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Hellweek is over! Share your thoughts

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No. 67831

Previous thread: >>>/meta/66283

No. 67832

Has 'communication admin' dropped a new year message yet? Curious to hear the outlook, how they feel things are going, any other news.

No. 67833

attention whoring anachan >>>/ot/1858912

No. 67834

there's been so much retarded infighting because of food/weight/diet related talk in ot, see >>67833, and it's getting extremely annoying to read the same shit over and over again. there should be a discussion about containing this stuff in the respective threads (weight loss/exercise/whatever the thread is about in g).

No. 67835

some retard is going to come in here and start having an epic meltdown over the threadpic because reeeeeeeee kiwifarm scrotes reeeeeeee admin is joshua moon lmao.

No. 67836

I'd like to know what the plans for LC are 2024. Will there be a hell week, and will we get LC 2.0?

No. 67837

File: 1705524470156.png (1.19 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_3192.png)

You know some truth just got posted when it gets hit with the (derailing)

No. 67839

i'm not disagreeing with her at all but this should go in the pinkpill thread on 2X or something instead. this poster continually clogs the thread with her reddit spaced novels, often not even relating it to tradthot content at all but just posting it on its own. that is derailing even if it's also based and interesting.

No. 67840

have you seen 2X? it’s dead. maybe they could just let us have pink pill threads in ot

No. 67841

>maybe they could just let us have pink pill threads in ot
It would make lc more newfag infested than ever.

No. 67842

i would also advocate for a pinkpill thread in /ot/ again but >>67841 is right. and 2X is dead for a reason, it's overtaken by cringe like the nationalism thread while most normal posters have abandoned it. be the change you want to see.

No. 67843

I don’t see why we’d get newfags if anything it would reinforce our brand

No. 67844

keep threads where they belong. If users only visit /ot/ and don't venture out to other boards then that's a problem in itself. Just link to /2X/ more when you see discussions that have thread potential

No. 67845

because /ot/ attracts newfags, baiters and trolls. it would be a shitfest. on the other hand, 2X being a hidden board has had the same result as one of those far off islands filled with ultra toxic snakes and shit that just continue to get more toxic due to natural selection

No. 67846

There’s not any reason for it not be in /ot/, everyone clearly wants it because the discussion always leaks out in adjacent threads

No. 67847

that’s just an argument for deleting /ot/ as a whole. can’t believe KF has a man hating thread and we don’t.

No. 67848

Admin why the fuck did you delete all of my posts i didn’t even say anything wrong. All I did was make jokes about zac efrain and justin bieber? Is that really hitting a nerve for you, faggot??

No. 67849

File: 1705537238195.jpg (1.59 MB, 1757x2000, 582940@2x.jpg)

It'd be cool to do something akin to 4chan's winterball, but with the board-tans we have here.
Anything from roleplaying as one board asking the other out, coming up with outfits/designs for pairs, creating fake drama to get a certain board to pick yours, drawing/writing about it etc.
Since the way threads are meant to last here, it'd probably have to be a single containment thread in one of the boards (probably /ot/), but it'd still be doable.

No. 67850

2X died when we allowed rightoid threads. now i isn't gc anymore or even feminist, it's all tradtards. and they're spilling over to /ot/

No. 67851

Do we have board-tans outside of Elsie and 2X-chan?

No. 67852

completely agree

No. 67853

Half the fun is making your own version of them, but these ones are pretty good for inspiration >>>/m/149775

No. 67856

I've said it before and I'll say it again, all boards apart from /snow/ and /pt/ should be hidden.

No. 67857

100% agreed

No. 67858

>Isn't GC anymore
The most popular thread is literally the tranny hate one.

Free speech isn't allowed on this site. Anything that hits too close to home will be hit with a ban.

A man hate thread or anything that reminds certain types of reality would definitely attract seething from actual newfags and moid spergs on an unhidden board. Newfags are usually libfem and vapid congregating to the celebrity and moid sperg threads of /ot/

No. 67859

>Free speech isn't allowed on this site.
Correct. LC is not a twitter feed or a tumblr blog where any random thought can be freely vomited out into the void. It's an image board that has boards for topics and threads on boards for subjects within the board's topic. What is appropriate to discuss in a thread on one board is not appropriate to discuss in another thread on another board. Newfags don't seem to understand this even though organizing discussion this way has been done since the days of BBS.

No. 67860

you can hate troons without being gender crit or indeed feminist at all. plenty of conservatives hates trannies too.
and yeah lc has no free speech rule, this isn't twitter, thank god there's some gatekeeping here

No. 67863

I demand we shame (redtext) everyone who uses ”gunt”. it’s such a vomit-inducing, offensively scrotish, and embarrassing ”word” to use.

No. 67864

File: 1705601251754.jpeg (569.76 KB, 849x1153, 1696411559847.jpeg)

Sorry Shayna

No. 67868


Please permaban the moid shitting up the italian thread

No. 67870

File: 1705615930875.jpg (246.67 KB, 1080x680, Screenshot_2024-01-18-17-07-13…)

Not this anon but is this really racebait? Seems more like mocking racists than that. Especially the whole "only seeing the world in black and white" thing. It's in the hotep thread and I feel like it got swept up in other bans on the thread maybe? Or maybe an American who can't see brown got mad and reported it kek

No. 67871

Retarded idea that I just though of but what if there was a Lolcow March Madness where we pit all the cows together to fight each other and we vote for whoever would win, like a WWW sort of plot

No. 67872

Like in a physical battle? kek

No. 67873

File: 1705628471736.jpg (624.92 KB, 1284x722, BmPgKJ2.jpg)

WWE style

No. 67874

baiters/infighters at it again on the yaoi thread >>>/m/349626

No. 67875

That would be fun…if we didn't already know Shayna would win

No. 67876

Kek I was thinking that too but if we're going off of weight alone Momo and Amberlynn would easily outrank Shayna. Maybe we just ban Shay from the competition entirely for fairness or introduce her as a final boss

No. 67878

this would literally kill this entire site
I agree this isn’t race bait per se, but it is still retarded bait. americans, one of the most diverse clusters of people, only see ethnicity in black and white? kek

No. 67879

the site has already been killed for the last 4 years

No. 67880

Don't lie, you're the weird anon who posts a lot of images of disabled pregnant women.

No. 67881

Can one of you take a short break from gooning and remove one hand off your dick for like 5 minutes to merge the dumbass shit threads or lock one its been like 12 hours.

No. 67882

no one cares tranny

No. 67883

Just use kiwifarms then.

No. 67884

shit thread in /ot/ by scrote >>>/ot/1861070

No. 67885


The italian thread is being targeted by moids sigh

No. 67886

Maybe your the tranny because hiding boards reduces the chance that they would be found by a wandering troon. To access a hidden board requires basic knowledge of image boards which all farmers should have by now, it also requires the potential poster to know of the board's existence and it takes more effort that clicking a link. As was seen with /2X/ being hidden again, hiding boards reduces the amount of undesirable posters meaning that they are easier to moderate.

No. 67887


The same, ban evading moid in the ita thread. Can someone please keep an eye on it until these failed fetuses get bored? We want to gossip in peace kek. Watch out for lower case, short sentence replies

No. 67888

pakichan baiting again >>>/ot/1861457

No. 67889

You're so right "sister", actually why don't we hide the whole website, since newfags and other undesirables are on all boards, especially /snow/ who is in the lead with the amount of redtexts it has per day?

>As was seen with /2X/ being hidden again, hiding boards reduces the amount of undesirable posters meaning that they are easier to moderate.

So true, I'm glad all these pesky radfems from reddit and twitter and facebook and 4chan and kiwifarms are contained and hidden away, so that the rest of the website is very successfully free of manhate.

No. 67890

then leave kek

No. 67891

That is true, when a board has on average two posts a day it is easier to moderate

No. 67892

>actually why don't we hide the whole website
I would prefer that. LC would just be a front page and then any poster would be required to manually input the board they wanted to visit in the address bar.

>So true, I'm glad all these pesky radfems from reddit and twitter and facebook and 4chan and kiwifarms are contained and hidden away, so that the rest of the website is very successfully free of manhate.

Other people being too dumb to access a hidden board is not my problem.

No. 67893

radfems from 4chan?

No. 67895

I warned you I warned you lolcor you let shotafags post in >>>/g/361134 and now it’s growing. The baiting is already happening.

No. 67896

It’s a thread dedicated to shameful fetishes, calm down.

No. 67897

I like how the shotafag posts are sandwiched in between anons saying their fetish is ddlg and getting raped by older abusive men. The duality of nonnies.

No. 67898

>I would prefer that
Of course you would. But it won't happen, so all that's left for you is to cope and dilate.

No. 67900

tranny tinfoiling in the MTF thread

No. 67901

>tranny calling a woman a tranny
Hiding boards makes them harder to access for troons because it requires knowledge of how to access and lurking to discover the boards existence. Easily accessible boards are more susceptible to troon raids and spam. Nice try but you will always be a mentally ill man with a Y chromosome.

No. 67902

File: 1705836859386.jpeg (29.92 KB, 640x480, IMG_9891.jpeg)

No. 67903

If I was a tranny, I would advertise for this website to die due to lack of traffic after spamming cp doesn't work anymore. Just like you do.

No. 67904

im kinda getting tired of the mass amount of shayna threads when she literally is not milky yall just love to bully a middle aged fat woman who thinks shes pretty and a bimbo (80% of nsfwtwt).. the belle delphine thread got locked even though she constantly did milky stuff and is actually relevant.. by the mods logic if the shayna threads r allowed to stay the belle one should be. if the belle thread should be banned, the shayna one definitely should be. at belles next return,, id like the thread to be unlocked

No. 67905

Keep them on the hidden board for the love of god.

No. 67906

Newfag moid. The site wouldn't die. It's had less users in the past. You're just a lost reddit troon that is unaware that it's common for IBs to have hidden boards. You want the site to continue be vulnerable to raids because you probably get off on the idea of women seeing images of your shriveled micro dick.

No. 67907

and people who complained about the belle thread couldnt do that??

No. 67910

You're trying way too hard kek.

No. 67913

File: 1705873071253.gif (454.4 KB, 200x200, 265499a21.gif)

thanks farmhands love you

No. 67915

>post something innocuous
>get called a retard
>quote them back, explaining my case (and maybe also calling them a retard)
>get banned and red-texted for "infighting"
i get why but it also doesn't seem fair, why not punish the person who starts it in the first place?

No. 67916

I've removed your ban and banned the person you were replying to. In the future, please just report them and don't even respond to them, you're just feeding the infighting.

No. 67940

thanks…..if you check my post history and i get banned again i'll just eat it kek sorry

No. 67946

A thread with edited images and fake milk isn't the type of thread we need on the site. And that's all that thread was.

No. 67949

I swear posters on this thread only nitpick and tinfoil about milk. >>>/w/318260 refuses to post proof of this copying aside from "SHE WORE A BRA TOOOOOOO" This isnt even about the cow and the post had nothing to do about the cow either >>>/w/317926. They don't seem interested in real milk vs this fake attempt to make Taylor milky by getting other anons to try to believe their bit. Shoehorning in other influencers to make a point about a trend not even started by this random girl is utterly useless to the thread.

No. 67955

kpop stan >>>/ot/1863896

No. 67960

racebaiting in the tradthots thread again

No. 67961

File: 1705884418702.jpeg (984.14 KB, 1167x1791, 4D3DCEEE-182E-4D8F-84BE-5BB9E1…)

Attention whoreing moid (likely a tranny) in tradthots thread. The absolute state.

No. 67963

i hate how trannies and retards flock to that thread, it's the only slightly milky thread but its filled with stupid racebaiters and troons

No. 67964

File: 1705884876244.jpeg (174.48 KB, 1242x1100, 29337517-6D69-4EEB-8122-A6EEAA…)

Wtf is going on with the tradthots thread. I can’t work out if it’s a self loathing brown chick with gender/racial dysphoria or a mentally ill white troon with a brown woman/sniff fag fetish. I’m guessing the latter.

No. 67965

It has to be the same tranny who shits up the black girls thread. He clearly got bored of that thread.

No. 67966

Again, I didn't post about Valeria wearing a bra. Ever. Not even once. Why are you infighting over a 4-day old post and refusing to read the OP for the thread before sperging? Valeria is mentioned as someone Taylor has copied in the OP text of her thread since November 2020, meaning the topic was discussed extensively prior to then. You pretending she's a complete unknown and there's no indication of influence is asking to be spoonfed, it's embarrassing, take the L and hide the thread.

No. 67967

File: 1705885535839.jpeg (724.43 KB, 1123x1520, 3F21C153-0D9F-4F7B-A550-4BF025…)

Figures. Because that troon is bisexual and also has a fetish for brown and black women. He’s still going.

No. 67968

I was there when those threads were active and they weren't really discussed as fact and was all tinfoil.

No. 67969

File: 1705886242909.jpeg (783.6 KB, 1242x1856, A3B9569A-F924-45CA-8F43-DB6A3E…)

Farmhands/janny clean it up please.

No. 67971

retard mods better ban all the retards responding to the moid in the tradthot thread, those stupid retards who reply to bait never learn

No. 67972

If that were true, you wouldn't have called Valeria a random "girl" and "who??" Go away, the discussion ended days and years ago, respectively.

No. 67975

The fact that s/he posted South Park Tweek x Craig fanart with a genderbent Craig makes me think it's a weird girl using the thread to fantasise about having a blond white bf. But the long fingers and lank hair in the attentionwhoring selfie look male

No. 67977

File: 1705887212960.jpeg (1.03 MB, 1165x1555, 8DDC44B6-9C5E-4D96-911C-B57FDA…)

He’s sperging about brunettes now in /g/. Guess it confirms it was a mentally ill blonde moid.

No. 67980

all the lookspergs are either males or kpopfags

No. 67981

Anon, she's not as famous as you want her to be just because her following is over 2mil. Get over yourself. There's other people out there in this world and yeah, being brought up in passing without anything to link her to Taylor besides tinfoil is hardly a blip on the radar.

No. 67985

sometimes I am truly impressed at how astute some farmers are, because yes, this is 100% the case.

No. 67989

File: 1705891527319.png (232.69 KB, 864x866, 1000019656.png)

Don't seem to have gotten an actual ban afaik (didn't see a ban notice), so can I please have an explanation as to why telling someone to read the OP of the thread instead of asking to be spoonfed is "infighting"? This poster also repeatedly refers to a woman over 30 with 3 children as a "girl" which is frankly bizarre.

No. 67991

I'm not a man, I'm just someone who's proud of her hair and eye color. I know not everyone can relate. That's all I wanted to say, but I'm taking my ban in peace.

No. 67992

File: 1705894390658.jpg (352.01 KB, 1170x737, amen.jpg)

No. 67997

That's dark brown hair, not only is he retarded, he's also colorblind.

No. 68009

File: 1705901667948.png (Spoiler Image, 557.01 KB, 521x921, rgeageragersg.png)

Just saw this, lmao. He's not the tranny. He's legitimately my bf, and was baiting while I laughed (my hand btw). The tradthot thread has been overrun with failed members of that community posting self-hate garbage, misogyny (while claiming to be women) and unironic racism like moids. It deserves this fate and worse. This isn't the first time we've mocked it, but the body odor racial supremacy sperging was too unhinged. Hell week is not enough.

>still obsessing over his hair color
This shows you've learned nothing, and you are obviously one of the failed tradthots taking obvious bait. Nobody in the real world actually cares about hair color (or how blond/e is spelled) except racists and teenage girls. Jannies can ban me for this. Please do your job and clean the website while you're at it.

No. 68012

>He's legitimately my bf
I hope for your sake this is bait and that you wiped your exif data before fishing for attention on an imageboard.

No. 68014

>acting like imageboards are big scary dangerous places in 2024
2/3 of this site is tiktok kiddies now lmao

No. 68019

how do we contain the unpopular opinion thread? I get it's bound to cause infights but anons prone to infighting/sperging/moid accusations should be banned from it imo

No. 68020

baiting in the fandom thread >>>/ot/1864292

No. 68021

kek the retard deteled the obvious bait to make it ''less'' obvious >>>/ot/1864293

No. 68025

Anons call many cows girls/women regardless of age or if they have kids. What a hill you've climbed.

No. 68026

sorry mods i know you are busy but please ban the retard baiting >>>/ot/1864307 retarded anons are actually replying instead of reporting

No. 68027

Can “sex work is work” type posts be banned or kept to the sex worker thread in /g/? It’s actually really frustrating to see that propaganda as someone who experienced trafficking as a child, I know it’s just their opinion but I hate seeing anons carry on about how prostitutes are based and “cute” and prostitution is empowering. It never fails to start infights and both sides always accuse the other of being moids

No. 68029

That would be dumb. Anons shouldn't be banned just for having different opinions.

No. 68031

Anon, people voluntarily doing sex work for work is not the same as you being trafficked. I'm sorry about what happened to you, but what happened to you isn't the entirety of the sex industry.

No. 68032

Trafficking and prostitution are inextricably linked, sex buyers are statistically proven to be more likely to be rapists and pedophiles. Prostitution increases trafficking, you never have one without the other. There are plenty of banned topics like kpop, a certain actor, and just nitpicking cows bodies gets banned in threads. There’s not need for pro prostitution rhetoric to be allowed on the site, it’s gross and it’s very likely to just be males spreading their propaganda to make women think it ok for women to be purchased and degraded.

No. 68033

I didn't say it wasn't linked, in fact I said people were willing to involve themselves in sex work. That term is really just a personal moral thing. I don't think the term should be banned or the users who say it should. If anything, you should let it go and stop looking for reasons to possibly infight if it were brought up. Users can have different opinions, just like there's a bunch of idiots who really think Amber Heard is a good guy and should've won. They are wrong, but they have a right to the opinion.

No. 68035

Where was anyone even saying that prostitution is based, cute or empowering?
At the end of the day, lolcow isn't really a site catered towards certain opinions or stances. If everything got banned just because of someone disagreeing with it, we wouldn't discuss anything on here.

No. 68037

In the unpopular opinions thread
Of course you’re a Depp supporter, you pathetic man worshiper. As I already said kpop, Adam driver, and nitpicking women’s looks have all been banned too, there’s no reason why pro-sex industry rhetoric shouldn’t be banned as well. The majority of anons hate prostitution and sexbuyers/sex-offenders, there’s no need to cater to the few man worshiping prostitutes with personality disorders (who are most likely troons anyways)

No. 68038

Samefag but anons also get rightfully banned for supporting trannies because they aren’t integrating, this shouldn’t be any different

No. 68039

You need some time off lolcow, anon. Also you're complaining about something posted in the unpopular opinions thread, but want people who have an unpopular opinion banned lol Make it make sense.

No. 68044

I hope third time's the charm. Either pakichan or the antifujo sperg derrailing the fandom thread with the same ''ukes are actually women'' shtick. Retarded anons already took the bait and are derrailing the thread even further.
This fucking retard is always trying to bait and infight every single time anyone mentions fujos. I dont know why she's convinced the fandom thread is the fujo cringe thread 2. Her posts are so obvious because they never have anything to do with fandom discourse, it's always just shitting on fujos and calling them ''pornsick''. She has an entire thread for that, but the fandom discourse is not for that.

No. 68045

can't seem to change the thread theme out of Hellweek, like I get it's wanting to warn people before hand, but's it's kind grating to look at.

No. 68046

Yeah pro-prostitution rhetoric shouldn’t be welcome just like pro-tranny rhetoric and racebait. The unpopular opinions thread is where retards were calling prostitutes cute and empowered, but I didn’t say unpopular opinions should be banned, I’m talking about the site in general as I’ve seen it in other threads too

No. 68048

I'm having issues with uploading gifs, can't seem to post one at all?

No. 68053

Please don’t waste your breath arguing with retards.

No. 68054

Let me turn off the floating text on the forced hellweek theme, trying to read posts on here with it on is giving me a headache.

No. 68055

Wait never mind I figured out how to turn it off.

No. 68062

Is posting porn on /g/ and /m/ allowed if it´s spoilered? The rules says pornography and NSFW is forbidden but I rarely see spoilered porn get redtexted.

No. 68064

File: 1705930692442.jpg (168.5 KB, 718x1435, Screenshot_20240122-183751_Sam…)

Can a farmhand fix the good character thread in m? It keeps bugging out and missing posts (both pc and mobile)

No. 68066

It used to be banned and you had to link to more explicit content if you wanted to share it. I have no idea why the farmhands stopped moderating it. It's hellweek so it needs to be cleaned up so newfags learn the rules.

No. 68074

click "show saged posts for this thread" to the bottom right of the comment field

No. 68080

Changing the site layout doesn't work on Chrome and it's a real pain in the ass to deal with the raining text.

No. 68084

Thank you!

No. 68097

>pro prostitution
The reach

No. 68116

are you referring to the infight in the unpopular opinion thread? prostitution wasn't supported from what I've seen it was just anons talking about being strippers in the past/thinking strip clubs are fun. You were the one having meltdowns about the libfem boogeyman and thinking all strippers were freak show super-villains even after multiple anons disagreed. You were the seething annoying cunt that should be banned.

No. 68128

>In the unpopular opinions thread
I just looked and no one there said it was based, cute or empowering.

No. 68130

agreed, the worst thing was that one anon admitted to being a stripper (?) but at the end still admitted it was dangerous and not a good job, and then a few other anons said they knew girls who were great people who were strippers but not that the job itself was a good idea and IMO strippers aren't prostitudes. Literally no one supported prostitution in general nor did anyone say it was empowering or good

I hate being THAT anon but I have a feeling the anon is just a frequent infighter, especially since I have seen multiple other posts around the same time using her same spergey style that (hopefully) has been banned since. She needs to calm down and have a break

No. 68131

Can the gardening thread >>>/g/209934 be moved to /ot/? It's not feminine health/beauty related and I'd like to see it (hopefully) get more traffic in /ot/.

No. 68132

I took a look at the posts anon kept marking as pro prostitution lib fems, the first one was an anon saying she wouldn't date a moid that goes to strip clubs or watches porn, the other one was an anon saying strip clubs are fun if they aren't all just moids, and the anon that was a stripper posting still admitted it was an unlikable job and that it wouldn't exist if the economy was better. I guess the only ones that would come off as "pro prostitution" were anons saying the clubs were fun which isn't a big deal imo since anons have admitted to going to see male strippers too and most anons here are lesbians

No. 68138

Anon just sees women selling bodies and think its the same as their personal traffick story. If thats even true.

No. 68141

why wasnt the baiter in the fandom thread banned? hellweek my ass

No. 68144

I don't see any report from that thread. Please report them and I will investigate. Keep in mind we don't sit in various threads watching and only know situations that happen from reporting.

No. 68145

i reported them though, even brougth the reports here >>68026 >>68021 >>68044

No. 68146

thanks! Bans have been issued, apologies for the missed posts.

No. 68147

I am all for hell week but oh my god I can’t deal with all the raining “read the rules”. Literally going cross-eyed.

Is there a way to turn this off or only make it rain for a couple seconds? I tried changing the theme but it doesn’t do anything on mobile.
Dark lords pls help

No. 68149

File: 1705956079855.png (10.79 KB, 657x326, how_to_turn_off.PNG)

press the fire gif at the top of the page here

No. 68179

The anon mentioned she worked at a DV shelter but also treated trafficking victims as freak shows who are dangerous, it's actually worrisome she works around traumatized women and views them that way. She also associated all the trafficking victims she met with strippers which is why she kept insisting stripping and prostitution was the same thing (surely someone who works around trafficking victims would know it's not??)

