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File: 1580757426731.jpeg (184.07 KB, 502x767, 357DBDD3-CB28-4EBC-BC16-262BA0…)

No. 510176

Previous thread: >>481484
A thread to let out your annoyance about topics/things that completely or mildly bother you. Express your anger ladies!

No. 510197

Seeing my male friends drink the mogai kool aid is fucking surreal. Someone stop the world

No. 510238

Sorry if this isn't the thread, but what's specifically bad about "MOGAI"

Don't tell me they consider pedophiles "marginalized"

No. 510239

Stupid questions would be more appropriate I think

No. 510266

File: 1580776724750.jpg (58.74 KB, 802x943, 4_n.jpg)

I hate self-deprecating memes.
Ones like pic related clearly aren't intended to be aimed at 30 year old dad bod men who harp on women about the wall to poke fun at their hypocrisy for looking like shit.
It's so some woman in her 30s equates her overall appearance to that of some ruddy dude (when she doesn't even look that bad prolly), and then make her feel ashamed that she doesn't look as good as a celebrity who's had access to top chefs, trainers, plastic surgeons, assistants, and nannies which is about what it takes to look like that in your 50s and 60s.

It's so fucking delulu and can harm impressionable people. Really no different than young girls who don't realize IG famous people they follow shoop themselves thinner and curvier.

No. 510291

File: 1580783614329.png (767.18 KB, 1046x647, stop.PNG)

I wish autists would stop doing this shit.
Also how did a cookie game for toddlers even develop a fandom?

No. 510293

nah i think it's hilarious

No. 510294

File: 1580784513744.jpg (12.52 KB, 244x224, Den5aHNWkAEztr9.jpg)

She really thought that was an improvement huh

No. 510295

tbh its cuter only bc of the contrast but damn is it orange

No. 510337

is…is she implying the cookies must all be canonically dark skinned because they're the color of gingerbread?

No. 510343

whys the daddy kink so popular. was reading a fic and the char called their lover daddy and now im dry as the sahara
everytime someone calls someone their daddy i think of my literal father please god no

No. 510344

I just saw one of those journals/planners or whatever in another thread and it reminded me how much I hate those uber decorated and planned journals with colors all over and drawings. It's just done for showing off on social media, it's a waste of time otherwise. And those study notes with everything highlighted in ten thousand colors like you could have spent that time actually studying instead of srcibbling god damn it. I'm sorry it just makes me really angry for some reason.

No. 510356

Probably cus so many people never had a father so it doesn't gross them out and is their weird freudien compensation.

No. 510515

It's one thing to do this for images you want to use as icons, or even post it separately for aesthetic reasons, but to say it's "fixed" and literally @ the artist about it is so fucking rude.
Plus, they made the skintone way too orange. Only the chef looks normal in their edit.

No. 511727

I had a father present growing up but he was so emotionally distant that I spent my childhood craving his attention all while he was home every day… I guess that turns into a kink for some. Finally getting dads attention

No. 511765

File: 1580949297811.png (Spoiler Image, 12.8 KB, 663x231, 0n0.png)

This is some coomer shit, but I don't understand how people can jerk off to something so bad. My mood is ruined when I see a spelling mistake yet people can shovel this crap down? This is weird too, but you can't find a good female cheating story without some cuck shit shoved in it. You can also barely find anything with 'it was technically rape, but I enjoyed it' monologues. You also have to love their 'HOT 16 YEAR OLD GETS DOMMED all characters are 18 and above' things too.

No. 511778

I mean I had completely no father in my life at all, ever, no male figure and I still find it completely gross and disturbing. Quite honestly, because I never said the words “daddy” growing up it just feels wrong and weird to say in any context

No. 511784

what site is that? might i suggest ao3? its primarily a fanfic site (therefore 99% written by women/girls) there is an original works section but i havent checked it out

No. 511842

My favorite thing about amateur fanfic is when the writing gets progressively worse and more typo-ridden the deeper into the "smutty" scenes you go.
Sometimes I will literally just read fanfic to laugh at how bad it is but a lot of it is better than the stuff that's actually sold at bookstores so I feel sad about that.

No. 511866

>friend tells us all about her bf being an asshole
>we all agree he's a piece of shit
>she refuses to leave
>things just keep getting worse
This has happened with multiple friends of mine and talking's about all I can do not to grab them by the shoulders and demand they stop before they come out with a real horror story.
It's like they don't believe their partners can be truly awful until it actually happens. They're so fucking blind.
I hope I never fall in "love" if this is what it means

No. 511963

Some recent annoying things:
I’ve been getting text messages from a military recruiter that got my phone number from college. I’m surprised it’s even allowed.

Another thing is that my sister that browses Facebook way too much is going berserk over vaccination laws. She calls herself “pro-choice” and bothers people by telling them about aborted fetuses being used to make vaccines and stories about people becoming paralyzed because they were forced to be given vaccinations, like when going overseas. She even got my mom to go to some anti-vaccine propaganda movie screening to get her into this stuff. So every time we have a conversation it always turns into her ranting for 20 minutes about how rude and hypocritical people who support vaccines are.

No. 511968

File: 1581004451292.jpeg (6.18 KB, 204x247, images.jpeg)

Introversion is really just polite speak for 'too lazy to put in social and emotional labor into relationships.'

No. 511970

I feel like extroversion is lazy because it costs extroverts no energy to be a whore socially.

No. 511972

It costs them energy, it's just energy they're willing to expend. Unlike introverts.

No. 511973

Same and then she comes crying. First two times ok I support you, but now I just can't take it sorry.

