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File: 1645753673989.jpeg (61.38 KB, 626x417, 20126D53-1C2B-46D0-8BA6-687503…)

No. 1068958

Can't remember where you saw that thing? Want to know the name of someone? Ask here.

No. 1069338

Yay new thread!
Nonas, please help me find a manga I’ve read few years ago. I’m pretty sure it was josei or shoujo made by a mangaka who makes mainly BL. Really pretty art and I remember thinking the girls looked like they were from a BL manga. Definitely made after 2010s. I’m pretty sure I read its english scanlation in one of those aggregator sites.
It was about 2 female best friends, one of them is girly and the other one is more of a cool type. In the first chapter I think, the cool one breaks up with her boyfriend and then they decide to do a little photoshoot at home and upload it to the facebook to make her ex jealous. or was it because she was single for a while and it was to attract some male attention? Anyway the girl wore cat eared hoodie in her photos. After that the girly one’s boyfriend told her how cute her friend was because he saw the photos? and then they had sex while she made her boyfriend tell her how pretty her friend is and what he will do to her friend if he ever gets a chance. I think she dumps him after that.
In another chapter, they were having an outing and the cool one meets a new guy. The guy asks her to go somewhere private together, she almost goes but has a flashback to her high school days where they first became friends in which the girly one told her the first rule of girl code is If you arrive together, you leave together. So she comes back to her friend.
I’m not sure if it really happens or if I’m mixing it up with another manga but their exes meet at a cat cafe and ends up becoming friends.

No. 1069363

File: 1645793439074.jpeg (38.52 KB, 318x461, 2097CD87-2D70-4155-A8A0-5B4B6F…)

To the anon in previous thread who was looking for a bisexual manga I think I’ve found it.
If you are still looking for it, its Crush On You by Lee Kyung ha

No. 1069364

A streetwear/techwear womens brand. They were active on instagram and the name starts with N. They had bodysuits and sheer stuff and the like

No. 1069377

File: 1645794223474.jpeg (535.05 KB, 1186x905, EC8D248E-8A5C-4743-A1A6-88D501…)

Found it, namilia

No. 1069430

She looks miserable lmao

No. 1069437

not aimed at you nonny, but jfc it disgusts me how women have to have half their naked crotch area on display just to model piece of shit outfits like that.

No. 1069623

I definitely remember reading something like that before(especially this part >then they had sex while she made her boyfriend tell her how pretty her friend is and what he will do to her friend if he ever gets a chance).
Hope someone will recognise it. Kind of reminds me of Tomodachi no Hanashi, even though I know that's not the one you're thinking of.

No. 1069688

I knew I wouldn’t have dreamed of it. Unfortunately, as you’ve said, it’s not Tomodachi no Hanashi. But thanks for the rec, nona. Anything about girl friendships aside from those moe coomer baits is always such a treat imo

No. 1069724

She's thinking 'Who the fuck would buy this'

No. 1071585

File: 1645898289843.jpeg (28.25 KB, 640x469, 89A3F10C-DB9E-4F0D-A507-76D05C…)

I’m sorry that my description isn’t that detailed because I barely remember it, but I recall being advertised a trailer for either a series or a movie. It was live action. It included a guy talking about how teenagers all coming together and forcing some of teenager or group of teenagers for a trial that ,from what it sounded like, was dangerous (and I think it was in exchange for money maybe?). The trailer also included a shot where a bunch of teenagers congregate together for the trial. The colours in the trailer were quite dark, and it seemed like all the stuff going on in the trailer was happening at night. I also think the main character’s name is a girl called Summer. The title might have the word ‘summer’ in it

No. 1071615

Cant help you, I just wanted to say that I adore the pic, where is it from? I tried image search but it didn't come up with anything

No. 1071678

No. 1071699

Thank you!!! Such a cute style.

No. 1071740

She looks like putin

No. 1072478

Who is the artist?

No. 1072480

the link is literally 2 posts above your question >>1071678

No. 1073418

The channel of this girl who's like a cyber goth or something. One of her videos where she shaves off her long hair has millions of views.

No. 1073427

No. 1073437

That's exactly it, thanks!

No. 1073444

You're welcome anon, I just searched "goth shaves head" lol

No. 1074966

I humbly request that you link or share the posts in which the anon on here shared which supplements to take to ensure you have a female baby. Thank you. I don't care if it's pseudo-junk

No. 1075427

isn't the baby's sex determined by the father's sperm?

No. 1075662

I admire your enthusiasm and i wish if worked

No. 1075738

anyone have that image of a cosplayer cosplaying dimitri standing forlornly in a walmart? dimitry from fire emblem 3 houses

No. 1075810

Don't know if true but there used to be a calendar going around where babies conceived on specific days are more likely to be male or female?

No. 1075873

File: 1646075647830.png (29.76 KB, 484x479, post.PNG)

Anybody got a link to the reddit post in question?

No. 1075916

Yes, in the gonads.

No. 1075920

I was only talking about this today, I think it's completely okay to be racist to moids of a given race but never women, ever. Also want to see the reddit post, hope an anon shares it

No. 1076973

A real shot in the dark nonnas, but maybe you can help me find a book I had as a kid. It was about a native american who was covered in bandages, and was ugly duckling until the spirits and some pool of water changed her? I can't remember all the details, but I remember loving the artwork

No. 1076976

I REMEMBER THIS. Maybe… did she make a dress out of tree bark, and then go into the pool of water and come out and the tree bark was a beautiful traditional dress? I swear I know what you're talking about.

No. 1076979

YES!!!!!!!!!!! what is it called?!

No. 1076980

i think its cure of the love mummy amumu lol

No. 1076981

File: 1646113849790.png (1.66 MB, 1300x910, Screen Shot 2022-03-01 at 12.4…)

It's called The Rough-Face Girl by Rafe Martin!!! I remembered!

No. 1076985

Thank you for this, anon! Your post brought back a wonderful memory of my elementary school librarian reading us a different version of cinderella from different cultures every week. Ahhh good times!!

No. 1077021

Holy shit!! Memory unlocked

No. 1078047

File: 1646160353343.jpeg (47.32 KB, 760x638, F5929DF2-BCD2-457C-8968-07359D…)

Hi nonitas would anyone know what brand or possible name of style this shoe is? The tiktok user says they’re thrifted but won’t drop the brand
I’ve used google lens but no luck I think the filter she put fucked it a bit

No. 1078052

I think they’re Mary Janes, cute

No. 1078056

try mary-jane shoes maybe ?

No. 1078339

Can someone please pull up the image of gigastacy at a party thinking "no one knows how much pain i'm in?" i would be arigatoful ♥

No. 1078378

Nonnie, I bought a pair from here a bit ago, only limited sizes left but I hope it helps

No. 1078383

File: 1646166459546.jpg (134.93 KB, 1124x1103, Tumblr_l_99456882195239.jpg)

here you go nonatella

No. 1078587

thank you nonnieva novan nonnisov ♥

No. 1078984

Trying to find this video of a compilation of vegans shivering in the winter and they were suggesting all these crazy foods were going to help them stay warm. I think that crazy chick who only ate bananas was in it

No. 1079028

it's just called vegans in winter compilation, the channel is called Vegan Phobic it should be the first thing when you look it up not trying to link on mobile

No. 1079038

Ty anon. Not trying to bash vegans btw, I just remembered it and was wondering why they couldn't eat hot foods, apparently the ones in this video are raw vegans so they don't cook anything

No. 1079091

File: 1646205843483.jpeg (27.84 KB, 346x346, F3734FE0-6CC7-421C-9601-0963A6…)

Anyone know what brand this is? I’m assuming it’s a lip oil.

No. 1079097

Innbeauty project, it's called glaze lip oil

No. 1079132

Thank you!

No. 1082066

Okay this is a strange one but I've been dying to see it again. This was posted a long time ago, like 2 years ago at least probably? Somewhere on /ot/, an anon posted a recipe about pickling something. Eggs I THINK, but it might've been something else. It was a long ass post with the instructions on how to do it and the health benefits. I think anon mentioned it was her grandma's recipe.

No. 1082072

idk ive heard of tea eggs. imo sunny side up is the absolute pinnacle

No. 1083738

Video of two australian men making fun of the lizard from the amazing spiderman movie. The title of the video was something said in video I think. They make fun of how suspicious he is. Anybody know what I'm talking about??

No. 1084359

Version of that famous turtle eating a cherry tomato video with a song over it. I found it when I was a kid and listened to it all the time. Some of the lyrics had "Turtles are so hungry, could eat a grocery store" or something. I can only find the video, not the song anywhere :(

No. 1084839

There’s this lady called something Brown (I think), and she’s a Jew who went to Israel after WWII. She joined the Haganah, and back then there were two groups, one more “tolerant” who wanted to kick out the Palestinians “gently”, and a far-right extremist one (Irgun and Lehi). She’s known for speaking out against what happened in Deir Yassin massacre and writing about it/regretting her involvement, and she there’s this part where she describes receiving the news of the Deir Yassin massacre in the morning, which was a surprise to those who weren’t with Irgun and Lehi. Does anyone know her name?

No. 1084844

There was an Imgur link with all the kikomi comics. Where can I find them?

No. 1085255

ahhh wait I think I found it, not the exact video I was thinking of but the song. It really was just called "Turtle Song" kek

No. 1085750

This has been bugging me on and off for a few months. My memory of this is pretty fuzzy.
I'm looking for a novel I read before around 2010-12. It was a horror novel set in either a Catholic or boarding school. The main character is a new girl who befriends the school weirdo, there are some strange (supernatural) things going on, and possibly a mystery, which involves a former student who was notorious for being wicked, and died by jumping off the top of the building.
Highlights include: the MC and weird girl visit a former student in a nursing home and she whips out a piece of this girl's scalp, weird girl is obsessed with the dead girl and steals it, and the climax occurs at a school dance and the weird girl licks the MC ear

I've tried all kinds of searching. I'm not even sure if I remember the cover correctly, and I want to say it's set in the 70s, but I'm really not certain.

No. 1087856

please help me find a video game character looks to be the style of final fantasy so japanese 3d. has the wardrobe of misa amane with long blonde hair and in her wiki it says shes like 149cm or something like that. cant remember her name or where shes from. thanks in advance

No. 1087878

File: 1646590226594.png (918.61 KB, 565x1506, marie rose.png)

nevermind it was marie rose from dead or alive. sorry about that

No. 1088176

Can someone help me find a post I made on one of the stupid questions thread a loooong time ago? I posted a picture of something with a loaf of bread in it and possibly cats sleeping on that bag of bread, but the brand name was obscured. I was asking nonas what the brand of bread was and someone told me and asked why I was looking for it. I answered because some people said that bread was like cake so I wanted to try it.

I can't even remember what the fucking brand of bread was anymore lol.

No. 1088178

I instantly love her, thankq

No. 1088180

I know it’s probably not Bizenghast but try looking up its influences

No. 1088185

File: 1646606885799.png (239.48 KB, 1399x713, bread.png)

Nevermind, I found it!

No. 1088186

oh fuq nevermind, I misread that to mean the novel was written in the 70s

No. 1089002

File: 1646668401779.jpg (151.72 KB, 1080x1080, 5d46d8670b3e5a6bc56b6e04e2023e…)

I'm looking for a pair of heels that Marzia posted herself wearing once. They were black heels, and were of the sock-shoe sort. I remember that they retailed for about $145 USD. Looks sort of like the shoes she was wearing here but I'm pretty sure she's just wearing black shoes with black socks here. She might have had them in brown.

No. 1089024

It wasn't a graphic novel, and I'm not sure of when it was written. I feel like I might've seen a date mentioned within the text, but I'm not sure, honestly.

Thank you, though!

No. 1089334

File: 1646682520754.jpeg (54.73 KB, 480x480, r2wm8RZ.jpeg)

So in teen magazines (which I believe aren't much of a thing anymore) there used to be a thing called "photoromance stories" or some shit like this. Even though I basically know what I'm looking for, I can't find enough material or some archive. I wonder if someone knows a better way to search this because some of these stories were whack af with ridiculous stock photo-tier photos and stories. There was a pretty decent archive on the german site bravo.de but even if there's a link, there's no actual archive anymore. Picrel is the look of said photostories. I don't mind the german ones, but my german is kinda shit so english would be cool

No. 1089363

What is the girl on the right thinking? My german also isn't very good, but I understand the two other text baloons at least.

No. 1089455

Nta and my German is also rusty but I think she's saying 'I don't believe this! This much bad luck in a day in itself is too much for Amelie'

No. 1089565

File: 1646690750673.jpg (105.3 KB, 742x731, Tumblr_l_673582426056.jpg)

what is this website? the girl who posts about it keeps talking about how she's not gonna tell anyone what it is

No. 1089614

Okay this is gonna be a weird one so buckle in but I need help finding an absolutely cursed movie I watched when I was a child. So I watched it when I was like 7-9 so 2007-2009 and at the time I was living in Latin America so it might be a Hispanic or Spanish movie but personally I don’t think it was. It’s about two guys and they are radio show hosts and I think one of them gets like a really dumb superpower? I can’t recall exactly the only part I do remember vividly is that the main villain had a literal ass for a face, like his face was an actual pair of buttocks and there’s this one horrifying scene where (spoiler for gross ) he takes a shit and obviously since his ass is his face it..well you can imagine. The villain wore like a purple outfit I think and it was very cartoony looking and stereotypical villain. I also remember a scene of a woman falling through a ceiling if that helps. It was a very shitty(no pun intended) movie but it has been haunting me and I won’t know peace till I can find it and get closure because of how badly this movie scarred me. Help!!!

No. 1089835

File: 1646702721238.jpg (Spoiler Image, 70.64 KB, 630x1200, MV5BZTkxMGNhOTAtMjc0My00OWZhLW…)

Was it live action? Idk what that is but the ass for a face reminded me of Assy McGee

No. 1092604

doodoo fartpiss

No. 1092623

yes it was live action! god what is that poster kek

No. 1093333

File: 1646946417454.jpeg (597.34 KB, 1536x2048, CE0D94C8-FB5F-4802-BB85-775533…)

I remember seeing a painter who used to draw artwork of beautiful young men. I saw his art as the background to a lyric video to a song (I think the song was either French or Spanish. Maybe ‘El muchacho de los ojos tristes’?) and it featured 2 young men near a beach. His paint strokes were sort of impressionistic. Pic unrelated

No. 1093338

also he (I’m assumed the artist might’ve been male, they could’ve been female) did traditional art and seemed to look historical, so probably between the 1930s to 1990s?

No. 1093399

Does anyone remember when an anon made this fashion illustration about different section of LC? like there was /g/ and she was 50's sadist housewife or something like that? I'm trying to find them again kek

No. 1093402

File: 1646949112095.jpeg (67.17 KB, 600x300, 46FE6C98-7149-40D7-964F-EE710C…)

could it be leyendecker?

No. 1093425

File: 1646950393185.jpg (25.35 KB, 275x275, 1624590536462.jpg)

Here you go!

No. 1093428

omg thank you nonny!!!

No. 1093434

Trying a third fucking time because it keeps automatically reformatting the goddamn link kek here is the thread with the other images!

No. 1093435

I give up!!

No. 1093436

Who ever had the bright idea to automatically reformat all in-site links, I hope your bread goes stale. Not at all helpful right now.

No. 1093437

don't worry nonny, I went and used the LC search engine and I found the /m/ board! love u! muawh!

No. 1093441

File: 1646951234554.jpg (109.57 KB, 600x839, 075cefd3ec3f3cf8a8babea074551c…)


No. 1093790

Please weeb anons, help me
I woke up with this song in my head, can't remember the lyrics or anything because I don't speak Japanese, it was probably and opening or ending from some random old anime. I stopped watching anime around 10 years ago, so it's most likely older than that.
This is all I remember, sorry https://voca.ro/1nQODB1Lkaaw

No. 1093960

I'm looking for a book or resource talking about IBS or autoimmune inflammation in general. Something like "It starts with the egg" where it's evidence based but also covers the more out-there claims with less supporting evidence for people to evaluate themselves, without falling into full woowoo bullshit.

Hope this is the right place to ask but I'll xpost to /g/ if I find a relevant thread

No. 1093972

File: 1646992202739.gif (1007.61 KB, 500x280, a390461f71756788a912171c6df3dd…)

a vocaloid song about a circus or clown some anon had posted on /m/ (rip) with minimal animation

she was also talking about how emotional and nostalgic it made her feel?

No. 1093977

No. 1093984

more mellow/toned down dark themes with tons of pink

No. 1094011

Circus Monster?

No. 1094143

What kind of anime it was if you remember, shojo, MC was male or female, was magic involved?

No. 1094260

Sorry but I have no idea. I'm only sure the music came from an anime because I never listened to Japanese music otherwise and I'm pretty sure it was sang in Japanese.

No. 1094277

Crazy clown?

No. 1094297

Samefag but could it be the princess sleeps with electric sounds?

No. 1094302

I saw this show/movie when I was a little kid and I can't remember if it's the Twilight Zone or not. It probably is but I can never find the right episode. It's in black and white, had to have been from the 50's. It was a spooky episode/movie and the main character was an adult man. I think he's in his home town and the plot revolves around a creepy playground. There are strange children there, and he tries to talk with them or something. I can't remember what the plot actually entailed but I distinctly remember that, at the end, he ends up trapped (or something) in the playground and he's shouting out in despair at the group of children but they're evil (?) and they don't do anything to help him, they just walk away I think. Any help would be appreciated!

No. 1094356

that picture of a woman sitting cross legged in her room using her laptop while smoking a cig. might have been olivia wilde? or looked a lot like her. looked like a candid image

No. 1094402

I'm trying to remember the name of this scifi movie. I believe it came out in 2018. There's this weird bubble and an expedition team goes inside, and inside it's desolated save for these weird disgusting alien monster things who chase and try to kill them. One girl, who cuts a lot, eventually has flowers growing on her until the flowers consume her and she dies. At the very end of the movie, the main lead encounters an alien life form who appears as her doppelganger. I think when she comes out of the bubble it's supposed to be unknown if it's her or the alien. I believe the movie is based on some books. A character in the book series or movie is obsessed with this weird alien light.

No. 1094412

There was an old school meme back in the early 2000s of two woman. One repenting the US and the other Europe. They were both sitting down and the US women was obese eating and it was a shot of her sitting and you could see her underwear and then the Europe lady was sitting on a pavement and thin with short dark hair and it was another shot from behind and you could see her thong. I tried looking for it but Google didn't know what I was on about

No. 1094414

whirled.club.com its a game/chatroom nonnie but pretty dead

No. 1094450

File: 1647028427086.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 57.28 KB, 700x394, fetchimage.jpeg)

No. 1094455

File: 1647028909535.jpg (38.45 KB, 720x720, 4129a10725919f9297631afa7b54b6…)


No. 1094643

Some troon tweeted out something like "terfs: you have a male skeleton and when they find your bones in centuries, they'll clock you as a male
me outside: I don't care
me inside: what can I do about my male bones" and I don't remember who it was or what exactly he said

No. 1094671

File: 1647039540791.jpeg (46.97 KB, 498x420, F65238AE-1462-4B55-BCED-73F8FE…)

No, sorry

No. 1094697

Ive always liked the lefts hairdo kek imagine bringing this pic to a hairdresser

No. 1094750

why do you guys keep posting that girl in a plaid skirt

No. 1094798

Bait? Drunk or high? Extreme newfaggotry?

No. 1095083


No. 1095242

Cow related, does someone still have that screenshot from Holly Conrad's twitter when she was suggesting to vote for the femShep that "looked like her", and the follow-up when she got upset that blonde femShep won and said something like "pretty girls always win"? I can't find it again for the life of me, went through some of her older threads but no luck.

No. 1095265

bumping cp to 2nd page

No. 1095407

No. 1096238

Oh shit, thanks anon!

No. 1097007

Pls help me find songs like this one, how do your call this genre

No. 1097054

If you have spotify they have a “radio” playlist with similar artists even if you don’t you can still search it just search their name ДДТ (DDT in english), this isn’t really a particular genre it’s just russian rock.

No. 1097319

Sorry for the late reply but yes!! That was the movie! Thanks so much nona

No. 1097917

File: 1647292434463.jpg (56.89 KB, 502x513, Screenshot_20220314-153258_Gal…)

Someone help refresh my memory please regarding picrel

No. 1097924

Kyary pamyu pamyu

No. 1097926

Thank you!

No. 1097938

Thank You!

No. 1097978

You're not funny moid

No. 1098046

File: 1647298841017.jpeg (2.34 MB, 4032x3024, 3B2E6610-A130-48FE-9BD6-61654C…)

I know this isn’t rly the place but I fucking hate Reddit so. I’m looking for a replacement for the shade on (what I think is) a vintage chandelier. Beige frosted marbled lipless 1 5/8” glass bell shade are a combination of the words it could be listed as. 6” diameter and 5 3/4” height. I found one on Ebay that could be it but want to be sure before I commit to $18 shipping from a seller that mostly sells CVS overstock.

No. 1098060

can i see the chandelier

No. 1098063

Thought this was a menstrual cup tbh.

No. 1098601

The German magazine BRAVO had the "fotolovestory". It will bring up a lot to google it and they also got archived here https://bravo-archiv.de/auswahl.php?link=fotoromane2000.php - I have never seen them exist in another language unfortunately

No. 1098629

File: 1647359773713.jpeg (3.4 MB, 4032x3024, C176A857-411C-4E5D-9D3E-28200B…)

Luckily only one is missing because I took one off for first photo. It’s either find a replacement for the one or swap all 9, which will need to be new bc it’s impossible to find 9 intact vintage shades.

