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File: 1581202783111.jpg (229.6 KB, 1000x1180, dumb ass.jpg)

No. 512957

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.
Previous thread

No. 512966

File: 1581204246226.gif (161.1 KB, 500x300, 1572519788555.gif)

I tried writing to do lists to be more productive but I discovered that I enjoy writing lists so here I am not working at all

No. 513006

Who would be up for a best girl thread?

No. 513009

File: 1581213000235.jpg (773.81 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200209-034917_Chr…)

This is borderline bravery yet dumb as fuck

No. 513010

Haha that's me and I'm still WAITING for an answer, Farmhands♥♥ :3

No. 513012

you're grade A cringe

No. 513016

File: 1581214126796.png (999.43 KB, 860x1104, 919004c0f.png)

I bet you're fat

No. 513017

We have a waifu thread on /m/

No. 513019

File: 1581214230893.jpg (26.22 KB, 477x423, funny-celebrity-pictures-gyat-…)

I've been getting pretty good feedback on this fanfic I'm working on even though it's the first piece of structured fiction I've ever written. I know AO3 is not the pinnacle of quality writing but it's really nice having people be excited for a thing I've made. It's not a super hyperactive fandom but it's active and I've gotten a good amount of comments on it even though I've only been working on it a month. It's also nice to have a creative outlet that is not connected to what I want to do with my career; it's purely for fun.

No. 513022

I wish Farmhands would put at least half as much energy into redtexting the obvious larping and concern-trolling scrots who are just triggered over the existence of radfems (and are samefagging on /meta/ and now trolling in the pp thread) as they put effort into forcing the narrative that all pp and gc anons are mentally unwell radfems who falseflag as trannies for some reason. It's just disappointing and tiring at this point, especially since the screenshots are real I guess. Just what the hell.. (And no, I'm neither white nor well-off either). In the end this is probably a dumb thing to be seriously upset over but oh well.

No. 513024

Because they're a bunch of femoids only doing this free service for male attention

No. 513027

They're so disingenuous, and the worst part is how transparent all this shit is. Like, these are "damage control tactics" a literal 12 year would pull and think they're smart about. It's like they don't think ahead, they just expect us to swallow everything they say without question.
I'm honestly considering attempting a full move to Asherah's Garden (though only with a VPN), at least until Lolcow's administration changes again.
The layout is ugly as fuck, but at least there, no one has to worry about being banned or false-flagged for criticizing any mod/admin, or saying "trannies bad".

No. 513031

Same tbh. Why don't they ever ban or redtext the insane anti-pp/gc anons? They spam for ages, they don't even stop spamming after they get their way. Why are they not held accountable, ever, but boogeyman "radfems" always blamed, redtexted and banned? And what's up with anons being accused of being le radfem boogeymen for every little thing? Seems like a lot of anons are not even necessarily gc/pp, but are being called it and banned for things they either didn't post, or just for questioning. It makes me feel increasingly uncomfortable posting on LC, tbh. It feels seriously like the spamming, baiting, insane antis can do no wrong to them? It's very weird. I'll probably do the same and just use a VPN. The staff here seems less and less trustworthy as time goes on.

No. 513035

tinfoil but the unhinged anti radfems anons are the farmhands themselves larping as anons

No. 513039

shitting up /ot/ again, huh? here i thought radfems kept themselves so contained

No. 513044

it's /ot/, who gives a fuck

No. 513046

literally anyone who uses this board and has been complaining about you for the past year and a half

No. 513047

you've been shitting up /meta/ for months without a ban.
like admin says in big red letters at the top of the page, just hide the thread if you hate it

No. 513049

people are voicing their opinions about what happened in /meta/. you really expected us to say nothing about all this glorious milk? besides, /ot/ isn't that active so i dont see how WE are disrupting anything important. but it seems like you enjoy bitching about non issues, so keep on whining love

No. 513052

File: 1581221246355.png (69.65 KB, 1260x1064, result.png)

bullshit. per even the fucking survey results that all of you assumed would soooo go in your favor, you're just a vocal and very pathetic small minority. and you in particular are insane and a shitstarter. all you do is sit in /meta/ with the intention of pissing and moaning about problems that don't exist.

No. 513053

i've never posted in meta? believe it or not but there's more than one anon posting here… and i don't hate this thread. i regularly post in the dumbass shit thread. i don't want to hide it, i'd just like you all to continue the radfem issue somewhere else especially since you have your own imageboard now

No. 513054

if you're not a /meta/ shitposter, stop bothering people like one, and just post things you'd rather see instead. that's how it works.
or, keep trying to infight and prove everyone's point more. when an admin completely shits on a relevant chunk of a site's userbase, of course they will talk about it.

No. 513055

File: 1581222435333.png (9.87 KB, 564x231, er.PNG)

Lbr, that anon is one of these people, I'm sure.

No. 513059

File: 1581223044857.jpg (16.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I don't keep up with the Yandev shit drama but god he was so fucking cute back then.

No. 513061

are you blind

No. 513064

I just heard a loud thump, like something heavy fell on my roof or hit the side of the house but close to the second story. I'm scared.

No. 513066

If so many anons wanted a radfem board why was /2X/ mostly dead?

No. 513067

Daaaaaamn, I be schizoid.

No. 513069

it really wasn't that dead considering it was a hidden board.

No. 513071

The annoying thread sucks and is full of unpopular opinions and dumbass shit which already have threads, so it shouldn't exist.

No. 513073

Agreed. Everything posted there could fall into the Vent thread, Unpopular Opinions thread, or Dumbass Shit thread. It's too much like the others to warrant having its own thread.

No. 513086

i'm absolutely not. this is why so many farmers are fed up with you guys and it hurts me to see that you don't see this yourself.
i mean, i understand, but you have been talking about it. a lot. most farmers come here to relax and talk about their life and you're just being stressful not just on meta but now here too. i don't even know why this whole thing started up again and i wish it hadn't. i thought everything was decided? why is there still so much discussion? it's exhausting.

No. 513094

everyone stopped talking about it in this thread hours ago, but you're coming back to reply, starting it off again. while still complaining it's stressful.
you could find out why people are talking about it now if you read the /meta/ thread, but it still makes no sense to drag up a topic you claimed to not want to see after it's already lulled.

No. 513097

well mostly because i was out doing something and came back to reply to a discussion i started. i'm sorry, i won't engage in good faith with you again.

No. 513101

you were never engaging in good faith. you started this off with the snarkiest shit ever (>>513039), but go off, i guess.

No. 513104

at first yeah, but i figured i could maybe talk to you normally but you absolutely refuse to see anyone else's point of view but your own. should've stayed snarky.

No. 513105

because i said it makes no sense to bring back a topic you said you didn't want to see after it's already disappeared? okay.

No. 513106

no, nice cherry picking though. i swear it's like arguing with my dad with how stubborn and manipulative you guys get.

No. 513107

cherrypicking? that's…literally what happened. look at the last few posts.
anyway, you're not helping make the thread relaxing. you're just being needlessly combative and kind of manipulative yourself. it's clear you've been doing all this in bad faith from the very start, so there's no real point in conversing with you.

No. 513108

so stop and leave or would it kill you to not have the last word

No. 513111

File: 1581240553452.jpg (115.29 KB, 600x425, 5ecffd829df96f54650ee472de83a5…)

the hypocrisy is real.

anyway, i've been rediscovering all these old series from when i was younger. it feels kind of strange looking back on them now, and wondering why some of them never got as popular as the other media in their genre.

No. 513117

I think I'd enjoy cooking if I'd actually start. But thinking about the amount of money I'd have to spend kills my motivation. My family has absolutely no spices or ANYTHING really stocked up, I'd have to buy literally everything and if I'd fuck up the recipe… well, it would be an expensive attempt.

No. 513118

File: 1581243047189.jpg (391.9 KB, 948x948, erinfish.jpg)

I just adore this fanart one of you did in the Erin thread. It's so ugly-cute. I'm thrilled it's in her thread pic collage because it makes me smile every time I see it.

No. 513125

it really is great. I'm not into her as a cow, but I love that she has unintentional hooves. it's just cute art tbh.

No. 513126

it's wonderful! really captures her look and aesthetics

No. 513130

Is that tape on her underwear… Is there a story to that?

No. 513131

It's meant to be a tiny censor bar from the time she took a photo of her "smol innie vagina"
Cause she likes bragging about having a tiny vagina like a kid cause she's disturbed

I miss her milk

No. 513159

what was the point of all this

No. 513161

Why am i so scared of driving alone? it seems like i cant never overcome the fear of being in traffic and messing up everything. I just want to finally grow up and learn how to drive without asking my mom to drive or uber myself everywhere, i dont know where this fear stem from but i know to god damn well i need to get rid of it.

No. 513164

Ah, the illusion of productivity

No. 513165

When I was still in driving school I was pretty confident in my abilty, after that my confidence was gone.

Everyone says that the best way to get over it is to gain more experience by driving.

No. 513167

Same! It's so cute, I saved it on my laptop. I love artanon's creativity.

No. 513188


Same here pretty much. I don't need to drive in my current situation but eventually I would like to get over this anxiety because having a car helps a lot

No. 513219

Does anyone have cute images of girls in a sleepover? preferably anime

No. 513281

You need to build your confidence with driving. What part of driving makes you anxious? For me it was parking, so I started by practicing on a large, deserted parkinglot. And when I felt confident I could do it, I went on to a more difficult parking lot. Now I can easily park in any given situation.

If it's just driving in general, I would say, start by driving in a quiet, 1-lane area you're familiar with. No destination, no time pressure. You need to experience that you can drive on your own, that it isn't scary. When you're confident about driving in a quiet, familiar area, go on to a little more busy area or an unfamiliar area and so on.

No. 513298

There's a coronavirus case in my city but the national news is keeping it quiet. This thing is worse than the flu and I really hope it doesn't spread.

No. 513301

I found an article about my state complaining about the outbreak and media coverage of the coronavirus when the latest strand of influenza has a 7% mortality rate lol.

No. 513312

I get that some people have legit concern with alarmists and sensationalism, but of alllllllllll subjects, why would anyone wanna gamble underreporting infectious illnesses?

No. 513334

To stop people from panicking
I see your point and I don't think people should be blindly afraid. But from what I've read, the coronavirus can permanently damage the immune system, and supposedly cause sudden death.

No. 513358

I didn't even find out about /2X/ until 2 days before they moved the threads back, cause I don't browse meta.

No. 513359

it just hit my pea brain I have a big assignment due tuesday. lol

No. 513363

File: 1581298106188.jpg (26.03 KB, 1024x682, cet.jpg)

I'd like to thank anons on here for encouraging me to get a cat. She is the sweetest and most precious thing. I had been living alone for 4 years with little socialization and she really just brightens up my mood and makes my house feel like a home. I really do love her so very much and it's only been a week or two. She ended my depression and cured world hunger. Okay maybe not all that bad she's always here for me and loves to cuddle. Cheers to farmers who shill cats.

No. 513366

This is so cute Anon. Cheers to you and your cat.

No. 513371

My cousin just finished premed to take a year off to work and adopted a cat. Best decision she's made in a while! They are such good company, you'll always have something to miss while you're out! Have fun, anon!

No. 513375

cats are great people and the best of friends. S tier pet for sure, no doubt about it. glad you guys found each other and could bring joy to each other's lives.

No. 513414

It’s 2020 and I’m still waiting for another Yu-Gi-Oh movie

No. 513416

Me but with mortal kombat

No. 513450

Me for Kung Pow 2

No. 513466

The OP in the confessions thread makes me imagine the nightmare scenario of an anime villain mod that stages a coup to seize the whole site and blackmail us all with our embarrassing sex and diarrhea confessions, with the end goal of making us all pay for every expensive hosting for the farm and making it into an online global superpower.
>The more secrets you feed the farm, the stronger the farm gets. Lay yourselves bare before the farm gods.

No. 513515

Ouran High School Host Club Season 2

No. 513521

I would really sacrifice my soul for this.

No. 513560

File: 1581353536170.jpg (482.9 KB, 1032x1024, 1581291055133.jpg)

This comic is just so frightening to me, I just had my son 2 years ago and the thought of the world reaching a point where he is conscripted into a fighting a horrible war is keeping me up awake at night, this comic was made a full 19 years before the start of WW2 btw

No. 513590

What if he just transitions?

No. 513596

Other people that had sons will most likely turn their anger and scorn at them because their child got send off to war but not theirs even though the child was originally a male and just got off from being sent to war because they transitioned

Along with after the war people will mostly likely be bitter and angry at them because they needed all the people in the war and that one person got scott free while they lost friends, family and more.

No. 513600

File: 1581361379911.jpeg (26.81 KB, 389x299, 46853.jpeg)

My college is having a jewelry sale for Valentines day with work made by students in the metals program and I'm so fucking jealous and sad that it's a 2 hour drive over there because I want some cute, original and handmade jewelry. They didn't have this shit when I was a student!! Then again, I was broke as shit back then so it's not like I could've afforded it anyway lol.

