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No. 490893

Sekrit plans for world domination, sekrit klubz, government coverups and experiments, mods anti-Braco agenda, etc., etc..

Pizzagate talk is welcome!


No. 490895

i hate seeing this guy’s stupid fucking face

No. 490896

you sound like you need his healing gaze

No. 490898

forced meme

No. 490914

Alternative medicine talk is allowed right? Ok, can anyone review the bates method? Did it work for you and how long did it take for you to see results? (I wanna know mainly these two)
And is it true that the Bate doctor thingy got banned because of angry optimetrists?

No. 490998

oooh curious about this as well.

No. 491033

>Alternative medicine talk is allowed right? Ok, can anyone review the bates method? Did it work for you and how long did it take for you to see results? (I wanna know mainly these two)

I looked into it when I was teenager. No, it doesn't work at all, his entire idea is based on thinking that muscles that are moving eyes around exist to squish eye and focus vision. Apparently people belived it works this way before they dissected enough eyes to discover that small muscles inside eye are stretching and squishing eye lens instead.

>And is it true that the Bate doctor thingy got banned because of angry optimetrists?

You'll can damage your sight or even go blind from following all the steps of his method but it's not banned to publish books about it or teach it. (I'll explain why later).

He or this stuff never was banned, he discovered some things that are used in medicine to this day (not related to eyes at all). Mind that he lived in times when people though depressed women should be lobotomised, medicine was shitty. I'm not sure if he was charlatan and had no remorse to blind people, or doctors weren't sure how eyes works back then.

Doctors aren't against alternative medicine, "sceptics" are doing it to appese patients who don't believe in alternative medicine. Only small number of doctors is activelly trying to ban harmfull practices. Most doctors secretly support and won't try to ban it because:
1. they're peddling it secretly, it often cost much more than mainstream medicine and in countries with free healthcare they can't really peddle unnecesary normal medicine to make loads of money.
2. people are destroying their health with those menthods and they'll spend more money on doctors later, or rather doctor are payd more from patients' insurance. (Bates method can destroy eyes so much that patient who needed eyedrops will need eye surgery)
3. it kills patients that aren't profitable, like cancer patients.

No. 491051

Why do you think the bates method is harmful for your eyes? Which of the steps that I missed are harmful?

No. 491142

he legit recommends sun gazing?

No. 491168

And what else aside from that? Doesn't he recommend sun gazing with your eyes closed?

No. 491171

nah fam, wide open. then later he changed it to "only expose the eye white". the whole sun gazing has apparently even been recommended in books shilling this printed in our century. truly incredible stuff, same as antivaxx.

No. 491327

File: 1575604597420.jpeg (24.33 KB, 229x314, F349363E-FEAB-4BF2-AD47-D68604…)

He’s everywhere, even in metal!

No. 491987

This might belong in GC but my tinfoil is that adult pedophile AGP TIMs are grooming young boys to become trans, to hate and resent their concerned parents and then convincing them to run away at an age where they cannot work to support themselves.
These boys are groomed into satisfying the pedo's fetishes and to being the kind of trans girl they never could (because of puberty and age). There are pedos out there collecting boys like this, offering a place to stay, with the expectation of sex.

I only know about this because a teen mtf told me his story and I asked around and realized it was not an isolated incident. And besides these cases, there are plenty of old men encouraging much younger men and boys to transition into hypersexual imitations of girls and young women. That behavior is easily found in the trans social media.

No. 492016

I dunno about the trans bent to this, but there's definitely predatory gay men that like pushing incel shit on nerds for roughly the same reasons. "Women are shit, and they'll never care about you so try sucking my dick instead."

No. 492099

File: 1575813450404.jpg (114.06 KB, 688x648, 2eed9c06e059b9310e6682d20a3cad…)


In the last thread there was discussion about the conspiracy that Lady Gaga killed/sacrificed her rival Lina Morgana and stole her whole identity/style.

I found a reddit thread with interesting claim that the conspiracy about Lina Morgana is a hoax made by Gaga's team to cover up that Gaga stole her style from singer named Ysan Roche.

Some people think that the person named Lina Morgana did not exist at all and the whole story is made up.



No. 492105

But what I don't get is if the whole thing was staged (which I personally doubt) why the hell would they choose a story about her murdering an innocent girl? That's what I don't understand, why they would think it's a good idea to paint Gaga as a murderer, and even in this story she ends up stealing and copying Lina'a style anyway. It just don't make sense. In fact I'd say that the theory Lina didn't actually exist was made by her team to stop the rumours lol. Either way, Gaga stole shit from so many people, her style, outfits etc are rarely original.

No. 492112

Dunno. Maybe it’s for edgy points? It’s more interesting story that she’s some kind of illuminati witch who steals souls than that she’s basic bitch with private school education and she just steals other artists ideas.

No. 492117

Because it's so ridiculous what sensible person would take it seriously? Some of theories verge on being batshit like the one that Gaga has Lina's soul locked away.

No. 492165

What’s with the SoundCloud rappers dropping like flies? Did Satan came to collect his dues this early?


No. 492193

File: 1575836111743.jpg (37.12 KB, 620x474, z11398159Q,Korespondencja-cz-1…)

She hasn't stole this specific singer's style, her team was plagiarising her outfits and sets designs left and right. They were outright copying and scamming small artists from shitty european countries (and probably asia), hoping they won't sue, to keep this illusion that lady gaga has unique style and ideas (she's basic bitch). They plagiarised a lot of designs from Katarzyna Konieczka, they commissioned her to send them costumes, then copied them and send them back, refused to credit her or pay her for designs. She leaked emails but she got publicly shamed and bullied online for being "attention seeking nobody" because she should be gratefull for beign scammed by multimillionaires, and decided to not sue. Lady Gaga never had style, it was random mess designed by her team out of any fetishy and creepy bits they saw in online artists galleries.

they're doing drugs

No. 492365

He wasn’t doing drugs though, he was having seizures at an airport and died on the way to the hospital

No. 492378

Seizures are a side effect from abusing drugs

No. 492383

stuff like this was happening on /r9k/ specifically and had already been outed I thought.

No. 492476

Seizures are a very common side effect from drugs, even some OTC depression medications can cause them if the patient isn't eating properly or getting enough hydration.

No. 493043

according to reddit he was into some gang shit and probably trafficking for them. then somebody snitched - the FBI was already investigating him a week beforehand. his ex told daily mail she thinks its weird that nobody else helped him out with disposing of the narcotics (not that disposing of the narcotics would have helped him out much - surely he was in trouble anyway) and he was obviously surrounded by people who didn't have his best interests at heart. I think there's probably more serious trouble that either him or the gang he was hanging with were involved with and in some way his death is taking the fall

No. 493045

this shit is weird

No. 493050

people did that challenge BEFORE he died (and months ago too) so i don't understand the point of fags bringing it up now and pretending like people are mocking his death now

No. 493052

[posting it in the right thread for once]
I feel society (in terms of mentality of people and other things) is regressing back to pre-1960s state before social progress and political revolutions for multitude of reasons. and this is not natural but on purpose because people were getting too ""woke""

1) there has been some evidence that people have been getting more dumbed down in the past 10 years, which is very clear if you compare archives of 00s discussions online vs 10s discussions online of any subject (but especially about social/cultural/political/historical subjects). low education and illiteracy was pretty rampant before the mid 20th century

2) a lot of beauty standards for women is weird af, with women having to look more and more like plastic dolls and be devoid of any kind of personality, and not even show facial expressions and hide their mannerisms like robots besides carefully crafted shit (this even applies to men) like how society was focused on being polite and "proper" and crafting the most perfect image of the most ideal people before the mid 20th century. in the mid and late 20th century and 2000s being "real" was the thing because of the political atmosphere back then that made people tired of the old and convention.

3) the bullshit with groupthink and being "cancelled" if you have the wrong opinion, again a completely early feature of human society and in the 60s-00s there was a trend of being racy and having controversial opinions because it was yielded as progressive and forward thinking while now it's seen as problematic and needs to be shut down as soon as possible and what was once progressive is now considered the convention and you're shamed if you break out of it

4) misogyny and racism is coming back in style when a strong pro humanist/pro woman/pro everyone message was being pushed out back then

this is just my theory and i would like legit discussion about it. i think so many people complain about how things are compare to (imo) the peak ages of contemporary culture and which confuses other people because people have in mind the 30s/40s/50s and shit when someone talks about the past for some reason

No. 493055

About the discussions online, I guess that is subjective or hard to tell. The only thing I know right now is the straight up dumbass comments on every single post relating to science that I see on facebook. And that now everyone and their mother has access to facebook, and the internet is so normalized and everyone has it in their pocket, so now anyone and everyone can comment on anything even if they know nothing about it, or have absolutely no education to begin with.
Sorry that was a partial rant. But yeah, what 00's discussions would you compare it to exactly?

It's super hard for me to know how "dumb" people were before, since in the year 2000 that would make me only 8 years old. Compared to me now at age 28 finishing up a biology degree, yeah, everyone seems fucking stupid as hell right now. But before I was a child so I have no real way of knowing.

There have definitely been some stupid things going around like cancer though that wouldn't have gone on before I guess? Like the flat earth, anti-vaxxers, anti-science, "pro life", etc. Maybe it is just because of more access to the internet than ever before

No. 493112

I doubt the people posting their poorly thought out opinions on facebook and Fox news articles were using internet forums (except maybe imdb, which was always a mess) in the early 00s. Now everyone and their grandma has a social media account to spew garbage and it's the cool thing to do. (Maybe comparing dumbass facebook comments to AIM would be more accurate, but still a bit off.)

Beauty standards for women have always been terrible, but plastic surgery is definitely more readily available (as is photoshop), and doctors have no shame because money. Anyone is able to edit their pictures now with a variety of apps, no photoshop knowledge required, and it's clearly very widespread. This definitely creates a more difficult expectation of women when public figures only post filtered/edited photos of unattainable bodies.

Cancel culture will always be a thing in some way, but it's different now with internet history. You couldn't exactly look up someone's twitter history of dumb shit they said in 1960. It definitely used to be easier to reinvent yourself, but nothing ever goes away on the internet. Fatty Arbuckle was a huge (kek) silent star, and was "cancelled" after being acquitted of rape in the 20s, Lucille Ball was hugely popular in the 50s because of her TV show and faced heavy backlash for being registered as a Communist (although this blew over because she didn't actually vote commie), and the Beatles were famously cancelled momentarily for the "more popular than Jesus" line. It's just more easy for this shit to occur with news networks who play soundbites over and over and out of context screenshots getting widely distributed.

I don't think misogyny and racism ever went away. Things got better, but it's always been a fight to get things that way and more of a fight just to keep them.

Overall I agree everything sucks, but I feel like it's a natural progression because everything has always sucked but now we have more ability to make it suck more.

No. 493119

For the most part I agree, and the internet is responsible for literally all of this and will eventually lead to the downfall of human society, remember that I said this when it happens in 20-50 years

No. 493149

someone make a new thread, bracofag fuck off

No. 493156

can you shut up about this already nobody is as bothered as you and the 3 other anons about braco. just post in the damn thread it makes 0 difference what the thread picture is.

No. 493159

excuse me I'm like bracofag's biggest fan
dont listen to them bracoanon, the gaze has miracles

No. 493183


I agreed in the sense that there is a very real trend right now push beauty to extremely levels that are basically impossible to achieve for 95% of humans on the planet. I think the only solution is to have by law, the ability to request on the unedited version of any image posted on social media, so at least people can see how few woman actually have flawless pore free skin with no acne, expression lines or discoloration.

No. 493190

you arent subtle bracofag, cmon this boards too slow to be having shit op pictures youre stuck seeing for months

No. 493191

what…? that’s exactly my point lmao. my point is that it’s bizarre that this was a trend a month before he died.

No. 493223

Just go post him in one of the /g/ husbando threads and get it out of your system. You've clearly got Braco on the brain.

No. 493246

Oh then that's pretty strange. Unless it was a reference to something like a lyric in one of his songs? Did he have any public seizures before or something?

No. 493338

i cant tell whether this is a gem of raw autism harvested in the wild or a scrote who feels cheated by makeup.
why would there be laws for something as trivial as hurt feefees over pictures, and how wouldn't it impede on people's freedom of expression / privacy.
reminds me of the PULL users who shit on simply Kenna because they think just bc she's popular, it puts her under the moral imperative to be a role model and not edit her pictures.

No. 493404

it was a glitch at first and people on tik tok made it into this seizure looking bullshit. there's no tinfoil, the dude made a song, song gets tik tok videos that turn into a game of broken telephone, dude overdoses and seizures.

No. 493431

>by law, the ability to request on the unedited version of any image posted on social media

And people who get plastic surgery should be required, by law, to place a pre-surgery photo around their neck so people can compare what they used to look like. And keep a swatch of their original hair color and texture so people will recognize when it's been treated. No more shapewear and bras either, as those are also deceptions of the body which could cause someone else to feel poorly about their own.
It's endless.

What happened to our generation?
We were supposed to be the smart ones not falling for everything we see.

No. 493471


>Cancel culture will always be a thing in some way, but it's different now with internet history. You couldn't exactly look up someone's twitter history of dumb shit they said in 1960. It definitely used to be easier to reinvent yourself, but nothing ever goes away on the internet. Fatty Arbuckle was a huge (kek) silent star, and was "cancelled" after being acquitted of rape in the 20s, Lucille Ball was hugely popular in the 50s because of her TV show and faced heavy backlash for being registered as a Communist (although this blew over because she didn't actually vote commie), and the Beatles were famously cancelled momentarily for the "more popular than Jesus" line. It's just more easy for this shit to occur with news networks who play soundbites over and over and out of context screenshots getting widely distributed.

This is actually interesting to me as I am writing a short essay on radicalization and such, and I wanted to bring up cancel culture at some point in my writing.

One thing I notice about today's version of cancel culture is that it seems less about actually calling people out on their bad behavior so much as it is individuals with ego issues using another person's mistakes (perceived or not) to bolster themselves on social media and get asspats for "starting a movement".

Way back in the day, I don't think individuals were looking for infamy as much as people do today.

It's one of the reasons why I left twitter. I got tired of seeing 16-18 year olds who have been inoculated into this "culture" online, have very little understanding of how the world actually operates, picking up grown ass adults for every little thing they do and going through people's past to dredge up the retarded 2edgy5me shit they said like, ten years ago.

All while pedos and other losers who play the woke Hollywood game well get a pass because they use loaded language and pander to the collective's emotions.

This is all just me thinking out loud but it's food for thought. I'm glad I clicked on this so I can go back to my essay and add in cancel culture since I also discussed briefly virtue signaling.

No. 493754

lol anon.

Gonna ignore the law part but I want to touch on the subject. I think it's kinda fair that at least everyone has the ability to edit, and now we know and accept that everyone does edit their photos. We're smart enough to know what we see on the internet isn't real. I think it's only if someone is in a vulnerable place or feeling overly sensitive that it is a problem.
When I see someone's edited photos on instagram and then see them in real life, I don't think they look much differently or feel anything about it. Obviously unless it were someone that did those extreme editing things to the point where they look like a different person, but I don't know anyone in real life that actually does that, and I don't think many other people do either.
So say we didn't have any editing apps. You can still distort your body, use camera tricks, or mirror to look differently anyway. And the selfie camera distorts your face too.

No. 493801

Careful anon, you might get a bad grade if you question the system too much.

No. 494224

File: 1576312706440.png (266.36 KB, 626x769, pubtdtJcSD1wifw8xo1_640.png)

No. 494363

It's pretty interesting how the Epstein scandal has become "tinfoil" and not just "actual news." I only hear about it now as a meme on reddit or as a conspiracy theory. There's more than enough evidence to show how protected he was.

No. 494437

It was always tinfoil… until it was news for about thirty seconds. Now it’s back to being tinfoil. Nobody gives a fuck that pedogate is real

No. 494464

File: 1576386806996.png (793.83 KB, 1125x2436, 3010B0EB-9A9D-4102-8890-FC8813…)

No. 494481

Is this a legit account?
The butterfly image in the icon + the Victims Refuse Silence organization is…. interesting. If you know, you know.

No. 494493

Comparing a widely discredited method to restore sight by sungazing to "antivaxx" is ridiculous, what are you even doing in this thread?

There is plenty of evidence for adverse reactions to vaccines causing regression of speech and cognitive skills in children. The CDC itself even admits to seizures and brain swelling (which can and do cause brain damage) being a "rare" side effect of the MMR vaccine itself. It's been illegal to sue vaccine companies for these side effects since 1986.

There are plenty of problems with the studies that "prove" there are no statistical differences in vaccinated/unvaccinated populations, in no small part because the unvaccinated populations they study are too small. Despite claims to the contrary, the CDC themselves admitted at a congressional hearing to have never performed a study on the matter. Studies that have been performed have issues as mentioned but sometimes deliberately exclude conditions that are not specifically autism, but include rapid deterioration of speech & cognitive skills which might be misdiagnosed as autism, thus altering the results.

The problem is that autism is poorly understood. Most autistic children also have gastrointestional symptoms, which could point towards an autoimmune response, or at the very least that the disease is more systemic in nature than is often understood. I think this is probably the case with many mental disorders but that is something else entirely. Autism diagnoses have been increasing at a rapid rate and I do not thing this is just due to increased awareness. There's something in the air, water, food, dirt, and maybe vaccines. Throwing around "antivaxx" as a derogatory term helps nobody. Some of those people are insane, but many are just normal people who are cautious wrt their children. I believe a delayed vaccine schedule might alleviate some of these potential problems, and the risk of a debilitating illness caused due to delayed vaccination is likely overhyped. Remember that in the end, when you shit on these people, you're shitting mostly on mothers who have had to see their children rapidly deteriorate after a medical procedure, for which there is NO POSSIBLE LEGAL RECOURSE. Have some fucking empathy.

No. 494511


This it? Couldn’t find anything “shady” about it so far other than the butterfly (monarch) symbolism, mind elaborating?

No. 494513

Is this why we have so many cows on the internet, then?

No. 494645

This. There are so many details and questions unanswered for no reason. People are always interested in crime stories to begin with, especially ongoing crime stories. All the details are not reported anymore. I don't even know what is going on with it currently unless going to a fucking lolcow tinfoil thread now lol. That's pathetic.
What of the rest of the victims? There had to be so many, and yet nothing about any of them? No missing children unaccounted for that were found? No families wondering where their children are or connecting them to this?
What has come of the search in his house and his computers?
What has come of his girlfriend (didn't she run away?) and the other "helpers"? The other people connected to him or the hundreds of witnesses at his parties?
I get that any victims or witnesses will get death threats, but what is keeping them from at least speaking up while staying anonymous?
Obviously there were connections to people from foreign countries, what are the chances not even someone out of the country who knows something would speak up then? I know these people are powerful but could it really extend to having that kind of power in other countries as well?
Seriously what the fuck

And I remember everyone saying this was fake, and this thread is from 2018. With all that has happened now, who can deny this? That poor girl.

