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File: 1715039180068.jpeg (225.99 KB, 1004x994, IMG_1374.jpeg)

No. 1993114

Previous thread >>1976497

Megan Thee Stallion is getting sued for sexual harassment >>1976779
Kanye is trying to make a porn website >>1977290
Dominic West opens up about ‘absurd’ furor over Lily James pictures >>1977375
Billie Eilish says she loves masturbating in front of a mirror >>1978648 >>1978654
Weinstein’s conviction is overturned >>1979800
Madison Beer releases new song >>1980878 >>1982007
Lana Del Rey posts over edited selfie >>1980962
Baby Storme exposes Ice Spice >>1982208
Athlete’s girlfriend is harassed by seething fans over her appearance >>1982373
Tyla is dating Chris Brown >>1983253
Doja Cat says to keep kids away from her shows >>1983758
Partynextdoor uses explicit sexual imagery for album cover >>1985474 >>1985475
Kendrick Lamarr disses Drake >>1986079
Sabrina Carpenter releases new song referencing Barry Keoghan’s ex >>1987834
Dan Schneider sues for defamation >>1987887
Anya Taylor Joy at Furiosa premiere >>1988595
Dua Lipa photo shoot >>1988664
Jeff Goldblum refuses to leave money to his kids >>1989465
Kim K stuns in damaged hair >>1989594
Doja cat wrapped in plastic and a bed sheet in public >>1990094 >>1992351
Rupaul gets a monster high doll >>1991088
Selena Gomez celebrating her moids birthday with his family >>1992759
Met gala 2024 (first post) >>1992831

No. 1993116

Shit thread OP(sage your shit)

No. 1993117

thank you nona

No. 1993118

File: 1715039385203.jpeg (243.52 KB, 735x1102, IMG_1375.jpeg)

Ariana Grande and Cynthia Erivo

No. 1993119

File: 1715039393198.jpg (201.98 KB, 1004x1506, GM7v_BwXcAAHeDD.jpg)

Kendall wore a vintage dress from 1999 that was only worn by a mannequin.

No. 1993121

is the threadpic lana del rey? damn, she lost a lot of weight

No. 1993122

File: 1715039429100.jpg (612.66 KB, 1600x2400, 2151789547-2891581925.jpg)

Ariana Grande
Did anyone see Ed Sheeran getting tangled on FKA twig's dress?

No. 1993123

Sorry, I was trying to make it quickly. There weren’t really any funny images for the thread pic

No. 1993125

File: 1715039525022.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1170x1473, IMG_1376.jpeg)

Da’Vine Joy Randolph

No. 1993126

chill out twitterfags, no one here cares about the met gala

No. 1993127

It’s an AI image of Katy Perry at the met gala, which an anon posted after thinking it was real. Anons were saying that an AI dress was the best look at the met gala this year

No. 1993128

Yes lol that was so lulzy. Thought he broke it tbh.

No. 1993130

File: 1715039714251.jpeg (1.07 MB, 971x1411, IMG_1377.jpeg)

Emily Ratajkowski

No. 1993131


No. 1993132

little mermaid (2023) if she ate too many popeyes sandwiches(racebaiting)

No. 1993133

File: 1715039787425.jpg (378.11 KB, 1365x2048, lana.jpg)


No. 1993135

No one besides all the anons posting pictures and commenting on it, and the ones saying they were excited in the days leading up to it. You don’t have to read the thread if you don’t like it.

No. 1993136

the holes in my panties after I washed them way too much

No. 1993137

wtf are these shoes(learn to sage)

No. 1993138

File: 1715039875403.jpeg (1.21 MB, 1017x1580, IMG_1378.jpeg)

Elle Fanning

No. 1993139

File: 1715039877660.webp (661.65 KB, 2560x3839, IMG_3709.webp)

Here’s Lana. I’m a fan and I’m happy she’s finally attending, but I can’t pretend it looks good, the color is boring and the execution looks low quality.

No. 1993140

deep vein thrombosis

No. 1993141

If she wanted to surprise everybody she could've worn some clothes, but nope, she's her usual self(learn to sage)

No. 1993142

File: 1715039920036.jpeg (1.44 MB, 1052x1577, IMG_1379.jpeg)

Penelope Cruz

No. 1993143

They are supposed to be hooves… since she’s releasing country album.

No. 1993144

gothic queen. i like it

No. 1993145

grandma’s recycled and retired 1980s prom dress she also wore to her own wedding in New York

No. 1993146

Lost retarded newfag

No. 1993148

File: 1715040054498.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1000x1529, IMG_1380.jpeg)

Lena Waith

No. 1993149

File: 1715040090226.webp (43.19 KB, 600x900, IMG_1381.webp)

Rita Ora

No. 1993152

File: 1715040127581.jpeg (694.01 KB, 1800x2700, IMG_1382.jpeg)

Demi Moore

No. 1993153

i like the makeup but the "dress" is ugly

No. 1993154

goodwill shower curtains

No. 1993156

dressed like a /g/tard’s husbando

No. 1993157

sanitary pad ass

No. 1993158

File: 1715040251808.jpeg (85.69 KB, 624x935, IMG_1384.jpeg)

Kim K

No. 1993159

File: 1715040265415.jpeg (726.99 KB, 621x1197, 1B915A66-8345-4812-AD13-F6F056…)

Dove Cameron and Domiano David

No. 1993160

what even is the point(learn to sage)

No. 1993161

File: 1715040287197.jpeg (83.78 KB, 624x935, IMG_1385.jpeg)

Kendall jenner

No. 1993163

No. 1993164

that moustache is hideous

No. 1993165

File: 1715040391711.jpeg (87.39 KB, 624x832, IMG_1386.jpeg)

No. 1993167

File: 1715040436816.jpeg (82.42 KB, 624x800, IMG_1387.jpeg)

This is just fugly

No. 1993168

she really looks like she's out of the shower having a mental breakdown(learn to sage)

No. 1993171

I think the two inflated pads are supposed to match her inflated cheekbones(learn to sage)

No. 1993172

File: 1715040532050.webp (142.94 KB, 1280x1635, IMG_1388.webp)

Riley Keough

No. 1993173

File: 1715040561491.webp (214.41 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1389.webp)


No. 1993174

File: 1715040597428.webp (227.03 KB, 1280x1775, IMG_1390.webp)


No. 1993175

File: 1715040612107.jpg (150.77 KB, 816x1224, doja.jpg)

Doja has the worst fit(ai shit)

No. 1993176

File: 1715040649064.jpeg (1.24 MB, 1170x1708, IMG_1392.jpeg)

Amelia Gray

No. 1993178

File: 1715040680853.jpeg (1.53 MB, 1037x1581, IMG_1393.jpeg)

Karol G

No. 1993179

menstrual cup

No. 1993180

This is just awful on every level lol. Kim has the one wet look and it was her peak (hate to say this, but judging by the downgrade since the divorce I’m pretty sure now it was Kanye’s idea) and she has none.

No. 1993181

File: 1715040782734.webp (160.77 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1395.webp)

Phoebe Dynover

No. 1993183

Looking great on ozempic(learn to sage)

No. 1993184

Love the color! I hope we see it more this year.

I feel like I’ve seen her nips more than my own this year.

No. 1993185

Fairylike and pretty(learn to sage)

No. 1993186

File: 1715040856623.jpeg (1.56 MB, 1052x1556, IMG_1396.jpeg)

Charlie XCX

No. 1993187

She always looks slow, her face is so annoying.

No. 1993189

File: 1715040902875.jpeg (252.31 KB, 648x1000, 72136C25-E34D-4923-83CA-9AF200…)

Dressed like poo. Very appropriate for Taika.

No. 1993190

File: 1715040922076.webp (174.4 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1397.webp)

No. 1993192

File: 1715040960456.jpeg (108.19 KB, 634x633, IMG_3710.jpeg)

No. 1993194

Don't apologize nonna, thank you for making the thread! Don't listen to the idiots who are shitting up the thread with their bait.

No. 1993196

File: 1715041008968.webp (238.62 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1398.webp)

Jennie Kim

No. 1993198

File: 1715041087966.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1031x1422, IMG_1399.jpeg)

Alexandria Daddario

No. 1993200

File: 1715041152866.webp (88.91 KB, 640x960, IMG_1400.webp)

Uma Thurman

No. 1993202

File: 1715041205544.jpg (369.31 KB, 1365x2048, dua.jpg)

Dua Lipa looking like an anime charcter

No. 1993204

i thought the gay retard on the right was shopped in

No. 1993206

My nana complained this Saturday that someone stole her beaded curtains from her porch. Rita Ora shows up in this outfit today. SUS

No. 1993208

File: 1715041336104.webp (261.32 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1405.webp)

Elizabeth Debicki

No. 1993209

File: 1715041373463.webp (338.11 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1403.webp)


No. 1993212

File: 1715041420976.jpeg (1.31 MB, 1031x1421, IMG_1406.jpeg)

Dua Lipa

No. 1993213

File: 1715041434553.jpg (147.53 KB, 1170x1170, dontcare.jpg)

I don't care about Sabrina's dress I'm honestly shocked they wiped the tan off her. kek

No. 1993214

File: 1715041462024.webp (192.12 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1401.webp)

Pamela Anderson

No. 1993216

How did she manage to make it look like she has a waist?

No. 1993218

File: 1715041613103.mp4 (12.37 MB, 720x480, ed_sheeran_met_2024_fka_twigs.…)

Ed Sheeran stepping on FKA Twig's dress (and some Cara Delevingne and Lana on the side)

No. 1993221

File: 1715041685278.webp (53.5 KB, 700x1088, IMG_1408.webp)

…how disturbing.

No. 1993222

File: 1715041688978.mp4 (2.81 MB, 416x720, NeverSeenTheSun.mp4)

NOT gala related but I gotta sperg. I'm tired of seeing ultra rich celebrities showing off their mildly deformed CRISPR surrogate babies like show dogs. Her 'first born' son looked like a fucked up test tube experiment and her daughter looks like she's got whatever the opposite of jaundice is. Even Paris's own family said they had no idea she was planning on being a parent because she literally just 'revealed' her son at a family dinner as if she had just picked up a new piece of furniture. Paris is a malicious retard and probably shouldn't be offloading the dangers of intrapartum perinatal mortality onto poor women who are risking their lives birthing her disgusting giant headed sci-fi children in exchange for one years' worth of rent money. Sorry for sperg.

No. 1993223

The white part on top of her tummy looks weird

No. 1993225

File: 1715041893283.jpeg (1.03 MB, 945x1446, IMG_1409.jpeg)

Lil Nas X

No. 1993226

Would have thought Doja would have worn something more like this graceful Saran Wrap dress with her lame pr stunts. But she didn’t.

No. 1993228

File: 1715042356191.jpeg (240.38 KB, 540x800, IMG_8760.jpeg)

No. 1993229

File: 1715042364607.jpeg (961.39 KB, 2000x1334, 33020267-DD78-46D8-B093-0F2538…)

Ariana always makes this pained expression it’s unsettling. I wish Cynthia would pencil in some eyebrows or grow them back.

No. 1993230

I’m seeing a lot of beautiful dresses in truly stunning colours but just placed on someone with the wrong skin/hair tone which unfortunately underwhelms both the person and dress. Everyone’s hair this year is just an utter disappointment tbh. Style and color wise. Get it together Hollywood.

No. 1993231

File: 1715042388063.mp4 (19.35 MB, 720x480, cardi_2024_met_gala.mp4)

Some guy with a bag of chips, Lizzo can barely walk, Cardio B grand finale

No. 1993233

File: 1715042416825.png (524.04 KB, 800x533, 1715041987470.png)

No. 1993234

Straight out of final fantasy

No. 1993235

If he's gonna wear an outfit inspired by classical heroes and drapery, can he at least put on a back brace and not slouch like a doughy incel? For fuck's sake. Those ab diamonds are working overtime and still failing.

No. 1993236

File: 1715042456490.png (676.92 KB, 800x534, 1715041980411.png)

I don't like it, big isn't better it's just big

No. 1993238

she always looks like a drag queen

No. 1993239

I wish men could just be banned or not photographed for this event. Some of the outfits are pretty cool but not worth seeing on some ugly fuck of a moid.

No. 1993240

File: 1715042547074.jpeg (706.84 KB, 884x712, IMG_1410.jpeg)

Amanda Seyfried and Sarah Paulson

No. 1993241

unrelated but those interviewers sound so obnoxious i almost couldn't tell what was going on

No. 1993242

Kek at the abs. Looks like he lost in a fight with grandma’s dusty curtains.

No. 1993244

File: 1715042637954.jpeg (914.3 KB, 1170x1059, IMG_1411.jpeg)

Lea Michele

No. 1993245

File: 1715042659648.png (807.98 KB, 640x800, 1715042505814.png)


No. 1993246

File: 1715042684868.jpeg (260.49 KB, 1153x1200, IMG_1407.jpeg)

Well what do you know cullian showed up.

No. 1993247

Sarah Paulson needs a new makeup artist stat.

No. 1993248

File: 1715042767027.jpeg (209.62 KB, 534x800, 1715042314973.jpeg)

No. 1993249

Everything is very lovely except her face.

No. 1993250

File: 1715042808037.jpeg (55.33 KB, 398x680, IMG_1942.jpeg)

Disappointed she didn’t wear the veil.

No. 1993252

And posture

No. 1993255

File: 1715042910078.webp (113.22 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1412.webp)

The back of her dress looks pretty, I like the painted flowers

No. 1993257

File: 1715043005986.mp4 (11.06 MB, 720x480, lana_kim_k_met_2024.mp4)

Lana almost bonks Kim K on the head with her dead tree cosplay

No. 1993258

If she had just kept that mug covered she might have looked nice

No. 1993259

Does Ariana always do her own makeup? It always looks exactly the same. Bland as fuck.

No. 1993260

channeling Fist of the North Star

No. 1993262

Those gloves look too out of place imo. Should either change the material or change the color.

No. 1993263

File: 1715043090041.jpeg (235.79 KB, 941x1356, IMG_1943.jpeg)

Ugly scrote that designed both

No. 1993264

File: 1715043146946.webp (37.96 KB, 600x900, IMG_1413.webp)


No. 1993265

File: 1715043245096.webp (374.83 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1414.webp)

Michelle Yeoh

No. 1993266

File: 1715043271066.jpg (142.93 KB, 683x1024, gettyimages-2151800226-1024x10…)

Nicki, I like it, it just doesn't fit the theme, it looks cheap, fun but creative and retarded. I don't know its…pretty.

No. 1993269

File: 1715043322060.jpeg (215.99 KB, 534x800, 1715042988481.jpeg)

No. 1993270

it's hilarious that he thinks he looks ethereal and elegant while looking like the crypt keeper in a dress

No. 1993271

unleavened bread?

No. 1993272

File: 1715043349928.webp (143.91 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1416.webp)

Caillee Spaeny

No. 1993273

File: 1715043397822.webp (248.8 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1417.webp)

Gay Barry Keoghan

No. 1993274

looks like something she would wear in her early career(learn to sage)

No. 1993275

File: 1715043420759.jpeg (144.31 KB, 534x800, 1715043127306.jpeg)

No. 1993276

This is really cool. Looks like a Renaissance painting.

No. 1993277

File: 1715043437679.webp (208.27 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1418.webp)

Chloë Sevigny

No. 1993278

File: 1715043451189.mp4 (13.33 MB, 720x480, doja.mp4)

Doja Cat, her ugly moid, and some Kylie Jenner too

Best imo

No. 1993279

File: 1715043465375.jpeg (209.39 KB, 534x800, 1715043089716.jpeg)

Janelle monae

No. 1993280

are amanda's and michelle's dress made out of tinfoil kek

No. 1993281

File: 1715043517869.webp (56.97 KB, 640x960, IMG_1419.webp)

Cara Delevingne

No. 1993282

File: 1715043522674.jpeg (454.37 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_1945.jpeg)

Anok Yai

No. 1993283

File: 1715043557046.webp (240.43 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1420.webp)

Rachel Sennott

No. 1993284

With this aluminum foil dress and that other Saran Wrap looking one you’d think ‘what’s in the kitchen drawer’ was the theme. What will we have next? A ziploc inspired dress? Twist ties and loose toothpicks maybe?

No. 1993285

I like it too, it reminds me of the 2010s looks she used to wear

Needs a tinfoil hat to go with that dress

No. 1993286

File: 1715043595479.webp (108.56 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1421.webp)

Sabrina Carpenter

No. 1993287

File: 1715043612631.jpg (413.57 KB, 1365x2048, gettyimages-2151800229-2048x20…)

I'd love this if I was a little girl, it's like a Barbie doll outfit.
Also this is the Barbie Troon btw, I think Hari Nef or something.

No. 1993288

Ok this look is stunning and on a stunning girl. Fuck she could even wear Doja’s garbage and make it look good.

No. 1993289

I genuinely thought this was Kim Petros on ozempic. Why does she looks so artificial?

No. 1993290

File: 1715043686450.webp (38.75 KB, 640x960, IMG_1422.webp)

Doja Cat keeps touching herself inappropriately

No. 1993291

File: 1715043716856.jpg (194.58 KB, 534x800, gettyimages-2151796508-6639730…)

No. 1993292

She’s had too much plastic surgery and she’s wearing shapewear which makes her torso look odd

No. 1993293

Idk, for me almost no one got the theme. It was supposed to be "garden of time"

No. 1993294

Is he a troon or a feminine moid? Because if it’s the second one, I prefer this kind of moids in dresses than the 'black tie but skirt instead of pants!’ one.

No. 1993295

File: 1715043814131.webp (395.75 KB, 1280x1892, IMG_1423.webp)

No. 1993296

File: 1715043854911.jpeg (353.81 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_1947.jpeg)

Quannah Chasinghorse

No. 1993297

File: 1715043863058.webp (157.64 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1424.webp)

Eve Hewson

No. 1993298

The problem is not the touching, the problem is her outfit is out of place, self gratuitous, and her scrote is ugly as fuck

No. 1993299

No. 1993300

File: 1715043945138.webp (83.68 KB, 800x1090, IMG_1425.webp)

Precious Lee

No. 1993301

File: 1715043960671.jpeg (141.82 KB, 683x1024, IMG_1948.jpeg)

Zendaya got two

No. 1993302

File: 1715043993135.webp (87.28 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1427.webp)

Angel Reese

No. 1993303

I need to see more of this amazing dress

No. 1993304

I prefer the first one, but she makes everything look good tbh.

No. 1993305

looked like a big pair of boots from the thumbnail

No. 1993306

File: 1715044089735.webp (112.37 KB, 800x1189, IMG_1428.webp)

Jodie turner smith

No. 1993307

Downgrade from the first one imo

No. 1993308

Kek I thought the same

No. 1993309

File: 1715044164624.webp (145.95 KB, 800x1121, IMG_1429.webp)

Amanda Gorman

No. 1993311

She's so ugly I can't handle it. I wanna stick a lollipop on her head, her hair looks like dirty carpet.

No. 1993312

File: 1715044218316.webp (103.67 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1431.webp)

No. 1993313

File: 1715044261859.webp (98.52 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1432.webp)

Iman Hammam

No. 1993314

File: 1715044266206.jpg (363.91 KB, 1366x2048, C.jpg)

Angel reese (basketball player)

No. 1993315

Does everyone dip their hair into the same vat of grease before going in you think?

No. 1993317

File: 1715044306807.webp (108.89 KB, 800x1123, IMG_1433.webp)

Tyler mitchel

No. 1993318

File: 1715044337161.webp (77.11 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1434.webp)

Michael Shannon

No. 1993319

this is the mermaid outfit of my dreams

No. 1993321

File: 1715044367773.webp (110.1 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1435.webp)

Iris Law

No. 1993322

This year's met gala was honestly worse than last year. Quite boring too.

No. 1993323

The guest list is so boring, it’s always the same faces (the Kardashians, Gigi Hadid, Cardi, Amanda Seyfried, Emily Ratajkowski) who get invited even though they don’t give anything neither promote anything and bunch of nobodies thrown in. Zendaya is the biggest highlight and I wasn’t expecting Lana at all. I’m surprised they invited Lizzo and Nicki?

No. 1993324

looks like someone hot glued paper flowers from the dollar store

No. 1993325

File: 1715044530272.jpeg (229.58 KB, 578x800, 1715037448068.jpeg)

Keke Palmer not on theme (or it is what do i know) but she looks great.

No. 1993326

Criminal tbh, she’s absolutely stunning, they could have given her so much more.

