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File: 1708003496442.png (2.19 MB, 1996x1026, antifujo spergs.png)

No. 1966263

Thread to discuss the anti-fujo movement and the spergs associated with it. From trannies claiming that ukes are actually transwomen, schizos claiming that BL causes women to troon-out, to tifs and salty gay men claiming that BL is fetishizing gay men, etc.

Notable anti-fujo cows:
Obssesed antifujo pickme from the moid farms. Claims feminism turned women into fujos and that all women have a rape fetish. She inserts her hatred of fujos into unrelated threads and derrails them into oblivion with her sperging. Has an obssesion with sparkle dog artist and hazbin hotel creator vivienne medrano.
>james somerton
Breadtuber frogman who recently got outted as a plagiarist and a scammer. Harassed author of love simon for being 'a straight woman writting about gay men', author had to come out as a bisexual to stop the harassment. Despite being aware of the harassment and forcing the author to come out as bisexual, he still kept namedropping her and her book, and playing the victim when the author told him to stop.
Our resident fujosperg. Pakistani NEET who spends her days sperging about first world problems like fujoshis while also sperging about living in a horrible country. Calls fujos degenerate and pornsick while simping for neo-nazi killer Varg vikerness. Has posted both her grandma >>>/m/206387 and her brother's hand to the farms and has a very concerning hyperfixation on little boys getting raped in ancient cultures >>>/ot/1874107 >>>/ot/1874111 >>>/ot/1874116. If you see a post that claims ukes are actually female, that's most likely paki-chan. She's also another resident personalityfag known as ''crap-chan''.

Social media links:

No. 1966264

File: 1708003651983.png (98.86 KB, 1995x385, paladinboo.png)

I wanna know what kind of alternate universe paladinboo lives in that moids are reading wholesome romance novels where they fix autistic girls instead of rape fantasies and power fantasy harems where moid get a harem of underage sex slaves.

No. 1966266

File: 1708003941332.png (358.12 KB, 2007x928, paladinboo2.png)

imagine being such a pickme for cheese ridden kiwiscrote dick

No. 1966270

I refuse to believe paladinboo is not a man. They’re like the less cool androidraptor except they sperg about yaoi and fujos instead of fundies and abortion.

No. 1966272

File: 1708005207016.png (101.23 KB, 2001x384, paladinboo3.png)

>yaoi is the true bane of fandom, not the lolicons, coomer moids and groomers!
I swear if Null didn't hate loli she would be the type of pickme to defend lolicon while still seething over fujos and yaoi.

No. 1966273

File: 1708005705990.jpg (81.14 KB, 1080x816, repost1.jpg)

troons think everything revolves around them

No. 1966274

File: 1708005746560.jpeg (804.39 KB, 1346x2561, repost2.jpeg)

No. 1966275

File: 1708006050925.jpeg (567.94 KB, 1271x1723, repost3.jpeg)

No. 1966287

>man on man, man taking it in the ass
>"using transfeminized bodies as rape receptacles"
because woman is when sexual violence amirite? thats what the entire yaoi=heterosexuality w/ extra steps argument boils down to.

No. 1966306

actually it's the copious amount of mpreg.

No. 1966308

Kek the 'mlm' in the bottom right one makes it SO clear that this is just a salty fakeboi.

No. 1966310

>copious amounts of mpreg
your fujohater thread is in /ot/

No. 1966313

I think there's something to be said for women exploring themes of sexual violence in BL because it's seen as this constant threat in our lives… but that's using boys/men, not trans bs. And certainly not utilising rapist TiMs, ew.

No. 1966317

Remember anons, if you see a good looking, handsome young man and you find him attractive? He might as well be a troon and you're secretly a lesbian in denial for being attracted to him! After all, only unga bunga /fit/ men are qualify as "cis" men!… No but seriously this is such a reach I'm going to assume whoever posted this is high on crack.

No. 1966323

File: 1708015251961.png (34.17 KB, 580x224, trannies.png)

kek why are trannies so obssesed with fujos lately? I know this is an old tweet, but i have seen a lot of ''fujos just want to objectify the poow twans womyn!' lately

No. 1966325

They discovered a lot of fujos are into hot anime guys crossdressing as women, so they wish they were liked by them. Someone should tell those trannies they definitely aren't hot.

No. 1966326

File: 1708015650957.jpg (3.61 KB, 104x65, sonic is not gay.jpg)

These trannies and schizos make me miss the good ol DA anti fujo days
>They discovered a lot of fujos are into hot anime guys crossdressing as women
i mean, not really

No. 1966329

This is honestly both funny as hell and enraging. They really took the "fujos are fetishizing gay men" narrative and repackaged it from another angle.
>Umm ackshually, ukes are stand-ins for trans women because they're always dainty and feminine (like an average hon is of course) so they're STEALING TRANS WOMAN BODIES FOR THEIR RAPE FANTASIES!!!!!!
It's actual schizo level narcissism. They absolutely can't cope with women liking something they find disgusting and can't coom to. They know they're talking out of their ass but they're willing to put on those clown shoes five sizes too big just to get rid of women, it's literally the same thing as those Korean gacha incels who call any women they don't like "TERF" after they learned that it can be used as a magic spell to make English speakers attack them. It's concern trolling at its most moidish form.

One word: misogyny. All you need to know.

No. 1966333

Let's see how long it takes for this thread to devolve into rerarded infighting.(non contribution)

No. 1966334

File: 1708016568891.jpg (306.05 KB, 800x1200, Fashionisto-Exclusive-2017-Gwi…)

Seriously I'm so fucking tired of this meme it's time for light derail. If you like twinks you're not attracted to women or femininity, you're attracted to YOUTH, which is natural and untainted young female heterosexuality. This is what women naturally want before being bombarded with old and fug propaganda, or having to settle for utilitarian reasons. There are no old fart boy bands for a reason. So many fake bis, "pansexuals" and temporary lesbians could be prevented if we just accepted that it's normal to be attracted to men in their prime. You're not "queer" or into "male femininity", you're into maleness that hasn't aged yet. Males age fast and what they define as "masculinity" is 9 times of 10 just signs of age related hypertrophy, which is a form of DECLINE no matter what gymcels tell you.

I can't believe we as a society are fashioning a young woman's interest in young men into some sort of an aberrant paraphilia just because post-wall old liches are norwooding about it, it's wild.

No. 1966341

TIMs don't enjoy yaoi because it is a genre by and for women, which they are not. They know this and they hate it. So they either pretend to like yaoi because they think it helps them blend in, or they try to politicize it and shame women out of liking it. Both the TIM fujo and antifujo is pure cope.

No. 1966351

projection? the tranny wishes they were a cute gay guy but instead they are a hideous mentally ill troon that fucked up their own hormones

No. 1966381

I fucking love this website

No. 1966389

The gay ones want to skinwalk fujoshi because they're also into BL, but mostly weird shota or otokonoko shit, the straight ones are just like "muh smell stinky nerdy fujo waifu uwu" the exact same way they obsess over "goth" girls (women who wear black tshirts sometimes) or tomboys (anyone who's a woman with short hair).

No. 1966391

Lmao they wish they were the ukes being fetishized by the 'evil' fujoshi they are secretly obsessed with. They don't want to face the reality that no women will ever want their disgusting porn-broken dick and they will always be big, hulking, hideous men and never the pretty skinny ukes they project onto. I want to high-five a fujoshi.

No. 1966405

File: 1708028839612.png (70.86 KB, 1202x262, Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 2.29.…)

No. 1966408

File: 1708029202014.png (75.62 KB, 1204x270, Screenshot 2024-02-15 at 2.27.…)

No. 1966429

>post-wall old liches

but you're right and you should say it

No. 1966435

I never understood how you can "fetishize" sex..? Its literally just sex, aren't fetishes nonsexual things that people find sexual?

No. 1966441

It makes no sense at all. To these people straight and bi women who simply want to look at good looking, handsome and/or cute men are fetishizing men, as if that's not just normal attraction. Meanwhile these exact same people on tumblr a decade ago kept telling everyone that kinkshaming anyone into BDSM was highly problematic. And they're also the same people who to this day keep accusing lesbians of being weird predators for wanting to have sex with their girlfriends instead of just being satisfied with hugs and handholding. Basically if you're a woman who's not as pure and unwilling as a nun you're a disgusting sl- I mean, a man fetishizer.

No. 1966488

File: 1708045557292.png (414.25 KB, 1560x1700, two fucking pages.png)

Oh holy fuck so I wasn't the only one annoyed by PaladinBoo. She makes threads unreadable. She was sperging in the Baldur's Gate 3 thread over and over about the presence of romance in stories being a consequence of braindead women infesting video games (picrel, including an example comment, which isn't necessarily bad by itself but it goes on for pages– and this is only searching the 'romance' keyword in the BG3 thread).
I find it hard to believe it's a moid larping as a woman because she is genuinely just too dedicated and autistic about it.

No. 1966490

no woman wants a "transfeminized body"

No. 1966498

Probably a sh0e aged elder millennial 5/10 nlog whose existence peaked during gamergate (average female moidfarms user). Probably thinks she's stealing hearts with her 2014 tumlr anti sjw blog takes.

No. 1966550

>the female characters arent subservient sex slaves that call the male character master so they are bad
kek what a fucking pickme. Also when have women liked ''manly macho men'' every single male character thats popular with women gets called a fag by men and pickmes

No. 1966570

File: 1708082482019.jpeg (74.94 KB, 828x605, 1650675443599.jpeg)

You know, it's legit made me feel guilty about being a fujoshi/creating fujo content, knowing that it's caused/ing so many women to TiF out and destroy their bodies. But knowing that it pisses off TiMs is a fantastic salve, thank you nonnas!

No. 1966578

BL doesnt cause women to troon out, otherwise japanese fujos would be trooning out too. I genuinely have no idea where that narrative comes from when it's so obviously false and can be debunked easily.

No. 1966583

There's something I don't get about James Somerton. I only heard about him for the first time when he got outed for plagiarism for his videos and I got curious so this week I watched the video about what he did exactly, which is super long. So what I don't get is: who the fuck watched his videos and thought "oh yeah he's right, straight white women are evil for liking anime guys holding hands"? All the short parts of his videos shown in the long video roasting him are horrible. He sounds boring and uninterested in what he says and says a lot of factually incorrect shit. Then out of nowhere he shit talks straight women who have gay bffs. How do you watch that and thinks he should be listened to? Seeing this shit really shocked me because it explained so, so many stupid or incorrect arguments I keep seeing online like "most fujoshi are queer", turns out the fujoshi saying this were coping hard because they didn't want to be accused of potential homophobia by some retarted youtuber. I wish the main arguments used back then when these accusations happened were more like "yes, and?" rather than "n-no I swear I'm a mooloomoo pls don't cancel me for not hating Junjou Romantica!!"

