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No. 1277294

a thread for online skeevy plastic surgeons, the plastic surgery industry in general and various influences who promote plastic surgery as "trends"

No. 1277295

File: 1658779194949.jpg (663.16 KB, 1080x1684, Screenshot_20220725-145712_Twi…)

No. 1277296

File: 1658779236528.webm (1.67 MB, 320x568, Natalia Dyer_Plastic surgeon.w…)

we should start off with what started this thread, a plastic surgeon who posted this TikTok about Natalia Dyer. talking about what kind of procedures she would do on her to make her better

No. 1277297

File: 1658779300835.jpeg (201.76 KB, 1284x1881, 1658766027125.jpeg)

some example of other psycho behavior

No. 1277298

File: 1658779333750.jpeg (172.2 KB, 1125x1721, 1658766000820.jpeg)

No. 1277299

File: 1658779375724.png (954.58 KB, 565x1006, 1658767730777.png)

last one and here's also a link to her tiktok

No. 1277300

Demons. Demons all of them.

No. 1277301

File: 1658779456330.jpg (389.8 KB, 1080x1002, Screenshot_20220725-145731_Twi…)

No. 1277302

File: 1658779486518.jpg (651.63 KB, 1079x1624, Screenshot_20220725-145831_Chr…)

I hate this woman so much it's unreal

No. 1277303

Thank you for making the thread, OP.

No. 1277304

What a fucking cunt. Isn't it widely acknowledged that this actor has an eating disorder? a grown adult woman sitting down to script a video scrutinizing a fucking teenager like this, cunt

No. 1277305

File: 1658779770279.jpg (87.65 KB, 523x615, 1658779486518.jpg)

WTF, so these are psychos mutilating children

No. 1277306

She had a similar face to Natalia before fillers, feel like there was some projection in that video.
Natalia's 27

No. 1277307

opinion on botched? i used to binge that show a lot in my teen years but the formula i've picked up on is they will bring on
(1) person in 'need' of a nosejob (sometimes after an accident sometimes because the person had a botched vanity nosejob)
(2) a crazy person with a crazy lifestyle, 2000cc implants or is a tranny whose delusions they will still feed
(3) a person who was in a crazy accident and whose life they marginally improve and you actually feel great for them at the end

and i find the doctor's personalities to be off-putting yassified twitter king kind of shit but they have their nice moments

i just watch it because i like seeing the operating but i've seen people 'stan' the doctors and shit i mean it is a reality show i guess i should've expected that i thought most people were watching for the same reason people watch pimple popping compilations but i guess not

No. 1277308

why did you make this on snow and not in /ot/ after you were told 100 times to make it in /ot/?

No. 1277309

This bitch isn't even a real plastic surgeon, she's a fucking nurse practitioner.

No. 1277310

can you not bring this shit here

No. 1277311

>not even 5 posts into the thread and already fighting the urge to a-log

What a trashy excuse for a profession kek. Vagina-having folx aren't allowed to just exist peacefully, wow, I'd almost forgotten for a minute!

No. 1277312

"People" in this scenario sound based af.

No. 1277313

Jesus, how can you be so aesthetically blind to think that's in any shape or form "better" than the before? What a fucking crazy blind bitch lol

No. 1277314

they are called women, nonnie

No. 1277315

>sanpaku eyes

No. 1277316

13?! omg–w hat the hell happened to these insane people waiting to at least 18 or 21? Society is falling. Plastic surgeons should be lynched. Maybe at one point, they helped reconstructive surgery for burn victims and women with cancer, but all this cosmetics stuff is so evil. Women are always victims to this. Why?

No. 1277317

why are you typing like that?

No. 1277318

Sorry, I forgot I was posting on autistic hub LC where sarcasm detectors don't exist

No. 1277325

Nah, you're just annoying

No. 1277351

Literally every single plastic surgeon I've ever met (family friends, friends, an ex) have been narcissists.

No. 1277355

Oh she's going to get some fantastic lumpy growths in a few years too. There's a reason ethical plastic surgeons refuse to do elective plastic surgery on children, their bodies are still changing, there's no way you can know wtf the body will end up doing to compensate until you're in your 20s. This woman is a psychopath but the kid's parents need to be in jail.