No. 494646

Victims did speak up. They went to court and spoke out in legal proceedings against Epstein. However, some tried to speak out in Florida as well and the police picked 1 14 year old girl out of what? 40 who came forward? They are absolutely catching up anyone who tries to come forward and speak to them first because they're trying to keep this under wraps.
Pretty sure the FBI knows exactly where maxwell is as well as any other "helpers".
All in all my tinfoil is that he was a human trafficker being paid by the CIA so they could have dirt on powerful people and in exchange he got to live out his disgusting fantasies.

No. 494652

The victims are speaking up and a lot of them have gone to the police about it. Shaun Attwood reads victim police reports regarding the Epstein case, check out his YouTube channel. Some of the reports are stomach turning. A lot of these reports fall on deaf ears or the police/FBI do their damnedest to cover it up.
The Epstein case could very easily unravel American political society (and even has international ramifications) and there are forces at work who are actively working to keep the information suppressed.
This case is an extremely deep rabbit hole with a lot of tendrils that extend into academics, government, science, corrupt charities, eugenics, politics, etc.

Victims have been reporting this bullshit since the 80s (and even earlier) but the incredibly high social status of the perpetrators make cases like these almost untouchable. The information has been heavily suppressed for a reason….

No. 494659

File: 1576438261420.png (525.03 KB, 821x914, missingcomputer.png)

There are also a few articles that say a computer was removed before the FBI even raided the island, but most don't even mention that. Why did they wait so long to investigate the property? They only raided it (days) after he died, giving any accomplices plenty of time to remove incriminating evidence.

They should have more than enough evidence to charge Maxwell, but no one can find her?

So much misinformation and lack of concern about this whole case that happens to implicate a lot of celebrities/socialites/politicians.

No. 494681

It's just the butterfly symbolism. There's nothing shady about her or the organization IMO. Just thought it was worth pointing out. Not even sure I buy the Monarch theory in the first place considering the lack of evidence.

No. 494800

Blue butterflies are a common symbol for sexual violence organizations in my experience

No. 494932

Do y’all think that celebs may have remorse over sacrificing their loved ones and acquaintances to get on top?

No. 494993

The rumor is that Kanye's breakdown is a result of the guilt he feels for sacrificing his mother to the fame gods. I made it halfway through this YT doc about it - it's not amazing but it was entertaining enough.

No. 495062

I hear Jennifer Hudson seems to have no remorse over the deaths of her mom, nephew and brother.

True, the symbolism could be debatable but I still believe “they’re” still doing mind-control experiments on people

No. 496366

hello fellow schizos, so does browsing this website with a phone basically doxes yourself fully? (based on your own autofills, when you accidently click on sage for example?)
I'm fucked lol

No. 497421

Thoughts? Originally, my presumption was that she was showing us how she got into the industry but now, they didn’t show the Lina Morgana and Lady Starlight bits of her life and wonder why they cut that off but left the hospital scene intact (do all artists have to be mk’ed before their breakthrough???)

No. 497541

File: 1577107219144.jpg (85.69 KB, 640x552, e5mt8rS.jpg)

I think it's kinda a similar situation to the Mars Argo/That Poppy, basically Lady Gaga took Lina's spot soon after. Otherwise she would've wrote songs and be the backup singer.

No. 499368

File: 1577677539233.jpg (51.17 KB, 434x555, m_5bce59ca951996aaf988af1c.jpg)

What are farmers' thoughts on remote viewing - the "practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target, purportedly using extrasensory perception (ESP) or 'sensing' with the mind"? Have any anons ever had an experience involving remote viewing, or tried your hand at testing your possible capabilities?

When it comes to these things, I'm generally a bit of a skeptic, but recently after learning about this phenomenon through an online riddle game, I got curious and made an /x/ thread asking if people could attempt to "remote view" the design on a shirt that I was wearing at the time of making the thread. The first two guesses that anons made were "stains" and "polar bear" which my (admittedly paranoid) mind found far too suggestive to dismiss as random guesses, since the shirt I was wearing was the shirt in the attached image. (To be clear, the thread's image was a picture of four boys from the 1950s, and didn't serve as any kind of clue about the shirt or about me.)

Gloomy Bear (the character on that shirt) certainly isn't a polar bear, but is pale in color and has white eyes and a white muzzle, traits that would all be uncommon of any real kind of bear other than a polar bear. It also has blood stains around its mouth (given that it eats people) and text covering it. I believe that both the blood stains and the text could have been interpreted as "stains" on the shirt since they obscure clear vision of the the symbol/picture behind it… Weird, huh? Of all of the shirts in the world, how would strangers on the internet pick up important clues by "random" guessing?

Am I reading too much into this occurrence, or are there other anons who believe in the possible power of remote viewing?

No. 499370

Samefag. While I have no intentions to derail this thread, I'm completely open to anyone trying to remote view the shirt I'm wearing now and make guesses as to what could be on it (in terms of colors, details, overall sensations, etc.) Doing more than one test (and with different people) could present more accurate results as to whether I'm reading too much into "remote viewing" or not.

No. 499960

Are you CIA-chans scouting for psychics?

No. 499962

Thinking green/orange bright colors and little or no text

No. 499963

On this topic, I think people can pick up feelings and other information from posts online - I get a thing where I know when my post or @comment has been read, and at that moment I'll get a notif. Once I was trolling a scrot on here and he accurately guessed what I looked like (I ran after that)
We are more connected than western society would have us believe. In the case of the t-shirt it's likely because a chan user has a limited number of niche interests, it's likely to be a meme shirt as opposed to a glittery Live Laugh Love one.

No. 499972

By stains they probably meant they thought you were wearing a dirty shirt like the slobby weirdo they thought you were.

No. 501352

Why exactly have autism diagnosis in children skyrocketed over the last decade? Is it a case of medicalisation and even little symptoms of it are blown out of proportion and they're suddenly on the spectrum? Is it really something to do with food or water or the air quality? Something more sinister? I've always wondered about this but I never know where to research and I know there's a lot of misinformation out there

No. 501354

File: 1578210903850.gif (1.62 MB, 320x180, 25214889-4655-4ADA-863D-5545C4…)

People diagnosis seek for attention and for an excuse, they don’t have to discipline their kids, just turn to any stranger around and say “sorry he has autism”

Also because of this lie that men are equally fertile at 35 - 60.

Those aren’t the only reasons but they’re the only ones I can think of for a sharp increase

No. 501355

File: 1578212229821.jpg (86.8 KB, 962x328, 1576743609075.jpg)

>Also because of this lie that men are equally fertile at 35 - 60.
Yep, but men will ignore reality anyway and stay absolutely convinced that the best path in life is to wait until they're 35-40 and impregnate an 18 year old.

No. 501358

I think it’s nice that healthcare has improved so that we can have babies at 30 - 40, that way more families can be financially independent without having to get benefits, parents are in a better mental state and are more mature and patient etc. I don’t know if it’s the best thing biologically though, 18 - 28 seems to be peak fertility for both genders.
With fertility treatment these days it probably makes women fertile for longer than men, as IVF treatment, donors and artificial wombs exist to assist women. But once your sperms fucked, that’s it, you’ll have nothing but a brigade of autist sons who won’t even look you in the eye.
So where’s my barely legal husbando? Doesn’t he know that his clock is ticking?

No. 501364

Realistically, women have always easily had babies late. It was just often their 10th baby or whatever since they would continually get pregnant until menopause.

There's a lot of misinformation out there, men do their best to scare us but the drop off in fertility is not that drastic until 40. https://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2013/07/how-long-can-you-wait-to-have-a-baby/309374/ is a good article.
>It found that with sex at least twice a week, 82 percent of 35-to-39-year-old women conceive within a year, compared with 86 percent of 27-to-34-year-olds. (The fertility of women in their late 20s and early 30s was almost identical—news in and of itself.)
>Among women having sex during their fertile times, 78 percent of 35-to-40-year-olds got pregnant within a year, compared with 84 percent of 20-to-34-year-olds.
>Even at early fetal testing (known as chorionic villus sampling), 99 percent of fetuses are chromosomally normal among 35-year-old pregnant women, and 97 percent among 40-year-olds. At 45, when most women can no longer get pregnant, 87 percent of fetuses are still normal. (Many of those that are not will later be miscarried.)

No. 501365

>woman in her 40s: autism rate higher by 15 percent
>man in his 40s: autism rate higher by 28 percent
Nice. I'll definitely try to remember those statistics.

Funny how the difference is so insignificant that they can even group 20-year-olds with 34-year-olds - yet males still act as if anybody over 25 is an infertile hag…

No. 501374

Thanks for this cap anon, it made my day. I constantly hear men bitching about them being entitled to a 18-year old virgin at 40 because of muh fertility but forget that their own shriveled up sperm is in a much worse condition at their age.

Now that I think about it, I think every prolific autistic person I've met in my life has always had an older dad and a younger mother so it sort of indicates the truth in these stats.

Yep. They constantly parrot the "90% of your eggs are gone at 30" meme but forget to mention that most of them are gone before puberty because the majority of them die early. We're born with 2 million follicles and only maybe 400-500 of those ever reach the point where they can actually be fertilized. If you get your period once a month, that reserve lasts you around 33-35 years.

No. 501389

It's an American thing so they can charge your insurance company for therapy. If you took half the "autistic" American kids to a doctor in any other country they wouldn't say they had a developmental disability because they don't like school since they can't make money off of you.

No. 501394

Very well said. Nobody really asks where these statistics come from. Even in England people seek the most frivolous diagnosis’ for themselves and their children, but they don’t get one unless there’s an impairment of some kind.
This makes me so happy. I really want to be a mother one day once I have a decent husband, education and a better job and I stupidly fell for red pill fear mongering at only 24, despite knowing a 45 yr old woman who successfully started a family of healthy kids with a 30 something yr old man

No. 501436

Anti-vaxxers are stupid, but I wonder if the backlash towards them will cause a new generation of extreme anti-conspiracy. Anti-vaxxers are clearly wrong, but the arguments against them can easily be twisted to defend a shitty corporation throwing chemicals in the water. They will no longer take testimonies and will only take studies, no matter how biased they are. Any attempt to fight this reasoning will end up with you being labeled 'anti-vaxxer'.

No. 501465

Agree. This seems to be this generation's new "ADD". If a child has some kind of mild trouble in school there is automatically something "wrong" with them.

No. 501490

This isn't really a tinfoil but I learned that many pysch studies or soft science studies can't be replicated.
People tend to ignore this. If you want the exact number I've seen studies estimate about half or so but idk

No. 502018

File: 1578430206795.jpg (149.56 KB, 720x1117, ENsaB9DW4AAqvLt.jpg)


bieber posted all of these pictures with the hashtag #yummy
people are saying he posted them because the parent tagged him on the photos but that hashtag sure is

No. 502034


Maybe it's like when babies are so cute and chunky, you want to gobble them up?? As a male celebrity I would be aware of how that lone hashtag could sound.

No. 502035

He wants to post weird random things so people give him attention and make up conspiracy theories about him

No. 502042

I posted this earlier in the celebricows thread. A conspiracy I read about is about adrenochrome from babies, since he looks like a junkie. https://exposingpedovore.wordpress.com/2019/02/22/adrenochrome-associated-with/

No. 502048

is this that spirit cooking shit?? fuck every time i read another thing about this its a fucken trip

got any more links bro drop away i'm keen to get balls deep

No. 502055

Why are there suddenly men everywhere around here and not one of them can sage or integrate

No. 502065

That shit can't get you high, its a myth. A lot of what you call 'spirit cooking' is just pretentious people trying to be as artsy and edgy as possible.

No. 502100

File: 1578447006153.jpeg (413.37 KB, 975x1215, 3970F1D9-4139-4C5F-9A8F-E0AC34…)


I know no one will believe me, but I know so many people who have met her and worked two events where she was a guest. She is neither a witch or “supernatural young”, just a older woman with extensive plastic surgery and fillers, who started doing weird performances with her German hippie boyfriend Ulay (who never gets mentioned in tinfoil rants for some reason even though he was the main instigator of many of their performances) Every time I see a spirit cooking conspiracy rant I just roll my eyes. The picture attached is her before she was famous.

No. 502102

Then why tf are you here then if you do not believe shit like this goes on behind closed doors and are willing to debunk it? >>502100 well of course she’s not going to show off her ebil sekrit magickal self to the commoners like you lol why would she?

No. 502105

because these same types of people also seem to spread conspiracies and bs about groups of people they want to smear, when you're a part of that smeared group you learn to sniff out the uneducated bullshit.

No. 502108

And are you apart of those same groups?

Seems like some glow-in-the-dark behavior to me, might I add. I suppose you also believe Epstein legit killed himself too

No. 502115


I’m the op, It’s easily researched online who she is and what she was doing for 30+ years before she started entertaining rich/famous people, this is a woman who made e-thoting a profession before Instagram. You can find old interviews from as far back as the 70s where she basically talks about her performances being a troll on her uptight Serbian military parents. You can also see her plastic surgery evolution into the weird mannequin face she has now.

No. 502116

you're either a male or deeply brain damaged, most likely both.

No. 502117

as long as they are not terfs, it's ok

No. 502167

>constantly needs an assistant to barely function
>has multiple personalities

No. 502168

>accused of being a scrote
Maybe you do belong here after all kek

No. 502169

Okay cool, not hard to believe but when did she get tight with the elites and uh…pig’s blood

No. 502187

File: 1578468411989.jpg (Spoiler Image, 163.89 KB, 720x856, CS28_0031_High-Res-Scan-720x85…)

why is this any different than edgy metal? that's all this is. the contemporary art world is filled with, and has always been filled with annoying pretentious edgy bullshit that gains them a following and a cash flow. marina abramovic is tame. this stuff has been going on for forever. read about the sensation exhibition in 1997 (pic related). it's always just been edgy tards competing for the bucks of pretentious old fucks and clout. that's all it is. that's how 'artists' of all kinds of flavors work. increasingly edgy for shock value and attention, that's all. are all of you living in pigeon forge, tennessee with no understanding of the pathetic and stupid shit rich/and or pretentious people pay for and attend, all for the claim of sophistication? why is writing with pigs blood (that you can get literally anywhere in nyc) so notable when damien hirst has been paying for the slaughter of all kinds of animals, cutting their heads off, putting them in christlike poses and displaying them in plexiglass for like 25 years?

No. 502205

File: 1578476754928.png (Spoiler Image, 2.48 MB, 1106x1352, 657899j.png)

NTA, but can you explain what makes her work stand out so much that she's in league with mainstream celebrities like Lady Gaga and Jay-Z?
Also, why are children at these "Spirit Cooking" events? Doesn't look very child-friendly or appropriate.

No. 502233

File: 1578489553186.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 315.96 KB, 1600x1000, D3C05B01-A894-4490-A18A-1D3C36…)


All buyers at blue chip galleries are celebrities or extremely wealthy. Jeff Koons was buddy buddy with lady Gaga and several Saudi princes but you never see mentioned in tin foil circles because making porn with your poem star wide while wearing makeup is apparently not satanic, but an emotionally damaged woman is. Lol.

No. 502234

Your woman has got linked to it because her artwork was in podesta's house and she has been linked with the pizzagate conspiracies because she is present at their lavish parties etc.

No. 502237


Why is she my woman?

Also the logic makes no sense, why aren’t the other artists in his collection a target for satanic accusation? What about the art in Jared and Ivanka Kushners house of bullet holes? Totally halal?

No. 502245

No way someone sane would look at what Marina A. does and think it's tame or casual. Also she's from Serbia, a known human trafficking hub.

No. 502248

It's a colliquilism. And I suspect the other artists and art pieces don't get as much attention because they're not brandished in rituals and the artists don't frequently socialise with questionable patrons.

No. 502257

You’re not very good at “debunking” this conspiracy, ya know. Always trying to rationalize this shit and even comparing it to heavy metal artists which you don’t see hanging out with the elites much (except maybe Metallica). Obviously a triggered artfag, go away

No. 502263

nta but those pictures with gaga are literally just nyotaimori, surprised the image board weebs who make images like that havn't seen it before

No. 502266

File: 1578498272697.jpeg (338.06 KB, 750x737, 5DA87086-99FA-43D9-AFAB-193BC1…)

I probably have more artfag connections then the other anon. It’s just a dumb theory and shows how easily Americans are triggering by clickbait and dumb horror movie imagery.I can’t really say more because I’m pretty sure I’ll be banned for powerleveling. There are actual organizations which have been abusing children for decades in weird religious/esoteric contexts (world of faith fellowship) that have gotten less then a tenth of marina’s pig blood poetry and have even been courted to by right wing politicians trying to get their vote.

No. 502268

File: 1578498822042.jpg (155.94 KB, 1414x1056, ed-sheeran3.jpg)

those are obviously written by different people, dumbass. jeff koons is not a good example in that his art is not gory, but anon is right that famous contemporary artists (like damien hirst, who i already mentioned, whose art can be gross) keep very famous and wealthy company because contemporary art is increasingly considered to be an important part of a diversified investment portfolio. here he is with ed sheeran, who had him design his cast for him. he's very good friends with lily allen, kate moss, rosie huntington whiteley, pharrell, etc. this is not uncommon in the slightest. contemporary artists overhyped by the art world will have very famous fans specifically because of the fact that the art world is pretentious and wealthy. you're, again, a dumbass, because my post was very critical of artfags and art, and i'm not an artfag in the slightest. i do not care for art or the art world whatsoever. abramovic's blood cake bullshit was specifically within the context of an artsy party. wealthy people take their kids to stupid artsy bullshit all of the time.

it is comparable to metal in that they try to up the ante by being edgy purely for the sake of shock. sometimes it's just disgusting (like using dried elephant dung combined with religious iconography) in order to be offensive and shocking/"evocative". the more offensive, the more popular and hyped by the rich, even if it's not gory (look at maurizio cattelan). the difference between metal and contemporary art, however, is that contemporary art doesn't have the reputation of being trashy, whereas metal does. it's the same reason why the wealthy elites get taken for a ride with wine (https://www.theguardian.com/global/2016/sep/11/the-great-wine-fraud-a-vintage-swindle), it's all about impressing each other and keeping up an air of avant garde sophistication and superiority.

anon is claiming artfags but i have literally no actual art connections and i dont like art. i just know about some of it because i think the fake interests of the wealthy are hilarious and pathetic, though i do know wealthy people who prop this up.

No. 502271

File: 1578499491220.jpg (Spoiler Image, 85.74 KB, 634x489, article-0-1B0D1648000005DC-229…)

I'm still just trying to find out: Who takes kids to this kind of thing?
Would you take even your weebiest daughter or son to a nyotaimori event?
Pic related, from the same gathering (censored, but still spoilering in case). We can't even say it was just one part that looked inappropriate.

