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No. 1962884

Post about your employment status, successes, woes, anxieties, rants, etc.

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No. 1962890

Does anyone here have an art career? Not the fanart commissions type, the one you go to school for

No. 1962941

I know this is a broad question, but is the tech industry to oversaturated to enter now?
It's like there's been a huge boom in popularity for tech careers the past year.

No. 1963292

I think it's more that the industry has contracted as a result of lower investments due to the interest rate hike over the last 2 years. A lot of startups/tech companies are not profitable and have been kept alive purely through investments.

No. 1963299

No technology is a thing of the past

No. 1963352

Elaborate please

No. 1963707

Am the only woman at a 1 month old establishment, don't think management thought about gender when hiring, just chose solid candidates. We are small, and I like my molleagues on the whole, but every so often I lose it because there is this sense that 'the men are talking', and I feel completely invisible. How do I deal with this? It's like they can barely look me in the eye sometimes. I don't know how I can bring this up in a way that will be at all heard.

No. 1963711

No, but I went to school for Fine Art, and pretty much never had any hope of pursuing it as a career because it is so, so nepotistic and dirty as an industry. My best advice would be to find something adjacent such as management and integrate from there.

No. 1963761

I work as a graphic designer and grt paid well, if you count that as an art career. I do illustration work on the side and occasionally get to integrate it with client work.

No. 1963994

File: 1713136408338.jpg (163.19 KB, 1200x635, tech worship.jpg)

Quoting bc post is in another thread:
>i work as a software developer and i hate coding. it’s so repetitive and tedious and i suck at it. i feel too stupid to have this job. i feel like i spend all day asking for help from my colleagues. i regret getting a compsci degree i want to rip my hair out god

How long have you worked as a software dev? It does get easier, though it doesn't really get better imo.

I'm past the painful "overreliance on others" phase, but I still constantly feel like I'm forcing myself to do something that I have no natural aptitude for. It's difficult for me not to feel extremely regretful, even though I'm really lucky that I'm able to perform my job satisfactorily well, that I get paid a decent amount and don't work long hours, and that I get to be fully remote.

I actually switched to CS on a bit of a whim after working in medicine a bit and realizing that I did not want to put myself through the rigor of med school just so I could be trapped in a high-responsibility and high-stress career by a mountain of debt. I ended up finding my CS degree substantially more emotionally taxing than doing a bio degree with pre-med stuff, but I chalked this up to the fact that my school's CS program was considered very good while the bio one was just middling. I imagined deluded myself into thinking that working at a corporation would be somewhat chill, and that I just had to make it through school, and I'd be alright. Working isn't quite as intense as school was, but the deadlines are never-ending, my least favorite parts of doing the degree are now my job, my coworkers are all male and are either afraid to interact with me or subtly flirtatious, and I now have to deal with a bunch of corporate nonsense.

You're always "learning," but this isn't usually learning about computer architecture, infrastructure, or programming languages. You're learning only as much of the cool and generally useful stuff as you need to scrape by while you instead dedicate most of your workweek and energy to memorizing the details of a sprawling, complex, and impossibly shitty machine cobbled together by people who often are even more confused and retarded than you are. And when that piece of shit has problems (and it constantly has problems), you are the authority on it, and you have to grit your teeth and take ownership of it and prostrate yourself before upset coworkers, even when you're given 0 resources to improve it. This shit seriously makes me feel like I am wasting my life.

I'm really not sure how long I want to stick it out. I'm not happy, and I feel like I am just not very naturally oriented towards tech and programming. I can do it just fine, but it requires immense effort on my part, and I feel like I'm a square peg forcing myself into a round hole, shredding off my corners every day by coming up with 1,000 coping strategies to get myself to be able to focus on work that I quite frankly find boring, exhausting, meaningless, and somewhat stressful.

Yet despite my struggles, the pay and QoL disparity between tech and everything else is so massive that I can't imagine that switching to a career in something like medicine would make me appreciably happier. I currently spend my workday being miserable, and I can't work on any personal projects, but at least I have the physical energy to cook and do chores. I don't have to waste a ton of time with a commute. I don't get that much time off, but I don't have to worry about getting my shift covered or anything. And I make more money than most people my age could dream of. (Unfortunately, it's not so much that I could both own a house and retire early, and I can't use it to travel any time soon because I can't afford a gap in my resume in this hyper-competitive job market.)

I feel like I'm in limbo and waiting for it to get better, for me to be able to reclaim the confidence and free time that I had when I was in college doing pre-med. But I don't see any clear path that would make it better, besides lucking out with one of those remote jobs where you do hardly any work. I feel so shitty and entitled for not being happy with what I have, but I am so frustrated that I have worked so hard, and I feel like this is the best life I can feasibly get.

This turned into quite the rant, but yeah. I'm sure some anons can commiserate.

No. 1964059

Just started a new tech job ( >>1961390 ) and I feel the same way, roughly. Except I'm the sole tech hire, I'm working on everything alone, my set up is weird because I have to speak to the company we outsource hell desk work to if I want to install anything (and they're retarded and difficult), etc. etc. etc. but the pay is great. My boss is cool. I get my own office, benefits are amazing, etc. etc. I could go on and on.

No. 1964370

I'm looking up articles about quiet quitting and quiet firing at my job, idgaf anymore.

No. 1964400

How is it going?

No. 1964408

If you're thinking of going to undergrad for CS then the problem will probably clear by the time you graduate. If you're looking into doing a boot camp or a career path that isn't related to programming, project management, or possibly UX design then forget it. Even experienced workers are having trouble finding jobs right now and new grads are screwed.

No. 1964447

It's making me feel justified. I should even come to the office with my 3DS and keep playing as soon as I'm done with the bare minimum. I'm seriously starting to suspect that the IT problems that started more than a month ago that's preventing everyone from working from home is done on purpose.

No. 1964453

nta but is the oversaturation going to last though? Our increasingly digital world that needs to be programmed by someone is going nowhere right? (I'm not into tech, just curious)

No. 1964498

How come? I don't know but my company has been kinda weird lately. These IT issue started as soon as my manager left for a month on sick leave for surgery, and the managers who started replacing her aren't even in our city. One is even in another country and harassing me with plenty of useless meetings to tell me how to do my job because I'm behind everyone in terms of kpis. Which happened because my team was shortstaffed, again. But the HR decided to not renew the contract of a guy I trained who worked very well for a year and a half so they would hire someone abroad who could be way less expensive. Now they're realizing this was a terrible idea way too late and I'm having fun making all these managers realize how retarded they are until my own manager comes back. My coworkers are sick of this shit too but I've had these issues for longer. Basically I think everyone thinks we're a bunch of retards who need to be micromanaged all the time so they don't want us to work from home anymore. New employees have a different contract that states they can only work from home after 6 months in the company and their first contract lasts 6 months so this is what makes the most sense imo.

No. 1964539

I think it will go through it's highs and lows, but I don't think "Just do this bootcamp for 6 months and you got a dev job" and "CS student getting a 6 figure job before even graduating" is coming back any time soon.

No. 1964601

I know this is a long shot.. but are there any fields/jobs that earn above average incomes and you can learn on your own in your free time or follow paid retraining programs for? What programming used to be like >>1964539 said I guess. Do blue collar jobs earn better now that everyone is over-educated and there's a shortage for them?

I went to school for my current job and I enjoy it, it's a comfy office job that feels meaningful, it earns me a stable enough living, but I realized I won't be able to make it out of the renting market on a single income in this field. Just wondering what my options are without going back to university full-time which isn't an option.

No. 1964628

No. 1965565

File: 1713229626915.jpg (17 KB, 400x400, mikey-way-sidekick.jpg)

Just started a job today and it's already exhausting. I feel poorly trained, and I am standing all day as a cashier. I dont mind that part of the job, but I am brand new to this system and don't know how the cafeteria food in this building works. So I have to ring people out for the correct amount or I can accidently over or under charge them. Like my trainer was nice, but she felt too busy to properly train me. I am hoping I am over thinking this, since it was day 1.
I have to be there at 6am, which sucks a lot. Other than that, the job itself isnt the worst. However, they have a ZERO PHONE policy, where I have to leave my phone in my car. I cant even bring it inside the building. The other locker that i put it in is half a block away and so for lunch, I either get to eat or spend the time running to get my phone from 2 buildings away.

I'm not gonna lie, nonnies, I am already dreading the rest of the week. I dont mind not using my phone for work, but to not even be allowed to have it in the same building i am in?? It's a little too much for under $18 an hour…

No. 1966042

If you have your lunch outside you can just put your phone in your bag, in a small pouch if neccesary, what are they going to do, search your bag like it's an airport?

Anyway look for something better while you work this job. I worked in administration for a while when I didn't have any qualifications and felt over and done with slaving away at manual labour jobs, might be worth looking into if you want to get something that's more comfy.

No. 1966052

I think my boss wants me to train the team in Python now that I’ve proved it’s useful to the job. My issue with this is that being the only person in office who knows Python makes me very useful. And it’s Python. A programming language. It’s not like I’m doing anything particularly complicated but if you all could pick it up then you would’ve picked it up long before I came in. Just let me do what I was paid for and let everyone else do what they were paid for.

No. 1966182

File: 1713287864623.jpeg (601.21 KB, 2272x1704, mad.jpeg)

ive been trying to get internships or a job now that im about to graduate and ive had very little luck every application is just getting sent into the aether. This job that seemed promising is now ghosting me. I dont think i have too shitty of a resume for a new grad. I have a bit of experience and a few certifications. this is so ass

No. 1966457

File: 1713301199474.jpg (59.85 KB, 1004x998, 1691504439911326.jpg)

Is learning javascript programming going to be worth it?
On one hand I'm good at basic computer shit and love autistic tedious tasks; and it seems fun so far.
But the other hand is that I'm nervous about how people say Computer science is a saturated field. The outsourcing as well as the new AI shit doesn't help either, as well as the mass lay offs.

All I want is a basic bitch office job but I feel like the only ones open are front desk receptionist and dealing with customers already sucks (especially boomers, its always older people throwing massive shit fits- I don't even think I met a karen/kevin who's under 40 years old).

Also during interviews, people suggest to lie about diversity so that you can get hired more easily. But I'm also seeing people say that they don't hire people with they/them pronouns and openly say that companies find them too hostile for the work environment. Everything is polarized and I don't know wtf the reality is anymore.

No. 1966503

Have you guys ever used chatgpt and other models to help you narrow down a career path? Or use it at work?

No. 1966509

I'm tempted to bring a bag with my phone but they are a high security place and I'm worried they'll fire me if I use my phone on site. It's insane since I have to use my ID to go through a scanner. I'm worried the scanner will pick up the phone and then I'll get in trouble. They have a super strict no phone policy for every single person that works there. It's definitely easier to find a new job at this point.

I timed myself today at lunch and it takes 5 mins to run to the first builder to get my phone from my locker, so I can only use it on lunch, not even break. Not even subtracting the minutes I spend getting to the time clock area, which is at the back of the kitchen. Place is wild. When will they learn taking away people's phones is really unreasonable? I dont even work in the security dept, just the cafeteria.

No. 1966899

File: 1713316092262.png (643.47 KB, 768x576, 1711408198763952.png)

Nonnas my field finally has 3 spots open after waiting more than 6 months for an opening! If I don't get a spot I'll probably sign up for the navy or something.

I used chatGPT to clean up my CV by ordering it to make certain sections sound smarter. It just another tool that provides you with support and answers, as long as you know what to ask.

No. 1966989

Good luck to you anon, and to all the anons job hunting right now!

No. 1967013

Anyone know the best way to get out of retail right now, for someone that has worked the same retail job for the better part of this decade? What is something in high-demand that would be fairly easy to find a job in after getting an associates? There is nothing I particularly want to do, and I think I will miss my current job to some extent (I have been looking at jobs with a similar focus that I could use my experience for), but it's time for me to move on.

No. 1967018

I'm looking into getting an administrative job. Just gotta brush up on your excel skills maybe. I'm literally so exhausted from my new job that is menial labor, where I am on my feet 7.5 hours with only one break. I hope you get out of retail hell, nonnie

No. 1967077

That specifically require an associates? Nursing and allied health. But you don't need an associates to leave retail…

No. 1967121

Sales? But be careful because sales jobs are very often scams or 100% commission, so stick to reputable companies that pay a salary

No. 1967428

Any accountants / bookkeepers here? Do you like your job? I'm thinking about going back to school for this. Would be nice to get a position for the government, though my impression is that such jobs are harder to come by than more arduous public accounting positions. I know I would be very good at it. I'm not passionate about it, but I'd prefer it to something like programming, and I like being able to have a specific task and consistent directive as opposed to the 24/7 multitasking and intense amount of socialization and communication I am responsible for now. Working at a retail establishment without a functioning manager while sometimes operating as the ersatz backbone of the store is exhausting.

No. 1967853

>start job on the 27th of last month
>so i’ve been here a few weeks
>boss sends out mass email advising us to take a few vacation days because we’re entering our busy period soon
>but i’ve only been here a few weeks
would it…would it be wrong to take a day or two? i’m so new that it seems gauche but kek i dunno

No. 1967887

How long is the busy period supposed to be? If it's a full quarter or more, a day sounds fine, especially if you're new enough that you can't do much if too many coworkers are out.

No. 1967891

I'm also looking for this, but I've been out of work 6 months and graduated last year. At this point I may just look at a retail job again first and find something better while I'm at the other job. Stagnating around the house is poisoning me. But I'm totally afraid I'm gonna bomb interviews because my months of isolation I've felt have made me so socially inept. I just can't deal with a remote job nonnies, I need stimulation

No. 1967904

File: 1713380508755.jpg (188.83 KB, 1280x1018, tumblr_369b5e7fb777058d992aec4…)

What kind of job can I do if I have no degree and no real skills?

I did a lot of random shit over the last 15 years. Administration, book keeping, logistics, tech support, retail etc.. I also finished a few tech related courses but I'm still so new I can't apply as dev + there are absolutely 0 tech jobs where I am and moving isn't an option.

I feel completely lost because I wanted to go into tech but the market is so oversaturated and compared to someone with a degree no one would hire me. People keep telling me to get out of the country because I can speak multiple languages but what's the point if I have no skills?

No. 1968153

a completely retarded they/them i know who got fired from kotaku for posting dumb, shitty articles about racism (not actual serious racism just how dare this white person wear braids) landed a job at mihoyo simply because she can speak chink fluently. i think if you seem personable enough and are trainable you’ll get picked up as a polyglot

No. 1968533

File: 1713411013065.png (83.13 KB, 294x446, Fn6YE7ZXoAcZNYs.png)

I periodically have to remind myself that my boss isn't my friend, and my "work friends" aren't my friends either. This isn't to say that I've been trauma dumping or open book-ing at work or anything, it's more I've been letting myself get very stressed out over acts I parse as "betrayal" or "unfair assignments from someone I thought to be a great manager who considered my time and emotional stability (lol)." And, logically speaking, they are good managers – these are objectively the best bosses I've had thus far – they just aren't my pals and don't otherwise have my good interest at heart past ensuring I can turn them a profit. And I mean, they do, but if they feel they can push me and I won't quite snap they will.

I'm not mad, I'm just processing. I'm really unused to the (proper) corpo world so it's jarring to run into these situations. If any of this makes sense or even gets read by anyone else do general vents about work even go here? Should I have posted in vent?.

I can't wait until Friday. Hopefully Thursday goes by in a blur and Friday follows suit. Everyone does fuck-all on Fridays here.

No. 1968591

I feel the same way. I have a hard time navigating the whole thing, as I get rather paranoid about the whole dynamic. I get along with and have shared interests with my boss, but he's kind of a weird guy and it's very hard for me to tell what he's thinking.
He often proposes that me, him, and another coworker play video games together in our free time, and I don't know what to make of it. I really don't want to be cynical about it, and on one hand I'm not, but I feel myself get way more emotionally attached than I'm comfortable with if I assume that he really just wants to foster relationships on my (admittedly very asocial) team. So in a way, it's easier for me to think that he's just approaching teambuilding in a manipulative but benign table-tennis-in-the-lunchroom way, but that just causes me to build resentment towards him and the general fakeness of corporate culture. However, we do have some good and genuine conversations, so it's hard for me not to run a little wild with that and want to open up and be understood by him, as mutual understanding and really getting to know a person is something that I value a ton, personally.

Ugh. I've gotten decently good at maintaining a certain distance, but I find doing it extremely emotionally unsatisfying. My bf has great, actual friendships with his coworkers, including his boss, and I'm so envious.

Also, I'm glad you posted here. No hate towards the job-seekers, but I mostly come here to try to get a feel for how people similar to myself are adjusting to entering the workforce full-time.

No. 1969125

I don't think this is a bad idea. You should try for a grocery store job at an upscale grocer. I always thought that sounded comfy and would try to apply for those positions before I got hired at my current store. Stocking shelves and meeting quotas seems like a fun little game.

No. 1969155


Samefag but I think I'm gonna go back to school (associates), with the goal of getting a government office specialist job. Sucks that it would look bad optics wise to get a new job now, if I intend to go back to school anyway. I don't want to ruin my streak of experience at one place (this is the longest I've held down a job), but I'm so tired of retail and all the stuff I must contend with at my store on a daily basis.

No. 1969158

Sorry, meant to reply to >>1967013

No. 1969280

File: 1713458639545.jpeg (53.83 KB, 724x483, IMG_1244.jpeg)

Has anyone made a move on a someone at work that you don’t work with (and don’t even know the name of)? How do you do it?

No. 1975771

Any advice for decent, legit remote jobs that can be done without any credentials? I'm going to be moving between countries twice this year so I am really hoping for a job that I can do from anywhere, but there are so many dubious wfh postings and I have no idea how to get picked when it seems like everyone and their dog also wants to work from home. I don't care what it is as long as there's consistent pay and it's not like something illegal or sexual, obviously, I have no college degree so I can't be picky. I just need a job…

No. 1976455

Mandatory company luncheon tomorrow and I don’t want to go. Especially since it’s BBQ and if shifts my usual lunch period to about an hour earlier, which means my day won’t be neatly bisected into two. This is objectively and subjectively the best job I’ve ever had, so complaining about it feels spoiled and silly but shit I can’t help it. I do not want to get picked at by nosy and bored coworkers reeee

No. 1976473


Have you tried Data annotation? It's boring work but they do pay, you have to pass the verification.

No. 1976498

Fuck this industry. There are fewer projects to work on, and others are being postponed to next year or the following year. I don't know where I want to work anymore, but I just want stability. Why does finding a suitable career have to be difficult? It doesn't help that we are in a recession or heading towards one or whatever these damn analysts call it. Nonas, I just hope it gets better. I feel miserable.

No. 1980957

I'm giving up on finding an office position now, and just applied for a janitor position in a hospital. Even though I got a degree in stuff dealing with business and computers, my social anxiety has ramped up so much over the past year that I literally cannot speak without stuttering. I wish this was a joke. When I had just turned 20ish I was fine, no stuttering, I could drive places and talk to people. Now I can barely leave my room and I stutter when speaking. I don't know what happened to me. Well, my anxiety is a lot worse and I'm sure being a shut in has put the nail in the coffin for me socially.
Anyways, I hope just getting a janitor position can help me get outside enough that I stop feeling so anxious about leaving the house and stuff. I also hope I don't have to talk to a lot of people. The job is in the hospital though. Has anyone else ever worked in a hospital like this before? Is it miserable? Is there anything I should say in a job interview there?

No. 1981489

You can try doing remote interviews just as practice with no intention of getting hired but if you happen to do so then that would be great. Even if you don't progress any of the applications, doing a number of online interviews you will find yourself improving gradually from one to the next. It could help get you acclimated to talking to people again

No. 1981785

File: 1714212718300.jpeg (42.17 KB, 1280x758, ead-v0-8q2faqdn5blb1.jpeg)

I'm fucking done with retarded corpo shit. Ever since I worked in a call center I just can't deal with the fakness that comes with a corporate setting, everyone is just smiling and lying. My fuse has become too short for this shit but I still have to interview with HR morons that are the same if I want to get a job anywhere.

The most recent stupid thing that happened in my job search:
>IT specialist job ad
>find out during the interview none of the work I'd do would be even remotely IT related

Why waste everyone's time like this? Just write you're looking for a fucking secretary or some shit oh my god. I wish I was actually skilled enough to be able to directly tell these people to go fuck themselves.

No. 1983403

File: 1714323261546.jpg (46.64 KB, 680x368, 1000002174.jpg)

it finally happened! i quit my hotel job in January because it was abusive as hell, and ive finally been able to pull my old work bestie away from there as well and she has a may 7 start date at my current place! she's texting me about everyone's reactions to her leaving and its like i get to vicariously quit the hotel all over again through her. that place has pushed out all of its decent workers in the past year because anyone pulling their weight makes the managers feel bad about themselves. im so glad to have "rescued" her from there so now i can really say fuck that place w/o feeling guilty

No. 1983623

Has anyone benefited from networking or job seeking groups and seminars? I'm trying to spice up my LinkedIn and get a more professional job, but I got my associates last year, have only worked retail jobs prior and have a 7 month gap on my record from when I fell into a mental breakdown and had medical scares. I'm thinking I could benefit from those seminars only because I've been in a rut and I'm not prepared to interview for a fancier job or internship yet without some pointers, and I'd like to network and meet people.

No. 1984166

yes going to a conference helped me a lot but admittedly because i knew a girl working at the place i now work at who was also there and she told the boss who decided to give me a second chance after i was rejected two weeks after my first interview. it also helps that the girl they hired instead of me kept getting caught in lies and turns out she had a court date coming up for the next county over… who knew govt jobs don't always do a background check? unfortunately networking and serendipity go hand in hand i guess. but if you really want the job putting conferences/seminars on a resume definitely can't hurt as it shows interest. networking/job fairs are always good too, why not try and give it a shot

No. 1984168

samefag but if it helps i landed the exact job i wanted by shadowing + showing interest + going to a conference a now-coworker was at (i didn't know when i enrolled). i am only now graduating with my undergrad degree (it's literally a general studies degree too kek) and one previous job that is only somewhat related for five years. networking and luck are literally everything in my experience.

No. 1984949

Congrats nonna! I'm so happy that you two get to work together again. You won.
Don't. People still talk.

No. 1984953

Has anyone here done bartending? I'm 23 and am thinking about getting into it but I don't have a lot of experience working with alcohol.

No. 1984956

Don't. I did this and its not worth it.

No. 1985015

Yes. It's a fine job. Bottle/shot bars are the easiest. Learning how to mix a cocktail or pretending to care about craft beer or wine isn't that hard either. It's one of those jobs where if you learn how to do it right you naturally get fast at doing the work, but if you rush while you're learning you'll fuck up a lot later. Remember that every little bit of booze adds up at a bar and it all equals money; over-pouring will make your boss hate you and upselling will make your boss like you.
Hours are bad, not good for your health. Do not under any circumstance get in the habit of having drinks with coworkers after your shift is over, that is how you piss away all your money. Drinking after work will also destroy your sleep hygiene. People working in F&B disproportionately have drug and alcohol problems, it's not a baseless stereotype, do not pick up a coke habit or anything retarded.
Ask the existing staff how tips work before you step on toes. There might be a tip splitting system or a tipout system for bar-backs, dishwashers, servers, etc. Find out. You could be owed tips from servers for pouring/mixing drinks for their tables, you want to know that sort of thing.

No. 1985047

Thank you nona you give me hope. I graduated with an associates and was considering transferring to a diff university to do my bachelors this year since I think I will probably need one but I'd like to go to these things to meet people and see if I can slam my foot in the door and make an impression somehow. I'm in a tight spot and sick and tired of being unemployed but I want something better than the retail jobs I've had, one of which I stayed at for nearly 6 years. If all else fails I'll get another retail job and work through my bachelors and make connections there but I'm holding out that I'm not completely lost socially and networking will come through for me

No. 1985084

You are amazing, thank you nonnie. I appreciate you!

No. 1985291

nonnies who work in tech, which is valued more? Associate degree or certs like Comptia or Google?
I'm looking at getting certs (working on degree rn) but not sure if it's as required as entry level job listings make it seem

No. 1985321

assuming you're talking about IT, I got an associate's and ended up needing to get A+ certification anyways even though my degree taught me far beyond that level. It's a hard requirement for most entry-level jobs (and yes, even with degree only the most basic entry jobs would take me without experience). Also I've been told many times that years of working help desk trumps a degree or certs every time in this field, basically only reason to get a degree is because some schools are partnered with companies that scout new hires from the graduates. For my school, that was an AI company who made you take specific AI classes for a job and I don't want to work with AI so it was basically useless
Finish your degree since you're already doing it and it won't hurt, but if I could do it all over I'd get A+, maybe Net+ or Security+, practice setting up a server/homelab project or fixing broken PCs so I have something to put on the resume, and then start looking for a super entry level tech support job. Easier said than done since getting hired with no experience is hell, but doesn't that go for all fields? Also if your school has an IT or programming club join that, recruiters love that stuff. I don't think getting a degree helped at all tbh and spending that time working would've done more for me.

No. 1985331

Thank you I shall take your words to heart
>practice setting up a server/homelab project or fixing broken PCs
That's already my hobby 24/7 kek so I wouldn't have trouble there
Gonna sound nitpicky but my biggest filter for me is all the really specific details like what voltage on your laser printer balls or whatever other nonsense.
I know why they question it, it's just annoying to memorize but that's another issue entirely outside of getting certs

No. 1985352

I'm currently job-hunting, but am the type to literally never wear makeup (tried it less than 5 times previously). I've been doing it for interviews but I"m worried that I'm so fucking inept at it that I'm just making myself look worse/stupid.

Should I skip makeup entirely or does it still really matter to put in the effort?

No. 1985356

File: 1714439982867.jpg (129.07 KB, 750x740, 1713503724112281.jpg)

I hate how long getting a job actually takes. 1 month of waiting for them to close the application window, weeks for them to read everything, more weeks or potentially months for them to respond and set up an interview and then waiting for vetting to clear, all while you're jobless.

I think it depends on the job and how clean/healthy you look. Clean and moisturised nails, tidy hair and fitting clothing should look professional enough, but tinted lip balm and neat eyebrows will elevate it.

No. 1985410

Nonnies I had a great interview today, I feel like I really connected with the hiring manager. Would it be bad form to send a connect request on LinkedIn?

No. 1985413

Why is finding a weekend job so fucking hard??? I'm also disgusted at how low pay so many minimum wage jobs have for FULL TIME positions, granted i am not looking at those jobs. How do people live like that and how can anyone think that wage is acceptable for a full grown adult?

No. 1985415

Any law adjacent employees here? id love to hear your stories. Considering becoming a paralegal.

No. 1985418

Id start with a thank you email for the interview!

No. 1985442

I’m a legal assistant currently. I would say it’s a good job at the beginning of your career, but if you don’t intend to go law school, it’s kind of a dead end. If you are interested in law school, definitely work at a law firm first though. So many attorneys are miserable people because they chased money and prestige and aren’t cut out for the 60+ hour work weeks many of them are expected to work

No. 1985459

Law nona, some advice please. I'm in criminology as my hobby degree and I really enjoy it but our teacher tells us to pursue a law degree after wards (which would take me 2 years because many classes overlap) otherwise seeking employment will be hard. Is there truth to this?

No. 1985515

I don't wear makeup to interviews or the office either and I know at least a few other women in my workplace who don't (though of course there are more that do). So long as you look presentable, groom yourself and dress appropriately you should be fine. Makeup is not part of grooming unless you're like a flight attendant or something

No. 1985559

I'm not legal assistant anon, but I have a friend with a criminology degree. She's had real bad luck finding work after finishing school. It's been a couple years. Feels bad.

No. 1985664

Any suggestions for summer jobs for students that are office or WFH based? Or otherwise don't involve manual labour all day?

