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No. 861432

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.

No. 861434

File: 1627067411439.png (37.4 KB, 993x732, sdfdfdsfh.png)

Older girl pinning a younger blond male against a brick wall outside. He looks sad. They look British. It used to be posted on /v/ all the time like 8 years ago. Even a pepe and wojak version was made of it, that's how popular it was. Does anyone have it? Thanks. Have a good day

No. 861441

Model's name?

No. 861442

unchecked autism made me laugh anon sorry

No. 861445

I remember seeing a comedy skit where there was a camera crew filming a nature documentary about some animal. I think it was badgers? Or some other woodland critter. And I think the film crew was English. The director was a total asshole and for some reason they had to go look inside the badger den and people died/got attacked. And the crew members were happy because the director had to go inside the den.

I swear this video is real and not a weird fever dream of mine. Everytime I try to look for it I'm recommended that dumb "nasty ass badger" video and it's not what I'm looking for.

No. 861449

I think I've seen it. Was the girl wearing yoga pants/sweat pants or something?

No. 861452

Pretty sure the guy was too, yeah

No. 861454

Help me find my remote control

No. 861455

Under your couch cushions

No. 861456

File: 1627069806604.jpg (43.76 KB, 500x375, 406f8412bb85c141541a2733116ee7…)

I watched this many many years ago (I guess it was 2005, but the show itself looked older), I always wondered what was it from.
It was a comedy skit and it was filmed from a first person pov. I wanna say British, but I'm not sure.
The skit goes as: it's an office, and it's time to go back home. The protagonist (the one whose pov this is) goes around the office and makes sure to say goodbye to every single person, and the joke is that he's obviously a very disliked, boring person. At one point I remember one dude running from him and getting in the elevator, but then the protagonist stops the elevator before the door closes and he says goodbye to the dude.
I don't remember how the skit ends.

Anyone knows what the fuck is this?

No. 861458

Help me find a good boyfriend

No. 861460

"Bisexual" manga wherein there is this cute androgynous boy and the male lead and female lead fall in love with him. The cute androgynous boy drinks a lot of milk and is kind of autistic and in the end the male lead wins and they start dating. They met him on the side of the road or something and he was all scraped up and the female lead and male lead were fighting over whether or not he was a boy or a girl.

No. 861465

Learn how to lucid dream

No. 861467

It's not Peep Show? It's shot in a first person POV, British and has many office scenes

No. 861474

a while ago i saw a post here (can't remember which thread ofc) where an anon recommended a book about a famous tennis star who is a raging narcissist and he has a stalker, and the stalker skinwalks his other love interests in order to appeal to him and she finds her way into his social circle and ends up marrying him. the book sounded super interesting and i'd love to read it if anyone knows what it is or remembers that post.

No. 861489

Thank you for the guess anon, but I've watched peep show 3x now at it's definitely not it kek
It was a skit show, kinda like Monty Python, but it wasn't Monty Python either.

No. 861507

Early (?) art photography (surreal?), of a man sitting down with head bowed, with the ocean behind him and I think the whole pic or just his body is framed by a triangle. I can't quite picture it anymore. It's a very famous photo, but I still can't find it. Ty.

No. 861515

Anyone remember a Christmas special on Nickelodeon(?) that had Santa battling a penguin, they fought each other in a giant snowman and a mecha with a flamethrower

No. 861552

Could it be the penguins of Madagascar?

No. 861631

A quote I remember from Tumblr about what if women treated men the way men treat women. It said something about a man going to a woman's mechanic shop where there are naked pics of men on the wall and the sweaty women laugh at his bulge and shit like that. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 861635

Canadian rockish band, 2005 or 2006 maybe, music video was outside and it was dark, fake buildings, people in masks and lots of lamps? Fuck it's been bugging me for years lol

No. 861656

No, I think it was CGI but it would have been around the mid-2000s. Starting to wonder if this was some kind of crazy dream I had as a kid

No. 861658

I think I just found it but it was about a snowman, not a penguin. A lot older than I thought too.


No. 861667

Could it be one of the songs by Billy Talent?

No. 861677

Hah, they might even have a similar video now that I think about it. But that's not it (they were one my fav bands during that time) thanks though, anon.

No. 861805

>>861456 obvious guess but the office uk?

No. 861823

Could it be a song by Mother Mother?

No. 861895

File: 1627127600000.jpeg (63.24 KB, 826x365, 0132A884-3007-4417-946D-54D488…)

Found a couple comments saying her name was Emily Williams, but I can't find her anywhere on social media/Google so I'm not even sure if that's her actual name.

No. 861908

File: 1627130122362.jpg (149.06 KB, 875x1114, yt_yutsaikatyperry04jpg-52fc10…)

Katy Perry's dress worn on Esquire 2010 shoot. You'd think that would be easy to find out, but I've clicked on so many fucking links now and every page says "look how hot Katy Perry looks!!!" and that's it. It's driving me crazy. Any idea on who the designer might be?

No. 861923

File: 1627132555506.jpeg (146.3 KB, 1280x717, 8E248C58-114D-44A3-B76F-0491A5…)

could anyone help find the original image of this meme?

No. 861931

I think it's from this. Don't know if there was an original template of this image but I found nothing at all reverse searching.

No. 861947

yeah, there was a template, i think it was of a woman

No. 861952

google "gato programa do gugu"

No. 861956

it comes from a brazillian TV show, the woman in the original picture lost her beloved cat and asked the shows host for help finding him and it worked but when they were reunited the cat was freaked out because of all the light and noise and hit her lol. it worked out in the end, the cat and owner are still together as far as i know

No. 861962

thank you nonitas, love u

No. 861997

Could be mugler but that would be hard to find. I wanna know too, gotta do detective work bye!

No. 862290

Were the people riding bikes with monkey mask on? I seem to recall that video being used a lot

Looking for a song on Youtube that had the picture of a girl with a fish bowl on her head with goldfish swimming around it. I had it recommended to me via other videos. I think the song started with an M, not sure

No. 862316

I know the image you mean but can't remember the song, I would like to know too

It always reminded me of vid related

No. 862317

Thank you for the guess, but it was a skit show so it wasn't The Office, either.

No. 862320

Samfag, found it

No. 862350

I posted this in /m/ a while ago, had some helpful anons with good suggestions but was ultimately unsuccessful.

I had an extremely vivid flashback of playing a game where basically the player character is very small and running around a race track /obstacle course in a house. The course was made out of everyday objects, kind of like those rube goldberg machines people make for ping pong balls, but hasn't been deliberately arranged for the player character, it was all made to look incidental /accidental.
The player is about 5cm tall but i don't remember if it was a person, animal, machine or whatever. I remember different rooms in the house were different levels, for instance the kitchen might have flames on the cooker you had to avoid, a wooden spoon laid against a pan you had to run up. The laundry room had soap you could slip in etc. I think there was a cat you had to avoid at some point too. There weren't any other people to race against, it was more like a time trial thing. Imagine single player Fall Guys with the view set side on, but not completely fixed, the camera has some movement. An anon suggested Chibi Robo, and while that wasn't the game the graphics were similar (stylised but not cartoonish, 3d). It was most likely a console game, I don't remember a dialogue or soundtrack.
I'm guessing it's over ten years old based on how old the memory is and what the graphics were like.

I hope this isn't just a dream I had as a child that I've remembered as real because I want to play this again so much.

No. 862370

File: 1627166483376.jpg (8.57 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

micro machines?

No. 862371

Katamari Damacy?

No. 862373

>There weren't any other people to race against
Oh wait. I somehow managed to miss that. Probably not MM. Sorry.

No. 862386

No it occurred to me, but it wasn't that. It's the right time frame though.

Holy fuck, it actually might be. I was about to dismiss it because I was watching videos of the game from 2017, but then I saw they had versions all the way back in time. The PS2 version is particularly scratching my brain itch. Thanks so much!

No. 862387

anon I spent far too much time looking for this today and came up with nothing. i'm guessing it's from a non-designer brand, I searched basically any designer that makes clothes that style and couldn't find anything

No. 862391

Samefag, just realised I would have thought there weren't other characters to race against because I was bad at video games as a child and got stressed by competition, I was probably playing a time trial version so I could go slowly and enjoy the scenery lol.

No. 862395

LAST POST CASE CLOSED. It was Micro Maniacs! Just the box art gave me a visceral reaction. I'm so glad I didn't make it up. Thanks Micro Machines anon I'm going to make a cake for you

No. 862768

Thanks so much for trying nonny! I really appreciate it.

No. 862841

Request: A discord server or forum for English women (or adjacent countries) to talk about local culture. Preferably no politics.

No. 862842

boy dressed in monkey costume dancing

No. 862879

A music video that I can't remember the name of but have wanted to find for a long time. The music video was about your cliche love story between a "dorky/outcast" girl and a guy and a stacy if I remember correctly, it was in a highschool setting, there were scenes of cheerleaders (someone pushing open the doors to the gym and cheerleaders inside iirc). It was one of those indie bands/singers if I'm not wrong. Please help me find this, it's been driving me crazy trying to find it and failing, I don't even remember if the song was good I'm just annoyed all my attempts have failed.

No. 862923

This one?

No. 862924

File: 1627239794926.jpeg (337.07 KB, 1125x1354, E34BF0CF-592E-4BD1-9511-2DD93C…)

I'm looking to see if anybody knows what happened to this small youtuber "category:OTHER." I really liked her content (esp about being an autistic woman in tech) but her channel disappeared without much warning. A few months before it disappeared for god, she privated a few of her old videos that were too personal, so she could have decided to go ahead and delete the whole thing… but she also started to post some gendercrit videos at the end of her tenure, which might've gotten her the hammer.

Anyways, lmk if you're aware of any of her other socials

No. 862926

Not this, it was a lot more recent (2014-2017 ish indie?), but I missed this song, thank you nonnie!

No. 862946

I remember from my teens a j-pop music video with, I think, 3 girls singing in a ballpit. It's probably a 2000's mv, anyone know what I'm talking about? I've always been curious to see it again but I was never really into j-pop so I have no clue what artist/group it could've been.

No. 863007

I wanted to find this film for years, saw just a few scenes on TV (my parents were watching something and would change the channel during commercial breaks): the main character was a boy of 10-12 years, kind of introverted and timid, and he…moved to countryside I guess? to visit his grandparents maybe? I remember the scene where a grandpa(?) showed him a spider in a corner of shed, there was a closeup of it either wrapping a fly in silk or devouring it. Then a scene where the boy walked the dog, the female dog, and there was another older(?) boy with a dog too, which started copulating with the first one. The main character wasn't happy about it, he thought he was attacking his pet and tried to stop him, and the older boy explained what was really happening. Then the boy and his friends wanted to sneak into forsaken house but saw a movement in a window - it was some couple fucking, you could see a woman's back - and ran away. And there was also a scene where this boy and his friend paid a bit older girl to show them what's under her skirt (she was known to do that for money) but she didn't actually do it, just rumpled the hem of her skirt hesitantly and left, leaving the boys perplexed and broke.
If I'm not mistaking it with some other film, there was also something about a room, like flashbacks of this boy, maybe like sick mother dying in that room or something…
The atmosphere of film was kind of unsettling and gloomy.
Just really curious what was it.

I've instantly thought about this one, although it doesn't exactly fit your description… well, at least it's indie, there're cheerleaders and there's a sort of love triangle kek

No. 863011

Sounds European. Specifically Swedish, French or Russian.

No. 863030

I remember a movie I used to watch a lot on MBC3 (Arabic children’s tv channel) , pretty sure it was American about a bunch of kids who go camping on an island which is cursed or haunted or something. I think it might’ve been a series, I remember the movie starting with a pirates or maybe just some random men in ships telling eachother stories.

No. 863421

Seconding what the other anon says, sounds European for sure, either Scandinavian or French

No. 864535

Does anyone remember seeing adult shorts on Teletoon, a Canadian cartoon channel, back in late 90s/2001 at the latest? I distinctly remember seeing cartoon boobs a few times and the animations were short, only 3-5 minutes tops. Maybe my google skills suck!

No. 864540

same anon - these were played late and night and seemed to substitute for commercials before the next show started. Actually I feel like I am making this up or maybe I got it confused for another channel. I didn't have internet and "adult" channels were locked for my satellite dish receiver though.

No. 864781

Hey anon, was it Lolita Lolita? There is more than one of them and they're from the 90s

No. 864878

File: 1627413668925.jpg (17.4 KB, 284x218, EX2s2bhXsAE4hvT.jpg)

does anyone know where this frog comes from? i'm guessing it's some RPG game

No. 865005

Yes omg thank you nonnie

No. 865013

Thanks nonny, I can't find her anywhere either. Oh well!

No. 865116

Before I deleted my tumblr there was this girl's blog who I would routinely check but I forgot her url. I believe she was French (switched between posting/answering asks in English and French) and she was very anti-socal media, she constantly posted interesting articles about social media and its effects on society. I believe her profile picture was a dog and her blog theme was white and pastel pink. Does this ring any bells to anyone who is still active on tumblr?

No. 865271

I watched a music video a few years ago where these two girls hit up some guy at a party (house party, perhaps?), then they take him to a beach, strip him, then steal his shit and drive off abandoning him. It was… Latin American, I think. I really want to say the pair were Argentinian, or maybe Colombian? Does this sound familiar to any of you?

No. 866016

Please tell me I’m not crazy, I wish I could find this thing that has been in my mind for a long time:
It was a music video that was shown in locomotion, it was about some sort of goopy ghost and a girl? Or the girl was the goopy ghost and there was a boy following her around this wasteland like place with a white background, only the most important stuffs were shown.
The thing is that there was this slab of wood that I think the corporeal one used it to hit the goopy ghost and it ended up with both of them being happy together.

No. 866020

Fuck yes, I love being helpful

No. 866039

The only info I have is that it's used in a relatively popular meme in Brazil, so maybe someone from Brazil would be able to tell where its from.

No. 866043

Two questions anon, was it animated (I know it most likely was, but I just want to check) and do you remember the style of the music. Was it techno or electronica?

No. 866050

this is probably super vague but i once saw a japanese fighting game that had some song with violins in it and i for the love of me cannot ever find what game or song it was.
I dont think anyone will actually be able to direct me but if I could get some leads I would be very grateful for you time.

No. 866063

Could it be this?

No. 866071

Reminded me so much of this
It's Aerosmith, but some parts were filmed in Brazil I think, so maybe…?

No. 866075

I'm looking for a song I heard on the radio but didn't catch the name of. It sounds like something that would be in an animated movie/musical where a character is performing a show. It was sung by a man and he was singing about the world being free or his or something. Anyone know? Similar to like that Oncelor song but with instruments from vid related. Alot of trumpets/brass, kinda show tune-y sounding. Maybe it's from a musical?

No. 866081

I'm immediately thinking of Tally Hall. Idk if they play it on the radio though

No. 866089

Once I played a ps1 game and I swear I can't seem to find it anywhere.
Don't remember much but it was first person and we were in space I think, I remember this scene where you had to cross a corridor but you couldnt because a dead astronaut was floating there or something? I don't remeber anything else but loads of corridors and I think I got a gun at some point. I didn't speak english at the time I played this so I never went anywhere cause I had no idea what to do to cross that corridor or if that was even possible. I think it was horror too

No. 866094

I was thinking maybe They Might Be Giants because they use a lot of horns but I can't think of any songs that might fit with that theme. They have a LOT of songs and even being a super fan I can't run through them all at once, so I'd be worth checking them out.

No. 866182

An 80s (or possibly 90s) song. A famous one as I have heard it several times.

Its just an upbeat pop song with male vocals… I'm fairly sure its not anything by depeche mode, although its kind of that style.

Its not the promise by when in Rome, its not shout by tears for fears and im pretty sure its not Duran Duran or erasure either.

No. 866190

Not "As the World Caves in" by Matt Maltese?

No. 866191

>not Depeche Mode
Posting just in case

No. 866197

Kinda broad, do you remember anything about the lyrics?
The Sun Always Shines on T.V. or Take On Me by Aha?
Could it be the Smiths, the Cure, or the Damned?
Love Will Tear Us Apart by Joy Division?

No. 866211

File: 1627516253356.jpg (26.04 KB, 420x420, martiangothic.jpg)

Nevermind guys, I found it. It was Martian Gothic. Asked my mom about it and she told me "something mars" and that was enough that google gave me first result. I was misremembering things, like first person (it's not) probably mixing it up with RE Survivor, which is first person and I played around the same time. Also I did not remember the fact that you could change characters in this game, which makes me think that's probably the reason why I couldn't go very far.

No. 866214

It was animated, but I don’t really remember the type of music, I think it was techno/electronica.

No. 866240

it wasn't this, thanks though

thanks lol, it's not this though funnily enough I did hear this at work recently as well

I'm sorry it's broad lmao, I wish I could remember the lyrics. it wasn't take me on, it wasn't the sun always shines on TV or love will tear us apart. it could have been the cure or the smiths, I've never heard of the damned but I looked up some of their songs and I don't think it's them. sorry lmao but thanks, if I ever find out what it is I will come back and tell you guys

No. 866312

could it be New Order, OMD, Spandau Ballet, Pet Shop Boys, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Soft Cell, Kraftwerk or maybe Yazoo, as Alison Moyet had a very deep voicd?

No. 866320

I saw this music video back in the early 00s and the only thing I can remember is that there is a limo and at a given moment a lot of dudes either come out or get in that limo, but it was a comically large amount of dudes.
There's also a but where they are recording on a studio. I remember one white, blonde dude and some black dudes, there.
I remember liking the song as a kid, but I didn't know English and there weren't any means for me to look it up on the early internet I barely had access to, so I could never find it.

I thought it was Nick Carter or Aaron Carter because the vibe was definitely similar, but I went looking through their stuff and it's not them.

No. 866374

Does anyone know of french artists that rap behind a funk-like beat and instrumental? The vocals were male and in french, clearly. I'm trying to find a song of theirs that i heard in public. Another detail was that it sounded really, extremely familiar to the verse parts in Weird Al's Sue Ya. I think that's it.

No. 866411

there was an anime i watched as a really young kid, that my mom rented from blockbuster. i vividly remember one scene where a villain? was launching set of hands at a woman to hold her down. This would have been sometime before 2005.

No. 866445

i was going to say paprika, because i rented it from blockbuster around the exact same time and the scene with the sleazebag's disembodied hands popped into my mind's eye when i read your post. it was released in north america in 2006, though.
blockbuster used to have some interesting anime selections. do you remember if it was a bit niche, or more normie?

No. 866500

File: 1627551836681.jpg (48.47 KB, 665x367, wut.JPG)

please help me find a fantasy-ish retro platformer game. i think the style was pixel art, it had a green haired(?) main character and gameplay wise it was a a bit like mario. it had several levels. i remember an earth level, a fire level, a water level with a mermaid boss, an electric level with a boss that controlled lightning and a tree climbing level where you move up a giant tree and fight an angel boss. also all the levels had turtle enemies.

me and my friend played it in elementary school on her psp/sega type portable console and i thought it was fun.

No. 866512

This one has been bothering me for years, so if anyone can help it would be a miracle.

Nickelodeon or some other channel (pretty sure it was nick but could be wrong) was advertising for a "Day of play" and in one particular ad there was a song in the background. I've already tried to find the commercial to no avail. It was a Greenday-esque boy band type song. I know it is popular because I heard it once at a store, but couldnt hear it clearly enough to register any lyrics so my interpretation could be totally wrong. "When you're gone when you're gone when you know you're gone" Honestly that is all I can remember about it.

No. 866522

Could you tell me what year abouts? Day of Play is annual.

No. 866588

if this is the cup song istg

No. 866648

Around 2006-2008 roughly
Definitely not the cup song.It sounded like early 2000s era alternative rock. Take the lyrics I conjured with a grain of salt, they're probably wrong.

No. 866682

It's not this one is it?
I got it from this promo

No. 867250

No not this, but thanks for trying to help me

No. 867262

this is gonna sound dumb af but i distinctly remember a post on social media about a song in classical music or something that represents death, that's found in different movie scores such as the titanic, and basically it was saying that it can also be found in the line, 'still i think he's rather tasty' in the Aladdin song, one jump ahead? i'm an idiot with music theory, plz help

No. 867276

Nearer My God To Thee? I initially thought of Liebestod but it's not in what you said

No. 867309

Dies Irae? A bunch of scores work it in and it sounds kinda like that line in Aladdin.

No. 867313

Lacrymosa in the Requiem by Mozart?

No. 867474

a song called something along with "i love all 2574 colors of you" or something. sounded like boards of canada, and the music video was a skeleton in space/galaxy or whatever. please that shit was dope, couldnt find it in youtube anymore but im sure thats the gist of the song title.

No. 867860

File: 1627671361937.jpg (159.84 KB, 800x455, nic.jpg)

A tumblr post I've been looking for since forever. Someone posted something along the lines of "Imagine whenever you're sad your icon would come up to you to cheer you up again". Someone with their icon as picrel Nic Cage photoshopped onto Navi from TLoZ reblogged it, and posted some mini-comic or edit or something with Navic Cage circling you going "Hey! Hey! What's wrong? Hey! Hey! Cheer up! Hey! Listen! Hey!". Please any nona help me, I remember crying when I first saw it.

No. 867946

I was also gonna answer this. The melody/leitmotif incorporated in that, I've seen a video about it too, I think it was about why the score in Annihilation was so eerie? Because it had the same melody as Dies Irae

No. 867962

No. 867963

If it's The Cure/Smiths, would it be Boys Don't Cry/This Charming Man? Maybe something by Echo & The Bunnymen (Lips Like Sugar, Seven Seas, Bring on The Dancing Horses)? If none of the above can you describe the tone/style/possible genres? I fucking love musics from the 80s and 90s and your question makes me want to find out what song it was so bad lol

No. 868026

Gary Numan? Simple Minds? Talking Heads? Peter Gabriel?

No. 869023

File: 1627790721557.jpeg (46.69 KB, 800x800, 6E7FECF9-8B0F-46AE-A273-8B974A…)

Can anyone help me find a specific Voltron artist? I used to follow her on twitter and I don’t remember unfollowing but I can’t find her anymore. She loved Lance, and even published a zine full of only her Lance drawings. I don’t think anyone else contributed to the zine, it was just her drawings and sketches. She also sold stickers and had an chibi allura sticker with a sort of “what the fuck” expression on her face and the eyes were drawn similarly to the ones on this Meowth. She also tabled at ANYC in either 2017 or 2018. She also drew a lot of Allura fanart too I think.

No. 869113

Tumblr post that listed off all the men in history that stole their ideas, art, writings, etc. from their wives, mothers sisters, pretty much any women in their lives. It was pretty long and detailed. Can not find it now at all like it was scrubbed.

