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File: 1704475033383.gif (567.69 KB, 675x1200, IMG_9296.gif)

No. 1951101

Thread for those who abuse photoshop to gain fame off their fabricated looks while claiming to be “all natural” or “not photoshopped

Previous threads:
>>1432730 #5
>>1191646 #4
>>1059519 #3
>>1005098 #2
>>720482 #1

Notable photoshop cows:

>Erin Eevee/Pinkfox Cosplay


>Jenna Lynn Meowri


Now welcoming:
>Succubuzza/Sylindaaa/Skirby, a fat, turbo-karen NEET ethot from Montreal, Canada. Is known to send her moids after people who call out her terribly bad photoshopping.



>Succubuzza milk starts >>1683635

>Defensive moid(s) sperg about "99th percentile figures", troons and tells anons to go search "wide hip nude" on google at her very mention >>1683646 >>1683663 >>1683828
>Succubuzza has a melt down on her IG stories because a user uploaded a candid of her next to a shoop >>1686694
>Sends gullible army of scrotes to harrass the user >>1686703
>More damning evidence is posted >>1686844
>Thread finds out she was already exposed publicly months ago, then proceeded to delete all the most egregious examples off her feed and was even caught using butt pads >>1687313 >>1687393 >>1687394
>Art anon blesses us with this gem >>1687482
>Proudly posts some scrote aledgedly using her as weightloss motivation as an excuse to slide into the dms >>1687508
>Malding over another generic ethot wearing the same AliExpress costume as her >>1688768
>Guys how do you lose the womb chub without getting abs? >>1689228

new update:
>buttpad-chan and corset-chan >>1913239, >>1834663, >>1834672, >>1839568, >>1844498, >>1897568,
>rejected by every e-boy/influencer on the internet like bladee, babytron, and sam sulek >>1912134, >>1900815, >>1912225
>photoshop is getting tremendously worse >>1908755, >>1901450, >>1898456, >>1897451, >>1897205, and >>1690184
>continuously covering her and face and showing it less and less due to being exposed >>1897848, >>1897850, >>1897908
>wears the same dirty, used clothes like shayna every day to prevent being exposed >>1897742, >>1897568, >>1897742
>proves to lolcow farm that she has friends.jpg >>1898093, and >>1897742
>NEET goes on a DMCA takedown tirade >>1835615 and >>1908741
>allegedly fucked guz, bladee’s cloutchasing loser nobody brother in nyc >>1876030,>>1879572, and >>1879570

no face pic btw sorry guys kek >>1879572, >>1875787, and 1879570
>still fat >>1898454 and >>1898456

New Aniejoy drama:
>aniejoy goes on a drunk instagram breakdown about being exposed for shooping >>1896531, >>1896290, and >>1896287. and >>1896286
>starts deleting posts, comments, and evidence of shooping >>1896295 and >>1896284
>it’s getting worse, she has a tiny ass bean head now >>1938614
>go off anxious queen >>1898315
>REEEEd at the internet and instagram because they called out her shoopwidearm.jpg >>1842587 and >>1842583
>still fat >>1896531

No. 1951105

previous thread: >>>/snow/1689594

i did not include it by accident. apologies.

No. 1951407

File: 1704523111537.jpg (2.93 MB, 4096x4096, Pickme.jpg)

Thanks for the new thread anon. Here's some retarded shit Skirby posted that never made it to the last thread.
>just chugged milk with 2000 calories worth if protein inside
She needs to know that Sam Sulek isn't going to fuck her, this just makes her look more like a feeder fetishist than a gainz bruh if anything.

No. 1951522

She looks very fat here, idk if she fucked up the editing or if she is THAT fat, which honestly wouldn't surprised me

No. 1951575

I hope to god she is that fat because it would be really funny

No. 1951624

2000 calories worth of protein powder… that’s like 400 grams of protein kek that’s gonna fuck her stomach up

No. 1951790

Yeah I would say going by her leg in the second pic…she’s exactly as chunky as I figured she was under the shoop and shapewear KEK. I do not understand what is so hard about exercise. She could have a body she’s not ashamed of with a little effort.

No. 1952057

She's def lying or just dumb AF. You can't just absorb 400 grams of protein at ounce. Maybe 70 grams a day and that's pushing it

No. 1952094

I wouldn't normally post about weight but this girl is telling egregious lies if she wants people to believe that's muscle. That is fat. That is the leg of a woman who is completely round, that is VERY fat.

No. 1952162

I know from some unedited photos that she has chubby arms but I was expecting a skinny fat or slight chubby woman, she looks very fat, those one size fits all thigh highs are very stretchy even on thick thighs but on hers looks like a elephant is wearing them. She ballooned out and very badly.
Instead of Photoshop ping herself she should diet

No. 1952220

File: 1704688197474.png (2.15 MB, 2185x1057, 1FC90837-9BD1-42C9-A592-7ADB95…)

Plastic surgery always looks horrible irl

No. 1952311

Do we have any non-shopped photos?

No. 1952315

File: 1704708250882.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20240108_100504_Ins…)

Really want to know what she actually looks like(newfaggotry)

No. 1952500

nice job leaving your pfp in retard

No. 1952608

File: 1704765501123.jpeg (890.86 KB, 3114x3068, IMG_6309.jpeg)

please put the dolls down. you’ve had enough

No. 1952611

is this a troon

No. 1952617

Goddamn those are spilling out badly, not in an anime squishy way but in a shayna way

No. 1952620

Ever consider that I dont give a shit.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1952718

File: 1704788669592.jpg (188.72 KB, 1293x1284, F8nLV7taAAAvTXT.jpg)

All her photos have her looking like she just smelled something rancid. She edits her dolls to do this 'smize' squint as well. What a creature.

No. 1952720

File: 1704788732239.jpg (925.88 KB, 1638x2048, GC2j5mPagAAbsqq.jpg)

samefag but wow

No. 1952726

she looks so dirty(learn to sage)

No. 1952822

Are we sure this is even a female?

No. 1952852

She literally photoshopped herself into that one tranny who pads himself to look like he ate too many krabby patties.

No. 1952855

File: 1704823084976.jpg (134.67 KB, 1050x697, ibr-581043.jpg)

tschäggätä lookin ass

No. 1952857

File: 1704823434265.webp (14.93 KB, 153x198, C03CBB59-484E-4B86-ADC5-984AF1…)

It’s serving Karen Black possessed by a haunted doll realness

No. 1953549

File: 1704937132465.jpeg (134.43 KB, 950x1268, F9QH5l_aYAA20i5.jpeg)

she cant be fr

No. 1953554

holy shit this is terrifying

I was thinking the same thing, it gives very male energy

No. 1953648

… she?

No. 1954073

that has got to be a troon. tims like that tend to have this unrealistic idea of what real women look like

No. 1954571

Please someone make a thread.
Blessed anon of the future who will, I thank thee.

No. 1955085

File: 1705259992439.jpeg (384.71 KB, 984x1828, IMG_0796.jpeg)

Not as egregious as other shoops but the Ana Chan torso gives it away

No. 1955137

Why doesn’t he photoshop his face

No. 1955190

>im still very young
>pics of huge cleavage squeezed into tight clothing
>face of 40 year old uncle in chola makeup
yeah ok

No. 1955942

File: 1705447061015.jpg (2.78 MB, 2730x4096, MTXX_PT20231227_001624676.jpg)

@milanawestwood on Instagram, literally go 20 posts down and her body looks totally different.

No. 1955943

File: 1705447118066.jpg (566.6 KB, 1080x2400, Screenshot_20231226_230639_Ins…)

Bonus lulz: she tried to "prove" that her waist is 26 inches by putting a measuring tape around her CORSETTED waist kek. Can't make this shit up

No. 1955970

kek that's a hardware tape measure, you can't even take body measurements with those because they hardly bend.

No. 1956049

File: 1705475059600.png (1.9 MB, 1136x640, A44780C0-FA59-4FDA-B32A-24344C…)

No. 1956198

File: 1705511678247.jpg (429.37 KB, 1080x1004, 164957_X.jpg)

I'm genuinely speechless

No. 1956272

why does she think this looks good???

No. 1956280

at this point i think it might be some lucinda esque delusion

No. 1956375

Holy shit are those her areolas at the top of her bra?? That bra is 95% stuffed with padding kek

No. 1957876

How does this work? I don't follow this type of lolcow.


No. 1957897

I guess it's not photoshop but absurd butt pads

No. 1957938

Waist cincher + half a foam mattress wrapped around her ass, I'm guessing.

No. 1957942

File: 1705875332509.mp4 (829.24 KB, 722x720, pug breathing noises.mp4)

i wouldn't put photoshop completely off the table (at least for some videos) - i think it is a bit of both. she photoshops dolls as a hobby so her having the skills is possible, and video editing is a lot more accessible these days anyway. the videos she does take to expel any rumours are really short and easy to warp.

No. 1957949

File: 1705876181356.mp4 (11 MB, 1280x720, desierotica.mp4)

not photoshop related, but her voice is sending me. there is nothing genuine about her

No. 1958011

What always makes me laugh about people who edit their appearance so much is that they have 0 problem taking full body shots in clear full view when it's just a random selfie but the moment they're asked to prove something then immediately they can no longer just take a clear simple photograph or video of themself. And people eat it up

No. 1958378

File: 1705977218997.png (460.48 KB, 576x859, Screenshot_20240122-233301~2.p…)

I throws me off how many clothing pages repost these extremely edited photos.
Can't they see these girls look retarded?

No. 1958422

It's clearly a pillow stuffed in there with how stiff and square it is. If she was natural, when she hopped, her hips would have jiggled bc the fat there would be loose. You know, like those old church grannies.