No. 1098676

Video of a bird saying "I’m fat"

No. 1098678

iiiiiii wanna swing
from the

No. 1099085

The song from this 2007 sprite ad

No. 1099092

I know it was Bravo.This is where I read this wacky shit till they stopped it. I have googled it but the results aren't full stories like the ones they used to have on the site some years ago and I hoped for something more comprehensive like it used to be on the site. Thank u for your effort anon though.
I asked for possible English ones because the teen magazines in my country also had those romance stories which were most likely translated from another language and I hoped some of this cringe existed in English too which is the only foreign language I can fully understand.

No. 1099103

is this someone named moe? i find the user and group if that helps?

No. 1099109

No. You have to apply duh

No. 1099118


No. 1099121

Longshot but gothic film, guy touches wooden thing in a church, demon starts following him there's a black cat. Turns out the wood thing he touched is made from a tree where a bunch of people died. (It could be they were killed or buried there I genuinely cant remember).

There's a scene where he gets scratched (by demon) on like house stairs.

No. 1099160

Whats that dress up game called..something to do with clouds or dreams…and you basically play sudoku or tic tac toe for points to buy clothes with. unhelpfully, i remember my username but not the actual website

No. 1099162


No. 1099164

YESSS. thank u girl

No. 1099258

Pic of this creature/humanoid with wide eyes and a long face. Kinda like the titans from Attack on Titan but it was from a different show I think

No. 1099280

Terra formars?

No. 1099296

Ao Oni?

No. 1099310

File: 1647402214744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 9.9 KB, 315x441, terra-formars-ova-1.jpg)

Yeah it was this thing. Though I wish I didn't have to look that up

No. 1099826

sounds like The Stalls of Barchester, one of the BBC Ghost Stories for Christmas from the 1970s (adapted from an M.R. James story)

No. 1099832

File: 1647446007941.jpeg (170.51 KB, 828x807, 0CE75BDF-EC35-4F2A-8C7F-ACFF86…)

Who drew this and who are these characters

No. 1099846


idk the artist but the characters are from hellsing.

black haired dude's name is walter the cat boy idk

No. 1099849

The cat boy is called Jerald

No. 1099889

No. 1099953

Please spoonfeed me, what is the name of that girl with black hair who photoshopped all her pictures to hell and back and said she is irl tifa and would try to pass off photoshopped pictures as her own digital paintings, and make up ridicolous stories and say she works in a mansion and is a master at taekwondo or whatever? I loved her thread

No. 1099961

No. 1099966

File: 1647453485821.jpg (69 KB, 706x1199, aaaAAaaAAaAAA.jpg)

Thank you thank you thank you I have nothing to offer in return but a cute picture

No. 1100166

Cat boy is Schrödinger.

My "help me find this thing": I watched a Youtube channel about 8 years ago, channel was older than that though, it was basically a vlog channel by a gay guy who loved Disney, had a very nice singing voice and suffered so bad anxiety and depression that he lived still with his parents. I think he was from the UK but could have been the States as well. No, not Thomas Sanders, some other gay guy who likes Disney… I just wanna know how he's doing these days but I can't remember the name. Pls help

No. 1100546

Does anyone have that image where a stickwoman? is dressed up in stereotypical feminine garb and someone asks "where is the woman?" Then in the next panel the feminine stuff is removed from the stick woman and the question is "now where is the woman?"

No. 1100590

Ty anon

No. 1100711

I used to have a kid's book when I was little, can't remember how old though. it was about a fox and his mom, the mom fox goes with her son out to play, the son likes playing so much that he refuses to ever go back home with his mom, then gets lost and scared and goes to find his mom and they reunite at the end (or something similar to that). I just remember it made me cry as a kid. it seems like the art was more on the realistic side rather than super cartoony but I'm 27 now and I was probably younger than 10 so my memory is foggy at best. chances are super slim of finding it because there are like 5 million kids books about foxes but I just thought I'd ask.

No. 1100714

Oh fuck. I was sure it's a Beatrix Potter one, but that one was about a kitten, not a fox I realize.

No. 1100742

thanks anyway! I'll keep looking

No. 1101077

A book I had to read in middle school (US) for class about a black family in maybe the 50-70s who go on a road trip. I think the whole book is based around being in the car and traveling places but I can’t remember.

No. 1101104

File: 1647540155802.jpg (25.75 KB, 258x384, The_Watsons_Go_to_Birmingham_—…)

The Wattson's go to Birmingham. We had to read that too. Haven't thought about it years, thanks nonny!

No. 1101129

That's it! Godbless you I watched it like 6 years ago now and have been looking for ages, thanks so much!

No. 1101292

This weird short movie where a father is being sexually abused by his son. I remember the family was black.

No. 1101293

The Strange Thing About the Johnson's.

No. 1101295

Samefag, but I just realized it was made by the same dude who made Midsommar and Hereditary. Huh.

No. 1101312

a creepypasta / glitch-in-the-matrix type tale about a mall in south america. I think it was made by an anonymous brazilian with a blogspot

No. 1101351

I don’t know the story but it might be about El Helicoide, a mall in Venezuela that got converted to a torture prison?

No. 1101363

some weird navel gazey coming of age scrote novel where nothing much happens. the only thing i remember is that the mom of the scrote protag attempts suicide but it doesn't work out and nobody cares much about it afterwards?

No. 1101386

I posted this in the wrong thread a while ago, movie/shoe/short about a man who kills another man on Halloween. He wraps the body in plastic(?) And he's wearing a suit, he goes outside to get rid of the body. There's a huge Halloween party and everyone is outside.
Some drunk people think he's in a costume and the body is a prop. I forgot what else happens.

Another one is a cartoon about a girl going to a circus and it's really people being harmed but she thinks it's all a joke until her brother gets killed during the show.

No. 1102138

First one could be The Body, an episode of the anthology series Into the Dark

No. 1102229

Thank you it is!

No. 1102476

are you the same person that posted about this a long time ago on the internet nostalgia thread ? i was the last reply with the answer. another anon here said it was whirled.club. it honestly isnt that interesting these days. it was popular in like 2009 or so but nobody even plays it anymore for the chatroom feature ( think 2d VRchat but with forums etc ). also i know who you are talking about kek

No. 1102489

Please help me find a short webcomic that was on tapastic anywhere between the years 2014 to 2017. It was in black, pink and white . The main character was a girl with short pink hair. It may have had something to do with umbrellas ? It was also vague and edgy, probably a vent comic. The artstyle is reminiscent of 2011-2015 tumblr.
I remember there being lots of comments so im hoping at least one of you remembers.
Also, the comic had was updated with a few extra "chapters"(?) years ( or maybe just one. sorry my memory is so crap i barely remember ) after it was "finished"
thank you nonitas in advance

No. 1102693

I'm trying to find the instagram of this woman, I think her name might've been Olive or Olivia? She was Asian, maybe Filipino or something, and had a scrawny kinda ugly white guy husband who's name I think was Jack. They also had a dog named Golightly. Her instagram was very much cottagecore, kind of tradwife stuff. She was pregnant the last time I saw her posts and most likely has given birth by now.

No. 1102713

File: 1647633830805.jpg (12.57 KB, 320x320, obrienandolive-cf987681835e727…)

Nevermind I found it! kek who knew just adding 'cottagecore' to my search query would finally give me the handle. Anyway, it was oliveandobrien and they've disappeared off the internet before a long time ago too.

No. 1102725

is it me or does this pic look very tacky and poorly done?

No. 1102782

idk, looks very 2014 lifestyle youtuber-ish to me, so i'm getting kinda nostalgic looking at it

No. 1103098

File: 1647654842022.jpg (194.82 KB, 800x533, Gaur bull.jpg)

When I was a kid in the early 2000's, we had some kind of game demo that I would "play" through even though it was extremely short. You control a clown in a 2D pixel world. I guess it was probably a platformer of some kind, but I just remember running around, not jumping around. There was some kind of clown airplane you could jump on and one section with a tree. The colors were very red, as I remember.

I have been unable to find this game. Anyone have any idea at all about what I'm talking about? I have no idea where we got it. I think it was just a program on the computer because I didn't know how to use the Internet to find games yet. It might have even come from a CD in a cereal box. We got a computer virus from a Captain Crunch CD one time.

No. 1103309

Found this, although it's from the late 90s, Charly the Clown?

No. 1103415

help me find this game that you could find through the cartoon network website i think the french one(?). the characters were white bunny rabbits and you could customize yours (clothes, eyes etc. ), and the "world" was platform based. i cant remember clearly if you could see other players. sorry if this isnt any help

No. 1103705

Okay so, i’m looking for a famous japanese dude, singer? Jrock vocalist or some shit i don’t know i’m not into it. Feminine dude, long hair, make up, extremely attractive.

No. 1103713

Show/episode about a scrote falling in love with like a demon woman? All I know is she had a face deformity and didn't look human, but had a human female body. She ends up killing a little girl and the scrote loves sex with her so he doesn't do shit about it but move or something. I've been trying to find this for a while

No. 1103718

File: 1647706254723.jpg (52.43 KB, 354x500, 51qpR0lGUrL.jpg)

Is it this?

No. 1103741

File: 1647708143911.gif (2.65 MB, 268x268, 4tz7gnhv17h81.gif)

Atsushi Sakurai?

No. 1103745

File: 1647708409742.jpg (26.61 KB, 472x404, 571fe1e64815de1401b5188ad220ca…)

here's a pic of him with more makeup

No. 1103787

Nta but holy fucking shit he's handsome. That's some rare beauty.

No. 1103900

nta i want him to eat me out

No. 1103986

File: 1647723742091.jpg (10.07 KB, 256x320, AC_Trend_Collection_SS_2018_Ot…)

I'm in love with him and need to know his name

No. 1103990

File: 1647724092567.jpg (54.82 KB, 620x930, Otto-Seppalainen-Jennifer-Endo…)

otto seppalainen!

No. 1103996

Thank you! He's so georgeous
You made my day

No. 1104177

File: 1647737606132.jpg (204.16 KB, 640x640, tako paul frazer.jpg)

nonnies please help, but someone once told me the name of this style of graphic design (the swirls in blue, thick line art) that was popular style choices in around 2006-2011, but I just can't remember what it was now

No. 1104181

He’s like a human husky.

No. 1104273

that looks like a Designers Republic based work. also try Airside.

No. 1104310

thank you nona, I always regret not getting designers republic book from Kickstarter but I mean't what are these design elements called if they have a name? Like chiaroscuro in painting, is there terms in graphic design for these common pieces I saw a lot in the aughts?

No. 1104321

Wow, that's amazing! How did you find it from my shitting description? I need to up my Google fu. It looks a lot shittier than I remember, but that's childhood.

No. 1104324

Yep that’s him thank u ano

No. 1105329

does someone remember the youtube animator who said she was groomed by an older guy who also coerced her to have sex and send nudes? I can't find her and can't remember her.. The video about her abuse went super viral a few years back

No. 1105565

tbh noni I don't know if those flourishes/icons/dingbats had a proper name. from what i remember when i was at the uni everyone called them "designers republic style", specially because of the use of high contrast icons or stylized japanese-style graphics thrown at it. me company had a similar style, but with 3D renders. Tomato was all about grunge. sorry for not helping you that much orz.

No. 1105719

File: 1647847574890.jpeg (111.28 KB, 1200x675, AEECDCF5-BFDE-4ADF-BF8F-77255C…)

I want to get into magazines again. Is there a magazine that doesn't mention nb/troon/drag stuff?

No. 1105795

No. 1105815


No. 1105816

Aww no problem thank you nonny!! Thanks for still answering!

No. 1105834

File: 1647869425451.png (375.08 KB, 1050x516, 71D022B5-A152-4AFA-8D54-E0C37B…)

What is this manga called nonnas

No. 1105836

That looks like Delicious in Dungeon

No. 1106140

the tumblr (?) post that says 'breaking bad is what happens when men are 5'6'

No. 1106740

File: 1647953551935.jpeg (97.53 KB, 600x450, 379AA991-294C-4931-A043-E9B57E…)

Please nonnies and lurkers, help me find the recipe for denny’s hearthy 9 grains pancakes, I need them, I won’t be able to go back to the USA in a really long time, but I yearn for these fucking pancakes, please, I need this recipe.

No. 1107048

File: 1647966460746.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 180.89 KB, 735x664, E18C0352-2019-4777-93A4-CA170E…)

Does anyone know the artist who made this… their style is incredible

No. 1107082

I got you girl, it's genki heiki. I think that's her handle on both twitter and instagram, on a self imposed social media ban right now so I can't link it to you, sorry anon. Enjoy!

No. 1107386

There's a site to shows how people's bodies look like at a certain weight and no it's not the body visualiser website, it's a site that had peoples selfies with a listed weight. I can't remember what it's called and i have seen people here post it to compare weight distribution.

No. 1107417

No. 1107749

There's something unsettling about this site, I don't think people whose photos are up there even know it's happening? How do they got all these measurements, is it a case of people posting pics to some fitness related communities and someone just downloading and putting all that up on this site?

No. 1107822

One time I found an old photo of Takuya Kimura on google images posted on pinterest I think? It was greyscale iirc and he seemed to be in a bathroom and he was wearing nothing but boxer briefs and he had a huge bulge in his boxer briefs. Did Johnny's order to have the photo taken down? Does that photo even actually exist or am I having false memories?

No. 1107825

No its user submitted, hence why you find trannies in the higher height listings now.

No. 1107826

Ty anon unfortunately her drawings are very different from that one mustve been a hidden gem

No. 1107854

File: 1648042128590.png (1.39 MB, 879x868, genki_heiki-135296753686678323…)

I think her style's about the same…You mean the subject matter?

No. 1107904

Tumblr vent art about a friend talking way too much about a particular topic which makes the op fall into a deep depression. It was memed on hard a few years ago because it's really stupid. I think op was colored blue and their friend was colored yellow or something.

No. 1107908

There are so many anachans its scary

No. 1107949

Haha nah i thought they’d be as simplistic and sketchy as that one and have more cinematography or story rather than different portraiture of characters but still very cute

No. 1108071

Bless you anon!

No. 1108146

this is a long shot but here does. A picture from a fashion (?) magazine, either a single ad or part of a photoshoot (I think it was an ad though). It was a woman in the middle of a group of men who were holding her up, and one man was standing behind her and leaning in towards her face/neck. I saw it as a kid, so probably mid-late 2000s to very early 2010s, and it awakened something in me. My mom kept that magazine in her drawer for a while and I used to sneek it out to look at at it kek, until eventually she threw it out. The man standing behind her was white/light skinned and at least one of the ones holding her was black

No. 1108167

Hope some nonna can help me find this but it's a series of three comics from tumblr I remember seeing like 3 years ago? It's two characters always one knight and another monster but they switch roles in each comic, the first was the knight slaying the monster and being so tired of this repeating trope, I had it saved but then lost my tumblr thanks to those ray ban hackers and it was a really nice comic I have to say

No. 1108465

File: 1648076763065.jpeg (168.77 KB, 800x533, BC118EAD-4948-4781-8B91-F87787…)

i think this sorta fits your description? it’s from the show america’s next top model kek but it was also used as an ad for Express

No. 1108574

help me find active forums with majority women/girl posters that talk about style, celebs and films? im not fond of using discord

No. 1108583

there's this one short animation that i saw when i was a wee little girl in the 2000's. the art style was simple, kind of like stick drawings against a white background. the story, if i recall correctly was about a gloomy girl with a cloud over her head. the background music was classical and i think it had some stereotypical french sounding violin music that idk how to explain. it was the first piece of media that i identify with and till now still remember bits of it.

No. 1108876

I don't think the Where Are They Now thread is active so I'll post this here:
There was this brief internet scandal in like 2011 when this guy named Chad Love Lieberman was caught stealing and reselling a bunch of art from deviantart, including works of dead people. He was the son of some senator and he had a youtube channel with cringe videos of him rapping. He'd make fake accounts to compliment his own 'work' to seem more legit, despite having like 100 different art styles. After word spread he deleted fucking everything and as far as I know, nothing came of it and he settled into obscurity, never to pay for his crimes.
Does this story sound familiar to anyone and know any more info on him or have any of his videos saved? I think it was fairly contained deviantart drama and I don't think it even spread to imageboards or gossip sites.

No. 1111307

I’m trying to find a watch brand that did a whooole bunch of collabs with anime artists/illustrators. They would have artists draw OCs wearing one of their watch designs. The watches were at least $100 I think, but not super super expensive.

No. 1111313

File: 1648266393399.jpg (81.83 KB, 640x800, main_sp.jpg)

G-Shock watches?

No. 1111321

Very long shot but I remember watching this animated music video on YouTube about ten years ago that had really good animation and a blue colour scheme that looked like a filter/overlay, and it featured a shirtless guy with either dreadlocks or just long hair at one point. It wasn't Fantasy by DyE, but the art had a similar edgy 2000s style. I know that's not a lot to go off of, but that's literally all I remember and it's been driving me nuts for years.

No. 1111332

could it be this? it’s all i can think of

No. 1111336

No. 1111337

Samefag, nvm that animation's from 2017

No. 1111379

No. 1111384

It's not any of those, and the only other things I remember are that it was done in an anime-ish style and it kept getting spammed in YouTube's recommended videos.

it might honestly be a false memory at this point

No. 1111388

Is it by any chance breaking the habit nonita?? That’s another anime music video I can think of that looks similar to fantasy
Or maybe it’s the Britney Spears video break the ice?

No. 1111435

Kek your post is killing me
>it awakened something in me
>My mom kept that magazine in her drawer for a while

No. 1111962

thanks nonnie but that's not it, it had a more glamour sexy vibe like a dolce e gabbana ad
KEK in my mom's defense I think she kept it for some article she liked, not that picture

No. 1111973

File: 1648306198266.jpg (2.68 MB, 2468x3456, 0b54c980ea01d3629c304160e97946…)

They are not really holding her up but maybe this ad for Cinema by Yves Saint Laurent?

No. 1112007

No. 1113319

Digital drawing of a mermaid boy in the gutter with a sign "will work for water". I remember seeing it on the deviantart front page a long time ago

No. 1114365

It was ages ago, 2009/2010 some kids did a Lady Gaga Bad Romance side by side comparison with homemade costumes and props. I think Lady Gaga actually acknowledged it at some point.

No. 1114416

Does anyone know a good pheromone perfume that isn’t a meme

No. 1114420

there have been numerous experiments on this and pheromones' dont work on humans. Your better of getting a floral-vanilla perfume.

No. 1114469

Get an attractive woman to twerk on you, this has the same pheromone effect, layer this with rosewater spray.

No. 1115242

File: 1648515899110.jpg (101.4 KB, 278x360, whut.jpg)


No. 1115273

Nasolabial flap

No. 1115299

Just help me find the clothe

No. 1115361

some key words that will help you search are flutter edge bell sleeve duster jacket or duster cardigan

No. 1115374

Has anyone seen that video where a man plays a flute(?) to his crow and the crow sings to it? I wish I had saved it

No. 1115726

File: 1648554912511.jpeg (1.76 MB, 3024x4032, 6C465883-3A8B-42F1-ABA1-7D6DBF…)

>help me find
The cat

No. 1115735

Is it this nonners?

No. 1115757

Im looking for a excerise book on resistant band training? I borrowed it from the library once. Its probably 20 yes old now, but worth a shot; thank you

No. 1115801

No. 1115922

It is! I love it, thank you!!!

No. 1116373

I heard vidrel recently and there's a part in the chorus that sounds like another song I don't remember the name of. Section I'm talking about starts at 1:25 when the singer goes, "Baby, I'm so into you, you're the sugar on my tongue" Does this sound familiar to anyone else?
Idk if this anon is still checking this thread, but I'm pretty sure you're talking about Henry Scott Tuke

No. 1116434

That AKB48 PV song in a school, in the begining a girl would tap her fingers on her book waiting for the bell, and in the meanwhile they would pass each other a message on paper

No. 1116435

nevermind quick find i'm stupid

No. 1116436

Namida Surprise?

No. 1116518

help me find this cartoon about a girl and her friend/companion/pet cloud. like from the sky. it was an anime i think and one of the characters looked like the ginger guy from panty and stocking. if you watched spacetoon growing up it plays there still. please help me…

No. 1116591

File: 1648600600692.webm (17.78 MB, 360x640, Unknown.webm)

Does anyone know this woman's social media? I completely forgot about her until I saw her recently which gave me huge nostalgia. The only clues I have are:
>Her name is Stephanie
>She was living in NYC when she made this video
>This was before she was a stripper
>She has a Twitter (maybe had)

No. 1116593

File: 1648600645725.jpeg (862.02 KB, 828x1442, 91B82BE3-004E-4578-A242-88F4FB…)

For those that can't view webms.

No. 1116600

File: 1648600944685.jpeg (178.13 KB, 828x540, 9B5BD6ED-CEEC-41AD-81B7-F1F8C4…)

No. 1116601

File: 1648601031034.jpeg (111.65 KB, 828x372, 0C48EA13-222C-4DAB-9998-2AF461…)

I guess I won't be able to snoop her accounts.. never mind, nons..

No. 1116641

I remember reading on tumblr she was a stripper and transphobic kek

No. 1116787

Ugh, what a queen.

No. 1117232

Is an older jpop song (not older older like 2000's maybe 21) and it's a girl group wearing a bunch of diff colors and they're being chased by a dude, I think wearing a bowling pin costume, they end up in a warehouse.

No. 1117238

This is driving me crazy! It’s like a twangy silly sounding instrument, what is it called.

No. 1117240

A sitar, nona?

No. 1117265

No that’s not it, I don’t really know how else to describe it

No. 1117268

A banjo

No. 1117274

no. I don’t remember where I heard it, I just remember it didn’t have a huge variety in sound, I thought it might be a single string instrument but the unitar and duxianqin didn’t sound right, it’s definitely not common.

