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File: 1716442597698.jpg (931.37 KB, 1058x1397, Untitled337_20240522222406.jpg)

No. 1996943

Passport bro, or passport bros is a movement of men who go to developing nations in order to find girlfriends or wives. These men believe that feminism has corrupted Western women, and seek to find a youthful, submissive, modest, conservative and feminine woman. Despite their claims passport bros often get caught with prostitutes, or seemingly never actually stick to one woman. Some have been robbed, assaulted or scammed on camera. But it doesn't deter most of them. A few have also been arrested. Most overlap with redpill and manosphere communities, especially the black manosphere. Which is why many have a hate boner for black women and speak on black (male) issues. 

Some examples of passport bros: 

>Auston holleman 

>was arrested in Brazil for sex tourism crimes in 2023, returned back to the country in 2024.

>International passport 


>more to life 


>The Philip Scott show 

Not really a passport bro himself, but he has a few videos on the subject.  https://youtube.com/@thephillipscottshow?si=l3mfsmr6Ep1gy8oC

>Beautiful lies 


>Skylar derouen 

One of the older passport bros. Was seeking out foreign women before the movement even existed. 

Passport bro subreddits:

No. 1996952

File: 1716449775346.png (139.01 KB, 1173x826, kek.png)

>>1996943 thank you for the thread nonna, passport bros are the funniest thing ever
>although I did get drugged and robbed on my second week

No. 1997169

this sounds like sex tourism. or making sex tourism into an identity or "movement". still just as degenerate and pathetic as I remember

No. 1997171

This guy's content always gives me a headache. He's not a passport bro, but he frequently records women for obs reasoning.

No. 1997173

And what'd you expect

No. 1997175

>breaks up with Canadian
>Immediately moves to find le exotic latina
>robbed within weeks
>Spanish skill off the charts with three months practice (definitely deluded)
One thing the internet has taught me is you can meme a man into any life choice if there are sufficient other dumbass men cheering it on

No. 1997179

>Beautiful friendly latinas
Lmao let's hope this scrote tries to grope a cartel member's gf and becomes a gore video. They can't be any more open about the fact that they're sex tourists trying to take advantage of poor women.

No. 1997185

Honestly these scrotes are doing women a favor if they only went abroad to find wives and not fuck around with hookers.
>Poor woman gets green card and takes the scrotes money/helps her family
>His kids end up looking nothing like him and he exits the gene pool forever
>White women are left alone safe from the scrote

No. 1997186

Let the passport bros do their things, and we will import our own chaddy scrotes(learn to sage)

No. 1997187

File: 1716515102569.jpg (10.22 KB, 299x168, images.jpg)

White women are highly sought after in japan and make over 50$ an hour minus tips/expensive gifts just drinking and socializing with japanese scrotes in bars meanwhile these rejects have to actually pay for japanese girls to notice them kek males are the most pathetic creatures on the planet.

No. 1997191

File: 1716515279303.jpg (5.52 KB, 225x225, images (1).jpg)

Import chads with dicks twice as big from chad or go to japan and get japanese scrotes to buy us 4k handbags in exchange for a date kek(racebait)

No. 1997192

There's also passport sisters, but they're a lot less common, and passport bros really don't like them.

No. 1997193

>catching L's in korean
Bitch where? lol korean men love white women so much korean girls get their skin bleached. Wittle passport bros can't cope with the fact that women can get as much as dick as they want from any ethnicity while they gotta pay for women kek stay losing.

No. 1997194

For real, let the occidentalized indian STEM scrotes cook us nice chicken masala and buy us buffalo and DESTROy platform shoes

No. 1997195

The country with the average penis size of 4 inches whose national sport is killing toddlers by raping them? No thanks.(racebaiting)

No. 1997196

yes they're disgusting the point is that they worship us just like japanese, you know japanese arent any better right? they invented loli and their age of consent was 12 until they changed it recently, penis size wise it's not any better.
+ i'm talking about the ones who immigrated and are doing PHD in highly marketable fields.(racebaiting)

No. 1997197

Right ? kek almost all ethnic men love white women and would sell their moms for one. Meanwhile the rejects gotta pay up or get told to fuck off by Teresa and Lingling. Men are never the prize or else women would have more muscle mass to fight other women for scrote attention.(derailing)

No. 1997198

A phd won’t fix dick size.(derailing)

No. 1997199

I was talking about the equivalent to japs, you can import your brazilian hottie too

No. 1997200

They'd sell their souls just to have a date with you

No. 1997201

>racesperging less than a day into creation
I can't even say it was fun while it lasted because it never lasted in the first place

No. 1997203

File: 1716516155188.jpeg (239.32 KB, 828x1792, 1715703275654.jpeg)

the bar is so low we need a new term for it

No. 1997204

I made the thread and regret it already.

