wife he wishes he had instead of the one he has. I bet he also cheats on her on the internet.

No. 233402

If I ever make a kiwifarms account, the last frame of the comic will be my avatar. Though I worry that I would come off as racist (not my intention)… I just can't stop laughing though, the blobfish doing the fist thing is so fucking hilarious. It's like a parody

No. 233405

This is amazing, I laughed out loud. I need a way to use this too.

No. 233418

This two posts >>232358 >>233053 have been in haunting me all day, I've been laughing at random moment because I remenber they exist. They are so incredibly absurd and wrong that they become perfection.

yeah, I agree, there is so much worst out there it's almost cute

No. 233419

File: 1661379137570.png (1.07 MB, 1698x576, 930.png)


No. 233420

File: 1661379367700.png (1.51 MB, 750x1334, 756A92A0-F4F2-4206-AE42-5DF5EB…)

Haven't found her scrote's face but she looks exactly like what you'd expect

No. 233421

File: 1661379415328.jpg (145.86 KB, 800x1160, P2PhdqoFZWkeGg22ePpPItfZUig6xB…)

oh man

No. 233422

>2891 pages
>still draws like that

No. 233427

File: 1661380512773.jpg (29.01 KB, 600x902, 4a8.jpg)

Sorry I had to

No. 233428

File: 1661380724300.jpeg (237.62 KB, 680x850, fetchimage.jpeg)

No. 233429

Probably their way of "dunking" on this response >>232350 and any similar negativity about their blobfish character. A really terrible "gotcha" I presume

No. 233430

Crest toothpaste hair ass mostherfucker

No. 233432

Nah it's Kylie Summer Wu. Looks similar to Jasmine but less greasy and vitamin D deprived (still balding tho!).

No. 233433

>horrible art
>horrible character design, look at that fucking hair
>character just monologuing, the shadow like characters only show up in the first panel
>copypasted panels
>t-rex arms
I don't even need to mention the thing that character is talking about to show how bad it is, the gender shit is just the cherry on top.

No. 233435

File: 1661381660439.png (563.67 KB, 800x1160, 4858.png)

It's actually at 4858 as of today lmao. Literally nothing changed except it got more cumbrained.

No. 233436

File: 1661381978182.jpg (Spoiler Image,125.69 KB, 533x1920, bn9nlr3yes511.jpg)

This person also draws vore fetish pornography.

No. 233438

While claiming to be oppressed because she's asexual

No. 233439

Oh god it's terrible

The deep breath, kek.

No. 233440

In fairness she's not into sex. She's into imagining being a giant that swallows people whole. Very different things.

No. 233445

Danny was a steven universe storyboard artist before she trooned out.

No. 233448

>before she trooned out
oh no… are you telling me they're actually two women fucking a degenerate male? gross.

No. 233449

Ah, thank you.

No. 233450

>the hammy hands and painfully obvious aiden voice

No. 233452

kek, the cope

No. 233457

Jesus Christ, his tumblr is just full of comics about how he can't stop wanking to porn, what the fuck. This dude should have his own thread

No. 233467

Can you post a few?

No. 233469

File: 1661394908488.png (831.57 KB, 782x692, Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 7.35…)

transgirlnextdoor on tumblr.

No. 233471

File: 1661395042204.png (Spoiler Image,4.38 MB, 2168x1528, Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 7.38…)

No. 233478

What the fuckkkk… are you telling I'm supposed to treat this absolutely disgusting porn addicted scrotoid troon like a "real woman"??? this itself is proof that trannies are nothing but fucking porn addicted brain rotted male coomers. I'm in awe, I hate this so much.

No. 233479

I find it hilarious that he shamelessly posted this comic thinking it's 'haha, look how weird and quirky I am' to only appear as a regular degenerate male.

No. 233481

I love it, actually. He's literally admitting to being indistinguishable from a typical moid with a porn addiction, it's really good peaking material.

No. 233485

Despite being ugly, at least this comic depicts the square as fuck big chin tranny jaw perfectly

No. 233505

please tell me there's a picture of him out there, I need to see how this tranny looks kek

No. 233510

This is genuinely confusing. Both of Evil Feminist™'s points here make sense. What's the "own" here exactly?

No. 233511

File: 1661406232054.png (3.09 MB, 1890x1258, Screen Shot 2022-08-24 at 10.4…)

the moid in question

No. 233518

Every time I see this guy's comics I feel like I'm losing brain cells, when one of them was put as the relationship advice thread on /g/ I had to hide the entire thread kek. They trigger me to autistic dimensions.

>This is literally just the 2010s/2020s version of boomer comics

Exactly, I feel like I've seen all of them as grainy jpgs on humor sites in the 00's.

No. 233520

Ew god. Take in account this is the kind of cumbrained moid that people want around on female spaces and bathrooms. I bet he masturbates to porn while sitting in the public toilet too. Degenerate.

No. 233537

I know a moid who does this, it's more common than you think. I feel bad for his gf, she probably doesn't know his brain is rotten from porn.

No. 233538

This scares me a little…

No. 233565

What does PMO mean?

No. 233585

Jesus for a second I thought this terrifying tranny has a gf.

No. 233609

I guess porn-masturbation-orgasm

No. 233613

File: 1661447051160.jpg (96.92 KB, 500x500, tumblr_oktwkoSDX41sidfiqo2_500…)

No. 233647

File: 1661456005619.jpg (74.23 KB, 319x340, 1659323565868.jpg)

nona my sides

No. 233657

>Trans mommies are suffering uwu they will never know motherhood :(
>Real pregnant woman in the background carrying the baby in her stomach
The jokes write themselves.

No. 233660

no fucking way kek this 100% isn't satire? I hate trannies so fucking much its unreal

No. 233666

File: 1661459877597.png (Spoiler Image,537.22 KB, 700x660, 94A74CFB-9F2A-4F26-8336-FE23AC…)

Found out about McKrow comics. He’s one of those stonetoss rip-offs with somehow worse art

No. 233676

File: 1661464845271.jpeg (507.99 KB, 1125x1111, 039B4982-6711-4057-88FC-5E0C7D…)

No. 233679

People are only oppressed because they’re not white! Average rational Twitter lib take.

No. 233682

Do they have reverse body disphoria?

No. 233683

This is so bad

No. 233696

kek love how there's arrows to point the features that are already colored, how dumb does she think her audience is?

No. 233712

Eh, this is your typical twitter take. Post worse shit.

No. 233720

There's something insensitive about superficially talking about serious topics through a funny blobfish. The focus of these comics it's actually the fish self-insert, so the artist can show how knowledgeable, quirky and cute he or she is.

No. 233746

File: 1661486603501.jpeg (21.45 KB, 304x245, 1661380724300.jpeg)

>**I move away from the mic to breathe in

No. 233747

kurt hummel lookin ass

No. 233748

>take some rational argument or point someone made that you don't like
>portray the other person as a strawman character with exaggerated comical/ugly/angry features

No. 233759

I love the floating bowtie, this toothpaste hair, the fact I can tell it's a tif. Simply amazing.

No. 233773

File: 1661497902486.jpeg (302.92 KB, 913x920, A6F1F6C9-2F92-48F3-A7FF-C23DE0…)

It's all about that last panel for me, I can't get enough of that fish corpse preaching to the converted.
Chuckled a bit at this LiterallyTuna comic

No. 233774

File: 1661497948435.jpeg (493.26 KB, 1125x1097, EEB3ACBA-5721-45D3-ACF1-39950F…)

Also, this is insufferable

No. 233781

File: 1661499174817.png (223.58 KB, 430x310, 2022-08-26_09-33-50.png)

It's so funny.

No. 233784

File: 1661500353208.jpeg (58.18 KB, 554x554, images (79).jpeg)

some of their comics are lowkey cute. too bad their too busy making badly made strawman comics.

No. 233787

Even though I respect the message these comics aren't even that insightful, they come across preachy or unfunny depending on the context and manipulative/insincere in nature by weaponizing a funny internet meme fish. Saying "racism bad" in a 4-panel comic without any real insight isn't going to leave an impact because the people who read these most likely agree with the idea already, they come across as vent comics that are just tweets with visuals. I obviously don't agree with Stonetoss and his politics but at least his comics make an attempt at humor in order to make people be more receptive to his message.

No. 233788

File: 1661500845517.jpg (723.06 KB, 1079x1329, Screenshot_20220826-151622_Ins…)

No. 233789

this is what happens when you prioritize propaganda over good story telling. All stories are a form of propaganda but not all propaganda are good stories.

No. 233790

Tbf that is in-character for him iirc

No. 233791

oh, i didn't know their base out of anime. I just assumed they were self insert ocs lol

No. 233792

These suck so bad.

No. 233793

kek, this isn't bad though

No. 233794

NTA but yeah that's Spirit and Franken Stein from Soul Eater and it's completely in character kek

No. 233804

File: 1661507833304.png (597.8 KB, 1379x1379, retardincel.png)

This retarded incel's comics are all so bad

No. 233805

File: 1661507870826.png (283.12 KB, 808x832, image.png)

No. 233807

His art is so uncanny valley. Do you have the comic with a black woman getting her melanin removed by Joe Biden or whatever was going on?

No. 233810

I may be retarded but every time I see this guys comics I have no idea what they're trying to say. What even is the message/idea here

No. 233812

The idea is that you shouldn't do drugs or you'll end up as unhinged as this artist.

No. 233814

Are scrotes allergic to having visually appealing art styles? I swear every damn male artist has the shittiest style. Even the professional ones have coomer anatomy, are over rendered or use SO many low quality brushes and details for no fucking reason.

No. 233815

Fucking hate this dude, he's always drawing himself groping random women or inflicting some kind of punishment on those goddamn feminazis. Also
>implying starting a family is inherently a good thing
Hate that shit so fucking much you have no idea.

No. 233816

Is there even a message as much as it's getting off to hating on and suffering of modern, autonomous women?

No. 233817

File: 1661512357844.jpg (226.46 KB, 1441x686, IMG_20220826_100552.jpg)

I'm morphing into ironically loving those turds

No. 233822

I was confused trying to wrap my head around what he meant with the three different women, then I realized they were the SAME one over time. Now I'm even more confused about the message.

No. 233824

File: 1661520443153.jpg (225.22 KB, 960x572, Untitled.jpg)

he looks like every incel stereotype

No. 233827

I think it's the classic trad mindset where women are only ever fulfilled by becoming a broodmare and thus the woke girl doesn't realize how overturning abortion is good for her or something? Tldr it's misogyny.

No. 233830

The message in the first one is that FEMOIDS are all hypersexual and just can't keep it in their pants! The message of the second one is that if you grope your barista you get a double cappuccino. Hope this helps.

No. 233834

File: 1661525168855.jpg (303.55 KB, 1200x1200, media_E7G5fCLWUAQ8t4n.jpg)

her really has strong fantasies about single moms. Probably one of those guys who screeches about how theyre used goods while always resentfully having them on his mind, coming up with pic related type mental wins

No. 233836

Is this comic about fucking abortions?

No. 233837

nta but I expected way worse considering the way he draws himself. Trannies usually draw themselves with softened features.

How ugly do one's drawings have to be that trannies look better irl than on them kek

No. 233842

Honestly, it sounds like a pretty tranny thing for the worse looking ones to draw themselves the cutest

No. 233852

File: 1661531185271.png (Spoiler Image,1.35 MB, 723x1597, 16.png)

posted this another thread but I think it fits better here, a porn artist(who often draws r34 of child characters) getting mad at women for finding a male character hot(You've posted this same porn without spoiler in multiple boards.)

No. 233853

File: 1661531309620.png (Spoiler Image,550.07 KB, 849x530, 166.png)

sameguy made this

No. 233855

Do Fetish/porn comics belong here? I know these are technically bad short comics but isn't there a better thread to post stuff like this?

No. 233858

I fucking hate you for posting this

No. 233862

i wish there was a no nsfw rule in /ot/ and /m/. It's so annoying when ppl post disgusting porn in bad art threads. go back to /g/

No. 233895

admins please ban porn for this thread, bad porn has already taken the bad art thread we don't need this shit to spread

No. 233897

>poly people thinking them lasting for one whole year is a huge accomplishment and proof that polyamory is a viable arrangement
Every fucking time. Even in those Truly videos on YouTube about supposed poly success stories it’s always “and we’ve been together for almost a year!”

No. 233910

File: 1661546825272.jpg (240.23 KB, 800x728, tumblr_oavmrrtQTr1spe4pno1_128…)

Poly comics are something else. Your example has nothing on the shittyness that is kimchi cuddles

No. 233911

This is so disgusting, wtf is wrong with troons.

No. 233933

File: 1661553558109.jpeg (165.72 KB, 827x814, 91FAB5B3-A8EF-4499-9409-5230D6…)

Why the naked butt

No. 233934

who the hell made this? How the hell do you sexualize an ultrasound?

No. 233936

I’ve never seen the author’s face, but they are a troon that goes by WocGirl. I think Moon over June was my first exposure to the mind of a transbian.

No. 233939

File: 1661555262008.jpeg (128.2 KB, 685x259, gamerkeks.jpeg)

never forget

No. 233944

Is there any info on the artist and what she's up to now? $20 says she became an Aiden

No. 233949

Do these RW moids not know that most embryos either get rejected from the endometrium or miscarried early on? Every kid would see embryo ghosts if this were the case, kek

No. 233964

Wait are you serious? This gives me a sense of relief

No. 233998

File: 1661581401343.jpg (24.16 KB, 500x500, hmmm.jpg)

should there be a "fetish art" containment thread for the weird fetish art that gets spammed in here? or nah?

No. 234002

File: 1661583861020.jpg (Spoiler Image,483.55 KB, 1250x1250, tumblr_9ad6c65e897b5c7c86b37b5…)

You mean this one? It's not porn or anything, but I'll spoiler it because it's somewhat creepy to look at.

No. 234006

File: 1661585596537.jpg (58.79 KB, 975x720, 1607587066161.jpg)

Yes, this one. It's not porn, true, but it looks so… idk, bizarre? Why did the guy had to draw her like that? It's detailed the same way some fetish art puts a shit ton of details on, idk, feet and the rest of the drawing looks half-assed.

No. 234007

No because it's just going to be moids posting their weird fetishes to jerk off.

No. 234025

Nah it’s not about unborn children with moids, only about controlling women and feeling self righteous doing it

No. 234036

Not the main issue here, but who tf gave those embryo ghosts names if it wasn't the mother?

No. 234039

I think it has a place in the context of stuff like >>233436 and >>233183 where someone who's known for drawing regular unfunny shit also makes deranged NSFW comics, the contrast makes it funnier/ more interesting IMO. But just fetish comics on their own are almost never funny, just gross.

No. 234041

File: 1661599019481.jpg (182.54 KB, 600x900, tumblr_nyr2fxtYxM1spe4pno1_640…)

the polycule chart cracks me up every time. What did Soliloquy do

No. 234042

These are so autistic holy shit

No. 234044

Haha, i cant take poly shit seriously
>nesting partners
abo terms, in real life? More likely than you think
>mono-poly relationship
The only thing coming to my head is a relationship where they are playing the same game of monopoly since they started dating

No. 234045

Polyfags are so baffling, do people really use half these terms? What the fuck even is a nesting partner? My first thought is biological parents but then that triangle in the top left isnt possible.

No. 234047

File: 1661600951006.png (67.47 KB, 632x535, polyamoryautism.PNG)

i give up this is too autistic

No. 234048

That's some autistic Homestuck bullshit right there

No. 234049

>asexual/nonsexual partnership
>both characters have sexual relationships
did you mean friendship kek

No. 234075

kek of course the main bitch has ~nonsexual~ partnerships with women while living, fucking and coparenting with men

No. 234091

Do you know how often men dunk on virgins and inexperienced women? Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

No. 234095

he's a man, never did the dishes, never cooked and cleaned after his family, has no idea how much work it is

No. 234141

File: 1661627875233.jpg (268.61 KB, 800x598, climate-change-trumpweb_2_orig…)

ah the trump cringe…

No. 234173

File: 1661636405182.jpeg (333.28 KB, 1215x1080, what.jpeg)

No. 234183

Did he quit showering the same time he started estrogen?

