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File: 1706473168417.jpeg (142.45 KB, 1280x720, IMG_6550.jpeg)

No. 1960368

Previous thread >>1948027
Pro-Ana scum bags index >>1906589

Our alum n2f had a beautiful baby girl during this thread. Some infighting about whether or not it’s appropriate to post the images she shared of her kid on here. Either way we are proud of our queen, she seems truly happy.

Stef went into the hospital twice during this thread, shared a bunch of current tube pics and videos, then went dark half way through.

Jaycee was away at some program for less than a month before making a glorious return to her tiktok. Went live and made fun of her followers for “believing” her feed videos (because obviously the sooper sick anachan was just playing at recovery while really restricting) and announced she has relapsed so much in two weeks that she is on the waitlist for an inpatient program.

Fi is still on the ‘tism train, making all her content about it while continually seeming to get more skelly and not addressing her lack of improvement, despite her months long vague updates during the last two threads leading to her reclaiming recovery. She is taking a leaf out of Enara’s book and using her “lived experience” to speak about autism and eating disorder “recovery”

Laura, while not on ig, made a reappearance as she is once again ebegging for tens of thousands of dollars to take an air ambulance to a children’s hospital to stabilize her. Farmers are wondering why she needs to go all the way across the country just to find somewhere for medical stabilization, and what someone almost 30 needs a children’s hospital for.

Lora with an o amazed farmers with her skelly frame but face so round you could dribble it down a basketball court. Seems unable to keep up with her own lies about her weight, she finally broke 80 pounds this year …I mean 60…actually it was 35.

Abby continues to sport a forehead vagina and post pics showing it off.

Niamh felt the need to tell tiktok she finally has a period. Congrats on being a normal biological woman.

Continued debate as to whether Rising Rachel has died. Still nothing official, just fake obits and comments from social media mutuals that anons are going off of.

Lots of new potential cows introduced, none seemed to make the cut or have an agreement reached deeming them milky. Some infighting about if fatties larping eating disorders belong on this thread or not.


No. 1960385

Thanks anon for new thread claps(unsaged retard)

No. 1960431

will never understand why abby posts the way she does on her personal account. i, just assuming she has no self-awareness or sense of embarrassment (or no friends who aren’t also mentally ill)

No. 1960509

thanks nonnie!

No. 1960576

I think Abby also messes up her forehead on purpose so it’s nice and red for days she’ll be taking pictures. Her birthday celebrations and she’s out looking like that?

No. 1960577

I know her and fatty are larping the illness train. They’ll both never amount to anything and just play the system for life

No. 1960579

Ok I have to ask why do you hate Fiona so much? I don't follow her but just by looking at her insta she doesn't seem horrible. And no I'm not her but I know from first hand that living with autism ain't easy even if you seemingly have "everything"(lurk more)

No. 1960582

she's not autistic

No. 1960587

why do you think so?

No. 1960588

spoonfeed yourself(pointless infight)

No. 1960589


Don't whiteknight that cow.
She deserves every bit of scorn and she is grabbing attention like a mofo.

Also: Lurk the old threads.

No. 1960653

File: 1706547824242.png (1.39 MB, 750x1334, DF7F80E1-D70B-438D-B0BA-515D47…)

Lora is following in the footsteps of Laura (one of many).

No. 1960661

I'm gonna go ahead and say that pic of N2F with her daughter was fucking precious. Hate me for it I don't care but I wish nothing but the best for that woman.

No. 1960677

After all, it's up to her to show her baby in public. She's made a decent recovery and should carry on that way.
I think most nonnies around here who still know her older exploits wish her well, too.

No. 1960694

File: 1706557669530.jpg (359.38 KB, 868x1469, n2f_plus_one.jpg)

Agreed. Since this is an imageboard, here's the picture you're probably referring to and there's absolutely nothing wonky about it.

No. 1960714

File: 1706559936045.jpg (Spoiler Image,178.52 KB, 1080x964, Screenshot_2024-01-29-21-23-59…)

Bjelcat "new accessory" and she retweets herself again and again and again

No. 1960733

This post doesn't break our rules. It comes from a social media account with >10k followers. There is no expectation of privacy. Anyone who keeps reporting this image can stop.

No. 1960787

Yes asking for spoonfeeding but anyone know what happened to Zara? She seems to have gone radio silence unless she blocked me from her stories kek

No. 1960802

No, she’s just been very quiet and, to my knowledge, doesn’t even have her recovery account anymore. Just posting on her main

No. 1960820

What is Abby larping?! It’s pretty clear she’s unwell in many ways/illnesses. Also which fatty?

No. 1960829

This girl isn't really milky at this point, just sad. She looks like she won't make it past mid year.

No. 1960857

saying she isn’t autistic doesn’t prove anything, it just shows your ignorance. autism and eating disorders have a high correlation. yes, she’s absolutely disgusting for following enara and going for the “lived experience” to publicly whine about how hard her life is, but it doesn’t take away from the fact that she is autistic.

No. 1960869

She’s not trying and obviously loves the attention fucking up her forehead brings. And the fatty on the far right of the last pic that was posted

No. 1960883

No, she’s BPD (which she seems to have completely forgotten about, along with the psychosis/dissociation/depression/every other flavour of the month mental disorder popular on tumblr back in the day). She might have hoodwinked some professional into giving her the autism label because it ‘looks’ better and provides a convenient excuse for her melodramatic, manipulative, attention-hogging behaviour (which funnily enough every other cluster B and their mother also seems to be doing atm) - but that doesn’t mean shit, really. Plenty of people here know the score, sorry ur retarded

No. 1960887

there is absolutely no way to tell if she's autistic or not based on what she shares online. I got my autism diagnosis in my twenties and it involved 3 autism specialist therapists, and a 20 pages long questionnaire which focused on my childhood behaviour(blog)

No. 1960888

By the way. You can have BPD and autism too, they don’t exclude each other(more medfagging)

No. 1960928

No one gives a shit about your blogposting, snowflake. Now go ahead and enjoy your 'tism.(taking retard bait)

No. 1960965

Autism isn’t easy to fake in an assessment. It takes many hours and appointments and questionnaires with both the person and the person’s relatives. Grow up and accept that people actually are autistic. Whether or not you believe her autism or not, she’s annoying af and definitely has an eating disorder. Autism can impact the eating disorder and vice versa. Just because someone doesn’t fit your stereotype of autistic doesn’t mean they aren’t, especially if they’ve gone through the diagnostic process

No. 1960981

Sometimes anons here will take something that's literally just factually wrong and run with it to make a cow look bad. Granted this isn't the new Yorker it's a bullying site kek

No. 1960984

why would you just stan that cow

autism is just another fashionable disease

No. 1960994


No. 1961010

Because having a disability is fashionable. Catch a fucking grip. You can have an eating disorder and autism, and it’s actually more likely for autistic people to have eating disorders. God forbid autistic people don’t mask. Fi is absolutely insufferable in her online presence, but don’t disregard someone’s disability because you don’t want to see it


No. 1961029

Nta but have you seen Fi's old tumblr? She was constantly swapping around diagnoses, the latest autism phase is just one of many. If you are autistic this might be difficult to understand but it's very easy for neurotypical people to act like autists and receive a diagnosis if they stay up to date on DSM language and/or watch online media made by autists.

No. 1961034

Kek we are here to make fun of cows not read scientific articles. Go away, cow.

No. 1961115

That Tabitha ferrar lady was diagnosed autistic when she had her anorexia . Then she wasn’t autistic once she recovered.

No. 1961149

File: 1706686415248.png (8.85 MB, 1170x2532, FE3D2F3C-BE59-4A42-A3C0-CE2A3F…)

Is it just me or does it look like jaycie’s face is actually thinning out some? Could the larp be becoming reality? Kek

No. 1961151

Because she’s ugly.

No. 1961158

One can go to the doctor and have an autism diagnosis, just like that. Doesn't take much to do so except some googlin'.

No. 1961159

No they can’t. Do some research into autism diagnoses and you’ll soon see it’s a lot harder than googling some(give it a fucking rest)

No. 1961164

Unlike getting a BPD diagnosis which is essentially the new hysteria so autistic females are often (mis)diagnosed with it. Not to mention that autistic kids are often lonely, lost, bullied, traumatized etc. that results in all other new kind of fucked-upness.

No. 1961169

Describe some symptoms and you qualify. It's as easy as that. Especially for that dramatic fucktard Fiona. She loves to be the victim of cruel disorders to carry on her bRaVe fIgHt and chocolate bar testing.

No. 1961179

Have to agree with nonna here because these girls are getting diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder but really they are only just on the “spectrum” and really the diagnosis is of no benefit because they won’t qualify for services because they aren’t any worse off than anyone else, and there’s no treatment or any real point to having the diagnosis except a label.
Back in the good ol days you were just labelled as odd or eccentric or a bit awkward and the world got on with itself.
The real worth diagnosis are the people who can’t independently function because of their autism.

No. 1961180

File: 1706701735820.jpeg (280.28 KB, 1170x1891, F72A06A6-1E33-414C-A7C1-696B68…)

This gal is giving me the shits, she’s sooo slim despite being on a ‘weight gain’ journey. And seems very orthorexic or gym rat vibes

No. 1961182

File: 1706701914978.jpeg (227.41 KB, 1169x1977, A1DBDEA3-D5DA-4EA5-B5EB-3AFA16…)

Sooooo much body checking

No. 1961183

File: 1706702047151.jpeg (208.08 KB, 1169x1825, C0DA225C-0DF7-45BC-B854-B42985…)

And like full nudity but like hidden but probs creeps in her comments and it ending up in not good sites

No. 1961186

as someone who's been misdiagnosed w the tism as a child.. you don't know what you're talking about. misdiagnoses happen all the time for a lot of different reasons. People can easily larp their way to a label.(blogging autist)

No. 1961195

nah just checked and she’s still a fucking whale, it’s just the angle in that picture that’s weird

No. 1961265

File: 1706724987448.jpg (6.5 KB, 500x126, moddy.jpg)

Plz don't ban me for non-content but that red text really made me giggle.
Oh, and thanks for keeping the farms clean.

No. 1961340

File: 1706742534503.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1125x2186, B3ABF9E7-CE0A-4987-A582-FC4524…)

Potential cow? Don’t think they’ve been brought up before but might be wrong. Account is private at the moment but I’ve lost count of the times they’ve gone to ip or res yet never seeming to change weight up or down. Always writing in a way to suggest things are “really bad again” and “looking for a bed again” yet looking average consistently for years

No. 1961341

File: 1706742655272.jpeg (197.59 KB, 1125x811, 5823CAA5-2DC0-4887-AD48-F20754…)

Their bio also having “currently: relapsing” also is interesting for a “recovery account”

No. 1961345


annoys the fuck out of me the only diagnosis people seem to know here is bpd. you get bpd, he gets bpd, she gets bpd, we all get bpd…

No. 1961356

Oh you can have a bunch of other fun ones too. Personality disorders are basically buy one, get two free. But they don't always actually tell you what you're diagnosed with.

No. 1961377

nope. checked her page still looks the same. chublord.

No. 1961381

File: 1706754627068.png (1.95 MB, 828x1792, IMG_6221.png)

She always post pictures of her sucking in her cheeks trying to look sick when she’s above average(bonerattling)

No. 1961386

What happened to Stefania she’s been Mia recently(spoonfeeding request, unsaged)

No. 1961394

Any decent milky uk cows around? They all seem to be American or Australian now-not like 5 or 6 years when most were english

No. 1961407

Nope I think it’s just angles and the way she manipulated her jawline

No. 1961408

It’s only in this video. In all her other ones she looks the same as always

No. 1961411

She’s trying to fake her own death like Rachel kek.

No. 1961449

No. 1961450

It's great to seeing her looking better and she seems quite different in a good way but how do ED thoughts just magically disappear after what, 2 months in recovery? Seems sus

No. 1961454

She’s so fucking boring. There’s just absolutely nothing to her but fake enthusiasm and narcissism.

No. 1961460

The milk is where ….

No. 1961467


No. 1961487

For those who don’t want to waste 15 minutes: she begins the video claiming to be healed of all eating disordered thoughts and behaviors, says she can eat whatever she wants now, and is trying to find herself after basing her life around mental illness for so long. After that she shows us her having breakfast, a snack, lunch, dinner. Some shots of the dog, shots of scenery outside, shots of her outfit and her babysitting at the neighbors house. Extremely boring and pointless video but if she’s really recovered then good for her I guess

No. 1961513


No. 1961517

ah yes, an extremely recovered breakfast of frozen fruit, almond milk, fresh fruit, and then a little bit of honey, nuts, and almond butter. Somehow I doubt that she's really suddenly so free with food and eating whatever she wants.

No. 1961526

Would rather watch this than Fi crying over her slop and chocolate bowls with special teaspoons and protein bar reviews for years on end.

No. 1961539

Ok? I’d rather watch this than ISIS beheading videos. Doesn’t make it good.

No. 1961558

nonnie that’s just called a healthy breakfast kek not everyone who has recovered has to 12 slices of toast loaded with nutella

No. 1961559

File: 1706815547220.png (83.8 KB, 601x576, Screenshot 2024-02-01 192600.p…)

May is in hospital… and apparently the 'highest priority patient'.

No. 1961575

fr I second this

No. 1961579

Like hell she was. She spent a further 12 hours in A&E before a bed was found for her, and she's done nothing but complain since the decision was made to admit. Seemingly they cannot do right for doing wrong. Much like every service she's been attention seeking from since Friday(learn2sage)

No. 1961583

At least those ISIS guys don't squeeze in some obvious bodychecks they call "little outfit of the day".

No. 1961587

She makes me so irrationally angry. Why is she in hospital? She’s not even thin. She’s taking up someone else’s bed that could actually use it and not complain the entire time

No. 1961601

File: 1706823835877.jpeg (1.32 MB, 1102x1958, IMG_6707.jpeg)

Fi once again proving that her ability to manipulate healthcare professionals knows no bounds. Not sure who in their right mind would agree to not weighing her in that state, unless it’s because they’ve given up. Also the fact she’s speaking at a big ED conference soon is laughable.

No. 1961603

No one told her she’s the “highest priority patient,” doctors don’t say that kind of thing to patients especially ED patients who are naturally competitive and also relatively healthy like May is. It’s such an ana larper/exaggerator and munchie trait to brag like this about being the sickest patient. And if you’re conscious, and especially if you are able to type out a long-ass post on IG, you’re automatically far from being so.

No. 1961604

What’s the point of having a private IG to stop the haters when you run to your public X to make sure everyone knows you finally talked yourself into a hospital admission. And she will be constantly complaining about the care she is getting and how it isn’t good enough for her special situation from here until they get fed up and boot her out.

No. 1961605

She stopped eating for a few days. You don’t have to be thin to have really fucked up your body over a long period of time, but she didn’t do that. She just purposely fucked with her body for a week or two so she could finally get the admission she was after and feel valid kek. So Embarrassing.

No. 1961606

the thing that drives me really nuts about May is her constant insistence that everything about her and her circumstances is so special and individual and totally different. And her refusal to ever admit that maybe her GI symptoms, orthostatic hypotension, etc, are caused by her eating disorder and aren't separate diagnoses that she needs.

No. 1961612

Kinda reminds me of Han in the sense that they’re both “so unique” that regular treatment just doesn’t apply to them. Han has posted before that she can’t go to therapy bc normal treatment doesn’t work for her and her autism. She’s not the only autistic person who has sought out therapy. Same as May. The “oh no, I’m too unique and different” mindset is more damaging than anything they’re doing to their bodies

No. 1961613

imagine actually being sick and in need of a hospital bed and may is sitting there larping on and complaining how her care isn’t good enough. people die because the care isn’t good enough, and it’s people like her who take away services and help from others who could actually benefit from it. and her claims of anorexia not being a rich white girl starving themselves? that’s exactly what she is

No. 1961614

File: 1706826859979.jpeg (541.9 KB, 1170x2054, IMG_3922.jpeg)

Cannot tell me this girl doesn’t just crave attention from her forehead fuckery. How come these cows hate their appearance and yet always post selfies?

No. 1961615

May is a massive pain in the arse. She's gonna end up taking a place over in the cluster B thread as this is solid EUPD behaviour. What kind of person with anorexia willingly goes to an out of hours GP then A&E after not eating for a day or two? Nonsense.

No. 1961618

tbf, I get the vibe that May might have been raised by a single parent and that her family doesn't have a lot of money

No. 1961619

Her dad died when she was in her teens iirc. The family clearly has/had money. Have you seen the house she lives in in London?? Looks massive.

No. 1961620

oh, is the mom always asking for rent then just because she's tired of May being a NEET? May really makes it seem like their family is barely getting by with her discussion of paying her mother for the room, her mother taking away her electric blanket because it was too expensive to run, getting mad about food waste, stuff like that. I guess I was gullible.

No. 1961622

Absolutely. Her "Communication Passport" is the most hysterically funny thing I've ever read. She's swallowed the disability communities "nothing about me, without me" and taken it to the extreme. She's basically demanding that no discussions are had about her care without her being present. Which on a busy medical ward is frankly unreasonable.

No. 1961624

Think her mum is just sick of her shit and feels that as a 26 year old woman with a job, May should be contributing to the household. Energy prices are crazy and electric blankets are a fire hazard if left on overnight/not used correctly. Her mum probably just doesn't want her burning the house down. Don't be fooled nonnie. May is manipulative.

No. 1961627

how do you know this? i don’t recall this

No. 1961628

Oh fuck off. You're not even skinny.

No. 1961630

Can't remember exactly but she's definitely mentioned it on social media before

No. 1961632

She’s 28 according to her notebook. Even worse. She keeps tabs on this website so is probably reading this as we post. shes already in a&e so nothing can happen except she may complain more

No. 1961633

she's up on a ward now, so I'm sure she's having a major meltdown at a nurse about being bullied

No. 1961634

has she posted any body pics recently? for the amount she’s larping, the least she can do is humour us

No. 1961635

Imagine putting this all on your public Twitter. I never thought she was stupid before, but I'm starting to reconsider.

No. 1961636

Same. Acts like she's dying and she's not even thin. It's pathetic and I can't believe all the people that fall for crap like hers. There are not many actual anorexics anymore kek.

No. 1961637

File: 1706827983186.jpeg (219.71 KB, 828x1325, 20B68645-DA7E-42B7-9782-E4137E…)

Aw poor targeted May

No. 1961638

imagine thinking that people not liking you should be a criminal offense

No. 1961640

File: 1706828279926.jpeg (199.53 KB, 828x1289, F2807C10-FC00-4C5E-B447-5C7165…)

Imagine thinking you’re at high risk of refeeding syndrome as well. Everything with May is to the extreme. High priority patient, high risk of refeeding, worst ED ever but doesn’t have the BMI to prove it

No. 1961641

It's behaviour like May's that should be a criminal offence. And it's just going to escalate and escalate now she has been admitted. What a nightmare being on shift with her in!

No. 1961643

I am ashamed to admit I actually felt bad on the last thread when people were posting her new IG she was trying hard to keep private. Not knowing she had a PUBLIC fucking Twitter she was posting this nonsense on.

No. 1961645

Na. She doesn't wanna ruin the false impression that she's a skelly waif so seems to be a shortage of body pics.

No. 1961646

You don’t get RFS from not eating for a few days. Kek. It’s actually incredibly rare even among actual anorexics

No. 1961647

both the internet and well meaning but not very knowledgable clinicians really fucked up the understanding of refeeding syndrome in the eating disorder patient community. A lot of people seem to use it to mean 'any negative symptoms that you experience while starting to eat again' rather than what it actually is - a sudden deadly shift in electrolytes/phosphorous that will put you in the ICU and kill you if not treated immediately and correctly.

No. 1961649

Well maybe they'll do what Enara's 'teams' did and kick her out of everything. Then she'll magically get better like Enara, probably.

No. 1961652

File: 1706829269803.jpg (1.62 MB, 4096x4096, 1000021515.jpg)

May posted these on her story earlier today and looks the same as always (shocker).

No. 1961653

Not outside the realms of possibility in terms of the ED service she's under. From her twitter, they've firmly had enough of her antics. And no fucking wonder. A nightmare patient.

No. 1961654

she's clearly underweight even though she's not death spoop tier, so honestly she could probably get more help from her team that already exists if she'd just stop freaking the fuck out and lashing out at them and/or dropping out of treatment she's offered

No. 1961656

File: 1706829548752.jpg (1.1 MB, 4096x2862, 1000021514.jpg)

Meanwhile, Frances is still out here looking spoopy as ever. Absolutely insane to think that her outpatient team is fine with her maintaining at this weight?

No. 1961661

Her face looks bit grim with the sunken eyes but never paid her much attention so I don't know what she looks like usually. If she was actually skelly though you'd see all the tendons, bones and veins in her hands and wrist. And they'd probably be purple etc. She's barely showing anything enough for a proper body check but if you're actually a serious spoop, literally any body part is just bone and sinew.

No. 1961662

come on girl, it's so fucking humiliating for your life to be posting about wanting this site to be illegal or whatever, but then posting bodychecks to appease the anons who were discussing why you haven't posted them. get your shit together, the cringe is killing me.

No. 1961673

looks like she's getting tubed. funny she's got refeeding syndrome after claiming to not eat for 24 hours and just living off her 50+ fortisips or whatever

No. 1961676

her reckless spending on dumb stuff makes a lot more sense if the family isn't actually poor. I kept wondering why someone who was worrying about electricity and food scarcity kept buying and buying stuff.

No. 1961684

File: 1706834603988.png (377.79 KB, 478x666, Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 6.43…)

The anorexic baby factory is simultaneously claiming that everything is going really well and the baby is growing well and admitting that her doctors are aiming for her to hold off on a premature delivery until 34 weeks which is still really fucking early even with advances in care for premature babies. It's really, really gross that she keeps conceiving when she's not willing to eat enough while pregnant to take care of the kid.

No. 1961693

File: 1706837999099.jpeg (205.11 KB, 749x1143, 9EC3912D-9565-4934-974F-F5864F…)

So Lora is still in hospital and apparently has a boyfriend? She puzzles me. I remember her posting a couple of times about going on dates with some guy or other but she said ‘ready for my date with ____ ______’ and said his whole name. I thought that was weird and assumed from the way she wrote it that this guy was some celebrity or something that I hadn’t heard of and she got to meet him, otherwise why use someone’s whole name like that? But apparently it actually was a date, and a boyfriend. I think.

No. 1961695

File: 1706838291630.jpeg (177.3 KB, 749x1118, DC464F25-E8FA-4DB8-80B8-09E678…)

No. 1961697

File: 1706838572505.jpeg (278.62 KB, 743x1105, 27C61281-02F3-485B-A38C-C00521…)

Is that the same guy in the hospital photo? I can’t even tell. And she had another date that she fully named too. Nit-picky maybe but it just comes across as odd to me, I literally thought these were names of celebrities that people would know, because of how she worded it, and I just didn’t know them.

No. 1961702

That pedo bastard has the biggest hand I've ever seen

No. 1961704

But she's 60lb remember?! And she's an adult, she's 28.

No. 1961706

Samefag; though now you mention it I can't unsee it! I think she is just short and small but kek!

