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File: 1526236695279.png (437.5 KB, 603x617, 1524428096455.png)

No. 581474

First Thread: >>>/snow/381948

Thread Summary: Mars Argo returned from hiding to slap Titanic and Poppy with a lawsuit alleging abuse and theft. They responded by releasing a flurry of passive-aggressive videos and then making allegations of their own towards a man named Josh Moran.

Essential Information:
Titanic Sinclair is the stage name for Corey Mixter. Poppy is Moriah Pereira. Mars Argo is Brittany Sheets.
Titanic and Mars dated from 2008 to 2014. They created GroceryBagDotTv together, and then transitioned to making their own music. They only released one album, Technology is a Dead Bird in 2009. They then began Linden Place, which was canceled after their lead single was released. Most of their videos were deleted but can be found with a simple search as fans reupload them.

After their breakup, Titanic began seeing Poppy. Subsequently, Poppy’s looks completely changed from alternative, semi-Punk brunette to “kawaii, barbie, child” bottle-blonde. This look was strikingly similar to Mars'. Recently they achieved moderate fame for her strange youtube videos and Japanese-inspired pop music. The Poppy videos were directly inspired, and sometimes complete copies, from GroceryBagDotTv videos (such as “Delete Your Facebook”).

Poppy has intense, mostly unhinged fans who call themselves “Poppyseeds.”





Imgur Links
Tweets https://imgur.com/a/oMTMItH
Photos https://imgur.com/a/2ahgfOH
Leaked Conversations https://imgur.com/a/BpX5cYO
Lawsuit https://imgur.com/a/8qVPBMd
Reddit https://imgur.com/a/MClEphk

Related People

Josh Moran: Poppy’s alleged ex, during the lawsuit Poppy tweeted a video of him smashing Titanic to the ground with ease
Debby Ryan: Disney actress who was friends with Poppy, and then Titanic
Max Landis: Friend of Mars, tweeted in defence of her in 2016
Tony Katai: Film maker who released the “Everybody Wants it All” (3:36) video of Mars with a gun, took Titanic’s side

Other Links



Lawsuit uploaded by TMZ: https://tinyurl.com/ybw6orfg

No. 581479

Major props for the thread picture!

Poppy just announced Poppy.church will be released this Friday.

I don´t think it´s an album considering they haven´t released any singles

No. 581493

File: 1526237929283.jpeg (299.13 KB, 750x1055, 3093A8D5-DE7E-4805-BEE1-3C9E77…)

Hah thanks but I stole it from the last thread because it’s too perfect. Props to that anon!

No. 581826

lmao tits drawn out intro to the show is so cringy. its so fake deep it makes me uncomfy

No. 582023

2 hours later and it is already copyrighted. Holy shit.

No. 582028

Are they openly using "Charlotte" as a symbol of Mars now? I know there was speculation about it before, but this seems really "in you face" this time.

No. 582033

I think so. They’re so goddamn childish.

No. 582045

i just don't understand why poppy has made a statement and titanic still hasn't. do you anons think he'll ever make one?

No. 582054

Nobody really gives a fuck about him regardless if the lawsuit was against HIM though.

No. 582077

As far as he's concerned, Poppy involved him in her statement so he doesn't need to do jack shit in his opinion. He's 'above' that in his mind most likely.
Either way, he's completely irrelevant in anything he attempts to do because he's too ugly to do a solo career, he needs a woman to front his material in every way imaginable. That includes an apology.
It's pathetic really. An as >>582054 said, even if the lawsuit isolated him directly, nobody would give a shit.
People only care about Mars Argo and Poppy. Fuck Titanic-what's his name for all they care.
I wonder how it feels to be at the absolute mercy of a dummy to work through to get even 2 minutes of attention in a 20 minute interview?

No. 582084

Grimes liked Poppy's "Drama" clip on Instagram. It seems as though Grimes has taken sides, or it's just a PR move (a bad one though)?

No. 582102

Grimes truly has fallen from grace. From collabing with Poppy to dating the ol' muskrat, girl's going down the gutter.

No. 582180

i think grimes is maybe just VERY unaware of internet drama and therefore has no idea how terrible all the ppl she supports are. idk wtf she's doing with elon musk girl can do much better lol, but as far as nicole dollanganger, ginger bronson and now poppy are concerned it's like she must just have very basic involvement in this kind of shit. except with poppy it's sofucking high profile now and the fact that she has replied to other people's tweets but said NOTHING about the mars case is really fucking disappointing, she HAS to know by now. should have stuck with that janelle monáe collab

No. 582185

So, she's taking the their side? And even liked a video where they make cruel, passive aggressive taunts? Well and truly sad.

Grimes, if you're reading this (and I'm convinced she does come here, or at least on the side of Tumblr where this site at least gets murmured about because of Nicole and Ginger), please reconsider, and reach out to Mars for her side of things, if you haven't already. People like Titanic are convincing because they need to be. Please don't boost the careers of men who use and abuse women, then continue to psychologically abuse them after they go their separate ways. I want to believe you're better than this.

No. 582192

Maybe ariel pink was onto something about her kek

No. 582208

nah tits has specifically blocked playing of his videos on this website. i wonder who EMI Music Publishing is tho. doesn't sound familiar.

called it

i don't even know who grimes is, but she sounds grimey as hell

No. 582215

>>582077 you made me think, anon
i'm no law expert but i feel like mars made a mistake by involving moriah in the lawsuit so much. she should have focused the attention on titanic being an abusive ass. it's made this whole thing turn into "omg did poppy copy??" when it's really about tits stealing mars's ideas and forming another project based on them.

poppy's opinion or statement shouldn't hold any weight. she's dating an abuser. he can manipulate her words, and force her to say things. it's hard to tell if she's innocent while they're still together.

No. 582239

EMI is a huge record label. It’s one of the biggest ones ever. Check out the groups they have signed…

No. 582250

AFAIK poppy was only signed to mad decent and island records. so maybe they signed over some of their singles to EMI. not that it really matters lol.

No. 582265


EMI's music catalogue was sold to Universal in 2011. Universal also owns Island. As far as I can tell, Mad Decent has always been independent.

No. 582538

it’s heavily ironic that he’s blocked playback on here considering the fact that he’s very likely posted many times in this thread. i’ve noticed a lot of throwaway posts that end in open questions to stimulate conversation, and although it could just be curious anons, it reads like someone unused to posting on here. like an older person using facebook or something, it’s just slightly off.

No. 582576

Keep a track record of that, anon. Can you screenshot some of the ones you are talking about?

No. 582798

This was posted on 4chan yesterday in a thread OP recruiting for a 'humiliation cult'. The thread has mysteriously been deleted and isn't even in the archive.


No. 582810

Since embedding has been disabled, if you find new videos that should be archived in this thread, please feel free to convert them into .webm files. You can upload these just like you'd post an image or a .gif on here.

For example:


The size limit for .webm uploads to lolcow is approximately 20 MB. Videos that are too large to post here and need to be archived can be emailed to lolcow.farm@gmail.com.

Good OP, OP.

No. 582817

What board? I could probably find it. And what did the OP, or any of the responses say exactly? I need keywords.

No. 582818


Confused about the relevance. This doesn't sound like Poppy or Mars at all, if that's what you're implying…

No. 582821

ah, neat. thanks for clarifying anon

that's… vague, do you have any screenshots? it does sound kinda like her. could be a repost from when they started and were advertising on 4chan (supposedly)

No. 582919

File: 1526338313878.jpg (18.23 KB, 661x960, poppyblessmoms.jpg)

hey, i still follow poppy on twitter because im not very active there, and when i opened the app yesterday i saw this tweet and opened her profile to unfollow, but noticed i couldnt see it anywhere on her actual profile, just on my feed. i didnt think this was possible (hiding certain posts from public while having your account unlocked) but i guess thats a thing now(?). it would explain why her profile says she has 35 tweets, but only 9 are visible

(also, sorry if i fucked this reply up somehow, this is a first)

No. 582922

She deletes a lot of Tweets now right after tweeting. Also, when you mass-delete tweets, it takes Twitter a while to catch the number on top of your profile up.

No. 582951

Does anyone know if the court hearing results are online?

No. 583113

I caught this yesterday.. thought the voice sounded familiar.

No. 583118

It clearly sounds like Poppy. But it's very likely a fake since they are so relevant in the news right now. People want attention.

No. 583122

can we have some more details on the context of this? what did the op say?

No. 583124

Most likely someone impersonating, but due to the choppy nature, it could just be a variation of clips pulled together at best

No. 583131

I used to be a big fan of her when the project was starting. I've seen way too much of her content. I promise you guys this is not at all Moriah lol it's definitely an impersonator or just someone who sounds similar by coincidence

No. 583143

living it, last song tits and mars ever recorded together. it was leaked yesterday and it's a fucking bop

No. 583150


the guitar sounds so familiar. like something i've heard a million times but slightly altered but i can't place it.

No. 583207

File: 1526356693268.webm (3.51 MB, 426x240, livingit.webm)

Webm before Titnic Thinhair and his DMCA claws get to it

No. 583221

This is related to the thread how? Every mention or image of Poppy, already an old and forced meme on 4chan, is news now?

No. 583262

File: 1526362289480.png (174.22 KB, 643x687, zzz.png)

poopy's over here tryina teach us a biology lesson tonight

this is really catchy, damn

No. 583263

Ooh I wonder will i ever break the spell of you
Ooh I wonder was there really nothing I could do

I’m living it, I’m swimming in it
I’m hiding from it all

Who am I to say I don’t need you
Who am I to be wrong

Not enough boys in my bed
Not enough of hollywoods friends

I wonder what it takes these days
Wonder if you read my mind

And The winner is so expensive

I’m living it ,I’m swimming in it
I’m hiding from it all

And who am I to say I don’t need you
Who am I to be wrong

Who am I to catch in the middle
And Who am i to be wrong

Not enough boys in my bed
Not enough Hollywood’s friends

And who am I to say I don’t need you
Who am I to be wrong

And who am I to catch you in the middle
Who am I to be wrong

And who am I to say I don’t need you
Who am I to be wrong

No. 583270

damn i really hope mars comes back with music like this because this sounds really good.

No. 583285

I really hope Titanic's name is forever tarnished now, I recently watched this video where someone who was close friends and often worked with mars ended up shutting her out just to sell out to poppy

No. 583309

God, the "Using You" video makes me sad because she and tits were so cute. He seemed to stable and unassuming in the video.

No. 583372

That voice sounds too young to be either Mars or Poppy. More like some edgy 14 year old.

No. 583517

Isn't Around November 2016/Jan 2017 around the time that Titanic and Poppy were in Japan as well? Maybe they were working on the Yobby thing directly?

No. 583551

sage because ot, but it actually makes sense that grimes aligns herself with controversial figures as she is a self-made entity that is not necessary representative of her actual self (sound familiar?)
she has always propped herself up with controversy whenever she's about to release music a la kanye

No. 583561

guess it makes sense but it's still shitty to give some publicity to these 2 assholes

No. 583604


"You are a sperm that grew up"

oh god. now i'm having kassiedill flashbacks. "I'm the sperm. squeal"


No. 583793

I guess it just bothers me because she's always espoused pro-woman talking points. Now, she's completely going against that to endorse two assholes who abused a woman to make their names, maybe because they have a YouTube following.

It'd make more sense to work with Mars because she's actually an independent female creative (the only issue being that she hasn't released new content, partly thanks to Corey's harassment). Like, how do you go from Janelle Monae to fucking Poppy and Tits?

No. 583799

No, I totally agree with you. I have been a huge Grimes fan since Visions came out and I was pretty shocked to see that she would be collabing with Poppy even before I started seeing a lot of the Mars Argo/Tits drama unfolding.
It's just a bunch of manufactured personalities trying to famewhore off one another for one reason or another. Grimes is usually pretty open about her production process so I'm hoping we get a little more insight as to how this project even came to fruition. She had a bunch of drama with her label that was never really explained so who even knows.

No. 583817

File: 1526409760823.jpg (86.9 KB, 1005x662, dtrt68qkz9gx.jpg)

In case anyone was still questioning, it's basically known that they use 4chan, pic related. I also remember seeing some weirdly passive-aggressive post about Poppy on /x/ once. Could've been someone LARPing, but it sounded a little too pissy and tryhard to not be Corey, I'll try to dig it up.

No. 583832

File: 1526410413353.png (39.03 KB, 1326x117, x_.png)

Found it. It was in response to a thread comparing Nasim Agghad (a female shooter) to Poppy because of her weird videos. Someone said Poppy only wishes she could be "on that level", and this was the response.
Even the "she is only doing this to see you enjoy it" matches up with one of the Charlotte Twitter shitposts that went something like "I am doing this for my fans". It stuck out to me because I'd never witnessed that heavy a LARP based on Poppy on /x/, and it's exactly the sort of thing Tits would say in a bid to simultaneously sound mysterious and sanctimonious.

No. 583925

This even reads like one of her videos lol convincing either way

No. 584422

File: 1526440518617.png (27.69 KB, 589x329, Untitled.png)

way to avoid the question, tits

No. 585757

Does anyone have an indication of when the outcome of the lawsuit will be? I guess it will take some time, but I wished we could know the results already. I guess I'm just really impatient.

No. 585784

oh sweetheart. court proceedings take months, sometimes years, you could probably write your own album in the time it takes for us to get a verdict.

No. 585786

I think it was an inevitable choice to involve Poppy, from what I can ascertain; Margo will be leaving with at least some damages from the court case even if it's just isolating Titanic himself
He's hiding behind Poppy all the time, she is his front and she is culpable as a result. There was really no choice at the end of it all really when you get down to it, was there?

>I wonder will I ever break the spell of you
>I wonder was there really nothing I could do
>And who am I to say that I don't need you?
Who am I to be loved?
>Who am I to catch you in the middle
>Who am I to be loved
>And you don't even have the time
>I'm running from it all
>Not enough Hollywood friends

Titanic was rolling around in the mess he had made knowing he was the victor in destroying her
I fucking hate this bastard with a fiery passion
Margo found him cheating on her directly. I wonder if it was with Poppy or some other whore he did it with to directly destroy her to see how far he could string Margo along?

No. 585787

Forgot to mention as I'm a bit drunk, Poppy has also made subtle insults directed at Argo making fun of her, not jsut in videos but also through interviews such as with that hillbilly hick
>I could bring my hologram here instead

If that's not a dig at Mars Argo in a passive aggressive way where she's giggling at it at the same time as Titanic is also making pot shots at her at the same time, I don't know what more evidence there is than that
In a court of law however, it's all on a grey area. There is no direct "yes/no" result in terming it as a direct attack
It'll be an interesting case for sure, but I doubt Poppy will will get as much of a dent in her career as Titanic will.
That's a slight problem since nobody gives a fuck about Titanic and Poppy is merely his puppet in all of this. She is stil culpable however.

No. 586114

i guess this was filmed during moriahs transformation into titanics sex bot/mars copypasta? she has the hair but she's still acting like a human.
now i understand when fans say they want the old poppy back, she's actually likable

No. 586132


Polygon did an article about the lawsuit. They compare it to the h3h3 lawsuit which is a pretty weird conclusion to draw from this

No. 586142

wtf she was so cute and sweet

No. 586280

File: 1526576286382.png (96.49 KB, 1080x630, 20180517_125635.png)

what is that about?? who is laurel?

No. 586282

No. 586306

File: 1526579182108.jpg (21.3 KB, 185x322, C.jpg)

No. 586315

No. 586336

Is he referencing psycho killer by the talking heads?

No. 586378

has anyone shared this? shes as cute as a button. but seeing her next to tits just highlights how uncomfortable and downright creepy he looks/acts

No. 586487

Yeah they (meaning Titanic) aggressively posted Poppy everywhere on sites back in 2016 to essentially make her go viral. He's been confirmed to have selfposted/created Poppy threads in various places, so it wouldn't surprise me that they tried to pander to 4chan as well

No. 586707

>so it wouldn't surprise me that they tried to pander to 4chan as well
They definitely did. I remember I was randomly lurking on pol one day and saw him posting her videos on there. I replied saying that she was copying Mars Argo and I got a passive aggressive response from him lol.

No. 586709

Watching this video convinces me even more that she's being manipulated. Not because she seems so different from now but because of the things that she's talking about. Things like how she was seen as an outsider as a child, really quiet, never really had any friends but was perhaps above average intelligence. The perfect profile for what an abuser looks for in their victims. Someone seeking approval and can be easily groomed by being told they are "so special" and that the abuser "understands them."

No. 586825

Oh jeez what did he say?

No. 586868

I think it was something like "If money can't buy a penis then why is it so fabulous"I definitely remember it was some sort of shitty play on the lyrics to one of her songs.

Another thing I remember about the Poppy thread was that, besides my post, there was nothing but asskissing in it. Like I would expect the guys on pol to shit talk her because she's not ~aryan~ enough or some shit.

No. 586873

Sorry for the double post but I also remembered that there were multiple posts talking about how ~amazing~ her song American Kids is and how she's "just like us!!!11!1"

No. 586911

this really shows what poppy is missing. poppys videos do copy the kind of strange vibe of mars’, but mars still had a silliness and liveliness about her. it fit her well and felt more genuine. poppy just being a copy of mars just comes off fake and hollow. she doesnt have that cute charm like mars.

No. 586942

Mars is genuinely a quirky Manic Pixie Dream Girl personality, while Poppy comes across as a robot reading a script. Which is I suppose what they were trying to do, but instead of coming off as intentionally robotic and hollow, it just feels like a really bad attempt to pass their unoriginality off as intentional.

No. 587100

File: 1526620737188.png (712.52 KB, 1028x656, ngstp.png)

i have no clue if this even means anything but i got curious and was digging around youtube for i dont even know what and poppy and titanic have a manager (i thought tits was poppy's manager and he was handling everything himself)

their manager is Nick Groff of geffen records (@nickgroff on twitter and insta). dug thru his twit an insta a little and he posted a small handful of stuff on poppy and titanic (mostly praising the fuck outta them)

also poppy has an address to send fan mail

No. 587121

Polygon are a bunch of hacks who will defend anyone they enjoy or are friends with, if they are indeed taking tits side by comparing mars to some crazy guy then I am not surprised

No. 587503

Nick Groff is 38 years old but somehow Titanic manages to look like the creepy older uncle in this picture.

No. 587511

Probably because he's on drugs.

No. 587604

This says he attended delta (a community college) and had plans to go to Columbia Chicago.

In his Adobe interview, didn’t he say he “thought about” community college but felt like he already knew everything in their curriculum so never went?

No. 587975

File: 1526691904170.png (66.77 KB, 577x590, Screenshot at May 19 03-04-06.…)

I really hope all these jabs at Mars' content will count as evidence that this was all intended to be malicious. JFC

No. 588247

File: 1526717902013.jpeg (276.91 KB, 750x901, 53D3D3A1-0F6C-4BF2-BB94-E6B533…)

I wonder if they’re proud their fan base is exactly what they mock and satarize in their work?

No. 588330

So when is this all supposed to be coming out? Funnily enough, just under a month ago I put my email in and signed up for poppy.church - about five minutes later I found out about the lawsuit, and subsequently these threads.

No. 588390

people have been wondering. they're sending out blessings at 3:36 pm and 3:36 am cali time but nobody has spoken up yet, seems like nobody received anything.
fans are finding stuff in the source code and stuff but nothing milky tbh

No. 588511

Highly bothered by her overbite/lisp combo

New video.

No. 588566

poppy.church is extremely anticlimactic :/ If this had happened a year ago I would have probably been excited still but now it's just…. boring. Nothing's happening.

No. 588599

same. i was expecting a new song or something. i'm not even a fan and im disappointed

No. 588625

There's something hidden in the source code, but I'm not even gonna try to decode it because fuck them and their pseudo-deep ARG, I hope their fans are too dumb to google popular cyphers and everyone else ignores the fuck out of it.

No. 588661

i'm watching the tag and there isn't a lot of people getting excited about it/looking for "blessings"..
the person posting the most in that tag looks like a literal child. they're gonna have to give hints, i bet they probably thought their riddle would be solved by now

No. 588781

Someone tweeted they received a text telling them to ~claim their place in the church~, so they're probably just sending out 336 sign-up texts every day.

No. 590069

They're sending out 336 blessings at every 3:36, so 672 everyday. From what it looks like now they're going by order of who signed up first, so if you're abroad prepare to wait a long ass time.

The source code of poppy.church.. I'm done with tits try-hard deep messages and mystery that's leading nowhere. The average ARG does a better job than that.

No. 590070

Actually I saw some girls on Twitter say that only around 20 people get their invite every day, so they're just trying to look way more popular than they really are. That's pathetic.

Looks like it's just a character designer (like a pixel doll maker) and nothing else so far. They're about 10 years late with such a lazy, shallow, shittily-executed 'ARG' with this much build-up.

No. 590072


What are they basing that on? What's the proof?

No. 590076

File: 1526892168141.png (551.62 KB, 1286x720, poppy1.png)

Found on a superfan's twitter

No. 590078

File: 1526892186525.png (102.72 KB, 609x448, popp1.png)

No. 590086

Wow. Even the dolls are ugly. GG.

No. 590092

They are lowkey legit building a cult now

No. 590353

Alright, I received a text this morning, when I followed the link in the text it brought me to a page asking me to enter my email address. I did that and it sent me an email with a link, clicking on that link brought me to the little character creator page. Once you create your character (there aren't many options at all, there are like eight different options each for eyes, hair, clothing, and accessory.) there's nothing else you can really do at this point.

No. 590473

that's so pathetic. titanic really is nothing without Mars

No. 590591

File: 1526944141025.png (1.16 MB, 1904x1446, myfriendswritesongsaboutmyex.p…)

Speaking of "Pathetic". Here's a song that one of Tits' friend released. I get them tagging Tits a Poppy, but why have Mars Argo in the tags?


A little excerpt from the chorus:
"1460 days
Since we were alright
You're having trouble sleeping
And I think I know why
1460 days
Since we were alright
But now you're just Pathetic
I said it
You are Pathetic"

What a "coincidence" that it's been about that long since their breakup…

No. 590722

https://soundcloud.com/thatpoppyarchive Been listening to her old music. I think it's hilarious that Corey dropped Brittany, who has talent, for someone who basically just whispers into a microphone for a couple minutes and calls it singing.

No. 591036

she has such horrible breath control like shes forcing herself into the welcome to my kitchen style singing. honestly she could benefit from vocal lessons but i feel like she personally thinks shes above that as an artist and can make it on her own (and tits probably tells her that her voice is perfect and lessons will just make her sound like everone else)

No. 591039

i think he knows her original style of singing sucks and that's partly why he's making her sing in that high pitched voice

No. 591092

I heard she's had singing lessons from this teacher that has taught a couple of big names in Hollywood

No. 591104

The stolen dance cover in specific is fucking awful holy shit. She sounds exhausted

No. 591127

File: 1527005781454.jpg (218.04 KB, 1080x1350, Dd0EUkhU0AAQF3c.jpg)

Another Twitter find -
my wild theory is that they invite a bunch of users every day and they have to 'meet up' on the site and reach a certain amount of users until they can graduate to the next level or something like that. So it's pure self-serving bullshittery sugarcoated as a subversive viral "happening".

No. 591129

File: 1527006165865.jpg (63.81 KB, 242x242, imadethisforthisthread.jpg)

They probably have to reach 336 users at 3:36 am or something.

No. 591450

They opened up the site so everyone can enter without a text. Let's all pray this leads to fresh milk. I got my text days ago and I'm already incredibly bored of this.

No. 591463


if anyone wants to sign up, a hand appears every 336 seconds and you click on it to get in

No. 591713

Does the site not work on mobile? I just wasted 12 minutes of my life waiting on this shit

No. 591748

I’m not sure about mobile but I imagine it would be very hard since I had to refresh every second until I got the hand. You’d be better off on a computer tbh

No. 591975

it's the easiest internet marketing strategy - form a target group of idiots and then advertise the product, i wouldn't bet on anything more exciting

No. 592078

just add /hand to the URL if you really want to see where it leads. i dont want to give them my phone number so im just watching what everyone else does at this point

No. 592123

File: 1527102911256.png (55.75 KB, 623x281, church.png)

I saw a video of someone 'ascending' and it's the cringiest shit. You have to click self destruct to move on. I can't even put into words how bored I am with their shit.