No. 234185

>baby dolphin
When is he going to kill himself?

No. 234197

The only time your nether parts should actually smrll foul is if you suck at hygeine, or have a mdeical condition. Also saying that a vagina smells like fish. Way to go man.

No. 234207

File: 1661643465655.jpg (3.27 MB, 1783x2274, aminginal.jpg)

this one makes me so fucking angry

No. 234208

This is some of the grossest shit I've ever read but the real sin is the second paragraph stretching two panels for no reason.

No. 234209

File: 1661643751913.jpeg (Spoiler Image,73.66 KB, 536x572, images - 2022-08-27T203637.712…)

This thread lacks Erika Moen.

No. 234211

wishing all trannies dropped dead in this second.
When he gets the surgery and figures out he can't coom anymore, he'll kill himself. One less porn addicted idiot in this world.
He honestly deserves a thread.

No. 234213

This isn't cute or funny in the least bit. It's pure cringe across the board to the point where I feel like even your average MTF would find it embarrassing

No. 234215

Isn't this just about anxiety? Kinda cringe but why does it make you mad

No. 234217

File: 1661644383929.jpg (393.88 KB, 1080x1066, Screenshot_20220827-195132_Ins…)

No. 234218

Please tell me this is edited KEK.

No. 234224

after reading this thread im pretty sure blobby is satire
and here i was convinced nesting partner is a partner that can give you access to more partners but only if you fuck him first
i hope someone told him already that's a symptom of a bacterial infection

No. 234236

this dude definitely draws fetish porn

that exact thread used to exist before the purge but it wasn't used much

No. 234241

I don't, let him live with it.

No. 234273

This shithead made $2,000,000 off a single NFT.

No. 234274

File: 1661670456310.jpeg (300.83 KB, 750x799, kweerrr.jpeg)

her work would be a better fit for the Spicy Straights thread but i can confirm that she's just as insufferable irl as in her comics kek

No. 234277

Even more likely started as trolling but later it got to the author's head and he became an unironic transbian.

No. 234299

I can't stop laughing, this comic is a gold mine!

Don't worry nonnie, his life will be absolutely horrible anyways, he is probably on his computer 24/7, alone and seething, but in a bigger house

No. 234300

File: 1661695712884.png (13.47 KB, 523x78, f46.png)

What a dork. Inane as her comics are I can't help wanting to read more once one shows up.

No. 234301

I'm pretty sure this is public indecency

No. 234317

File: 1661700395271.png (472.12 KB, 767x773, gp1.PNG)

Some comics he uploaded to reddit about 4-5 years ago. I wonder if he tries to be as confusing and polarizing as possible to avoid getting Shen's wholesome reputation & fan expectation.

No. 234318

File: 1661700417734.png (692.03 KB, 783x781, gp2.PNG)

No. 234320

File: 1661700497274.png (1006.72 KB, 785x781, gp3.PNG)

I wonder if he realizes he's just as formulaic as any of the other popular webcomics are, only edgier (and with higher art quality)

No. 234335

File: 1661704212248.jpeg (94.44 KB, 387x900, bowsette-comic-1135488.jpeg)

The one that started it all. It was funny at first but then it spiraled into an autistic fetish I hate every bit of it.

No. 234336

File: 1661704374156.png (762.48 KB, 659x1534, dcnqdpb-cfa56f84-03b7-47b9-af3…)

Also it's bad genderswapping, bimbofication and gives off tranny vibes.

No. 234337

File: 1661704451734.jpg (166.63 KB, 768x960, cb74d15fe06c2d4fd66037dc865455…)

No. 234338

>it's bad genderswapping
Isn't it based on Toadette?

No. 234339

>bad sushi
>aka vagina smell
Do men really

No. 234340

>moids use an unnatural process to make their bodies look superficially feminine
>enter a woman-only space
>proceed to act like degenerate perverts, ruin the vibe, and make the women uncomfortable
like clockwork

No. 234345

I don't get it, I guess it's because I'm not a redditor but what's supposedly so funny about this?

No. 234346

I bet this myth came to be because sex can make both genitalia smell a bit fishy. And of course men lack critical thinking and take any chance to shit on women.

No. 234347

It's an attention whoring overreaction.

No. 234351

Smegmoid penis does smell like shrimp. That happens naturally when men don't bathe or clean properly. On the other hand, only infected vagina smells fishy. We are not the same. Anyone that has been near a pussy knows it typically just smells like body odor.

No. 234356

In the one just after it says he was intentionally trying to make a stupid comic but redditors ate it up anyway

No. 234373

It's shitting on Reddit humor taste and the comics they like (just draw yourself raging at something that frustrates you about computers and you'll get thousands of likes)

No. 234407

nta but some people do feel that way. source: i am one of them

No. 234410

It's about the covid pandemic, Animal Crossing was huge during the first wave of lockdowns and everyone was stuck inside playing it since they couldn't go out.

No. 234415

Dear god one of the things I hate about all or most of these web comics is how they think that very generic and mundane human reactions were some super special funny shit that only ever happens to them.
I swear most of these comics are written by algorithms. They deduce that situations that happened to you too are relatable and that it meant it must be funny too for some reason. Probably because twitter algorithm showed that people are likely to click this.

No. 234417

File: 1661724044593.png (1.62 MB, 728x5203, 2015-09-01-Pierre-Packer.png)

the worst

No. 234419

File: 1661724450706.jpg (99.99 KB, 1080x1060, 1656283617429.jpg)

I am tired of having to pretend this isn't a crazed mental illness! What does she mean she knows deep in her heart that her inner penis is uncircumsized! She clearly just wants a bulge so she can feel it up all day! Why is she resting her elbow and sitting on a giant flaccid penis with disgusting couched balls? Why is a fat woman fucking a fat midget? Why is the straight man jiggling it around? Who drew this? They need to be put down. Why does she refer to her crotch as "unders"? Am I meant to know why? WHY IS IT HONKING?
>i dont have penis envy! i just wish i had a penis!

No. 234420

File: 1661724580343.jpg (27.13 KB, 700x644, dios_mios.jpg)

what the hell, what the hell, what the hell, what the h-

kek nonnie, your post made me chuckle

No. 234424

Literally every male boomer I know was married three times with different women and has one kid with each of them and eventually settled with a woman he isn't married to in his late 50s. And that's only the main relationships.
I am not the type of guy that says women are better humans, but the idea that women are bigger sluts than men is bizarre, it probably stems from the notion that women have it easy to find a partner since most men have no standards, so they assume that being able to do something meant everybody was taking advantage of it because it's what they would do if every female rando would fuck them after talking to them for five minutes and they project that onto women.(Male)

No. 234425

What is the joke of this comic? And what even is porn music

No. 234428

This disgusts me so much, it makes my skin crawl. The only solution is castration.

No. 234432

File: 1661726884449.jpg (2.62 MB, 1536x11118, 2021-10-05-Headcanons-Jey-Pawl…)

Those comics are so fucking awful, author of picrel also has a comic about dick shopping uwu
The fujo to Aiden pipeline never fails

No. 234436

I just remembered why exactly I hate this fucking stupid ass comic made by the fish corpse, it's because this topic is old as hell, this exact idea was in a video that was made a long time ago which at least sent a message in a serious tone and didn't need to add dead fishes in pink.
I think this ultra faggot either saw the video or remembered it and used the idea to draw this useless comic that does absolutely nothing to help society in any shape or form. I wish I could find the video, but I watched it a long time ago already.

No. 234438

>if you wanted to be a good artist tm you couldn't be drawing things like headcanons and cute anime boys kissing
What does this even mean? Art teachers don't care if you draw Sasuke as a girl or whatever as long as you do it with proper anatomy and perspective. She's probably just butthurt that school said something like drawing anime is a style choice and she has to be able to do fundamentals before playing with style.

No. 234458

>I love head cannons and yaoi…
>So I should become a boy!
This woman is making permanent, life altering decisions based on anime and cartoons. Sad.

No. 234461

It's still unfunny af

No. 234462

The porn brained male probably thinks whatever the fuck they play in his pathetic hypno sissy trannyfication videos counts as "porn music"

No. 234464

This is so fucking pathetic and I can't believe society learnt to accept these idiotic individuals.

No. 234468

And the rest of those nerdy kids learned how to enjoy weebshit in our spare time and accept not being perfectly gender conforming instead of permanently altering our bodies because of yaoi.

No. 234477

This. I like weebshit and I would never pretend to be a man lmao that would be the fucking worst combination ever

No. 234481

Sheridan is known for being pretty rigorous so she was probably buttmad that she had to do the assignments and not just draw cringey yaoi

No. 234490

god her whole "me me me me me me every little thing has to be about ME" attitude is so insufferable, just make an oc or some shit or treat the stories as it is, a story

No. 234491

Like a true autist. She's basing every aspect of her life off of her obsession.

No. 234505

Her comics aren’t even anime style, it’s that shitty Steven Universe style

No. 234517

>FTM Jigen with tits
It would be funny how obvious the internalized misogyny is with these girls, if it wasn't so sad and pathetic.

No. 234524

I noticed how once she became "genderfluid male", she got skinnier

No. 234560

File: 1661786855366.jpg (652.15 KB, 964x1463, db781cr-c85347e1-26fa-4d83-973…)

How could I forget this shit

No. 234562

What the fuck is that zootopia characters
How do they have babies

No. 234564

Wasn't part of the reason for her abortion also that the child would be born a horrible mutant of fox and rabbit and could even kill her with its birth

No. 234567

She's trying to retcon her life by implying that because she wanted to see two boys kissing that she was actually a boy who wanted to kiss another boy.

No. 234569

File: 1661787758722.jpg (247.3 KB, 726x1101, i_will_survive_17_by_borba-db9…)


It was but somehow author tried to reason it with faith

No. 234571

File: 1661788664205.jpeg (260.49 KB, 750x899, A5A2E4AE-11EF-47A3-9A87-25693A…)

he went through the trouble of making the virgin mary a furry fucking kek

No. 234573

I like how he made them bunnies, to tie into easter. But then I just imagined what a crucifix would look like with a furry in the place of Jesus, how would that work?

No. 234577

File: 1661790033851.jpg (140.38 KB, 656x880, 4x7cjCmzYLeUzBYtnf6wf3r8J8GbVa…)

No. 234583

this is a classic art piece, ma'am

No. 234589

I've been trying to track down the artist for this pic for years but had no luck

No. 234590

This gave me terminal cancer. A straight couple where the woman wants to walk around with a rubber dick in her pants and a guy who has overdosed on soy and will probably troon out himself at some point

No. 234592

No. 234596

It’s so fucked up and weird but also baby Jesus as a bunny is kinda cute. He also made a follow up comic where Nick pleads for forgiveness for abandoning Judy while she was pregnant but she’s already moved on with a new fox girlfriend. It’s kind of sweet.

No. 234614

File: 1661797854297.jpg (16.64 KB, 474x415, i.jpg)

>starts overthinking the symbolism and biblical implications of christ as a rabbit vs other animals in an abortion comic with disney furry characters

No. 234615

Thanks, anon.

No. 234640

File: 1661803456558.jpg (68.79 KB, 600x722, 10gxkt5.jpg)

Why do they all look like pic related?

No. 234647

File: 1661804360559.jpeg (405.46 KB, 1280x820, F62D6C35-81D5-4D1A-9F3C-A9E26A…)

It gets worse

No. 234649

File: 1661804404410.jpeg (Spoiler Image,386.83 KB, 1280x820, D164316C-5C51-4FA4-A5D5-1007D3…)

This screams pregnancy fetishist AGP

No. 234651

Why do they tell on themselves like this?

No. 234654

if i have to read the word UNDERS one more fucking time, i will McLose™ it

No. 234655

>casually talking to my friend about my pregnancy fetish

No. 234656

what the fuck does any of this mean

No. 234659

It's a tranny guy trying a pregnancy test to check if it's going to detect a potential testicular cancer (a reddit post got famous because a non-delusional guy got a positive result once just by trying it for shit and giggles, and he got diagnosed as having testicular cancer soon after so it helped him detect it early). He knows he can't get pregnant but "cis women" go buy pregnancy tests sometimes too, to check pregnancy. He got euphoria and started thinking that thanks to this stupid situation, he might as well be 100% a cis woman.

No. 234660

File: 1661807026954.png (221.99 KB, 500x224, cheesee.png)

The good old days

No. 234662

File: 1661807398013.jpg (198.22 KB, 1023x446, EX0cXxeWkAEsUXc[1].jpg)

Hell yeah laser cheese!

No. 234669

No. 234675

Truly the mind of a woman in a man's body.

No. 234677

So many of them look unhappy.

No. 234682

File: 1661811935821.jpg (8.71 KB, 410x314, 54972518f7a3f28a685d726f78ac6b…)

No. 234689

So normal women just get “creampied” and have a bunch of irresponsible sex and that’s why they take pregnancy tests and are on anti depressants. Right.

No. 234690

This is how stuff like HIV spreads through straight networks in places like Africa.

No. 234691

Has her husband left her for a man yet? Or trooned out?

No. 234693

this is making me die holy shit

No. 234696

I don't understand what I'm looking at

No. 234702

its a parody of >>234660 because the people staring at her looks like a block of cheese with lazer beams

No. 234703

Ew holy fuck!! This shit makes my skin crawl so fucking bad. This is disgusting, how can NO ONE tell this is a fetish??? this dude deserves a fucking thread and to get bullied off the internet.

No. 234707

Fucking Christ, in my early libfem days I remember liking this specific dude and thought he was “reasonable” with his comics.

I can’t believe the retardation I dipped into. Brain washed.

No. 234747

I mean did you expect them to be humans in a setting where canonically humans don't exist? What's funny is actually the fact that Christianity is a thing in the Zootopia universe at all

No. 234767

File: 1661837897817.jpg (309.64 KB, 1280x820, tumblr_c1717848c88710abf115072…)

Hope his dick has fallen off since

No. 234768

>I went to an all female space scratches balls
holy fucking shit

No. 234770

This fish is such an unlikeable character. I want to punch it to death.

No. 234772

something tells me the recovery isn't going so smoothly

No. 234781

this honestly feels like it's a parody written by terves, i can't believe he's telling on himself like that

No. 234784

he's honestly example #30499308 of why trannies are not women and never will be. He might as well continue drawing this shit so we have more proof of it.

No. 234789

File: 1661843795656.jpeg (225.44 KB, 726x1101, EE0DD145-A378-4EC2-BB21-06BFCF…)

This comic is so bad

No. 234790

File: 1661843943443.jpg (217.43 KB, 726x1101, i_will_survive_18_by_borba-db9…)

No. 234791

File: 1661844361078.jpeg (191.63 KB, 726x1101, ABD26E8D-3D30-4D0B-A6A5-E18BA9…)

No. 234792

File: 1661844481852.jpeg (160 KB, 726x1101, 3EE33610-2794-4A2F-9686-E5AC56…)

the new girlfriend

No. 234793

File: 1661844570912.jpeg (192.67 KB, 726x1101, 4FFA6AAC-BA9D-46B2-8D13-7284EE…)

Get rekt prolifer
I’ll stop posting now

No. 234827

File: 1661849299364.png (603.37 KB, 750x786, how are you so trash.png)

I have a vitriolic hate for cute wholesome uwu comics like this. They're nothing but boring and cringe.

No. 234860

File: 1661860988770.jpg (29.07 KB, 500x301, tumblr_n1ir9sJ7v71qk6h39o1_500…)

hate stuff like this (no idea about artist, friend reblogged the comic to Tumblr). I know the sentiment is harmless but it's just so lame. As if a woman would even say "I hate mother nature" in this situation anyway

No. 234861


No. 234863

>If your mom aborted you it doesn’t matter that you wouldn’t be alive. It matters that I wouldn’t have an emotional support animal.