No. 1985668

Call center

No. 1985681

Don't listen to this post. Call center is one of the worst jobs out there.

No. 1985685

I worked for a call centre during the pandemic, making appointments for vaccinations. That was a pretty chill job. When people say call centre jobs are terrible, do you mean outbound only or is that also true for most inbound call centres?

No. 1985697

Nta but outbound call centres are the worst!! Inbound is not that bad just sometimes you get people who ring up to moan but outbound you are basically paid to harass people so they all hate you when you ring, don't do outbound

No. 1985721

It's ok as a summer job because you'll leave right before it becomes unbearable but it also depends on what the calls are to begin with too.

No. 1985872

Thanks sweet nonna!

No. 1985881

Currently pursuing my Bachelors of Law, finishing my first year. Any advice?

No. 1985926

Ayrt, I didn’t study in criminology, so I’m not really sure, sorry nonna. I double majored in political science and history. Humanities seems to be a fairly common prelaw track since it’s a lot of reading and writing. But honestly it doesn’t matter too much what you studied undergrad—what matters most is getting a good gpa and doing well on the lsat so you can get into a top 10 law school. The law field is very elitist, and it does matter where you studied at

No. 1986060

I'm in an interview process that's taking so damn long, it's been a month already and there's still another last step next week plus another week for them to tell me if I've passed. Granted that it's an enormous tech company but still, is that even normal? For my curent job I think that it took me not even a month from application to getting hired, I'm climbing up the walls with anxiety.

No. 1986087

NTA but all call centres are soul sucking. Outbound call centres are their own special circle of hell, but inbound ones aren't great either. You always get customers calling to bitch about their order because one item is two shades off what they saw online or complain that they have defective internet because they can't connect their books to their Kindle. You get customers threatening suicide to see if they can get away with not paying bills. You get retards who rant at you because they dialed the wrong number and it's your fault somehow. It's doable if you don't give a shit but it does get to you.
Outbound call centres, not even once.

No. 1986109

I'll be real with you. I work at a call center that requires inbound/outbound calls, but it's related to mental health and welfare resources. It can be absolutely great and fulfilling, but most of the time I feel like the whipping person for the state. I get to take all the abuse from people frustrated about how the government is run.

No. 1986149

inbound is terrible as well, but it greatly depends on with whom you're working. when I did enterprise technical support over the phone, I worked mostly with businessmen and technicians who were always really pleasant to talk to. Working customer service for a bougie skin-care company was a completely different story…

No. 1986153

A bit of a late response but in my experience there will always be work for people who can actually code and can communicate well. There's so many turboautists and morons who try to use ChatGPT for everything polluting the candidate pool and that's why it seems like the field is saturated. My company's had a tech position open for years and had probably hundreds of candidates apply but most of them are filtered out by the most basic of programming tests or can't control their autism enough to pass an interview if they do succeed.
My company wouldn't hire a they/them in a thousand years but we're a small business. A large business might have drunk the Kool-Aid and pick up a they/them diversity hire. It probably depends who you're applying to.

No. 1986155

File: 1714497036440.jpg (5.44 KB, 208x210, 1639497577353.jpg)

Ugh, all the signs of targeted layoffs have hit my org. The chances that I'd be cut are slim but I also wouldn't be totally shocked if the entire org were wiped out. Tech needs to stop shitting the bed.

No. 1986160

I don't work at a call centre but do take some inbound calls as part of my job. It's not that bad if the people calling are other businesses since they usually know their shit before they pick up the phone and are less likely to be a pain in the ass than dealing with the general public. We do have some annoying ass people that call here that we all hate but for the most part it's not too bad. I find the shitty coworkers who slack off and don't take their calls more aggravating than the customers tbh

No. 1986195

Anybody had any experience with catalog modeling? I think I have the right body/face for it, and I know I'd have to reach out to some agencies, but IS it worthwhile? Will it wreck my health?

No. 1986321

>Tech needs to stop shitting the bed
It isn't though. It's exploding. You're just feeling the repercussions of your own labor as AI replaces everyone whose job requires a low level of cognition.

No. 1986490

File: 1714514685140.jpeg (77.91 KB, 632x651, IMG_9266.jpeg)

i accidentally missed one of my shifts cause i read my schedule wrong now as punishment my job isn’t going to be scheduling me. i’ve never missed a day of work, i always show up on time etc i feel like this is a little outrageous of a “punishment” i know my manager doesn’t really like me but do any nonas have similar experiences? i work at a retail mall clothing store so it might be different

No. 1986545

This happens to me (i do flagging) and honestly just work for someone else or be straight up about it. Theyre fucking with your pay and thats NOT ok.

No. 1986910

I just hate working. I loathe it. I hate how burnt out I get from it. Every time I feel I'm hitting a good work/life balance, the exhaustion starts. I only have 3-4 months of hard work in me at a time, and then I just completely check out. Fuck existence, being forced to partaking in working makes me want to off myself.

No. 1986911

You clearly have no experience with or perspective into the industry.

No. 1987525

Sick of the fucking job search. I've made it to the final interview twice now. Someone said that perhaps I need to be more friendly (I'm autistic). Well, I'll keep it in mind, but now I'm not even getting interviews.

No. 1988015

My internship used to be pretty okay and I used to be able to learn things, but since the company entered a more intense phase of some big organisational changes, it became so fucking awful. I alternate between having nothing to do because I need several people to get back to me (and they don't, so I need to spam them) to having way too many vague tasks at once, and most of them aren't in my actual job description. Everyone is stressed, so many people are leaving, the team gets blamed by higher ups despite not being in charge of any of the things that are going wrong (but shareholders don't care and giving us additional, stupid work makes them happy!). I don't have a job lined up after this but I constantly consider quitting before my contract actually ends because this is such a shitty, anxiety-inducing experience and I'm tired of having to pretend I'm having a good time. I feel so sorry for the people who planned to keep working here for years and are getting fucked over by all the changes, too.

No. 1988026

I had to do inbound for a couple years at my medical office job, until calls were redirected to an actual call center because the number of them was overwhelming. It is hell, people are very mentally unhinged in any job where you work with the public in person too but they act out way more on the phone. I had to hang up some calls because they were so mental. You also get a lot of people who think you have all the time in the world trauma dumping on you while you're running on a clock. This doesn't happen as frequently in person because they feel the pressure of everyone else waiting in line and staring, but on call they can't feel it so they dc.

It gave me phone anxiety and I seriously don't miss it, I can't imagine outbound or doing sales. I'd probably crumple up and die.

No. 1989433

>overhear boss speaking to the contractor guy who used to hold my position
>”if she doesn’t work out, we’ll definitely be in touch!”
uhh should i be worried

No. 1989621

Samefag. Went to a job seeking group and it was helpful. Nobody in my industry unfortunately but everyone was so nice and supportive, and I'll be going back next week and to a couple more events. I may try and find a temp job to earn some extra cash in the meantime as well so I guess that'd be back to the retail grind for a bit but it's less soul sucking than being at home and feeling hopeless. For the first time in a long time I feel a little spark of confidence in myself.

No. 1990281

This is kind of random but can my job refuse to give me my paper paycheck during work hours? It’s something I always do when I finish all my orders, but today they refused and told me to come back when I am off the clock. Idk the whole exchange made me kinda salty

No. 1990307

No you shouldn't be worried, just do the job 1% above the work you expect to put in and you may very well be better than the previous guy

No. 1991587

>My company's had a tech position open for years and had probably hundreds of candidates apply but most of them are filtered out by the most basic of programming tests

Are there positions out there for front-end development at least? I'm not smart enough to handle security and shit.

No. 1992610

Looking for a new job after my moid of a boss told me to 'shut the fuck up' because I was telling him I was displeased he got a temporary worker to take MY overtime. I didn't want to work this weekend but he should have given me the option instead. He told me 'not to worry about it' but WTF?

No. 1992962

Now he's making me do OT even though there's nothing to do and the temp is also doing OT rn. Fml

No. 1993477

update kek. they called me and ended up firing me. apparently i had 3 other upn violations (what the fuck even are those??) and that was the 4th one so they had to terminate me. this is retarded

No. 1993494

Is it normal for my body to be rigid after work? It hurts all over, like i've been keeping my muscles taut the whole day. I wonder if it's due to subconscious anxiety? And so instead of showing it onoutside, your body processes it inwards? It doesn't feel good…

No. 1994178

File: 1715102832859.gif (435.35 KB, 220x166, 54235.gif)

Nonas i think i'm going insane, i need to leave my ghost city but i need to find a job to save money to do it.
The issue is that this place has nothing but family owned supermarkets and bars, there are some private doctors, saloons, one weird doorknob shop, one tailoring shop, some schools, some flower shops, even the hospital is failing even though i'm supposed to live in an important city.
It's a complete ghost town, any shop that opens closes, everytime i could find a job was somewhere out but i couldn't keep up with it because the train and bus services suck here.
I'd appreciate any tip but i'm really considering just looking for something online but i'm not sure what i have to look for, i thought that maybe after covid there would be more things like that but is it possible to get something stable out of it? I like to draw in my part time but i really want to keep that for other projects i have and not commissions.
I feel so awful, i've moved here since i was a kid and not even my mother could find a job here, my father worked in another city but ofc he had to leave my family.

No. 1994201

I recommend getting an online job to save up some money. Commissions can be good, but you would only be drawing the most degenerate porn so keep that in mind. It would be better to get something in customer service and save up a little money, then you can move to a big city and get an in person job.
Once you get to the big city, hotels are an easy starter job, but nursing homes normally also need people to make beds and bring the patients snacks. Worst case scenario, fast food is always hiring. You'll have to start out with several roommates (try to shoot for only female roommates), but as things get better and you get a better job, you'll make money and be able to move to better neighborhoods.

No. 1994293

>Commissions can be good, but you would only be drawing the most degenerate porn so keep that in mind.
What even kek… You can do commissions and not do any porn, it's not an issue.

No. 1994303

Not true. Porn gets the best highly paid commissions unfortunately, she should shoot for the furry community

No. 1994420

File: 1715121448443.jpeg (22.62 KB, 692x607, IMG_5275.jpeg)

I have an interview for an internship at a museum, my coworkers are already talking like I've bagged it but if I don't get this it will crush my soul

No. 1994628

I finally got a high paying job after 1.5 years of either getting ghosted or rejected, but I'm so nervous about fucking it up. My role is high intermediate/low senior and while it's nice to get a pretty good salary (40% increase) I hope I can survive the probation period. It's only the third week and man, I'm feeling some heat already, whether that is my own personal pressure or company pressure or both.

No. 1994923

Im losing my job at the end of the month, It's because the company is losing money but of course there is no accountability for how the money has been spent on useless digital tools or even worse, useless higher paid staff. We have one member of staff paid the highest in my team and all they do is write a newsletter once a month. Another, at the same level as newsletter staff doesn't even do half of their job because, and I quote, 'they don't like doing it' and they just get away with it. They're so top heavy as an organisation it's crazy.

I was told my job was chosen due to what it says on my job description, on paper, so anything I've actually done or gone above and beyond for never mattered. It's so shit. Now I have to start the job search all over again.

No. 1994924

We received an update status on the company two days ago, because our department couldn't attend the meeting three weeks ago (due to illnesses and people's days off, we were only two out of six in our team that work with customers face to face and had to be there to… y'know, do our fecking job).
CEO complains in the status update about staff costs being 2,6 million in our company which my department and colleagues are definitely not seeing the color of with our 18-21k/year salary kek and "really thinking about replacing people who quit to first use the synergies in the teams better" aka give the responsibilities of the person who quit to the next mule in the team that still had their own shit going on and wait until they snap and quit themselves, rince and repeat ad vitam eternam, but is fine with paying a prestige office floor with view over the whole city for almost a quarter million a year in a building that's breaking from the inside out (the old plumbing in the toilet smells of sewers, there are only two elevators out of six that really work, glass/plexiglass panels coating the facade have been falling down and being a hazard in town for the last 15-20 years). And now they're being reluctant to stay in the prestige floor because the company renting the floor raises the price by 42%. Upper management should have seen this coming since 2021 when the real estate prices were way more affordable and already looked at other office buildings to move to.
But nah fam, the real problem is the 2,6-2,7mio in staff costs, of course. Sure.

No. 1995200

Is applying for the same job 2 days in a row, bad? Annoying? I just want an interview

No. 1995208

didn't get the job cause I sperged out in the interview. sorry but the (40 year old) moid who interviewed me asked if I like star wars and I knee-jerked a "NO" and said "I'm a James Bond girlie"
kek but also lmao, fuck

No. 1995756

nona you sound fun and he sounds like a boring dork, don't let it get you down

No. 1995989

Opened linkedin and saw my successful peers being successful. I can't do this shit nonnies

No. 1996032

try to remind yourself there are plenty of other things in their lives that can be stressing them out or making them miserable

No. 1996055

Thank you ♥

No. 1996714

It’s been two years since I was wrongfully terminated from my last job and now had the courage to anonymously shit on it (with minor changes to my position ‘cause I’m still a pussy) on a job board.

No. 1996734

kind of weird and I havent personally tried it but DataAnnotation is a remote company where you rate AI-generated code and critique it. My friend got paid through it recently. Maybe you can pass code through to chatgpt and ask it to critique kek, there's a lot of "AI-rater" jobs getting posted nowadays.

No. 1997573

Corporate job trainings bore me to tears. I'm doing one for a new job right now and it's several employees droning on for over 100+ slides full of pseudoscience mumbo jumbo for 8 hours per day, save for an occasional break out room but those are just annoying and confusing. The things HR and execs do to justify their salary…

No. 1997574


I have been doing DA and I can vouch for it. It is good money if you are on the coding side.

No. 1997617

It's still about $20 a hour none coding, you just need to fact check huge swathes of text

No. 1997629


Yeah I know, I get non-coding as well. Just letting them know because coding can go up to $40/hr. I don't think this job is sustainable full-time and as a single source of income, but still a pretty neat side gig. I've had other gigs but they were all just literal beer money. Never seen one pay this high for work that quickly lucrative.

No. 1998314

Any advice for people wanting to juggle 2 remote jobs, 1 local and 1 foreign? I'm trying to look for extra work for a foreign company as a virtual assistant/captioner but having a hard time looking for postings that aren't unreasonable out the ass with regard to qualifications. Any ideas for other positions to apply for?

No. 1998841

Kind of a strange question but my dad (who I live with) was arrested recently, and I'm just wondering if that would affect an upcoming work-related background check for me?

No. 1998846

Unless you’re looking to work for the feds, most companies don’t check on relatives and just focus on your background

No. 2001280

File: 1715611013283.png (144.15 KB, 236x350, AEDgKeHgdB.png)

How cringe is it to put "Youtube Content Creator - Self Employed" on a resume?
I've been leaving it out, but the gap that creates looks like absolute trash because Youtube was almost all I did from 2018 to 2021.
The jobs I'm aiming for are just part time ones like data entry/hotel receptionist/waitress, nothing fancy. If the rest of my resume wasn't so fucked I wouldn't even be stressing about this as much as I am, but alas, it is.
The thing is, I can easily spin what my channel was about to sound good, but if anyone asks for its name I'm fucked kek. The videos really weren't professional, and I feel like being a full time Youtube content creator is unusual enough for the interviewers to comment on it and want to know more. I learned many valuable skills from it though, and the videos took a lot of work, so I'm leaning towards including it. It's not like I was unemployed during that time.
What do you workfag nonnies think? Leave it out? Include it? Kill myself? I just don't know.

No. 2001291

Maybe don't include the youtube part to make it sound more vague? Just say you were a self employed content creator and what skills you learned through it. If they ask about your channel you could say that you deleted it after quitting or that you don't want to talk about in detail because the content itself isn't relevant to the job, only the gained skills are. There's probably no way they could find it anyway

No. 2001292

idk nonna…can you say 'internet resource maker? hopefully that works better

No. 2001294

I'd suggest to make the title sound more formal, use something like developer, producer, or generator instead of creator.

No. 2001302

I think it would only work out if you were willing to link to your YouTube channel and if you were clearly putting out well-made content at a decent rate. It's OK if it doesn't have many views, but it should feel like it clearly has appeal to some audience and it should not feel immature.
It would still turn a lot of employers off, but it's also a great hook for hiring managers that value having interesting people to work with that can clearly self-motivate.

No. 2001345

I'm worried they'd think I was an e-whore if I made it sound really vague kek. At least with a monetized Youtube channel it's clear that my videos were normal enough for ads to play on them, you know?

Hmm. Producer sounds pretty good. Or maybe Internet/Content Marketer or something…? Thanks for the suggestions, it sounds a lot less cringe than Content Creator.

I got a good amount of views back then, which is why I used it as my main source of income for some time. Unfortunately the content was immature lol, so the thought of an employer watching it makes me want to die of embarrassment. I started the channel when I was in my early 20s and still kind of retarded, and I can't really delete any of the older vids because those are the ones with the most views.

No. 2001719

Is DA genuinely not a meme? I've been desperate for another side gig to cover rent because 6hr+ shifts outside the house are too much for my back. How many hours per day/week do you usually get to do?

No. 2001747

What kind of certificates can you get where you can get a decent paying job? I know that sounds extremely retarded and really the only way to get a decent job is going through higher education (4 year university), but I mean jobs where it’s sort of like data entry/assistant/front desk but in areas of housing/buildings. Idk they just seem really hard to crack in without at least 2 years of certification/education.

No. 2002256

File: 1715678140271.jpg (31.74 KB, 640x360, 1000013341.jpg)

Has anyone here switched fields successfully? How did you do it and how much time did it take? Also, which field did you go into?

No. 2002273

Typically something blue collar related like trucking or something like an ultrasound tech or so. Be careful for different scammy schools though (usually community colleges) since a lot of those programs have quotas to fail a certain amount of people out

No. 2002276

Just switched from Engineering to a Business Analyst role. I’d say it took around 6 months. I took a data analyst nano degree program (comprised of 3 intensive courses) during those months to brush up my analysis skills (sql, tableau, python). I also crafted my resume according to the job descriptions of jobs I applied for. Tried my best to draw parallels to the job roles with my previous role. I prepped hard for interview questions. Be prepared to answer why and what motivated you to make a career transition and make it sound good. I also had my projects (my coursework) to showcase on standby although the interviewers never end up asking because they were pleased enough with my other answers.

No. 2002321

I spin my indie gamedev as being a freelance graphic designer/illustrator for other people's games. No one has ever asked to see examples (since my actual design portfolio is enough). I'd go with "Freelance video editor" or something like that; you can pretend you were editing for other youtubers rather than yourself so they don't ask for links (but really, most people don't care).

No. 2002399

would become an ultrasound tech or even pharmacy tech but the amount of horror stories and pain my mother has endured for years working in the healthcare system makes me want to stay far away, it’s worse if you aren’t a protected employee like a doctor or higher-up

No. 2002427

File: 1715697072453.jpg (19.95 KB, 736x674, shigechan.jpg)

I want to get a second degree and change careers, so nonnas employed in these areas:
- Anthropology
- Philosophy
- Art/art studies/whatever it is that americans call it
- Psychology
What is your actual job? How related is it to your degree? Do you like it?

No. 2002450

>museum in my city is hiring top dollar for art restoration professional
>remember 10 years ago when my family shit talked me that art studies and conservation isn't a real career path and pushed me to study accounting by only offering financial support if I listen
>feel bittersweet but happy that someone will have an awesome job in such a cool institution

Don't listen to family that tells you to be practical and not specialize. Being a niche specialist just means you might have to move, but you will always be sought somewhere. Being a practical generalist normie means you will always have competition, sometimes 10k+ competing applicants.

No. 2002459

don’t believe in this anon’s lies. took her 10 fucking years for luck to break out with her basket weaving degree. sell out and choose a job/education that is in-demand

No. 2002468

One of the guys on my job site thinks I'm really shitty at what I do but honestly I just don't like him so I half ass everything I do for him kek

No. 2002470

I think you might need to re-read it.

No. 2002472

Meant with degrees in these areas not employed in these areas gdi

No. 2002474

you missed sociology and any "studies" degree

No. 2002487

One of my colleagues is obsessed with chatGPT, he bought a subsciption to like the most recently released, non-public version and makes it do his job. He's also "learning programming" in one of the classes he's taking for a programme our organization put him into, and by learning I mean he feeds their home works and class assignments into ChatGPT and gives it back. He's always excitedly telling me what "he" managed to do with the help of ChatGPT, by prompting it for like 4-5 work hours because I'm known to fuck around with scripting some of my tasks, obviously it's some very sub-amateur shit I do for fun.
He's always beaming with pride and I don't want any workplace conflict, but I don't know how he can pretend he learned anything or that he's gaining any skills when he doesn't modify any code himself, he just prods this AI for hours until it can produce a passable result. I've used openAI to mine some texts, so it's not like I'm an absolute luddite, but this shit seems ridiculous, and I don't know how can he not see he's only hurting his own competence by letting this AI-assisant do all of the "thinking". Is this really the future? Will people just not do any studying because they trust the AI will be able to do it? It's fucking bleak and I want to slap this guy

No. 2002501

File: 1715701042963.jpeg (175.36 KB, 1000x667, IMG_1385.jpeg)

I just found out that my job ends at the end of the month. Is it bad if I feel bitter towards the people who decided I should be fired? I’m a contract worker who was told from the start that it would evolve into a full-time offer due to a hiring freeze. Then the VP in charge got fired and replaced, and now the new VP & CFO said that all contractors have to be terminated at the end of the month. The funny thing is that this only came into question because my director tried asking her if I could be brought on full-time yet. Thank god I have another job already lined up at a way bigger company with way more growth opportunities and it’s lining up perfectly so I won’t be unemployed. Still feels like shit because I was really excited for this lady to replace the old VP, only for her to ultimately fire me.

No. 2002503

I am going to start college soon, for accounting. I am scared because i am retarded, definetly dumber than the average person. There is a high chance i might fail and lose years of my life.

No. 2002527

I believe in you nona. Even if you're a little slow, if you put in the work put in the hours you can finish it and have a successful career.

No. 2002548

It's 85% good habits, effective studying and preserverance, your actual intelligence matters much less than you think it does. You can do it, good luck!

No. 2002586

A bit worried about an interaction between me and a student. He started bringing up xxxtentacion, that loser dead midget faggot rapper who ruptured a womans internal organs by sodomising her with a bbq implement. I calmly told him I didn't want to discuss people who hurt women in my class. He mentioned him again and I just repeated what I just said again, and then he said 'he didnt do that' like who the fuck do you think you are? I calmly asked him to step outside the classroom and he's made a formal complaint about me. Wtf.
Pretty sure none of the other kids would think I was out of line and hoping if it came to it then they would come to bat for me but wtf seriously. And yes he has said misogynistic things before, saying loyal women do not exist and asking me if I would leave my husband for Chris Hemsworth. (Hubby is exponentially better looking).

No. 2002599

Do you teach high school? He sounds like the kind of retarded chatterbox I couldn't stand even as a student myself. If you can, tell him to stop wasting class time and that no one cares what he thinks.

No. 2002605

Exactly like why are you trying to derail the lesson to defend the reputation of a dead rapist? If you idolise him so much then why don't you go and die like he did? Men get so pissed when they can't control other people's beliefs about some retarded faggot who they worship for fuck knows why

No. 2002692

Most teenage boys think xxx was a retarded faggot anyway so I bet he gets bullied among his peers for it.

No. 2002814

I have nothing to contribute other than to say imagining one of my middle or highschool teachers saying
>loser dead midget faggot rapper
made me kek

No. 2003117

i would say video editor

No. 2003454

File: 1715766094774.jpg (39.17 KB, 640x578, 1000009797.jpg)

Does anyone know about business fraud, or could ask someone who does? I'm seriously considering sending in an anonymous IRS snitch form about my current work. It's a 501c3 college.

>last year we lost a ton of support staff and most are now assuming an accreditation issue started in October due to other issues
>my boss suddenly quit
>boss was necessary staff, mid-semester, it's a mess
>administration hires a new lady
>full-time job, great, we just need someone
>Oh no she's a massive bitch
>she's 8 months pregnant
>immediately leaves in November for maternity leave saying she'll be back in February
>she never came back
>good riddance
>we sincerely thought she quit
>in the meantime we got a temp boss
>she's great, may as well full-time her because other bitch isn't showing up
>turns out our departments are bullying my temp boss threatening that the full-time lady will show up
>also turns out the full-timer was hired on immediately, no temping, and has been collecting maternity leave money and a salary this entire time
>she has been completely AWOL unless she's exclusively talking to people above my head, which isn't a huge group
>that position is supposed to schedule hours for me and a few others, and she's done none of that, temp boss and another temp have been doing it, which has honestly been good
>last thing full-time lady ever asked me to do was double-booking me for 2 shifts and not paying for 2x the hours
>I just found out about the full-time pay yesterday

Other semi-related issue is one of the upper managers let slip that their employment is "an arrangement" because they're full-time elsewhere. They're paid benefits and full-time salary while not feasibly working those hours at the school. I'm less familiar with that one though since it's possible they're massively overworked, which is another problem by itself.
Is this considered kickbacks? Is it legal at all? Another similar school went under a few years ago for shit like this and there seem to be ongoing issues at the top, so if I did anything it won't overshadow their current circus. I'm already in the process of leaving this job, and nobody here was a reference, so I have nothing to lose, but I do have more info access than I should. There's a mess of other problems but this was the most transparent money-related one I've seen.

No. 2003672

Based nonna. Even better gaslight him, make everyone talk positively about you and how much of a good job you do around him so he's never believed kek

No. 2004322

I used to do Instacart a few years ago and want to get into it again on the side. Even though it barely paid and the stores were always out of everything (this was during COVID), it was easy and I like working independently. But I go to the grocery store so much I know the regular Instacart shoppers. They are either disabled in some way or otherwise seem low income. And I feel guilty taking the work from them when I have a source of income.

No. 2004337

I’m autistic, so I get services that help me find a job, and I think I found the perfect one! Right now, I’m going for a simple receptionist job. I still need to go through training, but I am shedding my neet status!

No. 2004345

Good for you, good luck! I liked being a receptionist, it's not stressfull and not mind numbing boring either.

No. 2004404

have to clock in from lunch soon and i just don’t want to do it. nobody really wants to work and i understand i’m not special but god i don’t want to engage in meetings that could be emails. i thought everyone was joking but this really does happen in corpocuckville, you need to spend 3 hours listening to someone work out their problems by using you as a soundboard and basically run over themselves.

No. 2004423

Month 4 of being unemployed. Not a single call or even rejection email. I just want to give up but, money and bills.

No. 2004424

I live in a cold place where I can wear long sleeves and pants even most days in summer, but in June my company is going on a conference to a really warm country and people are planning to go to the beach, hang out by the pool and bathe. I'm really terrified of showing my skin, because I had a severe skin condition through my childhood and teenage years that has left most of my body with scars, and the rash still flares up a lot on my legs and arms. It's not pretty. People think I've been a burn victim. I'm the newest hire at this job and I've managed to click nicely with my coworkers on a surface level, but I want to avoid anything that might make me seem weird or awkward. Would you nonnies be more weirded out if the new hire remained covered up the whole time, or would you be more weirded out to see her skin being all mangled and blotchy? I want to avoid bathing at all cost, but shorts and a t-shirt while hanging out by the pool could be okay. I'm probably overthinking this, but I've managed to avoid having my condition seen in public for so many years I don't know how people would react.

No. 2004433

Can't you be like "oh no I don't like the beach/swimming I'd rather go shopping/experience culture hahaha~"

No. 2004441

Is anyone here in nursing? I’m planning on going to school for it because of the nightshifts and 12hr days. I used to do dental assisting, software dev, and childcare. I’m extremely short so I’m worried about lifting patients who are 2-4 times my size. Could I get around this by working with children? Maybe babies? School nursing would interesting it just pays so low. I feel very comfortable in medical settings I just worry my size is going to make the job impossible. When dental assisting I struggled because the chairs did not fit my body. I had to stand for every operation. Holy back pain!!