No. 511974

I thought it meant that socializing is exhausting to you while extrovert gain energy by socializing.

No. 512004

Some of us don't seek validation all the time.

No. 512016

Every time i was with an overly extroverted person, i felt like i had to change myself and match their energy to not be perceived as standoffish but not once has an extrovert done the same for me.

No. 512029

exactly this.

they expend because they get something out of socializing, (like another anon says, they appear to be energized by it). most extroverted people don't have all too meaningful interactions with people, and have kind of shitty friendships because they are so indiscriminate with their interactions and generally seem to apologize for or tolerate questionable or shitty behavior. they seem to be glad to talk to or be around anyone so long as they're similarly extroverted or bubbly. they rarely develop close relationships and the "close relationships" they claim to have hardly are ever that close. they're just indiscriminate socializers and they obviously get something out of needlessly socializing. it's not draining for them. a lot of these people have a hard time being alone or don't enjoy it.

No. 512035

this. and people who call themselves introverted unironically are as fucking insufferable as the kind of retard who calls themselves an “empath.” it’s just shit people say to make themselves seem unique and interesting when in reality they’re actually so fucking boring and incapable of meaningfully interacting with anyone that it’s just pitiable more than anything. there’s a reason self described introverts tend to be obnoxiously self deprecating.

No. 512044

Projection: The Post

No. 512045

It can definitely cost energy, it just gives more than it takes depending on how extroverted you are.

I'm sorry but this is just a wild take. I lean more to the extrovert side and we can definitely have many meaningful interactions with people. It's also common to have close friendships, extroverts just tend to have more casual friendships on top of that compared to introverts.
I get that it can be tiring to be around extroverts but we're not these shallow vapid beings either. Some on the internet even seem to think being an introvert makes you special or deep and it just.. doesn't. It's just a social trait.

No. 512050

there's a difference between actually being "shallow and vapid", and tolerating "shallow and vapid" interactions or questionable behaviors/questionable people, because you enjoy interacting with people for the sake of interaction. i never said it makes them shallow and vapid. i know people who aren't shallow but still enjoy casual exchanges with people. they're less choosy because they get something out of interacting with people. and like i said, they often just prefer not being alone.

No. 512051

Extroversion is polite speak for "I'm afraid to be alone, I don't know who I am without constant validation of my existence through meaningless interactions".

No. 512053

Were you ghosted by an introvert or something?

No. 512060

I don't get how extroverts tolerate more questionable behavior/people as a whole just because they enjoy socializing. If an introverts just fucks off in a social setting does that mean they're taking a stand against bad behavior?

No. 512065

As someone who probably is an introvert this really isn't true. I put a lot of effort into my relationships with others. I prefer to socialise with a small group of people that I know and trust. I find attending large social gatherings to be both boring and exhausting because I have to deal with having facile, polite conversations with people that I don't know well.

No. 512073

because they enjoy the interaction and their presence, they often look past questionable behaviors, especially if they're the type that just wants company around. i know a lot of people like this. idk that introverts are "taking a stand" by not engaging with people, i guess they could? idk. i'm just saying, extroverts generally are willing to forgive or dismiss questionable behavior a lot more often, because they have fun with them, or because they're "exciting" to them, regardless. i'm not necessarily talking about these people committing offenses against the extrovert, rather them just being morally questionable or pretty obviously shitty in other respects, though i do kind of frequently see them forgive people for things very easily because they miss their company.

people who get an emotional or energy, or whatever, boost from other people's company tend to tolerate more shit because it benefits them in certain ways to do so. people who don't really benefit emotionally/mentally from interaction would find it easier to walk away. there's like, no loss for someone who is introverted because they already claim to be more "drained" by interaction, though there can be a loss for the extrovert, who is said to be energized by interaction. obviously i'm not saying they put up with being abused, that's not stimulating for like, anyone.

No. 512075

Most extroverts aren't desperate enough for attention to just tolerate anything though. Depending on the extrovert you can also more easily drop a questionable friendship because you have an easier time maintaining or finding others. I get what kind of people you mean but they're a minority and I wouldn't really say that behaviour is exclusive to extroverts. I see introverts who do this as well if they gain something from the relationship. It's just human behaviour which some engage in more than others. Extroverts have more interactions by proxy and will have both more positive and negative interactions in general.

No. 512112

imagine hating on people bc they don't want to talk to you lol

No. 512215

I honestly dont know why so many people dislike extroverts. What is actually wrong with getting a boost with meeting other people and interacting with them? I am ENTP by MTBI and even w/o that I have extroverted tendencies but I'm still a very introspective and "melancholic" temperament person and this doesn't ruin my ability to be beneath the surface at all.

No. 512220

most people are extroverts…

No. 512223

I wouldn't say I straight up dislike extroverts, but I do feel intimidated by them, lol. I think there's always that level of understanding between people similar to you. If I'm with an extrovert, I get really worried and start overthinking about if I'm too quiet for them, if they find me boring, if they're actually nice or just doing it to be liked etc. I also think extroverts usually don't understand introverts and immediately label us as freaks and outcasts, at least from my experience.

No. 512227

File: 1581032862221.gif (280.06 KB, 400x400, 42c.gif)

I think we know which introverts are good friends and which introverts got a nerve struck based on the replies itt.

