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File: 1570851424562.png (1 MB, 980x927, 20191011_223020.png)

No. 879341

This a thread for cringe-worthy wannabe lolicons

note: just because someone dresses in lolita or nymphet inspired clothing doesnt make them thread worthy(shit thread)

No. 879344

File: 1570852156100.png (Spoiler Image,410.6 KB, 596x581, image 3.png)

Who is she pandering to with this shit?

No. 879346

Who is this, give more info.

No. 879347

pocketsizee, from the Instagram/e-girls thread. The thread was made because people kept talking about her there and she didn't really fit the thread.

No. 879357

Erin is puppygrl now in IG

No. 879368


This shit makes me cringe all the way to my soul. I can't believe her nsfw Twitter has the audacity to say it's not ddlg or ageplay when she posts the most stereotypical wannabe anime schoolgirl shit

No. 879407

File: 1570898090946.jpeg (1.55 MB, 3464x3464, C376F495-357D-478C-BE8B-7EB2F6…)

OP really did a shit job on the tread but here’s a crash course for the anons who didn’t keep up with the Erin sperg in the egirl thread

Social medias:
IGs @puppygrl (main) @poutypet (“petre”) @pocketsizee
Twitters: @pwurrs (main) @poutypet (“body” account)
Tumblr: @strawbberies

> delusional18/19 year old agere/”petre” wannabe kawaiigrl

> serial photoshopper + copycat + liar
> claims to be anti ddlg/pet play/kink yet calls her bf daddy and posts lewd content on her second accounts
> claims “petre” is non sexualized petplay yet has posted petplay content on her poutypet twitter
> lurks hardcore, it’s speculated that she has posted in the egirl thread
> cries about deleting and suicide every time she gets called out on her actions, never does it because she loves the attention

No. 879413


Thanks anon, OP's intro sucked ass

Sage for no contriboot

No. 879443

Lol holy shit that photoshop
Thanks for the decent intro

No. 879459

File: 1570911993121.jpeg (69.75 KB, 748x365, 84108030-84A0-421E-B56F-07DAC5…)

No problem, someone had to do it. Here’s some more info, I didn’t want to spam so I’ll just link the posts

Some of Erins copycat behavior
The girls reactions about Erin copying them
More ddlg drama

Pic related is Erin unedited. She hides and edits her nose the most, I’m sure you all can figure out why

No. 879464

she says she has lost a lot of weight, which i do believe, but i dont think shes lost as much as she tries to display being an uwu tiny girl? i feel like she uses a lot of angles/editing to seem smaller.

i just overall feel really bad for her because shes not helping herself and neither are her parents. shes my age yet has never had a job, isnt going to school, and just sits home playing final fantasy with guys she online dates for a week. its a depressing path, and its clear she already struggles with mental illness yet isnt trying at all or working toward getting help. and maybe the reason she is this way is because shes so spoiled, but i hope she gets a reality check. these online people dont care about her and pandering to horny guys who will only be kind to her to get off is exactly what she is against yet its all she sits home doing.

No. 879468

she’s definitely spoiled, she comes from a very well off family and her mother does nothing but enable her behaviors. It’s not just the weight, she’s 5’5, the American average but still she tries so desperately tries to be ~*uwu smol*~ and if anyone doesn’t kiss her ass about it she’ll act like a crybaby

She might be mentally ill, but it doesn’t excuse most of her behavior. Personally I don’t think she’s as sick as she claims, she just desperate for attention and throws a temper tantrum when she doesn’t get what she wants

No. 879473

yeah i dont think shes as sick as she claims nor do i think she can excuse most of her behavior with it either aside from maybe some things giving her anxiety/having an ED (she used to post all about eating "1 apple a day" to be skinnier. that being said though i think shes more than aware of even these minor excuses to not get better or try and get help so i dont know why shed complain so often when she isnt doing anything to fix it?

but i guess it all comes back to just being spoiled and not having any responsibility. she used to be terribly mean too, mostly to anyone who tried to help her or give her advice. not sure if shes still like that.

No. 879518

think I even recall her saying she was 5’6 one time? she uses angles and mirrors to make her look shorter

>> 879368

and she uploaded this CRINGE “audio” to twitter of her moaning and whimpering like a child but deleted it because it was “too much.” I was soooo disgusted. She constantly sexualizes acting like a child, but claims she’s against dd/lg and has the AUDACITY to call out other people when she’s doing the exact same thing. Can’t stand her tbh

No. 879760

File: 1571008368555.png (34.93 KB, 602x357, imagee.png)

Who is she trying to fool? She only mentions "body updates" when it's convenient. I don't think posting almost nudes on Twitter = body updates.

No. 879763

Ofc she had to throw an uwuuu too shyyy :// thing at the end.

No. 879769

File: 1571010490847.png (475.14 KB, 798x549, 000.png)

>makes YT videos and tumblr rant posts about how nymphet fashion was ruined by creepers and itz not sexual u guiz!
>also calls it jfashion but that's apparently different from nymphet fashion
>also poses in provocative poses on IG
>flaunts her "yaeba vampire fangs" like its speshul
>e-begs hoping to get sponsorships and win giveaways
>somehow living in japan now

No. 879775

File: 1571013235695.png (117.27 KB, 597x1200, image(1).png)

Someone "called" her out, and this was her response.

No. 879776

those teeth are so gross, why did this ever become a trend in japan?

No. 879789

Ehhh she’s ok. Never seen her actively supporting pedophilia or ddlg, she just feels real strong for the clothes I guess

No. 879798


I don't know shit about this girl but dear god those teeth are ugly

No. 879801

File: 1571018991699.jpg (299.25 KB, 1080x1207, Screenshot_20191013-220407_Twi…)


The whole "body updates" thing is gross af anyway. just say you want that sweet sweet pedo attention and be done with it, stop with the wannarexic baiting shit. It looks like most of the comments are gone now (and I think she edited the caption?) but when she first posted this vid of herself squeezed into children's underwear a TON of the comments were telling her the post had a fucked up tone and needed an ED trigger warning. You'd think as someone "woke" always going on about how bad ddlg and kink is, she'd realize how much her shit resembles a wannarexic IG acc that might upset her fellow uwu soft gurls. Obviously she's not underweight, but she's clearly fishing for those "noooo ur so smol" comments. despite the fact that she's skinnyfat and looks like she's never worked out a day in her life lol

No. 879808

File: 1571022308432.jpeg (139.05 KB, 746x1086, 1BFC5C5E-0461-40F3-9837-60DF85…)

some dude commented this on a pic of her body KEK

No. 879812

they are so symmetrical yet so ugly lol. i find her quite annoying; imagine defending a fashion style that's only limited to media that 'discusses'/'subverts' pedophilia. god that even SOUNDS boring

No. 879815


She's living in Japan and wearing nymphet style clothing with pigtails ("twintails" kek), she knows exactly what she's doing. But nah gotta virtue signal instead with some bullshit about being subversive even though she's just another dull hyperfeminine white girl? Like, just shut up and wear the clothes

No. 879867

I remember this girl. She used to copy Yukapon back in her "akiba idol"/YT weeb dancer era.

No. 880224

File: 1571114010904.png (383.02 KB, 590x588, imageee.png)

I guess body positivity is sharing photos of your ass to the internet now.

No. 880251

File: 1571119713006.png (695 KB, 640x1136, 8B8CDED0-1C43-4FFF-AE76-A89556…)

Erin’s nose is so big and she always shoops it to look small and slopey she also has a longer face than she naturally edits

No. 880258

File: 1571121408781.jpeg (232.16 KB, 640x600, 46D4AC24-C489-44D1-804C-B301B4…)

“ur so tiny you don’t need to lose weight, you petite loli you’re totally not beefy and average heighted”

No. 880290


Your icon is showing.

No. 880394

Eww that pic

No. 880407


Holy shit that's what her face looks like? Lolllll the shooping shes doing is maximum tier

Weight loss aside, damn her features are busted. That nose and flat lips. She looks like someone's mom, puts the whole loli thing into perspective lmao

No. 880434

Ya that’s not my personal acc tho it’s my spam so eh plus I had to do some digging it was way back in my gallery just don’t mind that anon

No. 880468

File: 1571169340835.jpeg (255.28 KB, 750x777, 1401B27D-97FA-4B30-8A8E-D5DF8A…)

i’m guessing erin broke up with with her final fantasy daddy of the week since she’s been tweeting about how she’s always abandoned
also she is the most confusing since she’s so desperate for male attention and centers her entire twitter presence around being pedobait wittle loli uwuuuu (the replies to this tweet are so funny because her loser orbiters are getting their fee fees hurt)

No. 880483

Lmfao damn I’ve never seen this pic before. Where did you find this?

No. 880490

Holy hell, kek. Can you imagine going to meet her, and thinking she's going to be a tiny kawaii uwu bean, and then that strolls up?
My only question is why?

No. 880514

Is there any more proof this is the same person? I believe it but the difference is insane even compared to other heavy shooping cows, photoshop is one hell of a drug.

No. 880515

File: 1571176641310.png (51.66 KB, 528x336, Untitled.png)

I can see why she freaks out about pic related as a compliment now

No. 880531

Nta but not really. It’s really hard to find candids of her since she edits all her photos. I’m pretty sure that photo is her at a heavier weight, but still. She has such an unfortunate face lol

No. 880541

She made a “progress” thread on her old Twitter it’s now deleted but she can’t erase the fact that these are still floating around

No. 880542

File: 1571179936398.jpeg (84.69 KB, 504x500, AC92A490-3B2D-4D92-9195-F6B486…)

>>880258 this is erin around 2017 when she was pretending to be an italian girl

No. 880544

if you go on Instagram look up @internetspam, they posted old lives of her when she went by @kittygjrl proving that she fakes her voice, she looks more like her off guard pics in those lives

No. 880546

File: 1571179993384.png (160.29 KB, 281x500, A26E85F5-50A7-4300-AF7A-52A559…)

2018 erin

No. 880548

how can someone photoshop themselves THAT much like Jesus that is an entirely different person

No. 880549

File: 1571180049048.jpg (119.79 KB, 1151x2048, D9YuewJXsAA_Gr9.jpg)

Now shes trying so hard look like a child

No. 880552

no idea. i wish i still had screenshots of when she met a boy from the spam community and he posted pictures of her where she looked like whole different person

No. 880576

This is so ugly and creepy

No. 880579

Sage for nitpick but damn those feet look fat, it's hard to imagine she's really thin and not just shopping herself to look like that

No. 880602

The only reason she tries to look “Loli” is because she probably wasn’t getting any attention from regular guys, I’m not saying every girls image is based off of the fact that they want attention from guys (or girls) but most girls are lucky enough to just get that without even really trying. (When you go out dressed normally, but still get hit on) Erin has an goblin assface so she probably has to go the extra mile to appeal to some guys that are degenerate af and lowkey pedo by making herself all “ugu so smol!!! :oo uwu” toddler wannabe. her body is ok for an adult woman but it doesn’t match her loli image she try’s so hard for. Her face is undeniably very very ugly, and her personality is so clingy and attention seeking she is always craving validation and playing victim if people call her out she considers it an attack so even neck beards will only put up with that for so long hence why she has a new one every other week
this poor womanchild

No. 880612

It’s private, post caps

No. 880638

File: 1571191268124.jpeg (213.23 KB, 640x839, D8B6B3AA-7BF4-4081-8DF4-92FD9A…)

It’s grainy from being live and screenrecorded but this is her from when she had those glasses not off guard

No. 880707

File: 1571195257122.webm (5.68 MB, 640x360, wittle babie erin!! (1).webm)

i remember that account posted a landmine of of erin milk but then started crying about it so they archived it but i remember the first video from this set
the lana tease…….

No. 880743


I…am simultaneously laughing my ass off and physically cringing right now, oh my god. She made all three of these? I mean it's quite obvious her uwu babee voice is fake af but wow, what a difference from the last one where she sounds more natural. But she's even putting on a weird psuedosexy tone in that one like…who is this girl it's like she's multiple different people between all the bad face shoops and persona changes

No. 880744


These are all the same person?? I need some sort of proof, they are so different

No. 880752

File: 1571208599271.png (268.1 KB, 589x635, 1.png)

She's already started some drama. Glad to see she's copying people again. She took someone's header too.

No. 880753

File: 1571208629633.png (84.3 KB, 595x783, 2.png)

No. 880754

File: 1571208728074.png (11.87 KB, 594x118, 3.png)

No. 880755

File: 1571208846581.png (81.5 KB, 597x811, 4.png)

No. 880760

File: 1571210870032.jpeg (896.08 KB, 3464x3464, 6A36425B-AC28-44CF-AB51-17F5D5…)

Erin steals posts and art sooo much because she has no personality

No. 880781

This whole thread just feels like a personal vendetta. Yeah her speech style is very cringey, and she stole a tweet and lied about it. But the OP here thinks they’re entitled to a piece of art just because they spent 5 minutes altering it in photoshop? They’re both cringeworthy. Embarrassing.

No. 880810

And it's seems to attract a lot of underaged posters (samefag?)
>you stole muh tweet!
Wtf is that new concept? Tweet isn't some form of fine art lmfao

No. 880827


I mean I really don't give a fuck about tweets being copied, I'm just here to see the skinwalking suicide baiting and cringe just like most every other snowflake thread

No. 880831

The tweets being stolen isnt milky but her reaction to it is milky

No. 880850

this thread IS pretty boring but honestly it's better than the same anon clogging the IG thread with post after post about this erin chick, at least now you can just ignore it

No. 880855

>>880638 >>880542
so how old is erin actually? did she say on her old accounts? i saw doubting that she's actually 18 and these pictures confirm it

No. 880898

I don’t get why people defend Erin or dismiss her milkiness shes def a cowit’s just not much is known about her. And ppl see her real pics and don’t even believe it’s her, she steals art and claims to not mix her agere with nsfw stuff but made that soft lil kitten Twitter, her “body positivity” is just a way for her to get attention that she will probably regret doing in a few months and when ppl bring it up she’ll be like “I was in a bad place .. don’t bring it up I’ll havs a panic attack” which is another thing is that bitch is always suicide baiting or “having a panic attack” like gtfo the internet or social media if they send you into such a frenzy

No. 880901

there’s at least 5 different anons who hate her so

No. 880902

File: 1571247196644.jpeg (299.37 KB, 640x889, 9D74F8CB-23A6-4DB3-9ED8-2A0C0D…)

The most proof is to just take her word for it her age has been consistent when she was 17, she said she was 17

No. 880920

I think they meant she looks or could be older than 18. I don't think she's a minor

No. 881073

she should be 19 now as her birthday just passed?

No. 881102

yes she did just turn 19 but will not acknowledge the fact she isn’t 18 anymore because she loves being “barely legal”
>>that felt really gross to type out but she mentioned how she loved “only being 18 uwu” in one her stories on her instagram account a few months ago but saging this because i don’t have a screenshot

No. 881188

File: 1571301443674.png (338.75 KB, 603x560, pic.png)

And again…

No. 881306

Shes faking gifts? FUCKING KEK that's so embarrassing

I'd love to see someone DM her claiming they bought it for her

No. 881527

File: 1571356550797.png (46.9 KB, 599x515, m.png)

Guess she's already started her "why do people come after me :(((" act.

No. 881528

File: 1571356587543.png (37.5 KB, 600x355, photoshop.png)

Plus this because a few people were posting her old photos under her tweets.

No. 881544


No. 881546

“Actually makes me happy”
>going priv for a lil bit
Mkay Erin
Also there are tons of wks and simps in her comments feeding into her delusion that she’s such a precious little kitten and she ignores all of them
But someone posts an old pic of her and she has a mental breakdown online if you can’t handle the heat stay out of the kitchen why would anyone with such a frail state of mind even make a nsfw Twitter

No. 881550

Of course she's doing it all for attention. She'll either be back on in a couple of hours or a day. It's obvious she's pissed because people now know she doesn't look like a ~presh lil kitten bby~ like her photoshops make her out to be, but an ugly, beady eyed trash rat.

Sage your autism

No. 881558

File: 1571359809812.png (307.81 KB, 640x1136, 6095991F-D640-4A51-BF15-2D1E1B…)

She blocked the girl who commented that?

No. 881574

File: 1571361941091.png (73.78 KB, 594x803, lx.png)

You can still find some of the convo through her replies.

No. 881577

File: 1571362508256.png (63.47 KB, 592x552, aaaaa.png)

She replied to this as well, yet isn't she doing the exact same thing?

Also >>881550 called it, she's already back off private.

No. 881591

File: 1571364356838.jpeg (279.15 KB, 640x881, DF701E33-7A14-48A9-8163-59764C…)

Sage for nitpick but she’s kinda pudgy looking in this pic but in other pics is skinny

No. 881594

File: 1571365040629.jpeg (140.41 KB, 319x550, 30A3B7E7-F5A0-4D43-B6D0-27B1AA…)

imagine making a nsfw account and talking about your mental health only for your simps to say stuff like this

No. 881600

Does anyone else find Eli (@HENTAlPUP) annoying as fuck? She comes off as so entitled to me sometimes. A while back she sent a bunch of her fans (???) to attack some 17 year old because the girl disagreed with her. She really thinks people like her for more than her body.

No. 881604

I don't understand why she would post so many pics that would make her look stick thin and then post this, which makes her look average sized, if not slightly chunky. Also thinking about the fact that this face >>880258 is what's cropped out of this pic is laugh worthy

Not really, she just seems like another one of the average cutesy ddlg-type girls. I think it's funny she called Erin out on her bullshit, even if the whole "copying tweets" argument may seem a lil petty

No. 881612

all these ddlg girls are skinwalking and unoriginal af so it’s kinda funny that they get into petty little fights about copying one another when really you can barely tell their aesthetic, art , style or w/e apart

No. 881665

File: 1571394189980.jpg (196.38 KB, 1044x757, SmartSelect_20191018-031841_Ch…)

She claims to not be ddlg but this is from a ddlg hentai (onichichi 2)

No. 881716

File: 1571412623979.jpg (42.74 KB, 500x375, tumblr_cb30f98a2c0433a6c706e7d…)

This girl is quite annoying, she's adamant about desexualisation of lolita, but then makes edits like pic posted. She says stuff like "I don't mind posting my weight but pro ana blogs might feel bad about it", like that is just some backhanded way to compliment yourself.

No. 881850

The way the romanticize the book is disturbing. If they actually read the book they'd realize how disturbed and twisted Humbert really is. Doesn't help that they made the movies so glamorous too.

No. 881853

She's actually read the book. That's what makes this disturbing.

No. 882050

They’ll all wind up used up, knocked up, poor as fuck, married to some penniless loser in Bumfuck, Nowhere. Just like their idol, Lo-lee-ta.

No. 882149

Uggghhhh this is so gross, how tf does she think shit like this is okay? Also pretty funny though considering she’s regularly getting dumped by her online final fantasy boyfriends and has no friends or bf potential in person and is always bawwwing abt it kek

Sage for no contriboot

No. 882245

You didn’t sage..

No. 882271

File: 1571508270090.jpeg (142.29 KB, 750x894, 0213B470-6BC8-4A37-83A1-7925F3…)

honestly whenever she tweets stuff like this it’s like whom are you talking about you only have final fantasy boyfriends for a week
also put sage in the email field next time

No. 882292

Ah RIP my phone likes to drop it sometimes. My bad

No. 882300


Didn’t she just get dumped? Is she really pretending to have a boyfriend? Lmaoooo

No. 882316

That bitch probably google images “ddlg cute anime aesthetic” and doesn’t even know the sauce if you ask what kind of stuff she likes it’s all normie tier anime that LITERALLY everybody watches casually

No. 882325

Big nosed beady eyes bitch

No. 882409

Is she trying to pretend she's so smol she's a baby? Like babies hold their mummas finger with their hand? Is that what she's doing here?? She's 60cm tall??

No. 882437

File: 1571538335854.png (35.93 KB, 595x360, petre.png)

Isn't she into petre too? Why is she trying to justify her gross pedo-baiting. "I age regress!! Don't make it sexual!! But I'll sexual my pet regression uwu"

No. 882479

she has serious brain rot, to most normal people petplay is equally creepy as ddlg just for different reasons. And yes there is a lot of overlap because degenerate people are degenerate.

No. 882557

File: 1571582853156.jpeg (464.39 KB, 1125x2436, ABFF0B07-E8DD-4957-B819-2E8BC4…)

Yes, which is funny considering she went on a sperg about only being petre on her Instagram story not too long ago, pic related. She wants to make people believe everything she does is due to regression and not sexualized but her “body twitter” says otherwise. It’s been a kink account from start.

No. 882584

File: 1571589983568.jpeg (140.95 KB, 747x844, 29CF836A-D64A-4933-836A-793A20…)

bitches just want an excuse to sexualize children and then claim it’s “to cope with trauma”
it’s obvious her “body update” account is just for attention because all the photos are lewd and very ~aesthetic~ but please don’t sexualize her she’s just a babie :((( pictures of her ass are not sexual :((( i know she posted lewd photos of herself but don’t sexualize her :(((
>pls don’t sexualize me when i post lewds

No. 882585

File: 1571590325045.jpeg (219.22 KB, 1280x720, BAAE4023-EF11-4BD2-B4D9-3DBD5F…)

more proof of erin being called out by people for posting so many lewds while claiming to be ~~so unsexual uwuuu~
ever since she made her kink account she’s stayed on there so it’s obvious she loves her beta orbiter attention (her reply guys are so cringe tho i don’t know how she enjoys it)
also erin got dumped again by a nsfw twitter “”dom”” so hopefully we get some good sperging, has anyone kept a count of how many times she’s been dumped recently (i’m at 4)

No. 882640

this bitch is so retarded. There is nothing else to say she is just dumber than a sack of rocks. She makes post about how subby uwu she is and how kinky she is, but then she post her weird pedophilic 'body checks' and gets mad at people for sexualizing them. I have to laugh.

No. 882718

File: 1571616862937.jpeg (Spoiler Image,395.28 KB, 828x1311, E341EF33-0297-4289-B96A-B0B5E6…)

“Here’s my boobs!! Also don’t sexualise me!!!” Plus the gross pedo talk with them being so “small and cute”. I think she has a size complex, especially with her being a very average height.

No. 882720

File: 1571617241627.jpg (200.63 KB, 800x1192, 0def48333b967c08632e1943e40bfb…)

her body shape is reminiscent of pic related kek

No. 882727

File: 1571618586968.jpeg (221.86 KB, 750x678, 26213FFF-5AEC-40F4-A8D5-6F56C9…)

her size kink coupled with her being like “my agere is unsexual uwu i’m wittle babie” is concerning like….it does not add up just say you love to bait pedophiles and get over it

No. 882728

She's got to jam her arm really far behind her back so people don't see >>880258

No. 882730

Didn't she once way she would post pictures of her "tiny pink uwu pussy" for Twitter, or was that some other dumbass uwu thot

No. 882733

No that was her, I assume she will soon enough since she just posted her tits.

No. 882739

File: 1571619485431.jpeg (195.07 KB, 750x606, 366FE2EB-5136-4952-B676-070093…)

pls don’t say that word please only refer to it at the you know what
>give it 2 weeks and she will post it. she used to say she wouldn’t ever have a nsfw twitter (even tho she would constantly post underage lewds on her old spam) and here we are

No. 882759


This is just painfully cringey when you actually know how tall she is and what her face looks like lmao. She really writes shit like this and then complains about nobody liking her or wanting to be her friend…kek

No. 882760

I’m cackling, captures her goblinhood perfectly

No. 882761

File: 1571624958021.gif (2.51 MB, 350x200, bitch what the fuck.gif)


she's already posted a gif of her humping a pillow she might as well

No. 882777

Do them shits even rlly look like that she shoops her face so she probably doesn’t stop at editing her bod to the max

No. 882782

I'm not sure if this girl belongs here or not but I discovered her channel about a year ago. Her name is milkwebs and she looks 35 but is into ddlg and does a baby voice that makes my skin crawl.

No. 882791

She has a twitter under milkwebs too, the content there is even worse.

No. 882821


Why did I watch this? My ears hurt

No. 882835

Is this yungelita?