No. 502280

are you under the impression that parents always make appropriate choices for their children? bc i was just at hooters the other week (ironically with my dad, who used to take me there as a young child despite my protesting) and saw a number of children throughout, plenty of which were saddled up to the bar area by their parents, surrounded by drunks, while women with their tits pouring out of their shirts wearing shorty shorts yanked up as high as possible were serving them. in the case of the abramovic stuff, wealthy nyc bubble parents think this is exposing their children to culture.

everyday parents leave erotic magazines and books out out infront of children. i had girl friends as a child whose parents had tacky and inappropriate nude herb ritts prints all over their home. lena dunham grew up around art and stupid contemporary artist parents, and her idea of what's socially appropriate is warped as a result (very evident by her statements and her book that details the dumb 'art' and artists that her parents exposed her to for culture as a young child). wealthy artfags are notoriously tonedeaf parents. stupid, gross parents are pretty common in all classes.

No. 502286

You seem to rationalize every questionable detail, it’s pathetic. I bet you probably thought the Lolita express was a myth too before Epstein was suicided, huh?

No1curr, nice deflection though

No. 502288


Looked it up, no one was eating sushi from this, tf?

No. 502298

>you seem to possess rational thoughts
this dumb bs is why no one takes conspiracy gags seriously

No. 502300

obviously you can do it with other foods, the novelty is you're eating off a nude model, it's not a cannibalism ritual or whatever autism

No. 502324

I don't know, anon. Women in short shorts and low-cut tops pouring beer, the occasional Playboy and some statue-like black/white nude prints all seem like a pretty far cry from hanging out while a nude, menstruating woman plays dead in a tub of chocolate that looks like blood while people directly eat off her body and at least one naked man covered in body paint or chalk frolics in a nearby forest.
>lena dunham grew up around art and stupid contemporary artist parents, and her idea of what's socially appropriate is warped as a result (very evident by her statements and her book that details the dumb 'art' and artists that her parents exposed her to for culture as a young child).
I'll bite. What comparable art shows has Lena Dunham gone to as a child? I haven't read her book, but it seems to me that even her dad held off on the weird shit until she was like 20, if you check out his art.

No. 502328


Are you still confused me (worked in art events) and the other anon (no connection to art)are not the same person… also strong scrote vibes

No. 502331

Don’t twist my words, faggot.

No. 502338

Except that’s literally a cake of a naked chick covered in chocolate syrup and has nothing to do with the Japanese. It’s a spirit cooking gala after all.

You’re low level in the art world so of course you would think nothing shady’s going on. Oh and here’s a fact since you’re all about them: am not a scrote, just because I don’t type along the lines of ~gurl powah~ doesn’t mean I’m not one

No. 502341


I wasn’t referring to language, I wasreferring to the aggressive inability to accept any alternative information to one’s per existing worldview degenerating into insults: I’ve only ever seen this in scrotes.

No. 502345

it's almost definitely a male. no woman would say this:

>just because I don’t type along the lines of ~gurl powah~ doesn’t mean I’m not one

when none of the posts being made have anything to do with """gurl powah""" or hint toward anything of the sort. despite the way people are speaking itt, anon still can't let go of his retarded reeee Cosmopolitan mag concept of the way women speak. hilarious. even confronted with the evidence that no one itt is speaking like that, he insists that not adhering to his idea of women talking must be why he sticks out.

No. 502346


“Spirit Cooking” is the name of a project Marina Abramovic did in the 90s and occasionally repeated. The nude chocolate lady was commissioned for a art center benefit called WATERMILL by ROBERT WILSON. There is no attribution to Marina A. and by all accounts she was a GUEST who they wanted DONATIONS from. I’m all for hearing someone else’s theory but at least TRY to put minimal effort into researching what you’re sperging about.

No. 502347

hating other women is a bad look, deal with those insecurities sometime w/ a therapist

No. 502354

No. 502355

shut up geek

No. 502368

it's a model posing nude not a cake, it's an entirely mainstream thing you get at fancy dinners all around the world and not some secret witchcraft ritual, this is like if you saw a pic of a sword swallower at an event and think there's ritualized suicide going down

No. 502386

I’m sure y’all Marina supporters believe this chick is crazy too (vid related). Man, I hope that Jonathan Swift story I had to read in 12th grade was just allegory bullshit

It was confirmed it was a cake.

No. 502389

File: 1578521181850.jpg (Spoiler Image, 20.38 KB, 320x450, 132652055-e1321287952650.jpg)

marina did/ordered some stupid red velvet cakes made as a naked version of her, and of debbie harry, at a few parties/galas or whatever, so i think that's the cause of confusion. totally separate from the girl in chocolate, but both things are passed around in right wing conspiracy media. it's still not satanic and is just incredibly tryhard, however.

No. 502582

Since the topic was taken over by triggered Marina fans and skeptics, does anyone have info on the Bronfman family? They used to fund NXIVM, are the original owners of Segram, and pretty much own Canada.

No. 504699


No. 504718

It's not even exciting enough to hate it's just dull. Was he inspired by Bon Apetite or something

No. 504721

please don't tell me puka shell necklaces are coming back for men. the nostalgia factor does not do anything for its appeal.

No. 504725

I thought it was a candy necklace from the thumbnail.

No. 504726

i think you're right. thank god. i had to go to the video to check, dear lord that is his worst single by far.

No. 504765

Yummy is such is digusting word, who the fuck would want to sing to this pile of shit out loud. This also sounds like 10 other filler songs that Chris Brown would have made about 5 years ago. Nobody would care about this boring song if it wasn't for all the shenanigans he and his team pulled.

No. 505329

I wonder how much of the Holocaust is true if we’ve been lied to the whole time

>inb4 Nazi!!!

I just found this video on Facebook, and I’m not gonna deny that it didn’t happen(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 505332

ok scrote. as if i wouldn't recognize your other posts today

No. 505340

It would be nice to have a time machine so we could throw holocaust deniers in concentration camps, then have absolutely everyone around them deny it happened.

No. 505472

File: 1579501154253.jpeg (808.04 KB, 2048x2886, 5DDB9B74-9E9A-4F43-A7EF-B3A38E…)

Could Courtney possibly be Frances’ handler? Or just both of them being weird with affection in general

No. 505473

File: 1579501358973.jpeg (827.11 KB, 2048x2388, D243AEFC-665E-4867-BBA1-5405BA…)

Strange, why so heavily guarded in the middle of the ball?

No. 505475

File: 1579501514911.jpeg (195.25 KB, 922x1024, DE886903-1015-4B81-8FB5-939E4B…)

This could just be a cute display of affection after all

No. 505488

Zoom in on the photographers in the top left. They look like they're witnessing a car crash (whatever is happening on our right)

Looks like attending balls with these psycho celebs is a harrowing experience.

No. 505491

Even Gaga's expression is 'wtf' at that model, while the guy who bought her for the night is holding on to her.

I think there's an element of "edge" to why they do this weird shit (referring to cakes and "chocolate" covered models) but I also think there is no moral limit to how far the rich will take "edginess."
So I don't doubt at least a small segment of them actually do satanic rituals. No rules.

No. 505493

Maybe you should question why you think a naked woman lying in a vat covered in "chocolate" is a "mainstream thing" you should expect to see at fancy dinners.

No. 505502


Your missing the point- it was a weird performance done for a gala at a performing arts center.

I wouldn’t take my nonexistent kids to a event like that or any event that I knew was gonna have alcohol and adult themes but I also wouldn’t take my kids to a shooting range or a revivalist event with people screaming about demons so the pendulum swings both ways.

No. 505511

You guys know that scene in the Godfather where Tom kills the horse of that Hollywood director/producer to force him to get a certain actor into his movie? I think that sort of thing actually happens, probably not exactly but some similar blackmailing to get actors in movies. I mean there pretty much is a type of mafia that works in Hollywood, people get killed all the time there and I believe that blackmail happens to keep certain secrets from being getting out while exposing other people’s for revenge/humiliation. Backstabbing all the time basically.

No. 505532

Kinda like how Angelina Jolie killed her pet snake to get into Hollywood?

No. 505536

i came into this rolling my eyes because of the editing but now im like what the fuck

No. 505550

You know the dinner scene in The Witches movie? It reminds me of that. Also the first woman at the table has her hair similar to Anjelica Huston's. They are served some old fashioned food too.

No. 505614

idk why but this looks like a deep fake to me? maybe I need to sleep

No. 505648

That video has too many jump cuts and infers too much shit.
Here's the full video. No subtitles, no music. She jumps from topic to topic, and is probably very high.
The snake thing is in the middle of a conversation where a friend brought up accidentally killing their rabbit by feeding it lettuce. Jolie mentions her own rabbit dying when she was a kid because the cage fell on it, a hamster that died, lizards that died after a friend left them out in the sun, and her snake that she had to kill, but her friend talked over her before she could tell the story. Then, they suddenly talk about making casts of their body and making ceramic masks, shirts, etc.

No. 505657

To be fair, celebs probably have to cope with drugs after witnessing the darker side of Hollyweird; but why did she kill her snake if not for sacrificial purposes?

No. 505719

She could've had to put it down because it was sick, or she wasn't allowed to take it with her when she was moving somewhere, or she was young and her parents didn't want to let her keep it, but she couldn't find an animal shelter that would take it.
There are all sorts of possible explanations, it sucks that the friend cut her off.
It also did kind of sound like she wasn't trying to explain "People think it's S&M and that it's superficial, but it's not", but "People don't understand that S&M isn't superficial, it's deeper than they think". It's a logical lead-in to her discussing "seeing everyone's sexuality, and people who are darker", as if the point wasn't sex (ie S&M), but initiation, it wouldn't make sense to bring it up. The "real, real place" she keeps repeating sounds more like she's describing some innate, untapped sense of being, like a "true self", rather than another physical location or dimension (Hell).
This isn't to say many celebrities and Hollywood people aren't involved in weird Satanic shit, just that I have doubts about this particular video being evidence or an admission.

No. 505787

Courtney could never be a handler kek. They're weirdos who do too many drugs and have no boundaries. Would love for Frances to write a tell-all though. What do anons think about Courtney killing Kurt?
We live in a society that objectifies women and sees them as something to consume. This is very basic. Are you autistic?

No. 505821

I have no idea what to think regarding Kurt's death. If Courtney was indeed involved in his death, I'd only be surprised that she isn't as dumb as she seems. Yet at the same time, if Kurt really did kill himself, I can't say I'd be surprised either. I just feel bad for Frances. No one is deserving of what she went through, and no one deserves to have Courtney Love as a mother.

No. 506485

Did Lana’s handlers ever told her Laurel Canyon was a fake glow-in-the-dark psyops?

No. 506494

I'm so tired of this sexist bullshit theory, men hated Courtney because she's a tough bitch with massive talent and not a nice go along to get along type of woman. She's the 90's yoko, and it fucking sucks that rather than giving her the bad bitch credit she deserves, there are people blaming her for the suicide of a literal suicidal bipolar drug addict.

No. 506497

NTA, but she's a fake, a liar and an overall terrible person, lmao. I don't know if she killed Kurt, but she wasn't the "true punk rock goddess" she presented herself as for so many years.
There was an entire blog titled "exposingcourtneylove" or something that detailed all her shit, with receipts. I'm sure there are archived pages of it on the Wayback Machine or something.

No. 506505

…She's one of the very few women with actual talent in music. Quit slobbering over a dead drug addict and get a reality check.

No. 506508

>she’s one of the very few women with actual talent in music
You smokin dick

No. 506509

You should literally be embarrassed of having a crush on a dead guy so hard you're willing to fuel the most sexist stereotypes about an a talented woman you could never measure up to.

No. 506511

t. Courtney

No. 506520

lmao WHAT?! do you only listen to shitty pop from the last five years or something? there are so many female musicians more talented or on par with her, including the musicians she ripped off with her style.

No. 506536

You should be embarrassed about defending Courtney Love THIS hard
She's not a good person, even if you do think she's so 'talented' (she sounds like a dying goat to me)

No. 506605

When did I even mention Kurt in a positive way in my post? She herself is a drug addict, so I don't even know what you meant. You're embarrassing and clearly the one who needs a reality check here.
The "riot grrrl" Tumblr scene died in 2015, sorry.

No. 506610

I never said anything about defending kurt. I like nirvana but I agree with what you’re saying about kurt, and I also like Courtney’s music and hole…but to say that she’s “one of the only talented women” youve got to be smokin some serious fuckin dick. You must be listening to like 4 bands a year. What do you consider “talent” anyway? You probably have a very narrow perception of what musical talent is, being a narrow minded person and all. You should be embarrassed for shitting on and undermining your own gender in favour of an abusive and narcissistic mother who was fuckin banned from seeing her own kid after being such a wreck.

No. 506612

she totally killed kurt kek

No. 506615

File: 1579846708659.jpg (41.76 KB, 500x500, 2fKHMtP.jpg)

I was reading about Pizzagate, and found out about this guy, Peter Alsop. Might be nothing, but there's some weird coincidences with him.
He's a musician who makes children's music, and also a psychologist who worked with emotionally disturbed kids.
Spirals like in pic related are a known pedo symbol:
They were eventually removed from the album cover, as you can see here:
That's not too big, so whatever. He also worked on this educational short film about
CSA (more specifically, he wrote the theme song):
The irony of this is that the man who acts as the responsible, helpful adult, Rolf Harris, turned out to be a convicted sex offender who was sexually abusing young girls before (and even after) its production.
Alsop commented that Harris "may have used the film to groom children because it encouraged trust by parents".

No. 506616

File: 1579846911422.jpg (742.21 KB, 2898x2310, Q00aWvR.jpg)

But like, some of his photos are kind of weird.

No. 506617

File: 1579847041759.jpg (16.92 KB, 220x218, dcHr5mg.jpg)

Cover art for one of his songs, "I Am A Pizza".

No. 506618

And the actual song. It seems mostly innocent, but the parts about being taken into a car, held upside-down and falling to the ground, then "I was a pizza, I was the best. I was a pizza…now I’m a mess!" seem kind of fucked up under the lens of the whole PG thing.

No. 506620

Here's another of his songs, "Where Will I Go When I'm Dead And Gone?". Seems normal, then gets macabre here:
>Hey, maybe you could dress me up and keep me around
>Sit me in your kitchen chair
>Then if you got lonely and you needed someone,
>I’d be right there!
>Or you could hang me out in the sun on your patio,
>I’d dry hard as a stone
>And the wind would make music on me, like a radio!
>You could dance to my rattlin’ bones!
It just reminded me of Jeffrey Dahmer's (and other murderers) fascinations with keeping the bodies of his typically underaged victims. He was apprehended in 1991, while the album this song is from, Songs of Loss & Grief, was released in 1997.
I noticed that the children specifically don't sing this part in the video, probably because it'd look too twisted, but the song itself is listed as being aimed at pre-school aged kids up to teens/adults on his website, so it's safe to say they're intended to sing along, at least.

No. 506622

Its hard to take pizzagate seriously when so many of its backers are probably 4chan pedos themselves. I think this song is cute and kids being smart enough to handle more mature life situations is a good thing, why should we shelter kids from everything in life? I mean there's weird tradcaths that think we shouldn't have sex ed or teach evolution in schools too. Death is a part of life that a lot of kids will encounter, especially with pets and grandparents.

No. 506624

I generally agree with that, but it's the fact that this particular song is by the same guy behind a song/video where kids sing about being pizzas that become "a mess", an album cover with spirals that were later randomly removed with no explanation, a photo of him sharing a spaghetti noodle with a little girl (pretty sure the Podesta e-mails had "pasta" implicated as a "code word"), and his involvement with a production that turned out to star an actual pedo.
If it was anyone else, whatever. Everything together is just kind of strange.

No. 506627

I mean, I can buy that some weird rich people are perverts or child molesters, but I'm not down with the pearl clutching "everything that I don't understand is satanic" bs.

No. 506630

Not everything is black and white, anon. And you are in a conspiracy thread so try to have an open mind.

No. 506632

File: 1579851846749.png (622.18 KB, 1284x1134, 9048434.png)

The song "I Am A Pizza" appears as the first track on the album in pic related, which he performed with his daughter (who was 10 at the time). On the surface, the song doesn't lyrically relate at all to the rest of them (which seem to largely be about family and some more serious topics). Also, after reading some of the lyrics for "Don't Put Your Hand In My Pants", it doesn't seem appropriate for a 10 year old to be singing (regardless of the intent).
Interestingly, his parents aren't named on his Wikipedia page. Turns out his dad was a WWII vet and an engineer:
>Samuel Alsop, 82, of Hampstead, NC, left on his final voyage Friday (January 18, 2002). Born in New York City, he was the son of Ruth Clare Davies and Samuel Alsop. Formerly of Meriden, Sam was a U.S. Air Force Veteran of World War II, president of Alsop Engineering in Milldale, a member of the Shriner's and Power Squadron for many years, a real estate broker for 27 years and active in many community organizations
Relatives include people involved in politics and journalism, such as Stewart and Joseph Alsop.

He's also been featured as part of a larger motion framed in the book "Queering Elementary Education: Advancing the Dialogue about Sexualities and Schooling": https://books.google.com/books?id=HafWAQAAQBAJ&pg=PA114
His wife, Ellen Greer (daughter of Will Geer) owns the Theatricum Botanicum in Topanga Canyon LA, and his "Kid Koncerts" are regularly held/featured there.
Not sure what this site is (seems like a boomer forum - I didn't discover this comment or most of this info), but here's an interesting comment on it: https://www.freerepublic.com/focus/f-chat/3600765/replies?c=12
>To: Tolerance Sucks Rocks

>Been around LA for a long time … there were groomers that used theater groups as a farm system.

>Back in the day, Will Geer’s Theatricum Botanicum https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Theatricum_Botanicum was just known to the acting community to be such a place.

Not what I meant at all, but okay.

No. 506634

A lot of conspiracy theorists don't really have an open mind though, and a lot of is shrouded in paranoia and hate for the other. Most of my experiences with conspiracy theorists have been negative, like dumb tradcaths accusing Jews of putting blood in their matzah. It just makes you jaded and disgusted by paranoia that in turn fuels hate and gets innocent people hurt and killed.

No. 506639

Also, this is just my personal speculation, but the lyrics to his anti CSA-song(s) seem a little dodgy IMO.
They're intended to lend empowerment" to children for their bodies. I don't feel like going through the wastelands of "MAP" Twitter again to collect receipts, but this message of "empowerment" and a focus on "My body is mine, I run it my way" (as opposed to just, you know, "Keep your hands off my no-no places") reminds me of when pedo activists argue incessantly for "children's rights to use their bodies with whoever they want".