No. 1997205

>a thread about men who go to other countries for sex tourism and take advantage of women of different races
Fuck off.

No. 1997206

File: 1716516415770.png (18.92 KB, 981x195, Capture d'écran 2024-05-24 040…)

passport bros are not ready for the moroccan women they will drag things out for months to make sure you're the real deal

No. 1997207

We can read the thread don't do the backtracking.

No. 1997209

kek most them wanna leave that shithole so bad they hook up with rich saudi scrotes all the time. I love seeing these scrotes serve themselves on silver plate to be used for green cards.

No. 1997210

That wig is sending me kekkk she can do way better

No. 1997211

Morocco is not a shithole? it's not great but i've lived there they don't worship westerners like some other ethnicity i won't name.

No. 1997212

>Morroco is not a shithole
>Women are treated like shit and get cat called even with hijabs on
I'm sorry life made it so your standards are on the fucking floor anon

No. 1997213

You don't know what a real shithole is lmfao anyways(sage your shit)

No. 1997215

File: 1716517435895.png (1002.92 KB, 981x851, dhzdjzd.png)

this is so creepy

No. 1997216

File: 1716517865777.jpg (63.17 KB, 1480x833, 160606205447-richard-huckle-re…)

This reminds me of that deranged pedo from the uk that got close to Malaysian families only to rape their children. Many pedophiles do this so expect to find a bunch of them in this pathetic community

No. 1997219

When i saw his face i knew who you were talking about, what a fucking monster

No. 1997221

> "impoverished kids are definitely much easier to seduce than middle-class kids".
He said this to other pedo's on the dark web, same thing can be applied to impoverished women. These moids are the scum of the earth.

No. 1997226

File: 1716519761805.png (1.06 MB, 1080x1553, Screenshot_20240523-200135~2.p…)

No. 1997229

File: 1716520165078.jpg (73.02 KB, 1024x720, c3337de1cd17a7138ee51d233f7be1…)

The OG passport bro.

No. 1997231

File: 1716520238593.png (159.43 KB, 1080x1122, Screenshot_20240523-200310~2.p…)

No. 1997232

>Hilter haircut
>Dead eyes

No. 1997233

Ah yes, the educated, wealthy, strong passport, grown ass man is the one being exploited, but man supremacy right? Can you imagine having all those advantages and still being manipulated by "emotional pea brained" women??? Moids need to start picking a struggle. They're telling on themselves.

No. 1997234

File: 1716520613839.jpg (5.63 KB, 299x168, deformed.jpg)

I get they're biologically defective and incomplete but imagine the mental gymnastics they pull to justify their fucked up antics

No. 1997235

File: 1716520841067.png (19.7 KB, 605x158, djdjd.png)

I just found this pickme freak while looking for passport bros's L, she probably deserves her own thread

No. 1997240

File: 1716521130540.jpg (620.64 KB, 1058x1808, SmartSelect_20240523_232113_Re…)

Checking top posts, of course there are pedos trying to get sympathy. Poor men have it so hard, think about them before protesting sexual trafficking of minors, think about how they've been rejected by evil western women! https://www.reddit.com/r/passportbros/s/l0TmsyXpFf

No. 1997241

File: 1716521187467.jpg (38.5 KB, 480x640, kek.jpg)

this is her face anon she needs to make tweets like this in order to get that dick cheese attention

No. 1997242

File: 1716521257792.png (28.44 KB, 596x216, dzhdskdelsk.png)

She deserves her own tread, i might work on it sometimes

No. 1997243

Fucking hell. I was going to joke that men who seek little kids in 3rd world countries are no different from passport bros, but I guess I was right.