No. 512233

this is the shittiest gif ever

No. 512236

File: 1581033615246.png (1.5 MB, 1511x917, cubicle.png)

I'm thankful for pinterest as reference material, but I think it's biggest weakness is all the images on there conform to an aesthetic. You can't find normal hair styles on pinterest you can only find instagram hair styles that were made for you to like not were daily. The same goes for foreign country images. You never see 'japan', but you do see a heavily photoshoped japan that makes you feel jealous of #travellife posters. You can never find something ugly, if you do it's some 'finding the beauty in ugliness' aesthetic, or raw on the site you just see ideal instagramable versions of an object there. The most extreme example is what happens when you look up 'cubicle'. I can't draw anything depressing without looking at another site because pinterest has put everything through the cute filter that somehow made cubicles cute.

No. 512237

how brave of y'all to shit on introverts

No. 512244

I'm grateful for pintrest. It's tumblr without the fuckshit.

No. 512245

Most people are in the middle.

No. 512336

I wish pinterest didn't have so many fucking ads and promoted pins.

No. 512350

get the promoted pin hider addon/extension

No. 512359

I think you're putting extrovert personality black and white. Someone can be extroverted per the definition but still get social anxiety or appear as weird and outcast. I wish my extroversion stopped me from being social anxious sometimes, being seen as weird and different in a bad way. I say a lot of people my age in my area are introverted tbh

No. 512360

Just because theyll talk to you without passing out doesn't mean they are extroverts, anon. Introversion at least the kind before everybody online who tend to use it to mean social anxiety and misanthropy always existed and is common in many cultures.

I would say American culture appears superficially extrovert but is actually introvert internally for example

No. 512613

>chatting with someone who says they're into asian films
>turns out they're just a korean cinema fanatic and only watch k-movies
Everytime. Typical

No. 512748

File: 1581123215423.png (26.17 KB, 980x133, wacom.png)

You don't know the pain of coming home from a hard day of work and wanting to de stress, buy making some doodles on your wacom tablet only for it to be so fucking ice cold your hand literally cramps from sliding across it because it feels like a fucking ice ring.
Also this.

No. 512780

I hate shaving. I always get red bumps on my legs or stubble that grows back in 6 hours. Waxing is fucking expensive and time consuming. I'm so glad it's winter so I can wear thick tights/sweaters every day and not have to worry about my unsightly leg hair offending someone.

No. 513120

I've been listening to these TTS renditions of interesting Reddit threads (yeah I know) while doing chores because it's just white noise to play in the background. Some of the stories are obviously made up (though entertaining) but the ones that have an extra serving of horse shit loaded into them are the self-masturbatory tranny power fantasy sob stories. They always follow a certain formula. They're told from the point of view of the non-trans friend who's usually trans- and homophobic to a degree, the person of interest comes out as trans, the narrator is conflicted but realizes the folly of their ways, accepts them with open arms, it's just them against the world and the story ends with the trans person killing themselves in some overly dramatic manner. You can literally spot how the story will go from the first two sentences because it's the same every time. And people lap it up as a true, harrowing story of how twansphobia kills.

No. 513173

>you're an android user therefore your opinion is invalid

fucking iShills.

No. 513178

Whats the best pet for a apartment?

No. 513180

This doesn’t seem like a huge deal imo. Everything shares its data with Google analytics.

No. 513185

No. 513208

senior animals because they sleep 16 hrs a day

No. 513220

File: 1581277278760.jpeg (5.34 KB, 226x223, 723985782.jpeg)

>out with certain group of friends
>talking about their happenings, stories, and problems
>actively listen, ask questions, make eye contact, show interest bc they're my friends, set my phone facedown so I'm not tempted to look on it
>I try to talk about something
>put their heads into their phones, talk over me, switch subject, barely make eye contact, obv they're not even listening at times

They might as well have said "We're not interested and we don't give a fuck about you, let's get back to talking about us."
And I don't invite myself to these things btw, they're the ones who ask me to go out with them. I was so tempted to walk out, but then I'd probably get a bitch or sensitive label. Chances are if they're inconsiderate enough to do shit like that in the first place, they also lack the self-awareness to even know that they're doing it. How can people be so comfortable with being so rude?

No. 513294

Take control of the social situation and call them out.
People that are so socially inept like that need stronger figures to guide them to socially aware behaviors.

No. 513459

What do you talk about? Not to be rude but we had a friend in our group who was constantly talking about the same topics over and over again and it got pretty tiring because even when he noticed he was doing it, he wouldn’t stop…
We didn’t know how to tell him he was boring because we didn’t want him to feel bad…but we were all very bored around him…
I know it’s easier for you to think we were terrible friends but tbh sometimes the people @ you are not the only problem…

No. 513498

No it has nothing to do with talking about the same thing over and over again.
And btw when that happens you should say something, you can't expect people to change if they don't even understand the issue. But either way, if you invited him you kinda deserved it.

No. 513555

>And btw when that happens you should say something, you can't expect people to change if they don't even understand the issue.
But we did, so many times actually…that’s why I was telling you he noticed, he even admitted it himself and apologised but nothing ever changed…
We weren’t acting cold towards him but after you tell someone how you think his problem is ______ and a possible solution is ________ but nothing changes, I refuse to believe it’s not something he does on purpose…
Also we invited him because he doesn’t have any friends (just us) and as he always reminds us… he’s very lonely and sad and depressed so we try to make himself feel good for once…never works though….

No. 514010

File: 1581454286254.png (58.95 KB, 1143x240, 2008.PNG)

I like communities that tell you have to save money and stuff, but a bunch of them are kind of dicks. The most annoying commenters is someone who refuses to walk in another shoes. I've seen people blame someone getting into dept over a wedding, pay day loans, and even losing their house after the 2008 crash as completly their fault. All these involved a few missteps of the victim, but if you put yourself in their shoes all those situations involve extreme pressure that clouds the ability to think clearly and company's that most likely lied to them. They also refuse to entertain the thought that these people aren't bad with money because they're bad people, but because they come from uneducated backgrounds. They like to cherry pick 'rich person miss spends so they're poor' to the point they believe all poor people are poor not because of some systemic issue, but because they're bad with money.