You're both correct imo. BL by itself isn't making girls troon out. It's the fandoms and their shitty "if you're a straight girl you're fetishizing men and that's bad" rethoric. And guillible, well meaning teenage girls believed it and felt bad for "fetishizing" gay men (or rather, tifs calling themselves gay men) and started questioning why they even like BL so much, since they're not gay men themselves. If they're mentally ill or vulnerable enough and talk to the wrong people irl or online they're easy to brainwash into trooning out.

No. 1966615

The entire kiwifag mythos surrounding CRPGs is gold
>Female characters were nice girls before!
>clearly never played previous BGs, let alone NWN or anything else
>brings up space furry datesim as good old days
My sides are in the fucking orbit. Most gaming vidya game identity warrior.

No. 1966629

Don't think so, her posts genuinely sound like a lonely 15-year old girl, possibly ESL due to the clunky vernacular, who grew up online surrounded by 20-something nerdy misogynist moids telling her how fujos are disgusting coomers and not at all kawaii for not tending to male feelings. I feel like a FBI profiler being so specific about it but that's exactly the vibe she gives me.

If "straights are being oppressed so they troon out" was the real reason, there wouldn't be a huge epidemic of butch lesbians going extinct by transitioning. At its root it's misogyny and the current time enforcing gender stereotypes even further by introducing transitioning as a viable option to take instead of restructuring the society into accepting women as they are.

No. 1966631

James Somerton is a pathetic bitter queer-pandering manchild who wants to larp as an intellectual on youtube. His videos are the most dragged out, bland, and uninspired drivel I've ever seen. He's clearly either jealous or resentful of women and girls and takes it out on them through bullying them. I can't explain it fully, but he's genuinely the most pathetic, contemptible, spineless moid I've seen on youtube. It's also funny how he thinks he looks smart and well dressed in that hideous turtleneck he wears to hide his enormous bullfrog-esque double chin. He's very ugly and fat and maybe that's part of why he's so bitter. He should just shut up and hit the gym instead of taking out his impotent rage on innocent women.

No. 1966632

File: 1708097398603.jpeg (169.94 KB, 1080x1552, GGR0udFWIAEqh47.jpeg)

I don't mean that BL's literal existence causes women to troon out, or else my tits would be long gone. I mean the current fandom surrounding it, and the TRA/Influencer/ABO bs telling them that 'men' can have vaginas and be TOTES valid gay boys uwu. There's also the ones who got guilted into trooning out, as >>1966583 said.

No. 1966637

File: 1708097888338.png (707.09 KB, 1170x996, jimmy.png)

he found yaoi god very recently and posted this kek. I think hbomber guy's documentary exposing him as a fraud to 11million people completly broke him.

No. 1966638

Ah, he's trying to score sympathy from fujos I see. It's always lovely how people relentlessly shit on the fujo community until they realize how powerful and dedicated they actually are, that's when fujos are suddenly cool and based. It's like when scrotes have a panic attack over their degenerate coomery being censored and try to use fujos as their personal army to fight against it with their "You like problematic fiction too, right? We're in this together!" gaslighting.

No. 1966640

File: 1708098657387.jpg (933.04 KB, 1080x2203, rugrats looking mf.jpg)

I dont think he's trying to garner sympathy from fujos, he's too arrogant to ever backtrack. He's clearly mentally ill and is having a breakdown of some sort. I guess he can no longer milk his tranny fanbase by harassing female authors, gotta start applying to McD

No. 1966641

I mean if I was caught plagiarizing my entire career and lying about historical facts to suit my agenda I'd want to disappear forever. To see him still around posting taunting tweets like this makes me realize how male pride is an incredibly powerful drug.

No. 1966648

It's not because they're straight by itself, it's because they're straight girls or young WOMAN who are explicitely expressing their attraction to cute guys as opposed to hiding it anf pretending they're pure and innocent and only want marriage and kids. It's a whole package and I'd say it indirectly applies to lesbians because they're also defying the expectation of wanting to get married to men and have kids, since they're only into women. It's similar to teenage girls being made fun of on an international scale for liking Twilight and One Direction.

No. 1966658

Lesbians and bisexual women also get attacked for liking BL too.

No. 1966664

>japanese fujos would be trooning out too.
but they are though, at increasingly higher rates.(bait)

No. 1966667

Yes they do, but fujos are not the only women trooning out. Blaming BL or "because straight women are being bullied" is equally retarded because it's oversimplifying a complex, larger issue of women of all backgrounds being pressured into transitioning either directly or indirectly. The women affected are usually young, insecure, with mental health issues and often same sex attracted, being a fujo is not the lowest common denominator.

>[citation needed]

No. 1966668

This may be tinfoil but this fuck definitely posts here as well, I remember some anon saying she? was in the ftm thread with the same exact talking points and typing style. I also doubt it's a female honestly because she's so obsessed with saying women want to be raped, but it may be a sad extreme case of coolgirl.

Not really, unless you count them hiding behind a male identity to get take seriously as "trooning out". But if they were it's definitely because of BL, not the rampant misogyny and rape happening in Japan, surely women want to be men because of the pretty boys and not society treating them like breeding cattle and enforcing strict gender roles telling them that if they're not feminine then they're not women at all. It's those damn pretty boys kissing on paper!!

No. 1966670

>calling out female coomers as a moid

As if the most deranged fujo could ever compare to an average everyman reddit wurstie in sheer degeneracy. Moids truly lack human levels of self awareness, it's pretty remarkable.

No. 1966671

>This may be tinfoil but this fuck definitely posts here as well
i am convinced she was one of the vivzie spergs in the animation industry cow thread bitching about how angel dust is a female vessel and how gay spiders cant be realistically raped. I am glad they purged all the vivzie sperging.

No. 1966674

Kiwicels in general are organically incapable of staying away from this site, even though it probably feels like dragging their scrotums through broken glass. They're generally easy to spot by their "fax and legic peppered with stale kotakuinaction lingo" typing style.

No. 1966679

File: 1708106328176.png (1.07 MB, 683x1024, IMG_3112.png)

The lengths they will go to, to make every conceivable thing about themselves is absolutely mind boggling. This level of word salad is only rivaled by gangstalking schizos, and honestly I think they’re far more capable at making a cogent, believable statement than TIPs.
Even the most porn addled chronically online maladjusted antisocial fujoshi on earth wouldn’t touch their frankenginas or smelly cheesy dicks and that must really hurt.

No. 1966682

File: 1708106828733.jpg (220.39 KB, 1080x986, malding.jpg)

Kek, this is not completely antifujo, but this really reminds me of all the big mad at Sadistic Beauty, a manhwa with het, BL and GL simultaneously. A wurstie male character gets treated the way girls do in vanilla hentai and everyone wants the author killed. Example:


Also, before the copyright crackdown, all the pirated panels were littered with some assblasted woman's commentary. Hoe actually paid to download it just to repost it with textwalls about how triggered she is that her favorite woobie incel character got "abused".

No. 1966686

File: 1708107587500.jpg (127.35 KB, 610x700, tumblr_n7r3q5xP841qc7iaco1_640…)

Another oldie but goodie: Teahouse. A long time ago, at the peak of its popularity, there was a hekin tumlr blog called "peehouse" in which unironic pornsick moids seethed about how it's evil and "rapey" that there's a submissive uke in it or whatever. The blog is long gone, but maybe there are archived pages.

It's just fascinating how every single filthy coom chimp with a 50TB stash of BBC facially abused painal teens channels his inner Andrea Dworkin the moment he catches a whiff of yaoi, findom or women wanting to fuck something that looks nothing like his repulsive balding self.

t. someone who actually dislikes yaoi

No. 1966687

yeah moids seethe real hard at femdom made for women, there is an entire channel of some spergy guy who seethes at femgaze and bl manwha. He never goes for manwha made for moids with big brested 15yo characters though.

No. 1966689

Which channel is it? I need a laugh.

No. 1966690

No. 1966692

Anyone wanna guess what's in his pornhub search history?

No. 1966698

Lol this girl was mental. Also she used to subtly shill her fanfiction where she "fixes" the story in her tlnotes tirades, I wish I had the screenshots

No. 1966699

File: 1708109965628.jpeg (397.78 KB, 1125x1004, IMG_3640.jpeg)

you weren't kidding. i looked this manga up and this was at the end of one of the chapters… what the fuck is this kek. why even translate something you hate this much?

No. 1966705

why are pickmes like this kek

No. 1966713

kek I remember reading this translation and being so annoyed with the constant notes complaining about how evil the fmc is
Also hilarious that she wrote ‘healthy and consensual’ bl with those two characters when one rapes the other in the original story long before the fmc does anything questionable

No. 1966718

File: 1708114246213.jpeg (567.16 KB, 1125x1371, IMG_3639.jpeg)

right? also funny how she's virtue signaling with her own notes in another person's manga when she obviously liked this uwu evil rape story to the point of writing her own fanfic for it. very mentally ill, contradictory behaviour

No. 1966721

You know what? I don't read manwhas so I didn't have any context but I now understand why some authors sperg hard online, insult foreign fans and tell them to kill themselves.

No. 1966725

I just remembered the cow's username. Somewhere on that blog is a diatribe about how Minho is actually the victim and his misogyny is understandable because he has a micropenis kek:


Also her shit was unreadable so I just paid for the webtoon. Good work getting me to support the author lmfao

No. 1966789

File: 1708129018633.png (29.13 KB, 1211x259, terfy.png)

Holy shit this is my favorite flavor of retarded. When the sidestory was originally releasing I didn't even finish it then because the TL notes were so goddamn annoying
>So instead of seeing him as a character who is mean by choice, you understand why he behaves this way. He is constantly bullied for his penis size (something the author strongly insisted is small), erectile dysfunction (which goes away when he’s being raped), his poverty, low paying job, money-strapped ways, sexual inexperience (he’s a virgin until he’s raped by the fl), he is also shamed for his alleged tendency of being a masochist even though he’s “tall and muscular”. Not to mention he doesn’t have one genuine, consensual sex scene in the manhwa, each one has the element of force and the worst scenes show him peeing, puking, crawling, feeling suicidal, getting beaten, pierced, locked up with his bones broken. Therefore, even though he’s unbearable with his meanness, you understand his side of the story, feel sickened by how he’s being treated and wonder how he’d be if he was actually seen as a human being rather than a piece of good-looking fetish flesh by the author.
>Hiii local, friendly Feminist here!! To all the people labelling this manhwa as some sort of new wave feminist revisionist discourse masterpiece, I would like to say that it CAN’T be anything along those lines or even any variation of a broken feminist narrative because Feminism isn’t a women’s cause, it’s a societal cause. Patriarchy isn’t restricted to men or is singularly imbibed in men but is a system that anyone, even women can exploit. Duna, so far in her actions, has been extremely pro-patriarchal or reverse-patriarchal (which is not Feminist either), judging Minho’s capacity by his penis size, chiding him for having masochistic tendencies, mocking him for not being the typical alpha male like Cha Wookyung, reducing him to his body, looks, fetishising and objectifying him and not even beginning to consider the possibility of him having any semblance of mental health that she might be actively affecting and bringing to ruin.