They say these things specifically because they want to normalize grooming. In their own minds, "positive" indoctrination means that no children will feel taken advantage of when pressured into anything. Some even stretch this logic to insist that CSA doesn't really exist, it's just that society teaches kids that what happened to them is wrong, giving them bad feelings. They have complete brain-rot on this subject.
This line of thinking is like a bastardized version of the "sex/body positivity" movement, and can probably be traced directly to NAMBLA, Harry Hay, etc, considering both espoused similar ideas.

That group was basically kicked out of the LGBT movement for being pedos, but they've been trying to edge their way back in for ages.
IMO, we all seem to think Twitter's bizarre PEAR (pro-expression, anti-regression) community (spearheaded most famously by pedo furry/tranny breakcore musician 4Lung) and the MAP/NOMAP shit with their own pride flags are new developments. The same goes for the sudden rash of drag kids and "drag queen story hour". I'm convinced literally none of it is, though. They just seem like the most recent out of many attempts, all hiding under the broad moniker of "queerness" (essentially latching themselves to the LGBT forcibly), and through "careful" content like this that focuses primarily on children's "empowerment", and some of the messages in the book in my previous post, they've been laying a foundation for future acceptance from the 80s/90s. This is just my own tinfoil, though.

No. 506647

No. 506659

The royal monarchy also stole native kids from residential schools in the 1960’s. They were found guilty but couldn’t change them since they rule Canada and all.

No. 506764

Everything in this video is why I'll never ignore the Pizzagate stuff.
Anybody who denies it is either woefully ignorant, or has a vested (and very twisted) interest in denying reality.
Also, it annoys me seeing people make this a "Republicans vs Democrats" thing. It's so obvious that they're all in on it.

No. 507144

Braco is literally David Ellefson in disguise . When he’s not performing for Megadeth or being Dave’s bottom bitch, he’s making art under a different name.

No. 507385

Koby Bryant died before being inducted into the basketball hall of fame


No. 507507

I can’t tell what’s coincidence and what’s sacrifice anymore. I used to jump at every celebrity death and assume sacrifice and I don’t wanna do that anymore but this one definitely seems sus.

No. 507609

He died during the Grammys weekend and supposedly after passing the torch to Lebron James, not to mention it’s before the Super Bowl.

Does anyone know numerology? Apparently numbers tell you who’s sacrificed next or something (dunno if the numerology thing is true anyway), his daughter died at 13.

No. 508070

Why is everyone dying so suddenly? Neil Pert died, Kobe Bryant died, and two other dudes from bands Death and Corrosion of Conformity have recently died.

Does the owl-thing demand more sacrifices or something?

No. 508107


megadeth anon is my fave anon on lc kek

No. 508110

My mind had a fuck up just reading
>Don't put your hand in my pants
>My little clock
I'm gonna throw up now. This dude is fucked up.
Some people said back when PG was happening you can take evidence like this out of nowhere for anyone, but the truth is you just cannot. Isolated, fine whatever. But all of this together coincidentally, absolutely not.

No. 508172


Since when bad bitch stands for abusive and psychotic?
She straight up killed frances's pets, neglected her to do copious amounts of drugs and probably traumatized the girl, who already grew up without a father, for life.

You wanna defend women think of Frances first.

No. 508177

I feel there this tendency among radfems to defend, "edgy" horrible women for some reason

No. 508187

We're not immortal my dudette

No. 508193

are you the same anon bitching about white radfems because some of us don't want to mourn a rapist? and the same anon that said "All radfems should be banned"? do you have nothing better to do?(infighting)

No. 508251

Didn’t they ban your stupid ass in the celeb thread? And of course you’d be defending Courtney kek

No. 508252

I know and I also know that there are celebrities who die of natural causes (not a sacrifice) but this is starting to feel like Midsommar with the beginning of a new decade and the changing of seasons.

No. 508306

nah bc im neither of these anons, retard. go sperg some more in meta

No. 508310


No. 508739

No. 508785

I think that Courtney is a batshit crazy druggie but she did not kill Kurt.

My guess is that David Geffen paid to get him offed so Nirvana wouldn’t leave the record label. Instead Nirvana got cult icon status when Kurt died and now every generation of emo teens will listen to Nirvana.

The letter Kurt Cobaun sent to Geffen states very clearly that he is going to stop making music and start focusing in his family. “ I am now in rehab going on 18 days and Im really looking forward to having a family at this point fuck NIRVANA.”
It’s possible that he relapsed and died OD because it’s commin to overdose when their tolerance is low after rehab,


No. 508800

I'm glad people are bringing this up. My parents are conspiracy theorists and they mentioned this as well, and they connected it to someone else (I forgot who) but when I heard about it, I thought about when Aaliyah died in a helicrash as well because the person piloting it wasn't an actual licensed pilot or something. This case seems different. The pilot was certified but something went wrong with the actual helicopter. This is why you have to do all your manual checks before lift-off, no matter what. Someone screwed with the heli before they went up.

No. 508807

nah, occam’s razor wins here. the helicopter had no terrain warning systems and it was a very low visibility day, perfect recipe for crashing into the side of a mountain. i know it’s the conspiracy thread but imo there isn’t a motive to “sacrifice” him and his kid, it’s just a case of shitty circumstances and lack of forethought to safety.

No. 508810

O u right
I didn't know it lacked the terrain warning system. It makes sense though still a risky attempt.

No. 508831

File: 1580417163153.jpg (719.2 KB, 1836x2448, vc.jpg)

Vigilant Citizen has been proven to be a false flag ran by marketers.

No. 508883

There was a CDAN post about Courtney cheating on him with River Phoenix (ew River why?!) and that Kurt was threatened to be dropped by the record label. Currently having trouble finding it and the video it was featured in 2018.

I also heard that David Geffen is part of the gay mafia along with Brian Singer

No. 508918

Something That's Been Bothering Me With MeToo for sometime now

A couple days ago, when I was talking about Rose McGowan and Asia Argento on another website, and how they were calling every woman and man out by name for being silent about Harvey Weinstein and knowing about them and being complicit, all the while when Rose has publicly defended & praised a convicted child rapist Victor Salva, a director she worked with (She said, when asked in an interview about his rape conviction, that it "is none of her business" and that he is a "sweet guy") & Asia Argento publicly defended Roman Polanski by signing a petition to bring him back to U.S. People asked her about it and she first made an excuse, but then and blocked people who asked her about it on Twitter.
I got very violently attacked by some people who told me that I was victim blaming, derailing, and that I was trying to discredit the victims, and that I expect them to be perfect saints, and that I should never talk about this again or ever bringing it up again.

I responded that: I said over and over that this in no way discredits them for the assault they received from Harvey. Their voice and opinions are valid, and I'm glad they spoke out. But it is valid to point out that while critiquing people for protecting a rapist, they also did the same thing. It does come off a little bit as "It's okay as long as it doesn't happen to me" to me and I don't expect them to be "perfect saint victims," as people often do, but to say that women in Hollywood can never be responsible for their hypocrisy or actions is actually expecting them to be perfect saints who can never do any wrong. like it still feels like Metoo is just scratching the surface with the sexual abuse in hollywood

No. 508950

The #metoo movement itself is a lie, it was started in the mid-2000’s by a black woman who slept with an underaged boy and blamed him of rape when she got caught. Harvey Weinstein was just the fall guy because nobody liked him anymore.

No. 508962

agreed. courtney is definitely unfit for society. i know someone that was very close and personally around her for a couple years. through that person i learned terrible stories of things she has done to them and they still don't believe she killed kurt

No. 508963

You're literally making up shit. Are you the same person from the Celebricows thread who insisted Kobe Bryant was innocent?
>Burke was born in The Bronx, New York, and raised in the area.[1][2] She grew up in a low-income, working-class family in a housing project and was raped and sexually assaulted both as a child and a teenager. Her mother supported her recovery from these violent acts and encouraged her to be involved in the community. In her biography Burke states that these experiences inspired her to work to improve the lives of girls who undergo extreme hardships.[2] As a teenager, she became involved in working to improve the lives of young girls living in marginalized communities.[3] Burke attended Alabama State University then transferred and graduated from Auburn University.[4][5] During her time in college, she organized press conferences and protests regarding economic and racial justice.[5]

>"For the next several minutes this child … struggled to tell me about her 'stepdaddy' or rather her mother's boyfriend who was doing all sorts of monstrous things to her developing body. … I was horrified by her words, the emotions welling inside of me ran the gamut, and I listened until I literally could not take it anymore … which turned out to be less than five minutes. Then, right in the middle of her sharing her pain with me, I cut her off and immediately directed her to another female counselor who could 'help her better.' "
>Burke said she never forgot the look on the girl's face.
>"The shock of being rejected, the pain of opening a wound only to have it abruptly forced closed again – it was all on her face," she wrote.
>"I couldn't help her release her shame, or impress upon her that nothing that happened to her was her fault. I could not find the strength to say out loud the words that were ringing in my head over and over again as she tried to tell me what she had endured. …
>"I watched her walk away from me as she tried to recapture her secrets and tuck them back into their hiding place. I watched her put her mask back on and go back into the world like she was all alone and I couldn't even bring myself to whisper … me too."

However: Asia Argento is a white woman who actually slept with an underage boy, and that cast a bad light on the movement. She didn't start the movement itself, though. It's not surprising to me that she'd defend Roman Polanski, with this in mind.

No. 508991

Spill it, what are the stories?

No. 509045

There is lot of rumors surrounding Geffen.

>he is part of Hollywood pedo ring

>Geffen is/was secretly married to Keanu Reeves


>Geffen orchestrated the whole MJ child abuse scandal because he wanted his catalog (which includes ie. Beatles). MJ also reportedly paid tons of money to witch doctor to put hexes on Music industry moguls, including Geffen.




No. 509731

They're old, anon. All the major celebrities and icons are getting up there in age and they spent years abusing their bodies with drugs and partying. Sperging about demons and sacrifices is so annoying when there's real people using their real power to manipulate real life.

No. 510286

Okay so why are you here then?

No. 511799

File: 1580958500267.jpeg (53.5 KB, 600x600, 6802E06F-EAF8-4A52-902B-0AA46D…)

Dave Mustaine is Donald Trump’s doppelgänger

No. 511950

I've been feeling extremely tinfoil lately to the point where I'm worried I'm developing schizophrenia or something.

I don't want to browse any news because I hate having to always double and triple check sources because of modern shit clickbait journalism. Between WW3 never happening and Coronavirus being a sensationalized flu, I fucking hate any and all news nowadays. I'm so distrusting of EVERY source now. It's worse now with all these pop science YouTube channels flaunting their cherry picked studies as solid proofs. I fucking hate it. I hare it all. I'm falling into the belief that modern society wants us feeling utterly paranoid and miserable for a handful of people to profit.

I try to tell myself that I can't stress too much, there's only so much I can feasibly learn on my own and I HAVE to rely on others to get a larger picture of the world, but I'm so distrusting of everyone and everything now that I'm just withdrawing into my own bubble. And not social bubble, just my own lonely bubble where everything is uncertain but there's comfort that I haven't gotten suckered into believing something I shouldn't.

I'm constantly questioning my beliefs, where I found them, how I formed them. And my memories are so jank that when I don't have a concrete answer to those questions I flip the fuck out. Then I get too scared to Google it because I fear confirmation bias.

It's too tiring having to fact check everything..I inevitably will skimp out on fact checking unless a really outrageous claim comes by me, but how many small unchecked beliefs have lead into larger networks of bad beliefs due to a shit foundation? For instance, remember "the calcium in milk helps build strong bones?" I'm not against milk but holy fuck, I actually took that factually as a kid and based so many beliefs on milk being a "superfood" or some shit. Everything dairy was great, it made sense that cheese was really good for you, etc. Learning that milk isn't particularly good nor bad for you means dismantling an entire network of beliefs I made on my own based on that one node. Then you have to reconcile that someone purposefully drilling that misinformation at a large scale purely for personal gain, not caring about the deceptiveness of it.

And yes, part of growing as a person inherently means reevaluating your beliefs. I just feel it's almost too much effort nowadays to filter the good from the bad.

Makes me hesitant to learn new things.

No. 511996

>modern society wants us feeling utterly paranoid and miserable for a handful of people to profit.
Ding ding ding!

>it's almost too much effort nowadays to filter the good from the bad.

And that is by design, so you are overwhelmed and take the whole mix or reject it all. In both cases, you end up un/mis-informed and therefore easily manipulated.

I don't have a solution anon, I just wanted to say that I relate to your post and I feel for you.

No. 512295

huh, you all are really trying.

No. 512356

Did he really just outed himself as being chosen for president or should I really stop lurking on lipstick alley?

No. 512361

stop lurking LSA

No. 512368

I know the U.S had a lot of problems even before Trump became president, but the sooner his dementia ridden ass is out of office, the better.

No. 512388

Of all the demented shit Trump says you could easily read into, this is a mega stretch since he's clearly just boasting about his yuge buisness skills and even if he literally said "I was chosen for president" he would probably just mean he was voted by the public. In fact Trump being president is proof the POTUS is not involved in any mind blowing secrets because he couldn't go a day without bragging that he knows where the aliens are or whatever.

No. 514406

From what I have seen in the clips, the annual Dimebash (yearly all-star tribute to Dimebag Darrel and now with Vinnie Paul from Pantera) seems pretty…eerie to me; I get dark vibes from watching them.

Now I know you’re gonna bash me and call me a pussy because “it’s trve metal!!! Wtf you scared of boomer?!?!?!” but please hear me out.

I too am a fan of metal and I have seen many metal awards, concert clips and so on but this just doesn’t sit right with me. Scott Ian’s kid who was performing with his dad and other musicians seemed really frightened at just being there, everyone seemed possessed, channeling demons or whatever - it’s the same creepy vibe you get when watching the Grammys another mainstream awards show.

Please know that these are high-level rock stars and we all know what you gotta do to get there.

No. 514407

Notice the eye symbolism at the beginning, who’s the tribute really for?

No. 517049

I saw this video and it actually makes some sense

No. 517155


I am not even full on conspiracionist, but it does though.

She didn't mention that he's full on pink and wearing make up and earrings and a candy necklace as well, probably because he's "pretty like a woman".

Also, if the lyrics are actually about himself rather than his wife, it also makes much more sense. "Bonafide stallion, ain't in no stable, you stay on the run" seems to be describing an erratic dude (or kid) like him.

I also wonder about the fifty fifty part, that could be an allusion to Bieber's rumoured bisexuality (or the fact that he was abused by both genders).

And the "you're incriminating, no disguise" needs no explanation, really.

Also super tinfoil mode but maybe the jet part (that clearly describes a blowjob, even if you think that's about his wife) may be referring to him giving BJ's in Epstein's famous jet flights?

Maybe I'm just reading too much into the lyrics, but to me personally, makes way more sense than just being about his wife.

No. 517177

It’s highly possible that Biebs was butt-raped by Usher and a couple of producers, bet his own family sold him out

No. 517183

I was going to say the song's too bare-bones to have any evidence of anything (other than whoever's the lyricist sucks at both rhyming and poetry but)
Then I looked into his deal and
>During the joint interview Justin and Hailey reveal that they decided to abstain from sex before they married in a New York courthouse in September last year. Prior to rekindling his romance with the blonde beauty in June, the Love Yourself hitmaker admits he had a 'legitimate problem with sex' and was more than a year into a self-imposed sex ban when he reconnected with her.
>'He doesn't ask us not to have sex for him because he wants rules and stuff,' Justin says. 'He’s like, I’m trying to protect you from hurt and pain. I think sex can cause a lot of pain. Sometimes people have sex because they don’t feel good enough.
really struck me as odd.

No. 517216

File: 1582419015841.png (247.8 KB, 2510x1214, 3iwd2senv2t31.png)


The "pretty/beautiful like a woman" thing was said by L. A. Reid, the producer that discovered Bieber in the first place. Who was charged later with sexual harassment. I have no doubt in my mind that he was sexually inappropriate, to say the least, with Bieber.

Stallion is also a term for a breeding male horse.

Again; I may be reading too much into it, but I also wondered if the title of the song itself isn't a reference to this particular email from the pizzagate leaks.

No. 517291

Okay, so we know that “pasta” is a code word for “boy” but wtf does “sauces” mean in their world? Jizz?

>I am awaiting the return of my children and grandchildren from their holiday travels so we can demolish them.


No. 517473

This guy is supposedly the Canadian Epstein

No. 517475

Demolish the cheeses?

No. 517488

Nice to know they’ll abuse other people’s kids but not their own. Either way, this doesn’t look good on them.

No. 517529

This email stuff is where pizzagate conspiracy gets hokey to me.
Child trafficking by elites through business fronts makes sense but those code words sound rediculous and this just looks like an email. It's more unbelievable to think up weird meanings for this email than just sensible ones like maybe the dominoes part could be about a time he lost really badly at dominoes after eating a lot of pizza. Private messages are usually filled with references and in jokes that don't make sense.

Maybe the true tinfoil is that the stupid parts of the pizzagate conspiraryb are just misinformation, made to discredit the very real child sex trafficking trade. Maybe this person genuinely orders children but here he's just talking about food and dominos.

No. 517591

Isn’t that what code words are for??? Because they can be construed as people doing every day things? I think the emails are disturbing. Don’t forget the picture of the two Korean women podesta sent out who were arrested for trafficking children

No. 517633

File: 1582541709237.png (49.4 KB, 472x570, pizza gate.png)

No. 517838

>Domino = BDSM
Anon >>517529 you mentioned Domino’s, right?

No. 517840

Wasn’t Obama caught ordering “pizza” and “hotdogs” awhile back?

No. 517852

The White House doesn't allow outside food, and yet, the WikiLeaks emails cite Obama as having ordered $65,000 worth of pizza and hot dogs for a "private party".
Not sure what to make of that.

No. 517854

WHY WOULDNT THEY??? WHAT ABOUT NUT ALLERGIES???? The only NUTS they serve are peanuts. Hmm suspicious???
I proved that the conspiracy's real,guys. Lock em up.

No. 517869


Can we put this retarded crap to rest already?

No. 517872

doesn't Trump get McDonalds delivered regularly lmao

No. 517876

Yeah like the time those students were invited to the White House for dinner and he served them Wendy's.

No. 517907

>None of this elaborate conspiracy theory was true, as the New York Times noted
Why would the New York Times ever lie about anything?
It's not like the owner of Comet has already been caught red-handed lying about having a basement in his establishment.
>Most troubling for Mr. Alefantis and staff has been the use of children’s images, pilfered from the restaurant’s social media pages and the personal accounts of friends who had “liked” Comet Ping Pong online. Those photos have been used across dozens of websites. Parents, who declined to talk publicly for fear of retribution, have hired lawyers to get the photos removed.
>Some of the photographs were apparently taken from random web sites
Did whoever wrote this actually see the pictures or read the captions? Because some of them weren't even near appropriate to post on a restaurant or personal IG page.
>Alefantis also said many of the photographs were of children of family and friends, not patrons of Comet Ping Pong
This doesn't make things better.
>Scattered evidence from previously leaked Podesta communications was included, such as an e-mail about children orphaned after 2010’s catastrophic earthquake in Haiti (along with information about adoption agencies and trafficking),
Why is this article not acknowledging that Hillary Clinton literally had Laura Silsby, a person who was trafficking children from Haiti, freed and working for Amber Alert? This wasn't just scattered random information. I guess that wouldn't fit the agenda.
I typically like Snopes, but the omission of details and lack of any actual evidence this is fake other than "Alefantis says it's not true, pls stop" is kind of embarrassing here.