No. 2004504

They'll probably hang out at the pool during the day, so maybe you could pretend like the unusual weather and sun beaming down on you gives you a headache? And then join them when they go out to mostly indoor activities and in the evening. I think hanging out fully clothed by the pool is weird, but it's pretty normal at the beach.

No. 2004505

I have scars and I cover my whole body all year round. I've been asked at work why I dress that way and I'm pretty upfront that I have issues with my skin. I've never been bothered by anyone after saying that, but when I used to show my skin I was treated horribly. I wear a wetsuit when I go to the beach and I guess it's a bit bizarre because I'm not doing a sport but I don't really feel self conscious about it because there's usually a few other people in wetsuits.

No. 2004562

>Would you nonnies be more weirded out if the new hire remained covered up the whole time
would I? hell no because I'd also be covered up myself. will work normies? they might make a joke or assume you're super insecure or something. i say fuck them. i am personally more comfortable with keeping covered and i prefer keeping others wondering why over them doing that thing where they try not to stare at you. i really hate the idea of people being able to see, some might even ask because they're sheltered, anyone who doesn't will wonder and may gossip about it with others. just my 2 cents

No. 2004576

Accidentally asked my safety officer if I was stinky while he was on a meeting with all the higher ups. Oops

No. 2004597

boss told me she might call me after hours for
work. i’m dreading it and hoping she doesn’t. but if she does i’m hourly so you can bet your sweet fucking ass i am clocking in

No. 2004648

File: 1715813107634.jpg (63.98 KB, 540x400, tumblr_oxo8doCbrv1tovmb9o2_540…)

I hate trying to find a job in this shit hole. I've got nothing against immigration (my parents are immigrants themselves), but the sheer amount of them has made it impossible to find work. You've got lines around the block just for a chance to work at a liquor store. What the hell am I even going to do? I can't possibly compete with that many people. I hate living here.

No. 2004659

I posted this in the vent thread but it's relevent here.

A guy from my old job has been nominated for a national award based on work I did!!!

I cant fucking believe it, he was the team leader I was deputy for a side project at work, I did all of the work because he didnt give a shit. I set the whole fucking team up. I managed everthing. I did everyone elses work as noone else cared. I set up the events. I made the connections, partnerships, relationships with outside parties that was needed. I set up lot's of template files, wrote instructions to carry it on after I left as I didnt want it to collapse. I bumped into an old collegue today and ask if he knew if my old side project was still running, and he fucking tells me the guy is nominated for a national award FOR MY FUCKING WORK!!!!!!!!! ITS FUCKING UNBELIEVABLE!!!

There is fuck all I can do about it! I hope he doesn't win.

Nonnas learn from this never ever set others up to succeed, when you leave a job or when you are at a job don;t leave instructions, don;t leave templates, don't do or leave anything that can help others, delete everything.

No. 2004740

Hopefully this isn’t considered insensitive but honestly if they’re not self-harm scars then I wouldn’t be ashamed at all. Yes people might pity you but is it really worth sweating your ass off for some accidental scars? If there’s a stigma against your scarring that can be used against you professionally then I would probably try to cover it. I have tons of old self-harm scars and wear long sleeves all the time. I decided to see a dermatologist to at least lessen their appearance (that could be an option for you) so I won’t be as paranoid of them being noticed immediately by others; however I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear short sleeves because of the chance of someone looking close and recognizing them, and then treating me differently because of it. But a burn scar or skin condition? You’re fine imo.

No. 2004745

File: 1715821314389.jpg (70.36 KB, 1000x562, 0c925644789221d53514ba52293dd0…)

Both of my applications for a company went from "under consideration" to "submitted" after 20 days of waiting, and I have no idea if that's good or bad.

No. 2004863

Sorry if this is retarded, but is it not possible at all to anonymously contact whichever national organization it is and tell them this guy stole all your work/didn't do any of it himself? Or do you not have any proof it's yours? What about testimony from others? I'm so sorry nonna, this is so enraging. That guy is a massive dick for taking credit for your work.

No. 2004924

Is it normal for your pay getting deducted for mistakes at the cashier? It's a new place I'm working at so mistakes are bound to happen even if one is extremely careful. I've worked with money before but this is the first time I've encountered this rule. There should at least be some sort of immunity for someone just starting out. My training was supposed to be two weeks long but I've started working for real with no supervision in three days. And no, it's not a supermarket or a grocery shop, there's quite a lot of stuff to learn.

No. 2004961

I worked as a cashier at a bunch of different supermarkets and stores when I was younger and never encountered this. I'm not sure it's even legal? Where do you work?

No. 2004995

I dont think so he would have been nominated by my old office so the award organisation would have no idea.
The proof would be on my old offices system and they would be unlikely to care as it looks good for them to have him nominated especially if he wins so they would probably cover for him if they knew.

No. 2005038

I’ve heard of stuff like that at gas stations happening if someone drives off without paying for gas. That’s what my dad said anyway. I asked how that could be legal, and iirc he replied with something like “um, well, it’s kinda not exactly but no one is going to enforce that so you’d still be on the hook for it”

No. 2005323

File: 1715873577893.png (230.29 KB, 474x313, IMG_4891.png)

>coworker offered to let me rent in the in-law apartment at their family's house
>need a place closer to my jobs and they've helped me out at work so it didn't sound too bad
>told me today that they found pics of me/my college graduation info online and texted it to their brother because they want to introduce me to him
>2nd coworker overhears this, tells me it'd be a good thing for me and starts asking the other coworker about how much money he has and what his job history
why do people have to be like this, what the fuck

No. 2005394

Sorry anon, they sound annoying as hell. Why are people obsessed with the fact that you’re single and not trying for a relationship if you’re a woman. I find that it’s always people who are married/in relationships and it’s almost like they pity you which just makes me feel bad. And it’s not just women in my case, my married male coworkers have tried to ask me about various guys in the office and one said that he was husband hunting for me. Going forward I think I’m gonna try to be more discreet about being single because there will always be those people who find out and the cogs in their brain start turning to try and set you up with someone likely because it’s more entertaining for them than doing actual work.

No. 2005397

Thanks for confirming my suspicions.
Just got back from my shift. Anons, I don't know what I got myself into. This really should be illegal.
>I'm not sure it's even legal? Where do you work?
In a tourist trap in Europe. And as a receptionist in a camp. There's different type of units one can rent (pitches and mobile houses) and different type of services and different type of clients. This place has such convoluted ways to do things that should be simple let alone when any level of complexity is involved. The program we use is ancient, laggy and sometimes it doesn't record something properly so we have to double check everything. I barely got the hang of basics so the fact that I'm already on my own albeit with occasional help from my busy colleagues scares me. Learning through trial and error is fine if there's not a pay-deducting rule enforced. They can't have it both ways, barely train someone and then expect them to pay for their mistakes that are 100% going to happen. The stress simply isn't worth it. Plus there are other insane rules like not being allowed to sit for some reason which hurts when you're supposed to work 8 hours per day, six days per week. Standing when there are guests at the desk is reasonable. If they told me any of this before signing the contract I would have bailed out. As it currently stands I will be looking for other jobs from now on, but come next month, I will be resigning either way. The stakes are too high especially since "mistakes" can easily get into 300-400 euro range.

No. 2005560

takes a bow

I am being pulled into a meeting about this tomorrow morning, please pray that I do not lose my job over this nonnies. This is a private school which is why this vexatious complaint is being given any airtime.

No. 2005658

File: 1715890652763.jpeg (25.1 KB, 460x400, a51.jpeg)

I think I had the worst vet tech week ever.

>working at an animal shelter for 5 years as the head and only licensed tech

>Worked the place up from a literal illegal drug den shit hole to something a city could be proud of
>vet tech week rolls around
>for the first time ever, board actually recognizes VT week and gets us food
>on my clocked out lunch, the board corners me while I try to eat to ask me about a controversial topic in the shelter
>take a neutral position because I could get fired by manager, assistant manager or by the board, all of whom have different views
>very next day, get word that I'm being demoted, the yearly raise that everyone had gotten for 5 years is being taken away from me, and that my position and my accumulated raises are given to an unlicensed heroin addicted moid who was still green
I was basically forced to quit. They wouldn't fire me because then their unemployment insurance may increase, so instead they threaten my career.
I still put in my 2 weeks but the shit I had to do to animals in that time will forever haunt me. I was absolutely berated in those few weeks, I was treated like trash, I was publicly humiliated both in front of coworkers and peers and the general public. I loved shelter work, I like vet med, but I haven't done either since I left. I haven't done fucking anything besides putter around some remote jobs for a few weeks. I would rather be homeless than go to work again. What is wrong with me.

I've worked in the non-profit sector almost my whole life. In my experience, most 501c3's are doing something sketchy, if not total money laundering through smurfing or shell companies. Yours is def on the sketchy side. I would look into different ways people can use non profits to make money 'clean', see if there's any nepotism with this upper management, and keep an eye out for things like asking specifically for small donations or large donations in cash, which are easier to hide from the IRS. A big red flag for me is if you have board members or big donors from all over the world, IF your non-profit isn't hugely popular or largely international. Let me know what you find if you can safely, nonnie. I find that type of stuff interesting.

No. 2005718

File: 1715895506573.jpg (62.01 KB, 1080x760, 1651754390278.jpg)

AYRT, hilariously good timing.
Temp boss gave me the dirt the other day - we're being audited. We figured something was going on with ongoing staffing issues, EVERY new person being a spouse or personal friend to our chair, and people suddenly jumping ship a few months ago. Our theory is my last boss who bailed tipped off either an accreditation board or the IRS. Our controller and basically everyone managing accreditation, statistics, and money, disappeared and the positions are open. Maybe 2 months ago, we had people who looked way too official to be here prying about what type of school we were and looking at facilities; I figured they were assessors.

Turns out our department chair got caught using the college fund to pay off his buddies for "faculty dinners" while promising them faculty jobs next year. He has a whole class dedicated to his friends coming in and just bullshitting to the freshmen. The bullshit "full-time" hours came up as well. Someone from a different department has been getting paid but they're refusing to on-board her, she made a huge stink about it on her own and that just set off this wave of shit in the last 2 weeks. I guess there's a state law that requires on-boarding if you are paying someone over a certain amount for services. We just had our timecards partly taken away, now all our event work has had to be reported on-paper instead of online. I'm glossing over a lot of drama but we fucking figured something was going on just from how many cronies started showing up telling us to bill like crazy. Titanic's sinking and these dumbasses are raiding the kitchen.

I'm not very knowledgeable about FERPA but this coincides with federal aid for "classes outside your major" getting rescinded/no longer approved. The place is small but expensive, so this was odd because there aren't really irrelevant classes, per se. It's an art college so unless you're begging to take math 5 times over or some shit, everything is still within the subject you're studying. Thank fuck my last day is tomorrow, this looks eerily similar to how the Art Institute went down.

No. 2007113

File: 1715990278367.png (131.35 KB, 614x547, 1617935913861.png)

I lied on my job interview about having a driver's license. I don't have a DUI or any criminal record and I have a valid ID card.

In the 2nd screening they want me to either go to the office or a virtual interview; I know that going there physically will increase my chances but should I pick virtual just to be safe from license checking?

My job doesn't even require me to operate a car at any point in time either. All of this won't fuck me in the ass at any point right?

No. 2007175

Years ago, I lied about having a license because it didn't sound like I would really need a car from the job description and it immediately fucked me over. I had to quit the job after like 2 days. It was an underpaid wagie job so nothing of value was lost.

No. 2007213

This is just a rant. I work in a warehouse and recently we got a bunch of young hires. Admittedly the work is tedious, demanding, and hard, but we have a few that stick it out the entire shift and appreciate their hard work. Then there are the rest of them. It feels like I'm in the twilight zone. They refuse to work, refuse to help, and refuse to listen. They'll stand there talking the entire time and if they see one of their fellow employees struggling, will either laugh at them or pretend they don't see it. Things that used to run smoothly are getting congested and backed up because no one wants to do anything, and it's putting a lot of stress on the workers who've been here. I don't know why management doesn't do anything about them, but work has been a lot harder since they've arrived. Yesterday was especially infuriating for me because I got put in charge to "train" two of the new hires, a boy and a girl. Technically, the work is simplistic enough. Pick up box, drop box, do it again. Instead they complained the entire time and when they weren't doing that they were flirting, refused to help at any point, and just kind of watched me work instead. The boy was especially nasty, making snide comments about me saying how he dislikes girls who "aren't feminine." While the girl acted as if she couldn't pick up a box and that I should do it instead. I told them gender has nothing to do with working hard and if you feel that way, maybe you should find another job instead of working here. Unfortunately, our job kind of hires anyone so I'm surrounded by the lowest reaches of society. I'm admittedly only here because I fucked up in my 20s and it was the only place hiring with a decent amount of money. I reported both of them and since they've formed their little groups now, I may end up being public enemy number one, but I've been working this job for months with no problems until these new hires showed up threatening to fuck that all up. I just want to work my job and get my degree finished. At least I'm in college and this job is a means to an end. I made sure to study in something that will ensure I get a job out of college (medical field), so hopefully, I never end up in this position again. On the plus side, I've lost a lot of weight and my body looks really toned and nice. I was surprised looking in the mirror one morning.

No. 2007225

I found out the company I worked for a few months ago acquired a Canadian company today. That's 4 companies acquired within a fucking year. I pity the poor girl who got my job because I couldn't handle the 3 new ones.

No. 2007237

Assuming you're a burger they will ask for two forms of ID, so get your birth certificate and ssn card as your two forms, say you left your liscence at home or smth

No. 2007333

So fucking glad I'm leaving my current job. We did our last commencement event and it was a fucking shitshow. The "thanks" I got for showing up early was a shitty box of leftover candy and what was left of re-used and discarded flowers from yesterday's event. I love my coworkers but I can't stand some of the literal students they have as "event staff" under us that just stand around and don't do shit. It's so jading to be kinda the last person who has knowledge about how the place works since just about everyone I knew who helped the most had quit. I'm not going to let myself get farmed out in the same way friends did when they were under the false impression that constantly being called for grunt work meant upward mobility or that they were liked. Place is full of assholes and literally sees staff as "the help." Whatever, fuck this place. I feel bad for throwing the flowers in the yard for the bunnies but I don't really want to see them anymore.

No. 2007369

Good for you nonna. It'll all pay off soon, you know that.

No. 2008730

File: 1716089324797.jpeg (41.03 KB, 612x428, istockphoto-530414873-612x612.…)

I work as a part time library associate, while working on my masters in library/information science. My goal is to focus in archives or whatever else lets me stay in the back away from the public and work with history. Well, our small library got a big grant to expand our local archives and create more local history initiatives. That includes a new full time job position all about that, as well as assisting people with digitizing photos or old media formats. The requirements are a masters OR ample experience with working with that stuff. I'm halfway done with my degree, and have helped with small things in the archives off and on already.

The only thing that terrifies me is that it may require me to be social. Like community outreach, planning programs, talking to stakeholders, etc. I'm an introvert, so that may be difficult to get over. Also, I'm a part time worker/part time student right now so if I got it my personal time would be sliced in half. But more hours=more money and all. Plus benefits. I can't really lose by applying. If I don't get it, it'll be status quo. If I do, I'd just have to get out of my comfort zone and be slightly richer for it.

No. 2008745

>The only thing that terrifies me is that it may require me to be social. Like community outreach, planning programs, talking to stakeholders, etc.

just go for it. something can terrify you for the first couple of times, then its just makes you nervous, and after enough experience with it, it may even begin to bore you or become enjoyable.

No. 2008758

also working on my MLS! Not working over the summer but during the school year I've been doing everything I can to find part time work. I'm so scared about how difficult it'll be to find a full time job once I graduate

No. 2009290

omg fellow mls nonnies! my advice is to write your master thesis about something you want to work with and make sure to get as much experience as possible. if you're unable to get a part time job i suggest volunteer work, student conferences etc. you should totally apply for jobs that seem interesting even though they're out of your comfort zone. if it turns out that you hate the job, changing to a more suitable one will be much more manageable as you've gained relevant work experience.

i completed my degree a couple of years ago and in my experience there are way more opportunities with a mls than one is aware of. as a student i was fortunate enough to work as a media archivist and then a library assistant at a uni library. after i graduated i worked full time as a research librarian, but after a uear switched to a corporate archivist job where i work with information & records management. i'm actually pretty outgoing and loved the social aspect of being a librarian kek, but the corp. archivist job pays so much better. the difference is huge, like a 2000€ yearly salary difference.

No. 2009497

Original MLS nonna here. My degree plan includes information science as well. It applies to so many fields besides just libraries because information is everywhere, so I'm not worried about it being too narrow. It's certainly more helpful for getting a job than my bachelor's in history.

I'm going to apply. It's definitely the closest to my preferred career path and it's not something that comes up often. Plus, I already work at this library so I literally know everyone, the layout, and most of the processes. I have a good relationship with the librarians so I'm sure if I need support I can go to them.

No. 2009605

File: 1716143847523.jpg (35.93 KB, 425x237, tumblr_mlett1T4Fs1qc5laro5_500…)

i can tell my boss really really really wants me to volunteer for overtime. i'll get paid for it (one of the benefits of being hourly), but i'm not at all keen and i'm also very firm on getting out of the office at 5:00 pm. this friday i had a stroke of luck and managed to solve an issue they were having for years, apparently, in 30 minutes and i don't mean to imply i'm a super genius but these are all boomers who didn't understand how xml worked and also, apparently, could not googlefu a solution as i did kek and my boss was like "oh cool…what are you doing this weekend? maybe we could [do more work on this together even though you've fixed it rather than just take an hour or two on monday which is more than possible]?" and i just told her my ride was here and i really had to go

she's an excellent boss btw, far better than my last 3 bosses, but a boss is a boss and it's all about turning profit. thanks for reading my blog

No. 2009687

Next time just say no, I'm not available on (moment) and offer no specific reason. Usually works unless you have an exceptionally noisy/entitled boss who demands to know exactly why you're not available outside workhours.

No. 2009755

You should definitely say no, if you aren't firm about it you'll set the expectation that you're totally fine with working outside of work hours.

No. 2009915

Lucky me, my program doesn’t make us write a master’s thesis. I’d like to work in a publi cv library when I graduate which seems like one of the easier positions to get into but also one of the worst paying. I think I’d really enjoy the job though

No. 2009964

won't i get in trouble for outright saying no, though, especially as a new employee? i've only been working here for 3 months. technically 2.5 but linkedin rounds it to 3 so i'll just go with that kek

No. 2009995

ayrt, good luck nonna! my friend has that job and she loves it

No. 2010004

File: 1716158943611.jpg (27.04 KB, 735x413, a8278c9ebc4d7bf3294dca2097d658…)

Nonnas, is UX still worth learning? I feel interest towards UX writing, but I believe it would be better to get a good grasp of the whole thing before choosing something to specialize into, right?
I'd like to leave customer service once I finish my degree later this year, but my brain is in a constant cycle between the UX field and copywriting (some aspects of it also interest me) and it's hard to decide when I don't know anyone who has knowledge in those areas.
It also doesn't help I'm an anxious mess and very afraid of investing time and money into courses and ending up regretting my choices. Thanks in advance!

No. 2010099

File: 1716165884333.mp4 (6.33 MB, 1280x720, meow.camera_486961787839390076…)

I think I'm getting burnout from my job. It kinda sucks because it felt like my first not-retail-wageslave full time job with coworkers who I get along really well with. I was even able to do a modified schedule to fit in college classes, which would have never worked at my old job. A few people I like have left or retired so it's not as amazing as when I first started, and I'm currently doing work for three different positions because of people on maternity leave…it's mentally exhausting. The work/college grind is taking its toll. I'll have the summer off but I'm really torn about leaving or not because I never had such a good work experience up until the last two months.

No. 2010992

Agh today was so fucking bad, and Tuesday is always the worst day so I’m dreading tomorrow

No. 2011635

yup there it is. If you continue in the non-profit sector, you'll see a pattern. It sucks, but it's the only way most non-profits are able to actually help a lot of people, because someone is profiting off of it.

Maybe it will get better after summer, assuming they hire some people and those on leave will be back?

Unfortunately, company loyalty went out the door when the company began treating workers like expendable cattle. Fuck em. Take care of yourself, because no one else will.

No. 2011772

Would I be stupid to go casual when I've already got a full-time job??? I'm currently doing full-time work for a company I don't entirely mind for the past 6 months, but I've found out that a company I worked casually for in the past (about 2 years) would like to come back to do more work for them and old colleagues have told me that I would be fairly stable in my position with full-time hours. They're also offering me full time but the full time rate is $2-3 more than what I'm earning, and casual rate is almost $10 an hour more. I live with my parents so the only reason I am weary about going casual is because the job market is annoying and I don't like finding another job. BTW I live in Australia.

No. 2012577

How do you explain an industry/career change without having it turned on you? Like for instance I came from a very cut-throat [sexist] industry full of incels and I try to say that I’m happy in the corporate world because I feel like it suits my personality better. If I say that the environment was not a fit, an interviewer will often try to turn that around and be like “well a good environment is not always a guarantee” even though there is a clear distinction between STEM academia incels and wage slaves in Corporate America. One of those groups is far nicer than the other and easier to work with. How do I say this in the most succinct way possible and avoid my explanation used against me?

No. 2012629

This may have changed since I was in aus but isn’t full time more secure then casual, as in if you’re casual they can fire you with no warning?
“I’m happier in the corporate world”, doesn’t really need more explanation, “it’s a better fit” “it suits my lifestyle more” “it was always the direction I saw myself taking” “turns out I’m good at it” “it was the work available when I moved/had a near death experience/finished my last assignment and I really love it so I’d like to continue” “it’s more lucrative” “more advancement opportunity”.

No. 2012642

I don't think that question has been sprung on me much, but my answer would be that I did enough in that role and didn't have another position to advance with.

No. 2013900

I have currently been employed at a dead-end job that I dread going to every week despite working only the minimum required hours. I've been working on applying to jobs in my desired career, and have not heard back from one but recently had an interview with another. The interview went well, but the location is inconvenient and I do not necessarily feel as inspired or excited at the prospect of working there as I would at the other places. I know there are many other locations I have yet to apply to, but I am hesitant to turn down the inconveniently located position. I feel guilty, especially toward the "clients" I would be turning down who might need help. I also truly loathe my job, but at least it is close by and I do not have to work my butt off. I am simply very conflicted. My friends encourage me to turn down this job and simply keep searching nearby, but I remain apprehensive and would love your advice.

No. 2013986

I'm working in a very niche field and my current workplace is extremely toxic and soul-crushing. I wanted to find another job in that field, but there is just 5 job offers in entire country, two of which require a different skill set than mine. Other three are in big cities but the pay is not enough to cover the rent and expenses in the capital. What the fuck did I get myself into?

No. 2014059

>apply for job at a technology recycling company
>interview goes well
>not even nervous at the interview because i know i can do the job
>they don't hire me
The fuck is this shit. The only reason I can think of why they didn't hire me is because I'm a woman. Guess the red flag I should have noticed was that there were no young women working there. I'm convinced the manager hired a man instead because a good looking young woman would be too distracting or tempting for him or he didn't believe I knew shit about computers. Looking for jobs as a woman is ass.

No. 2014076

Anons plz I have my first interview in 4.5 months for a job in my annoyingly niche field, in a beautiful new city; for 2$ more than my city's avg wage. I know there's some hippie bullshit positive vibes thread somewhere but I saw this one first. Pray for me as I would and have for you, blessings upon us all.

No. 2014080

>Would I be stupid to go casual when I've already got a full-time job???


No. 2015297

File: 1716419045505.png (312.74 KB, 556x507, insurance.png)

I have an interview coming up for a role I've been waiting on for months, and I'm anxious about not getting it, as I've pretty much put everything else aside for it.
It will consist of your basic "are you a psycho" interview and a competency based assessment, so now I'm just revising and searching for tips on potential questions and how to appear more professional.

Good luck, I truly do hope you will pass it and be able to tackle anything that comes your way!

No. 2016023

look up body language techniques. confident body language, mirroring, eye contact, is pretty important when making a good impression. then just spit out some good buzzwords in your best impression of a regular person who doesn't use lolcow and you're in

No. 2016316

What's a good, low stress job if you want to work with your hands and get a fair amount of exercise in daily? Money isn't much of a factor for me but I'd prefer not interacting that much with customers. I'm reconsidering my life path and have an opportunity to do new schooling and such.

No. 2016337

Warehouse work maybe?

No. 2016345

Do warehouses usually hire women? I think that's a good suggestion but I remember my dad working in one and it was 95% men.

No. 2016438

Yeah, when I lived near a warehouse for a retail company there were men and women there. I knew one couple where the wife was a manager at the warehouse and her husband did the delivery/on the floor stuff. Maybe it depends on what the warehouse is for.

No. 2016459

Whether or not this is low stress depends entirely on your management and the warehouse. It could be backbreaking and stressful and potentially not even pay that much. I guess she wouldn't interact with customers though.
Just an idea but if you live in a city talk to your mailperson about becoming a CCA, they can tell you if the routes involve walking and if the management is terrible. I would not call it low stress to someone who does it as a career, but it can be a real clock-in-clock-out get your steps in type of job and might be less stressful if you're not in it for the long haul. If your city doesn't have walking routes don't do it for exercise, you'll just be driving and lifting heavy packages.

No. 2016554

Janitorial work is generally pretty calm. I used to do it at a hotel and never had to interact with guests. Housekeeping is stressful though

No. 2016698

Are you Canadian? I live close to the epicenter of the international student diploma mill problem. I'm an ex-neet student that hasn't worked since 2021, I feel so screwed. I figured immigrants are less likely to take liqour/weed store jobs because their parents tend to disapprove of drug use, but I guess they apply to that shit anyway.

No. 2017979

I sometimes train new employees in our department, and I have a question: is there a secret/tip to training (young) men? Almost all the women I’ve trained have been hardworking, attentive, and quick to learn. All the men I’ve trained have been slow, lazy, and make the same mistakes over and over again. They are also always far less qualified, often having no experience at all. Even the youngest women I’ve trained have at least a couple years’ experience. Anyway, any advice/experience?

No. 2018034

I'm a lawfag and I want to kill myself every day. I must have graduated with this degree through the power of sheer autism or something, because it's got nothing to do with me and I hate it. I already got accepted for a 2 year slave internship that's mandatory to pass my eurofag bar exam and I'm seriously considering suicide before I have to do. Any other nonas who are lawfags? I hate not going to artschool instead and trying to acquire a "stable" career. More like jisatsu career.

No. 2018061

You were going to hate being a barista because art didn't make you money too.

No. 2018072

At least you're a eurofag and didn't go 200k into debt for a law degree. No need for the sunk cost fallacy mentality in your case.

No. 2018143

I'm under considerable pressure to go to law school but I have zero interest in it. I'm already close to suicide but then there are no "respectable" jobs I could accept doing for the rest of my life, or even a few years. I think about killing myself every day and it's only getting worse. I just don't know what career I should be following if not for law.

No. 2018147

I’m about to start law school in the US and explaining to everyone that I’m just gonna be miserable for years for fun makes me regret every decision I’ve made up to this point kek

No. 2018149

>Any other nonas who are lawfags?
Not me but my bff went into healthcare law and then became a small town judge because she was fed up with the same things as you. Now she says her work makes more of a difference which makes it a lot better, and in a small place it's way more chill. So hang in there, there's ways out of the rat race.