No. 1997244

Is this piece of shit for real? He "needs" to hire minors??? Like there is not plenty of ADULTS sex workers??? Oh my god i want to hang this moid by the balls, he'll understand the true meaning of need. Who raised that thing?

No. 1997245

File: 1716521591580.jpg (7.91 KB, 372x192, m0ncwye9rif21.jpg)

It's been said before passport bros and sex tourist pedo's seeking easy to abuse kids are two sides to the same coin. A video about this scrote lately gained 6 mil views by Nick Crowley. A canadian that went to Thailand in order to rape minors and post pics to pedo sites.

No. 1997248

He needs to be put on an FBI watch list and have his hard drive searched . Reddit is full of pedophile ugly ass neckbeards.

No. 1997250

Now if only they would be as tough on this faggot as they are the drug dealers trying to feed their impoverished familes.

No. 1997252

File: 1716522194265.png (531.65 KB, 613x596, hytgrfeds.png)

"western women have too high standards"
> have you ever taken a look in your mirror?

No. 1997254

No. 1997255

I can't find the post, but on kiwifarms there was a post of a passport bro who

1.is an open pedophile, he made the "first" baby sex doll, and recently a dog one

2. Admitted to living somewhere in Africa, where he sleeps with "underage looking" African women. He said he owned some kind of place home or land there, and basically invites other pedos there from his forum.

No. 1997256

File: 1716522572233.png (181.04 KB, 1536x864, 2024-05-24.png)

>If women were as humble and understanding as nature intends them to be, disadvantaged men wouldnt have to resort to use the passport as gateway to more accessible, foreign women.

Fucking kek cry harder scrote.
These subhumans are going more delusional and repulsive by the day.

No. 1997257

File: 1716522683707.mp4 (15.3 MB, 680x1280, 1020483910192.mp4)

I hope to God these women are taking those filthy sexpats (like the moid at the end of the video) for everything they've got. Just because they're no longer our problem doesn't mean I think they deserve to be there's.
>how can they steal something that isn't wanted in the first place
Fucking kek

No. 1997258

>"nature intends them to be"
>"disavantaged men"
maybe nature intended for you to work and die without reproducing you self absorbed victimized homonculus.

No. 1997259

These stupid women are looking for clicks but deep down they know they're going to wedlock a miserable moid who can't get a date in the western world. They want to immigrate so bad just to profit off the hard work of those "undesirable women".

No. 1997261

File: 1716523001797.png (169.49 KB, 1536x864, 2024-05-24 (3).png)

I can smell the 5'7 height and receding hairline from this post lmao but i'm glad they're showing their true colors in these subs shouting to who would listen that it's minors they're after.

No. 1997262

I pray it's all part of the visa scam to get their familes out of poverty and they're fully aware of what they're doing. In all serious though, who is the ugly fuck head at the end saying they're "clowning on Western women"? That faggot looks hilariously milky.

No. 1997263

File: 1716523164593.png (50.83 KB, 417x547, dazddzfef.png)

They're getting eaten up in the comments

No. 1997264

Glad there’s finally a thread for these degens

No. 1997265

>how can they steal something that isn't wanted in the first place
I love top comments they're always spot on lol i can almost feel sorry for them if they weren't so smug about being such bottom of the barrel moids

No. 1997266

It could be a part but it's possible that it's a cope out from their feeling of powerlessness. Those countries don't offer a lot of opportunities for women in general. It is getting better, but usually they have a lot of responsabilities toward their families, so it's possible that it's their way of feeling better about themselves. That they're "stealing" men from the developped world because they're actually better and the world needs to know that. Basically Intersexual competition on an international level.

No. 1997267


No. 1997268

File: 1716523488073.jpg (8.41 KB, 225x225, sed.jpg)

No. 1997271

File: 1716523679981.png (1.31 MB, 1080x2198, Screenshot_20240523-210700~2.p…)

No. 1997272

Germanoid phenotype.