No. 869167

I'm looking for it. Can nonnies help? Off the top of my head, I remember reading in a bio on George Orwell that 1984 was originally a short story written by his wife and he often took "inspiration" from her diary, plagiarising word-for-word pages of text. And I'm trying to remember their names, but there was a painter couple where the wife was the innovator, birthing a new movement in art, her husband copied her paintings and she let him take credit for the innovation. Her reputation/contribution has been restored posthumously by art historians, yet his paintings are still hung and hers are in storage, some outraged historian was writing about it in the paper. Another one I'm trying to remember nonnies, the name of a woman who innovated early film techniques, which have become mainstream/normal to us and her boyfriend or lover at the time took credit, I can't remember if she let him. Ring any bells? Few examples in this article. https://magazine.artland.com/stealing-art-when-men-took-credit-for-womens-work/

No. 869172

File: 1627813526161.jpg (195.82 KB, 1502x900, Screenshot_6.jpg)

>there was a painter couple where the wife was the innovator, birthing a new movement in art, her husband copied her paintings and she let him take credit for the innovation

Could this be Walter and Margaret Keane?
The movie Big Eyes was based on them. Can't help you with the Tumblr unfortunately but if you find it, let me know, sounds interesting

No. 869173

samefag. Not quite the same, but Glenn Gould's playing style was heavily influenced by Rosalyn Tureck. This is well-known among musicians, but not the public. He's celebrated whereas she is not. Not plagiarism per se, but Rosetta Tharpe was a pioneer in rock music and until very recently her contribution ignored, vidrel.

No. 869174

No, it was abstract. I'm a different anon from the one who has asked the q btw kek, but thanks!

No. 869293

Can't believe I didn't know about Rosetta Tharpe, thanks for posting anon.

No. 869300

File: 1627830349235.jpg (42.9 KB, 420x647, original.jpg)

Does anyone happen to know the name of the model who was photographed for the book cover of Witch Child by Celia Rees?

No. 869382

No, but fashion photographer Wolfung Mustain took it. She might be a model, you could try asking on forums.thefashionspot.com

No. 869427

Ah thank you!

No. 869443

Does anyone know about a book with a blue cover about androgyny and there was like this little thing that would talk to the main character

No. 870205

Alright it was a while ago since I read this so I might be butchering the story, but I remember a farmer mentioning a historical figure who was a woman who was ugly, but she had a really good sense of humor so all the nobles liked her and hung out with her and then she’d write about them behind their backs or something like that? I remember her being brought up as an example of a pre-internet lolcow farmer but I can’t remember her name. Thought she sounded really iconic though.

No. 870251

I don’t remember her name but she was real, you’re not crazy.

No. 870252

Elizabeth Charlotte of Bavaria

No. 870553

Where can I find a wannado city bear? My bff wants one she saw as a kid, she says they kind of look like those beanie bears, but like they’re kind of different.

No. 870561

Gay porn called wrestling training, one of the guys was in a red hoodie/shirt. They both were buff and did the dirty in the ring. It had that cool camera fuzz of the late 90s/early 2000s.

Awakened my inner fujo, can’t find it now, though. I think it was deleted off pornhub.

No. 870575

this is going to be so broad, it's literally been twenty years so bear with me.
There was a book I read as a kid. IIRC it was pretty thick, older. I read it in the early 2000s. Probably aimed for kids/YA? I don't remember the plot very well, but an older man, perhaps a grandfather, took a young boy on a trip searching for treasure? A map? Some kind of treasure-thing. Something tells me there was jungle scenes, but I can't be sure. I know they were on a boat at some point. The cover was red, 90% certain it was leather/pleather bound, with an image of the boy/man on their adventure etched in gold? on the front. It's been 20 years, I think about it all the time but I no longer live in the same state I did as a kid so I can't go back and look for it :( idk if I'd even know it when I see it, but I've never given up hope on possibly finding it again. It feels like a fever dream but I read the shit out of it as a kid and never finished it because it was so big.

No. 870580

There was this 2d animated film from my childhood (late 90s or early 2000s) that I can't even remember enough scenes from to google but here goes

>movie opens with a huge contraption operated by tiny people, supplying bathing water to a giant

That is it. Literally all I remember.

No. 870584

movie may actually be from early 90s, now that I think about it.

No. 870616

yeah it's not this video, but i think it was a thread on tumblr or twitter.

No. 870622

sounds like a warped memory of gulliver's travels to me…

No. 870625

Ah fuck, I might’ve seen that post around too. I distinctly remember dr Seus also being mentioned.

No. 870644

ahh, this probably isn't it but I'm posting it because horns come in at the climax and he says 'that day is mine'

No. 870661

monster world iv?

No. 870681

There was this one game my sister would play on her computer in the early 2000s. Apparently there was a scary guy that would come out and scream? I think it was a roller coaster game or something. I don’t think it was rollercoaster tycoon or sim city. Does anyone know what it could be?

No. 870684

Do you know if it was an actual game or a flash game? Jumpscare flash games were really popular back in the day. I think I legit gave my sister a fear of clowns with one, please forgive me.

No. 870715

I don’t quite remember but it could be very likely be a flash game
Thanks for the suggestion anon!

No. 870799

I'm Eurofag but I spent some time in Canada when I was a kid and I remember seeing this TV show which was live action and had a boy protagonist but also had these awkward CGI characters in it, a bad guy and a good guy. The bad guy might have been a jester type dude or maybe had a skull or either of these things??? Not sure, but the plot was something about these CGI characters having escaped from a video game/another world (maybe they were superheroes in their worlds) and always got into trouble in the real world and the boy and the good CGI guy had to fight against them. The good CGI guy I think was a generic blonde dude who maybe had lightning in his name???

I hatewatched it but sort of secretly loved how bad it was

No. 870801

Actually maybe there were two bad guys the main bad guy and his jester sidekick?

No. 870807

I checked it out, no, it was a live action movie with CGI characters, kind of like Roger Rabbit or Space Jam. And the jester was a guy (I think). The show I'd guess would be from early 2000s

No. 870808

Eyyy homie, was it Zixx?

No. 870812

kek the firsts result came up was porn for some odd reason, but I eventually found it, no, it doesn't look like it

No. 870818

kek I found it guys and it's a British show called Ace Lightning. Since I saw it in Canadian TV I assumed it was Canadian and since I was a kid I knew nothing about accents. The bad dude was a skeleton wizard, Idk where the jester thing came from

No. 870825

File: 1627990873245.jpg (24.33 KB, 498x360, BIJWD8tCAAESMcz.jpg)

and when I said the CGI was bad I wasn't kidding kek

No. 870832

omg this shit looks amazing lmao

No. 870857

Can someone give me the meme where it tells you about different kinds of scrotes?

No. 870881

File: 1627994981563.png (253.26 KB, 958x688, 1627899983615 (1).png)

Is this the one you mean nonita?

No. 870882

This is very fucking abstract:
I think it was in a youtube video, maybe someone like danny gonzalez, drew gooden, so on. It was part of a song or a skit, all I can remember is something along "I will take them with my knees". If I look it up, it brings me the liam neeson vine, it's not that! I guess I'm looking where that fucking song came from, a tiny snippet has been stuck in my head.

No. 870923

Vaguepost but: a chinese-language (not sure if cantonese or mandarin) song that has a woman rapping repetitively to some sort of subgenre of electronic music. I forget if the rest of the album had rap but it was maybe kinda sorta along the lines of XYYXX's sound. The album cover had someone's (the artist's?) face on it and might have had some yellow and brown or grayscale tones in it.

No. 870930

There's this scene from a movie I watched so many years ago that just stays in my mind for some reason. So it's set on a roof at night and there's a young woman and some really pale bald guy with red eyes I think having a conversation. I have no idea about what. Also I think in that same movie there's a scene with the bald guy and a spoon is involved. Great explanation I know but it's been bugging me for years. Anyone know the name? It's killing me

No. 870947

Here's a very vague one. Back when I was a kid probably around mid to late 2000s I remember watching a movie (I think it was a movie but I watched it on TV so not really sure), the only thing I remember was a scene of the main character (a young girl) going into a house of a lady, might be her aunt or someone she knew? The house might be in a cottage style and there were all sorts of colourful flowers outside the house, it kind of looks the something that could be a set from the hobbit but I know it's not. There were quite a lot of neon-ish pink flowers and just the colour of the whole scene was pretty highly saturated and bright. There's also another movie that might be easier to find. It's a horror movie about people being turned into small paper dolls and they go around killing other people, one of them looked like a sheriff but I might be wrong. I think at one scene they tried to slit the ankle of the person running away from them. My memories are kind of a blur from both movies cause I was too young and wasn't really paying attention to it so I don't think it would be an easy find but I'll give it a shot right here anyway.

No. 870956

Not sure if it exactly fits but the first one made me think of Miss Honey's house from Matilda.

No. 870974

ME TOO, cool that we had the same idea.

No. 871014

OMG nonnies I looked it up and this might be it!! The saturation and brightness were probably just my TV doing it's thing but from the look of the photos they do resemble the one I saw back then quite a lot. Thank you for the quick answer y'all are the best!

No. 871408

A song that sounds like Bastille-pompei but sadder goddamit i can't remember any of the lyrics but i love that dumb song

No. 871413

Nvm found it. It was The killers- Human. God bless the internet.

No. 871414

Your description reminded me of Yaeji, but she's Korean, not Chinese.

No. 871417

Lexie Liu, maybe?

No. 871478

ayy, ive been wanting to mind this book for years!! i only remember the cover, it has the sign of omega Ω in red in the middle with the title and the rest is black

No. 871732

Harry potter

No. 871778

Thank you OP for this thread, I've asked about this in 4chan and got no good answers, and I dont want to make a reddit account.
I'm looking for a horror movie I watched in 2008-2010. IIRC it was about a blonde woman locked up in a psychiatric ward where she had become obsessed with her therapist. One day he takes the week off or something to go to the beach with his family and she runs away to follow after him. I remember the scene where she stabs his daughter's babysitter, the daughter runs away to the docks and jumps to the sea as a last resort, the stalker stops there and leaves because she's afraid of water (?)
I remember vividly telling my classmates in middle school about the movie the day after I watched it, but I havent been able to find it ever again.

No. 871824

File: 1628060796231.png (Spoiler Image, 227.17 KB, 640x412, 1597572281405.png)

Someone on here made a really funny edit of picrel where instead of globo homo it was sonething about 4chan instead, and the tomboys shirt had "shy nerdy male" written on instead. He was saying something along the lines of he was a misogynist or tranny instead of the original text. The guy behind the window was edited to be female aswell. Did anyone save it or at least remember where it was posted?

No. 871914

Heard a memey song on a tumblr audio post circa 2012; it was a man playing a guitar while singing "Whaaaat… whaaat… whaaaaat… I'm so confused" in a bewildered/sobbing voice. Fandom people typically reblogged it after season finales, you know the type. The lyrics are too vague to get anything on Google.

No. 872409

Looking for a specific pic. I think the picture is either fanart or official art from Omori, but it’s of two character looking like they’re posing for a photo where one is doing half a heart with their hand expecting the other to do the same but they’re being clueless and doing a different pose with their hands.
I know I’ve seen it posted here a while ago and I haven’t been able to stop thinking about it lately and wish I had saved it when I saw it

No. 872597

File: 1628125061713.png (372.43 KB, 750x487, monkee.png)

I dont have that but I have this

No. 872598

File: 1628125119685.jpg (163.64 KB, 1400x2104, treasure-island-9781684127955_…)

From your description it sounds like Treasure Island to me. Or maybe an adaptation of it.

I remember playing some flash games on this site as a kid, it featured a purple(?) cat and bulldog maybe and the premise was they did news reports on animal facts and had bunch of games to play. I found it by typing in 'cat and dog games' and going though multiple pages of google results. I think it was in English but the site might not have been. Probably dead now bc flash is dead but I wanted to find it for nostalgic purposes.

No. 872612

Harry Potter

No. 872615

Harry Potter

No. 872620

Oxmo Puccino?

No. 872622

Shit wrong song sorry.

No. 872630

Yo is it Beastly?

No. 872644

Thank you anon but it was definitely not Harry Potter. My parents were very religious and would have never let that in the house lol.

Oh my gosh, I think that's it. I'd have to read it to be sure, but I looked up the premise and older book covers, and I'm pretty sure that's it. Holy shit, thank you

No. 872662

All media is Harry Potter, nonna is woke

No. 872665

Ok anons this one's admittedly tough because even I haven't actually seen it: I read a comment on Youtube where the user said they attended a play/production of Pride & Prejudice that was staged in a real English home, and audience could move from room to room to see different scenes going on (kind of like Sleep No More in NYC if anyone knows that). I can't find anything on Google, and my dumbass lost the video where I saw the Youtube comment. Anyone know of a production like this or was OP just making shit up

No. 872963


Maybe they were talking about this. I just looked up immersive p&p play

No. 873186

File: 1628178356819.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1284x1277, 3FA8D07B-70A6-4350-8F3C-9E0C4F…)

Does anyone know her?

No. 873196

@teafl0wer on instagram

No. 873221

Thanks. Do you know her name?

No. 873222

There is an anon with a screen cap from yesterday's raid in /snow/ of a cat face and cat paws that happened to line up nicely and I think it's funny and I want it. It's been deleted from the thread, so if you got it, gimmie gimmie gimmie.

No. 873233

Obviously I can't say whether or not that's what the random Youtuber meant, but I had a good giggle reading the page anyway. Thanks nonnie

No. 873235

It's been posted to the funny caps thread

No. 873237

Wait no i got it wrong lol. The retarded shitposts thread pretty sure

No. 873263

I-is she super shooped or is she actually that beautiful? I feel dumb for not being able to tell but I’m looking at her IG and…. she looks like she’s actually just beautiful? Her pics don’t look too edited/obviously warped… do they?

No. 873270

File: 1628183464001.png (999.71 KB, 918x527, teafl0wer.PNG)

She is very pretty but also super shopped on this >>873186 photo, you can see how she actually looks like in her makeup tutorial vids

No. 873272

They're shooped.

No. 873275

Horror movie with girl who controlled bugs and had a monkey side-kick, I think? There was definitely a monkey and it was from the 80s/90s

No. 873285

the cat guy from twilight

No. 873286

Phenomena ?

No. 873315


No. 873385

Okay, thanks!

No. 873934

Movie where a guy is in a bathtub and his TV falls into it and electrocutes him. I remember seeing this on TV probably in the late 2000s.

No. 873936

I feel like there are a bunch of movies where this happens.

No. 873976

the ring remake? dude dumps a tv in the bath to kill himself because samara tortured him

No. 874330

Does anybody have the post where one nona explained how she manages to run TS3 smoothly on her computer? It was in /ot/, posted around the end of last month and mentioned FPS limiter. I could've sworn I took a screenshot…

No. 874337

Someone recommended a comic/manga/hentai(?) where some woman was cheating on her husband with the delivery boy and her husband was an assassin that specialized in killing cheaters.

Pls don't judge me, I liked it for the plot.

No. 874395

File: 1628271842727.png (16.04 KB, 1288x236, ts3.PNG)

nvm, it's less to do than I remembered

No. 874640

File: 1628289043025.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, 1619912742624.png)

Found it anon!

No. 875131

a youtuber who used a fake name to get onto an amaerican talent show and recorded behind the scenes footage that they threatened him about taking down. he did tight rope walking and he wanted crocodiles in his act but they wouldn't let him

he had another video where he put himself on the billboard as if he won.

i can't remember his name for the life of me

No. 875134

literally me, I just want to a cute nerdy bf(with a big cock) so much it hurts

No. 875150

The internet has ruined a generation of men.

No. 875232

legit. I used to have a type, the long hair with glasses nerd boy. now that type disgusts me thoroughly, all because I know he's a degenerate bastard

No. 875415

File: 1628364565191.jpg (69.77 KB, 564x675, ec2a5a45bdde9dc1573c7434fe382d…)

Does anyone know the artist behind this picture? I found this on a shitty wattpad thing off of pinterest and I've been trying to find the artist for ages.

No. 875449

I spent like 30 minutes looking nonny,. I'm so sorry I couldn't help.

No. 875460

I'm 90% sure this https://twitter.com/gbxjsrjatjd/ is the original artist, though she seems to have deleted the original picture. You can see characters that look similar to the ones in the photo scattered through her twit.

No. 875746

There was a post on either letsnotmeet or creepyencounters on reddit (shitty I know but there’s a backstory).

It was a post about a woman who drove from like Oregon semi-across the country for college and wound up sleeping at a church that she was 99% sure was a cult. Came across the post early 2019 when searching for things similar to an experience I had. The comments, remarkably, had some great info in them. I’ve been trying to find it for probably a year now on and off but I can’t work reddit for the life of me and their search sucks ass.

No. 875842

No. 875915


No. 876349


No. 876443

I’m trying to find a Russian pop song from (I think) the early 2000s, by a girl band. It was in Russian of course, but the only lyrics I remember are one of the first stanzas including “president” and the chorus ending with “ne znayu”. The video featured some of the girls being driven around in a car and looking out the window. It was kinda a sad song I think.

I though it was by Strelki so maybe the sound is similar.

No. 876444

Samefag, thought*

No. 876445

A game boy advance rpg with a female main character. you had to do a lot of stuff in the sky? it was pretty obscure and I haven't been able to find anything about it online.

No. 876459

File: 1628467643292.jpg (26.71 KB, 316x316, LadySia2.jpg)

No. 876462

This still haunts me. "I will take them with my ____, I will take them with my knees" or something. Could even be a vine, oh lord.

No. 876499

I wish I could help you anon but I'm stumped. You think it could've been a Bo Burnham vine?

No. 876527

A video I saw on Tumblr years ago of someone playing with a rubber toy of the japanese character 'あ'. The guy was rubbing it and it would moan out the sounds. Please help me find this I cried laughing.

No. 876532

A game I very vaguely remember from my childhood, I think it was a flash game.
I just remember you had to collect gold coins and I think it was circus themed? And there were parts where you would have to walk a balance beam.

No. 876576

Samefag holy fuck I found it. It was on Vimeo. Maybe watch with headphones in


No. 876738

File: 1628507079412.png (202.92 KB, 370x370, RBd5w9vl.png)

Does anyone know if the previously tumblr artist kuudoh has any new social media? He was pretty big back in 2015ish and he had a lot of cool corpse party drawings but his blog is gone now. This is the only picture I could find on google but I'd love to give him a new follow

No. 876747

I'm glad he/she disappeared. He was rude to me once.

No. 876914

do share

No. 878956

File: 1628716584864.jpg (115.06 KB, 1200x796, artsearch.jpg)

Could someone please help me find the artist for this image? I remember seeing this on /r9k/ between 2017-2019 (I've now moved on from /r9k/) as the OP of a thread. I asked the OP who the artist behind the image was and saved the image (pic rel). the OP replied with the name of the artist, but I don't remember what the name of the artist was

No. 878969

my motivation

No. 879028

Reckless Ben

No. 879049

There's been this cartoon that aired on either on ytv or Teletoon in the early to mid 2000's I've wondered about for years.

I'm unsure of what the main characters look like, but I'm pretty sure they didn't speak words. There were also recurring Russian bear characters (possibly villains).
Episodes I vaguely recall:
>while ice fishing, main character falls underwater and finds a dome where a bunch of bears in suits live their lives as if they were above water. He somehow gets back to his friend above the ice
>main characters have to stop the Russian bears from sending Sputnik into space lmao? This was the first I ever heard of sputnik so it stuck with me

It could even possibly be a burger cartoon with the weird Russian hate tbh. Thanks!

No. 879053

File: 1628726809240.jpeg (81 KB, 466x589, 6D444920-F1AB-45F8-BCE4-31A8E3…)

No. 879055


Martini and Meatballs, the ice fishing bear one is near the end

No. 879069

nta but i actually really like this image, thank you for posting this anon

No. 879070

Amazing, anon, thank you!

No. 879098

Same, I'm saving it rn

No. 879868

File: 1628811910538.png (7.1 KB, 228x222, download.png)

Foreign (French?) language animated film of a (possibly real life professional?) male cyclist with huge thighs. I think I remember the characters speaking French. All I can remember is being grossed out by a scene with big animated possibly veiny or hairy thighs slapping on a bike lol.

No. 879892

The Triplets of Belleville

No. 880053

Kinda related to previous anon, there's this certain french chain restaurant that specializes in steak/beef and stuff? It's not the place with the red building with big cattle horns, in this one the mascot is a little cartoon cow. The name is a pun on something beef related.

No. 880063

File: 1628841692061.jpg (50.78 KB, 636x358, b80ee3e4fa79275b253204cf46c766…)

I've been looking for this game for years.
I used to play it a lot with my brother when I was a kid, but I didn't know english at the time so it didn't stuck with me.

Early 00s (or maybe even from the 90s since this could be a port) co-op tower climber game with robots. I used to play it on a PC, but that magazine-and-cd collection had an altered beast port, so who knows.
The graphics were not in pixel art afaik, it was ugly muddy early CGI, but it kinda worked because the vibe was that of dirty robots in a dirty, factory like place.
I remember usually picking a yellow robot. I guess I'd call it also a 2D platformer, since you had to go up on platforms. There were also fans and bubbles throughout the level to help you go higher. The level would slowly rise up and if you fell, you'd die (very common for tower climbers)
I think you could play it by yourself, but I'd usually play co-op.

No. 880078

File: 1628843981636.jpeg (38.23 KB, 780x393, images (28).jpeg)

La Boucherie?

No. 880089

holy fuck lol, i was friends with him back in 2013 or something. he was weird. older than all his friends but allegedly not creepy, just deeply autistic i guess. at some point his username was yulyeong or something. last time i found him was 2018 on twitter and i cannot remember what his username was.

No. 880167

Thanks that was my first find but I dismissed it as it's not how I remembered it looking. I've probably misremembered it though.

No. 880214

File: 1628859089721.gif (558.48 KB, 978x200, 70478e_1b21b4b0dcf54cb4b679293…)

I've been looking for this game for a while. It was a browser game, I think I must have played it on miniclip or some similar place. The graphics were pixellated and the colors were all brown and washed out and you played as the dog Laika, who landed on her spaceship on some planet where she must rescue about 10 lost puppies. The world was all run down and full of broken buildings which you went through looking for the puppies, it was a platformer type game. I think Laika could fire a laser but I'm not sure. She definitely had some sci fi accessory on her. But I can't remember the name and I can't find it anymore, although I think the name was long (about 4 words) and stupid, like Soviet Puppies in Space or something else ridiculous. I'm 70% sure it had both puppies and space in the name. Also I think this gif might be the puppies from the game

No. 880293

super late reply but thanks for answering nonny, this isn't it though. It's lugubrious, some girl stole my copy of whatever game it was and now it's truly lost in the aether

No. 880303

Somewhere in /ot/ or /g/, some people were posting recently about these youtube channels where SK/Japanese women silently go about their day and someone posted a video that began with someone making breakfast and then going shopping. Does anyone remember the thread/video?