No. 1958425

File: 1705987463118.jpeg (374.77 KB, 1050x1373, 56E02B93-C648-4ED4-8328-1EDF8E…)

kek. clearly she is an all natural queen!!1!

No. 1958588


This, plus always having a mask pulled down over her chin is very funny to me.

No. 1958704

File: 1706056776706.jpeg (184.66 KB, 1040x2048, IMG_0065.jpeg)

Kek she's using every possible mode of catfishing at her disposable. Pulling a Sasha Vladmirkova and making weird faces, hoping to edit them into looking like natural features later. Wearing shape wear, stuffing her bra and pants and tying her clothes to her body so they could fit snug when she photoshops tits and hips on herself. Using a monolid filter on her face in closeup videos. Her chin has to be a tell-tale the way she wears a mask in every picture. Thick brows, armpit hair, greasy appearance and unrealistic body shooping doesn't immediately throw up the moid red flag but damn if she's not sabotage herself with these pics.
Pic related is a private group chat of some people discussing her after she posted a story talking about how her totally natural and real features are not just Bratz aesthetics. In the thread she replied to someone saying she's not a troon, and she was a faceless account until someone ""leaked"" a picture of her cropped and shooped boobs.
She just privated her account as I was typing this but I managed to get all the pics and videos before. She has to be reading here

No. 1958718

File: 1706058741779.jpeg (276.79 KB, 750x1327, IMG_6620.jpeg)

she seems to have privated cause she’s been in some drama recently, mostly about doll race representation or something, and now also doll femininity? idk i am not in the doll community so i cannot bring myself to care enough to look into it. thought this was funny though kek

No. 1958720

The only drama here is her. She made a post saying that when doll lines add diversity the remove femininity using barbie fashionista and monster high as her examples. Most people agreed with her. When anyone even gently pushed back on what she was saying she accused them of "speaking over a WOC". She does this all the time. Someone says something and she reacts in this huge way and creates a victim narrative out of thin air.

No. 1958729

File: 1706061810418.jpeg (150.28 KB, 828x1466, IMG_0064.jpeg)

> i'm hot and smart
> i'm hot
> posts nothing but proof of otherwise
God if this was about 2 paragraphs longer, this would be copypasta material. Engineer a believable body shape, genius dev

No. 1958743

I never thought I'd see the day where someone would enthusiastically larp about having a body that looks like its experiencing lymphedema and make that their characteristic "look." Huh.

No. 1958836

Everything she wears looks so worn out and crusty. Top tips to our smart and hot engineer: wear less synthetic pilled up forever 21 dead stock, separate your colors in the wash, bathe.

No. 1959555

File: 1706233596001.jpg (35.07 KB, 531x888, Screenshot_20240126_012134_Ins…)

She literally looks like a shitty IMVU character here? Filter upon filter and still has a face full of makeup kek. Also, her insta was banned and she has a new one with only 4k followers now. She complained about nobody wanting to shout out her new account, this just confirms to be that she's an insufferable pick-me that no woman wants to be around.

No. 1959741

skirby?(sage your shit)

No. 1959759

Yeah it's skirby. She had about 400k followers on her old account, but now only has around 5k lol it's pretty funny how small of a turnover there is

No. 1959761

Did she delete her account? Can't find it on Twitter anymore.

No. 1959799


i don’t care if i’m redtexted ITS FUNNY YOU FUCK ASS MODS, jus(no1currs, not the point, learn to sage your posts retard)

No. 1959821

She posted a long rant about how she HAD to stay on dolltwt because people will continue to talk about her groupchats so she can't leave? And then she deactivated like six hours later. Sorry for not screenshotting the rant, didn't expect her to delete after that. Here instagram seems to be gone now, too.

No. 1959952

nah i’m good but you should cut yourself open miss admin retard(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1960690

File: 1706556091196.jpg (1.85 MB, 3072x4096, Alien lookin bitch.jpg)

What she posts vs a candid video. Sorry for shit quality, she really tried to hide this one. Has she gained weight, or is it fillers? I swear her face wasn't that fat before

No. 1961066

I don't know her but lol at the asian shoop when her candids make her look arabic

No. 1961580

File: 1706819503355.jpg (1.53 MB, 4096x2304, Dear God.jpg)

Pic on the right genuinely freaked me out when I saw it, why are her lips so big?? Seems like she's going down the route of asianfishing atp

No. 1961734

its called overlining nona

No. 1961751

File: 1706851489703.jpeg (497.78 KB, 1170x1442, IMG_8846.jpeg)

The fact sunnrayxo hasn't been added as a most notable cow is crazy to me. Her photoshop is obvious and called out in every single post she makes.

No. 1961757

File: 1706853122842.jpeg (482.6 KB, 1170x1429, IMG_8845.jpeg)

Fegalvao is still not mentioned as a most notable cow?(lurk more)

No. 1961929

File: 1706900740956.jpeg (307.83 KB, 1170x1432, IMG_8876.jpeg)

Angie White also not included as a most notable cow lol. This thread is a joke. As if Jenna Lynn photoshops more than half these girls.(sage your non milk)

No. 1961936

"SaGe YoUr NoN MiLk"

Fuck you. Fuck this thread. Talking about irrevelant cosplayers who barely even photoshop anymore like Jenna and ignoring cosplay thots that edit the shit out of everything on every post. Getting really old. It's a vendetta at this point.(ban evading retard)

No. 1961980

Lol keep sperging retard. This thread has always been boring since the beginning and you trying to keep it alive with literal whos is pathetic.

No. 1962320

The left pic is overlined, the right is overlined and shopped to fuck

No. 1962337

File: 1707009750058.jpg (6.53 MB, 4019x3672, ja.jpg)

Jenna Lynn can never decide what body she wants with photoshop. Sometimes she's a "muscle mommy" then the next day she's skinny with small tits.

No. 1962338

looks like a fake AI girl

No. 1962340

File: 1707010182085.jpg (320.11 KB, 1562x2048, F_Y60FPWgAAOSl_.jpg)

No. 1962341

File: 1707010388944.jpg (4.12 MB, 2876x4296, Image10.jpg)

No. 1962342

File: 1707010517327.jpg (872.9 KB, 1215x2048, GFcO9BUWsAAaTZ3.jpg)

No. 1962343

Lol my dumbass used to think she was legit just another reminder to never trust/compare yourself to insta models

No. 1962345

Is this Amouranth? Seriously troonish and an almost five o'clock shadow???

No. 1962353

File: 1707012699062.jpg (82.54 KB, 1080x1080, vayypruz2hy91.jpg)

No. 1962375

Kek what the fuck

No. 1962422

I sincerely believe there's no "her/she" involved. This is such scrote behavior I'm 99% sure it's a literal man

No. 1962508

Wild that her mom just bought her a new face and body. Must be nice

No. 1962535

this site is not ready for the transisco lore

No. 1962576

File: 1707066474783.jpg (526.41 KB, 1151x486, Jenna_Meowri_Before_and_After.…)

What do you mean?!? Jenna Lynn Meowri is 1000% natural. Hard work pays off(sage your shit)

No. 1962578

File: 1707066708529.jpg (321.37 KB, 645x811, 0001.jpg)

Jessica Nigri now… filters or botched? I cant tell

No. 1962579

File: 1707067111367.jpeg (49.67 KB, 544x680, rx66nhfcb2gc1.jpeg)

No. 1962582

File: 1707067948402.png (355.86 KB, 549x464, filler face.png)

I really hope it's a filter, her cheeks look like picrel in that

No. 1962592

File: 1707070206598.jpg (119.75 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

No. 1962651

File: 1707078804430.png (1.87 MB, 640x1136, 33B2DB8D-6924-4145-A90C-CFBAC0…)

No. 1962652

This has gotta be a filter unless she just got this done, her recent pics still look fine comparitively

No. 1962888

Jnig has always been disgusting but her newest plastic surgery makes her even more fugly(sage your shit)

No. 1962890

File: 1707154461493.jpeg (407.09 KB, 1170x1447, IMG_9114.jpeg)

Y'all reaching again. Jenna doesn't even come close to Sunnyrayxo, queen of photoshop. At least jenna looks human.(sage your shit)

No. 1962925

File: 1707159351972.jpg (78.56 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20230731_121311.jpg)

>>1962890(sage your shit)

No. 1962926

File: 1707159510120.jpg (1.77 MB, 2500x1821, Image3.jpg)

(sage your shit)

No. 1962927

File: 1707159741276.jpeg (336.86 KB, 1170x1407, 77pvvyhyqegc1.jpeg)

(sage your shit)

No. 1962997

File: 1707175940404.jpg (334.12 KB, 720x1269, 224020102059.jpg)

Poor kid, she's still shopping herself into a Tim Burton character at 17 weeks. She's also telling people her obvious implants are milk in the comments.

No. 1963039

File: 1707187336370.jpg (252.44 KB, 1080x1350, 425308835_761914338694191_8156…)

kek at the size difference in the mirror

No. 1963095

genuinely curious, is there a bot that detects sage-able posts or is some mod going thru and hand pasting that redtext at the end of every offending post? sounds exhousting(newfag retardation outside of /meta/)

No. 1963143

What the actual fuck lol this loser got knocked up? she's not fit to be taking care of a whole ass human with her mental illness, attention whoring, lack of stable income and to top it all off has an onlyfans and is showing off her nipples on insta for free to get moid attention on a pregnancy post ? so mentally ill kek i bet the father is just as much of a loser with no direction in life as her.

