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File: 1573211538969.jpg (27.63 KB, 413x299, g7rvoswfxxaqf2qfgys2a4mnjbc2ig…)

No. 481484

Old thread >>443618
A thread to collect topics/things that absolutely or mildly annoy you. Express your anger ladies.

Ex.Extreme nitpicks, anachans vs fattychans going at it, insecure farmers shitting up threads because tiddys were mentioned, you get the gist.

No. 481491

I hate that the main points in advocating small tits is just shit talking big tits. It's always basically like this:

>Man I hate my small tits

>Don't worry, big tits will get saggy and disgusting, they have back problems and get boob sweat haha
>Yea u right

I don't see that justification used anywhere else. Do women lamenting their big tits get the replies "at least you never feel less of a woman because you have a flat chest"? No, it's stuff like at least you'll always have a lot of attention (yay.) or at least you can fill out a dress. Women who are overwieght never get the replies "at least you're not a fucking skeleton" and vice versa.

Maybe I'm seeing it biased but I alwys want to say "thanks dipshit" to guy who wax lyrical about how big tits are just the wooooorst, like fuck off.

No. 481492

cows mad

No. 481498

I feel bad for like 98% of the people where because it's not even real milk at this point, just gross and obvious vendettas!

No. 481500

File: 1573218588407.jpg (180.78 KB, 866x1390, christina-hendricks-elle-fanni…)

You would be bitter too if you ever got brutally mogged like this.

No. 481501

People who call everything "incelcore" or "something an incel would like" drives me nuts usually more than actual incels. It's become a lazy, cliched buzzword

No. 481502

Lol. The horror of having to stand next to someone. Thinking the nasty shit nasty people say online defines your reality.
I'm not even that anon but who cares?

No. 481508

I hate that too. You can make someone feel better without shittalking an entire group. Whatever, I'm not going to get upset over that but it is annoying.

I feel like having big tits you're seen more of an object so it makes it easier for others to shittalk you while women that are lacking in that department kind invoke that feeling in others to protect. I'm not going to say childish but they're considered more princessy and ethereal. I'm not sure if that makes sense. That's just my take.

No. 481512

The registration office at the college I go to never answers phone calls or messages.

No. 481514

They're both cute though.

I think it's either princessy/ethereal or we're seen as more masculine if we're big on top of it (not fat, but with a large frame and maybe muscle). Which of course also means more personhood to men.

That said, I've never had anyone put down big tits to make me feel better. It's usually "flat is also good." Perhaps that's what I get for being the masculine type flatty lol. Only the petite girls get men roasting busty women.

No. 481516

Ntayrt but I think it's because others assume that if someone has a "mature" body that they don't need any emotional protection. People are a lot more harsh and judgy, and ultimately assume the "developed" person can handle themselves.

No. 481526

Because big tits are kind of an illusion, they look great in clothes and for a short amount of time, but they ALWAYS look sadder naked and even worst with age.

No. 481528

Christina Hendricks is a goddess though, with or without the boobs Elle just doesn't measure up.

No. 481529

Its not just boobs that sag with age, literally every inch of your body will be wrinkly and saggy when you age.

No. 481534

True, it's just more dramatic with boobs because they are literally just bags of fat. What are big sexy boobs on a young woman will 100% be dramatically more saggy around 40 yrs old.

No. 481535

Yeah, I mean it's usually some reddit scrote that I see when I encounter this, only thinking about what his dick likes best. Sometimes it's salty flat chested women too.

I think petite flat chested women can look very faerie like, as a teen I used to be really into that look but no way could I pull it off, or anything lolita or cute tbh.

I remember being 17 with my E cups and being SO worried that in 5 years they'd look like shit and saggy as fuck. But I'm nearing 30 and honestly they still look similar, no visible sagging yet but I still hate them and feel regarded as a sexual woman first, human second.

Well, once I've saved enough I'll be getting a breast reduction and live the best of both worlds.

No. 481537

I have dd cups and have lost and gained weight with my boobs never sagging too much. They look nothing like fake boobs and have some faded stretchmarks but they're far from some hideous monstrosity.

No. 481548

You realize flat chested doesn't mean someone will have the bodytype of an uwu delicate flower? How are the barrelchested, broad, average weighted women with small chests supposed to feel? Nobody can say anything positive about that.

No. 481549

she said petite flat chested, anon, stop projecting.

No. 481551

>barrelchested, broad, average weighted women with small chests
We're built to lift and be powerful, anon. No tiddies in the way and our base strength is already decent.

Just obtain a bf/gf who likes being tossed around. Or one who likes dominating beefy women. Whatever you're into.

No. 481553

Why are you so concerned about how others feel about your - or other's - tits ?
Flat chest means better range of move, more upper body strength, it's easier to handle. Plus you don't need bras even when running. Being broad means more strength, less real and/or perceived fragility. That's very positive to me.

No. 481556

Where do you find guys shorter than 6 feet. I'm tall 5'9 and I don't think I've met a guy shorter than me.

No. 481562

I hate the way being a 'self taught artist' is used. Being a STA is usually means 'I didn't go to an art college, but I did practice fundamentals through books and online courses". The annoying thing is I see a shit ton of kids thinking a STA is "I just draw. Google a pintrest tutorial sometimes. i watched lavandertowne when I was stuck once". Both are valid, and I can see were the confusion came from, but the problem is the latter group things they're going to get the results of the former. If you every try to imply maybe they wont become Da Vinci through aimlessly doodling they just cover their ears and say "x good artist was self taught!'
I also dislike "you're still a good artist if you take breaks! Burnout is real!" tweets because it was aimed at concept art wageslaves, but we all know it's the 'I confuse being bored or mild frustration with burnout' zoomers who take the advice.
I don't hate any of these groups though because I was one of them. I see a bunch of young artist falling into these traps and I just want to shake them and scream about how art requires discipline not inspiration and how they're heading towards the path of eternal stagnation

No. 481563

Depends on where you live.
In North America the average for men is around your height. And men of certain races (Asian (South and South East especially), Latino, some particular Indigenous ethnicities) tend to be on the smaller side. I have a few quite short male friends (from 5'2"-5'4") and they're all desi.
t. manlet chaser

No. 481566

File: 1573239663391.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 54.05 KB, 800x998, 096C97ED-9668-4AE2-B359-2F3730…)

Why do the “women” on here pick on other women’s appearance like incels… It reeks of low self-esteem.

No. 481567

My tits are smaller than an a cup and i love/hate them. I love them for reasons mentioned, I haven't worn a bra since 9th grade and I can run very comfortably, range of motion etc. I just hate looking like a 10 year old sometimes. Like speedbumps. No cleavage what so ever. I guess if you dress right it's ok but I never feel like a "fairy" or "elegant" because of my boobs I just feel like a prepubescent child lmfao. However I also realize and appreciate that men are much less likely to think of my as an object. As much as my confidence suffers sometimes I don't think I would trade them for bigger.

No. 481572

That's men defined version of elegancy. Big tits don't exist in nature except for cows (not saying big chested women looks like cows, just that big boobs doesn't make the female).
Grow pecs and you won't feel like a child.
Women complaining about their small tits is what's really annoying imo, it's catering to disgusting male standards about us.

No. 481573

You answered your own question. Have you read any post on here that didn’t reek of low self esteem? It’s the lifeblood of this board, especially.

No. 481574

Don't your nipples get visible when you're not wearing a bra? That's the main reason for me wearing one. I don't think women should have to hide their nipples but men creep me out with their comments

No. 481577

Not that anon but just wear a tight tank top under your shirt and they shouldn't be visible, or just slightly.

No. 481578

i hate everyone on the site who thinks they're woke as hecc.

No. 481579

None o these anons but if I wear tank tops that are too light then it doesn't hide anything (might be because of my skin color? idk) and if they're dark enough they'll be visible through my clothes and I'll look like a clown. It seems to depend on the quality of your clothes but wherever I buy anything I'd say 95% of the tops I find are a bit see-through at best.

No. 481580

people are talking about hiding the shape not the color.

No. 481583

Definitely a clothing quality issue. If you expand a good quality cotton tissue and put a hand behind it you won't see it. That's how I test for tissue quality. Now if you're super dark and test for white tissue, then I don't know.
Almost every company make shit quality products in general nowadays, no matter how expensive…

No. 481599

File: 1573248718514.png (143.67 KB, 684x606, incelwave.png)

I'm pretty sure incelcore is like it's own type of music genre now. There's tons of them on youtube and soundcloud uploading their own songs they wrote about hating roasties and being lonely and referencing 4chan/r9k memes.

No. 481603

Small tits are cute af
and yeah I hate how whenever people say “THIS can be sexy too” it requires them to put down the alternative ex: shitty Facebook memes of “Thicc ladies do it better Skinny bitches are gross” why can’t we just accept that literally anyone can be hot?

No. 481606

Im going to sound like an incel, but I low-key like some of their music. Most of the lyrics are trash, but I like the vocal style. I also find some of Chad Marcos stuff relatable

No. 481623

breastlets are just bitter and gotta cope

No. 481626

Why the fuck does America call coriander cilantro for no reason?

No. 481633

It was an anon who brought up the "ethereal and fairylike" aspect of small chests, which is why I was discussing it. And yes, I agree its mostly a men-defined thing, but as a lesbian I dont give a shit what men think of me lol. I'm more insecure of people not taking me seriously or at a glace thinking im like 17 years old. I wear a lot of graphic tees and hoodies, so my wardrobe is definitely a contributing factor lmao. But I like the stuff I wear and hate that I'd have to change that just to appear as more "adultlike" due to the fact I dont have a bust line at all. There was a shirt I was going to buy, I wanted it soo bad, but I realized it would seriously make me look like a child because of the way it would sit on my body compared to the clothing model, even though the model had a relatively small bust size. I really wish there were more clothing options that were my style but made for smaller busted women.
Also please read: "However I also realize and appreciate that men are much less likely to think of me as an object"
"I dont think I would trade them in for bigger"
I am insecure about them at times, sure, but what part of that is "catering to disgusting male standards about us"? I thought I made it pretty clear I'm glad to have small tits for the exact reason men wont pay as much attention to me.
>>481574 The color, never. I typically wear thicker clothing material so its not too bad. Where I live where its cold about 9 months out of the year so I wear a lot of sweaters, hoodies, and things like that. I never worry or even think about it though honestly. I wear whatever I want really, as long as its not fishnets or something realllyy thin. If it is thin, I have thin croptops/cami things I just wear underneath. I've never even been spoken to about it, even in highschool where you might expect to get in trouble/made of of for it so idk. I think its a lot more popular these days and the shock value has gone down or something. That and I dont have a chest that draws male attention in the first place, so its a little easier for me to fly under the radar when it comes to people raising a ruckus about being inappropriate or slutty.

No. 481634

>when anon obviously has never used another imageboard before
>newfags with slightly obnoxious typing style but aren't breaking any rules ('rly' 'sth' ellipsis etc)
>'lol im drunk/high posting rn'
>posts with milk or oc overlooked in favor of a dumb post because anons want to reach for low hanging fruit
>farmers spoonfeeding newfags instead of telling them to lurk more

No. 481639

>'lol im drunk/high posting rn'
Fucking agreed. At least there is (kind of) a containment board for drunkposters

No. 481642


>Cilantro is the Spanish word for coriander, also deriving from coriandrum. It is the common term in North American English for coriander leaves, due to their extensive use in Mexican cuisine.

t. wikipedia

it's stupid as fuck though, it'll always be coriander to me. that's even the latin name ffs

No. 481649

Well.. im entirely irrational then.
Guess I’ll die mad about it. Cilantro sounds dumb.

No. 481659

because just like the imperial system, we want to be different and piss off the rest of the world into confusion

No. 481660

I got three cookies from subway on the way home, one for my bf and one for me, but after eating mine I realised there's only his left. I payed for three fucking cookies, I wanted one for breakfast. Call this a first world problem but I feel so disappointed

No. 481671

My tangentially related first world problem is that multiple subway cookies are actually cheaper than getting one cookie, half the time they give me two even if I ask for one. So I end up getting extra and cannot resist stuffing my face with them, and they're 200+ calories each smh.

No. 481848

>Entitled gamers were caused by them being abused by companys
I don't get gamers. So the company left a sassy response who cares?

No. 481860

I despise men that use muh Asperger's as an excuse for being a dickhead.
Being on the spectrum doesn't make you call other people retarded and act like an entitled genius snow flake. Fuck them for using their disability to abuse people.

No. 481883

I have seen it the other way around before. But that's just what people do with everything.

Like if someone doesn't like being tall they'll say "at least you're not a stubby midget". If someone doesn't like being short they'll say "at least you're not a masculine giantess" etc.

I hate how so many people think that to give a compliment you have to put other people down. I try not to do that.

No. 481884

the kicker is that men don't even need to have autism to do that. there's always the "boys will be boys" excuse.

autism though is a scapegoat for everything, and autistic people (or autistic men at least) get lots of free passes.

No. 481941

I had a karen moment and I don't fucking regret it

No. 481942

My dad talks in this stupid ass way.
So dad what are you doing?
>Hmmm? well
What are you doing?
>Oh, I'm just making some soup!
He literal forgets you asked a question and you have to re ask him that. this isn't some 'oh no he's going senile thing' He's been like this since I was fucking 9. He's also had a chronic cough and stupid health anxiety me things its lung cancer

No. 481945

Imagine bragging you got family guy on your side and saying it's portrait of millennials is like looking at a mirror

No. 481973

Omg my mum does the exact same thing. She just trails off and stops talking and stares into space. When it's not funny it's just plain irritating

No. 481974

i hate plasticandproud. her recent post about “wishing she could give her psoriasis to a baby” just so she wouldn’t have it was the last straw. she’s just fucking pathetic, man.

No. 482035

God I agree with all of these. Especially the drunk/highposting bitches seem like those kids that just hit 18 and think getting hammered is the coolest thing they could do and want everyone else to applaud their cringey maturity rite as well.
>posts with milk or oc overlooked in favor of a dumb post because anons want to reach for low hanging fruit
This too. Momokun threads used to be contaminated with this bullshit just before she grew up and closed the milk tap. People overlooked actual milk people brought in just to sperg about baseless pedo accusations, tax evasion tinfoiling and how fat she is. I remember some anon outright saying that she's only interested in shitty nitpicking because it's "fun" and the actual milk is "boring cosplay milk". Then why the fuck are you following a thread about a cosplayer? Bratty newfags ruin every thread, their cowtipping was the reason her twitter got deleted and the milk went dry.

No. 482081

>ok boomer
>ok boomer
>ok boomer
>ok boomer
>ok boomer
>ok boomer

God I wish this meme would die

No. 482085

I'm not one to speak for Junji, but imagine you're one of the most iconic artist of your era and being dragged to some random building to watch this shit.

No. 482088

like why

No. 482089

Yes please. I'm glad other people agree. I've seen so many people just use it to try to insult someone who doesn't agree with them. It's a plague in the ex-tumblurites turned anitwitter circles.

No. 482092

File: 1573401824542.jpg (83.91 KB, 636x562, 1573086163581.jpg)

>I've seen so many people just use it to try to insult someone who doesn't agree with them
pic related

No. 482094

Ugh absolutely, another lazy cliche buzzword to throw around when you don't have a good argument. 90% of the time it doesn't even make sense. I hate the internet sometimes

No. 482098

Felt. It's been around for a year in the dirtbag left community and was annoying even before blowing up. I'm glad r/chapotraphouse was quarantined before it spread sooner

No. 482114

I hate facile shit like this because all it winds up doing is vindicating the people that it's being used against. There are so many good arguments that express generational differences and how people are talking around each other, but no. "Ok boomer" just seals the alienation that the older generation feels and paints anyone younger as unreasonable and insolent in their eyes.
I hated millennial jokes because legitimate concerns from my generation were ignored in favor of painting all of us with a stereotype. It's not better just because younger people are doing the same thing.

We were meant to be better.

No. 482116

why are memes made by leftists often unfunny ?

No. 482121

But that's the perfect usage on the perfect person

No. 482159

The "bad part" of capitalism isn't a shitty company going under because they can't take care of their business and their rivals fulfill the needs of the customers better. That's the good part of capitalism and free market. The bad part is multimillion companies owning and controlling everything, making even governments bow down to them. It's not a perfect ideology but way better than state-controlled companies controlling every little corner of every industry and basically being the same as the multimillion companies of capitalism but without free market possibilities. I'm sick of people thinking that communism and socialism are the right answers to everything when it would probably make things even more miserable for everyone. The Nordic model is simply the best one out there and even it has problems with a bloated public sector being a money sink and an upcoming pension disaster with the dropping birth rates.

No. 482169

>The "bad part" of capitalism isn't a shitty company going under because they can't take care of their business and their rivals fulfill the needs of the customers better. That's the good part of capitalism
No one says that though? Sounds like you mis understood that their critique is usally that capatalism encourages bottom line business plans (this plastic is cheaper, but will give cancer). The shitty Compannys going down on their theorys is usually a company that tries to be good, 'paying fair wages. Full benifets. Etc', but was force to go down because they couldn't meet the needs of their insane stock holders. Very rarely does a company take over in capatalism with the best needs in mind (EA, insulin, you can find many over proced products)

No. 482188

Hoddup what happened to Hontra? Haven't seen his thread active at all

No. 482204

He left the internet because non binaries didn't like the fact he said he didn't like being called they in woke spaces.

No. 482214

>when the genderspecials cannibalize their own


No. 482238

File: 1573438591936.png (374.13 KB, 768x768, leftyie.png)

because a lot of lefty memes are jokes based on strawmen arguments and insults directed at small groups of people. they're too precise and politically charged to truly be considered memes. half of the time they use these memes in a serious manner.

this is why memes like asbestos removal are fucking hilarious.

No. 482263

as a retail worker I gotta know what you did anon lol.

No. 482267

that meme has a point though, people complain about the younger generations being overly sensitive but boomers are just as easily offended if not worse

No. 482271

>That's the good part of capitalism and free market

another bootlicking poorfag convinced there's a free market that exists for everyone, ok whatever you say idiot, but if you vote against universal healthcare I hope you get cancer and get billed $1,000,000 and your insurance covers $5000 of it.

No. 482273

>'lol im drunk/high posting rn'
I'm guilty of this one, sorry anons. It's usually because my posts are almost unintelligible when I'm drunk so I figure I have to explain why. Then if/when I happen across my post when I'm sober I realize it just sounds fucking stupid and embarrassing but it's too late to delete it by then.

No. 482280

you must be such a fun person to be around with the financial ruin and cancer wishes. she didn't even say anything that stupid or offensive for you to be that butthurt.

No. 482297

I started online dating a while ago, and so far 8/10 cases I had to message the guy first. I don't believe in the whole stereotype of guy having to do the first move, but shit sure gets annoying fast.

No. 482299

Most men swipe on every girl and then filter them once they've actually matched. If they don't start a conversation, I take that as a rejection tbh.

No. 482300

Ah, I forgot that's a thing, makes sense now

No. 482312

>No one says that though?
I wouldn't had written it if people weren't actually saying this. People dead on want state controlled markets just so that ~everyone~ gets to stay afloat/pay their employees as much as competitors despite offering inferior products because of muh livelihood.

I should also add that someone being a lazy fuck not wanting to get up and go to work isn't the fault of "reee capitalism", you would be living under a bridge starving to death in any communist society.

Anon you replied to and joke's on you, I live in a socialist state that would cover around 99% of my cancer treatment. I even said that the Nordic Model is the best option out there you fucking ass for brains idiot. Stop being so triggered over someone challenging your anarchocommunist worldview.

No. 482316

Why do people I went to high school with try so hard to seem quirky "lol I'm drinking orange juice out of a wine glass!!" Okay……??..? It's still a cup, it's meant to hold liquid to drink out of. It'd be actually funny if they drank out of something like one of those cereal bowls with the straw attached to it

No. 482324

File: 1573471117726.jpeg (113.56 KB, 750x876, C61D1459-81C3-40DB-8491-29DD3B…)

What is this obnoxious ass trend where anyone who disagrees with you or is being patronized in a certain scenario is named Karen? It’s annoying
pic related is a tweet I keep seeing in my Facebook newsfeed (among others)

No. 482325

Samefag but it reminds me of those reddit posts where they’re obvious fake stories of women acting irrational or acting ~wacky~ and the OP tells her off or whatever

No. 482326

It's just misogyny. "Karen" is just the woke way of saying "Cunt".

A "Karen" is any adult woman (typically white but not always) who disagrees with the narrator in ANY capacity. It used to describe entitled parents, I think? But it's just devolved into misogyny.

Also if my kid is born with a penis I'm calling him a boy and woke-tards can suck my ass if they have a problem with it.

No. 482327


it's a common name among middle aged women, simple as that. it evolved to mean any entitled, "backwards", "basic" woman or in a lot of cases just to spite someone with a differing opinion that's not ~woke~ enough for your tastes.

No. 482352

Yeah, I've been thinking for a while now that it's just another way of picking on women for being basic, just with an 'ok boomer' flare added on.

No. 482391

I initially heard it used to refer to "let me speak to your manager" types because it's a very stereotypical white middle aged name, but its evolved into a euphemism for any woman someone disagrees with or doesn't like. If you go to any retail-related subreddit or forum, you'll see it used a lot.

No. 482416

I hate the stupid hoops some discord servers give you. I've been given
>tel us yout age, pronouns, and goals before posting
>wait ten minutes before you can post
Like why?

No. 482459

Everytime I hang out with my friend he won't put down his fucking phone! These are one on one Hangouts! Multiple friends have complained to him about how annoying and rude it is, but he won't. Fucking. Stop. I never hit him up anymore and when he asked why I'm like, "because you're not interested anyway, so why bother?" And he got so offended, but why the fuck would I waste my time hanging out with someone who makes me feel ignored? He also considers himself the "mom friend" of the group (he's gay) despite only caring about himself and his feelings and it's fucking infuriating!

No. 482462

Anons here is some advice for you if you have a friend who likes stealing from stores, do NOT let them in your house, I hung out with this homosexual hambeast and he used to steal shit from me and whenever I confronted him he said it was my fault for even trusting him and being a dummy
Thieves are fucking repugnant ass people and I wish it wasn’t taken so lightly, he used the “me so poor” excuse constantly but he’s a jobless welfare rat
I’m poor too but you don’t see me stealing Knick knacks and makeup and headphones, honestly thieves are entitled af and it should be punished more harshly

No. 482467

Openly talking about stealing is also such a red flag, most people have stolen something at some time but no well adjusted adult thinks it's a cool thing to boast about.
There's an autistic guy in my club who boasts about stealing things from his college, spraypainting private property of 'rich folk' and all the destructive hacking he used to do. When he was away I mentioned that he makes me feel uneasy to the group but everyone acted like I was just hating on him for being autistic so I just shut up. I hope the worst he ever does is steal things because imo someone that cares so little about other people is probably also a creeper.

No. 482472

Ew, I can't imagine how many other people he's done it to.
Fuck people who steal shit, I'd understand basic food, but anything else deserves being constantly shamed for.
I hate when people excuse these thieves by saying "people deserve to have nice things" because it doesn't entitle you to shit if you can't afford it.
And stealing the shit from friends? You must be absolutely retarded.
Your "friend" is an asshole. I'm glad you called him out on his shit, hopefully he realizes no one will like him if he tries constantly victimising himself.

No. 482482

Big brother is watching people fart.

No. 482483

He reads apocalyptic text like it he 9th grade teacher just pulled him up into the front of the class.

No. 482528

I hate the term "side hustle". It sounds so fucking stupid.

No. 482541

File: 1573531375811.png (1.12 MB, 1393x778, TwnRmwhytho.png)

Catastrophic fire conditions today where I am, so I have a look at all the active ones close by and let my dad know. Of course the next thing out of his mouth after a brief silence is "I bet the Greenies did it…"

Sure pops. The Greens did it, they lit the fires. That sounds fucking waterproof.
I need to get this Murdoch-related-media IV out of him but the fucking Fox News crew are his only friends (and their relevant counterparts for us, Sky News, are a pretty unbiased bunch too I hear!).

Just why. Why.

No. 482552

I hate when people go out of their way to show distaste of a song someone puts on/shares in a social situation.
Like if someone puts on some of their music at a party or someone sends you a song in a message you're not obligated to like it, you can even say something like "This isn't really my thing", "Not my vibe" but why the actual fuck do some people have to go to the extent of saying "WhAt the HELL kinda shit is this??", "this song is TERRIBLE, why are we listening to this?!" It's so cringy and unnecessary.
This also kinda bothers me because some of the people closest to me have personalities where they'll do this shit sometimes. In general I get really peeved by people with tendencies to value "brutal honesty" like this. It's a shit trait and often they'll complain about the dumbest shit in grating detail.

No. 482583

sorry your dad is retarded. must be hard. people don't realize how difficult it is to have a parent so stupid, where the level of stupid doesn't necessarily reveal itself to you until you hear their wacko political thoughts.

No. 482733

men stop setting their gender to female so their profile shows up even though i state i'm a woman who wants to meet women challenge.

No. 482734

This is so dumb, but I can't stop thinking about it.
I was listening to a song that was basically about an friendless, well scared away their friendless, otaku slacker who was called out by their future self for being an otaku slacker and tried to warn them something bad was going to happen in their life and they needed to fix themselves up during the event.
Most people in the comments went with that theory, but one commentator said that the future self was actually the main characters anxiety. To sum up their theory the MC wasn't bad, but just anxious. I know about 'the author is dead' and 'it was most likely just some kid, but gosh darn was that theory 'muh anxiety' culture summed up.
I've noticed a problem online were someone says how they feel bad about 'x', even if they actually should feel bad, they don't get tips on how to fix it, but people just patting them on the head and saying 'no it's not bad!'

No. 482738

can i ask what song?

and i agree, people cannot fix problems if the problem isn't addressed. enablers are sometimes part of the problem.

No. 482741

I've seen one where the landing channel told people to send a pic of their ID to the mods to verify their age. Absolutely ridiculous. I get that a lot of servers do that type of stuff to get genuine users and block the trolls but it sucks when you just want to check something out or be a lurker.

No. 482812

I'm tired of people being politically retarded and voting against their own interests as poor and working class people, but I can't say shit without getting mad and saying some classist shit.

No. 482819

No. 482840

I can’t fucking stand Wendy Williams she is so fucking ugly looks like a camel raped a monkey and had some weird retard baby and I hate her fucking fans

No. 482885

File: 1573623063365.jpeg (6.09 KB, 223x226, images (3).jpeg)

I'm so fucking tired of the "Nobody" meme. It's such a stupid, pointless, effortless, unfunny, lazy meme. It doesn't even make sense. It needs to fucking die already.

No. 482900

Are you and I sisters? My dad had the same thought. It was the Greens, or Muslims, or both.

No. 482905

File: 1573630359149.jpeg (67.95 KB, 576x408, 48DF3BFA-99C1-440D-AA77-BE8779…)

Facebook is honestly full of the worst most conceited bitches ever who post stuff like this.

No. 482961

This is really random but I'm annoyed that there's nowhere to pull an all nighter while I'm studying abroad. I love taking some adderall and just sitting in the library all night. Here, the library is only open until 1 in the morning, and I can't really study at my apartment. Oh well.

No. 482967

I can't stand when youtubers who are making critiques or an analysis of something try to inject really lame and stupid jokes. Like, you don't have to be funny you know, just make your video without humour and focus on actually giving me information otherwise you just ruin your video and give me a massive headache. It's embarrassing. No you're not funny, shut up and stop trying

ugh same, it's the laziest "joke" I've ever heard of, and it was never funny to begin with. Most memes need to die anyway

No. 482981

File: 1573654483764.jpg (22.87 KB, 508x592, Nope.jpg)

this only applier in spaces like radblr and to a certain extent lolcow, where radfems "simplify" complex geopolitical situations for e.g The Syrian civil war into "iTS jUsT sCRTOes KiLing eaCh oThER ovEr dUmb sHit "

No. 482982

File: 1573654545057.png (4.17 MB, 1242x2208, 99FD0972-9143-44F8-AC8F-BA27DA…)

Why do koreaboos have to invade everything? Keep your shitty k-pop out of the impeachment tags, I want to read about the president falling to shit, not your crappy bands.

No. 483000

I'm absolutely fucking sick of seeing fancams everywhere. I turned my video autoplay off so I don't give them the views they want, but at the same time it doesn't stop them from being annoying as fuck. What do they think they're going to achieve? They always say "STAN ____" but do they not realize they're making everyone around them associate ___ person with annoying fans and therefore are not going to want to stan that person? And then when someone brings up that point they'll just say "well you're still giving them views" while including the same fancam in every. single. reply. I muted as many kpop relevant words but they still pop up like little cockroaches. I wish I could report them for spam or whatever but alas.

No. 483001

lol i said i was think kpop is overrated on twitter ONCE and like 50 teenagers started harassing me because of it.

No. 483017

File: 1573667573840.png (61.28 KB, 593x463, dxhb.PNG)

I went to look at the replies out of curiosity and surprisingly a lot of them are telling him to cut that shit out and some didn't see that he included the impeachment tag, but then I saw this.

How is calmly telling and explaining to someone that what they're doing is inappropriate "treating people who support MonstaX badly"??? What a fucking idiot.

No. 483032

I hate it when people complain about IG shadowbanning sexworkers.
It’s platform created by company for it’s only purpose to make money. They own the platform so they make the rules.
You are choosing to play by those rules when you use their service.

No. 483034

I'm with you EXCEPT the terms of use go both ways. If a service provider believes they'll make more money by shadow banning at their discretion it's also on them to inform their users of this at the moment they make their accounts.

No. 483071

>has been struggling with bulimia for years
>meets ex girlfriend
>she's nice and pretty but also one of those uwu sweet little nymphet baby uwu i am just a little sad angel uwu vomit doll i love hello kitty and i have csa + trauma mental + illness uwu people
>back then i thought that was cute
>we start dating
>fast forward to 4 months
>during a breakdown i tell her about my bulimia
>suddenly she also claims to have an eating disorder a few days later, sends me random diets, tells me how she hasn't eaten in sooo looong and that she' starving herself because she's ~soooooo grossss!!11!1~
>don't know what to tell her so i just kindly ask her to please stop doing that and that she needs to take care of herself
>she doesn't listen and still claims to do all of that but is still the same weight as the day we met, so nothing really changes
>she finds my old account on this eating disorder forum and immediately also signs up on there, later on blaming me for "showing her that site and making her sign up on it" and then keeps on sending me diets from there
>this keeps on going for months and months, she's basically pretending to have an eating disorder for them sweet little ~edgy little sad baby~ points
>i open up to her about my self harming one day and tell her how addicted i am to it and how badly i want to stop but can't
>never told me that she self harms (she overshares to an extreme) but suddenly a few days later she tells me that she also cuts herself
>ask her if she's copying me
>she throws a fit and starts telling me that i am not the only one in this world who cuts
>a few weeks later she keeps making fun of me cutting
>is not the slightest bit amused
>end up telling her that at least i don't pretend to cut myself
>massive argument breaks out
>gets called abusive asshole, manipulative, selfish, that i constantly gaslight her and ignore her struggles even though i was the one who always did whatever she asked me to and kept her one of my top priorities
>cannot take it anymore and break up with her

i love being single and still to this day i cannot think of one good reason why i thought dating her would be the slightest bit ok

No. 483074

the terms of use usually include that they can change rules without notice right? isn't it kind of like a restaurant? they have the right to refuse service as long as is doesn't violate other laws like hate crime/discrimination?