No. 880314

Don't know what thread or post but I watch Nami's life (Japanese vlogger) on youtube, is that helpful?

No. 880327

not much help but I do know the gif in your post was made by artist Paul Robertson

No. 880328

i just searched "nitrome puppies" and a game called escape from puppy death factory came up, it sounds kinda similar to what you described?

No. 880334

File: 1628870929591.gif (16.67 KB, 200x200, 17088.image.gif)

Oh my god oh my god that's it thank you so much!!!! I don't know why I didn't think to look on nitrome because I used to play lots of games on nitrome too. I was wrong about the gif

No. 880344

Yeah, it looks like she is the one who made the video, thanks!!

No. 880432

No, his name is Robert Paulson

No. 880436

Candid picture of Michelle Obama in Italy from a few years ago. She was posing with Barack and I think someone else with a vineyard behind them. She was in a white top and surprisingly fat.

No. 880444

his name is Robert Paulson

No. 880471

His name is Robert Paulson

No. 880484

his name is robert paulson

No. 880631

music anons, I'm trying to find a song, I'm not certain of the genre but I think it's an old rock song - I can remember the notes from the beginning (they sound like they're played on an oboe):

D D, E F- (pause) E E, F G-

and then it launches into the main body of the song with lyics, guitar, drums, etc. this is so vague kek, but it's been stuck in my head for days

No. 880643

I don't know notes but my first thought was Stairway To Heaven by Led Zeppelin

No. 880926

An anon once posted this painting of a girl I think next to a well in a forest or something? It seemed very atmospheric so I asked about the painter and she posted another painting with the painters name. It was Aaron something and all of his paintings have lonely looking girls in a nature setting

No. 880927

Forgot to add: he's a contemporary artist and his last name had a German or Jewish ring to it I think but he's American

No. 880936

File: 1628930670179.jpg (525.88 KB, 1400x1029, The Pool ss.jpg)

Can it be Aron Wiesenfeld?

No. 880950

File: 1628933363428.jpeg (249.02 KB, 1024x1149, B6ACA9B8-ED05-466B-92B8-D45DFE…)

Sounds a lot like Household Affairs.
Don't ask how I know this.

No. 880986

OMG YESSS. Thank you so much!!

No. 881215

Nah, it wasn't that. The women were the vocalists and they weren't singing in English.

No. 881314

I need help finding a pic of a guy who was a eastern European looking person who had a swastika tattoo that had some Islamic words on it as well

No. 881440

what's the Korean channel that posts those "animated" vinets about sad lesbian girls and something creepy always goes wrong

No. 881620


No. 881624

Part of an animated movie, maybe 80's or early 90's, about the universe being on a giant turtle or something? Im looking for it but keep finding unrelated shit about turtles.

No. 881637

Discworld comes to mind.

No. 881640

VIVINOS? This one is their most recent

No. 881645

thanks anon

No. 881876

Oh shit I think you're right. I remembered it being 2d animated with narration, but I think this is it. Thanks

No. 882455

File: 1629077258010.jpeg (80.71 KB, 580x456, B24D72DD-42E1-4D0F-A4BC-C7650D…)

Nope she literally looks like her photos just most of them are smoothed this from that same video

No. 882480

File: 1629079075765.png (646.42 KB, 1036x451, Untitled-1.png)

i think comparing to the photo anon asked about originally, her features like lip size, nose shape or chin lenght are just a little bit different and could have gone through some filtering, even the automatic one many phone cameras have nowadays but ofc no denying she's very pretty naturally

No. 882497

Hnnghhh she is so pretty I am fag

No. 882856

At least has fillers and alters pics like crazy. She looks different in every damn photo. So who knows? I saw a candid once where she had tiny, thin lips. On twitter she posts edited 20" anachan waists and tries to pass it off as real. It's wiser to assume everything is fake, regardless of how it came about.

No. 882907

Anyone remember that girl that was a somewhat famous deviantart emo boy around the 2000s?
Her pics were everywhere at the time.
She had short black hair, blue eyes, white skin, she wore a earring sometimes. I believe she was russian.
Her pics were quite colorful, I think she edited them in a way that made the colors too satured and her skin almost paper white.
Last I heard she was still a photographer and married (to a man I think?) and I guess she wanted to leave the emo boy persona behind.
I had a huge crush on her when I was a kid, thought she was the hottest boy I've ever seen lmao

No. 882927

hey so what the fuck? you ok?

No. 882937

Does anyone remember the website/calculator where you put a number of daily calories in and it told you what you'd weigh every day if you kept eating that much? Not in an anachan way, just a normal "I've gained 25lb since lockdown began last March" way lol. I've googled every combination of words but I can't find the one I'm looking for. It was formatted like:

July 01 - 150lb
July 02 - 150lb
July 03 - 149lb
July 04 - 149lb
July 05 - 148lb

and it kept going on forever so you could see the approx date you'd reach your goal. The MFP version is annoying and doesn't give you enough info.

No. 882954

No. 882958

No. 882980

His name is Robert Paulson

No. 883028

No. 883184

she got her lips done not too longago idk I think she looks the same in her photos/videos she’s also an mua

No. 883200

File: 1629149460165.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 637.06 KB, 828x1351, 06AFE2D3-1758-4209-93D8-5063E9…)

I don’t even care she can kill me

No. 883214

She sure could stab you with that pointy cheek

No. 883271

Bro who doesn’t like high cheekbones? Hnghhh

No. 883288

Did the cartoon ripped of Disney style? I randomly ran into one made by the Swan Princess guy, it's called Animated Stories From The New Testament

No. 883293

Looking at some pics rn, it's not familiar. Hmm. It might not be biblical either come to think of it lol. I just assumed it was, could be traditional tales of some kind? Thanks for the help btw.

No. 883320

File: 1629160622229.png (209.3 KB, 1689x2048, image0.png)

I'm trying to find this painting by an online/twitter artist. It's of a woman in her apartment, painting a man on a canvas, and outside her window you see that the man she is painting is her neighbor. You can see him through her window, as it's looking into his apartment. He's maybe with another woman, but I might be imagining that part. It has a very creepy mood to it. Also, if I'm remembering it correctly she's possibly nude, or maybe it's just that she's painting the guy nude? I did a rough drawing of how I recall the composition looking, lol.

I believe I first saw it on twitter about a year and some change ago, and it was fairly popular with a lot of replies and retweets. I'm pretty sure it was a digital painting, though my memory is foggy.

No. 883322

I'm also 99% sure it was done by a man, if that helps.

No. 883332

File: 1629161396561.png (1.57 MB, 1000x1427, tumblr_ppa9ar20Gv1qmi960o2_r1_…)

I am not 100% certain but it really looks like @asoi00 's style.

No. 883333

Oh no, I know exactly what art you mean; I remember clearly the artist was male, he's definitely on twitter and this specific artwork was part of some sort of either a contest? Or art book call? With the theme being related to sexual fantasies. I can't find it at the moment either but I know it's gonna really bother me until I do.

No. 883355

Thank you nonnies! It was losertown I was thinking of.

No. 883397

Fuck, I swear to god I saw that piece on my feed today. Lemme see if I can find it.

No. 883411

>>883397 here
Damn, Twitter won't let me scroll down any further… I'll post here if I find it.

No. 884482

I'm looking for an anime that was fairly short, maybe only 10-12 episodes from late 2000s? Or at least 2010s. It follows two kids (one girl, one boy like 10-12 years old) that travel through different worlds? They were neighbours too. I can't really remember much besides that, not even how they traveled. I think the first one was like a fantasy medieval one? It was very comical and I remember it had a super long name.

No. 884503

File: 1629258340178.jpg (57.08 KB, 394x531, Abenobashi-magic-shopping-stre…)

Never mind found it! The name is not that long but for some reason I was remembering that lol it's Abenobashi Mahō Shōtengai

No. 884926

File: 1629299707922.png (32.92 KB, 580x648, 456.PNG)

Hello I've been trying to find a mini comic about New Leaf, it was on tumblr around 2013. Picrel is what I can remember with paint, the text was also about the same.

No. 885344

File: 1629324197864.png (125.54 KB, 430x540, A83B8B09-74EB-4432-8CB6-BAD4A2…)

I am looking for a scrote on tiktok I found in summer or fall of last year. He became popular ( millions of likes, hundreds of thousands of followers within around a month) for looking like “Book Ron” weasley from harry potter. He was a tall American (east coast iirc) with reddish orange hair and curls. I remember he was taller than, or as tall as his white bedroom door, about 6’3” or 190cm. He had dimples and slight epicanthic folds. He primarily made comedic tiktoks that weren’t actually funny. A lot of them involved him making a “lightskin/fuckboy face” like picrel. He has a blonde haired sister. He had a handful of tiktoks dedicated to Yellow by Coldplay where he was outside in a yellow suit. He has a deep voice and is 19-23 years old. He used to wear braces so his teeth are straight and he is slightly bucktoothed. I can’t for the life of me remember his username, but he has/had an instagram and twitter account posted in his linktr.ee with the same usernames.

No. 885362

Does anyone have this tumblr comic of a girl staring lovingly at a husbando figure and then inserting it into her coochie? Despite my description, it was SFW

No. 885388

No. 885405

I wish I could help you but your rendition looks super cute!

No. 885447

I first saw this video on tumblr maybe around 2016? It was of a middle-aged couple, the wife was black and husband white. Wife had shaved her head. Husband had his back turned as she entered, then she said ok look and when he turned, he said "Wow! You are so hot!" gave her kiss and added "You look like a movie star!"

No. 885452

NAYRT but wow this guy is very beautiful in a unique way

No. 885486

File: 1629338797528.jpeg (95.01 KB, 640x845, EC127426-2590-414F-971A-D09C61…)

YES. May all your dreams come true many blessings to you for the rest of eternity.

No. 885633

File: 1629358243383.jpg (85.78 KB, 450x435, catboys.jpg)

Help! I'm looking for this artwork of Michael Myers. I know it was created this year (maybe last year, but I'm pretty sure it was this year) and it had a bunch of chibi Michaels and a couple of them had cat ears. I think the background was like a grey or light mushy green… The artist also draws Ghostface, but I cannot remember their username at all. If anyone has their Twitter @ or even the artwork I described that would be awesome! It's important that I find this.

No. 886179

Afterschool Nightmare by Mizushiro Setona?

No. 886231

That meme about how woke latinas act on instagram and what their boyfriend looks like irl (basic white dude)

No. 886256

I searched through his tumblr and I couldn't find it, so I don't think it's his art

No. 887169

There was this Japanese highschool boy who posted vlogs of his time studying abroad in an American high school. I remember in one video he posts about eating lunch in the school courtyard with his friends, and he also showed his homestay with an American family. He also vlogged when he was leaving- one of his friends drove him to the airport and they got McDs or something on the way.

No. 888276

Someone once posted a video of a celebrity I think, and it was a woman in a neon green bikini in front of a mirror videoing herself and she had hip implants that looked comically terrible.

No. 888321

Farrah Abraham?

No. 888448

File: 1629578450664.jpg (55.17 KB, 782x765, 1625516913550.jpg)

An posted an /int/ torrent that featured a lot a language learning PDFs, could you anyone link to that

No. 888514

There's a gif who gets posted quite often here, of a man yelling at a woman in what seems to be a WWE event (I think?) or something and she just rolls her eyes and smiles at the camera cutely. I have the gif saved on another device, I just want to know if someone else knows where it's from/its original youtube video?

No. 888517

There was this anorexic youtuber who used to post short vlogs and videos about the side effects of anorexia. Suddenly she stopped posting.

It was around 2008 I believe.

No. 888784

File: 1629610175814.gif (5.07 MB, 640x494, gif.gif)

The man is Bubba Ray Dudley (Bully Ray) from IMPACT wrestling/Ring of Honor Wrestling, but I have no idea who the woman is. She might've been a plant who was placed in the audience. Anyway, I can't seem to find the clip from where it's from, so I'm sorry about that.

No. 888787

not sure if this is what you're talking about but an anon posted this a long time ago and I bookmarked it https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1JHRdrCDGgBQOSF1Zy4xZXfXt4MReXUdY

No. 888792

File: 1629611254551.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1586315920828.jpg)

No. 888798

Honestly the white dude isn't that bad looking imo

No. 888803

4chan has several archival sites you could check but not all of them do every board have search enabled. If you remember how you worded your question you'll find it in know time.

No. 888805

shit sorry replied to the wrong post it's 4am

No. 888807

Thank you anyway anon!

No. 888911

I laugh every time I see this, now even harder because I'm just reminded of Roslyn Talusan

No. 888929

Omg yes anon thank you, you're an angel. I love that image, the guy's face makes me laugh every time.

No. 888949

can I ask what's exactly so funny about the guy's face ? it just looks like a regular face to me

No. 888953

I think it's an averaged face morph from something so that's why it was used. Anyway, the irl bf of these types of women is usually a tall, dark blond, blue eyed anglo-saxon normie with a name like Tom. These woke woc are greater 'upholders' of white supremacy than white women. It's one biiiiig cope.

No. 888958

There is used to be this online game when i was a child that i really want to remember but i dont know the name anymore.
You could make an account and i you could either create this cartoon character or it was generated for you. The cartoon character was in a chibi like style and you were able to level the character up by fighting other online players. Im pretty sure the battles where auto and you couldnt actually do anything lol. I remember it being anime inspired with characters having ninja like skills. I remember that my friend had a character that used a dog to fight, i know its super vague sorry but thats all i can remember.

No. 889076

This is a long shot, but does anyone know of a tumblr artist who drew the Steven Universe gems but made them all look like monsters/freaky aliens? The art was pretty good but it had clear monsterfucker energy. I think she also drew little comics and jokey things, but they always looked freaky. Amethyst also had a cleft lip. I just thought it was cool but I guess I never followed or perhaps the artist moved.

I saw the art in 2016 or so.

No. 889097

There was I think in the late 2000s early 2010s a French webcomic featuring an owner and her cats and a ladybug I think…? Or some sort of alien with with ladybug patterns? Back then I couldn't speak French so I had no idea what was going on but I loved looking at the images, they pastely pretty colors

No. 889101

No. 889130

File: 1629646774203.jpg (475.11 KB, 1815x2560, 81Q1se26atL.jpg)

No. 889131

omg YESS!!! Thank you!!

No. 889137

File: 1629647343342.jpg (33.34 KB, 400x238, labrute-combat.jpg)

I used to play it a lot I don't know if it's related to what you're talking about (name is La Brute, at least where I played lol)

No. 889659

nta, I think it's because he is so generic looking

No. 889793

Vertical video taken by a farmer riding in some kind of tractor that was carrying soil/dirt. He was surrounded by cows thinking he'd brought food and frustrated that he couldn't move. He shouted things like "Ladies! It's just dirt!" and "What are you doing?!" in a funny voice.

No. 889807

this one?

No. 889837

That's it!!! Thanks queen

No. 889969

File: 1629731688486.png (211.24 KB, 1140x774, azn.png)

Read picrel. Those videos. Assuming he's telling the truth kek.

No. 889971

imagine having to get your PUA mentor to step in like they're your mom and tell some women to stop bullying you kek

No. 889994

Not the original anon, but thank you very much.

No. 890001

File: 1629734283089.png (131.27 KB, 500x350, 95fe9f97.png)

Little Fighter?

No. 890036

>Stop yelling at him! Boy's doing his best to learn how to corner women so they have sex they don't even want

No. 890451

Does anyone have a pic of the female elliot Rodger edit pic?

No. 890454

File: 1629764857730.jpg (27.97 KB, 597x597, C-mkcJCUAAAAQJf.jpg)

I've never seen it before but googled the phrase and found this. Is this it?

No. 890455

File: 1629764894345.png (269.63 KB, 484x484, female-elliot-rodger-592af69bc…)

there is this one too.

No. 890458

File: 1629765109009.jpeg (281.69 KB, 640x786, DCB1B76C-E132-42EA-8B93-C57C26…)

i have this lol

No. 890460

There was this girls game (from Korea/China, it was not japanese i think). Main character was a girl with pink, bun pigtails called "Sue" or something.

No. 890462

i found that one too but I saw someone have it at a better quality <\3 thanks though nonnie

No. 890484

She looks like Elliot Rodger.

No. 890495

No. 890543

Popular Asian girl on tumblr who got exposed for something problematic and then there was a conspiracy that she was actually Bretman Rock photoshopping to be a girl? Or using Bretman Rock’s photos but photoshopped to be a girl. This was maybe around 2015-2017

No. 890594

File: 1629783173653.jpg (106.83 KB, 720x480, 39622.jpg)

Star Sue!!

No. 890595

Does anyone remember the UFO catcher/drop game from the google play store where you collected character cards of men from otome games? It was pretty simple and all you could do was collect the cards.

No. 890827


Just a few days ago someone posted an illustration/cartoon meme drawing of "who you think is posting about their sexy threesomes on Reddit/who is actually posting" and it showed a sexy porny couple in lingerie on one side, and a phishhead hippie guy and a fat quirky girl with dyed hair on the other side. I meant to save it to share with my bf and now can't find it in any thread wtf. Can someone please repost

If it was in this thread I'll see myself out

No. 890831

File: 1629805054385.jpg (239.36 KB, 1984x2048, 239659599_378628086954085_2547…)

I got you fam

No. 890836

File: 1629805736893.jpg (91.33 KB, 1221x1440, 94606281_549842865554031_90877…)

I hate these #relatable comics but I kinda love her

No. 891056

Please help! It’s a cartoon/show I think of some characters that remind me of a mixture of teletubbies and Alf but they’re cute and a little chunky with kind of fat faces.

No. 891062

File: 1629828998299.png (671.46 KB, 468x668, boobah.PNG)


No. 891063

i agree with you, i think those are good because they're not self-centered ("quirky me !") but satiric, as in being observant of other people. that's how she's different.

No. 891065

File: 1629829164025.jpg (105.46 KB, 350x524, boohbah.jpg)

Boohbahs maybe?

No. 891070

i wondered why there were two pictures of boohbahs on the front page

No. 891072

lmao my bad

No. 891078


No. 891116

No, thanks for trying though! They’re faces weren’t colorful if I recall correctly. I think that’s where the teletubbie aspect comes from

No. 891119

boohbafags rise up!!!

No. 891190

Fimbles were round and had Alf noses.
Might still be too colorful ?

No. 891202

File: 1629840137529.jpg (76.85 KB, 615x410, The Wombles.jpg)

I could be way off but the wombles looked like alf

No. 891293

Thanks anons, but it was the eyes that that reminded me of Alf, they didn’t have a crazy nose, sorry I should have been more detailed. They had regular faces like teletubbies but big eyes and very small if even there nose. Then the body was kinda fat and I think they were colorful and fuzzy bodies

No. 891299

Mmmmm…there was this chinese song that came as a sample with my mp4, i think it was from some type of chinese "novela"? It was very beautiful and calming, but kinda short.

No. 891302

Did they live in a forest?

No. 891303

File: 1629849159908.jpg (137.38 KB, 1280x720, download (28).jpg)

No. 891418


OP of this one, THANK YOU!

No. 891777

In The Night Garden, anon!

No. 891795

I’m not sure to be 100% honest most likely though.
No, it’s not this :( sorry anons maybe I’ll try to draw a pic and post. I appreciate all of you so much.

No. 891963

He went to school with this girl I know called Ebony Dark'ness Dementia Raven Way, apparently he works at Hot Topic and growls at people he doesn't like.

No. 891966

Kek dream boy

No. 892178

You should honestly just ask Punk Rave

No. 892273

File: 1629954460439.jpeg (546 KB, 1280x1811, tumblr_e16ab04e5988006ab6fd118…)

There was some anon in a thread who said she hated this (Omoide Emanon), or that it was shit or something.
I hadn't read it, so I didn't know what she was talking about, but I liked the art, so I went ahead and checked it out.
After reading it, I want to reread the anon's post and find out why she disliked it so much. I thought it was pleasant, actually.
Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I scrolled through both this and the first manga thread, but couldn't find the post(s).
I also posted about this on /m/ with no luck.

No. 892274

File: 1629954757417.png (140.89 KB, 673x240, whodis.png)

who is she and does she have a thread here/link?

No. 892284

File: 1629956347731.jpeg (70.06 KB, 542x434, FE24A12C-C6ED-49D1-9218-01D7E1…)

It’s a TIM, here’s the original post

No. 892286

Samefag I lied I think it’s an unfortunate looking themby woman, did some digging and found her tumblr https://bborzoi.tumblr.com/

No. 892389

Pretty sure those guys are just staring at her unfortunate set of chompers.

No. 892523

LMFAO I've been thinking for years it's the gamergate woman

No. 893502

HELP ME!!!! anons who pirate rarely found books, where do you find them? I used to browse this vk.com profile, her name was smm vic and she got in a car crash and her sister managed her profile for a while, but now the whole thing is gone and i dont know where to pester people to fetch me epubs anymore. i obviously can’t find the book on libgen, does anybody know any place i can find it on vk?

No. 893513

b-ok.cc, irc and archive.org digital library (you can save the pdfs forever with a trick or two).

No. 893521

anon i want to cry right now. from eternal gratitude. i thought i’d never find this gay little book anywhere, i cant believe i found it. i am prepared to do anything for you if any guy bothers you tell me and i will get a spike and put it in his asshole and pull it out through his mouth and leave him to bleed out and die like old times thank you so much

No. 893522

Aww, I'm so happy I was able to help! Having access to books via those 3 sources is life-changing.
>if any guy bothers you tell me and i will get a spike and put it in his asshole and pull it out through his mouth and leave him to bleed out and die like old times thank you so much
Would love to take you up on the offer someday lmfao

No. 893595

There's also library genesis (current URL is libgen.rs iirc). It's blocked in some countries but it's huge , they also have textbooks and scientific articles and even comics

No. 893621

Can any NYC anons please help me? I'm looking for a small park/garden that's near Chinatown. Some guy took me there once, we walked from around Broome St/Ludlow St until we ended up at East River Park. On the way there, we took a detour and ended up in a little garden/park. The only defining feature that I remember was that there was a sort of treehouse/small building thing in it. There are benches on the ground level outside of it, and you can go in and go upstairs and sit on a sort of patio of sorts.