No. 2018181

I know but it's only now that I realize there's a middle ground between "unemployed artist" and "24/7 workdays and unbearable amounts of stress". When I started my studies I sure didn't, my childhood was unstable so I was possessed into working towards the job that had an 100% employment rate in my country. Now I'm no longer (as much) mentally ill and I'm realizing I was just a traumatized and immature young adult making impulsive decisions and this is my life now.

That actually sounds quite nice nonna. I also want to work somewhere small and quiet just dealing with day to day life like stupid parking tickets or a pothole in the road that needs to be filled. One of my family members is a small town judge in Latin America but she deals with awful drug trafficking cases every day even working in family law. I just can't handle any sort of stress, I'm not a confrontational personal at all and I worry so much about every decision I take.

Is the pressure coming from your family? Is this a hereditary business thing? If so, maybe it will suck for you in the beginning but afterwards you can get by so well on just nepotism that it's worth having the degree just for that. My dream is to pass the bar and then fuck off and do whatever I want, I'm just afraid I'll kill myself before I reach that point/have no idea if it's actually achievable. I just need financial security really bad.

No. 2018199

Nona, i did the inverse thing, went to artschool (where i live all the good ones are expensive, so i had to reluctantly drop out) then took a law degree in uni (free). Hated it and switched again kek, honestly young people always think 'It's over!!!' when they feel stuck, talking to older people made me realize i have much energy and time left to give. My friend is just like you, completed her law degree (to a masters' level) but she's debating a change in career. Take it easy and as others said, as a eurofag we have less to worry about when it comes to youthful indecision

No. 2018207

>Is the pressure coming from your family? Is this a hereditary business thing? If so, maybe it will suck for you in the beginning but afterwards you can get by so well on just nepotism that it's worth having the degree just for that. My dream is to pass the bar and then fuck off and do whatever I want, I'm just afraid I'll kill myself before I reach that point/have no idea if it's actually achievable. I just need financial security really bad.
Yeah, I'm supposed to take over whatever's left of the family business, but I have absolutely no desire to. I just want to fuck off to the mountains and pet goats or something.

No. 2018234

At first I was bummed I only got a 4.2% salary increase but when I looked online that percentage is apparently pretty decent. Damn now I know why people recommend switching jobs every few years if they want a 10%-20% increase in salary.

No. 2018272

No shit. I just left my job where I only made 133k to a job where I now make 240k. I also get better benefits and can do whatever I want. Never stay at an employer that treats you like dogshit, which most do and have ass workplace culture to boot, resulting in miserable tard coworkers.

No. 2018334

Seeing salaries like this is so crazy to me. I get there's different CoL and burgers have to pay 20k out of pocket if they get into a medical accident but it's still so crazy. What do you even do with that much money

No. 2018339

>What do you even do with that much money
Afford life. I'm actually not in an expensive area compared to the coasts.

>burgers have to pay 20k out of pocket if they get into a medical accident

Off topic but no we don't; that's what insurance is for. Wish this meme would die kek. I've lived in Europe and medical care there is shit compared to America. You get what you pay for.

No. 2018343

It's not just accidents, us burgers write our gross salaries but every month you get a chunk taken out for health insurance (which often doesn't cover well, so if you have actual health issues you often add another chunk of money to the cost. Like I pay $80-300 a month for allergy treatments.) Most areas with salaries that high have high cost of living. You NEED a car, so add a car payment for most people plus gas – our gas is cheaper but we also drive more on avg.
Food is pricy so add that, rent is often $1500-3000 depending, plus your electricity, water, internet, phone (internet in particular is often a local monopoly and can have nasty prices/get randomly jacked up or they do stuff like force cable bundles.) You need a chunk taken out for social security (retirement), other retirement funds, local (state, sometimes city and neighborhood association) and federal taxes as well. Most salaries like that also needed a college degree so add loan payments of $100-500.
This is all napkin math obvs but I hope that helps illustrate how it can evaporate fast.
I had good insurance in college and I had to pay $5k for an emergency visit like 10 years ago. My friends thought I was having a heart attack, took 4 hours for them to see me and I didn't even recieve any kind of meds, scans or treatment. My friend's birth like 4 years ago (with insurance) still cost her like $20k out of pocket. She had complications and needed an emergency c section plus hospital stay but it was still appalling.

No. 2018352

This is not the thread for this. It's expensive to live anywhere right now. Gas is cheap cheap cheap in America compared to Europe. 30 bucks to fill up a tank vs 150 in Sweden.

>Most areas with salaries that high have high cost of living

I just said in my previous post I live in the middle of America. It's not HCOL.

No. 2018723

I think I'm over working in a public school system. The burnout is incredibly high this year and I've had to cover so many classrooms in the last two weeks that I can barely work on anything I was actually hired to do.

No. 2018784

can i ask what field you're in?

No. 2018803

I'm an admin at my company and I was asked to help our legal department a few months ago but I had to step back from it because I have my own shit to do. The head of legal was trying to get me back to helping them but the office director (one of the executives I support) told him to fuck off kek.

No. 2020177

Amerifag here. I filed a report months ago to the eeoc and they finally got back to me. I detailed two counts of sexual harrasment from two different people and hr gaslighting me and making me cry by trying to tell me I'm being paranoid when I stupidly tried seeing if they would give me a paper or something stating I reported it in case he kept harassing me or did something outside of work, because he had previous threats against his prior workplace yet they claim "that never happened we did a background check". The hr manager has been a huge bitch and singles me out to be passive aggressive the few times I've seen her since. I'm terrified of ever going back into that office again and being pressured into talking about my eeoc filing now that the process has started, unless they knew months before when I first filed bc it claims they give notice in 10 days? The whole situation with hr is giving me huge anxiety and reliving how I awful I felt before. The thing is, I'm terrible at talking. I naturally cuss too much, I get brainfog and anxious so I can't form sentences without using filler words or getting shaky. Do any professional nonnies have advice for me to learn how to manage my thoughts and speaking abilities? How to stay composed? How to deal with this whole situation? I don't want to come off as aggressive or give fault to my character by my lack of social skills.

No. 2024278

File: 1716914305997.jpg (19.3 KB, 305x305, Ri3bebi22465i.jpg)

Should I take another call center job and look for something better in the meantime?

It's like there are no fucking jobs anywhere - it's either waitressing or they require you to have a phd/10 years of experience and no one wants to actually train you. I've been looking for 3 months now and it's the same shit over and over.

I have the chance to bag this call centre job, but I know how shit they are and my last one made me want to kill myself. What's worse is that the training is on site, meaning I have to travel by public transport for almost 2 hours to get there, the training is 8 hours and then additional almost 2 hours to get home. All for MAYBE 1k€. After a month or two I'd be able to wfh but spending 12 hours somewhere knowing I won't even be able to eat pisses me off so fucking much and of course by the time I get home I won't be able to do even basic chores. Everyone keeps pushing me to accept the job but I'm so tired of working at dead end places for shit pay while also being too retarded to actually gain any new skill/education etc that could land me in a better job opportunity.

No. 2024300

>while also being too retarded to actually gain any new skill/education etc that could land me in a better job opportunity
really because anyone could do a healthcare trade program or get an education license or something. not that those fields of work are extremely desirable, but if you're at the point of considering being verbally abused in a slave wage call center than you won't even have good transportation to for up to 2 months…

No. 2024313

>healthcare trade program or get an education license
No idea what the first thing is but both healtcare/medical stuff and education related things only work here if you have a 4 year degree or a connection. I can't take 4 years off for that and student jobs don't cover everything. I finished business school and switched to IT (tech support & frontend dev) so it's not like I didn't try to switch to something else, it's just that there's 0 demand for any of that here

No. 2024318

Look into education programs that'll train you while working the job you're getting certified for, most of the time you're even getting paid. Usually you have to stay with the employer that's training you for a few years. I'm a Eurofag too, I'm sure there's something similiar in your country.

No. 2024350

Is there a specific name for this? Other than apprenticeship?

No. 2024454

I made a huge mistake when choosing my major. I hate my job and my field. Everyone used to say "it's ok if you choose wrong, you're young, it's never too late to change" but that's a fucking lie. Heads up, anons, by studying higher education you are selling your soul and you'll never get it back. You'll have to work with it forever, even if you hate it, even if you want to kill yourself over it, it's fucking over.

No. 2024701

>Everyone used to say "it's ok if you choose wrong, you're young, it's never too late to change" but that's a fucking lie.
Why? I’m currently in the process of changing my field. I acknowledge I’m in a fortunate financial situation though.

No. 2024747

Obviously I meant to reply to >>2024454. for fuck's sake.

No. 2024784

People are aware, just nobody's taking the bait

No. 2025168

Mostly complaining but my job is stupid boring and it makes me restless. I always thought a 9-5 with nothing to do would be my dream job but now I just feel like I'm wasting away. Every day I think about doing more degrees, or an apprenticeship just to get me out of this admin hell hole. I take on extra work and get less work as a result because my manager doesn't want to overwhelm my workload. I'm not allowed to do non-work things at. I posted in a previous thread about writing fanfic on company time and thats the ONLY thing I haven't been written up over. I want to be able to draw and learn and work on things that isn't fucking fanfiction kek, but I don't want to get in trouble. I wish the upper management in hospo wasn't full of the worst people on Earth because I prefer that to white collar work.

No. 2025644

>>2025168 here, I got written up for it just now. Putting in my two-weeks ASAP, thank god I had another job on the backburner.

No. 2026077

Nta but like
>I acknowledge I’m in a fortunate financial situation though.
You answered your own question. You need money and/or parents or a partner to fall back on.

I too went back to school in my mid twenties because I chose wrong and it caused a massive financial set back (and a general delay in personal development honestly).

No. 2026083

Have a "short, informal interview" tomorrow for an internship. What can I expect? Will they ask me the usual interview questions where I have to sell/prove myself or is it something else

No. 2026171

It's impossible to say, especially without any additional context about what it's for. It would be in your best interest to prepare for it as if it's an interview, e.g. mentally preparing a case study or two (the context, the problem, the process you went through to solve it, the outcome), brushing up on your domain knowledge, and what you'll say on the standard questions they ask to see if you're difficult to work with.

No. 2028031

terrible week at work. my boss keeps complimenting me for being cool headed but in truth there is just nothing going on behind my eyes. i don’t know what i’m doing at this point but i will continue on until the jig is up

No. 2028136

fuck… nonnie this was me for the last 6 months. when I finally quit that micromanagement bullshit job hellhole I felt a sense of relief I hadn't felt since leaving high school. I hope your new job is so much better!

No. 2028140

When in doubt, go for the job you might potentially feel better in. If your current job is making you feel like shit that's only going to get worse, and if it's not impacting your personal/social life now, it will be (from an anon who had a shit tier job)

No. 2028668

I went through 3 different grueling jobs over the course of several years where my supervisors all told me I was incompetent, slow working, and a terrible communicator, no matter how hard I tried and how hard I worked myself to the bone. It totally destroyed my confidence in myself– I had graduated with a 4.0 and had thought I was a competent and responsible person, but the way my managers characterized me, one after the other, made me rethink all of that. One is bad luck for getting a bad manager, two is getting a little weird, and three means it's definitely my fault, right?

Well, last year I landed the easiest job I have ever done in my life through sheer luck. I hardly have to do anything at all, and literally everyone around me and all of my many supervisors kiss my feet and tell me I am the best ever, a perfect specimen, the best they've ever seen, just for sending some emails or taking basic notes. It is complete whiplash, but I am loving it. I'm a contractor right now and despite the place where I'm contracting taking an out of the blue 35% budget cut and basically being in "necessities only" mode where they're cutting things left and right, all of my supervisors have banded together to hire me on permanently and a good rate. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to wake up and this will have all been a dream. I think the universe must have sensed after I quit my 3rd horrific job that I was serious when I started thinking I might just kill myself if my next job was just as bad.

No. 2028717

I hate the stupid retard people on top of my job so much
I work at a kids theater company in Japan
Recent things:
1) new policy that we can’t take vacations longer than 3 days in a row, even with our earned days off, unless it’s “inevitable circumstance”. Even if all your family lives in this country I guess no such thing as a nice long vacation? Anyways I want to visit friends and fam back home with my saved up days off and during a time when it won’t affect the company but because of this policy I have to write a proposal. A proposal to take a vacation. I paid to hold the cheap flight price I found but of course the bosses have not responded at all in a week.
2) we are doing Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat (already awful but add in everyone being monolingual Asian kids and just imagine the confusion) again and my area only has one qualified boy to play the MC and he’s still a mid singer, and plenty of skilled girls who would kill the role. But nooooo boss (who is in another city) says MC has to be played by a boy…we are not Broadway. We are a shiddy little after school activity that pays fast food wages. No one besides the parents see our shows. Get real

Plus it’s just so clear the half assed content we get to teach (which is always late) is decided on and made by people who don’t speak English and don’t actually do the lessons. Been here for almost 5 years and it spiralled after covid, so annoying I’ll just quit if I don’t get vacation.

No. 2028756

I'm submitting a very important application today: job isn't permanent, but it's absolutely perfect for my skillset and what I need right now. If you have a moment nonas, spare a thought for me, because I am really afraid to submit it… I don't have it in me to explain why, I'm just terrified.

No. 2028763

After maybe 7 or 8 months of unemployment, I finally got a job offer. I'm very grateful and excited. The CEO sent me the formal offer letter last Tuesday asking me to review and to let him know if everything is okay. I replied that it's all good but that doesn't mean he was asking me to sign it, right? Only for me to review? So I haven't signed it and still waiting for him to reply/for his response. And he still hasn't replied and it's already Friday… what's up with that? I'm super anxious. I was thinking of being initiative like signing it right away and send it to him but that doesn't seem right…

No. 2028869

Good luck!

No. 2028876

We're all bored in the office right now so my coworkers are talking about how they raise kids and how they were raised and I swear to god I hate these ghetto bitches so much. I really don't need to hear about how beating the shit out of your kids but not hard enough to leave bruises is good and how teenagers should stop being rebellious (which happens because said teenagers are sick of being physically assaulted at home). Now one of them is fondly recalled getting a glass bottles in the eye by her father to cover up for her dad not looking after his young son and letting him get injured. Get me out of here.

No. 2028892

Sending good luck your way anon, let us know if you got it! I totally get feeling anxious especially when the stakes are high

No. 2028914

Thank you so much nonnies, I'm going over my stuff one last time. I'll definitely post if I get an interview. Worried about using a gmail to apply but I really hate my university email… I think I'll just copy my uni address.

No. 2028926

File: 1717153662666.jpg (50.27 KB, 978x640, disgust.jpg)

I have an assessment centre coming up and I'm bricking it. I'm autistic as fuck and struggle to deal with the group dynamics inherent in these things, and I'm worried that my teammates will all be irritating 20-somethings who will judge everything about me. Please reassure me that I'm just being a retard and will smash it (or failing that… please share your advice)

No. 2029131

I would follow up on Monday and send another email asking if he'd like you to sign the contract. Or today, if it's not too late where you are. That's a long time for you not to get a reply, but I think there were various holidays in Europe and the US during the past couple weeks.
I don't know about this, sounds like UK stuff. I was managed by a bunch of awkward males in the UK so we never did anything social at all as a team except have lunch a couple times. What kind of activities will you have to do?
I'm this anon and I sent my application. Got a received reply from the system so I'm glad for that small comfort. omg please just let me get this position because it will make a lot of things easier for me and I will be able to look for a permanent job while doing this one.

No. 2029244

UK anon here, looks like we have some mysterious 'group projects' but they haven't specified what. It's scary as this is part of the recruiting process and I know they'll be watching me for 5 hours…

No. 2029246

I spent so much time, effort and money getting a psych degree but now that I'm actually working in the field I am constantly overcome with anxiety about making mistakes and doing things wrong without realizing. Impostor syndrome is real, I feel like I'm one grave error away from being exposed as a fraud. Like the only reason my way more experienced and skilled colleagues haven't realized I'm actually garbage yet is through sheer luck.
With previous jobs it wasn't so bad because it didn't matter that much to me if I made some mistakes. Now that I'm actually working with vulnerable patients it's completely different, I'm acutely aware that my professional actions and decisions directly affect the mental wellbeing of the people I interact with. It's a huge responsibility and I feel like every time I stumble I'm committing some kind of crime that should get me fired and dishonorably discharged from existence.
It's hard to convince myself it's even impostor syndrome and not me genuinely being terrible. Everyone around me seems to have their shit together and never make any mistakes. I really am passionate about the work I do, I just want to do it right so badly that I end up spiraling.

No. 2029258

holy cow, what sort of job is this, are you going to be experimented on? I think you'll be ok. I would try to think of a couple topics you feel comfortable using for small talk as needed. Group activities often lack an "active listener" so maybe you can be the person who is keeping track of what everyone is saying and the different perspectives? But I have no idea what they are going to observe you doing, lol. I'm so curious, is it for sales or an office job or… is it like one of those summer jobs for charity?

Sorry i'm going through some UK bureaucracy atm and the bureaucratic / work language used is so convoluted or jargony, I never know if anything said to me is serious or not. Safeguarding, signposting, advocacy, coercive control, etc. it all sounds v serious

No. 2029283

He’s in Australia, maybe I should check if there are holidays there for this pas week? And that sounds like a pretty good idea. Thanks nona

No. 2029332

how are moids so blind. one of my coworkers sent me a picture of his receipts for work and there was a tit pic in the screenshot. theyre so lucky im diligent and notice this shit before submitting it to our bosses kek

No. 2029415

UK anon here again, sorry you have to deal with our nonsense bureaucracy (trust me when I say that none of us 'locals' understand it either!!) It's largely corporatespeak terms for basic law and order stuff.

This is basically a job interview, so I'm going to try and research well beforehand! I hate this stupid process but it's de facto for most good grad jobs so what can ya do? It's an entry level Finance program, should be for 3 years while I sit some exams. Hopefully it'll get me started in something that's not as soul crushing as admin (no shade, I just hated my previous jobs because of constant boredom!)

No. 2029431

You're nicer than I would've been.

No. 2029449

Nona are you sure he didn't do that on purpose…. Men are pigs. At my retail job this old scrote was scrolling through his camera roll to "find" a picture of whatever he wanted and of course he scrolls by a downloaded porn video. I hope your co-worker is just retarded.

No. 2029454

you should let them forward this shit. if your boss says it's your responsability to tard wrangle them tell your boss putting porn on work related material is sexual harassment plain and simple.

No. 2029529

the guy won, im fuming

No. 2030275

It’s already June and i’m still trying to find another job!! Why the hell is it so harddd to get picked for one

No. 2030284

he 100% did it on purpose you should report him for exposing you to pornography at work. what a fucking stupid pervert, he deserves what he gets. can't believe you're covering for him.

No. 2030301

I'm raging for you, nona. This is insane. Can you expose him at all?

No. 2030315

idk what country in europe you're in but it's definitely illegal in some places eg france.
report him lmao

No. 2030986

File: 1717291522325.jpg (138.4 KB, 1179x1056, tumblr_2bd67a1159598f3157c4e82…)

i'm so sad, anons. i've landed a good job with a cushy pay and not much stress and lots of free time because i live in walking distance. i'm basically employed by the government itself and i have tons of networking opportunities, people are incredibly nice when they hear who i work for, my boss is great, and i just really enjoy my job.

but my coworkers are pieces of shit. namely my direct coworker with whom i share an office and the only male coworker in the other office. the moid is a shitstirrer and hates another woman who works in the office space (we are 4 separate offices using the same office space but working for 4 mostly separate bosses) to the point of bullying her. he yells at her when he has to do anything for her (which is part of his job), hides her packages, and talks shit about her constantly. he can't even say hello to her. the female coworker is double my age and has narcissistic tendencies. she constantly berates me and criticizes every little thing that i do. when she's in a bad mood she'll suddenly decide that something she praised me for is bad actually and will give me shit for it. she also throws tantrums whenever i try to put up boundaries because her behavior is unacceptable and unprofessional. i admit that i am not perfect and i have a tendency to get annoyed easily. she brought this up with my boss and he told me to relax a bit, but he also told my female coworker to not be so annoying in return.

things went well since that conversation with our boss a month ago. until the moid coworker decided that me getting along with the coworker he hates is unacceptable and conjured some lie about me ditching work in favor of talking to that coworker. both of them called me out during our team meeting but i didn't let this fly and defended myself and told them to cut this shit out. i also called out the lies which made him very flustered. my female coworker then brought up the fact that i said i don't want to spend time with her in private and that this hurt her feelings. i told her that she can't force me to be friends with her but that i want to keep things professional between us. and that i had felt that things were going well the past few weeks but once again she's doing something that makes me dislike her even more. i basically told them that they can't control my private life and my friendships.

a few days later i went to an event and both of them were there. i greeted them and both of them ignored me even when i stood right in front of them. that's when i realized i can't work there anymore. they're just too childish and petty and downright evil. i have a long weekend off and instead of enjoying it i've been crying on and off all evening. i just don't want to go to work on monday and be put on trial again for the crime of being friends with someone both of them hate for no reason at all. the bullying is childish and stupid but i'm so sad that i have to leave to protect myself because i really liked this job. i thought i had finally found my forever job and now i have to start searching again when finding work is so hard right now. before this job i was on the hunt for over a year while sticking with a miserable job that i hated in a city that i hated even more.

i know there will always be shitty people at every job but this level of evil has got to be a one time thing…

No. 2032099

unfortunalty not when i left my old job i handed back the work laptop it would be on there
it would be my word against his
and him winning makes them look good so they wouldnt want it exposed

No. 2032115

Anyone here an out-of-work game programmer who wants to work on a little Metroidvania game idea with me?

No. 2032118

Why can't you just complain to their bosses? Tell them that they're creating a hostile work environment for you and that it's affecting your output tremendously. Remember: when complaining about coworkers, never spin it as "they're being assholes", but as "they're slowing my work down". Make it sound like YOU want to get work done, but they're making it hard. And if their bosses don't listen to you, then go to someone in a higher position than that. You need to stand up for yourself by making sure that these people know that you want to contribute and do your job, but that you can't. That you've tried to keep the peace, but it's becoming impossible.

No. 2033438

File: 1717409438618.jpg (27.96 KB, 834x1024, 6710ea4ab89dfdb4700b3f14df0ba5…)

Job interview went well.
>only one morning shift 7am-3pm
>M-F only
>travel expenses paid
>worked already nearby so I know the area

However, the pay is absolute shit. It's minimum wage. I'd also we surrounded by disabled and mentally ill elderly people. They said to only take the job if I'm serious about it, but the pay is off putting, I can deal with everything else. I hate this shit so much oh my god

No. 2033441

You can take it and keep looking for something better in the meanwhile.

No. 2033463

I don't want to fuck over social workers

No. 2033564

i started a new job 2 months ago and a guy who had been there for years just resigned because management was constantly pissed over him trying to behave like a manager. liars like this guy are always controversial people in their circles because they get some people "on their side" by manipulating them while the ones who know they're always bullshitting don't like them. i am not happy he left when our office is understaffed but i'm also glad he left because his true nature sounds awful and i don't appreciate that he tried to manipulate me too.
>anon i'm afraid they're going to compare you to the new girl
i said okay? there's nothing i can do about that and it's something people can't help but do. and they likely aren't going to do that in front of me
>calmly tells me i should wear my uniform more professionally, we had an actual chill conversation about it and he told management he "let me have it"??? they were pissed at him anyway and don't even care about my uniform and said to completely disregard anything he says.
i bet this fuck thought he had my number and could make me cry or something lol then found out i am not the kind of person i can come off as because i can be really quiet and meek when in a new place. i'm not a bitch or a baby, i am really chill and can take criticism very easily. he even pretended that other people were complaining about my uniform too lmao and i said thanks for having the balls to tell me to my face, i didn't know it was an issue. i am absolutely sure he wanted to get off on making the new girl cry or something to "prove" i can't handle the job.
>"i'm trying to help you succeed anon, there are people here who don't want you to succeed because they enjoy feeling like no one else can do their job"
bro i am fairly certain THAT PERSON IS YOU lmfao. i said to him "you have to understand that since i'm new i have to take all the comments people make like that with a grain of salt, not in a personal way but because people tell me different things". now that i know more of the story (other coworkers brought it up to me that he bitched that my jacket is oversized and they both said they do not give a fuck at all and told him they don't care).
funny how women are accused of being dramatic in the workspace when for me it's been the opposite. most women at my job are based and chill, the men are crybabies that likely feel emasculated working a public service job that requires fervent emotional stability, and is also primarily women in the office. and i bet their male friends all make more than them and they seethe about it and take it out on women who genuinely wanted to work this job as it's a unique and interesting field. i'm salty the guy who trained me barely acknowledges me when he comes in too, i wonder if it was (non-management) males all along who get off on feeling that young college graduate women simply can't do their job because when we show we can they feel their balls shrink and they're mad they don't make as much as their engineer bro friends. suck it up cunt, some of us actually wanted to enter this field and help families and provide a meaningful service, we all know we aren't going to be millionaires. men are such babies (except one guy there who is super chill and loves the job).

No. 2033708

File: 1717423698912.jpg (18.27 KB, 306x423, 1000013991.jpg)

I feel stuck. I got a useless degree and have been working in paperpusher admin jobs. I want to study something more marketable but I just cannot force myself to it. I started a software testing course some time ago, but just cannot wrap my head around it. I feel like the only things my brain could manage to master are completely unmarketable bullshit humanities subjects (art history, library studies, illustration, etc). Ah, the classic 'do I want to starve but be happy or suffer but have money?' dilemma

No. 2033875

samefag, he still hasn't replied and someone advised me to just sign the contract and send it back to him. Because they think by asking me to review it = he also wants me to sign it. So yeah, I did. And he still hasn't fucking replied. Wtf is this, at least give me an update, or respond to me, like saying okay I got it or something like that. Goddammit.

No. 2035025

Think about yourself first, they do too otherwise they'd be paying you a wage you can actually live off.

No. 2035204

Long, sorry. My company threw me into an unprofessional situation and it's been hard to deal with while playing "professional" about it.
My manager manipulated me into handling an out-of-state account after the prior manager there quit without notice in order to avoid being fired. The other nepotism manager at my level wasn't volunteering, so I agreed to go after my boss teased a good performance evaluation aka a raise–which is not unfounded since it is an open fact I have the most expertise and competence behind my boss for our region. My name is known in our company. He often talks about me as a replacement once he retires. Anyways, I thought I would be helping out the account for a week at most, but now it's been going on almost a month and I realize that they never gave me a definitive timeline of going home before. Yet now my boss is saying it's until I hire and train the new manager which they are still screening for. Fortunately, I have a great team at home–who were my hires that I trained–to hold down the accounts back at base which I am also expected to remotely manage. But I digress.
Nonetheless, it's very obvious why prior manager was going to be fired:
>rampant timecard theft, people just clocking in and out from their cars while going home during their service job shift
>child labor
>manager was never onsite
>did not order approved supplies/barely ordered anything for employees
>when manager was onsite he'd spend all his time playing games like osrs on his laptop (found his herb skill notes scrawled on the back of an equipment manual) while pretending to be busy
>he even pulled this with me when I came down to train his team on separate occasions and acted like he didn't have to know or participate in what I was teaching like a proper mongomoid
>client dangling their multi-million dollar contract in my face while politely advising me that our company has not fulfilled contract scope since we started
>client literally telling me they are aware of the timecard thieves and implying the reason they do not fire us and hire another contractor is due to the inconvenience..so they are expecting me to fix it
>and a corporate walkthrough and several client inspections due the next week after he quit leaving me with only the weekend to recover an account site with a crew giving me the runaround cause they liked getting paid to not work
Somehow I survived the inspections and walkthrough, but only because I have been onsite every day to show a good faith effort to improve things. This translated to 12-16hr days my first week arriving because there are multiple buildings, 1st/2nd/3rd shifts, and weekends. Emergency supply runs, employees and client hiding supplies or stealing supplies. People fucking with me in general, fielding all of the pent-up grievances from employees which was just smoke and mirrors in hindsight because they could distract and not work while venting towards me. Handling all of this while being unfamiliar with the account myself and learning as I went along (no notes from prior moid manager and a disorganized office, nothing set up), and me just only being one person while I couldn't even trust these site supervisors and employees who are treating me like a monster since I'm in town cause they fucked up.

