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File: 1570966838639.jpg (219.73 KB, 1908x1146, 4598.jpg)

No. 472077

Discuss celebrities with cow potential/cow like behaviours, or celebrities who abuse social media, both past and present.

Previous thread: >>431019
Dan Schneider thread: >>405637
Tinfoil General thread: >>369313

Milk from the last thread:
>Miley Cyrus is wilding out after her breakup with Liam Hemsworth, she currently looks like Madonna's long lost twin and apparently uses meth - might join the 27 club.
>Rapper Cupcakke declares, on twitter, that she slept with Shawn Mendes. She also claims that he is a gay man with a tiny dick.
>Former child star and giant twitter sperg Aaron Carter gets a terrible face tattoo and accuses his brother of being a rapist. Nick Carter responds by getting a restraining order.

No. 472082

File: 1570967280615.png (205.82 KB, 1160x1130, tumblrlurking.png)

james ransone from IT chap 2 has been posting a lot of strange things on his alleged twitter account. some fans are worried he is having a manic episode while others think he's just shitposting. i know some fans also turned against him as he posted about being anti-porn.

apparently he looks through his tumblr tag, kek.

No. 472083

File: 1570967306926.png (206.78 KB, 1150x1166, tweets.png)

No. 472091

is it actually not his account or is he just being really really cryptic?

No. 472099

whoa i didn't know james ransone was in IT, he's been in a lot of stuff. i love him.
i'm pretty sure he's just making fun of these stupid tumblr children who latched onto IT 2 for weird reasons.

No. 472100


it looks like the twitter said they actually aren't him, so.. ?

No. 472113

File: 1570971233474.png (85.69 KB, 606x589, kenpark.png)

i am convinced it's him. the account made a statement about being sexually abused, i'm sure if it were an impersonator the real james would have told the account to take it down.

No. 472118

in that case, he used to be a heroin addict among other things. i wouldn’t be surprised if he’s mostly fucking around, but he’s also 40 years old and not really aware of “fandom” which probably explains the whole conspiracy thing about pedos. completely sane people can have weird conspiracy theories they subscribe to. ransone is just unaware of fandom nerds.

No. 472130


huh had i just seen the tweets i would just thought he was fucking around but after this…well its really sad actually, im sure people outside of "fandom" have a harder grasp of what shipping is but its clear hes acting like this because of trauma.

No. 472133

They turned on him for this?

No. 472144

he is a human being with lots of past trauma being @‘d by tumblrinas and twitter justice warriors, anyone could go crazy in that situation

No. 472260

you can tell he used to use from some older clips of him

idk apprently he's said in an interview that he has an unverified twitter acc but I heard that second hand and the person didn't link the interview so that could be made up

No. 472267

ive been watching ransone and admiring him as an actor for a long time. was so excited for his big break in genkill. happy he got this role too but it’s clear he has no idea how to deal with internet trolls (aka: don’t respond, don’t feed, ignore.) i feel for him. esp since these trolls just made him re-admit his CSA and are still harassing him. fuck fandom nerds.

No. 472268

I've seen this guy in interviews and he's a huge memester. I think he's just shitposting.

No. 472270

also forgot to add, there's an interview from 2016 where he confirms he was on heroin in this video.
dude's had it rough, sucks that fans are being weird to him.

yeah ignoring is the way to go, especially with tumblr lol

No. 472275

he definitely wasn’t memeing about being sexually abused as a child and the whole porn rant

No. 472279

Aaron Carter was absolutely sexually assaulted as a child. He acted so weird and hyperdefensive in the MJ doc. Not saying MJ did it but he had classic signs of an abused child sticking up for an abuser adult.

I saw some trashy new show he’s in called Family Boot Camp or something. He needs ACTUAL therapy away from cameras. He holds a LOT of resentment toward his family, for valid reasons, but he also needs to learn healthy coping mechanisms.

No. 472283

wait arron carter defended mj in the doc? I didn't see the whole thing so I probably missed that part but that's fuking weird.

No. 472286

Yes and he got really upset over it

No. 472291

File: 1571008003803.jpg (167.43 KB, 831x1222, peace.jpg)

hollywood seems like such a horrifying place to be in as a child or young adult. i feel really bad for ransone, imagine never being able to escape a porn scene from a disgusting flop movie you were coerced into doing as a young adult. i also feel sorry for aaron carter, but i don't know if he ever had a chance. i do wonder if his behavior is gonna escalate or slow down tho.

No. 472294

larry clark is a piece of shit. every single one of the actors in his "movies" were just being used as fap material because they looked underage.

No. 472299

at a quick glance, he looked like lil peep. those face tats are really something huh

No. 472328

large face tats are a form of self-harm IMO. they signify a lack of caring about your appearance, want for attention, and disregard for the future

No. 472431

>young adult. i feel really bad for ransone, imagine never being able to escape a porn scene from a disgusting flop movie you were coerced into doing as a young adult


No. 472447

there was drama w/ him back around 2009/2010 when those HBO war serials were picking up a following on tumblr, he had a tumblr himself and people were being inappropriate, not drawing the line between fandom & reality.
when i saw he got cast in IT ch.2 i literally said "oh no" outloud b/c i know how rabid fandom kids are today it was not going to shake oit well

No. 472502

yeah and now the crazy IT shipper people are going nuts because their pet ship was validated (richie/eddie). oof. poor guy.

No. 472524

ransone's twitter is gone. probably for the best. he's one of those people who can't help stoking the flames and giving trolls attention, so it's better for him to just get away from the platform.

No. 472531

Don't know if this is the right thread, but Sulli former member of F(X) commited suicide. How many people in Korean entertainment are gonna be pressured and bullied enough that they kill themselves, before change happens? One of reasons why I no longer follow K-Pop.

No. 472533

that's so sad. I never got into kpop but I watched a few documentaries on yt a while ago about the kpop industry and it really opened my eyes to how fucked up it is. One of the docs mentiond that other big kpop guy who commited suicide a few years ago and the comments were bombarded with stans saying 'I can't beleive they used his name in this how disrespectuful!' and 'he didn't kill himself because of the industry, he did it because he was depressed!' and yeah, he obviously was depressed but there's no way being intrenched the machine of kpop wasn't also contributing factor.

there's a lot of parallels between the kpop industry and hollywood with kids being pushed into it at a young age by their parents, abusive managers/producers, kids being over-sexualized..

No. 472536

I have firm belief Aaron Carter is a narcissist. He loves the attention and bragging about getting help and talking about how we wants to help his mom with her mental issues. If he actually cared, he'd discuss it to her to her face and not on camera during daytime TV. Didn't he also tell Nick he wanted to kill his unborn baby? I don't feel bad for the dude, I'd get a restraining order from my brother too, especially after the fact he did an Instagram live showing off his guns.

No. 472540

Doesn’t really seem like a narcissist to me. Just another soulless, Hollywood baby babbling for attention because that’s what he learned was validating as a young child. This guy is fucked.

No. 472554

combo of drugs and the fact that yeah, children in hollywood pretty much always end up fucked for one reason or another (generally abuse, either sexual or physical or psychological or all 3)

No. 473141

File: 1571164766661.jpg (396.13 KB, 761x1024, Jenelle Evans Launchiing JE Co…)

came across farrah abrahams while browsing through the net and damn what is this face? I already thought that her face looked like some uncanny valley a while ago but this is a new level of horror.

No. 473143

File: 1571164806557.jpg (364.74 KB, 805x1024, Jenelle Evans Launchiing JE Co…)

No. 473180

Plastic surgery at a young age also all the tanning she does doesn't help. Also wtf is she wearing some glitter trash bag?

No. 473806

More of Die Antwoord being shitty people.
From a photographer, back in 2012:
>I lost all respect for Die Antwoord after witnessing their antics backstage in catering at Southside Festival in Germany earlier this year.
>A female vocalist was in her dressing room warming her voice. The dressing rooms were directly below the catering balcony where Die Antwoord were eating. This chick, whoever it was, must have been up next on the bill as her vocal warm-ups were in full swing, consistent and loud. The entire dining area could easily hear her and it sounded kinda nice, so I thought anyway. Yo-Landi Vi$$er, the female vocalist from Die Antwoord apparently thought differently:

>She starts yelling, more accurately; squealing (if you’ve seen their show you will agree) into the air at the top of her voice: Shut the * up!! You can’t sing for *, you absolutely SUCK!!! You know the entire place can hear you? And you *ing suck, so shut the * up! For **s sake!!

>The chick downstairs did stop, and then the entire catering went into a complete hush, bewildered at what had just happened.

>Die Antwoord – with that one outburst of umness, it is YOU that suck! Arrogant pricks.

For reference, this is the girl who "can't sing for shit":

Recollection of this event from Ben Crossman (their old manager):
>“I drew some hearts with a marker on the band sign on the door of Bat For Lashes. I liked her band. Twenty minutes later I was walking past and said hello. She asked me straight up if I was the one who drew the hearts on their sign and I confirmed it. We chatted for a bit and then I asked permission to take a photo of her, as there was a super strict “no photo policy” in the artists area. Around twenty minutes after that, I was sitting upstairs with Yo-Landi, Ninja and Richard (our lighting guy). We listened to the beautiful vocals coming from down below. Yo-Landi absolutely hates it when other woman get more attention than her, so she started yelling at Bat For Lashes from our table. After Yo-Landi yelled all that crap, Leo Herrera, our tour manager, came up to tell her that the organizers were upset and just laid a complaint. Yo-Landi just tries to cause shit and drama to get the attention and act all punk.”

This is a video Ben filmed of her tantrum.

No. 473807

File: 1571308127300.png (147.84 KB, 1046x650, da.png)

Also, this.

No. 473825

She thinks Bat For Lashes can't sing? Shut the fuck up. Literally anything is better than Yolandi's anime girl vocals but Natasha outclasses her by light years.

No. 474238

File: 1571400254088.jpg (564.62 KB, 1080x1349, 20191018_140330.jpg)

Oh thank god she got away from him.

No. 474243

And I thought he was still woth Kate Beckinsale…?
He must be seriously good otherwise he wouldn't get all these rich women

No. 474255

Between this and her calling Whitney Houston a crack whore, I think Yolandi's just bitter about having no vocal talent whatsoever.

No. 474350

>calling Whitney Houston a crack whore

where's the lie though

No. 474358

jesus. she's almost unrecognisable. sad!

No. 474359

wait what the fuck is on her feet? they look like those monster claw slippers but also like heels?

No. 474370

Unlike Anri, she wasn't a whore, and she actually had singing talent (and class tbh).

No. 474386

>WaLk a MiLe iN tHeSe LoUbOuTiNs

No. 474528

>girl exclaims guy who looks like methhead has monster cock
>suddenly size queens lining up for monster cock

it's not rocket science

No. 474543

I heard that he supposedly has a "perfect" cock.like his penis smells like roses and has a perfect texture

No. 474645

File: 1571532675030.jpg (31.36 KB, 480x576, screen-shot-2016-07-12-at-9173…)

Well its pretty obvious what Kate Beckinsale is into.

No. 474673

shes literally raising her daughter to be a kardashian/jenner and thats scarier than her face tbh

No. 474685

File: 1571540893283.jpg (13.06 KB, 220x220, 220px-My_Teenage_Dream_Ended.j…)

farrah abrahams is uncanny in every facet of her life. Have you ever heard her album, it's strange. It has a bit of a cult following around it too.

No. 474702

she kind of inadvertently invented the Soundclout scene with that album

No. 474730

That poor kid. We all know how fucked up child stars end up and how fucked up reality stars end up….can you imagine being a reality star in utero? And the reason you're a baby reality star is because America loves watching your mom be completely incompetent at raising you? So far the least traumatic part about her life is that her mom did porn. Those therapy sessions later in life are gonna be like
>Well I've always felt my mom hated me and thought I ruined her life
>Therapist: and why do you think you feel that way?
>Because my mom wrote a book and an album titled "I hate my daughter she ruined my life" and also I've prepared a DVD compilation of every time my mom says "I hate you you ruined my life" to me starting from before I was born. It's 6 hours long, do you have a DVD player I could just pop this in?
>And then when I was born….well, actually lets go to that footage
>And when I was conceived….well, it probably looked something like this, can you pull up a browser window on your computer real quick? No, an incognito one

That being said I do think it's hilarious when kids don't resemble their parents at all because they have their parents' pre-surgery features. She's literally posing next to an amalgamation of all the things she hated most about herself.

No. 474821

she'll get her surgery as soon as its legal

No. 474907

Yeah probably, just like the Kardashian kids. Maybe with Sophia(?) though she'll be SO fucked up that it'll just circle back around and she'll be the most normal and just become like…a dental assistant or something.

No. 475411

File: 1571694796578.jpg (474.9 KB, 1080x1581, 20191021_235200.jpg)

Cry some more you little bitch.
I hope the rest of his career tanks too.

No. 475413

Wait what happened im kinda late to this?

No. 475415

More or less he was mad at the new vision of Joker because he was slated to play the Joker again in spin-offs from the original Suicide Squad movie, but that doesn't look like it'll happen for him now. Margot Robbie is still getting her spin-off film though.

No. 475440

his rendition of joker was the worst I've seen of all the jokers so I'm not surprised they ended up trashing him

No. 475458

jared leto seems highkey abusive. we will find out soon that he forces women to lick his taint, inject themselves with deadly doses of typhus to show dedication, and have non-stop orgies

No. 475483

He has some weirdass cult island sitch so wouldn't be surprised in the slightest.

No. 475499

Hasnt he allegedly been w 15 year old groupies? Can’t remember if this is true or not. But yeah. I used to love him and then I started paying more attention.

No. 475552

File: 1571740512055.png (748.14 KB, 815x594, mspettytargetad.png)

The madwoman fucking did it, she somehow found a man even less qualified than Safaree. The race to the bottom has been won, culminating in a ceremony sponsored by Target clearance bridal section and dollar stores expired products.

To put this L to context, Drake is the dictionary definition of a deadbeat, STD-ridden, culture-vulture bisexual warlock whos baby momma part times as the face double of the wicked witch of the west. Yet, somehow even he looks like a prime candidate to marry when compared to Mr.felon rapist, murderer, convicted sex offender and 5 time baby daddy. California is a state where prenup's are worthless, if you upgraded your boo, after divorce you gotta pay to maintain that lifestyle.

No. 475612

I hate this guy so much. Not only he's a pedo creep along with his brother, but he's such a diva with an inflated ego and a childish as fuck attitude. Stay mad, you can't act

No. 475615

File: 1571755902240.jpg (62.26 KB, 745x481, mileybeingamess.JPG)


>“I was just being like, I don’t know, hardcore feminist vibes and just not allowing anyone in,” Cyrus, 26, explained, before telling her followers, “There are good men out there guys, don’t give up.”

>“You don’t have to be gay,” she added as Simpson used the heart eye filter on his screen. “There are good people with d— out there, you just gotta find them. You gotta find a d— that’s not a d—, you know what I mean?”

No. 475631

Miley is a fucking mess

No. 475679

He was the main reason why i didnt watch suicide squad lol.
His acting is bad he should have stuck to being singer.

No. 475718

Jesus fucking christ I'm not usually SJW slanted or any of that but this is fucking garbage behavior, straight out appropriating the struggles of gay people for muh feminist clout and not being sorry about it.
>tee hee it was just a phase, gotta find the right dick lmao amirite???

No. 475748

Did anyone actually believe Miley is anything other than another attention seeking straight girl who pretends to be bi/pan/lesbian when she’s in between guys?

I try to like her but every time she splits from Liam she becomes an attention seeking wreck. It’s getting old.

Her whole ~ I’m super gaaay~ act while being in a straight relationship only to date women for clout and jump on the next dick like it’s gods gift reminds me of what Pixielocks did.

No. 475797

File: 1571785972889.jpeg (157.21 KB, 750x675, 322B21A0-55AF-4665-8C40-960157…)

Anyone catch the James Franco allegations at the beginning of the month? It was trending. I tried posting about it in the old thread, but it was full. Basically James Franco ran an acting school that was created to satisfy his sexual desires. Multiple women have come forward with stories of Franco sexually abusing them.


No. 475800

File: 1571786278714.jpeg (112.67 KB, 978x1723, 5B163B60-C437-4C4B-9F41-4ADB94…)

Remember when James Franco hit on an underage girl?

No. 475818

I believe it 100%. I also remember the stuff with the underaged girl >>475800 posted.
Remember the stuff Busy Phillips said she had to go through with him while being on Freaks and Geeks too?

No. 475841

No. 475843

This is such a classic fuckboy conversation it's almost too perfect. Eager to get her into a hotel, asks her not to tell anyone, "bye" when it's not an immediate yes to guilt a 17 year old girl into fucking a 30-something year old man.

No. 475846

He admitted to this too, can't remember where, but i think it was some talk show and he basically tried to spin it like she pulled one over on him with her age, said something like 'you never know who you're texting'. But it's pretty obvious he knew she was underage and didn't give a fuck.

No. 475849

It's creepy and wrong to hit on a teen as a grown man at his age anyway, but adds an extra layer imo when the consent age is 18 in his homestate and he clearly gives no fucks.

No. 475879

I'm convinced that Nicki Minaj is attracted to men she feels are beneath her, because she likes to gave power over her partners. I'm convinced she must be into some wierd femdom shit or something.

No. 475892

Why do anons project their fetishes to situations that don't involve them

No. 475893

File: 1571822901102.jpg (44.47 KB, 618x410, wendy-williams-meghan-markle.j…)

Wendy Williams is so jealous of Meghan Markle. I think she just hates any woman with a racial background even slightly similar to hers. God forbid if they're better-looking, too.
Wendell, you knew what you were getting into when you married one of thousands of worthless, cheating men.

No. 475950

yeah I remember. I think he liked pics of her in her school uniform too. he's gross and I'll never forgot he did this. nasty

No. 475952

what did busy say about him?

No. 475955

wendy is so unlikable omg. for the record I feel bad for megan and the shit she's been thru. english paps and papers are evil

No. 476003

Nicki has low self-esteem and is extremely insecure. She'd never be able to tolerate a dude on her level who could upstage her at any second. Hell, she was already upstaged by a two-bit stripper from the bronx.

No. 476016

Didn't hear about the allegations but this is not surprising at all. In his book Palo Alto one of the storylines is a high school girl fucking her soccer coach who she babysits for, and ofc when Franco made a film out of the movie he cast himself as the soccer coach. Was immediately turned off from his work as soon as I realized that.

No. 476155

File: 1571870991308.jpg (127.06 KB, 634x888, 20073496-7604029-International…)

imagine being proud of being with a guy who literally look like a thumb

No. 476170

Why are people stanning so hard for that Meggy thing though? It's like she can't be touched. I don't know who Wendy is but she's correct, who can feel sorry for royal?

No. 476171

Is he that simpson cody guy? I remember that people always found him attractive even as a 13 y old. Why the nitpick though?

No. 476173

did you watch the interview? never got the impression she was fishing for sympathy. ww is just being harsh for no reason

No. 476175

>Meghan Markle is not ok

No. 476176

File: 1571875253208.jpg (73.98 KB, 634x634, 19971142-7594799-image-a-29_15…)

probably because miley has been flaunting him all over social media like an embarrassing teenager in her first relationship for the last week.

No. 476177

moistens lips
But yeah she always did that with the Liam thingy

No. 476181

File: 1571875646491.jpeg (119.64 KB, 638x638, 0F2DC29D-442F-4681-95F4-E04928…)

I saw this twitter thread that alleges Hailey Baldwin is stalking Selena Gomez. There’s proof of it, and Hailey has apparently skin walked Selena lots of times. Thoughts?


No. 476184

File: 1571875868359.jpeg (346.48 KB, 750x849, BB796601-EB8D-4A25-89CC-EBD95D…)

Hailey was also caught snooping through multiple Selena fan accounts. It doesn’t help that Selena released a new song where she talks about Justin.

No. 476185

is it really taking too much of her time to pull an angelina jolie and make a sockpuppet? (yes i know the angelina jolie sockpuppetry meme was fake)

No. 476188

Funny you say that.
This is Channon Rose (who is probably deserving of her own thread tbh) she is an ex porn star who used to party with celebrities. She talks in this video about a weird vampire themed party she went to thrown by a very famous male where he invites girls and pretends to drink their blood or something. She didn't say who it was but people are speculating Jared Leto.

No. 476204

I feel bad for Meghan because her nobody family has been up the tabloid's ass since the engagement. All the shitty daily mail interviews, her dad selling her PERSONAL letter to him to the press, the selling of their childhood photos, and her fame-hungry half-sister showing up uninvited to Kensington with plenty of photos of her leaving sad in a wheelchair. They act so jealous and vindictive because they can't be royals too.

Maybe Meghan's not a great person, who knows, but her family is toxic and abhorrent.

No. 476205

>yes i know the angelina jolie sockpuppetry meme was fake
It's a fake? Damn I'm disappointed.

No. 476212

File: 1571887197302.jpeg (268.45 KB, 900x1200, 2FEB3F7C-0060-46EF-98C2-86003D…)

Sounds about right.

When you get retarded shit like this written about you, it’s pretty hard not to feel sorry for her imo

No. 476215

lol what the fuck

No. 476288

Yeah wait since when is it fake

No. 476301

Her arm here looks like it could belong to Keith Richards, while her face looks twelve and it's really fucking me up.

No. 476303

Am I supposed to feel sorry for this or something? You can't convince me, she's royal and for some reason the public stans her harder than the rest of that cancerous family.

No. 476327

Lol I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I’m giving you an example of the dumbass shit written about her, which can make people feel sympathy for Meghan.

Royals are irrelevant to me so idc but it’s not exactly hard to grasp why people defend her.

No. 476354

lol miley is still a conservative hick posing as "progressive" for money and fame.

No. 476372

File: 1571929143061.jpg (2.13 MB, 2881x1920, inCollage_20191024_075355111.j…)

Are they trying to make her look black or is it just hair/lighting? This chick is coming for Nikki's place right?
These are lightened by me

No. 476374

she's just another child that will get eaten up and spit out by the industry.

No. 476378

Yep. Possibly the most transparent case yet.

No. 476384

Yes, they are. People predicted it a mile away.
I don't know why American media is obsessed with "fake black" celebrities. Her, Cardi B, Iggy Azalea, whoever else. Actual black people exist, so what's the point?

No. 476389

Isn’t Cardi B at least half black or something? Or Afro-Latina?
Everyone knows Iggy is a white girl and she hasn’t been reverent since 2014z

No. 476393

what kind of acting school does 'fake' oral sex though??? that's shady to begin with. wtf

No. 476399

File: 1571934458702.jpeg (211.53 KB, 1536x1152, 0C250F58-6787-4BE2-806F-C4CF35…)

Why did dragstars choose IGGY to be thier idol? Isnt she racist and homophobic? She looks like a tranny so I guess it makes sense. But really…thats like choosing katy perry or miley cyrus

No. 476401

File: 1571934605176.jpeg (36.72 KB, 481x270, 4EACCC84-2D1C-4E78-B220-730938…)

She really needed a comeback. What a genius, just latch onto tranny fannies.

No. 476405

Nope. I saw a post about this:
>She’s from Trinidad and the Dominican Republic. You are not automatically Afro Latina just because you’re from either country. Both countries have people of different races, white, mestize, even indian. Nationality is not synonymous with race.

>She never considered herself racially black until people started questioning her access to black culture. I don’t know what black person says they like being in INTERRACIAL relationships with black men. Her father is not a black dominican and she said, from her own mouth, that her mother’s father is white, from spain. You people forget that before she got a solid PR team she used to run her own mouth and expose herself.

No. 476410

In an interview in 2018, Cardi talked about being Afro-Latina and Afro-Caribbean:

>We are Caribbean people […] Some people want to decide if you're black or not, depending on your skin complexion, because they don't understand Caribbean people or our culture. I feel like people need to understand or get a passport and travel. I don't got to tell you that I'm black. I expect you to know it. When my father taught me about Caribbean countries, he told me that these Europeans took over our lands. That's why we all speak different languages […] Just like everybody else, we came over here the same way. I hate when people try to take my roots from me. Because we know that there's African roots inside of us..

No. 476416

She only said this after people pointed out she wasn't black, because that would've fucked up her money. She's described her relationships with black guys as "interracial" before, no one who identifies as black would ever do that.
There are also countless examples of her being racist to actual black women. She's just a snake.