No. 234864

fucking faggot

No. 234865

god me too. the desperate attempts to be funny and cute and failing

No. 234869

I don't get it, is the comic pro-life or pro-choice? I want to say the former but the ending is so basedso whatever.

No. 234870

File: 1661866788606.jpg (57.12 KB, 540x411, solutions.jpg)


No. 234871

That also get me confused. I guess they might be trying to portray the judy as unsympathetic and selfish but nick is the one who comes across as selfish and annoying kek

No. 234872

I don’t get it either. The series ends with her becoming a Mayor trying to combat animal nazism, getting friendly reconciliation with Nick and his son, and in the end getting assassinated while in a car beside her wife. Pretty wild. Someone with end-stage autism probably made it.

No. 234883

Kek maybe there's no message in this end and the author just let their autism run wild in an exquisite corpse kinda way.

No. 234897

File: 1661874335757.jpg (208.04 KB, 870x1080, k4wref137uk91.jpg)

I see this comic on reddit constantly and it's NEVER funny

No. 234900

I don't get it.

No. 234903

I think Boston is deaf?

No. 234906

File: 1661875223337.jpeg (269.61 KB, 827x819, 1ABDB7CC-84FE-4CEB-9CED-E9B883…)

this dude’s cringey half-assed fake deep comics about himself piss me off so much but maybe i’m just a hater

No. 234908

File: 1661875464399.jpeg (287.74 KB, 827x798, 74590F64-38B6-49AA-8B96-57FED7…)

“ooo i dont dream of labor oooo” classic ploy for more instagram likes

No. 234910

Is his fursona smoking crack?

No. 234913

Doesn't really seem cringe though.

No. 234914

Nona have you never smoked weed before

No. 234915

No, I’m a good person.

No. 234916

is this thread called 'cringe short comics' no it's not

No. 234917

Big fakeboi energy in this one.

No. 234920

Cannot tell if you mean fakeboi in general or the tuna calf fakeboi

No. 234928

Reminds me of Ren and Stimpy.

No. 234942

He's not deaf cause he nods to the first question. My guess he's autistic and non verbal.

No. 234944

Heheh himbo bf

No. 234947

File: 1661886420835.jpg (128.7 KB, 698x960, sd.jpg)

Not enough Dobson in here

No. 234949

File: 1661886825104.jpg (127.22 KB, 692x867, bum tickley.jpg)

No. 234962

File: 1661890424747.jpeg (69.07 KB, 349x878, images (4).jpeg)

I remember the artist saying that it wasn't either (pro life or pro choice), and that he just wanted to explore a scenario with a couple with very different opinions on a heavier subject (abortion in this case, obviously). He actually embraced the meme and even made an Arby's reference on his follow up comic. Why he made it a Zootopia fancomic of all things is beyond me though. He's actually a professional comic artist in Brazil since the 80s, which explains the good art

No. 234963

I unironically like this, I dont care if its a meme.

No. 234965

It’s always the most soulless mfers who are ungrateful for their mothers.

No. 234967

I don't know, I'm a woman and I've been told similar shit by my abusive father who would use these arguments to threaten me with all sorts of shit like kicking me out before reaching 18, I don't think it's a gender thing. It's a comic made by idiots than oversimplify an actual issue though.

No. 234969

File: 1661892811791.jpg (73.2 KB, 600x539, 1598553404983.jpg)


No. 234976

File: 1661894851402.png (393.57 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_6ac602dc531dbe7a635026c…)

Greb comics is the same variatuon of i like soup/bread/juice/trash and a frog/duck/possum/wolf thing

No. 234978

i think it's supposed to be wholesome more than funny

No. 234980

It's still inane and so generic it makes your eyes glaze over

No. 234984

I hate his big stupid eyeballs so much

No. 234985

File: 1661898150475.jpg (345.04 KB, 1080x1772, Screenshot_20220831-001824_Ins…)

God yes I'm so tired of frog comics. Or this copycat themlet guy who steals quotes off other people's memes and draws ugly-ass shit over it. Imagine this shit having 21k followers. He also has people pay for "commissions"

No. 234988

There’s always a man behind the single most soulless & ugly art. They’re like AI being taught to create images, the end product vaguely resembles a frog but you just know it’s creator has no real creative drive. It simply combines various other pictures because it was told to.

No. 234993

File: 1661899312708.jpg (96.42 KB, 445x640, vXJJ5Mpl.jpg)

No. 234994

Calvin and Hobbes but it’s absolutely horrible.

No. 234995

>oh fuck no

No. 234996

I won't alog I won't alog I won't alog I won't alog I won't alog I won't alog I won't alog I won't alog

No. 234999

File: 1661899816013.jpg (66.25 KB, 600x450, woody-hearn.jpg)

does this art style remind anyone else of the nutshack? fucking hideous

No. 235000

Men back in the mines NOW

No. 235002

Lost my fucking shit, love you nona

No. 235003

white boys fuck dogs

No. 235004

File: 1661900804973.jpeg (119.77 KB, 750x459, 6549E252-0AF5-4C4A-A0FB-31DA89…)

Screw the mines im going back to the primordial sludge(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 235005

This begs for a gone girl monologue joke
Don't tell me you didn't know from the first frame

No. 235008

File: 1661900993170.jpg (Spoiler Image,100.51 KB, 417x599, Frpuo.jpg)

Samefag, checked out more of this comic and it gets SO MUCH WORSE. For context, the boy is meant to be like 10

No. 235010

File: 1661901101729.jpg (Spoiler Image,18.26 KB, 293x278, ALkX8.jpg)

This was supposed to be a tame comic about a dog learning to talk. How tf did the author get to dog nullification

No. 235017

uuuuummmmmmm what the fuck

No. 235018

Wait a fucking second, what does this mean? did she get her genitals sewn off????

No. 235019

it got rebooted and was was assassinated kennedy style iirc

No. 235020

Nah, she was spayed. That’s how the scars look, albeit less dramatic on actual dogs.

No. 235024

That looks to a rip off of the comic about the guy who makes out with his dog.

No. 235028

It's a mtf tranny comic with the dog being a metaphor for trannyism. You are welcome

No. 235033

File: 1661907864132.jpg (399.5 KB, 1080x1055, Screenshot_20220831-090407_Ins…)

No. 235034

File: 1661908043561.jpeg (54.58 KB, 507x605, images - 2022-08-30T104258.455…)

i feel like this was suppose to be a gatcha moment. but it just shows how stupid the idea of changing genders is

No. 235046

the bar is so fucking low

No. 235060

Where is the tranny's counterargument? They're right.

No. 235086


No. 235090

>they probably have a kid named after a video game.
Lmao someone in my family did this.. it was just Sky after Skyrim

No. 235097

Not as bad as I thought a scrawny Asian twerp

No. 235128

File: 1661932971627.png (1.96 MB, 1208x1794, gross 1.png)

I really hate these kind of cutesy "Look u guise me and my boyfriend totally have sex!" comics. Just the weirdly sexual and sometimes fetishy undertones of these comics combined with an artstyle that will obviously attract a lot of children just doesn't sit right with me at all. And it also just feels very self obsessed when girls constantly draw themselves with their boyfriend like "omg look you guise my boyfriend is so horny for me!!"

No. 235129

File: 1661933150564.png (Spoiler Image,5.23 MB, 2164x2148, gross 2.png)

Samefagging to post more of this shit, this chick is really obsessed with drawing herself naked and also a lot of pooping and farting like many other of these artists like to do. Spoilered this one because imagine a child scrolling through these cutesy comics and then reading about "clitoral simulation" for "people with vulvas"

No. 235142

this is some weird and ugly elsagate tier shit, not even funny. It feels like I'm watching one of those youtube kids videos with the same character style and "humor"

No. 235143

File: 1661938745549.jpg (386.64 KB, 1200x708, 5062914-2521751333-81eXL.jpg)

>look up the artist
Ah. Of course.

No. 235144

wow I hate this.

if it's any consolation I would have never read that as a youth because it's way too ugly.

No. 235146

This shit exists mostly because people don't actually know how to draw. It's not even drawn in a cute chibi style that shows the artist is competent, it's like they saw that it's a popular artstyle and wanted that sweet social media engagement. That reminds me of anime where the characters look a bit childlike so anons accuse the artists of being a pedo, and when I check the original manga it's horribly drawn and the animators just tried to make it less hideous. Although, it often happens with weird shit so I also expect the mangaka to be pedos, like with Made in Abyss or Dragon Maid.

No. 235150

File: 1661945779853.png (Spoiler Image,179.32 KB, 640x492, tumblr_inline_p3pahnY4Xz1r7r8u…)

my first introduction to him was back when i was a teen and i went to deviantart and browsed anime fan art and i stumbled on his fucked up lesbian popping inflation fetish art where sailor moon scouts got inflated and exploded. this exact comic traumatized me, it is cartoony and everything but i still thought that it was the weirdest shit i had ever seen

No. 235156

File: 1661947930639.jpeg (129.37 KB, 1080x1080, A30FE8FB-DDDE-48E5-A646-46B84D…)

Personal peeve of mine is comic artists using four panels to tell a joke that could have happened in one panel, nothing happens, it’s just one character talking. Bonus points if there’s “comedic awkward silence”. It takes the worst kind of writer to make four panels feel too long.

No. 235157

>Dana Claire Simpson
The fucking shock I got when I realized this is a published and well regarded children's book author for a very popular kids comic.

No. 235159

The Unicorn comic, right? It looks so cute, I wish it was created by a sane person. Apparently it's getting a cartoon on Nickelodeon too

No. 235179

If anyone's wandering why Dobson hasn't further humiliated himself online in the last fee years, its cause he had to move back in with his parents, who forced him to get off the internet and get a job

No. 235202

huge agree, nona.

No. 235207

Holy shit kek that's so embarassing.. But at the same time, good for him

No. 235215

Dobson antics is how I found KF way back in 2015, the good old times kek. Getting offline was actually the best decision he ever had.

No. 235226

yeah that's why this person copy pasted the rest of the comic, there's no punchline, the joke ended in the first pannel.

No. 235227

this is a man right

No. 235229

are you new or blind

No. 235268

ok good im not the only one who noticed this

No. 235272

File: 1661983980052.jpg (233.01 KB, 814x1920, tumblr_nlbxs0KBAI1tglkwuo2_128…)

why do all these straight couple comics have fart jokes

No. 235273

File: 1661984038524.jpg (566.21 KB, 1242x1920, tumblr_nj0tb6xuRh1tglkwuo1_128…)

the same comic

No. 235276

File: 1661984145282.jpg (268.37 KB, 1280x1479, tumblr_nlbxs0KBAI1tglkwuo1_128…)

No. 235300

I can't clock trannies super well, but it looks male

No. 235305

File: 1661988724569.jpeg (116.31 KB, 750x750, 414D7DEE-9CB9-4FC0-A892-0DF32C…)

It has to ve a weird fetish or something, I particularly hate this artist's foul art.

No. 235306

No. 235314

to be honest i think it some attempt to be quirky and relatable.

No. 235324

File: 1661993180814.jpg (85.23 KB, 852x960, 34137595.jpg)

Not the worst out there but cringe imo. Seeing it get reposted a million times every June is annoying

No. 235328

File: 1661994234245.jpg (Spoiler Image,291.93 KB, 1071x1594, JFK.jpg)

i can't believe nobody posted the wildest part of the zootopia comic

No. 235330

File: 1661994436479.jpeg (27.41 KB, 275x204, 724E139D-4220-4A05-9D65-6A7FED…)


No. 235331

You can be bisexual and be happy about it but once married to a man it's over, pack it up you're hettie bettie now

No. 235332

kinda sucks bc there ARE people who will give you grief for being bisexual but dating a man, but those people are also twittards who don't go outside so why give them any attention

No. 235333

File: 1661994621343.jpg (14.22 KB, 384x430, 5227d586b7e279f2e4c6533f079650…)


No. 235337

Holy shit they even drew the scarf lady in the second to last panel

No. 235339

This is another comic, not the one about abortion

No. 235340

File: 1661995567149.png (Spoiler Image,460.43 KB, 515x581, benchtails.png)

I hope no one understands or seen this

No. 235342

don't bisexuals have any real problems lol being seen as straight because you're married to the opposite sex is a huge advantage in normie society

No. 235351

I'm sacrificing reputation to tell you to go back

No. 235358

It's porn, isn't it?

No. 235359

I understand. Oh I do.

No. 235360

Porn is an understatement in this case.

No. 235395

File: 1662023760521.jpg (Spoiler Image,212.98 KB, 731x1024, cupcakes.jpg)

this one

No. 235396

look at her body when he rolls away, she looks absolutely deformed, why would he draw it like that

No. 235398

I'm bi and bihet women losing their shit for not being seen as bisexual because they chose to marry a man will never stop being funny to me.

No. 235399

>Bi and calling other bi women "bihet"

No. 235400

oh my god this dumb shit. there were multiple related comics as well, right? and an ask pinkie blog or something.

No. 235401

File: 1662027487624.jpeg (491.18 KB, 2048x1892, Fbg4B8yXgAYZPu6.jpeg)

I hate these annoying unfunny comics. Finally blocked this guy so I don't have to fucking see them

No. 235405

>Vulva owners
of course

No. 235419

Nta, but it does come across as just wanting oppression points. If you're happily married, why do you want everyone to know you're also sexually into something else than your partner? Feels the same as a married man saying "I know my wife is skinny, but I actually also really fancy women with big tits". These aren't private conversations with friends, they're are comics posted to the public about how oppressed they are for being bi and dating men, when they're the absolute least oppressed group of LGB.

No. 235420

File: 1662034093248.png (190.79 KB, 812x646, Screenshot 2022-09-01 14.05.23…)

No. 235424

What the fuck is this even about? Gay sex? I seriously hope that the retard drawing these stops.

No. 235449

I mean yeah most people irl don’t actually give a shit. 95% of it is just posturing online.

I think it’s stupid when it gets boiled down to being some form of oppression. It’s not oppression, at most it is an annoyance about not being taken seriously, which I don’t think is too weird, people get upset over that even due to other reasons. However online it usually is just about wanting attention and queer points. Maybe there’s more to it if a bi woman didn’t really explore things further but there’s always time if she really wants to be with women and hasn’t trapped herself with a male yet.

No. 235460

>Feels the same as a married man saying "I know my wife is skinny, but I actually also really fancy women with big tits
No, saying you're bisexual isn't the same as this at all. Either way all I said is it's weird to call other bi women bihets.

No. 235487

>If you're happily married, why do you want everyone to know you're also sexually into something else than your partner?

I agree that it's weird how bi women married to men or vise versa have to go on about being bisexual. You're married, you're off the market, your life will resemble a straight couple's more than your lesbian/gay friends. Lesbians don't want to hear about your husband, gay men don't care about your wife. That's just reality.

It's almost like they feel anger towards lesbians and gays for their own life choices. March in a pride parade, no one's going to arrest you for going there with your opposite sex partner and you're not oppressed lol

No. 235491

Except that men are vile and seeing women as superior even if your circumstances lead you to marry a defective XY is to be expected. Sure you aren't ~oppressed~ but you could be miserable.

No. 235494

God me too. It feels ungenuine, like drawn virtue signalling and yeah, they could as well convey such a message with an actual story or joke instead of drawing the statement without any layers or creativity.

I also swear that like 40% of all existing twitter comics have this exact same art style nowadays.

Considering that it's also aimed at an OC character I am not even sure what the comic is trying to imply. Is she literally just saying that this specific character is cute in her opinion or is it a general statement everybody is supposed to relate to? That one meme with the two Yes Chads breaking the fourth wall and turning to the reader to call them beautiful have the same message but are more creative with it.

