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No. 1288369

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.

Previous threads

No. 1288374

File: 1659567471459.jpg (156.22 KB, 700x681, IMG_20220421_023028.jpg)

asked this previously but does anyone know where this pic is from, i saw a anon post this possible yaoi? and i cant find any source for this.

No. 1288515

File: 1659575291656.jpg (84.36 KB, 600x855, 1699285_12589182.jpg)

No. 1288543

What's another good site to watch cartoons free that's not Kisscartoon? I'm trying to find new episodes of a show but they only have 3 so far

No. 1288552

Soap2day or moviecrumbs.net maybe

No. 1288826

Thank you nonnie.
I use soap2day too.

No. 1289220

That one gif of two puppys (I think?) play fighting, and one of them suddenly tapping out (I think because it had to sneeze or scratch or something?) and the other puppy immediately stopping, just to get back into it right afterwards after puppy 1 has done the thing it stopped for.

No. 1292713

Anyone seen a vid about a chilean i think, because of her accent but idk woman who is answering something like in tiktok and at some point she says she Lost two teeth because of sucking dick and She's about to laugh but they edited a scream in it instead kek

No. 1293500

File: 1659911114981.jpeg (234.07 KB, 564x452, 04C1FC7F-19E8-47BC-8A6C-3951EC…)

I will be breaking every bone in my body in slow succession over the course of the next three days if nobody can give me the sauce on this (please)

No. 1293506

noo nona don't break every bone in your body ur so sexy aha

No. 1293509

Congratulations, you have unlocked the secret oracle. Your family will be blessed for three generations and immune from all hexes/curses etc

No. 1293519

File: 1659912332472.jpg (218.25 KB, 800x800, 4-milkjoy-cute-stationery-stic…)

Someone made a diy notebook tutorial with the stickers on yt if you don't want to pay $18 + shipping. But they are very cute and tempting to buy…

No. 1293526

thank you so much for your blessing secret oracle… it is very much appreciated
but for real though: download the aliexpress app and use the search by image function. I didn't find it right away but noticed some other items with Milkjoy in the title, so I searched for milkjoy planner a6 instead and voila

No. 1294426

Nonnies I need your help, there used to be this guy in the mid-late 2010s who went around online pretending to be a boomer on several social medias and left funny comments on those and articles and such, he had like a stock photo of an old man to represent him and i remember at one point there was a subreddit dedicated to him, his name was something generic but funny like Ken Jones or something like that i don’t really remember he was kind of like a boomer dril and basically started the trend of people pretending to be lost boomers online. He would also get into arguments with people and just say nonsensical shit, please help.

No. 1294431

I think you're thinking of Ken M

No. 1294436

Yes that’s it thank you so much!

No. 1294771


There's a subreddit that gathers his posts. There's also NotKenM

No. 1294876

Thank you. I don’t normally like cutesy stuff and think a lot of aliexpress stuff is wasteful but I really wanted to know who made that, it’s cute.

No. 1294987

File: 1660018968541.png (64.5 KB, 1000x1000, SB-Aqueous-100g-Tub.png)

Looking for pic related that will sell to USA or is already in the USA. All I keep finding is aussie sites. At the least a product with the same 4 ingredients.

No. 1295149

Pressed powder compact, drugstore brand, has been sold for many years, compact is oval shaped and dark blue. Does anyone know?

No. 1295164

File: 1660037139842.jpg (145.97 KB, 836x1049, Screenshot_20220809-022453_Gal…)

Nevermind, I remembered. It's discontinued rip

No. 1295286

I've had this scene from a movie in my head for years but can not for the life of me remember its name!
The scene I remember vividly was a creature coming out of a wound on a womens leg.
I can't remember what language though. It wasn't in English at least.
All I can remember of the plot was this woman had an injury on her leg which progressively got worse as the film continued. Eventually it was revealved that people were using her as a way to open a portal to a demon or something? I think it ended with her dying in a pit/being born in a hospital. It for sure had a Beth Gibbons song playing in the credits because I remember my mum got really excited to hear it.
If anyone has any clues or ways to look for this (I've already tried looking at Beth Gibbons on IMDB etc.) it would be greatly appreciated.

No. 1295486

File: 1660048334227.jpeg (869.7 KB, 1170x2137, 4654E6D4-4440-482C-BE98-D494F5…)

Are you sure you weren’t thinking of picrel? Its aquasmooth It’s not discounted. I used to use this all the time in like sixth grade, nostalgic.

No. 1295691

Yeah, I'm sure. I was wrong about it being dark blue. I've been wanting to try that Aquasmoothers stuff, but I don't need it. Thanks tho!!

No. 1296288

File: 1660085733308.jpeg (147.05 KB, 1125x1612, DA087B97-B6D6-4AFB-890D-0FC0AF…)

Nonnas help, English isn’t my first or second language and I cannot remember what this style of photography is called or how it’s done, it’s just an old point and shoot I figure but I want to find more similar pics and take my own, danke!

No. 1296296

Deleted to complement.
I think it's called lomography movement.

"True lomography uses analog film cameras to create soft-focus images with bright colors. Though the word “lomography” is often used to refer to the art of taking photos with analog cameras marketed by The Lomographic Society International, the word is being increasingly used to describe any photography that uses cheap and quirky cameras.

This unusual style of photography allows enthusiasts, or lomographers, as they are called, to incorporate techniques such as distortion, blurring, and multiple exposures into their photos. Ironically, these methods are all considered to be “bad” in conventional photography. However, lomographers abide by the “Don’t Think, Just Shoot” philosophy that enables them to take quirky, interesting shots from unusual angles and in different lighting conditions."


No. 1296311

You wore foundation regularly in sixth grade?

No. 1296315

nta but I did that in 7th (13yo) grade as an emo bitch, feels wild to me now as I never wear that shit anymore. I was insecure as shit wtf

No. 1296404

A song. The singer was a black woman. The MV switched between her being a mermaid and running around the city in a white (wedding?) dress. Pretty sure it's from the 80s.

No. 1296416

Always loved the mermaid scene.
Sade- No Ordinary Love

No. 1296420

Exactly it, thanks!

No. 1296423

Thank you for reminding me of this

No. 1296730

File: 1660134542682.webm (2.51 MB, 480x480, 1658256376386.webm)

Reposting from the prev thread

Finding an animated short. It was an animatic (as in, it didn't have any in-between frames, just key frames) and it was full-colour. The art style kind of looked tumblr-y and had some amateur voice-acting. It kind of looked like it was made by a teenager or somebody in their early 20s. It started with a couple of teenage girls surrounding a table in a diner. They talk about whether they've 'done it' yet, making the audience feel like they're talking about losing their virginity, but it's then quickly revealed they're talking about murdering someone. They talk about murdering people in different ways. One of the ways described I think was cutting someone's throat and letting them bleed out into the school's swimming pool

No. 1297282

Does anyone have that picture of Chris Evans where he is shirtless and Spongebob (it could have been plankton) is licking his abs?

No. 1297359

Creepy book about a maiden who awakes one night hearing a voice, calling her to the village cemetery. The voice instructs her to start digging and she digs up this terrifying dead man. He climbs onto her back, ordering her to go to this one house, where a man lives with his three sons, and he has the maiden drain blood from the sons, to bring him back to life? Something like that. It was illustrated and it absolutely haunted me for years

No. 1297360

File: 1660172635366.jpg (118.57 KB, 736x1316, fb10c7b954d61fce53e60d506f4f11…)

Anyone know this one douyin make up artist? She does heavily edited make up photos but in an artistic way, all of them are very maximalist and unique. She had something like uncle or aunt in her username maybe? I found her on ig but she's from chinese tiktok originally. Picrel not her

No. 1297394

There's thousand of douyin makeup artists who fit that description nonna, how's anyone supposed to find her without a pic? Do you have a screenshot or anything from her video(s)? I frequent douyin so I might be able to recognise her.

No. 1297540

File: 1660187869994.jpeg (38.7 KB, 639x508, CI8kDM4UsAEM1h7.jpeg)

is this it? I typed "Chris Evans spongebob" into twitter search and clicked on images tab. easy peasy.

No. 1297581

File: 1660191377798.jpeg (154.76 KB, 1132x868, 25EA7664-E2B2-4923-B11F-12F42B…)

Need the stock photo crying Chad

No. 1297608

File: 1660193134238.png (1.13 MB, 1080x1212, 362.png)

best i could find

No. 1297621

Now you know damn well

No. 1297647

File: 1660195814991.jpeg (15.55 KB, 258x195, 0DC0729D-5214-4CA6-9489-2C3458…)

No. 1297666

LMAO wait I'm sorry I see what you meant now

No. 1297669

Absolute disrespect.

No. 1297883

Come on anon, do the youtube search yourself

No. 1297901

a few days ago somebody posted a long tumblr post about steps of normalizing pedophilia in society i can't find it now but it was very good

No. 1297904

That was yesterday in the tinfoil thread, here u go

No. 1297915


No. 1298896

Any one has that comic strip about how a woman says she doesn't know how to enjoy sex outside performing "sexy" or something like that? It's colored in pink

No. 1298899

two dudes dancing side to side but it's kind of like cut that way? maybe to one way or another by blondie
maybe the part around 2:37

No. 1299232

A manga about two highschoolers with a box that warps through time, the girl is in present time and the guy is in the past, the two give each letters about themselves and hope to met eachother on the day of graduation, turns out that her teacher was the guy she wrote with, she wrote to his past self and he realised that she was who he was talking to

No. 1299558


No. 1299565

File: 1660319497566.png (1.42 MB, 974x3899, 15FD858E-BB05-410F-AC14-F347C3…)

No. 1299571

Thank you!!!!

No. 1299610

this comic really impacted me positively years ago. i genuinely think it probably stopped me from ever thinking any genderspecial thoughts.

No. 1299648

This is lowkey making mw cry
How do I unlearn that

No. 1300137

Thank you nonna!!

No. 1302124

An African song, not sure which area, it’s got a “music video” that’s pretty popular on YouTube. it starts out with the village using everyday chore objects to make a beat(one is hitting some metal for sure) it goes kinda slow then the beat drops and there’s some men in a circle at one point playing drums talking about how the king needs more rice or something

No. 1302264

Maybe spending some time in /g/ to figure out what men you like

No. 1302480

I found it

No. 1305842

File: 1660719189979.jpg (45.84 KB, 508x800, 1659183867329.jpg)

Who's the artist for this PnF fanart?

No. 1305854

No. 1305877

This one rap song that opens up with a bunch of rappers talking about how they'd torture some guy. There was one funny line about sticking a hot iron in the guy's ass and the rapper impersonating a sizzling sound like SSST.

No. 1306533

m.e.t.h.o.d. man by wu tang clan

No. 1306544

Thanks nonnie! What a deranged song, kek

No. 1306553

Kek the only reason I know is because my Nigel has it in his playlist and it’s always the song I don’t wanna hear for the beginning haha. So creepy

No. 1306804

File: 1660789165779.jpg (632.29 KB, 1600x1200, fatestaywallpaper.jpg)

Nonna's help, what do you call these type of wallpapers (and that font,) I'm mentally back in 8th grade and typing in old anime wallpaper and similar words just keeps on getting me things I rather not see (naruto and loli shit)

No. 1306900

The aloof dog in the beanie. What’s the name of the aloof dog in the beanie.

No. 1306912

File: 1660796578126.jpg (201.57 KB, 1000x1080, old-typewriter-font-vintage-gr…)

Old typewriter fonts?

No. 1306936

File: 1660798822849.gif (7.6 MB, 382x498, EA8B9621-7215-4E29-835A-5D90BF…)

is it this?

No. 1306977

he looks like a person, wow

No. 1307004

Um I just meant parappa but thank you

No. 1308581

File: 1660914817670.jpg (74.71 KB, 851x816, 02.jpg)

Does anyone have a similar image, something that looks like a "weird" girl explaining some unhinged stuff to an indifferent guy

No. 1308592

Looking for a stock image I saw once before but despite all the keywords I can think of I can't find it again, if anyone finds it please tell me what they googled so I can find the source because I can't find it for the life of me kek

>Redhead young adult woman in what I think was a desert or sandy background with plain blue sky, in daytime

>Fire burning in background while she's looking away with (iirc?) a mug in her hand
>Looking like she's ignoring the fire
>Wearing red sweater or hoodie

No. 1308596

File: 1660916315974.jpeg (137.19 KB, 800x565, AE1NgUJ.jpeg)

Try searching "emo anime wallpapers" but refine your search to everything before 2012. The font reminds me of Mom's Typewriter

No. 1308601

File: 1660916554682.jpg (519.41 KB, 1080x1927, emo-wallpaper-search.jpg)

Just type in before:YYYY-MM-DD and you'll get whatever was posted before that date

No. 1311051

Looking for a childrens' fictional book series. It's about a girl who's parents are marine researchers so they live on a boat specifically to research dolhpins. Google searching with this little info only brings up non-fiction, maybe someone here recognizes it?

No. 1311282

File: 1661117425034.jpg (69.78 KB, 720x714, 1581602325632.jpg)

Bump don't scroll

No. 1311437

dolphin diaries?

No. 1312509

I want to watch that OLD here comes the sun studio ghibli amv made BEFORE 2008 with studio ghibli movies. Not the dogshit one by moezy-chan. I'm seething it got removed

No. 1314237

On one of the movie night's there was this anime which was about a girl who suddenly finds herself as the bride of a cat prince/king? I seem to recall that the cat was wearing a top hat but not sure. It looked like a Ghibli movie but I don't think it was

No. 1314275

If anyone is STILL looking for a decent anime streaming site, check out animedao.to

No. 1314285

File: 1661347423370.jpg (474.39 KB, 1181x1600, jfj.jpg)

Neko no Ongaeshi, a ghibli movie.

No. 1314289

that's it, thank you!!

No. 1314593

Just call it The Cat Returns you fucking weeb.

No. 1316166

When I was little I had a DVD that had three cartoons in it and they were all in Spanish. the cover had a pig and a chicken on a farm. There was this one cartoon that had two birds that were lovers, and the woman bird gets kicked out the man birds house and she starts crying. The house was a tree house and I remember the cartoon having really pretty visuals. The cartoon was in color and looked to be like it was from the 50s-60s and the audio was kind of grainy.

No. 1316213

I saw a thumbelina movie? show? I think movie when I was young. it was either in black and white or super desaturated but probably black and white. the part with the mole really creeped me out, the entire movie was (visually) dark and the old music and sound effect choices made it all seem "off." She escapes the mole and is walking through the snow crying. that's pretty much all I remember. I haven't even able to find any proof of its existence and I wonder if I made it up

No. 1316279

There was an ultra low budget Thumbelina from 1970 made for a theme park (?) that is super unsettling and creepy, it could be this one. There is a scene of her in the snow around 2:53. I only know of it because of Rifftrax (where they talk over the movie and make jokes) and this is the only clip I could find.

No. 1316286

unfortunately I think the one I may or may not have made up was animated, but thank you for this link anon I like weird stuff like this

No. 1316298

File: 1661450009524.jpg (1.36 MB, 3000x2238, thumbelina_mole.jpg)

it wasn't this one?

No. 1316300

File: 1661450071132.jpg (33.64 KB, 500x391, thumbelina_bw.jpg)

i think some versions are B/W , but i remember this movie with the sparrow. the mole kidnaps her to make her a bride i think

No. 1316302

nta but I hate this movie so fucking much that if someone out there decided to create a time traveling machine I'd use it to kill all the people involved in the making of this piece of shit movie.

No. 1316344

Sorry anon. If you want to keep looking, check out the “movie connections” list on any Thumbelina movie on imdb, I believe it shows most of the other Thumbelina adaptions, including an anime and a Soviet-era animation. Lotte Reiniger also did a silhouette animation of the story. One of those might be your white whale. Good luck.

No. 1316426

Glad to help
Until you said that I had no idea how it's called in English because I'm not American, nonnie-chan.

No. 1316649

I’ve been trying to find an animated short film for years. I think saw it on a cartoon channel when I was a kid. It was a young girl and her pet and she lived in an underground city. Everyone lives underground for some reason. At the end she escapes through a hatch to the surface and sees plants and flowers and leaves to explore the surface on a flying skateboard or something. Maybe I imagined it kek because I’ve searched for years and can’t seem to find it.

No. 1317117

File: 1661496974678.png (96.83 KB, 612x388, 1655689973258.png)

Saw this on the caps thread. What's the source of the pic?

No. 1317175

Ask on the yaoi or husbando thread

No. 1317184

Pink Heart Jam by Shikke.

No. 1317731

Apps to learn japanese?

No. 1319007

File: 1661666248209.png (578.14 KB, 677x945, index.png)

looking for the comic of cgl-tan opening her closet to her weeb shrine. i think one panel had her hugging a statue of pixyteri? was drawn by this artist iirc

No. 1319298

File: 1661706378682.png (24.18 KB, 547x669, kinda like this.PNG)

A pic that was posted in one of the /m/assacred threads. No idea if it was deemed good or bad lol. Anime style, two people wearing hoodies hugging each other kinda like picrel, one of them having their hands around the waist of the other one, the other one squishing their cheeks, though they both looked like some catwalk models at the viewer. The colors were vibrant, I think lots of orange and purple?. I think red was a bit closer nestled to blue, but I can't do perspective, so that's that.

No. 1319828

This one is random but I liked her videos. Hoping she didn't get nuked:

White girl with long dyed black hair on TikTok that is a contortionist and does fitness and stretching videos.

No. 1319831

No. 1319892

bless u nonny, luv u

No. 1320231

File: 1661785444408.jpeg (34.46 KB, 640x744, 1A979A8C-1699-44C2-88A6-69DAA7…)

What is this webtoon mfers name

No. 1320274


No. 1320278

Does anyone remember that one anon who accidentally posted a transcript of herself changing her baby’s nappy? Does anyone know where to find it? It was one of my favourite funny moments on the farms

No. 1320312

I remember this, it's one of my favourites too! It was a reddit post though. I don't have it but hopefully this detail can help someone else find it.

No. 1320320


No. 1320365

Mwah mwah

No. 1320366

“Accidentally” have you lost your touch with shitposts?

No. 1320855

anime forum wallpaper ahahaha
check minitokyo if you haven't. tons of wallpapers like that there since the site is so ancient

No. 1320888

I recall part of an animated music video where a guy was looking at a woman was laying on a bed (he was expecting sex maybe?) and she opens her legs and her vagina turns into a monster with a bunch of teeth and eats him/rips him apart(?) I just remembered it randomly and want to find out which music video it was. I don't even recall what the music sounded like. I just know it's not Kids, DYE Fantasy or Turn the lights out by Tall Hall, I'm stumped.