No. 882916

File: 1571678631003.jpeg (Spoiler Image,134.49 KB, 1280x720, 205EF163-18D1-4FE0-9E7B-5B92C4…)

these two tweets were tweeted less than 24 hours apart LOL I AM CACKLING AT HOW DUMB SHE IS
>inb4 she says her nudes with hello kitty right near her nipple are not sexual
but again erin loves calling other people out for shit she does and acts so uwu confused :/ when people call her out

No. 882941


Oh my GOD she really did that lmao

I mean we knew she had cognitive dissonance from the whole “don’t sexualize my pictures they’re just body checks” (as if that’s better??? and then posting a vid of herself humping a pillow

No. 882942


That face… that horrible fake voice… nice find OP kek

No. 882953

Fucking disgusting. She's baiting pedos so hard. Can't believe there are girls/women that want to do this for asspats.

…any proof of the pillow thing? That's both hilarious and disturbing if true. Why wpuld you post something like that?

No. 882958

File: 1571686652786.jpeg (225.26 KB, 640x661, 9FBC5FEC-A772-4BA2-9B42-8CEE15…)

I’m not sure if this is it, she’s not jumping a pillow but flailing her goblina hips around

No. 882960

File: 1571686743523.jpeg (67.85 KB, 640x327, 2C86A657-3154-4970-A663-1247F8…)

Remember she responded to ppl like this instead of “Owo nooo….. can I block you so we can’t communicate I feel bwad!!! Hhhh :c”

No. 882965

Does anyone have the screenshot of Erin saying she’d sit on her gamer bf’s lap while he plays games, be a gamer gf, and cook for him and be smol and
It was when she used her Instagram @pwurring obviously she deleted it because she caught on to how stupid it was but omgg that was so “pick me”
@qwertyegirl posted it Before they turned into some MGTOW page and a girl named cinder ran it/made fun of ethots

No. 882980

File: 1571688508847.jpeg (Spoiler Image,329.74 KB, 750x917, 1C28A29F-7DB6-4EA9-AA4A-C3EB67…)

she has a video of her on her twitter profile
but i remember this >>882958
she posted it on her spam account with that caption and she was like thrusting her hips in the air in the direction of her care bear and everyone in the comments told her how weird it was and how it made them feel uncomfortable. those spam “exposing/tea” accounts spread it and she received so much hate she deactivated her spam account (which led to her making the instagram she uses now)
so basically she just moved to nsfw twitter so reply guys and daddy doms can endlessly praise her because she didn’t like how her spam following (mostly girls) would call her out

No. 883040

File: 1571693130486.jpeg (225.6 KB, 1114x1879, 79B5EF57-9AC7-4669-860E-6AECF4…)

No, she posted it to her kink twitter recently. I don’t recognize this IG, is it an old or deleted acc?

I’m honestly surprised she posted it bc it reveals how square her shape actually is and that her waist isn’t unusually slender, she’s just average and not toned at all going by the back squish lol. she just shoots it from the side, where everyone appears thinnest, and not from the back like this (and she probably shoops, idk.)(nitpick )

No. 883063

File: 1571696487128.jpeg (231.82 KB, 828x1301, E78A9314-C09A-464E-8E24-5F3C58…)

She’s having a “:(((( I’m so sorry I don’t know what I did wrong” freak out again.

No. 883064

File: 1571696510729.jpeg (272.39 KB, 828x1430, 002F612B-8564-4AC4-8EEF-B22038…)

No. 883075

She is not trying to make friends with her nsfw acc idk who she thinks she’s fooling that acc is just to get attention from weirdo men and kinky lesbo orbiters she doesn’t even like or interact with the people who compliment her it’s just a public Erin ass shrine.
Yeah she had @kittygjrl, @pwurring and @pocketsizee and now it’s @puppygrl on instagram

No. 883085

File: 1571699961133.jpeg (178.8 KB, 750x575, 8AA20049-C46F-4751-A311-8EB829…)

>hey guys just joined kink nsfw twitter because i just want girlfriends hehe don’t hit on me silly boys hehe u-unless? o.o

also guess she will be challenging herself and posting pictures of her you know what soon
she can’t put this challenging herself in to literal anything else like ? getting a job? going back to school? going to therapy? ANYTHING to actually benefit her since she is 19 and has been a NEET for the past 3 years at least? nope she will just continue to pity herself forever and sit in her room all day to take nudes for her daddies uwu

No. 883097


Talks about wanting female friends but then calls them out with hypocritical bullshit complete with angry face emoji lolllll I love this girl

No. 883101

File: 1571701757844.jpeg (330.73 KB, 750x845, D72BED25-4D31-4FB0-8507-AC2035…)

I want to know the kind of mental gymnastics that goes on in her head.
Think anon earlier was right, this girl’s brain is just full of rot.

No. 883112

The other girl literally just responded with “Yikes” lmao Erin wonders why people hate her and it’s because of this incredibly creepy uwu,,typing,, and fake innocent persona? It is just so over the top and cloying especially when you know how she used to type

No. 883122

File: 1571704373521.jpeg (186.95 KB, 640x713, D5FD7C29-1314-49EA-A8F1-8E279B…)

She’s bragging and pandering to her orbiters about how she’s “just like a hentai moan uwu” and then to make it seem like she isn’t bragging she’s trying to seem all “insecure about it”

No. 883124

File: 1571705295343.jpeg (419.71 KB, 750x932, E9FE08C4-B2CF-4C1C-917C-2FC9FE…)

the instagram account @erinpainterr has been posting old pics of erin for a few years now. this “body posi” shit has been going on for years now. she has had a lot more instagram accounts than before kittygjrl and the way she gets shunned out of every community is similar to sssniperwolf.

No. 883129

Holy shit wait is this her????

No. 883137

How can she say her images are bodi posi and then be talking about what her "moans" sound like

Does she even know what bodiposi means?

No. 883139


Ohhhhh I finally get what her obsession with being a smol and fragile animu girl is lmao…not gonna deny she’s lost weight (or…idk stepped up her ps game? Bc apparently this bitch has been at it forever judging by that IG) but wow. Her skin is wrecked. She must pile on like 36 filters and smoothing effects to hide all of that

No. 883157

I think Erin takes the cake as the most annoying person I've seen on this site. The hypocrisy, the shooping, the stupid baby talk. This girl will be the death of me.

No. 883178

File: 1571718635737.jpeg (300.21 KB, 750x764, 4D658089-577C-4207-A235-5DF427…)

girls who are too innocent and shy for nsfw twitter post nudes on their kink accounts yes that makes perfect sense

No. 883183

if she were a troll she'd be perfectly executed. Too bad she's legitimately retarded but more milk for us.

The shit she says is so unnecessary and annoying like >>883178 and the uguu cute pink pussy comment. She's a classic cow with her cognitive dissonance, cringe, and selective memory and I love it.

No. 883185

Wasn't she just posting about the way her moans sound?

No. 883186

File: 1571720471808.jpg (340.08 KB, 810x1170, IMG_20191022_130052.jpg)

"Too innocent n shy uwu"

No. 883189

File: 1571721528421.jpeg (302.71 KB, 1124x2206, 6ACB5D58-6C52-4131-A8DA-BE29C7…)

anyone saw the #angelgang stuff….
idrk but from what i can gathered Suri (@softbabyhearts) is a narcissist megalomaniac who manipulates ppl into joining her 'gang' and worship and praise her.
i'm posting screenshots from the call out post in a bit.

No. 883190

File: 1571721624270.jpeg (983.27 KB, 1125x2199, E5C637B7-0708-4376-B684-141AFB…)

1/5 she also does the Erin thing where she mixes ddlg and agere

No. 883191

File: 1571721658413.jpeg (300.5 KB, 1124x2200, 64D68841-E003-4B2D-872E-34E659…)


No. 883192

File: 1571721803247.jpeg (361.72 KB, 1124x2201, E0C8887D-C17A-4583-8CD1-AAB4E7…)


No. 883193

File: 1571721945684.jpeg (383.46 KB, 1124x2205, 230FE91E-1208-430C-ADB8-725896…)


No. 883200


Wow. What a character.

No. 883204

She probably thinks she's not like the other girls of nsfw twitter uwu all those other sluts

Damn I remember this chick. She's cuter than the other DDLGs but there's something really off and unsettling about her. Any more deets?

No. 883214


She looks like an actual child to me. Creeps me out.

No. 883215

it's the filter i think! she's in her twenties. (she said exactly which in her highlights but she has so much)

No. 883217

Yeah that's probably it. I've only seen her few Instagram posts but it just makes me uncomfortable.

No. 883222

File: 1571733412135.png (416.96 KB, 592x582, b9c566932fca20f9618e34.png)

She's posting totally-not-ddlg content on her nsfw twitter. Totally innocent guys!!!

No. 883226

File: 1571735938918.png (463.8 KB, 381x630, Untitled.png)

These DDLG uwu girls always come from a pampered background. No wonder they latch onto whatever, despite how cringey, to avoid working and becoming a responsible adult. It must be exhausting to be the partner since you're basically taking care of a literal child who doesn't do shit.

No. 883231

How many filters did she put on her face and somehow managed to still look like a man?

No. 883256

Y’all really think this is cute? Lol okay

No. 883261

File: 1571754634070.jpeg (616.59 KB, 3464x2251, E2520BFA-59EC-47CE-899C-945781…)

found a few of erins old accounts. The usernames are pretty similar to some other Ig/tumblr girls, I guess she’s always been a skinwalker

No. 883264


Introducing a new (smaller) cow to this thread, Instagram @bratissues/chwurch/mjlkies. She’s a now 15 year old girl who has had the same 28 year old dom since she was 13 and lied about his age saying he was 19. She has clearly been groomed and has sent nudes to her dom/complained about him only talking to her when she sends nudes to him but insists that their relationship is only platonic and they’re waiting until she turns 16 and is legal (they live in the uk). Her real name is Jodi but she changed it to Bella after Erin tried changing hers to Bella (but talks shit about Erin constantly). She’s also into ddlg/age regression but is quite literally a child.(subjects must be over 16)

No. 883265

Pt. 2, Jodi also posts pro-ana/eating disorder shit for attention similarly to Erin

No. 883285

File: 1571761029198.jpg (260.43 KB, 836x913, IMG_20191023_001524.jpg)

The attention-seeking is insane. She keeps posting about how its sooo cute but she wishes she wasnt so shy. For someone who doesnt want to post her genitals, she sure wont shut up about them.

No. 883296

File: 1571762814413.jpeg (788.49 KB, 2896x2896, image.jpeg)

How many emails does this chick have?

No. 883297

how does she does she manage to get all these followers when she changes her account and personality all the time?

No. 883300

File: 1571763647915.jpeg (444.33 KB, 750x876, 1CA716CD-71F1-41D1-B2A8-40EC65…)

3 pussy tweets in the past 24 hour period and that’s not even counting the other tweets girl just post it and go
also funny how she changed the “18” in all her bios to “18+” (she never had 18+ in her bios but she did have dni minors), she really just doesn’t want to admit she’s not a “barely legal 18 year old babie uwuuu”

No. 883301

Seconding this. With that personality I can't imagine she has a lot of legitimate fans. I'm surprised she has as many followers as she does.

What is she even looking for here? Validation? I give it a max of two weeks of no one asking before she posts her roast beef vag because of "high demand uwu"

No. 883313


Imagine being so sheltered that you think posting your pussy online is something that "everyone" does. Is she autistic or something? Rhetoric question, virtually all these ddlg retards are. No one else would think it's appropriate to pander to pedo minded freaks with this child rape fetish shit ffs.

No. 883315

Erin is hideous progeria looking goblina who panders to pedos and tries to be so ugu babie widdle bergina tiny and pink :ooo
It doesn’t matter if she’s got the prettiest most flowery vag or some dark ugly curtains or even a shudders jailbait loli looking one she’s got >>880258 as a face and imagine bragging about how your vagina looks when ur face is about as pretty as one
I felt so gross typing that out imagine wanting your private area to be similar looking to a child she’s so disgusting

No. 883317

File: 1571767428181.jpeg (202.72 KB, 640x518, 595A6225-DFD3-4CD7-9BF8-EF06DB…)

“Look at window uwu”
She just gotta show them unimpressive average ass thighs off tho

No. 883322

one of her exes asked her if she is and ever since then she’s amped up her social unawareness (probably because she realized that every weeb neckbeard would worship her more if she was an uwu autistic loli) so i believe she’s just really dumb and hasn’t hung out with anyone irl for the past 3 years since she dropped out so her brain is just rotten from being online 24/7. she didn’t used to be like this even a year and a half ago so i think she just wants to be treated like a baby forever with no responsibilities but who knows she may actually be autistic
sage for armchair psychiatry
>tldr she is just extremely immature and doesn’t want to be an adult

No. 883331

File: 1571769610348.jpeg (428.58 KB, 828x1667, 4BC7836D-4D10-4325-8093-893DF0…)

its scary shes had so many personality changes

No. 883334

When did her ex say this? She goes through so many guys that she calls her boyfriend or "daddy" as fast as she goes through her personalities

No. 883336

>I'm soooo innocent and shy uwu
>Btw here is my crotch in underwear, my naked tits, and a description of my vagina

No. 883337

Nta, but this was her ex ‘slip’ (@slipls) (he was a ffxiv ddlg eboy as far as i know), and he dmed her friend on instagram saying that he thought she was autistic. She proceeded to post the screenshots of their conversation on her story instead of directly confronting him, but then deleted it all when she forgave him because nobody else would give her the attention she deserved.

She blocked him on everything a month or so later, because apparently she ‘wasn’t sexual enough for him’, again posting it on her instagram story for everyone to know.

No. 883340

File: 1571771141236.jpeg (230.86 KB, 1080x1317, 3FB939C9-EBA2-4ABD-A196-848331…)

Any milk on @ang3lthigh?

No. 883346

I like how her body went so drastically from Instagram baddie to uwu loli
She just shoops it to whatever phase she’s in >>880258 is the most accurate pic of her body

No. 883383

she is so fucking weird and creepy. She would be better off if she was more shy and insecure. Maybe then she wouldn't do dumb shit online.

No. 883390

File: 1571777000730.jpg (214.7 KB, 1080x1029, Screenshot_20191022_144040.jpg)

Imagine this hobgoblin posting about her uwu tiny pink pussy

And I know lolcows meme is noses and nasolabial folds but christ thats an actual potato on her face. No wonder she shoops so heavily. Wonder if she could give me lessons kek

No. 883394

The amount shes phootshopped herself in every single phase is so delusional, she just can't accept being a chunky average looking girl with thin lips. No wonder all her boyfriends are eboyfriends. Her poor orbiters don't know she really looks like this.

No. 883396

it's so easy to tell when these girls get off to this crap.

No. 883401

Are these from the same time? Just guessing from the hair color, that is fucking insane that she straight up shooped herself into Carmela Soprano kek.

No. 883417

Where did you find this I’m SCREECHIMH

No. 883422

I wonder if she got plastic surgery (since these are old pics?) because her face looke way to different for it to be just photoshop.

No. 883433


you really underestimate the power of photo editing apps, especially the super overdone uguu chinese ones these degenerates use. you literally change your entire fucking face with a couple of taps on the screen. and whatever few weeb orbiters these people might have are too stupid/horny yes, anime pedos will whack it to literally anything that acts like a "loli" to notice/care about it so they really honestly think/delude themselves these women are uwu lewd loli goddessu, kek.

No. 883441

How long do you guys think before Erin posts her gross vagina on Twitter,
I’m willing to bet she’ll post it by the end of this week then delete it maybe she’ll post a shooped version kek

No. 883445

File: 1571781857741.jpg (179.09 KB, 1080x1062, Screenshot_20191022_160331.jpg)

our little shooped chola-chans 78th face.

No. 883446

No. 883448

definitely, vag meitu is a thing

No. 883469

File: 1571783942815.jpg (163.69 KB, 534x951, TDmWpGN.jpg)

No. 883484

File: 1571784830074.jpg (296.63 KB, 1080x1233, Screenshot_20191022_165246.jpg)

"please asspat me to stay guis!!"
OK nose-chan. everyone knows it's an empty threat lol. Hasn't she threatened to delete a billion times now?

No. 883493

she hates her instagram because people call her out and she isn’t surrounded by her orbiters and cringy reply guys
her twitter followers have no idea who she really is lol

No. 883527

File: 1571792091776.jpg (450.07 KB, 850x1555, 20191022_200601.jpg)

It still gets me that this is the face that's connected to all of her kawaii aesthetic uwu pictures.

No. 883535

Is there Instagram drama she’s bawwwwing about? Who posted about her?

No. 883556

File: 1571800571124.png (1.88 MB, 1372x1372, 6E9B02A9-E945-46FE-B60B-467431…)

erin currently getting called out on instagram , providing screenshots of the entire post

No. 883558

File: 1571800701054.png (1.8 MB, 1372x1372, BA866D57-6EBB-4B8B-B9EB-511E4A…)

No. 883559

File: 1571801018823.png (Spoiler Image,1.64 MB, 1372x1372, AC5A7997-3AFF-45E9-B07C-432A6F…)

also it included proof of her interacting with ddlg accounts when claiming to be “dni ddlg!!1!1!1”

No. 883563

File: 1571801906555.png (52.56 KB, 597x526, 6b9396841a21bfa.png)

Surely she's not THIS dumb? You're literally exposing your nsfw twitter to more minors and people who don't want to see it.

No. 883565

File: 1571802238372.png (324.59 KB, 1914x832, erin.png)


I'm not a big Twitter user– what happened here? The handle is the same, yet the join date is earlier?

Purposefully unsaged, in case this is milk.

No. 883570

The person probably changed an old twitter accounts @, but Erin's new @ is shypurr.

No. 883571

File: 1571802761864.png (281.64 KB, 1270x1252, shypurr.png)


Thank you. This seems to clear it up.

No. 883574

File: 1571803197307.jpeg (272.03 KB, 750x1003, 9F4F88B2-7D8C-4857-8115-8A5757…)

the person with the username claims that erin knew they owned that @ already
i don’t understand if this girl is just super manipulative and snaky or dumb? probably both

No. 883579

…that wig

No. 883580

I'm guessing: 100% intentional to wind up poutypet, but backed down when the original poutypet fans came after her

No. 883582

You can tell she gets obsessed with a particular person and skinwalks them, hence the many different faces combined with angry bitch expression. Skinwalkers think it'a a "competition" between them and whoever they are copying.

No. 883591


Damn private accounts. Does she say more about her history with Erin? Not sure if sugarfangs and dwainty are talking out of their ass or not. It does seem suspicious that Erin just gave up her Twitter handle for any rando Instagrammer.

"Shypurr" sounds like a pun on "diaper." Hilarious if she didn't notice.

No. 883603

poutypet is dumb as rocks. he really thinks he's such a big shot that he has monopoly over all the '@poutypet's on every social media platform. age regressors are entitled whiny bitches lol

No. 883611

File: 1571816249491.jpeg (176.33 KB, 640x418, 4F96B962-4730-4C19-B53F-906DA7…)

She always talks about her “trauma” but what exactly is this? Isn’t age regression also a symptom and coping mechanism? I’m sorry idk much about mental health but I’m pretty sure she’s doing something wrong

No. 883612

What is this “trauma” she has ? Her parents are rich af and shelter her

No. 883618

File: 1571818191149.jpeg (87.85 KB, 828x1109, 750C80A7-578C-4058-BB37-5C41F5…)

someone made an instagram exposing her she still has the pic in her tagged photos loll

No. 883621


she just parrots this from the other ddlg cunts she skinwalks to get the uwuest poor baby points. they always cry muh twaumaahh!! as a get out of jail free card but literally none of them have any actual childhood trauma as someone who actually experienced csa really doesn't want anything to do with this child abuse roleplay bullshit and finds it fucking repulsive. it is just a fetish for them and nothing else.

No. 883630

apparently this girl is 17 which I never would have guessed considering her posts and her make up. Also her wig irritates me.

No. 883656

File: 1571835848141.png (48.77 KB, 607x514, d89e2774b938c9e760.png)

Bottom to top, sorry for the shit screenshot. She's playing the "uwu im a baby dont b mean im crying !!!!" card again.

No. 883657

Tbh I've found most girls suffering from childhood trauma(especially sexual) just become camgirl alt girls or ana-chans. These ~agere~ girls are just rich girls whose parents don't pay attention to them and whose friends don't see them as interesting or remarkable enough to claim as a best friend. They also likely don't have any talents of passions that motivate them to go to college so age regression is insanely appealing.

It's not childhood trauma. They're butthurt about their parents never spoiling them and being disappointed over how mediocre they are. Agere is just an excuse to get attention for acting 5 years old, something they feel they can't fail.(armchair)

No. 883658

File: 1571836722545.png (199.59 KB, 1186x676, 2boaay7itpi21.png)

No. 883729

File: 1571851488714.jpeg (283.94 KB, 640x635, 3717F89A-6A55-454A-960D-54D12B…)

Le erin orbiter seeing her real face vs her online persona

No. 883733

average height? Do you know what height is she? about 5'6?

No. 883737

She claims she is 5’5”
The average height is 5’4”
I wouldn’t be surprised if she was taller and lying about her height to pander to pedos

No. 883882

to the shock of many people into age regression act like entitled brats.
The worst part is I have never seen a kid so spoiled and sheltered that they would behave like this on a public platform.

No. 883943

File: 1571876163714.png (114.01 KB, 640x1136, D6990E3C-C5E7-42B9-9E11-7A8F21…)

What is this about was there some drama? Or is she lurking here?

No. 884032

File: 1571889869291.jpg (175.66 KB, 1080x1080, PicsArt_10-24-12.03.18.jpg)

Girl is obsessed with likes. Jesus Christ.

No. 884043

>uwu muh imaginary trauma
and then posts shit like this
>shy lil babie

yeah, totally traumatized and not at all fetishizing pedophilia. confirms that she really just gets off on this and found a convenient excuse in "i was totally abused and that's why i ~age regress~ uwuu" like all of these ddlg weebs who don't want to quit larping anime child porn storylines. no amount of hello kitty posting and crytyping is going to prove any of us otherwise, stop trying erin, just admit you're a pedo already.

No. 884049

File: 1571894419185.jpeg (889.48 KB, 1080x2103, 727764956887117_20191024_00174…)

she pulls the same shit every goddamn day


No. 884050

File: 1571894439657.jpeg (942.15 KB, 1080x2103, 727760549313734_20191024_00173…)

No. 884051

File: 1571894461370.jpeg (976.07 KB, 1080x2103, 727755768676183_20191024_00173…)

No. 884052

File: 1571894481671.jpeg (1.02 MB, 1080x2103, 727751467302748_20191024_00172…)

No. 884053

File: 1571894498825.jpeg (491.01 KB, 1080x2103, 727746651726656_20191024_00172…)

/end dump

No. 884077

she literally is ddlg

No. 884078

she talks about these silly kids being so stupid as if she soooo old and wise because she’s a 19 year old but she never made it past the 9th grade or has any actual life experience beyond the internet. she’s never had to pay for anything in her life because her rich family gives her everything so she can waste money on her weird anime cosplays and toys. actually interact with people your age irl erin and you will realize you’re not as experienced and adult as you think you are
>funny how she’s so wise n knows everything when she says she’s just a wittle babie o.o

No. 884105

File: 1571918979948.jpeg (251.49 KB, 750x938, 8637E016-0901-424E-A135-9B25FF…)

Considering when this photo was reposted, she would have been 17 at the very most (it may have been originally posted much before the reupload though.) Erin claims that she just turned nineteen but she was in college at 17 or under? I know that it’s possible to be in college that early but it’s suspicious coming from a girl who dropped out of high school because of ~muh anxiety~ and doesn’t seem sharp enough to graduate early. This photo is full of contradictions.