No. 235496

What is it even trying to say? Does soup stand for something else or is it just a character saying he likes soup to eat soup (why?)?
I don't like soup much btw. so it works even less on me if that's the case.

No. 235497

It's just a cute frog saying he likes soup.

No. 235499

kek i was so obsessed with cupcakes as a 12 yr old with absolutely 0 interest in mlp for some some reason. does anyone remember the fan spin off, muffins? made by reitanna seishin, who had an evil self insert who was her but in black and white and was called annatier (pure genius to a tween). i wonder what she's up to now.

No. 235500

File: 1662060784577.png (58.85 KB, 747x657, 180degrees.PNG)

It's the 180 degree rule. tldr don't turn the camera 180 degrees so characters swap places
If Character A is framed on the left side in a scene and Character B is on the right, the camera or drawing angle usually stays within a range like picrel. But since both 'characters' look exactly the same in this comic, breaking the rule doesn't have the same effect and it just looks dumb. Sorry for cinema sperging

No. 235501

File: 1662060854988.png (50.5 KB, 861x241, this type of thing.PNG)

She had a meltdown about two years ago, nowadays I'm pretty sure she just complains on twitter a lot about random topics.

No. 235502

that's so unfunny and low effort.

No. 235503

>raging about muh feminists like a gamergater circa 2015

No. 235504

That's because they are obsessed with this stupid 4koma format. I never understood why people are so adamant about using this type. Maybe just because everybody else does it. And yeah the awkward silence is cringe because it seems to build up to a funny twist and is none. As >>235226 said.

No. 235505

wow this is so retarded

No. 235506

That's pretty much everything she posts, she's kind of one of those people who's still stuck in mid era internet.
Very, I would feel bad for her but her meltdown was caused by her calling someone who got raped stupid sooo…I kind of more just feel like she shouldn't use the internet in general, even if just for the better of herself.

No. 235507

ig expecting someone who writes mlp gore fanfic as an adult to be mature is too much kek. she's a walking time capsule

No. 235508

File: 1662061357605.png (1.02 MB, 897x770, rawr xD.PNG)

>she's a walking time capsule
Girl just wants it to be 2007 again so bad

No. 235510

the fashion, the unnecessary agression towards hypothetical replies to her tweet… smells like 'tism

No. 235511

File: 1662061938551.png (334.59 KB, 966x1152, I MIGHT HAVE AUTISM.png)

Sssshhhh don't give her any ideas…

No. 235513

I don't think it's supposed to be funny tbf.

No. 235517

It fails at every single fucking emotion except for pity for whoever drew it then.

No. 235525

>Girl just wants it to be 2007 again so bad
Never thought I'd relate so much to an mlp gore comic artist

No. 235533

Using dogs as a metaphor for marginalized people is truly the kind of brain-dead idea only a sheltered white man could come up with. Basically, he observed the cognitive dissonance of having talking, intelligent dogs like Scooby Doo still be subservient pets in cartoons. Any sensible person would look at that and go, "it's a cartoon for children, it's not that deep," but in the troon's coom-addled mind, "omg he's oppressed."

In his view, the scene where the boy kisses the dog is meant to parallel peoples' responses to gay or interracial couples. Which is a pretty tone-deaf move given how often homophobes compare homosexuality to beastiality as a talking point. Dogs can't consent, and they carry pathogens that are hazardous to humans, so our disgust with that scenario is ingrained in our psyche. His shitty writing is not good enough to overpower those emotional responses, even when you know dogs are theoretically smart enough to consent in the universe of his story.

It's a profoundly stupid metaphor, and I hate that this mentally ill faggot is getting praise and awards for being a "female author" when he damn well isn't, and being allowed to write media for children when he has no business doing so.

No. 235537

>Which is a pretty tone-deaf move given how often homophobes compare homosexuality to beastiality as a talking point
God this. I had the same thoughts seeing this.
I generally noticed that a lot of those woke social media warriors have (in my opinion) homophobic and misogynist mindsets even if they coat it all with ten pounds of sugary words that sound good. I just don't know if they aware of this and just LARPing or not. They also somehow went from "gender is a concept" to "if you play with cars or have a "male" hobby you must be a transman".

No. 235541

These bisexual women are completely free to not date men. But they will never take that option

No. 235557

And whose fault is it?

No. 235569

NTAYRT but I'm bi as well and think it could be useful as a way of differentiating between people with an opposite sex preference and a same sex preference. Or at least it would be good to have some kind of word with that function without people getting offended

No. 235571

This is how we end up with shit like “bisexual lesbian” or whatever. Just use the word bisexual, if partners come up then fine but otherwise who cares.

No. 235599

I wish this thread had comics in it again

No. 235621

File: 1662099505813.jpeg (195.15 KB, 900x1200, 65C42C37-5DD7-43B1-A6F5-598584…)

I don’t even know what they’re trying to say with this one

No. 235622

It's a joke on how male fans of certain franchises say that adding women to said franchises is a political sjw movement.

No. 235623

The mother got caught cheating on him because the baby is half black unlike the white dad, but the gamergate dad doesn't even realize it because he's more occupied with screeching about the political statement of a non-white, non-male character.

No. 235624

File: 1662100462464.jpg (192.97 KB, 729x1249, FEC.jpg)

the woman got worried cause the baby is brown and gamer dude looked like he was mad, but turns out he's mad cause the baby is a girl and thus inherently political, the author is a TIF handmaiden btw

No. 235625

this one is good ngl

No. 235626

File: 1662100606238.png (173.39 KB, 900x600, FAE.png)

It could be, if it wasn't coming from someone like picrel

No. 235627

Really? I was fully expecting his disappearance being because he was trooning out like that Dresden Codak guy. Good for him I guess.

No. 235628

Now if only those transbians she defends so much could bother to do the same for gaydens.

No. 235635

File: 1662103737790.png (2.38 MB, 1873x2099, E-9.png)

she seems to be a gayden herself

No. 235637

File: 1662103773961.png (620.24 KB, 1431x600, EF.png)

No. 235644

Infighting amongst troons is funny tho

No. 235646

No. 235698

File: 1662139645587.gif (77.93 KB, 650x975, 0168.gif)

A cultural artifact. Not that bad in itself, it's just that it's MegaTokyo. I remember people being pissed at the "failure of conscience" comment for some reason.

No. 235716

File: 1662147543373.jpg (204.22 KB, 1067x1111, whatthefuck.jpg)

What the fuck

No. 235719

Kek what does this even mean?

No. 235721

It's a completely rational anti-Rowling comic obviously.
Robert Galbraith is JK's other penname.

No. 235728

It means if you cross JK she will in one millisecond write a book about how you are a pedophile. This has happened before, for example in her book titled

No. 235729

is that infamous new book even specifically about cancel culture and trannies? i remember another book of hers lambasted for troonphobia only to find out that the "violent transphobia" in the book was just a passing reference (maybe a sub-plot at most but definitely not the focus of the story) to a crossdressing serial killer character

No. 235731

File: 1662151852039.jpeg (173.93 KB, 1200x795, F60C289B-1370-4CFA-B75A-8B16FF…)

No. 235733

Kek this is so ridiculous it’s actually funny

No. 235737

It’s so blatantly a fetish for them. They don’t even try to pretend it’s about nonsexual happiness or relieving dysphoria anymore.

No. 235739

I like that Bugs is kinda dressed like space jam Lola in this, literally skin walking her kek. It almost feels like an anti trans meme, how can you be this not self-aware?

No. 235744

File: 1662157347536.jpg (389.79 KB, 1520x720, Screenshot_20220902-192430_You…)

No. 235810

the only reason i know all about jk's new book and the plot is because these troons cant shut the fuck up about it for 5 seconds

No. 235815

Lmao she drew her and her boyfriend as genderless blobs yet its obvious its a straight couple because only a bihet would feel the need to reassure herself that her love for her boyfriend is toootally bisexual and even though she's dating a man she's still super gay! God, why are bisexual women so annoying? They'll say anything to convince you their relationship with a golden retriever gamerboi is actually "queer as fuck!" yet none of them are ever seen dating women.

No. 235820

calm down lesbosperg

No. 235822

she might be autistic but she's right

No. 235830

no, not all bi women do that, and the more you say it the more you sound like a “lesbian” who is also bi and hates other women for being secure enough to admit they also like men

No. 235835

that and the new game which is already a top seller kek

No. 235838

you realize you sound exactly like the troons who talk about phobes secretly wanting to either be them or fuck them right

No. 235839

you realize that not even fags do this amount of judging on other fags, so that makes you worse than a man, right

No. 235842

>worse than a man
No woman is worse than a man

No. 235868

The girls making these are so fucking retarded it drives me nuts. How you get ti a point where you hate your own gender THIS much, i will never know.

No. 235873

Lmao this. You bihets want everyone who finds your fake gay Harry Styles bullshit annoying to be an evil lesbian that secretly wants to fuck you, literally tranny behavior. Truth is a good %70 of self identified bisexual women are actually spicy straights that won't shut up about how special and queer their het relationships are.

They don't have to because there's not a massive amount of men that would never suck dick coming out as gay just because they think Ryan Gosling is hot. If a man is bi then he's a fag forreal, even straight men are bordering more on fag behavior than these fakebi women.(user is in time out)

No. 235875

Chill already, lesbosperg. 70% of bi women don't think about you as much as you let them live in your head rent-free, i can guarantee you that.

No. 235877

"Living in your head rent free!!" Sure bihettie, any other cope taken straight from the tranny book? Straight women hate you too btw, multiple groups can find you cringe.

No. 235882

This is the bad short comic thread not the Lesbians vs Bi women thread, you can create that thread on /ot/ if you want.

No. 235886

File: 1662211519544.png (2.28 MB, 1249x1920, 65188620-3609-4EF3-9A3F-CC801C…)

Fat manchild director of cartoon Miraculous Ladybug watched by passive aggressive fellow manchildren has created a true work of art by drawing one of underaged MC’s naked in a box. France has no bounds

No. 235887

File: 1662211547395.png (2.34 MB, 1249x1920, 18F46D4E-5EAC-4571-B6D9-C9F735…)


No. 235891

French weeb artists are lolicon obsessed perverts 99 of the time. No wonder since their president was groomed as a kid and married his own groomer.

No. 235895

The previous page is worse, looks like a beginning of a disgusting rape hentai

No. 235898

Someone's girlfriend was stolen by a man lmao

No. 235901

yeah that was supposed to be the ~subversion~ that it looks like rape hentai at first but it turns out it's ~wholesome~

No. 235905

I don't understand if he's racist or racist and unaware of it.

No. 235906

racist and fully aware of it and smugly denies it like many frenchmen are

No. 235907

you sound extremely online nona. of course people lie on the internet for all kinds of reasons (lots of people lie about their sexuality online) but why are you this angry lmao some girl lying about being bi online has zero affect on your life as a lesbian. they just make other bisexuals look bad. calm yourself

No. 235910

she's not even a lesbian, she said she's straight which is even more idiotic since she really should have no horse in this race

No. 235917

It's ironic that all of them are attached so much to her books that they cannot cope with this. I never cared about HP so even if I genuinely hated everything JKR does and says I wouldn't be able to care, but they have to cope that their favorite childhood series is written by a person they hate so they will never ever shut up about that. I already muted her name, thankfully I am mostly following Asian manga artists and they never talk about these things.

No. 235918

It’s not healthy to obsess this much over something so insignificant. You really sound self-hating.

No. 235940

This. I wouldn’t have even known about the book at all because I don’t keep up with new releases very well. I saw someone on tumblr reblog a post about it and writing a tag that said “stop giving this woman attention” and I was like….you’re literally giving her attention by reblogging these posts about the book. It’s free advertisement for her.

No. 235948

I recommend reading the Ink Black Heart, she describes internet crybullies very well in it.

No. 235990

File: 1662246279727.jpg (579.26 KB, 1079x1532, Screenshot_20220904-010542_Chr…)

No. 235992

File: 1662246371101.jpg (658.38 KB, 1080x1535, Screenshot_20220904-010638_Chr…)

No. 235993

Please spoiler these foul home essentials astaghfirullah

No. 235994

Fellas remember when sexual orientation was innate and immutable? I'm glad we got over that and realized that gay people just need to get over their gross genital preference.

No. 235995

i dont give a flying fuck if someone wants to date trannies but just like they dont want us to tell them how to live, same goes for them. if i dont want to date a man in a dress with a penis then who cares.

No. 235996

Is this Breaking Bad slash fic

No. 235998

>walter white not knowing how to eat pussy

Sounds fake to me anon. Not that I think he'd be an expert or anything but I imagine he's done it a few times with Skyler.

No. 235999

No. 236005

File: 1662251007232.gif (62.46 KB, 220x272, hah.gif)

god lol

No. 236006


No. 236007

kek you really think walt would bottom for jesse? also is it just me or is the overall "vibe" of that comic that the bald man is still reluctant to touch a vagina?

No. 236015

>we're well supplied.
Ugh no. Gross. I wish sticking a piece of plastic on your ass wasn't so normalized, there's nothing sexy about it. I know I'm not the target demographic for this comic but I hate dildo culture so fucking much.

No. 236017

Can't unsee
It's an AU where there is no Skyler and Walt always has been an out and proud homosexual
>Dildo culture
I want to kill myself for having to read those words and find out it's a thing, apparently

No. 236018

File: 1662256922864.jpeg (204.67 KB, 750x750, D9B20A42-0503-4E36-802A-A24017…)

No. 236019

File: 1662257000238.jpeg (242.21 KB, 750x750, 34A2351F-C1DB-4452-A48F-335CFF…)

No. 236020

File: 1662257120761.jpeg (151.52 KB, 750x750, EDDB06F6-B691-4DFE-A9BE-A50A51…)

No. 236023

Is the artist name on the side the person in the comic? Because if you don't want to be called female words why did you call yourself MRS?

Also I don't know if I speak for anyone else, but if I complained about an insecurity of mine then hearing people tell me "no, you're gorgeous" just feels…disingenuous? Faking it to be nice?

No. 236027

It's supposed to be a self aware jokey name I think. Like, Missgendered. It's kind of funny. Hope she drops the tranny shit though.

No. 236028

File: 1662259714561.jpeg (259.6 KB, 700x2320, 9B663E6B-3AE5-46C1-AD41-0C4706…)

I hate these jokes so much, they were funny on 2015 but now they're more stale than a 5 years old mayonnaise on the beach.

No. 236029


No. 236030

I'm tired of women self infantilizing so fucking much
>when everyone irl can clock you so you turn to social media for your daily validation
And you're telling me this is supposed to be wholesome? stupid

No. 236031

God fuck no I beg this burns my eyes
Ah, yes. The sweet, sweet validation from echo chambers supporting your delusions. How wholesome uwu

No. 236036

Goo goo ga ga, bitch

No. 236039

Quick! the dumb baby escaped from its crib!

No. 236044

I was just thinking about that too nonna, I need me a dress like that kek

No. 236047

The troons are her best marketing team and they work for free kek, I would have never known about her murder mystery books or the new game without them.

No. 236051

>thankfully I am mostly following Asian manga artists and they never talk about these things.
I do too and some of them post art of Dumbledore and Grindelwald kissing and holding hand kek. Once I was seeing a shit of of troons outside of twitter complaining about jkr again, and on my TL the only thing I saw was a young, female mangaka posting a pastries she bought from Tully's Coffee that looked like the cake Hagrid baked for Harry's birthday in the first book/movie so I'm safe from bs here.