No. 483077

unironically using uwu ironically is the same as
>i-i was only pretending to be retarded

No. 483083

>unironically using uwu ironically
How to ironically use uwu ironically?

No. 483085

Video games are and are accepted as art and the main thing holding back gamers from getting recognition is themselves
The best analogy I've heard is that "instead of making deep games they stamp their feet and demand their games be seen as deep". They always try to praise stuff like CoD or Overwatch as deep and any experimental game is written off as 'walking simulator'. Most accepted deep genres try to separate the slock from the gems (twilight vs hamlet, transformers vs. 12 crazy old men, Beiber Vs. Mozart), but gamers always try to frame it as the slock of their genre is deep.

No. 483087

jokes aside imo you can't unless you're directly quoting/mocking someone who uses it

No. 483090

These type of people are the worst they use words like csa, trauma and mental illness to excuse their grotesque behavior when it just makes people who actually have those things look bad. Anyways anon hope you learned that anyone who uses the gross hello kitty aesthetic is a trash person and the opposite of a little innocent baby and should be avoided at all costs

No. 483096

did you post about it on here before? i feel like i've read it before. or there's another sad anon who had the displeasure of dating a copycat bpd. sorry you had to go through that.

No. 483097

so you got Single White femaleED

No. 483435

File: 1573779170179.png (242.45 KB, 591x472, disney.PNG)

I hate the fact that the only dude I know who bought disney + is the guy I knew was going to buy disney +. Like they're a divorced dude who's still obsessed over ~nostalgia~.
Also who could sit through only watching disney +? Wouldn't the squeaky clean family friendly feeling of disney films get old?

No. 483438

My bf got the trial he’s a Star Wars geek so he’s happy with it, I for one am not
The MCU is eh
Star Wars is eh
Disney nostalgia was cool for 2 minutes but that’s all there is
Hulu remains the best streaming service and Netflix is second best Disney + doesn’t even have shows or movies that are on Netflix or Hulu or Amazon Prime already so remember that before you give them anything

No. 483442

File: 1573782605973.jpg (68.21 KB, 453x820, 13.jpg)

Manga translators need to stay in their lane

No. 483443

I honestly don't get why people pay for streaming services instead of just pirating it.

No. 483455

Same tbh

I used to have both Netflix and Amazon, but the amount of money you pay for 3-4 diff streaming sites is horseshit. it all adds up very easily

No. 483461

I feel like I'm high trying to parse what the fuck is going on here.

No. 483468

Everyone will quietly unsub to this service once they've seen everything they've wanted a couple dozen times, or bundle it in with their other streaming services like Hulu and never use it as much after that.
The latter is actually why these streaming services are going to get really fucking annoying. They're gonna take their content off other platforms, and offer 'bundled' packages to people for a slightly discounted price. They'll make bank playing people this way.

No. 483494

File: 1573792027827.jpg (60.67 KB, 448x473, e0303.jpg)

lighten up bitch he gets paid for that shit

No. 483531

There is stuff that doesn't get ripped for torrents or pirate streams.
All my mom watches on Netflix is British home improvement shows, but I doubt you could pirate those.

No. 483874

I feel kind of sad that I'm outgrowing cartoon reviews. I used to love Mr. Enter and every predicable spin off of him, but now I just can't take them any more. A lot of them reminds me of /ic/ crabs in the 'they don't know how hard it was to make so they pick apart every detail not looking at the bigger picture or not knowing how good they got it'
Like vid related. He spent 5 minutes complaining about how recaps are useless, most likely not figuring out how the movie would just be re-run randomly and not be binge watched. He spends 2 minutes bitching about how the sky got stormy when the space ship came out and thats weird because it's not logistically possible? He spent another 3 minutes complaining how Spinnels spaceship came out of nowhere like he's some toddler who thinks his parents actually disappear in peek-a-boo.
I don't even like Steven universe. When I was a kid I would have loved this autistic nitpicking, but now it feels autistic to me. Like I would have defended this fagot turning off the like to dislike ratio when I was younger, but now I see him as a lolcow in the making.

No. 483884

Same I hate these critique videos in general because they insert themselves in and try to joke around for like the first 3 minutes of the video, just fucking get to the point
I used to like them because I like seeing people criticize stuff it’s just entertaining but it’s hardly that anymore it’s just people inserting themselves in their awful videos and making awful jokes and detailing the topic

No. 483888

Easy of access is worth it for a lot of people. $10/month to share with 5 people, using VPN for access to even more content. Though I agree that people pay for multiple subs like DCUniverse or Disney+ or HBO are always idiots who enable content monopoly. Imagine TV but you have to pay for every channel. Pirate their shit specifically.

No. 483976


if you like animation and the artistry behind the movie then theres things to value and study from Disney, i think everyone can agree on that but the movies really are dull and tedious as fuck. I would rather go watch even a 4.0 imdb rated low budget horror film than a main feature from Disney most of the times, at least it doesn`t feel like watching a 90 minute infomercial conceived by robots. It actually depresses me how much of a waste of resources and talent Disney movies are, they are also a distopian monopoly and pirating is the only proper way to watch their content.

No. 483978


fb is a meme graveyard for normies, just save them and post them on the dumb bitch meme thread.

No. 483988

Nothing on social media websites make me seethe more than people sharing videos of themselves doing something extremely "kind", because you know they set themselves up to do this in front of a camera, not caring about the actual person, only the reactions they'll get.
I also hate when someone shares a video or picture that was meant to be private to the public. It's such a breech of privacy. Especially when children are involved, and most especially when it's someone else's child.
Not everything needs to be publicized to be proven.

I feel like a fucking boomer posting this quote, but it showed up on my feed a few days ago and it really resonates with me currently: "Beware of those who brag about who they are, what they know, or what their accomplishments are. A lion never has to tell you it's a lion."

No. 483990

I feel you. Sometimes I like seeing people do nice things ngl, but still. I reall hate the videos where people prop up a camera first THSN go help an animal. Like come on.

No. 483995

I hate the fakeness too however even fake shows of kindness are allegedly meant to inspire others to do the same, even if for the same fake reasons, and that's not such a bad thing
I would rather people are doing these pretend random acts of kindness than mean pranks or acting like being rude makes them 'more real', at least some barista somewhere might get a decent tip out of it

No. 484000

File: 1573917973721.jpg (31.25 KB, 451x600, d0983fe.jpg)

There is this intensly weeb girl who I see everyday in lectures who has the greasiest hair i've ever seen and that's a lot since i basically grew up surrounded by weebs. she has shoulder length hair the top of her head is so clumpy and oily it looks wet all the time and the rest of her hair is so dry and frizzy like a candy floss and on top of all of that she attempts kawaii animu girl hairstyles with her hair like her favourite where she does a low ponytail but leave all the left side of her hair out like if it was some anime fringe… im disgusted by just looking at her i just cant take my eyes off her, she also has the worst body posture and the worst fitting bra and clothes, i feel for her but i also want to talk with her about it so fucking bad but it is inappropriate, her hair never looked clean for months, I wonder what is it that makes her like this because she finds the time to wear bows and do some weird hairdos but can't wash her fucking hair or use dry shampoo???

No. 484142

I love a bit of drama here and there, but I'm SO fucking tired of hearing about James Charles and Jeffree Star. It seems like there's new drama about them every single week.

I just want James Charles, Jeffree Star and Jaclyn Hill to be permanently banned from the internet, please.

No. 484152

File: 1574039074401.jpg (86.85 KB, 842x842, Camiseta_Normal_People_Scare_M…)

I'm sick of being called weird. Growing up I was never the smart, cool, or funny one, but the weird one. This is so dumb, but I've never been told I'm anything besides weird, odd, quite, unique, or any spinoff off of that. It's not even the cool 'ha ha were a bunch of nerds' unique, but the 'you act retarded, but I can't say that out loud' unique.
I don't hate them, but I am jealous of socially stable people who went down the 'i'm weird' path. I can see how they enjoy it, but knowing they're acting weird as a fun label and can become normal any time, while even my teacher commented on how odd I was, it kind of hurts. Theres probably more nuance to why the act weird so i don't hate them that much

No. 484209

File: 1574053564970.jpeg (72.29 KB, 674x960, BCCAA904-6275-412E-AECD-485F42…)

I hate the “my depression lol” meme it’s so annoying and frankly it’s not even actual depressed people who post these even if it is “awareness” it’s annoying and not funny leave that “I wanna die hehe” shit in 2016 fuck you if you post these flooding my timeline with posts about your self diagnosed crippling anxiety and depression “heheheheh im so pathetic and sad” attention whore stfu
bonus annoying points if it’s some ugly scrote saying”I wana gf but all I get is depression” stfu no one wants you because you act like a self pitying sadsack piece of shit

No. 484210

It's totally just another meme now. Just the result of years of Tumblr romanticization.

Living in your own filth because your brain is shit and can't gather the energy to do basic self care isn't funny or romantic. Killing yourself because that's preferable over living in said filth and fucking over everyone who gives a shit about you isn't funny either.

idk maybe I hate fun or whatever but man it's gotten old. Yeah yeah I get that it's a cope for some people but laughing at the problem doesn't solve it either. At best it's a weird cry for help.

No. 484211

File: 1574054218401.jpg (183.56 KB, 1080x1691, LSAfGMi.jpg)

Agree especially with the last part. Also off topic but related to your pic, I don't find this trend of uploading unconventional videos to PornHub to be funny, it's just really lame to me.

No. 484212

I hear ya, sis. It's a compliment to anyone that's trying to stand out. Not so much to anyone that's trying to blend in.

No. 484219

Is this Belle's fault? Or was this happening before she did it?

I assumed they were edited screencaps

No. 484228

>how dare people have different coping mechanisms than I do muh ACTUALLY depressed people don't do it reeeee!!!
Let them have it, for god's sake. I've been clinically depressed and anxious for 15 years since I was 14 and I find the self-deprecating depression memes funny, they make me feel less alone knowing people struggle with the same condition. Humor is a powerful tool in allowing you to rise above a condition that cripples your life on a day-to-day basis. Even terminally ill people joke about their diseases. It's not unheard of.

No. 484244

It happened way before Belle. He does this shit all the time.

No. 484355

probably guilty of this, too, but it's annoying sometimes how some few unflattering pics can get scrutinised and nitpicked on lolcow. yeah, I know where I am but I try not to read that much drama anymore.
I think photos to a degree are an unstable medium and fluctuate (hell, even looks fluctuate). So much comes into play. Bad cameras, bad lighting, a bad day, just coincidences. Beautiful people can seem unphotogenic. Like have you never seen a gorgeous person and then a photo of them and were kinda disappointed because it didn't translate and they didn't look as beautiful? Super polished images of polished celebrities and instagram raise the bar for what's beautiful in a photo, too. The camera adds ten pounds and all that jazz.
And just conflating a person with one or two bad photos seems ridiculous to me now because they aren't that photo and one pic actually doesn't define a person but comments often say that person definitely is blablabla based on that one random pic and that definite "is" just seems dumb to me now

No. 484363

oh and if you ever had BDD, you know even your perception fluctuates, too

No. 484372

I really hate it when catty anons try to justify their autistic nitpicking with unflattering candid photos taken mid-speech in a terrible lighting. Criticizing looks you're born with (i.e. not clothing, hairstyle, makeup etc) is low to begin with, but it's beyond spergy to try to claim someone like Dakota is a fatty because she had a double chin in a conveniently timed screenshot.

>yeah, I know where I am but I try not to read that much drama anymore.

It isn't really even drama or milk, it's just anons being immature. I have a hard time believing anyone past 15 finds "ew she has somewhat uneven skin in this ridiculously enhanced HDR photo what a cunt" type of discussion engaging.

No. 484374

Hated people are reviled and nitpicked no matter how beautiful they are.

The moral of the story is don't piss off a large group of people and leave a trail of receipts.

No. 484395

nta but i kind of understand the logic. society kind of pushes the idea that beautiful people are good and ugly people are bad, so it makes sense that once someone is outted as being a bad person, people pick on their looks.

No. 484435

Bullshit then why are only the female lolcows here being nitpicked on their looks and not the male lolcows?
Its because its ingrained in us from generations of instill brainwashing to still only view women as ''fuckable(pretty)'' unfuckable(ugly)'' or decorations to be seen but not heard.

Thats why some autists here only know to insult their cows based on looks and not based on the shitty things they've done.

No. 484446

I've definitely insulted male cows, fam.
It actually kind of makes me cringe when I see other farmers try to stan their looks or say some of the male cows are attractive. Usually they're not as a baseline, but their behavior definitely makes them gross and unfuckable to me.

No. 484451

I don't even browse the cow boards that much but farmers are definitely equally as harsh, maybe moreso with male cows.

No. 484453

I think most men are ugly and I'm straight. There's honestly such a low standard for what makes a man attractive. Honestly I think most average women have more women crushes than male because women are just better at presenting themselves. Men are mostly so plain and dull that their looks in general get overlooked and it's easier to just be like this man is an asshole. Whereas women are usually more complex, better at communicating, when being malicious are better at it etc that attacking looks is low hanging fruit.

Narc men get berated for their looks more often ie Onision, because he makes a point to present himself as 'handsome', when he's a middle aged man with botched botox, a short frame and massive face.

No. 484456

There's data out there saying women are more likely picky about how attractive a man looks on dating websites. I kind of feel like a man is more generous with looks because he most likely just wants to fuck.

No. 484459

Men will fuck anything but when it comes to them settling down they will be far more critical than a women. I've witnessed some men completely tear down a lady's self esteem and confidence just so she'll settle. Women on dating sites are probably being picky because men are assholes you may as well find a good looking one.

No. 484466

My ex (together for 3 years) had this annoying habit of pointing out fat women to me and making fun of them. No matter how many times I told him that I don't care to make fun of fat people or look at the strangers sitting at the next table… it was like he constantly forgot my lack of interest in it and would point them out anyway and make funny noises when large people walked past etc..

He would also point out women with several kids to say how having children ruins their bodies (Yes I know, why on earth did I date this man) Well facebook just showed me his new gf, she is large and a mother of four, she posts a new pic and he tells her she is gorgeous…

I don't get men at all. This guy was so abusive that he's either had a personality transplant or he's going to end up treating this woman like dirt after a short honeymoon period

No. 484473

He was probably trying to deflect from his obvious fetish. Reminds me of my ex who used to talk shit about girls with "witch noses" and 3 months after we broke up he got with a girl with the exact nose he used to make fun of.

No. 484482

Greg and onision are the same person and Tifs are female.
Just admit it instead of making up excuses.

No. 484486

Whenever someone tells me about their partner who's this callous towards other people for flaws, all I can think about is how their partner will turn on them the second they perceive that they are flawed as well.
I wouldn't want a flight risk the second I get a blown out belly and saggy tits from birthing his children.
Nevermind the disgusting thought that he's looking at other women in those ways to be making comments on their desirability.

I don't know how you can stand to be around him. I'd walk away if he said something that nasty.

No. 484492

Bullshit, greg and onision are not the same people.

No. 484495

yes, black people were apart of it. why is this so surprising? ados being majorly concentrated in the south "is the country".

edm/house/techno derives from disco, and house was developed by ados, and so was techno, by ados and europeans so it not solely ados. Punk rock metal and folk-rock is European and white american

No. 484499

He exclusively dates women with anxiety disorders and low self esteem so that's how he keeps a hold of partners while being so shitty

No. 484504

Uhhh Black people have been a part of country since the start, the banjo was heavily influenced by traditional African instruments.

No. 484516

I have a pet peeve of when people refer to vaginas as coochie. i dont even know why, maybe its just because it sounds cutesy or something, but it just pisses me off.

No. 484545


i hate it too but to me it just sounds diseased, itchy and smelly and pustulous.

No. 484557

Agreed, it sounds gross. I don't think there are really any names for the female genitals I like. Most say pussy but it just sounds nasty to me too. I wish there was something that sounded good.

No. 484561

I personally like 'vulva.'

No. 484567

I hate pretty much all slang words for vagina. Cuchi, moose, beaver, box, muffin/muff (okay I guess muffin isnt that bad). I know there are way more but I cant think of them.

The worst one is box though, in my opinion.

No. 484647

I raise you, cock drawer

No. 484664

I hate "nut" too. Disgusting.

No. 484673

I remember my mom used this word with me as a kid and now people seem to use it for a replacement on “pussy” and it grosses me out but all the words for vagina sound gross
-vagina = too medical and severe sounding
-pussy = vulgar and harsh
-coochie = ghetto and goofy sounding
-beaver = gross and somehow just as vulgar as pussy
-box- kinda belittling idk why
-muffin - muffins are yummy and sweet but ew
-poonani -gross, ghetto and
-furburger - LOL
I usually say “puss” cause it doesn’t sound as bad as “pussy”to me but that probably sounds weird to the rest of y’all
vagina terminology is weird and unfortunate regardless

No. 484703

File: 1574137816902.jpeg (134.03 KB, 640x1136, 86D8FE57-DCDC-4A78-9E81-AA8E8A…)

These poor girls have ugly neck beards drooling over them for the sole fact that they are Japanese schoolgirls
This shits so disgusting to me, the fact that this pic was taken off guard and they’re actual teenagers not trying to be sexy but being sexualized regardless (it’s not girls in a sexy schoolgirl outfit) they’re regular uniforms
Also a girl shared this idk how to feel about that She’s one of those ~bisexual kinky~ girls who constantly sharing asses shaking gifs to remind you that she is indeed very bisexual (she gives me Miley Cyrus vibes)

No. 484708

Lol, that’s not a regular school girl uniform, but I get what you’re saying.

No. 484710

gross, that's actually worse

I just remembered "boner garage"

No. 484717

Oh my bad someone said they pull the skirts up when school is over but Idek Lol

No. 484738

it makes me think of "coochie coochie coo" when talking to babies or something, so yeah it's uncomfortable

No. 484739

I hate all of these too. I just say "v" when referring to a vagina.

No. 484751

Just use the proper word, only Americans think there's something wrong with saying vagina.

No. 484753

the proper word is technically vulva

No. 484775

There's full episodes of a majority of these Disney cartoon shows we grew up watching available to watch on YouTube, for free, and in completion. I don't get this Disney+ flex, like congrats, you have $11? I don't watch TV that often so I honestly don't get the hype. I know there's people who have a free year subscription because they have Verizon phone service, but I'm gonna keep side eyeing people at the 3 month mark who keep shilling the service lol.

No. 484779

File: 1574155305432.jpg (13.58 KB, 469x468, 1566102538021.jpg)

>subscribe to minecraft youtuber for his texture packs
>he has around 10k subs
>really cute voice and good gameplay
>packs are really good and improve my minecraft experience
>updated packs every 10k-5k subs or so
>explodes in subs
>he's at 335k subs now
>plays with minecraft bigshots in uhc events
>hasn't posted a pack update for a while now
>starts every video with a quirky intro asking for a sub
>constantly asks for follows on twitter/insta/twitch
I'm 90% sure I'm being petty, but this is what i get for getting attached to a youtuber, damn. His videos are good, I'll still watch them, but damn. These damn youtuber types always forget where they came from.

No. 484803

I'm a stupid ass bitch and I developed a crush on someone who I shouldn't have. I think I'm gonna just delete all my social media for a bit and ghost them for a few days to avoid them while I get my shit together. Why the fuck did this happen. I hate my stupid monkey brain.

No. 484825

one of my nails broke and im so upset
it broke off super close to the nail bed too
after all the hassle and i even stopped biting my nails, they were never this long

No. 484836

You got this anon! I know how you feel. Just ghost / don’t interact and the feelings will hopefully go away.

No. 484848

Your dad is high anon.

No. 484948

A man in a fucked up 1998 BMW kept braking sharply in fast moving traffic on my way home. I flashed my lights and he proceeded to drive like an absolute dangerous cunt. He went my way and pulled into his driveway near my street so I pulled over, put my window down and asked what his issue was? Bald middle aged fat man is flustered and says I was up his ass. I 100% wasn't, said he was driving erratically and trying to cause an accident to total that shite car, then I called him cunt. He looked absolutely shocked and called me a knob head. What a stupid cunt.

No. 484992

any time bpd comes up here it's filled with so much misinformation and rage like on god did someone with bpd piss in your cereal. the worst people i've met with bpd were overdramatic at best but that's about it yet people here act like they'll kill you and your children after skinning you and pretending your life is theirs.
reddit teas

No. 484999

If you know for certain that a girl has not been raped because she was all the time with me should I be against her or with her? She already is at the point of no return phase and everyone supports her but I just feel sick and want to punch her. She has no mental illnesses as far as I know besides depression so I feel she's pretty fit to be snitched. If the CIA is gonna arrest me because I participated in a crime that's ok I deserve it.

No. 485005

What do you mean by participated in a crime, anon?

No. 485007

idk if it's a crime or not to not intervene a crime (that is making up stories for revenge)

No. 485016

Have you confronted her about it and actually asked her how she could have been raped when the timeline doesn't add up?

No. 485021

I don't know why, but adults who are obsessed with all things Disney bug the fuck out of me. I mean the people who watch every Disney movie asap, have annual passes every year, buy shit tons of Disney merch, disneyboundinh etc… like I don't mind people who like Disney but when it becomes someone's identity I find it so weird. And this is coming from someone who was raised on Disney and had a pass for a while when younger

No. 485035

I think you should at least reach out to her
with all the women who definitely were assaulted and never got to be heard, it's almost insane that this person is doing this to someone
I'm not saying you have to drop the bombshell, but definitely talk to her (and then come back and tell us because this is so fucking juicy)

No. 485063

Oh man, I feel this. Disney women are the grown up equivalent of horse girls.

No. 485065

Ultimate NPC. I feel like those people don't know how else they can hold on to the child inside. Shilling giant corporation is a personality right?

No. 485077


No. 485086

>"I fantasize about singing Disney songs at karaoke"
okay no lie I went to a karaoke night and it was apparently theatre kid night, someone started singing Unfortunate Souls from The Little Mermaid and someone else sang a song from Rent, it was the most cringy thing ever.

No. 485233

File: 1574259587010.png (154.57 KB, 500x826, suggest-a-character-face-ahego…)

I hate how the ahego face has slipped into somewhat popular consince. I see people with straight up porn icons in casual situations online. I also hate sauce culture. How can someone so unshamibly ask for porn.

No. 485251

the pointy tongue thing that is always drawn with ahegao creeps me the fuck out. idk why

No. 485341

Any /cgl/ oldfags remember how annoying horny /fit/guys and "muh TRIGGER DISCIPLINE" /k/guys were

No. 485348

File: 1574282675886.png (908.96 KB, 1136x640, 1aa0f83.png)

I know I'm going to sound pretentous, but all my local book stores aren't 'smart' enough for me. They're the most bog standard 'geek culture' stuff (Only big 2 comics, funko shelf, harry potter shelf, DnD manual). When it stray away from nerdville it's rarely deep. In order to make money they have to sell only the popular classics, the popular philosophers, the popular history. Its nice they have those shelfs, but its always dominated by Plato, Niztche, or the random self help book. Its even worse when all the intellectual shelfs in bite sized formats (think 'intro into psychology' book with a lot of pictures). I'm ok with beginners having their own books, but they never sell anything deeper than "100 films you must watch before you die". Dont get me started on the random shelfs selling hobby items.
The bookstores near me feel like they aren't made for people who want to learn, but for people who have a 'nerd' persona to keep up. Like the puddle deep books they sell would work for someone trying to look geeky

No. 485361

The most disturbing thing about it is seeing local girls take ahegao pics because they think it’s just a ~silly face~

No. 485364

Nah, not pretentious at all anon. I agree with you. I think because of online book shops, people nowadays don't really need to go to ones irl, so now most of them have to sell whats most popular rather than more specific books. Also (at least where I live) local businesses have had to shut down because of less sales, so instead of nicer local businesses we're left with places like Waterstones which just sell popular shit.

Don't get me wrong though, I like having any book available to me over the internet, but it is a little depressing how much irl bookstores suck. Also, Funko pops look so dumb to me. I hate going into any sort of comic book store and seeing shelves of these things. They look so unappealing and boxy.

No. 485385

mr enter IS autistic as fuck. i used to enjoy watching him then realized one day that he is a huge pussy ass nigga and unsubbed. there's a reason ppl make fun of him a lot

No. 485386

i think now more than ever there are readers into niche topics and heavy literature thanks to the internet, at the same time i notice libraries and bookstores are stupider than ever, what you say is true, one doesn`t even have to be an expert to notice its all very surface level, i dunno, i guess people with niche interests buy books online wheres theres limitless availability so stores double down on pop culture and corny self help that normies always buy and they know won`t loose money on while they gather dust on the shelf.

No. 485420

File: 1574304075576.png (1.1 MB, 994x795, Screenshot_from_2019-09-11_08-…)

>Also, Funko pops look so dumb to me. I hate going into any sort of comic book store and seeing shelves of these things. They look so unappealing and boxy.
Same. Seeing someone with an entire shelf filled with them is kind of jarring. Why would you want a massive collection of undetailed figures all in the same ugly art style? They're mass produced and not worth anything. There are so many nice figures you could buy that actually have aesthetic value.

No. 485501

I hate it when someone tries to make a thread online promoting small businesses and the pyramid scheme retards come in and flood the place with their company shilling. If your "small business" is selling shit that gets sent out to thousands of others, it ain't a small business.

No. 485574

File: 1574353772292.jpeg (150.24 KB, 491x727, DCD93D6C-BEE6-445C-A687-1F81C3…)

Repost but I hate when people demonize girls for being underage online like they don’t owe you their age. Why don’t you just follow girls who are obviously in college or something. Teenagers are bound to use social media if you follow them you’re a creep, idc
Quit blaming them

No. 485579

Also she wasn’t posting anything nsfw or lewds
She’s just some tik tok girl
Yeah because girls on tik tok are always 18+ never would you encounter someone on that app that’s underage

No. 485581

Today I’m really annoyed with texting. I am kind of a needy person and I know it. I appreciate a lot of attention from people and I feel like when someone texts you or messages you a lot it means they value you? But lately I’ve found with friends and romantic partners that people will text you every single day every minute and make you think that you’re close but in reality you’re just not? They get what they want from you and then the contact stops. I want to know if it’s generational or what?

It also makes me extremely paranoid whenever I start talking to new people and they want to message all the time. I feel like at any second they’ll just ditch me after leaving me expecting to hear from them. Do I sound crazy?! I just don’t get it.

Right now I’ve been talking to this guy I have a crush on (long distance) and we really weren’t messaging much until we saw each other at an event recently (nothing even happened, I watched him play a concert and we ended up having a cigarette together and then he wanted to hang out but we were staying on the opposite end of the city so it just didn’t happen) and now we talk all day every day even tho he’s in a different country rn. Wondering if he’s just using me to fill up his down time or if we are connecting. Also probably just overthinking. Just weird, everything is so weird now.

No. 485583

Not to be hypocritical, but Jesus Christ, how old are these people? I'm in my late 20s and I was actively using the internet and going on social media since I was like 12. I never felt shamed when I was underage by adults I came across online, these people now have some weird obsession with concern trolling and just being freaked out when young people show up online engaging in social media. They have to be autistic or something. They basically were them a few years ago except not being told to go away lol.

No. 485625

I don't get the drama around Venus Angelic
>traumatised girl acts crazy and fails to get proper help and recover as traumatised people often do
>surprise surprise she came after her sole guardian and narcissistic abuser, does this really come as a shock??
>is too young and sick to make a definite character judgement
>booooo despicable
>everyone and their mom has an opinion on when she crossed the line to become despicable and what she should and shouldn't do
>boooo Venus how dare youu

She may get better, she may not. This is too complex to judge.

No. 485639

She's an adult woman and while it's easier to blame past trauma for current failings, that's not how anyone actually makes progress to be better. It's a slap in the face because her efame gave her exposure to more opportunities and help than most ordinary people with the same traumas will never have.
Trauma isn't a pass to keep on making irresponsible decisions, but if that's how you feel maybe people wouldn't be able to make such judgements to begin with if Venus wasn't constantly posting her every bad move for attention on the internet.

No. 485640

NTA but I think her situation is just sad and I find it weird people still want to point and laugh at her despite knowing how badly she was abused for her whole life. She should absolutely be held accountable for her own recovery, but isn't Japan pretty shit in regards to mental health services?

I dunno, I guess I can't help but feel really terrible for her. I hope she gets serious help before she ODs.

No. 485644

>isn't Japan shit
She doesn't have to live there and without other peoples' naive generosity she couldn't, she doesn't even lift a finger to work.

I've never seen another lolcow on this website have so many excuses made up for them before. Not ever. And I'm pretty sure some cows have gone through worse shit than having a narcissistic weeb pageant mom.

No. 485645

She was isolated and physically and emotionally abused by her mom, so no, I dont think most cows have gone through what she has.

No. 485648

>no other cow has been cut off from people and physically and mentally abused by a parent
Hi newfag. She's not special and your excuse making for someone you don't even know is annoying.

No. 485649

Not sure how you interpreted "most" as "literally no other cow ever" but ok.

No. 485650

Because the point was that her situation is not unique yet for some reason whiteknight stans like you insist she ought to get special treatment. Dumbass.

No. 485651

Anytime a radical femenist wants to discuss on how best to raise her son, this delsional blogpost gets spammed almost everytime


No. 485652

Where did I ever say she deserves special treatment? I said her situation is sad and that I think her antics are depressing instead of funny. If you feel justified shitting up her thread then go for it.

No. 485653

>when did I say she deserves special treatment?
The part where you think it's anything for people to laugh and comment at the bullshit she publishes publicly online because she was abused.
Any other dumb questions and attempts to backpedal?

No. 485654

I would bet money that you're a pulltard weeb who is still highkey jealous that Venus lives in glorious Nippon. Those are the only people who give 5 fucks about Venus anymore.

On topic, pulltard weebs are annoying. Every fucking time some flake visits Japan they seethe post the entire time how they dont deserve it and didnt even visit xyz temple and only visited ~tourist~ places.

No. 485657

Yeah, because it's not funny to me. Are you done raging yet?

No. 485658

I never even lurked PULL. Venus is a vetted lolcow and fuckup.
Now hand over your bank, your entire $5 please. Lmao.

And it's entertainment for me. You done 'NTA-ing' and replying to me?

No. 485661

I said it's too complex to judge, not that trauma is an excuse for everything.

nice whataboutism. yeah I think severe trauma explains a lot and makes a person less deserving of trashing. anyone. are you always this upset when someone voices an opinion different from yours? yeah I'm just gonna keep my opinion and you can continue trashing someone who's down in her thread. not judging, just stating my opinion you know. You have yours … I have mine ….

nice tinfoil haha

No. 485662

>vetted lolcow
>has only had a handful of semi-dead threads full of the same 3 seetheposting weebs on the least active board on lolcow

No. 485663

Are you done sperging at anyone who disagrees with your weird hateboner?

No. 485664

>semi-dead threads
Not really dead, but I guess you're voraciously counting activity because the posts makes you seethe about poor weenos that badly.


No. 485666

Anyone who disagrees with you isn't a sperg, tart.

No. 485667

No. 485669

File: 1574368131225.jpg (33.69 KB, 612x372, istockphoto-673637256-612x612.…)

Well, that's it for me ladies, have a nice day

No. 485670

>i-if I keep posting I'll have the last word and that'll show those newfags!!!!

No. 485672

>if I accuse someone else of doing what I'm doing it'll make it look like I'm not trying to!
Don't let this experience traumatize you anon.