No. 893653

Orchard alley?

No. 893704

File: 1630110556793.jpeg (335.63 KB, 600x800, C9A4286C-ADA8-4021-9C79-D7FC68…)

I was finally able to find it! It’s called 6BC Botanical Garden!

No. 893926

photo of a small kitty frowning or squinting her eyes at the viewer so it looks like she's plotting something evil. pls help, i need it so bad (because it's so cute)

No. 893958

NTA but these websites are a goddamn revelation to me, thank you so much

No. 893987

Could you be more specific? There’s too many cat reaction pictures. What colour is the cat?

No. 893999

i THINK it was a white kitten and she looked at the viewer from behind a couch. iirc it was from a twitter post that first showed her looking normal and in the second pic she looked like she had an evil frowny face.

No. 894017

File: 1630161566558.jpg (36.29 KB, 564x564, d2ef9dd9df2b8beeac41e07a57079c…)

NVM i found it!!

No. 895307

File: 1630315576939.jpg (137.33 KB, 684x1080, Screenshot_20210830_112524.jpg)

Does anyone have that tiktok of the guy going "the reason we're mad about superstraight is because it's obviously to make fun of us"? He kind of looked and sounded like picrel (it might even be the same person), and had an equally punchable face

No. 895373

File: 1630321790292.jpeg (76 KB, 947x1060, download.jpeg)

w-what could this mean?

No. 898419

.Gif of what I think was a reality show, of a woman with her hair messily done-up and confrontationally shouting "So what if I am?" or a paraphrase of that.

No. 898465

File: 1630566256004.gif (694.87 KB, 220x165, i-sure-am.gif)

samefag, never mind I found it kek. I misremembered the caption.

No. 898513

File: 1630575089608.png (490.06 KB, 480x600, no such thing as coincidence.p…)

I think you know what it means anon

No. 898834

File: 1630610256006.jpg (53.07 KB, 564x765, a little love and kindness.jpg)

Looking from a historical artist that died years ago
>white male
>was emitted into an insane asylum when he was a child due to masturbation
>was a schizophrenic
>when to church several times a day during adulthood
>had a weird relationship with God, mostly feared him
>drew and traced over drawings of little girls (that looked like pic rel)
>would sometimes portray the girls with penises (some theorise that he didn't know women didn't have penises)
>wrote a book about a bunch of girls fighting some Russian politicians or something

No. 898838

File: 1630610364019.jpg (184.91 KB, 1200x864, 1200x0.jpg)

Henry Darger?

No. 898839

yes, thank you, anon

No. 898906

File: 1630620329236.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.16 KB, 800x800, 9f537dd8-4a06-47c0-b3dc-8e7760…)

>His close friend of 48 years, William Schloeder, was of like mind on the subject of protecting abused and neglected children, and the pair proposed founding a "Children's Protective Society" that would put such children up for adoption to loving families. Schloeder left Chicago sometime in the mid-1930s, but he and Darger stayed in touch through letters until Schloeder's death in 1959. Darger's biographer Jim Elledge speculates that Darger and Schloeder may have had a romantic relationship while Schloeder lived in Chicago, and Darger sometimes referred to Schloeder as his "special friend."
>His headstone is inscribed "Artist" and "Protector of Children"
Artscrotes, everyone.

No. 898948

darger's shit is creepy but he wasn't an artist, just a seriously mentally ill dude who revisited his childhood sexual abuse through his personal writings and drawings. he never really showed them, they were found after his death.

No. 898957

I've been trying to find this tale for years, but I don't seem to be able to find even a reference to anything similar.

When I was a kid I had this book with different tales and all I can remember is this one. It had beautiful black and white ink illustrations, I remember them as modernist/art nouveau style (think a mix of Beardsley and Charles Rennie Mackintosh).

It started just as Snow White, the princess has to run into a forest to run away from her evil step-mother, but instead of finding seven dwarfs she somehow ends with a bunch of fairies that take care of her (might be seven or I might just be influenced by the traditional Snow White tale. I'm not sure why or how the princess dies and she is resting on a glass coffin, for some reason the fairies have to sacrifice themselves to bring her back to life by stabbing themselves in the throat (could be the chest) with a spear.

Now I vividly remember that last part because the illustration pictured the girl in the glass coffin and the dead fairies lying on the floor, with one stabbing herself and I think one of them waiting for her turn.

Mind you I was around five (around 1993 o perhaps a little bit older, but not much) when I had it and then the book misteriously disappeared forever/ my mum lent it to someone and they never returned it. I've asked my mum and she remembers it, but she has TERRIBLE memory and can't remember the name (she says it might have been a Russian tale). I've asked the friend she lent it to and she says she's never seen anything like it)

I've asked a lot of people about it, but nobody seems to have heard of anything similar and I haven't had any luck looking it up online. So far I haven't found any fairy tales that include a fairy commiting suicide.

No. 898967

Isn't he posthumously considered an "outsider artist" now though?

No. 899008

he is yeah, but i just meant to say he didn't go around showing off his depraved stuff and making a career of it
his stuff is creepy as shit, but i wouldn't say he's quite on the same elvel as art scrotes who make a career of depicting sexual violence and degradation bc muh shock value

No. 899214

File: 1630666876991.jpg (217.19 KB, 800x1010, 800px-Vasilisa.jpg)

Reading your post launched me into a long Google detective search because the book seems fascinating and the only fairy tale I know that has a suicide motif is the original story of the Little Mermaid (the 'passing around a sharp object' motif also appears there when the Little Mermaid's sisters pass a dagger around, but they only cut their hair, they don't commit suicide).

I was thinking maybe we could narrow down fairy tales by the illustrator because Googling the story elements (fairy tales with glass coffins, Russian version of Snow White, fairy tales with suicide motif, etc.) didn't really bring up anything that fit your description. Picrel was drawn by Ivan Bilibin, if we assume that the book was Russian

No. 899215

File: 1630666992043.jpg (307.58 KB, 800x1209, 800px-Illustration_for_Maria_M…)

Do these illustration styles seem something like you might have seen in that book?

No. 899217

or were they more stylized?

No. 899223

File: 1630669000652.jpg (95.46 KB, 474x619, harry clarke.jpg)

I think they were more stylised, think more black and white, thin lines. Harry Clarke or Aubrey Beardsley.
It is an extremely rare theme in fairy tales and I've spent countless hours trying to find it with no luck

No. 899224

File: 1630669028294.jpg (93.45 KB, 474x655, beardsley 1.jpg)

No. 899226

File: 1630669119645.jpg (536.73 KB, 1622x2048, the-bathers_painter-aubrey-bea…)

No. 899228


It sounds like a variation on the Snow White story, more in line with the italian Crystal Casket.


No. 899231

Nta, but yes, this version has fairies in it:

>Italian tale, titled The Crystal Casket. In this second Snow White variant, a lovely young girl is persuaded to introduce her teacher to her widowed father. Marriage ensues, but instead of gratitude, the teacher treats her stepdaughter cruelly. An eagle helps the girl to escape and hides her in a palace of fairies. The stepmother hires a witch, who takes a basket of poisoned sweetmeats to the girl. She eats one and dies. The fairies revive her.

Could it have been a collection of Italian fairy tales?

No. 899233

My mum is pretty adamant it was Russian and I have read a few different versions of the Crystal Casket and I can't find any reference to the fairies actually dying.
It's been a mystery in my life for at least 20 years and I've never been even close to finding it…

No. 899253

Your mom admittedly has "TERRIBLE memory" and you were five.
Memories are not as reliable as we'd like them to be.

No. 899293

I know everybody shits on Reddit, but maybe you could try in the TipOfMyTongue subreddit?

No. 900165

Please help me find this weird vampire novel I read when I was a teenager. It is about a girl that moved to a different city because she wanted to go to school there (can't remember the protagonists name) but she gets bullied out of the dorm since the schools bully bitch hates her. Somehow she finds out that vampires live in this town and all humans have to wear a specific bracelet or they are free range snacks for the vampires or smth. Then she moves into a house with 3 other roommates, 1 other girl and two dudes. The girl works in a cafe and her boss is somehow a big bad vampire (named Oliver? I can't remember I've read this 10 years ago) that wants to kill the main girl at the end. One of the guys is a ghost and the second dude is the love interest of the protagonist. What is the name of the novel?

No. 900167

this weird childs show, where in one scene the thrown out toys get put into a like compactor and tossed around and destroyed while some creepy song plays. it's haunted me for years.

No. 900172

Glass Houses, by Rachel Caine.

No. 900228

Some lecture I stumbled on youtube sometime back, It looked a couple years and was by a think blonde woman describing the reality of life in the Dark Ages

No. 900391

Hannah Skoda?

No. 900394

she was American though

No. 900453

Ok well you didn't tell me that…

No. 900467

Does anyone remember a dress up site that I think had a pink layout and you could make your own profile but it was mainly for dressing up your character. There was a pretty popular user on there named savvy

No. 900479


No. 900490

No, it didn’t have different games. It was a site/game/social media all on its own

No. 900500

Could it have been Dolldivine or Stardoll?

No. 900522

Pupe ameba, maybe?

No. 900526

anon can you remember the main demographic? did it have a forum to post in? what was the main language? how did the avis look?

No. 900537

File: 1630788205787.jpg (118.9 KB, 392x696, tumblr_opac08DGE51s2nwp7o1_500…)

this? its from the makers of pupe girl/pupe ameba

No. 900541

English language. I’m from USA but I think it was fairly well known outside of US. Now that you mention it there was a public like posting place to talk and show off ur girl. You could also have your own profile people could interact on and it was definitely like sm it had an about me, etc. Kinda reminds me of a mixture of roiworld and imvu avi wise, more realistic.

No. 900573

Dreamselfy maybe?

No. 900589

File: 1630794027601.png (957.66 KB, 1184x676, f5f.PNG)

This maybe? Otherwise there's also Kooliz but the layout used to be purple, but there's interaction and dress up too.

No. 900625

Anyone know that online test where you can check your personality based on where you align with one planet? It’s not birth charts, I’ve seen an anon post it here but I can’t find the stupid website

No. 900638

Was it I-dressup?

No. 900647

Lady Popular?

No. 900701

Nope, sorry. The only other thing I can really give is it was early-mid 2000s so not a fancy 3D type thing. Thanks for all the answers though anons. Here’s one I used to love for all your hard work. https://www.deviantart.com/eyedolldotnl/art/EyeDoll-nl-Dress-Up-Doll-93340482

No. 900716

thedollspalace maybe

No. 900717

File: 1630811788298.jpg (219.33 KB, 1920x1073, picture2.jpg)


No. 900720

Stardoll? Bimboland? Roiworld?

No. 900726

It's definitely not that. I'm never gonna find it tbh since it's probably some Eastern European bootleg movie to begin with.

No. 900889

What's that manga called about an office lady looking for a new job and it turns out to be a job as an assassin and she is surprisingly good at it? And she makes silly animal puns all the time?

No. 900958

File: 1630836904378.jpeg (163.75 KB, 800x1130, ZueNZgh.jpeg)

Nevermind I found it, it's called Kanako's Life as an Assassin

No. 900960

File: 1630837184853.png (355.75 KB, 706x610, gsm1.png)


No. 900971

Oh my god I'm reading it and it's hilarious, thanks for introducing me to it anon

No. 900974

Omg sorry for the late response but that is the game yes! Thank you so much, sadly it doesnt seem that the game is playable anymore.

No. 900981

File: 1630838793723.jpg (142.76 KB, 800x1130, NEET.jpg)

Being a NEET=Ideal killer confirmed

No. 901099

File: 1630854958290.png (445.41 KB, 803x555, kanako.png)

Ah yes, the dream job

No. 901104

She is so based. Killing every creep who harasses women on the street. Oh kanako you are my hero

No. 901305

She's the real girlboss womenkind need

No. 901361

anons help me out plz. I'm looking for someone I used to follow on Tumblr around 2012-15. She was a sex worker from the north of England I think? Who had a ton of unusual piercings, like one in the tip of her nose. and I remember she didn't wear shoes at some point for some reason? Idk. anyone that rings a bell from that description?

No. 901643

I heard a song that I haven’t heard in years recently but I can’t seem to find it. It was cute, sung by a women and had to have come out in the early 2000s or very late 90s.
But one of the lyrics was “ I drive a bumpy car” or something like that.

No. 901650

Maybe this is it? It's a rock song but her voice is kinda cute and there's a lyric that goes "I just wanna ride in your car"

No. 902583

Does anyone have a copy of the Human Scoutipede (if that's its actual name? it was a TF2 fanfic in which Medic makes a human centipede out of Scouts)? I cannot find it anywhere on the internet anymore

No. 902585

Nevermind, found it. Thanks DuckDuckGo!

No. 902588

Wtf this is hilarious

No. 902589

No but I have a copy of the human centipede will that do?

No. 903723

File: 1631073402773.jpg (122.25 KB, 1801x1351, DtYvK2GUUAI1X4w-orig.jpg)

Does anyone possibly have the original photo this was referenced off of? i could've sworn it was from a photo in the same pose

No. 903728

why do you have south park bl fanart saved anon

No. 903756

leave her alone, at least it's a decent pairing

No. 904157

A 3D CGI cartoon from the early 00s about a kid living in a lighthouse(?) with a bunch of aliens?

No. 904173

File: 1631117685117.jpeg (173.34 KB, 1280x720, 25337043-522E-4819-95E7-2A6A69…)

Butt ugly martians?

No. 904175

nope. found it. it's pet alien. but thanks for trying.

No. 904183

Not quite anon but thank you!
It was Someone to call my lover by Janet Jackson! I misheard the lyrics rip

No. 904810

What's that slow song that starts out with horns? Definitely an older song (20th century) and I think it was either R&B or rap or something like that. Sampled in a lot of other songs and also used for memes.

No. 904840

doja cat like you

No. 905084

george michael - careless whisper?

No. 905576

I found it because I remembered a tiktok I heard it in. I don't think those are horns but I wasn't sure how to describe the sound. Careless Whisper was a really good guess.

No. 905602

wtf how come I've never heard that before, but it's kinda a jam

No. 908706

what song is in the background of this video?

No. 908718

Peremen by Kino

No. 909480

Ok so this video is made from horror movie found footage and the description lists some of the films they took from but I can’t figure out where the shot at 2:02 (the ladle of red soup) is from

No. 911193

Caught part of a French language movie on HBO, but had to switch off and leave before I caught a title or enough character names to google. But I saw the following:

>Mother talking to a detective? about how she left her abusive partner and met a nicer man, but her son turned violent and had to be put in a home

>Son (looks preteen) breaking out of said home and walking barefoot to his mother's house. She tries to turn him away but he tries to strangle her before leaving
>A woman being interviewed by the police, talking about how her abusive partner Tony beat and raped her

Anyone recognize what I'm talking about?

No. 911201

File: 1631600661854.jpeg (1.05 MB, 768x1138, 9342C74E-5AD8-499B-9040-4718E9…)

No. 911204

Nope sorry, the cast doesn't match anyone I saw

No. 911218

Does anyone here have the goblina comic strip?

No. 911229

File: 1631606876967.png (338.79 KB, 783x576, who.png)

long shot but does anyone know who this male model is? he's in a german music video. I thought the description might say but it's all in german and I can't read it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sGTPK6DkfuU

No. 911231

embedding so I don't get banned

No. 912543

File: 1631692049216.jpg (542.72 KB, 1076x1038, Screenshot_20210915-094342_Fir…)

Any EU anons know where to find somehing like pic related?

I tried looking at yisk, lesnina, emmezeta, ikea but I can't find a cute (desktop) monitor stand.

No. 912550

His name is Silvan Ruprecht (it does say in the description)

No. 912556

File: 1631693195737.jpg (80.87 KB, 500x500, elloven.jpg)

kek tell me you're from the balkans without telling me you're from the balkans
anyway ikea has a similar one but without the side thingy

No. 912561


I saw it but it's not available (yet)

No. 912605

awesome ty

No. 913593

Long post but I watched this movie years ago (I'm pretty sure it was a full-length movie and not a tv episode) where a man gets out of prison/mental institute and kidnaps a teenage girl. There are a couple of scenes I remember:

1) He killed an older woman (his mother/grandmother?) and there's a clip of the police on the crime scene. I think her body was found in either a freezer or a washing machine;

2) The man and the girl stop at a gas station(?) and she goes to the bathroom and writes a message for help on the inside of a toilet lid with her lipstick;

3) They are driving down a road where the police is waiting for them. He tells her to sit on his lap so the police won't shoot at him (because they might accidentally hit her) and they get away;

4) The movie ends with the man letting her out of the car on the side of a highway and telling her she can go, but the girl decides to stay with him. The man then strangles/kills her and takes out her earrings, putting them in some kind of a tin box where he's collected jewelry (from the people he's killed?)

The man and the girl were both white and the man I think was middle aged and bald/had short cropped hair. I don't know what language the movie was in (watched it with subtitles) but it's really bothering me that I can't find it again.

No. 913594

Nta but I'm from west EU and we have Yisk here too. Isn't it a Scandinavian store?

No. 913609

File: 1631778366494.jpeg (66.14 KB, 828x965, C14B7498-C4EC-4C1C-A234-5930AC…)

What site/app is this?

No. 913610

Yeah but it's called jysk

No. 913621

Any artanon can help? A decade ago I found this website that had step by step pics of oil painting portraits in olden days style, with a green or sepia underpainting. It also had step by step tutorial for adding gold leaf.

No. 913923

A long time ago I watched a movie or TV show where a woman did go to jail, and a woman saved her from being raped by the other inmates and they had sex. Anyone knows the name?

No. 913983

i just started using spotify again after not using it for years, could you nonnas help me find some good playlists?
i like any music that’s upbeat, i don’t like instrumental music, anything slow or sad. i like music in different languages, anything really as long as it isn’t depressing.

No. 914575

No. 914882

I don't know if it still exists but I've been curious to see it again. I remember a website from the 2000's, where you'd share a button or a link, someone else would click on it and you'd bite them as an vampire upping your count, and the bitten would also get a personal button/link to bait others into clicking. Terrible explanation, but anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 914902

is that a vampire freakz thing?

No. 914984

Maybe? I looked vampire freakz up but don't recognize it. Those buttons/links were shared and passed around off-site, on forums and diy websites similiar to geocities.

No. 916374

Can anyone help me find song lyrics to a Japanese song? I want to finish translating it on my own, but I haven't had access to the lyrics since around 2012. Between search engine algorithms and my rusty Japanese, I'm getting a huge headache trying to find these lyrics.

It's an Oshare Kei band called PAWN (ぽーん) and their song is called "Violet". It's from their "Cruel Carol" single with two other songs Cruel Carol (クルーエルキャロル) and Mizutama (水玉).

Vid related is a link to the song, I cannot find the kanji/hiragana lyrics anywhere. I don't even need romanji or english translation, I can do that once I find the lyrics.

Thanks in advance to anyone who may be able to help!

No. 916741

I feel ridiculous asking, but I’m having a lot of trouble imagining my character’s voice. Could anyone help me find a character/actress/video clip with an energetic, interesting or slightly mischievous voice, perhaps like spinel in vid related but with a british accent?

No. 916773

I know exactly what you are talking about! The name Bightfight came into my mind, but a review I found doesn't mention the signature thing.

No. 916794

Does anyone have the long advice post to an anon that was faking being a normie? It went something like 'you are unhappy because you are faking being something you are not, be yourself, find a job where you can be a weirdo. People don't care if you sperg about Bruce Springsteen while flipping burgers, in fact they may find it endearing…". I didn't finish reading it because I was at work, and would very much like to do that and save it in the helpful posts thread

No. 916951

File: 1632063593057.png (571.38 KB, 1054x604, art.png)

Names for any of these people. I'm assuming they're eminent in their respective fields. Pic is of a print hanging in a house on rightmove.

No. 916991

Isn't that just someone's family? The little boy seems like a modern kid.

No. 917024

Looks like they're influential figures. I see someone w a crown

No. 917062

Use Google lens

No. 917066

Isn't the lady on the upper row third from right some American actress from the 80's or so? I think I've seen that picture before

No. 917095

aliexpress maybe? but you could probably commission some local to do it.

No. 919425

File: 1632272392601.jpg (106.44 KB, 425x828, baste.jpg)

Anyone have any recs for this feel?
Found in:

No. 919429

File: 1632273165738.jpg (2.25 MB, 3972x3873, Noi.jpg)

No. 919436

most rihanna

No. 919524

File: 1632282806421.jpeg (63.4 KB, 750x334, 5AA1ECA4-DE3E-4007-9B73-E0931A…)

Venus Fly Trap - Marina
the one - Marika Hackman
Bad Girls - M.I.A.
The Big Big Beat - Azealia Banks
Commes Des Garçons - Rina Sawayama
All Mirrors - Angel Olsen
Dancing Girls - Farah
It’s My Life - No Doubt
The Sensual World - Kate Bush

No. 919530

File: 1632283570414.jpeg (115.67 KB, 750x813, AC6CC88A-71DC-4CEF-B35B-89667B…)


My favorite though is Head Over Heels by Abba. May we all be her, or may we not be at all.

No. 919535

"My Neck My Back lick my pussy and my crack" advanced womens rights more than whatever the United Nations has been doing for the last 20 years.

No. 919806

Some hackeranon posted a website a while ago where if you enter anyone's e-mail address you can see what sites they are registered on/what services they are subscribed to (Spotify, Netflix, etc). Does anyone know what this website was?

No. 919842

Do you mean haveibeenpwned?

No. 919848

no, it was something else

No. 919849

Samefag, I know which post you're talking about, but I don't remember what thread it was in. Maybe check the helpful caps thread if it's not that site?

No. 919850

i believe you're looking for holehe

No. 919851

YESS!!! Thank you!!

No. 919868

How legit is this site btw?

No. 920074

It's created by the software developers of DashPass which is a password protection service, so it's legit. I've used it plenty times.

No. 920247

it was mentioned in relation to sykkuno, so I would check youtuber general or previous corpse thread

No. 920412

File: 1632356696455.png (36.17 KB, 771x479, gfhjg.PNG)

i'm looking for an image of a woman surrounded by borzois, i think it's an ad or part of a fashion shoot because she's very thin and made up. her legs are bare and a borzoi is lying down in front of her covering her feet. i cant find it for the life of me and i need it

No. 920417

File: 1632357291765.jpeg (83.44 KB, 564x568, 1F8B9B39-771E-4135-A6B4-A933BF…)

I found two by searching for
>borzoi fashion shoot
In case you want to look for it again.

