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No. 75552

No. 75553

I don't understand why the kissing gif was spoilered. I don't really care I guess but it was confusing. Am I missing some context? Was it a farmhand joke that went over my head?

No. 75554

It's gross

No. 75555

Hey I have an idea, if this is an IMAGEBOARD why don’t you automatically show a preview of a link when someone shares one? Surely “tech admin” can handle such a task.

No. 75556

You're still mad about that? Kek

No. 75557

It was a retarded ban and they want to kill that thread entirely. The thread is mostly dead anyways, the only people who go on /g/ are the turbo-autists with fake husbandos and anons with relationship issues

No. 75558

I’m just trying to make it easier on our poor jannies, they work so hard and for so little compensation. But really though, at this point I’m convinced that problems that could be solved technologically are deliberately not being solved to give them more excuses to ban people.

No. 75560

>the only people who go on /g/ are the turbo-autists with fake husbandos and anons with relationship issues
You wouldn’t get it

No. 75562

Good. I don't want retarded users here who can't handle rules.

No. 75564

i get mad about bans too but tbh they are piss easy to circumvent. if you’re stressing yourself out about it, don’t: just evade and keep doing whatever kek

No. 75566

It could just be me but /m/ feels kinda bloated with image threads so maybe we could have an /img/ board kinda like crystalcafe?

No. 75568

>Reports blatant misogyny at >>>/g/392338 with something obviously written by a moid or a pickme
>Somehow I’m the one at fault
What the fuck is wrong with farmhands?

No. 75569

Because not all misogynistic takes are men. Admin and farmhands have addressed this. We actively have female farmers who troll.

No. 75570

It’s not trolling it’s genuine misogynistic hate speech

No. 75571

I wish. You can barely get any discussion going on there without it getting drowned by 5 image dump threads

No. 75572

You're not allowed to point out moids anymore. You're supposed to ignore it and report it so other more gullible anons can play into their larp and make them feel welcome. Then the farmhand will ban him and he will swiftly ban evade or they won't ban him based on a post history of previous larping. Either way, he will continue to shit up the website.

No. 75573

i clicked this expecting something like “all women are vapid whores” not a very obvious bait post. let’s be serious, something that retarded isn’t hate speech it’s just silliness

No. 75574

>genuine misogynistic hate speech

Hate speech doesn’t exist.

No. 75576

File: 1713565527147.jpg (293.07 KB, 968x759, 1000002775.jpg)

it really feels like you can get banned for anything. posting a meme in a relevant thread? ban. being a little silly? ban. pointing out how dissolving the dumbass shit thread has lowered the quality of posting site-wide because there is no longer a containment thread for dumbassery? b-

No. 75577

Let the mods have fun.

No. 75578

Or why don't you just post an image? You people act like taking screenshots is impossible. Yeah sometimes farmhands mess up (like when they banned someone for not posting the nair video) but most of the time the image board bans are warranted. Adhere to our culture and rules or GTFO instead of expecting the site to coddle your laziness.

No. 75579

Their reasoning is "but the link isn't worth it". Then why even link it anyway? Screencapping everything has always been a rule and these supposed oldfags act like this isn't the case even for the more mundane post.

No. 75580

farmhands have no other power in their lives but this and they do it for free unironically

No. 75581

>these supposed oldfags act like this isn't the case even for the more mundane post
t. confirmed newfag

nta but it was fucking bulbapedia. imagine someone links to a wikipedia article and gets banned for not taking a screenshot of it first, because that's exactly what happened to that anon. it was a retarded ban, simple as. did someone tell you you'd get offered mod privs one day if you bootlick hard enough?

we screencap things that cows can delete. not the sex ratios of over 1000 pokemon on the biggest pokemon wiki there is. this is insane.

No. 75582

Second ayrt, like I literally said in my post, sometimes farmhands do give out unreasonable imageboard bans and I agree that the Bulbapedia one was one of them. That anons post was not solely about that specific incident, it was giving a (bad) suggestion.
>imagine someone links to a wikipedia article and gets banned for not taking a screenshot of it first
This just depends on the post. I feel like this is common sense, but you don't have to screenshot an entire page. If there's a specific part that's relevant to the post, then yeah it should be screenshotted. Afaik for the Bulbapedia post, anon wasn't referencing a specific thing that was said in the article but something she just observed from reading.
>did someone tell you you'd get offered mod privs one day if you bootlick hard enough?
I probably criticize and complain about the admin and jannies in /meta/ more than the average anon, but sure lol.

No. 75583

some vendettafag is trying to remake a thread that was locked months ago
old, locked thread

No. 75584

Why shouldn’t it though. There’s no reason not to have this feature. Actually maybe we should turn this place into a command line app for real oldfagz who truly care. It’s ok though they’re too technologically retarded to implement anything so it’ll never happen.

No. 75586

I don't think that you guys get that this site isn't meant to coddle you or spoon-feed everything to you. You either learn how to do certain things as a part of integrating, or you don't and get banned.
Also, "this is an imageboard" bans probably aren't that long. Likely no more than a few hours. You guys need to stop taking short bans personal rather than just a correction.

No. 75587

This is just a quality of life thing, you could call any UX feature coddling. This softwares totally outdated, other websites preview links automatically. If the problem is that they NEED an image of the Pokémon wiki, this would solve that issue, does it really matter if the source is someone’s screenshot or an automatic screenshot? What’s the difference? It seems to me that things that could be solved automatically aren’t being solved to deliberately give them more excuses to ban people rather than just getting rid of the root of the issue. Same with filtering emojis, but I have noticed they stopped editing the text manually after I pointed it out, lul.

No. 75588

>"I don't think that you guys get that this site isn't meant to coddle you or spoon-feed everything to you"
>has been whiteknighting the mods for several days because of their decision to ban someone for not posting a screenshot of their fucking bulbapedia article
>complaining about complaints in the complaint thread

No. 75590

Im not complaining. Anon(s) can post, I just think it's a bad suggestion.
>has been whiteknighting the mods for several days
Wtf are you talking about kek. The past few hours have been the first time I commented on this and I said in two different posts (>>75582 >>75578) that they sometimes give out wrong bans, including the bulbapedia one. The OP was not even specifically about the Bulbapedia post. This board really is schizo central.

No. 75591

Just screenshot the page, it'snot that hard. Ffs. It's no different than someone screenshotting definitions and posting them to mock users.

No. 75592

The user was banned in /m/, a screenshot needed board.

No. 75593

Just add a preview feature, it’s not that hard. Or is it?

No. 75594

Or learn2post. You're acting like you don't know how to use lolcow. This was 2 days ago, apparently not even your ban.

No. 75595

They literally have this feature already for YouTube videos and Imgur links.

No. 75596

You’re right, it wasn’t my ban, but it was a stupid ban, and if it’s that important to them to have images of everything they should just automate it. This would also give the mods more time for other things. Unless, as I suspect, it’s less about needing to see the Pokémon images or the Wikipedia text and more about needing to enforce a petty rule that doesn’t even make sense in this context.

No. 75597

Those aren't imageboards

No. 75599

Except showing a snippet of a link other users don't want to click has always been a rule. Goes unnoticed when no one reports them though. It's not a petty rule when it's always been enforced when found. Farmhands aren't scrounging through threads to find random stuff to ban. Do you need someone to walk you through how to screenshot? Are you using a phone or computer, anon? I can help you.

No. 75600

>/m/, a screenshot needed board
I'm so sick of newfags. It's not even summer yet…

No. 75601

Just follow the rules. It's not hard to take a screenshot of the wikipedia page or whatever.

No. 75602

Hard when you're as stupid as the admin. We've had no qol changes of note on the site since the day it was made. Need I remind you of what happened when shatmin attempted one? They couldn't even be fucked to add new banners for years until relatively recently. Too busy banning anons they disagree with on /ot/ to do any of that, sowwy. Have a hellweek.

No. 75603

Ntayrt but multiple anons have pointed out now that that rule only exists because of cows deleting their posts. It's largely pointless outside of cow threads/boards, especially in this type of situation, and it's never been a banworthy offense outside that context before. It suddenly becoming one is a sign that there's a newfag on the mod team admin should train better.

No. 75604

How are you not going to show media on /m/?

No. 75605

My god. This is just anons shitposting in meta.

No. 75606

That anon wouldn't have caught a ban if they made that same post even just a few months ago, keep riding that trannyjanny dick though.

No. 75607

are you on the spectrum? asking unironically because this is something an autistic child would ask.

No. 75608

Yes… they’re external websites, and you embed the images they host on this imageboard. They’d just extend this functionality to embed other websites. Nice try.

They couldn’t even figure out a way to archive chats. It is for this reason I believe we don’t have a troon admin team.

No. 75610

I genuinely can't tell if they're trolling by saying it's a new thing kek. "Post caps" and "this is a imageboard" has always been a thing. Idk why all of a sudden anons are complaining about every small aspect of the site and our etiquette.

No. 75611

Is it an important part of imageboard ethos that the images be uploaded by the user and not embedded from a link? Do you get banned for not posting caps from a link on other imageboards?

No. 75612

This isn't other imageboards. Same way 4chan had rules that aren't the same as here like posting lolicon.

No. 75614

Embedding images from a link doesn't even make sense. The whole point on posting caps is to specifically screenshot want you want to show (plus archiving for cows) other anons. How will the site know specifically which part of the website to screenshot and then embed onto the post?

Again, every other year before this no one had a problem posting caps. I don't get why it's suddenly an issue now. It's like you guys are spinning a wheel to find things to complain about.

No. 75615

Idk the same way anyone capping a link probably just caps the first page they link to? Plus embedding wouldn’t take away the ability to screenshot a specific area of the screen and upload it. It would just make it easier. And from a user perspective it’s like staff are finding things to ban people for when they could be automated. It makes sense when it’s a snapchat that a cow could delete, not so much when it’s a Wikipedia link that’s not going anywhere.

You said “this is an imageboard” and I asked what other imageboards stipulate this as a rule. Apparently none do so it being an IB clearly has nothing to do with it.

No. 75616

I say anons need to have a post history dating back a minimum of 3 years before they're allowed to post on /meta/

No. 75618

Ignore the rule baiter

No. 75619

File: 1713591751402.png (310.25 KB, 734x742, 1000024453.png)

Never saw a ban page so no idea if my ban is over or what. Not using vpn or mobile data either. I posted media and an opinion (picrel and >>>/w/325219). It's not nitpicking to say a dog actively trying to remove a tight hat doesn't look comfortable. And pretty low blow too with your toady or sockpuppet talking about how "if you had ever had a dog, you'd know they actually love having tight elastic hats shoved on their heads" Yeah fuck you, one of my most recent long posts was about grieving my dead dog. I've posted many times about my dog from this location/ip, which is where I cared for her during her final months. I don't go into that thread to ree about dogs, unlike the dog sperg, who usually never gets banned. So I find it suspicious how targeted the red text and retarded replies were. Save your mockery and calling me crazy, I don't care and it's not the first time an anon has had suspicions like I'm having. I brought it to /meta/ and I'm done now.

Meanwhile we have wks in the thread gushing over how Taylor is too pretty and too perfectly shaped to wear some designer's clothes: >>>/w/325231 Can the mods actually mod instead of banning everything that doesn't fawn over the cow? She chose the designer and liked what she wore (I also liked it fwiw), why is it not "nitpicking" to shit all over the designer then?

No. 75620

Thanks for conceding.

No. 75623

I always try to be supportive of our mod team but yeah, that /w farmhand is really weird and Cerbmin should investigate them a little bit (and take a look at the obsessed WKs post history too)
There's one or two anons abusing the report system, marking every post as nitpicking and then they come cry here in /meta (the only reason I know about them since I don't read that thread) and the farmhand just goes along with it.
The way they're caping for her ugly scrotoid is especially weird to me.
Like, imagine the same redtexts anywhere else on the site :
> Noooo! You can't make fun of a cow's boyfriend ! You're so mean and this is not ok ! Lurch is not that ugly and he doesn't look like a corpse!!1

No. 75624

File: 1713608312269.png (7.83 KB, 570x111, image.png)

This anon should have said where she got this from, but is there really no place for rumors here anymore? There's been countless instances over the years where someone claiming to know a cow came here to leak info without screenshots or share private information that turned out to be true. If every update requires a screenshot regardless of whether that's even feasible then people will stop coming here to share dirt on cows they know and the only type of new content will be whatever the cows post on social media.

No. 75625

Why was the new Taylor thread banned? The old one is filling up and the auto-message to make a new one was posted.
Isn't it the norm to make a new thread before the old one fills up? I remember the current thread being created beforehand, too, hence the wks having a party in the beginning because they thought the old one was finished and started shitting up the next.

No. 75626

sage your shit if you can't prove it. not hard.

No. 75627

where are all you entitled newfags coming from? sucks to be your dog but that doesn't mean this wasn't sperging. Animal sperging derails things quickly, that's why they ban it.

No. 75629

I made the thread and I'm not sure either why I was banned (it has now expired, so whatever. I didn't even notice until today lol). I don't remember there being a rule forbidding creating new threads until X number of posts are left in the old one or something, so who knows. Do enlighten me if there is such a rule.

>wks thought the old one was finished and started shitting up the next

May be this is why?

No. 75630

I hate it when fujos spam non-fujo threads, I don't like seeing yaoi shit everywhere even when it's not overtly sexual. Asking them to spoiler/stop makes them spam more and they get away with the derailing by posting characters relevant to the thread. Can it be a rule that they're not allowed to post fujo stuff in non-fujo designated threads?

No. 75631

just report them for derailing if it's not relevant to the thread.
jfc i can't believe we're circling back to the 00s where you had to warn "boy x boy content!!1!" or else people would throw a fit.
this is an imageboard for weeb women, of course there's going to bhe fujos. why should hetero shippers get precendence?

No. 75632

Did you make the thread after the automated massage notifying you to make one before it locks? If so never seen a ban for doing it within that timeframe, but seen plenty for making them beforehand (because it encourages cross posting and fucks continuity).

No. 75633

nta, but anon made it a day or so after the notification about the thread reaching 1100 posts.

No. 75634

There's already someone in the new thread begging mods to close it lmao

No. 75635

CP in /ot/

No. 75636

If it's relevant to the thread in any way, then you need to stop being a baby and get over it. You wouldn't feel the same way if it was het or muh lolcowsafe yuri getting posted. There's no reason why it should be banned when it's on topic - the fujo thread is the fastest moving thread on /m/ and as such it's more difficult to start a discussion there than it is to have one in the thread about that topic if there is one.

No. 75638

Isn't >>75619 the one being in meta?

No. 75639

Maybe a farmhand should redtext the new Taylor R thread when it opens that nitpicking is heavily banned due to how bad it is in those threads. I've seen it done in other threads, just a thought. Or like the really old one that had the autosage notification at the top in red.

No. 75640

This is a site that needs proof for claims.

No. 75641

It’s a gossip site, tons of gossip is hearsay

No. 75642

Making Tay's thread into an autosaged containment thread with minimal moderation, like her oldest threads used to be, would be the best thing tbh. Lots of people want to discuss her but there's little milk so just make it a containment instead of constantly banning everyone there

No. 75643

The update to the newest thread after almost a year are just a miscarriage anyway. You're right about there being basically no milk. Autosaged would be the best, especially when it's clear anon's purposely bump it then delete their posts to get it to the top.

No. 75647

Nta, but a cow with a history of ED posts about skipping dinner and only having one meal a day which is a salad, constantly body checks and does a popular anachan pose in most of her videos, yet pointing it out is tinfoiling and nitpicking? Can mods finally get out of Taylor's bony ass?

No. 75664

Report for derail if it isn't a relevant image dump thread. Autists do it because they're spergs.

No. 75666

>has a history
>tinfoil based on a pose
Come on.

No. 75669

ship discussion isn't derailing. it's one of the biggest parts of fandom.

No. 75671

Spamming it in the art thread under the guise of actually caring about the art VS spamming it for the fact that it bothers other users is the difference here. That thread is not an image dump.

No. 75675

is it just me or is the strike witches spammer
acting very similar to rancefag

No. 75676

There's at least two Strike Witch posters on this site and whoever this person is feels like they're from /jp/ or /a/ being an attention whore

No. 75677

I figured one was the femboy artist since they had a military obsession and the other one is some 4chan nlog like rance

No. 75678

What is with the sudden influx of anons trying to change how this site traditionally operates? Is it just one anon trying to troll or something?

No. 75679

People didn’t used to get banned for speculation and rumors because… it’s a gossip site… if you were gossiping about a celebrity with a friend and she said ‘I heard she got an abortion’ would you be like UMMMM POST PROOF

No. 75680

Yeah. I'd ask where she heard that and if it's true. Are you serious?

No. 75681

And if someone just said this to you verbally how are you meant to post proof? That’s what makes it a rumor. I don’t see what’s wrong with posting that if you Sage it.

No. 75683

>would you be like UMMMM POST PROOF
yes. I was one of the anons shitting on the retard who banned that person in the /m/ pokemon thread earlier but this is a situation where that rule is actually supposed to be enforced. gossip site =/= shit up threads with your baseless rumors.

>if someone just said this to you verbally
then no one gives a fuck or has any reason to believe you, end of story.

No. 75684

>And if someone just said this to you verbally how are you meant to post proof
Confirmed troll, I hope everyone ignores you from now on.

No. 75685

It’s weird to me to regulate it to this degree. I’m not arguing that anyone has to care just that it’s not banworthy imo, threads aren’t meant to be pristine archives of social media and nothing else.

No. 75686

Im not. It’s gossip, and gossip involves hearsay and rumors that you pick up from other people. This is the online version of that, they probably also heard it from a friend or similar, there’s no point in posting that because it’s equally unverifiable. But just posting that you heard a rumor shouldn’t be banworthy.

No. 75688

^ this is the kind of people /w/ is full of as our fat, disgusting farmhands sit on their asses and play ban roulette with the /ot/ and /m/ users all day

No. 75689

File: 1713676597270.jpg (2.07 MB, 2685x2012, worldsshittiestcapcollage.jpg)

Can farmhands tard wrangle the Fujocoomer and Fujo vs Antis discourse threads?
There's been an anon claiming to be a lesbian into loli anime, posting racist shit. overall just being an obnoxious personalityfag. Both fujos and antis are flinging shit trying to pin the blame on each other for making them look bad.

No. 75690

>I'm actually the poster who mocked """lesbian"""" fujos in /g/.
Ugh, her again? If this is the Vocaroo poster, she's not falseflagging, she's just like this.

No. 75691

can you link her posts? she sounds milky

No. 75692

>4chan filenames
I believe it

No. 75693

Well, it's a little hard to follow, but she derailed the fuck out of the lesbian thread for days to attention whore and sperg about fujos. She tried to get women to add her on Discord here >>>/g/363983 and the Vocaroo was here >>>/g/364094. She also recommended some oneeloli >>>/g/364750 and then backtracked >>>/g/364756. People also got upset because she posted a sexual fantasy about "curing a fujo's bisexuality." >>>/g/363960. There are enough coincidences to make me think this is her, but maybe it's not.

No. 75694

It's more than likely her if she's both reccomending and posting Itou Hachi pics. What an annoying person

No. 75695

You use your phone to look it up? Are you being serious?

No. 75696

It's a fucking screencap. Get over it.

No. 75697

You want someone to post a screencap of a conversation with their friend? How is that more legit than a text post?

No. 75698

And then you find text posts on forums or tweets or datalounge or deuxmoi or whatever. They're still also speculation that's in text format.

No. 75699

We don't know if it's the same person. It could be a coincidence, or it could be an elaborate troll who pretends to be her.
I'm still in the camp that the hand poster was a fujo.

No. 75700

>I'm still in the camp that the hand poster was a fujo.
kek you guys are unbelievable. She posted her stash of loli yuri pedo manga, outright confessed to being the schizo /g/ poster and you still think ''i-it must be a fujo troll''. No wonder all of you are like this, you are actually demented.

No. 75702

Yeah, it is pretty obvious it’s just some retard baiting. Just report.

No. 75703

I don't even participate in this thread because it's a shit show but this would not be bannable literally anywhere else. Anon asked a question, and then refered to a specific group of people that have been discussed here in other threads. Why can we have threads about specific types of white people (true vikings) and black people (hoteps) but anon can't even refer to those self hating Asian masculinity guys when the cow has lived in Asia for like 10 years? >>>/w/325246

No. 75704

So at this point, is "racebaiting" just mentioning race at all in any way, shape, or form? Tf

No. 75705

fujos posting shota once again

No. 75706

thanks for linking, very helpful

No. 75707

I don't post in the anti fujo or fujo vs anti fujo threads but I'm really baffled how its users just fight each other nonstop, it's like 24 hour posting with zero value. No wonder they're starting to attract trolls like the /g/ schizo

No. 75708

I'm a fujo but the threads on here pertaining to fujos are really uninteresting. Even the BL thread on /m/ doesn't really have much for me. don't read the fujo-cringe/anti/whatever threads because every time I see them it's just bickering/baiting and everyone writes like a 19 year old.

No. 75709

Well, I wasn't banned for "sperging" and also I didn't sperg, I just said I thought the previous Rosie birthdays were better.
You have no idea who bumps it, pretty sure the WK(s) do so it gets attention from their fav mod. The last time I mentioned a problem with that thread getting bumped,some bootlicker in here insisted it's people testing their bans and that this is a normal thing to do. It's not normal.

No. 75710

I think Taylor's thread should be banished to the depths of the catalogue but it does seem like the standards are set much higher for it…to the point where nearly every post is redtexted because Taylor's not remotely interesting. The anons suggesting the thread be put on autosage are onto something; what's the point of keeping the thread bumpable when nearly every reply gets redtexted? It's always at or near the top of /w/ too, so upon visiting the board you're immediately hit with a wave of redtext. Kind of intimidating tbh

No. 75711

I don’t know how they have so much time and energy to consistently keep the thread on the first page and argue and bait about the exact same things. I can only assume it’s full of teenagers or autistic retards. I wish threads on /snow/ were this active.

No. 75713

Never said I know who bumps it? You're taking this so personally lol

No. 75714

Pretty incredible that the first thread hit the reply limit in like two days. What is it about that particular topic that gets people foaming at the mouth?

No. 75716

>antis: severe autism (see pakichan), /pol/tier takes, easily provoked
>fujos: strength in numbers, shitposting fetish
>both: employment crisis
may also be worth mentioning /ot/ is a moid tourist attraction too

No. 75717

This ban was excessive and has been removed

No. 75718

>employment crisis

No. 75723

>employment crisis
KEK. Anon is right though. I was also wondering how that thread filled so quickly. I guess it's a good thing as I've noticed less anti-fujo derailing in other threads.

No. 75724

Sometimes, I wish we had a dedicated 'otaku' board for the himes, fujos, yumes, and more to be hulled off to. And that the off topic boards like ot, g, and m were hidden.