No. 1277366

Typical noctor behavior

No. 1277408

Glad this thread was made. I was looking into PS myself and uncovered a lot of things about certain doctors. From surgeons buying their way into magazines or awards, to lawsuits ending in patient suicide and corruption. Korean industries are a gold mine of shit too. Former Korean PS assistants and promoters have opened up about malpractice and even sexual assaults to patients while they were under anesthesia.
I can try to dig for more stuff I know later but I'm on mobile right now.

You're pretty much powerless to these narcs. Regular patient vs doctor lawsuits rarely end in the patient's favor, PS lawsuits are even worse. And many surgeons can pay to get bad reviews down or make patients sign NDAs saying they'll sue if they find out you left a bad review. Some states in the US like Florida don't have malpractice insurance either. Heinous stuff.

No. 1277533

Nta but it's obviously a typo you dumb bitch

No. 1277564

nta, type normally and calm down

No. 1277709

File: 1658838325891.jpg (62.54 KB, 721x384, IMG_20220726_142316.jpg)

No. 1277712

Why is she talking like that actress is a fucking sims character? The photoshopped picture is an abomination on top of that.

No. 1277716

what a psychopath. the actress already looks beautiful. i don't think she edited her to look better. she looks generic and uncanny in the after photo. it is sickening how plastic surgery is becoming so normalized. also why is the current trend to have no jawline? makeup and skincare trends already expect too much of women, now we'll be expected to shave off bones like trans men, and fill our faces with toxic jizz? fuck right off with that

No. 1277728

the "VuLnErAbLe wOmEn" (according to some retard anon on here) who get cosmetic surgery normalise it more than these whack plastic surgeons do. no one gives a fuck about dr miami except maybe trailer trash, but every 5th woman you meet having a face full of botox and filler might actually influence you.

No. 1277855

File: 1658852891101.png (1.38 MB, 1400x814, ben talei.PNG)

Anyone follow Ben Talei? He's a Beverly Hills surgeon who did Kylie's work, among others. He's dating the daughter of some celebrity socialite who is more than 20 years younger than him. He gets comments like this about being a creep all the time kek.
He also supposedly pays off others to leave good reviews

No. 1277867

he looks like a fag in that bedazzled jacket

No. 1277878

Kek I've always gotten gay vibes from plastic surgeons, either from their face or dress. I'm always shocked to learn most of them are straight

No. 1277960

File: 1658860019673.jpeg (1.11 MB, 1533x1019, E15F160C-1C8D-440C-8B90-6DC732…)

She looks like an uncanny egg in the fake after picture. These surgeons are always trying to give women the same face. Makes me appreciate Natalia’s square chin and jawline even more.

No. 1277972

This woman is terrifying and needs therapy

No. 1278021

its like she wants her to look like a uncanny kpoppie kek

No. 1278052

No matter how much the entire internet hates her at this moment, It can't compare to how much she likely hates herself in every fundamental aspect

No. 1278067

File: 1658866011584.jpeg (357.25 KB, 1351x1664, BDEC5664-0104-4418-B580-668A04…)

Yep, I guess this is the new face shape trend. Pointy chin, cat eye, puffy cheeks.

No. 1278068

This is so awful. There was nothing wrong with these women before. Korea is sick in the head with their plastic surgery obsession.

No. 1278075

I hate how anytime someone photoshops a celebrity (disgusting behavior indeed) people feel the need to compliment said celebrity when most of the time if it wasn't in this very specific context they wouldn't compliment them. So hypocritical. Not everyone is gorgeous, and it's ok to say so and doesn't mean that you agree with insane people on the internet photoshopping them.

Sorry but Natalia looks haggard and ravaged by her ED. Her face shape looks weird and it's definitely because of anorexia and losing too much fat tissues in the face.

No. 1278095

Korean plastic surgeons are liars too. Vline is literally shaving your bones and giving your skin no support after that. They always say they have special techniques that prevent sagging or whatever but that's just not even possible. You could get vline done when you're still a teen and you'll sag.