Either way I hope the women she's supposedly around don't get further traumatized by her rudeness and can find the safety and help they seek

No. 68184

can we lock the venus thread until she comes back?

No. 68186

Anon i think you forgot the deranged troons who spam the boards with cp

No. 68190

delulu needs to be redtexted

No. 68195

File: 1705982633884.jpeg (639.47 KB, 1170x1871, IMG_4796.jpeg)

No, the first anon said that men who go to stripclubs have the “healthiest form of sex consumption” and that she would rather date a man who goes to stripclubs than one who watches porn. She said something about it being ok because it takes effort on both sides (whatever that means) and that at least he would know what female bodies look like outside of porn angles. Then there were other anons saying that every stripper they’ve ever met has been sweet and intelligent with beautiful souls, which is the opposite of how women who choose to involve themselves in the sex industry are.
No, I said that trafficking and the sex industry are inextricably linked, there’s never just one without the other. Women who choose to sell themselves to rapists and pedos who also buy trafficking victims are just as bad as the sex buyers they’re selling themselves to

What the fuck is wrong with you?? I separated trafficking victims and WOMEM WHO CHOOSE TO INVOLVE THEMSELVES repeatedly, you have poor reading comprehension. I said that I’ve volunteered at women’s shelters and rape shelters, so I’ve encountered strippers who are all horrible pickme types. A lot of the women trapped in DV situations had horrible upbringings with trashy stripper moms who abused them, I’ve never encountered someone with a prostitute mom or stepmom who had positive experiences with her. Every single woman I’ve ever met who dealt with a female parent like that was abused by her, it’s a stereotype for a reason. Now I’ve included a screenshot of my original post so you can see who stupid and ignorant you are, I literally separated trafficking victims and retards who choose to sell themselves to rape apes

No. 68198

>No, the first anon said that men who go to stripclubs have the “healthiest form of sex consumption”
it came off to me as that she thought it was the lesser of two evils, she still seemed to disagree with it overall
>hen there were other anons saying that every stripper they’ve ever met has been sweet and intelligent with beautiful souls, which is the opposite of how women who choose to involve themselves in the sex industry are.
that's fine? only like 10% of strippers ever did any sort of sexual activities for money, ofc women who dance around in a thong on the DL aren't going to be exactly like the druggies you meet on the street
>No, I said that trafficking and the sex industry are inextricably linked, there’s never just one without the other. Women who choose to sell themselves to rapists and pedos who also buy trafficking victims are just as bad as the sex buyers they’re selling themselves to
that's fine, but the discussion was about strippers, not hookers
>Every single woman I’ve ever met who dealt with a female parent like that was abused by her, it’s a stereotype for a reason. Now I’ve included a screenshot of my original post so you can see who stupid and ignorant you are, I literally separated trafficking victims and retards who choose to sell themselves to rape apes
if you work in a shelter of course your experience is going to be vastly different than other women who meet strippers as friends or as normie women with a bad past. Either way you should calm down and likely stay away from volunteering, you sound pretty gross yourself

No. 68199

>only like 10% of strippers ever did any sort of sexual activities for money, ofc women who dance around in a thong on the DL aren't going to be exactly like the druggies you meet on the street
Nope, the majority of strippers have personality disorders and drug addictions, they’re exactly like there druggies you meet on the street
>that's fine, but the discussion was about strippers, not hookers
Rape apes who go to strip clubs have an extremely high rate of benign sex offenders and predators, and paying for sex which includes trafficking victims.
>Either way you should calm down and likely stay away from volunteering, you sound pretty gross yourself
I really don’t though, you can’t even respond to me without changing every point I made to sound worse which means you know you’re wrong. Just shut up and stop infighting, you’re a moron who can’t read

No. 68213

you haven't proved a single claim and are trying to infight in a meta thread

No. 68218

Why do all radfem refuges on this site sound extremely retarded. No one gives a shit about your retarded sperging,derailing, inighting etc. All you newfag radfems know what to do is talk about trannys, prostitutes, gay men,bisexual women and women who wear makeup. That's all you braindeads talk about and you derail every single thread so you can talk about those things and write autistic-schizo paragraphs.
The tranny threads were a mistake.

No. 68223

I love my radfems but anon didn't seem like a radfem at all. A radfem wouldn't stand around thinking women who are abused are the worst people alive especially when it's known that men are the ones behind all of that nonsense. She almost sounds like an MRA trying to spread awareness about "evil women" while also catering to the anti SW views on lolcow

No. 68224

File: 1705993442899.jpg (55.87 KB, 720x227, gorespammer.jpg)

shut up

No. 68225

I said men who buy women, pay for sex, go to strip clubs, watch porn are evil subhumans and that most of them buy trafficking victims. You just proved that you didn’t even follow the conversation because I said it repeatedly.

I never said “women who are abused are the worst people alive” I said women who abuse and traffick their own children are the scummiest people alive

No. 68226

I still want to know why the "black girl problems" thread is allowed to stay up. I never got a clear answer from the mods, or the admin.
Admin, am I allowed to start a "white girl problems" thread, then? I've noticed that in the last meta complaints thread, the discussion revealed a lot of racism against white people on here. And every time I've posted about Middle Eastern men who emigrated to Europe and called them "rapefugees", I've been slapped down for that (prove me fucking wrong, btw, I'm sure the rape statistics in Germany alone will back me up). So I just want to check in with you first.

No. 68229

Idk if it was you but I was referring to the anon saying that women she met in shelters were the "scummiest people alive". Word for word. You also didn't mention women who traffic their children at all in the post where you claimed they were the scummiest people alive then you ignored the anon who pointed out most traffickers are men and not the evil strippers you're paranoid about

No. 68232

sage for samefag but I also think it's a poorly disguised MRA because almost no men where ever mentioned when anon was sperging unless it was about women "catering to men". A rad fem would have pointed out men cause almost all these issues where as the anti stripper sperg seems to mostly be upset about women and think women's worse enemy is other women . This is literally what pearl says when discussions about men being abusers and such pop up

No. 68233

if you think its a man why do you keep responding? just report you idiot

No. 68235

lol between this and the call for mtf/ftm general of all threads to be closed, you people aren't being subtle. the radfems have been here for years. it's the tradthots and rightoids that have been invading recently

No. 68236

File: 1705995766157.jpeg (115.86 KB, 1163x393, IMG_4800.jpeg)

No, I said women who abuse their children and traffick children are the scummiest women alive, I’ve met a lot of trafficking victims at DV shelters who are trafficking victims, like I am, and so many of them have horror stories of their pickme moms who sold themselves and their daughters to men and let their boyfriends prey on their daughters. I think what’s confusing you is that I said strippers and other prostitutes are all horrible people for involving themselves in the sex trade because it revolves around trafficking and they don’t give a fuck as long as they aren’t affected by it. They all have dark triad personality disorders and drug addictions, I don’t know why you keep insisting that they’re “cool and sweet”, they’re all pickme man worshipper scum

The last paragraph of my original post literally blames men for all of it, so I don’t know why you’re lying about what was said

No. 68237

Read >>68236 you idiot, I called men evil subhumans for buying sex in my first post

No. 68242

It's because of the twitter/tiktok newfags. The amount not-so-subtle digs at white people are increased the last few years. Between that and the /pol/tards sperging about black people it's only gonna get worse.

No. 68285

There you go with the accusations because you have nothing else to say, the farmhands will be banning people who accuse other anons of being scrotes/trannys because of people like you. Because you add nothing to this site except for derailing or talking about how prostitutes are literally Satan.

No. 68298

Amen kek, it escalated so quickly too.

No. 68300

I feel like mods really don't care bout the not posting people under 16 years old rule, posts like >>>/snow/1953793 and >>>/snow/1958408 why have the rule of its barely enforced

No. 68302

i haven't accused anyone of anything im just saying there's an influx of rightwing shit and it's disningenuous at best to blame radfems when the bait is largely /pol/-level racist, homophobic an misogynistic. radfems have been here for years

No. 68304

The farmhands have said before that. A lot of these posts also come from women. You don't have to agree with everyone, but you also don't have to accuse them of being male.

No. 68306

Completely OT but is there any way to stop the “read the rules” rain on mobile? It doesn’t go away when I switch themes and makes the threads hard to read. Saged because there’s probably an easy fix that I haven’t figured out yet.

No. 68307

press the fire gif that is underneath the post box

No. 68319

Would posts that are addressed to cows to give them suggestions or rant “at” them be considered a form of nloging? Posts like “hey Jill get a fucking job…” contribute nothing but idk if it’s considered for banning and if so, what’s the exact rule

No. 68323

Posts like those have been banned before. I doubt all of them got redtexts, but Momokun has been a very popular thread for anon directly addressing the cow.

No. 68333

File: 1706049324492.png (143.01 KB, 502x340, 0rYng2n.png)

I really hope nonna here didn't get permabanned for this, cause xiran was posing/retweeting anti-semitic stuff, as well falling under wierd conspiracy shit.

No. 68344

tradthots thread seems to descend into derailing about race on a daily basis. not sure if it's bait or if that's just the crowd tradthots attract but it's pretty annoying, especially when like half of the posts are solely that sperg who accuses everyone of wanting to be white.

No. 68360

it seems to attract twitter types and then bunker-trannies. it really should be banned.

No. 68379

it got locked for the longest time because it was too annoying, maybe it will get locked again. frankly I don't find the tradthots very funny they juts kinda piss me off/depress me kek but I feel bad for farmers who like them that the thread is a mess all the time.

No. 68418

I think that thread attracts stray former 4chan NLOGs. They're usually weirdly obsessed with race because they spent their formative years screaming nigger in tinychat and can't shake that mentality.

No. 68435

The "Hot/Cute Couples" thread on /m/ should have been called the Heteroship Thread (or some variation of that) if that was OP's intended thread topic. If there's ever a subsequent thread, the name should be changed. I was surprised to see so much anime in there, the name gave me the impression it was for pictures of attractive IRL couples regardless of sexuality.

No. 68437

It didn't get locked because it was 'annoying', it got locked because the tranny started derailing it for hours and mods didn't want to mod it.

No. 68445

The thread isn’t annoying at all it’s very milky and juicy. One of my fav threads tbh. The derailing does get a bit much sometimes but nothing anyone says in there is really untrue. Also we have some smart/perceptive nonas in that thread who know a shit ton about biology and evopsych so that’s always fun to read. My tinfoil is that the /snow/ farmhand is tradthot adjacent.

No. 68446

I actually think it’s a tradthot larping as a tranny and intentionally trying to get the thread locked so we stop talking about her tbh.

No. 68447

>Also we have some smart/perceptive nonas in that thread who know a shit ton about biology and evopsych so that’s always fun to read.
That doesn't below in cow threads though

No. 68448

Nta but it belongs because it's all related to tradthots/their posts and behavior. If you remove discussions about their behavior all you're left with are posts that nitpick their selfies, and it would be boring.

No. 68458

some retard is trying to infight
its so annoying how you cant have a decent conversation anymore, even on hellweek, without anons going ''anon ur a retard ur opinion bad kys faggot retard ape wah wah'' to a small mistake, specially when they are the idiots who didnt properly read the original post.

No. 68471

infighting and derrailing going on in the funny caps thread

No. 68486

baiter in the fandom discourse thread

No. 68503

File: 1706185578486.jpeg (373.69 KB, 1242x2208, 2C0C0E82-C6CB-470B-AD7A-05BF01…)

esl faggot takes "die of embarrassment" literally and reports. esl mod bans. I was able to appeal but this pretty embarrassing for the mods.

No. 68507

petition to finally merge /w with /snow. /w is outdated, stale, and unnecessary

No. 68522

Seconding petition.

Maybe having to compete with active, actual /snow/ cows will get the schizos in the Venus thread to take a breather and focus on actual milky snowflakes. As things stand now /w/ is basically the Venus boards which says a lot when Venus has negative milk.

No. 68532

Whole-heartedly agree.

No. 68542

Venus isn'teven a cow woth new milk anymore. The only one is Jill or random nobodies anons post in the cosplay thread. Otherwise you have Taylor and Dakota with hair nitpicking galore, Yumi's thread is racebait, Jvlog, Mouse, and Belle are gone, Terry is just your average cosplay autist (really didn't need a thread of him at all), anons tinfoil about fucking animals in the Stef thread.. There's no milk on /w/, just Jill.

No. 68576


No. 68577

/w/ is boring as fuck because just about every e-famous person under 30 is a cringey weeaboo nowadays anyway. The catalog literally wouldn’t fit the massive number of cosplay twitch and onlyfans whores who pretend to be cringe Japanese anime girls and behave like lolcows, nor the number of sexpat weeb moid vloggers who go to Asia to try and daterape Asian women.

No. 68609

>anons tinfoil about fucking animals in the Stef thread
Speaking of… I'm so tired of the beastiality tinfoiling. How many times will take for that anon to get permabanned?

No. 68614

ntayrt, also nta in that thread recently, but you have to be kidding if you think only one nona is disgusted by that particular person being into degen furry shit.

No. 68623

It's more than one anon because I can see it's not just me kek.
I don't think she fucks her dogs literally, I think she has degenerate zoophilic dogfucking fantasies. There's a difference. The former is tinfoil and the latter is on display for the whole world because she's a cow.

No. 68625

File: 1706242902756.png (206.74 KB, 2762x390, Capture d’écran 2024-01-26 à…)

i understand redtexting the people who replied to her but how come the retard who started the bdsm derail in the first place didn't get a redtext?

No. 68627

File: 1706243196780.png (198.05 KB, 1112x372, no commentary.png)

petition to bring this back for Confessions permanently even though it was a short lived rule

No. 68629

no. sometimes commentary there leads to interesting discussions, funny posts and more info about whatever confession was posted. it's not like there's an infight problem there like the vent threads.

No. 68632

nah we have the off your chest thread for that.

No. 68638

I think a farmhand might want to look into cow-tipping happening in the Terry thread on /w/. Something seems really off about the unsaging newfag who has all information about Terry blocked off from who is talking, so it's not even proof it's multiple people. They also said people are "reaching out to them". This sounds like someone is fishing for information about Terry or it all could be manufactured since info is blacked out.

In general, none of it seems trustworthy and the poster seems like an obvious newfag who can't even sage image dumps properly. We've had so much fake milk and cowtipping and anons being personally involved in cows milk on /w/ the past year. This wouldn't shock me. Terry doesn't have milk and all the screenshots sound the way anons in that thread sound tbh.

No. 68646

>>>/ot/1868115 AV poster is back and lots of newfags are interacting with it

No. 68664

The Book, Author, and Community General is a great thread but super annoying how anons keep using it to blog about books they don't like, or argue about erotica. It feels like so many posters on this site don't even care about lolcows or drama anymore

No. 68666

Did anyone else notice that the post ITT from yesterday where a nona said they were reporting the tranny to the police for posting CP on here and cc, suddenly got deleted? Is the troon a farmhand on here or something? That’s pretty weird.

No. 68667

All the tinfoil posts about moidmin got deleted too.

No. 68670

Because the scrote doesn't have proof. He's been trying to get anons to bandwagon on admin for running a male site without proof. Even the dude he emailed told him to fuck off. He tries this every few months. Its a good thing its deleted because its false and just shits up the thread with the terrible tinfoil.

No. 68679

There are definitely multiple anons who say the same thing, not everything can be pinned on some omnipresent metaphysical "scrote"

No. 68697

are you a farmhand?

No. 68700

I wouldn't be surprised if that's the case for some of the bootlickers.

No. 68708

>'duplicate threads someone else make a new thread'
>i generously decide to make a new thread because i have nothing to do and am feeling nice today
>i find an agreeable image and properly link the previous thread
>it still gets deleted
Not trying to push your buttons or anything mod but are you good? Who shit in your cornflakes…

No. 68709

The cats fighting was too much for him, I guess

No. 68710

>the scrote
are you referring to the mod?

No. 68718

File: 1706316635909.png (108.78 KB, 1809x542, Untitled-2.png)

I'm calling out the mod who labelled this as "derailing". The post wasn't derailing in the slightest; anon wrote how "women are financially abused by men a lot" and then proceeded to break down HOW the troon got himself and his wife into debt. She even warned anons "This is a really good insight on how most of these freaks think and WILL take advantage of you if you're in striking range of them." Mod who called that "derailing", you're a retard.

No. 68732

There's one anon, maybe a few of them, who has been desperately trying to peg Terry as a "pedo" for a long time now, because of him liking young women. Yeah he likes college aged girls which is creepy and weird, but they're still adults nonetheless. There's no proof of him ever creeping on underage girls. The caps show a person referring to people between 18-24 as "minors" which is not the correct use of that word… just another attempt to falsely label him as pedo.

No. 68735

Unless he does something actually pedophilic, I don't think his thread deserves to be alive. he doesn't have milk, it's just used to make fun of him in general.

No. 68747

thanks for drawing my attention to this post, anon. You're right and I'm going to send that to an acquaintance who is being financially abused by a scrote who has been on the verge of trooning since 2023

No. 68749

You might be right about financial abuse, but it's still off-topic within the thread itself. Not everyone wants to scroll past your personal PSA about how abuse works in a thread meant to mock retards on a gossip site.

No. 68750

There's been a lot of complaints like this as of late. I'd say I'm surprised anons make them with such conviction but I'd be lying.

No. 68751

There’s somebody shitting up the Amerifag thread with constant racebait, most of it’s been redtexted but I keep seeing more added, looks like the same typing style every time

No. 68752

Do you wanna explain to the class how it’s racebait if it’s all factual because usually racebait is either dramatized or blown out of proportion when what was written in Amerifags is very tame compared to what Hamas themselves have actually done.

No. 68753

go back to nursing the palestinians if you love defending their moids so much, noniqua

No. 68754

seen more than usual amount conversation about female rappers and would love to see more ngl, would it be better on a music related board or can we have a dedicated spot? the celebricows thread seemed like a lot of nonas had a lot to say. not game enough to make it myself and hope it isn't redundant but idk could be tight

No. 68758

File: 1706370990959.jpeg (1012.8 KB, 946x1461, 03A0BD9B-F2EB-4851-A494-3EAF8B…)

This is just another /pol/ or kiwifarms A&H website now and you retards are ok with it. Males ruin everything

No. 68759

agreed. racebaiting is insane in the amerifags thread right now. why has this not been contained?

No. 68760

Hi farmhands. Someone in the Amerifag thread is either a lost /pol/tard, or just discovered the triple parentheses. Thanks in advance for clearing it up.

No. 68762

I don’t even understand what side this post is supposed to be on. I’m confused about who he’s saying is whining.

No. 68763

Can't tell if you're all idiots or the tranny. It's been well known that he's been trying to get farmers to believe that a man is in charge of the site yet all the milk is old or fake lol

No. 68766

>the tranny
Oh my sweet summer child, you are so naive to think that its just one tranny

No. 68769

Doesn't matter at all when the whole milk they are trying to push about the site is all unproven. It's been months. Give it a rest. No one on lolcow is going to believe them, especially when they keep to /meta/ because it's harder to get banned in here than other areas of the site, so the tinfoil goes unchecked since the mods refuse to ban fake information on /meta/.

No. 68775

Just because the mod isn't logging in and writing us a whole sonnet admitting that he's a scrote does not mean that we cannot detect it through how himself and the older farmhands have chosen to moderate (or not moderate) this website over the last few years and how he's been choosing to respond to questions and reports posed over the last week. Also I don't really understand the logic behind believing that it is other men who are trying to expose the mods for being male? Because if it was other troons wouldn't they not give a shit? Conversely I imagine that they'd be thrilled to find that a 'woman-centric' imageboard is policed by other trannies instead of actual women.

No. 68777

File: 1706384686828.png (148.91 KB, 1122x247, RIFVFzD.png)

farmhands, this is clearly not meant as actually being racist and meant to the whole "lantix" term

No. 68780

What kind of retarded ban is this? What are the mods huffing?

No. 68782

yet another dumb ban? whats going on?

No. 68783

they're upset that we clocked them, thats whats going on

No. 68785

File: 1706387832821.png (262.63 KB, 1064x1399, Screenshot_20240127-152941~2.p…)

I agree the mods are getting a bit too ban/ red text happy. The second anon was joking about finding out Tyler's height. It interesting hearing from different anons that Fresno that it's a small town and an actual band wouldn't go there to play a small dive bar. It gives insight and calls out Stormy/Pumpy for posting how "famous" her boyfriend's band is.

I said it in the thread but I will say it here, mods get the stick out of your ass

No. 68786

Did you notice it's hellweek

No. 68787

nta but I think she completely understands that its hellweek however I don't recall mods getting angry and banning over harmless jokes? Unless they're autistic and thought the above poasters were being serious. It doesn't say anywhere in the rules that we aren't allowed to make jokes about cowtipping kek

No. 68788

Weird that this got redtexted as cowtipping because cowtipping is defined in the rules as harassing/'brigading' the subject (not sure what they mean by brigading) or taking actions that could potentially expose them to lolcow. Taking a picture of an ugly guy from afar when he isn't noticing is not cowtipping, under that definition.

No. 68789

It didn't just get redtexted as cowtipping, it also got redtexted as blogging which it absolutely was.
>Holy fuck i live near here!
>Kek I could have gone and possibly snapped pictures of the cow in the wild
>Would have been kind of cool
Who gives a fuck?

No. 68790

Only one post was blogposting though, and it could’ve been redtexted as just blogposting. And why did the other anons joke hit such a nerve for the mod to the point of banning her?

No. 68792

thank you farmhands. I hope the genocide enthusiast got a permanent ban

No. 68794

agree with >>68792 thanks farmhands. sorry to the nonas who took the bait and caught a ban too but it's hell week after all.
feel like I remember this happening last time the tradthod thread got locked too lmao

No. 68799

A man has been in charge of the website before. Why do you believe that it is impossible?

No. 68800

I mean honestly. How do you even verify this. The passing of the reins is completely oblique, old admin (who was totes a woman trust me bro) passed it over to new admin who’s also totally a woman cause yeah. I’m not even really calling for anything different because who would want to publicly associate with this place?

No. 68803

No1currs, stfu about this already.

It's just a website.

No. 68804

So first it’s ’a woman is running the site shut up’ and now it’s ‘no1curr it’s just a website it doesn’t matter’? Just say you don’t know

No. 68806

I'm not even the person you replied to originally i'm literally just piping in. It doesn't matter who's running the site. If you don't like it, you can leave. The biggest thing is that people are still going to be posting here, regardless of who is in charge of the website. I don't understand where any of this discussion is supposed to lead.

No. 68808

Anon's putting their personal opinions into stuff like this without actually being involved with the cows or seeing them is something that isn't worth the derailing or putting input into. The post is useless. Also yes, small bands do go to dive bars lol tell me you've never been a roady.

No. 68809

I didn’t author either of the posts you tagged, so actually yeah you are the only person I’ve replied to thus far. Also it actually does matter quite a lot who is running the website, because this isn’t a website for troon men and faggot males. This is not 4chan. This is a women’s imageboard. If you don’t like that or feel the need to protest that women moderating a women’s imageboard is crucial to the health of the board and our culture, then I’d recommend you leave.

No. 68811

Then do everyone a favor and prove it. This tinfoil has been going on for a year.