No. 1963145

File: 1707228921068.jpg (34.75 KB, 331x363, 1707187336370.jpg)

kek wtf

No. 1963152

File: 1707229999916.png (740.08 KB, 665x817, 2024-02-06 (1).png)

She doesn't even look human anymore kek

No. 1963153

File: 1707230256157.png (1.13 MB, 1432x814, 2024-02-06.png)

Moids are retarded eating up her ridiculous lies about shooping tf outta her body

No. 1963155

File: 1707230681373.png (389.24 KB, 869x500, LMAO.png)

The moids are telling it how it is kek

No. 1963157

File: 1707231052337.png (178.95 KB, 994x205, 2024-02-06 (4).png)

The fruits of humiliating yourself for scrote attention and validation. Pick me's never thrive

No. 1963163

File: 1707231838193.png (75.56 KB, 511x646, mental-illness.png)

Sorry for posting so many comments on that post but it's just so fascination seeing how these pick me's think it's like a case study of how mental illness, low self esteem and pandering to scrotes affects a woman's brain

No. 1963174

File: 1707232894847.png (62.76 KB, 482x560, mental-illness (2).png)

She was all about not doing nudity and only implied nudes ~~unlike those slutty E-whores uwu~~ on her older account kek

No. 1963353

File: 1707273311397.jpg (34.23 KB, 800x600, 31f1a2453e1b93787cfd8370698865…)

Her being a confirmed fatty in this post is sending me, just look at those love handles and how she tries to hide her stomach with her arm haha

No. 1963355

I can smell that picture. I bet her ass folds stink.

No. 1963406

>be aniejoy
>mentally ill
>has an only fans account right after getting pregnant
>where’s the baby’s father? oh wait, she’s a cum dumpster. if the father of that kid CARED and was around, she wouldn’t be on OF or instagram
>expects her moids and scrotes to be around

No. 1963409

>the same damn ill fitting skirt
> thong is not even lined up with the ass
>dirty ass sock
>unknown roll by her arm
>giant ass calf

there’s a lot going on here

No. 1963656

the mods are legit retarded with the redtexting(retarded newfag still can't sage. take it to /meta/)

No. 1963666

idgi, those were all posts with actual milk relevant to the thread. why did the mods redtext them for not saging?(take it to /meta/)

No. 1963786

Yeah this post is milky af using a pregnancy announcement to promote your onlyfails with your bolt ons out lol it shouldn't be saged(take it to /meta/)

No. 1963788

The funny part is i remember when she first started the OF she was ranting about how holier than thou she is for not going full nude and how the moids need to respect what she's willing to show kek a few months later she got the botched boob job and posted her self butt naked to the internet and now is ranting about how sexuality (selling pics of your asshole for 15 bucks) should be seen as normal and everyone clowning on her is just low IQ she's really mentally ill even for an E-whore imo

No. 1963916

File: 1707422676244.jpg (364.24 KB, 1632x2048, FZqZiOnX0AIwUl-.jpg)

No. 1963917

File: 1707422697596.jpg (97.7 KB, 1066x1599, GDW2wG6W0AAbP-_.jpg)

No. 1963924

File: 1707423913254.jpg (2.29 MB, 2234x1620, cann.jpg)

Candylion cosplay who is "against photoshop" and "never uses any photoshop"

No. 1963926

File: 1707424285736.jpg (538.61 KB, 960x956, Image2.jpg)

(contextless photo dumps of random women are not milk and should be saged. and one of these images is AI and not even photoshop)

No. 1963941

if you’re going to post photoshopped women at least explain who they are. none of us know what you’re posting right now

No. 1964079

The Amouranth photo is AI but she posted on instagram that it was really her and not AI so its funny that she's lying about her AI pics(learn to sage)

No. 1964088

File: 1707450970610.jpg (327.11 KB, 1118x646, Image4.jpg)


No. 1964089

File: 1707451074311.jpg (57.4 KB, 1080x1075, Screenshot_20231116_113743.jpg)

Jenna Lynn Meowri

No. 1964090

File: 1707451397006.jpg (443.08 KB, 907x663, Image8.jpg)

jessica nigri on twitch (peachjars stream) vs photoshop pic

No. 1964092

File: 1707451586632.jpg (265.49 KB, 907x413, ty.jpg)


No. 1964095

It's always perplexing to me when women who are already conventionally attractive shoop themselves this heavily. Body dysmorphic disorder at work, I suppose.

No. 1964121

Ew. Photoshopped her puffy face stud as well

No. 1964231

File: 1707501675937.jpg (36.2 KB, 480x672, a9ad7c20cfd2007c780ab394a0ec18…)

KEK, she looks like Daisy De La Hoya when she was still relevant

No. 1964259

There ain't no way that's jnig. That looks like a whole ass different woman, or I just haven't seen her/kept up with her in the last 10 years. Cause fuck yayatits still looks like herself just older.

No. 1964329

File: 1707523217144.jpg (994.39 KB, 1784x996, Image3.jpg)

its from PeachJars livestream.
Peachjar posted this on her social media. Its Jessica but Im sure lack of photography lighting makes her look worse:

No. 1964358

File: 1707528033289.jpg (277.56 KB, 720x987, 12040220121126.jpg)

This shop is so sloppy. I'm guessing she doesn't care now that she's pregnant because she'll just claim she's only doing it because of that, like she hasn't always. Comments are what you'd expect, moids sperging about her being a pregnant ethot.

No. 1964359

File: 1707528104847.jpg (1.83 MB, 4096x2730, 202402121545580.jpg)

No. 1964371

File: 1707530672689.jpg (287.28 KB, 718x988, pedobait.jpg)

This is so disgusting.

No. 1964429

these moids aren’t concerned that she was knocked up by some moid/not single, or are they just moid simps

No. 1964431

File: 1707547975528.jpeg (706.66 KB, 1170x918, IMG_9677.jpeg)

>guys, the widearm.jpg is back
>obvious blurring/warping in the middle of her ass and arm where the circle is
>obvious bend in the background around her gross ass body
>strange tiny head

aniejoy, we know you’re mentally ill and delulu but we did not expect you to be as retarded as skirby when it comes to this stuff. these stupid bitches live so comfortably and they can’t even cough up a couple hundred to hire a skilled shoop editor. your baby already has no hope, hoe

No. 1964437

This straight up looks like a head shopped on someone else's body. Necks don't bend like that.

No. 1964475

>He would never leave my side

KEK she's so naive does she even realize that there are women who were MARRIED to their baby daddy and still get fucked over and left to raise kids on their own ? not to mention some mentally ill E-thot who got pregnant out of wedlock.

>We both grew up in the foster system and get to create the family we never had.

Same old selfish narc bullshit reasons to have kids. Healing your trauma is something you do BEFORE you have kids by getting therapy and working on yourself not by creating a whole human being to fill an emotional void and cope with your trauma. God she's so retarded and selfish.

No. 1964476

She even edited her bump to make it less obvious for the moids lmao mark my words the scrote is a broke ass loser that doesn't give a fuck about her or her moidlet otherwise he wouldn't have her sell her pregnant body to incels online just to earn a few buck. Bleak.

No. 1964479

File: 1707565620995.png (227.39 KB, 864x558, delusions.png)

>calls the father her husband
>Isn't even married to him
>Admits he doesn't pay for shit
>She's the sole provider (kek)

No. 1964483

File: 1707567482111.png (Spoiler Image,750.83 KB, 708x893, trampStamp.png)

I'm surprised anie joy didn't edit her vulva to make it look like a "barbie pussy" for her porn brained followers like a lot of extreme photoshop E-whores do
tbh(posting porn just to comment on how it isnt photoshopped)

No. 1964484


No. 1964486

>The extremely obvious fake tit
People clearly mustn't care how much she lies about photoshop and surgery and the ones that would are simping too hard to have critical thought.

No. 1964500

Why would you want to look like you have the very conspicuousy artificial looking breasts of a freaking real doll

No. 1964530

that is the worst looking woman tattoo i’ve ever seen. it’s small and it looks like a temporary tattoo. also i’ve never see that tattoo before. i feel so bad for this kid KEK

No. 1964531

same fag, womb. sorry mods

No. 1964534

>”I make average household income”

yes because “average household income” people get tit jobs every day, splurge on ugly misplaced tattoos and sit around like a NEET all day. at least skirby doesn’t bitch and moan about how her “onlyfans/instagram carreer” is her job, and how she’s supposedly supporting rich mommy and daddykins by paying their bills once in a while

No. 1964545

File: 1707582253918.jpg (Spoiler Image,477.23 KB, 1080x1440, boltOnsQueen.jpg)

Because moids with porn brain rot pay them for looking like that >>1964486
Her boobs look so far apart and fake it's botched af lol also those neckbeards just want to jerk off to anime looking nudes even if she shoops herself into oblivion

No. 1964557

nona, do you think she’s going to go full on anisa and get more tit jobs and ugly surgery modifications, then rip them all out and look like a total, haggard mess? cuck her husband maybe?

No. 1964558

File: 1707586218029.jpg (3.15 MB, 4096x4096, Gwen.jpg)

Kek who did it worse? These e-thots all copy eachother to the point that they're almost indistinguishable

No. 1964559

File: 1707586308939.webp (Spoiler Image,49.93 KB, 1080x1080, IMG_9679.webp)

>boobs are strangely too far apart
>nipples looking like marty feldman’s eyeballs
>why is the left one more defined than the other kek it literally looks like dolly mattel’s poland tits after surgery
>does not look normal unlike this example here

Aniejoy needs to get her money back, or force her little bitch boy sperm donor to get her money back..

