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File: 1708288442235.png (468.44 KB, 660x773, 1708264893068.png)

No. 1892891

This thread is dedicated to all and any fandom discourse, particularly that which has a twitter or tumblr flavour to it.

Current topics include, but are not limited to:
> Proshipping vs Antishipping
> Ao3 Censorship and TOS
> Sapphic Underrepresentation in Fandom
> Carrds, DNIs and Call-out Threads
> Whitewashing vs Blackwashing
> ‘[Insert Sexuality]-Coded’ Characters
> Sapphic vs Fujo Misogyny Accusations
Previous thread >>1878365

No. 1892893

do Americans think everyone outside of Europe don't have straight noses?

No. 1892900

It is so weird, it seems like the virtue signaling westerners really believe white people have sweet little button noses and everyone else has fat honkers with nothing existing in between.

No. 1892904

I still can't get over how they made the only white guy also the only conventionally attractive person in the game. It's like a joke.

No. 1892908

and even then he still looks very meh, he just look good in comparison to the rest of the disgusting obese cast

No. 1892909

Aren't only 3 of those characters actually women? The rest are enby, men, or trannies.

No. 1892911

File: 1708289257914.jpg (24.77 KB, 720x499, 1707697212107.jpg)

>My country is there
>The girl doesn't have a name in Spanish

No. 1892912

do Americans think

No. 1892917

File: 1708289387456.jpg (265.5 KB, 1920x648, 1708288287574.jpg)

Where are the games with unconventionally attractive female characters? Here you go. This is what you asked for.

No. 1892928

the women still look cute

No. 1892929

Why is the one guy Samoan-White and not like Samoan-American. Why is the Italian named Keaton?? Is Bigs the real name???
Which ones are the women?

No. 1892930

i assume inaya, isabelle and yolanda? they are very cute they deserve to be in a better game. The rest are unsalvagable.

No. 1892931

Isabelle, Yolanda, and Ashlie are women.

No. 1892933

I thought Ashlie was transgender, but that may have been another game with a pink haired transgender

No. 1892934

I honestly think that those women don't even look that disastrous and Yolanda and Isabelle are actually pretty cute, but the men look like literal clowns sans the only white one and the two pale skinned black guys.

No. 1892942

As far as I can tell I can't find any info claiming she's a tranny. Funnily enough Catherine is a pink-haired tim.

No. 1892943

I think all of them are ugly, but i also dont undertand why you would want to date 'realistic' looking people in a dating game. It's clearly made for losers who cant score irl.

No. 1892954

ever notice how representation slop like this characters never really share nationalities or ethnicities? i feel like it's because they (ironically) make being 'x race/nationality' into their only characteristic and having more than one character being from a country would make them have duplicate characters that even they low-key know they can't write. Also, this feels like an advanced version of exoticism where they like collecting people from different countries instead of antiques.

No. 1892958

ngl i think Keaton looks more like a Asian-looking Mexican than an Italian

No. 1892961

Reverse beauty contest.

No. 1892964

they are obsessed with making POC look ugly, they are the racists they're supposedly fighting against.

No. 1892969

kekkk, this shit is so stupid as racist, showing their ancestry first and foremost like some "which flavor you prefer?" kind of thing.
Please tell me this is just a shitpost and not an actual VN pitch.

No. 1892970

it's a real vn that exists and i think was released

No. 1892971

More like they are trying to paint beauty itself as racist.

No. 1892972

here is the trailer. It's as bad as you would expect

No. 1892974

Last thread, an anon said that the Italian was the most popular, not really surprising

No. 1892978

File: 1708291754160.jpeg (1.13 MB, 1170x1973, IMG_2367.jpeg)

I’m a bit obsessed with the amount of hate the ATLA live action is receiving. It looks like it might be disappointing people are actually praising the movie

No. 1892979

File: 1708291808965.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1170x1983, IMG_2368.jpeg)

Idk why I’m happy to see the Netflix show receive hate. Bryke are no longer involved.

No. 1892983

Why can't western artists draw non-white people who look normal instead of weird Tumblr dangerhairs? Only half of them look like people I'd meet in real life. Wasn't this the VN that got angry the white character and a white NPC turned out to be the most popular?

No. 1892986

why do they want everything to be gritty and realistic? i prefeer the colorful outfits that actually resemble the character than the ugly beige 2010's movie LA outfits that looked nothing like the series

No. 1892990

Inaya is clearly a man

No. 1892991

its a thembie actually, so female

No. 1893019

I honestly don’t get the complaints about the netflix show, all I understand is fans don’t like how Sokka’s actor looks and something about him not being Native

No. 1893024

If you look at the trailer, you wouldn't be thinking "female" in the thembie sense

No. 1893029

that reminds me of how people on twitter complain about some black models like anok yai "fitting eurocentric beauty standards" or whatever when she's literally from africa. they get really weird when they see any non-white person who doesn't look like a caricature and start accusing them of being something else entirely

No. 1893052

Ecuadorian/Lao is such a random combo, did they have a quota to meet?

No. 1893062

File: 1708297507174.png (378.84 KB, 641x584, 2024-02-19 000630.png)


No. 1893064

i dont get it

No. 1893074

All I know about this anime is that this guy may or may not want to fuck the white haired bishonen. Or it's the white haired bishonen who wants to fuck him but he got friendzoned in front of a KFC.

No. 1893129

What's with people calling Geto a woman? I thought it was a small contained thing at first but there's thousands of people that do this on Twitter. There's a Gojo/Geto artist too and she wrote a whole thread explanation on why Geto makes more sense as a woman when paired with Gojo because muh dualism or whatever.

No. 1893132

I think the tweet is saying that if Geto was a woman the fandom wouldn't give him that much attention or wouldn't sympathsise with him which maybe yeah fandom neglects female characters. But Geto gets becomes way more sympathetic after S2.

On the other hand fujoshis froth at the mouth because "everyone would ship her with Gojo and muh THEY'RE JUST FRIENDS" wouldn't be a thing.

No. 1893136

we are in dire need of cool female characters kek i kinda get those artists, i too desire more female characters like that

No. 1893138

>"We need more complex female character" yall could barely handle her
It's a really common comment on tiktok/twitter that I think people didn't bother changing her to him when applying it to male characters.

No. 1893144

Ngl seems a bit dumb to me and the amount of "m-mommy" shit would make it absolutely unbearable tbh.
If I'm being really rude, I'd say it's probably just people wanting to bang Gojo but not having more female characters to self insert into.

No. 1893180

File: 1708303652678.jpg (Spoiler Image,1 MB, 4096x3046, GFiQjGEbgAAxqy9.jpg)

i don't get it either kek. pic spoilered for breastfeeding fanart

but they get angry when gojo is shipped with a woman

No. 1893197

I wish. Then I might actually give a fuck about his character.

No. 1893202

Look how they massacred my boy.

No. 1893209

oh god something about these designs make me irrationally angry. they feel so dishonest, these designs werent made with love they were only made to virtue signal and check boxes on a list. no surprise the white italian one is the most popular since he isnt dressed like a mess and doesnt look like a walking tumblr stereotype. some of these nationalities are very specific, couldnt they just choose a single country?

ugly moid im tired of seeing him

No. 1893237

Simple. These retards see a guy who either has long hair or is slightly effeminate in appearance and their brains jump to “woman”. It’s annoying as shit. It’s funny because these are the same people who preach that no one should be confined to traditional gender roles.

No. 1893244

>afro-puerto rican
why do they think they can represent all these races when theyve never spoken to the vast majority of people they are trying to represent? the blackest dude in puerto rico wouldn't call himself "afro-puerto rican" jfc

No. 1893251

samefag to say that "afro-dominican" just made my blood boil. have they ever even SEEN a dominican??

No. 1893263

File: 1708310479798.jpeg (205.48 KB, 1920x1080, D1A247A2-F83A-4636-8A2A-46A02F…)

there is a panel in the manga with a female version of him, so it became a popular meme/trend.

No. 1893268

god i hate when people genderbend one side of a popular gay pairing. such a big pet peeve.

No. 1893270

also geto isn't even a compelling villain. mahito and sukuna were great because they were just plain ol' evil (you can't go wrong there) and i think the whole clan politics + the drama of breeding people into being soldiers was evil and cool (a shame gege veered from that into the unending battle tourney) but geto's easily the least interesting part of jjk to me

No. 1893292

The way a lot of woke leftist artist make non-white/mixed/etc OCs feels similar to how kids would make "tiger/wolf/demon hybrid" roleplay characters, except with real life races. It's like they just see them as accessories/traits to make their art look "cooler" or "exotic" and not real cultures.

No. 1893308

Aside from Mahito, JJK's villains are kind of all over the shop quality-wise– Geto's barely even around for very long or achieves much before Kenjaku takes the reins. Sukuna is just an inciting incident and final boss to beat. Man, I wish the culling game arc was different, it really damaged a lot of the more intriguing parts of the series. Wonder how the (anime-only) fandom will take it once the show catches up kek

No. 1893362

As an anime only fan, the words "culling game arc" sounds like a lot of people I like are about to die sigh I knew I shouldn't have gotten attached to some of these bitches.

No. 1893368

Nonnie asked last thread so:
You can try to check her facebook, she's from Slavonski Brod, out of politeness I only wanted to stick to stuff she posted publically online since you'd need to friend request her. + I think that part would get too specifically into town politics/local drama kek

No. 1893375

File: 1708321415934.jpg (723.25 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2024-02-17-09-55-49…)

Wyll from BG3 trended on twitter the other day
>black character who was originally a brat with a vendetta
>fans didn't like it and had to be rewritten
>now he's too boring and has barely any fans
>the rewrite ended up costing him content because it happened late in development
>fans call the studio racist and attack fans of the other guys because they're white boys with more content
>they ignore that the basic girl is the one who gets dev privilege and shit talk other female fans instead

No. 1893378

File: 1708321640885.jpg (232.93 KB, 1000x1941, 20240217_201619.jpg)

This is ridiculous

No. 1893381

kenjaku's boring too…i can't even recall what his deal was. i stopped reading at the start of the culling game arc btw.
>it really damaged a lot of the more intriguing parts of the series
yeah i wanted a LOT more of maki and mai and how fucked up the jujutsu world was. it's dumb of me to go into a shonen and expect deep character analysis though so whatever

No. 1893425

I don't know shit about jjk but recently I saw a very popular thread on twitter with men (the powerleveling autist kind) and some fujoshi talking about Geto and Gojo and some guys came to the conclusion that Geto's superpowers could potentially lead to mpreg so maybe that's why?

No. 1893431

sometimes I think the extreme RWers are right, when they claim stuff like "leftists have no concept of Beatty"

No. 1893452

File: 1708329390315.jpeg (75.18 KB, 600x800, IMG_0032.jpeg)

Americans and westernized people really be like(derailing)

No. 1893482

The fucking grovelling, spineless response… it's actually pathetic.

No. 1893536

Sorry anon for spoiling! If it helps, for the most part it's just a big fight/tournament arc against essentially randos and curses.

Oh I agree Kenjaku is dull as well, he's just more of a presence in the story than Geto kek. His deal has been elaborated on and it's… something. JJK is frustrating because its pre-current arc structure was good and could have allowed for better exploration of stuff like the world and side characters while still being within the bounds of a battle shounen, but the current arc railroads everything too hard chasing the finish line (I assume that's what its doing, anyway).

No. 1893632

>i invite you to give me advice
imagine being able to draw and render like that and still thinking some bleeding heart retard's opinion matters more. i wish more female artists had the mentality of that female Russian(?) artist that was flamed just because she didn't eyedrop Kaeya's skintone for her fanart.

No. 1893699

Russian artists and fangirls are so badass, I genuinely feel like browsing English twitter has made me overly polite because in my culture people would just tell you to kys and get over it

No. 1893733

i mean, at this point with all the additions, its fine to complain that wyll has less content. he literally has around 8 hours of content, while most of the other origin characters have around 11-12 hours of content. they are continuously updating the game with new scenes and dialogue, giving wyll a bit of special attention to bring him up to par with the rest would be fine imo.

i don't think he is as boring as people say, either. maybe overshadowed by the bomb-in-chest suicide baiter and vampire-elf, but i do love his whole fantasy-prince thing he has going on, and a lot of what makes him interesting- his struggle with his appearance, being cast out of his home by his father, staying true and righteous despite his patrons influence or other factors.. it is more brushed over than the rest of the cast, including where his own quest is just used to add more backstory for the emperor. he is the only character who doesn't even get to make his big story decision for himself now, since they gave lae'zel the ability but not him.

i'm not saying its racism, honestly i do think a lot of it was time constraints, but i think it would be nice if larian did now his fans that they cared and were working on him, but his fans are nowhere near as bad as some of the others in the fandom imo.

No. 1893770

File: 1708353278300.jpeg (168.42 KB, 1170x299, IMG_2369.jpeg)

Not an ounce of masculinity in her it’s embarrassing

No. 1893782

Beyond tired of troons (because of course it's troons) calling their uggo male characters women with not a lick of irony. 'She's a woman to me' and it's the 50th generic husbando of the month.

No. 1893799

It's because they are used to harsh treatment from everyone. When you aren't shit like that will affect you, even if you know it's baseless and countless people tell you so as well. That artist knows there's nothing racist about marble, but now there will always be some negative feeling associated with the art or even character because it's such a heavy accusation out of seemingly nowhere

No. 1893805

>they tif
Sometimes I wonder if these always existed or if it's all on the new anime exposing Trigun to more people.

No. 1893809

I'm pretty neutral on it leaning towards not watching, but that Sokka actor just looks awful. All of the character's appeal is gone.

No. 1893997

Her response was way too nice. He doesn't look whitewashed in the STATUE fanart at all.

No. 1894002

The teenage DID larpers are annoying as is but how are you 30 years old and doing that. Grown chuunibyou

No. 1894011

File: 1708368880503.png (116.94 KB, 778x342, QrVb.png)

I have posted this once before, but are there any fandoms where there is genuinely little infighting between its major groups, specifically its male and female sides?
The Transformers fandom is the only example I can think of, because other than the young boys for whom the series is primarily made and marketed, the active fanbase of this series is split between mostly adult male toy collectors and adult female shippers. Transformers has had female fans making yaoi of it since the original G1, some are self-inserters though. What's really fascinating is that there is very little conflict or infighting between these two groups. Men are more focused on collecting toys than characters or lore, while female fans aren't interested in owning every color variant of G1 Megatron and care more about the characters and consistent relationship dynamics. The first cons were organized by mostly women (one infamous con being organized by a snake handler named Raksha who believed that the Deceptions were an oppressed minority fighting against injustice and was very adamant about her HC), but I wish more fandoms were like this, where the two parties could just get along and not interfere with each other's fields of interest.

No. 1894015

there are tons of tranny transformerfags sadly. Its funny because despite being ''uwu women'' they still only care about the toys and the autistic lore rather than the shipping and the characters like most women. The TMNT fandom used to be cozy before the 2018 tumblr remake that ruined everything.

No. 1894016

I openly judge anyone into Nu-trigun. it's filled with enbies and tifs who never seen the OG anime. Just the character designs and colors alone are zoomer pandering

No. 1894017

It seems in general remakes/reboots are the worst thing to ever happen to an older fandom. Most people dont even care until a remake is made and then all the pandering begins. it's exhausting

No. 1894020

definetly, now they have retconned donny as ''autistic'' and now that the new VAs are black you are not allowed to depict the turtles as anything but black

No. 1894023

And this is why bowing down and pandering to these idiots never works out. How tf you gonna criticize a marble statue? Like, fucking go outside. I swear no one acts this way off of twt

No. 1894031

I hate that shit so much. When did we ever give a shit that a VA's ethnicity matched the character they were voicing? I grew up with TMNT on tv on saturday mornings and all the turtles were just that to me- turtles. I thought maybe they were just new yorkers lmaoo Kids dont assign race to cartoons. That is the most adult thing ever. I will never give a crap about the TMNT reboot.

No. 1894065

File: 1708371715402.jpg (191.01 KB, 743x2048, 20240219_202318.jpg)

Last thread I posted how Honkai star rail has this character which they are trying to present as a gypsy and twitter zoomers think it's super woke. I pointed out the bullshit and said sigonians = cigani = gypsy, a slur

In the meanwhile, the "translator" got corrected and now zoomers have been educated by some roma content creator, cancellation incoming lol

No. 1894066

File: 1708371738044.jpg (176.58 KB, 542x771, 70048208_p67.jpg)

honestly the saddest thing is that the reboot could have been amazing if it didnt evolve the post 2016 american politics shit. The animation was honestly excellent and I loved it a lot, the rest? ugh… The post 2018 twitter kiddie fandom has also been pestering japanese westaboos who ship the turtles or lewds them because ''they are teengers and brothers!111!!'' they are turtles cunt shut up

No. 1894073

I swear 2016 was the end of so much. Fandom discourse got worse, then the pandemic, and suddenly all the kids who were teens back then are now in their 20s, growing up terminally online. Everyone is an enby, and trannies and race politics are everywhere in the west.
We cant have anything.
Also, i used to watch the og show in the 90s and the turtles have been shipped forever. Mikey and Ralph were a hugely popular ship in the early 2000s

No. 1894076

My favorite part of the fall out from this is how people are saying that a character can't be actually mean or problematic. Like they can commit many a crime and kill people offscreen, but god forbid they aren't accepting of everyone or support trans rights. Also I don't think Aventurine is supposed to be good rep, he's supposed to be hatecrimed essentially to show of the people doing so are dicks/ignorant/not very good people.
It's just so endlessly fascinating to me. I don't mind people headcanoning whatever, but when they talk about it being unacceptable to be a bad person in canon is when it gets bothersome.

No. 1894078

File: 1708372276574.jpg (129.32 KB, 480x640, 1369524727918.jpg)

i feel bad for the westaboos that are getting targetted, they are the backbone of the fandom and dont deserve the harassment from spergy american fat pronoun haver teens

No. 1894079

Holy autism…fly high and be free turtlefujos

No. 1894083

File: 1708372567476.jpg (313.22 KB, 600x400, 33013901_p13.jpg)

japanese turtlefujos are honestly amazing, westoids make such horrid fanart but westaboos make the cutest most adorable and cool fanart i have ever seen. I wish they would hire them to draw the comics rather than the troon that tried to make his female turtle oc a thing.

No. 1894084

It's more funny to me that he's a white boy with blonde hair, but being white is bad on twitter so they're saying he's a roma, but then they get hit from the other side with "that's whitewashing"
Endless pot of shitstirring

No. 1894093

I mean real gypsies can have blond hair and be light-skinned, it's a cultural identity.

No. 1894105

File: 1708374331778.png (455.77 KB, 981x665, gJFMECW.png)

I got into the 2012 series because I had a crush on this edgelord. I'm being full judgery but if you are attracted to the Turtles themselves, you have issue.

No. 1894106

So do I. I grew up in the late 90s/early 2000s fandom and shit was so different. You really could do/write/draw whatever you want. No one would cancel you or call you problematic. It's all so exhausting. People were a lot more open about shipping and no one cares if you didnt like their ship. You just moved on. The western wokie pronoun gang are the saddest bitches, and they do it to themselves.

No. 1894111

non croptop wearing casey sucks i will never allow this creature to replace original casey

No. 1894114

File: 1708374568447.png (91.04 KB, 899x704, pure retardation.PNG)

Just a reminder that if you see people arguing over petty, irrelevant shit online about series or video games they don't like, they're most likely thinking like pic related.

No. 1894115

its hilarious because they always like problematic stuff themselves.

No. 1894116

File: 1708374699991.jpg (308.85 KB, 1280x1572, casey_jones_2003_by_jr_julia_d…)

You're right and I support you

No. 1894117

I am so angry they genderbent him in the 2018 series, not even into a cool female character but a shitty one

No. 1894123

Most of the time they like the most heinous and degenerate garbage, while they get mad at "vanilla" problematic stuff. These are the people who get mad at two 17 year olds fucking, but write/draw shitting in wounds while they inflate the person and fuck the wound.

No. 1894126

Wdym? As in a fandom without conflict like no shipping wars?

No. 1894142

Man, that sucks to hear. I liked TMNT since I was a teenager, I watched both the 80s and 00s shows and some of the movies. I wanted to get into the new cartoons but I won't touch the fandoms if I do.

People getting triggered over turtle shipping makes me kek because I came out of the 2007 movie shipping it and found a wealth of content online. I miss able being to like "problematic" (or even things that are normal but "spicy") ships in high school without adding a mile-long disclaimer that I don't condone it IRL or having to reveal my personal traumas. The worst that would happen is people would mock it, but they didn't do it for "moral" reasons.

No. 1894155

As someone who was involved in fandom back in the 2000s, do you remember how Naruto/Sasuke was the biggest m/m ship of that era? Would you say that Bakudeku is the biggest m/m ship of the 2010s?

No. 1894160

Reread the post you're replying to. >>1894011

>are there any fandoms where there is genuinely little infighting between its major groups, specifically its male and female sides?

I personally can't think of any, honestly. After what happened with Bronies and the MLP fandom, I stayed far away from anything with two defined "sides" because both are unhinged in their own way.

No. 1894174

god, SAME.. it was so unnecessary and despite her design being cute at first glance, she is just.. eugh… not likable. they need to bring back the hot metalhead version of him and sexualize him to make up for it, lol.

No. 1894175

File: 1708379422193.png (497.77 KB, 598x1004, urkle sonic.png)

I came across this phenomenon recently,with people claiming(not HC'd) Sonic as being lack because one of his VA's was black (in the least popular adaptation of him, btw)

No. 1894176

Definitely. And now the new ship is the jjk fandom. I say just let people ship who they want. It's interesting how men get actual degenerate shit pandered to them, but the minute women want something or like something, they get harassed or death threats by other women

No. 1894178

Sonic is a cartoon hedgehog. wtf is wrong with the western fandom?

No. 1894184

nta, but I'd rather no one be a degenerate, then everyone be some type of degen.

No. 1894186

Comparing what women like vs men though. I dont know much about now, but 10-15 years ago women were very much vanilla and very few degen women/fujos existed. I'm talking about how men openly objectify women and have the most disgusting kinks, but still get pandered to irl.

No. 1894188

yeah I get it, that's why I think moralism needs to come back and be strictly enforced.

No. 1894193

File: 1708380696241.png (299.55 KB, 914x663, iqg1Px0.png)

Surely they can't be that stupid. If they had done even a smidge of research, they would have known that Qatar has a track record of treating African workers as basically slaves. These workers are subjugated to horrific treat and for the women rape and sexual assault. It would be like having a character that was a product of rape during the US slavery era and presenting it as a "quirky heritage".

No. 1894196

that's not geto, that is his body but it's being used by the main villain kenjaku
because jjk has no interesting/relevant women and the only one is a girl that's constantly compared to a male character and is basically the spitting image of him in design and background and powers

No. 1894200

Not to be a hater bitch but I'm glad I never got into Baldur's Gate, especially 3. It just gives such tumblr-tier average westernshit vibes. I know it's literally westernshit because it's DnD but it seems like all BG fans are near insufferable

No. 1894201

He's fucking blue! Man, at least the powerlevel autistic shonentards who insist that Piccolo is a black guy or that Vegeta is algerian are actually a bit funny, even unintentionally.

No. 1894206

File: 1708381522599.png (519.05 KB, 659x860, m.PNG)

Reminded me of this exchange, why are moids like this. This is the same as comments on videos of women pranking their boyfriends or annoying them going "equal rights, equal fights". Male characters getting this treatment still feels relatively new while female characters have been pointlessly objectified since the beginning of time. I can only hope it keeps escalating with males, there should be at least a few decades of male objectification before anyone can start talking about equal treatment kek

You are so fucked.

No. 1894213

Moids censor hot male characters all the time.

No. 1894215

and that's my point, I hate male coomers for being male coomers and think 90% of them should be shot or sent to labour camps, but I hate irony(And porn) poisoned morons, who make those "femboy leon" edits, cause their mostly troons or soon to be troons, and I wouldn't consider it sexualization, either, cause I don't like seeing men in fetish gear.

No. 1894216

The game is made by Americans, so I wouldn't put it past them to not know any of that and just find it quirky. That said, not everyone of African and Arab descent is a product of rape, and African-American people also tend to have white DNA because of slave rape, so maybe it's not that big a deal.

No. 1894218

>cause I don't like seeing men in fetish gear
some women do, there is nothing wrong with women wanting hot dudes in sexy fetish gear

No. 1894219

>why are moids like this
They think everything is about them. For all they know the guys in the screenshots are quoting someone who doesn't even care or think about female characters being objectified in video games but they keep assuming a bunch of shit about everyone they interact with all the time. They think they're poor little victims because some stories have characters who look ugly or plain. I don't like that so I avoid these manga or video games or series and move on instead of posting like 80,000 tweets about it in the span of 2 years.

No. 1894226

>fetish gear
>not sexual because I don't like it
It's not about or for you then dumbass

No. 1894227

kek thats fine, but there is definetly an audience for it considering how many leon mods there are. The only reason why game companies dont add sexy male outfits its because moids cant take it because they are whiny sensitive little babies.

No. 1894228

File: 1708382344929.jpeg (821.57 KB, 3081x4621, JR7ifVN.jpeg)

I guess it's for some people, but it's just beyond cringe for me, I can't even laugh it, I just can't imagine how anyone takes it seriously. a man dressed in a clown suit is genuinely more attractive.(derailing)

No. 1894229

oh my god no one cares

No. 1894230

I don't have a problem if this was people's headcanon for a human form but unlike Knuckles, Sonic isn't really modeled to "be" anything but a cartoon. I figured he would probably be Japanese like his creator if anything.

No. 1894232

>Friendly reminder that the human brain CAN NOT distinguish between reality and fiction.
Big if true. Fortunately it's not true, as the context note points out, but I can only imagine the mental gymnastics needed to follow this notion to its logical conclusion. I'm sure they would find a way to justify every fandom thing they like as pure and good. Every fandom thing they don't like would of course be bad and wrong and need censoring to protect all the other fans' fragile brains from wrongthink.

No. 1894243

I have never seen troons skinwalk a character as much as Leon. They're so creepy about him on Twitter.

No. 1894246

>the brain can't distinguish
>any feelings are 100% true
Aren't those different things kek you can feel sad about a character dying without also thinking they are a real person that's gone forever now

No. 1894258

The fandom's portrayal of Leon is so far removed from his true in-game personality, they might as well not even share the same character models.

