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File: 1668889479745.png (124.6 KB, 1080x1577, yeet 4 teets.png)

No. 1703905

Dr Sidhbh Gallagher (pronounced like "shive") is a sex change surgeon who uses "hello fellow kids" relateable Tiktok videos to market her services to young Gen Z teenagers.

>she has removed the breasts of girls as young as 13, and has botched several patients due to her lack of precautions and medical malpractice

>is associated with Jazz Jennings and has been on the show, which is when she rose to fame
>Gallagher has an extremely milky, very online social media presence, most notably on Tiktok where she shills her own surgical "skills" and goes to battle with "transphobes", as does her sister Neasa, who is a lesbian tranny chaser employed by Gallagher's surgical practice who has sexual relations with her former patients >>1703739 Sidhbh almost exclusively promotes her work towards gnc lesbians and tomboys and her younger sis at the clinic is a lesbian who dates trans men
>Sidhbh Gallagher started doing sex reassignment surgery in Ireland, but moved to the USA possibly to escape legal trouble sometime in 2014, and now operates out of Florida
>As of 2015, she was getting one-star reviews calling out her unprofessionalism, lack of transparency and poor care for her patients
>Gallagher proudly calls her work "real Frankenstein stuff"
>In 2019, a former patient going by the name of EmmaLake began documenting their experience with her on RealSelf. TL;DR, she botched the surgery, botched the revision, and then ghosted the patient who had been left incontinent and in constant pain. The first post was made on the 2nd of April 2019, three months before Dr Gallagher relocated to Miami (seems like she relocates whenever she might be getting in trouble)
>Sibbhb always takes photos of her smiling patients at a distance, with their families and often joins them in the picture to drive home just how happy they are with their surgeries. Some of these young women and girls have visible self-harm scars
>she has operated on girls as young as 13 who have reviewed her services on Reddit and she's often posted on trans websites as a suggestion for very underage and/or morbidly obese trannies as she is the only doctor willing to disregard age and health conditions and operate on anyone who can pay up
>Sidhbh has no BMI limit for her surgeries, and also does not use surgical drains to manage bleeding, which is extremely dangerous
>her most recent botched surgery was on Rylan, a popular Twitter troonfluencer who got surgery with Gallagher because she was the only one willing to operate on someone that fat, ofc she ended up maimed and is now in constant pain and considering suing >>1703019 >>1703040 >>1703058 >>1703066
>Rylan said that Shbfhhv opted out of carrying medical malpractice insurance, which would make it harder for potentially injured patients to sue her, as that means they wouldn't be able to get any significant payout except potentially bankruptcy/seizing her personal assets
>Sidhbh's sister Neasa (pronounced "Nasa") is engaged to a ftm named Jessica (troon name: Noah) who she met when Sidhvjshd cut Jessica's tits off
>Jessica whores herself out on onlyfans and Neasa "manages his business" and they also have broken up and gotten back together several times, which Jessica makes TikToks about, as well as daily tiktoks oversharing her personal life
>the company that Sihbhb's business is registered under Gender Affirmed Inc. comes up under Neasa Gallagher's name but names Sidhbh as the Director and their mother in Ireland as the treasurer

Kiwi thread (summary/screenshots are pretty much from here, they've extensively recorded her history and past legal issues) https://kiwifarms.net/threads/dr-sidhbh-treasa-gallagher-dr-teetus-deletus-gallagher-plastic-surgery-gallagher-med-spa-drsidhbhgallagher-dr_sgallagher-gendersurgeon.112141/
Tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@gendersurgeon
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gallaghermedspamiami/?hl=en (business account) https://www.instagram.com/sidhbh32/(shibhbhb's personal account)
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/DrSidhbhGallagher/videos
Twitter: https://twitter.com/dr_sgallagher
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/drsidhbhgallagher/
Website: https://gallagherplasticsurgery.com
Neasa's insta: https://www.instagram.com/therealngallag/?hl=en
Neasa's facebook: https://www.facebook.com/neasa.gallagher
Jessica's tiktok: https://www.tiktok.com/@theonlynoah_withnoark?lang=en
Jessica's insta: https://www.instagram.com/noah_withnoark/
Jessica's onlyfans: https://onlyfans.com/noahwithnoark

No. 1703907

File: 1668889674956.png (454.12 KB, 493x889, shhhbhbhbhv1.png)

esl, sorry if i fucked up thread
also will dump more caps in a sec

No. 1703909

File: 1668889803800.png (2.09 MB, 1792x1321, Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.48…)

No. 1703915

File: 1668889910572.png (2.43 MB, 2276x1335, Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.51…)

No. 1703917

File: 1668889960552.png (2.33 MB, 1050x1312, Screenshot 2022-02-04 at 23.47…)

No. 1703918

File: 1668889982366.png (103.66 KB, 1236x692, 1644026220873.png)

No. 1703919

Ty nonny for this thread! I think this will become my new thread I regularly stalk kek.

