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No. 331392

Last Thread: >>252508

Thread for:
>femdom images and media
>femdom fantasies
>female subs interested in women
>advice and stories

Some things to get us started:
>What are your main kinks?
>What is your ideal sub like?
>What experiences have you had?
>What advice do you have for new dommes?
>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?

Femdom ficrecs: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1AoUJpYaE2g6FMCWuyo4p96Q3OBJi5D7Czm23nzOO8uM/edit#gid=0

No. 331393

thanks for including the spreadsheet op, i haven’t had any mental resolve to browse ao3 lately but i’ll add more when i have time, promise.

No. 331395

File: 1685283175104.jpg (570.77 KB, 3508x3508, Fw-QYPtaQAUZ0-a.jpg)

Thank you for starting a new thread op!

No. 331396

What movie is this pic from btw?

No. 331399

just came here to say i hate men and they deserve to be abused, that is all.

No. 331409

how to start with pegging? i admitted to my nigel i wanted to try pegging him and he confessed that the idea lingered in his head for a while. he’s anally a virgin btw. does he need to douche beforehand? what strap-ons are better for mutual stimulation (not just a classic dildo on a harness)?
i apologise if this isn’t the right thread to ask this but pegging is often femdom-adjacent and i am quite interested in domming (not just pegging but other ways of getting it on).

No. 331415

File: 1685289844554.jpg (54.41 KB, 567x422, tumblr_c0d7c70060bbdd32f280b62…)

saw these images and thought of this thread

No. 331419

File: 1685290173820.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.17 KB, 1000x1200, 89586973_p1.jpg)

I wish femdom content online were more about making scrotes suffer and less about uwu soft m*mmy domme

No. 331421

File: 1685290256357.jpg (127.9 KB, 1080x1070, tumblr_26330d937fadbdc4c45e70a…)

No. 331424

File: 1685290435962.jpg (106.38 KB, 720x1242, tumblr_3d6659bf34eab140691e2ce…)

No. 331438

Yes, of course he needs to douche. Look up Ruby Ryder, she has info on how to clean ass, as well as dildo/harness recommendations.
As for mutual pleasure, if you get a harness that has the dildo sitting low enough on your clit, you can get clitoral stimulation/orgasms from that. There are also double-sided dildos but I would recommend using a harness with that to hold it in place or else it'll fall out (at least that's what I've heard).

No. 331453

it’s a photo of lux interior and poison ivy from the band “the cramps”. Ivy was the guitarist and lux the frontman, they were married for like 30 years before he died.

No. 331507

File: 1685303713304.png (134.41 KB, 1417x783, panch.png)

Finally some quality audio from Dlsite

No. 331527

File: 1685306038209.jpg (44.21 KB, 622x493, fuckyou.jpg)

>hot topic

No. 331533

Don't post ugly scrotes itt even ironically.

No. 331535

I usually lurk but I'm curious when some nona's say that they enjoy femdom because they want moids to suffer.

Do you want a romantic relationship with your sub moid or is it some faceless entity you imagine the inflict pain on ?

Is it more enjoyable if the moid cares for you and likes you and see's this as a way to show they love you, letting you hurt and inflict pain on them ?

What makes it enjoyable most ? do you want romance and love or do you want fear and nervousness or a mixture of both ?

No. 331540

>Some things to get us started:
>>Where to find subs? How to avoid unhealthy ones?
Has this question ever been solved?

No. 331552

There are 3 rules:
1. Safe
Preparation and sanitizing aren't a joke. Everyone should be on top of their hygiene. Safewords might be cheesy, but do it anyway.
2. Sane
BDSM can be more than just a fetish/kink. It can be psychologically beneficial for both parties as it allows for things to get expressed that normally can't be. This partially answers >>331535 questions because, as far as I'm concerned most femdom is in the realm of fantasy. Speaking for myself, I don't want someone to actually suffer, I don't want to hurt someone's feelings and leave them worse off than before. At the same time, I'm not interested in relationships with participants.
3. Consentual
I'm not going to do anything I don't want to do, nor do I want someone to go along with something they don't really want. The fastest way to piss me off is when someone just goes along with everything and builds up resentment, then they act like it's my fault.

Most of the femdom content is m*mmy shit like >>331419 says. Men are the biggest consumers of porn, so that's what sells, and that's what you see.

Ironically, the kind of men who you can work with are the kind who have a good grasp on interpersonal boundaries, they know their values, they know what they want…psychological health 101. It's hard to find but I think the most sustainable femdom stuff is "positive femdom".

A man who had an absent/neglectful/abusive mom may want to repeat the shit that traumatized him because PTSD runs grooves in your brain you tend to fall back on. A femdom session could potentially help expose and integrate the feelings he has around that, but once that's done, he may change (see why I don't allow relationships?). Or, exposing the emotional damage could leave you with a psycho on your hands, and…yeah.

No. 331557

These just feel wrong. the idea of lifting up a massive moid just to kiss him when he should be bending down to my height for a kiss (why would I need to perform a stunt to reach my boyslave's mouth) and exerting that much energy to like, take a picture for the internet.
>couldn't even link it
No, it has to be from the POV of a woman ree

No. 331566

You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the topic. Would you be willing to share some positive experiences you have had? And maybe some red flags that you have learnt to identify?

No. 331579

You seem to be quite knowledgeable on the topic. Would you be willing to share some positive experiences you have had? And maybe some red flags that you have learnt to identify?

No. 331607

>kink talk aside what other kinds of femdom is there ?

Maybe its a little underrated but I always liked acts of service, someone cooking for me or doing things I don't want to do or helping make my day easier, like a servant or butler.

I don't want them to expect a reward or attention, serving should fill that need but I like the idea of deciding it myself and it just being treated as another servant request

No. 331641

NTA but I sort of enjoyed those pics, that being said, I love the sight of a guy kneeling before me, and him literally being below me.

No. 331688

No. 331713

File: 1685363723192.jpg (Spoiler Image, 593.17 KB, 1633x2519, Luis-royo-thedaisy.Jpg)

spoilered because drawing of a decapitaited moid

No. 331718

Is there anywhere I can read real accounts of dominant women in D/s dynamics or in FLRs? Every account I read it's very clear that the woman is only in it because her boyfriend/husband told her to do so, she has no will of her own except for pleasing him. It's pathetic and I don't want to read about a man turning the women he supposedly loves into a his personal pro-domme. Worst part is when they try to pretend it's ~progressive uwu~ when they are essentially doing the same shit every other submissive women does.

No. 331738

Well, this thread probably isn't for me, but I'm going to tell you what I believe to be the truth. Grain of salt and all that.

BDSM isn't real. It can only exist in the realm of fantasy–which is fine. So post all the art, post the fantasies, post the copypasta, fanfics, etc..

But I think eventually you have to admit that true, sustainable femdom relationships are extremely rare, or are only possible with a heavy amount of detachment. The vast majority of people aren't able to sustain detachment.

Most dommes I've met are unrefined sadists. They might enjoy inflicting pain, or the idea of it. They might have anecdotes about receiving pleasure from male denial/male pain, but it's generally hit and run stuff. Not much different than "I'm such a BRAT hehe".

This shit is typically because the dude wants it and the woman is willing to act it out. There are many BDSM situations where it's the submissive one who calls all the shots, and I don't think that's ideal.

Since the world has become more open minded about BDSM in the last few years, I think ultimately what's gonna happen is you'll see more and more men open to the idea of pegging/prostate shit, orgasm denial, chastity, and the ol' femdom staples, but that's more about what men are into.

No. 331749

>or are only possible with a heavy amount of detachment
Why do you think detachment is necessary? I think the opposite, since it's a very intimate and vulnerable thing to have complete control over someone. And most men don't have the emotional intelligence and complexity to give up real control (only being led by their shallow fetishes/kinks + having dommy mommy doing everything for them). I think the only situation it COULD work is where there is strong love. Love in which the woman wants to take possession over him and is comfortable being her true unfiltered self, and love in which the man devotes himself to her completely without expecting to be rewarded.
Although I'm into D/s and have kinks, I don't really like using the BDSM label. It's all so shallow, performative, and fake, imo.

No. 331761

Shrug, your mileage may vary. I don't want to split hairs, get overly philosophical, or get into semantics, but here's how I see it:

Put bluntly, that's not love. If it's love, it happens on its own. Is it a very intimate and vulnerable thing to have complete control over someone? Sure. But nobody, male or female can give themselves over to anyone completely and still be in love. I don't want to get too far off subject, but I think the fetishization of vulnerability is problematic, so to speak.

Many people practically have a need to be vulnerable and for others to display vulnerability before they can get anywhere. I can't relate to it, but not everyone is the same, so fine. In your everyday cases of emotional trauma, a given person being vulnerable may have led to all kinds of inner turmoil. So for them to completely give themselves up might seem like quite a big deal, but I question if that's healthy for anyone involved. Granted, not everyone has PTSD, or even mild to moderate symptoms thereof, but becoming someone's full-time object of worship seems more like religious "love" rather than romantic love.