No. 485678

You're both annoying, shut the fuck up and agree to disagree.

No. 485725

>I don't like this because 'thought out criticism'
>I don't get the appeal of this show
>I think this show is overrated
>Well it's a matter of taste
I'm so sick of nerds shutting down any discussion of their show with 'it's your objective taste' and not responding with why a work is good

No. 485730

to me people doing this is just an admission of their shit taste.

No. 485739

Mayonnaise on burgers is disgusting and it shocks me it's the default and I actually have to request to not put that tardcum on my sandwich.

No. 485744

Watched videos of men getting piercings and for fucks sake mate, eyebrow piercing does not require PASSING OUT OR SCREAMING. Men are fucking pussies.

No. 485748

Mayonnaise is disgusting on everything, if you ask me. Especially since people always want to put wayyyy too much of it.

No. 485752

you two are living a very dry and sad life. ketchup and mustard are not replacements for mayo, so what else are you using? mayo based burger spreads are nice, but if you're out here only using ketchup and mustard or something, i feel bad that you guys are out here eating dry patties only garnished with what are clearly the devil's condiments.

No. 485754

>eating dried out hamburger
Love yourself anon.

No. 485758

I don't get why people hate mayo so much. It has an almost neutral taste and adds moisture to dry shit like buns or bread. My bf seems to hate it for no reason as well, except for the fact he used to see people eating spoonfuls of it and now he has bad associations with it on anything. Do some people just like dry food?

No. 485764

File: 1574382824649.jpeg (324.83 KB, 1200x1305, 0FF7F850-5B64-4524-9655-F991E4…)

Anons there are condiments that exist besides mayo and ketchup. Find a place that sells chow-chow and you’ll never want anything else.

No. 485765

i didn't mean literally dry patties, i meant that patties without some sort of dressing is still too dry because you have to account for the bread. even the juiciest patty needs something to moisturize the breads?? 2 pieces of bread and a patty??? unless you're au jusing it or something, i don't see how that can even be legal. i don't eat hamburgers anyways but even if i did, the thing that makes a patty juicy is usually just straight grease which is gross tasting to have a lot of, and it doesn't compensate for the breads, still.

No. 485773

Yeah, I've seen enough snide comments about mothers of sons on radblr it's like… what do they really want us to do about it? Should we have just left them in the woods after they were born? Are we supposed to treat them like garbage just because they are male? Because that doesn't seem very… productive. It seems like there are a lot of people of a lot of political stripes that just live for the conflict; there always has to be an enemy and the enemy is always both bad and incapable of redemption. I think radfem is sadly no different. Some people don't want to find solutions, they don't want men to be better or even the next generation of men to be better, they just want to complain and feel righteous about it.

No. 485778

Furthermore, it's illogical, hateful shit like this that drives people away from the movement. Radfem is marginalizing itself. I feel like a lot of the women with more extremist views such as the linked blog post in OP are of the child free variety. Nothing wrong with not wanting to have children of course, but there's the sect of child free that are just irredeemable assholes about mothers/motherhood/kids in general.

No. 485782

obviously not. don't be ridiculous. the 'radfem' mothers of sons think their sons are untouchable angels though, and they're delusional. a lot of those male sons will be predators or at the best, just subconsciously predatory. don't choose to have kids if you're a radfem tbh? adopt sons to try to rehabilitate or justdon't give birth to kids in general because it makes no sense to have children biologically if you're an actual radfem tbh. you're either pointlessly creating another girl who will end up suffering at the hands of patriarchy, or creating a boy who is likely to become a predator, seeing as how patriarchy literally grooms and molds boys into becoming predators (criminally or otherwise). you don't need to give birth to boys for them to be better, and your input will likely have very little actual impact on your male child seeing as how everywhere they look they're told to see women as less than human. the entitlement is literally already noted in male babies. your feminist input will not result in a remarkable male child when that child is fed non-stop propaganda everywhere he looks, and his sexual interests are fused and stregthened with and by that propaganda. there's nothing radical about choosing to birth children out of your own choice. you're making more victims or more predators. the truly radical and altruistic choice is to try to save girls and boys that are already here.

No. 485783

Exactly. and radfem doesn’t need to be more popular. We are already seeing it be watered down.

No. 485786

Agreed, especially with the influence of the internet nowadays. You can't just slap a filter of your browser and call it a day, kids are still going to see fucked up shit. I get adopting a girl and helping an already existing person, but I refuse to add any.

No. 485787

Feminism is an individualist philosophy, it is organically incompatible with having children. Advancing the interests of family/tribe will advance no woman's interests.

No. 485788

this is the type of shit I was talking about, the fact is many women do have sons and try their best to raise them to be good male allies and good people, tell me what are radfems that already have sons supposed to do

No. 485789

Are you legit retarded? Feminism is based on class analysis

No. 485791

Double post but you’re supposed to shut the fuck up about them and not put them ahead of women’s liberation

No. 485792

are you? even from a classist/Marxist perspective having children benefits no woman ever and is not a feminist choice. the ability to reproduce is the literal basis for women's oppression.
nothing. you chose to have children and that's fine. it's just not feminist.

No. 485793

Protip: Raising men that care about women helps with women's lib as well.

No. 485794

I dont disagree that reproduction is in women’s best interest, but feminism is absolutely not individualistic and so that’s not the reason why they’re incompatible

No. 485795

>le male socialization meme
>le you can teach men not to rape

No. 485797

Learn to sage people

Except it doesn’t because they never give a shit about women. You think women haven’t been trying to raise non-shitty men? They turn out slightly less predatory at best. They won’t stop being complete shitstains unless in a feminist utopia if we are lucky.

Don’t disagree that it isn't *

My bad

No. 485799

correct. men are fundamentally broken. the only reason they aren't openly raping and killing us is the fear of social repercussions.

No. 485800

i believe you can, but not under the framework of a literally lethally male supremacist society. anyways it's obviously insane egomaniac tier shit to think a mother will have more power than literally everything else that male child comes into contact with. there's just no reason to create more children if you believe patriarchy is as dangerous and oppressive as we know it to be. these women are just trying to throw out reasons as to why it should be super 'feminist' for them to give birth to children (this benefits males on like, ten different levels: men want more children born to sustain and grow economies, labor is devalued by more children, and "bloodlines"/male ego). there's literally no reason to give birth. it puts women into poverty, creates more victims and predators, it takes a literal toll on the woman's body and plenty of changes are painful and irreversible, etc.


wow, very dumb. men are only out here jerking off to the fantasy of raping women all day long, lmfao. we know that rapes are rarely reported and men are very, very, very rarely convicted, if even charged. most men aren't convicted rapists, sure, but plenty are rapists, and almost all of them get off to rape.

No. 485802

>i believe you can, but not under the framework of a literally lethally male supremacist society.
My dream would be a family that lives out in the woods along like minded feminist ones only. Like the Amish concept of Rumsprina, if they want to be exposed to a broader toxic society they can leave when they're adults.
>we know that rapes are rarely reported and men are very, very, very rarely convicted, if even charged. most men aren't convicted rapists, sure, but plenty are rapists, and almost all of them get off to rape.
Because those that do are usually serial rapists. A thousand women raped is not a thousand male rapists, it's a single male rapist that rapes a thousand times.

No. 485803

File: 1574390836408.jpg (359.57 KB, 960x1089, 1501091204026.jpg)

>an hour ago, light hearted grievances about sandwich condiments
>and now it's rape

No. 485805

>Except it doesn’t because they never give a shit about women. You think women haven’t been trying to raise non-shitty men? They turn out slightly less predatory at best. They won’t stop being complete shitstains unless in a feminist utopia if we are lucky.

My brother is 25, and one of the most genuinely kind and respectful people I know. He was raised by our radfem mother and is extremely respectful of women and stands up for me a lot with our sexist grandparents. Once my graddad said its okay to cheat because men have needs women dont understand and he cussed him out and explained how thats not true.

No. 485809

you know what's annoying? when people say "incedences" and not "incedents". "incedences" IS NOT A WORD. I've been hearing so many fucktards using it lately.

No. 485813

No one cares and learn to sage

No. 485818

File: 1574392295169.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 24.43 KB, 238x275, disgusting.jpeg)

here ya go

No. 485820

sounds like a very convenient story. love how we just happened to just now have the daughter of a radfem pass by, at this very opportune time, to sing the praises of her very real brother, nigel. if true (doubt) your brother is the exception to the rule, and we have seen it play out time and time again if you're at all familiar with radfem spaces. and just because your brother seems nice (allegedly), doesn't mean he doesn't jerk off to the thought of raping women, doesn't mean he doesn't treat women he interacts with when you aren't around like shit, or only puts on a decent face for fear of social rejection or punishment, etc. a lot of men who women claim are "genuinely wonderful" and "respectful" or "really good guys" are only so until they aren't.

sorry, but boys and men can't be trusted when even i can't get on the fucking internet without having porn (much of which is abusive or pedophilic) shoved in my face, or when i can't even watch tv, take a college course, read through studies, see a doctor, etc, without being bombarded with the pernicious, or obvious, dehumanization, mistreatment and general objectification of women and girls. a lot of women are married to literal strangers that they've known for 40 years and have no clue how horrible the men in their lives are until the masks slips or they try to murder suicide their family out of absolutely nowhere.

also, if you insist women are so capable of creating sons that are genuine allies, then you're also saying that women are responsible for predatory men. women are not that powerful either way. by your logic, you must believe women are at fault for the failings of men, huh? they just weren't feminist enough, or else their sons wouldn't be horrendous?

No. 485821

…you mean "incident"?

No. 485823

why are you deleting your comment every 5 minutes just to repost it jfc ur a sperg

No. 485828

reformatted my post to make it easier to read, fixed typos and made clearer or different points. dont really see how it's spergy to want to fix something or make a more salient point/edit. if you think deleting to edit is weird maybe go back to plebbit?

No. 485830

incident is singular, incidents is plural

No. 485834

Women in the past gave birth to more aggressive and predatory sons because women in the past were mating with more aggressive and predatory men. Even if they had to choice to choose anyone that was softer, and of course they rarely did, it was rarely the right decision from a biological level, as softer men were shafted by harder ones as well. They still had SOME power, just that power was limited. Societal change has been a gradual one, with the starts of it going back to long before feminism was even put into words. Now for the first time in maybe all of recorded history we've the freedom and opportunity to charge forward in miles instead of in inches. So what do you do with that power? You choose to not use it. To not raise kids at all. The future then goes back to the patriarchs and handmaidens that raise more generations of patriarchs and handmaidens until the end of time.

Meanwhile it took less than five generations for Russian scientists to turn wild wolves into lapdogs.

No. 485835

so are women who have positive relationships are just not allowed to participate radical feminism ???

No. 485836

sexism is over thanks to your brother

No. 485838

God damn the hetero radfem tears are real

No. 485844

Nta but double check op's spelling. I mean if she's gonna whine about the misuse of plurals she could at least spellcheck herself.

No. 485848

you're acting like we don't see that young men today aren't just as horrendous as the last??? or that young men of the last generation aren't just as horrendous. men today are just as shitty as they were 20 or 30 years ago. larger cultural strides (and the social pressure that results) improve things, but generally changing attitudes, which can happen as a result of let's say, war, or impactful events or cases, don't necessarily happen as a result of… less aggressive fathers? it isn't necessary to birth boys to create cultural change, like, at all. if parenting is so important, why not just adopt an already existing child, instead of taking a serious chance on a child that we have no reason to believe will be "so much better"? your boner for giving birth is not feminist. women can put in 30x the effort into activism or specializing in helping children to become better people, to shape the next generation, and create more meaningful output than pouring all of their resources into ONE child they apparently have to give birth to, for some reason???

also we completely controlled the conditioning and environments of those wolves. we can't do that with kids unless all these radfem mothers of sons are out here raising their sons in the literal wilderness with no access to anything at all, and they aren't.

No. 485849

I'm not hetero I'm a lesbian and I love my brother

No. 485851

You know the whole point of this thread is to whine about annoying stuff, right?

No. 485852

I am and I want your brother.

No. 485854

>nitpicking a word cause you don't wanna admit you spelled 'incident' wrong

No. 485856

he already has a girlfriend

No. 485862

It's actually a lot worse than that.

Radfems. Particularly so called lesbian radfems, are cult like. Notice how they're constantly urging any woman to "cut all men out of her life". Even down to her father and brothers. That's what cults tell people to do. Separate them from their families.

It's also why radical feminism is useless and never gets anywhere. If they were smart they'd at least make an alliance of convenience with religious groups to go after porn, but because it's full of purity spiraling cult members it can't even do that. So the porn industry carries on abusing young girls freely.

No. 485863

>nitpicking spelling because you don't like finding out you were using plurals wrong

No. 485866

Just ignore the childless retards crowing at you. These are the same idiots who encourage others not to have children while supporting WoC who shit out kids by the bucketload.

No. 485981

Radical feminism literally cannot go anywhere, it makes that abundantly clear. It's not meant to guide women for decades upon decades, or really, do any guiding beyond allowing you to recognize some truths/patterns in civilization.

If you're unable to pass down genetic information via children and evolution, it's incredibly hard for your ideology to remain in society and time.

No. 486140

You ever just mind your own business and hang out with your friends and you have that one guy who tries to mansplain and analyze everything to everyone? It's so annoying. One of my friends is like that and when I hang out with him he tries to explain to me some hobby related things I've always known better than him since childhood, or I say something normal and he goes "yes you say that because of your family issues (which are non-existent)/because of your stress (still non-existent)/your religion (I don't have one)." Once he tried to convince me that Resonance of Fate was a Persona game because he absolutely believed it despite playing it. Like. How are you going to teach me about JRPG when you say shit like that?

No. 486144

>also implying you weren't trying to sound smarter than people who do when you can't even spell correctly

No. 486317

File: 1574524129783.png (184.47 KB, 529x333, sigh.PNG)

>Art discord server
>'I-i don't have enough time to draw'
>Discord account shows they place LoL 5 hours daily

No. 486326

File: 1574527525345.png (246.75 KB, 1642x470, 0000000000.png)

Some people really make themselves sound crazy when they talk about how cows/flakes must be referring to them or their posts specifically.
It does happen (I've tinfoiled myself before), but when you try to "prove" it only by using little details like that with lots of unrelated rambling sandwiched between things, it looks off.

No. 486388

I hate it when people react to bad fanfiction or weird deviantart stuff that is clearly ironic. Im so fucking sick of all fanfiction readings being some lol so random 'trump X Putin' ha ha 'vore' yif in hell! Im 15 and I think this is funny shit. I also hate it when they show a drawing that isnt basic tumblr/animu face 101 or its just some dude joking around and act like the artist is the next zodiac killer. For some reason all those ironic fanfiction also never go beyond basic meme fetishes so they all blend into one

No. 486390

>they'd at least make an alliance of convenience with religious groups to go after porn

Many do, actually, but it's frowned upon because religious groups also want to ban abortions. Which is perfectly fine by me, banned abortions are a lot worse than girls being abused by porn. Pregnancy is extremely dangerous and debilitating, being able to opt out of it if the situation isn't ideal should be the very core of all feminism. Caring more about "young girls being exploited" than women's freedom is a very male POV.

No. 486395

Samefagging, but the people who read ironic fanfiction unironicly or are part of the commentary community are the epitome of the 'walk with the confidence of a medicore white man' meme. Theyd have to be delusinal to think their reading is good or their commentary is worthwhile.

No. 486405

starting to smell a lot like tumblr here

No. 486412

>banned abortions are a lot worse than girls being abused by porn
You're sick for thinking this. How hard is it to recognise that both are equally bad?

No. 486582

If i see someone use the lazy ass word pretentious for anything without actually making a good argument i'm gonna set myself on fire. I've really come to despise that overused word

No. 486589

Hate it when someone critiques idpol or trans people and the only people listening are the "anti-sjw borderline nazi types". Whenever some critiques liberal ideas in a "Im a liberal, but I think we can fix x" the comment section goes 'this is a free card to be racist/sexist'

No. 486593

Stop reading kiwifarms. They're even more of a bunch of a-logs than farmers. I can rarely make it past the opening post in any of their threads because the community is full of loons just as bad as the cow in question. They're the people who use "they/them" pronouns unironically and go on for 300 pages about tinfoiling and autistic infighting. It's a shit tier forum with a godawful clout-chasing admin.

No. 486599

egh, a lot of the farmers here also browse kiwifarms and i fucking hate it. i even prefer lsa or pull newfags over kiwifarm fags. Gross.

No. 486601

Same, I fucking hate the tangents they go on about their disgust of homosexuality. I'm disgusted in the sexism, homophobia, and conservatism radiating in trans and idpol narratives. Completely different reasons lol.

No. 486603

I know what you mean, anon. I typically avoid the site and its community, it's too full of shitty, edgy men and pick-mes. I just wanted to see if there were any updates on ContraPoints ever since he abandoned Twitter.

No. 486625

More than just a-log. They blogpost and medfag constantly. What makes that site 10x more unbearable is that they have user accounts. I go to any thread and I wind up seeing the same 30 pathetic people sperging and obsessing over every cow, seemingly everyday, and they actually believe they have a better quality of life than the lolcows they shitpost about.

I'm on the farm here a lot, but I don't regularly check more than 5 cows and I sure as shit am not posting my hot takes every single day. Blogposting is banned too, so I know I'm not comparing myself and thinking anyone cares.

No. 486632

I sometimes browse kiwifarms because it's unique in that it's a site about lolcows run and populated by other lolcows.

No. 487527

Today let's talk about a woman who did something good
>Do we have to bring up sex?
>People like you who keep on bringing up sex and race are only increasing the divide.
>Sex doesnt mater only accomplishment you SJW's
~hey~ guys its cool_girl420 and as a women sexism is ok

No. 487571

Every day I thank Lolcow for banning blogposting, from the very pits of my heart and I mean it. It's fucking grating reading forums like PULL and Kiwifarms where people write more about their shitty lives than document the cow in question. The Kenna thread on PULL is already a meme concerning how it's full of seething closeted weebs fanficcing about how they would deserve the aidoru life in Japan instead and how they would be SO much more respectful to the glorious nipponese than she is.

But where PULL is just sad, Kiwifarms is like gazing into the abyss of terminal autism. People keep on going about how women are melodramatic and catty but the fucks over at KF have them beat by a mile. It's like the most dead horse beating thread on /snow/ duplicated by 10. Every now and then there's an insightful post depending on the thread but it's like digging for gold in a pile of horse shit.

No. 487619

This song was awesome but WHY THE FUCK the singer sounds like a 10 YEARS OLD LOLI WHY??? It's so off-putting why they had to ruin the song like that? (I'm still searching for a good cover, they all sound the same)

No. 487763

I'm so fed up with people who ree about "skinnyshaming", they seem to pop up everywhere lately.

I watched this video about a female lifeguard and she's a bit heftier, but obviously does her job extremely well. People complimented her, saying it's nice to see a lifeguard who isn't a stereotypival Pam Anderson lookalike, saying she looks very strong but of course others immediately took offense to that
>Stop! There's nothing wrong with being skinny, you make it sound as if it's horrible, skinny doesn't equal weak!
Okay? Nobody even said that? They only said something nice to a women who seems to have a super nice personality (and who saved 500 lifes already!).
How much of a victim do they wish to be, that they can't take people other than them getting complimented? When I read those comments it didn't even cross my mind that they insinuate that I'm lesser just because I'm not as curvy and strong as her. Nothing about that was bodyposi/hae stuff.
Skinny people are so used to always having been the sole beauty standard that they can't take people liking somebody who looks different. It's as if they're searching for things to get offended by, of ways to seem oppressed.
Everybody raves about bmi 16 vs models and kpop idols, unless you're a literal skeleton nobody finds you too thin. An office collegue saying "you're so skinny, eat some more lol" is not bullying, you can't compare that at all to what others e.g. overweight children go through.
Everybody always claims that fat women supposedly can't stand seeing slim women getting praised but lately you often see skinny people absolutely sperging out when somebody just dares to voice a preference for average women.
(Same with talking about eating disorders: how can you get offended by people saying anorexic girls looks ill? That makes you insecure, really?)

Plus if they really felt so horrible about their skinnyness, then they wouldn't immediately resort to namecalling and accusing others of being jealous (I would have never insulted my bullies appearance since I believed that they're really that much better than I am). Same with comparing their "struggles" to those of models. They obviously still feel superior.
Thinking you're shamed for being skinny has the same energy (I hate that phrase lol) as 5ft girls whining about being sm0l lolis who literally get mistaken for kindergarten kids.

No. 487765

I agree, especially as someone who's gone from being a fat kid/teen to being thin. The difference in how people treat you is huge, and the only person "shaming" me is my mom who knows I did it an unhealthy way and wishes I was taller.
Be prepared for fake victim rage from people who think "skinny-shaming" is real, though. Plenty of people just don't like he status quo being contradicted if it favors them.

No. 487775

Complaining about being "skinnyshamed" is almost always humblebragging anyway. Some fatass using "skinny bitch" as a cope isn't in any way comparable to someone in the normal weight range having to deal with morbid body image issues due to not having the BMI of 16 or the body of photoshopped magazine models. It's such a stupid hill to die on.

>An office collegue saying "you're so skinny, eat some more lol" is not bullying

This reminds me of the time someone was, in all seriousness, sperging about coworkers offering them treats "skinny shaming" because it was implying that they're too thin. People need to get treatment for their paranoia and victimization issues.

No. 487776

AMEN to your first paragraph (idk too much about KF).
I also hate that PULL think they have the moral high ground (~exposing fakes~, ~decrying Asian fetishism~); they don't look less mean and gossipy, but just as much and with an added dose of autism on top. I used to read the Kenna thread for the onsite lolcows contributing but now i don't even want to anymore, its 90% boredom and 10% unpleasant secondhand embarrassment.
we absolutely are a pile of bitter bitches with body dysmorphia, but the outspokenness and slight self-awareness makes me stick around.

No. 487779

File: 1574859921981.jpg (59.26 KB, 800x450, nativeashton_wide-02d9577ac165…)

I don't like the how HBO's "native son" adoption looks so far. The kid looks like a mix between deviantart do not steel oc and white kid who shops at thrashers. Why could they it have been historicaly accurate instead?

No. 487788

My least favorite thing about KF besides "it was the joos!" is the obsessive 'the reason why you suck' 4 paragraph vendetta posts where people post essays that you'd see on /r/RoastMe. PULL and KF really suffer from blogposting and people giving their shitty opinions. No one cares about how you think Amberlynn Reid should do Keto because you tried it and it totally works for you, jfc.

No. 487834

People who's only exposure to leftism being "SJWs wrecked!" and "responding to SJW" videos actually trying to debate academic "social justice warriors" is the cringiest shit ever. You haven't died inside until you've seen a "What about male rape?" Comment on an Andrew Dworkin video or a "blue lives matter" comment on a fucking Malcom X video. They don't get that they aren't up against some teen on twitter so they invade the comment sections of 1 hour videos about systematic oppression with their Sargon of akkad level rhetoric not knowing A. The speaker isn't talking about "we should make iron man a black women" stuff or B. Their argument was refuted 10 minutes into the video

No. 487842

It's literally just the bitchier, male version of PULL.

No. 487851


This. KF's always been this way, but it's gotten so much worse in the last year. It used to be that there was a decent contribution around every 5 posts, but now you have to wade through entire pages of bullshit just to find any milk. And even then it's just someone uploading a screencap of a tweet.

No. 487856

What's up with the obsession with schoolgirls in japanese culture???

No. 487973

I'm at a cafe and the guy a few tables over farted loudly 3 times. Then my dad walked up to me and said something, and the guy just turned around and stared at me for like a minute. Now he's angrily hitting his laptop and it's stressing me out.

Fuck off dude..

No. 487978

File: 1574905412429.jpeg (126.04 KB, 640x428, 14E02494-A651-4F58-AB69-8ECD24…)

The guys who shared this on Facebook were total manwhores
But the kind that emotionally manipulate and cheat on whoever they’re with and make them look bad, the worst kind . never date someone like this, anons. They’re even worse than fuckbois or ghetto manthots

No. 487980


lmao did he think you would find the farting attractive? You're a nicer person than I am because I would have either walked off or started spraying perfume like a bitch to make a point.

No. 487989

Lmao, I have no idea. He was also taking up two electrical outlets and started turning chairs sideways, not sure why, I guess so other people couldn't use them? I'm not sure why they didn't kick him out, I don't think he even bought anything. Or maybe they did after I left.

No. 487990

>Now he's angrily hitting his laptop and it's stressing me out
Lol hes typing to his scrote friends. Be on the look put for a "Women had a body acceptance movement now men should have a body functions acceptance movement" post

No. 487994

No. 488007

>An office collegue saying "you're so skinny, eat some more lol" is not bullying

Sure it might not be as bad as the blatant bullying bigger people get, but it's still not a nice thing to say. I've had a few people tell me this over the years and it made me feel really ashamed and embarrassed of myself. It made me get mixed signals because I didn't know if being skinny was actually a good or bad thing. It's just not nice to comment on anyone's body that way, be it fat, skinny or in between.

No. 488039

There was a Reddit thread shared here lately where a woman queefed from sex and so the guy quickly left without saying a word. People told her not to worry about such a natural side effect of sex so of course guys then got annoyed cos "if a guy let out a massive fart during sex he'd be ripped to shreds in the comments"

Ah yes same thing, men have it so hard, kek

No. 488045

You fool, being skinny is only good if you have big boobs and butt, that’s what they were trying to say!

No. 488053

>i've had a few people tell me "not so nice things" over the years
Congrats anon, that's life.
Nevertheless this still doesn't equal an epidemic of slim people getting mercilessly attacked and made to feel subhuman, like so many love to claim. If there was a list according to the severity of people facing backlash for any aspect of their body, then being thin would be at the very bottom. You're lucky if that's your "problem". Maybe people around you just dislike you in general and therefore try to find things to annoy you with.

Reach harder, wannabe victim, nobody ever mentioned anything about that? You being insecure about your tits and ass is not oppression, it's a you-problem.

No. 488066

File: 1574932294668.png (9.44 KB, 479x146, lmao.PNG)

I know Hazbinhotel has been talked about quite a lot and I personally did not enjoy it, but the posts talking about how problematic it is make me want to rip my eyes out. There are plenty of good criticisms and reasons to dislike the show but tumblr loves to go after the stupidest shit. I now see why no one takes them seriously.

No. 488073

>An office collegue saying "you're so skinny, eat some more lol" is not bullying, you can't compare that at all to what others e.g. overweight children go through.
As a childhood fatty I know people can really be mercilessly cruel. Even my mom said she was embarrassed to be seen with me in public and plenty of other fucked up shit. I mean it's one thing to be mocked by people I could care less about but for a parent to bully you cuts deep on another level. She has tried apologizing but that shit hurts to this day lol.

No. 488081

Fucking same. My mom was merciless when it came to my weight as a kid/teen and even though I'm thinner now that shit still hurts. She used to say that she did it because she was worried I wouldn't be able to find a boyfriend if I was fat (ironically, dating has never been an issue for me even when I was overweight). I know part of it was because her own mom was anorexic and bullied her about her weight growing up but I still resent her for passing the same damage onto me.

No. 488091

Nayrt and I agree that "skinny shaming" in western culture isn't the same as "fatshaming", it can't compare to how girls are constantly called overweight or made to feel overweight or how bigger people are treated from childhood.
However bullying doesn't always follow logic and it feels like you're saying that unless someone is receiving specifically fatphobic remarks then they should never feel hurt. Women get nitpicked for literally everything, even by other women about things that are seen usually seen as attractive traits. They are literally called slutty if they have naturally large lips or breasts, and if they are isolated then those words have more authority. I wouldn't be surprised if someone had been bullied for being too blonde or having too long eyelashes at some point and made to believe it was a bad thing kek
The way people feel entitled to comment on any person's body at all is a problem. I have not experienced a life of fatshaming and can see that it's not the same as strangers joking that I'm a man because I have no curves or the usual "eat a cheeseburger you look like a corpse" stuff but even if it's not comparable, it can still hurt to hear someone say those experiences don't exist. There isn't a systemic "skinny shaming" issue from my opinion, it's not an alternative problem to fatshaming, but negative comments towards skinny people are part of how women's bodies are policed as a whole.

Of course the people that scream about skinny shaming on Facebook posts specifically about fatshaming are just humble bragging or trying to claim oppression points and they need to stop and take it elsewhere. However to say that no woman has ever been shamed for being a bonelord isn't right either so of course it causes friction. They aren't equal issues, but they stem from the same problem.

No. 488117

I wouldn't comment on a person weight either way but I've known girls who get 'skinny-shamed' and they go on to hit 25/30 and their metabolism slows down, fixed lol

I was skinny from childhood to 25 and all I ever got was older women saying 'I wish I was that size again'

No. 488124

File: 1574949419058.png (150.05 KB, 704x1098, 440-4403054_pepe-poggers-png-m…)

>People should masturbate to Loli because its better than real kids being exploited
>I don't care about porn actors rights. Why'd you ask?

No. 488127

Some people can only empathise with innocent children, soon as someone is an adult and making life decisions that empathy is gone

No. 488135

I agree with all of this. I'm not sure why some people find it hard to believe skinny people can't feel insecure, including about their weight. The world isn't black and white - people will always find something to make fun of you over, it doesn't matter what it is, it will almost always cut deep and make you hate that aspect of yourself

No. 488142

Because being thin is the number one beauty standard.
Plus the conversation is not about what you can feel insecure about, it's about skinny women getting offended by somebody complimenting non-skinny people and acting as of the world is out to get them.
And the behavior of these skinny women (calling others immediately fat and jelly) also showcases that they likely aren't as insecure as they claim to be, seeing as they still feel better than others.
"You're skinny" is on the same level as "tall" or "short", it's not neccessarily an insult and by far doesn't hold as much weight as "disgusting pig" or whatever comments fat people have to deal with.
Is it really so bad if somebody says something nice to a chubby woman? Do you really need to project that onto yourself and get triggered because it possibly could mean that this person thinks that you're not as equally nice or pretty?
In the end it all burns down to people desperately searching for ways to play victim. Some people are poor, some are gay and some, oh no, are thin! /s
And I'm tired of these "victims" being so vocal everyhwere lately.

No. 488234

File: 1574965786188.jpeg (712.75 KB, 2045x1968, 72F4A1D0-30A2-4593-8699-B70727…)

I’ve only been “skinny-shamed” by bitter fatties.
People need to get over it, people will shame you for anything, if not your body, then they’ll tease you about your big nose, wide set eyes, weak chin, whatever Meanies are everywhere.

No. 488247

File: 1574968176258.png (1.43 MB, 1166x1150, 1559765660291.png)

I'm absolutely itching to blow my lid off on this funnyman tier tumblr retard I used to be friends with. The worst part about getting shit talked by a two faced snake is not knowing if their apology is real or not. They seem content with their actions until you finally up and leave, and then they come to you with the most convincing sob story. But you just KNOW they weren't going to be apologetic if you hadn't done anything about it

Never befriending e-celeb funnyman types again. Learned my lesson for good. It's not good for me, it's not mature, but monkey brain keeps telling me to yell at this idiot. Insulting someone over the internet isn't worth it at all, but it sure is satisfying…

No. 488272

File: 1574972425439.jpg (157.53 KB, 897x666, IMG_20191128_211853.jpg)

>I’ve only been “skinny-shamed” by bitter fatties
This is exactly what I was taking about. "Shaming" involves the person who's shamed feeling awful, insecure, worthless. If you can accuse your "shamers" of just being jealous, then they certainly don't made you feel inferior at all. You still think of yourself, of the fact that you're skinny as better than all the "fatties".
You were only lightly insulted by somebody and are very obviously able to defend yourself, that's not bullying, you're not a "victim" in any way.