Oh, and emphasis on the majority of these employees being hot pissed at me for asking them to do their jobs. They have gotten away with the timecard theft for so long that my asking them to report to work on time and perform something in their scope feels like literal oppression to them. Why does my company not want to terminate for the theft? Cause it's less of an HR headache for them if they can just blame the prior manager and let me be the sacrificial lamb to catch the worst offenders myself if it means we don't have to mass fire & hire. The problem is with how busy I am just trying to get the site functional and organized, I don't have the hours to spare to be chasing after 40+ people and writing disciplinary reports! Most of the employees cannot even larp as good while the boss is in town because they're emboldened shits cause of what they have gotten away with.
They took the HR numbers, from the employee information posters I hung up for them when I arrived, and are trying to frame me to get me removed or fired from site which lmaooooooo will never happen even if I was being literal Hitler.
A shame because I'm actually a pretty chill manager being that I used to be an employee like they are with my only hard stops being literal theft and abuse lol fuck me.
They shit on the prior manager for not doing anything for them. Except when it suits their narrative, they paint him as an innocent babu manager who never got no help when they want to keep the unofficial shit he supposedly promised them, like nonsensical schedules and times off.
Now they wanna shit on me because I am being involved for them and proving that it is possible to get things done without being spoonfed. That it is possible to be fair and that policies exist to enforce that culture. It does mean I am onsite a lot and that I want to know where the teams are because…I am the manager.
Of course they hate me. Some of them aren't even subtle. One was baiting saying the N word about her coworkers in front of me hoping I would repeat it or agree cause she was secretly recording me. The same one is actively asking everyone who reports to her shift to walk off or quit to…punish me by leaving a job that none of them actually performed minimally thus would make no manner of difference at this point?
A grown ass man got pissed at me for writing him up cause I caught him bringing his little boy to work to do his job for him. Same man then cussed me out and fucking cried when I only asked him to work on one floor a night in a giant building where a normal employee could get through several…he is the floor technician.
God I hope they quit cause I would rather hire and train new folks than deal with these assholes and chase them with writeups.
Even the ex manager, who mysteriously could not be contacted after he quit, was within five minutes blowing up my personal cell phone with abuses after he heard I was "talking shit." All I did was ask his mom to come to work–don't ask me how his mother was allowed to report to her manager son but you see the corruption here–and she got mad at me when I insisted she report because her son having given her permission to only work two days a week when the site was in such deliquency thanks to him was not going to fly. I got boymom-screamed at for that one but at least it gave me what I needed to remove that cunt from site and to get retard to drop his mask once and for all. Hate how everyone waves that he is a "28 year old kid" in my face as if I am some overexperienced hag at 32 who should be more patient towards a thief and a liar.
Maybe if I were a manager with a penis my observations would be taken more seriously and be shown more respect. Maybe people would do backflips and kiss my ass, instead of being upset that I am a young female telling them what to do because I ate massive shit to earn where I am now.
So I am done shedding tears over this account and its people. My boss even reassured me that even if we lost the account it's not like my company would fire me so I should not worry so much.
He's right. That's why I am telling them I am returning home after this week.

No. 2035210

File: 1717501992109.gif (18.55 KB, 684x648, jamba-juice-logo.gif)

Hell no you can make more working gig economy apps than minimum wage or at least work somewhere way easier

No. 2035269

I work a admittedly cushy WFH job that requires limited effort and pays alright, but I'm getting to the point where I'm considering going back to working in kitchens as a cook because of the weird formalities, HR lingo and strangely insecure coworkers.
Our boss is an ADHD mess with an ego - meaning she needs to sign off on everything (because of course she's the boss and won't let you forget it!)yet would forget where her head was if it wasn't attached to her neck. She's so scattered and lost yet also extremely sensitive and cannot take suggestions or criticism. Unfortunately she's also great at office politics and is British, so has this amazing way with the large company bureaucracy and using HR speak to gaslight the entire team. She's not particularly clever though, so we planned a coup but people flaked (naturally, she'd go full mask off if she found out prematurely) and now we're back where we started with this bull in a china shop who loves to wear yellow and micromanage meaningless decisions instead of actually doing her job. At least in kitchens you have a task, you complete the task, you can talk shit to your coked out coworker, and you get to skip the corporate bullshit where they wax poetic about wellbeing and force feed you lukewarm tolerance training while simultaneously causing several suicides (legitimately).

No. 2035281

File: 1717506844429.jpg (527.86 KB, 2875x2250, 1000027312.jpg)

I got an interview, nonas! Your kind thoughts worked! Think more kind thoughts for tomorrow, please. Now I'm scared again, ofc.

No. 2035286

Hope whoever is interviewing you is kind and calm and makes you feel at ease! You got this

No. 2035287

>he'd spend all his time playing games like osrs on his laptop

No. 2035314

I saw his skill notes anon, he played definitely not based kek.

No. 2035427

I'm not a contractor, I am a full time employee with a W2 and health insurance, but I work for a job that takes contracts from the state. And coming up July 1st, I may be without a job. The only feeling I have is "okay". I can't fight it. And honestly, I would rather the people working for CPS for 17$/hr that have to juggle 30 abused children cases a day get a raise over myself, who just operates a phone in comparison. The only thing that really bothers me is that there's no clear way for me to voice these issues to the people that actually provide the money. The company is structured so the workers don't have contact with the ones with that ultimately decide the work. Such is life

No. 2035442

i dont know why i accepted the offer to be the first aid attendant at my work. i'm probably the worst first aider of all time and the guilt ive felt the couple time's ive had people come to me with (pretty minor, at least) injuries and i've not really been able to do anything for them makes me feel like a useless fuck. the $80 extra on my paycheques isn't worth it. i just need to wait for my certificate to expire in 2026 and i'm never doing that shit again

No. 2035643

Years ago I would often bitching that I never managed to get a part time job as a student until my very last year of uni which I really needed back then and anons were posting shit like "just look for a job" but I just realized how insanely easy it must be to get a shit job in a country with at will employment. Because if the employers want to get rid of the employees they easily can. Where I am it can be hard to fire an employee so plenty of companies would rather be understaffed all the time than risk hiring someone, paying a shit ton of taxes for it and not being able to fire that employee if unless there are extreme circumstances.

I have a qualified job now and I'm seeing the same situation for the other point of view, my team and I are always short staffed and overworked and nobody wants to hire new people. But they also don't want to keep the employees who are about to leave after their last contracts end because legally they would be forced to keep these people with a permanent contract and nothing else and my company is too stingy to do that. I don't want to stay here forever, it's exhausting, this company is a sinking ship, but just thinking about how I could potentially look for a job for years and not get one just by being underestimated by hiring managers again scares the shit out of me. A friend of mine has been looking for a new job for nearly a year and nobody wants her for that reason, if it weren't for her parents she would be homeless right now as a result. It's scary. I'm not looking for advice, I'm just venting a little.

No. 2035796

im close to getting 99 herb myself it is based

No. 2036339

File: 1717560388419.gif (779.69 KB, 500x375, tumblr_lxkq0exef81qdwnuko1_500…)

> finally land job after 8+ months of searching and being unemployed
> a few bucks less than my old job but fully WFH
> during final interview process get a reachout from company I applied to half a year ago
> dream job, dream company, amazing pay
> get offer from initial company and say yes because literally no choice I am broke
> able to push back start date a bit to continue interviewing with dream job
> get asked to do final interview
> same day that I start first job

I have no idea how I'm gonna make this work anons lol, this would happen after almost a year of searching with barely any bites. I'm so grateful to have any job at all after so long and I can't afford to fuck up and lose it, but I can't miss this interview. This other position would be genuinely life changing if I got it. Thinking of saying I have internet issues or something for a couple hours, didn't receive my company computer in time, or asking if I can head out a little early. It won't be the best impression on my first day, but I don't think I have any other option.

No. 2036346

>Thinking of saying I have internet issues or something for a couple hours, didn't receive my company computer in time, or asking if I can head out a little early
NO. NO NO NO. Never ever use excuses that will let your bosses offer a side-solution. I had a shitty boss in the past who actually blamed ME for my laptop inexplicably dying (long story short, it permanently died, I had to text the company CEO to let him know what had happened, my boss suggested I go to a fucking internet cafe, we don't even have those where I am). Always use an excuse that not only is unavoidable, but makes you seem like a good, dedicated worker. In other words, health issue. Tell them you woke up with a migraine but you took migraine meds, so you'll be okay in an hour or so (and this will also give you the excuse to take it a bit easy).

No. 2036867

Interview over. It was difficult. I can't say what, but they tested a specialized skill. I prepared as much as one can for having something random put in front of you. I hate making mistakes in front of people judging me. That said, I still don't believe anyone even in the broader area I am in, or their broader field, can do that perfectly or even well on the spot. Only a handful of seasoned experts could, and they aren't in the pool of applicants. Once I was halfway through, I got more used to it and could do it faster with fewer problems. I'm not used to doing this "out loud" either. It's not really something you speak out loud. (Sorry I can't be specific nonas, before I die, whenever it is, I'll come back and dox myself, but not today)

But I can only lie here and think about my mistakes now. There was virtually no small talk, the interview was only about this skill, more or less. (I knew it would include testing this thing.) I said why I wanted the position and my background, and asked a few questions. The more I think, the more I wish I weren't so fucking awkward.

damn I really need a new job right now though. And who else is even qualified to do it?? It's three moids, they might have some guy earmarked for the position already I guess.

No. 2037860

Has anyone had experience in a dry cleaning business? I applied to be an admin there and the role seems full on, orders, emailing, calls, etc. I get overwhelmed with too much work but I don't know if I'm just overthinking it.

No. 2038134

Personally, I'd be really worried about working around all those chemicals. Maybe I am just paranoid and everyone there is fine, though. Or is it a place that sends the clothes somewhere else to be cleaned?

Otherwise it sounds like a typical customer service job. You might have to deal with some difficult people, are you able to do that? Now I sort of hope you will take it and make a thread about all the weird and wonderful stuff that gets cleaned there.

No. 2038142

Yeah they send them somewhere else, and its also seperated, a front area for admin and the back is all for pressing I believe.

Yeah I can handle a difficult customer, I just have problems learning things quickly and retaining info. But I'm hoping it will be okay…
And lol yes I'll do that, their clients are actually news stations and luxury brands so it should be interesting.

No. 2038524

I put in my notice. July is my last month of employment and I don't have anything lined up because I wanna go back to college and change areas. I hate my field, I hate how it's supposed to be your hobby as well, how it's expected that you'll finish your day of work and go right into your personal project or watch live coding streams or read up on the latest lib and shit like that. I don't feel any love for this field, keeping up with it is a chore and it feels like it's supposed to dominate your whole life. I'm gonna try to join my current experience with my artistic side (which I've always had but my parents forbade me from studying art or design or anything because it doesn't make money) and do a 2 year gamedev course. I've always loved video games, they're my favorite form of art. I really feel like this is the right choice for me, but I'm terrified too.

No. 2038780

I'm also a suicidal lawfag who once considered going to art school albeit in the UK. I'm not sure if it's the firm I'm at but this profession seems to attract turbonormies and I suspect they can sniff out my autism immediately

No. 2038794

File: 1717705402685.gif (2.98 MB, 500x380, IMG_2798.gif)

lawfag here too and i hate it. the jobs are soulsucking and im not normie enough for most recruiters. should have majored in history like i wanted

No. 2038878

File: 1717708947049.jpg (88.52 KB, 572x720, 1000006588.jpg)

Does anyone else in the field of environmental science feel like we basically have an expectation to volunteer our labor extensively before being hired, even at a small internship position, etc? I'm a junior right now and I'm frustrated because I'm basically about to volunteer all summer doing manual labor in 100+ degree weather, just because I'm desperate to accrew experience… I feel like the organizations know that people will resort to this, or are passionate enough to do it that they just expect it, so it's impossible to find beginner positions doing anything. Maybe it's just me though… I'm especially frustrated because volunteering means I can't even make up the expense for purchasing the necessary gear & gas money to get to the park. Hopefully next summer is better…

No. 2038963

Honestly, gamedev turned out to be even more soul sucking than anything else. If you hate this personal after work project culture, you are just going to get the same shit on steroids in gamedev anyway. Like you have to constantly improve and grow, do projects, network like crazy and tons of other shit to just be tossed aside cus there are way better and more experienced people than you applied already. It's impossible to get a job in gamedev sometimes it seems. I got a massive burnout from just trying to get a job as a freshly graduated person and I'm one of the best students in my class and I started the search two years ago, when I still was a student.
Sorry if it terrified you more, but this shit makes me suicidal.

No. 2039785

How do you deal with an underachieving long-timer coworker who is possibly threatened by you? It’s my first few days at my new job as an analyst and the lead analyst took me to lunch. I thought we would talk about our personal lives a bit and build rapport like normal but the entire time we were there she was going on about how there’s no way I’ll ever be promoted and that there’s no potential in this team to go elsewhere and that I’m better off in finding another department. She’s finally been promoted to lead analyst after someone else left and 8 years in the analyst role; it’s pretty obvious that she’s not going to be promoted to manager unless she stays there like 5 more years and everyone else leaves. She’s the type of person who has the job because she’s comfortable there, not because she has the desire to actually become a leader in the org.
After the lunch I told her “thanks” meanwhile I felt a ton of dread and anxiety from what she said, like I have to start thinking of how to get out of here. I’ve cooled down now and I’m just thinking that this is sort of weird that she would spend a lunch to tell me in my first week that the job is a dead-end and that I’m better off somewhere else in another department. It’s not like she’s miserable in this job and doing me a favor. She said she wants to stay here for as long as she can but she’s set on being a manager even though she clearly doesn’t have management skills. When she was training me she would say things like “most people wouldn’t teach you how to do these things hehe but I will”. Like you should be excited to train someone because it’s your opportunity to show your boss that you can do it? I have trained people before and would never say anything like that, even joking around. It rubs me the wrong way.

So now I have a meeting with one of our bosses and I’m thinking of bringing up the conversation to him because potential growth in this organization and team was one of the things I was really excited for. I wasn’t going to be too dramatic but just be like “I want to make sure we’re on the same page about potential here, within the organization. Normally I wouldn’t be too worried in the first few weeks or first year even but I didn’t know if it should concern me since it was brought up to me in my first few days of working here. I don’t want to assume anything and I know things can change so I will just continue to keep working hard in the meantime.” Does this sound good? What would you guys do? My contact who worked there said that I will easily surpass this woman but I don’t know how exactly that would happen as she’s occupying the lead analyst role already.

No. 2039813

Yep! Not in Env Science but a related field, currently working in research. I love love love my job but it's a constant struggle of will they won't they with extending my contract, getting funding for my project and not starving the following month. My salary is subpar, thankfully there is no drama at work or weird hierarchical pissing contests and I enjoy field work very much. But I do feel nobody really respects what we do and the only way to make actual money is to work for Big Oil or a paper mill. I sadly like sleeping easy at night so I can't do that, but it feels like doing anything environmentally conscious in a capitalist hellscape job-wise is just going to get you eating spoonfuls of shit every day.

No. 2039872

nta but im an accounting nonny who ventured into law firm work for a brief moment and wanted to drop dead within a month. shits so stressful and for no reason other than everyones a colossal narcissist with zero accountability. I was literally happier taking angry customer calls than doing that job. they were aghast when I up and left, my degree didn't tether me to their firm or their network luckily.

No. 2040102

Need opinions. I want to quit my job in the next few days, but if I’m being too impulsive I need someone to talk me off of the ledge.

I pretty much just work retail rn. When I started, I was in a specialized department within the store that was related to my degree. The person who runs that department is a bit of a schizo and about a month or so ago, she blew up on me over nothing. The store managers told me I did nothing wrong and had a long talk with her because apparently I’m not the first person she’s done that to. But since then, I haven’t been scheduled to work in that department at all. They’ve just had me doing cashiering or giving me busy work around the store that feels utterly pointless. The reason I want to quit in the next few days is that I submitted a request off for my birthday and was denied. I know it’s stupid, but that honestly felt like a breaking point for me. Another part of me feels bad because in the past I’ve always given 2 weeks notice and despite the people I’ve described here, I actually like the majority of my other coworkers and don’t want to leave them on a bad note

No. 2040132

>When she was training me she would say things like “most people wouldn’t teach you how to do these things hehe but I will”.
Maybe I'm missing context here, but she probably was saying that because whoever trained her left a lot of gaps. I would not take a comment like that as anatognistic or negative towards her, it says more about the company that she is mentioning that.

>I wouldn’t be too worried in the first few weeks or first year even but I didn’t know if it should concern me since it was brought up to me in my first few days of working here.

So you said the lunch conversation happened a few days after you started but how long have you been here since?

It's hard for me to accurately say without understand the turnover rate in yout industry, but if you've been there less than 6 months, speaking up and asking about forward mobility would more than likely not affect you positively.

I'm not sure about the situation, but it sounds like you went there in hopes to surpass this colleague based upon your last sentences. You could be overthinking things, or it's clear as day that you are trying to upsurp her hence her inviting you out to lunch.

No. 2040138

Is this one of your first jobs? If you need the reference, leave a 2 week notice, otherwise it doesn't really matter. Even with references, in some states, the workplace can only confirm you've worked there.

No. 2040229

My contact is biased and he said that I would “surpass” her but it’s not really about taking her job—I just want to grow within the organization because I will not be waiting around 5+ years to still be an analyst with no progress in sight. There are some people who have no problem with staying in the same job forever—I am not like that. That’s not because of the money but because I get bored and demoralized if I would have to twiddle my thumbs waiting on a specific person to leave just so I could make progress. Most people stay at my company a long time so counting on someone to leave is not reliable.
And it’s not even about her job specifically either because I want to ideally learn another area that she doesn’t cover. I want to expand my skillset in another role and work more with our other team anyways (to eventually move there). But even hearing that she’s saying there’s no potential on that team either and I will should find another department entirely.
So I won’t bring it up then to my other boss but I am going to remember this going forward. Like it does feel a bit manipulative that she turned an entire lunch into trying to get the new hire to leave. I’m just going to use this as motivation to work even harder.

No. 2040255

Just call off instead of quitting. Don't give a reason outside "it's personal". Easy. Next question.

No. 2040269

File: 1717808491821.png (637.33 KB, 1249x856, 214782394295.png)

this retarded fucking bobbleheaded moid i work has been disrespecting me and talking down to me like i'm his underling since he started working here a few months back and he's literally too stupid to realize i am held in incredibly high esteem at my company, have been on a rapid upward trajectory and gotten 3 raises and 2 promotions since i got here less than 2 yrs ago, and am regularly pulled into meetings with the c-suite to consult on how to improve our business and advise who the weak links on the team are

im going to fucking bury him kek

No. 2040426

Well right now the industry's in freefall 'cause of all the layoffs, AAA studios bleeding money (rightly so, their games have been shit for the last 10 years). I got laid off back in February, been on unemployment ever since. But right now I'm learning Unity 'cause I want to try making a game on my own. Fuck the industry, make stuff for yourself, anon.

No. 2040723

It’s kind of mind boggling to me how my new manager is a random guy that never even worked in my department before and not the girl who was more qualified and worked here longer than anyone else. They both interviewed for the position and somehow he got it. He was even bragging about how our regional manager and old department manager told him during the interview that they were going to pick him regardless. He’s been here for two weeks and he’s been an hour late everyday, and the other girl quit out of frustration so now it’s just me.

No. 2041190

What kind of things does he say to you

No. 2041288

Nonnies my life sucks.

I spent the first ten years of my adult life in an abusive relationship in a foreign country. (USA) I recently got my work permit and I feel like I can't get a single person to take me seriously. Had an interview at Lowes and thought it went super well but dude just straight ghosted me. Tried following up, just ghosted over and over. Had a group interview at Aldi, I was the only person who showed up at 7:30am so I did it solo. The people who showed up after me were a geriatric woman and a fresh out of high school girl. I just got a rejection email.

My work experience is limited and bizarre but I'm not useless. I had an interview at the YMCA. The lady said she was impressed by my qualifications. The problem? I must have three fucking references. A supervisor, a family member, and someone else. It seems like this is the only place that wants to hire me and I have this stupid blockade. I have nothing and nobody.

Bawling my eyes out bc I didn't get a fucking supermarket job. God damn.

No. 2041313

You have to open up. Explain your situation and play the pity card. Not excessively to the point you seem desperate or like you're lying but enough that the people involved in hiring you develop an emotional investment you

No. 2041423

Get a 2nd simcard and be your own reference.

No. 2042464

I'm trying to prepare for an interview but my mind is going blank when I try to retain buzzwords and sentences I would like to say in order to appear smart.
I will keep revising, but in reality I just hope my mind will go into autopilot and make me sound normal. Thankfully my body language is quite confident so I don't mind making eye contact.
It will be my first proper IRL job at 25 so I'm worried about acquiring multiple references as well.

No. 2043262

File: 1717983335164.webp (30.49 KB, 761x761, IMG_1302.webp)

I’m currently a dental assistant. I’ve come to realize I need to make a LOT more money if I want to survive on my own (living solo without roommates, boyfriend, or parents.) What career pivots can I make that will allow me a higher income ceiling? Not interested in becoming a dentist. I was thinking maybe a sales rep for dental equipment or some sort of dental/healthcare tech job, since tech jobs tend to make a lot. Are those high earning?

No. 2043273

Do braces out of the spare room in your apartment

No. 2043287

Unfortunately, I’m not located in Atlanta. Kek

No. 2043308

You'd be rolling in money if you made that move

No. 2043548

Do you want to become a Dental Hygienist? In the US, at least, they make twice as much as Dental Assistants, see this table, around 80k.
If you want to get into dental sales, start buddying up with all the sales people who come into your office and pump them for info.
But if you're going to go back to school to get an associate's degree, you might as well try for Radiation Therapist. They make around 100k. https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/radiation-therapists.htm#tab-1

>dental/healthcare tech job, since tech jobs tend to make a lot.

It depends on the type of job. If you don't have a lot of experience, then you start off as level 1 service desk (aka computer support specialist), which doesn't make a lot of money, and have to work your way up.
You can see the various IT job categories here: https://www.bls.gov/ooh/computer-and-information-technology/

No. 2043562

File: 1717995031066.jpg (25.46 KB, 506x600, 72284b587311a38a.jpg)

Any interview tips? First time and I did a mock interview from some service place and compeletly bombed kek. They said I need to work on selling myself better..
I'm just scared I won't know how to reply stare in silence and hate talking about myself positively..
how in the world do I answer the "tell me bout yourself, nonnie?"

No. 2043646

>hate talking about myself positively..
Ditch this mindset. You shouldn't hate thinking or talking about yourself in a positive way. You're you, nonnie. There's only one of you in existence. You have a set of skills that no one else has. Pretend you're talking to a skinwalking troon about why he could never be you, such as your amazing carpentry skills, or how you once saved a baby bird and nursed it back to health.

No. 2043717

Think about what interviewers want to hear for this specific job and find a way to say this about yourself that seems legit. In the "tell me about yourself" question you just give them a structured way to contextualise what you're about to talk about: where you've been so far (previous study, previous jobs), where you are now (applying to this job why? how does it fit into your career? that's the hardest part to bullshit up but it's important to seem like you genuinely want to be here) and a quick insight into future plans ("I want to grow into X career and learn Y and Z skill, which I saw mentioned in the post for this job and I'm excited about"). They don't want to hear your lifestory, they don't want to know about you in general, they just can't remember what they've read on your resume and want context for the interview.
Also remember to prepare lots of STAR style answers (some common ones, but also for specific interviews re-read the ad and see what qualities/competencies they mention and craft and answer about how you've shown those qualities), once you know your stories you can adapt them to many different questions. I'm a super autist but I've been told I interview very well and I feel it's because I've prepared SO many STAR answers that I can always fall back on a story if I don't know what to say to a question.

No. 2043846

Interviewing is a skill and can be learned. You need two things 1) prepared answers and 2) practice. You need to do more mock interviews. You don't have to go back to that place, just get a friend to ask you interview questions and/or go on interviews to jobs you don't care about. For answers, google common interview questions and answers for the job you want, use the answers to model your own answers and then practice giving those answers until it looks and feels natural.

Also, 'the STAR method is a structured manner of responding to a behavioral-based interview question by discussing the specific situation, task, action, and result of the situation you are describing.'
STAR Method: How to Use This Technique to Ace Your Next Job Interview

No. 2044080

File: 1718037522121.jpg (50.19 KB, 736x736, 82726161.jpg)

>ad for fullstack junior position
>some backend is fine but we mostly need frontend skills
>proceeds to send a task that is backend only

Why are job ads so fucking retarded? Do you even know what you need in your own fucking company. I'm tempted to just send them a copy paste of the task from some random ass blog

No. 2044109

I'm applying for jobs after a long period of unemployment. The job market here is still recovering, but idk if I could land myself a decent job soon enough. Fingers crossed.
I'm also thinking about getting a second degree, sth tech-related or business/economics seems to be a safe choice. Idk about marketing tho, I hate to be a social butterfly all the time (I can only do it part-time lol).

No. 2044111

I know my manager is going to scold me tomorrow for being stuck on a long term project and I'm super anxious. The company made massive, sudden changes that also require making changes to this project; they'd be easy and quick to do, but I need approval from somewhere higher up and nobody cares enough to give it. This project is also just so much stress and requires so much decision-making, I feel like I shouldn't have been given it as an intern. I feel like my issues are legit, but would it be stupid to express them to my manager? She's usually understanding, but my issues pretty much stem from the company being super disorganised, which she won't want to hear.
My contract will end late next month but I feel like I don't want to end things on a sour note and lose a good reference.

No. 2044139

Don't make it about the company as whole, just focus on you and what you need, for example, say something like, "Because of the changes in the company, I need to change x,y,z in the project. Before the changes happened, I would have contacted X person for approval. After the changes, I don't know what the current process is to get these changes approved. Do you know who I should contact?"

No. 2044159

Nonas please, I need help. Be as harsh as you have to, at this point I just want to figure out which one it is.

Is my boss a bitch or am I the one who's too retarded?

Basically I'm currently interning for a design position in a luxury company (it's not a mainstream one though). It's not my first professional experience, but it's my first experience with that type of company (my prev intership experience was at a tech business). I do all assignments I'm given, always arrive on time, never slack off, always try to be as careful and thorough as possible, but unfortunately sometimes small mistakes slip in. Usually very tiny things like forgetting to add cutting marks on a print file, for example (something that can be corrected with a single click). I've never made any huge mistake, only those small hiccups and I'm always very quick to fix whatever mistake that gets pointed out. Hell, I don't even contest or defend myself, I just nod and start working on fixing it as fast as possible.

My boss however, reacts like they're the biggest mistakes in the world. That I should be more attentive, that it's a "basic skill" and that I shouldn't be making those mistakes because of how silly and basic they are. She claims that I don't pay attention to what I'm doing (I do, to an obsessive degree) and that I don't take notes (I do, on my computer) during briefings and because of that I keep wasting time and stretching projects for longer than they should. She also complains that I never ask her to repeat instructions for the briefings and that "if you don't understand something then ask!" but her english level is worse than mine (we're both non-native english speakers but I'm fully fluent while she's not) and in all honesty she always seems so irritated that I don't feel confident in asking her to repeat herself at all. I've seen her roll her eyes at me once and many times before when I tried to explain possible reasons for me letting those tiny mistakes slip through (such as my anxiety problems that I've told her about before but I guess she forgot) she'd look at me like I'm fucking insane and that I'm spewing bullshit. Basically from all her criticisms she seems like she wanted a perfect intern that never made any mistakes and that she'd never have to give extra feedback on, that she could simply barely bat an eye on whatever they deliver rather than actively review it and search for errors. Thank god this internship is going to end in 2 months.