No. 884113

she said that she recently got her GED and you can’t go to college without having a high school diploma or equivalent? right?

i knew this bitch wasn’t actually 18

No. 884115


erin: pretending to be a child (yes, that's what your "age regression" is, face it) let alone pretending to be a sexualized anime little girl is NOT a healthy coping mechanism for trauma, especially sexual trauma. you're so full of shit if you think it is. no therapist would ever recommend something like this to cope, which really makes it seem your "trauma" is just something you conveniently made up to continue your problematic pedo pandering for attention online. if you have any actual trauma (still doubtful!), you are just retraumatizing yourself acting this way. you can't say "don't sexualize it!!!" and then post shit about your vagina with anime little girl reaction pics and expect people not to take it the wrong way. imagine someone who was actually sexually traumatized as a child seeing your shit, how incredibly triggering it is. go to myfetlife or whatever if you want to keep pretending to be a child for sexual purposes and stop posting on safe platforms and hurting people with real trauma who just want to move on, not dwell on it like your toxic ass.

No. 884125

i think you’re taking the caption too literal i think it’s because she’s wearing a nike sweatshirt and this was her preppy normie phase, her age is the one thing she hasn’t lied about (also her classmates have posted her yearbook photo)
this tbh
the only way therapists/psychiatrist approve of age regression is through therapy under the supervision of a mental health professional (so like having the patient regress in therapy sessions)
age regression for sure is a way to cope with trauma but she just wants to act like a baby since she has said herself she is not in therapy

No. 884130

File: 1571926184991.jpeg (260.53 KB, 750x744, 41F21A20-9334-42A2-8A6B-8670A2…)

To be honest, I think it’s a variety of things she could be lying about. Her age seems to be an insecurity because she didn’t change her bio from 18 to 19 after her birthday, and when called out on it, she changed it to 18+. I think she was lying about being in collage rather than lying about dropping out of school. Also, my father dropped out of high school but went to collage so idk if the laws have changed from needing a ged or if it’s a difference in country. I really don’t think she is smart enough to get accepted into collage that early but I definitely think she was trying to give the illusion she was in collage.(blogging)

No. 884143

File: 1571931439356.jpeg (448.03 KB, 750x994, 4BB3E022-C9B6-48AA-B65F-4726ED…)

honestly when you put it like that….yeah i wouldn’t put it past erin at this point to want to be that aesthetic so bad that she would try to make people believe she was actually a college girl
also i guess we should start the erin posting her pussy bets soon because she just hit 3k on her nsfw account and keeps talking about working up the courage to post her uwu wittle pink cute pussy
>honestly sad how she posts this shit for free and won’t even make money off of it because she just wants to “make everyone (aka her weeb orbiters) happy”
honestly looking at her replies is depressing its all neckbeards

No. 884272

File: 1571950312733.jpeg (120.77 KB, 750x1136, 7162CA28-A78F-4EF7-B271-D38238…)

more proof of erin’s weird age complex where she doesn’t want to admit being 19 now
>she used to love how she was “barely legal” also when she tried to get people to call her bella/bells kek

No. 884276



is this a remnant of one of her phases or she's really part italian? kek

No. 884279

File: 1571951129491.jpeg (127.14 KB, 750x903, B8BC0770-F5AA-4E6A-A3AC-31FE75…)

god the poll is at 73% for yes and 27% no…also this entire tweet is a lot this girl need help and needs to leave her house >>884276
she did have an italian girl phase but she did say her family is actually italian but again just take that with a grain of salt

No. 884281


>she said

i take it as a no then. stocazzo

also she's fucking retarded if she really thinks it's normal to post your pussy for all the world to see. unless you're a literal sex worker don't do it jfc. there is no "pressure" to do it you fucking brainlet. no one cares about your beef curtains no matter how much you shoop them to be uwuuu loli pussy. maybe your two orbiters for a second but then they'll just go back to watching actual cp. that's your audience. they're just wanking to loli fantasies because looking at cp all the time is risky. you're nothing but a replacement, an old woman pretending and pandering but getting nothing. and you're getting older and older and can't soon keep up anymore… is it worth it?

No. 884291

Why has this lifestyle or fashion style or whatever the fuck it actually is got so popular? Why are so, so many women making photoshoots in not just school girl uniforms, but those Japanese toddler backpacks and outfits? Why has this become acceptable at all? I've seen women who aren't openly "DDLG" or anything do this. I've seen non-DDLG women take sexy photoshoots with pacifiers in their mouths. What the fuck is going on?

No. 884296


pornsickness getting sicker and sicker now that we live in an age you can't "kinkshame" anyone, even pedos need to feel ~valid~ and get a fucking medal for not raping a kid yet, this content is literally aimed at pedos. normalization of pedophilia in form of lolicon anime etc. and that shit becoming simply something cool and edgy to do even for normies. "i'm not like the other boring vanilla girls because i pretend to be a baby/puppy during sex". it's not cool anymore to be bisexual or whatever men used to find hot back in the day, nowadays you have to be a pants-pissing diaper-wearing catgirl loli to not be considered boring. and a lot of mediocre, insecure people really hate being seen as boring -> must follow cool new trend!!

No. 884297

She just wants to be taken care of and spoiled. She just doesn't want to have to be responsible for "adult" things. Age regression is just her excuse for being a lazy neet sack of shit with no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

Her payment is pedo attention. Pretty sad.

No. 884309

File: 1571955702217.jpeg (226.28 KB, 1280x720, CA47AFDA-FBA4-4DDA-A099-71F936…)

well she deleted the post because even her orbiters were telling her to not post something she’s so uncomfortable with posting
but she believes posting a picture of her pussy is really gonna help her with her confidence
keep in mind this girl constantly posts how she’s too uwu anxious n shy to leave her house and talk to people so wouldn’t she want to work on that instead of whatever THIS is

No. 884310

>is it so hard to believe that someone can be shy??
Shy people don't make posts online about their "tiny pink pussy" and how they're considering showing it to strangers. She's a self-conscious attention-seeker but not shy.

No. 884313

She's so insufferable lmao. I can't believe she can type shit like this out but lacks the brain cells to process why people dislike her.

No. 884317

how the fuck is posting your pussy online going to push your self confidence

No. 884320

File: 1571957442006.jpeg (68.11 KB, 750x586, A37CBFD1-4175-4832-8992-0AB147…)


No. 884321

>actual potato
eh, I think she's cute. definitely not a 'legal loli' though

No. 884323


when you're a pathetic, mentally stunted pick-me, internet likes from retarded neckbeards make you feel like someone cares. truth is, they don't really care. you're just another picture of a pussy in their collection. a worthless, mediocre hole.

No. 884330

Wow anon that hit hard

No. 884349

you're right and you should say it.

No. 884368

File: 1571966273821.jpeg (377.53 KB, 733x1153, 63203A58-5EF5-46BA-B7AD-35A5FA…)

remembered when she begged for people to gift her things from her amazon wishlist and she promised she’d post pics in the lingerie off her list and it was all bought lol..but the rest of the list is just sad…imagine her orbiters buying her dog toys and little kid toys to get her attention

No. 884400

Imagine being married to someone for 15 years and finding out they buy stuff for a 19 year old big nosed goblina who is built like a meatball on stilts and shoops themselves to look like a child for their amazon wishlist and it’s just a bunch of toys and lingerie and chew toys
I wonder who buys her that

No. 884408

File: 1571974959114.png (Spoiler Image,304.38 KB, 599x558, 19ecad1404d33096ce.png)

At least it's not her "tiny pink privates uwu".

No. 884409

Literally every time this bitch posts pics she has to say how smol uguu she is. She's trying to convince herself as much as her followers it seems.

No. 884414

File: 1571975935949.png (703.18 KB, 492x899, 1aa172500.png)

Looks like she's deleting her insta too.

No. 884417

it looks like she’s arching her back a lot to make them appear much smaller

No. 884418

File: 1571977744274.png (3.04 MB, 1242x2208, 35CFC563-B67A-41FD-B571-0DA1F3…)

lot of her old posts are being reposted god this one sends me like erin you literally live with your mom….that is your caregiver
she says she needs a dom because she needs someone to tell her what to do all the time and make decisions for her and punish her? she basically just wants a parental figure who fucks her so i don’t understand why she thinks people believe her when she says she’s against ddlg
>also imagine being this pathetic

No. 884434

Nothing wrong with small boobs but something about this irks me like not everyone with little boobs draws attention to how small they are when they show em off.

No. 884435

“I’m not a sex worker!!”
Yeah sex work is way too adult-sounding and widdle Erin is too innocent and childish to participate in gasp SEX WORK
It’s kinda insulting to SWs to categorize them w someone so exploitative and creepy.

No. 884436

Everyone’s boobs shrink when they lie on their back she’s repulsive af

No. 884438

Depends, lots of people have a preference for small boobs

No. 884444

Yeah but Erin draws attention to them being “smol” in a creepy pandering way the same way she does with her description of her vagina “ugu it’s so tiny”

No. 884447

Different Anon, but her “uwu my boobs so smol” schtick comes off as pedobait rather than “I have small breasts and am proud of them”.

No. 884448

It would only seem pedoy if she compared herself to a child, are we really going to start calling women with small boobs who like their body pedo caterers?

No. 884450

are you honestly trying to pretend she doesn't infantalize the fuck out of herself 24/7? its pure pedobait, anon. don't play dumb and please god don't spark another retarded boob debate.

No. 884453

No one said that you salty, small titted insecure ass bitch

No. 884456

it does not take a psych to realize that if she went thru CSA she probably has autopedophilia and sexualizes herself in an adolescent frame. Her sexuality developed around the intense focus of being young if that's the case. I'm in no way surprised she'd post shit like that.

It's not good, and she's just traumatizing herself over and over, but it's common as fuck, it has sexual maladaptation written all over it. She's like every other hypersexual young adult who developed deviant fetishism because she was part of the "my uncle touched me" club.

No. 884457

Anon, holy shit she acts like a child and infantilizes the fuck out of herself. Stop pretending she's not catering to creepy older men with pedophilic interests and lies about it being agere for trauma to try to avoid being called out for her bullshit.

No. 884458

I don't see how outside of drawing attention to how her body looks

>Uses (presumed) small boobs as an insult/negative trait
>Then uses insecure as a bad trait too

No. 884460

Maybe stick to jerking off to her instagram instead of white knighting her on a gossip image board.

No. 884467

Don't bother. That "anon" is definitely another one of those "uwu girls" who does the same shit.

No. 884468


so you're saying all these uwu i'm a tiny smol loli~* women have been sexually abused? lmao all this "i'm baby" stuff has been a tumblr trend for years, they're just following a trend because they have no personality of their own and exist on online likes and attention and will do anything for it. and yes, disgustingly enough pretending to have been abused is a part of the "aesthetics" of this awful trend. being "broken" and sad but cute uguu. erin is just one of the many.

No. 884472

File: 1571998102881.jpeg (239.98 KB, 1280x720, C067ADEA-2709-44AF-85D2-92A30E…)

is this what her whole big trauma is?
from her online boyfriend when she was 17-18? i remember this “master” and she would constantly cry about him and her followers would be like girl it’s the internet you can block him
>also explains why she spergs out when any of her “papa”s interacts with a woman

No. 884476


lmao and getting cucked by some edgy neckbeard who just read 50 shades is the big trauma that makes her ~age regress~? she was 17, hardly a wittle baby uguu. she's a pedo confirmed.

No. 884486

File: 1572004259667.jpeg (149.39 KB, 828x872, 232E2E61-4739-4467-B5B1-08487E…)

I think she accidentally liked this tweet that’s part of a callout post for her kek

No. 884603

Is that her trauma? FUCKING LOL that shits nothing compared to other reasons to age regress

No. 884624

File: 1572035247084.jpeg (187.41 KB, 750x884, 424DE9AD-DDD8-4664-A2EE-D7C6AA…)

she’s 19 years old and acting like she doesn’t know what sex is she HAS to know she’s just pandering to peophiles at this point

No. 884633

what kind of retarded fucking logic is “your trauma isn’t severe enough!!!” jesus christ anon not everyone’s life is as much of a train wreck as yours but that doesn’t mean they’re incapable of suffering

No. 884636

File: 1572037694603.jpeg (179.33 KB, 750x655, 9583682B-B064-463E-A508-C6ED22…)

lol this was her tweet right before tweeting that (and two tweets before were her humiliation kink and then a gif of a hentai girl getting plowed saying she wanted to be “used” like that) her uwu so pure humble bragging is so weird and pandering
if you really were too innocent and inexperienced for nsfw twitter you wouldn’t be tweeting and posting your own nsfw content (?) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 884646

File: 1572040084173.jpeg (203.8 KB, 640x497, 8E8DC8B1-40E6-45EB-BD27-CB97FB…)

Stop whiteknighting her, she herself is a gatekeeper of agere. She deleted a tweet complaining about how people age regress and aren’t traumatized enough therefore can’t participate
Also yes that’s nbd her life is problem free which is probably why she gets herself into shit online
So what if her bf ignored her? It’s her fault for having that codependent mentality. Normal people in relationships don’t see their SO as their caregiver. most girls experience something like this in highschool and make nothing of it because they have way bigger problems.
Erin is a sheltered neet who doesn’t have to worry about finishing school, paying bills, or working so that being the “big event” that traumatized her is laughable
Also my life is not a trainwreck, it’s normal, sage for blogging but just because I had a bad relationship in my adolescence, doesn’t make me “traumatized”
there are people who actually did suffer relationship abuse, grooming, rape, etc. at a young age and Erin lumping her gross dom ignoring her into that category is the type of stuff makes people take women less seriously when they come forward with a story

No. 884647

shes an liar and she wants attention and to “gain confidence” from old creepy men that want loli looking body. Shes like all the other uwu loli animu girls.

No. 884648

i dont know if shes wideset or not im not sure looking at the old ones of her and she looks pretty wide.

No. 884659

i’m not whiteknighting anyone, i don’t even follow this (evidently) dumpster fire of a thread. it’s just autistic as fuck to insist your shitty life is the bar for “real trauma” and no cow could ever possibly experience anything.

No. 884660

nta but fuck off with your thread policing. hide the thread if it's triggering you so much babby.

No. 884667

>”your shitty life”
it’s not shitty enough to get triggered at a thread on a gossip site gtfo if you wanna be told “all trauma is worthy uwu” go back to tumblr newfag

No. 884668

Erin HASNT experienced anything even slightly challenging in her entire life
The average 19 year old is worried about school or jobs and balancing them with relationships meanwhile she sits in her parents nice ass house, her biggest challenge of the day is “I wonder what anime gif I’ll pull off of google and post for my orbiters” it’s not even sex work it’s just for attention. The big thing on her mind isn’t college or work or anything of the sort that the rest of us worry about it’s “should I post my pussy on twitter?” And she’s probably loving this drama because it’s the most attention she’s gotten in a while stop thinking this attention whore actually has any real struggles or is a representation of a traumatized or mentally ill individual

No. 884671

it literally says right in the OP that this is a shit thread. enjoy your hugbox.

No. 884674

File: 1572044769733.jpeg (97.23 KB, 640x935, 96A7062D-2E81-465F-B8C9-45DC74…)

She actually did it.

No. 884675

(nta) Are you new? The (shit thread) in the OP is there because the OP anon did a shit job of making their OP, it's not about the contents of the thread, idiot.

No. 884679

erin has more than 1 account and the second one is pwurring she will definitely be back.

No. 884680

File: 1572045483466.jpeg (247.77 KB, 1242x1523, E8D7EBCE-09C2-4412-B7A0-FADF89…)

see how bent her body is. She is making herself look tinier than she is(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 884684

Jesus, stop the namefaggotry. Did Erin send her followers here or something?

No. 884688

she promotes eating disorders guys i seriously got triggered seeing her naked skinny body on my feed(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 884689

soon out queen will awake from her slumber and come back to save us from toxic humanity to be loli girls

No. 884691

wtf is with these anons with the names

No. 884700

This has to be Erin herself since none of us would ever say she's skinny kek
At least learn how to integrate better if you're going to shit up the thread with your selfposting

No. 884701

Those were all made by the same anon

Reminder to newfriends: read the rules and usage guide before posting

No. 884744

File: 1572056949239.jpg (157.76 KB, 838x709, IMG_20191026_102857.jpg)

What is that?

No. 884745

It’s when a dude slips his cock into someone’s vagina or ass and just hangs out there rather than thrusting.

No. 884750


sage for autism but isn’t that also known as “soaking” aka how Mormons have sex??? wow mormonism is so kinky uwu

No. 884751

File: 1572059486555.webm (Spoiler Image,1.3 MB, 640x360, electric chair.webm)

shes so shy she posts herself moaning on twitter i-
i had to hear it so now so do you all
>spoiler for nsfw audio

No. 884752

Nigga wtf is this? cringe af

No. 884753

I had to open that through Dropbox cause my browser is so weird but holy shit I have never clicked out of something so fast. that was the most gut wrenching thing I’ve ever heard she tries so hard to mimic hentai noises (not a fan personally, but that’s another cultures standards so w/e) but she’s just an average American white girl it’s so cringe
Especially since those noises are coming from>>883390 kek

No. 884754

If I were a straight guy and doing it with some girl like this (my standards are very low in this case ig) and a bitch started moaning like that I would lose my erection and punch that bitch in the face cause that’s just so nasty and degenerate

No. 884758

I would be just so damn confused, why is this girl doing these weird-ass noises?

No. 884761

Hahahaha what the FUCK I actually snorted

No. 884776

This ruined my life

No. 884779

So pure innocent and shy

No. 884803

File: 1572085557095.jpg (15.95 KB, 361x879, 61KlOzj71NL._SY879_.jpg)

She sounds like a dogs squeaky toy, very sexy

No. 884847


lol at the combination of these constipation sounds and the cat gif. inb4 she makes that her new "fetish"

>uwu constipated lil baby kitten..

No. 884856

>electric chair.webm
fucking kek anon

but it does sound like you're just dragging a chair back and forth

No. 884904

This sounds like she might have raised the pitch in Audacity or something. If you've ever played around with Audacity, you notice little modulation/compression noises when you mess with the pitch. Listen closely at 0:08-0:10. This is pathetic, if I'm right.
It also sounds like she's trying to act as Bubbles from The Powerpuff Girls having a nightmare (or taking a shit).

No. 885048

her voice must be really low then

No. 885148

Ugghh I recently came across this girl because I follow a lot of jfash/himekaji instas and sadly a lot of them use the #nymphetfashion tag. Morbid curiosity got the better of me. I even watched her "criticism" video because I thought there might be some semblance of an argument within and I'd like to think I'm fairly open-minded, but it was 10 minutes of [citation needed] garbage. Alas.

I take issue with anyone who interprets Larme fashion as literally "dressing like a 14 year old girl" as it just comes off as incredibly ignorant of all the 50s/60s influences on Larme and the gal styles that preceded it. I'm too tired to articulate my thoughts on this properly but idk lads, as an old frilly lady I just hate that impressionable girls in their late teens/early 20s are buying into this shit and I really think Adrian Lyne has a lot to answer for

No. 885210

File: 1572140204467.png (197.25 KB, 602x666, ec5d78cb0f8fef7de.png)

This video is so cringe… Also it shows she's not really that "tiny", look at her thighs.

No. 885219

i like how she always has to add “too shy uwu >.<“ to show she’s not like those other whores kek

No. 885225

1000% getting off to it.

No. 885232


where's her hair?

No. 885233


built like a brick shithouse, even with 80 layers of pink filters. i would love for all her orbiters to know that behind all these ugu tiniest innocent baby videos is this >>880258 40-year-old soccer mom looking ass, though idk if it's that hard to guess from all the fat girl angles she uses.

No. 885237

File: 1572144349155.jpg (165.69 KB, 1080x597, 20191026_213922.jpg)

Uwu~~~ so smol with my thick arms and thighs~~ overweight babie uguuu

No. 885255

She deleted this and blocked me because I commented how gross it was lmfaoo(cowtipping)

No. 885256

File: 1572146448629.jpeg (197.61 KB, 640x609, 10D51DD2-582A-4802-9FD8-C1ADAA…)

No. 885257

File: 1572146452146.jpeg (145.87 KB, 750x535, 8C73535B-C281-43F3-9042-081A9C…)

OH MY GOD did she just admit she’s in to “knotting” that means animals mating for all who don’t know
she’s either a dumb or even weirder ass bitch than we thought

No. 885258

The apron sticks out because she has a beer gut

No. 885261

she literally "doesn't sexualize infants/babies" but sexualizes animals. fucking pathetic.

No. 885262

File: 1572147445712.jpg (Spoiler Image,139.79 KB, 2048x1201, EGkvBODWkAAC-M1.jpg)

She tries to look so tiny uwu in her photos but the videos show how thick she actually is

No. 885277

knotting means she wants to fuck dogs.

No. 885279

File: 1572154038399.png (472.44 KB, 725x964, erin_nastyass.png)

Full photo for the anons
>>uwu so shy and innocent though

No. 885302

she's sick

No. 885303


Stop trying to make goblina happen.

No. 885311

File: 1572166530838.jpg (589.64 KB, 1080x1704, 20191027_032820.jpg)

Found a hardcore dolores haze cosplayer, her insta is https://instagram.com/the.diary.of.lo?igshid=1nb6n5cts9oo2

>is 24

>writes creepy captions related to lolita/vladimir nabokov
>glorifies the character humberts pedophilic love of dolores haze
>adds these captions to her creepy pics
>is married or a sb to a rich guy
>also listens to and quotes lana del rey

No. 885312

File: 1572166714832.png (2.43 MB, 1275x1414, 20191027_034252.png)

Some pics from her insta. Honestly its odd how fixated she is on this lolita/dolores haze skinwalking. And she has the money to support it for ever if she wants.

No. 885314

Cant tell if she edits herself to look like a kid or if she actually looks like that. And even if she does what 24 year old thinks thats sexy?? If i had a baby face at 24 years old i would try my best not to enjance it…

No. 885332


of course she edits, it is so shooped that if you went on meitu and just slapped on a random filter you'd look like her too.

don't these people realize that in the book dolores actually gets sick of humbert pretty quickly and tries to get away and eventually succeeds, just to end up being abused more, then underage married to a random hick, pregnant and penniless. and then she dies. uwuu so glamorous, such a love story

No. 885334

File: 1572172709733.jpg (221.38 KB, 850x913, IMG_20191027_183822.jpg)



No. 885336


well i'd prefer the wig over your receding hairline, erin >>880258

can't wait to see her ratchet chinese cosplay wig.

No. 885389

I mean I do like the idea that this fashion is just fashion cause that’s how I found it, it was around the time the name was trying to be changed to separate itself from all the kink shit. I could do without all the ranting cause the clothes are cute but I’m conflicted sometimes idk

No. 885392

erin puts this incredibly weird self made middle school peer pressure on herself to post nsfw content bc "everyone's doing it uwu"

No. 885408

IMO it’s just a cop-out so she can post slutty pictures and milk attention from men online like she clearly wants to, but she can be like uwuu I’m still so innocent, I’m only doing it cos everyone else is! I’m just an innocent widdle babby caving to big scawy grownup peer pressure, I’m not really a slut like all those other girls uwu~*~

No. 885421

File: 1572196326620.png (8.44 MB, 1242x2208, C6D6BDA9-52D2-468C-9CDB-99AA9E…)

she’s never had any problem posting lewd content, her old spam was full of lewds
it’s all just an act since she’s desperate for any form of male attention that she will even pander to neckbeards
>pic rel. screenshot of her old spam like the week she turned 18

No. 885426

she's getting off to it, anon. and she keeps doing it over and over cause she wants people to tell her they want to see it. but instead it's just girls getting fed up with her acting like that.

No. 885436

>uwwuu I’m stiww so innowcent, I’m onwy doing it cos evewyone ewse is! I’m dust a iwwocent widdle babby caving to big scawwy gwownup peew pwessuwe, I’m not weawwy a swut wike all dose othew girws uwwwu~*~

No. 885494

Why the fuck would you celebrate a pedophilic tragedy to this extent dhdjsjsk people are so gross

No. 885496

She looks really chunky in this I'm surprised she posted it. I think she bought that apron to partially hide her body when she makes lewd videos.

No. 885529

I don't think her body looks bad, but it really doesn't live up to the ~aesthetic~ she's going for. She does not look like some innocent pure bby jailbait, she looks like an average, 5'5" woman.

No. 885545

yeah there is nothing wrong with her body, but her whole thing is 'uwu im so smol loli baby'. She's just not that small and skinny. She has normal tits, normal ass, normal legs, and yet she insists on being 'smol'.