No. 75726

According to the farmhand that banned the baiting fujos in the cringe thread it's like 3 people >>>/ot/1973705 That was tones of posts, so I assume it's the same for their contributions to the discourse thread. Some anon said they have won a war >>>/ot/1973502 so I assume a few retards think spamming as many posts as possible = winning some made up fight. Shippingfags are insane.
The fujos were the ones banned for baiting the cringe thread anon…

No. 75727

>so I assume it's the same for their contributions to the discourse thread
The cope never ends. It's your own faults just as much as theirs for being so blinded by your own autistic rage that you can be baited this effortlessly. They're treating this like a bull fight and you and the other obsessed spergs are the bulls, providing them with round the clock entertainment as they taunt you for their own amusement and you never realize you're being made a fool of.

No. 75728

>you are x poster
Kek what are you talking about. Also, so you mean they’re purposefully infighting because they’re upset about the thread and think this is some sort of own?

No. 75729

>twisting my words this hard
You and others like you are retarded cows. You're effectively being trolled because you are retarded cows. You will continue to be trolled until they get bored of you. Best you get back to it now instead of wasting your time trying to spin the narrative to people who don't like either of you. Maybe if you guys can prove to them just how deep your retardation reserves run they'll get bored a little faster.

No. 75731

Nta, but go outside. You sound miserable.

No. 75732

wk-chan sperging in taylor thread about her tradwife reel aqshually being a chinese sah husband "trend" with roles reversed. she keeps posting and deleting random screencaps to prove a point.

No. 75733

Is this why the fucking thread was bumped to the top again?

No. 75734

No, that was done during some chicken sperging that's going on too. I don't even know what milk this cow even has anymore.

No. 75735

>you are x because of clarifying farmhands own post
>they’re deff not mad and trying to reframe infighting as ‘trolling’
>>75731 is right.

No. 75736

Do not let anons make a thread about Scott and Heidi from the Lori thread. Anon admitted to going out of their way to interact for milk. The whole thread is going to be cowtipping >>>/w/325365

No. 75737

>>75727 is right, you people are always replying to bait bc the mere idea of a fujo fills you with autistic chimp rage. maybe get a hobby or at least learn to ignore baitposters insteed of giving ghem what they want

No. 75738

this isn't cowtipping and is perfectly reasonable behavior if anon knows them irl. it would maybe be cowtipping if she were a stranger reaching out to exes to post here but not necessarily then either.

No. 75739

File: 1713770716842.png (38.43 KB, 727x229, 1000024590.png)

MtF thread: >>>/snow/1987653 (not my ban)
Seriously? We can no longer use any black humor about TiMs abusing children? Men will abuse anything that moves. wtf how is this "tinfoiling," this nona didn't even specify which stunning brave troon she meant.

No. 75740

What do you think the personal lolcow threads are filled with?You seem oddly invested in whether or not a thread is made on some minor cow.

No. 75741

Definitely shouldn't be on w at least then when farmers admit reaching out to cows in order to have milk

No. 75742

They should have just dropped the milk without admitting that imo.

No. 75743

We can't even tell now if the cows are being cohersed into saying something legit too, anon really ruined any milk from those two now and what's there to post when all the caps have no proof to fall back on. No names or where it came from. Anon could've typed it all out for all we know.

No. 75744


No. 75745

If that means the cow can get attention, yeah. They will say anything and we know anon is just pretending to be a 'concerned citizen' probably to get info

No. 75746

That's not what cowtipping means. Cowtipping is directly interacting with the cow themselves, which in this case would be Scott. Letting victims know that there's a place they can come to share the experiences they had with a cow in the past isn't tipping, and has been done since the beginning of this site. It was even done in Lori's early threads, with Soni, Scott and others being told about it and they came to spill milk.

You are way too passionate about begging for this thread not to be made. To suspicious levels. If the thread ends up shitty, mods will deal with it. But let it be made and see what happens.

No. 75747

lol there is no place to come and share their experiences, that's leading the cows to the site or leading them into the idea they have someone to confide in in order to get something to post that they tell you. that's really weird for anons to do. scott doesn't need a thread and his exes are boring. anons are this bored that they have resulted to this, really?

No. 75748

Again no one is talking to the cow himself so no. Gee I wonder who would have such a vested interest in arguing against this thread being made, despite many anons encouraging it and wanting to contribute to it… hmmmm

No. 75749

Lolifag handposting attention whore is back >>>/ot/1975242

No. 75750

The exes are still cowsyou retard

No. 75751

That thread might as well be called "official infighting" the thread, it's a mess.

No. 75753

Goddamn the violent rape fantasies are out of control in the fujo infight thread, wtf. Bans are clearly not working at all on this site, there needs to be another solution.

No. 75754

Yeah, it seems bans are pretty easy to evade and it's clear that there are anons here who just come to argue. But I'm not sure what else they can feasibly do aside from banning VPNs, which Cerbmin has already said they won't do. I guess it was always inevitable that thread would end with exchanging rape threats and incoherent rambling. I wonder if it'll be locked soon.

No. 75755

I don’t have any other suggestions than the model 4chan has (minus the 4chan pass retardation), but yeah like you said they won’t ban VPNs so I guess nothing can be done. Are device bans a thing?

No. 75756

Its literally just a playground for the biggest schizos on the site to run free, I can't believe mods let it be created in the first place. There must be a farmhand invested in the fight herself.

No. 75757

There are so many threads just dedicated to anons solely sperging about fujos and I really want an explanation from the mods why they're allowed up despite being constant infighting centrals attracting deranged personalityfags to bait endlessly. Threads have gotten banned and locked for much less than this, just let them have their one containment thread and ban the rest of the derailment outside of it. I'm sick of looking away for a second and there's a 500-post reply chain of anons just sperging over the same retarded shit for the millionth time in a row filling up the thread in two days only for it to start again in the next one.

No. 75758

They should atleast autosage it so retards don't get the high of forcing everyone to see their retarded opinions/fight.

No. 75759

Wait, what threads are there other than the cringe thread and the discourse thread?

No. 75760

Cringe thread, fandom discourse thread, the new fujo vs antifujo discourse thread and the FTM thread, which should be about FTM cows but in practice it's just another place where anons go in circles about the same shit they do in the three aforementioned ones. And besides those it leaks over in a ton of other threads as well in both /snow/ and /ot/.

No. 75761

agree. it's so annoying and extra autistic

No. 75762

>fandom thread
that thread has been peaceful since the discourse thread was made

No. 75763

Fandom threads never should've been left in ot and moved to m. Infighting thread deserves to be locked, but fair play in the ftm thread when referring to an actual post where it's relevant and cringe thread is slow. It's because the infight thread is almost always on the front page that this much retardation is generated, either it attracts retards or retards seek it out so they can make people see their posts.

No. 75764

Yeah, I honestly think the fujo vs. antifujo thread has been pretty functional as a containment thread and the truth is none of the other threads have scratched the itch that anons have in which they want to argue about it. They were using the fandom discourse thread to do so, but it took over the thread so completely that now that they're gone, it's really obvious. If the fujo vs. antifujo thread gets autosaged or locked, I think anons will just go back to arguing about it everywhere. But I also think it's probably exhausting for farmhands to have to babysit that thread.

No. 75765

Nah I’m glad the discourse thread exists to contain you spergs from the fandom thread. Hide it if you dont like it.

No. 75766

Leaving it unsaged/unlocked just leads to retards infighting. Better to just ban any sperging outside of the relevant threads as they did before it was created. The issue is the anons that rather than reporting decide to infight and continue the derail. I assume this happens because by their nature those threads are always going to be filled with underage newfags who are fresh from twitter or something and think spam fighting isn't retarded.

No. 75767

That thread was a mistake. Should've been locked the second it was made. There are definitely anons who want to have a level-headed discussion, but there are a handful of baiters and spergs that do nothing but shit-fling and ruin any opportunities to have a productive conversation. I've tried to make some more diplomatic posts in there, but it seems like only the most retarded, extreme takes get replies.

No. 75768

It's just Infighting: the thread. There actually was a thread titled just that in /ot/ some years ago that got locked and thrown out for the sole reason that no mod wants to sit there constantly deleting posts and banning crazy people, and because anons never sage it's constantly being pushed to the front page. That's what the "antifujo vs fujo" thread essentially is, and for what it's worth, it's the same stupid arguments rehashed over and over again going absolutely nowhere and 80% of the posts would belong in the fujocoomer cringe thread to begin with. There's no actual interesting discussion or arguing done in good faith regarding the topic, it's nothing but endless broken record yelling on repeat.

No. 75769

Same, I can actually enjoy the fandom discourse thread again now that retarded fujos and antifujos are contained somewhere. The difference is like night and day. Its doing its job as a containment thread.

No. 75770

I wish I understood why people get so heated over drawings of dudes kissing, of all things. Even the arguments about Israel/Palestine on here have been more civil. People are arguing about this like a fujo or anti-fujo murdered their grandmother.

No. 75771

Never underestimate the power of neets.

No. 75772

Female autism.

No. 75774

I agree with all of this.
>Fandom threads never should've been left in ot and moved to m.
Remember when the kpop critical threads were on m? Why is anime fandom discussion different?

No. 75775

People have been requesting those threads to be moved to /m/ for months now and they just ignore us

No. 75776

File: 1713824405384.gif (267.03 KB, 220x217, IMG_0018.gif)

It’s because one of the mods created those bait threads in the first place. Think smarter not harder nonnie

No. 75777

No they aren't, you newfag. It's gonna happen whether you like it or not, time to stfu and log off the computer.

No. 75778

How are exses now cows when its their milk being posted? No one wants an anon to be a 3rd party to deliver milk. Milk should be organic and posted legitimately, not an anon reaching out to people. You newfags sucks

No. 75779

we should ban AI threadpics

No. 75780

No. 75781

No. 75782


No. 75783

yes, please. They suck

No. 75784


No. 75785

you don't even need a vpn to ban evade, evasion is easier than you could ever imagine because the site is shit.

No. 75786

Weird ass racebait thread in ot

No. 75787

Remember when kpop critical threads were locked because of how bad they shat up /m/? How about do that and encourage the users to keep their twitterfagging on twitter.

No. 75788

>no u!
>doesn't understand the basic premise of this site or what a cow even is
God deliver us from tiktokfags/twitterfags

No. 75789

I blame null for exposing those nlogs heckin based farmercel tribute video to KF, it's a bunch of moids, tradthots, and edgelords in there.

No. 75790

It really did take a nosedive after that, not that it was good before, but something broke after that video was spammed here…

No. 75791

I'm pretty sure whether it's Scott or the ex-girlfriends, they are all cows. The ex-gfs don't get a pass because they aren't Scott.

No. 75792

To be honest, some threads on /w/ could probably go to /snow/ threads now, the slower cows at least.

No. 75796

After kiwifags migrated here the site was irreparably ruined, the shift in atmosphere and posting quality and style was noticeable. Still is. You sometimes catch a glimpse of the original Lolcow feel but it's like an extension of Kiwifarms now. The tradthottery has been off the charts for a long while and the edgefags and NLOGs living out their mean girl fantasies are a constant nuisance.

No. 75798

Adding on to the lori/Kevin chain (sorry), would the farmhands get less mad if the thread title was just updated to include + calves? I don't really see the problem with posting people related to the person in the thread, it's not like anyone is posting anything else really there's nothing else particularly going on, it just feels really strange that NO DISCUSSION is allowed at all about someone who is kind of related even when the thread is super slow?

No. 75799

>the edgefags and NLOGs living out their mean girl fantasies are a constant nuisance

they are just words on the screen anon, you can always close your computer screen, take a step back, breathe a little, chill out and relax. the website has always been inhabited by “mean girls” or whatever people claim we are because they can’t handle other women not acting like happy go lucky HR employees to everyone they meet despite all of us being anonymous.

No. 75800

I wholeheartedly feel it would be much more beneficial to the edgy-chans themselves to step away from the computer instead. The amount of anger and bitterness they externalize is unhealthy and the reason they're depressed NEETs stuck living with their families they complain about in the vent thread after ruining literally every other discussion with their tantrums.

No. 75802

Ever since I've been here (which is like 6/7 years now) some anons have always been aggressive a bitter. I put it down to the freedom being anonymous but maybe I'm just a newfag idk.

No. 75803

how about no?

No. 75804

Yeah the last farmhand warning is pretty ridiculous. Anons has shifted back to the topic of Lori/Kev by discussing what happened between Lori/Scott before and how it might relate to her current relationship but the mod shut that down too even though it DOES directly involve Lori? Why? We've had no issues discussing stuff about her exes in the past.

No. 75806

The Lori/Scott stuff is old milk and anons can go through old threads to read about it. Other than trying to have something to talk about because anon said the thread is slow, it's not new content and we don't need anons just talking about it again for funsies. I don't think anons understand how threads work anymore at all. A slow thread is a fine thread. Not every cow has longevity when it comes to milk. She's just a normal e-thot who's aging at this point. The most milk she has anymore is complaining about hating her outfits and faces she makes in facetune, blocking/unblocking of Kevin, and that's about it. There's tons of threads that are stagnant because the cows aren't interesting anymore even if they are interesting to a few people. If there is nothing to post about who cares, but trying to force discussion and then having to expand it because you need milk is pretty sad. Not to mention the anon who said they have contacted the cows that would be called calves.

No. 75807

Question.Is the topic of zionism forben outright or is it alright to discuss as long as there is #notalljews disclaimer?Just want to make sure.

No. 75808

Are you referring to the fact that certain posts haven't gotten bans? That could be because they haven't been reported. The farmhands don't weed through threads just to find things.

No. 75809

why are you typing like that?

No. 75810

No, just want to know if any mention of zionism Israel/Palestine is forbidden even with a disclaimer that zionists aren’t all jews. Because there are many interesting “conspiracies” involving Israel and zionists, and i want to discuss it in relevant threads if possible.

No. 75811

There's no reason to bring any of that up, anon. There isn't a /pol/ place on lolcow for it.

No. 75812

There is a tinfoil thread. And interesting, any mention of zionism is pol tier now?
Anyway, i want a farmhand to respond, so i know for sure.

No. 75813

It's not about being /pol/-tier. It's about wanting to bring up something that has cause infighting and derailing prior, but just trying to find a justified place to do it even though it'll most likely derail in that thread too. Why do you even want to discuss that anyway, what's the catch? Why not other conspiracies from other cultures and not one in a war right now where discussing it anywhere online becomes an issue?

No. 75814

Because i want to, and i know alot about it. Just checking if it was allowed or not, like in general.

No. 75815

Conspiracies aren't actual knowledge.

No. 75816

I’m not going to do this with you anon.

No. 75817

basically nothing is allowed anymore. And you're replying to someone who is anti-everything.

I wouldn't agree with your conspiracy stuff but idk why that's forbidden if it's confined to a thread. And for what it's worth, even some very mild things have been marked as racebait, including any mention of Islam as a misogynistic religion.

No. 75818

You realize there’s already a thread filled with Zionist conspiracies right? Posts don’t get banned there unless they’re blatantly racebaiting. As much as I’m tired of this type of discussion here, I’m not sure why anons act like it isn’t allowed or that they’re being silenced from sperging about jews or whatever

No. 75819

>Idk why conspiracies are confined to the conspiracy thread
Because it’s the… conspiracy thread? Unless you’re talking about discussing Israel/Palestine in general, which has taken over multiple other threads on multiple other occasions, to the point it got it’s own containment thread until that had to be locked due to alogging and racebaiting. Where have you people been?

No. 75820

I said if it is confined to a thread, meaning the conspiracies thread. Was anon saying posts about Zionism were being banned from that thread? I thought that was the implication.

I don't support it taking over other threads. I don't enjoy reading it, but if it's in one specific thread I can just scroll past.

No. 75823

Not a newfag, actually been here on and off from 2016 ish. I became to old to care about sperging about nasolabial folds and reading about people looking like they smell bad so i started browsing /ot/. I was actually the anon who made the MJ pedo thread if you remember that.
Basically, the farms culture has changed so much that i have no idea what is or isn’t bannable anymore.
Like, is it allowed to share conspiracies about zionism or is that forbidden because it can start racesperging? Even if the post itself isn’t racist? Because way back race sperging was bananble only if it was full on racist, not just discussing a group of people who happen to be a minority.

No. 75824

Anon, why do you keep autistically going on about this when you could be sperging about your zionist conspiracies to your heart’s content in the tinfoil thread? Anons were discussing the same thing just yesterday without getting bans

No. 75826

I was there, and i did get temp banned, so i wanted to make sure. It wasn’t really clarified what was or wasn’t a bannable offence. Like, is it the topic of zionism or?

No. 75827

File: 1713898818252.jpeg (542.07 KB, 734x1225, IMG_2107.jpeg)

Kek was this you? Banned deserved. Please go be schizophrenic elsewhere

No. 75828

It's currently filled with spergs saying lesbians don't exist and calling straight women ugly and cum infested or something. Idk why mods leave these kinds of thread open, as you say less schizo threads have been banned but for some reason this stays up. It's also useless because the fujocoomer thread is already there.

No. 75829

Go bait elsewhere like 4chan.

No. 75830

>I don't think anons understand how threads work anymore at all
It's you who doesn't understand. Lori's threads literally started off as "vintage milk" threads where it was all discussion of her past exploits, stuff from decades ago, and stayed that way until later on when she started a new skinwalk. Discussing "old milk" was never an issue, for 4+ years. You and the mods seem to be newfags who weren't even around for the og threads.

No. 75832

The history of it goes:
>artist general created in /ot/, in practice it's a way to complain about fandom discourse
>fujos start reclaiming their name (from 2009 to 2022 calling yourself a fujoshi online was cringe) and making memes about it, awareness of fujos grows
>meanwhile, artist general is a toilet of fandom discourse, fandom discourse thread gets made
>artist thread is now peaceful and has been ever since
>fandom thread is normal for a while until the awareness of fujos reaches critical mass, and it gets taken over by fujo vs antifujo sperging
>No thread allows anons to discuss with each other on this topic, attempts at a fujo coomer cringe and anti-fujo cringe threads prove unsuccessful, what anons really want to do is argue with each other as is the nature of jobless imageboard users
>Fujo vs antifujo thread created
>fandom discourse thread suddenly peaceful, history repeating itself.

The containment has proven effective. Despite what it seems, there's actually not that many bans in it. If you remove this containment, it will go back to fandom discourse and spill over to the rest of the site again. Mods are going to have to ax fandom discourse for being a hive of infighting, meaning the discussion will go back to artist general. Rinse and repeat.

It's impossible to ban fujo content on this website as half of the /m/ threads would have to go. Conversely, it's impossible to ban antifujo sperging because the FTM thread would have to go, too. In an ideal world we wouldn't need containment threads but sadly we need them and most of all they work.

No. 75833

Just hide the thread?

No. 75834

And if we keep going like that no one will comment in any thread and the website will die, why step out people talking if it's saged?

No. 75835

>>fujos start reclaiming their name (from 2009 to 2022 calling yourself a fujoshi online was cringe)
The fujo threads in /m/ existed long before the artist salt threads in /ot/. The only people who stopped calling themselves fujos or refused to were TiFs or future TiFs seething about "fetishizing gay men" or whatever. Fujos outside of woke circles have always referred to themselves as such, even before Twitter apparently decided that it was cool again.

No. 75836

Nta but I still don't understand why laughing at ftm fujo cows for transitioning into anime boys or regular fujos being cringey (in the relevant thread) is considered "anti" or upsets some fujo anons so much (though I understand the annoyance with being labelled pedos when not into shota and comparing to coomer males when not ftms etc.) People need to come to terms with the fact that they will share traits and likes with cows and to not take things personally. Maybe it's because zoomers have a hard time separating themselves from media? Or is it just fandom becoming terminally online peoples life?

No. 75837

>The fujo threads in /m/ existed long before the artist salt threads in /ot/
pretty sure this is just straight up untrue, but maybe I'm remembering wrong. both threads weren't always the generals we know them as now before /m/ was a thing.

but also the fujos who've been on /m/ for years aren't the same fujos in the /ot/ threads. the autistic ones from /ot/ stand out immediately in /m/ because they start acting the same way they do on /ot/ and act like victims of cruel boolying when the /m/ regulars say they're annoying and should kts.

No. 75838

I agree. There's definitely regular fujo anons and the newfag ot breed. Ot ones seem to be newer and unable to resist infighting. If something breaks rules you report, while I notice there's this sentiment of needing to win an argument or battle or something. That's what's lead to the regular derail of the cringe thread and a good amount of the posts in them being people coming to infight. It's also why the fandom discourse thread always got derailed, infighting instead of reporting.

No. 75839

Can anyone explain why reddit spacing gets bans? Not all of us want to read a wall of text. Spacing is a good thing ffs.

No. 75841

It looks retarded. If you can’t read a paragraph without line breaks, maybe it’s time to take a break from tiktok

No. 75842

right, and that's how /ot/ has been as a whole since the unpopular opinions thread came about. it's neither fujos nor antifujos who are the problem, it's the board culture of /ot/. infighting has gotten out of control, /ot/s userbase encourages it, and the mods are incompetent in dealing with it. infighters become obsessed with their topics and attempt to spread their beliefs in unrelated threads at every turn, whether they're doing it subconsciously out of autism or because they're trying to get more people on "their side" or a mix of the two. but banning the topics they fight about outright has never worked because those anons are here to fight, and they will find a new thing to fight over within a day. this isn't a problem on any other board, and when someone tries to make it one they get dogpiled and chased right back to /ot/. this all reminds me of what happened on 4chan with /pol/.


>RFH is a mod here
since when? post pics

No. 75843

I know you've seen it discussed already. Idk why you think acting dumb works.

No. 75844

Having a line break between every one or two sentences

or god forbid two line breaks

looks fucking retarded and wastes space. While it could improve walls of text that are several hundred words or more, it's fine if two or three paragraphs are combined into one.

No. 75846

Reddit spacing is when you put spaces between small amounts of text that don't need to be broken up for readability.

Like this.

If you're writing a really long post, adding some space is fine.

But there's no reason a post with five sentences needs three breaks. It's not a poem.

No. 75848

Nice try, no they did not. >>75837 is right, artist salt general has existed since 2017 while the fujo thread in /m/ was created in 2022. I know not every fujo jumped on the bandwagon of not calling themselves expressly "fujoshi" during this period but let's be real, the ones that still called themselves by that name proudly and openly were a mocked minority. The original audience of this, the artist general, is of course made out of half-twitterfags because 99% of online artists have to be active in woke ass tumblr/twitter circles to get their art seen. That's why I said fujos reclaimed their name and got it to be accepted in mainstream internet culture again.

The first fujo thread even has a definition of what fujoshi means, exactly because it was "new" for the zillennials on social media who were shitting their diapers in the 2000s. Nowadays even moids know what a fujoshi is which really was NOT the case in the decade before. I've been on LC before any of the offtopic boards even existed and fujo or anti-fujo were really not topics that even grazed this website.

No. 75849

nta but the word fujoshi has been butchered by zoomers anyway most don't even know that tumblr fujos of the 2010s were 90% lesbians and mock people for trying to explain that to them.