No. 236055

File: 1662272863454.jpg (1.33 MB, 1795x2528, 1662268828556.jpg)

No. 236056

Is this a TIF comic

No. 236057

is the pope catholic

No. 236058

File: 1662273165008.png (77.71 KB, 347x488, fugly.png)

No. 236059

File: 1662273330633.jpg (670.17 KB, 1267x945, FaE6IlMXEAQwMZH.jpg)

god it gets worse (zoom in)

No. 236062

File: 1662275438419.jpg (379.49 KB, 1677x1020, cool.jpg)

>cat's bones

No. 236070

I wish this was about lesbians

No. 236071

technically it is

No. 236079

trans is totes not a social contagion yet many trans identified people just want to be "anything but cis"

No. 236095

I always find it hilarious how the trannies of both sides, but mostly the TiFs are so impulsive, getting the most retarded shit tattooed and then acting surprised when they chop off their healthy body parts as if it wasn't just the BPD talking.

No. 236100

I hate mushy foods so much that I hate this comic on principle and I am not even sure I understand it. I guess they would ask if I own a tiger since I only eat meat.

No. 236101

I hate how almost all of these comics have the same forced-looking cartoony-cute style as if they tried to force me to agree just because it looks super harmless. It's how these people act on the net. Pastel colors everywhere, lgbt+ flag in the name, something about saving animals and fighting evil, chubby female pink blob avatar and post cute shit all day but then they actively try to bully artists or visibly broken or depressive people they don't like into suicide because that's what they are, bullies disguising as innocent shits. It must have worked well for them when they were kids so they kept this behavior as adults.

No. 236103

I thought the same. I sometimes wonder how many trans want to be trans because they actually and genuinely identify as the opposite gender and how many of them just want it to be "non-cis" and therefore finally a member of the special lgbt caste.
I honestly never even liked the term "lgbt+ community" because it makes it feel like some damn party you have to be part of. What if I am just lesbian/asexual/whatever without giving a shit? I don't care if people on twitter know that or if they believed it if they knew. But all of them make it sound like some privileged secret club and even as if there were rankings. Like a lesbian trans being more special than a regular gay dude or lesbian.

It's all so dumb it always makes me feel like reading about some infighting of some special nerd club of children.

No. 236105

>Like a lesbian trans being more special than a regular gay dude or lesbian
yeah it's hilarious and sad how straight people can be considered "gayer" than actual gay people if they claim to be a "gay trans" person

No. 236123

Why no nipples?

No. 236152

Some top surgeries just remove the nipples in the process. Or, some just don't heal properly after surgery and could rot off after awhile.

No. 236153

plus some edgelord TIFs do like the no nipple look for the shock value

No. 236154

File: 1662312644203.png (188.47 KB, 597x481, 1661030035725.png)

From the MTF thread

No. 236189

Ugly and dumb

No. 236220

File: 1662330841647.jpeg (745.96 KB, 700x4285, 8DBA0261-BF6F-42C3-8B92-76DA5F…)

No. 236221

File: 1662330945202.jpeg (235.56 KB, 650x850, 456EEE0B-55E4-4D63-9F21-BBBDBB…)

No. 236222

File: 1662330987597.jpeg (267 KB, 750x1130, 7B711719-87C9-4EE5-8BE2-CDE825…)

No. 236223

File: 1662331023161.jpeg (174.92 KB, 750x750, 67818271-DB00-4166-9AF9-AB27DF…)

No. 236224

File: 1662331050695.jpeg (166.16 KB, 750x750, 13E61962-CA98-4049-9FB7-FC0AF9…)

No. 236225

File: 1662331097782.jpeg (267.54 KB, 750x810, 4643FACF-4378-461D-A7CC-707C6A…)

No. 236226

File: 1662331131016.jpeg (232.89 KB, 700x756, 1588CF55-CC81-428C-9706-F99B85…)

No. 236227

Nobody ever asked any of these questions, where is being a only child even rare enough to catch other people's attention? I am socially awkward though I guess, but I doubt the lack of siblings is the main cause, most people I know were only children or never lived with their siblings.

No. 236228

What is even the meaning of this? Who is supposed to be the weird one here? Honestly everybody that eats that stuff is weird on principle to me.

No. 236229

ROFL, this is such a good edit.

No. 236231

I was just going to say this! No woman would ever zip up her pants AFTER leaving the bathroom. Men really cant fake being women at all. rofl troons

No. 236233

Why is the milk christian?

No. 236239

Imagine being able to serve Queen JRK herself. How much money you wanna bet the person who drew this comic is a troon or tra?

No. 236244

i think it suppose to be a metaphor? Like they cant see god because they're not taking the time to look for them?

No. 236245

Why is this person acting like women have no sex drives unless they take T? wtf. it feels directly insulting to lesbians

No. 236251

Is this a testament to how lazy and stupid men are? also nice wasting food
Wtf does this even mean? most people are work out and care about their health do live better lives
Is this calling the woman a whore ? I'm so confused. It's been proven men sleep around more on average. I dont get the meaning of any of these comics. they're all terrible.

No. 236259

I don't understand this comic, it's not funny and it's so self deprecating while also trying to flex, it's stupid
>getting angry at these small talk comments
Truly only child energy indeed

No. 236261

are these AI generated? wtf did I just witness

No. 236269

File: 1662342687871.jpeg (219.03 KB, 750x1130, D6E03FB6-D8E0-4956-8E0A-59473D…)

There's even more of them, all of them are random ass Christian comics and they get even more preachy, random and confusing.

No. 236272

File: 1662342770586.jpeg (106.9 KB, 499x753, C4A46EBD-5859-469D-8C58-F7C892…)

No. 236274

File: 1662343038657.jpeg (210.42 KB, 750x1130, D46E21A4-25E9-44B5-9433-6CEB01…)

I wish someone could edit this so it's Elsie (Lolcow tan) taking care of a cow.

No. 236276

From what boomer hell hole are you getting these?

No. 236277

File: 1662344423196.jpg (366.51 KB, 800x1206, die-for-sinners.jpg)

Samefag, I went to his website lol

No. 236279

File: 1662344629119.jpg (320.95 KB, 800x1206, grace-not-works.jpg)

Not the same anon that posted the rest, but apparently the artist is some Australian dude that grew up in a Christian family and spends a lot of his creative effort on religious jeezus stuff. Doesn't seem like a bad guy, just deep into the stuff. His comics are labeled as "christian Wisdom", but they never make enough sense to worthwhile wisdom.

Here's another one. Some woman with lung issues from smoking seeks religion or an afterlife? And the only difference that makes her happy enough to join is the inclusion of Jesus?

No. 236282

The bible verse apparently is just about Jesus dying for our sins. Also sure, a court would totally kill an innocent man in place of a criminal on death row.

No. 236284

Is this supposed to be saying women shouldn’t pretend to like and do things (specifically sexual acts) that they dislike? That’s the message I’m getting.

No. 236286

holy kek I love this kind of shitty comic

No. 236287

what does this mean? is the bald guy his dad?

No. 236288

Pinterest, after falling down the healthy recipes' rabbit hole.

No. 236299

File: 1662352021924.jpeg (56.65 KB, 499x445, 77D926D0-316D-42E0-B4D6-DB0FBA…)

I hate these retarded comparison comics in general but this one is fucking idiotic and I hope that the absolute retard that did this fucking breaks a front tooth.

No. 236304

Please please tell me the person that made this is 12

No. 236305

This is the thing I hate the most about TIFs. It’s almost like some of them take T purely to cure their low libido or something and then praise muh gender euphoria when they get horny finally. So insulting

No. 236310

what the fuck does this person have against milk kek this is so fucking weird
These nlog comics will never be funny.

No. 236312

File: 1662360168523.jpeg (1.04 MB, 3464x3464, E8BF90FB-86F6-4EBF-A502-1A3E29…)

It seems like she was 17 years old, it's still fucking weird though.
But now I'm confused because I don't understand how is this literal who nobody getting her shit reposted on Pinterest 24/7 yet she has no followers or likes in most social media.

No. 236323

They may have had fucked up hormones before, or just not finished developing in their teens/early 20s that led them to have a low libido. Of course then taking the T gives them a different set of fucked up hormones

No. 236326

>"you don't seem like the socially awkward type"
The existence of this comic proves they really are socially awkward kek

No. 236347

File: 1662374942067.png (347.04 KB, 907x1920, tumblr_4d0fb3d96251d35232335c8…)

No. 236348

File: 1662375164363.jpg (36.08 KB, 612x563, IMG_20220905_224956_639.jpg)

No. 236358

Def cringe but this artist is so obviously very underage, I don’t think it warrants being put on a thread like this. Unless it’s an adult in that case wow

No. 236365

File: 1662384154441.jpeg (135.47 KB, 750x750, 025FB916-EDA7-4D17-B36D-88287A…)

No. 236366

File: 1662384220006.jpeg (135.25 KB, 650x806, E64F0953-196C-4FFB-9730-C93E3A…)

No. 236367

NLOG is such a tired trope

No. 236368

This one's fun, I like it.

No. 236370

Doesn't deserve to be in this thread

No. 236372

File: 1662385316039.jpeg (146.94 KB, 650x649, 30227BE9-3D17-4651-A9AB-8D0893…)

No. 236374

This one's fun too.

No. 236375

Cute and funny

No. 236376

I've been asked these questions kek. But to clarify it was in the past and no one would ask these inane questions this day and age (I hope). The comic is still silly though.

No. 236377


No. 236385

i swear to god im so tired of comics where the entire point is just "other gurls do this but im just so unique and quirky" and nothing else
we get it, you're a pickme. where's the humour

No. 236395

Their self-esteem is the punchline.

No. 236424

What kind of retard thinks these are funny

No. 236427

It's for validation of unkempt and lazy women who resent other women

No. 236430

No. 236443

go through his tumblr, adult(japanese or weeb?) troon who loves to talk about his boners and how his life is sooo bad.

No. 236456

>yeets the fish
this can't be real

No. 236547

File: 1662439277104.jpeg (181.08 KB, 827x849, EB3B42DD-F945-4CA3-955D-04F46F…)

Has obtuse_engel been posted here yet? Kek

No. 236553

the blob on the right is based. I hate neo pronouns so much. It's like they don't understand the purpose of pronouns.

No. 236554

File: 1662445454922.jpg (257 KB, 625x599, sub-buzz-15028-1491815069-3.jp…)


No. 236555

File: 1662445491919.jpg (50.96 KB, 625x492, sub-buzz-11769-1491815663-5.jp…)

No. 236556

File: 1662445623465.png (540.09 KB, 732x1096, e54.png)

one prop to this comic is it shows how fucked up scrotoid mind is

No. 236557

It's so sad, I used to really like his comics, until the red flags started of his female main character wanting to be seen as a man.

No. 236571

With the way he describes the other man, there's no way he's not gay and loves watching a manlier and stronger male get pleasure. It's sad because the wife is just a prop, you can tell because he barely talks about her. Instead his attention is all on the other male.

No. 236592

>Isn't it achingly wonderful?
You will not change my mind rhat this is emotional masochism sexualized to cope

No. 236599

I know in my heart oh joy sex toy has done irrevocable damage to society

No. 236627

how much do you wanna bet every other member of the 'female-only' group was also a tranny

No. 236629

For real. Cuckold fetish legitimately sounds like a closeted gay thing for the reasons you described.

No. 236662

File: 1662485482592.jpg (146.11 KB, 750x799, 2008-09-09josee.jpg)

I had entirely forgotten how awful Erika Moen's comic diary was. Every panel is either
>teehee look at me and my husband having sex!
>shit and farts
>i'm totally queer you guise!
or combination of all of the above.

No. 236665

No. It can't be real. The shlurping. The fact that the wife says absolutely nothing about her role in the relationship and what it is like to even be the role of the cuckstress.
>brave and stunning cuck
>man bites lip as a man fucks his wife
These comics also explain nothing and just further humiliate the cuck, which is his fetish, so I guess it's okay.

No. 236666

File: 1662486204030.jpg (39.92 KB, 736x552, 2a488f5acb1d0b89cbcd37ec821ad2…)

I had seen a couple of panels before and just presumed it was ironic, reality is so disappointing.
>that last panel

No. 236667

File: 1662487266663.png (2.02 MB, 1456x13498, 2017-04-04-cuckolding.png)

nta but unfortunately there's more

No. 236668

That's a lot of words and effort to promote this ultimately misogynistic fetish where a man gets off on the idea that he can't guard his personal "property" so another stronger man takes her instead.

No. 236669

>I get to be submissive to a strong man
>I call myself "slutty"
Wow so empowering!

No. 236671

File: 1662489081034.gif (6.22 MB, 480x360, 5DD826C0-33E2-4632-84F7-45EA01…)

No. 236672

>Joe, shut up and get the fuck out. I'm gonna fuck your wife now
This is still funny lmao

No. 236675

Kek that was my face the entire time reading that crap

No. 236678

i thought she fucking cannibalized the other woman

No. 236682

That poor Frenchie deserves better than being stuck with those degenerates

No. 236685

It's so gross that they sexualized touching a dog's butthole.

No. 236693

>don't play with the dogs nipples
so far sensible pet ownership advice
>because you won't be able to stop
wtf please someone get this poor dog away from these degenerates

No. 236696

I am sorry but how the fuck do you accidentally stick your finger in a dog's butt? Especially a relatively small one? Because this is what the comic is implying, I think. Unless just touching the butthole counts… God i hate Moen so much for this comic and for making me try to interpret it. Fuck that

No. 236697

My hope is that she just touched the butthole accidentally and exaggerated it on the comic to be edgy

No. 236703

im shocked that erika still identifies as a cis woman tbh

No. 236705

this is the most outrageously homosexual depiction of cuckoldry I've ever seen lmao

No. 236729

Flat myself and I don't understand it. Or is there no punchline and it's just her being embarrassed?
But yeah I agree, the comparison comics are my most hated category. It doesn't help that they are the most popular one by far either. Which is very ironic actually, because the mass of people retweets/reblogs/re-whatevers art that paints the PoV as the rare exception and minority.

Actually I would be surprised if there wasn't a meta comic about that already where you see tons of comic artists all believing to be the super special exception while drawing about it and getting retweeted by millions that think exactly the same while expecting everybody else to be the "regular person".

No. 236733

No. 236734

I think the punchline is
>haha puberty sucks because my 11 years old cousin has big boobs and I'm flat as a board at 17

No. 236735

There's a web comic I read ages ago of a "lesbian" (she dated women all her life and said she was a lesbian) who suddenly fell in love with a man and now calls herself queer but still a lesbian in her heart. I wish I could find it again.

No. 236738

I think people were talking about that a few weeks ago in the art salt thread?

No. 236741

That's also an Erika Moen comic.

No. 236744

File: 1662510543322.jpg (75.84 KB, 828x723, Untitled.jpg)


No. 236747

Now this is art

No. 236760

File: 1662515448174.jpg (1.47 MB, 750x3696, 2009-12-29theend.jpg)

oh shit it is!

No. 236765

File: 1662515707064.png (359.55 KB, 750x823, huh.png)

No. 236767

File: 1662515730988.jpg (320.31 KB, 750x799, 2009-12-15fetish.jpg)

the moid sounds like a degenerate

No. 236771

File: 1662516198070.jpg (262.24 KB, 853x973, 2007-12-11dykewithboyfriend.jp…)

nonnies are leaving out what in my opinion is the most embarrassing comic she's made tho
>brings her scrote to a lesbian pride parade to let him objectify other women with her

No. 236774

this comic was made by every "lesbian" who claims bi women don't exist

No. 236776

>that giant fucking wall-o-text disclaimer
is 'dyke' really such a massive slur that it needs a paragraph-sized warning?

No. 236777

Even the lesbian in her comic is disgusted. To think there were spicy straights in pride parades as early as 2007.
Yeah, why not just call yourself bi? Or heck even pansexual if you are feeling special, less embarrassing than clinging to a lesbian identity while with a moid. I'm gonna go back to reading the weird christian guy comics.

No. 236790

I've heard of the person who drew this comic. A convicted pedo and a troon in Brazil (no surprise here.)