No. 1966792

File: 1708129159968.png (106.62 KB, 541x593, grovel.png)

Pathetic millenial 'lesbian' who displays obsessive hatred for fujos and kneels for her troon audience in the process. Lesbian in scare quotes because why would a homosexual woman constantly fish for approval from creepy ugly moids?

Tranny in picrel is a TiM doing his best TiF impersonation. Not quite sure if he's just an unfunny gay into BL or an AGP in disguise (likely the former)

No. 1966834

wat a blast from the past. this person used to be infamous from the livejournal days for being a mentally ill trainwreck who uses social justice language to needlessly antagonize competition and shill her own work (a very common theme among fandom social justice warriors). that she's still shamelessly social justice wordvomiting for 10+ years now is kind of remarkable. except 'her' screeches seem even more obviously neckbeardy now.

No. 1966838

holy shit benjanun/requireshate/winterfox is still at it huh? talk about a legacy cow. she's been at it since the lj era. even her overblown vitriolic style hasn't chaanged one iota from what sh posted on stupid_free back in the aughts.

No. 1966855

did you really post a comment from a reddit from over 4 years ago, where the comment in question literally has only 2 upvotes to prove your point?

No. 1966868

Nta but its been several years since the webtoon came out, vast majority of the conversation surrounding it is old

No. 1966875

pakichan wants to be removed from the op >>>/meta/70937

No. 1966884

This faggot really compared your typical niche one shot manga about men dating each other to the mlst recent season of one of the most popular and profitable Japanese series of all time. This is on par with that anon on /a/ comparing Yuri On Ice BD sales on release to sales of the Looney Tunes cartoons on DVD and Bluray to say YoI wasn't popular in 2017.

No. 1966889

You're not powerful. You're a landwhale with a porn addiction. There is no difference between you and a scrote who rots in his mom's basement watching porn all day. Where is the thread for fujo cows?(infighting)

No. 1966890

Not every fujo is into the porn sides of yaoi though, some of us just enjoy the fluffy romance types instead, just as much as we enjoy straight fluffy romance content. You're getting all worked up instead of just making your own thread, nonnie.

No. 1966894

Don't reply to bait. They already have their precious fujocoomer cringe thread where 3 people in total post to seethe about how much better they are than those disgusting fujoomers.

No. 1966907

File: 1708164115187.png (195.05 KB, 1963x433, sanest anti fujo.png)

kek, maybe dont act like a sperg, derrail threads and ban evade if you dont want to get labelled as a cow. I seriously doubt those posts weren't all hers, she was retarded enough to confess that at least one post was hers(what samefaggers always do). Here is her posting her fat boy hands >>>/ot/1146823

No. 1966910

File: 1708164222669.png (103.56 KB, 959x222, pakichan.png)

and here she's exposing her brother to the farms because she got angry farmers called her fat >>>/ot/1147070

No. 1966912

Goddamn I keep forgetting that this person is a born woman and not a tranny because literally everything she does and says is TIM-coded to the core right down to the obsession with witch from mercury and being a spoiled brat from an ungodly wealthy family.

No. 1966918

t. scrote who rots in his mom's basement watching porn all day

No. 1966937


kek i had no idea (thought she was a tryhard nobody so didn't bother looking 'her' up), i love this kind of reveal. That explains why her account feels like a shitty time capsule

Right, she perfectly embodies the ethos and style of enraged 'nerdy' tumblr TiM bullies, it's troubling

(deleted to fix reply)

No. 1966957

speaking of ancient antifujos, anyone remember moral mansex or whatever her name was

No. 1966979

I'm not convinced she's actually a woman. Or even Thai for that matter. Has she ever posted a photo of herself, been photographed by anyone else, published a recording of her voice, or even posted anything in Thai or about Thai culture/politics despite claiming to have been born there and continued to live there? literally everything about 'her', from the interests to the manner of writing to the propensity for attacking actual women screams Western/American male or TIM.

No. 1967025

shes been doxed a few years back, i think it was in kf? she's an extremely wealthy thai heiress. as in so rich she lives in a bubble and her lifestyle is completely different from that of her countrymen.
she doesn't care about anything that isn't terminally online fandom discourse so you never see her oost anything about rl thai politics, but iirc her family were close supporters of the thai monarchy.
it's hilarious how racist she is about asians living in the west and lords being a "proper" asian over them, but is the sort of westernised degen who only posts in english about us politics and gendie shit made up by us academics.
she's been at it since 2003. someone made an exposé kn her in 2014 that won a hugo award lol. but nothing has stopped her. i have no trouble believing she's mega wealthy bc she's managed to get her books published and stay in the sf/f community withiut ever facing any consequences for her behaviour.

No. 1967034

Yeah she was doxxed years ago and all proof points to her being a real woman, just a rich heiress completely detached from reality due to never having to live a day as a normal person in her life. Her "lesbianism" seems fake as fuck and a result of autistic coomer transhumanist yuri brainrot just like TIMs do so that's where the similarities come from. I honestly suffered mental damage from learning that she was an actual purebred mentally ill NLOG and not a tranny faking it but I guess that's what having enough money to dedicate your life to being a terminally online "science fiction author" does to you.

No. 1967079

I wonder why some NLOGs seethe so hard about yaoi. I can understand why the anti-porn ones would hate it, but not these hyperonline kweers.

No. 1967090

Even the supposed anti porn ones like pakichan are weird about it. They are okay with heterosexual erotic smut where the woman is hurt and treated like garbage, but yaois are ''porn brainrot''. I feel like die-hard radfems would be pro yaoi, considering it's the only form of smut that doesn't degrade women.

No. 1967095

they're so online that their entire world is comprised of a select few websites (tumblr, ao3 etc) where the majority of users are women and a lot of content is m/m. nlogs are contrarians, they'll ree about m/m because they think all other girls like it.

No. 1967152

File: 1708229661677.png (22.62 KB, 578x283, 1703818095092.png)

No. 1967166

Made me laugh. Most fujos really act like that.

No. 1967195

are they referring to TIFs?

No. 1967196

Pretty sure the tweet is making fun of those he/they kids who kin a Genshin/JJK/Cookie Run/etc character and cry about evil fujoshis literally raping their blorbo.

No. 1967202

so tifs and gender specials.

No. 1967218

Always a pleasure to see fujos pushing back against male genderspecials (predators) and chronically online pickmes.

Paki-chan and others alike are just hypocrites who are okay with women being abused in fiction (because that's their place I guess) but will piss themselves as soon as a male is shown in the same position, so they really just can't stand seeing men being sexualized because they're too precious for that. They also can't stand when an icky woman is sexualizing a man while not sexualizing herself.

No. 1967225

You really don't see it, do you? It's not that we dislike seeing men in pain, it's the fact that you recreate the worst aspects of heterosexuality in a barely disguised female form, and no amount of coping that it's actually a male being subjugated to female specifics forms of abuse, can really change what most people see.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1967226

>Hates fujos
>Camps every single fujo thread just to seethe about them and offer their super smart totally not projecting armchair psychoanalysis unprompted
Cope(responding to bait)

No. 1967233

dont respond to bait, report

No. 1967234

>paladinboo posts every single day on the moidfarms
>stops the same day the thread is created
kek i guess anons were right, she definetly lurks.

No. 1967241

The women obsessing over fujos come across as incredibly insecure, with their mentally unstable rants and armchair talks. It's amusing to witness their intense frustration when girls enjoy something that isn't solely about girls sexualization.(unsaged)

No. 1967248

KEK. well a lot of antifujo spergs on here definitely sound similar to her, makes you think

No. 1967263

Besides genuine homophobia and run of the mill yume lunacy it's always felt like a mix of insecurity and jealousy to me. A few years ago there was an artist who became the twitter main character of the day for writing an embarrassing thread about how she feels oppressed and unrecognized because she only creates straight content and that only gay content gets any sort of a fanbase and how "misogynist" it is, completely ignoring the possibility that maybe her work was just painfully subpar and uninteresting (after taking a look, it was) and anyone creating original premises, gay or straight, struggles with getting their work out there. It's the symptom of terminal stages of online poisoning, being so far removed from reality that you forget that like 99% of all mainstream media revolves around heterosexual relationships.

You can see this happen on Lolcow too, people unironically hating fujos because they feel slighted by their work and see it as a zero-sum game wher the more homo stuff they create the less straight content they receive, and since heterosexuality is considered the default in all media they've grown blind to how much they still are surrounded by it. The reason why the fujo community is so large and active is that they have nowhere else to go, it's not like the seasonal anime is going to give them a canonized gay ship so they have to create an extended fanon universe or completely original works to satiate what they want. People into straight ships don't have to do this because they're being fed by the official storyline, so of course they don't need to go through the effort fujos do. For someone with conventional tastes it's a tough pill to swallow that things you can't relate to or like get more praise than your work.

No. 1967267

None of the antifujos are yumes. That's just a false narrative by the antifujos to make yumes and fujos fight eachother.

No. 1967268

There definitely are homophobic yumes that absolutely hate fujos because they feel headcanoning their husbando as a "nasty sissy faggot" is the biggest insult they could make. It's a fact, just take a look at any husbandofag thread and you'll see people crying and yelling about how "the gay headcanons have gone too far".

No. 1967269

this is p fair honestly some yaoi is super heterosexist now with the inventions of mpreg and omegaverse (not that het is any better). sometimes the one guy is “intersex” aka porn intersex with a dick and vag, so it’s basically het sex with pronouns. however it’s mostly just very funny to me how it’s mostly written by gendies trying to queer PIV sex and it doesn’t matter much IRL(derailing)

No. 1967270

Jesus christ please don't start the "omegaverse is ackshually a misogynist psyop" slapfight here too.

