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File: 1663634612959.gif (1.59 MB, 1200x675, 16895b231b6da505e2e4acef02a3c1…)

No. 1343869

Ask for something you want, nonnies may deliver it - or not.

>How it differs from the "help me find" thread?

You're not necessarily asking for something you have seen/had before. It's more about asking for something that you want that may or may not exist, and be on anyone's possessions be made by anons.

>Requesting a retro game file instead of just asking what is that obscure game you vaguely remember from your childhood
>Asking for more tech savvy and bored anons to do a gif or WebM for you
>Asking for a trustworthy pirating site for any media
>Etc etc

No. 1343901

Requesting Walter White kissing Jesse yaoi style, any drawfags?

No. 1343965

File: 1663640567287.jpg (9.11 KB, 380x385, 1656793226234.jpg)

any youtube channel that has healthy meal tutorials that also explains to you WHY they are healthy?
also any skincare routine for greasy skin not prone to breaking out but with open comedones/orange skin?
I just wanna stop being uggo.

No. 1344003

File: 1663642895470.jpg (26.25 KB, 564x846, e55d19e083b37d0f47598e8a6435a1…)

I want a blender for around $100 but idk what to get. Too many paid and fake reviews, tell me what you all use.

No. 1344011

Not a skincare routine perse, but advice for managing an oily face. Was your pillow case you lay your face on every week or so, and when you do wash it, use shampoo that you use for your hair to wash it.
Your pillow will accumulate hair grease over time, and that can transfer onto your face. Shampoo was made to get rid of hair grease, so using it on your pillowcase can be super effective at cleaning it.
Doing this myself helped my face acne so much.

No. 1344016

I've heard the best blender is vitamix if you want to make a smoothie so smooth the blueberry/BlackBerry seeds are gone but I havent committed to that $300+ tag…I just buy a jug of Naked on sale for now since the smoothies here cost the damn same in large.

No. 1344027

money pls

No. 1344045

Requesting a cute robot bf someone buy it for me pls im a poorfag

No. 1344060

i have a vitamix and a ninja, both are good but you really dont need a vitamix price tag for a basic smoothie

No. 1344137

Bought nutribullet for 60€, i loke it.

No. 1344211

Sorry but using shampoo for pillowcases is a bad idea. Laundry detergent is more than capable of cleaning grease. It’s a much stronger detergent than those used in shampoo. Shampoo contains silicones and/or oil to provide slip to hair and it will just make linens gunky. For someone dealing with greasy skin or hair washing pillowcases once per week isn’t enough. I personally change mine like every other day because I am greasy and acne prone. I have like 5+ pillowcases so I can swap them out as needed then wash them on warm or hot with Tide and never use fabric softener.

No. 1344215

The ninja works great! It’s not a fancy vitamix but is a great value at under $100. I think I got mine on sale for around $80.

No. 1344831

File: 1663691767380.jpg (145.92 KB, 736x736, 7431e00b6bbbabd6b0790a91123e52…)

I've been trying for a while so sorry for being repetitive, but does anyone here know a good way to crack or has an already cracked file for Clip Studio Paint for Android?

No. 1345083

Any chinese nonnette that can download a TV show for me from aliyunpan and reupload it to gdrive or something? It's legit impossible to find elsewhere and I can't register to aliyun because no chinese number and can't find any bypass. The only issue is that it's 22gb..

No. 1345111

File: 1663702406726.png (304.39 KB, 720x528, Tumblr_l_5275236080040.png)

More gifs like the op. I have a few from old anime, no pixel/digital

No. 1345487

File: 1663709983099.gif (35.06 KB, 400x231, 2ee88bf78e4f76001f59bad5e91a6a…)

No. 1345513

i love the 90s animation tendency to depict dimly lit rooms as green tinted. it has an eerie yet cozy vibe that takes me back. like teenage mutant ninja turtle vibes or something

No. 1345524

Have you checked Mobilism?

No. 1345541

File: 1663712885860.gif (329.9 KB, 1000x831, 5282431C-E92F-4635-8037-003E59…)

No. 1345543

File: 1663713019458.gif (2.53 MB, 1280x720, AFE982B8-81C3-42EA-ADB8-E087FE…)

No. 1345546

File: 1663713137891.gif (2.03 MB, 750x968, B6D6629E-683F-466B-B203-9EEA91…)

No. 1345549

File: 1663713282252.gif (229.23 KB, 500x579, 9A4EE94D-676A-439F-A8B4-9CFF32…)

No. 1346027

terf island hetalia england fan art

No. 1346089

File: 1663756501823.jpeg (29.32 KB, 655x468, images (4).jpeg)

No, what is that? Will try to look into it during my lunch break

Not by me, but here you go

No. 1346344

File: 1663774435774.jpg (113.28 KB, 735x614, 10b82a9979230d42154b1068def900…)

Does anyone have the drawabox lessons/exercises instructions in pdf format? I saw someone kinda had it on scribd, but you gotta register in your credit card info there to create an account, so fuck that. TIA.

No. 1346348

I used this as a thread pic once and nonnas got so mad at me kek

No. 1346352

I remember that kek it was the relationship advice thread. You keep girlbossing, you

No. 1346460

Looks like wikihow art style

No. 1347204

File: 1663818349150.png (577.85 KB, 560x816, 02fb78e8b0951adc8de1a4a355fc9c…)


No. 1347214

try asking on 4chan's /ic/ on the artbook thread

No. 1347217

File: 1663819325730.png (1.29 MB, 1368x1512, tumblr_owo294qK7v1tuqmn4o1_128…)

No. 1347234

r u talking about the labrys anon?