No. 1993327

File: 1715044555359.jpeg (1.51 MB, 1333x2000, F4FA8CEA-D014-4162-A2F1-65CC14…)

Feminine gay moid.

No. 1993328

File: 1715044557860.jpeg (110.65 KB, 284x374, IMG_1436.jpeg)

This doesn’t look human

No. 1993329

I'm surprised too. Bad Bunny and Billie Eilish didn't get invited right?

No. 1993330

Shocked at how quickly a new thread was made. Thank you, nona
She never fails to take my breath away

No. 1993331

File: 1715044598195.png (922.33 KB, 484x800, 1715038655882.png)

Serena Williams looking a mess as always, her sister was there and looked better though.

No. 1993332

Bad bunny was there

No. 1993333

File: 1715044674256.webp (67 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1437.webp)


No. 1993334

File: 1715044675154.jpeg (228.77 KB, 800x534, 1715037871672.jpeg)

Queen Latifah and her wife

No. 1993335

File: 1715044706541.jpeg (371.48 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_3528.jpeg)

He’s there. Just eh

No. 1993338

File: 1715044761597.webp (109.09 KB, 800x1149, IMG_1438.webp)

Little Simz. Off theme but her hair looks cool

No. 1993340

File: 1715044765365.mp4 (1.46 MB, 480x270, 2555a43f3b29.mp4)

Paps bullied the kpop group. Jealous old balding moids

No. 1993342

File: 1715044831310.webp (91.09 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1439.webp)

Simone Ashley

No. 1993343

File: 1715044851099.jpg (42.93 KB, 672x456, images-3.jpg)

Same vibes

No. 1993345

She looks like she fell in a pool with a tshirt on. No accessories, nothing. That designer is a fucking joke. I literally thought he was a homeless drug addict this whole time.

No. 1993346

File: 1715044864727.webp (114.58 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1440.webp)

Maria Sharipova

No. 1993347

More tinfoil dresses, what is going on

No. 1993349

File: 1715044946172.webp (57 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1441.webp)

Eiza Gonzalez Rivera

No. 1993350

Here’s too much space between his eyeball and eyelid. Like his eyes are retreating into his skull or something.

No. 1993351

File: 1715045028317.webp (125.61 KB, 1280x1920, IMG_1442.webp)

Why do the scrotes show up like this?

No. 1993352

Samefag. Coupled with him having the skin of a 70 year old

No. 1993354

yeah i'm already tired of looking at tacky flower patterns

No. 1993355

0 creativity

No. 1993356

Why do scrotes even show up?

No. 1993357

you cannot convince me that this isn’t a goldfish who made deal with the devil to become a human

No. 1993358

File: 1715045151650.webp (72.44 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1443.webp)

Camila Morrone

No. 1993359

File: 1715045186725.webp (96.5 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1444.webp)

Gracie Adams

No. 1993360

Who's the designer? I thought she just wore whatever she found inside her fat moid's closet.

No. 1993361

File: 1715045230132.webp (47.38 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1445.webp)

Lily Gladstone

No. 1993362

File: 1715045274511.webp (119.22 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1446.webp)

Lena Mahfouf

No. 1993363

They deserve it kek shouldn’t even be there(learn to sage)

No. 1993364

This was THE year to apply some cottagecore / coquettecore elegant and whimsical shit and yet everyone looks disappointingly boring, tacky, just weird for the sake of weird

No. 1993365

File: 1715045337449.webp (115.63 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1447.webp)

No. 1993366

Even wealthy men cannot dress themselves with any pride

No. 1993367

the designer is that druggie looking guy she was walking with, posted last thread

No. 1993368

What in the world is that in the back…?? A sheer baby blue overlay thing with.. red under it???

No. 1993369

File: 1715045421680.webp (65.98 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1448.webp)

Sebastian Stan

No. 1993371

Guram Gvasalia. He’s the creative director of Vetements

No. 1993372

File: 1715045492111.webp (77.85 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1449.webp)

Eddie Redmayne and Hannah Bagshawe

No. 1993374

File: 1715045591646.webp (105.58 KB, 800x1200, IMG_1450.webp)

It’s Brie Larson

No. 1993376

another fucking AI generated threadpic. go fuck yourself.(sage your shit)

No. 1993377

would look lovely without the picnic table cover over her dress

No. 1993378

Thanks anon

No. 1993381

Sims generated outfit

No. 1993384

She looks so stupid

No. 1993385

Am I the only one that thinks this look is good? It's referencing John Galiano FW86 and it's definitely making a statement. At least it's not boring like those tan dresses.(learn2sage)

No. 1993387

File: 1715046206663.jpeg (658.57 KB, 1366x2048, 5609BC22-1702-45F6-98E1-AC69F7…)

Nicole Kidman and husband

No. 1993388

File: 1715046227017.png (634.31 KB, 519x800, Pamela.png)

Pamela anderson

No. 1993389

If girl wanted to make a statement she could have gone with the theme at this point kek
She hasn’t worn real clothes in like two days

No. 1993391

Why do you hate pretty men? Are you a moid?(infighting)

No. 1993393

File: 1715046399729.jpeg (599.05 KB, 1475x2048, IMG_1949.jpeg)

Jessica Biel.

No. 1993394

Sorry I'm an idiot phone poster but I saw this in movement when she was posing. She kept grabbing her tit and rubbing her stomach like she's pregnant. She's so weird.

No. 1993395

File: 1715046619705.jpg (Spoiler Image,397.19 KB, 1111x2250, Ritual Impersonator of Xipe To…)

Close-ups of his face remind me of the Aztec diety Xipe Totec, who was the god of flaying and human sacrifice. Please tell me I'm not the only one who sees the skin mask in front of Barry's creepy eyes.

No. 1993396


No. 1993397

It's for leftovers after leaving the family reunion barbeque this Met Gala apparently has turned into.

No. 1993400

it’s giving baby shower

No. 1993401

File: 1715046850372.jpeg (183.33 KB, 1500x2145, 4AB129DA-29CE-4293-8481-D5F4A7…)

Adrien Brody and Georgina Chapman

No. 1993402

Kek nonners. But he doesn't have a soul, so what'd he bargain with?

No. 1993403

kek i thought this was bella thorne

No. 1993404

No. 1993405

I thought she was wearing crocs for a moment

No. 1993408

>pretty men
Get some standards nonny though maybe I wouldn’t hate as much if they didn’t send the whole group or at least try to dress on theme(sage your shit)

No. 1993409

I was waiting for Anok. Absolutely gorgeous dress. I love her hair and make too.

No. 1993410

File: 1715047502403.jpeg (1.14 MB, 1170x1739, IMG_1451.jpeg)

She looked awful. She looks like a woman in her 60s who had a facelift, there’s something so uncanny about her face

No. 1993411

Love you for sharing this mexica lore

No. 1993413

I hate spike tit dresses so much

No. 1993417

Almost all of the looks were so boring this year. And not everyone on the list showed up, I was curious to see Margot Robbie, Anne Hathaway, Florence Pugh and Lupita Nyong’o

No. 1993419

My grandma said she looked like an old brothel madame KEK

No. 1993420

File: 1715047870988.jpeg (1.5 MB, 1170x1653, IMG_1452.jpeg)

I think at least half of the dresses were sheer this year

No. 1993421

I'm shocked none of them showed up. Wonder if there was drama behind the scenes…

No. 1993423

I liked her hair a lot

No. 1993424

File: 1715047926169.jpeg (195.33 KB, 989x1484, IMG_1950.jpeg)

Higher quality of veil

No. 1993425

Actually there could have been tbh, Emma Stone, Emily Blunt and Cillian Murphy didn’t show either and they were allegedly involved in that love triangle last year along with Florence kek

No. 1993426

I don’t really feel like the veil matches the dress, but it looks cool on its own imo

No. 1993427

this looks like a wax figurine version of lana(learn to sage)

No. 1993428

I love that Anna Wintour invited Angel and snubbed her ugly rival Caitlin Clark. Angel looks adorable and the dress matches her new team's color palette.

No. 1993429

I know people have mouth lines, but is it sime kinda if surgery/filler that made Kylie get hers? They don't look natural

No. 1993430

We don’t want to see Lupita O’ooga-B’ooga thanks(racebait)

No. 1993432

None of her Met looks have been good. Designers do her dirty every time unfortunately.

No. 1993433

See she took some fashion advice from Billie Eilish

No. 1993435

Why is Lana's mouth crooked?

No. 1993436

Boring. She's so campy and plays into the ironic pop star look usually so this is disappointing. Like her without the tan, though.

No. 1993437

Nose jobs can cause that, where it looks like the person is smelling something bad

No. 1993438

She's stunning, why not?

No. 1993439

That's just how she looks. She's always had a crooked mouth.

No. 1993441

Holy shit are the lines where her nose actually sits?

No. 1993443

File: 1715048823567.jpg (38.16 KB, 368x430, tumblr_4c04af7254da3b871e3ae4c…)

If you don't find him pretty something is wrong with you.(kpop)

No. 1993446

looks like an elf from a chinese mobile game

No. 1993447

File: 1715049068500.jpg (39.61 KB, 700x700, nina-ricci-lair-du-temps-edt-3…)

yawn, her hair is fried luna style, she looks like a pampas bush. also is her waist edited or did that corset crush her ribcage? because that's some barbie proportions in the most uncanny valley way possible

it's giving mental asylum

i personally like this dress, i've hear people calling it boring but it looks very ethereal, she looks like picrel

No. 1993448

he looks so plastic and creepy, too much surgery. scary.(learn to sage)

No. 1993449

im gonna be real with you nonnie, not even trying to hate, but it’s like looking at a blank wall(learn to sage)

No. 1993450

He looks like Kim k

No. 1993451

She looks crossed eyed

No. 1993452

Isn't she wearing a wig?

No. 1993453

>it's giving mental asylum

No. 1993454

File: 1715049558626.jpeg (461.95 KB, 1440x2160, 5B135D53-9882-48D7-B889-829A64…)

Hanani Taylor

No. 1993455

He looks like a real version of Link, I give you that

No. 1993456

ayrt, she definitely is but that wig is ratty as hell

No. 1993457

Manlet in the back wearing heels lol

No. 1993458

Ratty wig/extensions is a recurring theme tonight

No. 1993461

File: 1715049730277.png (Spoiler Image,1.05 MB, 890x1654, Xipe Keoghan.png)

Probably gonna get run out of the mongolian basket weaving forum for this

No. 1993464

kekkkkkk. now pair this next to Sabrina’s look

No. 1993468

It’s the straight lifted eyebrows she thinks makes her look like an uwu cute babygirl. She’ll never let go of it.
Kylie has had way too much filler which I think is now settling making her face look puffy. She got way too much work done to look sexy and mature when she was young and now everyone who was like “yes get plastic surgery if you want kween it’s so empowering” will shit on her for looking weird kek that’s why it’s a losing game in the first place no matter what you do.

No. 1993473

File: 1715051603549.png (1.83 MB, 1030x1482, Screen Shot 2024-05-06 at 8.02…)

Angel was at basketball practice this morning. And this is how stunning she looks a few hours after practice. Anna Wintour has never invited an NBA or WNBA rookie to the Met Gala before. So Angel is the first rookie basketball player to ever get an invite. A few months ago, Angel announcing that she's going pro through a Vogue feature. So her millions of fans went out and bought Vogue and made Anna Wintour happy. So now Angel's at the Met.

I love how Anna snubs some celebrities for years. And then other times she's like "I just found out about this charming fresh face a month ago. Put her on the list."

No. 1993478

kek her being a theyfab while wearing this hypersexual impractical fit is a tragic joke.

No. 1993480

I’ve never heard of her before today but she’s really pretty and looks great here. I hope more female athletes start becoming more well known like male athletes are

No. 1993485

am i tripping or is this AI too? look at her eyes and the eyes of the photographer to her right

No. 1993486

I think she looks very cute as well, she seems like a very sweet girl.

No. 1993488

Yeah I just looked and some of photographers look like their faces are melting.

No. 1993491

It's nice to see a woman at the Gala who is super healthy. No drugs or booze, no fillers or surgeries. I think the fashion and entertainment world is going to get tired of the surgery look very soon. They're going to clean house, get rid of the melting faces, and replace them with fresh natural people.

No. 1993502

Did Paris Hilton not go?

No. 1993505

I'm trying to catch up cause I feel asleep like an hour in, they all took the garden thing way too literally but the theme sucks anyway so I can't complain
I think it's cute they showed up as a pair. Ariana's dress is beautiful, she should've let her hair down though.

No. 1993506

Where is Timothee chamalama, did he not attend with his girlfriend?

No. 1993524

Thought they broke up

No. 1993527

Lana’s arms are fat but her face looks thinner and wrinkly. The dress and veil are really nice though!

No. 1993533

This looks straight out of Hunger Games, I'm in love
The canopy thing is so nice. Other than that, this is absolutely terrible, especially the clogs or whatever those shoes are
Cardi B can usually pull out a interesting look (in general, not specifically at the MET) this really sucks coming from her.
The shoes are completely fucking up this look for me, but at least he's handsome
Off theme and boring but he wears such nice suits that I'll let it slide.
Why is this guy at all the recent celeb events?
I actually like this, she looks like a bird of paradise

No. 1993534

File: 1715056351332.jpeg (310 KB, 1365x2048, IMG_1951.jpeg)

Rebecca Ferguson

No. 1993536

Dressed like a fancy trashbag

No. 1993540

File: 1715057145623.jpg (197.81 KB, 1200x1800, nicki-minaj-attends-the-2019-m…)

So if Kim can wear wigs like this, why/how did she let her real hair get so fried?
It's nice but a look this boring at the MET from someone who's a fashion ambassador is such a shame
I actually feel like this was one of the better looks of tonight, which I would not have expected after the disaster (picrel) that was her camp look. Everyone was just so boring tonight.
Somehow I feel that someone that was in True Blood should be able to come harder than this.
So beautiful. I don't think she's ever on theme at the MET so I can't judge based on that, but this is amazing and if the theme was mermaid I would say she deserves a trophy

No. 1993542

These + Zendaya are my best dressed. Im especially surprised at Tyla, her look is sooo stunning and she just blew up like a year ago so I would not have expected her to pull out something like that. And wisdom Kaye was on theme + not a boring male look, love it.

No. 1993548

I think that if a moid comes up at the Met Gala dressed like that the bouncers should be not just allowed but obligated to throw him out

No. 1993551

On pointe for my ‘what’s in the kitchen drawer’ theme. Along with the Saran Wrap and aluminum foil dresses. I think all that was missing was a paper bag dress. Unless…

No. 1993552

So tired of this. It will never, ever be classy to have a see-through dress, no matter how much your net worth is or how much it costs. Maybe if the men did it as much as the women did it wouldn't be so offensive to me.

No. 1993572

Why all of them are fucking naked (and have the worst tattoos imaginable). I get they are promoting their elite prostitution service, but god damn

I like this dress the most, I think >>1993401

No. 1993573

Samefag, it’s not only good looking and fitting, it’s also suitable for the Ballard piece (if assuming it’s about that) symbolically - literal white sheer petals as something pure an serene slowly, but inevitably turning into burned down destroyed dark nothingness by brute power

No. 1993584

File: 1715064756674.webp (53.7 KB, 500x748, coleescola.webp)

No. 1993588

He looks like a malnourished Victorian child no matter what clothes they put him in so might as well lean into it.

No. 1993590

i still don't get what this thing is

No. 1993593


I will never understand how this thing somehow had consensual sex with beautiful women. Imagine this looming over you in the dark. I’m going to have nightmares thinking about it

No. 1993595

Also why are his eyelids shaped like trapezoids

No. 1993597

I want to steal his dachshund basket and watch him cry. The basket is way too cute for him.

No. 1993607

whats wrong with her foot??

No. 1993611

I love this so much. More creative than most of the looks

No. 1993613

She hypersexualizes herself to the point that nothing she does is sexy.

No. 1993634

Holding on to that titty for dear life

No. 1993641

File: 1715073673042.webp (25.48 KB, 272x410, ratmole.webp)

looking like a mix of both

No. 1993653

He could have at least covered up that five o clock shadow, he looks like a creepy crossdresser

No. 1993661

Does anyone know who's this moid she's been parading with like he's a designer bag? She wrote an album full of love songs for her twitch streamer moid but seems like she already ditched him

No. 1993663

wasn't she a lesbian

No. 1993673

Ariana couldn't ditch the ponytail and have a different hairdo even for tonight? I get the ponytail is her ~trademark~, but come on. I'm not a fan of her dress either, it's too bland

This is so bad it actually annoys me a little


They both look bad so at least their looks match

I actually like this dress tbh. I'm not too sure about the gloves though, but still

Not exactly on theme, but this look is really cool

Not to start any Florence sperg, but I bet her dress would've been… interesting kek

Mte, Janelle is gorgeous but it's retarded and NLOG-ish of her to declare she uses they/them pronouns and then begin to wear all this hypersexualized shit right after. She's practically implying that now that she's a they/themlet, wearing skimpy clothes is totes different because she's not a cis wimmin. That, or she thinks she will be exempt from misogyny and objectification with her they/them stunt. Fat chance

Just another bihet as far as I know

No. 1993678

She cannot drop the uwu princess act if her life depended on it

No. 1993737

And casually dropping the birth stone because she’s a ~witch~ tbh the dress is pretty but idk how it fits the theme at all.

No. 1993778

Her wicked co star looked way better because she was actually on theme. But looking at them together >>1993118 it's clear the bigger ups in charge of Ariana used this opportunity to yet again promote wicked, after all the Met Gala is 50% fashion and 50% self promotion. It's like Doja Cat promoting self degeneracy this year.

No. 1993782

When will these people understand that AGP isn't fashionable.

No. 1993787

There's that one guy who came with a potato chip bag on hand too kek.

No. 1993791

I really thought this was Billie with an identity confusion yet again

No. 1993792

Wrong shoe size, her whole look is terrible, humiliating even

No. 1993793

File: 1715086573142.jpg (256 KB, 768x1100, BB1lX6MH.jpg)

Adwoa Aboah reveals her pregnancy at the Met Gala, her first child

No. 1993799

her stylist, brett alan nelson.

No. 1993800

File: 1715087098104.webp (354.6 KB, 1920x2880, 2151783037.webp)

Tyla wearing a sand dress

No. 1993804

"The hours of time" or some shit I'm guessing. But it looks bad, like the kind of sand you use for a playground or building construction. It looks like a massive 5 minutes craft project.

No. 1993809

No. 1993810

She looks amazing and her body is insane. But how did they either decide for “flowers” or “something time”

No. 1993816

She looks like an actual princess

No. 1993822

Absolutely adore this dress, too bad the styling of it is so boring.

No. 1993845

they are basketball players, who the fuck cares what their physical appearance is. Angel Reese is also a poor sport and rude. Caitlin was #1 overall draft pick for a reason

No. 1993890

am i the only one who couldnt care less about moids on red carpets? doesnt matter if they make an effort/are well dressed i'm just like get out the way no one's here for you

No. 1993894

Unpopular opinion but it’s ugly to display a belly like this. In my eyes it’s not giving fertility goddess but my dads belly at the beach. Sorry nonas

No. 1993897

He is a creepy cross dresser

No. 1993900

It was me who got your dad pregnant sorry x

No. 1993920

File: 1715091741865.jpeg (243.18 KB, 1116x980, IMG_5044.jpeg)

Some old Metro boomin tweets going around right now

No. 1993927

File: 1715092014710.jpeg (578.09 KB, 998x1309, IMG_5046.jpeg)

The girl drake pulled up on stage years ago speaks about the incident. Kendrick and drake haters have been using this to boost their pedo claims

No. 1993949

File: 1715093116407.jpg (63.33 KB, 672x320, Screenshot 2024-05-07 074421.j…)

And there was a shooting outside Drakes house last night.

No. 1993952

I agree, it looks weird to me

No. 1993958

File: 1715093711448.webp (131.04 KB, 1920x1280, michael-shannon-balenciaga-pot…)

i was wondering why he was carrying around a bag of chips and it turns out it's actually a balenciaga handbag that costs almost two grand kek

No. 1993960

How is this on theme? This is stupid imo. 5 minute crafts type of shit and he's wearing yet another black suit like everyone else.