Of course they already had to backpedal on the whole aura of exclusiveness, not enough people were into it. lel

No. 592178

I couldn't get that to work so unless I'm doing it wrong, they're lurking and already fixed that. Unless we're on a different phase of this stupid ass thing.

No. 592240

if i was a fan and waiting impatiently for new music i would be so fucking disappointed right now. nobody is liking this except preteens

No. 592431

these fans are kinda insane. theyre exactly what Titantic is trying to make fun of.

No. 592478

There's now a timer in the corner that resets whenever someone touches the candle. The candle has been going on and off for hours and her fans are pissed. Which one of y'all is doing this because I love you

No. 592588

If I were a spiteful and less lazy person and it weren't borderline cowtipping, I'd set up an autoclicker/mouse tracker and just have it press it endlessly.

I have no patience to sit and refresh their geocities-tier habbo-hotel wannabe site and get entrance, though.

No. 592682

Pretty sure someone is already using an autoclicker, if not multiple people

No. 592794

Saw it hit zero. One person was highlighted in red and then the page refreshed. Apparently they “ascended.” Seriously guys? One person out of 408? Dick move. Reward them all for god’s sake.

No. 594052

looks like you get this shitty little video when you get your log in for poppy.church, uploaded yesterday with less than 100 views, so cant wait for tits to report it to take it down

someone commented her outfit is a cross between a catholic cardinal and a nazi S/S officer

No. 594053

this is so half assed and fake deep i cant. also i hate the way she says salvation but im not sure why

No. 594291

The last one who clicks the candle is the one who gets to ascend, and get a special status and points. So it's a game basically

Don't even doubt for a second that catholic cardinal X nazi officer outfit is like Chanel or Gucci or some other really high-end couture shit. That's all she's been wearing for months

No. 594389

Why does this look like a cult?

No. 594394

File: 1527349895704.jpeg (108.83 KB, 1280x720, D6497271-3AD0-4331-8C8D-B1E156…)

Poppy look exactly like Miz Cracker from RPDR, especially on that OP pic kek

No. 594404

A desperate reach.

No. 594406

Hi Titanic

It's deliberate, it's their edgy thing ever since their videos got boring(hi [cow])

No. 594412

Poppy: "I'm not in a cult"
Titanic: "I'm not in a cult led by Poppy"

It's supposed to be/look like a cult

No. 594430

I just hate Drag Race references being shoehorned in where they don't belong.

No. 594749

Why does nobody ITT get banned for constantly saying hi titanic? Shut up

Me too. People are trying to pump out “funny” shady posts and it just looks desperate and lame. But you know, we’re all Corey.

No. 594851

this is kinda milky ab titanic but i don't have screenshots, so just take my word for it. i rly should've but oh well

anyway, there's this cult of mars argo instagram which is basically a fan account. they recently deleted all their previous posts which had various pictures of mars and her old life. even a vine where it looks like she was doing coke but that could've just been a gag by one of their friends then.

on one leaked commercial song (a lot of the 'leaked' songs came from titanic btw) posted sometime this year before the suit, the acct holder made a joke ab it sounding bad. can't remember what the comment was so i won't try w that BUT titanic responded to it. he said something like "wow. posting unreleased stolen songs and then insult her w them. you should delete this acct." which he's not wrong but the hypocrisy! excuse me but who's the one stalking a virtually unknown fan page of hers? if he did it to one, i'm sure he kept tabs on others. and he's the last person who has the right to speak for her

also it was def him, the only reason why i wanted to scroll up the comment chain was bc there were multiple response comments w @titanicsinclair

alright sorry for the long comment, rly should've saved em but more evidence showing tits to be a creep

No. 595033

that's titanic for ya

No. 595040

>led by Poppy
Which is the stupidest shit because he also wants it to seem he’s the mastermind. Pick a narrative

No. 595051

If I had the skills I'd write a script to spam the hell out of the candle and be sure to be the one to ascend if it ever reaches 0 again

No. 595131

I agree. I was thinking of commenting that, but I don't want to drag Miz Cracker down to her level

No. 595193


plus to add he's the one who released that song and then had the gall to call it stolen. someone called him out w "well then why'd you leak it". he didn't respond

i just can't even begin to understand the cognitive dissonance w that boy

No. 595257

File: 1527445449762.png (2 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-05-27-11-17-10…)

have there been any updates at all about the court case?

this was on poppy's instagram story yesterday. this picture seems so odd. paris honestly looks photoshopped into the picture. poppy's smiling which means this is probably meant to be out of character. whats on poppy's phone that they absolutely had to make sure to censor it out with a flower

No. 595341

I figured it was a pack of cigs or something.

No. 595361

Pretty damn crazy that Poppy looks so much more aged, despite being fourteen years younger. Girl needs some nasolabial injections.

No. 595952

Nayrt but I’m pretty sure Paris being fabulously rich and having access to the best anti-aging treatments her whole life has something to do with it too.

No. 596309

probably her iphone lock screen is a picture of her and titanic.

Also her wig looks awful

No. 598931

While Poppy does look a lot older than she should, I also think platinum blonde hair and the heavy make up does pack on the years. Her skin just doesn't look as youthful with such a sharp hair colour.

Seconded. I reckon they're cigs too, but that would ruin her 'image'.

No. 599211

File: 1527829601478.jpg (286.66 KB, 1439x1205, Screenshot_20180531-230509.jpg)

Pt 1

No. 599213

File: 1527829622106.jpg (373.35 KB, 1440x1256, 20180531_230613.jpg)

No. 599230

why did you bump the thread for this??

No. 599232

So weird to see Paris Hilton looking so much younger than her, side by side. Paris is nearly 40, has always had sharper features, and yet here she is looking more youthful than a girl in her early 20's. RIP Moriah's youth.

No. 599238

again, Paris Hilton has been wealthy her entire life and has access to the best skincare.

No. 599252

Again, "Poppy" is only in her early 20s and looks dried out and aged. Your point?

No. 599259

>implying Moriah didn't come from a well-off family
Literally just stop doing drugs, holy shit.

No. 599281

Even assuming Moriah didn't come from rich blood, it's so easy to stay looking young for a long time in America for cheap.
Hit up the skincare aisle at Walmart and walk away with everything you need. It's as simple as that.
And Moriah and Tits are decently well off now while the money is still rolling in. They seem to spend it frivolously but they aren't poor and scraping by on rice

No. 599286

God. Is poopy.church actually DOING anything? I thought about signing up just to see what it was but decided not to. If it was hyping anything up, you’d think there’d… well, be a bit more hype?

Supposedly she’s releasing a new song in june, but that cake from a random japanese article she retweeted, not even her bizarro church.

No. 599922

To be fair, she didn’t. She was a maid cleaning homes as her day job before she met tits

No. 599966

File: 1527920685598.png (1.79 MB, 750x1334, 881D2C02-2BF8-4067-A1CC-EC1937…)

Why is mars in this January 2015 post on tits’ ig

In the suit it says that’s when he was breaking into her home, why do you think she was still hanging w him

Just curious nothing else to add

No. 599997

it could be an old picture he had in his phone?
and maybe i didn't understand well but she ended their relationship but she still wanted to make music with him so maybe they were still in contact. even if they were still friends doesn't mean it's ok if he breaks in her house at night.

No. 600022

nope, nothing

No. 600169

the suit mentions they released the video for Using You a few days before this, so maybe they were at a dinner meeting with some music reps to see if they could sign of somewhere bigger and maybe try to keep a professional relationship going (despite all the psycho shit titanic was doing)

No. 600224

A lot of couples don't 100% break up/cut off contact after a break up. Not saying it's good or bad, it's just how it is.

No. 600226

If Moriah came from a well off family why was she homeless in LA

No. 600280

Cuz she left her home at 15, what 15 y/o can support herself alone?

No. 600302

If she was rich her family would support her financially, in one of her old youtube videos that have been recovered she said she was poor.

No. 600320

Don't cut yourself on that edge

No. 600327

File: 1527970796377.webm (6.67 MB, 1280x720, videoplayback.webm)

Here is a back up. On the off chance it gets taken down.

No. 600332

File: 1527971937226.png (23.38 KB, 868x495, childhood.png)

No. 600348

File: 1527972987584.webm (6.65 MB, 1280x720, the_past.webm)

Here's something from her past.

No. 600352

File: 1527973711608.webm (4.93 MB, 1280x720, coat.webm)

No. 600360

File: 1527974466689.webm (2.42 MB, 1280x720, poppy_mars.webm)

No. 600361

File: 1527975102628.png (333.16 KB, 843x416, p-m.png)

No. 600362

I can see that. That’s sad :(

Titanic is a real piece of work

No. 600365

File: 1527975231686.png (242.29 KB, 851x404, marz.png)

No. 600366

File: 1527975340766.png (258.34 KB, 839x414, white.png)

No. 600369

File: 1527975447123.png (281.64 KB, 844x402, blood.png)

No. 600370

File: 1527975638536.png (238.35 KB, 844x403, ears.png)

No. 600372

File: 1527975738099.png (205.9 KB, 842x300, chips.png)

No. 600375

File: 1527975903221.png (172.97 KB, 849x247, blue_eyeliner.png)

No. 600383

File: 1527976816036.webm (3.55 MB, 640x360, animal.webm)

No. 600397

File: 1527978165310.webm (6.28 MB, 1280x720, lawsuit.webm)

No. 600406

File: 1527979845328.webm (6.08 MB, 1280x720, chipz.webm)

No. 600408

File: 1527980612183.webm (2.06 MB, 1280x720, white_dress.webm)

No. 600494

It's honestly kind of sad. She looks so young here and while you do still get that "poppy" feel here a bit, she seems a lot more genuine and happy. Just look at how cute and full of life she was before Titanic. I know she did it to herself too, but damn.

No. 600498


Imagine the hell of a life Poppy will endure once the day comes that she cuts Titanic out of her life
She's in for a ride

No. 600525

Mars doesn't seem very happy in this photo to say the least

No. 600545

is that mars?

No. 600572

File: 1527996084952.webm (19.97 MB, 1280x720, full_control.webm)

Do you think that she will ever actually do that?

No. 600632

video's kinda long but its kinda interesting to watch. its from mid 2013 (before the break up). the entire set mars looks pretty uncomfortable and seems to avoid going near or even look at titanic (personally i find it weird since i'm used to vocalists interacting and playing off the energy of their band mates). halfway through they start playing limousine machine, which is a titanic sinclair song not mars argo. at around 16:40, titanic tells mars "introduce the song, darling" which sounds forced.

also that song. shes introducing Stuck On You (i've never heard it) and it's kind of telling where they were at that point in the relationship

Float with me
Lie to me
Make me think
I'm your queen

You say I'm young
You say I'm dumb
You say it's true
But I'm stuck on you

I think you want to see me numb
It's nothing new
But I'm stuck on you

I see you over me
In my dreams
I'm asleep

No. 600863

I agree. Also Mars looked pretty uncomfortable to me at SXSW during Wet Cigarette. That's the only video I've seen from that show but I'm pretty sure they'd already broken up by then so it's understandable.

No. 601944

File: 1528143298906.png (127.36 KB, 640x1136, D92DA2CC-77C6-4BFF-A1CA-FD7DDA…)

Titanic decides to bitch about someone stealing his art while he is in the middle of a lawsuit, beautiful.

No. 601958

The artist Youknowlimbo sampled the beat from Poppy’s song “Let’s Make a Video”, now Titanic is harassing this artist.
https://hooktube.com/watch?v=FLg-v4d09Nk <—Poppy’s song
https://m.soundcloud.com/youknowlimbo/closer <—Youknowlimbo’s song

No. 601984

did you see what he was responding to? that artist was saying they watched grocery bag and knew poppy was a copy. dumbass titanic. the beat was sampled, not a copy, not the same thing. he's trying to make this limbo artist seem like hypocrite.

No. 601988

The contrast is pretty amazing. Mars seems like she's having fun doing something so stupid (like an anon said earlier she has that mpd quality to her) whereas Poppy (even when she's being marketed as 'alien' or 'robotic') just comes off as forced.

No. 602042

File: 1528152054649.webm (6.3 MB, 1280x720, 3-36.webm)

Here. This might answer your question.

No. 602052

File: 1528153227878.webm (8.8 MB, 1280x720, 336.webm)

No. 602065

File: 1528154585683.webm (8.69 MB, 1280x720, delete.webm)

No. 602069

File: 1528155216740.webm (5.46 MB, 1280x720, ears.webm)

No. 602086

File: 1528156258458.webm (3.06 MB, 960x720, blood.webm)

No. 602112

Could’ve been a show they were performing right after one of his affairs had come to light. She might have been emotionally distressed but had to keep it together. Wouldn’t surprise me someone like Titanic would throw out a term of endearment like “darling” knowing she couldn’t spurn his affections at that exact moment.

No. 602146

File: 1528163492159.webm (12.95 MB, 1280x720, Pop_music.webm)

No. 602151

File: 1528164183337.webm (12.08 MB, 1280x720, rock.webm)

No. 602159

File: 1528164961131.webm (11 MB, 1280x720, pop-rock.webm)

No. 602165

File: 1528165844870.webm (19.57 MB, 1280x720, rock.webm)

No. 602170

File: 1528166479148.webm (10.86 MB, 1280x720, rockish.webm)

No. 602208

File: 1528174626778.webm (10.6 MB, 1280x720, disney_poppy.webm)

No. 602232

File: 1528178049271.gif (1.76 MB, 268x270, 152813661628547192.gif)

No. 602233

File: 1528178074469.gif (420.27 KB, 228x267, 15281366162854719.gif)

No. 602248

File: 1528180205750.webm (6.76 MB, 1280x720, Mars Argo in a Commercial .web…)

No. 602256

File: 1528180597267.webm (9.7 MB, 1280x720, Mars Argo in a Commercial.webm)

No. 602263

File: 1528181753717.webm (8.81 MB, 1280x720, iPhone Handgun Knife Microphon…)

No. 602264

File: 1528182016844.webm (8.35 MB, 1280x720, the difference between iphone …)

No. 602562

Why has this thread suddenly been spammed with the evidence used in court?

No. 602574

File: 1528226081617.jpg (42.57 KB, 583x729, a554a27dcbce6a0769a1a2db4bc55b…)

Is something wrong?

No. 602845

File: 1528244491595.webm (1.72 MB, 1280x720, halloween.webm)

No. 602980

File: 1528254754209.webm (14.11 MB, 1280x720, music_videos.webm)

No. 603015

File: 1528257715986.webm (3.9 MB, 360x360, old.webm)

No. 603019

File: 1528258037588.webm (866.2 KB, 360x360, cool.webm)

No. 603025

File: 1528258413938.webm (12.43 MB, 360x360, hands.webm)

No. 603110

God, her solo stuff (except for the Breezeblocks cover) is so milquetoast. I can see why she'd think she needs Corey if this was what she was coming out with.
The thing is, she really could've been unique and likable if she had just dyed her hair blond, only took a little bit of influence from internet culture, then incorporated mild cyberpunk elements, horror and existentialism into her aesthetics/lyricism. She could've essentially been "isolated, shy 2011 hipster meets Serial Experiments Lain", and people would've eaten it up.
Sucks that Corey drowns out any merit Moriah holds with his forced, painfully transparent, derivative, psuedo-intellectual BS and passive-aggressive, angry letters to Brittany.

No. 603120

You’re giving her way too much credit. She has the talent and stage presence of a suburban local coffee shop singer/songwriter. You can’t fake charisma or a personality. Mars had both, the mpdg affectation worked for her. Moriah’s never going to feel like she fits in this character, or any other - she has no acting skills. I have a feeling that Corey saw all this, but to him that just looked like a blank canvas, but screwed himself over because he’s too narcissistic to realize that anyone who’s bland enough to turn into a character is too bland to make that character interesting. That kind of woman is harder to control, though, and obviously he’s having none of that.

No. 603159

how could she re in vent herself as a star now?
slav core underground rapper?

No. 603287

tbh it's caught me up a lot

No. 603557

You're right that Corey mistook her basic affect for a perfect, blank canvas to mold into whatever he wants. On the other hand, I honestly think she could've sold the "blank, emotionless girl" angle well (and it wouldn't even be much of a character because it's not too far off from how she probably is normally). There's an intrigue and creepy sort of cuteness to a figure like that. Plus, not having a clear personality makes the few "relatable" parts of a person shine. The only thing is, such a character needs an external force to force them to behave human and show that side of themselves, and I doubt she's creative enough to come up with such scenarios on her own.
I agree that Mars had an almost authentic Manic Pixie Dream Girl thing going on, which actually made her special. Trying to use a girl with no clear "self" as a stand-in for that sort of energy just shows Corey's hubris, narcissism and sheer stupidity.

Escaped MKULTRA/cult-brainwashed pop star turned flower child. Market Titanic's sinking as "freedom from her main captor", create avant pop music that's basically indie acoustic music with theatrical darkness and some trip hop influence. Write lyrics inspired by early Ginger Bronson poetry (specifically during the "bedbones" era when she called herself Kayla Day). Push out Daniel Johnston-inspired art pieces and drawings of mazes with esoteric imagery. Serve some Neon Demon realness in music videos. Her first product outside of Corey's collaboration should be something like Kesha's "Praying", but more eerie and less overtly emotional, like she's still stuck in unreality somehow.
She could get in with the FKA Twigs and Grimes scene (without the collective disgust of Grimes' fanbase, I mean) if she just knew what narrative to push.
I should probably stop before they get any real ideas from this.

No. 603689

Lmao that’s not too bad. Unfortunately I don’t see moriah leaving Corey. I don’t feel like she’s the type of person to handle her own narrative. Unless another music production company signs her and tries to repackage her, I think she might be sunk like Corey if their popularity tanks.

No. 603781

File: 1528336015483.jpeg (196.98 KB, 1241x2001, 16783B43-5388-4914-9EC0-8F1004…)

idk if it's just me, but literally all of those videos uploaded here in the last few days aren't showing up for me. Is it just because i'm on mobile?

also, does anyone else feel concerned that people are going to forget about this? even though it's a huge deal and a shitstorm i feel like 99% of what I've seen on twitter has been positive for poppy. It could just be because her fans are as batshit as melanie martinez followers (if not moreso) and they overshadow the mars supporters, but ever since the court case it's gotten so quiet and titanic/poppy have been able to go about their lives posting their usual tryhard, cringey tripe while mars is silent, and it bothers me so much. I really don't want this to be like how every other scandal seems to go, a la alice glass (though that case ended up pretty positive no one ever talks about it anymore) or timothy heller (i'm aware that contradicting info came out against timothy, but the situation is very similar), and the abusive fucks will go unpunished. people like titanic terrify me, i knew from the first time watching videos of him that he was some sort of narc or sociopath… it'll be fucked in a lot of ways if he wins

No. 603873

I’m on mobile too and it’s not working for me either, and I can watch .webm on my iPhone. Maybe they were baleeted? That was quick.

Anyone watch them? What was on them?

No. 603903

I'm on mobile and they show fine for me, but they did take quite a bit of time to load earlier. Don't know why, but they load easier now.

No. 603904

No they're still there. They're short clips of videos she made for her cover songs. A bunch of the full videos are on youku from 2013. I'm surprised they didn't try to get them all taken down when they started the That Poppy angle though.

No. 603943

I agree with a lot of this, but I think you’re being a little bit overly optimistic about what Moriah could do solo. There’s just nothing about her, either as Poppy or Moriah, that gives her the compelling, cool-girl vibe that people like Twigs and Grimes have. She’d be more successful doing the down-to-earth singer-songwriter thing. If she hooked up with really creative people from that scene, instead of Corey and his five-years-late derivative nonsense, she could have a decent career.

No. 605208

File: 1528474500042.png (77.22 KB, 812x329, prt1.png)

No. 605209

File: 1528474515826.png (21.6 KB, 869x495, prt2.png)

No. 605210

File: 1528474584419.webm (15.72 MB, 1280x720, pepper_vlog-prt1.webm)

No. 605212

File: 1528474660908.webm (16.05 MB, 1280x720, pepper_vlog-prt2.webm)

No. 605214

File: 1528474712070.webm (15.51 MB, 1280x720, pepper_vlog-prt3.webm)

No. 605216

File: 1528474783294.webm (18.76 MB, 1280x720, pepper_vlog-prt4.webm)

No. 605400

So… this is supposed to be evidence that she used the name Poppy before the Tits takeover? Or, if what she was like before the Tits takeover?

She's got the bottle blonde in some of the clips tho.

No. 605757

No. 606041

Obviously only Titanic, Poppy and possibly Mars know the truth but I feel like the reason the second Santa Baby cover was deleted was because they used the same mic Titanic and Mars used for the computer show and I'm also pretty sure that's also the same synthesizer Mars used during a few of their performances after their breakup so maybe Titanic didn't want people who watched groceryagdottv first to catch on. The Streamys one shows Poppy getting a nosebleed at the end which also seems like a reference to Mars for two reasons, 1) Titanic probably wanted to rub it in Mars' face that she wasn't as famous as Poppy, and 2) there are pictures of Mars in a brown wig with a her nose bleeding.

No. 606042

sorry, I meant grocerybag not groceryag

No. 606159

Videos of poppy from this forum keep getting pulled. One anon tin-foiled and speculated it was titanic pulling the vids. idk.

No. 606250

she looks so disinterested and skeptical in the vocal training video. from what i've found that guy's digital vocal lesson is $300+, his in person lessons must be up there in price too. youd think she would be more engaged in her lesson if shes actually serious about being a singer

No. 606350

Well, I mean her vocal style before she met Titanic was terrible. Her current vocal style is all fake and what not. I assume the rumor that she was homeless is complete shit, and she comes from a very wealthy family. Remember, majority of people who are born rich, do not have talent most of the time. Now this next theory could be a stretch, but what if she slept with this man to get vocal lessons? If the rumors are true that Moriah was the one who Titanic cheated on Mars with, then there’s no doubt, that Moriah might have whored herself out for some top quality vocal lessons.

No. 606432


He probably cheated with Emily Wilson/calvindekleined on IG, there's proof of them being romantically involved on the last thread. I'm sure Moriah just used daddy's money or w/e.

No. 606554

the instructor is based in tennessee, and im pretty sure her family is originally from there. if so then it was most likely just her daddy buying her the voice lesson. if she was poor and homeless, i'm taking it as her dumbass moving to LA to get famous and her papa deciding he wasn't going to financially support her anymore

No. 608006

Kinda tinfoiling but Poppy uploaded a video called Can You Believe That and (if the first letter of the fifth sentence is Y) the first letter of each sentence spells out 'Fuck you bitch.' It all seems a little bit too convenient since Mars is still suffering with PTSD and one thing Poppy says is, "Only a strong mind will help you in dark times. Unless your mind is out control."


No. 608130

Knowing Titanic writes her scripts I'm 100% sure the message was intentional. A message like that feels very out of place in Poppy's brand, the lawsuit must have him so wound up that he can't be bothered to maintain the image.

No. 608403

that's so messed up

No. 608411

that's too coincidental to be an accident

No. 609088

nah thats definitely intentional. the bleeped out word is probably tits not knowing a word that starts with Y and deciding a bleep keeps up poppys mysterious persona. are there any other videos where the first letter of each sentence spells out something? i almost wanna go back and check her videos now

No. 609104

I know one of them had a sort of 'ding' sound on each number that gave away an interviewer's phone number. She was the interviewer who talked to Poppy out of character and apparently this lady got a ton of shit from fans as a result. I think the video was called Numbers. I don't know if there are any others that spell something out though.

No. 609120

The flow of the "totally cryptic and creepy" sentences feels lazy enough for him to pull some petty shit like this

No. 609158

pretty sure she's just mouthing 'your mind'

No. 611052

File: 1529023170525.png (189.4 KB, 640x1136, 6F4B77DC-780D-49C7-8177-528CC6…)

Please kill me.

No. 611206

Jesus fucking christ. These people are rich enough, I’m sure they’ll manage without some kid’s four dollars.

Unrelated, but it reminds me of some people trying to get everyone to invest in Tesla stocks because they thought it would cheer up Elon Musk lmaaaaoooooo

No. 611210

File: 1529033114247.jpg (Spoiler Image, 63.91 KB, 1024x597, e1276dbca92a232f10bb0131287064…)

What a disgusting fandom name. All I think about when I hear it is pic related.

Cringing so hard at the kid. I would feel sorry for her being so brainwashed but I bet she thinks that Poppy and Tits are innocent so nah. How can you be so blind to give what little money you have to fund an abusive piece of shit?