I guess the anon in the confessions thread also got triggered by this conversation and just had to let us know how disgusting fatties are.
>Why do they all have such intense bitch face
Oh the irony, there's hardly anything more bitchy your rant lol

No. 488280

File: 1574975095696.gif (668.87 KB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

lol uggo fatty let all the turkey and stuffing go to her head today

No. 488284

Believe it or not, some people are able to feel sympathy for others, some people don't see somebody whom the're not attracted to as subhuman. Try using your brain for once.

I bet you wouldn't dare to say that irl. I really wish that all those people who act like absolute cunts about "reee muh disgusting fatties" on here would get exposed, the people you interact with in your daily life would deserve to know how you think about them, so that they won't waste their time on you.

No. 488288

>I bet you wouldn't dare to say that irl. I really wish that all those people who act like absolute cunts about "reee muh disgusting fatties" on here would get exposed, the people you interact with in your daily life would deserve to know how you think about them, so that they won't waste their time on you
Nta but go back to tumblr. Did you get lost? You sound like a cow but not because of your weight.

No. 488293

>other anon thinks humans shouldn't be treated like shit regardless of weight
>gO baCK tO tUMblr

No. 488299

how vile

No. 488300

i'm annoyed at myself because this guy who i see at work from time to time reminds me of someone but i don't know who. i feel like i've previously seen a person who looks very similar to him, but i don't know when or where.

nayrt but, anon.. did you forget where you are? lolcow has always had a general dislike for fatties.

No. 488302

Fatties and anachans, no one is ever happy kek

No. 488305

It's not about you being fat it's about you being annoying (or whoever the OP fattychan and/or >>488284 is, if not you)

No. 488306

I guess I did I just loathe how basic respect for others is thrown into being a tumblr tard lol. And I also don't excessively obsess over fat people and how much I hate them and tend to glance over retarded posts relating to weight…i am just laughing so hard that that anon is so disturbed by fatties that it seeps into her thoughts and possesses her to make a post about it. But also a little concerned…

No. 488307

No one is out to take away your rights fatty, no one is calling for your oppression, you can be fat as much as you want. People are just disgusted by it, as they have the right to be. Anyone can be insecure but I noticed fat girls’ insecurity manifests into the most tragic cases of bully and pick me.

No. 488308

There's still a difference between calling a bad cow fat or ugly, and showcasing that you're just an awful person all around like the confession in >>488272 or >>488280
In nearly all countries around half of the population is fat (in the us even more), how anybody can just baselessly hate all of them is beyond me. Tho hate isn't even strong enough of a word, anons like that obviously regard them as lower than dirt.

No. 488309

Yea sorry nonnie I'm neither fatty-chan nor sperg-chan, just someone who happened to pass by the squabble

No. 488310

It's just someone's opinion in a confession thread.

No. 488315

I think you all are assholes and you all annoy me.

No. 488316

Wtf you talking about fuckface LOL i am not the original person you responded to, just saw you replying to that anons post, saw your original post, and just happened to think you sounded like a child so i threw my thoughts i . I'm nowhere close to fat, i don't know why you threw that oppression shit in there…you are obviously buttblasted and paranoid that people that don't agree with you are secretly fatties and i am so sorry you have to make up these lies in your head so you don't have to face the fact that what you think is shitty. Go ahead and go on and rant about how i am also just a fatty stuffing my face if it helps you feel better, geez

No. 488318

>People are disgusted by fat girls and they have the right to be.
>Fat girls are always bullies.
Do you even listen to yourself? What do you think you are doing?

No. 488319

My point still stands, I think.

I read >>487763 to see what the squabble is all about and that anon really sounds bitter. About skinny girls and short girls. It seems like they pass all those negative judgements and believe the superiority nonsense that they're complaining about in that post and then project it onto the world. It's all in you girl! Sorry that was a fat joke

No. 488320

What anon do you think i am? What was "annoying"?

No. 488323

And if you don't expect other anons to go off on a shitty confession in a confession thread, then oh boy…

No. 488333

>in nearly all countries around half the population is fat

You mean the west? Not my problem you all gorge yourself to death with the privilege you have and create a huge as carbon footprint while pointing your fat fingers to India, Africa and China and say they are polluting when you dump your 100 million pounds of mcdonalds wrappers on our shores. Why the fuck should you be pittied for being fat? kek

Literally your fault. Control your appetite.

No. 488335

you have the right not to be attracted to fat people and be a decent person to them at the same time.

btw i find it kinda weird that so many anons here shit on fat women but bitch about beauty standards.

No. 488342

>very obviously able to defend yourself
Why do you think this? A skinny person can't experience
>feeling awful, insecure, worthless
? Therefore they can't be bullied? Of course they can. Anyone feels that way when people make disparaging comments about their weight.
>You still think of yourself, of the fact that you're skinny as better than all the "fatties".
No, you think they are better than fatties.
>There's still a difference between calling a bad cow fat or ugly, and showcasing that you're just an awful person all around like the confession in >>488280
Ok but >>488280 was funny and the person they replied to is acting cow-like so what exactly is the difference between the people we gossip about in the threads and the people who post within? We shouldn't talk shit and get kicks from anons and cows alike?

No. 488343

Is this some assmad third worlder? Who the fuck gets offended on behalf of China, Africa, and India when people point out their excessive and obscene pollution lmao.
Oh and there's McDonalds in those countries, might just be your own trash backwashing onto your beaches, which we know are also polluted. Control your own people.

No. 488344

I don't hate people, I feel sorry for them. Not all of them are fat because they're greedy, some of them weren't fed healthy food by their parents or weren't taught how to cook. That said there is a point where they need to recognise what they're doing is wrong. The internet is more accessible than ever before. The information available on how to loose weight and how to cook is there if they want to find it.

No. 488349

the fat thing has always been so weird to me. im not fat but i don't find fat women unattractive. i really don't think men do either. it's not even SO hard to lose weight idk why people act like being fat is like having an artery wrapped and irremovable horn on your forehead. it's pretty easy to see the potential in people. i guess people are always just looking for reasons to dehumanize others for inconsequential bullshit.

i do, however, take joy in women who talk shit about fat women getting fat and i admit i will make fun of them if they're terrible people, solely bc i know theyre insecure about it.

the 'evil fat girl' trope is so tired. even if they're a little bitchy, tbh i'd get it. i can imagine it feels like shit being treated like youre less than human for just being a few lbs overweight, something that can be super easily corrected in like a few months. "skinny" women who whine about fat women picking on them tend to be the biggest primadonnas ever. you have to realize that almost everyone in society values being thin and that some chunky girl calling you "a stick" isn't oppressive and is nowhere near as hurtful as being called fat in a society that has a particular disdain for fat WOMEN specifically

No. 488350

I think most are addicted to food and in denial.

No. 488351

Why are you purposefully derailing and talking about pollution when you were whining about obesity just a second ago

No. 488352

lol, so you admit you're a fatass kek

No. 488353

Never said I was a victim of anything. Why are you gatekeeping bullying anyways? ” fat person struggles wahhhh you will never know !!”
Lose some weight if it bothers you that people make fun of you for it
Only people who have one leg or are burn victims can be “body shamed”and can’t do anything to fix it . I understand childhood bullying affecting you, kids are mean but get over it.
stop with this patronizing ~ONLY FAT WOMEN KNOW THE STRUGGLE~ nonsense.
And I don’t think I’m better than any fatties except for the ones who make fun of me or try to act like “bones r for dogs real men want meat, skinny bitches btfo”

No. 488356

i think most have issues and use food to cope, or haven't ever learned how to plan meals and eat healthy, eat proper portion sizes, etc. the nutritional values in american food, too, are different from other places, so it's easier to take in a lot more calories by eating literally the same branded item and portion size, because there's no regulating the sugar content and whatnot.

No. 488357

when you guys say fat women, do you also mean chubby women? bc theyre cute

No. 488364

I'm a completely new anon that hasn't been participating in this conversation at all and only responded because I scrolled past and saw you derailing with a pollution tirade and thought it was funny.

Keep dancing monkey, you're a riot.

No. 488366

Dey aight

No. 488368

>In nearly all countries around half of the population is fat
Well that’s just not true.
Once again, didn’t say anyone should treat fat people badly. They already do that to themselves.
Most bopo types are Phoebe Tickner tier. Barely able to conceal their contempt for thinner women, perfectly illustrated by this meme >>488234
>dismisses people’s experience with “skinny shaming”
>gets fucking triggered when no one likes fatties with oppression complex
No, means fat people, not chubby. Although chubby means wildly different things comparing Amerilard standard with the rest of the world.

No. 488377

I wonder if those anons who call fat women disgusting subhumans sometimes post in the vent thread to cry about problems at work or with their bf or family… Do they expect pity? Or is crying just a problem of weak people who have no control of their emotions?
When they enter a room, do they immediately spot the people who are overweight and think "ew" or "haha"… Do they think that overweight people should get fired, because who could do a good job when there's something wrong with their weight? When they go shopping and the staff that is serving them is overweight, do they need to step away to keep themselves from vomiting out of disgust? Being disgusted is their right afterall. Do they request a different hair dresser at a salon if her body isn't to their liking? Or do they manage to swallow their disgust only to let that rage free once they're at home, online? And what if a family member is overweight? Do they tell them to their face, or do they just cut off contact?

No. 488378

Are you actually curious about how others think or are you just pissed that you're fat?

No. 488380

More like sad, that there are really so many people who seem to think that lowly of others for no good reason.

No. 488393

I'm an anon who doesn't call fat women disgusting subhumans but I will agree with or laugh with an anon who does. Honestly to answer all of those questions: fat people make me feel uncomfortable when I'm around them. I mean fat people who breathe heavy and don't fit well into spaces and sweat and heave. If they are serving me in some way, I will not be rude to them but I will avoid them in the future if I can. Not because I hate them but because they make me uncomfortable. Yes, I will wonder how well they can do certain jobs and I will wonder if they are dumb and also why they are so fat. Just being honest. I'm sorry it hurts you, really. But it is what it is.

No. 488395

Are there no fat people in your extended family?
And what about people who are ugly? People who have acne, have a big nose, small eyes or are too tall/short or people who can't style or dress themselves?

No. 488399

Stop pitying yourself
At least those anons cry over boyfriend problems or family problems and can resolve them, they’re not stuck being a miserable fatty who gets salty that someone found a fat person disgusting online gasp
Why does it bother you so much? >>488395
Obviously, but that doesn’t mean she should pity them. She has a right to be disgusted with lazy people who overeat, and don’t even bring the whole “what about obese ppl who have medical conditions” nobody gets defensive of anachans and says “they might have that disease Lizzie Velasquez has tho!!” Fat people are stinky, their asses are so big they can’t properly wipe and they sweat so much more excessively than regular sized people, why wouldn’t you wanna avoid them. They breathe heavy and it’s uncomfortable to be around. Stop blaming people who don’t wanna be around them or disliking them for being uncomfortable for good enough reasons. You can’t force people to like you, deal with it.

No. 488401

No fat people in my family. I do have some overweight friends but not disgustingly so. And yeah about the other stuff but acne and big noses don't gross me out as much I guess.
Edited to add: I do have a hugely fat person in my life that I am disgusted by but still like him and want the best for him.

No. 488410

>breathe heavy and don't fit well into spaces and sweat and heave
>are stinky, their asses are so big they can’t properly wipe and they sweat so much more excessively than regular sized people
This literally only happens to those 600 pounders on tv shows, normal fat people don't heave and can reach all places on their bodies

No. 488436

Wait a minute…this whole time you have been crying about fatties and how you were bullied by them, only to turn around and bully fatties? Hurr durr it hurt my feefees when fat people bully me and say eat a cheeseburger, but haha fatties are disgusting!They make me so uwu ~uncomfortable~. More like makes you tard rage on the internet, and once it's pointed out that your little vent was stupid and made you kind of ugly on the inside, you buckled down and accused everyone with differing opinions a fatty. Me thinks you were bullied by a fat kid in grade school and now you're projecting.

Shut the fuck up, anachan. Put some meat on you because boys don't like bones, sweaty

No. 488461

>Put some meat on you because boys don't like bones, sweaty

cut it out man. there's no need to resort to nasty juvenile insults to make your argument. are you literally thirteen?

No. 488464

>boys don't like bones

Gotta love putting down people for shaming fat people (which is valid to critize) but then stooping down to their level and shame people for being skinny lol

No. 488473

you sound like an ex anachan

No. 488477

>lazy people who overeat
overeating is a mental illness just like anorexia is. a vast percentage of morbidly obese people have gone through some kind of abuse or trauma in their childhood, often sexual, which makes them then turn to food to either desexualize themselves or find comfort in it. you sound like you need severe therapy and also have some pretty dark insecurity issues. you and that other anon's rant about fat people doesn't make me think less of fat people it only makes me think you have something wrong in your lives.

No. 488478

>Boys don’t like bones, sweaty
Just cause they use you as a backpedal slampig doesn’t mean they like you
Also I never said fat people bully me,(or that it hurts me. )
I said they usually insult or make snarky comments towards skinny people because they’re clearly jealous “boys prefer more meat” or “thicc is better” is a good example of that. You can base all your self worth over a few weirdo men with gross fetishes, while putting down random skinny women all you want. But don’t get mad if it annoys a few people or they see through your gross cope
Well obviously I have problems but so does everyone else. I don’t think fat people are evil and should all collectively drop dead ( how much longer do they got left til then tho amirite kek) I just get uncomfortable around them, why does it bother you so much that not everyone likes fat people?

No. 488482

I wouldn't say it bothers me particularly but when you write about it online for other people to see, you'll get dissenting opinions. You're aware of that, right? Or did you just expect everyone to agree with you? Disliking people for something as shallow and vapid as their body/looks is something that's generally frowned upon in society (even though most everyone does it at some point) so being so brazen and unapologetic about it ruffles feathers. Hope you find some peace with yourself so you won't have to shit on easy targets to feel better about your life.

No. 488485

>for hours: fat people are worthless, fucked up, so disgusting, they stink, their breathing makes me feel uncomfy, they are lazy, don't do their jobs properly, everybody should avoid them, they will die soon lololol
>one person: makes a joke about men not liking skinny girls
>Oh.my.god! Let's not step down this low, how nasty and childish! The hypocrisy, how dare you!1!1

No. 488491

lol honestly fat women are probably a bitch to that farmer because they're a whole ass idiot with cognitive dissonance.

No. 488503

I was one of the anons that called out the "skinny joke" or whatever but I haven't said anything at all about fat people in this thread so ok.
It's just a dumb look to be a hypocrite. Not a tough concept.

No. 488514

Only one fat farmer said something bad about skinny people - meanwhile prior to that dozens of thin farmers said they despise all fat people and then got angry at that one person also posting something mean.
If you don't like hypocrisy, then why didn't you say anything to all those people sperging about fatties earlier?

And there's also still a difference between that "men prefer…"-comment and saying you're disgusted just by seeing or worse having to talk to overweight people. They weren't even talking about dating preferences, they just want all of them to stop existing because appearantly solely interacting on a professional level with somebody they don't find visually pleasing is enough to make them feel too grossed out.

No. 488518

Lol it's funny that anons assume i am just fat because I am upset. Is it normal to think that the person behind the screen disagreeing with you is only doing so because they embody all the elements that anon dislikes? I am an underweight person and ok i said one stupid joke in response to OP because it was kind of hilarious to see them trying so hard. I mean c'mon, you can see any time someone dares call her out she resorts to deluding herself into assuming we must also be fat.

No. 488521

Samefag but i wasn't even trying to shame skinny people, i only threw that jab in there because she said she disliked being told that by fat people. Taste of her own medicine

No. 488536

the thread literally lists fatties and anachans fighting as an example of an annoying thing… by the way I don't find it annoying at all, I'm just picturing the slaton sisters furiously typing in their mobile home while drinking gravy from a bucket.
skinny shaming is bullshit imagined by oversensitive slim girls, but the amount of passion and hurt you need to prove its inexistence so fiercely can only be stored in several extra chins.

No. 488539

Lmao, some of you can't even hide which side of the argument you favor even though you try your best to appear impartial, just to get another jab in.

No. 488542

ayrt and I'm not impartial nor trying to appear like I am. I find fatties way more repulsive than whiny skinny women, which was in your face obvious. I mean there's more suspense when they rip off the mask in Scooby-Doo than in my post, but hey if it makes you feel smart.

No. 488544

You sound like an annoying person.

No. 488547

yeah, I mean I am… the website we're on is lolcow… maybe if I say something else you'll inform me water is wet ? voluptuous and insightful makes a deadly combo, watch out for anon here boys.

No. 488555

Watched a documentary about people born with various intersex conditions, an hour of people describing being born with both sets of genitals, genitals that look like neither or finding out at puberty that their chromosomes aren't what you'd expect and that they are infertile. Scroll down to the comments section .. "there are only two genders, all these people are mentally ill!"

No. 488576

I feel for intersex. When they're not being hijacked by men wanting to be women in the trans movement, they're being punched in the face by hardline bigots who think there's no difference between them and Buffalo Bill.

No. 488577

Once again, is everyone lost? Why are you assholes still arguing? It's not going anywhere, no one is going to change their opinion to align with yours. No one cares if your feefees are hurt about some other anon's opinion you bunch of coconuts

No. 488595

you write like a tranny

No. 488626

Exactly, they get shit on from both angles.. and that's after they've already been butchered by some well meaning surgeon

No. 488738

I hate the amount of condescending posts being shared around social media

No. 488758

Like what?

No. 488761

Similar-ish to that, I saw a youtuber post today that his video upload will be late. Lots of people responding that it's fine and not to feel bad. 13 year olds posting "your mental health comes first!" Well this grown man didn't mention his mental health, hasn't been mentioning his mental health and has no known or shared issue around that. 12 year olds are really picking these phrases up as if everyone is always depressed or struggling at the slightest thing

No. 488845

Does anyone read Heather Havrilesky's advice columns on the New Yorker magazine? I read them because a lot of her mailers are people who are huge trainwrecks. But Heather really rubs me the wrong way. Everyone thinks she is so compassionate but she just sounds super pompous and wrapped up in herself.

And I don't understand how she feels so qualified to give advice and why other people agree with her being qualified. I know everyone has gone through hard things in life, but I am really puzzled about what this person has experienced that makes her sound so glib.

I'm trying to dig up some more of her background but I can't find anything right now. I don't think most people who make it into her circle of journalists make it by chance. I would be really surprised if she did NOT come from a privileged background. Apparently she did go to Duke, which isn't the most down to earth school ever.

For example, she loves to say how it's ok to be mediocre and not everyone has to be successful. I guess that's technically true, regardless of who says it. But it just sounds so pompous coming from someone who is relatively famous and successful.

No. 488850

The fact that these anons think what they consider ugly or not is interesting is the real annoyance imo.

No. 488875

Sometimes I hate when my sister's boyfriend is over, especially now because he has a a cold and he cannot stop coughing and clearing his throat like a bulldozer literally every 30 seconds and it's driving me insane. Lol I just heard him now from across the fucking house jesus christ. Also he and my sister are so annoying and borderline retarded when they're together, I can't that stupid baby talk they do with each other. He's like a clingy emotionally unstable toddler

No. 488877

I always notice men being particularly gross when it comes to loud throat clearing or snorting their own snot back when they're sick. We all know what it's like to be congested but how come it's always men being so gross and shamelessly loud about it. I left a store lately where a guy was doing this every 30 seconds and drowning out the sound of the stores music with just how loud he was about it. The sound of him followed me for something like five aisles of browsing before I thought fuck it, I couldn't listen any longer

No. 489062

The cosplaying community is filled with so many cows. I cannot believe the loudest people and the shit they try to start with other cosplayers.

Basically the kinds of posts trying to act holier than thou. Offering suggestions, but in actuality just condemning people for not doing something to prove they're not a bad person. I saw a Facebook post that said "Black Friday Shoppers! How about buying one bag of dog/cat food & dropping it off at your nearest shelter…" It just screams to me virtue signalling rather than actually caring about the animals. It's not like people can buy a bag of dog/cat food any day of the year lol.

No. 489240

No. 489291

anon this is a reach–places like petsmart do sales on their bags/cans of food for black friday, that person was probably just saying "hey while you're out, think about possibly doing this", not condemning them.

No. 489338

File: 1575194943056.png (126.34 KB, 720x1280, 6hezyjdy3ho31.png)

I hate woke women who do this(global rule 7)

No. 489375

Ah. DiAngelo made a book called "white fragility", I swear it's not some SJW stuff it's actually interesting, with an entire chapter dedicated to this type of person
>Whether intended or not, when a white woman cries over some aspect of racism, all the attention immediately goes to her, demanding time, energy, and attention from everyone in the room when they should be focused on ameliorating racism. While she is given attention, the people of color are yet again abandoned and/or blamed
>Tears that are driven by white guilt are self-indulgent. When we are mired in guilt, we are narcissistic and ineffective; guilt functions as an excuse for inaction… cross-racial relationships, our tears do not feel like solidarity to people of color we have not previously supported. Instead, our tears function as impotent reflexes that don’t lead to constructive action. Since many of us have not learned how racism works and our role in it, our tears may come from shock and distress about what we didn’t know or recognize. For people of color, our tears demonstrate our racial insulation and privilege.

Even thought they clame to be progresive they have hidden biases they havent got over. If you point this out they'll cry or go full "but i don't see color" like the conservatives they claim to hate. Interesting book. Even if you arent into civil rights a lot of it can appply to male fragility.(global rule 7)

No. 489376

I'm talking about woke twitter women who are always dating white guys for some reason, this applies towards woke black and Asian women as well

No. 489380

Im talking about them too.
>What is particularly problematic about this contradiction is that white people’s moral objection to racism increases their resistance to acknowledging their complicity with it….We whites who position ourselves as liberal often opt to protect what we perceive as our moral reputations, rather than recognize or change our participation in systems of inequity and domination. In so responding, whites invoke the power to choose when, how, and to what extent racism is addressed or challenged.
This applies to woke women who claim to hate white/supprt black people, but always happen to date white people

No. 489386

File: 1575210413040.jpg (68.02 KB, 640x761, ab814b9ebbf88876cb5d2b1fa10e41…)

so what about woke WOC who date white guys(global rule 7)

No. 489389

What's wrong with dating white guys at all though? I mean, there are asshole men from all races, they are men after all. I don't see the issue, things like only dating in your own ethnicity or only non-white guys seem like bullcrap invented by scrotes to control what women do.

No. 489392

Ignore any person that racebaits here because they are probably a scrote.
A man here got exposed earlier for race-baiting previously in the feminist threads.

No. 489495

File: 1575229074104.png (30.3 KB, 580x237, transphobicicic.PNG)

every time i see people try to cancel this girl who was interviewed it's always something new. now she's transphobic?? i've watched all the interviews and have not heard her say anything transphobic. i need receipts and there are none. i'm just glad the thread from this tweet is people telling OP how retarded they are for reaching so hard and taking things out of context. i fucking hate social media outrage.
the post: https://twitter.com/geeohsee/status/1200497791732211712

No. 489507

will probably get banned for this but

dating white guys is a trip. imo the effortless confidence white people have is attractive, as the "people on top". they just do, just are with only the basic human insecurities holding them back. like, they're so game for anything (because they don't have to worry as much), happy to just go and do things, and I suspect sometimes it just feels safer to have a white guy on your "side". I would never date a white guy again (negatives outweigh the positives) though.

most straight women just want a happy, decent, confident guy. you're more likely find that with some clueless, sheltered white man than with a man of color who has faced several bouts of discrimination and oppression. I suspect this is the case bc these women are always with Chadling McSuburban than with "down" white boy with dreads who knows more about reggae than you do.

No. 489521

I hate how current online social norms teaches to use buzzwords as zingers without critical thinking. The buzzword's utility is cheapened and and used as manipulative gotchas. I was telling someone to get their shit together and like clockwork:
>what you're doing to me is called victim blaming
>actually i have depression
>heres an article on what not to say to depressed people
>but i'm not neurotypical like you sooo
>i'm not blaming my mental illness but my insecurity and mania seeks out attention and validation
>as an introvert i'm suicidal and prone to self harm if i'm too stressed from direct confrontation
And no one challenges this shit because they drank the performative woke koolaid

I saw a kpopfag defending a rapist from "problematic witch hunts", "burden of proofS", that the rapist is a "victim of toxic masculinity", and the person they're arguing with has a "transphobic TERF post history anyway". Like honey he's a fucking rapist.

No. 489537

File: 1575235612974.jpg (52.24 KB, 630x630, aids.jpg)

>actually i have depression
>but i'm not neurotypical like you soo
>i'm not blaming my mental illness but my insecurity and mania seeks out attention and validation
>as an introvert i'm suicidal and prone to self harm if I'm too stressed from direct confrontation
Can i please add on that this performative wokeness crowd has practically destroyed any reputation that mental illness had? I mean, It's not like it's ever been universally accepted but I feel like now it's hitting full force. It feels like everyone on the internet is more than ever being memed into believing they have some sort of mental illness, and that any attempt at recovery is futile, and anyone that tells you to try harder is problematic.

This shit is exactly what hurts mental health in the long run, but you got some likes on twitter. Good for you. Diagnose yourself with terminal autism while you're at it, too.

>pic extremely related

No. 489585

What sucks is that a lot of these terms are important to know (for example, the term "gaslighting" finally put into words the kind of abuse I experienced with my ex) but they get thrown around so much for the most pointless, minor shit that it loses its impact completely to the point where its automatically associated with unstable tumblrtards online. It reminds me of when everyone online discovered logical fallacies were a thing and then tried to pick apart literally every disagreement by screeching "that's a strawman!!! slippery slope!!!" instead of trying to refute the points they disagree with. It just devolved to glorified namecalling. (And now there's a term for that behavior called "the fallacy fallacy" lol.)

>ackshually I have The Depression and I'm not ~neurotypical~ like you therefore I cannot do anything ever uwu

lmao I had a long term friend try to pull this shit on me like they didn't know I struggled with mental illness for 2 decades, was hospitalized twice for a suicide attempt and went inpatient. Just because I managed to scrape myself off rock bottom doesn't mean I'm suddenly a normie, it just means I got sick of feeling like shit all the time and started taking my meds, got serious about behavioral therapy and learned healthy coping mechanisms. It was a long crawl back to the top filled with setbacks and suffering but it's better than wallowing and being a burden to everyone because some dumbfuck online managed to convince you that you're completely helpless.

No. 489622

what about a working class white man, also there's no such thing as an average white guy or an average black guy

No. 489623

File: 1575247806267.jpg (97.12 KB, 681x669, Capture.JPG)

Those goddamm ahegao shirts/swearsirts, I remember when I went to my 2nd con with my younger brothers. I saw a couple of teens wearing them with out an ounce of shame in a family friendly event (kids under 12) they were the most obnoxious group there were they literally block an space that led to 4 paths by sitting there and talking even though there was plenty of seating in the con available as this was a book/board game/videp game/comic con where the only anime related thing there was vendor that was selling anime fanart

Did you drop that bitch

No. 489627

>these terms are important to know but they get thrown around so much
Exactly. The fallacy example is a perfect comparison and they think using it shuts down the entire conversation.

The person who did not have their shit together was diagnosed and tried to avoid accountability by speaking the "right" way. And people just enable them. It's shitty they perpetuate the stereotype.

No. 489637

Oh yeah we don't talk anymore. She did reach out to me past year but it was just an essay about how salty she was that I didn't invite her to my wedding and that she couldn't come anyway because muh depresshun, but not inviting her meant I'm ableist or whatever and dont understand the depth of ~neurodivergent suffering~. I blocked her in response.

It's worse when they are actually diagnosed and have all the tools available to at least attempt recovery (support system, therapy, meds etc) and still pretend they are utterly helpless and have no options and you're a mean normie for even suggesting they could take a shower more than once a week.

No. 489649

I also hope don't get banned for this

I used to hang on an IR forum where black men ranted about their preferences for white women yet got rabidly furious if a black woman stated a preference for ‘anything but a black man.’ Plenty of these guys have hurt and even killed black women. so my decision to date white guys was party out of petty vengeance so I may be speaking out of my ass here, but I’ve seen a lot of white men that are pro-black women in a non-fetishist way.

The only few instances that i’ve seen it from black men is when the black female in question is light, has a loose curl pattern, or some other feature not fully associated with the black physical being.

I’m not sure on why there’s been a sudden surge in white boys and other races being more open about their preference for dark women (and of course this attraction is always met with the argument that it’s a fetish. Are we not desirable beyond sex?). My boyfriend himself is white as snow in almost every way except he can dance (it’s a little joke).

No. 489678

>but not inviting her meant I'm ableist or whatever and dont understand the depth of ~neurodivergent suffering~
nta but hahahah holy fucking shit why are these people so fucking retarded. they love to weaponize their illnesses against others. how exhausting it must be.
i had to stop hanging around so many people who just identified as their mental illness, ie. putting it in their social media bios and sharing self-depreciating articles about their illness expecting everyone to read up on how to "properly" interact with them.
these people seriously can't handle someone suggesting a way to not feel like shit, and they'll throw around WATER AND YOGA WON'T CURE ME KAREN as they continue to stay a shut in and e-beg because they're so mentally ill they absolutely cannot work but can attend anime cons states away from home.
I have a handful of mental illnesses and going to work has fucking helped me so much. Just getting out of the house to run errands and exercise has literally helped me cope with the severely uncomfortable symptoms I experience on a daily basis. I was agoraphobic and shut myself in a room for half a year and I realized I didn't want to be like that forever. I can't believe these people literally pretend to be like this and continue to use their mental illness as a cop out for anything and everything, even when it isn't related to being mentally ill.

No. 489689

At least those shirts are good indicators that you should stay away from the people who wear them.

No. 489745

ITs the first day of summer but I’m debating lighting the fire because it’s freezing and has rained for 10 hours

No. 489750

>I’m not sure on why there’s been a sudden surge in white boys and other races being more open about their preference for dark women

I'm a big fan of cheesy teen romance movies, Lifetime movies, etc. and this phenomenon is a huge trend in those right now, so much so that it makes me wonder who is really behind them: white men with a preference fetish or "minority" women who simply want some rep (I hope)? I can't speak on behalf of either, but it's incredibly noticeable in romance media that white guys are with black/mixed girls in a lot of coming-of-age or romance stuff.

Was that relevant at all, who knows. If it counts as race derailing then where do I go with these questions?

No. 489751

tinfoil but I think it also has to do with producers wanting inclusivity but they still want a white male lead. like they want spiderman to be inclusive but they don't want a black peter parker so they have to make his girlfriend black/mixed.

No. 489752

nta but I browse 4chan sometimes and they also bring up the noticeable increase of WMBF relationships in media starting around 2017 or so

No. 489788

I think so too. Prime example: the little mermaid. It was clear that the role of the Ariel would go to a black girl right from the start, but all the actors discussed for the prince were white.
The majority of young american viewers are liberal/leftist, so they know that if they don't want backlash, they no longer can get away with a solely white cast. But of course they're also not willing to throw away one of their own, so they will just replace white women by an asian or black lead.
Another example is To all the boys I've loved before, I think the main actress was supposed to be korean? But again, they only paired her up with white dudes.
They satisfy non-white womens demands for getting represented while also not losing their position of power and influence.