No. 1993963

File: 1715093884344.jpg (205.88 KB, 1280x720, alia-bhatt.jpg)

Agreed, if it wasn't for AI Katy Perry I would say she's definitely one of the best if not the best dressed of the night that stayed on theme.
Shout outs to:
>>1993263 beautiful but he's a moid (better than all the other moids though)
>>1993282 gorgeous and stunning but maybe not so much on theme

No. 1993965

i didn't realize it was supposed to be sand at first, she looks gorgeous.
maybe its "like sand through the hourglass" ?

No. 1993966

I hate rich people.

No. 1993967

>>1993263 Male androgyny done right
>>1993584 Yet another poor excuse at "mixing both genders" in a way that only gendies enjoy. So overdone and it looks like shit.

No. 1993969

They really like taking something "the common peasant" might enjoy and make it subjectively artistique. Then they sell it for 1000x the price.

No. 1993971

Nicki looks so cute tbh. She might be crazy and made very bad life choices but I still have a soft spot for her.

No. 1993981

holy fucking shit she looks good

No. 1993991

File: 1715095383423.png (2.04 MB, 2048x1152, rebeccaferg.png)

She opened it later and she looked amazing. Look is by Thom Browne.

No. 1993994

Wow I really dig this

No. 1994000

Doja Cat's interview
The wetness is hair gel mixed with water

No. 1994002

Sabrina Carpenter

No. 1994003

Her face reminds me a little of Safiya Nygaard

No. 1994004

Trashy and boring. She looks like she was in the middle of showering, fell down and took the curtains with her, and then as she lay on the floor she received a phone call informing her she should have been at the Met Gala fifteen minutes ago so she got up and ran there without doing anything more.

No. 1994008

Nicki mentions her dress having a bit of Harajuku flare to it

No. 1994010

Love it, like a cobra and a butterfly had a baby.
The dress is nothing unexpected, but the combination of it and her facial expression makes her look like she is a sixteen year old girl who has just been married off in an arranged marriage to a much older man and she's disassociating.

No. 1994012

File: 1715096082340.jpeg (174.7 KB, 828x1472, BF26FDC3-FD24-4062-99E8-1F0200…)

Kylies face looks so uncomfortable and tight

No. 1994014

Safiya is half danish half indian

No. 1994015

No. 1994019

Bad Bunny "can't breathe in his corset" (good. die.)

No. 1994020

Dua Lipa
This moid was so fucking rude to Emma

No. 1994022

Sydney Sweeney

No. 1994026

Looks hideous. The belly button of a pregnant women is a freakish thing to look at, why would you make that the center of the focus? And her outfit is low effort trash. Do the lowest graded, most hated interns of fashion school make these dresses?

No. 1994028

The dress is pretty but the gloves ruin it.
Eddie looks so embarrassed kek.

No. 1994032

I know?

No. 1994035

Her face is so botched it's frightening. I don't get her need for all those surgeries, she was a natural beauty.
These are the best looks for sure.

No. 1994042

I absolutely love it, but I had assumed it would flair out. A little disappointed that it doesn't, but that's just my personal taste.
One of my favorites, but I wonder how uncomfortable it is.
I respected him more when I thought he was just some male dumbass who was making a statement about high culture and dieting in fashion and so wandered onto the carpet with a bag of chips. Crestfallen to discover it's an ugly purse worth two months rent.
It literally does look like that. 22 Amazing Hacks That Will Transform Your Met Gala Experience! NUMBER SIX WILL SHOCK YOU!
Super cute, and an actual work of art. She's outshining 95% of people there.
I loved it because I thought she was making a statement about how so many of the women come to these things basically naked and it's only an excuse to show off your brand and body and not the fashion. But to discover it transforms? And into a creative and beautiful dress? Incredible.

No. 1994050

Yeah I assume many producers and rappers are statutory rapists and pedos. This is the reason I don’t take the Drake beef thing seriously. All the music industry people who hate Drake are most likely exactly like him. Going after 14-17 year old girls because they think they’re easy and dumb. I think the other rappers hate Drake because he’s Jewish and they think he gets special treatment from music executives because of it. I’m honestly surprised Kanye hasn’t brought it up yet.

No. 1994058

This look is actually super basic but she's gorgeous so she manages to elevate it. That mesh color match is really good too.
She's actually on theme because of the old looking cardigan but barely. She could've killed it if she looked more tattered and disheveled. I hope she does one of those Vogue videos where you can see the celebs get ready for the MET, I desperately want to see how she fit into that corset.

No. 1994102

Your wishes shall be granted nonny

No. 1994103

This is actually pretty cool

No. 1994109

Wanted to post this too, Cardi doesn't even remember the name of her designer kekkk

No. 1994128

File: 1715100421013.jpg (549.89 KB, 1080x2400, 1000002396.jpg)

Are these lipo scars?

No. 1994139

the whole "my dress has fallen off" thing… until she explained it, it didn't read that way at all.

No. 1994141

Who cares

No. 1994147

File: 1715101246200.jpg (72.77 KB, 1170x2325, 1000013049.jpg)

Yes, Kim has them too in the same areas

No. 1994155

yes. and you can clearly see her implant scars in some other pics too. imagine being this botched at 26 years old kek

No. 1994231

why does she look like that

No. 1994232

no idea who this is but they look like a character from The League of Gentlemen

No. 1994236

File: 1715107137297.jpeg (1.01 MB, 1170x1409, IMG_4861.jpeg)

Phoebe Dynevor looked lovely

No. 1994240

She looks so ethereal I just really wish she would’ve worn an underdress. An another anonette mentioned sheer dresses are not classy. You can be sexy without showing your slip or your crotch. Some looks this met gala were gorgeous but too much exposure of sexiness imo

No. 1994242

Am I the only one who finds Sabrina weird asf looking? Like weird ai person?

No. 1994243

She has florence pugh proportions

No. 1994245

Yeah I think it would have looked a lot classier with an underdress too. She still manages to make it look very elegant though

No. 1994247

God I hope she doesn't become the next Florence Pugh here and anons constantly screech about her looks

No. 1994256

Florence Pugh, Sydney Sweeney, and Sabrina Carpenter. The Holy Sperg Trinity.

No. 1994258

Lizzo looks like a dog wearing a cone of shame

No. 1994260

The three of them are like the same type, they all have cute but bland features, blonde hair, large and wide body types. It’s funny that some anons always make fun of them and some anons are really defensive about them when they look so similar, they even have similar over sexualized styles/personas

No. 1994271

Very far from it

No. 1994274

Cole Escola , he’s a comedian and actor and known for just being a crossdresser— but I think he officially just trooned out

No. 1994277

This dress would have been really pretty if it hadn’t been sheer
I love this, I wish they would stop wearing completely sheer dresses though. Sheerness can be pretty if it’s incorporated into the ends or the sleeves or sheer fabric layered, but having their genitals and butts on full display isn’t as erotic as they think. It ruins the dresses actually
This is my favorite one, it’s so beautiful and the color is really pretty, and her headpiece and curly hair looks gorgeous. I agree with everyone saying that she looks like a princess
I hate this idiot moid and his expensive chip purse. How hideous. Met gala tickets cost 75k, bringing on off theme Balenciaga bag that’s well known for being an out of touch and ridiculous object is just obnoxious
This dress is beautiful
I like the petal effect and the color scheme
Love this one
She looks beautiful
I’m sorry but Lizzo looks so stupid kek
I like her hair and the bow detailing at the bottom of the dress, she said her hair is Victorian inspired

No. 1994279

I agree that the sheer dresses are overdone, boring and don't add anything to the look (I give a pass for Elle Fanning's gosn though since it's literally glass), but perhaps some people just don't care about being classy. Class isn't necessary for fashion or beauty imo.

No. 1994287

Not trying to nitpick your post but Sydney def doesn’t have a wide body she’s pretty slim/athletic it’s just her boobs that are wide I think kek I don’t have strong opinions on any of them but do like seeing how some anons get so mad that those three exist

No. 1994288

its uncanny because everything about her is conventionally attractive (petite blue eyed blonde etc) but she looks weird here and there

No. 1994296

Agreed, like she has a filter on or something

No. 1994301

File: 1715113264018.jpeg (110.05 KB, 1360x895, IMG_1481.jpeg)

She does, and it’s not a bad thing. She has a triangle body type, wide shoulders, rib cage, and waist, with narrow hips and a small butt. It’s also known as the athletic or swimmer body type. It’s kind of why her implants fit with her frame, if she had a medium/average frame then they would be too big for her.

I’ve seen brain dead moids refer to her as having an hourglass when she has the opposite body type, and tbh it’s funny that they’ll call any body type they find attractive “hourglass” when they don’t even know what it means. Women hate themselves for not having hourglass proportions when single digit iq males don’t know or care what that actually means. Florence Pugh was also referred to as having an hourglass when she has the opposite body type, it just proves that there’s nothing unattractive about large frames or wide waists. Not that anyone here cares what scrotes find attractive anyways, it’s just ingrained into us that only hourglass figures are attractive.

No. 1994304

File: 1715113352084.jpeg (145.24 KB, 768x1728, IMG_1482.jpeg)

No. 1994306

Wtf happened to her face?

No. 1994307

She just isn’t wearing makeup there and she’s holding her head in an odd position

No. 1994313

Samefag but her ribcage is wider than her hips, that shows she has a wide and large frame

No. 1994318

I gotta admit she does have pretty boobs. The bikini is cute too

No. 1994329

AYRT I never saw her from the back like that I didn’t realize her torso was a little boxier. Sabrina has the misfortune of being SO short and also short waisted. Tbh tho yeah it’s nice to see different proportions on hot (whether anyone’s taste or not) famous women.

No. 1994367

I’m surprised everyone hates the gloves. The hair is the real tragedy imo.

No. 1994415

Does anyone have that video where they’re interviewing Lana and Kim and Lana almost whacks Kim in the face like 9 times with those branches on her head kek I think it was on purpose

No. 1994416

she is one of those people who despite having all the ingredients to be attractive i actually think is really horrible to look at, but i wouldn't really be able to justify this if someone asked me to explain it. but i also now can't unsee the tim petras comparison

No. 1994426

I think she's absolutely adorable. But she had a bunch of work done on her face so maybe you're subconciously picking up on that.

No. 1994431

I can’t find the full performance but here’s five minutes of Ariana performing at the met gala, they carried her on stage like sleeping beauty

She’s singing once upon a dream first i wonder what Lana thinks watching it kek cuz she covered it first and they’re not friends anymore

No. 1994447

Ngl I loved Arianas version and I wish it was better recorded. What happened between them?

No. 1994469

Lana’s 2021 question for the culture rant. She name dropped Ariana in it, but also posted like 8 follow up rants, saying if any of the ladies mentioned don’t understand or don’t want to be her friend anymore then that’s fine and she name dropped Ariana a second time alluding she called her upset or something.

No. 1994472

File: 1715123892699.jpg (1.4 MB, 3092x4123, 2f90d6f574d957a7d97cefe6831604…)

Her makeup is more flattering than usual. I think Sabrina is a really pretty girl but I have always thought her makeup makes her look a bit..dirty? It's like she's wearing lip liner/a lip combo that's too dark, too much blush, and too heavy contour or bronzer. It's like she's wearing makeup for a darker complexion. Plus she always looks kind of shiny and in combination with the unflattering makeup it makes her look greasy.

No. 1994491

No. 1994505

if that's the case then emma didnt get it, good for her

No. 1994518

what would fix this, nonnies? that eyelid procedure? or a whole face lift? bro looks like he's wearing a fucking mask, it's so droopy i just cant kek. he looks like uncircumsied foreskin

No. 1994520

File: 1715127358077.jpg (153.47 KB, 720x740, 2210922.jpg)

happy new chapter of the retarded drake/kendrick feud for those who celebrate

No. 1994521


Severe case of as us Irish say "Big Fookin Irish head on him"(sage your shit)

No. 1994523

Pahahahaha Kim has to keep dodging her antlers every time she turns to look at the moid

No. 1994524

I love how Emma sounds like she means absolutely 0% of what she’s saying

No. 1994534

>I think it's cute they showed up as a pair
i think it's amazing that ariana doesn't really have a choice, she literally can't take her man anywhere kek i wish she would i want to see people taunt him. he will never be accepted in hollywood after what happened and they're not even endgame lmfao

No. 1994537

I've always thought she looks like a bobblehead blonde version of Dakota Johnson with too much tan and greasy makeup. Nothing unique about her features

No. 1994547

>ariana doesn't really have a choice
She could've just went solo, it's not like she had to appear with anyone

No. 1994551

The theme was just quite subjective to some extent, but if you're a designer, you're supposed to know how to interpret shit better than many. The story is short as fuck, just 6 pages and it has quite the obvious themes.
If anything I feel like the ice purse was the least retarded concept but it could've been more dramatic if instead of a random rose, it could've had a tiny pearl or even just a simple bead.
Otherwise I think the designers must be plain retarded or burnt out to the point of suicide because no one could sit down a few minutes and think about the story, make a few sketches and take a few words from the story that wasn't the fucking flowers which, yes, they're mentioned throughout the whole story, but there's more to it.

No. 1994558

wym? she's openly bisexual

No. 1994568

File: 1715130806824.jpeg (1.27 MB, 1170x1432, IMG_1486.jpeg)

Emily Ratajkowski at the Met Gala after party

No. 1994570

File: 1715130830434.jpeg (899.14 KB, 1170x896, IMG_1485.jpeg)

No. 1994573

File: 1715130883194.jpeg (598.15 KB, 975x1446, IMG_1487.jpeg)

Kendall Jenner

No. 1994574

File: 1715130911860.jpeg (636.31 KB, 1048x896, IMG_1494.jpeg)

Iris Law

No. 1994575

File: 1715130974520.jpeg (916.72 KB, 1002x1473, IMG_1488.jpeg)

Doja Cat and Janelle Monet

No. 1994576

File: 1715131048915.jpeg (607.44 KB, 1056x685, IMG_1491.jpeg)

No. 1994577

File: 1715131195110.jpeg (783.45 KB, 1145x1359, IMG_1496.jpeg)

Sydney Sweeney

No. 1994578

File: 1715131227398.jpeg (680.93 KB, 1026x1091, IMG_1497.jpeg)

Cardi b

No. 1994579

File: 1715131305494.jpeg (656.52 KB, 1017x1288, IMG_1499.jpeg)


No. 1994580

File: 1715131308939.jpg (110.62 KB, 828x1462, GNAy9gXWEAA9wX8.jpg)

I'm tired of MET pics. Megan got the rights to use an anime sample in her song. Which anime do you think it is? I want it to be Giorno's theme (Il Vento D'oro) from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. She might play it safe though.

No. 1994581

What's up with all the sheer??? This is getting ridiculous

No. 1994582

File: 1715131411576.png (451.37 KB, 537x578, IMG_1500.png)

Rita Ora

No. 1994584

her stylus needs to shoot himself. that hair is ugly(a-log)

No. 1994585

File: 1715131468576.jpeg (581.02 KB, 926x1128, IMG_1498.jpeg)

They’re advertising themselves as costly escorts.

No. 1994586

Everyone looks so greasy god damn

No. 1994587

I’m sure they just got done with an orgy or something

No. 1994589


No. 1994592

It's the ~ dewy ~ glow ~

No. 1994594

>Not to start any Florence sperg, but I bet her dress would've been… interesting kek
She would have worn a single thread taped to her

No. 1994595

i know it's been said a million times but i am so over the sheer dresses, please for the love of god make it stop. i'm not even trying to be a puritan, it's just ugly and overdone

No. 1994611

That first song is the best I've ever heard from her

No. 1994612

Tbh, it's because the story is about glass flowers, but instead of making the dresses look delicate, they made shein tier trash tights.

No. 1994690

I always forget how cute her speaking voice is. idk I have a soft spot for bicycle-seat chan

No. 1994759

twitterfags took over lc when covid started so met gala discussion is now on brand with lc

No. 1994763

Yet another newfag. Do you guys read the old threads at all?

No. 1994776

He needs to lose weight.(rattle rattle)

No. 1994794

Janelle's outfit is making my skin crawl.

No. 1994795

I am loving how many wnba athletes are going viral and becoming popular it girls lately. This is what we have been needing for years! We get to see some healthy women, female sports gets more coverage and attention and young girls will feel more inspired to take up sports.
It's so odd that somebody would make AI art like this. Now she and her new bf are going to be scrambling to put this look together irl. Is anyone else also refreshed that twitter normies aren't buying her quirky bullshit lately?
You say that as if it would help him.
They probably are literally wearing body oil. If you are going to prance around half naked you cannot afford to be ashy.
The sheer dresses remain a way to get quick attention from stans on social media and the paparazzi, plus they get to show off their freshly cool sculpted bodies.

No. 1994799

i've never seen a met gala thread before covid

No. 1994814

File: 1715146559923.jpeg (Spoiler Image,68.44 KB, 576x1024, IMG_1597.jpeg)

(spoiler nsfw)

No. 1994815

High off that fenty

No. 1994819

already posted >>1992271 and spoiler that shit

No. 1994827

I hope he kills himself(alog)

No. 1994855

File: 1715149707358.jpeg (219.13 KB, 749x1091, IMG_1505.jpeg)

Sabdina Carpenter is 4’9 which means she is legally a midget(safe your shit)

No. 1994870

File: 1715150858641.webp (666.73 KB, 2580x4582, Palazzo_Massimo_Rome_013.webp)

shes not grabbing her tit or stomach. shes trying to cover her nipples and vag area. its also a pose emulating those old roman statues

No. 1994872

kek as if doja's cultured enough to reference that

No. 1994875

wait a minute why was this poster banned when it’s a real thing she wore, like, there’s a video here >>1994000
but also why the fuck DOES it look like AI. KEK.

i see the vision but she’s straight up grabbing her tit

No. 1994876

could be an ai enhanced real picture

No. 1994879

only actually creative take on the theme, good job

No. 1994885

No, she was groping herself and rubbing her hands on her body to look seductive.

No. 1994898

File: 1715153414250.jpg (193.44 KB, 750x1627, 09abc7b534e929b0626f763c39b644…)

idk i kind of get it. the wet material over body look is similar to how they'd detail "cloth" over marble. maybe a happy coincidence

No. 1994901

>maybe a happy coincidence
Most likely, since in this video >>1994000 she said it's intended to look like a wet t-shirt

No. 1994940

Look harder then

No. 1994943

Angel is a sweetheart and a champion.

Caitlin was designed in a lab to appeal to racist homophobic retards who know nothing about women's professional basketball.

No. 1994950

File: 1715161275096.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x1269, IMG_1507.jpeg)

What work do we think she’s had done

No. 1994953

None since these are those deceptive type of Instagram accounts that always chose the worst possible picture they can find of the before and then chose some picture with filters for the after.

The "before" doesnt even look like her, they must have spend hours trying to find a picture like that.

No. 1994966

Nose, lips and weight loss

No. 1994971

NTAYRT but she's said she's "kweer" more recently, and according to her wiki page she's only ever dated one scrote after another. So yeah, I'd say she's very far from being a lesbian

I think black hair looks too harsh for her features, even if I liked her MET gala dress

I thought Rita Ora couldn't do worse than her MET Gala "dress". I was wrong.

It might've been said a million times but it bears repeating because I agree. It's not that I'm shocked to see a pair of tits, it's just so fucking lazy and boring to wear yet another sheer dress at this point. It's like we get it, you have tits and an ass, congratulations. Now could you wear something actually cool instead? It also annoys me to see these female celebs competing about which one of them can expose themselves the most, while their scrotes stand next to them looking smug fully clothed

No. 1994986

File: 1715168691028.jpeg (174.68 KB, 1170x593, IMG_1518.jpeg)

No. 1994991

Tom Holland?

No. 1994996

That lesbian keogan dude?

No. 1995005

>supposed actress
Like she's not a real actress?

No. 1995006

File: 1715170490752.jpeg (803.84 KB, 778x1111, IMG_1965.jpeg)

Here’s a better picture from 2015. She’s had a lot of work done. I remember her being cuter before.

No. 1995008

he was at the gala tho

No. 1995016

Chalamaye or spongebob?

No. 1995018

aw i know i shouldn’t get my hopes up about celebrity couples but i would be so sad if this was true. not that you should really believe blinds, but still.

No. 1995019

I don't think kylie ever acted kek

No. 1995021

Idk I wouldn’t class those two as “foreign” I know they aren’t American but still. Is any celeb with someone who isn’t from the US/UK

No. 1995022

Doesn’t look like surgery to me, more like weight loss and I think that right photo looks more edited and the other is more candid

No. 1995024

I kind of don't understand the point of it? If it was a stadium full of her fans then I guess that makes sense they want to hear her live, but why would a venue full of A listers care about her songs? I just feel like this is all PR to show she'still got it and she's still loved despite her shenanigans. Vidrel is more clips of the same perfomance.