No. 1894273

NTAYRT, I’ve been an autistic RE fan since I was just a child and Leon is my favorite character ever and I absolutely despise how people mid characterize him on tiktok and especially Twitter. Every time I see them go on about his “golden retriever energy uwu!” and “babygirl”-ifying him it makes me want to vomit. He’s a grown ass horrifically depressed man in his 40s.

No. 1894277

He's one of the 5 actually attractive male characters in videogames, so ofcourse horny wome will latch onto him. I find it funny.

No. 1894290

For me its how that same gear was originally made for women, its just gross(derailing)

No. 1894292

please not this infight again i dont wanna see pissed suit moids again

No. 1894334

As someone who has been a fan of the series and many others that suffered from this, I do have a tinfoil that it's because new fans can access some of the content without actually playing the game. I met women on tumblr who only consumed supernatural fanfiction and never watched the series, but that didn't stop them from writing their own fanfiction, which obviously were just based around fanfic tropes. So it doesn't surprise me that many alleged fans of RE just see videos, edits and read the wiki at best. Most recent Leon fans don't get past the remakes, if they even play it at all. I've seen this happen to other franchises and types of media. I know these type of fans always existed at some extent, but it seems to me that they multiplied over the years.

No. 1894369

File: 1708392946507.jpg (273.48 KB, 1232x2048, [23-04-21] 1649356481186394112…)

Its just women being horny its not that deep. The japanese fans also depict him as that.(wrong thread for pic dumps of your husbando)

No. 1894375

File: 1708393167381.png (600.08 KB, 1039x1303, leon qte.png)

he's so cute, sorry to samefag(wrong thread for pic dumps of your husbando)

No. 1894413

File: 1708395039068.jpg (89.82 KB, 540x792, waterboarding.jpg)

Kek I'm also a REfag and I have met female fans who have never played a RE game but still thirst over Leon. Which is fine because I get it. He's cute and I loved the guy since the original RE:4 but I think it's kinda retarded to not at least try to play the game(s). Even just for a little bit because they're so fun. Honestly it's tough when your faves get popular and then proceed to attract the most insufferable people you could ever imagine because it just happens to be flavor of the month.

No. 1894440

You’re so right. People don’t feel disgust or shame anymore because degen shit has been normalised so they move onto the next tier of degeneracy which gets normalised and so on and so forth

No. 1894507

>Vegeta is algerian
kek what

No. 1894552

File: 1708407402658.png (1.72 MB, 1280x720, nhkl5ahomnm91.png)

It's referencing the fan art of a French Algerian, depicting Dragon Ball Z Characters as Algerians.

No. 1894566

I don't really care about raceswaps or racial coding discourse either way (unless they are ugly), and I hate that anyone does. I wish it wasn't either "he is black" or "he isn't black" but "he can be black or white or both or neither, who cares, he's a hedgehog lol"

No. 1894570

File: 1708409279293.jpeg (1.25 MB, 2085x1284, IMG_6453.jpeg)

>the kpop stan twitter reaction meme

No. 1894578

I 100% believe this honestly, the only whitey is Silver.

No. 1894584

File: 1708411762626.png (147.92 KB, 1270x405, some twitter thread shit.png)

I'm losing my fucking shit over this retarded article costing 45 FUCKING DOLLARS
and then to read 10 other articles from whatever this crappy site it it's over 400 FUCKING DOLLARS.

Seriously this is some twitter thread shit, why is it 45 bucks?!

No. 1894585

back to twitter.

No. 1894586

Only know this one and the Robotnik piss scene that everyone knows nonnie.

No. 1894587

I was gonna post this today, a fujo wrote extensive academic article about how "transphobia and anti-Asian prejudice" is the reason people don't like BL, she takes random tumblr blogs as some grand proof of this, also she claims all hatred of BL is because of an allieance of Fascists TERFs and Purtian Christians and anyone opposed to BL is transphobic and homophobic, this is the ultimate expression of fujoshis brainrot and delusion.

No. 1894588

File: 1708412064683.png (441.04 KB, 891x797, Screenshot 2024-02-19 225514.p…)

I honestly don't think most radfems outside of lolcow even know what a fujoshi is.
Shut the fuck up Paki chan.

No. 1894590

I wasn't really talking just about Leon and RE. I meant it in a general sense. I know both artists that you posted and they actually played the game and know the character, those were not what I was referring to.
I stumbled into some tumblrinas who said only privileged people could play the game because it's expensive or whatever, so it's mean and wrong to say they aren't fans. I don't personally get it, but if they aren't spamming dumb takes, ugly fanart or arguing with people over nothing, then I don't care, be free, be horny. I do follow some small cows in the RE fandom, but I don't post them because some don't have that many followers, but it's so funny to see their schizo takes and weird fights kek. RE always had some weird people in the fandom tbh.

No. 1894592

yeah I know plenty of people, who like the "vibe/dynamic of the characters" despite the fact their versions are essentially OC's.

No. 1894614

No, a lot of people have this headcanon regardless of this comic. Same with a bunch of Shonen Jump rivals, like that one taller guy in Captain Tsubasa who works after school because of his dead father or something his name is Marc in the French localization or with Hiei from Yu Yu Hakusho.

No. 1894616

Because muh academia. Seriously I blocked a few people who post shit like this on a regular basis and it made twitter much more enjoyable. You have tards trying to get a PHD by sperging for several hundred pages about fandoms and yaoi and then they try to make it everyone else's problems on the internet during their free time as well. Sometimes it's really not that deep, especially not deep enough to make it your literal job or degree.

No. 1894620

It's an academic journal article, those have insane prices because the way academic publishing works. It's not intended for individual people to purchase the article but for university libraries buying reading rights for students and employees in bulk. The person who wrote that didn't get paid to do so and isn't getting any money from purchases. In short:
>be private academic publisher
>get sent work by academics (for free)
>send work for review (for free)
>publish approved work and slap a ridiculous price on it
>academics need to access work in order to cite it and write more
>university libraries pay you to give them reading rights (these can usually be cancelled when the contract ends, you also now have the copyright to the article)
>reading licenses are often paid with public money
>profit (seriously, academic publishing has an insane profit margin)

No. 1894628

File: 1708416183081.jpg (230.18 KB, 2048x2048, 48aeb88567660444a3b66acdc103e8…)

>all this Leon talk
don't make me post it(wrong thread for pic dumps of your husbando too)

No. 1894630

File: 1708416258416.jpg (69.25 KB, 894x894, 886fa0af9941bceae0e630278c9fe3…)

>>1894628(wrong thread for pic dumps of your husbando too)

No. 1894634

the discussion around Leon ended sometime ago, you just wanted to post those pics.

No. 1894636

And that's based and leonpilled

No. 1894640

This person has a bachelor of fine arts. How do these academic papers work? Can anyone with a degree put their 2 cents in any subject? By the title I would have assumed the author was into social studies or something related to it.

No. 1894645

You don't need to have a degree in order to publish, but every paper gets reviewed by other academics (who have usually at least a Ph.D). The editor of the journal ultimately decides if a paper is accepted for review and if it's accepted for publication based on the referees' opinions. It's actually pretty hard to get published in most fields, even if the field itself is full of bullshit studies, because you need to know the correct jargon.

No. 1894646

Basically yeah even more if said publications are dog shit, social studies and arts type of stuff are more lenient. There's a good doc about it on YouTube with someone actually using those loopholes to publish a very shitty research paper on purpose to prove a point but I forgot the title of the video.

No. 1894658

File: 1708418153736.jpg (332.34 KB, 945x2048, GGtFJSvawAAIJcU.jpg)

Lord in heaven I'm so fucking sick of retarded normies with absolutely no media literacy to speak of trying to have a say in media portraying difficult themes to the point it's clear they just read the back cover and cherrypicked parts and made their judgment based on those. This book was so relatable to me as a lesbian and it didn't pull any punches describing the loneliness and emotional issues caused by childhood trauma, and the """incest fantasies""" this dumbass is talking about were the main character describing how her inner child yearns to be held by a mother due to being emotionally neglected and that's why she's been so attached to the idea of an older woman pampering her. Sorry that lesbians, like any woman, have gender-related trauma and can have mental issues they find difficult to sort through and they aren't just your polilez sisterhood sweeties kissing and holding hands. It's not a fucking yuri manga, it's an autobiographical story.

No. 1894661

This stuff is so tiresome, all the time
>you're a fujo? I bet you're trans
>I bet you want to be an uke
>does that mean you self insert? Do you fantasize about being raped?
>All fujo want to be fucked and are just hiding it by imagining themselves as men, that's why they read bl

No. 1894662

God this is so retarded, you can tell these types of people only read YA and decide if a book is 'good' or not based on how many problematic tropes it has.
It's on par with complaining that it 'glamorizes alcoholism' when she discusses her liver issue later in the series.

No. 1894663

"Oh no! My precious yuri manga (involvingrealpeoplebutI'mgoingtoignorethat) doesn't feature my hyperfeminine infantile moe moe kyun kyun desu characters where they blush when their hands are held! Oh nooooooo!"

No. 1894669

if anything, fujos would self-insert as the seme, not as uke boywoman

No. 1894670

>nagata kabi
Yeah…nonna..it doesn't work in this case.. it seems you don't know this author has a ddlg fetish and has taken fetish photos

No. 1894671

File: 1708419538529.png (4.73 MB, 3794x1871, GGeXIilWIAAvt5w.png)


No. 1894673

all of those claims are true though.(bait)

No. 1894674

Are their multiethnic background going to contribute to their characters and how they're perceived by the world and how they perceive it back or are they just window dressing?

Look, really really really mixed backgrounds like these are actually possible (it's a big world out there), and people born to them can have really unique experiences involving discrimination and fetishization etcetera etcetera that someone born from only one ethnic background won't ever see.

It's very frustrating when these virtue signally projects just slap a flag or two without taking on account personal experiences like that. And with the the amount of flags in there, are they really going to portray those cultures accurately like they want to?

No. 1894678

>Do you fantasize about being raped?
>All fujo want to be fucked
Are you serious?

No. 1894679

wait? did you actually post an article from this >>1894658(a collection of random tumblr posts that made me her seethe) and try to make it come across as a proof of how your "based"

No. 1894680

It’s a scrote don’t reply

No. 1894682

Well, she was molested as a kid and has a weird relationship with her parents. It was inevitable. Sadly.

No. 1894684

File: 1708420006111.png (128.39 KB, 717x388, 1708297527798.png)

It's pakichan ignore her

No. 1894687

came from the front page and was not disappointed, love you nona I'm saving this image

No. 1894690

Isn’t the author of that shitty manga a huge cow on 2ch because she mentions how she has a huge abdl fetish and wants to be taken care of by an older woman and that’s why shes totes a real lesbian? I remember anons mentioning this either in the temp manga thread or the cringe fujo threads with caps of 2ch moids seeing her attention whoring antics

No. 1894691

How does yaoi hurt men

No. 1894694

File: 1708420569184.png (84.26 KB, 1666x365, Screenshot 2024-02-20 011812.p…)

God this page is so hilarious to read as a radfem fujo. The whole 'ANTI FUJOS ARE ALL TERFS' meme feels like such a cope to me, I find it pretty hard to believe pakichan is that active outside of the farms kek. The vast majority of 'anti fujoshis' are just a bunch of fakebois projecting really really hard on how 't-they're totally not a girl anymore guys! Yaoi is fetishizing m-me!'
Kills their boners and makes them seethe because of that.

No. 1894698

supposedly it's fetishization of ga homosexuals but i don't believe it really harms them. that's just one of the common arguments against BL and like, who really cares if men are offended or feel fetishized? it's their turn

No. 1894699

nta but If you read any media that portrays characters experiencing issues such as childbirth and the way their bodies respond, bringing them closer to women's functions, then you are not reading about men getting hurt.
don't bother, they live in a delusion where they aren't on the same side as male coomers, Hannah Berrelli talked about this as well, with regards to feminists who supported "feminist BDSM" but at the end of the day, they were on the side as the most degrading BDSM pornographers when it came to any sort of legislation against pornography
see what I mean, this retard genuinely cannot accept the fact that majority of "TERFs" think yaoi is just something aydens indulge themselves in.(derailing)

No. 1894702

Isn't thinking mpreg is the only thing that exists a bit brainrotted?
What bl are you looking at?

No. 1894703

File: 1708421139654.jpg (54.48 KB, 680x383, 1655728295515.jpg)

A reminder to everyone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1894708

There it is! posting explicit images unprompted, like every single porn-addict that's ever existed, I'm sure your gonna reply to this by posting even more explicit images, because that's what cooomers do.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1894711

Jesus, do you ever see male yurifags screech to their kind with "Oh no bros! Stop enjoying yuri! We're not supposed to sexualize lesbians, they're human beings who deserve our respect! Stop masturbating to them!"?

Women should stop being ashamed of finding gay porn arousing. Ever. It will literally never in a million years hurt gay men the same way straight men hurt gay women.

No. 1894712

Lost your way to your containment >>1628970

No. 1894715

He's just biting him lol. You say it like there's buttseks involve.(infighting)

No. 1894717

File: 1708422092782.webp (Spoiler Image,43.2 KB, 600x399, xxx.jpg)

No. 1894718

>doing exactly what the sperg in the screencap is doing
i.e. Repeating hearsay and gossip based on bits taken out of context and 2ch incels nonetheless. And even if we assume it's all true and she did have a ABDL fetish, then what about it? It doesn't make the overall story (which doesn't mention anything about an ABDL fetish in any of the books) about the loneliness and rejection a mentally ill lesbian woman experiences any less lesbian. You can't just pick and choose which stories you like the best and hand them the lesbian license as a reward for not being problematic. Yes, she's mentally ill for being neglected, molested and feeling rejected for not adhering to the strict female mold (which is even more rigid in Japan) and her mental illness is showing through her fixations and alcoholism. It is what it is. It's a poignant story a lot of lesbians have found relatable so any 19-year old twitter polilez radfem going "ummmm do you even realize how creepy she's being like yikes?????" doesn't change that.(infighting)

No. 1894720

That's Paki-chan sperging about her omegaverse trauma again. Report and do not engage.

No. 1894721

When are you going to realize those images get posted because you react this way? It's retarded to compare women enjoying cartoon men having sex to men watching actual women getting raped and trafficked. Yaoi is unironically the most female hobby. It's made by women for women. These little cartoon faggots don't have actual feelings, but keep coping.(infighting/derailing)

No. 1894722

I know but Paki-chan likes the attention, nonnas need to stop namedropping her. She's always outing herself as paki-chan even when nobody is asking. Next time pretend she's just an irrelevant, random idiot NEET schizo. And report.(just report and move on)

No. 1894723

Tbf, I'm getting the idea that nonas feel any sort of female feelings towards sexualization, either fujo, lesbo, or yume (leon and enstars), that isn't proper is bad and should be shunned into banishment.(derailing)

No. 1894725

Same. I'm guessing it's because recently there's been a lot of tradthots posting here (for some reason) and they automatically assume everyone has immense christian guilt and is saving themselves for their husband or actively is giving millions of dollars to pornhub on a regular basis.
It's honestly just their madonna whore complex going nuts.(derailing)

No. 1894732

Sounds like a huge scam.

No. 1894734

A real woman talking about herself, representing nobody but herself in her own autobiography, and SJWs try to make it about lesbian rep as a whole… Do they not know their arguments are backfiring and a bunch minorities can't represent their own feelings or experiences without being attacked every 5 seconds?

No. 1894738

fujos are so lame

No. 1894753

It is. t. I work in the academia. Nobody who works in research likes this system.

No. 1894756

Agreed kek these retards can't deal with "problematic" shit at all. I just wonder why all modern book readers are so fucking lame. They would not survive reading any book published before 2010, uniroinic satanic panic type of shit. These are the same people who defend trannies and fags with their lives too btw. Oh how dare a lesbian not be cutesy and "uwu" and kawaii cottagecore nya nya desuuuu. These people literally think two women holding hands while posing for an Instagram picture equals being a lesbian. Yeah I don't personally like that this girl ended up at a brothel hooking up with a prostitute but c'est la vie. And I don't have mommy issues. And yet the rest of it was relatable and I enjoyed it. Let women be unhinged and troubled I say. I sometimes even prefer when stupid retards portray same sex attracted women as fat masculine short haired "dykes" because at least that stereotype doesn't make me go insane over the simplification and kawaiification of dating women, don't even get me started on the ones that do that shit for male attention. Fuck this bullshit. Butch women and tomboys FTW!

No. 1894762

It's enraging because it's clear they have some bitter hate towards other women. Trooning out is always the fault of "female pornsickness" and not the society hating and shaming young women for existing, women liking bishounens is because they're pornrotted pedophiles who want young blood and not because they're conventionally attractive and nonthreatening, women would like to have more diverse female characters and protagonists only because they're misogynist snowflake whores who hate traditionally feminine (i.e. female!!!) things and so forth. It makes me wonder how many men post in this hellthread just to project because the venn diagram for the tradthot (and subsequently the self-identified "radfems" who are just tradfags who hate men and trannies) rhetoric and moidbrained thinking is a perfect circle.

No. 1894763

Well, I've seen a zoomer moid on tiktok say he didn't get why people liked Amy in gone girl because she seemed like the villain in the story for him. It seems everything has to be black and white from now on, any nuance has to be thrown out of the window and you must only like the good guys, otherwise you are promoting evil.

No. 1894765

>These are the same people who defend trannies and fags with their lives too btw.
The OP in the tweet here >>1894658 is actually a self-identified radfem, kek. That goes to show you how not all can be pinned on the libfem boogeyman, new generation radfems have disturbingly conservative views. But I digress.

No. 1894767

Well those type of """radfems""" suck ass. A lot of women I know who used to be radfemds ended giving up on the online communities because even though they still believe in the ideology, a lot of puritan no fun or nuance allowed + the tradthots ruined it for them. Polilez are also fucking retarded. But I digress.

No. 1894769

>It seems everything has to be black and white from now on, any nuance has to be thrown out of the window and you must only like the good guys, otherwise you are promoting evil.
Yup. Like only subjectively good things or else. This shit is killing everything like the plague.

No. 1894770

I sometimes unironically wonder if this is because Disney got rid of villains in their stories and replaced them with either antagonistic strawmen or nothing at all and zoomers grew up with these movies influencing their idea of story writing, not to mention all the cheap YA novels converted from actual online fanfiction. Writers used to say "a story is only as good as its villain" yet now writing even a grey moral character means you endorse their actions.

No. 1894774

Unfortunately yes Disney adults ruined everything for everyone else because of how huge and autism inducing that company is.

Unrelated and please don't take it personal but I really don't like when anons shorten "young adult fiction" to just "YA" because for me YA will always mean Yahoo Answers

No. 1894790

"Disney Adults" i.e. the millenials still really into Disney grew up with classic renaissance age Disney movies known for their prolific, charismatic villains like Ursula, Scar, Jafar, Gaston, Frollo, Hades and so forth. It's the generation past that who were influenced by the late 00's and 10's movies void of villain characters because they wanted to make more "grounded" stories desperately trying to rip off Pixar's style of storytelling after they surpassed Disney in popularity.

No. 1894794

File: 1708430191308.jpg (66.89 KB, 640x640, 1678457729972.jpg)

What's incredible about this website is that it's really not about the disproportionate hate fujoshi/slash fans have been getting since the dawn of time for being weird women who like weird romance, it's actually about ~evil transphobia and femmephobia!!~ the ~struggles~ of poor fudanshi. It's hilarious to see they think completely sane and impartial statements like "trans mlems are just fujos in denial" are comparable to the violence and death threats their PC ilk send regularly
… they can't go one second without sniffing their own farts because they know their flimsy identity only exists through constant validation and weak mantras. And they absolutely also know that liking yaoi is a female XX woman trait: their whole website exists to keep their copium levels high because even the troon mlems around them know they're nothing more than delusional TIF fujos who spiraled into troondom also thanks to yaoi. Talking about le evil terves is just a smokescreen because hyperonline terves dgaf about yaoi and some even like it because it makes moids seethe.

So this cringe website can't even set out to do what's on its label: instead of defending weird nerd women with cringe hobbies it'd rather be another virtue signaling snoozefest about how the mlems and those 10 gay men who read yaoi are the most oppressed of all and how trans boi mlems are heckin valid for liking something tailor made for man-hating women.
Seeing it take an academic approach just makes it milkier, too.

No. 1894796

File: 1708430331822.jpeg (179.08 KB, 2484x2154, sjAqeTy.jpeg)

You can blame lizard brain capitalism logic. Frozen made over a billion dollars and had a twist villain, as well as broader themes about emotions. so for the rest of the decade, all disney movies were filled with nothing but twist villains and focused on emotions, in an attempt to replicate its success. they were fine, but in my opinion, the last truly great classic Disney movie was Moana. Disney then released a bunch of mediocre (but financially successful) sequels and then came Encanto. Regardless of how you feel about it, Encanto was really financially successful and focused on broader themes of "generational trauma". As a result, every Disney/Pixar movie afterwards has been focused on this. Luckily, they all failed financially, so it seems this trend will die faster than the twist villain trend.

No. 1894807

both this tweet and post are typical posts you'd find on lc, i remember the lez thread on /g/ both licking her ass and also talking mad shit about her for transitioning and potientially being into men so she's not worth the idolatry to begin with when there are well adjusted women drawing lesbian content that arent drawing themselves as neotentic bobbleheaded lolis and pissing themselves in front of boys. it is a bit weird to me that anons defend this mangaka and then gleefully cancel anyone else for the same thing tbh but maybe they just saw it reccommended on radblr without reading her entire work and dont realize the full cow potential of the author because they're starved for content.
kek an anon in the authorcow thread was recently seething that amy dunne was an unrepentant villain, it's spreading

No. 1894809

Nona…Unrelated to the thread or your question, but I might get into transformers just because of your post. This kind of chill fandom is precisely what I need.

No. 1894819

What are you even talking about, are you confusing her with someone else or what even is this schizobabble?

No. 1894834

File: 1708433119887.jpeg (1.36 MB, 3000x3999, 7621E4F0-2A1A-451F-9C29-52B9AF…)

why do these people take their chinese cartoons so damn seriously. how hard is it to keep it on twitter? i would want to kill myself if i was some normie professor and had to read this word salad entirely KEK she has another chronically online article too about proshipping and my university paid for it (picrel)

No. 1894839

>why do these people take their chinese cartoons so damn seriously

No. 1894848

This is a goldmine.
Personally I think fandom is an interesting subject to study but she's clearly an Aiden with an agenda (validating her totes gay man mlem identity) so it can't be an impartial look from an outsider just interested in the development of online communities.
If she's not trans and she's just caping for them and that'd be even more embarrassing.

No. 1894850

File: 1708434322759.jpeg (684.62 KB, 1284x2320, IMG_6470.jpeg)

KEK i’m dying laughing at this person calling people fascist over shotacon and then linking the article. if you check the qrts they did it multiple times. imagine smugly linking an entire article to justify your anime porn

No. 1894865

>why do these people take their chinese cartoons so damn seriously
the answer is autism, you have to severely autistic to be attracted to cartoon boys.

No. 1894866

this reminds me of that pro-lolicon video who argued the same thing, about how "reactionary governments" persecuted innocent pornographers first and how anyone who is against porn denies human nature and just wants to control everybody.

No. 1894868

that author is a cow in japan. She has a diaper fetish and did a loli diaper photoshoot. She's very creepy.

No. 1894869

>She has a diaper fetish and did a loli diaper photoshoot
what the fuck?

No. 1894871

File: 1708436395913.jpg (3.61 KB, 104x65, sonic is not gay.jpg)

how young are you? men always seethed at yaoi because they hate seeing their favourite male characters taking dick, ofcourse men are totally fine with drawing disgusting fetish shit of female characters but dont you dare do the same to their ''literally me''

No. 1894874

File: 1708436657190.jpg (251.72 KB, 1125x1501, F4JEImVbYAARCpP.jpg)

idk how but honestly it should. but in all seriousness as other anons have said itt its because ppl (mostly oversensitive tifs who think everything is about them) think its fetishising homosexual men as though any woman would care about two pronoun-parading pansies with neon blue hair and the worst fashion sense ever kek

No. 1894876

File: 1708436879072.png (285.46 KB, 600x412, 46lvaa.png)

Can we please put this to rest already, we have four other threads about arguing over this, I don't know har wanna about how "x1 special fetish is better then other x2 fetish, or how x3 is better then the other two"

No. 1894877

Fujoshits are the most obnoxious and spammy people on lc. They just cant help but take pakichan’s bait every time and start screeching up and down every thread about how they’re akshully victims.

No. 1894878

It's based on a rumor 2ch faggots started, they literally claimed that some woman doing lolicon shoots is Kabi Nagata (the pen name the manga author used, i.e. not her real name) because the model was credited with the same name. Which would be absolute retardation to go on publishing a manga with the same name you used for a professional lolicon photoshoot and the model looks to be much younger than her, not to mention I really don't see someone suffering of severe anxiety regarding her body doing something like that.

No. 1894879

dudb't she like/retweet some ABDL shit on her twitter account.

No. 1894880

anon just admit your favourite author is a cow. She's clearly mentally ill and the photoshoot is her, she has drawn and posted her ABDL fetish art on twitter.

No. 1894882

you can find all the proof here >>>/snow/1951713

No. 1894884

It literally doesn't do anything to moids because moids are beings that depend on their dicks and ass to exist, if anything, yaoi makes them want to be gay or bi, which means you get to eliminate another pornsick moid from the dating pool of a few women.
Moid sexuality is so retarded that if you showed a few moids some pictures of holes that induce trypophobia, and not even say anything, just post them near anime girls or the picture of a regular woman, and after a while they will create a trypopho-chan waifu that's full of holes and moids will want to fuck random holes on the floor.
The moral of this story is that no one needs to give a fuck about what moids think or feel, they don't give a fuck about what we think or feel anyways, they've shown us what they think about porn for decades.
So why is it evil for some women to think that, idk, Naruto and Sasuke look hot kissing? Why is it pornsick to read a retarded manga about some guy that falls in love with another guy? If anyone brings back omegaverse shit, you all have to remember that lots of those manga focus on the plot of why the fuck omegaversr even exists and on the feelings of the characters about their positions, comparing that to your average porn manga with anime girls in skimpy clothes that doesn't even have a plot is retarded.(derailing/infighting)

No. 1894885

>Moid sexuality is so retarded that if you showed a few moids some pictures of holes that induce trypophobia, and not even say anything, just post them near anime girls or the picture of a regular woman, and after a while they will create a trypopho-chan waifu that's full of holes and moids will want to fuck random holes on the floor.
When this pokemon became the fav of coomers I started wondering if they would want fuck vases and hourglasses too

No. 1894886

Me using BL as a way to cope with the lack of femdom manga.