No. 476418

LSA-tier post anon. I doubt she's truly all of the things you described. I wish she would sing though, rap music sucks and is cringe. I have a feeling she can sing better than she can rap.

No. 476420

>I have a feeling she can sing better than she can rap.

No. 476421

>When my father taught me about Caribbean countries, he told me that these Europeans took over our lands
>our lands

wait what? africans are also foreign to the Caribbean , how was it their land?

No. 476423

File: 1571936883912.jpg (25.15 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

This is her dad….I'm not seeing a man with "African roots" inside of him here sorry

No. 476424

Kek, Iggy's not a drag "idol" at all. Straight white girl pop stars just love using drag queens as their accessories right now, it's the hottest trend to show how "woke and inclusive" they are. Taylor Swift had a whole harem of them in her video. Iggy's never even guested on RPDR, which is where said straight white girl celebs try and shove themselves into the culture. (See: video related) I think they've done 1 song of hers and she's never been done on Snatch game, so by all accounts she has no place in the community unless she's paying them thousands of dollars to appear next to her (like other popstars do).

>How RuPaul's Drag Race Queens Became the Hottest Music Video Accessory


No. 476428

File: 1571937332203.jpg (132.91 KB, 634x873, 4E619B7300000578-5967907-There…)

Clearer, more recent pic (not that it really matters, I just think it's dumb that she's suddenly black now aha)

No. 476435

File: 1571938060830.jpg (34.33 KB, 192x192, 14560.jpg)

With Afro-latina im guessing she means mulato, and that also means she is partly european too.

Both europeans and africans are foreign to America and the Caribbean, so that comment about taking "our lands" made no sense whatsoever.

No. 476437

It's ridiculous but the Americans have been trying it forever. They've always been pushing "black-lite" celebs in vein of the real black celebs and while it works on Americans, it doesn't work anywhere else. Hence why these celebs are absolutely unpopular af outside of the US. Rita Ora despite being from the UK doesnt really have a market outside her country either.

No. 476441

Bc she didnt know what she was talking about. It was stupid damage control from a woman who sees herself as Latina but needs black cash

No. 476443

She's referring to the indigenous tribes that originally inhabited the islands, such as the Taino and Arowak

No. 476446

>Europeans took over our lands.
>our lands

those lands were nothing of hers, and she is also part european. There were no afros and no latinos in America.

No. 476449

Her dad is most likely a mix of indigenous and European, chill
She's like one fourth black, but mostly euro and indigenous.

No. 476453

Is this bad baby or whatever her name is now.

No. 476496

yes its bhad bhabbie

No. 476529

>straight white girl celebs try and shove themselves into the culture.
The "culture" of gay men dressing up as misogynistic caricatures of women?

No. 476539

So why are the only ones sperging about race LSA outcasts anyways?

Anyways, what do you all think of the Melanie and Timothy battle? Asking because she's been able to perform without anyone harassing her. https://youtu.be/kd8zr1lSzwo
Kinda interesting tbh.

No. 476550

I know some people might be up my ass for this, but I'm convinced JB isn't over Selena. He's said a few times he'd love her forever and that she was the love of his life and shit IIRC. Hailey's blood probably boils at the thought of her existence and her skinwalking is hilarious.

No. 476552

Well she hit it first but I doubt JB actually isn't over basic selena

No. 476563

This is really bad.

No. 476564

Her music was always garbage. If not garbage just mediocre at best. Her voice doesn't have anything special to it at all

No. 476565

I believe that in the twitter thread there’s a picture of JB’s search history showing, and he looked up Selena’s Coachella performance time.

Hailey started going to the same nail tech and gym as Selena. Even wore a cap that says “Bieber” to the gym. Does she expect Selena to run into her?

So much proof of Selena fan accounts taking screenshots of Hailey viewing their Instagram stories..

No. 476567

File: 1571960874923.jpeg (172.65 KB, 946x2048, 6933B3DF-DADE-432F-BB0B-861336…)

Hailey posted this to her Insta story minutes after Selena dropped her new song about JB. Selena’s fans thought it was directed at Selena, and I thought it was a dumb reach.

But then Selena did a “surprise” release of another new single the next day. Possibly to get under Hailey’s skin? Obvious tinfoil, but it caused enough of a stir to the point where Selena told her fans to not come after others:


Also JB still has Selena’s face tatted just inches away from his wedding ring, kek.

No. 476569

yeah it's normie garbage but I can imagine normies to record themselves lipsyncing to this "bop" and post on instagram.

No. 476582

Her dad is from Trinidad and the vast majority of those people have South Asian Ancestery specifically from the Indian regions of Utter Padesh and Bihar

No. 476664

The f u justin-ballad she released wasn't too bad but this song is just not it lol. Such a snooze of a pop song.

No. 476703

There have been numerous responses to the Timothy situation that make her allegations not bulletproof. One of the main points being that Melanie wasn’t even in the same city as Timothy on the night of the alleged incident. This is why Melanie has no issue touring

No. 476721

He's Dominican. Her mom is Trinidadian and Spanish.

No. 476725

honestly i don't think she should tour solely because of her shitty ddlg-schtick and poor musical talents but hey, whatever sells tickets i guess

No. 476756

>poor musical talents
Are you saying this to ride on some bandwagon? For a normie she kinda makes good music not gonna lie, and she can sing decently so…
It's still weird considering some of the people who burnt her merch and screeched that she's a rapist just half-assedly apologized and continued fangirling.

No. 476793

Lol I remember seeing her fans on twitter throwing and trashing her cds and ripping off their posters of her, it was so fucking stupid cuz nothing was confirmed yet. It's better to wait a few days for actual proof then act like a retard. Then again all her fans are literal teenagers so you can't expect them to act maturely

No. 476816

not saying it to ride a bandwagon, her music honestly isn't great save for MAYBE one bop. her cringey persona just adds to it.

No. 476942

This is like 7th-grade-tier drama. Can't relate. Has the video of JB visibly tweaking out while greeting fans been posted? These people must be living in hell, my god.

No. 476984

In her memoir she mentions him breaking character and pushing her to the ground after she was instructed to lightly push him during a scene. Also said he was generally a bully and she hated working with him

No. 477171

File: 1572058228301.jpg (305.71 KB, 720x1289, Blind item.jpg)

Not nice to bash on your ex that was raped as a teen and put under constant pressure and has mental illnesses as a result. She said to not put women against each other but still has a chip on her shoulder for her ex.

No. 477172

File: 1572058751707.jpg (114.62 KB, 634x951, 19848274-7585045-image-a-1_157…)

when are they gonna stop making her look older and older.. the extensions look so silly and out of place. let her be 15, yikes

No. 477181

Jesus they dressed her up like my middle aged Greek aunt

No. 477185

She's expired milk at 15 already, no outfit will change that. These kind of clothes suit cute women only though.

No. 477188

I don't think she looks bad, I actually think she looks nice…but like, for a 28 year old. Not a teenager.

No. 477195

File: 1572065408210.jpeg (55.38 KB, 480x480, 8928412C-017D-4E03-8D66-920369…)

she looks like she'd be a late bloomer

No. 477213

Who’s JB’s former idol?

No. 477230

I'm confused what is this lol

No. 477257

She looks like a step-mom going to pick up her husband's kids from school who are only a few years younger than her.

God, I know gross middle-aged nerd men are always comparing her to Carrie Fisher so they can project their disgusting fantasies on her (and we're all exhausted of Star Wars currently, or maybe that's just me) but she really would be perfect for a Leia prequel. She looks like both Carrie Fisher and Natalie Portman. She looks a thousand times closer to Carrie Fisher than Alden Ehrenreich does to Harrison Ford or Donald Glover to Billy Dee Williams. Why would they give the prequel movie to those boring dopes when they've got this sitting right in front of them?

No. 477263

>Leia prequel
more like sequel lmfao, though Carrie Fisher wasn't that much of an oil painting either and was a late bloomer too

No. 477267

>Leia prequel
I don't think they're gonna bother with those for a while after Solo bombed. Most audiences are sick of Skywalkers family saga as it is.

No. 477336

>late bloomer
you keep using that phrase when i think you mean plain-faced
mbb has been … rapidly bloomed before our eyes, she just still looks like a wine mom b/c shes boring to look at

No. 477609

James Blake essay on his mental heath struggles
'How can I complain?'


it's honestly messed up that he feels the need to validate his mental illness because he's a white male? That's not how depressions works. From what he wrote it sounds like it plays deeply into his ills.Like I get what he means about knowing other people have it tough too, and it's admirable he took that into consideration even during a dark time for him, but his identity shouldn't diminish his feelings – just like he's articulating at the beginning, anyone can be depressed, doesn't matter what race, color, creed, ethnicity, social class, or whatever you are

No. 477610

this is what shitty tumblr politics do.

No. 477613

I don't think that's what anon means. There's some people who have been looking 30 since they were 10 and when they actually turn 30 they grow into their face and look nice. A haggard, awkward-looking child can look pretty after puberty.

No. 477620

>haggard child

No. 477623

anon haggard just means exhausted and unhealthy looking, it doesn't have anything to do with age. i think people just commonly assume it does because it has "hag" in it lol

No. 477631

Peak Identity politics

No. 477664


when did /ot/ become the refugee hub for you polcels? stop shitting up every goddamn thread. you sound like reddit bots.

No. 477667

Agreed. They're annoying.

No. 477670

pot calling the kettle black, but in this case she didn't do anything literally meanwhile you hypocrites constantly think this is either a beyonce youtube comment section or twitter. It sucks because it reads so biased and reddit.
I think my tits enlarged in size when I read this, so much soy spills out of it. Not only is the shit he says wrong, but also plain attention seeking. And inconsiderate, for whoever is a white scrote and in immense pain reading this article. He could have worded it so much differently, but certain buzzwords are so popular in use I guess.

No. 477681

>I think my tits enlarged in size when I read this, so much soy spills out of it.
This is the most tranny sentence I've ever read on LC.

No. 477849

I always had this doubt about Princess Nokia as well. She identifies as black and uses the n-word, but she looks latina to me?

No. 477965

no it has not been confirmed a fake and it makes sense that angelina had multiple sockpuppets. just like kate beckinsale and her daughter.

No. 477975

Wasn't it Usher? I remeber him being the dude to first sign him and he was basically babysitting him for the first couple of years when he was signed to his record company.

No. 478026

Usher is the only one who fits with JB. Didn't he have herpes drama in the last few years? That would make the part about the sexual partners coming out make sense.

No. 478065

Yes! It was 100% Usher. He “discovered” JB on youtube when he was just a kid from Stratford and flew him out to LA to make him big

No. 478249

There's been rumors P-Diddy did the same to Usher, he basically "discovered" him and was his manager in his early years. Honestly not surprised if what Justin said is true.

No. 478323


scooter braun discovered him and brought his video to usher.

No. 478361

>Actually taking blind items seriously 100% of the time

No. 478450

File: 1572358246725.jpg (122.23 KB, 711x778, IMG_20191029_084549.jpg)

No. 478540

>married Aaliyah when she was 15
Wth, I didn't know that and she was pregnant too? Why was this allowed?!

And despite all that having happened people still turn a blind eye on Drake…
But what to expect, America also worships Chris Brown.

No. 478541

I agree with this tweet overall but I think everyone agrees that R.Kelly is a predator and that Aliayah deserved better. It definitely took forever though.
I don’t think “worship” is the right word but I do think it’s disgusting how he never really expressed sympathy and most people seemed to forgot about it. The worse kinds of people are the ones who accuse others of being racist when you criticize him.

No. 478578

I remember reading somewhere an update on pixee fox? But I can't find it now. She's been offline for months. I think she had really bad complications from surgery and was bed bound? Can anyone help. She's the women who had hundreds of surgeries to look like a cartoon character.

No. 478643

I read she had brain damage of some degree due to being under for way too long in turkey. If you search her up on ig, there was some fansite that had nearly the same un as her updating on her. Fucking sad.

No. 478739

File: 1572428091620.jpeg (296.72 KB, 1242x2688, IMG_0331.jpeg)

No. 478741

File: 1572429018165.png (1.58 MB, 750x1334, 410aoadg2iv31.png)

wasn't sure whether to put this in celebricows or the musician version of this thread, but uhhh Felony Martinez and Oliver Tree are dating i guess

No. 479467

Should we stay in our lane and keep it to e-nobodies because so far we never gave oc-receipts, furthermore, nobody's gonna talk about this?
sage because it doesn't deserve to get bumped.

No. 479585

Pixee got fucked up by well known surgeon in Turkey. Her manager tried taking advantage of her and booked her for more TV shows and model gigs and flew her back into the u.s. a few weeks after the surgery while brain damaged. Later on her family got her back to Switzerland or wherever she's from. She doesn't do TV shows or photoshoots anymore she's pretty much retired, she never listened to the warnings she regrets it.

No. 479597

She's swedish lmao

No. 479837

It seems completely staged for TMZ to me, idk what else there is to say

No. 480149

Wait what about Kate Beckinsale?

No. 480630

File: 1572973599404.jpg (83.66 KB, 634x953, 20595740-7649103-Public_and_pr…)

Happy for Keanu and glad he's not dating some 19 year old instagram model at his age, but there is no way this woman is 46

No. 480632

Please don't be one of those people, just please. Let the woman be.

No. 480640

File: 1572976389504.jpg (150.94 KB, 800x1200, 6f38ab58dd9ad1603d793c159891e2…)

He could be your father anon, no need to feel jealous.
No idea why everybody always jokes that he must be immortal, he looks like a normal 50-year-old to me. And so does she.
Both are tall, thin and seem to be the shy/quiet type, they look good together imo.

No. 480641

File: 1572977130468.jpg (8.78 KB, 284x177, download.jpg)

she looks fine and normal for someone her age. she just happens to have gray hair. what do you think middle aged women are supposed to look like?

if i'm remembering right, the meme originated with this image. the problem is 10 plus years have passed and he longer looks like that but that hasn't stopped reddit from beating the immortal joke to death.

No. 480645

File: 1572978180769.jpg (1.03 MB, 2010x2480, W-magazine_Keanu-edit-fin-shar…)

It looks like they're dating for years. They attended a lot of events together, but everybody was screaming that they're just "buisness partners". Yeah, right.
>she looks fine and normal for someone her age. she just happens to have gray hair. what do you think middle aged women are supposed to look like?
She's hippe artist with no ps done, it's not very common nowadays among celebs. Women are expected to get botoxed and look youthfull forever. Also many anons have unrealistic expectations.

No. 480647

I think she looks charming

No. 480649

She looks slightly older then 46, but I think it's mostly her hair color and and the cuts of some of her dresses that does it. But she reminds me a lot of my mom who is of similar age. Like the other anon said, we're so used to seeing these Hollywood ladies full of botox and fillers and all kinds of beauty-treatments and professional make up that when we see someone who isn't in to that in that setting, it makes them stand out.

No. 480650

Agreed, it's actually nice to see that fame and fortune didn't go to his head in the way that would prevent him from dating a normal looking woman his age who he connects with emotionally. A lot of celebrities turn into creeps.

No. 480664

Her skin/features don't look particularly old but I think anyone with grey hair automatically gets seen as 60+ regardless. Some people grey early but they almost always cover it up, so it's really rare to see.

Honestly who cares though, I'm just amazed Keanu is living up to his 'good guy hype' in the most unbelievable way possible. A guy of his status actually dating an age appropriate looksmatch shouldn't be so crazy but it is.

No. 480667

I'm amazed too. And while I've expected nitpicking and bitching from men who complain that he could have had a young model, I'm severely disappointed by women who say the same things. Don't they realize that they're going to grow old too? Do they really believe they're going to be so much hotter than that woman at that age? And why be so mean to a woman that seems like a genuinely nice person?

No. 480671

Honestly people might be tired of the Good Guy Keanu meme but no one can deny that he’s just such a humble person. He experienced so much hardship that could send many people over the edge, especially celebrities with access to pretty much everything, although I’d say River’s death really turned him off from using anything stronger than weed. I wish him nothing but happiness

No. 480673

She looks age-appropriate for him, which makes me see him as more mature and genuine compared to the other men in Hollywood who'd have a 21 year old hanging off their arm by now.
And she looks nice too, not like some bimbo trying to deny her natural features. Never got the upset over grey hair myself.

No. 480674

I don't get it either, maybe they cope by dating old men and pretending they prefer it. They think being 'younger' means they are always going to be 'young enough' but they're in for a rude awakening.

No. 480676

I agree, I think they look really good together.

No. 480678


idk they look very cute together. Kinda have the same chill vibe going on. Happy for both of them!

No. 480683

He was also rumored to have been dating a troon a while back https://www.google.com/amp/s/heightline.com/jamie-clayton-transgender-keanu-reeves/amp/

No. 480714

I think she's very cute! Her face is very youthful imo, but maybe it's just because she looks happy. And I love her hair. Happy for them.

No. 480793

I was really ecstatic that Keanu is dating a woman close to his age but then I realized that…I shouldn't be excited over that. Hollywood fuckers should be dating people their age more often. Christ. The bar is not on the floor, it's underground.

No. 480969

So according to Twitter, Chris Brown is having a yard sale and selling some outfits from past videos/concerts and props. Aside from being a repeated domestic abuser, why have a yard sale? Why just go to Ebay like any other washed up celeb in desperate need of cash? This seems like crackhead behavior.

No. 480984

File: 1573077852830.jpg (64.63 KB, 431x637, EIs4n7SXkAIy2l1.jpg)

Twitter is in an uproar because TI apparently came out publicly and said that he's been attending gyno visits with his now 18 year old daughter to confirm with the doctor that her hymen is still intact…

No. 480986

No. 480989

Well that's repugnant. Shame on the gyno for entertaining that.

No. 480993

When I skimmed past this earlier I thought he just went with her to the gyno and I was like “aw that’s nice, kinda reminds me of when my dad went with me to get tampons when I was like 12” then I saw it pop up again and fully read the title and wtaf she’s 18, she’s a fully grown adult plus he’s feeding into the misconception that intact hymen=virginity I hate the fact that this is happening in normal society and not a Mormon commune where this type of nonsense belongs

No. 481014


why the fuck you care so much about your daughter's pussy? what a disgusting incestuous freak. i mean that basically IS incest, if i was that gynecologist i would've called the fucking cops.

No. 481043

This is some Indonesia/Saudi Arabia shit. The doctor even explains why it's retarded to him, but it's double retarded since in real life a lot of women are sexually active and keep their hymen until they give birth since it's not a factory seal like idiots like that think.

No. 481106

So every year for her birthday, this girl goes to get an incredibly invasive checkup for the sole purpose of pleasing her father's incorrect idea of purity? And the father coerces her in front of the doctor to sign a medical waiver? And the father seems to be keen to keep her out of any physical activity like sports (and even riding a fucking bike) to make sure there can't be any other possible reasons for a broken hymen? And proudly announces all of this on a podcast?

I can't imagine the environment these kids are growing up in to have this so normalized. That gyno should have called CPS.

No. 481107

>she don’t ride no horses, she don’t ride no bike, she don’t play no sports. Man, just check the hymen please
This was the scariest part because he's making it clear that he won't accept any reason if he ever hears her hymen has changed,for all we know he may even be purposely restricting her from exercise so she can't use it as an "excuse"

No. 481121

File: 1573099504826.jpeg (455.06 KB, 946x2048, 672F42FA-55A1-4CF4-89C4-7BD250…)

Addition to this, here is what he says about his wife.

No. 481137

This man is so ridiculous with his standards it's comical, this is some 1840's ass shit I don't even remember TI besides that song he did with Rihanna in like 2007 and then that

No. 481143

There was gossip the marketing team are trying to style her as "black passing" to get more market share.

No. 481144

File: 1573104260337.png (1.02 MB, 1080x1074, ffjtm47yk4u31.png)

On the gossip front it's come out some A list child actor has her viriginity sold to Epstein by her Mom.

Most are guesssing pic related.

No. 481149

File: 1573105261061.png (528.08 KB, 500x556, tumblr_puy3kifEMd1sxwyufo3_r1_…)

Also Henry Cavill has been banging his co star since she was 16

No. 481152

isn't this the guy who complained that MeToo means hitting on a woman is instant rape accusations? I'm not fucking surprised

No. 481158

Wait, what co star?

No. 481160

File: 1573108406755.jpg (23.8 KB, 460x312, a6OmG39_460s.jpg)

No. 481167

ew that's fucking disgusting. has this been confirmed? what makes it even more gross is the characters they play are supposed to be adoptive father and daughter.
has it really been that long since she was 16? she's currently 18 as of september. also, he was dating a 19 year old until the end of 2018. i hope this dating the recent co-star is just a rumor.

No. 481168

Come on anon, that's bullshit

No. 481169

This dude is so unattractive

No. 481172



i had no idea about this until today but regardless of if it's true or not, he seems like a jackass anyway

No. 481176

Jared Leto(alleged pedophile/creep)
Pro Jared (solicited nudes from underage fans/cheating scum)
Jared from Subway(full blown pedophile)

You guys I'm noticing a pattern….

No. 481179

NTA but how is that bullshit

No. 481201

He's always given me major creep vibes but the casting for the witcher was just so plain wrong. Yennefer is supposed to be sexy, mature and a motherly figure, yet they cast a 22yo. Imo she looks even younger irl, while he's starting to get bald already.
In this video all male fanboys screech about "if the genders were reversed there would be outrage!!!" because the hosts hits on him, but the way he grins at the girl when they mention sex scenes…yikes

Just google it, there are plenty of pics of him with his student gf

No. 481209

who said anything about dating?

No. 481256


Yes. He's one of those idiots who think relentlessly harassing a woman (aka "the chase") to date him or whatever is entertaining and that it's all apart of how "true love" really works. He was also spouting off some medieval, courtly love bullshit where a man should always be "in service" to his "lady" or something to that affect, which means a woman should never show assertiveness, she should always be the perfect uwu virgin damsel in the tower waiting for the prince to snatch her away in the night. Ugh.

No. 481262

Goddammit, I'm so fucking disgusted right now

No. 481291

Considering how much he likes the witcher, this is incredibly ironic, even more so since he plays Geralt

No. 481293

File: 1573153083315.jpeg (148.52 KB, 750x648, 08E0E3E5-36A2-4022-A673-65EA0F…)

There are way too many rumors out there of Cavill being a creep. I’d be surprised if it turned out he isn’t one tbh.

No. 481379

>he's starting to get bald already

He must have hit the steroids hard right before his Superman films. He was almost pretty in a way on The Tudors, then suddenly balding meathead who looks like a protein fart smells.

No. 481392

No. 481400

Looks like Drew Barrymoore

Tbh, I’m surprised that she turned out normal. I mean, I know she was milky at some point but given how fucked up her childhood was, I’m surprised she didn’t end up fucked up for life. Good for her for getting her shit together though.

No. 481409

File: 1573178358821.png (330.03 KB, 592x457, Screen Shot 2019-11-07 at 5.56…)

Jeff Goldblum is top trending right now for defending Woody Allen. I'm honestly just surprised it's only for that, and not the years worth of allegations against him being a creep that have somehow been kept so quiet he's managed to maintain keanu levels of purity image for all this time (like i literally found out myself maybe a week ago?)… guess it's only a matter of time now until that becomes more public as well now that he's basically out here cancelling himself lol

No. 481420

I read a rumor that Mia Farrow cheated on Woody with Frank Sinatra and that Frank is Ronan's (their son) actual father not Woody. It's still fucked up that he developed a sexual relationship with a girl he was supposed to be a father to.

No. 481422

Have you SEEN Ronan? He's definitely Sinatra's son.

At any rate that doesn't excuse that Woody Allen fucked his adopted daughter who he probably groomed.

No. 481425


>Jeff Goldblum is top trending right now for using Woody Allen to get attention.

…because that's really what's happening here. Jeff hasn't been relevant since the last time he was relevant. Last time I saw him he was chopping tomatoes on some youtube cooking show and acting like the nutty professor in your english class with the nervous tick who never grades your papers, just gives you an a for effort.