No. 1961709

Even though the spoops are adults, I definitely get a pedo flavor from men who start dating them while they're spoopy and child-like. I can understand sticking by someone that you fell in love with while they were more healthy, but there's something that feels really predatory about a lot of these relationships. So I can understand why anon called him a pedo even though he isn't literally.

No. 1961712

I do see what you mean. Looks aren't everything, and all that, but are these guys actually attracted physically to someone deathly skeletal? Because that's not right. Will they still like them if they become healthy?
Hannah McKee got a bf and got married whilst still being very underweight. I don't think she's recovered much, although she doesn't post about ed stuff now.

No. 1961714

yeah, it's the implied desire for a power differential that creeps me out. Obviously someone skeletal is physically impaired, but they're also cognitively impaired to some degree which is going to make them easier to control in general and probably more willing to go along with whatever the healthy partner wants. And they're typically already pretty socially isolated.

No. 1961718

I wonder if her boyfriend being obese triggers her ED..

No. 1961722

Is she bulimic? Her cheeks are super puffy.

No. 1961732

Go look at her TikTok - one of the latest shows she’s filled out in her face and gained a fair bit of weight,(this is an imageboard)

No. 1961777

The last thread discussed this. She’s on steroids or something

No. 1961778

File: 1706861803834.jpeg (197.62 KB, 729x1792, 3C6A9593-FC56-4943-86A0-C17640…)

Niamh: I no longer associate myself with my ED identity, life beyond mental illness, blah blah
Also Niamh: posts comparison videos

No. 1961780

Well, she aged fast just like her milk.

No. 1961783

no this is an imageboard

No. 1961795

File: 1706868419745.jpeg (1.52 MB, 1462x1295, IMG_3178.jpeg)

They let her out yesterday to go to a fucking supermarket kek, yeah they really must be worried about her suddenly dropping dead from her ~severe~ malnutrition. I’ve never seen a more blatant attempt to get tubed in my life. Her X and tellonym are a goldmine.

No. 1961798

File: 1706869337432.jpeg (438.08 KB, 1011x1307, IMG_6426.jpeg)

samefag, sorry these are out of order as I just quickly grabbed them, but these are from a few days ago and it looks like before this admission she had already been to A&E a day or two before, threw a hissy fit, then almost immediately WENT BACK.
I honestly think she has some sort of reverse dysmorphia. I’ve never seen an anorexic so desperate for treatment, especially something like NG which is entirely inappropriate to her risk level. Unhinged behaviour.

No. 1961799

File: 1706869521900.jpeg (316.74 KB, 1198x1687, IMG_6427.jpeg)

also some tells. Ok, I’ll shush now

No. 1961803

File: 1706870158264.jpg (1.84 MB, 4096x3893, 1000021542.jpg)

In other news and events, May is throwing yet another temper tantrum in her IG stories. Hard to believe that she's almost 30 years old when she acts like a literal preschooler on the internet, kek

No. 1961805

>”I deliberately don’t post body pics because I don’t want to perpetuate this false idea that eating disorders have a certain look”
Why does this read like she’s saying she looks like a stereotypical spoop. She’s mildly underweight, absolutely would not clock her as having an ED if she was some rando on the street. I won’t even mention the straining to get the faintest peep of collarbone….

No. 1961806

Positive teddy bear sign = confirmed munchie

No. 1961814

File: 1706874136246.png (2.32 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3944.png)

I can’t with these “updates” from gem lmao. She tries so hard to look sooper sick and frail but instead looks like some kind of cursed furby. She’s also deleted her recent hospital larp posts… maybe she realised how embarrassing it is

No. 1961816

Absolutely ridiculous. She ‘feels like a malingerer’….Because she is! Yea, no actual anorexic would demand treatment like that.

No. 1961818

Exactly, May: it’s really hard to get a bed in the UK for psych reasons. That’s why you had to malinger so hard, and why you went for general instead of psych: they would have seen through you and they even refused to see you. And you’re taking that bed from someone who needs it.

No. 1961821

Does it bother you that much? Thats a very harsh comparison.

No. 1961822

‘Highest priority’ and so dangerously frail and close to death that they let her out of hospital to go food shopping! I have never seen people let out of hospital once they’re in there tbh. I don’t know what kind of hospitals these cows are frequenting. I hope they don’t let her back in kek.

No. 1961828

Tbh I once saw irl a (probably) anorexic girl grocery shopping (or at least going around in the store and reading food labels like she was in a museum) with a tube in her nose lol it was weird

No. 1961829

Reposting this about aimzee as I put it on the old thread before I realised this was here

I don't understand what this girls deal is, she's been in hospital for so long seemingly confined to one room and unable to walk but she looks a healthy weight?! If she's physically okay then why is she still in this situation?

No. 1961836

File: 1706878342960.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1170x1887, IMG_6438.jpeg)

>be may
>make huge deal over ‘needing’ new private instagram
>only for people I tRuSt!!1!
>post shit like this to public x account
>muH haTurzzz

No. 1961859

she’s absolutely fucking insufferable. how is her care any different than other people with EDs? she’s not so different and unique that nothing works for her. treatment resistant eating disorders are treatment resistant because the person refuses to put in the work to actually recover. there’s no two ways about it. may needs to grow the fuck up and accept responsibility for her own actions and recovery instead of blaming every health care professional she comes into contact with

No. 1961861

there’s definitely some resentment of how she couldn’t hack med school festering in there. lecturing the nurses about using the wrong guidelines is nutso

No. 1961863

File: 1706888143835.jpg (244.94 KB, 1080x2400, 422157141_7308530782537100_728…)

I swear she's only getting most of what she has, because she kicks off/ threatens to contact PALS etc when she doesn't get what she wants.

She has, as expected, done nothing but moan about her care whilst in hospital for the past 24hrs. IIRC, she's on a private prescription for her ADHD meds, so they are doing her a massive favour prescribing these at all.

No. 1961866

I don't understand why people here are acting like shes faking when she clearly looks underweight? Am I missing something?

No. 1961870

She is definitely underweight, but is far from what she makes out she is. Remember that she's also like 5 feet tall. She has been offered plenty of support and appropriate treatment from her local ED service, but she is just desperate for an NG and an hospital admission. She literally went hospital shopping for it and then has spent the entire time whinging and complaining. Ridiculous behaviour.

No. 1961871

she might be somewhat underweight but she acts like she is the most severe anorexic ever, I guess bjelcat with her bmi 8 in the intensive care doesn't get as much attention as she wants

No. 1961877

May isn't faking, she's just being an attention-seeking difficult retard towards everyone who tries to help her. She's been offered and rejected day patient, a couple different outpatient therapies, and insists that anyone who treats her does it 'wrong'. At her last A&E trip, she got a glucose drip and then left after it ended because she was mad about having to wait a while for staff to recheck her levels and see if she needed another drip or what. And then complained at length about how dangerous it was that they didn't do anything after the first drip when she left fucking A&E because she was too impatient to wait her turn for attention.

No. 1961879

adhd meds making her ‘buzzing’ shes abusing them thats not their purpose should slow and calm u down when ur adhd it doesnt feel like ‘speed’ fuckfaces like her cause meds shortages

No. 1961887

Omg nonnie that was my thought also. ADHD meds have the opposite affect a stimulant would have on a NT person. Therefore it shouldn’t send her buzzing but the complete fucking opposite. What use would a medication that sent people ‘buzzing’ have on someone who has a brain that is constantly buzzing? For someone who harps on a lot about her medical/educational background she tends to slip up quite a lot with the basically knowledge kek.

No. 1961890

ayrt exactly and the way she talks about them makes it obvs calling it speed and laughing emoji bullshit shes obvs not living with the mental agony adhd causes u feel cracked out on em and a buzz gotta feeling its to fuel her ana larp so she can do her 24hr fasts and arrive at a&e on deaths door each week

No. 1961904

i really think May needs to be banished to the other thread at this point

No. 1961908

That’ll sting, being lumped in with the fat ED LARPers……oh well!

No. 1961909

File: 1706895780725.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x2142, IMG_0589.jpeg)

Why do anachans want to look like children so bad?
@sailorminimegan aka “Meganthevegan” on Reddit

She makes a bunch of posts and comments on the edrecoverysnark Reddit while being prisms herself

No. 1961912

File: 1706896039530.jpeg (447.53 KB, 828x1409, 67DD6A5E-0AB8-40C2-A787-CB6DB7…)

Of course it had to be something terrifying that happened to her. It couldn’t have been just scary, oh noooo, that’s too simple and normal. Someone message her and find out what it was for the lols

No. 1961913

File: 1706896060937.jpeg (654.44 KB, 2048x2048, 950901AC-BBA5-435A-92C6-0184F7…)

No. 1961914

there is a seperate thread for fat larpers? whats the link?

No. 1961916

she fainted.. that’s the scary

………. and then was allowed back out to go shopping again this afternoon. yu couldnt make this shit up

No. 1961917


No. 1961919

“oh no, i didn’t eat for a day and fainted!” she’s such a warrior to go through such a terrifying ordeal. someone give her more attention and asspats. literally all that happens if you faint in hospital is you get brought back to your bed and your vitals taken. the staff probably see it 10 times a shift. she needs to get the fuck over herself. she’s had countless treatment opportunities and she’s either turned them down or dropped out of them. now she’s finally in hospital where they’ll probably tube her and she’ll feel like an accomplished anorexic despite being only mildly underweight

No. 1961921

hi, i used to be quite good friends with aimee until i stopped associating with her due to her being completely insufferable. basically she is still in a wheelchair because (she says) she has headbanged so much that she has developed FND and faints randomly. however i think she just likes the attention.

her being in hospital so long is her leaving treatment/forced to leave on cto due to not wanting to recover, relapsing and then being resectioned. it’s been going on for years

i was talking to someone else not long ago who also knew her and both of us are convinced she’s just obsessed with the attention. she likes being sick and people feeling sorry for her.

if you think what she posts on insta is bad, you want to see her private snap story. it’s embarassing(this is an imageboard/blogposting)

No. 1961922

Do share sometime. You could take pictures from another device

No. 1961923

people in these threads are mentally ill

No. 1961924

Thank you for this, I find it so interesting how she's managed to remain in this situation and recieving so much help..she definitely seems to live on the attention but her life genuinely looks so sad and pathetic

No. 1961942

File: 1706903461677.jpeg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024, IMG_4379.jpeg)

Hiya all. May here. I know you know I can read these posts as I have been alerted to your intense conversation about me which is bordering on obsessive. Some of you were stupid enough to post SS from my close friends list which I have about 20 people on, so hardly difficult to figure out who you are. I’m not going to plead with you to stop posting me as I acknowledge it’s futile, so instead I’ll leave you with a pic of my obese body, as I know you like debating my BMI and how fat I am etc. so go ahead, because I already know I look healthy and ‘fine’. I urge you to please leave the medical conversations and judgements to my doctors and stop pretending to know my full situation when you don’t. Just please don’t talk about my friends or anyone else who may not have as thick a skin as I do. Through 16 years of being bullied by anorexia, I can take a few online trolls. Peace out.(selfposting cringe)

No. 1961943

I posted about her a few threads back, either 105 or 106. She makes some of the foulest meals…on a FVG level. Horrifying. Many of them include hot lettuce and aquafaba (sp?) “fluff” alongside Walden Farms slop.

No. 1961946

Yikes(sage your shit)

No. 1961948

I love how she somehow just magically knew to sage this kek. Reeks of all of the past posts that are supposed to be ‘about her’ actually being authored by her.

No. 1961949

God anorexia really makes women look so fucking troony. What is up with the top of her head being oval shaped and then the lower half being entirely square like it’s a lego head? What made her think this was a good photo to post on here kek?

No. 1961950

topkek this is genuinely one of the most pathetic things I’ve seen ITT. I thought you were busy dying of severe critical extreme terminal anorexia? If you’re here to prove how dEaThLy ~sick~ and ~skinni~ you are, maybe don’t use this photo, you look relatively alright despite sucking in so hard you can see the effort in your face. I dunno, just a suggestion.

No. 1961951

Well yeah. Social media apps like instagram and snapchat actually are generous enough to make it very easy to narrow down who did because whenever someone screenshots your story it shows you that they did? Why are you posting some message to lolcow that you could’ve sent directly to the person who screenshotted your images? Oh yeah, bcuz attention!!! Kekkk

No. 1961952

I have such a second-hand embarassment it's not even funny. Please May get off the internet/social media for your own good.

No. 1961955

I love how this post was made and then she just immediately appeared kek…it’s a miracle! She totally isn’t samefagging at all!! Just talking about her summons her!!

No. 1961957

love how u put a photo in attempts to seem so severely ill but all you have done is prove ur utter normalcy and larping kek

No. 1961958

that post wasn't even about May…

No. 1961960

Stop bonerattling ffs

No. 1961961

>bordering on obsessive
Uh the last time she was brought up ITT was yesterday, and before then no one brought her up for almost a month? What kek

No. 1961962

nta but thats not bonerattling at all,2 she looks completely normal and posting a selfie to prove how sick and tinie she is doesn't really work because she looks like the average woman. Calling out retarded women who love LARPing that they have anorexia for the purpose of online attention is exactly what this website exists for, anon. Making fun of cows.

No. 1961963

She wasn’t blessed in the looks department to begin with so I guess it exaggerates that a bit? She’d look truly horrifying if she ever reached spoop tier but luckily for everyone’s eyes she runs to hospital at a BMI of “eh, thin but basically fine”

No. 1961964

She's clearly underweight. You're talking nonsense. The average healthy adult woman does not look like this

No. 1961965

Do y'all not just consider unfollwing the people who annoy you so much? Genuine question it's a bit weird to be this obsessed with internet randos

No. 1961966

nta, but that photo is also clearly shooped. She’s thin. Unhealthily thin, even. But, she’s not this deathspoop she thinks she is.

No. 1961967

underweight ≠ deadly thin kek. I've been underweight my whole life (I'm not an anachan) but that doesn't mean shes a total spoop kekk

No. 1961968

I don't think anyone here follows or gives positive engagement to the aforementioned cows on this website. If you choose to have public social media, you are consenting to allow other people to see your idiocy. If you don't want anyone to comment on it or make fun of it, then you don't need to broadcast yourself for attention. If you're allows to post with reckless abandon, we will be allowed to cringe and laugh as heartily as we please kek.

No. 1961969

ayrt, mistake, was replying to May oops. >>1961960
not bone rattling nonnie. She is clearly not a sloop like she claims kek just bc she’s not 70kg doesn’t mean she is a sloop

No. 1961970

Also hiding part of her right arm behind her torso to make it look smaller. The shoop fail is just the icing on the (reFeEdiNg portion crumb of) cake

No. 1961971

ayrt but have you ever gone to a yoga class or a spin class? Have you ever gone to the pool? Or do you think all the women in the world are either obese or have the instagram influencer curves?

No. 1961972

samefag holy fuck spoop not sloop mb kek retarded fingers 2day(delete and repost next time)

No. 1961974

Okay you’re thin and a bit underweight. Does that make you feel more validated? What did you wish to gain from this, despite letting us know you read all the posts and also know how to sage??

No. 1961976

jesus fucking hell. the big broad shoulders and bobble head. I would think she was a troon if she didn't have gynecomastia.

No. 1961982

We weren't even talking about you may lol, no one cares about you

No. 1961987

You ever notice how all the May’s seem to self-post? And then come on and cry about it? There was that one that got off to her Bulimia. Now this one.

No one gives a shit about them. Must kill them.

No. 1961989

File: 1706910692952.jpeg (248.69 KB, 828x1315, BA816F7F-448D-41AB-B7AF-A008EE…)

she’s scared for her life now guys

No. 1961998

911 just stopped existing thats why she needs to use twitter!

No. 1962004

sorry for spoonfeed request but as a nonna with -10 skill in recognizing photoshop, can you point out some artifacts?

No. 1962016

File: 1706917546945.jpeg (988.27 KB, 1087x1899, IMG_1548.jpeg)

this was 1 week ago today. (friday 26th jan). she’s far from skinny (not rattling, she’s not fat. just short and stumpy)

No. 1962024

not a blog but I look the same and I’m at a healthy weight kek how is this death tier to may ?

No. 1962031


it worries me to no end she thinks she'll be a good nurse

No. 1962033

maybe she should ask a doctor in the hospital that she's currently admitted to, kek

No. 1962046

File: 1706921923428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,505.8 KB, 714x861, IMG_8385.jpeg)


It’s okay nona! The main shop that was glaringly obvious were her shoulders and elbows. She brought her waist in, so her elbows are stretched weird. Not meaning to blog, but her and I have a similar body type, and her shoulders look a little too sharp, if you get what I mean.

Again, she’s thin, probably unhealthy (she looks short though, so probably fine), but definitely not deathspoop level. She tried to shop a body type she is not.

Spoiler for non-milk, just showing where I see shoop.

No. 1962058

Not trying to wk but I don’t think it’s shopped. Hospitals have mirrors that are just reflective metal rather than glass, so it probably warps her body a little. I think her body type is also massive broad shoulders with weird oblong head. She’s also sucking in and positioning her arm behind her a bit so it appears thinner. Yeah, she’s underweight but not overly. She didn’t get the response she’d hoped for by posting this body check after saying yesterday she absolutely wasn’t going to perpetuate the idea that eating disorders are based on weight. End of story is she’s a whining brat who needs to shut the fuck up and accept the treatment and help she’s been given

No. 1962060

different anon, I also think she's just standing weirdly and posing to try to look thinner but hasn't photoshopped anything.

No. 1962074

arms touch body, average not a spoop.

No. 1962076

this selfie is literally just May posting bait so she can cry about being persecuted, sin't it? she literally did not need to post herself shirtless here.

No. 1962108

File: 1706935415820.png (1.16 MB, 853x1288, Screenshots_2024-02-02-23-44-5…)

No. 1962115

File: 1706938557053.jpg (Spoiler Image,299.25 KB, 1080x1637, GracetikTok.jpg)

Spotted. A new potential cow?(not milk, sage your shit)

No. 1962117

what's the milk? you'd have to say more than just "I found an underweight girl posting a picture of herself on the internet"

No. 1962140

Spoopy. Obsessed with the angles, takes a bite of ice cream & claims recovery(sage your shit)

No. 1962153

checked profile, no milk kek she’s just another going down the ana to orthorexia pipeline. grace is this you posting ?

No. 1962161

Not skinny enough to be classified as anorexic therefore boring. lets be real like 40% of female teens look this skinny naturally because of their metabolism. No I am not pro ana I am just annoyed at the lack of milky 'cows' people are posting lately.

No. 1962162

File: 1706954978448.jpeg (636.8 KB, 828x1378, A19F4585-C623-4A32-A655-B9F860…)

Shes probably caught covid from being in the hospital. Big deal. The “my white blood cells are usually low due to AN” is so fucking cringe and attention seeking. “Look how sick I am wah wah wah.” Maybe your medical care is being withdrawn because you don’t need to be there?? Wow shocker. So unethical and wrong. Poor ana warrior so close to death yet being allowed to leave the hospital to go on shopping trips

No. 1962163

kek that she lets it slip at the end that she's pissing them off with her behavior and probably continuing to badger anyone who doesn't do exactly what she wants

No. 1962164

uninteresting but that camel toe why

No. 1962166

Nta but it’s not really bone rattling, she looks thin but nothing that a couple weeks of eating normally wouldn’t get her back to looking normal skinny. She’s posting this to be all shocking and to make us gasp in horror at how much of a spoop she is but she just isn’t, she just looks a little underweight. I’m a normal weight and don’t and have never had an ED and I looked like that after a week and a half of a really bad flu, she’s fine she’s just dramatic kek

No. 1962167


No. 1962179

This proves nothing kek

No. 1962199

its probably not. it's just a weird photo because she hides her arm behind her back to make it look thinner

No. 1962207

I don't understand why people with ed eat chocolate/cookies etc with their breakfast (Fi does this like every day), i once tried oatmeal with nutella and..no.(sage your blogposting)

No. 1962215

File: 1706977846232.jpeg (240.24 KB, 1314x322, IMG_3180.jpeg)

Not that anon but it looks shooped to me too, something about the shoulders (especially her right) is off particularly when you zoom in. Either way it doesn’t really matter though, nonna here >>1962166 is spot on.
I don’t understand why she’s still in there - and now she’s complaining about them not checking for fucking sepsis, of all things. So obnoxious I literally cannot, and to think she thought she could make it in medicine…even nursing, the thought of this unstable ma(y)bel looking after vulnerable kids is chilling. There’s a sliver of self-awareness in picrel but I imagine she’s only parroting what others here have said, if she actually believed it she’d have already chosen to fuck off home (no grounds to section her)

No. 1962225

Not an important matter so sage that shit.

No. 1962231

So don’t take it at 8? You’re allowed to refuse. Or, save the 8pm for the next afternoon and dose yourself. It’s not rocket science.

No. 1962232

Rattle rattle.

No. 1962233

Kek scares about who is reading her public Twitter,

No. 1962234

unsure on the logistics but possibly can’t, if it’s a CD / controlled drug it has to be taken on the spot cause they sign it out specially

No. 1962236

may you literally larped and begged and threatened your way to this bed. stfu and quit complaining

No. 1962238

No one watches that closely, especially not on general. If she truly didn’t want to be buzzin, she wouldn’t be. And as other anon said, if your adhd meds is making you buzz, you are on the wrong med anyways so she should just refuse it. She just wants another thing to complain about.

No. 1962239

She thinks she has sepsis kek. It’s always difficult to decipher if she’s a hypochondriac or just wishing she could munch her way into a serious illness that will feed her BPD need for attention . I vote to move her to the BPD thread. Her “anorexia” is driven solely by her desire for attention.

No. 1962240

>I vote to move her to the BPD thread. Her “anorexia” is driven solely by her desire for attention.
Agreed (plus that thread is dry af atm)

No. 1962244

Goodbye from this thread May the larper

No. 1962247

not spoopy at all. The posing is obvious as the legs and torso look completely normal aside from the forced gap.

No. 1962277

File: 1706995260285.png (4.62 MB, 828x1792, C15FA4B0-28AD-4595-816D-2A0404…)

Jesus Christ, Marie/Florine/whatever her name actually is looks terrible. Seemingly her new love isn’t helping her recover and neither is her go fund me. She’s currently raised $600 out of her $5000 target. Yet didn’t she said her amazing at-home treatment plan costs $2400 a day? So her fully funded go fund me will last two days??

No. 1962297

The one on the far right does have a job now, somehow. She basically lives in the Edinburgh hospital for retards though, so I'm surprised by that. I'm pretty sure it was her I saw working in a cafe anyways. She's fair ballooned in size right enough, her old username on insta was like @xthe_only_way_is_upx or something like that and she used to be anorexic. Never Abby level spoop but about 1/5th of her size currently. You can't convince me that Abby hasn't befriended her as fatspo. She's about 26 and was friendly with Morven when inpatient, her name is Grace now but it's changed since her eating disorder days?

Really? What's her edtwt @?

didn't look at the last thread until now so apologises for speaking about posts to the old one

No. 1962302

she looks haggard as fuck, like the life has been drained out of her. childbirth really is the glorified harboring of a parasite

No. 1962311

File: 1707003507748.jpeg (356.23 KB, 1290x1839, IMG_3937.jpeg)

I think Bjelcat (or@LIdontfckingcare) it's so gone she can't even reply a simple question. She looks like death and honesty, don't know if she will see 2025.