No. 1117280

I found it!!! It’s called a jaw harp!

No. 1117553

File: 1648668809984.jpg (81.21 KB, 528x704, co2s38.jpg)

A anime game opening about a sorta generic rpg might have been for a playstation game. Its a Japanese song dating pre 2015 sang by a woman with a black bob haircut. She's in a dark room with stars and hanging lights dimly shining. The song had to do with stars i assume. Its not a rock song, but its also not a soft slow song. It was something in between that. The chorus was quite catchy. Ive been trying to find it for over 10 years. It went like "naneinanenamononameinameimi". Art style game was visually similar to picrel. Your average muscle dude and the basic mmo character formula of characters.

No. 1117568

I can't make out if the MV you're looking for is 2d or 3d

No. 1117571

Lmao yes this is it! Thank you anon. I bless you with whatever you want in life.

No. 1117644

Has anyone seen the picture this moid is talking about lmao >>>/ot/1117592

No. 1117679

File: 1648673246077.jpeg (70 KB, 749x893, 71C055AC-B78D-4F09-A2FB-59C69D…)

why would you wanna see that

No. 1117900

File: 1648690181983.gif (494.02 KB, 500x259, 1639837130468.gif)

Who is this guy, or where is this gif from?

No. 1117903

Christian bale

No. 1117935

how can you not know this guy

No. 1117945

Maybe that anon has never seen him with facial hair before.

No. 1117954

No. 1117972

Help me find who the gosh darn Jerma is, I keep being recommended his videos on youtube and I don't know why, I constantly press no recommend and yet it persists, is this the same for everyone??

No. 1117975

File: 1648697286948.jpeg (477.19 KB, 1125x1125, D5375757-82D6-4142-BB1C-F6C064…)

No. 1117989

The socials/tumblr blog of former popular my chemical romance bandom blogger sparkyegg? I want to see what she's up to now and if she terfed out or drank the gendie koolaid quick rundown of sparkyegg's past: years ago, she dated another mcr blogger (who wrote waycest fanfiction) who cheated on sparkyegg with her male roommate. Then all three became a throuple and the male roommate was in the process of trooning out when he randomly died in a car accident

No. 1118014

He's a video game streamer guy.

No. 1118031

thank you!
No that wasn't me, and yeah lol…. thank you for responding!

No. 1118439

I really want to find this one book I read and really related to as a teenager! It followed a girl through her late teens as a competitive swimmer and outcast with no friends. I think she reaches the Olympics towards the end, but she doesn't really care and when the camera is on her on the podium it just describes the snot running down her face lol. There's a scene where she gets her first period, but it's really late (she's like 17/18) and people make fun of her. I can't remember much else, just that it was really relatable as a friendless swimmer.

No. 1119111

File: 1648785388857.png (295.77 KB, 624x327, Bowshoethinga.png)

I wanna know if anons can help me find these shoes, they look like cute black heels with a sort of bunny bow. Pic is from the music video When Am I Gonna lose you.

No. 1119688

File: 1648836805404.jpg (40.18 KB, 1080x1351, FABIENNE-KS-BLACK_1_1080x.jpg)

Closest I've found so far. They're the Fabbienne heel
by Loeffler Randall

No. 1119763

I think these shoes do not exist on the internet source: I've been looking for an hour, I can't even tell what the text on them says, but the first two letters are WI I think

No. 1121723

File: 1648959514879.jpg (146.99 KB, 600x720, 213562563.jpg)

I need the name of a movie or show I saw where a woman with hairstyle similar to pic related saves another woman from being assaulted in prison, later they end up having sex

No. 1121788

Bump, gore raid again

No. 1122417

A bisexual woman made a few posts about her fantasising pleasuring a theoretical person by spoiling her and whatnot. She made her posts with madoka magica pics and someone accused her of being a scrote. I’ve been trying to look for it

No. 1122419

No. 1122460

Thay music video was shot over 3 years ago, I think you probably can't find them because those heels are probably not available anymore.

No. 1122470

File: 1649017517801.png (30.1 KB, 781x305, ancafe.png)

can a nonatella please help me find the font used in the AnCafe logo ? or rather, maybe a fanmade font based off of it ? thank you in advance !

No. 1122474

File: 1649017962321.jpg (123.5 KB, 600x907, 996233.jpg)

The font is "Action is".

No. 1122475

there was this youtube channel of an asian woman who did a bunch of makeup transformations to look like different celebrities. she was pretty popular in the early 2010s. does anyone know who i’m talking about? i can’t remember her channel and it’s been bothering me for days.

No. 1122477

sorry for the super late reply but no it's not either of these, right vibe though thanks nonnies. It reminded me that one or more of the men were on their knees. I think the background was white but I'm not sure

No. 1122481

Michelle Phan maybe?

No. 1122492

she’s not who i was thinking of but thank you though

No. 1122500


No. 1122501

yes that’s her tysm

No. 1122913

thank you very much !

No. 1123074

interestingly enough Michelle Phan is married to her brother( or was married I don’t know)

No. 1123171

File: 1649060763323.png (433.19 KB, 500x438, 1644726814078.png)

I saved this pic from here but I forgot to ask what game is it from. Does anyone recognize it? I wanna play it.

No. 1123177

Baroque, The Forgotten Sin

No. 1123195

kekkk this image makes me laugh everytime I see it

No. 1123301

Thank you!

No. 1123343

Reminds of smashing pumpkins

No. 1123483

File: 1649092070114.png (794.83 KB, 497x752, Untitled.png)

Does anyone know where I can find/download vermillion pleasure night and its OST? The humor on it was weird and the concepts very unusual but I liked some segments like Cathy's house and The Fuccoon's/Oh!Mikey. From what I have seen it has an eng dub too which would be better tbh since the jokes would probably sound better in a language I can understand.

No. 1123491

That one youtube weird channel where some guy with a squeeky voice pronounces words really weirdly while dissecting candy with knives. He always wears green gloves on a black background and never showed his face afaik. It's like howtobasic levels of weird.

No. 1123492

No. 1123655

The sub is on dailymotion, uploaded by GameCenter-CX. You can download the episodes with any dailymotion downloader.


No. 1123659


Samefag, but the OST is here. If you search up 'nicovideo downloader' on Google you can download it, too.


No. 1123735

i just suddenly thought of that pic that came from a classroom of somesort with a bunch of people and one was a man in womens clothes and like badly applied makeup and red lipstick. And there was a girl in the pic with glasses with a hilarious face. like shocked, alarmed and almost laughing? idk what to search to find it. i just remember it being hilarious

No. 1124195

That's it, thanks!

No. 1124200

I know which in it is, it's in one of the MTF threads but they move so fast I won't try to find it here.

No. 1124217

No. 1124294

a mini(?)game playable on a walkman about tetris with jellies with eyeballs replacing the tiles????
i dont remember much besides that and the main mascots for the title screen was 2 average anime girl mcs, one a witch and other was a scientist i believe

No. 1124350

File: 1649167036237.png (563.21 KB, 640x853, thisthing.png)

is it this thing?

No. 1124423

that's the pic anon thank you KEK

No. 1124427

File: 1649170052786.jpeg (12.44 KB, 275x153, 1646595984713.jpeg)

No. 1124619

File: 1649180699320.jpg (16.91 KB, 500x358, walkmn.jpg)

very much late response but:
this kinda walkman

No. 1125958

Was it set it off?

No. 1125963

This is driving me crazy but in the 2000s there were these girls toys, they were kind of like dolls but not posable, more statuesque. The shoes were soft silicone like material and if you pressed them they would either have the doll sing you are song or say some phrases. It also came with accessories and clothes you could snap on, but you could still see their underwear when you turn them around.

One particular doll I used to own was named bell or belle, idk how it was spelled and she had red hair, light/blue eyes and gold sandals. I remember one of the songs being about eyes or between the lines or something, it sounded like a moody 2000s rock song that maybe someone like Kelly Clarkson would put out. I remember the packaging having a nickelodeon logo despite it not being related to anything on nickelodeon. I can't find anything on these dolls and it's driving me crazy.

No. 1125997

File: 1649303705000.jpeg (94.75 KB, 800x442, f0cb96a5ce2421f8b4a8b773cc3c37…)

This is not a comment about where you live or socio-economic situation as a child but do you recall where you got this doll because I remember buying some crazy cool but random un-branded dolls at like swap meets/flea markets lol I had a knockoff of these bitches from one and it sounds like what you're describing

No. 1126133

File: 1649317413719.jpg (37.5 KB, 560x388, L0U0Q0P000N0S0IQCRU03R20K0KQFR…)

This short film I watched once about 10 years ago. It was probably french or Italian, about a girl experimenting with bugs/butterflies/months or just living in an attic in general. A moth or injured moth-boy appears in her attic and she nurses him back to health, and he flies away in the moonlight days later. Maybe she experimented on him and he escaped, all I almost clearly remember is near/at the end he is in a window sill with new(I think) wings, crying or looking sad and there's a full moon.

No. 1126502


I was interested in this and I found a short film called "Hugo" that ends with the moth guy flying away in the full moon. The rest of the story is different though, she experiments with bugs for a school project but doesn't live in an attic and finds the moth boy outside. It's australian and also kinda cringy.

I like your story better tbh. I want to draw it.

No. 1126559

These are almost exactly what I was talking about. They definitely had a more edgy aesthetic. I definitely had whatever this was ripping off, thank you anon.

No. 1126564

WAIT WAIT WAIT. No i had exactly this! My brain was just foggy. Thank you anon, I had been thinking about this for YEARS

No. 1126636

oh my fucking god you just made me recall that I owned the Ariel version and played with it for HOURS making it sing the together forever song and dressing it up in the stupid snapping clothes.

No. 1126871

Does anyone know that Gundam meme about "half circle you better stupid" war strategy? I guess I could find it in the gundam thread but /m/ got wiped

No. 1126885

I found it nvm!! Thank you search function

No. 1126992

Omg an cafe what a throwback

No. 1127145

File: 1649382156823.png (9.1 KB, 1200x1200, 1622376170_5-phonoteka_org-p-z…)

I'm looking for the name of a low-poly 3d videogame, I remember a lot about it so hope it helps:

>a kawaii/cute aesthetic.

>aimed at little girls/kids (?).
>probably made before 2010.
>ranch themed, but there was only bunnies and dinosaurs.
>the main screen was a starry night and the bg music was a flute.
>you could give fruit from trees to the bunnies and they will multiply.
>These two different species had to be separated in fences, otherwise the dinousaurs will eat the bunnies.
>if a bunny died, a cinematic of a tombstone rising from the ground will appear.
>there was only four areas in the game.
>you could buy fences, doors, a ramp, etc. in a little barn (?).
>You could also move rocks and the stuff I mentioned before.

My dad had it installed in a pc and I don't know where he downloaded it.

No. 1127166

bunni: how we first met, love that shit

No. 1127186

No. 1127337

Oh my god I used to love this game as a kid. Can I play it again? I found it on a website a while ago but it wouldn't save so couldn't complete it.

No. 1127401

File: 1649405479824.jpg (129.83 KB, 825x1200, EhoFvVPVoAAkrNl.jpg)

Slightly snoopy/creepy help me find request (more like 'help me find out') but anyway. There is a Korean artist called pilyeon and there is so little information about her on the Internet (and even that is mostly in Korean). I would like to know things like is she self-taught or which school did she study it if she studied, what brushes does she use, who inspired her etc. Also she has courses on drawing and I was wondering if there are torrents for them (or honestly I would love it if someone just translated the curriculum for me: https://cafe.naver.com/pixwave/1523)? I would imagine that these could be easy to find if someone speaks Korean and I don't

No. 1127425

This is a curriculum for her drawing course not her as an artist; you can use websites like this one https://translate.yandex.com/ocr to translate text from images

No. 1127453

Thank you!!

No. 1127483

btw I knew it's the curriculum for her course, I was interested in how and what she teaches. I wish it was available somewhere in English

No. 1127923

an anime i watched a part of with some family member when i was pretty young:
>no idea if it's a series or a movie
>japanese medieval ages, with everyone running around with hakama and kimono and shit, think inuyasha, but it's not inuyasha
>looked old
>probably was old
>from before the 2010s, maybe even 2000s
>side character is some village doctor
>main characters? randomly ends up in his village
>everyone loves village doc? maybe???
>village doc is a bit weird about cleanliness
>village doc obsessively washing his hands in a small wood tub while muttering something like dirty or filthy over and over again
>this is the only scene i distinctly remember
>did this whenever he touched someone or someone sick iirc
>might have believed they were possessed by demons or cursed or something similar

No. 1127931

i think there was some scene where washed his hands so much that at some point they started to bleed, and then he wanted to wash the blood away, too

No. 1127952

I'm trying to find an article I read a long time ago. It was a piece about women's body image, and I remember either in the beginning or the end of the article the author, a woman, said to her girlfriend how she didn't like her body and/or stomach pouch and her girlfriend said something like "so you don't like mine?" and the author replied no, her body was perfect and fine and it made the author reflect on her own criticisms of her body, features she didn't like on herself she didn't think negatively of on her girlfriend.

No. 1127959

This is weirdly familiar. It could be an InuYasha or Rurouni Kenshin filler episode, though. I will see if I find something

No. 1127967

File: 1649444566862.png (524.65 KB, 724x517, suikotsu.PNG)

I think it is Inuyasha. The character you're most likely thinking about is Suikotsu.

From the Inuyasha wiki:
>Suikotsu was met by the priestess Kikyō while tending to an elderly woman. She could sense a Shikon Jewel shard in his neck, but was puzzled by it because it was not corrupt. Two villagers later approached him when one of them injured their leg. Suikotsu began to feel unwell after seeing so much blood from the villager's wound. He had Kikyō finish healing the wound when he was unable to proceed due to his fear of blood. He later explained his fear of blood to Kikyō and how he first arrived in the area as a traveling doctor. He suddenly began to hallucinate seeing blood on his hands and frantically tried to wash it away. Kikyō stayed with Suikotsu for several days in an effort to understand why the jewel shard that he possessed was not tainted with evil.

I can't find a clip but I do remember this dude lol

No. 1127975

That asian slum city that doesn't exist anymore that had layers of wet smog inside of it, unsafe wiring.

No. 1127991

Kowloon Walled City?

No. 1128010

i've still been checking the thread to see if anyone has posted this.. please anons if any of you remember it…

No. 1128072

It is not, but thanks for replying nonnie

No. 1128101

NTA but i was just reading about that place a few weeks back and had no idea my favorite street fighter anime (street fighter V) took place in that area
>The later part of episode 3 and episode 4 of the anime Street Fighter II V are set in the Kowloon Walled City, depicted as a dark and lawless area where Ryu, Ken and Chun-Li have to fight for their lives at every turn, being rescued by the police once they reach the walled city's limits.

No. 1128341

used to follow this fashion blogger on Tumblr, she was really into like a proto Goth ninja look, super cool style, natural dark hair iirc and wore red contacts. might have been nonbinary or something, was a skinny legend and she lived in either NYC or Toronto and wore new rocks or something a lot, and I think she was really obsessed with Vincent Valentine from FF7 and I think NGE. and also some designer like Rick Owens
she was like, obscenely smart and I think she was friends (?) with or in the same Tumblr circle as Trina Echidna.
this was probably around 2015(?)

No. 1128342

ugh sorry I just finished a 12 hour shift so I forgot to say, I forgot this chick's handle and want to see if she's still online somewhere does anyone know who this is?

No. 1128348

A few years ago I saw this really shitty canadian cartoon show that was trying too hard to look like anime. It wasn’t totally spies, it’s obscure I’m sure anons would know this

No. 1128349

File: 1649475507433.jpg (87.11 KB, 350x201, mylife.jpg)

Is it My Life Me?

No. 1128351

Yeah that one thanks anon lmaooo, brings sweet memories

No. 1128385

File: 1649479069034.png (373.98 KB, 500x667, Marisa.png)

Sounds like circuitbird, I think she was friends with shmegeh? I loved her style too. Her insta is 13uxbaum

No. 1128386

yes, that's totally her! thank you so much I could NOT remember the name circuit bird

No. 1128405

This has been driving me crazy for years but there was this one scene in a 2000s cartoon where some kids were looking for clues and found a gum wrapper or something with the numbers 19-16-25 on it and that was a code for SPY and it turns out the janitor or whatever had something to do with the plot's mystery. Does anyone know what show this was?

No. 1128529

File: 1649495770061.png (869.86 KB, 782x585, unknown.png)

oooooh that girl! I loved her too

No. 1129086

It doesn't look like it is. I remember the woman who was saved had long straight hair, and I think both of them were white

No. 1129172

File: 1649528380068.jpg (57.76 KB, 380x481, 9686276348962.jpg)

The name of the artist who drew this. I hate how hard it's to find credits for old fanarts.

No. 1129202

I'm trying to find this short documentary I saw on facebook years ago. It focused on elderly Asians living in Chinatown in NYC and their little community they had together because all of their family had either past away or lived far away from them. It focused mainly on one person but did go over what some of the other elderly people did to get by (picking up trash) and them exchanging food and resources. I remember one scene where, I think it was an elderly Asian man, talks about how he'll go through a bakery's trash and he describes to the camera man how workers will throw water over the breads to discourage people from finding decent pieces of bread to eat.

No. 1129220

So it was Inuyasha after all? I thought for sure it couldn't be, because I watched it so many times, but thinking about it, I always skipped the Shichinintai episodes, so that's probably why it seemed to be wrong. Thanks!

No. 1129256

do you happen to know who that kid that may have aspergers that basically gamified the fuck out of his life is. I remember his name was composed out of some acroynim and might have been allcaps, and even made a game himself, iirc it was more of a glorified physics engine

No. 1129472


No. 1130435

A funny picture of a bunch of Eastern European looking people in a conflict, no actual violence or gore included. Four people in the picture, on the left side two people flinging stones at a third person on the right side, and in the foreground in the middle the fourth person, a man with two guns pointing both of them at his own head. I remember finding that picture turned into a meme summarizing the geopolitical situation in the South Caucasus, with each person in the photo labeled with the flag of a country or a region. The two guns were also labeled as two regions of Georgia (the man in the middle was Georgia itself). I wouldn't mind either version of the photo.

No. 1130444

Im searching for a early 90's pop music video where they showed mermaids. I remember it was very early CGI heavy, lots of green and lotus flowers. also lots of water.

language could be either english, german or french. does anyone know or am I going crazy?

No. 1130476

French pop song with female singer. In the music video, there was a lot of CGI of seasons changing (flowers growing, leaves falling, etc was all CGI) while the singer was walking around or sitting and singing. She was wearing a pretty dress. The winter part was a bit Tim Burtonesque? I could have sworn that the title had 'Saisons' in it but tried searching on Youtube and all it came up with was nursery rhymes

No. 1130477

Oh and this must have been the early 2000s

No. 1130485

Never mind, found it, it's Fleur de Saison by Emilie Simon

No. 1130487

File: 1649623657179.jpg (42.28 KB, 350x486, download (7).jpg)

ok, i love doing spergy internet detective shit like this, so ill give it a shot
i used google image search and some old ass korean blog posts (2006) came up that include reposts of art that seem to be by the same person (more death note fanart)
theres a comment on the naver blog from 2012 that claims that the artists personal website/blog where they presumably posted their works had already disappeared by this time. i should note that saucenao was useless in this case and could only find reposts made on devianart so i dont think that any of her death note fanart was ever posted on pixiv otherwise it probably wouldve come up instantly
the artist seemed to go by nanafuku/yunico/omote sora おもて空良 so i found some of her old works on a doujin listing site which links to her personal blog which seems to have had all of its old posts deleted but had a few new-ish typical diary type posts written in 2016. im 99.9% sure its the same person because the naver post said shes from hiroshima and the blog in question mentions hiroshima dialect. i cant find older versions of her blog on the wayback machine
from searching up the name nanayon72 i also found a russian death note fanpage that posted about her art a lot
and so her pixiv got linked on there (!!!) under the name sora/そら
her oldest pixiv posts are from 2008 and i think most of her death note art goes from way before that so unfortunately there isnt any on there. the monster hunter and snk fanart absolutely confirms that its her though if there was ever any doubt. she doesnt seem to be very active nowadays which is to be expected since shes obviously a grown ass adult by this point kek

No. 1130495

samefagging to mention that apparently even the person running the russian fanpage was trying to track down her death note art back in 2012 kek

No. 1130656

Wow, that's a lot of research. Thank you so much, anon. It's sad to be a DNfag. So many uncredited reposts and artists who deleted their blogs or DN fanarts… Her newer illustrations are pretty disappointing when compared to the cute sketches.

No. 1130969

The nitori tulpa post on /y/ many years ago please tell me I’m not imagining it.

No. 1131062

File: 1649663802397.jpg (217.22 KB, 725x1024, IMG_4947.jpg)

Searching for a tranny story like picrel involving a trip to japan and an onsen.
I don't remember if it was a reddit story reposted here or an OG lc story

No. 1131071

File: 1649664351231.gif (1.02 MB, 220x220, C8F113A5-ECB8-4969-9194-970B0A…)

>who knew all girl sleepovers weren’t that fun?
>her brother commented “you aren’t a girl bitch”

No. 1131184

The unnecessarily aggressive pillow hit got me

No. 1131229

>You aren't a girl bitch
This is hilarious wtf

No. 1131371

Sounds like Jacob Two-Two, but I could be wrong?

No. 1131394

Nta but god I hated that show as a kid, the art is so ugly and repulsive.

No. 1131395

>it was almost like she expected this to be a male fantasy
So close to awareness, so close.