No. 489791

i agree with these things to an extent, but tbh considering how oddly fandom seems to respond to WMBW pairings sometimes (weird irrational dislike for the woman, usually, and i want to say that if the white male character is really likable, nonblack audiences might feel like they don't relate/can't self-insert bc they don't resemble the black girl?) a sudden push for it feels like an odd choice. also it seems like this pairing is a lot more common (to me, an american) in like overseas/british media in specific and i was surprised at the amount of attention i got from guys when i actually spent some time in the UK and elsewhere in europe (staying/hanging out with locals), and it feels like it might be a result of some of these things being imports? but i also think that the relative "rarity" of the racial pairing in media means that there may be less controversial stereotyping/"baggage" that immediately comes to mind (ie the "savage" black man stealing/coveting white women). aside from the "hotep" obsession with "bed wenches"

and… sorry for the long blogpost which is why i'm saging, and lol ill prob get banned too but omg ive been thinking about this stuff for so long. the whole "woke woc dating a white guy" thing feels so complicated and i feel like it's kind of difficult because there are valid critiques of this tendency that can really easily be twisted into/utilized for misogynistic attacks, see the r/justbewhite sub and how aznidentity types talk about WMAF relationships.

i know in my own case the kinds of things mentioned by >>489649 have definitely been a factor. i'm black/SE asian but look (am generally "socially perceived as") black in terms of skin darkness and hair texture at least so i kind of am missing that "exotic" factor, but i also grew up in a pretty "white" suburb and went to a pretty "white" school. it sounds like a cop-out to say that a lot of the black guys that i grew up around weren't really interested in me even when i was crushing on them, but honestly many were more into white/non-black girls and if they were into black women then it was similarly just lighter-skinned ones. it seemed like being in proximity to white girls was a large key to social success for them, and there has been some research done on black boys doing better than black girls socially in suburban schools bc black girls "“failed to embody characteristics of femininity” that would have valorized them in the school hierarchy" - even if they didn't embody stereotypes (which boys were rewarded for doing), they weren't welcomed and didn't integrate/weren't as desirable because of them. another factor is parents/family often being stricter with them than they are with male children.

with that being said i didn't date Anyone in high school. but had other black girl friends that did wind up with white guys in specific. and I noticed this basically only boosted their popularity with other black girls, lol, and on top of that, if they were publicly dating white guys then they were deemed kind of "lucky" to have found the genuinely-nice ones who were willing to be openly into them, because there were also a number of guys who were known to only want black girls in secret… and i really don't think these things have changed. it's honestly made me super wary of the recent phenomenon you guys are noticing, of guys (of all races!) suddenly being crazy about black women, unfortunately. but it's largely because i just have to wonder how they felt about black girls before - like were we all ugly and ghetto to them until 2016, lol?

in general considering my suburban background and dating in college i tend to notice that the stereotype of woc (black and nonblack) that usually is characterized as "woke but dates white guys" tends to be similarly "suburban". not always "whitewashed" or fully cast-out from peers in their ethnic group, but i know that i definitely felt like the odds of rejection were higher for me no matter what race because of my general invisibility to…. everyone.

even still i do find that on apps like tinder and in socializing/instances of in-person flirtation there's been more success (or more instances of them pursuing) with white guys. in some cases certain tastes/politics/humor etc may be more likely to overlap but that's mainly bc of like, demographics/social-circle things - i can never let myself think that i'm the only black person into something or that's part of a certain scene, it's just that it might take a while to find the mutual friend that'll bridge us… but since i'm picky and try to mainly/only date people that align very well with me in those specific ways and share my values (so they don't call me a slur out of nowhere like some BM tend to wish on us for "dating out", but also aren't "i worship black women" buzzfeed wokes) i just take what i can get if i'm attracted to them and they fulfill those characteristics

as for the girls who claim to be woke feminists but date fox news correspondents, idk.

No. 489793

>the little mermaid. It was clear that the role of the Ariel would go to a black girl right from the start, but all the actors discussed for the prince were white.
tbf the story is set in Denmark

No. 489796

>guys (of all races!) suddenly being crazy about black women
I don't men of all races suddenly have an obsession with dating black women but rather black women being more willing to date non-black men

No. 489799

File: 1575280905859.png (242.83 KB, 720x1081, gurugossip.png)

Why does everyone on GG type so fucking spergy? I was trying to find more information on the whole Channon Rose/Amber Walter drama and someone said that there were reciepts on GG and I end up scrolling for hours through this shit trying to find them. The punctuation is always weird, they often type in all caps and use a ton if emojis. I'm starting to understand now why emojis are banned on lolcow.

No. 489801

There's something really cringey about how people act all infantile when it comes to addressing racism. For example, i was watching a video on the black musician Scott Joplin and the narrator was talking about the history of blackface and minstrel shows as it was related and he kept going "omg this is gonna be so uncomfortable" and shit like "oof, yikes, that's bad." I don't know why they have to act all immature and speak like that. I get that it's a sad topic but they get all awkward and squeamish and childish and it really puts me off. In fact I find it kinda insulting and mocking

No. 489819

Whenever people make empty comments like that about something controversial that doesn't directly affect them it always comes off as performative, and like having to acknowledge the subject makes them more uncomfortable than the subject itself.

No. 489841

I noticed a lot if guys are more into black women(especiallyif you have naturally long and curly hair hair) and I have no idea where this is coming from.

No. 489850

This is the only expatiation I have seen thus far

No. 489858

Because weaving in the hair of a sick or dead Indian is creepy as heck is why. All women are sexier when they're confident with displaying whatever God gave them.

No. 489865

File: 1575302711543.jpg (169.11 KB, 792x860, 1561731846386.jpg)

There is a certain type of girl that you can encounter in fandom and the online art world who loves femininity but hates women.
They will draw manly characters in a weird superfeminine way and ship them with some other guy while hating on female love interests. They might use feminine terms to describe the guy. They might write m-preg.
An extreme example would be the eunuch-loving /snow/ sisters. They were raised in some misogynist cult, but what is wrong with this type of girl otherwise? Like they want men to be women but they hate actual women.

No. 489875

Closet bisexuality or ye olde internalized misogyny. Maybe both.
It may be different for some, but I used to do this to a degree and it was mostly cope for being a degenerate bisexual. If the girls are actually boys I'm still str8, right? lmao

No. 489889

Easy to say when society already accepts your hair texture… When I wore my hair natural, I was picked on by both black and white people, and even black guys would be like "lol no"

No. 489892

Lmao, my hair is naturally long, and I had to deal with jealous, racist and/or just bitter people of multiple races insisting it's fake until they had the chance to personally dig their hands into my scalp. I didn't care too much back then, but in hindsight, it's dumb and annoying.
I don't "need" them, but I still like wearing wigs because I want to look like an anime character or sometimes want a bob but can't/won't dye or cut my hair, and there's no winning, anyway. Freaks just need to mind their business and stop shitting themselves over strangers' hair.

No. 489896

this is literally me, except I'm 100% African but I look mixed to many people. holy shit thank you for putting it eloquently.

No. 489899

are you East African?? I have seen East African women and men being mistaken as mixed race multiple times

No. 489909

Japanese videos with english comments always have the worst comment sections.

No. 489912

Yes exactly, if you are so uncomfortable addressing a subject it makes you look guilty, not sympathetic

No. 489928

I wish I knew how to deal with obsessive thoughts. It stops me from enjoying anything.

No. 489942

File: 1575318879266.jpg (247.01 KB, 640x2672, lqgoowsqfi111.jpg)

I don't want to peg on starting artist, but I hate it when they share stuff like this. Its either a telphone game or blind leading the blind tier advice. Telphone game from them getting the advice from a 300 page book, shrinking it into a youtube video, shrinking it into a tumblr post, shrinking it into a discord reply. Something will be lost. For blind leading the blind it's always a teen giving advice that lets you turd polish your work, so you can get tons of other teen fans, but no industry respect. Its also obvious a lot of people use pictures like this or "random analysis chanel 101: quinttin Tarantino" as a replacement to going to workshops/reading textbooks instead of supliments. I also hate how they make memes like "can't draw hands" like how its naturally supposed to be while avoiding the elphant in the room of "you might be a bad artist?"

No. 490028

What would you consider to be appropriate behavior from someone who isn't directly affected but is nonetheless bothered and/or sympathetic?

No. 490095

No, west African

No. 490203

Interesting to hear from someone who used to do it! I'm bi too and had a ton of internalized homophobia and sexism, but I always liked cute and cool female characters. While pretending I totally didn't have a crush on them.

No. 490570

Meghan McCain is SO cringey. She takes literally every thing personally and constantly screams over the panel. Its amazing how sane and intelligent she makes Joy Behar look in comparison.

No. 490655

What milk tastes more spoilt, dakota's thread or venus' thread? I think Dakota since the period pantsu was really disgusting and I see some potential for more milk in the future but still, my god both of these threads attracts the worst farmers. I hope they are underaged for their own sake, but something tells me they're in their 30s for reasons spergchan of the dakota thread provided.

No. 491066

>have this one friend
>very very religious, always goes to church every sunday, reads the bible before bed, literally believes the shit in the bible 100%
>always turns every topic into her faith, how she doesn't do this and that because it's forbidden in her religion, because she is so faithful and will never "sin", because she is so pure blabla
>today this one girl is telling us about her boyfriend
>boyfriend is strict with her when it comes to drinking/smoking/drugs (his deceased parents were heavy alcoholic chainsmokers who died in a drunk car accident and he apparently grew up with a lot of violence/abuse and trauma so he doesn't want her to pick those habits and to lose her too)
>kinda understand where he is coming from
>she is troubled tho and thinks he is being controlling
>tries to to talk to her all nicely about it and be emphatic but religious friend interrupts me
>"you know i am a christian haha and drinking and smoking is absolutely forbidden in my religon and-"
>basically makes the entire conversation about herself and her stupid faith again
>everyone is too nice to tell her to stop even though they're all visibly annoyed
>continues to shove her religion in everyone's face again
>"i don't get people who smoke and drink like hello? that's the biggest sin ever. how are you expecting to go to heaven if you do stuff like that?"
>entire conversation is basically ruined
>after she is done with her retarded rant we end up switching topics
>we never got to talk to that poor girl about her boyfriend and the thing she is worried over

as an atheist myself i have absolutely nothing against religious people and won't act like an asshole to them because they have a faith and i don't but once you start shoving the shit you believe down everyone's throats then it's seriously time for you to wake the fuck up and stop believing all the fanfiction some old geezer wrote 100-1000 years ago about mf god this mf god that

No. 491073

Dude, drop this nerd like a hot potato. She sounds boring as fuck. Bitch needs to read a god damn science book.

No. 491081

i've honestly tried telling her in a nice way before that "some" (wanted to say everything tbh) things written in the bible are completely fiction and nothing else which resulted in her acting all offended and giving me the silent treatment. one of the things she seriously believes is that this one couple managed to get a child at the age 95 because it's written like that in that damn book. the sad part is that we are both 21, no gullible teenagers anymore but she still believes in shit like that.

if you ignore all the religion stuff she's actually a fun person anyway but her entire obsession with her faith will be the downfall of this friendship lol.

No. 491087

nta but i hate when people say "if you ignore x". you shouldn't have to ignore something that prevalent.

No. 491176

Goddamn How are you even friends with someone like that?
I remember my mom was friends with some Christian lady and my mom was having marriage problems with her ex husband. My mom would vent to her,
“church lady, I think my husband is cheating on me while he’s on his work trip”
“It’s ok anons mom, just worry about you, I’m sure he wouldn’t anyways. Just pray he doesn’t give in to temptation”
>>ffw to like a week, my moms ex husband actually confessed to church lady that he was cheating a few days before he confessed to my mom and church lady was so brainwashed by the church of Christ denomination that she made it seem like it was my moms fault he cheated because she didn’t pray enough of have faith in their marriage uwu and then she was even accused my mom of not satisfying him sexually or some shit.
sorry for blogposting but your friend seems exactly like that if she turns everything about god. Maybe not as brainwashed as my moms old friend about how women should just submit to their wives and it’s their fault if their husbands cheat but you should tell her to leave her controlling scrote and that it has nothing to do with god but for herself.

No. 491450

File: 1575651064599.png (27.96 KB, 699x307, Screenshot_2019-12-06-11-49-06…)

This shit

No. 491484

She should ditch you as a friend because nobody who has any kind of faith or spirituality should have a fedora atheist edgelord as a friend and the way you type is cringy as fuck when you're obviously a white girl ("mf").

No. 491492

File: 1575661129912.jpg (115.85 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault-1.jpg)

No. 491506

On the topic of things that grind my gears
>white girl as an insult

No. 491510

lmao where do you think you are? Get lost on the way to church sis? You must be that religious weirdo in the PP thread who thinks trannies need jesus.

But regardless, protip:
>as an atheist myself i have absolutely nothing against religious people and won't act like an asshole to them because they have a faith and i don't
Doesn't exactly scream 'fedora atheist edgelord' and anon is, frankly, way too forgiving of her friend's nonsense. Stay mad people don't blindly accept your bullshit.

No. 491516

i fucking hate that i cant voice my frustrations or shit that i deal with as a black girl on this site without fear of being banned or called a racebaiter its fucking tiring.

No. 491519

but if white is not seen as the default i feel threatened sis /sarcasm

another anon was recommending lipstickalley for black anons, but its pretty normie and i'm not sure you'd be into that

No. 491520

I really don't think the blanket ban on race discussion is fair. Bait and racism should warrant bans/post deletion, but there are plenty of anons who could have a conversation about race without it being nasty or malicious. Just seems like reluctance to actively mod discussions and use good judgement to sort out who is and isn't baiting.

No. 491524

>pretending like fervent atheists aren't the OG internet spergs
you would have fit with the "my mommy dragged me to church" angst crowd 80s babies in the 2000s internet LOL
You do know most people, have some sort of spirituality, whether it be astrology or thinking something is "karma"? You're the abnormality here, kek

Cowards like you are bold with Christians because they won't call for you to be raped and killed like Muslims or Hindus, and you can't attack any other religion or it's "unPc/racist" to their "cultural beliefs"

Ignoring the context and what that anon said about her friend is weak shit cause it doesn't prove me wrong lmao

No. 491525

what are you even talking about

No. 491526

Calm down and go read your bible you utter psycho

No. 491527

Too autistic to read?
I'm not a Christian though, I just find you atheist white girls annoying fucks. No wonder your people are dying off and that's a good thing!

No. 491528

You can mention you're white, asian, or even latina but as soon as you say you're black all hell breaks loose but yeah these people are "allies".

No. 491531

>your people
my WHAT now? i am the OP from that post and i absolutely have no idea whatever the fuck you are talking about if i'm honest. as soon as you saw the words atheist and religion in the same sentence you went batshit crazy.

i'd somehow understand if you are a christian and offended by what i wrote, but you aren't, so i don't see the point of this retarded speech of yours.

No. 491532

>bold with Christians because they won't call for you to be raped and killed like Muslims or Hindus
Ntayrt but it's actually fairly common for Christians to say that atheists are going to hell and are immoral people. I guess it's not the same as blasphemy killing, but don't act like Christians never say shit or try to bully. The reasons why the crazier ones aren't out killing and raping is because there's consequences in our first world societies. Although that doesn't stop some Christians from doing shit like bombing reproductive clinics.

Your shit, in fact, does stink.

No. 491533

You were shit talking your friend and encouraging anons to shit talk your friend because of her religious beliefs. Sounds like your character problem and something wrong with you. Why can't you tell this friend she's annoying instead of pointlessly venting to a bunch of anonymous people like a coward? Oh right, because you have no spine and wanted an echo chamber is all lol

No. 491534

>christians only live in first world societies
>those mean protestant boomers on fb are all christians

you don't know shit what you're talking about as is typical for half the mongs in this "debate"

No. 491537

>getting triggered about anon venting about annoying friend on an online board made for venting and offtopic ranting
Anon, where do you think you are?
Virtue signalling is so annoying.

No. 491538

Christians (and other patriarchal religion adherents) usually deserve far worse than just 'shit talking'. Accepting, promoting and perpetuating the misogynist garbage that is the bible is a major character flaw and anyone would be well within their rights to dislike a person for it. I mean, here you are advocating for the genocide of white atheist women, as if they've ever been the villains at any point in history, you certainly fit in to the 'bad person due to religion' category.

No. 491539

Are you ESL?

No. 491540

because seeing the same shit day in and day out isnt annoying? im sure you have other "triggers" too anon.

who the fuck said that
yeah you're certainly a white woman with the twisting of words and outright lying though, only your fucked up sociopathic people do that shit seamlessly.
you're not innocent because you're a woman especially when you have the shittiest and sociopathic and narcissist attitude to other non-white women. drop the victim complex(autistic racebaiting)

No. 491543

What you wrote are strawman with a profound misunderstanding given the context. I was wondering if your English comprehension may be off, or if you're genuinely just that angry that you'll make stuff up about what other people are saying so you can spit some more venom.

You're acting very unfortunate right now.

No. 491546


The person did indeed imply christians only lived in 1st world societies
there are egyptian and ethiopian christians and christians in other countries outside of the standard "west" so I didn't understand that part of their statement

No. 491548

Sometimes this website make me realize how lucky I am to have functioning brain cells.

I know first hand that when you confront or question someone about their religious beliefs it immediately devolves into a shit show. It's not like OP's friend is going to be like, "wow, you're right, I'm going to stop being a Christian" or concede that she is being annoying. Their persecution complex always kicks in.

OP, your situation totally sucks and I know how you feel because I have had several friends like that in the past - good friends who let religion control their lives. As far as confronting her goes … pick your battles. You won't "win," so in my opinion it's not worth it. She will not change. Personally, I think it's ridiculous how people act like religion is some immutable, permanent trait (like race or gender) and therefore shouldn't be criticized.

No. 491552

I guess the Americans are awake

No. 491556

It's probably literally the original anon's friend, showing her true colors and racebaiting on anon. The anger in >>491533 and their previous posts, WKing over an annoying stranger, and the weird racial shit is too much for this not to be something at least somewhat personal.

No. 491558

>the person did indeed imply christians only lived in 1st world societies
No I didn't, this is why understanding context is important.
You argued that Muslims and Hindus call to rape and kill when criticized. Well, that shit certainly doesn't fly in first world countries and anon likely lives in one, and interacts online with mostly first worlders.
I was talking in context of a first world. That's the conversation.

I also never said shit about fb so I don't know why you went off on a tangent about that either.

No. 491562

I feel like they wouldn't ban you for that, or at least they shouldn't. I think it's more when people want to have political debates about race.

And tbh I understand. All the race arguments I've seen don't go anywhere and are not constructive. Then people start getting in arguments about what the definition of race is and it just goes on forever. But there should be some exceptions, like venting about racism you've experienced.

No. 491574

hahaha this, yanks are so fucken hectic about race shit.
"white girl" as an insult is hilarious, can't insult something that isn't a flaw.
you got beef with another race, you're racist. why black americans can't see this blows my fucken mind.
10/10 sperg Black Jesus-chan, please come again.

No. 491578

>Well, that shit certainly doesn't fly in first world countries
Muslims commit rape and murder in western countries all the time and no one does anything because it wouldn't be politically correct. If anything they face less consequences then they would in their countries of origin.

No. 491584

>Muslims rape and kill all the time and no one cares
>there's less consequences in third world places for crimes
Not really but if this is the hill you're gonna die on anon, it's not my job to stop you.

No. 491589

This one moid in my dorm has the most hyena-esque laugh I've ever heard. It's so disgusting, it makes me cringe when I hear it. It actually triggers me kek

No. 491591

>omg guise hate equals hate why can't we all be equal??? i don't see color!!

No. 491594

Americans with their race bullshit are pathetic. It's annoying to meet afro-americans/asian-americans/hispanic-americans/etc and see them act like they're actually from the country their grandparents immigrated from when everyone not from the US just sees them as a spoiled yank spewing retarded identity politics and racebait.

No. 491597

Trust me, majority of us are not like that. Most of them who act so in-tune are in higher education and upper middle class. Us lower middle class and in poverty don't really give a shit. We're just trying to get by, more important things to worry about, like getting to work and sustaining a roof under our heads.

No. 491598

Race does not exist, says anon.
There is no visual distinction between people whose ethnic origin is from a certain area of the world.

No. 491600

Stop racebaiting. The discussion ends here.

No. 491615

File: 1575684184838.png (794.78 KB, 1274x938, plasticpaddy.png)


reminds me of this lmao. I'm American and even I find these people annoying.

No. 491616

I just hate it when people wear "Kiss me I'm Irish" shirts without wanting to be kissed.

No. 491620

I go to the scottish highland games every year and they sell shirts that say 'will shag for scotch' so people wear them around a lot. good thing you never ran into any of them haha.

No. 491621

File: 1575686747928.png (160.82 KB, 680x1087, Screenshot_2019-12-06-21-38-59…)

Its a real shame too. All black forums I know are "normie yay trans rights" or full of white ally squaters who refuse to leave. Browsing lolcow has made me realize why intersectinality is a thing.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 491624

Its class when its race. Its sex when its women
>When we compare the outcomes of black and white men who grow up in two-parent families with similar levels of income, wealth, and education, we continue to find that the black men still have substantially lower incomes in adulthood.

No. 491629

there's no such thing as reverse racism

No. 491633


No. 491967

i can't stand taylor swift anymore, i get annoyed just looking at her smug prissy princess face, and i can't stand listening to her music anymore. it's a shame because i used to be a fan up until a certain age, now for some reason everything about her pisses me off so much

No. 491979

I never understood the love for Taylor Swift. I always found her voice to be horrendous. Like, any time I hear one of her songs start to play on the radio, I change it.

No. 491996

File: 1575788577622.jpg (76.53 KB, 445x600, 1996cdd5861d95cf0150255f2f40c5…)

ok long rant bc i am a fan of her music but what annoys me so much about taylor swift is that she has ridden her way to the top while masquerading as "the underdog". it's so fucking insulting, honestly, and insulting to her fans. her obviously disingenuous and pseudo self deprecating "I'll bet she's beautiful, that girl he talks about, and she's got everything that I've had to live without". hoe, what have you had to live without? she is objectively the american ideal and 90% of teen girls would've sold their souls to look like her. i mean, obv it's a marketing ploy, but it's one thing to be an ethnic upper middle class girl and claim this, but someone this privileged???? the claim is so hideously egregious. her parents are massively rich, like, big time execs and inheritors of incredible wealth, they bought part of a record label with the express purpose of being able to shove her onto it and market the fuck out of her, moved to nashville just for her, she has always been skinny, tall, blonde and blue eyed, had a brand new lexus at 16, everyone says she was the "rich girl" in school, etc, etc. how can this hoe seriously have been playing the underdog considering this? "she wears short skirts, i wear t shirts, she's cheer captain and i'm on the bleachers"??? binch, what?? (pic related, peep the dior glasses) anyone who steals the underdog role from true artists that know hardship and have used their music to escape their suffering, is pretty scummy, imho. she literally has known nothing but privilege in every single avenue of her life. anyways i love a lot of her music, but she's an absolute dogshit person and is a vocal catfish. the girl cannot sing live and stay on tune to save her life.

No. 491997

Bruh I been saying this for years I'm glad I'm not alone
I see this is common with many popstars like arianna grande and Billie ellish too. But even then they're still vocally better despite of massive diction issues and a lack of songwriting talent

No. 492002

Agree with all of this, and I also hate how hypocritical she is. She pulled her songs from spotify because they weren't paying her what she wanted and went on and on about how art shouldn't be free. She forced fans to stop selling home-made memorabilia of her and her songs on etsy (even though they didnt even make that much money off of it) but then she stole someones art on Instagram and never credited the girl. She also makes photographers sign away rights at her concerts. But she's not the only musician that does that.

No. 492011

File: 1575792924782.jpg (141.22 KB, 1200x675, ytnssA4P53cpnlW0.jpg)

she's incredibly hypocritical and it shows in what she "stands up for" and how she bullies or victimizes smaller people in the process. it's always shit that she only cares about once it affects her. and again i just can't stand the "relatable teehee quirky nerdgirl outcast who always gets the short end of the stick", shtick. beautiful, tall, sickeningly rich even before fame, skinny, blonde, how fucking lucky can one person get, then try to capitalize on claiming to be the literal opposite of that? massively ungrateful to do so, and really harmful to teenage girls, imho. i don't know how this woman doesn't suffer from imposter syndrome every day of her life considering. honestly it just bothers me that so many girls listen to taylor swift and must be thinking like, if taylor swift is thinking she's pitiable in terms of looks and circumstance, what am i?? what do people think of me? she's like neck deep in "not like the other girl" ism despite being… exactly like them, just with more opportunity, wealth, and luck, than 99.9% ever had. also, note how in all of her pictures before fame, she dressed and styled like a literal 'mean girl' while everyone else is like, normal? far from t shirts and sneakers, in every single photo, while every other girl around her is dressed like a normal girl in comfy clothes. the role reversal is so bizarre.

anyways she was right on kanye tho. fuck kanye.

No. 492072

let's not forget helsey.

No. 492078

Yeah but Taylor has a somewhat cultish fan base and is an international superstar where as everyone loves to hate Halsey.

No. 492080

I usually hate it when someone complains about something in their life and someone else comes along and says "oh you thing you have it bad? I have it way worse" or "this other person has it way worse/there are starving children in africa". But sometimes I see people complaining about shit that is just so fucking first worldy that I just have no sympathy. I just watched a video of a girl whining and bitching for nearly 20 minutes about people saying she's not pretty and that she's only pretty because of fillers. The reason it bothered her was because people don't say the same thing about other procedures, her example was no one ever says "that person isn't really pretty, they're just pretty because they got microblading done" but the fact that people say it about fillers really bothered her for some reason. She seemed genuinely upset about the whole thing. First of all, this girl is a professional influencer which means she doesn't actually work and makes more money than most people. Second of all, if someone is rich enough to get fillers, they're clearly already very privileged. She also mentioned how people shouldn't be shamed for getting fillers, which is something I've heard a LOT lately, especially from influencers. Even though I agree, I think it's fucking stupid that people have been whining and bitching about this so much like it's the worst thing in the world when there are literally child brides in other parts of the world, and unsafe work conditions where people work hundreds of hours a week, aren't allowed to take bathroom breaks, collapse (and sometimes die) on the job and STILL can't afford to feed their families. But no, we need to have empathy for the rich LA girl who spent hundreds on botox. Maybe it's just my salty bitch tendencies coming out, Idk.

No. 492092

she doesn't dress like a meangirl lol. i definitely believe she was awkward, but what did she say about kanye again?

No. 492106

1) If people can notice that you've had fillers/any other ps done, you've either gone overboard and had too much done or they've seen you before, in which case:

2) either you have shit friends that you need to drop, or you're an influencer. If you are, looking pretty and shilling products is your job, as is any criticism or shit you get for putting your face online.
When I worked at a fast food/falafel chain my job was to put up with cranky customers who called me stupid every day and I got way less than a semi-popular influencer. Grow up.

3) If you're an influencer, it's up to you whether you want to reveal any ps procedures on your own, but if people ask, just answer honestly and own it. If she lives in LA, shouldn't everyone be walking around with at least some botox in their face anyway? Even in my city I see teens walking around with lip fillers (which is creepy on its own but it's a different subject), so clearly it's not as controversial as she claims.

4) I fucking wish people gave me shit for fillers, compared to some of the things I've been told (I'm an Eastern European Jew with you-know-which passport, I catch shit from both the left and the right). It's like hearing a Dutch girl crying about people telling her she wears clogs and smokes weed when you're, idk, a Syrian immigrant or something who gets told to commit suicide or "we don't want you here" every day.

When people say bad things about plastic surgery they almost always imagine the overt Pamela Anderson types. I told a lot of people that I had a nosejob and fillers and when I show them the before they always go "oh, well you look much prettier now so it was worth it, I really couldn't tell".
At the end of the day, people can say what they want, after a certain point it just becomes background noise. It does suck but this is not the case for people who toil in Bangladeshi factories or 10 year olds who get married off to old men for ??? cultural reasons.

No. 492107

When friends bring others along without telling you beforehand, especially if they're men.

I have really bad social anxiety and therefore always ask carefully about who's gonna be with us. I was so looking forward to meeting up with friends who live very far away yesterday, but upon arriving I saw that one also brought her boyfriend and another guy who I didn't know with her. I know this sounds petty, but this really ruined the day for me, I always feel horrible in front of strangers, I couldn't enjoy myself at all.

No. 492119

I can feel this, sometimes while hanging out with a friend of mine she gets a call from a friend of hers and tells her to come along. It becomes pretty awkward because me and that friend don't know each other and don't really have common interests, so it's either me and my friend talking while excluding her, or her and my friend talking while excluding me. We can have small talk sometimes but that's it.

No. 492120

Came out to a friend who then decided to send me a bunch of yaoi crap links. WTF?! What does this has to do with me liking women irl? I have never shown interest in that and she is a grown woman not a teenager ffs.

No. 492134

I got a Bumble Boost trial to see who swiped right on me and see that a huge chunk of men are from 70+ miles away or even in other states. Why the fuck do they do this? Makes Boost and other similar app upgrades not feel worth it.

No. 492136

Because those retards will swipe right on literally anyone, it's the same shit on every app because they think it increases their chances.

No. 492142

My cow roommate went out to Italy for Thanksgiving and can't stop talking about it. No, traveling to Europe on mommy and daddy's dime doesn't make you "cultured" or "interesting". Especially when you go to the most basic place you could go. I really hate people who are obsessed with traveling in general and think they are so "enlightened."

I really wish I could give a reality check to my rooommate. She thinks she is hot shit because she can sometimes hook up with ugly guys but doesn't even qualify to be a Becky. It's really sad how at age 25 she can't even do eyeliner properly.

No. 492143

I think I am just going to give up on dating apps completely. I’m growing sick of going through countless profiles of super normie profiles and stupidity like this. As much as men complain about women on dating apps, I often feel like men’s swiping habits end up wasting a lot of women’s time.

No. 492146

You jealous, anon?
I am too, too poor to travel anywhere and then seeing people go places and then never shut up about it rubs me the wrong way and offends me especially if they act ~cultured~ from having visited such places

No. 492147

Aw anon, I'm so sorry but this is hilarious. I had to google what exactly yaoi is and …it's all about gay men. Wtf was s/he thinking? How utterly tactless. At least her, uhhh, heart was in the right place? Hahahahahahahahaha

No. 492149

What is it with North American/Mexican girls and acting really cringy and "cultured" just because they've been to a city? I see it all the time with exchange students, you don't see Chinese/Vietnamese/idk, Kyrghyz girls prancing around and non-stop talking about their backpacking trip to BarTHelona.

No. 492150

I gave up on dating apps a long time ago. They’re all talking to other girls on top of you, and then there are some men who are overly clingy and desperate. The ones I like always have their options open and it’s super annoying. Make your decision and stop stringing multiple women along and wasting their time.

No. 492152

Reminds me of an autistic friend who went to England once 6 years ago and still posts snap stories of her small, rural American town with "the weather today reminds me of England, this food is like what I had in London, this building looks so English." Cringe.

No. 492153

are you the same anon who got tons of shit for whining about their roommate who isn't even that bad? christ. Traveling is exciting and I would teach her how to do eyeliner if it was really that much of a burden to you.