No. 1962313

Says you who can't form even one grammatically correct sentence.

No. 1962319


Go away, this isn't the correct grammar image board. You must be lost. She got one question and replied "yes", which didn't answer the question at all.

No. 1962321

if you can't see the humor in saying that someone else is "mentally gone" while writing like you're having a stroke, I don't know what to tell you. (different anon who also laughed at your post)

No. 1962329

Her name was Rebecca. Don’t want to say too much because we still talk but she’s my favourite disaster. I have so much I could spill on her but she’s too entertaining I don’t want to risk being potentially cut off

No. 1962333

File: 1707008337227.png (559.06 KB, 853x1033, Screenshots_2024-02-03-20-00-2…)

this comment on Abby's insta. i can't

No. 1962334

Isn't bjelcat some flavor of foreign though? Her english has always been a little odd, also i think she was just being obtuse on purpose because its a weird medical question.

No. 1962335

it's pretty common for people to just say 'yes' or 'no' to a question that isn't a 'yes or no' question if they just don't want to answer and want to be a little bit rude about it

No. 1962362

File: 1707013806560.png (323.71 KB, 477x645, Screen Shot 2024-02-03 at 8.31…)

Did Lyss get unbanned from Wegmans or this is a new bodychecking bathroom for her?

No. 1962368


Never expected grammar Nazis here lol

No. 1962371

she just has the face of someone who's about to fuck shit up in group therapy and try to make sure everyone is focused on her sob story of a life

No. 1962380

File: 1707018699768.jpeg (804.05 KB, 1408x1324, IMG_2301.jpeg)

Fi is back on yt

No. 1962414

File: 1707029756662.jpg (420.34 KB, 972x1998, 20240204_165513.jpg)

The OG people here will remember this one who was adament she had AN. It came up on a FYP but thought the caption was interesting to note that she admits she didnt have AN or atypical AN. Just binge eating and purging.(selfposting)

No. 1962416

her account is private, so it can't have just come up on a FYP

No. 1962419

fuck off faggot nobody is interestede in you(hi cow)

No. 1962431

Fuck off she was posted here a lot and used to be really lolz(infighting)

No. 1962435

Same, the stories I've heard are wild. She's a real self harmer, almost severed it off in hospital on a 1-1 and brandished the blade at staff. Kept doing it, in hospital (so she'd not die). Like to play on train tracks when she doesn't get her way. I know she lurks here. I've seen the pics of her self harm. I could probably go find them if anyone was interested enough. Swapped starving for cutting but by the looks of it could afford to swap back for a bit. I also know for a fact that she hands out her benzodiazepines(sp?) like candy, a friend of a friend stockpiled the supply over 2 months and successfully OD'd on it but the NHS still won't cut her off for abusing the medication. Probably because it's easier to just keep her fucked off her face, to be honest. Maybe abby hasn't befriended her just for fatspo but for free drugs as well.
Side note but what the fuck is abbys mother saying about this "friendship"? She's grown up in hospital and has now been taken under the bingo wing of a much older and more successful larper. Abbys never going to get better if her mum keeps allowing this bullshit in my opinion

No. 1962436

lmfao OBVIOUS self post. the "real OG people" know we haven't had georgia milk in ages because she went private and apparently nobody here was left as a follower. i guess she wants us to be proud and impressed she finally admitted what we already knew the whole time

No. 1962437

i mean..her mom clearly doesn't give a single shit about anything..the amount of videos Abby's posted just posing and acting deranged while her mom is in the background just watching her is truly bizarre.
and she almost severed what? is she much older than Abby? i didn't think she looked much older

No. 1962439

File: 1707039203484.jpg (Spoiler Image,225.1 KB, 1536x2048, 1000012723.jpg)

Her arm, sorry.
Also I've exaggerated a bit, and only have a photo of one incident. I've been told they got worse from here, and amputation was on the table after her 4th surgery and infusion, basically to stop her from doing it and wasting their time. Can't keep going in for surgery on your arm if you don't have one.

this is spoilered for a reason, open self harm

No. 1962440

Sorry for being dumb but what do you mean by living in hospital for retards?
I’ve heard about her handing out drugs too! And she was very abusive to her ex and treated her horrendously. She tries so hard to be the victim all the time but people are finally seeing through it thank fuck

No. 1962441

Imagine taking this photo? Like she’s showing off? Is she proud? Seriously wtf. Can’t believe she has a job. Please spill all other stories you have

No. 1962446

Why won't she use verbs?

No. 1962448

File: 1707041762296.jpg (163.81 KB, 956x1920, 1000012718.jpg)

Royal Edinburgh Hospital, everyone I know of that spends any length of time in there becomes revolving door on such heavy meds they may as well be lobotomised.
I know she ended up EMAILING her ex with her lovebombing to try and get her back but her ex just called the police kek
Yup…this was a selfie sent to the friend of a friend. I have a vendetta if I'm honest. The way she treats people is abhorrent. Deliberately triggering other people then telling them it's "not that serious" but getting admitted to hospital for a month after lying on traintracks when her mum said "soldiers can get over their PTSD, you just need to try harder". Only she gets to decide what is a justified reason to be upset, all of hers are good reasons but anything anyone else goes through such as going through withdrawals after getting cut off from HER benzo supply and becoming irritable and more easily triggered makes the other person "crazy and abusive and toxic" as if it wasn't her fault in the first place.
This is so rambly, that's why I'm not sure it's the best idea for me to write all the stories I know because they probably won't make sense. That was my first ever post on here so I was bricking it at getting the format right, too. Kek.
She said last year that supporting the red poppy appeal means you support genocide in Gaza when the poppy appeal was started for veterans of WWII and that anti-poppy campaign ended up assaulting volunteers. There was a news article about one of the assaults in Waverly Sation and I wouldn't be surprised if it was her to be honest

No. 1962449

Because she’s a freak

No. 1962450

why did she abandon her private instagram for a public twitter account? that makes no sense

No. 1962452

I followed her back when her account was beccaheals she once posted a pic of her shit in the toilet. She would go on about all this trauma she had but change up the story and people involved. She ending up splitting on her “best friend” and started telling everyone that her friend was lying about her past abuse and makes everything up. She’s disgusting. I’m glad she’s getting aired out on here

No. 1962454


I hope Abby distances herself from her. I understand that Abby can be a difficult patient but she also is self aware, she knows that inpatient makes her worse and actively avoids going into hospital rather than seeking out treatment. She is very aware of the impact of her BPD on her behaviour. She’s young and has the ability to put all of this behind her with time and effort, Grace sounds more problematic

No. 1962457

Kek do we know her "best friend"? What trauma does she claim to have and what trauma does she claim they were lying about? I know she claims to have been brought up in a sex cult but the case was dropped because she couldn't get her own story straight. She's so desperate to be the most ill in whatever way is the most attention grabbing at the time, a bit like Fiona in that sense.
What's her current social media? I want more of this one, even if it's in the BPD thread. I'm pretty sure I used to follow her, too.
Abby just turned 19, grace will be about 26 or 27 now if shes Morvens age. For normal people that's not too bad of an age gap but I'd say Abby still behaves + socialises at the level of a preteen because she's so socially stunted from hospital

No. 1962459

Her best friend was called Emma she was apparently in a pedophile ring as a kid and has been in and out of wards her whole life. Becca/Grace claimed to have found out she was lying and had faked going to court about the abuse? Unsure about the whole story as I never followed Emma.

No. 1962473

Jesus! This is like the Reddit thread that someone posted here a while back where people were practically amputating their legs in their bedrooms. Down to the bone. HOW? I have to think pictures like this are fake because what on earth would you use to do this? Some surgical instrument? A carpentry saw? How would you do it without blood everywhere, you’d have to sever arteries and nerves surely? And how could you do this to yourself without passing tf out? I have a hard time believing these kinds of things are real.

No. 1962478

File: 1707050867839.png (3.95 MB, 750x1334, 4C138927-26E8-4FFD-BDDD-676E87…)

If we’re tripping down memory lane, looks who’s back in hospital after spending most of last year in IP and a full 11 years straight in IP before that. Blames ‘reduction in care and resources.’ She’s definitely never getting that dog back.

No. 1962479

File: 1707051352026.jpeg (300.02 KB, 750x1057, 1A7D8B19-BE82-41DD-9B8D-7DA13D…)

She managed to be out and living ‘alone’ for maybe a couple of years but still had everything paid for by the government: housing, care assistants etc. She has had SO much. And she puzzles me. One of the few people who went the opposite way to most ie started off posting a lot about having DID and then recanted it all and said she doesn’t have it (but I’m sure she actually does).
From what I recall, she lived in the US as a child, claimed it was in some abusive cult and her main child alter told some graphic abuse stories. Never mentions parents and has a biological brother who is also in the UK but doesn’t seem to be fucked up like her.

No. 1962480

She has a lot of fat on her arm, she mainly cut through that+no major artery (or vein) runs there. but even if she cut an artery she could stop the bleeding by applying pressure.

No. 1962481

File: 1707051750462.jpeg (300.88 KB, 750x1051, FA202500-8670-4F64-9DAF-0A0E9C…)

She has literally had the most support any person I have ever come across. And it apparently was reduced since she was living alone after all those years straight in IP, but she still had a buttload of carers and therapy groups etc. She says she was even AT a group when they called an ambulance, which led to this situation.
She’s not an attention seeker in the same way as many of the cows but just the fact that she has had SO much and still somehow it isn’t enough and she keeps getting more, it just irks me. She has never worked afaik, never contributed a thing and never had to worry about paying rent or anything like that either. Looks like she never will.

No. 1962482

What could someone use to do that though?! I never understand the huge, deep cuts. I mean what could be sharper than a razor blade?! But a blade would just fall into a cut like the at a disappear anyway kek. Are these people hacking at themselves with a meat cleaver?! And the amount of force it would take to do that……….Maybe I’m a pussy but I just don’t get how it’s possible. Maybe if you have a lot of fat it’s easy to make a deep cut. That one picture in the Reddit thread where the girl’s thigh was cut to the bone and looked like a shark attack (just casually in her bedroom)……It’s hard for me to believe.
Sorry for referencing the Reddit post and not posting it btw but I don’t use Reddit and I have no idea how to find it. But it was wild.

No. 1962491

You’d be surprised at what these cows will do for attention. Need to keep outdoing themselves to get the shock factor in and be the sickest

No. 1962493

Somewhat out of left field but did Sally Campion ever feature in these threads? She was a personal friend but turned on me very hard (multiple times actually). DID, anorexia, bulimia (but the bulimia was an alter: SHE didn’t have bulimia herself, always made very clear), OCD. Compulsive liar and backstory of insane trauma that nobody else could possibly beat. Very manipulative and weaponised her child alters to guilt trip anyone who ever said something she didn’t like.
Kept reinventing herself as various things but now suddenly into horses: deep, deep into horses and actually owns one, despite saying for years that she was living ‘below the poverty line.’ Basically gets all the money for everything from her father but jumped from obsessed marathon runner (who faked her runs on her watch mostly), to jewellery maker, to artist who painted horses……To now suddenly knowing everything there is to know about horses and somehow owning one and paying for all that. Previously used to do GFMs to get treatment because the nhs won’t treat her. But seems to have reinvented herself as a horse person and doesn’t talk about mental illness anymore.
Sorry, long but just wondered:

No. 1962494

File: 1707054563161.jpg (Spoiler Image,97.57 KB, 956x1920, 1000012738.jpg)

Wilkinson sword classic style blades. It's very real. She holds her arm against her chest, looks away and swipes up and down non stop. Yes, she sent me a video. No, I don't have it. It was sent over snapchat like a year ago
This one is stitched, but still an ugly smug face on it.
You've got to remember this one takes bars and bars of xanax every day, she's prescribed so much of the stuff that she can use it as currency to buy friends. I imagine that helps her a lot.
Also, there was talk of discharge. Attention whores know no limits when their supply is about to be cut off (like swallowing shampoo bottle lids and socks, for example)

No. 1962495


No. 1962496

Wow. I guess being all drugged up would help. And having lots of fat

No. 1962497

File: 1707054973456.jpg (Spoiler Image,366.6 KB, 1065x1775, 1000012739.jpg)

Double post, sorry. She did sever tendons and required a cast on more than one occasion, I think she needed 6 specialist plastic surgeries and 2 blood transfusions last year. I'm still "friends" with her so pussyfooting around details, and trying to use pictures that she didn't send to me directly to throw off the scent a bit. I keep her as a friend to make me feel significantly better about myself and where I am in life and would genuinely be upset if she blocked me because she found out I hate her lol

No. 1962498

they are already sick, they want to be sicker, and there is a competition among them to be the sickest of all (for attention/pity/validation, because why other reason would anyone take photo of it and post it on social media). if that's your whole life and identity, it's not that hard I guess. also maybe they are drugged/drunk when they are doing it.

No. 1962499

Ngl it makes me feel inferior. But as someone said, the more fat you have, the deeper you can cut.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962500

But what kind of ‘friend’ sends you a video of herself doing that?

No. 1962503

File: 1707055570211.jpg (Spoiler Image,183.77 KB, 1536x2048, 1000012740.jpg)

open wound
Yes. She "didn't realise her arm was still in the frame" and was trying to reassure me she wasn't going to "take it too far this time". She did like a semester at uni so her supported accommodation leave her to cut to this level and stitch it up herself. It was 5 continuous and heavy handed stikes up and down with a Wilkinsons.
Later she posted on her Instagram of having frozen meat in a sock tied to her arm for her to cut instead of her arm - same technique as the real one but much faster, stronger and she had to look away

No. 1962505

Why? Life is shit and you might be a self harmer but at least you've not got a smug grin on your face after securing your 4th, 5th, 6th surgery and round of oramorph telling everyone how brave you are and how hard you're "trying to recover". Self harm doesn't have to look like this to be serious, or life threatening. There's nothing superior about being a fat junkie who has to mutilate itself to stay in the "hospital" (essentially a hotel for her at this point)

No. 1962507

My god she’s fucked. How did she manage going to uni if she’s always in hospital? How does her family cope? And why would her supported accommodation let her act like this? I thought they kicked people out for this behaviour

No. 1962510

True. Thank-you. I don’t actually want to do serious life limiting/disabling damage that means I can’t do stuff. It’s just crazy to see what some people do actually do.

No. 1962511

Speaking of fat, self mutilating junkies, how’s Ceylon doing these days? I lost access.

No. 1962512

The way it just opens that wide……. What’s that red bottle on the floor? KEK. And the scissors. I don’t think it was the scissors that did this.

No. 1962513

Was the meat thing to stop her cutting herself? Did it work? I don’t think that would stop someone self harming…….I can’t speak for everyone but surely most people do it either to feel the pain, and/or see blood, and/or shock or distract themselves from feeling something else or get out of dissociation, and/or to punish themselves.

No. 1962515

Her family cope by encouraging admissions. She's got a sister who'd been in for a few crisis admissions but still lives at home with her parents, meanwhile grace/Rebecca has always been shipped off to hospital/supported accommodation.
Uni happened years ago and like I said lasted about 6 weeks, if that. Supported accommodation haven't kicked her out because she's got nowhere else to go and it's better for our council to have her in supported accommodation than hospital. We have such a bed crisis here, patients being admitted to wards over an hour away because their closer one is full. Grace slept on a blow up mattress in an interview room at one point until the next wardround and they could kick someone else out. ("Discharge" them)
Here's where my vendetta comes in though, I've nearly lost my flatmate and best friend (graces old friend actually) to suicide recently and on all 3 occasions they were evaluated and left to their own devices being told they "have capacity" when it's quite clear to me at least that Grace has capacity too. She's incredibly selfish and I bet as soon as she sees / gets told about this thread she'll be back in for another surgery. Her ex girlfriend is an amputatee and I think it happened from organ failure after years of overdoses which is probably why she's not one of those ones

No. 1962517

What trauma does she claim to have?

No. 1962518

The bottle is isopropyl alcohol I think. Scissors are first aid scissors.
Yes it was meant as harm reduction but all it really did was give her a more ethical way to give a tutorial. She still had another surgery after that, plus her flat must reek with bits of frozen meat being flung all over the place. Grim wee thing she is

No. 1962520

Church pedo ring ran by her grandparents

No. 1962521

Ok I’m going share my favourite Grace story and if she figures out who I am so be it. When she was with her ex fiancé she would cheat on her all the time and belittled her on her instagram constantly. Anyway one time she cheated on her with her own sister. As in Grace had sex with her sister. They were both in their 20s I believe and she told people about it like it was hot gossip. Again she cheated often and I think like to brag about having sex? Anyway when people reacted in horror at the disgusting incest she suddenly flipped the story and said her sister raped her.

The police don’t get involved over one email. She continuously harassed her ex to the point of her needing to get the police involved. This girl is a whole other level of insane. Share all the stories please. I want to hear it all

No. 1962522

Can confirm. She sent me photos of her and her sister in the lingerie. Won't post because I don't know her sister but I will confirm this happened

No. 1962523

That’s so creepy that she took pics of it? Did not know that information. Fucking he’ll when you thought you’d heard it all

No. 1962524

File: 1707058462151.jpg (Spoiler Image,772.94 KB, 1080x1730, 1000012742.jpg)

No. 1962526

screenshot all you can from her accounts we know she’ll start mass deleting once she knows she’s being posted. This is the most fun I have had on lolcow in ages

No. 1962531

File: 1707059047472.jpg (18.2 KB, 800x800, 1183947451_max.jpg)

i mean people can have shit like this lying around home and these are pretty thin and razorblade like. not gonna go into details but with tools like this it's possible to do some mentally ill stuff.

No. 1962532

Yeah she's grim all round. She met Abby on a WLW dating app so I'm pretty sure they're more than friends and I'm grossed out picturing it…pretty sure it was posted on here actually. Abbys dating profile, it was Grace who found it.
Which circles me back round to if I ever have children, any adult women in her 20's as fucked as Grace who's trying to get in my mentally stunted daughters pants would be dead
Context is I don't have Instagram but my friend/graces old friend forwarded this to me so it's the most "proof" that's going to be posted unless anyone else was unfortunate enough to receive those lingerie shots and wants to post them.

I'm surprised my friend hasn't chimed in herself yet, I know she used to be a farmer on here

No. 1962534

>feels so dirty and slutty and triggered
>posts it on insta

lol post more of her please

No. 1962539

Do you want to know what’s really fucked up and funny. The time I’m talking about was years after this. Looks like her sister shagging was an ongoing thing?

No. 1962545

I'm so confused. I followed this girl for years when she was called Becca and I didn't know any of this fucked up stuff. I missed out!

No. 1962546

Agreed, the most milk in a long time. However, I think she belongs on the cluster b thread

No. 1962548

I agree. The tangent just ended up being here since that's where her face first appeared I think

No. 1962550

I don't think she has ever featured here, but I followed her years back when she was apparently an obsessive runner and doing the whole DID thing. She blocked me for calling out her shit though. She's a fucking crackpot of a woman!

No. 1962552

She’s mega manipulative were you close with her?

No. 1962558

Hang on are you saying she stitched this up herself?

No. 1962577

File: 1707066520893.jpeg (526.74 KB, 1170x2288, IMG_3924.jpeg)

Are we sure Abby and Grace met on a wlw dating app?

No. 1962608

File: 1707072715851.jpg (240.12 KB, 1080x2098, Screenshot_20240204_184449_Mes…)

No. 1962641

File: 1707076682076.jpeg (1.87 MB, 1284x2046, IMG_5439.jpeg)

The state of her fridge is grim. I wouldn’t want to either if this is where I kept my food.

No. 1962645

im far too much of a puss to open all those spoilers after hearing the descriptions. disgusting.(blog)

No. 1962648

If Grace found her profile that was posted here are you saying she’s a farmer? lol

No. 1962654

Real OG will remember the original crying Emily and Claire greaves.

No. 1962657

Claire did die you know?

No. 1962658

Yes- I always thought if they had taken her iPad off her when she was admitted she might still be alive - social media was really detrimental to her.

No. 1962659

Jesus, that’s original nourish tier. Guess we now know where the next pandemic’s coming from.

I just missed those two but I miss Porgie and Becky the dog, among others. They don’t make cows like they used to

No. 1962660

Social media definitely perpetuates the competition(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962663

Especially instagram.

No. 1962665

Anorexia (by internet)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1962678

She fucked her sister?!?!??!?!?! I’m sorry, What?!

No. 1962680

She really is. Sad thing was I liked her. But talk about walking on eggshells! She’d send me hours, literal hours, of WhatsApp voice messages every single day and it took forever to get through them and then reply. If I didn’t reply everyday because I was working, or one time I went on a night out and didn’t tell her, she went insane and said she thought I was dead and made me feel so bad. Any time I said one tiny thing wrong I was made to feel so bad because I’d upset her child alters apparently. She constantly was trying to get help from the nhs but, while they actually are shit, she is also extremely manipulative and wanted basically tube feeding at home and carers at home but only tube feeding for 3 days and then 2 days off so her alter with bulimia could b/p. Of course nobody would endorse this and she turned it into ‘they don’t understand DID’, when it was really ‘you can’t have Ed treatment and get days off to b/p!’ (AND the nhs is shit). She was really upset about how she couldn’t get help and others could and I understand that but when she had to go to hospital sometime for low K or self harm, I said isn’t that a good thing and a gateway into the help you need? And she’d go insane at me again for suggesting that…….But she tried for years to get help so………..I don’t get that.
Anyway now she’s an obsessed horse person and last time she kicked me out of her life she said she was getting rid of everything and everyone to do with mental health. She’s training to be an equine therapist apparently. If she’s as sick as she seemed to be for so long I have no idea how she can be anyone’s therapist. But if she manages it, good for her. I’d still be her friend if she didn’t keep turning on me. Idk why. Even anything I posted on my own social media she could throw a fit about and I could never predict what it would be: some meme, quote, funny animal video. She has a couple of friends she’s had her whole life who have no mental illness or any internet in it and I literally don’t know how these friendships work. They never seemed to comment or do anything when she was posting crazy suicidal stuff and sending hours of desperate messages to me (and others, recycling the same voice messages and sending them to a few different people). Then every few weeks it seemed she was kicked out of something or she ended a friendship: running clubs, horse stables, riding coaches, her neighbour who used to be a friend she saw everyday (she said the neighbour had bpd. Anyone she didn’t like, she said had bpd and she didn’t want them in her life), her GP (I think the GP lost her job for overprescribing to her and spending too much time with Sally, like hours every week in the last appointment of the day)……(multiple wall of text posts/blogposts)

No. 1962685

Yes then told people about it kek
She’s vile.

No. 1962695

Is it weird that all of this information on this random person complete with photo evidence is coming out of nowhere kek is this self post spam or an angry brigade storming in from a group chat or something

No. 1962703

idk but one of the anons said they were "friends" with her irl

No. 1962704

This new girl is a mixture of dustbinflowers, the DID faker that used to be posted here (her name escapes me) and enara all at the same time.
.>>1962703 and also said that a friend used to be a farmer who posted in this thread. They may have set up a way to introduce her to this thread. Either way it’s an interesting one but she feels more BPDcow level

No. 1962708

File: 1707098322417.jpeg (1.02 MB, 990x1843, IMG_8686.jpeg)

Anyone mentioned Shay yet? She has multiple platforms, but her main ones are on TikTok.

