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File: 1669083540331.jpg (220.95 KB, 1280x1280, meet_the_artist__2019__by_sang…)

No. 256913

Many western online artists, whether in the art industry or casually creating art as a hobby, have participated in the "Meet the Artist" challenge. Typically, it involves drawing yourself, your likes and dislikes, as well as what's in your bag. They're a biased source of information as much as it is a look into the artist's psyche. The line between an artist and their persona is blurred in every instance of this challenge on the web.

Like all online art it ranges from beautiful to horrifying.

This thread is for any interesting "Meet the Artists" posts from both sides of this spectrum. Feel free to post examples without captions or have long discussions about a single post. Posting about a "Meet the Artist" done by anyone under 18 is discouraged but allowed. We were all cringe once.

There are also threads on /snow/ about some of the larger societal issues reflected in some "Meet the Artist" drawings. Sperg about them in length there if it becomes wholly detached from any particular "Meet the Artist" post.

No. 256914

kek anon this is such a good idea i hope the thread takes off

No. 256916

File: 1669083802309.jpg (1.41 MB, 1938x2992, dcmbaot-3568e004-20bb-49df-95f…)

Samefag as OP

Some are well done

No. 256918

File: 1669083866771.jpg (223.77 KB, 828x806, Fhpea6uXkAIOPZg.jpg)

Others are just weird

No. 256919

File: 1669084061325.jpg (186.95 KB, 1200x899, tumblr_4e29352ed399742ed60aea1…)

Sour milk but Andrew Dobson did it once

No. 256920

File: 1669084245318.jpg (278.03 KB, 1080x1219, 315865558_652283299937079_9203…)

Sage as this and >>256919 is OP still

No. 256922

These things always come off as narcissistic tbh

No. 256923

File: 1669084572451.jpg (157.73 KB, 1024x996, meet_the_artist____again_by_ry…)

>Sharp objects
>Being yelled at

Very unique and unusual dislikes this artist has. I would suggest taking a shot for every "Meet the Artist" that lists a dislike everyone dislikes but I don't want to be liable for anyone's death by alcohol poisoning.

No. 256926

File: 1669084835160.jpg (152.77 KB, 1080x1080, FheNd5vXoAEemKk.jpg)

Unsaged as this one's the strangest example I have downloaded

No. 256927

>anything related to cum, of course
i am vomit

No. 256930

I like this one. Would follow.
"Meet the artists" were supposed to be little advertising pamphlets so the people who saw your profile by chance saw a quick reference of your art, your fandoms/what kind of artist you were and a short description of what they could find on your profile, so they would want to follow you or even commission you. Now it's just retards making ocs of themselves. Any meet the artist is a red flag in this day.

No. 256931

File: 1669085364717.jpg (308.9 KB, 1280x784, updated_meet_the_artist_bc_im_…)

Sorry to make your vomit neverending nonna

>14 years old

>swag: "satire/porn artists"
>unswag: "disrespect of the porn/sex industry"
>"women don't deserve rights"
>14 years old

What's even going on.

No. 256932

This wasnt the girl who was banned from tiktok for drawing the rabbits in picrel having sex?:

No. 256933

Is it too OT to ask if you have any of this artist's other art?
>Anything related to CUM, of course!
Is really sending me.

No. 256934

Ok so has anyone else noticed that people almost always put "loud noises" on their dislikes? It's so weird. Who actually likes loud noises? Every time I read "loud noises" I cringe.

No. 256936

Nope. Here's the link to her Twitter. Spoilered for NSFW. https://twitter.com/The_French_Cow

No. 256939

File: 1669086229637.jpg (127.6 KB, 1080x926, 315741142_125786440317709_2669…)

The height of fashion

No. 256940

File: 1669086542118.jpg (548.23 KB, 2048x1972, FiG23ZgWQBEoAnG.jpg)

Last one from OP.
Many of the ones hobbyists make are incredibly hard to read because they're allergic to fonts. So much for accessibility.

No. 256945

Yeesh this one probably found discord tranny groomer mods if it wasnt 4tranny. Also gamer bros her same age if not also 18-40 year old groomers.