No. 885591

i unfollowed her. her pictures used to be more interesting. now she just posts the same shots from a photoshoot over and over.

No. 885718

File: 1572268014584.png (426.78 KB, 352x496, Untitled.png)

She looks like a different person in every single picture. There are some where she looks like a shooped alien preteen and some where you can see her real, adult appearance. Very creepy.

No. 885818

She‘s married now? Good on her, her last boyfriend was at least 60.

No. 885850

File: 1572289686258.png (Spoiler Image,205.66 KB, 603x527, Capture.PNG)

lol she deleted this

No. 885851

File: 1572289712809.jpg (Spoiler Image,163.64 KB, 2048x1538, EH_LwqEXkAA_65u.jpg)

No. 885856

File: 1572290280478.png (64.41 KB, 666x360, ohreally.png)

NTA, her statement.

That humblebrag, I'm gonna puke. Looks kinda shooped.

No. 885859

File: 1572290435806.jpeg (293.59 KB, 750x779, 6F06C5A4-289A-4004-8804-B88A88…)

more humble bragging also in what world is she “smoler” than a stuffed animal this bitch is so delusional
>also lmao at thinking she’s so strong and getting so stressed out over a pussy pic with again her weird humble bragging about being so uwu pure n innie

No. 885863

This made me gag, she pushes this uwu innocent tiny baby shit so hard even when shes posting pictures of her pussy and flat ass. That humblebrag about there being "nothing to censor" is so gross.

No. 885865

>>885850 i'm sorry but who the fuck, other than fucking fem and incels use the word "innie" for vag? She's pandering so hard, i'm grossed outttt

No. 885868

File: 1572291593152.jpeg (263.72 KB, 750x831, 1C67F517-3F19-4132-96A8-9E6374…)

uwuuu i’m so insecwure abwout my wittle innie gwuys pwease
>also i was around when her nudes got leaked and LITERALLY NO ONE said that hahahahaha

No. 885871



where? even with her uwu angles and filters she looks chunky as hell

No. 885876

this is the dumbest shit i’ve heard in my life, surely people made fun of her being an innie lmfao

No. 885877


lmao she literally meitufied her vagina. which just looks like a normal vagina. your ~innie~ isn't special. you're not the only adult ever to have that kind of vagina, it's way more common than you think it is. it's such a retarded thing to humblebrag about anyway since only incels actually care about the whole innie/outie shit and it's not like incels are ever going to go close to a real vagina anyway so it's even more pointless.

No. 885879

It's definitely been smoothed and blurred a bunch under the wittle censor bar, probs made the lips smoller too. Once again, taking advantage of angles to give the illusion she strives for.

No. 885880

Tbh this bitch came outta nowhere to become possibly one of the most annoying cows. Does anyone remember in the e-girl thread, right after she posted on Instagram that she knew about here, the thread was the first to be flooded with gore before hitting up the rest of the board? She’s so full of shit with her ~UwU~ tiny bby girl aesthetic.

No. 885883

>adult ever to have that kind of vagina

Wait. Pardon my ignorance as I'm hetero with an "innie" (cringe), but are women with long inner labias (aka labia minora) born with it short and it grows with puberty or something? I've never thought of this before. (Rightfully so… jesus christ this thread)

No. 885893

i’m sure it was her and her orbiters who spammed a bunch of scat/gore here as it was first posted in the e-girl thread a couple minutes after she posted about it

No. 885906

Right that’s what I’m saying. It had to be here or one of her orbiters. There was just too much ~coincidence~ and it contradicts her “b-b kind to eweryone Idk what I diiiiiiiiid~“ personality so much.

No. 885911

Gotta say, she does a great job of hiding that horseface. At least her photos from an aesthetic standpoint are alright I guess.

This bitch gets more and more annoying every day. Being friends with her must be exhausting since you'd probably have to asslick her humblebragging 24/7. She's not even slick about it. She's a major hypocrite, two-faced, pick me ass bitch, NLOG, weeb, pedo and catfish all in one. Thanks whoever brought her up, I never thought she'd be such a cow at first.

> uguu pwease im getting bullied for my smol tiny pink totally not shooped, totally nothing to censor, totally not brown vag umu

Literally anyone who doesn't have long labia looks like that in that position, Erin. You're not ~smol~, you're painfully average at best. Also nice blur and whitening, we can see your chaffing marks on your chunky thighs you tried to hide under that sticker. Also your vagina is blending into the blanket, might wanna get that checked out.

No. 885917

File: 1572299906713.jpg (142.08 KB, 630x892, prettyface.jpg)

Lmaoooo "boolied for my uwu pwink innie pwussy" is the new version of this

No. 885920

File: 1572300112274.png (2.9 MB, 1757x832, meganfox.png)

Spot on.

Also made a collage of our new favourite cow shapeshifter-chan

No. 885922

Brilliant, her actual face should feature more prominently though Imo

No. 885925

anon you made a really great collage except the girl from the ig lives isn’t erin at all lol it’s another ig girl named kayla aka @bratsuicide

No. 885963

Is 24 too old to be doing this shit?? Because i think so… at least to this extent

No. 885964

Reminds me of megvnmvrie

No. 885971

The scat anon was a Venus white night and it started in her thread, it wasn’t Erin or one her orbiters. It just so happened to start around the time Erin was mentioned in the egirl thread

No. 885978

For the next thread, instead of it being another ddlg general, can we just give Erin her very own special wittle thread? She deserves it honestly, it's about time.

No. 885983

File: 1572308718080.png (Spoiler Image,200.45 KB, 591x546, superinnieround2.png)

And she posted her bits again.

No. 885984

File: 1572308788614.jpg (Spoiler Image,166.45 KB, 2048x1538, EIASYalWsAEjnW_.jpg)

No. 885986

File: 1572308934146.jpg (Spoiler Image,184.76 KB, 2048x1538, EIASYagWoAIBRSd.jpg)

No. 885989

yeah the pussy "grows" on women during puberty just like the penis for men

No. 885997

you can see in the close up that she airbrushed whatever is there. either deflated labia or """outie""" bits. she tried so hard to make her vag pic look like an anime clam vag it looks more like a ballsack.

No. 886001

File: 1572310443154.png (2.62 MB, 1757x1241, shy.png)

Oops nice catch, fixed it for ya anon. She has so many faces I can't even tell kek. Left the tiny lips in there as a tribute.

>muh teacher
Is she trying to imply she's an uwu schoolgirl whose teacher looks at her nudes? Erin pls.

No. 886003

i think she should just be a featured cow. this is a definite sub genre of attention whore that deserves its own general and she hasn’t been milky enough imo to warrant her own — just fucking insufferably annoying

No. 886004

She's 5ft6 and weighs maybe 140lb based on her slightly less shooped photos

Also note how her shooped vag pics are face down, I'm sure there's some lumps and bumps on the front that she can't meitu away

No. 886005

>Something special for you guys

Imagine thinking a photo of a pussy is a special thing on the internet (or that headless shooped photos are ever worth thousands of followers)

No. 886007

You can see some stretchmarks in >>885986, or maybe it's just lazy photoshop/meitu?
Also her taint/whatever that pink part on her pussy is looks like a rectangle.

No. 886010

Agree. The soft uwu/nymphet group as a whole could be a goldmine, there are lots of potential cows out there just waiting to be discovered.

For example: the doelet/faunlet group on tumblr. They have their own amibo group and an urban dictionary all about their cult, they are supposed to be anti ddlg and the romanticization of children yet many of them are grossly obsessed with lolita.

No. 886011

File: 1572311756001.png (2.74 MB, 1628x868, smol shy chan.png)

She ~*thinks its abnormal*~ that she has an innie vagina. It's one of the most average things about her. I wonder if she's trying to shade other DDLGs for having longer labia though tbh.

No. 886013

File: 1572312159938.jpeg (336 KB, 1125x1683, 4E2B8179-2EF7-4F75-8F62-0EC442…)

SA, pic related. For real how can one be anti ddlg and the sexualization of children when your whole cult is based around lolita and other CSA themes?

No. 886015

>it's a lifestyle based off of Lolita, Crush and other CSA themed movies
>romanticizes pedophilia and age gap relationships and being taken advantage of
>no affiliation with DDLG or age gaps
>common theme of those movies is CSA

what is cognitive dissonance

No. 886016

it's baffling that she left in stretch marks.

No. 886017

There’s already a thread on Erin that was made ages ago, not sure if you’re still able to post on it though

No. 886018

File: 1572312868800.png (156.13 KB, 535x239, 21.png)

When she tried to shoop them out in >>885984 she ended up with a weird grey blotch mark she put her username over (pic related). >>885986 is still shooped to fuck and back but meitu can only do so much when your skin looks like >>883124

No. 886028

File: 1572314222590.jpeg (204.38 KB, 1124x738, 4B2CBB19-CB1C-4462-AE64-5A8D3C…)

>>886015 Billie is not the brightest bulb, nor are her ass kissing followers

Some background info on doelets/faunlets for others that may be interested:

> created by tumblr user stupiddolly aka billie

> doelets and faunlets (male doelets) are basically nymphets and sadbbydolls combined into one fuck storm
> the group came into existence sometime after the porn ban, was originally created as a sfw space since the nymphet tag had been clogged with nsfw/porn
> totally against ddlg/sexualization of children yet their entire lifestyle is based books and movies with csa/abuse themes
> while Doelets/faunlets themselves are supposed to be csa and/or abuse survivors
> stupiddolly herself will send you a message once you followed her blog to make sure you’re a Real Abuse Survivor, if you’re not you will more than likely get blocked (pic related)

No. 886035

The offical doelet amino group, but it’s not as active as it used to be. Always found it funny how against nsfw/csa they claim to be yet their background image has always been dolores haze

No. 886039

File: 1572314588853.jpeg (409.95 KB, 1125x1588, 85990B0B-2629-4250-B449-9943D6…)

Shit sorry guys. Forgot screenshot

No. 886051

She legit sounds like a M2F pretending to be a little girl ew

No. 886054

can you link the thread? i wanna see

No. 886073

File: 1572322492847.jpg (375.04 KB, 720x1148, 20191028_211211.jpg)

someone called out erin on her abuse story

No. 886074

File: 1572322574068.jpg (334.2 KB, 720x1091, 20191028_211231.jpg)

pt 2

No. 886081

Haha wow this girl is so full of shit. Even her "trauma" was all a lie. Can't wait for her crytyping answer, this chick probably sees all girls as competition.

No. 886103

File: 1572337163163.jpeg (Spoiler Image,54.69 KB, 1124x622, 98A44FAB-9F42-434E-B7C6-849A0B…)

No. 886107

is she… pulling her boobs up to make them look smaller/make her waist seem longer or slimmer??? we all know she doesnt look like this lmfao

No. 886108

File: 1572339242309.jpg (287.14 KB, 857x1140, IMG_20191029_165328.jpg)

So uwu innocent

No. 886127

File: 1572345755218.jpg (Spoiler Image,261.61 KB, 847x984, IMG_20191029_184220.jpg)

Anime girl obsession continues

No. 886138


No. 886147


well, she said she was into "knotting", aka actual bestiality. imagine being so starved for attention that you have to stoop that low


>flat, wide ass of a borderline overweight woman

>"lil anime butt"

weebs are wack

No. 886164

Imagine being this attention hungry over a SNOW picture with Aliexpress weeb panties

There's plenty of girls with a whitewashed pink aesthetic that aren't built like fridges, you aren't special

No. 886200

File: 1572362828744.jpg (178.56 KB, 900x1200, D_BX_C4XsAAWyBO.jpg)

No. 886201

File: 1572363120433.jpg (271.73 KB, 710x891, pettshad.jpg)

No. 886202

context? who is this bitch cosplaying shadshit

No. 886205

File: 1572364040306.jpg (211.7 KB, 1000x1000, 1522561390398.jpg)

pettanko, shes some mentally ill 22 yr old obsessed with being a loli

No. 886209


why it's always the fattest, ugliest bitches who have this loli obsession? thinking that being built like a fridge is the same as the shapeless body of a prepubescent child? gross.

No. 886227

because they think being short means uwu smol, when in reality this bitch and the dumpy guy in >>886200 have the same skinnyfat bodytype.

No. 886228

Because the all think "no tits" equals "uwu kawaii smol loli" no matter how old, fat or ugly you are.

No. 886232


No. 886236

File: 1572369673748.jpeg (Spoiler Image,229.06 KB, 640x697, 20BA1899-67BB-476E-AC46-3F593B…)

She’s thirsting over some peen
Even as a straight girl I don’t get this it’s just a wiener bouncing

No. 886240

File: 1572370229087.jpg (53.44 KB, 601x356, daddy.jpg)

I think she is taller than him lol

No. 886241

Literally this >>886228. Notice how loli obsessed girls are always below average, incredibly plain or dumpy looking, have a shitty body, and don't know how to dress or do nice makeup/hair or take care of themselves. They also rarely ever have jobs and if they do it's an entry level retail job where they work once a week. It's a scapegoat for quick asspats and validation from pedos who get off not on their looks but on thinking they're a retarded kid. Plus anime degenerates like lolis, it's just a quick thing to latch onto for e-points and a way to try and get out of adult responsibilities because im a bwabie uguu.

TLDR ugly fat lazy dumpy chicks migrate to it because it's low maintenance and they don't know how to take care of themselves but still want those sweet, sweet asspats.

>dating an asian manlet
Surprise: 0. Dating the plainest-at-best looking asian that would tolerate their shit.

No. 886244

File: 1572370640591.jpg (250.58 KB, 1046x750, DHPg1ilUwAEJ2gT.jpg)

Since it's not frowned on in Asia, girls who look the part work as loli's professionally.

In the west it's frowned upon and no woman wants to be seen as a little girl, so its just weirdos on twitter.

No. 886246

inb4 someone yells at you for this but
they're usually cosplayers. no one walks around like this normally and you'd get weird looks if you did. weebs have a serious mental disconnect.

No. 886260

lol no, there's a huge trend of japanese ethot ""lolis"" buying actual kid clothes and wearing them around. their own version of DDLG type shit is going on rn. i will look for some caps but some of them were in another cow's thread i think on /w/.

No. 886279

That makes them just as degenerate then. Just because it's in Japan doesn't mean it's okay. All these hoes who want to sexualize children, American, Japoanese, or otherwise are socially stunted and nasty. I would be interested if there's any milk from said thread, though, so please spill.

No. 886280

…Jojifuku is from 2015. Are you okay, anon? How are you this behind?

No. 886281

i didn't say it was okay, but it's not just cosplayers, that's the point.

i'm talking about stuff all over twitter currently still. the rise in popularity was a few years ago, but it didn't go away. and again my point is that it's not just cosplayers there, japan has degenerates too.

No. 886339

if any of you are familiar with the kibbe body types, gamine is the only body type that would befit this style (bigger head, small body, small shoulders and limbs and narrow hips) none of these girls have that body type, there’s nothing wrong with their bodies but none of them even match this Lolita youthful thing and it actually looks ridiculous
>>885237 very obviously looks like a grown woman
it’s like Adam Sandler in Billy Madison when he was wearing those kiddie clothes for comedic effect but it’s real life and she ACTUALLY thinks she is cute lel

No. 886343

Erin's chunky but she fit the IG baddie aesthetic so much better. People who don't have the body type/look for this style just look developmentally disabled and like they need a tard wrangler.

No. 886344

no ones saying its not creepy, im just saying you see in more in asia because cuteness culturally is more valued that sexyness than it is the west.

No. 886349

File: 1572384724442.jpeg (226.73 KB, 1012x1800, 57D20CD7-7394-469F-9690-18283A…)

kek these are the mouth breathers she’s spreading for

No. 886356

the black guy isnt that person thats a famous rapper lol

No. 886386

Is the point to airbrush something so much it looks like you just took a photo of a realdoll?

No. 886398

>Since it's not frowned on in Asia
Anon, despite cuteness/youthfulness being fetishized way more than sexiness in Asia, normal people aren't into looking like or dating someone who looks like a literal primary school child.

No. 886403


yes because the incels who follow these hags can't whack it to anything that isn't 2d, an actual child, or onahole pale pink in color. so thank god for meitu and snow uwu

No. 886406

watching most asian shows it doesn't seem so.

No. 886432

File: 1572394339379.png (Spoiler Image,627.76 KB, 737x667, Untitled.png)

>watching most asian shows
there's your problem? no one dresses like a weeb loli normally unless they're a degenerate. asia isn't a weeb paradise where everyone runs around in loli cosplay. source: am asian. lived in asia. no one dresses like that publicly unless they're weird. just like in western countries.

if anything, maybe more "girly" clothes can look like gross loli clothes on the wrong body type. otherwise it's cute. feminine clothes there tend to have floral, pastel, frilly themes.

anyways. erin posted more of her grey alien shoop thighs. i don't know why she'd spend this much effort and time shooping her stretch marks when she could look into whitening creams or see a derm and fix it for real. same with the body shoop, just put down the fucking fork erin.

No. 886443

She really only owns one pair of panties for these kind of shoots, huh? Bet she doesn't even wash them in between, yuck

No. 886456

File: 1572396611717.jpg (13.2 KB, 400x400, 1531696883953.jpg)

how does she still look so musty with the exposure all the way up

No. 886457

where in asia are you from? china doesn't count lmao.

No. 886461

File: 1572396861525.png (92.1 KB, 631x911, retard.png)

I don't know what's funnier - her lying about not using lube to appear uwu innocent or her really not using lube like a fucking retard.

No. 886463

File: 1572396945594.png (465.59 KB, 595x751, a242be4a87041c19fb.png)

This feels like an indirect? Not sure what about though.

No. 886465

File: 1572397088606.jpeg (370.95 KB, 750x941, EA493114-627A-4E60-AB8F-5B5B35…)

she relates ? what ? to a dog and cat ?

No. 886469

File: 1572397589082.jpg (25.19 KB, 600x312, Catdog.jpg)

No. 886476

>not using lube
shayna tings!

She surprisingly follows shay too actually.

No. 886480

i'm japanese lmao. however i've studied/lived in all three east asian countries and literally no one dresses like that anywhere out of weeb areas. you'd be looked at as weird as you would if you went strolling down a street in chicago wearing that, possibly even worse because east asian culture is extremely judgmental about weebs. look in an H&M/F21 catalog and that's what everyone wears. people have such a deluded perception of asia i swear lmao stop watching so much anime.

she's not as innocent as she outs herself to be. inb4 tail plug pics incoming cause she figured it out~~ uwuwu

No. 886484

File: 1572399119582.png (205.84 KB, 614x890, d566a65f628f7355d43903.png)

Found what it's talking about I think? This chick was in a screenshot earlier in the thread. At the very least it's still milk. The watermarks are pretty similar.

No. 886487

all of the people in this community need to get a life

No. 886503

File: 1572400980270.jpg (Spoiler Image,727.7 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191030-125723.jpg)

Sage for tin foil but what if her 'uwu pussy too small to censor' posts were directed at the girl who's sperging over her watermark being stolen?

No. 886517

why do so many people lie on this site.

No. 886520

There's no way she isn't kek. Erin seems to be skinwalking her a bit in this bizarre competitive way where she tries to be her but better. Too bad she just comes across as the bootleg version.

At least sage your powerleveling autism.

No. 886525

that's actually hilarious if true

No. 886526

File: 1572404310582.jpg (198.5 KB, 1080x1292, Screenshot_20191030-135323__01…)


Glad I'm not the only anon that sees it, people like her all tend to exhibit the same brain dead behaviour kek.

Also it's been said before but the cognitive dissonance is strong with this one!

No. 886531

File: 1572404907874.png (Spoiler Image,3.29 MB, 1828x1592, 99.png)

Samefag as >>886520
But going down her twitter, this was the same chick Erin got triggered about sexualizing Sanrio characters while she put Hello Kitty on her tit. Erin totally skinwalks her. Pic related, pretty sure she's stolen tweets but I cba to wade through the trash. I'm kekking hard at the one in the panties and the censor bar humblebrag, it was totally shade towards her.

If you'll excuse me I need to throw my harddrive into a volcano now.

No. 886535

Same fag here lmfao when I started following this thread I actually noticed her stealing this girls (among others) tweets too!

I just didn't catch-on it was the same girl until your post, thanks anon. Let your hard drive go in peace, it's seen enough kek.

And is it just me or does Erin appear more unhinged the further the thread goes on? She's gotta be playing up specifically for the thread, either that or her level of retardation is astounding. Sage for opinion

No. 886538

File: 1572406822959.jpeg (177.41 KB, 750x803, E7E7515A-5799-486F-9963-CBC31F…)

So the derek guy has a gf but erin is over here posting how he makes her happy and she’s obviously catching feelings for him LOL literally about to be a Dawson situation all over again. Watch her say uwu he took advantage of me im just an innocent little legal loli hehe uwu also she didn’t entirely delete instagram she has her alt @/pwurring and @/piglwet including all her other instagram accounts that are holding up usernames she doesn’t want anyone taking

No. 886542

File: 1572407902243.jpeg (148.2 KB, 1024x768, EB0FF24D-4B54-48FA-858A-9618FF…)

no self awareness at all LOL like this guy doesn’t acknowledge her at all

No. 886548

This is so embarassing. She's displaying her thirsty homewrecker tendencies for all to see. He doesn't care at all lmao

No. 886556

I find it disgusting how she keeps posting “im never anyones first choice wah wah wah” Literally fishing for compliments and probably wants daddy derek to give her attention. Now i see why Slip and her broke up

No. 886557

You can actually smell the desperation through the screen kek

No. 886563

File: 1572413789348.png (443.16 KB, 1862x874, hwi2819sg21k.png)

Had a chat with bunears and here are some choice quotes about erin's skinwalking.

> bought the same tail as bunears
> lowkey trying to morph into a bunny girl now
> only decided to become a puppy sometime after the hentaipup drama and after bunears had a puppy acc
> bunears was never friends with her, erin started skinwalking her out of nowhere after she kindly boosted her post giving her 2k followers
> erin's poll about the wig
> erin actively using the same photo app as bunears

She's very aware of the shady things Erin is pulling including the pussy censor thing and erin still followers her despite her calling her out. Truly shameless.

No. 886564

File: 1572413881029.png (152.48 KB, 694x834, hwi2819sg21k21.png)

And their DMs regarding the Sanrio and watermark thing.

No. 886565

File: 1572413885674.jpeg (271.49 KB, 750x1292, 69B95DE9-EAFF-489C-B544-05CB98…)

To the person that said they didn’t have the photo, i’m still following james aka the boy she met with and he never deleted these photos. This was in 2017 when they met one another

No. 886566

Erin actually was into the puppy stuff when she was dating Dawson which was last year so she didn’t copy hentaipup with that. I remember her posting about her being a puppy and always having a belt as a leash on her neck and doing the puppy pose.

No. 886567

File: 1572414566691.jpeg (241.34 KB, 749x1273, D7E60DBB-1528-4FA4-896F-D109DE…)

Erin last year during her marilyn monroe vintage phase, you can see that she edited her nose and admittedly used to/still does

No. 886571

File: 1572416983829.jpeg (234.49 KB, 750x792, 19E11C13-DB82-40FF-B40C-DC8219…)

who do you guys think this is about?

No. 886573

File: 1572417249029.jpeg (301.84 KB, 750x906, B4DF8260-AD84-46C9-90D2-32C799…)

uh oh erin is having a breakdown just wait for the suicidal stuff to come out

No. 886574

lol she lurks. Probably saw the earlier posts about bunear or it got back to her.

No. 886576

Derek, maybe? He seemed like he was her only ‘friend’, and maybe he got freaked out by the stuff she was saying while he was in a relationship.

No. 886618


how about you stop skinwalking, attention whoring and catfishing online and do something productive with your pathetic neet life like getting a job or going tf back to school? i hear you develop a personality of your own when you face the real world and grow up, i highly recommend it.