But nonas please, please tell me. Am I the problem? Am I stupid or careless like my boss claims? I try to be as dedicated as I can with my tasks, is my effort not enough? I'm a pretty good student in my field and I have many accomplishments, most people around me always tell me that I have all that it takes to go far, but this internship is making my confidence in myself and my own skills go to shit.

I'm sorry for the long sperg but I needed to get this out.

No. 2044164

your boss sounds like a bitch who's expecting far too much from an intern. i'm not trying to undermine you but interns are supposed to make mistakes of all kinds, from small to big, because thats their chance to actually go through trial and error without the risk of getting fucked over too hard. if your mistakes aren't that significant or are easy quick fixes then your boss shouldn't be getting that annoyed over them and instead should be trying to help and encourage you.

No. 2044210

I've been trying to get another retail job so I can be saving up money while I work on getting the driving license I need to continue with my ""career"" (I live with my parents, not quite a NEET because I'm actively continuing with small-scale training/education courses). got rejected from a job today, feeling really shitty about it because I thought the interview went really well and the manager seemed to really like me. feeling really hopeless rn. in a small town too so job opportunities are fairly few and far between. hoping on hearing back from another retail application soon but I'm really struggling with feeling like I'm just going to be rejected all over again. had a big cry about it all. rejection seems to hit really hard, the feedback I've gotten every time has been "you were really good, but someone else was better". feels bad.

No. 2044492

she sounds like she's powertripping
>such as my anxiety problems that I've told her about before but I guess she forgot
i feel like telling a boss about anxiety issues is a mistake, a weakness they know to use against you

No. 2044587

Does anyone have any advice on getting a job when you have social anxiety/depression? I’m not technically a NEET since I’m still in college, although I’m just taking one online class this semester. I am however, a shut in and I still live with my parents. My parents are (rightfully) getting on my ass about doing fuckall and I feel guilty, but at the same time I dread working with the public. I haven’t had a job in two years, my first job was when I was 19 working at a chinese restaurant. I lasted four months and ended up quitting since I was being paid minimum wage, had finals coming up, was eating less, I wanted to kill myself, and there was a language barrier too. I know that the longer I wait, the harder it’s going to be to overcome this, and I’ll keep feeling like a loser. I need a job but I’m awkward around people, I know that I’m capable of working since I have two hands, two legs, and a brain, but said brain is paranoid. Has anyone else had similar experiences? If so, how did you overcome it and what do you work as?

No. 2044593

File: 1718070060889.jpg (73.07 KB, 1200x799, 2222-1200x799.jpg)

going out of town for a convention tomorrow and i'm so miserable. i haven't felt this level of "do not want" in literal years. getting yelled at in retail was easier. but i don't want to do this. i don't want to social schmooze with judges and lawyers and senators for three days, i'll kill myself. i'm going to insult someone and end up in jail. apparently people from parliament will be there? please let them all look straight through me and let the days fly by

No. 2044594

it especially sucks because i am tech. we're a small team and i get it but aaaaiiieeee i went tech for a reason god damn it

No. 2044661


have you thought about applying for a temp agency? it's how i broke out of retail and started babby's first office job. they're desperate for workers to file random crap in the corner of a basement warehouse

No. 2044791

I've had a similar experience. Got a job through an agency after being a NEET/shut-in for 2-3 years and was able to hold it for 2,5 years. It was at a small company doing production work, some programming and graphic designing. I never had to deal with customers plus we had a small team, so I didn't have to talk with other people that much because everybody would be busy doing their own job. I recently quit and am now back to being a NEET/shut-in though.

I think retail/restaurant jobs are not ideal for shut-ins (if you deal with social anxiety) and I personally tend to look for jobs where you specifically do not have to deal with customers, like in a factory or just some place where they make stuff (if you want to do manual labour that is). I know it might sound depressing to work in a factory of some sorts, but there are so many interesting jobs available there and most of the time they are willing to teach you everything. Just open Google Maps sometime and look at what the companies in your area are making/if they have any vacancies and see if you can find anything that interests you. My advice is to not work at a company that is very small like I did though, because they will take advantage of you if you have a doormat personality like I do kek. Good luck nonna, I believe in you.

No. 2044811

A warehouse job is PERFECT if you can find one that does weekend shifts.

No. 2044877

Has anyone here switched from an office job to something completely different non-office job, like taking care of an elderly person?

No. 2044911

How do you stop the horrible corporate speak and fake performance from getting to you? My workplace is really heavy on "culture", super fake and performative and so much of my energy is spent on pretending I'm really excited and part of the "family", even as the company is going through some hard times. I feel like I'm going insane even though I try so hard to disconnect when not working, I go outside and engage in hobbies I really care about, but I still feel like I'm losing my soul to all of this and weekends never feel long enough to get rest. My boyfriend tells me "just don't think about work while you're not working" and I really do try, but he has way more flexibility at his job and is pretty much left to his own devices.
Is this just the nature of corporate life? Is there a way I can deal with this better?

No. 2044935

any suggestions for any autist friendly decently paying jobs? ones with and without a degree. struggling to figure out what would be a good career path that wouldnt drive me to suicide.

No. 2045530

>want to rent near my internship during the summer
>message the listing that sounds like best one, and it's only 10 mins from the job
>homeowner messages to let me know the shower in the house will be getting repaired/unusable during the time I requested, current renter showers at their job and she uses the one at her gym
I could transfer my gym membership but I think I'd get annoyed by the inconvenience

No. 2046163

This is a question probably more for anons who are in tech, particularly software engineering, but it's generally a question about how to figure out next steps in a career. I'm at a point where I want to move into some other role (currently senior fe) but I'm not totally sure what direction to go into. I feel torn between staying in fe and pursuing tech lead or manager roles or learning a different language and doing different type of development. Part of the difficulty in making a decision is that I've always worked at fairly small companies where the different type of engineers are broadly defined: front end, backend, devops. When I look at job posts to try and see what interests me, positions tend to be a bit more specific, so I have no real frame of reference on what it might be like. I know I might not have all the skills for a department change at the moment, but I love learning and have dabbled in C+ and Python, but haven't dived in yet since I'm not sure what's worth investing in for the best fit. I like FE work, but I'd generally like to expand and deepen my knowledge. Like I said, I have considered going into a tech lead or manager track, but I am grappling with my people pleasing tendencies. Not to mention, I default to softening my language so problems I flag have sometimes been read as not severe until things reach a critical point. I am working on that personal issue but it makes me not confident that I could be a good lead or manager. On the plus side, I am often told I am very easy to work with, knowledgable, and good at explaining concepts to less tech savvy coworkers and clients. I'm just not sure how to research or vet a good next step for me and wondering if any anons have advice or want to share any of their experiences in different dev roles? Barring that, I've considered finding a career coach to help parse this out, has anyone worked with one of those before? I worry it's a scam like most coaching, but I don't want to just be stuck in my current position forever.

No. 2046164

Considering the autistic women I know and the fields they seem to enjoy, have you thought about something in research or libraries? Maybe even data science?

No. 2046170

I switched from being a dev to being a security engineer (ISSE) recently. You just need a NIST certification to get going, I got sponsored by my company.
I like it more than dev work because it's less wrangling/interfacing with the customer, I just deal with devs and it guys and yell at them to fix their shit. I still apply my technical background, and I think your stated skills would be a good fit for it - it's very helpful to be able to explain security issues well, obviously.
I'd see about availability in your area before anything else though, I don't know how in demand it is everywhere (it's very valuable and high paid where I live.) Also, if you switch to something else after trying it, NIST experience is still valuable since it's always good to have someone who understands security shit writing your code or herding your devs or whatever.

No. 2046202

Nta but aren't those positions very scarce and competitive?

No. 2046270

Nonnas, I'm trying to drag myself out of NEET hell, but I have no job history on account of having been a commission artist for the past few years. I also don't have a degree and am 30 years old. Is there any hope for me job-wise or am I just fucked

No. 2046279

You're not the problem here, her attitude is. Yu sound like you're going above expectations tbf, a surprising amount of interns don't know how to do anything!

I experienced the same shit at my last job and I think it's because a) my boss was a middle-aged depressed woman who felt threatened by young people and b) they didn't like my vibe (i'm autistic kek) and wanted to poke me.

No. 2046302

Just put freelance artist as your job title on your resume, then add bullet points about general skills like communicating with clients, being self motivated, reaching deadlines. If you were commissioned for any big projects you could mention those too

No. 2046311

can you pick up enough basic design skills to spin yourself as a freelance designer and illustrator? It's not a guaranteed job (I don't know about your area but in mine, there's no junior design job openings and requirements are way higher than what is reasonable) but it's better than nothing. I got myself out of NEETdom that way and I'm not even a very good designer, but transferrable skills from doing art for game projects helped a lot. Companies care more about things like you being able to communicate clearly, deliver requests on time and use the required softwares rather than your skills (any corpo hiring a designer will have a shit eye for design anyway).

No. 2046329

Just find somewhere else to stay. It can't be the best place if it doesn't have a working shower. If there's no tub they shouldn't even have it up, report the listing.

No. 2046429

I just started a new job and am finding out that it was nothing like they advertised. For example job duties mentioned some really exciting areas that I was eager to learn about but will never be happening because apparently it’s handled by one guy on a different team. My coworker told me straight up that my job is just administrative work and nothing analytical. I got hired for my analytical skills.
I don’t wanna freak out too soon bc I have been here only a week but even shadowing the other analyst I am bored out of my mind. Do I bring this up to my boss and ask about where my analytical skills can come in? I don’t want to do administrative work and legit am on the verge of trying to look for other jobs just so I can get into something that isn’t so boring.

No. 2046465

Ask your boss, but start looking for another job. If they deceived you then who knows what else is going on with that workplace/team.

No. 2046645

Yeah I just started looking today. At first they sounded like someone I would get along with but I just saw they added $100 to the price of their listing which is kinda wtf if I can't even shower there

No. 2046703

ayrt,I agree my answer is not the best but trying to give nonny something, hopefully other autists have good reccs. But also you're right, research and library sciences from what I've heard from my friends is particularly difficult and competitive regardless of the economy, since it's a small field and people are usually lifers. Data Science I'm less sure about, probably matters how into math you are. Idk less skilled or specialized jobs that'd be good for a woman with autism though.

No. 2046793

Finally landed a phone screening for a receptionist role. I got fired from my last job of 5 yrs from a manager hating me and forcing a coworker to report me for "inappropriate language". I know they're going to ask questions and I'm so nervous on how to answer why I got fired.
Any tips for the phone screening? I've never gotten one before but it's supposed to be 15 minutes. What do they usually ask?

No. 2046827

Idk what country you’re in but do not say ANYTHING. It never happened, got it? You are going to sell yourself as hypercompetent and friendly if you want this job. Do not mention anything about disagreements at the old one unless it’s a STAR answer where you have a good “result” pre-planned. If you left a job then you either give a practical reason or say that you were seeking something with more internal growth.
They only call past workplaces after your offer is accepted to confirm the dates of your employment. HR cannot tell them anything else.

No. 2047375

>have job interview
>mic isn't working
>wasted 15min with the recruiter

It worked yesterday, I tested everything. I managed to fix it by switching ports but I don't want to do the interview again, I made such a retard out of myself.

No. 2047780

>coworker shows me how to do her job for her so she doesn’t have to do it
>or it would be whatever if she weren’t condescending and shitty every step of the way
>throwing a little baby fit whenever i don’t read her mind to divine her hallowed way of ordering files or immediately understand how to do something she’s done for the past 40 years in a day
being talked down to by someone who isn’t my boss is getting annoying as hell kek. especially since i saved her ass earlier in the year. i know the best path to solving it is to ignore her/show no reaction but oooh i hope the cigs rot your stupid lungs faster

No. 2047784

also alongside her is my other coworker who hates me for reasons i don’t get. being sneered at or outright ignored is confusing me. having her be weird about me not having a license is also annoying…is it because i’m the youngest here? it can’t be because i’m totally incompetent and stalling their progress — i do the things i was hired to do well enough for my boss to brag to her boss about them. which is of course her hyping up her own hiring skills, but…

No. 2047793

I don't think I actually like my company. I thought I would and was excited going in, but I've seen red flags. Who decided it was a good idea to make a brand new team out of only new hires, whether junior or experienced? I'm a junior but now in a team with experienced ones who are pretty much all just as clueless because they were hired only a couple of months before us. This wastes time that could have been spent to learn from a senior. What a disorganized mess. There are multiple other cases of incompetency, not related to tech that I've witnessed. 90% of people here are also either control-freak narcissists or don't care. It's a shitty environment all around.

No. 2047994

I just applied to a position I think I would do well in at a company two of my friends work for but with a slightly inflated resume and a boasting motivation letter and now I feel guilty and dirty, but if I don’t sell myself a bit my application won’t even see outside the HR mailbox. Now if I get an interview I will stress about my exaggerations being discovered and if I don’t my self-esteem will take a hit. Why did I even apply in the first place this is a nightmare.

No. 2048110

If you do get the interview you should create a version of your memories that fits your exaggerations. Imagine them as vividly as you can until you can sort of fool yourself into thinking of them as the truth. It'll make those little lies look real to the interviewer and calm you down.

No. 2048379

A month, 3 rounds of interviews I thought went great, and I just got told that they decided to go with another candidate that had 30 years experience. I really wanted this job. it was everything I've been looking for since graduating university 5 years ago. I just feel so dejected. How could I possibly compete with someone with that much experience? The hiring team was so nice and told me I should be proud to have made it so far in the hiring process so young and that my portfolio is impressive but that just makes me feel worse? I feel like First Loser instead of Second Place.

No. 2048454

I'm so sorry nonny. Being so close to getting the job and then it not working out feels really terrible. I had the same thing happen to me about five months ago and it was pretty crushing. I don't understand how companies can string you along for three whole interviews and then poof nothing comes from it… At least you have the practice from the interviews so you can be as prepared as possible and move with confidence when the next chance comes along, plus you know your portfolio is solid. You're not a loser. Also imo that comment about you being proud to have made it so far despite being young kinda shows their hand that they don't want to hire young people in the first place, so you must have been pretty damn good. Don't lose hope ♥

No. 2048600

I recently landed a job that’s a 60% pay increase and it’s fully remote (which means I’m actually doing pretty well for myself
given my age). This is after being laid off by my shitty tech company that paid shitty fucking wages. To be honest, it’s probably the push I needed to look for something else but I’ve been so distraught about the whole situation since I found out my team was being laid off. My team get along great so we’ve at least had each other to lean on.

It’s a similar role to my current one, except I’ll be an internal PM rather than an external PM that works with customers. There were so many rounds of interviews, and the hiring manager offered me significantly more than I asked for (which totally shocked me). The interview was thorough, but I can’t shake this feeling that they’ve made some mistake in hiring me and I’m terrified of screwing up.

Is there anything I can do to make sure I succeed? I’m trying to curb bad habits related to food, substance abuse (lol) and basically doing anything I can to make myself feel less terrified of starting this role but am still feeling so anxious.

No. 2048788

i’m glad this happened now because i feel no guilt or hesitation about draining this place of all the experience i can and job hopping.

No. 2048944

I was in an interview yesterday with a media company. They asked me "what would it take for you to quit the job?" It was kinda on the spot but I shared that there was a lot of factors (like me hurting physically from lack of sleep + stress) that made me leave my last job but the main one was to attend my bootcamp. I hope I answered the question ok.

No. 2049002

Based, nice work.
>Is there anything I can do to make sure I succeed?
Nobody here can tell you that, but imposter syndrome can lead to self-sabotage, so try and learn how to manage it before you start your job and try to avoid interpreting the mistakes you'll make early on as signs that you're shit. Ask your manager for feedback fairly frequently during your first few months and learn from that, the advice your colleagues give you, and your mistakes.

No. 2049003

Oh no…that's not the type of question you're supposed to answer honestly!

No. 2049059

How did it go? I had the same feeling of dread when I had to go to a convention, and while I did enjoy it less than my coworkers did, I still ended up having fun overall.

I have only ever been able to cope by finding similarly jaded coworkers that I can talk shit with. It's not possible at all jobs, though. Having coworkers that you can bitch to is what I miss most about being a wagie.


The bar for project managers is honestly on the floor. If you're not retarded and you actually try, you'll probably do fine.
>Be organized
>Keep the number of meetings down, and keep them short and quick. Actively moderate meetings to make sure you're not wasting people's time.
>Attempt to actually understand the projects you're working on. Employees can tell when you dont understand what they're telling you or when you don't understand what you're talking about, and they will resent you for being a useless middleman. If you don't understand the project and the important details about it, you will fuck up when discussing it to devs and leadership, which will cause a ton of problems for everyone involved.
>Contribute and give structure and focus to projects. You're not just a messenger and a scribe; you should be adding value.

If you do most of these things halfway decently, you will be significantly better than the average PM.

No. 2049081

That's such a stupid question to ask during an interview. I wouldn't be surprised if it has a toxic work culture.

No. 2049123

File: 1718393199536.jpeg (1.55 MB, 4096x2714, IMG_2247.jpeg)

I thought about that too. They said that it’s understandable if I left because I wasn’t happy but I did lie about my old management being nice people. I wouldn’t be offended if I didn’t get the job. Could you imagine how much info I would have on their clients that I couldn’t share online? It would drive me insane.
lol yeah she even said their last girl left because of “personal reasons”.

No. 2049127

ffs i clicked on a bad link. i swear i'm not retarded, the email came from a hotel manager like 10 minutes after i had asked someone to send me a receipt from their hotel. now i'm going to get reamed out by IT and probably signed up for a million scam email training sessions.

No. 2049166

File: 1718397505371.jpg (282.02 KB, 1080x1080, Tumblr_l_1197681520937078.jpg)

it's either find a job across the country or finally go to college full time out there, but I'm in my mid thirties and I don't think I can make it through college surrounded by people of gender and other current era specimens

but fucking hell from the empty wasteland that is my inbox you could reasonably assume that a fifteen-year civil service career means nothing without a certificate saying I spent four years writing papers about nothing materially real or meaningful and trying not to think about the amount of debt I'd end up with for that privilege

No. 2049171

hate my job so unbelievably bad, i keep constantly getting fucked over time and time again and this place made my mental health so bad that now i have to do intensive outpatient therapy 3 times a week, which a higher up won't even do an accommodation for. the only good place about this job is being paid weekly and the hours aren't the worst. that's it. i hate it here so bad i'm miserable and cynical at the workplace and i feel like such a downer. i'm also not even nice to customers anymore, i just don't have the energy for it but god they won't fire me.

No. 2049499

I hope to one day be able to afford the products my company makes, which I help develop. It feels demoralizing that I can't. It felt better working for companies that made cheap mass market crap despite knowing how wasteful that stuff is.

No. 2050494

I mentioned some time ago that I'm quitting my programming job and am gonna try to change careers into game dev. An anon brought up the very valid point that it's even more demanding when it comes to having personal projects and portfolios etc., but my hope is that, since it's something I like, I'll be able to actually work on it. This is my last month in my job and I don't have anything else lined up. I wanna spend some time studying, working by myself, taking some courses, etc. But I'm so scared. I'm afraid I'm gonna fail spectacularly due to not having something external to drive me. There are some 2 year courses I can take that I can take online but those would still depend on me keeping up motivation by myself. I'm so scared nonas… I just want to not work a soul sucking job creating wealth for shareholders… Yeah I know I'll also be doing that in a gamedev job, it's not all roses and sunshine, but at least I'll get to be creative and enjoy myself doing it, at least a little bit more than what I do now.
Please please please I want this to work… I want desperately to not work on something that makes me legit suicidal bc I'm probably bpd (my psychiatrist has been floating this diagnosis and honestly I think she's right) and feeling useless or rejected makes me wanna kms immediately and that's how I've felt in every single job I've ever had. There's gotta be a way to make money that doesn't make me wanna die because I feel like a complete failure. Please god I just want to be happy… just a little…

No. 2050678

Anons be real with me if I wanted to pursue a career in data analytics and don't care much for math but just want to make money, is it worth it? Or is it a dead end? I've been doing research and so many data analysts only really broke into the industry because they had merchandising or sales experience. Is it worth it? I want good money.

No. 2051342

File: 1718548960264.jpg (72.49 KB, 600x400, usagi-piggybank.jpg)

Are there any artists here who've managed to transition careers? I graduated with a Fine Arts degree about 2 or 3 years ago (who could remember with COVID) and am still doing freelance art commissions. It's ok, but definitely not a sustainable long term career, and family's up my ass about "well you're 26 now so…?" The latest push has been to become a teacher (either a grade school art teacher or substitute) but that can't be all that's left these days right?

No. 2051344

Recently I saw a TIM I hate has become a PM. He is a narcissist that has always felt a need to be in control wherever he is, so I'm not even surprised. He was also kicked out of the LGBT club on campus he was president of, for accusations of being a creep. I feel sorry for the people that must work under him now. Just please don't be that kind of PM.

No. 2051365

File: 1718550426427.jpg (89.26 KB, 1000x667, Construction-BAM-NCH-Dublin-13…)

I don't know because it really gets to me as well. I am much rougher around the edges - Like to cuss, don't care for self grooming very much (Walk around in old clothes, bags, etc), talk very casually…I just wish we could have a white collar job closer to the culture of a blue collar one. Construction workers seem much more laid-back with eachother. No frills, can swear, and shoot the shit with eachother (Can develop an actual brotherhood with eachother that isn't forced networking crap). Don't have to worry about dumb superficial shit like how much text you have on a Powerpoint and how well polished your shoes are. Also I imagine if someone fucks with you in construction you can go ahead and tell them straight up to fuck off much more easily. Not get written up to HR immeadietly, which causes people in white collar to fuck with you much more insidiously, creating an environment where you're forced to put up with it for much longer.

No. 2051388

I transitioned out of being a commission artist by getting a part time job to gain different work experience/skills. From there it was a matter of customer service, misc business admin, and leadership experience that let me bounce around until my resume was good enough to start a career in sales. I'd say go for a part time job first and gain experience while earning money through your art to supplement it. It can take a while to start earning a living wage in a new career unless you're lucky/really charismatic. But really, your options aren't as limited as they seem unless you feel like you have to strictly be in an art-related job, where you are involved in illustration directly. There are plenty of design/retail/creative jobs out there where it helps to be an artist, but you aren't actively producing art.

No. 2051498

File: 1718560828275.jpg (45.97 KB, 1000x423, aa73f6e2013c3049cb1a94d3223d70…)

I've somehow mentally convinced myself I will not get the job despite answering all the technical questions correctly, due to the fact that I did not make myself appear more eloquent.
Doesn't help that I know there's 11 other candidates that got to the interview stage and probably appeared more friendly than I did. I hate the waiting period so much it's unreal because I start overthinking this shit and picking apart everything I could have done better.

No. 2051563

you could work at a museum if you like art.

No. 2051775

I made it clear as soon as I started my current job a few years ago that I won't work overtime, and that I will work hard during the hours stated in my work contract because it's explicitly stated that working more hours won't give me a bigger salary, no more no less. I was kind of forcing myself to participate in activities that my former coworkers thought would be fun before they all left very quickly, dumb shit like celebrating everyone's birthdays on our own money or stretching for like 10 minutes before our weekly team's meetings but after everyone got replaced because the turnover rate is really high these things stopped happening as often and even then I'm still fed up. Last week my coworkers wanted to surprise me by celebrating my birthday too late with a cake they bought during lunch break, filmed me while singing happy birthday to you in the middle of the office and made me eat a piece while I was trying not to pass out, throw up and shit in my pants at the same time from my period cramps. They all looked a little upset I wasn't crying tears of joy when it's the third time they've been doing that shit and I was too physically sick to give a fuck. I can't stand these bitches anymore. My boss got lowkey upset we didn't want to have our meetings (as in, work) during our unpaid lunch breaks but she still stopped doing that when we all politely made her understand we don't give a fuck about these meetings. One good thing is that the guy who wanted to plan afterworks once a week left the company more than a year ago so he can't harass me into drinking alcohol and partying instead of raising his very young kid.

It's not advice because it's a little unrealistic, it's not something you can directly influence but I think the most effective way to stop caring about all of this would be if most of your coworkers also stopped caring, stopped pretending you're all bffs and actually just focused on work and left as soon as the work is done. In my case all the annoying things that contributed to all of us being forced to pretend we're a giant, happy family stopped being organized because the people who cared about that left little by little and got replaced by people who care a lot less about that shit. I can't say it's a good thing though, because we have a lot more issues as a result of everyone leaving the company after just 6 months or one year there.

No. 2051908

File: 1718581952170.jpg (36.02 KB, 640x360, istockphoto-879094134-640x640.…)


>Last week my coworkers wanted to surprise me by celebrating my birthday too late with a cake they bought during lunch break

I did not tell anyone at work it was my birthday day of, but only on the next day instead, because I knew they would do something like that. They still did exactly that. They suddenly walked in with a cake and made me blow candles while everyone started singing Happy Birthday and looking at me like picrel. Seemed like a nice gesture at first but then I thought about how creepy and humiliating that felt. I think there was some unwritten rule for me to share the cake with everybody else too, but I didn't since no one said yes when I asked, so the first thing I got asked the next morning "How was the cake?".

No. 2051912

File: 1718582254124.png (47.77 KB, 358x273, Screen Shot 2024-06-16 at 4.56…)

a job application im filling out right now….

No. 2052641

That picture is basically what they all looked like while trying to make me say a speech. I just said thank you, I appreciate it and they were waiting for more with that face.

No. 2052644

someone got paid 80k per year to be an inclusivity consultant for a large firm and add those small touches

No. 2052649

No. 2052672

If they're smart they use that field to filter out the nuisances

No. 2052728

You know that the company's had at least ten complaints from xe/xyms and fae/stars about how genocidal these pronoun options are.

No. 2052734

It was hard and I had to freelance and make my own projects for awhile but I transitioned from fine arts into design and then into web development.

No. 2053822

I just need to vent.
I took a job where I was sold a standard position with a good baseline entry salary, but over the last year I've been pushed into a position akin to a fucking call center employee where I have a set goal of calls to make a day to sell things unrelated to my current position and I feel like every few weeks I put my foot down about this and they accept that it's out of my contracted duties and then slowly I get pushed back into calls. I'm just bored of this but none of applications are being accepted by other companies. I could just numb myself and do this because it's not like it's hard but I wake up fucking dreading this because I'm doing nothing with my life but working for a morally corrupt company who only cares about money. I just want to leave, I'd take working in food industry again over this, I just fucking hate this so much.

No. 2053859

I'm interviewing for 2 different companies right now and praying that one of them hires me because the money is drying up but also because they're remote positions and I really don't want to travel at 35C+ for interviews or work. I've been unemployed for almost half a year now, as much as I love the free time, money is sadly more important atm.

I also have to report to the unemployment birou every month, and they also send me ads that I'm supposed so apply for. Except all the shit they send me is stuff I haven't done in YEARS. The last bookkeeping job I had was in 2020, I've been doing nothing but tech related stuff since then, including additional education but for some reason those retards keep ignoring it. It creates a frustrating loop because I have to apply, but I know I'll be rejected because the companies sometimes actually read the cv.

No. 2053999

I dropped the ball on 2 interview questions(one technical and one where I had to talk about a situation I've been in before), how cooked am I?