No. 1894889

>Only "proof" is a list of dead links to 2ch threads that no longer exist and the same lolicon photoshoot rumor with no actual proof of it actually being her and no other milk
>It's just 2ch anons seething about how she's an ungrateful brat being spoiled by her parents i.e. the same song and dance as every Lolcow vendetta thread here
Be honest, did you even go through these yourself? And yeah, it's pretty obvious she's mentally ill and an emotionally stunted womanchild. That's the entire point. Still doesn't mean she's not a lesbian or make her manga any less groundbreaking for being an unapologetically messy lesbian talking about what her mental illness has caused her to go through.

No. 1894891

You just know the girls posting this kind of insults or threats would piss their pants and hyperventilate if asked to go ask for ketchup at mcdonald's because the cashier forgot.

No. 1894899

File: 1708438611831.jpg (21.99 KB, 236x400, hatterene.jpg)

Samefag forgot to attach picrel

No. 1894900

same. There was a survey and most BL readers in Japan want to see their favourite characters bottom, not top.

No. 1894902

>she posts her ABDL art openly on her twitter
what more proof do you need? she's obviously a degen into diapers

No. 1894905

File: 1708438832277.jpg (Spoiler Image,406.54 KB, 1352x1644, diaper fetish.jpg)

like anon, please. If you are okay with her messy cowish life then just accept she's a super weirdo into diapers. It's not like people are making the connection of a random cow with no ties to ABDL to a loli photoshoot out of thin air, she has openly posted about her fucking fetish.

No. 1894909

Nta but holy shit I didn't know this, how bleak!!! I don't know what to think about her now, I never followed her on social media.

No. 1894912

File: 1708439476288.jpeg (Spoiler Image,184.01 KB, 1080x721, 123.jpeg)

also keking at
>I really don't see someone suffering of severe anxiety regarding her body doing something like that.
meanwhile she takes photoshoots like this. The loli dipare model also has her exact same hairstyle.

No. 1894913

which makes sense in the context of self-inserting as them.

No. 1894917

I've suffered csa and no amount did ever devolep anything close to a diaper fetish, I associate that with mostly furry troons.

No. 1894918

no one is self inserting lol women just like seeing their favourite characters experiencing pleasure. There is a reason why moid hentai focus on the pleasure of the female character and not the male one. It's like you dont understand how sexuality works.

No. 1894922

For japanese fujos yeah thats true. As well as the troon fujos but thats a different type of mental illness

No. 1894924

Lmao they’re all brown

No. 1894925

japanese fujos arent self inserting, what are you talking about

No. 1894926

Again we have 4 separate threads about this, "all fetishes are equally special and non-harmful" is everyone happy now.

No. 1894928

besides, isn't the logic of most self-inserting (especially if we're talking reader insert fics, for example) that the favourite character is the one the insert is getting affection/sex from? Some might still use the uke/bottom as a way to self-insert then, while others the seme/top, depending on their tastes and pov preferences.

No. 1894930

They think POC especially black women as the markers of deviance against white America. It’s a common trope I’ve been seeing since 2020 and it makes me so sick and sad. That’s why there’s been a big push for hyperfemininity in black female spaces as a way of counteracting this liberal bias

No. 1894932

Hell no

No. 1894934

Holy shit saw the pictures on the /snow/ thread. It was horrible

No. 1894935

there was a thread on r/stupidpol, the bizarre racial fetishization of black women specifically by white liberals.

No. 1894937

yeah, we have been invaded by tradthots so i doubt they understand. They think having any kind of sexuality that doesnt involve 3DPD is pornsickness.

No. 1894940

Literally no, this is online shit. If anything it feels more racist to obsess like this. Aside from maybe a few slurs, no one should care

No. 1894948

It all started with homestuck fanart and we suffer the consequences

No. 1894955

You are not oppressed for jerking it to bug eyes anime boys(infighting)

No. 1894958

Maybe both can be true? All women experience misogyny but only a minority troops out and only after extensive exposure to tranny porn and propaganda online

No. 1894959

God forbid I’m grossed out by incest. Most people don’t even bother to tag their fetishes and make it a point of identity

No. 1894964

Link please?

No. 1894969

File: 1708442375129.jpg (97.49 KB, 902x570, 8q0j23273v4b1.jpg)

I've got a rant to make, I can't stand how Japanese isekais have twisted elves into nothing but a porn genre. They're entirely reduced to coom clichés, with busty women getting raped by orcs or Japanese/korean male self inserts, while the men are depicted as weak and feminine, existing only to be humiliated or portrayed as ultra-feminine femboys resembling prepubescent children. And this coom fueled portrayal has now infiltrated Western depictions, not just with elves either, but with any fae or otherworldly pre-human civilizational creature. It's infuriating and only strengthens my belief that we need moralism to come back full force.

No. 1894970

Gillian Flynn obviously intended for Amy to be a villain and anyone who does t think so is retarded but she also intended her to have some good ass points like Cool Girl because she’s a good author, and Amy ofc gets my uncritical support

No. 1894977

>while the men are depicted as weak and feminine, existing only to be humiliated or portrayed as ultra-feminine femboys resembling prepubescent children
That's just how westoid moids perceive them. Link is a femboy to them because he isnt a roidpiggy on the level of kratos.

No. 1894988

Laughing my ass off as this pic trying to glorify western elves. “Their beauty is symbolic of their virtue” yeah so both are nothing but coom material for moids.

No. 1894991

Remember when moids didn't give a fuck about link and he was only for women? I remember, good times. Now all we have is a bunch of stupid ass porn with retarded cuckold scenarios and link looking like a woman with a mask of link slapped on her face.
I want to go back to the time in which I could just enjoy looking at fanart of link being heroic and cool, it took me quite a while to curate my pinterest so it didn't show me any retarded ass pictures of link with a woman's body.
I think this whole sissification of characters beloved by women is a way for moids to yet again terrorize us and try to make us stop liking what we like because moids go "hurr durrr this character is for moids"

No. 1894995

I think that was one of the porn on vaush's file.

No. 1895000

Maybe western elves now are like that but tolkeins elves were never coombait

No. 1895001

Modern men are extremely insecure, more so than even older scrotes. Their only way to excercise control over others is through ''force feminization''. I am so tired of the insecurity and mental retardation of men ruining my bishies.

No. 1895002

File: 1708443486578.png (42.48 KB, 691x325, Who the fuck starts a conversa…)

I don't take Gillian Flynn seriously after reading her other works.

No. 1895005

kek i have no idea what this is but is this not supposed to be satire?

No. 1895007

Yes, she obviously intended her to be evil, which already shows the poor comprehension from the tiktoker, but I find it more retarded to be obsessed over who is the villain in a story. As if their moral compass is the deciding factor if you can like the character or not. This black and white thinking is disney levels of shallow thinking.

No. 1895012

no it's meant to be played straight, all her female main characters are just the worst stereotypes imageable, how often hate other women.

No. 1895016

I agree with you, and i would ignore them. It's def bait or paki-chan trying to start shit.

No. 1895020

What book is this?? Lmao

No. 1895022

It's form a short story she wrote called the grownup and it's really weird and kinda creepy.

No. 1895026

I'm so fucking sick of seeing everyone shill for Palestine EVERYWHERE IN FANDOM SPACES while Ukraine is losing the war, Russia is funding Hamas and being a gigantic global security threat and NOBODY talks about it. I don't care anymore, fuck this stupid fucking American culture war the Israel vs Palestine is obviously tied to, no, people aren't zionists if they feel bad for Israeli civilians just like they do for Palestinian civilians. I'm genuinely exhausted opening my feed and seeing "you can only retweet fun fandom things if you've shared enough Palestinian corpses!!!" tweets from people I thought were sensible. I'm so jaded about this, holy shit.

No. 1895027

If it makes you feel any better, when this is over, the majority of these retards will have forgotten about it and jumped to some other issue they treat as fandom.

No. 1895043

It's so fucking bleak as someone living in a country under direct threat from Russia and being very aware of them murdering Ukrainians over not even a stupid land dispute but sheer megalomaniac lust for endless amounts of power provoked by an ex-soviet country trying to democratize itself. Yet even when Russia attacked Americans were kinda standing there awkwardly being all "well that sucks, slava ukraini I guess" at best yet will bully everyone around the world into stopping whatever they're doing to cape for Hamas despite it being a known terrorist organization oppressing its own people. Crazy fuckers will rake through selfies and tiktok videos to spot a Starbucks cup in the background just so they can cancel you on the spot and if you have any sort of a platform big or small, will demand you to talk about the conflict even if you don't know anything about it and the content you create has nothing to do with current issues. What the fuck is wrong with everyone.(derailing)

No. 1895054

I get supporting the palestinian people, but Hamas are the morons who get them into this mess, they genuinely believed in this retarded holy war with a nation that has defeated stronger opponents and they get their shit kicked in, I'm not justifying what Israel did afterwards but Hamas are at fault, and again morons are treating this like some game.(derailing)

No. 1895060

This is fandom drama not world politics thread, why do you guys keep bringing this up? It's been run into the ground

No. 1895064

Because it's disrupting everyone's fandom experience at the moment, I honest to god see people shaming their followers for "focusing on fandom stuff instead of fighting for Palestine". And not only that, they're actually trying to bully content creators into talking about the conflict or risk being branded a "zionist" for not wanting to do it.(derailing)

No. 1895065

You can't just say "fandom" once and then derail about geopolitics it doesn't work like that.

No. 1895068

kek they really think it works like that mods should open the palestine containment again i am so tired of this

No. 1895086

File: 1708447544249.mp4 (5.94 MB, 854x480, Nh96LpF.mp4)

It's part of a broader trend that I believe is happening. As men get fatter, uglier, and more porn addicted and degenerate, they no longer see themselves as young male heroes or even the macho action types. Instead, they devolve into self-inserting as ogres, orcs, goblins, and in human world stories, they become the 'ugly bastards' and derive pleasure from being objects of disgust. They dream of violating both the knight and the princess, not out of genuine attraction, but as a form of misogynistic hatred and contempt.
vaush's recent "clarification" about his porn fetishes, confirmed this for me.

No. 1895091

but this is cope though, he doesnt want to fuck women as horse he's just a zoophile

No. 1895109

Can you explain what you even consider to be moralism and what that would look like? Most discourse already boils down to "This makes me uncomfortable because it deals with something that's bad, that means you are a bad person and should delete your account". How is moralism supposed to be enforced in your opinion?
Coomers aren't the average person anyway, if you talk to any normal person they won't immediately think of porn when you ask them about elves. It's your fault for being so deep in weebshit or generally looking into shit you know you won't like kek and it's not like western depictions of elves weren't also fueled by coom, just in a way that's different from the anime shit and therefore easier for you to cope with. Dungeon Meshi has non-sexualized elves but anons managed to find issues with that as well, it's almost like you can always find something to complain about if you're looking for it

No. 1895115

Nah, I'm a lesbian and I hate this manga and the hold it has on online "wlw" in their 20s-30s, I'm glad people are finally slamming it after praising it for years. The author is a womanchild who resorts to buying sex, I have no sympathy for johns regardless if they're male or female. Finding out she has tranny-tier fetishes is the icing on the cake. Of course zoomer "sapphics" love her.

No. 1895117

Maybe it's just the way I run into Link content, but most of the time when I see art of him drawn overly feminine/female in anatomy it's by female fans (to be fair they're also often tifs and therefore insane, so). He was already a smooth anime boy to begin with, but that gerudo outfit seems to have really activated some neurons when it comes to wanting to see him depicted as more feminine or even as a tif. I don't want to start the self-insert uke debate again, but that is clearly a motivator too when other characters are involved, with a very 'safe' and acceptable form of crossdressing also probably being part of the appeal. I'm not saying the bastardisation of Link is totes women's fault or anything, just that it might feel inescapable because both 'sides' are doing it, in differing ways.

Again, I don't actively look for Link content so I haven't seen much gross coom art by moids- I'm sure there's a lot and that it's gross, but what can you expect of terminal losers so pornsick they're practically prison gay and trying to justify their interests as being anything but by making pretty men convincingly female and therefore okay?

No. 1895122

westoids should have never had access to japanese videogames. Its funny how gaming has been a thing for almost 4 decades and still the west has yet to release a gaming husbando. All gaming husbandos come from japan and americans are incapable of making attractive male characters in videogames.

No. 1895123

>talk to any normal person they won't immediately think of porn when you ask them about elves
This, although 'fae' might catch you a one if you're talking to someone familiar with romantasy kek

No. 1895126

I agree with you, a lot of the content I see with ultra feminine Link does come from women but men have made far more explicit versions, BoTW Link was specially meant to come across an an "androgynous youth" but he was still male and was closer to a young boy then anything else, coomers of all types twist that form into their perverted fetishes, whether that's /ss/, cuckshit, yaoi or trapshit, all of it an expression of porn-sickness.

No. 1895128

>200 million budget
>50 million return
Wow this makes insane triple AAA videogame budgets and returns like Rockstars look reasonable. What an absolute waste of time and money just to produce benign, spineless mass slop.

No. 1895129

File: 1708449791151.gif (1.76 MB, 640x414, not again pakichan.gif)

No. 1895130

File: 1708449871007.png (309.4 KB, 600x544, that's just a guy.png)

I think it's bad a combination of porn-sickness and stan twitter humor, where they can't express their attraction in a regular way and have to express it in a way a terminally online gay men would, so that's why there's been a trend of calling men's pectoral boobs, but the thing is, there are genuinely some women who are now convinced that men's chest muscles behave exactly like women's breasts.

No. 1895131

gross what a downgrade. I hate how modern japanese videogames try really hard to appeal to westoids so they completly uglify their male characters.

No. 1895132

i hate NLOGs so fucking much if you want an old man go outside and fuck one and leave the rest of us alone. we're not even allowed the solace of fiction anymore

No. 1895134

Based, i am so tired of them. We literally have max 5 attractive male characters in all of videogame history and instead of asking for cute moids they gotta be NLOG pickmes and ask for more ugly post wall safe horny slop

No. 1895145

I fucking hate the ironic obsession western fandoms have with “old men” characters nowadays. They love to shit on ikemen and pretend middle-aged characters havent always been popular and the male power fantasy for decades.

No. 1895148

"Breasts" sounds disgusting but the characters themselves are hot imo

No. 1895153

This reminds me of that WoW guy that in the last released video looked all dirty and wrinkly. I swear they do this to the male characters so they are relatable to moids, because god forbid a man stays pretty, meanwhile the female characters remain the exact same. Women don't have the luxury of aging in video games.

No. 1895154

It makes me laugh when they call bishies 'boring' and then proceed to fellate some super generic old man male character that looks no different from the dime a dozen of old ugly male characters that already exist. I am so tired of the ''lazy unwashed guy with a stubble'' character design in videogames, it always looks nasty.

No. 1895155

normies/npcs can't comprehend that some people don't project onto or self-insert into fiction at all. personally i never have kek i do not see the appeal, even if it's a faceless peon with 1-2 personality traits i can't consider it as being "me"

No. 1895161

We are going to start handing out very long bans for people continuing to derail yet again for the nth time about yaoi/fujospering/what is fem/what is masc. You have been warned.

No. 1895169

women can be bisexual. it makes sense some bisexuals would be into a depiction that's right in the middle between male/female

No. 1895172

>you cant talk about this because it offends the local schizo
way to let retarded derrailers like pakichan run the board

No. 1895174

real. ban the schizos that bitch and say the same exact things wrt the subject for years, not the people who are (semi) politely discussing it

No. 1895175

>you can’t talk about this in case it offends the local schizo
Not even part of this conversation, but just wanna say, that’s pretty much how the board is now, and why is largely sucks. Mods side with the rabid schizos now and everyone else who is normal and tells them to fuck off gets banned for it.

I’m out.

No. 1895176

But the left one looks more white than the right one? And the right one looks more Japanese and imo more attractive facial features wise, he just needs to lose the facial hair and he'd look beautiful. The left one looks like Jeremy Fragrance with black hair.

No. 1895180

that's your opinion anon

No. 1895185

wait a minute those are the same character? i thought it was two different uggos cause none of them look like "pretty twinks" like the tweet said

No. 1895196

I agree with you. The left one looks like a white guy to me. Neither look like twinks though.

No. 1895205

You’re right. Its literally the same fucking old moid archetype every single time. You wont see these self-proclaimed “old man enjoyers” lust for old greying wizards or any other style of old man, just the same old jaded stubbly face guy with brooding eyes.

No. 1895213

Clive would be a 33yo biseinen if he shaved his beard so when you play FF16 you don't really see a huge difference between him and the other protagonists in terms of looks and personality.

No. 1895217

If they weren't old then people would say "you just like them because you want to self insert".
Though they'll do that regardless, at least men can't twist it.

No. 1895222

>Though they'll do that regardless
its crazy that they’re unable to play video games or watch something unless there’s a male character to self-insert into. Only time there is a female one is when she’s there to ogled at

No. 1895232

File: 1708455380736.jpg (25.32 KB, 640x301, i-have-never-made-but-one-pray…)

>this is what the long march through the institutions looks like
quaking in my boots rn
but I get it, she's trying to stop a personal grievance (eastern yaoi hate) from happening in her in-groups by conflating it with the greatest societal taboo there (twanspwobia). This is it, this is what academia was made for.

>only privileged people could play the game because it's expensive
>what is emulation
lol, i'm at risk of sounding like a boomer, but progressive rhetoric is often used to justify laziness, entitlement, smearing and shutting down dissent, etc., and using it to defend being a secondary has GOT to be the peak of this

No. 1895238

kek oh my god they made him look so much older. He legit looks mid 40s

No. 1895245

File: 1708456199827.jpg (108.78 KB, 1200x675, clive-rosfield-ff16.jpg)

I honestly think he has a baby face in most cutscenes, when he's not frowning. He starts the game when he's 28yo and his face looks a little bit different, his hair is a also a little bit shorter and then there's a timeskip. He's 15yo in some flashbacks and looks exactly like his mother, just not blond. I think he looks a lot better than Noctis after the timeskip in FF15. It's hard finding good pics online to show what I mean because of webm files or whatever, my god I hate that shit.

No. 1895246

i dont know he just looks super old to me. Beards age men by 15 years.

No. 1895251

In fairness, I see a lot of the time people take the fan art to be completely accurate and avoid series alltogether when the actual elf character is just fine, if archetypical.
Its not as much sexual elf character as it is if there is an elf character, they will be sexualized.

No. 1895253

Well yeah it's not like he ever shaves, he's on the run trying not to get assassinated in a medieval world where technology is pure garbage for plot related reasons. Maybe his deep voice and scars on his face don't help either, he has one that looks like a very pronounced nasolabial fold but only on one side. You can compare him to Dion and Joshua after the timeskip because they're both 28yo and are more standard bishonen.

No. 1895268

>baby face

No. 1895270

>baby face
that's a lot of stubble for a baby ngl

No. 1895271

maybe its some neanderthal baby

No. 1895272

I can't find better screenshots than that, fuck webm files. And I did say that he would have a way softer face without the beard in another post. It's the beard that makes him look older.

No. 1895385

I'm the first anon you're replying to and holy fuck you're so right, you just nailed it. The same thing happened to another series I liked a lot (Persona) where the entire fanbase is a bunch of minors who played the games through YouTube or twitter threads. I think we should start gatekeeping or powerleveling more.
The games are so fucking good and they're missing out. Even when I was younger I never involved myself in the fanbase but I know damn well it was probably waaaay better than what it is now.
I wonder if we know the same cows. There's like 3 REtwt cows I can think of off the top of my head. Also holy fuck why does no one know how to pirate

No. 1895410

File: 1708465626011.jpg (150.22 KB, 1280x720, p21456593_b_h8_aa.jpg)

Be honest, have you ever been glad to see someone or a series you just dislike get cancelled? For me, this is what happened to Our Flag Means Death. The promotion made a big deal about how it's telling the real "queer POC history" of pirates and it banked itself on that. However, it had to skirt around the issues of rape, murder, and slavery. Steve Bonnet was a plantation owner(and shitty husband and father), and Blackbeard captured slaves from one salve shit and sold them to other nation. No amount of queer woobification could remove those objectively evil acts. and It would be fine if it was a fictional story that clarified it was not real, but again, that's not what the series built its entire identity on. Also, seeing Taika Waititi get cancelled for being just a degenerate fake bi made me happy to see as well.

No. 1895417

why would anyone want to see this? all the moids are repulsive

No. 1895418

well no one did, except hyper wokies and when it got cancelled they stopped watching it.

No. 1895420

Vomit-inducing image

No. 1895421

I'm willing to bet that actual IRL 17th-century scurvy-ridden, diseased pirates looked more attractive than these moids.

No. 1895422

I watched the first episode. It was boring and stupid. I don't get the hype, even overlooking all the issues you listed. It's so pandering!

No. 1895424

my biggest issue what that it took self way too seriously and tried addressing issues that it didn't have the capacity for.

No. 1895426

>seeing Taika Waititi get cancelled for being just a degenerate fake bi made me happy to see as well
Deets on this? For real he's just a spicy straight? I know about his polycule with Rita Ora and the Valkyrie actress but he acts so faggy I actually believed him as a bisexual. And I mean he wrote himself as the main character falling in love with Stede Bonnett.

No. 1895434

you've never come across a faux-bisexual male before?

No. 1895436

File: 1708467054963.jpg (38.25 KB, 536x733, Olivia_the_Seagull.jpg)

The only good character from OFMD aside from another Seagull named Karl.

No. 1895438

I mean, usually you can tell. Cf. Harry Styles. With Taika I genuinely can't.

No. 1895479

File: 1708469134370.png (2.82 MB, 2560x1440, kGH3Wfj.png)

During the PS2 and early PS3 era, developers faced the challenge of limited technology that couldn't achieve complete realism. To overcome this, they focused on style and gameplay, resulting in games that have aged remarkably well compared to those released in recent years. The pursuit of "realism" has proven to be a massive pitfall for Western developers, as it leads to games that are more expensive and time-consuming to create, but ultimately have bland and restrictive gameplay.

No. 1895483

nona you seem like a true gamer. what are your thoughts on baldur's gate 3

No. 1895494

This is my personal taste but I'm not interested in playing it. I'm not fond of RPGs, and I just really dislike the "faux-fantasy" genre. You know, that vague medieval fantasy setting that has entered the cultural zeitgeist, where everything exists at once and so nothing actually feels real.
Also, I'm not really much of a gamer (I barely play games these days). It's just that if I don't like something, I don't play it. It's as simple as that. I'm not even that great with tech stuff. It's just that I can see basic styles and point out objective facts that are inherently gonna crash and burn.

No. 1895495

I don't get why nonnies have such a hate for it, aside the moid self-insert Gale the cast is ok and 90% of the sex scenes are fade to black, all of the romance is avoidable.

No. 1895502

wasnt it written by tumblrinas? the ugly moids alone make me want to avoid it but it honestly doesnt sound that interesting and i dont understand why it was so popular. The fact i know more about from the bear sex scene and asstarion instead of the story and gameplay says a lot.

No. 1895519

File: 1708471618232.jpg (170.59 KB, 1170x1473, F_lBxwRW4AA370N.jpg)

This is some very low effort bait, the game has been extensively covered by gaming related media outlets and personalities.

Anyway, posting funny pic

No. 1895527

it won award for the bear sex scene please

No. 1895540

part of me wishes gacha games would make all of their husbandobait characters explicitly 18+ just to shut these retards up but I don't want them to win kek. also pap_mura is so based

No. 1895546

It felt like it was everyone on tumblr, almost like the haydays of superwholock or Hannibal

No. 1895563

File: 1708474405364.jpg (342.34 KB, 2560x1440, megan%20thee%20stallion-291495…)

I'm honestly so happy that she's going to host the Crunchyroll anime awards this year. Make all the weeaboo virgin male incels seethe.

No. 1895564

No. 1895567

File: 1708474567239.jpg (262.24 KB, 2048x2048, 1698747821-2287-3472798404.jpg)

And I hope she gets to sing WAP, the Megan's Law and hands on my knees shaking ass on my thot shit. It would be so fun to see all the seething reactions. Plus the cosplay she's going to wear is cute on her.

No. 1895590

great, cool, more hypersexual black female representation - the only kind we fucking get - to own the moids or whatever

No. 1895683

the irony…
this>>1892591 looks like FtM.

No. 1895685

understand that most of these movies were released when theaters were closed during the pandemic, all of the movies released in this time were massive flops. i like most of these movies kek but the generational trauma term was getting tiring around turning red's release, i won't mind if that theme was never touched again. im a western animation fag but i enjoy when disney loses money especially when they make actual garbage like wish.

this show reeks of cringe god i fucking hate pirates

not a gamer but i reaaaally dislike most hyperrealistic "you can even count their pores" games, theyre gonna age so bad and all look the same. what happened to creative art styles?

No. 1895686

Not a moid but my younger sisters love her and I’m tired of seeing this hoe everywhere, leave my anime alone! I bet she’s only marketing herself as a weeb for relevance and not because it’s popular, ‘cause singing/rapping thot songs does get old after awhile.

No. 1895687

Megan is a legit weeb sister you pathetic excuse of a human being take that back and go sit in a corner

No. 1895690

File: 1708483331278.jpeg (756.89 KB, 1284x1442, IMG_4050.jpeg)

What happened to creating fics/art and other fanwork contributions out of pure love for a series? Why does everything have to be about money and worshipping other fans in modern fandoms? I obviously dont think their creations should be used for AI but thats another conversation entirely, I’ve just noticed that fandoms have shifted heavily into “RESPEKT YOUR FIC WRITERS!!! SIGN UP TO MY PATREON!!!1” in the last decade or so when back in the day you’d have people casually drop 300k fics out of pure autistic love and hyperfixation for a ship.