No. 481437

File: 1573188044765.jpg (81.88 KB, 618x412, FrankSinatraRonanFarrowWoodyAl…)

>I read a rumor that Mia Farrow cheated on Woody with Frank Sinatra and that Frank is Ronan's (their son) actual father not Woody
I mean….they were married and then remained friends until he died, and Mia herself said it's a possibility. I honestly can't ever hear a Sinatra song without thinking how he married a 21 year old Mia when he was 50, and then treated her like garbage. Mia had to go through Sinatra treating her like garbage and serving her with divorce papers while she was being tortured by pedo extraordinaire Roman Polanski on Rosemary's Baby, and then ended up accidentally exposing her children to the nightmare that is Woody Allen? I feel so bad for her (but also her life is fascinating). Zero sympathy for any of those men, they've really put her through hell.

>Have you SEEN Ronan? He's definitely Sinatra's son.
I mean, this. imo I think Ronan looks like Sinatra, but either way there's no way Ronan has any of Allen's genes.

No. 481439


It is Drew Barrymore, and she is lighting Stephen King's cigarette

No. 481461

File: 1573195274437.jpg (34.41 KB, 323x445, firestarter.jpg)

What's the theory behind this? When did he make his money and start his nightmare reign? Drew's 22 years younger than Epstein, so I guess that could work out, I'm just having a hard time picturing the timeline. But it certainly seems like there's numerous other child stars it could be also.

>It is Drew Barrymore, and she is lighting Stephen King's cigarette
I'm not sure if OP was trying to imply anything with this pic, but Drew Barrymore was literally the Firestarter in King's movie Firestarter. This seems like kind of a silly joke pic to me.

No. 481468

I get it now. She's starting a fire for him. Took me a minute….

No. 481704

File: 1573274316681.png (1.18 MB, 750x1334, 2EB633A5-07A0-406D-B0CC-B506C0…)

No. 481763

Is Kanye trying to outmeme himself

No. 481796

Anyone seen this yet?

No. 481866

Not surprising whatsoever.

No. 482012

>>"When people say it's crass to call yourself a billionaire, I say I might legally change my name to Christian Genius Billionaire Kanye West for a year until y'all understand exactly what it is," he continued. "It will be on the license plate."

God, I really hope everyone encourages this retard to actually do it.

No. 482118

she looks like laura ingalls wilder making out with a 90s boy band member who time traveled to the 1800s. not a cute look.

No. 482132

>“I will say as of her 18th birthday, her hymen is still intact.”

Why is he speaking like it’s 1480 and he’s trying to marry his daughter off to the dauphin of France?

No. 482141

File: 1573410276827.gif (1.06 MB, 498x276, tenor.gif)

I'm fucking dead. Love you anon

No. 482191

Poor Mia seems like a scumbag magnet.

No. 482587

this guy needs to be put in a forced labor camp. he will DEFINITELY get physically abusive if things do not go his way, if he finds out his daughters hymen is "torn" or if his wife denies him.

No. 482790

File: 1573602553343.jpg (92.34 KB, 600x800, iggy-azalea-memes-grammys-2015…)

Amethyst Amelia Kelly / Igloo Australia is pure trash. Did you live under a rock? I mean just look at her white bean pole self with a stupidly disproportionate implanted ass and check out her hypocritical nasty attitude. The girl is a shameless walking contradiction (recently attempted to back-pedal because of the backlash). She's just a talentless milque-toast aussie rapper acting like a hard, black chick while being a huge racist and homophobic cunt.

No. 482792

File: 1573602786154.jpg (68.04 KB, 599x748, Bn9YnuuCAAAgFyw.jpg)

No. 482798

File: 1573603256038.jpg (36.57 KB, 480x425, gallery-1433173483-azealiabank…)

No. 483262

>Using Azaelia Banks’s tweets to prove that Iggy is trash.

Iggy sucks but let’s not pretend that Azaelia isn’t a racist and homophobic shithead as well.

No. 483318

Wow, Azealia actually seems sane in these tweets.

No. 483373

I am so confused how she got popular. I have never met a single person, ever, who likes her or her music.

No. 483382

Lol, T.I (gotta take my daughter to the gyno to check the integrity of her hymen) actually was the one to 'discover' and sign her. Trash attracts trash I guess

No. 483399

Pop music stans like her very much. Her music is incredibly bland and there's a dozen more female rappers who are more interesting out right now.

No. 483434


I kind of like her newer releases like Fuck It Up, they're not classics by any means but I'm glad she's ditched the bubblegum pastiche her old label was putting on her. I can't stand her older songs, especially the ones that made her popular in the beginning of her career.

She'll never be a Lil' Kim or Foxy Brown for sure, but it is what it is.

No. 483521

File: 1573798254505.jpg (165.5 KB, 634x756, 0.jpg)

her and gwen stefani are forming into the same person

No. 483545

hide yourself better next time, lippy.
and naw we all tweeted dumb shit and those of us who are young and still in high school still do. No1curr.

No. 483546

File: 1573809484582.jpeg (82.82 KB, 398x680, EJXuN1yX0AAFSM2.jpeg)

Taylor Swift posted this on her twatter 1/3

No. 483547

File: 1573809509121.jpeg (82.55 KB, 401x680, EJXuN1zWwAAomMO.jpeg)

No. 483549

Yikes, just saw this. She really needs to get vocal coaching, I'm still thinking she could be a better singer than rapper tho.

No. 483550

File: 1573809623736.jpeg (221.22 KB, 1125x1426, EJXuN1xW4AYauMQ.jpeg)

No. 483630

File: 1573830724829.jpg (36.25 KB, 680x540, 93f.jpg)

it's a bit in the same vein as pic related but yeah you're right

better artists have tweeted worse. she has no redeeming qualities

No. 483653

No. 483655

>So this is where I'm asking for your help. Please let Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun know how you feel about this.
Reminds me of when twitch streamers send their followers to go harass another streamer but have to phrase it ambigiously so they dont get banned, except her stalker-filled fanbase will probably John Hinckley them.

No. 483741

Am I retarded or does this make no sense at all? Yeah it’s shitty that you’re required to sell your soul in the music industry in order to get signed with a good label and make it big, but no one held her at gunpoint. Why is Scooter Braun the one receiving backlash and not her father or her attorney who were both present when she signed her contract with Big Machine as a teen? This makes no sense to me, and her sending her deranged fans to Scooter’s Instagram just pisses me off, I don’t like the dude at all but letting celebrities (especially an entitled Karen-in-the-making like Taylor Swift) send hate brigades against people they don’t like is just wrong and sets an alarming precedent.

No. 483902

The thing is she never signed a contract with Scooter, he bought BMR's catalog only in June, it could happen to any aritst on a record deal or any sort of business deal. They're just usually not a twat about it since working with the artist or company they took over makes more money long term, but some predatory buy-outs just want to wring fast money out of a property and dump it.

No. 484015


this makes me sad. i always thought they'd be together forever. i have a soft spot for brody, i hope she's ok

No. 484249

File: 1574065310378.jpg (377.91 KB, 1440x1649, IMG_20191118_091431.jpg)

Okay I know Millie Bobby Brown doesn't have the best genes when it comes to looking youthful but how is she aging this fast?!?!

Is it the stylists? They need to get fired.

No. 484250

Is that really a photo of her?? If it's her she looks genuinely 35 here

I don't get it

No. 484251

File: 1574066044076.jpg (352.1 KB, 620x930, stranger-things-tv-screening-r…)

Samefag, it must be the styling. No 15 year old would choose this dress and this hair.
She was meeting Mariah Carey this week so they might've wanted to age her up even more so they looked good together.

But there's some weird pedo "look how mature 15 year olds are we aren't creeps hehe" validation in dressing her like this.

No. 484253

This girl is a natural tomboy, and her stylists need to accept it.
This look is awful on her. She looks so aged. Even the tan looks horrible.

No. 484260

Jfc does she have fillers or something? I didn't even recognize her. Her face looks so bloated.

No. 484264

Fuck, her face looks legitimately haggard. The word gets thrown around a lot here but that is pretty much the definition. I'm going to guess drugs or possibly an eating disorder.

No. 484267

She’s always had visible tear troughs, which I think is what makes her face look aged, especially under harsh light. Props to her for not getting filler there yet btw. Anyway, that styling is shit and doesn’t help at all.

No. 484273

thought this was Sandra Bullock in the small thumbnail at a quick glance.
I still think she looks young in all of her pics but like she is wearing a weird unflattering woman cosplay on top and has to act way too mature
oh come on, she does not look old or haggard. that's some ageist, nitpicky Hollywood bullshit

No. 484342

she has some baby fat in her face is all
are we all seeing the same person? I picture a fat druggie with progeria reading these nitpicks

No. 484369

In ST3 she looked her age and out of the show people were already calling her haggard, I think it's the styling.

No. 484641

File: 1574129076137.png (1.5 MB, 1080x1064, Screenshot_20191116-160521_1.p…)

Megan Fox looks bad

No. 484642

File: 1574129111985.jpg (5.72 MB, 5184x1920, inCollage_20191118_180213085.j…)

She's been thru it goddamn

No. 484652

She had to deal with so much of Michael Bay's bullshit, I hope she's doing a little better at least.

No. 484653

Maybe because I have fine lines under my eyes nowadays, but she looks 16/17 here to me. No lines on the face. I don't know if the hair styling is too heavy or what or how they've framed her face that makes her more mature looking hut up close she looks like a teen. Is she the bald girl in stranger things I've never watched it. Maybe everyone is just weirded out she has so much hair?

No. 484654

Did she get the weird kendall jenner eye lift?

No. 484661

She looks older and maybe more plasticky but I think she looks pretty good. Maybe I'm biased since I've had a crush on her since I was a teenager.

No. 484679

Millie is unusual looking for her age though, most teens nowadays look younger than the same age teens in the 90's or 80's and earlier.

No. 484718

I think this is it. Plenty of teenagers have dark circles, tear troughs, laugh lines (yes), and other physical imperfections we associate with older people. Doesn't mean they look "old," people aren't wax sculptures. There's more to aging than having a few mouth wrinkles. She has a more mature Victoria's Secret type hair style, but she's at a red carpet event. I don't think she looks any more "adult" than high schoolers going to prom when they have their makeup/hair done.

No. 484725

She's preparing herself for a Melania Trump biopic, by the looks of it.

No. 484746

expression makes me think of a kidnapped bride being forced to take pictures

No. 484857

I agree, she looks great in tomboy like outfits

No. 484858

she still looks beautiful imo but it is as if someone is holding her head and pulling her face taught

No. 484929

Wow, she looks like a middle aged country singer

No. 484932

Her eyes have become more and more feline

No. 484946

Tbh i was thinking she was looking in her late 20s too but ill be honest.. Caucasian women tend to develop fine lines and aging signs as young as late teens and early twenties, and she doesn't have any of this yet. She has a very clear face so that's how I can tell she's an adolescent Caucasian girl despite looking comparatively older.

No. 484966

I'll be honest too, you're a dumbass. That's absolutely not how your average white teen looks like, most of the people calling her haggard are white too.

No. 484967

Its all about how you take care of yourself and your facial bone structure.
This racebait shit is stupid.
Aging has nothing to do with race.

No. 484971

It's the damn rich soccer mom hair. There was a post on the Kibbe thread, showing how she suits boyish styles instead of ultra feminine.

No. 484977

ofc shes not average but a lot of white 14-19 year olds plain look like theyre in their upper 20s

No. 484984

>many white 14-year-olds look like 29

No. 484986

No they don’t. That sounds like something an incel would say when really he’s salty that “western roasties” won’t put up with his bullshit and mistakenly believes that women from third world countries are more “submissive.”

No. 485042

Stop watching anime

No. 485053

File: 1574216546732.jpg (84.63 KB, 400x600, Sophia Lillis Miu Miu Front Ro…)

For comparison, I feel like Sophia, who is 17, looks so much younger. Haircut and styling make a big impact.

No. 485058

Too bad Westerners are also Latinos, Blacks, Asians, Natives, Multiracials, and other groups huh?

No. 485061

Apart from the hairstyle, I think this picture of Sophia proves the opposite. She's not styled in a particularly flattering way, especially those shoes, yet her youthful face manages to make it look "teenager trying on her moms clothes".
Whereas if MBB would be put in the same outfit it would scream "haggard older woman squeezed into a grandma dress".
MBB just looks better in punky boyish styles, but for whatever reason hollywood almost never dresses her up like that for photoshoots.

No. 485072

she kinda looks like the woman who plays nancy and mikes mom here tbh
shes not ugly or ~haggard~ but she definitely has a mature face

No. 485090

File: 1574223143668.jpg (102.34 KB, 634x806, EJr8Q4LWkAEDDSh.jpg)

ew i just saw that halsey is dating evan peters, random pairing

No. 485099

she is one of the most uniquely intolerable female celebrities i've seen in a long time. i cannot stand anything about her. every. single. thing. about her is so grating.

i dont even like emma roberts, she seems like a basic and boring privileged idiot with impossibly wooden acting skills but for some reason, after learning she bit him during an argument and that they were together for like a million years, i feel a little disappointed that peters and this stepford psycho are no longer engaged.

No. 485100

what exactly about halsey is "intolerable" ??

No. 485108

check out the PULL thread on her for more details but essentially: lying about her tragic backstory and rise to fame, acting like her music is deeper and more woke than it already is, kissing multiple underage fans and at one point bragging about it on twitter, being misogynist in her double standards (for example she brought up iggy azaelia for no reason in an interview and said how she’d never work with her for cultural appropriation or whatever but then halsey worked with migos despite them being homophobic and defended herself) and these days she loves having pr relationships and calling the paps on herself. seriously no one is checking for her and the fact that major celebs like beyoncé don’t get snapped by paparazzis but apparently she can’t step outside with evan petars without getting snapped .. sure. a few days she baited the paps by her and evan rubbing her belly to spark pregnancy rumours and then she responded on twitter being like ‘i love to eat pancakes guys even though i have a gluten allergy hahaha pregnancy and fertility is a serious issue for many women let’s not start rumours blah blah more fake woke crap’

No. 485111

File: 1574225551708.jpg (126.79 KB, 1000x1000, 015_Halsey.jpg)

my personal favorite is how she's always harping on and on about how she's biracial. her dad is half black and her mom is white and she looks totally white, yet she is always going on and on about how her life is so hard because she's biracial and "feels black." she went on a twitter rant about how hotel shampoos aren't suitable for her ~ethnic hair~ which is just peak cringe bc she has normal ass white people hair kek

No. 485118

File: 1574226713363.png (475.02 KB, 818x522, 1574038408637.png)

sage for off topic but halsey reminds of me this this kid


>I am a black woman married to a white man. Our 13-year-old son looks white—blond-haired, blue-eyed, straight-nosed, thin-lipped, fair-skinned white—but he identifies as black.

>Some queer people talk about the existence of “gaydar”—the ability to identify one of their own, whether they are out or closeted. As the child of a white mother and a black father, I have whatever the equivalent is for being able to spot black people no matter how fair their skin or how European their features. I could always claim my people, I thought. But when our son was born, I realized that no special power was going to help me see his African heritage. My husband thought our newborn was albino the first time he cradled him in his arms. He was that white.

>School is the place where kids navigate their identity and relationships apart from their families. In our children’s case, school was also separate from their neighborhood: Each day, they boarded a bus to attend a diverse magnet school about five miles from our home. It was there that he would make his black identity known. His older sister’s being there certainly helped serve as a marker, but she, too, was navigating what it meant to be a racially ambiguous child. Each year, I made a point of chaperoning the first field trip of the school year. My volunteerism was as much a display of parent engagement as it was a subconscious way of helping my children assert their blackness.

>We moved to Washington, D.C., after 16 years in New Haven, and mere weeks before our children started high school and middle school. As the moving day approached, our son’s concerns intensified. One day, while sorting through old picture books, he revealed the root cause of his anxiety. “How will they know who I am?” he asked me. I reminded him that middle school would be new to every sixth grader. He replied, “No, how will they know who I really am? How will they know I’m black? I’ll have to start all over again. This time no one is going to believe me.”

No. 485131

I mean, sure, you can identify as black. But you need accept that you look white to most people and therefore have privileges that black people who actually look black don’t have.

No. 485134

Can you stop spamming this article? The kid is 13 and his mom is encouraging it jfc

No. 485138

File: 1574233858455.jpg (61.35 KB, 768x998, tomboy.jpg)

Millie doesn't look mature or haggard. She's just a tomboy who looks awkward in girly dresses. In the right outfits she looks great and even younger than her age. That's why Kibbe is legit.

No. 485139

File: 1574234455022.jpg (101.63 KB, 747x461, capa-millie.jpg)

these photos are quite old now, but notice that angle from below makes it so you can't see her tear troughs. it's all dependent on the lighting and angle. notice how from the same shoot but from above she looks totally different. she's pretty and i think she looks very pretty in the above photos that everyone is complaining about, she just has tear troughs and a long face. the dress is something out of barbie's 80's sexy sleepwear tho.

No. 485140

They are. True. But you know to incels, westerners=white. Also, don’t want this turn into race bait.

No. 485241

Millie bobby brown makes me feel so uncomfortable and kind of sad for her future because alot of her fans are much older adults who will abandon her once she turns 18.

No. 485254

Except for Drake, who is counting down the days.

No. 485265

File: 1574268490887.jpg (42.67 KB, 691x316, grammy.JPG)

Grammy Nominees are here:


Idk if it's just me getting old but who the fuck are most of those people?

No. 485324

Man, Kanye really thinks he's a god huh? He's refusing to stop construction on his new Wyoming cult compound despite not having a permit to build anything there in the first place. This is definitely giving me shades of Jim Jones. How long before he goes to another country with lax laws on this sort of thing?


No. 485481

File: 1574325817535.jpg (107.56 KB, 554x1199, EJteTc4XYAUpsoN.jpg)

Azealia Banks collabed with Kim Petras, only to find out the producer, Jesse Saint John (who also worked with Lizzo and Charli XCX) is a predator.
She also reneges on her previous defense of Dr. Luke.

No. 485482

File: 1574325925763.jpg (151.21 KB, 1124x1200, EJteTc5XkAARze9.jpg)

One victim recounts their experiences with Jesse Saint John.

No. 485483

File: 1574325971391.jpg (46.33 KB, 828x449, EJtmMbCW4AAAjDK.jpg)

Him thanking Azealia for putting a spotlight on this.

No. 485484

File: 1574326048529.jpg (131.22 KB, 828x1792, EJvfwubWoAAO4H5.jpg)

She mentions Dr. Luke again here.

No. 485485

File: 1574326163439.jpg (99.97 KB, 554x1199, EJwL0ukX0AEMzsZ.jpg)

>Predators run in packs. They usually don't hunt alone. There are extensive networks of ppl looking to cover this kind of abuse up.

No. 485486

File: 1574326307550.jpg (119.46 KB, 554x1199, EJwL0unWoAQ6Iuq.jpg)

No. 485487

File: 1574326417093.jpg (109.96 KB, 554x1199, EJxLszTX0AAviQM.jpg)

No. 485488

File: 1574326502524.jpg (95.57 KB, 554x1199, EJxLszSXYAIp0S8.jpg)

She calls out Out Magazine here, and some of her fans @ed them about this, as well. Wonder if they'll do anything.

No. 485490

File: 1574326609231.jpg (101.88 KB, 554x1199, EJxLszSWsAAyCTk.jpg)

Last one.

No. 485492

File: 1574326986641.jpg (66.42 KB, 646x1200, EJtlInRWwAUXV8N.jpg)

And in response, Jesse Saint John locked down his Twitter and IG accounts. He's guilty as fuck.
People are dragging him all over Twitter. It's crazy that Azealia Banks was the one to finish him, while all these "unproblematic favs" like Lizzo and Charli kept their mouths shut and just continued working with the creep.

No. 485493

File: 1574327710073.jpg (100.37 KB, 727x1200, EJvPUQKXYAArIZt.jpg)

No. 485496

File: 1574328755692.jpg (112.28 KB, 758x1200, EJwbv62W4AA40LV.jpg)

More Dr. Luke (not related to the Jesse Saint John thing).

No. 485498

File: 1574330517973.jpg (3.33 MB, 2700x1800, gettyimages-1149498709.jpg)

>Prince Andrew Makes Shocking Move to Quit Royal Duties After Explosive Jeffrey Epstein Interview
>“It has become clear to me over the last few days that the circumstances relating to my former association with Jeffrey Epstein has become a major disruption to my family’s work and the valuable work going on in the many organisations and charities that I am proud to support,” he said in the statement.

>“Therefore, I have asked Her Majesty if I may step back from public duties for the foreseeable future, and she has given her permission.”

>“I continue to unequivocally regret my ill-judged association with Jeffrey Epstein. His suicide has left many unanswered questions, particularly for his victims, and I deeply sympathise with everyone who has been affected and wants some form of closure. I can only hope that, in time, they will be able to rebuild their lives. Of course, I am willing to help any appropriate law enforcement agency with their investigations, if required.”

Hilarious to me that some people will still have more of a problem with Meghan Markle than this guy.

No. 485505

His "well her story must be fake because I actually couldn't sweat at that time" is one of the dumbest lies I've ever heard, as if mental stress from a war would stop you sweating from physical exertion in a hot night club and as if the paparazzi havn't been photographing him every day of his life.

No. 485514

miss broken clock is right again for once but
>i genuinely thought the bitch could sing
lmao have you ever actually listened to a kim petras song sis?

No. 485520

File: 1574342894485.jpg (132.39 KB, 694x1200, EJcd6TvXUAcIq5i.jpg)

Honestly, Azealia can be a bitch, but she's almost always right when she spits a hot take or insults a public figure. She definitely never fails to offend, but she's also never been a liar, or even outright evil, just harsh and absolutely no-holds-barred. The true meaning of "politically incorrect" without actual hatred.
That's how she ends up doing things like defending people she's had previous beef with (like Cupcakke), and voicing support for Taylor Swift when Candace Owens and Kanye tried it.

No. 485521

File: 1574342930644.jpg (77.02 KB, 554x1199, EJclrb6XUAEEbmS.jpg)

No. 485522

File: 1574343103976.jpg (73.62 KB, 554x1199, EJclrb-XYAAk9bh.jpg)

>He looks like a summer camp r*tard with them big c-cup tiddies under that Jesus shirt.

No. 485525

File: 1574343366146.jpg (93.31 KB, 650x975, kanye.jpg)

For reference. She probably went too far. I'd call these a B-cup, easily.

No. 485542

wait, wasn't she the one said Irish people were a race of Inbred dirty barbarians

No. 485547

WOW what a great punishment! The pedo prince now gets to live a life of complete luxury away from the prying eyes of public. I'm sure he's distraught from having to do fuck all and living on the commoners taxes

No. 485549

Azealia speaks the truth sometimes but she ruins it all with stupid comments like involving his child.

No. 485554

File: 1574349077567.jpg (66.05 KB, 814x597, peter.JPG)


>kim petras

what? the tranny got famous? Idk the last time I saw him on german tv he was just talking about, of course,being trans but he makes music now? When did this all happen?

No. 485557

doesnt this dumb, attention seeking cunt have her own thread?

No. 485562

File: 1574350304372.gif (30.12 KB, 100x100, tenor (5).gif)

>with ya square ass jaw

No. 485565

There is an Azealia thread in /snow/, but I wouldn't call this "milk" of any sort, since it's not centered around her.

No. 485567

I'm sure old coomers who still buy Playboy are overjoyed to see trannies talking how much of a real woman they are.

No. 485569

All I see are a bunch of rich and privileged people catfighting each other for clout and attention while weaponizing problems the common person deals with to seem more relatable.

No. 485592

File: 1574356851325.jpg (45.59 KB, 634x333, 1548279502061.jpg)

yep it was her

No. 485602

Her new-age wiccan shit is also retarded especially as she larps like the hippie shit she does is traditional african religion practices

No. 485704

>hates Ireland
>is wiccan

Does she not know that wicca is mostly based on the old religions of Britain and Ireland, or..?

No. 485763

what hippie shit? she murders chickens in her closet and brags about it, doesn't know the first thing about santeria but uses it as an excuse to abuse animals, etc. there's nothing hippie about her. she just trend hops because she's a boring dumb bitch who has no sense of real identity. she's a more malignant abby brown.

