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No. 1288369

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.

Previous threads

No. 1288374

File: 1659567471459.jpg (156.22 KB, 700x681, IMG_20220421_023028.jpg)

asked this previously but does anyone know where this pic is from, i saw a anon post this possible yaoi? and i cant find any source for this.

No. 1288515

File: 1659575291656.jpg (84.36 KB, 600x855, 1699285_12589182.jpg)

No. 1288543

What's another good site to watch cartoons free that's not Kisscartoon? I'm trying to find new episodes of a show but they only have 3 so far

No. 1288552

Soap2day or moviecrumbs.net maybe

No. 1288826

Thank you nonnie.
I use soap2day too.

No. 1289220

That one gif of two puppys (I think?) play fighting, and one of them suddenly tapping out (I think because it had to sneeze or scratch or something?) and the other puppy immediately stopping, just to get back into it right afterwards after puppy 1 has done the thing it stopped for.

No. 1292713

Anyone seen a vid about a chilean i think, because of her accent but idk woman who is answering something like in tiktok and at some point she says she Lost two teeth because of sucking dick and She's about to laugh but they edited a scream in it instead kek

No. 1293500

File: 1659911114981.jpeg (234.07 KB, 564x452, 04C1FC7F-19E8-47BC-8A6C-3951EC…)

I will be breaking every bone in my body in slow succession over the course of the next three days if nobody can give me the sauce on this (please)

No. 1293506

noo nona don't break every bone in your body ur so sexy aha

No. 1293509

Congratulations, you have unlocked the secret oracle. Your family will be blessed for three generations and immune from all hexes/curses etc

No. 1293519

File: 1659912332472.jpg (218.25 KB, 800x800, 4-milkjoy-cute-stationery-stic…)

Someone made a diy notebook tutorial with the stickers on yt if you don't want to pay $18 + shipping. But they are very cute and tempting to buy…

No. 1293526

thank you so much for your blessing secret oracle… it is very much appreciated
but for real though: download the aliexpress app and use the search by image function. I didn't find it right away but noticed some other items with Milkjoy in the title, so I searched for milkjoy planner a6 instead and voila

No. 1294426

Nonnies I need your help, there used to be this guy in the mid-late 2010s who went around online pretending to be a boomer on several social medias and left funny comments on those and articles and such, he had like a stock photo of an old man to represent him and i remember at one point there was a subreddit dedicated to him, his name was something generic but funny like Ken Jones or something like that i don’t really remember he was kind of like a boomer dril and basically started the trend of people pretending to be lost boomers online. He would also get into arguments with people and just say nonsensical shit, please help.

No. 1294431

I think you're thinking of Ken M

No. 1294436

Yes that’s it thank you so much!

No. 1294771


There's a subreddit that gathers his posts. There's also NotKenM

No. 1294876

Thank you. I don’t normally like cutesy stuff and think a lot of aliexpress stuff is wasteful but I really wanted to know who made that, it’s cute.

No. 1294987

File: 1660018968541.png (64.5 KB, 1000x1000, SB-Aqueous-100g-Tub.png)

Looking for pic related that will sell to USA or is already in the USA. All I keep finding is aussie sites. At the least a product with the same 4 ingredients.

No. 1295149

Pressed powder compact, drugstore brand, has been sold for many years, compact is oval shaped and dark blue. Does anyone know?

No. 1295164

File: 1660037139842.jpg (145.97 KB, 836x1049, Screenshot_20220809-022453_Gal…)

Nevermind, I remembered. It's discontinued rip

No. 1295286

I've had this scene from a movie in my head for years but can not for the life of me remember its name!
The scene I remember vividly was a creature coming out of a wound on a womens leg.
I can't remember what language though. It wasn't in English at least.
All I can remember of the plot was this woman had an injury on her leg which progressively got worse as the film continued. Eventually it was revealved that people were using her as a way to open a portal to a demon or something? I think it ended with her dying in a pit/being born in a hospital. It for sure had a Beth Gibbons song playing in the credits because I remember my mum got really excited to hear it.
If anyone has any clues or ways to look for this (I've already tried looking at Beth Gibbons on IMDB etc.) it would be greatly appreciated.

No. 1295486

File: 1660048334227.jpeg (869.7 KB, 1170x2137, 4654E6D4-4440-482C-BE98-D494F5…)

Are you sure you weren’t thinking of picrel? Its aquasmooth It’s not discounted. I used to use this all the time in like sixth grade, nostalgic.

No. 1295691

Yeah, I'm sure. I was wrong about it being dark blue. I've been wanting to try that Aquasmoothers stuff, but I don't need it. Thanks tho!!

No. 1296288

File: 1660085733308.jpeg (147.05 KB, 1125x1612, DA087B97-B6D6-4AFB-890D-0FC0AF…)

Nonnas help, English isn’t my first or second language and I cannot remember what this style of photography is called or how it’s done, it’s just an old point and shoot I figure but I want to find more similar pics and take my own, danke!

No. 1296296

Deleted to complement.
I think it's called lomography movement.

"True lomography uses analog film cameras to create soft-focus images with bright colors. Though the word “lomography” is often used to refer to the art of taking photos with analog cameras marketed by The Lomographic Society International, the word is being increasingly used to describe any photography that uses cheap and quirky cameras.

This unusual style of photography allows enthusiasts, or lomographers, as they are called, to incorporate techniques such as distortion, blurring, and multiple exposures into their photos. Ironically, these methods are all considered to be “bad” in conventional photography. However, lomographers abide by the “Don’t Think, Just Shoot” philosophy that enables them to take quirky, interesting shots from unusual angles and in different lighting conditions."


No. 1296311

You wore foundation regularly in sixth grade?

No. 1296315

nta but I did that in 7th (13yo) grade as an emo bitch, feels wild to me now as I never wear that shit anymore. I was insecure as shit wtf

No. 1296404

A song. The singer was a black woman. The MV switched between her being a mermaid and running around the city in a white (wedding?) dress. Pretty sure it's from the 80s.

No. 1296416

Always loved the mermaid scene.
Sade- No Ordinary Love

No. 1296420

Exactly it, thanks!

No. 1296423

Thank you for reminding me of this

No. 1296730

File: 1660134542682.webm (2.51 MB, 480x480, 1658256376386.webm)

Reposting from the prev thread

Finding an animated short. It was an animatic (as in, it didn't have any in-between frames, just key frames) and it was full-colour. The art style kind of looked tumblr-y and had some amateur voice-acting. It kind of looked like it was made by a teenager or somebody in their early 20s. It started with a couple of teenage girls surrounding a table in a diner. They talk about whether they've 'done it' yet, making the audience feel like they're talking about losing their virginity, but it's then quickly revealed they're talking about murdering someone. They talk about murdering people in different ways. One of the ways described I think was cutting someone's throat and letting them bleed out into the school's swimming pool

No. 1297282

Does anyone have that picture of Chris Evans where he is shirtless and Spongebob (it could have been plankton) is licking his abs?