Main: shayrecovers
Spam (currently private): magamilf0

She gets admitted every couple of weeks & then each time pretends like she’s been trying so hard to hide her relapses.

She posts on her spam claiming to be embarrassed about the tube, yet she cannot STOP posting “fit checks” or “little dances” in which her tube is a feature.

It’s so painfully obvious she thrives off of whatever attention she can get, so it’s probably a mistake to even post this, I know she reads these sometimes.

Her sob story is basically high school cheerleader who forgot how to eat, leading to the end of her cheer career (of which she literally never shuts up about.)

In one post, she’s like “I’ve done it! I’ve finally began to understood recovery!” then, two hours later, “Yikes! Tubed yet again! I promise I’m trying, guys!”

She posts dance videos with her binge eating disorder friend Naya so that she looks smaller, but since her friend is borderline obese it’s really not that hard.

She forces the same faces and poses in every single TikTok to make sure we know how miserable she is.

Definitely not a LARPer, but she’s kind of rude to her followers, especially the ones that call her out on her shit.

Haven’t seen her here recently, was wondering if anyone else has been keeping up with her since she blew up in 2021.

No. 1962720

Looks like a basic cunt

No. 1962722

>definitely not a LARPer
Also looks like a self post

No. 1962726

> I know she reads these sometimes.
How do you know this?

No. 1962730

Clearly self-posting for attention or a vendetta-chan to me. Who saves years old photos of a “friend”’s self harm photos or pictures her sister in lingerie?

Why should we care? Post milk please.

No. 1962733

File: 1707104716520.jpeg (2.23 MB, 1284x2388, IMG_5091.jpeg)

fatu (ensurehater TikTok) has landed herself back in the hospital the anon who said she be back after leaving res on her own accord was so right

No. 1962736

A bit late but if she cross-posted these on a Facebook account, she may have tagged them which is why it'd show their full name. A lot of cross-posted ig/fb posts end up with weird looking captions like that.

No. 1962765

What proof would you like? It's really hard trying to find stuff to post without outing ourselves but farmhands can check we aren't all the same people complaining so there's multiple people with the same opinions

No. 1962766

File: 1707117713619.png (20.81 KB, 423x97, Screen Shot 2024-02-05 at 1.23…)

imagine the state of this commenter's fridge

No. 1962767

File: 1707118400907.jpg (362.43 KB, 1080x2107, 1000012772.jpg)

Yes. But a shit one. She sends her friends things she wants posted.
Then sends selective screenshots to cows like Zara to "out them" for "being farmers" when they only started using LC because Grace talks about it all the time. "I was posted on there years ago"
I don't think she was, I've gone back and read the archives and can't see it. She was just desperate to be spoopy and missing being able to see her feet when she looks down.
Fuck it, she's going to know who I am for sure but I've been summoned.
( I've been told by an IRL "I've been posted about on lolcow and could have shit myself. This definitely isn't what I thought they meant kek )
I'm fortunate that nobody posted my social media handles here because when I fell out with Grace, she sent screenshots of our chat all one sided to out me as a farmer, forgetting that I still have the other side of the chat. Since falling out with her I don't check the board, I was a fucking hot mess and really high all the time but someone's let me know there are other people with the same opinion as me and someone else even outing her incest. I got those pictures, too. Nothing graphic just her and her sister posing in undies. The story I got told was her sister had a sugardaddy who offered to buy them a dildo and pay them both £100 for Grace to "teach" her younger sister how to use it. My Snapchat account got permabanned last August and a bunch of our chats were on there.
But here…. Grace, why are you friends with Abby now? Isn't that the same agegap? Are you the creep?

No. 1962769

File: 1707119146722.png (602.07 KB, 1080x1080, 1000012776.png)

>people are weird af
Not related to the chat at all but in hindsight, true.
For context, she knew I knew how to post on here because when I visited her in hospital she'd give me updates and I remember telling her all giggly when I managed to post without fucking it up (sage, redditspace, hi cow etc) and she's just too scared to post because she'll get the format wrong so gave step-by-step instructions on what to say to get the most engagement because "she's been on here for years, since she was in CAMHS" and she's a whole adult now so that's a long ass time. It was her who introduced me to LC
So I posted the collage of Abbys HER profile for Grace, she farms and gets her minions to post. She's incredibly manipulative and tried coaching me on how to manipulate East Lothians crisis team (it didn't work, they knew we were friends and saw right through my little milky episodes)
She's 100% going to try and out me personally so I just ask that if/when my socials get posted on here, don't use screenshots or videos that include my daughter in them. I'll probably not be back to check but I've not posted Grace and her sisters porn to keep her family members out of it so I'd appreciate the same courtesy

No. 1962772

Omg no way is she that two faced with Abby? She’s horrible.

No. 1962773

Sorry for double posting. I wish I could figure out who you are as we are both friends of her? Did you know her for years? And did she just openly tell you about the incest? I heard from another friend. Outing someone is so fucked up and being all besties with them after is disgusting. But that’s Grace.(delete and repost next time)

No. 1962786

but how it is called that thread? sorry for spoonfed but im not that often on reddit

No. 1962804

File: 1707131732874.jpeg (Spoiler Image,570 KB, 828x1423, 472B0AD7-2DC4-45E5-A6B2-1D3FD5…)

spoiler for ugly. how do people posting these things not feel embarrassed, jesus christ

No. 1962866

Quick recap:
- Old shit (recording is from December 2023)
- Went into "a bad place" (we know that)
- Stepping forward
- Fucked up her rEcOvErY in an unspecific way, "things fell apart", "unfortunate events", "hard months"
- Says absolutely nothing particular about her current state.
- Come to my insta, muh fwends

Fi is vague about having fucked up her recovery and plays the brave autistic ED warrior, as usual. Oh, what a surprise.

No. 1962875

Kek, it must be so awkward to explain that to people, not random insta fuckboys but like an actual encounter with a normal person who doesn’t assume it’s sh. I wonder if she just straight up admits “oh yeah I bash my head against the wall when I’m upset”

No. 1962883

Sorry I don't used Reddit either. I just saw someone posted it from Reddit onto one of these scumbags threads. It was within the last year, maybe within the last 6 months? When Kelly Ronahan was brought up briefly. It was lots of pictures of extreme self harm (some might be fake imo). If I find it I'll let you know.

No. 1962884

Oatmeal and Nutella is amazing.
For some people it helps stop b/p because no food is 'bad' or banned and often people find that if they eat sweet stuff at the start of the day it is routine and not something 'special' and denied that they think about all day until they give in and binge on it.
Some people maybe it's a good way to get in extra calories in recovery.(anachan blogposting)

No. 1962887

Eating lots of sugar does not mean "good nutrition".
Grow up.

No. 1962893

File: 1707154662289.jpg (38.77 KB, 589x666, WELL DUH.jpg)


2/10 would not watch again

No. 1962895

I think it was illnessfakers, two years ago. Very graphic.

No. 1962899

I suppose pro ana scumbags has always been a thread of scorned old friends vendetta posting each other, but its gross when it’s made so obvious kek. Birds of a feather tend to flock together, have you also mutilated yourself for hospital asspats then?

No. 1962901

the theory in the cluster b thread was that some of this is from colours

No. 1962903

File: 1707155452447.jpg (94.38 KB, 693x914, sweet can.jpg)

At least there were no jumpcuts.

No. 1962958

You're wrong in many ways

No. 1962978

File: 1707172916465.jpeg (460.49 KB, 1170x2082, IMG_3949.jpeg)

No. 1962991

Different things work for different people. Someone's experience cannot be 'wrong.'(ana blogging)

No. 1963022

File: 1707184016451.png (722.83 KB, 853x881, Screenshots_2024-02-05-20-36-5…)

No. 1963029

don't worry, she posts lots of pics of the baby every day. okay…i really didn't think she lurked here, but i almost wonder if she found out someone commented on the last pic i posted of her saying she looked haggard or something, and so she decided to post this pic lmao probably not though, just a coincidence

No. 1963038

whats her @? The link in the summary doesnt work

No. 1963066

Leave Sally alone. She isn't a cow at all just someone that was genuinely ill and has now found something to help her.(whiteknighting)

No. 1963075

One cannot trust the eXpErIeNcE of an ED patient when it comes to nutrition…
Just in the same way some snake oil will make you "feel better"….(integrate)

No. 1963076

File: 1707204000474.gif (3.63 MB, 498x336, chris-crocker-britney.gif)


// nope(integrate)

No. 1963084

File: 1707208635614.jpeg (24.73 KB, 360x360, IMG_5891.jpeg)

Idk but they all do it. Niamh has loads of embarrassing crying videos on her tiktok as well. “Iii can’t dieee because of muh benjiiii!” (Her shitty little dog) And do you remember crying Emily? She’s turned her life around but she used to post hundreds of selfies and videos literally scream crying like this.

No. 1963086

I really do wish her well but I worry about baby. Its never dressed in warm clothes and the uk isn't very warm atm. It's little legs look so cold and mottled. I think she needs support but I think she stays with mum anyway.

No. 1963089

god stfu already, we can feel your desperation to be posted here oozing from all your comments. get some therapy you fucking freak.

No. 1963099

NTA but I appreciate these posts it’s fucking funny that Abby’s “bestest friend that is truly there for her” turned out to be an incestious farmer. This is the shit I love lolcow for

No. 1963103

Finally some good fucking milk tbh, I've been getting bored of all these cunts just posting each other's vague whining. At least this is some good old classic drama

No. 1963107

For real. Making porn with your sister is one thing…… Rancid. But why would you be casually sending your friends it and posing about it on insta? Whole other level of tapped.

No. 1963110

Not to spoil your motherly instincts, but in the UK there are central heatings to heat our flats. Where are you from nonnie? Greenland or Timbuktu?

No. 1963111

Who was crying Emily?(newfaggotry)

No. 1963119

Yes snd babies should still be wearing more if they are cold. Skin being mottled = cold
Bad to overheat them but a pair
of leggings or tights and a little cardi.

No. 1963120

I think you got lost on the way to mumsnet(derailing, chatting)

No. 1963121

Just want the best for our queen(derailing, chatting)

No. 1963123

"Our queen"?
I'm not anyone's subject, sorry
Maybe you are on the wrong board for baby fashion(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963124

on second thought…(derailing, chatting)

No. 1963140

File: 1707228221883.png (4.23 MB, 2048x2048, IMG_5897.png)

Here’s a thread about her
She has a kid now.

No. 1963150

Cold babies cry, hot babies die. Her baby will be fine if its not bundled up constantly

No. 1963172

I’m getting second hand embarrassment from this shit does she not see how this is dumb

No. 1963175

File: 1707233105151.jpeg (Spoiler Image,297.44 KB, 828x1458, IMG_6633.jpeg)

Hesitated to post this as this person hasn’t been talked about in so long, and also unsure which thread to post this in. But Sarah has been posting these criptic stories on her Instagram these past few days. I waited a bit to see if I could gather more information but she’s still posting without much details.
Today she made a reel with multiple selfies in hospital, accompanied by the “Dumb ways to die” track as audio… ?
Am I confused or is she documenting a suicide attempt ?
I never post here I hope I’m following the rules, will delete if not.

No. 1963178

File: 1707233227014.jpeg (Spoiler Image,269.73 KB, 828x1454, IMG_6634.jpeg)


No. 1963185

What's her tiktok?? can't find it anywhere

No. 1963188

I thought she was Australian?

No. 1963200

What's the milk ? just attempting against your own life doesn't make you milky. Hospital pics puts you close, yes, but we need more.

No. 1963202

nta but i think the fact that it's a whole compilation of photos on her main account, out of nowhere with no trigger warning. comes across quite attention seeky

No. 1963217

Hey modtards, why don't you just jump up and down a little? It might loosen up that sand in your vagina a bit.
Fuck you and your PMS.(take it to /meta/)

No. 1963276

Brings back OG memories. Was kind of pleased when she got her shit together.
This place was interesting then with decent milk.

No. 1963320

She sounds like the mosaic woman. I wonder if they know each other and copy one another. Sounds awfully familiar

No. 1963410

No. 1963411

Yeah. I always felt sorry for her but it was fucking hilarious watching her huff furniture polish on live. She has a beautiful daughter. Must be about 4 years old now? Idk cos I haven’t been following her since the baby. God knows who the father is though.

No. 1963421

File: 1707309069375.jpg (25.17 KB, 171x450, f4e372e5bf1b952101fd21a270c7d6…)

"most women don't have the bone structure to have a thigh gap"
sure it's bone structure

No. 1963425

Not milk? Not pro ana at all? Not problematic? Leave her alone you’re so weird and obsessed. She’s doing good and doesn’t need to be posted here anymore(whiteknighting)

No. 1963427

It’s true that some people have a higher Q-angle and thigh gap is more pronounced even if they have more fat. And some people have a low Q-angle so they need to be at a really low weight to have one.(derailing, bonerattling, unintegrated posting)

No. 1963429

Thank you, precious snowflake, for your valueable insights. Now go ahead and measure your bikini bridge for me.

(derailing, integrate)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963433

Shut the fuck up, she’s cringe and we can post her as much as we want. Besides, it’s no less than she deserves since she’s been outed as a farmer herself. God knows how many others she’s talked shit about.(report whiteknights)

No. 1963481

Apologies in advance for the derail nonnas,
But I really cannot get that image of Grace/becca’s arm out of my mind. Need more milk from her and the other highland cows

No. 1963484

Damn, these threads really are filled with retarded zoomers with cow tendencies. “Her cutting makes me feel ~inferior~“ Kek, I’m begging you to get a life, this is so embarrassing

No. 1963498

File: 1707328077016.png (3.2 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_3623.png)

Anyone else get this one on their FYP? Constant body checks, only replies to comments calling her pretty and deletes ppl who call her out

No. 1963589

I'm pretty sure her dog's death caused her latest relapse. For that reason, and because she kept so much offline for so long, I don't find her milky. idk I just feel bad that she slid back so far, maybe it's just me.

No. 1963611

File: 1707350008214.jpeg (209.05 KB, 750x1051, Castube.jpeg)

Look who's back in hospital after most of last year in there and 11 straight years before that. And it's tube time for everyone.

No. 1963616

File: 1707350467148.png (359.93 KB, 640x1136, 831C2139-68FD-48B6-9AE7-34CAD8…)

Apparently she ‘hasn’t had enough care.’

No. 1963618

File: 1707350698770.jpeg (464.31 KB, 750x1093, Castextbridle.jpeg)

She pulled it out.

No. 1963621

File: 1707350987498.jpeg (340.74 KB, 750x1073, Castextbridle2.jpeg)

If she won't take feeds on the ward she will be put into a coma for up to 10 days in ICU with the tube in. I have never heard of that before.

No. 1963623

Surely either she or the staff is lying… if they could do this, none of the deathspoops would be deathspoops

No. 1963626

File: 1707351477843.png (2.74 MB, 750x1334, CasreferralEDU.png)

Apparently she's going to an EDU. And she gets to pick: what a luxury. After the 11 straight years in IP and then a house paid for by the government, with a care team, she spent most of last year in IP again. And now this. Do they ever say 'ok you've had enough resources now?'

No. 1963627

File: 1707351725369.jpeg (205.95 KB, 749x1181, Loratubebridle.jpeg)

It's tubes and bridles for everyone.
Does she weigh more than 60lb now?

No. 1963652

File: 1707356101884.jpeg (479.72 KB, 828x1098, IMG_6982.jpeg)

No. 1963696

File: 1707364311602.jpg (584.15 KB, 1079x1555, Screenshot_20240206_212110_Ins…)

Ash is still kicking…I don't know how… but she is

No. 1963723

wtf i coulda swore this skelly died years ago, eugenia doesn't have the skeleton crown yet that's crazy

No. 1963726

Ash is the ultimate queen of skeletons and she will never die

No. 1963750

It's actually almost unreal. Like she's been way more skelly than eugenia for far longer. How.. Think she should donate her body to science, I'd love to know how she's made it.

No. 1963760

Another day is added to her lifespan every time we wonder how the fuck she isn't dead yet.

No. 1963792

Makes me wonder how long she'd live if she was healthy

No. 1963812

Looks like it very likely will happen. We wait and see.
(Image board I know. I'll post the thing in a bit).

No. 1963841

That girls a weirdo for trying to make Abby look like a perv for being on a family vacation with her 13 year old cousin. It’s not like she met her online and flew her out to vacay with her one on one kek, just because she’s an incestuous freak who fucks her own family doesn’t mean everyone else is like that. You could argue Abby is a bad influence for a 13 year old but at the end of the day she’s not a creep for hanging out with her younger cousin who her family was vacationing with at the time, talk about a reach kek. Grace seems like a full fat cow, the milk is much appreciated

No. 1963847

File: 1707410007710.jpeg (372.08 KB, 750x1124, 0CCAC1AA-609C-42B9-B00A-B82BFB…)

Potentially being put into a coma in ICU for tube feeding.

No. 1963850

File: 1707410071404.jpeg (361.61 KB, 750x1117, 72A5F7A2-0735-4076-9B70-13A56B…)

No. 1963851

File: 1707410132874.png (2.39 MB, 750x1334, 6388F66C-B907-413F-8097-4C979B…)


No. 1963853

She’s always so zonked out on benzos she’s going to give herself brain damage, I remember reading that benzo abuse can also increase the likelihood of either dementia or Alzheimer’s at an early age, that paired with the head banging she’s going to be fucked when she’s older

> “Iii can’t dieee because of muh benjiiii!” (Her shitty little dog)
Fucking kek nonna


She would have relapsed anyway, like she does all the time, whether it’s starving herself or cutting or ~the voices~ or her autism she’ll always find an excuse to victimize herself and stay sick fragile and dependent on others. Her dead dog is just her newest excuse

No. 1963858

>>I'd love to know how she's made it.
pure spite.
its her skelly superpower.

No. 1963859

>> her dog's death caused her latest relapse.
That's sad, but at the very same time a shitty excuse to hurt yourself, don't you think?

No. 1963865

i don't know anything about this person, and if she's been posted in the past, i can't remember her. but i find this impossible to believe and think she's just completely making it up. they don't just go around putting people into comas, get real.

No. 1963869

Agreed the real perv is her with her dating app age range set so low. I hope Abby cuts her off completely. This has made me develop a soft spot for her. No one deserves to be preyed on

No. 1963879

File: 1707417264045.webm (2.13 MB, 576x1024, 25778069976795f60105705349e4ff…)

Took the words right out of my mouth

True, but at least it's a reason. Incest Grace/Becca/Rebecca doesn't even have one other than deep internalized shame from fucking her little sister on more than one occasion (aka. double self harm, emotional and physical kek). What a gross heavy-whipping-cream cow

Me too, please. Yes it looks like most posts came from scorned old friends but some have come from people who she still thinks she can trust, I've done some sleuthing on instagram, tiktok, Facebook and twitter and found "Star" (idk her real name) is on edtwt and her current "best friend" (poor abby, not got that #1 spot yet) so have my money on her being at least some of the posts.
Idk if I'm allowed to post these links as I suppose she's not a cow herself but like I said I'd be really suprised if this friend of incest graces was one of the "friends" posting about her

Did someone say Abby was on edtwt now? Does anyone know her @?

delete and repost because the webm wasnt showing sorry

No. 1963884

Kek, love the whole 360 and do feel a sorry for abby now. Not trying to whiteknight but someone I know, knows her fat "friend" becca/grace whatever her alais is now and that girl and her sister has been through genuine severe trauma. From what I know herself and her sister were in a pedo ring since the age of 11/12 and only got away bc they turned 18 and their family moved them to a different part of the uk. Obviously that is not an excuse for this girls bizzare and creepy actions but I have some idea of the folk that may have a vendetta about her and why she's been posted specifically now and not years ago in her ed days when she was more milky. Becca was pregnant in her early teens (due to her 70ish year old minister) and miscarried around this time of year. The main person that has been posting things about her, knows this fact and could well be trying to push her over the edge by posting so much dirty laundry around this time

On another note I have access to some of her social media if anyone is interested, although she does keep it quite private

No. 1963887

I actually did some research on this and it seems like it can be used as a form of restraint if a patient is that bad about resisting tubes and stuff. super rare though and a last resort, unlikley the cow needs it.

No. 1963888

From what I know about her mental health she and her sister have cptsd. I would say that she has reason for self harming the way she does after knowing what happened to her. Apparently the whole church is still covering for that pedo minister man and his cronies

No. 1963891

This is the person who Grave cut off (your hair is showing sweetheart). Kek so clearly is butthurt to not have the support that Grace gets from mental health services.
Holding a bit of a grudge are we Louise Whyte?? Surely you'd be happy to be rid of your incestuous pal?(sage your shit)

No. 1963893

And enara was raped at gunpoint. Doesnt make them any less milky, or her any less of a predator. Its quite sad actually that shes perpetuating the stereotype that abused become abusers
Also idgaf who or why shes been brought up now, its good milk cream. Actually I do, shes been brought up now because shes chosen to become one of the infamous Anachans best friend. Surely she'd know not to make her "friendship" with abby public if she didnt want posted. Idk about anyone else but the only reason i dont feel sorry for abby is because shes quite literally done this to herself by not properly vetting people to become friends
What church? FLDS? Also people can go through stuff like that and not make a song and dance about it, and not become predators themselfs, like theres a reason we dont know anything about her sister who allegedly went through the same stuff and its because shes not a cow

No. 1963895

Learn to integrate, plus that poster already said that she sent screenshots to other people then got told someone posted them to the board and I'm sure farmhands can see if it's all come from the same vendettachan?

No. 1963909

Funny that she's being called a predator yet there is no actual proof of her being one. Abby is 19 about to be 20, being her friend does not make a person a predator. Grace and abby are only 5 or 6 years apart in reality. This is an image board. Post proof that she is a predator(sage your shit)

No. 1963914

Exactly, medically-induced comas are relatively rare and used only when there is no other option. An ana chan refusing tube feeds doesn’t qualify as worth the risk. Especially since if someone is actually that sick, anesthesia is even more dangerous. I’ve heard of skellies being denied non-emergency surgery because their low weight made it too much of a risk to put them under. If anything they’d give her a short-acting sedative, which isn’t even close to a coma.

No. 1963919

Abby just turned 19. They’ve been friends for months now. She met her on a DATING app where her age must be set that 18 year olds are popping up when she’s in her mid twenties. Becoming friends with someone you know of AND post about on lolcow is predatory. Also could argue that Abby is vulnerable and possible not at the same capacity as an 18 year old. She herself made it out like Abby being on holiday with her younger cousin was weird then befriended her when the age gaps the same? It doesn’t need to be sexual to be predatory. The fact she became “best friends” with a mentally ill 18 year old she was a full on cunt about privately is creepy behaviour. Get a grip. You cannot be so far gone yourself you can’t see that???