No. 75850

We need to redtext fujoshi

No. 75851

All these threads need to get the fuck out from /ot/ because at least art salt was contained until all these things were created. Now all of /ot/ has to do with fandom discussion when it used to be more off topic talk and random drama threads.

No. 75853

nta but the fujo thread has literally existed since 2016. it was created on /ot/ and then moved to /m/ once /m/ was created >>>/m/20688

No. 75855

but the infight fest on /ot/ isn't that at all. we need to stop having threads that both condone and criticize the same topic, it's not how threads work on here, and that is what's newfaggy. imagine if the dog love and dog hate threads were the same one, it makes no sense. i know the site is kind of slow but if one topic creates another they need to be separate.

No. 75858

>imagine if the dog love and dog hate threads were the same one, it makes no sense
The difference is that dog haters and dog lovers don't want to interact with each other. Fujos and antifujos desperately want to argue and shit up the entire website looking for their opponent if they're not contained. Do you want to go back to before the containment thread was created? At least now there's a place to direct them to so they can make hatelove in peace.

>i know the site is kind of slow but if one topic creates another they need to be separate

They were separate before and as a result the fandom, fujo and FTM threads were absolutely fucking obnoxious. And it's not like we all love each other and live in harmony discussing cows in this website, anons have been fighting about a cow's nasolabial folds and 22 inch waist since LC's inception. Despite some recent moderation trends, farmers have never been passive consumers of milk shaking hands with each other that the cow is BPD fat and cringe.

No. 75860

Honestly I wonder why it was allowed when it breeds pure infight. That said, the thread seems funny. Previous farmhands would have shut it down and banned everyone in it for a few months

No. 75861

Ayrt and kek, I forgot about this completely even though I just found some of my posts in there from 8 years ago. Forgive me nonna.

That said, it says a lot that that thread lasted for 5 years before filling up. There's definitely been a resurgence in popularity when it comes to the awareness of the term "fujoshi" ever since 2022. The thread has more posters and goes much faster now. As a sad collateral, xitter Discourse about fujos exists now too.

No. 75862

>The thread has more posters and goes much faster now. As a sad collateral, xitter Discourse about fujos exists now too.
All fandom and media threads were slower, /ot/ was super slow and had almost 0 fandom stuff in it, all before the sudden post covid explosion and the website being frequently mentioned on xitter and tiktok

No. 75863

>The difference is that dog haters and dog lovers don't want to interact with each other.
this is blatantly untrue, pitbull derailing happens in both threads. my point was this behavior shouldn't be encouraged. having a single infighting shitshow instead of just two on-topic threads where infighting is moderated goes against the entire landscape of the site currently which is both over-moderated and moderated incorrectly. that thread almost feels like a psyop

No. 75864

i prefer twix kek

No. 75866

File: 1713952415916.jpg (68.88 KB, 640x463, 1652416529225.jpg)

I think it all went downhill with the Genshin thread in /m/. It attracted a certain type of infighting zoomer, newfags who arrived here from twitter and tiktok. Always saw fighting there will scrolling down /m/. While browsing LC on my phone a "related searches to lolcow.farm" popped up. The first was "lolcow genshin". Sigh.

No. 75867

nta but i wonder if it's because zoomers don't have an outlet for being mean? they have to virtue signal constantly online and irl and they can only criticize others for morally "valid" reasons. if they go anon they can chimp out without any consequences so they just vent their bs here and fight with everyone.

No. 75868

This is very likely. I wish there knew there was alternatives to only virtue signalling or attacking others. You know, normal discussion.

No. 75869

honestly, it's really quite scary there isn't. it's no wonder zoomers can't think critically, they aren't allowing themselves or their peers to do so. it explains why zoomers think bringing up taboo topics in any manner is advocating them. i half expect them to call for book burnings.

No. 75870

Well, there were people burning HP books after JKR began tweeting terven things.

No. 75871

>this behavior shouldn't be encouraged. having a single infighting shitshow instead of just two on-topic threads where infighting is moderated goes against the entire landscape of the site
What landscape? It's /ot/, the offtopic board. Containment threads (and boards) are a concept inherent to all imageboards and while it would be awesome not to need them, we do and they keep the rest of the site clean. Don't forget that lolcow was created because PT and cow discussion was banned from /cgl/. Go to /cgl/ now and take a look at the catalogue. From one of the most active 4chan boards to a fucking wasteland, being slowly colonized by coomers.

A lot of current farmers are involved in internet culture in general otherwise they wouldn't even be here. Fujoshi and yumejoshi shit are part of internet culture, and that's why this website counts multiple threads dedicated to anime husbandos. You cannot ask farmhands to ban discussion of fujo and anti-fujo ideological talking points while allowing things that clearly fall under that very broad scope, like the FTM general, to continue existing. This would only make the sperging go back to the original threads they came from, see historical timeline >>75832. If you ask for effective moderation, you'll need to ask for the whole ban hammer to come down on anything that is fujoshi or anifujoshi/yaoiboyTIF-critical. And let's be real, while certain threads move much faster now the entire website is considerably more empty than it was in 2016.

No. 75872

I agree, most times these people don't interact when they have containment threads for their own love or hatred, but when it does happen, mods are always quick to intervene and ban everyone. I don't care or mind if the fujo vs notfujo thread exists or not (idgas about any side of the debate), but it is baffling to me as to why this is permitted

No. 75873

>Don't forget that lolcow was created because PT and cow discussion was banned from /cgl/
True, but this has nothing to do with lolcow having an antifujo vs fujo thread at all. It's not the same at all, in my opinion

No. 75874

It's a lesson in history on authoritarian overreaching topic banning actions instead of soft-power conciliating solutions and the future of niche female-userbase imageboards.

No. 75875

what are you even talking about? it's as if you didn't comprehend my post. by landscape i meant the state of the site, as i said, incorrectly, but overly moderated in the wrong areas. and my entire point is that COMBINING the threads should not be allowed because it directly promotes infighting rather than infighting being a secondary occurrence in their own respective threads that could be banned as derailing. we should not be doing anything to directly promote or condone infighting.

No. 75876

Agreed. There are too many badly behaved zoomers. I see a lot of posts that should belong on Twitter and TikTok posted here, like a kuromi anon writing a TikTok caption on the vent thread (someone literally asked her if she made a tiktok with the same thing she wrote) and some girl sleeping with a widowed man and trying to steal the dead wife's necklace afterwards, detailing how many times he came inside her (someone called her based for this). This site culture changed so much in such little time

No. 75877

do you have any clue how many topics are banned from this site? yammering about the roots of the board doesn't make you any less of a newfag.

No. 75878

>soft-power conciliating
What do you think should be done?

No. 75879

She doesn't sound like a newfag to me

No. 75881

she's acting like banning topics is sacrilege here which she'd know is not if she weren't new.

No. 75883

anon didn't even read my post properly she's just being reactive for no reason.

No. 75886

the fujo/anti thread is currently full of an anon chimping out about "the hetters" anyone advocating for that thread to not be separated either wants to troll the thread or is simply in on the psyop.

No. 75887

First of all, define infighting. Disagreeing with other anons on yaoi and having a discussion about it is not infighting. Like our own farmhands like to say, women are not a monolith. An anon disagreeing with you and stating their opinion is not infighting. By your own metrics, we would be infighting right now.

And believe it or not, bans for infighting do still happen inside the discourse thread. For a questionable (and honestly unfounded) example, see >>75576. All this goes to show that thread is being actively moderated and the infighting rules apply, even if strangely enforced. You're acting like the thread is a special exception to infighting when that's not the case. There are farmhands who are still moderating it and banning what they consider infighting.

No. 75889

i am talking about blatant trolling/flaming behavior that is currently happening in the thread. infact, you referenced that infighting was happening when there was just the fujo thread so you clearly understand the issue. stop being obtuse and moving goalposts when you misinterpreted me from the get go. no need to be prideful on an anon forum. it feels like you want to be argumentative on purpose.

No. 75890

Fair. We haven't had a topic being banned for the better good in a while, wonder what'll be the next.

No. 75891

>The hetters
When did this site become tumblr 3.0

No. 75892

Okay, which shitposter are you? The thread should be separated because they are two different topics that invite useless, angry arguments. There is no legitimate reason to put two opposing opinions in a single thread.

No. 75893

no idea, but anons already called her out for sounding like a tumblrina in the thread even typing "hetter" made me gag a little…

No. 75894

But I understand your point perfectly, nonna. You're saying that joining two opposing topics in a thread promotes infighting, and that keeping separate threads while banning discussion on the opposite "side" as infighting in each respective threads would be better. To that, I'm explaining that this fujo vs. antifujo discourse has specific roots that need to be considered and cannot be equated to simple dog love and dog hate threads. I'm explaining that this discourse has spanned multiple threads such as the artist salt general, the fujo thread, the FTM general, the transideology critical threads as well as the fandom general. That the creation of two "opposed" threads such as the fujo coomer cringe and anti-fujo cringe threads (your proposed solution) did not suffice to contain this issue and overwhelmed moderators. That in consequence, a containment thread was needed, and proved successful in cleaning up these other threads. That the thread while being a "vs." topic, is still being moderated for infighting. Etc.

No. 75895

anon, i am saying there needs to be TWO containment threads. letting them fight it out so to speak is just going to make them argue more with each other in other threads. they need separate containment threads so they can circle jerk with each other in peace since neither side will relent. and if it's just a containment thread why are you so concerned with it facilitating non-monolithic discourse? everything you're saying sounds extremely disingenuous.

No. 75896

Banning all discussion isn't infighting but I suppose you feel like the current derailing about anime tits and self insert is valuable discussion? You make no sense.

No. 75897

i actually think we should ban the entire topic because the posters are acting exactly like kpoptards were when they got banned. any criticism of anything was met with inflammatory arguing and threads derailing into shit. fujoshit is not some kind of necessary female rhetoric like pink pill or anti-trans or gender crit that is systematically suppressed on the rest of the internet. it's more akin to anachans or kpop, which are inconsequential topics that happen to have a large female base. we shouldn't be attracting and encouraging the kind of people that say "hetters" period.

No. 75898

This is what happens when you get rid of the old school LC radfems/PP crowd. That admin really ruined this fucking site. Now you just get Tumblr and Tiktok libfems and GC crowd.

No. 75899

i don't even think it was that, zoomers are just at the age where they are going to plague the entire internet. especially in a place they can speak freely without social repercussions. they were going to come here regardless, unfortunately. the ones we don't scare away by "misgendering" troons are just more volatile, they don't fit in any better.

No. 75901

I'm not on either side of the fujo scale and as long as I don't see the same fucking retarded infighting in other threads I don't care. There's been markedly less fighting in offtopic threads since the creation of the fight thread, and that's enough for me- it is really retarded that you guys need three threads for pissing on each other though.
I find the weird racebaity and misogynistic baiting anon flood much more concerning than how morally repugant or based a drawing of two hommucli kissing is.

No. 75903

Here's your anti-fujo cringe containment thread (originally on /ot/)
Here's your fujo cringe containment thread

No. 75904

>I find the weird racebaity and misogynistic baiting anon flood much more concerning
same. where did they come from in the last couple days?

No. 75905

we need to ban it, it needs to go the way of kpop since it's effectively the same thing.

No. 75906

so what exactly do you believe the combined thread is accomplishing?

No. 75907

obviously something these ones weren't accomplishing before.

No. 75908

have you seen the thread? or the front page? nuke these idiots off the site.

No. 75909

Kiwifags maybe? Either way it's an issue that needs to be solved way before this pro and anti-fujo tard battle does.

No. 75910

I've noticed a lot of racebait recently too. The fujo stuff doesn't affect me I find it hilarious kek. But misogyny and racebait is never okay.

No. 75911

100% agreed

No. 75912

We have such an influx or retard anons it's not even funny anymore. I miss the radfems. We have GC anons but not the way we used to.

No. 75913

>get rid of
If fucking only. I don't even care if I get called a troon for saying this, I agree with most of the pp politics but the pp thread creation and the migration of that radfem subreddit was the final nail in the coffin for lolcow, it could not be as shitty as it is today if those threads had never gotten popular. They were not the old userbase and they were not keeping anything in check, their reign was the true dark age of /ot/. Yesterday's radfems are today's tradthots and edgelords, accept it or don't. Just like detrans troons or chuds who troon out, they have a tendency to get burnt out and move on to the next extreme. The only mistake the mods made was not getting rid of them sooner, it was too late by the time they finally did.

No. 75914

Agreed. I wonder if the fucking CYBERGIRLZ video led to a recent influx of kiwifags. There were obviously edgelords before, but something I’ve noticed more recently is anons posting kiwi/pol-tier racebait and then legitimately alogging over being “””silenced””” when they’re handed temp bans. As someone who has admittedly lurked on the scrotefarms for their cows, this is very in line with kiwifag behavior

No. 75915

I miss the tradthots thread despite how toxic it was

No. 75916

The racebait has been consistently off the charts daily for the past 12 months or so. I haven’t seen an uptick in it, it was always this bad imo.

No. 75917

It’s only natural that older nonas begin leaving the site and younger nonas begin frequenting the board. Most nonas I’ve spoken to from here over the years were 91-94 liners. And they’ve stopped coming here. Meanwhile kids under 21 are coming here more and more, and the site has always attracted bpdchans, anachans etc. Zoomers in general are pretty morally bankrupt and celebrate the awful things you’re talking about so I’m not surprised. But you can’t do anything about it since it’s only natural a boards demographics will change with time.

No. 75918

fujos get how many threads and pinkpillers can't get ONE

No. 75920

This tbh

No. 75921

It didn't.

No. 75923

>anons posting kiwi/pol-tier racebait and then legitimately alogging over being “””silenced””” when they’re handed temp bans.
I've seen this too

No. 75924


No. 75925

Yes, bring back scrote foiling. Posting gay anime boys kissing is not enough of a moid deterrent.

No. 75926

Second biggest source of traffic to this site is from links on 4chan. Check ahrefs.

No. 75927

Fully agreed, still kicking myself for being angry at the oldmin for banning pinkpill threads. She said this exact scenario would happen and it absolutely did, I didn't believe her because I was still riding the high of my then recent peaking. Now we can't even discuss regular cows or drama without the thread always devolving into sperging about trannies, racebait, homophobia or tradfagging, just like it did in those old pinkpill threads it's now happening all over the site. I would much rather take a milquetoast feminist /cgl/ migrate than whatever mentally ill radblr schizos and kiwifarm refugees we have here currently.

No. 75928

Can a mod go into this thread and tell the users they need to be posting caps with the cows names and stuff? We can't verify anything is true or even from the cows themselves because anons are talking to the users directly for info.

How are we supposed to believe anything being posted isn't from anons pretending to be the cows when they are going out of their way to hide who is sending messages? The girlfriends are cows too, stop protecting them if you're ging to be posting about them. We don't need a whole thread full of selfposting, cowtipping retards. >>>/w/325436 This is exactly why users were saying don't make a Scott thread. Nothing seems legit.

No. 75929

I know things get redtexed and kept up for transparency but I feel like some racebait should be deleted, like the low effort bait ones or continued ones when they've already been redtexed

No. 75930

A lot of new anons read like bpd girls from /soc/.

No. 75931

>She said this exact scenario would happen
TikTok retards are worse and will always be worse than the pp people. I say this as someone who isn't into pp.

No. 75932

File: 1713978549142.png (67.74 KB, 702x270, ot - Unpopular Opinions #124.p…)

Not my post. Farmhands, the OP did mention other races. While I’m glad to see more of a crackdown on racebait, this is an embarrassingly retarded ban

No. 75933

It's been fixed. The original comment as well was warned shortly after.

No. 75934

Ty for the quick response

No. 75935

Farmhands please delete the racebait posts more often, they're outrageous

No. 75936

The OP that started the discussion mentioned Americans and American isn't a race. She then said
which includes all races. Her post was not targeted and any one race in particular.

No. 75937

If that's not racebait, saying white supremacy is bad isn't either. Give it up.

No. 75938

All of the caps posted so far are Scott's own posts, not anything from gfs kek. Why are you still desperately trying to to protect this moid?

No. 75939

You couldn't tell by the posts at all.

No. 75940

At least we have /2x/

No. 75941

True. Ot was at it's best when pinkpill, gc, etc. threads were in ot honestly. It worked as a great filter for newfags. You don't even have to agree with it or post, just not seethe in the thread of a controversial topic, showing they could follow the rules and allow other anons to express their true thoughts. The lack of new anons ability to do this at least 90% of the time is why certain boards have sunk in quality.
I think only a couple want to interact with each other, like the ones who spam each others containment threads.
Based. They even have their own imageboard already yet can't stand not everyone being 100% uncritical of their thing.
We need more normies who don't come here after being ousted from reddit, tumblr, or twitter.

No. 75942

i agree with the rest of this post but
>like a kuromi anon writing a TikTok caption on the vent thread (someone literally asked her if she made a tiktok with the same thing she wrote)
it was never confirmed if she was the tiktok poster. seemed like another case of poor detectivefagging imo like when some anon in another thread thought zhang yong was actually self posting a years old meme on here kek

No. 75943

>t. was not here when kpop got banned
Just so you know, back then twitter behavior wasn't the norm. On modern day lolcow, it is, and that's not just a fujo problem. Whine about it all you like, it's not going anywhere. If it did, that ban would entail all the anti threads going down with it and calling a tif a fujo in that thread resulting in a 3 day ban, you cannot have your cake and eat it to. Kpop was banned because of the kpop CRITICAL thread, not the normal kpop threads. The situation isn't comparable and to insist it is is to announce to us that you're a newfag. Go sperg about muh pinkpill on /2x/, you have a whole board and you're mad you can't have a scrote magnet on tw/ot/ter? Kek

No. 75944

Are you mentally handicapped? Each cap has a comment with it saying "here's Scott doing x." Just stop already, the mods clearly don't agree with your stance on this thread existing.

No. 75945

Nobody uses 2X, you could delete it today and it wouldn’t make a difference. It’s dead and it doesn’t have the same energy.

No. 75946

Too bad, be the change you want to see and go use it.

No. 75947

I have used it, I get no replies so I gave up just like everyone else here. If you think pp needs to be banned and it’s a good thing we can’t discuss it just say that, but people saying ‘you have 2X’ are being disingenuous.

No. 75948

Why not post it with scotts handle or @ or something?

No. 75949

>anyone who reminds us we have an entire board dedicated to the thing that was banned from /ot/ for turning it into fem/pol/ and got us raided with gore and cp on a daily basis is being disingenuous hurr
Lol lmao be grateful it's not banned entirely and quit whining about not being able to shit up other boards with gay political debates and blackpill spam of rape and femicide statistics again, that's not what this website is for.

No. 75950

How’s it “shitting up” if it’s in the dedicated thread for it? And tons of people want pp to come back. You can’t really make this argument when there’s entire threads on ot dedicated to infighting and troons.

No. 75951

All of his handles are linked in the OP and literally one click away from seeing any of the capped content live for yourself. You are unbelievably retarded

No. 75953

File: 1714040067209.png (3.02 KB, 413x80, stop making shit up faggot.png)

no one said hetters in those threads. Where did you get that from? why do you guys need to make shit up, this is why no one likes you.

No. 75954

File: 1714047171432.jpg (168.33 KB, 945x468, Screenshot_20240425_071124_Sam…)

This wasn't a fucking "infight" you retarded ass mods this is what plenty of people would call a joke. Did the retarded mod think I was infighting with fucking Tony Evers himself?

No. 75955

>containment thread meme as if they didn't try that back then, autosage and all, and it did nothing
Lol lmao x2

No. 75956

You should just use the fujo/antifujo thread as permaban honeypot.

No. 75957

Can we put a stop to AI image threads? They're spammy af, ugly, unethical and never really give us anything interesting

No. 75958

I agree.

No. 75959

If anything I feel like that really defeats lolcow culture. Anons making shitty thread OPs or choosing thread images to match the context previously has always been a staple part of the site. Using AI is lazy and screams moid, idc if women us AI too, it signals to me as moid behvaoir.

No. 75960

Agreed. I swear most farmers feel this way except a couple contrarianfags who just want to stir shit

No. 75961

File: 1714059349798.jpeg (107.56 KB, 1280x1137, pouter.jpeg)

>anyone that uses AI is a moid
That's enough LC for today

No. 75962

NTA but that’s literally not what anon said

No. 75964

>shitty thread OPs
I honestly think its 1 or 2 really bored anons who just want easy arguments that dont fall under a ban

No. 75965

So it's to set up infighting?

No. 75966

It was never autosaged it was all moved to 2X.

No. 75967

agreed, they're very ugly. fuck AIfags

No. 75968

No, it stayed autosaged for a long time before it was locked and 2x was created long after, but thank you for proving that you weren't there when it was at its peak. You should try making your own website like they tried and (failed to) back then to host m-muh freezepeach.

No. 75969

yeah there shiuld be a rule against posting ai shit especially in thread OPs. pretty sure some aifags are baiting too

No. 75970

There’s a new AI threadpic every day now wtf. Cerbmin please save us

No. 75971

>Using AI is lazy and screams moid, idc if women us AI too, it signals to me as moid behvaoir.
This is unhinged and the basic logic behind it is that she doesn't like AI images, therefore anyone that uses an AI image is a moid. It doesn't even make sense because using AI to generate an image through prompts is more effort than finding an image on google. I actually agree with her that AI thread pics are plague.

No. 75972

Can't there just be an AI containment thread as a middle ground instead of a rule outright banning AI pics? Then relegate all the cow related AI gen'd pics to "fanart" threads. That way anons who like using them aren't getting punished and those who don't can stop ree'ing "moid moid moid moid" and just hide the respective threads.

No. 75973

There already is >>>/m/351292

No. 75974

There's already threads for AI art on /m/.

No. 75975

There already is and every time they breach containment normal anons hate it. There's no fucking reason Stupid Questions or Unpopular Opinions or any other thread should have that fucking slop as a threadpic.
It's not fucking hard to find a new picture of a cow or nun jesus fucking christ.

No. 75976

In one of the threads, the OP claimed they had no other fitting image, which smells like massive newfag or someone on a ban evading device to me.

No. 75977

>a ban evading device
KEK you retard

No. 75978

there is a containment thread already but some aifags insist on posting that shit out of containment then get pissy when peoole don't like their slop
also there's 0 reason to have that shit as a threadpic

No. 75979

As in, trying really hard to avoid being recognized. Previous admins hinted at being able to see device info/useragents when it comes to stitching together post histories.

No. 75980

File: 1714088903684.jpeg (715.05 KB, 828x1499, IMG_3587.jpeg)

AI crap is all over /ot/ now
mods please ban it or at least make a rule against using it in threadpics

No. 75981

File: 1714090684740.jpg (157.15 KB, 1280x1280, Computer-Geek-Rubber-Duck-Scha…)

seeing the ai duck made me so upset :(

No. 75982

yeah, I know, and it's still retarded. they can't ban entire devices nor can they see post histories specific to them. bans are based on IP and browser, and in extreme cases they have a roundabout method of range banning only the admin can do that only works on older IP addresses. you don't need a goddamn burner phone or even a vpn to ban evade kek you just need to turn your router off and back on. your post history is meaningless unless you're a cow like creepshow, kiki, or mystery, the fact that you suspected a random /ot/ user of booting into a custom os to shake up the glowhands all because they used an ai animal thread pic is sending me.