No. 1297359

Creepy book about a maiden who awakes one night hearing a voice, calling her to the village cemetery. The voice instructs her to start digging and she digs up this terrifying dead man. He climbs onto her back, ordering her to go to this one house, where a man lives with his three sons, and he has the maiden drain blood from the sons, to bring him back to life? Something like that. It was illustrated and it absolutely haunted me for years

No. 1297360

File: 1660172635366.jpg (118.57 KB, 736x1316, fb10c7b954d61fce53e60d506f4f11…)

Anyone know this one douyin make up artist? She does heavily edited make up photos but in an artistic way, all of them are very maximalist and unique. She had something like uncle or aunt in her username maybe? I found her on ig but she's from chinese tiktok originally. Picrel not her

No. 1297394

There's thousand of douyin makeup artists who fit that description nonna, how's anyone supposed to find her without a pic? Do you have a screenshot or anything from her video(s)? I frequent douyin so I might be able to recognise her.

No. 1297540

File: 1660187869994.jpeg (38.7 KB, 639x508, CI8kDM4UsAEM1h7.jpeg)

is this it? I typed "Chris Evans spongebob" into twitter search and clicked on images tab. easy peasy.

No. 1297581

File: 1660191377798.jpeg (154.76 KB, 1132x868, 25EA7664-E2B2-4923-B11F-12F42B…)

Need the stock photo crying Chad

No. 1297608

File: 1660193134238.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1212, 362.png)

best i could find

No. 1297621

Now you know damn well

No. 1297647

File: 1660195814991.jpeg (15.55 KB, 258x195, 0DC0729D-5214-4CA6-9489-2C3458…)

No. 1297666

LMAO wait I'm sorry I see what you meant now

No. 1297669

Absolute disrespect.

No. 1297883

Come on anon, do the youtube search yourself

No. 1297901

a few days ago somebody posted a long tumblr post about steps of normalizing pedophilia in society i can't find it now but it was very good

No. 1297904

That was yesterday in the tinfoil thread, here u go

No. 1297915


No. 1298896

Any one has that comic strip about how a woman says she doesn't know how to enjoy sex outside performing "sexy" or something like that? It's colored in pink

No. 1298899

two dudes dancing side to side but it's kind of like cut that way? maybe to one way or another by blondie
maybe the part around 2:37

No. 1299232

A manga about two highschoolers with a box that warps through time, the girl is in present time and the guy is in the past, the two give each letters about themselves and hope to met eachother on the day of graduation, turns out that her teacher was the guy she wrote with, she wrote to his past self and he realised that she was who he was talking to

No. 1299558


No. 1299565

File: 1660319497566.png (1.42 MB, 974x3899, 15FD858E-BB05-410F-AC14-F347C3…)

No. 1299571

Thank you!!!!

No. 1299610

this comic really impacted me positively years ago. i genuinely think it probably stopped me from ever thinking any genderspecial thoughts.

No. 1299648

This is lowkey making mw cry
How do I unlearn that

No. 1300137

Thank you nonna!!

No. 1302124

An African song, not sure which area, it’s got a “music video” that’s pretty popular on YouTube. it starts out with the village using everyday chore objects to make a beat(one is hitting some metal for sure) it goes kinda slow then the beat drops and there’s some men in a circle at one point playing drums talking about how the king needs more rice or something

No. 1302264

Maybe spending some time in /g/ to figure out what men you like

No. 1302480

I found it

No. 1305842

File: 1660719189979.jpg (45.84 KB, 508x800, 1659183867329.jpg)

Who's the artist for this PnF fanart?

No. 1305854

No. 1305877

This one rap song that opens up with a bunch of rappers talking about how they'd torture some guy. There was one funny line about sticking a hot iron in the guy's ass and the rapper impersonating a sizzling sound like SSST.

No. 1306533

m.e.t.h.o.d. man by wu tang clan

No. 1306544

Thanks nonnie! What a deranged song, kek

No. 1306553

Kek the only reason I know is because my Nigel has it in his playlist and it’s always the song I don’t wanna hear for the beginning haha. So creepy

No. 1306804

File: 1660789165779.jpg (632.29 KB, 1600x1200, fatestaywallpaper.jpg)

Nonna's help, what do you call these type of wallpapers (and that font,) I'm mentally back in 8th grade and typing in old anime wallpaper and similar words just keeps on getting me things I rather not see (naruto and loli shit)

No. 1306900

The aloof dog in the beanie. What’s the name of the aloof dog in the beanie.

No. 1306912

File: 1660796578126.jpg (201.57 KB, 1000x1080, old-typewriter-font-vintage-gr…)

Old typewriter fonts?

No. 1306936

File: 1660798822849.gif (7.6 MB, 382x498, EA8B9621-7215-4E29-835A-5D90BF…)

is it this?

No. 1306977

he looks like a person, wow

No. 1307004

Um I just meant parappa but thank you

No. 1308581

File: 1660914817670.jpg (74.71 KB, 851x816, 02.jpg)

Does anyone have a similar image, something that looks like a "weird" girl explaining some unhinged stuff to an indifferent guy

No. 1308592

Looking for a stock image I saw once before but despite all the keywords I can think of I can't find it again, if anyone finds it please tell me what they googled so I can find the source because I can't find it for the life of me kek

>Redhead young adult woman in what I think was a desert or sandy background with plain blue sky, in daytime

>Fire burning in background while she's looking away with (iirc?) a mug in her hand
>Looking like she's ignoring the fire
>Wearing red sweater or hoodie

No. 1308596

File: 1660916315974.jpeg (137.19 KB, 800x565, AE1NgUJ.jpeg)

Try searching "emo anime wallpapers" but refine your search to everything before 2012. The font reminds me of Mom's Typewriter

No. 1308601

File: 1660916554682.jpg (519.41 KB, 1080x1927, emo-wallpaper-search.jpg)

Just type in before:YYYY-MM-DD and you'll get whatever was posted before that date

No. 1311051

Looking for a childrens' fictional book series. It's about a girl who's parents are marine researchers so they live on a boat specifically to research dolhpins. Google searching with this little info only brings up non-fiction, maybe someone here recognizes it?

No. 1311282

File: 1661117425034.jpg (69.78 KB, 720x714, 1581602325632.jpg)

Bump don't scroll

No. 1311437

dolphin diaries?