Religious love it seems to me is more of a fetishization of situations, concepts, duties, and rules. That's fine for what it is, but I don't agree that's the same as romantic love.

No. 331770

If a man isn't submitting to the will of the women he supposedly loves, he doesn't love her. He may stay in a relationship with her, he may have sex with her, he may plan his life with her, but he doesn't love her. Men always choose to defer to something in their lives, usually their male friends or something utterly meaningless like politics. But very few defer to their wives and girlfriends, and that's because they don't have genuine respect or awe for them. If you think that's healthy, then I have no more words for you.

No. 331777

Well, just to make sure I understand.

If you're asking whether I think it's healthy for men to defer to their male friends or politics, the answer is no. I think that's unhealthy. It's healthy to get input from a variety of sources, but it's not healthy to defer to someone else all the time.

That said, "healthy" is relative. If a guy wants to defer to a wife/gf, that's his decision. But I think people are at their best when they explore on their own and draw their own conclusions. And sex/intimacy is a powerful thing, so if you use that to reward worship and punish independence/autonomy, I think you've reduced a person to a point of non-personhood, and to me, that's morbid.

But if the person is giving their consent as an adult, hey, that's their business. I just think it's unhealthy, like smoking, overeating, or whatever else.

No. 331784

>I think ultimately what's gonna happen is you'll see more and more men open to the idea of pegging/prostate shit, orgasm denial, chastity, and the ol' femdom staples, but that's more about what men are into.

That's just depressing because if anything it's going to make actual femdom hard to find and discover. it's just going to be old style 80's femdom, new mainstream femdom and generic off shoots of femdom but very little will actually be femdom.

>love in which the man devotes himself to her completely without expecting to be rewarded.

isn't the reward for the man in this is that he's helping please someone he loves and cares for ?

I don't think it's asking much not be treated like a kink dispenser and wanting someone that's submissive but not a pushover or lazy.

like its just a normal healthy loving relationship I don't think its a great ask just that lots of moids aren't submissive just topping from the bottom.

No. 331790

Men ARE at their best when they defer to their female partners. Maybe you are mixing this up with female submission towards men, that's a situation where I agree it isn't healthy because women are indoctrinated into it.

>isn't the reward for the man in this is that he's helping please someone he loves and cares for ?
Yes. I meant that he wouldn't want or expect a sexual reward, gift, for anything to be reciprocated, etc.

No. 331796

Nah, men can give themselves over to women completely because it is a choice for a man. Also the vast majority of women are merciful and wouldn’t treat a man as horribly as he would treat a woman in the same position. A man submitting to a woman fulfills him and lifts him so he is on parallel with humanity and humaneness. A man submitting to men is harmful for him, and gay adjacent. A man on equal footing with a woman may respect her but does not give into the deep love a submissive man may receive in exchange for his devotion. A man who thinks it is emasculating to submit to a woman is ready emasculate. A man who fears a woman’s love is a loveless man.

No. 331798

then isn't the question to ask, where do you find these ideal men that want to be submissive to women but avoid the ones that aren't submissive or using women as a means to a end.

I don't think there's enough shy/outgoing introverted/extroverted booksmart/dummies non-porn addicted men to go around ?

No. 331801

You explained it way better than I could, thank you.
It's a matter of luck, but if you keep looking you'll find him eventually.
>I don't think there's enough shy/outgoing introverted/extroverted booksmart/dummies non-porn addicted men to go around ?
If you think this way then you've already given up.

No. 331803

Yeah that is the question asked in every thread. It is more rare because of the internet and online porn, period. It breeds a hatred of women even though it is the fault of males that there exist such degenerate, heart-breaking, unnatural and violent porn. It probably is impossible to find a boy who hasn’t watched porn but hopefully you can find one who is disturbed by most of it. I don’t know if a guy like this feasibly exists, I’m just spitballing. You’ll have anons say men like this never existed but I think there existed men who came pretty close. I think to create the kind of male who respects women he needs to have female role models; mind you, the responsibility is not on the women to be the role models (there are already so many) but for fathers to not show their sons that it is okay to disrespect women with authority. Respect your mother, teachers, sisters, other mothers, aunts, cousins, etc. I don’t know, my father just seems to defer to women a fair amount and he isn’t submissive he just recognizes women are superior on nearly all levels.
I guess you’d need to find a man who has a moral compass and one who understands that women are the curators and keepers of true morality.

No. 331809

Based on this thread and other information I've gone over, things often come down to sweeping generalizations about men and women, such as women being generally merciful and men being unmerciful. Any claim about a vast majority of a group is an oversimplification, particularly when it comes to complex traits like mercy. People can't be generalized based on their gender alone.

I don't think it's a good idea to suggest all individuals of a certain group possess superior moral sense because it's just not that simple. The idea ignores the influence of individual character, personal development, societal influences, and other factors that shape a person's morality.

I have to say it's a little creepy to assert a man isn't on parrallel with humanity and humanness (AKA not human?) unless he defers to women. Worth and humanity aren't based on gender.

That's why I'm saying I think femdom works in the realm of fantasy or role-playing, but in a serious, full-blown relationship way? Nope.

No. 331811

Go back to reddit

No. 331814

What are you doing in this thread and website if you’re going to cry that women find men to be vile. Mercy is not complicated at all, you either spare somebody from suffering or you don’t. Your use of the word gender and your not-all-men!ing out you as someone who does not belong, especially in this discussion. And yes, males are less than human: chromosomelets, retards, and rape apes. The only chance a moid has of being humane is to take on the moral qualities of the better sex. Cope.

No. 331817

Would you please inform me how ad hominems, stereotyping, dehumanization, simplification of concepts, a binary view of morality, and the suggestion I don't belong in the discussion because of my views (which by the way I alluded to a few posts ago) indicates you're effectively curating true morality or being a good role-model?

"Go back to reddit" is something I usually see in male-dominated spaces.

Didn't say mercy was complicated. I said someone's ability to show mercy isn't tied to gender. Realistically what's happening here is you're having trouble keeping up. Don't tell me you can, because you literally misread what I typed up and proceeded to spit out labels and stereotypes.

Are you a good role-model?

Done with this shit today.(integrate retard)

No. 331818

Are you the same anon that posted about how an American dude in Japan pump and dumped her after she spent 2k on the trip? You write in the same style.

No. 331820

Is it an oversimplification that men have been responsible for the vast majority of wars, murders, assaults, and acts of rape and sexual violence? Is it an oversimplification that the majority of men to this day support porn, and turn a blind eye to the fact that these women are trafficked and abused just so they can get off? Until men as a whole stop being shit, I'll keep generalizing them and maybe make exceptions for individual men who have proven to be decent human beings (rare).

No. 331823

wtf is this moid gaze shit

No. 331824

Is the pareto principle applicable to relationships and specifically to femdom relationships and BDSM?

No. 331827

You seem lost, anon. You're supposed to be anonymous so stop formatting your posts like that, it sticks out. Also this >>331814

No. 331854

NTA and I’m also not a domme although I get turned on by male submission/servitude from time to time, but I kinda see where you are coming from. I know femdom in general is shit because it’s catered to men and I get that there needs to be some gatekeeping, but there’s a retarded amount of people bickering about what constitutes as ackshyual femdom instead of idk posting content and sharing experiences. I don’t mean to be a party pooper but I feel like a big portion of posters itt and previous ones have zero real life experience with a femdom dynamic. Anons have experienced getting let down by scrotes though and some have developed a desire for control that is both obsessive and unrealistic. Imo D/s dynamic requires a level of self-obliteration from the sub that is unhealthy and at conflict with romantic love. The femdom threads themselves are fantasies, which is ok.

No. 331863

It seems like most of the gatekeeping happening is retards trying to pass off F/m relationship dynamics as something unhealthy and problematic because anything beyond edging and mommying a scrote makes them feel uncomfortable.

No. 331868

The only time I pegged a moid it was one of those vibrating dildos that the second anon mentioned, double-sided and vibrating. I was so wet that even with the harness it kept slipping out (granted the side that goes inside of me is much smaller than the side going in him) but he ended up finishing me off by sucking the strap and it rubbed against my clit until I came. It was supremely hot, shame he wanted to troon out so I had to dump him.

No. 331887

Yeah, I don't feel like going through the effort of seeking out a real moid to attempt a "femdom relationship" with him. But I do enjoy the idea of dominating a male sexually, which in reality will always be impossible if you try hard enough to find a reason. I'm sick of that so I just fantasize about things that might not even be possible to do with a real man instead.