No. 920418

File: 1632357330345.jpeg (56.85 KB, 429x429, C6CBF815-AF51-4A95-893D-D54097…)


No. 920427

i found both of these in my search too! but it's neither. she had bare legs and the lighting was quite orange (thank you so much for trying though ily nonna)

No. 920457

ong shot but i’m looking for a video i saw on tumblr years ago. it’s some kinda news segment i think of an older southern woman with short hair and a husky man with white hair and possibly facial hair making a “heathy” omelette. the woman is extremely passive aggressive and keeps like talking down on the man’s cooking skills. the tension is soooo clear in the video and it makes me laugh every time, i’ve looked up every variation of news segment omelette making that i possibly can so if this sounds familiar point me in the right direction!!

No. 921324

I'm eagerly awaiting a reply to this. Sounds familiar to me too.

No. 922863

Does any one have an infographic about the types of abusive men which was "Why does he do that Lundy Bancroft"

No. 923463

Awake man thinking in bed meme but hes thinking about murdering various people in various ways i saw it on here on one of these threads but i can’t for the hell of me find it even on google…

No. 923492

Was he in bed with the clock or was it the simple black and white one? I think they both had eye bags. Or was it the one smiling while blushing?

No. 923504

File: 1632623560834.jpeg (9.53 KB, 200x200, 7B437DBB-47C0-4F76-BF82-C1244B…)

It was this meme and in the thought bubble there were stick figures getting killed one was getting eaten and another was getting beaten with a rock by another stick figure etc etc l

No. 923510

File: 1632623962330.jpeg (56.62 KB, 732x732, A55660A9-481C-4B76-A07C-B17F04…)

Ah, okay. It should be this one then!

No. 923548

Thank you anon

No. 923564

An anon the other day posted what looked like a panel from a comic where a man punches himself in the balls. Does anyone know where it's from?

No. 924028

can someone please help me find a free english translation of Seitsemän Veljestä by Aleksis Kivi? I would really like to read Seven Brothers but I don’t know enough Finnish. Kiitos anons.

No. 924066

I read this book as a kid, if anyone knows of it I'll be very grateful. I only have vague memories of it, sorry.

It was an inheritance mystery. Old guy dies, calls together a group of mostly unrelated people via his will, and says one of them will get his money. I don't quite remember what they had to do to get it… Or who wins. Or how the guy died.

I do remember this random part: one of the people in this group is celebrating her birthday. She opens a present that's been rigged to explode if someone lifts the lid. Pretty sure she doesn't die, just gets injured.

No. 924074


Sounds like The Westing Game

No. 924077

that's definitely it, thank you anon!

No. 924647

A pop-punk song by a female artist about her implied abusive relationship with an older man

I remember there was a hook like that went "oh oh oh oh" and it ended up sounding like "uwu" and one of the lyrics in the song was "Like seriously dude"

No. 924701

I Threw Glass At My Friend’s Eyes And Now I’m On Probation by Destroy Boys

No. 924707

Yup that was it, its not as good as I remember as it was and I almost feel its kinda just made with a girl with a ddlg fetish and has crush on older male actors but not actual adult men

No. 924741

NTA and piggybacking. I'm sorry, but this kind of music is unlistenable to me. It's fucking awful!!! The way she pronounces 'literally' makes me want to slap someone not really, I don't know any better expression
>I'm really ~ironically~ pissed off right now
neck yourself please
I don't know why people are saying (i.e. in the genius comments) that this song is about pedophilia and grooming??? If it is, it does piss poor job of expressing that. Sounds to me like a 19 years old with an uwu smoll fetish both horny and disgusted at some 10, 15, maybe 20 years older creep because that's what feminism told her she's supposed to feel even though she really wants to fuck the scrote. Which would be gross and bad for the involved women, but definitely not pedophilia. I'm not convinced whatsoever she's actually repulsed by the dude.
>I almost feel its kinda just made with a girl with a ddlg fetish
Yeah this lmfao

No. 924771

I mean its from a industry plant band, same as the tramp stamps
so its not worth getting mad over

No. 924783

I don't know anything about them, but I always enjoy venting about/criticizing media. It's fun!

No. 924785

File: 1632765164114.jpeg (182.04 KB, 853x1024, 1619075420011.jpeg)

this is so fucking cringy, how could anyone unironically listen to this
this almost feels like a parody

No. 926470

please help me find this movie, i’m totally tortured.

main character was a boy that found a portal to travel to some other realm? one part had this town which had a huge underground machine that they fed all the kids into to turn them into adults for some reason, skipping the teenager phase. the boy also met a weird hippie monk who became his mentor (which iirc just involved him teaching the boy how not to step on ants and shit) really dumb movie but i have intrusive memories of it.

i think i saw it in a movie theatre so it probably came out in the late 2000s

No. 926744

Book about a girl and a big dog aimed at younger (6-8) children that isn't Clifford. I remember an English Mastiff looking dog but I don't know if that's right. Books would older than 1995.

No. 926745

one more thing to add is that there were multiple small chapter books not a standalone novel

No. 926748

I was going to say say Henry and Mudge but then I read girl and dog.

No. 926752

Wait I think this is it. I thought for sure it was a girl protagonist. Thank you, anon.

No. 927179

Really? Yay! My memory is pretty shit but when I thought mastiff + childhood book I was able to cough up a long forgotten synapse there

No. 929156

I might be mixing up things but I'm pretty sure there was a website where you could enter an email address and it would display what other email address it was connected to…? I might be wrong though

No. 929390

it's upthread >>919850

No. 933777

Does anyone have the maxine harlow comic where shes all boo hooo im an ugly and weird little girl~ And then shes like, now I'm an ugly and weird lesbian, and looks content

No. 933938

File: 1633720763056.png (580.32 KB, 1280x1280, 1619199218833.png)

No. 933945

A Tumblr blog about this artist sharing their experiences, tips and tricks about clip studio paint. I look everywhere anons…I think the blog was active around 2017, their pfp was an illustrated side profile of a blond guy with slick back hair, their user name was sth along the lines of professorcsp, or professor something with a dark blue theme.

No. 933951

No. 934498

I watched a Youtube video essay months ago about the absurd fandom that's formed around A24 and how young people will watch a movie and even "stan" it just because it's got their logo. Anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 934508

This would probably be a lot of work but that page is saved on the internet archive. So other anon could try checking the links on the archive to see if they were saved at any point, or look at the accounts that liked the page to see if any reblogged or liked the tutorials

No. 934510

I just tried a couple and it looks like they are archived! No image files but that’s probably OK.

No. 934577

Thank you so much it wasn't showing on any of her social media

No. 934999

File: 1633863730925.jpg (2.25 MB, 3859x2594, Tsunami_by_hokusai_19th_centur…)

So I'm working from some really hazy childhood memories but if someone helps me find this I'm eternally grateful.

This is a movie that I accidentally saw as a child and scared the crap out of me. It was about a ship that was attacked by a giant octopus but what made it especially weird and disturbing to me is that there was a scene in it where the people were in the theatre (?) part of the ship watching a play (or like a puppet play I guess where everything was cardboard figures) where the same scene was happening (people were attacked and eaten by a giant octopus).
I'm guessing the movie must have been from the 90s and I can't decide what the genre could have been (it was horror for me as a kid but it could have been a weird outlandish comedy or just an adventure film).

The most vivid memory is of the cardboard waves going up and down in the theatre and a closeup of a terrified cardboard character's face.

No. 935118

High spirits?

No. 935130

File: 1633880571692.jpg (71.15 KB, 1043x427, Screenshot_4.jpg)

HOLY SHIT ANON. This is it, thanks so much!!!!! I literally didn't expect anyone to know this. Also yeah, it was from the 80s, not the 90s

No. 935363

ok I know this is stupid but it's driving me up the wall. I saw this really cool oldweb fairy image on someone's friendproject profile but her profile is gone now but I really really want that image. It was of this fairy, red background, with skeletal wings (like think dragon wings or devil wings). the fairy was sitting on her knees, naked but covering herself with a cloth, had long red hair and devil horns. Kinda looking like an IMVU character but better, you know that old school web vibe. I've been trying to google it for hours to no avail…

No. 935919

an anon posted on a thread a while ago about a female artist, very surreal style, I think she was polish? any help would be appreciated ty in advance

No. 935930

nvm it was Aleksandra Waliszewska

No. 935973

Alright nonnies, I'm looking for this horror game (thinking Dreamcast or Ps1) where you play first off as a girl whose father owns the amusement park that she goes visit with four of her friends. There's a scare-o-meter type thing, and you interact a lot things that can increase that meter. You also purchase body parts for upgrades
I remember there was one level in a toy store, and another level in a grocery store?
Here's the (unfortunate) scrotey part, I think in the JPN release, or if you do NG+, the character's clothes slowly disintegrate.
Please help, I have been searching for days, and nothing + I really do not want to ask Reddit.

No. 935992


No. 936046

Jesus Christ, thank you so much.

No. 936311

File: 1634021425591.jpeg (1.2 MB, 1125x2216, DAA5A4E9-7D0B-4760-8607-661BD4…)

i found the new blog by accident today and i ran here to tell you anon. url is arugilla on tumblr. sorry if you already knew and i’m being repetitive!

No. 936358

File: 1634027038493.jpg (97.27 KB, 551x735, tumblr_miwy2iupFw1ru8g50o1_640…)

I used to follow this girl, her Tumblr username was arnoldhey for a time and that's all I remember. I never found her again.

I managed to find a photo of her for reference. I think she was anachan / self harming.

Any nonnies know this girl?

No. 936384

Oh I hate Kudoh, he had a sideblog for gore and was an edgy bastard. He also made a vaguepost about me while still following me on tumblr/deviantart and being nice to me in my face. Then his retard fans just said shit about me.
Wtf he draws so ugly now

No. 936407

Okay so this is a bit of a weird one but was quite popular on /cgl maybe 5-10 years ago. Anyone remember that black girl who had a hymen obsession and would post her vagina online publicly all the time and say she was white? Her rants made no sense ever and she would paint her makeup super light and would talk about her white babies she would have. She seemed a bit mentally ill and I do hope to hear everything turned out ok for her.

No. 936634

Memory unlocked holy crap anon.
An old LC thread came up when I reverse searched this. She went by fordervet, t74n3v66x, and
lobotomert apparently.

No. 936846

A clip that was posted to some drug meme groups on fb featuring a young, skinny chinese(?) guy clearly rolling his ass off on MDMA head bobbing to EDM in his car with the windows rolled down in broad day light while in a rural part of town. People with their morning market vegetables and some cows walk by and look at the guy confused as to what's going on.

No. 936865

No. 936866

File: 1634062915167.png (Spoiler Image, 1.35 MB, 1330x1192, 1422632216158.png)

Was it Asha? She had a thread here

No. 936878

Oh my fucking god, why did I click, WHY

No. 936912

Omg, arnoldhey, circuitbird, haku and shmegeh were all in a friend group and they're what basically got me started with edrama.

No. 937103

She's still active on Instagram and working at Nordstrom. Every now and then she will post bloody pad/tampon pics still

No. 937153

Thank you soo much Anon! Ngl sad to see not much has improved for her

No. 937164

That was Charlotte Tilsbury

No. 937167

I'm looking for a book that's probably from the 18th-20th centuries. I think it included a character that was a Prince of Poland, there was a girl who was given a sword by her father and was told to return if she was a boy but she fights pretending to be male. There are two male and two female main characters? The title or the royal family had something to do with "rose" and I think it was written in Portuguese or Spanish I think

No. 938196

File: 1634198444057.jpeg (44.04 KB, 432x463, AA213162-7DDF-4828-8760-4375C5…)

What is this face referencing? I swear I've seen it before, probably some japanese product mascot. Not a kewpie but close. I can almost visualize it in my mind: red tongue and I think the original had dark hair and eyes.

No. 938198

candy brand called Milky

No. 938199

File: 1634198587734.jpeg (83.09 KB, 479x812, FEE0448A-0E4B-483C-A74B-0FCB0F…)

Nevermind I found it right after lol, but I'll post it in case anyone saw this and wondered

No. 938200

thanks anon you're fast! that's it
good guess though

No. 938531

There was an indie song that came out in 2017 I think, it had a soft beat and it was a female vocalist. The album cover was blue and had a picture of her on the front, she had dark curly hair and was wearing a mens suit. In the music video she was wearing a jumpsuit and dancing around a childrens playground. Anybody know her name?

No. 938854

File: 1634252076073.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 357.8 KB, 1080x1551, 3B4F12EE-08AA-4CDD-9B41-E77F49…)

This manga. It’s really familiar, i remember reading it a few years ago. Anyone know the name?

No. 938857

Konya wa Tsuki ga Kirei desu ga, Toriaezu Shine (Can You Just Die, My Darling?)

No. 943850

File: 1634722093771.jpg (547.28 KB, 750x1000, 1-750x1000.jpg)

I'm looking for a lolita instagram account. I remember a photoshoot in a very beautiful old building (probably France), in the photos we could see two women, one who ran the account and the other was her gf. I think they had different hair color, one of them had long straigh black hair. They were both wearing those type of headpieces. I don't know anything about lolita fashion but I remember thinking how cool they looked, I hope anyone know's what I'm talking about

No. 943851

No. 944066

A very niche thing, i don't know where i read it. Horror stories fit into 3 types:
>the person goes to the threat (haunted houses, monster's lair, weird places)
>the threat goes to the person (possession, slasher)

No. 944069

Suspiria is all 3

No. 944078

Ohhhh I think I read this article too, I'll try and look for it

No. 944080

File: 1634748525288.jpeg (79.76 KB, 851x1014, 75C7220A-1B1F-4FEB-B74B-14C70F…)

This girl is so pretty, does anyone know her socials? I remember watching a video of this screenshot ages ago but never noted it down

No. 944081

Her username on all her socials is glamdemon2004.

No. 944106

I'm searching for an anime about cute fairies in a forest

No. 944189

Her name is Serena Shahidi

No. 944194

File: 1634757702786.jpeg (989.82 KB, 1778x2560, 4A7BDF99-2622-4D12-9698-786FA2…)

Hakumei and Mikochi?

No. 944195

Does anyone remember an old pre installed mobile game in the 2000s where you threw furniture as far as you could get? It was an Asian game. You threw a couch and a lamp i think.

No. 944210

NAYRT but this really makes me want to draw people standing barefoot in really plush grass now.

No. 944801

more music like zheanis new stuff or mc magina’s old stuff. screaming australian women…please i would do anything for more screaming australian women it is so powerful sounding and beautiful

No. 947444

File: 1634976771540.png (438.62 KB, 476x953, Screenshot_20211023-050412_(1)…)

Can someone please tell me what this character is from?

No. 947454

Carrie Fernandez from Castlevania

No. 947458

File: 1634978054343.gif (734 B, 13x12, rnbwheart.gif)

Thank you!

No. 948295

There was a famous atheist youtuber that used to be popular in the 2016-2018 era he had a really funny video that was basically some verses from the bible (i think it was a preacher speaking or whatever… if i recall correctly it mentioned the creation of adam) and he was insinuating that it sounded really gay so he put up gifs of men kissing. Idk i think he had a lion as a profile pic on yt and didnt have his face out but i really want that video

No. 950299

File: 1635272209509.png (27 KB, 1052x906, big-scary-holes.png)

I remember watching a movie when I was a kid that I assume was from the 90s, I don't remember anything about the plot but at the climax of the movie all the characters are in a field and there are these giant vents(?) in the ground and this lady who was the antagonist falls in and she's holding on the the edge of this giant hole in the ground?

Please tell me I didn't imagine this because I remember thinking as a kid that I dreamt it BUT then around age 7 or 8 I vividly remember watching it again in my aunt's basement and thinking "oh so it WAS real" yet I still can't remember the rest of the movie. Excuse my autistic drawing but this is what I remember them looking like.

No. 950337

There was this movie, I think it was a space movie. I recall this scene where a woman was in a white room (maybe a pod of sorts) and a rainbow (?) colored object she had nearby. I can't remember if she was crying about it or what. I think the room (?) began to shake?
And…I know the woman in question was white, I think she was brunette? This is a really faint memory from like, ten years back, so apologies.

No. 950368

The rainbow may have been light refraction, too. Like the glare of a watch or something. Fuck

No. 950437

He looks sad because she's grabbing his dick. I believe she was his teacher and he's like 13-14. It's a nasty fucking pic.

No. 950454

It's the bullfrog you can buy as a pet in Habbo Hotel

No. 950570

Does anyone remember a music video that had two female Dutch (? I believe Eastern European maybe?) singers in it, I remember there were lots of cows… it was very catchy

No. 950600

A song on Youtube. It had a sad clown on a green background as a cover image (this image was NOT illustrated) and the lyrics were vaguely something like:
"Just trying to feel the heart…beat"
"I've got/found my love, and that's enough for me. My love."
"Ain't got no car, no money…"
I THINK I remember the name Jack?

No. 950917

File: 1635316776270.jpg (32.51 KB, 600x400, Erb-q7rXIAAzh8-.jpg)

This is the picture!!

No. 950924

upload it to google images and search it that way

No. 950925

I've tried that already.

No. 950934

That's Piero from The Adventures or Buratino. You can search it on YouTube and the song should show up.

No. 950973

Not sure, but maybe LP/Laura Pergolizzi?

No. 951562

does anybody have the meme with the guy trying upload lolicon and he's like "this is literally 1984"

No. 951689

A Reddit post where someone was talking about how as a kid they kept getting Alf merchandise in the mail from some random person? It might have been in a thread about creepy encounters.

No. 951737

There was this TikTok about a girl cat who got into her hot wax and they had to shave off the tip of the tail. This was black cats. I really want to find that video again.

No. 952374

old post but was it the "B is for Badger" segment from ABCs of Death 2?

Me & My - Dub-I-Dub? They're dressed like dairy girls and are milking a cow in the video.

The thing I'm looking for is the name of a product. It was a yogurt marketed to kids in the early/mid 90s US, and the appeal was supposed to be that it was weird & freaky. It was a purple yogurt with green jello straight down the center, or green with purple. I specifically remember a commercial with a boy popping up from behind a couch (?) and jiggling it at his sister and/or parents to freak them out. This was right in the height of the grossout craze when toys like Creepy Crawlers and Monster Face were huge. I've been looking for years and I've gotten Trix yogurt or Wobbles as answers but it's not those, this is like a "stick" of gelatin right down the middle of the yogurt cup.

No. 952441

Nope but good guess, turns out it was Short Court Style by Natalie Prass

No. 952592

I saw this website in a book about web design about fifteen years ago - it was supposedly a (French?) teenage girl's website, only the pages were disjointed and there were random brightly coloured navigation links that lead all over the place and nothing really made sense. It was like Yvette's Bridal. The website's name was the girl's name.com, and all I can remember about the content was that it was written by the girl about her life but she sounded lonely and would say things that hinted at something darker going on. Typing it out now I'm worried it was some sort of y2k traumacore precursor, in which case I'm happy to stay living in ignorance

No. 952638

I'm fairly certain the image had no relation to the contents of the song, past being the cover photo. Also: I've tried this already.

No. 952651

Would love to find out the website! Made me think of lonelygirl15 (which obviously this isn't)

No. 953797

File: 1635532210707.jpg (574.38 KB, 1512x1080, FNVHH_Dead_Horse_tribal.jpg)

There was this anthropology thesis paper about Fallout new vegas about tribal identity and culture
I can't seem to find it now but I remember finding sometime back

No. 953817

I think you’re thinking of mouchette.org? It’s an art project inspired by the movie Mouchette, about a girl who is assaulted and kills herself. It might have inspired some traumacore stuff but it was made in the mid-90s so the y2k appearance doesn’t seem as contrived to me.

No. 953872

deez nuts

No. 953889

File: 1635537320421.jpg (53.96 KB, 500x524, bofa.jpg)

No. 953959

A song that is sung by a man about imagining doing things with random people. I remember it was in the theme of what goes on in the head of lonely people daydreaming of anyone they see on the street of developing a relationship and having a life together, but that's all it was. It had a music video and the only part I remember about it was a woman making out with another random woman in a bus? She was imagining an entire lesbian romance plot in her head just based off seeing a woman.

No. 954215

Sounds like Hozier's "Someone New".

No. 954440

File: 1635583096579.jpg (34.61 KB, 400x400, _JELKHv1_400x400.jpg)

Thank you anon, this is it!

No. 954537

That one essay/article on female sexuality and exorcisms in horror films or something similar. Feel free to recommend anything related to analysing female sexuality in relation to religion and horror, by the way. I'd appreciate it.

No. 954541

File: 1635592098323.png (1.85 MB, 828x1792, 504E5FEE-8B98-4659-98D7-77BEEB…)

@ all edgy fashion girls pls help me find this or a similar belt. I found it on this model by young poets society since tigha decided to cater to edgy ppl even more and these little shits don’t even carry the fucking belt they are showing. I’m big mad and want a belt like this. I rarely shop online so idk where to search for it maybe some of u can help

No. 954546

I tried Pinterest lens search for you anon, looks like this is two belts they have stacked over each other for the photo. I saw a few skirts from the brand with only one of the belts on it.
Search "black belt silver single grommet" on your fast fashion retailer of choice and you'll find plenty of options

No. 954547

can't you just buy two black belts that look like that and wear them together?

No. 954561

looks like shit tho . Don't buy it sis

No. 955795


I think this is it! Thank you so much anon, this has been driving me mad for years.

No. 956174

File: 1635744738366.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 99.48 KB, 564x835, 8B2C8700-3199-4293-8485-4F8711…)

Whos the artist of this? I had their name saved and accidentally deleted it. Their art always looks like this

No. 956225

Akiya Kageichi is the artist it seems.

No. 956471

Is there a song from anime with short lyrics (less than 10 lines), possibly in English, with the final lyric being 'she is a beautiful woman'? I'd swear it was Stamina Rose, but it isn't. Have I hallucinated the whole thing? Besides the final line, the lyrics have vague imagery typical for Japanese songs

No. 957184

i remember a while back there was this website with a creepy AI lady you could talk to, you type stuff in and she talks back to you. her mouth moved and everything i think. anyone know what this is?

No. 957187


No. 957202

omg yesss thank you anon!

No. 957214

This may be a long shot but I've been trying to find this book I remember reading as a kid:

So it's a fantasy book aimed at children or maybe teens. The main character is a girl between 13-17 years old. She may have had typical mary sue style special colored eyes. The premise is that she's transported into a world where she can basically make anything she pictures in her mind real. She turns out to have a gift/be some kind of chosen one because she can simultaneously imagine way more details and objects than other people can. I remember a bit where she has to imagine/manifest a stack where she has to keep adding objects on top without the earlier ones losing their color or something. And I think this ability then helped her with some sort of battle in that fantasy realm?