No. 1895693

Noooooo not hoes in my anime!!!! Leave my medium primarily known for isekai and fan service aloooooone!!!!

No. 1895723

I do get some of the frustration (don't agree on the 'we should get paid' part– fic comms are one thing, but a patreon for fic or whatever feels against the spirit of the whole thing kek), as there is a problem in general with a lack of interaction these days. It's not even about praise, just that if you're going to write a fic out of love and autism, you often want to talk about and share that autism with other fans in the comments. Same goes for art, even if what you post performs well, there's a lack of that sense of community and discussion that was more prominent in the 2000s and earlier 2010s.

There's no need to be entitled about it, but yeah, it is sometimes disheartening to be shouting into the void in a space like fandom, where the whole point is enjoying a thing as a group– likes and sharing is nice and all, but sometimes you would rather more substantial interaction or discussion.

(though, there's also a flip-side of shitty interaction 'cause some people are just socially inept and retarded kek)

No. 1895736

It seems like identifying as NB doesn't stop people from calling you a fujo fetishizer lol

No. 1895742

This is ridiculous. No one is forcing anyone to write s fiction for a fandom. This isn't like making a huge mod for a game. I know a Panic At the disco fic writer who did turn her work into a book because it was hugely popular in 2013, so people requested it, but I think she only charged a few bucks on twitter. Still, fic writers charging for their work is some actual garbage. It's not like it'd a fanart commission for your oc.

No. 1895757

Yeah but why do artists go unquestioned for getting money/havibg a patreon to churn out fanart? Let's be honest, most of those commissions are based on existing IPs

No. 1895761

Because paying to get the exact fic you want down to the word is much harder and a riskier investment than paying to get a fanart that looks exactly how you want it. Fics are about getting the correct feeling, art is about the correct visual. One is inherently more subjective, it's not surprising people don't shell out for fics. Most people don't buy books without at least reading reviews of the finished work either.

No. 1895855

This, the only fic writers I've seen who are good at writing on commission (haven't run into any patreon-havers in the fandoms I'm in, and only a couple kofi ones) are ones who are at a skill and quality level that they could probably go into a field that requires that kind of writing if they wanted to anyway (eg TV/tie-in novels/anything that's pre-established and requires consistent theming and feel, etc). These authors also tend to only take comms that suit their tastes as well because they're smart enough to know that taking on something that doesn't won't come out to their usual standards or be draining to work on. They're also popular or have a dedicated readership that knows what to expect of their fic, similar to readers familiar with or able to read reviews of published authors. Comms are still hard to get anyway, since with most fanfic you can just wait around and someone will probably end up writing it for free just because what's wanted is generic enough, so fic commissions tend to be either more specific requests or just a desire for more from the one author.

(also, a lot of artists shouldn't be expecting/demanding payment for their efforts anyway, as they're often asking too early skill-wise or haven't built up enough of a following to even have a market that isn't just cheap opportunists or passing children, whether they post fanart or not)

Somewhat similar topic, but does anyone else feel like trades and interesting fic challenges have kind of died out? Like, people still do ship/character weeks and kink/other-tober prompt challenges, but what happened to big bangs and meme fills (though I guess the answer to that is stuff like kinkmemes dying out) and other fun shit?

No. 1895879

I mean if she's telling the truth, you do have to be somewhat fucked up to draw a penis over what appears to look like a child character.

No. 1895884

Doing fanart commissions is way more straight forward than fic commissions imo. If someone comes to you asking to draw a character from a series you've never seen, any decent artist can learn to draw them from a handful of refs and feedback from the client. To write a good fic you need to have actually read/watched the source material and understand it fairly in depth, and need to understand the characters/ship on the same level as the commissioner.

No. 1895885

>rip our fucking shit
>"ripping anything"
i really really really hate that these people can't sit down and actually research how the tech works. so lame and stupid

No. 1895886

mts haters are so pathetic

No. 1895895

i recently saw them cancelling him for saying hamas should release the israeli hostages aka for being a jew that has opinions most jewish people have

No. 1895897

A woman pretending to be a weeb wouldn't put lyrics about sasunaru in her songs, that's too specific.

No. 1895918

All the men in that game are hideous and one of the writers was revealed to be a stereotypical tumblrfag if you read the previous threads here. Stop calling every disagreement 'bait'.

No. 1895930

Fandom spaces being commodified is the biggest mistake that was made in the 2010's. Less people want to do it simply for the love of the series and the feeling of providing something for the community, everyone has to be compensated monetarily. Having drawn loads of fanart and organized multiple events on my own damn free time being paid nothing but maybe crumbs of social clout for it I wouldn't change it for the world, bringing money into hobby spaces poisons it for good because it attracts opportunists only there for their grift and everyone is too short sighted to see that they're making a profit off someone else's creation, not their own. People greatly overestimate the amount of money involved in fandom anyway because they see the top 0.01% like Sakimichan making a huge amount of coomer bucks when in reality most people are selling $4 keychains and $30 fanart commissions that barely cover the material or labor costs just to make a few extra bucks for their effort.

No. 1895942

Almost every solutions to problems within fandoms wouldn't have happened if gatekeeping were an actual thing. Bring it back.

No. 1895944

I had that for HBO Rome. That show was vile and stupid

No. 1895952

I only see one or two anons seething at the game because of "ugly moids" when they all have six packs and just aren't underage anime twinks, the women in the game aren't blow up dolls either. I posted that shit about Baudelaire being a nepo baby. There's better fandom drama than that, like 3 of the writers quitting the studio recently.

No. 1895958

The men in this game get made fun of by the majority of anons in several different threads. If anything those characters only have one or two fans here since they're rarely defended. There's also a middle ground between underage anime twinks and looking like a dehydrated 70 year old with a bad wig.

No. 1895963

>dehydrated 70 year old with a bad wig.
I audibly laughed at how accurate this description is kek

No. 1895969

File: 1708507143496.png (3.38 MB, 2560x1421, bg3_dx11_2023-09-19_20-54-13.p…)

Funny how you picked the character most popular with women instead of the neckbeard or the gay bear. Cope, seethe, dilate.

No. 1895971

Lord save us from the Astarion husbandofag I can't take another infight with her schizo ass anymore

No. 1895972

How many more times am I gonna have to see this fag

No. 1895975

nta I don't care about any fucking character from that awful game, they aren't even characters, they are bags of tropes jumbled up together.

No. 1895995

This is more of a direct response to the image then your post but, I can answer this.
I'm the type of person that does commission art, including of ships I like. There's 2 main reasons I've yet to commissions any fics. First one, is that quite frankly most fanfic writers aren't worth it. I have to dig through countless of pages to find something that isn't incredibly OOC and I hate investing time into a 400k fic only for it to never pay off. So I read mostly one shots because some bad writing is easier to deal with when it's short. It's just hard to trust someone will write something the way you like it, since it's much more personal then 'draw this character'.
Second reason is that paying someone for a smut fic is something I really don't want attached to my name by payment. Somehow I don't feel the same way about smut art commissions but I digress.

No. 1896007

File: 1708512325064.png (522.1 KB, 960x539, PHrdnch.png)

not like Pirates romanticization doesn't happen in the west either.

No. 1896018

>why can't lesbians have manga where blah blah
This kind of attitude is so baffling to me. It's the same as people who say shit like "When will we get good fanart of this character?". Like, you're not "getting" anything. Someone made something and you can choose to look at it. This entitlement is crazy and it's one of the reasons fandom spaces feel so hollow. There are "content creators" who are treated like machines that just pump out stuff to look at and regular fans that take it all in and still feel the need to act like they are entitled to more or to dogpile those who create in a way they think is wrong.

>but does anyone else feel like trades and interesting fic challenges have kind of died out?
There's just no one doing stuff for the sake of it anymore. If you have the time you might as well work on your own stuff because that will get more attention/money

No. 1896020

Weird that every flag is their nationality but American is black or white. Can you not have black French or white South Africans?

No. 1896040

it's far behind their yank ability to comprehend that there could be black french people who call themsleves exclusively french without hyphens

No. 1896063

Have you seen how Americans talked about the French football team during the 2018 world cup? I'd rather they ignore minorities from African countries in France rather than be disrespectful like that again. Like please, ignore us forever.

No. 1896069

He certainly wasn't my pick for the game, but I do find it a bit odd that so many anons act as if it's a surprise that Astarion is popular despite his rougher looks– you could give his personality, a sad backstory, and expressive vocal performance to a tree stump and people would still love it. The game is long as fuck too and revolves around roleplaying, which gives people plenty of time to come around on characters even if they originally dismissed them as an obnoxious uggo who was only slightly more worthwhile to keep around and alive than purposely killing them off/letting them die

No. 1896072

I doubt anons are surprised I think it's more that they're sick of seeing him all the time.

No. 1896073

Pretty much this. the internet has gotten too centralized. Fandoms are no longer compromised of nerds who truly love a show/game/book and built a community, if something blew up on tiktok or gains traction in some other way you get a hoard of FOMO fans just riding the wave and regurgitating memes without actually fully engaging with the material.

The other day I saw some fanartist post a sketch and said the full thing is in her patreon, she wasnt even a particularly popular or “skilled” artist. Everyone is just trying to make money and build a bootlicking community around them nowadays.

No. 1896118

I'm really starting to hate Patreon after all the good femgaze smut got pay-walled. Once a hobby becomes a job, an artist regards their peers as rival companies rather than contemporaries, like it's a big race to net the most fame and fortune in under a month. No one cares. yet it's life and death with those people. AI is bad for a slew of reasons, but taking your "job," especially a hobby, is quite frankly retarded. I get that the job market right now is fucked beyond all belief, but can it rest? Can't one find more joy in the craft than thinking of getting food on the table?

Back then, fandom artists would draw away in their basements, expressing love of anime, comics, cartoons, and video games without a care in the world. I'm seeing more kid artists dive straight to Kofi and Patreon because flipping burgers had grown boring these days. Eighteen year olds are either into only fans or drawing smut of their favorite bl pairings but one of them got a vagina cuz muh diversity. I wanna know how slavic and eastern artist weathered for so long, because us american pigs can never get it in their heads that snooping, especially harassment, is a time waster best spent on productivity.

No. 1896147

The internet becoming mainstream is the worst thing to ever happen. There is no such thing as niche fandoms anymore or memes, or board culture. So many people post on lolcow and have no idea what PT even stands for.
I've tried having conversations about old videogames I love in the 90s/early 2000s era and most people have either never heard of it or just watch a Lets play online. No, I dont know the names of any of these youtubers or vtubers. It feels like there is too much info at once and people latch on, gather as much info as their peabrains can handle and leave. No one is truly sticking around in a fandom.
Does anyone even talk about PALworld anymore? No, because people have the attention span of 2 months tops now. It's so odd to me.

No. 1896149

You can't find anything in Artist alley at conventions anymore because people only draw and pander to what's popular. I went to Katsucon and I swear to you, at least 30 percent of the cosplays I saw was Hazbin hotel. I didnt even know what that shit was until a friend explained it to me. The new homestuck? I shudder the thought.

No. 1896187

Back then fandom artists usually had a real job and fanart was just a side hustle for them so they weren't as concerned about getting everything down to their smallest farts monetized. A lot of the artists I used to follow were of various backgrounds and job industries and openly shared their creations they dedicated their free time to, but social media made it so that you need to abandon the 9 to 5 and become a full time fanartist. A lot of creators have paywalled their content to the point their open social media is just advertisements for their Patreon, and it's not just Patreon exclusive perks but literally all of their posts are just practically e-begging that started way before they became big enough for people outside of their direct friend circle willing to pay for their work because they just felt entitled to monetary compensation.

No. 1896191

Yes, this. I used to think it was pretty stupid to gatekeep fandoms, but I've seen what it does to just open up to anyone. I remember using forums and they were great containment zones to the various aspects of it. You had specific places to talk about different parts of the media and you had to adhere to the etiquette and lingo of each space. Nobody was truly kept away from the fandoms, they were just directed to make their own niche places for different purposes. Just look at how twitter feed is an solid continuous scroll of every post without filtering. Back then we had different websites, a personal blog to post your thoughts, a gallery to post your work, a separate one to post your nsfw and so on, I even remember Japanese artists creating different accounts for each fandom they were part of. I understand it was a hassle to hop in a bunch of different places and check every single one of them, which made some interactions slower than the ones we have now, it wasn't a perfect situation. Still, I would take that back from what we got.

No. 1896220

>I understand it was a hassle to hop in a bunch of different places and check every single one of them, which made some interactions slower than the ones we have now, it wasn't a perfect situation.
As an oldfag who was around at the time of personal websites and also had multiple of my own, I actually miss this time. I miss the excitement of checking a list of websites I had in my bookmarks to see which ones had updated, and if they hadn't, I just revisited all the content again. Things just lasted for longer now. Now I can't remember half of the artwork I've retweeted on my fandom account in the last two days and I kind of feel bad about it, art should be enjoyed and experienced and not just consoomed endlessly.

No. 1896233

File: 1708529932454.jpg (123.1 KB, 481x598, privilegeof60dollars.jpg)

I found the post, it was funnier than I remembered.
I bet we know the some of the same cows, for some reason twitter shoves them into your feed if you like RE. I am not into shipping, but I don't hate it, either way it's impossible to be in a fandom and avoid the ships discussions, they became most of the content for every fandom I see. Though every ship has their own cows, Aeon takes the cake. They remind me of Cloti fans who self insert as Tifa. Serennedy and metal tango is filled with trans fanart of the characters, but there is this one person who is obsessed with the idea of tif fat Krauser. Then there is this artist who draws Leon with her furry ocs and for a while she only drew him as a fat donut eating cop, that was something. The last twitter cows I can think of are the Ethan fans. It takes something special to be obsessed with the guy that until the last village dlc had no face and ship it with characters he barely interacts, if at all.
Top tumblr poster from picrel is my favorite. She is obsessed with Leon and her whole tumblr is her answering asks like "do you think Leon would hear smashing pumpkins?". I suspected she sent most of these asks to herself, but I checked some of her followers and now I'm not so sure.

No. 1896238

File: 1708530418031.jpg (72.84 KB, 564x752, 5c9d735b7154263d48f381c927b65f…)

why do so many girls get so intensely mad about yumejoshi? no matter where you go, you get flooded by how self insert stuff is cringe, horrible, badly written, an insult to whatever franchise

No. 1896253

i don't hate yumes or anything. but personally i read a lot of fanfic and it's annoying to see character tags get flooded by x reader stuff in every platform. it's always poorly written. i try to filter it out but many people don't even tag it properly. i inow i can scroll but there just is a lot of it.

No. 1896268

i mean you're just proving my point by parroting the exact same stuff everyone else says. M/M ships are and always will be the primary source of fan content, reader stuff is a drop in the bucket compared to it. At some point, those girls are basically peer pressuring each other into liking fanon ships if they don't want to be absolutely ridiculed. Imagining 2 anime guys in a relationship is not superior to imagining yourself with pixels

No. 1896274

who would you have preferred? She's one of the most visible weebs of our time?

No. 1896293

Self-ship content feels cringe to other fans (even ones who also self-ship) because it's like reading someone's diary about their crush rather than witnessing regular fandom content involving only canon characters. Most fans just want to see more of what they're a fan of, gen or shipping content, not OCs and author/reader inserts– that's why they're in a fandom and, I don't know, reading romance novels designed with self-inserting in mind. It's a similar reason why a lot of people don't like crossover fics– they've turned up looking for one thing and are instead having it invaded by something else. That, and the autism.

No. 1896296

I respect their unapologetic femgaze representation would be great if self-inserts weren't overly sexualized to the point taking focus off husbando in their normal clothes. X readers het fics are sure better than m/m with vaginal sex. I didn't read them, though.

No. 1896299

because OCs are peak cringe, sorry to say but it's true

No. 1896303

I agree with your post and I don't want to derail the thread into a game discussion, but I also think games like silent hill were the best of that time, ps2 and ps3 era had atrocious looking games that people gloss over. I get ptsd from the cheap movie adaptations for ps2 I've played and they did not age well by any means. What silent hill had was a good art direction and very talented people involved. I agree the mindless pursuit gamedevs had with realistic graphics was part of the reason some recent games look bad, I remember their obsession over graphics for every single game release and how "graphics" became a rating category for the game ratings and ofc their mindless thought realism=better, without taking in consideration the art direction. Take silent hill as an example, it didn't turn to shit just because of that. Konami disbanded Team Silent who was the group responsible for the first 4 games and to this day, they are the best ones. Unsurprisingly every silent hill after that not only looked like shit but lost all the cool storytelling. Silent hill wasn't known for it's gameplay, but for the story and the ambience. The new games relied on snippets of the first 4 games to exist, they were soulless copies. Look at silent hill origins that came years after silent hill 3 and 4 and how much worse it looks. A decent art direction will look good in any technology and style imo, but companies think "graphics" will sell their games, and unfortunately it does, the average player looks awed by graphics and automatically think the gameplay quality is equivalent, which isn't true. We see plenty of indie games with basic graphics but way better gameplays and stories and people have been genuinely getting more invested in them. While I agree the realism pursuit was part of the reason, I also think the way the companies handled their creative teams was also an issue, it wasn't just konami, many other big companies repeated these same mistakes.

No. 1896307

most shippers turn at least one member of the ship into a basical OC anyway. Hence the amount of ''cuntboy'' fics and the likes

No. 1896310

You are close but also wrong. When it comes to EN-speaking fandom artists, there's no path to turning that passion into a job. If you're in SEA, you can totally use that skill of drawing fanart into making it a job. For example, Fate Grand Order has many artists drawing for the game who were once just simple fans drawing fanart. That's not a thing in the west. It basically does not happen. So if you want to survive from your art, a mix of patreon and commissions is your best bet. Once you have a few hundred patreons giving you $5 a month, you're mostly good. Keep in mind that just commissions is difficult if you life in a first world country. To make $2500 a month in commissions you'd need several high-paying ones, and who knows how often you can guarantee a stream of clients. That's why patreon is used so often. It's significantly safer and more steady.
Do you have any idea how expensive tabling at a convention is? An artist isn't going to make a bet on selling niche shoujo nr 5 just in case they are 2 other fans around. One of which is going to say how much they love that series and then walk away.

No. 1896312

better than woke projections

No. 1896321

They shouldnt be charging any money for their fanart

No. 1896324

File: 1708532844073.jpg (372.19 KB, 1684x1190, GEhpwXSXUAAYZbB.jpg)

there are so many people willing to pay premium price for mediocre art commissions. i don't get it.

No. 1896325

it's worthless to fight with them, they will praise any woman who dances naked for moids and raps about asses and hoes.

No. 1896340

why not?
It's very audience dependent. I've seen artists with significantly more skill struggle to get clients. Also a comm sheet =/= actually getting commissions

No. 1896342

lol it's always the women with the shittiest taste shitting on anime twinks because god forbid women like youthful perfect men instead of men with nasolabial folds that look like grandmas.

No. 1896349

it's all branding. if someone likes an artist and their style even if mediocre sure they would be willing to pay more. and comic commisions should cost way more than a regular character commision, they require more planning and panelling.

No. 1896364

File: 1708533965211.png (566.35 KB, 1080x408, 2UA1GYh.png)

The main reason why I dislike him is because of the art style. If the BG3 had prioritized aesthetic over "realism" (which is unattainable), I might have played, but the end result is everyone looking like uncanny valley renaissance cosplayers.

No. 1896365

File: 1708534003446.jpg (256.76 KB, 974x1200, comiket.jpg)

I dont know where anons are getting that japanese artists do stuff out of passion alone and completly for free. Dont they know about comiket/dlsite/fanbox?

No. 1896367

The art might be mediocre, sure, but it's for a comic page which is both more work on the artist's part and a less common offering that potential buyers might be looking for but unable to find in their price range (120€ per page isn't much, even if you wouldn't buy it).

>a comm sheet =/= actually getting commissions
This too, not sure why so many people see a comm sheet and immediately assume the artist has ever even managed to sell one slot, especially to anyone outside of their friend group

No. 1896368

There's a difference between doujin sold at japanese events for like $5-10 to cover the cost of materials and printing because they don't want to make money off the IP to avoid stepping on any toes vs western cons where they want $25 for a single print of the same IP where it's almost all pure profit

No. 1896370

Most jp artists who sell at conventions and on booth etc. only do so to cover printing costs. It's actually a feature of Japanese copyright legislation that they shouldn't be making a profit off of someone else's IP, so they skirt around this rule by only making enough to cover costs and thus not profiting.

Fanbox I am less familiar with, isn't it some sort of patreon scheme? If so it hasn't been around for a very long time, and is even more recent than patreon which to my knowledge was not something Japanese artists participated in.

No. 1896371

File: 1708534224407.jpg (196.54 KB, 1280x756, IMG_9591.JPG)

Not about pricing, some non-comic commissions take a month to complete, due taking multiple slots obviously, adding complexity of pieces, but still clients have iron patience. And also the security matter artist knows your real name. I am probably never get into commissioning.

No. 1896375

Except for the popular artists, doujin and fan artists take huge losses selling their fanworks. Doujin is usually sold at about only 500 yen, take or leave a 100 yen… I'm pretty sure this was a plot point in "Koi no Mon", where the love interest was a doujinka in debt, lol.

No. 1896376

that's why dlsite and fanbox are replacing comiket

No. 1896382

I just went on dlsite and most of the doujin offered is still dirt cheap. Comiket is still massively popular though, I don't think these sites would ever replace it tbh

No. 1896395

File: 1708535016607.jpg (496.01 KB, 880x880, GGWeCNnboAAyYGq.jpg)

this has 30k likes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No. 1896397

Is this some kind of discreet fetish shit or something the fuck is this. I don't trust any artist on twitter to not be a weirdo.

No. 1896403

female weebs are just getting normified i guess. you would hear that shit from some suburban housewife talking about her kids and nigel

No. 1896404

Lmao how did you even come to that conclusion

No. 1896408

breeding propaganda

No. 1896414

File: 1708535566165.png (484.28 KB, 820x857, ike husbandofag.png)

its like my otp

No. 1896420

Really hate these trope memes that have plagued art communities for the last few years. Easy likes to just draw 2 blobs acting out a generic trope

No. 1896421

is… this supposed to be a joke (?) about how unimaginative child character design tends to be or…?
(eg child is a mini-me of their father except they have their mother's eyes, like Harry Potter kek)

No. 1896425

ayrt and I get it, I'm also an oldfag and I miss personal websites, I just figured the endless scrolling mentality already infected the minds of most people by now. I remember when artist had their own websites and they would link other artist with personalized banners. I'm coming to terms things won't go back, but at this point I just wished there was a better way to filter things, sometimes I don't want to see what an artist ate that day or their ramble on some inane subject, I just want a clean gallery of their work and wips. But now social media is everyone's everything, their chatbox, their diary, their portfolio.

No. 1896426

It literally isnt you dumb retard(infighting)

No. 1896430

a lot of japanese artists are moving to fanbox instead of making more doujins what are you talking about. Even the japanese artist with 1k followers has a fanbox nowadays

No. 1896438

This is the worst art style. I hate it so much

No. 1896446

>moving to fanbox instead of making more doujins
You are stupid as hell. The stuff that gets released on fanbox is different from the doujinshi created for comiket, and most known artists contribute to both. Stop embarrassing yourself further and speaking on things you dont even understand.(infighting)

No. 1896449

why are you so angry kek

No. 1896451

Christ almighty anons have some absolutely unhinged schizo anger issues for jumping at this just to sperg about their weird conspiracies about it being a fetish evil trope meme breeding propaganda whatever. It's a joke about how in shounen series in particular when the main couple has a kid for the sequel the kid always looks 1:1 identical to the dad maybe sans the eye color. I'm honestly embarrassed for everyone in this thread.

No. 1896459

>For example, Fate Grand Order has many artists drawing for the game who were once just simple fans drawing fanart. That's not a thing in the west.
It is though, a lot of budding artists have gotten industry jobs for drawing fanart or being highly invested in a property. There was a trending hashtag called #fanartgotmepaid a few years back of people showing off how they were hired through drawing fanart that caught someone's eye in the industry.

No. 1896462

i am still angry pokemon hired that faggot that did the hyper realistic pokemons. So tired of the obssesion with hyper realism. He was also a coomer too.

No. 1896464

Tbh, most anime, specially shonen anime tends to be breeding propaganda, it's just in that some anime is more subtle than in others. It's kind of funny how most people don't notice that.

No. 1896467

File: 1708537972441.jpeg (364.54 KB, 1580x880, 4314D083-F471-4C57-A040-9BF7E2…)

If your first thought upon seeing this is “fetish” that says more about you than anything else. It’s a cartoon media trope.

No. 1896468

…For ships?

No. 1896476

NTA and ot but this just made me realize how dumb it is that the puppies of two dogs of entirely different breeds are not mutts in that movie.

No. 1896477

I like honest yume much, much more than yume that pretend to be fujo.
I guess I do have a standard of knowing the character if you're going to ship them with you, while with bl there's two seperate standards of "it's for clicks" and "you should know the dynamics."

No. 1896478

It was hyperbolic but overall the chances are significantly more slim in EN speaking communities. Also iirc a lot of those posts had people who attended art/animation colleges and the fanart in question was in their portfolio, and a lot of other posts were just one off jobs.
Fanbox is basically patreon yes. That said, you still cannot compare it with western conventions as anyone who has sold at one can tell you any of the bigger ones can easily cost you thousands in just having the table, travel costs, and goods.
You two might want to look at how popular skeb has become. Clearly a lot of artists need/want to make more money even in glorious nippon where fandom is purely altruism according to this thread.

No. 1896481

Which fandom has the worst trannies?

No. 1896484

The worst tifs are in the BNHA fandom imo. Tims are the worst no matter what fandom

No. 1896486

Hobbies in general have become more commodified in the last decade. I was always more into general artist spaces than specific fandoms, and they've went from everyone being young adults who want to share our OCs and improve our art skills to advertising commissions. I know some "true" hobby spaces exist if you dig, but it really makes me sad.

No. 1896488

is this really a common trend, cause I see this mostly with western cartoons.

No. 1896496

nta but yes it's an extremely common design trope in fiction in general, with a few variations depending on if the MC is the mother or father, or who the child takes after the most being dependent on if the kid is a boy or girl. You also see it a lot with fankid designs for ships– it's just a very lazy and basic design trope that mostly only matters if the child character is supposed to be taken seriously as their own entity and not just a rehash of one of their parents.