No. 485776


this shit is fucking me up a lot. i have a few connections to Jesse Saint John and have heard of him both through these friends and also his associations with a ton of musicians i like (charli xcx, kim petras, rina sawayama, lizzo, marina, brooke candy etc)……. and yet i found out not through any of them, but by casually going through my IG stories and just happening to catch azealia's that day. what level of depraved monster do you have to be trying to DATE RAPE like that? predators really must run in the same packs because I also remember there being some allegations against Todrick/ Chester Lockhart, the fact that everyone running in these circles (people I looked up to and thought were decent) is keeping so quiet that I would never have known if not for fucking azealia of all people makes me feel sick, maybe because it's literally kinda close to home. I hate being paranoid about whether people are intentionally covering for their rapist friends or if they just didn’t know because these things don’t get nearly as much coverage/ outrage as they should, but kim lurking >>485493 sadly points to the first option lol. sage for this being more rant/ blog than celeb drama, sorry for rambling but damn I need to re-evaluate who I associate with

No. 485831

Lmao hi alice glass

No. 485860

Been a good minute since Azealia made this much sense…she must be back on her meds. To think she of all people is making the noise that needs to be made right now

No. 485867

Le based black woman.

No. 485868

Le based black woman.(Back to /pol/, retard)

No. 485872

Except for once, the person she's criticizing is actually the more counter cultural / creative one while Azealia is more aligned with the masses both spiritually and psychologically.

This one was bad.

No. 485886

She's actually not Wiccan, she's into Brujeria.

No. 486261

File: 1574499620703.jpg (54.24 KB, 875x492, Tesla-Cybertruck-electric-pick…)


No. 486264

I love seeing this scummy bastard humbled, lol.

No. 486267

File: 1574502576602.jpg (15.27 KB, 299x168, download.jpg)

No. 486269

Why are nerds frothing over this goofy ass low poly truck

No. 486277

this is some kind of funny meme for the kids, right?? is he joking? does he have no one to tell him to like… not do certain things? is his entire social circle just taintlicking 'yes men'

No. 486324

I always wondered what kind of fucked up shit Sky Ferreira gets into and how she got to where she is. Is that Kesha passed out? Wow…

No. 486327

uuuh, what's going on with Sky Ferreira? Haven't been following her since her first (and only?) record dropped

No. 486522

File: 1574577803442.jpg (321.69 KB, 1124x1562, IMG_0421.JPG)

nightmare fuel

No. 486526

Im into mens feet but he's got some ugly ass feet.

No. 486556

wow i hate it so much. also why do so many men think theyre so hot when they have literal atrophied cripple legs on normal torsos?

No. 486658

Grimes - So Heavy I Fell Through the Earth (Visualizer). Miss Anthropocene' release date: February 21st.



No. 486659

File: 1574615501390.jpg (86.23 KB, 735x653, grimesalbum.JPG)

No. 486682

Besides the edgy visual is the music good or bad? I honestly can't tell.

No. 486704

boring upscale hair salon music

No. 486747

I hate seeing this nasty ass bitch all over media.

No. 487021

Saying Nick Carter is a rapist is pretty understandable tinfoil if you ask
me. If I grew up as a kid star, with parents that (bear with me) actively protected their rapist son, I'd be a little fucked up too. I like to think people sperging over this would also be honest about their brother being a rapist, but whatever. Keeping your kid star's money is also very common, so I find that believable as well.


I can't speak for everyone, but a lot of nerds project themselves onto rich people with bad personalities.

No. 487043

File: 1574668782266.jpeg (116.92 KB, 559x839, A51E9861-C0BA-4EE5-B400-3DFFC9…)

I wonder if Pete davidson was cheating on Margaret Qualley with Kaia Gerber. Why can’t he be alone for a damn second before jumping to someone new? It’s weird.

No. 487240

1:41, drake is still talking to underaged girls.
I only watched to about three minutes in, so I don't know if she said anything else about him.

No. 487330

He has bpd. A lot of people with bpd have to constantly be in a relationship because they can't stand being alone.

No. 487332

Does billie actually sing? I've never heard it. In all of her songs she's just quietly mumbling. The instrumental parts of her music are the only good parts.

No. 487484

God, she's so smug. I dislike her quiet a bit tbh

No. 487600

would be gross if so but not completely out of character for hollywood degeneracy considering she just turned 18 in september

No. 487604

I find her fans obnoxious, but I don't really mind her as a person? She's a bieber fan so she could be a lot worse. I think if she was more nonchalant about her success she'd come off as whiny and ungrateful.

No. 487605

File: 1574815741464.jpeg (103.29 KB, 558x800, 444707B2-179E-428A-9430-B0B733…)

they have this poor girl looking like diane keaton why

No. 487608

Who even is that? And what's wrong with Diane Keaton?

No. 487609

File: 1574816414465.jpeg (115.72 KB, 1280x720, A3C18E58-A56F-49B0-9CCF-F5B22C…)

No. 487611

I never heard a song of her, why is she suddenly everywhere? Rich family? And I agree, she seems very unlikeable. But her fame probably won't last for long anyway.

What's wrong is that Diane is 60 years her senior…

No. 487612

while her music is meh she seems like an alright person, can't blame her for having some self-image issues

No. 487613

holy shit. my tinfoil is that they're making her look older on purpose to push the whole pedo agenda/normalise her interactions with drake etc

No. 487625

File: 1574819682311.jpg (34.4 KB, 800x450, glamour_gloria-steinem-on-why-…)

KEK, diane keaton. i think they're going for gloria steinem. she does look like keaton tho

No. 487629

Glad someone else noticed this. Huge red flag that Drake is still talking privately to teen girls despite being outed already as having groomed them before and that Billie described him as "the nicest person I've ever talked to." Yeah, Drake sure is SUPER sweet to underage girls. Everyone knows he was grooming Bella Harris just waiting for her to hit 18, no difference here I'm sure.

No. 487633

What the fuck? This is just too much. This isn't even just tacky, it's straight up momager core. I can literally see the Sarah Palin moodboards. Why would they do this to her?
Are they deliberately trying to make her look middle-aged? It almost feels like malice at this point.

No. 487693

… I hate the fact I can relate to this because it is the exact type of music the salon I go to plays the majority of the time.

No. 487997

Seems like it could be a similar situation, concidering billie will be 18 soon.

No. 488267

File: 1574971548815.png (528.67 KB, 532x830, Screenshot_20191128-120206_1.p…)

Imagine having access to the finest in life: education, food, culture, travel and then thinking Justin Beiber is a good mate. What's even the point of wealthy people if they aren't even better than us plebs

No. 488294

Justin bieber is aging so badly. damn

No. 488298

rofl this is hilarious. they are sabotaging her self image so bad. Does she have no say? she looks like a 45 year old mom running for class monitor for field trips.

No. 488452

File: 1575001996349.png (8.55 MB, 1125x2436, 7C10DF80-F796-4A61-9DC9-D74BA7…)

Alright I don't keep in touch with celebrities but when will the kardashian/jenner clan and the instagram thottery in general cease from existing?
lel, her voice is really good. she's unironically a really good singer, her persona's just meh because she's young.

No. 488746

I think it’s kind of funny that we were talking about him last month, here we are again. Stan twitter is trying to cancel James Ransone again because of this video that surfaced of an obvious teenager asking him to say gay rights and he said ‘human rights’. She tries to call him out and here’s the result. The think the original uploaded deleted their twitter as it took a while for me to find this reupload.
I want to say when will these kids leave this grown ass man alone but he is getting their money at cons for signings so…

No. 488748

He's been looking like a middle aged lesbian since he was 16 so not that surprising, especially considering the drug abuse.

No. 488749

I don't know who this guy is but he dealt with that so well that it radiated cool teacher energy, even when they try to laugh off that they're filming him. How can anyone try and cancel him for that?

No. 488750

So people are mad at him and trying to hassle him because of what he wrote in >>472113 or is there more to it?

No. 488751

It's also going around that he's transphobic because of this interview from 2016 has re-surfaced.
(i don't know how to cap twitter videos sorry!)

>>488749 he was involved in drama capped at the beginning of this thread too. He starred in It Chapter 2 as Eddie.

>>488750 I think it's just separated incidents. i'm personally 'eh' on >>472113 because he has said himself before those caps that the twitter acc is not his. The acc had a lot of meme jokes, and he doesn't seem like the kind of person to understand that kind of humor. everyone is using these two new videos to claim that the old twitter was his though.

No. 488754

File: 1575072769788.gif (780.53 KB, 320x240, 4C194C9C-E063-4D6A-AA27-2AB96D…)

No. 488767

My theory is that Biebz is slowly morphing into Chad Kroeger..

No. 488770

Good luck canceling this guy when tumblr and twitter is too busy drawing gay porn of him and Bill Hader to care.

No. 488772

File: 1575075724008.jpg (160.13 KB, 718x1413, 8465272a-e71a-4bd9-af1f-6cb2ae…)

Thanks for putting that image in my head, anon

No. 488781

that thread was really infuriating tbh, the kid tried to frame it as a "im just a child uwu why he a homophobic meanie", when they went twice to film him, the first time with the gay right thing and the second one with them asking him why he didn't said it, to which James asked them what were they trying to do and why where them filming him. it was so delulu to think you can just make someone say whatever you want them to say and then just go where they are again, phone ready to film asking to defend themselves WHY they didn't and get surprised at their reaction, like im a normal folk and i would find that off putting, a celeb (even a less know one) needs to be careful with their image, you cant blame him for trying to be careful about all that.

No. 488828

yeah she's still 17… what 17 year old have you met that's not up their own ass thinking they know everything lol. She does legit have a good voice it's just that her most popular song doesn't showcase it at all so everyone thinks she can't

No. 488903


Will there ever come a time when people will stop trying to force celebrities and other public figures to be spokespersons for wokeness? Sorry for being a triggered bitch but I see this retarded faggot shit everywhere with people trying to get celebs to be all uwu so and so right’s! Greenpeace mofos and it drives me nuts. Of course they’re going to troll you for annoying them with that shit, and then the snowflakes run to twitter to “cancel” them like somebody cares.

No. 489134

Imagine trying to film a csa survivor saying "gay rights" so teen girls and ppl who sexualize the child actors in IT can justify the hottest new ship and if that actor says no, he's homophobic

No. 489245

little late but sky had quite a few run ins with drugs (been arrested for coke possession iirc) and problems with her record label I think

if she knew dr luke or was victimized by him wouldn't be surprised at all tbh

No. 489301

Lol or how about the fans who pay around $230(usd) to see their fav celebrity and have them hold up some gay trans rights bs.

No. 489302

File: 1575183246577.jpg (83.52 KB, 699x511, tumblr_pg176b3Lr81ul46r6_1280.…)

Dropped pic

No. 489831

u just know that creep has a trans peter parker headcanon

No. 490682

File: 1575479452333.jpg (2.4 MB, 1080x9720, ZomboDroid 04122019090939.jpg)

Bhad Bhabie Danielle Brigoli going off on IG making her management work hard for the money lmao

No. 490695

File: 1575482387189.jpg (280.65 KB, 1536x2048, 74936938_2839002532790641_3170…)

I went to his panel at a con recently and I'm not totally sure how to describe his demeanor but he doesn't exactly disguise his feelings or pretend for the sake of his teenage fans (the audience was small but a lot of teen girls dressed up as IT characters, Richie in particular). One girl came up to ask what he feels about so many people finding community and friends through his work and what he thinks about his "impact" and his response was basically "I don't. I think it's weird. I'm an actor and I get paid to pretend to be someone else for money. I am not that character. You should be impacted by people who actually make a difference, doctors, garbage men, teachers, etc." He overall comes across as a very down-to-earth, no-bullshit kind of dude.

No. 490702

The It movie fanbase is too damn weird.

No. 490703

ok but why do they look identical??

No. 490714

File: 1575488339037.jpg (38.93 KB, 460x288, images (1).jpg)

tbf before the IT series the vast majority of his fanbase were hardcore military guys, so compared with that a bunch a teenagers won't seem that intimidating

No. 490755

Late reply but here's a video where her voice isn't as drowned out.

No. 490758

It was creepy enough when people were shipping the children in the first movie (poor Finn Wolfhard, that kid cannot escape creeps to save his life and he has repeatedly expressed discomfort about it) and then when it was confirmed Richie had gay yearning or whatever it got even more disgusting.

Why did people give this girl a career again? Wasn't her only claim to fame being an illiterate 14 year old on dr Phil?

No. 490774

If he doesn’t think his job is important or that fans should like him why is he at conventions taking their money for autographs and appearances?

No. 490778

There's a difference between the novelty of seeing a famous person for an autograph/photo and acting like he's God incarnate because of your gay fantasies

No. 490779

I'm so over shit like this. If the girl likes her hair braided; who cares?
If she becomes bald because tight braids aren't good for her hairtype; who cares?

No. 490789

Agreed, culture is meant to be shared, and it’s not like African Americans are the only ones to have ever meticulously braided their hair - it’s a global phenomenon. Dumbest shit to get assmad over, callout culture is cancer

No. 491133

I assume all the rap guys who facilitated her musical come up had their dicks out for a sizeable portion of it. Might've helped. In that vein I feel bad for her, no way she hasn't been exploited

No. 491144

File: 1575582554467.jpg (299.64 KB, 1125x983, jp.jpg)

I met him at this con and and talked to him about bands and stupid shit. He said something super touching that I can't imagine hating this dude. He recently put out these $225 sweaters for Christmas - his half of the proceeds are going to charity, and the fans are blowing up his comments with 'GAY RIGHTS' or clowning on him for the sweaters being so expensive as if he's keeping the profit. It's so crazy how last month these same people were crying at not being able to meet him.
He hasn't really addressed any of the 'controversy' at all besides replying Ok Zoomer to someone transcribing his human rights video

No. 491145

File: 1575582606352.jpeg (471.06 KB, 1125x1238, E446F292-EF6F-46A6-A5D8-D4A6E4…)

No. 491164

kek. these kids really need to stop putting random celebrities on a pedestal just because they played a gay character one time or something.

No. 491320

wow I forgot about generation kill and his character. yeah his fans from that are older us marines that don't give a fuck

>Imagine trying to film a csa survivor saying "gay rights" so teen girls and ppl who sexualize the child actors in IT can justify the hottest new ship and if that actor says no, he's homophobic
fandoms are a mistake God damn

No. 491345

how do these fans justify shipping children and sexualizing them? i could give a pass to the teenage fans, but the grown adults doing this? why is everyone ok with this??

No. 491362

Oh no sage for OT but I knew this person irl several years ago and she was honestly a bit of a personal cow of mine. Constantly in a cycle of dropping thousands of dollars on travel & conventions only to not plan a place to stay and beg cosplayers in the area to let her couch surf (I let her stay in my basement one night), then get home and ebeg/complain online about not having rent and how everyone hates her. Also had a obsessive crush on my then bf, and secretly hated both of us for my bf not reciprocating. Prime weirdo bpd tumblr fujo, too bad I can't remember her socials

No. 491390

File: 1575630410166.jpg (289.25 KB, 717x1289, IMG_20191206_130135.jpg)

I'm calling it now, he'll get big face tattoos a soon enough.

No. 491413

that's actually a normal price for something that's hand made and limited run. You don't see people complaining like that over the shane dawson and jeffree star collab, and that's not hand made OR going to charity. I didn't know anything about this actor before
this thread but he actually seems like a pretty good guy.

No. 491447

these people act like they dont drop $80 for a waist up furry commission at least twice a month

No. 491513

black women have been historically mistreated for wearing their hair like this and naturally. Even in fucking AFRICA. We risk losing jobs and being kicked out of school for wearing our in this way or any natural hairstyle. There are literally countless news articles about it. Its fucking annoying because once white women or any other race of women for that matter do it it becomes viewed as beautiful and edgy. But when black women are seen with it its viewed as ratchet, ghetto, unprofessional, ugly etc. Its fucked up and you guys would never truly understand how upsetting it is to be disrespected for embracing and trying to protect your natural hair. If she wants to be bald headed so be it. But her response was extremely rude and condescending and I will forever understand if a black woman feels some type of way about this. Its fucking annoying. Our culture is constantly looked down upon but also stolen from and when we voice our frustrations we are seen as whining, complaining, racebaiting etc. Im probably gonna get banned for bringing up being black/black issues so Rip me.

No. 491565

generation kill had its own fandom that interacted w/ ransone inappropriately. he had a tumblr back in the day and i remember a controversy over some ask he was sent. that was my first clue to leave fandom culture entirely

No. 491613


Ya ya OK, except Danielle fucking Bregoli isn't going into the workplace, school, or wearing braids in a professional setting. She's an internet rapper. It's a fashion look for an entertainer.

If she was applying to entry level jobs with full braids and a weave, you'd maybe have a point.

How she styles her hair is her business.

Saying exclusively black women can braid their hair is just never gonna happen sis. We live in a global society, putting this much effort into cultural gatekeeping is just going to disappoint you.

No. 491667

In the last 5 years I've never seen a black woman get anything other than praise out the ass for wearing her hair in box braids or natural, whereas I've seen white women be threatened by black people for doing it. Not racebaiting, just saying.(Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.)

No. 491744

NTA but
Not hard.
They even had to make a law about this precisely because it's so common:
And some schools still refuse to follow it because they're just that discriminatory:
Cyberbullying isn't really anywhere near as bad.(Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.)

No. 491745

just because you don’t see something happening doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. the anon you replied to is literally speaking partially from personal experience.(Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.)

No. 491751

I swear y’all be missing the point on purpose. Just because YOU haven’t seen discrimination doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. If I applied to the job I have now wearing box braids I can assure you I wouldn’t have gotten the job. Just because some black women get praised doesn’t negate the fact that black women are bullied, seen as less than and ostracized for wearing ethnic hair styles. Let’s be honest if other race of women didn’t see black girls wearing box braids no ONE would be doing it. This is why I hate this site sometimes. Black women are never protected we can’t voice our frustrations without being seen as complainers and dummies. A white women wearing box braids is more protected than a black girl with box braids and you guys are proving my point beautifully. Black people are the only race that has to share their culture with everyone who hates us or risk being ostracized even more. This video is of a South African little girl getting detention for wearing her natural hair. A LITTLE BLACK GIRL IN AFRICA. Don’t fix your lips to tell me this is a non issue. Https://www.elitedaily.com/life/culture/black-girls-natural-hair-racism-schools/1953497(Any race related posts or discussion is prohibited per global rule 7.)

No. 491783

File: 1575738523513.jpeg (442.17 KB, 1125x1998, 17465F76-2B62-4AF5-AB31-7A9789…)

This is not your wailing wall, American problems can be posted on literally a shitton of websites precisely meant for it, including LipstickAlley.

Can we make conspiracy theories about how Kylie Jenner may actually not be as rich as they/she claims to be? I hope whoever is behind that cancerous family will fuck them up.
This video made me puke and go A-logging tier, which is gay I know. But at least if they are gone instagram culture would die, win-win imo.

No. 491785


Now that I'm in my 20's, the Kardashians don't bother me quite as much as they used to when I was younger and just getting swept up in the popular culture of hating on them for their wealth and looks. I find their successes quite interesting, and without making value judgments on Kris's character or her relationship with her daughters, I find her ability to be a savvy business woman who went from working in a donut shop to being basically a billionaire fascinating.

You really don't see women doing things like that in the media, as there's always a man hanging around in the background pulling the strings, and she's basically done everything on her own. I don't know really understand anymore why people despise them so much…aren't they basically the epitome of the American dream and in some respects, feminism? I don't think they would be who they are in any other country or culture, and I find it interesting how American culture kind of rails on them but they are basically everything we technically are striving for in this country (US).

I do know a lot of the gossip about the girls behavior in the past with Kim and Khloe, but that's pretty standard for most families working in LA or even slightly involved in Hollywood. It's not like they're causing World War III or forcing people to be something that they're not. So they're attention whores and get plastic surgery and can't keep a man in their life for more than fifteen seconds…meh.

No. 491790

Kudos for being contrarian, you did give me butthurt. I'm also in my 20s, a rare sight here I know.
>and she's basically done everything on her own.
Watch the video again, dear.
Yeah, of course they are! It doesn't mean necessarily anything good though. But are they good for women, are they empowering? Nah, when I see instagram they just influenced women to be…well…
Let me just pray/tinfoilhat for some more the real manager or whatever is hiding somewhere ready to fuck them up (financially, but I also want that bruce to go get his ass raped since he let an old poor woman die and nobody cared).

And how's kim lawyer journey going? I bet she'll get an honorary degree either way for paying killers to get out of prison.

No. 491800

Has anyone talked about Aurora Aksnes? Some videos of her popped up in my feed and I refuse to belive she doesn't have a mental condition. She's cute and I kind of like her as a character but she behaves weird even for a kid yet nobody mentions nothing?

No. 491801

Apparently AURORA has developed a cult following. yikes.

No. 491805


what a coincidence

No. 491808

She is super cringy and sells the "kids with aspergers are unique, little earthlings" theme really well. Doesn't harm anyone, though, but I've yet to meet a fan of her who aren't equally cringy in behaviour.

No. 491809

This thread attracts the weirdest people, nobody speaks that language so nobody could detect what you're claiming. Amanda Seyfriend fiasco 2.0?

No. 491813

There are Norwegian anons on here. There's no reason we can't discuss celebrities from various countries.

No. 491815

It has English subtitles, tardlet.

No. 491833

I stand by my statement still, I blamed it more on the cultural aspect of it, I can't tell what's mental about her.

No. 491837

She actually built her career to be more focused on English-speaking/global audience hence she sings in English, she is pretty popular in Norway but you can go pretty much anywhere in the world and find a fanbase of hers, don't just dismiss it because she isn't American born or that she did an interview in Norwegian. the point still stands, she is clearly not okay mentally and her fans are cringy as hell.

No. 491850

So, could you for once elaborate to me then what is the mental about her?

No. 491861

>cultural aspect
lol do you think norwegians sing in woods and believe in fairies and talk like babies? alright.

No. 491870

Cultural aspect as in, maybe only Norwegians would find her weird because of the way she talks. Lol you're funny.

No. 491871

my bad, meant to say mental. yes she's a bit eccentric but mental? jesus.

No. 492133

Juice WRLD died today.

No. 492156

It’s kinda sad. People comparing it to X’s death , but I don’t think JuiceWRLD beat his gf up.
Side note: anyone else annoyed with how X is made out to be a saint these days just cause he died

No. 492164

Idiot fans who defend with their lives X just and refuse to acknowledge he did shitty things make my eyes roll out of my skull. It's really great that a shitty mumble rap sad boy artist inspired you so much, but at least fucking admit what a horrible piece of shit he was to women.
I love when his fans compare it to when people brought up the Lori Maddox thing when David Bowie died. I'm not defending him sleeping with a 14 year old but X was literally awaiting trial for domestic abuse charges at the time of his death and already had a long history with violence issues, versus something that happened decades ago. And X was literally caught on tape talking about the people he stabbed and beat with no remorse. Again, what Bowie did was shitty but it's retarded to compare the two. also Bowie had actual talent and was hugely influential whereas X will only be remembered years from now simply for dying young

No. 492216

Also, it is not like we should compete or who is the trasiher one. I hate when people compare to run away from certain people's (including themselves) mistakes.

No. 492222

this makes me so fucking sad. I read that he had a seizure of some kind and died? That's so weird to happen all of a sudden

No. 492229

Never knew who he was, but it's definitely shocking how young he was. My spouse started tearing up when he saw the news, lost a family member recently due to a similar situation.

No doubt it's from him popping pills, a lot of young artists in the scene are doing it. That shit is not safe.

No. 492233

i barely blink when a person who was abusing drugs every day of their lives dies young. its sad to me only b/c theyre barely out of high school age but when you look at the way they actually live it isnt surprising in the least. if you know someone who insists on driving recklessly how can you muster up surprise when they get into an accident?