No. 1967273

it’s not a psyop the authors are just usually gendies who hate themselves and hilariously recreate sex based oppression in a trans-honoring way. it’s very silly

No. 1967274

File: 1708271921368.png (194.58 KB, 1440x1442, this is bait.png)

Dont fall for bait nonnies stay strong

No. 1967276

You think gendies created omegaverse? They latched onto it, but omegaverse has existed way before all the tranny shit. And the reason it exists is pretty simple, a lot of women enjoy babies and family themes so they found a way to do it in yaoi too. But I guess the armchair psychoanalysis is more fun to you. Just keep in mind that this isn't the right thread, you literally have your own and you're delusional.

She's such a cow. Do you know what books she wrote? I'd love to see just how bad they are.

What a stupid fuck kek she said she was the one making the posts in the past. She also posted her hands once other than >>1966907 and >>1966910, it was a picture of her hand on a mirror, not sure if someone saved it. She also admitted to being (c)rap-chan. Reminder that if you don't want to become a cow then maybe consider not announcing your retarded posts each time, dear proud jatt.

No. 1967282

File: 1708273868625.png (273.79 KB, 944x954, kek.png)

No. 1967284

their only criteria for ~feminizing~ a dude is if he takes dick up the ass or not. and we're the misogynists?

No. 1967286

This is just another fujo vs anti-fujo slapfight.(non-contribution)

No. 1967287

not even that, because deku is the one that normally takes it up the ass. So i guess in this retard's mind being ''feminine'' means being the slightly less tall roidpig kek

No. 1967288

File: 1708274839427.gif (4.89 MB, 442x246, 1000011379.gif)

Paladinboo has been fully doxed, picrel is her, she used the same name on KF as she did for her letsplay youtube channel and all her other online profiles. I assume she's such a pick-me because she is autistic and ugly. She is extremely annoying on KF, just constantly looking for male attention.

No. 1967290

link her channel. Did you find this information yourself or was she doxxed by the farms?

No. 1967292

She was doxed by Onion Farms


I think she deleted the channel, at least I can't find it anymore.

No. 1967293

Here are some of her online profiles where she talks about doing twitch streams, when you click the channel link you can see she deleted it


No. 1967299

Thanks, she really looks special needs

No. 1967300

Why am I not surprised that she's another justpearlythings looking rightwing pickme? Must really sting to see women have fun in their all-female community, no wonder she hates fujos so much.

No. 1967307

So pushing 40, from the looks of it. >>1966498 confirmed.

No. 1967310

she didnt say feminized seme tho, she said uke. one of them being shorter was all she needed to assume who takes it in the ass

No. 1967311

I would assume that rimming 300lb neckbeard manospheres for decades only to hear an occasional TITS or GTFO thrown your way must sting.

No. 1967312

Is she special needs? Because even KF itself has a bunch of recommendations to avoid this like "avoid using the same id for more than one website" or "use different email addresses"

No. 1967314

This is their thought process. A male is shorter, slightly weaker, or the receiver of either dick or abuse? That's basically a woman, doesn't matter if he has a dick. I wonder if they think the same when they see lesbian couples in real life or fiction? If a woman is tall, muscular, strong and dominant in the relationship is she a man in all but pronouns? That's some literal tranny thinking.

Maybe she's just obsessed with herself and wants her autistic moid audience (if she had any) to find her everywhere kek

No. 1967315

Please report and do not respond to attempts to bait infights or derail this thread.

No. 1967318

>I wonder if they think the same when they see lesbian couples in real life or fiction? If a woman is tall, muscular, strong and dominant in the relationship is she a man in all but pronouns?
They honest to god do. Just a few days ago someone was seriously wondering why lesbians like butches if they're into women. Imagine complaining about trannies and then saying this out loud with a straight face. They perceive "the uke" as a stand-in for women no matter how he looks like, as long as he's taking a dick it's clearly "a woman".

No. 1967323

File: 1708279562026.png (40.02 KB, 2452x210, kek 2 electric boogaloo.png)

kek you are so right.
shorter and ''curves''(where? they are both roided?)=women. It's hilarious because deku is the one that takes it up the ass, so no, the uke isnt bakugo. They are so incredibly sexist i have no idea how they ended up her, they sound like christian moms that freak out when the little girl picks the blue tshirt over the pink one.

No. 1967325

i see two characters with muscles. she's trippin. glad to know they are monitoring the thread and seething tho

No. 1967327

There is nothing feminized about that Bakugo. If you singled him out and removed the Deku he would look like a guy from some erotic josei. His neck is a brick, his chest are pectorals and not weird bara boobs and his ass is flat.

No. 1967328

>Butch/femme dynamic
Honestly bi and straight girl mythos. Look at lchat and tell me that lesbians dont worship femmes and/or want to be femmes.(derailing/bait)

No. 1967333

She looks like a wojak.

No. 1967334

Samefag as >>1967327 but I find that anti-fujo spergs would be much more tolerable if they didn't make their hatred a moral crusade and just pointed and laughed at fujo cringe.

However, this also reminds me that actual fujo cringe as a type of milk is dying, because most of it now comes from TIFs which ends up counting as TIF cringe instead of fujo cringe. Trannism is truly the bane of female fandoms whether they are heteros LARPing as gays or self-hating lesbians.
Non-troon fujos are relatively boring now, nothing on the level of hetalia fujos from the early 2010s.

No. 1967340

I am so glad paladinboo got doxxed I hated her so much. She’s literally a self hating, self professed post wall inbred whore(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1967342

Yeah, because they're not there to laugh at actual fujo cringe. They're tradthot/pickme losers mad at other women for not liking what they like. Paladinboo and Paki-chan are the average women who seethe about fujoshi. The rest are just FtMs.

No. 1967344

Most of the fandom spergs who would've been unhinged yaoi fangirls in 2009 are now about spicy straight ships (such as "transmasc x transfem couples" or people caping for questionable m/f dynamics like DDLG) so that's where the cringe is these days, but because NLOGs can't seethe about what's essentially a heterosexual setting they're trying to borrow concern trolling tactics from those "SJWs" they hate so much and make it into a question about morality.

No. 1967411

File: 1708297527798.png (128.39 KB, 717x388, antifujojack.png)

kek she does

No. 1967423

kek we already have next's thread OP

No. 1967425

File: 1708299262429.png (282.9 KB, 601x813, rangerboo.png)

KEK she does look like a wojack but not the one in her Kiwi profile pic. Also I found this old twitter acc with her old user name and it looks like it's hers. If it is, it looks like she has OCD and Aspergers and has been sperging about fujos since 2016 kek

No. 1967429

>anti fujo butterface pickme with OCD and assburgers
and they say god doesn't punish twice

No. 1967436

Explains a lot. Likely more naive than usual about people, including moids. Certainly struggled to fit in with girls, discovered that insulting other women is a really simple way to get moids' appreciation and shield herself from scrutiny. Probably has fun being the online equivalent of an otaku club princess managing her pseudo-harem of maladjusted men, all with minimal effort on her part. Someone has to tell her you can be an average autistic woman and still get love and friendship without degrading your own sex for crumbs

No. 1967463

>cheating is a new england pass time
now i kno lil miss does not watch football

No. 1967526

File: 1708326794680.jpg (295.11 KB, 1170x1773, 1708284612445.jpg)

No. 1967528

No? I see plenty of butch/femme lesbian couples. On the other hand the femme/femme thing seems to be a moid fantasy most of the time.

No. 1967538

It's bait, anon.

Bitter detransitioners who project aggressively like this and feel no ounce of empathy for others who were roped into trannyism are just as destructive as the TRAs providing kids with under the counter hormones. You might've transitioned because you're a "porn obsessed fucking loser" who was "groomed by yaoi" but usually they transition because the world around them keeps telling them they're failwomen for not keeping up with the insane standards laid at women's feet, the freedom they see in male privilege and money grubbing gender clinics assigning them expensive treatments that they request instead of questioning their gender feefees. I can't take some "anti-gender cult" activist seriously if they simultaneously tweet about those poor young girls being led astray yet turn around to post peak antagonistic NLOG takes.

No. 1967550

>yaoi has existed since the 70s
>mass trooning out only started in the late 2010s
>way after the BL boom of the late 00s and coincidentally at the same time straight women started being shamed for enjoying their sexuality without needing 3DPD
How can these people be so retarded? I know they are saying it in bad faith and dont truly believe it, but there is tons of evidence to disprove that BL is what causes troondom. It's hilarious because they can never argument why only western fujos are TIFing out, meanwhile Japanese/chinese/korean women dont drink the kool aid.

No. 1967552

>who the fuck watched his videos and thought "oh yeah he's right, straight white women are evil for liking anime guys holding hands"?
Fakebois are incredibly insecure and hearing what they believe to be an actual gay man (though at this point James was probably also lying about that) repeat their points about 'THE EVIL FUJOSHIS' is probably like a shot of pure dopamine for them.

No. 1967554

Seeing Deku as the seme is so fucking uncanny…

No. 1967561

she might've been cured of troondom but she has not stopped being a huge pickme misogynist who blames women for everything

No. 1967585

File: 1708355572817.jpg (118.1 KB, 720x975, 1000011412.jpg)

TiFs into yaoi are so weird, they don't even understand the appeal of the characters so they change them completely. Like at what point is it a headcanon and not just an OC? Kek.
Something that most people don't seem to get is that it's dumb to change a whole ass character by following some random headcanons, while still keeping the name of the characters for the sake of having something to tag your shit with. That's what's kind of annoying, it isn't something to threaten to kill someone but it really makes you block people kek.
Like how do you go from pic related to
Overfed state fair contest pigs? At this point it's just so funny to see them side by side.(derailing)

No. 1967587

Deku should definitely NOT be a seme. Anyone who says otherwise fundamentally misunderstands the character.(derailing)

No. 1967613

I don't get how people can be detrans and blame transness on only one thing, in this case yaoi and/or porn. They can claim that it's always just being pornsick, but multiple accounts from women and even from men can prove otherwise. Besides, if you are pornsick you probably have underlying problems that aren't porn related. Addictions tend to be a symptom of something else.
I feel like OP is going through some sort of self-hatred instead of accepting that T injections made her hornier and gave her a porn addiction.

Kinda related: I don't get people who insist yaoi/BL is always just porn. There's a lot of it that's porn, but also so many which are just fluffy romance where at most it fades to black. Even a lot of the porn is plot-heavy.
If anything yaoi/BL addiction is a form of escapism for these kinds of TIFs, instead of a quick rush of pleasure. They live vicariously through the gay/bi male characters instead of accepting themselves.
The thing is: this is not exclusive to yaoi or even anime, manga and japanese videogames. TIFs with these deep-seated problems of self-loathing will always try to live vicariously through any kind of fictional male (sometimes even historical characters!). Liking yaoi in their case is just correlation, not causation, and I'm tired of seeing yaoi and fujos being blamed for the gender nonsense of current year, especially since it engulfs so many sides of the world of female fandom. I mean, how many hetero ships get called T4T or Bi4Bi or LeSbIaNs nowdays?