No. 331902

sounds so hot, but my biggest fear is having a sub bf that troons out

No. 331909

I too had an extremely hot experience with a cute moid although not as extreme as what you did (pegging, use of sex toys), and he turned out to be a "closeted" troon

No. 331972

I think my sort of hangup is simply switching the roles and having men be abused by women doesn't really feel like femdom to me.

it just feels like maledom with the roles switched out but it still comes from a male adjacent gaze or origin.

So I think actual female based femdom should be something coming from a female gaze or origin instead, it may have overlaps or be similar in some ways but I'd rather it be its own thing than a copy or imitation of another.

same, it annoys me that Gender roles or whatever way its defined are more rigid now again, I missed the sort of androgynous of the 90's , even the idea of makeup like black eyeliner or nice lingerie.

but now its all claimed and ruined by troons and masked as empowering somehow. like the idea of masculine styled women or feminine styled men is forbidden.

No. 331979

You said that you don't even think bdsm is real earlier so you can stfu about what you think femdom should be like.

No. 331987

Why does female gaze automatically mean to you that everything has to be sanitized and overly kind and sweet and respectful? Maybe some women just want to be rough and cruel (towards a man who consents to it)?
I really think the only cases where femdom imitates maledom is if there is sissification/feminization towards the man or if there is degrading femininity in any way. Because then clearly it's just misogynistic shit.

No. 331991

File: 1685450327666.jpeg (85.9 KB, 640x640, 1612109651988.jpeg)

My female gaze love beaten up men

No. 331993

File: 1685450858517.jpg (199.79 KB, 736x1024, EaTqoh1UcAA1I8W.jpg)

Same sis, same.

No. 331994

fair enough, didn't mean to cause offense , sorry.
I don't think it needs to be sweet or respectful I think my issue is maybe its more influenced by what men wanted femdom to be, so it just makes me feel like its an imitation with roles switched.

I'm all for rough and cruel (if there's consent) but I'd rather wish it came about naturally than originally springing from men.

I think im just misunderstanding and having a poor grasp of language to find my answer.

Like I wish femdom could be for and by women and self serving towards womens interests first rather than having a need to placate or dial it down with a guise of gentle femdom or whatever.

This but with romance involved and slight fear

No. 331997

mem want femdom to be mommy slave doing everything for them/absurd latex fetish porn with fart gas masks, not women toturing men

No. 331999

Some men want that torture too, so ideally it should be men that women find attractive, dressed well, preforming well for women's entertainment yes ?

No. 332001

>Like I wish femdom could be for and by women and self serving towards womens interests first
Agree completely. As long as the woman is doing it of her own will and isn't doing it because she's been socialized to sexually pander to men or coddle/take care of them, then I think it counts

No. 332037

nta but I don't even know where to look for these men? I dont want to give up but I feel like all the moids I run into are shit

No. 334087

File: 1686195162179.gif (1.21 MB, 800x800, IMG_0020.gif)


No. 334231

You're so real nonny

No. 335298

My boyfriend is submissive and it drives me nuts, lol. I can tell him to get naked for me and he'll do it without question or hesitation. What I like to do is just kiss him over and over for really long periods of time while he's naked. His dick will be so hard, like he's obviously horny as fuck, but still he's not demanding sex. I just find it so fucking hot how he's always thinking about my sexual desires, not his own. It makes me so wet even thinking about it.

No. 335305

KEK at the passive aggressive notes whoever compiled the fics added

No. 335310

I love it when my man just stares at me nervous as hell for my next move lol his face red as fuck. I’ve asked him to initiate before and he just freezes. So i give him instructions. I didn’t let him kiss me until he ate me and he did such a good job ugh. Seeing him in a few weeks after being busy at work.

No. 335392

I am insanely jealous especially since my impossible crush would probably be just like this, life isn't fair, but anyway keep us updated

No. 335396

Any tips on how to train male nipple sensitivity?

No. 335408

How did you find your bfs nonas? I'm expecting the reply to be something like "a lucky encounter in the wild" but I'll still ask…

No. 335438

What does it mean if a man told you he liked being submissive during sex but outside of the bedroom he dominated and abused you?

No. 335439

It means he’s a man unfortunately

No. 335440

all about his needs. most submissive men consider the dommes as props nothing more.

No. 335494

Been working on a fic and I hope it will be good enough to make the doc in the OP. I'm too scared to to even say what fandom it will be for, but I just somehow hope that some nona organically comes across it and thinks it's good enough to suggest

No. 335495

you should suggest it yourself, and i will never even know it was you.. good luck with your fic anon, i know it will be amazing xox

No. 335501

thank you for the well wishes! Maybe I will, it will be the second ever fic I've written in my life, so I'm afraid it might be trash. The worst that could happen is that you just don't include it, so submitting it shouldn't be as awful as it seems in my head

No. 335555

Shill it anon I trust u

No. 335565

kek same, I've written a couple of femdom fics, or I guess they don't have any heavy BDSM but they're female POV and the woman is basically using the moid for her pleasure so I tagged femdom anyway. It would be great to make it on the list, esp when I've taken a lot of inspiration from these threads and lolcow in general.

No. 335866

It means that he is an abusive piece of shit and should be dumped.

No. 336007

Hehe my boyfriend just agreed to one of my biggest fantasies and I want to make him suffer. What do you think nonnies? Any suggestions?

I'm going to leash him up to my bed but he'll be staying on the floor for a few days, and ignore him while I'm home until he's desperate for attention (he's a little bit obsessive with me so it shouldn't take long), I'm going to leave a blindfold on him so he's real sensory deprived and cuff his hands behind his back so he can't touch himself even if he wants to. He can only use the toilet in the mornings before I work (I wake up 5 and leave at 7) and a food bowl just out of range so he can't eat until I get home (he agreed to this) and a water bowl that he'll have to share with my cats. I told him maybe I'll spend a night at my friends without telling him so he has no idea when I get home or if I'll get home. He'll have no access to a phone or any entertainment, and the blindfold will obscure his sense of time. My cats will be around so he won't be completely lonely but I'll make him think it. And then when I'm feeling nice, I will unleash him and he will be allowed a cuddle in an interval. I will also wash him when he gets too dirty, or maybe I'll make him wash himself.

I know this sounds a bit extreme even to most femdoms, but I thought it could be fun and he thinks so too. He is my little slave hehe.

No. 336025

i have so many questions about this Nona.. I thought I was into some depraved shit… does he get to eat human food or cat food? what if he shits or pisses himself? Do you care if he gets some cat sickness for sharing the water bowl? What if the cats eat all of his food? What if he passes out from malnourishment and dehydration? Is he allowed to watch tv? Does him getting sponge baths and having cat bowl water breath turn you on?

No. 336039

Nonnie responding back here.
He'll get to eat human food, just out of a cat bowl and I'm not too concerned about the water aspect- I'll have my main bowl for the kitties on the counter and he'll have his on the ground to drink out of. I actually mentioned the catbourne illness to him and he said he is not concerned because he's 'shared' water with my cats from his cup (when they drink out of it) and we're both not concerned about the malnutrition/passing out aspect, he'll be left for a day MAX and will be okay. I am also going to leave a waterbottle out in case he wants to drink it instead, just might be a bit of a struggle. He won't have any access to any electronics. No TV, no phone. I'm not going to leash him too intensely- the most ideal is he'll be able to unhook himself even with cuffs/being tied. Also for the pissing and shitting- he actually suggested that HE wants a cock belt so he can't even get a boner and can't piss at all. But I feel like that's too extreme and will probably get him to use it in the mornings and well, I'm still figuring out the bathroom stuff lol. I do get turned on by the idea of total control over him and the idea that he'll be desperate for me to come home. Hope that helps.

No. 336044

could you hook up a webcam and stream it to us?

No. 336050

This is borderline serial killer vibes though I dig it.

No. 336068

>my main bowl for the kitties on the counter
Cats on your counter?

No. 336081

I think the most extreme thing here is that he won't have any way to keep himself occupied. He is spending half the day only thinking about you and waiting for you to come back. Hot.
>the most ideal is he'll be able to unhook himself even with cuffs/being tied
Can you actually trust him with this? Do you have some way to ensure he can't cheat and let himself out without you knowing?

No. 336090

Hope this is a silly larp. Trust me I understand the fantasy of having a dude captured, but there's a reason it's a fantasy. If I'm reading this correctly he'll be tied up for a prolonged amount of time and incapable of moving freely. This can worst case lead to blood clots. I'm all for trying out fantasies, but you need to think through the safety aspects first. Also he should have a way to communicate to you in case of an emergency, like set up a nanny cam or something so you can check in on him. Could make the scenario hotter. You don't wanna accidentally kill someone for some sexual thrills, that's scrote tier levels of shortsightedness.