No. 513611

File: 1581363752131.jpg (193.59 KB, 1286x856, 8eb1tmfqh3721.jpg)

Board drama related but smurfchan in the coomer thread who shooped herself blue reminds me of when I did the same thing in 2007. I used to do all sorts of whack shit to my pictures to try to look artsy and cool. Downloaded paintbrushes and stamps from Deviantart and went to town on all my digital camera pictures before selfies were really a thing lmao. I'd try to follow Photoshop tutorials but looking back it was pretty bad. I changed my iris color, hair color, and even smudge tooled my eyelashes longer lmao. Remember having to blur your own skin? Now there's beauty apps so no one has to know shit in Photoshop anymore.
I wish I could show you all the cringe.

No. 513615

File: 1581364944773.jpg (117.07 KB, 720x695, ddddddfsdf.jpg)

I went to the Michaels for some cardboard paper and all their paper had the ugliest color. I want bright stuff, future retro??? ever heard of it??? whatever happened to the bright colors of the 50s? I swear nail artists live in heaven they get the best colors but noooo one gives a fuck about the arts and crafts origami people because they're not sexy enough for instagram photos fuck outta here with that shit.
ALSO I had another point I wanted to complain about but I forgot what it was.

No. 513631

File: 1581369422431.jpg (34.3 KB, 611x367, 6577888.jpg)

Ah ha ha. Wtf is this shit. My ap gave me a +1 point not this .3 shit

No. 513655

Why is American grading so complicated? In France we're graded from 0 to 20 points, above 10 you pass, below 10 you fail.

No. 513700

the pinkpill thread makes me so fucking depressed

No. 513702

awww I'm so glad you're happy with your kitty. they really are such lovely animals to have around

No. 513703

Eh, don't see it as the end-all-be-all, and if you do, take a break. It's just a good reminder as to the nature of men and to not get too comfortable with them but most men inherently aren't likely to murder you, probably. Anyway anon, try to get your opinions and beliefs from multiple sources and don't give up on people.

No. 513715

File: 1581383120945.jpg (45.22 KB, 750x691, D65a_hbW0Ag9kj7.jpg)

idk if anyone else can relate but sometimes when life gets a little bleak I honestly feel like i am my OWN personal lolcow, and am one step away from being somebody else's, and the only thing keeping me from having my own thread is like. a lack of followers and the ability to be self-aware about how much I suck and the restraint it takes to not constantly overshare if it isn't necessary/ relatable/ humorous to do so. sometimes I'll catch myself nitpicking my own traits the way some anons would nitpick a snowflake who's a little manic and doesn't have a 23 inch waist and a fairy nose and I honestly think if it weren't for knowledge from years of lurking here and my last few brain cells, I'd be getting dragged too. maybe it's mean to look at these absolute trainwreck cows and come out of it grateful that i'm not AS bad or far gone as they are, but at least it keeps me in check

No. 513727

It’s part of the stages of grief. Remember to take breaks from reading it. In a way, those threads make me want to live my best life in spite of the grim reminders.

No. 513734


No. 513738

I love Kennie JD on Youtube. She's just so cute and funny and relatable!!!

No. 513742

I think the transtender trend will be dead by then

No. 513744

I tried to climb a tree today but I spooked a dove which was nesting.
I really wanted the oranges on the tree but I have an orange tree at home so I'm not that bothered by it.

No. 513746

File: 1581389711248.jpeg (38.45 KB, 473x434, F1848DE9-4B5F-4881-8B6B-FF8937…)

YouTube tarot reader said I’m definitely getting a date this Valentine’s


No. 513751

How do those work? How can they read you stuff when it's a random video?

No. 513755

people are so horrible. i am so tired of people being like "what's the point of pigeons??" and using this to justify them being harmed.

what's the point of you? what do you mean "what's the point" of another living, breathing, feeling creature? sick, really.

No. 513763

Nta but normally you would choose a pile/number/charm and get a assigned time stamp where the reading begins

No. 513768

My husband and I watched 1917 last week and all I could think about was how excited those dead soldier’s mothers were at some point to feel them move in their womb and that they didn’t go through pregnancy and birth just for cannon fodder. I told my husband it convinced me even more that I want to move because I don’t want this kid growing up in a military area and getting sucked into that.

No. 513771

Redbull has a new watermelon flavor I keep downing down but caffeine gives me the shits and I live in a dorm with shared bathrooms fml

No. 513775

Do NOT hold in your poop or else you will fart like crazy in your sleep, trust me.

No. 513799

I’m impressed that there are anons on this site who are actually really good at drawing. Gives me hope that the art thread may have some skilled anons giving in their input and they aren’t all just a bunch of salty jelly amateurs.(like /ic/)
Also sometimes I still wonder who made that one momokun lizard art from a few years ago.

No. 513801

I’m 28 and I have never gotten a Pap smear. And it’s because I’m still pissed about something that happened years ago.

So about 7 years ago, I was 21 and I just got my wisdom teeth removed. It was a tough process and I ended up loosing a lot of fluids and became super dehydrated to the point where I had to get an IV. I was in a lot of pain in general.

Four or five days after the incident, I’m recovering but still in pretty bad shape. I wake up and noticed that I started my period. I ended up calling the advice nurse because I was worried. Turns out that I didn’t take my BC because I I hard time taking pills at the time due to being dehydrated. Seems pretty obvious now but I was a stupid 21 year old.

The nurse then notices my age and asks if I had a Pap smear. I tell her. She then insists that I stay on the phone to schedule an appointment even though I’m in a lot of pain and discomfort. She didn’t let me go until I booked the appointment. I ended up not going.

I know that stuff is important and I know she had good intentions but that incident really left a bad taste in my mouth. Idk it’s been years and I should get over it. I only thought about it because an anon in the vent thread mentioned condescending OBGYNs and it made me think of that incident.

No. 513802

Hey! I'm 28 and just got my first one this year because I'm pregnant and my OB was pretty understanding about it. Mine came back normal, no cancer cells or std's, and my OB was very quick so the discomfort didn't last too long. They also have different sized speculums so make sure to ask for a smaller one if you're scared. Just get it done!

No. 513835

I had my first pap at 27. I expected it to be fine so I was more worried about the experience being uncomfortable. Turns out I had cell changes and one of the strains of hpv that causes cancer. Keep on top of pap smears everyone.

No. 513848

File: 1581425535891.jpg (39.91 KB, 387x387, 81188888_2902446116483046_7821…)

For these past few weeks i have been binge-eating with the ferocity of a rabid raccoon and I decided to weigh myself this morning to convince myself to stop, expected the worst but haven't even gained half a kg. Guess I'll just keep eating inhuman amounts of spaghetti until I croak.

No. 513879

I'll never get why shoujo mangakas make cute slim girls like the one in your pic obsess over their weight. I mean c'mon lol.

No. 513882

I stopped visiting pinkpill a while back because it was making me so depressed and warping my view of men. Yes, there are terrible men out there and I've had plenty of them in my life, but the men in my life now are supportive and kind, an unfortunate rarity that I will surely cherish. Take it with a grain of salt. The threads helped me gain a much needed wariness of men, but I don't let it consume me like I used to.

No. 513896

i get really wasted and shitpost here sometimes. sry friends

No. 513897

A lot of slim girls worry about their weight too, anon, especially young girls who are insecure.

No. 513900

Good on you, anon. It's important to be aware of the dangers some men can pose but there are many men who should be treasured as friends etc. irl. I only lurk on pinkpill and don't agree with most of it but if you read there often enough it could be easy to convince yourself all men are hopeless creatures unworthy of your time which is just not true.

No. 513906

I disagree with quite a lot of things in the pink pill thread, but I feel like if I voice my disagreements there I'll be burnt to a stake or something

No. 513908

File: 1581435739901.gif (7.93 MB, 512x288, imageboards.gif)

It's an anonymous imageboard, be free. Say what you want to say.

No. 513909

As long as you're bringing something useful to the discussion and not just caping for men I think it's good to see some debate. Some others might see it as infighting but to me the point of anonymous boards is that we can disagree on things, I prefer the pink pink threads when it's a mix of libfem and radfem anyway

No. 513912

Same, I felt the same way about the radfem-threads. I agree with a lot of their points, but you can't disagree with any of them without being labled a pick-me/handmaiden. Why can't I hate men but still acknowledge the shitty, abusive women I've encountered without getting crime stats and a lecture about how they were victims of the patriarchy or some shit? All humans have the capacity to be cruel and abusive monsters, no gender or race or whatever is excluded.

No. 513914

Ho boy thank you for posting that image! I lost it when my last laptop broke and couldn't find it again.

No. 513915

I recently realized there is little continuity between my public self and how I behave on line.

Like in “real” life, I am such a confrontational, direct, blunt bitch. I make enemies wherever I go. I am constantly at war with someone, most often an authority figure like a professor or somebody else with perceived power. I have a general low tolerance for cliques and the toxicity of groups, so I am a perpetual loner. I often feel like the world is trying to squeeze me into this tiny box, like there’s way too much pressure and bullshit I just want no part of.

And yet online, I try to be kind to others, helpful, and encouraging. I sometimes snap at people, but it is never quite as bad as I am in the world. I actually fucking apologize to people, or at the most, try to find some common group with others. I cannot seem to do that in the real world.

I don’t really make friends per se (not about that shit), but I realize maybe I am fucked up in some way because of shitty upbringing/feeling like an outsider/like I don’t belong anywhere. Online I am just free to be myself. But I hate dealing with people face to face because then all their bigotry, insecurities, and retardation get in the way of you just communicating as two human beings. I don’t know anymore.

In short, there’s still some kindness deep inside my bitter, cynical, bitchy heart.

No. 513922

I'd love to hang out with you.

No. 513929

>acknowledge the shitty, abusive women I've encountered
What's the point of doing that in the man-hate thread?
>All humans have the capacity to be cruel and abusive monsters, no gender or race or whatever is excluded.
This is a dumb copout take. Just because all humans have the potential to be shitty, doesn't mean that all humans will be shitty?? If you truly believe all humans are equally evil across the board then explain the gross differences in statistics.

No. 513930

File: 1581439153473.jpg (95.16 KB, 984x716, ENBfVepX0AAks15.jpg)

Beware the retarded sperging right now, sorry lol.
Attack on Titan related rant, because a lot of anons were talking about it on another thread and it made me remember some nasty things that I absolutely cannot stand.

Why the fuck is Eren x Levi even a thing? And why the fuck do so many people ship it? Ever since I became all invested in AOT back in 2016, I've encountered so many people who are into that or even claim that it's "literally canon" and I cannot wrap my head around it.

It's the least understandable ship ever. Eren and Levi have no romantic interest in each other, hell I cannot even stand the entire Petra x Levi thing but at least that makes more sense than Eren x Levi does. People even shipping Levi with Hange makes more sense than any of this shit. They're not even friends, like yeah they respect each other, but what they have is more like a normal student and mentor thing, that's it. Literally. No friendship, no tacky wacky hehe it me eren uwu levi uwu heichouuu~ uwu shit. And the age gap is so fucking weird too, Eren being 15-16 when he first meets him and Levi being in his mid 30s. Sure, Eren is 19 now but before he was legal it also used to be a huge thing, bigger than it is now. At least it's not that incredibly huge anymore ever since the hype around AOT died and people started bashing on it for different reasons.

I understand that people are free to like whatever the fuck they want and nowadays they ship every single thing together for some "sweet yaoi", but I still dislike it lol.

Also before anyone points out, yes I am the one who spammed Eruri in the Husbandos thread.

>breathes out

No. 513932

They think it's fucking sexy to get publicly curb stomped by a midget, it is really that simple

No. 513933

Aren't the crime statistics explained by a mix of hormones (testosterone) and environmental factors like upbringing and such? It's a fucked up male minority that constitues over half of violent crimes if I'm not mistaken.

No. 513934

nta but I believe women can be evil in different ways. That said yeah, talking about abusive women in a man hate thread is out of place, it's like mras coming to feminist discussions to whine about circumcision. I agree it's a problem, it just doesn't belong in that discussion.
On the other hand I do think man-hate (just like woman-hate…) threads like to generalize and blow things out of proportions, make dumb assumptions and all so I mostly stay out of that part of the discussion even though I'm pretty radfem in some other aspects. I'm usually in pinkpill threads when we discuss trans people and I avoid fighting about men because I don't want to seem like a pickmeisha or something. On the other hand, on 4chan I'd be blamed for being a dumb sjw feminist bitch, you can never please people

No. 513936

It's partially because of this
>what they have is more like a normal student and mentor thing
and because they're both decent looking characters. Also there's some weird appeal in a short dom I guess. Student/mentor ships are quite common I feel.

No. 513943

Women also suffer from raging hormones and bad childhood too fam… We ain't out here raping and murdering, if anything it increases our risk of being victims to violent crimes.

No. 513952

I'm not trying to talk about abusive women in that thread, but theres so much talk about how women are just so insintctively kind and nurturing and what a utopia a female-only society would be. Some of ya'll didnt get physically and mentally abused by your mothers throughout your formative years and it shows.