No. 1320894

I don't know what pic that could be referring to, maybe dig through the fujo/yaoi threads, it might've been cover art for a BL manga or something

No. 1321084

File: 1661859950024.jpg (53.83 KB, 1280x720, cattt.jpg)

What happened to this Asian ASMR channel on YouTube which had cute pets eat expensive food, like steaks, crocodile meat, etc? They always had only black background and white floor, everything looked minimalistic. Picrel is its most popular video, I cannot find the channel anymore but I only see the reuploads of people claiming that it's their video when it isn't.
Was there some sort of drama? I am just curious. I don't even know it's original name.

No. 1321088

those channels sometimes are pretty dark,maybe it's good you can't find it.

No. 1321468

File: 1661888309962.png (208.87 KB, 233x649, harissa.png)

EU nonnas I'm trying to find my childhood detangling balm. It was in a RED tube like in picrel, I think there's was black outline of a curly woman drawn too. It was sold at the drug store over 10/15 years ago so it was cheap. Does it spark a memory?

No. 1321472

I was always concerned that feeding the kittens that much food was probably not good for them. I remember claire from creamheros not allowing her significantly more developed kittens to have anything but milk from their mother for their health so I was always uncomfortable by such young kittens eating solid foods.

No. 1321524

File: 1661892187816.jpeg (1.06 MB, 4032x3024, 9D4494DB-DEE2-4EB2-8890-B1F9FB…)

I just saw a documentary by arte and i need this shirt. Anyone know the brand?

No. 1321525

File: 1661892210589.jpeg (1.07 MB, 4032x3024, DDC128E1-5B36-449B-81B0-8E8FC9…)

No. 1321616

File: 1661897855290.jpg (44.62 KB, 384x386, 12010.jpg)

Does anybody recognise this Undertale fanartist? This is a cropped portion of a painting of Chara, and Asriel should be there too if I remember correctly.

No. 1322611

I don't think the thread was made for my kind of request but I'm trying to find someone on social media and I'm not sure how to go about it. It's a French pedo who groomed me over the internet when I was 13-14 and he was 27. Thankfully it didn't go any further than sexually charged convos on MSN but I was legit in love with this guy at the time (or I thought I was anyway). He got arrested for sexually abusing a young girl and got sent to prison before he could come to my country, thank fuck. (He looked up the age of consent here before deciding to come, barf)

Anyway, he's got a common name and I can't seem to find him.
What I know about him : his real name, his nationality, his age, his face, the prison he spent time in and when (I sent him a letter when he was in prison at the time…)

I'm feeling a lot of guilt about not denouncing him and I want to know what he's up to, I'm hoping he's in prison obviously

No. 1322620

Try the stalking thread

No. 1322837

does anyone have that post collage of that one TIF who "immediately detransitioned" upon discovering femdom

No. 1323021

File: 1662015640196.jpg (312.35 KB, 1320x820, 1598444409941.jpg)

It was posted in >>>/g/149017

Spoiler for sorta OT vent but I hate that 4chan scrotes have probably compiled this, it's so fucking gross (heh). I wouldn't mind if it had been women but you just know the moids fetishize this kind of woman and see her as a waifu of sorts. And like every 4chan girl she probably humored them because she was a pickme. I just hope she's doing fine now and doesn't touch 4chan anymore. I also hate that males with a tomboy fetish always try to hijack nerd fetish threads on /co/. In fact I hate it every time males try to hijack threads that are by and for women. Remembering it makes me appreciate lolcow more.

No. 1323879

File: 1662107279208.png (436.67 KB, 548x659, E-9.png)

some screenshot twitter post going like "why are you as man on social media, twitter is a female space"

No. 1324045

insane pickme levels here honestly no offense

No. 1324597

I found Heilung's original version of this song on Spotify, but this trailer with the woman's voice angrily chanting is miles and miles better. So fucking cathartic and I need more music exactly like this. Might be a shot in the dark, but if you know of any song or band with unhinged and angry women's voices, especially if they're shouting or chanting, please share.

No. 1324725

File: 1662159948206.jpg (226.5 KB, 1536x2048, 302720641_10158673045601433_80…)

pic for attention.

I've been trying to find this old school youtube video of a girl that did like "girl versions" of songs. she did 3oh!3 covers and a shake it cover. she looked kinda scene and was so cute she was my youtube crush back in the day. she made videos like the youtuber wastetimechasingcars but she just pitched the songs up and did cute little dances.

i wna show my fiance her videos bc he wasn't youtube savvy as a teen.

idk when i watched her but it was between 2006-2010

No. 1325229

I mean yeah, since she used to be an self-hating Aiden it was obvious. I love her work but I hate that she caters so much to moids even when it's supposed to be self-indulgent (also like many female NSFW artists on Twitter). Though she doesn't do it that much anymore so it seems (I hope) she's getting cured of her pickeism little by little.

No. 1325820

File: 1662231538859.jpg (333.59 KB, 1024x480, Liminal_6.jpg)

Long shot because I don't remember a lot and I don't remember the actors, but here goes. Trying to find a movie from the early late 90s/early 2000s. It starts with teenage boy's family who live in a house like picrel, preparing to throw party that he doesn't like/care about. He's a anti-social, kinda weird and so are his friends, they all dress sorta alternatively. They want to commit a crime of some sort (don't remember what it was) and the whole movie is about that and their relationships. I kinda remember a scene where a boy and girl hook up and the boy falls our of the window and then they hurt him or smth? Sorry, I watched it as a kid and only have really vague memory of it. If I was to compare it to other movies it would be The Hole (2001) because of the subject matter being dark and cast being young and Edward Scissorhands because of the liminal/fake look and feel that the set had.

No. 1326509

Can a bored anon edit this as if it were a kawaii-sanrio-McDonald's-core pic? Please. >>1326371

No. 1326654

File: 1662291794722.jpeg (67.12 KB, 480x477, A41E580C-8568-437C-B364-E04747…)

I remember watching a YouTube series called ‘To catch a simp’ where some Moid would use photos from an obese woman and catfish men into acting pathetic on tindr. I think the series was taken down on YouTube and uploaded to a different website. Does anyone have a link to these videos? I want to see attractive men act pathetically

No. 1326656

Is she still uploading art on twitter? What’s her @?

No. 1326813

File: 1662304001389.jpg (41.73 KB, 398x397, nm.jpg)

anyone who the person in picrel is

No. 1326815

nona this is 100% an ai generated image

No. 1326824

I'm so fucking embarrassed by other straight women. They just can't be normal. If only they could incorporate being disgusted by fat ugly men and chasing jocks into their personality as a part of their "gay boy" larp. We need to conversion camp these girls with electroshock therapy, or else they won't stop making all of us look bad. They need to learn to be embarrassed about wanting to suckle the sebum out of an incel's cystic acne or have their hearts bear the 2000 volt weight of my electric whip.

No. 1326884

Looks like an AI generated version of Björn Andrésen

No. 1326889

I thought that too

No. 1326920

File: 1662313109143.png (211.18 KB, 543x545, 1661.png)

that's depressing, how'd you know in was AI generated in the first place

No. 1326922

because he looks insane and not real not in the way one would be drawn/digitally painted because of the nonsense in the back that doesnt look like anything. or i could be wrong and thats his arm holding a cigarette with a large ring badly drawn

No. 1326939

Honestly how can you not tell? The pic looks like a forensic artist put it all together, it looks all weird and wonky and creepy and shit.

No. 1327027

What's your picture from?

No. 1327575

Its an edit of a scene from blade runner 2049

No. 1327870

I cant find the leaked texts of Ezra Miller telling someone that he was trying to take down that Icelandic cult and that the media are lying about him. I've combed the recent celebricows thread and I still cant find it, can someone help me?

No. 1327899

anon its literally in the thread OP of the recent thread, read the OP summary.

No. 1329929

a thread on /g/ (i think) about our personal style where anons were posting examples of outfits they wear every day. I've used the catalog and the search function but I'm retarded

No. 1332139

did you mean this one >>189885

No. 1332189

File: 1662679039101.jpg (82.51 KB, 460x614, 59011831de66356de23913b58e99a0…)

Does anyone have a trusty modded/cracked full Clip Paint Studio APK download for Android? sorry for asking again

No. 1332921

I'm looking for an early 2000s pc game. I think was a barbie game but maybe I'm wrong. You had a band with your schoolmates and you had to create songs from time to time while the story progressed. The band would often hang out at a cafe/diner.

No. 1332925

somebody please make a new one. are we allowed? i hope so

No. 1332930

There is more recent one, lemme try to find it

No. 1332968

Looking for a shitty 3D animation kid's movie that came out before 2010. It's most likely European.
The plot is that, at the start of the movie, there's a young girl who's nice to her parents/grandma and dresses pink and pretty. Then puberty hits her and she goes goth/emo and traverses through Hell knows where to stop being emo/get through puberty. I recall it looking like a 3D rip-off of Growing Up Creepie and it had very simplistic backgrounds.
Thank you to anyone who can help!

No. 1333111

Doesn't have to exact but I'm looking for a daily planner app or website that use the pie chart/circle layout and you could just drag and drop in stuff, grab the ends to control the time. I remember there being one like that, but I can only find ones that you manually input the time into

No. 1333116

Oh shit! I remember watching this. But I dont know the name. Doesn't she become a zombie?

No. 1333117

File: 1662738796201.jpg (67.12 KB, 425x606, images.jpg)

Is it this one?

No. 1333175

I don't think it is, but thank you lots for a new movie on my to-watch list!
The movie I'm talking about looks 10x worse in quality than this one and the colors were worse, it was super cheap looking. And had only one part, I believe

No. 1333895

File: 1662788120000.png (1.04 MB, 1018x768, song by.png)

Anyone who can read japanese kanji, could you please tell me what this says? thank you!

No. 1333924

song by 内田有紀

No. 1333941

Thank you anon!!!! this helps a lot!

No. 1333963

No. 1333993

thank you very much…! Now I can't find the song though, I tried searching it but could only find this ad

No. 1333994

File: 1662793173088.jpg (1.82 MB, 1895x3000, MV5BZTliNWJhM2YtNDc1MC00YTk1LW…)

This might be a long shot but does anyone know which thread it was that we were discussing Us, Nope, Get Out, and Them? It was about 24 hours ago in /ot/.

No. 1334014

Mundane shit?

No. 1334050

Thank you!!

No. 1334135

The song is called Da.i.su.ki by Yuki Uchida. You're welcome nonny

No. 1334177

I’m looking for this Japanese music video from like the early 2000s and she’s dancing in this room that is all the same all around I thought it was by Hikaru Utada but I can’t seem to find it so it may not even be by her

No. 1334251

How you lose an /ot/ thread in a single day

No. 1334321

I posted this in stupid questions but it makes more sense here. Does anyone remember back in like 2016 a “cringe complation” type guy on YouTube with a name like Annihilation Radio or Genocide Radio or some dumb shit? This was so long ago so don’t judge me for liking this material back then. He was definitely an alt right type of guy and his “compilations” were really good for that type of content; troons, perverts, shit like that more than just slam poetry or weebs. He definitely spoke in the videos too and had a stupid artificial sounding deep voice. His videos were quite well edited and like i said, featured way more perverts to mock than the average one back then. Anyone have the slightest idea who I mean? The name was definitely something World or Radio.

No. 1334326

super late reply sorry, it was the same concept but more recent. It was active last spring

No. 1334367

what do you mean all the same all around?

No. 1334659

I couldn't think of anything EXACTLY like what you asked, but here's some songs that came to my mind.
Buttress - Brutus, Pilgrims by the Millions and Funeral
DakhaBrakha - Vesna (Live on KEXP) (this one contains a man, but it's mostly women singing. Great buildup)
Tautumeitas - Raganu Nakts
Dakh Daughters "Rozy / Donbass" (live acoustic)
Virtual Mima Voice Version - Perfect Blue OST (not as angry, but hypnotising)
Nico Vega | Bioshock Infinite - Beast of America (love the intro)
Sheena Ringo - Tsumi To Batsu/Crime And Punishment
Folknery - Karchata
Also not really chanty, but Screaming Females has an interesting sound.

No. 1334715

File: 1662838235807.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1170x2366, 118A6CCA-709D-49D2-BE49-B97B30…)

I mean like picrel

No. 1334741

I think it might have been deleted? I remember posting in the newer one but i can't find it at all.

No. 1334746

oh. automatic by utada fits.

No. 1334755

Go_A - SHUM isn't angry but it is very chanty and folksy.

No. 1334768

Ty, but no that wasn’t it. It didn’t have any English singing in it at all and if I’m remembering correctly the background was a bit lighter like light blue almost silver.

No. 1334770

all of their music is genuinely so good, I've been unabashedly listening to Ukrainian edm folk music for over a year now. There's truly nothing else like it.

No. 1334895

Reaction image of that smug blonde anime dude wearing sunglasses

No. 1334926

Does anyone have the "i might be a bit retarded but yeah" anime image reaction? I want to save it for my collection, thanks

No. 1334928

I love this! Thank you, I'll have a look into more of their stuff!

No. 1334930

thank you so much nonnie I owe you my entire life!!!!!!

No. 1334954

Glad you like them nonnie!!

No. 1335504

Theres a japanese mcdonalds video called "bloomin rooing" or something, it was like a fan made song edited together of the japanese mcdonald clown. It was on youtube but I'm not sure if it is anymore and I know the date was around 2009-2011.

No. 1335508

Found it heres a reuploud

No. 1335512

It's a comedy british tiktok from this irl historical educational village with young actors, a male actor does a cheery dance (a la singin' in the rain) while the caption is something like "me after selling arsenic all day" with the implication people are buying it to poison their husbands

I searched for this awhile ago with all the related keywords and got nothing, it went viral so hopefully another anon has seen it

No. 1335523

File: 1662890264001.jpg (654.08 KB, 1080x1360, Screenshot_20220911_055819.jpg)

No. 1335529

File: 1662891012149.jpg (194.46 KB, 689x1024, lispector.jpg)

I think it's a mixture of Bjorn Andresen and Clarice Lispector (or maybe a faceapp filter added on to this picture of her?)

No. 1335534

File: 1662892063836.jpg (164.1 KB, 800x1155, 211267-lego-friends-windows-fr…)

LEGO Friends based on Lego Scala dolls

No. 1335583

This is hysterical

No. 1335603

Is this what happens to your brain when you have kids
>i love you my poopy boy

No. 1335762

what was the name of that japanese website where you can buy used/second hand clothes of alternative japanese brands? it had a pretty dated platform. it isn't mercari

No. 1335763

I just remembered complaining about losing some astrology compatiblity site in the Mundane Shit Thread a few months ago and said I'll go ask in the Help Me Find One, so here I am, three months later. Post in question is >>1189398 by the way. As I said, it's an astrology compatibility tool. Here are the things I remember about it
>very simply website design
>only black text on a white background
>i think barely or even no pictures at all
>described every single aspect in detail
>not an app
>had a numerology tool on that webpage, too
>gave a compatibility percentage, though i'm not sure if this was from the numerology tool or the astrology one
>not the astrotheme one
>you could actually input the birth times all by yourself instead of having to choose out of a set list for your partner

No. 1335764


No. 1335879

closet child?

No. 1335891

This is probably not it, but your post made me think of this video. Most of the video is in a hair salon, but it does have that kind of background at some points.

No. 1336030

I don't have TikTok so can't search properly but this sounds like it might be the Black Country Living Museum, maybe if you look through their account you might be able to find it?

No. 1336061

Oh my god that's it! Thank you so much anon.

No. 1336240

this may be way off, but are you thinking of mbok?

No. 1336298

I'm having trouble finding a painting. It's a pretty popular painting that you might see in an art history class. Im pretty sure it's a bauhaus artist. It's of a big abstract monster that I think is green and has elements of female anatomy.

No. 1336303

What a banger, thank you for sharing

No. 1336316

File: 1662941092609.jpg (43.72 KB, 500x375, 1651005405135.jpg)

Death to moids

No. 1336808

That's the right account, thank you nonita I will try and find it!

No. 1336976

anyone know the name of the youtube series that goes thru pixyteri from the beginning ? like the chris chan comprehensive history by geno samuels but for pixyteri? can't find it thru searching

No. 1337091

pls…. i swear did i imagine this or was it taken down i cant find it in results at all…

No. 1337146

Cecil McFly

No. 1337183

already have seen that, but its just one video on her. maybe i just imagined a whole series about her with multiple parts ala geno.

No. 1337673

Please help me identify this 90's japanese song. Timestamp is 1:30 - 2:00

No. 1337676

File: 1663049396409.png (168.57 KB, 606x450, name.png)

Samefag, I think this is the name of the singer of the song

No. 1337719

the singer's name says shinohara tomoe, i searched the lyrics and i think it's a song called "anything", i could only find audio of it on niconico: https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm913686

No. 1337788

Thank you nonna! this was super helpful, I'll try finding more about this singer later. I like 90's and early 2000's japanese music a lot for some reason, it all sounds so cheerful without being too cutesy like some more recent japanese music I've encountered online. As gratitude here's a song from a group I found the other day

No. 1337914

no problem! i totally agree, i also love the whole aesthetic many japanese artists had during that era. colourful and optimistic.
thanks for the band rec! if you have any others i'd love to know

No. 1338098

Does anyone have the link to that article / journal called "Violence of Pornography"? That basically shows why porn shouldn't be consumed, how porn is violent towards women and how a lot of women are being raped? I think it was on blogspot? and I'm pretty sure I got it from here

No. 1338152

File: 1663093220890.gif (13.12 KB, 79x95, 1621966639565.gif)

please I need to know who this is

No. 1338155

Lol you think I’m gonna tell you? Im not gonna tell you. Suffer(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1338158

File: 1663093400432.gif (91.18 KB, 148x261, chiyu.gif)

same anon

No. 1338180

there was also one with this green haired cat/maid girl but I can't find the pic

No. 1338235

1. multi from to heart!
2. not sure, sorry
3. is it dejiko from di gi charat?

No. 1338340

chiyu from netrunmon. also do you have more anime y2k gifs? i really like these but dont know where to find them

No. 1338400

i made a thread if you want to post more cute y2k anime stuff there >>238803

No. 1338446

anon you a incorrect thread……

No. 1338516

Why are you acting like this on a thread specifically made to help others search for answers? You must be one of those stupid animecore weirdos that think they're unique for """discovering""" shit that has existed for ages. You're not special.