No. 336094

I'll definitely post some kind of proof when we do this, should be sometime this week or next. Webcam is a good idea, I have one too.
I won't lie, I am a little depraved. This will probably be one of the more extreme things we have done. I just love LOVE the idea of him waiting all day, not being able to move, just all mine. Hehe.
Unfortunately I had one of those water filter bowls (they're quite deep, about 8 inches) so I had to place it in the sink or else my cats knock it over. I have one too many cats so a regular dog bowl/small cat bowl doesn't cut it.
I trust him that he won't untie himself unless completely necessary, but I will be marking the rope with sharpie to see if he does untie himself while I'm gone. He knows not to do that though. Still thinking of punishments as he's kind of into anything and everything. And I MEAN that.
Oh thanks for the concern nonni but this is not a LARP and I will post proof as well. He won't be THAT restricted, his hands will be tied enough and the leash will allow for some movement (standing, slight walking, sitting and laying). I live in an apartment as well so if he really needs to leave, he will have access to the outside world fairly easily rather than being isolated.
The objective is to make him feel isolated and alone, a bit scared.

He also will have no FREE access to electronics but his phone will be placed somewhere upon agreeing in which I will mark around it to see if he uses or plays on it.

No. 336095

You are a weenie. Plenty of people lie down or sit for days at a time without barely moving. Look at all the pro gamers who are completely stationary for 15+ hours a day for years. He will be fine being lightly tied for a few hours. The most pathetic thing ever is women treating men like they're some sort of delicate flower that can't handle any sort of discomfort. Get over it.

No. 336103

Nta but if you're going to post anything, don't do it because you want to prove to a bunch of anonymous strangers that you tied someone up…

No. 336145

at least get him one of those giant hamster bottles

No. 336150

Don’t listen to >>336103 nonny I wanna see it (if he’s cute of course)

No. 336158

not you giving your man toxoplasmosis due to a fetish. true femdom queen.

No. 336208

There's a difference in what you describe and being physically restrained for 24 hours. Even sitting on your ass all day, you're still able to change position, move your limbs freely and so on. If something happens, could be a medical emergency, housefire etc., however small the chances are, it is OPs responsibility. If you want to be a dumbass go ahead, but the sane thing is to always think worst case scenario. I'm not discouraging kink play, just think safety/worst case scenario first.

No. 336209

You can still change your position if you're tied. And she said he can still free himself if he absolutely needs to. You guys are such fucking squares, so many women let men manhandle and choke them without any concern for their safety but can't stand a woman doing the tamest shit ever to a guy. Retard.

No. 336210

>so many women let men manhandle and choke them
What's that got to do with my post?

No. 336211

Nta but are you new here?

No. 336214

Nah I just found it hilarious how she sprinkled on a bit of retard just to underline her classic strawman argument

No. 336217

The point being is that on average, women face a lot more risk than men do during sex, and as soon as you flip that around even slightly, the moralfags will come after you because how dare you even put a poor defenseless man in an slightly uncomfortable situation uwu.

No. 336222

Ok but it’s besides the point of anything I wrote.
It’s more about not going to prison than morals.

No. 336223

These last few posts have been a good example of fantasy femdom meeting with practical femdom.

I totally get the appeal of the fantasy where's it's all ideal and perfect but good planning, prep being careful and safe is important too and I find that it helps make the build up nicer to think on too.

For your fantasy it's not so much tying up your boyfriend that seems nice to me it's the idea of being at work and knowing he's stuck there or if it was me I'd have some elaborate cam system and just seeing him move and jostle around, then its back to work and a coffee.

so safety, planning and prep be more practical and treat it as a learning step. you'll know what you want changed or improved on next time.

No. 336226

It's surprising you can't even read. He can get out and escape if he needs to. She mentioned that like 3 times already. And he's not even being tied up for a full day, just a few hours. Just admit you want to virtue signal and move on.

No. 336239

File: 1687095075207.png (390.27 KB, 1064x983, download (2).png)

This sounds based and cute I've always wanted a chained moid.
>what if he passes out from malnourishment and dehydration
As if this isn't the cutest scenario
You are boring af
Imagine getting filtered by this gentle ass shit. He even agreed to it. Why even be in this thread if you think tying up a moid for a day is some extreme shit. She even said he'll be able to stand and walk and pace if he needs to. He even wanted a cock cage for fucks sake, I think a grown man can handle being restrained.

No. 336241

In the particular posts I replied to she said
>I'm going to leave a blindfold on him so he's real sensory deprived and cuff his hands behind his back so he can't touch himself even if he wants to
>I'm not going to leash him too intensely- the most ideal is he'll be able to unhook himself even with cuffs/being tied
OK sounds very reassuring. She also went from saying he’ll be sleeping on the floor a couple of days to “24 hours at most”, which is a long time to be immobilized. Honestly I called larp because you have to be retarded to think it's a good idea. If he’s 100% for certain able to untie himself in case of an emergency then have fun, but think about anything that could potentially go wrong in this scenario and make sure you are prepared. I admit I was a bit condescending, I'm glad OP gets to play out her fantasy and I'm sure she was excited and hadn't thought all the details through before posting, but idk why you're offended someone is discussing safety in a thread about femdom, this is bondage 101 stuff. She did backtrack later on which is good, but if no one says anything unfortunately some people are gonna think this is totally fine. It's very obvious some of you live in lala land and are terrible at thinking about stuff realistically.

No. 336244

She said she was going to do things with him when she got back, so clearly he's not going to be "immobilized" for several days straight. He can move, he can drink water, he can release himself if things actually get "bad." She is not chaining and bolting him down so he can't move at all. You just want to nitpick her because you think you can do it better, but you couldn't. You sound like a loser who is too afraid of a moid experiencing any amount of discomfort so you handle him with kiddie gloves. He's a fucking grown man, not a child.

No. 336245

Safety in bondage is meant for women being abused, not when males are put in their place, silly

No. 336248

I thought it was going for a petplay aspect then got disappointed.

>not letting him wear clothes just a collar with a jingle bell (maybe cat ears and a tail)

>not letting him speak or use his hands
>not letting him sit on the furniture
>having him wait by the door while you leave and wait there again when you return
>making him pose and do tricks for scratches and praise

No. 336249

>She even said he'll be able to stand and walk and pace if he needs to
NTA but this is actually one of the most common ways people hurt themselves while restrained. People have a tendency to fall and you obviously can't brace yourself with your hands tied. It's why you shouldn't leave someone alone in that position, period.
>You sound like a loser who is too afraid of a moid experiencing any amount of discomfort so you handle him with kiddie gloves
This is your go-to response when you disagree with someone isn't it.
wow so girlboss epic pwnage much edge. Anyway sorry for posting some common sense itt, I'll leave you to your collective delusion.

No. 336250

Eh, cat ears and a tail are cringe but the rest is kind of cute… puppy boy

No. 336270

Imo it's just Incredibly cringe to post pictures of your boyfriend because you want some kind of approval or to prove something to strangers on an image board. Just posting about the experience is enough

No. 336271

I for one think she should definitely whore out the bf to nonas by posting proof - if he is cute.

No. 336293

Leashing up my moid nonnie here.

I appreciate all the concern and consideration. I do have some more safety plans in place.
As for the toxoplasmosis, he will have access to a fresh water bottle, and my tap as well.
He will be restrained enough to move and walk, fortunately I have laminated floors and he will not be wearing socks, I brought up the concern of falling and he said he is not too concerned and will just be sitting/sleeping most of the day.
He will also be tight but loosely restrained, so he will have access to take the rope off from behind his back/wrists but if he takes it off, I will be able to tell because he won't be able to tie himself back up. He will also have access to talking the leash off when needed. This way he will have access to the washroom but the goal is for him to wait until I say he can. I was thinking I might call him to check up for verbal communication too.
I will also have my webcam on him so I can check on him during the day.
I love this and I am hoping to make him be my pet, but I will treat him worse than my pets hehe. My pets get snuggles. He will have the option of choosing a collar and leash at the pet store and I will make him do tricks for me. Maybe I'll even get 'treats' for him too.
He is quite handsome, I think you would be surprised. I'm going to get him to hold up a piece of paper that says "Hi lolcow" hehe.
I wish to post a picture of us, but that would be an instaban.

No. 336452

How did it go, anon?

No. 336496

File: 1687188448736.jpg (178.56 KB, 862x959, 0b968824e70c34eab0840e656ba9ea…)

No. 336524

File: 1687197915028.png (116.99 KB, 1170x560, rfz3bn70n44b1.png)

Whose POV is more exciting to read from? Not just from a horny perspective but the emotional response of the characters too. I obviously default to the woman's since her inner thoughts and justifications are relatable but am getting invested in exploring the spiral of the male character in this fic. I don't want the story to be read as weird male self-insert fantasies but it feels so indulgent to write about how viciously I'd like (character) to fuck him up. Pls advise nonnas.