No. 1896502

File: 1708539796420.jpg (261.72 KB, 1000x1414, MV5BYjM0MDRkYzctMTNhMS00ODYwLT…)

You tell me.

No. 1896504

and skeb is commission work… what is your point? There's a difference between uploading half a sketch on twitter and dropping a link to your patreon so only those in your paywalled club can see fanart vs putting up commission work to be hired for. Don't move the goalposts.

No. 1896505

Most patreon artists also offer commissions though? I'm not sure how I'm moving goalposts. Also if enough people are wanting to see the full sketch on patreon for a few dollars a month, why wouldn't an artist do so?

No. 1896511

File: 1708540423099.png (394.87 KB, 840x859, gumball-watterson-family-.png)

I just haven't seen this trope as much because, based on my experience with animated shows, if the mom is a rat and the dad is a bird, then the boy children will be rats and the girl children will be birds. And if they are both the same species, the children will simply be reversed gendered palette swaps of their parents.

No. 1896519


Sigh, I've been following the dumpsterfire of development that is validate since 2020. Take a look at its thread on the other farms, it's a fun read.


Inaya, Isabelle, Yolanda, Ashlie and Anoki are women (Anoki's route is all about how she is non binary and goes by all pronouns and totes not as straight woman. Ashlie is a e-girl streamer who's straight and her route is about finding friendship)

Catherine and Emhari are trannies and Emhari is a transbian and his route is all about how totes valid he is despite not medically transitioning

Arihi is a pooner who overthinks about getting misgendered all the time and her beta design looked more like a girl

Yolanda is the danulmao's (the dev)
Self insert and she is a cow herself

Keaton was put as a joke because "haha see we don't hate wyppl look we even put an italian there" and when the character became a fan favorite (because there were a lot of memes and jokes and putting him on the spotlight as the butt of the joke) Dani (the dev) got butthurt kek but she later created Keaton's mom and made her a milf bait

Also all the characters smoke weed and every route there are unfunny weed jokes.

Not to mention they had 10 artists and one programmer and a lot of the team quit and a bunch of dirty laundry was aired and acusations of xist and xphobic were thrown out

It's a fantastic dumpsterfire to follow up kek

No. 1896520

File: 1708541260700.png (468.68 KB, 840x531, PALE_ELVES_FUCK_BEARS.png)


No. 1896525

If they're American they're more likely to get into the animation industry than anywhere else though, right? You also have some Westerners from a bunch of countries working on anime and posting their animations for the most on-going recent series on twitter. Obviously it's hard to get there but not impossible, and this also applies to Japanese people in Japan, they're not getting in new projects thanks to nepotism either.

No. 1896546

File: 1708543351852.png (64.21 KB, 214x300, ozyudvu.png)

nonnas, please don't leave over this, I just think fujo discussion don't belong in this specific thread due to the arguments and derailments it causes.

No. 1896549

male trannies: fallout, RTS games, idol franchises.

No. 1896551

that's just giving pakichan what she wants.(derailing)

No. 1896558

I'm curious what idol idol franchises fandoms are like, I'm sure it's batshit insane though.

No. 1896561

Quite a bit of delusions on the female side where they try to cope with how moidy the franchises are.

No. 1896562

File: 1708544247635.jpg (80.1 KB, 800x600, 7810796872_a49638661e_c.jpg)

tbf men do this as well, My roommate's gym-bro boyfriend is really into Warhammer40k. He even has a tattoo from one of the factions(something like picrel). now Warhammer is a tabletop RPG series, and he's never played one (he calls it nerd stuff). He just listens to the lore videos, likes the art and aesthetic, but never engages in the actual games or the fandom. He says most of them are fat nerds and that he doesn't want to be around them. I find that so utterly bizarre. How can you be so into something but also clearly don't want to even try to learn about where it came from or the rest of its fandom.

No. 1896564

That's just Harry Potter, is that really a cliche? I'm more used to when the male teenage or young adult character looks like genderbend version of his mom, usually in manga and anime.

No. 1896577

>Catherine and Emhari are trannies and Emhari is a transbian and his route is all about how totes valid he is despite not medically transitioning
Damn, I assumed Emhari was a gay guy going by his design until I read the wiki. I preferred him that way, too. The wiki says "she/her and he/him" so he basically identifies as a man at the same time while looking like one.

No. 1896583

i didn't say liking m/m is superior, i didn't even mention it. there's other types of fanfic besidees m/m and reader insert too. please donnt turn it into a yume vs fujo argument.
i said i don't like the recent influx of x readerr fics.especially when improperly tagged. in my expereience they usually show a total lack of creativitiy and terrible characterisation. of course there's a lot of bad fanfic that aren't x reader. i was simply explaining my reasoning for not liking these.

No. 1896586

File: 1708546539203.png (521.99 KB, 537x813, Screenshot 2024-02-21 120516.p…)

>Husbandofags getting mad that other husbandofags with better art are getting more attention than them

No. 1896588

File: 1708546609570.png (1.61 MB, 2048x1160, image.png)

OP's art btw.

No. 1896590

Absolutely based. Cute oc and cute human Alastor design. No one cares he's canonically "aro-ace"

KEKKK she is so jealous. Pick up a loomis book and maybe you have thousand notes on a drawing too

No. 1896591

>the self-insert is more sexualized than the husbando
every fucking time. i swear these people are more attracted to the idea of being desired by a man than attracted to the man himself

No. 1896595

lmaoooo. why do they always draw neon green buzzcuts

No. 1896596

I kind of want to see someone clown on them but her complaint post probably has zero traction.

No. 1896605

If the artist she's jealous of had a sense of humour she should make a redraw of her ocs just to prove she can draw them better kek

No. 1896627

Isn’t the whole point of oc x canon to be desired by the man? The premise is inherently self centered, what’s the problem?

No. 1896666

File: 1708550399495.png (400.14 KB, 690x736, seething so hard that you e-be…)

>KEKKK she is so jealous
Ridiculously jealous apparently…to the point where she had to start e-begging.

No. 1896673

That's why I don't get how anyone can care for random stranger's inserts or why yumes ever talk about having a community. In some cases like the OP it looks like an interesting character, so it makes sense for people to like the drawing purely based on aesthetic but why would anyone want to see their favorite with another woman kek I prefer it when they don't have a self insert and just draw the guy they like over and over

No. 1896676

File: 1708550756824.png (75.48 KB, 718x630, poor people hour .png)

I'll give her this I've never seen someone seethe so hard over people being better at drawing husbando art then them that they proceeded to e-beg AND leave two separate e-beg links.

No. 1896681

File: 1708551143331.jpeg (1.86 MB, 1284x2230, IMG_6570.jpeg)

lel at her commission sheet that definitely noone buys. her whole tumblr is a fucking mess. instead of starting shit why doesn’t she use that energy to draw? it’s so hard to find yume content on her profile it’s just long textposts of bitching. why even make a yume focused account. i don’t know why the enstars fandom is like this

No. 1896684

>"i-i'm totally NOT jealous"
>proceeds to keep posting and raging about it
do people actually expect anyone to believe them KEK

No. 1896686

>why even make a yume focused account.
To put the white yumes in their place I guess?

No. 1896698

Nta but when men make self insert ship art they always make the female character the most attractive. Women's sexuality is unfortunately broken, looking good for their partner is a huge part of their attraction. Fantasying about being desired isn't unhealthy per se but many women are more concerned with looking attractive for their male partner rather than being in a fulfilling relationship This is specially an issue when it comes to sex since women tend to focus on whenever their boyfriends find them sexy enough rather than focusing on actually enjoying sex. When men engage in self indulgent fantasies they never fuzz about being hot enough. They do portray themselves better looking than they are irl but they don't sexy-pose their self inserts

No. 1896706

Does he not realize he'll invite the fat nerds, that seems to despise, to interact with him by having a tattoo of that? He's associating himself with them no matter what. I find this incomprehensible.

No. 1896707

File: 1708553006985.jpeg (815.29 KB, 1284x1902, IMG_6572.jpeg)

>light-skinned shippers getting more attention
no patrick people not wanting to follow you and like your shit art is not racism. all you do is complain. who would want to follow her after seeing her being nasty and jealous towards a random person’s art. not to mention posts like this making up the majority of her account.
>valentines day shit gets TRIPLE the attention of black history month
because you are in a yume community? it’s not strange everyone wants to draw themselves and their husbandos making out on a day literally made for romance. i don’t understand people with a persecution complex like this. it’s tumblr of all websites. who is being racist over yume art? mabye she has faced legitimate racism, but then why doesn’t she just block and move on. yumeing is escaping from the real world. what is the point of constantly posting about real world problems and issues. this is what annoys me with internet fandoms. everyone wants to be an activist instead of geeking out

No. 1896712

File: 1708553959415.jpeg (998.85 KB, 1284x1771, IMG_6574.jpeg)

>people not having dark-skinned examples on their commission sheets and not knowing how to draw curlier hair textures
literally just don’t commission them if they’re not up to your standards or draw it yourself. this person drew the afro on her oc better and more defined than she can kekk

No. 1896713

I get the irl ramifications but for drawings it doesn’t bother me. If their fantasy is being a gigastacy character fucking a hot husbando then go for it. They’re feeding themselves instead of begging others to fit their style so I can’t really hate it.

No. 1896715


No. 1896730

Why are these people so entitled to others' likes and reblogs? It's so obvious they're just clout hungry and seething with jealousy but try to mask it through muh racism and representation and colorism. People enable these babies and their tantrums are just as bad.
If you feel unsafe because people don't have dark-skinned examples on their commission sheets then you need to stop being a deranged schizo.

No. 1896736

File: 1708556031549.jpeg (1.05 MB, 2304x4095, 9B770C16-5C51-44A7-9B11-ACD74C…)

>the complete saturation of light-skinned f/os
while all the main characters she yumes are extremely light skinned. not a single black one. it’s so funny how these people in fandom cherry pick what media is “redeemable” and what is “racist” AKA what they like and what they don’t so they can shit on others. she ships herself with hiyoko saionji from danganronpa. the game that paired the darkskinned characters with monkeys in the sanrio collab and made the black farmer guy die in the first episode, and enstars which made the hafu white character aira have a heart attack and call the only dark skin character adonis a monster upon first seeing him KEKK how is that not racist enough for her?

No. 1896739

>irredeemable media
>hazbin hotel
Yeah both shows are pretty much on par with birth of a nation.

No. 1896740

>the game that paired the darkskinned characters with monkeys in the sanrio collab
To be fair that’s on Sanrio not danganronpa
Saionji is a weird choice though since she’s an open racist.

No. 1896743

>go through blog tags
>admits to having npd
Of course

No. 1896749

>do not follow if you're an mspec exclusionist
>but also do not follow if you are an mspec lesbian/gay
Someone explain this in terms my boomer brain understands. Also what the fuck is a turigirl? Or a lesboy? I'm so confused.

No. 1896759

This girl constantly pulls the race card over not getting enough Tumblr notes, when the reality is everyone ignores her because she husbandos a million popular characters and doesn't want to "share".

>Someone explain this in terms my boomer brain understands. Also what the fuck is a turigirl? Or a lesboy? I'm so confused.
I hate that I know this "do not follow is you're an mspec exclusionist" means that she's against people who don't support subcategories of bisexual like pansexual. But she doesn't support the concept of being a bisexual lesbian/gay or a "girl that's also a gay man" (turigirl) or a "lesbian man" (lesboy).

No. 1896763

I cannot decode half of this shit

No. 1896769

File: 1708559092355.jpg (196.85 KB, 894x768, 8qiis2hzof8z.jpg)

there are at two insanely popular currently airing anime that don't sexualize elves (at least not nearly as much as your picrel). granted they were both created by women

No. 1896782

I'd say that frieren and dungeon meshi are pretty okay in that regard actually

No. 1896802

>irredeemable media (lists examples of cartoons)
that's so dramatic

No. 1896892

You have to know that this applies for you. Other people may have better luck finding fic writers they like and want to patronize. Since we're talking commissions, I'm also someone who has commissioned art a ton, and fic (both sfw and smut). And like this nona talking about branding >>1896349 , the same thinking is done for some fic commissioners, and sometimes you just like what the author is doing overall with their body of work thus far and just want to throw some money their way.

No. 1897038

Not a yume, just a het creator. Depiction of women or lack of is a litmus paper for me. Human Alastor is cute and introduces and interesting dynamic with a rich actress(?) character. It's about storytelling like literally every other illustration.

No. 1897100

I just enjoy seeing the love yumes have for their character more than anything else.

No. 1897145

File: 1708583593335.jpg (459 KB, 1000x765, Princess.Tutu.full.1231653.jpg)

What het ships DON'T read as self-insert to you?

No. 1897157

prompto/aranea (or any of the chocobros, really) - I think the older and more confident the female character is, the less it comes across as self insert to me.

No. 1897161

Any where both characters, but especially the female one in het, retain their canon traits and personalities (disagreeable or unique ones in particular). It's more a matter of the creator of the ship content's intention and skill than the ship itself imo (though obviously some characters are already written as inserts so avoiding that in fan content becomes practically impossible without essentially creating an oc out of what little canon character exists).

No. 1897170

File: 1708585288412.png (842.09 KB, 1280x1053, tumblr_480a210367db5a65f7a4463…)

These two but I think that more has to do with the franchise itself than the pairing. Also any canon ship that is a "secondary" ship to the main pair. Usually main characters are self-inserts so when you pair up side characters this happens less often.

No. 1897171

>Keaton was put as a joke because "haha see we don't hate wyppl look we even put an italian there" and when the character became a fan favorite
tbh this is sooo funny to me. Do the devs not realize that fandoms are mostly white girls stanning white moids and only performatively caring about other races? And that those girls are the only ones nerdy or woke enough to bother with a game like this? Most of the races represented in that image are not terminally online enough for that shit. What did they expect?

No. 1897175

File: 1708585620995.png (3.11 MB, 2048x1904, GG1RquEbQAAvocA.png)

I mean maybe for girls into femdom it might be…

No. 1897179

who are these two?

No. 1897184

File: 1708586161841.jpg (85.64 KB, 720x838, 1664332163781.jpg)

here's the thing I don't get about all these race specific autists who demand such and such ethnic group be drawn a certain way, unless an art style is trying to be hyper realistic most 2d drawn characters don't look like actual human beings, especially characters in anime, whose skull shape is more closer to something like a cat, but we suspend our disbelief and can accept that the characters being shown in screen are human beings, like picrel can be conveyed as a black person without having to draw him with big lips and detailed racial characteristics.

No. 1897187

> I think the older and more confident the female character is, the less it comes across as self insert to me.
Why is that?

No. 1897189

File: 1708587149781.gif (1004.78 KB, 500x378, xo5nzy1s6nw8r540.gif)

Personal favorite. I think I like it when the woman is more aggressive than the man, but reasonably so.

No. 1897197

this is just my personal experience over the years, but I think adult female characters tend to have a more solidified personality unlike the kind, clumsy, spunky token female teenager character. I do a lot of text based rping and pretty girl characters like miwa from jjk often get butchered in favor of being as palatable as possible in any situation that involves any of the male characters. meanwhile older characters - like aforementioned aranea - aren't shown in canon to be keen on pleasing everyone around them so acting that way would be grossly OOC. again, this is just what I personally experienced over the years. exceptions to this always exist obviously.

No. 1897199

nta, don't know their names but I think the game is your turn to die.

No. 1897207

I thought he was some sort of indian

No. 1897218

Someone made this custom character in baldur’s gate loaded with mods and has people believing she’s an actual character in the game. I don’t even care that an OC is so popular to the point there’s edits and fanart of her but are people really this retarded now? They can’t just Google and see she’s not an actual character? I thought that to be a fan of something now you could just read a wiki page but people don’t even do that now.
I hate EA, but the period when they addressed the paywalling of Sims CC was glorious. There was and still is so many mediocre CC creators who just make shitty content like mushing together 2 existing hairs and then wanting 5 dollars for it. Simmers are so dramatic and act just as greedy as EA. Nothing actually quality is behind a perma Patreon paywall or adfly link anyways unless you like 2010 second life graphics.

No. 1897226

>but what are your thoughts on yaoi?
The more things change, the more they stay the same, huh.

No. 1897227

people are both retarded, unfortunately, and have to be spoonfed info because googling and reading is too hard, I guess. In fairness though it can be a bit hard to tell what actually is and isn't a part of BG3 at a glance since it's so heavily modded and many people share clips or caps or stream with mods- at least until you've actually played the game yourself, which many 'fans' haven't.

Was expecting something far more convincing than the edgy waifu in your vid though kek, what brainlets. Maybe the fans for this oc started as just fans of the creator? Some people will create micro-fandoms around streamer/youtuber's custom characters and runs of games (sometimes even taking over small/quiet fandoms with it)

No. 1897232

Any hetships in which
>both characters have developed personalities and their own agency
>aren't just (you) NPCs being dragged around by the manic pixie dream girl/boy
>aren't designed around the woman being abused and/or exploited by the man (even if it's being played for "laughs") or the woman being just a prize for the man's achievements
>actually have chemistry in their interactions and aren't just awkward "boy meets girl/girl meets boy" dynamics or pointless romcom banter
Sadly a lot of heterosexual ships check only two at most of these boxes on the list because they rely on self-insertion for either the female or the male viewer instead of believable writing so it is what it is. I really can't even come up with any good examples of well made hetships except from very obscure sources.

80's and 90's anime actually had a lot of interesting m/f ships that had strong female characters with their own goals separate from the man, but dating VNs, self insert LNs, late stage coomerism and the death of shoujo manga ruined it in the late 00's-10's. And it's not just anime, I really feel like it's a global trend.

No. 1897238

the ones in stories where every member of the opposite gender isn't just instantly infuated with the MC while the same gender is hostile and threatened by them.

No. 1897257

File: 1708593720442.png (135.94 KB, 760x1200, Tomodachi no Hanashi -c2- p054…)

It's fascinating how this thread's criticisms on self-insert just sounds like a branch of hating the scent of pickme characterization. Older, stronger, dominant women can and do see themselves, self-inserting, in those "non self-insert" hetships but they'll be considered based for it. Note that I don't like just poorly written female characters period.

Honestly, my opinion is that I don't hate on fan creation that tries to build on top of canon, it's based when they decide to build on top of a bland female character. Otherwise, it's an inoffensive hobby.

No. 1897273

>This is one of the reasons why I struggle to understand why certain shippers claim, 'I ship the MC and X because the female characters have nothing going on.'
Even when nobody has ever mentioned m/m ships in the discussion you really need to drag fujos into it with your retarded whataboutism. Can't we fucking talk about what makes a good/bad hetship or a female character without you going "well but CERTAIN SHIPPERS…" to shoot it down. Everyone can read between the lines here.

No. 1897278

that wasn't my intention at all(that's why I used vague wording), but to avoid conflict again I will delete it, but I still state this happens even with straight ships, people think two characters belong together cause they have "better vibes" or fit into their pre-established HC, see all dramione shippers.

No. 1897279

Even if what you were saying was 100% true and not being reductive for the sake of your point, you know some people engage with media and fandoms that aren't anime, right?

No. 1897280

dramione is almost always an excuse for self-inserting and not about the actual characters involved or how they were presented in canon. The HP fandom is interesting though with how poorly it took to the canon romances (or at least how loud/active portions of the fandom did), which yeah was due to the weak handling of said romances in the books/films (as well as fan preference that would exist even if they were well-written and had strong chemistry)

What canon endgame ships have gotten the most backlash the last couple years? Feels like nothing I've been into has inspired that kind of drama for a long time kek

No. 1897290

again nothing really comes close to HP where I think almost every canon end couple was hated for one reason or another, though I think one of the most openly hated for a time in HP was Tonks and Lupin.

No. 1897310

File: 1708599529427.png (703.3 KB, 1404x612, CAPTURE.png)

nta but I don't take it as that strange. I have a mutual who is also really into Warhammer40k(to her credit, she reads the tie-in novels), but she has no interest in tabletop gaming. She likes the series because of how well-developed the history is and how varied the characters are. She basically uses the setting to ship her self-insert with edgy superhumans who are genetically designed to be super-hot, and are themselves based on historical figures (as superhuman demi-gods). And she's not the only one, there's a community of shippers (though very small) who use the setting to tell their own stories because of how extensive and broad-reaching it is.

No. 1897328

I personally dislike het ships for different reasons but I do think it’s hilarious how a lot of these poor arguments ITT amount to
>its bad and ooc when its a hetship but in-character and “exploring” when its a homo ship
The lack of self-awareness is just too funny.

No. 1897331

I don't have any grudge with self inserts, I do tend to hate them when their fandom annonys me(Zutara, Reylo). But I do it to bl ships too (anything MHA, supernatural or teen wolf related).
My only problem is because it's aimed at being an empowerment fantasy self inserts tend to have nlog characters who are antagonistic with other female characters. Noticed this a lot with villainess isekai stories even though ironically the entire reason the genre exists is because villainess in shoujos were unfairly terribly written kek.

No. 1897333

I think anons have a hard time wrapping their heads around why the blob art exist. Everyone who has ever picked up a book or watched a movie knows that male children looking like a mini version of their dads is a commom trope. Usually when the trope bought up in fandom spaces it's mocked but the blob artist isn't doing anything with the trope. They aren't mocking it they aren't even going "unpopular opinion but i like this trope" they just acknowledge it exist. I think that's why it gives fetish vibes to some. Specially since many men on social media are paranoid that their wives are cheating on them and advocating that DNA tests on newborn should be mandatory (this is a huge thing on reddit). If the artist at least had tried to make this look more wholesome or something then it would be easier to see why this would appeal to fandom spaces but this just looks like it's made to appeal to moids who thinks wives are always cheating on their husbands. I highly doubt that is the artist's intention but I don't blame anons for thinking this is weird moid art

No. 1897336

idk which posts exactly you're referring to, but I mentioned being in-character and exploring said character and canon in regards to het pairings not feeling like self-insert-y content. Self-insert stuff typically lacks that due to its focus being on the self (author or reader), regardless of if it's featuring an m/f, m/m, or f/f pairing. I'm not even into shipping, it's just basic storytelling.

No. 1897338

File: 1708602770889.png (295.3 KB, 602x377, NM7MxDd.png)

nta I'm aware of common tropes but I really don't see this one that often, I see way more of what >>1896564 mentioned where the mc is just genderbend version of his mom, like half the main cast of MHA is like this.

No. 1897341

File: 1708603118443.jpg (81.86 KB, 1024x787, BB9xFQP.jpg)

Naruto and Percy Jackson come to mind, I do also see the reverse where they swap the mom and dad's looks in the son + daughter if there is more than one kid.

No. 1897342

File: 1708603244920.jpg (85.66 KB, 960x720, 21. Princess Tutu (2000) [BD 7…)

Aw Ahiru and Fakir were very cute

No. 1897343

I didn't even know this had a straight ship/couple. I only ever saw troons and genderbends of the two male leads with Trigun ever since the remake came out

No. 1897344

feel like some anons are also getting caught up on the blob meme being focused on the father, when the same meme could be made about a mother and child (but then there'd be no point in the attempt at a joke with the paternity thing, since motherhood is rarely questioned in fiction, for obvious reasons). It's just the observation of 'wow, wonder who you could possibly be related to' when encountering a mini-me child in fiction.

No. 1897350

I just hate the blob meme because its lazy engagement farming using vague tropes

No. 1897375

File: 1708607588481.jpg (435.51 KB, 718x828, mcds.jpg)

NTA but man "son looks like clone of dad and daughter looks like clone of mom" has to be the lamest family design trope lol

No. 1897378

File: 1708607660623.jpg (155.44 KB, 1024x768, vanilla-and-chocolat-sugar-sug…)

I just want nonnies to be better at explaining what makes them uncomfortable, kek. Maybe then we'll learn to live and let live better. I see some posts shooting down some hetship as self-insert and ddlg lately when they just mean the tried and true naive, well meaning girl x evil or rude guy. Just admit it's not for you kekk. It reminds me to people projecting a friend they had/hated on Vanilla (or Chocolat). Western audience hated Vanilla, and Japanese audience hated Chocolat. Both of them were pretty reasonable characters but it's been a while since I watched.

No. 1897381

even if it doesn't sexulize them, it still relies on those tropes, elves are basically are either permanent children or a porn-trope, their still haughty, uwufied and always archers.

No. 1897383

>always archers.
You can thank Legolas for that. Same thing if we're talking about elves often wearing green clothes. Given how popular he is I wish we had more bishonen elves instead, it would have made sense, idk.

No. 1897387

The daughter being a clone of the mother is always so creepy to me

No. 1897392

KEK neither did I, I didn't think there were any romantic pairings in it at all. That's one of the things that bothers me a lot about modern fandoms—the fanon stuff people come up with completely takes over any discussion about a piece of media. Instead of talking about the themes or general love for the story, they try and twist it into something completely different to suit their tastes. This is how we've gotten shit like "kittyboy transmasc pre-op gay vash" fanart by the boatload and the near 100% focus on shipping instead of enjoying the characters as is.

No. 1897396

File: 1708609211885.png (355.49 KB, 596x380, DJ5pk73.png)

Off-topic, but I despise the pop-fantasy trend of portraying archers as always physically weak fighters who only fight from a distance. As someone who has experience with archery, I know that being an effective archer requires significant upper body and arm strength. For example, my brother, who is bigger than me, can effortlessly draw a 75 lb recurve bow, whereas I struggle with it. However, in almost every modern popular depiction, the archer is depicted as a small, rail-thin person.

No. 1897397

>Given how popular he is I wish we had more bishonen elves instead
God I'm so pissed what coomer moids did to Link (and elves in general) like >>1894991 mentioned. A race known for being beautiful and looking young forever? Better make 99% of them women! If there's an elf it has to be a cute girl. If there's (god forbid) a good-looking male elf he has to be a total wimp or femboy. But of course if there's orcs they've gotta be men. If there's dwarves they've gotta be men.