No. 611328

I honestly hope these fucking shills become dirt poor. Maybe it’ll teach them about being humble. I’m amazed they are rich, they’re not even talented or unique, there are MANY other artists who are struggling, or unknown who deserve their spotlight and wealth.

No. 613466

Her last video spells out Fuck You Bitch

So is anything happening with the church?

No. 614244

File: 1529348492084.png (86.65 KB, 804x449, tits.png)

Not sure how all this works, so my apologies, but it looks like someone wants to take legal action against Corey. This sounds pretty fucked up.


No. 615310

Guys, I think I might’ve found moriahs grandfather. Here’s the obituary http://m.legacy.com/obituaries/bostonglobe/obituary.aspx?n=anthony-chase-win&pid=183824129&referrer=0&preview=True

No. 615323

The shills were caught stealing again.
There song “money” has a similar sound to a song called “Breakthrough” by Lemonade Mouth https://hooktube.com/watch?v=v01YVRXJ6T4

No. 615326

Nobody cares about her dead gramps, this is obviously Titanic trying to undermine the conversation and act like everyone is a weird stalker

(meanwhile you waited outside your ex girlfriends house and punched her in the face+broke into her window)

No. 615420

Their song "my style" specifically the chorus, sounds sooo much like music is my boyfriend by css

No. 617017

File: 1529608783945.jpeg (125.77 KB, 640x1136, DE44CEF9-4D6F-4A3D-8217-B67C33…)

No. 617020

File: 1529608822260.jpeg (127.48 KB, 640x1136, EE73FD5C-4BA0-4C1E-A024-F34E7B…)

No. 617025

File: 1529608893293.jpeg (132.04 KB, 640x1136, 90ECBF22-980E-4B1D-BA10-C31A71…)

All of these screenshots from poppy.church makes me want to kill myself….

No. 617822

oh god i havent checked poppy.church in weeks and didnt realize they switched from waiting on the hand every 336 seconds to just straight up clicking a button and applying whenever you want

i was wondering how these pricks were allegedly tracking their users on their social media for devotion and shit and thought that maybe they had some sort of tracker. nah, they ask you to link ur social media on ur own free will for them to add or subtract little points from. this is so pathetic for something they hyped up for weeks

No. 619385

File: 1529794333367.png (116.46 KB, 1440x1252, screencapture-poppy-church-app…)


No. 619394

File: 1529794692815.png (49.6 KB, 785x530, Screenshot at Jun 24 00-56-17.…)

No. 619395

File: 1529794760559.png (8.6 KB, 352x53, Screenshot at Jun 24 00-57-59.…)

Those babies censored Mars, Argo, Lawsuit and some other words lmao

No. 619396

File: 1529794793111.jpg (98.42 KB, 504x689, 20180623_145236.jpg)

These verses of "Using You" have been stuck in my craw for a while. I sense Titanic forcing B to puppet his words in a twisted attempt at self-reassurance & to cement certain selfish notions to her. And then for her to have toactually perform it is pretty fucked up. If this was the actual performance art it would be fantastic but it's not so it's just sad.

I kinda feel like it's probably not that deep but in this sitation, it may very well be?? Idk just my 2 cents:

>put myself on the line for a boy [how is this good]

>he put me in my place
>he…showed me how to enjoy myself [my eyes rolled into orbit]
>you're the only one who's making me come [forced reassurance?]
>never feel ashamed of using you [a demeaning jab?]
>am I naive? [gaslighting?]
>he could be the love of my life [more forced reassurance]
>how scared I am of losing him [forced reassurance/projecting]
>i don't care if I don't live another day [Tits-"i'M uNhINgED"/veiled threat]
>i love you in the worst way
>i love you and i hate you
>i'm losing my mind [Titanic being 3edgy uNhInGeD again]
>tell me all the time that this will pass and that i'm gonna be fine [abuse cycle much? what exactly 'will pass,' Tits?]
>you make me lose my temper

Yeah pretty much sounds like an abusive prick had a hand in writing this. It's supposedly referencing a girl suffering from MPD or whatever but I can barely enjoy the song anymore without the passive-aggression and projection in these lyrics slapping me in the head. Pretty sick if true.

Saged for old milk/speculation.

No. 619399

File: 1529794860585.png (28.26 KB, 294x287, Screenshot at Jun 24 00-58-45.…)

No. 619400

update: abuse is censored too

No. 619402

File: 1529795008147.jpg (Spoiler Image, 54.88 KB, 480x800, maxresdefault.jpg)

Is this the artbro equivalent of a pair of brass testicles hanging off your lifted truck?

No. 619405

even celebrity is censored because it contains Brit like Brittany LMFAO

No. 619413

Aaaaaand I got banned. It was lame while it lasted.

No. 619414

File: 1529795768381.png (39 KB, 607x503, Screenshot at Jun 24 01-15-30.…)

No. 619738

Forgive me for being slow, what word is being censored? I can't tell

No. 619739

Oh fuck, is it "abuse"? Goddamn it. Sorry about that lol

No. 624055

I'm not sure if this was already posted but here is a demo song from Tits circa early 2017 (or so the comments say) called "Bubble Baby." Lyrics are relevent lol.


You set me in your surprise
I love to watch the sun in your eyes
If we're dead they'll open wide

'Cause I trust you, I don't want to
But I have to say to you
If you show me, that you love me
If I showed I love you too

I can't wait for the cops to come for me
'Cause I think they'll save me
I can't wait for the cops to come for me
Well I think they'll save me

We saw the world end today
'N' I heard you say
I never wanted to stay
It was boring anyway

If you meant that, I can't relax
'Cause I hate to present the facts
It's just a dream, a movie scene
So let's scream for being sad

I can't wait for the cops to come for me
'Cause I think they'll save me
I can't wait for the cops to come for me
Well I think they'll save me
It's just a dream, a movie scene
So let's scream for being sad
It's just a dream, a movie scene
So let's scream for being sad

I can't wait for the cops to come for me
'Cause I think they'll save me
I can't wait for the cops to come for me
Well I think they'll save me

No. 624505

File: 1530303963195.png (1.99 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-06-29-13-23-04…)

from poppys instagram story

its posted as if they were given to her for free, but why would they give free shoes to someone who calls her style "kawaii barbie child"

No. 627191

File: 1530558853410.png (39.96 KB, 378x134, church.png)

Been using the website in case anything milky happens. Instead I'm just seeing a lot of this garbage. What a wonderful & respectable fanbase you have, Tits.

No. 627696

God, he’s such a weak songwriter. The fact that he claims to be the reason for Mars’ success is laughable.

No. 628567

he is shit at writing, and all the drugs have deteriorated his voice as well.

Here's a bit from his song "Happy Today"
>Every morning, every day
>I feel my heartbeat slowly fade away
>And there is nothing I can do
>To trick my body into feeling good

>But if I had a dad

>I'd love him
>If I had a dad
>I'd love him
>If I had a dad
>I'd love him
>I'm so happy today

Oh the edge, I can feel the hypothetical papercuts. I fucking knew he had daddy issues.

No. 628777

btw he does have a dad (there was someone asking about why he never mentions a father on the 1st thread).i found a photo of his dad building an igloo while lurking through his Reddit.

side note his Reddit comments are way more political than i expected? I just figured he was an apolitical stoner before the coke addiction took his soul, but he is clearly a libertarian with center-right leanings. Really didn't expect him to vote for an establishment republican, Mitt Romney is the exact opposite of post-ironic and edgy.
sage because this is completely irrelevant.

No. 630276

yes he's fairly right leaning based on his tweets. not completely because he's a degenerate himself and i feel like most of his fans are liberal but he's constantly making fun of whatever dumb movement is going on from the left but he hardly ever does for the right. not saying he has to, it's just that kind of shows what he disagrees with the most. i did not know about the romney thing though.

No. 630350


New song out. People speculate that there are lots of references to mars in it

No. 630376

it's a cover of metal by gary numan lol

No. 630386

File: 1530906707833.jpg (37.23 KB, 249x350, gonna lose me wig.JPG)

This won't be the only time you'll have to let someone know.

No. 630569

This makes me so bitter tbh, poor Gary. Moriah could never. The recording sounds so cheap and her voice is as tragic as always.

No. 630683

Figured he's a libertarian more than conservative because of how degenerate he is, and the fact that he loves Ayn Rand. It's pretty funny seeing this guy argue with the typical Obama-loving Redditor in 2012. Brings me back to my own cringey defences of Mitt Romney on Reddit.
I assume he avoids touching any right-wing issues now due to possible outrage from fans/his bosses. Judging by his Reddit comments, his last political related post was around election time and pro-Trump.
>name something good trump has done.
>tsinclair: Ummmm… employed over 34,000 people - with more black and Latino jobs than any other candidate in the race.
lmao, he even knew the statistic.

Out of his tweets, I didn't get much of an anti-left vibe but that is likely because I personally cannot stand reading them; the "I'm trying too hard to be deep while simultaneously mocking those who are also trying too hard to be deep" thing he is going for on there kills me.
But anyways, his politics seem pretty typical for a white person who grew up in the Rust Belt. I was hoping for something milkier considering how many people have called him a nazi.

Their cover does not do Gary justice. Bland and monotone, just like their videos.

No. 630688


tbh, I'm really not surprised that a guy who literally beat up his girlfriend and stalked her for ages would vote for a candidate that is openly a misogynist.

No. 630747

I'm not picky about music but jesus fucking christ, this is one of the worst things I've ever subjected myself to. It doesn't fit her voice at all. It sounds like a parody. Who told her this sounded good?

No. 630768

I don't like the song at all but it's an improvement from that awful poppy.computer sound.

No. 631408

File: 1531025307630.png (617.44 KB, 844x486, coppy.png)

probably looking way too into this, but the sound and fashion choices are reminding me way too much like earlier lady gaga. the song (though a cover) is nothing like poppy's kawaii kyary pamyu pamyu knockoff and is reminiscent of the born this way album, more specifically like heavy metal lover. and the new outfit choices honestly reminded me of this from paparazzi but also a mix of some other 2008/2009 gaga outfits. are they trying to move her away from the kawaii barbie thing because of the lawsuit?

No. 631416

it was terrible.

titanic is so derivative

No. 631418


I think it's worse, the vocal fry is creepy in this one.


Not a reach at all, it's very similar. This new edgy pop aesthetic is recycled and seems forced. Maybe they are trying to make the project more diverse and broad-minded looking, I don't thin it's working out great. Better do only one kind of thing and do it well than do half-assed unoriginal pieces in various fields.

I like the headpiece tho, it's cute.

No. 631847

So do they have a filter over her face the entire video or did they just shoop this particular image? Is it just contacts? I don't recall her eyes appearing this abnormally large before. They even look to be two different sizes in this particular picture of her.

No. 632004

File: 1531104424648.png (1.07 MB, 1228x745, eyes.png)

really creepy shoop. contacts can only widen the iris, the photo for the video looks like they widened her actual eyes too

No. 632006

It really isn’t creepy, though. She just looks like a miscast Gaga knockoff come 8 years too late.

No. 632150

No. 632314

the second image is a screenshot? bc it's hella blurry and looks so unprofessional photoshopped

No. 632829

yeah, the second is a screenshot from >>630350 since i didnt care enough to go searching for a high quality image to match the first for a quick comparison of the eyes

No. 632912

Oh no anon, I was just asking because if it were an actual HD studio shoot I would laugh my ass off about tits and his non existence photography skills, but since it's just a screenshot the quality is ok

No. 632943

I have a feeling Tits most definitively did not do the photography for this.

No. 633356

I really, really dislike that photoset. It's ugly imho. What happened to her cutesy style? Liked that better.

No. 633434

The art pop shtick doesn’t work without a tremendous talent behind it, and a tremendous talent Moriah is not.

No. 633753


Moriah is so medicore

No. 633893

just scrolling through her instagram you can see the change in aesthetic pretty clearly. the change might just be for theme they are going for on this album, I dunno.

on top of that she's a complete oddball, and not in the cute way. wtf was that ventriloquist doll she always carried around, I literally had a nightmare about that thing recently.

No. 634155

Pfft it would have been more fitting if she covered Films not Metal. She wishes she had as much talent as Gary Numan!

No. 635010

Ventriloquist doll what??

No. 635011

Any news on that restraining order hearing against Tits that got postponed to July 12? I'm pretty sure it was in the morning but I lost the webpage where I saw this.

He is tweeting champagne emojis so I assume the restraining order wasn't granted.

No. 635017

File: 1531444170799.jpeg (353.04 KB, 750x1075, D11D64F2-003F-4409-8276-7CFBBA…)

Big Bud Press is an indie designer from LA, really sad to see Poppy and Sinclair are shit through and through

No. 635018

this thing. it's in some of her music videos as well, in one of the Christmas songs.

maybe it's just my problem but that doll scares the shit out of me.

No. 635019

File: 1531444265162.jpeg (550.31 KB, 1350x2400, 24F2368C-2019-49DA-91B3-831D0D…)

No. 635021

no fucking way, Coppy never stops.

No. 635023

File: 1531444701859.jpeg (333.71 KB, 996x2047, B50E1C16-A0C0-4392-B13C-4AA6D6…)

Will they ever stop stealing!? Also, these stolen jumpsuits they’re selling goes for 150 dollars.

No. 635067

File: 1531447774422.jpg (5.73 KB, 213x160, 38991.jpg)

Old milk, but didn't see this posted in either thread. Corey's mugshot.
>8273* Driving on suspended, revoked, or refused license

No. 635097

File: 1531450279138.png (254.5 KB, 640x1136, 1A4C6C66-E065-4C5C-920F-96E29A…)

Jesus fucking Christ…..

No. 635103

File: 1531450859033.jpg (66.39 KB, 640x1136, Dh8VbBjU8AACiZ4.jpg)

Looks like Brit still has a chance.

No. 635105

The drama with these idiots is fucking rich lately.

No. 635128

This frosted-hair motherfucker smiling in his moving violation mugshot i cannot

No. 635153

File: 1531455781315.png (305.19 KB, 1440x1568, Screenshot_2018-07-12-21-20-32…)

guess that makes these tweets him trying to make it look like hes coming out on top in the lawsuit. side note, its really creepy how many people are calling him dad in the replies

No. 635337

File: 1531486010979.jpeg (33.54 KB, 618x263, 3B9F1E1E-42E5-4119-97EA-AD9FEA…)

Hmmm! Someone on twitter posted this too, and said it was from when the news finally started picking up on people protesting the murders of black children by white officers.

Sage because not sure if it’s real.

No. 636130


lmao will they ever stop getting in trouble, this has started getting embarassing


so kawaii spooky weird style ~*~

No. 636660

I don’t see how their fans are able to deny the pattern any longer. From gifs to ex gfs to mf jumpsuits. This is all plagiarism we know ab too. What else have they done that others aren’t brave enough to speak out on? Trash honestly. Such trashy ppl.

No. 636672

I saw some comments saying something to the effect of “clothing patterns aren’t copyrighted. It’s just business.” Essentially, it’s legal. Sure it may be legal but it sure as shit isn’t good business and it’s not at all what a decent person would do. You burn a lot of bridges that way and your reputation takes a nosedive. Esp for professional creatives. They’re walking a very fine line here.

I truly wonder what will become of them in 5 yrs. Think of all the milk.

No. 636723

Wow,they really have no shame, huh? Stealing a pattern of someone you worked with?

They probably think they are "too big to be messed with" but judgind by how bad her last album was I doubt that will last long enough. In any way, that atitude will bite them in the ass later.

No. 636779

File: 1531634102860.jpg (5.26 KB, 146x301, mars.jpg)

No. 636811

that contact big bud was emailing is samantha burkhart, their stylist. she's been styling poppy since her very first video working with titanic. i thought she was just an innocent bystander who happened to be on their team, maybe given pix of mars as inspo, but now she seems sus

No. 636844

wtf with the tiny screenshot anon, I cannot understand anything

No. 637709

Wow, i know she styles Sia, no idea she was behind Poppy too. That's really fucked up, is everyone on the Poppy team plagiarists, who green lights all their shit?

No. 644012

File: 1532250551858.jpg (11.34 KB, 620x413, DipO4_NUEAA2Y5o.jpg)

holy shit i can't even begin to describe how bad tits looks

No. 644036

she sounds like that vine about indie girl singers
>bananies….and avocadies
Even so, I prefer her voice when she's not faking her poppy baby-esque voice.

No. 645888

I find it so funny that this ugly little man tries to put himself in the spotlight next to Poppy. My good bitch, absolutely nobody wants your face on anything.

I mean, Poppy’s a pile of trash, but at least she doesn’t look like she died ten years ago like tits.

No. 646681

it's pretty sad that poppy started off as a solo thing with moriah as the face of the rip-off art and then as soon as it found a following he started putting his ugly mug everywhere. he looks like a baby bird that got kicked out of the nest because mama bird knew he was retarded and unfit to live. yet somehow he managed to anyway. for a "handler" role that he's supposed to play he just looks like the other half of a duo now. >>644012 here they look like a fake goth interpretation of some group from the 70s. they need to just quit already.

No. 648574

New song. Jesus fucking christ. That's really all I can say.


No. 648685

jesus. any one remember the millionaires from myspace days? that's what this sound like. but also not as good.

No. 648876

Hooktube doesn’t work anymore. Just FYI

No. 648881

No. 648883

Didn't know about hooktube. Thanks guys. Regardless, we know Corey wrote this, just based on how atrocious and simple the lyrics are.

No. 649393

Her wig looks so off in the thumbnail. God christ it looks like a bad cosplay wig

No. 649447

Is that doing what hooktube used to?

No. 651304

Yes. Not as catchy but it does the job

No. 651356


>There are a couple of shows that we’re working on, plus a movie and I’m writing a book.

No. 652010

File: 1533045058726.png (139.62 KB, 1440x1131, Screenshot_2018-07-31-06-46-12…)

This interview was painful to read with her 4th grade reading level responses, but this is confusing me a little. The answer suggests shes not in character for the interview (and the album isnt going to be in character either) but her answers are so rehearsed and short. Its almost like moiriah cant remove herself from the persona anymore

No. 653322

>I think another element that is common on the album is questioning gender and identity. That’s the concept behind ‘Am I A Girl

???? Since when did Poppy start caring about gender identity/issues? She's literally never addressed that before. Way to jump on the gender bandwagon for attention.

No. 656282

>questioning identity
Oh god, so deep. Typical Tits, I remember a single he wrote where he was questioning whether he was a "he, they, or she." In my opinion, he jumped on that gender bandwagon a little too late and it looks like pandering.

No. 656804

this is absolutely bereft of milk but I had money stuck in my head the other day and couldn't help but think about how much the break at the chorus sounds like the sample from that kid rock song
titanic is truly the heir to the shitty michigan man throne

No. 661571

File: 1533932233801.jpg (115.98 KB, 750x998, hawaii.jpg)

rip my sides

No. 662018

rest in pieces anon. this is beautiful.

No. 662683

and she's so proud of it

No. 662684

Guns and Gold (Everybody wants it all) full song leaked a few days ago. It's from around Bubblebath era

No. 662685

I Heart Poppy snippet also leaked with Guns and Gold. It's a song we didn't know anything about before besides the title. Also Bubblebath era.

No. 662687

Rocket Science snippet leaked yesterday, sounds like a Poppy.Computer outtake. No one knew this song existed.

I Heart Poppy and Rocket Science are currently for sale so the full songs will probably leak soon.

No. 663687

lol. "leaked"

No. 663848

care to explain?

No. 664290

So they wrote a song further copying Mars Argo ("everybody wants it all"?)
I'm sure there are other references in this song but I couldn't listen to the whole thing. It's pretty bad.

No. 664420

It samples Toy Soldiers by Martika, which was also sampled by Mars in her song Creepshow. It's basically a direct jab at her. No wonder Corey denies it's a Poopy song lmao

No. 664423

File: 1534268689122.png (67.38 KB, 591x317, Screen Shot 2018-08-14 at 12.4…)

No. 665355

That song is literally registered on their names lmao

No. 665529

He is deliberately using manipulative wording, which is a typical Titanic habit. I’ll translate for you.
>That’s not a Poppy song
“That’s not a song that’s “canon” or “official” to the Poppy project.”
>I have nothing to do with it. It’s uploaded illegally
“I did have a ton of involvement in this song, but I didn’t post or leak it online myself.”

No. 671770

Poppy dropped the new song yesterday, "Time is Up" feat. Diplo. Poppy wikia says the song samples from Mars Argo's unreleased song "Save Me"

No. 671771

Mars Argo song for reference

No. 671818

yeah it's pretty fucking blatant. i like the mars argo one better but both are pretty generic and unremarkable tbh.
tits probably allowed to do this since he owns mars argo music too but it's kind of a bad look to do this while being sued for copyright infringment lol

No. 672004

God, Diplo is such a douche. Fitting.

No. 672847

The video clip is out. Shitty song.

No. 672959

I really don't understand how her followers eat this shit up. She's just half-singing in that same affected baby voice used in her videos, only with some unflattering autotune slapped atop. Not to mention that the video is just as transparent and uninspired as everything else they've put out.

No. 673492

I know. The first thing I thought of was Westworld, which I'm certain that's where he got the inspiration from. Titanic is such a parasite, just jumping from bandwagon to bandwagon for relevance.

No. 673502

File: 1535266610806.png (433.81 KB, 854x826, baby your time is up.png)

No. 673603

This is so bad, lmao. When you're making a sci-fi themed video like this, you really need a high budget and the ability to wow your audience. Instead, it looks like they bought some wires, set up some strobe lights and a projector in a dark room, squandered the rest of the budget on the oddly-shaped dress and called it a day.

It's like they tried to rip off Janelle Monae's short film for Dirty Computer, and the dance party scene in Grimes' music video for Kill v Maim. It failed miserably, though, considering both are actual artists, while Tits and Poppy just aren't.
Speaking of, anything new on Grimes supposedly collaborating with Poppy? And Nicole Dollanganger?

No. 674072

File: 1535333581227.png (876.11 KB, 1440x1531, Screenshot_2018-08-10-17-12-06…)

This was the last thing that was posted about grimes on poppy's insta, but when i checked just now for the image it looks like it was deleted. This was posted August 10th and now the only thing left is the same image but without grimes. The post announcing the collab is still up, so maybe it was a publicity thing?

No. 674104

File: 1535337022281.jpg (61.38 KB, 375x500, pixelperfect.jpg)

This might be too deep of a cut but does anyone else remember that corny Disney channel movie where whatshisface creates the perfect pop star hologram? That's what this shit reminds me of.

No. 674636

Hope to god Mars' lawyer gets whiff of this. Even if Titanic is in his legal right to use it, it still shows how obsessed he is with her.

No. 674646

I swear her wigs didn't always look this bad.

No. 674650

I do not but now I desperately need to see this.

No. 675022

Time's up is alright, it's a step-up from poppy.computer. It's not worse than a lot of overprocessed autotune music you hear on mainstream radio. I think it's the best song from everything on her previous album and since.

No. 675848

File: 1535576926333.jpg (231.7 KB, 1222x854, poppy-wheeled-box-streamy-awar…)

I know we talked about this in the last thread and it's not new milk but I just still can't get over how buck wild this is.

No. 675947


I just know this greasy motherfucker asks his girlfriends to call him "master."

No. 676004

File: 1535589188033.png (754.54 KB, 935x595, alicemars.png)

Mars can be seen in Alice Glass' newest Instagram post. It's good to see her out and about with friends after being forced to hide for so long.

No. 676079

File: 1535595411147.png (32.52 KB, 604x403, entete.png)

aw that's lovely!
she's also posted this tumblr ask on august 23rd, seems like she's slowly coming out of hiding. last thing she posted there, and on her twitter i believe, was the statement abt the lawsuit

No. 676184

No, you’re right. Compared to her older MVs, her wigs have gotten so ugly. They make her head look huge and square.

No. 676244

she's just so naturally pretty and likeable. adorably sweet.
meanwhile poppy wears thousands of dollars in clothes, makeup and wigs and looks like >>673502

No. 676355

This outfit bothers me so much. I think it's the shape of her face? It makes her face look huge and like it's bursting out of that collar thing. Yall know what I mean?

No. 680440

im not familiar with if they had any interactions before or were friends before, but i know that not long ago alice sued the guy she was in crystal castles with. her story was very similar to what mars went through. maybe they found a bond and support in each other through their similar experiences?

No. 680643

I'm in no way a Poppy stan or anything but Mars irritates me. She's got this dedicated fanbase even tho she hasn't active but she can't even be arsed to answer an ask like once a century, and when she does it's a two words max reply.