No. 1967620

File: 1708365037051.png (394.39 KB, 520x560, i was a good tardwife and stil…)

They are always pickmes. Imagine cooking every day for a scrote and he still dumps your ass.

No. 1967622

File: 1708365536044.png (2.35 MB, 1522x1141, ugly scrote.png)

And this is her ugly ex ogre that she's crying about, she can do miles better. I feel bad for her because i imagine her self steem must be in the gutter to date and cook dinner and meals for this scrote every day, but they always have to take their anger onto other women. Imagine being angry at women who enjoy BL when you are crying over this creature keeek.

No. 1967672

>"Wanking themselves into oblivion"
>Calling yaoi "gay porn"
>Thinking comics about pretty boys can groom women
>Concludes by saying T is a helluva drug as if it had anything to do with the above (is she saying T causes the "porn addiction"? Is she just stating T is bad because she mentioned tifs before?)
Why do all fujohaters speak like they're having some sort of schizo episode? They go on rambling and rambling about things they're wrong about and they're don't make sense. Maybe spending too much time orbiting low value males fries your brain.
Also they always blame women for everything. Tifs exist? It's because of those icky women drawing men fucking!! Women sexualize men? They deserve to be raped!! Women have an interest men (and pickmes) don't like? They're all gross porn addicts, they're ugly and men don't want them how dare they!! All fujohaters have this strong hate for women (and not even just fujos) and at the same time they suck mediocre moid dick. Think of paki-chan wanting to fuck varg, spewing tradwife shit, blaming women, husbandofags even, for Japan's rape issue and paladinboo saying fujos want to get raped while being a good girl for the kiwi/4chan autists.

No. 1967687

File: 1708378143711.png (1.03 MB, 1047x5440, 1708368452044.png)

Fujo tifs agree with her though.

No. 1967690

>Paki-chan being too autistic to tell that people are clowning on her
Can't you just leave this thread alone?

No. 1967691

To me it just looks like they're clowning on her.

No. 1967706

Are you actually autistic? Why do you keep camping this thread?

No. 1967712

They are, anti fujos are genuinely autistic.

No. 1967749

File: 1708388114949.png (173.51 KB, 1080x895, 1000011424.png)

Coming from a woman who posts in the "Official Woman Hate Thread" on KF for male approval.

(Yes I have all KF incels on ignore, otherwise the site is unusable)

No. 1967752

>shitposting forum
post covid kiwifag newfags are insufferable. It's a cow forum. The newfags turned KF into /pol/ 2 with all their sperging. It's unusable now.

No. 1967775

Lmao yeah, a place with inbuilt personalityfagging, rampant cred drama and updoots is a cow forum above popularity contests.

No. 1967780

She's just upset that she's not popular or notable in any way despite trying so hard to become a KF e-girl. KF moids are way too busy being obsessed with the few radfem posters and stalking them all around the site to notice the poor pick-me.

No. 1967793

At least they get banned from the Man Hate thread

But yeah /pol/rapefugees are the worst thing to happen to the other farms

No. 1967934

I'm sorry bit paki-chan in /meta/ trying hard to get her name removed and saying bait isn't her each time is hilarious. She really can't grasp that she can hide this thread and sperg in hers.

No. 1967935

Still bummed the fujo cringe thread is just a containment thread that doesn't contain anything instead of an actual depository of fujo cringe caps.
What they post as milk is also boring and bad and just a way to be passive aggressive over posts itt.

No. 1968529

That, and when Reddit started cracking down on subs like r/fatpeoplehate and r/the_donald
It doesn't help that Null feeds in to their bullshit. I just wish he wasn't such a sperg about politics in general, the site would be so much more usable if it was less political.

No. 1969623

am i the only one wondering why she isn't permabanned from the site? how is the amount of personalityfagging, selfposting and chronic infighting by her allowed? i also don't understand how she manages to spawn wherever she's mentioned every single time kek

No. 1970000

Because Null is a performative feminist. you can tell because he cozies up to women on his site and gives them preferential treatment, but still can't understand simple things like why women don't vote conservatively. He's said some pretty vile shit about women in the past too, so I wouldn't be surprised if he's trying to retroactively compensate because he realized how off putting a personality like that is. He'll never get his trad family when he acts like an incel towards women. He still won't now that he tries to act like an ally, but at least he tries.

No. 1971140

i was talking about pakichan

No. 1972225

He wrote a whole post about why women don't vote conservative which was pretty accurate just recently tho?

No. 1972376

She's a confirmed chronic ban evader according to staff. The only way to permaban her is if her VPN stops working.

No. 1976405

File: 1710483892159.png (19.99 KB, 2461x151, ackshually.png)

friendly reminder this is what antifujos think, they think uper class women dont suffer from misogyny so they troon out because of cartoon. They are really self-centenred after all.

No. 1976407

crossposting from the fandom thread, where an antifujo posted this bait
>she states that the vast majority of it's hetrosexuality with extra steps
>compared it to porn addiction and that it's only getting worse
>tells parents that they should look into what type of fan-fiction their daughter are reading
>says it comes from a place of misplaced sense of self among women and inherent neuroticism
>says its girls grooming each other
>also stated straight erotica is also frankly awful and coping wish fulfillment

Imagine being a ''feminist scholar'' and blaming women trooning out on yaoi. These people will bend themselves into a pretzel to defend moids and put all the blame on women.

No. 1976413

File: 1710484888329.png (695.04 KB, 602x841, entitled antifujo.png)

and lastly, entitled antifujo strikes again!
dont like straight romance where women are treated as a fleshlight and have gigantic boobs that are the whole focus f the story? go watch a show with ugly 3DPD scrotes instead you nasty fujo! kek the entitlement never fails to make me laugh, they sound so much like moids

No. 1976414

File: 1710485211009.mp4 (8.83 MB, 640x360, 1710410272267.mp4)

she also said that women who read and write fan-fiction in general, are intelligent(but also highly neurotic and obsessive)

No. 1976416

oh wow she said 1(one) nice thing in a sea of misinformation how nice of her. I refuse to listen to feminist scholars that wear makeup, if you are incapable of dropping the lipstick for a video then sorry i don't think your ideas are worth listening to, specially when its about GNC women trooning out.

No. 1976424

nta but Helen Joyce is a total normie in this debate and has no personal investment. Her conclusion is simply based on her observation of reading both heterosexual and slash fanfiction, as well as watching Star Trek itself. She sees the way the characters behave as similar to “women in drag.” and forming something closer to a 'heterosexual coupling' then a gay male relationship,

No. 1976437

Isn't it like claiming FPS games cause school shootings though? The fact that mentally ill tifs gravitate towards BL fanfiction doesn't mean fanfiction makes girls troon out.

No. 1976440

I still can't believe she said that lmao, then she proceeded to act like anons are into 3DPD Asian gay moids. I just wonder what makes them seethe this much about yaoi? Enough to make threads and even post about how they all hate it in other threads too.
I will never understand the whole "uwu stob sekchualyzing gway moihds".

No. 1976441

>She sees the way the characters behave as similar to “women in drag.”
That's honestly so misogynistic. It's the exact same argument moids use when a female character isnt some meek bimbo. It baffles me that a feminist scholar can be so misogynistic and ignorant.

No. 1976443

File: 1710504111722.png (9.35 KB, 1583x103, the poow cartoon gay moids.png)

They are genuinely just angry women enjoy their sexuality without women being abused in it. That or they genuinely think women reading about gay cartoons is equal to exploiting gay moids kek

No. 1976449

nta but her conclusion is that neurotic and obsessive women tend to read fan-fiction(both het and slash) and it's not that women who read slash troon out, it's that neurotic women will have a higher likelihood of trooning out.

No. 1976451

nah she said that women reading about idealized men in fiction makes the idea of being a 'gay boy' appealing to them and they end up trooning out because of that. Pure lunacy coming from a boomer.

No. 1976478

Also, the movie is this annoyingly tired theme about
>but what if men were treated like women????
As if nobody else has said the same things over and over again, everyone knows that high heels are uncomfortable and that it's also terrifying when a moid catcalls you because you don't know if he will hurt you for not accepting his "compliment" (aka something along the lines of "nice ass").
Everyone is already tired of acknowledging this shit, men don't change from seeing or even experiencing those things because they're men, women don't need to remember these things that happen daily, like being told you're dumb or useless for being a woman, it's self harm at this point.
Whoever enjoys shit like that movie has to be a moid with a fetish or a retard with no way to reflect about what the fuck is going on to her, or "her" I dare say.

No. 1976481

off-topic but that movie (along with most media that try to switch gender roles in society) doesn't ever make any sense. You can't reverse current patriarchal structures because they aren't reliant on the physical differences between men and women(men on average being bigger and women having the ability to give birth) and the way patriarchal societies developed. You can't have a world where men are still, on average bigger and stronger than women have something like women doing most of the labor or being a threat to men. If there was a hypothetical mathematical civilization where the sex differences were still the same, then it would be far more different and not resemble anything like patriarchy.

No. 1976484

the funniest part is that she brought up that crappy movie because anons were trying to explain to her that most women read yaoi because its basically the only alternative to the abusive straight romance genre.

No. 1976485

Screw you, I know what you're trying to do here and we aren't going to fall for it. You're subtly trying to make the same conclusion as that retarded pick-me about how BL is just "heterosexuality with extra steps"

No. 1976486

I agree. A better way to show a misandrist world would be a world where moids are seen as nothing but cannon fodder and are sent to die on the mines, while women are allowed to be in charge due to being the rational gender. I want a movie like that now, kek.

No. 1976506

The closest thing I've witnessed to a premise like that was a book called "Gate to Women's country" which depicted a society where women lived in matriarchal-led city-states where the sexes are technically segregated in a bizarre way. Children are born through courtship festivals where young males from the warriors communes outside the cities and women and girls from the city-states freely choose mates between each other and have consensual relationships. This is also an extreme eugenics-based society so homosexuality and "other illnesses" are frowned upon, the men basically wage war against each other constantly, not for resources or anything but for fun, so there are no old men in the warriors communes, then there's a weird twist in the book that I'm not gonna get into.

No. 1976538

Quite like Helen Joyce but this just sounds like olde moral panics when people would argue reading fiction corrupts pure maiden's hearts. It's like they're trying to pretend girls having rich romantic/sexual fantasies isn't the most normal thing ever, something that happens independently of 'fandom'. GCs' underlining of foreign smut or nerdy circles is a convenient attribution error. It's an easy way to explain the unhealthy/perverted aspects of troonism (weird psychosexual hangups, narcissism etc), especially since it doesn't involve parental/social responsibility. 'My daughter isn't vulnerable to gender ideology because of how we brought her up, must be these cartoons! She totally didn't reject my feminine values, it's all because of these other, dirty girls!'