No. 75983

Don't need a hint when hell week confirmed it and it was basically half the users.

No. 75984

oh my god im tired of this conversation. im sorry i googled "angry cow AI" and didnt spend a full week scouting or editing a threadpic. i wasnt trying to start a chain of other anons using AI threadpics.

No. 75985

AI pics are ugly and I don't like them, but what happened to just good old shaming, why must everything be a rule here

No. 75986

Shaming leads to an (infighting) redtext these days.

No. 75987

Don't you have a computer and a cell phone? Don't they connect to the same wifi? Some people even have other computers or devices (!!) for accessing the internet. That doesn't mean they are deliberately trying to do something malicious.

No. 75988

yes please its so fucking ugly and annoying

No. 75989

because shaming aifags just leads to them posting even more shit

No. 75990

How are they "unethical" in this context? You don't have to like them but KEK nona please

No. 75991

Kek at this point its definitely on purpose

No. 75992

File: 1714141252545.png (459.51 KB, 717x1054, satan.png)

cerbmin! farmhands! permaban this devil and save our souls from the blight of ai threadpics once and for all

No. 75993

It's basically avatarfagging already

No. 75994

Definitely ban the attention whore. Its being done on purpose to piss off anons.

No. 75996

File: 1714147492455.jpeg (409.95 KB, 821x821, IMG_3590.jpeg)

mfw i gotta see this (unsaged) bullshit in the mtf thread with my own two eyes. /ot/ tradtards have found their way to the cow threads rip

No. 75997

File: 1714148947692.jpeg (381.76 KB, 716x855, IMG_2212.jpeg)

Denying baseless accusations isn’t allowed? Why is only the response banned for infighting? I hate this culture that farmhands enable where anons can project whatever they want onto you, accuse you of being a different anon, holding certain opinions that are never stated, etc and we’re not allowed to call out their retardation. Fuck off

No. 75998

I guess it's tradthot to be religious now. This isn't even that bad besides the fact it's unsaged

No. 75999

low standars chan fishing for an infight

No. 76000

God shut up retard. Going around and calling people twitterfags because you dont agree with them provides zero contribution to threads besides infighting

No. 76001

it's blogging about "uwu so sad ppl don't respect muh religion wah wah" (like anyone is obligated to respect misogynistic bs) in an unrelated thread

No. 76002

This retard is fishing for replies in the unpopular opinions thread now

No. 76003

scat porn in the shay thread

No. 76004

Sick of the AI thread pics but I'm not jobless enough to sit around waiting for the minute new threads need to be made. Please stop with the AI shit it's so ugly literally an mspaint doodle or picture of a cow would be better

No. 76005

this anon sounds based actually

No. 76006

File: 1714161364371.jpeg (110.24 KB, 699x221, IMG_3591.jpeg)

quit sucking your own dick, ai tard

No. 76007

i’m a different anon but this makes me support the AIfag even more, thanks!

No. 76009

Please ignore the AI baiters, they’re just attention seeking contrarianfags trying to stir shit since farmers almost unanimously agree AI threadpics are ugly and lame and it’s easy to rile anons up

No. 76010

what’s the point in rushing to be the one to make the new thread if you don’t even a good threadpic

No. 76011

sneed moar and enjoy the AI, retardo

No. 76012

I was trying to make a post, but when I submitted it, the site informed me I was permabanned for a different post I didn't make? The ban was for a thread that I've never posted in, and the words written were not mine. I use a VPN, so was the issue just that I shared an IP with the person because we were using the same service? Nothing I've written has ever been redtexted before, so I can't imagine what else it would be. Sorry if this is a dumb question.

No. 76013

Yes, it's vpn. Hop on another ip. It happens quite often.

No. 76014

That's still infighting, don't whiteknight yourself as if you didn't do anything wrong. Maybe you need to go back to Twitter.

Then the malicious accusation doesn't apply to you.

You're going to find a lot of banned VPN IPs one websites like 4chan, lolcow, CC.. Other imageboards.

No. 76015

At some point you guys just need to delete obvious bait instead of giving attention whores the redtext they want for 5 posts in a row

No. 76016

Idk if the site broke, but there's post spam/post duplicating in the Lillee Jean thread

No. 76018

it's been resolved, thanks for the report

No. 76020

Since when do people need "proof" to talk about their irl experience with a cow? Other cosplayer's threads like Lori, Stef and especially Terry have had tons of anons talking about how they met those cows at cons or whatever and how awkward or awful they were, without "proof" being needed. Wtf?

No. 76021

Yeah, the PT thread is filled with anon's anecdotes about the kween.

No. 76022

How do we know anons aren't just making up random stories though? Someone's notoriety doesn't mean that everyone who comes to lolcow has a personal interaction. There's other websites and lolcow isn't the only space. Just like how "cows" come in to threads and self-post when it's turned out just to be larpers sometimes.

No. 76023

You don’t know, so you take it with a grain of salt. It’s weird to expect proof of anons hookup from years ago; she could be lying about it but the moid in question is a notorious slut so it’s totally plausible. It’s just discussion about lolcows and not a court case anyway.

No. 76024

No one wants to listen to possible made up stories they have to take with a grain of salt. Cow threads thrive on proof and milk that comes with it. This isn't an anecdotal website unless there's some kind of papertrail.

Why is this cow's thread trying to make uncapped posts canon? This is why anons warned about people reaching to people and telling them to come to lolcow to post. Anons warned about this lol And now you're mad you're being held accountable for it.

No. 76025

possible stories have been here forever, people were posting in moos thread times they saw her but couldn't take a picture, again it's just the nature of gossip. you have to take everything here with a grain of salt. idk why you're acting like this is a new thing or why the mods are acting like the threads have to be sterile archives of social media posts and nothing else.

No. 76026

File: 1714221111245.png (57.49 KB, 1738x218, image_2024-04-27_222945316.png)

Not my ban and I thought this person was stupid but really? I mean the link says what the entire news story is, I don't think anon needed to screen cap and post bleeding injuries

No. 76027

File: 1714221632944.png (232.61 KB, 1792x412, Screenshot 202.png)

Not my post but jannies this is so dumb. It's not even being used as a thread pic, and the anon isn't avatarfagging or derailing to spam AI shit. It's just a reaction pic or random image. If some people start shitting up /meta/ demanding all images of, idk, anime characters be spoilered or put in a containment thread because "anime is pedophilic, unethical, ugly and spammy af", will you listen too?

No. 76029

We don't but my point is that people don't cop bans for it in other threads. Either ban everyone for it or don't ban anyone. The hypocrisy in /w/ across different threads is always so apparent

No. 76030

based farmhands. AIshit is a fucking eyesore. Go back to social media if you want to post your normie AIslop. You sound like the spergs that want to use emojis.

No. 76031

You're missing the fact that users admitted to reaching out to people so they can come post in the scott thread. Now it sounds even more fake with this sudden influx. Nah, post proof.

No. 76032

don't be disingenuous. that anon was infighting. and a lot of anons are asking for an ai moratorium, especially since it's being used to bait.
topics that shit up the boards get banned, this isn't new. (cf. kpop)
agreed. I hope all ai slop outside of dedicated threads is banned for good

No. 76033

File: 1714228232896.jpeg (105 KB, 640x622, 1702197028167.jpeg)

God bless that farmhand. We have enough AIslop on the internet, we really don't need it here- go to Facebook and 4chan if you absolutely must post your awful images and not using it to start fights for your own dull amusement.

No. 76034

They have, but not everyone is reporting those. That's specifically how users get away with things. Mods aren't scrolling trying to find things to randomly ban.

No. 76036

People who use ai images are lazy retards with no talent.

No. 76037

It's actually far more normiebrained to get triggered over random 3D pictures, I wish underage twitterfags would leave. It's pointless censorship when there are unironic trannies spamming this place with scat and it gets left up for an hour or more.

No. 76038

Who cares? Is it hard work to google "burger shaped like cat" to shitpost with? Do you vet every single reaction image to see if sufficient "effort" was put into posting them? Anyone who claims they give a fuck outside of it being overused for thread OPs or avatarfagged is lying.

No. 76039

Go back to 4chan.

No. 76040

>wuh wuh everyone whobdisagrees with me is a twitterfag
if you absolutely must post that shit ti satisfy hour autism, just put it in a containment thread, it's not that hard
ai shit looks creepy and relies on art theft. many ppl don't like to see it, that's why there's containment.

No. 76041

I'm so happy they aren't allowing AI pics outside of the containment thread. Keep our farm free from that lazy ugliness.

No. 76042

Notice how you didn't deny it. Go back already. I'm tired of performative retards reeeing over nothing, you have the rest of the internet for that.
>art theft
Hope you ask artist's permission before you post any picture here. This isn't the fucking Louvre, it's Lolcow.

No. 76043

Samefag, I don't even post or make AI content, it's just dumb to ban inconsequential things over a couple of autists malding. I don't like Sonic, but it'd be dumb to ban all images of him or from the franchise because "wah wah sonic bad". I didn't even hate the OP pictures tbh

No. 76044

Ok, how do you expect them to post proof. You want them to go back through their old phone? Dig up old Facebook messages? What does people cowtipping have to with anecdotes anyway?

No. 76045

it's far from the firdt time a topic has been banned outside of containment, whybshiuld ai be special
>notice hiw you didn't deny it
been here since 2016 but this isn't a court of law, no one is obligated to disprove your retardo "everyone i don't like is a newfag" arguments
regardless i genuinely think ai slop is low quality posting and shits up the board. Clearly i'm not the only one with that opinion.
if your autism compels you to bang prompts on a keyboard like a monkey with a typewriter until your husbando comes out with a regular number of fingers, you can do that in the containment thread. ain't life grand?

No. 76046

>comes to one of the last places on the internet that gatekepts itself from normalfaggots and corporate internet AIDS
>gets angry when their newfaggotry isnt allowed

No. 76047

>projecting your own newfaggotry whenever it's called out

Sure, Jan. You probably would've thrown a shitfit in 2016 Lolcow daily.
>more strawmanning because reee everyone who doesn't share my opinion must make ai images
You keep doing this because you can't argue with anything I've said. Again: It's just dumb to ban inconsequential things over a couple of autists malding. This goes for Sonic, it goes for doodles, anything. If it's not gore, porn or avatarfagging, it doesn't matter.

No. 76048

you really don't have any arguments besides "nuh huh you're a newfag" huh

No. 76049

You should probably stop using this thread to infight.

No. 76050

Then they shouldn't post

No. 76051

Obviously bait

No. 76052

File: 1714235656595.jpg (17.97 KB, 474x473, 0923811.jpg)

Where's the bait, though? It truly isn't a significant problem if someone types something here and uses one AI pic. There are actual issues on the site.

No. 76053

Multiple threads photos in a few days and then ai being posted outside of containment isn't some accident. Yes, it is bait and playing dumb hopefully will get you banned if you keep posting outside of the ai thread.

No. 76058

File: 1714237638070.png (773.71 KB, 1080x642, l0umer0dspb31.png)

If you could read, you'd see me saying the constant OPs and avatarfagging were bad. A random post by some anon with an AI pic attached isn't that, and treating it the same is just being overzealous and retarded.
Accusing me of posting it is kind of worthless when mods can look at post history.

No. 76059

Okay, anon.

No. 76060

File: 1714237916143.gif (1.59 MB, 372x298, 1640279846539.gif)


No. 76061

File: 1714238353059.jpg (15.44 KB, 258x275, 8723782.jpg)

No. 76062

I agree, there's an anon or two using too many AI pictures for OPs and at this point it reads more like bait so people reply to it than anything

No. 76063

Can you please ban the anons who keep defending shota shit?

No. 76064

Based jannies tbh. The AIfags can post their shit in the containment thread and nothing of value will be lost

No. 76065

kek I can’t believe anons are seriously offended over a computer-generated image, that’s truly the epitome of first world problems. they’re basically trying to get certain thread pics and images banned now like go pick up a fucking hobby and go worry about yourself, who cares if they use an AI image? it’s faster, simple, we already use “stolen” memes and pics for thread pictures.

No. 76066

people with taste recognize that AI looks like shit, why would you want that as a OP pic that will be around a long time on this slow ass website. anons have had no problem finding decent thread pics for as long as lc has been around. go back to your containment thread

No. 76067

You're an idiot

No. 76069

this website already looks like shit so it’s befitting. who seriously comes here like, “aw sweet, time to browse my favorite aesthetically pleasing website used by rich, hot, cultured people with good taste”? ffs, we all come here because it’s a steaming garbage dump you can’t look away from kek

No. 76070

Literally this, it’s just anons powerfagging from boredom. AI is not going to destroy the fabric of lolcow.farm, calm down kek

No. 76071

File: 1714251862063.jpg (90.25 KB, 348x468, GCKWdQKbsAAFk5b.jpg)

Probs a dumb question. Is there an extension ala 4chan X to save threads that you visit often?

No. 76072

Bait thread

No. 76074

so you agree? AI looks like shit? then why are you defending it so hard kek

No. 76078

mods please delete this thread made by a scrote it’s so obvious >>>/ot/1982496

No. 76079

I think it should be allowed to exist, and rater cleaned up and regulated.

No. 76080

Also it'd be nice if mods looked at that person's post history. I don't think it's a woman.

No. 76081

fuck no, kys if you want /ot/ to become a scrote haven

No. 76082

You're so mentally ill it's insane, please go outside

No. 76083

Thank you for locking that thread, farmhands. ♥

No. 76084

It honestly seems like a very pathetic, probably underage anon

No. 76085

If anyone wants to know what the doodle creature was, it was a borzoi.

No. 76086

Can't believe you guys locked that scrote thread. I was about to post supreme good moid hot Jesus where will He go now

No. 76087

Post hot Jesus in here

No. 76088

File: 1714254546544.jpg (64.1 KB, 640x857, 4ac78b60cfd15114ee63a96017920c…)

To Heaven

No. 76090

jannies once again took away our dumbass shit thread. damn

No. 76091

I suggest you ban male-centric thread topics in /ot/. Good moids, ugly moids, screenshots of moids. Enough. It's fucking blackpilling to see how limited the topics are.

No. 76092

There are only two threads for moids and they are to shit on them

No. 76093

I'm having issues with posting certain posts and it doesn't seem like its my Internet is down nor am I banned or anything is the server ok? The whole site just freezes up for me

No. 76094

Is anyone else annoyed by that nitpicking/derailing spammer in the celebricows thread

No. 76095

can't believe this retarded pickme thread is allowed to stay up. lc is truly cucked

No. 76097

Did a farmhand just reveal themselves? This is a screenshot from mod.php.

No. 76098

File: 1714262262575.png (67.28 KB, 1071x889, janniesaregay.png)

Jannies have suddenly been granted the ability to moderate threads properly, and which thread do they get overly strict with? The moid worship thread.

Stop deleting posts like the faggots at CC you fucking softies.

No. 76099

They deleted my posts too. Funny how they leave actual moidbait up but get hard on actual anons. The tranny janny theory is confirmed and this is a tradthot site now. Lolcow is dead.

No. 76100

Jannies are pickmes kek. Genuinely what the fuck

No. 76101

I loved your posts, nonna. You were so right and i felt the same. Admins are indeed faggots.

No. 76102

you are completely right except the overly graphic ones are more enjoyable imo.

No. 76103

That was my only post, but ty, I love seeing nonnies come together for the common good of lc

No. 76104

Based nona

No. 76105

Jesus got me a 7 day ban, I guess he should be demoted to not so good man after all

No. 76106

Kek why do they redtext some, but straight up delete other posts?

No. 76107

File: 1714263244729.png (87.41 KB, 720x747, IMG_20240427_181049.png)

Immediately banned for a simple question?
Why are you allowing a thread no one wants to exist?

No. 76108

He's not as great as op's daddy, anon.

No. 76109

They're banning everyone who doesn't lick moid assholes in that thread, as well as fucking deleting the posts which goes against their own long-standing policy of leaving everything that isn't straight up illegal up. Farmhands have shown their true faces today.

No. 76110

How. Literally mods reopened the thread and that post is from someone who doesn't want it. Dumb tinfoil.

No. 76111

Is screenshot gone only for me?

No. 76112

No, lol. Farmhands are doing damage control and deleting posts so they can have a pickme safespace on lolcow

No. 76113

It honestly feels like a jannie got her or his feelings hurt and is lashing out because lc isn't more accepting of moid praise

No. 76114

Jesus Christ, kek
Exactly how it looks.

No. 76115

I saw it too, with the edit function and all. They can delete all they want but we know the truth.

No. 76116

Since the thread is so unpopular, it will probably die out. Just wait.

No. 76117

The fact that it's even allowed to stay up speaks volumes to the current state of lolcow

No. 76118

I've never seen farmhands be this anal about a thread before, what the fuck is going on?

No. 76119

Oh shit! Kek, the mods are so cowish

No. 76120

NO male hate allowed!!!

No. 76121

It's personal for some reason. I agree with the tinfoil that OP is a farmhand.

No. 76122

tranny janny found a way to ban based women from the site

No. 76123

No way? Kek, that's hilarious.

No. 76124

If this is true how the fuck did a pickme retard even become a farmhand in the first place? Bleak.

No. 76125

Samefag I just realized the farmhand posted that anons IP address, what a complete fucking retard kek

No. 76126

File: 1714264293205.png (21.8 KB, 720x188, IMG_20240427_182645.png)

What's going on? Why are you deleting so many comments? I don't want to be mean to farmhands because they do a lot for the site. But this feels like power tripping, there's a whole collection of deleted posts from dissatisfied anons, it feels like discord/reddit levels of petty. You can do better than this. I'm sorry. This isn't okay, anons are allowed to decide what threads should not stay up as a community. Reported threads that people don't want stay locked. This was a thing before

No. 76127

I dont zealously hate moids like most anons here but the whole thread idea is pretty weird kek, why do you want to spend time gushing about men

No. 76128

File: 1714264456329.png (9.75 KB, 816x201, Lmao.png)

Kek, they deleted the lower one, but let the other stay. Embarrassing and clearly showing their side of the argument.

No. 76129

Probably because it reeks of discord gayops by underage retards that want to turn a gossip site made by man for 4chan refugees to discuss pixyteri into a based feminist website.

No. 76130

holy shit the jannies are actual fucking trannies KEKKKK. who the fuck is vetting the farmhands?

No. 76131

So are admins going to boot that farmhand who posted the anons IP address in her screenshot? Imagine being so upset that anons don't like moids you're willing to make a dumbass move like that kek, she even cropped it down to size and still didn't notice. This site is moderated by retards, no wonder it's going downhill so fast

No. 76132

That top post isnt even on topic lmao

No. 76133

>Implying the underage pickmes aren't the discord tiktok retards shitting the site

No. 76134

Not a farmhand, just saying what I see.

No. 76135

It was a vpn. No1currs.

No. 76136

Janny deleted your screenshot again.

No. 76137

You guys didn’t want to listen to the conspiracy tards that this website was co-opted by a secret group of men and trannies with a select handmaidens they use so they don’t blow their cover. Absolutely disgusting farmhands defending scrote worship

No. 76138

Reminder that people who were 14 in 2020 are 18 in 2024

No. 76139

Its funny because unlike you, those are all different anons kek

No. 76140

Nonnies, you were so right, so right. All of their actions show that.

No. 76141

And the people who are now 18 were 8 years old when LC was created. It explains a lot.

No. 76142

Farmhands, can we get an actual statement on your reasoning here? Why intentionally reopen a thread that causes so much infighting?

No. 76143

It was the first time I posted it, and I censored the IP address. That's so dumb

No. 76144

Nigga who tf cares, how does that somehow not allowing shitting on scrotes

No. 76145

It definitely explains the people who think the site was created to seethe about men

No. 76146

I don't think it was

No. 76147

Are you grandma-chan?

No. 76148

Stop ban evading, problem solved

No. 76149

It’s simple
>one or more jannies have been responsible for the popular bait threads in /ot/
>ugly man psyop, fujo flamewar, etc. all made by them
>a janny was responsible for the good man thread
>pretends to be inactive until 50 minutes after and then suddenly drops in to handle the problem
>pretends that it was discussed among the cabal of tranjans to unlock it and allow it to exist
>powerfagging 5D level

No. 76150

I have never once seen someone think that

No. 76151

I'm not? I'm not the anon who had their IP leaked I'm just hoping the jannie gets her farmhand privileges revoked because she clearly sucks at it

No. 76152

They have probably deleted more posts in that thread in the last hour than they have across the entire site in the last week, all because nonnas rightfully calling a moid dicksucking thread what it is: retarded. So unbelievably transparent where their priorities lie.

No. 76153

File: 1714265457977.gif (984.83 KB, 500x334, IMG_1535.gif)

damn tgat pickme jannie needs to get the mop taken away from her
moids get the rope
troons get the rope
moids get the rope

No. 76154

File: 1714265491462.jpg (140.94 KB, 1080x1017, Screenshot_20240427-214650_Chr…)

Stop deleting posts lmao you guys don't get that fast when men post gore but a flayed statue gets insta deleted also not my fault the only good men are Jesus and his merry band.

No. 76155

This is the most insane mod power trip I have seen in a long time

No. 76156

Since farmhands deleted the screenshot

No. 76157

They're going to delete that too cause you didn't censor the IP address

No. 76158

I stg, you guys need helmets.

No. 76159

File: 1714265744172.jpeg (121.83 KB, 750x933, 7E67B00C-5FCB-4FF9-A74A-EC5327…)

that’s not very goated of you, farmhand :(((((( <3333

No. 76160

They delete it even if you do to cover their tracks

No. 76161

I'll repost it

No. 76162

Mods I love you but this is very strange. This behavior isn't okay, I've never seen farmhands being so adamant about deleting posts and banning a bunch of people just because they disagree. It's not a good look, specially because it's a pro scrote loving thread. This is weird.

No. 76163

evade and keep it pushing. staff at this point are just powertrippers who do what they want without any real care for the rules or site culture.

No. 76165

The fact that you retards are fucking with the mods then play victim says a lot more about you than the mods.

No. 76166

Maybe this will train tranny jannies to actually moderate around the clock instead of disappearing for 6 hours before handing out delayed bans. Come on, even a dog can be trained. Surely a tranny janny can too?

No. 76167

Maybe less than a month or a few weeks ago, cp was posted and was up for 40 minutes..

No. 76168

>repost because I'm dumb and switched the files
Never let farmhands live this blunder down nonnas

No. 76170

Hi janny we know its you!