No. 886623

File: 1572437924942.jpeg (80.05 KB, 1024x768, 6C731CFF-523D-42FC-BD6A-C31224…)

her last e-boy (before derek) ethan also dumped her ass and started dating (irl) another one of his followers who is also in nsfw twitter and erin was harassing his current gf with her weird humble bragging
she’s also threatened to expose him when he first dumped her bc of her fee fees getting hurt
>ur bf doesn’t love u enough bc he said he’d delete 4 me n not u !!! uwu whore

No. 886624


She is obsessed with other people's boyfriends

No. 886667

File: 1572448507609.jpeg (1.1 MB, 3464x3464, 994E34E5-CF63-433A-ACC5-CE131E…)

Found some more gems of our Smol UwU Babie. Heavily edited d.va cosplay, some proof she tried to claim she was Italian, and another shoop from her vintage/Italian phase. There is also a new ig account with the user pocketsizee, but it’s private. Since Erin is known for hoarding users and has a million accounts I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s her

She’s delusional thinking she can steal a taken man, even if she managed to do so it wouldn’t last long. They would drop her immediately after they realize she’s another photoshopped ham from hell and not the tiny loli girl like she makes herself out to be. She should focus more on the neckbeards that try to interact with her. At least they won’t ignore her kek

No. 886671

Why do these bitches always nickname themselves “belle” or “Bella” it’s so unsubtle that’s not even close to her real name

No. 886674


>167 cm

lmao that's a pretty big "loli"


because it means beautiful uguu and she is totally italian and not just another plain ass inbred anglo

No. 886685

File: 1572449905014.jpg (Spoiler Image,68.1 KB, 800x538, mum260-cv.jpg)

sometimes cosplayers, sometimes they are cast as young girls for other things.

No. 886687

File: 1572450925352.jpeg (1.18 MB, 3464x3464, 81B7BC28-C4F2-4E9B-9464-67283B…)

More shooped images plus the story behind her “Bella” nickname she so desperately tried to pull off. Her eyes, nose and face shape are completely different in each photo

No. 886700

I thought Italians were more olive colored and dark, obviously there are lighter ones but this bitch doesn’t even look half her nose is a literal potato not the typical Roman one
She actually doesn’t look too bad here, I wonder why other candids of her look like an old ugly woman

No. 886716

I have relatives in Italy, skin tone varies depending on which region you live in but Italians will usually have an olive undertone, as will most people who are Mediterranean. If I were to guess Erin is probably Irish or some shit.

Saged for irrelevance

No. 886717


Her nostrils are blurred to hell and back in every photo. Her claiming to be Italian is probably an attempt to make herself seem more unique instead of plain jane English kek. Must really bother her to know she's average in every single way.

No. 886733

Italian here, many of us are really fair skinned and as >>886716 said kinda depends on the region but it’s complicated.
Noses are also something that doesn’t depend on that so.
She really does abuse of the blurring tool tho, but her having features that don’t resemble the typical Italian’s doesn’t mean she isn’t Italian. I am kinda skeptical too but it’s kinda plausible since it’s full of Italian immigrants in the us so

No. 886745

Her features don’t scream Italian is what I mean lmao there are definitely some fair skinned Italians but the fact that Erin lies about everything makes it seem sus also her surname “Painter” is English
Race doesn’t matter but when you lie about it it’s ridiculous af this bitch is about as Italian as a sausage McMuffin

No. 886752

File: 1572459855376.jpeg (88.82 KB, 744x500, 96CFF454-7BB2-4D6C-862E-1B9E2A…)

Melissa McCarthy is miles more attractive than this beast

No. 886758

Please anon. Sage in the email field. What's with all the newfags shitting up the thread and not saging with their inane bullshit?

Lmao holy shit. 18/19 years old and looks like Melissa McCarthy. Unfortunate.

No. 886759

>>886687 there is no way it is humanly possible this is erin uwu

the shameless shooping is otherworldly

No. 886768

Meitu, snow, and facetune do fucking magical wonders for ugly girls

No. 886784

TBF it's Melissa Mccarthy was a shitton of makeup lighting and touch up

No. 886798

That's southern Italians, who have admixture with Levantine people south/east of them, especially since the Romans imported slaves who eventually became one with the population. Northern Italians look closer to German/Austrian peoples, as Northern Italy was heavily settled by Lombards.

No. 886811

Still looks miles better than Erin with makeup on

No. 886812

File: 1572469621549.jpeg (377.46 KB, 2048x2048, 08DFC931-7DBE-4EC3-80F5-9019CB…)

lmfaooo there has to be a bunch of other “erin spares uwu” floating around

No. 886816

I don't understand the fascination these uwufucks have with this kiddo dom, he seems just as attention hungry and pathetic as the girls. He reminds me of the cursed gif of the skinny boy lazily spanking a bed with a belt that made the underage tumblr bbygurls go nuts a few years ago, kek. The only good thing about him is that he really seems to be 21yo and not a middle aged man, so their interactions are not that gross, but still, ergh. I really don't understand todays youth

No. 886817

>Going this hard to humblebrag
>Like people would bully a 15 yr old for not having a long labia

Um what? Why can't she just brag about her innie labia and just move on? Why does she need to create an obvious fake sob story? It's like girls who claim to have been bullied for having hourglass figures

No. 886827

“Bullied for having an innie” bro what
Also why were her nudes online at age 15, didn’t she expose them herself on her spam or am I missing something?

No. 886833

uwu :cccc why would anyone bully you for your tiny pink vagina when your face looks like it belongs to a Middle Aged dumpy thin lipped potato nosed beady eyed soccer mom with A big ol dumpy body that definitely doesn’t match this loli style >>880258
she’s not even insta baddie chubby her fat distribution is as unfortunate as her gross face she could probably look ok with working out and eating right instead of starving herself and posting pro Ana attention whore nonsense “uwu I only ate a happy meal for this week” and maybe learn a few makeup tricks and add volume to your hair to draw less attention from that giant appendage on your face

No. 886840

She doesn't even look like she starves herself, she looks like she eats nothing but junk food in small amounts. She doesn't look thin, she doesn't look obese, she certainly doesn't look like a teeny lil loli, she looks like a chunky average adult trying to suck it in and use meitu.

No. 886861

File: 1572477087588.png (854.18 KB, 828x1792, 72C49057-386C-4791-87F4-54CB91…)

Erin is so bitter… here she is replying to Ethan’s pic of his hickies in a gross passive aggressive manner just because he isn’t interested in her any more

No. 886865

Curious to see what these guys look like and do they know what Erin really looks like

No. 886867

Curious to see what these guys look like and do they know what Erin really looks like

No. 886868

No. 886873

I took a look and she looks different in each icon. I don't know how she can run around like that and expect people not to comment about her constant shapeshifting.

Her self awareness: zero.

They probably do know, they just don't care because she shoops herself. If they can fap to hentai, they could fap to a CGI shoop da woop pussy. They don't care about her at all, they just fap to her pics and move on.
My bet is that they all look either obese and greasy or auschwitz mode emo twink.

No. 886899

where are all these teen girls hanging out spread eagle in front of each other? lol

No. 886913

File: 1572483962611.jpeg (69.58 KB, 828x473, 7C220BD1-6520-4512-AE96-F01375…)

Liking this tweet right after this was posted, lurk harder Erin kek

No. 886915

I remember following slip on insta when they were “dating” for like a week and finding it hilarious how burly and le epic his final fantasy character was compared to how greasy, wimpy and autistic looking he was irl

No. 886923

File: 1572485175913.jpg (303.26 KB, 833x1209, IMG_20191031_092531.jpg)

Involving herself when it has nothing to do with her

No. 886930



lmao I checked this acc and it was a literal skinny nerd, twitter uwus have no fucking standards when it comes to their "doms". and they're all thirsting over him so bad?? this literal frail stick figure looking ass who couldn't even lift a girl to fuck her to save his life ??? let alone someone of erin's size lol

No. 886932

When your nose is that big it's hard to not stick it into other people's business I suppose.

No. 886936

File: 1572486877069.jpeg (94.66 KB, 1080x1110, image.jpeg)

She probably wants guys to flip out like that over her

They rlly don't lmao arguably almost everyone in this community is like that and has a whole other persona than what they are irl

>ham bitches like Erin pretending to be lolis

>twiggy manlets pretending to be big dominant Christian grey daddies
Imagine thirsting over someone online who you've never even met and is below average in appearance it reminds me of this meme

It's kinda sad tbh

No. 886978

I remember when i followed slip i would see this one girl commenting on his photos like a regular supporter and someone told erin in her tells that it’s suspicious that the girl was commenting and liking his post. After that tellonym was made Erin snapped at the girl in a comment like insecure pig much?

No. 886982

File: 1572496074047.jpg (223.6 KB, 1080x1214, Screenshot_20191031-152458__01…)

She has one job and she's even trying to force that onto others.

Your mental health is your responsibility and no amount of uwu is going to change that.

No. 886987

File: 1572496688770.jpg (196.47 KB, 1080x1486, Screenshot_20191031-152931__01…)

Omg fanks guys ilysm for monitoring my medication consumption uwu ~ totally not capable of doing so myself because I'm baby

Same fag as

No. 886989

File: 1572497081165.jpeg (158.58 KB, 640x435, 4136302D-221E-44E8-9A03-70C13A…)

Anyone who is actually like this shouldn’t even be in a relationship or posting their ass online she’s probably exaggerating but Jesus why is someone who’s so frail minded and thin skinned even trying
Just look at this tweet of hers this isn’t even remotely a good relationship for anyone’s mental health basing your entire self worth off of some scrawny nerd dom from nsfw twitter who will leave you for another e-girl loli in less than two weeks

No. 886992

This is so sad. She's literally asking for a predator to take advantage of her, any guy hanging around loli NSFW twitter likely has mental issues of his own. She needs to get off the internet for her own sake. I know LC says this a lot but Erin genuinely needs to go outside, her view of the world is so distorted by the net and loli anime.

No. 887001

Sorry to break it to her but no stable man would want to deal with her forever morphing face and need for constant attention lol

No. 887002

File: 1572505663485.jpg (320.99 KB, 627x1216, IMG_20191031_150625.jpg)

Likes a post about being made to touch yourself in public, then right after likes one about refusing to touch yourself in public because others don't Vincent. Pick a side.

No. 887003


No. 887087

File: 1572542943680.jpeg (202.49 KB, 640x665, 20928489-9DBE-4796-AE75-0EF8BC…)

“calling yourself a loli is bad!”

No. 887090

File: 1572543530873.png (3.28 MB, 1125x2436, 35CB2643-F8AF-42B7-A0F6-9B5322…)

Erin is a walking contradiction. She calls herself the same thing on her faq highlight on her pwurring ig KEK

No. 887092

Why is she so accusatory and self righteous
She’s so quick to throw shade at people in the community (mostly other females cause she’s an insecure ass pick me) when she’s just as guilty as the people she yells at no wonder nobody wants to be friends with her or no wonder no loser Twitter dom wants her for more than a short period of time she’s so unpleasant and lives for conflict

No. 887197

File: 1572568527956.jpeg (249.96 KB, 1125x1834, BDE0C130-79AC-4A0B-B33D-049C27…)

Apparently Erin is now pretending to be Latino and goes by they

No. 887203

uhh this isn’t her tumblr. she goes by strawpurries.

No. 887212

If she has a million Instagram accounts I’m sure she’d have multiple tumblrs as well. The name and age match up, it could be her

No. 887217

File: 1572570149341.jpeg (329.1 KB, 740x1251, 03BCE002-0EA3-4D3F-8932-B719B3…)

i mean i guess but it depends on if that acc is active or not. she put this on her main saying it’s her only tumblr lol idk

No. 887222

Didn’t she go through a “puta” phase?

No. 887223

File: 1572571270222.jpeg (1.32 MB, 3464x3464, 3F9967B5-8A61-423D-8964-23E161…)

Looks like she’s barely posts on strawpurries. Again it’s only a possibility the other is her but it does looks like it might be. We all know she’s a liar and has way more than one Instagram, plus she hasn’t updated her media links at all. Who knows, guess we’ll have to wait and see to know for sure

No. 887230

She had a baddie phase way back but I can’t remember if she pretended to be latina back then or not.

No. 887236

I never understood why would those people call themselves puta. Doesn't it mean whore in Spanish?

No. 887240

Yeah lol and unlike in English when people playfully call themselves a “hoe” it almost always usually carries a negative connotation >>883445 anon here refers to her as chola-chan so it made me wonder

No. 887243

File: 1572572721888.jpg (266.76 KB, 1080x1833, Screenshot_20191101-124406__01…)

This didn't take long top kek.

No. 887262

why doesn’t erin just get her own thread? she is the majority of the over 500 replies and is more milky than half the people on /snow/

No. 887270

I second this, any time we try to mention anyone other than Erin the conversation gets lost in all of her milk.

No. 887279

I am 100% certain this thread was meant to be a anti-Erin vendetta thread when it was made. OP just sucks.

I will admit though I am intrigued buy this nut job once this thread got rolling.

No. 887280

Honestly couldn't agree more.

Everytime this gets mentioned an anon magically appears claiming she's not 'milky' enough despite being one of the most active cows on this site kek

No. 887284

File: 1572582867701.jpg (241.19 KB, 1080x1339, Screenshot_20191101-153243__01…)

I wonder if she actually thinks she has an "irl anime booty" or is just happy pandering with what she got landed with lmao?


No. 887291

I feel like this is her scapegoat when people mention her past of catfishing. "omg that wasn't me that's some other girl!" since even she knows she looks like different people in every single photo. If some specific account was pretending to be her her ego is too big to not blast them to all her followers.

No. 887292

this thread was made to move erin out of the e-girl thread I believe? so it always was directed at erin, just a very poorly done op.

I don't see the point of moving her again, she'll fill up this thread then just make the next thread erin #2 when the time comes.

No. 887297

Y'all smell that?

I wonder what her parents think of her doing weeb pedo pandering on nsfw Twitter, or what'd they think if they knew ik I'd be questioning my parenting skills kek

No. 887307

All I could imagine was fart noises when I watched that.

No. 887308

I noticed that Erin has so much animosity specifically towards other women, she’s the definition of a pick me lol. I might be wrong but wasn’t she claiming to be bi a while ago? And she always wonders why she doesn’t have any uwu agere girl friends… it’s because you blast them on twitter every 2 seconds, Erin

No. 887309

Saged for possible nitpick but her hating other girls in the agere community as well as her obsession with “waiting until my bf gets home from work” etc actually seems kinda backwards/misogynistic… especially since she’s into the whole “mind control”/bimbofication thing

No. 887318

Now that you guys have mentioned it it's all I can see kek

No. 887338

When erin was dating Dawson she had this phase of wanting a throuple type of relationship. She’s bringing back that phase on her twitter with the “me and sister sub playing with each other while we wait for daddy to come home”. Also want to point out during the summer she did actually have sex with a guy and since he came in her she started panicking on her spam like how retarded do you have to be to not know what to do??? She tries to pull the “im a virgin hehe” card when we all know she got raped and also had consensual sex with randoms from tinder. These guys believe she’s an innocent angel and it’s hilarious because they don’t know how much of a skin walking pig she is

No. 887341

Why even complain about this thread being about Erin, if you really don’t like it then move onto a different thread

No. 887342

>She tries to pull the “im a virgin hehe” card when we all know she got raped

wtf anon

No. 887347

She’s literally stated it herself that she was raped, someone even accused her of lying about it aka on this thread if you scroll up. Don’t quote me saying we all know she was raped when there are other anons saying worse such as, it being fake, made up, or just an excuse for her trauma.

No. 887356

she wasn't raped, she was cheated on by some "dom" she had before. that's the big trauma that makes her pretend to be a preschooler on twitter. she was 18 when it happened so that doesn't excuse the pedo pandering at all, she knows saying she has "trauma" makes it sound like she experienced csa so she milks it for all its worth because it's part of the uwu aesthetic and no one can call her out on her shit on something like that even if it is a lie because "uguu why would anyone lie". disgusting but true.

No. 887359

Wtf is her being raped make her not a virgin? Stupid fuck, if it isn't consensual it's not even sex. Sage for my annoyance.

No. 887361

to add on, if she is lying, then I'm speaking in general.

No. 887371

Actually she was raped, i don’t know what age nor do i want to know because that topic makes me uncomfortable. She was a minor when it happened which is why she used to call herself a virgin. You can say you are a virgin when in reality you aren’t regardless if it was consensual or not. If it helps you cope by saying you are a virgin then good for you. Clearly you’re a triggered anon over someone bringing up her rape. You are triggered enough that you didn’t even bother to call out the other anons that spoke about her rape being fake trauma so stay hypocritical like erin you weird fuck

No. 887380

File: 1572617022173.jpeg (608.89 KB, 750x1231, 962F5295-8A07-49FA-A090-633BA1…)

some potential proof (?)
she has brought up that it happened when she was about 14 so I do believe her

No. 887383

you're clearly some weird stan turned vendettafag. Read the rules maybe before posting, in the meantime kindly fuck off

No. 887384


sorry but i believe nothing that she says anymore. maybe that someone talked to her online in a sexual way because well that happens to basically everyone but even a 12-year-old knows that she can just… stop responding? block him? it's the internet.

also it still doesn't excuse her pedo fetish. you'd think someone with these kinds of experiences wouldn't want to roleplay them 24/7 . and yet she does.

No. 887389

I think victims act out still. I kinda do believe her, but you're right that it isn't okay to have a pedo fetish. A lot of the agere community doesn't want to admit it's unhealthy to act like a child, ddlg or not (it is ddlg but whatever they want to call it)

No. 887395


why she "acts out" by acting like a literal 6-year-old when all her "trauma" was in her teens? because she is lolicon trash and ddlg is her fetish.

No. 887414

Do you even know her, personally?
she’s ALWAYS lying online for her uwu persona
I know you might think Erin is a liar but she Wouldn’t go THAT far because it’s insulting offensive to women who have actually been through that but we shouldn’t put it past her that that’s where the lying stops because as shown before Erin is a mean spiteful bitch to most other females

No. 887418

wasn’t complaining about erin clogging the thread, the other way around if anything

No. 887424

I wouldn’t put it past her to lie about something so terrible but I will give her the benefit of the doubt.

No. 887425

Anon I understand you’re giving her the benefit of doubt. But there are women that do lie about this. Either way it doesn’t matter what random people believe about it, her sexual age reg is fuckin weird and slightly disturbing no matter the reason behind it.

If it’s really used to cope like she says then she shouldn’t post it to the internet. That puts her in a super vulnerable place to literal strangers on the internet.

No. 887427

Erin would be the kind of person to lie about something that serious for victim points, attention, or as a way to avoid being called out for her loli pedo shit by saying "I'm doing it cuz of trauma!!!"
She can't be a constant liar online and then expect everyone to keep believing her. It's unfortunate, but people lie about sexual assault all the time online. Erin probably just wants to say it because she thinks it'll make people leave her alone.

No. 887428

I am giving her the benefit of the doubt because there’s no evidence to confidently say it’s a lie. I know she has a history of lying and I‘m not disregarding that, I just don’t think it’s fair to state that she is lying as a fact until there is more info shown and not just speculation.

No. 887440

By going back to an easier/less 'adult' time, just like the spoops in the pro ana thread with their teddy bear collections and rainbow clothes well into their twenties.

No. 887474

She’s not acting like a 6 year old tho, 6 year olds don’t show their asses off on Twitter next to a teddy bear or twerk in aprons >>887090 or cal themselves lolis
She knows what she’s doing and it’s gross and not even real age regression, she’s using the trauma as an excuse which isn’t even a valid excuse for her infantalizing herself and acting horny in the same sentence and acting so “innocent and smol” and pedobaiting

No. 887480


"Real age regression" care to tell us what that is? None of it is real, it's all unhealthy creepy coping mechanisms developed by traumatized girls and girls who like the ddlg aesthetic. It's never healthy for someone to imagine themselves as a fucking baby having sex.

No. 887483

Sorry anon but age regression isn’t and shouldn’t be sexual. Anyone that turns a sfw coping mechanism into something sexual like Erin does is automatically a pedophile. DDLG is a kink that’s part of the bdsm community and fun fact the DDLG community is filled with fake doms, groomers, pedophiles, etc. DDLG people have sex while in a child like mindset unlike age regression which never is nsfw and is usually people coloring or collecting stuffed animals or even watching kiddie shows. Erin literally does DDLG stuff aka her humping her stuffed animals, making sexual jokes like “my stuffed animals watching me have sex” tweet she did on her sfw account a few months ago. She sexualizes age regression and it’s clear. She’s called herself a legal loli, even dressed like dolores (if thats how her name is spelt) from Lolita. She’s been known to make her voice higher pitch like Nika from spam community. I’m pretty sure Erin’s voice is a tad deeper and i remember she posted a video of her talking and then yelling at her cat Freddie which exposed her real voice. She deleted that post the moment everyone called her out and her excuse was “my weight loss made my voice change”

No. 887497

real age regression is when you use it as a healthy coping mechanism. and NOT the way erin uses it. its not a made up thing, but it is in fact used healthily. its not sexual and you must’ve mistaken agere with ddlg. because its healthy to regress in little space but not during sex.

No. 887502


I call bullshit. There are ways to explore one's inner child i.e. watching kid's movies, coloring, etc that don't involve age regression. Y'all keep saying that it can be done in a healthy way but I can't imagine how reverting back to a younger self isn't just indulging in retraumatization. Plus, every non sexual uwu agere girl I've seen has been exactly like Erin, still fawning over daddies and sexualizing themselves. If anything, agere undercuts the hard work a lot of survivors do to get away from their childhood, while the legal lolis and I'm babys keep indulging those same self infantilizing thought patterns.

No. 887507

I agree. It is not normal for grown woman to be acting like a child, It's unhealthy. They should get some real help

No. 887522

File: 1572639941569.jpeg (409.91 KB, 606x740, 2D994D0C-6BAD-4FFD-9C13-4B0198…)

Are you saying I’m not rlly a baby kitten anime loli, anon? I think I am about to cry… :ooo

No. 887539

She's a spoiled rich bitch. What trauma from her childhood would need the psudo quackery known as age regression therapy? Daddykins and mummykins got you the black Mercedes and not the bubblegum pink one like you threw a fit over getting?

No. 887547

Not all people in age regression are like Erin. Literally Erin skin walks the nsfw girls who aren’t part of the agere community. You guy’s act like it’s so bad because of Erin when y’all do realize she’s probably into DDLG secretly but doesn’t want to get bullied by her mutuals. I’ve met tons of agereg people who act no where near Erin, and are much more mature and regress in a healthier way. Erin literally cries on twitter for her white knights and threatens suicide. If you’ve ever followed her spam whenever she had a breakdown you just gotta expect those watered up eye pictures where she has ZERO eyelashes and her captions are all “nobody wants me” but typed as if she just woke up from a nap. Erin is a great example of a fake age regresser.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 887549

File: 1572642852309.jpg (223.08 KB, 1080x1758, Screenshot_20191102-080928__01…)

Anything popularised on Tumblr tends to be full blown retarded kek

Also we might have to do some mental preparation for the horrors we're about to witness. Once, just wasn't enough apparently

No. 887551

File: 1572642934376.jpeg (319.74 KB, 750x1057, 0DC84AF1-FA62-4DD9-B1BC-C9CD5D…)

she’s literally just saying “buy me stuff because i’m not broke but i want you white knights to spend all your money on me hehe”

No. 887555


You don't need to become a child to work through trauma anon. I mean, whatever floats their boat but no one's going to sit here and pretend it's healthy for the sake of delusional people's feel feels

No. 887558

File: 1572644019024.jpeg (243.76 KB, 640x840, 600BAE04-4C31-4B27-98C8-D07D8A…)

This is just sad

No. 887559

>>887497 you came here to kink defend AND to namefag? Double whammy, anons.

No. 887562

Pretty sure that anon wasn’t defending ddlg at all, if anyone ever defends ddlg you’re automatically a pedophile and that’s the truth.

No. 887572

age regression and ddlg shit are the same kink, get over it.

No. 887581

I hope Erin does find her daddy dom and meets the love of her life and have a family, So she can have a daughter and learn real quick that little girls shouldn’t be sexualized and that she should be more nice to other ladies instead of putting herself against them and being a nlog

No. 887583

this lol. agere is retarded, anyone who thinks otherwise needs to keep it to themselves & not try and debate it itt.