No. 1897410

ikr. not mention in the heyday for bows in warfare in various places in the world the bows were 110+lbs.
here's 160lb

No. 1897412

makes you worry the dad will rape her

No. 1897413

File: 1708611086150.jpg (134.77 KB, 1001x1200, Fwg0R6daIAA7RJY.jpg)

Is that or people drawing Link as a TIF because…

No. 1897415

None of that applies to Marcille specifically though. The race is supposed to live very long so she looks young for her age but still not like a child. She's neither woobified nor an archer. How does her being an elf rely on those tropes then? I think you might be coombrained from all the anime porn you look at if that's all you can see elves as kek

No. 1897421

most of them? it's not about me

No. 1897424

it goes way before that.

No. 1897430

i WISH we got more bishounen elves. i'm so sick of men and their ugly, big-titted "girl-fail" elves and i just want some pretty, slightly androgynous, and lean male elves… i'm done with men snatching up all the fantasy races and just making them into the same type of fetish fuel, we need to bring back the fun otherworldliness of elves, and their assholeish sides- but like, make them all male or something.

No. 1897440

File: 1708612548138.png (300.53 KB, 500x358, IMG_9405.png)

agreed. also i'm tired of the "wimpy archer salad eater perpetually arguing with manly dwarves" shit, tolkien elves were butiful ethereal long-haired bishouneen AND dangerous warriors. s/o to the murderous noldor in the silmarillion

No. 1897453

File: 1708613652080.png (356.69 KB, 500x660, 8a5o16q.png)

The infuriating thing about this is the fact that elves are meant to represent the peak of men. They are taller, stronger, and more beautiful than human men. They are also meant as a cautionary tale about the capacity of the great good and evil that men can do. Tolkien describing elves as being beautiful means that they were all attractive and young, as a means to describe their perfection. Despite that, elves were able to "pass" as humans, they just seemed like tall, handsome men.
There's a really tragic story by Abataa about an elf warrior prince Aegnor, who fell in love with a human woman, Andreth, and he wanted to live a life with her. However, she started growing old (he still loved her nonetheless), but then she passed away, and he remained young, giving up everything in his life, his title, his kingdom, and life - until they were reunited after death. The story is part of a broader story with themem about how men and elves are one race that have more in common with each other

No. 1897466

Literally Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way

No. 1897474

File: 1708614969796.jpeg (110.16 KB, 828x662, IMG_5531.jpeg)

Is this person for real?

No. 1897475

anons are allowed to discuss your favourite tropes, specially when they are pretty much the only tropes allowed in hetship

No. 1897482

It's so funny to me that tiffies demand to be represented in otomes. Otome is the girliest fucking hobby. Makes me laugh how tiffies still retain the same shitty taste as normal women. I have never seen a tif into femdom or even normal bishies, they are always into old men and abusive scrotes that are both popular with turbo normie women.

No. 1897485

Is this retard saying women aren't oppressed? Do these people think their own tiny twitter circle is an accurate representation of the world at large?

No. 1897488

File: 1708615778268.png (422.54 KB, 1178x1086, cEMjiZH.png)

>Do these people think their own tiny twitter circle is an accurate representation of the world at large?

No. 1897495

There’s something so sinister about these genderspecial twitter fujos that cry about oppression and exclusion but in the same breath will screech and villainize other women, using their large audiences to dogpile someone making genuine arguments. They pretend to want a discussion but when they’re given genuine responses, the snarky one liners and memes come out because you didnt immediately bend the knee and accept their rules as the bible.

No. 1897505

Yeah flashnews now, if you're oppressed and threatened with honor killing everyday from a young age for having the audacity of having a bf without marrying him less than 24h after meeting him, just stop being oppressed! Some random guy calling you a whore and threatening you with rape when you go back home from work? Just tell him to stop! You suffer from domestic violence because your husband is a violent piece of shit who hid it well for years until you married him? Just leave and call the police! It's that simple! Who would have thought? But seriously kpop stans are a whole new level of retardation. They're as insane as TIFs.

No. 1897509

File: 1708616639668.png (211.79 KB, 500x252, IMG_2652.png)

the fanfic youdescribed seems inspired by tolkien's own "Athrabeth Finrod ah
Andreth" in HoME vol. 10 (Morgoth's Ring) in which Andreth has a philosphical debate with Aegnor's brother about mortality and the differences between elves and men. Aegnor's canon fate is different: he doesn't give up his titles of anything (nor does he have a kingdom) but he dies in battle early, possibly before andreth herslef dies. the story wasn't included in the silmarillion but it can be found in supplementary volumes and is a fan favourite that spawnned a lot of fic/art. it also explains a lot about tolkien's idea of elves and mortality. highly recommended.
tifs believe you can identify out of oppression. so if you choose to stay a dumb ol' woman instead if a woke special tif you basically agree to sexism

No. 1897511

File: 1708616699804.jpg (534.83 KB, 1080x1374, t.jpg)

That person was saying it was homophobic of the company behind Love and Deepspace to make a rule against BL content for their official spaces like discord and facebook, then a bunch of yumes came whining about how they can't have anything and they already have to share other spaces with smelly fujos or whatever

No. 1897517

>specially when they are pretty much the only tropes allowed in hetship
But they aren't…

No. 1897524

Just a bunch of idiots having useless arguments then. Yumejoshi and fujoshi who like this game should just not interact with each other and leave it at that. The company who owns this game won't do shit against artists drawing the guys kissing unless the artists send the art to them directly or profit from it anyway. It's a non issue and a TIF saying that straight women as a whole aren't oppressed because there's one (1) very niche genre of games for them is beyond absurd. Like bitch, you're so oppressed as a straight woman that YOU trooned out and now you also play games about a girly self insert character dating fictional guys. The lack of self awareness is shocking.

No. 1897527

let's not do this again.

No. 1897536

Other anons said it best but it reads less and less as self insert to me the more well developed each of characters is, especially the woman. And mind you this is a dogshit, extremely low bar to meet which still doesn't get met more than the majority of the time with conversely leads to a lot of people hating hetships. It's really nice when they're actually their own two people that have lived experiences together and actual chemistry that are not boy meet girl and girl meet boy. Again, it's just depressing even for a hetshitter like myself that the bar is in hell and a shit ton of authors can't meet it.

No. 1897537

My point wasn't about the fandoms themselves but about some crazy fans being so out of touch with reality they start saying shit like "women aren't oppressed", "muh karen", "I'm oppressed and harasszd because someone politely disagreed with me on vidya", don't worry. I don't know this game anyway, just that it's a mobage so I won't touch it with a ten foot pole. free2play games on phones or cheap consoles are so easily accessible that they attract crazy fans, single player games on consoles and PC also tend to have retarded fans but a bit less often imo.

No. 1897538

yes they are, i tried watching shoujo and ''meek girl x bad boy'' was all there was. I think the only exception was maybe lovely complex, but considering that even moids have more variety that's saying something.

No. 1897539

that probably does explain most gacha-fags.

No. 1897544

Why not play those ugly bara gacha games or whatever? Why demand access to spaces not made for you?

No. 1897546

Nowadays almost everyone as a smartphone, even 12yo kids so they can easily find and play these gambling games for adults with an adult income and annoy the fuck out of everyone. It kind of relates to the point made above by other anons about how some tards will call themselves fans of a video game despite never playing it and just watching a lets play by some youtuber because "games and consoles are expensive". It's the opposite situation with gacha games, you have these dumbasses not being gatekpet on one hand, on the other you have the legit mentally ill whales spending too much on their waifus and husbandos, and everything in between.

No. 1897548

File: 1708618385847.webm (1.67 MB, 480x1040, arent you trying a bit too har…)

to be fair even as a yume who sides with fujos and hates otomes i get the love and deepspace yumes. I was thinking of dowloading it because it's the only yume game that lets you sexualize moids.

No. 1897549

The context is that the highly advertised Chinese otome game Love&Deepspace banned BL content from their official spaces and fujoyumes who were into the game after the company developing it paid gay fujo-focused vtubers to shill it to their fujo audiences got mad especially after some fanartist was bullied into deleting her BL art, now yumes are acting oppressed and crying heterophobia kek.

No. 1897559

from what you described, this seems way more condemnatory towards the m/m shippers more then anything.

No. 1897561

File: 1708618987943.jpg (334.43 KB, 1126x1600, ch17_021.jpg)

I think this will blow your mind but women also watch and ship het from non-shoujo, non-josei titles. Anons talking about self-inserting het wasn't specific to shoujo anime at all. I don't hate discussion anime in general is far from perfect, I just wish anons understood what made them comfortable of that dynamic more than saying self-insert, nonachan.

No. 1897563

Nice try twisting the narrative.
>play obviously yume game
>act surprised when you arent allowed to draw BL for art contest
Is more like how it went.

No. 1897565

It wasn't "just" for the contest, they made it a community rule. Also I don't know why people would be so bothered over BL art unless it's about homophobia anyway, weirdly enough they didn't ban GL art kek. Nobody gave a shit when Mystic Messenger had a huge fujo fanbase despite being an otome game but zoomer yumes, especially Chinese ones, are mentally ill so I expected no less.

No. 1897568

I dont see yumes demanding a female love interest in Nu:C and if they did they’d be told to fuck off from trying to ruin a BL game, so why do women have to be accommodating to TIFs in the few games specifically made for them?

No. 1897569

>I dont see yumes demanding a female love interest in Nu:C
they should tbh would be a 11/10 game

No. 1897572

Nobody demanded male characters in Love&Deepspace either, some people shipped the male characters while also playing as the self insert so it's a whole different topic.

No. 1897573

Its a rule to not be posted in the official spaces, which is fine imo? They’re just prioritising their actual target audience for the game and you can draw whatever delusional art you want on your own personal profile. It prevents stupid conflict like this one.

No. 1897576

No one asked for a male mc or anything but compare how many otome games there are with how many bl ones kek it's obvious which one is more popular

No. 1897579

I don't get why the fujos just can't go play something else if they don't like it? There are plenty of other mobage where there are no rules against BL content. Don't like what the company is doing? Then uninstall. It's really that simple but of course crying on twitter about the homophobic Chinese company and evil straight women wanting to play an otome game is apparently the better solution.
>Also I don't know why people would be so bothered over BL art unless it's about homophobia anyway, weirdly enough they didn't ban GL art kek.
Is there even GL options in this game? Who would be posting that? Also it's not really that surprising they'd want to keep the content separate, I'm sure Chinese fan communities are similar to Japanese communities in that there are specific rules when it comes to ships and all that

No. 1897580

That’s because fujos prefer fujobait games (or at least thats what the suits think they prefer). When you add that into the mix then its no where near as skewed as you’re trying to paint.

No. 1897581

GL is obviously fine as it would still involve the female self insert and not any of the male love interests

No. 1897586

They didn't have to go out of their way to say it though. Tears of Themis is another gacha otome made by a chinese company and it doesn't have rules like that or any issues with yumes and fujos getting into the others' spaces because those things are already obvious.

No. 1897587

I find it funny that fujos can understand not wanting to see reverse of your preferred top/bottom ships when looking through a tag but act shocked and oppressed that yumes dont want to see your faggot shit in the same official tag.

No. 1897588

Can someone explain to me what's the "official spaces" that they can't use? Is it an official hashtag? Or is the company saying they will sue someone for posting BL fanart?

No. 1897589

Because the rude guy will often treat the girl like trash (or abuse her in some cases) and the girl sometimes lacks basic common sense even when it makes no sense for her to be like that in context (like not even knowing what kissing is despite being educated). I'm not into m/m but I'm assuming some people tolerate the trope in those pairings because the shitty behavior/abuse is only happening to a male.

No. 1897591

They can do as they wish with the community rules and I don't even play this spyware game but this issue specifically exploded all over the place when deepspace yumes started attacking people posting BL art on their own social media profile using the community rules on them. Also it most definitely is a bad look to target BL artwork after baiting fujoyumes when they could've made a more complicit rule like "only MC x love interest is allowed".

No. 1897592

It's apparently about their official discord and facebook

No. 1897596

reminds me of japanese scrotes attacking western moids who drew NSFW art of uma musume horse girls because they have a rule that prohibits nsfw artwork of the horses kek

No. 1897600

I dont know where this lie about Themis allowing BL came from, probably hoyotards. But ToT also has that same rule, as does every other chinese otome game. Its just how their community works in order to avoid shitflinging and sperging like this: essentially keep your BL on your personal page if you’re going to come to an otome game.

No. 1897608

>Also I don't know why people would be so bothered over BL art unless it's about homophobia
Oh no… the poor headcanoned 2d gays how will they recover from this homophobic oppression…

No. 1897642

And where are you getting this info? The Hoyolabs community guidelines don't mention BL anywhere because that would be insane

No. 1897643

It's about not wanting to support a homophobic company despite not being affected by homophobia yourself

No. 1897652

NuC’s art contest even had a rule that doesnt allow the boys to be shipped with each other, only with Eiden. Because that’s how the game works and fujos sperg about ships too. These TIFs will screech erasure and oppression when its convenient for them.

No. 1897654

There’s nothing homophobic going on

No. 1897672

>BTS stan
Kek I hate these people so much. I met one who seemed nice and normal but when it came to BTS, suddenly she's proclaiming BTS is the most "unproblematic" group and any people who don't like BTS or BTS stans must be xenophobic/racist.

No. 1897676

I wish we could talk about kpop fandom with causing a shitstorm. Kpoppie fandom drama dwarfs literally everything weebs have ever done

No. 1897678

same nona, kpoppies are my personal cows, it would be so funny if there could at least be a containment thread for it

No. 1897694

File: 1708624184688.jpg (11.29 KB, 133x170, 1450510543750.jpg)

This was one of the most irritating NLOG twitter threads I had to witness. Her misogyny radiates from her every word and I'm glad people dogpiled for her original tweet because how could anyone interpret it as anything other than a NLOG heckin boi trying to act manly by acting like a totes mean gurl gay (aka a nerdy woman imitating a gay man imitating Regina George, incredible).

No. 1897699

>who don't like BTS or BTS stans must be xenophobic/racist.
I encountered one of these types, she was a zoomer on radtwt and she genuinely argued that not liking kpop was xenophobic and that her supporting girl's group was a form of activism.

No. 1897704

Thats just how the average twitter fujo is nowadays, its pathetic. Self-hating misogynists but its ok because they’re akshully a super queer yaoi enjoyer

No. 1897709

The reasonable English speaking fujoshi fucked off from twitter or made their accounts private because they got sick of this kind of stuff from what I've seen.

No. 1897710

File: 1708624948647.png (522.65 KB, 749x569, Screenshot.png)

One of the biggest issues with fandom is that it is being written by people who have never worked or have done low-effort jobs and are terminally online and porn-sick. Consequently, whatever they write, it will reek of those factors. In their minds, it makes sense that everyone is constantly thinking about gross sex,

No. 1897713

I wish, I'm not into kpop at all but like to observe the drama and incidents sometimes and there's been so much wild shit that's gone down over the years still remember when BTS came to my city and people were camped outside the venue for days shitting and pissing in buckets so they didn't lose their place in line because it was general admission. fans said it smelled terrible in the venue on the night of the concert from all of the unwashed people KEK

No. 1897714

Let me guess, the emo one’s a tif

No. 1897717

File: 1708625346445.png (53.54 KB, 896x368, literal kpoop.PNG)

No. 1897720

Kek I would love this. Don’t flame me for this please, but I used to be into BTS as a teenager before they really blew up in the west and even read rp fanfics (I have evolved since then, DON’T FLAME ME!). The fandom drama I witnessed firsthand was insane, like actually batshit insane. I’ve never seen such high levels of degeneracy in any other fandom other than maybe early 2010s hetalia when grown ass women would unapologetically reblog shota doujinshis of countries raping each other on their main blogs. But that’s a high bar to pass

No. 1897721

BTS fans are on the same level of British football hooligans to me. I will not elaborate.

No. 1897723

File: 1708625768293.png (56.6 KB, 550x292, kek.png)

She got one single pity commission from constantly whining.

No. 1897725

>bts and bts fans suffering smelling piss and shit all night
KEK based, who needs haters when you have stans like these

No. 1897728

The absolute pathetic state of this woman is just sad

No. 1897729

I wish I kept screenshots from my brief stint in the NCT fandom. Never again will I touch a boy group fandom with a ten foot pole.

No. 1897730

apparently this person did it on purpose because there were earlier (now deleted) tweets making it sound like this was planned.

No. 1897732

remember the fucking tour bus KEKKK

No. 1897733

Damn, the plot thickens. I don't think I want to know all the details though because that's horrific enough already kek

No. 1897734

I think the one really wild fandom I experienced when it was popular second hand was Osomatsu-san. The amount of degenerates that anime spawned was insane. I remember people saying at this one fan meetup in the US people were eating live bugs. One of the most notorious fans even got a thread on /snow/ KEK

No. 1897736

The hotel break-in recently too. NCT fans need to be used in a psychological study

No. 1897739

File: 1708626319629.jpg (104.07 KB, 743x454, GGoUIBjWMAAt8zM.jpg)

not sure if this is real but someone posted that she got poop on her jeans: https://twitter.com/diorgyus/status/1759240739588837686

No. 1897741

The Osomatsu-san fandom was so fucking insane it was always lost on me why it turned out that way, it was like the gathering spot of the most degenerate fuckers possible. I wasn't a part of it but my friends were and the things I heard were insane. I wonder where all those people migrated to after the hype died down.

No. 1897743

I remember that dogfucker TiF. So fucking nasty.

No. 1897744

>One of the most notorious fans even got a thread on /snow/ KEK
Todokaras? I remember she's a zoophile and that's already enough to ruin my week so I'll stop there. I really enjoyed the first season and didn't expect this much mental illness to spawn from the fandom. It's just a comedy show with vulgar humor.

No. 1897745

File: 1708626458956.jpg (83.29 KB, 828x1792, GG3iscSWUAErkIW.jpg)

one of the deleted tweets

No. 1897753

File: 1708626845896.jpeg (985.27 KB, 4095x2730, 304D3318-2D4D-4D31-A22E-EEA4E6…)

i didn’t notice it was already posted but there’s funny pictures of the idols smelling shit from the event kek(no kpop)

No. 1897757

found the video >>1897745 is from

this is such a nightmare, kek, but the faces are hilarious.

No. 1897761

>It was deliberate and not accidental
I'm utterly speechless rn

No. 1897769

femdom here and what type of femdom is very vague…. actually a lot of TIFs like coomer mommy femdom and some self-insert as the dude (think makima and denji), if you mean femdom POV then no but that's already niche. and coomer femdom is just big titty lady in heels torturing a bishie, even as a yume i despise that genre

No. 1897772

File: 1708627688577.jpg (Spoiler Image,389.44 KB, 1311x2048, Cmjd0taUMAAuXl4.jpg)

I didn't watch it when it aired but I witnessed the BLmatsu circle's degeneracy by osmosis. Cringematsu on Twitter still has a lot of the worst stuff archived.

No. 1897781

Why was it so famous with fujos back in the day anyway? All I saw was 5 ugly midgets who were voiced by some renown VAs

No. 1897786

i watched the first season and it was alrightish, but my friend was super into it. she got semi-famous in the fandom because she drew porn of it but in the art style of the anime. seeing that was even worse than all the prettified osos engaging in weird kink shit.

No. 1897787

I honestly have no idea. And it was forgotten so fast too. Proto-FOTM

No. 1897789

It's funny, it's vulgar, it's episodic, the very first episode is a parody of Utapri with the brothers being bishonen and it has a bunch of famous seiyuu with a bunch of fangirls who had a bunch of fanservice roles before, or even roles in BL anime and drama CD.

No. 1897801

It's the MLP of women.

No. 1897808

>it still relies on those tropes, elves are basically are either permanent children or a porn-trope, their still haughty, uwufied and always archers.
I don't really think that's the case, at least with those two? Neither are archers and Frieren is basically a granny in personality.

No. 1897809

At least Osomatsu-san if for adults, MLP was for little girls so it makes bronies way worse by default.

No. 1897812

The yumes sperging out over BL art was funny but this retard had to make the whole debate cringe. As a fujo myself I honestly don't see a problem with them banning BL in official communities like Discord or whatever, but the fans going out of their way to harass an artist into deleting art she posted on her own Twitter page are mentally ill. This yaoi cocaine bear account is equally as obnoxious to me just for crying homophobia and turning it into an oppression/marginalization topic kek why is nobody normal.

No. 1897822

Fujos probably flocked to it even though the characters were ugly because being brothers made it "spicy", and each pair had a different dynamic so there was "something for everyone" if you were into that. 2015 was when I noticed the fandom purity discourse kicked off, so it probably emboldened "problematic shippers" to be more edgy for attention.

Bronies are worse, but the original Osomatsu-kun was popular with kids in Japan and the pornsickness and degeneracy in each fandom was almost equal.

No. 1897828

Sara and Ranmaru from kimigashine (YTTD)

No. 1897833

>but the original Osomatsu-kun was popular with kids in Japan
That's irrelevant, if anything Osomatsu-san is definitely for Japanese adults who grew up watching Osomatsu-kun long ago and who can now relate to these jobless losers' problems. It's nostalgia bait. If Gamefreak and the Pokemon Company agreed to release an original anime about Red and Blue's adult lives as boring office workers going on wacky adventures with dick jokes every ten seconds it wouldn't be for today's kids, it would be for adult fans who were kids in the 90s because of nostalgia bait. It's a shitty example but whatever.

No. 1897839

Tbf it was popular with kids in the 60s.
Over 50 years had past, I don't think matters as much anymore. They recently did the same with another very old property, making Gegege stuff but for adults.

No. 1897849

>They recently did the same with another very old property, making Gegege stuff but for adults.
I don't know much about Gegege no Kitaro but man I want to watch that new movie. Kitaro's dad looks cute.

No. 1897851

>I wonder where all those people migrated to after the hype died down.
Probably went something like
>Hazbin Hotel

No. 1897856

Wasn't it aired more or less at the same time? Both fanbases were retards at the same time from what I remember but not exactly the same way.

No. 1897866

Voltron aired a year later. I noticed discourse about "problematic shipping" became rampant on Tumblr in 2015, then it exploded after the Star Wars reboot over Reylo. Then Voltron started airing and Sheith happened. I'm sure there's more fandoms/ships that kickstarted it but I really remember it started in 2015 and hitting it's peak the next year.

No. 1897870

File: 1708632776747.jpg (209.71 KB, 880x1255, bonus points if they made it a…)

>an original anime about Red and Blue's adult lives as boring office workers going on wacky adventures with dick jokes every ten seconds
I'd watch it.

No. 1897871

I like seeing original female characters written by women who enjoy having them + fandom (especially if the pre existing females characters suck/written by moids)

No. 1897921

File: 1708636778150.png (1.1 MB, 1143x1600, SzQPmJc.png)

He could be Indian, Indonesian, black, or just a dark-skinned Japanese person. My point is that anime characters drawn in one of the "default" manga styles can never represent actual human races. Take Yoruichi from bleach for e.g. Since her debut, fans have debated whether she is black or Indian, but she was always meant to be just a dark-skinned Japanese woman and this happens a lot with character's who are simply meant to be dark-skinned Japanese/ryukyuan people and that's why I think validate creators(as well as western oteme creators in general) are fucking morons.

No. 1897924

Me too, that's why I came up with this bullshit. I was thinking about grown men and women with fulltime jobs having collective a heart attack when Red and Blue showed up in one of the Sun/Moon trailers and imagining that they were on their honeymoon in not!Hawaii.

No. 1897941

File: 1708638518590.jpg (481.61 KB, 1170x1825, 4x the likes.jpg)

>Catherine and Emhari are trannies and Emhari is a transbian
Lmao wtf. Kind of hilarious looking at the official twitter’s special vday posts

>Emhari gets makeout sessions with a bunch of women including the white milf they were so salty about being popular (basically straight couples)

>holds pinkies with the black fat transbian
Even their actions reveal they have the same tastes as the fans they hate lol. Just like when they made Keaton a conventionally attractive e-boy.

No. 1898002

seeing the yume vs fujo stuff made me think about how I'm both- I have a husbando, but I like his popular m/m ship and I'm overall interested in both yume and fujo media. The very stark boundaries and hostility between the two is weird to me. I'd be curious what's more prevalent- strictly yume or fujo, or into both/somewhere in the middle

No. 1898007

A lot of people are both. Its just the autists who have ptsd interacting with someone from "the other" side that start sperging unprovoked

No. 1898009

this, i never even knew there was such a huge divide until coming to lc

No. 1898014

Fwiw in the smaller famdoms I follow yume and fujo are basically the same.
They'll draw their husbando with girls, they'll draw him with guys, they just like that male character specifically.

No. 1898069

Um, wow, isn't that totally problematic and transphobic of him to be making out with "AFABs" but friendzone his fellow transbian? Time to cancel this game!

No. 1898082

Yume/Fujo is a weird dichotomy in the first place. I feel like I see pretty few yumejos in the wild compared to fujos, unless we’re extending the yume definition to include het shippers or any male character stan something. Selfshippers are a pretty small minority outside of otome games and stuff

No. 1898101

Yume and fujo content is usually directed to women, so it's no surprise that most of them are both. There are annoying and cringe ones in both sides, so it's not that surprising they stir up some debate.
I keep my yume side to myself tbh, I think self ship can be more personal for a lot of people.

No. 1898104

I'm also a yumefujo and don't really get the fighting most of the time either since both sides usually keep to themselves. The only time I've ever felt the need to take a side is with this Love and Deepspace drama. The amount of entitled American gendies and fujos demanding they be catered to despite the fact that they never were and will never be the target audience for otome games is just plain retarded kek. You know they'd be seething if people started flooding Nu Carnival groups with straight ships so I don't get why they can't just keep the BL stuff to their personal pages

No. 1898105

File: 1708646934740.jpg (617.72 KB, 2596x4096, [20-12-22] 1341408516532269064…)

This. Japanese yumes are normally both. I also noticed that most japanese yumefujos either draw their ship or draw their husbando(in this case her husbando is the glasses ginger), but they almost never draw the guy they ship him with by themselves.

No. 1898107

Selfshipping/yume tends to be its own separate corner away from fandom in my experience. I only found out about it because a mutual of mine a decade ago was one, otherwise it was something I had to look to find. Canon/canon ships whether its gay or straight is 99% more common than OCs and self-inserts.

No. 1898172

I think another fandom that matches its degeneracy is the Rick & Morty fandom.