No. 513957

I feel like a freak when I read those threads sometimes. I don't have a strong nurturing instinct at all. I hate taking care of people.

No. 513960

File: 1581442293388.jpg (134.32 KB, 1076x1464, vhp11jbcvc911.jpg)

basically its this

No. 513961

I did, literally every woman in my family was/is a psychotic nutcase to their daughters, but I also had a lot of amazing, admirable and kind women to guide and teach me growing up, that showed me (very slowly) that this kind of behaviour is not even remotely the norm. Meanwhile I can't say the same about literally one single man in my life. Even the cause of the women in my family being the way they are are always freaking men. I watched my friends being bullied by girls and got some of it too later on, but none of that ever compared to what the boys did. Even if a world without them wouldn't be all rainbows and butterflies, a lot of issues would drastically incease.

No. 513962

Yah, but different hormones. Many men who go through bad childhoods don't become violent either I'm just saying some do. There are lots of women out there who are violent and verbally abusive anyway, it just doesn't pop up on societies radar as much.

No. 513963

*drastically decrease, sorry for Esl

No. 513965

fuck u kazzyokada

No. 513966

No. 513968

So regarding this whole conversationm, I'm having a baby, and I found its gonna be a boy, a lot of the radfems I know online are telling me to not keep him and saying that “It doesn’t matter how well you raise him because his male peers, society and porn will ruin him” and I don't know what to do?

No. 513969

>WWE fandom

OK now I’ve heard it all.

No. 513971

File: 1581443428571.jpg (23.92 KB, 316x341, 1563548259509.jpg)

>close lolcow.farm
>open new tab and immediately go to lolcow.farm

No. 513972

File: 1581443518642.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, mysides.png)

my sides are in orbit. to be fair I imagine there aren't many male/female wrestler interactions to make het ships with

No. 513975

If you want a child and you think you're absolutely 100% ready to teach it how to survive in the future and be a good person, if you are able to put aside your ego and own issues for it and happily realise that a child is a responsibility you will be bound to for the rest of your life and lso a big financial sacrifice, go for it no matter what. Don't listen to strangers on the internet and sincerely ask yourself if you are ready to raise your boy no matter what.

No. 513976

It doesn't matter what the radfems have to say about it. Are you ready to raise a child point blank? The gender isn't even the issue.
Bringing a person into this world not everything will be within your control. You can't worry about that stuff. If you feel like you can instill values and give a good enough quality of life to your boy, then go for it. No parent is perfect, but I bet you'll do fine.

No. 513977

I've seen dispute over whether or not women have care-taker qualities by default. I think it's mostly socialization, women only seem naturally caring comparative to males. Don't feel bad for not having "strong nurturing instinct", fuck that, it's the same kind of guilt and shame that forces women to keep unwanted pregnancy and stay in bad relationships.
I relate. Copious experiences with inherited trauma in women in my family. Bullied by girls in school. Dealt with queen bees at work. Had good relationship with father/brothers. Every single woman who fucked me over, has their brain damage traced back to men, every time.

No. 513979

Do your best and pray that he's smarter than an average male. That's all you can do, beside abortion lol

No. 513980

File: 1581444125909.jpg (32.11 KB, 188x275, 1554261642129.jpg)

yo i do that too lmao

No. 513981

I appreciate the discussion happening but seems a little heavy for the 'dumbass shit thread', just saying.

No. 513982

The fuck? Maybe try loving your child you're choosing to have? Don't get pregnant unless you're sure that you'll love your child regardless of their gender

No. 513984

>men r shitty cause they r men!
god radfems are stupid.

No. 513985

I absolute regret not getting working holliday for the rest of the week as well. I could've got it but for some reason I thought I don't need it but we have some shitty windy weather going on here since days and I'm really not into going out of the house when it rains, snows and hails every five minutes ….


same here, same here lmao

No. 513987

>I don’t know what to do

Anon for Christ’s sake, all you have to do is teach your kid about this kind of shit and warm them how destructive it is. Keep them away from the internet and shit. Remember that kids can be dumb but they aren’t stupid. I can understand how the radfems can be worried and scared about someone raising a son in current society but it’s not all over. The kid can turn out fine if you just put in the effort.

No. 513991

File: 1581448296681.jpg (48.02 KB, 936x942, D3b-mXKX4AAcwLI.jpg)

>when mutuals ask about the break up you had after a decade.

fuck you faggot im free

No. 513992

File: 1581448363749.gif (2.18 MB, 400x225, 3C38DA3B-637E-496A-8B0B-F22AE2…)

I cry watching nature documentaries sometimes. I feel like I’ve lived a million lives as creatures on earth and have forgotten a million times.

No. 513994

Mutals in general who ask about break ups

No. 513997

I've had a faint burning and stinging feeling near my heart for the last 5 hours. It disappears and re-appears. Pls wish me luck that it's not pre-symptomes of a heart attack.

No. 514003

File: 1581451713276.jpg (124.94 KB, 755x1000, 1568023531723.jpg)

>tfw you develop a crush on a dead musician
>tfw you develop a crush on a dead comedian
>tfw you are now developing a crush on a dead author

i guess i like tragic men.

No. 514007

Who are they anon?

No. 514009

Has anyone scammed someone PayPal money?

No. 514018

File: 1581455634021.png (115.32 KB, 475x437, 1A560040-82D2-455C-AF11-1FB603…)

I’m scared I’ll lose my new job from being a dumb fucking sieve-for-brains cunt.

No. 514047

Same, especially because my new job is essentially "Photoshop Monkey" and I panic hard whenever anyone asks me to do anything not related to Adobe CC

No. 514062

My radio fell on the floor and now my Fall Out Boy sounds out of tune I'm so pissed off.

No. 514072

At least it was just Fall Out Boy playing (sorry I had to)
Maybe you could put on some electronic music and get some weird sound effects lol.

No. 514075

File: 1581466440163.jpg (58.19 KB, 651x655, 1551711105822.jpg)

A while ago I found a nice website to watch free movies online on, but today when I went to it it said my account was suspended even though I never made an account…

No. 514084

I really admire people who can summarise and explain things well, even things with odd meanings. I can't do it for the life of me.

No. 514089

i don't have any respect for cows who have shitty parents like lillie and venus. sure, you can feel bad they were raised that way, just like any other ignorant person, but plenty of people with shit parents grow up to be loving and sweet people.

No. 514092

definitely gonna keep him away from the Internet

No. 514102

I put on like 25lbs and it shows a lot because I'm so short. My BF's grandma took me aside and said she would give me a gift card to a clothing store of my choice if I got my weight down. I know there is a family wedding coming up and she probably doesn't want me making the pictures look bad kek. Ugh I am a little offended but I guess it's a good kick in the butt.

No. 514104

Let's do it together!

No. 514121

I remember around my years as a college student, plastic surgery became so normalized to me through YT and social media. I remember being recommended sunnydayhe’s videos on her surgeries (at the time her v-line one and boob job), and then seeing Geo from JKFilms crew get her boob job, and thinking that eventually I would get plastic surgery too. I mean, it’s not as looked down upon as before, so why not??

But man. Now that I’m older, the thought of proper aftercare makes me so tired that I don’t want plastic surgery solely because I’m not willing to deal with it haha. I don’t even want to get my ears pierced because I don’t want to give up haphazardly rolling around on my pillow while I sleep. I was so stressed making sure I was taking good and proper care of my mouth after getting my wisdom teeth out, and having to do deal with that on a potentially and bigger and more painful scale with bigger consequences to poor aftercare just sounds so fucking tiring. Plastic surgery just isn’t worth it lol. I guess I’m lucky that I’m just average. Getting rid of social media really helped too.

No. 514125

Good. I hope everything goes well for you and your child anon!

No. 514128

Wow god forbid you go up a dress size and bring dishonor to us all. What the actual fuck? Who treats 25 pounds like 250?

No. 514137

You sound cool

No. 514270

File: 1581523315239.jpeg (356.44 KB, 1600x1200, 62BE45A9-E611-4C58-B3BC-59C6B1…)

I just found out my IUD appointment was rescheduled to this Friday after planning it for late March and I can either "take it or leave it" because the hospital is often closing its doors and reopening them. They'll only be open again around June. This is the only gyno able to install my IUD, she's rough as fuck with my cervix because I haven't had a natural birth or abortion, and she's pretty good. Makes it like a ten minute procedure with absolutely no small talk and I loved and appreciated it. I went to maybe six doctors before her and none felt okay pushing that hard for fear of perforating my uterus. This was gonna go in the vent thread because I thought my boyfriend wouldn't be able to take the day off to be with me for it but he called while I was typing and was sweet about it and has no issue taking it off which is a huge relief! Fuck. Can anyone here describe how bad their pain was with having it removed and replaced at the same time? I know it isn't the place to ask but I'm just babbling and didn't want to clog the dumb question thread with a stupid story as I've done here.

No. 514280

i like this comic lol

No. 514284

I can't stop watching clips of it's me or the dog on youtube

No. 514300

Meme sites are more toxic than the chans combined. I'm reading the comments of an imgur post complaining how school boards will kick teachers out for touching their students and how it should be allowed to beat children with bats instead and that it's looked down upon to look at students wrong. These people are so fucking mentally ill. 4channers are retards and tumblrs are perverts but memers are the worst of them all and I don't trust anyone who memes seriously.

No. 514314

File: 1581535493409.png (595.92 KB, 603x607, EQmTlL9WAAA9Tl4.png)

I wanted to write random shit but couldn't think of what to write so I googled up a random quote generator and found this "inspirobot" website which is just an AI that generates quotes. The first one was fine but boring but the more quote I generated the weirder they fucking got…

No. 514315

File: 1581535523822.png (218.57 KB, 594x596, EQmTlL9WsAA0FWo.png)

No. 514316

File: 1581535554629.png (886.39 KB, 598x596, EQmTlL2WkAM0FuB.png)

My favorite because I love cake lol

No. 514317

Honestly these remind me of a lot of surrealist tumblr memes/photos with quotes, maybe that's really where they came from

No. 514399

I wish Lillee and Laur got as much traffic as other threads on the hellsite. They're extremely lulzy and deserve it. However, if they get more traffic, a lot more idiot nitpicking and no saging newfags.
A Dilemma

No. 514426

i really like mcmansionhell and follow the author on twitter but she recently converted to judaism and wont shut the fuck up about it for days. i'm thinking of unfollowing her for a few months.

No. 514435

People like you are so pathetic and the reason this site is going to fucking shit. You’re an arrogant, self centred little cunt.

No. 514439

She's been intolerable on Tumblr for years. She's one of those people who got a speck of fame, and then decided to mix in her personal blog with the content people actually care about.

No. 514442

gee i wonder if you're a "radfem"

No. 514443

I used to skim her blog occasionally and while I agree with her on a lot of points, after awhile all her posts seemed do devolve into nitpicking somewhat asymmetrical mid-tier homes. I mean these homes weren't amazing but they weren't really interesting enough to tear into the way she does. Her examples of 'good' homes are also always so incredibly boring and whitebread it comes off painfully unaware.

No. 514569

File: 1581625465415.jpg (28.84 KB, 750x402, farm.jpg)

This made me laugh

No. 514630

I had a dream I had sex with Henry Cavills Geralt

Henry is gross irl but I love Geralt.

Happy Valentines to me

No. 514635

Henry Cavill as Geralt is super hot, I wish I could have a sex dream of him but it didn't happen yet and I haven't managed to lucid dream sadly. Happy Valentines to both of us Anon!

No. 514637

Ilu anon
Thanks for being wholesome

No. 514684

I see ugly couples together all the time with normal, happy relationships. It's really not that big of a deterrent. When I see incels or people in general claim that they're single because they're ugly the truth is probably more like "I'm single because I'm ugly and I think I deserve someone way above my league but I don't even have an interesting personality to make up for it evident by my shitty, entitled attitude towards dating and/or asocial behavior"

No. 514687

Uglies who date uglies do ir as a way to cope. I won't touch an ugly person, and especially someone who looks like me, because I do not like myself. I also do not expect anyone else to.

No. 514697

Did he ask you to play a round of Gwent when you finished?

No. 514708

Y'all if I don't grow a boyfriend by the time I wake up tomorrow, I'm finna.

No. 514712

I'm all for you having standards anon but I think there's merit in leagues. In a relationship, there's often a reacher and a settler. It's dangerous and unstable when the gap is too large, it just destroys self-esteem even more.

No. 514727

>In a relationship, there's often a reacher and a settler.
An uncomfortable truth, and I think you have to lack self awareness to be happy in a relationship like that (mostly the reachers). Not to mention, men usually consider themselves to be the one settling even when that's not true and they're equals or she's the one settling.