No. 1347246

Fuck off twitfag the transflag was made by a pedophile and no one screams about that. The labrys is the same as the buddhist swastika symbol in that it was taken by a hateful group, yours was created by one and is still used

No. 1347248

Sorry but I didn't know this? I just googled "lesbian axe flag"

No. 1347250

it's just the schizo tranny trying to stir up infighting about lesbians, don't engage.

No. 1347261

I don’t know what this character is but something about them feels relatable

No. 1350858

File: 1664036968235.jpg (208.26 KB, 716x994, 70227f0a322f5b3ed38e75f7a20c56…)

I have a bit of a weirdly specific request. I'm really into "Vintage Military Men Getting Bloody in the Snow" genre, such as The Terror, Ravenous and of course, Golden Kamuy. Any recommendations for more of that? I prefer passive visual media such as movies or comics, but books and games are also welcomed.

No. 1351395

File: 1664070738070.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.82 KB, 1200x790, AIK4FQH6UVGVZBDOFZINKNDHAM[1].…)

not military related, but ive always found steve buscemi dragging his bloody face through the snow in Fargo aesthetically satisfying, somehow
if youre into militaria for other reasons though i dont know how much enjoyment youll get out of it kek

No. 1351406

File: 1664072084245.jpg (244.04 KB, 736x954, 52145c96c40bd8ef7cc64416f82dd5…)

litchi hikari club has similar vibes

No. 1351726

File: 1664106296891.jpg (Spoiler Image,216.73 KB, 1080x598, Screenshot_20220925-044409_Fir…)

Dead Snow. Kekkk

No. 1352043

The leader of the racist zombies was so hot.

No. 1352281

I love Kotteri so much, she's a based terf and draws handsome guys in military uniforms and Joseph Joestar like nobody else.

No. 1352291

>she's a based terf

No. 1352304

And you're a nigger(youre a tranny)

No. 1352347

File: 1664140684284.jpg (47.21 KB, 736x472, 7494bd873387a73779fdec299486f5…)

Thanks anon, I will check it out!

I really like Fargo, but for unrelated reasons. Rewatched it this year's after almost a decade, it's still good! but yes, I do like military stuff for… many reasons

Is it any good? I was gonna watch it the other day but my boyfriend and I settled for another movie instead. I really wanna watch it anyway not just for coom because I was really into COD Nazi Zombies as a teen kek

No. 1352742

File: 1664172935623.jpg (661.65 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_2022-09-26-08-14-10…)

She liked this post that translate a speech given by an American woman (a doctor or professor idk) about how men will never be women and needs to gtfo of safe spaces for actual women and girls.

No. 1355257

File: 1664346781997.jpg (126.76 KB, 400x400, original.jpg)

Do you know any movies (movies, not series) with characters similar to the cullens from twilight? With that dark mysterious elite vibe. I don't care if the movie is cringy.

No. 1355303

wtf are these? is this imvu or something? these are the ugliest sims i've ever seen if they're sims

No. 1355398

I binged through the skinwalker stefany threads in /w/ this month, what a psycho. are there any other similar cows?

this looks like sims 3, maybe modded a bit. it was hard to make a decent looking sim then, they all had butter face.

No. 1356218

This one is also about a crazy skin walker. I personally think it's creepier because she only focus on one person, not many characters >>>/w/27316

No. 1356979

thank you but jfc, that was an intensely uncomfortable read. definitely worse than Stefany, poor Katie!

No. 1366158

File: 1665078076059.jpg (123.52 KB, 778x661, dindisp-all.jpg)

A vape pen that actually resembles a cigarette, as in slim, small and cylindrical. Kinda like the Lady Dinner ones, but non-disposable and preferably refillable with either juice or oil.
Links are welcome, especially from stores that ship it worldwide, since I can't seem to find it in my country. Many thanks!

No. 1366314

A [good] PS2 emulator and where I can find reliable roms of Gregory Horror Show and Shenmue pls

No. 1366692

This makes me want to take up smoking kek, is it possible to smoke without nicotine? I want those cig breaks at work

No. 1366987

Can someone help me find more music like Florence + The Machine in her Lungs era? I'm specifically looking for that ethereal, "big" sound she has with the harps, drums, and vocal harmonies. When I look for similar artists on music websites they give me stuff like Neko Case and Crane Wives… which I do enjoy, but they're not big enough. It's all too flat, too small. Even F+tM's work quickly lost this unique and gorgeous feeling. Like I listen to vidrel and it feels like it could be performed by a disgraced prophetess in a crumbling cathedral on the eve of the apocalypse. That's what I want.
>Other songs of hers that have this feeling: Howl, Blinding, Heavy
I really hope there is more music like this. Thank you to anyone who helps. If I can't find anything I will just have to become a musician and make it myself.

No. 1367061

Maybe Sleeping at Lasts's album Atlas: Space? There Florence's other songs Ship to wreck and Hunger. fox capture plan / エイジアン・ダンサー is an actual band, this song is good, maybe not as full. Take me to church by hozier, $20 by armors, my type and cold cold man by saint motel.

No. 1367106

File: 1665173159343.jpeg (41.79 KB, 554x554, images (5).jpeg)

Yes, there are several juices with no nicotine in it! Picrel.
If you're not like me and doesn't mind the bulkier vapers, there are a lot of easy to find options that are refillable and non disposable.

No. 1367117

Look up the emulation wiki from the 4chan generals. Also Shenmue is a Dreamcast game, though that is easier to emulate than PS2.