No. 681528

File: 1536164096814.jpg (103.67 KB, 524x723, kewpie-doll-1__99176.151699769…)


i thought the kewpie doll was supposed to be the prize…

No. 682222

Considering she went into hiding and has been dealing with ptsd and trauma from an abusive relationship, and has been actively TRYING not to be in the spotlight, don’t you think not being talkative is kind of a given?

She has no intention to be a public figure at the moment. She has no obligation to act like one.

No. 683198

I very much agree, no artist has an obligation to make art or to please others beyond any clear commitments they make, like completing an agreed commissioned work.

There is a difference between artists and entertainers, though most people who appreciate art confuse the two. Entertainers tend to be strategic about making money via their art, are more likely to be pander to their audience and satisfy them. Artists more tend to challenge their audience and are not shy to make their audience uncomfortable with more of a focus on achieving an artistic vision over making money.

Being an artist vs. being an entertainer is more of a spectrum. Most people are not entirely one or the other, though there are exceptions (Emily Dickenson was an artist and not an entertainer, lip syncing can be entertaining without involving much art). I am not sure where Brittany falls in this spectrum, but the edgy and aloof roles she has played on the Computer Show gives me the impression that she is more of an artist than an entertainer.

No. 683216

Corey's desperate attempt to look like a 21st century Warhol is embarrassing to our generation, and this setup just looks like a 2011 Gaga stunt…. no originality, which is ironic considering Mixter calls out everyone who isn't him for "stealing" intellectual art from him.

No. 683219

It's refreshing to see that they're friends.

No. 683220

can't believe they tried to pass her off as a teenager…. 16-17 my ass. more like 26-27.

No. 683222

She knows she's under a magnifying glass, and that certain people want to see her fall. Anything she says can and will be twisted for the sake of Corey's agenda. He's crazy on his own, but with the backing of a bunch of retarded 12 year old stans, /pol/ neckbeards and basic bitches? It's smart to lay low. Alice Glass stayed active on social media, and had to go through Ethan Kath and his psychotic fans running a huge smear campaign on her, her current SO and her independently made music all over Twitter, Reddit, Tumblr and 4chan. Mars probably doesn't want any of that.
Even replying to too many people individually just gives them a chance to accuse her of doing this all for attention and publicity.

No. 683265

their behavior around the lawsuit really shows that mars is more of an artist and corey is just an entertainer.
mars : gives a classy statement about the lawsuit and her experience with tits and moriah, goes on to being silent. presumaby is waiting for the lawsuit to be over so that her music/art can stand on its own
tits : gives out a statement throwing some random guy under the bus, makes multiple jabs at mars and the lawsuit in videos, vague spergs on his twitter, bragging about how happy and rich he is and the places he gets to travel to

No. 683443

Has anyone heard anything about the August 22nd hearing? It was a day after Poppy's single released (Time is Up). Poppy's videos have taken a new direction artistically and no longer feature her in front of a bright ass white/pastel background and I'm suspicious that something happened with the lawsuit making them change the art style of the videos

No. 683708

File: 1536395411994.jpeg (1.55 MB, 1261x1904, 2C6DD3E3-9974-4E5E-BE93-3638E0…)

Titanic looking more and more like Tommy Wiseau

No. 683742

damn, he looks like a creepy 40 something year old drug addict.

not a good look hun…

No. 683745

literally who's story tho

No. 683746

looks like Titanic Jr in the making kek

No. 683749

He kinda looks like Will Turner’s fucked up sea dad in pirates of the caribbean haha

No. 683885

Holy shit. Haggard af. Drugs have got to be involved

No. 683888

I started to presume that those are temporary restraining orders that periodically need to be reinstated until the actual court date. Bc there’s another one next month. But that’s entirely possible. I noticed a shift in art direction and styling on her as well

No. 684602

She could private her useless tumblr or at the very least turn off asks if she doesn't want to answer asks

No. 684603

Two late 2017 Poppy songs leaked recently

From what I've heard they where meant for the Poppy Computer album but they weren't finished on time/Poppy decided they didn't fit the album

shame cuz these are better than anything on that crappy album

No. 684605

No. 684699

you sound like you are triggered cuz she did not reply to your spergout

otherwise, why the fuck do you care so much?

No. 684774

I haven't sent her a single ask.

No. 684780

sage your shit. nobody cares about what course of action you think mars should take.

No. 684785

Poppy reminds me of what would happen if they mass produced clones Ariana Grande and sold them to lonely hipsters who fed them drugs and told them to sing and dance for money…

No. 685096

File: 1536559410624.jpg (142.09 KB, 506x750, Riffraff.jpg)

No. 685256

Ha! Uncanny

No. 685379

Ariana Grande has actual talent tho

No. 685445

Looks wise, anon. She has the basic bitch with a baby face and too much hair kinda look going on

No. 685533

still does’t really hold up, poppy looks ancient for her age.

No. 685596

File: 1536631989117.jpg (589.33 KB, 2048x1271, pixlr_20180910182832160.jpg)

i feel like he lost his soul after drugs.

No. 685629

I don't see a soul in the first pic though.

No. 685637

I think rather than a soul behind the eyes it's the fact that he looks like his eyes are focusing on something specific behind the camera in the picture, while in the newer photo he's just staring blankly into the distance.

No. 685718

looks like before and after a vampire took all his blood and life force

No. 685728

I was looking through his Twitter once for milk and he said he was diagnosed with DPD. He could be lying and I think he's narcissistic too but I do wonder if that's partly what causes such a blank and emotionless stare. It's unnerving.

Also doing too much drugs can bring on chronic depersonalization, js. Bet that's exactly what happened.

No. 686787


After this performance, I'm confused as to why Titanic chose her to brand and try to make a name out of. She's so wooden and I get that she's supposed to be a robot, but all her actions down to the tiniest thing like when to hold up her mic were so calculated. I doubt the mainstream would ever like her.

If she's gonna be like that, they need to hire a better choreographer and put more production value into making it a show. I thought the dancers were gonna pop out of the tubes and there would be more of a story, but nope. Just hot garbage.

No. 686798

>>686787 i never realised how thin she is god

No. 686828

Putting aside her lack of charisma and performance skill, how much do you think it kills Tits that he can't be on stage with her for these network television performances?

No. 687244

I don't know if it was intended or not, but everything about this screams mid 90s to me.

No. 687521

Don't do Riff Raff dirty like this.

No. 688622

File: 1536993793540.png (505.62 KB, 491x649, rosary.png)

So, this is something they're selling as tour merch. This can't go wrong at all…

No. 688700

The whole fake deep thing they keep pushing is so shitty. I get that to a couple of teens it might be alittle fun to enter codes in a website and think you're entering a musicians Illuminati but jesus its so transparent and cringy.

No. 688717

wow, i knew she wasn't really good singer, but this is just horrible

No. 688723

Im annoyed that she wasn’t more wooden tbh. It would’ve made more of an impact if she was able to sit perfectly still and deliver her song staring straight into the camera, but instead she was kind of getting into the music. Either go 100% robot chan or 100% human, in between just makes her boring

No. 688795


Her being skeltal aside, she sounds like she is trying to sing and is about to pass out. Oof.

No. 688862

so mard and tits are apparently trying to reach a settlement? don't know how i feel about that

No. 690571

The lawsuit is over now. It got dismissed.

No. 690597


I'm pretty sure they settled and they have to write out terms to avoid this happening again. I don't think it was dismissed. Regardless, kinda sucks that Mars didn't pursue this further and get as much money out of him as she could.

No. 690612

Dismissed due to settlement. I’m just happy she’s happy enough with the terms to settle. Their videos have changed dramatically, I wonder if that was part of it

No. 690617


I think Tits probably realized their view count was dropping like hell too. If the lawsuit doesn't force him to have his first original idea, nothing will.

No. 696134

Sage for stupid, but part of me wonders why titanic didn’t just make some hologram singer like a vocaloid, instead of trying to make a pop star out of a talentless nobody. At least the whole cult robot shit would be more fitting.

No. 697751

He doesn't have the talent or competence required to market a virtual character to the masses the same way he did with a real girl. Plus, he genuinely enjoys the control/manipulation aspect of a real person.

No. 699927

File: 1538185729662.jpg (101.04 KB, 1200x675, DoMpff0U8AAQFw2.jpg)

No. 699928

No. 699940

kek honestly thought the song had a nice 80s vibe and started out as a banger but its ruined as soon as she starts singing… her voice has no charisma at all. she hits the notes and everything but its just soulless and boring

No. 699941

I am cringing so hard every time I see the album title. It's a fucking stupid attempt at riding the transtrender wave especially when they probably mean that she is not a girl but a computer god waifu or sthg smh
They should have stuck with poppy.church.

No. 700127

This is fodder made to be played once or twice at pride parades.
The lyrics and mixing are a rip-off of Marina Diamandis' style (and a little bit of "Born This Way" by Lady Gaga), while the vocals are copied from Grimes in certain bits.
Moriah doesn't have the range to pull off such an extra, theatrical song. Her voice is too naturally flat and generic. Kind of a shame, since I like the message and could see it working very well if a singer with actual presence and style had done it.

No. 705006

Compare “Immature Couture” with “American Kids”. In “American Kids”, her dad possibly being gay seems more a criticism. In “Immatue Couture” the point seems to be more about triggering your parents thinking you are gay than actually being gay. I am not so sure that Poppy’s aim is to create a LGBT anthem. Suggesting that fashion is just a tool to trigger people may be good for some laughs, but is not really telling people to be themselves with confidence.

No. 705028

It's actually insulting to transgender people if so; questioning your gender is not done publicly, presenting male/female is done publicly. Just another cack-handed attempt at relevancy.

No. 705118

wasnt she supposed to collab with grimes? this sounds like it was supposed to go on the b side of art angels lol

No. 705141

1:34 makes me cringe

No. 705143

lately Grimes flakes on collaborations, that's her thing

No. 705146

The way she says "Thank you" at the end makes me realize why they keep having that video taken down, kek.
Also, that video was uploaded on September 8th without a hitch, and now it's October 5th. If it disappears soon, we'll know that Corey is still circling this place like an ugly-ass vulture.

No. 705174

File: 1538792431317.gif (Spoiler Image, 1.37 MB, 450x252, stYAAANDIN at de ALTur baYBEE.…)

No. 705217


american kids also has the lyric boys aren't even boys anymore which can also be taken as criticism. these talentless cunts don't care about transgender people or gay people or any people but themselves and their shitty art project they think is sooooo deep and edgy.

No. 705274

>his outfit in this video
>the lyrics to immature couture

Wow all the songs really are about him huh. Seeing his personality come out in the lyrics (abusin' and all) kinda takes whatever shine her music had, away. It's all blatantly the opinions of a needy narcissist, and the only novelty is that he brainwashed a reasonably normal girl into going along with it.

No. 708917

File: 1539188606499.jpeg (543.46 KB, 1242x1907, 8E60F0B8-5141-4641-991F-893E11…)

moriah, it’s time to move on. the poppy schtick is doing nothing for you anymore

No. 709031

Uh she's such a bargain bin gaga

No. 709082

>when you wanna be relatable to your teen fans so you gotta hide your aging face behind a mask

No. 711300

Jarvis Cocker is kind of like a Titanic who can write better songs and dance, isn't he?

No. 711370

No doubt Tits would be obsessed with Jarvis as well as Gary Numan if Mars had bothered to introduce him to Pulp's music.

No. 711471

poppy is lip-syncing (or drowned out by a heavy backing track) in every live performance now. tits must have realized it's not a good idea to have her sing

No. 711485

File: 1539388356833.png (467.31 KB, 558x657, ew.png)

He always was.

No. 711588

Here's a recent show for others to watch, I wouldn't be surprised if she's lipsynching now. She has more "choreography" which probably makes her already horrible breathy singing even more difficult to do. Was she lipsynching before though? I checked an older performance from last year and in both videos during I'm Poppy she continues to mouth the words during the pitch changes but I can't hear her actual voice along with the track

Side note though, who the fuck thought this outfit was a good idea? The tit holes make her already flat chest look even flatter and they look exactly like it was taken from Mean Girls while the ratty unhemmed sleeve looks lazy as fuck

No. 711677

I like that even the still has the expression of "you scammed me into being a dumb pop star by saying it was an edgy, satirical art project, but everyone takes it on face value"

If they go more electronic and dark with the music it might save it from (entirely) becoming the thing it mocks. Which I hope is what is happening, with the sudden image change post-sue

No. 711681

Also notice in the only parts you hear her voice, she is struggling to speak (in the fake high-pitched poppy voice) and holding the mic closer to her mouth, which definitely suggests it's just there for looks the rest of the time.

No. 711772


Video already unavailable on lolcow. Tits is at it again.

No. 711833

why does whoever’s styling poppy insist on that flat, tired ass wig? it does NOTHING for her.

you can hear her vocals in that performance during lowlife—her voice is anything but the mars argo’d baby voice you hear on her songs, but we already knew that.

poppy’s third single only got 45k views in a day. I truly hope this means the end of this embarrassing shitshow

No. 711862


Tits probs deleted it because I cant find it anywhere

No. 713524

File: 1539635408373.jpeg (294.95 KB, 750x1117, F1001F51-219A-49B3-9E0A-B745DD…)

Oof……. bad.

Is there legitimately a line that says “don’t need a man”? Ironic, considering how she got where she is lol.

No. 713863

When do they admit they're failures and give it up? This is shit. They need to quit while they can maybe still recoup their losses.

No. 719037

File: 1540258180060.png (1.72 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-22-16-46-29…)

Speaking of which, this was posted earlier today. Looks like she has a new thing

No. 719452

File: 1540305950830.png (45.32 KB, 720x479, 44585369_745264355822469_39643…)

Mars just tweeted a simple hey. I hope she's doing well.

No. 719485

File: 1540308012144.png (530.84 KB, 638x549, oRE3ChY.png)

I really, really hope her tweet isn't related to this. Knowing Shane's inability to handle himself during those videos, that'd be a fucking exploitative shitshow.

No. 719532

fuck fuck fuck no Shane go fuck yourself
don't make these two dickheads look good ffs

I'm so mad rn, I liked shane before seeing this but he needs to fuck off, don't make them any publicity

No. 719543

File: 1540313584662.png (1.44 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-10-23-09-49-39…)

Poppy showed up to the Streamy's with people on leashes. Her Instagram story has videos of them acting like dogs

No. 719560

She probably got Botox or something and they think this a clever way to hide it. Idk. Please let these her and that scarecrow she hangs out with fade to irrelevancy

No. 719567

Aren't most of her fans like 12?

No. 719586

This is a good video about the whole debate on whether Corey is responsible for Mars' persona and talent. I noticed it didn't have many views at all, but it actually makes good points.

No. 720021

I went to check something on Poppy's channel and decided to see if this new album is an all around bust, but this one is interesting. According to the comments, the producer is the same person who produced Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" album (which i guess explains the major Electric Chapel vibes im getting) and a lot of the fans are catching onto a line that might reference Mars. Here's the part im really interested it

Am I a replica of someone that you love?
(Someone you made me to replace)
Am I a replica of someone that you liked?
(Someone you made me to replace)

Hard feelings, you got my circuitry bleeding
Am I a metal machine?
If I could never love, why do I have hard feelings?
Why do I have hard feelings?
Why do I have hard feelings?

If this album REALLY is a straight forward Poppy album instead of a concept for her character that was said in >>652010 then it sounds like Poppy is getting mixed emotions about Tits

No. 720092

They are trying to defend Tits by referencing the Mars controversy and making it a part of Poppy narrative to keep you wondering.
Remember, you only see what tits wants you to see. It's not like Moira is getting crap under the radar and confessing her real feelings and doubts.

No. 720716

Brittany Shits is quickly moving towards irrelevancy while Poppy is already releasing another album with collaborations with two other artists just in a week. So much for Poppy is over party, huh?

No. 720767

dunno it's rather creepy

No. 720769

This comes off as cult-ish

No. 720770

As expected from a narcissist: only showing you what they want you to see

No. 720844

Oh, ofc Shane would want to hang out with them, given his like of defending abusers and shitty people in general.

No. 720869

For being so "irrelevant", you sure are mad about Brittany, Titty-boy.

No. 721027

I'm sorry that your pathetic attempts at coming back failed and back fired,but it's no one's fault other than yourselve's that you're back to being an irrelevant nobody again. Maybe you thought it was easy to throw false allegations at others and earn it's benefit, but it's not really child's play Shittany.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 721043

I doubt brittany is reading this thread. Is this a Titanic RP thread now?

No. 721073

He is probably ass mad he can't shit on her on twitter anymore because of the settlement.
But looking at this
they are still using her for their lack of creativity.

No. 721104

Tinfoil lite: it’s not tits, it’s sour old poppy. Jealous that her fans are dwindling, no ones kissing her ass, she’s fading into obscurity, tits clearly gives more of a shit about harassing mars than paying attention to poopy, the list goes on.

No. 721196

I mean, she's definitely gotta do something during her years of being a literal who (once again), so why not this?(ban evasion)

No. 721307

Go back to cokeposting on Twitter.

I swear, only Moriah could make an instrumental that lush about as exciting as listening to a faulty air conditioner.
It's like a t.A.T.u. song, except with no charm or vocal chops whatsoever (watch Corey contact Ivan Shapovalov for production help after reading this post, kek).

No. 722191

Go back to making false allegations towards others and being a fake bitch (even Charlotte is more genuine and trustable than you), Brittany, and stop being so delusional and arrogant. You and your psychotic fans deserve each other.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722194

learn how to sage if you're gonna be a pain in the ass here for a while

No. 722207

I'm still not your ex-girlfriend, Tits. It's no wonder you can't make it on your own, and have to hide behind blonde women. Horrible personality and zero presence outside of your incoherent drug-fueled tirades.

No. 722215

Lmao at the fact that he can't even help trying to get around an imageboard ban, let alone avoid breaking into other people's houses and drawing insane portraits of their family members. Guy clearly has issues with respecting others' personal space.

No. 722544

Thank God you're not. It's no wonder you have to rely on some false accusations for your five seconds of fame (and eternity of irrelevancy). Because you can't do anything on your own. You should've filed a rape charge honestly, would work work a lot better to get free sympathy. #metoo Brittany :((USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 722551

>can't actually counter any of the statements made, just continues insisting everyone who's laughing at him must be Brittany

No. 722561

So… Poppy? Who also falsely accused Josh Moran of assault despite evidence clearly leaning toward you provoking an attack and forcing Moriah to file a restraining order against him since yours got denied? Poppy is a novelty act that can never achieve Lady Gaga level fame like you're trying so fucking hard for. She's a meme that makes guest appearances at D-list awards ceremonies just so she can say her little catchphrase "I'm Poppy". Get Moriah a proper singing lesson and sage your shit.

No. 722594

oh man, is this a new sperg-chan?? praying to the admins that they eventually find out this is either Coppy or Tits. They're both so petty and weak-minded, I'll eat a dick if it turns out not to be.
Brittany dude, if you're reading this, you're clearly winning haha. I hope you are reading it and get a good laugh at how desperate they're getting after trying to ruin your life and fail <3

No. 723645

I bet it's Tits. I remember when mods announced sperg-chan, they ended it saying they caught him posting a bunch of threads trying to get Poppy to take off lmao

No. 725292

Poopy sux, am i rite?

No. 725295

Go to bed bitch

No. 725422

File: 1541180841832.jpg (80.46 KB, 540x810, sei_36357008-b31b.jpg)

Yeah, I was gonna say can we talk about this instead of whatever bullshit it happening in this thread now?

No. 725427

has she been mining the porn of tumblr for ideas? She's so boring

No. 725445

She's trying so hard to be what Lady Gaga was in 2008. It's so basic.

No. 725484

File: 1541188618716.jpg (1.69 MB, 1920x1920, inCollage_20181102_155524305.j…)

Her new album cover is exactly that!

No. 725488

File: 1541189007843.gif (773.73 KB, 480x352, range.gif)

Holy shit, it really is. Well, they probably can't skinwalk Mars anymore after all the fuss…so on to skinwalking Gaga? Imagine thinking you could be that fucking weird without the talent and chops to back it up like Gaga had
>she doesn't have the range

No. 725498

Do they want the wig to look like a wig? Is that part of the image?(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 725508


to be fair, she's just doing what gaga did, which is piggyback off of other artists and emulate their aesthetics, music, persona etc lol

No. 725511

Her hair must be completely destroyed at this point, a la Ariana Grande coming off of Victorious. She should have just done a wig from day 1, it would fit in the "artificial" persona she was going for, then it wouldn't look so weird now and she could have at least a slight separation from Poppy the character. You think Tits lets her go to the grocery store and shit or is he too scared that will ruin ~the illusion~

I realize as I type that what I'm describing is Hannah Montana. Oops.

Sauce? Not that I don't believe you, I've just never heard this before and would like to know more. Either way, it's just that much more boring if Poppy's a copy of a copy of a copy.(lolcow.farm/info)

No. 725532

File: 1541195281935.jpg (34.5 KB, 1280x720, kerYpvU.jpg)


That wig is an atrocity. I know they can't make too much money off of their teenybopper fandom, but surely they can get a lacefront shop to sponsor them a decent one? Get those affiliate codes, Tits! 10% off with code "WIGSNATCHED" to stay on top of the trendy lingo!

The Gaga shtick is so damn noticeable too. I'm convinced the lawsuit settlement was in Mars' favor (more or less) and that's why they've dropped all their old quirky shit and are now sweating bullets combing through Tumblr for their new aesthetic. The first music videos were definitely very much made for Tumblr since they had the exact colorschemes, pixel gifs and look that were popular for gifsets.

No. 725554

File: 1541197332796.jpg (68.9 KB, 770x578, 57c59ef3aec14a47b6ac73f02e1ef6…)

Gaga infamously copied tons of people especially gay and genderqueer 90s club kids. The biggest celeb i think she mirrors is definitely Dale Bozzio though. And you can find the elements of Madonna, Kylie Minogue and Ace of Base and others Im sure if you google. Not saying Gaga is the only one guilty of doing it. Everything recycles and its hard to be original. But Poppy is no more guilty of it than she is.

No. 725556

File: 1541197545327.png (101.83 KB, 300x256, questionmarks.png)

Nta but mods what's wrong with this post? Just linking to the rules doesn't give any info on what rule was actually broken. I can see where the question about Lady Gaga would need to be saged if it was on it's own, but the rest of the post is about Poppy, so what's wrong with it? And even then the Gaga question is still in the context of Poppy.

So if 95% of our post is about the topic and the last 5% of it is ot, we're still supposed to sage? What? Why?

No. 725563


What a piece of drivel. The writer is totally snowed by these two, and the pictures look horrific - awkward, plastic poses with that fake hair. It screams "paid for," honestly. I loled hard at the use of the gender-neutral pronoun for Poppy.

The Vulture critique of her music is less vapid (but annoying in another way): http://www.vulture.com/2018/11/maybe-poppys-self-aware-pop-music-is-too-self-aware.html

No. 725568

Sage unless it's milk. Milk meaning links, videos, screencaps, photos. Opinion isn't milk = sage

No. 725574

File: 1541199447634.jpg (83.23 KB, 453x479, No_Fun_Allowed.jpg)

Ok but what about literally every other unsaged opinion post in this thread? Why was that one picked out? I love when mods arbitrarily ban whoever they feel like. What a stupid fucking rule.
>no discussion allowed on the discussion board!
>talking about poppy isn't relevant to the poppy thread so sage it or you're banned!

No. 725590

Not every post gets a redtext, for example in this case it's a user who didn't sage for many of their comments, so the latest comment was banned in order not to ban every single one of the same person's prior offenses. This has been discussed in /meta/ and you can keep discussing it there instead of ITT.

No. 725592

I usually never hide saged posts, but just for you, I did and…there are hardly any unsaged no-milk posts. Plus Tits himself/someone who wants to be him has been roleplaying in here so the mods are probably more on alert because of that.