No. 256952

this has to be the most stylish and creative meet the artist I have ever seen. The information is also presented in a way that is easy to read and not feel overwhelming despite there being lots of details. The art style is also super pretty just major kudo to the artist who made this

No. 256958

yeah not only is it nice to look at but it doesn't feel like a desperate attempt to make everyone think youre super cool

No. 256983

that wallet is pretty cool tbh

No. 257077

It’s IMMEDIATE red flag when an artist makes one of these. It’s absolutely self absorbed and annoying. The type who cares more about making a cult of personality than making art. What do you know, most of them are shit at art on top being boring yet insufferable.

No. 257095

I feel bad for liking them, even some of the cringe ones. I just like seeing the contents of peoples bags.

No. 257101

it's a desperate attempt to make people feel sorry for her, though

No. 257117

I just remembered even cringier challenge that every artist did back then: Shout It Out! Lmao I loved reading how every girl "thinks she might be bisexual because she has a crush on another girl" kek my sides, those were the days.

No. 257175

The style is cool but she makes herself sound like a pain to interact with. So many of the personality traits she listed are negative.

No. 257206

This is embarrassing even by 14-year-old standards (if this actually is a kid that age and not a pedobaiting pickme pretending to be.) The lolrandum catchphrases, the ~sex positive~ shit clearly parroted from groomers, the overused ironic/self-deprecating humor, etc. The most tragic thing is that she probably thinks all of this is sooo unique, but 90% of it is just shit every NLOG on Tumblr enjoys ironically, like Garfield and clowns.

Years back I almost made one of these, but a quarter of the way through I realized how pointless it was. Why would random strangers on the internet care about my height or the garbage I carry around in my purse? I thought it came across as narcissistic to even pretend other people care, which I think is why the self-deprecating jokes in Meet the Artist memes feel so hollow.

It's probably better to just draw yourself without writing a bunch of other dumb shit on the canvas.

No. 257335

File: 1669222616030.jpg (2.27 MB, 1122x8679, descent.jpg)

great thread idea !
i agree the state of 14 year-olds is dismal, but I disagree it's narcissistic to draw one of those, unlike pronoun shit your likes and dislikes are something that would actually come up in a conversation. i'm actually really curious of the ones of artists i follow (this one >>256916 is so pleasant to look at, which makes me interested in the person who made it).
kind of disproving my own point here because i came across this collage of meet the artist memes (shitty cropping is hers) and yeah making this many is very self-obsessed. it's a sad descent from regular inoffensive deviantart teenage autist to muh stylization enbie wicca landwhale, oh how times have changed.

No. 257340

>deadlifts in slip-on vans

No. 257345

>1 follower
>0 likes on her posts
how'd you even find her, is she your perrsonal cow or something?
it's the classic uwu neurodivergent fragile smol bean "im babby" larp

No. 257395

I looked up "Meet the artist" on Twitter and sorted by latest. It makes the process of finding examples easy, but with the downside of the fact they are advertising still active accounts.

Descent into madness.
The challenge is about as narcissistic as social media/art sphere social media already is imo. It just depends on the person drawing it.

No. 257414

this is a great thread idea, good job op! i was trying to figure out why the art style in the op pic looked so familiar and then i realized that's the artist who did that super popular picrew trannies use for their icons all the time kek

No. 257442

File: 1669251916232.png (2.75 MB, 1887x1295, mental illness.png)

What Happens When You Let the Internet Raise Your Daughter: a Story in Images

No. 257448

Its almost sad how clearly you can see when she starts hating herself

No. 257449

i have never in my life heard someone say they liked the 2010's, wow. I hope it never comes back.

No. 257456

File: 1669260061606.jpg (599.67 KB, 724x1241, IMG_5611.jpg)

she's so interesting to me because she looks like a TIM despite being a TIF

No. 257457

File: 1669260116367.jpg (191.79 KB, 1800x1774, clownstongue het.jpg)

she goes by clownstongue on twitter but don't look at it if you don't wanna see weird fetish porn

No. 257458

second to last one looks like robert bever kek

No. 257463

File: 1669263237102.jpg (Spoiler Image, 42.52 KB, 680x487, FcT6eLFX0AYDixD.jpg)

Yeah, I didn't mention that. She's one of the most extreme, cumbrained pickmes I've ever encountered, drawing the most degenerate fetishes not because she's aroused by it ("I'm not as horny as you think") but because it gives her attention and validation from moids. It's painfully obvious that she was neglected and ignored by her parents, who stuck an iPad in her hand in lieu of any actual parenting or meaningful interaction with other kids. I would be very surprised if she wasn't a victim of some kind of sexual abuse.