No. 514749

File: 1581669286952.jpeg (33.33 KB, 387x416, 1566343722990.jpeg)

I love animals so much and spend most of my time by myself and I really wish I could adopt a furry friend to keep me company but sadly it's just not possible for me right now. I'm moving back in with my parents to save money while I commute to campus and there's no way they would let me get an animal. They already have a cat and he's a gorgeous little tiger but he's very independent and doesn't really enjoy being petted or played with, plus he's only really bonded with my mother and just tolerates everyone else. I still love him and it's better than having no pets around at all but I wish I could have an animal that's truly mine and actually wants to be around me. I just gotta be patient for a couple more years but damn I really can't wait to adopt a small dog or cat or a couple of rats or something.

No. 514757

I was today years old when I learned that there's pink mold when I looked at my out-of-date pink polka dotted cottage cheese

No. 514775

pornhub premium is free today ladies
i already bought the wine and candles
i am ready to go

No. 514776

I know that. I just have a pathological hatred of anything ugly.

No. 514797

Ordered a cute rainbow design dildo as a sort of V day gift to myself. Was sad that it won't actually arrive til Monday but now I've got my period anyway so that works out fine

No. 514841

File: 1581703409383.png (366.82 KB, 640x574, F0280DEA-A4F1-4959-8DB5-BF5D2C…)

I want a cute fujo gf. We could keep a nice clean little house and never deal with any smelly 3DPD boys and I would never judge her on her BL habits or ships. Pipe dream.

No. 514843

File: 1581703667323.gif (1.74 MB, 500x271, 8b9e6a0024cfe18057445d31b7f269…)

It's like I ghostwrote this. I'm a fujo who only dates women IRL. No 3DPD boys allowed. Date me, anon. We can be the cringiest couple to ever exist.

No. 514846

>tfw the only guy who likes me is a gay guy who's only into me because I'm a tomboy and otherwise he only dates dudes
I want to cri

No. 514854

File: 1581705335933.jpeg (80 KB, 804x604, 1DE31DF7-0AF0-4949-9A3C-BA5CAE…)


You can display all your figs and posters, even the really embarrassing ones.

No. 514877

different anon but omg same. and i love this art. is this the evil within?

No. 514894

Sounds lit but I don't want any cats or dogs

No. 514900

I put in fake classes and grades so I meet the recs and requirements of a college I applied to, I also took another college course later on. I just got an email from the consoler asking for my transcripts. Problem - I flunked throughout high school, don't meet the recs, and dropped my college course. I can ask her if I can just apply as a high school student without transferring my credits, or I have to fake transcripts. What to do?

No. 514902

I honestly think you were pretty dumb to think you could get away with this for long, but I actually had a high school teacher tell us a story about how he supposedly pulled the same shit (though he was our English teacher so we never knew if he was truthful or just really full of shit and pushing the 'unreliable narrator' bs on us. He was a damn good storyteller though so lol). He told us that he went to the dean or counselor and got mad at them and accused them of losing his transcript, and they got flustered so in the time it took them to actually contact his hs and find out that he flunked out, he got his GED and did whatever else he need to do to meet the minimum requirements of the college he was at. When they confronted him with the truth he just said 'lol yeah I lied. Here's my GED and other shit to prove I meet the requirements to actually get in/stay.'

I guess you could try the same shit but again, my teacher was probably full of shit. Or just own up to your lies.

No. 514906

fuck anons I'm the same, I hate irl men and want a qt fujo gf to do qt fujo things with, draw and read BL stuff while living it up in our fujo household. 3DPD boys get the hell out of my life

No. 514914

File: 1581719176682.jpg (57.79 KB, 500x500, 1574972093780.jpg)

Today I kicked to the curb the crazy bitch that caused me a lot of useless sorrow through manipulation, gaslighting and some plain sadistic behavior that I still don't understand and won't try to.
I sent her a long text telling her everything I think about her, I've been pretty brutal but trust me, she deserved every single word after what I've been through because of her psycho cluster B ass.
I told her off like I've never done before, then I blocked and deleted her from everything, and it feels… so good. I've never done this to anyone who fucked me over before, I had no idea it would be so liberating. I feel like my own self esteem increased after doing this. I don't feel bad knowing that my words have probably hurt her, she needed to be called out. Hopefully she will take my advice to heart and will actually fuck off to therapy, instead of playing with other innocent women.

No. 514916

Does anybody have some advice to somehow cram two semesters worth of knowledge in 2 months? I'm not aiming for super high grades, just a pass. I can probably get an extension once i work with my depression situation too.

No. 514917

File: 1581720170316.jpeg (133.62 KB, 900x1315, 12C27679-1F81-497A-9FED-A019BE…)

Joseb forever, natch.

No. 514918

Can you get a hold of practice tests and can you solidify the materiel that will be on your exams? Pass those and you should squeak by.

No. 514923

FUCK lol my boyfriend tried to have flowers delivered to me but i left college early today and completely missed it and had no idea until hours later. i feel bad but i’m laughing because of course this would happen the one time i actually leave early.

No. 514935

Thank you, I hope to god I can pull through.

No. 514953

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is back in theatres. I’m debating whether I should go watch it again or not. On one hand I absolutely love the film, on the other hand the ending is so fucking bittersweet and makes my heart feel like I’m going through a heart wrenching breakup again and I don’t know if I want to deal with it again. I should also stop looking at comments of reviews of the movie. It’s always a bunch of stupid incels or other bible thumpers.

No. 514972

Today I dyed my hair the color of period-blood

No. 514974

it's weird because those types usually avoid subtitled art films like the plague

No. 514981

Ya'll, it worked. Gottem.

No. 515012

They 100% didn't even watch it, they just review bomb movies they think are "lefty and feminist".

No. 515098

Oh god I think I'm autistic.
-I get really obsessed with things like video games/books. I'll focus on a certian one for weeks at a time. It's almost the only thing I can talk about at times, I can tell I'm annoying my friends but I can't stop.
-I always had a crippling fear of loud noises like fire alarms. It's still a phobia of mine but every time I try and look up "fear of loud noises" it's always connected to autism.
-I used to hand flap/spin a lot as a kid, I don't do it as much now but I still hand flap when I'm excited. It's really embarrassing.
-What's also really embarrassing is that I repeat certian phrases when I'm excited that are in no way related to what's actually happening. I can't control it either.
The only problem is I get sarcasm and social cues pretty well, I read that autism in girls is different because they can "blend in"? Is autism a bad thing? I feel really ignorant right now

No. 515114

Misophonia can be a sign of ocd or generalised anxiety too, might be worth looking into them as possible causes

No. 515129

File: 1581797371540.jpg (303.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-15-21-05-14…)

Holy shit I am in love with the textransformer website that was posted in the Luna thread. Sometimes it vomits striking sentences, sometimes just pure WTF. I can stop generating Luna style poems and screencapping the best parts. Would love to make a thread but not sure if other anons share my fascination lmfao

No. 515158

File: 1581801757077.jpg (518.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-15-22-21-57…)

Another fave. Human poets are canceled

No. 515199

File: 1581811753261.png (183.52 KB, 720x951, Capture _2020-02-16-01-00-18.p…)

I just discovered that there's a brand who produces giant kawaii disease, organ and cell plushies. some of them are even interactive and have sounds and hidden features. Every single description has informational facts about the subject and for some of them they even made videos of the disease plushies talking, I-

No. 515201

It could just be ADD/ADHD. I do all of these things. I’m well socialized, understand cues. Being annoying and having specific sensory issues don’t necessarily denote autism. To be diagnosed as female autist, your retardation must have been quite apparent compared to your peers. You sound well adjusted enough, which is the autist’s best outcome, so it may as well be a non-issue.

No. 515203

File: 1581812322872.jpg (23.42 KB, 700x467, caw-wbc.jpg)


No. 515204


No. 515207

File: 1581813423116.jpg (79.3 KB, 650x650, waterbear-space_web.jpg)

I can't get over this. This is one of their product images y'all
>One of the most fascinating lifeforms on Earth is the common tardigrade, or technically speaking, “slow walker.” Typically found most anywhere, waterbears love a nice patch of moss. Indeed, they are also known as “moss piglets”. This smallest bear in the world can hibernate for decades before coming back to life! They can even survive in the vacuum of outer space!
God bless every person involved in this

No. 515208

>cosmos and helmet sold separately

No. 515212

Just another saturday night alone. I try to convince myself I like being on my own, but I wish I had a gf.

No. 515253

I'm sad that my valentines day weekend plans were ruined by my bfs dying dog. I know it's sad but I was really looking forward to it and I tried to be understanding about it but hes ignoring me and he hasn't told me I love you or anything. He didn't even seem interested when we went to dinner last night.
I feel sad and hurt but I also feel shitty.

No. 515262

Have you ever had a pet die? Suck it up.

No. 515270

Yes actually, and this week my pet was also sick but he didn't really make an effort to be there for me/ brushed off my crying. But keep assuming.

No. 515277

File: 1581841291010.jpg (566.04 KB, 1008x1013, Screenshot_20200216-192323_Chr…)

I really want to sign up to something like Stitchfix and have curated outfits sent to me and shit because I HATE shopping for clothes and I can't dress myself for shit. But there doesn't seem to be a box that ships to my country, they are all US only.

No. 515279

I heard it’s ass and a waste of money

No. 515280

because his pet dying isn't about you, pull your fucking head out your ass and be there for HIM

No. 515282

>pet need evasive surgery
>get brushed aside "it'll be fine"
>his pet is dying
>try to be there
>pushed aside and ignored
Ok, anon.

No. 515286

File: 1581845881108.jpg (2.92 MB, 2200x2788, Henry_Cavill_by_Gage_Skidmore_…)

henry cavill is so ugly to me it actually grosses me out, i feel fucking insane for being this triggered by some face? looks like some white american caricatyre, albeit he looks somehow almost ok with a mustache. what the fuck is this.

No. 515288

File: 1581846014213.jpg (94.4 KB, 1200x770, e5-12-e1580235465109.jpg)

adding the mustache cavill here, he looks hella gay but somehow less gross

No. 515290

same. i find him viscerally gross. like, he has nice features on paper but something about him feels very gross. i feel like this is what "attractive" punters look like.

No. 515292

thank goodness i'm not alone with this, it feels like nails on a chalkboard but visually.

No. 515295

File: 1581849331393.jpg (423.82 KB, 1920x1072, gaston-personnage-la-belle-et-…)


you guys, I come bearing answers.

No. 515300

look at you still trying to make yourself the victim, grow up holy hell

No. 515301

oh shit anon, that's it. slimy.

No. 515306

ew that's it
there it is

No. 515313

I keep injuring myself at work because I'm so sleep deprived. I'm so sick of it.

No. 515315

You ok?

No. 515319

>denied you basic empathy and brushed off your crying when your dog died
If this is how he handles negative emotions and serious situations like grief imagine spending a lifetime with him. How will he treat you later in life when more struggles appear for him, and when you face even greater difficulties? Death is an inevitable part of life. Will he turn away from you again when you are grieving loved ones? Do you want a husband who will deny you comfort in your most painful moments?

No. 515321

One good thing about my boyfriend breaking up with me is I can go back to having mini crushes on my professors to make going to class more enjoyable.

No. 515323

yeah, I'm just sick of getting hurt. I have bruises, lumps, cuts and sores all over my body. it's not deliberate, I'm just so sleep deprived it's like I'm drunk. They won't employ another person to save money so I'm literally running and doing the physical labour of 6 people which doesn't help.

No. 515336

Him! That's who he reminded me of. Lmao, he's actually like that, personality included.

No. 515347

why do i get so extremely overly emotional whenever i hear the openings and endings of anime shows that i really like and i am really into

No. 515355

could just be personal neurologic responses to pleasure and euphoric memories, could be autisimo, could be an overactive nervous system, could be many different things

No. 515368

I love salmon so much??? I can eat it every day for every meal!!! I don’t think that’s safe? I want it sashimi’d, I want it grilled, I want it stewed, I want it in soup, I want it on avocado toast! I love living near the ocean aaaa

No. 515372

uh anon. the OP was the one who brushed her bf off when his dog died, not the other way around. anon is clearly just lying about he pet being sick too for sympathy.

No. 515373

Bf got borderlands 3 for our Valentines day present. We played all day and he made me cum 6 times at the end of the night and rubbed my back.

No. 515374

Damn. I've had whole relationships where the guy didn't make me cum 6 times in total…

No. 515377

>Being able to cum 6 times in a night
Wtf life is so unfair

No. 515379

Wholesome and cute
I love salmon so much too, I wish I could eat it more. Enjoy your meals!

No. 515382

File: 1581879770074.jpeg (127.64 KB, 613x373, A63CDD4F-5799-4BF8-96F4-DAABE9…)

im literally hornypilled

fuck you wellbutrin even though you’ve been working wonders for me so far

No. 515409

My bf ate me out and gave me a nice back rub but he literally never buys a gift, like ever

No. 515410

so wellbutrin does make you horny? I've started taking it two weeks ago because I have no libido due to meds and/or trauma I have no idea about.
Can you tell me about your experience with wellbutrin from start to finish?