No. 725602

This is creepy and try hard. She's trying to do shock value, but it comes off as tumblr-tier sad

No. 725635

File: 1541207655382.jpg (23.19 KB, 310x310, Borns_and_Titanic.jpg)

Titanic Sinclair is friends with the musician Borns. He has written a couple songs for him and directed a video too. Borns has recently been accused of sexual misconduct and predatory behavior by multiple women. If this is the kinds of people that Tit's chooses to associate with that speaks volumes about the kind of person he is. Disgusting. https://pitchfork.com/news/borns-accused-of-sexual-misconduct-issues-statement/

No. 725637

Gaga is old news. She went into acting when she ran out of shit to rip off. here's your sauce http://gagacheat.blogspot.com/
Here comes Poppy to pick up where Gags left off

No. 725711

lmfao borns is disgusting. there was this one girl who I used to follow foreveeeeer ago on twitter/insta who was famous for being ~uwu artsy poetry girl obsessed with Mia Wallace~ and she would always mention how she had a "friendship" with borns and how they would meet up at shows….she was around 15ish

No. 725887

Poppy has /always/ tried to be what Lady Gaga was in 2008 and I can't believe it's taken this long for people to catch on. See: this video.

Of course none of this is original, but no pop stars were doing this before Gaga.

No. 725937

Grimes shitting on her collab with Poppy


You lost again, Titanic(imageboard)

No. 725971

File: 1541264046442.png (69.27 KB, 640x658, IMG_4022.PNG)

IMAGE board.

No. 726026

I'd be embarrassed to be Grimes. I remember in an old interview she talked about how meaningless art is nowadays, and that's what this song is. Over the top sounds with boring lyrics because Poppy wants to be edgy and different so badly. Why are people in the comments defending it so badly kek

No. 726253

people will stan a cabbage if you give them the chance

No. 726323

It’s very telling that Grimes was not supporting or promoting the song on twitter. Going so far as to call it meh probably means she wishes she didn’t collaborate.

No. 726379

Mars and her fandom is living proof of that
You can instantly claim that you're a victim of sexual assault/rape/abuse nowadays and use out of context images as proof and people will instantly belive and stan you without second thought. It's so easy to milk this entire ideology, and that's exactly what most of the #metoo movement does.
Although, I've got to say, Mars definitely learned a lot from her idol Timothy. I hope she also learned how to cope being a literal nobody. Her entire case is old news now.

No. 726381

go away corey(hi cow)

No. 726383

Grimes is shitting on everyone tbh. She ruined EM's career. Ms. Banks says she's a crack addict. LOL!

No. 726384

You'd be surprised to know that not everyone who doesn't blindly support Brittany is Corey or Moriah. If you ever understood what reality is like, instead of living in a fantasy world where good and bad is so easy and simple to define and label, then you'd know. Also, great job countering my argument. Just goes to show your support for Brittany is built on your hatred towards blind Titanic and Poppy, not actually through full understanding of the situation.

No. 726385

I'd be embarrassed if I were her too, she keeps paying attention to talentless hoes from the internet. First, it was Nicole, then she dropped her once Nicole started copying her, then it was Kayla Day but no one liked her ghetto trailer park nymphet rap music, now she's dropped Poopy bc she sucks in general.

No. 726387

Now she should collab with Mars.(read the rules and usage guide)

No. 726388

File: 1541320364009.jpg (811.81 KB, 3000x2000, chester-bennington-3.jpg)

lol clair. I see you. AHAHAHHAHAHAHAhAAHAHAHAHAha!

No. 726393

>Ms. Banks
oh hi azaelia, did you give up on trying to convince the Celebricow thread you're not insane and whiteknighting yourself?(hi cow)

No. 726394

File: 1541321455749.jpeg (325.36 KB, 1600x1066, 1_x0Wc0-2oWFfIYNuh_UMbCQ.jpeg)

lol this is just a celeb bitch out thread.


>That's funny af tbh!

No. 726400

why are you larping as a dead guy

No. 726404

File: 1541322998883.png (143.16 KB, 1309x646, 63458234726d4d1a5ece33496f809a…)

pls leave chester alone(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 726405

Goddamn it hurts to see his photos suddenly.
Please stop doing that

No. 726420

"Old news" you somehow can't stop bringing up and sperging out over.
>her idol Timothy
Drawing false connections worked out so well for you with the Josh Moran debacle. Please keep doing it.

No. 726434

sage your shit you obviously unintegrated fucktard

No. 727062

File: 1541438162519.jpg (2.44 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20181105_1215187…)

Look how original Copy is in her new video!

No. 727108

LMAO the chorus is a blatant rip-off of Alejandro by Gaga

Poppy and Titanic have been copying her since, forever, when they copied the instrumental of Judas and pasted it on Altar. I long for the day someone big exposes these two, not just for being shitty people, but for being completely unoriginal.

No. 727111

No. 727147

are her fans just too young to remember when gaga was like this? how does anyone think this girl is bringing something interesting to the table other than being a youtube meme?

No. 727162

Poppy - X chorus is just a rip off from Babymetal song Gimme Chocolate


No. 727196

holy shit. it is! lmao i can't believe it. it's such a popular song.

i have to believe they're too young or sheltered af because it's so obvious!

No. 727199

File: 1541457551816.png (145.87 KB, 1077x369, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 5.38…)

hooktube no longer works. pic related from their changelog.

No. 727210

File: 1541458983087.png (84.94 KB, 630x418, Screen Shot 2018-11-05 at 6.00…)

actually nope. they just don't care / are delusional

No. 727226

I wouldn't be surprised if they forgot or just don't even know. A lot of the stuff that's being blatantly ripped off is from either Gaga's concerts (only Monster Ball was recorded and broadcasted) or various outfits that eventually gets forgotten in favor of the meat dress or music video looks. Like, if >>725887 wasn't posted I would have completely forgot how Gaga structured her concerts in the beginning (long, drawn out intro from a DJ with various video interludes to allow for costume changes backstage without dead stage time) and how Tits and Poppy ripped it off for the poppy.computer tour, and I was a massive fan at the time. It's been 10 years

No. 727305

File: 1541469771340.jpeg (84.47 KB, 1280x720, D81F762F-9FDC-4830-A393-9EBFFB…)

As soon as I saw her staging for that tour I thought of Gaga. If she was doing this in 2009 she would have been instantly labeled as just another copycat (there were a lot at the time). It went unnoticed because of how far Lady Gaga has distanced herself from that image. Titanic is an idiot though, Coppy’s aesthetic is supposed to be futuristic, so why does she look like 10 years ago?

No. 727362

"i'm sorry, B, he's hot for me"

yeah because titanic is such a prize and he didn't mold you after her

No. 727382

Another day, another triggering. All you guys know how to do is see vague similarities in what Poppy does and what other artists do, and instantly jump to conclusions that she "copied" it because you guys hate her with a burning passion and need to constantly validate your anger against her and her director by nitpicking every single thing she does. Because in Mars' Argo's world, taking inspiration doesn't exist so anyone who gets inspired by another artist is instantly copying or ripping them off. Poppy wore a pink dress? But Mars wore one too. Coppy and Titasink running out of ideas again loool!!
Firstly, the song is made my Fernando Garibay,someone who has worked on a lot of Gaga's songs. Secondly, the songs are in no way similar other than the drums used in both songs being the same and the opening line using an accent by both singers. Even Gaga fans take it better than you guys do and I find that both hilarious and pathetic
Someone made a song inspired by a mixture of metal and sunshine pop? Babymetal(who isn't even the only band specializing in that kind of music btw) rip off!!!(white knight)

No. 727397

You are absolutely right , this thread is basically full of 13 year olds hating on this bitch

No. 727411

Because seeking out producers known for working with Gaga is totally not trying to skinwalk her. Sorry your fave is making dated content circa 2009.

No. 727451

Fernando Garibay contacted Poppy because he liked her videos and asked her if she wanted to collaborate with him and she agreed.
It's ridiculous how far you'll go to drag Poppy, even creating nonsense theories. Because to you, Poppy can only ever do something terrible and malicious.

No. 727452

If I ever had any doubt anyway.(samefagging)

No. 727472

That's really weird, it still works fine on my end. I've been getting out of so many "Sign in to watch this age-restricted video" blocks using Hooktube.

No. 727473

It's funny you say that, considering all of Poppy's fans are either actual 13 year olds, basic 18 year olds with no style or taste in anything at all, or 28 year old neckbeards waifufags.
Sorry your bland fav is a skinwalker in a bad wig, but people will keep pointing it out.

No. 727550

>Poppy's fans are either actual 13 year olds, basic 18 year olds with no style or taste in anything at all, or 28 year old neckbeards waifufags.
Mars stans are either emo tumblrinas who got into her for the mystery, whiteknighting #metoo retards who blindly belive and defend Mars at any moment possible, or people who hate poppy with a burning passion and now think they have a reason to and constantly act childish and petty over her (somehow even moreso than Poppy's 13 year old fans)
>Sorry your bland fav is a skinwalker in a bad wig
Hey, there's no need to feel sorry for me. At least my fav isn't Mars Argo. Tried to be successful with her bf and failed and broke up, and still relies on him for even the slightest fame. I'm at least glad that it seems that she has finally given up leeeching and actually tried to do something on her own with that movie role she has for next year. Let's just hope she makes it into the industry without throwing another lawsuit now.
If your joke is that Titanic couldn't buy Poppy a good enough wig, mine is that Mars couldn't hire a lawyer good enough and make a story believable enough. Both aren't funny, btw, but I suppose they're true
>but people will keep pointing it out.
More like you people will keep being delusional. And that's fine, I'll also not stop finding what you speak to be ridiculous.(ban evasion)

No. 727558

Stop bumping the thread with infighting. We will continue to ban the whiteknight until they learn to follow site rules.

No. 727567

it still works as a light weight version of youtube (aka no sign in so no age confirmation necessary), but you'll still be giving them views bc you won't be denying google data. it's right there in the changelog js

No. 727627

File: 1541532625476.png (26.26 KB, 860x264, 1541388935701.png)

Tell your ~*goddess*~ to find some singing talent and a better wig.
Anyway, this still has me kekking. Even Nicole Dollanganger, princess of stanning shitty, abusive relationships couldn't stomach Corey and Moriah.

No. 727640

NAYRT but what site is that?

No. 727671

No. 727687

Yaaaas tyvm. I didn't know how much I needed this in my life.

No. 727857

File: 1541570403849.jpeg (9.72 KB, 611x91, DrH3qt3WwAAE69M.jpeg)

I can understand why you didn't fully read what I said. MA stans do have the lowest iq after all.
And tell your totally innocent and abused queen to actually do something productive for once in her life. I hope that movie of hers doesn't flop hard. If it would, she'd probably accuse the actors or the director of sexual, mental and physical abuse and rape to get all the intended attention on her.
But not that it would matter as her gallant whiteknights would be ready to defend her at any instance.

No. 727871

who says the anons in this thread like mars argo? i don't care about her, never listened to her music, i just hate poppy and titanic and their fanbase of reddit retards.

No. 727873

chiming in to say same. you're fucking stupid >>727857

No. 727890

Ah so you're here only for the drama? But the thing is, the drama has already been dead for 2 months so even that isn't a good enough reason.
Have to say though, you dedicate a lot of time of your life ranting about some jewtube celeb and every little thing they do. Poppy releases a new song? Welp, I've got to rant about how teribble she sings, how bad the song is, how uncreative she is, her wig sucks, her dancers suck, and how she "copied" x celebrity, for the thousandth time. Poppy gets interviewed? The interviewer is a liar who got paid by them. Poppy does a photoshoot? She's ugly ugh Mars is better ugh she look like plastic ugh photoshopped ugh.
If you were a MA stan, it would at least be justified by saying that you're just defending your fave by accusing her "abusers". If doing all of this is somehow pleasurable to you, I won't stop you.

No. 727894

you sound very intelligent.

No. 727898

Is that your wittiest comeback?

No. 727902

Oh, you're a neckbeard stan. That's why you keep coming back even after being banned, and calling everyone MA stans. To you, life can't go on without worshiping a woman who will never touch you, so of course you'd assume everyone else is the same way, and even want to "convert" them with cringy, psuedo-intellectual diatribes about how they shouldn't shit on your waifu.
Gross. Whiteknighting some e-celebrity because you're lacking something in life won't grant you anything. Go hang out on a subreddit and RP that her videos are deep and sarcastic, or whatever it is you do. Incels are such embarrassing humans.

No. 727911

You really went all out with your buzzwords this time. Neckbeard, incel, waifufag, redditor all in the same post. And I don't even know how you find what I speak to be pseudo intellectual. Must be your inferiority complex kicking in. And funny how you talk about whiteknighting, which is literally what this thread is about. I hope you enjoy another thread discussing about your irrelevant and petty e-celeb and their highschool drama with another e-celeb.(no1curr)

No. 727913

File: 1541585008839.gif (1021.16 KB, 200x113, 75E2B21A-C060-4D29-BCC5-9DF9F1…)

>he didn't deny being a scrote

No. 727920

>implicitly admits to everything stated
>can't do anything but repeat that we should enjoy this thread
We are, and we will. Stay pressed, incel. Go take a shower.

No. 727924

>We are, and we will.
Good on you, tumblrite cuck
>Stay pressed, incel. Go take a shower.
Wow you really showed me. You used a buzzword on me. Look at me crying boo hoo. Also, nice projection

No. 727925

Ah, we're playing slang games now? Okay then. Fuck off mouthbreathing bawbag(ban evasion)

No. 727933

Do you guys think the samefag realizes that his unsaged posts are the main thing keeping this thread on the front page? Tbqh Poppy’s not that interesting and this thread normally isn’t very active but it’s been much more visible ever since Mr. Whiteknight started sperging.

No. 727941

>Look at me crying boo hoo.
An ugly sight indeed.

No. 727942

Shhh. He thinks he's doing something.

No. 727963

About the latest music video for "x" I thought this guy's commentary is worth sharing.
I've paraphrased it here:
"It's basically loud noise and obnoxious costumes. She's bathed in blood like it's a satanic ritual with s&m styled gimp-like rockers. Her level of behavior is that of a toddler and has basically children watching videos. Now she's going to disturbing worlds. She's got obsessive fans that leave comments like "it's just satire!" but it's not. You can feel the low level vibrations from her videos and music and it's not making the world a better place. It's hard to watch on every possible level. Can we just all agree that poppy is just horrible, demonic and just making the world a worse place?"

No. 727967

"Demonic" is a compliment, IMO. She and Tits have no creativity or real knowledge on esoteric symbolism, so they just copy shit they find on /x/ and Vigilant Citizen. They're trying to be mysterious and creepy, but anyone with even a smidgen of insight can see how tryhard and false it is.
People who think anything put out by Poppy is much more than recycled, bland, half-assed ideas are gullible. She's not an Illuminati slave/puppet, MKULTRA victim or even a cultist. She and her ugly boyfriend are just tryhards.

No. 728403

Interesting that she's trying to capitalize that, given that three films about the Manson murders are coming out this year and next year, one of them by a high profile Hollywood director (Tarantino).

No. 728447

File: 1541642196634.jpeg (71.13 KB, 500x680, 6C14FAAE-B06D-43CE-9D18-6D2E34…)

Another Process logo that kind of resembles a swastika(Learn how to intergrate)

No. 728506

Not sure why my first post about the Process Church Of the Final Judgement was deleted. I was just commenting on how Poppy’s video X and it’s 60’s cultish vibe made me think of the Process Church and how their stylized “P” logo is kind of similar to the logo for Poppy.Church. The Process Church was a weird organization ripe with conspiracy, like their association with Charles Manson.

No. 728583

Yep this is definitely on Titanic's moodboard. He is kinda lacking in morals so it makes sense to be inspired by such dubious sources.

No. 728722

File: 1541696893275.png (952.09 KB, 1080x1620, Screenshot_20181108-090657.png)

I don't follow this thread so apologies if this has been posted. This is what comes up when you search "Mars Argo" in Amazon Music. It doesn't even specify "similar artists," it straight up lists Poppy under Mars Argo

No. 729504

File: 1541772912577.jpg (1.37 MB, 1920x1920, Photo Collage_20181108_2204245…)

Poppy's fans are so obsessive, it's disturbing. This one has a mannequin that they dress up in her clothes, like a giant doll.

Saged for not actual milk

No. 729701

File: 1541801707998.jpeg (167.23 KB, 550x801, 4C489CA1-D332-49A6-A308-BC26A6…)

Does she really think no one will notice

No. 729762

File: 1541809424163.png (411.5 KB, 529x685, thatpoppyseed01.png)

Poppy fans being extremely obsessive is so fucking creepy. On the upside, though, having real creepy fans means some of them managed to archive really old images and songs from her brunette/ThatPoppy phase in life, including stuff from when she was still living with Debby Ryan.

thatpoppyseed.tumblr.com There's tons of stuff, I haven't gone through a lot of it. Only thing I've really found was, for some reason, Debby called Titanic Titus when she knew him. A lot of the older stuff from Poppy's original Tumblr from when she was first starting out, which got deactivated for obvious reasons, or from Debby/other friends at the time

No. 729880

File: 1541826230987.png (1.56 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181109-235621.png)

Tinfoiling here…
I'm almost positive she stole this idea after seeing this picture that was posted in July 2009. This model did photoshoots that were really pushing the limit and was active back then. I believe lady gags ripped off a lot of ideas from her but clearly lacked the finess to pull it off.

No. 729883

File: 1541826839100.png (240.74 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181109-234840.png)

"my kind of woman" is one of Copy's early videos and a cover song. It seriously makes my skin crawl. The song, I believe, is something Tits told Copy to cover and dressed her up in their best Mars Argo skinsuit. Just look at these lyrics and tell me they were not directed at Mars.
The original song is by Mac Demarco where he is dressed as a woman, supposedly as the woman he loves. Whether that's an actual woman or his feminine side is up for interpretation, but what Tits an Copy made is downright unsettling to watch.
Also, here's the video link.

No. 730026

Nana Rapeblossom was so cringy, kek. I remember her talking about wishing she would get raped so it'd ~*change her world view*~ or something.
Apparently she'd also lament not having it happen on LJ, because rape only happens to fat, ugly girls or something.

No. 731826

File: 1542163746877.png (88.05 KB, 991x684, screenshot.png)

Not sure if this is anything but have yall seen this? Someone "hacked" Moriah's youtube (Not the big Poppy one, but the one under her real name). It's a bunch of nonsensical videos, but all the comments are fans saying "she's crying out for help!!" and asking whoever to give Moriah her account back.


No. 731834

this is a lot better than what they're dishing out lately

No. 731840

why did they have to do mac dirty like that? cleanse your palate with the original, wow. that's one awful cover.

No. 731849

was she the suicide girl who got thrown under the bus by missy after they let her do sets involving underaged girls getting raped/murdered and nazi imagery?

No. 731882

File: 1542174648869.png (817.96 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-13-15-41-07…)

I'm guessing they either never took legal action or haven't had any luck with it since this was posted to Poppy's insta story earlier today

No. 731896

Yeah, that's her.

No. 731900

Who the fuck is gonna buy these? Like where would you even wear this to?

No. 732024

File: 1542209442135.png (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181114-102953.png)

Well that one poopyseed can dress up his dolly with it. And people are actually cosplaying as these sick fucks now too.

No. 732025

File: 1542209561566.png (707.44 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181114-102826.png)

I found a gem of a photo. She looks so stiff. And is her wig is on crooked?

No. 732056

Wow, you'd think for something like a hyped up music video her stylist(s) would pay close attention to her. Also they need to go back to letting her do her own make up. Since they got an artist they don't flatter her face at all and age her

No. 732079

But she was real, not manufactured. I remember reading on her livejournal that her dad killed himself, dealt with mental health issues and had an actual medical fetish. She worked with 3edgy5me photographers and was active in the european art/modeling scene. These american "artsy" pop stars wish they could be real like she was, even if she did have some really fucked up interests.

No. 732212

It's from this hot mess of a music video. Have we really talked about this yet?
I almost feel like she's going for a Sharon Tate look? Which if that's the case, is pretty fucked up to have her covered in blood.

Apparently the lyrics are:
>Get me, get me bloody, please get me bloody
>You can get down on your knees if you're naughty

But to me it sounds like
>Gimme gimme bloody please gimme bloody
I didn't even question it, just assumed it was some nonsensical bullshit

No. 732216

File: 1542235300210.jpg (277.68 KB, 1170x1586, eyes2.jpg)

For reference. Imagine being Poppy and thinking you could pull off Sharon Tate, kek. Though Tits is about as shady as Roman Polanski, so there's that.

No. 732448

she's doing Cher tho…
I mean, I agree with you but it's definitely Cher

No. 732644

File: 1542308396932.jpeg (279.54 KB, 1280x1909, 420BA05F-79B6-4DF6-A4BA-0B0993…)

To me it just looks like Sissy Spacek in Carrie. The song itself is awful, I don't see Sharon Tate anywhere though. If she had a rope around her neck in a bra and panties, maybe. This is cribbed movie iconography, not crime scene. Even the bits with the halo tiara thingy remind me of Sheri Moon Zombie in The Lords of Salem. All of it is other people recycled shit.

No. 732796

File: 1542322281739.png (437.06 KB, 1440x1859, Screenshot_2018-11-15-14-44-47…)

Yeah, its honestly nothing remarkable. From a Twitter thread for people to ask about the album, Poppy replied that X was the last to be written and it shows. There's only one verse and a chorus and 3 different musical styles that are jarring and doesn't sound good together.

Does anyone remember how long it took Bleach Blonde Baby to reach 1 million views? X JUST hit it today and it was released 10 days ago

No. 733301

File: 1542392687299.png (1.71 MB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20181116-125236.png)

Her stylist is Samantha Burkhart, who also works with Ke$ha, Sia, Billie Elish, and Lindsey Stirling. I found this out just after Kesha released the video for her song Praying because I was looking into the outfits she was wearing. Digging deeper I found that this stylist uses different pieces from the same designers for her clients. This made me lose interest in Poopy because she is not uwu quirky and independent. She's just some LA tart with a record deal trying to stay relevant so she can make good with her contract. She is a complete sell out, period.
These pictures are from an interview in W magazine.

No. 733316

No joke I thought she was saying 'gimme bloody' too.
That song sucked. I mean I like songs that dramatically change, but it just sounded like two random pieces thrown together.
This babymetal shit she's trying to do is awful.

No. 733345

i feel like if i were a famous artists, especially if i was going for the quirky original thing, i would just buy all my own shit, not be styled by a stylist who recycles other people's stuff
i agree with you thats definitely selling out in a way

No. 733543

Yeah, but when you consider all Tits ever cared about was becoming famous all that goes out the window. I doubt it was Mars who wanted to make a big production of Using You and the music video. All he wants is to be seen as the next Andy Warhol. It's funny because that means he just wants to imitate a hack, which is so low when you think that he can't even be an original hack. He has no original ideas. He just cares about being famous. Guess Mars really did take all the ideas with her when she left.

No. 733624

I Shay's thought it was kind if funny that Poppy's whole character was this pretentious charicature of pop stardom because she and Tits exemplify all the worst parts of the industry. She's not a creative, intelligent young woman pretending to be groomed into a starlet into order to be ironic and quirky, she's just being groomed period. It's not like she's the only one, but the fact that they have all this lore trying to make her career seem deep and mysterious is embarrassing and cheesy.

No. 738089

you are such a moron for not getting the Carrie reference immediately

Sharon Tate, really?

No. 738148

>To me it just looks like Sissy Spacek in Carrie.
That was my first thought too!

No. 738344

File: 1543212219858.png (354.3 KB, 858x348, poppy.png)

Jesus Christ, I'm wasn't talking about the bloody part, I was responding to a post about her normal makeup in the video, saying THAT looked like Sharon Tate. Honestly, can yall learn to read next time? You're not smart for thinking a girl covered in blood looks like Carrie, I didn't think I needed to specify that because:
A: yeah, duh
B: I was clearly responding to a picture of her not covered in blood

No. 738529

File: 1543254863272.png (3.34 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2018-11-26-09-49-56…)

$25 dollars for a plain ass shirt you can make for 1/5 the price

No. 740760

And the idiots they have for fans most certainly bought it.