No. 1312509

I want to watch that OLD here comes the sun studio ghibli amv made BEFORE 2008 with studio ghibli movies. Not the dogshit one by moezy-chan. I'm seething it got removed

No. 1314237

On one of the movie night's there was this anime which was about a girl who suddenly finds herself as the bride of a cat prince/king? I seem to recall that the cat was wearing a top hat but not sure. It looked like a Ghibli movie but I don't think it was

No. 1314275

If anyone is STILL looking for a decent anime streaming site, check out animedao.to

No. 1314285

File: 1661347423370.jpg (474.39 KB, 1181x1600, jfj.jpg)

Neko no Ongaeshi, a ghibli movie.

No. 1314289

that's it, thank you!!

No. 1314593

Just call it The Cat Returns you fucking weeb.

No. 1316166

When I was little I had a DVD that had three cartoons in it and they were all in Spanish. the cover had a pig and a chicken on a farm. There was this one cartoon that had two birds that were lovers, and the woman bird gets kicked out the man birds house and she starts crying. The house was a tree house and I remember the cartoon having really pretty visuals. The cartoon was in color and looked to be like it was from the 50s-60s and the audio was kind of grainy.

No. 1316213

I saw a thumbelina movie? show? I think movie when I was young. it was either in black and white or super desaturated but probably black and white. the part with the mole really creeped me out, the entire movie was (visually) dark and the old music and sound effect choices made it all seem "off." She escapes the mole and is walking through the snow crying. that's pretty much all I remember. I haven't even able to find any proof of its existence and I wonder if I made it up

No. 1316279

There was an ultra low budget Thumbelina from 1970 made for a theme park (?) that is super unsettling and creepy, it could be this one. There is a scene of her in the snow around 2:53. I only know of it because of Rifftrax (where they talk over the movie and make jokes) and this is the only clip I could find.

No. 1316286

unfortunately I think the one I may or may not have made up was animated, but thank you for this link anon I like weird stuff like this

No. 1316298

File: 1661450009524.jpg (1.36 MB, 3000x2238, thumbelina_mole.jpg)

it wasn't this one?

No. 1316300

File: 1661450071132.jpg (33.64 KB, 500x391, thumbelina_bw.jpg)

i think some versions are B/W , but i remember this movie with the sparrow. the mole kidnaps her to make her a bride i think

No. 1316302

nta but I hate this movie so fucking much that if someone out there decided to create a time traveling machine I'd use it to kill all the people involved in the making of this piece of shit movie.

No. 1316344

Sorry anon. If you want to keep looking, check out the “movie connections” list on any Thumbelina movie on imdb, I believe it shows most of the other Thumbelina adaptions, including an anime and a Soviet-era animation. Lotte Reiniger also did a silhouette animation of the story. One of those might be your white whale. Good luck.

No. 1316426

Glad to help
Until you said that I had no idea how it's called in English because I'm not American, nonnie-chan.

No. 1316649

I’ve been trying to find an animated short film for years. I think saw it on a cartoon channel when I was a kid. It was a young girl and her pet and she lived in an underground city. Everyone lives underground for some reason. At the end she escapes through a hatch to the surface and sees plants and flowers and leaves to explore the surface on a flying skateboard or something. Maybe I imagined it kek because I’ve searched for years and can’t seem to find it.

No. 1317117

File: 1661496974678.png (96.83 KB, 612x388, 1655689973258.png)

Saw this on the caps thread. What's the source of the pic?

No. 1317175

Ask on the yaoi or husbando thread

No. 1317184

Pink Heart Jam by Shikke.

No. 1317731

Apps to learn japanese?

No. 1319007

File: 1661666248209.png (578.14 KB, 677x945, index.png)

looking for the comic of cgl-tan opening her closet to her weeb shrine. i think one panel had her hugging a statue of pixyteri? was drawn by this artist iirc

No. 1319298

File: 1661706378682.png (24.18 KB, 547x669, kinda like this.PNG)

A pic that was posted in one of the /m/assacred threads. No idea if it was deemed good or bad lol. Anime style, two people wearing hoodies hugging each other kinda like picrel, one of them having their hands around the waist of the other one, the other one squishing their cheeks, though they both looked like some catwalk models at the viewer. The colors were vibrant, I think lots of orange and purple?. I think red was a bit closer nestled to blue, but I can't do perspective, so that's that.

No. 1319828

This one is random but I liked her videos. Hoping she didn't get nuked:

White girl with long dyed black hair on TikTok that is a contortionist and does fitness and stretching videos.

No. 1319831

No. 1319892

bless u nonny, luv u

No. 1320231

File: 1661785444408.jpeg (34.46 KB, 640x744, 1A979A8C-1699-44C2-88A6-69DAA7…)

What is this webtoon mfers name

No. 1320274


No. 1320278

Does anyone remember that one anon who accidentally posted a transcript of herself changing her baby’s nappy? Does anyone know where to find it? It was one of my favourite funny moments on the farms

No. 1320312

I remember this, it's one of my favourites too! It was a reddit post though. I don't have it but hopefully this detail can help someone else find it.

No. 1320320


No. 1320365

Mwah mwah

No. 1320366

“Accidentally” have you lost your touch with shitposts?

No. 1320855

anime forum wallpaper ahahaha
check minitokyo if you haven't. tons of wallpapers like that there since the site is so ancient

No. 1320888

I recall part of an animated music video where a guy was looking at a woman was laying on a bed (he was expecting sex maybe?) and she opens her legs and her vagina turns into a monster with a bunch of teeth and eats him/rips him apart(?) I just remembered it randomly and want to find out which music video it was. I don't even recall what the music sounded like. I just know it's not Kids, DYE Fantasy or Turn the lights out by Tall Hall, I'm stumped.

No. 1320894

I don't know what pic that could be referring to, maybe dig through the fujo/yaoi threads, it might've been cover art for a BL manga or something

No. 1321084

File: 1661859950024.jpg (53.83 KB, 1280x720, cattt.jpg)

What happened to this Asian ASMR channel on YouTube which had cute pets eat expensive food, like steaks, crocodile meat, etc? They always had only black background and white floor, everything looked minimalistic. Picrel is its most popular video, I cannot find the channel anymore but I only see the reuploads of people claiming that it's their video when it isn't.
Was there some sort of drama? I am just curious. I don't even know it's original name.

No. 1321088

those channels sometimes are pretty dark,maybe it's good you can't find it.

No. 1321468

File: 1661888309962.png (208.87 KB, 233x649, harissa.png)

EU nonnas I'm trying to find my childhood detangling balm. It was in a RED tube like in picrel, I think there's was black outline of a curly woman drawn too. It was sold at the drug store over 10/15 years ago so it was cheap. Does it spark a memory?