No. 1131401

LMFAO. after this literal orc is strutting around your kitchen buttnaked you are still there to comfort his hairy ass, i cannot imagine crawling to the couch to comfort this creature after he has hit you in the face aggressively, insisted that you'll have to suck his dick, and has insulted your party, friends, interests, multiple times. i feel bad for this hopelessly deluded girl, but i just pray that after enough time went by, she peaked. i mean, this is enough traumatizing, mask-off material to last 2 lifetimes

No. 1131417

Kid looks like Soren (rip)

No. 1131486

There was a movie and I remember only this part of it specifically : a dude gets a gf that is bossy or something and at some point she demands him to get butt implants and he is in the operation room while they slip them in his ass and I think that someone after the operation does say his ass is firm. Has anyone seen this? kek

No. 1131494

I feel sorry for all the naive women out there who don't get that troons like that are just porn-sick straight moids.

No. 1131508

File: 1649696568524.jpg (164.18 KB, 1200x800, 0rGbGi.0.jpg)

could it have been picrel?
it's a visual novel called one night, hot springs

No. 1131624

No. 1131671

Image from a fashion shoot of a bunch of models sitting at a table. Girl model looks straight ahead with a fed up look on her face while shoving away the male model sitting next to her with her hand on his face. She was wearing heavy makeup. Anons sometimes post it but I couldn't find it

No. 1131675

googled butt implants, is it saving silverman?

No. 1132013

okay so, this is a old youtube video.

It was a compilation of someone animation done traditionally, i THINK it was their compilation of a animation done in a year and the song playing was a japanese woman.

it had like a variety of different stuff from people walking to a basic ball bouncing and stuff but one part i specifically remember cause i loved this game. In the middle of the song it got low and gentler and the drawing was of Altair from the assassins creed series saying this quote, "A small sacrifice - to save many, it is necessary…"

I cant find it anymore, it may have been removed or its just so old and recent animation and drawing videos flooded it out. It was kinda of a highly viewed video.

No. 1132298

that's seems to be it. Thank you anon.
What did you type exactly cause I also googled butt implants but got nothing/

No. 1132680

This is going to be very vague and sound stupid but do any of you anons remember a movie that was about a guy whos young daughter died, and he built like a robot/android of her or just of another child idk, and it ended up being almost sexual or something as he has feelings for it so gross to type but it was over social media and stuff as people were saying it is really perverted and disgusting. I don't think it is english? I can't remember what it is called or if it even exists or something

No. 1132684

File: 1649795669657.jpg (41.05 KB, 620x435, 1427276628952_0620x0435_49x0x9…)

Is it Ex Machina? Pure moid movie

No. 1132688

no it was little girl robot or android

No. 1132692

are you thinking of AI? it sounds like AI but it was not sexual. maybe someone did a worse, more moidy version of AI. also yeah i agree w the other anon that ex machina was a pure moid movie but i don't recall a daughter dying, just him falling in love w her

No. 1132701

I have found the movie!!!! It is a German movie called The Trouble with Being Born. Here is a quote from the wiki of it,
> The Melbourne International Film Festival decided to not screen the film at its 2020 festival, citing concerns raised by two forensic psychologists that it might "[normalise] sexual interest in children" and be "used as a source of arousal for men interested in child abuse material".[11]

No. 1132706

what the actual fuck. How was this movie even made.

No. 1132716

what the everloving fuck

No. 1132720

I saw some screencaps of it and what the hell it looks like cp.

No. 1132801

help me find this cgi cartoon with two i think orange humanoids(?) it was a father and his son, very short show. the plot of every episode is the father tries to guess what his son has in mind by drawing or something like that, and the son keeps saying no until he gets it right. i dont think there is any talking just noises… i might not remember every detail right sorry about this

No. 1132813

Reposting from the older thread, trying it again after three months because why not:
>Don't have much hope for this, but I'm looking for a shoujo romance manga. I probably came out somewhere in between around 2014 or 2015, not sure if it ever got scanlated since I only read the original raws online. I only read the first few chapters (I don't think there were a lot more? So at least at that time it wasn't a long running series). It began with the standard plot a la MC-chan enters high school and wants to have her high school debut but fails. I think at some point a guy from her grade was dared to ask her out as a joke, but she overheard it already (I think she overheard it in the school infirmary when she was skipping class or something? If that's not where she overheard it, there at least was some scene at the school infirmary either way though), so when that guy from her grade asks her to talk with him outside, she goes along, listens to him and then flat out rejects him and is all smug on the inside because she didn't give him the satisfaction of the ugly girl feeling flattered about any attention at all. He's kinda shocked (and insulted lol), is basically like "yeah, whatever…" and goes away. Then another (unpopular/ugly, important!) guy walks up to her and tells her that he saw and admires her for what she did. Iirc he knew what those other guys were up to, but didn't know if he should tell her, so he was glad she found it out herself. They kinda become friends over the span of a few days and spend their lunch breaks together, until one break he either leans in to kiss her or starts talking about their next date or something. She doesn't understand what he's getting at, and he says that it's only natural that they're dating now, uglies gotta stick together after all, to which she's like "wtf bro we're not dating what" and slaps him (not sure anymore if the slapping scene was shown in a humorous chibi-way or actually seriously drawn, it could be either way) and walks off, feeling insulted that he thought that way about her and that he's basically the same as that guy that fake-confessed to her in the way that they both targeted her simply for not being as pretty as her classmates. She wasn't actually drawn ugly, I think the reason why she was seen so as in-universe was because she wasn't allowed to wear makeup or style her hair so she always wore it in two braids if I'm not mixing it up with another manga. Also, as far as I remember it seemed like neither fake-confession guy (I think he might have had not even a face?) nor ugly semi-friend were the actual love interest, I'm pretty sure he didn't even really appear yet. I think I read no more than five or so chapters, so that's all I can remember

No. 1133368

File: 1649865596518.png (83.54 KB, 512x512, New Canvas.png)

A pokemon fanart that looks very similar to this. I think it had a person in the drawing most likely Nate, not sure if the pokemon was in there. Im sure it was japanese fanart because of the style. It was based on the cold storage spot. Gen 5/Unova/BW. Colors are similar. Picrel is my version from memory.

No. 1134379

An Instagram reel/tiktok of this skinny tattooed woman with crazy energy looking for a new assistant. I saw it on IG a few months ago
>starts with her gross boyfriend in low effort drag saying something like "I'm a nightmare boss with insane standards looking for a new assistant" and then she pushes him off screen and repeats what he says
>she owns a restaurant or bar somewhere in LA I think
>"You have to treat everyone like they're famous" and implying they have lots of c list celebrity patrons
>"my last assistant dropped the ball after two years and I fired her without notice because I don't put up with negative energy"
>she says she'll look at your human design chart more than your resume
>asks to send your favorite yellow emoji in the application
I can't stop thinking about this video but I can't find it anywhere. I think it was something that deuxmoi shared on stories or maybe Violet Benson? I remember the woman being very alt looking, stretched ears or maybe a face tattoo?

No. 1134417

Nonnas are there any imageboards or even general spaces left on the internet for schizoid occult discussion? I'm thinking something like old /x/ or the /fringe/ board on 8chan, if anyone remembers that

No. 1134890

god I hope there is one out there still, I have so much to share.

No. 1135402

File: 1649978037733.jpeg (64.84 KB, 500x500, 295C54C4-1425-437E-80A6-77DCCC…)

What was her name/tumblr?

No. 1135442

I'm looking for a girl on instagram. She had a blonde mullet, a scar on her lip and talked about her dead dad a lot. Lots of tattoos? I think she lived in LA. She wasn't a cow or anything but had a decent following. It's been killing me that I can't remember her account name! I know this is a shot in the dark lol

No. 1135445

No. 1135629

Im looking for a video an anon posted in i think one of the consoom threads, it was about cleaning and a woman showed an easy way to clean out colored cooking pots. Im pretty sure it was a youtube video not a posted webm but the ones i looked through i havent found it.

No. 1135632

Shit, wasn't she the anorexic girl who was popular on tumblr and had a Nigel everyone loved until it came out he pushed her into a bdsm relationship and was actually a piece of shit

I think her name began with K. She looked like Keira Knightly

No. 1135758

HELP I’m looking for that one Death note meme that is like “Boys make” something i forgot and then it says “Girls make art” and it’s a fanart of L and Light making out I think? Please nonnies I need it

No. 1135760

File: 1650011592588.jpg (138.67 KB, 750x750, 1567114905090.jpg)

I got u fam

No. 1135763


No. 1136423

File: 1650051262948.jpg (27.16 KB, 720x833, 1585051605509.jpg)

girl share what you mean "yes" I'm waiting

No. 1137700

File: 1650163463159.jpg (90.8 KB, 518x752, dn.jpg)

While we're talking about Death Note, anyone knows the source of this image?

No. 1137702

is this canon????

No. 1137703

No. 1137856

File: 1650179083237.png (340.38 KB, 828x564, 1650140373994.png)

Does anyone have the better quality version of this pic? The original? This one, I think, is a slightly cropped Facebook repost.

I remember saving the original pic like a year ago, but I can't find it in my damn hard drive.

No. 1137896

File: 1650182668671.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.6 KB, 700x502, 36305086.jpg)

After doing a search, it seems that this doujinshi unfortunately has never been scanned. In 2008 there were people on LJ, as well as some Russian fujos, trying to find it. They could never purchase it, apparently the artist's works were very hard to find.
But I think they got the doujin's and the doujin circle's name wrong. They thought it was a doujin called "Twilight" (presumably, トワイライト) by one Satsuki Sho/Satsuki Show/Satsuki/サツキ/Sabuson Nagai/Saburon, from the doujin circle "Paprika G". I found a doujin called "Twilight" on Tumblr, by "Sabumura" (「トワイライト - さぶ村」) who I strongly suspect is the same person/circle the others thought made our mystery doujinshi.
But compared to these only two pages that we have, not only does the Tumblr doujinshi have no sex, but the styles aren't similar enough for it to be the same artist, and looking at some of that suspect's other doujinshi (some of which are from the late 90s), she didn't seem to like putting degen shit like this in her comics.
So in my personal opinion, the author or name of this doujinshi have never truly been found. If it's really the same author, but different comic, it has never been scanned. At least not outside Japan. Or who knows? Maybe it has been scanned and uploaded somewhere, but I don't feel like going through all the BDSM-themed Light x L doujinshi on myreadingmanga just to see if I can find this.

I'd love it if someone asked a Japanese online Death Note community about this doujin, there are probably still some Japanese fans out there who can probably give us the answer.

No. 1137953

This lady in her late 20s on Tumblr who lived in Czech Republic and was really interested in cinema and constantly posted about finishing her academic thesis. I would always lurk her blog but I forgot her url

No. 1137961

Wasn't the original one about men mourning tomboys?

No. 1137963

Yes, that one's an edit of it. I said I'm looking for the original nerdy boy edit, but I mean with better quality and not cropped.

No. 1137982

there's no better quality version of it i know because I made it, kek. I would post the original but it won't let me because "this file already exists in this thread". this is the first time I posted it >>>/g/182958. I think I just made it with really shitty quality in the first place kek sorry

No. 1138007

Ooh! Thanks a lot, anon! I loved your edit the first time I saw it posted somewhere else, ngl. Not only do I agree unironically, but I also love how it shits on the original scrote version. I saw it reposted on 4chan and moids hate it because "these women don't exist!", ironically proving it right lmao

No. 1138019

>moids hate it because "these women don't exist!", ironically proving it right lmao
lol yeah they're literally the guy in the meme. very sad, so many such cases

No. 1138050

DN-chan, you're always so thorough. Thank you for doing your best to track down the sources of these artworks!

No. 1138144

Yes. Wasn’t she living in Chicago? She was mentioned in a thread a long time ago, maybe 2017.

No. 1138322

You're amazing, anon

No. 1138330

>implying males are indoctrinated into becoming mysoginists who believe they're being wronged by society, instead of coming up with this conclusion by themselves because they're entitled and violent animals
This meme is so fucking stupid. The tomboy one is funnier and real.

No. 1138337

Why can’t it be both

No. 1138361

File: 1650229132644.jpg (7.78 KB, 227x222, download.jpg)

No. 1138400

File: 1650230665506.png (116.28 KB, 640x412, 6f2.png)

the tomboy one is made by a horny scrote who has a fetish for tomboys and thinks lesbians aren't real

No. 1138434

what is it with gen z tomboys doing nothing but girly shit until they hit 13 and all of a sudden declare themselves bois

No. 1138441

those aren't tomboys, they're the equivalent of scene/emo kids

No. 1138644

>DN-chan, you're always so thorough
I don't know who that anon is, it's my first time trying to find something posted in these threads, kek. But you're welcome.

Those men used to be more naive, actually. It's definitely a real thing, and the MtF part is especially true.
On the other hand, butch lesbians and straight tomboys have always existed, it's nothing new. The scrote who made the tomboy pic and those who agree with it are convinced that butch lesbians have never existed, that some tomboys being lesbians is a recent trend and that a woman not being attracted to men is a tragedy (the FtM part is true though). It's not the same thing as online incel communities, which are actively hostile towards women and breed mass shooters, becoming bigger and more popular among young men in the last two decades.

No. 1138706

anyone ever played a dress up game where a homeless(?) woman with grey, pale skin was in a sewer and you could dress her in bloody fur clothing made from stray raccoons and foxes.. this sounds like some type of creepy pasta but I played it twice on a normal dress up gaming site when I was 6 and haven’t had any luck finding it since.

No. 1138710

File: 1650258807941.png (105.93 KB, 290x333, 1602697336970.png)

a-anon what…?

No. 1138711

The pic still slaps tho

No. 1138718

my face when i saw it for the first time

No. 1138720

Tried combing through some dress up doll sites using different combinations of the words "homeless" "sewer" "bloody" and "animal" to no avail. What did the art style look like? What other games do you remember playing on the site? Do you have any more details? This is really intriguing. When I first looked up "sewer dress up game" a reddit post with no comments looking for the same game popped up. Weird. I want to find it now!

No. 1138725

was probably like a dolly type of art style? the lady had a big head and was basically skeletal. the blood would drip when you’d drag the clothes from the menu onto her and had this look like she was staring directly at you. her hair was grey and all fucked up. there was no music but there was constant noise in the bg like what you would hear if you were in a sewer.
the website I played it on had a blue bg with pink tiles, and was one of those games for girls sites. i played barbie and bratz makeup games on there and saw that shit out of the blue amongst the kissy games and other regular flash games.

No. 1138735

What the fuck did you play as a kid anon

No. 1138750

Ayrt, I'm gonna be looking for this game for the entire week I can already tell. It might be lost media, but I'm already set on finding it. I will try my best to find it nonnie, and if I can't find it I'll compile a list of games that are similar, maybe that could help narrow it down? Will update in a day or two as it's already pretty late where I am.

No. 1139139

Have you tried searching your childhood flash game sites on the Wayback Machine to see if it appears there? Do you think it's on the Flash Game Archive?

No. 1139249

i haven’t looked on any flash game websites wayback machines yet but ive been looking through flashpoint to see if it has anything. first thought it was a game named sewer dweller but that seems to be some adventure type game. looking through the dress up tag right now and i think i might be here for eternity

No. 1139260

This reminded me of some game I found on newgrounds (I think) back in the day where a kid comes back from school and the house is silent and there's blood and they find their mom beaten up/mutilated/something fucked up like this anyway. It was disgusting.

No. 1139274

Do you remember what year you played the game? I think that looking at dress up sites on the wayback machine around the year you played the game would probably be your best bet. Also, do you remember a description for the game? Usually dress up games have generic descriptions, I know it's probably been a while but any keywords that you remember could be a big help!

No. 1139283

for year, it would probably have to be 2008-2012? for keywords, i don’t remember any at all, cuz i pissed myself and ran out the room after a bit of playing it for the first and second time.
the keywords i could for sure pin to the game were homeless and girl. i think it had the title of homeless girl dress up, but that’s it.
looked through flashpoint and have found nothing in the dress up tag, im gonna check again with adult content on

No. 1139668

File: 1650340917398.jpg (42.91 KB, 500x607, this-man-creepy-dream-guy.jpg)

This white tshirt of either the members of Gojira, Opeth, or some other band mashed together into a new one drawn in black. I saw it on Omerch about 5 years ago but never bought it. There was an interview about it and they named it something starting with an E? Ernest or something. It looked like and I guess was inspired by picrel.

No. 1139670

Yes this was it!!! Unless there's an even more obscure short film with the exact plot I described which would be extremely weird kek.

No. 1139689

I think I know what you’re remembering! It was made by Peta in their campaign against the Olsen twins lmao. I can’t post images but you might find it searching for “The Trollsen Twins”, I used to play it a lot as well!

No. 1139692

holy fuck anon, that's the game. i guess i misremembered it being in some sewer cause it made me so scared, getting scared even looking at it now.
thank you for ending my near 5 year search for this damn game.

No. 1139705

Wow, I’m glad I could help! It makes perfect sense to remember it how you did and I’m sorry hahaha. It’s also really drives home part of their point. A little girl who didn’t know any better would be scared of what was technically a chic celebrity ideal of the 2000’s.

No. 1139725

There's no way yall found the cursed game holy fuck

No. 1139748

honestly sounds amazing and hilarious

No. 1140019

I’m looking for a book called An Illustrated Theory of Numbers by Martin H. Weissman. Unfortunately can’t find it, and the one on zlib isn’t the actual one. Please help a poor anon.

No. 1140131

Argh sucks to try find books that haven't been digitized. Try searching Libby if you have a library card, otherwise setting an alert on Thriftbooks for when one becomes available second hand. I see it's listed there but a copy only comes around every 6 months.

No. 1140150

I put in like an hour and a half trying to find a copy of this book as either a PDF or a cheap used copy but I had 0 luck, I'm sorry nona. I hope one pops up serendipitously for you.

No. 1140238

File: 1650384074004.jpeg (698.25 KB, 1170x1936, 89EAC3D4-BC3F-41D1-84B9-C1C498…)

I tried for 20 minutes as well. It might benefit you to torrent and check out onion links on reddit or piratebay, I’m out on my phone or I’d check for you. He actually has a Reddit account and comments on posts with people asking for pdf lol

No. 1140267

Couldn't find the whole thing but you can look at a few dozens of pages here as preview: https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=ILH_DwAAQBAJ&printsec=copyright&redir_esc=y#v=onepage&q&f=false

No. 1140310


No. 1140534


No. 1141029

Requesting a place to read Discord horror stories. Or if you have your own please do share.

No. 1141036

It’s on the tip of my tongue. It’s a late 90s/early 00s pop punk song which sounds similar to semi-charmed life but in a slightly different key/rhythm and the lyrics are almost completely intelligible. I think the very opening lyrics are “one thing” and then is goes on to some insane white boy mumble rap singing in a very unique rhythm. It’s been in my head for days and I know I won’t be able to shift it until I fully listen to it. Please help

No. 1141038

Samefag, this is the song I’d compare it the most closely to.

No. 1141042

Beginning reminds me of Two Princes by the Spin Doctors.

No. 1141049

That is exactly it. Oh my God nonna I want to reach through my screen and hug you

No. 1141086

nta but omg thank you for reminding me this song exists.

No. 1141089

Can anyone help find this song? The youtube video had a loop of 3 anime school girls riding stars into space and the song said something like "all you do is criticise"

No. 1141109


No. 1141136

Cool track.

No. 1141194

LC was doing that thing where it wouldn’t show some of the post’s replies, so I didn’t see any of this until now. I really appreciate the help, beautiful nonnas. Think I’ll just have to start saving some cash.

No. 1141276

that picture of the microcephaly girls claire and lola ( RIP ) where one of them is dressed as a lobster and put in a bucket and she is crying. i just want to see if it really exists or if i just imagined it

No. 1141282

File: 1650456820578.jpg (553.4 KB, 1513x1513, 216.JPG)

No no, it exists

No. 1141335

I can't remember the name now, but on Reddit I found a python script that accesses Google Books on different IPs to maximize the number of preview pages you can get then compiles them together. You likely can't download the entire book this way but you can get some chapters complete.

If you're really desperate for that book, it's likely a university library in your city will have it. Many of them are open to the public. You can't borrow but you can get the book off the shelf and take pictures of the pages with your phone.

No. 1141480

Not sure if the RIP was for Lola only, but they both passed away.

No. 1141577

Some archived version of this post https://namakajiri.net/nikki/testing-the-power-of-phonetic-components-in-japanese-kanji/. It's a post on how to pretty accurately guess the reading of a lot of kanji, based on their radicals. It's mainly about the tables with the most common radicals and their expected reading that was so useful. Wayback machine does nothing, as it says that this URL has been excluded.

No. 1141578

nevermind, it worked by clicking [Archived Copy] here on lolcow lmao i love this website

No. 1141587

it'd still be great if anyone had links to the downloads, as these really won't load for me

No. 1141896

2 books-
One of the books was a kid book, I read it when i was in elementary, It..it's about a kid..being killed by a lawnmower? I think and..his brother found him? And it was about the brother feeling guilt or something? I found it during reading time and I remember reading it and thinking "What the fuck?" it was an heavy topic. I think the book cover was orange.

2 Book-
A book about a scrote dad killing his wife and the kids, a teenage girl and a younger boy are split down the middle. I read this book probably in 9th grade? The sister was kind of rebellious, and she was her dad's favorite because he'd creep on her, like she kinda knew he'd look at her body when she was in bikini's but she said she was "flattered" by it or something like that

No. 1141907

File: 1650499974192.jpg (71.71 KB, 311x475, 1489917._SY475_.jpg)

First book possibly Nobody's Fault?
>Older brother mowing lawn on riding mower
>Runs over bees nest
>Bees sting him, he falls off
>Lawnmower runs him over
>Sister blames herself for his death because she didn’t find him quickly
Reminds me of The Man in the Moon movie.

