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No. 513331

what is the best website to create an old web forum?

No. 513324

i got slightly strange, which is pretty accurate

No. 513322

i got slighty strange, which is pretty accurate

No. 513297

the two personal cows i used to stalk deleted all of their accounts and seem to have left the internet. i'm bored now

No. 513292

>what was her point with r9k and bot?
unless you're new to the internet, how do you not understand what she was saying

No. 513279

if you disagree with someone that disagrees with someone else you are agreeing with the last person

No. 513270

and it's embarrassing to see so many anons participate in this thread

No. 513266

Nta but you sound disgusting

No. 513219

Does anyone have cute images of girls in a sleepover? preferably anime

No. 74984

why are you losing your shit over two simple posts

No. 513173

>you're an android user therefore your opinion is invalid

fucking iShills.

No. 513159

what was the point of all this

No. 513063

theres a thread for making friends here but if you got a discord i could add you

No. 513061

are you blind

No. 13758

i gotchu fam

No. 513049

people are voicing their opinions about what happened in /meta/. you really expected us to say nothing about all this glorious milk? besides, /ot/ isn't that active so i dont see how WE are disrupting anything important. but it seems like you enjoy bitching about non issues, so keep on whining love

No. 513044

it's /ot/, who gives a fuck

No. 513036

i could be your friend.

No. 513035

tinfoil but the unhinged anti radfems anons are the farmhands themselves larping as anons

No. 13748

most anons are retarded and cowish tbh

No. 512963

No. 13720

lmao i got banned for someone else's post twice so i don't believe y'all

No. 512958

When 2X was created i was defending the admin and i got banned for being a scrote larping radfem or something. Then the farmhands called me ham-chan lol.

No. 13708

File: 1581201667265.gif (1.17 MB, 498x278, M1989a09Ko.gif)

There is literally no reason for them to lose their shit over anime pics. But since they're radfems, it's probably because they're jealous of fictional characters stealing their men

No. 13702

this went unnoticed for some reason but lol

No. 13700

File: 1581200749094.gif (92.57 KB, 340x340, PQ9243Xn.gif)

Radfems are currently losing their shit in /snow/, not that I am surprised.

How misogynistic of you to assume that I am a scrote for enjoying anime. Women aren't a hivemind, you know

No. 13692

yes, when someone disagrees with you, they are immediately a troll

no matter how much horse pee you drink, you will never become one

No. 13687

sperging for a month on /meta/ is, however, not autistic at all. and shame on any woman who decides to use anime reaction pics, when we all know that anime promotes pedophilia and sexism

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No. 13678

File: 1581197893480.png (744.02 KB, 2276x868, UUWUU.png)

enjoy 2.0

No. 13674

you're really living in your own world

No. 13668

>no u
why do i even bother lmao

No. 13666


2X is 'gone' but you are still bitching?

No. 13658

women are silenced all the time, what's new?

No. 13654

it's pretty obvious.

No. 512915

i think someone is reposting old posts because i've had a déja vu twice this week

No. 13598

idk about it being a man or a woman but it's mad ugly

No. 512805

i agree with you but relax, this is the vent thread

No. 13574

ok buddy retard

No. 13560

no but let's pretend it is

No. 512709

it's amazing how so many anons are cows lmao

No. 13515

lmao thanks for the laughs

No. 512599

this thread makes me sad for women

No. 512504

yes but i'm also depressed so idk. it's still embarrassing when people ask if i'm ok, especially if they're strangers

No. 13491

the admins simply don't care.

No. 512238

There's a lot of anons posting anime pics and pedo apologists in the pp and art thread. It is official. We have become

No. 512237

how brave of y'all to shit on introverts

No. 512220

most people are extroverts…

No. 512169

i'm so fucking tired of this thread holy shit

No. 13484

thank you for your amazing contribution. i love the kiwis

No. 512154

>>512138 is still right tho

No. 512150

it's amazing how people are so eager and willing to accept the sexualization of teenagers

No. 512144

File: 1581026342977.jpg (51.98 KB, 475x356, M2VKdH6.jpg)

yeah, it's just paranoia. why would men come here to troll women?

No. 512140

>ackshually, it's hebephilia

No. 512132

Why would you say
>I thought I was suppposed to be called a handmaiden first.
it seems that you are defending the act.

No. 512115

if you're not a newfag, you should know why.

No. 512114

this anon is right.

No. 512112

imagine hating on people bc they don't want to talk to you lol

No. 755906


No. 512004

Some of us don't seek validation all the time.

No. 510293

nah i think it's hilarious

No. 3685

all religions are equally bad. christians are just hypocrites, they don't completely follow their own rules, whereas muslims aren't afraid of embracing the "bad/tedious side" of their book. libfems support muslims because most "islamophobic" people tend to hate brown people in general.