No. 514017

Why does America hate poor people so much? YouTuber commenters are all middle and high schoolers who don't know how anything works most of the time. Actual muh hardworking Americans don't have time to sit around watching YouTube videos about people who went in debt.

The issue lies within the job market - American employers, especially in South or rural areas, like to play games. Average rent in a suburban area is 1000, these places don't adjust the wages to the price of living, which is why everyone is struggling. Getting a job that provided decent hours, decent pay, decent benefits and wiggle room is literally impossible and the only thing a lot of young Americans can only dream of. MLMs, scam independent contractors who want you to spend more money than you actually make, overpriced skill classes, hell even dishwashers are requiring certificates nowadays. "You're hired" and "you're fired" have left most employers dictionary, if you don't have connections you're fucked, hypercriticalness of employers is through the roof, you could pronounce a word wrong or be slightly awkward and you'll never find a job, wanting a million and one survey questions for a minimum wage cashier job

Colleges have been upcharged insanely for no reason, any decent job requires college, "but muh start a business" YouTube commenters, "but muh I totally have all this money saved up! Go to trade and be a plumber" YouTube commenters, "go to a different city and move to look for jobs!" YouTube commenters. They always claim extreme things too. I've seen a guy claim that clothes and food in America costs 50 cents and you should run around town doing random things for people and expect pay in order to get it to a caregiver who was struggling for work. Military commenters, "don't buy anything except gas" commenters, etc etc

No. 514022

I don't even drive and even I know that a $2k old beat up car will end up costing a fortune in repairs down the line, whereas investing in a newer car will spare you repair costs.

No. 514027

>Why does America hate poor people so much?
1. They are weak
2. It is immoral, and also a result of immorality

No. 514050

Most poor people are simply poor because they are born into poor or middle class families and the price of living matched with wages + hours jobs are willing to give is no fit.

No. 514061

There is a spectrum between a 2k lemon and a brand new 30k car, you know. A 5-10k second hand Toyota is gonna do almost everyone just fine, and paying in cash is always >>> getting a loan.

No. 514063

I have a friend like you, he is one of the nicest people I know! You sound like a great friend. I try to do that stuff, but the hardest part is making eye contact. I am sorry those friends take you for granted.

No. 514112

File: 1581474486077.png (16 KB, 300x309, tytryt.png)

>parents have friends, Rich and Ava
>Rick is alright, 7/10 guitar player, quiet , repairs old cars
>Ava, his wife is the epitome of boomer
>"Rap music is all sex and violence"
>"Metal music is all Satanic"
>"Young people have no respect!"
>genuinely believes football guy should have been jailed for kneeling during the anthem
>genuinely believes criticism of the government should be illegal because people died for those rights
>thinks anyone disagreeing with her is disrespectful
>can barely walk a mile
>has a TGI's friday card
>She wants to fight me because I've started saying "Ok Boomer" instead of pointing out the flaws in her reasoning.
I think I'll end up putting her in the hospital.

No. 514113

nah america is just the scapegoat for everything, other countries can't admit they have problems

No. 514115

>genuinely believes criticism of the government should be illegal because people died for those rights

I'm confused, what rights? Didn't people die so we could criticise the goverment? That's counterintuitive

No. 514126

idk anon, half the shit she says doesn't make any sense and whatever I say is automatically wrong in her opinion

No. 514189

Just found out this is number 1 in the US rn. I'm beyond tired of slow tempo and sleepy sounding music. I wish the current music was more high energy and fast tempo cuz this shit is boring. It just sounds and emits laziness and slow walking.

I guess its like the 60s when everything was slow tempo but then again.. not everything was and the thematic presentation (and genres) of the music ironically had more diversity.

I wish my generation would snort cocaine or get addicted on stims like the 80s adults or some shit

No. 514229

Cocaine/stim use is at a new high in many european countries but it doesn't seem to influence the charts very much lol.

No. 514237

I hate that some people aren't taking the corona virus seriously enough. It's still something to be wary of, and I have no doubt that China is lying about the death toll.

No. 514243

The guy that pulled the 'oh no I have coronavirus' prank on a packed flight is an ass

No. 514325

I don't understand what their problem is with people wanting to be prepared? There's nothing wrong about wanting to have a few backup supplies, and staying informed with current affairs.
What's even the agenda? If we're wrong, we just get to laugh about it later and keep the supplies for a different rainy day. If they're wrong, we could get sick or die.

No. 514382


I kind of prefer people being blasé and calm than sperging, acting like the world is ending, trying to run over little kids and shit like it is the Apocalypse and Jesus is coming back.

There are still idiots out there attacking people because they’re Asian or work for the gov, like the retards that attacked the air force agents at the quarantine bases for whatever reason.

The world is shitty enough as it is, and there are a lot of people walking around whose latent primitive urges need one catastrophe to be set off, and that scares me just as much as whatever is going on.