No. 1141912

What the actual fuck, YES YES YES, it was the sister who felt guilt not the brother, let go find where I can buy this.

No. 1141933

If you don't mind reading on a screen, you could get an account on openlibrary.org to read it.

No. 1142017

It may be or it may not be idk it seems familiar but it's entirely possible I could have dreamed that scenario as a kid. Thanks for trying tho.

No. 1142024

There's this children's book about animals. It has a white and red cover with animals on it, but they all have one eye and the eye is the 1930's pie eye thing. This book lives in the back of my nightmares because it has a cursed energy and I need to find it again.

No. 1142028

>man on the moon
Omfg I remember that movie every tome it played on TV. I always thought that guy was such an idiot for falling off the lawn mower and getting himself killed.

No. 1142033

I want to definitely read this post, and would love to any other good blogs or videos about this

No. 1142034

File: 1650512921176.jpg (63.8 KB, 522x640, 1528124440560.jpg)

1) Who is the artist for this?
2) where can i find similar looking stuff I love this

No. 1142037

is it Animal Farm? not exactly kid friendly but your description sounds pretty kinda weird

No. 1142038

No. 1142047

It's not that. It was a kid's book. It was about animals and insects. All I can remember are: this butterfly that had one giant eye, a bunch of ants that had the same giant eye and a giant squid that had that eye which stared into my soul. I had to get rid of it because it was too creepy.

No. 1142048

File: 1650514463342.jpg (456.47 KB, 1280x1697, tumblr_pm7z3bXRzF1qzt8poo1_128…)

Ty nona. I like the artwork but some of the commentary is kinda too long winded for my taste. Though this one is funny and topical for today kek

No. 1142182

File: 1650537686810.jpg (134.71 KB, 466x640, tumblr_ln1uxghRVw1qzt8poo1_500…)

Thanks I'm another anon but I love it too

No. 1142230

I can't help, but your description unlocked a memory of a book I had as a child which I think was illustrated ghost stories (or maybe I just thought of it that way because they frightened me?). One of them had all these drawings of a cat that had huge globular eyes with no pupils, and it freaked me out so much that I drew pupils onto every picture. I'd love to find the book again but this is literally the only thing I can remember about it so doubt I ever will.

No. 1142238

frenchanons help. i need to remember this comic book ( old ) where the main character is a little boy duck. i dont remember the plot but he goes on an adventure and i remember it not being PG/for kids because of certain scenes like this one where he hallucinates a woman he was infatuated with ( also a duck but could have been another anthropomorphic animal ) forming with sand and she is naked, then this other scene where it shows her in a robe insinuating that she had just had sex with who ( i think but not sure ) was somebody that kidnapped her. please help me out !!!!

No. 1142243

samefag, forgot to mention but it didnt seem to me like it was an adult book but more for teenagers and such, like how titeuf had lots of sexual imagery and jokes but it was still for kids/teens.

No. 1142486

File: 1650565891584.jpg (348.25 KB, 1080x1350, 243876372_1036076203883664_127…)

A blanket/throw with interesting weaving/tassels/what-have-you like picrel. When I search, the tassels are always in the edges and the fabric (?) is plain (ESL FAG, SORRY!)

No. 1142723

there was this xbox game in the mid 2000s when i was like 3 and it was about saving people from a building on fire i think?

No. 1143973

File: 1650677533757.jpeg (58.63 KB, 375x413, 3622CA9F-56BB-47BD-9713-69691C…)

Does anyone know the artist? I don't see their @ anywhere on Hot Topic.

No. 1143977

Do you have any more details than that? What kind of aesthetic was the game, if you can remember.

No. 1143994

There is a movie where they have chocolate eggs and when they melt they turn into little dragons or a creature?? That is all I can remember is that they are chocolate candy eggs but when they melt they are dragon but I have no idea what movie or show it is from! Please help

No. 1144010

If you search “boho tassel rug” you can find some similar ones.

No. 1144030

There was a random meme I saw that said “I’m gonna kill Snoo” (mascot for redditfags), does anyone have it?

No. 1144402

please help me find this animation series on youtube. it was very short and i remember watching them in about 2010 or around that. basically it was putting things/people into a blender. i think one of the animations was justin bieber and thena nother one was babies. pleas help @@!!!!

No. 1144407

There's a terf twitter account that uses clown motifs/ puts clown wings on her profile pic. She's similar to libsoftiktok. I can't remember the name of the account

No. 1144412

Slatzism maybe?

No. 1144682

Nonita, thank you! Boho is the word that unlocked tufted and aided the search. It’s incredible how not knowing a word or two skews searches so much.

I hope you have a great weekend!

No. 1145329

oh gooooood i have this taste in my memory but i don't remember the snack it was like a marshmallow or a really sweet thing shaped like a snowman?? it was kind of flat and the bag was transparent, it wasn't big

No. 1145339

What country?

No. 1145342

File: 1650761287014.jpeg (48.56 KB, 500x440, 9B579A29-2DF1-43C6-9194-12F0AE…)

could it be peeps?

No. 1145352

Argentina and i never had peeps but these do remind me of the thing
i don't recall if either the snack or the bag had blue in it

No. 1145362

Kinder eggs

Nah, I think there's was an ep of American Dragon where they got some kind of mystical egg mixed in with a bunch if Easter chocolate eggs so they had to eat all the eggs to find it. I only remember that because it undoubtedly made someone have a fetish for that

No. 1145363

Weird music video featuring a fat butch lesbian like… mostly sitting down? And a skinny woman being objectified (if I recall correctly). I'm almost sure I saw this at the farms years ago but I could never find it again. I remember it disturbed me but I forgot almost everything about it.

No. 1145401

File: 1650766281420.png (80.77 KB, 259x194, imagen_2022-04-23_211115518.pn…)

colchoncitos? son bombones suavecitos

No. 1145402

Sounds like my life irl

No. 1145429

No. 1145433

The Nina Nesbitt music video where she jumps on jumping pillows and has fun with other women. She still has white emo hair and I think she's wearinf a blue sweater.

No. 1145437

File: 1650769565265.png (562.98 KB, 628x800, 350EFF46-E327-4CE0-8925-222500…)

Nayart, are these malvaviscos/marshmallows? Google is giving some buns (bread) results with “colchoncitos”

No. 1145511

File: 1650779184876.png (74.95 KB, 1000x1000, wa.png)

made a drawing and this is all i remember, maybe it was just a marshmallow lollipop with an specific design
asking my sister later to see if she remembers what the fuck this were

No. 1145884

File: 1650809585495.jpg (692.47 KB, 3072x2050, Paleta Payaso.JPG)

I’ve been trying to find this since I read it and is it by any chance Paleta Payaso?

No. 1145893

File: 1650809931573.jpg (49.89 KB, 404x404, Paleta Payasita.jpg)

There also seems to be a white version called Paleta Payasita which looks a bit more like your drawing but I can’t seem to find a good picture of the actual product

No. 1145899

File: 1650810134012.jpg (91.51 KB, 600x800, Paleta Payasita.JPG)

This was a special limited edition and all the pictures I find are trash

No. 1146054

File: 1650817277631.jpg (41.21 KB, 500x500, moonpie.jpg)

was it a vanilla moon pie, they have marshmallow filling layers

No. 1146119

I love the dedication to discovering this mystery marshmallow snack kek

No. 1147026

Nona, ¿dónde estás? I’m so invested! Was I correct?

No. 1147048

KEKK I saw this and I thought this was a dumb bitch meme kek, also I'm mexican living in mexico but never had this? only the male version

No. 1147104

I’ve never tried it (Latina outside of Latin America but who has eaten other Ricolino products) and now I’m obsessed with the idea. Is the original good?

No. 1149781

Does anyone remember a tumblr artist who makes MS paint style comics about being a lesbian? She draws herself with very short hair and I also remember a drawing where she was a cowboy. This is a little crude, but the most text I remember from her comics was something that said "hot wet slit" over and over.

No. 1149785

Maxine Harlow. I think she deactivated maybe?

No. 1149787

Samefag nope her blog's still up!

No. 1149788

Thank you so much anon! Her blog is still here https://maxineharlow.tumblr.com/

From the looks of it she hasn't updated her tumblr or instagram for a while.

No. 1149808

>Is the original good?
NTA, and I haven't had one in years, but from what I remember, yes, it's good

No. 1150022

There was an anon who said that she faked she was a troon and gained about 450 usd as part of a fundraiser, but I can't find the exact post, does anyone know where it was? And yes, I tried the search function

No. 1150053

No. 1150310

thank you!!

No. 1150423

There's a cow I've forgotten the name of, he's inactive now but he had a KF thread with screenshots of the long rambling text posts he would post to his website. He ate oven pizzas only and would dab the grease off them with a napkin as a way to lose weight & talked about playing video games in his mind at school. He disappeared from the web for a while and was discovered to work at google. I think his username began with a T. Does anyone know who I'm talking about?

No. 1150439

Nonnies, last year a nona posted about purchasing a necklace from an etsy shop that I'm trying to find. The pieces were all really delicate and simple elegant, approx $30-40? I remember a cherry blossom necklace? She also did lemon earrings.

No. 1150479

No. 1151049

There's this soyjak comic that I saw posted somewhere (here?) about trapfags not being liked on any 4chan board.
The trannyjak was kicked out from /y/ and /cm/ because traps don't look like men, and from /d/ because they're male and not hermaphrodite women with tits. (Yeah yeah I know)
And at the end the trannyjak necks himself.
I'm mostly just curious to know if it truly was posted here or if I saw it one day on some other site.

No. 1151058

YES! Thank you nona

No. 1151877

File: 1651098135313.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 419.51 KB, 828x829, D86DD053-B265-4595-AF34-F48349…)

A picture of a man (human, not a stick man like my drawing) lying on his back. He’s doesn’t have much hair on his head, like bald-ish. He’s lying down on the floor, and he has a pink dildo stuck to his forehead.

I have a great need for this image. I haven’t seen it since 2017/2018 and we must be reunited.

No. 1153081

File: 1651129149797.jpg (116.56 KB, 1440x1080, japanese troon prostitute.jpg)

I've been looking for a download or stream of the full episode "Genki and the Art of Eel Porn" from the 2009 series "Vice Guide to Sex." The video was originally hosted here https://www.vice.com/en/article/7bke3x/genki-and-the-art-of-eel-porn, but all links to it from official Vice websites no longer work.

I've been able to find the first half online in a few places, but not the second half, which is the part where they actually go to the Genki-Genki studio and interview the dude in charge of everything.

First half for curious anons: https://video.fc2.com/en/content/20081003sqWt4029/&tk=TnpFeE16UXlNalk9

No. 1153090

File: 1651130453533.png (143.91 KB, 646x237, i cant be any more disappointe…)

"My Lesbian Experience With Loneliness" fits the description except that it was never published on tapastic, and it doesn't have much to do with umbrellas.

It's in pink black and white, autobiographical and about a girl in Japan, and she just writes about her experiences and mental health struggles. She later published additional books that go deeper into her family and struggles with alcoholism.

No. 1153884

There was a youtube video with a pallas cat/manul in a zoo, the people in the video were recording the cat and talking in german I think and the cat looks back at them with this really cartoonish angry look on it's face. It was called "evil cat" or "angry cat" or something like that. I can't find it in the search bar

No. 1154210

A text-based(I think) mansplaining meme about a man who has zero knowledge of an industry mansplaining about it to a woman who has years experience in it. Really feeling it right now.

No. 1154252

Anyone got any genderbender art of the Jackass guys?

No. 1154578

A video of a rabbit dancing while telling you you're jealous of her ten billion boyfriends that all love her

No. 1154724

No. 1154778

File: 1651226887822.jpeg (84.54 KB, 400x353, 6016BCB6-FF04-4F4B-AC45-AA6792…)

Text as in literal text or phone texts? There are so many examples like that

No. 1154781

File: 1651226922800.jpeg (122.05 KB, 672x1200, E60F9281-775D-4ECA-BCDC-31B645…)

No. 1154786

File: 1651227033675.png (121.2 KB, 624x370, D5B3967A-9C82-45B2-B459-E471B2…)

No. 1155017

I'm loking for a graphic of male crime rates, I thought I saw it here but didn't save it. Ty in advance nonnas!

No. 1155085

Man I remember loving a video of this bunny reciting the "just do it" meme but I can't find it.

No. 1155104

does anyone have a screenshot of that one tumblr post of three people at a halloween party looking like the twilight leads? iirc they weren't even dressed up

No. 1155112

File: 1651245515031.jpeg (34.22 KB, 537x571, images (4).jpeg)

No. 1155124

File: 1651245969986.png (261.35 KB, 340x340, 4628FB08-BEB1-4DF7-A5C9-E578D7…)

This one?

No. 1155126

nta but kek anon i love how you found it

No. 1155144

Ulillillia? He's not much of a cow though, just autistic.

No. 1155340

¡Gracias Nonita! Now I just need to find them locally…
I hope you come back and let us know if >>1145884 is what you had.
As I >>1147026 said, I’m truly invested.

No. 1155348

Ayrt thank you so much! I can't believe I underestimated how many boyfriends she has. I feel like a salty jealous bitch now.

No. 1155626

a music video where it was a house party and everyone was naked. the lyrics were something like im sorry just kidding or sorry not sorry. something like that.

No. 1155792

thank you so much anon, you were so quick too

No. 1155876

Help me find the fic Control by fayjay. It's dean/castiel. Fayjay deleted it apparently, and I can't find a re-upload/copy anywhere

No. 1157490

What's this song called? https://v.redd.it/6s4hzu10khv81

No. 1157582

File: 1651413502220.jpeg (897.36 KB, 1170x1438, 70C4E67B-B85F-4673-BB89-F882D2…)

No. 1157588


No. 1157695

File: 1651419275152.gif (Spoiler Image, 2.84 MB, 540x250, 271604232_632020171577810_8976…)

Spoiler just in case but does anyone know where this from and who they are? I saw this gif from a tumblr post and seeing this changed me

No. 1157697

Jawbreaker maybe?

No. 1157703

No. 1157757

File: 1651421873590.jpg (5.92 KB, 240x200, 51102732389_7e9548420f_m.jpg)

is it weird that I don't this find particularly attractive, idk something about this act seems awkward and kinda cringe in a way, maybe its the fact that its a popsicle instead of something more yonic

No. 1157786

I don't think that's weird. I find it really unappealing too. But everyone has different tastes

No. 1157901

> something more yonic


No. 1158187

I am looking for a bunch of animated shorts I watched on YouTube YEARS ago. Like all these videos must be 12-13 years old at least. Idk if some where removed or if I just can't find them, if any nonny remembers some I'd be so happy. I'll try to describe them best as possible

>One was about a little monkey with white fur, it started with her fishing up a totem(?) item, then she gets kidnapped by a tribe of mask wearing creatures that try to sacrifice her i think. The little totem guy starts cursing too. It looks like it was done in pencil

>Another one, maybe done by the same artist(?) is about a creature that looks like a unicorn and keeps repeating something like 'Onni onni' It was called something like Oonicorn but I can't spell it right

>An animation about a man who sells ice cream to kids, he fantasies abou having another job, then he imagines he's working with dinosaurs, and one of them hatches and hits him in the nuts, the tone changes and it says "Welcome to hell"

>One about some kids, a boy and girl sneaking into an ice cream mans van and being taken to his house where the guy is butchering people and putting them into a blender(?) The style looked like Don't Starve

>One about a grocery store selling toy bunnies, the bunnies get into a fight about which one should be bought by a little girl

>This one I KNOW the name of but can't find the original, it was called Paranormal Roomates and became a pilot series for CN, but there was the original short film that had the same style but more violence and cursing. I'm assuming CN made the creator take that one down because if it became a real series there would be confusion over it. I still remember the real one though

No. 1158189

Love that scene in Jawbreakers

No. 1158201

I think the ice cream van/blender one is called "who's hungry"

No. 1158211

YESS thank nona that's it!

No. 1158264

Does anybody know a tool that helps me figure out if a shady site that I want to pirate courses from is going to shit up my PC with a virus or not?

Also, there was a website where you’d enter a website’s link and visit without actually going to the website, it was helpful for IP-grabbing links. Thanks!

No. 1158269

Also if any would volunteer a nice place to torrent programming/CS/math courses from that would be wonderful

No. 1158533

There's a popular rap(?) song that became popular around the 90s/00s, I think. The main rapper's voice is kinda deep (not high-pitched) and distinctive. I have no idea what the lyrics are, since the most memorable thing about it is the main melody/beat/whatever (I don't know much about music sorry), which I guess could be described as loud, dramatic and cool. IDK how else to describe it kek please help me find this song, I want to add it to my nostalgic music playlist and don't want to forget about it

No. 1158541

For the last one I suggest asking the lost media thread in /m/ (I see you've already posted there but didn't talk about this cartoon specifically, it sounds like it fits the thread more)

No. 1158751

a stretch but it isn't this is it?

No. 1158752

I think it was a tweet
But the caption was when girls get drunk or something like that and the video attached was of a dude with his arm over another dude. He was really close to the other dude and was louding saying “you’re my best friend you’re my best friend” into a microphone.
It was a really cute and funny post , wish I could find it again

No. 1158758

Good ol sonicrocksmysocks

No. 1158760

I’m not into kpop BUT I once saw a gif of a kpop man doing a dance move where he held himself up by his arms and moved his hips. He was dressed in white I think
you could also see his dick bulge when he’d move. I think it was posted because his dick was bigger than average
Does anyone know what I’m talking about? I’m pretty sure it was posted in a thirst thread here

No. 1159796


No. 1159848

Sorry, I don't know a website but if you just want to try it out, you can do so on a Virtual Machine. It's basically a indipendent emulator program that doesn't effect your own PC if you catch a virus on it. I use VMware Workstation.

No. 1160008

File: 1651537383221.jpeg (78.74 KB, 818x1024, FPH8uQ8VQAEvm8S.jpeg)

Does anyone know where this cardigan is from?

No. 1161725

Russian video, probably no longer than a minute. It's filmed by at a street crossing and by the pedestrian. A car drove right onto the pedestrian walk, and pedestrian was having none of that, so he crossed the street, as was his right, since the red light showed green right through the car. He opened the car door, was like "Excuse me, could I juuuuust, yeah, thanks, have a nice day" in a very annoyed tone and climed through the car to the other side of the street. The video was filmed in first person POV and got reblogged on tumblr a lot.

No. 1161740

File: 1651602264475.gif (9.7 MB, 333x592, f09b86be1e538cf38d94c6c571bc11…)

Long shot, but is this it?

No. 1161837

File: 1651603840019.webm (4.61 MB, 320x240, i remember it being funnier.we…)

samefag, found it when looking for pedestrian on my blog, should've done this before asking

No. 1161992

Did anyone save the K8-Ball some anon made and posted on last night's fly on the wall thread?
It's better than Sanic, less cursed

No. 1162013

I feel like I know who you're talking about, but I can't remember his name for the life of me. Try asking on choachan.

No. 1162026

Anons help me find my will to live.

No. 1162071

File: 1651610483673.png (1.02 MB, 561x889, 1162026 will to live.png)

When you watched this find another film to watch a couple a weeks, days or when you are feeling down. Go when it's daytime so there won't be a lot of people and get something nice to eat afterwards.

No. 1162080

I think this will have the opposite effect

No. 1162100

I just picked a mainstream film that is most likely to be shown in most countries. She can pick any other film that she can watch on later date so that she can have something to look forwards to, seeing if this film is unexpectedly good or just plain terrible. Afterwards get something good eat that you usually don't do and then just repeat the cycle. With this you'll always have something to look forwards to do.

No. 1162101

>Make pancakes for breakfast
>pet a cute animal that can be petted
>adopt an animal to pet and take care of
>buy new comfy underwear
>buy new socks
>sell something or do a garage sale
>do some push-ups
>run like a sped
>walk like a sped
>clean up your house
>throw away something you haven’t used in months
>put some clean sheets and lay on the bed after a long shower and putting some cream or oil on your skin
>do your nails
It’s weird but whenever I feel particularly miserable I do a manicure or a pedicure and then I feel less miserable than usual.

No. 1162108

I was just joking nonny, I like your suggestions

No. 1162250

File: 1651617172427.jpg (Spoiler Image, 53.18 KB, 564x705, 75333c44a7adb9cf15af954d1ca561…)

Anybody knows who the hell this guy is? It's the third time a Reddit weirdo tries to pass as him, and now I'm curious!

No. 1164810

File: 1651702917000.gif (20.13 KB, 112x112, crying-pepe-the-frog.gif)

Thank you so much sweet nonnies! I had a shitty week and just posted it half-serious, half-jokingly, I wasn't expecting everyone to be so nice. Ugh, I wish I could befriend you all irl.

No. 1166231

File: 1651776000204.gif (1.56 MB, 480x270, 1651724790987.gif)

Does anyone have the hi-res version of kaitlyn, putin and the original version

No. 1166240

I feel like I've seen him before, but not on Reddit wtf. This is creeping me out.

No. 1166244

i made the kaitlyn one and that’s as high res as it gets, sorry nonny the deepfake app really lowers the quality

No. 1166245

File: 1651776515742.gif (3.98 MB, 435x290, 071874E9-4177-43AC-B53B-F867BB…)

No. 1166321

File: 1651778441521.jpg (52.14 KB, 564x747, 74efb98168a87e30d6983c8f38c1c2…)

You deserve the niceness

No. 1166359

god I lose it every time I see this

No. 1166607

File: 1651785454303.png (103.75 KB, 354x258, IMG_3691.PNG)

an anon posted this not too long ago and I'm wondering what disorder these symptoms are meant to represent/what this is from? it's too relevant.