No. 1703922

File: 1668890274497.png (11.42 MB, 2303x6384, neasa and jessica.png)

here is the Jessica and Neasa saga of their relationship "evolving" ig

>Jessica was Sjbjjbj's patient for top surgery/breast removal in mid 2020

>Neasa met her in the clinic and literally took selfies in front of Jessica on the operating table
>they began dating, publicly interacting on Insta initially, then showing each other off on social media by early 2021
>Neasa got Jessica to start an onlyfans

also forgot to mention that Jessica ebegs a lot and claims to be short on rent (hence the onlyfans?)
shbhbhbhb doesn't seem to be sharing that surgeon money

from kiwi op:
>While Neasa keeps a comparatively low profile on social media, Noah frequenly posts about being trans, responding to haters, and has recently started ebegging. Why she needs to ask strangers for rent money when her fiancée and future in-law are raking in the cash with their chop-shop is anyone's guess.

No. 1703923

It's the psycho eyes for me.

No. 1703924

holy SHIT those self harms cars?!? and ofc it's the only one who chose to go shirt completely off

No. 1703926

File: 1668890499355.png (2.06 MB, 1151x1418, Screenshot 2022-02-05 at 00.55…)

An example of Jessica's e-begging

No. 1703928

File: 1668890529114.png (622.39 KB, 1440x864, 13 year old patient.png)

13 year old from Reddit that Gallagher operated on (identifying details censored out for obvious reasons)

No. 1703929

The Dr dray of plastic surgery, I'm living for this

No. 1703932

File: 1668890773056.png (705.12 KB, 2380x1780, rylan.png)

some reviews from botched patients of gallagher's butchery:
https://archive.ph/PGnhQ https://archive.ph/kzy78

she also botched Grace, @hormonehangover, who is a prominent detransitioner

No. 1703941

does she do bottom surgery too?

No. 1703944

So i was really confused as to why a doctor not having malpractice insurance essentially makes it impossible to sue them, but I found out it's because no lawyer will take the case since the settlement or possible pay-out wouldn't be as substantial (you can only get the wealth of the doctor while the insurance can settle on millions).

Many hospitals just immediately make malpractice insurance a part of the employment and many doctors get it just for ethical concerns and/or for the possibility of an angry rich patient who can afford a lawyer regardless.
Now what I wanna know is.. why doesn't Dr. Butcher have malpractice insurance? Turns out the only doctors who choose to not get it, it's because it's not a choice. as in they aren't eligible enough for it because they've been sued too many times. I wanna know what's her deal

No. 1703945

can some anon please archive some of her tiktoks itt? i can't do it right now but they are definitely an important part of this whole trainwreck. she quite clearly predatorily markets towards zoomers, speaking their language with memes and slang, and she has a bizarre tiktok series explaining why she does very unsafe, unusual practices
>why I don't turn down patients with higher BMIs
>why I don't use surgical drains
>why I don't tell my patients to stop taking hrt before surgery even though it may leave them at risk for blood clots
>why I operate on patients with anemia/any other health condition where surgery is generally not advised
the answer always being "because it's their gender and my job is to be affirming," but these vids are pretty clearly trying to normalize her subpar safety standards, and possibly even deflect accountability. like, if a patient watched her videos where she announces that she doesn't do very common safety procedures, and then they get botched and try to sue her, she can argue they knew what they were getting into?

I think she does, she has a mtf page on her website, but her main focus is on ftm surgeries

No. 1703946

File: 1668892187230.png (106.54 KB, 469x403, wuhoh.PNG)

wuh oh kek

No. 1703949

holy fuck this is genuinely so fucking depressing

No. 1703951

This makes me want to cry, poor girl.

No. 1703953

File: 1668893069614.png (Spoiler Image, 423.78 KB, 835x719, bmi.png)


shhbhbhb is probably the only surgeon in the world who doesn't consider landwhale patients a liability

No. 1703955

Josefina Menguele tier. Great thread OP!

No. 1703956

Won't someone obese continue to grow fat on the chest unless they lose weight? I remember a TIF saying she gained back breasts because she gained weight.

No. 1703957

File: 1668893302900.png (14.3 KB, 815x137, wtf lol.png)

she will even operate on women with a BMI of higher than 50
>If your BMI is 30.0 or higher, it falls within the obesity range.
50 BMI people would more than likely be unable to wash themselves or move around, much less live a normal life - it's insane to operate on anyone of that size

No. 1703958

I can't stop laughing

No. 1703959

is the "yeet the teets" market so competitive that she agrees to operate on fatties? why take their cases?

No. 1703961

It's harder to sue when you can fit through the door to the courtroom

No. 1703963

it's always the doctors/nurses who turn out to be the biggest sadists. especially these gender fuckery "affirming" surgeons. fucking demented.

No. 1703965

>Gallagher proudly calls her work "real Frankenstein stuff"
When did she say that? Wouldn't that put off her costumers?

No. 1703966

no, she can't argue that they should have known what they were getting into if she ends up being sued. saying that the patient should have been aware of the risks isn't a defence against a negligence/malpractice suit, all the patient has to do is say that they didn't feel like they were informed properly and bam, there wasn't informed consent. it seems unlikely she'll get sued though. it's insane to me that she's allowed to practice without malpractice insurance, how can that be legal?

No. 1703968

How can someone be this much of a misogynistic handmaiden after having such direct exposure to the destruction of young girls' bodies. Only a deeply fucked up, narcissistic person could sleep at night after willingly butchering a teenage lesbian covered in self-harm scars. Hope someone sues Sibjhihb's tits off and she ends up living in a cardboard box for the rest of her miserable existence.