No. 492247

not to sound like an apathetic edgy fag but i honestly don't feel bad for juice wrld dying

it's clearly his own fault for abusing drugs and pills like they're nothing but candy and this was bound to happen, so instead of mourning over his death and milking it to an extreme, people should take why it happened into consideration and stay the fuck away from drugs, because it's nothing "cool". so many young and talented artists die all thanks to it these days so this entire uhh sad boy uhh vodka xanax lemme pop sum i have depression i love lean uhh heartbreak trend needs to stop

No. 492655


JuiceWRLD died swallowing his pills to hide them from cops after his jet pilot phoned Chicago police to let them know he had weapons and tons of drugs in the plane

No. 492666

File: 1575932838435.png (1.06 MB, 893x2941, Screenshot_2019-12-10 Question…)

No. 492687

Yeah it's tragic that he became a druggie in fucking middle school, yikes, it's not tragic that he had access to the internet like everyone else and still decided drugs were ~~~cool and a way to treat mental illness

I can't feel sorry for someone who had 70 lbs of weed on a private jet and were obvsly distributing

No. 492725

lol who is that

No. 492753

What’s wrong with weed?

No. 492793

You can feel bad that he died but also feel that his death is a good reminder to stay away from drugs. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

No. 492795

>angry about weed of all fucking things

lmao such a boomer take

No. 492799

I think the 6 bottles of codeine are a little more alarming.

No. 492824

Not angry about the weed I just think he's a massive idiot when it's going to be legal in IL starting in January

You're an idiot anyway if you swallow pills to avoid being caught with them when there's guns and other drugs the cops are going to find besides the pills

Like brilliant thinking there for such a genius musical youth

No. 492825

Pilot is a snitch but this dude is a fucking dunce for swallowing his drugs. I’ve never known someone who has done that with a significant amount of any drug and had it end well. Lol was he gonna eat the guns and ammo too? What an idiot.

No. 492830

YOU’RE a bigger idiot and a massive retard if you think the entire 70 lbs of weed even belonged to him and was completely his idea. how can you be so fucking dense. take 5 seconds to look at the people around him and it becomes very obvious how all this shit happened.

No. 492832

Nta and I usually don't talk bad about the dead, but why are you so triggered and try to paint him as some sort of victim? He was a druggie rapper in a private jet who died, I highly doubt you'll find many people who feel sorry for somebody like that…rightfully. He's an adult who died because his own dumb mistake, whether those drugs were his or not and what people he was surrounded by doesn't matter in the end.

No. 492855

>Pilot is a snitch
Lol, if you were a pilot operating private planes you'd just witness passengers waving around guns and not say shit?
The pilot was the only person in this entire plane not in the wrong, wtf.

No. 492929

Nta but that's a good point. Rappers' gang affiliates/superiors sometimes force them to do shit like money laundering, trafficking drugs, straight up giving up their profits to buy guns and shit, even after they are famous. Maybe it was a situation like that?
If he had all the drugs bc it's another Peep situation then it's sad, but also annoying how helpless these people and their fans act; as if they just had to do drugs, literally to death, bc uwu depression/anxiety.

No. 493021

Not the point, dumbass. I’m saying he shouldn’t have swallowed his drugs to avoid jail time when he already was fucked because of the firearms. I’ve personally known people who overdosed and died doing that. Your life is not worth shaving off a few years of potential prison time is what I’m saying.
I’m not going to argue about the ethics of snitching lmao I was just stating a fact. He’s a snitch.

No. 493047

I personally believe that the pilot is no snitch because he was just doing his own job and if the dude could've hidden his shit way better than there would be no snitching or death in the first place. There's also the fear of flying a plane while knowing that your passenger has a bunch of weapons around and could possibly harm you. No one would feel safe like that.

The pilot did the good thing tbh, Juice Wrld's own damn fault for taking illegal shit with him in the first place.

No. 493067

that’s fair, honestly after looking into it a bit more I don’t think the police being alerted was entirely the pilot’s doing as it seems there was already an investigation going on, and yes I think because juice wrld had a considerable amount of celebrity he probably figured he was okay to do a less than impeccable job of hiding it. I do think this entire situation could’ve been handled better by everyone involved and that includes juice wrld, although I am by no means happy he is dead.

No. 493748

File: 1576186756802.png (392.92 KB, 1079x705, B355693F-4F45-4A42-9123-DBFD12…)

I hate this.

No. 493976

>all grown up

Make it make sense…

No. 493986

They're not even hiding what they're trying to do to her.
I feel so bad for this girl.

No. 493999

File: 1576270598230.jpg (139.05 KB, 2048x987, ovation-moorland-ii-highrider-…)

Here's something for you to lick, anon

No. 494022

this girl is giving me second hand anxiety, the more news appear about her the more im sure she's just her parents money maker and they dont care about her well being.

No. 494035

they're not trying to be subtle anymore

No. 494093

File: 1576285281044.png (698.6 KB, 474x596, terrible.PNG)

this is just awful. her whole feed is so scuzzy. i refuse to believe this girl isn't being exploited in some way with her parent's knowledge.

No. 494095

File: 1576285313253.png (604.72 KB, 799x400, creepy.PNG)

thats her on the left in the swimsuit too. it's just so creepy.

No. 494096

Anon do you sell drugs? You seem a bit triggered darling.

No. 494102

Found out the age of her sugar daddie. He must've been young when Dirty Dancing was out, so the 80s? Which makes him around 50 now.

No. 494119

the one on the right looks like every other 15 year olds swimsuit pictures but the one on the left .. man what the hell. did they edit her waist smaller and her hips wider too? she looks so grown up, it's really disturbing

No. 494124

millie looks fine on the right, but her friend making that face, you don't think it's a little like… just the makeup, the face she's making, the fact that they're both close in the photo in the pool alone? it looks a little jailbait queerbaity, no?

No. 494160

my lord scrolling past i thought she was stifler's mom in the thumbnail

No. 494175

No. 494176

Have we already talked about Lizzo’s no0dz yet? Personally, I got flashbacks when Shiloh’s nudes were posted here years ago shudders

No. 494242

what's there to talk about?

No. 494286

Wrong thread anon

No. 494304


No. 494885

File: 1576499068650.jpg (119.22 KB, 768x769, gettyimages-1194048182.jpg)

These two look so busted. Khloe in the wild looks like a transformer. She looks so terrible, she's able to divert away from the fact that Kylie's chest is four shades lighter than her face and that she's 21 looking like a 35 year old white woman from florida with four kids from different black men who are aspiring rappers.

How do these two make every fire outfit look like a trash fire and a drag show is beyond me?? Can we PLEASE stop pretending these two are somehow attractive?

No. 494886

File: 1576499272890.jpg (268.1 KB, 800x1200, Khloe-and-Kylie-at-Sean-Combs-…)

More pictures of the two on the hunt for their next baby daddies.

No. 494887

I still can’t believe people try to emulate Kylie's "beauty"
She’s legit one of the ugliest celebs for me. Even her sis candle looks better to me than whatever she did to her face

No. 494891

how can a stylist have dressed khloe like that and NOT told her the worst color underwear to wear underneath those seethrough trousers is fucking white? wear a nude color for no silhouette

No. 494896

this styling is a cardinal sin

No. 494903

>shoulder pads

No. 495039

File: 1576541945598.jpg (43.63 KB, 600x597, 83606fc2384110f0ba1ac768b5e211…)

the sad thing is kylie was so pretty and looked her age a few years back. not to be that person but I'm sure she looks better under all her makeup even now

No. 495048

more like
>shoulder pads with plunging braline

is it so fucking hard to have ANY kind of slightly 'conservative' female fashion without us having our midriff, titties, or full thighs exposed? shit is obnoxious

No. 495059

every time I see pre surgery Kylie I feel sad that she decided to make herself look like a 39 year old botox mom

No. 495069

gotta say, along with ariana grande and taylor swift, she got one of the best celebrity nosejobs i've ever seen. rip to the rest of her face. she's like 75% restylane now.

No. 495087

File: 1576551134904.jpg (293.07 KB, 958x1440, 002_7921.jpg)

Eh. Polite disagree. She looks bad either way. This was from earlier this year.

No. 495105

File: 1576553678847.png (1.66 MB, 1077x1914, Screenshot_20191215-191852(1).…)

Rachel True trying to act so entitled and important because she's an actress, made a fool of herself on Twitter. If you don't know who Rachel True is, she's one of the girls from the 90s film The Craft. Basically a literally who in today's standards.


No. 495106

Knew I could count on you guys to recognise how goddamn ugly this plastic ass family is. To emulate Kylie Jenner is to emulate a RealDoll TM. Their bodies annoy the shit outta me, so unbelievably fake and so many silly bitches actully want that. Like, they want to actually be fake.

No. 495110

Khloe looks like she was hit in the face with a cast-iron pan

No. 495132

Khloe looks like she's hiding a dick. Also it must suck to be considered "the ugly one" in the family when all of the women had to have a billion procedures to even pass as average.

No. 495135

She was never pretty, she was the honest to god definition of average. Her sister Kendall is prettier but not strikingly beautiful or even close.

No. 495147

File: 1576568867007.jpeg (230.45 KB, 640x464, E4F73B68-5A9D-430C-B756-9D9B39…)

Seconding this, Kendall was tall enough to be a model, and at least looks somewhat like her old self.
Kylie wasn’t “cuter before the surgeries” she looked so unfortunate. Imo , Kylie is trying to emulate the ethnic features of her sister Kim. Big lips, more defined nose, upturned eyes, tan, etc.
They paid so much for surgeries and idk if they’re the ones that made these “baddie” looks so popular. But it’s really boring to look at, big giant lips, big ass, contoured cakeface, and a busty physique. it’s just basic af and literally you see it so much nowadays that it’s not appealing at all, especially coupled with the fact that none of it can be naturally attained.

No. 495151

File: 1576571277295.jpg (30.85 KB, 500x534, 1921_Sadness_InsideOut_281__37…)

No. 495155

File: 1576573929184.jpg (455.52 KB, 1080x2220, Screenshot_20191216-201400_Ins…)

Ariana also needs to lay off the lip fillers jfc

No. 495157

File: 1576574780661.png (383.14 KB, 646x709, yuh.PNG)

Speaking of nose jobs

No. 495160

File: 1576575951865.jpg (105.48 KB, 750x558, original.jpg)

bold of her to do to her fans who spend their lives looking at her damn photos. stevie wonder could see this shit.

No. 495161

Left pic looks like Ginny Weasley

No. 495164

the brow lift was such a weird choice. totally unnecessary.

No. 495168

File: 1576583001859.png (97.38 KB, 994x640, fc.png)

I genuinely feel bad for Justin Bieber. I mean, who wouldn't be messed up after being mass bullied and hated by grown adult men all because they wanted to look "cool" and constantly getting death threats because he looked and sounded feminine and sang songs such as Baby and One Time. Had people wanting to send him to North Korea, right wing nutjobs bashing him over his looks and assuming his sexuality (and gender) for years… God,I can see why he is so messed up mentally and acted out like he did.

No. 495169

Most of the people who made fun of him were kids his age or younger.

No. 495170

The way some people obsess over teenage singer's sexuality is gross. People were called Shawn Mendes a "cute gay bottom" when he was underage and then getting angry at him when he said loads of strangers speculating on how he has sex made him feel uncomfortable.

No. 495173

Weren't there the allegations / tinfoil that he was also sexually abused and passed around when he was a young kid in the industry? Wouldn't surprise me if that was true either

No. 495190

ginny had bright eyes

No. 495191

fucked up the reply quote

No. 495201

She looked better before imo.

No. 495357

Eh. He also often acted like a complete twat, which honestly I think where some of the hatred for him came from. He seemed to have calm down a bit in recent years though.

No. 495360

Kylie was never gorgeous but I thought she looked cute enough pre plastic surgery. She looks so unfortunate now though and that plus her lack of personality makes me wonder why the hell people obsess over her.

Say what you will about Kim but I think she naturally had good looks. Too bad she fucked everything up with PS. I think Kendall looks the best these days.

No. 495377

not true, I've seen grownass men talking about "what a pussy" Justin is for no reason

No. 495500

He was getting hate even before it was deserved, Most of the crap he did do, was due to the mass hate he had received prior

No. 495524

> Most of the crap he did do, was due to the mass hate he had received prior

Yeah, okay. Source?
It’s easier to believe that he acted like a shithead because he got quickly famous and it went to his head and started to think he was hot shit. That still doesn’t excuse grown ass adults being terrible to him when he was a minor but a shithead is still a shithead.

She’s 26 years old. Why the hell does he still talk like this?

No. 495782

Really sad, he wanted to do good things out there, for others…

No. 495886

So he swallowed 80 percs lol

No. 495988

KEK, your birth nose does not shrink when you get old lol

No. 496165

Sick of her I'm so cwute uwu bullshit as a grown woman. I thought she'd be one of the last people to ever lie about her plastic surgery to her fanbots. She seems like one of those "Being truthful is sooOooooo important" people. She's obsessed with being looked at as a ~perfect tiny smol cinnabon~.

No. 496182

File: 1576769912647.jpg (674.79 KB, 1080x1440, Skinny.jpg)

He's looking very skinny lately.

No. 496192

Alot of people like those grown ass men hated Justin simply because he was admired by tweens and teen girls. He was their antithesis to what those grown ass men thought girls liked. Justin was a skinny kid who sang about love and being those girls boyfriend.

No. 496206

>She’s 26 years old. Why the hell does he still talk like this?

Lol that's what I was thinking. Probably wants to appeal to her tween demographic by copying their embarrassing lingo. I really don't like this new trend of singers/actors/whatever replying to their fans on twitter honestly, there's something about it that gives the impression of asskissing and entitlement. Like I remembered looking at how Taylor Swift liked fans' posts about her on tumblr and they were all positive and sucking up to her, it was the most narcissistic thing i've ever seen lol

No. 496211

I know plenty of people in their mid to late 20s who type like Ariana does. It's incredibly embarrassing and the only people who give them asspats are the other mid to late 20s people who talk like them, like 5 people they know.

No. 496257

Heroin will do that lmao whenever I see him looking like a tweaker I always think back to that video of him buying drugs with Selena. Doesn’t really seem like he ever quit.

No. 496286

What video? Never heard about it. Do you have a link?

No. 496352

File: 1576792765319.jpeg (81.29 KB, 634x647, ED1198B4-C3B5-41DF-A185-840A1E…)

Ashley Benson has been my #1 celebrity crush since PLL but this pic takes the cake.

No. 496483

how is it possible that she looks so much like harry styles from the side?

No. 496563

So Rain Dove, Rose McGowans "genderfluid non binary androgynous" model gf got exposed for lying about a bunch of shit including cringy instagram posts and being a firefighter in the california wildfires
>my sides

No. 496565

File: 1576836269030.png (75.53 KB, 611x805, lol.png)

No. 496566

File: 1576836315811.png (205.07 KB, 813x639, lol2.png)

No. 496592

Both times she posted those conversations it looked like something straight up from r/thathappened; typical troon fantasies about teaching ~mean twansphobic hag~ a lesson. And now it turns out her whole life story is pretty much 90% made up shit.

I’m not surprised in the slightest that this person is a pathological liar. People who have no identity beyond their queerness are always touched in the head.

No. 496595

File: 1576845013070.jpg (158.53 KB, 720x1088, Vid.jpg)

Ntayrt, but it's probably the Justin Bieber in my hood video.

No. 496596

Can we move to the containment thread please?

No. 496738

? it's directly celebrity related.

No. 496744

Hes joining the fist brown club of super powers through ascending, also known as crack cocaine. In fact, I first thought that was fistopher after bleaching.

No. 496797

It's telling that both of these stories were made up about women too

No. 497209

to be fair she has had to deal with a ton of racist shit since being in the industry, wasnt invited to events the other girls in the movie were, wasnt allowed to accept awards with the girls, and wasnt invited to any of the cons that the other girls have been invited to until she said something
i agree shes kinda obnoxious though

No. 497238

File: 1577005340612.jpeg (105.55 KB, 933x938, C01EBBB0-9866-4430-816C-76BB30…)

I’ve seen A$AP Rocky’s (rapper), Steph Curry’s (basketball player), and DaBaby’s (rapper) dick floating around on Twitter. Who’s next, I wonder…

You’d think celebrities would up their privacy game up to one thousand when there already has been nudes of celebrities leaked in the past.

No. 497278

File: 1577018873963.jpg (1.02 MB, 2433x2647, Justin Bieber.jpg)

No. 497281

I hope somebody actually hot is next.

But for real I don't think men really care if their dicks get leaked. It gets people talking (often positively) and memeing. If a womens nudes get leaked, thats an entire different story. She gets ridiculed and insulted at best and her career cancelled at worst.

No. 497288

Steph Curry's dick looked like clay lol

No. 497321

he literally looks just like aaron carter now
how sad that it took him half the time it took aaron carter to become such a wreck

No. 497324

but that's wrong. women don't get their careers cancelled. many women have had nudes and sex tapes and other shit leaked and are fine. i have never heard of anyone losing their careers.

No. 497330

Doubt he'll make it to Aaron's age, he would look even more worn out by then. He needs to retire and work on himself. Britney Spears is a cautionary tale he should've taken notes from.

No. 497360

DaBaby's was fake apparently, it's some porn star

Lol what female celebrity has had their career cancelled because of nudes… also I've seen plenty of people insulting Steph Curry and A$AP

No. 497367

this, most female celebs get more famous, like paris hilton. companies also try much harder to protect them from leaked nudes as in the case with the fappening leaks on 4chan.

No. 497370

Agreed. People seem to forget that the cancer that is the Kardashians literally started because Kims fucking weirdo mom started planting and promoting her own daughters sex tape in mass.

No. 498059

File: 1577243486922.jpg (104.17 KB, 554x1199, EMf6WGmXYAEpIlk.jpg)

No. 498063

Lol I love Grimes’ musty elf cheeks.

No. 498064

Grimes is trash for living in a crack house and not bringing class consciousness into her music. Fuck her and fuck Elon.

No. 498075

wow, what a disgusting bio. love how her neighbor being bludgeoned to death is used as a quirky anecdote about how special and NLOGy she is.

No. 498103

Lmao, I'm from there and the "crackden" they're talking about is an old building renting art studios populated by hipsters. All of them trustfunds pretending to be poor. Phony bs

No. 498104

I keep hearing Grimes-Oblivion on social media and it’s so annoying and weirdly produced. God I hate that fucking annoying song, idk her other music but she needs to stop being so garbled and it’s weirdly produced the music is too loud, her voice doesn’t sound good it just sounds like me when I was 8 making my voice higher to sing along easier to songs

No. 498105

Samefag it’s also quiet af

No. 498125

It's embarrassing because her music is good but I can't stand her as a person.

No. 498288

Her music is good enough to not have to be so extra tryhard. I don't get it.

No. 498310

kevin spacey's back again

No. 498311

The first song I heard of Grimes was Genesis and I really liked it and thought she had a lovely voice. Then I tried to listen to the rest of her music and hated it. Still like her singing but I wish she had more songs like that.

No. 498319

This shit makes me fucking sick. And all the people in the comments cheering him on. Males don't give a single shit about rape. They think its cool. They think its "just sex". Even though this dude raped other males, they don't see a problem with it.

No. 498337


Normally I hate pop music but that and Realiti are my jams. Most of her stuff is so boring though

No. 498478

Yep, it's really disappointing.

No. 498494

File: 1577404939525.png (292.8 KB, 735x501, spacey.png)

No. 498513

>Kevin spacey accuser
did he do it ? Because if he did, they’re really tryna kick it under the rug

No. 498530

News outlets have to use terms like 'alleged' and 'accuser' when things like this haven't fully gone through a trial in order to avoid defamation lawsuits. Apparently 3 of his accusers have died and a 4th one randomly dropped the charges they pressed against Spacey so who knows if he will ever have to face consequences.

No. 498680


3/4 of his accusers are dead? That's way too convenient to be coincidence.

No. 498770

File: 1577495800464.jpg (138.57 KB, 1080x1080, 1577410871246.jpg)

No. 498860

Wait I thought she hated white folks lol

No. 498864

She only hates white women as far as I know

Also this guy looks like a hobosexual

No. 498898

File: 1577547124525.jpg (38.51 KB, 480x425, gallery-1433173483-azealiabank…)

Not even that, she has nothing but good things to say about Britney Spears, and has been good friends with Slayyyter and Poppy and others.
She just pulls absolutely no punches when she's decided she doesn't like someone or something. No one is safe.

No. 498900

She’s right about iggy. She should have never gotten away with the runaway slave master line. It was even a rip off of a black rapper who called himself a “runaway slave” and she adds MASTER? No self awareness at all.

No. 498929

I don't think she hates white people. She's just insane and her politics are all over the place to the point of being completely incomprehensible. If you piss her off and you happen to not be white, she'll throw gross racial slurs at you like she did with Zayn.

No. 498943

File: 1577558675410.jpg (90.17 KB, 1125x1049, EMwPHZ1WwAA45UT.jpg large.jpg)

A fan reactivated slayyyter's old Twitter account. She was an embarrassing Camilla Cabello/5H stan who posted slurs, lmao.

No. 498945

No. 498948

File: 1577559339451.jpg (108.79 KB, 1027x1200, EMBpAWJWwAY0A55.jpg)

Speaking of, Camilla Cabello herself had an old account full of racist shit that was exposed too

No. 498949

File: 1577559424038.jpg (178.87 KB, 733x1200, EMGCj0RUUAABMVS.jpg)

No. 498984

Ari Behn wasn't just a guy who got groped by Kevin Spacey even though that's the main talking point in international media. He got divorced from a long marriage with the norwegian princess a few years ago and struggled after that. The princess got a new boyfriend this year which maybe didn't help. There's a lot of dark themes in his writing and art. He left behind 3 children. I find it very unlikely there's any conspiracy going on.

No. 498986

These girls were like 15/17 and this shit was definitely normalized in online spaces around that time.

No. 498991

Even at the time, what she did would have been considered too far. It's more likely that she genuinely held (maybe still does) racist beliefs and just grew up around people who left those beliefs unchallenged or encouraged them.

No. 498998

No doubt, I'm sure they had family members and friends who thought saying this shit was funny

No. 499014

That's bullshit. There were plenty of teenage girls who weren't racist at the time and were never racist at all. It's their upbringing and honestly their genuine opinions. They may have changed or not but it's stupid to blame it on internet culture.

No. 499023

Yeah and that's because they're a product of their environment. I'm not trying to excuse it, but these are definitely learned and praised beliefs from people they grew up around. I mean, congrats to the teens who weren't racist, they definitely had parents with a good head on their shoulders.

No. 499034

Not everyone’s perfect at that age. I think she was just trying to be edgy. If she was still racist how could she be in 5H all that time? Or even work with people of diff races all this time and no one ever complained about her? It’s just edgy teenage behavior.

No. 499038

it's more like she hates women of any race. most of her feuds have been with women.

No. 499043

anon I have known woc who have twetted #killallwhitemen while having long term relationships with white guys and even having half white kids, its mindboggling at times

No. 499118

sorry if this has already been posted/is kinda old but I used to be a huge Jim Jeffires fan and this shit makes me so fucken uncomfortable.
any other ausfags/anons want to weigh in because fuck oath is anybody not a cunt these days?

No. 499133

They are over compensating. They are even aware themselves of how trashy black men tend to be and how they treat black women like shit or grew up in extremely white dominated areas where they aren't in touch with their blackness and feel guilty for it.

No. 499135

he's really gross. he's friends with gross people that drug 17 year olds and fuck them. he finds this humorous. i didnt watch that but i was always pink pilled but watching him when i was 13 talk at length (in a way that is supposed to be humorous but is instead horrifying) about how guys only love fucking women in the ass because they know it causes them pain and they love knowing theyre dislike it really reaffirmed everything i felt. at least he admits anal isn't something men really love physically tho. lord knows guys like to pretend there's something beyond them trying to break women emotionally. (bit is longer in the whole comedy special)

No. 499172

Then he acts like a good feminist after getting a show on Comedy Central. Beige Frequency on Youtube did a few videos on him.

No. 499770

I know this post is one month old but I can't find anything about it on the internet… how did you know this?
I know that Cavill bangs 18+ teenagers and that he's gross, I'm just looking for anything backing up the fact that he would have been banging a minor

No. 499815

tbh i think she just hates white gays

No. 499817

im sorry but this is such a cop out. Clearly she wanted to be famous so she didnt care who was in the group as long as it was successful. Hence why she left when they werent as big as she hoped. Its not that hard to be racist and still work with people who are of a particular race you dont like. Normani was her age at the time those things were tweeted/reblogged too. And camilla's fans would mass tweet her (Normani) racist images and photoshopped pictures of her being hanged. Sorry that I dont feel bad for this racist sack of shit. Her only good song was Havana anyway so good riddance to that bitch lol

No. 499922

Wtf?Henry Cavill is too handsome to be a creep

No. 499925

You sound like one of those idiots who think hot guys cant be rapists.