No. 1963923

Just report the white knight and move on. That star girls profiles all went private about 5 mins after this post
so she clearly lurks/posts here. My tinfoil is that she's the WK and probably posting with the unintegrated style to cover her tracks and make becca think she's not twofaced… so hopefully farmhands just issue a nice long ban and the milk can continue flowing
I'm glad I managed to see some of her posts though, wish I farmed some.
>she's not a cow herself
are you sure about that? How else did she know to go private so fast

No. 1963927

File: 1707424900130.jpeg (1.35 MB, 1125x2331, IMG_1337.jpeg)

It’s currently 1°C, yet all of her tiktoks are of her in practically underwear. Bodychecking much

No. 1963928

very much what i was thinking. also the fact she’s been discharged for three weeks and seems to have deteriorated almost as quickly as momsfav. when at home she would only wear her oodie and now she’s back in the hospital she’s wearing barely any clothes??

No. 1963931

Grace and abby did not meet on a dating app, they know each other from hospital and were both gymnasts at the same place when younger. Smh folk really will believe anything(sage your wking)

No. 1963947

How do you know that?

No. 1963951


Grace was in the camhs unit that abby, zara, niamh etc were in too, when her name was Rebecca. She has also been in adult units for her ED

She also talks about her gymnastics training a lot as she got scouted when she was 10 to join Scottish team. But when her anorexia started, she couldn't continue gymnastics as she got brittle bones and had regular injuries

No. 1963953

She has definitely been either in redu or Glasgow priory, I can't remember which

No. 1963954

File: 1707428628996.jpg (284.59 KB, 1080x1850, 1000018241.jpg)

I'd know, you'd never believe it to see her now but this was her only a few years ago. I think.this acc "becca mocks recovery" was meant to be satire mind you, its not what her actual recovery acc was called

No. 1963956

File: 1707428835179.jpg (485.67 KB, 1080x1175, 1000018243.jpg)

No. 1963967

Becca was never inpatient as a child kek. She also has never been for her ED. She was underweight for like 15 minutes and really dramatic about it. And if she was in the camhs unit she’s too fuckin old to have been in with those cows. Also image board ? Post caps ? And we have been friends for years and this is the first I’m hearing of a gymnastics background. You’re whote knighting too hard it’s embarrassing

No. 1963969

Neither kek

No. 1963970

They wouldn't have been on the ward at the same time though, the age difference is too significant. I'm sure it was COVID that triggered Abbys hospital stays and Grace was already in adult services by then.
I've also never seen gymnastics classes run with such an age difference, so even if they did attend the same centre they'd only have worked that out as adults reflecting. The same about the camhs ward, they'd only have realised they both spent time on the same ward after the fact.
The farmers who've posted screenshots and personal experiences all suggest that Grace knew about/stalked Abby using the board then "coincidentally" came across Abbys dating profile, and even wanted her mate to drop out of plans to invite Abby instead… all whilst Abby had no idea who Grace was. The post of Abby claiming to have "met" Grace would also indicate that Abby didn't know Grace from CAMHS. Anyway, if Grace truly was raised in a religious pedo ring I doubt she'd have been allowed to attend non-religious groups…especially ones where you're required to wear a leotard.
But let's entertain the idea that they met in hospital (camhs or adult) and all the screenshots are fake. It's still not an appropriate friendship, cows with BPD should never be friends or else they'll just enable and bounce behaviours off of each other. Grace being over half a decade older should take some accountability and stop engaging with much younger, vulnerable girls regardless of how/why they met. If you truly can't see how wrong it is then you must have BPD, too.
And who's "she"? Abby? We already know Abby was a gymnast but like I said, I'm extremely doubtful that Grace/becca was ever in any classes like that.
Abby was on medical wards/St Johns for Anorexia and Grace apparently goes to the Royal Edinburgh for BPD. Also, Abby was 18 (maybe 19?) when she was last discharged anyway so can't have had many (if any) admissions under adult services. They've definitely not been inpatient together, camhs or adult. I'm so sure we'd have seen the retarded dancing tiktoks together by now, and there's no way in hell Abby had a secret admission to any ward without boasting about it.
So which is it; did they meet as kids at gymnastics, on the CAMHS ward somehow, or is it more likely the screenshots are true?
You're so close to integrating btw, keep trying kek

I thought, for a nanosecond, this was a picture of the two of them in the camhs ward lol. Who is the other one?

No. 1963975


Kek can't have been very good friends if you don't know this shit. I know she has been in, because I was in with her when I was younger. She had strangely strict/odd parents especially her mum who wanted to deny that HER daughter could have an eating disorder and said it was just anxiety and ocd. Her mum used to say prayers when she would come and see her and it freaked the other girls out. We were in the day program together too, in west lothian. Grace is not.from edinburgh originally. She got put to sick kids for refeeding and her mum wouldn't let her come back to the unit. I only found her on Instagram years later. And no, I don't have pictures as this was in the 2000s and we didn't have camera phones/ were not allowed phones in the unit anyway(sage your wking)

No. 1963979


we never were on a ward with abby, well not while I was there we werent

No. 1963983

If shes from west lothian why did she attend gymnastics in portobello?
Why try to claim Grace met Abby in hospital then try to back pedal by saying you never said they were in at the same time.
You also just admitted to being an anachan and you're trying to white knight so hard that now I'm almost certain you're "Star"
You're trying to sell so many narratives right now.
I'm curious, how did they meet then? Not gymnastics, not CAMHS and allegedly not on a dating app. So how?

No. 1963985

>enara was raped at gunpoint
What?! When did this happen?

No. 1963986

You’re clearly fucking lying. Grace is from West Lothian and Abby is from Edinburgh they would be at gymnastics together AND she was never inpatient as a child. I know that for a fact so you “weren’t there with her” KEK. You’re a freak stop embarrassing yourself now

No. 1963988

I’ve met her mum you dumb bitch and I know what ward she’s been in. Her sister was admitted to camhs ward twice. Becca never was. She was at the Cullen as an adult and that’s it. You’re either lying too hard or you have the wrong fucking person. Give up you retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963993

Scaring the other girls on the ward by telling them to pray harder is a very Mhairi move though so I'll give them a bonus point for that creative detail

No. 1963994

Lurk moar

No. 1963995


Hilarious. You don't know it for a fact. Were you in the ypu at the same time as us? Oh, you met her mum? So did I because she would visit constantly. I'm assuming no,you've never been in hospital yourself unless youd like to prove otherwise?? go ahead, so it's embarrassing how hard you're trying to make out that I'm lying. Youre clearly so buthurt that youve never been genuinely ill enough to be in hospital as a child yourself.

I'm sorry Grace,if you read this, I'm just going to come out and say who I am so that these folk stop trying to prove me as the "liar" they want me to be, because they'd rather see you as anything than a victim. They are pathetic af and I'm sorry I ever got involved in this disscussion about you. It's Hannah. No skin off my nose doxxing myself as shes already removed me off of all current social media.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1963996

I like Mhairi a lot. She’s no where as weird as Becca makes her out to be. Always been a sweetheart to me

No. 1963998

Ken Hannah you are lying. Becca grew up in Bathgate. Then lived in Linlithgow. Was never a gymnast but does have a bone disorder that caused her to break bones. She didn’t get diagnosed with an ED until she was 17. She was never inpatient as a child. And had never been in redu or the priory. You’re fucking tapped Hannah.

No. 1963999

File: 1707431664650.png (3.6 MB, 750x1334, waitingforcoma.png)

Time will tell. Not sure why she was going for an x-ray or what she was going to do that she didn't either.

No. 1964001

Wow, really? I've never "met" her. I've seen her and heard a lot of smack so came to the conclusion that she must be a pretty half arsed mum. Unfair of me, I guess, especially since Grace is clearly full of shit
You'll have private conversations to post a cap of if you're this serious about whiteknighting.
Kek it's the super fragile sick kid to fat ana-larper pipeline(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1964002

I wish I could talk to you one on one. This Hannah is sooooooo funny. Im begging for this gymnastics evidence. Hannah are you aware that Becca moved to the bottom of England for a couple years as a teen. When were you in the ypu specifically? Let’s see if she was even in the country you absolute moron

No. 1964005

Again, you can be a victim AND a cow. Most of our gals are genuine victims of horrible things, you don't typically see people born as cows without some "lore" influencing their behaviour. Many of us who lurk and post on here are victims of "worse" things but the difference is we aren't attention hungry predators worthy of being spoken about on a gossip site.
I don't think anyone doubts she had a nonce in her life, people don't just willingly engage in incest without being groomed into thinking it's okay. But generally people, when they start trying to get better, won't openly admit to and send photos of said incest. Healing comes with a healthy dose of shame, and shame stops you telling all your new pals about the time you fucked your sister. You'd have a better leg to stand on if you went down the "I'm sorry they're victim blaming" route over the "they refuse to see you as a victim"
Also, again furthering the stereotype that the abused become the abusers.

No. 1964006

Casper formerly known as Cassie formerly known as Rachel was a major topic many years ago. I believe her milk is what led to the short lived spin off thread for DID larpers. Looking for that one is your best bet for finding her history here quickly.
Most notable moments include larping satanic ritual abuse and also claiming she was forced to eat her own aborted fetus. Once she failed at convincing professionals she had DID she went under the radar, changed her name, and finally admitted she does not have the disorder and her years spent playing around in hospital was all just a misunderstanding of symptoms. Quite the era.

No. 1964015

File: 1707433472982.png (1.5 MB, 750x1334, childreninmybrain.png)

I'm actually not sure you're right about the larp. She was very open about having DID for years: posted text and pictures as different alters and engaged in comments as different alters. She was moved around a few different hospitals and towards the end of her 11 years straight IP stay, she recanted and said (very strongly) that she did not actually have DID but she did have autism and was now nonbinary.
Few years mostly off the radar and eventually discharged and living in some kind of apartment or something with carers and a therapy dog.
Said nothing at all about DID for a good number of years but now it is creeping back into her posts. See pic.
My tinfoil is she actually does have DID because I've never seen someone deny it so strongly in such a 180. Tinfoiling that when 'Cassie' or 'Casper' became host instead of Rachel, they wanted a new start and didn't like the other alters talking about their history (whether it's true or not).

No. 1964025

She was very clearly larping, aside from literally admitting it she was fighting for a diagnosis but she couldn’t convince the professionals. She was sectioned for YEARS, and DID really came out of nowhere one day. We chatted on and off way back when and even before all the “exposing” happened her claims weren’t adding up. She lied about so much- it was all proved and documented.
Her 180 and disappearance makes sense because what else was she supposed to do? More cows should have the sense to run with their tail between their legs instead of doubling down on their bs. It hardly proves she’s actually secretly honest, wtf that’s ridiculous logic. I’m sure the cow tipping happening was also good motivation to stfu and leave. She’s not the only one to go quiet because of lc and probably the only thing she’s done right in her life.

No. 1964041

What's the actual story then?
If she didn't grow up in an abusive cult (is a cult ever not abusive?) in the US and then somehow go to the UK with her brother, where are her parents? Why doesn't she ever see them or speak of them? Why does she barely see her brother? If it wasn't a cult, what made her fucked up enough to be in hospital solidly for all those years?
What didn't add up for you?
Not saying you're wrong, I'm just being nosy and I want to know.

No. 1964046

Read the pro ana threads from there time along with whatever DID ones there were. I don’t want to get into derail territory and type out years of history that’s already available if you put in the effort. For the part about our personal conversations, it was really just every thing she had to say about her symptoms and experiences. Beyond that would involve blogging and given years have passed I can’t provide the proof to back it up anyways.

No. 1964047

Tbf I have heard the ritual/religious cult abuse backstory from, or about, so many people and the details are always the exact same. It's like a horror movie plot. But so many people having the exact same story? Either it really does/did happen or it's a hangover from the 'Satanic Panic' in the 80s and 90s, which ended up with every case investigated being proved to be fake.
Oh, and all the people claiming it also claim DID.

No. 1964049

Do you know what years or thread numbers it would be? Sorry. I used to message with her aswell a bit but it was a really long time ago.

No. 1964050

Satanic ritual abuse, as we are to understand it, is fake- yes. Along with DID itself. Are people abused in religious capacities? Yes. Are dissociative disorders real? Also yes. But the rest has been debunked, it’s just that people love to lie and other people love to fall for it.(derailing)

No. 1964051

I'm pretty sure DID is still a recognized condition.

No. 1964076

If people can stop with this dumb as fuck infighting, that would be great. No one cares if you met a retarded cow or when. It's not like they are celebs or something lol. They are losers and if you met, you are probably one too.

No. 1964083

yes, thank you. this shit is cringe. i can't believe anyone is actually enjoying this milk other than the ones posting it who are clearly trying to get themselves posted here too. so embarrassing.

No. 1964110

I thought she was only discharged on the 29th, so just over a week ago. I don’t understand how she possibly lost as much as she did in less than two weeks??!!

No. 1964122

No1curr that it's not your cup of tea, they're not celebs sure but it speaks volumes how many people in real life have smack to say about her

No. 1964124

File: 1707463951722.jpg (521.01 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20240209_073318_Chr…)

"DID is fake"
Why's it still on the NHS website then kek
Sorry to burst your bubble but it does actually exist, just not in the presentation shown on social media and it's very rare

No. 1964126

File: 1707464203946.jpg (365.28 KB, 1080x2104, Screenshot_20240209_073640_Chr…)

As of August 2023 as well. So unless it's been
Within the last three months you're full of shit, retard

No. 1964134

Wow you're telling me it's on the nhs website?? It absolutely must be real then.

No. 1964140

Yeah unfortunatly the opinion of a national health board holds more weight than your opinion. Casper is definitely larping but that doesn't mean the disorder doesn't exist

No. 1964141

doctors also used to believe in imbalances of the humors and diagnose women with hysteria. medical science evolves and DID is an incredibly controversial diagnosis.

No. 1964142

>the opinion of a national health board
You know what else the NHS thinks is real?(medfagging)

No. 1964144

Thank you nona, I'm sick of the "wawahh DID is fake"- retards coming up every time a cow claiming that they have the disorder gets posted.

No. 1964145

Oh please, are you a flat-earther too by any chance?(derailing)

No. 1964147

I frankly don't care whether it's real or nor - I'm just here to laugh at cows - but nonna's appeal to authority argument isn't really a compelling one. and honestly, who cares whether it's real or not? let's just laugh at people like mosaic trying to pretend to be a toddler to get internet donations

No. 1964148

So if my country's website does not list it on their site does that mean it's fake kek? DID as a disorder has been heavily disputed, scrutinized and much of the scientific community does not consider it a real diagnosis. It's been controversial since it's literal inception. There's literally no standardized diagnostic processes, no etiopathology and a very limited number of new peer reviewed research with enough data to draw any solid conclusions.

No. 1964149

You could of easily just told me where I can find the proof, instead of “lurk moar!!!” Sorry I have a job and a social life and hobbies I guess.(lolcow.farm/info #6)

No. 1964152

Enara is discussed at length in the cluster b threads and you can find most of her backstory by looking through them. There are not very many, so it's not an unreasonably long read.

No. 1964182

is the catfight over yet

No. 1964184

File: 1707482516467.jpg (66.79 KB, 295x640, da_gym.jpg)

Finally some news from out gym rat.
Nice sixpack, Ganer.
Looks absolutely healthy and aesthetic.

No. 1964186

File: 1707482836425.png (283.82 KB, 357x639, gan0r.png)

For further viewing pleasure.

No. 1964190

File: 1707484804144.png (84.63 KB, 1080x898, Screenshot_20240209-142032-251…)

i notice she's not tagging her coach on her posts anymore, which she used to always do. im guessing the coach said no to the anachan exploits?

No. 1964198


The infighting isn't anyone's cup of tea. It's a waste of space and achieves nothing. Idgaf if you met a cow irl. We are here to laugh at them, not to become their fans.
Get a hobby.

No. 1964208

Jfc she looks awful. She had actually rounded out a bit the last time I saw her on the threads (maybe mid december?) but looks like she is on her way back to spoopyness now. Not that she had ever gotten truly healthy but her body fat percentage finally seemed to have gone up a little

No. 1964209

Seriously, probably one of the cringiest things I’ve ever had to read

No. 1964216

File: 1707497979690.jpeg (301.22 KB, 1162x2181, IMG_3999.jpeg)

Kali Moore super happy to be back

No. 1964220

File: 1707499275983.jpeg (15.73 KB, 171x294, 38670EF4-9DC4-442D-AFB0-55A28D…)

No. 1964221

Idk why she does that. If she was preparing for her god-awful cOmPeTiShIuNs she'd be bulking, and not sport this extreme no-fat outfit.
Does she want to cope for her perceived "failure", the broken leg bone?

Thanks for pointing this out. But there could be many reasons for her absence.

No. 1964223

meth is a hell of a drug

No. 1964224

File: 1707500132043.jpeg (41.72 KB, 600x315, 1629839137476.jpeg)

>> Get a hobby.

No. 1964225

Ah thanks. I didn’t realise she was being discussed there.

No. 1964240

From the caption I think this is an old picture of her. She’s ‘looking forward to seeing her abs again’, so sounds like she thinks she can’t see them now. And she added a pig emoji at the end, insinuating she feels like one currently.

No. 1964242

It was a long, long time ago, I think when she was in the Forces. The trauma that caused all her years of self harm and hospital addiction.

No. 1964247

yeah and so is tranny shit, what exactly is your point?

No. 1964253

Was about to say this kek, the nhs claims men with autogynephilia are women so why should anyone take what they say seriously

No. 1964255

Double post and not trying to derail or start an infight but dissociative disorders are very real and there’s a lot to suggest an altered state can happen where the person is sort of absent and can’t remember what happened during that state but the existence of other personalities with fully fleshed out personal lives and states of consciousness is still heavily debated and not proven. Even more suspicious some of the earliest cases of multiple personalities have been debunked and many of the earliest diagnosis of it were all diagnosed by a handful of doctors who had a lot of bias in trying to prove the theory of multiple personalities for academic and financial gain. There’s also speculation that the earliest cases of people claiming multiple personalities were either malingering, schizophrenic, or manipulated by psychologists who would try to sway a dissociative person into believing they had multiple personalities inside them. The beginning research is really sad, and most of the sufferers were women with horrific trauma or personality disorders.(derailing)

No. 1964260

Clearly Star tried to say Grace met Abby as a child but the ages didn’t work out then spiralled down a lie so badly she made up “Hannah”
Grace couldn’t have met her at gymnastics or on a ward. But whilst predatorily scrolling through 18 year olds on a dating app as a fully grown woman in her mid twenties? Seems likely
Managed to disprove your own logic with this too Star. 6 years is a big age gap. And especially when we are dealing with teenagers. How does Graces arsehole taste btw?

No. 1964270

>how does Graces arsehole taste btw?
This was my tinfoil, too.

No. 1964271

this thread is basically cows posting about cows the people posted here aren't as entertaining as the mentally ill weirdos posting in these threads

No. 1964273

that's every thread on this site, and it's a big part of its appeal

No. 1964278

So I'm on the fence. Initially I thought it was a vendetta poster and should have gone in personal cows but it's pretty clear that she's an awful person and a handful Lothian anons have chimed in with experiences and stories, and she definitely used to post publically about her sooper seris ED. So then I figured Cluster B(itches) made more sense (NPD/BPD) but actually, the way she's preying on Abby makes her pro-ana in some sort of way. I think we should move on for now and hope that Abby's seen this and realised who her new "bestest friend" really is. If not? Then we continue bringing up Beccas stale, old milk. It was refreshing hearing some unhinged stories like those ones and the only people ruining it are the whiteknights (is the white knight? I think the collective assumption is it's just that Star girl)

No. 1964283


OMG STOP no one cares about DID get over it and move on.

No. 1964284


That sexy fat boy wouldn't engage in infighting either. Get over your dumb ass arguments, provide milk or go back to tik tok.

No. 1964285

I agree we should let this be for a while. I had the thought too that perhaps she is lying and telling different stories to different people. Which would explain why these anons claiming to know her real story are both so adamant that their stories of her are the correct one

No. 1964286

Sorry I wasn’t here for the initial convo(derailing)

No. 1964287

I'm actually begging you to please learn to integrate. Look at your posts and then at everyone elses and make them blend in. It's so obvious which posts are yours when you


Between the >> and then double post. At least you learned to sage though.

Welcome to lolcow

No. 1964289

It has got to be an older pic of hers.

No. 1964290

Is it just me or has Fi deleted her latest YT vid?

No. 1964292

No. 1964293

Paris doesn’t get mentioned much now

No. 1964297

File: 1707514342278.jpg (23.21 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

They'd rather be in London.

No. 1964299

File: 1707515998773.jpeg (731.99 KB, 828x1507, ECAB7935-CA58-4658-91D3-7D65ED…)

the fuck does han care about it being friday for? all she does is sit on her ass and complain about her so super serious autism, adhd and mental illness. every day must be the same for her

No. 1964332

no, she’s a grimy adult woman with a ginormous ego who behaves like a 13 year old.

No. 1964391

File: 1707534765937.png (1.21 MB, 853x1548, Screenshots_2024-02-09-22-14-1…)

No. 1964415

It kinda looks like she’s got a small tit growing out her forehead.

No. 1964416

File: 1707541140434.png (222.81 KB, 428x577, Screen Shot 2024-02-09 at 11.0…)

Looks like Marie might actually be going to an eating disorder specific program rather than her local hospital that will discharge her while still a spoop

No. 1964451

Mission success, what was she saying? Or was she lip syncing to a song? I have her blocked so can't see it

No. 1964454

File: 1707555133961.jpg (242.14 KB, 1080x2107, Screenshot_20240210_085121_Tik…)

It's not about Becca unless it's for show, Stars following and her very few friends suggest the three of them are still buddy-buddy

No. 1964470

Fi re-upped it some hours ago (don't know if anything is missing inside) and there are already some asslickers in the comments…

No. 1964471

lip synching a song

No. 1964494

correct me if im wrong but isn’t she waaay too old for radys??

No. 1964524

She might be looking at their five day program that takes adults

No. 1964532

I wasn't trying to hide it was me. Also dude you take so much pride on following lolcow etiquette and rules, like chill the fuck out, it isn't that serious.(personalityfagging retard)

No. 1964577

That was my friend and she told me you came up to her and went "I think you got what I got" "are you alright?" LMAO and she didn't have a tube in her nose(unhinged and unsaged)

No. 1964579

nonnie have you maybe thought of the possibility that more than one person could’ve had that experience

No. 1964580

Yeah maybe lol a point… but I'm pretty sure the person who came up to my friend is on this website

No. 1964592

it would be best for everyone if you took a break and went outside

No. 1964598

go out
touch grass

No. 1964673

File: 1707610257169.png (3.44 MB, 750x1334, ECsorrypic.png)

What is Eugenia on about now?

No. 1964674

File: 1707610294449.png (698.75 KB, 750x1334, ECtext.png)

No. 1964686

File: 1707611949148.jpeg (235.09 KB, 749x1262, JesussavesHan.jpeg)

The name of the audio on this, Kek.

No. 1964688

despite being a total weirdo, I honestly kind of respect how Han's been doing lately. She's obviously eating a lot more and doesn't seem to be having encounters with the police or to be living in as much of a hovel

No. 1964690

You're right, she's not mentioning her 40 police incidents a month anymore and does seem to be doing better. But who can really tell from social media?…… She's not flashing the hospital bands around anymore and I assume she would if she had them, but she's still vague posting about 'hard times' with crying videos, and dressing like a homeless person.