I'm sorry if this sounds vague, it was a really long time ago and I've had no luck finding it online.

No. 958827

A long time ago I read a blog post that contained the lyrics to a song and I can't find it anymore even when I Google them so I might be misremembering them.

All I remember is that it was a female singer and the song itself is depressing. The two lines I remember go something like, "he tells you that he loves you but you know he never will / (forgot this part) pays no bills". I think it was part of the chorus because it was repeated a few times?

No. 959552

What thread was post #666666 in again?

No. 959585

bumping, cp below. scroll safe nonnies.

No. 959590

No. 959793

Probably should've thought of this myself, huh. Thanks! It's even exactly one year ago.

No. 960834

File: 1636157955157.jpg (678.69 KB, 1555x1401, I wish I was at home playing v…)

Some of the details are off and you've probably already found it, but I'm still going to post it here.

No. 960850

nta but thanks! I wanted to know what it looked like too. It's underwhelming kek.

No. 960887

A different

No. 960889

File: 1636164901727.jpg (64.07 KB, 969x546, 2A3jihn.jpg)

A different variation of this meme buts it's more simplified and the wording is retarded
(NOT the increasingly verbose one)

It's more like "that not how I saw in brain" OR SOMETHING incredibly dumb like that

No. 960919

File: 1636169843336.jpg (133.95 KB, 1019x581, SmartSelect_20211105-233653_Ch…)

nvm found it nonnies

No. 960931

This will be a longshot…I'm looking for a book/set of books from my childhood when I grew up in Alaska. Idk if the books were Alaska-specific, but they were about wild animals found there. I don't remember much of the content, besides a moose falling through the ice at some point, I think it was running away from a predator, perhaps a wolf? I remember the covers, though.
These books were vintage when it was the late 90s; quite possibly they were published 1950s or earlier. They were hardcover with the design printed on the hardcover itself. The design was bright blue and green? Almost as though colors were inverted. It was a very strange color combo for a book about animals, which was why I picked it up at my school library. Whichever animal the book was about, there was a drawing of the animal on the cover. The one I can remember the easiest had a moose on the cover, with the forest in the background.
These books also had one or two drawings inside; the story was NOT focused on these pictures, it wasn't a picture book. The scene with the moose falling through the ice had a drawing to accompany it I think.
I know there was more than one book, one was about a bear I believe, but I don't know if there were more than two books total or not. I'd like to say each book was about one specific animal. I don't think they were nonfic, but they could have been. It was something an elementary school kid could read.

I do know it was NOT The Moose Book, though that comes up in searches a lot.

Sorry this is such a strange one, but maybe there's some other rural AK anon who might know wtf I'm talking about

No. 961379

hah yeah, initially I didn't think of this image because the way OP described it made me imagine something way more intense.

No. 961407

i remember this screenshot of a shayna camshow where she was trying to do splits naked or something and some dude in her chat was asking her thoughts on some obscure singer i think
does anyone have it?

No. 961662

there was this poem/piece of writing that i had found on tumblr a verry long time ago, titled Pyxxix Diaries, except i cant een remember how that first word was spelled so i cant serach for it. i also dont remember if it was "diaries" or something else. The story was about some guy who had killed his parents, then kept them in their chairs in the living room. i remember him talking about shitting in his own cabinets and stuff, it was really fucked up and disturbing. Im just trying to find it cause it bugs me that i read it so young and i thought, and still think, it was a really fucked up piece for someone to write. I want to read it again and see what it said and maybe find out where it came from. i already asked on reddit to no responses and dont really expect one here

No. 961724

I don't but a good place to check is I believe around 2018 when she had her faux-50s bangs as that's when she was camming the most and playing a lot of weird shit like Billie Holliday in her streams lmao.

No. 963469

What was the youtube name of that cute asian girl who mainly posted music covers and edited it in a weird early internet style? I specifically remember a final fantasy one, her name was "Tinkerbell" something and I think she had a thread on /snow/? She faked her suicide or something

No. 964648

There was this lady writing long, informative and interesting posts about historical women (possibly princesses?). It was a column/post series posted on some dead website (xojane mention reminded me of her). When I found out, most of her content was only accessible via archive. I think one of the posts may have been about Marie Antoinette or Sissi. The author may have also written books (or published one using her posts which is why her blog (?) also was deleted — not sure about that). Does anyone know who she was? I want to finally read those posts now that I remember about them

No. 964719

File: 1636542592447.png (1.65 MB, 720x1346, Kai.png)

An anon mentioned Kai the Hitchhiker fb reading list in a thread, could someone post I'm curious to see what he's reading cause I can't find it on facebook

No. 965118

punkrockish (maybe its just a tiktok thing??) repeats "everything is fine" over and over in chorus. help please lol

No. 965125

Afaik it's literally called everything is fine, it's by Qbomb

No. 965131

thanks omg i feel stupid now

No. 965135

Aw you're not stupid, some people name their songs weird shit that isn't even mentioned in the song, and it's hard to find a song when you only know one line.

No. 965140


No. 965230

File: 1636587591618.jpeg (51.47 KB, 390x346, 8CE22123-E680-4CCC-9FF0-B7237A…)

No. 965267

There was a music video that took a lot of inspiration from Madonna's "music" video. The twist was that they took random men off the street, ate them, and threw their carcasses out from their limo. I think it must have been Missy Elliot but I have had no luck finding it. Please help, it has been haunting my nightmares for years.

No. 965278

File: 1636595609673.png (221.12 KB, 242x452, 5156252.png)

who is this

No. 965279

how is this not intense to you?
go to a therapist ffs

No. 965324

Does anyone know the full title of the song being sung in this Tarakazuka Musical?

No. 965336

some Libyan Femboy

No. 965506

shit, I wish I saw this earlier. I know an old lady who is a super takarazuka fan (the type that goes to their shows every month and is way up in the "fan ladder" that she gets free tickets and even goes to have dinner with them). I'm going to see her next week so I'll ask her and then let you know (if you haven't found this out yet)

No. 965526

ty so much nonny

No. 966171

This girl that used to be famous on tumblr, you could say she was one of the first people to have those short shaved eyebrows, i just want to remember her old tumblr url so i can look at her old stuff, i loved her style !

No. 966173

Short shaved eyebrows?

No. 966174

I don't know why the pic didn't load, but she goes by yumyabkiller on instagram now.

No. 966195

Yeah, like the ones ononoki from monogatari has, i guess they were called bean eyebrows or some dumb shit like that.
Also i should make it a bit more clear sorry, she goes by yumyabkiller on insta now but i want to remember her old tumblr url because her style has changed quite a lot

No. 967128

Homie really stole my answer and got my thank you. Suck my clit.

No. 967744

does anybody know of some 90-2000 or maybe i'm wrong idk romantic comedy movie where a girl that wants to work for tv gets a job and moves to a city and leaves her boyfriend behing meeting a new guy in the city i dont recall if he was famous in the movie or not
so in some point in the movie she's in like her new department and talking to her friend with a swordfish on her hand or smth and talks about the new guy wanting to take her to a hockey game but her boyfriend is also there and she's trying to hide
there's also a romantic scene of her and the city guy at night? maybe?
and also a dinner scene where her coworker or something look pretty in a dress or maybe it's some girl she hated? and they meet at some mall
at the end of the movie both the guys and her are on the tv show she works and maybe she had to bring the guy to the show because he was famous and the scene gets dramatic for like no reason and all the staff it's running around.
That's all i recall but also the show had like a background that was orange/fucsia colored?
i literally don't remember the faces of the people on it nor any names it could have, i even googled every description i could think of
the more i write about it the more scenes pop in my head
h e l p

No. 967791

tiktok post of a band playing with a female bassist with no shirt and pasties on, black x’s over her breasts I believe. could’ve sworn I saved it but I guess I didn’t. please and thank you nonnies

No. 967803

I’m looking for a ridiculous post on twitter about Bakugo and Kirishima from MHA. The poster @‘d Horikoshi, the author of MHA. It was some long ass thread about Kirishima and Bakugo’s relationship and I think they’re asking Horikoshi for something, there’s like 3 parts to it, and in one tweet they said all the information was compiled from twitter, tumblr, etc and like 80 kiribaku fans contributed. It was titled something like “Kirishima and Bakugo D___” but I can’t remember what the D word was, I keep thinking discourse or dissertation but it isn’t one of those words.

No. 967805

File: 1636863819251.jpg (Spoiler Image, 112.11 KB, 736x920, 6110fa1ae99cdcb3b3ce1ab95d5d59…)

I don't have tiktok but was it this girlie? She's Victoria De Angelis of Måneskin

No. 967814

It was a movie from the 80s I only saw the first bit of, there was a couple who bought their first house and were having sex on the living room floor, then it timeskips to when they have a son and the husband is cheating on the wife, she's pissed off because of it and in one scene she's telling her young son he gets one chance a year where he can say anything to her, I think he says something about her being mean and she slaps him, stopped watching after that but I remember my mom telling me the ending was really sad

No. 967828

File: 1636869450715.jpg (523.91 KB, 1080x1635, Screenshot_20211114-065712_Chr…)

This? I'm not reading this thread lmao but I think it checks out

No. 967831

File: 1636869730246.jpeg (162.73 KB, 1500x844, DB18F2A9-A7CD-4685-AF11-FA8FAD…)

I’m pretty sure it’s Terms of Endearment. It’s my mom’s favorite movie.

No. 967840

She's hot and it's nice to see metal ladies who perform scantantly clad without big fake bolt ons like the butcher babies

No. 967845

YES thank u nonna

No. 967853

That's it thank you anon!

No. 967923

Y'all I'm so stupid but,

I saw a poem YEARS ago about a woman talking about suicide, her own or someone elses and I haven't been able to find it.

No. 967982

Do you remember any details? Maybe check Anne Sexton, I assume it's not Lady Lazarus since you didn't find the poem yet. I'm aware that even Sexton may be not obscure enough lol

No. 968015

damn she looks great

No. 968026

There was a poem by an alleged radfem, I really want to read it again but I only remember the last line and can't seem to find it. It was very short. The last line was 'I was told to come down'. The gist was a girl climbing high on a tree but the people below told her to come down.

No. 968045

I can't find this youtube video anymore. It was a meet the scout ytp, I feel like I've watched every single one of them looking for it. In the video scout said "If you were from, where I was from, you'd be from" and then it cuts to soldier saying "THE FARM!" And then scout goes oinkoinkoink.

No. 969257

My first thought was the Queens of Infamy series by Anne Thériault, a series of articles on Longreads about historical queens/princesses. It's not from a defunct website but it hasn't been continued since May of this year. It might not be her though, since it doesn't look like she wrote about the people you mentioned.

No. 969967

I have no idea what the name was at all, but it was an online 2d world where you could customize your character and some clothing options were alternative so that's probably why I played it lol. Small things I remember was there was a jackpot sort of thing, next to this waterfountain. I remember finding keys throughout the map to unlock certain places. I also remember there was like an underground theme part of one map, and a forest theme in another. At the end of the forest one I think there was a cafe inside of a mushroom. It was eventually hosted through facebook I guess because I assume that the website couldn't pay to host their own game. The game was targeted towards young preteen/early teen girls for sure. Probably not enough to go off of but I'm hoping other anons played this game since a lot of us st lolcoe have some similar internet experiences

No. 969981

Does anyone have a picture of the different type of nostril shapes? Might have been posted somewhere in a thread here. It's a diagram three different types of nostril shapes and they all have scientific sounding names. I haven't been able to find this exact diagram on google or anywhere else. It's nostril shapes, not nose shapes btw

No. 969996

Oh, that's super interesting even though I think you are right it's a different lady. I will enjoy reading her posts nonetheless. Totally forgot Longreads exists, that website is A+. When I discovered it like 3 years ago, I spent hours reading about true crime cases. Those articles were so good.

No. 970432

File: 1637157395018.png (2.66 MB, 828x1792, 8B34E2E8-E7F6-4630-BB72-338A9C…)

Does anyone know who the artist of these is? I had it saved because the art style was so adorable and i wanted to examine it and now i want more but lost the artist lol

No. 970440

I think it's this artist https://twitter.com/Tsonech

No. 971339

What was the name of that fat asian instagram model who photoshopped her eyes to look ridiculously large?

No. 971750

What is the book/pdf about Anna Nicole Smith telling her 'real story' or at least how she was according to her friends? I downloaded it a year or two ago after an anon mentioned it, but lost it before I got to read it…

No. 972508

File: 1637340940375.jpg (574.17 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2021-11-19-17-37-50…)

Anons I'm losing my shit. What anime girl/art is this doll aping? I know I've seen a character with a long, flowy pink hair, this exact kind of dress and ribbons mixed in. And no, this isn't a coincidence since the same doll line has Amy Winehouse and Michael Jackson skinwalkers

No. 973005

File: 1637368979474.jpg (100.99 KB, 600x400, 7_Ellen-von-Unwerth_from-the-s…)

This is going to sound dumb because I struggle to explain things. But, I like Ellen von Unwerth's photos aesthetically (esp Story of Olga and Heimat), but hate her erotic themes. I hate BDSM, pseudo lesbianism and grrl power shit especially, which is most of it, but I like the contrast, fashion and European settings. I think her pics look very staged, so someone who captures spontaneity better would be good. The models are definitely to my taste, but are usually instructed to act like brats… not hot. Does anyone know where I can find something similar? Photos of men are good too.

No. 973022

She reminds me of Ha-chan from precure but I don't know if that's what you're looking for?

No. 973156

The design is kind of vague, but sort of looks like the Goddess Madoka version from Madoka Magica?

No. 973394

File: 1637403855156.jpg (181.44 KB, 957x1200, FBaM5v7XsAEbkbn.jpg)

Does anyone know who the artist of this and what the original book this is from is called? I did some Googling about sanpaku eyes but couldn't find it

No. 973407

maybe look through books on phrenology?

No. 973417

Sadly, it's not either of those. The character I'm thinking of looked like an older teen or an adult. Think Lacus Clyne or Belle from the recent movie. I have considered Goddess Madoka for a moment too, though. I feel crazy because I cannot find the character, but when I look at the doll, I know that I've seen this somewhere else already. Maybe my brain is going Mandela effect on me, but I doubt that. It seems more possible that the character was just on some random piece of art. I will continue looking!
Thank you for trying to help!

No. 973445


It looks like a stoned, scared Kelly Eden to me anon. It's all I can see.

No. 973456

I would kek so hard if that was what I've been thinking of and confusing with a legitimate anime character kek. Or that Alb girl

No. 973545

Super late but maybe Gumbo?

No. 973586

File: 1637424575819.jpg (65.13 KB, 350x525, thumb-418013.jpg)

Nonnas I'm struggling to find a music from a DN Angel AMV posted on Dailymotion in 2009. The music was a mix of jpop and jrock with a japanese singer(s?) that had a really young voice (15ish) but the song slapped so hard. It was a little bit dramatic. Anybody listened to it?

No. 973595

yeah and the mods are nowhere to be found.

No. 976656

thank you so much nonnie!! it was

No. 977098

File: 1637763947006.jpg (165.83 KB, 641x873, ch 19 - bp.jpg)

Does anyone know an artist who draws in this style? I got Junko Mizuno but it still feels like there's some other mangaka or artist I'm thinking of who reminds me of this but I just can't remember who? Pic is from Blue Period btw

No. 977137

File: 1637768218537.jpg (522.91 KB, 500x1523, mizna_wada_sugarland_full500.j…)

Same anon, I feel like it's Mizna Wada I'm maybe thinking off but I still don't think it's right on the money for me, but thought to share because her artwork is cute

No. 978075

What's the background music playing here at ca. 38:43? I can't get Shazam or Google to recognize it

No. 978097

Tbh it's kind of hard to hear behind his voice, but you could email him and ask. If his email isn't in the description it's definitely on his website.

No. 978289

A tv show/movie that references the movie Beaches (1988) that isn't Seinfeld…

No. 978332

No. 978335

Little Black Book?

Euphemia li Britannia?

Does anyone know what war america went into or started because some senator was in cahoots with some company and the company wanted the US to go to war to that country? I watched a youtube on it a couple months ago and I can't figure it out for the life of me. Thanks.

No. 978524

File: 1637950850803.jpeg (23.8 KB, 178x283, BAB4549B-7E9F-422D-B8AC-922E98…)

I’m trying to find that one /cgl/comic in which a girl runs to some shrine where she has a statue of Pixyteri and she drops to her knees and shouts “the queen!” And says something about the drama consuming her.

No. 978533

File: 1637951394518.jpeg (65.15 KB, 518x480, 77BDD8BF-1429-4AC2-93DA-3208F2…)

anyone got more pics like this aesthetic with cows?

No. 978542

File: 1637952402066.png (374.24 KB, 553x960, tumblr_mjz7rijcJd1ql90ppo1_640…)

No. 978544

File: 1637952500771.jpeg (273.08 KB, 1242x906, 90A96975-9BCA-4009-80BD-1B2EF9…)

I love you, nonnie, I really needed to read this again.

No. 978558

1954 Guatemalan coup d'état by United Fruit Company (head of CIA was chair of the fruit company)

No. 978791

Omg thank you so much!

No. 979130

This comic is so difficult to read, I had no idea wtf was going on in the first 3 panels. Same with >>978524 Wonder what the author is doing now, bless her heart

No. 979212

Welcome! Lol when I realized too late tho that actually with the United States history it could have been A LOT of countries but this one stuck out in my mind because I mean banana republic

No. 981118

Does a site exist where you can go to see example pics of how different bra sizes fit on their respective breast sizes/body shapes?

No. 981168

Yes, bra database. Includes measurements for gore and underwires, etc too.

No. 981174

Nta, but thank you for this! This site is so helpful

No. 981779

File: 1638271279284.png (6.1 KB, 324x318, dvdvbfd.png)

does anyone have the png picture of a bunny that kinda looks like this? and where does it come from? thanks!

No. 981780

File: 1638271562047.png (4.07 KB, 196x196, 1582068664586.png)

this one? no idea where it comes from, though. i'd like to know as well since it's super cute

No. 981781

File: 1638271642523.png (5.91 KB, 189x210, 1582069490178.png)

i also have this

No. 981787

I assume it's a sticker set on LINE or some other app

No. 981790

No. 981793

File: 1638273872851.png (13.96 KB, 260x300, 283878005@2x.png)

nayrt - thank you! i also thought it was a line sticker set but reverse image search never found anything.

No. 981794

So there was this anime film made in the nineties set in space (no, not Magnetic Rose). The trailer had this giant ship and a dude in it. And I remember thinking the title was not very creative because it had space or battleship in it, but it was all very grand and strange. Might anyone know what I’m talking about it? I know this sounds extremely generic, but hey.

No. 981801

ぼくのぴこ??(boku no pico)

No. 981824

fuck you for trying to trick farmers into googling cartoon child porn. Extreme scrote energy

No. 981842

Space Battleship Yamato?

No. 981843

The fragility

No. 981844

What did the character look like?
4chan scrotes thought that was funny 15 years ago, harr harr

No. 981848

The Boku no Piko joke isn't funny anymore bro

No. 981859

Space Dandy?

No. 981860

Space Adventure Cobra?

No. 981864


I found it! It's called Royal Space Force, and it was released in 1987. Will be adding all of those films to my space anime list though, thanks nonnies.

No. 981875

Thank you!!!

No. 981957

I read these mangas years ago and can't remember their names nor the authors, if you guys can help me with any I'll be thankful:

1. I think it was a manhwa about a boy who was bullied in school and then he gets a teacher who teaches him some crazy martial arts or something? There was a sequel but idk if the same boy is there. I remeber the teacher almost killed him with some dumb training and the kid cried a lot in the beginning but I think he gets better later.

2. It's about this boy who used to play basketball but he was unhappy, then he meets a girl who dances flamenco I believe and they decide she will give basketball a try and he will dance flamenco, I reached a point of the manga where she didn't seem doing so well playing basketball but he seemed kinda happy with flamenco or maybe it was the opposite, idk. I think the cover was in watercolor.

3. This guy who was finishing high school but he realized he acomplish nothing during his high school years and one day he wakes up (or something) and is starting high school again and decides to change stuff by making friends and joining clubs or something. He had long hair and no eyebrows if I remember correctly. The art was pretty nice and I think there was a girl with thick eyebrows.

4. Back to martial arts and bullying, but this manga was not as well drawn as the first one, the art was kinda shitty but the author knew what he was talking about and the martial arts were realistic and the author put little notes explaining stuff about fighting. I remember it getting a bit too dark to the point I thought the main character would kill himself but thankfully he doesn't. I finished reading this one. I think the main character had a friend that actually attempted suicide and he has a huge ass scar on his arm. And maybe there are gangs, street fighting or something?

5. It was about reincarnation. A girl meets a guy who believes they were a couple in the past. He later introduces her to some other guy he dated who also has memories from the past. I think the dude's ex boyfriend was a girl in the past and they commited suicide together but he wasn't the girl the guy loved.. I might be misremembering but it's something along those lines. It was a bit dumb and confusing, and the ending pairings kinda suck imo. I think the girl wore glasses and the dude's ex boyfriend also had long hair and no eyebrows.

No. 981965

No. 982004

That's it. Thank you so much

No. 982197

File: 1638308923279.jpeg (458.33 KB, 750x1112, 316E8B27-06B4-4EA3-984C-FE1512…)

This is a long shot but might anyone know what tunnel/mountain pass this is in Japan? The Yurucamp author bases basically all locations on real life sites but I can’t find out what tunnel this is.

No. 982199

File: 1638308978604.jpeg (490.07 KB, 750x1120, F2EAADFB-44E3-408A-85B0-4A8B3C…)

Another page that talks about Yasha shrine mountain pass but I didn’t find anything

No. 982200

The third one is Again!, I just read the first volume long ago but I remember liking the art a lot, the mangaka is the one who came up with Yuri on Ice btw

No. 982243

File: 1638313944525.png (182.43 KB, 800x421, 1631981285256.png)

if anyone here can help me with this i will love you forever
so i saw this video on twitter some months ago where its the vhs tape scene from silent hill 2 except when the beat of the music drops james gets up and starts twerking
its so fucking stupid but it was funny as fuck and lives in my head rent free

No. 982248

File: 1638314261641.png (952.16 KB, 979x461, 1638308978604 (1).png)

No. 982251

No. 982255

File: 1638314618725.png (1.65 MB, 1384x683, 1638308923279.png)

And then the tunnel might be Yashajin-tunnel/夜叉神トンネル


No. 982275

File: 1638315800923.jpg (29.48 KB, 329x512, again.jpg)

Thanks anon, I really wanted to read this one again… also the name was right in my face lmao

I found the others:
1 is a manhwa called The Breaker and the sequel is called New Waves
4 is called Holyland
5 is Oyayubihime Infinity and was the hardest to find because I got lots of shitty isekai in my search

No. 982281

Thank you so much nonna!!! ♥

No. 982391

nta but you made my day lmfao

No. 984147

I was the anon with the shitty movie description tysm Nona! I watched the trailer and it's thats one!