No. 1703969

How the hell did she find a loophole in the law?

No. 1703971

File: 1668894062575.png (766.74 KB, 811x869, frankenstein.png)

she compared her work to Frankenstein in an interview for some Irish magazine, not the exact quote my bad

No. 1703973

Don't cape for TiFs, they would throw you into oncoming traffic if they thought it would make them a man and not a woman. They are not our friends, they hate us so viscerally that they are willing to risk this kind of butchery in hopes that it will make them not like us. Although this quack would do better to focus on chopping off TiM balls, her ghosting the fat TiFs who threaten to rope if they don't get their teets yeeted yet would never dream of exercising to get this "life saving" surgery is downright hilarious. Who could have guessed that an irrational decision made by an entitled brat with no impulse control could somehow end in misery?

No. 1703975

She mutilates kids as young as 13, I certainly feel sorry for them. They've been groomed into this shit.

No. 1703978

Whenever a TRA tries to claim that minors "never get surgeries," send them this. She wasn't even old enough for a learner's permit, yet she was somehow able to give "informed consent," for having her breasts sawed off?

No. 1703980

As a butch lesbian, this one's kinda getting to me, ngl. Fuck this bitch and the troons who line her pockets and promote her.

NTA but same. I feel like if I grew up today, I would have a high chance of being one of those girls that bought into this fairytale. It's so incredibly fucked up that a parent would allow these acts of self-harm. The older ones though… they should know better. Fuck the traitors.

No. 1703981

I personally consider this person on par with those who have experimented on mental patients and prison inmates throughout history. She's nothing short of evil and sociopathic; she should rot in hell with all the demented moids she shares a soul with

No. 1703982

>Miami, Florida

To those unaware, Florida has some of the most pro-physician malpractice laws in the country. It's virtually impossible to sue your doctor for anything there, which makes it an attractive destination for every disgraced surgeon. Having your license yeeted somewhere in Massachusetts and randomly reemerging to practice in Florida is basically a cliche at this point.

No. 1703989

What kind of fucked up parent would sign off on your kid lopping off healthy body parts, knowing that this person is the literal only one willing to operate on your child, just to stop a temper tantrum? How retarded can you be for that to not raise any red flags?

No. 1703990

I was friends with a dude (an actual dude not an ftm) who had his moobs removed when he was like 18 or so. He was overweight (maybe obese) when they did the surgery, and he had his moobs back within a year cause he didn’t diet and gained more weight.

No. 1703995

it's a common one unfortunately, which would definitely add in with what >>1703982 has said. She either is intentionally not using malpractice insurance because she knows her patients won't be able to sue (most of her clientele are zoomers who are using up all of their savings to get this procedure done) OR Dr. sbsbsb doesn't qualify because she was deemed a liability, hence her practicing in Miami.

No. 1703996

I'd just like to add that these surgery results are horrible: mismatched nipples, huge scars and breast tissue still left. They don't pass.

No. 1703997

>top surgery at 13
Even if you were in favour of this, how does that work? Like don't the breasts keep growing at that age? Won't they just grow back? What the fuck?

No. 1703999

Wanting them not to be targeted by grooming predators and money-grubbing butchers isn't "caping" for TIFs, it's defending mentally ill women from being manipulated and exploited. Yeah, they're a bunch of NLOGs, but at the end of the day, NLOGs and handmaidens are just idiots who think they can dodge systemic misogyny by alienating themselves from other women. I don't think that's a crime that warrants the punishment of death by sepsis, especially when many of these girls are only teenagers.

No. 1704000

i was just about to say. obviously all of these surgeries are terrible no matter by who but these results particularly look fucked up

No. 1704003

My thoughts exactly. At age 13 her body is just beginning developing, it's insanity. But I guess she'll then be a returning costumer for Dr Shfbhfgfg to exploit.

No. 1704010

The scars look terrible to anyone with a functioning brain, but to troons, the more fucked up and ugly the surgery scars are, the better - it’s almost a point of pride, something to show off and fetishize.

No. 1704016

I want to a-log so bad.

No. 1704026

Apparently Florida does not require doctors to carry malpractice insurance.

No. 1704031

No. 1704042

File: 1668897111121.png (19 KB, 886x111, burgerland.PNG)

this country is insane. I wonder if she had a sign somewhere??

No. 1704057

She’s a lot like Curtis Crane, a sex reassignment surgeon who has a shit ton of medical malpractice cases which were all dismissed.

No. 1704062

File: 1668897964108.png (223.43 KB, 570x1542, 1646797817072.png)

>I was an F cup so DI was the only way, and she said she would connect the incisions otherwise I would have a lump of fat in the middle. I had questions, but due to my nerves I was unable to vocalize them. It was the shortest visit I ever had- she was in the room maybe 2 minutes.
>The IV ended up in the crook of my arm which was painful and left a nasty bruise. Dr. Gallagher came in for another 2 minutes to quickly draw a few lines on me with a purple marker and bounced right out. This time I was able to voice my concerns- I was worried about nipple placement, and my fat sacks being lopsided affecting how straight the scar would be. She assured me she knew what she was doing and I trusted her, despite our interactions totaling less than 5 minutes before she cut me open.
>[My nurse] put me through the motions, sitting me up, getting me to a chair, getting me to the bathroom, changing. It seemed she did not enjoy being part of the process- she was emotionless and didn’t offer to do things like help put on my shirt. She asked if I wanted my reveal as I was sitting on the toilet and I refused, tears almost coming to my eyes. I wanted it to be a “moment” and I was in such a vulnerable position, naked on the potty and doped up on drugs. She handed me post op instructions and basically waved me away.