No. 887584

On second thought nvm she’d probably be jealous of her daughter’s youth and treat her like shit

No. 887588

ddlg couples should never be allowed anywhere near kids…

No. 887591

Yeah I hope that never happens, imagine having a gross loli wannabe as a mom aside from the abuse and neglect, it’s probably very embarrassing
Plus Erin hates every other girl she comes across and sees them as competition so her having a daughter is a total hypothetical nightmare.

No. 887599

They would be so damn spiteful of their daughters, especially if they are pretty.

No. 887639

File: 1572654420381.jpeg (838.44 KB, 1936x3383, 368864F2-A439-4020-8304-F0D613…)

The Erin vs bunears saga continues. This bitch is insufferable

No. 887641

File: 1572654490342.jpeg (475.24 KB, 745x1294, 38CA13C2-70A3-4CA3-A529-9A5998…)

at least people on twitter are catching on to her bullshit

No. 887646

"stop catching onto me bye."

No. 887654

why does she act so innocent it pisses me off

No. 887656

File: 1572657120102.jpeg (348.57 KB, 750x758, C29C7823-56B4-49A4-8003-D11C98…)

No. 887657

File: 1572657175413.jpeg (399.26 KB, 750x1117, 2D78C251-E1D8-4A04-8DC2-4A3108…)

she’s really playing up this “uwu i didn’t do anyfing wrong i swear !! :3” thing huh

No. 887658

Tbh I think the watermark drama is stupid and they both just used generic bunnies and hearts. She's still irritating for acting like this tho.

No. 887670

I mean I agree, but going by the "my pussy too small to censor" saga she's clearly found a new victim to leech (among others I'm sure) some semblance of a personality from whilst being just indirect enough to make Bunears look petty if she calls attention to it.

Textbook skinwalker behaviour if I do say so myself

No. 887674

This is the first good post I've seen from this girl. True and useful information written in English.

No. 887693

File: 1572662210077.jpg (272.2 KB, 1080x1681, Screenshot_20191102-133409__01…)

>plot twist it's just Erin all the while thinking she's really clever for typing slight differences each time

No. 887712

File: 1572666566310.jpg (1.13 MB, 1920x2560, 19-11-02-14-45-14-693_deco.jpg)

I honestly find it hard to believe Erin has this many orbiters who care about her Twitter drama

I also find it strange some of the anons are mockingly using "uwu" in their messages to her, one even calling her an "uwu bitch" when that's the general consensus of this thread made for Erin lol?

>Sage for further tinfoil

No. 887713

File: 1572666622040.jpg (874.74 KB, 1920x2560, 19-11-02-14-33-10-370_deco.jpg)


No. 887742

You’re probably right kinda sus how all her white knights are anonymous. “You’re such an uwu ass bitch” sounds like something Erin would say

No. 887751

It's definitely dumb enough to possibly be her kek

"People are here to Jack off. That's all you are to anybody :)"

- Weird considering I can't imagine Erin's WKs following her for wholesome reasons? Idk I'm probably reading too far into it but I pictured them coming from an angle that wasn't also super applicable to their queen lol?

>Sounds like projecting to me

No. 887753

The only reason Erins neckbeard degenerate male followers would defend her is for brownie points and le possible internet coochie they aren’t noble enough to do it anonymously
I doubt (and kinda hope) Erin doesn’t have any female followers because she’s such a bitch to every other girl so I don’t think. That’s plausible either
wtf is this person even saying ?
she’s so insufferable we all know damn well she’s harassing that bunears chick on her tellonym pretending to be a fan of herself and being like “wahhh I would never do anyfing to stir up drama that’s bad :ccc” being a self righteous bitch and criticizing other girls will only hurt you so you should learn to be nice to your female counterparts in the community you big nosed ass goblin

No. 887757


Read it nice and slow anon, pic was related. It was a convo about her curious cat being aggressively spammed by anons

The plot twist is it's just Erin lmao

No. 887760

Not you, anon I meant @/hammermidget it seemed like they were defending her weirdly at first lol my bad

No. 887762

File: 1572685646324.jpg (209.36 KB, 970x647, kisspink.jpg)

No. 887766

File: 1572686437183.jpg (271.14 KB, 818x1274, IMG_20191102_171947.jpg)

He never replies to her at all. She comes across so desperate.

He's not into you, Erin. Let it go.

No. 887769

I'm honestly curious if she's on the spectrum, or takes solace in the fact she's basically playing a character at this point?

It's funny you don't even need to lurk his Twitter to be 90% sure he's your typical scrawny eboy hiding behind his sxc animu dp and exaggerated alpha dom persona kek.

>Persuing him is sure to do wonders for her self image

No. 887776

i wouldn’t be surprised if bunears is just as much of a cow as erin is

No. 887792

I agree. Maybe I'm just old but I can't imagine giving this much of a shit over a stupid logo for your online pedo pandering porn persona.

No. 887824

I don’t think the bunears girl has been lying since the day she got on the internet, anon

No. 887835

These are all very clearly form one person. The verbiage and sentence structure is practically a template.

No. 887850

Anon you clearly don’t understand that bunears PAID for her customized logo which means she legally owns that logo for herself. Erin bluntly copied it and tried making it her own just like she copies every person she’s ever met. You clearly have never dealt with stolen art and how annoying it is for someone to bluntly copy your entire account and then deny it.

No. 887851

File: 1572709706175.jpeg (302.29 KB, 750x791, 6C1B894E-8653-4CFB-9258-B349E5…)

uh oh guys she’s having a breakdown beware she might threaten to hurt herself LOL

No. 887852

its bc someone made a callout post a few mentions ago, u can check her mentions lmao

No. 887853

File: 1572709848075.png (32.69 KB, 590x295, clowning.PNG)

No. 887862

File: 1572711137251.png (166.42 KB, 621x474, yikes.PNG)

this is honestly just sad. adding more to it

No. 887864

File: 1572711987983.jpeg (145.64 KB, 640x572, 471D7996-7BBB-4AEF-B027-B63905…)


No. 887865

her followers went down btw, she'll probably make a new post about that

No. 887866

Every single one of these people into this kind of shit is a cow. If they weren't, they wouldn't be embarrassing themselves like that and appealing to the lowest common denominator on the internet

No. 887869

Hard agree. Erin's goal in life is to be the off-brand version of whatever peaks her interest at the time. If that was all she wouldn't be half as milky. But if you've ever experienced the subtle (or not so subtle cough Erin) ways in which these people 'compete' with their victims you can spot it from a mile away.

I wonder what she'll do in response to the thread? Will she use our commentary to better her skinwalking or fade into the shadows like Kooters did? It goes without saying a lot of us hope she cleans up her act, but I'm pretty doubtful tbh.

>Saged for opinion sperg

No. 887870

File: 1572713098634.jpeg (260 KB, 750x1075, 4EE8448F-934B-4CF8-9D79-B12784…)

wasnt she just posting about wanting to die LOL take your meds erin you clearly are bipolar

No. 887873

Definitely true but I find the other girl to be the lesser of two evils. Like the other anon said I doubt she's been lying since the day she got on the internet.

>Derek pls adopt me :(

No. 887875

anon she is just an entitled fat neet

all her meds are over the counter

No. 887876

honestly dont think the other girl is a cow but im not as uppity about sex work or "uwu girls" as most people in the thread.

No. 887877

idk if anyone checked but derek isn't following her anymore so thats probably related to her posts about being abandoned and wanting to die

No. 887885

Isn’t it weird even in ddlg community to use term ”adopt”? I mean.. It’s the same as if someone refers to them as “daughter”?

No. 887889

Oh my gosh anon, she's not into ddlg it's actually petplay get it right ~

No. 887891

75% of the people in this thread need to read the guide on posting: https://lolcow.farm/info

No. 887896

No thanks man

No. 887912

i’ve never posted on here so i’m sorry if i do anything wrong but i’ve been a close mutual of erin since march 2019, she’s extremely manipulative and mentally ill. like i’m talking sociopathic, she has no genuine empathy for anyone she talks to and it’s always about her.

she frequently would talk to my boyfriend and indirectly ask him to buy her stuff until he blocked her. if i can find screencaps i’ll upload. again sorry if i’ve done anything wrong, just thought i’d share my opinion as one of erin’s “friends”

No. 887916

She can’t behave like a decent human being even to her “friends?” Not surprised. Please do upload them if you find the caps, we can’t take your word for it until we have the evidence.

No. 887952

File: 1572721134251.jpeg (235.46 KB, 1006x1453, 950A7F45-4C02-43CA-867E-D11025…)

just some context: erin added my boyfriend on playstation, tried to manipulate me into feeling bad about not wanting her adding him and then went on a rant about me on her story.

i already knew that some shady stuff happened with her master and cheating quite a while back so i wasn’t just being paranoid

these dms are from maybe 5-6 months ago, i’m sorry for my horrible cropping, i can’t find the original ones. hope i’m doing this right D:(D:)

No. 887968

she probably wanted to chat with him in a party using her baby voice and flirt with him, props to your bf for not cheating on you with this >>883390

No. 887986

she was trying to get derek to cheat with her too. he ended up breaking up with his girlfriend and i wonder if it was bc of her. she doesnt care about ppl in relationships.

No. 887990

I honestly doubt it was because of Erin, she doesn't deserve that much credit. I guess this derek guy broke up with his gf but I don't think Erin has that much to do with it, since he completely ignored her except for retweeting her shit once. She was completely obsessed with him though so maybe his ex felt bad.

No. 887994

she had a few twitter posts saying they were staying on discord call and derek was being cute and "dommy" with her. she since deleted those tweets so i guess its just my word but they were hanging out for awhile and after this bunears drama and some other stuff he unfollowed her and now he follows bunears. guess he realized shes crazy?

No. 888008

Nice try Anon. She isnt. She pointed out the logo after all the copying. It's obvious Erin is skinwalking this girl and she should point it out. Just like every girl who Erin has been skinwalking.

No. 888010

You can actually hear the immature whining reading these texts. How does she talk to anyone without being blocked for annoying them?

No. 888020

ew, what a cunt. gotta love those bdsm kiddos on twitter.

No. 888061

File: 1572733869268.jpeg (Spoiler Image,237.4 KB, 750x800, 25CC0636-778A-4F1E-B0DB-3AC205…)

she was just talking about wanting to kill herself and then just posts nudes where she (again) sexualizes sanrio characters
wonder if she was being spiteful with that as a fuck you to bunears

No. 888124

File: 1572739936053.jpeg (171.64 KB, 750x655, CF9DA43E-9FCB-4F02-9158-3B8BE4…)

They posted a thread about Erin and even HENTAIPUP retweeted it LOL erin is cancelled i bet

No. 888131

Link to thread?

No. 888138

No. 888148

File: 1572743195642.jpeg (467.25 KB, 1125x2243, B3A9CCCD-9690-40A7-A8E1-7BA3A8…)

I see people are linking the thread, guess we better expect another influx of newfags

Anyways, Erins pitiful attempt at damage control is beginning. Playing dumb instead of taking responsibility, as usual.

No. 888161

Honestly Erin needs her own thread because she's LITERALLY just this thread except MAYBE 5 posts.

No. 888165

File: 1572745386891.jpeg (339.8 KB, 1152x2048, 70DE913F-B2D7-44E5-8446-62568D…)

remember when erin got called out about suicide baiting and posting nudes on agere insta? me too

No. 888166

File: 1572745418153.jpeg (196.14 KB, 1152x2048, 7D09BE4D-A846-4D92-8D86-FF9D54…)

No. 888167

Your icon is showing

No. 888177


not my screenshots was from a really old callout thread on twitter bc erin posted nudes on her agere twitter (this was like 2 months ago now)

No. 888182

She could literally kill someone and be caught holding the weapon and she'd be like "uwu officer i dnt no what i did wrong??? i'm so confused n uncomfy :( :("

Jesus Christ

No. 888183

Sorry but is that anon dumb about erin needing her own thread? This is HER thread since she originally was posted on the e-girl thread. Get over it already.

No. 888188

File: 1572748904938.jpeg (302.87 KB, 640x474, C1BA8443-32F6-476F-A742-EB2B7C…)

Erin on why she’s so secretive about her age
if you felt like you wanted your childhood back so badly why are you on nsfw twitter posting things like


No. 888189


are you stupid? this thread is for soft girl/ddlg/nymphets. what about that is "erins thread" literally doesnt even have her name in it.

No. 888191

She’s literally part of the soft girl people LOL if you want her to have a thread of her own then do it yourself and put everything we’ve posted on that thread :) You clearly want to complain about her being the entire thread like a child would. Get over it you cry baby(:))

No. 888197

File: 1572749233244.jpeg (89.08 KB, 586x563, 0A474AF2-CC53-4DBF-91DF-2B6BF2…)

she’s trying to get other people to defend her and is threatening to deactivate. cringe.

No. 888198

>hewwo wandom giwl i’ve never talked to before pwease defend me from meanies n if u don’t u r mean 2!! >:(((

erin if you’re reading this you’re pathetic this is why no one likes you, stop making your problems everyone elses

No. 888200

she has a thread - >>>/snow/849255

No. 888201

File: 1572749750688.jpeg (74.2 KB, 594x431, 88CAB5BF-5597-467F-A486-686095…)

this is so sad i actually feel bad for her now. she has no self awareness.

No. 888208

Don’t feel bad for her that’s what she wants

No. 888210

File: 1572750267088.jpeg (35.48 KB, 585x286, 87BA5797-F83D-4468-AF1B-47093B…)

she’s doing it to multiple people omg girl STOP

No. 888217


This shit is why Erin will always get herself driven out of whatever community she inserts herself into. She is so stuck in this “why is everyone so mean to me I’m just a little girl I just want to be left alone” victim complex but it completely escapes her grasp that in order for that fake innocence shit to be remotely believable, she can’t keep antagonizing other girls and then going off on suicidal crytyping spirals. But she’s boring and petty so she won’t. She just loves to paint herself as a pure little loli in need of protecting when in reality she’s too emotionally stupid to do any sort of intentional self-reflection that considers others’ feelings. It’s all extremes

No. 888221


Honestly? This is creepy beyond belief. She’s acting like a neck beard orbiter annoying a girl for a response, but instead of sexting she wants someone to asspat her and be like “aww nooo they’re all just big meanies”. Why doesn’t she go to all the WKs in her comments if she’s so desperate to talk to someone on Twitter

No. 888227

Man does she not realize how pathetic and desperate this looks? What do they need to talk about? What can she say? "awo this girl started drama and i want you to go to her twitter and say she's being mean nyaa"? I don't understand.

No. 888228

Idiots on twitter thought she just turned 18, not 19 so she posted her ID. While she scribbled out all her personal info, she left some of the background of the card in view and with a simple google search of state IDs anyone can figure out she lives in New York. Good job Erin. So much for being careful and secretive

No. 888229

File: 1572751800320.jpeg (51.22 KB, 591x375, F871E82C-7C0F-40F6-A2BA-FFCB31…)

No. 888230

it's locked since she was considered a Dollanganger Calf at the time. we may as well keep filling this one since it's underway, but the next future thread on her could acknowledge that one as #1 and this as #2?

No. 888231

is there a cap of tha still existing to post here?

No. 888232

File: 1572752405810.jpeg (845.76 KB, 3305x2575, 7EFD231E-B749-41DF-BE7E-D67812…)

It’s still on her twitter but here.

No. 888239

Says her birthday is "scary" and traumatizing, yet has a wishlist up specifically for birthday presents. Okay.

No. 888243

File: 1572753612589.jpeg (33.51 KB, 592x286, 915B0621-B8BE-4FE3-95CE-B1C268…)

She has serious issues with letting people go. The man unfollowed her, follows all the people who are “bullying” her and straight up ignores every single comment or message or post she directs at him. He doesn’t wanna play Minecraft with you, he doesn’t want your tiny censor bar pussy and he certainly isn’t gonna defend you.

No. 888246

i beg of you all
sage if you want to make remarks like >>888221 >>888217 >>888200
it doesnt lead to any milk discussion and its so bothersome seeing this thread constantly put to the front page with no milk

No. 888248

File: 1572754145738.jpeg (73.37 KB, 586x863, 5A4DDA9C-4E8A-4C6D-9080-A7EA94…)

she deleted her comment

No. 888257

Sage your autism

No. 888260

File: 1572756254342.jpeg (419.92 KB, 1242x1305, 622E353A-0D23-4FC4-97F0-6B9C53…)

another guy lol

No. 888263

if >>887862 happened right after >>887766 she's hilariously pathetically desperate. aww a wittle passive-aggressive comment because you feel targeted? but still trying to get his attention afterwards while he couldn't care less you exist.

this woman is just a shit manipulator.
it's really annoying she's messaging strangers to defend her.

she wants to be and feel victimized over something that never happened and wishes it did happen. she wants people to feel sorry and pitiful of her in hopes that'll get her free shit.
i believe she knows what she's doing, she's an adult. i see her age regression and being a "victim" as bait for those pity points, but mainly targeted at men with questionable fetishes or whatever. posting nsfw while infantlizing herself.

tinfoil, i bet she's got fucked up fantasies and her sexualizing her childhood she never had because of "twama" is to find a man with dark fantasies. she's not looking for an actual relationship, because her average looks would ward of men who are into lolis. and a ldr will benefit more to her wishlist.

No. 888270

File: 1572757003942.jpeg (229.31 KB, 640x676, 3CC203F4-002E-4C2F-A07B-F11F1A…)

Someone on twitter posted a pic of her and said it was recent, she said it was years ago 1/1

No. 888272

File: 1572757031047.png (895.79 KB, 640x1136, A7DFC39B-58C5-44E7-B67D-2EA485…)

No. 888274

1/2* oops

No. 888286

>uwuwu how could you POSSIBLY ever not be making kawaii anime noises which I definitely do involuntarily and not by choice to fit my pedo fetishes
She's such a tryhard. This is the same as when she wouldn't stop humblebragging about her vagina then when she dropped pics it was obvious she had poorly airbrushed out her labia.

No. 888289

File: 1572759472858.jpg (108.72 KB, 1080x489, Screenshot_20191103-163430__01…)

Literally no one asked Erin stop oversharing your making it incredibly obvious you read this thread. You know exactly what you're doing and nothing good will come of it.

No. 888291

Lmfao this anon. All the while being a passive agressive shot at the girl she's currently skinwalking for showing her unshopped coochie kek

There are layers to how unlikable she is but unfortunately it's probably the most complex thing about her

No. 888297

uwu so smwol and fwagile :3 pls be nice im baby ://

No. 888308

File: 1572769051071.jpg (243.84 KB, 1080x1674, Screenshot_20191103-191018__01…)

Wondering if anyone's seen this yet? Bunears went off at Erin for everything on her alt

>Image dump incoming


No. 888309

File: 1572769083549.jpg (289.43 KB, 1080x1603, Screenshot_20191103-191047__01…)


No. 888310

File: 1572769174290.jpg (296.05 KB, 1080x1460, Screenshot_20191103-191104__01…)


No. 888317


god she's so fucking annoying. bajillion girls post their ugu shooped to hell vags for the internet. tldr /r/godpussy. you're all just ripping off of each other!!!

No. 888328

if she lost 100lb she'd be ana. It sounds like she's never lost weight or she's know that's a ridiculous number to throw out.


See egirls thread for reference of why this was made.

No. 888330

Funny how not only people in this thread notice all the little skin walking she's been doing but even random Twitter people are pointing it out to her victim. Saying the same shit anons have been saying. She can't even hide her skinwalking

No. 888336

had nothing to do today so i read this entire thread and now i need to take a long walk an d listen to animal collective or something
jesus christ. i'll never understand it. mental illness. doing this stuff is bad enough in itself but constantly shapeshifting is just indicative of a true illness and void inside of you that will never be truly filled.

No. 888365

Ikr! Imagine being so wrapped up in twitter sex and your online persona.
It must be earth shattering for her when this twitter brigade bullshit goes down. Jesus. I wonder if one day she'll look back and just cringe to death over this nonsense. One can only hope.

No. 888408

as someone who called out erin .. she’s def mentally ill and desperately needs help. she’s absolutely inept & seeking attention from pedos online will never help her. also someone said “wonder if dwainty is talking out of their ass” & no lol. she’s the one who made that blue little call out post, and the one sourcing the ss for most of this. she’s posted everything on pupmotel, almost 200 screenshots worth.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888412

she acts innocent & stupid about being in nsfw but she’s so quick to give up pussy to her final fantasy pedo’s & tinder dates lol. She’s not innocent she’s extremely experienced.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 888413

Erin just changed her bio to her real age, 19, once she got called out for it. She wants this image of UwU I’m so young n inexperienced & barley legal teehee I love older men(erin painter selfposting)

No. 888435

dwainty acc is suspended n there’s no pupmotel. where is the milk?

No. 888438

nta but these accounts are on instagram, not twitter

No. 888442

pupmotel is private so does anyone have access to the milk?

No. 888446

i follow it but there’s literally like 200 screenshots of milk and i really don’t wanna clog up the thread. i’ll try and get the milkiest ones.

No. 888447

File: 1572809647304.png (1.83 MB, 750x1334, C16AE05E-4423-4E50-BFD4-4BB6B7…)

this one is my personal favorite

No. 888452

https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1WPe98XsUd_mxUr51RwMdll1izGyhBhKC collection of erin talking about her ED on her old spam and then saying she never talked about her weight / having an ED

No. 888455

Anons keep saying that the copycat drama is retarded because none of the ddlg girls are original, but this is different than that. Same pose, same specific picture, same caption. I could see being annoyed at Erin for copying this, especially because it's such a weird thing to copy. It's different than say, Erin wears a similar pair of socks to a different ddlg girl, that would be ridiculous to be pissed about. Nonetheless, it's comical to watch Erin's reactions when everyone starts coming at her for being a retard

No. 888466

Honestly even if she does have some childhood/csa trauma acting like an uwu ~hentai loli~ and pandering to pedos is a TERRIBLE way to deal with it, because it means she's constantly putting herself back in the space/mindset of when she was victimised.

No. 888470

exactly. the picture is the same even down to the damn background. this girl is SAD. every single thing about her is skinwalked from some other ddlg girl on twitter. i bet if social media was taken away from her for one day she would have a mental breakdown.

No. 888528

File: 1572829212477.jpeg (129.27 KB, 640x342, 974A7469-9DAF-4004-A8F7-2A372A…)

It’s funny seeing her of all people retweet this

No. 888536

Second this anon, she's a true cow regardless of how original what she's copying is

No. 888552


lmao erin, you do nothing but passive aggressively attack other girls and then play the victim and suicide bait in your usual "what did i do,,://" way to make others seem like the problem when anyone dares to call you out on your shit. you go even as far as to message other girls' boyfriends because you see all other girls as competition and you must win uwu. i'm glad everyone now sees you for the manipulative narc cunt that you are and always were, apparently.

No. 888601

File: 1572856520262.jpeg (1.37 MB, 1125x1906, E0CABA63-77D8-43EF-9B9E-15890E…)

non Erin-related news: she really out here posting James Charles quotes as if she isn't cringe enough as is.

No. 888605

The Dominique Swain skinwalking freaks me out.