No. 515417

this is weird

No. 515438

when i was like 11 i was stupid and wanted my hair to grow really fast so i was on yahoo answers looking for hair growing hacks. some dude posted on there that you can make your hair grow 12 inches overnight by mixing water with flour and using it as a hair mask. i did it and then it dawned on me that i had made bread dough in my hair and it took me like two hours to get the sticky bread dough out of my hair

No. 515452

I like watching the DUST channel on jewtube because I’d like to know where are we heading in the near future. From the videos I’ve seen, we’re gonna be controlled by AI overlords

No. 515455

>like 2 ig influencer pic for workout motivation
>Suddenly my feed is filled with Asian girls who use unholy amounts of Photoshop

No. 515468

It's okay when I was 11 I wanted my boobs to grow so some asshole on Yahoo answers said to mix this weird shake of bread, parsley, milk, butter, rice, and a few other weird things and I did it and puked

I'm a G now but my body didn't form until I was 16 so I'm not mad I'm 21 now

No. 515471

>tfw drank a lot of milk and also soymilk when I was 10 hoping to have big boobs when I grow up
>nothing happened
I feel scammed.

No. 515479

I recommended this job to my male friend, and he took it to his dad, but then came back and went on about how his dad advised against it because it's too much work. I don't want to go into detail, but it's actually a pretty basic job that also offers training. He'd only need to go in twice a week, if that.
To be brutally honest
-his dad is a complete loser. alcoholic, had a string of shitty jobs, never put effort into anything, constantly leeching off his wife's family.
-he's also an abusive dickhead, but that's a different story.
I told my friend, "Yeah, but do you want to be like your dad?" in a really soft voice. He said "Well, no", and I said "Exactly", then told him to stop taking his input on life and get a better male role model. I added that even another friend's dad is better. I think I also said "Even a fucking McDonald's manager is better", which may have been going a bit too far.
His sister overheard from another room, called me a bitch and told me to stay away from their family if I'm going to talk shit on their parents. He told her it's none of her business and that I'm not wrong, to which she angrily walked out.
I later mentioned saying those things to my other, female friends, and they're mostly shocked and disgusted. They said I was being way too harsh.
I guess what I said wasn't the sweetest, but he's not even mad. I'm annoyed now.

No. 515480

>I was too harsh
Hah, nah sis. You're absolutely right. It's a shame other women feel they gotta coddle men during babby's first job. No one coddled me! It was either make money or not have shit.

No. 515481

sorry for late response anon but
when i was first diagnosed i was put on zoloft and it didn’t help at all personally, i experienced mild side effects but didn’t see any improvements even a couple of months in. they started me on wellbutrin, which worked really well and started to up my dose (i’m up to 200 mg now, not taking zoloft anymore) but i see a huge increase in my libido compared to when i was taking zoloft. working really well for me and i rarely see side effects, but the libido gets distracting lol there’s been a couple of studies in it which have comforted me since it’s not just me being gross or a weird menstrual cycle. hope everything goes well for you anon, everyone has their own experiences with antidepressants.

No. 515484

I'm a dyke and I used to really like and ship Harley and Poison Ivy back in the day, but their fans (who don't even read comics) got so annoying and demanding and the "relationship" is so obviously fapbait that I ended up despising it. They're even started doing it with Punchline, The Joker's new girlfriend, because of how fucking insufferable they are.

I'm loving new Ivy/Kiteman because it's actually wholesome.

No. 515485

I drank one can of diet Coke by accident and my pussy smelt ungodly for days despite my healthy diet and good hygiene. How do ladies who drink it regularly not smell bad ?

No. 515486

I guess it depends on your body chemistry. I can't eat high amounts of certain sauces/spices or else I smell absolutely awful

No. 515487

I can understand his sister being pissed, lots of people feel compelled to protect their shitty family members simply because they have a more nuanced perspective of that person, but the other people you told are being precious about it for no reason. your male friend NEEDS somebody to be real with him.

No. 515488

Sometimes I fuggen hate DDG whenever I'm trying to look up a picture with a girl in it it's either porn or sissification fetish stuff or just unrelated to the search terms.

No. 515491

Dude similar has been happening to me but it may have been BV for me. Every time I would drink anything with a high amount of caffeine my vagina would smell like cake batter. I'm on medication for the BV now and I think it has improved.

No. 515497

That sounds like a you problem.

No. 515510

>They're mostly shocked and disgusted.
>Being more disgusted at someone callig out an abusive, useless asshole than someone being an abusive, useless asshole
Imagine being SHOCKED by someone just saying facts on abusive people, the horror.

Nah fuck this and everyone who believes it, you can have a compelled knowledge of your parents and still objectively criticize them on their bullshit and abuse to you and others, doing otherwise is dangerous and borderline delusional.

No. 515512

I wanna troll Facebook with posting anti-SJW/woke/special snowflake pronouns (“Latinx” in my case) just to piss off two of my woke friends (won’t touch Trump cuz I don’t like him either) but am too much of a pussy to do so.

Should I do it?

No. 515517

No that’s cringe

No. 515519

Do it anon, woke people deserve what they get

No. 515520

Find something better to do with your time

No. 515522

what does it mean if you're never a bridesmaid or a bride?

No. 515545

You ugly.

No. 515549

That you have trouble forming close connections with people?

No. 515564

Do it, it will show them how feeble and pathetic they really are.
I miss doing this since copping a lifetime ban from twitter kek.

No. 515565

I've got a bump on my heel that hurts like fuck if I walk. I didn't even know it was possible to get any sort of bump there but here we are. It's probably from the crappy boots I wore all winter and the buttload of walking I have to do daily. I can't wait to go through the gony of buying new shoes again.

I also need a hug.

No. 515588

I had that when I was a teen, and it was an actual wart on my heel. I had to get it frozen.

No. 515589

You don't really have a close group with friends who want a traditional wedding. You have to have a 'yes man' personality to boot. If you're standoffish, they won't want you in the party unless they've got no one else. Or if they're willing to overlook the fact that you won't perform on their terms because they care about your close friendship. Brides want people in their party who will tolerate ridiculous demands to make 'their day' (which is a climax of several other 'their days' including things like bachelorette parties and bridal showers you will be expected to help plan and attend), work.
Are you nice? Reliable? Connected? Trustworthy? Fun? A workhorse? Servile? Doormat? All very desirable bridesmaid traits. If not, well…

No. 515590

Contacted amazon through their live chat. I ordered a rainbow coloured owl beanie baby and received a brown reindeer.

I contact them cos I don't like to think of the same mix up happening and disappointing a little kid. My own kid is already playing with the toy. Tried two different customer service agents and told them I'm not looking to return it. Just wanted to inform them. They keep insisting on a return! I don't even want a refund. I'm letting you know so you can fix the product page. My non-fussy kid is already attached to the crappy thing you sent! Like talking to a wall

No. 515591

Still mad about a personal shopper job I had for an Amazon store owner where my parents literally had to end up paying to work there.
She paid 10/hr which would be nice if I got the full 40 hours and I would barely get 30 hours a week, on top of that she refused to reimburst me for gas I used for her, 5 dollar tolls, lunches because I was in situations where packed lunch wouldn't be allowed, required uniform I had to buy myself, and so on, gas was 20 a day and 25 if she wanted me to use toll, another 5 dollars for lunch, if I was lucky I'd get paid 60 that day and I have to save 25 anyway that day for car insurance, leaving no money for me to get clothes she required, ended up with me wearing my boyfriends loose and stained clothes because I was at the bottom of the barrel at this point where it was literally depriving me and my family of money for her… claimed I was taking advantage of her because I offered to give up my lunch break to help pay because I took the long route (which is only 10 minutes more) because I couldn't pay the toll because hey I'm broke because of her then suddenly installed a rule that you can't take breaks unless you work 8 or more hours, which of course was impossible because hours were shit, didn't offer health insurance or any sort of benefits which would be fine if she didn't mention in the interview how she tries to make up for it but refuses to do that despite me working there for months. It's also a 1099 and with tax season coming up I'll probably have to pay more out of pocket since this piece of shit job literally put my family in debt. I'm working at a fast food place now which I unfortunately make much more and can actually save and it's a lot less stressful

She wasn't even an mlm or anything, just a shitty employer

No. 515601

I'm scared to ever have kids because even if you let them live you when they're adults, you can't guarantee that they won't be assholes.
I randomly came across a thread on a LoL forum about how some guy is made because his mom dumped her boyfriend, he's extra mad because he will have to pretend to support her decision because he "leeches" off of her and then in a deleted comment seems to say something about she should be killed because she's a whore. I'm sure the mother isn't great either but I can't imagine being this awful to the person that homes you.

No. 515604

>I hope you realize he isn't a "Chill and cool" dude if he dumped her on the side of a street. He is garbage, you most likely don't see everything that goes on between them.
Of course this comment got a -1 hah. He doesn't sound like a prize. Certainly not decent. The mom was probably so bossy and naggy towards him because he was being a do-nothing like her son.

But I agree with some of those posters that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The reason why this kid is an entitled prick is because mommy coddles him that way. Grown ass son unemployed and playing LoL all day with time to spare to play Dr. Phil over his mother's relationship issues. The son calls her "bossy" and projects that issue onto her relationships because the truth is he resents her for the occasional times she asks him to step up to live with her. Like clean or cook or pay some rent. "Ugh," he thinks, "She is so demanding and bossy and the guy is just so chill!" Like him. His resentment turns to hate. The hate brings in violent intrusive thoughts. So that when this lad throws a temper tantrum, in the heat of the rage, says to an audience on a game forum that he wants to kill his mom.

No. 515610

I dated a guy with a thirteen year old son and while I wouldn't usually date anyone with kids I thought this was different as he was only a few years away from being grown… The son wanted his dads full attention on weekends and ended up resorting to dirty protests when we moved in together.

At 13 he suddenly forgot how to flush a toilet and every shit that he took for months was just left in the toilet for me or his dad to find. He'd often time it for when we'd be preparing dinner and stink out the apartment. It was obvious what he was doing but over and over again his dad bought the story of him just being forgetful. This problem didn't happen before we moved in together, weirdly enough. It also never happened at his mom's house. Boys/men are psycho when they feel possessive over a parent. Would never do it again.

No. 515616

Ayrt and imo you're exactly right. But it still worries me that people are so mollycoddled in general these days that even if you raise kids "right" they might still turn into an entitled shit like this

That's utterly psychotic unless there was a hugely concerning age gap between you and the guy in which case the kid is an unsung hero

No. 515619

Only 6 years. When his dad started dating someone after me the kid just plain threatened to never visit with his dad anymore. I was still living there as a roommate til our lease was up so I got to overhear many threatening phone calls where he got his mom to pass on the message. Made me feel real relieved to be leaving the situation

No. 515621

File: 1581964943864.png (382.94 KB, 640x375, 30D92E1C-C0A5-4FD5-B0D4-5F8137…)

Dear farmers,
Even though we fight, even though we disagree on things, even though some of you are cows, I still love u. When I go into other spaces on the internet, it makes me appreciate u. Have a good week anons.

No. 515622

Older kids from a previous partner are always a touchy subject. They're at the age where they are aware of what's going on but too immature to articulate and express their feelings about it.
It was really wrong of the kid to cause scenes that purposefully sabotaged your time.

I went through a similar thing as a preteen, but it's because my dad genuinely didn't care about me and was sadistic about withdrawing attention. He only got custody of me every other weekend by the time I was a preteen. He never spent any of that time doing something with me or bonding with me, and the times I dragged him to take me to a movie were far and few because that cost him precious time and money. I hated visiting him because I would be guaranteed to be hauled over to his girlfriend's house, shoved in a corner with my CD player or gameboy or tasked with babysitting children, and forgotten about until I asked for food or time to take me to mom's. He'd become abusive or mean if I got in the way of his weekend schedule.
Think of my visitation as trying to make up the previous 12 days my dad had been absent from my life, this was before texting caught on and he never called. He chose to spend the 2 days of our makeup time with his girlfriend, and doing whatever they wanted. It really damages your heart and worldview as a kid when a parent puts a new partner first so obviously. I had my tantrums, and no doubt I said some mean stuff to the girlfriend when she would try to interfere. I'm sure she thought I was a brat, because I'm sure my dad painted a very flattering picture of himself to her. But understand it was my dad's crazymaking.

Not to discredit what you're saying about teenage boys being impulsive and more violent, it's true. Just that his dad might have been more responsible for his outbursts than meets the eye.

No. 515623

Even during infights i realise we're all a big sometimes dysfunctional community and that's the way i like it, ditto anon.

No. 515630

File: 1581966109436.jpeg (140.48 KB, 880x682, DA67FDF3-EE3C-417D-BB8B-29E706…)

Are camwhores as salty about Projekt Melody as males say they are?

No. 515631

a few of them definitely are, but they seem like they're just mad because they're entitled shayna types and believe they deserve instant fame and riches and melody is getting in the way. i haven't seen anyone actually jealous of how the thing looks, nor do i know how many of them are mad

No. 515633

I fully get that his dad was adding to the issue by choosing to play dumb over his dirty protests. I tried to get him to dedicate more time to just the two of them and I tried to get more of my own space on weekends to relieve some of the tension. His dad didn't acknowledge the tension at all.