No. 741507

File: 1543616834695.png (122.05 KB, 640x1136, A7101610-57D5-4769-B89A-CE6155…)

I really don’t get how people can worship poppy…

No. 741509

File: 1543617267001.png (597.85 KB, 813x668, Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 2.15…)

so Grimes' new single "We Appreciate Power" came out the other day and all the poppy fans lost their fucking minds over the fact that it features Hana when it's rumored to be the song that was supposed to have featured Poppy originally - and that Grimes unfollowed Poppy, and NOW follows Mars Argo instead (which, honestly, good for claire? she probably either found out about all the seedy shit surrounding poppy/titanic late, or is switching teams after feeling guilty for supporting the wrong side for so long)

so twitter's already been obnoxious with poppyseeds REEEing @ grimes about the betrayal of their precious fave but today it's amping up at an exponential rate because poppy's decided to cry "I WAS BULLIED UWU" ……which is hilarious given her accusations that she expects anyone who isn't a stan to believe her. can't wait to see how this shit plays out and i personally hope it reaches like an azealia/elon/grimes level of messiness

No. 741540


All I care about is if Grimes is still dating Elon

No. 741546

File: 1543621489993.png (101.07 KB, 2212x490, Capture.PNG)

lol, your 15 minutes of fame are up girl

No. 741548

How can anybody seriously be that butthurt about that when Hana is one of Grimes' best irl friends? Like come on lol

No. 741555

That's awesome; way upthread me and like two other Grimes stan anons were upset about the Poppy collab. Glad she saw the light.

Honestly that's probably why Poppy's pulling this crap; she hopes it'll get as big as the Elon Musk drama did. Too bad she and Titanic can't escape the fact that they're insane abusive copycat stalkers.

No. 741662

they're still dating AFAIK.

No. 741793

“I was kind of bullied into submission by [Grimes] and her team of self-proclaimed feminists,” she says. “We planned the song coming out months ago, and she was preventing it. I got to watch her bully songwriters into signing NDA[s] and not taking credit for songs that they were a part of. She doesn't practice what she preaches. It's really upsetting to work with a female that is very outward about a topic, but behind closed doors, it's the complete opposite. It's actually very disheartening to people that are actually feminists and supporters of other females.”



No. 741830

Isn't this breaking character? And since when is Poppy a "feminist"? Oh right, only when it suits her agenda to cry bully and throw someone else under the bus. Her music sucks, the Poppy project is boring and unoriginal, and everybody knows what a cuntbag she actually is now so can she do us all a favor and wilt and wither?

No. 742233

File: 1543720580850.png (280.85 KB, 480x800, 1C49D4EA-A66A-4E3A-9510-9FBD77…)

No. 742526

File: 1543779777693.png (329.81 KB, 472x625, Screen Shot 2018-12-02 at 11.3…)

i think she already deleted this, can't find it

but damn i was just about to say that I don't think she'll address it at all since she pretty much pretended the azealia thing never happened, so glad she did. this makes way more sense and i really hope we learn more about what the situation actually was, i want nothing more than some facts to shut poppyseeds the FUCK up, because grimes and Hana actually standing up for their song on social media has only made them all louder

also grimes liked this at some point but i can't find it in her likes as of today, so i'm assuming their guess is close to what happened

No. 742566

God she's such a piece of shit. Guess what Coppy? You don't get to say "Grimes isn't a feminist" just because you're a woman she refused to work with. You're also a bully, stalker, abuser, and literal trash. Are you just pretending Mars Argo isn't a woman to fit your narrative? ROT, cunt.

No. 742824

Edwin just came out with a pretty good summary of all that's happened so far, interesting to hear some aspects I hadn't known about at all (the Kailee Morgue stuff and the commentary about how cultish the fanbase actually is)

No. 746579

this is so obviously about Grimes, and it's so blatant and typical of them… floppy and tits can't be assed to have their own talent to they have to use their Quirky Scary Art Videos to bring others down instead

No. 746586

It's funny that it's a subliminal going on about someone's boyfriend being responsible for their fame and creativity, when that's literally her and Titanic to a T. Projection from a talentless, basic bitch and a useless, derivative narcissist hungry for relevancy. Classic.

Coppy and Tits will never be able to hold a candle to any real artist. Last time I checked, Grimes was a creative, popular artist years before she got with Elon Musk. Musk even got with her because she was so creative and intelligent. Where was Moriah? Oh, making shitty faux hipster music with 2009 teas and being completely unknown. And Corey? Running an unsuccessful YouTube channel with an ex he emotionally abused. And making shitty pop punk. Hmm….

No. 746599

not so much of an active discussion currently, but that's been discussed to death in the celebricow threats on /ot/

No. 746603

Grimes and Elon Musk met because Elon was about to make a ~deep~ AI joke on Twitter, searched to see if anyone else had made it yet, and found Grimes tweeting the exact thing. She was already into AI futurism long before she met him and a famous musician in her own right. I don't like either of them, but credit where credit is due. Unless Musk got around to inventing time travel, that was all Grimes.

So that makes the new video absolutely hilarious and a massive self-diss.

No. 746675

Grimes put out like three or four albums before she ever met Muskrat. Yeah she’s sort of a mash-up of every Bjork-type ever, but videos like Genesis were iconic for the new generation of weird, and that was back in 2012. Also implying Elon Musk is anyone’s source of creativity is just odd considering the man-child has the personality of stale bread once you look past all his neckbeard fans calling him the “real life Ironman.”

So yeah. What a weird callout considering it’s not applicable to Grimes in like… any way whatsoever. They really are trying so hard, but it comes off as so disconnected from reality and just plain pathetic.

No. 750870

Poppy claims that she has a "secret" Instagram page in an interview posted today.


No. 750871

No. 750881

Jfc Poppy looks like Miz Cracker on the main photo for this thread. I finally figured it out.

No. 751024

File: 1545214155074.png (Spoiler Image, 47.51 KB, 1008x630, CbBLZt7.png)

gimme gimme cummies

No. 751156

File: 1545239145732.jpg (1.98 MB, 700x394, ogihhg.jpg)

>she has a "secret"
Wow. She's a real person with a private life outside of her coppy-floppy fake ass persona?!

Color me shocked! sarcasm

No. 751339

File: 1545266753516.jpg (140.6 KB, 1080x1350, DuzozogWsAoddtK.jpg)

Looks like she hasn't slept in 3 days lmfao

No. 751378

File: 1545271978126.jpg (96.89 KB, 662x993, Kim-Petras -2018-Spotifys-Best…)


No. 751480

what must her real hair look like if she is forced to constantly wear this terrible wig?

No. 751498

kim petras doesn't deserve this slander

No. 751509

>wking an ugly, lego faced tranny

poppy really could be his little sister though kek

No. 751510

File: 1545290891444.jpg (88.24 KB, 500x491, Another_poppy_rare.jpg)

This is a pre-titanic Poppy picture and look what's behind her, the same fur coat that brittany accused poppy of stealing. You're telling me she travelled through time just to steal a shitty coat from mars at a point in time when she didn't even know about her or titanic? Bravo, such a brilliant lawsuit, mars. I could make a better one in 30 minutes, and at least it wouldn't have a shit ton of holes like your version.

No. 751513

File: 1545291233531.jpg (143.21 KB, 640x632, tumblr_oaj4aezLP21t0mjzpo1_128…)

Matt Bennett, Poppy and Titanic's good friend also went to the same Fuji School that Mars went to. Mars and him even have pictures together
He brought Poppy and another one of their close friends, Debby Ryan to the school in 2016 as well. So what if Poppy went to the school because of him, and not to actually stalk Mars?

No. 751514

File: 1545291265540.jpg (104.47 KB, 1080x1080, 13227339_1088074757939252_5699…)

No. 751515

File: 1545291356846.jpg (84.94 KB, 640x640, fec46816cfd228d5485f3d758db988…)

No. 751517

File: 1545291653587.png (164.1 KB, 594x309, tumblr_inline_p7ekqdjEFx1sh75h…)

Reminder that this is Mars' copyright claim

No. 751536

File: 1545302203332.jpg (386.09 KB, 1000x1161, ml1mp4zgdj401.jpg)

No. 751537

Good post, anon. I cracked a smile. Mixter will never let it go, will he?

No. 751547

File: 1545310098174.png (1.1 MB, 799x830, tits.png)

Submission for the next thread image

No. 751592

When you have nothing to defend your shitty harley quinn rip-off waifu with after her stupid plan backfires and people call her out for it, le ebin memes come to work, don't they? Yikes. If figuring out that Mars' 40+ pages of fairy tales is bullshit turns you into Corey (because apparently only he can have a distaste for her bs), then i guess everyone with a common sense would be him.

No. 751600

Make a Mars Argo thread if you're so pressed about it, dont come shit up the Poppy thread with your white knighting bullshit. Just because Mars can be called out doesnt mean Poppy is suddenly rectified and in the clear of being a shitty person.
Sage 4 no contribute.

No. 751612

When did I ever claim that poppy is an angel who hasn't done any wrong? And really, what has she even done? Mostly all of her stuff is controlled by Titanic so he should be the one blamed. And learn the meaning of the word before using it. I haven't whitetknighted Poppy, I simply gave proof that the lawsuit that you guys are in about is pure bullshit. Why do I need to create a separate thread to talk about something that's very relevant to this one?

No. 751615

Who has even talked about the lawsuit or MA for the past month or so? Obsessed Poppy/Tits stans (and the two ogres themselves) are pathetic and can't stop frothing at the mouth thinking of Mars, I swear to god.
>And really, what has she even done? Mostly all of her stuff is controlled by Titanic so he should be the one blamed.
Lmao, stan confirmed. No one forced a gun to her head to make him co sign his shit. She's in agreement with all of it, and is happy to lie and attack better female musicians, as we can see in her comments about Grimes.
Go blast "Lowlife" again to calm yourself down, no one here cares.

No. 751618

>better female musicians
You don't have to be a poppy "stan" to know that Grimes' music has sucked since years now. She started decent and then fell to her face. And Grimes herself never defended herself from the accusations thrown by Poppy, not even in the response she posted and deleted shortly after. She willingly made a song with poppy and then backed out last minute after finding out she had controversy surrounding her and denied releasing Play Destroy even though Poppy also worked on it. Poppy released the song anyway and she couldn't stand it and she had to respond about that, but not about the NDA accusations, the actual big deal.

No. 751621

One Grimes album > Poppy's entire career.
This isn't even subjective, anyone with basic music taste and knowledge agrees. Only a stan would try to argue otherwise.
>And Grimes herself never defended herself from the accusations thrown by Poppy, not even in the response she posted and deleted shortly after.
She didn't bother addressing the claims because it's a waste of time, and deleted the story because she doesn't get into social media drama (unlike cheap performers like Tits and Poppy). She didn't even respond when Azealia Banks was popping off, why would she waste her time lending relevancy to some vindictive singer and handler who are nobodies compared to her?
>Poppy released the song anyway and she couldn't stand it and she had to respond about that, but not about the NDA accusations, the actual big deal.
Nope, she only responded after Poppy tried to slander her. Nothing would've happened besides the "meh" if Moriah wasn't such an attention whore who dropped character just to talk shit when leaking the song didn't start the fire she needed for relevancy.

No. 751622

Face it, grimes carried play destroy and poppy is shit on it. What you like is up to your taste but grimes is still 10x more talented more creative than poppy.

No. 751625

Moving on from the Poppy WK, it's kind of funny how Poppy presents herself as a "real" feminist, but all the female artists who have worked with her (Nicole Dollanganger, Kailee Morgue, Grimes) have had nothing good to say about the experience. Two literally publicly cancelled, dipped out and unfollowed her.
I can't recall a single time she's ever even spoken about anything pro-woman, been part of any feminist causes, or simply defended other women.

No. 751627

What makes it extra hilarious is that in >>746579 she tried to sneak diss Grimes, but she literally just ended up describing herself.

No. 751729

Oh, nice way of dismissing the fact that the beat in the video that poppy does that pose is a slowed down version of the beat used in the music video where Mars uses that dress and does that same pose!

No. 751732

Also, samefagging to say that Tits chose to go to the exact same school he KNEW Mars was going to, after abusing her. Poppy likely knew that too and chose to enable his shitty ass.

No. 751747

it's pretty common on here to say "x doesn't deserve this" when someone halfway decent is compared to whoever the thread's about


beautiful, also accurate regardless of whether it's tits or just a poppy stan shitting the thread up (and sage your mars hate-boner bullshit btw)

I thought it was particularly funny that even nicole fucking dollanganger is embarrassed to associate with poppy, that truly says it all

No. 751810

File: 1545352049058.png (517.09 KB, 1092x553, 154535174349447983.png)

Assuming manson hasn't toned down his partying ways, she's probably on a cocktail of drugs (tbh she'd probably be on a cocktail of drugs anyway). Lets be honest, here!

No. 751821

He's so washed up, lmao. No surprise he'd work with such a cringefest as Poppy and Tits.

No. 754032

File: 1545780374872.jpeg (169.77 KB, 1270x1300, 05B046CC-23B3-4AE9-BA21-20A2F6…)

Worst wig I’ve ever seen.

No. 754050

her eyebrows are disgusting

No. 761196

No. 761208

Yep! Isnt that why dita left him?

Indeed I was surprised killstar made a collection centered around him hes certainly got a creepy old man vibe.

No. 761260

File: 1547001160124.png (1.24 MB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-01-08-12-07-34…)

Not as exciting as the official lawsuit papers, but Poppy is planning on releasing a graphic novel


No. 761261

File: 1547001192743.png (293.51 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_2019-01-08-12-08-20…)


No. 761323

I'm unfamiliar with Poppy, I usually lurk ot. Based on that description alone, how is this Poppy character not just some Mary Sue idol worship wankfest? Is she supposed to be some ditzy pretty girl AI to appeal to neckbeards and superficial 20-somethings?

No. 761348

File: 1547010833169.png (61.69 KB, 713x478, KfnEvnx.png)

This settlement is super interesting.
According to this, Mars now owns the exclusive rights to all the music and videos they made together, he's no longer allowed to reference her or "harass, strike, threaten, assault, hit, follow, stalk, destroy the property of, or surveil" her, "or cause anyone else to do so". Also, and has to delete all of his potential revenge porn (pic related).

No. 761471

A while back it was said that Poppy and Grimes were going to collab possibly - is this just a coincidence that this is called Genesis like the title of a previous Grimes song?

No. 761474

Poppy stans will read this and still say "Mars lost", lmao.

No. 761523

File: 1547049904921.png (121.68 KB, 720x799, Screenshot_2019-01-09-17-01-52…)

ig post from Brit !

No. 761557

File: 1547053396411.png (76.85 KB, 1238x429, image0.png)

It's sweet to see support from Alice Glass as well! I'm really happy for her.

No. 761565

I only follow this drama sporadically but I'm glad to see that the courts ruled in Brit's favor. Tits is actual garbage and I hope he feels ragey and impotent rn. Moriah should learn from this tbh and get far the hell away from him.

No. 761567

Considering Grimes didn't want Play Destroy released and she apparently dropped Poppy from performing on her song We Appreciate Power, it could possibly be a jab at Grimes knowing how petty Poppy and Tits are

No. 761570

File: 1547055073228.jpg (52.94 KB, 540x416, goodforher.jpg)

Thanks for the overview anon!

Glad she got all the past stuff, does this mean she can release some of their music now? Also I'm still kind of wondering what this means going forward or in the context of Poppy. Will Poppy have to delete any past work/videos/songs or change her character moving forward in any way or is that deemed completely separate?

No. 761603

who knows. titanic had a bunch of his ig posts deleted however that was already awhile back so not sure if that's related to the suit. i liked that nobody noticed his dramatic ass lol.

based on the wording of the settlement, i think it's going forward they're not allowed to reference mars anymore. so no more 3:16 shit i'm assuming to hype mystery (huge reason for their popularity) from this point on

No. 761604

like the vid for trust fund is still up and that was a major slam on mars

No. 761657

Her face is broad as fuck and square-shaped IRL, but she has a small, delicate oval face in the illustration, lmao.

No. 761871

No. 762660

File: 1547185241694.jpg (23.81 KB, 250x201, 1506833348920.jpg)

cant believe more ppl arent talking about this?! she basically got the best possible outcome u can get. evidence must have been damning.

were all of these threads just corey sperging out?

No. 762692

They jumped the shark with that song "X" or whatever it was called and people got bored of them. He was definitely active in this thread too, though

No. 762786

after the lawsuit began they started to shift poppy's image from cute & weird to more "Lady Gaga" which honestly isn't that interesting.

I am certainly glad Mars gets rights to the work she helped create, but at this point it doesn't really affect Titanic and Poppy as they've shifted their style to avoid the copying accusations.

No. 763104

i'm SO excited about this, but honestly, i came here for details, having seen brittany's post.. i think a lot of people are doing that? just waiting for deets.

No. 763818

Just scroll up and read the deets yourself. >>761196

No. 763907

The court settlement recently was disclosed and Brittney Sheets won full custody over the Mars Argo project. It was also revealed that Mr. Mixter also abused her both verbally and physically. Poppy's song "X" has been selected for the theme song of a WWE/NXT pay-per-view event around the same time.


No. 763909

How is Poppy like Lady Gaga now?
Gaga doesn't do metal.

No. 764696

Titanic posted in these threads?

No. 764717

Poppy doesn't really do metal either, except in a watered down way.
The same way Gaga does.

No. 764795

When did Gaga start doing metal?

No. 764798

Poppy is likely going to go the Marilyn Manson route, to be honest, since I think during an interview she said that collaboration is most likely and that Marilyn Manson tweeted her saying that he likes her work. Titanic also tweeted a photo of the two of them with Mason as well as the lead singer of Korn.

No. 764809

Whoa…that's pretty sad. They haven't been relevant since the early 2000s. Saddest collaboration ever.

Metallica is a gimmick at this point.

No. 764813

iirc he's been shilling all over the chans and may have created the first Poppy thread on here.

No. 764846

File: 1547447971904.jpeg (325.21 KB, 741x941, B81E830E-B49E-4E8F-8388-0D8698…)


Chicken or egg

No. 764880

Don't know if it was him, but someone was majorly shitting up the thread and starting fights, to the point it got so derailed that I just started watching repzilla and stopped looking for milk on them. Sorry anons

The news is great though, so happy for Mars.

Fucking WWE. But I guess that's slightly less shady than their Saudi Arabia business.

Makes sense. Marilyn Manson is known for being super abusive to his exes. I bet he found out about them because of the lawsuit, and was like, oh shit, I'm gonna be best friends with these creepy fucks.

No. 765053

Hi Corey ;)(hi cow)

No. 765097

>Internet phenomenon
Does she still think she's the shit? The weird videos at the beginning were interesting but who supports her now besides kids and people who don't see past her cringy copying and now boring image.

Poppy gets Tits and other people to design and write an AI novel that is all about how great her persona is that seems influenced by Grimes. Grimes makes an entire novel with a more interesting story with pop star ai's in a position to fuck over the main characters. Kek.

No. 765109

They probably both discussed it when they worked together, probably Grimes was first to suggest a book, but the whole premise of Poppy is she's human-ai, since 2014 I believe.

so Grimes' story is not original and seems like a direct reference to Poppy. She got beef

No. 767284

File: 1547697431608.png (106.56 KB, 750x1334, E90845B6-F957-41C5-B9E3-3441F5…)

God wonder what dumbass social experiment this could be for

No. 769843

File: 1548173108331.jpeg (63.29 KB, 1125x477, E78F58EE-C938-4874-8456-F31B42…)

They just can’t help themselves, can they?

No. 770354

File: 1548243854872.jpg (18.65 KB, 480x488, 1488245378808.jpg)

just finished reading the thread. holy shit what a wild ride. good job girls

No. 770884

File: 1548291649686.png (855.39 KB, 1440x1864, Screenshot_2019-01-23-09-47-39…)

Seems like Poppy's been busy doing a lot lately. New augmented reality experience to be premiered at Sundance

No. 770887

File: 1548291684256.png (734.47 KB, 1440x1739, Screenshot_2019-01-23-17-00-00…)

No. 771172

File: 1548353162897.jpg (130.71 KB, 1600x900, 1110041.jpg)

are you kidding me. this is the second time they've copied die antwoord. even down to the rats this time. they have no original bones in their robot bodies, or whatever the fuck their story is

No. 771352

File: 1548382286564.jpg (28.45 KB, 400x345, de31845a01ae25d8c125511.jpg)

>they've copied
>they have no original bones in their robot bodies

Yeah. I wouldn't expect anything less from Copy&sinking-ship.

No. 772013

The story isn't written by Poppy or Tits. She's only going to play a part in it as a holographic character. It's written by Asad J Malik or some guy

No. 772018

No. 772024

File: 1548505228149.png (250.54 KB, 464x401, lyin.png)

>Poppy doesn’t recycle ideas.

No. 772026

File: 1548506891044.png (76.97 KB, 793x245, 9889.png)

So, this is how they're framing their tacky, unoriginal mess.

No. 774381

I enjoyed Poppy's concert tonight.

No. 774393

It was better than the computer tour at least

No. 774562

File: 1549142969054.jpg (121.71 KB, 750x750, Dx4msRgXQAA8jRf.jpg)

Seems like they moved on to harassing Grimes instead of Mars. Jesus.

No. 774566

nta, but how is this necro?
no sage and no contribution maybe, but necro? the last post before that was only a week ago

No. 774571


Source for this?

No. 774604

No. 774626

File: 1549157021789.png (540.86 KB, 1231x809, why is wwe always so terrible …)

this got posted last week and just popped up on my recommendations. ugh

No. 774641

isn't it that it's a useless comment with no sage so it bumps the thread?

No. 774710

that's faked

No. 774762

File: 1549208184406.jpg (7.03 KB, 276x183, images.jpg)

Why does Poppy look like Randall from Monsters Inc

No. 774769

File: 1549209516904.jpg (194.37 KB, 1133x643, hannah-montana-poster.jpg)

God, that wig still just looks awful. Wonder what her hair looks like under it now? Must just be absolutely wrecked.

No. 775786

Tits and Floppy probably paid these people to shill their crusty ass. If you notice, a lot of posts that praise poppy similarly also compare her to Andy Warhol. That's just Corey showing off his masive ego

No. 777927

File: 1550092052906.jpeg (1.8 MB, 4032x3024, 79A4454A-4EA3-42D9-AC5E-9FC2DA…)

Not fake

No. 778373

Lol that's crazy. I can't believe they actually spent money on that. What's the point?

No. 778748

Her label is just as shitty as her. They think they're funny and constantly post unfunny white boy "memes" on their Twitter so this is not a surprise for them to do

No. 783463

How come this is the only lolcow board that actually gives a shit about Titanic, Poppy, or Mars Argo?

Has Titanic or Poppy even have enough material to be classified as a lolcow? Titanic just has anger issues, a creepy bad attitude, and that domestic assault case. Seems pretty lowbrow compared to some other cows.

Poppy doesn't seem to have too much ti keep the folks at KiwiFarms interested.

And Mars Argo likely doesn't like people bringing this shit up to the public after the case was settled.

I know the folks at KiwiFarms tend to be just as mentally unsound as the people they follow, but they don't even seem interested in these people unless Titanic starts going the way of Onision which surprisingly he hasn't yet and/or he has only in the past.

It's kind of weird that this is the only thread on a lolcow site about all of this.

A KiwiFarms thread:

No. 783467

Hide the thread then if you can't even be bothered to read it. Titanic and Moriah are not angels. There is hardly anything weird about this thread. But you posting here like this is definitely weird.

No. 783470

I don't even actively come here. I found this place from a Google search. I was curious to see what lolcow communities think of these two and this is the only one that seems to be actively following them. The rest either don't care or find it interesting.

> Bad choice of thread focus. Rabid fandoms in pop are not new. Poppy and Titanic Sinclair themselves may be able to sustain a thread at some point, since they flipped out pretty hard during the Mars Argo lawsuit, and Titanic has inadvertently revealed a very Onision-like ego and tendency to mold his partners to his liking.

I thought KiwiFarms would be all over this but they just kind of don't care.

No. 783472

Who the fuck is Die Antwoord?

No. 783473

Lol take it up with kiwifarms then? You seem more focused on that anyways. You are gonna have to read the threads cos nobody here will spoonfeed you info. Read the rules too while you are at it.

No. 783476

This is the /snow/ board where snowflakes do not need to meet the standards that full cows do.

No-one cares about your feelings about Kiwifarms or whether they want a thread over there or not. Your autistic posts seem about their speed, though.

No. 783554

A group that makes shitty music and has a rabid retarded fandom. The lead singer thinks its cool to look like a used rusted heroin needle that smells like rancid gonorrhea leakage and festering open wounds covered in shit, and the fans defend her because ~its just le art shes actually really normal and sweet and the they're totally like..a normal family irl!!111~
Typical lame tryhard bullshit just like Poppy but even nastier and more repulsive to look at.(A-logging)

No. 784455

File: 1552027889751.jpeg (32.02 KB, 1080x823, D1FrB84W0AAFlUd.jpeg)

She finally removed that bad wig and I'm kinda surprised that her natural hair isn't damaged

No. 787032

File: 1552680890158.jpeg (486.26 KB, 1454x2048, D1qIJ7DU8AAw0xf.jpeg)

No. 787059

>>784455 i was scrolling real fast and I thought this was Shayna. I had to do a double take.