No. 1367171


ghosts by siobhan donaghy is in a similar vein I feel. Only the one song though.

No. 1367231

Marnie Stern, maybe

No. 1370596

File: 1665484744545.png (1.96 MB, 1242x1897, 5956888E-4090-4AAB-B75A-E7CBBB…)

Request for this to be redrawn as 2X

No. 1370613

when you're lesbian wife comes home

No. 1370619

isn't Shenmue already on PC now? or is the PC version inferior to dreamcast?

No. 1392058

File: 1667140597460.png (427.16 KB, 599x680, pplllls.png)

oh magical nonnies i am wondering if you can find a blue version of this same style of cardigan. i look best in cool colors and dont want to pay out the ass from japan shipping.

No. 1392068

File: 1667141148619.jpeg (209.9 KB, 1170x2217, C6B89CB3-0A8A-4D32-80A7-A13507…)

I could only find these two that were kinda similar

No. 1392070

File: 1667141175918.jpeg (466.8 KB, 1168x2236, 277AF2CC-9C4D-4F96-AA80-B90235…)

No. 1392133

anon thank you!!

No. 1392160

No. 1392478

anyone have the back to the future musical?

No. 1395193

Music similar to Zheani's songs such as Napalm, Fuck the hollywood cult, and Skinwalker. AND/OR music similar to the female parts (MC Slurry, MC Mangina) in Butcher's Harem songs such as Anal Sucking Fun, Eat My Rotten Meat, Swamps of Sadness, and Penis Rigamortis. Women screaming insanely/passionately but not with a typical metal instrumental I guess? I have no idea how to describe what I'm looking for but I'm so desperate. I've been listening to the same Butcher's Harem songs for like 12 years and Zheani only has a few screaming songs. When I try metal bands with female leads it's not as insane of screaming and has too much of an instrument focus.

No. 1395195

You may like or you may really hate Screaming Females? I like two of their songs, their cover of If It Makes You Happy and Boyfriend. They’re fun idk, she has an interesting voice.

No. 1403219

Can someone please recommend me a good device and methods for finding spycams in bathrooms?

No. 1403263

Can someone recommend me cheapish but good quality wired earbuds that don't have that muffled sound to them?

No. 1403313


I feel like Banshee has similar vibes, I haven’t listened to a lot of her music but she’s in that same alt metal female screaming niche from what I know. ZAND and Siiickbrain too maybe, though they’re less scream-y/metal but still angry female energy with an unconventional sound.

No. 1403444

Some methods

No. 1411040

File: 1668600301523.jpeg (87.6 KB, 655x657, C07C6AA0-16D6-4AB6-80D9-8FE52B…)

can someanon please make a vector of this image/pin?

No. 1411042

File: 1668600510910.png (879.32 KB, 1475x1411, Untitled design.png)

No. 1411080

thanks nonina so much!

No. 1423705

I'm looking for an addictive puzzle or puzzle-like game either for the 3DS, DS or GBA. I like Tetris but I can't really get into Puyo Puyo

No. 1429685

File: 1669979735415.gif (81.58 KB, 220x220, 4CE12D77-9980-42E7-96D8-AD59A6…)

I have 2 requests
1. Make this gif faster
2. Photoshop Elsie hair and horns on the thing

No. 1429690

i played brain age when i had a ds. i don't know how good it would be for adults tho

No. 1429695

I used to play professor Layton on my DS. I would sometimes find it too hard though and cry with frustration kek

No. 1430848

Does anyone know of other YouTubers or even authors that teach japanese with the same approach of Cure Dolly? The way she explained it was the most natural to me, and have helped me a lot. She has a lot of videos but there's still a lot to cover up, I think.
Bonus points if the presentation isn't completely boomer like.

No. 1430958

File: 1670074259305.jpeg (1 MB, 3600x2829, jazlyn_jin.jpeg)

Know any comfy female mukbangers? Would prefer if they didn't talk a lot or too loudly or made their eating all dramatic. I also hate the ones who involve themselves in unnecessary drama.

No. 1430981

she doesn't talk a lot and when she does it's in japanese - sometimes the vids are subbed but a lot of the times not. i think she's a mukbanger for people who don't like mukbang (like me). she shows meal prep and the food is realistically indulgent, i can imagine she would be eating it even if she wasn't filming

No. 1431002

Looks comfy enough for me. Thank you, nonnie.

No. 1431294

Try Imogen heap

No. 1431564

>I also hate the ones who involve themselves in unnecessary drama.

Same Nonnie, how the hell do you even make drama when your just on camara eating food? kek

No. 1431664

It's honestly ridiculous how they somehow find a way to taint the community.

No. 1439875

File: 1670687604890.jpg (41.77 KB, 449x610, 1c99978c9e45e1e3a792f18ac5a625…)

Anyone has any pdf or something similar with dresses/skirts/pants/etc in this style? Very simple lines, flowy, light, summer friendly. It's usually in neutral tones and cotton fabric. Can be in japanese!

No. 1439920

Idk but I have to say she's beautiful

No. 1440621

File: 1670730558521.jpg (770.44 KB, 5056x6553, thatdresspattern.JPG)

I misread your comment and thought you were asking for a pattern that specifically looks like that dress, I whipped up a block to show you what that pattern should look like whoops lol. I'll still post it, maybe someone can reference it (or print it off and sew it for their BJD, it's MSD sized). Sorry my writing is not exactly amazing.

For a set of patterns maybe these? https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/LivingInTokyo?ref=simple-shop-header-name&listing_id=765904758&section_id=19233241

No. 1440623

File: 1670730893251.png (295.69 KB, 771x573, dresspic.png)

No. 1440640

NTA but this is really cool.