His reaction to the gf that came after me was explosive and I still never got the ex to say "oh yeah I guess he does have an issue with me dating and you didn't just imagine all that anon". I don't know if they have a relationship at this point cos once the son went into a full on rage (rather than the usual passive aggressive) the dad got aggressive too. Sad situation for everyone involved. Sorry to hear what you went through with your dad. Maddening when fathers have two modes like that, indifference or anger.

No. 515636

What I love about this site is how I'll never know whether the anon that calls me a bitch in one thread is the same one empathising with me over trauma in another

No. 515642

I think it's just a very small vocal minority who mistake Projekt Melody for some kind of premade AI cartoon thing instead of a motion capture (or whatever you call it) of a real person in real time.

No. 515668

This af. I see arguing with anons on this site like arguing with a sister sometimes, it's just a bit of shittalking to pass the time until we join in on the same fun again

No. 515779

the adorable security dude at my store fist bumped me and told me I was doing a good job when I firmly turned down a very persistent woman attempting a sketchy return. i said thanks but inside i was busting the fattest uwu.

No. 515784

I'm trying to catch up with Supernatural and god everything after season 5 was a mistake.
They went from hunting ghosts, vampires and monsters to killing Hitler and zombie necromancer nazis… I mean what the actual fuck

No. 515785

tbh it was never very well written, just a fun ride and the pleasure of staring at Dean's face

I do miss it being scary though, first season freaked teenage me out

No. 515798

Dropped it around s3 and i wanna ask: they do fucking what

No. 515801

This is so random, but I've noticed that I've never had strange youtube videos pop up for whatever reason. For example, Mozilla wrote an article about how people were exposed to shocking or extremist content through youtube:


For example, it's people being exposed to videos of extreme injury and pro-ana videos. I've also heard of people getting into extremist content through youtube as well.

On the other hand, I feel like my youtube suggestions are totally fine. There's even a lot of really positive youtubers I've found through the algorithm. For example, I'm watching this video on the merits of contemporary Christian worship music where a guy tries to be impartial and charitable towards a much-loathed genre.

I think it's because most of my youtube browing revolves around video games (but not let's plays), cooking, and music. I don't see a need to watch much political things on youtube even though I feel like I do stay aware of political news through other means.

What are you guys' youtube suggestions like?

No. 515809

Super weirded out how everyone kept warning me about bc making my bipolar flip the fuck up but i have never in my life felt more normal and stable.

No. 515838

I feel like I used to get really outlandish things in my recommendations, but I think youtube has finally caught on that I will rewatch the same video like 20 times over before I'm ready to move on so they just recommend me shit I've watched over and over again. I rarely ever deviate from channels I already watch and occasionally I'll have a new video pop up from a channel I've never seen before, but 9 out of 10 times it's usually a miss for me.

No. 515850

anyone else not get the celeb hate threads? like the celebricow or the kpop threads (either one). i get hating on people in your small niche community like camgirls or cosplayers or IG artists because they are so close to home, but celebrities are so far removed from the average person it just seems weird. i don't prescribe to the whole "haturz make me famous" bs, but hating on celebrities is a sort of fixation in itself. so it's fucking weird to me.

No. 515879

This stupid video is a decade old and a dead meme anyway but it still makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it.

No. 515885

kpop is an intensely competitive and involved fandom, they get wrapped up in hating celebrities just because they are selling better than their favs or have annoying fans or w/e.

I don't see any of that in the celebricow thread, it's just random gossip and nobody seems very invested? It's very harmless and obviously suitable for an off topic board.

No. 515886

What’s stopping the famooose from being absolute lolcows? They’re probably the milkiest motherfuckers with the amount of narcissism and yes men they’re surrounded by. The trade off is it’s less accessible. Hilarious that these people have whole ass teams of image curators and PR and yet the cow behavior just jumps out.

No. 515889

hating on celebrities is understandable since they spread their drama all over the world and can be hugely negative influences, obsessing over a no-name camgirl you have to go out of your way to stalk her insta daily is the real autism

No. 515893

I thought this bitch I'm friends with was just a cringey clout chaser and liar when she said that she knew and was involved with members of this band I used to like, but it turns out the bitch actually knows them. Huh. Well, shit.

No. 515912

I had no idea that guy came from an actual video, let alone a real honest advert. Thank you for schooling my uneducated ass today

No. 515913

>tfw stressed out after reading an anon's post
>look down at mood ring
>it's grey
>look up mood ring colors and meanings
>"grey represents feeling stressed out"
Wow, incredible.

No. 515920

Mood ring? wat? That thing exist?

No. 516007

File: 1582089780715.jpeg (273.38 KB, 750x842, 83A4EE91-3665-44C3-9011-46AE89…)

Can I have five more of these little coral bitches?- seriously, nintendo better give a date for when they’re releasing this in the uk. I used to think I’d like to purchase the regular switch but honestly I don’t have anyone to play multiplayer shit with anyway, and the switch lite seems cute and versatile. I wish they were bringing it out at the same time as acnh though..

No. 516013

Muh birth control is the devil anons are the worse, the ones who blame birth control on their laziness, "but evil hormones!!!1!" anons, or the saddest but funniest ones are the "why should I take something that can help me with a problem I have???" Anons

No. 516022

You must be 18 to post here anon

No. 516035

I don't use it for safe sex as i Do Not Fuck Men but for other issues. While I agree that some people just get lazy and blame everything on it, there's the fact that science does not give a shit about women's issues enough to actually know wtf bc can end up doing to women.

No. 516036

Harley quinn's brids of prey outfits are better than her ss outfits. They fit her character more and they dont look like some 14 y/os sex fantasy

No. 516054

I can't take any birth control because it greatly affects my moods and has full on sent me into crisis a couple of times.

What I really don't understand is when women claim that they've been a raging bitch for three years on the pill and they gained 100 pounds and lost all interest in sex anyway…like stop taking it once you see the damage starting?? I've exhausted all forms of hormonal bc and tbh I'm happy being single right now cos I'm not going to take a pill every day only to then complain about it. No sex, no problem lol

No. 516058

I've been alone at work for the last 3 days and I love it. I get so much done, no distractions and I'm just enjoying it. I like my coworker, she's great, but I guess I just prefer working alone.

No. 516060

Yea like if you do have other options and the means to get them, why not go to a dr once you realise your quality of life is going to shit? I also have a tinfoil that women sans mental health issues also notice mental shit easier while maybe in my case it just evened shit out or…i just don't notice it on top of my normal shit.

No. 516063

Yeah every time that I've tried out new birth control I've looked up other womens stories and read about how women ignored 5 stone of weight gain, losing half of their hair, being angry and depressed all day every day and their relationship falling to shit because of the pill moods.. they only complain after all that, Switch your birth control sooner girl!

I have a couple friends where no birth control suits them at all but they endure it for the sake of their partner. Like I'm not doubling my body weight or crying every day just so a guy gets to raw it. Dick ain't that great

No. 516064

It's honestly sad and worrysome, but i know some gynos can be very shitty about these things but at the same time, jesus fucking christ. I take bc due to ovarian cyst control and have changed pills due to side effects that were scary as fuck, now i'm relatively fine! I just fucking wish everyone could be fine with bc.

No. 516066

I was treated like I was being petulant when I complained about side effects (constant spotting, mood swings, one of my tits grew larger than the other and has never recovered) on the mini pill by a female doctor. She said "well, you have to give it at least 6 months for the side effects to even out, maybe even longer". That's a really, really long time for her to just expect me to be miserable. Doctors seem to handwave side effects away to me pretty often, now that I think about it. I wonder if it has to do with being female.
For example, I didn't want to go on antidepressants because I only have mild anxiety and don't want to risk my mood getting flipflopped, dealing with coming off them, or sexual dysfunction. A different doctor acted like I was, again, being petulant and strongly encouraged me to consider them like the side effects aren't real.
I'm starting to think that people are too comfortable feeling unwell if they think it is going to "fix" them and I'm not "sick" enough to be ok with that sort of treatment. I spent years of my life feeling shitty due to birth control and now that I'm finally feeling stable why would I fuck it up because of a little interview anxiety?

No. 516069

Psych meds and the pill are weirdly similar when it comes to docs just telling us to put up with worrying side effects.

"give it six months and see" ..but doc I'm suicidal and on top of that I'm bleeding through my pads and clothes every fucking day

No. 516088

Sometimes people are really defensive about it, they don't want to feel like a victim or something. I was put on it from 15 and remember my boyfriend at 19 trying to get me to come off of it because he thought it was affecting my mental health. He was completely right but I got angry and argued against it, I reacted as if he'd told me I was crazy. The truth was that it made me depressed and killed my libido. I currently just use condoms with my partner and my sex drive has never been better.
I met that ex recently and he said I seem much happier now I'm not on the pill but I still got mad at him for playing armchair psychologist even if he's right lol

I still think bc is a fantastic option for women to have but it's not for everyone. The site effects should be known.

No. 516098

File: 1582123989028.jpg (866.89 KB, 1920x1280, old-dog-cuddles.jpg)

I tell myself that I don't want another dog after my current dog passes. I just don't think I'll be able to do right by that future dog. I just don't think I'll be able to give them the all the time and love that I think they deserve, and after I move out, it'll be a pain to find pet friendly apartments and feed them fresh/raw food like I would like to. At the same time, I've had my dog since I was 8. I only have a handful of memories of life without her. Life without a dog, or really any pet, seems awfully lonely. Maybe I'll foster in the future, but I already know I'll probably end up a foster fail.

I couldn't help but think about this shit again after my dog came to see me off for work before heading back to bed herself lol.

No. 516122

Fuck bc honestly. My obgyn told me to wait months for my symptoms to pass on the lowest dosage. I already have high estrogen but she said it could help with acne. It gave me the worst acne for a month, made me bleed for that month, made my happiness numb and anger much worse. Libido totally died on top of my breasts slightly sagging. I couldn't handle it and gave up after my sister pointed out my breasts changed. Everything went back to normal except I'll never have the perky breasts I used to. Not having a period wasnt worth all that trouble.

No. 516123

>when you're looking for pictures of cosplayers of a character you like but you stumble upon blackface but it doesn't matter because no one cosplays her anyway
Better than nothing

No. 516131

I know stores have these point systems to make you actually buy more shit, but I just had enough points to get deo, shampoo and two other things for free so that's nice.

No. 516138

Hell yeah anon! I have like $500 worth of points hoarded up on my credit card right now. I'm just waiting to hopefully settle into a more comfortable spot in my life before splurging all of it on a nice little vacation for myself.

No. 516216

I keep getting recommended Wendy Williams stuff on YT, and now I want a Wendy Williams thread…

No. 516222

I've thrown up 10 times today and I feel like total shit. I can barely eve drink anything and haven't eaten anything.
This is so stupid, I have important shit to do.

No. 516224

lmao instagram banned all my ways to weasel my way around the restricted viewing of an account. After the new and annoying update where you can only scroll two and a half times through a profile until you get a message to sign up, I figured out that you could just click through the posts and still see all photos but I just realized that this isn't an option either anymore lol sniff I loved to check some pages here and there and other social media pages do not interest me anymore. I wish tumblr never killed itself …


gastric flu?

No. 516225

Use storyinsta! They have an option to go through a person's posts as well.

No. 516228

File: 1582150074599.jpg (35.69 KB, 734x734, goods_51_425371.jpg)

I already have at least 4 long pleated skirts, 3 of which are from Uniqlo, but I want MORE!!! I love long pleated skirts, they make me feel like an elegant lady. They usually release this style every year with maybe an new color or two, but last FW they released a slightly different styled long pleated skirt with slightly wider pleats and I bought that shit so fast but the pleats all came out after washing… the pleats on all of my other skirts from them have never washed out. I was so sad…

No. 516232

watched like 5 episodes of demon slayer but then stopped for some reason and even though i want to continue watching it sometime later, i still cannot wrap my head around why it's so damn popular, nearly the same level as tokyo ghoul and naruto popular. is it even that good as people make it out to be? and another thing i cannot stand about is that nearly every character suffers from the same face syndrome in it aka they have the same type of ragged hair, same type of eyes and some might think the way the eyes are designed is pretty but to me it's so off putting because it's always the same shape and the same coloring with different tones

No. 516233

Just get ublock origin and use the element zapper tool to block the full page pop-up.

No. 516235

I'm glad California is banning private prisons. The more people billionaires enslave, the less workers millionaires can hire. It's annoying how little the wealthy care about people like me who need as many workers as possible but they're all being imprisoned for stupid shit I don't care about.
Just my thoughts.

No. 516236

>same face syndrome in it aka they have the same type of ragged hair, same type of eyes
You mean 90% of anime?
Anyway, getting into something at the heights of its popularity is disappointment every time. If I didn’t watch a show when its popularity was still rising, then I’d let it sit for at least a few seasons until one day I thought of it and felt genuinely curious enough to watch it without expecting anything. Tried to watch Attack on Titan in 2014 and couldn’t get through it. My psyche was probably put off by how ever-present its fandom was. Tried again in 2018 in solitude and it was a pretty great experience.