No. 1704067

Unfortunately a lot of tifs consider Frankenstein an affirming trans story instead of a cautionary tale against messing with something you know nothing about, and then abandoning the resultant mutilated creature

No. 1704071

If she didn't, the fat Ayden may have a case. The problem is, who tf will take it? Even having 250k is having insurance, yet no attorney will touch it because that will barely cover his fee. Another thing they don't realize is that making troon issues untouchable will bite them in the ass in terms of people's willingness to take cases in which troonacy looks bad.

The Ayden's only chance is possibly riding the coattails of some de santis driven right wing backlash against troons, or whoring herself out to fox news.

No. 1704072

can someone explain to me why they’re trying so desperately to avoid drains?? why is that something to avoid? i thought it was those little blood drain cups anybody gets after major plastic surgery, isn’t it just medically beneficial?

No. 1704076

I assume the breast buds are removed. I remember thinking that surgeries for kids was fucked up even when I was trans identified. How is this legal???

No. 1704080

it is very medically beneficial and it's really dumb to avoid getting them. sage for blogpost about drains but i had a breast reduction (not tranny obviously) and i had drains placed on either side, and my actually competent surgeon explained to me that they are necessary because there is going to be blood/fluid at the site after any major operation, and it needs to drain out instead of just… sitting there and potentially getting infected. i did have to empty out my drains of the blood and fluid every couple hours, which was after a few weeks, when i had to go back in to get them removed. and it was pretty gross and annoying. maybe these tifs are so lazy that they don't want to do the aftercare for the drains, and they prefer the reduced maintenance of going without drains even though it has a much higher risk of complications ultimately.

No. 1704086

File: 1668899814142.png (295.7 KB, 597x612, 1647948701424.png)

Shbhbhbh also did top surgery on my personal cow's 17 year old daughter

No. 1704088

Reducing life-changing, irreversible surgery on self-harming kids to a pathetic meme. Truly, the most meaningful work you could do, Sdghfdsh.

No. 1704097

Sounds like something that you can't do as easily if you are a. impoverished b.a child without the money to fund multiple surgeries and skeptical parents or c. too mentally unwell to handle gnarly post-op care.

No. 1704099

It does not mean whatever she thinks it means.

No. 1704119

No. 1704121

oh so aidens are actually just that fucking lazy? they don't wanna do the bare minimum of surgical aftercare? Just hack off their chests and move forward like the self perceived man they want to be. it's amazing how they also attempt to adopt moid rationale.

No. 1704133

Poor mom. The desperate traumatized eyes, beyond hope that this will fix her daught..son.

Those cuts are rough and this photo is peak unethical redflag. Sucks she has a body like a big toe. She was probably a majestic butch.

No. 1704140

it's pronounced like "Sive" (long I, regular s). Not "shive"

No. 1704148

File: 1668905077195.jpg (443.89 KB, 700x1415, Screenshot_20221119_164344.jpg)

only for mtfs and she's known for fucking it up

No. 1704158

This girl was too fat for this surgery and gallagher cut her tits off anyway. Jesus crist

No. 1704160

>Sucks she has a body like a big toe.
What? Her body is amazing, she didn't need to remove her breasts to look better at all, this poor girl just probably has a bottom of the barrel self-esteem and is easy to manipulate by internet troons.

No. 1704182

It's like a baby shower, but instead of a baby, it's munchausen by proxy.

No. 1704189

File: 1668907648887.gif (772.16 KB, 320x240, florida-bugs-bunny.gif)

Florida is such a fucking shithole. It's like a showcase of all the worst things about the U.S.

No. 1704192

File: 1668908031164.gif (968.08 KB, 500x209, 1390345684628.gif)

Yeah. :C
It is an immensely dense and horribly bloated failure.(:C)

No. 1704200

kind of lol

No. 1704206

File: 1668909587729.png (224.14 KB, 812x1496, kjnslshjdjk.png)

another overweight TIF has posted about her experience with Dr Schmoop & how she insisted on going with the surgery anyway despite the BMI limit

>I woke up during surgery and was given no pain medication while also feeling everything. I felt so alone since her social media makes it seem like she walks on water

>I had holes in my chest that were large enough to put my fingers through, and despite having to go to urgent care MULTIPLE times, she insisted there was nothing wrong and for me to just put Neosporin and bandaids over the growing holes.
>I was told the day of surgery that I was too large and the anesthesiologist refused to preform surgery
> she convinced the anesthesiologist to preform anyway which lead to me waking up in the middle of surgery trying to remove my mask

No. 1704207

File: 1668909734829.png (167.11 KB, 1329x649, fat.png)

and ofc it's not the fatties fault for disregarding why the BMI limit exists and they couldn't possibly just lose weight for surgery

No. 1704208

shit like this makes me want to become a hermit and live in a house without electricity and covered with aluminium foil

No. 1704229

I think it's to avoid a need for follow-ups. It seems like a lot of her patients fly from all over the nation to see her, because of her unique "any age, any BMI" recklessness. Dr Sidbgbf wants to do one and dones, 'go home, don't come back' surgeries. Time wasted on follow ups is money she isn't making from surgeries. May also open up chances for patients to complain. Much easier to dismiss concerns over email or not return phonecalls than directly to the Aiden in your office potentially with their rich parents face-to-face. This is probably presented as best for the patients, who do not want to pay for travel for follow ups after the already expensive surgery. Dr Sidbfht doesn't take insurance, apparently out-of-pocket only, so it's a huge expense. You might ask, "that's dangerous, how is this ethical?" and you are correct, and it isn't ethical.