No. 1976544

nta but I'm curious, what's the twist?

No. 1976567

So in the society of the book, males have a choice to either stay and fight in the warrior communes or go to the cities and live as servitors.
Despite the name servitors are not second-class citizens in the city-states, but are considered inferior by both all other men and the younger women, who view them as unmanly, old and ugly. Again, children are born through ritual courtship meetings in which the young men from the communes and the women and girls from the cities freely choose partners among themselves and have consensual sex. Now here comes the spoiler. at the end it is revealed that none of the warriors ever fathered children. Instead, it has been the servitors all along. The warriors are made infertile and the women are artificially inseminated as they undergo medical checkups, all without their consent and knowledge. This is approved by the female elders of the women's country whose master plan is to remove aggression and the capacity for violence in men. The novel actually cheats by showing a society of fundamentalist, ultra-patriarchal Christian sects as the only kind of alternative

No. 1976585

samefag, funnily the main thesis of the book shares many similarities with >>1976407 argument regarding women needing to control their sexuality and desires. The book ultimately suggests that women should select more suitable partners for the betterment of womankind. But, it's also contradictory because as it extensively portrays the warriors as being hot, muscular, beautiful, and attractive the warriors are, and how much the girls are attracted to them. Meanwhile the servitors aren't hated, but they are thought of as "gay uncles" and that's what makes the "reveal" more fucked-up, the fact that women's bodily autonomy is being robbed from them is presented as a good thing because a few intellectual women think it is for the greater good.

No. 1976590

You put it perfectly into words, nonny. Wish i was as articulate as you.

No. 1976630

>I've never seen gay men say they enjoy yaoi
Go on the /a/ homo threads for like 5 minutes.
With that being said I wish less of them liked it, since they want to fundementally change the genre to just be a BL version of yuri (purest form of love shit).

No. 1976632

Not really. Patriarchy basically exists because they exploit women’s empathy (especially toward their male children). Brute force alone isn’t enough to subjugate. You could theoretically have a society where women do all the labor because women are generalists.

No. 1976634

Femdom is such a moid tier fetish honestly. Everything about this post just screams moid wish fufillment to me (I WISH A DOMMY MOMMY WOULD BE TOTALLY RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING WHILE I SIT AT MY DESK AND SHE RIDES MY COCK).
Female sexuality has always been terrifying to people, including self proclaimed 'feminists'.
Half the time I wonder if they'd rather women go into onlyfans or some shit instead of enjoying stuff by and for them.

No. 1976647

>love simon
OT, but I still think it's mad that the fact she'd worked as a counsellor for gay youth for a decade, doing more good work for the community than any of the people mad at her wasn't enough to get them off her back, but pretending to be bisexual was

No. 1976649

>woman is a status to be obtained
I am going to fucking lose it

No. 1976658

This annoying guy is at it again
Sick of these Sonicfags giving lip, you don't get to bitch about yaoi manga when you like the autism incarnate series and I don't even care about loveless.
It is weird to see him talk about loveless like it was this huge pillar of weeb culture at the time, when in reality it was popular within niches but it was never as huge as he's making it out to be.

No. 1976659

That's particularly hilarious lmao "go watch this movie about "reversed roles" so you can feel hope about romance as a genre again".
Plus the anon acting like this is somehow the ultimate gotcha was particularly retarded.
In the end, media doesn't know how to portray romance, no one seems to know at this point, and I know yaoi isn't the best example of romance between equals, but shit, it's better than anything with the usual female main character that's abused by moids or that's memed into being a "liberated" woman who has sex with random moids and doesn't totally dies inside every time she's dropped like a hot potato.

No. 1976666

Man the comments on this vid make me feel like i'm tripping. Back in the day Loveless was considered pretty standard yaoi fare and no one thought the relationship dynamics were creepy but now it's the most "problematic" and "disturbing" thing? I don't get it, either I was entirely brainwashed by fujos as a 13 year old in 2007-8 to think that it was normal or these people are overreacting to an absurd degree.

No. 1976668

What constitutes a "proper" hobby for women and girls by her standards? Doing laundry?

No. 1976674

Oh shit that's the same annoying fucker who said that if you don't perfectly conform to gender roles or act feminine enough for a woman/vice versa for a man, you're trans. I couldn't sit through his video on Black Butler. It was pure shit, even worse than your usual shitlib drivel. Good to see he's still making dogshit bottom of the barrel videos.

No. 1976680

My issue with these arguments is that it removes a lot of responsibility off the mental professionals who affirm tifs and tims. Big pharma and the plastic surgery industry are running rampant with pushing this shit, as are rich troons who are part of lobby groups who are responsible for much the the legislation put in place for affirming troons. It doesn't explain how yaoi/bl has been popular for decades at this point, yet the explosion in girls and young women identifying as male is very recent. There are also plenty of examples of women transitioning who seems to have never engaged with fan-fic or yaoi either. It just serves to make young girls ashamed for having interests however cringe they may be, especially since these are ones that provide some young women and girls with their only source of socialisation with other like minded women and their opportunity to make friends.

No. 1976707


KEK man I’m old. I haven’t seen thevideo ,but Loveless wasnt even THAT popular. From what I recall it wasn’t even graphic either. I could think of a couple off the top of my head that would actually be good choices but even then there’s significantly more foul straight hentais dedicated to the even worse things.

>exploit gay men

KEK give me a fucking break. Men make the most putrid graphic and morally questionable gay art imaginable. And openly mind you. They have no issue “exploiting” themselves and they don’t give a fuck about women drawing yaoi unless they’re giving the men pussies.

No. 1976750

>tranny whos into sonic and shows made for little girls
i think this dude is projecting his pedophilic desires

No. 1976751

off-topic but this is a radfem argument I've heard for years now, brute force and alliances does enforce the patriarchy's foundation.

No. 1976753

why is the antifujo sperg obsessed with mpreg? i have never in my life read yaoi with mpreg in it and i have been reading yaoi manga for over 10 years. It's always been this turbo autistic thing that has a very niche, mostly western following, but they talk about it like it's the backbone of yaoi and every yaoi manga/anime has an mpreg ending wtf. I even remember back in the 00s that i would talk to my fujo friends about mpreg and we would laugh at it because of how retarded and autistic it was, like inflation.

No. 1976759

How nice of "feminist" lolcow.com to give paki-chan and paladinboo their own personal thread where they can insult women freely and sperg while coming up with the most misogynistic theories on why women enjoy BL. Even spouting tranny shit like "if man short and beautiful he's woman". Waiting for one of them to drop the "women want to get raped actually". Oh and the "if misogyny was the reason then women in fucking IRAN would troon out!! White wimmin don't experience misogyny, they're just stupid bitches that troon out because cartoon!", that was a bold autistic take.

Could be actual autism, which would fit with them failing to understand why women make and enjoy BL and the tard rage that comes from not getting it.

No. 1976773

>"if misogyny was the reason then women in fucking IRAN would troon out!! White wimmin don't experience misogyny, they're just stupid bitches that troon out because cartoon!", that was a bold autistic take
That was honestly so sad to hear from another woman. Specially since women have been crossdressing since ancient times to bypass sexism. Even rich white women are expected to shave and be pretty for men, they dont have the same freedom rich white men have, because they are women and all women regardless of race, class and social status suffer from misogyny.

No. 1976780

lmfao they literally camp ITT they are so fucking mentally ill.

No. 1976792

KEK for real. Pathetic, literal cows stalking their own thread and posting caps with no milk. It's just their little mutual jerk-off thread.

No. 1976795

Paki-chan is so retarded. She could have dropped the bullshit and the thread would have been buried in the catalogue, but she just had to start baiting and derailing the fandom discourse thread again. I bet she is going to go back to /meta/ to cry to the admins about the ''misinformation'' in the OP.

No. 1976840

File: 1710601940290.png (22.05 KB, 2462x162, lollmaoo.png)

>you cant be a lesbian and read yaoi because it has men
>but also at least one of the yaoi boys is a woman!!1!
what the fuck is this schizo babble. She needs to be studied in a lab like a rat, maybe that way they will find the cure for this level of autism.

No. 1976842

File: 1710602400826.png (39.21 KB, 2391x334, reeee stop enjoying two cute b…)

and more entitlement, lol. I don't even read yaoi anymore but i know that kind of ''dommy mommy'' stories would inevitably attract moids, with yaoi that doesn't happen.

No. 1976851

I love how she and a couple of other pickme anons insist that the evil foojos are the ones derailing every thread to "spam gay porn" but all I see is them mentioning fujos in several threads when it's not even relevant to the topic. Then if other people tell them to shut the fuck up they accuse them of being fujos and suddenly they're the victims.

This fucking dumb bitch is such a cow kek. I'm not lesbian and I'm not the one posting in that rancid thread that smells like smegma. Oh but it's the foooojos that are schizos and accuse everyone of being pakichan!! I was right, they must be the biggest fucking autistic retards.
Funny coming from the chronic dick suckers who ree about women totally abusing the poor gay men by drawing and writing and gasp, cosplaying male cartoon characters.
>female reproductive system
>gives birth
Again, the autist cannot comprehend that yaoi isn't entirely about mpreg, And even then, is she saying that a fictional character with a dick that gives birth through its literal ass can be a woman? If fake fictional man has heat like animals and gives birth through anus, he's woman? Woman = birth and heat like animals? Oh, maybe it's just a plot device… nah that can't be, it must be that they're all nasty smelly lesbians… but no lesbians can't read yaoi because there's dicks… but the yaoi men are women… idk get your autism checked maybe.

No. 1976853

Nothing makes moids and pickmes mald quite like women finding pleasure in something that doesn't involve her or another woman sexually engaging with a man. Some OSA women just don't want to touch men, and people treat that like it's some kind of mental illness instead of just the logical reaction to the patriarchy and how men behave in relationships. There is no such thing as a woman in a male body; if the person has a phallus, it's a man, simple as. Bl is not the relationship between a male and pseudo-male that the woman must self-insert as. There are pretty feminine males, but that doesn't make them women. That's just biology; a feminine man that is portrayed as biologically male by any rational interpretation is a man. Many moids want to recontextualize bl as a woman's hidden desire to be with a moid because men cannot and do not want to imagine a scenario in which a woman wants nothing to do with his penis. Similarly, handmaidens want to encourage women towards making themselves available to men because they believe that is a woman's place; to ignore her own self-interest in favor of being with an undesirable male. I do believe fujoshi have a tendency towards high neuroticism, as do tifs, however, one who is self-aware of this high neuroticism and the dangers of gender ideology is fully capable of protecting herself from trans influence. Let's also not forget that many therapists will actively encourage transition and there are many predatory members of the gender cult who want to recruit new members. Now obviously I'm not touching mpreg because it's hard to think of a logical reason behind a male body being evolutionarily advantageous for pregnancy, and the biological implications of such a scenario are best left to be explored elsewhere.