No. 516241

Weebs become anticipated for any generic overly-cliched anime out there especially if there is a another same faced bug eyed girl to claim as their new wAiFu11!!!
I just don't get it either.

No. 516250

I’m glad I got into Kimetsu well before the anime aired, it’s a fun series to follow and the mangaka isn’t trying to drag it out. I hope she gets more into doing horror series after it ends.

No. 516251

Y’all wanna see my trouser snake?

plz don’t ban, I’m a girl!

No. 516253

Tbh I liked demon slayer and some scenes were great but it wasn't ground breaking, game changing stuff at all. It's well animated but it follows all the shounen tropes. I'm really confused at the popularity of it too because it really feels like it's the most amazing anime of these last years.
Tokyo ghoul was also a mystery to me because the anime was just so technically bad.
For kny, the first episodes are "the worst", not bad but the most boring i think you should watch like.. 10 episodes ? Since it's a long running manga, it takes some time to meet/know the main characters and overall story.
I think it will really get interesting in future seasons because of this, the side characters introduced so far are a lot more intriguing imo

No. 516257

You could probably iron and starch them back in. It would just take a long time.

No. 516258

I personally like it because of its focus on family, interesting designs, and focused story. None of the plot really feels shoehorned in (in my opinion) compared to something like My Hero Academia.

No. 516279

I like that KnY feels distinctly female-coded.

No. 516284

File: 1582165686642.jpg (207.25 KB, 800x780, 80cefa70a2e1441205a8b53377980c…)

No. 516337

i smell so GOOD right now god i should treat myself to bath bombs more often indulged the vampire fantasy with very nice scents tonight

No. 516352

File: 1582175057905.png (112.67 KB, 500x874, gfadhfdadg.png)

This picture made me recoil into a black hole.

No. 516379

File: 1582182956273.jpeg (12.98 KB, 739x415, images (36).jpeg)

At age 28 I have finally found a doctor willing to give me a tubal ligation. I can't wait to never worry about birth control or pregnancy again. I was also going to donate my eggs but I failed the medical history check due to 2 gene mutations, which was a bit disappointing, but reaffirms that I'm making the right choice in not passing my shitty health issues on.

No. 516381

Aaa congrats, anon! Wishing you luck in your tube knot times

No. 516421

this picture is annoying. you just know whoever styled this is probably making like $90k a year despite being this bad at their job. she looks like she grabbed everything here from her mom's donation pile to wear while bleaching her bathroom

No. 516440

File: 1582198196178.jpg (242.68 KB, 901x604, lisa.jpg)

3 of my edits have been used for Cow Thread pics and one edit as a banner.

I think I spend too much time on Lolcow

No. 516463

Maybe. But bless u, time spent creating art is never time wasted.

No. 516513


Same, idk how many were used as thread pics but at least a few over the past years and one banner banner lmao I just love when farmers have a good laugh at an edit.

No. 516539

I live in this terrace house so it's kind of like an apartment in that you live really close to your neighbours. Some rent part of their house out since there's four floors in each house.
Anyway one of my neighbours seems to have some kind of illness or something. Usually in the early hours in the morning I'll hear this retching sound as if he's throwing up. This happens A LOT and I wonder if he's.. ok lol. I don't know who exactly he is as there are several people living in the house. I think they're polish. Most of the people in the house smoke on the terrace (no judgement from me, I smoke too). I just wonder why there's so many frequent retching noises, it's honestly quite disconcerting.

No. 516551

Could be an alcoholic or coming off some substance

No. 516555

I guess that's true. It's just kinda weird to feel worried for my neighbours health because of this retching or whatever that has been going on for at least over two years now. Nothing for me to do about it ofc.

No. 516584

He's probably brushing his tongue, anon. My man retches, too. It's disgusting. I'm sorry you have to listen to that shit.

No. 516587

could be an alco. I get like this in the morning probs freaks my neighbour out indeed. hope hes okay

No. 516600

Why do i suck at maths so hard…

No. 516606

I may dislike male fish but mine has a nice color so I don't really want him to die.
He's big enough for two fish fingers. I would never eat a disgusting riverfish though.

No. 516609

I took the morning after pill a week ago and I'm about a week out from my period but I just got it. And while reassuring it would explain my skin and mood lately. I've had a shit day and now it's like oh. But also there's people having a party below me and it's annoying

No. 516615

My grocery store discontinued the matcha I like, the new one tastes like shit, and now this other brand I bought is worse than that. What a waste of money fml the only decent one for its weight is all the way in the city or I'd have to order my old one in bulk online.

No. 516645

This post is going to sound so melodramatic and stupid but I just feel like I needed to post it somewhere lol.

I feel like since my break up at the end of 2018, I lost my sense of self and I still have yet to recover from it. We only dated for a month, btw, so I already know I’m being stupid and ridiculous about it. 2019 felt like a blur, like I was just going through the motions of existing. My job was terrible too, so that didn’t help. It’s 2020 now, and I thought things were finally working out… I mean, I’m definitely not as depressed as I was last year, I’ve picked up new hobbies, my friends are still awesome and great, and I’m working a easy, less stressful job atm. Things should be okay, right? I guess they are, but it feels like I’m just waking up. Not just from the break up, but from my college years before it. My highschool years before it. Everything. My whole identity, my entire concept of self from my whole life, it doesn’t feel like it’s mine. They’re my memories that I can play back, and my emotions that I can recall, but I still feel so detached from it.

I no longer feel like I’m on autopilot, like I’m existing in a body that doesn’t belong to me, but this body doesn’t feel like home. It’s mine, but at the same time, it isn’t. It probably doesn’t make any sense but that’s just how it feels. Not in a troon way either. Just in a sort of existential dread-esque way, I guess.

I’m also trying to figure out where to go from here, job wise. Find hobbies to make life worthwhile, and hopefully a job that’s a little worth my while too, right? But after all this, I don’t know if what I want for myself is even what I actually want for myself. I don’t know what I want, I don’t even feel like a real person to some extent. It’s weird. I wish I had some drive and some purpose but I feel like eventually, everything that I try to do to bring purpose and warmth into my life will just go right through me, as if I’m a sieve and everything meaningful is water that just pours straight through.

Sorry for the weird rambling.

No. 516685

sorry 4 replying so late but ian curtis, john belushi and john kennedy toole :/ yeah i know i deserve to be executed

No. 516721

File: 1582271015690.png (78.22 KB, 539x471, beautifulzoomerculture.png)

Is this how the 2010's will be remembered

No. 516723

Today I waited on this lady during lunch and she just…totally bewildered me. Starting talking about herself a little so I engaged since it wasn’t busy and talking to people can be nice, but literally I could not get a word in edgewise and it got intensely personal. Starting talking about how she was going to this like therapy retreat? Thing with her daughter. Told me about how her daughter was raped (!!!) and proceeded to tell me a bunch of shit that her daughter said during one of these “therapy” sessions..! This goes on for like 15 minutes and all I could do was nod and try to keep up. Why. Would you reveal this to a stranger. Why would you talk to your server about this. I’m like the same age as this lady’s daughter. “It’s okay for me to tell you this because I’ll never see you again.” How am I supposed to go up to you and ask if you want to order some queso after having this revealed to me. Ma’am. I just wanted to know what you wanted to drink.

I can’t stop thinking about this.

Nice tip though

No. 516724

>Niche memers
Can I please die now?

No. 516728

It's the age we live in. The arts have been democratised , largely in part to the internet and the occupy wall street movement . This woman is revelling in her narcistic belief that she to is entitled to air her dirty laundry in much the same way as the celebrities she reads about . We are all entitled now to be stars of a show. Everything is about ourselves and making everything about ourselves. This phenomenon serves a higher purpose because the eye is never wider than the view but the picture is always hanging in a frame.

No. 516729

interesting. so, since all of the mentioned examples of modern day subculture groups are basically insults and people earn the title, I guess you could say everyone's a faggot now.

No. 516734

I have met some delusional people who unironically call themselves koreaboos

No. 516743

Hit a weight loss plateau in the last couple months and been completely stumped overcoming it so I'm trying Noom. Dunno if it's worth it but the 2 week trial was only a dollar so I guess we'll see.

No. 516780

occupy wall street has nothing to do with weirdos oversharing.

No. 516786

When the only two people who give a tiny shit about you are a homophobe you went to highschool with and your ex fiance who checks up on you when he's bored. Fuck my sad life. I hope once I'm diagnosed and get help I can actually turn my life around since every aspect of it is miserable.

No. 516812

File: 1582300726982.jpg (88.35 KB, 564x705, 0ec8281d7321ff267cb77775dabdb9…)

I bought a bunch of midi dresses and skirt and it was the best decision ever. I'd be okay with never wearing pants again tbh.

No. 516830

I bought a piece of wood with Nordic runes on them from some random dude in England and I translated them into English and it told me that I'm going to die if it hails on a sunny day this year. I'm so scared but it doesn't hail here often except sometimes it does nooo I don't want to dieeee

No. 516832

What are the chances of 3 amazon orders in a row all being fucked up? The first went missing after the tracking on it just stopped updating. I was all stressed out given the ahem.. intimate nature of the item

Following order sent the wrong item and now a 3rd order has been marked as delivered but it is nowhere to be seen. 3 strikes and I'm done I guess.

No. 516846

File: 1582309139003.jpeg (49.33 KB, 720x720, 1575060192004.jpeg)

Happened to watch the new pewdiepie video and i think he got some botox

No. 516851

Why are you watching him? Ew.

No. 516855

Was doing my brows and autoplay happened so i just left it on for a while lol

No. 516864

Do you think it could be porch pirate?

No. 516865

Caps? I don't want to watch his shit but I like dirt on him.

No. 516868

I had a dream I had sex with my crush. I like to pretend he's still alive but having sex in the aether is just weird.

No. 516872

Oh, now I’m interested. My dad and I watch her show sometimes, lol. I don’t like her, but I do at the same time. Very conflicting feelings. Somebody make this happen.

No. 516879

File: 1582320041746.jpg (435.14 KB, 1440x792, 20200221_231606.jpg)

Uh it doesn't really translate as it really showed more when you notice his forehead rly not moving, here's the thumbnail though

No. 516882

kek I guess he's taking after his wife. Thanks for the pic.

No. 516883

Have you ever been to a place that just automatically gave you a really bad gut feeling?
>went to office building i’ve never been to before for an interview
>halls are mostly empty and there is almost no one around
>all walls are gray
>company’s suite in the building is locked and you have to ring a doorbell to be let in
>camera near the doorbell and “no cell phones” sign on the door
>had to sign this form that said i wouldnt talk about the company on social media before the interview
>gut feeling gets instantly worse when the interviewer comes up to me
>its a middle-aged guy whose smile gives me a really bad feeling for some reason
>walk past all of the gray cubicles and a feeling of dread descends upon me for some reason
>interview guy smirks and tells me that he pays attention to “every minute” an employee isn’t taking a call (its a call center)
I know it doesn’t sound bad but for some reason when i was there i felt this horrible feeling of dread. I feel like i cant accurately convey the feeling through writing. It just felt so eerie and i wanted to leave the moment i walked in

No. 516886

Nah, it really does sound awful based on your post alone anon. Also fuck that interview guy lol.

I went to an interview that I ultimately declined the job offer for (despite being super desperate to leave my shit retail job at the time) because the entire thing made me feel so off. It was in a super industrial area and I powerwalked for like 10 minutes straight but the entire time it was eerily quiet and empty with lots of cars/trucks/things for shady people to hide behind (did not want to think about what it would be like in the winter time when it gets dark fast). The interviewers definitely did not take the time to look at my resume beforehand because there was a lot of awkward silences as he stared at it before finding something to ask about (usually not a bad thing since ppl can be super inundated with applications and resumes, but the job posting had been up for a while and I was immediately offered the job like a day or two later so I got the feeling they didn't have that many applicants in the first place). The office was drab and I just had a weird feeling as I sat on a stool in a tiny nook in the wall right by the entrance.

No. 516889

File: 1582324068234.png (305.64 KB, 510x366, 2332.PNG)

men age like wine, pass it on.

No. 516891

Harry styles is the ugliest motherfucker I’ve ever see and I’ll never understand why people like him.

No. 516893

Men age like milk, die mad about it.

No. 516894

anon, it was sarcastic. kek.

No. 516900

Oh, I'm sorry. I just feel like there has been more scrots baiting in threads lately so I'm on a bit aggressive.

No. 516904

There is no new vent thread and I'm feeling like shit right now. Goddamn it.