No. 1995025

samefag, forgot to quote original comment that did include the video

No. 1995037

another pickme ruining her face. their ugliness on the inside eventually shows on the outside.
her doing Poor Things was the genuine last straw for me.

No. 1995055

Nose job, lip fillers, brow lift

No. 1995060

>turtleneck loop collar
>clearly going for a 1800s collar vibe
It's just supposed to be a long high collar tied to the neck with a cravat

No. 1995061

File: 1715174970479.jpg (73.35 KB, 700x467, rihanna-bbhmm-met.jpg)

The MET Gala is a social and entertainment event. They have a performer every year, it's just that we don't typically see what goes on inside since Anna Wintour banned phones. It's the same as celebrities performing at the Oscars or whatever. Picrel is Rihanna performing a few years back.
>why would a venue full of A listers care about her songs
Do you think celebrities don't listen to music or something kek

No. 1995066

Ikr?? Just because you can show your tits and ass doesn't mean you have to

No. 1995081

File: 1715175775762.gif (3.95 MB, 480x304, giphy (1).gif)

I finally decided to Google and this lady is a tech billionaire named Mona Patel. I didn't know tech billionaires could actually look decent. Anyway, this look wasn't the best of the night imo, but the motor operated sleeves were awesome (although a little unsettling, they move like they're alive…)

No. 1995110

They moved!? Holy shit that’s so cool, shame about the rest of the dress though. I don’t understand why they’re all going for the freshly wrapped corpse look, too many of them just looked identical and it was kind of boring and the idea would’ve looked fine, and more varied, without being sheer/corpse shroud like.

No. 1995187

the whole women-wearing-skin men wearing suits thing kind of makes me sick. like be less obvious sometime please. you can tell who is for sale and who has "earned" their way to being covered. you can tell Doja fucked up cause she's clearly left out to dry (literally, she said she was freezing under the "wet look" aka water and hairgel")
I'd take myself to the tinfoil thread but it's kind of par for the course that they regularly humilate each other on a regular basis.
hollywood is glorified high school and they're all so pathetic it's actually laughable.

No. 1995263

File: 1715183400136.jpeg (282.82 KB, 1000x1499, dress.jpeg)

I forgot about the met gala until instagram showed me that butterfly dress and that incident with that one kpop band
idk who they are but still that's such a shitty thing to do
I like seeing anime characters irl but he looks way too feminine

back to the dresses
this is my favorite look, she is gorgeous and that dress is fucking amazing
love it,her body is smoking but i kek'd when i saw all those men helping her move

THIS IS THE DRESS HOLY SHIT,she won imo, everyone seems to be in awe at this "mystery guest", when I saw the butterflies fucking MOVE I screamed
posting a picture because why the fuck is there none in this thread, I saw comments on insta about who she was because I had no idea, very famous indian businesswoman indian women look up to

No. 1995304

File: 1715184399239.jpg (364.07 KB, 1043x1644, f3XupbX.jpg)

Vanessa Hudgens skipped out on coachella and other music festivals to go to a RenFair. She looks adorable

No. 1995310

um yes, cute legend. what a huge vibe change too, her looking cute and being happy (in something opaque thank the lord)

No. 1995320

File: 1715184793103.jpg (97.06 KB, 1078x1362, BVBjPOs.jpg)

Jenna Ortega is not returning to the show that she's literally starring in and producing kek. She is gonna fall off so badly, she lost so much hype thanks to that Miller movie

No. 1995323

She's not a great actress. That pedo movie really highlights that fact.

No. 1995328

kinda sad, i really enjoyed the show.

No. 1995329

I don't think it's her being dropped since she's literally the main protagonist. Unless she's being recasted?

No. 1995335

File: 1715185030219.jpg (204.34 KB, 1072x1800, 2GcshCi.jpg)

Olivia Rodrigo is going viral for being a Stacy kek. Now everyone's making fun of Barry. The absolute irony of Olivia yet again making Sabrina Carpenter take an L.

No. 1995338

Finally some good refreshing news

No. 1995339

Oh yeah the title is definitely click bait, she is the producer for the show so she chose to leave. Apparently they're killing her character off. This is literally one of netflix's biggest hit shows

No. 1995340

serves her right for playing a literal child then next minute playing a nympho. disgusting endorsement of the child to sexpot pipeline pedowood is trying to push. let her career perish

No. 1995342

This looks really nice from behind

No. 1995345

That's a win for Olivia, good for her

No. 1995348

Wednesday was never as entertaining as the actual films so why don't they just not have a second season

No. 1995351

So beautiful, I love Iris Van Herpen.

No. 1995352

Jenna Ortega herself aside, how are they even going to make Wednesday without Wednesday? Even if they kill her off and make it a murder mystery for example she'd still have to appear in flashbacks I think?

No. 1995357

they'll do it like young sheldon with an even younger actress that explains why she's so ~tortured and weird~ probably

No. 1995363

It's not about Wednesday… It's about a stupid animated Jurassic Park show she voiced a character in.

No. 1995366

>why don't they just not have a second season
it's netflix, they have to, apparently zoomers and younger eat this shit up, it's going to be one of those shows that's forgotten once it ends

No. 1995373

File: 1715185782932.jpg (150.06 KB, 1080x1332, Fb5WGKA.jpg)

You're right she's still on it, I've just seen so many clickbait articles about her leaving

No. 1995375

Wow the movement is amazing

No. 1995382

pretty gross she goes back to playing a kid after Miller's Girl. absolute psyop and feedind the reddit and 4chan coomers who are obsessed with her. I hate women like this who feed into this shit, everyone should be disgusted. everyone complaining about drake should hate this too

No. 1995387

File: 1715186285167.jpg (115.21 KB, 1080x1510, 1000014806.jpg)

Steve Albini is dead.

No. 1995388

File: 1715186326245.jpeg (537.68 KB, 1125x1006, IMG_0646.jpeg)

It’s the co-star, Percy Hynes White, who was accused of sexual misconduct.

No. 1995389

File: 1715186345548.png (219.08 KB, 1544x656, fnlkdnks.png)

I'm 99% sure this is about Percy Hynes the dude palying Xavier

No. 1995390

The whole point of Miller's girl was to condemn age gap relationships and show that older men are creeps. The film had no sex scenes in it either, btw. Way to miss the point of the movie.

No. 1995391

The worst thing about miller's girl it also fed into the false rape accusation meme. I'm so tired of movies by scooter about literal minors "seducing" or "tricking" adult men. It's pathetic and pervasive

No. 1995398

Anon be so for real it was about a vindictive high school girl ruining some loser scrotes career because he rejected her advances. She even tries to ruin the only other teacher character's career by going topless with her best friend and sending him a picture of them making out. Don't be fucking stupid.

No. 1995400

File: 1715186691941.jpg (Spoiler Image,21.81 KB, 783x391, UEb8NKm.jpg)

Except the director still chose to sexualize jenna's character and show her as someone manipulative/cunning rather than a victim.

No. 1995403

Exactly it still shows their relationship as one of equals rather than the insane power dynamic. It's more about jenna being a femme fatale than miller being a creep or predator. It's not like lolita(the book) which shows the absurdity of a grown trying to say a child forced him to do something

No. 1995414

People think lil nas x and troye sivan are dating

No. 1995416

Apparently it's troye's hand in this video

No. 1995423

File: 1715187618296.jpg (190.75 KB, 1079x2032, KURphJk.jpg)

Johnny Depp's comeback movie flopped, of course his pr team is coping and paying tmz to write articles about how it had a limited run

No. 1995424

File: 1715187659851.jpg (136.86 KB, 1079x902, IoTRYbW.jpg)

He flew too close to the sun

No. 1995427

Good. I hope that wife beating crackhead drowns in his own vomit.

No. 1995433

Why hasn't this old abusive has-been moid retired yet?

No. 1995441

>Less than 500$

No. 1995444

he can't afford to retire thanks to his retarded spending habits

No. 1995480

look what happened with lolita and its adaptations, still sexualizes these relationships and made them appealing to literally being the origin of the term lolicon

No. 1995483

bottom right thing needs a jumpscare warning or something, jesus christ. he looks like a full ashtray cursed to walk on two legs

No. 1995484

samefag, i know lolita the book itself doesn't mean to romanticize and instead to condemn grooming. but people love to twist anything for their interests.

No. 1995492

No, you completely missed the point. She was a very damaged, isolated, naive and star struck girl and the old scrote knew all of that. What she wanted was a mentor but being young and stupid she only knew how to use her sexuality to get his attention. As the older person as well as the one in the position of authority, it was the moid's responsibility to behave appropriately with her and instead he behaved in the most inappropriate way possible, hence his wife calling him out in their fight at the end.
The moral of the story was that even if the accusation was false, he 100% deserved what happened to him and it was only a question of whether or not he would be man enough to take responsibility for his actions. It did seem like at the end he finally realized that he was the villain of the story.

No. 1995509

File: 1715191452210.jpeg (230.92 KB, 1440x1440, IMG_5054.jpeg)

Anyway the Queen has spoken

No. 1995526

He’s not even that cute but at least he’s no borderline deformed. The bar is in hell.

No. 1995527

I'm so tired of the kendrick lamar praise and his pseudo intellectual stans. He chose heavily feature and tour with kodak black, he doesn't give a shit about victims

No. 1995530

do you guys think it flopped because the woman looks her age and not 18?

No. 1995536

They're gay, gay moids have no boundaries and they're both clout whores who probably just want preteens to write on X about this

No. 1995538

>even if the accusation is false, he 100% deserved what happened to him
Absolute kek, that is literally the point anon. They're portraying her as a manipulative predator with a deserving victim. It's not a smart character study on a predator it's just another movie to add to the men getting their lives ruined by crazy teenagers cliche we've seen already with poison ivy(drew barrymore) and countless films

No. 1995540

File: 1715193077286.png (9.61 MB, 2036x2048, GMqDgIXakAAUo10.png)

Megan Thee Stallion's promo pics/concept for her new music are cute.

No. 1995541

>They're portraying her as a manipulative predator
She was not a predator, he was. She did not set out to ruin his career, she just a mixed up kid who wanted support from someone she really admire. Miller was at fault, not her

No. 1995543

File: 1715193194329.png (7.57 MB, 1512x2016, GMqDgIJbcAADPYo.png)

No. 1995544

waste of a good aesthetic on a woman who sings about her pussy and ass

No. 1995545

Cute pictures, she's gotten so much skinnier I wonder what changed

No. 1995546

me too. if you don't praise kendrick they accuse you of not being smart enough to really understand the depth and true meaning of his super deep and intellectual songs. when in reality they just hate drake and will go along with anything that validates their hate for him. i feel like their hate for him comes from the fact that a lot of women like him. the same way justin bieber was hated in like 2010.

No. 1995547

Hard work in the gym and lipo.

No. 1995548

File: 1715193639287.jpg (25.66 KB, 640x621, megan-thee-stallion-pre-fame-c…)

She's just been exercising. If you look at her social media, she's constantly posting vids of her in the gym. I actually think she's just going back to her pre fame body but more toned and fit, picrel. Her substance abuse problem probably made her gain a lot of weight.

No. 1995549

Is her concept boa hancock?

No. 1995550

No. 1995554

I hate both because they are misogynists, and Drake is BFFs with a sex trafficker. I despise how women dickride for moids (or celebrities in general) who see them as less than human.

No. 1995571

definitely can't disagree with that. but i meant the moids who are praising kendrick only hate drake so much because he has a fairly big female fan base

No. 1995595

File: 1715197627800.png (79.08 KB, 1901x323, 1000023046.png)

Good, burn in hell pedo

No. 1995676

File: 1715202159233.jpeg (191.32 KB, 1170x180, IMG_1522.jpeg)

Tyla found herself a sugar daddy

No. 1995677

File: 1715202194408.jpeg (177.31 KB, 1170x799, IMG_1524.jpeg)

No. 1995683

File: 1715202474291.jpeg (121.35 KB, 426x600, IMG_1519.jpeg)

Ugly attended with Sabrina so it can’t be him, I would have thought so too otherwise though, since he’s been known to buy prostitutes. I’ve never seen anyone fuglier than him in my life

No. 1995739

its nice that they're both the same age or something like that, good for her

No. 1995746

Is this because of the chris brown dating rumors

No. 1995754

I don't even like drake but i found kendricks "diss tracks" to be lame, corny and hard to listen to esp with his grating voice.
Im pretty sure the main people hyping kendrick for this are uggo wannabe-intellectual white redditors whose last shower was 3 months ago.

No. 1995762

File: 1715207503829.jpeg (219.26 KB, 1170x910, IMG_1623.jpeg)

No she’s not

He needs a facelift…

No. 1995766

>i feel like their hate for him comes from the fact that a lot of women like him. the same way justin bieber was hated in like 2010.
I can't believe you had the audacity to make this comparison. Some (formally) harmless and (used to be) pretty boy vs a hideous fat pedo who never had any appeal towards women.

No. 1995767

Not only this but she can come across as arrogant in her interviews. She needs to tone it down if she wants the general public to like her.

No. 1995774

Taylor’s cats don’t even like her lmfao why does this have me cracking up

No. 1995816

File: 1715210048910.jpeg (161.23 KB, 640x1136, IMG_1627.jpeg)

People think Rihanna is gonna be single cuz Rosé from black pink was seen with asap rocky

No. 1995817

File: 1715210072427.jpeg (148.89 KB, 1283x1667, IMG_1628.jpeg)

No. 1995834

File: 1715210784225.gif (447.53 KB, 316x200, rafi-bite.gif)

tbh fuck both of them for using women as ammunition in their beef but I'm having fun watching everyone rip into Drake as Kendrick made it impossible to ignore his pedo behavior

No. 1995841

you mean kpop stans

No. 1995846

Different sources give different heights but she’s somewhere between 4’9-4’11
what do these things have to do with Rihanna and asap rocky, did Rose break up all of those relationships by sleeping with the men?

No. 1995885

>>1995816 wasnt zayn cheating on gigi already? Florence had to sell herself to Cillian to keep her career up. Bella Poarch was already whoring herself out and messing with Trafficker Tyga. Kendal moves on to whoever will keep her name relevant (wasnt bad bunny next?) >>1995817 Rose could never compete with Rhianna anyway… Those other women maybe but this seems like such a reach.

No. 1995934

Is this another Ariana situation where literal tweets from the person in question stating their height from years ago when they were less in the spotlight are ignored for what google/some random celebrity height website states as fact? Because they must be the uwu smolest to be lovable by their fans or like wtf is this behavior about?

No. 1995943

it’s a meme called the “rose curse.” i don’t know why that anon posted it as if it was actual milk.

No. 1996033

This sparked a brainwave for me, unrelated but does anyone remember the blind item referencing Rihanna that was pretty much scrubbed from the internet? It talked about her during one of her big tours during 2009-2010 and how she was connected to Epstein and was working to obtain her own teenage girls at her shows? The blind specifically stated she's a pedo and is into teen girls. I'm looking for it now. I really don't trust any of the billionaire celebrities.

No. 1996043

File: 1715222446481.jpg (66.76 KB, 1200x630, 1000027837.jpg)

Because all she does is carry them in stifling plastic backpacks to drag them on 100+ plane rides per year. She fucking sucks and it's just another reason to hate her

No. 1996052

File: 1715222741890.png (Spoiler Image,522.71 KB, 521x800, Dj.png)

Cards sister (Hennessey), Cardi and Doja at a met party.

No. 1996057

File: 1715222836607.png (Spoiler Image,580.85 KB, 542x800, Doja.png)

No. 1996058

that thing meredith was doing with her back legs is a kill-move, usually used to disembowel. they must really hate her. not to mention they're scottish folds which is pretty unethical to begin with

No. 1996061

I hate the top of her dress, but I actually think cardi looks really pretty here. Is it photoshop? Normally I don't find her pretty kek

No. 1996063

File: 1715223054625.webp (Spoiler Image,39.19 KB, 800x662, J.webp)

Really? Cardi looks horrible to me

No. 1996091


No. 1996093

She had a lot of work done, her face is almost unrecognizable

No. 1996095

People say she's trying to look like Nicki but she's really trying to look like her sister.

No. 1996106

Those bunny kick things are meant to disembowel prey? I didn’t know that kek, guess my cat is trying to disembowel me when I try to put her in her carrier

No. 1996111

It’s one of the ways they play, don’t worry. They also pounce on others when playing and they aren’t trying to literally kill when they do it kek

No. 1996120

File: 1715225926700.jpeg (74.83 KB, 702x314, IMG_1568.jpeg)

There are too many horrible little midgets in Hollywood

No. 1996121

they literally do it to defend themselves, which is what is happening in the clip. they're obviously uncomfortable and upset by how they're being held. google it if you need to.

No. 1996143

Ahhhhhhhh she's not holding Meredith right, she's got her arm squeezed into her tummy and then she gets folded in half. Instead of letting her down she squeezes her tummy even harder. I hate this

No. 1996147

She's straight as an arrow but calls herself queer to feel especial. She only dates pasty white guys

No. 1996163

File: 1715230222037.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1170x1439, IMG_1641.jpeg)

Lana gets around kek. last time these two were pictured together quavo said they were making hits. If that’s true I hope she ditches the country album cuz no way could they make a song that would fit that vibe. Maybe they’re just smoking a blunt. Maybe he’s her dealer, who knows. Looks like a blunt spot to me. But bro look how thin she is. I don’t even think she was this small when she got famous

No. 1996169

File: 1715230718370.jpeg (655.91 KB, 1170x1425, IMG_1569.jpeg)

Kim Kardashian captioned this “margiela broken doll”

No. 1996170

Not a single comment on that video cares either they think it’s so cute and that Taylor is the quirky cool best cat mom ever

No. 1996171

Rip to her ribs/organs

No. 1996173

File: 1715231090305.jpeg (1.19 MB, 1170x1389, IMG_1571.jpeg)

> The in-demand Sydney Sweeney, coming off hit rom-com Anyone But You and horror pic Immaculate, is shifting gears again as she is set to portray trailblazing boxer Christy Martin in a new biopic which could be a knockout for buyers at the Cannes market where Black Bear will be launching.

> The actress told Deadline: "I grappled and did kickboxing from 12-19 years old. I've been itching to get back into the ring, train, and transform my body. Christy's story isn't a light one, it's physically and emotionally demanding, there's a lot of weight to carry. But I love challenging myself."

> This is a promising package in part because there is a level of discovery to the story. Michôd explained about the script's arc: "The film is about Christy as a young gay woman in small-town West Virginia in the 1990s. She came from a relatively conservative family and wasn't allowed to be who she was so she used boxing as a vehicle to express herself and her rage. She had to make some dangerous and fundamental compromises in her life, the most important of which was marrying an incredibly dangerous man."

No. 1996175

“ Cats sometimes kick with their hind legs when they are engaged in play behavior, such as wrestling. They will also exhibit this behavior when they are fighting or feel defensive and want the other party to leave them alone.”
“If your cat reacts this way to you when you are attempting to pet her, it can sometimes mean she is trying to play. Certainly when you watch cats or kittens playing with each other, they will perform this same behavior, although not with the same intensity as when fighting. Cats typically do not inflict injury on each other when playing. However, a cat can unwittingly inflict scratches on a person’s hand or arm due to a human’s lack of fur. Keep in mind, though, that cats may perform the same behavior when they feel defensive or want the owner to stop petting them.”

So like I said, it’s how cats play with humans and each other. It can be defensive though, and it seems like that was the case with Taylor’s cat.

No. 1996178

File: 1715231557504.jpeg (935.02 KB, 1170x778, IMG_1573.jpeg)

> Alexander Skarsgård and Harry Melling to star in 'kinky' BDSM biker movie

>The upcoming British film "Pillion" stars Harry Melling as a "weedy wallflower" who becomes a "24/7 submissive" to the handsome leader of a motorcycle gang.

>They didn't always seem like parallel franchises, but it's finally time for a Harry Potter star to get the 50 Shades of Grey treatment.

>Harry Melling, who played Dudley Dursley in the popular wizard films, is set to become a "24/7 submissive" to Alexander Skarsgård in the upcoming British film Pillion.

> Described as "a fun and filthy romance," Pillion stars Melling as Colin, "a weedy wallflower letting life pass him by." But that changes when he meets Ray (Skarsgård), the impossibly handsome leader of a motorcycle gang.