No. 1704234

she's so obviously a drug addict. sad that all the adults in her life failed her when she was growing up but idk if i have sympathy for her now

No. 1704242

Probably spends all her money on coke. It’s core to Miami culture kek

No. 1704252

File: 1668914285289.gif (1.33 MB, 336x252, gallagher.gif)

I wonder if she's related to the Gallagher. It would explain her obsession with destroying melons.

No. 1704281


No. 1704285

more like life TAKING surgery amirite? HAH!

No. 1704289

File: 1668916351377.webm (1.47 MB, 576x1024, 2954816-6ec3b85e56aa39d8289781…)

No. 1704292

this whole thread gives a lot of credence to the people who point out the disproportionate tendency of surgeons to be sociopaths/fit ASPD symptoms

No. 1704294

complete and utter psychopath

No. 1704303

File: 1668916948520.png (136.92 KB, 273x706, eyechart.png)

>this whole thread gives a lot of credence to the people who point out the disproportionate tendency of surgeons to be sociopaths/fit ASPD symptoms
Seriously. My armchair is that you have to be some kind of sociopath or at least emotionally disconnected to be able to professionally slice people open knowing they could die at your hands and you have to be especially weird to be fine with cutting off healthy body parts for profit. Sidhjskjfd even has the psychopath eyes. She wants her patients in and out as quickly as possible for max profit, like a body botching conveyor belt, without taking the time or care to talk to them or get personally invested. It's all about the money for her

No. 1704306

it's because she's an incompetent, cheap, and lazy surgeon.

No. 1704315

so sick of this maleposting

No. 1704317

>half a foot
this means she has at least a six inch thick layer of fat over her ribs?? that's fucking why surgeons have BMI rules, raydlen. if you don't have "half a foot" of chub under your incision, then half a foot of chub won't turn rotten.

No. 1704319

making light of aggressive nlogs that refuse to listen to common sense falling victim to their own hubris doesn't make me a man. I'll save the pity for the day they realize all of what they're doing is fucked and stop shilling this retardation to other self-hating women. until then, oh well.

No. 1704350

Your entire post is discredited and ignored by including that god forsaken sanpaku eyes meme.

No. 1704353

Genuinely the most bizarre thing I've ever been accused of being a scrote over. Is it because I said "melons?"

No. 1704371

I was once banned as a moid for saying "hooters," so probably

No. 1704401

What happened to that one phallo surgeon that made his ftms shit in a bag for life?

No. 1704421

I thought your melon joke was funny anon

No. 1704443

No. 1704451

Sorry if this has been posted already

Super long read about the sketchiness of TIF treatment and Gallagher in particular: https://www.reuters.com/investigates/special-report/usa-transyouth-topsurgery/

> Gallagher’s marketing tactics have caught the attention of organizations critical of gender-affirming care for minors. In February, five of these groups, made up of parents, medical professionals and people who have detransitioned, filed a complaint with the Federal Trade Commission, asking the agency to investigate Gallagher over the way she communicates with young people on social media. The complaint alleges that Gallagher and her medical practice are “engaged in unfair, false and deceptive practices in the aggressive advertising and marketing to minors of their plastic surgery services, namely mastectomies of healthy female breasts, as proven safe, effective and medically necessary.” One of the groups’ members said she was alarmed when her child, who was following Gallagher on social media, told her about wanting surgery by the doctor.

>In a statement to Reuters, Gallagher said that nine months after the FTC complaint was filed, “there is, to our knowledge, no investigation by the FTC” and that the “obvious aim of these opposing groups is to oppress, silence and attack gender-affirming care and those that provide it.” She added that the mission of her social media was to “amplify transgender voices, celebrate transgender lives and, most importantly, to provide education that empowers our patients to navigate the complex process of surgical transition.”

No. 1704454

I thought Florida banned all of these troon surgeries? They were losing their minds over it, so howcome this monster is still able to do this? I did feel sorry for the most recent woman who did the big Twitter thread, till I got to the end and she started ranting because terfs had found her post. I mean fucking seriously? The troon industry turned you into a deformed shell, but you still reserve your hatred for the women who are trying to stop it happening? I feel bad for the kids it happens to because they’re too young to be able to see how stupid they are, but fuck these adults doing it, they’ve condemned themselves to a life of being a freak in constant pain and they are too happy to drag other women down with them because misery loves company.

No. 1704463

File: 1668938134486.webm (7.83 MB, 576x1056, drain.webm)

For the anon who asked for some of her tiktoks. Here she explains how "we get away without putting in drains for top surgery".