No. 514468

File: 1581597340417.jpg (24.39 KB, 540x300, 2379324223.jpg)

>tfw birthday today
>mother asks me twice when my birthday is despite giving birth to me
>no one seems to care
>no friends irl
>never celebrated a single birthday of mine because family is heavily religious and sees it as some sort of sin (despite celebrating the ones of my siblings like their lives depend on it)
>never gotten a gift
>goes out and buys myself a cupcake as a little treat
>mother sees it and gets angry at me for "putting everyone and my health to risk" which makes no fucking sense
>later she threatens to bust my head open with a weight scale because she got angry over something so tiny and stupid
>even raises that scale above her head and stands in front of me like a psychopath like that
>"i am not scared to slam this on your head, make you bleed and then go to jail over this"
>tells her to do it idc anymore at this point
>proceeds to call me every insult out there because nothing really happened, she just did some overthinking again and made herself mad for no reason and me, being her personal punching bag, has to endure it all
>starts listing every bad thing about me
>"useless, disappointment, sits in front of her laptop all day and doesn't do anything,.." etc etc
>which is bullshit because i am the one who cleans and cooks in this household while she sits in front of her phone and plays fucking candy crush or chats with my relatives on facebook
>tries not to care
>wants to be alone
>wants to go to room but i share it with my big sister and she's there and will most likely bother me
>ends up locking myself in the bathroom
>that also doesn't work because as soon as i do that she starts banging on the door for me to open
>fails and starts hysterically crying in front of her
>she still doesn't care and says those are just crocodile tears

I swear to god once I have enough money I'll move the fuck away from this family and change my real name so that they never end up finding me ever fucking again. If I even have to move to another country to escape them, then so be it. I seriously cannot take it anymore, I am at my limit. I've been dealing with this for so many years now, ever since I was a little kid. I thought she could've been a little nicer today, because it is my birthday but of course not, because she's a narcissistic mentally ill fuck who is always "right" and "flawless". And when it was my brother's birthday she was so nice and sweet to him, buying him cake and all that shit, but I only get verbal and physical abuse. Wow. I'm so used to this at this point and I don't really let it faze me anymore, but seeing her still act like that despite today being a special day to me just made me go back to being a huge crybaby again.

No. 514473

Happy birthday, Anon!

No. 514474

Thank you I think I love you.

No. 514478

File: 1581602325632.jpg (69.78 KB, 720x714, FB_IMG_1581286787326.jpg)


Hey anon, we share birthdays!

I am sorry yours is so sucky. I hope you feel better soon.

Happy birthday to us!

No. 514479

Happy Birthday anon. Sorry your family situation is rough but like you said, it'll make the day you finally escape them all the more satisfying. I would know.

No. 514482

File: 1581603764019.jpeg (77.51 KB, 462x538, 9275CED7-9788-422B-9AA9-485369…)

Happy birthday anon! And happy birthday to you anon! I'm sorry to hear about your situation first anon, try to treat yourself in any way you can today without your mum noticing.

No. 514486

Thank you guys so incredibly much, I'm feeling so much better now and cannot help grinning from ear to ear all thanks to you.
And happy birthday to you too, birthday twin anon! I hope you have an absolutely lovely one, you deserve it.

No. 514487

Happy birthday anon, some day you'll have the comfiest and safest birthday and can eat all the damn cupcakes you fucking want. Sorry your family doesn't see how batshit they are, you deserve and will get better out of life, we're here rooting for you!

No. 514560

I hate how my local mall and the comics and games market that we have here is just FLOODED with walls upon walls of ugly Funko Pops. It bugs me how Americans’ standards for appealing merchandise are so goddamn low that they waste countless dollars on these stupid figurines. It’s so unlike Japan where you can find an enormous variety of toys that are actually appealing and creative.

No. 514564

anons who accuse everyone of being a newfag and get all obnoxious about it are most of the time more annoying than the newfag themselves

No. 514577

You ever just debate someone and realize how sheltered they are? Like some people believe anti-discrimination laws shouldn't exist and the free market will just shut down. Like I've seen people say if all anti-discrimination laws were removed a 'whites only' store wouldn't exist because 'no one that racist exist anymore!'. Like. How can they be that dumb. Some back water southern state would swoop in the second anti discrimination laws got lifted to make their white boy only school.
>Business should be able to discriminate!

No. 514640

I walked into a nerdy store in Seattle a few months ago and the literal walls were top to bottom stacked with Funkos. 3 walls full. And this was a decent sized shop.

No. 514693

File: 1581645883583.jpg (122.61 KB, 1024x1024, flexitarian.jpg)

This isn't a stepping stone either flexitarians ask for the same praise vegans get and are shocked when vegans make fun of them. I'm ok with it because it's better than nothing, but the movement is msotly people patting themselves on the back fro doing nothing

No. 514695

I'm cool with it when the person in question really is putting in an effort and making a big change. I don't want to congratulate anyone for making bullshit little changes (that they usually exaggerate for praise or to feel like they're above criticism in discussions of climate change and ethics) but I've seen a lot of people recently get on board with the whole reducitarian type concept in a genuine way. I think it'll actually play a huge role in what the future of a sustainable global food system looks like in which everyone can realistically get on board, basically mostly plant based and replacing a lot of meat with lab grown eventually as well.

No. 514698

Why do most people suck at making conversation? And this is coming from an 'introvert'. I'm tired of putting all the effort into talking when the other person is socially inept.

No. 514709

for me it really depends on the type of conversation, I'm terrible at most conversations (especially small talk) as I'm literally retarded but if we're talking about something deep or something I'm knowledgeable about I'm really good at making conversation

No. 514710

They're just not that interested in talking to you. I've never met an socially anxious introvert who couldn't go on and on when they're actually invested in a conversation.