No. 888662

File: 1572880413988.jpeg (136.22 KB, 828x1332, C8E69853-A0CF-4CDC-B851-E5B644…)

Erin is already talking about wanting to reactivate insta & is already using a new new new nEW ig account… this bitch can’t stay off social media for 5 minutes

No. 888666

File: 1572881590854.jpeg (542.52 KB, 828x1463, DC5F266F-F657-409A-B2EE-D29413…)

> I don’t like being cooped up uwu
> spends all day every day locked in her room playing final fantasy and on discord to greasy simp “doms”

No. 888667

File: 1572881851729.png (1.2 MB, 828x1792, 14F92295-10A9-4046-9032-434065…)

Hilarious how even when she sad tweets from her nsfw account looking for sympathy these are the kinds of replies she gets… they don’t care about your life Erin, they only follow you for nudes. It’s nsfw twitter for crying out loud

No. 888668

File: 1572882026233.png (110.88 KB, 607x551, Screen Shot 2019-11-04 at 10.4…)


was looking for erin's twit and found her side account where she stalks people who blocked her & complains about people stealing her tweets, which she does all of the time

No. 888673


going outside hurts her eyes but being online staring at screens 24/7 doesn't. ok

No. 888676

Final fantasy xiv? Not going to be surprised if she is a healslut lol

No. 888705

File: 1572884738881.png (785.74 KB, 1125x2436, 48666BDE-CD71-4247-834C-0F10AD…)

Lmao(erin painter selfposting)

No. 888756

>“girls can’t be sexist, bye”
whoa now did she just say something nice about other females ? calm down Erin I think you’re forgetting that you’re a widdle innocent victim loli kitten and every other girl is a big meanie with gasp outie pussy flaps and doesn’t moan all high pitched uncontrollably like you, those other nsfw twitter girls are soo experienced unlike you, you’re so innocent, a true loli
what a dumbass she blocks anyone who doesn’t agree with her or coddle her but does this

youre probably lurking here rn, Erin you are gross and I bet you if your orbiters saw your real face and body they would run as far away as possible because you are NOT an anime loli you’re a tall fat bitch with an adult face that doesn’t even slightly resemble vanilla cake on final fantasy or whatever the fuck maybe try an audience of normal horny dudes instead of pedos and they’ll accept you until then you are one of the most entertaining cows on this site atm so keep it up

No. 888787

File: 1572891355990.jpeg (108.37 KB, 750x627, C6800FF4-8BD4-43D6-BA2A-36BFDE…)

but saying “uwu i wanna grind on master until he gives me permission to cum” is fine? ok goblina

No. 888788

I get she is shitty and all and her mental health doesn’t excuse her skin walking or harassing people but in the end she does need support with getting help. I don’t mean encouraging her current behavior but support and a stern talking to about how she’s wrong rn and needs to get help. I feel like she knows she’s wrong but is just too scared to get help or maybe I’m just giving her the benefit of the doubt cause the amount of hate she has gotten is enough to make even me insecure about everything I do. I don’t know she’s shitty but I really do hope she can get help and accept herself one day

No. 888791

>uwu dirty words r so bad I would never cuss >>882960 lel

No. 888794

She won't, it's not like she doesn't know what she's doing, she's very well self-aware. She wants to be a victim, if she doesn't get any pity she would literally have a mental breakdown over this. Yeah sure she get's a lot of hate, but it's mostly due to her very own actions. I agree that people shouldn't make fun of her because of something she can't change, like her facial features, even if her shops are heavy. Her behaviour, however is something she could and should work on; yet all she does is throwing "uwu i didnt mean to do that im sowwy". She's not willing to change in any way. Honestly anon even if you go and give her support of any kind it will most likely go to waste - she won't change unless she wants to, and she doesn't.

No. 888842

i got laser eye surgery ))): i have depression ugh
i paid a couple thousand for eye surgery )))): i live such a good life boohoo

No. 888856

File: 1572898038086.png (2.15 MB, 1125x2436, 2F18955F-F4E9-4160-9E9D-185215…)

I hate that Erin asks for gifts from her low life pedo followers. She’s so privledged and spoiled irl, she doesn’t need any help with gifts. She sits on her ass all day wanting to be a 4 year old instead of being an adult and getting a job. Why is she asking for gifts from followers when has mommy & daddy pay for all her stuffies and sex toys UwU. Like get a job lmfao. She’s literally a scum to society. what a waste of space

No. 888880

File: 1572898818956.jpeg (137.48 KB, 750x572, 780C9396-A3F0-4437-8A51-B24321…)

nta but update she just changed the accounts @ to @purinpet HI ERIN
and is literally pretending like she didn’t just get called out all over twitter haha erin please don’t stop being you, you give us endless milk

No. 888883

File: 1572899028123.png (311.99 KB, 640x1136, 840CAE47-D4F6-4EB6-B816-AEF9C2…)

She ignores supportive messages and only pays attention to drama and treats everyone who’s not a mutual like a fan
Image dump 1/3

No. 888887

File: 1572899115277.png (236.14 KB, 640x1136, 94211422-35CA-49E6-BF7F-2D279D…)

(these are from @pupmotel’s Erin highlights btw)

No. 888891

File: 1572899209944.png (308.49 KB, 640x1136, 2736B02F-573C-4C5E-A9B3-C02B1B…)

She doesn’t deserve her followers or support because she’s such a bitch to everyone and ignores all the support she receives
Img 3/3

No. 888898

I remember one time Erin posted a picture of her stomach while sucking in saying her usual “omg I’m sooo fat! Gonna stop eating teehee!” AND literally all I commented was “I-“ and she blocked me LMFAOOOO(rule 5.3)

No. 888936


I REMEMBER ALL HER STARVING POSTS???? she once captioned a picture of her body saying something along the lines of “doing an apple slice a day diet!” so i commented and i tried to tell her how it wasn’t healthy and going down a bad path so she argued me, said she isnt starving herself i should “shut the fuck up” and that im just bullying her/starting drama and blocked me.

before she started the “uwu im victim. what ???? i never said that! omg :(“ denial bullshit she would just straight out insult or block anyone who actually tried to give her help or constructive criticism she didn’t wanna hear. unless you’re male or have something she wants to use you for, you’re useless. even kissing her ass as those screenshots above show doesn’t work.

this has been going on far too long for me to feel any empathy. i do hope she gets help because i don’t know how she will ever make it if she doesn’t start growing up now, but shes completely aware of her shitty actions and doesn’t care for the help. its one thing to behave like her or struggle with mental illness but its another to deny your wrongdoings and dismiss any sort of help. shes spoiled and feels very comfortable in this false mind shes created for herself so i don’t see anything changing unless she gets a wake up call.

also find it funny that this thread is the only thing she hasn’t called her white knights out to defend her on or mentioned on social media, because she knows they’d see how she really is.(rule 5.3)

No. 888944

I don’t think her whiteknights even care enough to defend her
on the bunears tellonym, that was all her from the way it was typed out you could tell
I think the only people who lurk here are those who wanna know like the nsfw twitter kink community who’ve been skinwalker by her or have experience with her
her neckbeard followers don’t regard Erin as anymore than a snow filter ass in a loli outfit to jerk off to

No. 888945

File: 1572904974937.png (Spoiler Image,8.31 MB, 1242x2208, 685DB243-1709-40F0-9567-3D39E0…)

used 2 follow Erin on ig, have so many ss of her posts bcuz they were so embarrassing,,,, this 1 is my favorite bc her nose Photoshop was so bad and everyone was calling her out on it

No. 888948

File: 1572905104484.jpeg (Spoiler Image,92.17 KB, 1242x687, 61096B91-DD4A-4FEC-AAED-125EA3…)

Also,,, don’t understand whats so anime girl uwu ab her ass when it looks like this… disregarding the photoshop on her waist xaxaxaxa ok fatty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 888952

It's like she has a balloon in one of her butt cheeks.

No. 888958

i wish erin would learn what nsfw means. she will post a pic of herself in her undies and say it’s safe for work…if my boss saw softcore porn on my screen during break he wouldn’t be my boss anymore:/(:/)

No. 888973

Not sure if anyone noticed but this is her literally harrassing her prior stalking victim, the one that deleted her IG for a bit because of Erin

No. 888983

My b it's pocketsize not petsize… These girls all sound the same

No. 888996

Her photoshopping skills have always been lackluster, but the editing on her eyes here….she pulled the inner corners of her eyes out so much it doesn’t even look remotely real. Whew lad. How do people buy any of her bullshit

No. 889015

I want someone to make a thread of all the times Erin has copied someone else’s tweet / artwork & claimed it as her own. There’s so many.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889064

File: 1572919061008.jpeg (364.81 KB, 1242x1270, 746E326D-76AA-433E-9FBF-95977E…)

I wonder how many times she’ll be ignored by this eboy before she gives up?

No. 889109


she will get more and more passive aggressive and then start depression and suicide baiting when he still doesn't respond lol, calling it

No. 889131

It's funny how she thirsts and obsesses over all these eboys when she's still obsessed with all the ones she's been through the past few months and her exes

No. 889154

Wait she steals art too? Damn I thought she just copied people’s poses and nudes not straight up claimed other people’s art

No. 889157

Hopefully that's when he'll have the sense to block her. I think she's feeding his ego right now but he won't feel that way when her behaviour intensifies, as it always inevitably does kek

No. 889162

File: 1572929406757.jpg (348.34 KB, 720x1148, 20191104_204828.jpg)

erin photoshops herself into oblivion but when she thinks any other girls is photoshopping that's just… not ok:( uwu

No. 889177

That's it. I'm 100% convinced she's just some elaborate troll. No one can be that fucking thick.

No. 889184

File: 1572932167942.png (2.46 MB, 1125x2436, DD174FA7-201E-4B51-B36B-E7A357…)

Here’s the photos she’s talking about bending btw

No. 889189

You're giving her too much credit anon, and possible ideas lmao

No. 889190

Fuck off Erin you deplorable turd. Even if this girl is photoshopped her angles alone prove she's less shopped than your shapeshifting ass. What an unnecessary and transparent comment, I'm glad you got called out kek.

You're incapible of fashioning a desirable body even with editing so you're taking out your insecurities on other women.

No. 889197

File: 1572936065586.jpg (166.26 KB, 1080x1093, Screenshot_20191105-173323__01…)

She straight up reposted a previous tweet that gained heaps of traction… her attention hunger/clout chasing knows no bounds. At least she remembered (because she was corrected kek) it's obviously 'sexual harrassment' and not 'sexual assult' this time lol.

Lucky she corrected it, because going by her flawed logic she's a sexual predator herself :^)

No. 889198

File: 1572936385152.jpg (95.99 KB, 1080x575, Screenshot_20191105-174402__01…)

Same fag as >>889197
>Pick me my pussy is the most breeding worthy uwu

No. 889203

Jfc she's fucking dumb, it literally is only a matter of angles. No angles in the world can fix her fat ugly nose.

No. 889244

File: 1572952544656.jpeg (308.48 KB, 750x919, F364ACA5-586C-4A66-A3FB-FD21B9…)

I find it weird that HENTAIPUP is now an agereg person? Like she really just promoted her sfw agere account on her nsfw account. I’m pretty sure she only looked into agere after the Erin drama she had with her including this thread being linked in one of her tags. Whats next? The entire nsfw twitter people gonna become part of agere community?

No. 889259

I’m not sure if she straight up steals art but I know that her watermarks are not her artwork. They belong to someone else and she doesn’t credit the creator. Other people pay to have their watermark art done or make them themselves.

No. 889260

Lmao she sounds just like Erin in the post

>So uNc0mFy

No. 889271

File: 1572958310072.jpeg (281.99 KB, 640x636, 98D15C6C-D98A-4C58-B21E-C276C8…)

She traces other people’s art and passes it as her own

No. 889273

lol the least she could've done is flipped the image. why do people do this? no shame

No. 889295

this girl is genuinely infuriating. has she ever taken a single look in a mirror ?

No. 889303

erin just bc ur body is a fridge and u have to photoshop it doesn’t mean that other girls can’t have naturally nice bodies u weirdo also as if she cares about other girls feeling bad about themselves
>she also went all BABSHGS she BLOCKED ME that whore!!!

No. 889308

The girls photo does look photoshopped one of the leaves is really stretched where she pulled her waist in but Erin is in no place to put down others for photoshopping when all her photos are photoshopped into an entirely different person.

No. 889315

File: 1572968308758.jpeg (1.5 MB, 3000x3999, D4AD4FB9-3DD7-4158-B7A0-515ED3…)

Can she pick a face

No. 889316

lmao on top of that neither are even remotely attractive

No. 889321

not to wk, but that's not traced art? it doesn't line up anywhere

No. 889324

it's not, but i can see where it's toeing the line between "heavy inspiration" and "plagiarism"

No. 889335

She's either mad someone doesn't have to go hard on editing like she does or she thinks that accusing someone else of shooping automatically means that she would never and she's naturally uwu kawaii thin smol fairy no editing needed… Probably both tho

No. 889369

I want to know what she actually looks like now without the snow filters and nose photoshop. All those other pictures are like years old.

No. 889402

This is so bizarre. Shes using 'uncomfy' just like Erin. I dont understand how she can be selling content on a nsfw account and then promote a sfw one? Her nsfw orbiters are going to follow that account…making it not sfw. Agere is becoming a trend among these 'soft' nsfw im baby girls, how strange

No. 889429

I hope this trend is limited to twitter weirdos
I think ppl look too deep into it when they say “wtf that’s messed up they must’ve gone through csa or some other traumatizing event to make them like that “
they’re not traumatized little bwabies they’re attention whores and these girls are just appealing to the lowest common denominator of an audience
contributing to society’s pornsickness “the younger the better” mindset
( I don’t have a problem with SWs or anyone who is into NSFW comm just these loli wannabes)

No. 889431

all "soft girl" type (i hate saying that cringe) ppl use the word uncomfy. people on here say it

No. 889462

File: 1572996148780.png (649.12 KB, 1125x2436, 2CE33A2A-A1CC-4F98-AD42-A597C7…)

She’s at it again with “UwU I don’t know anything”

No. 889463

was just about to post this like why does she want to put this out there so bad she’s just gonna get creeps who want to “corrupt” her i mean look at her replies
anything to appeal to get that sweet sweet pedo attention right

No. 889468

File: 1572996702979.png (651.38 KB, 1125x2436, F1FFFC3E-924D-4CE2-8CB5-4B1BA2…)

She says DM me but in the comments people are saying they do and she doesn’t respond. But once someone calls her out she says “I have too many dms!”

No. 889470

“Everyone’s so confident on here”
Yeah and you’d like to knock that right down, huh Erin? She shits on ever other girl in the community whenever she gets the opportunity “Don’t sexualize Sanrio characters”
“Eww what the fuck is wrong with you calling yourself a loli?!”
“That is photoshopped”
and look at the replies “someone needs grooming” that’s some actual pedophile terminology
Kek at their names, Neko and hornyguy

No. 889478

File: 1572997420576.jpeg (394.95 KB, 750x906, 6FD0795A-65F6-4657-AA89-B8CD33…)

she is so weird even copying the e boy she’s obsessed with tweets

No. 889482

She's pathetic, and definitely not in a cute way. I wonder if he saw pictures of her real face and body and read as all of her drama, maybe that's why he wants nothing to do with her frumpy ass

No. 889483

Man even if she was the prettiest cutest kawaii uwu girl out there, behaving like this wouldn't get her anyone's attention. Like it's so obvious she's saying this shit just to 'please' that derek guy. It's annoying as fuck, I can't imagine anyone finding this flattering.

No. 889485

File: 1572997976086.jpeg (541.03 KB, 1125x1118, CFC2F9E7-8B30-49B4-830A-07490E…)

her tweet right after saying she’s soooo “shy n innocent n inexperienced” lmaooo. Really? Inexperienced? She’s been in nsfw since she was like 15 & fucks hella ffxiv daddy’s n 30 year old tinder dates(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889486

File: 1572998158044.png (2.37 MB, 1125x2436, 555C9D4C-B493-4B09-8619-05063E…)

No, Erin. You’re tall and fat.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889490


well technically it counts as "size kink". you ever seen those nerdy stick insect twitter doms she thirsts over? she's borderline bbw in comparison kek

No. 889509

as much as i love vagina like the dyke i am,this made me fucking retch, i feel like i'm looking at CP.
Holy cow,i never saw someone pandering this bad,not even Belle Delphine is at that level of pedobaiting and this bitch is pretty high.

Seriously,she needs to get some therapy ASAP,it's frightening to see these girls transforming into these dumb slutty bimbos or dumb widdle babbies for the enjoyment of men online because that's the only way they feel worthy.(blogpost)

No. 889512


Hilarious how she called that other girl out for photoshopping, yet will hold an object closer to the camera to make it seem like it’s bigger than her lel. Like a well-known camera trick with angles is any better?

No. 889515

yes you’re so inexperienced erin!
didn’t she literally shove a large cat tail buttplug up her ass the other day? she needs to stop with this “m so childish and inexperienced aaaa” bullshit.

No. 889538

File: 1573005051505.jpeg (318.38 KB, 750x1117, 56B0FAAE-0BDB-4EF5-9B17-813CD1…)

post from her instagram account about the trauma her “master” put her through when she was 17-18

No. 889540

Lmao trauma from a long distance master that you met online? Like girl you should have just turned the monitor off lmfao(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889548

File: 1573006848714.jpeg (25.6 KB, 500x328, images (5).jpeg)

This is the first thing that came to mind after reading that sperg

No. 889563

almost everyone who says their trauma makes it ok to have a fetish for pretending to be a 4 year old was just scolded once or twice when they were almost adults lol

No. 889573

ok whiteknight

No. 889578

File: 1573014456524.png (Spoiler Image,1.72 MB, 1188x1255, 76ae2cc73768e05325c78fb035459f…)

has this been pointed out yet?

No. 889581

Holy fuck…. I didnt think she was copying bunears but this is carzy

No. 889585

Would love to see her get called out for this and try to explain it away. Theres no chance 'b-but im innocent and dont know what i did wrong why is everyone being a meanie :(' will cut it with this.

No. 889593

I’m borderline livid with how she acts can we go tell that pouty doll chick about this? She’s actually copping pose for pose and outfits she needs to be originally it’s not even an argument that “it’s a common pose” look at the one of her feet it’s seriously the same exact pose

No. 889601

Good spot anon, I think she believes if she copies aspects from multiple victims she's less likely to get caught.

Tried to find her photos in apoutydoll's apron but I think she deleted them because anons thought she looked chubby kek. Luckily it's saved in the thread.

No. 889602


"i dnt know what i did wrong ive never seen their account before so i didnt steal anything :((( will delete my account if itll make u comfy but im so confused :((("

I swear

No. 889603

Samefag as: >>889601
I just realised Erin was calling herself poutypet too kek >>881591

No. 889604

File: 1573018064006.png (3 MB, 1125x2436, F4CA02EA-2215-4563-BAE7-0294F2…)

Oh hey

No. 889605

Wow that was bloody quick lol, can't say I'm not enjoying it though

No. 889606

where did this thing about her fucking her tinder dates come from? don’t doubt she doesn’t, just curious about how it originated.

No. 889608

File: 1573018660545.jpg (183.65 KB, 1080x1845, Screenshot_20191106-163507__01…)

Normally I'd assume this is Erin but she used the correct "you're" so who knows

I'd still keep an eye out on her curiouscat it's bound to get spammed when >>889604 blows up. Unless Erin reads this and my reverse psychology is working kek

No. 889613

File: 1573018888175.jpg (115 KB, 1080x795, Screenshot_20191106-164121__01…)

This is so accurate

No. 889624

How many other people is she copying Christ. Anyone have access to some private accounts she has? Need some more milk so someone can finally get to to stop I mean with that bunny chick coming out to call her out maybe something will get done

No. 889630

File: 1573021120649.png (1.12 MB, 1125x2436, 3434F794-6B7C-4378-AB2E-A3A9CD…)

She claims to be in and out of therapy but I can 100% promise you no therapist would ever condone posting the content she does and claiming she’s a baby I’ve gone through sexual assault and emotional abuse for years and I wanted to post nudes and such for approval but my therapist repeatedly told me how bad it is and how it’s re traumatizing and makes you an easy target for harassment unless she’s doing this as a shitty form of self harm or somehow never told her therapist she’s doing this shit she clearly has never gone (also people only claim she’s never been abused or harassed because she has been caught lying so many times and she has willingly trigger so many people’s Ed by calling herself overweight and not tagging her shit)

No. 889635

File: 1573023632656.png (364.85 KB, 1125x2436, D6C070D7-9B31-4CA5-ADFF-63A567…)

No. 889638


Yes, it's totally about the socks and not the same poses in the same clothes from the same angles time and time again

No. 889639

File: 1573024066460.png (561.88 KB, 1125x2436, F045D1B0-48B1-4AEA-9931-40766C…)

No. 889642

File: 1573024879869.png (585.54 KB, 1125x2436, 56B6BC2C-4291-406D-885C-70B38D…)

Well now we know she reads this or at least knows about it anyone have anything they wanna say?

No. 889643

i call bullshit on the last post, she isn't even friends with the person she copied. erin made a tweet not that long ago invalidating age regressors saying that she is tired of them using age regression as an aesthetic, who the person she is supposedly friends with got called out for lmao

No. 889644

Exactly, I see her saying she doesn’t like ddlg but follows ddlg accounts and people who state they are a little but suddenly changed her bio to I accept ddlg and such

No. 889648

File: 1573025492097.jpeg (122.38 KB, 750x1276, A55AB813-46BB-4153-85B3-D8CB41…)

like you dont stalk everyone else you copy LOL(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 889649

Wait hold up is that Erin?? Does she seriously have m o r e alts?

No. 889650

yes, thats her backup

No. 889651

Oh fuck she let me follow her on insta? So far it’s one post with just dots and a picture of those hello kitty character things will post milk if there is any so far all she posted was an old selfie saying life is hard I thought she blocked guys??

No. 889652

File: 1573026172136.jpg (186.53 KB, 848x575, IMG_20191106_154226.jpg)

She liked this but it's exactly how she sounds

No. 889653

Can you post the selfie?

No. 889654

Has anyone been able to post negative shit on her twitter? I’d love to see her respond to everything everyone says here directly she can’t even come up with replies other than how we’re creepy

No. 889656

File: 1573026431849.png (8.81 MB, 1125x2436, 81214A17-072C-4B50-80BA-2043C1…)

No. 889659


lol wtf even is this shoop, looks like a drag queen robbie rotten

No. 889668


whenever she had a spam account she posted about going on a few dates and even forced the guys to know she was into petplay. She went on a date with this one dude and stayed at his house multiple times and then let him have sex with her, moments later she’s spam posting “omg what do i do he came in me help” and whenever that guy cut contact with her she threatened her usual im not good enough posts. You would know if erin was having ANOTHER breakdown if the photos were pictures of her eyes crying and a black screen

No. 889669

File: 1573028247271.jpeg (253.6 KB, 750x912, 8AEE0FFD-FE34-401C-B3BB-7B05F7…)

she just retweeted this LOL imagine backing up someone who literally is copying her mutuals constantly(Erin Painter Selfposting)

No. 889671

File: 1573029399516.png (357.77 KB, 750x1334, A8629B12-7263-472A-9E74-F530F0…)


No. 889673

File: 1573029510182.jpeg (148.77 KB, 720x1294, 69B6CE4E-EF7A-4E6F-8E46-463598…)


No. 889675

File: 1573029610298.png (268.14 KB, 750x1334, 2613ED5B-C0E3-4DC0-987D-C8839B…)


No. 889677


Wait. So she asked the girl, was told no, said she wouldn't, and then did it anyway? And is trying to use that as a defense? How dense can you be?

No. 889681

Can we fucking talk about how she’s acting “UWU YEAH LEAVE POUTY ALONE I’m so SORRY BB” she said she was uncomfortable with it and you still did it and didn’t tag her even tho she “inspired” you and said don’t post them but I guess I can’t stop it Erin stop it for ffs you’re not innocent you’re not sweet for up and get a life please

No. 889682


Yep LOL i find it funny how she’s like “i take inspo from this angel uwu” but has said that as well when she copied Aubrey (usedpet on ig) including all the other girls she copies.

No. 889683

File: 1573030823986.jpeg (301.7 KB, 750x933, F7AC6BD1-DF9E-4F3B-9B56-9FDDCF…)

Not sure if anyones noticed this but apoutydoll is into ddlg and Erin stated she doesn’t follow or let ddlg people follow her? So she’s being a hypocrite LOL

No. 889684

File: 1573030953521.jpeg (230.75 KB, 1242x1747, F6F07B43-1BB7-4482-B601-E3F84C…)

Also want to point out she’s into CNC and i believe Erin is uncomfortable with that since she’s a victim? Not sure correct me if i’m wrong anyone, but here’s a closer look at the chart apoutydoll is into

No. 889691

Didn’t she have a pet she had to give up at one point? Or am I thinking of a different chick?