No. 517910

Yeah, he's pretty clear and unashamed about it, too.
It's kind of weird IMO for Obama to keep his $65,000 private hot dog/pizza party on the DL, though. Like, what would there be to hide? It's just food. And why the White House for the party?

No. 517931

So um, I went on /x/ because boredom


No. 517934

File: 1582612756391.jpg (58.89 KB, 960x882, 1571078478686.jpg)

Someone literally tried to shoot up the fucking place over a bunch of nonsense from a collage posted by someone on T_D. Was all this autism no reputable source has proved worth random bystanders potentially getting shot and killed? Or dying in a fire set by an arsonist? I don't fucking think so.

The BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and even fucking Fox News investigated and found nothing. Do you seriously think that every news organization in the first world is all cospiring together to shield pedophiles? Get a grip and use Occam's Razor. The police have been called there dozens times during this whole debacle. At this point, I think they would have fucking noticed if children were being trafficked there. At this point you're literally taking the word of anonymous crackpots online over everyone else.

You know why people believe in conspiracies? Because they're afraid of the unknown and like the idea of feeling like they have "secret knowledge" other people don't. You prefer the idea that there's some deep underground organization doing all the bad things in the world because you can't cope with the fact that evil things are done by ordinary people randomly all the time.

By the way, jet fuel isn't hot enough to melt steel beams, but it is hot enough to weaken the alloy, causing structural failure.

No. 517940

The shooting was nothing more than a staged act, they aimed for the hard-drive containing what evidence it may have.

>The BBC, The New York Times, The Washington Post, and even fucking Fox News investigated and found nothing.

So you wholeheartedly believe the mainstream media narrative, got it.

No. 517941

The shooter didn't investigate anything, he just barged in and shot at a computer. I'm not really sure what that's supposed to prove, other than that anyone can easily get a gun to try to wreak havoc, and that a computer on the premises under suspicion has been destroyed for unknown reasons.
What did they investigate, exactly? Because every news article I've read just cites denials from those who are being accused, takes them at face value, only vaguely refers to the actual accusations (like with the Silsby thing Snopes did), and leaves it at that. You really think the media and law enforcement can't be bought by people with extremely high political power? How naive are you, exactly?
At most, I've seen Buzzfeed attempt to blame the Russians, but then when you check the linked directory of things said by Russian shills, nothing related to Pizzagate is there.
Who has been put on trial, taken to court, actually had their shit searched and been proven to be 100% innocent? Why the CheesyBay thing? Why all the links to actual, confirmed human trafficking rings? Why the quick attempts to shut down the whole controversy before the shooting even happened? Why would Alefantis call people "cowards" for not going to his shop? Isn't that incendiary? Any normal business owner would actually be glad internet rumors haven't escalated to violence, if for the safety of themselves and their patrons. Why were mods on at least one popular site that this was being discussed on (Reddit) caught editing people's posts on the subject before banning it as a whole, even though far more ridiculous, egregious shit is often left undisturbed?

>The police have been called there dozens times during this whole debacle. At this point, I think they would have fucking noticed if children were being trafficked there. At this point you're literally taking the word of anonymous crackpots online over everyone else.

You can call CPS to an abusive household dozens of times, and even if it's clear what's going on, sometimes, nothing happens. There's at least one 13 year old girl with internet notoriety whose mother is basically pimping her out on IG and Tik Tok, having her wear skimpy clothes and twerk to get likes/comments from pedos, and having her abide by contracts and sponsorship work that she can't legally agree to. I can't remember her name, but I found out about her because D'Angelo recently made a video about it. She's even admitted that police have been called and CPS have been sent over multiple times, but nothing has been done.
Remember, this is a small YouTube/IG stage mom not facing any legal trouble for clearly exploitative practices, and exposing her child to predators. What do you think would be the case with someone who's friendly with the Clintons and other people with actual power? Even if we lived in a society where the law is fair, just and treats all equal, do you think they wouldn't know how to hide their shit?
If you want an example that's closer to home, maybe consider the fact that it was common knowledge that Epstein had an entire island dedicated to child trafficking since the 90s, to the point where Donald Trump boasted about being friends with him and openly spoke on how much he loves "very young, beautiful women", but nothing has been done for 10+ years, and when he was finally jailed, he was "mysteriously" allowed to "kill himself". Very trustworthy system we have here, huh?
Occam's Razor here is that people as a whole are being lied to, even if you'd personally rather feel safe. Sorry.

No. 517942

This guy was fired and blacklisted for doing his job. Oh and one of the comments reported that Wikileaks tweeted this video awhile back.

No. 517949

I missed this part:
>Because they're afraid of the unknown and like the idea of feeling like they have "secret knowledge" other people don't.
Being afraid of the unknown typically makes you run away from things, not toward them. Also, you can't keep calling this the draw of secret knowledge when the so-called "crackpots" are trying their hardest to make this as public and not secret as possible, only to get immediately gagged, blacklisted and banned from doing so by people who, if the allegations are true, would definitely have a vested interest in keeping things suppressed.
>You prefer the idea that there's some deep underground organization doing all the bad things in the world because you can't cope with the fact that evil things are done by ordinary people randomly all the time.
It's not underground, though. People with power can, and often do, commit very fucked up acts. Try reading about geopolitics, or war crimes committed by the US alone. Or, just open a history book. It's not crazy for large figures to also be abhorrent people.
These people have publicly known names, faces and identities, like anyone else. They are ordinary people, not gods.
The difference between them and your neighborhood sex offender is that they simply haven't gotten in trouble, and usually, they won't. The reason why is because of their money, their reputation, who they're related to, or what blackmail material they have on other important, publicly known figures and organizations. Look at how Jimmy Saville was protected, the fact that Bill Clinton was a frequent flier to Epstein's island but still isn't in jail, how multiple figures in Hollywood signed a petition to protect Roman Polanski, how Michael Jackson still has rabid fans who defend him to this day, etc. The list goes on. Even within your average family, a rapey uncle or grandpa can get away with molesting the children, and still get invited to family events, even after the children speak up.
Many people just care more about maintaining the status quo, or sating their own selfishness than enacting "real" justice. That's just how they are. And since people are running the police, the media and other avenues, instead of some sort of impartial, perfect justice AI that punishes all evildoers equally, of course many things will get swept under the rug, slip through the cracks or get outright denied. That's how it always goes until someone else with even more power steps in, or it's simply impossible to keep lying about anymore.
It's happened before, it's still happening now, and the fact that you seem so opposed to this simple knowledge makes it seem like you and others in denial are just sticking your heads in the sand.

No. 517960

I'm in the medical field and I feel like lots of doctors over-prescribe medications for no reason, especially to old and obese people. I've seen doctors prescribe 30+ pills to things that can easily be reduced to 10 pills at most. Maybe it's a way to keep people to not reproduce? A lot of the medications cause tiredness and infertility, not to mention problems that most people never notice and can live their entire lives without worrying about or being affected by it being new medical issues and need to be prescribed medicine.

No. 517983

I have no idea where you work country-wise, but in the US doctors can get cash incentives for prescribing medications. For years Lipitor was overprescribed because it wasn't controlled and the Pfizer incentive was easy and arrived quickly.
It feels like the elderly are least likely to argue about taking something new or even inquire why they'd need a new med.

No. 518032

one word: money. That's why. There's more money to be made from an elderly person taking 30 pills than an elderly person taking 10 pills.

No. 518049

Yeah, it's fucked up. When I was 13 I went to a psychiatrist and told them I couldn't concentrate (because I was depressed) and they immediately prescribed me stimulants. It made me more depressed when it wore off in the middle of the day. I didn't realize until later I was practically crashing off legal meth daily and it took me years to quit

No. 518070

If you work in the US I can attest to this. My general practitioner convinced me to take a $300+ test to see what medications would work best for me. My results were completely wrong. The meds that were awful for me were in the good row, and the ones that worked but wore off overtime were in the bad row. I looked up the test and it wasn’t peer reviewed. That’s just one encounter I’ve had. I’ve had one doctor actually care about me in 7 years. Everyone else tries sucking money out of me until I’m assertive

No. 518087

I agree with the premise that medications are being irresponsibly prescribed but the concluding question
>Maybe it's a way to keep people to not reproduce?
Is ridiculous. You can't claim it's mostly old and obese people who are targeted and then say it's about reproduction as if those demographics are known to wantonly reproduce in the first place. Old people aren't having babies. It doesn't make sense.

The reality in the US is that young, white, and middle class peoples are being the most affected by prescription abuse and specifically for opiates. Because now with stricter regulations, doctors are having to cut them off and so they resort to illegal street drugs which often kill. Or they doctor shop around until they find one who will give them the scripts and they die just from prolonged abuse of their medications.

There's no conspiracy to it. The reality is people live difficult, stressful, and expensive lives but don't have the means to seek real medical help and lifestyle changes. They go to their doctor who promises magical pill reliefs for their pains, and the doctor is happy to oblige for the business and money. It's a vicious cycle.

No. 518264

File: 1582691918498.jpeg (207.87 KB, 750x1066, 5DAC62F6-094A-45B0-9EFC-A3818D…)

So Reddit continues to censor posts they apparently don’t like. Is there any doubt anymore that social media sites are carefully controlled and monitored with a certain agenda?

No. 518274

who gives a shit. reddit is a blight. kill it.

No. 518324

Same agenda as always, anon: hiding the truth.

No. 518331

Old comet ping pong commercial

No. 518340

(2016) notice the absent artwork?

No. 518378

I feel sorry for the artist who now gets to be tied to this conspiracy
It reminds me of the liberal artist who first drew Pepe the frog

No. 518510

Again with the mainstream media articles? The Pepe one was a given but wtf are you doing here if you’re willing to listen to the man’s propaganda?

No. 519602

This article reads like every other mainstream coverup piece. Second paragraph calling believers “the dumbest people on the internet” … these claims have evidence, despite what they want us to think.

Any other anons struggling with swallowing the red pill? Also I 100% believe in pizzagate. I’m not sure how far I believe in the satanic stuff or to what extent, but I definitely believe the pedo ring.

My friend came over and we watched million dollar extreme’s world peace show together and it kinda fucked me up. We have been talking for months about pizzagate and the state of the world right now in terms of who is in power and what they’re doing to brainwash us.

No. 520020

In regards to the satanic stuff, just because they use that type of iconography or symbols doesn't necessarily mean that they believe in it.
A large theory is that they use these things to make outspoken victims seem like liars or mentally ill conspiracy theorists. The more outlandish and crazy these things are, the harder they are to believe.
You could use something like Elan School for reference. This was a reform school that parents could have their children sent to, and was backed by the government. These children were kidnapped from their beds in the middle of the night (which is legal, because the parents consented), tossed into the back of a van, and driven to Maine. When they arrived, they were forced to shower in front of strangers, and had all of their personal effects and clothing taken away. If they tried to run, there were local hunters stationed in the woods specifically to capture them. There's lots of crazy things that happened there, but the biggest ones were the fighting pit where students had to fight multiple opponents in one go, the "therapy sessions" where students were only allowed to scream at and insult each other, and the isolation room where you'd be forced to sit and stare at the wall without moving, sometimes for as long as a month.
Remember - this happened, has extensive amounts of proof, AND was backed by the government and completely legal. This school ran from the '70s and shut down around 2011. Decades of child abuse and torture. Some kids managed to run away. Victims spoke out. Police were sent, multiple times. But the school continued to run because who would want to believe that there was a government-funded torture chamber in the woods of Maine where children were only allowed to scream at each other, fight, and stare at walls for years? By the way, Elan School didn't even have to set a release date for when a student would graduate the program. For almost every student, they kept them until 18 (and some entered as young as 13), where students could legally sign themselves out of the program.

No. 522730

i've heard that before and it makes a lot of sense. if you design a room to look like, say, the inside of a UFO, the victims will get grouped in with people who have abduction delusions

No. 522913

I believe every conspiracy theory has at least a little truth to it. There is no such thing as coincidences when there are TONS of them in one situation.
The conspiracies get exaggerated and people shit them up sure, but that doesn't mean there is absolutely nothing there at all. If you trust your gut and something seems off, there usually is.

I think about this a lot

No. 523497

Any corona theories yet?

No. 524843

No. 524879

i know i just bought a lot of shit because everything was so low. so, yeah.

No. 524880


No. 525000

I don't know much about /pol/ but coincidentally he was right about Italy? But I guess it's super touristy there. Everything else could have been predicted, I guess. But now I'm curious about the part where he says it may spread badly in Brazil and South America?
He says he has connections with CDC and WHO, but both of them seemed pretty incompetent at times regarding the epidemic. So even if someone did have ~insider info~ with them, I feel like they wouldn't know what would happen? And having friends in the medical field wouldn't make a difference either.
And his estimation of at least 60,000 people being killed is kind of the same as the flu so that's a safe number to go with for him to be right about later on…
A lot of effort was put into this and it was a cool read but it's kind of like a "psychic" or a "fortune teller" being right. Just be correct and coincidental enough so people will believe.

No. 525443

How long until martial law is declared and we get sent to the FEMA camps?

I don’t want a mark or vaccination but I don’t wanna end up in a concentration camp….I also don’t want to believe this prediction is becoming reality.

No. 525681

Not sure about western conspiracies, but the two big ones that were/are going around 2ch are that corona was an accidentally leaked biological weapon, and that the Chinese hotel (or apartment building?) housing people on quarantine from corona that collapsed last week was purposefully bombed by the government.

This is just some second hand stuff I’ve heard from friends here, not sure if there’s anything similar floating around /x/ or /pol/ lately.

No. 527353

The old fucker in this vid practically wrote the book on bioweapons and he agrees that it was man made either unintentionally or intentionally leaked

No. 527372

Mods can we talk about China/Corona here?

No. 527787

FEMA camps when?

No. 527865

>million dollar extreme’s world peace show
That's interesting, because Sam Hyde abuses teen girls.

No. 527866

If we can't this thread is autistic. It's called general tinfoil
>government coverups
It's in the description

No. 528041

No. 528197

Samefag. So this guy brings up in a few instances of his 3 part series that covid19 was being spliced with HIV in order to create a more aggressive contagion (there's a lot more info to the theory but let's focus on that). An Indian lab was studying the virus and came to the conclusion it was man-made due to its molecular structure seemingly being made up of both viruses. Directly afterwards an appointed shill from China released that corona is actually found in bats to combat that claim, even going as far to say they've known that for years, despite no prior mentions of the fact. India is now successfully combating the virus with HIV medication which is only recently being broadcast by mainstream media. Make of that what you will.

No. 528358

The fact that coronavirus is a family of viruses and that SARS is also a coronavirus is making a lot of the conspiracies really confusing to follow right now. I wish I knew more about microbiology. And I also don't really trust the conspiracy theorists to know enough about it either.
Still post the tinfoils tho

No. 528642

You can take any strain of virus and splice it with another (whether it's effective is another story), that's what labs around the world do to create and study potential bioweapons. There's plenty of documentation to support the way in which viruses are able to be mutated through human means. Even our scientists who research vaccines require studying/messing with the molecular structure in order to effectively predict the next vaccine needed to protect the populus. Sorry for the possible confusion, I accidentally implied Covid19 was spliced with HIV in my post when I should have said it was a mixture of the SARS family, spliced with HIV, that was the possible origin of Covid19. Here's an article that backs up our ability to engineer viruses, similarly to how biological scientists experiment with the genetic structure of stem cells.


>The fact that coronavirus is a family of viruses and that SARS is also a coronavirus is making a lot of the conspiracies really confusing to follow

(This video actually elaborates on what a Corona virus is, it gains it's title from it's molecular structure). I don't mean to be unkind anon, and you're more than welcome to you opinion, but given the modern world that's realistically a bit of a moot point. This man is by no means the authority on microbiology, but he has collected information from various legitimate sources (eg. Institutes of virology) in order to explain his contention. Although, I definitely agree having the grasp on microbiology that scientists do would ofc make our discourse significantly more effective. Hope this helps!

No. 528939

Oprah got arrested for child trafficking and being a madam for Harvey Weinstein

No. 528944

nah she didn't

No. 529099

Well that sucks, I was hoping that justice was finally served.

No. 530711

File: 1584957784712.jpg (50.31 KB, 800x419, vaccination-microchip-id2020-c…)

What do you think of id2020?


Their plan is to microchip everyone. It's not a conspiracy since it's out in the open. The "alliance" consists of big names such as Bill Gates, the Rockerfeller foundation and WHO.

The microchip will also hold data on your vaccinations. My thought is that they may force the micocships on people through the new Corona laws.

Their homepage is fucking creepy too.

No. 530846

Has anyone read A Modest Proposal? An essay about selling your own children as food for English royalty/the elites.

I remember reading this short story as a kid during my senior year and being put off by it while studying satirical literature. This is supposed to be satire, right?


No. 530847

yes, it was satire…

No. 530855

Yes but now allegations of pizzagate/spirit cooking and allegations of the queen kidnapping children from residential schools in Canada came out, how much of this story was telling the truth?

No. 530857

What happens if we refuse? They better not make this mandatory

No. 531534

According to QAnon (I know, I know); celebs are freaking out about social distancing is because they are getting arrested via quarantine. Harvey Weinstein is now talking and “they” are scaring Oprah into shutting up with the scandals coming out if she doesn’t do what they say - whatever it is they want.

In the news, Trump mentioned of a missing young lady who was a trafficking victim for the elites and was constantly tortured and almost died. He hasn’t revealed the name yet but people speculate it’s either Madeline McCann, Kristen Smart, Kayla Mueller or Natalee Holloway.

It’s been noted that QAnon speaks sometimes uses disinfo the get tptb off their tail, like Hillary supposedly being arrested

No. 531560

Ellen is under house arrest. Supposedly she has an ankle monitor and is surrounded by soldiers outside while chatting with Michelle Obama

https://mobile.twitter.com/TheEllenShow/status/1242186005639303170 (Video)

No. 531569

But why

No. 531575

File: 1585108811875.png (1.07 MB, 788x786, 0355C347-DC11-43C4-8A98-EF617B…)

For being sick fucks, that’s why. “Draining the swamp”

Pic related: she looks old as shit! In need of that baby blood/adrenochrome

No. 531580

Holy cow that's Ellen? I thought it was Bill Clinton

No. 531602

This was my initial speculation. I'm disappointed there's actually some creedence to the theory tbh.