No. 1321472

I was always concerned that feeding the kittens that much food was probably not good for them. I remember claire from creamheros not allowing her significantly more developed kittens to have anything but milk from their mother for their health so I was always uncomfortable by such young kittens eating solid foods.

No. 1321524

File: 1661892187816.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4032x3024, 9D4494DB-DEE2-4EB2-8890-B1F9FB…)

I just saw a documentary by arte and i need this shirt. Anyone know the brand?

No. 1321525

File: 1661892210589.jpeg (1.07 MB, 4032x3024, DDC128E1-5B36-449B-81B0-8E8FC9…)

No. 1321616

File: 1661897855290.jpg (44.62 KB, 384x386, 12010.jpg)

Does anybody recognise this Undertale fanartist? This is a cropped portion of a painting of Chara, and Asriel should be there too if I remember correctly.

No. 1322611

I don't think the thread was made for my kind of request but I'm trying to find someone on social media and I'm not sure how to go about it. It's a French pedo who groomed me over the internet when I was 13-14 and he was 27. Thankfully it didn't go any further than sexually charged convos on MSN but I was legit in love with this guy at the time (or I thought I was anyway). He got arrested for sexually abusing a young girl and got sent to prison before he could come to my country, thank fuck. (He looked up the age of consent here before deciding to come, barf)

Anyway, he's got a common name and I can't seem to find him.
What I know about him : his real name, his nationality, his age, his face, the prison he spent time in and when (I sent him a letter when he was in prison at the time…)

I'm feeling a lot of guilt about not denouncing him and I want to know what he's up to, I'm hoping he's in prison obviously

No. 1322620

Try the stalking thread

No. 1322837

does anyone have that post collage of that one TIF who "immediately detransitioned" upon discovering femdom

No. 1323021

File: 1662015640196.jpg (312.35 KB, 1320x820, 1598444409941.jpg)

It was posted in >>>/g/149017

Spoiler for sorta OT vent but I hate that 4chan scrotes have probably compiled this, it's so fucking gross (heh). I wouldn't mind if it had been women but you just know the moids fetishize this kind of woman and see her as a waifu of sorts. And like every 4chan girl she probably humored them because she was a pickme. I just hope she's doing fine now and doesn't touch 4chan anymore. I also hate that males with a tomboy fetish always try to hijack nerd fetish threads on /co/. In fact I hate it every time males try to hijack threads that are by and for women. Remembering it makes me appreciate lolcow more.

No. 1323879

File: 1662107279208.png (436.67 KB, 548x659, E-9.png)

some screenshot twitter post going like "why are you as man on social media, twitter is a female space"

No. 1324045

insane pickme levels here honestly no offense

No. 1324597

I found Heilung's original version of this song on Spotify, but this trailer with the woman's voice angrily chanting is miles and miles better. So fucking cathartic and I need more music exactly like this. Might be a shot in the dark, but if you know of any song or band with unhinged and angry women's voices, especially if they're shouting or chanting, please share.

No. 1324725

File: 1662159948206.jpg (226.5 KB, 1536x2048, 302720641_10158673045601433_80…)

pic for attention.

I've been trying to find this old school youtube video of a girl that did like "girl versions" of songs. she did 3oh!3 covers and a shake it cover. she looked kinda scene and was so cute she was my youtube crush back in the day. she made videos like the youtuber wastetimechasingcars but she just pitched the songs up and did cute little dances.

i wna show my fiance her videos bc he wasn't youtube savvy as a teen.

idk when i watched her but it was between 2006-2010

No. 1325229

I mean yeah, since she used to be an self-hating Aiden it was obvious. I love her work but I hate that she caters so much to moids even when it's supposed to be self-indulgent (also like many female NSFW artists on Twitter). Though she doesn't do it that much anymore so it seems (I hope) she's getting cured of her pickeism little by little.

No. 1325820

File: 1662231538859.jpg (333.59 KB, 1024x480, Liminal_6.jpg)

Long shot because I don't remember a lot and I don't remember the actors, but here goes. Trying to find a movie from the early late 90s/early 2000s. It starts with teenage boy's family who live in a house like picrel, preparing to throw party that he doesn't like/care about. He's a anti-social, kinda weird and so are his friends, they all dress sorta alternatively. They want to commit a crime of some sort (don't remember what it was) and the whole movie is about that and their relationships. I kinda remember a scene where a boy and girl hook up and the boy falls our of the window and then they hurt him or smth? Sorry, I watched it as a kid and only have really vague memory of it. If I was to compare it to other movies it would be The Hole (2001) because of the subject matter being dark and cast being young and Edward Scissorhands because of the liminal/fake look and feel that the set had.

No. 1326509

Can a bored anon edit this as if it were a kawaii-sanrio-McDonald's-core pic? Please. >>1326371

No. 1326654

File: 1662291794722.jpeg (67.12 KB, 480x477, A41E580C-8568-437C-B364-E04747…)

I remember watching a YouTube series called ‘To catch a simp’ where some Moid would use photos from an obese woman and catfish men into acting pathetic on tindr. I think the series was taken down on YouTube and uploaded to a different website. Does anyone have a link to these videos? I want to see attractive men act pathetically

No. 1326656

Is she still uploading art on twitter? What’s her @?

No. 1326813

File: 1662304001389.jpg (41.73 KB, 398x397, nm.jpg)

anyone who the person in picrel is

No. 1326815

nona this is 100% an ai generated image

No. 1326824

I'm so fucking embarrassed by other straight women. They just can't be normal. If only they could incorporate being disgusted by fat ugly men and chasing jocks into their personality as a part of their "gay boy" larp. We need to conversion camp these girls with electroshock therapy, or else they won't stop making all of us look bad. They need to learn to be embarrassed about wanting to suckle the sebum out of an incel's cystic acne or have their hearts bear the 2000 volt weight of my electric whip.

No. 1326884

Looks like an AI generated version of Björn Andrésen

No. 1326889

I thought that too

No. 1326920

File: 1662313109143.png (211.18 KB, 543x545, 1661.png)

that's depressing, how'd you know in was AI generated in the first place

No. 1326922

because he looks insane and not real not in the way one would be drawn/digitally painted because of the nonsense in the back that doesnt look like anything. or i could be wrong and thats his arm holding a cigarette with a large ring badly drawn

No. 1326939

Honestly how can you not tell? The pic looks like a forensic artist put it all together, it looks all weird and wonky and creepy and shit.

No. 1327027

What's your picture from?

No. 1327575

Its an edit of a scene from blade runner 2049

No. 1327870

I cant find the leaked texts of Ezra Miller telling someone that he was trying to take down that Icelandic cult and that the media are lying about him. I've combed the recent celebricows thread and I still cant find it, can someone help me?