No. 1441069

File: 1670773344188.jpg (83.94 KB, 794x973, il_794xN.3793179749_texz.jpg)

Aw anon, that's actually amazingly sweet of you, thanks! I will try it!
The links you posted seem to be very aligned with what I want, like picrel. Problem it's that it's a bit pricey for my thirdie ass. I will look around for it a bit more, searching for the specific book names. Thank you!

No. 1441527

File: 1670793238008.webm (6.28 MB, 540x960, 096e0e519a9e61e4d1c3a6670591f9…)

Anyone has realistic paint brushes or brush settings for Infinite Painter? Something that the end results are similar to vidrel.

No. 1452787

File: 1671464014260.jpeg (38.75 KB, 500x500, images (4).jpeg)

Is there an app for studying japanese that is like a mix between sou matome N2 and Duolingo?
I've tried lingo deer, Duolingo, Rosetta Stone and they were all too easy. LinQ was the best one, but they don't seem to have exercises like creating/putting a sentence in order, selecting the right kanji, stuff like that. Bunpo was also pretty good, but it lacks in vocabulary and it really needs more exercises.

No. 1452867

I use Wanikani for kanji/vocabulary, Bunpro for grammar and then Renshuu for general practice. I guess Renshuu would be what you'd want, it has tons of different ways of practicing, games like shiritori and stuff like that.

No. 1452885

No. 1453057

File: 1671477353512.jpg (492.44 KB, 1009x528, barbie.jpg)

Are there any movies similar to the old barbie movies that evoke a similar feeling?

No. 1453098

swan princess has that kinda dated 90s princess movie thing going on, maybe thumbelina too?

No. 1453191

Idk if you can make do with them nonnie, but here are these really beautiful vintage russian cartoons of classic tales. They were made by a soviet filmmaking company called Soyuzmultifilm. This is their adaptation of Snow White

No. 1453197

There are also more cartoons woth adaptations of Thumbellina and Golden feather. As a child I watched these cartoons sometimes so I kinda associate them with barbie movies now

No. 1453201

>recommending don bluth films

No. 1453280

what do you mean? nta but idgi

No. 1453317

bluth didnt even touch the swan princess you pleb

No. 1453337

File: 1671492808794.jpeg (135.83 KB, 1000x1418, 68CF7CD0-E066-4317-8319-D1B443…)

Hmm I remember watching a Sindy movie as a kid with a very similar vibe! Aside from the Barbie classics like Magic of Pegasus, the nutcracker and swan lake if you haven’t seen those yet.

No. 1466107

File: 1673123107336.jpeg (135.91 KB, 681x1200, DFF77085-50FB-4336-92D3-C8ED0F…)

We need an Andrew Anglin thread. He’s been an awful cow for many years but his resurgence on Twitter has gallons of milk. He’s outing himself as a pedo with mommy issues every single day.

No. 1466108

File: 1673123145636.jpeg (181.69 KB, 640x770, A4604A6C-3D82-45FD-94AF-BD0A73…)

He keeps posting stuff like this.

No. 1466124

I think he would fit in here >>>/snow/1308872

No. 1466127

File: 1673123612200.jpeg (225.13 KB, 640x808, 7C3A745A-0E53-45CA-9C53-0B1463…)

No. 1466136

Kek. He's literally admitting he has mommy issues. Bet he secretly finds older women attractive because of his mommy issues and "the wall" meme helps him cope.

No. 1466138

File: 1673123837048.jpeg (206.71 KB, 640x805, DFEC6A94-D6A4-4277-A381-2474E4…)

No. 1466142

pleeeease make an Anglin thread, hes been my personal cow for a while. such an obvious closet fag coping with edgy misogynist takes.

No. 1466148

>Falsely claiming
Why do men get so mad if other men or women find women attractive that they do find attractive? If attractiveness became objective like they want it to be (at least for women) they'd literally kill themselves because they'd never fit the standard

No. 1467730

File: 1673271289599.jpg (407.94 KB, 1280x1828, 036.jpg)

Does anyone happen to know what font is used here and where I can download it?

No. 1467739

Is this another retarded incel "gotcha" where they reverse genders on normal women's complaints but it doesn't work out? Or is he just projecting?
Also, his icon looks AI generated.

No. 1467884

File: 1673279328262.jpg (46.72 KB, 540x540, da371b122a78aaf598ed08c7ef339a…)

Late, but thanks anon! Renshuu is more aligned to what I wanted indeed! I've been using it almost daily since your first recommendation.

No. 1467889

Can someone pls make a new vent thread accurately… I'm on mobile and messed up

No. 1468799

File: 1673368813218.jpg (54.85 KB, 840x560, national-cat-day-229658.jpg)

Nice, that's great to know!

No. 1469589

File: 1673456012849.jpeg (268.43 KB, 2048x1293, E_yRHxpUYAAWrAU.jpeg)

Looking for a visual novel/dating sim/eroge that takes place in an office or just have a lot of salarymen. Bonus points if it's BL. Think Kinchiku Megane, but without the dated art style.
It can be in japanese, as long as it isn't needed to go through many hoops to download/pirate it.
reposting because I used a pic for ants before

No. 1469633

The girl with the short hair is so hot.

No. 1473943

I am looking for youtubers I can put as background noise. I need youtubers with relaxing voices and relaxing talks on non-serious topics like that guy who did 8 hours morrowind review or lilsimsie but without annoying "bestiiiesss" stuff. And not plumbella, plumbella is annoying.