No. 68815

File: 1706418461355.jpeg (194.6 KB, 1170x1113, IMG_0776.jpeg)

Some of the farmhands are genuinely fucking retarded, the link to embed was posted in the correct field where it states “YouTube/tiktok links supported” but it didn’t embed >>927720

No. 68817

Go ahead and read through the hellweek thread, that’s proof enough for me. Everyone else is capable of catching on to the scrotish behavior but if you would like to keep squelching in it acting like it’s no biggie that we have troon mods then that’s your own infection.

No. 68818

LOoks like the person does indeed need to learn2embed. They could've deleted it until they fixed it. Newfags are morons.

No. 68819

There's no proof there, only tinfoil. Other meta threads have dealt with this for a year, but feel free to act like you've never seen it. Probably the same tranny pushing that info in the hellweek thread, again. The last "proof" we had was a random faggot tranny anon reaching out to some random named Josh who told the anon to fuck off as they haven't been in charge of lolcow for years and theres some fake bullshit about two people being in charge, co-owning. Braindead tinfoil. By all means believe a male user who manipulates farmers into thinking lolcow is tracking you with invisible ads too.

No. 68820

>prove it
ntayrt but what do you expect anyone to do to prove it kek? Somehow use our magic powers to doxx him? Manipulate him into writing a confession?

No. 68821

I don’t understand this logic that you think it’s a tranny who doesn’t want men controlling the website. That’s completely backwards and counterintuitive to the argument that’s being made in the first place. You sound much more like a troon actually saying that it ‘doesn’t matter’ who runs the website.

No. 68822

>the same tranny
Ok we’ve been over this a few times in this thread alone. Who is this omnipotent sole ‘tranny’ who’s always present with us? Also, when did anyone say anything about ‘lolcow tracking us’? You’re plucking shit out of thin air at this point

No. 68826

he’s not going to be your boyfriend, anon

No. 68827

I think whats being said is that no one should believe the tranny who spams /meta/ for years, every few months, in multiple threads about this boogeyman male admin. You're reading it wrong.

No. 68830

No I completely understood that part but thank you, what I am asking TA is are they insinuating that all of the women who've been making posts about troonmin for the last few months are just one singular male? Because my question still stands, why would a tranny/trannies have anything against another tranny running the board that they'd like to take over? Wouldn't a troon be the one who's trying to protect administration with the whole
>mleehhh it doesn't matter who runs the site!!!

No. 68836

To get the users to try to turn on the site admin and farmhands. It's not hard to follow the logic.

No. 68838

But why would a troon want the farmers to turn on the troon administration. Thats what I'm not getting?

No. 68839

NTA but I'm sure that if people are asking more than once for you to explain yourself then it is probably hard to follow kek

No. 68841

Because this place criticizes them. Stop going in circles.

No. 68845

Right. And everyone who criticizes troon cows are also calling out the behavior of the troon mod because of their recent banning over the most mild posts mentioning men. Also I'm not sure if you might've misinterpreted my post but I asked you "why would a troon want the farmers to turn on the troon administration" and your response is "because this place criticizes them" so do you mean you think that trannies are trying to criticize the troon mods in return? That still makes no sense at all.

No. 68847

There's no point in doing this. You'll come back in a few weeks and try this admin crap again. Like usual.

No. 68848

So you don't have an answer because you can understand that it makes no sense to try and say that only troons would want male administration to be excommunicated. Glad we were able to clear that up.

No. 68850


No. 68883

some schlubby scrote is advertising his schlong in the tmi thread

No. 69005

A farmhand posted in the pro-ana scumbags thread >>>/snow/1960733 and I'm taking my complaint here. Anons have a problem with >>>/snow/1960694 being posted because it's a repost from the previous thread and anon is clearly making a point of reposting the same image which upset other users in the previous thread to once again upset them.
In most threads reposting milk, let alone nonmilk, would get a ban. (N2F has graduated and I think the posts over multiple threads is a bit much to begin with). Pro-ana scumbags has had a consistent problem with moids posting (one of them being a scrote who revealed his profile because he was lurking a support group for ED parents) including a recent ban-evading scrote claiming he was stimulating himself to pictures in the thread so users are a bit skittish, because honestly I do think it's a little creepy. I'm not scrotefoiling, because women will do things to intentionally upset other women, but there is a context here I've tried to explain.
Further, I would propose a rule-change of not posting uncensored pictures of children on lolcow because even on the moidfarms users will try to censor children of cows. Not that lolcow should become like the moidfarms (it's rife with blogposting) but they also practise documenting cows. Thank you for reading my spiel. Please forgive me for the length, I have tried to explain myself fully so it doesn't seem that I am sperging out for no reason. Ta.

No. 69007

don't really see how photography of children is crucial to the documentation of milk. We can post about the cow without including imagery of children. they are not to blame for their parents shitty behavior, and they're not able to consent to their faces being shown here. Imagine how Alice Llani's kids will feel when they grow up and find not only their moms threads but also the photographs of their young selves in it. The kids deserve to be left out of it.

No. 69010

Tmi thread has just become another poopgen like in /g/? Why the redundancy?

No. 69015

>>69010 a lot of /ot/ posters don't frequent /g/ and vice versa so they probably didn't notice the redundancy

No. 69027

Bold of you to think this site will still exist in 20 years

No. 69028

posting photos of children isn't necessary, you creep. You can discuss them without photos being up. Stop trying to get admin to allow photos or threads about 16 and younger "cows".

No. 69030

Can a mod look into this poster? I feel like this thread is being used to cowtip Micky. Theres that vendettafag in thread that sounds just like the email micky received and posted about. >>>/w/318723

Cows all over w keep being cowtipped. Wtf is going on.

No. 69032

how do we know its cowtipping the email says nothing at all about lolcow

No. 69033

Are you new to this site and that thread? There's no cowtipping nor vendettaposting happening. It's there because it's relevant to her trying to shit on the con's owners after they just had successful full weekend convention she was banned from. Actually read the threads and stop whiteknighting.

No. 69034

That thread does have a poster who interacts with the cow though. They even outed themselves and they are a newfag.

No. 69035

Agreed, and at this point posting n2f is redundant, she's fully graduated and there's no milk. If anons care about her so much then they can follow her themselves

No. 69037

I wouldn’t be surprised if there are users of this website who’ll put it into some kind of archive so that the embarrassing behavior of cows can be remembered forever kek

No. 69038

>future tense

No. 69042

Nta, but what point are you trying to make? That's what archiving is, to make sure the milk is around for the future.

No. 69043

we've had so many scares about the site going down before content can be saved that most threads get archived regularly off-site now

No. 69051

yeah. who'll. as in who will. Does that not make sense? Do you suffer from retardation?

No. 69109

File: 1706650590602.png (438.09 KB, 1064x684, 56.png)

newfags making premature threads again.
might also wanna clamp down on the turbonewfag in the hellweek thread js

No. 69110

All of the questions I posed were reasonable and all of the responses I posted weren’t even newfaggotry, you were just annoyed by it for no reason because everyone loves coming here to be angry and disappointed

No. 69120

Hellweek is a retarded concept imo and should be scrapped. It doesn’t deter retards or retarded posts, the time limit is annoying and the quality of posts does not go up. All it does is give farmhands added work. Seems pointless.

No. 69124

I don’t remember our most recent hellweek before this one being particularly effective either

No. 69125

It's outdated. It used to be fairly effective.

Most people didn't notice it.

Hellweek doesn't work anymore. It hasn't worked for a long time. We should be trying to work out why and brainstorming new ideas.

No. 69126

And we still need better communication from admin. How many anons even know there's sort of a comms thread in /meta/ ? Another reason hellweek doesn't work. People don't have any sense of the staff beyond bans or the occasional comment.

No. 69128

And there are users who are aware of the existence of our staff but unfortunately choose not to care and disrespect the rules anyways because they don't view them as real authority figures

No. 69129

scrote in >>>/g/350481

No. 69130

it feels like an excuse for turbo retards to argue in the hellweek thread tbh

No. 69133

Maybe thats fun for the mods kek. The hellweek thread is like TV for them.

No. 69134

Wtf is up wit newfags getting butthurt about nonnies talking about not liking gay men. I've seem anons getting called homophobic. Lmaoo like no one likes fags here.

No. 69135

How did it used to work?

No. 69136

I’ve been posting in this hellhole for like 8 years and I’ve only started seeing a more notable amount of anons be homophobic within the past ~two years, primarily in the MtF threads. Seeing anons call gay men catty/rude/entitled towards women’s bodies is not new, but shitting on them for simply being gay is. Personally it reeks of kiwifarms transplant to me, it would correspond with their confusing domain changes/the Keffals whining and the uptick in weird autistic posts on here- there are quite a few autistic pickmes who like blogging in the tranny threads on there. Primarily in the FtM threads though. I’ve no doubt they made their way over here.

No. 69140

File: 1706692301019.png (339.04 KB, 1381x603, ln5tpfY.png)

This is just pedophilia

No. 69141

I've brought up before how I think it's weird that some users insist on calling each other faggots all the time and how it makes no sense at all to do that among women and definitely feels like a weird forced shift and I've been called a faggot for it every time kek

No. 69142

The last time an anon admitted to liking shota in confessions they got banned. Curious how this one got away even though the rules about shotacon became stricter, and the artist of that pic draws live action kids.

No. 69143

i don't like men but the anon seething about homosexuality in general are creepy. and like >>69136 said there's been an uptick in getting anons hung up on the gay part, not the male part

No. 69144

Jfc can you please permaban already the moid shitting up the ita thread in /ot/?? He's also ban evading. Last post.

No. 69148

How is that pedophilia? Please explain.

No. 69150

Ban the scrote in >>>/ot/1413046
He was gone, then started posting again, stop allowing him in

No. 69151

Newfag, oldfag, tumblrfag, twitter fag ect. Fag has always been a part of the vernacular here. Letting gay moids live rent free in our heads isn't though

No. 69153

I'm not talking about newfag and samefag though, I'm talking about anons literally calling each other faggots

No. 69154

don't post children in romantic scenes with adult men.

No. 69156

uhhhh global rule 1 broken in >>>/ot/1868574 let’s not get shut down nonnies

No. 69157

Something bout youu, makes me feel like a dangeroussss womann

No. 69158

Deranged psycho losing their shit over anons calling out nitpicking >>>/w/318802

No. 69159

that post made me chuckle ngl

No. 69160

That doesn't even look like a kid, but sure. It's not even sexual.

No. 69161

File: 1706721807160.png (130.42 KB, 1170x630, Screenshot 2024-01-31 at 9.23.…)

This ban was a little retarded. My comment wasn’t a complaint or a comeback at all; they were literally just talking about hamas fujo art and I asked why it bothered you…i intended no harm or crudeness mod kek.

No. 69162

Farmhand is doing their job

No. 69163

But what was wrong with my comment that warranted a ban? I asked a harmless question, now I’m here in meta asking what was wrong just like they asked me to.

No. 69164

I agree ban was a little harsh, but it’s hellweek I suppose. it’s better to take complaints regarding moderating decisions to /meta/ so you don’t shit up the thread, which was already derailed

No. 69165

People were sperging out about the hamas fujo art again. Of course responding to a farmhand for telling you to move on will get you banned, especially during hellweek

No. 69166

I should’ve probably specified I wasn’t really asking about the fujo art I’m more wondering why it is mod gets so stiff whenever hamas/ the israel palestine thing is brought up. Talking politics isn’t against the rules

No. 69167

It has its own containment thread for a reason.

No. 69168

because its pakichan sperging about fujos again, as she always does.

No. 69169

It got locked we don’t anymore

No. 69170

I thought that was what the fujocoomer cringe thread was for

No. 69171

They don't get enough attention in their containment thread so they come pick fights elsewhere

No. 69172

she's been using the fandom discourse thread to shit on fujos for a while. You can tell which posts are here because she repeats herself as-nauseum and its always trying to imply fujos support lolicon.

No. 69179

It's not just paki-chan arguing, everyone in there was arguing about it. Also thank you farmhands for clearing it up

No. 69186

How many times do anons need to nitpick terms? >>>/w/318831 Taylor is so boring and it's embarrassing to see the thread attempting milk so often. This isn't funny or milky. It's just an anon with a personal vendetta and hates that Taylor thinks having bees in a car is bad luck. Seriously, consider closing the thread of anons can't get their shit together.

No. 69188

omg, just ignore. no one is forcing you to read a shit thread. i assume there's an influx of newfags in the thread who either pick fights, post bait or aggressively wk.

No. 69193

Laur is back in the Lillee Jean thread doxxing a random woman.

No. 69197

Laur Trueman is losing her shit in the Lillee Jean thread.

No. 69199

If you don't like that complaints are brought to meta, maybe don't hang out in meta.

No. 69201

moid thirstposting in the heather explores thread

No. 69204

nta who posted this, but it's not vendettaposting to discuss outfits. This is her job as an influencer and fashion is something a lot of farmers want to talk about. Farmers have said good things about her style in the past too. Its just clothes.

No. 69205

It's because mods choose to ignore the wk that jumps to Taytay's defense seconds after something critical is posted but ban every discussion - even if saged - that is not global news. The thread is practically dead because of that. Yet we get a whiny anon complaining every now and then about lack of "milk" and demand the thread to be closed. Bet you it's one of the wks, but the reporting it never worked and never will.

No. 69208

When its the same sperg posting these nitpicks over and over, it's not helping the thread. There's no discussion.

No. 69209

ntayrt or any recent anon in the thread, but more than one anon wants to discuss clothing styles & makeup, and she's a fashion/beauty influencer with a "style website," there's nothing nitpicking about that. Yeah, there isn't any discussion if you ban anyone posting in the thread, I'll give you that one. One of the outfits was flattering on her, btw, sad that it's not even possible to discuss clothes jfc.

No. 69210

There are generals for that. Taylor is a cow that needs milk and discussion on her clothes have been posted specifically to nitpick by anons which is clear by captions added by anons, not for genuine discussion.

No. 69211

This is ridiculous. We can't discuss a cow's fashion in her thread, even saged? No one is nitpicking her clothing ffs. I don't understand why you assume it is nitpicking to discuss what a fashion influencer shows in her reels as suggestions for outfits. This is her content. Some of her choices are good and others aren't. Why don't you define "nitpicking" then?

No. 69212

derrailing on the fandom thread

No. 69215

Kek they are nitpicking her clothes, the whole post was about anon thinking she stole the look and/or its ugly. At least read the caption
>These are so hideously put together.

No. 69216

what is nitpicking about that statement?

No. 69217

insane levels of derrailing about third genders going on in the fandom thread. Thanks tranny jannies for barring anons from discussing topics related to the thread(women being censored, held to higher standars than men) but leaving pakichan's unhinged retarded rants about little boys getting raped and her stupid shithole no one cares about but her

No. 69218

the derrailing is still going on with no signs of stopping

No. 69219

Laur is back shitting up her daughters thread. Can't we ban or reveal all her self posts.

No. 69220

Can you guys link?

I'm not replying to your bait anymore. Just take the bans and shut up. Anons know exactly what they are doing by posting non-milk. Go to generals for random fashion discussion.

No. 69221


No. 69225

Honestly, that thread just breeds infights. It should be locked in my opinion. Whether it's infights about dumbass proshipping, fujos vs. non-fujos, paki chan and racebaiting, every day it's a new thing.

No. 69226

better to keep it contained there

No. 69227


Laura calling everyone pedos now

No. 69228

and posting pictures of someone’s kid

No. 69229

Admin pleaseeee do Laurs post history reveal. Practically begging atp

No. 69230

I haven't been banned, haven't dared to post a thing there anytime recently. Are you moderating that thread?
none here. I want to know why expressing an opinion about some influencer's content about clothes is nitpicking.
>Anons know exactly what they are doing by posting non-milk.
Yeah, they are discussing the cow's content. People comment on fashion of other cows. Lori, Jill, Dylan Mulvaney, Grimes, Katherine, etc. They aren't even fashion influencers. Taylor is. If the thread weren't ridiculously moderated, I would have said the dress outfit was a good look for her. Why can we discuss what other cows wear or their content, but not Taylor? It's not that hard to answer this.

No. 69231

I'm so tired of anons posting kids just because their mom or dad is a cow. That should be autobanned.

No. 69236

Pretty much no discussion of any kind is allowed in Taylor's thread these days. Can't talk about Tom even though he's in the title too, can't talk about Tay's parenting, can't talk about her scammy sponserships, can't talk about her outfits or hair.

No. 69239

File: 1706861648441.jpeg (207.05 KB, 1290x411, IMG_9211.jpeg)

My post in celebricows was relevant to the thread and saged. I don’t see how this warranted a ban.

No. 69240

Because they pick and choose what constitutes nitpicking, and they play favorites with threads. Janny probably just thinks her thread is unwarranted. There was similar behavior from a mod in the pixielovks thread a few years back, it’s all arbitrary. That’s why it’s all under ‘nitpicking’ because unlike a logging or blogging literally any commentary that’s not a screengrab could be called nitpicking.

No. 69241

screenshots have gotten bans too

No. 69243

newfag with encrypted link in ot in the celeb cows thread

No. 69246

is there a thread for munchausen-y lolcows, aka 'ott spoonies'? the last ones i found were from '18, unsure whether the subject got banned. there's plenty of milk so i'd love to see it brought back

No. 69252

File: 1706892652133.jpeg (222.07 KB, 687x717, IMG_0259.jpeg)

this shouldn’t have gotten redtexted. if you actually watch the video, there’s a TIM jumpscare

No. 69253

I feel like the number of retarded and bait posts actually skyrocketed during this hellweek. The farmhands were having to redtext 10+ posts in a row. It’s a funny concept, but I genuinely think it’s pointless, because it doesn’t scare any of the retards off.

No. 69254

‘Pakichan’ is a Jewish troon that claims to have 2% Persian DNA. He’s not even MENA, nor a woman. And he’s obsessed with pederasty probably because he is a pedo himself.

No. 69258

she also posted her and her brother's hands multiple times. you can kind of see a bit of her house in one of those photos and it's clearly a middle eastern house.

No. 69263

Derailing and infighting in the fandom discourse thread again.

No. 69268

how do you know any of this though? Did he say he was a man? Because last I checked the new rule is innocent until they admit to be guilty, according to the farmhands

No. 69281

Nah Pakichan posted herself next to her grandmother, she’s a legit Pakistani woman.

No. 69282

well maybe someone else is larping as her now but the og pakichan was very knowledgeable about the country, any thread was a pretext for long autistic details about various pakistani ethnic groups and local politics

No. 69290

'tranny jannies'
seethe and cope.
The Taylor threads need to be locked again, obviously.
No, this is just what it looks like when they actually redtext everything.
I love that some retard can stop by with the most obvious bullshit and there's already at least one anon going I Want To Believe.

No. 69298

sounds like you're getting angry?
>Taylor threads need to be locked again
because someone didn't like 2 of the outfits in a reel? I think you need to take a break.

No. 69302

there is an annoying minimod autist on the character designs you like thread that keeps trying to infight instead of just ignoring anons >>>/m/353127

No. 69306

Big derailing infight in the Shayna thread

No. 69311

Just saw this kek why is it always the most retarded infighting in the Shayna threads…it’s because all who follow her threads are retarded, including me

No. 69313

If I was magically granted mod powers for a day I would delete the ideal male bodies thread on /g/ for having bad vibes. Something is so off about it.

No. 69315

Delete the infighting body shape comments in Shayna’s thread. It’s like twenty comments of the same anons fighting and it’s retarded. When I read back at this thread I don’t want that there

No. 69316

It's because of the rabid back and fourth that ocours in that thread. The same thing happened in the himeahri, belle and to a lesser extent kooter's threads. There's some terminally online fag(s) that lurk /w/ being perpetually offended at the most innocuous posts, instead of reporting and hiding the threads. That results in constant infighting over the definition of "milk" and "nitpicking" to the point where the threads become literal no-go-zones or get locked (after anons whine in /meta/ incessantly). That isn't to say it isn't also very obvious bait/shitposting on both sides (eg. photoshop sperg in Belle's thread), it's just the way /w/ users react that make the board a cesspool. Even if she's dried up the anons in the Lori thread are about the only posters on that board more interested in the cow than infighting. Most likely because they're probably all over the age of 25.

No. 69318

same, it's getting weird with the diaper post and now bloody nipples (i know the context for the second one but anon should've at least spoilered)

No. 69319

The retards in the Shay thread can't help themselves and have moved on from women's body shape to tinfoiling about Shay's bowel movements.

No. 69320

File: 1706999553768.png (509 KB, 626x848, woof-2.png)

I think the Shay thread needs harsher moderation regarding offtopic derails because there is an entire board to discuss her and anything related to her.

No. 69324

Means nothing he could have paid someone from fiverr for that, or used AI.

No. 69325

holy shit tranny jannies can you fucking ban this sperg already? she has been seething for 3 days because people posted designs she doesnt like and now is derrailing the thread

No. 69326

she's still minimodding

No. 69328

She is going to derail the thread with masculinity/femininity bullshit again. >>>/ot/1876840

No. 69329

it has to do with fandom and how zoomies interpret male characters that arent roidpigs. Otherwise the tomboy shit and the korean webtoon shit should be banned too.

No. 69331

some farmers just don't like people posting gacha shit because it attracts zoomers and newfags. that and picspam flooding out actual discussion

No. 69332

maybe she should stop minimodding and start posting designs she likes instead of derrailing the thread with pointless sperging

No. 69333

sorry but can you spoiler this next time

No. 69339

moid attention whoring in ot and newfags bumping it

No. 69341

The retarded fridgechan vs pearchan body shape sperging is still going on in the Shayna thread. At this point lock the thread for 24 hours and give the autists some time to go outside. I say this as a shaytard that's followed her thread for years. It's inane and milkless. If Shayna's body shape needs to be discussed it can be done on /shay/, there's zero reason to shit up the main thread.

No. 69342

aggressive autist infighting in unpopular opinions. again.

No. 69343

you should move the shayna threads back to /shay/

No. 69346

It is always an astonishment to me how much attention Shay gets. She's not different from other thots at this point and her milk is never new aside from making new content that's just the same as old content from her. Her porn doesn't change lol

No. 69351

the /m/ sperg ban evaded just to infigth

No. 69356

The reddit spacing has me confused because I never use reddit. Can someone tell me what examples are ok and what aren't?

Example 1
(Paragraph 1)
(Paragraph 2)

Example 2
(Paragraph 1)

(Paragraph 2)

Example 3
(Paragraph 1)

(Paragraph 2)

I never use example 3 but will use example 2 because I'm used to having to do it when writing single spaces lines with no way to indent the new paragraph. I also accidentally will double space after periods because it's how I grew up formatting text, but autocorrect usually catches it.

No. 69359

wtf is with the blogging about a literal who in the pro-ana scumbags thread >>>/snow/1962680

No. 69366

reads like a selfpoast to me kek, I'd just report and not respond

No. 69371

some lost newfag acussing anons of being some 4chan schizo and derrailing the thread >>>/m/353605

No. 69375

The anon who keeps going on and on about every design they don't like being 'coomer material' needs to be banned. women like designs that are sexual too and not every fucking design is for men. if men have sexualized one thing, it's going to be everything. This is a page about women liking designs. Anon needs to fuck off if they are just going to complain that every post that isn't a pure nun outfit [which is also heavily sexualized by males even though a nun is FULLY CLOTHED] is for male gaze only.

No. 69383

>women like designs that are sexual too and not every fucking design is for men.
exactly kek. and even if a design is obviously pandering to men – so what? are we not allowed to like things just because men enjoy them.