No. 985251

I want to know what book this is now.

No. 985266

I read about a show in London recently that did something like this for The Great Gatsy and some other things.

No. 985299

What is this song? It was in Awkafina's show, Nora from Queens. It's probably in Mandarin.

Listen here:

No. 985327

About 10 years ago I saw a 4 panel comic on 4chan. It went something like this:

1 - Guy (bear?) says to two bears "you're bears?"
2 - The other bears say "we were always bears"
3 - First guy/bear "I'm calling the police"
4 - The police come and their bears too

No. 989075

File: 1639000788291.png (5.29 KB, 574x369, preview_1.png)

Do any of you guys remember the web address to that mock-jigoku tsuushin from jigoku shoujo? I remember finding one once which looked exactly like the one from the anime, and just like canon you could only ever use it at midnight Japanese time. I think otherwise it would show a 404 page? I know there's jigokutsushin.it but you can access it around the clock, so that's not it.

No. 990994

File: 1639166681636.jpg (88.33 KB, 626x408, villes-abandonnees-nuit_141465…)

Hello I'm looking of an anime about a group of girls in a lost civilization, I don't know anymore than that beside that there were around 5 of them, and time manipulation was probably in the plot? The style was sort of cute but not over-moe either, and I don't think there was any boy in it. I tried searching on Anilist with the tags but nothing (and no, it's not From the New World kek).

No. 991002

I forgot to add the date but I can't remember when I watched it (only 1 episode), but if I had to guess it'd be between 2012-2014. The anime could've been made before that tho, but the style match this era.

No. 991048

File: 1639171817398.jpeg (13.6 KB, 750x422, girls_-last-tour-photo-u1.jpeg)

No. 991053

File: 1639172088949.png (827.82 KB, 898x469, Coppelion.png)

I really doubt it, but just to be sure, Coppelion?

No. 991344

This is a long shot, but I've been trying to find a story I read online forever ago. It was about a weaver(seamstress?) who gets knocked up by an elf and he returns to take their kid away. She follows a string of red thread that she dyed with his heart blood to find him and get the kid back.

I've tried so many different search phrases with zero luck and it is driving me nuts!

No. 991425

Nope, but thanks for helping. The artstyle was more cleaner, pacing kinda slow, and most likely high school students (but somehow researchers).

No. 991455

File: 1639223095774.png (1.23 MB, 1188x666, Screenshot 2021-02-05 at 21.35…)

I've been looking for this cosplayers makeup tutorials for that I watched way back in 2016. I remember she went by Shinuki, I tried finding it on youtube etc but I think she privated them or deleted them.

No. 991915

File: 1639262133874.jpg (143.8 KB, 1024x864, 1626434610926.jpg)

There was a tumblr post that opened about kids and pirating which turned into a discussion, but then it ended with a User list an extensive and detailed list of privacy sites for different types, could someone please help me find it ?
I have been trying for days and thus far have had no luck

No. 991942

File: 1639263722585.jpg (14.47 KB, 207x212, homer.jpg)

Trying to remember a specific video. It was a video of a white woman rapping and she was calling out a guy, saying that he was an adult groomer, took a person to Australia (I think), and showed a bunch of receipts

No. 991954

File: 1639264280978.png (6.29 KB, 259x194, download (1).png)

sorry if you genuinely wanted the post for some other reason, but this is the best source of pirating info

No. 991965

already have that bookmarked, I just sorta need to find that tumblr post, otherwise I'd be looking for it for weeks cause I'm an autist

No. 991975

im sure i saw the post, it had something like 'you must not go to the website putlocker that lets you watch movies for free!!!'. Sadly i lost it

No. 991983

Are you talking about the die antwoord thing?

No. 991991

Has to be, is that it anon?

No. 992031

Nta but yep, that's the video.

No. 992081

OT but I love that song and wish she would do more with a similar sound.

No. 992299

File: 1639293449621.jpeg (72.21 KB, 640x480, images.jpeg)

a 2010-2017ish lyric video with 60s esque visuals like picrel. I wish i could remember more but it's all a blur… The singer is a woman, she was pretty underrated though so it's not a mainstream artist. I think the song was about getting out of a toxic relationship or something of that sort. Any chance this might ring a bell, nonnies?

No. 992309

Does anyone know the name of that one comic about wolves and domesticated dogs? It was posted on gc threads, the wolf is uncomfortable by the dog and how it is in no way similar to the wolf. I hope I'm explaining it correct and describes their physical features. There was a panel of just their eyes in the end too, I think.

No. 992326

File: 1639297323117.jpg (62.73 KB, 655x960, IMG_20211212_152144.jpg)

Is this the one anon?

No. 992337

File: 1639298905754.png (2.79 MB, 900x2475, YMf28mZ.png)

Ah, no. But I found it!

No. 992354

this comparison is entirely too charitable. 99% of them look like mangy hogs and their voices and personalities are even more offputting

No. 992362

Keep it to your thread, freak.

No. 992364

She's right, idiot.

No. 992368

Admission of psychopathy

No. 993462

Please help me find those characters from some old planners with droopy eyes, they were usually blonde and the colors of the planners were usually pastel with lavender and blue.

No. 993475

File: 1639407418639.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 332.9 KB, 908x961, 33ADCAED-CD3B-4C53-9C6A-A7141B…)

Samefag, they look kind of like pic related but less cursed.

No. 993486

Sorry, I have no contribution but I'm giggling at the fact that they're giving each other "fuck-me" eyes and also the girl has nipples?

No. 993516

File: 1639409654884.jpeg (34.92 KB, 405x758, images (68).jpeg)

They are adult characters and the reason why they have bedroom eyes is because they probably will fuck in canon. These illustrations are all about sex and love (and later, family/domestic life), it's called "love is…"

No. 993520

File: 1639410006634.jpeg (36.84 KB, 500x315, FA5040B6-B351-4A3E-9220-C90EE6…)

They’re called precious moments

No. 993525

What an irritating artstyle

No. 993543

Holy shit. My favorite pillow from when I was a baby had a pillow case from this brand… so fucking surreal seeing it because the print is so faded on mine

No. 993549

I knew some lady who used to collect Precious Moments figurines and there was one in particular that I really hated, I think it was a clown. I was like 8, and I swiped it from her shelf and took it to my friends house and we buried him in the woods in the back yard. I bet he's still there, too, that whole town was abandoned and torn down but that patch of woods is still there. One day he will rise. He will rise and that will be the end of me.

No. 993563

File: 1639411790330.jpg (212.14 KB, 800x567, 191218_pt_instagram.jpg)

Their outlets over here were called Precious thots for the longest time (they also sold all sorts of Christiany shit and Hallmark cards, go figure), until the internet ruined that word and all of the shops were officially renamed. Never thought I would find a chance to share this story on lolcow!

No. 993568

That is hilarious and a true fun fact

No. 993574

Was this a baby way to say thoughts like hewwo or it had an actual meaning?

No. 993586

There's no meaning to it, I think they just wanted it to be a little bit more special. This giftshop chain has been around forever, at least since the 2000's.

No. 993819

Help I'm trying to find a snippet of part of a movie I saw my dad watching on TV when I was a kid. It was either the opening or end of the film where there was a purple/red baby inside the womb but it had devil horns and teeth and like growled at the camera(?) The screen either went to credits or the title of the film but I was so freaked out I just left the room so I never found out what that was. I have looked up some movies with demon babies it's not Rosemary's baby or Devil's Due I distinctly remember seeing this as a child so it was around the early 2000's.

No. 993823

Could it be a variation of Rumplestiltskin?

No. 993859

nta I was thinking the same because of the 'taking the kid away' part

No. 995898

File: 1639606436181.jpg (79.97 KB, 607x362, 1604845625717.jpg)

I tried googling this quote but I cannot find the source. Thank you!!

No. 995919

Someone in an old dumbass shit thread suggested it could be an itazura na kiss live action, though I don't know for sure.

No. 995994

I think that's it!! Thanks, anon.

No. 996349

It is not, but I can see how it gives that impression. I remember she has encounters with crap like saytrs too.

No. 997059

nona i forgot i posted in this thread but oh my fucking god i love you so much this made my evening. thank you

No. 997180

There was a personality quiz going around on here (I think?) that let you know your compatibility with historical figures. Anybody know what I’m talking about? I want to see my compatibility with Nietzsche.

No. 999803

File: 1639972807646.png (315.26 KB, 443x482, 1639131591530.png)

Does anyone know where this image is from? Is it from a graphic novel or just some drawing?

No. 999805

It's from the Royal Tenenbaums

No. 999821


No. 1000125

File: 1639999474184.png (1.95 MB, 640x2062, ff4sd5fs8.png)

I'M THE SAMEFAG I FOUND IT!!! It was done by Kaiami

No. 1000486

I watched this stupid christmas love story movie a while ago. There were 3 brothers whose sister had died. The sister had a daughter and now the brothers had to take care of her. They lived by the seaside. The female lead probably "just moved into town" or maybe not I don't remember but she worked at either a library or a toy store where the little girl liked to visit. Of course the female lead falls in love with one of the brothers in the end but the reason I want to know the name again is because I thought the youngest brother was really handsome and now I don't remember him at all. I remember he was in college and always experimenting on something. In the end the little girl called one of the brothers her dad and it was wooooow such a huge deaaall (I don't get it)

No. 1000487

Sorry everyone I found it after 5 seconds of googling, it's called Christmas with Holly and the guy wasn't that handsome.

No. 1000751

okay. Does anyone know where I could find the new mail/new message alert noise/sound from Microsoft Outlook 2002?

No. 1000777

I’m glad you found it nonnie!

No. 1001213

I used to play this point and click browser game in the mid 2000s perhaps? The setting was an abandoned town and the style was hand drawn and black and white (not sure). The inhabitants were these cute-ish creatures but I cannot recall what they looked like, only the impression that I found them cute. Another thing I remember is that the developer might have had a Polish or Russian sounding name

No. 1001449

I don't know the answer but there's a list of movies with demon fetuses here

No. 1001453

File: 1640119833303.jpg (1.31 MB, 1800x7372, d2s1jp9-f6af713d-5f9c-4319-8f3…)

This is her, as far as I can see picrel is the only other picture she did that's similar in style though

No. 1002160

Precious Moments

No. 1002161

They’re called “precious moments” or something I believe, my scrote’s mom collects them.

No. 1002163

File: 1640204025233.png (2.52 MB, 1280x1667, F0891EBD-27F9-453C-8903-A3954E…)

Does anyone know where these characters are from? I swear I used to have books with them. I can’t find them on google for the life of me

No. 1002165

ahhhh ty nonnies!!!

No. 1002167

huh anons were talking about these just a few days ago

No. 1002181

aren't those from Precious Moments?

No. 1002355

I'm sorry anons but I don't want to weave through 100 MTF threads and I can't find it on google or twitter, but does anyone have the kikomi comic where she makes fun of the troon facial expression/smirk? That's the only one I'm missing

No. 1002589


They used to have every episode on YouTube in full before they got taken down. Haven't seen 'em since.

No. 1002644

Pet Alien

No. 1002670

Infographic image on alternatives for spending on gacha games, I think it was based on Fate/Go

No. 1002708

Kinda doubting I'm going to get a response, but to russianons: The melody of the beginning (0:23) of the song reminds me SO much of some (hopefully popular) song from the 90s. I can't remember anything else at all though. Does anybody know which one it might be?

No. 1004314

File: 1640391074434.jpg (21.04 KB, 407x439, FB_IMG_1640390876419.jpg)

can anyone tell me what this guy is from? i think this particular drawing was done by the creator of jjba but its fan art of something else.

No. 1004319

i did some digging and i THINK it's supposed to be takeo goda from ore monogatari. when you check his character design, it looks kinda similar to araki's drawing re: prominent lips, eyebrows and hairline. https://www.crunchyroll.com/anime-news/2015/05/19/a-look-back-at-the-team-up-between-my-love-story-and-jojos-bizarre-adventure

No. 1004330

thank you so much!

No. 1004359

This is 3 months late so you might've already found it, but could it be the video "Simply Local - The 9 min. Omelette"

No. 1004795

As a young child I listened to an audio CD with a story about plushie bears. They lived in an old home and had to get up multiple stairs back into the attic before the home owners got home, it was told by a woman. Does anyone recognize this whatsoever? I need to know what it was because I loved the story as a kid and I want to pass it on to my new-born niece when she's old enough.

No. 1004801

Holy shit I have no idea what you're looking for but you just reminded me of Teddy Bear Christmas!!

No. 1004920

Please help me find a yuri/shoujo ai manga about two girls who work at a stationery and plushies store and they secretly love eachother but they don't know it. The taller girl is a part-time model who got judged for liking cute things because others see her as "too mature" for that (despite beign in the age like wtf??) and the other girl is the embodiment of cuteness itself. The artstyle is very classic shoujo, with big ass sparkly eyes.

No. 1004979

File: 1640486751005.jpg (186.38 KB, 1280x720, 11324.jpg)

Hina & Hina After School

No. 1006497

Give me anon's rant about wanting goku to die already

No. 1006502

Good thing I copypasta'd it:

No. 1006503

The fastest sauce in the west. Thank you so much

No. 1006805

File: 1640639657901.png (796.01 KB, 1365x710, snorlax.png)

Does anyone know what season of Pokemon this is from?

No. 1006810

File: 1640640000066.jpeg (160.05 KB, 1742x675, B22DD635-9CAA-4046-8E97-1020C5…)

Looks like his Kalos outfit. Season 18?

No. 1006822

File: 1640640700109.jpeg (70.24 KB, 739x415, images (80).jpeg)

Anon, are you blind?
It's from this, apparently

No. 1006823

Nah outfit looks like it's from Pokemon Journeys

No. 1006830

Nope that's journies, the newest pokemon series. They travel around the regions, it's not as good as it sounds

No. 1006834

Thanks nonas! I pulled the screenshot from a very short clip and the animation style seemed to match one of the newer seasons so Journeys makes sense.

Aw that sucks. I got into Anipoke again because of S&M and I really enjoyed that season, sucks to hear Journeys isn't that good.

No. 1006836

If you enjoyed sun moon you may like Journeys a bit, but it doesn't go as far as sun moon does into what sun moon did best

No. 1007125

File: 1640660928761.jpeg (630.7 KB, 1284x1426, 72CC25BD-57C6-4EF8-A70E-7DAA2E…)

dae remember a series of cards that had art similar to this in the late 2000’s? I remember them usually depicting a group of brown/black women with minimal facial features and that sort of 70s teal/brown/orange color palette. don’t think there was any text on the front or inside the card. they definitely came in a “pack” with multiple different designs. I stumbled on this artist’s IG and it unlocked a childhood memory. my mom bought these, so they were probably intended for young women in their 20s-30s?

No. 1007126

File: 1640660992604.jpeg (1.6 MB, 1284x1442, 07EBFDBE-A295-4165-8779-2C62FD…)

This looks a bit closer to what I’m imagining, without the edgy ~pale grunge~ shit

No. 1007130

What was that music video with the girl (I think was drawn to look Asian) working out topless to get thinner, and it kept flashing back and fourth to her childhood where she was chubby trying to ask a guy out, then as an adult she meets him at a club and makes advances on him, he rejects her and she is left on the floor in the bathroom with her past self? I can't remember the song or band but I remember the video clearly. It was also animated maybe in black and white?

No. 1007135

I know exactly what video you're talking about, and yes, it was in b&w. I'll try to find it

No. 1007139

Samefag, here found it!

No. 1007143

YESSSS thank you anon!

No. 1007198

There's this video game that had a surrealist quality to it that I can't remember the name of. I think it was recently released ie. in the 2010s and the art style reminded me a lot like Fantastic Planet/La Planète Sauvage. To be honest I don't even remember what kind of genre it is. I just saw someone play it for a short clip and was impressed with the art. Ty!

No. 1007234

What is that anime about a girl who turned into a swan/ballet dancer? There was also a girl who turned into a crow or raven. I watched it over a decade ago and even then it was old, it's probably from the 90's or 00's.

No. 1007236

Princess Tutu (anime)

No. 1007243

That's it, thanks!

No. 1007248

File: 1640684020682.jpg (845.75 KB, 1920x1079, Hylics_2.jpg)

Was it 2d or 3d? I am thinking of Hylics has a pretty unique style like this

No. 1007302

File: 1640694787209.gif (1.2 MB, 640x478, hy3-g3epsekv.gif)

Sounds like Hylics to me as well

No. 1007305

I'm late but thank you!!

No. 1007438

Yes that's it!!! Thank you, wonderful anons!

No. 1007459

You should dm the artist and ask her if she has that inspiration

No. 1007783

File: 1640734020817.jpg (64.77 KB, 728x410, landscape-medieval-concept-art…)

I'm trying to find the name of a fantasy book, I believe it was a series. I encountered it in the early 2000s. A group of young adults were transported to another world or back in time. The world was medieval type or maybe viking. One of the modern characters sang "Killing Me Softly" for some warriors and it made them cry. I only read the first part of the book so I don't have much else. There was a lot of cursing in it so it wasn't a little kids book. pic unrelated just for vibes

No. 1007825

File: 1640739430022.jpg (25.55 KB, 249x401, Everworld_Book1.jpg)

sounds like EverWorld

No. 1007831

I think that's it, thank you so much!

No. 1009726

I need help finding a tiktok user (I just want to revisit their page and laugh at them). Here's what I remember:
>she was an autistic white girl with shaved hair that she obsessively dyed
>was a he/him lesbian
>she was a hot topic on tiktok for a while because of the he/him lesbian shit
>had a he/him lesbian carrd in her about
>started taking T
>came out as a bisexual man
The last username I can remember was something like "boybutch" but she doesn't come up when I search it on tiktok.

No. 1009737

Samefag, but she really popularized he/him lesbians on tiktok. And Graham McLernon defended her one time. She was also friends with a semi-popular funny black girl on tiktok but they stopped talking about eachother and filming together. The he/him lesbian tiktok user did make a passing remark on how she cut off a friend because they misgendered her or something so I think it's because of that.

No. 1010054

I remember playing an indie (?) VN type game that was pretty colorful, the game was about an autistic (?) boy giving presents to people around town, the art was probably anime and artsy. I’m very sure the game desktop icon was a pixelated heart

No. 1010096

Interested as well.

No. 1011707

File: 1641009015230.jpg (356.27 KB, 2023x1524, IMG_1358.jpg)


No. 1011990

Trying to find this image where there's this person who is clapping at what I think is a cat dancing

No. 1012000

Thank you!

No. 1012417

Don't have much hope for this, but I'm looking for a shoujo romance manga. I probably came out somewhere in between around 2014 or 2015, not sure if it ever got scanlated since I only read the original raws online. I only read the first few chapters (I don't think there were a lot more? So at least at that time it wasn't a long running series). It began with the standard plot a la MC-chan enters high school and wants to have her high school debut but fails. I think at some point a guy from her grade was dared to ask her out as a joke, but she overheard it already (I think she overheard it in the school infirmary when she was skipping class or something? If that's not where she overheard it, there at least was a scene at the school infirmary either way though), so when that guy from her grade asks her to talk with him outside, she goes along, listens to him and then flat out rejects him and is all smug on the inside because she didn't give him the satisfaction of the ugly girl feeling flattered about any attention at all. He's kinda shocked (and insulted lol), is basically like "yeah, whatever…" and goes away. Then another (unpopular/ugly, important!) guy walks up to her and tells her that he saw and admires her for what she did. Iirc he knew what those other guys were up to, but didn't know if he should tell her, so he was glad she found it out herself. They kinda become friends over the span of a few days and spend their lunch breaks together, until one break he either leans in to kiss her or starts talking about their next date or something. She doesn't understand what he's getting at, and he says that it's only natural that they're dating now, uglies gotta stick together after all, to which she's like "wtf bro we're not dating what" and slaps him (not sure anymore if the slapping scene was shown in a humorous chibi-way or actually seriously drawn, it could be either way) and walks off, feeling insulted that he thought that way about her and that he's basically the same as that guy that fake-confessed to her in the way that they both targeted her simply for not being as pretty as her classmates. She wasn't actually drawn ugly, I think the reason why she was seen so as in-universe was because she wasn't allowed to wear makeup or style her hair so she always wore it in two braids if I'm not mixing it up with another manga. Also, as far as I remember it seemed like neither fake-confession guy (I think he might have had not even a face?) nor ugly semi-friend were the actual love interest, I'm pretty sure he didn't even really appear yet. I think I read no more than five or so chapters, so that's all I can remember

No. 1014555

File: 1641255556663.jpg (73.78 KB, 610x605, axhqc1-l-610x610-home accessor…)

Where can I buy a cigarettes case cover like picrel?

No. 1014776

It's a digital art piece I hope you can help me find nonnas, basically it's a white interior/living room with a game console I think an snes hooked to a tv, and on the right side is an open veranda door with masks beside it and two young boys playing outside in the rain. I think I found it on reddit and can't find it again but it was such a nice, nostalgic vibe it gave me

No. 1014863

Does anyone know the name of the half-Asian-half-white girl who I believe was to attend an Ivy League school and was featured in a pornographic film the day she turned 18? I believe her parents (white father, Asian mother) were very wealthy and well-established. She was very pretty and I've seen meme pictures of her around, as well as a summary of her story. I want to read her story again and see how she's doing now. I have this vague memory that I read she died but I'm not sure, so I want to check. Sorry for the weird details but I wanted to share as much as I could remember.

No. 1014866

I'm looking for an older (maybe early 2000s) Japanese BL/shounen-ai JRPG that had a main couple with blonde hair and blue hair - the art was more cutesy and there wasn't mature content. There was a demo out of the very beginning where you started in a town. Vague, but that's all I can remember. Hopefully the fact that it's a JRPG might make it more memorable.

No. 1014880


No. 1014901

According to google she's Mayli, a.k.a. Amelia Wang. I thought I heard rumors that she died too but I don't know if they're true. It looks like there's a KF thread on her

No. 1014905

File: 1641279555932.jpg (328.19 KB, 1497x1329, fbv6ryss1bp71.jpg)

It looks like her father died, but still no sources saying she did

No. 1014910

I know her story well, she had such a great start in life and I envied it and resented how she threw it away. However the numerous redditors and channers who wished her death ans torture but not for the porn producers are the real cancer.