No. 336526

Why not both? What's stopping you?

No. 336527

just looked at my fav saved fics and i think my golden rule would be pick whichever character has more things wrong with them. or just which of their internal turmoils is more compelling to you (yes i do need drama in my porn)

No. 336533

You mean a third person POV? It's doable but there's a level of investment when you get one exclusive perspective imo.

That's exactly what's screwing me over kek I want to put his pathetic misery to paper but also vicariously live through her.

No. 336534

I meant two episodes, two different POVs.

No. 336576

What do you mean by 'level of investment?' I think you could do a third person omnipotent POV, I don't see why not. There's not really a reason to ever write in first person in my opinion.

No. 336603

I love to humiliate and belittle men. There are so many nasty fat pigs who will let you say whatever you want to them, and they still call you “goddess”. Pathetic hehe

No. 336643

>nasty fat pigs
what woman wants to do femdom on a gross little doughball like that? the nasty fat sweaty ojisan being dommed by a beautiful woman is pure moidshit

No. 336672

For me it depends on the story and what works best. I love writing and reading the woman's POV because there is too little of that in good quality, but male POV is good too, especially if it really describes his thoughts and feelings ideally including fear and humiliation but also stupid whorish lust. 3rd, 2nd, 1st person, anything goes. I also like it when the female narrator or POV character is describing the man's expression and trying to guess his thoughts, more or less projecting her own thoughts upon him, maybe because it's relatable.

No. 336679

The guys perspective but written by a woman.

No. 336720

Pretty much everything you said about female POV is how i feel too. Maybe it's a skill issue but writing in male perspective when there's not a lot going on in his head is tough, I'll try writing again and see if there's some compelling emotions he can go through.

thanks for all the input anonies.

No. 336912

Is Fifty Shades of Gray any good?

No. 336916

No dude

No. 336930

For me, it's third person omniscient.

No. 336931

Same for me

No. 336997

ayrt, why are you even asking? I haven't read it but based on excerpts I've heard the writing is shit, and even if it was good I wouldn't read it 'cause it's maledom.

No. 337099

i know some anons on here discussed more 'depraved' kinks such as blood and gore, but i sort of realized i like any sort of deprivation for a guy. as in, aside from the usual ones involving a typical denial kink. i get annoyed when fat moids hit on me, and i feel like i deserve to be with someone fit because of how hard i tried to change my body. but this isnt about that. what i mean is i'd love to deprive him of some food, not all food, just enough so that at least he'd get fit enough to be what i like. i know this is a moidbrained degenerate kink men use to control women, but it's fine if i do it, idc.

No. 337102

You mean put him on a diet?

No. 337179

>I have this depraved kink of making my boyfriend fit

No. 337192

Anyone else go through a fujo phase before getting into femdom? I guess I've always been into the idea of a man being submissive and subjected to sexual objectification and abuse, and the easiest place to find it was BL. I never saw the appeal of femdom because most of the imagery I ran into was male gazey crap, and also I used to have this weird disconnect from my body, where I didn't want to imagine myself or anyone resembling me in a sexual situation. That issue gradually dissolved as I got older and learned to process things in a more mature way. Nowadays I still look at m/m content sometimes, but I also enjoy picturing a woman in the dominant role in a relationship, whereas that didn't seem possible to me before, or rather I had a hard time imagining it in a way that would appeal to me and not be coomerish moid pandering dominatrix shit.

No. 337198

You want your bf to be fit? That's quite normal and not kinky.
As you said, almost all content that objectfied
beautiful submissive men used to be fujo content or for gay men. Things are better these days. This otome game looks very promising, for example.

No. 337207

I know what you mean, but it can be pretty psychologically damaging for someone to judge your body like that. I remember I told my (submissive) ex I'd love it if he was more fit and he cried after, kek. Told me he was willing to do "anything" but can't even do something basic like that because it isn't sexual or easy. Men should just suck it the fuck up, especially when their girlfriend wants them to get fit, but they are such whiny little bitches about it.

No. 337307

No, he was just weak and pathetic. It's normal to want a moid to not be fat. It's so easy for moids to just not be fat. It isn't psychologically damaging for them, it's physically beneficial. You just hurt his ego because he wants to have his diabeties cake and eat it too.

No. 337308

Yaoi made me be into malesub when I was a teenager

No. 337596

Probably same

No. 338125

File: 1688024394871.jpg (122.37 KB, 647x900, 1566459635298.jpg)

god all i want is an switch/sub younger man who has actual substance and worth give himself over entirely into my care so I can love and brutalise him for the rest of his life. I would take such good care of him.

No. 338126

File: 1688024460066.jpg (84.36 KB, 800x800, 1587274342649.jpg)

No. 338127

File: 1688024758086.png (98.91 KB, 800x800, 1588199280540.png)

No. 338128

File: 1688024901536.jpg (650.99 KB, 1251x1661, 1590625054293.jpg)

No. 338136

That furry shit belongs in the monster thread.

No. 338143

You say that but we both know that after a week you'll grow bored of him and your parents will be stuck taking care of him.

No. 338259

no i promise, ill even buy him the premium energy drinks

No. 338276

Most relatable post

No. 338302

ok, but if this one dies you're not getting another

No. 340049

File: 1689241013489.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 100.35 KB, 1074x999, FwvFyAOWcAQliaj.jpeg)

"I'll go make coffee."

No. 340055

Don't post AI shit

No. 340060

Do post AI shit

No. 340061

Don't we have an AI shit thread?>

No. 340066

I love AI shit unironically. Post more.

No. 340070

what a cringe aesthetic.

No. 340266

File: 1689373290177.jpg (457.92 KB, 1159x1646, 7.jpg)

half the images in here suck tbh.

No. 340567

>28 days later
>no update
>no 'high lolcow' pic
Its over v_v(v_v)

No. 340570

i hope she remembered… nona, if you are out there, please tell us h it went!

No. 340600

What are your favorite dominant PIV positions? I like standard cowgirl, it's what I do all the time, but I'd like to mix it up and have some inspiration.

No. 340603

Amazon position

No. 340623

File: 1689603226923.png (Spoiler Image, 1.07 MB, 740x740, 1.png)


No. 340643

File: 1689616533707.jpg (3.01 MB, 2722x2042, âmâôâNâîâWâbâgâWâââPâbâg.jpg)

A recommendation for my fellow women of culture: Otome audio were you legit torture the guys. Actually stab them and one gets his tongue split in two. This is their punishment for being awful and it changes them and then you fuck.

No. 340644

I need this, but I’m broke.

No. 340652

File: 1689620433940.png (Spoiler Image, 505.27 KB, 657x677, burn.png)

Get it when you can, it's worth it, these lads sure can scream. Pic from a comic that was included.

No. 340660

I came here thinking about asking what to do when your submissive constantly disappoints you, and then you post this. Thanks nonnie, I am healed.

No. 340701

>Monster Thread
now I'm curious nona

No. 340708

God nonas all I could ever ask for is a submissive mad scientist. I imagine he’d be brilliant but so awkward/needy when it comes to me. I also imagine he’d be down for a lot and is eager for me “experiment” on him. I feel like I’m going crazy just thinking about it

No. 340722

File: 1689662572017.jpeg (231.52 KB, 1232x2048, 7B871AB5-DBE3-4F3A-8011-255D18…)

@gzgnight has some delicious art

That’s fucking hot. Lab coats, glasses, experiments, med fet, purrrr

No. 340734

File: 1689678649978.jpg (Spoiler Image, 77.34 KB, 682x1200, FpOv3N6akAEXLE6.jpg)

Wow excellent art. Posting another by her.

No. 340777

I have a blonde and blue eyed extremely thin fucktoy fwb sub with a huge dick that loves eating pussy that can last 3+ rounds in a row (haven't pushed him further yet) that is into ballbusting and chastity. We're going to get him a new cage and a cock ring

No. 340792

Uhhh yeah u-ummm me t-too

No. 340839

Where do I get one

No. 340845

File: 1689763056443.jpg (Spoiler Image, 59.75 KB, 1600x800, queen-charlotte-king-george-le…)

This is weird but I love the way dicks look when they're pointing straight up like that, like laying on the stomach, it's the best
For any anons who have the men in pain fetish you should watch the scenes in Queen Charlotte with the extremely hot actor bound in a chair with a gag on being tortured with leeches and half naked and shit. It's a little too far for me cause I'm not so much on the sadist side and I just wanted to comfort him, but ngl turned me on a bit

No. 340855

Which episode nona?
Leeches were used as common medical treatment back then though, so what a cry baby.

No. 340856

Straddling him while he’s tied to a chair, he has no control of how fast or slow it goes, I decide when it’s over. Or basic missionary with arms restraints, he struggles to keep balance, is forced to use solely his hip, he desperately shakes his ass with his face buried in your neck/tits.