No. 1964560

Damn Aniejoy has shitty craftsmanship skills. Anime girl but can’t even make her own damn costumes. Wrinkly ripped t-shirt held together by safety pins, and the awful skirt. Didn’t think Skirby would win this contest (mostly because she bought the costume kek)

No. 1964565

File: 1707587448919.png (Spoiler Image,591.61 KB, 1147x668, zoemoore.png)

I really hate how small nipples are still considered ideal since classical art.. Large penises and nipples and such were considered barbaric but now it's only changed for one side. Pic rel: nightmarefuel Zoe moore who photoshops her?-self to look like a teenager and wears breast plates(derailing)

No. 1964590

let’s not forget nonita, they’re not legally married. annie joy is going to be a mangled, truck stop body having single mom whore with frankentits by the time she pops that thing out

No. 1964685

Well that is bc it is a temporary tattoo, roomtemp iq anon

No. 1964742

well you don’t know that and not everyone, retard moid anon. go suck her ass cheeks and post milk

No. 1964743

Hi Aniejoy!! Nobody likes you!!(samefagging, spamming, hi cow)

No. 1964829

You're gonna get banned for a "hi cow " however she was calling people low IQ for telling her that her life is a mess so you might be right there kek

No. 1964831

She only started calling him her husband when moids pointed out she was gonna end up a single mom kek we all know she's too retarded and mentally ill to make sure the father of her child marries her and get somewhat a stable household and alimony rights for her and her kid but the father is just as much of a loser NEET infested with mental illness and trauma just like her or else he would step up and she wouldn't be posing naked while pregnant for dollars from men on the internet. We all know how that's gonna turn out at the end lol at this point her life is more of a dumpster fire than Shayna

No. 1964848

fucked up tits too nona. they’re literally the same. the baby is so doomed in there. she still has time for a redemption like deleting her IG and Of but she doesn’t because the point is she will use the pregnancy to attract more scrotes

No. 1964850

no1curr, ignore and post milk tard

No. 1964859

Not that anon and I have no idea who she is but it’s very obviously a temporary tattoo.

No. 1964892

File: 1707678418315.png (Spoiler Image,421.75 KB, 1537x2049, 492827918397874176.png)

this one is a femboy that uses a breastplate/photoshop.
She used to do

No. 1964893

File: 1707678511507.jpg (321.93 KB, 1080x2177, Screenshot_20240211_190825_Ins…)

Skirby is being targeted by "hackers" and had to delete everything off her Instagram page kek

No. 1964895

File: 1707678636857.jpg (172.46 KB, 1080x626, Screenshot_20240211_190755_Chr…)

From her OF, bitch is depressed because she can't post her photoshopped ass on Instagram. Bitch go get a life, if this makes you depressed then you're terminally online and desperate for validation.

No. 1964896

File: 1707678645898.jpg (1.19 MB, 1639x3515, thegoddesslexi_3024x4032_3fc88…)

His name is not Zoe Moore. He's a 30-something year old man (or at least identifies as a man now) on facebook. He goes by the name Charles Ranjit. He has kids and is married. He brags on facebook about making tons of money off idiots who believe his AI/chestplate stuff

No. 1964940

File: 1707689241096.png (851.22 KB, 655x822, 35312.png)

Ayrt, what's his facebook? I remember him making a bunch of troons mad with his "packer" shtick but he's a pornsick moid like the rest kek. It's really fucked how he's attempting to shoop as young as possible, the having kids and a wife part too. Does he belong more in the mtf thread? Now noticing his male hairline too, guess no AI can cover that.

No. 1964956

i will give him props he’s able to trick pornsick moids successfully and his wife is in on it

No. 1964974

yeah but he does it with using the young filter, saying he's a "young 18 yr old virgin", posts some stories of molestation, etc..(learn to sage)

No. 1964981

File: 1707699237028.jpg (Spoiler Image,2.1 MB, 4096x3072, dontsexualisemeguys.jpg)

Take your own advice newfag(infighting)

No. 1964994

Aniejoy is obese and I would not fuck her(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1964995

Any one right minded person sees that fat hog with blue black hair sees she's clearly overweight. Anyone who thinks shes"fit" or skinny shld be sent to the ovens(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1964998

File: 1707705990734.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3074x2048, C396964F-3633-4E36-997B-7F6080…)

Saw this one in the wild looking at wonfes photos

No. 1964999

File: 1707706092989.jpeg (252.09 KB, 1536x2048, IMG_0214.jpeg)

Her usual fare kek

No. 1965007

File: 1707708791595.png (1.22 MB, 1138x1272, 09789120.png)

She tries way too hard to be cute, its embarrassing. Uaaah I'm so frail and dainty uwaaa

No. 1965014

retard(newfaggotry, unsaged, pointless infight)

No. 1965037

File: 1707716799127.jpg (479.84 KB, 1232x1732, Untitled.jpg)

also why are her clothes so wrinkled

No. 1965086

File: 1707735640740.jpg (4.24 MB, 3072x4096, Mactonight.jpg)

Alicedelish shooping herself into Mac Tonight

No. 1965181

KEK she's having a melt down over the comments as usual she's so thin skinned and insecure lol
>People who don't post their spread open pussy and ass on the internet when it will remain forever and possibly ruin their careers/lives are conservative
Nah it's called being an normal person lmao she's sooooo mentally ill

No. 1965199

File: 1707757121213.png (Spoiler Image,1011.86 KB, 751x867, wideArm.png)

She's back at using face toon to make her waist look thinner than it actually is lmfao
>Reeeeee my arm is just weird you guys are mean(spoiler nsfw)

No. 1965222

Spoiler this, nona

No. 1965234

File: 1707763795980.jpeg (457.6 KB, 1170x554, IMG_9704.jpeg)

just to make it easier for everyone so they don’t need a spoiler

aw man she’s really dying on the “it’s not a shoopwidearm.jpg” cliff huh?

No. 1965235

stfu abd stop arguing or gtfo newfag(retarded infight)

No. 1965252

Zoe Moore's whole persona is that she's newly 18 and being touched by relatives. Its disgusting knowing its some 30 something old dude and his wife just wanting to make money(learn to sage)

No. 1965256

File: 1707766535999.png (1.12 MB, 500x979, Image3.png)

Shifty Mine…the "this is my natural face and body" girl

No. 1965288

sorry nona, i did not that. i take everything back. disgusting asshole.

No. 1965538

didn’t think this thread would be a red text war. the moderators need to rethink their life choices and maybe loosen up in moderation. and i know i’ll get redtexted by some fat autist childless woman sitting in her muggy basemenr(take it to /meta/)

No. 1965574

>Thinks calling someone childless is an insult
Kids cost 500K plus and wreck your body having no kids is a flex if anything actually lmao kill yourself.

No. 1965835

nobody cares post milk or gtfo(newfaggotry)

No. 1965967

That's what I'm thinking. This is a part of a video and the angle is right up her alley when she tries to purposely make herself look ugly/manly. Plus the way the hair is curved, that's not her editing.

all the loose skin she has from the 2 rounds of lipo she's had to get 2 BBLs. Also pretty sure she got a second boobjob too and yet she still edits her photos. She thinks because she doesn't smooth herself all over that people are more likely to believe she doesn't photoshop at all, but her and her best Moo was notorious users.

For the most part PJ usually looks the same, her face shape doesn't really change and she constantly has this sourpatch puker to her face. Jessica looks the same too IMO. They just don't take photos with expressions, so when cows like that make any other face, you see all their lines and how deep their nasal folds are. They shop, but those two mostly use smoothing. Not actual chopping off parts of your body.

No. 1966524

File: 1708057558515.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_9855.jpeg)

Dude you're fucking nuts if you think this is just a case of smoothing lol. Not even remotely the same person.

No. 1966525


No. 1966823

File: 1708134832510.jpg (546.06 KB, 1536x2048, Et chan.jpg)

Japanese egirls never disappoint.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1966848

this is a lot to take in tbh

No. 1966996

it's the "no teeth look" that really does it for me

No. 1967014

You mean the non-smile? Kek Of course you'd barely see teeth, her jaw isn't clenched while her lips are separated like that.

No. 1967178

File: 1708240938511.jpeg (980.51 KB, 1242x1935, IMG_8869.jpeg)

@asdrawingaf on x, formerly known as twitter, has cow potential.
she's a 20 something palestinian running a holistic health looksmaxxing account https://twitter.com/asdrawingaf
> scammed people with an ebook and looksmaxxing courses
> claims to be a model
> promotes mostly pseudoscientific health advice claiming it will help her followers looksmaxx like her, like eating animal brains, mewing, drinking raw milk, and facial exercises
> bullies little kids
> says she foggs adriana lima, megan fox, madison beer and taylor hill
> racist
> denies photoshop despite her pictures looking ridiculous
> getting clowned for it by her followers after they saw her ridiculously photoshopped face reveal a week ago
> says she's palestinian and european
> claims to speak 6 languages
> claims to have been accepted into ivy league schools
> simps for swedish men
> edits her eyes to look blue
> some account posted her threats to reveal faces of people who paid her for a facial analysis
> egg's white will fix your vision
> calf's thyroid will grow your boobs
> claims to make her own makeup with fruits and other random shit
> promotes drinking urine of newborn babies
> says she's a misandrist, but posts her conversations bragging about the "chads"she talks to getting hard looking at her photoshopped pictures
> collects and shares research from ray peat, the postural restoration institute, Qqoves studio, and more, and tries to resell it as her own
> bullied the german woman captured by hamas, promotes hamas as the good guys
> refers to the israel x palestinians conflict as a zionist genocide on palestinians but gleefully talks about white chads colonizing and raping the shit out of women of other races she deems inferior

I could probably go on but this post is too long and would require its own thread to be documented, if anyone is interested, she is pretty milky. Some of it was deleted from her X account, or was posted in instagram stories and archived.