No. 1964692

yeah, I'm definitely not saying she's recovered and normal now, just noticed that it does seem like things are improving

No. 1964693

File: 1707613202973.png (2.88 MB, 750x1334, Cascanthavewhatshewants.png)

Can't get her IP of choice; Jesus. Does she know how lucky she is to get so much care after 12 years straight of IP and for them to just magic up a bed for her where she is now and in an edu? Still going to complain about it! It's such a small number of people who just eat up all the resources in the UK.
Also thinks she's going to come back and teach the staff about autism and mental health?! While she looks to be in restraints currently and is slagging them off. She's really bringing back the cow behaviour lately.

No. 1964703

i don't really know what that is, but i feel like it's not a restraint, because what would be the point of having someone in restraints when they can still move their hands/arms enough to use their phone, touch their face, etc.

No. 1964722

File: 1707617781574.png (2.73 MB, 750x1334, Casprays.png)

I don't know. Yea I guess if you can touch your face and use your phone they're crap restraints but the UK seems weird. Only restraints I know you cannot move any limb from the rail and they're locked with a key. But I've seen UK cows post saying they're in restraints…….And allowed your phone? And able to use it?
Anyway I've seen the grey thing in a few pics.

No. 1964724

It’s clearly a medical alert bracelet in this pic not a restraint.

No. 1964729

I think the restraint is the black thing under the grey bracelet - it looks like it has a strap coming off and has been tightened to her skin so she can't just take it off

No. 1964731

No. 1964732

Yes! I think.

No. 1964734

Wow they look shit. I've only had leather and metal (I think) buckle, lock and key restraints where you can't move at all and only security have the keys.(blogposting)

No. 1964747

File: 1707620826820.png (181.17 KB, 294x291, Screenshots_2024-02-10-22-08-1…)

i went to her account and you can see it in a lot of her pics, it's just a watch

No. 1964749

File: 1707621299909.jpeg (505.04 KB, 1085x1998, IMG_1560.jpeg)

sadly still illiterate.

No. 1964764

This doesn’t even make sense, if your friend didn’t have a tube in her nose then why the fuck would you think this is the same story??

No. 1964765

why the hell would an adult woman voluntarily wear that outfit

No. 1964793

File: 1707634972476.png (2.81 MB, 960x2079, IMG_4782.png)

Saged not to derail sincethis cow hasn’t been mentioned for a while but look who’s going back to treatment (probably another ERC vacation). Cue excessive TikTok’s of her and her toob. Likely will provide plenty of milk for next thread, depending on when she ‘enters treatment’

No. 1964794

what thread is she from?

No. 1964795

god the brown teeth.:.(sage your shit)

No. 1964796

thinning hair and an unorganized, cluttered room. her claim to fame relying on illness and self harm is really manifesting deep huh

No. 1964797

File: 1707636225921.jpeg (384.72 KB, 960x1128, IMG_4794.jpeg)

I can’t find where she we first mention but she’s in #49 and formerly went by healthyhappywhole

No. 1964798

wait, is she the one who used ERC to pick up underage girls to date?

No. 1964799

No. 1964812

It’s an Apple Watch, you idiots

No. 1964815

File: 1707645100879.png (4.75 MB, 828x1792, EADB3E5B-B16E-4015-BA91-26C0C2…)

Kali has been doing this for years now: inpatient, discharge, relapse, head banging, face scratching, repeat. How tired her family must be

No. 1964832

and I think you should go fuck yourself instead of being a ng tube fetishist !

No. 1964878

File: 1707673848479.jpeg (283.42 KB, 1179x2100, IMG_1748.jpeg)

finally something good is being done

No. 1964885

>>1964815 i feel so bad for her mum who osbviously loves her with all her heart and has hope everytime that kali will at least try but she never does

No. 1964909

‘Children in the brain.’

No. 1964910

At home with a tube?

No. 1964915

Good how? She’s at home where she can fuck with her feeds and purge from it. She needs to be locked up before she dies.

No. 1964953

I'm sure that the friend was just picking her nose and grocery store anon was giving her the benefit of the doubt by saying she thought it was a tube.

No. 1965016

Tf do you see brown? Troll somewhere else idiot

No. 1965018

I really don't understand how she hasn't been committed yet, it's really easy to get a six month commitment for anorexics where she lives. her parents have got to be actively keeping her away from any medical professional who wouldn't go along with her bullshit about doing it at home

No. 1965020

This makes no sense. Who keeps letting all the brain dead anachans in the thread Jesus

No. 1965022

Is there anyone here without an ed?? I don't know why you'd be obsessed with this if you didn't have a problem(powerleveling retard)

No. 1965025

File: 1707712500525.png (1.71 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240211-233449.png)

No. 1965026

Did you even read the words “brain dead” holy shit, you’re one of them. Not everyone with an ED is a fucking idiot like you with two brain cells. Sage your crap

No. 1965028

lolcow is not an ED site…

No. 1965030

I think a lot of the cows that monitor this thread don't realize that it's a single thread on a much larger website and that most people on lolcow never look at or give a shit about this

No. 1965038

why are multiple anas banging their forehead so hard they bleed? is that a common thing? makes me think of autistic tards throwing a fit

No. 1965058

Attention seeking self harm. And keep the ableism to yourself(crying about muh ableism on lolcow.farm)

No. 1965059

> ableism
ma'am, this is lolcow

No. 1965065

I want more grace/Becca milk, stories or screenshots, that bitch is fucking wild

No. 1965070

lmao grocery store anon here, no I didn't come up to her, and I don't even have an ED. The world is pretty big.

No. 1965110

There are multiple of us without a history of ED's. Guess we like our cows being extra hangry? Keep in mind one can be braindead without an ED, too

No. 1965135

File: 1707747915916.png (3.3 MB, 750x1334, EED2BB46-11EA-4877-A10E-B46AB0…)

Who’s cowtipping? She’s still complaining about care though.

No. 1965136

File: 1707748043132.png (2.46 MB, 750x1334, A6AE6D2D-F534-4797-B44F-7631D3…)

No. 1965137

File: 1707748441480.png (2.5 MB, 750x1334, 16426974-4ED2-4E2E-889D-E0BC9A…)

No. 1965138

File: 1707749169209.png (1.94 MB, 750x1334, 1CC36936-D662-4FB9-83B9-917115…)

Drama. Probably partly cowish behaviour on her part and partly nhs being the nhs.

No. 1965139

File: 1707749241522.png (2.63 MB, 750x1334, 82DAA96A-5F84-45B7-80D8-C71A65…)

No. 1965174

File: 1707754444920.jpeg (340.5 KB, 1170x2087, IMG_3925.jpeg)

This became my personal mission when it was discovered she got Abby’s profile posted

No. 1965175

File: 1707754469235.jpeg (362.47 KB, 1170x2136, IMG_3926.jpeg)

No. 1965176

jesus fucking christ who in the hell would see this chick’s arm and think that she’d be good to date?

No. 1965178

honestly it's so mangled in a single area that it looks more like she was in some type of accident than self-harm in that picture (obviously we know that's not true)

No. 1965180

File: 1707754894088.jpeg (330.67 KB, 1170x2116, IMG_3928.jpeg)

No. 1965182

File: 1707754964941.jpeg (517.41 KB, 1170x2147, IMG_3929.jpeg)

Found it a few days ago. Hit like but no match so far. She’s been on though she changed her main photo(cowtipping)

No. 1965189

Remember she so proud of her self harm. Takes pictures and videos of it to show it off to people! She probably loves having it on show

No. 1965237

tl;dr(pointless non-contribution)

No. 1965278

You guys announce stuff like this so boldly and shamelessly, even on an anonymous imageboard I’d be too embarrassed to admit to bpd shenanigans like this

No. 1965293

Fuck are you talking about? Nobody asked you to read anything, but since you don't know how to reply we'll never know what your retarded comment was trying to refer to.

No. 1965299

Why be ashamed of something someone else did to you?

No. 1965300

Too stupid: your opinion means fuck all.(infight)

No. 1965308

doctors don't order restraints for no reason, so you have to be doing something to end up in restraints enough to have a little sample of restraint types

No. 1965312

Didn't want to go somewhere I had had a bad experience with, mainly.

No. 1965313

Or off a bridge but that's my milk. Where's everyone else's?

No. 1965336

File: 1707774872020.png (3.68 MB, 750x1334, 14010B23-A838-4755-8170-56C8AB…)

She has a beard. But no ICU coma yet:

No. 1965366

File: 1707779935626.jpeg (597.06 KB, 1173x1021, IMG_1566.jpeg)

abby’s latest scream for attention post is full of exaggerations and self obsession. “almost five years” of admissions- abby you fool no one, your first admission was mid 2020, and well-documented. by my maths that makes it not even four years. maybe the head bashing is really taking its toll on your memory and sense of time.

No. 1965368

for a moment i saw the word ‘work’ and foolishly thought for a moment she was actually doing something with her life and had a job, but no, she meant ‘work with my team’, not actually ‘being an adult with a job rather than spending my life taking strange photos and videos of myself and living off benefits and my parents’.

my mistake

No. 1965370

Hahahahahaha do we think her sister encouraged her to go on top x(unintegrated posting, chatting x)

No. 1965372

Post the video not a screenshot of the video ffs

No. 1965386

File: 1707784376828.jpeg (383.26 KB, 1387x1486, IMG_2308.jpeg)

YouTube video from fifty shades of chest pains about paris on TikTok . She’s nowhere near as bad but still pretty awful compared to when she was on instagram about 10 years ago posting dances while eating a cream cake.(learn2embed)

No. 1965398

>Is there anyone here without an ed??
Yes, you don’t have to be a dumbass anachan to laugh at ed cows. Just like how the twitch thread isn’t only occupied by twitchthot anons, and the tradthot thread isn’t only occupied by other tradthot farmers, etc

No. 1965405

griftiest, how? i don't remember ever seeing her e-beg

No. 1965408

What’s the thread with Enara and BPD cows in it again?(newfaggotry, unsaged spoonfeeding request)

No. 1965428

that youtuber doesn't give a fuck about being accurate, he just twists things into exaggeratory spectacles for views (and he steals most of his content from this site).

No. 1965437

same anon, and i did just see she has an amazon wishlist posted, so scratch what i said. but still, she's far from the worst when it comes to that. not to WK her though

No. 1965473

Cluster B bitches

No. 1965508

OMG nonnie, now I need bleach for my brain!! kek

No. 1965510

File: 1707821984657.gif (154.43 KB, 275x156, 1617744675008.gif)

No. 1965575

File: 1707840860102.png (3.79 MB, 750x1334, AC661A8E-16A1-412D-9290-09D5B7…)

Abby can’t find this Monster……..

No. 1965576

File: 1707840910623.png (3.14 MB, 750x1334, DC34B548-2431-490B-ACB0-787733…)

Because Han has drank them all.

No. 1965577

What a giant cunt and attention seeking brag.

No. 1965578

These aren't the same flavour and Abby can't find them because they're import flavours and about £3 a can in random corner shops or like £4.50 online
Han has ultra rosa, darker pink and available in bulk and anywhere that sells energy juice in the UK
I dont get why these girls collect their cans though

No. 1965580

File: 1707841116256.png (2.2 MB, 750x1334, 6BCD8154-AA12-49B9-A0C7-5F9134…)

True colors showing through.

No. 1965582

>make new friends for life
Girliepop, that's a predator.(learn2integrate)

No. 1965583

File: 1707841238512.png (378.15 KB, 750x1334, 98A5816E-60CF-4899-82C7-F00F2E…)

Welcome to the nhs. You’ve had every single resource from them your whole life so you should know by now. Don’t they ever just cut you off?

No. 1965584

Well you seem to know an awful lot about it.

No. 1965591

Yeah? I enjoy monster kek I'm not sure what the snark is for
I appreciate you were trying to make a joke but it didn't land because they're not the same thing

No. 1965592

File: 1707841829367.png (2.69 MB, 750x1334, 96665C3A-3896-4A77-B936-D0AFCA…)

Han’s a ‘social influencer for mental health’?
Says she’s always vague which is true but the other week she was back with police and other emergency services.

No. 1965595

File: 1707841982356.jpeg (247.21 KB, 750x1179, 785C14D7-33E3-406F-AD13-661A5F…)

No. 1965660

They're treating my ED but the evil doctors want me to eat something!
victim triggered

No. 1965662

the goals and accomplishments these grown ass women are proud of smh

No. 1965663

File: 1707850724233.jpeg (Spoiler Image,1.07 MB, 1170x1932, IMG_7367.jpeg)

What the fuck has smorven done to her head

No. 1965674

Wow not seen her in ages. Wish i could say im suprised she's still tubed but im not

No. 1965702

lmfao one forehead wound has gotten way too popular, she had to level up with her bullshit

No. 1965706

Tried on a crown of thorns, a little early given it's pancake day but you've got to get into the spirit of easter somehow and at some point? Nice to see an update though.

No. 1965711

File: 1707858397609.jpeg (235.62 KB, 828x1179, 6413C59D-A884-4236-8FF2-0F681A…)

How the fuck is Kali managing to make her forehead worse every time she posts? The fact she wasn’t even out of hospital for 2 weeks before getting admitted again is so disheartening considering she was inpatient for 7 months last time. She’s such a let down

No. 1965715

Sounds like a self post

No. 1965724

hi kali! go be a retard somewhere else(hi cow)

No. 1965726

how is this a self post?

No. 1965739

She scratches not head bangs, it’s permanently like that, usually worse

No. 1965744

This thread doesn't show up on search (google/bing/yahoo or on a private browser)
I had to go through the 106 link? What's up with that

No. 1965756

File: 1707864868672.png (22.54 KB, 647x316, googleresult.PNG)

I'm not sure why but you need to add the # to the number, otherwise it won't show up by tests, it's still indexed by google.

No. 1965768

You could use the catalog instead

No. 1965775

I do, I've literally put in "Pro-Ana Scumbags #107: that sight is horrible" but it doesn't show, strange. Thank you, though. At least it's a "me" issue and not another deleted thread

No. 1965817

The same thing she's been doing for literally about a decade at this point. Must be running low on attention to even post this given that she apparently moved all of this brand of silly nonsense to her close friends list courtesy of the farms. Not complaining, there's only so much "unbearable terrible torture" that can be milky before the novelty wears off.

Nah, she was one of the OG headbangers on insta at least, i can't really speak for other socials. She still doesn't have the forehead vagina scar that so many contemporary headbangers are sporting with pride though, which, despite the quest for CTE, suggests a degree of vanity that I can honestly respect. Bad times for Abby and the likes with their gaping forehead craters that even Morven doesn't look as much of a retard as them despite having considerably less brain cells probably.

No. 1965831

Smorvens back!
Is she tallying her weeks in hospital on her forehead

No. 1965840

What was it - the mothership and fatherkins?

No. 1965845

File: 1707887098370.jpg (2.82 MB, 4096x3766, 1000021651.jpg)

May is such a drama queen, jfc

No. 1965875

This happened for me as well. Sometimes it shows up, sometimes it doesn’t and I have to go through the linked thread in 106

No. 1965876

May has been moved to the cluster b thread. However, yes, I agree that she’s a drama queen. Cries and whines and begs for support from ED services and then throws it away as soon as she gets it

No. 1965877

Do keep posting her in the cluster b thread. I don’t follow her but I love the drama

No. 1965886

>because im convinced it will make me suicidal
that made me giggle kek no one asked may

No. 1965888

Please post this in the cluster B thread! But why is she “terrified” of THEM seeing the number? Because she hasn’t lost a single gram and it proves she’s a LARPer, perhaps?

No. 1965905

‘Wifey for lifey’ forgot the fact her ex had to flee her domestic violent ass I see?

No. 1965919

File: 1707918975154.jpeg (322.12 KB, 828x1554, IMG_7147.jpeg)

Stephania pullin a EC and Rachel. She hasn’t posted in a month and people have been asking if she’s ok. but commented on someone’s posts 2 days ago definitely reading the comments just not responding to build worry.

No. 1965920

Delete and repost to remove some details that I've realised aren't mine to share
2nd source for this, yes, DV. She rarely put hands-on (rarely is not never) but cut herself as a form of control, and was financially controlling too. Gaslight her ex into not reporting her sister for sexual assault this is where I've redacted details kek but the story she told me on how she "didn't know it was wrong" tells me it's 100x true
Wee Abby hasn't got a clue what's coming for her. You can't convince me they're not a "thing". I've never exchanged roses on the beach with my new "best friend" that I met on a lesbian dating app (who I also stalked for years before meeting) anyway, have you? Again, where the FUCK is Abbys mother and why is she allowing this kek.
Becca/grace still tries to send letters, emails, texts, voicemails to her ex and has also had Star reach out to her ex calling them names, too. Then bragged about getting away with it, because she got sectioned rather than arrested. She should be in jail right now for the DV but got another hospital admission (hotel stay) instead.
Folk are dying contantly from lack of mental health support in the Lothians but this cow gets a free ride whenever she demands it so, I believe, she selfposted to have a current reason to go back to the ward.

No. 1965921

File: 1707919088441.jpeg (656.21 KB, 828x1423, IMG_7148.jpeg)

So so sick

No. 1966011

i thought this was tilly as i was scrolling by

No. 1966026

File: 1707938912299.jpeg (830.66 KB, 828x1501, 6504FC2E-316E-4263-8160-457CE1…)

Why’s she always wearing that stupid fucking bandage on her head? She’s been wearing it since 2021 and been in hospital for who knows how long. Surely she’s picked up some other coping skills since being hospitalised

No. 1966048

I feel so bad for this one's parents, they always look so sad in the pictures she posts. Agree you would think she'd improve some by now, enough to stop banging her head into walls. I don't think she wants to get better, not as long as she keeps getting free pity jellycat plushies

No. 1966056

pilfered that look from some cancer patient for pity points?

No. 1966057

she clearly loves the attention from being unwell and it’s like second hand embarrassment. it makes me cringe to my soul. she’s not going to have any future

No. 1966060

File: 1707945251927.jpeg (356.98 KB, 828x1435, 8AF1F0B5-6559-45F6-950C-37B91A…)

The way Frances had to post this picture on her recovery video to show this person’s arm is bigger than her entire leg

No. 1966089

god i don't know, she very obviously enjoys wearing different designs and colors of bandages and tube tape all the time. i was just looking back through her insta wondering if she honestly needs to wear it all the time, or if she just likes wearing it. but tbh i suppose i'd prefer someone wearing a bandage than just walking around with an exposed bloody head wound like some of these freaks

No. 1966214

Damn the more we hear about incest Becca the worse she gets. Makes sense she’s befriending a vulnerable 18 year old. Full on predatory behaviour

No. 1966259

File: 1708001841333.png (458.68 KB, 423x677, Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 6.58…)

Marie's selfies just keep getting weirder. Why is she doing that to her eyebrows, kek.

No. 1966271

starting to look like Groucho Marx

No. 1966281

kek she looks like a 70 year old geriatric man crossdressing

No. 1966300

kek she really does. she used to have such a cute face (except the eyebrows), it's a shame what she has done to herself

No. 1966394

Unpopular opinion I’m sure but I honestly am really proud of niahm. I feel like she’s genuinely doing a lot better and I hope it lasts. Not a WK either I was always a niahm hater kek but I feel like she is actually trying recovery this time and it looks good on her(doesn't belong ITT)

No. 1966416

I agree, she's still cringy as fuck, but is also very young and I feel she could become a social and competent woman if she gets more actual life experience.

No. 1966431

I don’t get it, so we can praise n2f in this thread but being happy for any other former cow doesn’t belong here kek mods wildin

No. 1966450

File: 1708036641523.png (3.06 MB, 750x1334, F9EFE339-AC92-4149-97BF-087978…)

How does she constantly get so much?! She’s given solicitors and advocates and a say in which unit she gets to go to?! While other people don’t even get through a hospital door to any kind of care ever.

No. 1966452

File: 1708036704926.png (2.85 MB, 750x1334, 3F7BBD0B-AF6C-45A3-A0EA-78F547…)

Where do they just magic beds from for their favoured cows?

No. 1966453

File: 1708036761361.png (2.44 MB, 750x1334, BE40EA1A-2017-4E0A-8F8F-C5DEFE…)

And have a bc too because she’s going full cow now.

No. 1966458

File: 1708037387634.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1107x1947, IMG_1570.jpeg)

still can’t resist posting old ugly photos though. i give it a few months before she’s back to her old ways, she won’t stick at this recovery display for long. she’s building up her following again only to publicly relapse with lots of people to give her asspats and attention imo.

No. 1966460

File: 1708037456734.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1068x1947, IMG_1556.jpeg)

it is nice to see her possibly living life more though i’ll give you that, but yeah i have no faith whatsoever. happy to be proven wrong but don’t expect to be

No. 1966462

Niamh: omg I’m fully recovered, I don’t think of myself as my old body at all, this isn’t a recovery account, I don’t want people to talk about my old ed, I never bring it up so why should you??
Also Niamh: posts this kind of shit every other day

No. 1966465

Cause n2f has actually stuck with it. Niamh has done the recovery charade 100 times now. If she actually keeps up with it for a proper period of time, people will be open to praising her, also the original comment wasn’t related to anything happening in the thread so there’s that

No. 1966485

>>1965888 She doesn't have BPD though so why put her in cluster B thread? Sorry if I'm being dumb

No. 1966486

She actually has been diagnosed with EUPD (the term that the UK uses for BPD now), that's why she's always crying about how people misdiagnose autistic people with EUPD on twitter

No. 1966492

I haven’t been but nice try arsehole.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1966497

File: 1708048432137.png (92.78 KB, 605x97, Screen Shot 2024-02-15 at 7.55…)

Although May disagrees, it's literally written in the notes that she's shared

No. 1966507

Not to WK but not everything a doctor or nurse writes in your notes is accurate. As a UK fag, I know how easy it is for that diagnosis to somehow slip into your notes even if never had a formal assessment.

No. 1966509

it seems pretty consistent with her behavior

No. 1966537

Hi colours(hi cow)

No. 1966539

I noticed she has a ton of “before” photos posted to her TikTok of her at her lowest weight and in IP too

No. 1966543

Well with n2f, it’s usually in response to a recent picture. If you just want to share your thoughts on somebody, there’s a thread in /ot/ for that.

No. 1966544

Second this as healthcarefag cause staff just copy and paste past information sometimes and may not check to see if it’s still relevant. Or may get referred to have a procedure but then for whatever reason they don’t get that procedure but it’s stays on the file as something that happened. time poor staff in nhs unfortunately means this is not uncommon

No. 1966577

this can mean everything and nothing…

No. 1966602

Remember May: your doctors actually went to medical school

No. 1966653

The nurse that ‘diagnosed’ me didn’t either sweetie.(no emojis)

No. 1966666

unfortunately being hospitalized is the coping mechanism she’s learned

No. 1966673

i actually like niamh and wish her the best but i fully agree, her posting old sick pictures while saying she’s recovered is hypocritical. No recovered person would be so obsessed with their old body

No. 1966688

Why haven’t your doctors contested this “diagnosis” then?

No. 1966693

May if you have to come here and embarrass yourself again, at least post in the Cluster B thread where you belong.