No. 76171

File: 1714265913783.jpeg (5.69 KB, 225x225, images.jpeg)

No. 76172

I already knew jannies posted among nonnies but now whenever some faggot itt capes for farmhands and gets pissy whenever someone has a complaint for them I'm just going to assume it's a farmhand wking themselves. It's almost too obvious at this point

No. 76173

File: 1714265943175.jpeg (11.81 KB, 219x290, IMG_0225.jpeg)

My sides are folding in completely. They have time to delete all of those posts but they couldn’t quickly delete the thread when it was requested to? They aren’t that fast or efficient when it comes to cp or gore

No. 76174

Samefag… And also just acting like a permanent sentry on that thread, all eyes on it, insta ban and insta delete. Why.

No. 76175

No. 76176

Hello to you too professional bootlicker

No. 76177

>mods I love you
they clearly don’t love you nonna, they do what any of us could do if we actually applied for that farmhand application. they hate us all

No. 76178

Fucking with the mods? How? By telling them to please lock up a thread that lowers the quality of the site?

No. 76179

what causes a person to side with people who wouldn’t care if you killed yourself this very moment. stop bootlicking the mods they don’t care about your praises or whiteknighting kek

No. 76180

Baawleted again

No. 76181

No, I still want to believe in them because they've listened and took action before when it was needed. But why. Why this?

No. 76183

You can't have been around for Shaymin. CP was posted multiple times a day and left up for hours.

Fucking retard. LC is a privately owned website and the admins can do whatever they want with it. No one has a right to post on this website. It's like going into a cafe, calling the female owner a tranny and then complaining that she kicked you out

Previous post deleted for grammar error.

No. 76184

I know, I just hope nonnas were fast enough to download the screenshot. So fucking vile how they're acting over their own mistake being called out

No. 76186

I missed it nona can you show me so i can save

No. 76188

>muh privately owned
You’ll be crying when all of these websites and platforms become privately owned you can’t even type in actual words and only emoticons. Private ownership kills websites.

No. 76189

Literally hours ago, most of these anons were licking the mod's asses for banning AI as a whole instead of just clamping down on spam. The meltdown now is too funny.

No. 76190


No. 76191

>Private ownership kills websites.
What websites are publicly owned?

No. 76192

Woah, they were fast

No. 76193

Literally deleted within miliseconds, couldn't even open the image before it was gone

No. 76194

The bootlickers are the reason why we can’t have nice things.

No. 76195

Because they did something good? Obviously people will revolt when others do things that nobody likes. Do you like the thread? Why?

No. 76198

please stop being retarded, it is very embarrassing

No. 76199

They did something similar in an /m/ thread a few weeks ago. I think it was the art rate general. Claimed an anon was samefagging, possibly to distract from banning another anon for misquoting a post earlier in the thread. Feels like we’re headed by total retards now.

No. 76200

If mods are going to delete/lock male love then can we at least just get rid of the constant, ceaseless male focused blackpill shit (ugly man psyop etc)?

The pretend radfem shit has ruined this site.

No. 76201

>moderator or farmhands not allowing the pinkpill thread yet allows a weird moid love/praise thread.
>Moderator/farmhand spends almost a hour arguing with anons in that thread and accidentally reveals them self as being a moderator and then immediately deletes their post.
>Moderator/farmhand re-opens that thread and start banning anyone who objects (which is the majority of anons).
>mods/farmhand seem sucpiciously protective of that thread and are watching it and banning anons in minutes.
>(this is something that has been going on recently) Moderator/farmhand seems biased and will ban a anon if it disagrees with it and will ban one anon in a infight but will not ban the other one showing a poor job at moderating since moderation should be about the rules and not your personal feelings.
>moderator/farnhand will infight with a anon and then go through that anons post history and ban them for a months old post
>horrible redtexts in general and accidental bans

Will these new moderators/farmhands be the downfall of lolcow?

No. 76203

You mean they were agreeing with things they like and then complaining about things they don't like??? No way!!! I can't believe nonnies will adjust their opinions on things depending on the topic at hand??? Crazy…

No. 76204

No, moid.

No. 76205

Daily reminder anons that moderators can also use anon so if you see a anon here being so defensive of the moderators/farmhands then there is a high chance that is the moderator themselves.

No. 76206

>watching it and banning anons in minutes.
In seconds more like

No. 76207

File: 1714266658288.jpg (26.71 KB, 1328x109, okay.JPG)

So calling women
>nasty ass literal cum receptacles
is cool and fine to leave up, but posting Jesus is a 7 day ban and a deleted post

No. 76208

Take your meds and log off. The problem is you are unhinged, foam at the mouth and have no sense of nuance. The things you like are retarded because you bootlick hard and are weirdly forceful, and then you split on the mods like a BPD moid the next second.

No. 76209

They seriously want to turn this place into a bigger ball gargling site than it already is, as if there aren't enough moidlove threads in /g/ already

No. 76210

They left it for a bit, but did decide to delete it now lmao

No. 76211

File: 1714266763304.png (188.29 KB, 583x1243, picture .png)

At last it was finally locked. Thank you
That thread isn't even blackpill

No. 76212

I wasn't here for the AI stuff but keep sperging and wking your precious farmhands or yourself I'm guessing

No. 76213

This is mild compared to what gets posted in /snow/ on a daily basis.

No. 76214

There's nothing wrong with hating on slatternly cock sucking roommates who can't go for a week without dick (they are in very literal terms cum dumps) although she got lucky with that Swedish guy, most moids are just as dirty and they reek of semen.

No. 76216

Not a mod, and apparently the thread is locked anyway? I'm just not addicted to this site and lose my mind whenever a thread exists I'm not into. You should try it.

No. 76218

You literally lost your mind a post ago and started sperging about BPD and moids but nice try kek

No. 76219

>Everything I don't like is bpd
So mature

No. 76220

You've never lived with a woman who insists on bringing back hookups to a place you share every week I'm guessing?

No. 76222

This is probably the same anon from the fandom thread who was calling women who say men dont sexually please women as being "hypersexual sluts fucking randoids on tinder, women in comitted relationships dont have these problems"

No. 76223

Uh-huh, okay. Hope you can recover soon.

No. 76224

>Everyone who disagrees with me is the same anon
You janny wk's and actual jannies are so embarrassing

No. 76225

That's not what I said, but nice self-report kek

No. 76226

post in women love to combat that shit

No. 76227


No. 76228

Unfortunately one of the farmhands accidentally posted a screenshot with a user's private information on that screenshot. We take those kind of actions very seriously and they've been handled and dealt with. Mistakes happen time from time especially with new farmhands and we act accordingly when we see it. Please do not repost the screenshot with the user's IP for their privacy, we will delete/ban users who do post.

As for the good moid stories thread, it is locked until further notice as there required a longer discussion about it's existence.

No. 76229

oh no we shouldn't be too mean for the poor moids unu
ikr. it's only a small step from allowing moid worship threads and banning dissenters to allowing male posters outright

No. 76230

Why were screenshots with the ip blocked out deleted too then?

No. 76231

Shut up. You deleted the censored posts exposing her mistake as well. And now we have definite proof that the farmhands themselves are the ones stoking infights all over /ot/ instead of doing their jobs. Where the fuck do you get your recruits? Do you even vet them?

No. 76232

Was the farmhand removed from her position? It's kinda weird she was caping for moid praise for over an hour, if she was any other anon she would've been banned for infighting and derailing

No. 76233

Dehumanizing women for being sexual beings, go on tradthot. But “dick has the superpower to transform females into worthless, used objects” is a bit of a tired one, tell me something I haven’t heard

No. 76234

It was the same farmhand that we had to unfortunately let go.
This is false. We have very strict rules about this that we go over with staff when they start. If we see them doing so, we remove them from their position.

No. 76235

Maybe a bad time but I have a complaint about the anime thread on /m/. It almost always devolves into meta talk about the anime fandoms/moids/miserable shit instead of actually discussing the anime themselves. I dont even know why you’re into anime if you’re going to sperg about every speck of potential moidbait in it. Anyway there exists an anime critical thread too so can the /m/ farmhands start redirecting those retards to that thread when they derail?

I swear the retards in that thread barely like anime besides their same three approved older shows

No. 76236

>as there required a longer discussion about it's existence.

Im so confused what is there to discuss about when the majority of the userbase here doesn't want that thread or do you not care about how the userbase feels and are trying to run rhis site to the ground?
I dont think the admin or farmhand privileges should be used this way…..

No. 76237

She lost her job… look what you guys did

No. 76238

ty for the response but why should there be a discussion about its existence? doesn't seem such a thread is compatible with board culture
It's kind of a weird complaint, as long as it's on topic wrt anime why would it warrant mod action?

No. 76239

Probably because the admins can see that it's the same vocal minority of speds that are always derailing threads in /ot/.

No. 76240

>Dehumanizing women for being sexual beings
Standard lolcow. Rant about men, posture at separatism but rage with the fury of a thousand suns if anyone mocks BPD promiscuity because of a guilty conscience.

If you don't like most men, and I would count myself as someone who doesn't, then stop caping for trashy and promiscuous behavior.

No. 76241

>what is there to discuss about when the majority of the userbase here doesn't want that thread
Agreed, it's weird to even keep it up when like 95% of anons don't see it as worthwhile, and one of the anons who did want it up was a cowish janny. They've locked threads with way more supporters than this before so why even keep it

No. 76242

It seems like this site is now for weird tradthot baiters like you.

This is like the 30th post this week ive seen of something misogynistic like this and it didnt get banned but i bet after my post the jannys will give you a small 2 hour ban to make it look like they are dokng their job when you baiters deserve a permanent ban.

No. 76243

To be honest, I'm referring to not just that specific thread, but a general restructure of some threads/boards. There's been some discussion on /meta/ about some things like making /img/ for images and such but we wanted a proper concession with the farmhands for such actions before moving forward and proposing it to the rest of the users here.
This is indeed the case for some.

No. 76244

>Pretends to be a radfem
>Holds tumblr tier views about needing to defend mental illness and low self esteem fueled promiscuity
Why is lolcow like this? Simple answer, a lot of you see yourselves in these girls and women.

No. 76245

Stop the modfoiling already, it's sad.

No. 76246

Your post was specifially about that thread though but whatever you say. Also i dont know if i could ask this but was the farmhand who got let go also the same one who was banning anons unfairly? Im asking because i had to deal with some unfair bans where all of a sudden i got a permanent ban for no reason on months old posts and i always appealed them and the bans got removed because they were false.
The recent false ban i received was on a weeks old post of me just saying that the ariana hate was going too far, i apealed it and the permanent ban was removed but the fact that i got a perm ban for it (the post didn't break any rules) in the first place was so weird.

No. 76247

You are very obviously a baiter that im not even going to bother feeding you attention anymore.
That anon who made the swedish roommate post was obviously a baiter and you are also a baiter.

No. 76248

>If we see them doing so, we remove them from their position.
I see, so farmhands who aren't retarded enough to post an anons IP during an infight get to bait freely, thanks for the clarification

No. 76249

>This is indeed the case for some.
Nta but I don't buy that at all, and who were the supporters? Maybe a couple normal anons and a retarded janny

No. 76250

Regarding the bans, me and the other admins will go through her record and see if there's anything recently, but just in case, please email us the specific posts if possible and we can investigate.

No. 76251

EXACTLY THIS 100% , i definitely feel like it's atleast (minimum) 2 jannys/farmhands who are doing this.

No. 76252

Then stop being obvious about it

No. 76253

You have no idea how mod.php works.

The admins can see more than IPs. Browsers and devices that are used to access the internet have several identifiers. Even if the IP changes, these identifiers remain the same.

No. 76254

Alright, thank you and please do because the bans have been hellish lately

No. 76255

And how do you know this?

No. 76256

>You have no idea how mod.php works.
Nta but how are we even supposed to know this?

No. 76257

Because she's a janny who'd rather sit in /meta/ and defend the retarded decisions instead of actually moderating the site

No. 76258

I've been around image boards for a long time.

Lurk more

I'm not a farmhand and I never have been.

No. 76259

I've been lurking for 8 years, still never learned how mod.php works or why you think that's common knowledge kek. How are we supposed to learn that just from lurking and posting?

No. 76260

Azealia is finally free to go back at making music

No. 76261

Awh what did my man Jesus do to deserve this kind of treatment from farmhands?

No. 76262

Its a moderator anon. They are using anon right now to defend their lame ass before they switch back to their mod status and start banning us for 3 month old posts.

The mod php thing they said 100% coninves me of this being a janny on anon.

No. 76263

Asstarion is ugly and I would not fuck him

No. 76264

No. 76265

Nta but the promiscuous women on here are not the same women who post about separatism, they're the ones who praise moids and want threads like "moid love" to stay.

No. 76269

File: 1714275997336.jpeg (34.78 KB, 452x678, IMG_3625.jpeg)

So ummmm… can we have a “bad moid stories thread”? Pretty please?

No. 76270

The moderation on the good moid thread was so cowish, can’t believe I got perma’d for a genuine post in under a minute while actual moid bait stays up for longer (and we’re not even allowed to call it out anymore kek.) admin can say it was a rogue mod but that feels like damage control, at this point i accept that lc is no longer the website it used to be and admin wants to change its culture. Sad!

No. 76271

They even said in the farmhand message they decided to reopen the thread after discussion amongst themselves, I don't believe for one second it was just one farmhand chimping out. They thought they could get away with having that kind of thread on lolcow and are backtracking like crazy because they got caught and flamed en masse.

No. 76272

>log off
You don’t log off an image board, because there are no accounts.

No. 76273


No. 76274

Yes, let's talk about men. I love talking about men, I do nothing but think about males all my free time. There's not enough talking about men on this website.

No. 76275

no just post on /g/ in one of the many moid-centric threads

No. 76276

Sooo ummm then the good moid thread will also be moved to /g/ right haha?

No. 76277

Why would we have to have more moid talk, positive or negative, when fictional or 3dpd moids are virtually inescapable here

No. 76278

We don't need a thread for that. Use the mundane or the positive thread

No. 76279

I want this thread but to be fair the vent thread already is that

No. 76280

>It was the same farmhand that we had to unfortunately let go.
Kek why does this sound so sad? Power tripping isn't good.
I don't think the thread should come back. Same thing will repeat. It really wouldn't be the wisest decision to let it stay.

No. 76281


No. 76282

>As for the good moid stories thread, it is locked until further notice as there required a longer discussion about it's existence.
I think it should stay locked.
>To be honest, I'm referring to not just that specific thread, but a general restructure of some threads/boards. There's been some discussion on /meta/ about some things like making /img/ for images and such
I think this is a different topic altogether that doesn't really relate to the good mood thread, but as for /img/, I approve of its creation

No. 76283

If they allow the cocksucking thread then i want them to redirect every single nigel poster there.

No. 76284

I also vote that it should stay locked. Consider banning all 'moid-centered-stories' threads going forward.

No. 76286

File: 1714294158707.gif (980.4 KB, 376x285, 1000387896.gif)

There's always been a divide in the site because not every single person who uses it is a radfem (this is a lc site first) but the radfem users want it to be. I came here to follow the queen but I think the progression of the site is natural and I don't mind it, it was way worse and the post quality was so much lower when moids were allowed, I just hate the constant infighting.

I think the thread should stay locked because it only highlights this userbase division and it's already caused a shitstorm. There's also way too many fucking threads about males, I already avoid /g/ for this reason, don't turn /ot/ into /g/ please

No. 76287


No. 76288

That would just enable them more, it should stay locked

No. 76289

I think they are defiantly some gay male lurkers in the Ugly Man PsyOp thread.

No. 76290

It should be reopened purely because the mental breakdown over it was hilarious. The pseudo-radfems of LC are an easily trolled liability. They shit up the Good Moid thread, while the Good Woman thread is dead with 10 replies should tell anyone all they need to know.

No. 76291

>Le epic trollxd let's make those women seethexdddd
Ok retard

No. 76292

Question: Why are so many anons so angry about the "good moid" thread existing, but not the nigel brag thread on /g/?

No. 76293

Think about it: you can already brag about your moid there and in other threads where positivity thrives. Making those posts is okay but not a whole thread just for men who do the bare minimum. Imagine having a whole arguably duplicate but definitely unnecessary thread just to talk about good moids

No. 76296

Okay, but the two are distinct. The "good moid" thread was about good family members and such. The nigel brag thread is about boyfriends and husbands.

No. 76297

I think there must be some sort of middle ground between allowing men on this site and turning this into a suffragette imageboard. It's just that it's gotten a little overbearing these past few years and every other post/topic is about MEN and feels like a competition on who's the most radfem and anons grandstanding/getting on their high horse/whatever you wanna call it. It has contributed to the aggressive and overall less fun energy of lolcow recently, imo. I also think it's always going to look off and out of place here considering this is ultimately a gossip board. Even with the dying milk boards, there's always gonna be someone in /m/ and /ot/ saying "hey, look at this weirdo". I think all of this is the fault of the second to last admin banning /2X/. But then it's also like, what can you even do to change the site now? If staff were to do anything they'd probably be accused of trying to make this site male friendly so it's purely a userbase issue.

This isn't about that "good moid" thread btw. I didn't care about that thread. It's just my thoughts on the state of lolcow.

No. 76298

>Kek why does this sound so sad?
Tbf they likely don't have a lot of farmhands

No. 76299

I think you need to stfu and stop. Every place every website and every area has constant cock-garbling and XY coddling, this is supposed to be a place that doesn’t have that often. Go to those places if you want to praise “good men”, this is a female imageboard that has always been critical of scrotes and has always made scrote-critical threads. I’m so fucking sick and tired of braindead handmaidens thinking they are here to make us see the “bright side” of men and that it should be an equal opportunity website. I’m so tired of women like you who ruin fucking everything because you just hate yourself and other women, take your self-hatred elsewhere

No. 76300

Use the positive thread, mundane thread, etc. Reddit. Say it to them irl, give them a hug. Lolcow isn't the place for this. A better thread would had been "good people in our lives" "good family members" "good support systems you are grateful for" etc. Why make it male specific?

No. 76301

Alright, but why is it okay to brag about your boyfriend?

No. 76302

I don't want a suffragette board, I just don't want to coddle moids. How is that so hard to understand? Not everyone who is tired of moid talk wants to be a radfem lite. The whole internet coddles and allows men. Move on, this site hasn't allowed men for a while now.

No. 76303

Maybe you weren't there but that thread was made as a containment thread. Why do you want the good moid thread back? Or both banned? What are you trying to achieve with this?

No. 76304

I don't want this site to allow men or coddle them either so we're in the same boat.

No. 76306

NTA. This isn't a feminist website or even an anti-male website. It's primary purpose is as a gossip website for documenting lolcows. It became female only over time because the main demographic of the site was women from /cgl/.

If you want a website that is dedicated to hating men, then create your own and administrate it how you want. IB software is free and open source. Trying to transform an already existing site with an established purpose and culture into your personal political safe space is never going to work.

No. 76307

Did you know that hating on lolcows and hating men can coexist without people like you constantly complaining?

No. 76308

What post were you responding to?

No. 76309

>This isn't a feminist website or even an anti-male website.
Where did she say any of this? You shouldnt put words into people’s mouths

No. 76310

There’s literal kys moid banners on here, why are those there if manhate is not part of the culture?

No. 76311

cry harder moid

No. 76312

there is a terf banner now, cope

No. 76313

The Nigel brag thread is even worse because it's essentially just thinly veiled humblebragging about what their ugly STEM bfs bought. At least OP of the good moid thread requested that sort of content be omitted.

No. 76314

File: 1714307390386.gif (2.79 KB, 300x100, IMG_3610.gif)

but this is an anti-male website, have you looked at the banners lol
you don't have to be a radfem or suffragette to dislike moids btw.
/g/ and /ot/ have a pretty different culture, many /ot/ anons don't much go to /g/ and vice versa

No. 76315

Sillypoo-tier le board culture xDDD was a mistake.

No. 76316

Kek that banner, definitely one that a pro-male website would have right?

No. 76317

I wish this was true. I don't have a problem with man hate, the problem only occurs when it takes over everything else the site is supposed to be about. As I said LC's primary purpose is as a gossip website but it's also unique in that it's a site where women can talk about anything within the rules. Yet we have people fighting to destroy that and trying to limit what can be discussed.

No shit there's man hate on a women's website. My point is that man hate is not the primary or only purpose of the site. Man hate is part of the culture, not the entirety of it.

My point is not that man hate doesn't belong here, it's that discussion that is not man hate should also be allowed.

No. 76318

>it's that discussion that is not man hate should also be allowed.
It is.

No. 76319

can a nona please repost the farmhand screenshot with the ip blurred out now? Apparently it should be able to stay up now if the same farmhand was banning and removing those posts

No. 76320

Then why was there a huge sperg out until a thread about good moids shut down?

No. 76321

Fine, I agree it’s part, not all of the culture- so what’s wrong with having one thread for it?

No. 76322

Because it's bait and redundant. You can discuss your nigels and family members in many other threads. Anons dunking on retarded ass kissing of moids is not a limit of your free speech and doesn't mean that no other topic than manhate is allowed on lolcow.

No. 76323

Because the nigel thread wasn't created by a power hungy baiting farmhand to troll the site, why is that so hard to get? Which is also why I don't get why Admin is even entertaining unlocking it, why tf would we want troll threads made by sockpuppeting jannies opened? It was just made to ruin the site, not for any real discussion.

No. 76324

you can discuss how your dad does the bare minimun in at least 3 threads already. That thread was made by an obvious newfag underage autist.

No. 76325

Everyone keeps saying that a farmhand posted an IP in the moid stories thread, but no one's explaining why it was posted in the first place. What happened? Was it the same farmhand who posted an IP last time?

No. 76326


No. 76327

Why do you want a whole thread to kiss moid ass? Use other pre existing threads

No. 76328

A farmhand didn't make it. Stop with the modfoiling.

No. 76329

It was a vpn.

No. 76330

File: 1714312818618.png (157.86 KB, 594x1157, IMG_20240428_075813.png)

If you red text the infighter you should also red text the person who came into the thread to infight in the first place, just saying

No. 76331

You can reply to more than one post in a single reply! Doesn't matter what it was, it was shitty no matter what to reveal someone's IP while pretending to be a normal anon. Not to mention banning nonas for 7 days for random reasons

No. 76332

VPN or not, they shouldn't have posted an IP just like that. I'm happy the other farmhands realized this

No. 76333

There's one person here who vehemently defends the jannies and everything they do, to the point where they think "janny" is a slur and people should be banned for criticizing them. They defend literally every single ban posted here, sometimes just by making up reasons for it (e.g. the post wasn't saged even though the post was in ot/m) in their fervor. They always type really formally and sage everything they post even in /meta/. I have no proof but I know it's the same person, even the most dedicated bootlickers are a bit more relaxed but this poster is like the mods' strongest unpaid soldier. Tinfoil that this is a four dimensional chess move to make the jannies look really bad but idk at this point.

No. 76334

File: 1714313785379.png (299.75 KB, 496x648, you will never be farmhand.png)

>this poster is like the mods' strongest unpaid soldier.

No. 76335

There's several anons wo can tell users like tinfoiling about the farmhands

No. 76336

Why is it bait? Is any opinion you don't like bait?