No. 69385

This lolcow lmao. Most nonnies here are sick of coomshit that appeals to moids so course they have to call out to whatever's distasteful since it's everywhere in media and on the internet even to the point where it's normalized like lolibait and female only fanservice in anime. It's called having standards. Women who defend this shit are desensitized, pickmes and enabling moids of their degeneracy to also ridicule women for being "woke" and "tirggered" on things they find disgusting and uncomfortable when it's been done so many times. If you like that stuff then good for you I guess. Just remember not everyone is going to agree with moid pandering shit.

>women like designs that are sexual too and not every fucking design is for men.

Yes on sexualized men but not in the male gaze like kawaii moeblobs labeled as boys or women in dumb bikini armor. Also who says that every design is for men?

>Anon needs to fuck off if they are just going to complain that every post that isn't a pure nun outfit [which is also heavily sexualized by males even though a nun is FULLY CLOTHED] is for male gaze only.

Being against moid coomshit =/= only approves of pure things. Their's a difference between a normal nun and a sexualized nun with an "Ara~ Ara~" blushing smug face but you would say the second one is totally ok.

No. 69386

You must not be in the thread if you're not seeing an anon complain repeatatively for the past day about designs they don't like being coomer bait. no one asked for their input. It's a good design thread, go bitch in a different thread if you don't like the design. I also think Bridgette has a cute design and I don't fucking care if the character has a dick.

No. 69388

Yeah. I've seen one retard anon (I hope kek) say that every visibly female character is coomshit that only trannies would like. Feels underage, making excuses for having poor taste in media. While I agree the femboy shilling is suspect because the male tranny loved to post them, doesn't mean there isn't female retards on here that hate anything they aren't sexually attracted to and spergout because of it.

No. 69389

Post reads male because it's sperging about 4chan bullshit no one gives a fuck about like anyone should know or care what it's posting about. Are they some retard that got kicked off 4fag for posting and come here, or new and think every tranny/femboy hating poster must be from 4chan because of it's reputation (even though 4tran has tttt kek)?

No. 69390

It's probably the same anon who spammed Astolfo in the couples and yaoi pic dump thread and is now defending traps and femboys whenever someone talks shit about them. Also that Astolfofag malded over the transwashed characters thread for not having their pink dickgirl as the OP pic. Trapfags and femboyfags are so damn annoying and insufferable.

No. 69391

Nta or even in that thread, but anons need to keep their derailing opinions out of thread generals. If your issue with someone's opinion devolves into being mad the character is a tranny or something, that's a you problem. Most people really don't give a fuck and trying to infight about a basic post that had nothing to do with it besides a photo is a totally manufactured issued that's personal.

No. 69392

>Their's a difference between a normal nun and a sexualized nun with an "Ara~ Ara~" blushing smug face but you would say the second one is totally ok.
It is though. Sorry not every single woman will verify if a character design is okay with you before liking it.

No. 69393

Are you that schizo anon posted about in the thread? You really do need to hellbanned, I get sick of seeing you cry about anime boys not being hot enough for you to coom to.

No. 69394

>milk on lolcow is wrong

No. 69395

the venus thread is still attracting the same retards who cant accept that venus will begone for a while and commenting wont bring her back. can the thread be locked until we have legitimate proof shes back? /w/ attracts the lamest faggots I get it, but I really think it needs to be locked. may be they can find another cow to be entertained by.

No. 69396

Let them keep getting banned. It's fun to report them.

No. 69401

It's against the rules to post porn in /g/, but lately people are posting a lot of graphic dick out and penetration drawings without getting redtexted. Is porn allowed now as long as its 2D?

No. 69445

File: 1707203456963.png (9.96 KB, 443x163, CAPTURE.png)

The 120 second wait time is till on

No. 69446

farmhand said in the hellweek thread that the cooldown will remain post-hellweek. I hope they reconsider this decision because it’s annoying as hell

No. 69453

The cooldown will be reverted on /pt/, /snow/ and /w/ to allow for better milkposting.

No. 69454

It is annoying it could have atleast been shortened to 60

No. 69463

that's a fair cooldown period, 2 minutes is just way too long
can it please be done on /m/

No. 69476

So how long after a ban does my text return to normal because this is fucking annoying.

No. 69481

clear cookies & cache

No. 69487

File: 1707241462941.jpg (422 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20240206_174456_Chr…)

How the fuck is this bait, I'm not saying sister as a racial thing wtf

No. 69490

Hi farmhand, got anything to say about this? >>69401

No. 69493

so the cooldown on /ot/ has just disappeared, not 120 second or 30 seconds, it's just whenever, is there intentional or an error?

No. 69494

definitely an error

No. 69497

just hope we can go back to 30 seconds, I'm getting oddly nostalgic for it.

No. 69502

They have the retardation part right if you can't see how cringy that word choice is. Also kek at the reddit notification.

No. 69503

Since a lot of experienced farmers check here, can someone make a new celeb cows thread? I would but have no time tonight to do the recap.

No. 69526

Apologies for the late reply, but you are right, porn is not allowed on /g/, 2d or not. Please report them if you see them and we'll take care of it!

No. 69535

/ot/ royal drama thread full of alogging

No. 69541

File: 1707271988592.jpeg (64.27 KB, 549x251, IMG_0333.jpeg)

nta but what is wrong with this?

No. 69546

we don't allow twitter/reddit/zoomer lingo on here, users have to learn to integrate and type with proper formatting/spacing/imageboard culture etc.

No. 69547

it seems kind of extreme to ban that anon for such tame “zoomer” speak, personally? everyone I know talks like that. like I’d understand if it was more obnoxious and over the top. seems a little too subjective

No. 69548

it's part of the rules, and their ban is relevant to how egregious it is. Users who are badly unintegrated have longer bans than others.

No. 69568

File: 1707295802765.jpg (86.37 KB, 893x1099, IMG_20240207_135135_510.jpg)

Why was this anon banned?

No. 69569

newfag censoring the word loli like she's on tiktok

No. 69571

>I’d understand if it was more obnoxious and over the top
that’s the most obnoxious speak ever.

No. 69572

This is a stupid ban one of the cows from the thread description got knocked up. Idk what you consider unsage-worthy but it's the ridiculous photoshoppers thread, people post ridiculous shops and cows lying about them that's the way it's been since the first. It's dry as fuck but that's the best milk the thread's had in ages.


No. 69576

File: 1707309446982.jpg (546.21 KB, 904x2316, Screenshot_20240207_123628_Chr…)

Shit modding this week guys. You unbanned me for the first one and changed the red text to learn2integrate when I've regularly been posting since 2014. Sorry for sparking joy with another anon in the unpopular opinion thread I forgot it's the current residency thread for the male baiter.

Now I'm getting called a twitter faggot when I haven't got a twitter. I used the /s as I'm sure other anons can agree the farmers in the celebricow can miss obvious sarcasm. What else was twitter faggotry?

No. 69577

Oh two anons got at me for saying faghag and not understanding the context when taylor swifts boyfriend has been called gay in the thread previously. There are rumours Taylor is gay herself. There's rumours she is a beard. Using faghag was funny, I'm implying the boyfriend is a faggot and taylor is his beard. I'm getting banned for offending the faggots/trannies that lurk ok

No. 69578

wasn't one of those anons but i was confused too. doesn't faghag mean a woman who's friends with a gay man? so how would it apply towards a man..a gay man is just a fag

No. 69579

Because taylor also needs a beard to keep interest with her mid all American girl and country fans.

I'm remembering I saw a ban for someone using abbreviations as apparently its twitter coded and I would also like to state the term "IRL" predates the creation of twitter online. That phrase popped up on online forums to differentiate when the Internet and offline life were starkly different

No. 69581

Yeah a faghag is basically a woman obsessed with and/or is mostly friends with gay men. Anon called Travis Kelce a "faghag boyfriend" which is why anons pointed it out, it just didn't really make sense.

No. 69582

Whatever if my joke was shit I don't think it should be bannable lol

No. 69583

why dont you all fuck off

No. 69591

File: 1707313972753.jpg (50.52 KB, 700x394, uwu.jpg)

just throwing this out to see what the consensus is, but what about a celebricow tinfoil on /ot/? if we have a /shay/ I think it's actually quite reasonable all the celebricow tinfoilers like drake-chan and plugh-kun get their say azealia banks could bless us who knows. imagine if amanda seyfried anon had her right time in the right place.
before you think too hard this is a supply and demand thing. I demand a supply of unhinged tinfoils and I think the unhinged can speak for themselves (and make the thread I'm not doing it let us study your habits)
I hope picrel suffices as an offering to the farmhands and nonas alike amen

No. 69593

Honestly the guts of you to post this here and continuously ban evade instead of just sitting it out and integrating. Absolutely shameless kek

No. 69595

both of you are stupid twitterfags, kys.

No. 69598

My ban got lifted both times

No. 69601

File: 1707323098007.jpeg (550.95 KB, 828x1094, IMG_0340.jpeg)

farmhands… what the fuck are you on about. I posted another screencap from /tttt/ before and that was fine? this is milk because the level of cope troons demonstrate to convince themselves they’re “fembrained” is funny. why has moderation been extra retarded lately?

No. 69602

You use /s when that's twitter/underage shit. If your sarcasm doesn't land, who fucking cares? You don't need to dumb down your posts with /s and other notes to get a point across. Now I see why everyone is calling you a newfag. Doesn't matter if you've been posting since 2014, same, and I don't even do that because that's not lolcow culture.

No. 69604

This post was useless to the thread as a whole, doesn't matter if you think it's topic adjacent.

No. 69605

defs more retarded lately, I'm assuming they're trigger happy after hellweek
like yo if you ban everyone but your faves you'll be in an echochamber like twitter, let us infight like real women. unless…?

No. 69606

Scroll to the top of the thread and read the red text that was recently added

No. 69608

so screencaps of funny troon posts are too “general” now? a bannable offense, even? do you want to kill one of the only active milk threads left on this site? tranny janny accusations are starting to make a lot of sense kek

No. 69610

This is dumb as fuck. There are other threads on /snow/ that are based around milky communities and not only specific identifiable cows, why is dumbassery from online troons not fair game unless you can attach a axe wound or dick pic to it? Admins, farmhands, you seem to really want to kill this entire site with asinine hyper specific rules. I understand increasing moderation for actual shit that matters, like baiting, prolonged infights, etc, but this type of ban and also banning people for going slightly off topic on threads IN THE /OT/ BOARD is just stifling. I saw a series of like 10 bans in a row in the caps thread just because anons were conversing peacefully about one of the posted caps. This is not the way.

No. 69611


No. 69612

yeah, I came to say this - it seemed beyond retarded

No. 69614

Not when it's just random shitposting about troons. That had nothing to do with any cows in the thread, this is just random takes from trannies that mean nothing to us. We already know they will never be good enough to be cis women. Seeing them constantly lament about it doesn't change the fact that it's not even useful to the thread or new.

No. 69616

what specific cows in the thread are you referring to? because the majority of the thread is screencaps of troons posting on reddit and other social media? if you want a thread dedicated to a specific cow, then make that thread. stop trying to make the mtf thread something it’s not

No. 69617

That's the thing, it's some random anon troon from 4chan. Who cares?

No. 69618

then don’t read the thread, retard. that’s what milk is these days, as revealed by the entirety of that thread. cow culture isn’t the same as it was in 2015, move on.

No. 69619

Telling people not to read the thread doesn't suddenly change the quality of the thread. Post about actual people, not people posting to an anonymous board that we can't even make fun of or follow more of their takes off 4chan. How boring is that? That's putting a wall up where actual conversation could go.

No. 69620

just because it’s boring to you doesn’t mean that it’s boring to everyone else. how hard is that for you to understand? don’t tell me I’m arguing with tranny janny himself kek

No. 69621

You're ignoring the point on purpose and posting your usual bait.

No. 69622

no, I’m offering genuine constructive criticism because I don’t want jannies to ruin my favorite milk thread with their retarded arbitrary rules

No. 69631

She’s not baiting, she just has a different opinion than you and it’s not even a crazy one. It doesn’t make sense to me how in other community oriented threads, if specific cows are identified anons are (or used to be) told to make a separate thread from them because they are a thread-worthy cow. It makes no sense to demand individual thread-worthy cows be the only topic of discussion in a thread created specifically to be much more general.

No. 69632

That's a general though, but it's no fun when it's just random anonymous takes. For all we know a woman wrote that to bait troons.

No. 69633

Yeah, however, that also goes for reddit text posts, which make up 75% of the thread. Whats your point?

No. 69635

if you actually check the thread and the many responses that post received, nonnas found it funny and interesting too. you’re projecting what YOU find interesting and policing anons based on personal assumptions about what the thread should be like
>For all we know a woman wrote that to bait troons.
for all we know, tranny janny is enforcing this retarded new rule to kill one of the most popular threads on this site because it makes fun of troons
see the issue with your logic? we’re on an anonymous board. let’s stop policing each other over retarded shit and have fun

No. 69636

Those have names and are not anon.

No. 69637

So funny to see the retards who treat dumbass shit thread as a chatroom having a melty.

No. 69638

so you want all 4chan screenshots to be banned then? is that your goal here? that’s too bad because screenshots of scrotes on 4chan are fucking hilarious and 4chan is tranny central. I’m pretty sure you’re just a farmhand trying to defend your retarded decision to instantly ban that post at this point. meanwhile, unsaged posting goes unbanned for hours kek

No. 69639

Jesus christ, way to escalate this with something I never said. Terfs are the worst thing to happen to this site IMO. You're unhinged. Not once did I say they aren't funny, I'm explaining why it was banned and you're freaking out over it and saying I'm a farmhand. Take some meds.

No. 69640

This ban reason could have been phrased better, sorry. With Reddit posts, at least they usually have a profile attached and often lead to more milk/cows. Anonymous comments on 4chan don't compare for that reason. It's a very generic and often repeated gripe that doesn't warrant a repost even if it's in different phrasing. The thread was bumped twice for this. All this combined resulted in a short ban that was appealable.

No. 69642

keep dickriding for tranny janny, nonnie

No. 69643

but nonnies have also posted blacked out profile's reddit posts as well? This explanation doesn't make sense at all since if I recall the mtf thread is to show the retardation of troons in general and cows are discovered through it since when are we supposed to provide profiles? Does that also include reposts of troontoks then?,The moderation has been lackluster for while(especially after hellweek) but this is just stupid this feels like biased moderation

No. 69645

I don’t understand why having a casual chat in a designated thread should be a banned behavior. And I hardly ever even used that thread, I just have a problem with the logic of the decision by cerbmin when I’m pretty sure if you polled users, they would not have wanted to nuke that thread.

No. 69646

the specific cow rule is retarded. there's a reason a lot of cow threads are now about communities rather than individuals, with mass internet access there are just too many cows.
the age of the individual lolcow a la chris chan is over now that any retard and their grandma can go make a fool of themselves online.
i get wanting quality control but if you don't allow discussion of the community in general and you don't allow anything that isn't about a named individual it'll just have the opposite effect. instead of actual discussion it's just gonna be nitpicking selfies. unless killing the thread is the intended effect.

No. 69647

>unironically using the term “”””TERF”””” like a troon
Who are these people and why are they bitching on meta

No. 69648

Anons shouldn't be doing that, especially because you can Google the name or the post subject under which reddit and find the user. If it's public, it shouldn't be blacked out. That's fucking stupid unless it's child. Anons need to stop doing that and IMO it should be bannable to post blacked out/edited milk.

No. 69649

Anons discussed this in the Hellweek thread already, a bunch of anons feel like the forced radfem/terfy behavior on all boards if really shitting up lolcow. This isn't a radfem site.

No. 69650

farmhands are handing out bans for the most mundane shit. it’s genuinely frustrating and makes this site less fun. I think part of the issue is inherit to the nature of this site (farmhands generally don’t delete posts, they just hand out bans), but farmhands have gotten way too trigger-happy recently trying mold this site to their liking. let’s remember that the current mod team did NOT create this site. why should they be making sweeping decisions without user input like deciding which threads need to be nuked and which kinds of milk are permitted?

No. 69651

are these anons in the room with us now?

No. 69652

That’s all fine and good, but only trannies use the word TERF. Hence why it’s redtexted, see?Just call them feminazis or something kek

No. 69653

IIRC anons were banned for censoring names before

No. 69654

I agree, it seems like they have some vision of what this site should be that doesn’t match what the majority of users think it should be, and so they’re just forcing the changes and figuring anons will adapt. The flaw in this thinking is that we simply do not have the userbase anymore for this to be an effective strategy like it might have been on the past or on other websites.
They’re running the risk of pruning the tree too low and killing it in the process of trying to shape it.

No. 69655

This thread feels like a bunch of newfags trying to speak for everyone else on the site

No. 69656

>everyone with a different opinion is a newfag
I feel like egregious examples of this (not the cases of actual newfag shit like rule breaking etc, but just saying this to anyone who has a different opinion about the site) reply should get banned just like scrotefoiling. It’s exhausting.

No. 69657

Good. It ruins milk tbh. Especially if they are also cows.

No. 69658

Ban evading vendettafag is back in the Taylor thread. kek this thread will never have milk ever again. It's been 2 years. First sentence is trying to infight with phantom whiteknights. Anon is punching the air just to nitpick outfits they don't like and complain about a potential ban.


No. 69659

people will never agree with me but a lot of the changes that have been happening lately have been necessary to keep the board from turning into some sort of social media-tier hellscape. i've already watched other sites i love(d) get ruined by that and it's frustrating because most of the time the mod team does nothing at all to stop it, so you're just left watching your favorite community get ruined by stupid teenagers. i am admittedly kind of sad that the shit threads got nuked, but they were sadly attracting people to the board who really had no business being here if they were not interested in integrating or respecting other users or even contributing. it was starting to become overly negative and longterm users were being run off by these people so that they could turn the boards into twittertok 2.0. plus it's weird to me to come to a site you only just discovered in a youtube comment section or while browsing tiktok, park yourself exclusively in 2-3 threads, ignore 95% of all other content on the site because it "doesn't interest you", start treating it like it's a free for all, and to top it all of, have the audacity to want to start bossing a site you've only been posting on for a year or less. i'm old but that kind of behavior would never fly anywhere on the web without some sort of pushback, let alone here.

traffic to the boards has been slowing down for years anyway so it is what it is at this point and it's never going to go back to how it used to be. all of this can be chalked up to terrible moderation, which is why the boards are in the position that they are in now. people may not like cerbmin but they're cleaning up the mess that the last few admins we had left behind so i give them grace for that. i will always, always be grateful to them for actually stopping the raids. i'd rather see this place be quiet and slow with less autism and a much more pleasant atmosphere, than fast and crazy with low-effort, low-quality posting and hormone-fueled retardation. the peak days have long since passed so we might as well just make the most of things as they are now, i guess.

No. 69660

If you’d like for us to fill up the last dumbass shit thread before we make a new one you might want to start by taking it off autosage. If you don’t then we’re just going to continue making the next one kek.

No. 69661

It's like 3 of you complaining in meta only though. That's not a majority. lol

No. 69662

Newfags can learn to use the catalog.

No. 69663

Oh my fucking lord I’m not a newfag! I’m just not fucking using a dead thread! Nobody else wants to! You can throw out the term newfag all you want but across the board everyone agrees that this current vendetta the staff has against dumbass shit is unwarranted and isn’t going to stop anyone from making a new thread; especially if they’re so hellbent on burying that one.

No. 69664

Nta but that shit and others like it just bring out infighting and shitposting and not even good shitposting. There needs to be a rule on that thread about replying to other posters IMO. It would curb a lot of issues.

No. 69665

Infighting is going to occur no matter what thread is about, we saw that to be true during hellweek when they thought that eliminating dumbass shit would cut down upon that but it proved useless.

No. 69666

Lol, white knights are a frequent sight in Taylor's thread, it's even in the description. Not sure if it's the same anon posting as before, but earlier in the thread an anon was complaining about no proof of Taylor copying outfits, so the post makes sense. I think it's ok to discuss a fashion influencer's posts about fashion. No idea why anons constantly bring it here to complain and demand the thread to be closed. Stop reading a thread you don't like. Easy.

No. 69667

You realize you have absolutely zero way of knowing how many anons are complaining, right? You can’t just state something you’re 100% pulling from your ass as if it was a fact, kek. Or I mean you can, but it makes you look like an idiot.

No. 69668

Bad actors who're angry that we don't want them here.

No. 69669

i just miss forcing the girls to sing best friend by toybox with me

No. 69670

let’s hold a townhall and see what the majority wants then, because I’m quite sure it’s not just 3 of us

No. 69671

This, it's actually 5.

No. 69672

And a way to curb it is to enforce rules to negate it. You need to start somewhere. The mentality of don't do anything at all is not an option and thus you all keep seeing bans.

No. 69674

Call me a tinfoiler but at this point cerbmin has been so resistant to listening to feedback on their grand plan that I wouldn’t put it past them to rig any polls they put up. That’s what makes this feel so hopeless.

No. 69675

The new posts are obviously aimed to annoy anons and have way less to do with Taylor because they went out of their way to infight from the first sentence and then complain about getting bans in the second post. Don't defend shitposting.

No. 69676

NTAYRT but no one is saying “don’t do anything at all” but that seems to be the only strawman anons keep pulling out to try to dunk on anons with legitimate feedback. I’ve liked most of cerbmins policies and actions so far and really appreciate them, but I have a problem with some of the more recent decisions. That doesn’t mean we want no moderation at all, don’t be retarded.

No. 69677

Or maybe to just enforce the rules by permabanning those who are dedicated to infighting instead of aborting really beloved threads

No. 69678

NTA but nobody is annoyed except you. Anons want to discuss her specific fashion because that is her 'job.' "Ban-evading vendettafag" - how do you know who posted and whether they are ban-evading?

No. 69679

File: 1707343232228.jpeg (701.86 KB, 725x1432, IMG_0344.jpeg)

I have nothing against the anon who posted this, but I’d like to use it as an example about quality control in snow threads after a farmhand banned the 4chan screencap because it wasn’t milky enough for them. documenting troon crimes is not milk, it’s not funny, and I don’t enjoy seeing it in cow threads. I understand why nonna posted it here, since /2X/ is dead and blackpill/radfem posting is not allowed elsewhere, but this brings me to my main point: rules are enforced inconsistently and bans are handed out unfairly. farmhands have made it clear that maintaining quality cow threads is a priority for this site. however, many of their mod decisions (quarantining blackpill/radfem discussion to a dead board so that it leaks out everywhere else because no one wants to use /2X/; banning anons for actual milk in cow threads; banning anons for sarcasm/having a different opinion from farmhands; nuking shitposting threads so the userbase dwindles and cow threads are slow) have undermined this. thank you for your consideration

No. 69680

That discussion about /m/ in the hellweek thread got me thinking… as a regular /m/ poster I do agree with the sentiment that the image dump threads sorta kill the board because you have to scroll past tens of threads of dump threads until you reach page 5 to find some semblance of discussion. I personally find it so bizarre that some anons would rather silently dump meme pics or random art in several threads instead of discussing what /m/ related stuff they like, but each to their own. I’d love to talk to more nonnies about specific media but its hard generating discussion there. I really feel like there should be a separate /i/ board for dump threads like that because there are just too many clogging up /m/ now.

No. 69681

/m/ is already a relatively slow board so I disagree with you, but I think this sort of decision is worth discussing in a townhall, if that ever happens

No. 69682

if there was an option to pin threads, a lot of /m/ issues would disappear.