No. 340857

These are some great ideas.

No. 340927

Kek this is ridiculous, you barely feel leech bites. Getting your ears pierced hurts more and I know this from experience

No. 340987

You have been treated with leeches? Are you a time traveller? Tell us everything.

No. 340991

NTA but you can cross a whole creek or river without knowing that a leech was on you right now. It might slightly sting pulling it off but the idea itself is doing more of the horror than any actual physical harm.

No. 341032

I can confirm this. I was bitten by a leech as a kid when swimming in a lake and I didn't even notice before I saw it attached to my skin. It was gross but it didn't hurt at all.

No. 341738

I can't stop thinking about teasing my sub with a cage on his cock in the movie theater after that demented nonna wrote it about ben shapiro. We were going to go get some toys yesterday but the stores were all closed it was too late.

No. 342501

Him sitting on the edge of the bed, me facing away from him so I can put my feet on the floor and use him like a human dildo. I also like to grab his thighs when I'm doing this and force his legs open.

No. 342605

File: 1690712858723.jpeg (310.43 KB, 1454x2048, IMG_4891.jpeg)

No. 342606

File: 1690712994670.jpeg (313.63 KB, 1494x2112, IMG_4890.jpeg)

No. 342708

Any nonas into more subtle femdom this fic I just read (yes I read Overwatch fanficiton I’m retarded) is soooooo good. Honestly it’s good even if you don’t know OW characters and their lore. It’s medfet hurt/comfort with older woman feeling guilty about having sex with a younger guy who returns from a mission badly injured and he just wants to be told what to do instead of thinking. It’s soooooo good. Both of these characters are my favorite so I feel particularly artistic about it. Sorry again for being retarded I just stumbled upon it and saw the medfet tag and it got me going. If you read it tell me what you think.

No. 342709

No. 342906

No. 342907

i dont care for overwatch but since it is cassidy and im gonna savour it, thanks nonnie

No. 342964

you weren't kidding nona, literally have no idea who either of these characters are and I loved it. I just want to fuck a wounded muscular guy while he cries into my chest and I tell him what a good boy he is, fuck

No. 342966

>people with uteruses
I hope she used that ironically.

No. 342968

Any advice on how to make your moid less sensitive to pain? My bf would be the ideal sub (does whatever I say, loves eating pussy, strips and lets me use him whenever I demand it) if he wasn't so wimpy. I can scratch and choke him a little, but I want to slap him hard across the face while I'm riding him, and unfortunately when I do that he goes completely soft. I suppose conditioning him bit by bit is the only way, but I'm struggling to figure out how/when to do that.

No. 342970

I have a rather involved fantasy. I'm a princess who will become queen upon marriage, but I have no interest in my betrothed. There is a knight who I have transferred into my personal guard, to keep watch outside my room at night. He's reserved and quiet, and has taken a vow of chastity, as is common in the guard to show devotion and strength, mind over matter. Every day I get bolder teasing him, asking him to do things for me in my bedchambers since he's right outside anyway. I end up forcing myself on him, he's devastated that I broke his vow of chastity and begs me to stop, but can't help himself but give in to lust. He tries to rationalize what's happening by telling himself that he can keep his vow as long as he doesn't come. I laugh at him as I forcibly breed him and impregnate myself to spite my betrothed.

No. 342996

MOID hands wrote this post

No. 343000

That sucks. Maybe make a reward system for enduring pain. Like he earns some good boy points that go towards earning a special prize (a kissy).
You wish
Hot until the end where you "breed him" by impregnating yourself to spite some random other guy. If it's a fantasy why even involve another random guy in it that'll just get in your way? Or a child? Why not just be a princess with a hot, sexy, obedient and chaste knight? Lame.

No. 343003

File: 1691022215665.jpg (39.63 KB, 465x680, ce94c228b308e774dd9dfbdf16e5ac…)

I'd like to be useful to an older women, like being a piece of human furniture for her to use her legs on my back while she reads, an ash tray to lightly tap the end of her cigarette on my waiting tongue maybe spit in my mouth and I'd be so giddy that I'm being helpful to her, she doesn't even need to compliment me or acknowledge my existence.

No. 343006

Maybe show more enthusiasm or excitement when you slap him? Like, show him with your body language/words how much you enjoy it and how much it turns you on. My sub used to hate CBT, he would immediately go soft. But after a month or so I accidentally conditioned him and he started to get hard and stay hard during it. I asked him why and he told me that he started to get turned on by it because he could tell how much I enjoyed it.

No. 343022


No. 343269

I had a dream where a friend and I were going into a bedroom to facesit on two dudes. They weren't our boyfriends, just some random manwhores we wanted to have fun with. I couldn't see the guy's face, but I could tell he was young and attractive. His gray sweatshirt was lifted, allowing me to see his ripped abs and he was lying on the bed, just waiting obediently to eat me out. God, it was so hot. I wish it was the standard for men to be so submissive and eager to please women.

No. 343284

OP hasn't updated the list in over a month reee or did my suggestion just suck? imo it was good shit

No. 343310

oh sorry about that. i don’t think all of the suggestions sucked btw, but i decided that i should wait a bit and look at them again to get over my visceral reaction to the bits i really hated and rethink which ones to add because i know we all have different tastes in kinks and.. like styles of writing in general. some of the stuff i saw was just utterly puzzlingly not good, but i can’t judge my anons for jerking it to bad fics, we’ve all been there.

No. 343312

samefag i also havent looked at the suggestions in a bit, my bad (they’re just rare to get)

No. 343329

Ayrt I've never even noticed that even though I've read it a bunch lmao. To be honest I sort of half pay attention to the vasectomy shit beforehand because the porn part is too good kek I'm just gonna pretend the brainrot verbiage isn't there
So glad you liked it, I'm into the exact scenario that you described so if I ever find anything with similar themes I'll link it here again!

No. 343330

I understand (also the part about jerking it to bad fics kek), I just got really paranoid because my own femdom fics (which I didn't shill I swear) started getting crazy hits overnight, like 40 hits a day when they used to get that amount in a month and I've been puzzled about if someone recced them somewhere.

No. 343480

File: 1691343031768.jpg (17.91 KB, 362x276, 3f372086aff45c95217e1f65cc5aa5…)

In the same situation, I feel you nonna

No. 343921

File: 1691602159408.jpeg (309.77 KB, 1142x2048, 42BF854C-1236-4B48-8E54-0A3747…)

No. 343931

>I want to slap him across the face
Then do it? You're his Master lol

No. 343932

You sound like those tiktok girls "gentle parenting" their boyfriends into filing taxes. Mommy bangmaid behavior

No. 343936

What? How am I acting like a mommy bangmaid if I actively did something he hated and only I enjoyed (to begin with, at least)? Am I not allowed to enjoy things?

No. 343940

She twists his ballsack and shit, what are you talking about

No. 343947

Lol there is a "im the only true femdom" anon here. I remember writing that I did sph and made him eat me out while I did cock torture and breath denial and I got accused of only pandering to my moid and not doing real femdom.

No. 343984

idk why but finding out he's asthmatic made him more attractive to me lmao.

No. 344028

File: 1691687203381.webm (1.47 MB, 400x446, 1667615894310.webm)

No. 344279

File: 1691851197775.jpg (78.5 KB, 974x477, hamster_shaking.jpg)

You know that feeling when you're into CBT, and he knows it, and sometimes you just gently squeeze his dick/balls to remind him about his vulnerability?
I just came up with a name for that.
"Hamster shaking".
Why such a bizarre name, you might ask.
Here's the answer:
>holding [it] in my hand and giving it a little shake to remind it I am the superior more powerful being
Anon managed to describe the experience with laser precision. It just fits. We have strange names for poses and kinks already, and hamster shaking is just as perfectly valid as "doggy style" and "docking". Hell, ever "missionary" sounds weird if you think about it.
I am all for hamster shaking. Are you?

No. 344280

the worst thing about your post is that it does fit

No. 344282

wtf why a hamster? that is fucked up anon

No. 344285

You need to log off… but also lmao

No. 344295

I sign off on this

No. 344296

>Are you?
I-I don't know..

No. 344297

I'd love to give your neck a little hamster shake

No. 344298

see it's catching on now!!

No. 344312

File: 1691868730422.jpg (9.65 KB, 180x180, 165712_1.2.jpg)

Interrogation that goes wrong and he's squealing.

No. 344314


No. 344321

File: 1691872096528.gif (5.39 MB, 640x634, hamstershake.gif)

I am all for hamster shaking!

No. 344325

Where is the domination here? I thought he was supposed to get raped by foreign objects?

No. 344330

is that edited? if face looks way too big for his head like some kind of meme

No. 344766

Maybe…idk he's weird, he gets extremely excited the less I seem to care about it. He tries really hard to elicit a good response from me when he's eating me out, but when I'm fucking him he can barely contain himself if I act indifferent. Worth a shot though, I'll try it out and see how it goes.