No. 1327899

anon its literally in the thread OP of the recent thread, read the OP summary.

No. 1329929

a thread on /g/ (i think) about our personal style where anons were posting examples of outfits they wear every day. I've used the catalog and the search function but I'm retarded

No. 1332139

did you mean this one >>189885

No. 1332189

File: 1662679039101.jpg (82.51 KB, 460x614, 59011831de66356de23913b58e99a0…)

Does anyone have a trusty modded/cracked full Clip Paint Studio APK download for Android? sorry for asking again

No. 1332921

I'm looking for an early 2000s pc game. I think was a barbie game but maybe I'm wrong. You had a band with your schoolmates and you had to create songs from time to time while the story progressed. The band would often hang out at a cafe/diner.

No. 1332925

somebody please make a new one. are we allowed? i hope so

No. 1332930

There is more recent one, lemme try to find it

No. 1332968

Looking for a shitty 3D animation kid's movie that came out before 2010. It's most likely European.
The plot is that, at the start of the movie, there's a young girl who's nice to her parents/grandma and dresses pink and pretty. Then puberty hits her and she goes goth/emo and traverses through Hell knows where to stop being emo/get through puberty. I recall it looking like a 3D rip-off of Growing Up Creepie and it had very simplistic backgrounds.
Thank you to anyone who can help!

No. 1333111

Doesn't have to exact but I'm looking for a daily planner app or website that use the pie chart/circle layout and you could just drag and drop in stuff, grab the ends to control the time. I remember there being one like that, but I can only find ones that you manually input the time into

No. 1333116

Oh shit! I remember watching this. But I dont know the name. Doesn't she become a zombie?

No. 1333117

File: 1662738796201.jpg (67.12 KB, 425x606, images.jpg)

Is it this one?

No. 1333175

I don't think it is, but thank you lots for a new movie on my to-watch list!
The movie I'm talking about looks 10x worse in quality than this one and the colors were worse, it was super cheap looking. And had only one part, I believe

No. 1333895

File: 1662788120000.png (1.04 MB, 1018x768, song by.png)

Anyone who can read japanese kanji, could you please tell me what this says? thank you!

No. 1333924

song by 内田有紀

No. 1333941

Thank you anon!!!! this helps a lot!

No. 1333963

No. 1333993

thank you very much…! Now I can't find the song though, I tried searching it but could only find this ad

No. 1333994

File: 1662793173088.jpg (1.82 MB, 1895x3000, MV5BZTliNWJhM2YtNDc1MC00YTk1LW…)

This might be a long shot but does anyone know which thread it was that we were discussing Us, Nope, Get Out, and Them? It was about 24 hours ago in /ot/.

No. 1334014

Mundane shit?

No. 1334050

Thank you!!

No. 1334135

The song is called Da.i.su.ki by Yuki Uchida. You're welcome nonny

No. 1334177

I’m looking for this Japanese music video from like the early 2000s and she’s dancing in this room that is all the same all around I thought it was by Hikaru Utada but I can’t seem to find it so it may not even be by her

No. 1334251

How you lose an /ot/ thread in a single day

No. 1334321

I posted this in stupid questions but it makes more sense here. Does anyone remember back in like 2016 a “cringe complation” type guy on YouTube with a name like Annihilation Radio or Genocide Radio or some dumb shit? This was so long ago so don’t judge me for liking this material back then. He was definitely an alt right type of guy and his “compilations” were really good for that type of content; troons, perverts, shit like that more than just slam poetry or weebs. He definitely spoke in the videos too and had a stupid artificial sounding deep voice. His videos were quite well edited and like i said, featured way more perverts to mock than the average one back then. Anyone have the slightest idea who I mean? The name was definitely something World or Radio.

No. 1334326

super late reply sorry, it was the same concept but more recent. It was active last spring

No. 1334367

what do you mean all the same all around?

No. 1334659

I couldn't think of anything EXACTLY like what you asked, but here's some songs that came to my mind.
Buttress - Brutus, Pilgrims by the Millions and Funeral
DakhaBrakha - Vesna (Live on KEXP) (this one contains a man, but it's mostly women singing. Great buildup)
Tautumeitas - Raganu Nakts
Dakh Daughters "Rozy / Donbass" (live acoustic)
Virtual Mima Voice Version - Perfect Blue OST (not as angry, but hypnotising)
Nico Vega | Bioshock Infinite - Beast of America (love the intro)
Sheena Ringo - Tsumi To Batsu/Crime And Punishment
Folknery - Karchata
Also not really chanty, but Screaming Females has an interesting sound.

No. 1334715

File: 1662838235807.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2366, 118A6CCA-709D-49D2-BE49-B97B30…)

I mean like picrel

No. 1334741

I think it might have been deleted? I remember posting in the newer one but i can't find it at all.

No. 1334746

oh. automatic by utada fits.

No. 1334755

Go_A - SHUM isn't angry but it is very chanty and folksy.

No. 1334768

Ty, but no that wasn’t it. It didn’t have any English singing in it at all and if I’m remembering correctly the background was a bit lighter like light blue almost silver.

No. 1334770

all of their music is genuinely so good, I've been unabashedly listening to Ukrainian edm folk music for over a year now. There's truly nothing else like it.

No. 1334895

Reaction image of that smug blonde anime dude wearing sunglasses

No. 1334926

Does anyone have the "i might be a bit retarded but yeah" anime image reaction? I want to save it for my collection, thanks

No. 1334928

I love this! Thank you, I'll have a look into more of their stuff!

No. 1334930

thank you so much nonnie I owe you my entire life!!!!!!

No. 1334954

Glad you like them nonnie!!

No. 1335504

Theres a japanese mcdonalds video called "bloomin rooing" or something, it was like a fan made song edited together of the japanese mcdonald clown. It was on youtube but I'm not sure if it is anymore and I know the date was around 2009-2011.

No. 1335508

Found it heres a reuploud

No. 1335512

It's a comedy british tiktok from this irl historical educational village with young actors, a male actor does a cheery dance (a la singin' in the rain) while the caption is something like "me after selling arsenic all day" with the implication people are buying it to poison their husbands

I searched for this awhile ago with all the related keywords and got nothing, it went viral so hopefully another anon has seen it

No. 1335523

File: 1662890264001.jpg (654.08 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20220911_055819.jpg)

No. 1335529

File: 1662891012149.jpg (194.46 KB, 689x1024, lispector.jpg)

I think it's a mixture of Bjorn Andresen and Clarice Lispector (or maybe a faceapp filter added on to this picture of her?)