No. 1166660

what is this for?

No. 1166673

could it be schizoid personality disorder?

No. 1166757

Whos that shota character whos in band aids has black short hair and tired face? And what anime is he from? I say shota because a lot of shota fags use his pictures but i’m not sure if hes one

No. 1166770

File: 1651788707286.jpeg (77.39 KB, 606x902, 1AF00B7E-7586-4144-A68C-3565F1…)

Lee Hooni from a Korean manga called suicide boy, the manga is quite annoying, the author just wants to make the main character suffer but it isn’t even funny, the author is also a shotafag who sexualizes him to hell and back, there’s a catboy chapter that made me drop this shit faster than an angry fire ant.

No. 1166874

It's one of the "4 F" trauma and stress response types, specifically "Freeze" or Dissociative response.

A lot of femboyfags are also obsessed with this kid, calling him a "femboy". Another example of trap lovers being pedos.

No. 1166881

I've also seen fakebois get obsessed over this character. Anyways this manhwa sounds trashy, just suffering porn for pedo scrotes.

No. 1166893

File: 1651791051965.png (687.67 KB, 960x720, imagen_2022-05-05_175106236.pn…)

Oh I was the one who posted that. It's from here. It's the whole fight, flight, freeze and fawn deal.

No. 1166912

thank you so much (and hello OG anon)! I really appreciate it. this makes even more sense now that I know it's trauma response lol

No. 1167604

There was an internet famous cat in 2008 that was very small with a very scrunched up face. I am PMSing and need pictures of this cat so I don't set the world on fire please.

No. 1167614

File: 1651833308035.png (792.75 KB, 568x559, grumpy.PNG)

do you just mean grumpycat?

No. 1167626

Thank you anon my pedo shotafag self will enjoy this(pedo shotafag)

No. 1167632

No it was a very small very cute Japanese cat. Thank you for trying though.

No. 1167658

File: 1651835139725.png (1.57 MB, 1298x681, Capture.PNG)

Can someone find me the name of the artist who made this picture? When I used image search, it just showed me a bunch of TikToks that were completely irrelevant

No. 1167667

Hm, I had no problem finding it, ran what you posted through google lens which gave me uncropped image, and then running uncropped image through image search, the artist was the first result. Maybe the lens part was essential, though I wonder if personal cookies can influence search results even in this case somehow

No. 1167672

No. 1167676

Thank you so much!!! I just used Google's image search and it's evidently shite

No. 1167696

I'm looking the movie/TV serie where a side character loves to study, I don't think it was Gilmore Girls because she was an adult. I remember a tumblr gif set with her "I can't, have to study" and the post would praise how good it was to have a character that loves to study for the sake of studying.

No. 1167699

samerfag, not sure if she's even a main or a side character actually. Probably long curly-ish hair kinda light.

No. 1167700

File: 1651837329618.jpg (58.99 KB, 536x486, Ec9FkTfWAAIOFSZ.jpg)

this from blue jasmine (cate blanchett)?

No. 1167704

Nope, I think she was college age. The media seemed to be more light hearted

No. 1167706

File: 1651837526936.png (407.71 KB, 500x384, eb8f44bf1f139d40830507e6b60795…)

could it be paris from gilmore girls? she has long light hair and looked like an adult. she was obsessed with furthering herself like rory from gilmore girls

No. 1167709

File: 1651837623605.jpg (36.61 KB, 600x457, 7e5fcd4e364050d7e1396ce4fdd08c…)

No. 1168504

File: 1651859820738.png (559.85 KB, 539x363, manwithcat.PNG)

more pics

No. 1168506

File: 1651859856924.png (391.55 KB, 539x356, manwithcat2.PNG)

like these

No. 1168512

please post all the men or women with weapons defending their cats that you have

No. 1168517

these are all, which is why i'm asking for more

No. 1168530

File: 1651860239724.jpg (74.95 KB, 509x339, istockphoto-1191072534-170667a…)

I couldn't find any more but I found these extremely based and beautiful ones

No. 1168535

File: 1651860266355.jpg (27.8 KB, 390x280, hilarious-lady-protecting-her-…)

No. 1168544

I love these so much omg

No. 1168553

I'm trying to remember a flash that got posted as a meme to /f/ on 4chan between 2012-2014. It was a Chinese music video and it featured a man pulling along a beautiful Chinese woman in a boat and singing about how her loved her something. Does anyone know what it was?

No. 1168554

File: 1651860967684.jpg (97.36 KB, 1024x682, istockphoto-1191219992-1024x10…)

found this one too but stupid watermark…

No. 1168596

speaking of cat pics i need more pictures of cats doing domestic chores like >>1168569

No. 1168603

File: 1651862043924.jpg (403.43 KB, 1024x605, 3151388192_2cf70286d3_b.jpg)

No. 1168639

Saved! Love it

No. 1169574

Can a kind anon please help me find an anon's post about lesbians rallying against the gays (or for the kids) because the gays wanted something that involved pedophilia or whatever. I'm probably remembering everything incorrectly, but it happened back then and the post provided a link. I'm on mobile so I can't search.

No. 1169622

I'm trying to find this really old movie that I watched as a kid, I think it was shown on lifetime. The only scene I remember is that there's an older man with a kid (who's maybe like 8 or 10) and he has the kid holding his thumb in his mouth between his teeth. He's video taping the kid and tells him to say fuck and it just shows the kid just casually saying fuck with the man's thumb in his mouth. It's weird and creepy as fuck and I thought it was part of another movie, but I found the other movie and it doesn't show this scene.

No. 1169879

There was a thread here recently where someone said "I love it when nonnies say kek it sounds like a witch laughing" or something like that and someone else posted a really cool drawing of a levitating witch using her computer and her cat playing with the mouse. I don't only want the pic, I specifically want to know the thread.

No. 1169889

Girl why in the hell you wanna relive that

No. 1169906

I have an extremely vague memory of a movie where a guy gets some kind of telepathic power where he can read minds (or his gf's mind, Idk) he's eating her out or fucking her and making her orgasm (she doesn't know he can read her mind). I saw this a very long time ago so it would have been the early 2000's or before that. Wish I could remember what it was lol.

No. 1169908

Sounds familiar

No. 1169912

Could it be What Women Want (2000) or even one of the remakes? I believe that movie was also a remake of a lesser known French film.

No. 1169921

What Women Want

No. 1169937

thanks, that's probably it. I thought of that but reading the synopsis it didn't look like there was a sex scene in it but after googling it I guess there is lol

No. 1170570

what's the website people use to put the faces of other people on top of other people? I want to put Ariana Grande's old face on top of the new one

No. 1170588

wouldn't the opposite be funnier? anyway it's an app, not a website. it's called Reface

No. 1170593

kek Imma do both

No. 1171064

anyone has the crazy eyes chart? can't find it rn

No. 1171074

File: 1651963104220.jpg (47.82 KB, 325x550, c5431c0922954b7199f6d739ace589…)

No. 1171077

I've got 3. eyes but without the scleral show

No. 1171080

idgaf if they're psycho, if I meet someone with eyes like 4 I'm simping

No. 1171086

thanks nonnie!

No. 1171129

File: 1651968066623.jpg (42.05 KB, 493x335, 4VewR.jpg)

That one website on which you got a new cat picture whenever you reloaded the page. I got picrel from it.

No. 1171142

1, 5 when I'm mad

No. 1171164

Slang term for a straight woman who especially associates with lesbians and bisexual women?
I'm sure there's more than one nowadays but the first I can think of is thisisacat dot com

No. 1171173

Can someone post that meme of the screaming woke black girl with the white bf in the second panel?

No. 1171176

spicy straight? hettie bettie?

No. 1171214

No, like fag hag but for lesbians. A straight woman with mostly non-straight female friends.

No. 1171222

Lesbian thespian

No. 1171263

Same kek

No. 1171338

I've only seen screencaps, but what's that film with the Asian woman with short bangs and kind of long hair? I remember the set behind her had a lot of red going on. I don't know if the film is old or not, so that's all I got. Oh and I believe it's a Chinese film.

No. 1171360

File: 1651988500199.jpg (118.85 KB, 735x588, 0a4e7ffdd1758d9b692b3164e4e0f3…)

Helter skelter?

No. 1171362

OMG YES. Thank you, anon!!

No. 1171390

That's so wild I was just looking at the list for the movie room and saw this movie on there and was looking it up

No. 1171427

File: 1651994923541.png (45.07 KB, 159x161, shoes.png)

What are these shoes? I've been seeing them often.

No. 1171433

No. 1171435

I searched for 'mary jane shoes with straps' btw

No. 1171582

I love how these look.

No. 1171594

Samefagging because I found it: >>1138698
I forgot what thread it was in kek

No. 1171649

There was a flash dress-up game on AOL Kids with this sassy duck about to go on a date. She kinda looked like how the ducks in Duck Life look. I think it was a series of games and I remember finding them really funny. This was near twenty years ago so it may be lost to time, but if someone remembers them I'd be happy.

No. 1171748

File: 1652018980783.jpg (415.87 KB, 1603x2560, 81b8luz3HNL.jpg)

Can someone find me the painting that was used for this book cover? I tried image search and Google lens and it's not bringing up anything

No. 1171758

Okay found it's the Opium Smoker by Wyeth. Pro tip for ESL anons: if you want more accurate results with image search, use the .co.uk or .ca (or any English speaking countries') extensions, because your localized Google image search results are going to be shit and irrelevant otherwise

No. 1172398

File: 1652042117688.jpg (64.91 KB, 720x897, 1629611254551.jpg)

Could it be thiscatdoesnotexist?

Is this what you're talking about? It was in the last help me find thread

No. 1172726

Does anyone have the link to the news interview where a news reporter or something similar calls out Ariana Grande for wanting to sit in her chair?

No. 1172899

File: 1652081850075.jpeg (31.13 KB, 220x265, C4CEA7D0-5864-480E-A191-A85C28…)

Bump kill all men

No. 1172904

Help me find the reason to why men should not be locked up in cages

No. 1172908

there isn’t any, they should all rot and die

No. 1172909

File: 1652082041842.jpeg (145.08 KB, 769x950, 1651729259977.jpeg)

there is no reason they have not earned the privilege to join society

No. 1173075

File: 1652084393243.jpg (756 KB, 1000x1313, 1606224605801.jpg)


No. 1173108

File: 1652084832665.jpg (86.3 KB, 499x653, 33.jpg)

No. 1173233

Does anyone have those sparkly banners a nonny made during the abortion arguments with tranny hands that said stuff like “Jesus loves whores” etc.? Please spoon feed me

No. 1173250

No. 1173275


No. 1173279

File: 1652091098471.gif (91.46 KB, 1689x313, 1651875454836.gif)

i have god is a whore

No. 1173281

thank you so much

No. 1173727

File: 1652113208946.png (89.38 KB, 346x217, camera.png)

Does anyone recognize this camera by any chance ?

No. 1173731

File: 1652113396370.jpg (59.64 KB, 924x744, 61xZpMKVyFL._AC_SL1000_.jpg)

Fujifilm Simple Ace disposable

No. 1173745

File: 1652113739676.jpg (35.65 KB, 450x600, cat38.jpg)

Thank you nonnie !

No. 1173747

File: 1652113872408.jpg (7.7 KB, 246x250, wqf2hbrcblfq.jpg)

You're welcome

No. 1173782

Please help I'm going crazy because I can't find it and now I think I just imagined it

No. 1174585

File: 1652141335201.jpg (1.17 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220510-015810_Tik…)

Does anybody know the name of this game? There are these different cards that show unsolved deaths and you have to click on the right clues to solve them. I tried finding it, but I haven't had any luck :/

No. 1174586

File: 1652141374074.jpg (993.1 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20220510-014942_Tik…)

Here's another pic of it

No. 1174968

File: 1652170524779.jpeg (7.12 KB, 252x200, images (21).jpeg)


No. 1175384

That reaction image of some poor Eastern European looking kids screaming "pedo!" at the viewer? I remember seeing it posted here before.

No. 1175407

File: 1652196672426.gif (2.96 MB, 520x302, eqad1TeKdVVH.gif)

Is this it? It's from the British show Peep Show

No. 1175412

File: 1652196926903.jpeg (186.19 KB, 2047x1418, 3CF4C199-6B28-48E1-846A-DE39A2…)

>poor Eastern European

No. 1175417

yes lol thanks

No. 1175421

you're not any better than us

No. 1175433

No problem! I knew my many rewatchings of peep show would pay off someday. Here's the whole scene just for the hell of it

No. 1175443

I know but we think that we are so being mistaken for not just being Eastern European but poor would make a lot of British people seethe. A lot of anons joke that it looks like a shithole here (and in a lot of places in London it does) despite the fact we are meant to be first world and rich.

No. 1175444

nta but I was just about to post it kek. Best show

No. 1175447

the "chav or slav" guessing game exists for a reason

No. 1175451

God Peep Show is so good

No. 1175646

I saw a few pages of a manga somewhere on lc, tthe chapter was about a japanese mother who warn her daughter and a friend to do good studies because she tried to restart he career after her divorce but since she had a child she could not get a good one. Apparently it's about japanese society, it was "….. Z " or another letter

No. 1175835

help me find a french music video where its a guy and a little boy. dont remember much except for there is a scene in a bus ( might have been an obviously fake set for the quirky hipster effect ) and i think the man goes on a date with a woman. i think they were singing about life i think the tone was satiric negativity or something. not sure… but i know for certain there was a subway/metro/train scene and it was a man and a boy. from the 2000s by the way. thank you so much in advance

No. 1175862

Is it pocket mystery?

No. 1175867

The first thing I thought was Stromae's Papaoutai, but there's no bus in it

No. 1175917

File: 1652213727277.jpg (1.08 MB, 869x4156, 1651463531362.jpg)

lmao I have the pages right here open in their own tabs, but I forgot which thread I got them from. I hate it when that happens.
Which reminds me, bump for >>1169879
kek isn't this the game with the obvious troon?

No. 1175921

File: 1652213763643.jpg (987.42 KB, 869x4156, 1651463572081.jpg)

No. 1175943

Investor Z

No. 1175945

thank you nonnas !

No. 1176005

File: 1652216450068.png (27.9 KB, 262x265, m.png)

Someone gave my mom this necklace (it's a set with two star earrings I think) but sadly she lost it a couple of days later. She still has the earrings. It's not a perfectly accurate representation of it, but I think it's pretty close.
I know it's almost impossible to find this exact necklace, but does anyone happen to know where I could find it online, or which necklace this is?

No. 1176029

thank you so much for trying to help but this isnt it unfortunately
both the guy and the boy were white

No. 1176194

some movie about cops that was meant to be like realistic i think, maybe it had some parts talking about drugs (?) there's some part where they scream at eachother in the car and idk that's all i remember

No. 1176199

End of Watch maybe?

No. 1176205

that one thank you anon!!

No. 1176247

Looks really glitzy. Maybe it's Betsey Johnson?

No. 1176289

File: 1652232806669.jpg (40.57 KB, 1020x1328, 276-84005165-00171462_TOPAZGOL…)

vivienne westwood?

No. 1176306

Definitely not, that's too over-the-top.

This suggestion is closer, but too different from the drawing. Nope, this isn't it either.
Thank you anyway, nonnies

No. 1176357

There was a website that a nonny posted that has the design of a classic Web 0.1 website and it was for renting cars, basically this guy offering to drive you anywhere. Anyone has it? I'm intending to work on a certain project, so I'd really appreciate any "modern" Web 0.1 sites with cool designs, especially from neocities and such.

No. 1176683

File: 1652266050604.jpg (198.41 KB, 1280x1183, a30.jpg)

Is there a gender-reversed version? photoshopped or drawn

No. 1176838

File: 1652281720823.jpg (46.02 KB, 500x500, 75--500x500-product_popup.jpg)

Nonas, I've searched the internet many times for this and found nothing, so I'm hoping someone else had this phone and still remembers it. I'm 98% sure this was the phone and I'm looking for a game that prompted you to take pictures of colors to advance. Now for the part that my own memory might fail me, I think it was a Tamagotchi of sorts? And taking pictures of the colors would feed/play with the pet. I might be wrong about this last part but basically a game that asked you to take pictures of colors.

No. 1176849

The absolute irony of this faggot in this photo, collecting weeb girls and loli merch

No. 1177241

File: 1652299588994.jpg (178.84 KB, 984x1440, PSX_20220511_150312.jpg)

I'm part of a team that is planning an arts and music event for next week. I'm in charge of wardrobe, I'm only missing one outfit for one girl. I was planning on sewing a dress with the help of a friend but it's too late now for that. Could you help me find a white sheer/lace dress/cloak/kimono online? I'm looking for pic rel vibes. Something delicate and vampy, not too expensive. Idc if it's from some fast fashion store, I'm short on time and I welcome all options. Thank you.

No. 1177253

File: 1652299966054.jpeg (297.65 KB, 1169x1630, 08AD5D6E-A644-4043-BF14-FC958A…)

No. 1177256

File: 1652300007129.jpeg (315.05 KB, 1170x1622, A3120250-6F24-44F6-BB0A-10D451…)

Middle one

No. 1177265

Your first pic is also more satin/silk so I’d just google that + white dress maybe add vamp or alt

No. 1177424

thank you!! I was feeling kinda stuck but I think I might found something

No. 1177425

File: 1652311425539.jpg (43.66 KB, 509x339, tellme.jpg)

Discharge chan. Tell me what you know.

No. 1178217

File: 1652374507737.jpg (56.8 KB, 169x223, 2.jpg)

The game sounds like PuyoPuyo. Let's see.

There's a game that came pre-installed in the Walkman NWZ-E470 series (the one you posted here >>1124619 is part of it), called Puyo Pop Fever.
Forgive the tiny Chinese version photo, it's the only pic of the Walkman port that I could find.
Here's the intro and title screen for the GBA port, I think it should've been the same in every version. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EvAlcM3sYVQ

No. 1178253

Anon!!!!! I had that walkman mp3 player!!! It's puyo pop

No. 1178292

help me find the thread where anons were talking about driving useless scrotes to suicide? i forgot which thread it was already lol

No. 1178709

File: 1652387828211.jpg (90.6 KB, 640x615, jgkdhgg.jpg)

please does anybody remember who this was ? i remember her username had something about spice in it. she had another picture just like picrel with her sitting on the floor and she had a picture of herself with her bf cupping/covering her boobs or something at a gravesite… one of her most famous pictures i think was of her legs and a hello kitty in the mud. she had really sad eyes with eyebags. i think i already asked but i finally found a picture of her. please if anybody remembers let me know ! and thank you in advance

No. 1179312

An anon once found a picture of a model on a webstore who looked just like Elsie, blonde, and was wearing a cow patterned cardigan I think? I don't remember which thread it was in

No. 1179314

File: 1652423482902.jpg (67.35 KB, 570x600, 1649481472708.jpg)

Here she is

No. 1179315

File: 1652423527936.png (333.16 KB, 562x800, 1649483585254.png)

Samefag for second pic

No. 1179319

is this from dolls kill or something?

No. 1179321

I believe so

No. 1179326

omg thank youuu

No. 1179330

File: 1652424616228.png (128.47 KB, 610x373, Screenshot 2022-05-13 084655.p…)

Maybe the Unhealthy obsessions thread >>>/ot/204455?

No. 1179336

nta but yep this is correct!

No. 1179551

i have made like 40 posts already in this thread alone sorry kek i cant help myself i just dont remember anything ever
but frenchanons do you remember an instagram gimmick comedy page called ricardoledinorigolo or something like this… i cant remember which name he used but the rest was -ledinorigolo … he posted shite drawings of a dinosaur with comic sans font about nonsense dolan style… he ended his sentences with "oui oui" possibly another word before that but i cant remember. and the last i remember of him is there was a period of time where the punchline was basically a stick figure with an arrow pointing at him saying "moi c'est daniel" and a smiley face emoticon.
one meme he posted once was of wallace and gromit a two panel comic cant remember what the first one says but the second is wallace saying "bouffe de merde".
i followed him in 2019-2020 BTW.
PLEASE HELP frenchanons ! i used to be obsessed with him this is killing me
thank you so much in advance if somebody manages to remember for me. i remember him having quite a large following so i am hoping one of you knew of him at least.

No. 1179580

Sorry for bringing this up again but pleeeease does anyone know where I can find it

No. 1179620

I'm trying to find this one norwegian blogger. I'm pretty sure her name was Lottie, and her handle has the word rose or rosa in it. She used to dye her hair really funky colors like hot pink or silver. She had a youtube, tumblr, and like a wordpress or something.

No. 1179703

was there a study that concluded that Mariah Carey's music was especially beneficial to teenage girls' mental health? i swear i've read about this once.

No. 1179709

I googled it, AO3 came up and it's right there; you just have to log in because it's age restricted. https://archiveofourown.org/works/5603?view_adult=true

No. 1180258

Relationship advice thread.
I can't find it

No. 1180263

It's on /g/…

No. 1180268

Use the search function, you can find it yourself.

No. 1180270

Legit question, how new are you and how'd you find this site?

No. 1180459

File: 1652482886525.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 385.26 KB, 1080x1243, sauce.jpeg)

Do any fujo anons know where this is from? Sorry for huge image.