No. 514771

Fucking hell if your group of 5+ people wanna take ten minutes taking a selfie at least have the common sense to not do it standing in the middle of the fucking street with people walking into you. Why do people lose all common sense when they're on their phones

No. 514778

File: 1581684650194.jpeg (54.36 KB, 500x750, 5D65CAC8-65DB-42E4-A204-D953BA…)

I cannot stand it when people say they love butch women and want a butch girlfriend but it turns out they're talking about normal looking, feminine women with just a pixie cut (pic related) and that's it.

No. 514786

A guy (staff) in my local supermarket was giving out single long stem roses to female customers today. Got handed one and while carry it on my way home some old creep interrogates me about 'my bf'. I'm super gay looking and amused by this.

"oh you're blushing" he says. Yes old man keep inserting yourself into my space while I try to walk away from you as quickly as possible. Any excuse to pester a woman half your age

No. 514834

Pisses me off too. I love butch women, like actually butch. They make me weak at the knees, but yeah people who think a woman with short hair = butch are so wrong.

No. 514855

File: 1581705440195.png (348.79 KB, 589x515, Screenshot 2020-02-14 at 10.07…)

Wild that people in the comments are using this to call Mariah a dinosaur and say she looks old. Meanwhile, she's pushing 50 and has barely even aged aside from gaining weight. Is this really how high the standards are for women? Jesus Christ.
If I had no idea who Mariah was and saw recent photos of her I would assume this woman is in her late 20s or something.

No. 514857

There's a dinosaur in the sea

No. 514860

I know, dummy. People were calling her the dinosaur and making jokes about how she looks old.

No. 514880

How was anon supposed to know that, from your post it really seemed like you just missed a joke. Anyone who called her anything clearly did too so don't concern yourself with it

No. 514890

the vent threads might as well be called the boyfriend complaint threads

No. 514892

I specifically referred to the comments. The OP post is there for context. Also not sure why I shouldn't "concern" myself with this when posting about annoying stuff is what this thread is about.

No. 514955

women aren't allowed to exist over the age of 40, don't you know?

Ia, mariah looks great, always has.

No. 514959

My friend wont stop being late by at least 30 minutes everytime we plan on meeting outside, it's pissing me off. I could have had breakfast and done my skincare routine and still arrived before her today. Instead I've been standing here for 45min and I'm hungry

No. 515001

i'm not a mariah carey fan but having watched her interviews, she's actually surprisingly down to earth considering she's an actual diva. anyways, she looks great and people are dicks. i swear to god it's like people just neg women who are objectively attractive and look young once they find out their age. a woman can look 28 at 55 and everyone have no clue but the minute they find out theyre older they act like they're a leper. it's really messed up.

No. 515031

I fucking hate how many bootlickers are on meta.

No. 515037

I’m sick of stupid bitches on here falling for gaslighting incel memes like “you need ivf to have any hope of conceiving past 30” as if we want to see that horseshit propaganda here? If you hate women then you don’t belong here. Fuck off to Reddit. That is if you’re not larping scrotes, in which case you should rope because no one will ever love you.

No. 515039

Dunno if I should spend around 200 dollars on new clothing from dolls kill. I thrifted for the entirety of 2019 and it's cute stuff but I don't wanna be wasteful or retarded.

No. 515044

Don't buy from dolls kill. Your better off buying stuff from the brands original websites. Also some stuff on dollskill are blatantly marked up aliexpress stuff. If you need to return anything, they don't give you a proper refund, just stire credit, which is bullshit considering how awful their size charts ares.

No. 515061

its kind of annoying how some young anons or twitterfags have looked at hansen being more than just a journalist. anyone with a mind would want a groomer locked away but its not like chris has ever billed himself as something other than just asking questions and giving a point of view.

its been wild to see how a few months ago how people were suckin hansens asshole then a few months later people are pissed. like he is a part of big media. were you expecting different?

No. 515192

it's not the same thing exactly but it irritates me when people cite Keemstar in similar ways, as if he cares about anything other than views and hiding his inverted chin
>tag Keem he should do a video!!

No. 515220

All the people at my job who failed the 'diversity training' failed for a very real reason, but yet I have to listen to them bitch about the 'pc police' 24/7. You fucking put 'sexism no longer exist' on the test Kyle of course they'd think you ignore the pov of women

No. 515230

i just got pulled over for having my fucking license plate light out of all things. I'm so fucking irritated lmao. cop gave me only a warning but im still. so. pisssseeed

No. 515249


Even anti Os with the most cope will you that this is totally for normies not farmers.
>spread awareness uwu
Most of them pretend that Sarah is doing something ~behind~ the scenes, or they don't care because they think the milk was worth it.

100% Ayalla, Billie and her friends were behind this shitshow. They tried planning it a year ago kek

No. 515255

I'm staying with my friend and her mom becaus reasons and her 15 year old brother ate half the fucking tub of ice cream my boyfriend bought me as one of my gifts for Valentine's day. We specifically told him not to eat it and he split it with his fucking friends anyway just because his birthday was yesterday. I want to snap his fucking neck in half, I've never hated a child so fucking much in my life. I'm not blood related to him so he needs to learn to fuck off. Cant wait for his mom to beat his ass for being a fucking cunt

No. 515326

I hate going home for the weekend bc I never do jack shit and just rot online. And if my sister visits too she always sleeps in my bed and I have to scrounge whatever other blankets we have.

No. 515351

I hate it when my friend constantly mentions how she was a size 0 until puberty and now she is a size 10. And how she just eats biscuits and crisps and shit all day, doesn't go to the gym and still looks like that. She says how she knows that one day her metabolism will catch up with her.
It's really annoying when you are trying to lose weight, going to the gym and eating less with no snacking and I'm still fat. Especially when she then say "you have so much more self control than me." It's like she is just trying to rub it in

No. 515405

She sounds like a cunt, no offense.