No. 1967179

Wrong thread, anon. Might want try thot general or something. This isn't a potential cow thread and you aren't even giving us photoshop examples.

No. 1967182

File: 1708244469590.png (9.38 MB, 3464x3464, F875836C-C85C-4A8C-93B3-9C924F…)

the pictures in picrel are photoshop examples, there is a lot more going on than just photoshop though. other examples, on the bottom left is an unedited video of her, top left a filtered photo, and on the top right and bottom right are her photoshops. she edits her face to look shorter and wider, her nose to look thinner and smaller, her eyes from brown to blue, and basically restructures her entire face with photoshop

No. 1967240

I like to think it was a deliberate choice, given how ridiculous she looks

No. 1967305

File: 1708276582964.jpeg (41.38 KB, 383x680, IMG_8915.jpeg)

replied to the wrong post before but you'd think no one is stupid enough to post this and not see that people can tell it's photoshop, but no she is dead serious. this is what she posted on her story when she was accused of editing


No. 1967487

File: 1708314656654.jpeg (238.19 KB, 1170x1131, IMG_9917.jpeg)

"just smoothing, not chopping off body parts"

No. 1967509

Don't like nigri but pretty sure she's just using her finger to hold her rainbow prop here. She's holding her glasses using her thumb and her ring finger while her index and middle finger are supporting her prop. could be wrong, tho

No. 1967517

File: 1708322345461.jpeg (130.27 KB, 1012x800, IMG_9920.jpeg)

Just smoothing :)(:))

No. 1967520

sure bud(samefagging)

No. 1967524

>old photos
I like that it's always the same recycled photos and the Tracer one isn't even an issue.

No. 1967636

File: 1708367868901.jpeg (522.26 KB, 1440x1800, IMG_9923.jpeg)

Bishoujomom looks so human these days

No. 1967641

I like how you guys pick and choose which cows you put down versus stand up for when it's all the same shitty terrible photoshopping(unsaged whining/infighting attempt)

No. 1967643

God this girl pisses me off so much. Her voice, the fact that her only personality trait is her itty bitty tiny waist featured in every single video, the way she stands still and stares at the camera for the filters… someone needs to humble her(learn to sage)

No. 1967644

WTF is that?

No. 1967655

It'll always be crazy to me how she pretended to have a full-body rash for 2 months while healing from all the first rounds of surgeries and then pretended to be sick again for the second BBL and boob job and boasts about how she did all this to not have to photoshop herself, but she still have her fat girl face and has to edit the fuck out of it.

No. 1967657

honestly this girl sounds pretty milky, maybe you should just make a thread for her? she sounds totally unhinged

No. 1967711

File: 1708382690949.jpg (41.7 KB, 694x759, kP93mIa.jpg)

This is entire account is ridiculous, the ana channing and the cartoonish photoshop

No. 1967713

File: 1708382807688.jpg (45.34 KB, 710x743, 6qMxJGq.jpg)

she looks like those chinese influencers who use video filters on douyin

No. 1967735

Did you see that jaw line kek?

No. 1967804

File: 1708400801668.jpeg (27.76 KB, 273x425, IMG_8576.jpeg)

"didn't provide any examples"
the example in question:

No. 1967839

Bitch turn on a light

No. 1967849

File: 1708410439134.jpeg (1.46 MB, 1920x1440, IMG_4635.jpeg)

@crucifylia / previously bratphobic has photoshopped a whole new face and body, and I assume gotten a lottt of work done (considering this is a moid too). Big kek at the comments, if you check his page he has videos showing off his new face, definitely filtered to death but I don't know how he can fool all these young girls into thinking he is a real, normal "girl"- this is insane mental illness
He got called out a while ago and took a break iirc, but then came back looking like this. Creature

No. 1967869

She's aiming for that imvu avatar look

No. 1967926

All this photoshop and filtering and she can't even manage to look fit. Sad.(sage your shit )

No. 1968011

File: 1708448944093.jpeg (44.39 KB, 221x264, IMG_9289.jpeg)

No. 1968289

All the filters and surgery could not hide his man hands

No. 1968467

File: 1708550325297.png (1.9 MB, 1490x425, Image3.png)

Closeup of Nigri's eye makeup. Look how crusty it looks compared to the photoshopped pics

No. 1968473

Nitpick nonnie, I think lots of people wearing cosplay makeup will look crusty when you zoom in. But I see why it looks the way it does, Jessica has to keep competitive with the constant wave of younger lewd cosplayers. She'll always make money and have a platform, but I think it's the fear of losing relevancy that keeps her continuing to have an OF, trying to keep up with what younger cosplayers are doing. What sucks about the work she does is youth = success, so for a woman in her mid-30s, it means she has to do more and more to try and hide her age (heavier makeup, shopping, fillers, working out extensively). It's garbage, but it's the nature of the industry that she, either with intention or not, had a part in creating.

No. 1968560

where is the IG anon for skirby/aniejoy?(sage your spoonfeeding)

No. 1968601

Might be time for her to retire then and go to the nursing home where she belongs.(sage your shit)

No. 1968602

File: 1708577523459.jpeg (558.92 KB, 1656x2048, IMG_0115.jpeg)

Has mimsy been mentioned here yet? Suprised she's not in the title but jenna is. I've never seen anything more rediculous

No. 1968603

File: 1708577555148.jpeg (290.63 KB, 1472x2048, IMG_0114.jpeg)

It's an actual wacrime that mimsy isn't a worst offender here

No. 1968669

She just looks like a better moo lol

No. 1968718

Skirby's instagram got hacked so she isn't posting there. Her 2nd account is also private now so can't really get much milk from her besides her twitter, which she barely posts on. Although for a "fun" skirby bingo, go to her twitter and take a shot every time you see her pinching her hips to make them look rounder.

No. 1968723

File: 1708607631908.jpeg (263.85 KB, 2048x1160, GGVhzsqacAA_q_S.jpeg)

Samefag, but here's the most recent example. Let's go through it; pic is in shitty quality to hide the blatant shooping yet you can still see the blurring around her right hip (where she's edited out her love handles). She's wearing at least 2 bras, both stuffed to high heavens to make her B-cup at best tits look bigger. The thong pulled up over her lovehandles to make herself look slimmer, her pinching her hips to make them look rounder, sitting down on a chair so your hips and thighs look thicker and finally, taking the photo at a low angle (as she always does) to use perspective to make her lower half look bigger. She does this in like every 2nd picture she posts, but moids will eat it up.

No. 1968904

File: 1708642014867.png (1.54 MB, 1170x1897, Untitled404_20240222174919.png)

It’s probably best the Karen of ethots stay quiet and take the L. The photoshop here is really insane, as the body looks more different than past photos. Cope harder, Skirby.

No. 1969045

File: 1708667775623.png (1.58 MB, 870x839, iheartpidge.PNG)

self proclaimed alpha female is partial to deceit

No. 1969260

File: 1708713503472.jpg (2.19 MB, 3464x3464, 1000020786.jpg)

Came across this girl on my tiktok. She's adamant that she doesn't edit her vids but, as you can see here, it's obvious.

No. 1969262

File: 1708713579912.jpg (2.43 MB, 4243x2828, 1000020787.jpg)

To add to this, she also had the nerve to post her "workout routine" with another obviously edited vid showing prior to it.

No. 1969284

Honestly embarrassing that people still think targeted fat loss is real. "Do ab crunches to lose tummy fat!" No bitch it doesn't work like that.

No. 1969298

File: 1708717494408.jpg (3.08 MB, 4096x4096, Temu skirby.jpg)

@gonkgonk666 on Instagram, another case of facefull of ugly makeup, corset, butt/hip pads and photoshop. She outs her natural (but probably still shooped) body in her highlights

No. 1969300

File: 1708717527321.jpg (1.83 MB, 4096x4096, Flatty chan.jpg)

No. 1969383

File: 1708732450885.jpeg (363.75 KB, 1170x1399, IMG_0259.jpeg)

This nasty cunt photoshopping a rat tail on her flat ass and calling it a cosplay I seriously can't believe people take this seriously

No. 1969404

This is so low-effort she didn't even bother brushing the wig, just blurred out the edges in photoshop to hide the tangles and flyaway hairs.

No. 1969406

kek those fucking ears. They sell cat ears on aliexpress for a dollar.

No. 1969410

At this point, Sunnyrayxo really needs her own thread or at the very least needs to be mentioned as a note cow on the next thread.(sage your shit)

No. 1969451

File: 1708748242075.jpeg (306.62 KB, 826x693, IMG_0295.jpeg)

Nigri looks completely unrecognizable without her crusty makeup on lol. Reminds me of a little boy or a piglet.(sage your shit)

No. 1969557

shes cute without makeup

No. 1969565

Do you think these thots edit each others photos for fun or give tips? the aniejoy body is crazy

No. 1969571

Are we looking at the same photo?(sage your shit)

No. 1969582

She looks like a woman in her mid-to-late thirties. Pretty.

No. 1969585

You guys ride nigris fake tit flat ass fake persona having ass so fucking hard lol(sage your shit)

No. 1969593

No & no, just referring to this photo. She's a regular woman. The shoops have always been kekworthy but to me she's a generally appealing but plain woman irl.

No. 1969601

This thread is about photoshop, not bare faces with no shop.

No. 1969608

Then why do you guys constantly post jenna with no makeup and make fun of her? Haha. Picking and choosing.(sage your shit)

No. 1969611

File: 1708799164414.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1272x1830, IMG_5490.jpeg)

I was gonna say she looks around mid 40s but isn’t that her age anyway? She reminds me a lot of how Jenna Jameson looks like now

No. 1969613

Nigri looks nothing like this.