No. 236796

File: 1662527638575.jpg (1.02 MB, 650x9975, Zombodroid_07092022071233.jpg)

You reminded me of the cancerous series of comics in picrel. Love how the dudes are nondescript, while all the women are pastel goth nlogs that author would love to fuck kek.
I can't even with the Peter Pan one, I guess both examples are completely immature scrotes kek

No. 236797

why doesnt he just write. use words or some shit. i spent more time trying to decipher all those symbols than thinking about how ugly the illustrations are

No. 236798

fuck you for reminding me this exists, nonny

No. 236801

File: 1662528328463.jpg (68.92 KB, 650x1425, 89f.jpg)

Well, you can thank >>236729

No. 236802

Never seen this before until now. Thanks, I hate it so much.

No. 236818

Creative is when you wear fancy outfits and can't appreciate life without comparing it to fiction all the time. Of course.

No. 236822

babe you're not a schizo, you're just creative!

No. 236943

>is 'dyke' really such a massive slur that it needs a paragraph-sized warning?

people had a problem with her ugly husband saying the word, it's always derogatory when it's coming out of a man's mouth. on top of that, he's objectifying a lesbian at a pride parade which is just scum behavior. her husband is worse than her and I hate that she enables him.

No. 236945

That last panel makes my stomach turn. Why the fuck would you proudly announce that you're objectifying women, presumably gay since it's a pride parade, with your boyfriend? Jesus christ that's nasty.

No. 236955

i hate that her characters are shaped like triangles

No. 237203

File: 1662612684466.jpeg (117.89 KB, 680x680, FcEIlMAWQAEnWV-.jpeg)

Is this even a tranny thing? Trannies wouldn't call themselves a "dude"

No. 237237

No. 237247

File: 1662622209736.jpg (256.04 KB, 750x799, 2009-06-23identity.jpg)

I'd be more understanding if she was, say, in her 40s and realizing she likes a moid after thinking she's a lesbian for 20+ years, but her "dykedom" only lasted from 19 to 21. Like seriously there's nothing wrong with being bi and bicycling is a thing for some people.

No. 237248


No. 237249

I think it's just gay

No. 237250

>rather be defined by my accomplishments
the accomplishments in question mostly involve cringe comics about her sex life

No. 237253

>only was a "lesbian" for two years
What the fuck…………..

No. 237255

>do I really gotta
No, nobody cares about you so you don't have to do anything except be yourself. Seriously this woman created her own problems.

No. 237266

Exactly, it's gay. I too think it's cute and nicely drawn. The expressions are exaggerated but still nice to look at!

No. 237276

the "creative person" looks like a pickup artist

No. 237315

Hijab unicorn

No. 237698

File: 1662760452151.jpeg (264.58 KB, 1463x2048, 6C8A9B59-EA42-421C-AB0C-AA3174…)

No. 237700

File: 1662760913483.png (231.36 KB, 540x540, 84F656B3-3EC9-40FC-8A1D-677873…)

No. 237703

>wants to pass, wears a troon patch
Everyone knows either way but by wearing cringey merch, it's a dead giveaway.

No. 237728

I thought this was satire because the two other characters are dressed appropriately for what I guess is a nice night out with friends and then the troon is dressed as an anime girl kek

No. 237733

This looks like it fell out of a time portal from 2003

No. 237754

blankie unicorn

No. 237763


No. 237821

Its like the can't help themselves, even going as far as wearing their identity on their sleeves.

No. 237898

school shooter vibes kek they can't act like women even in their own drawings of themselves

No. 238108

I think it's another one of these cheesy couple comics that also never fail to make me cringe.

Who even read these cringe couple comics? Who find this entertaining? Do people like it because it's "relatable" or something? I'm too autistic to get it. Please explain, nonnies.

No. 238114

Probably facebook users or whatever site they've fled to now.

No. 238116

I read an erika moen collection years and years ago and somehow I was convinced she had been a lesbian 10+ years and was deeply troubled about her entrenched identity. By her own account, she was bi in every stage of her life except for two years when she was febfem, and apparently spent most of that time in a relationship with one woman. What a fucking moron. Being this obsessed with identity and her own self-narrative, as well as being fairly masculine, I'm honestly surprised she hasn't trooned yet.

No. 238119

These religious comics are my favorites from this thread, so bad it's hilarious, and trying to understand some is like solving a puzzle. Thanks anons from sharing

No. 238129

this is just gay lol

No. 238136

File: 1662912354848.jpg (50.43 KB, 460x706, a446LK1_460s.jpg)

No. 238155

kinda cute tho

No. 238164

nta, it’s cringe. No clothes look good on morbidly obese people because morbidly obese people’s bodies don’t look good. And you know they’re deeply insecure about it which is highlighted by the wide fake-looking smile here.

No. 238169

The comic is a bit cringy imo for being one of those witty comebacks to mean comments that totally happened, but why would you care so much about obese people being ugly?

No. 238173

Yeah cute style

It's a drawing and thus she looks way cuter than in real life in it

No. 238175

who cares. you don't need to comment on peoples bodies just bc you don't like them

No. 238176


No. 238178

I mean yeah but you know that this situation never happened and was devised by the (probably) fatty artist to own fatphobes

No. 238184

File: 1662920866492.jpeg (126.37 KB, 600x921, 80C64327-E3AE-4705-A4B7-A0EDBB…)

I prefer the edit.

No. 238190

I love it!

No. 238199

are you fat, or formerly fat? fat people/formerly fat people tend to be the most hateful toward fat people. i've always been thin. don't hate yourself so much.

No. 238200

Tumblr high school Megan Trainor tier “hehe I’m going to steal your boyfriend with my real woman curves” things that are supposed to make fat ugly girls feel like they got the clapback on something that didn’t even happen.

No. 238204

We're in a comic thread, a comic does not have to be something that actually happened.

No. 238210

File: 1662924390175.jpeg (216.53 KB, 700x990, 3253FD66-8FBC-43F1-B89D-AAE7FB…)

No. 238212

Ugh. Pretends to worry about his wife putting sexy pictures of her online while also putting porny drawings of his wife online for all to see, kek.

No. 238213

>nooooo don't open an Instagram account, I don't want sexy pictures of my wife online for other horny men to see!
Hey scrote, that's exactly the same thing you're doing right now
It's almost funny how a male will worry about his wife/girlfriend willingly posting hee own photos that others might find attractive, but it's totally fine when he does it himself if he feels like it.
Also this fucker definitely draws porn.

No. 238214

File: 1662925315750.jpeg (1.14 MB, 960x1394, B347CDD8-488C-47EE-A6F2-39D0B0…)

every comic of his is just sexualizing his wife

No. 238219

What the fuck

No. 238228

Numods can't into board culture?

No. 238238

File: 1662929742481.jpeg (121.56 KB, 1024x628, F8D3D446-29A9-49ED-B364-315B43…)

I don’t get why he draws his wife like this when she doesn’t look like a porn star at all irl. But I just remembered a photo where he photoshopped her waist to look thinner.
This is absolutely vile. Disgusting.

No. 238239

File: 1662929848547.jpeg (111.04 KB, 1280x720, 1C21A304-114C-4C34-AD02-AD78FE…)

And a candid

No. 238241

Only a pornsick scrote would listen to someone thinking about opening an IG account and instantly assume it's for lewd purposes. Normal people just want to archive pictures and share them with their family and friends.

No. 238242

He definitely doesn't look that beefy. Also I hate the deranged smile that he draws on his wife

No. 238243

They’re always so milquetoast about their nigels too. It’s never some seven foot tall ethereal elf, it’s just Some Guy. With other straight women we can talk about male nipple circumference preferences but these types will accuse you of “objectifying men” (KEK) and it’s all so embarrassing. Idk what I’m getting at but they suck to have in any community.

No. 238244

File: 1662930079295.jpeg (66.78 KB, 750x527, FCAA2DD0-4C45-4297-8178-88D944…)

This is such an ugly coomer art. But theoretically not a comic so I will stop posting now.
He’s definitely way too generous in both of their looks.

No. 238246

Aww, this is cute.

No. 238247

Right? He probably browses those types of photos on instagram himself and has no idea of what other uses there are.

No. 238248

This man’s face screams “mental illness.” He has the face of an average midget, and his sick mind somehow warped his tiny albeit ugly features into hypermasculine ones in its perception. He’s a tiny ugly rat and he thinks he’s this mountain manly man. I know a crazy BPD faggot when I see 1

No. 238249

I’m talking about him
I’m this anon

No. 238265

infighting is stupid

No. 238268

She's actually pretty, the art style of the moid makes her look deranged and is sexualized to hell and back when she seems to be a regular person.
I hate this shit with the stupid message of
>hurr durr la wamen want du babi because baby fever lemao

No. 238309

Seriously, what kind of self image delusion is this?

No. 238322

I just noticed that his face logo thing is off center (look at the chin) in every comic and now his art bugs me even more.

And his wife is a perfectly nice looking woman. There's no need bash her for how he draws her. Unless perhaps that's how she specifically tells him to. And it's amusing how he photoshops his chin into a chad brick jaw too.

No. 238348

this picture gives me bad vibes. Like he's cucking her with a drawing of herself or something

No. 238349

this is super retarded holy shit

No. 238354

No sorry it came off that way, I don’t mean to bash her but him, he draws her so porny when she isn’t ugly but she just looks definitely different and just like a normal woman (not like a porn star with fake tits and ass). He photoshops irl her to look different too, makes me think he’s trying to imagine someone else instead of her. Probably the insta models he cooms to in >>238210
He also isn’t ugly but irl him has the wimpy midget features and isn’t a fucking wolverine he imagines himself to be.

No. 238356

He also gives his wife uglier/off-putting facial features and expressions. Like idk, she seems normal in real life, but on his art the wife is kinda retarded.

No. 238367

THIS is the moid?? Holy shit, this is hysteric

No. 238371

Lmao he looks like a 56% mutt with 0 muscle unlike the drawing.

No. 238376

File: 1662974118439.jpeg (18.5 KB, 168x300, C69A7A10-3B6A-4A01-BB65-FA4950…)

Looking at his proportions, he looks like a manlet

No. 238395

Embarrassing tbh.

No. 238400

One of the funny/ironic parts of these comics is that the whole point of creativity is that you come up with it yourself without much outside input. The people in the pics are uncreative, because a creative person doesn't need a grilled chicken to imagine something as generic as a dragon. A creative person lies in the grass and watches their imaginative movie with plot twists and all kinds of characters and dialogues. An uncreative person has to rely on uncommon cloud formations to come up with something as boring as vaguely horse-shaped drifting clouds.

No. 238401

You just know that irl the fat girl would be embarrassed and ugly crying from that comment, or she would lose her shit and yell incoherent insults towards the other girl.

No. 238414

File: 1662992153493.gif (495.92 KB, 296x160, 92A5E826-00AC-4956-B4C3-9CD0DD…)

She needs to ditch the fugly manlet and get with me, she’s so fucking gorgeous. We can raise the baby together Maya just love me.

No. 238415

his legs be as long as his god damn torso lmao manlets stay losing

No. 238420

I support you nonnie.

No. 238428

I'm tempted to look up if he has ever justified why he draws so unrealistically, but I'm afraid I might die of cringe going through his stuff, probably just says it's his ~style~

No. 238438

the way he exaggerates the size difference between them is so cringey what a cope.

No. 238445

Would've been better if they removed the part where she turns into Steven Universe

No. 238448

Cringe, anon. If she's dating this creep, she probably has issues of her own. Ffs they're selling plushies of their daughter.

No. 238449

He told on himself, lol.

No. 238517

Pardon me but, the fuck?

No. 238587

File: 1663049558472.jpeg (93.54 KB, 599x825, 3E865F88-23F6-4B41-8A0C-F41720…)

let me have my fantasy lesbian life nonnie

No. 238602

File: 1663056314141.jpg (536.4 KB, 2520x1890, 038e10_310dc9e386d247a9a489e54…)

No. 238604

who the fuck would even buy these

No. 238608

Waste of plush material.

No. 238616

If a real girl is catty enough to call out a fat girls outfit she for sure wouldn't make a grumpy "omg ugh i just got owned" face, she'd laugh in the fat girls face and taunt her some more. Maybe even get her friends and bf to join in on the taunting. But to be honest I've never met anyone as critical and rude about other people's bodies as insecure fat girls, including being rude to other fat girls for being fat. The whole body positivity/health at every size movement is a good example, they shit on skinny and average people all the time.

No. 238617

There's a disgusting overlap of being a creator of sexual content and being a family content creator including kids that should never ever happen, yet here we are

No. 238621

She's very probably a turbo pickme given the content she's featured in, she works with her husband in creating those dreadful comics.

No. 238650

File: 1663070646411.png (162.95 KB, 500x1098, do-you-really-think-you-can-pu…)

Yeah the comic triggered a lot of people so there were a lot of edits. Some also had the fat girl hang herself.

No. 238651

File: 1663070690884.jpg (182.25 KB, 500x2616, 58ffd2489ae948fa0b05fa0c14639c…)

No. 238749

Now this is a scrote comic in its purest form.

No. 238750

Somehow this manages to be even less funny than the original. And also the most scrotey thing I've ever seen.
Still don't understand why so many people got offended over fatty cope

No. 238756

No. 238779

That's so gross and so obviously scrotal, people are stupid.

No. 238781

Why does only the woman have heart pieces to give? Moid told on himself. Men are heartless kek

No. 238790

I like the lesbian version that makes the fat chick look like a bigot

No. 238854

wholesome and much better.

No. 239169

File: 1663172203056.jpeg (182.44 KB, 900x1200, Fbp_TnwWAAEnL_6 (2).jpeg)

this one is actually good but then she changed it the biracial baby to a blond baby and the title from gamergate dad to gamer dad. its retarded because 1) never cave to the internet's demands; 2) blond hair (lack of pigment) is a recessive gene so its possible that both parents are actually carriers to the lack of pigment in hair gene, but dark skin (lots of pigment) is dominant gene its impossible for two white parents (all recessive carriers) to have a black baby; 3) its not anti black to say that black people cheat, all people cheat you retard

No. 239172

The plot twist is she was fucking the doctor who delivered her baby? That doesn't make any sense.

No. 239205

>3) its not anti black to say that black people cheat, all people cheat you retard
I don't even get why they had to change it? She cheated, the guy she cheated with may not have even known she was married.

No. 239208

probably because the whole "white 'roastie' cheats with 'Tyrone' and passes the mixed baby as the white cuck's" shit is classic white incel rhetoric which could undermine the supposedly anti-misogynist message of the comic?

No. 239266

No. 239422

>Look at my relationship it's so #goals because we fart on each other, we're so quirky!
>Look at my relationship it's so #goals because we find each other attractive and love each other, we're so quirky!
Pick your poison kek. Imagine having this little of a personality. I'll take quirky fart comics over the second people though because merchandising your relationship is straight narcissism. Do people actually like this garbage enough that they'd buy plushies of their fucking kid?

No. 239534

File: 1663257088738.jpeg (Spoiler Image,2.78 MB, 1536x12080, B74E8EFD-C75E-4D5C-A168-62EAD7…)

This disgusting man just cannot stop drawing himself and his disgusting man partners

No. 239546

Imagine wasting precious time drawing that shit

No. 239566

File: 1663263918002.png (46.06 KB, 271x214, 68747470733a2f2f73332e616d617a…)

The faces I made while reading this…
>train to bussy
>penetrate again and and again
>penis closeups
Please just imprison this man already he can't keep doing this to us

No. 239567

This is so cringy

No. 239604

The entire thing is disgusting but those circumcision scars make it even worse

No. 239612

incredible how much TIF energy this has despite being made by a man

No. 239626

Did you nonnies know that pretty much only americans use lube because of their cut dry dicks?

No. 239641

File: 1663276574124.png (344.78 KB, 614x297, too on the nose.PNG)

I'm weirdly endeared by this guy's comics and idk why. Bad taste, I guess

No. 239648

Yes I've seen the PSA's on 4chan about it

No. 239680

Shame about the source because this would make a good banner

No. 239758

I actually thought he was a TIF at first. He looks like one, acts like one. But the canon micropenis is not made of arm flesh.