>Ray brings Colin out of his dreary suburban existence and into a community of kinky queer bikers, "taking all sorts of virginities along the way." But eventually Colin starts to wonder if life as a sub is actually liberating, or if it's just replacing one form of suffocation for another.

No. 1996181

File: 1715231964485.jpeg (357.33 KB, 509x765, IMG_1574.jpeg)

>The actor-turned-director appears on the cover of this month's Porter magazine … and, she came out firing in the cover story – calling H'Wood phony and blasting the industry for elevating a few female stars in the studio system.

> Stewart says there's a process of checking off boxes, as if when studios fulfill a few requirements, the patriarchy will be thoroughly done away with in the industry. Here, KS name-drops Robbie and Maggie Gyllenhaal – claiming studios like to make one of their films to pat themselves on the back and call it a great day for diversity.

>Of course, Kristen's finally getting her own chance to helm a film – though it's not exactly a huge summer blockbuster like "Barbie." She's making her directorial debut on a project called "The Chronology of Water" based on the harrowing autobiography of the same name.

> In the interview with Porter, Kristen says she's flying to Latvia to film the flick because she needs to get away from Hollywood … so, sounds like she's completely out on industry oversight.

> When it comes to the big-budget flicks though … sounds like Kristen's convinced she's not on the shortlist.

No. 1996182

Why do I doubt that she did kickboxing for years when she was younger? She literally makes up so many things about herself because she is such a snore.

No. 1996184

She’s claimed that she played like 10 different sports growing up. She also claimed to be valedictorian but there were only like 4 students in her charter school, I’m surprised she hasn’t claimed to be a musician too

No. 1996188

File: 1715232698016.jpeg (1.79 MB, 1170x1739, IMG_1576.jpeg)

Elizabeth Hurley and her boyfriendson Damian Hurley at the premiere of their new film Strictly Confidential

No. 1996189

File: 1715232906344.jpeg (1.7 MB, 1170x1754, IMG_1577.jpeg)

Sydney Sweeney continues the pantsless trend by wearing miu miu boxer briefs with matching top

No. 1996190

File: 1715233103832.jpeg (545.22 KB, 1170x779, IMG_1578.jpeg)

Vogue captured Sabrin Carpenter and Barry Keoghan’s reactions to seeing each other’s met gala outfits for the first time. Barry looks ugly as sin.

No. 1996191

I really like Cardi's new makeup look she has been doing recently. Like the thin brows. It makes her look super pretty imo and I actually used to think she was kind of dumpy looking in the past, this new look is such an upgrade.

No. 1996194

File: 1715233866381.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1170x1743, IMG_1581.jpeg)

He claims to be 5’8 but he’s probably barely over 5 feet tall

No. 1996195

I thought that was Ezra Miller

No. 1996202

File: 1715234920661.png (4.72 MB, 2532x1170, IMG_1644.png)

Photo is from her last pregnancy but holy fucking shit Kylie’s BBL is offensively bad

No. 1996204

File: 1715234967614.jpeg (1.1 MB, 1170x2063, IMG_1645.jpeg)

No. 1996208

It’s the same size and shape as her stomach

No. 1996215

omg it's so low kek

No. 1996217

There was a nona from past threads calling her Kylie Longbottom kek the bbl looks especially crazy since she lost weight

No. 1996258

this photo means nothing, doubtless shes wearing 6+ inch heels as usual

No. 1996269

He is seriously the ugliest creature HaShem has ever crapped out. I’m so sick of Hollywood selling us these objectively hideous scrotes as attractive. Disgraceful.

No. 1996271

File: 1715242899144.jpeg (3.71 MB, 1920x3437, IMG_6151.jpeg)

not a blind but there was a channer who claimed he worked for epstein and rihanna. rihanna part is in top right corner.

No. 1996274

Both ugly and short. Hope they don’t breed.

No. 1996277

that's dissappointing, the only thing i knew about her was that "i can be a better boyfriend than him" song

No. 1996289

She’s built like the letter S, literally

No. 1996293

Hollywood producer got caught being a predator, trying to meet up with a 15 year old girl

No. 1996305

This angle is so weird. It looks like it was taken through a fish eye lens

No. 1996311

I think they’d look cute together (despite being obviously PR) but I can’t shake off the domestic abuse allegations about him I’ve seen mentioned multiple times.

No. 1996318

the orange lip liner overlining her top overfilled lip looks ridiculous

No. 1996331

Why is Doja puffing out her chest so hard in all the pics? We see them girl.
It's some meme about how Rose will be seen with someone and then they end up breaking up with their partner a while later. Not like she's actually fucking other people's man, but that she brings some relationship curse. Anon was just finding an excuse to post kpop, it's not milk at all.

No. 1996336

Big Eric Northman lover but whenever I see the Skarsgards I always think about how I read something (maybe it was here) about how they're a bunch of freaky ass people and something about how some lady escaped Alexander's house naked

No. 1996352

Rrrrreee she's holding them so badly. Poor Meredith especially. I hate to see people handle cats wrong. Also a nice one to get Scottish folds, they are often in chronic pain

Yeah, Meredith's body language looks annoyed and uncomfortable to me

No. 1996353

he was also allegedly violent at a hotel breaking things and cheated on his ex with prostitutes (who he was also violent towards)

No. 1996355

To be fair to Lana Del Rey the entire Internet was calling her a fatty. I think she just looked like every mum at a Tesco but that kind of negative flood would make anyone go insane and start mega dieting/ozempic

No. 1996369

I don't get the obsession with black pink, I saw a video somewhere of some of these girls and they are so fucking skinny it's scary
but it looks like they're pushing onto the western market

No. 1996376

She could have made herself look nice when she was big, but she always looked like a bloated pill head trying to squeeze into her old clothes. Fat Lana was not cute

No. 1996391

Whenever I see shit like this, I remember the racist anons who were malding over this music video and saying the mixed race children "destroyed the beauty of the song". I'm not exactly a LDR fan, but her triggering tradthots who want to use her music to pretend they're 50s housewives to fat, ugly neckbeards with beer bellies, recessed hairlines and a fear of DNA tests will always be hilarious.

No. 1996400

"Lovesick Girls" is one of the greatest music videos ever. Agree that now they are too plastic and weird, though(no kpop)

No. 1996403

I thought Angel and LSU were so fuckin annoying but then she got drafted by the Sky and I'm a Chicagoan so I guess I'm an Angel fan now

No. 1996512

Jockey mode(sage your shit)

No. 1996513

They're so hot but so gross(sage your shit)

No. 1996516

Should there be a instagram face thread?(sage your shit)

No. 1996517

Why do they wear these pervy dresses(sage your shit)

No. 1996535

File: 1715269362399.jpg (Spoiler Image,96.48 KB, 600x399, shrunkenheads.JPG)

Barry looks as if someone stole Ezra's skin envelope and put it on a too small head with non-existent bone structure at the needed places. He is like Ezra, but as a shrunken head (picrel be warned if you are sensible).

No. 1996541

Why would you get your implants done that way considering that there are many other methods available that don’t leave those insane scars? I assume Doja has money for the best of the best.

No. 1996562

File: 1715270884707.jpeg (427.87 KB, 1301x1216, BC6F308F-2BE9-4373-A016-4DD4EB…)

No. 1996565

File: 1715271088279.jpg (90.07 KB, 700x877, pink hair.JPG)

Shania Twain's new look

No. 1996567

File: 1715271156152.jpg (87.67 KB, 697x875, pink hair 2.JPG)

No. 1996568

She looks like she ran into a sliding glass door after being stung by a bee. I wish women would embrace aging naturally

No. 1996573

Jfc cast someone else for once. She is nothing like Christy and won't do the story any justice. It's a really fucked up life she led.

No. 1996576

What is up with this trend of women basically being naked at events you'd get dressed for? It seems misogynistic.

No. 1996584

Her hair is nice, rose gold is such an old overrated trend though

No. 1996590

It's been going for a while, too
She's probably wearing heels tbh

No. 1996593

Bella Poarch had a husband??
Weird look
All of them look like shit but somehow Cardi's dress is even worse than Doja's lack of dress

No. 1996595

hi fellow Chi-nonna hehe yeah I agree she was irritating to me too but she could easily be one of those players who goes on to be a local fav

No. 1996601

It is. We're going through probably one of the strongest anti-feminist backlash times.

No. 1996610

She fed Meredith every single day of her life? …Suuurree. Also the way she holds that cat is absolutely retarded. I've seen children handle animals better.(sage your shit)

No. 1996618

Late reply but the film was poopy dookie caca dogshit, there were like 4 actors in the movie, there were only like 4 sets, the dialogue was absolute shit, etc.
The whole plot of the movie is pushed forward because the girl has no great accomplishment to write about. She wants to lose her virginity and her friend convinces her to lose it to some old fuck because they're more mature and knowledgeable. The teacher rejects her advances, she cries and gets upset, then she goes and enacts revenge against him by ruining his career and then she tries to ruin to other teacher character's career too because she's, what, bored? The entire film is about how she uses and discards people. It's not some meaningful film. It's a cheap, shitty movie about a BPDemon girl falsely accusing some retarded scrote.

No. 1996642

File: 1715276687156.jpeg (523.74 KB, 1125x1379, IMG_3722.jpeg)

Ironic because she has the same dead face in every photo. She’s the same shit model she was when she started with minimally better walk.

No. 1996643

File: 1715276843904.jpeg (370.92 KB, 1125x1385, IMG_3723.jpeg)

No. 1996644

Idc about the color choice, it's nice and it suits her well.
She looks unrecognizable, though. First thought it was Emily Rata or Julia Fox.
I think her (upper) lip is only massively overlined, but that exaggerated the Emily/Julia vibe.

No. 1996646

File: 1715277147585.jpeg (123.25 KB, 1440x810, IMG_0653.jpeg)

Didn’t expect to see a real life Motherboy couple kek

No. 1996652

A rare case of a celeb woman dating an attractive man, good for her.

No. 1996666


No. 1996687

File: 1715280314612.png (253.71 KB, 309x400, $_1.png)

the american vogue is auch a snoozefest compared to other versions of this magazines in other countries. Anna Wintour will only retire when sie dies.

No. 1996707

God I would never talk to my animals the way she talks to hers. So disrespectful and clearly just narcissist. Animals are ANIMALS!!!!! Theyre kinda like children and need to be given grace and love. Fucking insane(sage your shit)

No. 1996774

File: 1715284309201.jpeg (133.63 KB, 1305x780, GNKWiyzXcAAQWSa.jpeg)

Hailey and justin bribery are having a baby

No. 1996778

Someone check on Selena, she's gonna drink herself into needing another kidney transplant once she sees this.
Jokes aside, why do a pregnancy shoot so early before there's really a bump? She just looks bloated.

No. 1996781

File: 1715284556708.jpg (136.58 KB, 720x784, J.jpg)

No. 1996786

imagine having a child with a literal crack head

No. 1996819

Ew, what disgusting warehouse basement was this at?

No. 1996847

It's extremely mysogynistic, sorry can't spell right now, and our culture is so pornsick it barely even registers as shock material anymore.

It's all a humiliation ritual/desperate grab for attention pretending to be art.

Tinfoil Moment: Maybe some people are trying to normalize public nudity a la nudism in history. We'll have to see if it results in photography of publicly nude children like Freikörperkultur did in Europe. Time is a flat circle and I'm done.

No. 1996936

Ahhhh a bandaid baby we knew it was coming it’s gonna be so sad and beige just like both of them.

No. 1996946

It's so sick, especially when men are in suits next to them.

No. 1996973

I actually like this bathing suit top, it’s pretty and feminine .

Dang, I always loved her curly dark hair. This just doesn’t look right for her… reminding me of modern Megan fox

No. 1997047

File: 1715296188053.jpg (168.07 KB, 948x1267, ODjEJh4.jpg)

As soon as the Biebers announce a baby Selena starts attention seeking by baiting wedding rumors on her story KEK

No. 1997068

The other day I was wondering why he hadn't started shooting out kids yet. He seems like the type of guy who would be concerned about his bloodline.

No. 1997073

Thank you anon

No. 1997093

He actually gave the opposite vibes to me, for some reason I never expected Justin to have kids

No. 1997110

Doesn’t Justin already have a child? I swear to god Reign looks just fucking like him.

No. 1997118

LOL I was waiting to see her reaction. Watch her get pregnant next

No. 1997176

File: 1715303244836.jpeg (1.05 MB, 1144x1565, IMG_1617.jpeg)

This picture is from yesterday

No. 1997451

All I can think about is how if I was her trainer she could stand to develop her quads further and gain a smidge of weight kek I’m disgusted that she’s cast in that movie though (for many reasons) I’m sure she’s gonna look like a joke instead of a boxer. Also the nonnas talking about this being the era of Hollywood flaunting their elite escort service are honestly selling me on that tinfoil.

No. 1997474

this is so fucking sad

No. 1997542

It was never confirmed and will probably stay an internet conspiracy forever just like the whole “OJ is Khloe’s dad” thing.

No. 1997564

File: 1715319768773.jpeg (172.36 KB, 1046x1776, IMG_1647.jpeg)

This creature is balls deep in Selena right now as she processes the pregnancy news

No. 1997565

File: 1715319827582.jpeg (291.65 KB, 1197x1653, IMG_1648.jpeg)

Also I found more screenshots of how hard she went for him that weren’t posted here (this is all of the comments she posted)

No. 1997568

File: 1715320851125.jpeg (1.04 MB, 1170x1373, IMG_1651.jpeg)

He’s so fucking short

No. 1997569

Nona dear, I just woke up I didn’t need this disgusting mental image to torment me for the rest of the day.

No. 1997641

Agreed, I'm pretty sure I'd have hated Joakim Noah if he wasnt a Bull

No. 1997656

But his head is huge he looks like a midget Andre the giant

No. 1997688

>please stop posting your ugly ass boyfriend
I don’t typically think of post-breakup parties as “winners” or “losers,” but Selena is obviously the loser here

No. 1997710

I feel like there are a lot of factors. For red carpets, I feel like Rihanna's bedazzled sheer dress was a huge moment and the trend hasn't died down since. Popstars have been naked and in overly sexual outfits for more than two decades already and a successful career pretty much requires you to get naked nowadays. Rap and hip-hop female artists are heavily inspired by prostitute aesthetic and sing extremely sexual lyrics. The Kardashians also pushed the idea that your body becomes your main accessory, and more celebs get expensive treatments to have that supernatural body so they want to show it off. The cheap 'sex sells' tactics are used a lot nowadays to bring attention to music, movies (see Kristen Stewart's recent stints which seemed so out of her usual style), and they do work.

More importantly, there is no critical discourse against this trend : if you question why all these women get naked while their male co-stars can dress normally, why female singers need to be half-naked all the time to sign a record deal, you'll be called a prude, conservatist, or slut-shamer. It all ends at 'their body, their choice', and getting naked is being portrayed as a liberating act of bravery and female empowerment. These women are brainwashed themselves by the media. I also suspect that, maybe unconscioucly, it can also be a status thing: celebrities want to remind you subtely that they are above the average population, they live in this protected bubble where you can walk around naked and know that nothing will happen to you. A normal woman couldn't go out dressed like Doja, it is a form of fucked up privilege in their eyes. The Bianca Censori experiment isn't just a voyeuristic act, to me it's similar to vidrel where Kodak Black passes around his jewelry because he's so confident that no one will fuck with him and steal it: they're so famous that they can get away with breaking laws (indecent exposure) and having no consequences, be it legal or getting assaulted like us peasants would.

No. 1997718

Dude looks like a naked mole rat pretending to be human

No. 1997774

There's always someone who thinks they're smart doing this "Ackchually it's to show that that age gap is bad" thing. These directors aren't trying to tell you shit is bad. They are the creepy older men, retard. They're having their cake and eating it too, and it always works because of people like you falling for it hook, line and sinker.

No. 1997784

>>1996643 the damn horse is doing a better job at producing an interesting facial expression

No. 1997800

isn't he into that born again Christian shit? They're going to end up with at least 6. The whole family is just going to fade away to D list trash. Happens pretty often. Expect some half assed reality show before that though

No. 1997883

Miller's Girl was directed (and written) by a woman, anon.

No. 1997925

Every time I see a picture of this literal hobgoblin I can not think of the nona in the past celebricows thread based rant >>1710222

No. 1997972

He’s packing, right? Surely, this man has a ton of charisma and a giant dick. She can’t seriously be with this troll for any other reason.

No. 1998038

Ice Spice released a new song. She's rapping about poop and diapers again.

No. 1998049

File: 1715363740238.png (169.17 KB, 595x647, Screenshot 2024-05-09 005237.p…)

What if i told you… this was a couple of days ago. It's safe to say he has officially fallen off.

No. 1998058

>shaking ass in the first 20 seconds of the video
>"i can take ur man im gonna fuck ur man"
>wearing shorts guaranteed to give you a yeast infection
>entire video might as well be soft porn

mainstream female rap is in the gutter

No. 1998064

I don’t get it, this single was released years ago?

With a face this bad, even 8 inch dick is not a sufficient excuse tbh.

No. 1998138

One of Lana & Quavo’s songs leaked. It’s supposed to be for her country album, and sounds nothing like a country song. It sounds like something that would be on Honeymoon or LFL. Kek at her naming it a “country song” like six different times in the lyrics. As a lanafag this song is disappointing, mid as fuck, it sounds like she has no passion. Her last album wasn’t my favorite but at least you could hear the emotion in her voice.

In the twilight ways, we're just shadows in the rain (in the rain),
Whiskey on my lips, sounds of a sweet refrain (sweet refrain),
The roads we own are laced with sorrow's face (mmmmm mm mm),
Every chord strummed is a stupid sour taste (mmmmm mm mm).

Oh, in the depths of night, find me where the wild roses bestow (shh),
Where the lake runs deep, with secrets we know (ha ah ah),
Dancing with my solitude, under the crescent moon's glow (ha ah ah),
In this dark country ballad, the frigid winds blow (ha ah ah).

Yum yum taste like a fruit tart,
Don't taunt, my quiet demons will start,
Silver chains glinting, you know what I'm hinting,
Your body tinting, love it mommy keep sprinting (Yuh),
Lana is mommy the bomby bomby safari umami mommy (Yuh).
Keep it real don't keep it fake (Yuh),
We meet at the same dumb lake (Yuh),
Stupid laws we leave no trace,
Damn right we win the horse race (ha ah ah).

Oh, in the depths of night, find me where the wild roses bestow (shh),
Where the lake runs deep, with secrets we know (ha ah ah),
Dancing with my solitude, under the crescent moon's glow (ha ah ah),
In this dark country ballad, the frigid winds blow (ha ah ah).

In the stillness, I keep that haunting tune,
Trapped demon in the silence, under a waning moon.
Velvet darkness wraps around, like a shiny cocoon,
We merge our shadows, in the lake's monsoon.

Oh, take us through the twilight's gate (mmmmm mm mm)
Where the night whisper tales, of love and fate (mmmmm mm mm).
(Oh) Country roads with a tale to narrate,
(Oh) In this melody, our dark demons resonate.

(Ha ah ah) So let the guitar weep, and the drums beat slow,
(Ha ah ah) This country song is where we go.

Oh, in the depths of night, find me where the wild roses bestow (shh),
Where the lake runs deep, with secrets we know (ha ah ah),
Dancing with my solitude, under the crescent moon's glow (ha ah ah),
In this dark country ballad, the frigid winds blow (ha ah ah)."

No. 1998152

>Lana is mommy the bomby bomby
Nonnie is nonnie the nonny nonny

No. 1998154

I hate when she gropes herself

No. 1998161

File: 1715367343449.png (130.9 KB, 307x274, 1000014280.png)

>Lana is mommy the bomby bomby safari umami mommy (Yuh)

No. 1998164

>Hollywood female director
>not a pickme
Choose one

No. 1998174

I wish that was real, it would've been hilarious watching stans sit there and try to defend it. At least the uploader had her voice and the Jack Antonoff sound accurate. This is an "unreleased version" of West Coast from the same channel.

No. 1998243

>Lana is mommy the bomby bomby safari umami mommy (Yuh).
Kek wtf
Not again!?

No. 1998247

I don't get it

No. 1998257

If not for the robotic voice, this one would be believable, it kinda sounds like her old unreleased songs. Lowkey a banger tbh.