No. 492154

I find that a bit depressing. Her life seems so dull that a vacation she took years ago has that much meaning to her.

No. 492157

I totally agree.

Nah, I can just afford a proper vacation instead of being basic

Traveling to Europe isn't "exciting." Everyone does it.

No. 492159

Yeah you sound like a cunt

No. 492161

>Everyone does it.
>I can just afford a proper vacation

I don't, and have never been able to. What an asshole.

No. 492163

Are you my roommate?

Sorry, I meant everyone who happens to have the the means does it. It's not really uncommon to people who have mommy and daddy's money. Look at all the girls on instagram who travel abroad.

No. 492168

>defensive about being called out for sounding like an asshole
>apologizes for sounding like an asshole

I guess even jealous, douchey anons have a right to post about what's annoying them.

No. 492171

Anon is just pointing out that many privileged young people go on vacations abroad because of their rich parents, then act snobby and "cultured" because they've been to France once. Yes, it is annoying when you know people like this who insert their trip to Paris into every possible conversation and act like they're some enlightened globetrotter.

No. 492175

Yeah I got her point but she still sounds like a bitch, e.g.
>No, traveling to Europe on mommy and daddy's dime doesn't make you "cultured" or "interesting".
>you go to the most basic place
>I really wish I could give a reality check to my rooommate.
>She thinks she is hot shit because she can sometimes hook up with ugly guys
>doesn't even qualify to be a Becky
>it's really sad how at age 25 she can't even do eyeliner properly.
>Nah, I can just afford a proper vacation instead of being basic
>Traveling to Europe isn't "exciting." Everyone does it.
Come on… she sounds jealous as hell and bitter to boot. I'm done picking on her now. No one cares.

No. 492177

I don't think you realise it but you come across as really jealous. You say people who brag about going abroad are annoying and yet you go on to brag about how your holidays are somehow better? You're doing the exact same thing you're complaining about. How much of mummy and daddy's money do you need to go on your trips?

Also in what universe is Italy "basic"? Especially for someone who lives in the US (which I assume you're from). If you think someone talking about their recent holiday to Italy as a conversation starter is annoying, can you imagine how fucking difficult and annoying you must be to listen to??

Please let us uncultured swine know about what superior holidays you've been on. I'm actually dying to know.

No. 492183

Late to the convo, but: somebody not shutting up about their vacation to me just proves that they're not spoiled and entitled, because this clearly shows that it was very special for her and not something she took for granted. Maybe this can be a tad annoying, but come on, let her be excited about having had a good time.
Unless you're Kim K's daughter flying to another countinent will always be something very unusual.

No. 492186


Why would I be jealous of having mommy and daddy's money? It's like being jealous of Pixielocks or Graveyardgirl.

Nah, she goes places all of the time because she's spoiled. It's not even her only overseas relationship this year. Her parents paid for her to go on a Spanish class in Peru. She's just autistic.

Unlike you, I don't need to go abroad to prove my self worth.

No. 492189

it sounds like the same cow anon tbh. Wasn't she a dropout NEET living off her bf, buying lolita on his dime, and considered Disney World a proper vacation?

No. 492194

File: 1575836164812.jpg (43.91 KB, 705x500, 3itkaz.jpg)


>unlike you, I don't need to go abroad to prove my self worth

No. 492198

I kinda got the vibe that she is into yaoi and hoped I'd share her fetish because it's homo. Told her I don't so I hope that's the last time I get sent weird japanese shipping pictures.

No. 492204

I hate people that tell people with acne to "wash their face sometime" or some other shit. Chronic/hormonal/cistic acne is not a sign of lack of hygiene.

No. 492214

that was so fucking irritating to hear in high school, especially when one of my friends had flawless skin despite only washing it twice a week with hand soap.

No. 492220

A friend of mine NEVER washed her face, didn't have a skin care routine, yet had the most clear, lovely face skin. It truly is infuriating.

No. 492232

You sound insecure

What's wrong with any of those things? Sounds like a stay at home gf of a decent guy

No. 492237

Those people are the worst.

No. 492242

This, my skin was bad even when I washed 4-6 times a day, slathered on benzoyl peroxide cream, and had two showers. My skin suffered so much because of this myth.
But I'm just a dirty bitch, clearly! Definitely not just acne-prone skin which is fucking genetic.

No. 492245

I have extremely sensitive skin and no skincare product reduced the amount of acne I had as a teen, just made it worse. I washed my face with just a Dove bar for years because it was the only thing that didn't irritate my skin and I STILL had to deal with the cystic acne throughout my high school years. I still deal with acne as an adult and I still only use a Dove bar, but simply washing your face won't give you clear skin. In fact, washing my face less has helped my skin from breaking out.

No. 492248

Who said that showering twice a day and washing it six times a day is good though? That's really bad flr your skin

No. 492250

I was a dumb teen and under the (horrible) impression that you need to "dry up acne" and that dirt and sweat are the only culprits. So if I left the house or started feeling even minimal sweating I'd wash to keep clean and non-greasy. Combined with anxiety about being seen as dirty I went mad with it.

Obviously now I know dry skin causes acne, too, and my moisture barrier is super healthy. But that information was less attainable for young me and we couldn't afford a derm.

No. 492255

joining in with a £5bet please!

No. 492260

I'm not convinced it isn't a shitposter tbh. Did the creative writing fags from Reddit come to troll us? Lol

No. 492273

You guys sound jealous

No. 492282

…they're jealous of a jealous anon? aight

No. 492287

jealous of who again? the Disney neet lolita leech anon or the "I'm richer than my flatmate and my vacays are better, also she has horrible eyeliner!1!" anon? in either case, nah fam, they both sound neurotic and cunty, I'd rather be my own poorfag self kek

the anon with yaoi doujin importing flatmate who doesn't wear make up yet hangs out with guys should join these two to form the holy trifecta of county flatmates kek (or was the Disney neet lolita leech anon this one as well??)

No. 492298

>What's wrong with any of those things? Sounds like a stay at home gf of a decent guy

Yeah, you don't need to come on here complimenting yourself, anon. Stop being bitter about your roommate and be better–sounds like you're jealous of her, fix your own issues and maybe her life won't bother you. Also, if she annoys you soooo much, why don't you just move out?

No. 492304

Why are you white knighting my roommate? And do you know how leases work?

No. 492310

I’m not whiteknighting her—literally none of the shit you’re complaining about is negative, you just seem (as I said) bitter. Yeah, I know how leases work but if it’s affecting your life so much that you come here multiple times complaining, maybe you should contact your landlord and get out of it—it’s obvious she’s making your life very difficult.

No. 492319

The HotSchedules app refuses to open on my phone!! The screen with the logo comes up for a split second before going back to my home screen. I’ve tried uninstalling and reinstalling it already. HotSchedules makes me raaaage

No. 492361

File: 1575863181175.jpg (74.79 KB, 1200x402, capitalism bad.JPG)

i'm really tired of seeing this fake woke shit

No. 492379

Most of these anti-capitalist for clout retards can literally buy the shit they're complaining about, and they go ahead and do it because money isn't an issue for them. They're just greedy fucks with too much time on their hands.

No. 492973

Dealing with people who have poor reading comprehension gets on my nerves. I actually had someone tell me the way I text comes off as extremely formal. I find it a bit unbelievable that even the most basic understanding of grammar and spelling comes off as formal to some people..

No. 492998

bf says: “I hate when artists sexualize x character!!!!1!!1” or “I hate x character, she’s too sexualized”
also bf: proceeds to like sexy fanart/cosplay of said characters

Why are men so hypocritical? And the fact that all of our friends agree when he says those things makes me want to shove on their faces how he actually acts.

No. 493002

Are you autistic? That’s a pretty common problem for autistic people who cannot integrate.

No. 493008

File: 1576015524529.jpg (94.8 KB, 814x578, e47.jpg)

People can criticize a system and still participate in the system without that invalidating their criticism. That's like saying it's "hypocritical" for people to complain about the food industry because they buy and eat food.

No. 493010

there are literally so many arguments you could make against capitalism but they pick this stupid shit. drive a toyota and a porsche and tell me they're exactly the same smh

No. 493013

he's doing it for brownie points, this insufferable weeb i know does the same lmao

No. 493014

Uh, I don’t think avoiding using run-on sentences and not resorting to using “ur”, “r”, etc all the time is a symptom of autism.

No. 493017

how old are you? if you're younger you probably do come off as formal. it's texting, there's no need for proper grammar and spelling. especially if you make a lot of typos.

No. 493023

If you look in the past and even as late early 2000's, men were expected to be as well groomed and even "sexy" and appealing to the opposite sex, not as much as women but significantly moreso. To the point men would wear corsets or a fashion trend like bell bottom pants or midriff exposed shirts were popular in heterosexual males. Now everything semi fashionable or anything that could be considered appealing to the opposite sex for men is seen as "gay" or even worse "bougie". Wtf has feminist/woman's rights progressed, but our right to gaze at attractive men and have them dress up for us decreased?

No. 493024

nta but how is that autism? You sound fucking stupid. Americans are so fucking embarrassing when they think having normal sentence structure (even in non texting situations btw) is "formal"

No. 493025

nta but how is that autism? You sound fucking stupid. Americans are so fucking embarrassing when they think having normal sentence structure (even in non texting situations btw) is "formal"

No. 493028

An iPhone is a gratuitous luxury. No one needs an iPhone. If someone needs a phone there are cheaper Android models available.

No. 493046

I completely agree there, there's no need for someone to have specifically an iPhone when there are many cheaper phones available that are of equal quality. I was referring more to the implication that people who live under a capitalist system having material goods somehow invalidates their criticism of capitalism, as those people could recognize the same problems with it that poorer people who lack material goods could.

No. 493100

Do people not do predictive and swipe to text or what?

No. 493106

I don’t see a lot of people actually doing that which is probably why they they tend to end up using shorthands and foregoing proper grammar.

No. 493155

I hate when I’m trying to sleep and my body decides its time to unload some logs.

No. 493163

Update: It has been twenty fucking minutes and I’m still on the goddamn toilet.

No. 493169

My asshole is ruined. Goodnight.

No. 493200

Try to eat better and have some quality food

No. 493211

Years ago I had IBS so bad that they thought I might have crohn's disease. Damn this post is triggering memories lol

No. 493224

Youtube would be MASSIVELY improved if they banned the word "guys" and the phrase "Oh my god". It makes me seethe hearing that shit constantly whenever my younger family members are watching whatever the fuck they're watching.

No. 493228

File: 1576074902690.jpg (49.17 KB, 768x488, so sick of this ugly faggot.jp…)

Bruh, I'm so tired of the true crime community constantly obsessing over Ted Bundy over all serial killers and somehow the most casual readers/male readers are more obsessed with JUST Ted Bundy than the females/people more actively engaged in the community.

Omg Ted Bundy this.. Ted Bundy that.. fuck who the hell CARES. I swear people only care about him because they project themselves (or their wives, daughters, and love interests) on his conventionally attractive upper-middle class white sorority victims. R.I.P to the victims but can they be even more tasteless about how obvious they are about giving a fuck more about Bundy precisely because you think his victims have more 'worth' than other serial killer's victims?

It doesn't help this idiot reminds me of an borderline incel Reddit-esque terror gone wrong.. if you ever read his interviews or those documentaries and movies released about him simultaneously at the same time :) (the media is determined to never let the 'legend' of Bundy die down for some reason, gotta keep making that money cuz fuck the victims and their family I guess) his pretentiousness and privileged, boasting attitude about literally everything would tip you off. Except the fact his IQ isn't even super high among other serial killers and he didn't even finish Law school because he was too shitty.

No. 493231

File: 1576075126261.jpg (176.28 KB, 2536x1408, man-beard-person-human-face.jp…)

Also he's UGLY. Stop trying to convince me this monkey is hot! Only Zac Efron looked good!

He looked 40 at age 28 for god's sake. Even one of his potential victims rejected him for looking like a creep at the end of his killing spree!

No. 493233

I like true crime but I find his case uninteresting. He was stupidly hung up on the rejection of an ex gf and the murders were sexually motivated, then right before he died he blamed the whole thing on violent porn mags that he found at a young age?.. entitled perverted males don't make for interesting cases imo

No. 493234

I just hate hearing the stereotype that he was ~attractive~ and ~charismatic~ when imo he looks like an average dude and most footage shows him to be an arrogant jackhole who cannot read a room.

I don't get where those two things came from, I guess at the time people needed reasoning as to how someone like this could have tricked and killed so many attractive people, but man those aren't why.

No. 493235

this is what pissed me off about the newer netflix docuseries on him. constantly harking on about how smart and interesting he was.

No. 493236

People love to overlook how two of his victims were little 12 year olds, cos y'know.. serial killers are sexy but being a pedo sure fucking isn't lol

No. 493239

I read that he had a superficial charm that made up for his lack of real intelligence or real attractiveness. Some people who knew him could see though his facade. He mixed in wealthy circles and didn't pass as being all that suave or genuine to some of his more successful/intelligent acquaintances

No. 493247

Bundy is one of these people that's famous just for being famous, people hear about him as "the most notorious serial killer, he had so many fangirls!" and assume there must be something special or unique there. But it's just because his trial was so heavily reported on at the time and the media pushed him as some gigachad mastermind (rather than an insecure retard who got caught from using his own vehicle and name while killing women who reminded him of the gf who dumped him years ago he was still butthurt about) to get viewers.

Kind of like how everyone knows about James Holmes as the guy who dressed up as the Joker to shoot-up a batman movie, woah life immiates art deep stuff, when he wasn't dressed up as the Joker at all and that's completely made up by the media, but that's his public image now.

No. 493252

File: 1576078601401.jpg (29.49 KB, 500x500, a0cea4e4da0a1b7a624b874841249c…)

I fucking hate how ~quirky~ girls are now saying that they're into things that are considered boyish by society to sound quirky, what makes me even more angry and pissed is when they say that they've been into this 'forever' bitch!!! your photos from just two to five years ago tell a completely different story! you were always the trendy and girly girl by standards and clearly you're just saying this now because it is the new cool thing to do so please shut the fuck up.
it pisses me in general when someone lie saying they're into something just because it is cool at the time whilst you've genuinely interested in it for the longest time and went through shit because of it and didn't just choose to do it when people are praising it.

No. 493262

Yes, he is. He is legit only still thoroughly discussed in 2019 because the media won't stop giving him fame and overexposure (that they don't give to other killers, frankly) to this day. It's really just a matter of numbers and how much they're shoving it in your face to get you interested, not how many people actually look for it to get interested on their own and that's why I particularly hate it.

No. 493270

I feel this and totally get you, anon, but on the other hand, I also feel really awkward sharing my nerdy/masculine interests that I've always liked but only recently felt comfortable enough to share with other people because I'm afraid they think I'm lying to seem quirky or cool. Growing up I always felt like a freak and already got bullied at home for what I liked so I tried to act as "normie" as possible at school (lmao didn't work great since everybody still knew me as 'the weird girl' because I never spoke but whatever) and avoided talking about any of my interests unless it was super bland basic shit. Now I fear that anybody who hears me talk about my interests today thinks I'm faking it for male attention or whatever because they'll think, "Well, I knew her back in ____ and she never talked about that stuff!" Is that dumb?

No. 493280

I don't know you but I'm pretty sure you weren't a full-blown trend chaser, I get you and I've tried to conform with normies too, these people I'm talking about are exactly what's hip and popular each year, they have a seasonal personality shift so they've never really had a personality, they just were a different thing every time their style and identity isn't mainstream anymore.

No. 493304

people can have "weird" (cool) interests and still be normal anon. get a grip.

No. 493310

>But it's just because his trial was so heavily reported on at the time and the media pushed him as some gigachad mastermind
I hate this meme so fucking much. Bundy was a goddamn buffoon and acted like a clown in the courtroom, I have a hard time any woman who isn't a lunatic fantasizing about "healing" a killer would be genuinely attracted to him. Because of the forced media frenzy incel retards still love to push the cope that he's some sort of a living proof that women would actually like to be raped and killed.

No. 493325

Nobody cares about him anymore, thanks fucking a lot for bringing him up.
>I don't care about X!!!!! So I have to bring up X!!!

No. 493326

Ok I get sick of him and his ways but to say he's not intelligent or didn't have any charm is kinda a big lie, that picture was around the time he was in prison. I don't wanna post his more charming pics for obvious reasons but this entire discussion is retarded.

No. 493336

Nta but I've seen people argue over Jeffrey Dahmer too. Some think he was terribly handsome and intelligent, that he could've had great potential etc, others see him as ugly and dumb. Seems common with serial killers

Books and documentaries love to play up the idea of serial killers being cunning and intelligent, then you see an interview of them and they might not seem that way. It's hard to judge and we all come away with different opinions

No. 493340

I see his dumbass discussed all the time in tcc what are you on about?

No. 493344

I never said he wasn't intelligent or charming, I just said he wasn't as intelligent and charming a lot of people who cover and engage in his story project him to be. Even outside of prison, he certainly was never pretty or youthful looking and he had a very lumberjack looking appearance I don't care for.

No. 493346

I think it's because their intelligent, sobered nature (that is the way in interviews) is juxtaposed against their violent and insane crimes and this makes people think they're masterminds in hindsight.

No. 493349

File: 1576094429085.png (140.66 KB, 310x310, S-tier disgust.png)

Fucking moids expect us to feel threatened by their perfect 2D waifus but never even try to emulate low-tier husbando. While women are trying look and act like retarded hentai, moids are content being the worst version of themselves i.e. otaku shits.

No. 493354

they always seem to forget that some women like girls too, and that they could probably steal their waifus from their unwashed neet ass if they ever were real.(like they would go for ugly losers males in the first place lol)

No. 493413

File: 1576107860305.png (42.34 KB, 300x250, 326B6C87-D561-48C5-AC77-591754…)

omg so true. I notice that especially at cons: the girls in great part look at least good in their cosplays, but men are always wearing their usual dumb weeb outfits or very low effort cosplays. It’s almost impossible to see beautiful male cosplayers in the same proportion as girls.
And yet they’ll get angry when pretty ladies don’t give them the attention they want kek

No. 493425

File: 1576111820556.gif (460.48 KB, 500x320, cIhcKWD.gif)

Why are women such monsters when it comes to shopping? 90% of retail is specifically designed to make women want to buy and shop more, but bitches still find some way to fuck it up tremendously. They'll take the entire store with them to try it on when they damn well know it won't look good on their flabby, middle-age body, then when they get frustrated and their self-esteem destroyed they'll take everything they dragged into the fitting room and throw it into the corner before running out. Even displays aren't immune to their fury as they throw merchandise around making it completely unshoppable for everyone else after them. It doesn't help that this horrible behavior is then taught to their nightmarish children.

Karen, you're the most anal mother fucker when it comes to keeping your house spotless, but yet here you trample into our places of work and trash it like a retarded five year old with a temper-tantrum. You know damn well you'd be shrieking from the fucking rooftops if anyone came into your house and trashed it like how you trash retail stores. What makes it even more ridiculous is that this trashy behavior doesn't make the workers ecstatic to deal with you, it pisses us the fuck off that you are too lazy and dense to have the common sense to figure out how to put clothes on a fucking hanger and bring them out when you are done. Then, when the workers are "cold" to you, you're the first one to start screaming about wanting a manager cause you're being "attacked". News flash bitch, you're shitty lazy personality is why people are short with you, why they blow you off, or simply try to ignore you when you want help. Fix your fucking face and your attitude too.

No. 493428

Blame the "customer is always right" culture that retail companies fostered in order to make a buck. Customers know that they can treat employees like servants, and if they fuck shit up then it's not their problem.

No. 493433

>still find some way to fuck it up tremendously.

You've been to TJ Maxx too, I see.

No. 493441

File: 1576114393490.png (167.94 KB, 412x553, 1561938078493.png)

>check twitter
>see artist that exclusively draws underage korean catboy yaoi
>close twitter
Why do koreaboo artists draw korean boys with big lips?

No. 493446

But that shouldn't just completely get rid of basic common courtesy. It's so bad that now 80-year old Margaret is pointing out how filthy these baby boomers are.

It's like time and time again they prove themselves to be the literal worst, most entitled, childish, and downright idiotic generation.

No. 493451

No. 493467

I'm so sick of the "nobody:" meme and seeing it in the comments of every single Youtube video. It's unfunny, unoriginal, and no one even uses it correctly anymore.

No. 493481

I rather see that meme over and over,than to see that meme where two girls are pointing at a stupid cat,damn how I hate cats

No. 493491

>damn how I hate cats
where do you think we are

No. 493499

same, it's so fucking dumb. it's not clever or creative in anyway and it just needs to die.

No. 493504

Smile and cringe, ladies. Guaranteed those same people ten years from now are gonna lookback on those memes. And wanna tie their asshair to their heads and kick themselves down the street.

No. 493505

File: 1576128188024.jpg (38.62 KB, 550x521, 74231855_2129003023865835_7226…)

Jfc an ant got stuck in my laptop and kept moving around on my screen monitor so i squished it and now its there forever. I want to murder everyone and burn everything down to the ground but at least its not in the middle of the screen, if it actually happens thats where i actually loose my marbles.

No. 493516

lol try to get it out with some compressed air

No. 493530

Sometimes I wonder if yall are underaged or not when I see posts like this. Who even looks/cares at the youtube comments anymore unless they're third worlder or 10?

No. 493575

File: 1576152306882.jpeg (299.78 KB, 919x1155, BCF8203E-843E-4813-86D8-8BD075…)

Timmy Thick is thicker than me.

No. 493579

What's wrong with looking at youtube comments?

No. 493605

No. 493653

File: 1576165663738.png (447 B, 15x15, angry.png)

I got myself some tiramisu, left it unattended for literally a minute, and when I came back, my cat was sitting on the counter, lapping it up. He literally looked at me like "What the fuck are you gonna do about it?", too.
The worst part is I really can't do anything. I threw it away before he could finish it, but I hope he doesn't get too sick.

No. 493657

I hate that my friend won't stop replying to every other tweet of mine. Just let me yell into the void!! I don't need your one word replies to a tweet! Have you ever considered that you actually don't have to reply to anything and everything?

Twitter used to block people you muted from appearing in your notifications but I guess this was undone recently.

No. 493683

My friend, whose height is slightly above average, has an obsession with putting short women down for saying they like tall men, because she thinks they're reserved for tall women and…short women shouldn't have any standards?
I'm on the shorter side myself and she always gives me weird faces when i point out a cute, tall guy i see.
She keeps posting about it on social media and i'm like, why does this concern you so much?

According to her logic, she then also shouldn't lust after skinny guys since she's overweight herself…

No. 493686


Well it is irritating when some 5'0 girl is like ~teehee I only date guys over 6ft~ to make themselves look so smol uwuwu. Their whole personality is about smolness and "complaining" about it. I mean… even a 5'7" man is certainly tall enough for you… why you gotta go for ridiculously taller guys if not for some weirdass size kink/ddlg fetish

No. 493702

I always get the feeling that really short women who exclusively go for tall guys are super masochistic.

No. 493709

this. i'm on the taller side and this one girl kept commenting on how all her male friends could pick her up and shit and then smugly turned to me and said "and what about you anon? wink wink" well knowing that nobody will even try. Going on about people asking how she could eat so much but also be skinny but also have curves wow!! There's much more and she's a bit of a personal cow of mine but I've also been avoiding her because that stuff is even more unbearable irl.

No. 493725

I'd say she should accept her fate and go after little men, but I personally have had NO luck with short men. And I genuinely love them, they just generally won't date taller.

So she's just bitter since most men want dramatically shorter women. It should make you feel confident, ig.

No. 493726

It's just frustrating if you're tall and therefore get excluded from the dating pool of majority of men, and then for some reason short girls also want to get with the few guys who would be suitable for you. I don't even know what it feels like to look somebody who's a foot taller than me in the eye (because they don't exist), I don't get why you would want that (I imagine that to be scary?) It's like you said, why would a super skinny person be with a super big person, they just don't fit and very tall men and very short women are just as different from each other, so I also find that just as odd.
Sometimes I see a cute guy who's taller than me and if I then see that he's with a short girl it's just sad, like he's so tall and still prefers shorties, so do I even have a chance with anybody at all?
So yeah, your friend is bitter and jealous (so am I), but it's also not really her fault.

No. 493746

>It's just frustrating if you're tall and therefore get excluded from the dating pool of majority of men
Agreed. Men always seemed to treat me differently than shorter women. Short women were small and cute, while I was strong and "amazonian", nice to look at but not worth dating. Some men find tall women intimidating. I'm not sure if that's because of their own insecurities or because they see a woman of a similar size as a threat to their masculinity or something dumb like that. While I do prefer men taller than me, I wouldn't have ruled out a man just because of his height.

No. 493768

Nothing actually, you can do what you want, but you can't "wtf" or even complain about something things that's actually inevitable, it's not like there's any good youtube comments and that it wasn't always full of kids and people from shitholes.

No. 493788

I don't hate politics, but I hate how dumb some people are about it. People who aren't good at critical thinking or understanding nuances shouldn't involve themselves in any political discussion. It just leads to throwing around buzzwords and stupid, unfitting accusations, and that's why political discourse is usually a shitfest.
If your response to someone correcting you on something or having a slightly different viewpoint is to accuse them of being part of the opposition (even if you don't actually disagree on anything at the core) and you either run away when you're asked to actually back up those accusations, or just repeat yourself (and maybe try to talk around them to someone else and claim that this person must also have this or that opinion, as if doubling down in the most passive-aggressive way and essentially RPing about things will make them true), you should work more on yourself than subscribing to any specific movement. It's just annoying.

No. 493790

Are you thin? I'm asking because I have a pretty tall skinny friend and she gets a lot more male attention than some of my shorter friends who are a similar level of attractiveness. I think it might have to do more with overall size instead of just height?

No. 493794

File: 1576207240997.jpg (126.85 KB, 640x640, black-hair-cute-boy-cute-guy-e…)

I kinda have a reverse problem. I'm tall (5'8), but I have a huge fetish for small guys with pretty faces. But the only guys who are actively interested in me are freakishly tall masculine guys with scary faces… not my type at all. I always got the impression that small pretty guys like even smaller, prettier girls. While tall guys like tall girls.

No. 493797

I'm 5'9 and guys who are interested in me are usually around my height or a bit shorter. Taller guys I've seen are usually with shorter women.

No. 493803

Fuck anon, cute boyish guys are my kryptonite. Im so fucking ashamed to admit this but despite his repulsive personality, knajjd is mad cute and can get it.

No. 493808

File: 1576212226147.png (207.98 KB, 500x519, tumblr_nrj9f0p35C1qikfcjo9_500…)

I have a similar experience as a manlet chaser myself. Although my taste is more broad (I also appreciate awkward faces and the odd thicc boy), my luck is terrible with them and only taller men seem to like me. One guy I actually hit on before he had a late growth spurt, and afterwards he started liking me. The absolute horrible luck of it all.
But yeah, I've pursued so many petit men that at this point it's sad bordering on pathetic honestly. And I'm just slightly above average, so I can only imagine what it's like to be genuinely tall.

Best of luck on your manlet chasing, anon. And >>493803 too. I hope we find tiny bfs.

No. 493815

File: 1576213253667.jpeg (82.57 KB, 1280x720, 56987B2E-34CF-4FF4-B274-48E86B…)

Sounds like bad luck? I’m 5’8” and have got hit on by a bunch of guys 5’7” and below, even shorter when I have been wearing big high heels. You might have just met guys who are too self-conscious about the height difference but there seem to be a lot who don’t care or even like it kek. Keep hope anon, you will meet your dream guy someday.

No. 493819

File: 1576214248968.jpg (81.03 KB, 500x428, 17225412.jpg)

I get you! I wouldn't mind dating a short guy who has an awkward/less attractive face, because short dudes are pretty rare in my country to begin with (unfortunately, I live in a country with one of the tallest men in the world). But they are always gay, taken, or seem to be scared by me. It's so disheartening.
I had similar experience to you in high school haha, I ended up befriending a cute short guy, we were flirting, etc., but he suddenly grew 4 inches… Jesus…

I'm jealous. Honestly, I meet maybe one short guy (in my age range) a week, so I doubt it will happen anytime soon. But thank you, I still hope there will be someone for me.

Anon, love yourself.

No. 493820

i recently got with a short cutie but it turned he had a girlfriend so he stopped talking to me. he had a somewhat high pitched voice too. kill me.

No. 493832

File: 1576218310029.jpg (69.15 KB, 563x541, 1560459264884.jpg)

>i don't like x
>it's okay anon i'll show you some really good x you'll enjoy it
>i just said i didn't like it
>you just haven't found the right x yet
>you just have bad memories attached to x, you don't REALLY dislike it
>i'll start you out with some really easy x to get into
>you just avoided series because it's associated with x! you didn't even give it a try
>i'll just try to force it onto you because you're not allowed to dislike things i love
Feel free to apply x to any concept, I've met and continued to meet a lot of the same shitheads. I guess i must have "change my mind" written on my forehead.

No. 493848

I'm slim and 5'11". Men in my country are usually 5'10" and below.

No. 493989

File: 1576266803646.png (41.34 KB, 126x193, 1576026028205.png)

Mecha autists are the most frustrating and annoying type of fans, they wouldn't understand characterization if it bit them in the ass and keep reducing storylines and characters to some dumb macho interpretation.
>tomino based
>women traitorous and dumb
>allies/nazis the best, so deep
>protagonist is a pussy for having feelings, just wreck shit and fuck things

No. 493993

Im 176 cm (something like 5'9 in freedom units) and I feel like it is either guys shorter than me or much taller who are into me. Same height and slightly taller seem to find it a turn off. Fine to me as a fellow manlet chaser.

And also anyone who feels insecure about their height, try not to. Insecurity makes you seem less attractive to others. Maybe the average male likes short women more but there are still many who are into tall women.

No. 493996

ot but 176 cm is the perfect height imo. Consider yourself lucky, anon

No. 494018

For me, "x" is weed and Star Wars. Lol Those are two things I could never get into/never liked/never found enjoyment in, yet everyone around me keeps trying to tell me that I need to keep giving them more chances. Like, no. I'm calling it. I'm done with trying to spark interest in these things I have actually grown to resent because of it being pushed on me after I've made clear I'm not a fan.

No. 494051

God damn, talking to people on the internet outside of lolcow is so fucking exhausting. I literally complimented someone and she and some other people flipped their shit.

You can’t talk casual or real about stuff either, and god forbid you poke very mild fun at something.

No. 494077

What compliment was it? But yeah I generally agree.

They get offended over nothing all the fucking time and you can't say shit. I miss those 2000s internet days..

No. 494100

So you’re probably thinking that I said something that could be misconstrued as an insult or was a backhanded compliment. But all I said was “you have amazing skin”

No. 494179

File: 1576297215061.jpg (43.53 KB, 540x313, 74f0df6ec2cbfe7738bee62d48ad90…)

That's been my experience on twitter tbh. The entire discourse about these stupid art sets was the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen with my eyes. I could not believe just how many crazy ass people jumped in with their opinions and trying to make the OP seem like they murdered an entire village of people. I thought tumblr was pretty bad, but twitter has become super tumblr on steroids.

No. 494184

I'm curious as to how they reacted negatively to that.
Was it a race thing? Or was it because no skin is better than another? #acnerights or something lmao?