No. 239764

Is no one going to explain the cat bones

No. 239767

vulture culture and taxidermy are trendy for tiktok edgelords rn, so that's my guess.

No. 239769

I approve of circumcision, those hideous scars are one of the many driving factors for my celibacy

No. 239782

So like Africans and Muslims and South Koreans and Jews all jerk it dry?

No. 239856

Is it true it was originally done to make men have less pleasure during sex and therefore discourage them from being sinful? I wish it worked.

No. 239930

this guy also had a comic about fantasizing about getting shagged by his dog.

No. 239950

Yes. I actually think it does the opposite, since countries with circumcision have some of the worst and most savage men. It's often done with little or no anesthesia so the babies get traumatized hours after birth. It's proven that babies and toddlers don't actually forget traumatic experiences, so they grow up fucked up and turn into violent rapists and coomers.

No. 239975

I can't believe South Koreans let themselves get cucked so hard by Americans

it's true. Arab men are loathesome and violent

No. 239988

I would love to know if gay men would actually enjoy reading this. OJST has this weird juvenile approach to dialogue in their comics. Like a teenage boy talking about sex teehee dildos buttsex pron fetishes XD!!1! None of it is funny or sexy, and the "educational" aspect to it sucks too when there's hardcore sex comics inbetween comics about health.

No. 240089

I'm going to make this into a banner and pretend it's not from a gay porno comic, wish me luck

No. 240164

i believe in you

No. 240206

the long haired hoodie self was so much cuter than a self hating lesbian fake man with ugly tats damn.

No. 240212

I didn't know S-Koreans were doing that too what the hell. Though I didn't even know USanians did it until a few years ago. I don't get how anybody can even live in a modern country, use the internet all day, reads science articles and still believe that fucking bullshit.
I agree. Masculine women and tomboys are usually so much more endearing and special than fake men. I never even saw the point of it, afaik you cannot get a working penis with any kind of surgery so it doesn't even change anything besides making you look like a generic dude (but without dick).

No. 240214

File: 1663596127096.jpg (120.78 KB, 560x700, 1620980286739.jpg)

this is what she used to look like

No. 240215

>le empowering sex work
I hate liberal feminism so much nonnies

No. 240222

how does she look like now? she was cute.

No. 240244

File: 1663601586420.jpeg (108.47 KB, 891x386, 9E3139B1-D49C-4EFC-8D6B-82B810…)

Wrong. If trauma made people violent women would be making the holocaust look like a fucking joke on a daily basis. You couldn’t even go grocery shopping without getting your kidneys stolen. I can’t eat anything from restaurants when I visit Europe because all of the males straight up smell like dick cheese.
Picrel because Garfield sucks ass

No. 240245

Ntayrt, but I think it’s well known trauma influences men and women differently, and how they cope is different. Obviously women are less likely to act out in aggressive, or violent ways compared to men because of biological, and social differences.

No. 240246

File: 1663602088341.jpeg (730.61 KB, 1482x491, 85D01759-F4A7-4E71-861F-0956A0…)

True, but saying circumcision causes rape is the single most retarded thing I’ve heard someone say on this website. She’s been smegma crusading in the tinfoil thread to. I wonder if she’s being paid by Big Cheese?

No. 240249

The biggest assholes are always people with 0 trauma so I never believed that shit.
The more privileged someone is the bigger asshole they are. They never learned to cope with bad things as kids because they never had any real problems so every harmless critic is a horrible crime to them and they lose their shit because of that. The actually traumatized people I know or people with hard lives, be it men or women, are chill and like to avoid trouble because they just want their peace now that they finally have it or consider their current life a gift if they avoided death.

No. 240252

Yeah I’m not exactly sure circumcision is as traumatizing as she says, and leads to a marked risk of becoming a rapist. There aren’t enough studies on circumcision specifically

No. 240254

Europe isn't a country, I never smelled shit when I was in a restaurant and I go regularly. There are different types of restaurants with different types of guests too. Don't visit vegan hipster shit.

No. 240259

NTA but there was a study that cut men have an easier time raping since violent rape tears the foreskin and causes the rapist pain he has to stop or be less rough. Cut men don’t have that issue. No skin to tear as easily. Maybe she’s misunderstanding that?

No. 240261

That’s interesting

No. 240262

File: 1663603486953.png (368.73 KB, 640x640, 2FD86011-5F0B-4E2D-81AC-52AA58…)

Very glad for this thread. I loathe comics like these. They are overly concerned with being "wholesome," but end up being embarrassingly infantile more often than not.
I also hate how often the comics center around some extremely common but not-quite-ubiquitous piece of pop culture knowledge, like in picrel.

No. 240263

How about we just castrate them so everyone can be happy

No. 240287

File: 1663608286583.jpg (21.14 KB, 562x316, 88110aad31f3ca3c0527010d889efa…)

with my niche retail experience, knowing most baby nursing rocking chairs dont even go all the way up to your head when you sit, if he took 2 steps back his ass would be level with the top of that chair… yep hes a manlet, approximatley 5'6-5'8.

No. 240311

File: 1663610565619.jpg (480.92 KB, 800x2047, 05.jpg)

I swear to god once I realized "traps" are just underage boys, I realized how pederastic men can be, this is literally just a young pre-pubescent boy

No. 240388

About 40% of all men on earth above 15 are circumcised, so considering Americans are only 4% of the population, it’s defo not a uniquely American thing.

No. 240404

Personally I’d be offended if a bf drew me with such an ugly face. What is he saying about his wife? That she’s a butterface? Because true but he shouldn’t call her out in it.

No. 240513

>men are pedophiles
and water is wet, traps genuinely make me so angry

No. 240566

I practically only see women/fujoshis into twinks and traps, but maybe i'm just on the weebier side of the web

No. 240572

i have no idea she curiously enough stopped posting selfies after she started transitioning

No. 240664

File: 1663700140144.jpg (519.45 KB, 1428x1448, FdCeFb1XwAEgZGx.jpg)

By the blobby team, guess at least one of the women working on team is set to troon out at some point

No. 240733

nonny, traps are a moid thing, bishies and traps are not the same

No. 240742

While I've seen fujos drooling over traps and animu femboys it's still predominantly moid thing. Fujos probably fantasize being trap/femboy (see fujo to TIF pipeline), while moids want to fuck them (and TIMs wanting to be them and fuck them).

No. 240744

we've had posters here confess they are into femboy and traps, and its a big trend among tiffies right now. it's probably not a 50 50 split but there are plenty of degenerate hettie women that get off to men in in dresses like some agp troon. we literally have a men in dresses on the front page of /m/ right now.

No. 240763

File: 1663715869776.jpg (88.35 KB, 1280x720, trap-anime.jpg)

>we literally have a men in dresses on the front page of /m/ right now.
NTA but men in dresses is not the same as the "draw a girl, call it a boy" characters that scrotes get off to. Compare the pics in that thread to these two.
But yes, there are women who are into this, they're usually so pornsick that they step out of the fujo zone into the gay moid feitsh zone (same with female barafags).

No. 240887

idgi what's the joke/point? That it's a gay guy in denial? That straight men are "actually doing gay shit all the time"?

No. 240906

He has such a coombrained aura it's repulsive

No. 240961

there's a difference between men in dresses that look like men, even twinks in dresses, and the "traps" that moids jerk off to. never seen an anime trap that actually looked like a man, they all look like little girls/boys

No. 241038

File: 1663791430110.jpeg (166.11 KB, 1773x1095, D0CF2AE1-264C-4F9E-9BFD-86B761…)

Surprised this comic hasn’t been posted yet. It’s galactibun talking about how internet strangers not using her pronouns gave her literal panic attacks and mental breakdowns and now she has actual PTSD from misgendering. The way she draws and explains everything is so dramatic you’d think just at first glance she’s talking about witnessing her whole family being murdered, but nope. It’s all just scrolling through mean comments in her inbox.

No. 241043

Are capitalized letters transphobic?

No. 241045

No, it's just more "deep" artsy hipster to write all lowercase. Blame Rupi Kaur.

No. 241086

You should post the whole thing.

No. 241090

please post it all

No. 241100

File: 1663804388326.jpg (95.63 KB, 1773x1095, E3SS4IRVoAUW8AB.jpg)

Alrighty then. Sageing for spam because she didn't bother putting the panels together and just made each one a separate image.

No. 241101

File: 1663804470339.jpg (34.41 KB, 1773x1095, E3SS_NwVgAI4P7y.jpg)

No. 241103

File: 1663804624004.jpg (109.48 KB, 1773x1095, E3SS_5oVIAMMU3u.jpg)

No. 241105

File: 1663804925610.jpg (72.25 KB, 1773x1095, E3STAqsVcAMV6Bi.jpg)

No. 241108

Maybe I've just been spending too much time with the mentally unwell, but this seems like transference. I wonder what it is in her life that's really made her so upset.

No. 241110

she’s crying because she knows she can never escape misogyny kek

No. 241112

You are not Nagata Kabi you will never be Nagata Kabi

No. 241113

File: 1663806531373.png (16.08 KB, 1773x1095, E3STKB_VIAA3S3X.png)

No. 241116

File: 1663807075960.jpg (78.58 KB, 1773x1095, E3STLuFVoAIw5-l.jpg)

Honestly same here. I really don't think depression and mental breakdowns this severe were just caused by some misgendering. As someone who used to follow her for a while, I really think something must've happened to her as a child. She used to vaguepost stuff about how she "hates remembering things" etc. when she was still on tumblr. You're probably right that she's blaming all these deeper issues on gender stuff and "violent transphobes"

No. 241119

The whole “no homo bro” while doing explicitly gay acts was slightly amusing around like 2015. These people can’t make up new jokes

No. 241120

It's funny when you remember these jokes are populer amongst fujo aidens.. damn right no homo kek

No. 241125

File: 1663810524252.jpg (62.15 KB, 475x722, bincat.jpg)

cp bump

No. 241142

>I was around 13
As someone who also had unfiltered internet access at that age, parents need to stop letting young teens have unmonitered screen time. It's a vulnerable age and leads to completely avoidable situations like this where kids get fame and don't have anyone to walk them through it while also dealing with misogyny on a new level. I feel sad for her mostly because the adults in her life failed her in this area.

No. 241143

File: 1663817476131.jpg (75.49 KB, 1773x1095, E3STNgyVkAk1vr2.jpg)

No. 241144

File: 1663817620458.jpg (65.18 KB, 1773x1095, E3STOQWUcAIMccm.jpg)

Le drumroll…

No. 241145

File: 1663817668063.jpg (19.12 KB, 480x360, th-2747739164.jpg)

Oh booo fucking hooo. Some people actually have worse problems at 13. She draws like a woman, types like a woman, and draws herself like a girl. This is fucking infuriating, her art and "animatics" were never good to begin with. Just another tumblr genderspecial with first world problems. I have so much hatred for this shit.

No. 241147

File: 1663817982596.jpg (125.49 KB, 843x948, yas_bitch_slay_ft_hypothermia_…)

The characters are Hypothermia and fever
The artist is a terf

No. 241148

>the artist is a terf
Fuck off from lolcow faggot

No. 241149

anon is lost kek

No. 241150

She's learning Romanian and posts about it on social media(who speaks that goofy ahh language). Quotes Kaczynski on antidepressants. Ex friend of mine

No. 241151

File: 1663818867284.jpg (110.63 KB, 1773x1095, E3STS8oVUAMqALo.jpg)

Yeah her old art style was so overly cutesy and tried too hard to be "squishy uwu" or whatever, like it was way too simplistic and not to mention the major same-face syndrome. I have no clue how her posts of just a few lazy scribbles amassed several thousand notes.

You'd think that maybe because she was only 13 she was just waiting for the "right time" to transition or some shit but nope. Still wears girl clothes, wears a full face of makeup, has long hair, still draws herself like a girl, etc. I think she's actually even more hyperfeminine now than when she was a teen. Her excuse for making zero effort to at least somewhat look like the boy she claims to be is "I like being feminine because trans people don't owe you shit!" and then she's genuinely appalled when people see her as a woman.

No. 241152

File: 1663819415703.jpg (63.29 KB, 1773x1095, E3STV2dVEAA3MnV.jpg)

>>241038 comes before this panel, just avoiding posting the exact same image again.

No. 241153

Wow anon you’re posting on lolcow and you were friends with an ebil TERF!! Im glad you posted here so you can be outed too

No. 241154

File: 1663820530022.png (53.48 KB, 1773x1095, E3STWh0VEAAGkhR.png)

No. 241156

File: 1663820727031.png (19.18 KB, 1773x1095, E3STYHRVIAAnZpi.png)

No. 241158

File: 1663821927897.jpg (81.24 KB, 1773x1095, E3STY9zVgAcRKjE.jpg)

No. 241159

>The artist is a terf
Whoops, looks like you typed the wrong website in the search bar. I'd be glad to point you in the right direction

No. 241160

File: 1663824070642.jpg (87.58 KB, 1773x1095, E3STZykUcAMMvrg.jpg)

No. 241165

She tried to force a thread already >>>/snow/1498807, literally no one gives a shit. Advertise somewhere else.

No. 241166

>The artist is a terf

No. 241167

>Ex friend of mine
I hope your terfy friend gets your ass

No. 241169

go back and stop raging your hate boner no one gives a fuck

No. 241183

wasn't this made years and years ago? i swear i've seen another "m-m-my pronouns" vent comic exactly like this, but i thought it was from at least 2020 or earlier

No. 241190

they're a dime a dozen anyway so who knows

No. 241191

The "hehe all men are actully super gay for eachother" is defenitely a fakeboi thing. They glorify men to a disgusting extent. They feel like the relationship between two males is so pure and deep, they might as well fuck each other in the ass.

No. 241246

I feel sympathy for her because she was only 13 when she went through online harassment.

I remember getting dogpiled with hate on twitter in my late 20s and it was overwhelming and anxiety inducing. Gender bs aside, no 13 year old should have to deal with anonymous hate like this. I'm glad she's doing better, hope she grows out of the gender phase soon!

No. 241251

File: 1663859037436.jpg (29.95 KB, 1773x1095, 20220922_110141.jpg)

No 13 year old should be groomed into trooning out either.

No. 241252

File: 1663859294811.jpg (85.83 KB, 1773x1095, 20220922_110147.jpg)

Aaaand that's a wrap. So dramatic yet so boring. Also bonus POC at the end.

No. 241282

Does anyone have that comic from a TiF twitter artist about dressing up in cute/Lolita fashion and identifying as male? She had a cartoon/anime/chibi style and used a lot of pink.

No. 241495

they did a study in canada and they found circumcision causes permanent brain damage in men
it changes the way men think and how they react
the findings also suggested as they never achieve full sexual satisfaction it leads to agression and sexual violence
(cant find this one atm)

another study found circumsised men had lower emotional stability and had stronger sexual drive and were more likely to be involved in extreme sexual behaviour (https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2405844020324099)

a scientist also found circumised men were more likely to be misogynistic also that they have rage issues, low self-esteem, relationship difficulties, sexual anxieties, depression and reduced emotional expression

so circumcission just produces the worst scrotes

No. 241564

File: 1663935766008.jpeg (452.27 KB, 1450x1450, FdMxbMYWIAEMlDI.jpeg)

Love how the doctor doesn't bring up any health-related concerns, only straw arguments because of course he does

No. 241565

This one is actually good though. It's supporting women's choice to not have children.

No. 241567

File: 1663937222768.jpg (587.52 KB, 1275x1650, ESOBbDxWsAEcNrG.jpg)

This ridiculous thing?

No. 241568

But this actually happens in America. In some other countries you even need, by law, to have multiple children and be of a certain age before being considered.