No. 1997273

Let them have them kek they're doing us a huge favor. Probably the best outcome is that their kids (if they make it that far) will look nothing like them and instead look like their mothers. Let them pay to exit the gene pole and clown themselves online in the process kek

No. 1997275

Doing Sid dirty with this one nona

No. 1997276

File: 1716523896940.jpg (170.58 KB, 720x1350, Screenshot_20240524_141050_You…)

Speaking of fucking KEK

No. 1997277

But you're right, we should keep the high ground and not partake in the back and forth, that's what men want, to pit us against each others. If those guys can be a tramplin for these women's future, then so be it. Might consider that men in their countries are absolute manlet and they might change their minds when they move to the USA and realize they are much better options.(repeated derailing and racesperging, has not saged once in this thread)

No. 1997279

File: 1716524169094.jpg (5.98 KB, 250x111, images (1).jpg)

>Western women : ….
>Passport bros: We're leaving to find desperate poor women in third world countries to fuck us cause you won't
>Western women: K
>Passport bros: …We will stop if you lower your standards.
>Western women: No thanks.
>Passport bros: Reeeeeeeeee roastie feminazi !!!

No. 1997282

File: 1716524466837.jpg (83.66 KB, 1237x693, FMuftvxXMAYp0b2.jpg_large.jpg)

Coach redpill was another passport bro, who lived in Ukraine. He got arrested for being pro-putin, and died in jail this year.

No. 1997284

File: 1716524548776.png (125.44 KB, 657x707, FGHJKLM.png)

No. 1997285

Found the faggot. I wanna know who's paying this Filipina to lie so blatantly? Men age like fine wine fucking KEK the wall is the purest form of projection

No. 1997286

mod took it personnally

No. 1997287

It's a grift

No. 1997290

that's a kid, he's sperging against a kid not finding an adult hot

No. 1997291

This girl was mentioned on one of the old tradthot threads.

No. 1997292

No. 1997293

What do you mean anon?

No. 1997311

File: 1716530981965.png (682.46 KB, 1080x772, Screenshot_20240523-225718~2.p…)

I don't know any Mandarin, so I can't get super deep into this. But Chinese passport bros are pretty interesting. They go to places like sea, Africa and even the middle east for wives. Unlike western passport bros they do actually marry these women and have children. They're also way more open about dating underage girls, and are on the older side themselves (like super old, think 30-60). a lot of uncomfortable videos of them flirting with very young girls, or showing off their child brides. Idk what the age of consent in China is, but I guess it's not a big deal there(?)

No. 1997312

File: 1716531161592.png (595.32 KB, 1080x1001, Screenshot_20240523-231148~2.p…)

No. 1997313

Such beauty wasted on those old scrotes.

No. 1997314

Some of you are beyond dumb. Most of those women are prostituted. Men force them to have unprotected sex and abortion isn't available to them. Their children are bullied for being children of whores and the girls are often exploited the same way. Most of those women will get nothing out of "passport bros", sex tourists. Hating on the women of their own country is a cope for those men. They want to rape women and children. It's fascinating how they are trying to clean their image by calling themselves passport bros and it's working.

No. 1997315

No one denied how fucked up sex tourism is??

No. 1997316

File: 1716531696688.jpg (157.55 KB, 869x711, throwing-kit-shurikens-9.jpg)

No. 1997317

Thats terrible i want to be blind

No. 1997320

What's beyond dumb is you trying to start an infight over nothing. No one is denying the reality of sex tourism.

No. 1997321

File: 1716532449743.png (1.27 MB, 1080x2132, Screenshot_20240523-233334~2.p…)

I won't post all of them because it'd be spam, but it's freaky how many videos there are. The person who posted them on lsa is also a weirdo. Trying to promote "tall Chinese men" and casually having all these videos at hand lol.

No. 1997331

they started popping out in south europe too. They don't have much luck as most women are taken though. It's uncomfortable to speak english decently at work and be asked by these men "how can I find a free girl to date? Do women here like americans?" like?? No manners at all. So trashy to ask such things to a stranger. I'm just here to tell you about old churches. Annoying

No. 1997337

The age of consent in China is 14, but the legal age of marriage is 20 for women and 22 for men.