No. 1966706

File: 1708111402851.jpeg (499.94 KB, 2048x2048, E7D3E596-FE5E-4B06-B118-472D86…)

Another bizzare post from Marie…
It’s honestly pretty depressing at this point because she looks so creepy and mentally gone in the video to everyone else, but to her it must be an accomplishment (which is why she posted it)

No. 1966728

she's looking legitimately special needs here, how are these cows ok with letting themselves become actual mouth-breathing retards? that's the thing i don't get, like a lot of these anas brag about how well they do in school and how they're so much more intelligent than their peers but at the end of the day they are the ones willingly lowering their intelligence through their lifestyle choices. Laura (Ingram), Shmegeh, Smorven, Zara, etc. all fit this mold.

No. 1966791

hmmm i wouldn’t call anorexia a lifestyle choice but there we go. not defending the stupid online exhibitionism, but lifestyle choice didn’t sit right

No. 1966824

This cow sounds like an entitled high school senior whining that her preferred university didn’t accept her. Whaa so unfair I can’t go to the special EDU I’m dreaming of. What a pathetic waste of extended specialist care that’s far from cheap. My condolences for you UKfags who are copping her care.

No. 1966897

Are you dumb ?? She’s not even IP anymore and was only in for a couple months last time

No. 1966904

Do you think OCD is also a life style choice?

No. 1966908

This all sounds very disingenuous, I'm not sure if she's trying to convince herself or her followers.

No. 1966930

Sorry if it’s been mentioned before but babybicep died??!

No. 1966934

Hesitant to believe that she has passed, her Google accounts have since been accessed (4th and 9th Feb latest). She said she was going to take a break from social media, and it's probably what she did as no family members have even mentioned her passing, no obituaries that weren't AI generated due to people talking about her passing on TikTok, no proof. (Just this strange orbiter who has now deleted everything mentioning it. My tinfoil is she saw a post here about the specific date her email accounts originally went dark and just used the day after as her death date kek. But again just a personal tinfoil).

No. 1967002

Oooh okay, so she might resurface? thank you for the info! Sorry for such an out of the blue comment/Q but I’ve not had chance to catch up on these forums for a month or so. Y’all move so fast

No. 1967013

Because niahm was a self posting twat and N2F is a queen who was such a genuinely odd shade of weirdly disordered but never self posted here, deceived nor acted out like an attention seeking brat despite also being as young when she was first mentioned here.

No. 1967015

n2f was straight up gross and grimey. I think a lot of these other cows who are only ‘sick’ for a quick minute so they can be in IP and have people worry about them and pick something that is ‘pretty’ to show off. N2F was so unapologetically genuine in her disorder, her posts never came off as braggy or attention seeking, just odd and sticky and dark. Also in her recover she seems like she is becoming a more grounded person as she continues to navigate the struggles of a young person’s life without the stupid recovery posts and ‘she was dying’ throwback photos these cows love to continually post.

No. 1967036

File: 1708193475193.jpeg (612.87 KB, 828x1324, E713CBC9-F401-46B8-9F51-774075…)

Healthy bodies don’t stand with their hips pushed back to continue to perpetuate the idea that healthy bodies are only beautiful if their thighs don’t touch <3

No. 1967040

Focusing so much on her body isn’t going to help. It also will just encourage everyone else to mention it which won’t help her either. I think she needs to get into some sort of physical activity. Yoga, jogging, CrossFit, whatever. Start a cooking channel. Idk. Going the body positivity route when newly recovered doesn’t seem sensible.

No. 1967041

that pose is so retarded looking, it looks like she has a stick up her ass

No. 1967053

File: 1708197494084.png (37.46 KB, 675x155, Screen Shot 2024-02-17 at 1.18…)

Lyss is almost impressively shameless

No. 1967065

Alyssa has to beg for friends online at nearly middle age because she’s a soul-sucking cunt who’s burned every bridge she’s ever crossed.

No. 1967097

Not being a white knight but can we stop talking about Niamh? She is not interesting anymore and doesn’t belong on this thread.

No. 1967110

I agree that post isn’t really milk but if she does something milky she absolutely belongs in this thread. Just because she’s at a normal weight for now doesn’t mean she’s automatically graduated from ever being posted again.

No. 1967116

her face looks so different now that she’s put on weight. Don’t get me wrong, she looks really good, just different

No. 1967121

She’s obviously not fully recovered if she keeps harping on about it and posting old pics from LW and inpatient. Plus the fact she stands like an awkward duck to make herself have an obvious thigh gap. She’s still relevant, just not as much as before. I don’t see you bringing any milk to the table

No. 1967172

Fuck leave her alone! What's wrong with you people? Yeah maybe she's not really recovered, maybe she is. If standing that way makes her feel more confident then let her be. Besides, I don't see anything weird with that pose. If she wants to talk about clubbing etc let her. She's excited about all this after YEARS of being prisoned by her own mind. She didn't experience things the way a "normal" teen should've. Just leave her the fuck alone. You don't know what might've happened during those few months where she was recovering. Maybe something happened that gave her a wake up call. Besides, Alice Nevin also recovered magically "quickly" and she seems to be doing well. Niamh was never "milky" or whatever the fuck you call it. Yeah she was posting body checks but so does literally every single person with an ed and even ppl with a hot body show their body off on social media as well are these ppl also body checking? Fucks sake get a life. Maybe you should learn a thing or two from Niamh and go into the real world. Go clubbing lol instead of bullying mentally ill people on the internet. Besides, we all know you people are just a bunch of adult virgins who are chronically online. Do you also own a bunch of cats? How sad of a person you all must be to make others feel this sad(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1967173

She looks the same to me just happier. Fuck off "different" yeah obviously anyone who gains will look a bit different but it's nothing major to be pointed out

No. 1967174

Maybe she's posting to give other ppl who are currently in the same situation hope. You ever think of that? Yeah she's gonna talk about her experiences to try and help others. What's the point of going through all this shit if you don't try to find something good to come out of it aka trying to help others and raise awareness(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1967175

Sage your irrelevant shit, ffs.

No. 1967187

lol "raising awareness" is all about "look at me how skinny I was"

No. 1967188

She’s not special or different to all the other cows posted here. Get over it. If she doesn’t want to be posted she should stop with the blatant body checks that she posts constantly. This is what you get for being a terminally online little narcissist.(learn2integrate)

No. 1967189

Her story isn’t unique and she has no insight to offer that hasn’t already been said a million times before, her account is basically just “look how underweight I used to be, now I’m regular skinny.” Wow, how insightful, she needs a Ted talk immediately

No. 1967191

Do you know what site you’re on??

No. 1967192

Yeah she looks more rat like

No. 1967201

She still kept the mouth full of frogs pout though. Some things never change.
Less like a rat, she doesn't have that weedly face anymore. I don't know if that hair colour suits her though. Good for her really, hope it's all onwards and upwards for her. Life's too short and the younger you are the better for recovery.

No. 1967203


I think Niamh (why can’t any of you spell her name right) looks so much more beautiful weight restored. I never understood why people said she was beautiful when she was underweight. She does need to stop posting old photos though, and probably delete them all from her Instagram too, it’s not good for her …

No. 1967205

I didnt recognize her until I read who it was.

No. 1967220

I only follow her life here but it seems she cares much less now about being pretty. She had this coquette or whatever aesthetics before and she is unrecognizable now, natural hair, not much makeup, very basic clothes (not saying its a bad thing)

No. 1967348

File: 1708284300652.jpeg (63.96 KB, 180x390, IMG_0320.jpeg)

Smorven's definitely back by the looks of it lmao

No. 1967357

To some extent all mental illnesses are. Stop blaming the world/genetics on your problems, it's something a fat person would do.

No. 1967358

Why the mouth open

No. 1967361

Going for the Laura look

No. 1967362

found the self hating fattie

No. 1967363

how original, you just stole my insult and watered it down. try again next week when im unbanned again.

No. 1967366

No. 1967393

>after YEARS of being prisoned by her own mind. She didn't experience things the way a "normal" teen should've.
Literally everyone goes through some mental health problem in their teen years now. I can't think of anything more average than a teenage anachan phase, she's not special, sorry to tarnish the idealized view of her that you've made up in your head

>Niamh was never "milky"

She got caught posting here and having a secret EDtwt account where she posted half naked bodychecks kek, she's definitely proven herself to be a cow, and a daft one at that

No. 1967448

File: 1708305496344.jpeg (573.1 KB, 1170x2098, 3F8106D6-5DAE-4BCE-8B0F-3EF3CA…)

Fi really was spoopy at Christmas time. Shocked she didn’t go for a hospital trip

No. 1967449

File: 1708305705879.jpeg (716.3 KB, 1170x2094, 44DA1FB3-6A54-4991-A93F-30F05C…)

She’s also posted this throw back a few times but genuinely looks crazy eyes

No. 1967473

File: 1708310542751.png (2.54 MB, 1080x2460, Screenshot_20240218-204913.png)

No. 1967532

File: 1708331954829.jpg (4.15 MB, 4096x4096, 1000021685.jpg)

Weird flex, but okay

No. 1967553

I’ll get banned for saying this probably but she’s definitely white knighting herself here. It’s funny because wasn’t she the first person to ever post herself?

No. 1967556

Sorry to be asking but when and how did she get caught self posting? How did you know it was her?
No way she’s still up to her same shit after all these years? And how have they not given up on her yet. Imagine you have to go to your job and deal with her for a 12 hour shift. Again. Like you have for about 10 years

No. 1967562

"some sort of twitter thing" as if she hasn't posted here herself

No. 1967566

Not to try to be spoonfed, but isn't that her sister? Thought they weren't at good terms any more.

No. 1967578

It was some months ago, a farmhand actually provided image proof itt based on Niamh's IP address or something like that (and then got removed from the position because she revealed it impulsively without consulting with the other farmhands). I'm not sure if those pictures were removed later on though

No. 1967606

shout out that farmhand for risking it all for the milk kek

No. 1967611

how could mods tell it was niamh's IP?

No. 1967624

File: 1708366088354.jpeg (Spoiler Image,459.18 KB, 1170x2015, 391AF1CF-451E-4D11-B2EB-E101AA…)

I know n2f is a fan fav but did you all really forget the mass amounts of comparison pics that are STILL up on her account today? To say she never did that is insane. n2f was a cow indeed despite being graduated now kek

No. 1967630

File: 1708367367909.jpeg (907.69 KB, 1104x1649, IMG_1575.jpeg)

imagine being so utterly self-unaware that you post something like this to your personal ig. embarrassing

No. 1967654

File: 1708371053320.jpeg (560.55 KB, 963x2230, IMG_5901.jpeg)

Because she eventually admitted it was her when she responded to a post about her. Mods were able to tell that the same ip address was used to post many times before.

No. 1967666

File: 1708374880078.jpeg (115.46 KB, 750x1051, 6D6AD23A-FB30-4D31-AE1F-8EF15B…)

I thought Abby didn’t drink.

No. 1967667

File: 1708375193704.png (3.4 MB, 750x1334, B4405CD6-8A79-4A18-87BC-AAE5A5…)

Getting weirder. Why does she suddenly think she has broken bones but can’t tell if the pain comes from collar bone, knee, rib, whatever else she said? Also flipping from ‘I’ to ‘we.’

No. 1967668

File: 1708375486063.png (1.6 MB, 750x1334, E1265F79-5381-49E6-8198-D4FDF7…)

Demanding and dictating to staff. Made a care plan and gave it to everyone, stuck it on the door, table etc.

No. 1967669

File: 1708375543386.jpg (47.85 KB, 1125x585, 428241634_283553301231054_2773…)

From Niamh's latest tiktok. As if she didn't post hate against herself here kek

No. 1967670

File: 1708375708437.png (2.37 MB, 750x1334, 184FF5D7-7E02-401E-BECC-645EFE…)

Some people can’t get any help at all and she’s complaining that she has multiple units willing to take her in the next couple of weeks. Where are they finding these beds? People are dying waiting for treatment or just straight up turned away, and she’s already had over 11 years straight in hospitals.

No. 1967671

File: 1708375828622.png (3.07 MB, 750x1334, 6A2F1E8D-5BDD-437B-A8B6-AD7E37…)

Not sure what she’s trying to say. She actually is going to be put in ICU, knocked out, to be fed?

No. 1967726

What did she post about herself?

No. 1967733

found niamh(hi cow)

No. 1967737

pop off i guess

No. 1967746


do you guys think this video was about any of the ana girls(sage your shit)

No. 1967765

iirc there was an image that was posted by a former farmhand which contained all of the posts made under her IP. The posts themselves usually consisted of self directed insults (made in the third person of course) intended to encourage other anons to talk about her.


>simping this hard for a woman with an underbite who could easily be mistaken for a TiM
Sad. I almost feel bad for you.

No. 1967766

I still don't understand how she's got a whole room that size to herself and has seemingly been there for like a year or so.. how hasnt she been moved on because she's obviously not at a dangerously low weight ??

No. 1967785

File: 1708395375545.png (1.35 MB, 1080x2400, 1000047591.png)

Sorry if this person's been posted before but I havnt seen it - I'm confused as to why she's In hosp on a tube when she's a healthy weight?

No. 1967787

I know we’ve been over this, but you can be dangerously malnourished without being underweight. A lot of bulimics and EDNOS are normal weight, but their metabolisms and electrolyte balances are wrecked. Skellitude isn’t the only symptom of ED.

No. 1967790

I do get that, but I think this girl says she's has AN and no mention of bulimia so if her main behaviour is restriction, I would imagine the restriction would have to be severe to result in health issues serious enough to require hospitalisation, but that would also be reflected in weight so it doesn't make sense

No. 1967791

How old is she and where does she live?

No. 1967798

Unsure of age but she looks young and videos she's posted with other patients in IP look young too, from Australia

No. 1967800

Oh, is she in that state in Australia that admits adults really easily too because they follow the QUEDS guidelines super literally? I could see young + living in that state leading to frequent admissions if she wants them.

No. 1967802

She takes massive amounts of benzos, they can fuck with your hand coordination like that but I think she also hams it up to seem all ~girl interrupted effy stonem euphoria coded alt girl~ can’t believe she posted that to her insta though, embarrassing

No. 1967803

You are the moid who lurks this thread all day every day hoping to jerk off to photos of underweight goblin looking women, your opinion means less than that of a half brain dead drooling mess with a learning disability and tard rage. But I’m sure Niamh is glad to have a fan.(taking the bait)

No. 1967816

this is so irrelevant to the thread.

Anyway, I think niamh was def talking ab Abby. She’s not following her on insta and referenced not following some girls from cahms in her youtube vid. Tbh I’m glad cause Abby is never a good inspo(taking the bait)

No. 1967819

Ayrt, no.

No. 1967831

I think some of you are losing sight of that this thread is to mock people who are pro-ana. by calling peoples recovery faces weird or trying to twist their lives to relate to ed's when they're at least trying to recover is just icky. by making someone trying to recover or at least who is showing signs of improving you're actively worsening their mental health and making them more likely to relapse lol. point is focus on the actual cows. if the point is to call out people's shitty behavior then leave people alone once they do better.(take it to meta)

No. 1967833

What even is her account username? I can’t find it anywhere here

No. 1967841

Wtf is she getting ready to go as Frankenstein for Halloween?

No. 1967872

No one will be posted if they legitimately went offline to recover or literally didn’t constantly talk about their EDs on their instas. For example, it’s cow behaviour for Niamh to constantly post pictures of her underweight and that deserves to be in this thread.

No. 1967875

if Niamh feels that reading comments here is bad for her, she can stop reading at any time. She can also stop posting on large public accounts if she feels that she an't handle the public reading and reacting to her posts. When you put something out in public, you accept the possibility that others will criticize it.

No. 1967881

Not for much longer. Her weight has been ballooning lately. She’s gonna have a fat stomach and no tits.(pushing retarded bait)

No. 1967882

No. 1967883

I've reported you and I'll cop the ban because idgaf if you're a troll, Niamh does not deserve to read this, nobody in this thread deserves to read this and some faggoty redtext will do fuckall. You're a retard and you should consider killing yourself. Niamh, you look healthy and should enjoy your life offline, don't read this thread.(taking the bait & whiteknighting)

No. 1967884

Niamh has no choice but to be anorexic since she has a fat stomach and no tits. She knows it too and that’s why she’s swamped in baggy clothes. Her brain is already fried from years of anorexia and she not only can barely string a coherent sentence together, but she has absolutely no personality. A life spent navel gazing only to get fat ugly and titless the minute she turns 18.
Her life was over for her when she turned 16 and all of her pedophile orbiters unfollowed her. Her lifeblood is validation and it’s rapidly running out since she’s losing the only assst she has: her looks.
There are people here from 3rd world counties, nobody feels sorry for some privileged Scottish brat.(pushing retarded bait)

No. 1967885

>Calling someone fat bad
>Telling someone to kill themselves A-OK

No. 1967886

It’s Niamh who will kill herself when she realises her metabolism is fucked for life, her proportions are screwed up and she will never receive the validation that she did as a teenager. She’s probably reading this thread and cutting herself right now.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1967889

File: 1708420765736.jpeg (557.49 KB, 1157x2012, IMG_6116.jpeg)

Such a stuck up narc. Gets a ring sent to her in the post as part of a brushing scam and assumes it MUST be someone’s who’s totally in love and obsessed with her.

No. 1967893

stop shitting up the thread with your creepy vendetta

No. 1967894

Her weight hasn’t redistributed yet

No. 1967896

Her weight is fine. She doesn’t have a “fat stomach”. She looks good this person is just being weird.

No. 1967898

Niamh is a cow and hypocrite but she isn’t fat and she isn’t ballooning, she just can’t let go of her ed and obsessively posts about it even tho she wants to “distance herself from Ed content”. I hope that she doesn’t relapse but I think we all see it coming, the before and afters are always the first sign

No. 1967899

Everyone looks weird and disproportionate at the start of recovery, takes about a year no weight loss to have more normal proportions

No. 1967906

she's prettier than you tho… cope + seethe?

No. 1967908

Please start embedding tiktoks I'm begging you's

That's probably Graces benzos

This smells like a selfpost if her post history was anything to go off

No. 1967912

Not really milk but it's incest Becca/Grace so… but why would you post your feet like this? Save it for your sister, love.

No. 1967913

isn't that her sister? they look the same lol

No. 1967914

Maybe, actually. I thought her sister was bigger than her but maybe not anymore. I don't know them in real life but have seen the infamous ass pic her and her sister took together and they definitely both had the same dirty blond hair and comically large glasses.

No. 1967916

File: 1708427574714.png (530.92 KB, 678x671, Screen Shot 2024-02-20 at 5.14…)

Someone that Lyss knows from treatment died and of course Lyss is instantly making it about herself.

No. 1967920

Please re-upload this with a spoiler ew

No. 1967921

She’s pretty for a brit, I’ll give her that. Her hair and teeth are ugly though.

No. 1967922

Spoiler because of a foot? Kekk your too sensitive. How do you look down without freaking out or do you wear censor bars for socks?

No. 1967931

No her shit’s just fucking gross

No. 1967932

No that’s Star her white knight hahaha. Her sister can be seen in the family portrait on the her dating profile posted. You know the one she used to predatorily stalk down Abby. Swiping and looking up 18 year olds when you’re almost 26. Grim fucking bitch.

No. 1967933

File: 1708433565600.jpeg (208.94 KB, 1170x1718, IMG_3978.jpeg)

Sexy irresistible sister everybody !
(And possibly sex cult running grandparents?)

No. 1967944

She's pretty milky herself, posted twice back to back about ~trauma~. Who films this, watches it back and goes "aye this slaps let me share this with the world"

No. 1967945

No. 1967991

She must lurk hard, she's private already

No. 1968010

Cope. She just has a really unfortunate body shape. Some people do.

No. 1968021

u sound insecure nonnie

No. 1968072

Nta but it sounds more insecure to be like "no she'll be curvy with an hourglass figure once her weight redistributes!! It'll just magically start going to her tits and hips!!" Like anon, she starved her way through puberty it's not going to suddenly start catching up now kek. That's her bodytype, and that's fine

No. 1968073

File: 1708461560063.webm (4.11 MB, 576x1024, 43a0e6f7-0076-4e94-a7ce-613c50…)

Samefag but speaking of Niamh I wanted to post the tiktok everyone was referring too earlier, I think she looks a lot better than she did as a sickly anorexic looking rat and good for her for embracing the weight gain. She's cringe how she thinks she's now some recovery influencer and everyone's going to be like "Niamh did it, so can I" but she's always been pretty self important.

No. 1968084

i fucking hate these types of tiktoks. like idc who you are, i dont need to see your half naked body on the internet. but also i really hope niamh has fr recovered but i also wonder if shes just putting on a temporary mask.(sage your shit)

No. 1968107

File: 1708466568693.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1328, IMG_1021.jpeg)

On today’s list of things that never actually fucking happened kek

No. 1968113

I doubt 4 people asked but if some did it's probably because her arms and legs are covered in scars, that's probably why they're staring too. Why are anachans so obsessed with people being worried about them, that's not a good thing it means you're concerning people with the way you present yourself. Are they so desperate for a shred of attention that even diminutive passing concern from strangers is enough for them to validate their starvation over? That's truly the saddest and most pathetic thing I've ever heard

No. 1968116

This video makes me wildly uncomfortable, some of the shots are just straight gross and I really didn't want to see Niamh in her underwear

No. 1968118

Yeah sorry I didn't realize there was a full on ass shot of her in her undies. I saved and converted it on my tablet and it always condenses tiktoks for some reason so it only showed about an inch of the top of her underwear, I was surprised after I posted and watched it on my desktop and saw her entire bum on my screen

No. 1968119

as i’ve said before, this is almost 100% just a ploy to get a big enough audience to publicly relapse in front of and get attenshun

No. 1968121

File: 1708468698051.jpeg (885.28 KB, 1508x1339, IMG_1579.jpeg)

i felt that this tiktok really showed her quite nasty, bitchy immature side that she’s tried to hide behind weird coquettish aesthetics, girlie emojis and simpering comments. really revealing herself as a quite bitter, snide and spiteful person underneath.

No. 1968127

Abby is going off of socials bc of toxicity. Let’s see how long that lasts lol(post caps or sage)

No. 1968128

embed it ffs

No. 1968133

Honestly, good for her. I hope it's real recovery and it sticks.
Have to say I'm pretty uncomfortable watching that video though; her whole ass and that underwear and the close ups. She looks really young. Maybe the choice of granny panty underwear didn't help but then again it was probably the most covering; better that than a thong. I don't know why she seems younger to me now she has gained weight but that looks borderline CP.

No. 1968135

File: 1708471483612.webm (8.21 MB, 576x1024, 3ab33c2d-9383-4f84-b623-d98763…)

Don't be lazy, it's not hard to post the video. Also embedding tiktoks isn't the best because once the account deletes the video or privates it (as seen above) it's gone. It's best to save it, convert it, then post it can't get deleted.

Imageboard. Post proof.

No. 1968139

File: 1708471684354.png (282.69 KB, 1494x788, niamhh.png)

Samefag, the comments are interesting because people are posting their guesses and she responds to everyone's guess with a "no" or "I don't know them" except people suspecting Abby. She's really not sly at all. Also the person who said her brain is mush is onto something because the majority of her tiktoks is her repeating the same point over and over again in various different ways for over 2 minutes. She sounds ridiculously uneducated and slow.