>You can discuss your nigels and family members in many other threads

You can also vent about men or complain about men in other threads.

>Anons dunking on retarded ass kissing of moids is not a limit of your free speech

Intentionally derailing a thread until it's impossible to use for it's intended purpose is limiting the speech of others.

I'm the anon that originally posted the screenshot to /meta/. An anon asked why a post was deleted and then the now fired farmhamd replied with "I ss'd it" and posted the cap of the anon post with mod.php clearly visible. The post had been up for around 10 - 15 minutes and none of the mentally delayed retards shitting up the thread recognised the screencap for what it was.

Farmhands identifying themselves and revealing the IPs of posters is a violation of trust between the moderation and site users, which is why I posted it to /meta/. I wanted to alert the admins as to what happened. I didn't do it as some sort of epic "tranny janny" own.

No. 76337

And apparently you're the same user as me since there's oy one bootlicker. /meta/ is unusable and users like >>76334 who avatarfag so hard for funsies. These users aren't here to use the site properly.

No. 76338

No, the person above you actually disagreed with a farmhand decision, the person im talking about defends their every move and uses post hoc arguments to defend them.

No. 76339

there's not just one. Your italics and sidekick behavior give you away.

No. 76340

She's right because I have been accused of being a bootlicker in this thread.

No. 76341

Yeah and I said bootlickers, plural. It’s just an adjective, not a title. But I was talking about a bootlicker, singular, with a very specific typing style who’s a die hard defender of the mods, who defends them even in situations where the mods themselves admit wrongdoing.

No. 76342

I'm glad to hear the creation of /img/ is seriously being considered.

No. 76343

Yay I get to post more AI kek

No. 76344

I don't think you realize it's to mock users same way the shitposters do it to mock users. There's no singular user kek

No. 76348

No. 76350

Nta I want to give my 2 cents on the "bright side of men", if the ayrt sees it. Stories about people I've never met won't change my mind, I won't read a random story about strangers and think wow there's a bright side too. The only thing that can change my opinion is first-hand experience. So, I don't care.

No. 76351

No, there absolutely is a very recognizable singular person I’m talking about. The fact that one insult is used for different people doesn’t change that.

No. 76352

File: 1714346961887.png (809.55 KB, 1080x1961, Screenshot_20240428-182422~2.p…)

I got banned for "ai bait" in the Ugly Man PsyOp Discussion Thread #3 for posting this.it isn't even ai at all it's something that got made over 10 years ago, dumbass mods.y'know the funny thing is that Zac Efron is looking exactly like that even if 40 years haven't passed yet lol.

No. 76353

File: 1714357115888.png (15.39 KB, 903x224, 111111111111111111111111.png)

Anyone else noticed the uptick of typo nonas in /ot/? I don't know if it's the same person but they keep replying to their post with the correction rather than deleting and reposting. They all stand out so much.

No. 76354

Nobody wants to delete and repost anymore because the "flood detected" message makes you wait 5 minutes before reposting

No. 76355

isn't that just old AI? old age face filters are AI and they've been around a while.

No. 76356

That looks like just good old shoop from back in day, where you'd overlay a pic of an old person over a young person and blend it in. Very different from ai

No. 76357

That thread definitely seemed like bait. Why would you call men moids if you want to talk about good ones? Imagine a thread called good femoids on 4chan, would that not seem baity to you?

No. 76358

I feel like the ugly-man psy-op should be locked for at least three days as it's attracted a lot of male trolls/baiters and locking it for a few days should enough for most of the lurkers to fuck off and lose interest.

No. 76359

I've been letting my typos fly for this exact reason

No. 76360

Yeah, that ban was dumb and probably only happened because a mod wanted to overcorrect after some spergouts happened in this thread.

No. 76361

don't think they actually ban you for typos yet no cap

No. 76362

When did the photoshop thread start being used for cow milk? It's literally become less of a photodumb for specific cow photoshops and turned more into a cow thread. You can't find shops because anons are derailing about random milk attatched to the cows too. It never used to be like this. There's cow threads for ethot discussion already. They should go there.

No. 76363

>Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped
If there's milk pertaining to cows that fit the thread description I don't see why both can't be posted. Since when is low effort photoshop spams with no context more interesting than delusional cows who actually produce milk?

No. 76364

There has to be context too, like who the cow is, but random stuff like what someone's boyfriend looks like or replying to hate comments are pretty irrelevant. The thread never used to be like this, seems like it has been taken over the past few threads by certain anons trying to turn it into a cow thread rather than a general photoshop image thread. Discussing in depth milk goes in the cow threads, not the image threads. The whole thread has basically become dedicated to specific cows and half the posts aren't about photoshop, but cows responding to accusations with close ups of their face.

No. 76365

Since when is the ugly man psyop thread a place to discuss moids you find attractive? What happened to the thread topic?
This might be a good idea

No. 76366

Hi, what's the current status on having a dedicated pdf swapthread? I saw a random swapthread on the /ot/ catalogue that was locked (but it looked like it may not have been serious anyway). Another Nonna here said that she was concerned about people posting bad links to fuck with us if a thread was posted on /ot/ but she still has some art and self help books she'd like to share, as for me I have TTRPG books I'd like to swap/share.

No. 76367

Just make it and if farmhands decide not to have the thread then they'll lock it

No. 76368

modss…its time for you to take dumbass shit off autosage

No. 76369


No. 76370

File: 1714430809198.jpeg (164.73 KB, 1500x1125, IMG_2290.jpeg)

This anon gets it

No. 76372

>TTRPG books I'd like to swap/share.
I'm interested, would like a revival of the thread. also try the book thread in /m/

No. 76378

File: 1714437856166.jpeg (98.74 KB, 640x631, farmhandspolicy.JPEG)

just jokes

No. 76379

Lmfao. Years ago some nonny showed me a trick on how to make an (allegedly) acceptable heart emoticon using #s. I did it and a farmhand banned me and I’m still kinda salty about it. Why encode the trick if we can’t even use it?

No. 76380

It’s # < 3 (without spaces) but damn can’t believe a farmhand still banned you kek

No. 76383

I understand what you mean but if they're sperging out specifically about photoshopping I don't see the issue. The thread's always been low quality, I actually enjoy some of the variety if it's relevant to the topic. I think a lot of anons find it boring just seeing random images of retarded shops and not seeing the cows themselves react in funny and interesting ways to people encountering their crazy.

No. 76385

They see a symbol of love and can’t handle it… truly jannies are not human…

No. 76386

It has happened to me before too, specially when the mod is new

No. 76387

I've seen posts banned for not integrating/knowing how the site works but that's before the 5 minute thing.

No. 76389

moid in /ot/

No. 76390

Moid raid in ot

No. 76392

File: 1714505373142.jpg (614.8 KB, 926x1389, Trannyjanny.jpg)

This is not a tinfoil this is pattern recognition and a hypothesis. Can mods remove the retarded janny that camps in Jill's thread? Thanks.

No. 76393

the sperg who uses the vent thread wrong is back to baiting

No. 76394

now they are ban evading to complain

No. 76395

Every time someone posts a pointless “muh male loneliness epidemic” thread, I lose a little bit of my life

No. 76396

The little snowflake boy who thinks male loneliness is new and special is back

No. 76397

It’s just a scrote trying to raid this site since other scrote raids are automatically filtered (gore, CSAM). They really are pathetic creatures

No. 76398

Nice to see it was deleted so quickly, sorry I fed him a bit

No. 76399

Please report them as soon as you see them. As >>76397 has said, it's a scrote trying to raid and they get banned and deleted on sight but try to ban evade every so often. I understand the frustration of those baits but please do not respond to them, it only encourages them to continue.

No. 76401

I'm really thankful to Cerbmin that they now have managed to filter that shit.

No. 76403

CP on /m/ probably a tranny posting his shit.

No. 76410

reporting, but just letting mods know that there's unsaged twitter infighting in the vent thread.

No. 76413

Accusations of scrotefoiling are becoming too frequent by mods. Direct confrontation of moid opinions is necessary. If the confrontation stops, this site will turn into basically reddit 2xc

No. 76414

You're right, it's the only tactic that works. But it's as if mods want it to be flooded with moids and ruined lol

No. 76415

Just report and ignore the moids

No. 76416

Moids don't give a shit what you think of them, they come here for attention.

No. 76417

File: 1714700302256.png (46.33 KB, 926x407, firefox_uX8B3dswR5.png)

You can enable 4chan X to work on lolcow.

No. 76418

I hate the recent influx of Reddit spacing, looks retarded as fuck

No. 76419

personally I'm just tired of the trend in recent years "any opinion I don't like = moid" or "reee moid moid moid moid" like the fucking seagulls from nemo.

No. 76420

To be honest it doesn’t bother me at all.

No. 76421

It also has the probably unintended effect of making it seem like anything fun or exciting or silly is for moids and women have to be humourless and serious all the time

No. 76422

>anything fun or exciting or silly
most posts receiving moid accusations aren't any of that kek

No. 76423

Moid thread in ot and retards interacting with it >>>/ot/1988958

No. 76424

Only one retard interacted, the rest is the scrote samefagging

No. 76425

>It also has the probably unintended effect of making it seem like anything fun or exciting or silly is for moids and women have to be humourless and serious all the time
No, you just hold latent misognyistic opinions of women that women aren't funny. Most posts that are accused of being male are abhorrent bullshit that the world could do without. But if you want to ascribe some speshel quality to rape humor, handmaiden degrading posts and horrid shit and that women aren't funny because they lack this, be my guest.

No. 76426

They just ban evade.

No. 76427

I've seen people being accused of being moids for thinking gachimuchi is funny

No. 76429

Why are there literally shippers fighting over which ship is best in the fandom discourse thread? That thread has devolved to be for exactly the type of fandom sperg it was created to make fun of. Please move it to /m/

No. 76430

I once saw some retard who was suspicious of anons who use "kek" because it is "moid-adjacent". Adjacent might as well be redtext at this point.

No. 76431

That’s funny, I think this place is the only website left that uses “kek” at all in any capacity

No. 76432

So now we have a banner kissing up to the harry potter woman because trannies bad. Culture war bullshit involving some retard who ripped off ideas for kids books?
We really have been taken over by tweens. Fucking hell.

No. 76433

gay slapfight between newfags in the get it off your chest thread >>>/ot/1989361
I actually find it so fascinating how widespread kekking is here and here only

No. 76434

Drink a glass of water

No. 76435


this is horse shit, i wasn't in fighting i was literally just explaining and also asking what made them jump to a stupid conclusion like that.

No. 76436

shut the fuck up tranny

No. 76437

Why do you care so much? Just refresh the page. Also did you somehow miss the multiple YWNBAW and terf banners?

No. 76438

File: 1714772954300.jpeg (124.83 KB, 582x310, IMG_0351.jpeg)

It’s becoming so hard not to alog about farmhands. Imagine some fat anonymous cunts laughing and snickering at you for using the only off topic thread allowed on /ot/ and then banning people about some stupid arbitrary rule when you know they aren’t allowed to have an alternative where they can talk about anything they want. I’m not the anon in picrel only using it as a prime example but it’s so frustrating, so ban-happy for fuck all nothing like calm down it’s just lolcow.farm

No. 76439

Tbf, no moids is literally the point of the thread. I say this as someone who got banned for SpongeBob posting.

No. 76440

Stop breaking the one rule of the thread.

No. 76441

That is literally the point of the thread you dumb retard. It isnt your dumbass shit replacement where anything goes.

No. 76442

File: 1714773993721.jpeg (33.87 KB, 621x274, IMG_0352.jpeg)

picrel, you can both kiss my stinky pussy flaps, bootlickers. i really wish autists with OCD would stop using imageboards, if “disorganization” and “rule-breaking” kills you so much you and make your hands go flappy then maybe you should fuck off and go somewhere else. mods don’t care if you support or hate them, so stop mini-modding

No. 76444

You're just taking the ban too personally. It's not mini modding (that's not what minimodding means btw) or bootlicking, it's literally just true that that's what the thread is for. If we completely ignored the thread topics and purposes then there would be no point in having threads at all. You're making all of us anons who want the dumbass shit thread back look retarded. Also,
>complaining about autists on an imageboard
I think you're the one who needs to go back anon, there's multiple points in this post that make it clear you don't know where you are.

No. 76445

File: 1714774779624.jpeg (76.76 KB, 750x163, IMG_0354.jpeg)

it’s a fucking /ot/ thread anon, breaking rules has not destroyed this website because rule breaking is an integral part of using imageboards and i really hate it when you people deny this like this should be a hidden truth. and yes you and the other anon are in fact mini-modding

No. 76446

NTA but how is this such a contentious issue? I don't even use the thread but I know that if I do I'm going to respect the one rule that the thread is based on. Imagine if you made a thread for posting cute birds and then some people come in posting pictures of cats, wouldn't that be annoying? Or for example you go into a restaurant that doesn't allow people with no shoes, are you going to literally die and waste away if you can't go into it because you have no shoes?
Maybe you're the autist.

No. 76447

I really wouldn’t care if people started posting pictures of birds in a cat thread, im not that neurotic.

No. 76448

farmers only care about thread rules being "broken" if you're posting shit they dislike kek

No. 76449

You will never belong here (or among women in general), troon. Doesn't matter what banners we have kek

No. 76450

watching people get banned for breaking the bechdel thread rules is the most fun part of that thread. the rule is the only thing making the thread worthwhile. you have no sense of humor if you're worked up over someone getting banned for mentioning Wolverine from X-Men lmao

No. 76451

fuck off tranny, no one wants penis-havers on this website

No. 76452

I swear some of you are either extremely poorly socialized, are autistic, or are below average IQ. The tone of this post in not hostile, it's a lamenting the politicization of LC.

No. 76454

>I swear some of you are either extremely poorly socialized, are autistic, or are below average IQ
Yes tranny, sure. Every woman who's not a handmaiden for ugly males in dresses has autism or a low IQ. Sure. See, that's why you don't fit among women, we can see your "muh wahmen do what I say or durr hurr wahmen dumb" male socialization (as well as the male pattern baldness kek).
>it's a lamenting the politicization of LC
You wish kek. Most women just don't like troons, stupid. Even the handmaidens just see you as ugly faggots larping as women lol

No. 76455

>Yes tranny, sure. Every woman who's not a handmaiden for ugly males in dresses has autism or a low IQ. Sure. See, that's why you don't fit among women, we can see your "muh wahmen do what I say or durr hurr wahmen dumb" male socialization
Troons are irrelevant to the issue. The issue is politicization. It's the introduction of politics to a website that was not political.

>You wish kek. Most women just don't like troons, stupid.

I never mentioned any opinions on mentally ill men in dresses. You completely misunderstood my post.

No. 76456

There's nothing political about being disgusted by troons. It's a natural human reaction

No. 76457

Troons have always been cows. Some of the earliest recorded lolcows on ED and /cow/ were trannies. Laughing at retards on the internet should not be a political statement.

No. 76458


you can’t avoid this centrist shit forever anon, every website succumbs to some form of ideology. it’s about damn time it started incorporating radfem shit into it, doesn’t even have to be political if it at least wakes up some female lurker about the state of men that this is a win in my book

No. 76459

nta but what if the site became a libfem or tradthot website? would you still feel that way? politicizing everything is what's ruining the internet because it causes echochambers. it's why twitter and tiktok are awful places. just because the specific change isn't bad doesn't mean it's not negative in general because of what it implies.

No. 76460

I'd argue that the site isn't even that radfem leaning at all, just because there's a /ot/ general troon thread and newly peaked and exetremely angry anons incorrectly calling themselves radfems doesn't mean the site is suddenly political all of a sudden. Look at the anons complaining about the lack of a non-hidden Pink Pill thread, if we were super duper radfem we'd have tons of adjacent threads instead of hiding them away. Yeah, the site is more forgiving of radfem views thanthe wider internet but you have to remember that even though much milk is dried up I say we start stealing from KF, we'd do much better with certain cows than they do this is first and foremost a gossip site

No. 76461

File: 1714812343550.jpg (634.85 KB, 1000x700, 1675397557718.jpg)

Kek and of course the one complaining about manhate being "too political" turns out to be a tranny crying about jk rowling. Funny how those concerntrolling abominations never seem to care about the other actually political discussions and literal threads revolving around them in /ot/. Cope seethe and dilate, your opinion is worthless and this place isn't for you.

No. 76462

File: 1714813532139.jpg (40.8 KB, 640x654, FPC8KqEUcAAI-lu.jpg)

No. 76463

May I please suggest we lock the Kanadajin thread? It's being bumped with stupidity. Thank you!

No. 76464

Does anyone else feel like the fandom thread is filled with tumblr/twitter refugees? Occasionally you will get some interesting discussion going on but most of the time it seems like that thread has become filled with the very same cows they laughed at

No. 76465

That's been the case since it was created.

No. 76466

I thought it was always supposed to be containment for those types because they couldn't stop sperging in artist salt

No. 76467

I miss the comfy vibe of lolcor

No. 76468

There's some troll in the Polish thread, most likely a moid, who posts Pepe and asked before "do we wash ass after shitting", now he asks "do we wash shitting after ass".

No. 76469

I feel the ugly male psy-op thread is ironically being psy-oped by male trolls and troons, some of the comments are very very agp

No. 76470

explain/give examples or you look like a schizo

No. 76471

there is someone deliberately posting Nazi gifs, frequent race-bait and then this post >>1990355 very clearly indicates that the thread is infested with male trolls

No. 76472

>newfags when they can’t even properly tag posts

No. 76473

Also why were there anons posting pictures of moids at a right wing reactionary rally unprompted that was also very strange

No. 76475

yeah the thread got screenshotted and posted to /r9k/ and suddenly it's full of retards racebaiting, posting incel charts, blaming everything on "low T" and talking about femboys. not suspicious at all. but any anon who noticed and said something got banned kek

No. 76476

I agree. The first threads were good but now something feels very off, the thread is sucking balls now.

No. 76477

race-bait and off-topic political baiting

No. 76478

samefag, I'll state again that it should be locked for a few days or a week two

No. 76479

File: 1714855586022.png (3.63 MB, 2246x2762, male insecurity.png)

original OP of the ugly man psyop thread, i didnt make the new one. Can i remake the thread once the old one hits bump limit? or can any admin change the OP image to this? if not that's okay too i will save it for next thread.

No. 76480

Why's there suddenly an influx of premature threads? First Ugly Man Psyop and now Pokemon General.

No. 76481

it's a great thread pic nonna, but we were just discussing why such a thread should be locked for a few days

No. 76482

why tho? i am pretty sure the ''femboy'' autist is just an underage discord autist, but outside of that i havent noticed anything worse. Racebait has always plagued most lolcow threads,sadly. I feel like locking it will only encourage moids to shit it more until they silence it forever. Why negotiate with terrorists.

No. 76483

love this threadpic, I hope they change it.

No. 76484

I love your OP pics

No. 76485

This is a way better thread pic, I’ve loved all the ones used so far but the current one is lazy

No. 76486

Please cull the autistics in your staff so we can go back to joking around and having fun, thank you.

No. 76489

What is going on with the photoshoppers thread in /snow/? Why is it getting spammed with bait?

No. 76490

Clearly someone upset that their posts keep getting banned. It's not hard to see there's a but of a vendetta. That girl needs to go in the girls thread because the photoshop thread isn't a cow thread where you keep up with the cow and it's becoming a Skiby thread.

No. 76491

Newfags that don’t understand how the threads work. They always use such ugly thread pics too.

No. 76493

Anon(s), moids have plummeted in testosterone in recent years, it's a known fact. Proposing it as a contributing factor to men being chinless wonders nowadays does not make me a moid or a tranny. Take your meds.

No. 76494

more racebait and incel forum discussion in the ugly male psy-op thread.

No. 76495

raid on /ot/

No. 76496

scrote raid all over /ot/

No. 76497

Ngl the lack of milk in scotts thread without proof is crazy. Lots of larping from 'women' claiming they dated him. So if I posted a story about dating him without proof, anons should believe it right? Someone is also cowtipping imo if these are legit women. The thread is new, theres no way these random women from a decade ago are googling him and coming to lolcow like this.

No. 76498

We can tell you're the exact same anon who's been whining about Scott's thread here before because you still don't understand what cowtipping means. Give it up already.

No. 76499

I know this is a minor annoyance but I deleted a post in the Shayna thread because I forgot to spoiler an image and keep getting the flood detection alert even if I wait like 2 minutes between trying to post again.

No. 76500

Oops finally went through sorry

No. 76501

Please move this to /m/. Newfags really love creating new threads on /ot/ when they're more suited for /m/. It's image heavy. This topic already belongs to the fandom thread anyway, such niche threads keep popping up and I wonder why.

No. 76502

Thread won't even last a month with such a niche topic but newfags gotta newfag

No. 76503

Yeah. Or they could had used the reddit thread too

No. 76504

>800 complaints in 17 days

No. 76506

Hid all of the new infight containment threads in /ot/ and realized just how much of this site's activity is dedicated towards infighting over media and moids. Those threads serve a purpose but they also unfortunately attract retards like flies to shit. I'm not sure if I just have nostalgia goggles on but I genuinely miss how this place used to be.

No. 76508

File: 1715008740000.jpg (68.15 KB, 720x325, Screenshot_20240506_171545_Chr…)

How is this bait? If they want to talk about 100 ways to please a man and suck his dick, they can make their own thread on "tips and tricks to make your man cum" instead of derailing the femdom thread with being man servants.

No. 76509

I also noticed this place is becoming a bit of a human centipede with screenshotting other users posts and dedicated threads for infighting over what other users said.

No. 76510

it used to be the same but contained in the dumbass shit thread

No. 76511

The cow opinions thread has turned into this, complaining about anons instead of the cows directly.

No. 76512

This too. Feels like perpetual infight stew.
I feel like the dumbass shit thread moved a bit faster and infights dissipated quicker and were less catastrophically autistic.

No. 76513

It's always been like that.

No. 76516

New Taylor R thread is shit already. How a new one was greenlit, idk kek so much redtext already.

No. 76518

Stop reporting every post? Most of these red texts are entirely undeserved, hope admin looks into what's happening there. I see my post showing the copy/pasted caption (as proof for the anon claiming she doesn't copy/plagiarize) got redtexted but I never saw a ban page. Posting proof isn't nitpicking. Whiteknighting in that thread is never punished even when it's straight-up lying about the cow or reaching like crazy to explain her supposed angelic 'intentions.' Why the fuck is that tolerated here?

No. 76519

You need to go outside or something because I'm making an observation since the new thread is linked in the almost maxxed one.

No. 76520

honestly, this. I feel like there's a schism between /ot/ exclusive anons and oldfags who just wanna laugh at stupid people on the internet. With /ot/fags having their own camps of different anons and the loud minority being "radfem anons" who try and treat this site as ovarit 2.0 or whatever, only to find that most anons are either autists, weebs, normies who surf this site on their free time, or degenerate discordfags/chan autists, crystalcafers etc. who don't really align with true radfem beliefs… The radfem-chans being our version of /pol/fags but tolerable since the site culture has long moved past the whole "if your a moid just don't say it/make it known" to "fuck off no men allowed period."