Since when does being attractive make men feel LESS entitled to significantly younger women? If anything it only increases the odds.

No. 499944

No need to compare me to an idiot I'm just extremely flabbergasted

No. 500051

File: 1577906638596.jpg (342.56 KB, 720x1162, 20200101_192319.jpg)

Oh no baby what are you doing

No. 500053

she looks young despite all the drug use, so good for her i guess? but she also looks like a totally different person. this is what fame does to people though. it's inherently unhealthy. there is no healthy fame, and especially not for kids. and no one can tell me that that's a heart when it's clearly a lima bean.

No. 500054



More like chicken nugget.

No. 500055

I cannot find the source, so feel free to disregard this, but there's buzz that Cavill slept with Freya Allen (Ciri in The Witcher) when she was underage. Y'all seen that interview when they're giving eachother weird flirtatious looks?

No. 500056

File: 1577907296051.png (593.77 KB, 575x537, amanda.PNG)

i think she's trying to relive her lost childhood. very sad and i get it. i highly doubt she hasn't been fucked with really hard sexually and emotionally, and in her formative years. honestly if you told me this girl was 16 i'd believe you, so it isn't so bad. she just looks like a very tired teen imo

No. 500057

Poor girl never had her own childhood even though she had her own childrens TV show. Never had her teenage years to be rebellious, smoke cigarettes, dye her hair crazy colors and now this wOnKy tattoo. Maybe she left rehab too early but her parents support this according to articles.

No. 500065

Her eyes are completely dead. It's hard to look at.

No. 500066

Only gross ass men think '15 is grown' is an appropriate news header. fuck. this poor girl

No. 500071

I'm glad a lot of the comments are calling this bitch out. She's being an attention seeking piece of shit for being rude to a woman who is just sitting in the seat she paid for. If she was a literally anyone she could afford first class. rofl

No. 500080

Man, she is unrecognizable. What happened? I can't tell if it's bad PS, drug use or growing into her looks badly (a la Haley Joel Osment).

No. 500081

She reminds me of Luna Slater.

No. 500203

File: 1577944699160.gif (4.17 MB, 444x250, ArtisticDistinctGodwit-size_re…)

jesus, gross AF

No. 500207

File: 1577945744044.jpg (38.63 KB, 615x409, Henry-and-girlfriend-MAIN.jpg)

He had a 19-year-old when he was 32.

No. 500254

ugh, that smug face. fucking creep

No. 500319

Don't see a problem here, 19yo is an adult
Idk, the whole business is full of criminals sex offenders and literal pedos, and you all are worrying about what, big age gaps? it's not like they're marrying anyways, if she likes him, its ok

No. 500323

I see more people here shitting on older female/younger male relationships, makes me think ya'll are children

No. 500328

what are you even trying to say. There is nothing wrong with liking a person older/younger than you, as long as you both are adults

No. 500330

I pretty much agree?

No. 500332

File: 1577975280130.jpg (90.98 KB, 1881x118, Screenshot_2.jpg)

apparently he's moving on to Millie

No. 500335

Totally agree. I defended her when she did that big fuss around The Craft cast reunion not inviting her and all, but this is too much. I feel sorry for that woman.

I don't know why but he disgusts me so much.

No. 500339

File: 1577975748707.jpeg (1.29 MB, 1242x1825, 94C52ABB-7DEA-4D8B-9DF8-0488A7…)

Cavill is very much a run-of-the-mill dudebro, solidified by his IG content and recent interviews where he talks about being heavily into PC gaming. He just happens to be a half-way decent actor and possess conventionally attractive hyper-masculine features, which is why he's famous. I wouldn't put it past him to be gross about sleeping with women much younger than him, including his cast-mate.

No. 500342

Ah, sorry, seems i read with my arse
well ok, now that's disgusting

No. 500348

It makes it seem like there may be something to the rumors, in my opinion.

No. 500349

I can't watch the witcher because of this cunt. He skeeves me out so much.

No. 500386

That's fucking disgusting. I wish we had a legit source on this shit though. I somehow don't doubt that he's a creep. It's such a shame that such a POS is involved in the Witcher TV series.

No. 500389

idk why people fawn all over this guy. he looks like a dunderhead and his build reminds me of my dad. it's gross. he just looks gross.

No. 500405

There's more on him.
He has apparently done something "really bad" to be fired by WB.
>"This foreign born probable former superhero knew he would be safe going to this employer. You really have to do some very bad things to get fired. He did bad things. It remains to be seen if people consider those very bad things."
>"Henry Cavill/Netflix"

I can't find it right now, but I once read another blind item that was being discussed in /tv/ about him being fired from WB for kiddy diddling in a filming location, maybe in SEA? Something like that. I'll post it if I find it again.
I'm just gonna say, there's no smoke without a fire, and there can't be this much smoke without any fire.

No. 500469

who is this?

No. 500478

amanda bynes

it's sad bc wasn't she getting better a few years ago? I feel like she had a magazine feature and looked like her old self

No. 500513

I wonder if weed triggered her schizophrenia or if she really has faced abuse y the likes of Dan Schneider, how the fuck does he get away with it for so long?

No. 500516

He's disgustingly rich and was pivotal in Nickelodeon programming for fucking yonks

No. 501068

I started re-watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air and I love Will Smith. I thought there is nothing that can make me not like him so I googled him…. and he’s a fucking scientologist. Or at least he gave them money.

No. 501252

File: 1578174920567.jpg (100.56 KB, 728x546, b7a0a9db57a04b6e86a0d5ea098d32…)

i normally celebrate intentional weight loss b/c you know how hard it can be to break bad eating habits but idk adele doesn't look as healthy in her face as you'd hope

No. 501253

I thought she was Hillary Duff before I read your text.

No. 501255

Significant weight loss often ages the face. I don't think she looks unhealthy, just older.

No. 501265

I genuinely thought it was Sarah Paulson

No. 501268

File: 1578176939091.jpg (63.61 KB, 728x546, 374b28c9c79f4ba29f0dfd73a61afb…)

plus she has little to no makeup on. she doesn't look all that different when she's styled.

No. 501276

File: 1578178659509.jpg (85.56 KB, 1240x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

the styling looks weird on her. also reminds me of pic related

No. 501290

File: 1578183944894.jpg (134.89 KB, 1080x585, IMG_20200104_183729.jpg)

Yikes at the bad editing in justin's new mv

No. 501296

File: 1578185742529.png (1.55 MB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_20200104-185511.png)

That's gotta be intentional. There's no way this was OKd without it meaning to look like this.

No. 501311

Damn I almost said “this isn’t that unusual, she looks fine for 45.” Apparently she is not even close to 45. I guess dramatic weight loss does mess with your skin elasticity. Still though, it’s better to be as healthy as you can rather than as pretty as you can.

No. 501313

she looks like that lesbian chick from AHS here. she's still quite pretty even looking older in my opinion. I don't think she looks 45 though. also it looks like she's not wearing makeup here which could also make her look older.

No. 501356

He also likes to forcefully kiss Jaden on the mouth. Theres videos of it too. Disgusting hollyweird freak just like the rest of them

No. 501382

Didn't his wife also come out and say their daughter Willow has been openly watching porn from a young age? When the story came out I was shocked because i absolutely remember reading gossip online not too long ago saying how sexualised she was and talking about sexual things at school and with her friends. Now sadly it's true. That family has a lot of issues.

No. 501384

The whole family is weird. I remember hearing about Willow and her mom taking to each other during an interview and it sounded like gibberish. Maybe it's the same one where she mentioned she was aware of Willow watching porn.

No. 501387

There's also rumors everywhere that Will and Jada have an open relationship.

No. 501390

Jesus those wrinkles and her sad deflated pancake titties, she looks absolutely horrible… That's a worse case of looking haggard than the Olsen twins, that's absolutely NOT how a 31-year-old should look like. Honestly, she should just gain it back.

Why do you think is that? Did she lose it so fast? Why so much loose skin (especially on her face), it's not like she was deathfat.

No. 501415

What an exaggeration. White women really exaggerate both ugliness and beauty within each other. So glad im not white, i'd rather be gossiped by black women than white women lol you're too ruthless(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 501417

damn anon, you have some serious nasolabial fold sperg-chan type energy. who cares what adele looks like, she’s talented as shit and literally 0% milky or dramatic.

No. 501427

How would you even know which race I am? lol

She obviously cares what she looks like, otherwise she wouldn't have lost weight.

No. 501432

why do you think everyone is as obsessed with looks as you are? it’s a lot more likely she wanted to lose weight for her health, to improve her own quality of life so she can provide a better upbringing for her child, which is what she’s been focusing on while not doing music. you seem to have a weird hateboner/projection issue w her.

No. 501656

to be fair, she looks 32

No. 501852

File: 1578364241367.jpg (269.33 KB, 800x1280, Screenshot_20200101-104855.jpg)

Yikes @ her lips

No. 501912

File: 1578406925387.jpg (234.67 KB, 720x1196, IMG_20200107_161735.jpg)

Bieber posted all these pics of random babies with the hashtag yummy. Talk about being creepy. He can't even take care of his pets, nevermind a baby…

No. 501914

File: 1578407591764.jpg (308.54 KB, 720x1222, IMG_20200107_163034.jpg)

No. 501936

at first glance I thought it was black Chyna. oof.

No. 501955

I am a 100% sure the Kardashians have no money and that they a lie just like their arses

No. 501995

File: 1578425297998.png (106.63 KB, 480x722, lll.png)

No. 502008

That's so fucking strange. Why would he use pictures of babies to promote a song called "Yummy?"

No. 502027

Is he trying to be like… Kids like candy? Or when you're trying to teach a baby to eat solid foods, we most likely encourage them by telling them it's "yummy". I'm trying to understand the reasoning.

No. 502045


No. 502170

I mean they aren't wrong

No. 502171

Sage because too lazy to add caps, but ink master tattoo judge Oliver Peck is off the show now due to pictures of him in blackface surfacing. I also keep seeing some drama about one of his tattoo artist friends being a rapist

No. 502367

File: 1578519667349.jpg (138.83 KB, 828x625, voj4wsA.jpg)

Grimes and Elon Musk are expecting a child

No. 502374

I remember Azealia texting her about this. Wild that it turned out to be true, I can't imagine Grimes being a mother at all.

No. 502381

File: 1578520634847.png (Spoiler Image, 548.15 KB, 490x574, sad.PNG)

OH MY GOD, what an embarrassment. could this just be some lame 'art' commentary on pregnancy or whatever? musk already has like 9 kids he neglects to tweet about memes and catgirls to his legion of drooling fanboys. i knew grimes was a dumbass but i didn't think she was this stupid. i guess she's this desperate to tie him to her permanently. lord knows she can't stop bragging about her relationship with him. dumb to go ahead with this pregnancy if she is pregnant, because her appeal was that she was a young, drug-addled mpdg cool girl. he's going to lose interest even more. grim.

pic related was what she posted on insta

No. 502391

please say sike

No. 502392

she looks about my size here, must be 12-15 weeks along

No. 502393

AB must be losing her shit.

No. 502394

she is so… unattractive. if she tried to make us uncomfortable it worked.

No. 502404

Pretty sure she posted about this happening last year

No. 502406

>>502381 i'm surprised she was even able to get preggers bc of her chronic anorexia?

No. 502407

i think this will tank her career and cool girl image, but it's probably the smartest move she could've made. her time as a galaxy-brained edgelord was already rapidly running out, and i'm sure she was aware of it since she's allegedly been trying to get knocked up by Musky since AB leaked her messages last year.
she'll never have to worry about money again, and she won't have to depend on putting out anything of actual quality anymore. she can stay pandering to her pretentious weeb crowd and spewing word salad about being a digital elf cyborg kween magic fairy anime artist angel goddess, but they'll be over her by the time the baby pops out.
i won't make any preemptive comments on her as a mother, but that child will certainly have an interesting upbringing.

No. 502410

Why is everything she writes have to be some fake deep bullshit essay even when it's a just naked pic of herself

No. 502415

AB actually congratulated her on the first post (with nipples) that has been taken down by IG by now.

No. 502428

because she's a chronically embarrassing child that actively wants to impress faux-deep horny, weeby kids.

i guess, but if she was smarter she could've used her fame and success already as a platform to become fabulously wealthy herself. she's pitiful.

he's going to dump her not long after she gives birth and she's going to be a mess. this is a high school relationship and i don't think it's entirely about the money. i think she's just desperate to have a part of him and keep him tied to her in some way. her novelty will wear off tho, and throughout the years it has shown that he really wants to turn his girlfriends into brainless trophies, not have an equal, though i guess grimes will be happy to become that. i really doubt that he gets anything out of her pseudo-intellectual bullshit, he just wants to LARP as a creative college kid with his womanchild girlfriend. if she's angling for marriage, i don't think she's going to get it. the outspoken 'feminist' that grimes is, is in for a treat though:

>As we danced at our wedding reception, Elon told me, "I am the alpha in this relationship."

>The sale of PayPal vaulted Elon's net worth to well over $100 million. The same week, Nevada went down for a nap, placed on his back as always, and stopped breathing. He was 10 weeks old, the age when male infants are most susceptible to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome). By the time the paramedics resuscitated him, he had been deprived of oxygen for so long that he was brain-dead. He spent three days on life support in a hospital in Orange County before we made the decision to take him off it. I held him in my arms when he died.

>Elon made it clear that he did not want to talk about Nevada's death. I didn't understand this, just as he didn't understand why I grieved openly, which he regarded as "emotionally manipulative."

>I wasn't interested in Botox or makeup or reducing the appearance of the scars from my C-sections. And no matter how many highlights I got, Elon pushed me to be blonder. "Go platinum," he kept saying, and I kept refusing.

>by which I understood he meant, Our status quo works for me, so it should work for you. He filed for divorce the next morning. I felt numb, but strangely relieved.

>I've worked through some anger, both at Elon for rendering me so disposable, and at myself for buying into a fairy tale when I should have known better.

>She is, by all accounts, a lovely, bright, and very young person, and better fitted to my ex-husband's lifestyle and personality than I ever was. Although she had dark hair when she and Elon first met, she is now blonder than I've ever been.

>said they tried to anticipate his mood by following news of his personal life, even tracking the hair of actress Talulah Riley when she was his second wife, believing Mr. Musk was happiest when her hair color approached platinum.

i think he likes to bimbify successful women with their own careers and gets off on destroying every authentic part of them. i think that's what he's attracted to, the domination/chase in getting them to surrender their formers selves to him. he tanked all of the careers of his exes and complained relentlessly about their own interests/their psychological independence.

No. 502475

With the royal family news, then the Elon and Grimes news, this has been an….interesting day for celebrity gossip.

No. 502476

File: 1578543371985.png (411.11 KB, 1089x751, jmEnstA.png)

No. 502479

If it's true, he was probably neglecting the pets he had before, not giving them flea and ticks treatment…

No. 502483

I honestly don't get why people bought the meme Grimes created of herself being anti imperialist and anti capitalist. You all played yourself. I personally have known a few people who've partied with Grimes and given the fact the people I knew were, she's the typical upper middle class hipster tryhard. Of course she'd get knocked up by some older rich man in the businesses. She follows fame for the money, being edgy is her schtick.

No. 502507

"Lyme disease" aka drug addiction. These people think we're fucking stupid. It's actually hilarious. I guess his team been seen how well it's worked for Selena with her "lupus". Now, he can be completely mediocre and no one will say anything. Just like Selena has absolutely 0 talent but gets away with it because muh lupus.

No. 502522

Ok so even if he really has been sick which could explain him looking haggard af in pictures.. what about all the videos of him clearly tweaking/high? Not to forget that video where he was filmed in a super sketchy part of LA and ended up running away from the camera??

No. 502525

File: 1578566409314.jpeg (39.69 KB, 275x275, E3B0708F-0752-4BF2-86C2-FCCE73…)

god he looks like a pete davidson impression of himself
>lyme disease
whatever you say Justin

oh anon don’t believe everything you read in the tabloids!!! Selena and J were just looking for back alley options to buy penicillin and CBD oil

No. 502526

Elon Musk has always come off as a psycho to me.

No. 502538

I mean, she could have lost weight for health reasons?
People were shitting on her for being fat (while they don't usually do on fat male
singers) and now that she's lost weight you guys wanna shit on her for how her weight loss affected the rest of her looks.
I'd get it if she was milky and a bad person like, idk, Luna, but come on…

No. 502561

File: 1578584759955.jpg (79.96 KB, 777x583, k.JPG)


noooooooooo this loli sick weeb will get a child noooo. I'm so fucking sure that she will do some weird ass performance when she gives birth or so like streaming this on twitch or idk you get it, some edgy ass try hard shit like she always does.


your post made me check on them and it was the second big WHAT? after preggo grimes lmao


No. 502564

Why is everyone taking this at face value? I'm fairly sure this is just her being "pregnant with the creation of her next album" or some shit
The second image where the nipples were censored is so similar with only the hair moved that it points to them being two variations of one cgi composite

No. 502581

what did halsey do this time and why are people so mad at her?

No. 502583

File: 1578591845052.png (14.82 KB, 724x173, t9wJAXr.png)

No. 502620

Aryt, I don't know if I'm stupid for not googling it or more stupid for thinking that grimes was more interesting than this. Elon is such a clown

No. 502623

Nothing I've heard of. Where have you seen people be mad at Halsey?

No. 502684

What does this mean in practise, other than not living off taxpayers money? Are they're not a part of the family or is it just like moving out of the nest but in a big way?

No. 502743

File: 1578635365584.jpg (481.11 KB, 480x2318, shitty song.jpg)

Stop trying to make Yummy happen. It will never happen.

No. 502745

why is he promoting this as he is some starving artist?does he do that with all his songs?it's incredibly annoying

No. 502749

File: 1578638585611.png (74.2 KB, 382x399, yucky.png)

Begging for success lmao. They also made Billie Eyelash to shout him out

No. 502773

Hope she will stop microdosing then and that being a mother will make her grow up. She is trying to become this ~ethereal AI goddess~ when she is actually petty, bitter and worried about bland things. Like calling AB fat lol. I agree though that Muskrat is the real cringe factor in this reationship and >>502428 really makes you think. He sounds dumb af.

No. 502799

File: 1578662287917.jpg (242.42 KB, 1084x1200, DxEo_uOXQAM4aWJ.jpg)

Imagine this ugly ass thing telling you that it's alpha lmfao

No. 502800

Pfffff Grimes ruined her entire life for a paycheck baby! Ooof knocked up by Muskrat, what a feminist way to live… NOT.

No. 502816

File: 1578668090481.jpg (Spoiler Image, 105.37 KB, 720x1004, IMG_20200110_112951.jpg)

Also this was his face after telling his wife ”If you weren’t so hot I would’ve gotten rid of you a long time ago”

No. 502826

Nta but here is the link to the video if anyone is curious


No. 502840

it pisses me off they even made a live action witcher. We have the games and books already, so why another game of thrones 2.0? this is so disgusting. i'm sick of men getting away with this behavior.

No. 502844

She's an absolutely moron and i feel sorry for that child already.

No. 502949

Ew she looks 40 in that photo

No. 502954

is it really worth it being married this man. I know her dad and family are very christian/conservative/republican but I don't they're anti divorce.. what makes her stay? Having Bieber in her name?

No. 502963

So we are not allowed to have any other edgy fantasy tv show because GoT exists. Fuck people who wanted the Witcher to get a quality tv series for years (not that we got it, but I digress), read the books for the 100th time or play a non-canon video game. Got it.

You are retarded.

No. 502968

Wasn't she as crazy stan who stalked him on social media initially? If so, that's you answer.

No. 502984

From what I understand, it's severing a business relationship. They're no longer beholden to the duties expected of royals (public appearances, speeches, charity work, general stuff that makes the public feel like their taxes are going toward something) and yeah, not getting tax money anymore. However, they're also not protected by the royal family's considerable power and fair game for paparazzi, journalists, and other scandal. See what ended up happening to Diana post divorce/separation. Even with Britain's cutthroat tabloid media there's a vague veneer of respect toward the royals and any presumption of that will get shot to shit. They've already been pretty brutal toward Meghan and Harry so I can only imagine how much worse it might get.

I'm interested in seeing how they spin it. Good for them tbh. Probably the best time to do it too with the royal reputation at a low with all of Prince Andrew's bullshit.

No. 503023

File: 1578710010427.png (996.28 KB, 1080x1465, Screenshot_20200110-203318(1).…)

Janelle Monae reveals she's non-binary

No. 503030

No, why? I like her. Cringy.

No. 503044

10 years of this shit and i still have no idea what non-binary is supposed to mean aside from "f societal gender roles"

No. 503050

It's the new way of saying "I'm not like the other girls" without having to actually do anything. It's a trendy fashion statement for people who think they're just so interesting.

No. 503055

Ugh. Should've known after that penis she put in her video about vaginas but still, songs like Django Jane made me feel like she didn't actually hate her womanhood even if she's had some GNC looks.

No. 503069

somehow i'm not surprised, i was kinda expecting it after all the style change she went through these past couple of years. what a shame, another one lost to this insanity. she's always been a bit of an attention whore to be dead honest i wonder who's next…any guesses?

No. 503073

File: 1578729182500.jpg (222.51 KB, 1200x1828, selena-gomez-out-and-about-in-…)

>I guess his team been seen how well it's worked for Selena with her "lupus".
Sorry….what? Lupus is literally a provable condition, lyme disease is usually just a nebulous diagnosis that can't really be tested for. Plus she very clearly had prednisone face (aka "moon face") and got a kidney transplant? If they were going to fake a disease there are thousands of easier ones than lupus, that wouldn't literally bloat her entire face and require an organ transplant.

Can't tell if your vendetta is against Selena or lupus itself, but it's a wild accusation to make either way lmao

>i'm sick of men getting away with this behavior.
Who's the "men" in this situation and what's the "behavior" they're getting away with? I've never played the game or read the books or anything but even I know that series is beloved

Blech, a retweet of a SU gif? instagram smol bean soft boi uwu behavior. Embarrassing.

No. 503091

File: 1578735672794.jpg (73.74 KB, 720x591, Scooter.jpg)

No. 503108


>Who's the "men" in this situation and what's the "behavior" they're getting away with?

I guess that anon meant Henry Cavill being a pedo creep and getting rewarded with a role in a big show instead of getting called out for it? But how does this translate to entire Witcher series being garbage is some weird mental shortcut that I don’t get either.

No. 503142

No. 503176

This is so weird to read knowing Jada came out as a porn addict. Yikes

No. 503344

Actually, Selena is a horrendous alcoholic and drug addict and has been for years. Many people don't really care about about Selena like that so they don't know this and obviously her team and PR is impeccable. You don't go to substance abuse rehab clinics for "anxiety", LMAO. A joke. When you go down the Selena rabbit hole you'll realise just what a good PR team can do. Who the fuck continues to drink AFTER A KIDNEY TRANSPLANT? She's literally on her death bed. Not to mention it has been stated by various different sources that Many within the industry think her transplant was BECAUSE of her alcohol addiction and drug abuse. It's really really sad.

No. 503347

god fucking dammit I actually like her music
hopefully she'll be lke all the other "femme nonbinary" women and just keep being a woman instead demanding retarded "neutral" pronouns. miley and other girls have went through a "genderqueer" phase and not trooned out or fallen into the "theythem" insanity but those women are also younger than Janelle, so yikes

No. 503352

I find it kind of unlikely that someone as young as she is would already need something as serious as a kidney transplant as a result of drug/alcohol abuse. She seems to genuinely have serious health issues outside of substance abuse and addiction, though the addiction(s) may explain why she has had such serious reactions and lack of improvement with said health issues.

No. 503356

>Multiple sources
Do you have receipts or

No. 503403

Idk, it can really happen. Japanese actress Hashimoto Kanna is only 20 and has been told by doctors she's already at risk of strokes and heart disease cos of how much she drinks.

I would totally believe that Selena had a kidney transplant at least in part due to her substance abuse.