No. 1014919

Romanian anon would be livid if she reads this

No. 1014920

Ayrt, thanks. She's so, SO beautiful and had such a fortunate life, wow… I am so intrigued by her story, I wonder what happened to her that she would decide to do such a thing. I think it's very rare a young, rich girl would willingly make a pornography like that. Probably was surrounded by gross friends of her father when she was little that made her want to act like this. Thanks so much for the reply anon and others.

No. 1014925

no anon. She got busted selling weed and her daddy was mad at her so she drank piss and vomit on camera to get back at him. This girl has endless money. She's a 1%er, you can't apply the same logic to her that you would a normal 18 year old. The only annoying part of this story is the scrotes weren't also judged

No. 1014930

Maybe… I just can't wrap my head around it and immediately assume this type of depravity is caused by some sort of trauma, which isn't unlikely if you're surrounded by rich bankers. But maybe I'm wrong! Anyway, I agree, it's horrid how something like this is turned into a reason to be misogynistic, when really the men involved are the most horrible of all.

No. 1014937

people like her make me want to a-log so bad. It's true the scrotes should be judged but she wants validation from these bottom of the barrel men to begin with. She could just stop using social media and do something good with her inheritance, so that's on her kek

No. 1014945


Can you take this somewhere else? The question was answered.

No. 1014967

can we? this is threadworthy af

here's one you can help us find, her current social media.

No. 1014981

She doesn't even do porn anymore. She does art. She's old milk and is barely relevant other than scrotes digging up her nudes. Move on.

No. 1015148

I used to follow her kiwi thread but aside from her father dying and someone taking milkless pics from her instagram once, the thread only ever got bumped by randoms stating that they saw her video once. If the thread is not locked by now, it should be.

The whole thing was an interesting situation but she turned her life around and good for her. She didn't harm anyone but herself and her family and they seem to have forgiven her. There's nothing more to be discussed and no more milk to be found.

If anyone wants the old milk, go to her kiwi thread.

No. 1016432

File: 1641378218923.gif (2.97 MB, 403x302, 5835F452-BFBF-482B-BCE0-81CBED…)

Nonnas I need help. Does anyone know the original source of this gif? At first I was searching for it because I loosely remembered the text, to no avail. I found the gif in my pictures, but when I showed it to someone they said the text is not real (I guess that’s why my search turned up nothing). He said that he was getting some major nostalgia since it was part of some 90’s psa. It’s not the “your brain on drugs” one I’m sure.

No. 1016434


Try googling "frying pan 1997" its an anti drug PSA


No. 1016435

Here you go nona

No. 1016719

File: 1641405149559.png (76.62 KB, 264x265, 270630277_678718076489386_6590…)

Where to buy this cuteass bowl (from kinoshita yuuka video)

No. 1016723

So nostalgic. She is so pretty. If I was her brain on drugs, Id let her smash me.

No. 1016727

That's very convincing ad, I love her vibe. Especially the "any questions?" at the end. So cold

No. 1016732

Ikr kek and it worked on me. I've never touched any hard drugs even when given the opportunity to try them because I don't wanna end up like that egg.

No. 1016745

Does anyone remember playing a game on Barbie.com around 2006 where you could customize your world and put little fairies and mermaids and stuff in it? They were animated and would move around, kind of like drag and dropping stickers into the world. I remember the world had a castle and sea and as you scrolled right or left, you could see more of it.

I've tried searching for it for years and nothing comes up. I can't find a screenshot, name, nothing. Like it's totally erased.

No. 1016768

If you have a Teso Life store near you, they have a lot of similar bowls/mugs. Maybe not the exact one but very similar cute tableware.

No. 1016779

Thank you so so so so much!

She definitely is so pretty. And I love her hair so much, I wish I could pull off hair like that

No. 1018524

I remember there was some anime or game or something where instead of saying a character had died they'd say the character had 'expired' instead, but I can't remember exactly what anime/game. Anyone know? Your Turn To Die maybe?

No. 1018528

I haven't seen it in a long time but was it death parade maybe?

No. 1018588

There was a qoute or analogy or something, I can't remember if it was Instagram or Tumblr, but it went something like the person was dreaming and said something along the lines of Living is a thread/string of pain and the dream person responding something like "what are you going to make with that thread?"
It sounded really pretty at the time but I lost track of it and googling just turns up chronic illness motivationals.

No. 1018825

Can anyone help me find the artist of the Devilish games? Like the Devilish hairdresser, Devilish Valentine, etc and who was the one who drew the GirlsGoGames girls?

No. 1018838

With all that is going on in Kazakhstan ,I want to get in touch with my language Tudor/friend but their internet is down. I at least want to wire her some money but I have no idea how to get in touch with her,she lives in Almaty. Can anyone help me please

No. 1019774

Does anyone remember the name of that Tumblr blog that posted scary/horror content that had some kind of controversy about a young girl working for the blog owner's family as a housekeeper? They also had a website that people could post scary stories to.

No. 1019778


No. 1019780

Thank you anon! It was on the tip of my tongue.

No. 1019784

If you’re extremely desperate you can post it on otsukai

No. 1019963

File: 1641615930054.png (78.39 KB, 900x800, painful anime sounds.png)

i think it was used in tumblr and it kind of looked like this?

No. 1020126

There was this animated video that got recommended to me on youtube. It had this girl i think shes not humans and had patterns all over her body her design was so gorgeous and so was the animation. I lost the video. Does anyone have a clue? It’s japanese too i’m sure from the style. I think it was a movie or something. The patterns on her body were red and white i think

No. 1020172

File: 1641633654488.png (14.25 KB, 128x107, 740762058081042545.png)

maybe this?

No. 1020183

What is it you're looking for, a meme, a comic, something else?

No. 1020184

File: 1641635393382.png (Spoiler Image, 200.51 KB, 323x647, saladfings.png)

salad fingers??

No. 1020187


No. 1020217

Yes! Thank you anon. Turns out she was blue kek

No. 1020668

This reminds me.. do you guys remember KirbyAngel? I think I watched her lipsync vids in 6th grade back in 2006. When I was kid I thought she's singing for real. Later she also revealed she's using some effect on webcam to make her hair purple lmfao

No. 1020799

Holy shit, blast from the past. I remember thinking she was so cool lol I was a weeaboo loser at 15 so pretty par for the course.

It was fairly obvious she was lipsyncing, anon lol

No. 1021225

File: 1641713406468.jpeg (64.32 KB, 567x567, 04E26B1E-7F85-4B8C-8164-744E4A…)

Does anyone have that Christmas picture of a kid trying to get away from Santa and the child's face looks similar to picrel? I cannot find it anywhere and I swear I've seen it compared to picrel on Twitter one time. Or maybe it wasn't a Christmas photo…

No. 1021238

File: 1641714481504.jpg (53.47 KB, 640x640, scary-bunny-58b8b8873df78c353c…)

Howdy, is this the pic you lookin' for pardner?

No. 1021249

I'm going crazy trying to find whoever her English VA is. I love her voice so much, it's so relaxing to me. I can imagine her voicing a Layton character or something. Seems like the Eng cast was never officially revealed. I just want to know whose voice this is so badly.

No. 1021277

Damn,I’m not joking but she turned out to be a pedo from my city. She was close to 30 and housing emo guys that were like 13 to 17 yo and sleeping with them. Always targeting teens!

No. 1021280

Whaaat that's absolutely wild!

No. 1021379

This is a longshot but here we go. In the early-mid 2010s I saw a webm of this song remixed with a video of some guy having an autistic meltdown. Looking for either the remix or name of the guy/original video.

I think the guy was a gaming youtuber/e-celeb. White, dark hair, kind of reminded me of Peter Coffin. I think it was from an apology video he made about drama he was involved in. I think maybe it was him grooming/being weird with a teen girl but I'm not sure, that's the detail I'm most fuzzy on. The wall behind him was green. I feel like he was screaming something like "I'M TIRED OF IT ALLLLLLL" and crying.

No. 1021597

File: 1641751933088.jpeg (84.12 KB, 590x437, CE8D39C1-7761-4A14-9278-1D817A…)

Trying to find a YouTube video that disturbed me years ago, and still does now. It was about a man taking down a pedo site, and it was posted before 2019. A brunette man was talking about how he stumbled upon a pedo site that featured cp. I remember that he mentioned he himself was sexually abused by the Catholic Church near the end of the video. He showed some text screenshots of how the men on the site would talk about these children, though he obviously didn’t show the images- what stood out to me was that these pedos would call these children ‘foids’ or ‘mini-foids’, which the man defined in the video. I remember that I found this vomit-worthy at the time, and still do now. I also remember the man showing a screenshot talking about preteens, which led to the man defining the term ‘pre-teen’ as a term for children aged 9-12. The man, throughout the video seemed disturbed. The video ended with the guy saying that he reported the site to Google

No. 1021635

File: 1641755534765.png (379.81 KB, 462x529, キャプチャ.PNG)

The singer from pic related. She appears in the ending of the anime BECK, along a bunch of other musicians, mostly from the 70s to 90s. The rest of the people in the video are either super well known, or at least easier to find. But for whatever reason, nobody seems to know who picrel is. I've been searching the net in the 3 languages I speak and couldn't find an answer anywhere. Apparently not even japanese people seem to know who she is.
The only clues about her are that she's probably japanese, had her peak in popularity somewhere between the 70s and the 90s, and her name (or the name of the band she may have been in) starts with a "C".
Hopefully someone knows who she is, or at least has some mad detective skills and is intrigued enough to help me find her!
I've even daydreamed about Whang doing a video on this topic, kek

No. 1021640

Samefag to embed the BECK ending. She appears around the very beginning for a couple of seconds, then again at 0:30.

No. 1021646

File: 1641756192989.png (45.34 KB, 491x238, aaa.PNG)

Anyone knows which anime this gif is from? Reverse google doesn't help this time. Gif link (it doesn't upload here): https://64.media.tumblr.com/b9a39f360963d7519ae4f359f41d20f4/tumblr_o0v39nlWMT1uzo729o1_500.gifv

No. 1021647

I found some tags on the same gif for
>Sukitte ii na yo

No. 1021658

An anime style drawing of a woman laying in bed smoking, with a possibly traumatised looking man laying next to her. It was used alot on 4chan and "4chan" was in text over the woman's face and reddit or 9gag written over the man's

No. 1021810

File: 1641766993349.jpg (456.89 KB, 2048x1536, chuu.jpg)

Well, it just says chuu

No. 1021950

File: 1641779395851.png (6.99 KB, 274x184, images.png)

yeah maybe it's a comic?
this is the closest i could find

No. 1022415

Was it a Mama Max video anon? His whole channel is stuff like that.

No. 1022446

Oh I remember this too

No. 1022719

File: 1641850312367.png (14.17 KB, 572x702, greatdrawingskills.png)

Cursed emoji that is standing and crying? Excuse my autistic drawing skills

No. 1022755

Was it this Repzion video? It is from 2020 but it pretty much hits everything else you remember about the video exactly.

No. 1022771

OT but Repzion used to be so cute, what the hell happened? He's clearly balding, but did he also get fat or something? I can't tell, but he looks like shit.

No. 1022793

Anon who cares. If I had to read pedo forums I would probably look bad too.

No. 1022806

He didn't have to read them, he could've just reported them. He did it for content lol

No. 1022842

File: 1641858177918.jpeg (46.99 KB, 300x300, 160A10DC-CC48-4794-AAE9-5DB218…)

Im sorry nonna ive been looking for two hours but I haven’t found anything. Have you searched the manga for clues?
Anyway in my search i came across some fine specimen so it was worth it hmm hmm hmmm

No. 1023173

I don't think anyone will be able to help but for years I have tried tracking down some old comics I've seen. One was from the Victorian era. A woman has dropped something and asks the gentleman next to her if he can pick it up for her, between her corset and all the skirt layers she could not do it herself. The man replies that he can not either, his trousers are too tight so he can't bend over.

Another was from the 1920s. Two men are golfing, in the distance is a flapper also golfing, she has short hair and (at the time) androgynous golf attire. The first man says something to the effect of "check her out", the second man asks how his friend can tell the women apart from the men when the hair and clothing isn't feminine. The first man replies, "by the sex appeal"

No. 1023174

Video of troon streamer screaming bloody murder at his dad for calling him "son" or something

No. 1023212


Not op and I don't have time to find it but the context is a trans chess streamer that gets mad at their father for telling the pizza guy that the streamer is trans and the streamer rages and yells at the father about how he "outed him!!!" Sorry nonny I'm at work so I can't look for it but hopefully this will help someone else find it!

No. 1023231

No. 1023283

Yes thanks nonnie!. Jesus this is so tragic kek

No. 1023758

Ayer. Yes, this is exactly that video

No. 1024152

File: 1641960166626.jpg (24.29 KB, 400x316, tumblr_e98dbbcc899ab33b9e3a7ed…)

this is literally all i can think of

on the topic of tumblr i have been trying for years to find the name of that weird fucking kickstarter around 2013 for some animation that was like people dressed in light up neon street clothes they were like in a club and some straight people tried to fuck after taking some sort of drug that was supposed to stop the straight aids from killing them but it didnt work. there was supposed to be like some sort of gang shit going on with lesbians against gay men or something? this was so big on tumblr for what i felt was a really long time for me to not be able to find fucking anything about it no matter how i look for it. i think it was french. it obviously didnt go anywhere but i remember seeing so many gifsets of it

No. 1024283

I think you're thinking of Urbance. The designs were cool and premise was interesting but imo the voice acting and writing were terrible. I think it was a kickstarter project that fell through because they kept blowing the budget

No. 1024611

Who is the female voice humming on this track? Sounds very familiar, tried to look up on WhoSampled but found nothing. Is it even an actual voice or a sound effect?

No. 1025144

I’m looking for a female Japanese singer/musician from the 1970s/1980s. She was also a poet and made folksy/jazzy music. On one of her album covers where she was wearing something in blue and holding a white cat, standing in a field at night. I found her on an mp3 blog two years ago and now the guy has deleted the blog.

No. 1025196

Yoshiko Sai? She doesn't have a white cat here, but there's a different album cover where she's holding one. (Reposting with the actual album cause it's so good kek)

No. 1025199

File: 1642024936738.jpeg (30.93 KB, 300x300, 65F4E3E9-B7F2-4CAA-A287-B2C449…)


No. 1025200

Also do you have any similar reccs? Not necessarily similar in sound, but in vibes. My favorite mp3 blof is gone and Spotify doesn’t do it for me anymore

No. 1025207

Holy fucking shit how can the audio be so bad with this level of animation? When they’re running it sounds like people clapping, wow, so bad

No. 1025217

Omg nonna this made me so happy, I love that album (and album cover) soooooo much so I totally understand how much you wanted to find it. As for other reccs, this is a great song, and you may like Meiko Kaji. Youtube is tops for Japanese music in general, just click on random suggestions and you'll find gold soon enough.

No. 1025234

carmen maki's poems in the midnight and kim jung mi's now are great albums that might match what you're looking for. maybe some stuff by mina aoe too if you're into enka

No. 1025237

sasurai by hako yamasaki is a good one, i think hissing of summer lawns by joni mitchell (vidrel) fits the vibe too

No. 1025931

I don't remember if it was on the personal lolcow thread or another thread, but someone posted the username of an autistic woman on reddit they followed. The only defining detail I remember is that she would always ask for relationship advice or something and say "my boyfriend" and in the comments would confirm that they've broken up but she still calls him her boyfriend because she didn't agree to the breakup or believes they will still get back together in the end or something. I think she got banned off a bunch of relationship-related subreddits too. I think she was sort of young, maybe in her mid 20s, and is also Christian.

No. 1025995

File: 1642091809687.png (325.08 KB, 750x837, 1576024939906.png)

Wasn't that Alicia Day? I don't remember if she actually had a boyfriend or she was just claiming some guy she was talking to online was her boyfriend. She used to frequent relationship subreddits with sock accounts


No. 1026015

Nah it wasn't Alicia. I remember someone only made a post about this girl on a somewhat related thread. She wasn't that milky, just cringey and autistic

No. 1026310

yes holy shit thank you. even worse than i remember

No. 1026701

does anyone here have a screencap of that tweet saying "toxic masculinity? not me, i paint my nails and use they/them pronouns" pretty please

No. 1026815

Ack! Sorry for the late reply, anon. I think this might be it.. but thank you!

No. 1026867

File: 1642159156346.jpg (42.88 KB, 540x421, dollz.jpg)

This is such a fucking shot in the dark but there was this one dollz website I visited when I was a kid. The creator was one of my favorite artists and I think dollzmania linked her website on their page for awhile. She gave up dollz after turning 20 and made a big announcement post about it and it was the saddest day of my 10 year old life. This was legit 2003-2004 when this happened.
Figured I'd ask any anons who also liked dollz as kids who have savant memories. I doubt her site is up still but thought I might have luck on the wayback machine if I had the name

No. 1026930

I saw an anon recommend a book a while back and its on my mind but i lost it. Apparently was a radfem book and it had the word “survival” or something in the title. The title was basically insinuating that women let go of their dignity and sense of self in this man world to survive. Anyone got a clue what its called?

No. 1026953

a shot in the dark, but Loving To Survive?

No. 1026973

Yes anon its loving to survive thank you sm

No. 1027452

a blonde anime dude that wears black clothes

No. 1027471

File: 1642186354531.jpg (167.17 KB, 735x1045, 4fba8fc07d94d045df762ebc108f1d…)


No. 1027507

No anon, apparently is from a somewhat obscure anime

No. 1027590

Anon that's so fucking vague. Please, be more descriptive.
Maybe one of these dudes

No. 1028266

That channel of a Swedish or Norwegian woman who lives completely rural and makes videos about her live there. I thought her name was Janna or Joanna or something like that but I can't find it. Help? She gets lots of views so it's not an obscure channel or anything like that.

No. 1028271

Is it Jonna Jinton?

No. 1028281

That's it, thanks!

No. 1029083

Please nonnas I'm going crazy trying to remember the name of this meme song I heard a while back… It had the tune of 'I'm a little teapot' and used to that warbaly chiptune soundfont and I think the title was "Christmas ___" something
but it didn't sound like a Christmas song. I only remember it because Joel from Vinesauce would use it a lot as a shitpost song but I can't sit through all the streams to figure out what it is. And it had no lyrics so please don't suggest its one of those cursed kid's songs on Youtube

No. 1029096

No. 1029231

File: 1642309477600.jpg (61.92 KB, 800x516, RATs2-e1642017822522.jpg)

Nonnies I need help finding a 24/7 fancy rat livestream.
Context: so my gf is currently undergoing cancer treatment for her colon and is super upset at her weight loss. She loves rats but can't own one at the moment so I've been looking for livestreams on youtube about rats but can't find any, do any of you know of any I can show her to cheer her up and keep her distracted?

No. 1029251

hi anon i tried but usually i find 24/7 pet streams in other languages so i cant search it as easy but here is one stream and mice/hamster not rats that actually is live:
this one is videos:
after some digging in korean or jap i finally found one streamer for fancy rats with hour long videos:

No. 1029309

omg yes anon that's it! It was driving me crazy

No. 1029605

File: 1642348015915.png (25.6 KB, 176x102, gackt.PNG)

picrel is a screenshot of a YouTube thumbnail with Gackt. Gackt on there reminds me of some woman with his looks, I'm not sure if the woman I'm being reminded of is a singer or if it's from a meme template, but I think it's one of those two. Please tell me you see it too, and please tell me who Gackt reminds me of. I first wanted to ignore it, but I get this video suggested pretty much all the time, so I'm taking it as a sign to investigate.

No. 1029638

is there any more info, some articles or this was just heard through the grapevine?

I actually found her deviantart and insta with some very quick digging around.

The whole KirbyAngel early youtube weeb sensation seems to have inflated her ego.
She's an illustrator now, but looks like she's also been a "model", "singer" and a "vlogger". Probably a cosplayer too.

No. 1029744

WOW anon, thank you so much! I'm so grateful, I can't wait to show her. Thanks again!!

No. 1029793

File: 1642358220388.png (433.19 KB, 500x438, 421CDBF6-CC47-459C-B04E-6AA4DB…)

What is this from? Game name?

No. 1029800

Baroque for PS2

No. 1029803

kekkkk sorry anon I don't know but the caption made me lol

No. 1029842

File: 1642360415097.jpg (53.41 KB, 500x500, original.jpg)

does anyone remember why she got cancelled on tumblr? zoomers trying to rewrite history saying she pretended to be black?i was on tumblr in 2014 and i know she got cancelled on tumblr after she became insta famous because she said the n-word in an old tumblr post that was "little white girls saying "n-word" in the halls" and she defended herself by saying she meant to make fun of how white middle schoolers use the n word so casually which at the time didnt seem convincing but now that i'm thinking back it makes perfect sense. She never pretended to be black? I'm suspecting the "pretended to be black" thing is coming from them going through yourfavisproblematic or sth seeing "cancelled for using aave" and misinterpreting it as her talking in some racist black person voice when what it really was is these dumbass blogs on tumblr deeming all popular internet slang and vernacular at the time as AAVE and cancelling people for saying "y'all", not saying black culture didnt shape the internet slang during the time but you know it becomes internet slang when 3rd world country ESLs who dont know what aave is start saying it online, it was internet culture just like how zoomers do that "mommy?sorry mommny?" thing from tiktok. She for sure used aave online just like every single tumblr user but its an olmypic reach to say someone "pretended to be black".

No. 1029867

File: 1642361629148.png (473.54 KB, 818x662, pepe.png)

No. 1029965

File: 1642369859825.jpeg (64.11 KB, 720x666, 0F5E2FBB-F3A2-4C3D-9B52-2A5F14…)

No. 1029969

Im assuming anon wants her current @ but sperged out and forgot to ask

No. 1030162

File: 1642390432547.jpeg (236.77 KB, 1513x1513, 466EF4E4-972F-4280-8A9A-BEECB9…)

pretty sure that's the fat girl from euphoria

No. 1030164

Wtf are you even asking

No. 1030172

It is lol Barbie Ferreira

No. 1030203

Does everyone in euphoria look terrible and not like a teenager?

No. 1030223

I think she’s cute (for a chonker)

No. 1030276

File: 1642399282729.jpg (32.13 KB, 240x320, 44bf7821b5ad529de9113fee4e6e90…)

Not sure if this is what you're looking for, but he reminds me of Takarazuka actresses, like picrel. I think her name is Asami Hikaru