No. 76522

does this mod have brain damage

No. 76523

no one needs to greenlight a thread if the cow is active

No. 76524

That's embarrassing and of course they doubled down on the ban kek

No. 76525

This site has been majorly terfy for over 5 years now, I don't understand anons who keep acting like this is a recent development when that's half of the sites lifespan.

No. 76526

TERF = Trans Exclusionary Radical Feminist
GC = Gender Critical
Being a terf requires someone to be a radical feminist. There are very few actual radfems on LC, the majority of anons claiming the radfem label do so ironically or do it because they think it makes them fit in. Any discussion of feminism is very surface level, very few anons read feminist literature and /2X/, the feminism board, is dead because no wants to discuss feminism in any real depth.

No. 76527

I feel like there needs to be a cleanup of mods, seemd like half of them dont even know the sites rules or image board culture

No. 76528

Like the other anon said, there aren't many actual radfems on lolcow and anons will call themselves terfs or radfems because they hate troons and moids while not actually having views reflective of the ideology or even reading literature and understanding what it means. I'm talking from a personal experience, even though I consider myself fairly blackpilled on moids I quickly realised I couldn't really call myself either in good faith after actually looking into the movement. You don't even have to be GC to hate troons either.
Wasn't there a issue last week with a power mod? I feel like mods should be vetted better.

No. 76529

>Being a terf requires someone to be a radical feminist.
Not the way TRAs use it, it's just a slur they use for everyone even slightly GC at this point. Farmers calling themselves terves aren't neccesarily saying they're radfem, they're reclaiming the slur because it's fun.

No. 76530

File: 1715086019764.jpg (156.79 KB, 1080x907, Screenshot_20240507-224416_Chr…)

What is it with newfags treating /ot/ like Crystal Cafe? This newfag has tried to post the exact same thread twice today

No. 76531

Newfags need to start leaving /ot/ and realize that so many of their stupid containment threads are much more suited for /m/

No. 76532

File: 1715087712383.jpeg (44.94 KB, 678x377, IMG_4660.jpeg)

So one off comments laughing at retards are bannable as infighting now? We can’t disagree or insult people at all? What’s the fucking point? lc is going to turn into Reddit, it’s already filling with tradmommy faggots

No. 76533

That's the problem with super loose and subjective rules like infighting and nitpicking. It's one thing to ban people for, say, obvious alogging or illegal threats but when the water becomes this muddied a heated debate becomes infighting even if it's just a disagreement. Kind of a quixotic attempt at enforcing "civility" on a website where people call each other faggots and retards anyway.

No. 76534

That's 100 infighting though. You're baiting an anon with an insult which is reault in a reply and then others probably chiming in. Not liking an opinion isn't some golden ticket.

No. 76535

Nah, you’ve always been able to laugh at retards here. That anon was posing as better than other moms because she can take titty assault 24/7 unlike those other pathetic psychotic moms.

>which is reault in a reply and then others probably chiming in

That’s called a discussion. But bullying retards is lolcow tradition. Infighting would be going back and forth about some small retarded thing and derailing the thread for hours, not posting one joke and leaving.

No. 76536

Oh it's you again. One-off gotcha comments that contribute nothing other than starting slapfights are infighting. Maybe go back to twitter if you can't live without posting random zingers

No. 76537

It’s getting seriously boring here. The milk from snow and pt is all dried up, and nowadays the farmhands are insta-banning any hint of banter even in the off topic threads and amusing themselves by leaving unfunny snarky redtexts everywhere.

No. 76538

I’m not whoever you are tinfoiling about but it’s ok, I know you zoomie newfags weren’t raised to grasp the concept of conversation or banter, you are used to posting your shit takes into the void so have a mental breakdown when anyone responds because it breaks your little internal DNI tag

No. 76539

Uhhh ohhhh looks like someone’s infighting!!!

No. 76540

6 hour bans for “”infighting”” are fucking retarded. Am I in school where you cant even call anons retarded anymore?

No. 76541

Infighting is when the farmhand and enough handmaidens don't like your opinion. It should only be for instances of complete retardation with no argument to back anything, some variety of extreme misogyny, racebait and/or handmaidenry or extremely long winded dragged out OT shit. Too many times anons get banned for having a different non handmaiden opinion that is in opposition of choice feminism, is actually critical of the majority of the userbase here and therefore hits too close to home and so mob rule takes its course and brands this as "infighting".

Catty anons back talk other women here who don't fall in line as male appeasing hyperfeminine handmaidens all the time. Remember that there's whole threads for catty backtalking of non conforming women for no good reason other than to shame and police the ranks of women for men like the fujo "cringe" one which has primarily teenager and autistic women who are generally foolish and the TIF threads which exists to shit on mentally ill women and lambast women for not looking feminine enough. I recall this site existing to shit on actual idiocy, handmaidens, tradthots, and males not obsess over them over dozens of male focused threads with gimmics like "don't talk about males teehee", bleak.

Carrying on a infight from a previous thread and tinfoiling about other anons! uh oh looks like that's a infighting infringement. At least follow your own retarded ban logic kek.

No. 76542

I would be interested in a /coommunity/ board, to discuss several communities and its drama. I know there are several threads like these already but they get lost amongst the sea of single cow threads.

No. 76543

I like this idea, but I wonder how likely it is since cerbmin still hasn’t reached a decision on splitting /m/ into /media/ and /img/. It seems like the new admins are hesitant to do any dramatic restructuring. If a community board was created, I think solo cows from /snow/ and /w/ should be merged and then have a separate communities board. I get the impression that some farmers/cerbmin want lolcow to stay the same forever, but this site has already changed so much, there’s really no going back to the way things were. I think better organization of boards could really improve things. I hope more site updates are on the way

No. 76544

Samefag, I really wish this thread >>>/m/377224 could have been created on a community board, or even /snow/. I don’t think it really fits in with the rest of /m/ at all

No. 76545

File: 1715121348417.png (1.45 MB, 1242x2208, D9F96F1C-EE90-405E-91F0-C60A42…)

was scrolling /snow when I came across this retarded redtext in the ethel cain thread. if you think "realness" is twitterspeak you shouldnt be a fucking mod because that was before twitter's time. I saw that this shit during the 2010s and livejournal.

No. 76546

I think it’s a bad idea solely because links will be completely broken. If they do it, I hope they lock the current “pic spam” threads and make new ones in the new board.

No. 76547

Alright, who's the new farmhand in /ot/ because they need to calm down with the redtexting (none of them are mine it's just annoying to see a mass of red on posts that would otherwise be ignored)

No. 76548

fat chance of that going smoothly. there are still threads in /w/ and /snow/ that belong on the opposite board that were never moved to the correct boards

No. 76549

Couldn't this just relate back to the consumerism thread anyway? Lol Anons talk all the time about what things they overconsume do to collecting.

No. 76550

why was nobody killed this faggot yet?

No. 76551

>lc is going to turn into Reddit
lc is worse than reddit now

No. 76552

this website is no different from the shit heap of crystal.cafe, only just over moderated kek

No. 76553

samefag, cp might have been posted on /ot/. i’m not clicking that spoiler thread but i’m pretty sure it’s some faggot scrote posting nasty stuff

No. 76554

That's not true, as annoying and inconsistent as the newfag farmhands are at least we can openly be critical of moids here. Trannies and troon apologists run about every facet of reddit including the lesbian subreddits, kek.

No. 76555

That spoiler thread was made by a retarded kpoppie you silly goose. Anyways I'm not going to defend lolcow but "over moderated" a.d "Crystal Cafe" are oxymorons

No. 76556

She thinks she’s funny with her quirky redtexts

No. 76557

I think anons itt have said that thread is for criticism of consumerism, not to bond over it.

No. 76558

can the empath thread get locked or something? its devolving into weird nitpicks over her face and its creepy and moid like

No. 76559

>we don't even have a man hating thread

No. 76560

>>>/ot/660000 please move to /g/

No. 76561

The psyop thread functions as manhate etc. lurk and you will get the vibe.

No. 76562

I heard that Shoe0nhead is a mod here, is that true? I guess when you spend your entire 20s sucking virtual moidlet dick to get money the only time you have is to ban every person for having fun on a website where you have your very own thread on kek. It’s that one or two faggot mods who love cheekily pretending to be regular users and then hop into janny most to ban you afterwards, one of them isn’t a tranny it’s definitely Shoe.

No. 76563

I get you, but manifestochan hasn't even graced it yet.

No. 76564

The lore is that Ian (guy she confessed to and simped for) used to run this website and tell her if people were gosspping about her. She would then collect these users IPs and match them against her friends. It's why there were no threads on her for a while. However, now that we have like 30 threads on her it's safe to say even if she is a mod it's not contained. He left the site but people speculate he might have left a backdoor (not sure about the technical validity of this).

No. 76566

I don't know who maintains the Onision thread but its shit.

No. 76567

what are you talking about? its fine and people are posting milk aka lainey's ugly ass t-enforced face

No. 76569

All this is fake anyway

No. 76570

great example, thank you.
see what i mean? the entire thread is littered with shitposts like that. same with the blaire white thread. total nitpicking fiesta.
whoever mods those two threads figure it out.

No. 76571

That thread has been on /ot/ for three years, why would it need to be moved? What is happening to this place??

No. 76572

one of the posts got a gold star

No. 76574

this happened almost a decade ago and was confirmed but it was years ago.

No. 76576

you got me all excited and it was just gross overly-detailed fanfiction

No. 76577

so posting milk is bad now and considered a shitpost?

No. 76578

What does a gold star mean? Any older examples of posts getting them? I’ve been here for 5 years and that was my first time seeing one tbh

No. 76579

Honestly, seeing as /w/ is dead and /pt/ is just the vicky and tuna show with occasional cows popping in. I wouldn't mind if /pt/, /snow/, and /w/ just got merged with /snow/ (we're lacking in legacy cows nowadays) but anything fandom/community related would be in the /community/ board.

No. 76580

honestly yeah. seconding. one for individual cows and one for communities. /w/ was always shit and a mistake from the start.

No. 76581

File: 1715263058021.png (66.54 KB, 1311x349, Screenshot 2024-05-09 095606.p…)

It's usually posts that are significant to the sites culture or I guess really funny in some cases. The announcement for the movie night rooms creation has a gold star.

No. 76582

i really don't want all the links to get broken again, though.

No. 76583

Where do these people come from

No. 76584

The sh*rty

No. 76585

Moid in ot >>>/ot/1996574

No. 76586

If thats the case then a bunch of those vows need their threads purged and merged with youtubers you hate or egirls you hate.

No. 76587

The easiest thing to do, would be to just have the merged boards be more in a hidden archived mode than an outright merge. So we can still access them but just not post, I'd rather that then the headache of admins having to manually move threads over to the new boards unless they're active or popular.

No. 76589

I'm so sorry mods, I use a VPN to watch foreign shows and I forgot to turn it off before posting.

No. 76590

My suggestion for a cooking board has been seconded and thirded >>1997070 >>1996972 Food is one of the most popular /ot/ topics despite its slow dedicated threads, as a lot of food discussion ends up on the biggest megathreads like unpopular opinions etc.
Obviously a board used by 3 people wouldn't be worth making- would anyone else use a /food/?

No. 76591

Don't make any new ai art threads, it's useless spam and has nothing to do with this site's point

No. 76592

Yes I can’t believe they tried to merge them the first time, that was so giga retarded. Just lock the old threads as an archive so people can still look at them, and make a new board with new threads.

No. 76593

That's such a dumb idea.

No. 76594

Seems reasonable
Um, no. Sorry nonna

No. 76595

there's like 3 food threads total and you want to make a whole board? wtf
i can get behind /img/ bc picspam represents a lot of threads but making hyper specific boards just mean they end up super slow with only a few active threads. a whole board just for food would be even deader than /w/.
as much as i hate ai slop, these threads at least act as containment. i fear if they weren't there, ai tards would go back to posting their shit all over the boards

No. 76596

Does it count as avatarfagging if the anon uses the same pink hair persona across the site? Or is it not that big of a deal?

No. 76597

Okay I'm one of the respondees you're talking about and I was affirming the idea of a consolidated cooking thread, not board.

No. 76598

That is 100% avatarfagging, that is the definition of avatarfagging.

>>>/snow/1993065 could this thread be better suited for /ot/ ?

No. 76599

For me, it’s
[ot/g/m/img] [com/cow] [meta/arc]

No. 76600

/pt/, /snow/, /meta/ and /g/ are all the boards we need.

No. 76601

I know they're all shooting you down, nona, but I do think a food board (also with discussions of restaurants, recipes, diets, etc.) would be fun. Maybe it's not suited well to an imageboard format, or maybe I'm just still mildly food-obsessed, who knows. We can carry on in the threads, it's ok.

No. 76602

>our wimmin's imageboard needs an entire cooking board
out of any hobby or interest that could be a big enough topic to be its own board, really? just go anywhere else.

No. 76603

Why are you so full of hate kekk do you not get exhausted being angry over the most trivial shit?

No. 76604

I think we should merge all the food threads and have a food general. No need for a board.

No. 76605

I like this
>wants to nuke /m/

No. 76606

>t. perma-newfag who reads any comment that doesn't include "omg nona kekkkkkkkkkk" as upset because she's never spent time on an imageboard before

No. 76607

Please. I'm glad that the most recently created food thread gets decent traction but when it was created I was going, "Seriously? Another one?"
Arguments for its originality are pointless because its content is already purely a merger between the /ot/ Food You Ate and Cravings threads and the /g/ Cooking thread.

No. 76608

ayrt, I didn't say cooking, not sure where you got that from. It's my dream to force enslaved males to cook and even cut up exotic fruit for me if I'm ever rich. Also it's kind of like you didn't even read my post, you know, since I said the topic might not fit an IB and we can just use the threads.

No. 76609

There's already a food general

No. 76610

just make /horny/ already

No. 76611

>Lumping 2Dfags and 3Dfags into the same containment
Blood will run in the streets

No. 76612

they are already on the same board, /g/

No. 76613

I don't understand why the surrogacy thread had to be to /2X/, considering it's not really a niche radical feminist topic, radfems care about it but so do other feminists and non-feminists? and a minor anti-surrogacy already excisted there?
I'm requesting that could if it could be moved back to /ot/

No. 76614

Yes but I just mean having one food thread. There's cooking/baking in /g/ and food cravings and food you ate abd food general in /ot)

No. 76615

File: 1715373409455.png (194.39 KB, 1440x591, Screenshot_20240510_163540.png)

this isn't medfagging, i even said in my post it's not real. you guys have that brain poisoned zoomer level comprehension.

No. 76617

I think medfag derailing (but actually) isn't really that bad anyway.

No. 76619

I’m so over everything that’s not “wow I can believe she did that” being a bannable offense

No. 76620

Thread about Boogie2988 and his gf

No. 76621

No. 76622

In the Polish thread, one nona was arguing with me when I said that currently trannies are a bigger problem than Catholic Church that is slowly losing its power (I don't deny it's a problem, just pointed out to something else too). Her answer? Called me a moid, implied I'm a tranny even though I hate them and told me to "join the statistics". Please ban this retarded person who can't discuss at all.

No. 76623

yes exactly thank you. plus real medfagging used to mean something different like armchair diag shit or "akshually i'm a cna" blogpost shit.

No. 76625

It def is medfagging and you clearly have no idea how autism even works. When people are diagnosed, they're given scores in each category (social cognition, executive functioning etc). Some people have severe scores in the social categories but mild scores in the rest, or vice versa, or they're severe in everything, or mild in everything. That's why it's called a spectrum, there's tons of variation. Masking is an acquired coping strategy that is caused through socialization, that's why it's almost exclusively done by female autists and not male ones. You're literally denying facts of neuroscience and psychology. There's decades of official scientific studies and research on these things. You're pretty much on the same level as a COVID denier.

No. 76626

i fear a thread on him would just attract scrotes and it would only be a matter of time before he mentioned lolcow during one of his pilled out self-pitying tirades

No. 76628

you're autistic as fuck. sorry that pointing out that your secret autism trait is something normal people experience upset you so much.

No. 76631

can you do something about the infighter seething in the pokemon thread about the azumarill memes kthx

No. 76634

If normal people experienced it, it wouldn't be officially recognized as an abnormal disorder by scientists, neurologists, and psychologists. You sound like an absolute retard arguing against proven science, give it up before you catch more bans.

No. 76637

The concept of masking isn't a wholly autistic experience, just the extent to which you're masking, and what you're masking. The Japanese concept of three faces (work, family, and close friends) is a good example of neurotypical masking. Nta just wanted to chime in as a fellow sperg with a useless info dump.

No. 76639

The concept of masking as it relates to autism is about hiding your disability. It's not like acting professional at work vs being silly and wild with your friends. That's "code switching" which is a different thing that everyone does. Masking is suppressing all your natural behaviors and emptily mimicking others in pursuit of being perceived as normal. It's done out of shame and desperation to blend in. Other people with mental disorders/illness besides autism do it, but neurotypical people do not, because you can't hide symptoms of a disability if you don't have a disability in the first place.

No. 76640

Medfag involves diagnosing cows. So yeah, you did.

No. 76641

Yeah, in theory keep all the off-topic boards but it would be /cow/ and /comm/ like it was pre-/w/. You could even move celebricows to /comm/ if /ot/ anons won't lose their shit over it.

With /archive/ being like /2X/ in that it's a hidden board with the older threads present. /pt/ you could also just have for pixyterri content only as a sort of legacy board with locked threads simply giving tl;drs on the site's history for new and oldfags. Even showcasing things like past cow of the year winners n' such.

No. 76642

late and i know the fight is over but all that seethe and the farmhand's message doesn't make sense considering there's banners of that meme. like why even make the meme sitewide then

No. 76643

moid lurking in ugly man psyop thread

No. 76644

this is a stupid redtext. whitch thread is this from?

No. 76645

Where? You're wasting the mods' time.

No. 76646

Ban evading is always based and justified. I support ban evading

No. 76648

Nta but the post anon's talking about is deleted now, mods already took care of it (it said something like "as a guy, blah blah blah")

No. 76650

File: 1715522657256.jpeg (121.28 KB, 828x263, IMG_3756.jpeg)

yeah the farmhand message wad retarded. ppl were jsut having fun posting azumarill pics which is a lolcow meme at this point, some infighter comes in to bitch and mods side with them. fuck this

No. 76651

If you can't handle seeing someone shit on troons by posting azumarill memes then honestly you're too soft for lc. Just because a couple of anons vented about troons ruining pokemon because it was the "topic of the day" doesn't mean the convo wouldn't have moved on soon enough the way it ALWAYS does. THEY kept it going by complaining over and over instead of just changing the topic.

No. 76656

tranny hate belongs EVERYWHERE

No. 76658

Can we have dumbass back already? We need a general thread for subjects that aren't mundane or vents etc. and it being on auto sage makes no one use it.

No. 76659

I hope you guys realize that if you give anons "take it to /meta/" redtexts for talking about the dumbass shit thread, you need to actually address it in /meta/. In the hellweek thread, admins have been ignoring literally every post/question/concern/complaint that's brought up.

No. 76660

It's a sad day when farmhands are creating safe spaces for troons on our site…

No. 76662

>there's banners of that meme
There's banners of Shayna and Momokun. If I went to a random thread and derailed it so it was about either Shayna or Momokun, I would be rightly banned. Newfag zoomer retards think everything thread operates like a twitter timeline. A thread has a defined subject and anything not related to that subject is off topic.

No. 76663

Lock ugly man psyop, it’s bringing too much troons and scrotes here

No. 76664

you've gotta be kidding me.

No. 76665

Here's an idea; lock every male worshipping thread and gimmicky thread about not mentioning muh speeshul moids! and leave the only moid posting thread as pink pill, kek.

No. 76666

I don’t get the logic of no pink pill cause it “attracts trolls” but ugly man psyop is fine? I’m not saying to ban it btw it’s a good thread but we should get pp back as well, they have no reason not to considering there’s ugly man psyop AND gener ideology hate on /ot/ right now. Theres obviously demand for it.

No. 76668

>reee everyone who disagrees is a newfag zoomer retards
the discussion is about the terf azumarill memes in the pokemon thread. azumarill is a pokemon.

No. 76669

>the pokemon thread got derailed with politics

No. 76671

>posting pokemon memes in the pokemon thread is derailing

No. 76672

Posting terf azumarill memes is political. A video game thread was derailed with politics.

No. 76673

terf azumarill is a lolcow staple. sorry you hate fun

No. 76675

Retard bootlicker, it's Pokemon memes in the Pokemon thread. It doesn't fucking matter what the meme says on it, it's Pokemon. Can you pull your head out of your ass please? I'm literally begging you.

No. 76677

moid in ot >>>/ot/2001179

No. 76678

File: 1715602379042.png (1.4 MB, 683x1223, IMG_1129.png)

Nah uh(moid)

No. 76679

It's a meme that I like, it's still politics in a non-political thread.

A video game thread is not political, so posting political memes in a non-political thread is off topic.

No. 76680

posting pokemon memes in a pokemon thread is not off topic, you retard. they're still pokemon themed

No. 76681

If I made a political meme of pixyteri and posted it in the pixyteri thread on /pt/ I would be banned for off topic. Politics is off topic in a non-political video game thread.

No. 76682

No, you would be banned because that's not milk and you're on a cow board, retard. /m/ doesn't function like that. It's Pokemon, it goes in the Pokemon thread. Are you even being serious? I have a hard time believing someone could be this level of stupid.

No. 76684

Once again asking why staff won't do anything about the infight and bait attracting threads in /ot/. It's like the board is being overtaken by digital fighting rings, the fandom drama thread, the Fujo vs antifujo thread, another thread I don't even think I can mention lest anons sperg at me (because you guys also allow infighting here but that's besides the point).

No. 76685

>posting political pixyteri memes in the pixyteri thread on a cow board is off topic
>posting political pokemon memes in the pokemon thread on the media board is on topic
You're IQ is room temperature. If I derailed the houses and interiors thread to discuss the current housing market I would be banned for off topic. If I derailed the vintage ads thread to discuss the impact of ESG and DEI policies on advertising, I would be banned for off topic. If I derailed the divine maternal imagery thread to discuss anti-natalism I would be banned for off topic. Posting political content to a thread that is not political is off topic.

No. 76686

the Onision thread is shit.

No. 76687

You are pathetic

No. 76688

Its most likely the same retard who was seething about the sexism in video games thread existing on /m/

No. 76689

There should be a new rule in the MtF threads saying transvestigations aren't milk, regardless of whether they're "failed." On the off chance one of these people are actually stealth MtFs (which they aren't like 90% of the time) and they're not doing anything weird or interesting otherwise, I don't see how that contributes to the discussion.

The counter argument everyone uses is Tunnel Troon. But there were pre-trans pics of him and he was acting insane on TikTok. That was milk. This crap were anons post random women isn't milk, and it honestly smacks of false-flagging.