No. 1180837

Thank you! I'm on the waiting list for an account. I hope it's as good as I remember lol

No. 1181687

That one yt channel about men dating down that some anon posted? Don't remember wich thread

No. 1181698

this is probably impossible kek but does anyone know this outlast self-insert fic? you're a therapist (psychiatrist?) at the asylum. the story revolves around you working with chris. the title has something to do with birds?? and there's a line where you tell him to say "bye to the birdies" when you're outside with him… i'm sorry this is so cringe but i'm so desperate and it's been ages and i still think about it. WHY CAN'T I FUCKING FIND IT AAAAAA

No. 1181699

Inumiso - Darkness Hound

No. 1181997

what's the name of that hidden TF2 (Gmod?) map that had really giant mercs models and probably not much else

No. 1182026

found it, it's cp_cloak

No. 1182352

Does anybody have that gif of a brown fluffy animal (wolverine? idk) being held by someone but it's just going crazy and trying to attack the camera?

No. 1182357

File: 1652643852935.gif (1.58 MB, 400x300, 1630622380090.gif)

you probably mean a different gif but your description reminded me of picrel

No. 1182363

File: 1652644177462.gif (2.38 MB, 498x498, la-creatura-discord.gif)

No. 1182365

kek it's a dog

I want to add that (proceed with caution) this dog isn't angry, just having fun with a leaf blower. vid related is the original source

No. 1183139

so i'm trying to find this song that i used to listen to long ago, the singer and the music video has very melanie martinez vibes, specifically dollhouse, but this was way before melanie. i think she was a doll in the video in a box or something? i honestly don't remember much more about it.. i think the singer's name starts with k (something like kendra or kanna or whatever lol) pls help

No. 1183148

>I hope it's as good as I remember lol
So was it as good as you remember? I recently managed to find a fic i used to love 15 years ago and it was so badddd I wish it just stayed a good memory of the past instead haha

No. 1183203

Is this it?

No. 1183241

yess!!!! thank u ily!!

No. 1183248

>(proceed with caution)
Anon this was so cute

No. 1183588

Kek, thank you anons.

No. 1183920

That one free indie otome game with a proactive? proagonist. It's originally Japanese but got an English patch. One screenshot that gets shared around a lot is something along the lines of
>He fell down…
>A. Help him get up.
>B. Slap his ass.

No. 1183976

i have no idea if they still make these or if they ever even had an official name but if they did im looking for the name of stuffed animals i used to have. i had multiple of them and they were these colorful velcro hanging monkeys with names on their stomachs. the names were things like “sassy” and “jazzy”

i had them in the early 2000s so i assume that’s mostly when they were around.

No. 1184011

File: 1652732136155.jpg (81.49 KB, 960x640, ilulogocover-e1616424317718.jp…)

I Love You!/好きだ!
by Shinogi Shiohara/塩原しのぎ

No. 1184016

That's exactly it, thanks!

No. 1184022

You're welcome nona. I wish more Japanese indie otome games got English translations. I think we're pretty lucky that this one in particular got translated, not only is the art very good, but it's also by a femdom artist and has an assertive protagonist which is rare even in OELVN.

No. 1186000

File: 1652835804354.jpeg (72.45 KB, 720x369, ijime.jpeg)

The name of this jdrama. I believe it's the same I watched years ago.

No. 1186471

I'm looking for a post, either on instagram or twitter, that says something like "im tired of people acting like hello kitty is a depressed drug addict. she's 5 apples tall and lives in london" or something along those lines.

No. 1186495

File: 1652882557022.jpg (30.68 KB, 640x386, 8honfr643yg71.jpg)


No. 1186506

kek my brain. But thank you nona!! ♥

No. 1186557

NTA but yours is even better, make it a hit tweet

No. 1186769

File: 1652894710399.jpg (221.88 KB, 1059x1497, page_1.jpg)

Can someone find me this image but without the text? It's made by "p0nystark"

No. 1186975

a scene on one of those fat documentary shows in which a deathfat calls an even bigger deathfat a fat bitch

No. 1187332

Does anybody remember the twitter handle of that artist that draws "bl" NSFW about her OC that has bunny ears and it all happens in space? I've been searching for like an hour and it's driving me insane

No. 1187713

what was the name of that weird clothing brand that was popular on tumblr around, i want to say, 2013? it came out of nowhere and then disappeared. i remember them selling "quirky" fashion like skirts with drake's face on it.

No. 1187765

three dance/techno/pop/trance songs from the early or mid 2000s I think
>female vocals, chorus has with "no! no! no!" and "a ya ya ya"
>female vocals, says "i like it" a lot
>male vocals, "try and save me" and "i feel like a criminal" (?) somewhere in the lyrics

No. 1188187

File: 1652983205372.jpg (490.65 KB, 1080x1474, Screenshot_20220519-135316_Gal…)

I'm curious to know if anyone can identify this pc cdrom game from the late 90s/early 00s?? I think it was like a puzzle/riddle type of game. I remember the loading screen was black and you saw a bunch of random items/characters like a kewpie doll and chattering teeth. The guy who narrated the game sounds like a 90s xtreme sport skateboarder or something with his fried valleyboy type of voice. God please let some old fag know what I'm talking about what is this called

No. 1188594

There was some website that lets you view Twitter in browser without an account (wasn’t an app), does anyone remember it? Can’t believe I didn’t bookmark it, my Twitter is long deleted.

No. 1189051


No. 1189867

Yes, thank you so much anon!

No. 1190598

mood swings i think! i had these too, completely forgot about them til now

No. 1190795

Years ago I listened to a cover of "asking for it" by hole. The cover was by the lead singer of crywank (or someone who sounded identical to him). I've been searching for ages and I've never been able to find it. It wasn't a video of someone singing, it was just an album cover with vocals. The only instrument was guitar. I'm 99% it was the lead singer of crywank but I've been having so much trouble finding it I've begun to wonder if it was someone else. If someone could help me find it I would be eternally grateful!

No. 1191328

jordaan mason?

No. 1192534

File: 1653240846182.png (10.19 KB, 58x68, she.png)

Who is she

No. 1192544

Is there a website that lets me see people on linkedin without them knowing I looked at their profile?

No. 1192555

google it. This thread isn't for you to be lazy.

No. 1192569

you have to have premium

No. 1192625

Is this not the bird from chuck e cheese

No. 1192627

Was it O-Mighty or something like that? Only other legitimate hipster one I remember from the time is boy London.

No. 1192681

You can check your settings and see where it is, but I don't remember the name of that option. Basically you can add a privacy thing that makes it so you can see people's profiles without them receiving a notification with your name and profile picture, but that means you will also receive notifications with no name and no profile pictures whenever others check your profile.

No. 1192693

File: 1653249119282.png (26.83 KB, 738x314, Screenshot 2022-05-22 214618.p…)

Follow these steps and when/if they checked who looked at their profile all they will see is 'Anonymous LinkedIn Member has looked at your profile' or something along these lines. Source:

No. 1192695

File: 1653249165928.png (326.26 KB, 1858x928, Screenshot 2022-05-22 215135.p…)

Also samefag, I personally find that turning off my VPN and just searching for a name plus the word 'LinkedIn' on Google in Incognito mode lets me view anyone's full profile, maybe you could also try that?

No. 1192698

I just created a fake account with a trash mail for that

No. 1192710

File: 1653250188875.jpg (463.21 KB, 1024x1024, avatar-a45d7257a35498fc4df7a34…)

Probably creepy idea, but you could just try creating a really elaborate fake account. Generate a profile pic with this: https://this-person-does-not-exist.com/en, then make up a field and a career for your character, give them a name, add companies they worked at, insert some generic intro text and browse guilt-free

No. 1192732

Anyone got the trans peaking iceberg meme?

No. 1192763

To add to this. Take a photo from this person does not exist that looks convincingly real, and combine it with a celebrity's phase, perhaps a lesser known one. Or swap the this person does not exist face onto a professional looking photograph, maybe a free stock photo or other professional portrait, to create a convincing fake image

No. 1192767

File: 1653254275310.jpeg (952.3 KB, 1422x1801, A95C61F3-E4EB-4E63-8F37-DC1D5A…)

No. 1192779

All of this just to view linkedin profiles is kind of retarded, why would any of those extra steps be necessary unless you were trying to trick someone. Harmlessly lurking isn’t a crime.

No. 1192780

I-is ftm proana a real community what the

No. 1192788

3/4ths of anachans are ftms

No. 1192790

Oh so you just mean the zoomies going through phases

No. 1192860

Kinda. It wasn't that good, but I liked re-reading it.

No. 1192963

Yes thank you!! I found it! For some reason when I googled 'lead singer of crywank' it gave me a different name.

No. 1193208

File: 1653288689847.jpeg (135.5 KB, 748x1056, A99B871C-4A0C-4D83-B098-048009…)

Who is this

No. 1193219

albedo from genshin impact

No. 1193224

Genshin, thats a shame i was excited to consoom but nvm

No. 1193301

nta but this is the lead singer of jordaan mason and the horse museum, i haven't heard of him doing anything else besides solo work.

No. 1194386

There is this one goff rock song on youtube which I used to listen to a lot, but I did not download it anywhere and have no idea what it is. I searched all 'goth playlists' I could find and it wasn't there. I don't remember how the actual song went, but it did have female vocals and was more guitar based, no darkwave influence and it wasn't depressing either. There was no video, just a picture of a really beautiful woman with straight bangs just above her (drawn on) eyebrows, she had dreadlocks or ponyfalls (not sure) and was wearing a fishnet top and a bindi like face gem, it was in black and white. I'm not much into goff music, somebody help me lol. It's not Zadera or Witching hour but that's all I know. And I always got recommended 'I hope you die' by Molly Nilsson after listening it. I know this is really vague but maybe someone knows what song I'm talking about.

No. 1194630

Movie from mid 90s to 2000 that had a significant convenience store hold up scene. Something happened in a hospital later?

No. 1194646

File: 1653384067472.jpeg (8.72 KB, 300x300, huge_avatar.jpeg)

I am not very well versed in goff music at all, but I feel like the description you gave could potentially fit thousands of goth songs lol. The first thing that comes to mind though is diva destruction

No. 1194692

the styling reminds me of Switchblade Symphony. they're not too guitar-ey though

No. 1194921

File: 1653405053388.jpeg (546.87 KB, 1125x2436, 1653328338338.jpeg)

Does anyone know what coat Mei is wearing here? It's probably some expensive designer ass shit her sugar daddy bought her but I still want to know

No. 1195852

I once watched this youtube vid about a toxic vlogger family, only thing i remember abt this vlogging family was that mom was a white fat woman who converted to islam. Does anyone here know what their channel is?

No. 1195864

Uhh, maybe Jack off Jill or maybe Scarling?

No. 1195978


it was Roberto le dino rigolo

No. 1196070

File: 1653483835237.jpeg (197.69 KB, 1200x1200, EC6DD523-7DA5-4476-9FAB-C20CD3…)

I thought it was cute too. I looked for a long time and couldn’t find much. I really think it’s the brand she tagged and is shooting for but I can’t find it on their site. Maybe it’s an older style, though I only looked at 22 summer and spring lookbook so maybe check out the older ones. I did fine this and it is that brand and looks very similar so maybe the collar is removable? Dear Sisterhood

No. 1196071

Eh as I compare the color isn’t the same and the cuffs are different idk sorry nonny I tried

No. 1196133

Aw thank you for trying at least! Hmm, maybe it's for their upcoming F/W collection? If I'm ever able to find it I'll let you know ♥

No. 1196167

Does anyone have that image in the format of a three panel 'person vs person' comic that went something like:
"(Smug MAGA guy) I bet it was a Muslim. (Angry crying guy) We don't know that yet!
(Smug left wing guy) I bet it was an alt-right guy. (Angry MAGA guy) We don't know that yet!
(Smug woman) I bet it was a man. (Other smug woman) Correct."

No. 1196581

This is a long shot but like 15 years ago there used to be someone who had a website where they posted stories. There was one person who was relatively popular and her stories were about a 2 hour long read, usually a romance story between a boy and a girl and usually ending in one of the characters dying. They were all original works and she didn't post them to ff.net or quizilla or anything, I'm pretty sure it was her own website.

No. 1196586

File: 1653508428146.jpg (921.99 KB, 1635x2048, IMG_0265.jpg)

Nonnies, I have been on pinterest looking for a cute nightgown and came across this picture! I unfortunately cannot find this exact model anywhere (some one commented that its being sold on Aliexpress but without providing a link and I have been spending hours on trying to find it without any progress). I wish I could find this one since it looks really adorable and seems to have great quality as well!

No. 1196593

You should try YesStyle maybe? I bought a dress with the same tag from YesStyle.

No. 1197123

File: 1653545219745.png (1.03 MB, 720x1794, unknown-14.png)

No. 1197127

this but with every fuckin mass shooting

No. 1197132

anyone knows the name of one Electric Light Orchestra song, i think the lyrics talk about some child being dumb and growing up and marrying and running away or something?

No. 1197292

There's this Korean artbook I've been looking for a while. From what I remember it was published in 2019, the cover was white, the author was a woman, and in the "about the author" section of the book, there was a link to her Instagram and I think it had "zero" in the handle or something. For the actual drawings, all I remember are two drawings where one drawing had a woman with black bobbed hair sitting in a blue chair only wearing a black bra with a yellow background and another was a drawing of a couple being intimate in a bathtub.

No. 1197297

i hate this so much
in my country there are so many female politicians already and yet nobody, really nobody ever points out when moids are fighting about who it was, that it always is one of them! rightwingers are 50% of the problem, muslims are 50% of the problem, but moids are 100% the problem, always!

No. 1197367

Thanks nona's, but I found it! The band name popped into my head somehow. I don't know where I got guitar-y from kek, but this is a good song (imo) nonetheless.

No. 1197763

File: 1653590962932.jpeg (200.43 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-3986548740.jpeg)

I'm looking for a photo I saw on Tumblr once and also on my art history professor's notebook cover. It's black and white, taken in picrel situation. There's a person sitting outside the car window, but I can't even remember if it was a man or a woman. It's a great photo. Does anyone know where I could find it?

No. 1199760

File: 1653698355812.jpeg (459.64 KB, 828x582, 10611664-3BB0-4836-8C21-1CF167…)

What manga is he from nonnas? It looks like a bl

No. 1199771

File: 1653699213726.jpg (118.93 KB, 500x500, artworks-VmDzcPSudNzv3v79-Z2qH…)

Happy Kuso Life

No. 1199784

Thanks anon

No. 1199785

This photo is messing with me.

No. 1199889

File: 1653709357121.jpeg (482.17 KB, 1920x1080, D4-Dark-Dreams-Dont-Die-Cover-…)

There's a game I saw on TV where the plot was about to solve a muder case but it was done in a strange gameplay were the characters are trapped (?) in a room and the day resets everyday with someone else potentially dying instead depending on your choices, to understand the story from different angles. It's a most likely a japanese game, probably on the Wii, at first I thought it was a game made by Suida (No More Heroes) and it looked similar to D4 (picrel) in both look and style/gameplay. It was also similar to the way the characters are posed in the homepage of Catherine, kinda dramatic.

No. 1199892

samefag I think the murderer was in the cast and we had to know who, a guy got hanged too somehow. Mix of male and female characters, more than 4 but less than 10, all were young adults. And no it's not Danganronpa, it was also in 3d.

No. 1199930

Might it have been a Zero Escape title?

No. 1200079

There was a manga I read but I can't find it anymore, I'm pretty sure it was called "In this day and age" or at least that was very relevant and maybe the last line of each chapter was someone saying in this day and age. Each chapter was about a different person doing mundane things and something weird maybe happens I don't remember. Each chapter was unrelated with different characters but as the chapters went on the previous characters would sometimes appear again and their stories would intertwine. The art style was nothing special. I remember just one chapter clearly, it was the 100th chapter, and everyone kept saying 100, they were in a street and more and more people came up to them to say something related to 100, at one point a blonde model woman shows up randomly and says her measurements are 100 cm bust and 100 cm hips

No. 1200080

Virtue’s last reward?

No. 1200109

File: 1653731550805.jpeg (326.77 KB, 1920x1080, 74F615E4-0C9E-43FA-AD54-CC8916…)

Zero time dilemma?

No. 1200397

File: 1653754188394.png (369.02 KB, 600x603, 010.png)

This rather weird psa/short film, it had all guys be in drag acting like girls the girls dressed as guys acting like boys, it may have been highlight sexism or something, but it was really weird

No. 1200477

managed to find it, it was called girls and boys and yeah its really weird pedo-ish swedish film, I don't know how young the actors are but they look pretty young and there's a lot of ass shots, I guess it was made to highlight gender imbalances or something but it seems really fetishitic, its pretentious and pointless at best and pedo-pandering at worst and considering the director does have history with porno films, I'm tinfoiling the latter


No. 1201281

Seemingly popular 2000s song sung by two men, one of them singing in Arabic. I've heard it a lot in passing but I don't remember any of the lyrics to google it.

No. 1201288

sting's desert rose is the only one I can really think of (not sure if it was popular though)?

No. 1201338

yes! that one! thank you!

No. 1201499

happy to help, it's a good song nona!

No. 1201542

Update on this: I found the tiki one and onneycorn shorts, they were made by the same person! Still looking for the other ones.

The bunny one is bothering me because I know it had to be called something like hot cross buns but when I search that I get millions of results of those fucking kids channels, and that's not what it was.

No. 1202164

File: 1653872590414.jpg (30.65 KB, 333x445, Anime-girl .jpg)

Who is the artist to this iconic early 2000s art piece?

No. 1202223

Hiro Suzuhira

No. 1202253

Thank you

No. 1202257

A few months ago I saw this artist on Twitter who got mistakenly detained when she lived Japan, she started a comic to explain it but I forgot her name and was interested to see what happened. Think she drew dogs/furry adjacent art.

No. 1203979

File: 1654014929323.png (399.66 KB, 900x758, FHzaaNKWQBMYzsx.png)

denkimouse/sunnycritters? Her main is denkimouse and the account she was posting the comic on is sunnycritters, she hasn't posted anymore of the comic besides this and one other page.

She posted a full thread on sunnycritters detailing the ordeal but has since deleted it, some anons talked about it here in the consoomerism thread


No. 1203986

fucking hell this was my wallpaper on everything back in the day

No. 1204003

Yes, that's her, thanks!

No. 1204700

A comic on Instagram about some guy bringing Doritos to a potluck

No. 1207368

File: 1654150005818.jpg (63.53 KB, 184x592, 83743g4g.jpg)

Can an anon read this or know the brand?

No. 1207463

Mr Hank, found some listings on poshmark and etsy for it. All the listings I saw were described as 'vintage'.

No. 1207493

File: 1654161723744.jpeg (30.84 KB, 458x687, 52b8dd8a-eff2-4ed2-9b8d-7c0039…)

>Mr Hank

No. 1207648

Holy fuck thank you anon I kept thinking mr.hak or mr.hok

No. 1209793

My neighbor listens to a show that has I Won't Back Down by Tom Petty as the intro and she listens to it multiple times a day at full blast but I have no idea what the show is. I've tried googling it and no show pops up but it must be something on tv because she is old. Any clue?

No. 1210587

Does anyone have a clip or gif of some scene from Drawn Together where one of the character's says "and she keeps/kept going on, and on…" or something like that

No. 1211379

I'm looking for this manga I read a few years ago about a class of high school students finding a weird app installed on their phones and the app was being used to blackmail them? Like the app had this bee-like mascot that would talk to them and force them to vote for a classmate to have their embarrassing secrets revealed or else the entire class would get theirs revealed.

No. 1211386

There's a lot of these. The one best known is probably Ousama game, though bee mascot sounds like Ikenie Touhyou. If it's neither, I'd google manga similar to ousama game and see if you recognize any of the covers.

No. 1211393

It was Ikenie Touhyou, thank you so much!

No. 1213571

Anons can you please help me find a screencap around from a redscare thread or someone shitposting on ot but the post said “once a fattie always a fattie” or something along those lines?

No. 1214392

File: 1654547262013.png (248.75 KB, 380x276, 4.png)

I can't find from which VN this shitty screenshot comes from

No. 1214482

Yu-No: Kono Yo no Hate de Koi o Utau Shōjo anon!

No. 1214506

This might be a stretch, but my mom had these vintage unicorn prints that were framed that looked like they must've been from the 60s/70s. I can only describe them as busy full of plants with a whimsical children's book kind of quality to them. I've always loved these illustrations and inherited them when I moved out. They were lost after a spiteful ex threw my stuff out. I've always longed for them back and haven't had luck searching places like Etsy/Ebay. I mainly would hope to find the illustrator if anything.

No. 1214586

File: 1654556941448.jpg (24.77 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.3498547517_1ndd.jpg)

did it look anything like this?

No. 1214588

lucinda? is that you?

No. 1214590

YES, thank you so much.

No. 1214604

no fucking way nona, wow! the artist is k chin!

No. 1214662

File: 1654561519097.png (38.05 KB, 642x402, EW4II2iXsAAwcOb.png)

This is probably pointless but I found the original screenshot and wanted to share it with you. Your pic is weird, I wonder who took it or where it's from.

NTA but I'm surprised the VNDB doesn't have these two characters in their database, YU-NO is one of the top rated VNs on there. They really should update it.

No. 1214946

Thanks nonnies!!

No. 1216136

this buzzfeed employee. she was ginger or she is a ginger now and has a really high pitched voice. i just saw her in a video on tiktok a few days ago something about testing her partner to see if he rushes over to her after she fakes being hurt. the video i saw in specific was somebody replying next to the video disturbed with text reading "check your partner's internet search history" or something along those lines because not only was her voice highpitched but her mannerisms as well. actually im not even sure if she worked at buzzfeed i just read a comment about it kek

No. 1217207

File: 1654737554775.jpg (68.03 KB, 680x669, FLplTLgX0Agt7yR.jpg)

"I may not show it but the shayna thread really be giving me brain damage" edit, pleaseeee.