No. 345219

Hes just the right amount of easy to embarrass but not yet pathetic enough that it would spoil the fun of making him squirm
He has moments of attitude and I just want to tease him until he can't take it anymore and begs to cum
I love when I neg him and he acts like he doesn't care at first then brings it up a little later to see if I really meant it and I keep him guessing
Currently fantasizing about making him eat me out on his knees while I hold the leash attached to his collar then sitting on his face then riding him while he has one of those things tied around his balls that keeps the cock erect and slapping him when he's getting close and spitting in his mouth
Then letting him get on top and telling him he better be able to keep going until I'm satisfied and I yank his leash to pull him closer and if he's obedient enough he gets let off leash
And I also want to put his hands behind his back and blindfold him and make him nervous I want to see his legs shake
God what the fuck is happening to me I've never had this many dominant type of desires for a guy but something about him brings it out of me

No. 345278

Does he actually like pleasing you? I feel like guys who act the way you described care way more about feeling humiliated and used (bottoming), rather than pleasing and giving pleasure to the person they're with (submitting).

No. 345326


I never thought of the distinction between bottoming and submitting that way. He does like pleasing me because he loves me and wants me to feel good, but I don't think pleasing me is a turn on for him. I'm a rather standoffish and blunt person by nature and that drew him to me, so I think it's less about him feeling humiliated and more that he likes seeing that side of me when I'm fucking him - a bit cold and impassive.

I admit I'd really like for him to be turned on by pleasing me, but he's perfect for me in pretty much every other way. However, I think going by your distinction, sexually he's more of a bottom than a sub. But he's very submissive in non-sexual aspects, which I like - he seems to genuinely enjoy being bossed around by me and doing things for me like carrying my things, shopping, cooking, cleaning, bringing me snacks and drinks, etc. One time I asked for something and he teasingly asked me, "what's the magic word?" and I said "now" rather sternly and he loved it lol, got the biggest smile on his face.

Moids are very simple and easily sexually conditioned so I think I might be able to condition him to like it more not by showing enthusiasm, but by 69ing more or touching him while I sit on his face to reinforce the connection between eating me out and getting turned on.

No. 345331

based, I think it's the vulnerability aspect that makes it cute and hot. My bf has terrible eyesight and it's so attractive to me when he doesn't have his glasses on and he's squinting trying to read something holding it like 2 inches from his face lol.

No. 345613

File: 1692539232813.jpg (23.33 KB, 474x474, 70000000008788.jpg)

Won't link it because it's not in English, but a major newspaper in my country ran an article about "professional dommes" and ofc it's moidgaze bullshit about serving degenerate moids' needs. They were the customers so I guess it's to be expected, and of course it's all bullshit like mainstream BDSM in general but I'm still mad. How the fuck dare they call it femdom when it's literally women serving the scrotes all over again? (And dressed in the tackiest, ugliest pvc imaginable kek) They also just had to shove in troons and mention that "some transwomen uwu come to practice makeup and how to be a woman with our dommes teehee", fucking disgusting.

No. 345615

I hate that. Real femdom is being in my fucking jammies or in sweatpants or in whatever casual clothes I wanna be in while the moid is undressed or partially naked, or in a cute muscle shirt while I am whipping him or face-fucking him, damnit!

No. 345656

Where is this from and what is the context?

No. 345657

He forgot to wash his ass and so he suffered

No. 345664

My bf gives me orgasms on tap and I dont give him anything in return. In fact, he is all the more willing to please me without reciprocating the longer he goes without an orgasm. And when he is drunk he gets all squirmy and needy when I mock him for his pathetic useless cock.

No. 345730

They're just demonstrating what couple goals should be.

No. 345789

File: 1692641094042.jpg (1.36 MB, 1571x2433, 18269.jpg)

I just read one, bit moidy but it was set in a generic kink world, women in charge. Had a story of a moid becoming a sort of care assistant/pet/tool for a punk/alt woman in a wheelchair.

spent most of the story shocking him via collar and then chastity, making him sleep in a cage, shocking him some more with a sounding rod then making him eat her out every so often too.

I was kinda hoping for some slight romance (he saves her when she falls trying to get into the bath) but she just get's angry and shocks him some more kek.

ends up stuck as some sort of half servant half latex pet that she shocks for fun and gets oral from, doesn't even get to speak during the story.

>It was moidy but it became interesting that she was in a wheelchair and had that power imbalance but control.

It's a shame that most of the author and artists work is just woman on woman (aka moid gazed focused)

No. 346110

File: 1692843386100.jpg (Spoiler Image, 97.25 KB, 717x960, tumblr_msk3uoHjxE1rnroq3o1_128…)

No. 346136

You're so real for this nonas

No. 346155

Ugh imagine slapping that raw meat wound.

No. 346203

nonna i feel like we might be mutuals

No. 346235

do you happen to remember what tumblr you got this from? is there more?

No. 346239

That first shower gonna sting so bad

No. 346242

recently started pegging my boyfriend. so awesome. he calls me mommy and i call him my little kitten boy. anyways, do you guys have recommendations on girthy chodes for pegging? and have any of you made a guy cum from it?

No. 346243

No. 346247

wish i was you so bad

No. 346348

its epic.

No. 346530

Lol how much does he pay you for servicing him?

No. 346558

kek, you know she does it for free. I bet she scrubs his shit off the dildo afterwards too while her little kitten boy posts on /tttt/. Such femdom

No. 346734

Any good twitter audio accounts?

No. 347374

File: 1693820390775.jpeg (238.86 KB, 1179x700, 24CB412E-EBE0-4E08-A48F-CF95E0…)

Anybody got any good femdom Denji x Makima fics? I. Just got back into Chainsaw Man and seeing this eager to please, cute, virgin guy try so desperately to please his older female boss to the point of death is honestly so hot and such a sexy role reversal. I want her to force him on his knees and drag him by his tie and force him to eat her pussy all while he begs and thanks her for it.

No. 347377

i've genuinely never seen a well written weeby fic in my life, so good luck nonna, hope you'll find something

No. 347388

File: 1693837202024.jpg (120.82 KB, 260x381, Sanctuary.jpg)

Are there any good femdom heavy moves that aren't completely scrote-centric? I've good things about this one, but only from scrotes.

No. 347435

I remember an anon recommending a movie directed by a woman in which a pretty guy gets kidnapped and tortured by a group of masked women, but I was never able to find it. Anyone know which movie this was and where it could be found?

No. 347439

sounds like the book of revelation

No. 347449

That's the one!

No. 347541

File: 1693921170107.jpg (1.07 MB, 1015x2549, 1622479705341.jpg)

I don't know if I'm sexually attracted to crying or just sexually attracted to the idea of a moid crying. Never got horny witnessing tears, just disgusted and uncomfortable. Still don't know what kind of tears are the sexiest. I want to make a moid cry due to physical strain/torture but also due to desperation/need. Perhaps one day I will have a moid to experiment this on. Do different types of crying produce differently flavored tears? Hmmmmm
Anyone have experience with males crying? How does it feel in your loins?

No. 347550

based anon, i love seeing an expression that looks like ecstasy (parted lips, eyes squeezed shut) but is actually pain with big fat tears streaming down his cheeks.

No. 347557

Can relate. I realized I was into tears as a teenager, specifically tears of pain, humiliation, fear, and desperation (as in when he realizes there's nothing he can do to stop it). I like the visual effect but the psychological side is the most important, so I guess tears represent a breaking point of the psyche in a way, the giving up of pride and dignity. I do get turned on by seeing such tears in a drawing or reading about them, but it's not just sexual for me, there's something else too, like a sense of security and satisfaction.

This happens only in fiction, though. If I see a moid cry irl I feel bad or disturbed, so idk how to explore this in real life. In that sense I'm not a true sadist, since I get immediately turned off if I read about e.g. torture knowing it's real. Maybe if I got together with a moid who's into extreme long distance running and would be willing to train until he's at the verge of tears, would I be turned on by seeing that despite the psychological context being different? I don't know.

No. 347870

how can i be more domme when my clit is super sensitive so getting eaten out sometimes can be uncomfy?

No. 348251

File: 1694471368675.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.62 MB, 332x332, IMG_1664.gif)

Wanted to share this gif with you nonnies

No. 348335

File: 1694533579522.jpg (1.16 MB, 2048x1844, workinghard.jpg)

writing more based femdom fics 'cause there aren't enough based femdom fics and there can't be too many

No. 348336

Please….. please share a crumb of femdom fic……………………

No. 348349

Thanks, I wanna amazon him.
As you should!

No. 348353

Smack his head whenever he goes too fast for you.