No. 1474006

Maybe you could give her videos a try, I find her voice and demeanor pleasant.

No. 1474038

File: 1673831238191.jpg (132.38 KB, 1080x1350, dualipaalbanianflag.jpg)

I don't know how many albanian anons are on here but can anyone recommend me songs sung in Albanian? I prefer if it's a female singer. I like pop and rock but genre doesn't matter much. If it is pop I would prefer if it sounded more like "western" pop since I'm honestly not that fond of the modern albanian pop songs I have heard. I'm also open to listening to folksongs and traditional music

No. 1485892

Does anyone have a pdf of John Arthur and Steven Scalet, Morality and Moral Controversies preferably the 8th edition? I could only find the ninth one.

No. 1485902

No. 1492013

File: 1675652570877.jpg (219.81 KB, 1280x960, 20220328_212132[900].jpg)

Could someone draw 2X and Elsie in this pose?

No. 1496423

File: 1676074700640.gif (699.61 KB, 640x480, 0c0f96eac207c7e4977e4a08a5449e…)

I'm looking for a youtube channel that covers cat care and training that is targeted towards first time owners

No. 1496426

forgot to mention that the cat care should focus on indoors cats

No. 1496463

He was also on tv, but I really like Jackson Galaxy. He knows a lot about cats and used to have a tv show to help cat owners who were 'at their breaking point'. Some advice I would personally give is every cat has a different personality. Watch them and see what your cat likes to do. For example, my cat likes to watch out the window so I place tables where she can easily sit by the window. If your cat likes crawling into boxes, get a lot of boxes or maybe tubes…

No. 1496467

Samefagging to say that I've really loved all my cats and they're all really special to me. They can be frustrating and destructive at times, but they have their own hierarchy of needs. If they're needs are met, they won't be destructive. Good luck!

No. 1496789

I’ll do it but it’s gonna take a while

No. 1497910

File: 1676228031887.png (3.1 MB, 1536x2048, werwerwerw.png)

Could someone make a funny edit of this? I spent some time on ms paint on taking out the text on the lid

No. 1529846

File: 1679426524906.jpeg (122.93 KB, 1200x1200, 76921091-0802-4032-A9D8-177966…)

please is it possible for anyone take the graphic(?) on this pin and make it onto an image? like not the pin itself just the image on it.
or is it available to see somewhere else? i want to have it but i don't want to pay more than what i know my local print shop makes them for which is half a dollar usd

No. 1535393

File: 1680052114471.png (140.06 KB, 988x1000, ect1.png)

like this? hope its large enough for you

No. 1535401

File: 1680053938513.png (52.9 KB, 1292x1200, agnés.png)

No. 1535434

File: 1680056332726.png (35.13 KB, 1200x1122, blah.png)

No. 1535588

File: 1680070593987.jpg (208.78 KB, 1566x1427, 1.JPG)

requesting a portugese nona to try and translate this crochet pattern

No. 1535589

File: 1680070631865.jpg (284.39 KB, 1714x1637, 2.JPG)


No. 1535592

File: 1680070743414.jpg (235.36 KB, 1722x1594, 3.JPG)


No. 1535594

File: 1680070846163.jpg (241.34 KB, 1706x1585, 4.JPG)


No. 1535596

I'm in bed now but I'll leave this thread open and do it in the morning if no night owl nonnie does it before I'm up

No. 1535782

thanks in advance :D(:D)

No. 1538830

bumping bc i really want to make a sonichu keychain

No. 1539239

Reddit spacing this for clarity.

-Navy blue, white, yellow and beige yarn
-Crochet hook for the yarn weight you're using
-Tapestry needle
-White felt
-Black and white fabric paint
-Button or acetate
-Silicone glue
-Black sewing thread
-Sewing needle
-Keyring hoops, large and small

-Carr: Row
-Corr: Chain
-PB: Single crochet
-Pbx: Slip stitch
-Pa: Double crochet
-Mpa: Half-double crochet
-[]: Sequence to be followed
-(): Number of stitches in the row
-X: Total number of repetitions
-Blo: Back loop only

Box at the bottom says it's a 2D keyring that looks pixelated and doesn't need stuffing.

No. 1539257

(I don't crochet so I don't know if any of this makes sense, I'm sorry)
Follow the steps on the top left hand corner in navy blue. Place a large button or acetate circle inside what you just made (image 1). If you're using acetate put some glue on both sides to adhere it to the crochet, if you're using a button you can just sew through the holes in the button and tie it off when it's ready (I assume this means you do this after you crochet the other side). Follow the rest of the instructions on the left hand side (image 2).
Follow the steps on the right hand side in beige yarn, second step is to go back to the 2nd chain from the crochet hook and then you do 4 pa , 4 mpa, 1 pb, in the last 3 pb. On the other side of the chain 1 pb, 4mpa, 3 pa, on the last stitch do 5 pa together. (25) Tie off invisibly and cut the thread. Image 3.
Use the sewing thread to embroider a smile.

No. 1539261

All of these are in navy blue thread. Also there's a new term here, aum= increase.
Top left hand instructions, image 4
Middle left hand instructions, image 4
Bottom left hand instructions, image 4
Top right hand instructions, image 5
Cut out the eyes and nose in the shapes shown in the photos (images 6 and 7), use a picture of Sonic as reference if you want.

No. 1539264

1. Use silicone glue to attach the eyes (the felt shape) to the face. Image 8.
2. Sew the hair pieces in the order A, B, C and then the ear. Image 9.
3. Before gluing on the mouth, embroider the smile. Adjust it so it follows the contour of the face. Image 10.
4. Paint the eyes, glue on the nose and embroider an ear on the A piece of hair. Image 11.