No. 494202

They tried to make it into an age thing. Like as if I said “for her age” or she looks old, except I didn’t mention age at all. I noticed she had fantastic skin, no one else had replied to her pic and it was up for hours so I thought I would brighten her day with my compliment. Well, fuck me I guess

No. 494214

File: 1576307405269.jpg (42.18 KB, 500x498, 1576011542957.jpg)

How do people you've befriended 2 years ago turn into complete retards that play favorites with their friends because of porn tastes? How do these people manage to watch a friend getting harassed and side with the aggressor because they like the same porn and ships as them? I'm never befriending shipfags again lol

No. 494215

Fandom friends are fake as shit. Sorry, anon.

No. 494379

everyone's here sensitive as well, irl and other imageboards it's a lot more easier for me actually.

No. 494392

I hate how every successful piece of media has to be turned into a huge franchise and become part of a capitalist empire. Like, jurassic park was a good, interesting book, the movie was okay, but they had to keep making sequels that went on after the books. Why? And the same thing is happening with harry potter. I wish they could just let a good book be a good book or a good movie be a good movie and leave it at that instead of milking it for every single dollar until it just dies.

No. 494394

I used to be a radfem when I didn't want any friends and when I tried to broaden my social circle I remembered why I hated everyone as a 13 year old and I am almost convinced radfems don't go outside and they don't have any friends.

No. 494404

You being a sperg doesn't disrupt other women from engaging realistically with radical feminist ideals. Speak for yourself tbh.

No. 494411

Believing in radical feminism doesn't mean you have to hate everyone kek. I think the fact you identified yourself as one, you took it too personally.

No. 494418

I hate identity politics so much.
I wasn't a radfem as a 13 y/o, but I guess you're correct, the ideals=/=representative of the shitheads. I guess I'll just stick to proper writeresses instead of reading autistic identity politic shitposts in the pinkpill threads.

No. 494430

>you're a sperg
>gets defensive over a lolcow comment

No. 494439

I think we can have a lot of fun here. But I’ll grant that there’s some seriously retarded levels of autism here, like anon who thinks you’re a degenrate unless you don’t wear shoes in the house and vacuum every day (but is probably one of the tons of anons defending bringing their phone to take a shit with their lives)

No. 494451

An ex-friend just texted me today after a few months of blocking me. The first few messages was to wish me well and i appreciate that but after that she told me to not bother any of her friends and i was like bitch what? we have a bunch of mutuals because we were classmates and she basically told me not to talk to anyone, who do you think you are? Is that all you wanted to say? To keep distance from your ''friends''? We fought for a while and now im pissed. Whats the point of beating the dead horse? Is flexing on me make u feel that good huh. Its already over between us, leave me alone i dont want these old wounds to open up again while they are healing…

No. 494457

she was probably talking shit and didn't want you to mention her talking to you again to them cause they'd expose her.

No. 494479

Nice try, but several people told you you're lazy and gross.

No. 494485

Don't forget that guys supporting small tits are likely closet pedos.

No. 494486

You're autistic

No. 494489

File: 1576398084686.jpg (46.13 KB, 1090x775, Santa activated his alucard _d…)

No. 494496

Anon you straight up lying about that.

Vacuuming every day when you don’t even wear shoes is autistic as fuck. And you didn’t deny that you’re cool with taking your phone to shit which is actually proven to spread disease

No. 494524

I think it's because people who prefer bigger boobs are often very douchey and harsh about it, as we've seen in the man-hating thread, men breaking up, emotionally and physically abusing their girlfriends while blaming her breast size, cheating and then blaming her tits, claiming women with small breasts aren't even women and aren't allowed to be or feel attractive, laughing at women with small breasts existing in their presence, harassing women with small breasts, or even jacking up the breast standard to the point where women with size C's are considered flat chested to some people

That being said, it's because of how harshly people come off when they "prefer" big boobs, so people, in defense, feel they need to be equally as harsh, because let's face it big and small boobs have their ups and downs. The only boob size I see no issues with are proportional breasts but thanks to porn and fatties, a woman could even have fairly big boobs on a thin body and be considered flat

No. 494526

>Men who like a certain feature on adult women are pedophiles

Are you joking? Maybe if the dude had a bunch of other "child like" features he preferred then we can call him a pedo, just liking small breasts alone isn't enough to say.

No. 494531

Natural big breasts are such a rare trait on a slim or average frame, unlike big asses that are far more common. I think I have rarely seen a girl with big boobs unless she were fat

No. 494536

File: 1576410010018.jpg (33.54 KB, 740x925, Marina-Lambrini-Diamandis-hot-…)

Well there's a difference between just being big and having big boobs for your body type. Marina for example has big boobs for her body type, on a fat girl they wouldn't look big at all. And it also depends on where you live. I mentioned fatties because in America at least, specifically more of the obese parts, you have insecure fat women calling all slim women flat no matter their breast size and fat worshipping men doing the same because men are easily manipulated to like certain body types and fat girls know this.

With the bashing of big boobs, I think it sparks up a small vs big tit debate, rather than a just "big boobs are the way to go and everything else is ugly and not worthy". As fucked up as it sounds it does save a lot of women's self esteem when both sides are debating rather than small titted girls being bashed, large titted girls being praised and small titted girls just getting a pretentious "love urself" speech while they just get nothing but hate. People are just cruel especially when it comes to women's bodies and don't understand you can appreciate all kinds of body types without bashing others

Asses are different though. You rarely see small butts get any sort of praise and big asses get any sort of hate, and same as mentioned earlier, when even Jen selters butt is getting called flat, causes many women to have self esteem issues. But as I said this is just my own experience

No. 494539

oh boy not another women vs women crap
it's not other chicks that created the artificial hate

No. 494545

Women didn't create it but insecure women fuel it. /snow/ itself should be more than enough proof that insecure women do infact fuel the whole "big tits vs small tits" or "slim vs fit vs curvy vs fat"
Unfortunately it does work though as many men have caught on or it just convinces other people to choose a side and take nothing but that side. Healthy is what people should strive for but people are bored of the healthy and nature female body

No. 494570

Nta but big butts used to get nothing but hate up until a few years ago, then they suddenly became a good thing. I remember being a little kid and worrying about my butt getting big because it used to be a sign that you were becoming a fattie.

No. 494583

>fat worshipping men doing the same because men are easily manipulated to like certain body types and fat girls know this

Yeah it's not that men will fuck anyone or fetishize anything, it's those pesky fat women manipulating gullible men to be into their body types that you find unattractive and they know it. Because fat women are behind what men decide to value and devalue.

Do you read this shit out loud when you type it to know how ridiculous it sounds? Try it. Lmao.

No. 494584

I think she is just implying that men easily get memed into liking shit if they see it often enough. Remember when everyone used to hate traps on 4chan a few years ago? Now everyone is a degenerate tranny erper. Remember when anal used to be a porn only thing? Now so many men irl want to try anal because they were exposed to it so much. Men can be memed into liking literally anything, it's like they're one big hivemind.

No. 494588

>I think she is just implying that men easily get memed into liking shit
It implies a removal of culpability from men by saying that they're mindless slaves to their penises and maymays. Maybe the reality is men are sexually fickle, and once they've exhausted normal sexual fantasies they increasingly seek out deviancy. It doesn't make them brainwashable little babies.
>Remember when everyone used to hate traps on 4chan a few years ago?
Traps have always been on 4chan in a non hateful capacity.
>Remember when anal used to be a porn only thing?
Men have always been trying to talk women into anal irl, the only difference is now there's forums for women to vocalize how obnoxious and gross it is, and men can congregate and be vocal about seeking it. Porn just proliferated it further.

No. 494605

>It implies a removal of culpability
Not really. What we're implying is that they can choose to not be retarded but they decide to be anyway. They could wake up and think but they choose to be impressionable idiots.

>Traps have always been on 4chan in a non hateful capacity.

It was always a niche thing. Now it's becoming WAY more common than it ever should be.

>Men have always been trying to talk women into anal irl

Lmao, I'm not saying anal is some new thing. I'm saying it's never been at the frequency that is happening now.

No. 494610

Am I wrong though? A decade ago "fat" and "unattractive" were synonymous. It's not even about what they fuck because men fuck grapefruit and horses. Generally people just want to feel desirable to the gender they are attracted too but men have meme'd themselves out of being attracted to healthy natural women's bodies into only being able to get off to whatever extreme body type that catches their eye.

No. 494611

>they're not brainwashable little babies they're just brainwashable little babies
Explain to me why men now only want extreme bodies and healthy natural women are the ones getting torn apart by men

No. 494615

Sorry ladies, back home for break and I'll probably be ranting about my mother constantly. It's better than bitching to my friends, which I'd feel guilty for.

So first off, yesterday she was driving slowly in the left lane (compared to other drivers) and a cop needed to pull her over. And this idiot? She pulls over on the shoulder of the left lane.

The cop came over and chastised her for going slowly in the left lane. Once he was gone all she could say was "thank god I didn't get a ticket." I was frustrated so I raised my voice and told her you don't go slowly in the left lane, need to pay attention to how others around you are driving, and should not pull over in the left fucking lane.
Naturally my mom brushes it off and just fucking ignores it.

I swear she will get in an accident some day because she does not think logically when driving, and god bless the other drivers with the misfortune of being on the road with her.

I realize now I could've driven but tbh I myself still haven't practiced a lot, and if I did drive she would be on the phone with her friends the whole time and not tell me where we're going. So, I'm reluctant to drive even though I need the practice.

The next less dramatic thing was she gave away a couple of sleeveless shirts I don't wear often. First, I don't wear them regularly because my parents get touchy about showing skin and I'm too lazy to shave my armpits; but I planned on waxing them now so I was annoyed. And the worst part is if my mom wanted to give away shirts I had other sleeveless ones with larger necklines I would've been fine with, but she gave away the ones I might! This isn't a big deal but it's like damn if you wanted to give my shit away maybe fucking ask me? And like with the driving incident you can't confront her because she just brushes it off and just does not actually fucking care.

Another layer is that whenever I want to give away clothes I don't wear anymore my mom just nags me for being ungrateful, so I don't or only give away things I think she won't give me too much shit for.

No. 494617

File: 1576430654981.jpg (88.91 KB, 750x702, image0-2.jpg)

I hate "horny man on Twitter" humor so much. Everytime my friends think a generic scrot on Twitter who just never shuts the fuck up about how lonely and blue balled he is as "peak humor" I get mega fucking annoyed. They're women too, so what the fuck is even the deal? It's so fucking annoying. They're not funny.

No. 494622

Fat has been attractive in different cultures and has come and gone as a sign of status. It doesn't matter what was popular a decade ago in pop culture, men have picked up and dropped different things they fetishizes about women but you want to act like it's something new because you have a special shit against fat women.

No. 494628

lmao who gives a shit about the 2000s. i would say the 2000s had the worst standard of female (and male) beauty in a 50 year time period. even the 70s/80s liked bigger women and they were on coke back then and were much skinnier on average than 2000s people. 2000s people were delusional.

No. 494629

plus a decade ago pop culture decided musclebound meatheads with steroid bodies were ideal and skinny women with round large breast implants and no muscles was the best thing ever. that decade was an eyesore and i noticed the only people who act like it's the shit are obnoxious airheads which is fitting.

No. 494644

Those were during times people did come to get rid of diseases, we are more intelligent than that now but we're slowly reverting back, starting by worshipping fatties again. It's not even about skinny being ideal it's that healthy should be ideal but fats are much more demanding about their standards

No. 494648

>worshipping fatties
No one does this outside niche internet corners, autist. Go outside.

No. 494651

nayrt, look at all the "body positive" sports magazine covers, gushing over that Lizzo person, chubby Barbies…

No. 494654


you the kind of person who's so used to not seeing any of this that even rare examples suddenly seem like they're everywhere and fatty worship is taking over the world. chill the fuck out. imagine getting this pressed over people finally acknowledging that fat people are human and not morally corrupt because they aren't healthy. you can't catch the fat, it's not a virus, why do you even care

No. 494676

>No one does it
>Except all these people
That's who we are talking about… And Southerners and blacks who think everyone who isn't overweight needs to eat a sandwich

No. 494677

Media is not representative of the majority, it has never been. Dear God.

No. 494679

>black and Southerners
Ah yes, the majority of the planet.

No. 494685

Uhhh it is now with how pervasive media is

No. 494692

Ffs nobody is saying literally everybody, just enough people to cause an issue. Why can't we speak about issues without having to say umteen million times we don't mean "literally everybody"

No. 494696

Basic bitches detected. Backpacking in Italy is not cool at all.

I agree. Your roommate sounds like a loser. Not sure why everyone here is disagreeing with you. Kek.

No. 494708

>Why can't we speak about issues without having to say umteen million times we don't mean "literally everybody"
because autism

No. 494719

Nice samefagging, anon. Not very subtle when you can't help but bitch about your roommate here >>494700 and at the same time you come here to whiteknight yourself on a 7 days old post.

No. 494724

You sound like a loser who's never partied

No. 494768

I find it annoying how almost everyone I've heard talking about having depression says they have "really bad depression". What the fuck does that even mean? Do they think other people have super amazing fun depression?

No. 494769

nta but tbh if you're on lc you're a loser to some degree

No. 494775

I guess it's like saying "I have bad nausea". It's not like there's good nausea, but there are degrees of intensity.

No. 494780

File: 1576461458289.jpg (109.8 KB, 903x717, 9682incrti441.jpg)

idk if i'm just getting old but i don't understand this "not like other girls" starterpack. i've never met a girl like this.

No. 494781

you need to come to my old high school then

No. 494782

I went to high school with someone who has turned into this type of girl. She also likes to fake being lesbian when it's convenient. Also, I graduated high school in 2011.

No. 494783

I think this is a little to vague. I don't know anybody who likes both kpop and the Rolling Stones, and I don't know any goths who like Billie Eilish (I assume that's who the girl with the blue hair is.)

Also wtf is the background.

No. 494784

That's true but I've heard so many people say it that it feels like everyone thinks their depression is worse than everyone else's.

No. 494801

>>493808 which manga is this?? (off topic sorry just looks cute)!

No. 494802

i guess it's because this starterpack seems like it's made by the kind of person who thinks this video is the gospel truth. i keep seeing people talk about these "sorts" of girls who… wear swedish backpacks and have dyed hair? and online men really seem to hate them. but either i'm old or i live a tiny city because i've literally never met a girl like this in real life.

No. 494808

My boyfriend doesn't understand why i'm uncomfortable with him joking about wanting to die by being crushed by two hot girl's asses, "that or I kill myself." Like wtf? Why wouldn't I be creeped out and upset by that? He does this a lot with like "Wow I want her to step on me, I want to find a cosplayer of her and ask her to step on me." All that shit
Like I know I overreact because I have bpd and my medications are way off right now (not by my choice.) He's amazing otherwise he just makes jokes like this and gets all mopey and upset when I say it's weird to me, like in a "wow I clearly fuck up everything huh?" I just wanna cry

On a related note I'm so unmedicated right now because of a long domino line of doctor shit and I'm just off the rails and it's embarrassing and upsetting

No. 494809

Scrotes who make fun of them are just mad because "manic pixie dream girls" of their generation won't fuck them and save them from their boring lives.

No. 494811

Your first mistake was dating a degenerate who has a crushing fetish.

No. 494812

an annoying sex pest like this is enough to drive any woman off the rails already. what an autistic retard. hope he's paying your bills or your schooling or something because i wouldnt be able to tolerate this kind of emotionally unintelligent idiocy without some kind of kickback

No. 494827

Nah, you're not overreacting, anyone with self-esteem would be bothered by that. He can at least keep this shit to himself. I also hope you're getting something out of putting up with this.

No. 494834

It’s so overdone now. Then said men have the audacity to say women aren’t funny.

No. 494845

this shit pisses me off and I almost wish you'd just do it back to him. Talk about how you want to die with two massive [insert race he isn't] dicks inside you.

No. 494851

I did snap during that and say "Well I want to choke to death on two guys' dicks then." And he said that's completely different.
So fucking annoyed.

No. 494862

there's no need to dehumanize black people here

No. 494864

Why are black people the only race of non white people people on the internet think exist? I want this answered

And we also don't know the guys race to begin with..

No. 494947

You're not overreacting at all, that's extremely disrespectful.
It's not even about the fetish, but openly lusting after other women while in a relationship (unless it's an open relationship or something like that) is asshole behavior.

No. 494949

Samefag, but he's even more of an asshole for being offended that you're rightfully considering it offensive, and trying to gaslight you into thinking that you're the one who's "ruining it"? Drop this dick

No. 495076

Ew I'd be telling him how fucking hot cuckholding is every chance I get

No. 495141

Your boyfriend is just a sub sperg-chan. he is trying to hint that he wants you to dominate him, not that he desires other women. I know normies are clueless to this shit but you are posting here, you should be able to recognize it.

No. 495529

I'm getting tired of the amount of adults who seem to want to inflict their trauma on to the next generation of kids.

Like any time there's an article about how the percentage of parents spanking their kids is decreasing, there's always 20 weirdos in the comments saying stuff like "oh that's nonsense, when I was a kid my parents used to viciously beat me with a stick if I even breathed too loud and I turned out fine!!!" uh 1) no, you didn't turn out fine and 2)what's so wrong with people trying to find a more effective way to discipline their children? Just because you were beaten means all children should be beaten?

Or how there's people who are against free college or canceling student loans because "well I had to work two jobs to go to school so today's kids should just suck it up, they're too spoiled" or "well I had to pay thousands in loans so why should the upcoming generation get free school? that's not fair!!"

The weird "I suffered so they should too" is so gross, people always talk about how they just want the best for kids yet are infuriated when the world allows for those same kids to live a life with less struggling.

No. 495564

It seems like anon is offended by the implication she is not included in the "hot girl" category of people he wants to step on him or crush him. More like she's a fellow dude who should appreciate these comments?
That's the vibe I get from it.

No. 495573

> I was a kid my parents used to viciously beat me with a stick if I even breathed too loud and I turned out fine!!!" uh 1) no, you didn't turn out fine and 2)what's so wrong with people trying to find a more effective way to discipline their children? Just because you were beaten means all children should be beaten?

I feel like those people (or at least some of them) are in denial about how much emotional pain it caused and they don’t want to admit that their parents fucked up in that regard. I used to brush off certain traumatic things in my childhood by insisting I “turned out fine” when really I didn’t. Also a lot of people who say shit like that tend to be men and I don’t think they want to admit that getting psychically punished as a child caused them emotional stress because of macho reasons.

No. 495592

Yeah, I get that's what she feels, what I am saying is that's not how her bf means it. He wants HER to do it to him and this is a way to try to insert those fantasies to her in a kind o safe way. People are often ashamed to just up and ask their partners to indulge in their kinks.

No. 495611

back to /g/ degenerate

No. 495617

>Actually being against female domination
The people here, I swear. There is no better situation for women, a man who wants to be submissive (and not a bottom) is a blessing.

No. 496055

> Also a lot of people who say shit like that tend to be men and I don’t think they want to admit that getting psychically punished as a child caused them emotional stress because of macho reasons.
I live in a country were there's a lot of machismo and (extreme) child abuse is rampant, and yeah, its directly correlated to men being toxic over their masculinity, they even abuse girls even though they aren't supposed to be treated like that.
>I feel like those people (or at least some of them) are in denial about how much emotional pain it caused and they don’t want to admit that their parents fucked up in that regard.
My dad used to abuse me all the time because that's what he was taught to and he always said "i turned out fine!" or "mom knew best for me", then one day he, a grow ass "macho man", literally went on a fucking mental breakdown and regressed over his trauma and how "he didn't want me to fear him like he fear his mom" and that "everyday was pain", people need to realize shit isn't right at all, it destroys lives and families.

No. 496408

File: 1576801969882.png (121.18 KB, 1028x539, confused.PNG)

The gal of some online commenters baffle me. Like 'this classic book sucks" types. How can you look at a book critically acclaimed, that's stood up for decades, and has tons of academic theory and think your college freshman ass is smart enough to say 'all those people were wrong. This books sucks". I'm not saying you can't have opinions, but like how can you make post like pic related without ever thinking "maybe I'm not knowledgeable enough about this subject to critique?"

No. 496530

Damn this guy is really an idiot there are so many holes in his argument i don't even know where to start calling bullshit, i couldn't imagine being this arrogant over something i don't understand at all, it also seems that he doesn't even know the difference between psychology and psychiatry and keeps confusing them.
>yeah, we all want to bang our moms right?
Just look at the most searched tags on porn sites lmao
Why is he talking like HE did something cool? He's just a loser who posted a (really) bad take on reddit.

Psychology is very much a "hit or miss" sometimes but it's the least we can do for those with mental problems. The brain is one if not the most complex organ and it's difficult to get answers, make progress and "create cures" of something that hasn't yet been fully understood.

No. 496588

All I want… is a fat fucking ASS! I have a little cake, more like a cupcake, but I want to make it grow into a triple-stacked cake. What irks me is seeing not only women with big asses, but males who are also double cheeked up. It ridiculous. I plan to get my ass working out though.

No. 496668

I'm really sick of sad, depressing endings everywhere in fiction and it being lazily excused as "it's more realistic." Yeah sure, sad endings happen in life, but you know what else also happens in life? Happy endings. And I'm not even arguing this because of escapism, because there's nothing wrong with putting characters through sad situations, it help develops them and opens up new sides to them, but there comes a point where it's just misery porn and you want them to suffer as much as possible, and it's no longer fun or interesting. Also, since when did fiction have to always be related to "real life" anyway? Quit using these bullshit excuses to justify your annoying ass cynicism and negativity

No. 496677

I completely agree with you, I hated those books we had to read in highschool like madame Bovary she's like oh no my life is so bad my husband sucks uuuugh why did I get married, yeah well WHY DID you get married, and the best of all before she dies she finally falls in love with her husband REALLY bitch. And there was one book about a man who literally just wasted away for like 10 years teaching and just let everything happen around him and not take life in his hands, OK I get the message but it makes for such a boring book, why are there so many books about literal losers wasting away and not doing anything? It gets boring after the first time.
The only book I truly liked was Crime and punishment because it's about a snowflake who thinks he is better than everyone else and has more rights and it just comes back to haunt him, not even from outside consequences but from the realization that he has done something wrong and he is not unlike everyone else. Sorry for unrelated book reviews
What annoys me is that I can hear some neighbor cursing all the time, and it's always the same 2-3 cursewords

No. 496679

I've seen people on Twitter and Discord unironically subscribe to the caste system and say "Some people are just born to be beneath others" or "It's the natural order", but they seem lower-caste in mind to me. They read as panicked folks who are essentially imposters in their own skin, and worry that they will end up dragged to the bottom if they can't use their phenotype as a shield.
If they had to actually prove themselves worthy of a high position in society on their own merit, it'd probably be over for them. I think it's also why /pol/-tards are obsessed with piggybacking off of other people's accomplishments, but have almost nothing to say for themselves. It's an ideology based off a halo effect, and if that gets squashed, the mediocre ones who were leeching off the best are in trouble. Actual "high caste" people can't relate to any of that shit, because they're aware of their capabilities, and understand that their positions would remain largely unchanged in a truly fair society. People will naturally look to the best as a leader, regardless of "caste". Removing any pre-birth stipulations just allows for the best of all groups to flourish (and for the worst to never be able to mistakenly gain power), improving the entire society.
I seriously get the impression that nothing keeps the virulent racist/colorist/whatever up at night more than the simple sentence "It could've been you".

No. 496701

For me, sad endings are more comforting because they help me normalize realistic situations in my head and remind me not to dramatize so much and take life for what it is. Happy endings have the opposite effect, the same that looking at strangers' social media has, they make me jealous.

No. 496736

yes but how many sad endings stories do we really need? that shit is depressing lol.

No. 496810

I find it annoying how fantasy novels so often have super similar sounding generic names.

some names of series:

stormlight archive
kingkiller chronicles
the bone season (actually I don't think this is fantasy, but still)

names of some books:

the way of kings
oathbringer (I get this mixed up with lightbringer)
way of kings (I get this confused with "kingkiller")
the name of the wind
the blade itself
the blinding knife (I get this confused with the blade itself)
knife of dreams
city of bones (I get this mixed up with the bone season)
the bone hunters
city of glass
throne of glass
the fires of heaven
city of heavenly fire
the towers of midnight
midnight tides

honestly the list just keeps going

No. 496834

>>496810 i am sorry, i agree with you, anon but the first name i came up with after reading those listed was Deathly Shartslinger

No. 496836

Harry Potter and the Deathly Shartslinger

No. 496852

i hate myself for laughing at this, thank you anon

No. 497071

Trans furries who think every character they make has to be bi or trans, it's all mental shit and now they're bringing this up in cute cartoon animals and don't want there characters to be called cute, now that's just fucking retarded.

No. 497079

>the bone season
just like my party girl days

No. 497098

No. 497298

File: 1577027217759.png (25.21 KB, 478x315, Capture.PNG)

This is so first world, but I hate it when some artist I like becomes mainstream~ish. The fan I usually hate are often genre tourists. They act like they have ~weird~ music tastes when they're either A. listening to the most pop like artist in the genre or B. Only listen to 1 song out of an entire artist discography (which is often the only song with an anamatic). The worst part is if the song is somewhat deep/sad they give their 5 paragraph long basic bitch analysis.
The worst part is they kind of get in the way of me finding new music. If I want to find a song like 'x artist' i go through youtube playlist were 'x artist' appears. The problem I've found though if the playlist was made by a genre tourist it's not new music, but the same few Jack Stauber, "The Less I Know The Better - Tame Impala", "SIAMÉS "The Wolf", 'The Correspondents - Fear & Delight", and the smae 3 fucking electro swing bands
I know I should just let them have fun without being pretentious about it, but it's hard to not hate fans like pic related.

No. 497305

sis you're not overreacting, I had a bf like this and I didn't realize how much of an abusive loser cumbrain he was until I left him.

No. 497396

File: 1577053975989.png (Spoiler Image, 1.79 MB, 705x893, Capture.PNG)

I pirated this dumb ass african women book because I wanted to see pictures of africa culture not this prestaged softcore porn shit.

No. 497413

Males can't do art without putting titties everywhere. Also this is a really innacurate portrayal of african women. This is how you get cumbrains thinking africa is full of exotic savage women dying to fuck the first white man they see.

No. 497430

do you think women will ever boycott this cumbrained shit? I want these men wiped off the face of the earth I'm done.

No. 497431

File: 1577063395236.png (549.66 KB, 1214x779, wahhhh.PNG)

they put faking death threats next to 'don't like. don't buy'
They even missed the point of that 'they're over blocks tweets'.

No. 497457

I posted on another site and everyone ignored the comment because they know I'm right. Just pushing the same old agenda they have.

No. 497474

File: 1577088172587.jpg (144.48 KB, 750x1334, IMG_20191223_085617.jpg)

How the hell do they plan to make Carrie work if she's trans? Isn't her period an important part of the beginning of the story?

Also the fact they just want minority points and don't care as long as the protagonist isn't played by a white cis woman, why are people so blind to see they don't give a fuck about representation and just want that sweet money from people that enjoy Euphoria and the like

No. 497475

carrie with a TiM would just be the umineko lmao.

No. 497478

I hate how cat fiends think every gross thing a cat does is cute but when a dog does it's gross.
I like both as pets but this hypocrisy just is stupid!!!!!

No. 497482

like what? them 'kissing' your cheeks or whatever? dogs are really slobbery and cats aren't. there's a lot less saliva transfer, so i can kind of see that tbh. i don't think it's hypocritical if it's something where the animals really are quite different, like kisses, tbh.

No. 497483

Yeah, I mean in theory anon is right but I just can't think of anything cats do that's particularly gross. They aren't drooly, they smell good without even needing a bath, they are pretty naturally clean in general.

They do have the absolute worst smelling poo though.

No. 497490

i don't think she's right in theory, you shouldn't need to judge different breeds of animals to the same standard just because of feels. i asked my fiance (who loves dogs) if he'd want a dog to do any of the annoying cute shit our cat does and he immediately said no.

No. 497492

Both of them lick their assholes so the idea of getting a "kiss" from either is pretty gross.

No. 497495

I believe cats have antibacterial saliva.

No. 497501

I meant, in theory if a cat did something gross then it shouldn't be treated any differently to a dog doing something gross. But cats don't do gross things in the first place so the point is moot.

No. 497507

not really, because i think the specific "small" differences between these animals matter, differences in their physiology, like with the saliva transfer. i think way more bacteria would be transferred by a dog, for example, because of how much saliva they spread and how slobbery they are. it's not their fault, but it is more gross imo. i agree cats don't do gross stuff though. they don't roll around in shit or eat other animals shit, etc. honestly cats are pretty 'civilized' on their own.

No. 497522

I don't care about abortion this much but why just not be anti sex instead of pro abortion? I think people who will get a severely handicapped child should abort it if they want to, a life threatening pregnancy should be avoided too, as should the rapebabies but there are women who don't want that child just because they don't want it or because they feel they're too young to have a child. Then, aren't you too young to have sex?

No. 497532

Are you a man?

No. 497547

Is that all you can say? And no but I'm ugly like a man.

No. 497551

Tbh I agree with you. Birth control isn't 100%. The only way to avoid having a child is not to have sex. I mean I do that and I really don't care. PIV isn't that great anyway, I get off the most from clit stimulation, and if I wanted to I could just get a really high quality dildo or something. It's just really not worth the risk.

No. 497566

File: 1577114300292.jpg (170.85 KB, 1125x2436, 4c0z5iy0jw341.jpg)

This shit is so annoying and transparent, and I'm baffled as to how people can't see it for what is is - corporations kissing up to consumers with memes so they'll think they're one of them and buy more of their products. It's manipulative as hell yet I still see people condone it, and if you dare to bring it up they just whine "omg why do you hate fun so much lol". Literally brainwashed

No. 497573

This is cringe as fuck and I'm glad that at least some people have started realizing how nefarious this is. I think the Sunny D depression incident woke a lot of people up.

No. 497574

I always look down on people who want to hurry up, buy a house, get married and have kids as young as possible. I don't see good outcomes for them.

No. 497580

Oh god this is so cringy. If you're a company, I want you to be professional and listen to your customers, not trying desperately to be relatable to them with memes from yesterday.

No. 497581

This might just be the pinkpill talking but I can't relate to women who literally dream of marriage and kids like its the absolute pinnacle of their lives.

No. 497583

Well there's nothing wrong with the first thing. Having a house at a young age must be nice.

No. 497592

The most annoying part about this is that they just roast people who didn't even ask for it. it could be
>Ramdom user: Mcdonalds fries weren't that good
>Mcdonalds: Well neither was ur mom!
The most annoying part is you can't say "don't want a response? don't post" because they always reply to a boomer who's just posting random shit. They didn't know this could happen

No. 497599

Depends on where you live. In America you have a long chain of things or else you get foreclosed. If you're young and take out a mortgage you have to have a 100% reliable income, which most young people simply don't have unless they have rich parents or are one of the one in millions rich kids who got rich from Bitcoin or a business

No. 497658

buying a house if you can afford it is a good decision. if you rent, you can be evicted quickly. if you fuck up your payments you have time to bounce back, and worse case scenario, it takes a long time to foreclose. getting married and having kids young rarely ever works out. it's a terrible idea. these people have no idea who they are, let alone who their partners are. how can you even be a parent before developing as a person? makes no sense. having kids young is especially dumb.

No. 497906

For most of human history all media had male characters, and if there were female characters they were portrayed one dimensional/horribly. Come the 20th century and female protagonists finally become somewhat mainstream and now they're just being replaced by men again. Not just men but men who we're supposed to believe are women. This shit is so depressing.