No. 1338524

Max300/Campanella Mayura gatekeep moment for sure

No. 1338543

I don’t even know who they are, I was kidding. You went turbo-autist for nothing. You invented a person in your head to gotcha for no reason, congratulations.

No. 1338605

>hurrrdurrr I was just pretending to be retarded hurrrrr
Do everyone a favor and stop posting on this thread, thank you.

No. 1338610

your comment didn't add anything and wasn't even funny you pointless fuck

No. 1338657

I knew you were kidding nonna. This place has a stick up it’s ass sometimes

No. 1338663

You know what's really sticking something up your ass? When someone comes into a thread where everyone is being helpful to each other and then acts retarded. It wasn't funny.

No. 1339043

Thank you anon!

No. 1339055

No. 1339056

No. 1339160

You could've at least helped her, silly autist.

No. 1339192

nice attempt anon we can tell it's you

No. 1339279

It wasn’t but once again making a person up in your head to get pissy with

No. 1339544

You mean that incredibly long, graphic blog thread? Google "the violence of pornography blogspot", should be the very first link, the blog entry you're thinking of is probably "the hatred of women". I don't even wanna post it myself because it disturbs me so much.

No. 1340451

File: 1663219697355.jpg (73.26 KB, 496x500, db429145a8307cfca6e2c9072812c2…)

NONNIES this is extremely important. I'm looking for a specific picture of Brigitte Bardot. She's topless, sitting on a wicker chair, facing to the side to show her portrait, reading a book and smoking a cigarette. It's tasteful and beautiful and I'm dying to have it as a print in my home. I've seen the photo both in colour and black and white, but either is fine. Please help!

No. 1340561

NTA but wow. After reading a couple of posts in that blog, I am really fucking depressed right now. I hate men so fucking much.

No. 1340843

I finally did it.. I learned how to embed and now I hope someone can help me find the lyrics for this song. Or better, a translation of the lyrics. Anything works; I just want to know what the song is about!

No. 1341239

Try translating your search terms into french and seeing if it appears

No. 1341691

File: 1663317807331.png (373.36 KB, 538x414, manga.png)

What manga is this?

No. 1341700

Looks like Kokou no Hito

No. 1341701

Thank you!

No. 1342546

I illegally downloaded a song around 2013-15, the title was Disenchanted by MCR but it was a different song. It was Gerard singing & a quiet (acoustic? idk instruments) guitar playing & the only lyrics I remember were "should have let my conscience go, should have let the neighbours know, woah oh". It had a very specific strange sad slow vibe that has stuck with me but my mp3 player is long gone. Such a long shot but had to ask here before I finally give up. Maybe it wasn't even his voice, just a random unrelated song & that's why I could never find it.

No. 1342748

File: 1663577262592.jpg (303.96 KB, 1500x1500, 812PLQaOPnL.jpg)

it's a reaction pic(?) where a samoyed has his face in a hole in a gate that has bars like rays of sun, with the text "bom dia raio de sol". i had it on my old phone but i can't find it anymore

No. 1342775

There was a blonde (I think she was blonde) butch terf or gender critical woman on tiktok. She had a squarish/long face and was very masc. I think she talked about genital preferences. I can’t for my life find her and i don’t remember her name. I think one of her videos got shared to radblr

No. 1342781

did she have an accent?

No. 1342782

I seriously don’t remember sorry. But maybe?

No. 1342814

what age range? peachyoghurt? idk if she has a tiktok and she's mostly grey but that's all i can think of

No. 1342829

She was in her 30’s or 40’s

No. 1342835

It’s not peachyoghurt. The tiktoker I have in mind had a longer face.

No. 1343349

I need help finding a youtuber I watched years ago.

It was a gay guy with dark hair who lived in NYC. He was a trainwreck who lived off his parent's money and was obsessed with buying and talking about designer bags. He had some weird plastic surgery and lip injections. He would make videos crying pretty often.

No. 1343379

Charlie gross

No. 1343381

Holy shit his channel is completely gone. Wtf kek

No. 1343436

Samefag but did some digging. He deleted a while back. Got diagnosed with bipolar and medicated and was hella embarrassed. Sorry anon

No. 1343705

I watch two ginger girls on YouTube but they are mainly horror based? Do you mean spookyastronauts of possessed by horror?

No. 1343744

Hella throwback but does anyone remember a triple moon British Wiccan on YouTube early YouTube. She had a triple moon site. Made vlogs. Had an alter shelf. Made a Book of shadows in an old book as a collage?

No. 1346031

File: 1663748131388.png (16.94 KB, 500x130, shinji ikari.png)

what was this site again? if it's still up…

No. 1346035

See anyone can pull themselves out of the trenches

No. 1346086


No. 1346099

thanks, now seems to be very outdated in its data sources though

No. 1346272

File: 1663770256323.jpg (1.1 MB, 1400x1400, 68f3d822d7c00308a262ca07712a2a…)

i swear this style is referenced from an 80s artist but i cant tell who, any idea?

No. 1346290

File: 1663771086874.png (4.16 KB, 411x116, ars.PNG)


No. 1346340

File: 1663774261195.jpeg (83.77 KB, 506x605, images (5).jpeg)

Seems inspired by Seizo Watase stuff

No. 1346469

bless you thanks this is beautiful

No. 1346511

is there any place where i can find his stuff in higher quality?

No. 1346600

I’m looking for that hilarious TERF comic from that Russian(?) artist, where the troon asks his “cis girl-friend!” to set him up with a “hot lesbian” and then gets pissed off because it turns out to be another troon

No. 1346648

File: 1663787404092.jpeg (288.89 KB, 480x3521, 51E0C5BC-6059-4582-968A-2F8F46…)

No. 1346685

honestly it's not even realistic. what actually happens is that the trannies go "eh you'll do", shove furry dildos up each others' prolapsed anuses and dilators up each others' poopwounds and post cope on twitter about how "TRANS GIRLS ARE SOOO MUCH HOTTER WHO WOULD WANT TO DATE A CISBIAN ANYWAY T4T IS LOVE T4T IS LIFE" until an actual biological female (could just as well be a TIF even if they're "uwu lesbians") looks in their direction

No. 1346698

Isn't it based off of an actual reddit post by the confused handmaiden herself?

No. 1346700

it does sometimes happen like in the comic, but usually they just resign themselves to jailhouse gayhood and cope about it all over social media

No. 1346721

Yep. It was a real story lmao from a handmaiden.

No. 1346754

File: 1663794394075.jpg (164.5 KB, 1072x1236, 531500.jpg)

Trying to find an artist. She had multiple OCs. One of them was a girl with long purple hair and her robot bf.

Another bunch of OCs she did was one for a short animation she did in the style of storyboards where it featured 2 female students fighting. One of the students was a girl with blue hair buns and a skirt. The other girl had long pink hair, wore trousers and blew bubblegum and beat up the other girl with a pipe (there was also a male character who had a hat covering his eyes). All of them were wearing blue sweaters and navy trousers/skirts as a part of their uniforms

pic unrelated

No. 1346777

this is so spot on how trannies act too.

No. 1346795


No. 1347262

Kek fuck yes. Thank you so much

No. 1347270

Does anyone have that image off all the tinder screenshots of guys in their 20s who look 40? I thought it was either in the “men age like milk” thread or the manhate memes thread, but no.

No. 1347276

i don't know japanese and i haven't listened to the song but judging by the cover art I think the lyrics are:

>byu~~~~~~~~!!! Para para!!! (opening sound effect)

>life can be hard as a princess,
>who's also a bat (squeak!)
>I always run into my crush (kyaaa~!)
>literally, because I'm blind
>[trance drum beat goes fuckin crazy here]
>chorus: hell yeah, princess of trance
>don't get too close when i'm grooving
>cuz I don't know where I am
>hell yeah, princess of trance
>You see my bouncies boobin'
>I know you want some of that

No. 1347519

File: 1663853735584.jpg (597.08 KB, 1393x1868, girl~3.jpg)

does anyone know what webcomic this girl is from? i found this reference collage in my old art folder. think i was going to make fanart of this webcomic i read years ago. i forget the name but i would like to reread it.

No. 1347528

Looks like Phobos’ art?

No. 1347535

Maybe it's Prague Race?

No. 1347536

sorta does, but I don't think she made a webcomic iirc?
trying to recall extra detail, it was about a girl with a lot of cats? starts in modern times, she wanders into a magical alternate universe city by walking through a magic shop with her male friend. been quite a few years so it could be gone, idk.

No. 1347537

File: 1663855570861.png (402.17 KB, 640x640, tumblr_de139c492d4c83a43c46c3d…)

thats it!! thank you nonny ily

No. 1347555

File: 1663856884013.png (751.43 KB, 900x935, B93D77BB-EFA7-431D-978E-271599…)

No. 1347890

Does anyone have that image of “what you think poly couples look like vs what they actually look like”? It’s like an MS Paint drawing of a conventionally attractive chad and stacy type couple vs a redditor couple.

No. 1347900

I don't want to Google this but a true case, where a woman…kills I think 2 or one of her kids, lies but gets caught. Then some scrote she was in love with who was married, did a interview next to his wife years later talking about the woman who'd basically killed her kids hoping he'd leave his wife and be with her.
I think the woman was also married and a surrogate?

No. 1347932

File: 1663877574537.jpg (76.26 KB, 640x661, 1657924848095.jpg)

No. 1347936

thank you nonnie

No. 1347942

okay so i found this song randomly while finding for river asmr and the sample is really familiar, but i dont know what it is. the lyrics i managed to hear is:
“there is nothing i wouldn’t do for you / i got you i got you i got you babe (i think thats what she says) “ … does anyone know what song it is?

No. 1347943

Thank you!

No. 1348577

Comic about a miserable little girl who is molested by her father and her teddy bear springs to life to try to make her feel better but she's too miserable to humor the bear and he turns back into an inanimate object. Anyone know what I'm talking about? Thus girl on the TV show Intervention (Shandon S21E7) seriously has the same exact facial expression as the girl in the comic, with good reason too.

No. 1348583

Does anyone have that pic of the troon on lgbt seething over a dude preferring an older woman and finds her hotter then the troon ?

No. 1348585


No. 1348586

you know he's pretty big on tiktok right?

No. 1348587

Clarissa I think

No. 1348595

File: 1663929636616.jpg (Spoiler Image, 120.3 KB, 1364x641, sad.jpg)

Yes thank you! Clarissa by Jason Yungbluth. Spoilered pic bc sad

No. 1348631

File: 1663932999755.png (594.4 KB, 557x676, 1663643506019.png)

this one, yea?

No. 1348744

A TikTok (?) of a black woman wearing a satin bonnet and a robe (?). She’s holding her dog, perhaps a corgi, in her arms as if it were a baby. She talks about the dog being her son and says “I gave birth to my dog”.

No. 1348750

>show a picture of a good looking woman to a straight man
>the straight man thinks she's a good-looking woman
>can't cope with, have a mental breakdown
Trannies are hilarious.

No. 1348754


No. 1348793

Meme with white guying hugging mom from behind says something like my mom taught me many valuable lessons I ignore them to be a whiny man piece of shit. Please and thank you

No. 1348842

>I'll always be cute and thin
>Is literally a man with a fridge body and large bones wearing women's clothes
The delusion

No. 1348874

On that note Dan someone link the “unhand me dog” video

No. 1350177

I have not seen the first video but the second one is one of my favorite memes

No. 1350178

File: 1663991363175.png (413.75 KB, 600x594, rd94sefybam31.png)

got you anon

No. 1350188

Reaction pic/edit of Steve Carell sniffing some wine and then saying "this is a male"

No. 1350217

does anyone remember a youtuber that would just say "this is a buy" or "this is not a buy" and they were super short i have been trying to find this for an hour because his channel made me cry laughing. i am not talking about the community skit that was based on it

No. 1350219

No. 1350358

Thank you!

No. 1352923

There's an anime that aired recently, I didn't watch it but the main visual was two guys in suits in a car, big white background. Might have been about detectives or spies.

No. 1353778

File: 1664243571053.png (348.87 KB, 900x900, even_the_cutest_one_gets_angry…)

Help I'm going insane
i remember this artist basically tracing everything to make their ocs
While the top one is a Jewelpet, I can't remember where the black one came from.
I remember the black one being originally blue and black, she just made it yellow to be her oc.
Do you know anything?

No. 1354016

File: 1664262565072.jpg (194.08 KB, 1100x1050, FMPBe_uXIAA5DYZ.jpg)

I'm looking an artist I used to follow on deviantart, he drew in a cutesy chibi style (think of adoptables) and was a black guy (pic real is NOT his art but you get the idea)

No. 1354036

File: 1664266840344.jpg (60.15 KB, 320x380, img.jpg)


No. 1354064

It's not Kuromi, I remember it being an actual creature from some show or game :,(

No. 1354158

Samefag I think I found him lol it was kaeryi.

No. 1355489

There's this lolcow post where poster says "all men have a deep psychic wound at the core of their being, they don't tell women about it but they bond over this trauma with other men and put down women about it." It's not in the megaupload of manifestochan. I thought I had it screenshot but I can't find it

No. 1355556

okay but who's this artist nonny??? its so freaking cute

No. 1355817

Plushpon, it’s written in the bottom right corner

No. 1355837

File: 1664384838925.png (339.25 KB, 3515x843, BDCF916B-EF15-4BE4-A147-8338C6…)

It’s not this one about all men having a mommy wound?

No. 1355844

Does anybody have a link to that tumblr post talking about, while every generation seems to be priding itself on being more atheistic than the last, gender and gender identity being inherently religious, as it's tied to the concept of a soul and the mind/spirit being a separate entity from the human body?

No. 1355848

Does anyone remember which thread had the deviantart artist who was obsessed with drawing disabled kids?

No. 1355850

Wasn't it in some /m/assacred Bad Art Thread?

No. 1355854

Everyone is marked by their mothers for all of eternity. All humans have this mark on their centres, we all belong to women. Everything in male culture is about men coping for this.

No. 1355908

Oh shit, you're right. Does anyone remember the username, then?

No. 1356079

File: 1664393429248.jpeg (287.03 KB, 1280x960, 850B3260-4719-483E-9BCC-C6DE5B…)

Does anyone have the link/archive of the Bully/ canis canem edit Facebook page?

No. 1356940

File: 1664435423201.jpeg (77.58 KB, 949x471, E40BB375-E504-4690-A639-E63418…)

Can somebody translate this?

No. 1356991

urgh, you, (refering to her female friend) listen to the phone !!

No. 1357467

the statue where a hand is holding up a phone and she looks sad, what is that statue? i think shes pretty

No. 1357727

Ugh, she listens to Téléphone !!! (I presume it's about the band because of the use of "du" making no sense otherwise)

No. 1358265

The catalog is not working for me where tf is the unpopular opinions thread and why tf are there so many hate threads

No. 1358286

no one made a new thread after this one >>1294155 seems like

No. 1358875

Bumping this

No. 1361563

Kid's horror tv show episode, possibly animated, involves an accident with a foot ending up in a lawnmower or something. I wonder whether I imagined it or it actually exists.

No. 1362232

the start of this sounds exactly like a sweet trip song but i cant remember which one it is. most of the songs on "you will never know why" are wiped off of youtube for some reason ( i dont have spotify ) so i have no way that i know of looking it up as far as i know
does anynonnie hear it or know which song it is ? thank you in advance !

No. 1364159

File: 1664935907719.jpg (292.96 KB, 1280x1577, zara.jpg)

I know this is basically fashion photography but does anyone have any recs on how exactly to start learning regarding photography to shoot like this? Lighting and I'm guessing a lot of post-editing, thank you nonnas! English isn't my first language so I hope my post isn't confusing

No. 1364194

File: 1664938955964.jpg (49.45 KB, 265x374, FugoKeijiBalanceUnlimited_post…)

Millionaire detective, it was fun! Only thing I dont like is the semi incest vibe the sister gave…weird af

No. 1364337

i dont know if youve found it already, but maybe Milk?

No. 1364458

The photo is definitely taken in a studio with a professional studio lamp used, so at least that part would not be easy to reproduce. The effect otherwise could be achieved with a filter put over the lens and very high ISO film; but in this case it's almost definitely postproduction only; you'll be best off learning how to use Adobe Lightroom since this is what most professionals use.
I don't know what's your end goal but if it's solely focused on getting a job as a photographer I really recommend getting into traditional film photography, it's limiting but that really makes you more creative, and give more thought and value to every frame.

No. 1364653

Help me find: a good thread with a cow that’s actually doing stuff, not just people commenting on their latest selfie, saying how they think they’re ugly/fat. Genuine request btw. Sorry I wasn’t sure where to post this question

No. 1364667

Definitely sounds like Milk

No. 1364923

Who's that gay chubby Hispanic guy from TikTok who would do skits pretending to be "the one girl in class" who was just nosy. He would wear head scarves and put on acrylics and falsies. He's not really recent anymore, his stuff was more popular in like 2018-2019

No. 1364950

Search is over, i found it myself. I was thinking of Adam Ray Okay doing his Rosa skits

No. 1365008

File: 1664996943957.jpeg (930.3 KB, 1497x2048, 1664404468166.jpeg)

I swear this Lois Wain drawing is parodying/a homage to another art piece, it looked very similar in composition of a man dying in his bed surrounded by his family and the priest giving the last sacrament. For some reason I can't find it anywhere, I feel like it was also done in black in white in either charcoal or ink, but maybe there was color to it but very muted. Any ideas?

No. 1365444

File: 1665021084344.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.99 MB, 415x281, tumblr_6d18b116ce7c7124fd12d8f…)

What is this from. It looks like Micheal Pitt or maybe even Vincent Kartheiser. (Spoiled because gay kiss)

No. 1365582

definitely looks like michael pitt to me

No. 1366065

A comic a guy made about he and his family, with a simple cute style, and I believe he’s a mormon? Maybe I’m misremembering the last part.

No. 1367058

I saw this horror movie as a kid and it featured the Jason Voorhees hockey mask, but I'm not entirely sure the killer in the movie is Jason. There is one specific scene I remember, a woman runs into a public bathroom. I'm pretty sure it's a gas station bathroom, and there are multiple stalls. She hides in one of the stalls and closes and locks the door. The killer comes in and she watches him from the gap in the door and sees him in the mirror. He leaves the bathroom.