No. 503431

His chest is very hairy
But the rumours are really scary

No. 503434

Woah really? I heard she was a bit of an alcoholic but I didn't know it was that bad

No. 503474

when are you dropping your poetry collection anon huh

No. 503554

I have a relative that has lupus and she also has that puffy face from her meds. So I believe Selena does have lupus and possibly addiction issues as well. Selena certainly does not look like other drug addicts or alcoholics.

No. 503560

God I want Megan merkin and Harry balls to stop showing up on my feed everywhere I go. I don’t give a shit about them but the press adores them. Guess they need something to distract from the queens pedo son.

No. 503565

I love you anon.
Would buy it tbh. Such wit!

No. 503622

I think they share they same thoughts as well. But seriously, the media needs to claim down on them, it's annoying. In the Uk the act like every time Megan Markle coughs, 10 children drop dead.

No. 503643

Not a britbong myself so asking why does the UK press hate Meghan so much? What's so horrible about her?

No. 503653

File: 1578932884844.jpg (92.69 KB, 1364x619, goop.JPG)

No. 503654

she's not lily white and british. easy.

No. 503674

god I wish I was on that level of narcissism, queen.

No. 503682

honestly idk. been trying to figure out for like a year but all they ever say is “well her family said she’s horrible!!” like okay, why should i take the word of some random ass people just because they share DNA with her? what’s more likely is they say she’s awful bc she won’t give them oodles of money and shit and they’re butthurt about it.

No. 503697

File: 1578941696762.jpg (36.95 KB, 485x268, IMG_20200113_185340.jpg)

Late reply but yeah: http://www.asianjunkie.com/2019/09/10/actress-hashimoto-kanna-20-surprises-on-variety-show-by-revealing-drinking-problem/

She's not white. Britbongs hate non whites and even white non British cos they are so stuck in their own arse anything foreign is immediately bad. I say this as a Britbong. For instance compare the press between Kate and Megan and you'll get the jist.

No. 503706

yikes no wonder why Meghan wants to gtfo out of there seriously no wonder why Harry wants to call it quits on the royalty thing. What a bunch of loons, kinda reminds me of what happened between Diana and the queen.

No. 503708

Disappointed that it doesn’t actually smell like pussy. They make candles that smell like popcorn and cigarettes and football material, but Gooplord chickens out and makes it smell like wood shavings or whatever. Sad!

No. 503715

File: 1578946246988.jpg (47.27 KB, 633x338, 20675044-7870953-Ever_since_Me…)

Her family are a bunch of absolute lolcows, particularly her half-sister Samantha who has been cut off by all three of her children. She never misses a chance to sell a sob story about le evil Meghan and intended to release a book which never materialised. She's one of my favourite cows; arguably her finest moment was when she got into a car 'accident'(? would not put anything past this narc) and compared her plight to Princess Diana's.


She's also a big Tommeh Robinson fan.

There's also Thomas Markle, who pitched a massive public drama over whether he was attending her wedding, has repeatedly given paid interviews for British media outlets, and most egregiously, released an intimate letter she sent him to the public. Absolute class act.


Meghan has pretty much stayed silent through the whole thing and allowed the two to dig their own graves.

Fwiw, I feel like most of the distaste around Markle is that she's accustomed to being an American celebrity and it hasn't translated well to British media. The Vogue stuff, visits to women's centres, and speeches she makes read a lot more like the side projects of an Angelina Jolie figure rather than something a royal would do.

No. 503726

She's not white and she's pretty. So there's that weird comparison to Kate all the time trying to knock Megan down all the time.

Isn't Samantha like 56 or 57? Imagine being like this nearing your 60s kek

No. 503751

The obvious raging personality disorder she has oozes out of everything she comes out with. Imagine being jealous of your sister when they're like 20 ears younger than you are.

No. 503756

Am the only one noticing that the candle is actually from a perfume/fragrance brand called Heretic? Why is everyone acting like Paltrow made it (or that it would smell like HER pussy)?

Her site is literally just a bunch of curated items from other stores.

No. 503775

I'm not an expert but I heard celebs who are addicts don't look like your average crackhead because they can get actual good quality drugs that don't fuck you up as much

No. 503782

they’re still human beings though. look what happened to amy winehouse, lindsey lohan, amanda bynes, macaulay culkin (before he got sober, good job MC) etc. they all had shit tons of money and probably really great drugs for a long time but crashed and aged like milk

No. 503785

All those you mentioned (except Amy maybe) were child actors who didn't even get jobs as grown ups, hence not having a lot of money to spend (at least that's what I assume, cause I don't really know).
But known addicts like Selena, Ariana, Demi, etc, for example, don't look like shit cause they keep making millions and can afford high quality

No. 503829

I always wondered that too and after reading too much UK tabloids, I know why:

People in the UK thought that Meghan wasn't 'the one' for Harry. He is the most popular royal right after the queen. The public loves him so much that they've forgiven him quite a lot of mistakes which would have certainly hurt any other royal like the Nazi costume or that he killed animals in Africa for fun and prestige. This was 2004/2005 and he changed a lot since then. He loves kids, he is fun and he's the patron of several charities such as the Invictus games. Harry is seen as someone who suffered a lot due to his early loss of his mother Diana and who grew up to be a sincere and good person.

Now to Meghan. She is a divorcee, a D-list cable TV actress, mixed race and American. Plus her family is a mess who will give non-stop interviews about how awful she is. Meghan is seen as low class, an opportunist who wants to marry someone rich and powerful.

Now with Megxit people start to believe the things her family said about her: that she is using people to get what she wants and then ghosting them. Meghan did this to her own family who paid for her private school and University and then left them. She also used the connection through her uncle to get into acting. She ghosted him too. She married a Hollywood Producer and with his help she got the role in Suits. She divorced him after that. Then she married into the royal family, got an extremely expensive fairytale wedding, her house was renovated for several millions and all was paid through the British tax payers. Now she calls the British toxic and leaves again.
Oh and people also don't like her bc she announced her pregnancy on Eugene's Wedding day, and their resignation from the royal family on Kate's birthday.

There's so much more but I don't have time to write it all down right now. Maybe later.

No. 503833

Even if Meghan is an opportunist who uses people, a lot of the hatred seems unwarranted considering that they hate her for things she has no control over or is just plain trivial (like being American, mixed race, her crazy family, being a divorcee, and an actress. Her not being “good enough for Harry” just seems like misogynistic bullshit and if he genuinely likes her, then why should it matter?

No. 503873

They said she came straight outta compton on the UK tabloids. The princess duke of whatever wore a racist brooch that referenced african slaves at dinner with her. She isn't even 100% black and they hate her that much already.

I think the final straw was when they started saying racist shit about the baby, and that's when she and harry pulled out because he knows what they did to Diana.

Meg did in a few years what countries tried to do for decades lol

No. 503881

so “”””using”””” people is worse than dressing up like a nazi or killing animals on a safari? that’s fucking bullshit, we all know why people actually hate meg and worship harry and it rhymes with okaycism

No. 503914

File: 1579019498700.jpg (119.95 KB, 700x491, 11-5e1dc8ab3524d__700.jpg)

The royals as a whole are an outdated concept that really need to be taken down a peg, but holy shit the UK media fucking obliterates Meghan for literally anything. Not because she deserves it but because she's American and Black. It's amazing that in this day and age harassing a woman like this is acceptable if she's visibly not white but there you go. I hope them leaving destabilizes the Royal family more and they finally start to fall apart.

No. 503928

Has anyone else seen this video? I wish I could quote the entire thing because it's damn hilarious and true at the same time lmao

No. 503929

Holy shit. I always knew people hated her and never knew the reason exactly and I understood why she wanted to leave. People have such unwarranted hatred towards her. I don't want to automatically play the "racist" card with things but seriously in situations like this what else could it possibly be? And she isn't even that dark. It's so bizarre and awful.

No. 503942

I'm not really British or particularly into Royal drama. But I want to point out that Meghan barely looks black. Like no one would ever guess that she was black if it wasn't public knowledge. I don't doubt that Meghan got a lot out of growing up with her black mom and it really affected her. Seems silly that the British use it against her.

No. 503946

I have to agree with you. The tabloids are a bunch of nasty bullies who do nothing but propagate hate over meaningless shit. If anybody needs to be dragged, it should be her annoying attention seeking family, or you know actual bad people in this world. The idiotic British public eat all that bullshit up and keep tabloids running that literally add nothing to society.

No. 503947

lol honestly if Meghan was in France or any South European country (even racist ass Italy) I doubt they'd be sperging about her 1/4 black blood this hard. in France if you're 1/4th black it is hardly noticeable and damn near irrelevant to people but Americans and Brits sperg about 1/4 blackness even on a mostly Caucasian passing face but accept Mestizos and Eurasians as whites. They're fucking insane.

No. 503948

Anglos are fucking spergs

No. 503949

It's very sad that being an opportunist is worse than wearing Nazi costumes and killing African animals for fun. But even if Meghan wasn't an opportunist, she would be still treated badly, I think. The Royal family is conservative and racist.

People think that she changed Harry and he's her puppy or whatever. There's this video now blowing up, where Harry and Meghan were attending the premiere of the Lion King instead of the 30th anniversary of the IRA bombing. A lot marines died, several people were crippled for life and children became orphans. This anniversary was scheduled 11 months beforehand to make sure that Harry is 100% coming since he's the Captain General of the Royal Marines. He cancelled his duty a few weeks before and attended instead the Lions King premiere with Meghan. They got apparently 3 million pounds from Disney for their foundation to attend this premiere. At the reception Harry shakes the hands of the CEO and then asks for a job for Meghan with a quite voice so that others wouldn't hear about it. You could still hear what he said luckily lol. The CEO was very embarrassed and Harry was also kind of nervous while she acted like she didn't know what is going to happen. It's apparently against the Royal protocol to use your power and title to get things and jobs. People think she asked him to do this and I have to agree. Very shameful indeed but no reason to hate on Meghan the whole time. They should concentrate their hate on the Pedo Prince Andrew and his relations to Epstein. Maybe all of this is happening to distract the public?

No. 503955

She was Yacht girl aka "prestigious whore" who sucked dick for money and work. She quite literally used her ex and she's using Harry now. God knows he looks like he knows he's made a huge mistake, but the running theory is she has dirt on him and he's nervous. Honestly, I think her "wild American"ness appealed to his childish badboy bullshit and he got caught up with a woman who's way more manipulative than he can wrap his insulated head around and now its too late. You don't need to give two shits about the royal family to see she's the walking stereotype of greedy American rich whores.

That's a good possible explanation though it's sad to think the family would throw him to the wolves like that. But of course, this is the royal family so there's also more rumors that since he's probably a bastard the royals are jumping at the chance to get him out of the family. It's like Game of Thrones but better.

No. 503961

>greedy American rich whores

When will LC's resident euroshits finally disappear up their own asses?

No. 503963

>she’s taking advantage of these poor little rich men!!!


No. 503966

Are you me? Everytime i try to ask someone who claims to be nonbinary, all i get is 'i hate gender norms'

girl, me too, but nonbinary is stupid bullshit. I could care less if my son plays with barbie dolls, but that doesnt make him nonbinary.

No. 503973

That's not the whole truth.

Kate got a lot more negative press than Meghan since she dated William for 8 years before marrying him. She was called ' Waity Katie' because William would cheat on her and call it quits but she always waited for him to come back to her. She was portrayed as someone without any dignity and an opportunist similar to Meghan nowadays. Her mother Carole was portrayed as a pimp who wanted to marry off her daughters to rich and powerful men. Kate has been criticised for her style and for being to skinny. Then her nudes ( I think she was actually topless on a yacht) appeared everywhere in the tabloids. They all laughed at her. They had to sue the press to remove these pictures.

I think the positive press started between her first child and when Meghan appeared. They got bored with Kate and now they are ripping Meghan apart like they did with Kate years ago.

No. 503974

I'm an American girl, I know a whore when I see one

She's being abusive, so yes it sad. Anyone being abused at the hands of a Narc should garner sympathy if not only to piss off the narc. She was given everything she wanted from his family and when it came with rules and receipts she just goes "fuck it, I'm out". Classic Narc childish behavior. You can't hold them accountable because everyone else is mean. Her family's mean, his family's mean. It's not a surprise she quite literally needs to beg and suck for work, she seems absolutely intolerable.

No. 503977

File: 1579033769131.jpg (61.25 KB, 609x668, sweetie.jpg)

>I'm an American girl, I know a whore when I see one

…huh. K.

Not gonna lie, you sound miffed that your fantasy ginger prince got stolen by a "whore". Gotta protect that helpless, naive adult man from the evil succubus he willingly married and procreated with, I guess.

No. 503978

>defending a literal royal
>oh no the w-word that can be used for men too
harry's a whore too, but his father is a bigger one.
t. pretends to have followed the discussion

No. 503981


No. 503982

as a britfag, meghan seems okay to me. never really got why the tabloids get so worked up over her.

on the other hand i DO find it funny that the tabloids and gossip rags have been saying meghan wants to move to canada for the past year and every time they brought it up the creepy americans who are way too invested in our royal family shouted them down and said they were making stuff up and now look where we are. kek.

No. 503983

Idk Italy is pretty fucking racist. France might be slightly better but not by much. Just face it, the whole world spergs about race when it shouldn’t even matter.

No. 503984

People are now saying that Harry and Meghan will live in Canada just for a short amount of time and then move to Los Angeles. They want that big money with their Royal Sussex brand. It's really contradicting because they want to be private, so no one will report about them but at the same time they want the titles, privileges to build their own brand. Oh yeah and don't forget that they're totally independent but the Canadian tax payers should pay for their security lol

No. 503985

She would blend as a local in mediterranean countries, shes tanned but looks white af.

tinfoil: the queen is behind this bc shes a power karen like that

No. 503988

>getting mad at meg being called a ho
Hah. But it's true. In fact, all modern royals of any country are like whores minus the exchange of service in return for the money given to them. They stand as "icons" of archaic systems while benefiting by having taken resources and money from the populace. It's literal rich people welfare.

Meg is just being smart about her whoring. Instead of getting shat on by the media for not wanting to assimilate to stifling royal culture, she told hubby to pack their bags. He's fine to let her take the blame for being ~manipulative~ because he was never gonna be king shit anyway. He wanted out of the royal bs too or he wouldn't have done it, he only fears the potential status drop and bruise to his ego which is what all men are really concerned about.
But they'll be fine. All rich people with status and connections turn out fine and will live better than any of us will ever hope even if they're complete shits for people.

No. 503999

I kinda assumed they chose Canada because Meghan has spend time there before (filming for Suits) and it seems less “chaotic” than the U.S in terms of possible privacy. I don’t blame Canadians for being annoyed for the possibility of paying of their security but who knows if it that will actually happen lol.

No. 504048

I think he's ugly as fuck, not my type at all.

They're gonna go crash with a millionaire connected to the Clintons for a bit. Megan's just gotta go leech on some more connections until Harry's reputation is in the gutter. Can't wait to see what he gets hooked on in LA. They'll divorce shortly after they get there, L.A. is where marriages go to die.

No. 504067


royals white. megan brown. country no like.

No. 504078

Neither Meghan nor Harry are Canadian citizens. Meghan is American and Harry is British, so Canada must be a temporary solution to them. When they'll move to L.A., Harry can star in 'The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' and Meghan will sell royal socks and toilet paper through their website kek

No. 504123

how is she 'intolerable'? her banana thing was so embarrassing but what has she done that's so awful? you sound weirdly aggressive about her.

what reputation? harry has had a terrible reputation at least since the whole nazi costume thing

No. 504131

nta but Harry has indeed a good reputation although he had done quite a lot of unacceptable shit like the nazi stuff. He's like the most popular royal right after the Queen since years according to polls. For these people Meghan's hustle is far worse than Harry's past and Pedo Prince Andrew's connection to Epstein. But there are ofc people who don't care about Harry's changed manner and see him as a hypocrit.

No. 504150

saged because its not on topic but i just watched this video and realized how different selena looks now. it seems she did something to her teeth and got botox? her teeth look different and the way she moves her mouth and just the way it looks is completely different. her eyebrows also dont move at all and someone made a comment saying it looks like she got an eyebrow/eye lift. a lot of people try to use the excuse of her illness' side effects and her kidney transplant, but in reality shes abusing drugs and alcohol and probably got some recent procedures done and thats why she looks so different.

No. 504192

Even if Megan is a whore, I find it stupid to dog pile on her constantly when there is literal nonces running around in the family who got backlash for a little bit but most people have gone silent on him now.

No. 504260

She’s talking almost like her jaw is wired shut or something, very weird. I agree with other anons that say she’s a drug addict, looks to me like they did hardcore maintenance before the recent public appearances

No. 504263

She definitely looks odd… odd for her. I think she looks like a more mature woman. Maybe some Botox in the jaw? She doesn’t look as much like a plump baby anymore.

No. 504272

Harry is wildly popular in his country. The UK isn't as outright obsessed as being WOKE about Nazis like 16 year olds who can't name 4 countries involved in WW2 US are. It's not the first time someone's dressed up like Hilter and it won't be the last. Harry's actively done work to change his reputation, where-as Megan's come into the situation with a divorce under-her-belt, some questionable media of her floating around, and nothing she's said or done publicly has done much to change minds. Stepping out of the royal family after letting them throw you the most popular wedding on the planet, earning one of the most coveted titles in the world is pretty selfish.

That was my thought, that this appearance was scheduled to closely to a procedure and she's still numb.

I don't think her management knows wtf to do with her. Honestly, her career as an A-List name should've been over after her and the Beebs split, but it feels like someone is pouring in resources to keep her relevant. Her voice isn't particularly strong, her personality isn't memorable, I'm sure she was being setup to be the "revenge" success against Justin but she's just not an entertainer. Whoever is doing her work is trying to morph her into Chrissy Teigen.

No. 504280

This is just two alcoholics sounding fucking raspy, who can enjoy this. She got new teeth and maybe a fox eyelift?

No. 504300

I watched a couple of videos on Selena and the friend who donated a kidney to her and that shit is so fucked up. Celebrities really think they're above humans.
>Selena cries to her friend about being ill, her friend got herself tested, they matched, doctor calls Selena and tells her the result, Selena then calls friend, overjoyed, friend of course can't say no
>Selena for some reason wins woman of the year award, her friend is only presenting it to her
>after the surgery Selena didn't quit drinking, friend is disappointed because she basically wasted a perfectly fine organ on somebody who will only waste it
>Selena only mentions and posts other stars like Taylor Swift as her good, loyal and supportive friends

No. 504301

It's always weird to me how everyone seems to view her as sweet and soft when her character from that wizards show was so harsh and mean. Now she creates this whole sweetest person on the planet persona. But that's just an image, and she was vomiting in Fallon's sink screaming "fuck you" soo…
I would not be surprised if she used alcohol and drugs heavily, its common for everyone why wouldn't it be for celebrities. Especially since she hung around with literal crackhead Justin Bieber and the Weeknd. Her face looks completely different, her jaw is NOT moving.

No. 504304

I remember what you wrote, makes me nauseous. Basically, if you have money your life is more precious than ordinary people, so sad she wastes her second chance at life.

No. 504403

>Americans are stupid and Meghan isn’t good enough for Harry.
Please shut up

No. 504447

I feel so bad for Francia Raisa. They recently got matching tattoos, Selena just refers to her as "the girl" when she was asked about the tattoo. Starts at 2:27

No. 504631

This. I've always wondered where the girl who donated a kidney to Selena went, her name was around only for a little bit when the transplant thing happened then she disappeared off the grid. Rarely any mention of her. You'd think after a friend donating a literal organ to you, you'd treat them (and their kidney) a bit better.

No. 504669

File: 1579237442233.png (330.86 KB, 483x597, wtf.PNG)

nothing says motherhood like edgy papercuts all over your pregnant belly

No. 504795

So basically britbongs hate Meghan just because she's American? Because that's what it looks like to literally everyone outside of the UK.

>"Waity Katie"
>The tabloids spread her nudes
This is literally why the UK yellow press is a running joke in every other part of Europe. God I hate the Brits.

t.eurofag not from the UK

No. 504807

I thought from the thumbnail it was paint.

I hope she’s not on drugs while pregnant.

No. 504876

Ew wtf is this? Have some class Grimes goddamn

No. 504885

she wants to be Nastya from ic3peak so bad

No. 504965

I dunno why, but i find this shit kinda offensive? She's just tactless. It makes me sad some fans worship her

No. 504970

If anyone cares it’s the Nordic rune berkano (carved correctly facing her while she looks down at her belly, not for the audience) it means life or some shit like that. So kewl Grimes the mythology kween

No. 505145

File: 1579383851738.png (294.92 KB, 1080x1257, Screenshot_20200118-154416(1).…)

A whole Twitter news story

No. 505147

File: 1579384703210.jpg (56.26 KB, 640x610, nj.jpg)

It's no wonder she said she was done, lmao. She couldn't even breathe without these people finding something to sperg out about.
Fucking avocados.

No. 505148

I was her fan for the longest time because she became so tactless. Weird flex to present Muskrat's cash baby like this.

No. 505202

>Overanalyzing innocent actions and blowing it way out of proportion
Is the media ran by Farmers or are obsessing over the lives of others start leading to insanity?

No. 505216

Is she actually mentally stunted? She acts like a teenager. No wonder Elon is so into smoking, you'd have to be high out of your mind to be able to stand her company.

No. 505219

I think she puts on an act but she's in fact more rational? She seems smart in interviews.

No. 505221

Being witty =/= intelligent. The only interviews I've seen where she could be considered "smart" are ones where shes clearly fucking with the person interviewing her and then everyone believes her. Example being "I surgically removed my retinas" or whatever the fuck that was.
She's a spineless hipster coolgirl. She makes some good tunes but good lord elon musk/grimes baby is nightmare fuel and i want out of this timeline.

No. 505242

File: 1579416748745.png (341.83 KB, 1003x653, instagram.png)

Selena Gomez started to buy copies of her own album in order to get the #1 spot on the charts.


No. 505244

I think she's just trying to be edgy. She's one of those people who thinks using big words and bragging about the fact she can use big words makes her more intelligent than everyone else, when in fact it's mundane shit that doesn't get you anywhere besides a "cool" label slapped onto you.

No. 505257

France is probably more racist than the UK IMO

No. 505261

it's not. France is very used to blacks and arabs. nobody would care about Meghan being mixed since there are so many of them and people are used it, including in media and positions of power.

No. 505278

This is what I always hear from people who have never been there
>inb4 "I've been there and everyone was really mean to me! :(("
it's not because you're black, but because you can't bother to learn to say fucking hello in a language that isn't English and then act pissy about it when you're in a country where English isn't an official language, in a city that gets millions of tourists like you every day

No. 505279

Hell no would the French media be more racist to Megan about her one-fourth black ancestry than the English media. Absolutely not. A lot of French people have darker skin themselves.

No. 505345

Why is it so hard to admit that France can be racist? It isn’t an uniquely French thing. Practically every country is racist to an extent. Also I get that it’s annoying to come across foreigners who act like everything is the same back home (not French myself but I interact with a lot of foreigners at my job and I get it) but to act like that’s the only reason French people are hostile to foreigners and it’s never because of racism at times is fucking hilarious and naive.

No. 505346

Plot twist: the British tabloids are written by farmers or people who act like stereotypical farmers. Or maybe British tabloid writers post here.

No. 505349

When it comes to Europe, the Brits are leading in the following categories
>bad food
>bad accents
>bad weather
>unattractive royalty (except for Meghan and Diana)
>boring landmarks
>most retarded tabloids
>bad fashion
>ugly "celebrities"
>worst "culture"
>worst "humor"
Why are they even relevant anymore? They cannot do anything right. The only worthwhile things they've pushed out in literal decades are David Bowie, Harry Potter and The Spice Girls.
Can't France or some Scandi country take their place? I'm sick of it. TBH everything decent they've done, some unknown French, Eastern European or Swedish person has made a better, less retarded version.(racebait)

No. 505352

Daily Fail: ”Justin Bieber 'asked to leave' gym in LA after Taylor Swift arrived for her training appointment”

In reality: Taylor Swift booked the place in advance and Bieber was asked to leave because he didn’t.

Sorry, Bieber, no one is buying that you are sober enough to actually exercise, and no one is buying your single either.