No. 497947

I was gonna put this in the celebrities thread but it's not really news it's just more annoying.
What on earth is with the media making headlines every 2 minutes about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston getting back together? Is it fueled by boomers that read gossip mags? Because I see articles and headlines EVERYWHERE. Literally at the end of every article there's something about Jennifer's management team denying the allegations but they keep hyping it up. Brad Pitt has been dating random women off and on since him and Angelina broke up and literally it's been over 10 or more fucking years since the Brangelina against Jen thing happened.
I don't even follow these celebs closely I just keep getting damned recommended articles pop up and they all literally say the same thing. I doubt Jennifer and Brad give two fucking shits about each other any more. Stop trying to make them happen, it's not gonna happen!

No. 497948

My mom is getting involved in a mlm type of job and knowing better I warned her about it but I don’t think she really listened to me. She already put 200 into it but I’m trying to stop her before she loses anymore money.

No. 497959

I would post this in the kpop thread but they might ban me for derailing, but i just don't understand how kpop has so many black fans when they keep have to deal with racist, ignorant shit, while "cool" aspects of their culture is being blatantly used.

I didn't realise how shitty that feeling is until i saw some koreans online mocking and stereotyping my culture while wearing traditional clothes we wear and inappropriately using other aspects of it for the ~aesthetics~
I just find that ignorance so infuriating, no matter where you're from.
I hate when people do stupid shit without actually thinking about.

I don't mean to sound like a twitter sjw but being ~unaware~ of obviously-insensitive things is not an excuse if you're a sensible human being, and i'm tired of how certain fans protect such countries.
If they have access to youtube, twitter etc. like everyone else, it's their responsibility to not act extremely racist.

No. 497988

Fucking sick of all these adult children complaining about everything on Christmas. I'm not even a big fan of the holiday but it's so fucking annoying how people find the stupidest shit to whine about during this time. Like having too many relatives to visit and being unable to say no. Or just hating everything for no reason, acting like a whiny teenager and making everything 10 times harder for themselves and everyone else.
Just shut the fuck up, it's one day of a year.

No. 497995

I agree. Those stans get really angry when you point it out, too. Some of them try to go full edgelord and think calling anyone who points out this embarrassing behavior slurs will make them look less pathetic, but inevitably hop on back to Twitter to scold people for microaggressions to their favorite idols.
They basically have huge inferiority complexes and think everyone hates them anyway, so they might as well worship "cute" k-pop boys who hate them, since it's all the same.
It's funny to me when they go full self-righteous SJW. Meanwhile, their oppas are the most racist/sexist humans alive.

No. 498003

I'll never understand why transgender women want to menstruate so bad because it's the worst thing ever (to me personally). I don't even care if they want it so that they can feel more like a "woman" or if it's some sick fetish or something like that. This is seriously nothing you would wish for and I feel like if any of them were to experience how menstruating actually is like, they'd get out of their little ~uwu actual woman little bleeding femme angel uwu~ fantasy and regret wishing for it immediately.
The only time I am jealous over men is when I'm menstruating, because they get to experience NOTHING like this. I seriously don't get what's so desirable about bleeding from your genitals while experiencing pain all over your body, cramps, mood swings, being sensitive to everything and it just feels like your entire body is about to explode from the slightest touch.

No. 498018


I will never understand it either. Just getting over my period today and even though my cycle is a lot more manageable now that I am an adult, it is still a pain in the ass to deal with.

And no, I get pissed off when I hear activists trying to push that "transgender women have periods too!" It just diminishes (in my opinion) the stress and inconvenience that women have to deal with every month. And it irritates me even more that these are other woman flying a flag for a man with a pretend pad on, while they don't say anything about their fellow sisters.

Like why are men's needs always somehow more important than women's? Why will so many women literally fall on a sword for a man in a skirt but will turn their backs on another woman who shares their experience? I had an experience a few weeks ago with myself calling out some men over sexist behaviors, and all the girls in the same situation started ostracizing me because of me just making a comment that they needed to perhaps tone it down. I don't get the world sometimes.

No. 498021

agreed. my period doesn't even make me feel feminine or connected to nature because it's so painful and heavy that it feels UNnatural.

No. 498038

>use a word in a sentence
>someone (usually a male who really believes he's smarter than me) insists I used the wrong word or used it incorrectly
>doesn't recant, insists I'm wrong and doesn't let up until I yield
>look up word later just to be sure
>I was using it correctly
>people just enjoy the one up and the petty 'victory' of being right even though they're wrong

No. 498044

I used to do the same thing as you did, I learned that a simple "I'm really not but okay, anyways" is a good way to shut down the unnecessary side conversation and keep the one you were actually having going. After that, just talk through any attempts of them trying to save face and don't even acknowledge them. I had a friend do this to me for years until I learned to brush that shit off. It's strictly an ego boost for them and if you treat it for the petty shit that it is, they catch on eventually.

No. 498049

Thanks for the advice anon, I'll try giving that a spin next time.

No. 498050

You should have asked him to look it up in that moment. He should feel humiliated for being an ass

No. 498053

We menstruate during a dip in our estrogen levels so they're really playing themselves thinking taking "Titty Skittles" can give them PMS symptoms

No. 498057

the funny part is that the hormones they take cause contraction of smooth muscle so they're really experiencing the period shits without actually having a period

No. 498080

had a guy at a party recently do the same, laughed in my face when I said bats carry Ebola and tried to joke about what an idiot I was. Asked how we haven't caught ebola because there's lots of bats in our city and it's like dude really? I freaking hate men that do that shit and walk away thinking they're smart/hot shit

No. 498095

File: 1577262605536.jpeg (184.05 KB, 640x766, E89266F6-7762-4513-B363-9F3045…)

Anyone else on Facebook tired of these ugly ass pages
Smol kinky weeb gf
Tall Dom Goth Bf
Short Thicc Emo gf
Smol Mentally I’ll Thicc Bf
these pages are ran by the ugliest nerds anyways and they’re all shrines of themselves when they do face reveals, the girl pages are annoying because they’re pick mes who post updates like “all I do is watch anime and run my soft Thicc thighs uwu”
And the dudes are like “I want to pin you down and dominate you babydoll” especially offensive af when they look like pic related these shits are so cringe I can’t wait till they’re looked down upon in a few years

No. 498102

That's some Venus tier anus mouth.

No. 498110

I hope to god Carrie isn’t a tranny. Please god make her black, make her disabled, make her fucking anything but a tranny. The period at the beginning of Carrie is SO FUCKING IMPORTANT To the story. Not only that but i despise trannies and I love Carrie

No. 498144

His looks are incel-tier. The fact he gets his ego stroken by sexually frustrated teenage girls makes me sick.

No. 498147

i refuse to believe anyone ACTUALLY looks like this what the fuck he looks like a badly drawn cartoon character

i am ugly but compared to that i am a solid 10/10 LOL

No. 498154

This HAS to be a shoop.

No. 498159

I think it's a filter.

No. 498164

Have you guys noticed this weird habit/trend of fans of certain characters to make really gross bizarre sexual comments? I don't mean like "he's so hot I wanna have sex with him" but degenerate stuff like "I want him to spit on me and slap me and force me to eat his shit." Like really aggressive comments, it's like they're trying to outdo each other on how gross and over the top they can get. It's just weird and not funny at all, especially considering how I see mostly young teen girls saying this shit like all over twitter and instagram

No. 498166

I have blepharitis in my right inner eye corner and it's been flaring up again like crazy, I have no idea why since I haven't been putring on any eye makeup or doing anything difderent than before. This shit is so annoying and no doctor wants to help me get rid of it and I'm all out of the special tissues that I have to use.

No. 498170

my mom struggled with that. cliradex wipes were the only thing that helped and she's been clear of it for like 2 years now. no doctor helped her either, the drops didn't work, etc. cliradex was the only thing that cleared it up for good.

No. 498185

Thank you, I'll ask if they have it in the pharmacy. I'll try anything at this point, gaad to stop wearing makeup for a year because it would flare up randomly

No. 498211

my best friend's boyfriend is a lazy deadbeat who can only be described as "well, at least he doesn't hit her". he's also ugly even though she's quite cute. he's apparently not even good in bed (her admission). why do women not love themselves and settle for uggo scrotes reee

No. 498218

Yeah, it's a joke…

No. 498259

Yeah I totally agree

No. 498287

File: 1577330532483.png (11.35 KB, 600x107, hmf.PNG)

Diabetic pee would have been funnier than gamer girl pee.
If you're wondering why diabetics have sweet pee it's because their bodies can't break down sugar so they try to dispose of it in other ways

No. 498309

I got lectured yesterday by a near 30 year old single pick me bitch that women have nothing to bring to the party but sex, so should just get rid of any standards. I think women with shitty boyfriends genuinely believe they don't deserve anything and society keeps reinforcing that idea.

No. 498315

File: 1577350514767.jpg (167.56 KB, 956x695, calmdown.JPG)

How the hell is the Dakota thread still alive? She hasn't done anything in years and it's always just skinwalking anons depicting that "her career will totally fail soon kek!!!!!" because she modeled for a brand they don't like (thus consider inferior) and for the past 5 or so years they've been going on and on about her "weight gain" when she's still just as thin as always. It's not like she's constantly posting cringey, controversial shit on her IG or something, it's just anons going full sperg on any little detail they can dig up.

Pic related, it's terminal autism at work. I hope this anon finds peace soon because damn woman, that is a lot of dedication for some gaijin model.

No. 498316

What the fuck man. Way to make this iconic female revenge story into tranny pandering. I can already see the movie replacing the bullies and the mother with "TERFs" who hate on the poor victimized transwymmyn a la Sense8, maybe they'll replace the male love interest with a woman and make her into this handmaiden prototype "protecting muh girl". As for the period part, the evil terves will probaby abuse Carrie for NOT getting a period because he's a man and terves are ~obsessed with vaginas~.

The only solace I can find is that this will peak trans more people and it will 100% flop to begin with as these woke pieces of shit never do well. I don't understand why ideas like that keep getting greenlighted because even that sense8 bullshit I mentioned was cancelled after two seasons because nobody was watching it.

No. 498317

Farmers calling obviously skinny girls fat and sperging about imagined weight gain? On this board? Never.

No. 498359

File: 1577372704420.png (69.19 KB, 319x912, this long.PNG)

I'm so sick of 'goodreads', not sure if thats were a first noticed it or were it started, type reviewers. Instead of actually reviewing the work they make it their person blog on how they reacted to 'the worst piece of media ever'. The most annoying thing about them is that they always slip into spoilers ("At times this leads to hilarious failed attempts at a shocking or dramatic scene. I mentioned the intro scene above. In another episode, the show tried to pull off a SHOCKING CLIFFHANGER where… well, I think it was trying to make us think one or more major characters had suddenly been killed by some Dagger Ex Machina figure in the woods (with absolutely no buildup, I might add) for the sake of a cheap end-of-episode cliffhanger.")
>Episode 4 is the real goldmine; it was the pinnacle of my experience with this show, is one of the greatest “jump the shark” moments in anime, and is so baffling, it’s absolutely amazing! All those insane mysteries, and all the forced exposition, get shoddily smashed together into a splatter of sex cults, faux-history, voodoo magic, physics-busting, deranged psycho-faces and self-contradictions, pulling out exorbitant amounts of information from a zeppelin-sized ass to create a perfect storm of laughter and disbelief! It boisterously puffs out its mystery-writing chest thinking it’s so amazingly clever for bringing all this together in a way its audience never could have seen coming because it’s not a fair-play mystery! It proudly shows off answers more far-fetched than simply throwing one’s hands up and saying, “It was indeed a miracle after all!” I dare not spoil those answers here. They’re worth experiencing firsthand! This episode alone managed to set new standards for what I look for in ironically-enjoyable bad anime! Summed up in two words, one might say the episode was “Holy Crap!”
Also look at this paragraph. How can you claim a shows pretentious when you write like this. Even worse pic related is their review, which I could only copy half of.

No. 498361

File: 1577373330259.png (149.1 KB, 786x827, 3545566.PNG)

Samefagging, but whats worse is that if it's a small book a "IT'S SO BAD!!1!!!" could completely obliterate it's score from a 4 to a 2.5.
Any how I have the "Authors vs. Goodreads" salty reviews
>You are the income that keeps the server farm humming but you are entering into an adversarial relationship, not only with the pampered readers but the overworked staff that doesn't even know their own rules when they punish you because there are so damned many rules and the documentation is broken, outdated chaos.

No. 498370

I just found out that the prescription cream given by my derm has to be applied onto your face when it's damp/wet… no one told me and I just randomly figured it out. I wasted like 2 weeks of medication for nothing

No. 498375

That also happened to me. the eczema medication I was using was a spin off of a scalp creme with a shower cap. I made the dumb assumption I was supposed to apply it then wash it off (it was supposed to be left on). For half a month i wash washing my medication off my skin

No. 498393

Does anyone have parents that aren’t bad people, just annoying?

I think my parents are great. They are definitely very supportive of me. But I had spending time with them especially being on vacation. In particular I really hate spending being on vacation with my mom to the point where I’m considering never going on vacation with her ever again.

First of all my mom has a really annoying personality to me. It’s not bad, per se, just really grating with mine. She is always pointing random shit out and acting like she is such a genius.

My mom also has a completely different travel style. I love taking things in and soaking in a new culture. My mom has a bucket list mentality where she needs to see as much new shit as possible and then sit in the car. Today she wanted to see a tourist spot and walk around for half an hour before going back to the car even though going there took at least two hours of driving time.

Because of wanting to see so much shit my parents are always in a hurry. It really stresses me out instead of feeling like I’m having a good time. It was fine when I was younger but now I can travel on my own I feel like it’s so not worth it.

Another annoying thing my mom will do is repack my luggage without my permission.

I’m grateful that I have parents who have been willing and able to take me on nice vacation abroad. But now I’m just annoyed.

No. 498397

Anyone else hate like 90% of the people on Letterboxd? The whole website ideas and functions are cool but god throw the whole damn community away and start again with people who can actually write intelligent reviews and not worthless cringey jokes and lists. I'm just sick of seeing people write the same thing over and over. Send them all back to twitter and don't let them come back. The top 200 kinda sucks too

No. 498409

nearly all of the users sound like they used to run #grunge #depression #quotes #sadness #lanadelrey blogs on tumblr

No. 498414

agreed. I won't lie, sometimes peoples' goofy jokes/observations are funny to me, plus your watchlog is literally called a "diary" on letterboxd so I understand why people don't take the reviews that seriously (some people just write "watched at [theater name] with [friend's name]"). I think there should be a comments section that's separate from the reviews.

No. 498501

why can't debate fags let each other finish their sentences. They always talk over each other and I swear debates wouldn't be so chaotic if they didn't talk over each other

No. 498536

Imo most 'debates' are really just slapfights to see who can act more superior, and in that context it makes complete sense why one doesn't want their opponent to get the potential leg up with the opportunity to express themselves fully. And after all, allowing them so might show as a sign of weakness.

No. 498547

>carrie with a TiM would just be the umineko lmao


No. 498707

gifs as avatars are really annoying and distracting

No. 498758

lmao what's up with the anon super upset about any mention of austism or asperger's at the vent thread?
Imagine feeling the need to correct anonymous people venting to the void while being in the same shit Vietnamese image board.

No. 498915

I hate parent's so up in their own asses that they can't even admit the mistakes they mad and expect their kids to be genius/successful/amazing people when they themselves provided no examples and are shitty people. Like, how can you be a garbage human and expect perfection from your kids?

No. 498978

File: 1577569803413.gif (1.77 MB, 200x150, source.gif)

Been talking to two guys that I was interested in, both in IT and stuff, we had fun conversations until it got a bit deeper and the topic of me not being able to find a better job, mental health etc came up. Both of them instantly tried to "fix" my problems like I already haven't tried the most obvious shit. The patronizing tone makes it so much more annoying. I know they were trying to help but fucking hell if a professional can't help then your stupid ass sure also can't.

No. 498988

They're probably autistic. Anybody with autism is either extremely offensive or extremely purist when lurking the chans.

No. 499005

because those parents have delusions of grandeur that they actually raised their kids right when they're garbage people

No. 499012

anon pls ill talk to you about It i love that franchise

No. 499026

all the normalfag retards in my town like naruto all of a sudden and a few popular anime’s and it’s so annoying posers btfo

No. 499032

Men have a tendency to give unsolicited advice when they hear us talk about problems, particularly the ones who are more socially stunted and can't read a room. In part because they don't want to hear about your problems ever again, and also because they fancy themselves as pragmatic 'fixers' who know better than you.
I always tells them it's more complicated than the advice they've offered, thank them for trying, and then try to move away from myself as the subject.

No. 499088

I distinctly recall a post saying how the user had encountered a girl wearing an Inuyasha shirt and tried to talk to her about it. Turned out that the girl hadn't watched Inuyasha/anime in general and only wore it because it was trendy. I have no idea why anime is catching on with normies but I hope it stops. The community is already a mess as is.

No. 499206

bruh I slept like shit last night even though I masturbated to help me fall asleep like I usually do. I'm either going to fall down or bump into shit today fuck! Also the fancy fleece lined leggings I bought are long and the in seam a little uncomfortable.

No. 499399

I hate going on the media tab of an artist on Twitter and have to scroll through several tweets of them replying to other people with pictures. Like I’m not mad at them for doing whatever since it’s their account and all, but it’d be nice if Twitter had a tagging function like Tumblr does so I could just look at an artist’s work.

No. 499428

I'm so sick of how ads are literally everywhere and you can't always escape them. I had to use my friend's laptop for a while and she doesn't have adblock so it made me realise how the internet is literally filled to the brim with these obnoxious things. It also makes it impossible to play app games because after one level for instance you immediately get this 30 second ad you can't skip, or you have to watch ads to get money or unlock things in the game.

Also ninety percent of the ads on youtube have been all about the google home speaker, which is creepy and annoying af

No. 499437

Don't play mobile games. Or just pay for the game. I play kenken on my phone sometimes so I'll pay money for new puzzles. But for the most part it's just best to stick with older games. Mobile gaming sucks for the most part.

No. 499440

Try turning data off, that's what I do when i play mobile games that don't require an internet connection.

No. 499449

>thanks to porn and fatties, a woman could even have fairly big boobs on a thin body and be considered flat
This right here is the bane of my existence. I'm thin and wear a 34DD bra (not even my real size, it's sister size- my real size is 28H), but my friends are all fatties with like 42DDDs and say my boobs are small all the time.

No. 499454

For mobile games play with airplane mode on. Unless the game requires internet connectivity 24/7, you won't get ads.

No. 499601

I hate my new neighbor. I can hear his voice clearly from my bedroom and I hate it. His voice is loud, and it's so fucking annoying, sometimes I just wanna scream SHUT UP SHUT UP SHUT UP. Also his fucking kid cries and screams all the time. I'm losing my patience here. My previous neighbors weren't this noisy, wtf. I wanna live in a house again, apartments suck.

No. 499604

>jealous, insecure fat girls putting you down about something that isn't even true
>the bane of your existence

You can stop pretending it actually hurts your feelings in order to humblebrag now.

No. 499608

Sure, you have friends (fat ones) who have DDD tits. And late at night, they all gather round to make sure you feel flat chested, for no real win or motivation other than to slapfight you over what men like.

She's a bad liar and should be banned for baiting. It's just someone's fiction writing.

No. 499629

My sisters have been thin, I have been average, we all have had big boobs or full boobs and no one called us flat chested. I am feeling you are delusional about your actual chest size despite the measurement

No. 499637

white people with tan skin who have tattoos look dirty eg halsey (idgaf that girl is white) and harry styles

No. 499647

Just moved into a house and don't regret it, I had to move kind of fast cause our neighbors were loud and stole all our packages. Its to peaceful here now its nice.

No. 499678

Why are beastality porn sites so easily accessible? I seriously hope one day they all get wiped out and all the animal fuckers get so upset to the point they commit suicide.

No. 499682

File: 1577775730399.jpg (131.33 KB, 572x861, Harry-Styles-3-nails-Tattoo-.j…)

holy shit thank you I thought I was crazy for thinking this. They just look like rednecks to me. The only thing that saves it is if the person is muscular, because then they at least look like they got the tan from working in the sun. Otherwise it looks like they just sit around a porch spitting in cans and calling their pigs pet names all day.

No. 499695

Just say you think tattoos on brown skin look like shit lmao
He just looks sunburnt here

No. 499698

My pornsick ex fiance called me flat chested. I'm very thin and petite but large chested for my frame. It was confusing as hell because my ex bf before him would always compliment me on them and tell me how big they look on me. I have a complex about it now when I used to not give a fuck. One more insecurity to the list.

No. 499754

i thought this was a very cute butch woman until i read the thumbnail name

No. 499760

I'm so sick of "I was a gifted kid and it left me with insecurities. I never learned to study. I'm lazy" people. Like I get it, but they refuse to fix their problems and just cry over those same 3 things. It's even worse when it's some reddit dude bro because you know those excuses are just pure cope (I'm smart, but I don't fit the system) and they're some mediocre dude.

No. 499762

idk maybe it's because I'm not american so I don't have this "redneck" association, but tattoos look the same on any skintone to me, from porcelain to tan to dark

No. 499773

Most weren’t even -gifted-, just looking to excuse their laziness.

No. 499777

that girl is as average as they come, average ass opinions and average ass intelligence

No. 499786

Even though there is some truth to the statement in some cases, most people who make a big deal talking about it are just looking for excuses. People who were actually gifted as children and started struggling later for multiple different reasons are ashamed of it and don't use it as some cop-out talking point on social media. In reality most of these people might have been ahead of the curve as children, the gap closed later and they can't comprehend reality.

No. 499802

ngl whenever i think of the term gifted i think it sounds like a blanket term to tell autists they're "special" without calling them autists

No. 499826

Anyone else really fucking annoyed by the amount of edgelord male youtubers that just sit in front of a camera and shit on everything? It's always the same pudgy white guy that thinks he's sooo clever and funny.

It just makes me so mad to know that they are making money of that shit. I read that h3h3 and his wife bought a 9 million house or whatever recently. WTF why? His podcast is pure shit too and I can't wait for him to crash and burn.

I wish Youtube would be more strict somehow on who gets money for their content. Although I'm aware most of the money is from these shit companies asking them to promote their stuff ugh… I'm just so done with the whole site and culture behind it. I probably only follow baking channels now because they actually DO SOMETHING.

No. 499830

I'm autistic and I agree. Or when they want to blow things out of proportion for no reason and milk their disabilities, especially when they want to get upset over small things pertaining to their disability and want to act like only they can have a say ever

No. 499832

Same. I'm a triple D and 120 lbs. I've been called flat multiple times by fat people and porn sick men. On the other side of the spectrum when I went to Japan most of my friends agreed my boobs were big. America/Canada/UK just has a really fucked up view of women's bodies

No. 499833

>thinking triple D is a size
>thinking weight means anything without mentioning height.

No. 499837

Who is openly commenting on your boobs. I’m only a C cup but feel like I only compliments

No. 499839

>>thinking triple D is a size
In US it is. Cup sizes can be double and triple
>>thinking weight means anything without mentioning height.
120 is fairly thin unless you're a literal midget… I'm 5'3 for context

No. 499840

Westerners obsessions with perfecting the female body to be as extreme as possible

No. 499867

nta but she means that the letters of a bra size mean nothing without the number

No. 499869

Those people are the millennial equivalent of Al Bundy talking about how he used to be a star quarterback in high school

No. 499871

It's the difference between ribcage and everything correct?

No. 499878

NTA but keep in mind sister sizes are a thing. Someone who normally wears 38B can wear a 36C, 40A, and a 34D. You can have the same boobs and wear a bigger cup.

No. 499891

""triple D"" would be F cup which doesn't mean your boobs are necessarily big. especially if she lives in the USA, most companies in USA have retarded vanity sizes and they use arbitrary numbers for bra sizes (ie. 32 is sometimes +/- 2in for reasons) and in places like Victoria's Secret the employees literally lie to get you to buy their bras.

No. 499930

At house party. Someone brought there fucking 2 year old. Wtf! They look like druggies…

No. 499939

I'd call you all flat on the principle that you sound as pathetic and insecure as scrotes who whine about women calling them small. Get over yourselves.

No. 499946

Happy New Years! the restaurant I host hat closed at 9, but we've had tables hanging out upwards of four hours! Hopefully I can get out soon.

No. 499973

I get that it comes from a well-meaning place but this obsession with labeling fucking everything "pedophilia" needs to stop. It's a serious topic and people are just cheapening the word and making a joke out of it. I seriously saw someone say that a 19 year old kissing a 16 year old is fucking pedophilia. You people need to leave the house more.
The tumblr and twitter crowd froth at the mouth any time the word "minor" is used. It's so fucking autistic, like yes a 19 year old is legally an adult and a 16 year old isn't, but that doesn't make it fucking pedophilia. Has nobody ever heard of Romeo and Juliet laws?

And now every 17 year old puts "minor" in their bio and uses it as an excuse to infantilize themselves and act like the biggest victim ever. The stupid thing is that in these particular internet circles pretty much everyone is 16-21, so it's not like they're being preyed on by some dirty 50 year old creep, it's their own fucking age group. 99% of the retarded callout posts of "pedophiles" are like, this 20 year old flirted with ME, a 17 year old! Yeah, maybe it's a little weird for a college aged person to be sniffing around high schoolers, but don't act like it's on the same scale as a 27 year old molesting an 8 year old or something.

No. 499978

I honestly get so disgusted when older men try to hit on me. Why would they even think they have a chance with someone my age? Why are they so damn entitled? It's creepy as shit, and the worst part is that I'm too anxious to tell them to blatantly fuck off. If I do, I'm immediately "too rude", anyway.
Know your place, ugly old scrotes.

No. 499986

This video sure did a bad job to attempt giving some grace to poorfags. I hate poor people and poverty even more but this is disgusting.

No. 499991

Hard agree. I don't know why people are so ridiculously obsessed with pedophilia now. I couldn't had predicted that in this year if I hear someone being labeled a pedophile I have to check if it's an actual person molesting children or a 24-year old who replied to a 17-year old's tweet, a 22-year old who ships two 15-year old fictional cartoon characters or a 19-year old who was dating a 14-year when they were 17. Honest to god these kids are calling themselves "victims of CSA/grooming" when a 20-year old called them cute or interacted with them on social media. I have such a hard time taking anyone putting "CSA survivor" on their Twitter profile seriously, like it was some badge of honor or a cute quirk that allowed them to be heinous bitches to everyone.

The infantilizing of teens is absolutely real though. Teens are immature but they're definitely not children. Someone taking advantage of, like you said, an 8-year old is pedophilia in its truest form because a small child like that can never, ever consent as they most likely don't even know the concept of sex. But when it comes to teens, it's still wrong for adults to take advantage of them and they're always accountable for doing so but even on this site multiple people have confessed to sharing nudes on 4chan when they were 14-16. Teens have sex with each other all the time. Teens get drunk. Teens are politically active. In the US they can drive a goddamn car at 16. They're not precious asexual smol beans sucking on a pacifier, never understanding the consequences of their actions. They can't be treated like adults because they're still developing, but the constant sheltering and forgiving makes them grow into these 25-year old adult babies who still exist in the same mindset they were in at 15. We already have a good share of zoomers who never learned to take responsibility for their own choices because they were never made to do so.

What really rustles my pantaloonies is when these "minors" enter adult spaces out of their free will and then cry mommy when they see something that makes them uncomfortable, despite them never being allowed to experience it to begin with. I sure as hell lied about my age and went to peek at weird porn artwork at 14 and saw stuff that shook me but claiming the artist was a pedophile because of it would've been outrageous. Another story is the people who abuse the term pedophile as a catch-all insult to deplatform anyone they don't like for whatever retarded reason, like Sakimichan for drawing a shirtless picture of a very buff, obviously adult-bodied man just because the original character is "only 17" or drawing hairless twink characters canonically aged 18+ because, to quote that one sperg with a warped view of bodies, "they look like they're 12".

No. 499992

kill yourself

No. 500008

I was gifted and suffered from burnout after I went to college. I had to take a lot of time off but I went back and found a system that worked for me. It turns out I am still talented after all lol. If you really are gifted then you can make something work for you.

Also has anyone noticed all these former gifted kids are obsessed with communism? They really fit an archetype.

No. 500017

Electronic music, EDM, and noise music gives me literal headaches and I see people saying ah so emotional, gave me goosebumps just where??? it only made my ears ring i feel like im gonna faint.

No. 500020

I'm sorry you will not be able to appreciate HEALTH's music, especially Death Magic… The Victim and Stonefist combo give me life every time

No. 500022

People with a better ear for music might just be able to hear melodies in noisier music better

No. 500068

that's because modern electronic music is ass. the best is 70s-2000s.

No. 500118

I wanna eat, I am hungry as fuck but I simply do not want to eat anything? Everything just seems unappetizing, not gross but I just don't recognise it as food. I can't explain it but I always seem to be eating the same 3 things as it is but now nothing pleases me enough to consume it lmao I am so annoyed

No. 500221

are you depressed anon? this can be one of the symptoms.
or a side effect from meds you're on/off maybe? hope you're okay buddy try to stay hydrated at least
sounds gay but cupasoups and toast are a good lazy go-to depression meal/general procrastination meal.

hope you feel better guy

No. 500224

Ah yeah I wish music with real physical instruments you can play anywhere make a comeback. I want “old” music to become popular again. My friends always push newer computerized music but I like sticking to my Simon & Garfunkel

No. 500233

I cannot agree with this. I listen to noise metal and noise house and I cannot stand EDM. There's just something different about it.

No. 500265

like crab rave type of modern EDM? I'm not an EDM expert but I love 90's house and techno, especially really cheesy Euro techno.

No. 500284

A girl in my group of friends corrects our spelling/pronouncing of words so much that it's caused me to question our friendship because of how much she does it and her general 'smarter than you' attitude that comes with it. It's so annoying!

No. 500285

This is a weird kind of post but I have to vent.
I have no idea who is Nicocado Avocado, he is just not my type of lolcow. Only thing I know about him is what is in the OP-post of his thread that I occasionally see in /snow.
Recently I had a bad cold fever, I couldn't think straight, lying in bed and vomiting every 30 mins. But for some fucking reason the only thing my sick brain could remember was "Nicocado Avocado", probably because of how dumb it sounds, and his stupid-ass face that is op-pic of his thread. I swear to god, this was going on for all evening, I kept remembering the gross food on that photo, all the cheese, the fact that he is a mukbanger who must stuffing his face with ungodly amounts of fatty foods regularly, the face that he made on that photo - and inbetween of all that i was puking the fuck out of myself.
Now every time I go to /snow to check on my favorite threads I keep seeing his cursed thread and it makes me gag.

No. 500287

This is really strange because I've been horrendously sick as well and seeing him eat has made me feel so ill. During the worst of my sickness I was catching up on the drama between he and Stephanie Soo and someone kept using a clip of him sneezing on his food and it almost made me puke. I don't understand how someone so disgusting could be such a popular mukbanger, I'm honestly glad he's getting all this backlash because it means I'll finally see less of him

No. 500289

They resent that under capitalism their value to society can be be very crudely measured by how much money they're making, and like to imagine communism will just naturally reward their genius with very high status leadership positions without them needing to do anything.

No. 500300

"communism will just naturally reward their genius with very high status leadership positions without them needing to do anything."

That literally only happens under capitalism, you're an idiot and need to to read theory before commenting on anything.

No. 500306