She's angry at other women for pointing out how sad and self-destructive it is that predator cumbrains online are her only source of positive attention. We're not "triggered" by your art, Tiffany. We think it's fucking sad and a clear indicator that you view sex as transactional. When a woman dedicates this much of her time and energy to pony vore fetishists or whatever, it means that on some level she's resigned herself to believing that she's not worthy of being appreciated by anyone better.

Picrel isn't sexually explicit, just gross. It's one of her "tamer" drawings.

No. 257485

this is heartbreaking. already at 13 she was sucked into gender stuff and here we are. this was so avoidable but she's so deep in now.
she's only 18 and probably longs for simpler times, can you imagine drawing porn for neckbeard validation online as your only solace bc whenever you see the sunlight people are disgusted by your tranny self and termnally online behavior ?
also, this is really, really fucked how there was no transition between her normal interest in cartoon ponies as a little girl / teenager and her interest in it as a degenerate brony. when i was a child and typed winx and tom and jerry or whatever on google i didn't find moid-made perverted horrors but flash games and coloring pages, but she probably did.

No. 257493

Given how far back the history on her porn Twitter seems to go (I don't want to stomach the whole thing but it looks to have a few years of history) she was apparently drawing porn commissions for neckbeard predators long before she was even an adult. I know people here accuse cows being groomed a lot, but it truly does apply here. Mom and dad let Uncle Internet raise her, and she got groomed into… whatever the fuck she is now. Bleak.

No. 257509

>It’s IMMEDIATE red flag when an artist makes one of these. It’s absolutely self absorbed and annoying.
I don't agree, I think they're often cute and being an artist online these days means you are also selling your own personality. People will follow/buy your stuff more if they like you as a person. If I like art I do get curious about what the artist is like. It's also a handy way for me too see which ones really are self-absorbed and pro-troon so I can avoid them. Seeing one without any pronouns is a good sign kek

No. 257515

Just went down the rabbit hole and wow this is just depressing. It also pisses me off when clearly skilled artists draw the most vile shit.

No. 257593

It's fucking scary how bad the internet is now. I grew up online too but not like this, even my pickme era was vanilla as fuck compared to whatever "Mikey" is up to. Holy shit.

No. 257666

was surprised by all of them being hungarian before realizing it's all the same person kek
úgy látszik a külföldi magyarok se normálisabbak az itthoniaknál

No. 258043

A lot of TIFs and TIMs are in this weird androgynous zone where they just kinda look like gross slobs as opposed to men or women a lot of the time to me.

No. 258408

File: 1669562915002.jpeg (272 KB, 1536x2048, 1664917479404.jpeg)

Zoomers are doomed at this point

No. 258415

>dislikes allergies

No. 258416

Seasonal allergies are a pain, I also dislike them. I guess she could have clarified it with saying seasonal allergies.

No. 258434

Opposed to the people who love allergies and want more of them.

No. 258437

Her art is really nice, shame about the brainrot

No. 258446

what's with the head sprout thing? i've seen it in more artists before. what does it mean?

No. 258452

It doesnt have meaning its just meant to be cute its a head accessory in a lot of games

No. 258748

File: 1669635596410.jpeg (1.09 MB, 2048x2048, 6B73ED5F-22E8-486C-86A7-E8355A…)

this absolute specimen

No. 258750

It looks like a parody.
>Hates Dream SMP
Now that's a surprise.

No. 258751

Wow what a waste the art is actually pretty good

No. 258752

Zoomers trying to larp as their dream bf is hilarious to me. Their dream bf is always gnc boys that were obliterated by the same shitty ideology they follow.

No. 258754

>Art (of course)
of course

No. 258882

File: 1669663683862.jpeg (285.9 KB, 1596x2074, 71F1E8B1-C33F-4C3D-AD60-573C79…)

Artist irl…yep, looks deadly to me.

No. 259013

File: 1669694270797.jpeg (350.26 KB, 1574x2048, 012788EE-42A1-4BE8-BA74-14468A…)

She is out of shape in her other pics. She couldn’t kill her way out of a paper bag

No. 259055

Is this a zoofag flag kek

No. 266018

File: 1672551881996.png (31.42 KB, 1050x980, quixy.png)

happened to see this via clicking around neocities sites and I like it, I think it's well done. thought of this thread

are we sure it doesn't have an origin story? I feel like it does…

No. 266024

File: 1672555408261.jpg (162.28 KB, 543x827, 1654361333985.jpg)

Looks like tuna

No. 266030

What does the paw mean? Is he a furry or a zoo?