No. 1898244

Because yume for some reason gets translated as regular hetshipper even though they couldn't be more different. A yume is a self-shipper and even though some might self-insert on specific female characters they find relatable, it's not an universal thing and it doesn't apply to every female character. I would say that most authentic yumes tend to stay in their own lane because of the stigma attached to it and they only fight fujos when they feel actually cornered, other than that I rarely see them sperging over BL ships. Back then a lot of mary sue accusations actually came from closeted yumes who had a crush on a male character that was taken by another female character, it was just a way of dealing with jealousy. The funny part is that they were fighting with hetshippers more than you'd think cause hetshippers would usually defend their girl. And I'm not making this up, I've literally witnessed it myself multiple times

No. 1898347

>Back then a lot of mary sue accusations actually came from closeted yumes who had a crush on a male character that was taken by another female character
any instances of this actually happening.

No. 1898379

>they only fight fujos when they feel actually cornered
It read like you were describing animals on national geographic kek. Maybe they are both hetshippers and yumes, not a yume using camouflaging herself in the hetship community to avoid predators.

No. 1898419

File: 1708668120962.png (734.78 KB, 1560x2000, dashboard unfucker.png)

the tranny that made the dashboard unfucker (an extension that reverts the update that makes tumblr look more like X) is going to cancel the project due to the drama with predstrogen (his blogs being banned by the CEO). in this post that shows up on the dashboard if you have the extension, dragongirlsnout espouses his love for "trans girls" and talks about the drama which is mostly covered in /snow/ if you haven't seen

No. 1898429

I thought they wanted to leave

No. 1898431

which /snow/ thread?

No. 1898436

A lot are looking for an excuse and exaggerate about something just because it isn't to their tastes. It's like when pakichan rees about yaoi being bad because it's 'abusive' (even when no abuse is present in the story), when it's just not to taste.

No. 1898438

MTF. Looks like the discussion on predstrogen began here. >>>/snow/1966844

No. 1898439

Is it even a thing? I thought that was brought over by fujo chan refuges. No one even used the word yume or knew what it even meant till recently. It feels like some made up issue someone else brought over. I only used to see "yumes are more cringey than fujos!11!" cope posts because the more spergy newfag fujos were upset with the fujocringe thread and wanted to hit back rather than just ignore and learn to integrate.

No. 1898444

Isn't there yume cringe in this thread? There's enough out there that it seems strange for it to be a fujo export.

No. 1898446

There is but it was made after the fujo one. And I mean the word yume was never really used here. If anyone referenced it it was as 'selfshippers', the word 'yume' seems to be from others who are more into the japanese term side of things.

No. 1898459

File: 1708672908783.png (434.94 KB, 890x466, tpqplYK.png)

It's really interesting how much the perceptions of Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon have been drastically changed. The perception of Zack Snyder was that he made movies for "dude-bros" and he was considered a "douche jock," often compared to someone like Joss Whedon, who was thought to make media that was truly feminist. However, recent events have caused people to reevaluate those opinions. Joss Whedon was revealed to have cheated on his wife constantly and was abusive to the cast of Buffy and Angel. People also noticed a lot lot pervy stuff of his female characters. On the other hand, Zack Snyder had smaller events that contributed to the shift in perception. He defend Ray Fisher when he called out racism on the Justice League set, cast diverse actors in his movies, publicly disowned an alt-right grifter podcast, and more recently defended Amber Heard. These events made people reconsider their preconceived notions.

No. 1898496

File: 1708676032932.jpg (26.27 KB, 768x512, a-2.jpg)

I'm thankful for this mutual understanding.

No. 1898516

Idk nonna I think it's a cute art (assuming a bakery guy is not tif, ofc). It's normal to want to finish asap with your job and come back home to someone you love (and have sex, yeah). If it was an art by a moid, they would probably dream about getting railed in a club or something.

No. 1898540

ot but this manga looks very cute anon, can you share a title?

No. 1898555

Nta but it's Skip and Loafer

No. 1898580

Its funny how what could have been a containment ib just ended up bringing more newfags over to lc

No. 1898636

File: 1708692137315.jpeg (467.49 KB, 1812x2176, IMG_5571.jpeg)

I feel like I’m the only monster high fan not excited about this. It feels like fanfiction ascending rather than a G1 continuation. In a world full of sci fi fantasy monster people the most exciting plot for a comic return is….bring queer?

No. 1898669

I guess my explanation >>1897589 doesn't count huh

No. 1898685

Omg that’s straight up fanfiction. Even the shitty Kieran x Spelldon shit (fuck the creator that tried to confirm it). I wanna go back to when all the ghouls were straight and not “queer” and “nonbinary”

No. 1898687

i guess the last bang of the G1 fandom was when the creator talked about which character he had wanted to make gay but was forced to be censored, so i see why they're doing this. monster high is definitrly striving to be as "inclusive" as possible, and even got rid of character accents in order to avoid "racism" even though they were quirky and didn't bother anyone, lol.

No. 1898688

These arguments happened here before fujochan became a thing. If anything it's more likely that farmers who would post about yumejoshi started using fc later.

No. 1898695

avatar the last airbender fans are annoying

No. 1898704

Monster High sucks so much ass nowadays. I also think it's funny how some characters are safe from being a kweerio like Draculaura… when Clawdeen/Draculaura was one of the most popular fan pairings in G1… almost like they're afraid to tarnish the sales of their best selling doll to appeal to the retarded nonbinary womanchildren with mullets who make up like 80% of the Monster High adult fandom nowadays. (Kind of funny when I clearly remember adult fan spaces during G1 being filled with weeby/goth women who created original characters to ship and conjure up imaginary drama with, and gay men. Not the genderfluid, nonbinary females that make up a majority of the fanbase now who seem to be scared of anything that's more adult than the Bluey miscarriage hinting episode.)

I hate the MH fandom now. Now everyone's on some sort of 1984 police state bullshit.
It's so fucking retarded. We desperately need to return to the stolen mspaint base drama of yore.

No. 1898711

I love how her "irredeemable media" list just has an "etc" as if anyone is just supposed to automatically know what she considers irredeemable

No. 1898713

The dolls were always intended to be diverse and subversive. One of the characters was supposed to be a lesbian but the company wouldn't let the designers bring it up. Nonbinaryism is retarded but don't act like anything that isn't straight is nonsense. Unless you don't mean that, then ignore me.
This is new

No. 1898714

File: 1708700016022.jpg (136.62 KB, 1080x1920, 9c4f3dnx8uy41.jpg)

Clawdeen was never meant to be a lesbian kekkkk anon. Be for fucking real. Don't act like them putting everyone in a gay relationship isn't pandering bullshit. Apparently a leak source says they're making Deuce Gorgon asexual too. Like be honest with yourself.

No. 1898715

Samefag I can't believe "Clawdeen was meant to be a lesbian" caught on but it doesn't surprise me. G3 Monster High fans are retarded and have little to no reading comprehension.

No. 1898716

I'm not even into Monster High but people who are genuinely offended over lesbian/gay characters mystify me. I would understand it was a flash in the pan spicy straight subsexuality of the week but getting so worked up over a regular normal looking homosexual and is just one spergpost away from calling it wokeist propaganda or something gets me side eyeing.

No. 1898719

You're clearly a tumblr refugee. Don't act like them shoehorning in random gay couples and then making one of the former boyfriends asexual isn't pandering nonsense. It's not "getting worked up in a rage" to say that they want money from a certain mentally stunted demographic (the spicy straight kweerios). Funny how they make the least selling characters gay too kek. They don't give a fuck. They want that sweet spicy straight autistic NEETbux.

No. 1898721

Just saying that for someone who's "not getting worked up" you sure sound angry and personally offended over one character being a lesbian.

No. 1898728

G1 Clawdeen isn't a lesbian…? Look at this post here and read the pic >>1898714, then go back and read your post here about how she was meant to be a lesbian >>1898713 and know that you're wrong.

No. 1898731

Because its almost always unauthentic and merely done for brownie points

No. 1898732

i agree, these threads generally reek of unironic homophobia often

No. 1898733

File: 1708701372638.jpg (468.45 KB, 1079x1070, SheAteTheOldHer.jpg)

Speaking of Monster High I hate that they made Catty Noir into Fatty Noir. Very smart decision for a fashion doll… making one a fat-ass so you can't even exchange clothes with the other fashion dolls. Of course the Monster High community celebrates this because the old bodies gave 7 year olds anorexia even though Monster High fans in 2010 rejected this notion… how did the old dolls promote anorexia but this doll doesn't promote fatassery?

No. 1898734

>putting everyone in a gay relationship isn't pandering bullshit.
Is putting everyone in a straight relationship pandering? Retard. >>1898719
Normal people don't seethe about gays or racial minorities in television, nona. Go take a nap.

No. 1898736

Children and girls do not want fat dolls. I don't know why they do this shit. It's so ugly

No. 1898739

voiced by Tim Petras too

No. 1898740

It would be pandering if they slapped "straight pride" colors and motifs on them. It's 100% pandering bullshit when they use the pansexual colors (which, SURPRISE, TheyThem Frankie is not a based dyke but, in fact, a pansexual and trans and they looove slapping the pan/tranny flag colors on her) and tranny colors. Get real.

No. 1898741

I'm glad Joss wheadon is getting revealed for the piece of shit he truly is. He played the male feminism card way too long. The actress who played Cordelia in Buffy stopped talking to him after he did some creepy shit that made her uncomfortable on set.

No. 1898743

File: 1708701801275.jpg (53.03 KB, 570x403, il_570xN.4746858297_ri0e.jpg)

Catty went from A Fine Girl to OH LAWD SHE COMIN'

No. 1898747

Don't buy the dolls then if they aren't pandering to you. Why does it make you so mad? Monster High was always supposed to be a line for alt kids so this makes sense for them.

How do you know what kids want better than execs that put their money into market research?

No. 1898751

>Monster High is for ALT KIDS!!!
>It's fine to expose them to bullshit sexualities like pansexuality
>It's also fine to expose them to trannydom
Are you part of the G3 design team or something?
>How do you know what kids want better than execs that put their money into market research?
They're going to make Deuce Gorgon asexual. No little girl wants a boy doll who isn't dating one of the girl dolls. No little girl dreams of playing with an asexual boy kekkkkkk they're pandering hardcore to the autistic millenial womenchildren.

No. 1898763

File: 1708703863711.jpg (221.77 KB, 1478x2000, bafkreib3akgjsxjqbcddp6hczjufm…)

The last sentence should be told to these pro-Palestine kids that suddenly forgot Ukraine.(derailing)

No. 1898764

How many times do we have to tell you this isn't the politics thread. Just because it was posted on Tumblr doesn't mean it's fandom drama

No. 1898766

I don't know why nonnas with no genuine knowledge of fashion dolls try to put their two cents into this. The nonna you replied to reeks of g3 zoomer fan that thinks boy dolls, fat dolls, and genderspecial dolls are popular with children that play with dolls when really they're only popular with adult collectors (if that).

No. 1898770

>boy dolls, fat dolls, and genderspecial dolls are popular with children that play with dolls
If you consider 12-14 to be children, then yes, tranny bullshit is popular with them. Lots of preteens are into genderspecial retardation. They're the primary demographic of neopronoun and fairygender type nonsense.
Mixing and matching clothes is like the best thing you can do with dolls. It's supposed to be about self expression, right? What a joke.

No. 1898773

>Lots of preteens are into genderspecial retardation
True but are they even buying and playing with the dolls? If anything they'll probably convince their parents to buy one or two before moving on once the show finishes airing because the show and fandom shipping is all they care about.

No. 1898786

What are you even trying to say kek dolls have always been toys that parents buy for their children

No. 1898790

Literally no kid is going to want this shit. The only time it's getting bought is if a poor child has a terminally online parent.

No. 1898791

i don't mind different body type rep in dolls, especially since the new curvy draculaura is so cute, but this is obviously not for children and instead going to be a hit with doll customizers, i think. i used to babysit a lot, and honestly? kids don't play with dolls anymore, not even a little bit. all these new changes are for the television show, where they can have frankie sing about being a they/them so little kids get it stuck in their head, and the dolls are for adults- they shouldn't have even bothered with launching anything for children imo, or seemingly packaged for children, anyway, and instead have gone full gothic adult collector dolls.

i'm not even sure if children are watching the television show, too. kids kind of only watch youtube nowadays.

No. 1898802

The show barely airs. It takes breaks and took a year and some change just to finish season one and is hard to find legally depending on your region, just Nickelodeon or the Paramount+ app.

No. 1898809

it's honestly annoying there cant be a single character who's not interested in romance without being a lesbian. It's honestly quite offensive that they are trying to imply ''you are either boy crazy or a lesbian'' sounds like something a scrote would say

No. 1898814

File: 1708707373960.png (261.99 KB, 488x508, Qbzq8F3.png)

sage for OT and blogpost, I'm a third-worlder so getting books is often-hard, and there was this uploader who would often give PDFs of some pretty obscure books to download. I never thought much about him, but recently he posted that he had been conscripted in the war. He's in his late 20s and has bad knees, but he's still being forced into this conflict because they need every man. I guess that was the moment where the war was still happening and people were dying for no reason. People turn wars into trends and hashtags. There's something just so dystopian about it. I hope he makes it alive and the war ends.(derailing blogpost)

No. 1898819

kek based russia sending men to die in war

No. 1898821

he was Ukrainian.

No. 1898822

still based

No. 1898828

That's really sad anon, war truly is horrible. Many Ukrainian artists I've followed have had to quit what they're doing to escape the war as refugees or have been drafted altogether and it really brings the conflict closer and shows how real and devastating it is in a very concrete way.

No. 1898837

its probably just for the youtube clips, then. get the shitty little songs stuck in the kids heads lol. i honestly wish they would just focus on making detailed doll clothes again.

No. 1898842

Well, apparently there is one now and anons are mad he's asexual kek

No. 1898844

you know there is a huge difference between a woman just not being boy crazy and asexuality. The latter is literally fake disorder unless you were molested or something.

No. 1898846

Imagine telling these war fanorbiters how many wars are currently going except Ukraine and Palestine where are the tags for the countless civil and guerilla wars in Africa and Middle East cough Yemen cough if they truly care for the refugees where are the reforms besides a fucking hashtag? A tweet or a Palestini miku won't save the child from being bombed in gaza..the nonna who said this was the kony for zoomers was right and I say that as one myself

No. 1898849

I don't even know where this "they're making him asexual" thing is coming from, I tried googling it and found literally nothing but teenage fan headcanons.

No. 1898853

It's being speculated on the r/monsterhigh subreddit. Apparently they're making one character asexual and people suspect it's Deuce because in the show he's shown to have no interest in having a girlfriend or a relationship.

No. 1898855

>tfw this exact thing happened to me in middle school
very few people seem to understand the concept of "straight, but doesn't want to date/is a late bloomer/has a specific type"

No. 1898857

What character would you have given the okay to if you were asked to make one of them a lesbian

No. 1898860

I hate how I've gone to being excited over the potential of LGB characters when I was a lesbian teen to dreading it because it's so performative. I wish they would just leave this up to fandom to ship/headcanon whoever they want instead of trying to cash in on it.

TBF that was my and a lot of other lesbians I knew experience when I was young. I thought I was asexual because I didn't want a boyfriend.

No. 1898861

Maybe they could create entirely new characters to make gay/fat/tranny instead of tumblypoo alternate universing everything.

No. 1898862

Having dolls that only look good in other doll brands clothes and rarely their own, being overpriced, wonky, having shitty restocks and horrible mismatched marketing is fine as long as diversity is present!

No. 1898865

They know they can get away with high prices and horrific quality because of the obnoxious kweerio pandering. They know they have a legion of spicy straight nonbinary zoomer women that will foam at the mouth and screech about "muh -phobia!!!" at anyone who says the quality and pandering suck. They'll slurp up that slop even if the clothes were made of styrofoam because NONBINARY PANSEXY REPRESENTATION!!!
Also why the fuck does Frankie has a prosethetic leg when she could just dig another one up from a random grave kek. Such retarded logic.

No. 1898866

File: 1708710790985.png (690.2 KB, 1437x679, 54257607_845247475817456_48980…)

Then doesnt that just fall into the same shitty writing/pickme writing criticism rather than a fault of "self inserting" because, again, women also self-insert, in ships not at all like you described. I'm not turning a blind eye on the fact that female media is so ridden with the worse tropes no wonder girls are identifying as nonbiney and conflating a good relationship between female characters or even just two female characters who don't sabotage each other for a romantic interest = automatically gay.

No. 1898906

What's your pic from? TinEye didn't show any results.

No. 1898907

make new ones, actually, make a new franchise althogether; Mental Illness high, and they can add as many asexuals, pansexuals and enbies they want to it

No. 1898918

File: 1708712435545.jpg (2.04 MB, 2146x4000, this bitch does look like a ya…)

Agreed, it definitely seems like a doll that will sell well with customizers.
It's a bit sad in a way that kids no longer play with dolls though, but I guess stuff like roblox scratches that itch for them since a lot of kids basically use it like a dress up game.

No. 1898921

It's a hilarious anime but I forgot the name, it's on YouTube, sorry nta, but if you find out check it out. It has /g/ energy

No. 1898931

NTA but this is some vintage 2015 r/TiA Anti-SJW post. You win teh internetz and have some gold for your epic roast nonnie.

No. 1898933

Clawdeen should have been one of those girls who isn’t interested in high school boys because they’re ugly, gross and immature. Yes I was one of those girls kek.

No. 1898935

if you identify as asexual you are mentally ill. No kid should have to see pansexual/asexual/nonbinary characters in cartoons, it's actually propaganda.

No. 1898938

Kids don’t give a shit about monster high, it’s all teen and adult collectors.

No. 1898941

you are retard my 11yo cousin loves mh. She shouldnt be watching mental illness propaganda. How many actual sexualities are there in the reboot, only one?

No. 1898943

File: 1708713650109.png (617.48 KB, 1280x720, tumblr_inline_ovigbmUSbJ1reuj1…)

Turning Girls, it's up on youtube officially by Studio Trigger. My favs are the fujo and kaerun's episodes.

No. 1898945

"How many sexualities"? What are you even trying to say? Nona was right, you sound exactly like anti-feminist redditors from back in the day kek ask your cousin if she even noticed mentions of that

No. 1898951

back to facebook

No. 1898952

I just asked how many real, actual sexualities there are. Are we getting invaded by tumblrtards that think asexual is a hecking valid sexuality? as far as i know only clawdeen, who's a lesbian, has a real sexuality. Everyone else is some kool aid flavour.

No. 1898956

I have a lot of kids in my family from age 1 to 15 and they really don't play with dolls anymore unless they're Disney Princess brand tie-ins, none of the little girls I know care about those and are instead into all those cute animal plushie things like squishmallows and magic mixies and legos. They still watch cartoons and kids' shows though, just not with the linear TV format like the Saturday morning cartoons we used to have. Usually their parents pick the shows off streaming services.

And anons were seething over her lesbianism too kek

No. 1898957

Judging by the original post there seems to be only gay and lesbian characters

No. 1898959

>And anons were seething over her lesbianism too kek
they were seething because they made her a lesbian instead of making a new character, which is indeed pandering. Specially when it was confirmed she wasnt intended to be a lesbian >>1898714
isnt frankie non binary too?

No. 1898962

>because they made her a lesbian instead of making a new character
This logic is so retarded to me, why can’t you make a pre existing character a lesbian? If anything it’s more stupid to make a new character just to make them a lesbian because then that becomes their entire personality.
>isnt frankie non binary too?
Only in the reboot

No. 1898965

File: 1708714520569.jpeg (129.56 KB, 2048x1154, IMG_5578.jpeg)

Frankie is non binary and the show never shuts up about “queerness”. Why couldn’t Frankie just be a lesbian instead of a walking trans flag? They make sure to add the flag colors to every one of her outfits to drive the point home.

No. 1898967

>This logic is so retarded to me, why can’t you make a pre existing character a lesbian?
it's pandery. It's on the same level as disney throwing its 50th background character who's gay/lesbian and that can easily be cut off for the chinese release of the movie. Considering the original goal of clawdeen it's honestly insulting for straight girls who grew up uninterested in boys because they sucked and were asked if they were lesbians for not being boy-crazy.

No. 1898968

>it's okay for a character to be gay…except when I personally relate to her. I can't self-insert with a lesbian character ewww!

No. 1898969

they completly butchered the designs, what a shame.

No. 1898971

late but thanks. i hope this actually leads to mass peaking and doesn't just blow over into nothing

No. 1898972

Anon by your logic every time they make a character straight they’re also pandering to heterosexuals.
>it's honestly insulting for straight girls who grew up uninterested in boys because they sucked and were asked if they were lesbians for not being boy-crazy.
Did you ever consider that some of those girls probably did grow up to be lesbians?

No. 1898975

>character is made with the intention of not being boy crazy, showing straight women dont have to drool over cock 24/7
>uwu this ackshually mean shes a hecking lesbean!
literally it goes against the original concept of the character, just to be pandery and fanservicy. If the original creator did intend her to be a lesbian sure, it's cool he can finally achieve his vision, but he actually debunked the idea of her being made to be intentionally a lesbian.

No. 1898976

Nobody relates to Clawdeen because she the one with the most flop doll releases. They only made her gay, if >>1898636 is going to be considered canon, because she's not a very popular character. Never really has been. Not the way Draculaura is kek. They make the flops faggots and lesbians because they know they can't touch the dolls that actually sell.

No. 1898978

These people don't ever consider heterosexuality to be pandering since it's the default, don't bother. They are uncomfortable with homosexuality once it infringes on their comfort but they know they'll get torn apart if they admit it on here, so they just skirt around the actual issue they have, that a girl they relate to is gay.

No. 1898979

It would be pandering to straight people if they included the "straight pride" colors and talked about being heckin valid heterosexual. But they don't so it's not pandering. Do you understand now?

No. 1898980

As long as nobody's explicitly stated to be heterosexual, they can't be "made" into a lesbian nonnie. She's quite normie looking and attractive design and not one of those evil fat blue haired feminists and discreet about the lesbianism yet anons are still seething as if it's sending brain washing waves into their teenage cousin's brain.

No. 1898982

The way they literally made the new Drac an attention whore who dies when she doesn’t get enough attention is hilarious when you consider how popular she is in general

No. 1898984

Whats with all the tumblrfags itt?

No. 1898987

she was literally confirmed heterosexual by the creator and turned into a lesbian to be pandery like c'mon he couldnt even lie and say ''yes we wanted to make her a lesbian but couldnt because censorship waah'' the point of clawdeen was to show a non-boy crazy straight woman how does the point not come across to you?

No. 1898988

Ngl, I think it's all pretty dumb. To begin with, do kids normally play by canon rules when it comes to dolls? I never gave a fuck.

No. 1898990

File: 1708715263808.jpeg (46.21 KB, 227x414, A766E599-625E-4BAC-B291-0C5539…)

this kinda silly, imo. they made clawdeen a lesbian cause it was popular in the fandom, and valentine gay because that was going to be referenced in his SDCC exclusive release journal but the creator wasn't allowed, and now they're able to. this isn't the worst case of pandering, frankie being a nonbinary is far worse than doing pride comics that only the adult collectors would care about.

No. 1898991

kids get easily influenced by things they see why do you think so many kids are chopping off their tits?

No. 1898993

> they made clawdeen a lesbian cause it was popular in the fandom
that's literally pandering

No. 1898996

They didn't even have the balls to pair her with Draculaura which was the most popular ship. It's cowardly pandering imo but definitely still pandering, anons in this thread don't know shit.

No. 1898997

Nonnas being more pissed about the lesbian than the enby tells me everything I need to know lol.

No. 1898998

Anons are putting up more of a fight about the lesbianism than the tranny character, so of course we're going to be focused on the "lesbian" character who isn't even a lesbian canonically.

No. 1898999

okay in this case who gives a fuck? the plastic doll is a dyke, one less straight character. making a character with an unconfirmed sexuality, who is just uninterested in men, into a lesbian isn't nowhere near the level of other types of pandering.

No. 1899000

what does this even mean? no we are not homophobes just because we are complaining about a pandery decision that goes againt canon. Anons complained about frankie too. We are truly getting invaded by tumblrtards.

No. 1899001

Did the creators say that "yeah she was a straight bitch at first but we yassified her into a lesbian queen suck on that bigots!!" or did they say "Yeah we figured lesbianism would fit her well so we decided to go with it now that it's more socially accepted"? The creator said that he always wanted her to be one but Mattel didn't let him but if even a statement coming straight from the person who created the characters is considered fake news and lies then I don't know what to tell you. I'm sorry but anons being this assmad and feeling personally slighted for one of their $15 PVC dolls having a character outed as a lesbian is both hilarious and sad.

No. 1899002

>unconfirmed sexuality
oh my god she was literally confirmed straight by the creator kek you are incredibly fucking dense aren't you.

No. 1899003

The creator "Garrett Sanders" was not the sole designer of Monster High, there was a whole fucking team. Amd he never said he intended for her to be a lesbian. You are arguing like a retard because you are very ill informed.

No. 1899005

Huh, I guess. I just don't remember being so influenced back in the day when it came to Barbies and Bratz fashion. Never did watch their shows, though.

No. 1899006

Kek this site has a bunch of tradthots who come here just because it’s ok to say “tranny”, you see subtle things like this all the time, especially when it comes to lesbians.

No. 1899007

>The creator said that he always wanted her to be one but Mattel didn't let him
funny because he said the opposite here >>1898714 he said she wasnt intended to be a lesbian, just a non boy crazy straight woman.

No. 1899008

No tradthot is going to come to lolcow to talk shit about Monster High. This has been an argument between genuine fans and retarded tumblr zoomers insecure of their sexuality.

No. 1899009

so we cant say anything against pandering marketting decisions without being tradthots homophobes now?

No. 1899012

Intended doesn't mean the creators can't change their minds though

No. 1899013

yeah and that's called pandering

No. 1899014

another thread derailed by straight women pissed over the fact that lesbians exist

No. 1899016

Nobody changed their minds about Clawdeen being a lesbian. See JK Rowling's opinion on black Hermione. Hermione wasn't black and still isn't black but JK did pander hard to the libs for a while about it.

No. 1899017

And it wouldn't have been pandering if they said in the beginning that she was a lesbian?

No. 1899018

Anons putting a lesbian character in the same category as trannies really speaks volumes about the site's current state.