I watched the movie in the early 2000s but I haven't found a movie plot with Jason in it that matches my memories. I remember a few other scenes but now I'm not sure if they're from the same movie or not.

No. 1367288

File: 1665189995881.jpg (33.89 KB, 300x477, 39fd4af3d40b41fdd265d7a2e8268e…)

Do any Russian farmers here know what the original Soviet poster for The Snow Queen (1957) looked like?
I found this one in Russian on Pinterest, is this the one?

If anyone knows, please send a link.

No. 1367347

Any TikTok or Instagram Reel that features the "Ooh Ahh" by GRITS featuring TobyMac song but that ends with someone singing it badly. The videos usually go: someone does something well enough while the “My life be like ooh ahh” plays and when they mess up, the song is continued by someone singing off-key and without background music.

No. 1367350

I think this might be Michael Pitt in The Dreamers.

No. 1370024

anons I need:
picture of chad vs virgin meme of how they both masturbate (it's the one where chad is holding big dick with ladies around him, there are flowers)
and picture of chad vs virgin meme of death/suicide (how chad die only when people could see, there are people shocked standing)
I had both pictures but I can't find them now on my computer.

No. 1370028

i have a song stuck in my head, i think it’s by elton john or the beatles. i believe it was in some 2000s animated kid’s movie, maybe as the opening song. there’s this one part that goes like “thump thump thump thump” but that’s all i can remember.

No. 1370032

It isn’t Michael Pitt

No. 1370078

nevermind y’all, pretty sure it’s a day in the life by the beatles although i don’t think that was in a kids movie lol

No. 1370085

kek i really hope day in the life was not in a kid's movie

No. 1370151

There was a thread that was either on /ot/ or /m/, that briefly talked about the Tumblr Sexyman contest, the thread wasn't about the contest specifically and I forgot what the thread's topic was so I can't find it. Any threads ring a bell?

No. 1370181

You're probably thinking of the crossover thread in /m/

No. 1370451

TikTok stitch of a man going “do you want to go on an adventure with me” and the stitch is an Asian man supposedly being dragged by the neck please and thank you I’m desperate

No. 1370656

There was a website where you could put in two musicians and it would generate a playlist of songs that would link the musicians together. So for example, I could put in like Grimes and Depeche Mode and it would generate playlist of songs that would progress starting from Grimes until the songs became more similar to Depeche Mode. Does anyone know what I'm talking about?

No. 1370678


No. 1373083

I'm an older millennial fag with a degenerate friend group and we would allegedly think about taking cough syrup a lot and we found a video series called "CCC Train" or something and it had high school losers taking Coricidan cough and cold pills (which are very harmful, never did that) and going on adventures, acting like they are in a k hole, and just general young brain fried fuckery. Uploaded back in 2005-2007 I believe

Could have sworn in 2013 or so it was reuploaded on a blog unlisted on YouTube as YouTube banned it for violating terms .

Anyways I can't find it now even though I've looked for like a year. Any help for my nostalgia would be appreciated

No. 1373526

File: 1665705057490.jpg (85.19 KB, 1300x975, mens-scrooge-costume-24071333.…)

does anyone know of any websites that have word problems for math in a quiz format that shows you the answers after? I'm just doing some refreshers and everything wants me to make an account or subscribe or something

No. 1373553

File: 1665706235052.gif (6.01 MB, 358x344, a83a900ed250aa1ffd2e19ade3d4d9…)

Omg this is awesome, thank you for posting and thank you op for asking for it!

No. 1373583

proprofs has quizzes in that format for many things so they should have math word problems

No. 1373663

File: 1665713599468.jpg (407.42 KB, 1200x1180, 99405109_p86_master1200.jpg)

What was picrel called in English and in Japanese? This was very popular back in the day and I can't seem to find it out myself. Please help thank you.

No. 1373671

Adventure Time??

No. 1373690

Nevermind, I know what you mean now lol.
It's called 箱詰め (hakodzume/hakozume) in Japanese and there's an English tag on Pixiv called "boxed" that is basically the same. I don't know if it ever had another English name.

No. 1373696

This gif is so soft and gentle.

No. 1374321

This looks like Simon and Betty from Adventure Time

No. 1374735

File: 1665786369654.jpeg (129.9 KB, 674x900, Roman God of Love.jpeg)

Thank you! I saw picrel and it reminded me of the boxed art trend that was popular years ago although I checked on the tag just recently and I'm very disappointed with the current state of it.
I meant the pose sorry, I didn't clarify myself enough about what I was asking for.

No. 1375252

does anynonny have that wojak pic of him wearing a shirt that says i would rather be slitting my wrists

No. 1375261

File: 1665833999963.jpeg (34.56 KB, 480x480, 39E0C9F3-5E24-4B18-9560-33C17F…)

nevermind i was thinking of these two combined

No. 1375262

File: 1665834029063.jpeg (261 KB, 750x755, D95F3F4D-57CB-409A-B9A0-E2461A…)

No. 1375937

File: 1665882147291.jpg (235.74 KB, 1079x1074, Screenshot_20221015_150100.jpg)

unsure if this is the right thread but what is this style of top from the 60s called? does it even have a name? specifically shirts with that sorta pattern and neck, typically menswear

No. 1376087

Why do people always have to take something that could be pretty and make it unbelievably corny

No. 1376088

Dahmer ass shirt

No. 1376222

I remember watching this early 2000s (cgi? not sure) cartoon as kid, from the style I assume it was probably French. It was set in the future and the main characters had musical powers? Like using microphones and dj set ups to fight each other or something. I remember that one of the characters was a black woman with a big afro and she might have been a hologram. Pretty sure the characters were color coded and there were three of them, a pink lady, the blue lady with the afro and an orange guy but I might be mixing it up.

No. 1376265

File: 1665915671310.jpg (116.42 KB, 360x534, 94f75539f7946fa94f2b.jpg)

not russian and late but the one you posted in from the 1966 one, written by evgeny schwartz. picrel is the front of modern dvds with the 1957 movie and here https://www.themoviedb.org/movie/72214/images/posters?image_language=ru you have other ones but no idea which one was actually the promotional poster.

No. 1376273

I'm looking for a discord server I was a member of before covid. They had a pomodoro game where every pomo (25 min of studying) you did could be thrown at another person. That person then had to do that pomo (so study for 25 minutes). The whole game was done on google spreadsheets, each round lasted one week. The participants were divided into 3 categories based on how much work they planned to do. At some point they changed the division names to coffee names and I know one of them was cappuccino. I'm pretty sure I saw the discord first on reddit and I'm pretty sure it was on /r/getstudying but I can't find it now. The server wasn't that small either, the pomodoro game was a small part of it and yet there were 20-40 participants every round.

No. 1377408

Do you guys remember that girl who went viral on tiktok for the “scar” she cut on her own face? Like it was across her mouth and there was a humongous gap where her lips were, and it moved around. It was obvious to anyone with half a brain that she did it herself for attention which is wild, and I got called jealous for saying omg this is blatantly so fake (men are retarded.) I just want to know if she ever owned up to it or if she’s still pretending she didn’t literally mutilate her face for clout. She had short blond hair.

No. 1377422


No. 1377517

Yes thank you. I knew a guy who did the exact same thing to himself only from his eyebrow to under his eye, same huge space that wouldn’t be there if he had actually got jumped or knifed. He lied and told people it was from a bar fighting??? Wild

No. 1377600

It has to be completely fake, no? Like, the wound just gotta be make up, there's no way she'd go from almost open wound year ago to completely invisible now, this kind of thing heals for much longer and the scar would most likely stay fairly noticeable for years, if not forever… idk.

No. 1377601

Can anyone point me in the direction of that video meme of Princess Diana in The Crown rollerblading to that Fortnite song? The one's that sung by two kids to the tune of American Girl by Estelle.

No. 1377630

Nonnies there's this horror movie I've been trying to remember the name of. All I remember is that I watched it with my dad some time ago, and there was a scene of a woman tied with puppets/dolls gnawing at her and they had metal teeth. It was an old movie too, like 70s or 80s.
Does anyone know the name?

No. 1377639

not a whole horror movie I think, but does this ring a bell?

No. 1378094

I don’t know the details and I don’t care to, all I know is that it is very clearly self-inflicted and she has emphasized it with makeup as well. If it weren’t so obviously self-done I never would have cared to comment or accuse but it’s painfully clear lol. A wound doesn’t just stop three centimeters from your lips on both sides and pick up again like that. I don’t get it omg. Most people pay very good money to remove scars from their face, whatever.

No. 1378124

Anyone have that pic of Lana del Rey laughing over spaghetti?

No. 1378127

Scroll up the celebricows thread.

No. 1378132

File: 1666074533782.jpeg (88.03 KB, 640x779, ABE86BD4-AD84-4690-8B5B-32E86C…)

I’m not doing that shit

No. 1378134

Then suffer

No. 1378137

File: 1666074944682.gif (1.81 MB, 500x281, F23BA016-AE58-482D-8180-8E571B…)

What if I post this cute gif in exchange.

No. 1378138

File: 1666075191102.jpg (99.01 KB, 845x655, u4kbnn3sq9z81.jpg)

i thought ur first image was funny so i fetched it. 'tis not in the current celebcow thread anyway.

No. 1378139

File: 1666075214036.jpg (Spoiler Image, 89.94 KB, 634x472, 52069817960_230f391634_o.jpg)

nonna, I got the stuff, was this what you were looking for? we'll go to this corner over there, w/o any cameras, so nobody have to see the spoonfeeding I'm about to do

No. 1378140

File: 1666075369888.jpeg (102.01 KB, 828x662, CFE05AF0-BA9F-4365-A8A0-ED282E…)

I love you

No. 1378162

Yes it is

No. 1378167

Sorry it’s the previous thread, they move too fast. Here >>1369770

No. 1378703

Can anyone else help me find a study that said something along the lines of "women tend to underestimate men's attraction towards them, while men tend to overestimate women's attraction towards them". Something like that. I think it was entitled "human error in relationships"(?) something like that.

No. 1378716

File: 1666120394232.png (173.66 KB, 815x276, 175535.png)

No. 1378721

Picture of Malcolm X with a quote about him wanting to team up with bees to attack Jameela Jamil??

No. 1379402

What the hell is the name of the anime with the 2 super cartoonish girls, one is blonde and the one with blue hair has a huge ass head holy fuck what is it called

No. 1379403

Panty and stocking…? Do u remember the way they are dressed maybe?

No. 1379405

File: 1666173800318.jpeg (44.16 KB, 585x600, Pop_Team_Epic.jpeg)

If it's not Panty and Stocking it's gotta be Pop Team Epic

No. 1379412

Fucking thank you! Can never remember that stupid title

No. 1379427

Glad I could help! There's a new season coming our rn if you're interested

No. 1379442

File: 1666177335594.jpeg (20.15 KB, 275x271, 1660052143819.jpeg)

I'm gonna have cinnamon raisin toast this morning

No. 1379576

so what are you looking for

No. 1379688

What’s that one channel where two guys go ghost hunting, An Asian and White dude. The videos are about an hour long and they’re on a new channel?

No. 1379696

the watcher

No. 1379700

sorry nonna it's just watcher on YouTube haha

No. 1379760

File: 1666203908945.jpeg (34.56 KB, 566x424, 8848FBC4-C12E-49CA-8A59-F9BE81…)

Mmwah, Thank you!

No. 1379807

have a fun spooky time, kissies

No. 1379992

I watched this movie when I was a kid, so the details are pretty hazy and my google-fu isn't working. The movie is centred around a (respectable/rich?) Jewish American family and it's about their life, kinda. What I do distinctly remember is that near the end, their son, and possibly his friend, get busted and put into jail for growing weed. The movie is most likely from the late 1990s to the 2000s, but I can't be sure.

No. 1380491

File: 1666265370313.png (519.21 KB, 1312x1070, 1ED2F511-14D0-4002-BFAD-B5C89D…)

Unhelpful fuckers I found it myself

No. 1380638

Sorry that no one helped you, nonna, but thank you for enriching my life with this

No. 1380652

a game where you play in a team. you all land in random spots on some asteroid or a planet and you fight waves of robots(?) and wait for a portal to get out. there are levels, with each one the game gets harder and i think once the whole team dies you have to start from level 1. on higher levels the game was getting laggy due to how many mobs spawned. iirc the graphics were very similar to apex.

No. 1380981

Risk of Rain or Helldivers maybe?

No. 1380989

omg it's risk of rain 2 tysm!

No. 1381070

Anyone has a webm or even better, a youtube link of a screen recording where some troon is watching house of mickey mouse and they are all singing "dilate dilate tranny you will never be a real woman"

No. 1381325

here you go nonnikins

No. 1381326

Did he actually react to it live? Kek

No. 1381330

No. 1382342

Late reply but yes nonnie this is it! tysm

No. 1382345

Buzzfeed Unsolved?

No. 1382348

Really? And he just let it play? I heard that it's just him crying from something else with the song on top.

No. 1382369

According to some comments in that video, he was actually reading a /v/ thread about himself (fitting, considering his troon name """Narcissa"""), the Mickey Mouse one is just an edit. Here's the original.

No. 1382752

Speedrunners are so pathetic, only moids could praise other moids for finishing a game one microsecond faster that the last scrote, pure autism and not even the useful kind. I would hate myself too if my only skill was speedrunning.

No. 1382935

please does anyone know where i can find old (as in early 2000s) fantasy music? like old youtube playlists and stuff. i am desperate to find the really old ones, idk how, you can't even sort playlists on youtube by oldest and a ton of uploaded stuff is gone now anyway. is there a site for this or something? i'm desperate

No. 1382985

He actually stopped speedrunning when he trooned out

No. 1382994

File: 1666451040738.png (93.57 KB, 640x625, 1664429500463.png)

I feel they could have some use in society, like before the era of supercomputers the US government literally used autistic people as human filing machines, they'd take various teams of mathematicians and physicist who would independently write formulas related to highly specific tasks, as they reach the end of each state, their finding should have been identical, if there were variations between them, no matter how small, that meant there was some problem, so the autists were given printouts of that date, their job was to literally sit at a desk and review the printouts side by side, page by page, line by line, looking for any differences them and circling them out

No. 1383002

mm6 soundtrack

No. 1383005

wtf is my phone

No. 1383118

I honesly doubt a speedrunner has the inclination to do anything useful for society, now or in the 1920's

No. 1383273

does anyone have that picture of a head on a chair? it's like a pale woman with brown hair's head on a chair with a yellow or amber ish bg from a freaky video game or something

No. 1383374

i forgot the title of this science fiction book that's set in a world where giant aliens exist but they only ever show up when they're dead. so there's giant dead bodies floating in space and space crews travel to them to mine and harvest their bodies. i think they also call these aliens gods and the big mystery is why humans only ever find dead ones, never living ones.

does anyone know this book?

No. 1383379

never heard of it but now I wanna read that too, someone help nona

No. 1383950

File: 1666540831174.gif (995.24 KB, 245x150, bleedingdude.gif)

if anyone knows the name of this film please write

No. 1383957

I think it's from Red Lights?

No. 1384290

i reverse image searched and found they're sean ford and wes campbell from breathe. nonny it's a whole ass gay porno

No. 1384324

i saw like this magazine subscription or something where they send it by mail and send different themes each month or so about stuff for fun quick learning and what not. What's it called? the one I saw had a cool cover.

No. 1384333

this is the fight scene from the movie fight club

No. 1384354

stop bullshitting nona, that's cillian murphy

No. 1385030

and i thought it was a spanish man…

No. 1385549

File: 1666673634178.jpg (229.73 KB, 1440x2469, Screenshot_20221025-004707_Ins…)

Anyone know the insta account for this cat? This person didn't put the source and just added their own @. I wish to see soulless stare.

No. 1385726

File: 1666690332498.png (655.62 KB, 826x785, newmemecat.png)

Her name is Milka and I love her

No. 1385780

FUCK I knew I had stumbled across the page before. I'm so sad she passed, that poor baby.

No. 1385808

Bumping this again

No. 1386073

When I was really young, I was shown a video in school where this dude just shows a bunch of "magic" tricks and I'm trying to find either the video that shows this trick or even just the name of it. The trick goes

>need hand and piece of chalk

>before doing anything, scribble on middle finger nail with chalk, making sure there is plenty of chalk residue on nail
>don't let anyone see that there's shit on your nail
>"hey wanna see a magic trick?"
>show person empty palm
>close hand into tight fist, so chalk residue from nail transfers onto palm of your skin
>use chalk to draw on the top of your hand
>open hand
>ta-da! theres a mark on the inside of my hand too! wowww magik

Another trick shown in the video is the jumping rubber band trick.

No. 1386567

File: 1666760762059.jpeg (41.37 KB, 473x326, 863B99DF-B6D8-4FF8-A7A4-ED280A…)

NONNAS I BEG help me find a tiktoker, her username was something like shorty1456, she’s a butch lesbian that made pretty cringy videos and they were so funny.

No. 1386598

What’s that one site with an imageboard-like layout that posts nothing but thousands of pics of anime and manga fanart? It’s divided into tags and you can search. I can’t remember if it’s Russian or Japanese

No. 1386600

Please if someone doesn’t answer this within the next five minutes I’m going to cut off my legs very slowly in tiers with a hacksaw up from bone to bone

No. 1386609

File: 1666764437182.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 627.65 KB, 648x912, EB959978-387B-4B17-A75F-77CF40…)

It was danbooru. If nobody got me I got me.

No. 1387446

A vocaloid, can't remember her name for the life of mine. She has long blonde hair, no bangs and wears a short white, sleeveless dress. I think the dress was gray at some parts at the front. I kinda associate her with cherries, I think she had cherry earrings or something like that? I also mostly saw her in the context of kpop, so maybe she was one of the Korean vocaloids like SeeU was.

No. 1387450

File: 1666821154024.gif (42.04 KB, 498x498, pepe-the-frog-shocked.gif)

No. 1387532

The only ones I can think of kind of like that are IA and Lily (not really a vocaloid?)
Is there any chance what you're technically thinking of is an 'utauloid' and not a vocaloid?

No. 1387544

No. 1387571

Nope, neither IA nor Lily. Might be a utau too, I never bothered to learn who's part of what as long as it sounded good. I don't think she was a passion project, like most utau tended to be if I got that right, though iirc, I think she was an official part of the franchise. Still thanks
Page won't load, thanks though

No. 1387583

Maybe it’s an utaite’s (cover artist) persona character.