No. 76690

1) It fits the culture of the site 2) It doesn't precipitate giant spergout walls of text the way other political memes would 3) It's funny 4) The moderation isn't as strict in non-cow threads 5) Feminism-related things aren't considered political for the purposes of moderation.

No. 76691

the ugly man psyop thread was interesting when it was actual critical discussion about casting choices and character design but now it's just /g/ tier sperging about what moids they find hot. sad. we should retvrn to our manhating roots
based and true. terf azumarill is oractically lolcow's designated poke, of course she's relevant in the the pokémon thread.

No. 76692

Agree discussion about who is hot does not belong in the thread that’s not what it’s for, way too much of it there. Especially the posts asking and sometimes demanding nonas post who they find hot since we’re calling “everyone” ugly — it seems very butthurt and even if it’s not it’s derailing. I enjoyed the threads a lot so far on the whole though

No. 76694

I hate to ruin everyone’s fun, but the picrew spamming is really drowning out the husbando thread. Maybe mods should consider banning picrews in the next thread since there’s already a picrew thread on /m/?

No. 76695

can we have a cooldown period for the incessant pocketwatching in the terry hall threads. i am tired of the povertycels arguing about whether or not he's struggling to make ends meet.

No. 76696

it has always been shit since the hanson circus revived it. I'm shocked it hasn't been locked considering the lack of milk in YEARS and the only ones who seems to frequent it are kiwifarmers reposting le ebic takes or his asslickers from the discord just needing another echo chamber to give low iq takes for other anons to infight over.

No. 76697

I literally stopped using that thread when every thread because picrew and bingo spam

No. 76698

I agree, it's fucking annoying.

No. 76699

i feel like pinkpill is too depressing. We already have the stories that fuck you up thread to post about men raping babies to dead. I prefeer the light hearted fun of the ugly man psyop thread more.

No. 76700

very obvious racebait being posted in the uglyman psy-op thread

No. 76701

I don’t understand why farmhands stopped moderating that thread. It’s completely devolved into a “rate how attractive this moid is,” I hate it

No. 76702

But it isn't "lighthearted fun" and being delusional about moids is up to you but much of the thread is sperging about ideal apes. Move it to /g/ where it belongs with all the other forsaken male worshiping threads where it rightfully belongs.

No. 76706

its about bullying and nitpicking moids by their looks. At its core its peak lolcor culture.

No. 76707

I don't really understand why the man psyop thread in /ot/ is necessary? They just seem to be discussing what men they find hot all the time, there's an attractive men thread in /g/

No. 76708

god forbid straight women bully ugly men while collectively raising their standards, on the site with 3 boards to nitpick women and banners that cocksuck ugly scrotes like adam driver

No. 76709

It was good for the first few threads when farmhands were actually moderating
>straight women bully ugly men while collectively raising their standards
Yes but that’s not what the thread has become. Now it’s unironic tradthots talking about how sexy ~aryan~ men are and kpoppies ranking their idols
What the fuck happened, farmhands? It’s so over

No. 76710

you don't belong here

No. 76711

File: 1715696892812.png (602.18 KB, 1440x2724, Screenshot_20240514_102655.png)

can we get crystal.cafe faggots off the fucking site. whoever banned me is a lobotomite.

No. 76712

Read the rules of that thread, newfag

No. 76713

>Now it’s unironic tradthots talking about how sexy ~aryan~ men are
one single retarded baiter doesnt represent the whole thread. I am so tired of retards begging the mods to lock the thread because one single anon, who's most than likely a falseflagger anyways, posted retarded shit.
>you dont like my ugly scrotes therefore you dont belong here
nah fuck you, tumblr refugees are the ones that dont belong here. I have been here since before /ot/ was even a thing.

No. 76714

>I am so tired of retards begging the mods to lock the thread because one single anon
Firstly, I don’t think it’s one single anon, and the edgelords are cringe. Secondly, where the fuck did I ask mods to lock the thread? I asked them to moderate since they seem to have let the kiwifags, twitterfags, and kpoppies run wild there

No. 76715

it's one single anon. There is literally a hot asian/black chart in that thread and no one had a problem with it, hell there are even anons saying blond men look demonic and too feminine.

No. 76716

How would you know if it’s one single anon? Is it you? Kek

No. 76717

can you link me to those tradthot
nazi boogeyman comments please? i would like to see those for myself, because i have been skimming the thread and nothing.

No. 76718

Ayrt. Wtf are you talking about kek, when did I say any of that. I never said you can't talk about attractive men.

No. 76719

That thread really exposes all the illiterate newfags, I love it.

No. 76720

It doesnt belong on /g/, it's a discussion thread not bathroom talk.

No. 76721

There are discussion threads on /g/. Like the majority of the active threads there are discussion threads.

No. 76722

the ugly man psyop thread is more akin to the tinfoil thread. Anyways its obvious the mods arent going to move it so just hide it.

No. 76723

That thread is just them talking about what men they find hot though.
>Anyways its obvious the mods arent going to move it
How, cause you said so?

No. 76724

>cause you said so?
because they are currently on the 5th thread and the mods havent moved it.

No. 76725

Nta but it's obviously not meant to be taken so literally. Jesus this site has gone downhill.

No. 76726

Anons only just started talking about that thread here.

No. 76727

File: 1715698931335.jpg (304.92 KB, 918x1638, 20240514_163822.jpg)

Bring back the pinkpill threads, why is feminist discussion not allowed even on this site. And no i don't want to use the dead inactive board.
Shitload of gc threads in the inactive board yet a gc thread still allowed in ot but god forbid you want to talk about feminism. There is literally no thread where i can post picrel and that is a problem.

No wonder why we have so many tradthot anons lately, when feminist discussion is silenced.

No. 76728

Yes it is. The one rule of the tread is that you don't respond to other posts, and that's how it's been since the thread was made.

No. 76729

why does your opinion even matter? just hide it, genuinely what is the problem with it being on /ot/.

No. 76730

This is the complaints and suggestions thread, for anons to make complaints and suggestions for the staff. Idk why you're in this thread if complaints and suggestions bother you. And I literally already explained why I think it's more of a /g/ thread, you're just trying to insight for whatever reason

No. 76731

The ugly male psyop thread has literally brought even more men to this site and got shared on the most cancerous parts of 4chan such as r9k. You can tell by looking at the posts that atleast 1/3 of the posters are seething men.

Funny how the jannys will allow a thread like that but not the pinkpill one, it really makes you wonder and think….hmmm

No. 76732

Some people reply to posts from the main page, doesn't make them a newfag.

No. 76733

Mods constantly camp this thread to dissuade complaints. This site is literal garbage now.

No. 76735

i dont understand your argument. You are angry because that thread makes men seethe and ''bring them here'' but also want another thread that will ''bring'' moids here? what even is your point.

No. 76736

You can't reply to posts from the main page without clicking the post link and going into the thread. But even if you do reply to someone in that thread and somehow don't realize what thread you're in, it's still a deserved ban because that's the one rule of that thread and it's not like mods would now how you replied to a post.

No. 76737

I am just saying maybe that's what happened, no need to get snippy, i'm neta. This thread is just a mess because of randos replying to stuff for the mods and causing shitflinging arguments.

No. 76738

Im literally not even being snippy, you gave a hypothetical situation so I responded anon? Yes maybe I was being a little snippy to the OP but that's because I think it's funny when anons come here to complain about getting banned in that thread.

No. 76739

Samefag but mods and admins don't reply to anything or ban anyone so it kind of encourages people to reply to posts.

No. 76740

Maybe take a look at that thread first because that thread is now literally bait central with racebait, obvious male posters, anons asking other anons to rate their men and getting angry if anons say he is ugly, anons spamming their mediocre husbandos. The male ugly psyop has literally devolved into a retarded thirst thread with ocassional bait.

How dumb do you have to be to even compare that shitpost thread to pinkpill thread when PP is the reason why radfems and GC are even allowed on this site.

Also why are you even using "bring them here" in quotations when men have literally admitted to using that thread. Lol the gall to compare the pinkpill that actually helped anons peak on feminism vs that shithole thread. Just say that you are one of those retards who posts your husbando there.

No. 76741

That's more what I meant not necessarily directing it at you personally. There are a lot of anons who sit itt to get away with infighting and it leaves a bad taste, if that makes sense. It only got like this in the past few years.

No. 76742

What’s the point of the thread then? Don’t be a retard

No. 76743

the first two threads have very little discussion about race and more just hate about how fat, ugly and old media are being pushed in the media, some of the 'all x-race/feature men are ugly' and other specific statements are racebait, by likely /rk9/, I think it's very obvious that thread are being over there

No. 76744

No I agree, and tbh I typically wouldn't respond to anyone like that.

No. 76745

>The male ugly psyop has literally devolved into a retarded thirst thread with ocassional bait.
everything on that thread is completly on-topic. Part of discussing the ugly man psyop is talking about how moid standards downgraded through the years, and thus using hot moid examples is perfectly fine. Anons are talking about hot moids because there is a bunch of spergs who cry about how all anons are just nitpicky and dont fine any moid attractive waaah. If you read the thread you would know.
>How dumb do you have to be to even compare that shitpost thread to pinkpill thread when PP is the reason why radfems and GC are even allowed on this site.
because both would attract seething moids. were you even here when /2x/ was public? it was prime target for moid raids.
>Also why are you even using "bring them here" in quotations when men have literally admitted to using that thread.
and? again, i dont get your point. should we close and hide and destroy every thread that hurts moid's feelings? should we give them the power to shit up every thread they dislike until it gets closed? you are advocating for censoring speech on one of the very few sites women can actually shit on moid's looks without being judged.

No. 76746

Yeah, it’s obvious the thread quality declined after it was broadcasted all over /r9k/. The autistic race-related discussions are just one example of this
>everything on that thread is completly on-topic.
Kek. Read the past threads. “Rating” moids by attractiveness was banned before because it’s not on-topic. You really pulled this one out of your ass

No. 76747

> “Rating” moids by attractiveness was banned before because it’s not on-topic.
where? even the first threads were talking about leon and stuff. It was never offtopic.

No. 76748

File: 1715701448610.jpg (67.24 KB, 638x120, uglymanpsyopban.jpg)

Here you go, anon. Took me about 1 minute of scrolling to find just an example of this rule being enforced in the last thread

No. 76749

Lmao i was just discussing how unfair it is that shitty barely-moderated thread is allowed yet the pinkpill isnt.
No one is censoring your free speech you dramatic sperg.
Go and sperg on that thread, no one is stopping you (unfortunately)

No. 76750

Yes. Nobody can answer why one thread that was linked on r9k is still allowed to stay while pp can’t. 2X was dead as fuck even then. Nobody would care if 2X was deleted tomorrow, but this conversation would still leak out everywhere else because we want to talk about it and this is the only place we can.
And honestly even if it attracts raiders bending the knee to le raiders is completely cowardly and pathetic. I think the current admin is just scared of making new decisions so they go with what the old admin did as if it was set in stone which includes pp in 2X for no real reason. If they were fair they’d at least shove ugly men and gender ideology into the ghetto as well.

No. 76751

>I think the current admin is just scared of making new decisions so they go with what the old admin did
I agree anon. This is retarded btw since the old admin was universally hated by everyone for her decision. She was also a huge cow.

No. 76752

File: 1715705034143.gif (1.42 MB, 480x480, IMG_0573.gif)

someone please get the new admin to allow dumbass shit thread back like omfg pleasseeeee. cerbmin, WE NEED YOU please save us from these retarded ban-happy mods

No. 76754

This isn't really medfagging imo. Medfagging is like parsing through a cow's behavior and medical literature to diagnose them with something or to change their diagnosis to something else. Just providing medical context in itself isn't medfagging.

No. 76755

Newfags just don't remember the old trend of anons diagnosing every cow with BPD, or threads derailing with what kind of cluster of BPD a cow had. Providing medical context isn't medfagging but declaring a cow has FAS because they're ugly, a narcissist or BPDchan because they're a shitty person or attention whore is, especially when the post starts with some reddit tier:
>doctor here
>therapist here
>counselor here

No. 76756

Hope admin will do a vote for whether pinkpill threads can come back, or maybe to make 2X not hidden. I don't think anyone is happy with how things are now.

No. 76757

If they didn't do a vote for the /ot/ threads, honestly I don't think they would do a vote for something like that. It's really weird though because i remember when they came here admin made a bunch of promises saying they would act on the wishes and requests of the userbase, not just making decisions completely independently.

No. 76760

I've been seeing more "moid" targeted content being branded as "its not coomer at all!! Many women play/read it!" More specifically on ot and some of the posts in m especially the vtuber threadI know its a moid tourist spot but maybe a farmhand can look in to it? I don't want to scrotefoil I know women aren't a monolith but I can't imagine a woman saying she likes lolisho or weird coomer games

No. 76761

>I can't imagine a woman saying she likes lolisho or weird coomer games
women can be degens too. Have you ever heard of kuroshitsuji or ensemble stars? both have a shit ton of shota fanservice and they are for women

No. 76762

I know they can and I never denied it I'm talking about the recent uptake in blue archive posts the gacha game full of lolishit falsely being branded as "its not that bad!! Female gamers play it too!" I know unfortunately shota shit is ripe in some female fandoms and I hope it dies but that wasn't my concern for now

No. 76763

Nta, but women (doubt) liking lolicon is more suspicious than the usual shotafags.
Yeah, anon, it's just another "totally valid opinions of women", this will always be suspicious, especially if there's an uptick, as you describe.

No. 76764

i am one of the bafags and the designs i have posted arent coomery, so i dont understand why you are freaking out. If you like anime you are bound to like scroteshit eventually since 99% of anime are made by men for men. Plus most anons say they want a male version. What stuff do you like? because if you like anime i doubt you are a saint yourself, we all have our guilty pleasures.

No. 76765

Tard spamming in the Lillie Jean thread

No. 76766

porn spam in lolcow general

No. 76767

Lol do you remember the last vote where everyone wanted pp to stay but because some people selected the fake bait choices in “who was your favorite post reveal” she put that in specifically so she could ignore the results of the poll? That’s probably how it would go with this admin though they also said they can’t have a townhall because it “can’t be archived”… yes they really said this

No. 76768

I don’t consider lolicon to be a ‘guilty pleasure’.

No. 76769

its not lolicon though. Its a sfw game.

No. 76770

>or maybe to make 2X not hidden
Fuck no, did you forget what happened last time it was unhidden right before shaymin left?

No. 76771

they are newfags they obviously dont remember

No. 76772

that thread is just 90% arguing over whats considered attractive and 10% actually discussing how ugly men get away with being in media while women are held to insane standards

No. 76773

>actually discussing how ugly men get away with being in media while women are held to insane standards
its because women hold men to lower standards+misogyny it has been discussed countless of times to the point it is already redundant in the 5th thread

No. 76774

I'm once again here to complain about Terry's threads in /w/ going completely unmoderated no matter how many times things are reported…

If you refuse to ban for the endless tinfoiling and nitpicking, could you at least ban the whining poorfags who never shut up about how mad they are that Terry makes more than them, that he doesn't deserve his money even though he works for it, and that he's evil for having money he earned fairly? This cow has plenty of actual milk and it's always getting derailed by poorfags, super fucking annoying.

No. 76776

well I didnt mean discuss why that happens, i meant talk about examples of it happening

No. 76782

Give us back our shitposting thread you goofs

No. 76783

Can cerbmin please just quit and give the site over to someone who doesn't have a stick up their ass and a clear direction for the site?? I don't care what they tell themselves, they have not being doing a good job. You've made minimal improvements and we get raided less, but the overall atmosphere of the website has totally gone to shit. There is no incentive to post here regularly. I swear cerbmin wants the site to die.

No. 76785

This. You don't care about the site. Your updates would be sporadic and random for one person, let alone three (does anyone still believe this? lol). You want this place to be an uber strict archive of (non-existent) milk, an edgy imageboard but you get banned for shitposting, and a tumblr tier hugbox where nobody can disagree all in one. Yes it's a good thing that there's less CP here now, but that's the only positive.

No. 76786

I'm not going to say there's been no improvement because they have made updates to the site (and when they were new it was in a relatively short amount of time) and I know there's supposed to be a new site coming at some point, but I get so annoyed with how they rarely respond to anything, especially when it's feedback or questions. You literally have to post something a million times for a chance of getting anyone, a farmhand or the admin, to respond. Its frustrating and feels like nothing has changed from the last two admins. It's like we have a terrible admin curse.

No. 76787

Samefag but also remember they said this >>51325
>The purpose of a liaison and project manager admin is to improve transparency and communication
According to them there's an admin only dedicated to communication, so where are they? I assume they all have the same privileges so why can't the other admins step in to reply on /meta/?

No. 76789

Because there's literally just one person running it and she can't be bothered to log in, probably because she doesn't owe us shit.

No. 76790

Update thread. Also admin have farmhands. Demanding the site admin to personally chime in any time you want them to is unhinged.

No. 76791

The update thread is for updates to the actual site not responding to questions, suggestions or complaints.
Farmhands don't respond that often, but that's not an issue because the farmhands are not the admin. They do not have the same privileges or responsibilities as admin, so they cannot respond to everything.
>Demanding the site admin to personally chime in any time you want them to is unhinged.
That's not what's happening. I know you're likely one of the anons who like camping in this thread to infight with every complaint and suggestion made, so please fuck off.

No. 76792

You email for that.

No. 76793

The email is for bans and site problems that you may not be able to to post on here. /Meta/ is for feedback, questions, complaints and suggestions.

No. 76794

What I don’t understand is why cerbmin pretends they’re going to make improvements here and then give us something insignificant every 6 months? Sure, it’s better than a schizo admin nuking /ot/, but this site could be so good if it was updated more regularly. It’s sad. Feels like we’re being breadcrumbed lol
>probably because she doesn't owe us shit.
Cerbmin took their role voluntarily. It’s not wrong to have expectations. I think most of us would be kissing their asses still if they actually demonstrated a willingness to listen to farmers and improve this site

No. 76795

Check what thread you’re in and fuck off

No. 76796

Tbf I do believe they said that big site updates would be saved for the new server they're planning on moving to, stuff like catalog changes and new boards.

No. 76797

Have there been any recent updates on this? I remember hearing about lolcow 2.0 or whatever but I assumed that promise had been lost to the abyss. Don’t want to have too much hope only to be disappointed

No. 76798

The "I don't owe you shit" was actually a reference to burritomin and her famous tirades (real oldfagz will get that one). Though I guess some people here do think that asking admin to do the job they volunteered to do is, like, an imposition.

No. 76799

I don't think so. Maybe like 2 months(?) ago they said it's still in development

No. 76800

I stg some anons on here are overly protected by the jannies. Can’t even call people fat anymore, what is free speech kek

No. 76801

You probably called an obese janny fat and caught a ban, kek

No. 76802

>cerbmin please just quit
Cerbmin has been the best admin this site has had in years. Do you really want to go back to CP and gay black dick spam being posted daily and then being left up for hours?

Moderation is always going to be subjective but technical administration is not. The improvement in the stability of the site under cerbmin has been huge.

No. 76803


No. 76804

Mundane shit being used as a dumping ground for vent posts is getting very annoying

No. 76805

We need dumbass shit back to operate as our general

No. 76806

You cant even say anything mildly rude anymore without getting a 6hr ban for infighting. Its retarded. Imagine you got a ban on 4chan for every time you called anon a dumb retard.

No. 76807

If very big cows get cow status by liking shota then why are you letting people who like this shit just run around like retards on this website? Do you like that shit too?

No. 76808

>if very big cows get cow status by liking shota

kek like who?

No. 76809

So is pink pill coming back and is 2X going to be eventually unhidden or is this site going to stay a bipolar schizoid site of "moids are less than human, queue some horrendous crime story" but then seconds after in a thread over "moid life update".

No. 76810


No. 76811

Farmhands need to do a crackdown on shota posters. They always bring up their fetish completely unprompted in so many threads and are somehow delusional enough to think they are "based" for being attracted to drawn children. I can't even count how many threads they've derailed in the past few months. Mentioning that you're a shotafag at all should catch them a ban.

No. 76812

I agree with this for the most part. Cerbmin inherited the site in its worst state, tbf. All the cows have dried up and the culture has gone to shit after years of bad decisions from old administration.

No. 76813

We've gone through the same thing with every admin that gets handed the site. It seems anons like you who are passionate about the site never step up when the admin positions are offered, or just don't get picked I guess. We end up with people who start off strong but stop caring and ghost after a short time.

No. 76814

Yeah, shotafagging should be considered bait at this point, they behave a lot like personalityfags and their posts always delve into infighting. Even fujochan apparently banned that shit off their website, idk why it is allowed here. They should be redirected elsewhere, maybe 4chan has those threads too

No. 76815

Plenty. Lurk more

No. 76816

>They always bring up their fetish completely unprompted in so many threads and are somehow delusional enough to think they are "based" for being attracted to drawn children.
This is what I mean, they're cows. Why is this behavior not being punished?

No. 76817

In all fairness, the pool of people who are true and honest females 1. have technical ability 2. and have the time for this 3. is probably on the single digits. I could technically do it, but I don’t have time for this at all, so either we try to find some autistic Josh moon type or deal with someone who doesn’t treat this as a full time job. Which is understandable from their perspective I mean it doesn’t even pay, but from a user perspective is frustrating.

No. 76818


No. 76819

AI retard infighting in the historyfag thread >>>/m/382296

No. 76820

oh she ate you down and chewed you sissssss

No. 76821

Nta but Not the retarded zoomer fag lingo. A history general is not the place for making ai porn of dead women

No. 76822

what porn did she post anon. show pics or you’re being overly dramatic

No. 76823

racesperging in the ugly-man psyop thread

No. 76825

I am the AI retard. Imagine coming to /meta/ just to snitch about something you started over pics that never saw the light of day. I already said I did the same thing to dead men and more often at that, but you conveniently skip over that part to focus on three nebulous words that I wrote in the initial post like an infighting dipshit. The most radical thing any feminist could do is be attracted to other women, but the "feminists" who think they have a home on lolcow wouldn't know that because they're normie-tier heteros and think that they can take a moral high ground on a thread infested with fangirling and spergouts over the same rapist and enslaving white men (not history general). At most I implied that the pics were NSFW, but you act like I posted AI bukkake. Let go of your pearls and stop acting like a butthurt faggot.

No. 76826

Can you please step inside /ot/ for a little bit, we have a lot of shota sperging derail across multiple threads, plus more infighting about the website being shit or who knows what the fuck else

No. 76827

>I am the AI retard.

No. 76828

No. 76829

>All the cows have dried up
I don't think it's cerbmin's fault, but there used to be a steadier inflow of new cows. That's dried up too, and not because there are no longer messy people online.

No. 76830

The problem in today's internet is that there are too many cows, when every third person online is a cow it's just boring.

No. 76831

nta but your right, that's why the most active threads are regarding specific communities, where there will be some designated extra milky-cows but that's as far as it goes