The large hoop will be used to make it into a keyring and the small one will be made into Sonic's ring. Image 12.
1. Make the necessary amount of pb in yellow yarn to cover the whole hoop. Image 13.

I hope that helps nonna, I had to use the internet to translate the crochet terms so I hope this ends up being usable. Good luck on your sonichu keychain adventures, please post a pic when you're done.

No. 1539509

No. 1539553

oh, i never saw this! thank you so much nonichka!!! exactly what i needed!

No. 1540966

THANKS SO MUCH bless you

No. 1541942

File: 1680774178101.jpeg (293.96 KB, 1170x2158, 5EB1292E-2FAD-456B-9768-8C2469…)

we really need a new racefakers thread, but on snow

No. 1541951

i can't remember the name of a song google isn't helping
in the middle it goes something like "the world is ending and i just can't wait" in an upbeat tone
i think the voice is male but i'm not sure

No. 1541955

i can't remember the name of a song google isn't helping
in the middle it goes something like "the world is ending and i just can't wait" in an upbeat tone
i think the voice is male but i'm not sure

No. 1541966

"It's the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine"

No. 1541980

that's not it but i'm saving it to my playlist thanks

No. 1545456

File: 1681144303781.jpeg (207.04 KB, 1545x1425, B257904B-3B81-4E3F-B4C9-D41BDE…)

NONNIE IM SO SORRY I’m too tired from work all the time but I finally did it, if you’re still even around.

No. 1545458

Kek anon you did say >>1496789
Very cool doodle btw

No. 1545461

lol yes that was me, I didn’t mean to take THAT long

No. 1546725

Kind of specific but I’m looking for a place where people post embroidered jackets and such. I mean, there’s the battle jackets on Reddit but they’re specialised. Or just show me your jackets nonnies

No. 1549263

is there a site for re-uploading patreon exclusive videos? I'm subbed to Drew Monson and want to put his videos somewhere to watch after I cancel and I'm sure some other people would like to watch them

No. 1550957

Couldn’t you put them on youtube unlisted/private?

No. 1551044

BitChute is popular for that

No. 1551095

File: 1681658821188.jpg (313.9 KB, 1266x1600, s-l1600.jpg)

Are you perhaps looking for pictures of sukajan? Real (or vintage) ones are all hand-embroidered, they are gorgeous, picrel. I have some battle vests saved but it might not be what you're looking for since it's not so much embroidery as it is patchwork.

No. 1569877

Looking for more sites to waste my time on, I basically only come here, pinterest and youtube. I don't really want to use twitter or any social media to browse bc while some of the arguments are funny a lot of it is annoying. Reddit is moid infested. Nothing to do with shopping bc I don't need to waste money on anything.

I like reading comments on other's experiences or vents if that helps.

No. 1569959

File: 1683443750862.jpg (48.55 KB, 822x1000, 51J--Xo tHL._AC_UF1000,1000_QL…)

When KiwiFarms comes back up again you could waste forever reading threads there.

Paintings made from physical pigments get the majority of their charm due to light particles bouncing of the the paint and reflecting into the viewers eyes.
Digital painting generates light from the Pixels, creating a fundamentally different viewing experience.
If printed, digital painting is still a flat printed surface.

I earn well doing digital art, I,it's not less valuable, but realistic digital brushes = Which .jpg of a doughnut tastes the most accurate.

No. 1569982

I'd like a thread to share M4F and F4F fap material with the nonas. It's hard to find good female oriented material out there.
We could share our favourite female oriented audios, comics, erotica and videos.

No. 1570001

does anyone have suggestions for twitch streamers i should watch?
i like having mindless stuff like that on in the background, but most men on twitch seem problematic or associate with someone problematic and a lot of the women are NLOGs panderers… i just want some entertaining people that arent disgusting

No. 1570004

CC's nsfw board?

No. 1570010

You can't dump porn on there but you can talk about it.

No. 1570011

The female content creators thread on /m/ has several twitch streamers

No. 1570389

File: 1683485907833.jpg (97.54 KB, 911x1589, how.jpg)

I need one of the talented anons to draw the anatomy/pose of what the fuck is going on in the delivery bag, how is she sitting in there?

No. 1570526

CC keeps banning me over literally nothing (for example talking about blowjobs)

No. 1581157

File: 1684445249885.jpg (1.05 MB, 3482x3482, ミ・e ミ゚ ∋ .jpg)

I’m looking for stores (ideally with international shipping options) in which to buy cute school supplies and/or stationery for my niece , she calls them “aesthetic” and I refuse. Preferably not part of a franchise, e.g. Sanrio.
I’m currently looking at JetPens (pencil cases) and OOLY, would love more options. I’d like to avoid Ali.
Thank in advanced, nonitas!

No. 1581163

i've bought once from kawaiipenshop, they have all sorts of stuff, not just sanrio/san-x
they usually have deals and stuff always going on, i had to unsubscribe from emails at some point because it's a lil too much. but it's the first site i thought of

No. 1581168

if you're in the us there are daiso stores. you can't buy online anymore but people resell them online, like eBay Etsy Mercari and facebook. lots of cute stuff. also miniso has some that fit but i don't know what their online shop sells

No. 1583298

Blippo! Especially if she's into 'kawaii' type stuff

No. 1590556

anyone know a good free streaming website where i could watch the succession finale? one that can be accessed from the eu?
i won't be able to download it or access a vpn

No. 1592747

Can I get a recommendation for a good figure/anatomy drawing book written by a woman?