No. 69683

Yes, if we want to talk about site culture and ways quality is going down I’ve seen such a big uptick in censoring and vagueposting. Lc is for naming and shaming for the collective keks. That’s what we should be banning over, not people saying delulu or melty or talking about random shit in ot

No. 69684

Like why is there a babushka image dump thread in /m/? What does that have to do with any media? It feels like a “media & other random shit we dont want to put on /ot/” board

No. 69685

I think the idea is that images are a medium, so image dumps fit best in /m/ since it’s not really a discussion topic but a media dump. >>69680
I’m not sure if m would move faster with or without tbh. I have posted in /m/ but it really seems like there’s nothing there for you if you aren’t weebposting or playing whatever shit game is currently the most popular. I never get responses so I usually end up going to ot with it and it gets more attention there.

No. 69686

>I never get responses so I usually end up going to ot with it and it gets more attention there.
I feel like this is incredibly common since I have some really good conversations with anons on /ot/ about certain media and then I always think to myself… why arent we doing this in /m/?? Just feels like a waste of the board's potential when I know small tweaks would revive it. There aren't a lot of places online for women to talk about media unless you succumb to the garbage on twitter or blend yourself in with moid websites

No. 69687

Mistake to announce Hellweek's over like that. Anons are just gonna see it and go good, back to normal and start in with the bad behaviour again. Just let it end and if people have thoughts about it, they can find /meta/ on their own.

No. 69688

/m/ never needed to exist. That and /w/ were conceits of the previous admin and the voting for them was loaded by her friends. If not for that, /w/ probably still would have happened (got a lot of votes) but not /m/ (not much past the line)
/ot/ was already there for it. It still is kek.

No. 69689

You’re right, and lolcow never needed to exist either. Lets just move back to PULL and /cgl/ since everything we dont like on lc shouldnt have existed

No. 69690

Now I know you’re new, there wasn’t a vote. They were just implemented.

No. 69693

Nta but there was a discussion in a Townhall about /m/

No. 69694

True but I don’t think anyone voted on it, /w/ especially was controversial. The only poll that admin ran was the weird baity one.

No. 69695

If you can't spot obvious shitposting, idk what to tell you.

No. 69696

>there should be a separate /i/ board
I'm not against an image dump board but please do not call it /i/ unless you want it to get raided.

I think /m/ was a good idea and it made sense at the time. IIRC one of the problems /ot/ had is that it was too cluttered and media based threads were often buried several pages in by the popular /ot/ threads. Giving video games, anime and other media their own board solved that issue.

No. 69697

Why does lolcow need to be serious and corporate all of a sudden? what is the harm in the chat style shitpost threads like dumbass shit?
Even though lolcow was born from there being actual cows to keep up with and /ot/ was just a byproduct of that; I think we can all agree that its better that cow culture is drying up/slowing down dramatically. I completely understand that documenting and commenting on shit like that is all that this website was for, but I don't think any of us see any harm in it not staying that way forever. Infighting, bait/blogposting, and personalityfagging has been occuring for years in /snow/, just like how it will happen in any thread on /ot/, not just dumbass shit and unpopular opinoins.

No. 69698

>but they were sadly attracting people to the board who really had no business being here if they were not interested in integrating or respecting other users or even contributing. it was starting to become overly negative and longterm users were being run off by these people so that they could turn the boards into twittertok 2.0.
all of this applies to so many threads on /ot/ though, like do they not see the shit going down in fandom drama? if that's the logic they're using then mods might as well autosage half the board

No. 69699

you're just tinfoiling about who posted what, not everyone who disagrees with you is one person. There's also nothing shitposty about those posts. Nor did I post them, before you make accusations.

No. 69700

Yeah these new mods seem to take the site super seriously. Nobody is going to be citing these threads as a reference anywhere I promise you.

No. 69701

yeah. i agree with the principle of quality control but it's weird what specifc threads get singled out. why trans cows and dumbass shit but not the unbridled zoomer autism in animation cows, the gachashit threads on /m/ or fandom drama?
also the author cows thread might be better suited for /m/ rather than a cow board. bc there's interesting discussion but it's not always related to specific cows, more like global phenomena like booktok or publishing trends.

No. 69702

File: 1707363480682.png (471.27 KB, 1237x707, confused.png)

What's up with the inconsistent moderation and bans after hellweek is over? Why were these people banned in the LC Screencaps thread on /ot for "derailing," meanwhile the dozens of actual derailing/no contribution posts made during hellweek weren't redtexted? Picrel, original lc theme is banned anons and girltalk theme is the many examples of posts that haven't been banned.

No. 69703

Probably because no one reporter it? Do you newfags think mods are just monitoring and camping in every thread

No. 69704

My bad let me to back and report everyone for discussing the screencaps shared in the screencap sharing thread. Thanks for your input anon.

No. 69705

you're saying this as if every single post that is reported gets redtexted when we all know thats not the case

No. 69706

No no, they were right. We're just newfags for bringing up inconsistency. It's not like I've seen 10 posts today talking about how weird the moderation has been in different threads. We must have both joined at the same time, which was 15 minutes ago. Ugh being a newfag is so difficult.

No. 69707

Not everyone gets a redtext, newfag.

No. 69708

File: 1707369770509.jpeg (614.99 KB, 1242x1767, IMG_1602.jpeg)

No. 69709

You didn't understand what that meant at all, did you? This has nothing to do with reading comprehension. Someone banned in one thread might be a poster that deserves a ban in another thread, but they mods are only going to ban one of the posts in one of the threads.

No. 69710

All of those replies featured in the screenshot attached to my post are from the same thread. My post questions why those specific responses that featured no screenshot or contribution to the thread topic were banned for derailing, while more than a dozen responses in the same thread that also did not feature a screenshot or contribution were not banned. I'm questioning the logic of banning anons for derailing for commenting on a screenshot in the screenshot thread, when it's been happening since the thread began. I'm not sure how to make that concept any clearer, if you have difficulty understanding this please read my first post and then this post again.

No. 69712

Damn not even reported infighters receive back-to-back redtexts like this. Whatever happened to that policy about not redtexting every ban kek

No. 69713

File: 1707375101379.png (217.6 KB, 880x484, isthisbadintegration..PNG)

Is "ntm" twitter speak? I've never heard someone use the phrase "not too much on" on here. I thought they meant "nta" for a moment, but it wouldn't make sense given the context. Should this be reported or is this a minute thing that doesn't matter?

No. 69715

no offense, but what a ridiculous question. Don't report anons for innocuous things, that's not imageboard culture.

No. 69716

Someone posting cp links in lunas thread.

No. 69717

I feel like the aftermath of a hellweek is always some little bitter jobsworth anon reporting and trying to ban everyone to feel self righteous about some gay shit

No. 69718

File: 1707398187175.jpeg (189.76 KB, 828x482, IMG_2482.jpeg)

this is what happens when you ban gc discussion in troon threads lol. gj

No. 69719

There were no reports for these posts. In the future, please use reports before coming to /meta/. I banned both users.

No. 69720

This is just typical straight woman male worship/fawning, nothing special. See all of /g/ and much of /ot/. If you wanted to ban retardation like this a good chunk of the website would be banned. The only thing noteworthy is it's supposedly talking about a tranny which indeed is rare; male worship towards trannies but not unheard of.

No. 69721

Whats the point of bans when its so easy for retards to ban evade? It literally does nothing. Either ban vpns or implement some type of ip/rangeban

No. 69722

Leftcows thread derailed into a debate about Taylor Swift. I reported but they're still going.

No. 69723

Anon's post, while I get she's an artist, is all about gender and being fat and health problems. These are topics that will derail the thread. I don't know if they need to move to the deathfat thread or something, but nothing about this post refers to art, just the fact that this artist is fat and has AFAB and useless crap. Hopefully it's just a rant and anons don't reply and derail about health.

>I find it ridiculous how she likes to act like she has control over her weight but then admits to having super sugary Starbucks drink every other day

No. 69724

Wow, that anon is obsessed.

No. 69726

I was asking because I didn't know if twitterspeak was a bannable offense. Don't know why you guys are so angry. Thank you for answering my question though

No. 69727

Yes and no. Depends on if the term is widely used on lolcow. Like "stg" is used a lot.

No. 69728

are the statistics & summary from hellweek still going to be posted?

No. 69729

Continuing this discussion from last thread

This is my personal opinion based on what I've seen
Nigga = bad, banneable offense
Nigga with the hard r = obviously worse
Any other race related term = Also gets banned
Bitch = not the worst insult, who cares, I see it all the time and can be applied to males too kek,p unless it's a very overt bait post no1currs
Cunt = Australia tier insult kek it's okay when talking about a shitty cow but can be bad depending on the context like a moid tier post
Cockbreather and similar = grossest shit I've ever seen imo
Retard = always been used, also a big part of the userbase is autistic or similar so it's ok lmao
Faggot = some men deserve to be called this kek, also not a big deal if it applies, too much is too annoying though
Dyke = as long as they don't use it as an insult it's ok, I mostly see it to self describe between anons

Can't think of others at the moment but yeah

No. 69730

This sounds right. I just don't agree with policing cunt at all. Anons can use it as insults towards each other. The fact that it's being policed at all irl is dumb too IMO. It's not different than a man calling a woman a bitch or any other line of names that are derogatory. Policing that, but not bitch makes no sense.

No. 69731

blatant racebait in >>>/g/366897

No. 69732

>I'm not against an image dump board but please do not call it /i/ unless you want it to get raided.
Why? /img/ also works.

>I think /m/ was a good idea and it made sense at the time. IIRC one of the problems /ot/ had is that it was too cluttered and media based threads were often buried several pages in by the popular /ot/ threads. Giving video games, anime and other media their own board solved that issue

Solved that issue for a time. Now /m/ is currently so overrun with image dump threads that video games, anime, book and etc. discussions are happening in /ot/ in the art and fandom thread and in /snow/ in the animator and bookcow threads. And there will be more.

No. 69733

All that because she's fat and yes anons are already derailing about her being fat.

No. 69734

Nigga isn’t currently bannable on its own, seems only if it’s in an otherwise race-baity post. You can use search to see it not often not receiving bans. I think you’re saying it should be bannable, though. I think banning cockbreath is bullshit, it’s just a meaner way of calling someone a pickme, and definitely shouldn’t be banned if nigga isn’t. Never seen a moid use cockbreath specifically, but I suppose cocksucker is similar. To me it’s more about how they’re writing/the topic, you can feel the misogyny oozing regardless of what specific words they use. A woman calling you a cockbreath for example because you whined about how you’re a feminist but will never give up sex with men because muh needs or whatever is a scenario where you should get the fuck over yourself

No. 69735

Cockbreather is a newer term. I've never seen it except in the past few months. Anons who are using it aren't from longterm lolcow use. They are seeing it used elsewhere and bringing it here. It's moid tier speak.

No. 69736

Then pickme and nlog and a whole bunch of other shit anons say constantly should be banned too as some sort of twitter speak. I think it’s retarded to never allow new insults to crop up.

No. 69737

Cp links being posted in /pt/ in Lunas thread. I reported but jsyk

No. 69738

No, those have been terms I've even seen used here for almost a decade now.

No. 69739

What I say nigga all the time I've never been banned. I've referred to you as niggas in my posts before and I've never gotten a ban for it?

No. 69740

When is dumbass shit going to be taken off autosage

No. 69741

Hopefully never

No. 69742

Can we make a rule where fujo sperging should only be in its designated thread. Not the fandom thread, not the TIF thread, not anywhere else but the one thread in /ot/

No. 69743

File: 1707420532287.png (17.29 KB, 1796x141, Dumbass Shit-161.png)

nta but here's one example of it being banned. i don't think it should be banned fwiw but i've seen multiple bans for it in /ot/ within the past few months and one time someone on /snow/ got banned for it just because the word was in a meme image

No. 69744

Fujoshits should also keep their trash to their containment thread too

No. 69745

Definitely not a decade but who cares, it came from twitter.

No. 69746

And sperging about yumes

No. 69747

why. nobodys been able to come up with a good reason why its so much worse than the rest of the board.

No. 69748

Stop begging for good reasons. The reason that it brings infighting and shitposting is enough of a reason. You don't need to be spoonfed everything.

No. 69749

What the fuck. That's just standard imageboard usage. What the fuck are farmhands thinking?

No. 69750

So do the vent threads, fandom drama threads, unpopular opinions, artist salt, like basically half of /ot/ really. Autosage those too then.

No. 69751

It isn't even spoonfeeding because its not a question for the general population its a question for the mods. Infighting is going to happen across every single thread on this website, it is unavoidable. Whats the harm in shitposting? So long as no one is claiming to do anything illegal or egregiously hateful, I'm not understanding what the harm is in stupid subjectless posts. You just sound like an unprovoked tightass and it's really disappointing because I wish we could all just have a good time.

No. 69752

>stop begging for good reasons
so you agree there isn't really a good reason

No. 69753

If fujosperging gets its own thread, then yume sperging should too. Either both are allowed or none. Regardless, I 100% agree with you because it does nothing but derail and its always the same fucking argument.

As far as I see, they are. Some retard brought the fujo topic back in the fandom drama OP after it had been deleted in the previous thread. All it does it bring trouble

No. 69754

You say this like 90% of the fujo sperging thread isnt seething fujos crying about something. They should stop derailing that thread too if you want a proper containment for the sperging

No. 69755

Nayrt but if you want a fujo/yumesperging thread on /ot/, you know you can just make one, right? No need to come here and ask admins for permission.

No. 69756

I think we can all agree that fujos are a bigger plight to the website than dumbass shit could ever be

No. 69757

They just want their retarded chatroom to return. Its crazy seeing how the dumbass shit thread changed from when I first started using lolcow to recent years

No. 69758

Its funny how they made their own imageboard and still plague this website with their mental illness

No. 69759

You say that as if its a bad thing kek

No. 69760

File: 1707422199423.png (374.44 KB, 1080x810, xA9Wjmf.png)

>The internet is simply a different place than it was in the 2010s and everything that lolcow was built around is simply no longer relevant. Admins trying to stubbornly hold on to the echoes of days past are only going to succeed in driving this place into the ground.
No one is denying that things will change, but we can maintain community standards. For example, we can discourage stan twitter memes/rhetoric and allow twitter refugees to assimilate to these standards.

No. 69761

fujosperging wouldn't be half as much as a problem if you people didn't stop posting about your fujo hateboners in every possible thread

No. 69762

For real because why the fuck do they bring their autism to completely unrelated threads like the author drama one. They have their own dedicated thread but refuse to use it.

No. 69763

It is, newfag. Imageboards arent your chatrooms

No. 69764

Why not though as long as you're posting an image? If it happens to spark conversation or bring other users interest what is the big issue

No. 69765

I want dumbass shit back. This is stupid. I really liked cerbmins decisions before this but they’re getting really weird about things now and it’s getting on my nerves.

No. 69766

/img/ is better imo.

No. 69767

Seriously. They keep going on about how fujos escape containment all the time but beyond them no one fucking sees that. However fujohaters keep sperging and derailing multiple threads but you can't even suggest that they should use their own thread. They make things up and then get mad when someone tells them to shut the fuck up.

No. 69768

yeah i think /img/ works too, I really hope mods take it into consideration

No. 69769

Just a reminder that all this fighting started because of anti-yume sperging

No. 69770

Uh no, you're not supposed to point that out nona. Remember that fujos are the victims here and we should refrain from hurting their feelings when they can't take what they dish out.

No. 69771

Yeah I miss the actual discussions that use to happen in dumbass shit that weren't pertaining to a vent, unpopular opinion etc. I stopped using it when it was just full of reaction images and anons just posting for interaction with no substance

No. 69772

is there really no way to permaban pakichan it feels like she derails threads with this fujosperging shit every single day

No. 69773

are farmhands on lunch break or something?

No. 69774

The fact anons keep engaging with her and letting it escalate into the same exact infight that has happened so many times already is also baffling. Aren't people bored of reading the same exact arguments over and over and over?

No. 69775

There was a yume critical thread a few months ago and got locked

No. 69776

Cunt is the favored insult of the unintergrated kiwifarms scrote

No. 69777

Unfortunately not, as she's known to evade. That is, unless they ban vpns.

No. 69778

How does she even afford vpns while living in Pakistan?

No. 69780

ntaryt sorry but getting a ban for using aave because its "twitterspeak" is the dumbest thing ive ever heard and it makes mods and farmhands look like male gatekeeping spergs. my day to day language that ive used for years is taken by 13 year old twitards but i have to completely change my way of speaking when ive never had this issue on lolcow before is counterproductive and will push older users away from the site. word policing isn't maintaining community standards sorry.

No. 69781

If I donate to lolcow do you think they'll give us dumbass shit back

No. 69782

Agreed. Also, I've been wondering what the stance on ironic usage of zoomer/twitter/whatever speak is. I'm not one to use those terms seriously in my general vocab but I do like to use them for comedic effect, in a "as the kids say, it's lit" sense and I wouldn't appreciate being banned for it

No. 69785

agreed. I’ve seen anons get banned for saying the most normal shit ever just because it’s “zoomerspeak.” I understand banning for obviously obnoxious typing styles, as described in the site rules, but we’re not all robots with the same linguistic background. some of us, for instance, sometimes touch grass

No. 69786

Imageboards aren’t Reddit either, other imageboards let you shitpost and threads fill up in hours

No. 69787

massive infighting and namefagging (or something) going on in pro-ana scumbags.

No. 69788

You're so dramatic kek. No, it does not kill you to not type like a zoomer and yes, gatekeeping is good.

No. 69789

File: 1707441323413.jpg (557.69 KB, 1080x1776, 1000005409.jpg)

Vendettafag is ban evading, the cow isn't even doing anything milky in the screenshot. Just promoting porn. I'm tired of this cowtipping retard.


No. 69791

Using lit will probably get you banned. This isnt tiktok.

No. 69792

Lolcow is not a discord chatroom, learn2integrate.

This. It was completely ruined because so many anons want to imagefag and personalityfag by posting "lol" and stupid quips without actually contributing anything.

No. 69793

If multiple people are engaging in a conversation, it’s not fucking derailing. Especially in a thread where the cows aren’t very milky, so people frequently break off into different discussions. Wish the mods could keep the same energy for those who deliberately start infights instead of red texting every little thing that could be a violation of rules.
Also, stop trying to be funny with it. Y’all aren’t cute or clever. It’s just embarrassing.

No. 69795

Are you going to come up with a reason for why having conversations amongst ourselves is a negative thing, because so long as we post imagery with our content we're basically still adhering to this being an imageboard. If the only reason you got is
thats not a reason kek

No. 69796

I am glad all of you tiktok spergs are getting banned.

No. 69797

This is just the bait anon. Ignore them.

No. 69798

I'd love to know if this poster is samefagging with different IPs. The constant derailing in that thread is obnoxious. >>>/w/319249

No. 69799

>If multiple people are engaging in a conversation, it’s not fucking derailing. Especially in a thread where the cows aren’t very milky, so people frequently break off into different discussions.
This 100000% so much

No. 69800

Those reaction pics are so whatever imo I've seen them around. As long as they aren't too overt who cares, agreed with making our community standards better though
I'm sorry but you sound pathetic and lost. Cry harder

No. 69801


No. 69802

Saying pickme and nlog isn't as degrading as saying cockbreath. Sure it's mean but not literally calling someone a sexual act as if that was their entire worth. Sounds like incel speak. You're fucking stupid.

No. 69803

I totes agree, get rid of all rules in cow threads please. Who cares about them, I go to threads to vent about my own real-life abuse experiences with people like Shayna, Alt Goth Man and Heather Sparkles

No. 69804

Literally no one said get rid of all rules. Derailing bans are supposed to be for retards like you who contribute nothing to the conversation. If multiple anons are all talking about something tangentially related to cows, it’s fucking stupid to redtext them all for derailing - especially when they’re saged. The convo will naturally move along when actual milk comes in. Farmhands have gotten noticeably worse recently, handing out bans left and right for minor offenses while anons who are actually being disruptive get nothing. They also try to insert little quips into the bans and it’s cringe. Idk if it’s a bunch of zoomers or literal speds but it’s making lc so much less enjoyable and ive been here for years

No. 69805

>I've been here for years
Cool, our last 2 admins were notably absent for years. This is the first time in a long time we've had actual moderation enforcing the rules.

No. 69806

I do believe that banning for using what is now common slang is kinda stupid, but stan-twitter type rhetoric is very specific and noticeable.

No. 69807

>If multiple people are engaging in a conversation, it’s not fucking derailing
What do you mean by this?

No. 69808

Paki-chan derrailing again >>>/ot/1882566

No. 69809

Adding kek to every post wont make you fit in btw

No. 69810

Post Left Cow thread has been a mess this week. Arguing about celebrities and their looks and now about a stupid subreddit. I’m glad the farmhands banned the Taylor Swift derailers, even if it took a little while. But I’m wondering if snarking on the Red Scare subreddit and its user base is also derailing or if it’s fine? Personally, I don’t give a fuck about what a bunch of dorks on a message board think and there’s already a Reddit hate thread that seems more appropriate. Imo that thread is to laugh at this group of narcissistic self-important retards, not their pea brained Reddit followers.

No. 69811

It always comes up when the milk is really dry. The unsaged retardation right now is annoying but sometimes the commentary on the subreddit’s scarethots is funny so I’ve never reported it for derailing. A farmer might come through with something juicy at some point, that’s how that thread usually goes.

No. 69812

People who visit the reddit hate thread aren’t going to know about scarethots like leftcow nonnies will. What is with this rule sperging, autistic hyper focus on categorizing information rather than actual communication and conversation between users of a community?

No. 69815

>Sure it's mean but not literally calling someone a sexual act as if that was their entire worth.
This is a bit of a mental abstraction on your behalf that just sounds like coping. Why feel so attacked by an objectively humiliating behavior? You think the term is degrading because the act is degrading, but other women calling it out is not what is degrading. I don't see your logic behind trying to police other women into niceness as not to insult self-degrading behavior. Women here don't mind being cruel when it comes to looks and countless other petty things but why should self inflicted moid degradation be suddenly off limits?

No. 69817

What's going on in the Ridiculous Photoshop thread 7? Users are being told to sage even though their posts are literally on-topic. >>>/snow/1962925 and under for example.

No. 69818

That's fair as long as it's entertaining, but it's gotten tedious.
All I did was ask a question about what's considered derailing. Hardly rule sperging. Calm down

No. 69819

You're supposed to sage image dumps except first and last images. This has been a rule for years. Its not highly enforced,but does exist. Anon spammed a bunch of unsaged photos all at once.

No. 69820

Because it’s friendly fire directed at the wrong target

No. 69821

Unhinged anon saying Taylor is going to have "retard child" if she has a baby with Tom. The fuck is with anons coming up with the worst takes when kids are involved?

>Tom is way too old. She should do ivf with a younger sperm if she doesnt want a retard child.

No. 69822

So far it has been a little tedious but I used to think Bruenig mentions were tedious (how wrong I was) so now I just wait and see. Maybe one of the redditors will do something crazy. That’s what I think of it anyway.

No. 69823

File: 1707503449874.jpg (137.72 KB, 1080x458, 1000005414.jpg)

Adding in, anon didn't mention this redtext I that thread when i double checked kek

No. 69824

It’s a pretty common opinion on here that the older a guy is the more likely he is to father a child with mental disabilities/cognitive problems. I believe scientific research backs this up. Give it a google. Also scroll up to the top of the thread and see the same discussion from 9 months ago lol
How old is Tom, 47? He’s old enough for there to be a legitimate increased risk of fathering a disabled child, the chances go up a lot more after 50 and 55 though.