No. 1704466

File: 1668938568992.webm (1.68 MB, 648x576, vultures.webm)

They look genuinely soulless.

No. 1704468

This is a weird video to feature because it’s a technically sound and interesting explanation and doesn’t exactly have a “hello fellow kids” vibe at all as suggested in the OP. The use of the unrelated sound is annoying but that’s just standard TikTok

No. 1704473

File: 1668939455313.webm (5.14 MB, 576x1280, bmi cutoff.webm)

No. 1704479

munchhausen by proxy and maternal narcissism in 2022.

No. 1704503

This, when I saw I was surprised I was here for the first thread on this quack. I can't believe how much money she's made off of being a butcher.

No. 1704504

eugh why do british women all do their makeup like this

No. 1704516

She doesn't put drains in to cut corners, safety of patients be damned

No. 1704522

>Grossed out by ethics
Yes we know Dr Shfffg. No need to make a tiktok video of it.

No. 1704549

im glad mine just left me with permanent brain damage from unneeded antipsychotics. it is fucked up to an insane degree people receiving this lvel of medical abuse out in the open,lot of moms gonna be dying in nursing homes, left to rot by bitter titless daughters

No. 1704917

unrelated but does anyone know what this song is called?

No. 1704946

do you mean curtis crane? i think he moved his practice to texas and somehow isn't shut down yet

No. 1704954

> he moved his practice to texas and somehow isn't shut down yet
it’s because texas, like florida, has laws that make it really hard to file a lawsuit for medical malpractice, and the laws protect the doctors more than the patients

No. 1704958

No. Scott Newgent, the TIF who appeared in Matt Walsh’s documentary, made a video about getting a phalloplasty from Crane.

No. 1704971

i'm looking at sjbjbjb's youtube, which has a lot of videos that are longer and more serious in tone than her tiktoks

>"today I'm gonna talk about a problem we sometimes see that can be pretty terrifying for patients"

>"two weeks after surgery we can get that phone call and it's like "help! my incision is opening up!"
>it's more common for "top surgery with larger guys and often times patients are surprised by our response"
>"what we never do is bring you back to the opening room to close the incision because it's gonna open right back up again, so we just teach the patients how to do wound care"
>says the risk factors are diabetes, smoking, and malnutrition among patients

No. 1704972

tell me what foundation she's wearing so i can make sure never to use it

No. 1704979

>Should Overweight Trans* Patients get Surgery?
>"I'm quite interested in this because it's extremely important to patients wellbeing that they should be able to have their surgery, that we all agree on, it treats gender dysphoria. at what point do you deny a patient their surgery because of their weight to make it safer?"
>"the reason I have so many overweight patients is because they get referred from other surgeons that are uncomfortable with higher BMIs"
>plugs pictures of her own results on fatties and says how good they look
>"although there is a small increase on complications on super morbidly obese patients, overall it is very safe, I see no differences between regular patients and high BMI patients"

the botched patients upthread would disagree…

No. 1704980

>Vaginoplasty? No Bowel Prep Needed!

No. 1705002

Troons did this to themselves, and provided this woman with a perfect cop out.

One of the core concepts in medicine is weighing risks of treatment vs benefits. For example, some antibiotics can render you horrifically disabled with just a few doses (Levaquin, etc). But if you're facing a life threatening infection that can't be treated with anything else, you have no argument against the clinician's judgment. It's either rotten ligaments or death, so rotten ligaments it is. Same with chemo and cancer.

Troons lobbied tirelessly to push the "not being given surgery right here and right now is literally fatal!!!!!!" narrative in transgender care. So what we get now is this woman choosing to operate on hamplanets ASAP as completely valid clinical judgment. She can tell any medical board "but asking this vulnerable patient to lose weight for surgery would have made him live in the wrong body for God knows how long, and he could've killed himself during that time! The risk was unacceptable!" and it'd be over immediately. It's either taking that risk or they LITERALLY DIE, per troons themselves. Like chemo for cancer.

Another stunning victory of the trans lobby! Yasss!

No. 1705061

>small increase
small increase is a very shaky margin. She should have numbers. I know she has published research on the matter, but so far I hear her constantly use the phrase "acceptable risk" which I'm starting to think her audience doesn't understand what that really means.

Acceptable risk =/= lower risk, just permissible in the pursuit of certain outcomes.

No. 1705151

She’s Irish.

No. 1705367

Nta but there’s hardly any difference between modern Irish and British people. She looks Irish but then again if you told me this woman was British I would believe you.

No. 1705389

She really does seem psychopathic. You can tell she genuinely doesn't give a fuck about the politics of troonery or gender identity, she sees these people as walking dollar signs. Hence why she doesn't even have a BMI limit. It gives me chills. This is who these twitter warriors should be focusing on instead of fucking JK Rowling or "terfs".

No. 1705423

I have so much secondhand embarrassment watching this grown ass lady next to her copy every single face and hand movement she makes.

No. 1705443

The ban doesn’t take effect until the 1st of next month, and at any rate there’s a high chance of some lefttard judge will stop the ban when troon organizations sue the state

No. 1705589

And Texas’s trans kid ban is on hold right now

No. 1705732

even if she were a good surgeon, I would not choose her based on those crazy fucking eyes. It boggles the mind how these poor women go willingly to this obvious psycho. It just proves the point that women who troon out are on the spectrum and cannot pick up on how unnerving and gross this surgeon is.