No. 1335534

File: 1662892063836.jpg (164.1 KB, 800x1155, 211267-lego-friends-windows-fr…)

LEGO Friends based on Lego Scala dolls

No. 1335583

This is hysterical

No. 1335603

Is this what happens to your brain when you have kids
>i love you my poopy boy

No. 1335762

what was the name of that japanese website where you can buy used/second hand clothes of alternative japanese brands? it had a pretty dated platform. it isn't mercari

No. 1335763

I just remembered complaining about losing some astrology compatiblity site in the Mundane Shit Thread a few months ago and said I'll go ask in the Help Me Find One, so here I am, three months later. Post in question is >>1189398 by the way. As I said, it's an astrology compatibility tool. Here are the things I remember about it
>very simply website design
>only black text on a white background
>i think barely or even no pictures at all
>described every single aspect in detail
>not an app
>had a numerology tool on that webpage, too
>gave a compatibility percentage, though i'm not sure if this was from the numerology tool or the astrology one
>not the astrotheme one
>you could actually input the birth times all by yourself instead of having to choose out of a set list for your partner

No. 1335764


No. 1335879

closet child?

No. 1335891

This is probably not it, but your post made me think of this video. Most of the video is in a hair salon, but it does have that kind of background at some points.

No. 1336030

I don't have TikTok so can't search properly but this sounds like it might be the Black Country Living Museum, maybe if you look through their account you might be able to find it?

No. 1336061

Oh my god that's it! Thank you so much anon.

No. 1336240

this may be way off, but are you thinking of mbok?

No. 1336298

I'm having trouble finding a painting. It's a pretty popular painting that you might see in an art history class. Im pretty sure it's a bauhaus artist. It's of a big abstract monster that I think is green and has elements of female anatomy.

No. 1336303

What a banger, thank you for sharing

No. 1336316

File: 1662941092609.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x375, 1651005405135.jpg)

Death to moids

No. 1336808

That's the right account, thank you nonita I will try and find it!

No. 1336976

anyone know the name of the youtube series that goes thru pixyteri from the beginning ? like the chris chan comprehensive history by geno samuels but for pixyteri? can't find it thru searching

No. 1337091

pls…. i swear did i imagine this or was it taken down i cant find it in results at all…

No. 1337146

Cecil McFly

No. 1337183

already have seen that, but its just one video on her. maybe i just imagined a whole series about her with multiple parts ala geno.

No. 1337673

Please help me identify this 90's japanese song. Timestamp is 1:30 - 2:00

No. 1337676

File: 1663049396409.png (168.57 KB, 606x450, name.png)

Samefag, I think this is the name of the singer of the song

No. 1337719

the singer's name says shinohara tomoe, i searched the lyrics and i think it's a song called "anything", i could only find audio of it on niconico: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm913686

No. 1337788

Thank you nonna! this was super helpful, I'll try finding more about this singer later. I like 90's and early 2000's japanese music a lot for some reason, it all sounds so cheerful without being too cutesy like some more recent japanese music I've encountered online. As gratitude here's a song from a group I found the other day

No. 1337914

no problem! i totally agree, i also love the whole aesthetic many japanese artists had during that era. colourful and optimistic.
thanks for the band rec! if you have any others i'd love to know

No. 1338098

Does anyone have the link to that article / journal called "Violence of Pornography"? That basically shows why porn shouldn't be consumed, how porn is violent towards women and how a lot of women are being raped? I think it was on blogspot? and I'm pretty sure I got it from here

No. 1338152

File: 1663093220890.gif (13.12 KB, 79x95, 1621966639565.gif)

please I need to know who this is

No. 1338155

Lol you think I’m gonna tell you? Im not gonna tell you. Suffer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1338158

File: 1663093400432.gif (91.18 KB, 148x261, chiyu.gif)

same anon

No. 1338180

there was also one with this green haired cat/maid girl but I can't find the pic

No. 1338235

1. multi from to heart!
2. not sure, sorry
3. is it dejiko from di gi charat?

No. 1338340

chiyu from netrunmon. also do you have more anime y2k gifs? i really like these but dont know where to find them

No. 1338400

i made a thread if you want to post more cute y2k anime stuff there >>238803

No. 1338446

anon you a incorrect thread……

No. 1338516

Why are you acting like this on a thread specifically made to help others search for answers? You must be one of those stupid animecore weirdos that think they're unique for """discovering""" shit that has existed for ages. You're not special.

No. 1338524

Max300/Campanella Mayura gatekeep moment for sure

No. 1338543

I don’t even know who they are, I was kidding. You went turbo-autist for nothing. You invented a person in your head to gotcha for no reason, congratulations.

No. 1338605

>hurrrdurrr I was just pretending to be retarded hurrrrr
Do everyone a favor and stop posting on this thread, thank you.

No. 1338610

your comment didn't add anything and wasn't even funny you pointless fuck

No. 1338657

I knew you were kidding nonna. This place has a stick up it’s ass sometimes

No. 1338663

You know what's really sticking something up your ass? When someone comes into a thread where everyone is being helpful to each other and then acts retarded. It wasn't funny.

No. 1339043

Thank you anon!

No. 1339055

No. 1339056

No. 1339160

You could've at least helped her, silly autist.

No. 1339192

nice attempt anon we can tell it's you

No. 1339279

It wasn’t but once again making a person up in your head to get pissy with

No. 1339544

You mean that incredibly long, graphic blog thread? Google "the violence of pornography blogspot", should be the very first link, the blog entry you're thinking of is probably "the hatred of women". I don't even wanna post it myself because it disturbs me so much.

No. 1340451

File: 1663219697355.jpg (73.26 KB, 496x500, db429145a8307cfca6e2c9072812c2…)

NONNIES this is extremely important. I'm looking for a specific picture of Brigitte Bardot. She's topless, sitting on a wicker chair, facing to the side to show her portrait, reading a book and smoking a cigarette. It's tasteful and beautiful and I'm dying to have it as a print in my home. I've seen the photo both in colour and black and white, but either is fine. Please help!

No. 1340561

NTA but wow. After reading a couple of posts in that blog, I am really fucking depressed right now. I hate men so fucking much.

No. 1340843

I finally did it.. I learned how to embed and now I hope someone can help me find the lyrics for this song. Or better, a translation of the lyrics. Anything works; I just want to know what the song is about!

No. 1341239

Try translating your search terms into french and seeing if it appears

No. 1341691

File: 1663317807331.png (373.36 KB, 538x414, manga.png)

What manga is this?

No. 1341700

Looks like Kokou no Hito

No. 1341701

Thank you!