Thank fuck this thread exists. I'd go stir crazy if we couldn't openly discuss celebrities' predatory nature. She looks like she needs a whole lot more than a blood facial imo.

No. 531611

Plz spoon feed me the Ellen pedo allegations, I’m so curious and it’s so hard to go through the man-chan speak on reddit and 4chan. I really get weird vibes from her though and noticed her show has been going on last week unexpectedly without her

No. 531617

My favourite tinfoils are the ones that come from some nobody’s blog.

No. 531627

File: 1585127114028.png (1.04 MB, 1006x856, Screen Shot 2020-03-25 at 5.02…)

What do we think about this whole coronavirus thing being a "preparation" cover for the real threat? A massive astroid that will hit Earth Next month. NASA has been tracking it since 1987 and deemed it potentially hazardous but claims it will miss Earth by 3.9 million miles.


No. 531629

She works for the CIA and is a suspected handler, just click on her Twitter and you’ll probably find a rabbit hole.

Edit: I tried to locate this Tiffany chick’s blogpost about Ellen being a CIA shill but I think she deleted it so here’s her Twitter post talking about Ellen hanging out with George Bush.


No. 531632

File: 1585128683667.jpeg (99.9 KB, 601x680, FC88307D-CBD9-4049-B270-2805EB…)

Up next on the hit list, Madonna!

https://mobile.twitter.com/Madonna/status/1241035131554615298 (Video)

Pic related; she’s speaking-err, singing in code

No. 531657


If it was something big (or fast like a comet) the only real preparation is to kiss your ass goodbye not this mess.

No. 531665

Every damn month this tinfoil comes up. As if no one else would be able to see that and talk about it.

No. 531721

Is there any truth about opening the third eye through anal sex? Apparently that’s what high-level Freemasons and Luciferians do to achieve power and knowledge

No. 531727

That sounds like shit. There are beliefs throughout a lot of groups that orgasm is enlightening though, so wouldn't be surprised if fucking a young lad up the ass is louted as being spiritual. Sure there's stories about rabbis having young boys sitting on their dicks in saunas in Israel

No. 531737

does anyone actually know of ANYONE who actually has coronavirus? Not just a friend of a friend who knows some guy who had a cough….

No. 531739

…. I have it.. tested positive so yeah.. I'd say I know someone, schizo-chan.

No. 531740

File: 1585149569540.png (37.64 KB, 1101x205, 21546365.PNG)

It's nice knowing your branching out from finland anon

No. 531745

What the…?! So it’s not just the Catholics that are being “enlightened”. Kabbalah, right

No. 531749

My friends uncle passed away Monday from it.

No. 531792

Cat’s out of the bag, Alec Baldwin jokes about kids touching people’s private parts

No. 531794

Someone in the coronavirus thread posted she had it and her mother was on a ventilator in the hospital. Haven't heard any updates in a while I'm worried.

No. 531989

According to yt commenters, JFK Jr. is alive

No. 532112

My friend's parents both tested positive. It's only officially made it's way into my city in the past few days (all confirmed cases through community spread), but it's spread significantly in that time. We have less than 600 tests in the entire state right now though with incoming tests being delayed, so we don't know the real numbers. I know a few people who are sick and presumed positive because they tested negative for everything else and the symptoms match, but they aren't "at risk" or experiencing any complications so no one can get tested. Only one dead so far, but my friend's parents aren't looking great and they're only at the beginning of it. I expect more in the weeks to follow.

No. 532153

hollywood is going to fucking burn one day. I can't wait till the day celebrity culture is officially dead and no one gives a shit about these psychopaths anymore. fuck everyone and they mama.

No. 532167

sits down in park with a friend YOU GOT A LOICENSE FOR THAT

Good to see the brits with a brain and not giving a fuck. The brits are going to be a hard one to control in the New World Order.

It's crazy to see people celebrating brutal governments whipping their own citizens for simply walking down a street Ala India. How do we know when these lockdown/laws will end? If they ever do? They'll say we can't go back to living how we were before to "prevent another outbreak" I don't understand how people don't see how blatant the agenda is.

No. 532172


Buddy, there's no insidious agenda, itss just that rounding everyone like cattle is easier than dealing with thousands of corpses

No. 532177

Enjoy your microchip. Now back to your kung flu containment thread. This is the general tinfoil.

No. 532181

So? Everything here is up for debate, im a probable case of covid and its way more painful that i've ver expected it to be, i don't wish this crap on anyone, tinfoiling is one thing, spreading misinformation that will put people's health and life in risk is another schizo-chan.

No. 532183

The virus is real, but governments are also definitely using it to quickly enact significant social change when nobody has the ability to fight back. Some changes will stick.

Anon above, good luck, I hope you can push past this virus.

No. 532186

The way celebrities are acting during this outbreak is pushing that day closer. Even normies are criticizing them pretty harshly for their self righteousness and attention whoring.

No. 532210

I'm not into conspiracies at all but I'm living for those who do lol I love that the last couple days under every article/video about celebrities people are just ramping it up, even the craziest shit get's thousands of likes.
Nice example, celebrities - in this case Madonna - posting weird shit because of the quarantine: https://twitter.com/Madonna/status/1241035131554615298
>Please shut up.
>The last three days have made me hate celebrities more than I ever thought I could.
>All celebs must be ban from social media
>We are watching attention whore celebs have a literal meltdown in front of us.
>Black radiator 311 >Which god is she thanking?
>I bet that’s 14 fish to be exact
>Looks like withdrawal symptoms and I might add your lack of real talent shows now!
>No more PASTA (young boys) for you. And no, there won't be a FALSE FLAG (Fried Fish) to save you this time. You're totally fucked. All options are exhausted. The whole world is watching. You won't be able to walk the streets.
Thousands are accusing her of being part of murderous organizations, how long will they be able to withstand that?
All those popstars, actors and the kardashians have done so much damage, they're such bad influence on all young people, they deserve every bit of hate they get.

No. 532216

I really enjoy that they are completely exposed to direct criticism for once in history. These figures finally have to deal with instant repercussions and have to read instant real reactions. Instant communication makes everyone seem so much less important and mundane, it’s kinda fun. Also with the rise of E-celebs, normal people that gain a lot of followers, makes them seem even less “famous” or unattainable.

No. 532220

>I really enjoy that they are completely exposed to direct criticism for once in history. These figures finally have to deal with instant repercussions and have to read instant real reactions.
Exactly, they got away with having everybody treat them like gods for way to long.

Ellen Degeneres is also in trouble right now, her and "house arrest" are trending, countless of accusation because she suddenly looks so old, tired and deflated and somebody started a very popular thread for people to share how horrible a person she is. https://twitter.com/KevinTPorter/status/1241049881688412160
>I worked @RealFoodDaily, served her & Porsha at brunch. She wrote a letter to the owner & complained about my chipped nail polish. I had worked till closing the night before & this was next morn, almost got me fired.
>She has a "sensitive nose" so everyone must chew gum from a bowl outside her office before talking to her and if she thinks you smell that day you have to go home and shower.
>A friend of mine told me about a custodian she knew who was fired bc he was slightly autistic and forgot he wasn't allowed to look at or speak to her, and he loved greeting everyone.
>she polices her crew's lunch orders, nobody allowed to eat fish etc.
And monsters like that earn hundred millions.

No. 532223

I do find it interesting that Oprah was accused of her house being raided and now this Ellen house arrest thing. I don't know if either of those accusations are true but where there is smoke there is fire and It's very easy to start smear a campaign against someone. Pay some bots to start the rumour and rile up the conspiracy crowd. It makes you wonder what Oprah/Ellen have done to piss whoever off? 2020 is really crazy. So much energy is shifting.

No. 532560

An anon posted this on the Corona-chan thread, felt it should be shared here too as schizo-chans

No. 532745

This anti-celebrity sentiment that people are starting to develop is so fucking cathartic

No. 533120

File: 1585371482973.jpeg (104.85 KB, 828x1792, 4ACC4808-6201-4051-BA39-770BBC…)

Wikileaks email confirming Ellen is a CIA shill

No. 533212

Satanic cults and magic whoohoo aside, I think most very rich people have done shady and illegal things to stay very rich. Ellen probably committed some white collar crime like insider trading.

No. 533389


No. 533447

File: 1585433207759.jpeg (506.76 KB, 1125x891, B119B579-7101-42A0-8C59-E1DE69…)

Tom Hanks is arrested upon arrival to the US.

No. 533449

No. 533460

Are you being serious? One of those two is clearly a pilot, that's no law enforcement uniform. Where did this picture even come from?

No. 533474

Maybe they’re not regular cops…?

No. 533506

An astrologer predicted

he predicted the collapse of the Soviet Union, and the coming of Brexit) made this prediction about 2020:

"When Jupiter conjoins Pluto in spring, there will be a drastic change in mankind's outlook on life — people will return to their roots and re-discover the old ways of living as well as the value of home and family life.

The Mars-Saturn conjunction in April brings a major financial crisis that will be felt on a global scale.

With Saturn's ingress into Aquarius, fraudulent businessmen, capitalists, and materialistic merchants will meet their downfall. This will set the stage for a new economy and business system by 2029.

The political scene will also transform as people's views undergo changes. Corrupt politicians and world leaders will slowly begin to lose their influence. Money and currency will become more transparent.

We might witness the disintegration of large nations like the UK and Spain, and the restoration of restrictive measures on countries' borders.

With Neptune in Pisces, we will also see the birth of a new generation of children who will not appreciate the use of smoke, alcohol or drugs.

Uranus in Aquarius laid the groundwork for the birth of new minds 19 years ago. This new generation of Uranians will bring significant changes to the police and the judiciary system.

Most people will realize that there has never been a real democracy, only dictatorship and oligarchy, because the police have predominantly protected the government and the rich."

No. 534972

File: 1585732544594.png (2.77 MB, 913x10923, screencapture-twitter-lsanger-…)

The creator of Wikipedia is speaking out on systematic child sex trafficking by elites.
Wonder how the media will spin this and try to convince everyone he's a crackpot/schizo.

No. 534974

File: 1585732829251.png (1.37 MB, 924x6501, screencapture-twitter-lsanger-…)

Here's the second thread. Shout out to the uneducated people and political partisans who have been screeching "Pizzagate FAKE" and acting in bad faith when we all know what's been going on.
Archive links:

No. 534978

if only man

No. 534982

>large nations

When was this written, the 17th century?

No. 535030

it's always bizarre to me how people talk about pizzagate as it was the most outrageously ridiculous conspiracy theory knowing all this at the same time.
also if you spend literally 5 minuts reading up on pizzagate past the "famous politicians rape babies in a pizzeria" tl;dr, there clearly was SOMETHING going on in these mails. Maybe not connected to children at all. But it definitely wasnt discussing amazing pizza flavors. Come on.

No. 535048

I’m so angry for pedophiles for abusing kids AND ruining pizza. They should use surströmming as a code name for their disgusting activities.

No. 535062

who predicted it? Kinda curious and wanna read more

No. 535064


God i fucking hope not.

Restrictive border control is my worst nightmare.

No. 535066

Speaking of predictions, has anyone read the Georgia guidestones?

No. 535102

File: 1585764524552.jpg (39.89 KB, 618x410, how-to-eat-like-hillary-clinto…)

Any proof that pizzagate is real?I'm having a hard time believing it

No. 535333

File: 1585815232066.jpg (54.29 KB, 626x520, heh.jpg)


I feel the exact same way, anon. Everything feels like a lie.

No. 535897

Am I the only one that doesn't trust Bill Gates?
Look at how smug he is, he even dashes some side smirks.

No. 535904

No. It is absolutely not real and confirmed conservative propaganda. There are plenty of legit reasons to hate Clinton, but that is not one of them.

No. 535907

He's one of the richest people on earth, owns Microsoft who basically says "fuck your privacy!" all over their software and will probably try to shill his dumb microchips. Trusting him would be tinfoiling at this point.

No. 535909

Jfc I hope he dies.

No. 535910

Confirmed where? Also, I don't see how it's conservative propaganda when it's been shown that pedophilia is an issue with all sides of the political spectrum.

No. 536137

He's starting to look like John Kramer from Saw

No. 536168

File: 1585956938420.jpeg (395.66 KB, 1125x1566, 72CA44E9-2269-4FD5-BDBA-F1151D…)

Oh look, Richie’s trying to get into the industry….or his management told him to flash the eye if he really wants to make it

No. 536179

Amazing. How has that long banana faced bitch not given up on everything? He's so ugly it's offensive and yet he's still out here trying anything he can

No. 536205

Kek, not even the elites want his bitchass yet he’s still trying

No. 536369

Fuck bill gates. He needs to die if he starts microchipping us.

who is this faggot?

No. 536657

Children are being rescued from shady hospitals and tunnels, mount sinai I believe


No. 536658

No. 536665

He doesn't even own Microsoft anymore you retard.

Holy shit this thread is hilarious.

No. 536676

People here are literally retarded, they were in the COVID thread saying how the American government not being proactive is good becuase the government is not responsible for how the pandemic is handled and it should rest upon the average american to protect themselves. Also tinfoiling about the government using the pandemic to 'control us even more'

No. 536688

File: 1586050655175.jpeg (602.25 KB, 1125x1497, CB7F4655-C961-4608-A3BC-FD66C7…)

No. 536971

Any good vids explaning how covid 19 and 5G are linked? I like watching/ listening to conspiracy stuff for fun while I work but youtube suppresses tinfoil stuff so all I can find are debunkings.

No. 537191


No. 539281

There was an online petition going on to stop Bill Gates’ Satanic vaccines but was abruptly stopped.

No. 539287

… idfk maybe because there's a fucking pandemic going on, idiot.

No. 539296

Mrs. Rona will see you now, dummy.

No. 540712

This is exploding on youtube rn

No. 540922

File: 1586887585402.jpg (66.35 KB, 897x651, Capture.JPG)

Got her

No. 540935

This was really good anon, thank you for posting it! It deserves an explanation though because I wish they didn't pick such a cheesy cover image and I didn't know if I was going to waste my time. I didn't care for the religious undertones but it's just the one guy's religion I guess. It's really well put together with credible interviews, footage, and showing some documents. It sums up everything in the past and up to very recently very well. The pizza gate explanation was so good. I also already knew (like we all do) that Lady Gaga was involved in Marina Abramovic, but until this video I didn't know the extent to how much she was, even in the beginning of her career. It also makes sense why Lady Gaga is randomly endorsing Biden now.

No. 541145

With every celebrity, politician, health guru and your momma telling you to “stay inside” and “practice social distancing” and “obey the law” or risk fines and jail time/forced quarantine. This is starting to really feel like an Orwellian society, and there’s not much we could do about it…for now at least.

I’d hate to say this but welcome to the New World Order

No. 541148

ok but in this case they're telling you those things for rational, tangible reasons.

No. 541151

Covid is a real disease meant to bring upon the New World Order

No. 541165

Nowhere in my post I said the virus wasn’t real, but I do agree with >>541151

No. 541183

Everything was condensed but very informative, Hollywood was and is a lie after all, hopefully this means people will finally get off the blue pill. I’m glad the dude found God too.

Her parents sold her out.

No. 541191

Had to delete my previous post because the video edited to look 2spo0ky5m3 and found a copy of the original one instead, here’s Marina invoking her “art” through high tech

No. 541198

No. 541204

It really does feel like some cult mantra, I mean it's borderline propaganda and really starting to feel patronising at this point. Don't get me wrong the virus is definitely real and it's best to stay inside for now but the way people are going about it rubs me the wrong way, the way they're blindingly following everything so called experts are saying whether it's well researched or no. Whether the virus got out on purpose or not (I believe it did) it was 100% manufactured in a lab

No. 541216

This was a really good video. I’m not really a conspiranoic but this was very put together and entertaining.

No. 541301

even though it was reaching at some parts(television = tell a vision lmao no) it is a good video for people who are anaware of this stuff. regardless of what anyone believes about conspiracies,the fact that you can't find it in the search results despite having this much engagement really says something

No. 541332

How could they be so retarded as to release this? I feel like this is some reverse psychology, order-from-chaos setup. False disclosure, or true disclosure, but for a specific reason. Not a good reason. They want us to beg for the NWO (or at least their lies about what it will be) out of fear and disgust.

No. 541446

Her skin looks so good for a 70 year old. Maybe I should add baby blood to my beauty routine

No. 541490

Don’t forget to drink that adrenochrome if you wanna live longer!

No. 541521

She is very injected and she admits to getting a lot of fraxel laser resurfacing, I’m too lazy to find it but just google marina abramovic lasers

No. 541834

No. 541909


No. 542190


have some valium, anon. you're THISCLOSE to a heart attack. chill.

No. 542950

File: 1587244941710.jpeg (617.56 KB, 1125x810, DCEB6069-1756-461A-BAD9-0113A0…)

What did Ellen do to get thrown under the bus like that?

No. 542951

What do I have to do to get one

No. 542982

be unfunny

No. 542988

Be mega rich and a Satanist

No. 543453

No. 543528

Don’t those anons in the celeb thread realize that pedowood is real real? Did they forget about Lindsay trying to steal a Muslim kid from his parents in Moscow?

No. 543532

Lindsey is a mentally ill druggie woman who is high all of the time so its not comparable.
You have thread dedicated here to pedowood so keep it that.

No. 543547

Someone made a video going into the IG screenshots and key individuals implicated in the Pizzagate scandal, and exposed that one of Europe's largest lingerie companies is actually hosting CP.
He discovered all of this through Googling a seemingly innocuous term in a photo of Obama at a Vietnamese restaurant, by the way. I know it sounds like bullshit, but he demonstrated exactly how he did this (obviously while heavily blurring anything illegal or compromising), and added that he reported his findings to the FBI. This world is a fucking joke.

No. 543552

Can you summarize that vid? Cause it’s not playing for me. What do you by cp? Full on deep web type child porn or photos of “underaged” models with edgey imagery in lingerie like that ray chandler qanon stuff where they thought a 25+ year old girl was underaged?

No. 543561

How long until he gets an hero’ed? Gotta be prepared, ya know

No. 543564

It's pretty in-depth, and I'm bad at summarizing, but to answer your question as best I can: At first, he saw "legal", but very creepy photos of actual children in training bras/underwear. He came across two images where they were naked except for bikini bottoms. He censored them for obvious reasons, but you could still kind of see the silhouettes, and all the tags were child/preteen related. There was no "edgy" imagery, from what I saw.
The source Google provided for one of the images was the online store for the normal lingerie brand "L*sca". He clicked on the link, and it lead to an item page that looked normal except for that photo. The site made sure to specify that it was for "kid's swimwear", so even though the uploader blurred the photo so we (the viewers) couldn't tell the age of the person pictured, we're literally told by the site what this is.
He also checked what the site looked like if you visited it "the normal way" (ie just typing in the site URL, and going through the homepage). He noted that all of L*sca's "normal" results, on Google images and on the site itself, showed adults only. All children's underwear or swimwear listings from the "usual" end of things was just the items alone, no models wearing them.
To come across what he found, you literally had to have known and looked up the special "code word" he got from following all these random, seemingly loosely-related bread crumbs.
On top of that, after all this, he pointed out that Google kept recommending him gross videos of little girls on YouTube, quite a few of them with Russian titles.
The rest of the video is an overview of who James Alefantis and John Podesta are, why the IG posts raised so many eyebrows from the start, and other questionable businesses and individuals they're linked to.