No. 1278149

this will age terribly and they will have to pay for jaw bone grafts in their late 40s and 50s

No. 1278257

I also wonder what kind of effect it has on teeth, losing that much bone would fuck up the strength of your bite.

No. 1278263

I wish Korean plastic surgeons would be murdered. They are preying on women's insecurities in an already shit country.

No. 1278281

Anon from earlier. I can't find the video I mentioned where the ex consultant speaks out. But like I said before, it's such a dark industry. High profile doctors who sometimes don't even perform the surgeries, sexual assaults. And I'm sure they prey on vulnerable foreigners too that wouldn't be able to fight back since Korea is far away for most people

No. 1279252

lol at the poor woman who thought that's his daughter

No. 1279590

File: 1658945921758.jpg (1003.21 KB, 3400x2267, terrydubrowfillers-15880234269…)

I stopped taking this show seriously when one of the doctors became botched and lumpy himself. Also, I know it's the LA aesthetic to have super fake looking tits, but even the "after" photos of fixing people's boojobs always looked like hard bowling balls. I don't think the surgeons are particularly talented at all, the patients are just shown with makeup and careful angles to make their results look better than they actually are.

No. 1280872

I enjoyed what I saw of the early seasons, tried to watch the new season and they had some utterly disgusting eye cyst or growth in the intro and now I'm put off of the show altogether

No. 1363637

The effect is known anon, they drool and lose bite strength - some eat and drink through a straw permanently. Tooth loss and nerve injury are common. A very typical outcome is premature lower face laxity, so an early mini face lift after v-line surgery is pretty much inevitable. Also, cascading midface bone loss and shit like your eye sockets changing shape.

Btw, I think this thread could benefit from some dermatology cows. Plenty of them spam shit like "everyone should be on low dose accutane since age 5", it's wild. Ima find some and come back.

No. 1392086

File: 1667141616612.jpg (154.63 KB, 750x1624, FfxLqhjXgAI5afL.jpg)

interesting that the surgeons keep their noses

No. 1392648

The only one in this pic who kept their own nose is the one on the right. Also it’s common practice for many surgeons to not have the surgery they specialize in. I don’t think that’s a point of interest at all.

No. 1392893

Wtf is an ethnic rhinoplasty

No. 1392896

>Ethnic rhinoplasty is a specialized form of nose surgery in which the nose is altered to suit the patient's face without diminishing the patient's ethnic characteristics. This procedure also considers the unique external and internal ethnic features of a patient's nose
fucking hell

No. 1392907

why the fuck do they call it "ethnic" when its just about preserving the feautures someone may naturally have? Americans with their neurotic obsession about race are seriously mentally ill.

No. 1393002

Why do so many moids suck at telling plastic surgery? They'll swear up and down that they're boob experts and can spot even the slightest boob job from a mile away but swear the most obvious basketball tits are natural just because "she said so" or "she's always had those boobs"

No. 1393006

Definitely pornsickness, but their insanely obtuse gullibility is still crazy. I don’t fully get it.

No. 1393021

It's because most surgeons are not knowledgeable about different ethnic facial features other than white… Plus, the beauty standards are absolutely skewed towards "white" noses, and that consciously or unconsciously affects how surgeons operate on non-white patients. It's not a racial thing, but a fact that most surgeons are used to a white face…

No. 1393402

old news but she doesn't even have a grasp of what looks good, besides how disgusting it is to top of photoshopping a teenager's face. She gave her a giant chin and perma-surprised eyebrows? And everyone is supposed to give her a pass for being an asshole because she's a filler wizard? Absolutely not. The over confidence kek

No. 1398528

how do people that study nursery be this stupid

No. 1398535

yeah, they call them ghost doctors. Here's a fucked up case

No. 1413193

Well nonna, did you find any yet?

i'm interested

No. 1414416

File: 1668878645646.jpg (124.6 KB, 1080x1577, 1668876212084.jpg)

since she was discussed on the fakeboi thread, what's the milk regarding Dr Gallagher

No. 1414645

She has a thread in /snow/

No. 1414673

and on KF. she's legit crazy and dangerous with a side of being an incompetent doctor

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