No. 787062

I wish she would stick to her android persona instead of being a cringy try hard. Tit is basically a 13 year old boy dressing up a doll, they should get a real stylist.

No. 787083

The sad thing is, according to this thread, they do have a stylist. Samantha Burkhart, who also styled Kesha and Billie Eilish (Eilish's outfit is on her IG, and the celebricows thread in /ot/. It's just as awful-looking).
A "professional" sat down and decided that this is good styling.

No. 787140

I mean her hair looks very thin in both photos so it's probably super damaged. You cant keep bleaching dark hair to white for years without losing most of it.

No. 787189

File: 1552707733195.png (846.61 KB, 598x582, 643916f2637d1330fcc6c70e830c7b…)

Billie's outfit for anyone wondering. Ouch.

No. 787196

File: 1552709372530.png (147.73 KB, 432x454, muddy.png)

Is that makeup smudged up all over her hairline or a terrible dye job? What am I looking at?

No. 787201

definitely looks like spray foundation
either she did this herself or the makeup artist had a grudge

No. 787281

File: 1552740567791.jpeg (86.35 KB, 640x640, D1qhBoLXcAAnhdY.jpeg)

No. 787283

File: 1552741072934.jpeg (107.34 KB, 1080x2022, D1qaA-UXQAA4UaK.jpeg)

No. 787329

What's up with the no wig recently? lmfao.

No. 787341

Maybe they lurk around here and they saw how people hated the wig so they decided to remove it

No. 787455

I highly doubt that. She fried the shit out of her hair when she first went blonde (look at her early vids, it looks terrible)
They probably got her a busted wig so she could grow the nest out while keeping her "bleach blonde bby" aesthetic and try again when it was all new growth.

I'm glad they've ditched it. Too bad her wig was the least of their problems.

No. 787468

her typical long wig wouldnt have worked with this big poofy dress so they probably had no choice. its hard to use a wig for an updo.

No. 792725

She looks miserable here.

No. 795353

File: 1554565176760.png (130.74 KB, 950x722, 9651604d8d87bbab422d9107403cf5…)

Desperate for money?

No. 795629

This is honestly a smart approach to wringing more money out of fans and I wouldn't be surprised if it becomes the new normal within a few years. They probably teamed up with some game devs to create this scheme.

No. 795958

File: 1554764230335.png (1.54 MB, 1440x1909, Screenshot_2019-04-08-15-53-43…)

Didn't completely lose the wig after all. It's back in its crooked glory

No. 796090

She looks really wrinkly and dehydrated in this pic

No. 797762

I looked up Poppy for the first time in a while, and I'm amazed at how incredibly low her viewer engagement/social media interactions have become. She's barely managing 100k views on new Youtube videos now, whereas ~2 years ago she would hit 1 million in a couple of days.

Literally nobody cares about her any more. There are thousands of preteens on Tik Tok who are probably more relevant than she is right now.

You can tell that Moriah and Titanic are aware of his irrelevant she's become and are panicking from the way her whole brand/overarching 'story' of the Poppy character has splintered off into a painfully cringey experimental nu-metal death-cult direction. Everything they do with Poppy reeks of desperation and of wanting to become an eternally iconic and memorable artist. They are trying so hard that the project has zero sincerity or integrity.

RIP Poppy, not that you were actually relevant to Hollywood in any way to begin with.

No. 797781

Can anyone pinpoint where it all went wrong? I did a similar popularity check-in around last year when Metal was released and was shocked at how big of a flop it was. Was it the shit quality of the Metal/AIAG promotions, the Mars Argo lawsuit, the obvious lack of artistic integrity, or something else? They were steadily growing until they weren't, and I don't really care but I'm curious why.

No. 797805

This was inevitable. You can't "make it" for good by starting a meme cult comprised of tweens. Kids get bored and something new will come along to take over. If they had anything particularly intriguing or innovative, if their music was anything special they wouldn't be falling off. They couldn't even do the ARG correctly which is the only thing that could have kept Poppy from being the truly empty and meaningless gimmick that she is. Empty and meaningless isn't that interesting in the long run.

No. 797955

I think the "omg who is this weird girl" factor isn't there anymore. On top of that, YouTube was promoting her like crazy in 2016-2017 and even put her in YT Rewind and hosted an album launch party at YouTube HQ.
I remember YouTube put one of her videos on trending like 3 months ago and it got more dislikes than likes. I have no clue where she's planning to go at this point, and if the radio continues to not play her music, it's pretty much over at this point.

No. 797982

Isnt Melanie Martinez trying to come back? Im pretty sure most of Poppy's fans were leftover from Melanie fucking off after her rape accusations, and now shes trying to come back so they all went running back.

No. 798003

I don't follow Poppy at all, occasionally check up on her threads but even I knew she was in trouble when she started hanging out Marilyn Manson and Yoshiki.

No. 798101

Honestly, I think it was the lack of "good" music that people actually enjoy and listen to on its own and not just because for some symbolism mystery value.

No. 798148

>>797781 797805

Where it all went wrong? Careers have ups and downs. I have been surprised to see how little content Poppy has been making lately, especially considering the pace of material she was releasing before and during her tour. But then I remind myself that she just finished what was probably an exhausting tour and may be taking a well deserved break. Playing the role of Poppy must itself be limiting and exhausting, so it would not surprise me if she some day finds herself needing to transition to manage artistic control and freedom.

While Poppy and Titanic are probably not doing everything right, they have managed to build an envious career out of this project, so I give them credit. It is not easy to make money in the entertainment business and it is normal for a sophomore album to be transitory, so changes are to be expected.

I do agree, though, that team Poppy has mismanaged opportunities. The ARG that 797805 mentions is a good example where they built up the drama and intrigue, then seemed to just drop it with no closure and then go make a movie with a confusingly different backstory. The hidden clues are part of what made Poppy fun, but they lose momentum if the clues do not actually lead to the narrative or anywhere. That said, they do an amazing job of creating the veneer of mystery without actually providing any real mystery.

No. 798222

Mars is also planning a comeback this year too seems like. Interesting times.

No. 800510

According to Mars' reddit channel, she is always planning a comeback every year.

No. 801552

Her X music video hit 5 million+ views. Her church has more than 50000 members. She has an upcoming graphic novel, an upcoming feature film, two albums, and even more projects just in one year. She's doing pretty well i'd say

No. 801575

Keep telling yourself that tits

No. 801579

Funny how he still hasn't learned how to blend in and post normally, in spite of all the time he must be spending reading any semblance of criticism here.

No. 801617

>Her church

I cringe every time

No. 801717

File: 1556763709927.jpeg (46.75 KB, 400x400, A68AE281-0C54-4EA4-9CAC-A71DCC…)

>mfw tits is pulling poppy’s “impressive” numbers out of his ass when literal children pull 5x the views and interaction on a more consistent basis with nothing but tiktoks

No. 801762

keep seething luvs :^)

No. 801767

don't you have some court order not to post here?

No. 801793

baby nobody is seething because you decided to bump a dead thread. If anyone is seething its YOU- trying desperately to convince us your failed project is a success anytime anyone critiques you

No. 801796

Can’t wait ‘till you finally realize that you’re slowly being blacklisted in hollywood, luvs.

Oh and getting a mars 3.0 replacement, again, and “rebranding” for the 100,000th time will not save your reputation after all this mess kek. Have fun only being hired by rich daddies to direct shitty music videos for their teen daughters so they can play “famous” on YouTube in front of their friends for a day. Lol. Oh wait, you already do that.

No. 802031

Tits making comments like this is exactly why they're blacklisted from Hollywood and will never get anywhere. They burned every bridge they had. Poppy bitching that her songs never get played on the radio is funny to me - that's why. Doesn't tits have more important things to focus on? Jesus.

No. 802036

Poppy could have easily been the next big thing in pop music if tits wasn't a moron - now they're forced to rebrand YET AGAIN because they most likely burnt bridges at Mad Decent and are going independent because of that. The dude just can't stop and it's incredible to see how far down the project went. He ruins everything he touches. God bless them.

No. 802051

Can Tits please have his own signature like Vic? He's not on the same level of self-posting as she was, but he's getting there.

No. 802110

Yes please, it may remind him of his legal obligations.

No. 802156

File: 1556979163974.png (14.82 KB, 409x268, a701026b1c10944140afdcbe6da8fa…)

Tits should explain her Twitter follower count when he's saying the numbers are "impressive". God knows how far down their YouTube subscribers dropped, probably even more.

No. 802158

File: 1556979241610.png (24.38 KB, 365x393, affada70a0a8815331aec070d6277a…)

And Instagram

No. 802209

File: 1556995139219.jpg (240.47 KB, 1028x730, asdf.jpg)

holyy shit what is this eyeliner in the wednesday video. her makeup looks super rough earlier in the vid too. i think somebody's stylist quit

No. 802281

her wig looks awful here too. The hairline hardly looks natural

No. 802298

I have to give Tits this much credit: he chose his nom d'artiste accurately. He really sinks anyone around him and himself. Except unlike the ship, he keeps on hitting those icebergs as if it was a way to show the ocean whose boss.

No. 802318

Good lord this new ~ethereal~ glow stick lighting makes her look haggard as all hell. While the sterile plain backgrounds of 2016 Bubblebath/Poppy.Computer era Poppy were directly influenced by Computer Show the soft even lighting at least washed out the contours of her face and made her look a bit more youthful.

No. 802319

File: 1557024089966.png (65.59 KB, 739x602, u8ied4V.png)

No. 802324

Say what you want about Azealia's personality, but her music is far too good to be wasted on Poppy and Tits. This is such a waste and a downgrade.

No. 802359

Agreed. I understand azealia has beef with Grimes but this was a bad move on her part.

No. 802812

File: 1557208952910.png (89.03 KB, 386x666, Screen Shot 2019-05-06 at 11.0…)

Does anyone else feel like the Poppy.Church she is promoting feels so cult like? I guess that's the creepy weird aesthetic shes going for. the website linked to it looks weird, with a chat room and such

No. 802824

It’s intentional, because they’re just that ~spooky and deep~.

No. 802852

File: 1557233091442.png (29.93 KB, 343x211, Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 5.42…)

I tried signing up on the website for the heck of it. Is it really that exclusive?

No. 802856

No. It's plain old bs.

No. 802858

Some guy on the Opperman Report podcast talks about Poppy. He noticed the youtube view counts seem to be fixed.
Fairly amusing episode.

No. 803803

File: 1557413565304.jpg (856.82 KB, 1735x1088, ew.jpg)

these are little kids. thats so creepy

No. 806912

File: 1557855412103.png (234.46 KB, 1410x800, hjdfhjgfhgh.png)

shes lost SO much weight is she anorexic or some shit

No. 807088

I think her wig is on crooked again too. That corset is pretty nice though ngl.

I think the anon who made that "enter ana-chan" post ages back was onto something

No. 807095

Yeah, she's starting to look skeletal. IIRC even her fans on Reddit have been saying she's anorexic and that they hope she's doing okay. Looks like she isn't.

No. 807454

Tits, you read this thread? Get your girlfriend some help before she goes all Eugenia Cooney on us.

No. 807509

Act like Tits cares 1 bit about her health

No. 810711

File: 1558472624707.png (27.92 KB, 654x305, 4853fbcd1e6049b3826bde0f2e2317…)

Funny that "don't be weird" is coming from Tits

No. 813844

Moriah looks so tired and miserable. Is there any evidence to suggest that Tits is mistreating her?

No. 814227

Scary Mask has been leaked 20 hours before its official release.

No. 814857

its complete shit

No. 815223

sounds like x

No. 820633

File: 1560206504090.png (19.05 KB, 467x35, 2.png)

So I noticed this weird thing, and I'm pretty sure the leaked chat logs linked in the OP are fake?

< Here (from the leaked chat logs) Britt says that her ex boyfriend never would have done what Titanic did

No. 820634

File: 1560206528113.png (16.39 KB, 596x135, 1.png)

< But here (daily mail interview) Brittany says that Titanic was her first boyfriend. Meaning there could be no ex to talk about

No. 820680

Good catch, anon.

No. 820710

It's daily mail, though. They're a trash publication that always misquotes people.
The headline was even something like "I was YouTube's BIGGEST star", but I really doubt she actually said that, lmao.

No. 822224

Honestly if anything she might've said that tits was her first serious relationship or something along those lines, so we can't know for sure

No. 826214

File: 1561423371438.png (37.48 KB, 536x301, 4b3afa1377a56114591c4620c80303…)

Performing completely drunk? wtf?

No. 826290

File: 1561438546190.jpg (557.85 KB, 1254x1698, poppythinner.jpg)

Maybe she wasn't drunk, but has no stamina because the anorexia rumors are true. I remember reading she is vegan, so it could also be a sign of the same thing that happens to anorexics - exercising severe control over diet as a coping mechanism for anxiety. She's always been thin. But you can really see the change around her collar bones from thin to skeletal, and now even her eyes are sunken and her rounded cheeks are gone.

No. 826302

the difference doesnt look that drastic, especially for almost 5 years. her arms are still close to the same size and much of her figure hasnt changed other than a few facial features. anorexia will make you weak but it wont cause you to be bad at lipsyncing or put you in a perma-happy-land state, something needs to explain her entire performance flop. anons twitter cap makes her sound intoxicated on whatever as all fuck.

No. 826373

I see no difference. Her skinniness looks incredibly unnatural, but it has since 2015, so whatever ED or drug issue she has seems to be an ongoing low-grade thing. The difference in her face looks like normal aging for someone in their 20s.

It's possible that she's trying to keep her body exactly the same as it was back in 2015, which is also a kind of ED, but nothing that is going to have immediate negative effects.

No. 829007

File: 1561769836230.png (51.94 KB, 612x410, 1.png)

theyve been exposed for being fake vegans lmfao


No. 829008

File: 1561769864589.png (429.16 KB, 599x898, 2.png)

No. 829027

Her body looks no different really. She was only 20 in 2015, most people still have very rounded faces at that age, seems to me like she's just matured not gotten skinnier.

No. 829031

Yup, looks like aging to me. The body is more or less the same, her face is just hollowing out from the years passing.

No. 829040

Everyone’s saying they don’t see a difference which for the most part okay but look at her chest? The bones are clearly more pronounced

No. 829598

New song is out. It's awful, as always. No rythm, the music is awful, there's no MV and the editing looks like Tits made it with his feet.
Other than that the lyrics do make me feel a bit uneasy, I can't help but wonder if it's related to what's happening to Poppy IRL.

No. 829608

this might be a bit of a stretch, but with the release of poppys new ep, i think ive caught a few subtle nods to mars argo

the "all systems are go" part in choke isnt grammatically correct, as well as it being spoken to sound like "argo". it doesnt make sense in context of the lyrics, and i wouldnt put it past them to include her name just because they can

another of poppys songs, the holy mountain, seems to reference the song wasted away by mars argo:

"he told me that the human race was wasting away again" from the holy mountain, in comparison to wasting away, where the opening line states "im wasted away again"

i have no idea if this was intentional or not, but its just something i noticed lmao

obviously the lyrics of choke (and possibly scary mask) seem to be about titanic, and there seems to be speculation that voicemail is about mars argo as well. the entire ep leads me to believe that poppy is unhappy with tits (and hes probably abusing her too lmao)

also the songs just sound really bad lol why are they so bad at making music

No. 829659


‘All systems are go’ is an existing term, FYI.

No. 829665

I'm ngl the last two only seem to have a difference of expression and lighting, the lighter one is also filmed with a filter most likely.

No. 829722

File: 1561931432806.jpg (269.62 KB, 1280x720, Untitled.jpg)

Here we go again

No. 829728

look i hate them too and they copy everyone but this is such a reach. Plenty of people wear white dots on black fabric, it's not something they're "stealing".

No. 829867

File: 1561953321193.jpg (90.04 KB, 669x317, poppycopykaty.jpg)

lol, guess she also stole her hairstyle from Coolio and her earrings from Katy Perry.

…Wait, I thought I was joking, but those are the same earrings.

No. 836547

File: 1562959246967.png (65.85 KB, 605x559, firefox_KJZWNS3oUo.png)

Lmao they fucked up big at vidcon

No. 836550

File: 1562959272876.png (21.09 KB, 596x220, firefox_FnTWamAGuO.png)

No. 837780

So they get butthurt and bounce in the name of "how dare you do that to Poppy's fans" thereby leaving Poppy fans to spend the rest of the weekend there without Poppy? Typical Tits.

No. 840019

Sage because not that interesting, but it looks like Poppy and Tits aren't even trying to cover up the MA lawsuit anymore - Tits just retweeted a YouTube review of Poppy's Choke EP, and the video mentions Mars Argo and the lawsuit.

If anyone's curious, here's the video, and the lawsuit mention is at 1:12

It seems weird that Tits is openly endorsing and promoting content that mentions the legal drama. You'd think he would want to keep that stuff hidden so less people would know what a scumbag he is.

No. 840021

File: 1563487283402.png (14.46 KB, 594x157, a.png)

Sage because not that interesting, but it looks like Poppy and Tits aren't even trying to cover up the MA lawsuit anymore - Tits just retweeted a YouTube review of Poppy's Choke EP, and the video mentions Mars Argo and the lawsuit.

If anyone's curious, here's the video, and the lawsuit mention is at 1:12

It seems weird that Tits is openly endorsing and promoting content that mentions the legal drama. You'd think he would want to keep that stuff hidden so less people would know what a scumbag he is.

No. 842101

File: 1563782498086.jpeg (240.74 KB, 837x807, 56AAD654-0903-400C-B5BF-52C99B…)

Are the wigs just getting worse or what? From Vidcon apparently. Straight up looks like a cheap cosplay wig.

No. 842103

OP of this pic posted a vlog of it as well. Seems like she’s acting almost normal? Maybe she’s dropping the persona a lil bit? (Around 1:25)

No. 842112

File: 1563784373814.gif (1.24 MB, 400x293, 89F0CE3D-10E2-4BC7-815D-1E11A5…)

Sorry, last samefag I swear. I hadn’t gotten to the “concert” yet — it’s just her alone on stage DJing her own songs? and remixes? I implore you to watch her clapping at 4:45, she looks like a Sim

I feel so bad for the dude in this vlog tbh, in a “please love yourself, you can do so better than this” kind of way. It’s like she’s doing the bare minimum and he’s still losing his shit. He gets so excited that she PLAYS Lowife. Not performs it, plays it. My expectations are low for Poppy as someone who comes here to point and laugh, but this is just sad. Like, c’mon, your fans deserve better than whatever that shit was.

No. 842131

That was just the saddest concert ever lmao. The audience is also pretty quiet for most of it and honestly same… are you meant to sing along to someone PLAYING their songs?

No. 842168

The "concert" was dreadful, but made me wonder how much was vidcon's fault and how much was just her not being able to do her job.

No. 850135

File: 1565216033408.jpg (296.68 KB, 1280x720, Clean.jpg)

Another stolen merch item from Mars Argo. Now being sold for $30 on her website

No. 850249

i honestly dont see it. mars argo doesnt own xs for eyes or a white design on the color black. the mars argo logo is a ripoff of the nirvana logo anyway

No. 854430

I drew smiley's and other things with X's for eyes back in 2006 when I thought that was emo and edgy. That's a drawing cliche that's been around forever.

No. 864967


It is honestly disgusting how much poppy has changed her look in the last few months. since the lawsuit she literally does nothing the same. I do not understand how she can gloss over all of that stuff when she has become some "numetal" leather wearing chic. even her weird blair witch letters spelling out her name on her instagram are a far cry from the early days of Poppy/Coppy. she is so obviously a fraud.

No. 867413

Looks like Mars rereleased Internet Sessions on bandcamp. New stuff imminent?

No. 869908

File: 1568762871238.png (5.53 KB, 554x157, screenshot.png)

>>867413 Probably not, since this is how she replied when she was asked about new music on Tumblr the other day.

No. 886660

File: 1572447292611.jpg (42.16 KB, 600x466, hello-anyone-x8am8s.jpg)


No. 890410

not exactly news but this video on the Poppy v Mars case was posted a week ago and it has quite a bit of views and looking at the comments (and the video itself) they all seem to be on Mars's side
it's an interesting shift from the reaction she got last year that was mostly 50/50 but I guess they are less relevant now?
sage bc it isn't really milk

No. 895927

Am I the only one who thinks Mars Argo was probably 65% Titanic 35% Mars? No doubt he was an abusive asshole but all these people kissing Brittany's feet are delusional. I think both Titanic and Brittany are less than separately, and stronger together. Not that it's going to ever happen again. Computer show was an amalgam of Titanic's social commentary and Brittany's charisma and aesthetics. I don't fully believe her when she says the photography behind Mars Argo was her, as I've only seen evidence of Titanic being really into film making.(necro)

No. 895929

Also there's literally tons of footage with her directing him in a very specific way. IMO he kind of did create Brittany's character, but probably not all of it. Poppy is what you get with just Titanic's part. But what will we get with just Brittany's? I think she's cute and talented but I also think she lacks selflessness and the depth to create the content that Mars Argo used to put out. They weren't just bizarre, it was kawaii meets nihilism. What will happen when you take the nihilistic aspect out of the project? IMO she's going to look as lacking as Poppy does, but in a different way. A more shallow Mars Argo, probably a lot more generic pop-star poser.

No. 895947

Sage your redundant double posting newfag>>895927

No. 896045

apparently poppy and titanic have unfollowed each other on socials, has there been anything leading up to this? could be milky

No. 896088

No. They're trying to separate the Poppy brand from his as much as possible.

No. 896089

He's still in charge of the visuals and has writing credits on her newer material but yeah.
Same as it ever was.

No. 898739

Tits and Poppy finally broke up. About damn time.

No. 898780

post caps please

No. 898805

File: 1574938169537.jpeg (327.17 KB, 1242x1828, 06F9B478-7208-4809-A6A7-B03E32…)

Nta but she’s supposedly dating Ghostmane now. It’s all speculation for right now though.

No. 898806

File: 1574938190709.jpeg (370.33 KB, 1242x1848, 53C7F728-8D0A-4AD0-89EB-68D68F…)

No. 898807

File: 1574938225892.jpeg (345.73 KB, 1242x1834, 32D22FD0-3350-4FA1-B09C-43EEA4…)

No. 898948

tit tried to kill himself after the breakup lol
https://twitter.com/bartierpoppy/status/1200113000482582529(this is an imageboard)

No. 898972

Wtf when did poppy went full dark? Just checked the YouTube channel after such a long time and everything is so different

No. 898977

the ghostemane guy looks like a tryhard version of tits. poppy has a thing for abusive dicks.

>skipped work, spent 3 hours on the road, payed $120 on tickets just for Ghostemane to threaten he was going to shoot up the venue because his opener talked shit to the sound guy.


No. 898990

he always looks around six to eight minutes away from an OD too
at least Moriah doesn't have to worry about long term planning with this one

No. 899138

What a mess. She seems to be going for some heavy sound but the autotune makes her and the song sound horrible.

No. 899225

i kind of like poppy's new sound, sans the autotune. i feel like now that she's not working with titty anymore she could be redeemable.

No. 899595

File: 1575094252778.jpeg (280.21 KB, 1125x1002, 423BC7EC-540C-477A-A1AA-108153…)

Is he related to Tits? Same last name and Tits follows him on Instagram.

No. 899642

And in Saginaw, MI. I know that’s where Mars Argo and iirc TS grew up. So yeah, good chance.

No. 900621

File: 1575311892157.png (251.12 KB, 1256x1194, ghostemane.png)

ghostemane has confirmed to multiple people that he is now in a romantic relationship with poppy (screenshots via instagram).
jazmin bean, who has mutual friends with poppy, has stated that titanic sinclair is not working with poppy anymore: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B_-T6gg6i9s&feature=youtu.be

No. 900661

its like iamamiwhoami but bad

No. 900779

well at least poppy's free from titsin now… he was probably as fucked up to her as he was to mars, if not more so. i hope her new bf is actually decent.

how long til he finds another girl to skinwalk mars+poppy though?