No. 2055775

There's that coworker I can't stand anymore, she won't stop yelling on the phone and since her contract is almost over she's starting shit with everyone, managers, clients and the other team that's working with us. I'm looking forward to August so I don't have to deal with her anymore. She likes me so she's annoying tf out of me during lunch breaks to tell me all about her personal life without me ever asking and I'm sick of it. She's still yelling as I'm typing this it's been 10min.

No. 2056110

Everyone knows wherd I'm going next week on holidays and she asked me to post pictures of my trip and videos for the whole team on whatsapp as if I would ever give them my personal phone number, help me anons. I hate these people so much, why do they think we're all friends! And they're almost all muslim so they would annoy me with whatever I do during my free time because they think I'm one of them. I need to come up with a good excuse.

No. 2056138

File: 1718818675407.jpeg (54.33 KB, 500x349, 1706413434703.jpeg)

So sick of spending hours writing cover letters only to get a generic email rejection in response and a refusal to give me feedback. Is the job market (in Europe) just really shit right now? My last two jobs took only a couple weeks to get, I've been looking for three months now. Both in a new sector and in a sector I've been working in for a couple of years.

No. 2056156

>Is the job market (in Europe) just really shit right now?
Generally yes, but depends on which industry you are in. Don't give up though nonna, you'll find something. Apply to at least 10 places per day and keep an Excel sheet with all the info, name of the company, description of the position, link to the website, physical address, etc. Be persistent.

No. 2056993

I'm finally a developer now but I haven't actually been doing much of anything at work and don't have the motivation to self-learn on the side either. I'm worried if this keeps up that I'll be let go. Co-workers are already playing around in codebase but I, as dumb and useless as I am, can still only be told very specifically what to do so that I can do something. I don't have the intellectual curiosity others tend to possess in this field. I'm bad at learning new things and struggle with it alot in general, though.

No. 2057363

File: 1718888522029.jpg (16.05 KB, 262x328, ca8146a6-aa3f-445b-afd0-5ec08c…)

Another day another rejection. There are almost no jobs around here and all the remote stuff requires good upload, which I can't have due to living at the edge of town. I was almost hored on the spot today, but again, the upload sucks.
Money is slowly running low which has me a bit panicking and I don't want to dig into my savings. Sending 6 more applications today.

nta, but I recommend Notion, imo it's better and prettier than excel

You sure you're not burned out?
I know I was after that stupid final in the coding bootcamp I did. Maybe doing something like cs50 or daily challenges could get you your spark back?

I haven't touched vs code since December and I still need to make a portfolio kek

No. 2057375


Well, I just graduated this past December and started the job this May so I may have some post-college burnout. CS in college was great in taking me from someone initially very interested in self-learning to eventually someone that freaks out at the mere thought of coding by the time I graduated. The amount of anxiety and stress it took to battle through my degree was insane. I never did leetcode either, something that bit back hard when I was job searching since now every recruiter and their grandma either makes you do those or some other kind of online assessment so I probably should anyway. I'm scared it'll follow me everywhere in future job searches.

No. 2057385

I need to get an internship but it's making me freak out. I don't have any experience in that field or job experience in general. They don't want a cover letter but I'll try to bullshit something to at least explain what date I could start. I'm reading example interview questions online and I feel like I couldn't respond to anything. Despite my good grades it's like everything I studied left my brain. Why am I so fucking stupid, I don't even want to send it out. But if I don't do it nothing will get done again and I'll continue wasting away

No. 2057411

My brothers gf was the same after graduating, it'll wear off after a while. Those stupid tests and exercises seem to be almost mandatory for every coding role, even if the job is piss easy and you'll never use whatever they ask in the test. Leetcode and code wars are a good idea, yeah. Just try to sit for like 5 minutes on the site. Starting sucks ass but eventually it'll turn into a habit. At least it did for me with duolingo kek

Interviews are all about bullshitting and it's more about the vibes than actual knowledge. By that I mean if you get along with the interviewer you can make a few mistakes. They also take practice.
Maybe the google interview warmup site could help with practice? You get questions, answer them and get feedback.

Reminds me how I was asked in an interview about team management, told them how the most people I managed was about 50, made some shit up how it worked. Meanwhile the truth was that I was a commander in Guild wars 2 and did meta maps. You don't need to do shit, just pop up a tag and people follow you

No. 2057500

You're giving me the courage to think more about how I can sell the little bit of experience I do have but I'm scared about it being vibe-based kek, I've been told I look anxious even when I relax and I'm scared I'll break out in tears if they ask me what I'm good at or what I do in my free time or if I remember literally anything I studied.

No. 2057623

You can do it, you just have to delude yourself a bit that you're the best thing that ever happened to the company and if they ask about something you've never done, well, you're never done it but you're more than capable to learn it super fast and be good at it. They love retarded amount of confidence, lots of smiling and just being a bit bubbly. Even the cunty ones are just people and trust me, there's always someone worse than you at these interviews.
Just keep practicing

No. 2058437

File: 1718961027179.png (45.1 KB, 230x227, grimace.png)

>"we aim to give you a response somewhere near the start of next week"
>it's friday and still no news
I suppose at least I haven't been rejected yet?

No. 2058548

The place I want to apply to apparently only wants the CV and my grades/proof of any certificates but doesn't mention a cover letter. The entire site is full of phrases like "Just apply with your documents, we will get to know you in a personal conversation and show you why we are the right fit for you!" and I don't know what to do. Should I add a letter anyway or would it look like I'm stupid and didn't check out their site beyond the specific job description? Should I email them and ask?

No. 2058572

Just send the documents and write something basic in the email like hope my cv will interest you enough to give me the opportunity to introduce myself in person" or something like that.
I had the chance to work at hiring at one of the companies I was at. You wouldn't believe the dumb shit people send in (sometimes there's literally nothing attached lol), the ugly af cv's and stupid email addresses (seen xxxedgy420bl00dxx type of stuff frequently). Whatever you do, it'll be fine

No. 2058585

Thanks for the response, I'll do that then. I've heard before that recruiters see all kinds of weird things and I just want to avoid becoming another story like that kek

No. 2058641

I’m doing it today nonnas, I am going to quit my crappy job I have had for 4 years. I don’t have anything lined up yet, but I know I have outgrown this job.

No. 2058707

File: 1718983437710.jpg (104.28 KB, 1170x1044, tumblr_47f611a290fbbf015a03acf…)

Nonnas, it can get better. For years, I was doing soul sucking office work as a college graduate. I was able to pretty easily afford things and I got to avoid talking to people. However, the benefits were not worth the mental toll and I was extremely depressed for several years partly because of my meaningless work. Edge aheadI tried to kms twice while on the clock and had to take leave because of it, when I came back it was like nothing happened. I was bullied by coworkers and mgmt ignored me. There were also periods where they gave me no work but I was expected to sit at my desk like a good slave for 8 hours and look busy. I had no hope for my future and hoped to either be fired or die so I didn't have to continue. People would tell me 'it's just a job' or 'you're just there for the paycheck' and tell me not to let it get to me. But when you're working for most of your waking hours, it is nearly impossible not to let it affect you.

I decided to quit and go to trade school where I had to learn new things and gain new experience. Luckily I was able to survive on savings and short jobs here and there until I got my professional license. Now I don't dread waking up in the mornings. I don't feel miserable on the weekend knowing I have to go to work soon. This peace is worth it. I am able to do work that I find meaningful, work with my hands, and improve my own life. And eventually I can open my own business and work for myself. I'm so glad I didn't listen to the skeptical people in my life who told me I was just being sensitive. I know this doesn't apply to everyone though, some people legitimately can work corporate jobs and not want to die at the end of the day.

No. 2058727

i honestly love my job despite it being a shitshow atm, it's the perfect field for me and even though the hours are long it's an exciting and energizing job i love learning at. but i just can't believe i got passed up initially for a girl with court dates in multiple different counties, telling my now coworker she "has a problem being on her phone while driving" when we drive government vehicles, saying she was a social media influencer once she got the job and was going to make tiktoks (of what bitch? the dead people in the morgue? what are ethics), and likely lied about past experience. also bragged about how she had to hide her badge from her family as they were involved in criminal activity. just wtf, i could have started two weeks earlier because you guys couldn't do a proper background check when you could've compared and seen i've never even been pulled over. oh well, at least i'm there now and management seems to like me.

No. 2058924

I got a new job in my field that starts in two weeks. Should I keep going into my former job or quit now and have a week off? I could really use the extra money which is why I'm hesitating but the work is mind numbing and can't tolerate it for a second longer.

No. 2058928

thank you nonny, gives me a lot to think about.

No. 2059082

File: 1719008526520.jpg (43.39 KB, 140x140, d65avse-2dfada23-b02b-4a4e-a7c…)

NVM I got the response I was hoping for.

No. 2060631

My boss decided that he doesn't like my coworker and wants to fire him. The problem is the only way to legally do that in my country is to completely remove his job position, and he can't hire anyone to do his job for at least 3 months. So he wants me to take on his job responsibilities or be fired as well. I obviously said shove it, fire me as well. So the HR lady and my supervisor basically begged me to reconsider and said that even if I am taking on his responsibilities on paper, I don't have to do much. They pressured me to make the decision right then and there, so I agreed to their terms. But the more I think about it, the more I don't like it. It just morally doesn't sit right with me. I don't really want to take on his job. I don't like it at all. It just gives me a bad feeling. Also, I feel like by accepting this offer, I am losing all my bargaining chips. If I get fired now, I will get severance pay and I will have grounds to sue. If I accept it, then I will be someone who begged to stay at this godforsaken place. But I am not in a good place financially to quit right now. I was in the process of applying for a mortgage loan. I hate it. What should I do, nonnies? Should I stay or should I go?

No. 2060655

They're 100% going to fuck you over if you sign anything like that. Verbal agreements are worth jack shit. It's a tough situation and I hope someone who knows more than me can give better advice. Maybe you can brainstorm terms to negotiate, like getting paid X overtime for doing Y hours (a minimal amount of his duties) for a period Z months? Maybe you and a coworker could split the duties?

No. 2060687

Quit. Reset yourself. Congrats on new job

No. 2062133

File: 1719234852793.png (2.01 KB, 40x40, Happy.png)

I got a new job after a rubbish period of job searching (limited options in a shitty small town). not a brilliant job, more shitty retail work, but I know it isn't permanent and I'll be getting back to my real passion + career soon when I find my feet again. very small flicker of positivity.

No. 2062149

File: 1719236774430.jpg (60.67 KB, 752x1200, 1000040175.jpg)

Am I overreacting? I'm currently working a lucrative contract for a tech company. My boss for the contract (who is normally chill and leaves me to be autonomous) flipped out and berated me in a public slack channel for sending an email 'without permission'. For context, the email I sent had correct information but missed another piece of company specific information that I, being an external contractor, did not know about. I would have appreciated my boss simply saying 'can you also include this extra information in a follow up, that's the way we do it here' rather than raging and implying I'm incompetent in front of others.
Not sure whether to mention this because it has really pissed me off, or just roll with it and assume my boss is having a bad day.

No. 2062165

Publicly laying into you is HR worthy complaints anon don't let it go cause that "off day" is gonna become a habit for your boss

No. 2062169

always thought people who complained about boring nothing jobs to be retarded but my job is currently boring and slow and i’m hating it. but when i’m made hybrid/remote (if i guess…) then i’ll love it

No. 2062224

File: 1719243211423.jpeg (183.18 KB, 1440x720, IMG_4123.jpeg)

I’m currently planning for my future and for a German lawyer moving to the US I only see two options:

Plan A: take some classes at an American law school to take the US bar exam and keep working as a lawyer
pros: good salary, can open my own office if nobody wants to hire me
cons: expensive and time consuming, job is limited to the state one barred in, employers and clients would probably prefer fully US educated lawyers (hard to compete with them)

Plan B: do some training to become a paralegal
pros: cheap and quick, can move from state to state, don’t have to worry about losing cases
cons: shitty salary compared to plan A

Which path would you choose, nonnas? Or can you think of any alternative plans for foreign lawyers in the US?

No. 2062229

File: 1719243438077.jpeg (11.6 KB, 275x183, images (1).jpeg)

Been flagging for 6 years and I'm only 23 and make $23/cad an hour. I'm so sick and tired of it. What do bartenders and servers make? This job makes me want to die but its full time with guranteed hours/wage. Is it worth switching?

No. 2062234

I'm no where near a lawyer but I say keep studying and expand with option A. You already did the work might as well make good money.

No. 2062241

I replied to a "we've tried to contact you" message and they called me back right away. Now I have the interview tomorrow and I hope I won't flumb it first, then maybe get the job I think?

No. 2062249

I haven’t been a bartender in over 5 years so grain of salt but it was a hell of a lot less than 23/hr when I did it. Do not switch to bartending oh my god. People talk about the tips but it’s all irregular hours and late nights and shit customers, tips ebb and flow. I imagine you get weekends off or no? Bartenders never do.

No. 2062250

Why in the hell are you moving to the US?

No. 2062303

Are you the america-hating britanon?

No. 2062307

I need to leave Germany to get away from my toxic abusive family. I don’t want to move to a different European country because it would still make it too easy for my family to visit me on a regular basis, trust me. And I honestly don’t care for other European countries lol I only like Germany. I picked the US because I’ve enjoyed all my stays there and find it very easy to connect and socialize with Americans. And the wildlife, national parks, hiking trails and landscapes give me a reason to live kek. Also, driving in Europe gives me anxiety because the roads are too narrow and curvy. American roads are wider and straighter.

No. 2062319

Of course it's most probably a scam, goddamnit.

No. 2062329

i’d love to get an office job like as a receptionist or secretary, but i am a university student and don’t have any relevant experience (i’ve had two jobs before but both very random summer jobs).

my university degree is related to business but i’m not sure that helps at all. are there any certificates or courses i could do to add to my resume? what else could help?

No. 2062361

You should be able to get a job as a receptionist without any experience, that's a common student job.

No. 2062369

You're a qualified laywer perfectly capable of supporting herself, and an extremely in-demand one here too (a German lawyer). What is keeping you from moving to another city and cutting off your family for good if you're not financially dependent on them? Moving to the US for those reasons only is a bad idea nona. Have you lived in a third world country before? Because that's what the US is, a country third-world living conditions but with money. Being a lawyer in the USA is 100 times worse than being a lawyer in Germany. You must realize it if you've taken comparative law classes during your studies. If you really need to move to another continent to escape your family for whatever reason and don't mind living as an expat, consider Asia.

No. 2062370

NTA but I've been applying for receptionist jobs (among other low level jobs) for months and they all just ghost, job market is horrible.

No. 2062378

>Being a lawyer in the USA is 100 times worse than being a lawyer in Germany. You must realize it if you've taken comparative law classes during your studies.
How so?

No. 2062383

So… don't tell them where you move to and lock your door?

No. 2062386

Lawyer to paralegal is a SERIOUS downgrade both wrt your salary and how much people will respect you. You'll also never get sponsorship that way unless you marry a citizen. Bad idea.
>I’ve enjoyed all my stays there
I'm not saying that you'll ultimately hate living there, but living somewhere is much different than travelling.
Can you afford to do a trial run via a shorter period of education like a master's or renting a place in an area of interest for a few months? I'm sure you also know that getting a green card/PR in the US is difficult even if you're sponsored by a company/firm. And whatever extra training you do will mean nothing without a sponsorship.
>Also, driving in Europe gives me anxiety because the roads are too narrow and curvy. American roads are wider and straighter.
Traffic fatalities in the US are absurdly high and many people drive like maniacs post-COVID.

This isn't to shit on your dreams, but they won't be the easiest to realise and there's a decent chance that you won't enjoy living in the country.

No. 2062388

The legal system of the USA is one of the worst ones on this planet because of one simple thing: the jury system. This turns the entire judiciairy into a ginormous circus where it's common to verbally and psychologically abuse witnesses, experts as well as opposing counsel all in an effort to convince a panel of randoms that your case is correct based on emotions alone. See the Johnny Depp trial for an example. Having a jury transforms the judiciary into an awful, nightmarish money-making machine and rightfully doesn't exist in any other developed nation. Even in the UK juries aren't common and relegated to one very specific instance. The US also has unethical shit like punitive damages and contingency fees which are illegal in Germany as you should know how awful they are.

No. 2062389

This is totally not the point of your post but narrow and non-straight roads have been proven to be more safe because they slow down traffic speeds and force attention back on the road.

No. 2062400

What should I expect from a short initial interview with an HR person? I've been told the purpose of it is just to get to know my experience and for me to learn about the job (and there'll be another, more practical interview if I pass this one). I've done research on the company, prepared a few questions and prepared answers for questions like "tell me about yourself", "why are you interested in the company" and other basic ones. Are they mostly going to check my resume info is correct, like an external recruiter would? My current job's interview process was the opposite of this (task presentation + competency based questions first, checking on details in a followup interview) so I'm finding this pretty daunting.

No. 2062403

the system is fucked up but I think it’s up to nonnie if she wants to pursue life in da USA. Let’s face it wages are higher here than most countries.

No. 2062428

Repost bc typos but Im German lawyer OP and idc what you guys have to say about the US you probably mean well but I‘ve fully made my mind up about moving there. Me answering a question wasn’t an invitation for everyone to sperg about how much you hate America kek. And if I regret it I can simply return to Germany without any issues and keep earning a shit ton of money as a lawyer here. I have nothing to lose. Anyway thanks to the nonnies who talked me out of becoming a paralegal I love you and I will pretend that every client I am defending in an American court is one of you lovely people

No. 2062432

If it's a pure money calculation, then yeah, sure. Wages might be higher but the quality of life is significantly lower when compared to a country like Germany. Infrastructure, roads, healthcare, government funding, food, public schools, safety, etc. Nonna can live a comfortable life as a lawyer in the German countryside where with her salary she can buy land and a house and drive on big, deserted countryside roads. Compare that to being an immigrant in the US, it's just begging to suffer. She won't be treated any better just because she's German there either. Not to mention if she wants a greencard she has to give up her German passport. Fat chance of making it back to the EU under these conditions.

No. 2062441

Based. Don't listen to these Amerilards. I bet they studied something useless in school like basket weaving and are now bitter that they can barely find a job and living paycheck to paycheck, so it must mean Murrica is a third world kek. Follow your dreams nonny!!

No. 2062443

File: 1719255539373.jpg (43.32 KB, 564x490, 898.jpg)

All nonnies should come to Brazil

No. 2062446

>if she wants a greencard she has to give up her German passport. Fat chance of making it back to the EU under these conditions
Nope, you dont need to give up your German citizenship for a greencard. It’s perfectly possible to have both. The German passport is one of the worlds strongest. That thing let’s you get away with pretty much anything kek. I can return to Germany at any time, don’t worry nonna.
>Infrastructure, roads, healthcare, government funding, food, public schools, safety, etc.
How will that concern me as a lawyer exactly? We make good money and I have a lot of savings. I’m not going to live in a ghetto
>Nonna can live a comfortable life as a lawyer in the German countryside
I literally live in the German countryside and contrary to your assumptions it‘s quite literally where the roads are the slimmest and curviest topkek. And stop blowing the road thing out of proportion nonnies, its obviously not my main motivation

No. 2062458

>I’m not going to live in a ghetto
Oh, nonnie.

No. 2062460

I honestly don't understand why you think you need to move to another continent to get away from your family (you conveniently avoided those questions too) but if you feel like moving to the US is something you need to do, just do it. If nothing else it'll at least be personal development and you can always move back if it wasn't all you hoped it to be.

No. 2062477

I didnt avoid these questions nonna I just ignored them bc I already answered them in my first post. European countries are not far away enough. My family constantly travels throughout Europe every other week. They will keep visiting me if I stay in europe. I need to move faaar away from them. Some short little flights throughout Europe is nothing to them. And I don’t want to completely lose contact and further harm our relationship either so changing my identity or hiding my whereabouts or whatever is not an option. I still love them and don’t want to lose them despite their domestic violence and emotional terrorism towards me. I just need to get away from them physically. The only foreign language I’m fluent in is english and I simply prefer the USA over other non European english speaking countries like New Zealand, Australia, Canada

No. 2062499

I find it very odd how Im being forced to justify my decision about moving to the US. Why do I need to justify it? Just let me pursue my American dream nonnies. I will invite you all to a traditional thanksgiving dinner at my luxurious American mansion once I have succeeded

No. 2062513

Because it's a stupid decision. If you don't want people to criticize your career choices then don't broadcast them on the career thread. You sound underage.

No. 2062516

Oh, please. The nicest places in America are wonderful to live in; they're just absurdly expensive. They're a different type of nice compared to European cities, and they feel much less organic, but it is not at all hard to believe that some Europeans would find that appealing.
Acting like living in America on a lawyer's salary is like living in a ghetto is absolutely ridiculous and betrays that you have no idea what America is like or that you have no idea what actual third world countries are like. Yes, we have many pockets of serious poverty and our country is not great to live in if you are poor, but the vast majority of cities have several nice neighborhoods that do not have significant crime problems, are walkable, and have good public amenities well-cared for by urban nimbys; they're just far too expensive for people outside the top 20% of income. You need to visit a suburban-ish satellite city of a growing American city. They are often shiny and wealthy to the point of absurdity, but you can pretty easily afford to live in these places on a professional's salary.

>She won't be treated any better just because she's German there either

Americans absolutely love European immigrants, especially if they're actually fluent in english. Thinking otherwise is very out of touch.

>Not to mention if she wants a greencard she has to give up her German passport.

I know she already replied, but this is extremely false. Even if youre confusing a green card with citizenship, both the US and Germany allow dual citizenship.

No. 2062529

The question was „paralegal vs lawyer“ not „America vs Europe“

No. 2062545

File: 1719262959504.jpeg (356.76 KB, 1366x768, IMG_4139.jpeg)

Anyway taking this as a chance to rant: I specialize in bank law and I hate having to deal with divorce cases form time to time just bc the couple has created some huge loan issues with the bank in their marriage. Everyone involved in divorce cases is obnoxious and petty and most importantly: a liar

No. 2062550

More like
>paralegal immigrant in The US
>native lawyer in Germany
The immigrant part cannot be underestimated.
And contrary to expectation you need a degree to be a paralegal, too. A US law degree. Because the USA is a common law country.

No. 2062563

I agree the paralegal route is definitely retarded what was I even thinking. But nonnas took the /ot part on here too literally and kept crying about how much they hate the US which has nothing to do with this thread or my question. Its just annoying at this point

No. 2062570

>Are they mostly going to check my resume info is correct, like an external recruiter would?
Basically, along with some other surface-level questions to see if you're a good fit like salary expectations. If you're early career then those won't come into play as much though.

No. 2062574

>vast majority of cities have neighborhoods that are walkable

That "neighborhood" is usually only a very small portion of the city i.e. downtown. And even then there's rarely one with an apartment where:

1) You won't still deal with shitty drivers and homeless
2) There is a building other than a grocery store and some small shops that are properly walkable i.e. post office, bank, hospital.

So this is inaccurate. Do not underestimate American car-brain.

No. 2062622

i'm american and you should go for it. yes america has its downsides but it's not this massive ghetto entirely. there's nice areas and there's shitholes and i live in the midwest, which is generally referred to as a shithole but it's absolutely not if you're a lawyer living in a nice city or town. you definitely need a car to live here though. it might be a struggle getting to the point you want to be at but it will be worth it. especially if you find a good area with a sizeable population that only speaks german, that will be an asset of yours because employers here love bilingual and multilingual employees. the entire country isn't detroit.

No. 2062806

Best easy to get jobs for good character references? I have a dream job confirmed and it's 6 months away. Only issue is that I've been a NEET since I graduated a year ago.

No. 2064132


I got a job guys I know nobody asked but I ain't got homies to tell. Starting as an apprentice baker. Fuckin union job.

No. 2066119

File: 1719445516436.jpg (96.25 KB, 784x960, 82314947b9143e0a526a162520d5e3…)

I can't tell if I'm fucking up on my resume or my portfolio is way too out of date or what, but I'd love a bit of advice. Artist, working in video game industry, got laid off a while back, still applying to jobs left, right, and center. A lot of the work I did for the place I worked at is still under NDA (for at least 6 more months), so in the meantime I'm working on art to put in my portfolio. Of course, this takes time, but I'm still applying to studios. It's been rejections for a while now. My first reaction is usually, "Shit, my portfolio needs more recent art", which makes me panic and work on art, but Idk if that's just the sole reason. I remember from a past thread some anon mentioned companies using AI to sort through resumes automatically.

No. 2066984

My favorite thing about being a (non-corporate, alone at the bar every shift) bartender is I have 100% discretion to kick anyone out for any reason and my boss will back up me or any other bartender 1000%. She will just ask why and then go "lol good reason".

No. 2066987

Is that your art style?

No. 2067152

Congrats nonna, that's the first step in the next chapter of your life! (corny but real!) I suppose you had not moved to the US for the relationship, otherwise you could also look for job offers in other countries? Anyway good luck and stay strong!

No. 2067840

i don't even know what they want at this point
> got a new task, manager set the level and difficulty despite not being technical at all. He made it the lowest difficulty/shortest time period without consulting me
> spent a couple of days looking at the existing work (it was left incomplete after the previous person working on it left a year ago)
> spent a couple of days researching how to finish it.
> spent a couple of days testing it and ran into an issue; I asked the team in charge of that system for help and was in the middle of working through a solution with them when I got called in and scolded for being selfish/immature and not asking for help i guess??
> it was an important monitoring system and I had thought the time spent would be worthwhile and communicated this with my manager. I gave honest updates and said once the blocker was resolved i would have been able to finish the work in a day. Which is what happened.

I will admit I can have some issues with asking for help but I was still so taken aback. I still haven't replied to his message because I was so shocked, I was on vacation and I've been back for less than a week and it's already like this

Why are moids such shit communicators?? why did he wait until he was clearly so pissed off to put pressure on me?? if he wanted to expidate the task so badly he could have mentioned the priority instead of turning around and calling me all kinds of names out of the blue. In the meantime we had all sorts of meetings and tasks from other sources. I really miss working with women sometimes.

I need this job for the time being but I'm sick of how hostile the environment feels

No. 2067843

NTA but that's ralph bakshi's art for the movie wizard. Shit movie but it has great designs.

No. 2068313

KEK no but like anon said, the movie is retarded but the concept art was cool.

No. 2068893

As a new hire, how do you deal with a lead analyst who has a bad attitude? My manager is very hands off and left me with her so she can train me and it’s going about as well as you can expect. Whenever something goes wrong, her first response is to blame people instead of trying to fix things immediately like I do. She tells me to ignore people in my emails and also tries to micromanage me while criticizing what my manager taught me. Would it be too much to ask my manager to have him train me more than her? Her energy is so negative and pessimistic; being around this person constantly is making me think I picked the wrong job.

No. 2069304

Looking for jobs is so depressing. I don't think there's any hope for me unless I go back to school or learn a trade but I have to save money for it and decide what to do because I don't have time to pick something and not be at least tolerant of whatever field it is. I've worked at my current workplace for 5 years and in that time I've only gotten a $2 raise since then.

No. 2069558

Does anyone have advice for packing for work travel? I'm working 3 days/week for two months while renting an apartment, and I'll be driving my car to and from the job. So far I was thinking clothes, toiletries and electronics but I'm wondering if I'm overpacking or going to forget something important. Like I know I should bring a lunch bag and a couple containers for my food for my lunch breaks.

No. 2071275

I flirt too much at work with male coworkers and I’m actually scared now that someone’s going to say something. I’m trying to stop acting like a weird pick me and I’m going to start ignoring all men at work instead. Thankfully I only work directly with women so it will be easy.