No. 1998432

The "Down on the West Coast, they got their icons/Their silver starlets, their Queens of Saigons" etc part was pretty good

No. 1998615

Fka twigs and duo lipa are advertising their escort services(tinfoiling)

No. 1998702

File: 1715421090715.jpeg (173.14 KB, 658x824, IMG_9766.jpeg)

Gavin Rossdale is dating an Albanian Gwen Stefani skinwalker nearly half his age. Creepy.

No. 1998704

File: 1715421181393.jpeg (808.2 KB, 1170x753, IMG_1849.jpeg)

>As Cannes readies for #MeToo bombshell, fest says it won't automatically kick out accused directors and talent

>A sense of dread is looming over this year’s Cannes Film Festival, with rumors that several stars and directors at the fest could be outed as sexual predators.

>But the fest’s president saying they’ll take it on a “case-by-case” basis.
>French press has been reporting that a list of 12 actors and directors will be hit with #MeToo allegations during the international festival, which starts next week.
>“French cinema is in a cold sweat,” said a headline in Le Figaro, which also claimed that the fest is so worried they’ve hired a crisis PR team.
>The #MeToo movement has been revived overseas by French actress and activist Judith Godrèche, whose film “Moi Aussi,” (#MeToo) will play the Un Certain Regard selection at the festival.
>Godrèche filed two complaints of rape with the police against French filmmakers Benoit Jacquot and Jacques Doillon earlier this year, accusing both of assaulting her when she was only a teenager.
>Cannes previously reckoned with #MeToo in 2018 as women came out against Harvey Weinstein, a movie industry titan and Cannes regular, with several of his assaults happening during the festival.
>That same year, French actress Catherine Deneuve and others denounced the #MeToo movement in a letter to Le Monde saying, “insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime, nor is gallantry a chauvinist aggression.”

No. 1998706

File: 1715421375002.jpeg (774.51 KB, 1170x1396, IMG_1850.jpeg)

>Danny Boyle is once again directing, after helming 2002's 28 Days Later, which centered on a man (Cillian Murphy) who wakes up in the hospital to find the United Kingdom overtaken by a zombie plague. Civil War filmmaker Alex Garland, who penned the script, is back to write what is intended to be a trilogy of films for Sony.

>Boyle and Garland will produce the new film with Andrew Macdonald, Peter Rice and Bernie Bellew. Original star Murphy will serve as executive producer.

No. 1998726

File: 1715423562403.gif (350.12 KB, 250x220, ldr wave.gif)

Every time this this marble mouthed, frozen faced ddlg fascist adjusts her wiglike hairdo and waggles her acrylic hot dog fingers at the camera… awful. Rotten to the core.(sage your shit)

No. 1998749

fat ugly scrote nonce

>insistent or clumsy flirting is not a crime
clumsy flirting would be asking someone to dance with you/go for a drink and then accepting their response if they say no. guilttripping actresses into shagging you or else they'll lose their job is not clumsy flirting. why are people so retarded and why can't they see a clear difference here?

No. 1998775

File: 1715431412890.jpg (109.06 KB, 727x795, babypit.JPG)

Somebody brought their baby to the taylor concert and let their child sleep on the floor


Gavin also banged the ex of pedo till lindemann, who also skinwalked gwen when they dated for a hot minute.

No. 1998791

Isn't he a chaser?

No. 1998848

he's so ugly, it's a sin
kek, agree so hard

No. 1998906

i loved the first two films but part of their charm was the 2000s horror vibe they had to them. so much time has passed irl and in their fictional world that i worry the third movie will be too different from its predecessors.

No. 1998910

Full video explaining the drama between Ice Spice and Baby Storm + her leaked text messages about Nicki Minaj

No. 1998911

File: 1715443078701.png (Spoiler Image,410.67 KB, 380x511, mts.PNG)

So i watched the new MTS video…I know she's generally liked here, but i'm starting to find her very cringe and try hard.
I get it, she likes Anime and video games! I know, there's proof of these things being her genuine interests, but i hope this doesn't become her "thing".
And this outfit is fucking gross and weird. And if this isn't some kind of edit, (Which to be fair it does look like it) she clearly had work done on her body.
Even at her slimmest her stomach and hips never looked like this. It's probably some kind of editing or something for style though.

No. 1998917

0 respect for any woman worth her salt or talent getting her tits out to sell anything. sorry pedowood got to you, maybe just be indie?
this beef with her and niki is almost as contrived as the kendrick vs drake shit, almost like they're all trying to get diddy I mean daddy I mean their pimp daddy's name out of the spotlight by humilation ritual and sacrifice.
you women on these boards are too smart not to notice this, surely?
female rap has always been about selling themselves. show me one good female backpack rapper in the spotlight? there aren't any. it's all slutty and degrading.
just because megan's a weeb doesn't mean she has flow. the last female rapper we had with flow was azealia and god bless her she lost it

No. 1998920

the coomer gamer girl aesthetic is gross and played out. cant believe some of you cape hard for this broad

No. 1998928

I was about to post that same picture too, it looks like she got work done on her body. Now Megan fans better stfu about her being natural because she isn't anymore

>some of you cape hard for this broad

The majority of the people who like her only do it because they hate nicki or tory, she doesn't have actual fans that like her music. She only has pity fans who treat her like a victim damsel in distress, that's why they were defending her when she flashed one one of her workers because she can do no wrong in their eyes.

No. 1998931

I'm not sensitive to nudity to I don't typically mind anyone being scantily clad, but this was too much even for me. I saw clips of the video though and she looked cute in the other parts I saw at least.

No. 1998934

File: 1715444525521.png (267.98 KB, 486x362, is.PNG)

Also, I have a rant about ice spice (unique I know!), I watched a clip of her horrible sounding song where she screams and sounds like a little boy. Anyway one of the lyrics are
>Her man callin' me baby (Grrah)
And suddenly her eyes and face change, i assume to make her look like a "baby".
and then the next line is
>I'm Miss Poopie like I need a diaper (Grrah)
and then it's her shaking her ass.
Is this considered pedo pandering? It's like if Shayna made a fucking rap, in fact I can see her posting that shit legit thinking it's so sexy.
I know it's tired to rant about Ice Spice, but she legit is one of the worse female rappers out there. The songs sounds like she's out of breath and trying to rap while running up the steps, she has a horrible bored voice.
In the video her eyes are so fucking dead and it looks so cheap. Also why did she start doing the ultra pink/y2k looks? It's like they are literally trying to make her a Baby Nicki.
Except her voice is bad, she has no flow, lyrics are horrific and she's not as attractive. As much as Nicki MInaj sucks as a person, she's a great rapper and she's beautiful at least.
Ice spice can go on the stage and go,
>goo ga ga ga, hand me my ba ba, he callin' me mama, I call him pa pa
and bend over and shake her ass and the gay dudes on twitter will post some gifs going, "Mother!!! She ate that!!".

No. 1998935

if she wasn't one of pedowood's high-class escorts why would she advertise herself as such? it's clear millenials and zoomers are over the hypersexualization of everyone, this isn't for the consumer. it's for the men who CONSUME these women. these are ads for their services.
also the beats do not slap and the flow needs work but when was that the point? all the work goes into the "ad" for her services(tinfoiling)

No. 1998938

samefag with this one and sexxy redd. they're hookers, plain and simple. same with bicycle-seat, they sold themselves. find real female indie rappers if you give a fuck, and stop listening to and indulging these people. you're unironically better off endorsing taylor swift, at least she doesn't have her pussy and tits out (yet)
hard samefag cause I have a point and I'm not editing shit

No. 1998939

I also noticed that. Those lyrics were weird and questionable as hell. At least her 15 mins seem to be up and people seem to be turning on her.

No. 1998940

>I feel like everyone's a SEXY BABY and I'm a monster on a hill
tswift too

No. 1998944

I'm not very into the music and I dislike the hypersexualization, but she's cute/pretty and much less disgusting to me than the Cardi Bs or Sexy Redds. Ice Spice is offputting and boring, too.
The outfit you posted is bad, but the bunny one was pretty cute. I hope her aesthetic naturally transitions more into an erokawa/video game/y2k alt girl look. Her and Ashnikko are okay in small amounts.

No. 1998947

she's no better than sexyy red and cardi lmao

No. 1998950

File: 1715445104034.jpg (124.16 KB, 421x522, boopoopadoop.jpg)


No. 1998952

>to me

No. 1998954

>she's cute/pretty and much less disgusting to me than the Cardi Bs or Sexy Redds.

Lol this is so hypocritical, you only like her just because she pretends to be a fellow "nerd otaku" when in reality she only knows the stuff that normies do too.

No. 1998955

men started it by making her do this, but women are complicit in the pick-me performance. see emma stone with her literal baby-brain but gets fucked on the reg.
I'm starting to really hate men

No. 1998957

snow tha product is a good female rapper that doesn't over sexualize herself. her flow is mad good.

No. 1998961

Cardi and Megan have really similiar nusic though and they even collabed twice. I dont know why you think Megan is okay yet think Cardi is bad.

No. 1998962

This is celebricows, not Twitter, do not start promoting randoms here. Unless you have some milk, we don't care about this literal who.

No. 1998964

Ok this is not the thread for you to promo unknown irrelevant rappers. Also snow that product is a hoe too so bye.

No. 1998965

It's not my post, I just think it's weird to try and dunk on anon for saying she personally can stomach one artist over the other. She didn't actually say Megan is better so you just debating a personal preference.

No. 1998966


No. 1998970

And she was paying people to do her university work.

No. 1998971

I said she's less disgusting to me from a subjective standpoint. Aside from that, she actually went to university, has expressed at least some interests besides taking dick and attaching herself to criminals, didn't become yet another baby mama, isn't a Trump supporter and isn't posting about going to the gyno to find out "why her pussy stank". She's not amazing, but I find her prettier (sorry) and at least she isn't just a completely trashy person. Cardi bashed black women and identified only as latina up until she could profit off blackness, too.

No. 1998973

Even that's better than paying to have other women physically attacked by moids just because your moid was attracted to them like Cardi did.

No. 1998990

People notice it with Sexxy Red because she's not attractive, I promise you if Sexy Red was pretty but behaved the same way, people would have sympathy for her, would act like she's a victim being "Controlled" or being "Forced" to do this or that.
Look at Chrisean (Bluface baby mother) it took a LONG WHILE before people finally stopped feeling bad for her.
Even now you'll catch people coddling her.

No. 1998999

Im confused, so was this just something to get attention or something?

No. 1999002

Im so certain that less than a year from now Selena will be announcing a baby with this ogre too. Copying is all those girls do, at least Hailey's husband can be attractive when he's not being a pill and coke head.

No. 1999003

Usually I'm not much interested in meg's music but the sample of gwen"s "what you waiting for?" is really well done and made me realize that it wasn't used before in a similar way. The shown outfit is trash tho.

>isn't posting about going to the gyno to find out "why her pussy stank"
??? what is the story behind that? Who did that?

No. 1999016

File: 1715447811369.webp (60.2 KB, 1500x1119, IMG_1653.webp)

She looks like a man. Also I just read an article on People where she lists musicians that have inspired her and No Doubt is on the list. But Gavin was the one to reach out to her first. So creepy

No. 1999033

File: 1715448909506.jpg (71.78 KB, 970x510, maz gavin2.jpg)

he has a thing for blondes

No. 1999061

File: 1715451471678.jpeg (182.37 KB, 340x639, 38005D8E-E530-4DC2-9849-487DC1…)

I genuinely don’t know if it’s an ongoing joke Sexxy Red thinks is hilarious, but she always talks about her vagina being smelly.

No. 1999064

Snow is a lesbian pick me (she tries too hard to be one of the guys by being a misogynist to other women) and she also said some sus shit about a teenage girl in the Avatar Movie

Her and Lauren from 5th Harmony called some character that was played by a 13 year old girl hot but they tried to justify it by saying there was so much CGI it was not the same

She's sus and a try hard

No. 1999065

No, the character was not played by a 13-year-old but by a 19-year-old actress. Can you watch the clip in full before you spew bullshit?

No. 1999066

I just realized that Kanye's wife name is Biance Censori.

No. 1999075

Nitpicks incoming but did she do her hair in the car on the way to the event?? sheesh. Also the mascara blobs on her eyelashes bother me

No. 1999099

This is Amy Schumer type humor. Gross and unfunny

No. 1999135

File: 1715458911271.jpeg (710.74 KB, 1170x1441, IMG_1655.jpeg)

Kim is ridiculous

No. 1999142

anyone know why she had that sweater?

No. 1999158

how did that baby not wake up

No. 1999185

File: 1715460656856.png (772.38 KB, 718x828, Screen Shot 2024-05-11 at 2.50…)

i know he's famously a creep but jesus fucking christ

No. 1999248

It was a part of the designer’s last fashion show (the one who made her dress) and Kim said the inspo for her look was based on her ‘wildest night in a garden’ where she grabbed her boyfriend’s cardigan and her hair was dishevelled.

No. 1999293

How is this legal!? that baby could have easily been trampled. Not to mention their ears are not even developed. wow. i hate this

No. 1999296

He is beyond old enough to be her father. We need to stop normalizing this age gape.

No. 1999302

grandfather even

No. 1999316

File: 1715467252385.png (169.82 KB, 720x781, Screenshot_20240511-173655~2.p…)

The actress is currently 20 but they filmed in 2017 and finished filming by 2020 retard. She was around 14 when they started

No. 1999320

File: 1715467300492.png (115.53 KB, 720x1001, Screenshot_20240511-173804~2.p…)

Maybe do ur research next time

No. 1999449

You sound like one of those scrotes that quizes women on anime to make sure they're a TRUE fan.

No. 1999519

File: 1715477666910.jpg (70.58 KB, 405x720, oardefault.jpg)

How is he born in 1999…? And her nose is so tiny now, she must be having breathing problems.

No. 1999580

File: 1715482423252.jpg (107.74 KB, 1200x900, 14-dove-cameron-before-and-aft…)

crazy how several nosejobs later and looking like michael jackson you can STILL see her old face and old nose underneath her new face. you can't run away from genetics dove

No. 1999582

Why is it always the geriatric moids with tiny hands and a Justim Beiber haircut?
I like her old face better. It's not the ethereal petite goddessu look she obviously aiming for (and failing), but it was mousey and unique in a cute way.

No. 1999589

File: 1715483425097.webp (122.1 KB, 1080x2106, IMG_1905.webp)

Can someone explain the leaked cctv footage of Drake at that hotel that someone’s blackmailing him with? I don’t get what it’s about. Everyone keeps pointing out the disabled person in the wheelchair and talking about Epstein

No. 1999651

Ugh I think she had a sweetness to her natural face kind of like Julia Garner or someone similar. She would have been uniquely cute/lovely if she’d just let herself age into it.

No. 1999685

His jawbone is barely holding on by a thread and a prayer. Why are we expected to pretend that Korea beauty standard isn't psychopathic and disgusting? Men look like they have shrunken heads, so ridiculous.

Lana's cover is better

Dumbest meme some of you schizos keep pushing.

No. 1999694

there's really no other reason for this many women to be nearly naked at these events, much less an event that's about clothes

No. 1999696

I think its cool that she genuinely doesn't give a fuck.

No. 1999698

File: 1715491637391.jpg (27.13 KB, 474x463, 1000003613.jpg)

Who is this man paying for his career? Who in the honest to god hell is asking to see this creature do anything sexual much less sexually servicing another person. God this made me mad.

No. 1999703

Obvious fanfic.

No. 1999706

These two have entirely different noses. Like complete opposites

No. 1999709

She very much does give a fuck, everything she does revolves around wanting a reaction then getting upset when given one.

No. 1999712

Ralph Fiennes is in it so you know its going to get weird, that man only plays freaks

I meant about her scars, thank you for the dissertation on her psyche though I guess

No. 1999714

Believe it or not, no. He "dated" Marilyn when he was extremely young and trying to get his foot in the door. Marilyn has no career and was trying to exaggerate to steal a headline about how heartbroken he was and that they were first loves or something but they just fucked. He did fuck his very cis nanny though, man is a dog. He likes bimbos for sure but it has little to do with Marilyn whose influence and career was extremely short lived.

No. 1999716

The eye enlarging is just a stylistic quirk of the video, they weren't trying to make JB look like a baby in Yummy.

No. 1999717

White Drake

No. 1999740

Forreal kek. Though I will say, if he shaved his head he could play Nosferatu

No. 1999750

Is this pic for real? It looks like someone used the pucker tool and sucked his features inward to showcase his giant ass head.

No. 1999758

File: 1715496623273.jpeg (240.82 KB, 550x1079, IMG_1913.jpeg)

Rubi Rose’s old tweets have resurfaced, she was talking about being flown out by athletes, dancing in the club at 15, and fucking rappers to advance her career. She was 16 in 2014. She stated that she lied about her age to some of the men but there’s no way they couldn’t tell she was a teenager.

No. 1999761

File: 1715496706255.jpeg (724.2 KB, 1170x1289, IMG_1911.jpeg)

She also dated Ian Conner when she was a minor and he used to post lewd pictures and videos of her on twitter

No. 1999763

File: 1715497034229.jpg (68.71 KB, 1360x765, 1000003614.jpg)

Yeah he's disgusting im so sorry but he is. He played an abandoned quadriplegic in ballad of buster Scruggs (bad anthology movie, don't watch) and I was like shit I'd leave him there too. He makes me angry only because why the fuck would anyone try to make me watch him on a screen for two hours.

No. 1999767

File: 1715497186573.jpeg (151.26 KB, 1170x1822, IMG_1914.jpeg)

When she was 20 she said in an interview that she dated Travis Scott years ago, when she was much younger. He was caught liking her pictures and tweets when she was 16-17 years old

No. 1999779

How old is this? I remember he had a teenage girlfriend that he wrote a bunch of songs about back in 2015(?) but I don’t see anything on google about him having a new girlfriend, so this must be the same one. Bleak

No. 1999782

this girl would've been 9 in 2015

No. 1999792

File: 1715499670662.jpeg (448.47 KB, 1011x1682, IMG_6231.jpeg)

No. 1999797

wtf she looked so pretty
now she looks like some random insta thot

No. 1999809

Annoying lispy caucasian Aubrey

No. 1999868

File: 1715508940732.png (Spoiler Image,2.82 MB, 1125x2436, IMG_3686.png)


The dude also bragged about his relations with a 14yr old girl - IN HIS OWN MEMOIR. (picrel)

It’s weird that he hasn’t been cancelled yet, considering how rampant cancel culture can be. RHCP’s music is mediocre at best.

No. 1999880

No. 1999910

I'm kind of fascinated (or not) at how those rock dudes never cease to disappoint.
One would think that people- who are going into the "depths" of their minds to write song text - are that fucking shallow.
They try to come of as a tortured poet (thanks Taylor, kek) and then date barely legal girls. Their stupid fan base, of course, don't bat an eye about it.
Instead of growing tf up with age, they regress. But then, on the other hand, which adult woman with more than two brain cells would even bother with their antics?
Dating scrote musicians is not fun, if you want a relatively stable partner.

I also agree about rhsp music, every song sounds like the other, melody wise. I like the flow of under the bride but that's it.

No. 1999930

kek next threadpic please

No. 1999932

Nonita, if it was the same girlfriend as in 2015, and she's 19 now that would mean she was 10 years old back then…..I know he's gross but that would be pushing it.

No. 1999934

I like how youtube lets celebrities get away with posting softcore porn with no age restrictions. Can this shit finally end? Can women please wear clothes again.

No. 1999941

>not amazing
>not completely trashy
The bar is on the floor

No. 2000014

>you women on these boards
Ok faggot moid

No. 2000116

Why are you so upset that some people prefer attractive women with hobbies in lame pop music to pickmes and racists? Kek

No. 2000165

chilli peppers fans should be bullied regardless but this is the absolute icing, of course he's a pedo. look at this cunt >>1999809
can farmhands ban him from living because he incites me to alog?

No. 2000249

She looks like Marlon Wayans in White Chicks, that nose is ridiculous

No. 2000318

Actually it was confirmed that Hiss was about Drake (he dissed her first) and not Nicki. She just wanted publicity and made it about her.

No. 2000368

File: 1715532730202.jpeg (358.11 KB, 1539x2016, megan.jpeg)

>hips never looked like this.
Kek what. That's her ass, not her hips
I'm not saying she's had no work done because it's always possible with celebrities. However I do think it's funny that people will say they want natural celebs and for these women to stop touching their faces and bodies, but then when there's a celeb that seemingly hasn't had any (obvious) work done and has pre-fame pictures proving shes always looked that way, she gets accused of surgery anyway just because her body is nice. You can't really win.
>INB4 "you're just a Megan stan!"
No, not invested in her or her music.