No. 1705748

Risk factor:
but not obesity kek

No. 1705796

She’s a natal woman? I thought she was a troon .

No. 1705833

kek i like that they keep calling it a "trans kid ban" like the state is going to electrocute all the kids who say they're trans. it's more of a "surgery ban"

No. 1706061

This makes me feel so bad for her and her family. I know she's the creator of her own misery, but you need to truly loathe yourself to go through all that shit and STILL decide to carry on cosplaying as a man, especially when she's so horrified by the whole process, and literally asks when people will start listening to women.
I wonder how her kids feel, seeing their mother destroy herself like this and happily risk death for the privilege of having urethra hair in a Frankensteined arm sausage.

No. 1706415

File: 1669096515942.jpg (33.12 KB, 800x800, 7652002.jpg)

You should be okay as long as you don't shop for makeup at Home Depot.

No. 1706576

File: 1669118640639.png (188.54 KB, 623x1137, lol.png)

i checked rylan's live twitter thread and her tweet condemning terfs has more likes than every single tweet in her thread except for the first one. i wonder why.

No. 1706867

>when you accuse terfs of exploiting your medical trauma for personal agenda but your gender comrades only care about your medical trauma to push their own agenda

No. 1706966

curtis crane, who had nine malpractice suits at the same time, was recently interviewed for a vice article promoting "bigenital" surgeries. seems he's moved on to different horrors beyond human comprehension.

>“There are quite a few surgeons that don't do [bigenital surgery],” said Curtis Crane, the founder of The Crane Center. “They believe there’s an inherent harm, that you're leaving someone halfway, in-between, and therefore, incomplete.”

>Crane’s practice rejects that line of thought, as does the WPATH. “The main thing I learned from the trans community is that we don't live in a binary world. So why should my treatments be binary?


No. 1707058

i got you nonna

No. 1707190

File: 1669179169111.png (93.38 KB, 1008x417, god save us.png)

oh god. never heard of "bigenital" surgeries so i had to look this guy up and what he does… i'm stunned. absolute frankenstein BUTCHERY, seems horrifyingly painful and impractical to live with, can't imagine how does it even work down there after surgery. why do these retards willingly make themselves disabled?

No. 1709161

>"The updated chapters call for removing barriers to gender-affirming healthcare by focusing on “individual assessments.” For example, it urges surgeons to consider taking on nonbinary patients regardless of whether there has been a “social transition” and regardless of whether a patient has been on hormones, unless necessary for their desired procedure. "
what?? i can't begin to start properly unpacking how fucked up this is

No. 1710171

File: 1669442498741.jpeg (354.72 KB, 750x826, E2459000-600C-4018-9D9B-C73484…)

(accidentally posted this in the wrong thread at first cause im retarded sorry if anyone saw that)


>Complications started 4 days after surgery, a hematoma on my left side that I sent her a photo of. I cannot describe the discomfort. Scabs were starting to collect from leaking blood.

>She said it was just “bruising.” The next day, my incision tore open and bled significantly.
>By August 27th, I was still waking up every morning with blood all over my sheets and clothes. Wrapped in layers of gauze, I tried going out to see some friends, moving slowly and carefully. While out, a coagulated blood clot the size of a golf ball fell out of me.
>When I got to the ER, my heart rate was 155. They paged their plastic surgery team immediately and admitted me. They took off the gauze and another clot fell out.
> The next day, I woke up to an email response from her assistant telling me that Gallagher said this was expected.
>She said “no need for the ER.” I replied back and said I already went to the ER. She made the same joke again, that I was menstruating.
> I went under anesthesia 3 days later and woke up to a nurse telling me I could’ve gone septic without the surgery. Over half a foot of my left side had been killed by a bacteria that has a high mortality rate.
>Dr. Gallagher opted out of medical malpractice insurance years ago. Suing her is near impossible for me. Even if I found a lawyer in Florida who was willing to try other strategies, it’s unlikely they’d be supportive of medical transition in the first place. The payout would not be enough to cover the cost of the case for a law firm, so laywers are highly unlikely to help me sue her without that insurance. I was told she likely utilizes this loophole on purpose, knowing it leaves her victims powerless.
>When I arrived home, the hospital she works with sent me an additional bill for over $102k. When I contacted Dr. Gallagher’s office about it, they told me to take it up with the hospital.

No. 1710172

File: 1669442592650.jpeg (237.07 KB, 750x844, E3D9C8E0-AB2D-40A5-969F-E4B86D…)

No. 1710173

File: 1669442623872.jpeg (272.71 KB, 750x821, 96A1AA34-1138-4E42-804B-1456C0…)

i keked tbh

No. 1710182

It’s hard to feel sorry for these people. You’re removing healthy body parts and sewing on unnecessary fake organs, OF COURSE there’s a risk of complications. And these patients also deliberately went to a quack doctor who didn’t care that they were too fat to operate on safely. Congratulations, you played yourself.

No. 1710209

Maybe she’s been doing this shit on purpose

No. 1710220

This woman is legitimately psychopathic. I can’t even laugh at her, nor the young girls she mutilates. It’s too disturbing. Just crossing my fingers that the next category 5 hurricane hits this bitch.