No. 510265

i like drinking small amounts of ketchup but hot sauce? yikes

No. 510257

every single sjw argument is literally the same as what a nazi would say, just sub terfs for jewish people, so honestly they might as well be the same

No. 13458

No. 755152

wtf does she stomp on it

No. 509055

they linked my post, retard

i posted in the dumbasd thread bc i didnt expect ppl to care but apparently u do

No. 508959

fuck off

No. 508958

Probably going to sound like an edgy bastard but holy fuck most people are so self entitled and annoying and dealing with them on a daily is making me lose my mind. I am usually very caring and understanding, even when people hurt me but now I just dont feel like giving a shit anymore and Im worried because Im getting desentisized to horrible things. For example, I saw a guy break his fingers and enjoyed it because I know that if I injured myself most of yall would take pleasure from it so might as well not bother being a decent person. I

No. 508949

Everyone is a narc and everything is abuse nowadays lol

No. 508919

>calls me a narc
predictable and boring

No. 508902

i thought we were the same person?

No. 508896

well now i'm gonna leave and only come back for shitposts

No. 508882

>with the exception of bpdfags, they were their disorder like a badge of honor
whoop there we go again

No. 508880

well now i'm gonna stay

No. 508869

whatever helps you sleep at night

No. 508862

most people here are teens lmao

No. 13410

stan loona

No. 80469

it can be equally as traumatic as rape? ok bud

No. 508853

ignore the racebaiter

No. 3509

you're a pain in the ass with your tinfoiling. go take your meds

No. 3507

shut the fuck up

No. 13408

the imageboard is led by imnotlikeothergirls koreaboos, what did you expect

No. 508843

welp, bye lolcow dot farm. it was nice meeting you

No. 508840

i was agreeing with you until
>astrology is real.

stan loona

No. 508737

can you diagnose me too based on this post?

No. 3469

nah the one Typing Like This and the "ALL RADFEMS SHOULD BE BANNED" duo

No. 3459

what about the trolls in /meta/

No. 508588

that made me cringe ngl

No. 508583


No. 3456

you don't need to do that. if i understood correctly the new rules, anon could tell that story but not focus too much on the "trans" part

No. 508570

>Why does it make you sad?
he ruined my favorite character, roxy. rip

No. 508569

they have a victim complex, look at the way they respond when you question them >>508562
they behave like aggressive men. they never question their own actions or wonder why they let themselves be "abused" by "BPDfags" for so long.

No. 508543

fucking hell, again?

No. 13391

why are you writing like a retard

No. 508517

isn't that for non autistic people?

No. 508515

can we qualify the people of the maghreb as middle easterners?

No. 508509

is there a term for people without a mental illness or disorder? don't say normal

No. 508318

Is it really lovebombing if i do it to everyone? And does it hurt people?

No. 3369

i love you anon. dont listen to the meanies

No. 13375

lmao this one killed me

No. 508306

nah bc im neither of these anons, retard. go sperg some more in meta

No. 508249

i used to love it b4. now it makes me sad.

No. 13363

it's only one anon >>13340, the same that was racebaiting yesterday. just ignore the retard

No. 508236

i know i will never fix my blushing issue but i wish people would at least stop pointing out my red face ffs

No. 925164

she is purposely manipulating people dumbass so when you say she's succeeding it's a compliment

No. 925150

>I don’t even like her but she almost made me feel bad
see shit like that makes me think that you are a complete retard. especially when we all know she is lurking here. stop feeding her ego you dumb fuck

No. 508230

a friend of mine cried at kobe bryant's death and i didn't tell her he was a rapist bc i will probably come off as an asshole

No. 925109

>God she’s really good at manipulating
no she isn't. wtf is up with all these retards suddenly kissing her ass

No. 508212

why do people even like her

No. 508202

as far as i am aware, i don't have bpd but thank you

No. 508195

damn. y'all really need to remind us every day that you hate people with bpd.

No. 508193

are you the same anon bitching about white radfems because some of us don't want to mourn a rapist? and the same anon that said "All radfems should be banned"? do you have nothing better to do?

No. 752966

No. 73700

fuck this particular anon.

No. 3321

in my personal experience, the guys into wwii were the kind of people calling you a feminazi for not shaving your legs

No. 752961

the comments are underneath the post, how can you miss them? and learn how to sage

No. 507830

fucking, anon.

No. 507829

dicks are disgusting in general

No. 924677

go back to kiwifarms if you want to talk about how much you want to fuck a cow. an ugly one at that.

No. 507812

>Not shaving is important if you live underwater because it helps you detect the flow of the current better.
thanks for the fun fact

No. 3309

nta but aristotle is misogynistic

No. 507741

it was supposed to be a label for ppl who can't feel sexual attraction but everything has to be inclusive nowadays so you can be asexual no matter what as long as you say you are. just like he lesbians, and i'm not talking about transbians

No. 507718

nah its just mad ugly

No. 507505

weirds me out that the art thread is filled with overly angry nitpickers but when an anon posts their shitty drawing of a cow they get multiple compliments

No. 752711

the guy made the collage for her

No. 507442

why do you never see animals wearing glasses

No. 507421

lol how do you know they're white and radfems?