No. 1968140

Is it wking if I say I kind of get it? lmao like she's being kind of real for this. Maybe I'm just a bitter bitch too. I hope to god I saged correctly. I've never commented before.

No. 1968143

File: 1708472068279.png (1.69 MB, 750x1334, F32051E2-3FC9-44BF-B341-CAEF54…)

Yea benzos can make you clumsy but that level would be ridiculous. I also don’t think the nhs would supply her with enough benzos to make her that kind of wasted since they’re so uptight and weird about meds. You’re probably right and she’s putting it on.
Abby herself however, claims that her phone ‘goes a-wire’ (I assume she means ‘haywire’) and sends these messages by itself when she is asleep. And her previous phone also did it. That’s a whole new one on me: phones sending drunk texts by themselves. She must be some kind of poltergeist force field to have this effect on electronics.

No. 1968147

Kek, she’s retarded. And she’s also retarded for being upset people were making assumptions about the photo of her texts while giving no context whatsoever. She’s a train wreck who’s posted videos of herself being fucked up in the past so obviously people are going to assume that’s what the photo was.

No. 1968148

Nah I get it too. But I am very much a bitter bitch.
Welcome to the world of anger, Niamh, sometimes you just gotta hate people.

No. 1968149

I think the 'fucked up' videos were her faking tbh. She skipped the part of school where they tell you drugs aren't cool.

No. 1968151

'a-wire' just reminded me of Laura's 'quite-pine' kek. Are all these cows brain-dead or just linguistically challenged?

No. 1968152

File: 1708473170710.png (3.39 MB, 750x1334, 289DDD76-1518-408E-982B-06E6DA…)

No. 1968159

File: 1708473917124.png (519.23 KB, 750x1334, E2A8D056-6771-41BF-BCE5-C3DA40…)

No. 1968161


Niamh doesn't follow her on insta or tiktok tho soo(sage your shit)

No. 1968188

File: 1708479829172.png (2.61 MB, 750x1334, 999BF722-EE27-4948-8E9C-053C83…)

I will dictate my own treatment.

No. 1968190

File: 1708480031850.png (2.57 MB, 750x1334, CC92974A-A159-4488-B621-EFC88F…)

Or you could end up with no help or treatment at all, like so many people in the country where you’ve been cared for and housed for free almost your entire life? No, of course not. That won’t happen to you because one of the special ones who gets healthcare. All of it.

No. 1968195

Looks like a family that fucks each other. Inbred as ever.

No. 1968196

File: 1708481806510.png (3.21 MB, 750x1334, 419173B7-673F-45D9-BD18-67825E…)

She apparently did on Saturday kek.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1968220

Well she has Niamh to thank for that, all she has to do is comment on literally one of the posts on her tiktok asking if it's Abby but she's sending a pretty strong message by replying to every other name but Abby. Sorry to say but Niamh is coming off as a huge cunt with this situation, why did she even make the tiktok to begin with

No. 1968241

I think Niamh is jealous because Abby is still skinny meanwhile she looks 6 months pregnant.(rattle rattle)

No. 1968243

>it’s not hard to post video!!!!
>fails to imbed properly

No. 1968246

i get her feelings. i don’t get the infantile sour-faced drama chasing of her posting a tiktok like that just to get inevitable questioning comments that she’ll strategically /cryptically answer. it’s pathetic, she’s a brat

No. 1968248

niamh does not look pregnant. she’s still a very slim young woman. she’s an attention seeking nasty piece of work, but insulting her more-healthy body isn’t milk or necessary. and i doubt anyone is jealous of the way abby looks, she’s grimy and completely unhinged

No. 1968254

just ignore the bait

i totally understand what she's saying but she's phrasing this whole thing in such an unintelligent manner that i can't stop rolling my eyes at it

No. 1968256

I embedded just fine, you literally just click "choose file" and select the webm you want to post. If it's not playing that's your devices fault. And it is easy to post a video, and it's better than posting a screenshot of a video like a lazy retard who thinks clicking a few buttons is complicated.

No. 1968257

I'm a different anon and it plays just fine for me, so I agree that the problem is not with the embedding

No. 1968259

File: 1708496953596.jpeg (261.05 KB, 587x711, IMG_6129.jpeg)

>okay so erm um basically so like erm um guys basically ok um like yeah

No. 1968292

Kek there was a post in cluster b about all the people incest Becca has accused of sa. It sounds like she’s fucked a fair number for family members if it’s true
This made me laugh. She does talk in a loop. I don’t like the comments on her body though. Can we leave her alone on that. Posting the video and not clarifying it’s not Abby is shitty. Saying she’s ‘ballooning’ when she’s healthy for the first time in years is fucked. She also barely healthy I’m sure she said she’s hit the minimum healthy bmi in a vid.

No. 1968294

Who gives a fuck. It’s nothing she hasn’t done to others.

No. 1968298

I get the feeling that the overly aggressive comments about her being supposedly fat and her cutting herself over this thread are from Niamh's vendettachan from last year, the one who said she knew her in real life and had beef with her. I could be totally wrong though. Either way the best way to deal with it is to report and ignore, if they're breaking a rule the redtext will give their comment less validity and ignoring them also makes them just seem like a weirdo failing to integrate.

No. 1968302

Maybe people are just tired of her coming here and white knighting herself?

No. 1968332

Ntayrt it’s not wking when someone’s calling her, (with a minimum healthy bmi) fat. No one is wk her cringe and hypocritical behavior, just the body comments

No. 1968425

she looks fine and is nowhere near fat, I don't think her bmi is minimum. when she was called out for having a secret account awhile back her bmi was 12.6 or something at 5'6, and she has talked about "believing she would be ugly over a certain weight, but is now 10kg over that." Tinfoil that she didn't want to be over 100lbs but is now 122lbs, a bmi of 19.7 (might get a ban for saying that)

No. 1968434

How do you know how much she weighs?

No. 1968452

File: 1708548612167.jpg (1.15 MB, 1080x1914, Screenshot_20240221_204900.jpg)

Still got DID then

No. 1968455

This thread has proved as violations against the Protection from Harassment Act 1997. Investigations are now in place against suspected abuse, subjective to each user and thread.(retardation)

No. 1968457

Seems legit

No. 1968458

Okay anonymousfringe@hotmail.com. I think there are more pertinent and pressing things to press charges over than some gossip on a forum site

No. 1968470

File: 1708552526087.gif (1.18 MB, 306x200, IMG_8189.gif)

>You after posting this absolute bullshit that isn’t true and is of no consequence to any of us.

No. 1968504

Ohhhh noooo you guize!!! Ben called the cyber police and he's gonna backtrace all of us!!!

No. 1968505

Kek somewhere that understands her autism and DID? So a unit that can handle top levels of BPD. She claims she knows better than anyone else even her doctors, yet she’s claiming one outright fake diagnosis (DID isn’t real, despite what all the DID defenders say. The first “case” was in a novel and completely made up), and one that doesn’t fit her at all (autism). Plus it’s hard to portray herself as an expert when she’s throwing literal tantrums over being fed and what specific ED unit she goes to, for free care.(medfagging)

No. 1968519

shiver my timbers

No. 1968524

I am just guessing, but awhile back she was exposed for having a secret account, the account name had something to do with strawberries, on twitter, where she said her bmi was 12.6

No. 1968606

yes because edtwt is full of truthful posts, totally not exaggerated histrionic attention seeking at all

No. 1968610

i have no doubt she could have reached 12.6 at her skelliest. she had some grim looking pics on vinted a while back

No. 1968611

100% agree. Plus have u seen her tiktoks where she shows photos of her every month? She was definitely 11-13 bmi in one of them for sure, tbh forgot which month but it’s still up on her tiktok. Super proud of her for getting out of that death trap of size(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1968637

She has never looked lower than bmi 14 or maybe 13. which honestly isn’t that thin. It’s because she was under 18 and still living at home that she was forced inpatient. An adult never would have been. People care a lot less about them especially mental health services.(rattle rattle)

No. 1968643

File: 1708589431046.png (5.85 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1015.png)

Be fr. I’m not gonna add more photos of her but just scroll her instagram and you’ll see her size. That is not a 14 bmi.

No. 1968650

"honestly not that thin" pro ana scumbag detected

No. 1968651

She looks like shit for sure but she’s far from Eugenia cooney thin. There are adults walking around thinner than this and nobody cares.

No. 1968658

Nta but no one is arguing she was at EC level, just that her BMI was obviously lower than 14. Learn to read

No. 1968662

so what? there are anorexics even thinner than Eugenia (like Ashley Isaacs), does that mean Eugenia isn't "that thin"? Tbh it's like saying someone isn't "fat enough" to have severe health consequences because their BMI is only 40, not 50.

No. 1968663

Can we please stop giving this Niamh hater attention. Clearly someone is fuming she’s going well right now and desperate to try tear her down. She seems good. I hope she has recovered. This odd attempt to trigger her is so childish

No. 1968665

Wtf are you talking about? I make like 2 posts and you accuse me of being ‘the Niamh hater’. I have never spoken about her before.

No. 1968682

what happened to basic/diet kate ?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1968688

File: 1708601790705.jpg (94.6 KB, 1021x2048, a5b322aa62ab537e97b1bd8c053aff…)

No. 1968693

I mean anon is right that there are plenty of normal women that thin, not weird to acknowledge that. She’s still sick.

No. 1968705

She has literally been saying the same thing, every day, for about 10 years now. I don't know how she isn't bored.

No. 1968710

I don't think there are plenty of normal (=healthy) adult women with a BMI less than 14, where do you live?

No. 1968721

ayrt, I mean regardless of the exact "number" she was, lies or not, I made that tinfoil because 100 seems like the threshold she was talking about (as opposed to what, 108 lbs or something), and 10kg is 22 lbs, so 10kg over 100 is 122 lbs making her current bmi 19.7 like I said. She has also posted about having gained like 20kg total or 44 lbs, which makes everything add up (78lbs plus 44 is 122)

No. 1968777

Like… me? When you’re just that way genetically people don’t realise the number is that small because you don’t look emaciated. I’m not saying it’s common though, just agreeing with the anon saying there are people walking around like this and no one cares.(blogging)

No. 1968808

are you under the age of 18 and short af?

No. 1968831

>just agreeing with the anon saying there are people walking around like this and no one cares.
Nta but what’s your point? This is not the thread for general discussion about extremely thin women and the politics of whether people care or not. Shut up already ffs

No. 1968988

File: 1708653816737.png (4.15 MB, 1170x2532, IMG_1040.png)

was she not the one that brought tube stickers to IP? I don’t understand her thought process tho, like, who wants to be tubed??

No. 1968992

File: 1708654060669.jpeg (802.37 KB, 1290x1967, IMG_8804.jpeg)

For those of you hell bent on lending Cassie any credibility, she posted this to her stories with a couple other ages. Clearly not pregnant and being held hostage in a satanic cult. It’s weird to see her share images from the past like this at the same time she’s trying to flip back to working the DID angle. I do wonder why she’s returned, she really seemed like a graduate for a while there. Once a cow always a cow I guess.

No. 1969019

Exactly same thing over and over
Is she still im anorexia denial?

No. 1969052

File: 1708669593283.jpeg (194.43 KB, 750x1085, IMG_8136.jpeg)

If you think having the entire structure of your sternum visible through your skin is normal thin and nobody cares, you need to get off these threads, go outside, and re-establish connection with actual normality. If I saw someone like this outside in real life, my default assumption would be they have some sort of illness. If your life has been so consumed by ana, you think this is normal, let me refresh you: if you look like this, normal people that don't browse ana threads all day will absolutely stare and think there's something wrong. It's time to get offline.

No. 1969055

Are you sure you’re just not a burger? Or just used to living with fat people so you think being thin is abnormal? If I saw her I’d think she was a skinny underdeveloped teenager. She doesnt look shockingly thin. It’s not that abnormal to have some chest bones showing.

No. 1969063

The amount of braindead rattlers circle jerking like you that goes on in this thread is so antithetical to the reason this thread exists. Why do you so badly want to be just like the ana-chan's being made fun of in these threads? Striving to be malnourished is not a life goal. If you think having your sternum pop out is normal looking, seek help.

No. 1969071

I didn’t say I want to look like this. I said she looks like shit (she still does but less so) she was just never all that thin.

No. 1969076

So you say she looks underdeveloped, looks like shit, but is not that thin? You see the irony in your own words? Time to stop staring at anas all day, your brain is getting fried. Again: being able to see the anatomical structure of one's connective ribs and sternum through the skin is not a normal body figure. That would be a medical concern. Enjoy your rattling, though

No. 1969078

She looks like shit because she’s ugly and she looks underdeveloped because she didn’t start her period until like a year ago. She has some sort of hormonal disorder and she needs to go to the doctor. She really isn’t that thin. Sorry you think being emaciated is some sort of achievement but she never was.

No. 1969082

No, you were specifically talking in an objective reference to her appearance when you said she looks underdeveloped. Convenient of you to change your meaning when I point out the hypocrisy. How can one look underdeveloped and yet not that thin, in your logic? Being emaciated is not an achievement, it's a mental and physical health issue that needs to be fixed before you reach the point of your sternum being an outfit accessory. But you, ana-brained, think being severely underweight is normal. Just take the advice already and go outside. Don't be the very thing these threads ridicule. I don't know if you have a vendetta against this girl in particular that's making you do mental gymnastics, but it's unhealthy, whatever it is

No. 1969085

Underdeveloped/= skinny. You can be fat and looked underdeveloped and you can be skinny and not. She was never shockingly thin, it’s the truth. Multiple people agreed. She’s far from severely underweight here. It’s normal for teens to be on the skinny side. Also I’m fit, healthy and beautiful with womanly curves. Nothing like this tallow skinned, thin lipped, horse mouthed elongated child. Her issues can probably be solved with a doctors visit to test her pituitary gland since she seems to have hardly gone through puberty despite being 18.
No I don’t have a vendetta against her, I’m just telling you what I see.(ban evading retard)

No. 1969087

>No I don’t have a vendetta against her
>Also I’m fit, healthy and beautiful with womanly curves. Nothing like this tallow skinned, thin lipped, horse mouthed elongated child
my sides. Holy shit, kek. Not a vendetta-chan at all, lmao. You go, you beautiful, fit curvy woman. You're nothing like that UGLY HORSE GIRL. lmfaaooo. The insecurity is absolutely dripping. Keep going, now this is getting entertaining

No. 1969089

>Also I’m fit, healthy and beautiful with womanly curves. Nothing like this tallow skinned, thin lipped, horse mouthed elongated child.
why are you so fucking weird???
also im pretty sure her hormone problems are because she was malnourished not some benign disorder like you claim kek

No. 1969091

reminds me of steff

No. 1969094

nonnie stop projecting, only insecure fat people would say she isn’t thin kek this is embarrassing for u

No. 1969104

Stop responding to obvious bait nonas.

No. 1969117

Honestly I don’t care. She’s the most boring person in the whole damn thread and I don’t know why people insist on bringing her up every day. I’m just telling you what I think. I know you want her to be the skelliest skelly in the land but really she was never skelly and that’s a good thing, it’s because she’s been looked after by her parents and CAMHS. Adults don’t get the same luxury.

No. 1969121

No the most boring person in this thread isn't Niamh but constantly blogging retards like you

No. 1969132


Have you ever seen an actual human female. Some are more curvy than others., she’s not “underdeveloped”. And all healthy ones are significantly bigger than Niamh was, including teenagers
Convinced one or two trolls are hellbent in trying to get her to relapse which is proana scumbag behaviour itself

No. 1969139

>I’m just telling you what I think.
Nta but literally no one cares about what some anonymous retard thinks enough to warrant this many repetitive replies, go buy a diary and shut the fuck up. Some of you really over estimate your importance here.

No. 1969144

she is in for a rude awakening when she ages out of being treated at children's hospitals… she complains about treatment now!

No. 1969148

wait wtf this is niamh now??

No. 1969202

ntayrt, people this thin look far more shocking in real life/ in person

No. 1969234

just an fyi niamh went to adult services when she went IP last. So to the annoying bitches that keep talking ab her size when that’s not relevant at all, maybe scroll her socials more. Also she posted that she was 11 bmi lowest on her insta story like yesterday. I’m too lazy to find it but it’s on r/edrecoverysnark(sage your shit)

No. 1969243

Seconding this. Redu is an adults unit and you basically need to be days from death for them to admit you there

No. 1969267

File: 1708714204270.jpeg (68 KB, 463x333, 12EF5CB5-70F7-4383-9484-43FFE7…)

Bmi of 11 at 5’6 (whoever said she was this height, please provide evidence) is 31kg. A healthy weight is 52kg

No. 1969272

“I almost died last summer.” Girl how?? You were rampaging around Italy flaunting your emaciated body. Just because you’re BMI 11 doesn’t mean you “almost died.” She posted recently that she told her mum and doctor her real weight and consented to going into hospital. That doesn’t sound like almost dying to me

No. 1969275

please use your brain. you can still die while being in denial of ur ed or the fact that you need help. like if ur organs are failing, which they often do at LITERALLY BMI ELEVEN, then you are dying. It doesn’t matter if ur in Paris or the middle of a desert

like do you guys hear urselves??(sage your shit)

No. 1969280

That’s not what I was saying. I was saying that she didn’t post anything about organ failure or hospital admissions or appointments and we sure as hell know she would have done so because she loves the attention. Obviously BMI 11 is horrifically low and you can die from it. Where did I deny that?

No. 1969291

wdym by real weight? like she somehow faked 10 plus pounds?

No. 1969293

File: 1708716357022.jpg (611.27 KB, 1080x2171, IMG_20240223_202526.jpg)

Potential new cow? This girl got recommended to me today. Half her Instagram is food recommendations and the other half are posts about how much she still struggles with her Ed with a bunch of old skelly bodychecks. She currently claims she hates herself because she gained weight but can't lose any weight because she's in "starvation mode" which is absolute bullshit. She's hella passive aggressive and loves to cry about how hard her life is. Claims that therapy doesn't help her and is just very annoying. Kinda reminds me of Rachel

No. 1969294

Idk, that’s what she said on her insta story (didn’t screenshot, sorry). She probably wasn’t getting weighed and that’s how she lied about it. That’s my only guess, really

No. 1969306

so what, really? BMI 11 is dying. Your heart can give up anytime without warning, she could have just died in her sleep. Death from malnutrition can be a sudden collapse, not a days long agony.

No. 1969310

One of the ayrt, no it’s my first time on this thread. I am slightly smaller than picrel due to bone structure, but my chestbones don’t show and no one gives a fuck. >>1969055 is right, I wouldn’t say underdeveloped but there are definitely normal adults walking around with the same BMIs as these anachans, obviously. If you’re not literally starving yourself you don’t look unhealthy.(*bones rattling*)

No. 1969313

Shut the fuck up will you. No one cares. No one asked. This isn’t a place to discuss what “some normal people look like”

No. 1969314

I mean, I’m just responding? I wasn’t the anon who said anyone who doesn’t look like Eugenia Cooney is fine. It’s not exactly revolutionary to acknowledge that these ana-chans are only getting attention because they’re in hospital. Some of them do look normal.

No. 1969315

Normal adults do not walk around at bmi 11 please touch grass

No. 1969330

This niamh shit is getting old ngl. Are none of the other cows doing anything even remotely more interesting?(sage your shit)

No. 1969333

A lot of anas water load before doctor's appointments, maybe that's what she did.

No. 1969334

No, they don't hear themselves. This thread is just a bunch of bone rattlers with their BMI in their instagram/twitter bio. They are the pro-ana scumbags this thread is meant to be clowning on. But honestly, these threads may as well just be titled the thinspo jealousy rage thread, atp. All I ever see when I pop in here is "she's not that thin!!!" whining and crying. Every single thread, all the fucking time. It's just a bunch of ed bitches not realizing this thread is supposed to be making fun of ed bitches, so they treat it like an ed competition thread

No. 1969340

very true, but what milk have you brought to the thread?

No. 1969344

oh it's drier than the goddamn sahara out here. Things haven't been the same since the extreme nutcases like nikol moved on with their lives. Her deranged ed idolization was gold. But the "i'm thinner than (x)" posting is even more obnoxious than the milkless cows that get posted these days

No. 1969346

this thread now belongs to anachans and ana fetishists, jealous fatties and farmers are no longer welcome(autism)

No. 1969359

bullshit. seen people at REDU who certainly aren’t extreme BMIIs or anywhere near.

anyway we all know niamh deliberately posted that because she reads here and was bursting to try and tell everyone about her sooper dooper low BMI that she conveniently just happened to be emailing someone about, screenshotting AND posting right as it’s been discussed here. and totally didn’t just make up a number for validation.

niamh, get a hold of yourself.

No. 1969362

File: 1708729562644.png (1.81 MB, 1179x2556, IMG_5724.png)

most pathetic lie i’ve ever seen. before this i had an iota of respect for her for actually turning her life around a little seemingly but this to me is concrete evidence that she’s still the same old attention-hungry anachan at heart.

No. 1969367

Yes. Niamh used to waterload and wear jeans and hoodies which she would refuse to take off to be weighed so her drs obviously didn't know her accurate weight

No. 1969369

also can you stop rattling about whether you think bmi 3 is fat or not its so boring. medically bmi 18 is underweight obviously bmi 11 is unhealthy. nobody cares that you felt fine at 12kg

No. 1969378

where did you learn ab this?(sage your shit)

No. 1969402

it just seems like you couldn't go beyond like 3lbs with that due to water poisoning and pissing yourself

No. 1969407

Shut up about BMI and height and Niamh and what's skinny and what's not holy shit it's been like 3 fucking days, you bitches are completely headfucked to think this shit isn't clogging the damn thread omg shut the fuck up

No. 1969476

The thread has been brigaded by anachans for awhile now. The sole “milk” they provide is posting other ana cows’ hospital selfies and saying “b-but she’s not even that thin!” But any thread about ED attracts people with ED who just show up to compete with each other and trigger themselves.

No. 1969480

yeah, and it doesn't help that some of the milkier people got split off into the cluster b thread. We need a new Stef or Cece.

No. 1969493

I miss cece so much lol. Last I checked she's been working as like a breast lactation consultant, something like that. Don't really know if she's still milky or doing much other than that.

No. 1969494

kek that she literally has a milky job. But more seriously, if she's actually doing well and acting like an adult then I'm happy for her. It seems like getting off social media was helpful for her, which many of the other cows could benefit from noticing.

No. 1969560

Kek my thoughts exactly.
Given her prophecy for self posting and bullying herself, I wouldn’t be surprised if this thread is just Niamh talking to herself.

No. 1969567

sorry but what's zara's insta? can't find it

No. 1969569

I think she's deleted everything except @zarvivalpodcast, which she never really used

No. 1969574

I was the one who said it was 12.6, feel like the 11 is an exaggeration. all the stuff i figured out wouldn't match up otherwise

No. 1969583

Omg will you shut the fuck up already no one cares. All the stuff I fOuNd OuT. You’re obsessed n a creep

No. 1969630

loosen the sand in your vag(infighting)

No. 1969636