No. 1977369

I don't actively seek out mpreg, but from what little I know the actual pregnancy aspect itself is often not explored at all. It's mostly just an excuse to give a m/m OTP their own baby without having to worry about the not-so-fun logistics of how this would work in the real world(surrogacy, fostering, adoption, etc aren't as easy to write as oops! baby). Even the omegaverse stuff mostly focuses on the omegas going into heat and getting railed, not them going through with the subsequent pregnancy. This might change depending on fandom for all I know, but this is what I've seen in the ones I'm in.

No. 1977450

File: 1710769051874.png (54.26 KB, 603x576, Screenshot_979199.png)

she retweeted picrel

No. 1977457

Not a fujo but I support fujos and I don’t understand why people get so mad about fujos to the point of telling you what to fap to lmao.

No. 1977469

That is, by far, the most most pretencious and fart huffing NLOG i have ever read. I cant believe a ''feminist'' scholar rt this garbage.

No. 1977602

>i am an ~untypical female~ because i haven't read fanfiction
kek imagine thinking like this as well as declaring it publicly

No. 1977617

The "it's just heterosexuality with extra steps" grates me so hard because what they usually mean "it's female sexuality" but make it about men for some reason. Imagine if men writing moidish stories about lesbian couples would constantly get called "heterosexuality with extra steps", that would never catch on.

>says its girls grooming each other

I fucking swear boomer feminists are so out of touch it's not even funny. I guess this is where Paki-chan gets her shitty takes.

Exactly. It never ceases to baffle me how averse they are to accepting that teenage girls and young women can have a budding interest in sex and them experimenting in an all-female group like writing fanfiction is possibly the safest way they would do so compared to the alternatives, but for whatever reason they're stuck in their sex wars era moral panic mindset where showing any kind of promiscuity is giving in to men, no matter the context.

The homo thread moids from /a/ blogging about how much they love shota rape doesn't count.

No. 1977624

At this point I'm convinced this autistic distilled chimp rage over the lack of heterosexual female character must have been written by male fingers. The sperging over how they "could write genre about women making beautiful men flustered" and "women treating straight twinks like their favourite toy" is a straight out moid writing out his cock worshiping femdom fantasies.

No. 1977633

Not a huge fan but I've read my fair share out of curiosity and that is exactly what it is. For some it's the "ravishing" let's fuck right now aspect of the "heat" thing that's appealing (which btw has nothing to do with women), for others it's the baby/family theme with their favourite cute men. The self-lubricating ass thing that's in many works is simply authors and artists not wanting to go through the whole preparation shit to get to the fucking, I don't understand how this very obvious thing isn't the first thing they think about and instead they do these mental gymnastics to say that akshually it's because it's meant to be a vagina. Also nearly every mpreg/omegaverse work skips pregnancy. I've only ever seen the pregnancy explored when the story is a fucking horror that's meant to be gross and disturbing.

No. 1977673

>The self-lubricating ass thing that's in many works is simply authors and artists not wanting to go through the whole preparation shit to get to the fucking, I don't understand how this very obvious thing isn't the first thing they think about and instead they do these mental gymnastics to say that akshually it's because it's meant to be a vagina.
For real, the most obvious part never gets brought up because people are obsessed with trying to prove how fujos are actually misogynists for choosing to objectify male characters for sexual purposes instead of female ones. At some point there was this retarded discourse about how unrealistic the anal sex in fujo works is because they don't do 30 minutes of prepping and lubing up so authors just shrugged and made a workaround with some magical self-lubricating anus and now people are just whining about it actually being a vagina.

No. 1977700

Self lubricating asses are about as realistic as women orgasming from dick in vag, which moids pretend is a real thing in every form of coom material they produce. I won't even mention womb tattoos or "throat orgasms" or whatever other vile body horror they come up with. As usual, the phalloid entity looks for a speck in a woman's eye while waddling around with a fucking beam in his.

I hate fujoshit but I hate moids more, and I understand the appeal of them being subjected to dick on an asexual level. It's kind of like making someone who maliciously shits in public eat his own feces. If fujoshit makes stupid dicks and their lowly chattel feel sad, debased or inferior, I support every fujo with all my heart. Normalize coom material of ugly moids being physically mutated to take the ultimate expression of their own worthlessness - a cock.

No. 1977793

>Normalize coom material of ugly moids
please dont yaoi has enough balding ugly scrotes infesting a medium thats supposed to be about cute guys already.

No. 1977799

I misspoke. I find moids ugly by definition (which is why yaoi does nothing for me), but I didn't mean literal-hideous-2/10-by-normal-women's-standards moid yaoi. There's plenty of that being made by streamer simpettes who flick to pewdiepie x moist critical or w/e

No. 1977860

>Self lubricating asses are about as realistic as women orgasming from dick in vag
Uh…women can orgasm from penetration. It’s nothing like weird ass fujo shit

No. 1977877

Don't even try. Nearly every depiction of hetero or lesbian sex in media and fiction is unrealistic and exaggerated, that was the point. But everyone has an issue when yaoi shit does the same. It's like when het shit does the dick-in vagina-without-prep-results-in-instant-orgasm or like the other anon said throat orgasms, ability to do deepthroats without prep, anal or nipple play resulting in orgasms, tit smashing and obligatory piv/pegging in lesbian porn and so on. In some cases this does also include straight piv because many many women (I'd say the majority) can't orgasm with it alone like every piece of erotica shows. Don't ignore anon's other points on purpose.

No. 1977880

Yeah men seriously think women get off to being slapped, choked, deepthroated and doing ass to mouth because they see it in porn and hentai's recent trends are things nearing body horror like cervix penetration and massive stomach bulges. But it's fujos who are being embarrassing coomer virgins with unrealistic views on sex because they don't feel like writing an entire chapter to have the characters perform an enema, dilating and lubing before getting to sex.

No. 1977883

What's funny is that some more recent yaoi works do touch on prep and lube, they actually take the time to write pretty realistic sex scenes but it's not like that'll make the moids and pickmes happy. Meanwile straight erotica (even when it's for women) has the girl cumming 7 times in 30 minutes from vagina and ass + squirting or getting off from bdsm, and works made by gay moids for other gay moids have inflated dicks and tits and also self-lubricating assholes but then they won't say that the moids are actually straight for liking that, right?

No. 1978225

people literally believe in squirting, so i think we should just start saying men having self-lubing asses is a biological reality as well. since it's normalized for people to think actual piss is magical "female ejaculation" juice, fujos might as well claim the omega heat ass lube is real bcs anal mucus exists kek.

No. 1981201

File: 1711799442709.png (80.66 KB, 867x656, female APG.png)

This comment from Ovarit about the Helen Joyce is nothing but the same trash that pakichan spews.

No. 1981203

Sheʼs right.

No. 1981206

anyone who believes the argument that yaoi is making girls troon out is literally retarded. if they could use their brains they would remember no one was trooning out before the 2010s yet yaoi and gay porn and whatnot have been around forever. simple as.

No. 1981218

Seriously, they're just using yaoi as a crutch when on reality, it wasn't never a reason why anyone would troon out, specially back then, hell, I would say that the tranny obsession began in 2015, then everything went to shit in Fandom spaces and yaoi got severely polluted by fakebois and retards who believe in genderwoo shit.

No. 1981220

the first post isn't even blaming yaoi for transition, just stating how fetishes and paraphilias begin in the first place.

No. 1981241

it literally says they get off on m/m and that's why they transition. straight girls getting of on men fucking isn't paraphilic in the first place which the person in the screenshot doesn't understand. either way, women don't transition for the coom, they do it because they want to escape womanhood in patriarchy and in the 2010s trans shit became popular and normalized so a bunch of people naturally went down that road

No. 1981302

Yeah, even back in the early 2000s when there was a legitimate yaoi boom full of the worst porn trash imaginabile tifs were extremely rare in fandoms and they mostly hanged around male spaces. They were also lesbian, not heterosexual.

I'm still inclined to believe that paraphilias are a result of someone's problems and not born out of nowhere. Yes, even in the case of coomers and retard AGPs… coomers aren't coomers for no reason at all. I don't pity them at all but they all have bigger and worse problems lying underneath the trooning and the cooming.
This can apply to the worst imaginable tif fujo coomers and usually in their own work their psychological problems are extremely blatant, like that fucker who gets off female genital mutilation who got posted in various threads.

No. 1981331

I need to know if these women are straight and if they are dating 3DPD scrotes. TIFs dont see yaoi and think ''i want to be a man to have lightsaber fights too!'', they see women in tv having to whore themselves out to have a career, onlyfans being encouraged and celebrated, all the hatred towards women on the internet and irl and think ''damn i wish i was a man to escape all of this hellish shit''.

No. 1981575

Why do these fuckwads defend Heartstoppers when it's no different from stuff like Love, Simon? Why is Love Simon "yaoi" but Heartstoppers isn't?

No. 1981607

Isn't Heartstopper basically western kawiwi yaois while Love, Simon is a teen movie? Wouldn't saying the opposite make more sense??

No. 1982158

Heartstoppers is le wholesome em el em content because there's no sex in it, which is why they defend it. I don't criticize the author not putting explicit content in it since the characters are underage, but that's 100% of why people defend it as "good representation".

No. 1982973

File: 1712345637321.png (50.73 KB, 1246x224, Screenshot_2.png)


PaladinBoo is apparently an unmedicated schizophrenic. The KF moids egged her on until she had a meltdown, sperged on Null's profile and presumably ate a ban.

No. 1982975

File: 1712345662607.png (100.61 KB, 1259x482, Screenshot_1.png)

No. 1982991

did she catch a pemar ban? hilarious when pickmes get bullied by the same men they pander to. Reminds me of shuwu when she turned 30 and her pedo moid left her

No. 1983013

He most likely gave her a temp ban to chill out.

No. 1983021

She's not banned (you can tell if someone is banned or not by weather or not they still show up in search).

She had a meltdown over Lidl Drip because she isn't used to get pick-me tactics not making her the most popular and simped for girl in a male space and Null is simping for the TERF girls and not eating up her anti-feminist schizo posting the way men usually do I guess.