No. 543579

absolutely not defending pedophiles or CP, video is taken down so i cant check what you're talking about but in theory, what's wrong with literal children not wearing bras? they have no boobs, it's only sexual if you're a sick pervert and make it sexual.

No. 543580


Okay just FYI in Europe and especially in former Soviet Union it is (or was when I was a kid, idk if norms are changing now) totally normal for girls before puberty to wear only swimsuit bottoms on beach, and for really little kids (toddler and baby age) to have no clothing at all, I’ve seen some older films where there was full frontal nudity in beach scenes with kids. The fact that’s it’s “hidden” might be weird, but it might also be a product line that’s only viewable on the site in Europe, maybe they use an alternative layout for us based ips because they know the norms are way different in America and it would freak people out.

No. 543598

The Lisca brand is from my country, which used to be part of Yugoslavia, not the Soviet Union. Huge difference.

However, even here seeing children topless on the beach is normal, and it's also a very warm region with sea access. When you start developing then naturally you'll start wearing bra tops and such.

Also, the brand does not advertise outside of a small selection of surrounding countries, all European. In its country of origin it's very popular and the underwear is produced in a place that's kind of locally famous for sturdy cotton underwear that very old village grandmothers boil to disinfect.

I don't want to say there's nothing going on behind this because I really don't know, and our country neighbours another that's kinda known for sex trafficking and prostitution so God knows, but it really is just a lingerie brand as far as most people here are concerned and they have pictures of the kids' line in store catalogues with models and the women's line also worn by models. The site could also be outdated, most businesses here can't internet.

I'm kinda surprised that anyone would consider topless children creepy to begin with. It's just kids, you wouldn't put a bra on a baby.

No. 543628

I really think you should watch the video first before defending the photos, anons. I understand that not all countries have the same norms, but whoever runs the site hosting that shit purposely went out of their way to hide it. They knew it wasn't defensible, it wasn't necessary for it to be on the site (the images themselves didn't look very "old-timey" based on the colors, the poses the models were in didn't exactly look normal, and it's definitely not hard to simply delete shit off your site, even if you can't into computers), and the uploader literally had to blur the images to avoid getting his shit deleted for distribution of illegal content.

No. 543718

NTA but it says video unavailable for me, anon. Sounds like a bad sign. Did he make sure to censor the brand name so it wouldn't make sense if they took it down?

No. 543735

nta but you need to sign in to confirm your age, maybe that's what it is? it's up for me for now, but i hope this is downloaded and mirrored in case it's taken down

No. 543893

That was gone fast…

No. 543918

Well, that definitely confirms my suspicions.
I have a slight tinfoil that naming the brand here tipped off their Google Alerts, and they had it removed. No worries, it's still on BitChute (and there seems to be a way to directly download videos from that site): https://www.bitchute.com/video/m4uPgLMVI_g/
The video creator's username is "Mouth Buddha". I'm just saying this so if the BitChute one gets deleted too, anons will have something to use to start digging.
He seems to be linked to retarded alt-right people like Ethan Ralph, but this particular video was informative IMO.

No. 543979

Thanks for linking the reupload of the video, now I kinda see what you meant with the pictures. Still, as an European used to seeing kids run naked or half naked I see nothing explicit about them - poses are not sexual at all either - though it is weird how you cannot access that subsection without this odd way around. Could be something could be nothing. I don't know why anyone would do something with sharing CP in mind so out in the open when dark web exists. At the same time i think there was similar discussion when pizzagate was a hot topic, it could be just pedophiles feeling cocky. No idea.

No. 543984

Yeah, and Marina Abramović is just a performance artist

No. 543993


Also, not saying that there is nothing shady going on there, but BH literally means bra in German.

No. 544015

Same, it also means bra in Danish and other languages (Bryst Holder = Breast Holder = Bra) so it makes you would see a kid in a bra when you search kid BH, but why is it hidden from normal search on the website but exists under the “kim” tag? Weird

Pizzagate is 200% real though

No. 544740

What do you guys think about the elite being satanists/luciferians?

No. 544743

I believe it solely because celebrities act so bizarre it in their day to day lives on social media that it can only be explained by acts of satanic origins.

No. 544747

Wait I'm stupid I thought you meant celebrities not elites but my statement still applies

No. 544749

Why would they be?

No. 544772

Agreed, i cant belive this twisted world we live in!
Dont have an answer for that one

No. 544774

I def believe in elite pedo rings but this guy seems a bit overexcited by the "connections" he found, and also doesn't understand ig hashtags, plus as other anons have said BH means bra in pretty much all Germanic languages.
If anything he has just shown how super easy it is to find iffy content online while not even trying.

No. 544873

he’s freaking out because YouTube recommended him Russian children’s acrobatics/athletics after googling children’s swimwear on using euro terminology, I honestly just think it’s tinfoil and honestly kind of depressing how Americans see anything involving young girls as sexual, including dance and and acrobatics. That branch of that site was prob accessible at one point but the company removed the link as it didn’t get the customer metrics they wanted , but didn’t delete the assets for whatever reason. I can literally

No. 544882

Can someone pls explain the hillary duff posting and deleting that photo of her child thing???

No. 544933

The speed of the throwing is quite remarkable really. All of the sudden people from social media came out of the woodwork and even mainstream media is egging it on as well. She either pisses off someone or someone else is in danger of media coverage.

No. 545006

While I do believe elite pedo rings are real, I can't help but roll my eyes when alternative blogs flip their shit over so-called satanist imagery. Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for occultist themes, but do they genuinely believe that shit like the Chernabog segment in Fantasia is a tool to endoctrinate the masses? Do they think bands like Slayer genuinely worship the devil?

No. 545035

A lot of those people are christfags.

No. 545059

I think there is a very small amount who legitimately do worship satan (In that out of the shadows documentary there is proof of this), some who do it for "art", some who do it for a symbolic meaning or to communicate with each other, and some who do it as a means to make their victims question reality and make it seem like they're making shit up. Or a combination.

No. 545155

I honestly belive they worship satan, or at the VERY least evil pagan gods(evil as in human sacrifice, sex magic, ritual abuse, drinking blood and cannibalism)
Yeah there is a ton of material on the subject, i am the anon that linked the documentary, its a very surface level introduction into how sick and twisted our “rulers” are, been down this road of research on and off since age 12 (am in my 20s now)

Have you guys heard of Bohemian grove and the Finders cult?
The rabbithole goes deeeeep.
Heres a video where Alex Jones infiltrated in the late ninties i belive, watch the whole thing if you want but at the 1:19:51 mark ish the ritual begins

Info on what the bohemian grove meeting is supposedly about and prominent people who attend https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bohemian_Grove

No. 545160


Children's competitive dance and acrobatics has never been innocent, it's always been a huge pedo fest, everyone knows this

No. 545161

And here is a Metokur stream about the Finders cult, he goes in on them hard

No. 545163

No. 545171

File: 1587677900927.png (Spoiler Image, 2.54 MB, 1914x1162, Bildschirmfoto 2020-04-23 um 2…)


Every child dancers'/acrobats' Instagram is 100% disgusting pedo pandering

No. 545173

Spoiler that shit… jfc

No. 545180

the dude commenting "sexy body" with them emojis in german needs to kill himself immediately

No. 545199

Some of those profiles are monitored by their own moms and it’s sickening. How could you use your daughter as a pawn to pander to gross men.

No. 545308

There's probably so many Christfags because these concepts are biblical in nature. They read about these things in the Bible and now it's evidently happening in front of them. I mean Satanism is the antithesis to Christianity (not talking about autistic tween Laveyan Satanism, although it's pretty retarded in itself). So with context in mind the religious iconography doesn't bother me, they're just trying to help in the way they know how. This might just be me, I'm not going to discount good information because Christfags are toez wrong about muh edgy/occult bandz lol

No. 545396

File: 1587738698265.jpeg (221.14 KB, 1200x800, 5582344D-FCF3-4336-9C6F-6F0829…)

They have been brainwashed from an early age to hate christianity, christians and christ (and god) himself, and even an atheist can see that, no other religion has gotten this treatment with endorsment from movies, media, celebs etc

No. 545776

I know we were all predisposed to predictive programming through entertainment by watching, reading and listening and we are supposed to be desensitized to current events by now but I still can’t believe we’ve got to this point.

I get it, we should get used to living in a dystopian world as originally planned but what the hell? It really feels like we are living or going to live in a post-apocalyptic world and we will never see the same normality again after this quarantine is over. This is a lot worse than 9/11.

On Monday under the order of our local county judge, we are to wear masks or risk paying a $1,000 fine for 30 days.

Yesterday, our stores and malls were open but we still gotta practice social distancing as we still have to order things through the phone or online and pick them up. I’m still appalled and am not happy about this.

No. 545778

Oh yeah and this video was shot in 2011, forget to post it

No. 545784

>I’m still appalled and am not happy about this.
I can't imagine many people are happy about the situation.

No. 545787

I'm not happy about the death and impact on employment/economy but personally I've been pretty fucking happy working from home, having my favorite restaurants now offering delivery, and not having obligations to attend bullshit social events my work/family usually expects of me. This is like my dream situation.

No. 545808

It's always been like this. We have never had any freedom. Someone I know recently had a run in with the law and he couldn't believe they have the technology to simply connect his social media profile to another one he had under a different name. He is convinced some real person told the police. I told him that is the most basic shit ever and could be done by a literal autist. The technology they have, the constant surveillance is on a scale a lot of people just can't even imagine and its only going to get worse with this corona shit. What they haven't considered is the amount of people that are not so blind. They have underestimated our intelligence and are now being called out on a mass scale. They are now doing things so blatantly, so arrogantly, that even normies are realising what the fuck they are doing.

No. 545899

We really do live in a gilded cage…

On the other hand, I’m glad people are starting to wake up

No. 546374

Why are they killing off Kim Jong-Un?

No. 546380

Too much cholesterol.

No. 546426

his sister want the throne . she'll probably kill him soon if he doesn't die of heart problems

No. 546452

I saw the news on TV (I forget which, sorry) but they finally went on about the Bill Gates conspiracy. They were saying things like wow there's these CRAZY CONSPIRACY theories that Bill Gates STARTED Coronavirus in order to microchip people! Completely missing the point that no, that isn't what anyone is saying?? I forget exactly but they were using words like crazy and ridiculous etc. It was so obvious what they were trying to do.
I remember this is exactly what they did with pizzagate. They would go on about how "~crazy conspiracy theorists~ think that Hilary Clinton is trafficking children from a pizza shop!!" and shit like that. They're so fucking obvious. I wasn't even buying 100% into the Bill Gates thing besides the fact that he does want to microchip people, but now that they're doing this shit again it makes me think there is something more there.

No. 547199

So Bill Gates is an obvious nwo shill, does that mean I have to throw my Microsoft-ridden laptop away? Cuz rn I’m too poor to buy another one and I still need it for online classes during the summer

No. 547208

I don't know much about the Bill Gates conspiracy theory, but whenever mainstream media suddenly picks up a conspiracy theory for the specific purpose of shitting all over it and calling it "crazy", I start to wonder.
Like, there are people making far crazier theories about reptillians and alien invasions, but you chose to focus on this specific theory that just slightly threatens someone with both the money and power to pay you to be their attack dog. Hm.

No. 547226

Bc reptilians/alien invasions are too crazy to pay attention to and you can tell immediately they are fake.
The microchip theory looks realistic enough on the surface to attract people but doesn't make enough sense to be taken seriously, so people disprove it.

No. 547357

what are your thoughts on the UFO confirmation? i immediately thought they are only releasing this to divert the attention from something else, hm

No. 547625

If it really upsets you just switch to Linux, Ubuntu is easier than any other distro for a newbie. I'm not sure if he really even has much sway anymore since he stepped down as chairman, even then I'm not sure how much he was doing. He's apparently going to bow out completely this year. There are plenty of conspiracies about Windows and Intel etc if you want to get into that but they seem fairly well substantiated…I don't think Bill really had much to do with them though.

No. 547658

I was interested in Linux but figured it was too much of a hassle to work with nor do I lack the patience. Then again I did install windows 10 on a pc 3 years ago but that itself was mentally draining.

What windows conspiracies do you know about if you don’t mind me asking?

P.S: I don’t actually plan on throwing my computer away, I’ll probably continue to use it until it dies or if I ever have enough money for a MacBook

No. 548195

there's plenty of declassified files of ufos over the years, but weird that this one is catching people's attention i guess

No. 548281

No. 548373

anon your standard copy of windows 10 spies on you. This has been common knowledge from some years now, I remember videos on youtube itself on the topic going viral. … But honestly, if just installing windows was soooo mentally draining for you you shouldn't even bother with all this complicated man stuff and just spend more than 1k bucks on a macbook that will also spy on you and in top of that is overpriced trash where most of your windows programs won't even run. Sorry but I got lowkey mad while reading this post tbh, some anons in here are such lazy, illiterate bitches. No offense.

No. 548411

That pos operating system took 3 days to get installed, of course it was draining!

Granted, I am proud of successfully installing win10 without relying on anyone for help. As far as Linux goes, I’ve never been “hands on” with that operating system and fear I might mess up in the process; it’s been awhile since I’ve used commands.

>anon your standard copy of windows 10 spies on you.

Well yeah, that’s why I only use it for schoolwork and sometimes browsing lolcow.

Everything else I do on my phone privatized, unless it’s for mundane things like social media and other girly things. Though that is not always the case since sites I’ve been to do end up on my Facebook recommendations rolls eyes

No. 548842

>Everything else I do on my phone privatized
The phone network and most phone operating systems are totally fucked, anon. It's arguably even less private than using a normal computer because the tracking is baked into the phone system and because people seemingly have less control over their phone OSes than their desktops. I'm not sure if by "privatized" you mean through Tor or a VPN or not.
>That pos operating system took 3 days to get installed, of course it was draining!
Linux should not take three days to install, I don't know why Windows did. Maybe it could take you that long to figure it out or understand it, but my boyfriend got Debian onto a non-standard laptop in a few hours tops. Probably more like an hour. I can't tell you who to ask for help because tbh the community is kind of shit, but try reading through install guides. There are threads here where other techie anons can answer your questions too. Ubuntu is meant to be the normie distro and holds your hand a lot more than other distros.
>As far as Linux goes, I’ve never been “hands on” with that operating system and fear I might mess up in the process; it’s been awhile since I’ve used commands.
Try installing it as a VM first to give it a shot! Use Virtualbox, it's not too hard to learn imho. You can also install Ubuntu without deleting Windows. If you're really scared just back up your important files regularly. For what you're doing, most of the time you probably won't even need the command line, but I do think it's worth learning some basic stuff.
Windows spits out tons of telemetry data and I remember even pre-Win10 I'd get Skype calling home for ads and shit on my computer. I think we completely blocked the server from the firewall lmao. It was annoying and invasive. I don't trust voice helpers like Cortana and Siri and especially Alexa (look up how voice assistants actually work and you will see why a lot of security people hate them) and hate that Cortana is so integrated into the OS. The whole OS feels like a fucking ad-infested and purposely locked down mess and it inspires little confidence in me security-wise. If it weren't for this stuff I don't think I'd be that bothered by Win10, and I think it's possible to strip a lot out of it, but idk if it gets reverted or if you can really fully unfuck it.
I've never gone full freetard and switched entirely to Linux but the path every proprietary OS is going down is one of ad/malware-infested bullshit and data monetization, and sucking the government's dick wrt user privacy. I still do a lot of shit I should not and most people do, but I think I take more precautions on some stuff and it's just…trying to live in a totally "private" way now will really cripple your social/work opportunities now and I guess for better or worse I decided that some of those tradeoffs I'm ok with.
If you want to be serious about avoiding Windows, install Linux, don't buy a new computer for the OS. It might be scary but it's worth a shot and I think you'll learn something and have something to be proud of if you succeed. Sorry if I just went into a tinfoily rant about computers I realize you just don't like the big B.G. and want to avoid him so you maybe didn't need all this lol

No. 548915

I don’t have Tor and the site is blocked on my iPhone for some reason so I use the private option and most of the time the only thing that comes through the “private” barrier are ads while on Facebook

Recently I found this app via kiwi farms that supposedly takes your privacy seriously


I haven’t installed it yet because Null

>I don't trust voice helpers like Cortana and Siri and especially Alexa (look up how voice assistants actually work and you will see why a lot of security people hate them) and hate that Cortana is so integrated into the OS.

I don’t use Cortana because my computer doesn’t have a built-in microphone and only use Siri to play songs on Apple Music or to access my location If I’m going out of town but that’s it. After the creepy shit that came about Alexa a few years ago, I don’t trust her at all. Then again, I don’t know if the other AI’s are recording what you say so I try to be careful with that, though sometimes I forget.

Speaking of iPhones, mine has Face ID but I don’t use it and opted for a password because “muh govt is watching me”and am too paranoid to give them that information

After windows updated by itself, it and continues to automatically open a program called Microsoft Teams which supposedly connects you with who you work with at your workplace, I haven’t used my laptop at all in almost a year and my sisters because I was taking a year break but my sisters have so how did it know I had a job?

I tend to watch Linux videos from time to time as I find them interesting and insightful, I might try using it virtually but because I share my laptop with my younger sisters as it counts as “the family computer”, I can’t really afford to install it atm. Aside from me not knowing enough about how the command system works. But it’s good to know there’s local help here in the farms!

>Sorry if I just went into a tinfoily rant about computers

Hey man, we are in the conspiracy thread after all so just tinfoil away! I and I’m sure everyone else would love to hear more tech conspiracies. Speaking of which; a few years ago, I’ve read that one or two of the distros: red hat and oracle are supposedly Satanic or something but isn’t Linux or any Unix-based operating system work independently from tptb?

No. 548916

>takes your privacy seriously

No. 548924

Jesus some people don’t know how to work around computers, you sound so uppitity like anyone who doesn’t know IT shit that takes so much time and genuine passion, because its complicated, to learn is a moron.

No. 549477

David Geffen probably had Kurt killed while Courtney was idly standing by.

No. 549491

To summarize:

CNN cannot nor should ever be trusted and Ghislaine Maxwell is protected by the Rothschild’s.

No. 549589

Should change that to **any major news network cannot nor should ever be trusted

No. 549628

That too!

No. 549685

If you want to try linux without messing up your computer, try a live usb. I'd recommend Ubuntu or Mint because they're very user friendly and designed to be less intimidating to newbies. The learning curve isn't nearly as bad as people expect I think, you just have to accept that you'll need to look up how to do things for a bit.