No. 2000387

I think the thing we need to acknowledge here is that a lot of users of LC have no idea what an all natural fit body can look like either kek

No. 2000389

MTS is a pickme

No. 2000494

Nta but MTS has definitely had a BBL unfortunately even though she had a nice shape to begin with

No. 2000498

Well please show us because BBLs are pretty obvious.

No. 2000556

>you women

No. 2000558

>>2000494 2 years of weight lifting can actually give you a butt. unless you have receipts or proof of scaring this is just another rumor.

No. 2000565

File: 1715544784829.jpg (117.71 KB, 1000x1500, GANTZ.jpg)

I thought that outfit was the female rapper equivalent to the gantz costumes. terrible taste but on par with every rap girlie now, and honestly being rasied in the coomer anime generation im not surprised by any of the oversexualiation. at least shes using her anime nerdiness creatively and not just throwing ass in the camera like ice spice. most women in entertainment get some type of cool scultping or body contouring so it wouldnt be surprising but i dont think shes done anything major.

No. 2000571

Mods who redtexted this post for “promoting” and this
anon who is samefagging trying to look like two different people yet said the same exact shit in both posts are ASTRONOMICALLY retarded.
Anons were having a fucking discussion on what rappers we think don’t sexualized themselves. Literally someone asked that question which prompted the anon to post about Snow. How are you gonna redtext posts incorrectly? These mods are shit for brains and so is the anon who complained twice without reading the conversation going on. Read and catch up on the fucking thread before you post, it’s not that hard. Would also save us from seeing the same milk being posted over and over again which is a unfortunately a common occurrence.

>why do a pregnancy shoot so early before there's really a bump? She just looks bloated.
Nona she’s in her third trimester. She’s over six months along, which is probably why she wanted to share they’ve been waiting for a long time. Pregnancy looks different on everyone and she’s naturally very lean.

I just threw up in my mouth. Everyone involved in this project should kill themselves, absolutely no one wants to see this except faggots and they can watch gay porn if they want to see two men fucking. Like making gay moid movies should be illegal. I’m sorry but it should be. It should be considered taboo. Idk who is more disgusting, the director who came up with the concept, or the two leads that signed on and agreed to do this. I know for a FACT the skarsgard dude is NOT hurting for cash, he could have easily turned this down but he didn’t because he genuinely WANTS to be in this film. Barf. I’m not shocked about the other lead agreeing to this, he’s a hideous monster and probably will take any roles he can get. No amount of money is ever worth it for doing this kind of film. I’m not even homophonic but gay movies should not be allowed. Like I said they can have their porn. I feel sorry for the movie critics that are forced to watch this before it premieres in theaters.

Are you sure? Lana has been powerlifting fo several years (she’s talked about it a lot) and bless her heart, I love that woman but she has absolutely no ass even when she’s when at a bigger weight.

No. 2000575

>Lana has been powerlifting fo several years (she’s talked about it a lot) and bless her heart, I love that woman but she has absolutely no ass even when she’s when at a bigger weight
iirc some people have a harder time than others building glutes and maybe Lana is one of them while Megan is not?

No. 2000582

File: 1715546058700.jpg (305.38 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_20240512_223048_You…)

Some of you here are only able to notice plastic surgery if it is really obvious. She has had some tasteful work done.
If you look at her older music videos the change in her body is obvious, especially her waist.
Go look at her waist and miscetion for the Realer music video and go look at her body now. She had her body sculpted to look more hourglass meanwhile before she was more of a apple-shape with thick thighs.
Dont burn tour braincells being a stan

No. 2000584

>anon who is samefagging
Two different anons but if you really think it's samefagging then report the post lmao

No. 2000585

Men arent hit by cancel culture as hard as women are

No. 2000587

File: 1715546303900.jpg (340.71 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_20240512_223020_You…)

>>2000582(sage your shit)

No. 2000590

File: 1715546393948.jpg (332.19 KB, 1600x720, Screenshot_20240512_222912_You…)

Megan The Lipo

No. 2000592

> Are you sure? Lana has been powerlifting fo several years (she’s talked about it a lot) and bless her heart, I love that woman but she has absolutely no ass even when she’s when at a bigger weight.

NTAs - She may not be doing it consistently, using proper form, or eating cleanly enough if that's the case.

No. 2000597

She clearly weighs more and is pudgier in these pics though. If you look at her now, her body's really not that different, it's just slimmer. Her proportions (she's doesn't have particularly wide hips, pretty straight up and down) are the same. Also, the stan thing was so predictable kek.

No. 2000600

File: 1715546818967.webp (53.97 KB, 1024x732, 1244418056-1024x732.webp)

Samefag but also, lipo is always super obvious because their stomachs always end up look weird. Julia Fox is a good example of this. Megan's stomach looks normal to me.

No. 2000607

I knew you would try and make that excuse despite her looking the same weight with the only difference being her tummy/waist. I don't know why it's so hard for you to admit that she got something done.
Is Megan the new Lana where certain sperg anons will whiteknight for her, but atleast Lana has talent, meanwhile no one cares about Megan other than watching her twerk or whatever scandals she gets into.

No. 2000609

Nah there are some very subtle ones ive seen influencers get that looks really good. Tbh there are multiple procidures for this amd not just lipo though.

No. 2000610

What makes you think it’s two different anons? It’s the same anon, they even tried to post a third time but deleted it. It’s word for word the same post, and posted one minute apart.

Doesn’t matter if I report mods already took their side and I have never in my life seen a redtext taken away. Maybe the mods shouldn’t be so retarded and check the thread first, but hey, they work for lolcow… for free at that, so they are retards by default.(derailing, take it to /meta/)

No. 2000618

Someone disagreeing with you is not sperging. This site is literally for discussions about cows.
>I don't know why it's so hard for you to admit that she got something done.
Like I said, she's a celeb so it's not out of the realm of possibility. It's just that whenever someone posts proof it's pretty flimsy.
Yeah but even the good ones have stomachs that look like they're made out of clay or something imo. Their belly buttons always look strange.

No. 2000621

I can't stop laughing. They're so ugly. I swear those old perverted producers must have spent so much time blacklisting actual handsome men for refusing their worst sexual fantasies that they have no one but inbred nepo babies left for these gay-ass roles.
Watch articles come out insisting this >>1999698 is a handsome white man ala Barry Keoghan

No. 2000623

he's a disabled news reporter (allegedly Chris Alvarez) who was at the Mark Hotel, near Drake's Apollo theatre event that same night. Allegedly Drake discarded the bag with all the stuff on the cover for "Meet the Grahams" by Kendrick (the ring reciept, ozempic box, etc) and was harassing the disabled reported/ putting hands on him. They were able to get the cctv footage of drake pushing the reporter and injuring him. @Ebonyprince shared a video of the items with a copy of the daily eagle (the publication the disabled man works for) and is trying to sue drake and dj akademiks for claiming the items were stolen. Drake was allegedly contacted but did not respond to lost and found to return the items. 2 security guards got a copy of the cctv of drake harassing the disabled reporter. Its claimed the security guards were fired for Drake's altercations so after the bag was never claimed, security sold it to friend @ebonyprince, the alleged person who then sold kendrick the bag of drake's goodies.

No. 2000625

Because I was literally the first post. If you won't report for samefagging then idk why you are posting this stuff.

No. 2000628

Wait, so is the footage of him assaulting the reporter leaked or is that what they're threatening to leak? I haven't seen the video, don't believe it was posted here.

No. 2000635

hasnt been leaked yet allegedly he's been trying to sell it to the press.

No. 2000639

File: 1715547805753.jpg (320.22 KB, 1242x2117, reddit news.jpg)

@ebonyprince's post of the items he received, uncensored & explanation for the cctv screencap

No. 2000656

>>2000607 calm the autismo nonnie, why are you sperging so hard? most celebs have had work done even if its minor, we know that. MTS shows her workouts so its more believable she just got toned and lost some weight. its not like she got a gigantic bbl, rib removed and boob job while claiming no work done. did Nicki Minaj hurt you?

No. 2000661

File: 1715548678366.jpeg (804.01 KB, 1125x1296, IMG_2023.jpeg)

6’6” man selfishly stage dives after venue runners tell him and management multiple times that he’s not allowed to. She’s paralyzed and can only move her arms now. He also made a gofundme for the girl and donated 5k which is barely anything.

No. 2000664

File: 1715548753668.jpeg (79.1 KB, 828x1118, IMG_2022.jpeg)

Sabrina Carpenter’s 25th birthday cake has the meme of Leonardo DiCaprio saying “noooo don’t turn 25 your so sexy aha”

No. 2000678

File: 1715549363118.jpg (148.98 KB, 1242x1251, IMG_4873.jpg)

>>2000639 @ebonyprince attempting to sell the cctv footage over etherium, Chris Alvarez's mother's post of (allegedly) her son in the hospital after the altercation with Drake. People are speculating Kendrick alluded to the event because "6:16 in LA" first 13 seconds is ventilator sounds, the intro to "Euphoria" is a Teddy Pendegrass beat allegedly alluding to someone with a disability being involved. 1/3

No. 2000679

File: 1715549459002.jpg (178.02 KB, 1241x1177, IMG_4869.jpg)

2/3 Alvares's mothers post

No. 2000681

File: 1715549577805.png (1.17 MB, 1242x1995, unnamed (1).png)

@ebonyprince calling out Drake, alluding to his disabled degrassi character & Drake hurting the reporter

No. 2000682

I smell XY chromosomes all round in this story tbh

No. 2000692

File: 1715550423112.jpeg (48.88 KB, 576x1024, IMG_2024.jpeg)

What does that mean? I think she’s a they/them straight girl.

No. 2000705

That's a man, baby.

No. 2000930

Someone was sent a video of Drake assaulting a dog. I’m not going to find or post the audio so just posting this instead.

No. 2000940

I’ve seen comments about drake sexually assaulting the reporter because he’s a fetishistic degenerate, and he possibly pulled out his ventilator at some point

No. 2000957

File: 1715576928940.jpeg (135.05 KB, 827x1478, IMG_2025.jpeg)

Apparently he also makes women act like dogs and puke in dog bowls

No. 2000968

This is so old, Helena Vestergaard is married to some Australian surf expert by now and has three (?) kids. He's dating some other 22 year old model by now

No. 2000971

If true, then that's extremely fucked up

No. 2000975

This is so obviously a mtf, no amount of filters can actually hide this fact

No. 2000976

What a retard, ew.

No. 2000978

That's fun

No. 2000982

Can someone decipher this

No. 2000991

Kek it's just some schizo retard shitting up /ot/, report and move on

No. 2001013

File: 1715580899574.jpeg (688.59 KB, 1170x1400, IMG_1988.jpeg)

There’s also a theory that Drake procured teenage girls for Christopher, whose following on instagram is mostly young girls. Commenters have defended him by claiming that he speaks at schools, but he’s based in NYC and the teenage girls he follows are based in other areas, mostly Miami, and if it were true that he followed children he met while speaking at schools then he wouldn’t only be following the girls. It’s obvious that he’s just a pedo.

Some commenters also believe the theory that Drake sexually assaulted him, since Drake is a pedo and this disabled person’s condition makes him look like a baby. Since a video surfaced of Drake abusing a dog it’s likely that he has other paraphillias, such as having a fetish for midgets or disabled people who can’t defend themselves. He’s also rumored to have made prostitutes and teenage girls act like dogs and throw up in dog food bowls when he has sex with them.

No. 2001020

For the sake of the dogs, I'm hoping this is bullshit. Otherwise, this is depraved behavior and he needs to be imprisoned, then deported back to Canada and banned from the US after his sentence is up.

No. 2001027

video unavailable, did anyone get an archive?

No. 2001038

Why on earth would she have that ugly man in the beginning of the video? Can't tell if he's a troon or not but Hunter would have been a much better fit. Charlie xcx is very hit or miss for me but I find this catchy.

No. 2001055

stop shouting I'm standing right here

No. 2001088

I turned this video off. The intro was fucking shit. We get it charli xcx you have tits and are a hot girl! If only you put as much effort into your songs as being cringe online. She's doing an Avril Lavigene the more she ages the more immature and soulless her music becomes. I get it charli has a lot of songs about cliques and being in a girl gang. She's becoming a shit taylor swift. Sick of her. Her songs are also getting shorter and shorter. What's the actual point. Is this what happens when you get engaged to matt healeys even uglier brother

No. 2001092

File: 1715592005545.jpeg (1.09 MB, 1170x1636, IMG_1995.jpeg)

Justin Timberlake’s daughter is threatening his other kids

No. 2001096

>the ones he actually claims
damn girl get him kek

No. 2001117

>video surfaces of Drake abusing a dog
I've been following this weird beef but I haven't seen this, is this facts or something that someone is saying is true? Because if there was actual video of Drake abusing s animal I'm positive it'd be everywhere. I'm so fucking confused about all the Drake drama and what's true or not.

No. 2001124

I searched “Drake dog” on Twitter and there’s audio clips posted around. I mean I might get an (imageboard) red text for this but I wasn’t interested in listening to it or posting that shit here honestly. But I agree with you, if it was real you’d definitely hear about it more…

No. 2001176

Hari nef and Alex Consani are in this, and maybe more troons I don’t recognize
I’ve been a charli fan for a long time but she’s pretty trash. She picked Matty Healy over Rina sawayama to be with that bald guy from the 1975. Her recent song von dutch supposedly disses FKA twigs for being broke and only fucking famous men, who’s suing Shia labeouf for domestic violence. She dedicated her Billboard women’s month performance to a troon. The faghag stuff is annoying but she needs to sign her fans’ poppers and douches to make a living I guess

No. 2001199

>disses FKA twigs for being broke and only fucking famous men
idgi are celebs not allowed to fuck other celebs? plus she's currently with a model who's less known than her

No. 2001206

She became shit when she embraced her moid fanbase. Her songs all sound like fucking copies of her old ones at this point. Is brat her second attempt of Sucker? I have most of her vinyls I loved charli but just can't get excited for her new stuff anymore. It's mostly a chore. I hate how she pushes stuff her media run outs. That gabrielle one from that shit band she tried to start from nasty cherry was a shitty sky ferreira copycat too and think she's now the one dating matt Healey. So dated, what happened to charli being on the new shit.

No. 2001212

File: 1715605510892.jpg (30.03 KB, 491x585, 1647704797253.jpg)

>she told me she was 14 and I wanted her to get the hell back home right away
>So we had sex one more time
I hope he dies

No. 2001241

File: 1715607711350.jpg (71.86 KB, 600x450, 242434_orig.jpg)

believable and not the least bit surprising. rap moids openly treat women like dogs.

No. 2001270

File: 1715610244257.png (28.13 KB, 448x254, doja.PNG)

Based and tbh all of Nicki's associates probably talk shit about her. I'm surprised Nicki hasn't sperged out at Ice publicly yet, maybe she's sober right now or something. Once she eventually does do a coke-fueled twitter rant against ice spice and throws her out though, I feel like the next falling out will be with Doja. Baldie has already already subtly dissed her on Paint The Town Red, or at least that's how I interpreted the lyrics. I feel like Doja would publicly ignore her though because she's clearly not interested in being in rap beef.

No. 2001284

Samefag, but not to mention the "in 2050 they won't know you, Otis" line in Ouchies, after Megan's "Aint nobody came to see you Otis" Nicki diss lyric.

No. 2001285

Doja is too much of a pussy to be in beef with anybody, she can't even handle comments on Instagram. Plus she's too stupid to even understand half the shit anybody says to her, she's completely fried

No. 2001297

i heard the “clip”. dj akademiks gets sent an anonymous text with a video. as a viewer, there is no description of what it is or who it’s about. he plays the file and as he’s watching it, if you turn your volume up as much as it will go, you can kind of hear a dog howling and barking in the background. dj akademiks owns two rottweilers that he leaves outside, including a puppy. lots of people are saying dogs never make that sound but if you have a vocal or young dog, they definitely do. he watches the video with no reaction, and then at the end says nothing except “who sent this to me, how did you get my number?”
i hate drake but it’s really grasping at straws. i won’t repost in the .00001% chance it is audio of drake assaulting a dog but i really doubt it.

No. 2001299

Damn thanks for letting me know. My troon radar is failing me lately. SMH

No. 2001348

Idk, she's just not memorable for me. There's something so boring about her and that whole thing. It's "bland brunette girl who always felt inferior to the (also bland) popular blonde girls, and never quite caught up". The idea was to own it and do her own thing with an army of gay men backing her, but she never really reached it. She's roughly in the same lane as Lorde. Some of her songs were/are catchy, but nothing more, and she's never had a look that compelled or inspired me. It always felt so behind, and now she's living with Rachel Sennot in the shadow of that 2012-2015 Nasty Gal/Dolls Kill/alien earrings/Miley Cyrus Bangerz/Joanna Kuchta era. These are forced it girls.

The whole hyperpop thing is very ironic/in-joke "post-internet" tranny beats. It's a genre producer moids made up to mock pop artists, and then they realized they could actually sell it. She doesn't really seem "in" it, she's just a name that brought in the "basic, but trying" tumblr kids, and I think she knows that, but has accepted it because fame is fame. (Electra Heart) Marina and (Born To Die) Lana did everything she was trying to do without even trying. Even Halsey did more. She never really managed to get to the level of Grimes (before all the Elon embarrassment happened) or FKA Twigs, and you can almost sense the bitterness and envy with her. Her peak seems to have been that Iggy Azalea collab, and now she's inspired Camilla Cabello, and both are low-talent, unpleasant women who are vaguely racist. All of it is just so underwhelming.

No. 2001352

File: 1715614840028.jpg (Spoiler Image,95.13 KB, 640x639, ab67616d0000b27352b3b1829d550e…)

the cover art of this sucks so much because it looks like she pissed herself

No. 2001360

Samefag, I forgot to add my point of annoyance with Rachel Sennott. She's like Bunny Holiday but with a bigger nose.

No. 2001363

She's on a tour I believe

No. 2001440

ew what the fuck is this. no element of it looks good.

t. yet another former charli fan who is beyond over her shit.

No. 2001442

File: 1715619819995.jpeg (248.08 KB, 1041x1662, IMG_3456.jpeg)

Anya Taylor Joy on acting as Furiosa. Charlize Theron had a bad experience playing her too, the role is cursed.

No. 2001482

He’s already put each one of his homes in US for sale and sold at least one. Adonis and his mom flew to Paris and still there rn. I’m not completely sold on the dog vid either (also don’t wanna hear it so can’t confirm) but I mean he’s hauling ass

No. 2001488

I really like her old True Romance album from 2013 because it felt very authentic and on-brand for that era, like the whole alternative/effy stonem-esque sleazy music. Idk how else to describe it apart from that honestly kek.
Number 1 Angel and Pop 2 were also quite good and felt like she was still experimenting and put effort into music. I swear after that her stuff just dropped off massively.

It all feels far too sterile and forced now especially with this music video and the shilling of famous women and now trannies. None of it feels dirty or grungy like her old music and it sucks.

No. 2001550

This account is insane. It's got to be fake or just an obsessed freak.

No. 2001554

The fuck is she acting traumatized for?

No. 2001663

charli xcx seems like someone who is going to reallllly struggle with getting older

No. 2001674

Oh, so you’re the dumb bitch that can’t read. No one was promoting anyone. There is a discussion going on about what rappers we think don’t over sexualize their self, which the anon even included in her post of Snowthaproduct. Do yourself a favor and catch up on the thread before you make a post, it’s not hard.(infighting/derailing)

No. 2001679

New Wicked trailer and behind the scenes stuff that Ethan posted on his IG, kek he’s actually in the trailer this time. That blind item about Arianna looking completely different from when they first started filming is right. You can literally see her face changing.

No. 2001684

I was in the convo. It was about hypersexualized rappers, not about rappers who don't. Take the stan shit back to Twitter and get over it already.(infighting)

No. 2001713

Acting like an annoying ass zoomer.

No. 2001771

File: 1715638663652.jpeg (286.99 KB, 1170x656, IMG_2003.jpeg)

Chrissy Teigan’s old tweets are resurfacing after she and her husband John Legend were named on Epstein’s flight list

No. 2001772

File: 1715638685031.jpeg (525 KB, 1170x1230, IMG_2006.jpeg)

No. 2001775

File: 1715638737008.jpeg (285.84 KB, 1170x572, IMG_2005.jpeg)

No. 2001776

File: 1715638759179.jpeg (80.18 KB, 575x718, IMG_2004.jpeg)

No. 2001783

Anon, I think these need to resurface regularly because she’s seriously sketchy, but this is such an old news.