No. 1969615

File: 1708799610820.jpeg (922.47 KB, 3072x3072, IMG_0436.jpeg)

You're right, nigri looks 100 times worse haha.
Try coping you fucking cuck.(sage your shit/stop spamming the same photo)

No. 1969618

Sad that she's already very skinny with a nice waist but still feels disatisfied so she feels like she needs to look like a weird cartoon character. The girls itt need to get their phones taken away from them and forget about social medias for some time to heal the brainrot

No. 1969671

She genuinely looks way better without the 2009 porn star makeup. It has always aged her like 20 years even when she was in her early 20's, I'm actually surprised to see a bareface photo of her because she actually looks pretty.

No. 1969695

It’s not a real look at her makeup less though. Often on her TikTok or Insta “no makeup” videos you can see she has a filter on (it’s literally listed on the video). We don’t have actual pics of her makeup less so we have no idea what she looks like(ban evasion)

No. 1969849

File: 1708865123704.jpeg (1.43 MB, 3464x3464, 59A08849-DC67-4879-948D-970488…)

@smilesforever0316 on TikTok, actually insane.

No. 1969867

He's a troon

No. 1969887

The mods really love nigri here huh(ban evasion)

No. 1969906

so why is it always the most morbidly obese and/or brolic white weebs/trannies obsessed with "cutecore", rape fantasies and "age regression" stuff? i remember the thread on "nsfwtwt" being full of people like this.

No. 1969911

went thru the tt rabbithole and jfc this dude is a magician. he must be running each video via at least 3 filters, at separate times. who does this
a lot of them are obviously mentally ill. and many have admitted to being groomed as teens online by pedophiles & abusers. tullip r ont witter and aimee/nataniel knight both were involved with grown men as teens

their notion of 'normal' is very fucked up

No. 1969912

File: 1708889224753.jpeg (766.21 KB, 3464x2054, D01CF970-75A7-4006-A357-981657…)

also post her tt @happylittlesealpup

No. 1969917

File: 1708890253071.png (1.83 MB, 700x1900, littlest asian fisher.png)

this is a tim, not a woman

No. 1969925

if anyone want to see what drawing on your face to make you look like a gen Zer on tt looks like this video sums it up.

what this phenotype represents is (relatively unusual) east asian faces, which weren't the ideal five minutes ago. white people don't typically have the kind of subcutaneous fat placement that makes this look. the TiM has noticeable fat pads under their sinuses from the looks of it, though.

No. 1970025

Just like sewerslvt. They're bottoms that think looking like lolitype teenage girls will give them male attention and they fantasize about being objectified like that. It's pretty sick.

No. 1970066

Men were into pedomorphism are pedophilic, simple as. this dude is definitely looking for fellow degenerate attention

No. 1970471

File: 1709039961317.jpeg (836.37 KB, 1170x1767, IMG_9865.jpeg)

just like sewerslvt fr LOL

No. 1970536

File: 1709058524940.jpeg (247.14 KB, 865x1280, IMG_0466.jpeg)

Has Bunnie Wifey been posted here yet? Love gross mordidly obese "models" try to trick all their fans haha. I wonder if she is embarrassed to show up at conventions and people see her real body

No. 1970539

The head to body ratio is killing me

No. 1970545

File: 1709059627990.png (2.04 MB, 1273x833, 1657306797669-2.png)

Yeah she's ridiculous

No. 1970559

File: 1709061444020.jpg (Spoiler Image,157.67 KB, 1170x824, tumblr nonsense.jpg)

this was reposted on tumblr. woman's photshopping her implants, giving her a wasp waist and made the nipples into freaking heart shapes…

handle's Nacrevictoire

No. 1970560

She probably got a nipple tattoo to make them look like hearts since that exists but the rest I believe.

No. 1970572

Why is she not a notable cow by now? Baffling(sage your shit)

No. 1970573

File: 1709063836516.jpeg (160.56 KB, 1124x1280, IMG_0467.jpeg)

She reminds me of a bursted tub of Pillsbury biscuits

No. 1970585

I can't find anything milky about her other than she's a dumpy obese woman who shoops her pics a lot, sadly.

No. 1970659

Sage for OT, crazy photoshop aside the areola tattoos look so cute, I will die on this hill.

No. 1970674

They're all obese in this thread(refusing to integrate or sage)

No. 1970706

This looks like a chest plate tbh. Just seams are erased.

No. 1970727

Omfg you’re right!

No. 1970730

why does she constantly look grossed out(non-milk posts should be saged )

No. 1970750

The nasolabial folds.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1970856

aww the autistic mods are on a redtexting spreee(sage your shit)

No. 1970971

Nastiest individuals honestly

No. 1970972

Nah its warped, that's a popular trend

No. 1972203

File: 1709517694049.jpeg (143.42 KB, 1179x1096, GHjDpRgXoAApf_Z.jpeg)

Skirby's gained weight, just look at those chubby girl legs lol

No. 1972300

jfc she's almost as fat as big shaynus

No. 1972313

Ffs buy new clothes already!!

No. 1972644

Imshitty the obese wannarexic kek(sage your shit)

No. 1972660

Don’t be jealous ana chan. She fucks cute e-boys and gets simps sending her money while you seethe and purge.(infighting/bait)

No. 1972682

The skirt looks like it was photoshopped into the picture.

No. 1972685

File: 1709650128903.jpg (1.97 MB, 2448x3264, 1694745281700 (1).jpg)

Kek, the thought of her having to take off her layers of shapewear to the horror of the guy she's fucking is hilarious. Cope harder, fatty.(infighting)

No. 1972766

This is a normal female body you weirdo

No. 1972800

Nta but in those bikini pics that's a lot you'd have to be photoshopping. Apps and regular editing only do so much. I don't think she's a master class at the type of editing anon's think she's doing.

No. 1972806

When did I say it wasn't…? I'm just highlighting how stark of a contrast her actual body is to her shooped body, and now anyone fucking her would be horrified to see her normal body when they expected the shooped one.

No. 1972832

this thread has went to shit. i feel bad for the Op anon

No. 1972886

File: 1709692059378.png (517.98 KB, 603x761, anie.png)

Saying this thread has gone to shit yet contributing nothing, hmm. Anyway, some more aniejoy nonsense with a clearly warped background. Not even trying to hide it

No. 1972895

File: 1709693465833.jpg (Spoiler Image,4 MB, 3072x4096, Plank.jpg)

And another one

No. 1972978

Sage, but tbh all these women are overweight. You can't see their ribs.bet they can't run ln an elliptical for 1 hr without coughing up a lung(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 1972979

>can't sage
>thinks fat = no visible rib bones

Your brain's atrophying, anon, go back to the pro ana thread and self post

No. 1973017

File: 1709727273556.jpg (4.03 MB, 4096x4096, 1993231331548.jpg)

>cuz no pants fit me otherwise
Kek the audacity of this statement

No. 1973094

men are so incredibly retarded holy shit

No. 1973097

why is a pregnant chick wearing a corset(learn to reply)

No. 1973110

No. 1973121

That's an older pic of her, way before she was pregnant.

Nona is talking about aniejoy, the woman posted above. Specifically this >>1972895 post.

No. 1973130

File: 1709749173139.jpeg (78.42 KB, 588x905, Lol.jpeg)

Jesus Christ…

No. 1973176

Imagine editing yourself to look like you've been long suffering from lipedema. Incredible that cartoons have rotted coomers minds into thinking this is sexy or desirable and not entirely deformed. kek

No. 1973396

the warped toilet is my favourite part

No. 1973400

The front profile of a soon to be deathfat(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1973981

File: 1709940686346.jpg (2.05 MB, 4096x3072, 23030903203913.jpg)

Skirby's back, now with new and improved colour palette for the same shapewear kek.

No. 1974002

File: 1709944343894.jpg (Spoiler Image,258.07 KB, 1124x1687, skirby_00011-knMUKvRY-71c3MIBw…)

Skirby acting like she has tits lmao… a rare picture of her that has minimal shooping and no shapewear. Girl you are barely a B cup.(titpicking)

No. 1974130

Kek the stockings barely reaching over her knees and rolling down
I believe she won't wear this one as much because it shows the edges of the corset and shapewear

No. 1974256

tbf, those are shitty victorias secret/costume stockings, they have no silicone grip and are made for people who are not over 100lbs. They are always, always asian sizing standard. The stockings with the large floral lace at the top, those have silicone tops so they don't roll and are western sizing usually. She's just using the cheap fast fashion lingerie stockings.

Yeah, she's wearing 2 bras and an underbust corset. That's tithacks 101.

No. 1974337

File: 1710020407878.jpg (42.15 KB, 526x506, 123139703_3583090555061743_364…)

I don't know who this is but she looks like one of those MIB alien cockroaches

No. 1974338

So disgustingly ugly there's no way it's a woman

No. 1974483

Ugly and a wannarexic. Can't even see ribs it's pathetic . Irl I'd snap her arms(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 1974492

File: 1710072099051.jpg (2.28 MB, 4096x3072, nu-skirby.jpg)

>skirby-tier body check videos shot on a camera from 2006
>obvious shapewear under all of her clothes
>filter making her face look pasted on
Is @gonkgonk666 one of Skirby's friends or something? They follow eachother kek.

No. 1974615

What’s the point of shapewear? She’ll just end up photoshopping anyways. Does she actually have thighs like that or do they photoshop them bigger? Her arms don’t look like they belong to a fatty but idk

No. 1974712

File: 1710119303181.jpg (111.08 KB, 720x1253, Screenshot_20240310_224955_Ins…)

She might very well be bottom heavy naturally but judging by the 1800's quality and the shape of her hips/thighs gonna say it's fake. Reminds me of Albany Cope's shops.