No. 515425

She also points out my acne but going "Your nose looks sore." Bitch I know. And she'll complain about 2 spots on her face that I can never actually see so I don't know what she is on about. And then give me the whole "I guess I got lucky with my genetics"

No. 515429

File: 1581888224570.jpg (396.85 KB, 1079x727, 1581887754775.jpg)

When people gotta make sure their boobs are the center of EVERYTHING. I think Moo's Pink costume is pretty except for the fact that it plunges down her chest because she can't ever fucking help herself. Does she think it's attractive? I know it's for pander purposes, but shit Moo it's not like nobody would forget you've got big fat boobs underneath a beautiful costume that actually covers you! What a wasted potential.

No. 515436

Related to Momokun but I'm still salty over how people are trying to "cancel" her because of the "sexual assault" charges which was basically her autistic ass being inappropriate (groping someone at a room party as a "joke") and not really trying to purposefully use sexual violence. She's done a heap of awful things over the years such as stalking people, stealing designs, pocketing charity money, bullying someone out of the community forever, scamming her patrons, not crediting commissioned costumes, lying about her schoolwork and pretty much everything in her life etc. But never got shit for it, it was that retarded sexual assault claim that did her over and the whole scandal was conducted by envious fellow costhots who wanted to get her off the playing field. I don't know, I'm just having an autistic fit over this because I hate how she got to damage so many people and nobody really cared.

While we're on this topic I hate how male costhots (like Leon Chiro, the guy Moo latched on just now at Katsucon) can be the biggest assholes and sluts imaginable but never have to deal with backlash.

No. 515449

Normies have bad memes. What the fuck was even funny about "VSCO girls"?

No. 515454

samefag, after that happened when I went out to walk my dog about 30 mins later I got harassed and catcalled by two middle aged men. fuck this fucking neighborhood

No. 515456

I agree that it got blown out of proportion but what she also did was yank up a girl's shirt in a crowded public area. It sounds like the groping and such was her acting like a highschool mean girl to try and intimidate her fake friends.

IDK she's a cunt but men don't care. It's not like they're jerking off to her personality.

No. 515457

They're probably jealous women can go around (or girls idk) not caked in makeup and so insecure about their bodies that they don't dress like a hooker. Especially rich women who don't use their money to attract guys? (And this isn't even hate towards the hooker-core fashionistas because they probably don't care.)
I'm technically not a VSCO because I don't use photo apps but I've always dressed in that fashion every summer.

No. 515462

Why are so many intersectionality fags re writing it's history? It was a term originally meant to describe the issues affecting black women, but if you ask any twitter fag now it's 'intersectionality was made to describe the cross over of sex, race, age, gender, disability, and orientation'. Thats what is describes now, but it's not want it was invented for.
Don't know why it bothers me so much. I guess it's because it's often used by people who like to act like their neck deep in wokeness, but they can't do the bare bones of just reading the wikipedia page or the study the term was based off of.

No. 515463

Girls will get mocked for doing absolutely anything at all. If they follow some specific trend they get made fun of for it; if they follow lowkey, normal ones they're basic; if they do their own thing they "probably think they're SO quirky and not like other girls." There was never anything funny about 14 year old girls wearing scrunchies and bringing thermoses to school.

No. 515516

what are you babbling about, look at any of those 'memes', it's middle schoolers making fun of themselves/playing on a stereotype. in an innocuous and mild way. are you seriously trying to make teen girls shitposting about their own hairties into a sexism thing, get some fresh air and talk to people.

No. 515701

I guess I should be grateful, but this dumb rule my state has is annoying. My kid can take free college class in high school, covered by state, with extra expenses (books, lab, etc) free, covered by schooling body. The schooling body pays off all extra expenses except during summer because during summer my kid is no longer a ''student'' under the schooling body. I'm not that mad because I can cover the costs, but that has to be the dumbest 'well technically…' rule I've seen.

What makes it annoying is that they have a more obvious example of abusing the rules thats a ok. The courses are only free if you're a high school student, but if you sign up for summer college classes as a senior before you graduate the state still lets you take the classes for free. I'm ok with that, but I' just so confused who thought you're no longer a student during summer was a good idea

No. 515748

People completely obsessed with geopol are annoying.

No. 515890

File: 1582056414973.jpg (121.82 KB, 899x1124, 79788483_564763331044096_69642…)

When I see a humblebrag complaining thread about shit like pic related. Very common with the topics of being pale and just looking sooo young people ask me what grade I'm in a lot I really hate it guys any tips on drawing fake crows feet so I get taken more seriously at work??

No. 515921

Not all people are ugly gurl

No. 515922


No. 515925

File: 1582063838287.webm (806.54 KB, 640x800, long.webm)

You just need loooooooong legs

No. 515994

I ironically love these sorts of fetish videos, there's something uncanny and hilarious about them.

No. 516152

Yeah, this post is a good example of annoying.

Introverts are more easily stimulated and lose energy quicker. There's a difference between being anti-social and introverted. Some intoverts put in the effort but need time to pull away and recharge. It's not the same as avoiding people altogether.

Excellent bait anon.