No. 69825

many babies born from older men end up autistic at the very least, this is basic common knowledge

No. 69826

Anons said the same about Levi and using special helmets. You might need to be in thread to understand this type of post isn't a one-off thing. Its tinfoil at least.

No. 69827

helmets were mentioned only because some anons thought his head looked flat (a common issue any kid can have). idk I don't really think this dumb comment needs to be harped upon. Report what you don't like and move on. Anons here generally know that old sperm incurs risk.

No. 69828

Which was also tinfoil and not out of real concern.

No. 69829

>real concern
Aside from the fact that you don't know whether it was "real concern" or not, nothing about the suggestion meets guidelines for tinfoil. This isn't a fansite.

No. 69830

File: 1707506983807.png (159.62 KB, 932x382, what did i do!!!!!.png)

How is this infighting this was just a joke..I've never even tried either of these drugs mod

No. 69831

>laughing wont make you fit in
Good thing we're not in the clique and I don't have to worry about fitting in

No. 69832

This is just the objective truth

No. 69833

Can't be the only one here who experiences extremely slow loading times since a week or two?
It's starting to get so annoying it may have healed me from my addiction to LC kek. Whenever I check the site it's a 50/50 chance whether pictures will load at all.

No. 69834

This has gotten so retarded so suddenly. I didn’t have much issue with the moderation until the last day of hell week when it seems like a wave of intense autism has overtaken the jannies from nowhere.
This is the kind of stupid shit that should be getting banned, anons reeeing about innocuous shit because they personally don’t like it. This is the kind of retard who hangs out in meta all the time, is that why mods are taking them as the majority opinion?

No. 69835

hey so when are we gonna do townhall

No. 69836

>This is the kind of stupid shit that should be getting banned.
When posts like this are not banned but discussing a fashion influencers' style is and it's done almost immediately, I start thinking that jannies are deranged. I don't for a second believe that this was not reported. Plus, the fact that anons are mass supporting this stupid take, proves that trolls and wks are regulars in meta and jannies coddle them instead of banning.

No. 69837

Who is mass supporting what stupid take? can you be more specific?

No. 69838

File: 1707514048803.jpg (239.7 KB, 966x757, Screenshot_20240209_162531_Chr…)

Seeing these next to each other really drives the point home.

No. 69839

I thought it was interesting that the thread was bumped with deleted posts numerous times before this bait post appeared. Noticed that while catching up on Jill's thread. Just so everyone would see the bait. The fangirl non-con posts about Taylor trying for another kid didn't get any attention, no one took that bait, so the anon had to post something inflammatory to complain about here. The anon makes a grammatical error featured in countless posts by a regular /meta camper and infighter who seems to never get banned for shitting up every thread she doesn't like. The goal is clearly to get them all locked.

I reported the bait post earlier, too. The poster should be banned. Sadly it's probably just the aforementioned person using a vpn.

No. 69840

Anyone can screenshot two comments together and call it samefagging

No. 69841

Using cockbreath is black pill behavior regardless, keep it to your fucking black pill thread in /2X/.
I can't believe people are being offended by the word bitch but are completely fine with cockbreath in this thread. This is retarded as fuck

No. 69842

can we redtext gunt

No. 69843

No. 69844

The people who are offended by bitch but not cockbreath are not the same anons kek. Banning bitch would be retarded and so is being more offended by cockbreath than bitch, considering bitch has centuries of actual oppressive usage.

No. 69845

I'm agreeing with >>69793, sorry if came off as otherwise.

No. 69847

File: 1707520488393.png (107.5 KB, 1120x256, retarded comebacks .png)

>can you provide a reason for how this is derailing considering that it was on topic
>uh…t-take it to meta!!1!
And then whenever we do bring it here we're not dignified with any kind of response kek. If you can't come up with a reason for redtexting something then maybe it shouldn't have been.

No. 69848

They are bound and determined to suck all the fun out of this site by handing out all these retarded bans and refusing to engage when we push back. Because apparently it’s too difficult to ignore a single post that might be slightly off topic. I rarely even mind derailing unless it gets really carried away. It only really matters in dedicated cow threads anyway (which have been dying for years now). But a handful of posts that are still kind of related to the topic, especially when the topic is broad? Who fucking cares?
Your post probably got reported for derailing because some anons here get insanely triggered whenever the topic of astrology comes up and don’t realize their autistic need to rage about something usually done in silly fun is way more annoying than somebody making a post about Pluto in Aquarius.
A large number of anons have been complaining about moderation lately. But that just gets ignored because there are a handful of annoying bitches (maybe even jannies themselves) who camp out on /meta/ and can only reply to complaints by crying newfag. Even though many of these complaints are being made by long time farmers, myself included.

No. 69849

File: 1707522097109.png (1.22 MB, 1242x2688, IMG_3368.png)

Since when is “fanart” banned? Especially when it’s making fun of the subject in question? Also if you want more people to visit the cow boards maybe stop locking threads like absolute schoolmarms.

No. 69850

Since always afaik? There's a reason why we have a cow fanart thread seperate from the subjects

No. 69852

Users don't dictate bans.

No. 69853

File: 1707523809211.jpeg (377.67 KB, 600x1716, IMG_3369.jpeg)

there was a dedicated art anon in moos thread for a while. and the absolute masterpieces in shoes threads. I think there should be a distinction between autistic makeup edits and art that’s obviously making fun of them, how is picrel fanart

No. 69854

No shit. I’m just saying it was likely reported and that’s how it was brought to the farmhands attention in the first place.

No. 69855

I liked your horoscope based takes, nonnie. I hate that ot has become so serious.

No. 69856

Those were OC though and that was just an edit of another farmer's art and edits get banned all the time, just look at the Grimes or Shayna thread

No. 69857

ok I guess that’s technically true but I don’t think that’s why it got banned, OC gets bans as well.

No. 69858

honestly i get banning retarded edits of pctures but this is clearly OC not a low-quality post.
mods' vision for cow threads really is nofunallowed.jpg

No. 69859

Laur Trueman are doxing random people again in the Lillee Jean thread.

No. 69860

It's not just a lazy edit, she redrew the entire image and added a lot of stuff to it.

No. 69861

Everyone knows sperm degrades with time which increases the austism rate exponentially. It's also very common for babies to require intervention like helmets. An uneven head usually indicates tightness of muscles and a lack of range of motion in the neck. Idk why anons get so bent out of shape in that thread but it's been this way for years kek.

No. 69862

I think it's at most two people who rage about that thread. But their cancer is spreading.

Why are the admin suddenly absent again? I also think if they do a town hall, the three admin and all moderators should each answer one question with voice chat.

No. 69863

was consoomerism thread locked during hellweek?

No. 69864

Not that I saw but if it was a short lock like a day or two I might’ve missed it.

No. 69865

That wasn't even samefagging lol

No. 69866

And how is "cockbreath" not degrading, offensive and oppressive? Why would you like the word cockbreath if you think bitch is oppressive? Do you not hear yourself or am I missing some type of bait in this post?
Seriously. I've only heard incels and blackpills using such language. I'm not arguing if the word bitch is good or bad or not, because I don't give a shit, it's normalized enough now. Do you want the word cockbreather to be normalized as well, then? Is that what you stand for? Do you care enough about women not being called bitch because of "oppression" and yet you want to say stupid shit to them just because they're straight or whatever? You're creepy as fuck.

No. 69867

Tbh I also don't get it. Some art and some edits are okay but others aren't. What gets banned or not is arbitrary, it takes away the fun out of the thread. How else would we have kikomi?

No. 69868

Nta but you’re overreacting, they said that it’s no worse than “bitch” and I agree especially since bitch actually has history. Cockbreath is just calling someone a dicksucker, not the most offensive term in the books especially when this outrage doesn’t happen at the egirls being called whores or whatever, which is arguably worse.

No. 69869

nta but at least bitch has been used for centries and has other uses in how you phrase it. Cockbreath was literally made to insult women and it's made by men. That term is a lost cause. Anons need to stop desperately trying to be allowed to use moid terms. Bitch and cunt are not on the same level as cockbreath.

No. 69870

File: 1707540339749.png (Spoiler Image, 16.53 KB, 625x626, 70268801-1337566883.png)

>Cockbreath is just calling someone a dicksucker, not the most offensive term in the books

No. 69871

cockbreath is actually a really mean term and i think we should do more than just red etext it

No. 69872

File: 1707555345453.png (5.48 KB, 622x135, what.png)

how is this infighting? are we not allowed to disagree with other anons anymore

No. 69873

Fuck I wish you schizos would get 5150d and we could get the farms back. Not everything is a conspiracy against women. Getting triggered over a word that was originally aimed at faggots because you're desperate to be a victim is pathetic.

No. 69874

It's absolutely amazing to me that people are like, noooo the farms haven't changed! and people are in here having big feelings over the most boring words out there. These niggas are cooked.

No. 69875

NTA but the only person on the site who used that word unironically was an incel in the blackpill threads who's been banned dozens of times

No. 69877

The male baiter used to use it to try and go "see, this is how you bitches sound hating menz!!1". He was the same one who would constantly ree about lesbians and seethe that manhate turns women into lesbians/only lesbians hate men and shouldn't be allowed.

No. 69878

Bleak. The current state of farmhands

>Using cockbreath is black pill behavior
Being critical of degrading behavior and rightfully mocking it is now suddenly blackpill? How is this even a criticism?

>Waaah stay on your alloted board

Nah, like I said women here are sometimes ruthless and hit the jugalar with insults that reflect a rare reality that isn't seen anywhere else on the internet or real life. I'm not a user of this one but it's obvious that it's mocking a specific pathetic behavior, if you feel offended by it riddle me why you would? This insult is directed at a specific degrading and pathetic behavior, not all women like "bitch" is. I like the idea of women policing their own ranks in upholding dignity lel. Calling this "friendly fire" is hilarious. No, women with humiliation fetishes hell bent on degrading the entirety of women and allying with moids are not "friendlies" and ideally it would be nice if they were ousted. Commonly on this site they literally are. And like another anon said "whore" is pretty common here and "thot", "e-thot", "tradthot" etc. so clearly women here aren't above using such insults.

No. 69879

It's officially over. What the fuck is this bullshit? Cerbmin, hello? Get some new farmhands

No. 69880

>Being critical of degrading behavior and rightfully mocking it is now suddenly blackpill?
If you use it against women and not moids who are the ones degrading the women you're mocking, then yes.

I suggest mods replacing any mention of cockbreath with another word just like the movie room does, and how 4chan replaces soy with onion.

No. 69881

File: 1707585561514.jpg (1.3 MB, 2686x2527, 187765544.jpg)

>but it's obvious that it's mocking a specific pathetic behavior
>This insult is directed at a specific degrading and pathetic behavior, not all women like "bitch" is.
no it's not

No. 69882

The anons defending it probably aren't even the anons who have been using it and just our resident moid who argues the opposite of whatever anons discuss in /meta/. Most users aren't running around using this term because it's not lolcow culture and the term is only used for infighting. It's not even used in reference to cows.

No. 69883

This is why we should be allowed to report obvious moidery.

No. 69884

Seriously, it's such a moid-y thing to say and almost no one here says it, it sounds like it was pulled from some incel manifesto. "Bitch" has misogynistic origins but is so common in day-to-day vernacular that even normie women use it, whereas the only people who use "cockbreath" to describe women are turbo-misogynists.

No. 69885

No we’re just sick of you retards trying to police women into only using words that you think women should be able to say lest they be too mean and unfeminine for our delicate lolcow dot farm. Scrotefoiling is far more annoying than 3 anons on the site using cockbreath.

No. 69886

>words that you think women should use
The hill you want to die on is made of incels. Congratulations for being the ultimate pick me of the day.

No. 69887

File: 1707590951539.png (1.09 MB, 1125x1104, on the computer.png)

> In the next day or so we will update [locked hellweek] thread with some statistics about moderator actions over the last 2 weeks, as well summary of what we have learned and any changes for the future.
Been waiting 4 days now…

No. 69888

File: 1707594466285.jpg (106.31 KB, 705x513, dfgdfgdfg.jpg)

I admit, there is a better thread for this post (something about personality disorders in general) and I didn't notice it, but what I posted wasn't even that off-topic, it's literally related to bpd as well. Was 21+ hours ban really necessarry for this?

No. 69889

Just because its loosely related doesn't mean an out of context post like this is on topic.

No. 69890

File: 1707598023370.jpg (139.17 KB, 1080x1111, Screenshot_20240210-173646_Chr…)

Really? You guys silently ban me again for a post of many hours ago just after I complain about being banned for that same discussion? My ban had just expired. How about taking the head out of your asses? People are complaining this site is empty and you guys really want to get rid of the old posters that are still here? Boohoo that unhinged nonna complained on ot about muh retarded janny abilities, maybe stop power trippin and grow thicker skin, you fucking losers.

No. 69891

File: 1707598173107.jpeg (49.86 KB, 546x562, IMG_3371.jpeg)

No. 69892

fandom drama could have ben fun but it's literally just tards fighting the same fujo/shota wars over and over. it's happening again rn. why isn't it locked yet?

No. 69893

So you can't ask bpd posters about their opinion on channels dedicated to bpd among other things in the bpd thread?

No. 69894

There's some sort of fujohate post/bait fucking everywhere. I'm pretty sure every single thread has been derailed by fujospergs at least once. Fujo should become a redtexted word at this point.

No. 69895

I’m genuinely concerned farmhands want to run everyone off this site except for themselves and a few of their friends

No. 69896

File: 1707601224959.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_0906.jpeg)

could we close the cat/dog hate threads? the posts in both (particularly the cat hate thread) always come off as borderline and bring out the worst in people. pretty sure the one anon in the screenshot insinuates that she poisons and/or lets her dogs maul cats for fun. people like that are disgusting.

No. 69897

> she poisons and/or lets her dogs maul cats for fun. people like that are disgusting.
Moid behaviour. What scum. I hope she gets herself mauled in the process

No. 69898

>uh just because its about bpd doesnt mean its about bpd

No. 69899

You posted like 25 retarded replies just to infight. You also double posted and pretended to be two different people just to continue the infight. You're really annoying and I'm happy the mods keep banning you.

No. 69900

Didn't it get outed that some moid from reddit posts in the dog hate thread? And that incel scrote that seethed women have dogs to fuck them. The animal hate threads are weird when it's not about violent animals with relaxed owners.

No. 69901

Uh excuse me don't give her credit for my work. Also interestingly enough I didn't get banned for any of my gay book posts LOL

No. 69902

Ok mod we learned our lesson you can take dumbass shit off autosage now

No. 69903

I didn't. Not all replies to that anon are mine, don't talk out of your ass. Do you even read? I was banned and my ban expired then I posted on ot complaining about it… to immediately be banned again for a post of hours ago. Anyway, janny boots tasting good enough for you?

No. 69904

How are three whole posters allowed to post racist garbage in the things you hate thread without getting banned, despite me reporting them? One of them called a whole group of people cockroaches and nothing.

No. 69906

farmhands take hours to ban racebait but ban derailing in ot immediately kek

No. 69907

The dog hate thread is full of moids but for some reason mods decide to keep it up while they ban threads and posts for stupid shit.

No. 69908

I don't know if this can go here but Idk where else to put it. Is it possible if we could get the tech-savvy farmers to make a thread to possibly track down women who are posted on the socials thread on /b/ to let them know they're being posted? I want to start a bandwagon of this. I'm not sure if it would be a rather bad idea but I really want to track them down and maybe get more women to anonymize themselves? Or something? Or maybe the women know who could possibly be doing it? I'm sorry if this is retarded but it breaks my heart.

No. 69909

That's a bad idea in so many ways I don't even know where to begin

No. 69910

Unlock the tradthots thread please, every other thread is so boring and milkless. There’s no juicy drama or lolcow behavior with any of the other cows recently whereas damn near everything tradthots say and do is milky as fuck. I’m completely parched. OPEN IT PLS ADMIN.

No. 69911

Tinfoiling about or bashing cows kids should result in an automatic ban. I’m sick of seeing the vocal minority of aggressively anti-natalist child-hating redditor weirdos on this board bashing children and armchair diagnosing them with medical and neurological conditions. It’s disgusting.

No. 69912

Can we pleae autoban any posts not directly coming from venus angelic in her threads? Anons keep posting, what could be, fake people pretending to know her or whats going on on reddit and instagram. No proof, no nothing. Lock her thread until she comes back or something. The thread is now locked due to max.

No. 69913

This. Anons are going as far as claiming unborn children will be retarded.

No. 69914

>any posts not directly coming from Venus Angelic
So you mean like no one will be able to post at all? Just Venus?

No. 69915

When can we have dumbass shit back?

No. 69916

Hopefully never

No. 69917

My god I dont give a flying fuck about your animal pictures or hot/cute couples pictures or your fanart pics or your dumb twitter screenshot memes or your awful songs or your dress-up character or the #849949th art dump thread

Can we please please PLEASE have townhall so we can do something about the drones ruining /m/

No. 69918

No. 69919

luckily the thread reached post limit, another one should only be made if we get absolute proof from venus herself

No. 69920

Can we have a faggot hate thread? I know we have TiM cow threads but I don’t mean that I mean like a cow thread I’m saying could we have a thread for gay male antics that we come across in public and online? Would it be breaking any rules for that to be a thread subject?

No. 69921

There is a self-posting tranny who is running amok in Post-Leftcows, it's like Pariah 2.0

No. 69922

File: 1707618770888.jpeg (78.68 KB, 492x623, IMG_3374.jpeg)

Not on MY wholesome family values lolcow.farm!

No. 69923

Kys you disgusting tranny cunt

No. 69924

how new are you?

No. 69925

kek I did immediately think of that thread.
>claiming unborn children will be retarded.
It's news to me that a cow merely talking about possibly getting pregnant = there are potential unborn children in need of protection. Those anti-choice goons are really doing a good job with the rhetoric I see.

No. 69926

Both are equally retarded and annoying as fuck.

No. 69927

Jfc spoiler this shit. Or post this on kiwifarms instead.

No. 69928

ewww no thanks

No. 69929

absolutely stellar idea, no way a thread like that could possibly attract tradthots and poltards.
tired of all the fuckers pretending to use manhate as an excuse to be extremely homophobic, i bet you tards are the ones constantly baiting about lesbians too

No. 69930

What I never said lesbians I said faggots. It would be hating on gay males, lesbian hate wont be tolerated

No. 69931

I can't believe this many anons don't remember the thread.

No. 69932

I recall it but that doesnt mean I want to see that on a holiday

No. 69934

mods >>>/pt/927973

No. 69935

>posting bait from 5 months ago

No. 69937

Not other mental issues I'd assume.

No. 69939

The posts don't even have proof. Its taking a random stranger at face value about venus. That's not milk and there's no proof to back most of it up. Reddit spergs need to fuck off. The user never even shows these behind the scenes discussions they have either.

No. 69940

It's really sus when anons post cow replies on comments, but the commenter is blurred out. Screams of cow-tipping. If it's publicly posted, anons shouldn't edit screencaps, right? I don't know how other anons feel, but to me I don't really trust that the farmer isn't the one who interacted with the cow now.

No. 69941

You really are a stupid bitch

No. 69942

face doxxing post >>>/ot/1884438

No. 69943

I think it can be done out of courtesy and not necessarily involve cowtipping. No two anons are the same, and their posting style and moral compass natrually reflect that. There is no explicit rule forbidden anons from doing so and I don't think there needs to be, but I wouldn't mind if there was either.

No. 69944

File: 1707655123450.jpg (132.95 KB, 720x999, ban.jpg)

I'm not even sure what to say, had the reason been infighting, it'd be wrong but less wrong than this.

No. 69945

Hey I guess if talking about Islam is racebait, so is talking about Paleochristians

No. 69946

why was it even autosaged?

No. 69947

I think it's because it turned into a general chat and all the new unintegrated user flocked to it because it moved faster than other threads and then it got too annoying. Basically a handful of annoying faggots ruining small good things for the rest of us.

No. 69948

kek what? how retarded are farmhands?

No. 69949

It’s a little retarded to call it racebait but I approve. That type of post is annoying, sorry. Also the ban reasoning might have included other posts but it’ll only show one in the ban message. Love you all like sisters but I don’t believe people who complain in meta about their bans that they weren’t being retarded in other posts

No. 69950

We already have a man hate thread on 2X and all men are faggots so it would be redundant. Faggot is too broad.

No. 69951

? what ‘type’ of post was it, a post that shits on architecture?

No. 69952

>That type of post is annoying, sorry.
If we banned any posts just because some anon found it annoying this whole site would be empty, including your own posts. Sounds like mods couldn't come up with an actual reason.

No. 69953

File: 1707664085951.jpeg (703.35 KB, 1179x1349, IMG_8184.jpeg)

On second look I’m not even sure why I don’t like it. And yeah it doesn’t matter what I think is annoying.
Maybe the farmhand got the ban texts mixed up; the reply to it was more racebait-y by saying Japan architecture is more boring than European (wouldn’t really consider that racebait either but you could argue it is)

No. 69954

Since the dumbass thread is automated, those anons now try to post their random non-contributions to the confessions thread when they are not even remotely confessional. Please consider banning these posts.

No. 69955

Why is it automated? Its kinda weird that the admins are okay with active harmless threads to be taken down, its almost like they are mad that their gossip boards arent as active as they were in the past so they are trying to take it out on the whole site.
Remember the m/ wipeout? The owners and tech could have fixed that issue if they wanted to but they dont care unless its gossip about some has-been cosplayer.

No. 69956

am I slow or the micky thread gone?

No. 69957

Micky moon is still there, but the cowtipping and posters who personally know her and go on vendetta rants about the same shit hopefully can't find the thread.

No. 69958

it’s honestly baffling see vendetta rants get redtexted in some threads and not others. i swear farmhands only like spending time on /w/ and the shay thread. there’s also an influx of underage emoji spamming retards shitting up discussion threads on /ot/ now that dumbass shit is gone

No. 69959

What retarded baiter sat on his balls wrong and spammed every thread with “ur low IQ” infighting today?

No. 69960

Derailing sperging about Rom's sperm again in Taylor's thread on /w/. It's a repeat of the last 2 threads about it.

No. 69962

Must be a lost reddit tourist, lolcow is a weeb board and always has been

No. 69963

It's not a derail per se this time since she mentioned trying to get pregnant again and failing. Her language suggests self-blamed and anons just pointed out that it could equally be Tom's contribution to the miscarriage. There are a couple of attempts to bait and derail in between and I reported them, but the discussion itself is not out of blue.

No. 69964

Your post reeks of a poltards unwashed scrotum so I can see why you got banned

No. 69965

It’s not milky or relevant or anyones business. Stop obsessing over womens wombs and children you freaks.

No. 69966

I’m not a farmer in that thread and I don’t post there but Tom is an old man with stale sperm and I don’t see what’s wrong with pointing that out
It’s not about her womb it’s about his sperm

No. 69967

If you speculate about a hypothetical fetus you’re clearly just a seething tranny i guess

No. 69968

Without proof. Anons speculating doesn't supercede proof that it's her, she said it was her, the clinic said it was her. Shut up.

No. 69969

Literally google ICSI. Are we getting Tom WKs now?

No. 69970

What if it’s not her and it’s his decrepit ass sperm though? It’s more likely. Let it go.