No. 2001786

What the fuck does this say

No. 2001789

I’m too shocked to make a sassy comment idk what makes someone think things like this let alone tweet them. Whadda hell

No. 2001791

I'm genuinely trying to picture this and can't. Did she say this for the shock value? It sounds like her husband is a pedo and she's doing the pickme "omg I look at girls WITH him lol!" Except with actual children.

No. 2001793

Oh my god so she’s a pedophile?

No. 2001795

Wait, that makes much more sense than her being a pedophile. She’s the Christ of all pick-mes, the crazy plastic surgery is just symptom of it. She was so gorgeous but her pedo husband wasn’t satisfied by her looks because she’s not 13.

No. 2001797

he has a daughter old enough to post on instagram?

No. 2001807

>You can literally see her face changing.
I mean yeah her face changed a lot, but is it noticeable during the movie?
I'm actually kinda excited even if I'm not an Ariana stan

No. 2001811

1. “seeing little girls do the splits half naked is just….i want to put myself in jail. #toddlersandtiaras”

2. “I am going to jail over pizza”

3. “It always weirds me out how strong little toddlers tummies can look. And I aware of how absolutely disturbing that sounds. #ICAP”

4. “a belly and a shirt with a small sexy toddler on it saying #1 duhhh. RT @chadcramer what does a guy wear to a toddlers and tiaras party?”

No. 2001816

Sorry, I’ve never heard of any of this and I don’t remember it being posted in any past thread. I thought anons would be interested to know that she has a history of making disgusting pedophile statements
It’s possible but while it’s rare for women to be pedos, they can be. She probably is one. Some women will turn a blind eye to pedophilic men, or maybe participate to an extent by wearing schoolgirl outfits or sexualizing cheerleaders or babysitters together, something along those lines. She’s just blatantly talking about sexualizing children and being attracted to little boys, even making jokes about grooming one.

No. 2001831

Coming to this post late but she definitely for sure 100% had conservative work done to her hooded eyes that makes them look uncanny now.

No. 2001833

Little boys? I thought she was talking about girls. Which is strange because she seems pretty straight. That's why I think she's saying this in a "we sexualise children TOGETHER" way. Ntayrt

No. 2001848

Rachel sennott is a nepo baby that was funny on twitter back in 2015 when she was copying a bunch of NJ twitter girls that had a very brief podcast before podcasts where a thing. Her and charli both know their most commercial asset is their tits and they use to be more coy and clever about it, but over the years the whole tongue in cheek I'm hot af and smart you can't have this to now, I'm hot… so inspiring. Amazing!

Uffie's music at least evolves. Like literally majority of charli xcx studio albums are all commercial fluff she even calls shit and does a sky ferreira and blames contracts for not being able to fully experiment and make the music she wants. So Crash was the end apparently and she wasn't happy with that record and yet Brat is pretty much a continuation of Crash. No 1 Angel and Pop 2 mixtape has been her best body of work since True Romance. I do enjoy the self titled album too. Idk. She had better taste younger she's hanging around with too many weirdos and Sam Smith these days. Honestly in the Nasty Cherry show Charli seemed so dull and also pretentious. Aim some of that pretension towards your mixing process and stop putting out material you keep slagging off later.

No. 2001866

No. 2001875

What's the pizza tweet about? 2013 was that when pizzagate went mainstream and got mocked?

Same. Like what does this mean? What is Tiegen's parents like? I have a feeling her dad is old af compared to her ma

No. 2001885

no it's probably alluding to cp being referred to as "cheese pizza"

No. 2001893

Nta but I thought that went mainstream around 2015/2016

No. 2001894

The declassified cia or fbi docs on wiki leak cheese pizza was code for little girls. Think little boys were hot dogs or some shit. There was a leaked email from Obama ordering a weird amount of specifically only cheese pizza and hot dogs. Hillary Clinton also had emails leaked. The ones she didn't delete.

No. 2001895

Thats why I was asking I wasn't sure if she was mentioning it before or after the fact? If before. Very sketch.

No. 2001913

That’s when the conspiracy theory about it came out, but those terms were being used years before people found out about it and then thought that they were talking about kids

No. 2001927

He’s obsessed with dogs, this video has a ton of pictures

No. 2001938

That’s honestly funny, weird coming from her, but funny

No. 2001945

>video unavailable, again
can we please have an archive version instead of tiktok links? they always get taken down

No. 2001947

I can still watch both of the tiktoks that were posted about him

No. 2001949

whaaaat so it's on my end? I get a "this video is unavailable". huh
my bad nonitas

No. 2001950

For a long time “cheese pizza” was used as code for child porn online because the acronym is “CP.” Sometimes just shortened to pizza. It’s a general term now for all sorts of freaks.

No. 2001951

Why is Chloe Cherry in this? And the beginning felt like an ad for whatever phone she’s using. And of course they have an obligatory troon at the “hot girl” table. I feel like Charli is stuck in 2013.

No. 2001953


No. 2001954

I don’t have tiktok so I can’t play this, what does it say?

No. 2001986

File: 1715650207484.mp4 (4.79 MB, 576x1024, ssstik.io_1715650046699.mp4)

Posting archive anyway because this should be standard practice. Nonnas, please stop being lazy. Tiktok was posted by a user who went by the name @omshanti2233

No. 2002013

You’re a real one, nonna. My opinion: I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case.

No. 2002014

Kek so schizophrenic. Those sweaters are him trying to be uwu quirky for the teenage gyals. It's just the "I got that dog in me" meme. He doesn't actually want a dog inside of him. What the fuck is in the water lately(sage your shit)

No. 2002018

He acts like he tries to imitate Prince. His entire adult persona is just him doing that softboi "is he or isn't he" thing aging hebephiles (and many pedophiles) do in general where they try to metro it up to dodge allegations and seem disarming slash make teen girls comfortable with them. It's annoying that so many naive young idiots eat this shit up and are like teehee hes so gay. A shitstain on the gay community.

No. 2002019

Ugh MTS has not had plastic surgery. Nearly every single day she posts her workouts on Instagram. She was born with that body and there is tons of photographic evidence of it

No. 2002026

Some of you are so fucking dumb it hurts.

No. 2002034

For fucks sake Charli, this is embarrassing. Seeing that gangly troon prancing around was already bad enough, i am sure she and her team just didn't think the pee panties through, but that's what you get for accommodating to the coomer gaze when you fans are 100% homosexuals and women. If it wasn't for all the shenanigans, i'd probably be able to enjoy this song since i did like von dutch.
I don't really see how drake liking dogs and wearing palm angels, which is popular street wear, is anywhere close to Joe Budden admitting to wanking his dog, but he is a hyper sexual weirdo and dog fucking does come with the territory. If it is true, it's more likely that he just watches women fuck dogs, which isn't any better.
I think some anons literally cannot believe a woman can't have that full of a figure naturally or know that people can go to the gym and change her body, which is what she did. Plus, she is incredibly tall, not a lot of shorter women can ever look like her in the first place. Bbls are always incredibly obvious.

No. 2002035

The entire thing is completely schizophrenic. It's probably just the average voyeur fag that sells whatever they can scrape off of celeb phones off .onion and trying to make it seem spooky because they masturbate to their own obsessive l33t h@xxing.

No. 2002038

Charli has only become more popular because there is a popgirl desert happening. The girls need to STOP listening to the fags yaaassqweening them and telling them they need to be more camp because its cheapening everything about them that made them likable in the first place and they are lost in it. It isnt charming, listening to gay men who beg you to sign their poppers bottles and orbit you in between comedowns is crazy. Enough.

No. 2002048

She looke cute here

No. 2002104

probably didn't kiss her nepo baby ass on set

No. 2002111

File: 1715659063222.jpeg (154.95 KB, 701x520, IMG_2057.jpeg)

There’s also this tweet from a while ago, she works at the hotel allegedly. Why exactly would she say that specifically? It’s weird. Someone said that the baked potato thing is a reference but I don’t know what it refers to

No. 2002149

He was photographed wearing dog masks at the time. Let's try to cool the schizophrenia.

No. 2002152

He could have a child since the mid/late 90s.
The person from the screenshot sounds fucking unhinged, though. Like someone really obsessed with the idea, they are an illegitimate child of his. Don't know if it is delusional obsessed.

No. 2002166

I don’t like Drake obviously, but this is such a reach, the kind of design on this hoodie (cute pet pic and some idiotic edgy caption) was very popular in its time and I don’t get what the earrings were supposed to mean?

No. 2002187

File: 1715668570218.jpeg (305.3 KB, 1144x1590, IMG_6246.jpeg)

>the baked potato thing is a reference but I don’t know what it refers to
really makes you wonder.

No. 2002190

It's a reference to being a rich twat that that would pay 540 USD for a single potato with fish egg.

No. 2002191

Let's cool down on using 'schizophrenia'. This is just wild speculation about shocking celebrity gossip… on a celebrity gossip thread.

I thought she was pointing to the jewelry too and was confused. I had to google it. She's referring to the tweet's text which is mention's Diamonds, Drake's dog.


No. 2002224

Multiple commenters said it has a meaning like the pizza stuff

No. 2002310

File: 1715685415969.jpeg (93.66 KB, 600x427, IMG_6277.jpeg)

He unironically looked better as a fat kid playing Dudley Dursley because back then you could rationalise that his weird pinched features were an optical illusion created by the rest of his fat head. Now the fat is gone and all that’s left is this weird rat-person-hybrid that looks like he spends all day scouring the dark web for fellow ‘consensual’ cannibalism fetishists. If he absolutely has to be an actor he should only be allowed to play creeps.

No. 2002318

File: 1715686349289.jpeg (43.71 KB, 640x816, IMG_3784.jpeg)

Omg, that’s Dudley? Only Neville got a glow up it seems. Radcliffe hit the wall the second HP ended too.

No. 2002437

Why do anons feel a need to post every little thing a celeb does?

No. 2002449

File: 1715698266917.jpg (265.1 KB, 879x961, 20240514_163913.jpg)

No. 2002463

Who's the guy on the left?

No. 2002491

File: 1715700406731.jpg (280.38 KB, 740x308, ab.jpg)

azealia has some extremely skewed views regarding men preying on teenage girls. she described diplo abusing her as a teen as “I always give him credit for fucking launching my career off, but yeah, I had to give him some teenage pussy to do it". she also had numerous creepy older boyfriends when she was a teenager, one of whom was 56 while she was 17.

No. 2002497

She's really the worst mixture of uncontrolled BPD and Bipolar, it's so sad. Brainwashed and surrounded by irony poisoned fags who cheer her on. At this point I have totally accepted she'll never release new music. She really needs to retire and gtfo of the music industry and go to fucking therapy.

No. 2002505

MTS whole thing is wearing revealing and skimpy outfits but even then your pic feels too much

No. 2002565

After I watched this, the next recommended video from this lady was titled churches are filled with evil witches. Then she goes on a rant about how she was hexed at 11 years old because someone didn’t like her mom & thought that her mom and dad shouldn’t be together? Like what the actual fuck, she is looney tunes.

No. 2002574

lmaooo I thought her and Kanye were cool? after the beef with Lana she posted a totally real screenshot of him texting and praising her…

> she also had numerous creepy older boyfriends when she was a teenager, one of whom was 56 while she was 17.
Speaking of Lana, didn’t she clown on her for making music about this exact concept? Kek I think she’s just jealous that her career never really took off… she would not leave that woman alone for years. I think I’m gonna go back and read the beef, if I remember correctly, it’s in the first or second thread.

No. 2002611

I saw this randomly while scrolling thru YouTube titled “Benny Blanco is a creepy TikTok villain”. I hate him, so I wanted to see if it was true and it is.
He has posted three different videos of his toddler who is like three? One of the videos he filmed and uploaded his toddler is saying “ I have a small penis, but when I grow up, I’m gonna have a big penis.” in the other video, Benny is filming, his naked toddler, touching himself and talking about touching himself. it shows absolutely everything but thank God this YouTuber blurred it.
Sorry it’s like 19 minutes long but it’s bearable to sit through and goes by quick, the YouTuber is kind of funny.
Anyway, I’m in shock because I have never seen anyone post about his kid on here. This makes me think with her ex boyfriend’s pregnancy news and the fact that Benny already has a kid he’s probably gonna convince Selena to have a baby.

No. 2002651

I didn't realize she was retarded in terms of this. Usually she has funny or based takes on celebrities but this is just so messed up. It doesn't matter if 16 or 17 is the age of consent when Drake's nasty ass was in his mid-twenties. This sounds like she's in denial because she's had experiences of grooming in her youth. No sane, normal and good moid would be interested in a much younger woman.

No. 2002690

File: 1715714049187.jpg (37.98 KB, 322x500, IZdUUQs.jpg)

I don't follow AB, but have either of these men ever acknowledged her existence or, is she throwing her opinion out there to be relevant?

That's wild. The mother of an ex used to do this. Praised Jesus in church, only to turn around and use imprecatory psalms and pay rootworkers to control others. Southern churches goers can be a very self-serving, entitled, and hypocritical.

I couldn't get through 10 seconds of that video. Blanco is so offensively ugly; he looks like a critter (picrel) with a perm.

No. 2002701

Agreed that Kendrick doesn’t care about women and he started this beef because of personal reasons, the rest of it is shit take.

No. 2002706

>ugly as sin
>looks like he hasn’t showered in years
>post-wall single father
Tf is Selena doing at this point.

No. 2002710

My theory is that even if you consent to sex with a man that ugly you’ll still end up traumatised. Your subconscious isn’t aware of how retarded the ego is so it leaves scars similar to rape. It’s pure terror to see that face hovering over you

No. 2002969

Nah fr im almost positive Selena has to either close her eyes or they do it where she’s not facing him. He’s like a bridge troll but much worse. There’s absolutely no way anyone could stand the sound or the look of him grunting, panting, and sweating like a caveman. His sex face and cum face must be absolute nightmare fuel. I need to know right this instance who his baby mama is. I’m pretty sure sleeping with him is considered beastiality. I’m surprised his kid turned out normal looking. I don’t understand how he’s filthy reach but won’t get his teeth fixed or at least clean up that fucking unibrow.

No. 2002973

File: 1715727920895.jpeg (144.37 KB, 950x1178, IMG_1694.jpeg)

Lana is so cunty lately(unintegrated posting style)

No. 2002975

I miss fat Lana

No. 2003026

Ok that’s not schizo though anon, expand your vocabulary. A lot of religious people, specifically Christians, believe in witchcraft and are very paranoid about it, it’s literally part of their religion. In their belief system fallen angels gave humans the ability to perform witchcraft, including things like astrology and tarot, and they think anyone who uses those things is satanic and nefarious. Christians have almost a persecution complex and think everyone who isn’t christian is out to get them. Religions all involve pretty extreme beliefs that sound odd to anyone outside of the religion, but thinking that her church is filled with evil witches pretending to be “good christians” is pretty typical for how they think.

I’m not trying to derail or anything but a Christian talking about her (extremely common) religious beliefs doesn’t invalidate everything else she has said, and the dog thing is genuinely weird. Drake is a known degenerate so nothing would surprise me about him or pretty much any other male celebrity

No. 2003027

Because she’s having a lascivious affair with Aaron Taylor Johnson, according to the internet. She looks really pretty here.

No. 2003034

Back to Twitter etc.

No. 2003043

>so cunty
as an australian this cracks me up, like what did she do?! "cunty" doesn't work as a compliment it will always seem like an insult kek
this is ozempic weight loss yes? so she contributed to the shortage, gave herself risk of thyroid cancer and if she stops taking it she'll gain the weight back
she'll be back dw

No. 2003053

>I didn't realize she was retarded in terms of this. Usually she has funny or based takes on celebrities but this is just so messed up.
I mean she defended abusive moids like Chris Brown and Shia Labouf before, this is pretty typical of her.

No. 2003070

She's probably so drunk she can't even see him… It's the only explanation I can think of

No. 2003071

Why is everybody assuming she had to use ozempic. I’m not saying she didn’t, especially since it’s so popular among celebs, but her weight loss was not that rapid and it’s not like there’s concrete proof (unlike Drake’s prescription lol).

No. 2003074

File: 1715735698925.jpeg (252.07 KB, 1125x1489, IMG_3793.jpeg)

The female rage of having mid relationships and one beef with Kim Kardashian eight years ago. She’s so corny, and I kinda hate how she trivializes and capitalizes actual topics in women’s music while being as cookie-cutter, bland and commercial-friendly as possible.

No. 2003094

File: 1715737579993.jpeg (94.21 KB, 634x732, IMG_2051.jpeg)

Jamie Lynn Spears paparazzi pics have her lookin like Shayna.
Taylor is trying to garner attention from zoomers. Specifically the femcel/bpd/girlsgirl crowd.

No. 2003095

this from a woman who dates ugly as fuck men despite being pretty and rich is so pathetic. She should trademark pickme: the musical.

No. 2003115

The whole concept of female rage is kind of dumb to me, like rage is rage why does it need to be categorized as ~female~ as if it’s not just a general emotion that either sex can feel. Like women are never angry or something. But if she is going to do the whole female rage thing it’s not saying cringey im14andthisisdeep type lyrics and throwing out minor insults at exes. When female rage is used to talk about movies it’s usually films where women go on murder sprees or get violent and take revenge in some fucked up and brutal way. She should do that and then I’ll be willing to accept a female rage album from her.

No. 2003118

They are accusing her of copying Olivia Rodrigo, and Pitchfork already compared them and said Olivia does it better. Both are pretty mid, but at least Olivia is portraying herself as angsty teenager and not Shakespearean tortured poet.

No. 2003130

Female rage is specific as it refers to a response to the oppression and violence women face and men don’t. In music it would be Hole’s Live Through This to not look too far. Taylor faced some shit behavior in the industry, but she’s a commercialized product from privileged background whose idea of 'goth-punk female rage' was snakes and darker shade of lipstick, so it’s laughable.

No. 2003139

Ohhhh that makes sense, ty for explaining that to me.

No. 2003158

No, it's schizo as fuck

No. 2003163

"She never misses" "the queen has spoken" anons finally silent for fucking once

Ew not filmcooper? He's disgusting. Btw I watched a video with Benny Blanco and he's actually very normal, I have humanized him now. If he fixed his jumpscare teeth and bite issue I'm sure he wouldn't be so… imposing. He really was chill, probably the opposite of Selena.

No. 2003166

Lana does not need ozempic. It was likely speed

Yeah she aged exactly like a child actor who had a kid underage. Aside from Spears genes not being very forgiving, why am I supposed to care? It's not okay to say it about Britney but it's fine to say it about her sister since she's a bitch and everyone hates her or whatever. Yawn.

No. 2003191

Back to datalounge with you

No. 2003245

File: 1715750001891.jpeg (331.46 KB, 951x1403, IMG_2430.jpeg)

No. 2003296

DJ akademiks claimed the dog yelping and screeching in pain was just his dog in the background and that it was making those sounds because it had surgery recently, but he also claimed that the woman in this video isn’t experiencing violence when she clearly is. He’s a liar and he went on a rant about how he’s being threatened with legal action for playing these tapes on stream and is being sued for rape and defamation. He’s screaming about how if he goes down then the entire industry is going down with him. He’s lying about both videos.

No. 2003311

I'm not trying to WK but that video made the rounds on Twitter a few months ago and it was (allegedly) proven to be an instance of her getting kicked out of the house and throwing a fit because of it. I was initially distressed when I first listened until I saw dozens of accounts of (non bots) explaining how his front entrance had security cameras and they proved that footage is from her being removed from the house with no sexual violence involved. That does not mean the sexual violence didn't happen. The dog is in distress because a woman is screaming, that's pretty common as dogs will whimper and whine at a squirrel on the porch.

No. 2003322

File: 1715758388654.jpeg (100.04 KB, 718x1064, IMG_2445.jpeg)

So Drake has just openly been a pedo for years now and no one cared? People finally noticed when he groomed Millie Bobbie Brown but he’s been terrorizing young girls throughout his entire career

No. 2003324

He claimed that she was getting kicked out, yes, but he’s clearly lying. The woman is screaming in pain and can be heard saying “help me” “look what he did to me” among other things. Those screams are not a woman being escorted off the property, how ridiculous.