No. 266041

I think that's the pupgender flag

No. 266159

It's okay, but it still does the dumb thing where it lists stuff literally no one likes under "dislikes." Are there people who actually enjoy having spiders crawl all over them?

Please tell me that's not some kind of gross diaperfur thing…

No. 267263

File: 1673008713652.jpg (115.03 KB, 816x979, 1672962193110121.jpg)

No. 267277

This one is really cute and I like how it’s laid out.

No. 267398

My sides: gone

No. 267402

>likes: porn, logic

No. 270772

File: 1674215774643.jpg (193.15 KB, 927x831, card.jpg)

No. 270782

not really a thing you should be proud to admit but that's a nitpick. Besides that I really like the colours and layout. Very pleasant to look at. I don't think I have ever seen the pride flag that is used here. I'm not much older than the artist here but I have noticed many artists around that age group seems to be allergic to the classic rainbow flag and use some obscure flags instead which kinda defeats the purpose of a pride flag

No. 270786

File: 1674223286460.jpg (79.02 KB, 888x499, 785jn0.jpg)

>girly as fuck artstyle
>weird gendie pride flag

No. 270914

Lmao this is the TIF who kissed up to CWC and made a Sonichu OC. Classic.

No. 271076

I want people to do 'meet the farmer' posts here kek

No. 271077

File: 1674350819574.jpeg (182.7 KB, 713x807, julien.jpeg)

this is what she looks like irl kek

No. 271080

Yeah this is cute af and original. Kind of want to do something similar

No. 271180

Omg me too, someone needs to make a template

To be fair, she could pass as a MtF

No. 272748

File: 1675295661304.jpg (124.13 KB, 1166x875, 20230202_005252.jpg)

I was surprised to find this is unironic

No. 272750

Lmao this is low-key great

No. 272757

aside from the 4 different pride flags(where I can't recognize 3/4 of them) I get the impression that this artist is aware of how lame they come of as unlike some other examples in this thread. Also "I love old man yaoi" is funny and some other stuff here gave me a chuckle. Kinda dig this one

No. 272758

I wish zoomers would stay the fuck away from my favorite band

No. 272759

>Eddie Munson
What is it about this character that attracts such obnoxious people?

No. 272761

File: 1675301649271.png (68.31 KB, 1200x800, 8722290.png)

There was a thread in either /m/ or /ot/ for anons to fill out picrel, but I'm too lazy to find it.

No. 272763

File: 1675302155001.jpg (1.31 MB, 4096x3907, Fn0Who6WIAw67UY.jpg)

the most generic likes and the most generic and preachy dislikes

No. 272768

imo the dislikes should be reserved to stuff like bugs, height, etc stuff that tells you something about the artist. It's so weird when when they write that they hate war crimes and human rights violations it comes of as preachy

No. 272779

It just feels dishonest, like I know human rights are important and stuff like that, everyone knows so, so I don't want Aiden number 3029.88 telling me that well, yeah, it sucks when human rights are not respected.
I want to know what is it that Aiden number 3029.88 doesn't like, maybe she fucking hates peanut butter, maybe she doesn't like old cartoons, she probably doesn't like makeup because every brand gives her allergies. Actual quirky shit that makes people feel interested in these "artists" and makes the people makings these drawings look more like real humans and not retarded cartoon characters from shitty preachy comics.
I swear people just see the like and dislike sections as some place for them to preach, and not a place to share the shit they actually like and dislike, and yeah, it's easier to get a bunch of trannies to follow you by saying "I-i like t-tranny rights h-hehe" but it's bleak to see how there's people dropping their humanity for brownie points from degenerates, suicidal losers and pedophiles.

No. 272780

I like this one tbh, apart from the gendie stuff the colors are nice and the style is pretty for me, it doesnt look full and the details are well thought

No. 272793

>Actual quirky shit that makes people feel interested in these "artists" and makes the people makings these drawings look more like real humans
ayrt it sucks because the likes section has some interesting things like teamwork, ecology and teeth that is quirky and tells us alot about the artist but the dislike section lacks any form for personality
agree. I know I critised the dislikes but I do like the art and the colours. The life that inspires me section is specially really cute

No. 272815

The art style alone is clockable.