No. 1387594

Can't believe there are people here who don't know what a booru is. It explains why every second anime picture is a Pinterest repost

No. 1387854

Sorry I’m too normie for you.

No. 1387880

Are there that many vocaloids now that you can't just scroll through a list? damn

No. 1387916

lmao i can't breath

No. 1388954

Sorry to ask for this again, but could someone please post the deepfake grooming post?
The one that predicts the future of deep fakes into child porn.

No. 1389045

booru with female gaze art that's not loli hentai coomer shit?

No. 1389299

i saw a tiktok a while ago where a girl discovered a very malnourished horse in their (or her dad's? idk) basement.. i'm really scared to google it because i don't want to find random animal abuse stories but i need to know what happened to the horse. was it rescued?? helb

No. 1389853

That one very well known song often heard in door chase comedy sequences

No. 1389856

This one

No. 1389868

Benny hill theme

No. 1389869

No. 1389876

thankies noni i've always wondered because i always hear it but i never knew how to google it

No. 1390003

Does anyone have the “seriously I at my limit” hello kitty drawing pic I need it asap n I can’t find in my 10000(literally) pictures

No. 1390341

A horror movie about a woman who's the protagonist and some other people go in a underground cave. There's these smeagle looking ass bitches that lurk and start hunting them based on sound. This scene where she is in a pool of blood that I somehow vividly remember. In the end she dreams she managed to get out, but it's all in her head. Pls name of movie I watched it in Mexico when I was like 10, but it was dubbed so I am sure it's an American movie.

No. 1390345

The Descent

No. 1390357

An anime. MC-kun did something stupid, so LI-chan#4, the shy one with glasses, went up to him, put her hands to his shoulders and head-butted him with all her might. Everyone was shocked, because it's shy LI-chan#4 with glasses, but she said she had to do what's right, and by head butting him, she's in as much pain as he is right now, so it's fair. Was very likely harem shit, I apologize.

No. 1390529

graaaahhh I am going fucking insane I can't find the main piano soundtrack for the good heart (2009) anywhere I have looked on every website and search engine imaginable for two hours but I will not give up because I want that soundtrack. Does anynonny know where it is or how to find it? I'm on the verge of just recording it straight from the movie background noise dialogue and all

No. 1390695

File: 1667039415308.jpg (323.79 KB, 1208x1716, MV5BNjYzOWNlMzMtYTcyMi00YjY5LW…)

Where can I watch picrel for free? It was my favorite book when I was young and I have just learned that there is a film adaptation. I usually torrent films, but it was not on any torrent sites

No. 1390844

No. 1391197

File: 1667074438628.png (555.27 KB, 592x584, 1651607605304.png)

I found the film for you and you can download it here along with The Shadow in the North
pic unrelated

No. 1391768

A blog on Japanese culture topics. I saw it last in like 2010/2011. It had a sidebar on the left with either a black or red background, upper left corner had an image with the japanese flag and the articles were just black text on white background. I remember they had an article on the gyaru subculture. The writing was on the better side. English is not my native language and back then I found reading it challenging.

No. 1391769

File: 1667120638197.jpeg (157.72 KB, 828x1177, F408168A-2563-4C06-8D9C-DE4648…)

So… who’s he…

No. 1391773

nona his name is right there on the screen. https://www.youtube.com/c/youngm4ntv/videos

No. 1391787

I’m not gonna lie I just didn’t want to look for the link and you did it for me, thank you

No. 1391795

Is it rocketnews24 EN/Soranews24?

No. 1391807

File: 1667123374195.png (249.7 KB, 615x680, Screenshot v.png)

where's this from

No. 1391818

Yandex came up with nothing, this is an ancient scribe

No. 1391835

No. 1391885

File: 1667130625361.gif (3.4 MB, 498x435, love-cats-cat.gif)


No. 1391950


No. 1391999

File: 1667138342734.jpg (106.62 KB, 448x868, catwiththehat.jpg)

i asked this in another thread, but no answer

i remember reading there are 3 types of horror stories:
>person goes to the threat (haunted houses, monster's lair, weird places)
>threat goes to the person (possession, slasher)
>??? what's the 3rd type

No. 1392008

i'm curious because google has no results along the lines of what you're talking about

No. 1392043

i know, i've searched before, but i remember reading it on reddit

No. 1392138

anyone know the name of a scifi type movie? I sort of just remember the end, a flaky, fish like man swimming with a woman, after they were chasing them. It aired on the scifi channel i think

No. 1392144

i've found things about the three types/streams of horror but they don't line up with what you've listed. the writer David G. Hartwell wrote about there being three streams of horror.

No. 1392161

existential or the idea someone is going insane?

No. 1392257

shape of water?

No. 1392333

no it was an older movie, i cant really remember much. The man is human but something happens and his skin starts flaking or something. the woman has super pale skin and black hair and is maybe like a princess or something?

No. 1392402

samefag, i think in the final scene the pair are just swimming together , and its’s not dark, sort of like a very deep indoor pool

No. 1392549

The thirteenth year? About the mermaid kid?

No. 1392555

Maybe try asking in their tip of my tongue sub if that post was upvoted enough

No. 1392564

No, the characters were all adults. It sort of had a steampunk vibe too. Just remember it being very industrial type movie, and the water was well lit.

No. 1393410

Any chance this is Sleeping Giants by Sylvain Neuvel?

No. 1393543

File: 1667248292147.gif (5.55 MB, 494x498, received_448982583971431.gif)

Can anyone please help me find this kitten's acc? Its so cute in a goofy way and I cant get over how confused it looks kek

No. 1393551

She is so bewildered. What a BABY.

No. 1393589

File: 1667250965779.jpeg (16.47 KB, 516x595, images (23).jpeg)

i know! that was the first thought that came to mind after seeing it

No. 1393601

File: 1667251699412.webm (1.71 MB, 540x960, sweetheartkittens.webm)

No. 1393918

that kitten melts my heart.

No. 1393920

probably horror of the mind or pysche.

No. 1393922

Looks like 28 days later to me, nonnie.

No. 1393952

does anyone have that image saved of the same alley twice but one has a cherry blossom tree shopped in and its labeled something like 'shitfu, japan". i think theres a soyface reaction slapped on the bottom too.
i know i saw it on here but i couldnt begin to guess what thread

No. 1393963

File: 1667271671742.jpg (61.08 KB, 680x535, japan.jpg)

No. 1393967

File: 1667271787669.png (1.7 MB, 1306x898, brapan.png)

fun alt

No. 1393970

thank you, and at lightning speed too!

No. 1393971

File: 1667271830582.gif (1.01 MB, 1280x1280, yorkan.gif)

another alt

No. 1393973

No problem, nonnie.

No. 1394000


No. 1395182

Looking for the video and song edit of clips of Nick Fuentes, the song is a guy singing mocking Nick in an accent. I think some of the lines say something about "living in mom's basement in America", "having a catboy is so nice, something something twice" "free taco machine" with a clip of him picking his nose and eating it etc. I can't fucking find it anywhere suddenly.

No. 1395353

File: 1667364711386.jpeg (55.7 KB, 575x431, 5D8A4747-4940-4C06-842E-6DFA7E…)

Does anyone know where I can get the adorable miffy multivitamins?

No. 1395356

Those aren't vitamins they're ecstasy pills

No. 1395357

No haha I’m pretty sure they’re multivitamin chews. Nice try tho.

No. 1395358

…do you know where I can get them

No. 1395364

Anyone selling these "vitamin chews"?

Haa yeah

No. 1395366

File: 1667365233785.jpeg (60.84 KB, 500x333, 2F38DABD-2AF3-4235-A756-96FC45…)

No. 1395373

Dont be fooled. This is actually colored, artfully condensed cocaine.

No. 1395378

No this is a multivitamin chew

No. 1395383

Those are granite figurines.

No. 1395387

these are horrible if you are sensitive to sugar. They taste so sugary in a bad way and the digestibility of these ''aesthetic'' vitamins is debatable

No. 1395388

No those are multivitamin chews

No. 1395470

I think the politically correct term is "stone age peoples"

No. 1395546

File: 1667386406995.png (981.24 KB, 1295x861, image.png)

Anyone know where to find popular imageboard pics from around 2006-2009? There was a pic posted at the time of a fat dude posing naked on bed. He had a strange smile and a very distinctive moustache.

No. 1395674

I'm looking for some corny drunk teen driving PSA from the 70s(?). It used to get memed a lot like 10-12ish years ago I think. Specifically I remember someone on YouTube cutting together a version with Tunak Tunak Tun and then ending the crash part with the children cheering soundbite kek. I could have sworn it was uploaded to one of the Mega64 guy's personal channels, but I can't find it anywhere so maybe it was another popular comedy group at the time.

No. 1395678

A lot of this is difficult to find because of the so-called digital dark ages, but there's still stuff up on encyclopedia dramatica and archive.org sometimes

No. 1395694

That old gif of an angry smiley/emoticon dancing. Wearing jeans and a blue jacket iirc.

No. 1395702

samefag, I think he's pressing a red button with his foot too

No. 1396070

File: 1667421185069.gif (48.16 KB, 220x94, ED651A36-6A48-4E82-801B-CA316C…)

hope this is what you’re thinking of

No. 1396078

File: 1667421456531.gif (12.17 KB, 113x49, tumblr_obihfzKXnL1tqpibto4_250…)

nta I have a better quality copy lol

No. 1396083

Thank you both

No. 1396726

Eight or so years ago on Tumblr, there was some spiritual witch aesthetic blog whose url had something to do with coffins or cults. The theme was black with (I think) pink accents. The owner of the blog had a ton of links to different pages related to her beliefs, with psychedelic/spiritual images on each page.

No. 1397700

An indie song about a deceased loved one. There was some lyric about flowers or trees, but one of the final ones was something like "I have to believe in everything that brings you back to me, that you are just asleep". Though i must have gotten the lyrics really wrong because googling does nothing. I'm furious

No. 1397917

It's a meme format.
It's like I hate this and the next meme is omg i love "the thing that they hate"

It's hard to explain so I'll give an example. (only example, do not take seriously as a talking point)
"I hate consumerism" negative
"omg the new iphone" positive

No. 1397925

I know this meme I can see it in my head and tried searching google and my own folders if I had any of them but nothing. I'm gonna combust

No. 1397939

File: 1667568794794.jpg (372.04 KB, 1200x675, tco_(34).jpg)

Is it the squidward bitches be like meme? I've seen people edit this one to be about the iphone before so maybe??

No. 1397943

File: 1667569302764.png (949.49 KB, 2400x1350, Capture.png)

Is it this?

No. 1397946

File: 1667569517600.jpg (43.07 KB, 720x648, c3a.jpg)

Samefag, could also be this one.

No. 1397964

Thank you yes these are essentially it! These are what I had in my head thanks again.

I like this one too thank you for your effort.

No. 1397972

nta but what is this format called?

No. 1397980

ok this is a longshot and I might be retarded and merging two different books into one in my memory, but does anyone remember a book about a teen girl like…either running away or moving to a small town, and shits chill at first but then people in town start acting bizarre like eating raw meat and stuff and long story short there's bugs inside people. It ends with the teen girl and her friends tracking down some dude in the desert or something and finding his lab full of bug stuff.

What book was this? I've tried googling "books about bugs inside of people" etc and nothing that comes up matches.

No. 1397989

File: 1667575178572.jpg (73.95 KB, 615x900, 81 APwshS4L._AC_UL900_SR615,90…)

Idk why but the mystery dessert aspect of it reminds me of those Nightvale books, even though I've never read this one couldn't tell you if this would be it just sounds like something that could happen in one if these books

No. 1398018

"The world is a cruel and unjust place"

No. 1398021

kisses to you anon!

No. 1398032

is the UPS ecstacy for bureaucrats or something

No. 1398460

some surreal badly drawn i think comedy ? series about a flower made on ms paint and in some if not all of the videos they lasted hours.
i remember a friend showing me that in seventh grade and kept being like it gets better it gets better because it was boring silence(? or noise but definitely no story just extremely drawn out long pauses) but i got too bored and never waited but now im curious again. unfortunately im not sure if those videos got many views but im hoping one of you knows what im talking about. that flower may have had a face but im not sure, again it was badly drawn on ms paint like hilariously no effort

No. 1399193

i’ve come across this video that has the audio of a male voice saying “the bottom line is we need to get a dog for protection, like if someone tried to break in to our house i’d want to make sure that they were immediately terrified”

not sure where the original is from, google yielded no results except for tiktoks with the same audio and no source and it’s driving me batty because the voice sounds familiar and i can’t place it.

No. 1399664

Looks like the source for the audio is the original tiktok which is tmades9 on tiktok.
You could've found it familiar because he kinda sounds like Chris Evans, according to comments.

No. 1399682

thanks nonnie. it does sound like chris evans when i play it back. i thought it was from a film or something but no one was saying where it was from lol

No. 1399726

a black and red childrens character, kind of gothic in a way? Very simplistic and kind of girly. from the early 2000s. The name Ruby rings a bell but I'm not sure. its either a girl, cat, or bunny. Something with a cute outfit. I feel like it was an animation, but I only have memories of my mom having stationary cards of the character. I'm desperate

No. 1399729

ruby gloom?

No. 1399730

File: 1667717401214.jpg (132.29 KB, 1000x1501, MV5BMjRhNTlmMWQtOGRhYS00ODI5LT…)

Is it her?

No. 1399732

no unfortunately it's more hand drawn/ sketched and no other colors

No. 1399736

Emily the strange?

No. 1399763

File: 1667725150052.png (443.03 KB, 640x333, gadbghajwdja.png)

growing up creepy?

No. 1399777

Spanish Hatsune Miku song that had a cute frog in the music video

No. 1400252

I’m probably way off but I wonder if you could be thinking of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil? Was on adult swim in 2005.

No. 1400364

File: 1667769415615.gif (1.37 MB, 275x155, 1667737137862.gif)

Who's this hottie?

No. 1400381

File: 1667769878526.jpg (709.24 KB, 1280x1920, Tumblr_l_96410187170438.jpg)

This blanket

No. 1400390

File: 1667770120466.jpg (45.23 KB, 430x375, 51wTXDM9iZL._AC_.jpg)

strong scent diffuser that smells exactly like it

No. 1400393

File: 1667770182488.jpeg (34.24 KB, 274x275, 1667351270857.jpeg)

This kitten. how is she doing now????

No. 1400398

i ate her gulp oops lol

No. 1400447

kek anon you got it from that one snow thread , i saw it too and was curious

No. 1400452

File: 1667772981408.jpeg (31.55 KB, 350x465, 37C6331C-306D-455D-9ADA-DBF137…)

not black and red but it reminded me of this

No. 1400693

Somebody from Gran Blue Fantasy? The fighting game ver?

No. 1400807

Im pretty sure the stupid [redacted] posted that lmao

No. 1400861

Belial from Grandblue Fantasy but the troon is the only one posting him (when he avatarfags)

No. 1401595

File: 1667851476143.gif (2.77 MB, 327x251, AcceptableUnselfishEyas-size_r…)

nonas, i'm so ready to start torrenting music again, but since i haven't done it in more than 4 years (i have been buying a load of records, but shipping prices lately have been horrible and i can't get things as frequently as i used to), i have no idea where to start looking. any recs? tysm.

No. 1401658

Sorry that I don't have a straight answer because I don't torrent a lot of music, but the /mu/ wiki has an article on where to find music (DL, torrent, etc.)

No. 1401677

i use soulseek, it's basically limewire 2.0

No. 1401743

Can someone help me find a niche gif? It was of a Russian model guy (forgot his name) with a shaved head, wearing a blue shirt, and blowing out cigarette smoke while sitting in his car and looking at the camera sexily. It was a popular gif on Tumblr a few years back. All I knew was that the model lived in new york.

No. 1401745

Belial. He likes anal so he's already a shit-tier husbando for degenerates.

Kek makes sense

No. 1401797

File: 1667861562127.gif (Spoiler Image, 718.37 KB, 220x252, 3B13967C-440F-41DE-8ED4-07C597…)

just kidding

No. 1401812

Wtf is this like canon or something, does somewhere in the granblue fantasy thing mention it outright?? I dont know anything about granblue or what it is, other than looking like a game

No. 1401981

Yes it's canon. He says it to mc in the dialogue. I played this years ago unfortunately and stopped playing after that. Anime is autistic. He's a super hypersexual weirdo and if he was real, would be the coomer that anons hate so bad.

No. 1402014

What is the Turkish folk tale of the red tulips called? It's about a prince who's lover dies and he's so upset he rides himself and his horse off a cliff, but red tulips grow from the blood. I've read this bit on a random website about flowers but I think the story is intriguing, I'd like to read it but when I search for keywords only history websites come up.

No. 1402018

I’m Turkish and I think it might be Şirin (shirin) and Ferhat.

No. 1402031

File: 1667876959613.gif (988.75 KB, 500x300, tumblr_mudjd3vRyj1scxbbjo1_500…)

i knew it was going to be yuri pleskun

No. 1402039

YES NONA THANK YOU I've been searching for this for years!!!!! I wanted to show my boyfriend this because he kind of looks like him (he's swedish tho) and I could never find this. Thank you so much! I love you

No. 1402040


ty nonas, will give both a look (not keen on slsk, but at least it's still around!)

No. 1402048

File: 1667877818259.jpeg (19.3 KB, 321x480, 321full-yuri-pleskun.jpeg)

that's so cute yw nona! i never find anything i can help with when i scroll through this thread so i was excited to get one this time.

No. 1402350

What happened to Tanuki? The japanese vkei gossip imageboard. It shut down in 2018 and never came back. Did all the japanese gya move to a different site or what? I'm not really apart of the scene as it's dead anyway but the posts on there were too entertaining sometimes.

No. 1403082

File: 1668075523220.jpg (63.69 KB, 500x500, artworks-000112372810-e6r7ji-t…)

I'm looking for 'The Art of Grasshopper Manufacture' in PDF form, or just the concept art for Fatal Frame 4, pls halp.
The concept art for all the other FF games are easy to find, but FF4 was made by another publisher and the art was not made public

No. 1403109

rutracker has lot of albums in loseless format, soulseek is good to fill gaps if you can't find something on rutracker

No. 1403194

Soulseek is pretty based, there's also an android version called seeker. I also recently learned you can search the file type you want in the search bar and it'll find only those file types, it's been really helpful.