No. 1974875

She's actually just an anachan as seen in >>1969298. Pic is still shooped but it's probably the closest to a candid of her

No. 1975244

File: 1710215426028.jpeg (1.27 MB, 3072x3072, IMG_6080.jpeg)

fitness/goth chick that comes on on my TikTok all the time. posts working out videos but then also posts terrible shoops(post info, newfag)

No. 1975262

Who? Don't crop out her name.

No. 1975283

Is this Anisa?? The god awful tattoos look like hers

No. 1975284

File: 1710231699940.jpg (74.93 KB, 640x786, excuse-me-what-the-fuck-v0-9u9…)

she's so ridiculous how do coomers fall for this shit kek

No. 1975286

KEK honestly this is so egregious that it's hilarious she is able to scam moids with this

No. 1975295

File: 1710233598797.jpeg (63.75 KB, 640x715, v0-ikay71hcklic1.jpeg)

for real. she looks like a centaur. its funny how her stretch marks and cellulite disappear in some photos even though she says she's proud of them. kek never change gracie

No. 1975341

No way someone who is sober thought this looked good

No. 1975343

She has a nice body (assuming this also isn't photoshopped?) boobs aren't that big of a deal unless you're like indistinguishably male or have crazy scary looking boobs. Most women have nice boobs anyway

No. 1975356

True, her body is fine. But it's nothing like what she posts. She must really hate her natural body which is just sad.

No. 1975620

File: 1710290398846.jpeg (1003.92 KB, 3072x3072, IMG_6113.jpeg)

@beezzgarden on Instagram and TikTok

No. 1975637

I have a hard time that the one on the left is real like is she okay

No. 1975645

She has a strap under her ass cheeks, anon.

No. 1975718

She caters to scrotes and pickmes like the anon that posted her so sounds about right, id be insecure too if people ripped apart my body all day

No. 1975794

Yeah and? Its still so obviously photoshopped.

No. 1975896

…do you realise what thread we're in, nona?

No. 1975912

>> 1967869

No. 1975915


No. 1976010

She's trying to skinwalk aniewhore so hard kek even the over the top shoop

No. 1976012

>Background around waist blurry af
>Pants are about to slide off her cause they're too fucking big
>uwu my hips are massive no pants can fit me you guyzzzz

LMAO this bitch is so retarded it's not even funny at this point and her simps are even more retarded

No. 1976016

KEK surprised she revealed her true body in this, was it tken from her OF ? i doubt she would post her flat ass and real waist to insta

No. 1976104

I wish Albany would return… the other year she activated her ig for a couple of days and her edits were even wilder than back when she was active.

No. 1976186

Those two newer examples aren't good photoshop examples when the backgrounds aren't fucked up. The strap and positioning of the leg are the biggest culprits here. Slight ass adjusting to round it out, but not like >>1975244 This one is more obvious due to the curtain.

No. 1976766

Me too anon, think it was around last year she came back with a whole new face. She's like a Pokemon she keeps evolving kek.

No. 1976802

File: 1710593684273.png (4.2 MB, 3240x2048, 1.png)

She's not that interesting, but the shoops are still pretty funny

No. 1976902

>OMG not Photoshop i know a gazillion people that look like this IRL!
Why is this everywhere? And it's always from other women too. Idk why they're so obsessed with pushing unrealistic bodies on women and telling moids this is normal and therefore should be expected from women

No. 1976930

Even without photoshop, a lot of women feel personally hyped up by seeing other bodies online and having a false sense of "I look like that too/women I know look like that!" when it's kind of in your mind's eye that someone looks this photoshopped, unless they got the fattest BBL possible and changed the shape of their ribs without a corset.

No. 1976966

People don't understand how much the camera decreases curves and a lot of people are delusional about how their body/other bodies look. A girl probably has the measurements of 36-26-38 and yeah it's curvy but she will probably insist this is what she looks like not understanding if you were to take a picture like this you need insane amount of hips to look remotely similar

No. 1977426

File: 1710761806941.jpg (230.24 KB, 720x1143, 20240318_043833.jpg)

What the fuck is this??

No. 1978442

File: 1710985738912.jpg (2.13 MB, 4096x4096, 1.jpg)

Does anyone have the tiktok in question (I don't use the app) because this is fucking hilarious?

No. 1978443

File: 1710985839017.jpg (3 MB, 4096x4096, 2.jpg)

No. 1978565

Why would anyone think this is a good idea to post???

No. 1978583

She deleted her tiktok, but the girls username is moli0n if anyone wants to try and find the tiktok.

No. 1978920

File: 1711132671232.jpg (36.99 KB, 680x669, 5b8.jpg)

she did the meme

No. 1978944

File: 1711137502050.jpg (Spoiler Image,272.51 KB, 810x1080, anie-joy-1_0176.jpg)

Anie Joy selling nudes of her bold ons and retarded sex faces while being pregnant af kek also good job at shooping your bump as much as you can for the simps. What a literal whore.

No. 1979047

Not the anon that posted this but this is clearly shooped in the face at the very least? Anie joy has been known to be a shoop cow, is her simp a mod or something now?

No. 1979071

reminder that lol cow farm’s mod base is fucking retarded(sage your shit)

No. 1979073

>”hey skirby this is simp 83746438282929 why are ppl being mean to you :(“

nobody cares about your moids and simps crying for you in the DMs. like imagine being cyberbullied like “Turn Off Your Computer Nigga” get off instagram. these dumb zoomer bitches will do everything but get off the internet and go outside. have fun bringing this dumbass shit to court, as if the overloaded, dumbass canadian justice system is going to side with your pwoblems but i would expect the rich, obnoxious trust fund thot to resort to legal action. is mommy and daddy going to pay for it?

No. 1979080

OP anon here. This post is saged so hopefully this will be okay to the mods

Recent Aniejoy Recap (past till now. This will be updated at some point when there’s more milk (and we reach 500+ replies):
>aniejoy goes on a drunk instagram breakdown about being exposed for shooping >>1896531, >>1896290, and >>1896287. and >>1896286
>starts deleting posts, comments, and evidence of shooping >>1896295 and >>1896284
>it’s getting worse, she has a tiny ass bean head now >>1938614
>go off anxious queen >>1898315
>REEEEd at the internet and instagram because they called out her shoopwidearm.jpg >>1842587 and >>1842583
>still fat >>1896531
>used her simp money to get the most terrible bolt ons ever. she needs to get her money back (here’s a picture example) >>1965199
>got fucking pregnant by some mystery moid/simp/retard >>1962997
>they’re not even married or financially and mentally stable to take care of a kid KEK >>1963406 >>1964475
> aniethot admits to the internet more proof that they aren’t financially or mentally stable to have a kid by admitting the mystery moid doesn’t help her financially, she pays for everything >>1964479
>selling their disgusting pregnancy porn pictures on onlyfans >>1978944

No. 1979083

File: 1711166686582.jpg (Spoiler Image,176.52 KB, 810x1080, mentallychallenged.jpg)

This is the exact same outfit she had when she posted about her pregnancy announcement, she uploaded the same pics from a different angle with an even more retarded facial expression to her OF.

No. 1979111

This is so filtered that it looks like cgi.

No. 1979167

But what else though is edited aside from smoothed out?

No. 1979194

You're joking right? You ever see fan photos? She looks like a whole different person

No. 1979597

File: 1711334534633.jpg (2.57 MB, 4096x4096, MTXX_PT20240325_134111477.jpg)

Stumbled across some ridiculous shop and look at who i found in the comments. Kek.

No. 1979674

File: 1711380595218.png (306.77 KB, 1536x869, 2024-03-25.png)

aniejoy deleted all her posts and made another main account for the million time. probably had yet another mental breakdown over being exposed for the shoop.

No. 1979721

Most likely something got reported which absolutely tanks your engagement, regardless of how many people follow you. You're basically thrown off the front scroll and your stories get thrown to the back of the list compared to others you follow. Unless her simps are checking her account specifically, she lost all her engagements. This is why thots make accounts after 1 or 2 reports. You're incredibly shadowbanned.

No. 1979741

She was dead ass posting nudes with her titts out and nipples tho it was just a matter of time before insta brought the ban hammer down kek E-whores are retarded. Wonder if her bum baby daddy is still around

No. 1979758

File: 1711402080060.png (633.61 KB, 571x864, 2024-03-25 (2).png)

E-begging for diapers and postpartum padds with your bolt ons out cause you let a broke loser NEET knock you up lmao TRAGIC.

Also kek at her covering her bump and letting her boobs hang down for the moids.

>86 items needed


No. 1979765

File: 1711405112799.jpg (164.86 KB, 1243x2560, 71adrFApLVL.jpg)

She looks like this

No. 1979774

pathetic that she won’t spend any of her money on those important items, only botched ugly boltons. these stupid thots really love to live beyond their means but when it comes to rent, bills, and unfortunately children, it’s “OH NO I HAVE NO MONEY WHOOPS”

No. 1979779

File: 1711407196654.jpeg (392.71 KB, 1500x1005, IMG_0194.jpeg)

My thing is, will these simps really want to donate baby items to their jerkoff material because she got pregnant by another man? Looking at bean head’s engagement the majority of people who support her seems to be either mutual friends or people who know her. No simps, no moids. There has to be a large amount of people in her follow list who has a rational state of mind who does not approve any of this shit

No. 1979782

>86 items
>price range $7-$80 dollars
>she’s unfortunately having a boy, get ready for the bullying, mommy issues and troubled behavior due to her actions

I don’t know what’s worse, Shayna getting $100 tips for being a stanky prostitute or delusional Aniejoy thinking her moids will spend over the price of $50 for these items. Also watch out Amu, you have an enemy Asianshooper

No. 1979783

How can she not even afford fucking diapers? kek i'd get it if it was a few cute clothes or something but she basically e-begged for the most essential child care stuff like feeding bottles and a crib.