No. 69972

These facts are coming from the cow. Assuming isn't helpful to the thread and creates fake narratives. IVF clinics can do multiple things at once. This just creates derailing tinfoil.

No. 69973

Didn't see any vendettaposting when I looked just anons discussing how psycho she acting over being banned from a con and how she hasn't changed.

No. 69976

Yeah and Taylor has no history of lying about anything. But I'm intrigued why you're so hellbent on vouching for Tom and his sperm lol

>fake narratives

>assuming isn't helpful for the thread
Yeah, you think you and the anon in the thread bending backwards to wk for Tom are much different?

No. 69977

I don’t even see any race mentioned in this

No. 69978

Retard moid is promoting a 4chan dating site >>>/ot/1885140

No. 69979

Can farmhands ban these retards sperging about Taylor’s unborn children and her husbands sperm already.

No. 69980

Thanks farmhands for attempting to moderate the newfag cesspool that is the /m/ vtuber thread

No. 69982

Oh my god the vocaroo posting is so embarrassing

No. 70004

nta but
>unborn children
can you stop using this phrasing? It's weird. She's not even pregnant.
clinic never said shit. Not one mention of pcos even.
>proof that it's her

Do you have a problem where you only believe something is "proof" if the cow itself says it? Do you seriously believe everything the cows on this site say or the reasons they give for their actions? Genuine question btw.

No. 70005

It's not true or proof from anons just googling. Jesus christ, her thread is fucking stupid with all this sperm and constant baby sperging.

Also anon posted a non-milk screenshot of an underage child just for funsies and spoiled it as NSFW so that they wouldn't get called out for it, Wtf?? >>>/w/319377

No. 70006

Pls or lock it. Its constantly filled with redtext and it's been nitpicking for over a year now. We can't even discuss her IVF due to the Tom sperm obsessed anons refusing to take the cow at her word and are ruining the thread with no proof against what the cow is saying.

No. 70007

File: 1707692207554.png (616 KB, 864x1650, 1000020461.png)

>underaged child
All children are underage. That post (not mine) doesn't violate any rules of lolcow. See picrel, from >>>/snow/1960694
Taylor has 676k followers. I am glad it was spoilered because it is disgusting.
you are the same anon doubleposting two minutes apart. 23:40 and 23:42. Stop trying to shit up the thread and get it locked by reporting every single harmless post. Report the bait (as I did) and just stop. Caping for the cow in her thread is really pathetic.

No. 70008

I don't think you and other anons understand the difference between whiteknighting/capping and pointing out wrong facts that the cow didn't even attest to.

No. 70009

I got banned for reporting one of the posts in this thread suspiciously using trans language unironically (can't remember which, think it's this one >>69639) but then we are advised to report posts like this >>69718. I went back to the rules and didn't see any global rule for man-speculating, it's only listed as a rule in /ot/

maybe I'm retarded but where is the line here?

No. 70010

I'm pretty sure this is all the sane anon. Moreover, I assume it's our resident "close the thread!11!!" whiner.
First. The thread is called Taylor and Tom. Discussing him is not out of place.
Second. You'll be surprised to find out but it takes two people to make a baby. Whether you like it or not, he will be mentioned.
Third. Anons told Tom's defender (was it you, too?) to look up the older threads for more info, but they keep whining about no proof, insist that "she said it was because of her, so we should take her word for it". Oh, wait the same argument was brought here. Hm…

No. 70011

You dont need to be pregnant to have unborn children

No. 70012

Lmao that’s a good one.

No. 70013

Not the same anons. Seethe.

No. 70014

unborn child means child that isnt born hence doesnt exist. Taylor has no children, so anons have been sperging about children that do not exist. Does that make enough sense for you, sped?

No. 70015

if it hasn’t been born yet that means it will be eventually so it’s a fetus. so it does exist. I think you mean hypothetical children which makes this ‘w-won’t someone please think of the children’ even funnier. thought experiment children.

No. 70016

That’s such a weird way to think about it. I guess I have multiple unborn children wow I never knew!
Nobody uses that phrase that way except you. You are the weird one.

No. 70017

This is the most retarded semantics sperg I've seen in a while

No. 70018

You're right, it's the same anon, possibly using VPNs. The same kinds of grammar errors, awkward ESL phrases, and:
>These facts are coming from the cow. Assuming isn't helpful to the thread and creates fake narratives.
>refusing to take the cow at her word
lmao as if we just accept whatever cows say as truth on this site.
>wrong facts that the cow didn't even attest to

In the thread:
>But she said it wasn't him
>Didn't Taylor say she was at fault for the IVF being needed? […] They've addressed this.

"Proof" for this anon is the cow saying something.

No. 70019

Except there is more than one anon who's made comments regarding the derailing lol What's the point of infighting about something we can't even prove besides what the cow said and filmed? Just seems stupid to push back against the milk we do have in exchange for tinfoiling about something completely off the mark with nothing to back it up besides anons saying Tom is old?

No. 70021

File: 1707731181060.jpg (460.85 KB, 1080x2172, Screenshot_m.jpg)

Admins please create /img/. The picspam is getting out of hand.

No. 70022

>something we can't even prove besides what the cow said and filmed
You still refuse to google the damn thing and search in the old threads. Stop trying to make others take Taylor's word for it as if it's gospel. The thing is, the "proof" is in her infertility series. She doesn't say it herself, but she posted enough clues without knowing.

Not sure if it's the same anon, it very much could be, but someone posted a video from 3 years ago where she briefly mentioned pcos to prove a point. This is getting retarded.

No. 70023

Can we see some hellweek stats please?

No. 70024

If she’s trying for a baby and it’s likely at some time there will be one then yeah it’s not out of place to see it’s unborn. Stupid ducking sperg.

No. 70025

scrote attention whoring

No. 70026

just make a folder with your favourite threads on it, it's not that hard

No. 70027

Celebricows has been shat up with infighting and derailing about looks for the past 12 hours or so, I gave up trying to report it

No. 70028

File: 1707753025444.jpg (167.83 KB, 1088x656, just post imgs tard.jpg)

That anon claiming to be an old fag but doesn't post images on an imageboard and gets all defensive when called out for it. What a retard

No. 70029

>proof comes from cow

The unhinged anons that live in that thread.

No. 70030

Can’t believe ot is getting blamed and destroyed for “retarded infights” while anons on the cow boards are arguing about whether some thots male has crusty sperm or not

No. 70031

The only unhinged one is Tom's WK begging to be spoonfed and bringing up ancient videos to make a point in Tom's favour, samefagging, possibly VPN-hopping, infighting god knows for what.
If mods were as quick to ban this retard as they are banning outfit discussions, the matter would been settled 10 posts ago.

No. 70033

So when she had a recent miscarriage, his sperm seemed fine to get her pregnant. Really keeps driving home that her body doesn't want to be pregnant and this is a sign of PCOS and why women have to do IVF treatments. Also I haven't used a VPN and anons insisting on samefagging have been continuously wrong which has been pretty good entertainment.

No. 70034

Stop double-posting your retard posts here and in the thread.

No. 70035

It's okay not to know what double-posting means.

No. 70036

I miss the tradthots thread

No. 70038

Well I can safely say I don't identify with it nor use it kek. It does describe a pathetic behavior that points to a particular reality many are unwilling to address. None of the replies have really discussed this and are just moid accusations. I just don't see why you'd identify with one raving lunatics spazzing. Thot, whore and slut are visible here and are equally non discriminate towards women and misognyistic unlike cock sucker which describes a pathetic behavior one sperg be damned. As I said, arrest me but I like the idea of women policing other women to have and maintain dignity most of the internet praises women for cocksucking. It really is a rarity here.

>you use it against women and not moids who are the ones degrading the women you're mocking, then yes.
Women have freewill and sometimes degrade themselves with this freewill. Assuming women lack agency is mocking. No one's assuming all women are cocksuckers, weirdo. No one has a problem insulting fags but women doing the exact same degrading behavior is suddenly drawing the line.

No. 70039

Oh, I know pretty well what it means. Finish typing your retard takes before hitting post, then you won't have to constantly delete one of the posts after hurrying to defend a cow and her hubby on an anonymous forum and ending up posting a half-finished comment.

No. 70040

kek nonna using a function implemented on lolcow isn't the same as double posting

No. 70041


No. 70042

Me too. Farmhand please unlock it.

No. 70043

>goes to lolcow for the first time in months
>sees cp on the front page again

No. 70044

Did you not report? I havent seen any and ive been here all day.

No. 70046

Confessions thread now used as dumbass shit thread with completely nonconfessional statements. Why?

No. 70047

I also noticed this. Farmhands please turn off autosage on dumbass shit so that the chat room convos can be contained

No. 70048

the moment i wanted to report it was already gone, i mean its good that its gone but still. kinda shocking to see there is still cp infestation here

No. 70049

I just checked the thread and it's just a normal confessions thread? There's not really any conversation besides responses to confessions. It sounds like you two want every thread to be post only no replies allowed like the get it off your chest thread.

No. 70050

it's also happening in mundane shit thread, it's leaking fucking everywhere. Admin needs to un-autosage that thread immediately, this site has been so unbelievable shit ever since hell week that I haven't even bothered checking in the past few days and traffic is down across all boards from what I can see.

No. 70051

File: 1707797731723.png (48 KB, 408x362, Screen Shot 2024-02-12 at 11.1…)

Again, why did this post get redtexted for derailing but the other three posts didn't? None of them include a funny screencap. I don't understand the bans lately they've been really pick and choose.

No. 70053

Anon, that's not what happened. Mouds will always raid up with gore and cp. You should see twitter.

No. 70054

Minimodding and trying to use lolcow as their personal army against other posters.


No. 70055

Okay for real what is it with Taylor anons' obsession with her husband's sperm? Like we've had 10+ posts itt arguing about his sperm and at this point it's just really weird and comes off creepy.

No. 70056

I know that autosaging threads is nothing new, but I can't help but notice how the autosaging of the dumbass thread coincides with the mods current method of locking threads they don't want to deal with (this keeps happening in /snow/, and /w/ too i think). It's like they're just killing off and banishing threads they don't want to moderate.

No. 70057

Farmhands are overmodding this place into the damn ground. Conversations have slowed down everywhere, and we were already atrophying. Every single board is slow now. I hate to say it but I think we’re in end times.

No. 70058

im gonna continue abusing every other thread until you fucking take dumbass shit off autosage, cerbmin

No. 70059

I’ll miss you, nonnas…

No. 70060

I swear a farmhand came in to one of them and said instant bans to anyone complaining about his old ass sperm.

No. 70061

I’m so sad. I’ll miss all of you absolute retards.

No. 70062

Honestly, this is for the better kek. Cow culture is dying off, imageboard culture is close behind. I think in this decade KiwiFarms and 4chan will also be taken offline. Theres always crystal cafe

No. 70063

>Conversations have slowed down everywhere.
To be fair it is a Monday night. The slow conversations are due to overmodding sure, but the constant "newfag" harping is also contributing to thread slow down too. It's getting annoying that so many anons just respond to everything in the most bad faith way possible.
>We're in the end times.
I don't think so. I think you're jumping the shark kek. Nonas have been saying lolcow was dying since 2018. We're all still here.

No. 70064

yeah its monday today but everyday of the last week since hellweek ended its been very slow too

No. 70065

Farmhands must have a strong vendetta against that thread sheesh. Which is weird cause it's less infighty than other threads.

No. 70066

My guess is once the dumbass shit thread was locked at the beginning of Hellweek, a lot of anons that frequented that thread got bored and left the site thinking they'd come back after Hellweek concluded and start posting in that thread again. But, Hellweek was extended, and then after it ended it was autosaged. Most anons that frequented the shitpost threads were probably populating other threads as well and contributing to them too. Since Hellweek concluded I've seen like 20+ posts complaining about the stupid bans being handed out. I think that those bans can be attributed to poor moderation choices, but also because a certain (very autistic) group of oldfags have been reporting any post that goes against their weird make-believe 2014-era rules. The mods seem to be approving more reports now when compared to before Hellweek.

No. 70067

lmao, anon's literally telling to stop infighting. since mods are not in the mood to step in and stop the wk shitting up the thread, ignoring the bait is the right thing to do.

No. 70068

Some cows fall off. Oh well.

No. 70069

tranny jannies want to kill the site, it's obvious now. Why not give it away to someone who cares instead of putting it down like cancer ridden dog? oh well, it was nice having a page for women for once but it was too good to last

No. 70070

Can the autistic child that's been throwing a hissy fit about Dumbass shit thread being autosaged and detailing the Mundane thread finally be put in a corner of the classroom with a dunce cap on? It's ridiculous.

No. 70071

theres a whole playground worth of autistic children screaming about dumbass shit nonnie

No. 70072

What are you even talking about with this post kek

No. 70073

There are three posts in that thread of 450+ posts that mention the dumbass shit thread. At this point do you just lurk every thread on /ot and try to find posts that should go into the dumbass shit thread to screech about?

No. 70074

No one threw is screeching and derailing, what do you mean?

No. 70075

kek how do you even derrail the mundane shit thread? it's basically the dumbass thread with another name

No. 70076

It's just another autistic oldfag that's upset their imageboard is being used by people that found this site after 2016. At this point I don't pay any attention to any anon that complains about the dumbass shit thread, they're acting like contrarian boomers for no reason.

No. 70077

Welp… We need more dunce caps and more classroom corners then.

No. 70078

Thats oddly specific. Most oldfags are gone, I doubt they're hanging out in /ot/ complaining about shitpost threads. Taking LC way too seriously is a newfag trait.

No. 70080

Anons should be scared to post because they might get hit with a derailing if the farmhand disagrees with them.

I fucking hate those threads, those and the pathetic confessions thread are the crux of my existence.

No. 70081

>I fucking hate those threads, those and the pathetic confessions thread are the crux of my existence.
Click the hide button

No. 70082

No, that's not enough. I don't want anybody to use those threads. I wont be satisfied until they're all locked and nobody can have fun again.

No. 70083

t. admin

No. 70084

No. 70086

File: 1707825384225.jpg (33.66 KB, 590x350, 1000017403.jpg)

Get Back Here And Answer For Your Crimes Fagmin

No. 70088

There's been a lot of baiting posts in the latest hours, like the circumcision fag on unpopular opinions and the shotafag in the fujo thread. Same typing style, they're obviously samefagging too.

No. 70090

>Theres always crystal cafe
No, unfortunately there isn’t. That place is hanging on by even fewer threads than LC. I’m really scared that after this there will be no other female only community like this in the internet.

No. 70091

Circumcisionfag started off in the cursed mommy thread like 10 hours ago. Why are they still running free?

No. 70092

deleting the mommy thread would fix this site

No. 70093

I wish you were admin kek. Let’s do a coo de tah or whatever it’s called, I’ll bring a set of nunchucks and retard strength

No. 70095

Please farmhands, don't make me create an ovarit account. I beg of you

No. 70096

Huge influx of highly unintegrated posts, hi cowing, and infighting over at the Vtuber thread in /m/, starting here and going all the way to the newest post >>>/m/355531. At this point, it seems like the thread is turning into what the kpop thread used to be.

No. 70097

please ban circumcisionfag, who is now racebaiting in >>>/ot/1880012. only scrotes care this much about circumcision

No. 70099

I don't understand the hateboner people have against that thread. It's not really that active and one of the least problematic discussion threads on this entire site

No. 70100

Coming from the vtuber thread. Is it possible to maybe have a separate vtuber thread for drama? I heard rumours that this particular subject had been banned before, but I figured I'd ask.

No. 70101

I think it’s a scrote too, but retard admin in their latest slew of retard decisions has made it a bannable offense to report someone for being a scrote so I’ve not been reporting it.

No. 70102

This, seriously. It’s always friendly and hardly ever spawns infighting, unlike every other thread. And that’s the one admin decides to nuke while banhammering people all over the place? We’re fucking doomed. I don’t understand why cerbmin went off the rails like this, I had been so happy with her. It’s so disappointing.

No. 70103

that's what they want you to believe…

No. 70104

kek you must be one of the unintegrated newfags

No. 70105

File: 1707837943907.jpg (91.46 KB, 605x800, 1000018168.jpg)


No. 70106

File: 1707838417201.jpeg (98.57 KB, 600x408, IMG_0390.jpeg)


No. 70107

Oh fuck Off, people like you are the reason why we dying off in the first place, image board culture isn't dying, it's changing and this place could have stayed alive and change in its own way had the mods not killed the only active thread on the site, and no, crystal cafe ain't any better you fucking idiot.

No. 70108

File: 1707838937753.jpeg (170.57 KB, 1022x749, 985802F5-AF8B-413E-803E-6B68E9…)

here I come on my noble steed

No. 70109

I don’t normally defend farmhands but not every post that catches a ban gets a red text. Furthermore, it’s entirely possible that one of the non-red texted derailers got banned for something else related or not.

No. 70110

Nonnies…. Where is everybody? Lately I feel like I’m making 70% of the posts on this site. I’m getting worried.

No. 70111

Same. I keep telling myself I’ll stop using this site as well after getting a retarded ban from farmhands in the aftermath of hellweek, but unfortunately I’m hyperfixating on this site and it’s doom so there’s no escape for me. I’m afraid other anons have already jumped ship

No. 70113

We stopped posting because fun is banned and so is conversation most of the time because that’s infighting

No. 70114

I just saw a post getting deleted right front of me, wtf?

No. 70115

>I’m afraid other anons have already jumped ship
I think a good 60% of users left after shaymin fucked up the site and made it unusable for a huge portion of users for what was it, months? That did such huge damage.
Now we’ve been trying our best to get by with 40% of the previous population, and cerbmin decided out of nowhere to autosage one of the most popular threads and farmhands start issuing bullshit bans even in low-importance /ot/ threads, causing the anons who were left to give up.
Imo the moderation team needs to cut it out right now if we want any chance of surviving, but even if the nonsense stopped today, I don’t know if we could recover. Every board is a ghost town and it’s making me so upset because none of this had to happen.

No. 70116

I remember when cerbmin was well received for saving this site, even during the last hellweek before the most recent one. however, retarded mod decisions have turned the tides because we’re all seeing the effects of those decisions. I hope cerbmin stops being a butthurt coward and addresses our concerns before it’s too late

No. 70117

Why do mods refuse to talk to us is what I want to know more than anything.

No. 70118

This is a huge issue imo. Even as an anonymous community, it’s important for farmers to have a relationship with admin. I rarely ever see admin making posts like they have in the past. I hate to use this example, but just look at KF and how they just recently raised 6 figures for null on a whim. The reason why KF has stayed afloat despite graver attempts to shut it down are because of the solid relationship between admin and its userbase

No. 70119

Kiwi is for moids, of course they'd fund it.

No. 70121

You know posters can delete their own posts, right?

No. 70122

Hard agree. It's almost like farmhands are overmodding /ot/ because the other boards are so dead, only worsening the issue. Sometimes I get the feeling the farmhands don't actually consider the merits of each report in the context of the conversation. Any post taken out of context can seem like bait even when it isn't.

No. 70123

So? LC is for women, and yet we don’t have that kind of solidarity here. I’m not saying we should throw money at cerbmin for no reason, just that there’s no relationship between us in which farmers would ever be compelled to do so even if it would keep this site afloat

No. 70124

Right? They said they were going to release stats about Hellweek "within the next day or two" over a week ago. There've been tons of concerns, complaints, and suggestions, but it's just been radio silence. Not even a "Hey we've heard your complaints and we're talking it over" type of thing.

No. 70125

Nta but I think they were not expecting such angry pushback to their decisions, and now they’re either nervous to talk to us, or taking after Shaymin who would give us the silent treatment out of spite. I hope it’s not the latter, because that would really lend credence to the theory I had personally dismissed as bullshit of cerbmin being shaymin just with a new name to try to pacify us. Because the radio silence is back now, and that was THE hallmark of the entire shaymin era. I really hope I’m wrong.

No. 70126

Same with the vtuber thread, it's become almost unusable overnight.

No. 70127

The vtuber thread is always shit.

No. 70128

They've been replying

No. 70129

>anon links to 3 farmhand posts in the past month

No. 70130

If there are allegedly three of them it shouldn't be like pulling teeth to get a response

No. 70131

If you really don't see the difference between its usual and current state, you don't have a place in this discussion.

No. 70132

It was a long post and it was talking about getting banned so I'm 100% that wasn't voluntarily deleted by the poster.

No. 70133

You aren’t wrong, but it getting bumped with a bait post or a lost newfag every five minutes is way worse compared to it only happening every other day or so like in previous threads, but I think the topic of vtubing in general just attracts the worst types of people so it’s not too surprising

No. 70134

the person spamming "movie collections" cp is a male, he bragged about having multiple vpns on cc, just dropping this fact here

No. 70135

2 are from the last week. Farmhands and anon were never constantly talking to us anyway.

No. 70136

ITT: let's pretend our voice matters on any of the decisions taken by whoever runs this site.

No. 70137

File: 1707850652795.png (398.95 KB, 630x618, 1706691415261833.png)

Hellweek statistic update and townhall when

No. 70138

What the fuck is the "mommy thread"?

No. 70140

The thread on /g/ where anons go to talk about having babies, and all the many ways their husbands are failing to help with them. One anon recently posted asking about how she can get her moid to start talking to his child, since he is refusing on the basis of “it doesn’t know what I’m saying anyway” kek. Lolcow’s best and brightest.

No. 70141

I think Fandom Discourse thread should be moved to /m/

No. 70142

Did they ever even say that stats were going to be posted

No. 70143

No. 70144

We’ve gotten new banners since hellweek but somehow no town hall or dumbass shit update kek

No. 70145

god no please that thread is a cesspool

No. 70146

Probably because different people work on different parts of the site. It's like logic goes out the window with some anons.

No. 70147

Nta but hide it then. Most anons really liked it and it was just nice casual fun. We’re going to keep complaining about it until someone addresses the complaints.

No. 70148

it's not about "just hide it then" it's about the type of users it attracts. The subject had the potential to be a good thread but it's full of cartoon sperging, zoomers and infighting

No. 70149

I agree that anons in that thread are annoying and I stay away from it, but would you rather police every kind of anon on this site and have a dead board or let them have their little retarded space? because this is the dilemma we’re facing. plus /m/ is probably the most dead board there is, after /pt/ maybe but that’s a legacy board

No. 70150

>would you rather police every kind of anon on this site and have a dead board

No. 70151

Ok schizo

No. 70152

ayrt and no. but these anons can stay in /ot/. no need to have them flock to /m/ by moving the fandom thread

No. 70153

Ok cerbmin.

No. 70154

No. 70156

do people actually believe this? it sounds like something a 13 year old would make up to seem cool. uhhhh my elven mage is actually the fused souls of three people and that’s why it can multiclass!! you have to call ihim Cerberus!!!

No. 70157

honestly an admin like null who did streams and QandA and stuff would be good for us. the problem is that women are more risk averse and no sane person wants to throw away their life and career for the sake of a drama forum.

No. 70158

Right? I get why cerbmin wants to maintain anonymity, but I really think a townhall would help mend the relationship between mods and anons

No. 70159

Just leave then you fucking moron. This is like the idiots that wanted the site dead cus they couldn't leave on their own. Tranny jannies don't even find a reason to ban us anymore, they just do cus "annoying", how you gonna like it to be in yet another site where women have to watch their tongues?

No. 70160

can you faggots do something about the circumsperg in ot please? or is this yet another case of women not being a monolith?

No. 70161

Here come the tranny janny accusations again.