No. 1983022

File: 1712361170295.png (326.13 KB, 1080x1052, 1000013091.png)

No. 1983025

For further context, Lidl Drip made the man hate thread on KF, which has been jannied by Null personally since it caused immense butthurt among male users on the site and they keep sperging out about it. This special attention from Null has sparked countless rumors over Lidl Drip being his "secret TERF gf" who gets preferential treatment, also due to some people she was beefing with being banned recently.

Paladinboo, in true pick-me fashion has been batting hardcore for the anti-man-hate-thread moids who hate Lidl and decided to pick a fight with her, for which she got slapped down by Null for "infighting" and Lidl Drip posted her old dox again making fun of her for being a 34 year old woman who posts empty egg carton memes at other women and brags about how trad she is despite being a NEET who lives with her parents after which Paladinboo disappeared. Maybe she is finally receiving the mental help she needs now.

No. 1983029

I dislike Null, but it is pretty based he allows Man Hate threads on his site. I have gotten banned before off 4chan for posting manhating memes. Scrotes already have their little woman hating thread where their pet pickmes like Paladinboo post, i dont understand why they are so angry.

No. 1983033

From what I gathered they are unironically afraid that Kiwifarms will turn into a "feminist website" and will be overrun by liberals hence why they compare Null to Lowtax (the guy who owned Something Awful, a site that used to be for edgy boys and is now full of trannies because Lowtax let trannies become mods and let his girlfriend Logan Day have control on the site). All because Null allows one single thread for women to post in where men get banned for shitting it up while the rest of the site remains as misogynistic as ever.

No. 1983035

File: 1712364570217.png (431.09 KB, 1045x1357, 1000013092.png)

Some more of her posts seething before she left

No. 1983036

File: 1712364699074.png (605.53 KB, 1080x1855, 1000013093.png)

No. 1983041

My guess is that she didn't get banned because Null is already being accused of being Lidl Drip's pussywhipped pet who bans anyone that she is beefing with (another pick-me recently got banned after continuously fighting with Lidl, another user got a pink triangle for defending Paladinboo and attacking Lidl and it caused people to speculate) so he doesn't want to fan those flames further by banning PaladinBoo.

No. 1983042

does she really consider herself a tomboy? doesnt she know tomboys are sporty women and not fat, basement dweller chans

No. 1983044

File: 1712365533506.png (728.14 KB, 1922x958, df63byu-7e838d64-15dd-4a14-ae4…)

She's probably using the moid definition of tomboy

No. 1983045

File: 1712365534029.png (611.41 KB, 1080x1474, 1000013094.png)

She defines her entire personality by being a "gamer girl" who is not like other girls.

She unironically calls other women empty egg cartons and always shit talks women in their 30s and 40s. I think she is hardcore projecting because she is 34 with no prospects of ever having kids and a husband due to her mental illness and being a NEET.

No. 1983046

File: 1712365543050.jpg (428.68 KB, 1080x2009, Screenshot_20240405_205214_Ope…)

I don't know why she isn't banned. She posts nothing of worth and just shouts CUNT CUNT CUNT repeatedly.
There's over 40k threads in the news subsection where users celebrate women being murdered, raped and suggesting they be put under surveillance so they can't have abortions. Theres a single thread for man hate so that means the feminists are taking over the site.

No. 1983047

File: 1712365782618.jpg (624.82 KB, 1080x1780, Screenshot_20240405_210856_Ope…)

Female gamer here!

No. 1983048

File: 1712365819348.png (382.92 KB, 994x1123, 1000013095.png)

Apparently Null warned her to stop infighting with other users (she constantly spergs out at people on their profiles)

No. 1983049

File: 1712366018900.png (226.78 KB, 1080x822, 1000013096.png)

I genuinely wonder if she tardraged so much over KF drama in real life that her parents cut her Internet or sent her to the looney bin for fear she might listen to those voices that tell her to kill herself. She claims to be medicated but it really doesn't feel like it.

No. 1983050

>as a female gamer, nothing turns me off more than seeing ugly female characters in my vidyajames
>anyways, i always play as male characters because the gaming industry is filled with degenerates into lesbians
She's like the final boss of pickmes.

No. 1983051

File: 1712366553014.jpg (134.42 KB, 1080x939, Screenshot_20240405_212151_Ope…)

That's hilarious. She was sperging at people and telling them to kill themselves for disagreeing with her over video games. People didn't start posting her dox until she'd been sperging on their profiles for awhile.

No. 1983053

She is extremely aggressive towards other female users, but if anyone ever bites back at her she plays victim immediately and gets her simp squad to defend her

No. 1983055

Doesn't Kiwifarms have a doxxing thread to dox their users with shitty opsec? why does she pretend the rules don't apply to her too. I bet if the other girl had poor opsec too they would have doxxed her and made a thread about her by now.

No. 1983057

I'm kinda tempted to post her there myself but it will cause a massive shitstorm with simps.

No. 1983058



But her simps still are pretending that doxing her is against the rules even though it's not.

No. 1983281

File: 1712430395773.png (117.81 KB, 1394x483, IMG_14371.png)

The post wasn't even fujos, it was about a troon and his gay boyfriend but of course they just had to bring us up! I swear, this is done deliberately to get a reaction.

No. 1983283

samefag, I'm getting sick of radfems lately, constantly comparing us to male porn addicts and insinuating that we are no different from them >>1967526. The entire fandom thread reeks of nothing but moralfaggotry.(bait)

No. 1983298

File: 1712434098438.jpeg (80.52 KB, 749x753, IMG_5231.jpeg)

It’s so wild to me that a girl that looks like this>>1967288 has the audacity to say things like that kek. Being a pick me who still lives with her parents at 30 is one thing but she’s also an unironic schizoid on top of that? Yeesh,no wonder she has to asskiss moids because otherwise they wouldn’t pay attention to her.

No. 1983312

>inb4 this bait gets reposted in the fujo cringe thread

No. 1983466

I don't understand the appeal of men fucking each other in their dirty asses.

No. 1983484

Homophobia and misandry all in one. Yeah, mock me about the "but misandry doesn't exist because they are the oppressing class reeee!". I don't care. Just as I think it's retarded to solve racism by being racist towards white people, it's equally retarded to solve sexism by being sexist towards males.(derailing)

No. 1983492

No. 1983597

Kek you can't be serious. Go back.(derailing)

No. 1983903

We hate men over here, dumb bitches

No. 1983967

Yaoi is not about avarage irl Joe and his unwashed ass

No. 1983998

That's some sad cope. You're still a porn addict who thinks anal sex feels like pussy sex tho. Sticking a rose colored fantasy filter on top of your ideal of men is pathetic(infight)

No. 1984926

File: 1712941514593.png (333.65 KB, 1190x798, CAPTURE.png)

I agree, regardless of the subject matter, whether it's related to bl or fujos or not, someone manages to bring it up. The worst case is when yaoi is used to compare with MTFs, as if they have anything to do with each other.(sage your shit)

No. 1985018

nah this is funny and he does have insane manwha proportions. God what an ugly creature.

No. 1985246

File: 1713037491791.png (175.54 KB, 2459x428, retarddd.png)

>gay men fetishists
>calls all fujos pedos just because of some cherry picked examples
>a few cherrypicked examples are pedos therefore all fujos are pedos and they are on par with scrotes that commit 99% of crimes against children
and the cherry on top
>posts ryona fetish art of a school girl as a reaction image

No. 1985279

Nonna, 4chan is cheating. It's full of moids that think women should be put into breeding camps.

No. 1985377

that's from the fujocoomer thread on /ot/

No. 1985395

>I feel betrayed uwu
Kek no one gives a shit if you feel betrayed by women being harmless and sexualizing men. Sowwy if some women don't post ryona pictures of schoolgirls vomiting like you do, so based. Tbh though this kinda reads as bait because of the unrealistic fixation on women being pedophiles.

No. 1986155

File: 1713307408078.jpg (469.5 KB, 1360x1404, FZ4fAojKWgAAD.jpg)

>directly comparing us with AGPs
what the fuck is wrong with radfems?

No. 1986156

She needs to decide if fujos are opressing irl faggots or if they are projecting onto a girl with a benis, because both can't be true at the same time. I wonder if she also shames women into stereotypical het romance that has actually led to female abuse being normalized(50 shades) or if she only hates nerdy autistic girls that have never contributed to the abuse of gay moids.

No. 1986161

>objectifies gay men
Seriously, do they hear themselves? There is a case to be made about TiFs and a segment of fujos who truly obsess over gay culture, but actual gay moids were never the 'object' of fujo fantasies. Yaoi isn't about homosexuals, being mad at it for doing justice to the subject is retarded because it was never the point. It's not as annoying as NLOG TiFs who go 'HA! i like greasy bara porn unlike the twink-obsessed GIRLY fujos' but still pretty retarded. Even the part about 'hairy, muscular males' doesn't make much sense (i'd argue women's taste for masculinity is much more about hands, tallness etc.). 'Women objectify men' is it or some internet feminists (incl. Handmaidens, libfems) just use 'objectify' to mean desire, including in contexts where it's non-sensical? (Women very much need to humanize and empathize with the object of their desires, almost to a fault)

No. 1986167

I'm going to give her the benefit of the doubt since she seems older and doesn't really understand what the actual appeal is. That being said, I do have negative experiences with certain radfems (many who were younger than me) calling me a degenerate and pervert when I just wanted to have a discussion. By the way, I'm not pro-trans but I don't have full sympathy for radfems either.

No. 1986681

A lot of radfems go full on into supporting tradcon gender expectations in their quest to be anti-libfem. These are the same people who think women who don't go all woo woo moon goddess worship over their periods and fertility are self-hating. There isn't a coherent ideological framework behind what they believe, so they devolve into pseudoscience, conspiracy theory peddling, and mysticism very easily.

No. 1987451

File: 1713660485486.png (334.6 KB, 1113x1586, retardhead.png)

I am laughing my ass off at how she proved the comic right by jumping in to call all fujos pedos just because she's illiterate.

No. 1987459

uh, is she not comparing yaoi obsessed tifs to agps? struck a nerve with the tiffany who thinks she's a real uke i see. there are tons of regular sane fujos who don't troon out but it's the same phenomenon as agps who want to become kawaii anime yuri lesbians

and nothing she said in the first paragraph is wrong, she didn't say all fujos are into shotas/rape/etc, said men are violent and disgusting, and called yaoi fiction made for women. i feel like if she just shat on fujos i would wave her off as a self hating misogynist but this really isn't like the pickme NLOG women who shit on fujos/women in general for daring to write erotica a la >>1977450

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