Her scrote is too fucking broke to even provide diapers? good luck getting any child support from him .

No. 1979784

Tbh, regardless of the sex of the child, it must be quite bleak to have a mom that needs constant validation from strangers and who is also constantly sexualizing herself instead of getting a real job.

No. 1979786

>she’s unfortunately having a boy, get ready for the bullying, mommy issues and troubled behavior due to her actions

His pregnancy announcement was a fucking onlyfans promo and then his baby shower gifs are also provided by a pic of his mom's bolt ons out asking for handouts from random men. He never had a chance.

>I don’t know what’s worse, Shayna getting $100 tips for being a stanky prostitute or delusional Aniejoy thinking her moids will spend over the price of $50 for these items

I'm sorry but shayna isn't dragging a kid into her train wreck of a life she also has rich parents to fall back on if she decides to stop being an E-whore. Aniejoy grew up in a foster home and now is on her way to becoming a single mom (she kinda already is kek)

No. 1979822


Right? like damn bitch you can’t take yourself to Walmart or fuckin Family Dollar?

No. 1979839

She's been shooping her bump the whole time and probably using old content kek she DID post to onlyfans while pregnant tho disgusting all around

No. 1979993

File: 1711465048081.mp4 (15.25 MB, 1008x1920, 20240327015453476.mp4)

Idk what the caption is but this js a skirby-tier proof video kek.

No. 1980218

no way anon I saw her on my explore today as well…. in some videos the walls in the background glitch, but filter technology is getting so much "better" (as in easier to fool moids and insecure teenagers) these days that people will seriously just think this is normal and achievable. bleak

No. 1980371

This just looks spooky. Like body horror shit.

No. 1980562

File: 1711627610555.jpeg (Spoiler Image,474.35 KB, 723x821, IMG_5360.jpeg)

I found this absolutely grotesque image on Pinterest

No. 1980571

This looks like a meme lmao

No. 1980579

File: 1711631785240.png (842.44 KB, 698x754, squidward.png)

literally picrel kek, how retarded do people have to be to believe photos like this are unaltered

No. 1980590

im pretty sure this is a fetish pic some moid edited. like those obese edits of actresses

No. 1980670

File: 1711653370112.jpeg (509.44 KB, 640x1085, 453A0E22-1BDE-4AAE-81E5-50E0BA…)

No. 1980687

Reminds me of this one woman who was on my 600 lb life who had wings of fat just hanging off her butt

No. 1980722

this is 100% a moid fetish thing, ew.

No. 1980889

cant believe asdra made it on here LMAO
she does deserve her own thread because she genuinely is fucking ill too(sage your shit)

No. 1980890

File: 1711730928881.jpeg (80.49 KB, 552x1033, 113421B0-6275-4E22-A83E-F3B629…)

she uploaded this video of her body onto her story to prove she’s not photoshopping but the video is photoshopped??? she used a photoshopped vid to prove she doesn’t photoshop??? this fucking dumbass LMAOOO

No. 1981773

File: 1711987947861.mp4 (7.85 MB, 672x1280, 1330111319163.mp4)

Who was this it's been deleted? Also this is getting out of hand why is she making herself look like this kek?

No. 1982014

Yeah, it's from a video from her OnlyFans

No. 1982020

File: 1712069215539.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.36 KB, 800x627, 1000010271.jpg)

Skirby proving once again that she's just a chubby girl in a corset

No. 1982021

File: 1712069277416.mp4 (2.82 MB, 720x1280, 1000010274.mp4)

Bonus lulz: her retarded walk to try and look "thicc"

No. 1982036

shes been at it since 2021-2 kek, her face looks equally as stupid as her body

No. 1982197

File: 1712110477104.jpg (97.87 KB, 720x1279, 120240431150.jpg)

That's the most pick me walk I've ever seen. And so is this kek

No. 1982213


She's trying to turn her feet in so bad to make it seem like she has big hips and yet she still doesnt have hips kek.

No. 1982326

who was what?

No. 1982981

File: 1712348330489.jpg (96.2 KB, 720x960, 152800872_117684390357105_8230…)

Anie joy's baby daddy husbum looks exactly what you'd expect him to kek(off topic)

No. 1983290

i’m never having kids with a man with face tats i’m sorry

No. 1983302

Bruh they look related tf is this redneck shit

No. 1983341

You take a huge L if you have kids with a moid period.

No. 1983371

Can OP anon add a part where Aniejoy shows off her knockoff dollar store Lil Peep on instagram?

No. 1983530

She didn't show him off on insta this was taken from her facebook, she did appear on his instagram before tho she keeps deleting her accounts so i lost track of him he's probably the loser NEET she let nut in her

No. 1983620

File: 1712534072420.jpg (90.38 KB, 726x900, C_olivia-dunne-x-forever-21_in…)

Why do people who already look good feel the need to shoot themselves into cartoon characters like this? Also screw this girl for enabling the sexualization of female athletes like this. Women work so hard to be taken seriously in sports and not be seen as meat only for a handful of money-grubbing pickmes like picrel to undermine it by pandering to perverts.

No. 1983665

Stupid argument blame the men. It’s a cute gym outfit in my opinion.
News flash you can still work hard dress girly and cute and still deserve to be respected and not to be seen as meat by men. Do not blame women blame the useless pervy men.(sage)

No. 1983674

why wont the internet thicc girls understand to photoshop their fat fucking arms too?

No. 1983677

Calm down scrote.(scrotefoiling)

No. 1983746

can you retards please stop fucking up the momentum of this thread? actually post fucking people that pertain to this thread and describe who. so many of you retards do this(minimod)

No. 1983827

I posted that pic because of the blatant shoop, not because I was scandalized by the outfit. Learn to read and sage.

No. 1983951

Just one sentence calling out the shoop anyone with eyes can see that.
> goes on a tangent about “omg women dressing this way womp womp” cope and seethe go off sis.

No. 1984090

i feel bad for op anon, so much redtext(take it to /meta/ and learn to sage)

No. 1984161

Nta but am I missing something here? The anon who posted the girl in the Barbie shirt didn't even mention clothing.

No. 1984277

File: 1712747081796.jpg (191.87 KB, 720x1302, 1.jpg)

Another Skirby spergout. Sorry I'm advance for the spam, collage made the writing for ants.

No. 1984278

File: 1712747106262.jpg (235.9 KB, 720x1291, 2.jpg)

No. 1984279

File: 1712747541388.jpg (84 KB, 718x1276, 3.jpg)

No. 1984367

lol redtexting only gives temporary bans :)(:))

No. 1984554

it’s sad this chick looks herself up on a daily basis, dmcas photos of her online and sends witchhunts to attack people while talking to her echochamber DMs on instagram. go the fuck outside and get a life you stupid NEET. go get laid. go get a job. a career. an education. holy shit. it’s funny her moids won’t tell her to shut the fuck up. making all these “why are people so mean to me” and “why do ppl hate me why do women hate me i just wanna cosplay and and” cope shit won’t magically make ppl assume you’re not shooping your waist

No. 1984566

File: 1712843361271.png (2.04 MB, 1170x2080, Untitled414_20240411094556.png)

Op anon here, made a picture for thread #8 just in case. Couldn’t help it because I saw all the Skirby updates kek. If y’all want me to keep track of her antics like I did with Aniejoy I am free to do that!!

No. 1985082

File: 1712980388212.mp4 (11.74 MB, 1080x1580, Topkek.mp4)

This is beautiful anon, you make the best thread pics. In other news skirby 2.0's waist is doing the Mexican wave here.

No. 1985131

not only is she acting like a complete idiot, her viewers don't seem to notice the constant change in waist to hip ratio on her videos kek

No. 1985140

Jesus she's really obese.

No. 1985145

this is funny considering she's shaped like a midget with lymphedena irl

No. 1985146

File: 1713015773629.jpg (384.41 KB, 718x1094, Graciebonirl.jpg)

No. 1985283

Holy fuck, she literally stole skirby's skirt lol. Skinwalker vibes

No. 1985289

File: 1713052300444.jpg (2.82 MB, 4096x3072, Pubes4sale.jpg)

Not just that her name on her IG profile is Skizzy666, idk sounds a lot like Skirby kek. In other news what sad retard is going to buy her hair?

No. 1985365


No. 1985366

skirby preparing to write another long monologue about “how ppl are copying her”

No. 1985367

The kick at the end was pathetic

No. 1985426

File: 1713102886737.jpg (2.22 MB, 4096x4096, 1000011058.jpg)

She took off her hip pads for this one kek. She also deleted the picture on the left >>1969298 because it shows her normal body

No. 1985427

File: 1713102930151.jpg (171.61 KB, 1080x2012, 1000011052.jpg)

Also, butt-pads spotted kek

No. 1985428

She was searching "skirby rib removal" LMFAO

No. 1985431

Can’t unsee how it looks like she’s peeing in the left photo.

No. 1985451

dumbass, tiktok recommended search isnt her search history

No. 1985478

stfu moid bitch(unsaged infighter)

No. 1985479

can you stupid hoes not fight for one second(sage your shit)

No. 1985590

>>1985366 not surprising to believe, but her and skirby are actually friends kek

No. 1985872

(sage your shit)(sage your shit)

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