No. 889700

File: 1573038116674.jpeg (159.4 KB, 750x629, 4C1C7204-991D-4400-B8E4-13D032…)

erin face it you won’t, you can’t live without attention from your orbiters
>also she says she fears for her LIFE bc of us lmao calm down girl we don’t care about you that much your internet presence is just funny to watch because you’re so embarrassing

No. 889712

Seems like she already owns half the accounts on these websites anyway

No. 889719

She adopted a husky puppy, was told by tens of comments she wouldn’t be able to care for it since she never goes outside, and had to rehome it after a couple of days. In that time (of course) she had posted a ton of pics and stories with him and after he had to be rehomed she got pissy at anyone that asked where he was/why she wasn’t talking about him. She really thought she could make a huge deal of a husky puppy and people wouldn’t question it when she started acting like he never existed

No. 889721

File: 1573040752129.jpeg (1.02 MB, 3464x3464, 85442555-5F3C-40B0-A279-FD51D9…)

She fucked this guy named Ryan from tinder in under a week of knowing him (swear it was like the third day of knowing eachother they fucked) and he stopped talking to her after lmao

No. 889722

ugh even back then she was gross and over sharing.. literally no one wants to hear about how her loose vagina was “torn up”.

No. 889726

Yeah and not too long ago, she posted this guy she met and went out with him to the mall and then gave up pussy and of course he left her afterwards. This was a few weeks after she went over to that one guy’s house & fucked him lolll. Sooo “innocent and shy”

No. 889733


Actually that happened twice, she adopted 2 dogs and because they peed in the house her mother had a breakdown and gave the dogs up immediately. Like is her mom actually dumb? of course a puppy isn’t going to be immediately house trained until you take the time to do so. They’re so used to cats that they know nothing about dogs and how puppies pee in the house. It pissed me off when she blocked anyone who mentioned the two times they did that.

No. 889737

File: 1573043585901.jpeg (152.15 KB, 750x770, E7B8CA71-4B66-4AA7-904E-1E3D72…)

She’s throwing shade now

No. 889758

Does anyone else notice that every time Erin gets called out she retweets all her nudes that she posted? Lmao. Trying to cover it up

No. 889765

This is so weird because she’s literally posted her pussy censored on IG MULTIPLE times and uncensored on her very first twitter. Why is she doing this dumb shit lol

No. 889770

File: 1573054702016.jpeg (288.04 KB, 750x1096, D4C1622C-3C0C-4940-A5B7-5FCC8C…)

or you’re just posting sad tweets because you want people to beg for you to stay so they can see free lewds of you since you’re such a legal loli

No. 889773

Holy fuck just delete already, this is so fucking annoying.

No. 889774

this thread is a whole movie lol she just doesnt stop

No. 889782

File: 1573057009422.jpeg (599.91 KB, 828x1216, 208063F1-9016-4CFD-BF12-995B4E…)

When has Erin EVER been able to “deal” with people calling her fat and ugly… she spergs about it constantly

No. 889784

is there any actual proof of her so-called rape and abuse aside from the “trauma” her e-daddy dom put her through ? given she lies about practically everything i wouldn’t be surprised her trauma never existed.

No. 889785


ah, it's twauma baiting time again, complete with a disgusting ddlg illustration. erin you're a joke and your "trauma" is that you fucked some fuckbois who dumped you after they got pussy, stop fishing for empathy and get your hpd ass to counceling if your tinder fuckboi trauma bothers you so fucking much that you constantly have to bring it up. bc right now it seems you relish in it and you WANT to feel bad because that gets you the most attention

No. 889790

File: 1573058451769.jpeg (217.53 KB, 750x583, D762E20A-8DEE-4B6D-A0A6-A012D1…)

isn’t erin anti ddlg? but is liking someones post that’s into ddlg as well? wouldn’t surprise me if tinypup is someone else she’s gonna skinwalk considering they only have 21 followers and aren’t known

No. 889801

So she ASKED asked and the girl said NO and she did it anyways. Then has the nerve to call her an angel and say sorry for the drama. Hahahahahaha. She’s literally delusional oh my GOD.

No. 889812

File: 1573060996096.jpeg (118.36 KB, 750x695, DA507E74-A40C-4CFD-897B-4CF966…)

another breakdown, we should start a game of “guess how many times will erin have a break in 1 week”

No. 889813

File: 1573061128415.jpeg (315.13 KB, 750x1173, D0C340DA-B41F-42FC-A811-4828A1…)

she deactivated LOL

No. 889814


narc manipulation at its finest

No. 889818

My favorite part about this is her main twitter went down in followers while her nsfw twitter went up. They seem to just care about her body, not her as a person.

No. 889820

File: 1573062261116.png (337.41 KB, 1125x2436, C7A70C5F-0A5D-47E8-9B32-FD5C45…)

Who actually believes this shit anymore? Let’s see how long it takes for Erin to activate her NSFW twitter again cuz she misses the attention from her pedo old men fans(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889823

File: 1573062484913.jpeg (244.87 KB, 750x874, 5015E2C8-5DF4-43FB-A054-BB5954…)

Erin sweetie you constantly copy others and are a hypocrite but once called out and exposed by other mutuals you decide to delete and hide. You did that with instagram and now twitter? Your parents probably divorced because of you

No. 889826

Maybe if she tried writing an actual, formal apology instead of saying uwu im so sad I ruin everything everyone hate me im sowwie )))):

I think another person posted a tweet referencing that they can’t take apologizes littered with baby talk and uwu seriously, which I agree with.

No. 889827

File: 1573063106063.jpeg (275.78 KB, 750x1195, A8D3821F-3BDC-4B97-8C57-4C6DFB…)

“body twitter acc” you mean your nsfw account? for interacting with nsfw people?

No. 889828

File: 1573063120953.jpeg (124.08 KB, 1125x751, D82D33A7-7123-4A78-A2FD-37691D…)

Is this a new final fantasy e-boy daddy? Or an alt account?(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889829

lol yeah unfortunately. most people
literally just see her as a vagina. when will she realise no one wants to hear her whining?

No. 889830

so now that she has been run out of nsfw twitter anyone want to take any guesses at what community she will infiltrate next kek
>imagine her as drain gang

No. 889834

She hasn’t. She’ll be back in a bit she just wanted attention.

No. 889840

and she uses the copied picture to upload to IG? She's really something

No. 889841


Erin in drain gang would be horrible LOL

No. 889846

LOL, she's acting like she has orbiters from r9k (which is awful in itself but at least indicative of being desirable) instead of people calling her out for being a complete skinwalker, liar, manipulator, etc.

No one thinks you're interesting.
This thread is to get people to realize you have no self-awareness and should be avoided.

No. 889847

dang just saw these lmfao, if erin becomes drained and starts tweeting about dissociating im gonna go insane

No. 889850

i hope no one actually falls for this. self-flagellating is never an apology and should never be part of one. calling yourself evil and frantically saying you feel bad changes nothing. if anything, being aware you're a bad person while still refusing to make changes makes you even worse than people who aren't aware.
this is typical narcissistic manipulation. she wants people to coddle her and go "uwu noo you're not bad sweetie!" because she's crying while exhibition guilt. she wants the guilt to be seen as irrational.
guess what Erin? it's rational. you should feel bad.

No. 889911

File: 1573079098635.png (74.37 KB, 753x745, erin.PNG)

looks like erin is getting called out on her "self pity uwu" tweet

No. 889915

>inb4 she blocks them

No. 889917

isnt this girl 'sexualising sanrio characters' in that post too? youre a fucking hypocrite who cant even keep your attacks in order

No. 889924


she only attacks the popular ddlg girls about shit like that. because she's jealous and feels threatened by their popularity. some random girl with 20 followers is not competition for her (at least yet) so she doesn't bother because no one would care about that drama and it wouldn't give her attention.

No. 889932

File: 1573085375028.png (3.27 MB, 1125x2436, 3508D3A4-626D-404B-8B3A-E9A146…)

is she really posting underwear pics on her sfw agere account? Is she serious? Does she ever quit lol(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889935

File: 1573085992850.jpeg (330.18 KB, 750x1190, 05815F3D-CF0E-4234-B03A-673F63…)

THAT PERSONS COMMENT HAS ME DYING. Whichever one of you commented that you have me laughing hard

No. 889937

File: 1573086045958.jpeg (357.35 KB, 750x1207, C23535DB-6B90-423A-87DB-377EDE…)

She’s reposting her stuff again yikes

No. 889938


also that anime girl in the userboxes is from a pedoshit catgirl visual novel called nekopara that is literally just porn. ~uguu such sfw agere~

No. 889940

File: 1573086253434.jpeg (358.46 KB, 750x1096, 4F253A45-3304-4176-BC35-F15496…)

She’s blocking anyone that likes that girls comment. Like you’re posting PANTIES and THIGHS which is nsfw. You have sfw agereg people following you for a safe place and if they wanted to see someone in their panties they would go to nsfw twitter on a nsfw account. Disgusting and disrespectful to her own “keep nsfw stuff off my feed uwu” bullshit

No. 889941

File: 1573086311544.jpeg (661.03 KB, 1242x1448, EE37A344-6030-49AE-BA2C-D6908F…)

LMAO. She’s DELUSIONAL. “It’s not nsfw cause I don’t have a cock in my pussy” is apparently the new standard for NSFW.

No. 889942

File: 1573086435366.jpg (157.37 KB, 1080x1044, 20191107_032813.jpg)

No. 889944

File: 1573086530057.jpeg (87.55 KB, 828x433, B8D4D737-21EC-41FE-8C87-30C6C4…)

this puzzles me so much lmao she always interacted with ddlg accounts, why is she suddenly grossed out by them now?

No. 889945

File: 1573086620388.jpeg (308.26 KB, 1242x860, 5AB59FC8-81C1-4748-8CC9-6EA63C…)

Can’t tell if autistic or actually that dumb

No. 889946

File: 1573086685168.png (334.45 KB, 1125x2436, 1BB96FE0-4ACE-454A-B1F2-8D33A2…)

Why is she playing stupid. She must actually be mentally retarded to think underwear pictures are sfw. She really gets upset if she goes 5 seconds without posting her tiny innie pussy teehee uwu >>.<<(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889947

File: 1573086796422.jpeg (266.31 KB, 750x1195, 6275139C-4CC9-45E2-A5FF-CFCDA3…)

Is she dumb? She already dealt with this before the first few times she posted similar content.

No. 889948

I think she’s just confused on what sfw means because she’s never had a job in her life LMFAOOO(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889950

she does realize she can post her stomach without her coochie showing, right?

No. 889951

I mean, I get she’s gross and annoying but i don’t think insulting her and calling her obese makes anyone better than she is, it’s equally pathetic.
However, it seems like she cares more about these pathetic insults instead of responding to people who keep calling her out. She just blocks them and refuses to give a reply, which will never not be funny to me.
She is objectively delusional and acts in a disgusting manner, but giving her any type of attention only fuels her ego. She hides only when she faces real arguments that aren’t written in babytalk.

No. 889952

She deleted that tweet after someone that posting her panties is nsfw. She is trying to get people to pity her so desperately.

No. 889953

File: 1573087226791.png (1.36 MB, 750x1334, 3CB86AF3-1728-429C-97F7-654BB6…)

Hi I’m the girl on Twitter who got blocked for calling her out lmaO. I’m so done with her bs. “This is a sfw account I won’t post my body uwu !!” immediately posts pictures in nderwear u can literally post JUST ur stomach(cowtipping)

No. 889954

File: 1573087236392.jpeg (236.19 KB, 750x1182, 2D7CA0AA-9F39-4942-AFA9-4BDEEE…)

Explains a lot lol

No. 889956

File: 1573087256557.jpeg (205.22 KB, 1125x1503, 6DA755EF-C529-4032-8529-80251D…)

at least she admits to it tho(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889957

File: 1573087417388.png (120.55 KB, 341x605, erin.PNG)

she put her twitter on private

No. 889959

does anyone remember when Erin had a mental breakdown & cried & threatened to kill herself because someone took her username(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889963

File: 1573088315519.jpeg (127.6 KB, 750x1058, F115E66C-C8E4-4754-996C-A50088…)

she can’t be without social media she’s already gonna reactivate her main insta

No. 889965

She must have no friends in real life. She most likely never goes out and sits on her lazy ass at home.

No. 889966

File: 1573088641921.png (1.01 MB, 828x1792, 08FCFD22-39C0-4B86-8C1B-8086A8…)

she blocked me because I liked a tweet, how pathetic do you have to be to refuse to even reply to actually v a l i d arguments made against you?
She’s creating this godawful bubble where she’s this innocent incompetent baby when in reality she’s just a huge fucking manipulator.
Erin, if you’re going to read this (of course you will) just know that everyone knows how shitty you actually are.
You can change your behavior, be a good person and recognize your mistakes like a normal fucking person does.
But no, in order to maintain those four pedophiles and dumb ass fifteen year old littles as your followers, you just HAVE TO embarrass yourself even further.

If you want to stop drama, fucking apologize and get your shit together, get a goddamn job and don’t complain every two seconds about people wanting to cut contacts with you because you’re so manipulative and toxic.
If you want them back then be serious for one goddamn second and apologize. It’s not that hard.

No. 889970

if i saw this literal nude on my feed i can guarantee it would upset me, i’m not even an age regressor i just like to keep my feeds free of nsfw stuff.

considering most of her followers on pwurrs are age regressors she definitely posted that pic knowing it would upset people,, how gross.

i hope she gets shunned out of every online community she joins.

No. 889972


I always think it’s so funny/pathetic when people bother to see who just merely LIKED a tweet and goes and blocks those people.

No. 889974

File: 1573090418445.jpeg (318.67 KB, 1242x900, E4CE9155-5A79-40ED-87A0-DBB49B…)

repeat after me, your tummy pictures don’t need to include your panties and pussy.

No. 889976

File: 1573090716143.jpeg (207.98 KB, 750x1208, 313DADA4-2D19-4D2A-ABE4-FF3B0D…)


No. 889979

Tbh this is going a bit too far. Like, it’s not even a “oh that’s the Internet” thing because here y’all yell at her for bringing other people down and then say shit like this.
If you’re gonna call her out, point out her actual flaws instead of acting like a retard. I’m not even defending her because she needs to be called out but this ain’t the way to do it. But whatever, she’s gonna block anyone anyway.

No. 889981

is there any solid proof she was actually raped though? she says she was a child when it happened but i’ve also heard she posted about it on her instagram at the time? like the only claims of rape are from her. either way that message is still gross

No. 889982


well i would agree with you if she was actually raped but "i was a child" is 100% bull fucking shit and she's literally just saying that because her pedo ddlg degenerate followers get off to child sexual abuse. that's just another part of her gross ~loli aesthetics~

No. 889986

I honestly never believed it was true. I hate to doubt someone’s true allegations but I’m a firm believer that Erin would lie or exaggerate something so serious just for attention. I honestly think she most likely gave up pussy, the guy left her, and then claimed it as rape because she regretted it. And he was most likely an older guy while she was a teenager so now she’s calling it rape (bc law says it technically is), even when she actually truly consented to it at that time.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 889987

Whoever sent that message is gross as fuck, it’s unsure whether she got raped or not. Let’s not say shit like this to people even if they’re acting deplorably, it’s not going to prove your point
Still wondering why she sexualized kids’ stuff if she experienced cocsa tho

No. 889988

that sounds most plausible honestly, it was most likely statutory rape if it actually happened. i’m not saying that’s any less serious or anything though, it’s just massively different to how she portrays her “sexual abuse”.

No. 889998

Honestly assumed the same as you anon.

Regardless, whoever sent her that message is a massive tard. Although picking on her looks is easy there's clearly more important things that need to be brought to her and other's attention. If it wasn't already obvious, calling her out in that way just gives her ammunition against us and helps her to validate ignoring the truth we keep exposing. Let's not give her anymore scapegoats when she's capiable of fashioning them out of thin air.

At the end of the day she knows how she looks, if she didn't she wouldn't be compulsively shopping her photos since she's had an internet presence. There would be no need for her to constantly be on damage control and she definitely wouldn't be so passive agressive to other women, that's for sure.

We can't teach her self respect but we can certainly call our her behaviour in an attempt to prevent it.

>Saged for opinion sperg

No. 890004

Exactly. I don't like Erin one bit but who in their right mind says that? That's disgusting. If you want to call her out, which you really can't when it comes to this, this isn't the way to go about it.

No. 890008

File: 1573094777402.jpeg (649.59 KB, 750x1231, 002E38B3-8ED7-412F-8253-F49B6B…)

i feel weird arguing about the validity of someone’s rape but she did mention she was groomed when she was 14 by a man (in person im assuming), but again still doesn’t explain why she copes with it the way she does

No. 890009

consenting and then regretting isn’t rape tho….. not in the way she describes it at least.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 890011

So, are we sure that she didn't make an account and send this to herself? I agree that this message is super fucked up but I dont think she is above this tactic to get pity points and play the victim.

No. 890038

>>890009 if she was underaged, that is rape tho.

No. 890041

It's statutory rape anon, because in the eyes of the law she was not old enough to be fully aware of what she was consenting to.

No. 890049

Yeah I get that. But it’s very different than being forced down against your will. She gave consent. She liked the guy. She wanted to do sexual things with him. It’s different.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 890050

Erin's posting a lot on her purinpet ig, can anyone post caps?

No. 890054


Yeah genius, probably why it’s got a different name and legal definition. It’s still a form of rape.

No. 890055

lol i've never posted to a forum or anything like this before so i'm sorry if i fuck up the format in any way, it'll be purely unintentional

i knew erin for a long time (over a year, i'm not quite sure how long it'd actually be since i never kept track LOL) so i had seen a lot of her shapeshifting and skinwalking. every time i tried to gently mention she had blatantly copied someone she would turn mean and aggressive and suicide bait and manipulate (which i'm sure isn't surprising given the content in this thread.)

she cut off contact with me a few days ago by blocking me everywhere (ig, twitter, etc) and then tweeted about how everyone abandons her shortly afterwards. she is nothing but a snake. she is such a vile human being and she will continue to pop up on new accounts using different aesthetics until she's sick of attention. i am grateful i am out of her life now, she would constantly rely on me for attention and i felt very uncomfortable with it because her personality would change every few months and i'd constantly be catching up on whatever new trend she was clinging to at the time. she panders to whatever cuckboys are giving her enough attention depending on her current personality so they don't leave her and view her as this sweet little angel. she's fucking sickening.

No. 890056

Anon having sex with someone that’s younger that that states age of consent is rape bottom line.
Not legal fagging since there’s loopholes and shit like that but legal adult having sex with legal minor is rape. Circumstances don’t matter, don’t matter if they’re dating or not, or if she “wanted” it or not, don’t matter if either of them regret it or not. It’s still rape.

No. 890061

File: 1573106126961.jpg (298.68 KB, 1080x1963, 20191107_005508.jpg)

New e boy?

No. 890062

File: 1573106192715.jpg (429.81 KB, 1080x1920, 20191107_005517.jpg)

No. 890063

File: 1573106228003.jpg (532.08 KB, 1080x1972, 20191107_005525.jpg)

No. 890066

That makes the most sense imo. If it is the case all she succeeded in doing was detailing the convo for a few hours whilst the thread washed it's hands of anyone who'd send her those kinds of messages. Kek if you ask me she just made us look more credible

No. 890069

Who the fuck let this scrote in

No. 890073

File: 1573110127550.jpeg (411.46 KB, 750x1205, 482CF706-6D08-4995-A6D0-2CAE6F…)

No. 890074

File: 1573110154186.jpeg (141.7 KB, 750x792, 1705F877-9AE2-4DE2-A2A9-696688…)

these are the only people she’s following currently

No. 890076

That's a literal child from idolm@ster in the post. She keeps slipping up about this whole pedo thing lmao.

No. 890089

Sorry, I know I’m late but I’m just now catching up with this thread, but this shit makes me throw up in my mouth. Aside from the inherent cringe of knowing that the eboy tweeting this is a noodley chav irl, I will never understand how women can get off to being called pathetic needy sluts. Your internalized misogyny has to run so deep to think being degraded and humiliated by a man is hot. Not to mention the deeply rooted misogyny of guys who get turned on by this shit, they all deserve the damn electric chair. Sage for pink pill rant.

No. 890092

File: 1573116540120.jpg (385.62 KB, 1080x1581, Screenshot_20191107-194135__01…)

Looks like her sperg last night before she deactivated actually worked on some people. She's got her WK's in bunear's call out thread… How the f

No. 890095

File: 1573117117486.jpg (1 MB, 1920x2560, 19-11-07-19-56-21-736_deco.jpg)

Samefag as >>890092
Wtf are her wk's even saying? Can anyone decipher this lol

No. 890112

ya it’s stull considered rape but if she wanted it then she shouldn’t have trauma from it. That is my entire point. She’s exaggerating for attention.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 890113

If you actually don’t understand what I’m saying then you’re just as retarded as Erin is.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 890115

that’s not how real life works, this post is dumb as fuck

No. 890116

uh that’s not how it works, she was groomed by an older man and manipulated into doing those acts. same thing happened to me and i have trauma.

No. 890117


You can still have trauma from something you consented to as a minor though.

No. 890118

Please let’s not debate whether Erin was raped or not, this discussion is what hot the plasticandproud thread locked last time.

No. 890119

File: 1573128811625.jpeg (960.44 KB, 1125x1528, 449863BE-2028-4085-B91D-E60637…)

not sure if anyone knows this chick but I know she’s had beef with Erin in the past. One of the only things I’ll defend Erin on is that usedpet accused Erin of copying a piglet build a bear from her. But the exact same piglet bear was posted in ads all over. Erin didn’t copy her. Idk why she feels entitled lol(erin painter selfposting)

No. 890121

yeah but at the same time, erin copied her outfits, her hair, her lil plushie tent thing. i wouldn’t be surprised if she did copy

No. 890122

I do remember she was “inspired” by one of usedpet outfits. At least she gave credit to her though.(erin painter selfposting)

No. 890140

this chick used to have a nsfw blog on tumblr full of ddlg shit and petplay, yet she always spewed shit like “uwuu ddlgs no interact ur gross!!!” and posted actual porn of herself, I don’t remember her @ though, it was along the lines of urinalpup or something. it’s like erin but she tried to hide it as much as possible.

No. 890142


No. 890147


She only gave credit after people commented “i thought this was aubrey..” and even let drama happen where Aubrey was forced to block erin because instead of just private messaging Aubrey about those comments she did it publicly and people went to harass Aubrey i think? I’m not sure but i know that Aubrey made a second account and vented about Erin and someone sent it to Erin which caused more drama.

No. 890148


Actually Erin only decided to get piglet stuff after Aubrey kept posting about it. I understand a lot of people got it but common sense anything Aubrey posted Erin wanted herself. She practically stalked Aubreys wishlist and got similar stuff.

No. 890150

File: 1573137923359.png (Spoiler Image,1.4 MB, 828x1792, F484C058-40EE-4167-B41C-AF693F…)

stolen from the egirl thread
yes, that’s her in the pic and this was on her second blog before it got deactivated. on instagram she seems to be in the agere/petre community, yet she sexualizes both of them on her tumblr.

No. 890153


The thing is she doesn’t consider herself part of any of those labels. She’s stated herself she doesn’t like when people ask if she’s ddlg/agereg/petplay but i’m not sure if she used to go by terms. She apparently used to do crack or some sort of drugs before she became this soft girl

No. 890154

File: 1573139772681.jpeg (468.38 KB, 750x1190, 909BEB70-53E6-43B0-A188-E0A906…)

No. 890165

I’ve spoken to usedpet about this picture and it’s a tail tied to her hips not a butt plug, her tumblr hasn’t been used in a year and it was an 18+ tumblr. Hi Erin lmao (saged for wk)

No. 890168

Hi whiteknight. She still has her trash tagged as ddlg and agere so what’s the excuse for that one? It’s still sexual.

Just because someone disagrees with your favorite egirl doesn’t make them Erin

No. 890175

do you have any proof of that or has it been talked about in other threads? shit’s getting interesting

No. 890184


Gosh, are you the same WK? Chill tf out and admit that both of these girls are bad and don't have anything to offer because their ''''personalities''' are built around uwu stereotypes.