No. 505354

from my limited work experience the stereotype is true and many French people can't be arsed to learn English and instead expect the whole world to pander to them. They are literally calling an English speaking line and get shocked and offended that there are no French speakers available. They also write long rambling emails in French even though we communicate in English only. Forcing us to rely on google translate can lead to many misunderstandings that could be avoided if they sent a few simple sentences ('I want train morning' works even if it was google translated from French). This doesn't happen with people of different nationalities.

Very rarely we get a nice French person that tries their best to speak English. It is very appreciated and a nice surprise! The one time I got screamed at was when a French lady called and was triggered that I don't understand her.

No. 505364

Nobody said France wasn't racist, we just said the French aren't as anal about who has black blood in what percentage and it's true
There was just a famous Brit bitching about his nieces being one fourth black. French people don't even consider one fourth black people to be black

No. 505397


Her teeth have looked off to me since the music video for that Can't Get Enough song

No. 505410

File: 1579475903362.png (444.82 KB, 598x497, Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 08.5…)

literally how shit of a nation do you come from to be that jealous of us

No. 505416

And sports betting place on every fucking street. Degenerates.

No. 505420

holy shit that was great, ty anon

No. 505429

Stop derailing over which country is shit or more racist than the other.

No. 505435

File: 1579486700122.png (1018.28 KB, 720x875, 2933E2F8-BEB1-46A5-BC57-D32E8A…)

Pedowood is getting bolder lately. This poor girl’s stylists have received so much backlash for repeatedly dressing her like this, yet it keeps happening. I feel so bad because she obviously has no one looking out for her, not even her own parents. She’s the same age as my younger sister and I can’t even imagine letting her go to an event dressed like this knowing she’ll be surrounded by a bunch of creepy old men.

No. 505439

I can't find the source anymore but apparently her parents want Millie to look more mature, so people would take her more serious. They want her to make it big in Hollywood and cater to more mature roles. No more teen TV series but big Hollywood movie roles. It's hard to distinguish in interviews what she really wants and what other people want her to do. This poor girl is brainwashed and she will have a breakdown because she never had a normal childhood and thus acting like a child.

No. 505444

What’s the deal with pop artists doing this shit? I have no idea about the music industry. Does charting #1 mean more money? Awards? It’s not like these people aren’t megarich and megafamous regardless. Why resort to these weird tactics?

No. 505446

Holy fuck, she is only 15.

No. 505452

I remember that at 15 I thought straightening my hair and badly applying lipstick was peak maturity. I feel sorry for this girl, she’s never going to get to go through a normal, albeit retarded, adolescence; she has absolutely no chance to discover herself and is on public display for male consumption.

No. 505468

She's only fifteen and already showing cleavage?! This girl is going to get ruined before she hits twenty.

No. 505470

I just saw this on instagram and showed my husband, he said she looked 30 at least. This is so incredibly wrong. How are they getting away with this? Its disturbing

No. 505479

They're dressing her up like a Kardashian. I'm so confused, the Kardashians don't get movie roles, they get Pepsi ads lmao. Whatever her parents are thinking is just ass backwards and not even thinking critically or thinking about the consequences. Millie probably doesn't get the full gist of what they're doing to her. She looks accomplished and mature and it probably does make her feel good too, but it's damaging and pressuring her.

No. 505481

wow she seems so depressed in this video like she's not even trying to hide how she doesn't want to be there.

No. 505486

He keeps asking his fans to donate him money, but just before that was flexing about how rich he was.

No. 505508

I don’t feel completely comfortable with people pointing and laughing at Bieber practically begging people to stream his song, no matter how shit it might be (tbh I do think people are exaggerating how bad it is) because it’s clear he’s become addicted to drugs or alcohol and is going through a rough patch. He’s been in the industry since he was a young teen and we all know how damaging that is, especially how gross people treated him, like it was unheard of that a teenage boy singing about love catered to young girls would exist in the music business. Same thing with Selena, people making fun of her for asking people to buy her album - her desperation signifies a deeper problem she’s having. They’re clearly both messed up from being in the industry too young and it’s showing. Not that I have 100% sympathy for them but it just makes me sad. They shouldn’t be in the spotlight while having borderline breakdowns, they should be taking a break for help. But the industry doesn’t give af about that

No. 505531

amanda bynes, who's also been in the industry since she was incredibly young, was meme'd for years on end due to her mental breakdown and erratic behavior. hell, britney's 2007 breakdown is still a prevalent meme today even after all the awareness that's raised about mental health and empathy for the mentally ill.

the point is people will preach about mental health awareness day in and day out while still memeing celebrities whose trauma and abuse are clearly catching up to them

No. 505930

I feel no empathy for male ex-child star train wrecks. They always grow up misogynistic and sleazy at best, a predator at worst. Bieber deserves to get clowned on. Notice that it’s always female child stars that get shit on the most for acting out and being mentally ill (Miley, Bella, Amanda, Lindsey, etc).

No. 506004

File: 1579671421229.jpg (Spoiler Image, 389.77 KB, 1080x1671, Screenshot_20200122-061513_1.j…)

I get the feeling that people who were saying that Meghan is a manipulative famewhore, are totally right.

Apparently she called the paps to take some pics. She expected praise for juggling a baby and two dogs at the same time. Instead she got criticism especially from mommies how dangerous it is for the child because if a fcking squirrel ran in front of her, she would have lost control over the dogs and fell with Archie. It was a reasonable concern. Nothing else negative. Then Meghan decided to sue the paper because they are interfering with her privacy kek. It's a PUBLIC park which means she's fair game plus they decided to be private citizens and no Royals anymore. She could have walked the dogs on their private island where they are currently staying. Meghan loves the attention and she's so happy to see the paps but the papers are not allowed to say something critical. Also her bodyguards didn't protect her because she called the paps. If someone jumped out of the bush, they would have smacked the camera out of the hands and there would be no smiley-hee-hee pics.

No. 506025

In the eternal words of lolcow "this isn't milk"

I don't know why people let themselves get manipulated by the media to the point they think a photo of a woman walking her dogs in the park is even news

No. 506035

True. But she called the paparazzi and now wants to sue them for not praising her. They should go private for real and stop being hypocritical.

No. 506057

Califag here, I am not caught up with Gomez drama and stuff but I had a friend in highschool whose cousin recorded several vocals for Selena because she can't really sing (in the higher register especially). That's all I have to say, although I feel that this is pretty common.

No. 506142

She really can’t sing at all. I admit I find some of her songs catchy and genuinely enjoy listening to them, but I’m fully aware it’s all ghost singing from random people or her “friend” Julia Michaels.

Her fans chalk it up to her lupus but anyone whose been watching her for a while knows she has a horrible voice. I think she’s a bit retarded for continuing with her singing career when she knows she can’t sing. Oh well.

No. 506155

Even if Meghan sucks, the British press and BRF seem terrible on their own (I mean, look how they treated Diana). So I really can’t feel sorry for them when they try to play the victim after the Harry and Meghan fallout.

No. 506161

>Instead she got criticism especially from mommies how dangerous it is for the child because if a fcking squirrel ran in front of her, she would have lost control over the dogs and fell with Archie

what a reach lmfao. how do people even know that she called the paps anyway?

No. 506174

Seriously. While her grip on on Archie didn’t look exactly stable (but I’m not the best person to ask) the squirrel thing is stupid and clearly the mommy bloggers who accused of her of that have too much time on their hands. Social media was a mistake.

No. 506199

File: 1579729751854.jpg (1.56 MB, 1339x1800, justin-bieber-selena-gomez-mar…)

Maybe its just me but does anyone find the fact that 18 year old selena gomez started dating 16 year old justin weird?
I know its not a huge age gap but the fact that Justin at the time looked like he could be 12 and was shorter than her made it worse.
and wasnt there a video circulating of her slapping him too?

No. 506203

He looks so sad.

No. 506208

> does anyone find the fact that 18 year old selena gomez started dating 16 year old justin weird?

Seems normal to me. They’re both teens here.

No. 506209

>2 yr age Gap
>Both of age of consent in their area
>OMG so weird
Fuck off Karen, next thing you know anything more than 2 months apart is pedophilia

No. 506213

Because men develop differently than women moron.
Most 16 year old boys look like children and arent fully developed yet meanwhile most 16 year old girls look their age.

Its just weird to go after a guy who looks 12.

No. 506220

This. I wonder if that same anon says anything about Leondardo DiCaprio, a 45 year old man, dating women 20+ years younger than him. The "G-Girls just mature faster" argument is such a cope, too.

No. 506221

nta but geez it's fine. It's not all about looks and as long as the age difference is appropriate (which it was) I don't see the problem. You know what, I kinda get it actually. Two child stars in Hollywood finding eachother, not that weird.

No. 506228

Most 16 year old boys aren’t Justin fucking Bieber lmao

Either way, there are laws in place that make it safe for teens to date like this. It’s a complete non-issue

No. 506407

I dare you to read the comments…
>come on, he only looks at her like a dad - more like daddy!
>henry, she's 18 now!
>it's his right as an alpha chad, she's a young fertile female
>he likes them young LOL
Both men and women seem to worship him, even on tumblr all sjw are kissing his ass. Being attractive is like a free pass in life, even more so than being rich and he has both…
The girl he had sex scenes with in the witcher also doesn't look much older than her.

No. 506414

holy fuck, this is so fucking creepy. she looks literally 13 and he looks like he wants to rape her and wear her kidneys as cufflinks. the comments are disgusting. you'r right about the attractive thing. attractive ppl get away with everything, it's insane.

No. 506417

File: 1579802165785.jpg (318.4 KB, 2048x2048, 43586894_2694642980761721_7980…)

Imo him being so fucking huge makes him even more scary than he already is to begin with. No woman could defend herself against him. And the actresses they cast to play what were supposed to be strong or mature women look like kids. The entire situation is so gross.

No. 506421

wow. how is that appropriate casting to anyone??? wtf… the hatred for women (and i do mean women) is so real. literal babyfaced children that can pass for 13 being cast as what are obviously supposed to be women. just, wtf.

No. 506424

Not to defend the situation,I agree with you guys, but Ciri is supposed to be a child and like 12-16 through the books or so. Yen however… yea.

No. 506426

>Men and women develop different
No. It depends on the person, what's they even supposed to mean? I knew girls who didn't start developing until 17 and I knew girls who started developing in 5th grade, I also knew boys who started growing beards in 5th grade and I knew boys who didn't get their first chest hair until after high school

Neverless, 2 yr age Gap is nothing regardless of the situation, if anything I'm actually glad about it unlike most guys who will date as young as the law allows
>But he looks 12
So? Are babyfaced people not allowed to be in relationships?

>Young fertile female
What's with idiot males pretending to be bio experts? How would you even know if she's fertile without having access to her medical records? And do healthy but infertile women not deserve good relationships or something? Jesus

No. 506428

anon, there was literally less than a 2 year age gap between them. and who the fuck cares about a slap lmfao, as if bieber hasnt legitimately assaulted people before.

No. 506435

File: 1579805032338.gif (50.98 KB, 413x243, soyeh.gif)



No. 506436

File: 1579805058822.jpg (207.64 KB, 723x1024, Justin Bieber Selena Gomez enj…)

You deliberately chose a picture that's misleading af, as if she's some huge predator looming over him.
This is how they looked like back then they started dating.
Also, who gives a shit about 2 years than this exists too >>506407

No. 506437

People swear pedophilia and misogyny was more common 30 years ago, but the more the 20th century progresses the more the women shilled as beautiful get more child like or bimbified. If this ain't a punishment for the feminist wave of the 60's..

No. 506439

I meant 21st century we're not in the 20th anymore lmao oops

No. 506442

I don't think it's punishment for feminism, it's just men are overexposed to overdone women and the media and porn is constantly drilling in their head that child like women or bimbos are what they should really go for, nevermind healthy look adult women. It's sad to see healthy young women have body dysmorphia because ugly males thought it was no longer good enough to just be attractive and healthy

No. 506444

the show is mostly based on the first and second book in which Ciri is like 9-12, at the end of the book saga she is (I think) 17. The first witcher game starts 5 years after the last book, this screenshot is from the third game, so a bunch of time has probably past. I reaaaally didn't had the feeling of Yen looking so young in the show, tbh…
obligatory still scary as fuck

No. 506448

File: 1579807236649.png (502.47 KB, 728x534, grimez.png)

Selena's always looked young for her age too though.

No. 506452

I feel sorry for the unfortunate spawn. Being born to two famous loonies must set them up for a lot of bullshit.

No. 506457

I agree with you, but the Wojak meme is cringey so your point seems less valid. Did you come in from R9k or something?

No. 506459

the show aged Ciri up (to it's detriment tbh). I understand that Cavill is a creep but please inform yourself about basics of the show you are criticizing as you come off as ignorant otherwise.

The Yennefer casting is shit tho, Chalotra did her best but Yennefer is more like Eva Green than a young adult girl.

No. 506464

He's actually old enough to be her dad. Ew

No. 506496

cavill is just a chad with incel tendencies, he would be nothing without his face/body

dude just wants to sit at home and vidya and creep on 20-somethings like half the nation's men

No. 506545

File: 1579825071087.png (264.93 KB, 615x480, yikes.PNG)

wow, it's already starting. this kid is in for a lifetime of annoying performative shit.

No. 506557

File: 1579826900082.png (2.52 MB, 4044x2048, halsey.png)

No. 506560

Isn't a 6.5/10 technically good?

No. 506566

On a scale of 10 it'd mean better than average, yeah, but a majority of the ratings Pitchfork gives albums are between the 6.5 to 7 range, so it's just an average album by their standards.

No. 506567

wow they really have changed so much since this picture. now they're drug addicts…well at least justin is for sure.

No. 506585

To be fair pitchfork hasn't been good for a long time and their reviews are trash, but still she comes across and really whiny and entitled here. It's not like they gave her a 3

No. 506603

I kept your post in mind until I saw the videos of him being a dick to fans. They'd be delighted to see him, and he'd just repeat "Did you download/buy my song?" over and over, giving them obviously sarcastic/manipulative praise if they said yes, and cutting the stream on them mid-sentence in annoyance if they said no.
There's no excuse for that, he's just an asshole.

No. 506604

Why would she want to have kids with someone who already has 9 of them? If its at least for the sake that her child could move up in life and be cared for I'd understand but she's not poor..

No. 506607

I'm lowkey not even bothered by that because Bieliebers are kinda dumb.
My favorite video of those is that one with the chick who connected to him and says (in either Spanish or Italian idk) "I don't speak English" when he kept asking her to buy his song lol.

No. 506608

i was being hyperbolic in my post when I said 9. he has 6, this will be his 7th child. super disgusting on its own imo. the child with have no relationship at all with him. worse yet that this is a man whose child dies of SIDs and calls the baby's mother emotionally manipulative for wanting to grieve the death of her baby. Grimes is a dumbass.

No. 506614

I think it's because they called it pop music, she still doesn't understand that she does make pop music even if it is "alternative" sounding.

No. 506628

No, it counts as below average or "failed to be at least decent". 7 is the average.

No. 506642

He's not even attractive which Is the most annoying thing. Painfully basic white man.

No. 506664

he's definitely above average, he occupies a generic masculine slot currently for some people

No. 506686

>le he's so masculine!! meme

I can't wait until pretty boys come back in style holy shit I'm so tired of these cavemen old men shoved down my throat.

No. 506692

I didn't say I liked him, I said he occupies the current slot for masculine male hollywood star along with chris hemsworth, in the 90's and 2000's we did have more younger and attractive movie stars, Keanu Reeves, Will Smith, Tom Cruise e.t.c

No. 506694

I know you don't. Im just bitching at the people who like him

Ironically, you also had more mature looking ladies in the 90s too

No. 506696

Werent there blind items about henry cavill being into actual children and getting fired from certain shows due to child fiddling.

And the fact teen girls seem to be his maximum age and he doesnt go for anything older than that also doesnt do him justice.

Freya was like 16 when Henry was 34…….

No. 506793

File: 1579906176840.jpg (323.97 KB, 709x1536, Henry Cavill incel.jpg)

reminder he's an incel who thinks women will accuse him of rape for being talked to

No. 506805

The only people who say this are rapists

No. 506806

Someone should let him know he would never be called a rapist for respectfully approaching a woman his age, but minors however..

No. 506813

This anon >>500405 posted something similar. Pedophilia is always that thing that gets people in Hollywood going
why though.

No. 506917

Remember Lia Marie Johnson? I was recommended this video and I'm like wtf…

No. 506921

File: 1579947398642.png (27.65 KB, 873x181, LYxqShOuoQ.png)

some of the comments blaming her are so fucking disgusting and upsetting

No. 506997

Oh wow. I remember when this happened and i was wondering who the piece of shit who said that was. So it was Henry Cavill

No. 506998

File: 1579966407226.jpg (63.16 KB, 680x575, EN3m5SlXkAwMBp4.jpg)


apparently the pattern on her belly is a Icelandic symbol for eternal healing or something like that. Idk who in the right mind would do this, this bitch is cray and I absolute hate the fact that two weirdos are getting a child. I really hope she will proof everybody wrong on this but sadly I don't see a child with a decent normal life and this makes me sad.

No. 507000

He’s trying to guilt women out of their own sexual agency and self defence in a huffy and childish manner, like a child who was told he can’t rip up the flowerbeds stomping around like “well now I’m not going outside EVER AGAIN!”
He for sure sympathises with Weinstein and those like him because he’s pulled the same shit.

No. 507041

There's something very telling when men think women reporting and being more open about the sexual harassment they receive means they can no longer talk to women at all.

No. 507147

> Joined November 2018

No. 507162

File: 1580004329175.png (618.77 KB, 733x847, gPT8tyR.png)

No. 507183

Wasn't Nov 2018 around the time Grimes was telling AB she was trying to get pregnant with a Muskrat baby?

No. 507217

He's being squeezed to the last drop, reminds me of Avicii, RIP.

No. 507339

Avicii was a total sweetheart though by all accounts I've seen so it was way more tragic than if Justin suffers a similar fate. The man has been an asshole to so many people and no matter what you go through there's only so much aggression and frustration you can put out until there's no excuse. I do feel sorry for him still.

No. 507363

So I guess Kobe Bryant died in a plane crash. Call me heartless but I really don’t feel the need to mourn a rapist. If it was another basketball legend like Shaq or Michael Jordon then that would suck. But Kobe? Whatever

No. 507364

yeah that's perfectly reasonable imo and how i'm feeling too. but my younger self is in shock and saddened bc i looked up to him and almost was invited to one of his camps

No. 507370

I remember that. The accuser couldnt testify in court (I don't blame her imagine being harassed by kobe fans after a rape) so they settled. He later apologized but said something like how he didn't feel guilty because he was innocent. All while he was married..

No. 507378

His 13 year old daughter died too…>>507363

No. 507383

This is the real tragedy of it. She was only 13. How sad.

No. 507384


Why is it when a celebrity dies someone always has to come out of the woodwork with a totally unnecessary interjection on “why I am not sad this person is dead”?

It is a shitty way to go and his little girl is dead, too. Let god deal with dead and their faults.

No. 507406

God isn't real. People can mourn for his little girl but we all know they'll just spend money on whatever boo hoo memorial scam his team gonna come up with.
>pls donate to help the rich have safer helicopters
So if anything it's prime time to remind everyone that he was a rapist.

No. 507408

you're not wrong

No. 507420

The real question is why are you surprised to see this behavior on a board full of white radfemcels? This is what they do. Trash people.

No. 507421

lol how do you know they're white and radfems?

No. 507425

Are you pretending white radfems dont make up 90% of the userbase of /ot/? They and other "woke" white people like pronouns in bio twitter are the only ones who think like this

No. 507433

lol stop telling the truth before they ban you . but seriously my heart breaks for his family. I feel like he fuvked up a lot in his youth and I'm not excusing it but you can tell he actively tried to right his wrongs. As for his daughter I'm so depressed because im seeing all these videos and she was truly talented and could've probably helped to legitimize the wnba when she got older. this is so fucking sad

No. 507434

It's a troll, report and move on.

No. 507436

It only sucks because his daughter also died and both of them were still young and had family back at home, if this happened 10 or 15 years later and no daughter, I wouldn't care as much

No. 507440

plus Kobe also had multiple other kids and a newborn + a wife so it's kind of horrible that all the rest of his kids are now fatherless, their sister is dead, and his wife is now a widow because of a helicopter crash, horrible situation to be in

No. 507443

I feel bad (especially for his family, since one of his daughters died too) but my grief only goes to an certain extent particularly for him because of his past actions. I’m honestly not trying to be an edgelord but again, it’s hard for me to mourn someone who was probably a rapist. I know thing aren’t black and white and he had some good attributes despite his actions but still. It’s kinda a mixed bag for me.

On a slightly unrelated note, this makes me want to stay the fuck away from helicopters and other small planes. Too many people die from those things. A lot of them celebrities.

No. 507450

the fact that tmz broke the news before the family got a chance to confirm is sordid and evil. i really hope this finally brings people to stop looking to tmz for news. But its also sad that they are usually really accurate with their sources. Fuck

No. 507451

Not directly at you but I don't get why so many people think it's necessary to focus on his past crimes atm however atrocious they might be. People can interpret this as karma then if they'd like but the fact is that several kids are fatherless and that's a fate I don't wish on anyone. The family will never be the same after this trauma and that's all that really needs to be said.

No. 507457

Children lose parents all the time and nobody pays attention, the only reason people care about this particular loss is because the person who died is famous. And since it's focusing on him, how people feel about him as an individual is always going to be relevant.

It's got nothing to do with karma, people just feel compelled to comment on the situation because it's being discussed everywhere and no surprise that some people find it hard to mourn a rapist.

No. 507477

Doubt it was a problem with the helicopter itself, I'm in LA and there was no way a helicopter should have been allowed to fly today. The past few days have been so foggy that you can barely see down the street at times.Someone messed up. I guess I don't really know anything about flying though.

No. 507480

Ofc, the nature of fame is people will discuss these things. Absolutely noone is obligated to mourn the man. I just wish more people could think twice about posting to respect the people directly involved at this extremely raw early stage of it. Not everything needs to be posted about. Sometimes I forget the world we live in, oh well.

No. 507522


The thing about celebrities dying is that, unless it's someone whose music/acting/etc. I personally enjoyed or affected me, it doesn't make me any more sad than if someone I barely knew or had heard about in passing died. I'm not mourning Kobe's death; I think it's sad, sure, and I feel horribly for his family and friends. But I didn't know him, wasn't a fan of his, so I'm not bent over in sadness. It just feels… weird. A bit shocking. Celebrities seem like these interminable, untouchable figures who are above most of what most normal people experience - and when they die it's a reminder of our own mortality.

You're not required to mourn - you didn't know the man - but I really don't get why people feel like they need to take to social media and post about ~friendly reminder that [deceased] did [bad thing] uwu~ because it doesn't change the mind of anyone who was affected by their passing. Someone isn't going to see that and say "oh, in that case I don't care." This happens literally every time a celebrity dies. What does it accomplish?

If he hadn't been accused of rape, would you be mourning him?

No. 507534

I find it encouraging when people bring it up because it means at least some people actually give a fuck about celebrities doing the wrong thing, when they usually get away with it. Most people couldn't care less if a famous person is a rapist and worship them anyway so I'm all for them being held accountable at any point, even if it's after their death.

No. 507538

File: 1580099511502.png (151.02 KB, 1198x736, Screen Shot 2020-01-26 at 11.2…)

If it was someone you personally cared about, you would say it wasn't the time and it was disrespectful

Has a single person tweeting this garbage even mentioned his name in the context of his rape trial prior to today? I think rape is unforgivable but I also think that tweeting about how he and his daughter deserved to die before his body is even cold isn't holding someone accountable for their actions, it's just being spiteful and provocative to get attention.

No. 507539

Worshiping athletes is retarded period, especially when you don't even play the fucking sport

No. 507541

nta but the only time I had ever heard of him before today was in the context of "that basketball player that got way with rape" in articles about #metoo lul

No. 507543

I sure as fuck don't know any rapists I care about, so I can't say what I would do. If we're going with dumb hypotheticals, would you say it's disrespectful and not the right time if people were slamming Hitler right after his death? The public doesn't owe bad famous people any particular respect, even after death. As long as it's not posted where his family are likely to see it, idc.

No. 507544

Tbh I haven't seen anyone tweet that his daughter deserved the same fate

No. 507547