No. 1592768

Are those just the first 2 books that came up when you googled or are they actual recommendations?

No. 1592771

why do you want it to be written by a woman? academic anatomy books arent scrotish

No. 1592772

I looked at the contents before recommending them to see if they had solid anatomy but if you know how to Google you can do that yourself I suppose

No. 1592777

The best ones are written by men.

No. 1592780

I'm curious about how "the gaze" affects art, because I did not realize most of the art that I consumed and internalized was drawn with the male gaze until recently. I was curious to see if it extended into academic settings, since I noticed a good portion of the women Loomis has drawn are wearing heels. I'm not saying his work hasn't been very helpful to me, I just want to look around.

No. 1592981

Not sure if you still have the videos nona, but kemono.party is pretty much for that exact purpose. There are a lot of youtubers patreon vids on there, you just have to ignore all the degen furry crap that infests that site everywhere else.

No. 1628486

Can a kind nona recommend a cute slice of life ova or anime? Something like One Week Friends or Flying Witch, stupid cute, minimal romance. I need immersive distraction.

No. 1628528

Polar bear cafe

No. 1642101

File: 1690154003947.gif (Spoiler Image,1.81 MB, 500x280, 9gfteNL.gif)

I watched Kyoukai no Kanata way back in 2013 and thought it was [/spoiler]bad[/spoiler] but Mirai's power really left an impression on me after all these years. It looks really cool when she pulls off her bandages and then starts manipulating her own blood like in this gif.
Can anyone recommend any media preferably something visual like movies, comics or video games with a prominent character who manipulate their blood and uses it to fight? Bonus point if it's shamelesslyedgy.

Double bonus if they cover-up the bodypart they usually draw blood from (either with bandages or by wearing gloves, mask, etc) but then has to remove the cover when using blood powers. I know this last bit is very specific that's why it's not a must. Mirai's bandages stuck with me for such a long time and I would love anything that is similar so if a thing like that does exist I would be very happy(learn2post)

No. 1642232

File: 1690164725242.jpeg (35.12 KB, 340x406, IMG_1355.jpeg)

Eliza from Skullgirls

No. 1642413

Any westaboo artists that draw or have drawn fanart for Days of Thunder (1990)? I know there's some for Top Gun and its sequel.

No. 1657353

anyone want some silly fanart/illustratiosn? need some artistic push lmk

No. 1657356

How about drawing an inanimate object and a character you like that shares that color? (Not an artist)

No. 1657359

rn i cant think of any can you give an example pls

No. 1657397

Draw anachan Kermit the frog sprawled out smoking a cigarette in thigh highs

No. 1657406

Draw a very happy-looking duck in a bathtub with a rubber ducky on its head and bubbles around

No. 1657422

Lady Rainicorn browsing LC

No. 1738852

File: 1698256421888.jpg (53.06 KB, 601x607, ladies' sewing circle and terr…)

Could someone please make a vector or whatever is the correct term for this is of this for me so i can turn it into a pin ? Like what this post says
I found it on LHA's button collection by the way, isn't it great ? I would really appreciate it if anyone could help me, thanks in advance !

No. 1738858

File: 1698257041801.jpg (219.6 KB, 1024x1024, OIG (68).jpg)

hi im new here. is there any no life/hikkikomori/etc thread on lolcow? thanks

No. 1738863

Don't announce you're new.

No. 1738865

Go on the /ot/ catalog and hit ctrl F on your keyboard. Then type in "NEET" and you will see multiple NEET threads, including ones for people who are in NEET rehab. If you're on mobile then you should have an option to "search in page" on your browser. For future reference, always check the catalogs of the boards here before asking or making a new thread.

No. 1738868

Samefag, also do not make new threads to ask questions. We have a lot of general threads, this is not like other imageboards we're you make a new thread for everything. Make sure you read our rules and info pages.

No. 1747887

Posting an answer for a nonny on /g/ >>>/g/356260
Pine, cute memory-logging type app
EMMO, cutesy mood diary
You could also ask in the Journaling thread. The last time someone brought up apps was a year ago (it's a slow thread) >>>/ot/1333921 and a nona suggested Evernote.

No. 1747936

Please recommend your favourite apps that aren't social media.

No. 1747940

Tubi (free movies)

No. 1747959

File: 1698877861285.png (2.6 MB, 2788x1588, f7a2d280-22dd-11e8-8b9a-05c794…)

BookPlayer (can play my stolen audiobooks), Hoopla (library app), Find My Friends (lol), Avenza Maps (has some amazing free MVUMs for national forests and GPS tracking which helped me track hikes and remember campsites and not be lost), Merlin Bird ID (identifies bird sounds so you know what you're hearing), Overcast (podcast app), Sky Guide (point it at the sky and it will tell you what you're looking at, picrel, and it has tips about meteor showers and stuff)

No. 1747978

File: 1698879278862.jpeg (262.65 KB, 1170x554, IMG_9993.jpeg)

White Noise (ios app) I like the sounds a lot. I listen to it when I want to sleep or immerse myself in atmosphere while writing. Picrel is my favorite sleepy sounds

No. 1748001

Acloset. You can ignore the social media aspect of it. Scan your clothing articles in the app and create outfit collages and collections with them. Great way for me to plan my outfits

No. 1748452

Klondike solitaire and toca kitchen if it isn't greedy spyware now. And elnea kingdom if it hasn't turned to shit as well. I dont have much space on my phone.