No. 275776

File: 1676380147510.png (1.04 MB, 1170x972, 60420C81-7E83-447D-898B-BFDDE6…)

The shirt?

No. 275797

File: 1676387935279.jpg (408.79 KB, 1080x1335, mta.jpg)

>I like to sleep naked
Didn't ask but ok

No. 275810

Went to this girl's art out of morbid curiosity and the pickme-ism is off the fucking charts lmao

No. 276394

women need to love themselves more and exist outside of male objectification.

No. 282605

I guess because he's older than the core group of teens, plus he's an outcast of sorts.

No. 282722

File: 1678803807128.jpg (175.12 KB, 1080x1355, IMG_20230309_151821.jpg)

No. 282728

I looked at her art and it's not bad, but she "blackwashes" anime characters

No. 282735

every damn time

No. 282750

YWNB jessie frigging pinkman

No. 290551

kek I was the nonni who posted it in the art thread and I was absolutely sure she is that girl >>257442 but she is not, also her art is much better and the latest girl is absolutely fucking insane and is not doing well as I checked her Twitter

No. 306988

looks like a rapist

No. 319837

File: 1693930148205.jpg (191.1 KB, 720x737, Screenshot_20230905-190810_Chr…)

The fact that she is over 40 and married with kids just makes this shit more emberassing.

No. 319841

>hates cats
red flag

No. 319895

>racist, homophones, transphobes
the memes write themselves

No. 319912

You’re not allowed to draw yourself if you’re over a certain age…?

No. 319931

>i like uh… books… movies… and music
ok which ones
i swear no one who makes these has the smallest sliver of personality

No. 319984

File: 1694018501456.jpg (104.92 KB, 827x567, meet_the___artist___by_ethical…)

I like this one. It's a shame his actual art is uninteresting though

No. 319992

>dislikes: homophobes/transphobes
>mosquitos, crickets, beans, traffic…
>oh and racists as well
It's so cringe to begin with to list universally hated bad things, it's so performative and stupid. All I've learned is that she can't think for herself and hates female rights if they don't benefit men. But sure, I'm glad she listed it so I can avoid her because she sounds insufferable.

>You’re not allowed to draw yourself if you’re over a certain age…?
nta but the embarrassing part is that you didn't get the point kek jk it's obviously that she's doing cringe performative internet activism led by literal kids, she should be old enough to have learned to think for herself but here she is pandering to troons and kids. Obviously nobody gives a shit if old people just draw themselves

No. 320017

You think? I found it was more interesting than the quirky cartoony version of themselves facing forward people usually draw in these.

No. 320029

File: 1694033312572.jpg (136.42 KB, 1280x720, total_war__warhammer_ii__the_s…)

Lol no anon, I meant his regular art besides this one. I actually really like his meet-the-artist piece. He creates this sense of mystery by having his avatar face away from the viewer. Also like how his likes and dislikes poke fun at the generic shit people put in their likes and dislikes for this trend. It makes you wanna see what kind of guy the artist actually is, and when you check out his other work it's all generic artstation shit.
Kind of anticlimactic. Picrel

No. 320033

This reminds me of the time when I legit and unironically believed to be the antichrist, insane and damned, would have been fun seeing my own bio if I ever made one, not that I would have ever talked to people back then.

In a sense I can imagine that doing shit like that and assembling your perfect "you" is fun, but times really changed, didn't they? In the 90s and early 00s there would have been so many edgelords with xXX in the name, shit like Darks (you know him, pic related) or LoTR fanatics that believed to be elves and memorized the whole known Elvish vocabulary.

Do kids these days not have an edgy or spiritual fantasy phase anymore?

No. 320034

File: 1694035663087.jpg (62.62 KB, 536x609, 0k5de36ktu001.jpg)

>says pic related
>doesn't post pic
Every single time.

Anyway, I just noticed now how old they all are. I assumed it was teens. Is that maybe the reason for why the bios are so damn boring or were these people always like that?

No. 320047

kek you were absolutely psychotic

No. 320074

I wish I was your friend during your Antichrist phase

No. 320100

File: 1694082745390.jpg (968.37 KB, 2048x1609, tumblr_e864372c03a09b350830b84…)

Average tif with the most generic nlog interests

No. 320107

kind of makes me think of a dude peeing against a wall

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