No. 1710302

File: 1669469763318.jpg (62.84 KB, 1065x507, ouch.jpg)

inb4 Rylo starts a GoFundMe to pay this off.

No. 1710325

jfc this is so sad. makes me want to alog

No. 1710360

File: 1669475512530.jpeg (704.48 KB, 2560x1920, 1669381327812.jpeg)

Pic from the tif thread. Kek that mountain of paperwork is doing you a whole lot of good now

No. 1710374

But her life saving teet yeeting surgery didn’t award her instant gratification on twitter, so she deserves compensation
UGH just noticed this

No. 1710399

undercover terf

No. 1710407

Converts are always the most annoying "Jews". It's funny watching her bash Christianity though. Sis, Judaism is the the same thing just minus the Jesus-y parts. Maybe it's the food she likes. God knows we have a shitload of holidays and nearly all of them involve big dinners, I can see how that and the oppression points would attract a deathfat TIF.

No. 1710554

If she is, she should be targeting the more dangerous MtF trannies. Cut their balls up something fierce and if they try to sue just say it was gender affirmation, life or death.

No. 1710588


It is on purpose but not the way you think it is. She is a cold bitch who just wants to cut meat, she doesn't give a fuck about gender and pronouns, nor she gives a fuck about women. She only cares if it's in a video to make herself seem better and to attract more customers.

No. 1711074

>I was patient for a few months until I broke down to my therapist about how badly I feel about my body and I needed this surgery ASAP. My therapist called the surgery office and got my name bumped up
Genuinely what the fuck. This is so unhinged, how is it that when a patient tells you “I hate my body” your following action is to get them butchered. Of course the real problem won’t get tended to, just a phone call to bump up the surgery la dee da squeaky wheel gets the grease lololol. This would never fly in any other situation. And “I needed.” No you do not, damn.

No. 1711174

i think the ex troons like her just realize there is no going back after everything they've done to their bodies and just accept the rest of their lives in a prison of their own making. like in her head she probably thinks of herself as a woman "living as a man" except instead of crossdressing for life to join the army or get job when your dad dies like in the olden days, the tragic event that necessitated the crossdressing was her past trooning out. i don't know if my poast is readable because i'm stoned so i am sorry about that.

No. 1711180

it's so weird to me that "terf" is even a phrase because there is no such thing as trans exclusion in radical feminism. we include "trans men" in our feminism because they are biological females and face the struggles of biological females as a class. they could make a case for calling us "male exclusionary radical feminism" and try to spin an argument that excluding males from any society is still a form of discrimination maybe? but their argument as it stands now is complete gibberish.

No. 1711232

it's pretty safe to assume any dedicated troon or former troon has a cluster b disorder. FtMs seem to have a higher population of people who were confused and genuinely misled, but it's still rare.

No. 1711236

>Even if I found a lawyer in Florida who was willing to try other strategies, it’s unlikely they’d be supportive of medical transition in the first place.
this means that part of why she can't sue is that she refuses to disavow transition surgery. she's saying she can't find a lawyer who will sue dr gallagher for malpractice but still claim these surgeries are possible at all. she could get money if she went with "this surgery is made up and doesn't work and gallagher lied to me" aka basically claimed to have a product that doesn't exist. she wants a lawyer to sue under the pretense that dr gallagher did not meet the standard for transition surgeries, and this won't be possible because there is no standard. it's the main way troon doctors get out of these types of lawsuits.

No. 1711237

samefag basically all she has to do to get her money is stop claiming to be a man. literally just has to say she's a woman, not a transman, and dr g butchered a woman after telling her about a surgery that doesn't exist.

No. 1711239

she's just a grown-up mary bell

No. 1711242

troons have given them no other option. if this girl broke down like that in the therapists office, the only thing the therapist is allowed to do about that threat of suicide is call the clinic to get her the surgery.

No. 1711562

holyshit this made me cry. its really hard to see these people in pain and thinking that somehow this surgery is going to improve her life. its insane to me how much she looks like her mother, the way they're holding their arms the same, the loss of a normal woman is so sad to me. i wish someone could help these people in some way other than literally chopping off bits of their bodies. i hope this woman stops mutilating these girls.

No. 1713792

This troon's face makes me think that much of this "swapping genders" nonsense is just because these women want to be allowed to age, to get wrinkly, to have bad skin, and to just be ugly without being scrutinized for it like women are.
Obviously there is also an element of trying to sidestep misogyny by pretending that it doesn't apply to them. I just never thought about the first reason until now.

No. 1716031

File: 1669927055890.jpeg (79.28 KB, 700x700, 67B5E43D-3A2A-4853-97D7-AF5739…)

Did Neasa used to be (more?) obese in the past or something? I know she was a kinda chubby, ugly kid but that doesn’t explain her current appearance. Her body is so fucked up in a really unnatural way. She has these really jarring calves and cankles but no fat gut. I’m assuming she’s had a ton of lipo or something. She looks really freaky and I don’t really know how to explain it. Look at (what you can see) of her legs! They look like they belong to an old woman.

I’ve followed Gallagher’s thread on KF since the beginning but don’t have an account so I’m happy I can finally voice my irritation about Neasa’s Pillsbury Dough Body somewhere!

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