No. 1997340

I've read the article. These things need to be killed. Bullet is the only cure

No. 1997347

You need to start using sage in the email field. Are we out of farmhands or something? This whole thread is fucked. 10% milk 90% seethe

No. 1997353

>by calling themselves passport bros
Implying passport bros aren't also just either going for sex workers or underage girls? Passport bros are starting to get attacked by locals more because of their behaviour

No. 1997360

Meanwhile you brought no milk and i posted 40% of the things on that tread, bye bitch(retard)

No. 1997374

>90% seethe
i get that unsaged non milk is annoying.
but are you implying that anons being mad that a bunch of scrotes are defending child prostitution opnely on reddit are just Le seething over passport bros ?

No. 1997377

Most morrocans wanna escape abroad to europe kek their women often prefer marrying scrotes that migrated so they can take them too. Some retarded passport bro would be the perfect target.

No. 1997378

Children look just like their mum (as they should) you love to see it kek

No. 1997381

He looks like if Austin Powers was involved with sex trafficking

No. 1997382

Summary of the whole thing: Scrotes big mad that western women have shekels and rights that allow them to be as picky as they want so they go to countries where women don't have those things to maximize their chances. Moids being parasites. A tale as old as time.

No. 1997384

These scrotes need to start getting called what they actually are: Sex tourist pedo's that go to countries where they can get away with taking advantage of minors. The fact that the most infamous pedophiles also used a passport will tell you everything you need to know.

No. 1997397

this youtuber is a bit insufferable but holy fuck, a whole new form of passport bros I didn't know existed having "swim meets" aka going to as many countries as they can to knock up as many women as they can, often desperate women they cajole into rough sex (not insemination like a clinic would do) because it's more effective (it isn't). not only that but this "kyle" dude has a genetic disorder which he imo is trying to pass onto as many impoverished international women as possible as some weird breeding kink but making them and their baby suffer in the meantime. true evil in human form

No. 1997398

It would still be a big deal to a normal person in China, but there's definitely a lot of Chinese scrotes who are angry about women's rising standards for partners and how many more women are starting to criticise "leftover women" discourse. Men from big cities with high costs of living can't find partners if they don't own property and a car (which is deserved tbh, they'll expect a female partner to work hard AND raise their children).
Not sure the woman is 15 btw, my Mandarin isn't great but the structure is more like "15 years younger than him". The original text also doesn't say the kids are 3. It does add that "his life makes people envious" though.

No. 1997421

>"his life makes people envious" though.

Does it though? kek

No. 1997424

Okay thanks for clarifying.

No. 1997456

probably it makes other incel's jealous

No. 1997464

Holy shit these men are all SO busted. No wonder they have to go to these lengths to get laid, no sane woman would touch them voluntarily for free. They’ll do anything but admit nature didn’t intend for uggo dysgenic moids to breed, they are literally genetic flotsam. But hey, at least now they can serve a purpose by helping poor downtrodden women get green cards.

Now this is just disgusting.

No. 1997508

Passport sisters will never ever be even 0.0000001% as disgusting and problematic as passport bros. Korea is a developed country and most men there earn an even better salary than American men. Also these men aren’t interested in a visa, these women just want hookups. Passport bros stay seething after their flip wife drops a toaster in their bath lol.

No. 1997530

He died?? When? I thought he tried to escape to Russia and completely abandoned his family in Ukraine

No. 1997531

January 12th of this year. He was arrested in 2023 and died in prison

No. 1997534

Yeah i think everyone agrees with that, women are not generally interested in underaged poor men.

No. 1998595

I'm glad that at least one country is looking out for its own citizens over sex tourists. It's a more traditional country than the US, so the women probably aren't prepared for the completely deranged, life destroying degeneracy American scrotes are up to.
>"I'm a traditional conservative male, and I have to go overseas to find women who aren't whores!"
>Fucks an actual prostitute overseas.
Men deserve the rope.

No. 2000861

Is it true? A white male tiktoker in Japan was making fun of white women in Japan because they get ignored by both white and Japanese men.

No. 2001704

kek white women are literally stalked by japanese moids on the street trying to talk to them using google translator

No. 2001894

Because they think white women in Japan are easy.

No. 2005178

They also think white moids are easy to squeez shekels from but they never get the same type of attention now do they?
Men of all races would sell their souls to get with a white woman. Bottom line is moids will never be the prize. If they were they wouldn't be born with more muscle mass to fight other scrotes in order to win over the female.

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