No. 348470

I'm too shy to share my account but it's going to be pretty much rivals hatefucking where the moid (who is canonically a contemptuous asshole) gets put in his place. I'll include:
>hair pulling
>maybe slapping idk
>light bondage
>orgasm denial
Maybe I'll make the female mc pull him by his tie as well, thanks for the idea nonas. It's all happening in an office with a great focus to the canonical dynamic between the two characters, I'm a sucker for that sort of thing, but not so much into overt BDSM. I'm also going to include cringy humorous world building just 'cause.

No. 348613

>necktie leash
Than k you…..

No. 349296

I think femdom is the most beautiful, natural, cohesive relationship dynamic for straight couples. Men are literally biologically designed to be beaten up. Men dominating women is terrifying and revolting because it is perverse, and a complete inversion of the natural state of things. Men are also biologically geared to direct their lives toward something - that might be a stronger man, God, a military leader, a boss - but men are clearly very hierarchically minded. Thus, it makes the most sense for a man to be submitting to a woman in a relationship. He needs something to direct his life towards, and in the ideal scenario, that something is the woman he loves.

I currently have a sexually submissive man, but I am training him to be more submissive in all aspects of our relationship because I think that is the ideal. He already naturally submits to me most of the time when I do this, and I think lots of men are able to be molded like this. I simply started speaking up for myself and worrying less about whether or not my choices are in his best interest - basically, started thinking like a man. Being selfish. I call the shots for what we do, where we go to eat, that sort of thing. He is, of course, free to spend time with his friends and whatnot, but I am conditioning him more and more to dedicate himself to my joy when we are together. When he was little he was very interested in medieval times and knights - I have leaned into this and positively reinforced him acting chivalrously and knightly towards me. Malesub should follow an archetype like a knight, in my opinion. Masculine and strong, yet willingly servile and devoted.

I hate that femdom is seen as this weird niche kink that's very male-oriented. I truly believe it is the most harmonious type of relationship, and it is the ascended form of straight female sexuality. When women become truly sexually liberated, I think they will naturally gravitate towards this dynamic as it is the most satisfying and fulfilling. Curious if anyone else has similar thoughts on the "philosophy" of femdom as it were.

No. 349300

This is just the truth. Men are only capable of being truly happy and fulfilled once they throw aside their ego and fully devote their lives to the woman they love. Look what happens when they don't. They become insecure. They lash out. They waste their lives away. They become fat, unkempt, and slovenly. They troon out. They fall into all sorts of addictions and vices, trying to fill a gaping void that could never be filled through such base and shallow means. Unfortunately, most men never get over their insecurities and there are still way too many women who coddle them and mommy them. A woman can also never reach her full potential if she's taking care of and being submissive to a moid.

>I truly believe it is the most harmonious type of relationship, and it is the ascended form of straight female sexuality.


No. 349309

No. 349324

I went to a known kink bar with a friend out of curiosity. Women and creepy old ""dom"" men were approaching me. I like women, but I don't want to sexually torture them in the same way I do men. I would not use a woman or degrade her even if she wanted it. The men my age were either flaming fags or there with their gf looking for a unicorn. I'm about to resort to looking online but I know advertising for a male sub is just going to attract the lowest scum of men

Agree 100% with you. Men are created to submit to women. The sooner they accept this, the more liberated both sexes will be

No. 349334

You have to make the normie into a sub, not go specifically looking for subs. Males who say they are subs are saying it in a male way, aka they want a milky mommy dom who sucks their dick while she calls him a good boy. So not a real sub!

No. 349354

Where do you even find femdoms that aren’t moid attracted, trannies, or onlyfans thots? I’m a lesbian sub with a mommy kink, all the “dommy mommy” girls I see on dating apps or online are one of those first three

No. 349357

Do you want a mommy dommy or a dom? I feel like if you want a mommy, you can find an older lesbian woman. If you haven't already, try asking the lesbian thread or maybe the female fantasies thread.

No. 349360


This is gonna sound retarded as fuck but my mommy kink is kind of abusive, so idk if a nice older woman is gonna do that with me. I wanna be demeaned, beat, strangled and abused by an abusive roleplay mom, but the aftercare is affectionate and cuddly mom, yk?

No. 349362

I don't know, did you ask the lesbians in the lesbian thread? They might know if it's possible and could share some advice or anecdotes or something.

No. 349419

Look for some jail birds. Alternatively seek therapy.

No. 349441

Seconding the latter

No. 349725

File: 1695414330496.png (Spoiler Image, 48.88 KB, 584x1024, 15307-270118221050.png)

No. 349726

File: 1695414409248.png (Spoiler Image, 510.03 KB, 990x726, 15307-110218111156.png)

No. 349728

Spoiler this ffs.

No. 349740

The first one I like because I want to whip a moid, but there's something off about these such as the women wearing heels and the second image doesn't appeal to me, what's the point of a gross naked male being there? Can't he be dressed in a cute outfit and vacuuming or serving her snacks or something? That'd be based. With hickeys drawn on his neck so you know what goes on behind the scenes.

No. 349741

>gross naked male
Are you not attracted to men in general or something, or is it the art style?
>but there's something off about these such as the women wearing heels
Probably because the women are dressed up and meant to be "sexy", while the guy is drawn as unappealing as possible. I wish less focus was put on the woman in femdom art, like just put her in pajamas or something plain and make the guy super hot. It always feels like it's trying to hard to appeal to men with the heels and woman looking as sexy as possible.

No. 349753

>when the guy is drawn as unappealing as possible
That answers your first question
>put her in pajamas
I know, right? Or just comfy clothes in general. Why is the second woman wearing heels and a pencil skirt in what looks to be her own home (I say, as the room is empty except a chair and a moid)

No. 349775

This one reminds me of wikihow images.

No. 349837

Agreed, this art is way too scrotey. The pencil skirt and heels with what looks like an H&M crossover tank top from 2014 lol. I can tell a moid drew it because that's how trannies dress.

The art style is fug, and the male has a soft penis and looks like he's doing the Justin Bieber duckface lol. Also what in the post-1D Zayn is that facial hair. Imo the man should be focusing on serving and pleasing the woman – in this scenario, she would be in comfy clothes and he could be rubbing her feet (she's probably been in those heels all day) or making himself useful by being a footstool. He would ideally be incredibly hard and incredibly flustered and embarrassed about it.

No. 349889

Any other nonas like to "embarrass" men? This is a habit I have had for as long as I can remember, and I wish to keep it going for as long as I am in this mortal coil. When I was a young girl, I used to "pants" boys (i.e. pull their pants down in front of everybody), which would cause their faces to turn beet red. I loved it! Now, as a grown ass woman, I find myself unable to indulge in such pleasures–decency and modesty preclude such things, alas. Still, I find myself engaging in whatever mild humiliations I can manage, such as teasing men who are my coworkers, and such things.

No. 349897

Yes. I also like to not move out of the way when a male my age is walking towards me. It's his fucking job to move for me, not the other way around. Almost bumped shoulders but they learn eventually.

No. 349914

agreed! i like to be a tease too ngl. like being careful about what skin i show or don't and mixing it up.

No. 349923

Thats not femdom

No. 349932

ive started talking to this moid who's really into findom and part of me feels like it's way below me but another part of me……………

No. 349941

File: 1695603848387.jpeg (334.83 KB, 1522x2048, IMG_6491.jpeg)

>steps on his cock in a female gaze way

No. 349942

Kek make fun of them when eating in front of you especially if it’s phallic or taco shaped. Mouf wide open like he’s at the dentist.

No. 349943

YES lmao I love making fun of moids for eating hot dogs and popsicles and shit, making them uncomfortable to even eat a banana. They deserve a little taste of what it’s like.

No. 350052

Idk if this even counts as femdom but I want a qt non-degen normie husband who will occasionally let me tie him up and make him kneel blindfolded in his underwear in our kitchen and just sit there while I cook dinner and give him little kisses and spoonfuls from the pan whenever I feel like it. He doesn’t get it entirely but he trusts me and loves me enough to indulge me. Is it so much to ask

No. 350056

Aww… I want this for you too now.

No. 350077

That's oddly specific but I'm not gonna judge

No. 350141

is it too much to ask that i handcuff a guy to a bed and edge him and choke him a little.

No. 350332

File: 1695871086744.jpg (Spoiler Image, 213.39 KB, 700x633, Tying_u_up-016_1.jpg)

I'm back on my bullshit

No. 350333

File: 1695871150284.jpg (19.02 KB, 450x300, 139643936-dominate-obey-undres…)

No. 350467

File: 1695946918695.jpg (48.98 KB, 956x948, F7Fo3JKW4AAsd3Z.jpg)

No. 350471

No. 350507

From afar i thought he was sucking on it

No. 350552

I watched this one recently, yeah it’s male gazey but I can’t lie I enjoyed the psychological torment the games and the ending was great

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