No. 516252

File: 1582157781979.jpg (11.82 KB, 539x303, B2Th98xIQAAITIz.jpg)

I just found this video on Twitter about a man angrily ranting about this one artist who paid a prostitute to give his son oral sex for his 13th birthday because the son is apparently gay and the replies are so incredibly annoying. This one woman in the replies was trying to excuse the fathers actions with god and saying shit like "God makes no mistakes and the father was trying to save his child from becoming gay by doing that." Like bruh so by paying your child to get sexually assaulted and traumatized forever = saving him from something he has no control over? And then there were also people comparing homophobia to race killings for no fucking reason? Trying to act like they have every right to be a bunch of homophobic fucks because "we are the ones who get killed over our skin color they just push labels and made up sexualities on everyone". How do these people even exist? I usually don't care at all over anyone because the internet is filled with all kinds of stupid people but I'm actually so shocked that people still think like this and have no problem with it. Trying to excuse a child getting molested all thanks to his bigoted father is just so so incredibly upsetting.

>tfw twitter is just the worst social media platform ever

No. 516254

Yeah, no lie but tall women do excude more natural age and authority. My tall friend could go anywhere to buy cigarettes or alcohol since she was 15 years old lol. I'm tall as well and feel like I get more respect from men but it's hard to say honestly since I live in a country where women are about as equal to men as we can be, I guess.

No. 516348

Why does every place my boyfriend have to be have porn in it??? I can’t be shown a cute dog on the front page of reddit without seeing a blurred nsfw post that’s some girls nudes. In a server he’s in for a local gaming scene they had a hentai and nsfw-3D chat. I know that’s typical of gross online men to have nsfw channels but Jesus why do men share porn with someone they meet face to face? Aren’t you ashamed???? And now I feel like a controlling girlfriend for getting upset as now he’s told me he left that server.

But it’s like. Why can’t men not be cumbrains everywhere they are. It’s so gross.

No. 516353

Low iq. Low impulse control.low cow.

No. 516401

you guys have shit on me and called me controlling but this is why you can only date men that don't really care about socializing and having male friends. society is not set up for men to have friends. they just end up encouraging degeneracy, and all because you wanted to be avoid being "overbearing", you end up out finding out your once normal bf is now fucking inflatable pool toys behind your back and jerking off to drawings of anthropomorphized big titted airplanes because his discord acquaintances or irl friends wouldn't stop spamming his otherwise innocent civilization ii discord server with this shit. it is basically unavoidable and they need to be isolated in order to ensure that they will stay even semi tolerable

No. 516407

anon if your bf develops a fucking big titty airplane fetish because his discord friends spammed a bunch of pics, he's incredibly impressionable and his problem is not male friendship. you need to meet men who arent fully saturated in board culture or something.

No. 516408

Necessarysped? You're back!

No. 516409

that hasn't happened to me but you're out of touch if you think almost all men aren't easily memed. men don't have the mental fortitude to withstand the cumbrained antics of the people that surround them, nor do they have any shame, so

she doesn't even remotely type like this.

No. 516415

Kind of does tho. I got confused because I remember her saying something similar about her husband not having friends or being immersed in internet culture.

No. 516417

yeah, she did say that. he also doesn't like fruits or something and for some reason she likes that about him. but she has a certain way of typing and speaking that you can smell from like a lightyear away

No. 516419

Every little thing my family does pisses me off and I hate even saying it because I sound like an amgtsy teen but I'm 22. I just hate living with other people. My dream is to live alone. I'll be able to walk around naked and live in peace.

No. 516473

I went to bed last night thinking I got a 0 on an assignment because it didn’t upload. The internet at home is super shitty and it took over ten minutes to upload a 10mb file. My phone was also dead but it said this morning the file went through so at least I’m getting some points for it instead of none.

No. 516508

My dad wears these stupid fucking slippers around the house that make a loud scratching/scraping sound and it's so goddamn irritating. To make it worse he loves to pace back and forth a lot.

No. 516590

I know this is 100% not a scam because everyone I knew had to do this, but my community college wants me to send my social security number and info on google survey to sign up. It's for tax reason, but they couldn't make an insite survey? I know google forms is going to keep my data and once google has a data leak I'm fucked. I can at least skip it

No. 516603

People who support their politicians unconditionally 100%. They’re mostly balding Chads who’ve cheat/sexually assaulted women. They think they’re always right and shoot down every single counter argument you have. It’s like they’re on a meth high and whenever their politician loses or are out office, the sober is a hilarious site to see.

They’re Trump or Bernie supporters. I fucking loathe both of them.

No. 516604

All the sober are left with are their mistakes.

No. 516641

I have a new coworker that smells like cat piss and tries to cover it with cologne. On top of that he thinks he knows more than all of us because he's the only man in the office. It's a medical job and I've been in the field for almost a decade and I'm good at what I do. Just because im a bit younger than him and a woman he feels like he can interrupt me and talk over me. He even does it to the boss who's been doing this kinda work since before we were born. ALSO, he asks me really weird personal questions and tries to flirt with me even though he knows I'm married. I just wish he would get fucking fired.

No. 516655

I'm on my treadmill jogging and every 5 minutes I lift my sleeping gown up to check if I have abs yet and I don't ree

No. 516667

I'm on an 11 hr roadtrip with my bf, his mom and grandma. I want to fucking off myself. His grandma is driving me up the fucking wall. Shes so demanding and bitchy, constantly whining about everything anand everyone. Sorry I handed you the wrong water bottle you fucking witch, guess you were right all along, I should never have been born a dumb harlot!!!!1 gee golly you're right how RUDE of me to sleep on a full day road trip and snore???

K m fucking s

No. 516914

>when you go through the trouble of helping some one by giving them as much info as possible but just get ignored by the person asking
>not even getting a “thank you”
I’m not ever going to bother again.

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