No. 241573

Do these comic writers ever come up with unique ideas? Or just regurgitate twitter/Tumblr posts in comic form

No. 241576

File: 1663938469191.png (336.05 KB, 459x560, IZ2Ehcl.png)

in America you can bypass this by claiming genderfeels. society

No. 241594

File: 1663944526063.jpg (87.78 KB, 1080x829, d7586d6b900b097d6fc5ea45fe4838…)

This is the shitty comics thread…

No. 241625

This is pretty cute and harmless to me ngl.

No. 241626

yeah until you get to the "totes not a girl" part kek

No. 241630

Yeah and they don’t look like pretty little doe-eyed girls. They look like boys in pink. Children aren’t as androgynous as you think.

No. 241631

the author is literally an actual woman pretending not to be one lol

No. 241659

>I can't be a GIRL who likes GIRLY things
The mental illness is strong with this one.

No. 241669

hamilton kek and heathers the musical

No. 241693

>I like cute things
>I love them all
>but that won't make me receive attention enough

No. 241739

What’s their twitter, I want to read the rest of this cope

No. 241793

fighting the urge not to a-log

No. 241798


No. 241820

It's heartmush (not sure if this is the exact name but she'll show up on Google). Despite being a woman and presenting in a feminine way, she's totally not a girl.

No. 241888

File: 1664029206443.jpeg (447.7 KB, 750x916, 6BC51916-02DB-4F8D-B5C8-A9AD74…)

No. 241889

it's the definition of internalized misogyny lmao

No. 241891

What the fuck did I just read. Furries are fucked in the head and should be in mental asylums forever.

No. 241894

>Stop assuming that I didn't consent
This whole comic assumes a dog's entire personality, feelings and will.

No. 241921

This level of copium is so insanely strong

No. 241926

Please end me now

No. 242091

File: 1664080945850.png (1.65 MB, 1131x1740, image_2022-09-24_234221647.png)

No. 242105

The girl looks like bandori's Ran and that's disgusting.

No. 242109

>he's nice to me
The bar is in hell, everyone

No. 242111

These will be the same girls posting about not being attracted to their partners in 5-10 years kek there’s more to a relationship than someone giving the bare minimum but I guess it’s hard to find a boyfriend that could give you even that. And meanwhile I’ve seen crusty guys that won’t give a cute girl a chance because they want some big titty porn star. Make comics about males having ridiculous standards and only seeing things through a haze of coom.

No. 242114

yea looks dont matter but validation from attractive women is still the gold standard huh

No. 242131

Not to sound like a reddit AITA commenter but… You'd never see this with the genders reversed.

No. 242140

File: 1664096749207.jpg (28.36 KB, 600x315, 1241412414124.jpg)

its because men hardly ever lower their standards, even the ugliest of men want a minium 7/10
see how the rage when a girl says why cant i find a man and all these horrible men start swarming saying they'd date her
pic very much related

tl:dr men wont lower thier standards but expect women to

No. 242152

>he/they pronouns
>chipmunk anime voice
How do actual trans people deal with posers like this

No. 242159

File: 1664104551162.jpg (405.65 KB, 749x469, 1634310590626.jpg)

>actual trans people

No. 242172

Oh no, poor ACTUAL twans people who make the effort to cut off their tits and take poisonous hormones, whatever will they do with these posers!

No. 242265

She NTR'd the fatty with the hottie after this

No. 242269

whose the artist ?

No. 242275

I will never understand why so many people (primarily men, but lots of fujo uke fans too) find such slavishly submissive, naive and flawless characters interesting. I see posts of people calling out women for being into 2D guys with issues, but having problems, mental issues or negative personality traits is just what makes a human human and interesting. What do those traps and uke give you? They are nothing but blushing fuckboys that look underaged.

No. 242277

Can anybody with a sane mind explain to me why misgendering on the internet is such a big deal to them that it will cause a breakdown? I don't reveal private info like my gender online so it happens all the time to me and I never cared to set it right. If I understand that correctly he(?)/she(?)/whatever didn't even show the face, it was just animatics, so how should others even know?

No expert either but I wouldn't wonder if you could wreck your own mental health if you spent years in such bubbles imagining and talking about how traumatizing an internet comment can be and obsess too much over it. Bubble people can hype each other up and radicalize.
I met many users that were literally shaking because I had a harmless discord disagreement with them. We didn't even argue, it was just shit like "I like this cartoon character you don't like because-".

No. 242278

>good in bed
That stupid fucking group Merryweather

No. 242280

I am glad this thread exists so I can see all those terrible comics without having them on my twitter timeline or searching for them.

No. 242326

In case this was supposed to be taken seriously, the point of not judging or picking someone solely based on their looks is ruined because the woman is clearly designed to fit a particular fetish “big tiddy goth/e-girl gf”, and the guy is a stereotypical looking dork. These are just porn tropes, and it’s what chronically online men are into.

No. 242328

Doubleposting, the girl doesn’t even compliment his personality well, she says “he’s nice, and good in bed”, which is so hollow and basic. I know some retarded weeb would look at this and try defending it as wholesome, mind numbing shit.

No. 242338

Wait, more than one person worked on this? And this was the end result??? That's just sad.

No. 242344

I used to pretend to be a moid on the Internet and it's not that hard not to get clocked.

The reason they can't pass for shit is because they are so obsessed with being super personal on the internet. If they really wanted to pass as male or stay undetermined, they wouldn't have pronouns and 15 gender labels in their bio, they would stay faceless and draw themselves as some animal mascot like many mangakas do, and not fish for attention constantly (and maybe also repress their urge to draw zippertits yaoi). They would get misgendered pretty much never.

But they keep revealing all these personal details about themselves and their identities because they want to stay able to claim their oppressed minority status and debate about gender shit all day. It's not the misgendering that causes the mental breakdown or else they'd actually try to pass. What they want is to be the cool struggling main character.

No. 242370

Merryweather is a group? I was enjoying the Clinic of Horrors webtoon that seems to be written by them too.

No. 242381

File: 1664149766714.png (129.3 KB, 256x265, Untitled.png)

mfw I've been thinking of this all weekend

I wish we knew who the artist was, they seem like they could be a cow

No. 242387

wtfff I want to barf now

No. 242389

File: 1664152266776.png (275.77 KB, 513x945, a34b7b9921efc7beda8369bc9011ad…)

wasn't sure if this belonged here because it's kinda big… but idk where else to post it 1/3

No. 242390

File: 1664152306018.png (319.45 KB, 516x1180, 06956f6180c0ce69980878eb24dac2…)

No. 242391

File: 1664152415222.png (82.4 KB, 514x479, f69bb45275441e3945ee6fbbecc961…)

No. 242399

This is so fucking embarrassing. I would have 100% seen this exact thing on tumblr circa 2013 but without the tranny shit. This is just classic tumblr NLOGism. Oooohhhh we LOVE horror movies and monsters we're so WEIRDDDDD. My fucking 60 year old mother likes those things top kek. Tumblr is tumblr is tumblr is tumblr. I just know my friends and I would make fun of her if we knew her irl.

No. 242400

I think they may have a thread on the other farms.

No. 242401

Angela wasnt trans. he was just raised as a girl since the accident at the very beginning of the movie killed the daughter

No. 242426

What is it with NLOGs and “reclaiming” through horror movies, I literally just saw a different post with some woman writing about final girls and how they validate her asexuality

No. 242430

I find it hilarious how these terminally online losers thinking consuming media is a form of queer reclamation.

No. 242433

it seems like coonsuming media is a valid form of activism in some circles since the last decade

No. 242445

Consoom and corrupt are the only things they can do, after all. Most of their creativity and effort have been wasted on constructing their fake identity, coping, and seething.

No. 242457

File: 1664168276502.png (6.56 MB, 1792x8192, 1615169700920[1].png)

Posting tranny comics? Let me post one of my favorites.

No. 242458

File: 1664168384724.png (4.76 MB, 1792x4096, 1615169736871[1].png)

No. 242466

Thanks nonnie this shit made me wanna kill myself

No. 242470

Imagine being this fucking neurotic over meaningless labels. She can't just relax and enjoy whatever clothing she wants to because she's obsessed with the pronouns other people decide to use for her.

She's literally just a girly girl who hates the idea of being a "basic" or "boring" girl, so she begs other people to perceive her as a ~unique~ feminine uwu soft boy. These people seriously need to sit down and think deeply about why they hate the idea of being women so much. Here's a hint: it's not because they were ~le born in the wrong body~.

No. 242471

The "I want to be pretty too" bit makes me think that she's an ugly girl who felt she had to be masculine because she is ugly and therefore not a real girl. Then she saw mtf trannies and thought that an ugly man in a dress is called pretty way more than an ugly woman in a dress so then you have the perfect aiden.

No. 242481

A lot of these Aidens weren't ugly before transitioning, though. They're just ordinary-looking, or not into make-up, but beauty standards are so appallingly high these days that any woman who isn't a Bella Hadid clone is considered "ugly." We're literally so overexposed to shoop and drag-level make-up that we're put off by normal human faces and bodies. It's fucking sad, and it's no wonder young women are trooning out in a futile attempt to escape that.

No. 242531

…and obviously, the pederasty fetish at the end. Grooming and raping teenagers is so progressive!

No. 242542

File: 1664195345620.jpeg (29.34 KB, 283x178, B1623F74-A5AA-43D7-8337-FC9251…)

No. 242549

>"separated tabs on clothing websites"
This is literally such a non-issue. Just click on the tab you think will have clothes you'll like. You don't even have to think twice about it. Just use your mouse and click. I'm a 5'4" dyke and I have never gotten even a single weird look when shopping at the men's for the 10 years I've been doing that. Most shoppers will literally not give a shit. You can just buy clothes that are not ~made for you~ or ~expected of you~. Why are you making up problems for yourself where they are none. People don't give a shit that much, you just have your head so far up your own ass you can see daylight through your esophagus.

No. 242550

File: 1664197520373.jpg (19.91 KB, 620x382, hynx2.jpg)

No. 242563

i worked in menswear in a department store for a while and tons of very openly butch women came and shopped my section with zero hesitation or bashfulness. they would ask me for fit recommendations or ask if we had their size in stock and nobody ever cared, ever. this was daily, i'd guess probably 30% of customers in that section were women shopping for themeselves. they create things to complain about.

No. 242564

Horrible comic and I can't get over how lumpy they made the dog's body.

No. 242616

i legit dont understand the thought process behind this, shes just a girl who wants to use "girly" clothing but still wants to be called a man kek

No. 242617

"feminine guys are cool, feminine girls are lame" in a nutshell

No. 242639

lmao yeah kweer people are the only ones who ever like edgy shit. 15 years ago they would have just been emo kids saying the same shit about invader zim or whatever

No. 242739

>seperated tabs on clothing sites
Clothes fit men and women differently.

No. 242741

File: 1664243120591.jpg (54.25 KB, 356x500, 51ek-WvF-WL.jpg)

i feel like the rise in these retarded comics are copycats from nagata kabi. unlike these retards though, nagata is actually interesting and constantly suffering

No. 242777

if she keeps sipping that gender koolaid she'll be making those too in a few years

No. 242827

File: 1664268220523.jpeg (Spoiler Image,340.22 KB, 1124x966, 837935A1-B9EE-4A11-B336-D33E8A…)

New Hien Pham Draws Himself Gay Moid Diary I mean OJST up

No. 242832

is that meant to be a trans man or a micro peen

No. 242836

Late but I almost dated a guy who kinda looked like that only slimmer and I'm so glad I didn't, I feel like I dodged a bullet (doesn't help that I'm vaguely alt).

No. 242837


No. 242840

>The woman is still gorgeous and big breasted
Seems like only men's hearts can outshine their looks! Silly me.

No. 242873

Fetish or cope?

No. 242874

>i would kill for a body like that
what just sit on your ass and eat. why they acting like that kind of body is hard to achieve

No. 242877

>>242457 oh my god this fucking Aiden, a few of my acquaintances are friends of her and let me tell you they're the same breed of fakeboi. I used to enjoy her artstyle but the two genderspecial comic she made feels too schizo even for me

But in a way Aiden's like this makes me sad? Feminine woman who are traumatized by feminine labels because of something being so common these days just makes me feel depressed with the world we lived in.

No. 242891

File: 1664287986601.jpg (253.99 KB, 866x1280, IMG_20220927_111208_944.jpg)

Troon's comics in that website are always so funny. The aidens are so obssesed with gender roles that would be sad if they weren't so insufferable.

No. 242895

I would love to see what this Aiden looks like irl compared to the long face and straight up and down body she draws for herself.

No. 242902

File: 1664289254687.jpg (125.03 KB, 675x1200, DTMcqYeWsAEkPmx.jpg)

>would love to see what this Aiden looks like irl
here you go, I found it interesting she draws herself more asian looking in her comics when she's actually super white IRL

No. 242903

File: 1664289280862.jpg (1.19 MB, 2560x1440, IMG_20170604_164635590.jpg)

also her IRL boyfriend

No. 242907

Thought this was the nerdy faggot crush thread for a sec here

No. 242908

O I am laffin, I thought she was Asian too. She draws herself like a ghibli dad. She looks way more female than I even imagined.

No. 242910

She looks like a normal straight woman here. So her boyfriend is what she wants to look like?

No. 242912

Damn I really did not need to be reminded of how fat men look while naked

No. 242924

I don't think he's bad looking, but his style, god, what an unholy mix of nerd and obnoxious 00's dudebro.

No. 242929

Most menstrual products these days don't even use pink branding. Just grab some playtex sports and cope.

No. 242941

File: 1664297678532.jpeg (1013.65 KB, 1800x1800, 73487350-E802-418F-A02A-307881…)

You're right, they're mostly black, blue, purple at best, some are pink but not all of them. I think that the most colors I've seen while shopping are purple and white.

No. 242969

damn, kotex is not fucking around with the blood imagery

No. 242988

File: 1664307215589.jpg (1.22 MB, 4855x1440, striaght.jpg)

They must know deep inside their pwecious uwu gay boyfriends, are just straight dudes doing along with this charade for easy pussy

No. 243009

Yeah I fully agree. No normal woman or man is that paranoid about misgendering. If someone is plastering their bios with pronouns and making begging and warning posts or virtue signal all day about it you just know that they are the opposite of what they claim to be.
Might be an oversharing problem too. I often wonder if I am just shy or boring or if it's others that are going overboard because I would never share so much deeply private stuff on social media as most people there do. Plus point if your real name or photos are associated with it.

Is this even the case? The queer accounts I see are usually flooded with pastel colored tumblr chibis and coffee shop AUs.

No. 243014

I genuinely wonder how many of those people even have a real gender identity problem and how many just want to crossdress and then go down some rabbithole of identity politics until they believe to be the opposite gender.

I might be retarded but to me it seems like the comic doesn't even make sense by itself. He says that fashion shouldn't be gender-locked, the whole comic is about fashion and how he likes female fashion and wants to wear it. Fine.
But why is he trans then? The comic basically says "I know I am trans because I want to wear women clothes" but it also says "fashion isn't and shouldn't be related to a gender". So what is it? This is a contradiction.

No. 243015

Samefag, sorry I AM retarded. I somehow thought it was a boy wearing girl stuff but it seems it's a girl who wants to wear.. girl stuff but be considered a boy? I don't get it to be honest it makes even less sense than my first interpretation.

No. 243017

It's an ugly woman who wants to wear pretty clothes while being praised for it like a boy in a dress would be. Sadly when a woman is feminine she's just average (or if she's ugly shei just embarassing) but an ugly hairy man? Brave, stunning, beautiful, sexy, appealing. She's just a victim of misogyny.

No. 243018

She’s not even ugly, her 14 year old fakeboi haircut and wide horse-teethed smile is what’s throwing you off. Most people here look exactly like her

No. 243020

You’re a faggot if you care that much about clothing and gender expression. Romans and Greek men were wandering around