No. 900821

this has been going around in circles on twitter + instagram, but i didn't think it was worth mentioning as nothing has been confirmed at the moment. but these pictures are from a few weeks ago - titanic has been spotted at a bar with blame candy, and a new young blonde girl, who he was seemingly flirting with. i believe a video was posted. but i only got these images. there's no proof that they're dating but it's very interesting considering his thing for blondes.

No. 900822

File: 1575344651801.jpg (24.94 KB, 476x762, 1.jpg)

wow, i'm an idiot. i forgot to attach the images.

No. 900823

File: 1575344679733.jpg (51.62 KB, 456x809, 2.jpg)

No. 900831

File: 1575345735400.jpeg (113.07 KB, 1080x1920, 46B90919-0F1C-4E32-B07D-3C909A…)

whoops, one more thing from ghostemane!

No. 901155

i know we don't like repzilla around here, but there's lots of new footage in there that i'm not sure what to do with tbh

No. 901224


Extremely brief summary for those of you who don’t wanna watch a 30 minute video from this knucklehead.

Josh contacted Rep directly to share his side of the story. With this, he provided video proof of Titanic’s wineglass incident in Mars’ house. There’s another video of him sweeping up the glass and going on some delusional rant about Børns but it’s not super milky, just embarrassing. Josh also provided more info on the case where Poppy accused him of abuse. Titanic and Poppy have weirdly different narratives for what happened. I saw some fans doing handwriting comparisons and it looks like there’s a chance Titanic faked her whole restraining order request so he could use her to back him up in court. Didn’t go well though, Poppy skipped all her court dates and he never utilized her statement in the hearing. She doesn’t even come up once. Josh also claimed he saw Poppy and Titanic having a heated argument outside of the court room. He contacted Rep to try and clear his name because Titanic has been contacting anyone he can to try and ruin Josh's reputation.

I’m in a bit of a hurry so sorry for anything worded weirdly.

No. 901295

File: 1575425388147.png (81.34 KB, 587x677, EK59RxpXYAAuAuZ.png)

She tweeted this and deleted it minutes later.

No. 901329

File: 1575428029973.png (298.4 KB, 730x422, gross.png)

>Josh contacted Rep directly to share his side of the story.
Børns is a notorious scumbag, so that's nothing new but what was his angle there? He was definitely at Vidcon with her >>842103 but she also seemed to be acting more normal there? I wonder when this all started falling apart. I wonder if Edwin is butthurt that Josh went to Repzilla instead of him.

I don't know this new dude, but he literally looks like one of those shitty tumblr "punk/goth edits" of Tits. I know we give Tits shit for having a type, but boy does Poppy have a type. And that type is….an inbred Malfoy who's never showered?

No. 901359

Ghostmane is fairly ugly, but Tits has one of those weird sloth faces.

No. 901467

File: 1575446513716.png (154.77 KB, 1276x772, kl.png)

Corey using the n-word in the middle of his cringy rant will always be the easiest way to shut down remaining Twitter stans.
Also, this part of the transcript was pretty funny.

No. 901489

Poppy is just a husk of a person who just goes along with whoever will help her career and be whatever she needs to be because she's too weak to make anything of herself on her own. Honestly because she's an average girl at best and mediocre at music, once you get past her facade of aesthetics. Which isn't hard because imo her persona is rather flimsy.

It's good to see her ditch Tits and her new music is slightly better, but now it looks like shes just traded for Ghostmane because he fits more with the style she's going for now and she wants to change her creative direction. But I feel like she herself isn't all that creative and she needs a team or a dude beside her to help with that.
She's been playing the "manufactured pop star" schtick that was meant to be satirical but also really trying to be, but she can't truly make it as a pop star because she just doesn't have "it".

No. 901648

does anyone else feel like these were written and posted by titanic? i swear he said that he ran her Twitter in a podcast or something at one point, and even if that’s not so, I doubt he’s never been on the account considering he clearly has a history with doing things on other people’s social media (such as blocking mars’s Facebook friends from her account). Everything was written in a really condescending tone that sounds more like titanic than poppy. It also doesn’t make a ton of sense why she would post a thread for clarification and then delete it minutes later if it were true and she stood by it

No. 904135

File: 1576003999625.jpeg (125.07 KB, 827x896, 6CCC298D-B934-4DD3-837C-430D50…)

poppy recently (today) posted this photo of herself and ghostemane on instagram in which she is brunette. this has led to speculation that titanic was the one forcing her to be blonde, as she hasn’t been seen in anything except a mars argo-esque blond for the 5+ years she and titanic had been together.

No. 904315

She look a million times better without a wig. Dumping Tits was a long time overdue.

No. 904340

I would love to know more about børns drama. This is obviously not the thread for it tho, does anyone know where some info is?

No. 904349

She looks ugly as a brunette.

No. 904351

she's naturally brunette

No. 904355

I know.

No. 904391

Can't stand Poppy or Tits, but this does warm my heart a lil. It's just nice to see she's making some attempt at regaining her autonomy. This feels like the biggest "fuck you" she could do to Tits (though I'm sure her hair was just absolutely wrecked anyways). Not that Mars would want anything to do with her, but I hope now that she's away from Tits maybe Poppy will come to terms with the part she played in all of that and try and be less of a shitty person. At the very least she owes Mars an apology.

Completely unrelated but that Santa having a giant belt buckle that says "Believe" made me chuckle.

Not sure if I think she's ugly necessarily, but I do think the blonde worked well for her (actual hair, not that god awful party city wig). Not every brunette can go blonde and pull it off. I think the brunette just makes her look….boring? Like I think she has such a boring face (not necessarily bad) that the blonde gave her at least some noticeable striking feature. I wonder if she went dark to match her new bf's hair though? The same way she and Tits had the same hair? V single white female of her.

No. 904454

poppy has also removed all of tit’s directing credits from most of her music videos and regular videos (all the 2019 ones, most from 2018 + previous). i wonder how much was titanic’s work and how much was actually poppy’s doing with titanic riding the coattails and taking undeserved credit.
i honestly think she'll say something about all this soon. the brown hair is huge considering she hasn’t broken character or admitted to being anyone except “poppy” in years. she’s now being herself and being more open about her life (posting about her new hair, her new boyfriend, etc) instead of hiding her identity to be titty’s mars knockoff.
there’s a lot of speculation on social media that titanic was in a 5 year contract with poppy and that she was obligated to not break character because of this. it is interesting that her first video collaboration with titanic had its 5 year anniversary just days before she dropped titanic for good. maybe now she’s finally allowed to do her own thing, we’ll be seeing more of the real her in the future.

No. 904490

her boyfriend legit looks like an insomniac version of tits

No. 905412

Omg haha. >>797762 was me, I had no idea my comment led to Tits himself replying! I rarely check this thread and don't lurk a whole lot on this site. I came here after hearing Poppy finally broke free of that asshole. I can't believe I personally triggered him so much. I really needed this today. I know it's been several months, but thanks, Corey! You owe an apology to the entire rat species for looking like them.

Needless to say, I'm thrilled he'll promptly be fading into irrelevancy. I hope Poppy comes around and makes a statement one day about her experience with Titanic. I am sure she will have one hell of a story to tell when she is ready to tell it.

No. 906662

Are you serious? Titanic made Poppy. I'm excited to see Poppy run her brand to the ground. She isn't very pretty, she isn't very talented, she is just average. Tit pushed him to stardom with his art direction.

No. 906696

Tits is nothing but a brainless cokehead

No. 906891

hi titanic(hi cow)

No. 911014

File: 1577561696634.png (3.91 MB, 4800x3600, poppystatement.png)

Poppy has made a statement. From her Insta story + official Twitter account

No. 911034

christmas came a couple days late but fuck the milk is rich and creamy. will 2020 be the year titanic finally drops off the face of the fucking planet?

No. 911056

Here's hoping, but I feel like he's already casting about for a Mars Argo 3.0 to slot into his minimal template

No. 911111

There's no way his next "project" will find any success after this. His name is literally blacklisted from Holywood at this point. Nobody wants to work with him.

No. 911141

Poppy is so well known that this simply won't work to reproduce it a third time. It only worked with Mars because not a lot of people knew what he was replicating.

No. 911149

I mean, there's not a doubt in my mind that Tits was fucking with her the same way he did Mars but this statement is still so….underwhelming? like it feels like she can't make up her mind on what her excuse is
>He wasn't a puppeteer no way no how but also I was trapped and manipulated and brainwashed into excusing his actions
>I defended him and justified his terrible actions but I wasn't an accomplice
>I was a person who was abused and manipulated just like his other victims, but I'm not a victim
>He's not a puppeteer but he's been manipulating girls for years and is about to grab another one
>I wasn't an accomplice because I was also a victim
Those aren't mutually exclusive concepts? You can be both at the same time? Just because you didn't help him murder the person doesn't mean you weren't manipulated into helping hide the body, and it doesn't mean you stopped him from dressing you up in the dead body's clothes and "Weekend at Bernies"-ing you around in it's place hoping no one would notice.

Also this still feels really shady to Mars? Like, she's trying to piggyback off of Mars' story and use her as proof for her own claims but she still won't even use her name? Calling her "echos from the past" and "one of his former partners" is still taking away agency and identity from her in this whole ordeal that Poppy played a huge part in.
>echos from his past too loud to ignore
translation: omg his crazy ex was sooo obsessed with him she wouldn't shutup, you know the one so I'm not even gonna say it because she's not relevant anymore
>I was trapped in a mess that I needed to dig my way out of - and like I always do, I figured out how to handle it"
translation: "Of course I figured out how to deal with it, unlike some people
>I am not a weak victim"
translation: I'm not like his other victims, I'm not gonna whine about it all the way to court

It's like she's trying to say "Yeah I was a victim but only because I was young and believed in him because I have a good heart, I was in control the whole time no really not like you-know-who". She's still young though (24) so maybe by the time she's had to deal with the repercussions of years of post-Tits stress disorder like Mars has (31?) she'll realize how shitty and immature she's been.

I don't feel like this cleared up any "misinformation about her character", I think this just proved she's kind of a bitch with or without Tits. Especially
>he's moving on to my former friends
but she doesn't say "I'm worried for them/he needs to be stopped/I need to help them/I don't want this to happen to anyone else even 'former' friends", she says "just figure it out like I did, I'm happy now tho so don't @ me bye"

No. 911156

I think she woke up and realised hat as the public face of this, she could throw him under the bus and take that image and name with her. she's totally fence-sitting though. I don't think either of them are going to succeed after this break - unless she has some incredible producer and deal already lined up, that is.

No. 911169

>>911149 i agree with you, but i do want to mention a few things -

i believe, by the “puppeteer” comment, she meant that he was not the mastermind behind poppy. she mentioned something similar in an interview recently afaik, saying that it seems like titanic is the one who invented and brainstormed all the music and video concepts, but that it’s actually 50/50. i don’t think she meant he wasn’t manipulative, just that he’s not the talent behind her art, since the rest of the paragraph surrounding the puppeteer comment was about how titanic makes him out to be more talented and greater than he actually is.

a lot of people have said that poppy was not abused or manipulated by titanic at all and that she was with him, not because she was forced to be, but because she was an accomplice for the fun of it. this is, in my opinion what the accomplice thing is in reference to. yes she helped his actions but she is seemingly stating that she didn’t do it willingly or for her own enjoyment like people claim. i’ve heard a lot of things over the past few months about him being really emotionally abusive to her, and while most of it is just rumors/gossip, everything i’ve heard from people seems to back up her statement. i know people who knew titanic and nothing they’ve said made it seem like his relationship with poppy was at all healthy. i’m sure she was complicit in the mars thing and she should definitely be held accountable for what she did, but i also think titanic can be really manipulative and i don’t know if she would have done any of it without his influence.

also the reason she didn’t refer to mars by name is because she’s legally not allowed to, due to the lawsuit settlement, where mars, poppy, and titanic are legally not allowed to talk about/to each other publicly or privately. this is as close as she can get to a statement or apology for the mars situation without violating the settlement.

i agree overall that her statement was very weak and she came across as very bitchy.

No. 911210

is poppy anorexic? she's been looking very thin lately

No. 911218

>>911210 she uses a ton of drugs which probably helps her lose weight

No. 911258


This. She isn't being genuine at all. She basically copied Mars' statement, then tried to exploit the rumors while at the same time trying to make herself look good and aired some dirt on the guy to bury him even more (notice how Mars didn't do this. "oh look, he glorifies suicide what a sicko", what the fuck does that have to do with anything?). She clearly wanted to distance herself from his bad public image while taking the brand and making herself look like she actually had a hand in their work. Plus she did all this shit after getting a new boyfriend.

I don't buy this shit for a second. Titanic made her, she has zero talent, she was knowingly complicit in everything. She sounds like a bitch, I bet her career is going to take a deep dive after this.

No. 911259

She's avoiding using the names so it can't be called slander and be stuck in a boring court case with Tits

Even using Mars' name would be a direct tie to him. I don't blame her for how this was phrased

No. 911275


And manipulative. She comes off as trying to jump on the #metoo bandwagon to exploit it for her own benefit by hinting that she was "young" and was made into an accomplice unknowingly by this bad manipulative white man. But at the same time, she's such an egotistic bitch that she can't help herself and at the same time says tits isn't actually talented and that she was really involved in the creation of the content lmao its like pick a lane lady, you are either a gullible victim or his equal. You can't be below and on top at the same time.

No. 911289


No. 911345

File: 1577648481684.png (339.79 KB, 500x499, poops.png)

>yes she helped his actions but she is seemingly stating that she didn’t do it willingly or for her own enjoyment like people claim
I don't really know what difference that makes here. There's a big difference between "I know what I did was wrong but I was in a bad situation and I'm sorry" and "I didn't do anything wrong, I didn't have anything to do with it". The problem isn't wether or not she was manipulated (which I'm sure she was), the problem is she still won't acknowledge that what she did was wrong even when she's trying to use how wrong it was prove her point about how she was also wronged. Even if she didn't enjoy it, she still benefitted immensely for it.

Besides, if the she's claiming the creative partnership was 50/50 then she's also admitting she's as guilty as Tits was in the ripping off of Mars. Which one is it Poppy? Did you have nothing to do with what happened with Mars, or did you contribute just as much "creatively" as Tits did? Because those are contradictory ideas, and "50/50" for sure makes you an accomplice in that. Just fucking make up your mind on what your story is, because this aint it.

>this is as close as she can get to a statement or apology for the mars situation without violating the settlement
>I don't blame her for how this was phrased
I do, I think that's what makes it even worse. She's going nearly as far as violating the terms of the settlement for a statement for the purpose of shading Mars. She could literally just say "I regret my actions and I apologize to those I've hurt" or "Titanic had a history of abusing/manipulating women, what happened to me was no different" and we would all know who she was talking about. There's a million ways she could have phrased this that would convey the information where she would be miles away from violating the settlement. Instead she's running up to the electric fence with Mars on the other side and screaming "to whom it may concern but especially Titanic's "former partners" who were "too loud to ignore" I did nothing wrong and I'm not a "weak victim" like you were!". I wouldn't be surprised if she gets a call from her lawyer.

No. 911348

>>911345 yeah you're right, i wasn't trying to defend her or argue her statement was reasonable, i was just trying to interpret what she meant. i think she should have apologized or said something along the lines of what you said, but she's too proud to ever admit that she made a mistake or even call herself a victim. i don't know if she's a bad person and i know titanic must have affected her a lot considering everything i've heard about him, but poppy seems really manipulative and egotistical.

No. 911398

File: 1577657292191.png (353.36 KB, 598x554, tits.png)

I mean, honestly I feel like what you said about her saying it's 50/50 (I'm assuming you're >>911169 ) kind of explains it? If she was really contributing just as much to "Poppy" then Mars was effectively going after her just as much as she was Titanic in that suit (well, 60/40 maybe). Wether or not that was Mars' perspective? Who knows. I would guess she just thought she was going after Tits with Poppy as evidence.

I think she thinks she's making a bold powerful statement by saying Titanic wasn't the mastermind, but really she's just incriminating herself. iirc from the suit, Mars said the reason she up and disappeared was because she was afraid of Tits and didn't want him to be able to find her or stalk her online. Moriah probably thinks she's "stronger" than Mars for not "running away", but she also has way more of a leg up than Mars did because Mars paved that way for her. She has more resources and is more famous now than Mars was then, and I don't think she experienced the level of abuse Mars did.

I mean ffs how do you "misunderstand" a dude showing up at his ex's house and smashing her things and breaking into her apartment multiple times and threatening her? I don't believe she really thought he was just "misunderstood because she was young", I think she saw what Titanic was and weighed the pros and cons and decided that fame was more important. And I think the consideration was "This seems like a bad dude who may be a danger to me, is it worth it? Yeah probably", I don't think "believing Mars" or "supporting women and abuse victims" was ever a factor to her (and still isn't clearly, because she doesn't seem to be all that concerned about her "former friends" being take on).

She really benefitted more than anyone in this ordeal by just ignoring his behavior. For all her talk of his manipulation she seems equally as miffed at Mars for not keeping quiet, probably because it made her job of ignoring his behavior that much harder. She's only mad about the abuse because it happened to her, she doesn't care about past or future victims because she's excited to move forward!

No. 911425

> he's only mad about the abuse because it happened to her, she doesn't care about past or future victims because she's excited to move forward!

I really doubt she was manipulated. She was 100% in on it. She's trying to play the victim to ruin his rep, kick him out of the brand, distance herself and take it all for herself. I'd wager she cheated on titanic with ghostemane too. Total bitch. Not that Tits is an angel or anything, but they are all fucking rotten… at least he's talented. Moriah? Pft, IMO her career is over.

No. 911431

File: 1577662186061.png (4.54 MB, 1242x2688, 1EAD3AC2-6DBF-4632-8581-91448F…)

Corey's alleged brother is doing an AMA on Reddit about things relating to Tits/Poppy/Mars.

No. 911437

Either his brother is just as off the rocker as he is, or Corey is helping him write these.
He calls poppy one of the worst people he has ever met and really hints that if there was any abuse it was mutual/was just normal couple fights, Corey probably begged him to defend his good name.

No. 911440

File: 1577663855463.gif (11.85 MB, 600x394, tits gets his ass beat.gif)

>My brother and I have been in screaming matches growing up and we never once got physical. Brittany is like 5'2" and I don't give a shit how drunk Corey gets, he wouldn't do that.
I have no trouble that a man who apparently grew up having regular screaming matches would beat his physically smaller girlfriend. Another dude would beat his ass and he knows it. Pic related. Fuck you Alex.

No. 911441

File: 1577663935138.png (336.45 KB, 846x980, untitled.png)

Brother is trying really hard to defend Corey in the reddit AMA

No. 911444

File: 1577664655301.png (138.77 KB, 811x468, MAGA ARGO.png)

"she particularly hated Mexicans" actually made me laugh. I don't believe this dude for a second, but it's definitely amusing.

No. 911451

Oof. It's too bad he couldn't be less biased. Thet would have been better than someone just trying to prop Tits up.

The only things I believe from what he said is that I'm sure Brittany was also a toxic person. But not nearly as bad as Tits. And I don't think she is as horrible as he and his bro want people to think. I don't feel like she wanted fame, that's more up Tits alley. And not necessarily fame in the "rich" way, just blowing up his so edgy ego. In the MA case I believe the project was creatively more shared, but Tits dominating. And their relationship was probably toxic, again, with Tits being dominate in that aspect as well. They were younger and it was a different scenario, so while his shit isn't excusable it was a bit more understandable. Whereas with Poppy, you can tell she's just a bitch and they were probs both Toxic af with eachother by the end of it but when she says she wasn't a victim in it, I totally see that. I can see her riding the toxicity to get further and just to fuck around. Almost like it was fun for her if you know what I mean. Then after the lawsuit and shit she probs just got bored and done with Tits and thinks she can just take the Poppy shit and run with it on her own now that Tits built her up.

Which leads me to…
The only other thing that rings true is that Tits made Poppy. I full on fucking believe that. Poppy was very average and Tits used his leftover shit from MA to boost her. But in all reality Poppy isn't really that good lmao. He did get her to where she is and yet she wants to act like she did it mostly herself and shit. But in reality the project itself didn't get big fame so have fun with that Moriah. Either of them can take the credit for the Poppy thing but it ain't much to begin with kek.

No. 911453

File: 1577665078208.png (134.88 KB, 889x449, totesnottite.png)

they're all fame hungry!!111!! titanic just acts abusive because he got too into his character!!!

Why do men think all women are just conniving witches waiting for the prime opportunity to accuse any unfortunate male that crosses their path of horrid deeds?

No. 911457

He talks a lot about abuse/toxic behavior bringing out toxic behavior in others in many of his responses, and I suspect Tits to be the type to bring that out in others.

No. 911460

it'a so funny when people claim someone was fame hungry and that person is nowhere to be found and the person they are defending is still clamoring and clawing for fame.

sure, buddy. pull the other one.

No. 911461

No doubt they're both off their rockers but
>He calls poppy one of the worst people he has ever met
eh, there might be some truth there

No. 911472

>I don't feel like she wanted fame, that's more up Tits alley.
yeah, if she wanted fame that badly there are all kinds of things she could have been doing for attention over the last few years, but she's stayed almost completely quiet. Her stans were absolutely gagging for new content pre lawsuit. They probably still are. This man has absolutely no self awareness.

No. 911477

"Alexander" just deleted his account.

No. 911483

File: 1577669076661.png (32.9 KB, 1225x75, borns.png)

>The part where he was trashing Borns, man that was hard to watch
>Corey discovered Borns
Wait ???? Is he trying to brag on Corey's involvement with Borns? He's using Borns as evidence Tiddie is a good boy? Discovering literal sex crim Borns? Of course when you hate women as much as they clearly do, of course you'd find it much more offensive that Borns fired one man than Borns grooming and abusing multiple underage girls.

>Borns took off, he dropped everyone

>Poppy is doing the same thing right now
Her peak was a few years ago, she's just been on a boring downward trajectory ever since. If she was going to drop him when she made it, that should have been years ago? If she's really just shed Poppy persona and fired everyone out of nowhere, sounds more like she's just had a mental break (probably from you know, working in close quarters with someone for years who thinks he can "decode" and "make" an ideal woman. But guys he abuses women IRONICALLY because he hates the industry of course, it's too meta you don't get it).

So according to him when two women want to become "pop stars" (a career probably 90% of people secretly want) they're heinous bloodthirsty users, but when a man is obsessed with "making" a pop star (a hobby I would only associate with money-hungry power executives trying to groom young women and turn them profit centers) it's just….uwu ironic art?

>The reason the projects are so similar is because it's the same guy doing both projects

Ah, well clearly this is where the breakdown is. He doesn't understand that they're people and not "projects"? He's acting like we're talking about two movies directed by the same guy, and not actual living breathing human beings having their lives manipulated by Titanic to fit his ideal vision.

>I've always wanted to say something about it but I stayed out of it

>and she found in necessary to publicly announce the suicide attempt
Ok so…why didn't he say anything when Tits threatened suicide with Mars? Cause that was public knowledge. If he was messaging multiple fans about it beforehand, then he literally "announced" it himself??

No. 911484

The whole AMA was deleted. It's almost like it was a bunch of bullshit and probably violated the protection order Brittany got against them. Isn't her dad an attorney?

And that shit about the wine glass incident just being pictures from a break-in is easily disproven by the fact that there's video of him breaking the glasses.

No. 911490

Obviously it's stupid to say Tits did not break the wine glass.

But to play devils advocate, no one but Tits and Brit know the context. I'm sure it was him being a psycho, but we don't really know.

Tits is definitely the toxic manipulator that brings out bad shit in others. Brit and him probably did fight a lot. I think with him and Poppy it was more of a toxicity high where they maybe even enjoyed being petty and shitty together because they're both bitchy lmao.

Funny he deleted the thread. It was so much biased bullshit. Entertaining though. Too bad. Not really sure what the point was anyway. Tits has been sunk. There's no saving his name.

No. 911492

>>911483 i'm one of the people who spread the info about titanic's suicide attempt back in october. one of the fans he messaged about it was a former friend of mine, and i'm one of the first people they told about it. it's been public information since october. the rumors spread like wildfire and then the screenshots leaked publicly. that's also around the time i started hearing rumors of emotional abuse. nothing in poppy's statement was news to me, nor the rest of the fanbase.

"alex" is acting like poppy leaked all this private info that no one had any idea about beforehand, but everything had been public info since october at the latest. btw alex is either titanic himself using a pic of his brother, or alex is on just as much crack as tittyboy himself lmao