No. 1899021

It wouldn't have because the dolls were released in fucking 2010, that would have been a risky move.

No. 1899023

It's funny how the tumblr refugees are calling everyone a homophobe tradthot for being against a pandery decision that goes against canon and is actually really sexist in context. Notice how no one gives a shit about valentino, a character that was always supposed to be gay and was censored by Mattel? but we are tradthots homophobes.

No. 1899026

They're also incapable of handling their own experiences as a straight woman overlapping with a gay woman's. Imagine being surprised that a character who doesn't care for men gets read as gay.

No. 1899028

but she wasnt supposed to be a lesbian…she was made into a lesbian to be pandery and you are eating it up and acting like a derranged idiot when people point it out

No. 1899030

File: 1708716247637.jpeg (143.59 KB, 1080x1920, C89D2AAE-3B06-4403-9E60-88A66A…)

they just said they didn't want her to be boy crazy, didn't use the word heterosexual.

No. 1899034

>Imagine being surprised that a character who doesn't care for men gets read as gay.
also this is hilarious because thats the sexist belief i was complaining about. Considering that the modern LGBT movement MH is pandering too is extremely sexist it doesnt surprise me they turned the only non boy crazy character into a lesbian.
>is she a lesbian?
>no, she wasnt intended too

No. 1899035

Nona that anon is definitely not a real Monster High fan kek I bet they're just arguing because they see "lesbian", "queer", and "pander" and their eyes glaze over in a rage and they start shitting out their pathetic replies kek.

No. 1899038

You are seething this much because they said the doll doesn't want and will never want dick

No. 1899039

Its honestly pathetic to witness them in this thread

No. 1899042

I feel like I'm reading posts directly from xitter

No. 1899043

>Notice how no one gives a shit about valentino, a character that was always supposed to be gay
Scroll up, you guys were literally also complaining about that.

No. 1899045

definetly, i remember in one of the toys or diaries it said clawdeen liked to flirt with boys kek so lesbian uwu

No. 1899046

he said he likes the interpretation, so i don't see an issue. its not like the comic is going to sell millions or applies to the current canon and the clawdeen dolls being released, its just for some of the female adult fans of the series that is weirdly into what little lore there is. relax. i don't think any of these anons even knew she didn't have a boyfriend, or cared.

No. 1899047

>We're okay with a one off villain in a TV movie everyone forgot about being retconned in passing as a gay man but one of the main characters being a lesbian so we can't ignore it??? UNFORGIVABLE PANDERING I CAN'T RELATE TO A DYKE

No. 1899048

how do nonnies explain this?

No. 1899049

There are definitely twittertards itt but both sides are weird as hell. Oh no, the poor children, they’re going to be influenced to be GASP lesbians!

No. 1899050

monster high has many canons and different takes on the character, the japanese cartoon is its own canon, the movies are a different canon, so the comic clawdeen coming out as a lesbian doesn't negate these versions of the character. its not like they're showing it down anyones throats like they are with frankie, keep bitching about that instead.

No. 1899052

so moid-like to be this enraged that there is a doll that wants nothing to do with men. idrc if she wasnt always like this but i always found it so unusual how pissed people get. even if they did make a new character, they would still say its pandering or its "shoving lgbt down everyones throats"

No. 1899053

there are several instances of clawdeen being attracted to boy in more ''canon'' media.

No. 1899057

its extremely sexist to turn the less boy crazy girl into a lesbian. If you are not a fan, shut the fuck up this isn't about you.

No. 1899059

>making a plastic doll a lesbian is sexism
Holy fuck my sides.

No. 1899060

Nta but you dollfags are so annoying. I can’t believe this kids show/product attracts this much adult autism

No. 1899063

okay? and that still exists, this is literally just a one off comic. they never even said she was a lesbian, she could be bisexual. crying misogyny over a woman being attracted to women is a little silly.

No. 1899064

If you don't want non-fans to comment on your sperg don't post it in one of the most active threads on the board kek. you people are losing your shit because a doll doesn't wanna fuck boys

No. 1899066

why do you come to this specific thread if you dont like shitty attempts at pandering to get criticized? go to your tumblr hugbox or something. Turning clawdeen, a character that was intendeed to be non-boy crazy to show straight women dont have to think about men all the time, but that also has several isntances of being confirmed straight and has dated and flirted boys getting turned into a lesbian because it was one of the biggest fandom headcanons is fucking pandering.

No. 1899068

In the doll diaries, probably the closest real canon G1 Monster High will ever have, Clawdeen has stated that she didn't have time for one boy because she likes flirting with them all too much. Can you weirdo "lesbian Clawdeen" truthers give it up.
So in a way Clawdeen is a much more realistic representation of the average zoomer woman calling herself a lesbian; IE she's not a lesbian and never was and she flirts with boys kek.

No. 1899069

>She's actually hetero in the non-canon stuff that I think is closer to canon!!
ok. Look at that then.

Even if they do this to pander, what is the actual issue with pandering to lesbians kek

No. 1899071

>you people are losing your shit because a doll doesn't wanna fuck boys
that anon that said you retards dont even read just see ''lesbian'' and ''pandering'' and chimp out was right. No one was complaining about that, but the obvious pandering by a mega corporation.

No. 1899072

They aren't pandering to lesbians they're pandering to the fat autistic he/him frogboy nonbinary woman at best.

No. 1899074

i have given tons of examples of clawdeen being canonly straight but they are tumblrfags to they think pointing out retconning for the sake of pandering is homophobia kek

No. 1899075

>but the obvious pandering by a mega corporation
And why exactly does this matter? Of all the shitty things mega corps do I think making a plastic doll like other girls isn't an issue in the least.

No. 1899078

File: 1708717648650.jpg (1.2 MB, 1157x1153, Clankie .jpg)

Idc about canon these are two lesbians and I’m tired of being jumped for not thinking Frankie is a themlet.

No. 1899079

At this point I'm just laughing at the absolute autism sperging about "tumblrfags" and making mental cartwheels regarding sexism while seething about a lesbian doll, I hope Mattel makes more of the characters lesbians just out of spite.

No. 1899080

So what? Straight people are pandered to all the time. Why is this such an issue? She’s been straight in certain iterations, you got your straight woman who doesn’t care about men rep that you care so much about, what is the issue?

No. 1899081

Maybe they should just not give kids toys sexualities kek

No. 1899085

The issue is that she's a gross lesbo in a one-off comic which is unforgivable(bait)

No. 1899086

Did everyone forget they were pushing Deuce and Clawdeen as a couple kek the tumblrtards don't even have the full context.

No. 1899088

Same, at this point I hope they confirm every monster high character as LGB just to see the anons in this thread lose their shit.

No. 1899091

You're just like that tumblr tranny who thinks getting his porn blogs deleted= literal holocaust.(infighting)

No. 1899093

nta, but literally how are they similar.

No. 1899095

Another anon who thinks lesbians are in the same ballpark as trannies, what’s new.

No. 1899096

how is it the same?

No. 1899097

>Straight people get pandered to by megacorpos their entire lives
Eyes closed
>Lesbians get a comic about a gay doll from megacorpos

No. 1899099

>you don't like kweerio pandering by a mega corp who wants money from kweerios because they're the easiest to take money from you're a HOMOPHOBIC TRADTHOT MOID AND YOU'RE KILLING US!!!

No. 1899100

File: 1708718082072.jpeg (112.45 KB, 663x1017, IMG_5582.jpeg)

I wish they paired her off with someone other than Torelai, Torelai x Cleo makes more sense for G1 than this.(derailing)

No. 1899101

Stop replying to the samefag and report

No. 1899102

The entire argument started because an anon lied and said the creator wanted Clawdeen as a lesbian but Mattel censored him which was not at all true. Now we have retarded zoomlets reeeing about muh homophobic tradthots!!!! The reading comprehension on this site is at an all time low.

No. 1899107

Same, I honestly really miss the kpop general threads KEK. They became absolute cesspools toward the end but I used to read them after work like a bedtime story. Still hoping for them to be brought back someday.

No. 1899110

Ntayrt but I think it's that
>I hope they turn all the characters into [sexuality] out of pure spite to own the fans that don't want change
Works for both.

No. 1899112

nta but same, I just want to be able to talk about weird stans or dumb shit idols do.

No. 1899120

they act like these pieces of plastic could feel, i once saw xitter retards complain about a random ig user putting a g3 drac head on a g1 body, as if that user couldnt do what he pleases with the dolls under his possession. i love dolls and collecting them but some members of the community have to realize that buying and customizing dolls is not activism, that things wont change in the real world because now frankie is a gendie or catty is fat or whatever. its better for them to admit that theyre just consoomers and not the leaders of a new revolution.


No. 1899129

I wish these twitterfags would honestly go back to somewhere that actually wants their presence

No. 1899165

14 year olds don't play with dolls so they're just doing this shit for adults
the neck still being skinny but body being fat looks so weird

No. 1899274

12-14 year olds don play with dolls, especially not this generation of tweens

No. 1899282

Zack’s biggest sin is making overly stylistic and edgy movies. Other than that he seems to treat his actors well. But every around DC/WB is dripping with drama and failurez

No. 1899370

>his many lovers
what a hoe

No. 1899566

his fanbase is shit and have ruined anything he has made that has ever been remotely acceptable, and he managed to ruin the character superman for the general public with his edgy, jesus-parallel, wet-cardboard ass personality take on the character.

i guess its good he's nice to his actors, though. i just hope that dc never lets him touch another IP again.

No. 1899582

File: 1708754415107.png (1.79 MB, 1400x700, GyYrt2C.png)

Taika Waititi had a similar (and even swifter) downfall. First, the RWers hated him cause of Thor:Love and Thunder (wokies still praised him out of spite). Then, other details started being revealed, such as his very public affairs with much younger women while his then-wife remained in New Zealand, looking after their kids. People also thought some elements of his previous work were tasteless. The straw that broke the camel's back was his desire to have the hostages returned and his condemnation of Hamas (even though it was the least awful thing he had ever done). Now, he is more or less cancelled, which is honestly good to see.

No. 1899605

File: 1708755832944.jpg (573.42 KB, 2692x1868, F9nuMUC7h8.jpg)

Zach cheated on his first wife as well in 1996 when he was working on a commercial. He met Deborah Johnson, an established producer(both had spouses and kids). She handpicked him for other work despite him having no other credentials. She has been a producer for pretty much all of his films, and it is speculated that she was the driving force behind his both in his early work and keeping him on WB after MoS. I don't know how much of their relationship was based on love or lust (they are still married), but it doesn't change the fact that Zach essentially slept his way into his position.

No. 1899646

i don't like fetish gear all that much nonnie, but like, the moid in your pic is fat and probably old.

No. 1899704

File: 1708764867005.jpg (21.99 KB, 701x526, tumblr_inline_o0gxowh69y1s8mzq…)

YWN desperately poetically dance your way to untree your man, why live.

No. 1899743

is it bad i like this character both ways? maybe i'm just seduced by the right one's hair and outfit

No. 1899747

ntaryt, but i have, like those moids obsessed with Ryan Gosling that mistake their intimidation by him and admiration for him as being attraction or this Korean American moid that's really into some webtoon male character, or literally every Westoid male vtuber that fakes lewd scenarios with other fellow male vtubers bc it brings in the fujobux.

No. 1899750

>"poor little Tsukasa he's a boy. Only 16. Only 16 and people like to make him suck cock… Poor young boy"
i don't know why but it's making me kek so hard, it sounds so funny.

No. 1899753

>Plus the cosplay she's going to wear is cute on her.
it probably will, but i pray she shows up as Naruto and whoever she's with comes as Sasuke please god it's going to be so fucking funny.

No. 1899771

>otome gamers did not lead the suffragette movement
RIP Emmeline Pankhurst you would've loved Obey Me.

No. 1899774

>when you want to pinch your nose shut but you just had an L-shaped nose implant done

No. 1899895

File: 1708786301020.png (657.31 KB, 966x1646, QFQN42H.png)

people sent this poster, death threats and gore videos over this tweet.

No. 1899922

So they really were people with severe mental illness KEK

No. 1899931

File: 1708789241583.png (67.34 KB, 970x244, clawdeen so sapphic uwu.png)


No. 1899992

No it's not bad, the guy from FF16 is supposed to look good like most FF male protagonists.

No. 1900033

I wish Nitter wasn't dead so I can look this up.

No. 1900087

this provocative tweet is such an obvious troll made to bait zoomers into crytyping in the replies. Why did people take so much offense to such a stupid tweet? Its often said modern internet is too soft and sensitive but i doubt it

No. 1900101

Imagine being lectured by "yaoi cocaine bear" lmao, how can anyone take these people seriously is beyond me

No. 1900826

File: 1708840771923.png (339.69 KB, 640x426, 6SnmKeQ.png)

So, I watched Netflix's Live Action Avatar and there were probably thousands things I disliked that I could get into. However, one thing that felt most egregious was the characterization of Sokka and Katara. So, yeah, they did remove Sokka's early season sexism, but they also took away his goofiness and incompetence. He now takes on the full responsibility of the village and is actually a good guardian. He's also serious and brooding most of the time (effectively turning him into a Sasuke). This lack of characterization also reduces Katara's role because she doesn't have anyone to rant against. I don't have any idea why this was done, cause they are effectively different characters.

No. 1900831

I didn't realize they would change their personalities entire. I wish they would stop trying to make Avatar live action. It obviously doesn't work. The animated series is the only way to watch it

No. 1900841

samefag, Katara basically never gets angry or emotional, which were big parts of her character, but it's worst with Anng, he does not a single flaw or bad trait.

No. 1900923

There are no threatening or asshole characters anywhere to be found. Zhao is a peacock whose menace is undercut every five seconds. Azula is already cracking under the pressure of trying to be perfect for her dad. Even Hahn, Yue’s asshole betrothed, is turned into Sokka’s totally understanding bro instead of a chauvinist who calls him a hick to his face. The dialogue is also MCU “erm he’s right behind me isn’t he” levels of cringe. Zuko is good though, he hits that midpoint of a sulky spoiled prince and an awkward, hurting kid really well. Who would have ever thought in 2005 that Nickelodeon’s silly little fake anime show would become a pop culture phenomenon that two studios would throw millions of dollars at trying to replicate and still never surpass the original?

No. 1900939

off-topic, But as I was watching the series, all I could think was that the actor playing Sokka could be so hot if he had a different nose, the nose ruins him so much

No. 1900950

File: 1708856806419.png (981.95 KB, 1200x800, 8TEjNXn.png)

The wig they had for Yue was so gaudy and cheap-looking.

No. 1900980

I haven't watched it myself, but one criticism I saw that I think is on point is how all the costumes look like cosplay. They're to clean. To perfectly ironed. Nothing looks lived in.

No. 1901182

File: 1708879676089.png (165.72 KB, 597x462, firefox_zf472jGod3.png)

I am late to this drama but holy fucking based devs telling cucks to kill themselves
This is pushing me to install the game finally

No. 1901200

File: 1708881108425.png (161.33 KB, 1110x379, rXCs53y.png)

The way they handled the romance was so utterly retarded. Sokka is more stoic and isn't a goofball anymore, so he doesn't pursue any female character romantically, instead they have the female character peruse him first, Suki basically becomes an obsessive stalker after seeing him shirtless once. To a lesser extent this happens with Yue as well. That said, I do find it more retarded that progressives are getting mad at the show for "objectifying" him

No. 1901242

I love how it utterly mindbreaks these retards that a game would prioritize their actual intended target audience

No. 1901270

imagine thinking BL content being prohibited only in an otome game's community spaces is the same as all BL content being banned for every piece of media, it's not wrong for LADS to want this, it's an otome game and they don't want any misconceptions as to what genre it is and what content it has, it's off topic as well, it's like bringing up Minecraft in a discord for Valorant, and no doubt these people would freak out if someone interrupted some brave and stunning coming out in a lgbt group with stuff related to farming.

No. 1901274

I’ve been waiting for ATLA discussion to finally pop up here

No. 1901278

Unfathomably based, I hope more female fandom spaces follow suit.

No. 1901281

My only problem with Zuko is that in season 1 he’s more angry than anything but doesn’t come off that way in the live action show, he comes off as pathetic “he RAAaan”.
No hate on the actor but he’s going to get a lot of hate because even with hair (which we do see in the live action) he doesn’t look like Zuko.
On a tangent note, why does ATLA attract so many autistic fans

No. 1901284

File: 1708886884751.jpeg (92.52 KB, 1000x563, IMG_2422.jpeg)

The movie unironically looks better.
It’s funny seeing people praise the movie because of the Netflix show.

No. 1901290

File: 1708887480498.jpeg (48.02 KB, 1200x675, qjTBj1t.jpeg)

I don't see anyone saying the film was good, but now they understand where Shyamalan was coming from. That he knew it was impossible to directly copy the show, so he was was trying to do his own thing. Some of it worked, most of it didn't, but the costume design and general filming were a lot better than people realized, and I always thought Aang's Tattoo was better handled.

No. 1901299

They brought the arrow so far down on his head in the show. I think ATLA is just one of those things that can't be live action, it's magic comes from being animated.

No. 1901313

File: 1708888546107.mp4 (7.7 MB, 854x640, aFt39Wv.mp4)

You're right, like vidrel was probably expensive and time-consuming to make in animation, but It would have been damn near impossible to have it in live action without it looking incredibly cheap.

No. 1901321

How I wish western animation was still made with this much passion and care for the medium

No. 1901323

going to be funny as fuck watching them bleed money because of this after sponsoring multiple gay vtubers with giant fujo fanbases. genuinely retarded decision on part of the company

No. 1901327

>sponsoring multiple gay vtubers with giant fujo fanbases.
Wait what? Post deets

No. 1901328

>How I wish western animation
ATLA was produced by MOI Animation, an South Korean Studio.

No. 1901333

nijisanjis uki and fulgur, both of which are actual faggots. some others from the company as well (luca and ike) but theyre not gay iirc

No. 1901336

No. 1901339

Oh…that's a bad look. Banning bl content is one thing but getting gay guys to advertise your game and then banning it is another

No. 1901344

File: 1708890823350.png (576.91 KB, 767x628, GRzxWUu.png)

you can blame streaming for this, Most animated shows typically ran for about 3 to 4 seasons, approximately 52 to 65 episodes(although there are a few exceptions). This practice is based on the old syndication system, where networks would order 52 episodes in order to license the show for reruns on other channels. This is how we ended up with some rather experimental shows like Courage the cowardly dog and Ren and Stimpy, but also the popular action shows of the 2000's like Teen Titans and Kim Possible.
Streaming killed this system, and so now modern animated cartoons have 1 or 2 seasons before being cancelled.

No. 1901345

File: 1708890826640.png (70.12 KB, 976x459, your husbando loves you more p…)

What makes one selfshipper more popular than the other anyway? Like…does their self insert art get more likes?

No. 1901348

They absolutely won't be bleeding money because most of the player base are CN yumes who quite literally take up more than 70% of the revenue and notoriously dislike BL in their otome games

No. 1901359

There is too much mental illness in this image for me to handle

No. 1901363

I’m so confused by this because the rare times I come across self-shipper art it’s maybe 100 likes max

No. 1901367

Well a black shipper gets 99 likes max, so clearly the white selfshipper is trying to steal their man.

No. 1901375

Global players never spend money in the first place… what money will they bleed? Kek. CN otomes dont make all that money off delusional fujos living in china, I’ll tell you that much.

No. 1901388

this girl should get a job and all of her problems would be solved

No. 1901393

This is like the third time this has been posted in these threads

No. 1901398

>your f/o understands
Your f/o is literally cucking you and you should be embarrassed

No. 1901403

Zoomers are too retarded to understand complex characters. They are either good or bad, black or white, once a character made an oopsie they are irredeemable. It's why ATLAS is a show that filters retarded characters, and why they had to change so much to please the new illiterate audience. I wonder how this show is going to write uncle Iroh.

No. 1901408

unrelated but that actress is so pretty

No. 1901409

There is so much going on here I don't know where to begin, so I'm just going to point and laugh

No. 1901410

Anon should just take it to the personal cows thread, doesnt seem like fandom drama

No. 1901417

That's because BL fans are women and it's a game for women who like men. Many BL fans also like hetero stuff specially if they can self insert, the real problem I bet you are the tifs unable to cope with a game not bending over the knee to have their totally gay boy self insert experience validated.

No. 1901419

This girl cares more about clout than just being a passionate yume and doing your own thing even if you get 0 likes. Soulless

No. 1901422

>the real problem I bet you are the tifs unable to cope with a game not bending over the knee to have their totally gay boy self insert experience validated.
Thats absolutely whats making them seethe the most. The fact that no amount of crying on twitter will get devs to acknowledge their existence

No. 1901424

That made me think: do yumes seriously consider it cucking for someone else to have the same husbando?

No. 1901425

>Many BL fans also like hetero stuff specially if they can self insert
>specially if they can self insert
From what I've seen with friends irl and online who are fujoshi that's usually the reverse. They'd rather have a female main character who's relatable without being a self-insert.

No. 1901426

Chinese yumes being unhinged cunts with anger issues like always, what else is new. Everyone supporting this totally based pro-woman game will forget about it in 3 months and refuse to take part in any community event because they can't handle seeing their imaginary boyfriend hold another woman and then they will whine about there "not being enough het content".

Nobody was asking changes to be made to the game itself, people took offense to fanart with BL elements being banned because it's a game from a country where creating homosexual content sending you to jail and thus an indicator of conforming to anti-human rights laws even in international spaces. Actual pathetic insecurity not to be able to handle some occasional bishounen shipping.

No. 1901427

the weird thing i've seen in yume fandom is that some of them get mad if another yume selfships with their husbando but they also seem to easily ignore the actual canon love interest (if they have one) of their husbando

No. 1901429

Weren't Chinese yumes the ones who threw a shitfit about Kaveh being Alhaitham's roommate in genshin as well?

No. 1901430

maybe only the most mentally ill ones.

No. 1901432

What haven't they thrown a shitfit over? They're the kind of people who are completely detached from reality and will have a genuine mental breakdown with long lasting emotional trauma if their husbando of choice even so much as talks to a male or a female character. They're spoiled little empresses of their family from the era of the one child policy, it's not like they are used to not getting what they want. They're so mentally ill they almost make me feel bad for the scrote vtubers who were made to pander to them and then bear the extremes of their parasocial obsession.

No. 1901433

Gotta admit I can't follow anyone with the same husbando as me because it makes me seethe

No. 1901435

sokka still has goofy moments, but it's true that he's less of a comedic relief and he's taken more seriously instead. katara's personality is quite different, but this is one thing that i don't mind because i could never vibe with katara's personality in the og series kek also people are mad cause this katara is learning to waterbend too fast, when this was the same fucking problem with animation katara. she started from nothing and in just a few months she was able to master waterbending, learn martial arts and could hold herself against zuko… how does this even make sense. azula however really bothers me, the actress looks NOTHING like her and she doesn't read like a heartless irredeemable sociopath anymore
there was no kataang romance either, which is pretty neat cause that ship is garbage fire. i feel like people are way too attached to the characterization in the og show and think that everything is absolutely perfect, but ATLA actually struggles a lot with romance for instance

No. 1901436

Maybe it's because I only really have a husbando because the game forces you to self insert (like, literally the protagonist doesn't even have a name) and he's kind of niche and I'm a fujo, but I get really excited when someone has the same husbando as me so I never got people getting upset over it.

No. 1901438

This why yume communities are impossible

No. 1901441

File: 1708895603156.jpg (106.98 KB, 900x319, 2012-12-10-Dating-Simian.jpg)

Honestly self inserting makes me cringe to much to enjoy, I feel like a delusional goblin. I need several layers of reality between me and my fav. Yume nonnas are strong.

No. 1901442

At least for westerners and ESPECIALLY chinese fujos.
Jp ones seem to get along with their massive birthday shrines for one character.

No. 1901443

Fuck I meant yumes.

No. 1901444

Honestly, I think they did a great job with translating some of the characters on screen in the movie. Yue being one of them. I'm laughing so hard that even though that movie is terrible, I think more people will go back to watch it because everything Netflix does is cheap garbage. This is why pandering doesn't work. Removing a core part of Sokka's personal issues ruined him.

No. 1901446

I don't follow anybody speaking english when it comes to him. No matter how okay they seem, the most stupid gendie headcanon ends up spouting out of their mouths at one point.

No. 1901450

You seem really upset at an imaginary enemy nonna, take a breather

No. 1901452

>Jp ones seem to get along with their massive birthday shrines for one character.
Because it's hard to buy your husbandos' merchs when most of them are gacha. When you have to have to go to Animate or whatever similar store to get a keychain of your husbando (or waifu, it still applies) and you have to buy one without knowing which character you'll get you have to collaborate with other fans, trade in front of the store with other fans, sell what you don't want to other fans online, and if they're merchs that are only sold during one specific time limited event you have to work even harder to trade with other fans and second hand merchs can become super expensive. So the best thing to do is to meet up with fellow fanswith the same husbandos, unite your merchs to take the most ridiculous and expensive pictures known to mankind, and make friends who will later send you a shit ton of fanarts of your shared husbando. The thing about merchs also applies to fujoshi because they usually tend to want matching badges, charms, keychains, figurines, etc. to the point when they'll even order too much food and drinks in collab cafes if they're referencing their OTP. Fujoshi and yumejoshi really aren't that different in Japan when it comes to being consoomers.

No. 1901453

I'm the reverse of this, bothered by canon LIs but don't care about fan-made ones. The latter is much easier to ignore and they usually fantasize about my husbando differently anyway so it can be considered separate universes.

No. 1901464

I'm so happy to see Western fans finally realising that changing characters is actually annoying to fans of the source material.
They altered or added new scenes which makes characters come off differently or just fundamentally changes characters.
>Roku is now goofy for some reason
>Too much emphasis on Kyoshi even though Roku is supposed to be Aang's mentor. I've been getting annoyed by the Kyoshi worship going on (omg tall bisexual 200 year old goddess) as much as I love her
>Zuko fought his dad and decided not to blast him when in the cartoon he was begging for his dad's forgiveness.
>Why is Suki weirdly obsessed with Sokka
>Azula looked worried during the fight between Zuko and Ozai despite her originally being gleeful when her brother was getting publicly humiliated in a death trial.
>Not showing anything and having too much exposition.