No. 1217210

kek nonna i think calling things ‘buzzfeed’ is a trend on tiktok at the minute, she probably doesnt actually work there. it means Cheugy or cringey i guess

No. 1217215

avalon warren. i don't think she worked at buzzfeed but she was their token "teenager" for some videos a few years back

No. 1218870

File: 1654813723033.webm (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 648x576, download.webm)

oh true i should keep that in mind then thank you i never thought about that actually.. but also
is right ! omg i cant believe you found her so fast i was beginning to think maybe i just misunderstood or made it up entirely in my mind kek. thank you nona ! here is the video i was talking about.
spoilered for annoying and beyond that honestly sort of creepy

No. 1220049

Can someone help me find the reddit thread that a nonnie made pretending to be a man complaining about being made to rp Sasuke while having sex with his gf?

No. 1220113

No. 1220736

I can't stop laughing, nonnies are amazing

No. 1220829

That pic of critical where he’s standing by some lady, he is facing her sideways. and he has short hair and he looks like he has a big ass. He’s in dressy clothes

No. 1220835

Thank you, kek!

No. 1221730

File: 1654985249096.png (356.16 KB, 600x407, 97c53db1978af9777548a23d2042a6…)

It's a web browser game that was centered around getting glothes, collecting monster/creature pets, and some storytelling. The style was kinda painterly. Picrel is ava's demon, but the style is close to the same. The characters were chibi proportioned. There was a pet raddish bunny or dog. The developers advertised it on Tumblr and most of the fanbase was from Tumblr. Please help me find it again.

No. 1222026


No. 1222093

I saw a tik tok edit about a show or movie I didn’t write the name down and now I regret it because I absolutely cannot find it. From what I gathered it is about a female southeast asian med student/resident who is very stressed and drained because of her occupation, the title was similar to “something bad is going to happen” or along these lines. The edit had a LOT of likes and the song used was No Surprises by Radiohead if it helps.

No. 1222907

I'm looking for an ad that I saw as a kid. It was for markers or brush pens that you could fill up with water. In the ad there was some guy walking in the desert looking for water to fill his pens or something along these lines

No. 1223088

looks nice but majority of admins are they/them people…

No. 1223106

Don't know the exact tiktok but was it the show This is Going to Hurt?

No. 1223299

YES! Thank you nonna. I remember waiting for it to hit live and before it even did, there was a shitload of drama that I wanted to read. The people are 100% insufferably insane.

No. 1223334

Yes!!! Thank you so much <3

No. 1223408

i'm wondering if anyone remembers this girl who was kind of a lolcow in the early 2000s before it was even really a thing. basically she was a young blonde "scene" girl popular on like, livejournal on lipstickparty who was known for being kind of mean and one day a pic went viral of her sucking off a guy in a car with multiple passengers in it. does anyone remember this person/what happened to them? in retrospect the whole thing seems sad because she was SO young

No. 1223451

that very shitty and disturbing book about the guy who is born from feces and molests and kills little boys. it's written by a sister and brother. it's horrendous and i want to hate on it but i can't when i don't remember it. i hate it so much.

No. 1225756

What is that kpopfag imageboard? Chaochan? Is that how you type it… idk but i keep losing it

No. 1225760

No. 1226167

File: 1655285551563.png (875.08 KB, 795x796, DOBREVA Full Coverage Unlined …)

Bumping this thread to ask if anyone might be able to help me find a good deal on pic rel. Amazon sells these for $21 USD a pop under the brand "Dobreva" but I know these are probably wholesale from China. I tried digging around and found the same retailer on Aliexpress, selling for a little less (around $18 USD that you can knock down with coupons) but I want those dirt cheap prices if they're really out there. Anyone want to help me hunt? And just FYI, I did purchase one of these off Amazon (the exact one attached to this post) and the size fit just as I hoped and it looks just as cute in person! And there's a lot of different variations/styles with the same fabric that I'd really like to try.

Link to the Aliexpress Dobreva listing:
Also, DHGate had some even cheaper prices (around $12) but from different retailers(?):
Other cute variations:

Hope I stirred some interest! Lmk what you guys think

No. 1227426

so a LONG time ago when I was an MCR fan, I must have been 12-15 so this would have been (2006-2009) there was an interview with them on youtube of some girl asking them about porn. it seems like in the comments people were mad that she was asking about porn/sex then people replied saying the interview was going on a porn DVD and that's why she was asking, but like I said this was a very long time ago so my memory is foggy at best. I think the interview was even old back then because it was from when they only had one album out (I can't remember the name of that album but it was the one with demolition lovers and early sunsets over monroeville on it). the girl interviewing them had black hair and was alt looking. I already looked for it a little bit but there are so many interviews of them I'd be stuck looking for hours. does anyone know what I'm talking about lmfao

No. 1227433

No. 1227485

why were people mad she was asking about porn and sex? mcr fans are horny as hell for them

No. 1227503

thank you anon, I wanted it for nostalgia purposes lol

No. 1227902

Madness' Our House but it's sung like Highland's Bella Stella.

No. 1227922

Was it a RL Stine the Haunting Hour anon?

No. 1227925

This may be a niche tumblr artist thing.

I can't remember the name of this furry artist who was outed as a terf circa 2016-17. Her fursona was a rabbit, she had an nsfw blog, oddly had a trans bunny oc, and I remember she had a shaved head at the time in her selfies. Her art was pretty smooth/clean.
I think she was found out because she accidentally reblogged to her main instead of her side blog. Afterwards I believe she tried giving the trans oc away or something.
I wonder if she posts here.

No. 1227937

sounds like Goosebumps, the Horrorland episode? https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0591356/

No. 1227953

This is really weird because I just read a post awhile back like within the last week where an anon said she made a fake trans fursona ironically.

No. 1227954

Complete shot in the dark is it the devils carnival?
If it’s not a haunting hour, RL stine special, or goosebumps.

No. 1228372

I’m looking for a scene/emo cover of tpain’s can’t believe it

No. 1228384

I think it was on twidder or youtube but there's a marvel show(?) that had a high ass budget but TERRIBLE editing. There was a fatish guy running but it looked like it was speed walking with 200% Speed increase.

No. 1228390

nonny i’m curious did you ever find it?

No. 1228480

no, i didn't. it was some japanese comic/book/manga, whatever. i can't explain to you how annoying and disturbing it was. something VERY weird about these sister brother authors to write this. japan is truly a hellhole.

No. 1228513

I want to hear it

No. 1228516

Is it about a serial killer who has white hair (he kinda looks like komeada lol) and who uses a woman's corpse skin as a sack? The art didn't look like typical manga at all, really 'outsider' feel? Pale colors, very soft and flat looking.
I'm looking for the author(s) as well, they're haunting me and I believe it was a pair of siblings too. I remember a lot of their stuff being fucked up to some degree, so if we're describing different works it might be the same authors.

No. 1228518

File: 1655447702532.jpg (14.7 KB, 190x274, kami-no-kodomo-1-190x274.jpg)

just talking about it jogged my memory enough to land on the right combo of Google search terms
Is it Kyoudai Nishioka?

No. 1228540

YES!!! nonnies, those were the authors and kami no komodo was it!!! thanks! genuinely hate it. makes the entire thing worse when you know a brother and sister well into their adult years wrote it together. just a hideous, pointless book. some shit onision would write. it made me deeply uncomfortable because they could've written literally anything else, and chose to write that. annoying ass manga.

No. 1228637

Thanks now I have to read it to hate it with you

No. 1228654

Same anon, back to say I read it and it was horrible and pointless and what the fuck.

No. 1228702

Got you I found it like 5 min after I posted lmao

No. 1229153

A song about somebody drunk walking down the street, it was a duet with a male and female voice, I think they finished some of the others verses. Like a ballad or swing style music

No. 1229171

I Love You Like An Alcoholic – The Taxpayers

No. 1229240

File: 1655498698279.jpg (208.03 KB, 1033x1374, 133015_Instagram.jpg)

Where I can find Procreate brushes with a similar texture to picrel? I keep finding crayon brushes, but that's not quite it.

No. 1229299

That's a really dumb request but does someone remember and know how to find/probably has it saved somewhere kek - gif/video of a girl that flexes her breast muscles in a way that makes her breasts "dance" lol while she makes these wild unhinged faces and gestures? Regular looking girl, not a bodybuilder, and it wasn't meant to be sexual
I saw it ages ago and need to see it again now that I've suddenly remembered it

No. 1229309

Yes, thank you nona!

No. 1229918

File: 1655557005471.jpg (21.09 KB, 650x488, average-face-a-well.jpg)

Does anyone have that meme of that yelling brown woman, talking about how queer she is and wants to destroy the colonial order and it cuts to her bf whose literally some AI composite pic of a generic white male(sorta like picrel) I need it right now cause one of my friends who always harps around white people and white men recently got into a relationship with a white guy

No. 1229922

File: 1655557340783.png (645.64 KB, 713x888, smsh.png)

No. 1229936

thanks I needed it, personally I know tons of people who this meme applies too but It would get old real fast, so I'm saving it for special occasions

No. 1229950

There was a short video about an american journalist who was shitting on BL and fujos, and one of the old school founders of BL responded to her basically telling her to fuck off and leave women alone. I think it was a video, might have been an article, in japanese or english. But I think the journalist's video exists.

No. 1229952

that sounds hilarious, I wanna see fujos seething vid as well

No. 1229987

Probably not the same thing but this made me remember a BBC (not sure but definitely British) journalist that went to a doujinshi convention. They interviewed a married man and asked what his wife thought of him making porn, and he replied his wife was selling her own BL at another booth. The second 1/2 of the doc had an interview with Est Em. Sadly I’m googling and can’t find it.

No. 1229993

I pray to God those two didn't have children

No. 1231306

File: 1655651348769.jpg (373.06 KB, 1001x1001, HTB1yqHyagfH8KJjy1zcq6ATzpXad …)

I'm trying to find a specific lingerie brand. They release new designs each season in limited quantities, higher quality materials ($100-400). I'm looking for their Fall set , i think in 2015-2018. They had deep royal blues and deep reds. A lot of sheers with star patterns sort of like picrel. Small boutique-y lingerie brand.

No. 1231366

File: 1655654453438.jpg (161.83 KB, 700x1100, ShortRedDress_700x1100.jpg)

Nvm nonnies I found it. The brand is Evgenia. And it was hearts, not stars.

No. 1231418

this is gorgeous anon

No. 1231466

Those prices are ridiculous

No. 1231744

File: 1655666725555.jpeg (76.05 KB, 1024x706, 577D0D89-8FCE-47F6-B447-6998BE…)

What are his shoes called? I swear they have a name…

No. 1231751

File: 1655666863394.png (234.16 KB, 217x581, Screenshot 2022-06-19 21.24.19…)

Who is this girl from the Newgrounds background? I know she must be from some popular game on it, but what? I love her vibe

No. 1231752

oxfords (not brogues)

No. 1231755

please nonnies please.. i will not ask again after this but i am shooting my shot

No. 1231833

Thank you, they are gorgeous

No. 1232022

That one movie that is about women taking revenge on moids and going out and murdering them

No. 1232086

No it's a bit older than that and it was also pretty bad despite the premise being based

No. 1232093

samefag nevermind I remembered Jennifer Coolidge was in it and it's called the ExTerminators. Ironically Amber Heard is in it too kek

No. 1232113

A horror movie that came out before 2010. It starts with a flashback of two sisters playing hide and seek during a birthday party. The more loved one gets into a tumble dryer and the other one turns it on, rendering the former legless. The latter one is a ballet school owner or something. Anyhow, their mother dies or something and I think the ballet school sister gets the house, but at one point it begins haunting her. First is a bathroom scene where she gets into a bathtub and blood begins pouring instead of water. Second she goes in the attic and finds her mother on a rocking chair, only to find her mom's body to be made of a shit ton of bugs.
If one of you knows the movie, pray tell. Ever since I was 14 I have been trying to google it and find it, but to no avail. I am 21 now and.. Well.. No luck still, no matter how good google seems to have gotten.

No. 1232241

No. 1232320

Was bored so I did some digging, is it the German movie Fahr zur Hölle, Schwester?

No. 1232528

some teenagers remaking the bad romance music video scene for scene with basic household items. probably came out 2009-2011.

No. 1232531

Horror movie about the dad dying and the mom won’t get rid of the body so she forces the teen daughter to live with it out in the house in the woods as he rots. Claiming he’ll get better

No. 1232540

also i'm pretty positive lady gaga acknowledged the video at some point

No. 1232599

File: 1655711472926.gif (161.58 KB, 500x500, AiLovYu.gif)

YES! Thank you so much! I guess I didn't find it because I was searching in Russian, English and my own language.. But it's German. Who would've thought! Thank you thank you thank you!

No. 1232601

I actually somehow found it through a Reddit post, I don't know German myself, haha. Just somehow took the right keywords to find. Glad I could help!

No. 1234340

That anime intro that got turned into a meme where it gave you facts and figures and lectured you on something. It's not the dumbbells anime. It's a different anime with an uplifting theme, some characters bounce across the screen and say "ok?!"

No. 1234362

Are you sure it's the father and not the brother? Because there's a game with that demise.

No. 1234370

I know there’s a game but this is is specifically an English Movie with real people. The girl goes into the woods at some points and finds a jaw bone.

No. 1234372

Anohana maybe? I don't remember them saying 'ok!' though

No. 1234432

I think it's the song Step by Mio Honda?

No. 1234439

Appreciate it, yes it is

No. 1234712

File: 1655880886102.jpg (19.25 KB, 325x270, Tupac_Shakur_Vinyl_Art_Toys_52…)

Can anyone help me find these pictures a woman used to take of her tupac funko (pic rel) in various locations around the world and I think she tagged them #isawtupac or something like that.

No. 1235179

A nonnie made an edit of that pic of the Noid that said 'Avoid the Moid' and I need that shit now

No. 1235679

this song/music video that was shot in one take in a restaurant, a lot of red lighting and there's an east asian waitress (?) who's focused on towards the end of the video. must have come out within the past few years, maybe one of those indie-ish songs that got mildly popular (maybe 1 or 2 million views? might be wrong).

No. 1235987

song where there are male chorus voices going woah woah woahoahoahoah woah woah woah woahh. i thought it was africa by toto but apparently its not. i think its from the same era. like the singing is kind of jungle or tribelike IDK, is that racist ? like its more like cheering. sorry for the hilarious generic way i just typed it out kek but dos anyone know what im talking about ? the voices were male and im pretty sure the singer/band/whatever were male too. i think that part is how the song starts. please anyone know what i am babbling about? thanks in advance

No. 1235995

This? If not, I think I know what you're talking about, but I cannot remember the name at all. Sorry, nona.

No. 1235997

NEVER MIND. I remember!

No. 1236007

yes nona oh my gosh !!!! you are such a genius for finding it so quickly from my absolute horrid description. guess there were not multiple voices. you are so great thank you !

No. 1236029

No problem! ♥

No. 1236064

File: 1655974671391.png (852.78 KB, 1000x1249, D494656C-902E-452D-9798-7110E0…)

This anon's post: >>1236053 reminded me of how Bella Thorne and Tyler Posey used to be a thing a long time ago. Does anyone remember that really cringe video she posted on her Twitter account? Or maybe it was when she would upload to her Snapchat. I don't know if she still does now because I just don't care about most celebrities anymore, but she would post a lot during her relationship with him. I remember other people making fun of her for it and it was just really funny to me. In the video was acting like some tard bird by kissing him and then opening her mouth like :V And I remember he was making faces at her like dafuq? Please tell me someone else remembers this. I don't use Twitter anymore and I can't find it on YouTube either unless I'm not digging enough.

No. 1236413

Where is the song like this but the transwomen version? I thought it was by the same person, but I guess not!

It goes like:
Aaaaaare men
Transwomen are men
Women aaaaaaare

No. 1236425

TWAM - Leah TV?

No. 1236445

nonas, could anyone help me find a gif(?)/pic of a redhead holding a lab flask. she looked very glam and didn't look like a stereotypical "scientist", so it kinda looked out of place. it wouldn't surprise me if it were taken from porn tbh. but it was very iconic

No. 1236942

File: 1656034384421.jpg (124.13 KB, 514x619, Ki r1.jpg)


No. 1236971

No that’s not it. It was upbeat and fast tempo

No. 1236983

>TV show about a space mission
>group of astronauts is gonna visit every planet
>before they get into space one of them gets pregnant by accident
>set in a future when abortion is illegal in the US
>astronaut gets abortion secretly
>goes to a halloween party dressed as a pregnant astronaut and everyone is like "wtf"
I think it was cancelled pretty quickly and only had a few episodes. One of the main things was they were shooting a dumb trick-or-treating commercial in space and the other main thing is that the aborted baby and/or an alien is mindfucking everyone the whole time.

Anyone know what it was called?

No. 1237016

File: 1656039054098.jpeg (654.39 KB, 1536x2048, 57059431-3D83-40AE-9B4A-80BB67…)

That’s from a game store. I used to work at a Halloween store and we gave away cardboard displays if people asked that’s probably how they got

No. 1237023

Extant with Halle Berry?

No. 1237076

No, Halle Berry has an alien baby in that one and raises it. The only pregnancy in this one gets aborted and one character makes a flippant remark about Roe v Wade like "abortion's legal then it's not. who cares, do it anyway."

No. 1237082

I'm after this one greentext I saw months ago. It's definitely from 4chan, but I saw it on instagram I think? Basically it described a moid in a toilet stall who starts talking to the guy in the stall next to him, making him uncomfortable, then slips him a $5 note for the inconvenience. It was so fucking funny and I forgot to save it.

No. 1237187

I saw this clip from a movie (maybe it's a short film or something like that not sure) on fb years ago. It was a scene of a girl who is running away from cops or detectives. They were at a subway station and she manages to hide herself in the crowd while disguising in just a few seconds. I remember she glides her fingers through the wall and smears the dirt on her eyelids to give herself a smokey eye. It was an actress with dark hair and eyes.

No. 1237211

This is probably a reach but could it be the SciFi movie Species (?). The woman is blonde but is running from detectives and disguises herself in a fashion gown after getting off the train. 3:05?

No. 1237252

strange days?

No. 1237256

Movie (it gave off eastern european vibes but can't remember if it was actually that) where at one point a group is residing in a desolate manor or hospital. It might have been war-tmie and guns might have been involved, and at least one woman was there.
The timeframe would be somewhere around 60's-90's I think. Doubt it was older than 2000. It had that dreamy feel to it.
Sorry about it being so vague, but that's all I can remember. Nothing I wrote down is set in stone and might be dreamed up.

No. 1237268

File: 1656070816727.jpeg (107.52 KB, 639x623, 61FAA6D0-A612-47FD-B587-500F72…)

This one?

No. 1237278

Is it Outta My Mind by Monsune?

No. 1237328

File: 1656076074522.png (347.82 KB, 756x366, firefox_ZWsqhIZkOM.png)

Found it by going through my 'Watched' list on Letterboxd! Thought I watched it ages ago, before I even knew of the site. Thank God that wasn't the case.

No. 1237346

yes! thank you anon mwah mwah mwah

No. 1239237

Yes that's the one!!! Thank you nonnie

No. 1240666

That one dance cover of Love Lives Stardash where three guys cosplay the trio, as is tradition, and do the dance on a green mat covered in slime or something similar. It was on either NND or YT, maybe both, but I can't find it for the life of mine. The video quality was low.

No. 1240670

Aaaaaand I found it. No idea what I did to make it show up now, but not the 4123912903 times I looked for it before. https://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm25251747 mods pls no ban, you can't embed nnd vids

No. 1243247

I think it's Junji Ito but maybe not but it was a horror manga I read around 2008-2010, where a young highschool couple with their two other friends break into an abaonded building because it's supposed to make you stronger as a couple, instead it's full of creepy things that steal your skin and steal one of the guys skin, so the main couple and the other girl run into an empty room, lock the door but the main guy decided to run to the exit and leaves his lighter with his gf who uses it against her friend who is also a skinwalker, she then opens the door because she hears her bf back but he also got possessed and the end of the manga is similar to the first page where another couple observes the main one (now possessed,) and is like lets go to that scary building and become more in love

No. 1243326

original asker - I found it, it's called Defying Gravity

No. 1243477

This is a shot in the dark but I'll try. Around 2014-2016(?)ish I knew someone on Tumblr that liked The Stanley Parable a little too much. Vividly remember finding fanart on their blog of Stanley in his desk chair jerking off. Dark colors, maybe he had his knees up to his chest. It's been on my mind for literal years, I've never been able to find it

No. 1243856

Does anybody have that dope piece of art with the lesbians holding hands on the peach bg and it says "stay away" one of you guys drew it

No. 1244073

File: 1656442702531.jpg (454.94 KB, 1865x2560, 81UMdPYh4IL.jpg)

Ibitsu, no idea which chapter as it was a one shot compliation.

No. 1244255

that one beauty blogger who did an item/makeup swap with trisha paytas back in the early 00s when those were popular. her name was meghan and she was a teen mom.

No. 1244508

The Corridor Of Dolls! Yes THANK YOU!!

No. 1245866

File: 1656566924804.jpg (290.7 KB, 1622x2048, FR_Iyn5aMAAH-Ex.jpg)

Does anyone know what manga/anime this drawing is supposed to be fanart of? (Art is by myss7777 on Twitter)

No. 1246092

File: 1656583311475.png (202.82 KB, 588x727, myss.png)

I was curious so I scrolled a bit, it's one of artist's OCs

No. 1246095

File: 1656583607766.jpeg (620.86 KB, 1242x630, 95781EDD-CA0B-4003-9312-B74078…)

It kinda reminded me of the Secret Garden too. That was one of my favourite films when I was young.

No. 1246107

File: 1656584794492.jpg (58.78 KB, 2500x1353, EPlwBwIXsAAwfCH.jpg)