No. 507419

their account is private now. too bad

No. 507400

thank u.

No. 507392


No. 505574

burn down ur house

No. 2621

No. 505332

ok scrote. as if i wouldn't recognize your other posts today

No. 2619

u sound busted af, let ur bf smash that underage pussy as a reward for dealing with ur annoying ass

No. 2575

i bet u r jelly of the teenage girl bc shes prettier and younger than u

No. 2567

You sound unhinged

No. 505194

i hope he was joking

No. 2565

obviously you don't give a fuck about what we have to say so why would i waste my time explaining to you why blaming underage victims instead of pedophiles is bad

No. 2562

holy shit theres so many things wrong with what you just said and i dont know where to begin with

No. 920256

some of yall i swear to god

No. 505163

not rly an unpopular opinion

No. 2549

>You practically outted yourself as insane.
lol. keep dancing, monkey

No. 2536

>Either calm down, quit insulting and have a decent argument with me or you are making a fool of yourself

No. 505151

>I never had any 'true' friendships and always kind of dislike everyone
i relate to this post a little bit too much

No. 505140

/ot/ has been less active for a while now

No. 2519

you're a very sad person.

No. 505119

western fashion is depressing

No. 13180

keep sperging about 'milk'. this is pathetic

No. 13172

i dont answer to those posts. and if i can ignore them, why cant you?

No. 13168

radfems arent the ones starting the derailing in other boards. in the unpopular opinion thread there was an anon saying they were supportive of trans ppl and didnt understand terfs. in /snow/ an anon says that kiwifarms is ruined by radfems. theres more but i dont have the time rn to search other examples. i find it interesting that when the fights do occur, radfems are the only ones getting banned and insulted

No. 918562

bait. not even subtle.

No. 13143

the cope lol. you are the minority in this situation and the cock sucking wont change that. go back to nitpicking some cows' areolas or smthin

they want to silence ppl with different opinions but dont want to outright say it so they try to find excuses. just like an admin i know…

No. 918376

why did they think this would be a good idea

No. 503920

lmao lolcow was filled with anachans and retards b4 and now its better

No. 503385

>I have terrible fashion sense
Most people do

No. 71880

why are you so defensive

No. 503380

hello are you me

No. 503334

Do you? many people were trying to get rid of gc threads and 2X

Inb4 someone says go back to your thread

No. 503333

Inb4 someone says go back to your board

No. 503326

Even on lolcow its not unpopular. Theres a lot of anons shitting on rad fems rn

No. 12927

Rip lolcow

No. 503324

Thats not an unpopular opinion. Its literally illegal to use the wrong pronouns for someone in North America. And you can get doxxed online for saying anti trans shit. But I assume that you are the same anon bringing this stuff every few days to cause fights

No. 503048

Is it too late to tell her?

No. 503042

we should love all noses

No. 502869

>i'm a gay man
it explains everything then

No. 501034

radfems are sjws? are you high?

No. 501027

so you guys post an artist and shit on them for being a stereorypical sjw but… you agree with sjws? damn.

No. 501025

anon is right, silly terfs! we should all love each other despite our differences! because terfs totally hate trans people because they dont conform to social norms! not because of their mock of womanhood and women issues!

No. 501018

arent you tired

No. 501010

No. 501009

lmao women cant judge women for their actions without being compared to men

No. 500198

the roommate anon is back at it again

No. 910090

did you reply to the wrong post?

No. 76661

die mad pedo

No. 76598

stfu retarded pedo apologist and kys

No. 493250

does anyone also dream in text? i see words in my head and sometimes a voice is reading them out loud. theyre usually words that i dont understand (that i probably read somewhere), obscure or maybe inexistant. i wish i could note them down

No. 66982

the only reason im not killing myself rn

No. 493229

shitting on adoptive parents, how original. imagine wanting to bring more people to this world instead of taking care of actual children in need

No. 66976

do you guys think he will face any consequences?

No. 493069

creepy scrote larper

No. 739469

excuse me but wwhat does that mean?

No. 491958

if you looked like a stereotypical lesbian, people would call you a dyke. you cant win.

No. 483258

who watched the latest south park episode? ppl are mad because its mocking trans athletes

No. 887342

>She tries to pull the “im a virgin hehe” card when we all know she got raped

wtf anon

No. 717615

i really hate it when a lolcow makes me angry but wow. this is messed up. i really got triggered lol

No. 468117

>I've not listened to any of her speeches, or read any articles about her.

then why tf are you talking

No. 708535

stop reporting ffs. this is COWTIPPING.

No. 464168

And samefagging

No. 464035

yea anon. stop being depressed!!!1