No. 549697

A live USB isn't going to be an accurate representation of everyday workflow. Use a virtual machine and use something that doesn't use systemd.

No. 549711

Yeah agreed, it's the only religion you can actively hate and repeatedly take out of context without getting reeeed at for ~muh hate speech~… It's almost like there's something to it… Hmmmm I wonder if I can get over my preconditioning to listen for more than 5 whole minutes? NAH Slayer has too many jams /sarcasm off

Also big kek at the IT sperg in this thread, you're the epitome of human evolution big clap

The shit about Jizz Stain honestly doesn't surprise me. Ot but I love that guy's videos. The phone editing, retarded outro yet simultaneous giving out of legitimate information. Idk if it's classic misdirection or just "boomer humour" but I'm here for it.

No. 550932

Our favourite shill/controlled opposition just got de-platformed. They're getting bolder each day kek

No. 551207

File: 1588822938759.jpg (248.21 KB, 1080x1831, Screenshot_20200507-134213__01…)

Even more worrying, this video just got deleted: https://www.bitchute.com/video/8LjILBTPL3k/

No. 551299

I just wanted to tell you that I saw Braco (the man in OP picture) and I heard he's going to buy a house in my town. lol
I wish I could make money by just starting at others.

No. 551330

Isn’t he the guy responsible for the reptilian rumors?

I don’t think she elites and hollyweird are reptilian but rather demonically possessed

Well at least it’s not another Epstein “egg-stein” video, kinda getting tired of those

No. 551593

Can someone explain to me what are these occult references about?
I want to read more about this

No. 551807

Has anyone seen what the “plandenic” video was about? I missed it and I don’t think it’s on YouTube anymore.

I’d say check out vigilant citizen but since everyone here thinks he’s shady with collecting data, another alternative is to watch ‘Jay Myers documentaries’ on YouTube; he’s very well spoken and concise when it comes to occult symbolism

No. 552083


It's a high effort, slick load of bullshit from anti-vaxx nutters/grifters. Russian psyop tumblr account tier fuckery.

No. 552492

what were some crazy examples of astroturfing? i've been really interested in that concept lately

No. 552498

casual regime change of a communist country again

No. 552502

the death toll is so high in NYC because they're killing off all the old people to snatch up the last rent controlled apartments and social housing

No. 552504

Honestly I believe it

No. 552505

and more deaths means less people on unemployment. government has never cared about the people

No. 552521

So we’re still on the 5% population plan?

Eugenics is alive and well, I see

No. 552785

What if AI is the literal Antichrist?

No. 552851


if i'm reading this right, in 2003 a researcher predicted a SARS virus that would spread across countries worldwide. recently, the NIH revoked 3.7 mil that was to go to the wuhan institution without explanation, and it's rare they cut funding like that. it is not manmade. could just be political reasons they won't fund research but something's fishy and i don't know what

No. 552930

tinfoil: somehow your phone can read your mind and show you ads based on your thoughts. that, and/or your phone can determine your feelings and thoughts based on your patterns and behaviors.

i posted an ig story poll asking if people have had received ads from things they've only ever thought about, never said aloud. 15 said yes, and 2 said no. the reason i asked is because i was freaked out that on that day because i literally just thought about this cartoon. i had never seen it before, never told anyone i was thinking about, etc. never mentioned the word out loud (i think it was just one of the character's names actually). that same day i get an add for that cartoon's merch

No. 552934

algorithms can predict things you'd like based on data patterns regarding other things you like, as well as the type of people you follow and their interests. i don't think it's as devious as your phone being able to literally read your mind.

No. 553082

File: 1589255616014.png (469.98 KB, 720x508, Screenshot_20200429-162942~2.p…)

I think if you give Instagram camera and mic access it ends up using it for ads targetting. dicking around insta with a certain bougie bag of popcorn in front of me (and therefore my camera) got me ads for that exact popcorn. had my phone in my ass pocket at work and a customer walks by speaking with emphasis about a particular food item got me ads for that food item even though I rarely purchase it and kinda don't like it.
multiple times I've gotten ads for things I only THOUGHT about or physically looked at but did not say anything aloud. weirdest was when I was showering with my phone in the other room and thinking about a skin care product I needed but hadn't bought in a long time. when I checked the gram after my shower I had an ad for that exact product…
happens all the time tbh…can't say I know exactly how but sometimes I think….how else?

No. 553200

i'm sure there's some explanation, but none of my feed is cartoons, but i do follow rebecca sugar, creator of steven universe. it's just odd that i thought about moomin that day and it showed up hours later. this hasn't been the first time i've literally just thought something and it seemingly instantly appeared. just odd and doesn't seem like this many coincidences should be happening

No. 553376

Someone leaked the Rothschild emails and 4chan is doing damage control by blocking and erasing any traces of evidence


No. 553380

A kf user got banned for two weeks for making a third thread on this, he/she argues that the usernames and passwords are legit


Anyone brave enough want to confirm this?

No. 553381

No. 553385

Is everyone too scared to log in to the accounts? I remember there was a Bill Gates or something leak not too long ago, but it was quickly dismissed as fake after none of the passwords reportedly worked.
The speedy deletion seems like proof this is real, but by now, I'd think they all changed their passwords or locked their accounts.

No. 553416

It’s like what happened with the pizzagate info except on a smaller scale

No. 553778

No. 554717

this feels like somewhat the start of our new horrible dystopian world

No. 555211

I followed this guy for his work on the Finders - he's kind of out there, new agey, anarchist, whatever- don't agree with him on any of that but he's the only one to do any real legwork on the Finders.
Looks like someone's harassing/extorting him now? He seems pretty freaked out in this video. Whether it's nothing or not, should be juicy. Feel a little bad for the guy tho.

No. 555216

I recommend Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon radio broadcasts, you can find them all on Youtube. It's not perfect. Jay Dyer can also be okay sometimes, but he's also not perfect. Take it all with a grain of salt. A lot of shit out there on the occult in conspiracy spaces is just absolute garbage and untrue, or incomplete/twisted, etc.

Take for instance the common claim that Masons are "Satanic". Masons are Luciferian, in that they maintain that Lucifer was a separate entity to Satan, almost a Promethean figure who represents the "morning star", "intellect" etc. But they are not Satanic- at least they would not consider themselves satanic. Very few occult organizations would.

Most of the modern occult tradition stems from a few different sources you should do some research on: Themela/OTO (Crowley), which stems from the Hermetic of the Golden Dawn, which stems from various Masonic organizations, along with older Hermetic traditions from various cultures, and perhaps most important, The Kaballah. There are some eastern Vedic influences you might come across now and then but it's not as frequent. MOST occult organizations stem from somewhere along this tree. For instance, the Thule Society, which later became NSDAP/Nazi Party, was a Golden Dawn offshoot.

I recommend just reading about each of these directly, from a non conspiracy lens, or reading excerpts from their material directly.
I'm not sure why so many conspiratorial sources see fit to lie or mislead on the subject of the occult because what they write themselves is already damning- but if you want to know for yourself, and you want to be able to recognize the symbology, source material is the best way to go. I only read as much as I need to be dangerous because I take my spiritual health quite seriously and I don't want to fuck with any of this stuff.

No. 555218


I know a handful of freemasons and honestly they are really boring when you take a real life look into it, its just rich people roleplaying as a weird mix of occultism and templars, their reunions even border on cringy.

No. 555223

Due to the nature of most secret societies, the vast majority of people involved deliberately have incomplete knowledge of the inner workings. I think the only Masonic rite even worth investigating as any more than "adult boy scouts" is the Scottish rite, and at that point, probably nothing until the latter degrees. At which point, (pure speculation) those 33rd degree masons are probably eligible to be recruited into a wholly separate organization. This is the concept of the "Rings within rings" organizational structure - Each ring has no knowledge of any inner organization. This is infinitely scalable, of course, so you could have an extremely widespread "outer ring" with no idea of the existence of inner rings, which would look a lot like your local Masonic lodge where the old guys run charity pumpkin sales or whatever.

There's also the spookier idea that their Great Work has already been completed. Depending on what you think that might be, it could be possible.

No. 555344

I have a friend from high school who lives in NYC and joined the masons there. He's from a normal middle class family (as far as I can tell) and is pretty liberal. He was involved in LGBT issues in college and loves cabaret.

When I talked with him it just seemed like another kind of social club. I think it's good for him that he took the initiative to meet people.

No. 555346

We have a YouTube spot for the links, homie

No. 555348

Your friend is probably a low level mason, 33 and up is where the real “fun” begins.

No. 555373

why do you consider it dangerous? like what aspect of it?
i've read a good amount of thelema, golden dawn, and theosophy stuff and while i like a lot of the ideas and philosophy behind it, the symbology can get kind of schizo. everything having multiple overlapping symbols that are all kind of similar to each other, numbers and degrees and intricate rituals. letters that represent numbers that represent sephiroth and all the corresponding astrological elements. it can be interesting to have subtle and elusive concepts spelled out in symbols but you can't take it too literally or you could get stuck in a positive feedback loop of meaning. imagining actually going trough the formal process sounds like so much work for something you could do through meditation on your own.

No. 555389

The devil gave knowledge to man

No. 555397


This anon was not me. My reasoning is that I am very happy with the level of knowledge I have and with my beliefs regarding religion, spirituality, etc. Any further knowledge, truly looking into the occult beyond a cursory level, practicing to see if there's anything to it, etc… There's a magnetism to it for me. I don't want to blogpost but since you asked, it's something I've felt drawn to since I was very young, but always hesitant. I just don't see any reason to go further. I truly believe there is something to this, a power, perhaps things can affect our physical reality or provide insights not possible through normal means. To me, this seems like a no-no, Christian teachings state our concern should not be with this world, but on the next- anything promising benefits in this one seems suspect to me.

No. 555415

ah i gotchu. and i had a feeling >>555389 wasn't you lol. i'm coming from it with a buddhist influenced perspective i guess. i don't think there's anything wrong or bad with attempting to manipulate your surroundings with spiritual techniques, but i think it's all ultimately empty, so the "dangerous" part is giving it too much weight. no matter how good you are at magic, at the end of the day you're still just rearranging phenomena with no independent existence of their own. you're not changing the common ground of awareness. you're not changing "God". getting obsessed with the occult over everything else can definitely be a distraction and a form of escapism both from practical development and spiritual development.

No. 555508

I feel the same way.

IIRC the Bible warns us to not get “too comfortable” with the world and to overcome any carnal feelings (sin) that hinder us with our relationship with God, or we’ll never see heaven. He knew the world was and is corrupt, and wants to save at least the ones who still abide by his word so to speak.

And since the elites are supposedly in league with Satan, they want to take everyone down with them whenever judgement day arrives; from what I’ve read.

No. 555514

Some guy interviewed a nurse who worked in the Roswell crash in 1946-47, she was communicating telepathically with a dying female alien who supposedly comes from an ancient society that used to “dump” their own kind if they were degenerates, freethinkers, artists and anarchists to planet earth as punishment.

Their souls were placed into human forms with no memories of their past and were often “recycled” (reincarnated) when they died. The elders from the alien’s society have been long gone and the current species don’t know how to stop the recycling process.

The video is four hours long as this info directly comes from a book. Idk if this is true or not but feel free to watch for the keks

No. 555557

Corona is a boogy monster that stresses us to literal death and the puppet master is the god and the media is their prophet. I firmly believe this. No I’m not anti vaccination but I will not take the vaccination that supposedly prevents corona.

Neets who don’t wanna work because of this mind controlled pandemic still stoop lower than me but I do feel sorry for the rational people who are against the myth of corona. But no matter how sane you put it out we’ll never be believed. Hope y’all corona niggas die from stress.

No. 555559

>Hope y’all corona niggas die from stress.

No. 555566

Have you ever had pneumonia in your life lol?

its just bat uber-pneumonia, its not that deep.

No. 555572

do you believe in dinosaurs

No. 555573

are you guys roleplaying as schizos or is this for real

No. 555577

lmao literally. i get this is a tinfoil thread but come on y'all. just waiting for us to get back to the good tinfoil.

No. 555585

File: 1589898760977.jpeg (1.3 MB, 1125x1745, EA955C11-4497-4818-85E9-F31E07…)

On JLo’s latest ig pic, there’s a dude behind her being gagged and frightened while she’s posing for a workout selfie. People speculate that it’s either a mask or someone else’s fingers covering his mouth but one thing’s for sure; the fear in his eyes.

It should be noted that Jennifer practices Santeria

No. 555588

lol. gagged and frightened. he's wearing a mask during a pandemic and making a relatively normal face. looking like he's watching tv.

No. 555596

That’s what some said, so why is she deleting comments?

No. 555597

>the fear in his eyes
yeah I'm sure you can tell that from a tiny, pixelated face

it makes no sense to suspect it of being anything else than a guy wearing a face mask DURING A PANDEMIC

has corona corrupted your common sense?

No. 555598

because they're ridiculous and she doesn't want this to become a thing. why the fuck wouldn't she just delete the post. it's gonna become a miranda joyce type thing

No. 555599

that doesn't support the suspicion that he's tied up at all? Imagine he is in fact tied up, she could just as easily say it's a facemask then.

No. 555605

Have you looked closely to the picture? Went to the original post? Doubt it.

These people hide in plain sight, this has been repeated time and time again.

No. 555629

There's nothing that will convince you people. You just hand wave off any possible explanation with claims that can't be disproven and are circular.

No. 555645

either that, or she knows that deleting comments will just spark more controversy and lead people to talk more about it, which in turn gives her more publicity.

No. 555646

meant to respond to:

No. 555647

he looks like a dude in a mask at the bottom of a squat or something, LOL. you people give conspiracy theorists a bad name.

No. 555734

File: 1589926969872.jpeg (147.47 KB, 720x1280, DD51476B-56DB-484B-A86D-C8E8A5…)

Thoughts? Feel free to call me a dumbass because this actually spooked me

No. 555834

File: 1589944727210.png (522.36 KB, 983x811, Screen Shot 2020-05-19 at 9.12…)

I'm gonna call you a dumbass anon. Not to dox myself but I live there and it was just a low flyover of planes doing stupid hearts in solidarity with medical staff. I have also not seen/smelt/felt anything since.

Guy who originally posted this also got mad at restaurants asking for his name and number for a to go order.

No. 555839


Do we have an occult thread? Catalog crashes my browser.

No. 555949

So what's the deal with adrenochrome? And why do so many crazy conspiracies believe in its widespread existence?

No. 556003

So now that the new world order is here, who’s the “one-world government” that is currently running us? The world health org?

It’s the chemical that causes adrenaline and supposedly; a “drug” the elites use after torturing, killing and cannibalizing on the young.

Fear + adrenaline = adrenochrome

Hunter S. Thompson wrote about it in his Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas novel. Thompson is said to own a ranch which was used to hunt and kill people, presumably children. Johnny Depp admitted to living with him while he was still alive and admitted to him (JD) to “killing people”.

No. 556006

The CIA is probably very proud of how the adrenochrome nonsense took off.

No. 556034

File: 1589994924910.jpeg (496 KB, 1125x1177, AB339C6C-B50A-4790-82D3-4AA0AC…)


Don’t freaking tell people you’re finding a cure unless ya wanna end up suicided, sneak that shit underground!

No. 556036

he didn't die.

No. 556054

There’s an actor who shares his name, that guy didn’t die

No. 556127

File: 1590008487854.jpg (91.51 KB, 632x575, othergirls vs me.jpg)

preach sis

No. 556186

File: 1590024085275.jpeg (1.28 MB, 1125x2183, F5BF6397-0680-4DF1-9543-EB957F…)

This is probably a propaganda piece against whites but on the other hand, I really like the lip color! Though I am glad they didn’t use “Latinx”, ew.

>inb4 muh alt-right u wyte scum!!!

Technically, I’m not a white person(Do not instigate or engage in race related arguments. (racebaiting))

No. 556187

>propaganda piece against whites
>Technically, I’m not a white person
thanks for the laugh schizo-chan

No. 556188


Nowhere are they bashing white people or being anti white lol, is just charity for black people which do in fact tend to be poor and live in hoods.

Stop hating yourself if you aren't white.

No. 556204

Ntayrt but I’d be down

No. 556247

God, what an embarrassing image you attached.

>Technically, I'm not a white person
No non-white person would ever say something like this.

No. 556272

File: 1590055994593.jpeg (132.02 KB, 540x960, 0C227282-7E17-4700-AA45-DFF820…)

>a major war will happen
This person also predicted the giants winning. I almost shit my pants reading this thread


No. 556274

I laughed. Fails to mention covid-19 pandemic and that due to the lockdown carbon emissions are down 17%.

I miss the good ol' days of /x/ when it was all "how to summon a succubus/tolpa" and "is this a spoopy ghost/alium".

No. 556275

it's someone who claims to be from the future on 4chan

calm down and use your common sense

No. 556277

File: 1590056826476.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 231.83 KB, 731x627, E6C33D0A-4C99-460D-9D97-73E4CC…)

Thank you anons. Everyone else on that board was like “B-bro no way?” And I Was so scared it’s like 4am. I hope there’s no war till I’m at least like 50. The Rona doesn’t scare me because I never go out anyways, the draft or nuclear attacks on the other hand

No. 556337

there wont be a draft unless covid goes away completely, as the military said they were banning people with covid antibodies from serving, so a draft wouldnt make sense unless they are willing to admit Covid was a lie or not nearly as contagious as previously alleged

No. 556390

just curious, how does someone sell their soul to the devil in exchange for money? like how would they contact the dude?

No. 556440

sage bc woowoo stuff and i'm not really sure as i have my soul intact but what i believe is that over the course of a couple years they pray/do rituals to entities. When they do that, whatever entity that they prayed to, possesses them to ~make their dreams a reality~. They don't even get to enjoy the fame/money bc the lights are on but they're not home. If you see a celebrity roll their eyes back, that's the demon!
there are also certain places when the veil is thinner so you can come across something to exchange your soul for whatever. the biggest example i can think of is robert johnson as it's rumored he sold his soul at a crossroads for musical ability.

No. 556446


some people are just born into those kinds of families so they really were sold from the start.

No. 556467

someone being ironically self deprecating on the internet?? embarrassing!
girl, it's fucking satire

No. 556565

Satan comes to you if you’re trying really hard to get recognition or the Illuminati . My tinfoil theory is that most one hit wonders are people who refused to join the Illuminati

No. 556756

File: 1590136190950.png (7.1 KB, 413x119, h.PNG)

No. 557322

How long until this actually happens? They’re trying to pass off the idea of uploading your self as lighthearted as they can

I’ve seen this in anime and it wasn’t a pretty concept back then.

No. 557355

which anime, anon? was it gits?

No. 557367

Yu-Gi-Oh! The virtual filler arc

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