No. 1403619

nayrt but I wish I could use soulseek! it is THE Best for music and I used to use it years back. I'm scared of getting banned now though because I can't work out how to turn on port forwarding in my routers settings (which means I can't share my own music folder). also do you know if my ISP can see when I'm downloading music from soulseek? even if I can work out port forwarding on my router my VPN doesn't allow port forwarding even if my router did!

No. 1403620

I rip a lot of stuff directly from bandcamp. I use an app called downie (which is paid and mac only I believe) but there is bound to be other apps that you can use to dl the music from there

No. 1405312

File: 1668184449121.jpg (22.07 KB, 233x350, 51P0iNJ-taL._AC_SY350_.jpg)

No. 1405533

Does anyone have a link to the Hall is the blonde one og post?

No. 1405606

There's this korean-american woman that lives in Korea, she made tiktoks of her daily life, like going to work, walking, her cat, daily cleaning (she used 'angry vaccuuming' a lot). She had a bob with blunt bangs and wore glasses. I really loved her content because it motivated me to clean and it was very relaxing. I tried finding her but I can't. Anyone knows her?

No. 1405971

I'm looking for a specific reaction gif.
It's from a reality show (perhaps ANTM but I'm not sure). It shows a group of women looking nervous while sitting down. At some point it shows a shot of a woman biting her nails

No. 1406062

Does anyone know if there's any games where you play as a dragon? I can't believe there isn't a single AAA that lets you stomp or fly around breathing fire on everything and eating people. Not looking for games where you ride one, raise one, or are some kind of tiny anthro furry with scene hair and a t shirt, just let me fuck shit up as a magic flying megalizard.

No. 1406064

Century: Age of Ashes

No. 1406065

closest thing I can think of is skyrim mods that change you into a dragon

No. 1406088

No. 1406101

You're looking for Rampage. It's a classic and can be found on the n64 or at an arcade.

No. 1406102

Also you're welcome.

No. 1406175

File: 1668241825020.jpg (65.69 KB, 460x215, header.jpg)

Demo for Glyde the dragon should be coming out soon. It looks like a Spyro clone but I'm still interested in it.There's also Draconia, but it's in Early Access and from what I understand, it's not worth the price in its current state. Century Age of Ashes is really fun but you're technically a dragon/wyvern rider. I'm still holding out for a good dragon game too nonna

No. 1406359

Multiplayer makes me wary but it looks great and I think I can overlook the rider part because the flying and everything looks so modern.
I've tried this and it's a bit jank (as always with Skyrim), also the mod author stopped supporting the version of the game I stay on.
Was never a Spyro kid, I can't believe it was only around for ten years then dropped off after 2008?
There was a flash game I played as a kid which Im pretty sure was (poorly) imitating this but even then I still had hours of fun with it. I think this one might recapture the magic my child heart once had. Did you play this as a kid?

Thanks for the suggestions, everyone, I'll give all of the ones that are new to me a try.

No. 1408753

You should try /wsr/, nonnie.

No. 1410139

Has there ever been a d&d thread?

No. 1410152

ttrpg on /m/

No. 1410154

Look in the catalog.

No. 1410616

My memory about this is veeeeery vague, it's been more than 10 years. I'm trying to find an episode of intervention or a similar show, where the person was a handsome blond guy living in his parents basement who was addicted to video games. I remember he was playing MGS on the b roll, would play for like 24 hours straight. His only friend was a young woman who seemed really worried about him. He described gaming as feeling like he was living another life. I was struck by how cute he was. He had long blond hair I think?

No. 1410624

File: 1668559260659.jpeg (19.17 KB, 642x477, images (21).jpeg)

SA, I'm retarded. It's season 1 episode 7, Peter and Renee. He's not as handsome as I remembered but not ugly either.

No. 1410637

Annoying asian woman with a high pitched voice like lilypichu but less engagement and weirder looking. Also has tons of stalker ex stories

No. 1410656

File: 1668561041799.jpg (21.57 KB, 295x400, s-l400.jpg)

>>1399726 Santoro?

No. 1410683

I'm looking for a short film on youtube that was a horrific depiction of "gangnam unnie" type faces, the plastic surgery in korea. it was a really disturbing depiction of the sameface syndrome that results from these doctors

No. 1410689

No. 1410726

File: 1668567283825.jpg (115.54 KB, 534x728, ES197__56601.jpg)

Nayrt but holy shit I've had a magnet of this since I was 15 because I immediately liked "creepy little gothic girl with cat" imagery, plus the striped socks, and now I find out its a whole line??? Thank you nonnies

No. 1411150

No. 1411163

Thank you that's her

No. 1411170

wow this ruined my morning fuck you

No. 1411744

If I ever end up in hell, her videos will be playing on loop

No. 1411850

I’m looking for an animation, i can’t get the tweening out my head and need to watch it again. The animation starts off by showing a guy singing to a song that goes “ My stupid friends are having stupid children” or some shit while it changes to different scenes of him going through young to older age or at least changing his outfit and scenes. the last scene is him driving a car with kids in the back seat and crashing, I think the fandom was the Walton files? Or something marble hornets-ish. Thank you!

No. 1411943

Livestream of a male rapper/hip-hop artist talking about how fame really is and materialism. Used to be posted on YouTube but I can not find it. It was a longer livestream, maybe an hour or more.

No. 1412120

a girl from new zealand who used to make videos giving herself stick n pokes, i remember one of them being totoro related. also a different girl who made videos doing miscellaneous things, i remember one giving herself a stick n poke tattoo and also others she made with her friend dancing to blood under my belt by the drums. she was kind of a hoarder and was/is a floristry student.

No. 1412128

also forgot to say the second girl is british, from the south i think

No. 1412144

I watched this channel around 2013 but it seemed to be older than that. The content was a young girl, probably about 14, who dressed pretty emo/scene and she had this much older creepy boyfriend. The video I remember most was her getting a tattoo at a shop with the creep. Does anyone know what this is? There were a ton of comments and views on it asking about her family/if she was okay. Wonder what happened to her.

No. 1412348

File: 1668713145115.jpg (28.45 KB, 479x600, 22-guardian-study-painting-by-…)

Please anons I'm going crazy trying to find the name of an artist that is not Ray Caesar but has a somewhat similar style. The painting I'm thinking of is of a woman with white hair in a twisted style eating a blood red grub-like lollipop or popsicle. I remember Jac Vanek posted a video in 2007 maybe of her taking a photo inspired by this painting because it was her mothers favourite artist, other than that I have nothing else to go on.

No. 1412357

what you wrote reminded me of risa mehmet but that is probably not what you're after

No. 1412551

I don't know which one's fucking with me more, the fact that this video is ten years old already or the fact that Xiao is still making videos

No. 1412584

mark ryden?

No. 1412606

Thought the same

No. 1414081

File: 1668857147825.jpg (85.52 KB, 700x695, southern-viscacha-sleepy-dissa…)

Does anyone have the ben affleck smoking meme with this guy photoshopped in

No. 1417915

played a game on my phone a couple of years ago, it was in the format of a choice text game.

It was about these people who were born with these special abilities so they were sent to this prison in the military or somewhere else (i dont remember exactly) and they had their memory wiped out and i think they had something implanted in them too.
The main character has a voice in his head which tries to help him regain his memory's.

the way the game looks is that its mostly text you just read the text and when you are done you make a choice i think.

No. 1418579

File: 1669177504104.jpg (117.46 KB, 500x616, 0.jpg)

Help me find the source of this image

No. 1418587

Did you use saucenao now? If so then abandon all hope of finding the source.

No. 1418595

No. 1418767

When I was little (around 2002/2003 for sure), I went to extracurricular classes of computing). Our teacher showed us a painting program based on a “futuristic” world, there was a guy with purple skin who “interacted” with you…I remember you could put some stickers on the drawings and I thought it was the coolest thing but I can’t remember the name…

No. 1418803

Was it this?

No. 1419116

Nayrt but holy hell I used to play this game! Wow you just unearthed a long lost memory!

No. 1419260

thank you!

No. 1419309

Does anyone have the image of a hulking troon in a blue dress but with captions describing the emotions of all surroundered by him?

No. 1419324

YES IT IS! I love you anon! You gave me the answer I have been searching for 20 years!

No. 1419441

An Italian movie over 3 hours long; a man searches for his lover who went missing around the seacoast. The movie ends without her being found. Does anyone know the name?

No. 1419551

File: 1669261922964.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 184.55 KB, 512x512, 4674D656-B013-4C66-8FC1-77BEDD…)

please i need to find this movie. Might even be a tv series? I remember the couple being a black haired, very pale/white woman naked swimming along with a man who had grown gills and whose skin became very flaky, he was wearing shorts i think, and he’s very dirty/raggedly looking, maybe because he was being chased earlier. The movie ends here, the two swimming in what looks like an indoor sea? It’s underwater but very well lit.
i tried having ai make what i have in mind but it’s not very good

No. 1419648

I can't remember the name but is it a story about a fisherman finding a mermaid, taking it to his house, building a tank for her and then she hypnotizes him, to make him think she's in love with him and he climbs in the tank, and it's all good but really she kills him?

No. 1419706

File: 1669274025939.gif (2.5 MB, 540x300, 5FF4036E-0D55-4C51-865A-3B0A29…)

omg thanks anon i found it!!! It wasnt exactly as you described it but yeah! I thought i would never find it!
For whatever reason this scene always stuck with me.. Time to watch this movie finally, i am so excited and happy i finally found it ! Thank you! It’s Dagon, a 2001 movie.

No. 1419717

NTA, but this movie was amazing and I loved it so much. Enjoy watching nona.

No. 1419775

i only have vague memories of this so im sorry but does anyone remember this cartoon about this girl who has a crazy family or maybe she was the only weird one ? but there was a huge contrast between her and her neighborhood and the rest of the people. her hair might have been red or brown but i definitely remember it was short. might have been a british show but i watched it in french. it was 2d and i think she slides out the window or something like that during the theme song.
>cartoon 2
this one of this kid who goes to the alien world or something and he has an extraterrestrial gun. it was cgi animated and kind of ugly IIRC bigheaded. i also watched it in french. like he had a normal school but he also had an alien friend if not many other alien friends and he went on missions sometimes with his human friends… the age range for this show is like late primary schoolers so 3rd-6th grade maybe even second grade

No. 1419825

This is more like a 'help me find out' kek but I will give it a shot:
The music that plays until 2:13 in this video is similar to Schubert's Der Doppelganger but has parts that deviate from it (for one, there was no choir in the original afaik). Does anyone know if this was made for the game or has this arrangement already existed outside of it and if yes, who created it?

No. 1421039

File: 1669389438403.jpeg (30.47 KB, 500x281, 9D887804-18BD-4222-8DE5-EEF336…)

what is this from

No. 1421065

the second one might be code lyoko?

No. 1421118

Someone on pinterest said it was from Aishiteru ~Kaiyo~

No. 1421205

was the first one As Told by Ginger

No. 1421238

File: 1669405297941.jpg (8.53 KB, 228x128, download (1).jpg)

>Cartoon 2
Was it cyberchase?

No. 1421246

File: 1669405835503.jpeg (634.26 KB, 948x1202, FA9923F2-C0D2-468C-8960-1EF431…)

What is this/whose the artist?

No. 1421277

Yoshitomo nara is the artist

No. 1421306

pls help me find an album! the album cover is a bouquet of flowers on a black background, the singer is sort of hipster-y and has short black hair. one song i remember is being in a hotel room and on drugs? the album name was just one word i think. ive been in agony for two days

No. 1421556

definitely a long shot, but bouquet on a black background reminds me of Her’s Invitation To Her’s

No. 1421955

There's a pop song that plays on the radio sometimes, it's probably 1-2 years old but I'm not sure. The chorus is sung by kids and the rest by a woman, sounds like Dua Lipa maybe? I could only catch a "say hello" in the chorus. Anyone knows this song?

No. 1421972

I don't understand why she's suddenly so popular among tiktok alt/weeb kids.

No. 1422011

yoshimoto nara is a man… like not even a tranny he's just a dude

No. 1422016

File: 1669481574245.jpg (415.26 KB, 1125x1118, Tumblr_l_191615009257574.jpg)

Where can I buy this?

No. 1422018

File: 1669481632967.jpg (485.57 KB, 1125x1117, Tumblr_l_191617480064959.jpg)

Also where can I buy this

No. 1422026

there are three more colors for the bow if you check the seller
got nothing

No. 1422222

Thank you, I'm blown away

No. 1422332

So I'm looking for a movie from I'm thinking 2019 about girls throwing a house party and then there's a massive storm outside, the whole thing is filmed from inside the house. This could also have been a dream but I gotta try.

No. 1422436

File: 1669503264999.gif (259.08 KB, 275x172, sus.gif)

It's been a while but I think she was posted here, who was that asian woman who was like 45 and would severely photoshop herself, and pretended to be a model

No. 1422447

Now you have me curious lol have you tried r/tipofmytongue?

No. 1422927

I'm looking for a song either by capsule or perfume, cannot remember. It's starts with the singer singing na-na-na-na-na na-na-na-na-na while someone's counting down either in Japanese or English in the background. I first heard this song maybe in the mid 2000s on a Final Fantasy X-2 AMV kek if it helps

No. 1422939

take off by perfume?

No. 1422994

Looking for a French movie from ca. 2012-2016. Slice of life/ coming of age about a group of first semester girls in Paris and their girl drama and growing apart. Very generic description, sorry.

No. 1423157

help me find that rare portrait of Lillian Gish dressed up as a satyr with her hair long and she has flowers in her hair.
I want my hair to look like that on my wedding day. I found it in my algorithm Instagram feed but never liked it or saved it. Fcuk.

No. 1423171

I saw I think on snow or on ot a picture of a compilation of soy looking men labbeled as users of some 4chan board who looked super soy, idk if someone has it.

No. 1423172

Please help me remember the name of a popular song from the start of this year! It was sung in a Scouse accent I think, and it was some kind of rap or grime song. I don’t remember how it goes but I do remember it went viral and the music video was just the artist (a young white man in a tracksuit) in a car park singing the song. Was played on Radio 1’s future sounds segment if that’s any help.

No. 1425557

Boys will be boys kinda sounds similar but maybe only bc of dua

No. 1425726

File: 1669741305484.jpg (40.66 KB, 648x1000, 61aAEHs9wJL._AC_UY1000_.jpg)

Can anyone help me find a sports sweater that's similar to this cropped one? I believe the one I'm looking for was by Fila or another major athletic wear brand, and it had more of an angular look and the two halves of the sweater were different colors.

No. 1426118

File: 1669755819233.jpg (96.05 KB, 565x974, 20221129_114604.jpg)

Anyone know what app or website this is?

No. 1426458

I'm looking for an album I saw on youtube once. The cover was black with a white cat on a unicycle, the cat was either juggling, wearing a party hat, or had three eyes. The album title and track names were all in some Cyrillic language. It was pretty standard moody/trippy electronic music, one of the comments described it as "what would play during a cave exploration scene in adventure time". My memory is so shit this could be totally off but I remember the video having a decent number of views so maybe someone recognizes it kek

No. 1426744

Sounds like Cat Steps by Daisuke Tanabe
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yzZ8mDc682A&ab_channel=jamalvasconcelos(imageboard post caps)

No. 1426749

Genuinely, what is even the point of a sweater like that?

No. 1426759

yes thats it! thank you nonny

No. 1426763

Late af but looks like the character design may be from NiGHTS games

No. 1426788

Could anyone help me with identifying an Arabic song? I don't know the words but I know the melody. I could make a vocaroo if anyone's willing to help.

No. 1427041

File: 1669821392794.gif (79.7 KB, 850x525, hhss.gif)

Romance film that featured a black haired bearded(something like picrel) white man and a black woman

No. 1427813

File: 1669859362259.jpg (437.21 KB, 1132x1600, --yDYXsC-ivo.jpg)

I'm looking for a Japanese boy band where the members wore pilotsuit-ish costumes. each member wore a different colour suit(I assume they wore their member colours). Their pilotsuits looked kinda like picrel

No. 1427949

looking for a series of documentaries about the world through history it was hosted by a British man

No. 1427963

actually got you on this one, would it be adam curtis? he did hypernormalisation which is a pretty in depth 3 hour ish history lesson including unseen footage

No. 1427966

actually it was Andrew Marr but yours sounds way more interesting, so thank you!

No. 1427998

This comes to mind

No. 1428085

Yes!! Thank you

No. 1428251

File: 1669891281479.gif (1.12 MB, 320x320, walking raw chicken.gif)

what game is this

No. 1428285

is silent hill 1

No. 1428309

Romance film about a 30 year old monster truck derby owner or car park(something related vehicles) and a 17-18 year old young man, I think it was released in the 80's and 90's

No. 1428317

Chicken nugget game

No. 1428322

where download

No. 1428625

israeli shoe brand that made cool looking women's shoes in the 90s. i think they still have a store because i looked them up when i still had a laptop and a thing with their address and number popped up but i dont have it anymore so i cant look them back up. there were also a few listings on ebay but not much. they were mostly leather shoes. possibly a z in the name ?

No. 1429127

Fujoshis, help me remember the manga where two "totally straight" dudes become neighbors and start fucking each other in the ass

No. 1429129

All of them

No. 1429131

One's blonde the other one's black haired, if that helps

No. 1429175

that's really catchy! but it isn't that group I'm thinking of

No. 1429180

All of them

No. 1429211

thank you nonnie I have been looking for this gif for ages but never been able to find it

No. 1429635

I knew an old lady (silent generation) who made this amazing chocolate frosting on top of her cakes that was chocolate and tried to be thick, slightly moist, and hard. When I asked her she said it was just "the hershey's recipe" except I have tried to make it as well as other variations because it changed slightly depending on what year of hershey's can. Do any anons know what recipe version it is? or did she just leave it out maybe and it dried from fluffy to hardened? she's dead now so I can't ask

No. 1429755

Could it be this one?

Baking & Spices
1/4 tsp Butter flavoring, natural
3/4 cup Cocoa powder, unsweetened
2 2/3 cups Powdered sugar
1 pinch Salt
1/2 tsp Vanilla extract
3/4 cup Butter, unsalted

I don't know what butter flavoring is, my grandma replaced that with coffee, but that's the recipe that is in her ancient book. Depending on the thickness of the butter used, she would add a splash of milk to loosen everything up and get the right consistency.

No. 1430717

No. 1431080

File: 1670081968640.png (676.45 KB, 673x964, 1658872312671.png)

Does anyone know what Manga this page is from?