No. 1342546

I illegally downloaded a song around 2013-15, the title was Disenchanted by MCR but it was a different song. It was Gerard singing & a quiet (acoustic? idk instruments) guitar playing & the only lyrics I remember were "should have let my conscience go, should have let the neighbours know, woah oh". It had a very specific strange sad slow vibe that has stuck with me but my mp3 player is long gone. Such a long shot but had to ask here before I finally give up. Maybe it wasn't even his voice, just a random unrelated song & that's why I could never find it.

No. 1342748

File: 1663577262592.jpg (303.96 KB, 1500x1500, 812PLQaOPnL.jpg)

it's a reaction pic(?) where a samoyed has his face in a hole in a gate that has bars like rays of sun, with the text "bom dia raio de sol". i had it on my old phone but i can't find it anymore

No. 1342775

There was a blonde (I think she was blonde) butch terf or gender critical woman on tiktok. She had a squarish/long face and was very masc. I think she talked about genital preferences. I can’t for my life find her and i don’t remember her name. I think one of her videos got shared to radblr

No. 1342781

did she have an accent?

No. 1342782

I seriously don’t remember sorry. But maybe?

No. 1342814

what age range? peachyoghurt? idk if she has a tiktok and she's mostly grey but that's all i can think of

No. 1342829

She was in her 30’s or 40’s

No. 1342835

It’s not peachyoghurt. The tiktoker I have in mind had a longer face.

No. 1343349

I need help finding a youtuber I watched years ago.

It was a gay guy with dark hair who lived in NYC. He was a trainwreck who lived off his parent's money and was obsessed with buying and talking about designer bags. He had some weird plastic surgery and lip injections. He would make videos crying pretty often.

No. 1343379

Charlie gross

No. 1343381

Holy shit his channel is completely gone. Wtf kek

No. 1343436

Samefag but did some digging. He deleted a while back. Got diagnosed with bipolar and medicated and was hella embarrassed. Sorry anon

No. 1343705

I watch two ginger girls on YouTube but they are mainly horror based? Do you mean spookyastronauts of possessed by horror?

No. 1343744

Hella throwback but does anyone remember a triple moon British Wiccan on YouTube early YouTube. She had a triple moon site. Made vlogs. Had an alter shelf. Made a Book of shadows in an old book as a collage?

No. 1346031

File: 1663748131388.png (16.94 KB, 500x130, shinji ikari.png)

what was this site again? if it's still up…

No. 1346035

See anyone can pull themselves out of the trenches

No. 1346086


No. 1346099

thanks, now seems to be very outdated in its data sources though

No. 1346272

File: 1663770256323.jpg (1.1 MB, 1400x1400, 68f3d822d7c00308a262ca07712a2a…)

i swear this style is referenced from an 80s artist but i cant tell who, any idea?

No. 1346290

File: 1663771086874.png (4.16 KB, 411x116, ars.PNG)


No. 1346340

File: 1663774261195.jpeg (83.77 KB, 506x605, images (5).jpeg)

Seems inspired by Seizo Watase stuff

No. 1346469

bless you thanks this is beautiful

No. 1346511

is there any place where i can find his stuff in higher quality?

No. 1346600

I’m looking for that hilarious TERF comic from that Russian(?) artist, where the troon asks his “cis girl-friend!” to set him up with a “hot lesbian” and then gets pissed off because it turns out to be another troon

No. 1346648

File: 1663787404092.jpeg (288.89 KB, 480x3521, 51E0C5BC-6059-4582-968A-2F8F46…)

No. 1346685

honestly it's not even realistic. what actually happens is that the trannies go "eh you'll do", shove furry dildos up each others' prolapsed anuses and dilators up each others' poopwounds and post cope on twitter about how "TRANS GIRLS ARE SOOO MUCH HOTTER WHO WOULD WANT TO DATE A CISBIAN ANYWAY T4T IS LOVE T4T IS LIFE" until an actual biological female (could just as well be a TIF even if they're "uwu lesbians") looks in their direction

No. 1346698

Isn't it based off of an actual reddit post by the confused handmaiden herself?

No. 1346700

it does sometimes happen like in the comic, but usually they just resign themselves to jailhouse gayhood and cope about it all over social media

No. 1346721

Yep. It was a real story lmao from a handmaiden.

No. 1346754

File: 1663794394075.jpg (164.5 KB, 1072x1236, 531500.jpg)

Trying to find an artist. She had multiple OCs. One of them was a girl with long purple hair and her robot bf.

Another bunch of OCs she did was one for a short animation she did in the style of storyboards where it featured 2 female students fighting. One of the students was a girl with blue hair buns and a skirt. The other girl had long pink hair, wore trousers and blew bubblegum and beat up the other girl with a pipe (there was also a male character who had a hat covering his eyes). All of them were wearing blue sweaters and navy trousers/skirts as a part of their uniforms

pic unrelated

No. 1346777

this is so spot on how trannies act too.

No. 1346795


No. 1347262

Kek fuck yes. Thank you so much

No. 1347270

Does anyone have that image off all the tinder screenshots of guys in their 20s who look 40? I thought it was either in the “men age like milk” thread or the manhate memes thread, but no.

No. 1347276

i don't know japanese and i haven't listened to the song but judging by the cover art I think the lyrics are:

>byu~~~~~~~~!!! Para para!!! (opening sound effect)

>life can be hard as a princess,
>who's also a bat (squeak!)
>I always run into my crush (kyaaa~!)
>literally, because I'm blind
>[trance drum beat goes fuckin crazy here]
>chorus: hell yeah, princess of trance
>don't get too close when i'm grooving
>cuz I don't know where I am
>hell yeah, princess of trance
>You see my bouncies boobin'
>I know you want some of that

No. 1347519

File: 1663853735584.jpg (597.08 KB, 1393x1868, girl~3.jpg)

does anyone know what webcomic this girl is from? i found this reference collage in my old art folder. think i was going to make fanart of this webcomic i read years ago. i forget the name but i would like to reread it.

No. 1347528

Looks like Phobos’ art?

No. 1347535

Maybe it's Prague Race?

No. 1347536

sorta does, but I don't think she made a webcomic iirc?
trying to recall extra detail, it was about a girl with a lot of cats? starts in modern times, she wanders into a magical alternate universe city by walking through a magic shop with her male friend. been quite a few years so it could be gone, idk.

No. 1347537

File: 1663855570861.png (402.17 KB, 640x640, tumblr_de139c492d4c83a43c46c3d…)

thats it!! thank you nonny ily

No. 1347555

File: 1663856884013.png (751.43 KB, 900x935, B93D77BB-EFA7-431D-978E-271599…)

No. 1347890

Does anyone have that image of “what you think poly couples look like vs what they actually look like”? It’s like an MS Paint drawing of a conventionally attractive chad and stacy type couple vs a redditor couple.