No. 2071895

I've been working at a cafe for 2 years. I started studying nursing because I felt myself drawn to it and that my work before was meaningless. However, I just completed placement (I don't know what people call it in other countries, but it's basically work experience associated with study) and it was overwhelming. The constant patient care and demand stressed me out to the point a health issue I had exacerbated and worsened until it stopped. Does it get better? Am I screwed? I didn't realise I'm this averse to patient care until recently. I feel terrible because I told everyone this is what I want to do and now I don't feel sure anymore. I know I can handle customer service but this is different.

No. 2071899

Fast food and retail jobs are shitty but they'll get you there and you'll only have to be there for a few months. They're fairly easy to get (depending on economy and competition)

No. 2072375

Perhaps working in a supermarket would be better

No. 2072380

This video is important, for anyone thinking of college and student debt please watch

No. 2072389

I completely forgot this guy existed until now

No. 2074766

Nonitas, I just found my dream employer. It's a women-run semi-holistic nursing agency that takes care of mostly elderly in a culturally sensitive manner. The owner started it herself and she is the kindest, most caring individual in the business that I have met so far. I come from a background in nursing and worked for multiple group home agencies and facilities, even tried working in a hospital but it was no for me because im very sensitive and i disagree with having to discipline people who are in pain or cannot help their situation. My last boss was the worst; she was racist and rude and overbearing, calling me every day off i had to cover and throwing fits when i said no which is another problem i struggle with personally. I do art on the side as well and my time off is important.

I'm wishing everyone here finds this happiness in their careers. Still dealing with he culture shock tbh…I've never felt so fulfilled and appreciated in a job and if hings keep going this way I hope I can stay forever. Some clients are friendlier than others but that's to be expected. I want everyone to find their place and be happy in their work environment. It's so miserable when you're not and I hate hearing all the awful horror stories. Been there myself an i just want to give everyone hugs and make them their favorite comfort food or drink and listen.

No. 2074787

Nonna congratulations, that's so great! You deserve it, hope you can stay in that agency as long as you wish. And thank you for the positive and kind post ♥

No. 2075203

Where tHe FUCK are the entry-level jobs in applied math/stat/hard tech hiding? Everything seems to want at least a MS plus fucking four to five years of experience. Was I supposed to just have been grinding internships and studying at the same time for five years solid? I worked full-time as an analyst for a little under a year while I was doing my master's, and even that stressed me right the fuck out. It's starting to feel like I wasted a ton of money just to have a piece of paper that says I can do fancy math with computers.

No. 2076546

After 5 fucking months I found a job!!

It's at a tech shop, and doesn't pay much but holy fuck it's difficult to find anything. I guess the only downside is that I'll work with 4 other scrote, which is going to be weird, but holy fuck I finally have a job again!!

No. 2077614

congratulations anon!!! hope the scrotes aren't too bad

No. 2078739

File: 1720177389775.png (26.54 KB, 275x184, 1706384128286.png)

Just flunked a job interview for a role im perfectly suitable for, completely locked up and had to have a break in the middle to compose myself. Luckily I have another interview in two weeks but I'm afraid I'll do the same. Anyone got any advice to avoid blanking? Going to go to the Asian supermarket to cheer myself up.

No. 2078992

Should I interview for a babysitting job for 3 hours a day monday to friday? The only thing I’m worried about is the commute would be 1.5-2 hours total for $22/hr. I can really use the money but a lot of it would go toward gas and I’ll have to quit anyway when I start college next month again.

No. 2079003

File: 1720195156299.gif (421.28 KB, 700x525, 1520804917762.gif)

>have been doing part time at this grocery store
>when I first got in, had really chill managers who cared about their job
>over time one retired and another moved to another state
>new managers are the run-of-the-mill big chain store managers who are tolerable at best but will be passive aggressive assholes at worst
>saw them bitching about the down syndrome guy about how 'he doesn't do his job properly'
>yeah what the fuck do you expect? And he likes his job, never misses a day, and he never bothers anyone. Having a job does give quality of life to people (I know saying this is an oxymoron now a days because no one is paid properly + people are overworked to death because upper management wants to squeeze every penny they can, even if it results in a societal uprising and they get the guillotine)
>tfw my favorite part time is turning into another walmart.

Sorry for the tangent ramble on the last part. But yeah shit sucks. The boomers at walstreet and private equity firms literally ruining society aren't croaking fast enough.

No. 2079091

You can't stop a body's panic reaction, but you can prepare for the conditions during a panic reaction.
Write down or rehearse all the possible questions. Then, make your heart race by running, doing jumping jacks, pushups, whatever exercise makes your heart pump. Then once it's beating fast, start practicing your answers. It helps your brain get used to anxiety symptoms, while still being able to think through them. Once you feel like you've gotten the hang of this, do it more, but instead of doing exercise and answering the questions, stand in an ice cold shower while answering. This mimics your body panic freezing, so you'll be prepared if that reaction happens

No. 2079322

this is probably too niche but does anyone know if being an electronics engineer TECHNICIAN (2 year degree) is a good trade for women?

No. 2079345

This is wonderful advice, thank you nonette

No. 2079746

I applied to a job of my dreams, they closed the application after a few days, I got the rejection from them, and they opened the application again ughhh

No. 2080257

File: 1720330254991.jpg (19.36 KB, 720x460, unliked.jpg)

Is 3 jobs in 4-5 years a bad look for the start of a professional resume? I'm thinking of moving countries this time next year, but by then I'll only have been at my current role for 18 months, and I was only in my previous roles for 18 months and 12 months respectively. I just need a change of scene, I still live in my college city and don't want to be the last one left, but if it does damage to my career prospects then I can happily wait it out for another six months.

No. 2080262

If it's really the job of your dreams see if you can get in contact with the hiring manager on Linkedin. A lot of them appreciate seeing initiative from applicants and if you don't get this one it could put your name higher on the candidates list the next time it comes up.

No. 2083056

made my first mistake at work, as i wasnt documenting things correctly. i was doing them right i just wasn’t properly logging in our system “hey, i did this.” didn’t realize why everyone was stressing about this thing that i’ve already done weeks ago until i piped up to my boss. i can tell i made her mad…it’s really over for me

No. 2083073

>this can be easy to afford

No. 2083955

I've only been working at this job for a few weeks and already found out my boss is a racist magatard. She doesn't work with "certain demographics" because they don't show up on time or don't take our work seriously. We work with some elderly, disabled, or unhealthy patients and 9/10 times she says a nasty comment about them to me. Like "X is shaped like a blob" "Y looks a little creepy". It's never medically relevant info so I just don't respond or say "ok". Unprompted, she spews irrelevant things about gay people, Biden/Trump, etc. and she seems crazy to me but she is well respected by the patients. She is constantly paranoid I'm going to quit suddenly because it's happened to her so many times kek. Ngl I do think of quitting, but most of the time I work independently, so I don't have to deal with her. I also make twice as much as what I make at my other job.

No. 2083961

Why do those types work in healthcare where they know they will be servicing people from all walks of life? They are attracted to having power over the weak. If you’re getting paid 2X more than you did before don’t quit, try to work around it and ignore her, pretend to care about whatever nonsense she’s spewing it’s not worth losing paychecks over that you definitely need.

No. 2084100

Yeah, it is jarring coming from the corporate world where people were polite and sterile. Some of the worst, manipulative, mean people I've met are in this field. I am looking forward to working solo in the future, but for now I'm stuck.

No. 2084114

File: 1720631309523.jpeg (288.17 KB, 1330x1622, 532EA546-F57C-47ED-A857-745398…)

so what do anons do as a side hustle? i need beer money

No. 2084118

I dabble in day trading or whatever you call it. I don't actively trade daily but I keep a close eye on my equity investments account and sell/buy when I see fit. It's about 1/5th of my savings and I've managed to beat inflation and make a few extra bucks with my portfolio, but even if I stopped actively managing it, it'd do fine since I've diversified it and covered my bases well I think. It's pretty low-effort because I'm a tired bitch with a corpo day job. Other than that I help my fam manage our orchards and get a cut of that.

No. 2084186

>beer money
If you are willing to spend hours of your life, Survey apps.
Prime opiniom/Qmee are the two I use. Survey junkie I another. They pay out really quick and qmee let's you cash out whatever you make, prime opinion is 500 points $5, though it has a lot of cool perks for long term use.
Like every 7 days you get a prize of points if you do one survey a day. If you do 500 surveys you get like $20 etc.
Good for beer money.

No. 2084207

>500 surveys 20 dollar
>30 seconds per survey (being generous)
>4 hour time investment to get 20 dollar

No. 2084431

yeah i used to do prolific surveys and it’s just not worth it anymore kek

No. 2084848

File: 1720668177751.png (195.04 KB, 480x360, bertbanana.png)

Co-workers keep stealing and doing my tasks. I know I'm slow and that I suck but it's annoying me. One of them I've even already finished, was then told not to do it because it will be part of another story, but now the same co-worker is literally trying to do exactly that one. Wtf.

No. 2085205

>30 seconds per surveys
You are being very generous. I'm just a depressed unemployed alcoholic so I can spend hours to get like $5 (sad life), but I was thinking Nonna wanted to get a beer or too. So maybe she could spend a few hours to get 5 and get some super duper cheap ones.

No. 2085219

They probably think of it more like being in control of them instead of serving them

No. 2086344

Got hired for my first job ever and I'm feeling anxious about it. It's just a part time cashier job at a supermarket but the pay isn't bad (especially since I live with my mom kek), and I'm not worried about the job itself because I'm a fast learner. The thing I'm anxious about is that this is not what I went to college for (Biotech major btw, for all the good that did me since all the Biotech jobs are on the other side of my country) and I feel like a failure for taking this cashier job. Which I know is incredibly retarded because staying at home all day being a useless NEET and mooching off my mom would only make me an even bigger failure. I don't know, I've been hoping that I would get a job—ANY job—and now that it finally happened I still somehow find issues with it. I think I'll never be happy.
Anyway, I start on Monday. I met my coworkers today and they were very nice and helpful. Wish me luck nonnies

No. 2086368

i wish i had your job and you had mine kek…i WISH i had a codebase to fuck around in and presumably senior devs to beg for advice. how do you find being a starter female dev is btw do the guys give you a lot of trouble

No. 2086369

hope you get out of your slump soon but i’d need to make at least 13 an hour for it to be worth my time. maybe i should pick up a part time job on the weekends

No. 2086704

File: 1720808780282.png (1.05 MB, 1413x942, software.png)

I don't know what yours is but yeah WLB is pretty good so I can't complain there. We also pretty much never have to stay past 5 and I can get time to screw around if I don't have much to do.
>presumably senior devs to beg for advice
There's not much advice I can ask because everyone on the team is new, including the seniors, so we're all going off of little familiarity with the background and context of this project. I'm also all remote, although that's not exactly a plus for me as entry-level, because my messages online are constantly being ignored. I knew that would happen which is why I wanted a team that meets up in-person at least 2 or 3 days a week, as much as I despise working in an office. Much harder to be ignored and forgotten about when in person.
>do the guys give you a lot of trouble
Well I'm also >>2084848 so see that. But I experienced constant small sexisms since being a CS major, like getting what I said repeated back to me by a moid word for word as if it was his original thought, so nothing exactly new.

No. 2086882

File: 1720819157309.jpg (37.64 KB, 634x395, article-2686231-1F8324F1000005…)

I just got my first office job after doing various smaller jobs over the years. I start Monday. I'm a bit excited but I'm also so nervous I'm beside myself. Wish me luck, nonnies. I'm gonna try being a normie now.

No. 2086886

Good luck anon, I hope you like your new job!

No. 2086913

File: 1720821309303.jpg (55.37 KB, 512x725, hmm.JPG)

hey anons, weird question - I have a job, but I have been applying to others for a higher wage. None of them have responded to me… and I'm wondering if it's because of my resume. It's bare bones, includes my work history from 2016 onward, description of tasks and responsibilities, also notes my education and skills, but look at picrel. Should I be doing this? I'm almost tempted to start putting a professional photo of my face in there (or even do an AI professional photo lmao) and make it more decorative.. I'm a millennial so I thought that shit was annoying to employers but maybe I was taught by old fucks who don't get it

No. 2086929

I get it nonna. It's okay to be upset over not being where you should be. It's sad how common it is, but don't let this be the end. Keep applying while you work and I hope you land something better soon!

No. 2087095

>I'm wondering if it's because of my resume.
It could be. It could a whole host of other reasons that have nothing to do with you or your resume. I don't think it hurts to zhuzh it up. Personally, I would never put my picture on a resume, though. It feels like a bad idea imo

No. 2087116

I'd add a skills section if you don't have one (and update it based on the description of each role) but wouldn't put a photo on if I were you

No. 2087119

What would you do if your job makes you depressed and suicidal? The obvious answer would be to quit but what if I like money too much? My coworkers are all miserable and depressed including me, everyone talks shit about each other, my boss tries to be my friend outside of work which makes it really really fucking hard to quit because I’d feel like a I’d be disappointing her.

No. 2087126

What's the point of money if you're depressed and suicidal? You can't use all that money when you're dead.

No. 2087133

You don't owe your boss shit

No. 2087168

I'm so fucking bad at taking customer calls. what makes it even worse is that I'm losing my English, and they put me the first on line to take the calls. fuck me. I'm very surprised they didn't fire me on the spot when the saw my practice call. Jesus fucking christ.

No. 2087208

File: 1720844211518.jpg (125.14 KB, 720x1078, b0420a7f2449a8968c96d774966ea2…)

Is it a bad idea to get a drastic haircut right before starting a new job? Currently it's Demi but I prefer being Poot. It's not a customer facing role.

No. 2087210

If you’re in the US, I wouldn’t include a photo. Because of anti-discrimination hiring laws, employers generally prefer resumes without photos to make things less biased. The only exception would be for something like modeling/acting. Instead you could make some kind of simple graphic to put where the photo would be in that example. Could be something like your initials or a pictogram related to your field.

No. 2087561

It's crazy that I have to create a job because I'm so fucking autistic that I either get bullied out of office jobs or can't find a place that has the right environment. I knew it would be something I'd have to do sooner or later but it's bullshit.

No. 2087572

Same. My advice to you is for if you get a office job again is for you to work less and talk more. These type of environments hold being social to a higher degree than how hard you work.
Spending more time being social amd charismatic will fix those issues with the bullying.

No. 2087620

It wasn’t just the bullying but my health started taking a hit with the stress of working there. I might do the office thing in the future but it would have to be on my terms.

No. 2087639

>These type of environments hold being social to a higher degree than how hard you work.
You're not at work to be social. This is the kind of mindset that enables completely useless yet talkative manager and executive types to thrive. If you're in a technical field none of the people working under you that have no interest in climbing ladders and playing games will like you if you're all talk but no walk.

No. 2089430

I'm unironically considering becoming a tard wrangler and working in group homes. Does anyone have any expierence in this career field or similar lines of work?

No. 2089444

ffs this is why you autists get bullied. I'm not the one who made these rules nor do I have that mindset. I was giving anon advice on how to survive those environments as someone who is NOT social either. re-read my post again.

No. 2089938

I don't know if this would be helpful but I 1:1 copied the layout design of a random PhD student's resume they had linked online. Just used my own preferred fonts and personal info from work/school. My old resume design got reamed at college because the professors disliked the column layout, I had the categories out of order etc.

No. 2089944

File: 1720984953902.jpg (50.38 KB, 761x325, mami.jpg)

Nonnies who have personal websites, which host did you decide to go with? I started making one on Notion, but I'm hesitating because it gives you a randomized url and you have to upgrade to a paid subscription to change it. There's also wordpress, squarespace, I was even thinking about making a neocities but I wasn't sure if that would seem too unprofessional…

No. 2091139

i would personally NOT do this, it makes you stand out in a bad way (imo). i only helped hire once but i have helped college students with resumes and my advice is always keep it simple and let your degrees/experience/certifications speak for themselves with short description, consistent formatting, and check grammar/spelling multiple times. afaik resumes like this make employers roll their eyes but maybe that's just my experience

idk my coworker used to work at a place like that and retarded moids tackled her

No. 2091676

No one in companies knows how to read and respond properly. I'm sick of having to repeat myself or being replied with something too vague and assuming. And yet I just got gaslit that -I- was the one who was unclear after something I had CC'd a whole e-mail chain to her about and telling me to provide her screenshots, when I already did. Wtf! Y'all just need to learn to read and actually tell me the first time around.

No. 2091709

I am quite respected by my colleagues and supervisor but nice try.
What are you saying is based on your goals. HR and executive types think you should be nothing but a chatterbox "team player" that is a carbon copy of Leslie Knope no matter where you are, all the time, but the moment I entered my team the pressure to be like that has been non-existant if you're not into ladder-climbing. It's usually only an expectation once you start wanting promotions. That's all.

No. 2092066

KEK i love the phrasing. if you already have bagged the job, go for it. i'd say go for it regardless, but i guess it'd be more risky if you were still in the hiring process. one of my former coworkers shaved her head and had short hair while working at a customer facing job and no one gaf, especially not our bosses.

No. 2092293

I’ve exhausted my sick leave and will be going into the negative tomorrow. I’m genuinely too sick to leave bed today with covid. I’m sicker much more often than my coworkers and it makes me uneasy that I’m going to be fired one day despite my country having strict protections for employees over that. I’m also a useful employee that never complains or otherwise gives them trouble in the 4 years I’ve been there. My experience in the past has been everywhere I’ve worked there’s been the one bitch who’s sick alll the time and if they’re a good employee it’s just tolerated and not a problem. I hope that’s me, anyway that’s what I’m going with. Sorry for blogpost, I’m just particularly anxious about my absenteeism. Any other nonas in the same boat?

No. 2092535

Bad idea. The tards are on a whole other level in group homes, some of them are chill but most of them are the kinds who attack people. The staff are the worst part. There's more drama and retardation coming from the workers than the actual speds in the home. The pay is beyond shit. Don't do it unless you are desperate for work.

No. 2092629

I hate that one guy in my office more and more everyday. He won't stop yelling and gossiping in the open office again, he won't stop loudly slurping his own saliva, now he wants to plan some afterwork with all of us and former coworkers and I heard him on the phone automatically including me so now I need a pretext to not come to whatever this is, and I have plenty of excellent excuses but they're far too personal. I just heard him saying he'll call a former coworker on her personal phone number to invite her but she never gave him her number for a reason. So now he's illegally looking for her number on her resume from like 2 years ago at least. Now I'm gonna be paranoid as hell because I'm the type who doesn't care about work and coworkers and he's so dumb and disrespectful he could potentially try to stalk me if I leave this company. I'm gonna alog.

No. 2092667

He has been yelling on the phone for a whole hour now I should have ate outside for my lunch break instead of ordering takeout.

No. 2093054

I work for two software teams but I’m on a fixed contract term to work for only one. I really don’t want to be working for the second one right now, but I don’t have a good excuse to quit it as I’m not busy at all and the work isn’t really that hard, it’s just tedious. I’m getting paid the same as everyone else at my level (~20 dollars an hour, barf) so it’s not as though I’m being rewarded for doing twice the amount of work. Should I consider stepping back from the second team so I can just piss the days away? The only benefit I can see by staying is potentially keeping the possibility open for when this contract ends and I’m looking for a permanent job, but I’m not even sure I’d want to keep this role with them.

No. 2093540

File: 1721181304161.png (9.18 KB, 225x225, IMG_2540.png)

I’ve been working on starting my business. Basically speedrunning it because I want money coming in. Everyone in my family is excited for me and my mom is even financing the startup money. The only one who seems against it is my husband. Earlier this year I signed up for retard bootcamp but shocker nobody was hiring. I feel bad because I told my husband it would be a really good idea to find something else for me. Now I’m doing the same thing with this business. earlier today I got a permit and when I showed him the receipt was stapled to the front and he freaked out that it’s putting us in the red for this month. I just want this venture to be worth it but unfortunately it’s in dog walking so guaranteed not a lot of money unless I expand which I plan on doing if it goes well. My goal is to be successful enough to have a fleet of dog walkers and make them pay me a fixed percentage of their earnings.

No. 2093578

>My goal is to be successful enough to have a fleet of dog walkers and make them pay me a fixed percentage of their earnings.
So you're starting an MLM?

No. 2093610

No, MLM’s make you buy product to sell. I’d be like a cleaning service.

No. 2094325

My managers are constantly making us take "anonymous" employee surveys and leave good scores.Im kind of sick of it so i just skipped this last one and told them ive submitted it. Now im hearing back from them about not doing my survey. Doesnt this prove its not really anonymous?

No. 2094326

I'm not trying to discourage you but why do you need a permit right away for a dog walking business? That's a job similar to cleaning, moving lawns, babysitting…why do you need a permit before you even get clients? Is it country specific or

No. 2094329

this does sound rash. start walking dogs yourself and then go on to see if you can get enough business to need employees, you seem like you're jumping the gun.

No. 2094428

Thats what I plan on doing. I thought about working for another business but I was told they’d make me sign a contract so I couldn’t open my own.
I called a small business help line and they sent me a checklist on things I needed. An occupancy permit for my home was step 2.

No. 2095222

being an “at will” employee is so stressful. i keep thinking i’m going to walk in one day and my boss will have fired me something random

No. 2095240

My manager just said I'm the employee who does the most tickets in our whole support team, by a lot. I was laughing internally because it isn't that I work hard, it's just because I found a way to bypass their stupid management restrictions and only do quick/easy tickets. I'm probably the employee who works the least in the whole team. I do like 4-5 hours of actual work. Here I am posting on lolcow on the clock. Dumb fucks, these numbers mean nothing. Meanwhile people who actually work hard and do important tasks get criticized for doing a lot less tickets. I hate management. Ticket amount literally means nothing, they only like it because it's the only metric that can justify their useless job.

No. 2095245

I would start by considering yourself a sole proprietor and only spend time and money registering a business and getting kennel permits (I assume that's what they were talking about) if it scales up. I've been self-employed for three years and have seen little benefit in registering my business considering the extra work involved.
If you signed up for Wag or something similar, they would likely just deactivate your account in the unlikely event they found out you were dog walking off the app, so it's no big deal. The only way they would find out is if you told the clients you booked through them about your services using their messaging system

No. 2095325

Make sure to praise your hardworking coworkers. It makes a difference to be acknowledged, even if it's something small, and even by a colleague.

No. 2095459

Some companies will screw you over, but ime most of them are decently anonymous, particularly when they're administered by a reputable third party.
Your responses are absolutely tied and to your employee ID, and I'm sure that if an employee made a death threat in a survey, the survey company would deanonymize that user. But this is typically just used to get you to take the survey; at some companies I worked at, the survey company did not even give this much information, meaning that the whole company would get spammed with survey reminder emails over and over and over because 10% of the company was not filling them out.
Additionally, a lot of surveys still identify you by things like job title, location, or years of experience, which can easily deanonymize you, especially if you leave a written response. Most survey companies group respondents together and do not allow admin to have access to grouped respondents if there's less than, say, 5 people in that group, so their responses will only be included as part of company-wide ratings.
However, do not trust surveys that are administered by the company directly, and never say anything that will deanonymize you, as your comments are just comments and it can often be pretty obvious who would leave such a comment.
Anyways, just be diplomatic on your surveys. They're not a place to emotionally vent your frustrations, even if it feels good to air out your grievances. They're mostly used for bullshit metrics so that HR can justify their own jobs and as a justification for firing managers whose employees are unhappy for reasons that may or may not have anything to do with direct management.

No. 2095520

Yup I’m sole proprietor and the goals I have previously listed are long-term goals so none I plan on achieving any time soon. That’s exactly why it was suggested. I told them I put pet sitting/dog walking when registering the business but probably won’t pet sit as my building probably wouldn’t allow it. It was cheap to get the permit and yes it is considered my office as I use my computer to work for advertising etc. I just want to work my way up to what I feel comfortable with lol.

No. 2095657

Can you go to customers' homes and look after their pets? Of course you'd have to go through a lot more hoops, but it's something to consider if you want extra cash and you can't look after pets in your own home.
This! Acknowledging your coworkers goes a long way. Point out how this person has such difficult tickets, that person is great at using the systems efficiently, that sort of thing. It can really help ease the pressure on everyone too.

No. 2095682

That's what I was thinking too but I'll only offer if they're returning customers.

No. 2095926

my current job pays 26 an hour and other positions in this field pay 20 an hour. anything that pays over 26 requires experience that i am NOT going to get in this current position, where nobody can help me if shit hits the fan outside of re-hiring a contract worker that i'm supposed to replace (luckily this has only happened once in the 6 months i've been here). kind of don't know what to do. it's "tech" but it's braindead easy tech, i'm just writing simple sql scripts, doing some data cleaning, and fucking around with azure.

i'm going to get a (few hopefully) azure certs and keep my fingers crossed. maybe study javascript or something. coming in every day is killing me though i feel that constant press of "today is the day they realize i'm horribly under-scheduled and they will fire me they've gotten all their use out of me it's over"

No. 2096287

File: 1721396134286.jpg (6.61 KB, 275x155, mood.jpg)

I hate working with Indians, not going to lie. They constantly talk over you and talk way too much, literally just keep going on and on and on. Many of them are also not as competent as they think they are. I have to work one-on-one with one right now and he just ruined my workspace by making me delete it a bunch of times for no good reason even though it was working fine. He frequently doesn't respond in call (Just disappears without saying anything wtf). He often won't respond in chat unless I then send a message in the general chat too, after which he'll immeadietly respond because he's worried about looking like he's "not helping". You aren't, you asshole. Funnily enough, it seems he'll expect ME to reply immeadietly because he'll message me first thing in the morning with nothing but "Good morning" and "How are you?" which comes off just creepy, weird, and annoying to me. I hate people at work that message me without getting to the point.

No. 2096294

Oh yeah, he made me allow remote access to my computer while we were troubleshooting for no good reason too. I did so, but reluctantly. I felt very uncomfortable having my computer controlled like that, like I was about to have Microsoft Tech Support wire transfer $5000 from my account because I "have virus".

No. 2096814

Shitty blog update, but I just finished my first week at work and I think it went well. I'm sure I'll fuck something up at some point, but I'm quite happy at the consistency of the job and my coworkers seem fairly nice. I hope I can get the hang of things.

No. 2096898

I work with Indians too and they repeat themselves sooo much, it's weird. The moids also are so weird, especially if you're white. I've noticed that they also don't like if you says things like "sure" and "uh huh" to show that you're listening and understand. They literally will start over their sentence when I say "okay" so I just stay silent now.

Must be a culture thing because the women do it too.

No. 2097067

File: 1721466226522.png (361.82 KB, 1018x586, 7z1TMCu.png)

this killed me

No. 2097074

I get you, I had a job interview for the biggest job opportunity in my life in another country, it was almost sure I would have gotten the internship because of previous interviews with the same company but the hiring manager invited some Indian coworker or client without telling me beforehand, the guy could barely speak English correctly and had a horrible, incomprehensible accent at the same time (saying this as an ESL), his internet connection was awful, he couldn't stop saying stupid off topic shit or cutting me off and I had to make him repeat himself so many times because of all of this that the hiring manager thought I was dumb and didn't hire me. I've never seen anything like this before, it was the most unprofessional guy I've ever seen in my life, and I've seen some crazy shit before and after that.

No. 2097170

Competent overqualified people are less likely to get hired for shit jobs like that because managers know they'll walk away as soon as they are able to.

No. 2097957

This was me when I was looking for my first job and can confirm. You sound too smart or are too honest about your lack of experience, for a wagie job of all things, and you're out.
I hope the person in the post didn't walk in full suit and tie or something either though. lol

No. 2097972

I wouldn't hire that person either they'd obviously deeply resent the job immediately and whine about the workload, water temperature etc. Wannabe cooks are the best dishies.

No. 2098265

Is it feasible to work a part-time job alongside doing a master’s degree? I’m not sure what postgraduate workload is like but I’d really like to earn some money.

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