No. 1431087

Got you nonna! Its Naka Made Aishite you can read it on myreadingmanga

No. 1432196

theres a song that's been stuck in my head lately, and it's a REALLY old song. it has a female singer and is a pop/techno kind of song and goes something like
>"tonight this is where I wanna be holding you so close to me holding you forever"
it's not the exact lyrics but it goes something like that. I've tried google and can't find it.
please nonnas. I know it exists, im not fucking crazy

No. 1432452

Hi I need help finding two really dumb things.
1) That vine of the dude knocking a roll of paper towels off a stool while Kanye's "Blood on the Leaves" plays in the bg
2) The screenshot of that Furaffinity argument where the guy threatens another guy by saying he's gonna "shove his size 9 foot up his size 1 ass" and the other guy replies "lol baby shoes." Interspersed is a guy named Furricane replying with "…." as the argument escalates.

No. 1432469

Inna - In your eyes?

The lyrics are not 100% the same though

No. 1432895

I found it! my mind can FINALLY rest

No. 1433812

That gif of naked Aaron Taylor Johnson

No. 1436033

does anyone have that news article from an actresses from the 1950's or 60's, complaining about being casted with ugly older men and just wants a love interest near her own age ?

No. 1437846

File: 1670536096842.jpg (383.74 KB, 2048x1664, Tumblr_l_79060764321680.jpg)

What's the origin for this pose? I've seen it in other fandoms, first on the goncharov shit but I don't think that was the first one.
It always has someone on the center kissing the person on the left, who has a rod/sword/knife, and the person on the right leaning on center's shoulder looking sad.

No. 1437851

Ahh I know the image but I can’t find it! It’s a photograph of a woman (left) kissing another woman (centre) while stabbing a man behind her (right).

No. 1437852

File: 1670536496311.jpg (73.58 KB, 640x482, tumblr_7afbab7b24e7d36befc4bd5…)

Anne Hathaway in a Twelfth Night photoshoot

No. 1437871

Thank you!

No. 1438121

looking for a webm of a comparison between men soccer vs women soccer, i think it was this video but as a webm and in the same shoot.

No. 1438140

W-wow, she looks really hot like this.

No. 1439857

tumblr post (i think) of TIMs standing next to women and showcasing that they will always be clocked as men. i think one showed some TIM on the splash mountain ride, and the other had a fat TIM hulking over and mansplaining a woman who looked tiny in comparison.

No. 1439869

File: 1670687415633.png (735.82 KB, 533x562, 2E974E37-A13A-4F58-9C7A-D47F53…)

>TIM on the splash mountain ride
Kek is it this photo of Contra?

No. 1439876

File: 1670687653962.jpeg (233.77 KB, 683x1023, stock-photo-happy-husband-whee…)

Does anyone have research on whether wives or husbands are more likely to stay in the event the other spouse becomes ill/disabled?

No. 1439902

Too lazy to link it but there have been studies and most of them show that moids tend to leave while women tend to stick around and play full time caretaker till the moid kicks the bucket.

I will say, my own personal example was where the woman became permanently disabled, her husband stayed with her. From what I understand he's still working full-time so she's left alone often, but they're still married and he does take care of her. So not all males will abandon ship. They're both very religious so that also plays a big role.

No. 1439923

Women stay for some reason. I have a friend in her 30s who had a birthday for her husband and he dressed up with a fake bald cap and old mans robe and she was like 'i cant wait to take care of you when you're old and grey and wipe your ass'.. Why women do this? No idea. But men tend to either leave, abuse or snap at their sick spouses if they're women.

No. 1439926

I don't but I feel like this is part of female socialization and being conditioned from birth to see ourselves in the role as a caregiver.

No. 1439948

This one is free access: Gender disparity in the rate of partner abandonment in patients with serious medical illness
>Divorce or separation occurred at a rate similar to that reported in the literature (11.6%).
>There was, however, a greater than 6-fold increase in risk after diagnosis when the affected spouse was the woman (20.8% vs 2.9%; P < .001). Female gender was found to be the strongest predictor of separation or divorce in each cohort.
>Marriage duration at the time of illness was also correlated with separation among brain tumor patients (P = .0001).
>Patients with brain tumors who were divorced or separated were more likely to be hospitalized, and less likely to participate in a clinical trial, receive multiple treatment regimens, complete cranial irradiation, or die at home (P < .0001).
>Female gender was found to be a strong predictor of partner abandonment in patients with serious medical illness. When divorce or separation occurred, quality of care and quality of life were adversely affected.

No. 1443440

What is that BL manga/webtoon that is set on a high fantasy medieval scenario, that has a guy with black hair and big nipples and a bunch of people throw beer on him? Someone posted a pic of it recently but I forgot to save it to search. Thanks!

No. 1443449

this one? >>>/m/260611
I think ppatta is the name of the artist. couldn't tell you if that character is from a specific story though, sorry, maybe someone else knows.

No. 1443471

Thanks anon, that was it. Also, pouring* not throwing kek
Since you gave me the name, it was way easier to look it up, but it's actually too degen for me. Big nope. A shame, the MC is hot

No. 1443681

happy to help nonny. his comically large nipples put a smile on my face when I saw him on /m/ but I basically had the same reaction you did when I looked up the source

No. 1443692

File: 1670909915318.jpg (85.74 KB, 640x480, 3N3Gibe1irC7jNiNEkZvgs6M.jpg)

A friend of mine showed me this photo of My and told me that there was a illustration of her with a fringe in the book Friends of Moominvalley. Can someone find it for me? I won't be able to check it myself since I won't be at home for a couple of days.

No. 1444133

Ok this is a total shot in the dark but whenever I listen to Head over Heels by Tears for Fears I swear the chorus sounds really similar to another song I’ve heard but I can’t figure out what! I feel like the melody of the chorus sounds similar to the chorus of another song except it’s faster paced than whatever song I’m thinking of. Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I can remember how it sounds but no lyrics… the other song I’m thinking of is also sung by a man I’m pretty sure.

No. 1444472

I want help finding a song. It's basically Midwest emo. The lyrics are about a guy who's apathetic about life. He mentions how he wants to end his life asleep in his home while it burns down.

No. 1444518

useless update but after thinking about it all day I remember the song I was thinking of!

No. 1444565

I saw what I'm pretty sure was an album cover, probably metal, on lolcow. Can't remember what thread or what board, probably a year ago or more. It was kind of a whimsical black and white sketch of a troll walking into the trees and it was snowing I think. I remember a reply being like "this looks like art an old Finnish man would have on his wall". I really liked it and can't remember what it was

No. 1444590

what was it nonna?

No. 1444602

It was East Coast Winters by Anthony Green. It doesn’t sound as similar as it did in my head but I’m happy I figured it out because I couldn’t listen to Head Over Heels without constantly wondering what the chorus reminded me of!

No. 1445684

I used to watch a YouTuber who made almost exclusively Berserk-related content, mostly memes/skits, but eventually changed his user and i can't find it for the life of me…
Pretty sure he either had zodd or godhand in the username originally, do any nonnies happen to remember it?

No. 1445714

To all late millennial to early zoomer burgerfags who went to public school (and anyone else who knows what I'm talking about): do any of you remember that one website where you could take a personality test and it would tell you what career would work best with you and it had details about the yearly income and what the job entails and also how much schooling is required? I'm in desperate need!!!

No. 1445721

I am 99% sure you mean O*NET

No. 1445735

nta but that was fun to use lol thanks for posting. apparently I should be a compliance officer/driving instructor

No. 1446588

Does anyone have that chart that showed all the popular male vtubers next to their irl faces? it was like a white canvas and it had pictures of their characters next to their ugly irl faces, please help

No. 1446789

File: 1671109031141.jpg (184.65 KB, 933x914, SmartSelect_20221215_045517_Ch…)

Never heard of this site. It's interesting to see what career it's picked for me. Thanks Nonna for the initial post

No. 1447007

File: 1671122018533.jpeg (265.27 KB, 1170x1123, FB0F963D-2F9F-4D9E-9F0A-ACBF9B…)

can anyone help me find this plush? despite all my searching i can’t find it anywhere. i’ve found plenty of similar ones for other fandoms and stuff but never this one and i’m going insane. it’s emet selch from ffxiv if that helps at all.

No. 1447227

why is it naked

No. 1451151

Does anyone have the "chicanx on twitter" meme with the woke latina and "her bf" being some nondescript white guy? ty

No. 1451177

maybe anon wants to knit tiny clothes for a tiny husbando

No. 1451340

help me find that 4fag greentext where an anon goes to a therapist to talk about his self harm and the next session she has a box cutter in her pen holder pls its one of my favorites

No. 1451369

File: 1671373115496.png (37.2 KB, 469x430, thunder.png)

I suddenly got nostalgia for this girl I used to hate-follow on DeviantArt and that I can't find anywhere anymore. She was drawing weird OCs who had anime human heads with a wolf body, she was also making bad animations on Youtube and was voicing her characters herself. Her main OC's name was Thunder iirc.
It looked something like picrel.

No. 1451563

Here you go: >>888792

No. 1451627

File: 1671386787072.jpg (324.37 KB, 529x1027, ask.jpg)

can you help me find this post? i think it was on xx

No. 1451672

I would say no, but a mod did it so idk

No. 1451674

is there a search function here? i tried searching through google but it's hidden so nothing came up. and you can delete it, got it, tysm

No. 1451684

yeah it's at the bottom, next to the catalog button

No. 1451688

oh wow i can't believe i never noticed;; thanks

No. 1456273

Does anyone have that picture of Eminem wearing a floral scarf under his hat? I feel like I saw it here but I can't find it anywhere.

No. 1456353

Looking for a black and white drawing of three dogs dancing / jumping in a lawn, with a fourth dog looking through a fence at them. The image is captioned with something like "they are what I am supposed to be". Can anyone help?

No. 1456376

File: 1672199935865.jpeg (226.78 KB, 1242x743, 2477FE0A-71FE-4E9B-9C5D-B7E202…)

Glue-on falsies that look like picrel and aren’t super long.

No. 1456520

Japanese brands tend to carry alot of these in a similar vein, check out brands like dolly wink (on the more expensive side), diamond lash, eyemazing or miche bloomin’ to start with. Plenty will give you the look but stay moderate in length.

No. 1457028

any former koreaboos itt? i remember watching this kdrama on tv around 2014 or so where there's a scene of the protagonist waiting on her crush or male love interest or whatever in some place alone (hotel lobby?), and she gets this intrusive thought of him meowing sexily or something kek or trilling you know how people make that claw gesture seductively and trill or roar idk the right term. think there was a grand piano involved in this scene or a little after and more hallucinations of the sort as she's waiting on him. genuinely watched an entire show just to see it again and it wasn't there at all so it must be another

No. 1457044

File: 1672270081020.jpg (175.9 KB, 821x1083, IMG_20221229_045446.jpg)

Does anyone know what kind of plant/dried flowers are in this vase?

No. 1457069

could anyone help me find the name of an actor? he was an american man who did some english language martial arts films around the 70s-80s. he has blonde hair and a mustache, i think. i believe either his first or last name (or both) started with a B. i know its a long shot due to lack of info but if anyone could help i'd appreciate it, im trying to find this terrible movie he was in that i watched a few years ago because it was funny as hell. thx nonnas

No. 1457078

File: 1672272756733.jpeg (108.58 KB, 800x552, 9FE8BAF3-C1C3-434E-897D-001F23…)

This might be really dumb but I’ll try. There was this YouTube video I found when the nightcore hype was popular. I don’t know what the jpop song was about, but it randomly pops up in my head (might’ve been a fever dream or barely remember kek) anyway in the pic I think it was a girl with bunny ears on a swing and there was nightcore playing, it might’ve been voicaloid and the colors scheme kept changing like a rainbow. Sorry for sounding retarded but I can’t get it out of my head.
Picrel for reference

No. 1457255

Girl on tiktok with a slicked back orange mullet. Talks about how she's not actually weird and her family disowned her. Recently got a new boyfriend. Makes videos about pads and tampons I don't really know

No. 1457431

i had found a site for head drawing reference which had a 3d head you could rotate around and you could find reference material on expressions according to age and sex and i can't find it again

No. 1457479

Could it be this one nonna? http://referenceangle.com/

No. 1457529

yes! thank you anon

No. 1457572

Looking for necklaces that are interactive or like, fiddle-able with, that move around a bit. For example i own a necklace thats a shell that can be opened with a pearl inside and it’s my favorite. I would like similar ones.

No. 1457763

Can someone link me to the post from the MtF thread where an anon mistook a real girl as a troon because of her legs?

No. 1457766

i hate to say it but looking for stimming necklaces might be your best bet. i've seen some that are surprisingly cute but obviously they might not be as cute as regular necklaces

No. 1457777

They have little locket ones that snap open and closed with a clock inside, those are fun. Also you could put a spinner ring on a chain

No. 1457792

File: 1672346062913.jpg (41.91 KB, 632x561, 59029aa25d793ee6e57315044c077e…)

Anyone know if Yunomi Niki/Girlslabo old art site is still up?

No. 1457819

Animated music video with a little kid riding a tricycle, and I think there are robots? It looked kind of old, I don’t really remember the song it might have been electronic. Help please.

No. 1459800

File: 1672545584982.jpg (36.75 KB, 564x451, 1d768c9767843a4e1765754daf7b79…)

A vocaloid song with Len and Kaito's voices, I think it was called Shota Desu something, but I want to know if someone else also remembers that song.

No. 1460190

Story about a woman who can see ghostls solving murders in New York, might be a video game

No. 1460230

File: 1672600510947.png (573.58 KB, 511x643, kn.PNG)

i have a skeleton necklace with arms and legs that you can move, there are also coffin necklaces where you can open them and there's a corpse inside! i've seen the same concept with little noah's arcs that you can open and see all the animals inside. if that's not your style, just look up 'kinetic necklace' or 'fidget necklace', there's some tasteful and pretty stuff out there.

No. 1460293

A film (potentially in French?) about people in a hotel with names that were variables like X or Y. It may have been a mystery or a romance, not sure.
I never watched the movie but recall reading about it on Wikipedia of all things. It isn't the Grand Budapest btw.

I may also be mistaken and it could have been a book. The variable thing is what stood out to me though. I was quite young when I read it so it's been years.

No. 1460317

Blackwell series, the first game is Blackwell Legacy. Main character is a red head who can see ghosts with an old fashioned ghost detective partner.

No. 1460626

does anyone have that image thats of a round little frog and it says "bebe sleep"?

No. 1460681

File: 1672635323656.jpg (61.72 KB, 596x592, 1672610027964268.jpg)

anyone know the name of this artist? i remember her stuff being discussed here at some point but idk what to search for in the archives.

No. 1460733

I think her name is yudori?

No. 1460765

yudoridori on instagram; I don't mind searching for stuff but you seriously gotta use google image search more often, it was the first result there, you wouldn't have to wait for other anons reply for so long

No. 1460855

>her stuff being discussed here at some point
what is there to discuss? she is just an edgelord

No. 1460888

File: 1672671424382.jpeg (715.63 KB, 1170x1293, 6BAEAF10-D4C9-4550-9E60-09DDA6…)

Edge lord? She seems like your average farmer

No. 1460893

>cis men
Shes just a libfem

No. 1460905

I love yudori, don't care if she's an edgy libfem. Her comics are fun and she's a talented artist.

No. 1460911

File: 1672671985111.jpeg (576.45 KB, 1170x1214, 5C4A3056-C2BE-4CE7-B8BA-C18623…)

Why would a libfem lump cis women and transmen together?

No. 1460916

I dunno if you are new here, but 'cis' isn't considered acceptable here, which fair enough, it's a gayop, but I also find it a bit silly to call anyone who says it a libfem, regardless of what else they are saying.

No. 1460947

You will not find her as funny when she starts posting comics shitting on ""cis"" woman and celebrating trannies, get real

No. 1460949

File: 1672674898891.png (1.66 MB, 1312x1776, Screen Shot 2023-01-02 at 07.5…)

nta but I tried that because I wanted to help them and it didn't work wtf. I just got a stupid /co/ thread that didn't mention the name either

No. 1460954

stop defending this loser, she's a self admitted whore who vents about her shitty life decisions through comics, you can't help someone that retarded

No. 1460957

>annoying libfem who supports tras
Back to /ic you literal dick

No. 1460960

Point is she drew zippertits with a strap and went on to lump the r/ftmpunished crowd with onlyfans women. She didn’t go around in circles separating the two.
Idk it doesn’t seem like something a “TMAM” libfem would do. She would have included everyone under the sun except ‘cismen’

No. 1460969

Stop being retarded, she's right. That artist called herself a whore and any woman who willingly calls herself that is a cow with no self respect tbh (plus she's one of those "sex work is work" retards). Some of her comics may me relatable until you remember that she has a fetish for white males with yellow fever (she's the typical girl acting like she hates men while dating the most average man in existence) and she used to draw very romanticized drawings of adult white men being sensual/sexual with young asian women.

No. 1460975

File: 1672677568529.jpeg (182.06 KB, 768x576, beautiful_field_-with_grass_an…)

>edgelord libfem trasnmen cis gayop tras /ic/ zippertits r/ftmpunished TMAM cismen cow

No. 1461062

File: 1672684041647.jpg (428.77 KB, 601x3489, 1522658254609.jpg)

she literally calls herself a proud Ho and she shows her nudes online, everything about her is pathetic, she's a self hating asian girl who lusts after loser white guys and might make an ironic misandry joke that gets popular on twitter but that doesn't change the reality of her loser behavior, I wouldn't be surprised if she trooned out

No. 1461063

File: 1672684147211.jpg (450.85 KB, 1177x2326, FEDj7ZAmva.jpg)

scratch that, she's definitely gonna troon out

No. 1461066

Lolcow has a banner of an anime girl milking a cow. I can’t find it, help.

No. 1461072

holy shit is she retarded

No. 1461076

She shits on her friend who was sexually abused and frames it as a positive thing? Whole new level of retardation.

No. 1461079

File: 1672685055298.jpg (787.8 KB, 653x4426, 1522661690752.jpg)

again she's a stupid overly online asian party girl, and she applies her specific head logic towards everyone else(men and women, fictional and real) like picrel is based on a semi autobiographical novel, she cannot comprehend the mentality of other human beings in different eras and circumstances

No. 1461081

This is about the move "the lover", right? Didn't the dude rape the underage girl in the movie?? Wtf.

No. 1461082

It's like being ESL prevents her from expressing herself normally despite knowing a bunch of English words so everything she posts is nonsensical.