No. 70162

well it is kinda funny that they hate the tradthot thread so much, banned political discussion in troon threads, banned ‘blackpill’ content because idk it’s just so hurtful and mean

No. 70163

At least one is talking in /meta/ without using a tripcode. It's retarded. Mods and admin should be required to use their tripcodes in /meta/, there's no reason not to do this.

No. 70164

If that's true, then I agree. That's extremely sneaky, but i can't lie, some responses make me suspect it. I don't know why none of our admins or farmhand teams can drop this adversarial relationship they hold towards the users, it's bizarre. I'm really starting to believe that cerbmin is just shaymin under a new codename, this behavior is getting really similar.

No. 70165

Nice job not actually banning any of the newfags or baiters in the vtuber thread, love seeing mods support the influx of assholes hellbent on derailing normal discussion in the thread.
I'll be fair, on surface level IG it's confusing to discern what's going on, but when you get so many reports and complaints about one thread in a short period of time, maybe you should actually read the discussion that's occurring and see which behavior is not in line with historical opinion in the thread.

No. 70166

It's really obvious in some cases. Here's one: >>69220
Pretty sure this is another: >>69604
The mod likes to double-post even though normal users get banned for that.

No. 70167

not trying to be mean, but it's straight up hilarious to see you repeatedly coming back to sperg about the lolicon anime twitch streamer thread (which, anyone who's invested enough in that community to know what's going on is retarded 100% of the time, so idk what you're even expecting to happen…"mods! there are retards in the stupid people thread!" kek) amidst serious discussion about the future of the site

No. 70168

We're still discussing some changes to site with senior staff based on the outcome of Hellweek and subsequent feedback. We want to reach a consensus as a team before we post anything further, but the discussions are still ongoing. We anticipate we'll be done by the end of the week. As well, no, there are no farmhands posting here without their tag– There's a lot of ban evading schizoposting bait in /meta/ so use common sense.

No. 70169

Thank you for the response, it is much appreciated.

No. 70170

will this include an update on the status of dumbass shit? thank yow cerbmin

No. 70171

Glad to hear from you cerbmin

No. 70172

Not everybody you dislike is the same person lol

No. 70173

I don't dislike you, silly. And come on now.

No. 70174

Here is some feedback: stop being retarded

No. 70175

kek anon

No. 70176

Why is a random anon taking offense at some schizo "tranny janny" insult then? >>>/meta/69290
Why is one asking for links for issuing bans? Why is there someone posting here all the time who seems to know why some post got banned even though every other anon doesn't? Sorry to second-guess you. but well, I am.

No. 70177

>Why is a random anon taking offense at some schizo "tranny janny" insult then?
nta, but I think it's because it's a stupid thing to tinfoil about when there's so many other legitimate problems. It just comes across a little schizo
inb4 "you're a mod too!"

No. 70178

AYRT, you know what? You do have a point, thanks for the perspective. Honestly though, the part about "serious discussion" regarding this site is… 90% of this site on any given day has a similar quality of discussion to the vtuber thread in its usual state, which is why I felt it worth bringing up here. Meaningful interaction here these days is a pleasant surprise and not the norm.

No. 70179

File: 1707873659767.jpg (27.4 KB, 1280x720, hurry the fuck up.jpg)

>by the end of the week.
Do you mean the end of the calendar week - Saturday, or the end of the work week - Friday? Picrel only makes sense if it's for Friday

No. 70180

Don't be silly, bc the posts I linked did have specific information in them. I should have omitted the "seethe and cope" and instead pointed out the other tell:
>No, this is just what it looks like when they actually redtext everything.
That was the answer to an anon saying that retarded posts actually skyrocketed during hellweek (in her opinion, based on what she saw). How would anyone without inside information know that "this is just what it looks like when they red-text everything"

I can't find the other post but some anon claims farmhands can't reveal they are farmhands if asked. That's fucking weird.

No. 70181

No. 70182

I mean, I'm not gonna respond any more after this because i'm sure you'll just twits my words to spin a conspiracy that i'm a tranny janny too, but the greentext in your post is just an anon stating a theory, obviously they don't know for sure but people here will state theory without qualifying it with "I think…" you know? It's just a quirk of how people are here.

No. 70183

>We're still discussing some changes to site based on the outcome of Hellweek and subsequent feedback.
Can we see the statistics you talked about collecting in the Hellweek thread? Can we hold a proper town hall to discuss the proposed changes prior to their implementation?

No. 70184

I didn't call you a janny and I have never lobbed around "tranny janny" insults, just to be clear. If I'm wrong, I'm wrong, but still makes no sense for a normal anon to ask for links to sperging and dox in the LJ thread when a normal anon would just go over and check it out. It's not like those anons were reporting CP, it was Laur throwing a schizo tantrum.

No. 70185

>Can we hold a proper town hall to discuss the proposed changes prior to their implementation?
It's interesting you bring this up because this was the main thing that made anons turn rabidly against shaymin– she sprung changes on us (and a whole new shitty site) with no warning or conversation, and cerbmin iirc told us they wouldn't be doing that sort of thing. Yet here we are again.

No. 70186

There's an entire fucking board for feminist discussion, which includes a dedicated black pill thread, were anyone is free to vent about troons and tradtards. /pt/ and /snow/ should not be politicised.

>but it's dead

Then post there and make it active.

No. 70187

File: 1707875407140.jpg (634.85 KB, 1000x700, 1699568435379.jpg)

How come after my "infighting" ban expired I was silently issued a 24 hour ban for an almost 1 day old post that I made before the one I was banned for as soon as I made a joke about tranny jannies banning people? Of course that ban wasn't fair and they know it but why did it hurt them so much that they had to ban me a second time for an old post instead of simply giving me a 2 day ban they are so fond of? Why not ban me for this "conspiracy theory" then? They're banning people for jokes anyway, nothing out of ordinary, so why not ban me for this instead of digging an early post and ban me for infighting again? No one can explain to me why I was banned again for an old post when I already served a ban, all I get are absurd accusations of doubleposting and samefagging and whatever shit I didn't do, all while other people in the "infighting" didn't get any bans. You bootlickers are so damn tiresome but no matter how much you suck this inverted penis it won't turn into a vagina and I am tired of keeping shit to myself just for fear of being banned, if I'm gonna get bans for stupid crap Imma go as retarded as the mods what am I fucking losing here tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny tranny

No. 70188

It will be autosaged for the foreseeable future.
We are creating a specialized thread to present key statistics and respond to your questions. Any proposed changes will be announced well in advance and will be thoroughly discussed before implementation.

No. 70189

i havent seen any racebait or infighting at all though, when will we be freed

No. 70190

Noooo cerbmin why. Unpopular opinions, confessions, and vent have all become chat threads now

No. 70191

Go fuck yourselves. You contradict yourself in just this one post. No one was consulted and we were allowed no opportunity for discussion before the change. Either commit to doing it for all changes, or just admit you're going to do whatever you want regardless of user consensus (which is what we all know now is the case.)

No. 70192

This is not something admin has to consult with users over.

No. 70193

Okay, incognito farmhand. I take it back, I think tinfoil anon is right.

No. 70194

You might go to jail. Not because this place has anti tranny rethoric.

No. 70195

No. 70196

the fuck are you talking about

No. 70197

Considering the amount of child porn that’s been posted and left up for hours before despite being reported; yeah, someone’s gonna go to jail for that lol

No. 70198

That's not how the law works regarding websites.

No. 70199

There's two really autistic anons going at each other's throats in the vent thread over the dumbass shit thread and then also a schizo talking about admin going to jail kek

No. 70200

Why won't you ever address the fact that all the threads mentioned here >>70190 also have the same issues dumbass shit had? At this point dumbass shit is currently more chill than 90% of /ot/. If you autosage us autosage them all.

No. 70201

My suggestion is that we move dumbass shit to the /sty board or some other hidden board. What do all you other anons think about that suggestion? I think it would make sense because the autosage would work well on a dead board since not many other threads are there to bury it. I also think it would help with the "newfag magnet" label, because it's hidden from the uninitiated. That's just my suggestion though.

No. 70202

>iirc told us they wouldn't be doing that sort of thing
They have been making it a thing that they listen to the users since the beginning, and so has farmhands. The most recent example being in the husbando thread where there was a debate, and a farmhand said to make a poll and they will enforce rules based off of what we decide. That's why stuff like this and a farmhand saying "don't like it? Go to a different site" in the dumbass shit thread is so jarring.

No. 70203

This won’t fix anything, just unsage dumbass shit ffs
There is literal schizophrenia in the vent thread rn and I blame admin

No. 70204

That's the thing, dumbass shit really was just about the chillest thread in /ot/. Cerbmin wants to pretend they did it for real reasons like racebaiting etc, but really it's just because they are bitter the site is evolving into something different than the cow boards it started with.

No one has mentioned this yet, but does no one see how absurd it is to claim that newfags were being attracted to the site just to use the dumbass shit thread? No tiktok zoomer is going "I know where I must go. The dumbass shit thread #394 at lolcow.farm /ot/ page 2."

No. 70205

Go make your own then, sperg.

No. 70206

It's only "chill" because it's on autosage. I don't understand why you're crying so hard over a single thread, it's so weird. You can literally still post in it, you just choose not to because you aren't garnering attention.

No. 70207

In the end the “go somewhere else if you aren’t happy with objectively nonsensical decisions” is the only thing both admin and boot kickers have to say, offering no real rebuttals of the things we point out.

No. 70208

Are we able to make a discord or something to replace dumbass shit?

No. 70209

it's bewildering. tiktok zoomies would be in the vivziepop or cosplay threads.

agreed. how would people feel about an imageboard that keeps it simple- no gore, porn, or illegal content?

No. 70210

Since when dumbass shit is newfag magnet? I remember talking to newfags in many different threads in ot, if anything ot is newfag magnet, is farmhand autosageing ot entirely? Course not, how about they teach their totally competent and 100% female jannies how to do their jobs and that "I think you're annoying" and taking offense on farmers posts is not an appropriate response?

No. 70211

You are embarassing

No. 70212

It always has been. The sperging currently taking place across multiple threads proves exactly that, stomping their feet about how they'll just leave. then leave. God damn.

No. 70213

not the same

No. 70214

Something got into the lolcow water supply and all the anons are acting mental

No. 70215

There's nothing nonsensical about the decision. The thread was cancer. You mean to tell me you have so little to contribute outside of shitposting for attention? Because that's what it sounds like.

No. 70216

I’m curious what exactly would happen if lolcow were to, theoretically speaking, lose the entirety of its userbase. Even the shayfags. Would the website just be taken offline? Because it’s not like anybody is making money off the existence of lolcow, so would they just bon voyage and click the deactivate button so they never have to worry about it again?

No. 70217

I am always baffled with your types thinking there is only 1 anon complaining everywhere.

No. 70218

File: 1707882125718.jpg (20.73 KB, 450x450, B1CoKfSOJLS._SY450_CR0,0,450,4…)

>let's just say, hypothetically, lolcow.farm lost 100% of its userbase

No. 70219

You’re not gonna believe me, but I didn’t even use the dumbass shit thread. I’m up in arms about it because it the change to the site it represents— the moderation team has decided to be open about their active dislike for anons who are not interested in spending their time here on dry cows, and are mad that other areas of the site are getting more attention. This is evidenced by the closing of dumb ass shit, and the severe over-moderation of normal conversations between anons in /ot/ as “derailing”, which is all an attempt to push anons back into /snow/ and /pt/ or, failing that, drive them off the site. That’s why I am so upset, and I suspect other anons are complaining feel this way too.

No. 70220

Nta but the problem was admin targeting that specific thread without addressing all the other threads that are arguably more or just as bad as the dumbass shit thread

No. 70221

They want to use complaints and suggestions for existential musings now ugh

No. 70222

Kek why are you acting offended by moderation wanting to designate the imageboard for its intended use? Surely this isn't your only means of communication?

No. 70223

meta is the real cow board

No. 70224

nta but it's nonsensical because it's not being applied equally. if someone's going to autosage just because they think it's cancerous, do that towards every other cancerous thread too. personally that's what annoys me the most, unpopular opinions, vent threads, and fandom drama are consistently shitflinging yet they don't get the same treatment. why? there's tons of threads in /snow/ that attract newfags yet again, still don't get the same treatment. even some threads in /m/ like the gacha ones and vtubers.

No. 70225

This is true. I'm one of the anons who complained about this site becoming less gossip focused and how there's now anons who don't understand what type of site this is, but you also can't force people to care about the boring cows we have now by shutting down discussions. Someone like Shayna being the most popular cow right now, even getting her own board, AND the fact that even the newer cows in /pt/ basically have dead threads (aka a slow trickle of milk) should speak to the quality of cows right now.

No. 70226

"designate the imageboard for its intended use" it already has designated sections. though if they want more people on the super serious sacred cow boards they could lighten up on them and stop locking every second thread. and if you can't see the value for an anonymous place for women to be able to talk candidly idk what to tell you.

No. 70227

Admin probably means you as one of the two anons in /meta/.

No. 70228

Original use can and should change over time. Also, I’m sure even you can admit that what we have going here on /ot/ /m/ and /g/ is something special as a female-only anonymous place with high traffic (in the past at least) to talk about all sorts of things without self-sensoring due to presence of moids or lack of anonymity. Trying to shut that down is wrong in my opinion, no matter how this sure started out. If you’re going ti argue that something like this exists elsewhere, kindly direct me to it and I will gladly leave.

No. 70229

>I didn’t even use the dumbass shit thread
Then you have no means to complain.

No. 70230

Real. Fuck the dumbass shit thread and fuck y'all for trying to turn entire other boards into chat threads. Not everyone on here wants their image board to feel like a discord server.

No. 70231

What a cringe nothing-response. I clearly do and outlined the reasons in the post, which you are trying hard to ignore in favor of a quick shut down to the discussion (won’t work btw)

No. 70232

Samefag but to expand on the /pt/ thing, of course that board isn't necessarily meant to be super active but this is the first time I can remember being on lolcow and /pt/ not having some cow actively producing gallons of milk. There was always an Onision, a Dakota, a Venus Angelic, a Dasha, a Momokun or a TND.

No. 70233

tru I love when my imageboard feels like an over policed high school debate club with the president yelling at us to shut up every two seconds

No. 70234

There’s an easy solution to your woes: unsage dumbass shit thread as the designated chat thread

No. 70235

KEK this is exactly what this site feels like now

No. 70236

I can't believe that users who are over 18 can't tell the difference between a chatroom and a discussion. Those threads are chatrooms now, replying to others with "lol" and other useless shit. This is why crackdowns on threads have been happening. Mods are trying to weed out these users on all boards, ones who contribute nothing.

But you can't say that because it "ruins the lolcow experience" which those anons are the ones ruining threads, getting them shut down, autosaged, ban evading like the mods can't tell.. I swear, anons just use these threads because they like kicking up dirt and being obnoxious. That's their fun. They don't care about lolcow as a whole, they care about pissing off the mods, trying to get anons to gang up on mods and admin. It's clear what they are doing and admin seems to see it too.

No. 70237

true, all posts except high quality milk should be reported, no other posts or discussion allowed

No. 70238

Honestly I back this up. I know you don't mean this, but this would solve a lot. Take the shitposting away from the site.

No. 70241

You realize nothing would ever be posted again, right? We’d get like one post when Lucinda finally dies or pt gets too surgery and nothing fucking else. We have no cows to milk. Either accept cow culture is dead and adapt, or die.

No. 70242

This is really it. It’s stifling and it’s exactly why everyone is walking away.

No. 70243

people like this vs those who actually had a lot of fun in the bunker thread long ago. the former will shoo away the latter and then be irate about it.

No. 70244

The shit posting is a part of the cow boards, anon. You would be fucking over every thread.

No. 70245

It's still active, how are people leaving in droves? Make that make sense. Slower threads also means people either grew out of using lolcow too, not exactly because of anything else.

No. 70246

>it's stifling
Because the only thread you were using is on autosage?

No. 70247

There doesn't need to be a chat thread you lonely bitch

No. 70248

It’s actually pathetic how you rely on creating strawmen instead of engaging with the actual argument.

No. 70249

This. Most of the users complaining, I highly doubt they use threads that actually involve properly posting and discussing milk. Getting rid of shitposting threads would be a godsend for those threads and easier to ban bad posters.

No. 70250

lighten up ♥

No. 70251

And what is that exactly? Anyone with half a braincell to fire off can see what started this sperging. Most of you don't contribute to any other thread whatsoever, you only want the dumbass shit thread. You're pretending that somehow a basic civil right has been taken from you just because you've been instructed to use other threads. It's literally just a small group of autists melting down because there's no longer a low-effort chat thread. Use 4chan at this point.

No. 70252

Lonely bitch <3

No. 70253

Omg, you’re a newfag! So much for the oldfag larp, kek. Plot twist

No. 70254

uh oh you used a hecky wecky emoji so enjoy your ban

No. 70255

Users who don't even pay to use the site, can't even make accounts, somehow think admin is going to give a fuck about them and their complaints should come first apparently over how the site as a whole functions because of what they want. If I saw threads on a site I was running being a big reason why extra moderation is constantly needed, I'd just get rid of those threads. Those users are shitty and like you said, contribute nothing to the site. They bleed out and infighting in other threads with their bait and useless posts.

No. 70256

No. 70257

>can't even make accounts

No. 70258

Questioning the moderation is ganging up on them now. Kek. The dumbass shit was this thread all along

No. 70259

What are you even talking about? Actual schizophrenia.

No. 70260

stop bullying me

No. 70261

Spoken like a true lonely, emotionally barren, attention-deficient sperg

No. 70262

what the fuck was even cowish about the post you genuine idiot

No. 70263

This is an anonymous board. There's nothing regarding users that we actually have any stake in. We don't make accounts, we don't pay for hosting, anyone who does is donating, so it's not like we get a word in if we help fund the site. This is a legit free site. Nothing is behind an access wall where you need an account. Admin and the staff don't need to explain or even give users anything, but anons want to act like they can demand this and that. It's absolutely insane.

No. 70264

Nta but literally everyone knows you don't use emoticon hearts.

No. 70265


No. 70266

I can't image being this much of a toddler and begging to be spoonfed by the staff.

No. 70267

You should know that emoticons are a bannable offense with the sole exception of the black heart used in the post you replied to, unless you are new, and obviously… you do not know. This is why you need to lurk moar before you post, because you don’t even know what the tells of a newfag are.

No. 70268

And they can see that you're all the same three to four samefags. So what now?

Exactly what they are doing right now. They don't even realize they are the reason most people jumped ship. They belong on crystal Cafe.

No. 70269

it has nothing to do with dumbass shit because this kind of humorless policing of every discussion and post makes the whole website feel uncomfortable. This is occurring everywehere

No. 70270

anons are the site. without users there would be no site. presumably admin stepped up because they care about the site, idk why you'd volunteer to run a site and then turn around and spit on your userbase. I actually can't name an IB with a more hostile admin. you sound like oldmin with the constant "I don't owe you shit!!!!!!"

No. 70271

Are you saying this is why they'd shut down the webiste?

No. 70272

I do know, I just don't care. Are you autistic? Because you're trying to create bizarre conflict out of nothing, assuming because you don't receive the validation elsewhere. Your desperate attempt at a gotcha failed sorry

No. 70273

File: 1707884147598.jpeg (436.17 KB, 735x1105, IMG_0414.jpeg)

Why did farmhands only ban the anon arguing against grandma-chan and not grandma-chan for infighting in >>>/ot/1884284? just because the nonna was criticizing a mod decision?

No. 70274

Anyone who doesn't like the site can leave and that's basically something that doesn't even need an explanation. It's like watching a movie that you know will trigger you and still complaining about it. Don't like it, don't watch it. Don't like moderation, leave. Simple.

No. 70275

Kek, the notion that anons are only allowed to have opinions about moderation if theyre directly giving farmhands pocket money is the most pants-on-head retarded argument you’ve come up with yet. Sure, cerbmin and farmhands aren’t contractually bound by a monetary contribution to make good decisions, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be making good decisions anyway.

No. 70276

nta but its not really much of an attempt because posting an emoticon heart makes anyone look like a newfag so her reaction was kind of reasonable

No. 70277

Probably because it's a bunch of tiktok-tier spergs that want to do nothing but play chatroom. You can go join a minecraft server for that.

No. 70278

Satire could punch you in the face and you would think its dead fucking serious kek

No. 70279

We still users and quite a few, there are other threads besides those 3 that are very very active on /m/ /g/ /ot/. Those threads being purged won't change a thing. It'll just get rid of anons who use those threads and come to the site. Not like the hosting changes with threads gone.

No. 70280

This shit again? Bet you gonna say I am ban evading too eh? Stop with the retarded senseless accusations. How about now you answer how it makes sense that I get banned for an old post? Bet you can't, stupid faggot bootlicker.

No. 70281

you keep being obtuse. I have never used the dumbass shit thread but I can still see it was retarded of cerbmin to autosage it without consulting farmers at all

No. 70282

You can have opinions. No one said you couldn't, but there's nothing that forces admin and staff to post updates constantly any time someone has an opinion or complains.

No. 70283

>we still users and quite a few

do you smell burned toast?

No. 70284

>ugh i know im not supposed to use it i just dont give it a shit!!1
>wow my post was satirical how did you not get that?
Saying something retarded and then backpedaling with it’s a joke you wouldn’t get it doesn’t work kek

No. 70285

It’s getting super transparent now. I think we’re still dealing with the old admin, I really can’t believe it. I say this because brings up a good point:
>you sound like oldmin with the constant "I don't owe you shit!!!!!!"
Is exactly the toxic attitude adopted by former admin before she got “run off” and “replaced”. The amount of “anons” here parroting exactly admin’s arguments is extremely suspicious and is something that old admin used to employ to in a sad attempt to shift public opinion. I used to think this tinfoil was retarded but I really believe it now. She couldn’t help but go back to her old ways as soon as she received even the slightest criticism.

No. 70286

Farmers were begging them to shut it down. The original userbase left in swarms because all we are left with is illiterate dregs that want to shitpost and try too hard to make jokes that fail to land isntead of contributing to any other thread in any capacity. You are the one being deliberately obtuse. Are you all misfit toys that aren't allowed into discord servers? Because you use /ot/ like its a twitch streamers discord server.

No. 70287

Truly comical that you think we are all ~Admin~ for not agreeing with you.

>s-s-stupid f-f-faggot b-bootlicker
God I swear some of you are genuinely disabled kek it's cow-tier

No. 70288

Kek just leave already then, please spare us from your retardation

No. 70289

I love how anyone has criticized any of the (past or current) admins, there's always some retard like "how dare you ask them to explain their decisions! They don't owe you anything! They don't have to post or do anything at all even though they chose to be admin!!!". Come on, you're bootlicking for a gossip image board. And in the thread for complaints of all places.

No. 70290

File: 1707884626956.png (1.15 MB, 1250x833, IMG_1700.png)

>misfit toys
Okay Rankin-Bass let's stop the infight now.

No. 70291

>misfit toys
lighten up ♥

No. 70292

And then “anons” act like you’re schizo for saying it’s suspicious. Real anons, read everything back and come to your own conclusions.

No. 70293

The same reason I got banned and no one else for infighting, they just hate that you express discontent with the moderation, they don't even hide it. You ask them to explain they simply can't.
Explain then.

No. 70294

discord is fucking gross and for men, i would much rather be on an anonymous imageboard that i don’t have to make an account to use than an app

No. 7029