No. 1748464

File: 1698905975507.gif (832.86 KB, 500x500, Toca Kitchen 2 _ The Power of …)

Toca kitchen 2, my bad

No. 1790010

I'm a social retard who doesn't feel like interviewing strangers in person, so here I am.
I'm looking for nonnas who were/are attending college/university to answer a few questions related to office hours.
1. Did/Do you ever attend Office Hours for your classes? Tell me more about that.
2. How helpful do you feel Office Hours are? How worthwhile do you feel like going to Office Hours is? Tell me more about that.
3. Did/Do you know anyone that attends Office Hours regularly? Tell me more about that.
4. What would've/would make you more likely to go to Office Hours?
5. Did/Do you see yourself going to Office Hours more if a Professor offers to do Office Hour appointments (so that you can propose a time and date that works for you and your unique schedule)?
Thanks in advance nonnas!

No. 1791947

Requesting a technique, video or blog post with step to step ways to "ground yourself" and be more present in the moment.

I tend to not appreciate things when I travel cause I'm not really taking it all in, instead just thinking about what's next.

No. 1791949

What's office hours in this context?

No. 1792061

No. 1792106

In the US, office hours are typically designated time slots (hours) in which professors are available to answer students' questions. Some professors offer appointments for students who can't make it to the designated time.
They could be in-person at the professor's office or they could be done virtually on Zoom (or other meeting applications). (Usually they are still in their office.) Sometimes they are done with a group of students, and sometimes they are intimate one-on-one sessions.

No. 1822707

File: 1703153341473.jpg (8.48 KB, 420x420, 31cDBoVXTWL.jpg)

I miss Black Obsidian's channel/content. She discussed women's issues, radical and blackpill feminism and esoteric subjects. Do you guys know of any other people like that expressing their thoughts online?

No. 1833538

Anyone familiar with the korean music streaming services like melon and genie? Is there anywhere or way to rip full tracks and albums off it?

No. 1833545


No. 1833728

Late reply bur Ciras from Hellsing, and some bad guy from Black Cat anime.

No. 1950991

File: 1712274887629.mp4 (4.56 MB, 768x576, Things to Come (2016).mp4)

Apologies if this is the incorrect thread to post this kind of request in, the other one is full, but does anyone happen to know what the name of the song used in this edit is?

No. 1951130

It does belong in the other thread. I'm glad you posted though, as I've been meaning to make a new thread.

Song is a slowed-down version of this.

No. 1951142

File: 1712285952077.gif (14.95 KB, 100x92, beaniebabywave.gif)

Thank you so much, anon.

No. 1951187

Ohh good find! From the sound of it i thought it was something from Ennio Morricone tbh, reminds me of this

No. 1963181

File: 1713102359132.png (52.28 KB, 300x100, baitusedto.png)

Please if someone has a better higher quality version of this pic "bait used to Elsie" so I can make the banner nicer please upload it.

No. 1963202

File: 1713104250975.gif (1.77 MB, 1475x1776, baitlc.gif)

i thought a animated version would be better

No. 1963264

Wow you did this? I'll use it!

No. 1968584

File: 1713414270531.png (118.67 KB, 235x376, 1647381118735.png)

Requesting pictures of Elsie as a nun

No. 1968652

What kind though? Do you have any memes in mind? I'll be willing to draw some!

No. 1973706

File: 1713701096678.png (181.21 KB, 480x261, IMG_7540_480x480_jpg.png)

Does anyone know of fun designs and good sites for custom jewellery?
My best friend and I want to get something matching, but most search results turn up etsy/aliexpress resellers where the quality is not the main priority. The ones we've been looking for mostly consist of personalised eye designs, but other ideas are welcome as well!

No. 1974722

File: 1713776312199.jpg (59.29 KB, 736x736, 1000000822.jpg)

Grainne Morton's jewelry features lots of eyes. She has rings and bracelets with vintage eye-shaped pearls in green, brown and blue and seems to be open to custom orders. https://www.grainnemorton.co.uk/collections/rings

No. 1977725

Sadly that's way out of our budget at the moment, but I've saved the site for when I get a better job!

No. 1978069

Requesting for easy-for-noobs apps/extensions for mass downloading images from galleries like pinterest, pixiv etc. in zip folder on receiving end. Eagle extension is too slow, Hitomi dl doesn't work at all.

No. 1986766

I use hakuneko for pixiv and other manga sites, although you'd need to mess with it a bit to set up an automatic .zip destination.
There's also the red squirrel manga downloader, but I haven't used it so I can't vouch for it.
Not sure either of them would work with pinterest though.

No. 1986771

Thanks for suggestion! I forgot to update what I used WF Downloader and it worked. It got me all my boards in files.

No. 1986780

File: 1714544508139.jpeg (25.34 KB, 480x360, IMG_7267.jpeg)

Any nonas who like rock and heavy metal have a song you cry to? I’m scheduling a crying session and need more for my soundtrack. Pic related.

No. 1986789

More on the punk side but I love this song. Beautiful concept beautiful execution

No. 1986801

Good suggestion, thanks nonny I enjoyed this. Punk/ screamo and metalcore suggestions welcome.

No. 1986804

No. 1986821

Hits too close home

No. 1986861

Thanks my nonnies, keep them coming. I’m in a music drought at the minute.

No. 1986880

No. 1986886

not the other anon but this song makes me kind of emotional

No. 2038247

File: 1717682577693.png (111.97 KB, 360x139, firefox_P5ZLtxB9sR.png)

Similar shoes such as these in EU 36/UK 3?
I want to wear his cosplay as my main gym outfit in order to feel more motivated kek.

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