No. 1347900

I don't want to Google this but a true case, where a woman…kills I think 2 or one of her kids, lies but gets caught. Then some scrote she was in love with who was married, did a interview next to his wife years later talking about the woman who'd basically killed her kids hoping he'd leave his wife and be with her.
I think the woman was also married and a surrogate?

No. 1347932

File: 1663877574537.jpg (76.26 KB, 640x661, 1657924848095.jpg)

No. 1347936

thank you nonnie

No. 1347942

okay so i found this song randomly while finding for river asmr and the sample is really familiar, but i dont know what it is. the lyrics i managed to hear is:
“there is nothing i wouldn’t do for you / i got you i got you i got you babe (i think thats what she says) “ … does anyone know what song it is?

No. 1347943

Thank you!

No. 1348577

Comic about a miserable little girl who is molested by her father and her teddy bear springs to life to try to make her feel better but she's too miserable to humor the bear and he turns back into an inanimate object. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Thus girl on the TV show Intervention (Shandon S21E7) seriously has the same exact facial expression as the girl in the comic, with good reason too.

No. 1348583

Does anyone have that pic of the troon on lgbt seething over a dude preferring an older woman and finds her hotter then the troon ?

No. 1348585


No. 1348586

you know he's pretty big on tiktok right?

No. 1348587

Clarissa I think

No. 1348595

File: 1663929636616.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.3 KB, 1364x641, sad.jpg)

Yes thank you! Clarissa by Jason Yungbluth. Spoilered pic bc sad

No. 1348631

File: 1663932999755.png (594.4 KB, 557x676, 1663643506019.png)

this one, yea?

No. 1348744

A TikTok (?) of a black woman wearing a satin bonnet and a robe (?). She’s holding her dog, perhaps a corgi, in her arms as if it were a baby. She talks about the dog being her son and says “I gave birth to my dog”.

No. 1348750

>show a picture of a good looking woman to a straight man
>the straight man thinks she's a good-looking woman
>can't cope with, have a mental breakdown
Trannies are hilarious.

No. 1348754


No. 1348793

Meme with white guying hugging mom from behind says something like my mom taught me many valuable lessons I ignore them to be a whiny man piece of shit. Please and thank you

No. 1348842

>I'll always be cute and thin
>Is literally a man with a fridge body and large bones wearing women's clothes
The delusion

No. 1348874

On that note Dan someone link the “unhand me dog” video

No. 1350177

I have not seen the first video but the second one is one of my favorite memes

No. 1350178

File: 1663991363175.png (413.75 KB, 600x594, rd94sefybam31.png)

got you anon

No. 1350188

Reaction pic/edit of Steve Carell sniffing some wine and then saying "this is a male"

No. 1350217

does anyone remember a youtuber that would just say "this is a buy" or "this is not a buy" and they were super short i have been trying to find this for an hour because his channel made me cry laughing. i am not talking about the community skit that was based on it

No. 1350219

No. 1350358

Thank you!

No. 1352923

There's an anime that aired recently, I didn't watch it but the main visual was two guys in suits in a car, big white background. Might have been about detectives or spies.

No. 1353778

File: 1664243571053.png (348.87 KB, 900x900, even_the_cutest_one_gets_angry…)

Help I'm going insane
i remember this artist basically tracing everything to make their ocs
While the top one is a Jewelpet, I can't remember where the black one came from.
I remember the black one being originally blue and black, she just made it yellow to be her oc.
Do you know anything?

No. 1354016

File: 1664262565072.jpg (194.08 KB, 1100x1050, FMPBe_uXIAA5DYZ.jpg)

I'm looking an artist I used to follow on deviantart, he drew in a cutesy chibi style (think of adoptables) and was a black guy (pic real is NOT his art but you get the idea)

No. 1354036

File: 1664266840344.jpg (60.15 KB, 320x380, img.jpg)


No. 1354064

It's not Kuromi, I remember it being an actual creature from some show or game :,(

No. 1354158

Samefag I think I found him lol it was kaeryi.

No. 1355489

There's this lolcow post where poster says "all men have a deep psychic wound at the core of their being, they don't tell women about it but they bond over this trauma with other men and put down women about it." It's not in the megaupload of manifestochan. I thought I had it screenshot but I can't find it

No. 1355556

okay but who's this artist nonny??? its so freaking cute

No. 1355817

Plushpon, it’s written in the bottom right corner

No. 1355837

File: 1664384838925.png (339.25 KB, 3515x843, BDCF916B-EF15-4BE4-A147-8338C6…)

It’s not this one about all men having a mommy wound?

No. 1355844

Does anybody have a link to that tumblr post talking about, while every generation seems to be priding itself on being more atheistic than the last, gender and gender identity being inherently religious, as it's tied to the concept of a soul and the mind/spirit being a separate entity from the human body?

No. 1355848

Does anyone remember which thread had the deviantart artist who was obsessed with drawing disabled kids?

No. 1355850

Wasn't it in some /m/assacred Bad Art Thread?

No. 1355854

Everyone is marked by their mothers for all of eternity. All humans have this mark on their centres, we all belong to women. Everything in male culture is about men coping for this.

No. 1355908

Oh shit, you're right. Does anyone remember the username, then?

No. 1356079

File: 1664393429248.jpeg (287.03 KB, 1280x960, 850B3260-4719-483E-9BCC-C6DE5B…)

Does anyone have the link/archive of the Bully/ canis canem edit Facebook page?

No. 1356940

File: 1664435423201.jpeg (77.58 KB, 949x471, E40BB375-E504-4690-A639-E63418…)

Can somebody translate this?

No. 1356991

urgh, you, (refering to her female friend) listen to the phone !!

No. 1357467

the statue where a hand is holding up a phone and she looks sad, what is that statue? i think shes pretty

No. 1357727

Ugh, she listens to Téléphone !!! (I presume it's about the band because of the use of "du" making no sense otherwise)

No. 1358265

The catalog is not working for me where tf is the unpopular opinions thread and why tf are there so many hate threads

No. 1358286

no one made a new thread after this one >>1294155 seems like

No. 1358875

Bumping this

No. 1361563

Kid's horror tv show episode, possibly animated, involves an accident with a foot ending up in a lawnmower or something. I wonder whether I imagined it or it actually exists.

No. 1362232

the start of this sounds exactly like a sweet trip song but i cant remember which one it is. most of the songs on "you will never know why" are wiped off of youtube for some reason ( i dont have spotify ) so i have no way that i know of looking it up as far as i know
does anynonnie hear it or know which song it is ? thank you in advance !

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