No. 1461116

she's extremely mentally ill and deranged to even imply a fucking 16 years old manipulated an older scrote
>i gotta manipulate you into raping me so i'm not held accountable
wtf?? accountable of what schizo SHE'S A TEEN, SHE'S 16 YEARS OLD god stop calling her a hoe/bitch tf is wrong with her?

No. 1461117

All I remember about this artist is that she's talented but make weird art of (what appears to be) young Asian girls with older white men. And something about how she groomed a girl that was staying with her family, I don't quite remember but it was all in the artist salt threads

No. 1461118

Add /banners to the lolcow url and it should give you a list of all of the banners

No. 1461130

Very ironic that she keeps shitting on this white girl for fucking older, asian men, when she's almost the exact same parallel: an asian girl who is obsessed with older white men, but this time is cringier considering she's not a groomed teen but a very retarded young woman who apparently loves blaming CSA victims

No. 1461138

She's not ESL, she's American and speaks perfect English

No. 1461140

Feel like she could have her own thread(if anyone's willing to make one)

No. 1461151

She deserves her own thread.

No. 1461178

iirc according to some comics she was born and raised in Korea and went to the US later, but it's been a while since I read her stuff.

No. 1461191

She's saying the same shit groomers say to teens/children here. Like, the classic phrases like "you're not like others of your age" and "you have something more/you're more mature".
She's saying that CSA victims are actually bitches that wanted it and are just playing the victim later. What a fucking loser, I hope she stays away from other women.

No. 1461206

I know this is old but for anyone else, watchcartoonline.io , cartoons and anime

No. 1461210

Literally what the fuck. How is she real.

No. 1461216

*watchcartoononline.io , whoops

No. 1461232

Why does she had bitch and ho at the end of so many random sentences? It's so forced. Truly an edgelord. It doesn't even flow well.

No. 1469065

Does anyone have that realistic/photorealistic pencil sketch (or otherwise b&w lineart) fanart drawing of Joaquin Phoenix's Joker (in full joker makeup iirc. or not) eyes closed and lightly kissing the top of Travis Bickle(name of Robert De Niro's character in Taxi Driver)'s head while he's smiling with his mouth open and eyes closed?
Maybe the roles are vice versa but nonny help

No. 1469106

File: 1673392107408.jpg (384.41 KB, 3843x2160, not completely a thirstwatch.j…)

Actually, samefag but if anyone knows of a torrent or a preferably no-login-needed place to stream Who's That Knocking At My Door (1967) dir. Scorcese, please

No. 1469346

File: 1673420227061.png (243.33 KB, 680x709, image (1).png)

Does anyone have the Elsie version of this meme? I forgot which thread it was in.

No. 1469378

An ancient youtube video with an advanced yoga flow. It must've been posted before monetization and maybe even before google aquisition. It starred a burnt to orange thin blonde white woman. It wasn't Kino. At the beginning of the video she said that it was an advanced practice and to not compare ourselves to her because she practices for 5 hours daily and it's ok if we're not there yet.

No. 1469414

File: 1673432834065.png (9.42 MB, 2475x1661, 1672331507007.png)

Does anyone know who is the artist of picrel? Tried using image search but it only brings up similar black and white compositions with a woman sitting on a horse

No. 1469417

No. 1469444

Ahaaa, thank you!!

No. 1469501

That one gif of some mans arms and him squeezing a pillow or whatever he was sitting on that an anon felt guilty for still having saved because she now has a boyfriend

No. 1469685

File: 1673462570021.jpeg (66.33 KB, 484x562, lookslikesomethingbyjunko.jpeg)

Who's he?

No. 1469731

It is by Junko, Recipe no Oujisama.

No. 1469734

Nice, thanks lol

No. 1469745

So I watched a tv show many years ago, I'm not sure how many, but I think around 15 years ago. Main character was a teenage girl. I only remember that in one of the episodes her parents would be performing in the "hair" musical and they were stressing about getting naked on stage. Does anyone know the name of the show? I've been trying to find it since forever.

No. 1470245

Two women in a march (i think?) holding the progress flag with the triangle cut out
I saw it on tumblr/radblr

No. 1471449

Nevermind, nonas. I was coming up dry every place I looked, but ok.ru had uploads.
Regarding >>1469065 I'm also going to add that they were facing each other, but in profile for the viewer (like Miku and Luka in magnet or something).

sage for retardation

No. 1471699

Does anyone know where I can find a white back cover for a Samsung A10e phone? Not like a phone case, but I mean the actual back cover for a phone. I've looked everywhere and I can't seem to find any.

No. 1472334

File: 1673649588278.jpg (10.26 KB, 474x331, maruchan.jpg)

I'm looking for a Japanese jazz song about a housewife going to the market to buy fish while complaining about how much she has to cook. There is a part of the song where she asks the seller how much the fish costs and she is sort of shouting this part instead of singing it(it's likely that this is intended as a call and response). I do not know much about jazz but I think the song is swing but I'm not too sure about this.
I heard the song companied with an animated music video(?). The woman had a dress with big dots on in that video and I think a green grocery bag? The "camera" was constantly moving and there was lots of shapes and colours in it. The artstyle was sort of similar to the 90's bersion of Chibi Maruko Chan, picrel. I first saw the video while searching for clips of this anime so I assume it was either from the anime or one of the movies, or one of the staff members of the original Maruchan anime worked on this music video, but this is only speculation. I'm positive though that the song predates the video
I had the song stuck in my head for months but I can't find it so I will be sooo happy if anyone can find it even if it's without the video.

No. 1472708

A manga that has a redheaded woman and a man with a long silver braid as the protagonists. I think it’s a romance and that the setting is inspired by Finland (?) or some other snowy country.

No. 1472768

File: 1673688333706.jpeg (20.53 KB, 275x260, 1622860336459.jpeg)

Here you go.

No. 1473016

File: 1673714541204.jpeg (90.53 KB, 465x660, images.jpeg)

Hokuou Kizoku To Moukinzuma No Yukiguni Karigurashi/The Snow Country Hunting Life of the Northern Nobleman and the Raptor Wife

No. 1473046

that word for the type of "love" a fan feels towards a celebrity. or someone on the internet. like platonic but not. it means like when someone likes a person but actually knows nothing about the famous/liked person as a person or something and the famous person in question knows nothing about their fan. it's used by tumblr a lot HALP

No. 1473057

parasocial relationship?

No. 1473062

yes ! thanks anon. i worded that really retardedly but i couldn't think of any other way kek

No. 1473128

thank you nonny!!

No. 1473279

File: 1673741249068.png (609.66 KB, 960x960, 2DCCC391-D535-4BEC-81A6-840451…)

Yes that’s it! Thank you nonnie!

No. 1473589

There was a hilarious post poking fun at American recipe/cooking blogs in general and the fact that they never just tell the recipe right away but instead have a lengthy pages long history of the meal like 'Ahhhhh I remember when my grandma would bake us her iconic applepie and we would all gather around the dining table etc' and then the ingredients are like 'premade pie crust' and 'premade apple pie filling'

No. 1474850

I really hope this isn't considered wanting to be spoonfed but I'll try it. Is there a thread where I can read up the romanianon and pakichan lore? I have missed out so much even though I have been on this board for so long, I just leave for months because I have other things to do. I couldn't find a thread dedicated to them but nonas keep referencing them.

No. 1474862

There's a post compilation of some of romanianons posts here >>1013274
It's not remotely up to date anymore though kek. There's none made of pakianon yet but you can usually find her in the antifujo threads, europe threads and tinfoil threads, derailing about pakistan and the british.

No. 1477207

I'm just bumping this above the spam

No. 1477357

more romanianon content starting here >>>/snow/1739079
there's also Steven's thread (romanianon calf) >>>/snow/1400914
as for pakichan i think there's a compilation in the fujo cringe thread

No. 1477399

theres this one long video on youtube about anime recommendations (which i think is a compilation of the all the recommendation videos the YouTuber has made so far). the first anime to be mentioned was Zegapain. it doesnt dwell on each show for very long, just giving a quick summary abd moving on to the next

i thought i had it added to my watchlist but apparently i didnt, and searching for it now only gives me videos of coombrained roaches reccomending bland shonens and ecchis

No. 1478536


No. 1478538

File: 1674330477092.jpg (34.54 KB, 500x718, b48b0629c41896919426b43578f67d…)

Can anyone tell me who the woman in this photo is?

No. 1478558

Is it by the creator stevem? the one who did a video on hideo anno?

No. 1478633

Nose job model on Irani plastic surgery site

No. 1478658

no, she is used as a stock photo on those sites. I want to know who she is and does she have other pics except for this stock photo.

No. 1478849

ive been trying to find an image edit of 3 retards fighting but the 3 is removed. i swear i saw it once before on this site and i cant find it again.

No. 1479210

File: 1674395754564.jpeg (178.49 KB, 1435x978, 413F9A12-63AD-4F8C-98EE-D1DC1F…)

Here. I have it cuz i made it

No. 1479216

As a child I briefly saw scene from some anime (or other animated movie/series but I’m sure it was anime) on TV. It was somewhere in 2000-2007.
I remember there was some boy/teenager/man who was walking in a forest and he had a rainbow (and sparkly?) birthmark or some other sign on his shoulder or arm.
Then I also remember there was a scene of some character (again, male - don’t know if he was the same as before or someone else) standing in a city and he had a big hole in his torso. As if something went through him and left a hole but he could move, talk normally etc. The hole didn’t look like realistic wound, it was really round and “perfect” looking, at least not as something gory or painful. Something like cut out in his body but it seemed it was really a result of some injury, although he functioned normally.
I want to know if this is from some real series or movie and which one it is (in case it isn’t some fever dream).

No. 1479721

looking for a French song, i don't know any of the lyrics except one part in English that sort of sounds like "i don't know what to do" and some "ooo oo ooo ooo oo ooooo"'s repeated in the background. it has a female vocalist and generally sounds like a sad song. the last time i heard it was in an amv of some anime called Air

No. 1479726

if you have the link to the AMV i will find it.

No. 1479729

i can't find the link right now. i'll try again though. i think it was posted around the late 2000s or early 2010s on youtube.

No. 1479765

Sorry if this is a stupid suggestion, but It’s not daft punk is it?

No. 1479800

As a child I vaguely remember a movie where some guy is tormented by a monkey with cymbals that makes bad luck happen when it clashes then together, but I'm 90% sure it's played for laughs. At some point in the movie, I think it was the end, he's dead (no idea why) and somehow turns up at a woman's wedding, presumably his ex girlfriend. She remarks some shit about him crying and he says "I can't I'm all dried up". What is this autistic shit does anyone else have a recollection of this fever dream?

No. 1479813

Are you sure it wasn't a song by the French band literally called Air?

No. 1479883

File: 1674487183670.jpg (668.87 KB, 1080x1900, Idk.jpg)

I would post this in the sleuth thread, but I can't find it. I follow this girl on Instagram because I find her so beautiful. However, her lifestyle puzzles me. What's the verdict: rich parents or sugar baby (escort)?

No. 1479886

Air? The anime with the blonde girl in a black dress and she's following around some dude with silver hair?

No. 1479902

The devil’s gift, maybe?

No. 1479906

There’s a short story by Stephen King called The Monkey that has an evil stuffed monkey clashing cymbals together before people die, but the ending is completely different. It’s possible they adapted it differently though?

No. 1479908

millennial(?) tv series about two women released during the mid 2010s where in the intro they both change into "the dress" (the viral one) one in black and blue and the other in gold and white. i think there was a white and black woman but i'm not 100% sure

No. 1479916

She does fashion modeling, it seems the agency she's with gets most of their funds from Asian markets. Most likely has rich parents, a lot of the people she replies to have similar backgrounds of being rich since they were young.
However, Germany is known for their legalized prostitution, so maybe they started young as a sugar baby? But it seems more like just being rich offspring.

No. 1480474

Have you found any of her works anywhere? I have found maybe three or four shoots she has done. The rest makes sense though, thank you so much.

No. 1481428

bump, oher then Eli who are these people features in this video ?

No. 1481450

brown haired office worker getting his face shoved in cake by co-worker and more sensual pics similar to that

No. 1481518

File: 1674672920432.jpg (120.4 KB, 800x540, cake prince.jpg)

No. 1481843

Thank you so much! Been trying to find it myself for a few weeks now and didn't succeed in that endeavor. Can't believe it's been 2 years now since cake prince got posted kek. Still arousing to this day.

No. 1481873

god i needed to see this tonight

No. 1482052

The aussie girl is Sydney Watson, she's pretty smart. She's the girl who got a bit of fame for tweeting about being sandwiched between two deathfats on a flight somewhere.

The athlete is JustPearlyThings, she's uniorniccally one of the biggest pickmes on the planet.

No. 1482055

Wtf anons have my same thought I was thinking about the guy getting his face shoved in cake at work like it was a LC fever dream.

No. 1482097

Manga cap or comic panel of a girl laying in bed and saying she listened to a drama CD of tsunderes being mean to her all night

No. 1483167

What's that song with the guy that has a really deep voice and he's speaks without singing, "I like how you say that say that, say it again"

No. 1483176

This is going to be a long shot but I'm looking for a singer whose music video I saw once very drunk. I can't remember much about the song itself except that it was very alternative.
>female singer, had black hair pulled back (might've had space buns?) and smudged dark lipstick
>she was chopping meat
>whole video had a heavy grain filter on it, color scheme was very white and reddish black
>reminded me of björk or lady gaga
>really edgy
The person who showed it to me is a bit of a weirdo if that helps anything. I don't have her contact info so I can't ask her directly.

No. 1483442

File: 1674837659332.jpg (157.4 KB, 2160x1080, tomo.jpg)

This one? Doesn't quite fit, but I don't think I've ever seen one like you described

No. 1484576

File: 1674943260092.jpg (79.14 KB, 1000x1500, deuxansapres.jpg)

anyone know where i can torrent or watch this online anywhere? i could only find the original documentary (which was great btw i recommend)

No. 1484760

nonnies i'm trying to find an internet blank-verse poet i used to like reading. i do not know her name or anything about her. all i have is this fragment of one of her poems which i copied onto a notebook (kek):

I think that's what you want - to know that if you felt like it you could show up at my doorstep, eyes full of dazzling madness, and tell me stories about the people you shouldn't have kissed and how you forgot to eat again and I would let you in.

can anyone find this? google is being unhelpful tbh

No. 1484841

nonas (especially lesbians), please help me find a TikTok woman. she's gay and the last time I saw her videos she lived in Alaska. iirc she's got dirty blonde, kinda curly hair, is white and what I would begrudgingly call futch. dressed in working clothes like jeans and boots often and I specifically remember her shotgunning beers in one video

No. 1484852

I always misremember stuff but this is it! Thanks anon!

No. 1484946

Not really what you asked but I watched it for free by using the free 1 month trial on Mubi

maybe @tradbait ?

No. 1485023

it asks for your card information but thanks anyway

No. 1486821

I'm trying to find a tweet. It starts off like "life is too short to be upset about the small things" etc etc and it ends with "that's why I only care about one thing: hentai with the boysssss". It was a rather long tweet and the beginning rambled a lot.

No. 1486827

This might be a longshot but I saw this bad luck brian meme where it goes something kind of like "hates it so much, lives life in opposition to it, thus continually referencing it" that's not the specific wording but it's the same message of living life in direct opposition to what you hate > you will always unintentionally reference it. I saw it on tumblr a while ago. Can anyone help me out???

No. 1486871

This is gonna be difficult, but I'm looking for a Pendulum song. I don't know if it's a remix or on an album, I tried skimming through the albums available on Spotify and haven't found it. I remember most the drop and the melody. The buildup has the same notes as the drop, it's just the melody fades away and it's silent for like a second and then the drop is the melody at crisp clear sound. The melody has 6 or 7 notes all at the same length. I think the first note starts the lowest and then the next 5 notes are the same, 2 steps higher than the first, and then the last note is higher than the last 5, I think 4 steps. The melody has a beat of rest before it repeats. Also during the drop I think Rob Swire says something, but he's just holding a note, which is the same as the last note in the melody.
Musicfags and pendulumfags please understand what I'm trying to explain lmao.

No. 1486879

madeon did a pendulum remix years ago, is it that?

No. 1486892

It is not the Island remix by Madeon, the song I'm looking for is faster. Around 180 bpm.

No. 1486918

Okay update I found the song, it's the Matrix & Futurebound Remix of Watercolour. Based. I found it looking at a Pendulum DJ set and someone time-stamping pointing out some kid on a wheelchair having the time of his life.

No. 1487341

I love that song and im awe of your research skills

No. 1487515

File: 1675226297533.png (60.92 KB, 300x296, thumb_breaks-your-camera-kills…)

Is there a true crime thread on lc? I need this in my life right now.

No. 1487517

the news stories that fuck with you thread

No. 1487519

thanks nonnie!

No. 1487586

Any kpoppers here?

I speak Korean and still can't find it. There was a song by a band, it was more korean rock indie sound. I don't remember liking the song but it bothers me when I can't find something again. All I remember is the mv was outside in I think a desert and crashed plane and it was mainly red, black, and white. It was a band with a lead singer. It was rap rock indie something. I clicked through endless youtube videos but it's not it.

No. 1487594

that's not supposed to be a true crime thread. it will fill up with insane conspiracy theories.

No. 1487616

It's the closest equivalent we have without making a whole new thread.

No. 1487619

then just make a new thread. you don't need to shit up a similar thread.

No. 1487622

there's one on /m/


No. 1487658

is this it?

No. 1488310

That post of 10 year old anon impersonating ash ketchum moaning on a phone recording.

No. 1488347

File: 1675316127722.png (85.63 KB, 1839x347, 1659780337066.png)

>>732311 original post
>>1291726 the cap
I'm wheezing and in tears

No. 1489208

File: 1675386611992.png (5.27 KB, 260x194, EDA1A5ED-CDD3-4DCA-B09B-89E4AE…)

HELP i cant find that picture of the creeper with boobies and the text was like sorry i cant be her it was a post on an ot thread pls help im baked and i need to see it NOT this one but the like realistic one a

No. 1489943

Youtube/tiktok channel(?), with a family that lives in a van and they are kinda defensive about their lifestyle because people complain their kids can't make friends. One of their daughters is nonbinary but the mom calls them "the girls"?

No. 1490006

pretty sure that's family of nomads on youtube noni!

was there a thread on jobs/careers advice somewhere or did i make that up? currently trying to figure out what path i want to take my degree

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