No. 516906

he always looked inbred tbf
he looks a bit better on right because of the foundation coverage

No. 516908

can't believe that i ever thought this dude is hot/attractive in any fucking way

No. 516909

i'm so used to reading mangas now that whenever i see a random western comic, i automatically start reading from right to left instead of the other way around and then end up confusing the fuck out of myself

No. 516910

I saw a missing persons flyer and decided to look up the name since the person went missing like two weeks ago, and they just found her body today…

No. 516917

My hairs been falling out in the shower more, my energy is shot, I get light headed with losing my vision way more no matter how much I eat. My legs keep painfully going stiff with it hurting like hell to move them back into normalcy. I've gotten way more bruises in the past year that take forever to heal. Awful to say but I wish I knew wtf is wrong with my body because this cant just be depression. My chances for cancer due to family is 25% so that's not an impossibility. Not that I'd want that to happen but I hope a dr could figure it out so i could actually get medicine for whatever it is.

No. 516921

Maybe your levels are just out of wack. I hope it’s an easy fix for u anon.

No. 516925

Husbando af. I just want good things for Princess Carolyn. And really, who wouldn’t!
>tfw no cute caring capable autist bf

No. 516926

Imagine dating a guy for years only to discover their feet look like this.

No. 516928

Are you ordering fulfilled by Amazon or just from secondary sellers in the marketplace?
Just buy your dildo from a proper online sex shop it's just as discreet shipping and billing wise.

No. 516929

Honestly I had a suspicion when he first appeared that they would wind up together but since BH had a theme for their characters self-sabotaging, it made me fear he would either show his cards to be a bad person or PC would ward him off somehow. I'm really glad they wound up together too, and idk if Judah is supposed to actually be younger than PC but he looks it. That makes me happy to see a younger man be with a mature, successful businesswoman as he works under her. Not a common dynamic these days in shows. It's always the reverse.

No. 516930

I love Judah so much
I'm so happy Princess Carolyn got a happy ending with a man that treats her right and he's an an incredible business partner
Goals tbh

No. 516932

Anon wtf use a spoiler tag
I didn't even open the video but now that plot development is ruined for me

No. 516936

I used to think people who "settled" with just one partner forever or stayed in sexless marriages were lazy or cowardly but I'm starting to get it

Me and my current boyfriend are a really good team and I'm starting to realize how rare that is. We take really good care of each other and we respect each other without making it a competition. I don't live near any family so it means a lot to me that if he thinks I'm getting a cold he will pick up some vitamins for me without asking, and I love surprising him with dry clothes and hot tea when he comes in from the rain. I never agreed with the idea of marriage but I'm suddenly scared of not having him in my life, we've been together for years and our relationship is still romantic, but if we ever fell out of love I don't know what I'd do. It's stupid to worry about the future but it's really stressful to realize how dependent I've willingly become.

No. 516940

Definitely follow that up. There's a chance they could be plain incompetent. Twice I've had two random Amazon parcels delivered to me, the first address was in my street but they seemed to fuck up the door numbers or postcode, the second address was still in the same city but nowhere I've ever heard of.

No. 516957

I'm a mail woman and it always makes me cringe Everytime I see the lower income apartments and trailer parks order boxes and boxes full of nonsense from China. Not saying poor people can't buy literally anything but I always deliver more shit to poor people than I do to obviously rich people. I do judge hard when someone is clearly lower income and spends tons of money on nonsense

No. 516958

File: 1582346851995.jpg (40.64 KB, 474x355, mickey.jpg)

Is there a name for the phobia of whatever this is?

No. 516960

Nothing feels better than the sweet relief of period cramps stopping. I felt it in my thighs!!!

No. 516973

How do you know it's nonsense? You can buy necessities and household items from Aliexpress and Taobao for very cheap.

No. 516981

Maybe cause rich people don't need to save money by buying cheap chinese items. They can go to the nearest mall and buy designer clothes, sponges and god knows what else.
Fuck off with that judgmental crap, you don't know the whole story and it's none of your business anyway.

No. 516991

Have to agree with the other anon that it can be way cheaper to order online through bids or used goods than walking to a store for all of it. I've bought a fair amount of nicer clothes that rich people resold for way cheaper since it wasnt their flavor of the month anymore. They have the money to buy up front in stores while frugal people are forced to shop around.

No. 516996

How do you know they did not save up for the things they buy?

No. 517023

File: 1582375987179.png (304.47 KB, 980x552, flying-cow.png)

I really want to go outside but it's so windy I can barely even walk.

No. 517026

Same, had back to back storms where I live lately.

And I know it's retarded but I'm pissed at missing out on the last couple of pokemongo community days because of it lol

No. 517035

No one on the face of the planet needs to spend tons every single week on goods, encouraging this is encouraging the cycle of poverty

No. 517038

you don't know what they are buying… unless you are snooping through their packages?
Stay pressed about other people's issues lol.

No. 517042

I think some people are addicted to the idea of grabbing a bargain and in doing so they stockpile items that they'll never use, frustrating to see it but when you grow up with little it seems to help create that type of bargain addiction

No. 517050

Saw this vine after a long time again in a vine complication and I can't stop thinking and laughing about this one lmao


It's windy and stormy where I live for two weeks now and it's so tiring because I live on the 5th floor and the wind it so freaking loud, especially during the night when it rains on the top of that.

No. 517051

I live on the highest floor as well and I think it's kind of cosy hearing the wind and rain when I'm inside, makes me feel safe.

No. 517063

Even if they only spent 10 dollars on each package it would definitely add up overtime, what person repeatedly needs to buy this amount of home things and clothes? Especially for several months straight. In fact defending this behavior is what gives poor people a bad name. You can easily buy cheap home goods from places like Walmart and the dollar store for better quality and even cheaper but most poor people want to buy Chinese knock offs of luxury items instead of staying in their budget, not to mention no person on the face of the planet unless you're completely retarded and lose or break your things every week needs to constantly buy tons of Chinese knock offs several times a week

No. 517065

nta but seriously why are you so bothered about other people’s problems? if you’re the same anon who posted >>517035 , you are seriously brainwashed by capitalism. people aren’t poor because they “buy too much aliexpress shit every week” you idiot. read a book. the vast majority of people who are poor are hard done due to socioeconomic factors INCLUDING NOT HAVING GOOD ACCESS TO EDUCATION WRT BUDGETING, SAVING, TAXES ETC. these things are not taught by default in north america. this is shit you learn from parents or other adults who were lucky enough to be given that knowledge to pass to you. get out of your fucking isolated bubble and open your eyes, blaming poor people for buying shit makes you look like a dumb cunt who operates only on opinions instead of facts.

No. 517066

Are you a shopping police or what? I didn't know those people were some official representatives of Poor People responsible for your respect for them. Maybe they buy stupid crap, maybe they don't. Maybe some of those people suffer from shopping addiction. You sound triggered as fuck. Are you mad that you have to do your job and haul their shit? Stop being assblasted about strangers' business and focus on something else, like doing your job properly. Or actually raising awareness on how to spend mindfully if you care about poor people perpetrating circle of poverty that much.
Also what >>517065 said in regards to the shopping as source of poverty myth.

No. 517067

>telling poor people not to blow their money online shopping is evil and stupid
Peak 2020

No. 517068

> You can easily buy cheap home goods from places like Walmart and the dollar store for better quality and even cheaper but most poor people want to buy Chinese knock offs of luxury items

The shit at the dollar store and Walmart is exactly the same as AliExpress and Wish stuff.

No. 517069

Work on your reading comprehension.
Also giving unwanted advice to strangers is rude AF and usually done in order to virtue signal while slapping others with your imagined moral superiority.

No. 517071

Yeah I remember when I was 15 and begrudged poor people for buying themselves little trinkets because I had zero understanding about the reality of living and the wage crisis too. How dare you poor people, how dare you. I shake my fist and spit in your general direction.

No. 517076

What a lot of people don’t realize about poverty is unless you’re lucky and have a support network of family/friends to help you, most Americans are just a couple missed paychecks from being completely flat broke. Losing your job and/or your house can fuck you up, and no amount of saving $10 here or there will help if you’re in deep debt.

Someone living a mobile home doesn’t mean they don’t have a job, and even if they saved money there could be other reasons (credit score, financial history) that keeps them from living in an apartment or house.

No. 517079

“evil and stupid”? grow the fuck up you braindead slug. we’re criticizing your retarded unfounded worldviews with multiple different reasons and the best you can come up with is WAH WAH ANONS R MEAN? you’re fucking lost. go back to facebook or twitter or whatever garbage hellsite you came from.

No. 517081

fucking THIS. 99% of the worlds population is much much closer to being destitute than becoming rich, but bootlickers will be bootlickers and stay shitting on poor people as if they couldn’t also become one just as easily.

No. 517085

>still being this pissed off because I criticize poor people for wasting money on excessive online shopping
Ok lolcow, keeping poor people poor is nice I guess

No. 517087

Nobody is "shitting on poor people", poor people are just getting shit on if they don't use their money wisely. I would explain in further detail but in typical lolcow manner you're too defensive and offended I had a slightly controversial opinion for me to explain further, I would waste my time trying to discuss this with you.

Anyhow, anyone who works for food or retail knows a lot of poor people waste their money on nonsense every single day, it doesn't mean poor people can literally never buy anything but there's no reason at all to spend hundreds a week on online shopping and fast food

No. 517089

Wages are the fault of the government, what's not the governments fault is you spending 50 dollars on your nails, 20 dollars on wigs, 50 a week on fast food, 40 dollars on makeup, and 80 dollars on clothes and online shopping

No. 517090

I think you're projecting a bit. People don't really eat much fast food in 2020, nor do their nails, nor wear wigs, nor makeup (skincare is more popular nowadays), and online shopping isn't popular anymore because of its harm to the environment with shipping and all that.

No. 517096

Yeah this opinion is trash and who ever you are is, trash. You obviously aren’t any wealthier than these people with your mail job so why judge. A vast majority of the population on this planet don’t even have access or money to buy things online and live in 2nd / 3rd world countries so these arguments are infuriating seeing as they only take to sides of the western worlds versions of poverty and wealth. Ah yes the homeless man on the sidewalk is homeless because he bought lots of shit on Amazon /s. To lift people from poverty they not only need to learn to save money as well as doing taxes, getting credit etc. (which needs to be taught ), they need to be able to gain better educations, so they can in turn get better jobs to be able to save enough money to live in better places and not be considered low income. Oh but guess what?! No everyone can afford college or even community colleges, and not everyone can get a scholarship or loan because of family histories, so in turn a high school diploma starts to seem worthless and hopeless to these low income people. So no education, hard to get a job that pays more than $10 an hour, can’t find anywhere to live less than $1,000 dollars a month etc. having to do the hardest low paying jobs causes people to be hopeless and stuck, body pain low energy. Not only that but the shit jobs they have to work take up all their time because they need all the hours they can get to pay rent; that they have no time to spare to actually try and get a better education. So no, not buying something online is going to automatically lift someone from low income or will suddenly let them be free from poverty. Trash spoiled white American opinions of poverty is all I see, we are so fucking lucky to get the chances at educations and sit in our parents homes safe, not having to leave school to work or because were fucking homeless. Ew anon way to be gross about fucking poor people. So none of you grew up in poverty I guess

No. 517101

Yet Everytime you go to lower class towns everyone is decked out in fake off brands, fresh acrylics, new purses and so on. People who work for food delivery services knows poor people order way more than they should, even my experience which I got bashed for which was delivering tons of online shopping to clearly poor people. Keep denying all you'd like but most poor people can easily help their living situation by not spending it on junk

>Muh you're poor too
I am but I'm also able to live in a fairly nice place and save money for education because I choose to not blow it on junk like others
>Then going on to ignore my experience yet again and ramble about irrelevant things
We aren't talking about 3rd world folks, we're talking about poor Americans who spend tons of money online shopping, that's it

>You're gross for telling poor people not to waste their money

You sure it's me who's gross when you continue to defend poor people stuck in the cycle of poverty?

No. 517102

>$20 on Wigs

Not only is this incredibly cheap for a wig, but many black women have to wear wigs at work due to biases against natural black hair in the workforce.

>$40 on makeup

Again, this is really cheap for makeup, but also unless you naturally have flawless skin, women who wear makeup have an advantage in job interviews. Many women have to wear makeup, because society rewards women for complying to standards of femininity

No. 517103

>Yet Everytime you go to lower class towns everyone is decked out in fake off brands, fresh acrylics, new purses and so on.
No they don't. Poor people tend to dress like it's snowing even when it's not and wear no makeup or accessories. And instead of purses, they tend to lug cheap backpacks around.

No. 517104

stop samefagging, dumbass

No. 517105

>They have to!!
No they don't. Foundation costs 10 dollars from Ulta, mascara, blush and others cost 5 dollars and below too from elf, spending tons on makeup and trying to excuse it as society forcing you is your own fault you're trying to justify with

The wig thing would be understanding if they brought actual professional wigs but most people who buy wigs buy crazy colors and weird hairstyles, not to mention black hair is becoming more acceptable in today's world and there's many cheap and easy black protective hair styles to do

No. 517106

You clearly never been to a lower class city in America

No. 517108

"I'm so special" straight girl told me she was in love with me. I asked her if she even liked women in the first place, she always avoided the question but I was too carried away with 'first love' that I wasn't suspicious.

Timeskip, she only 'likes' me because I am half asian and she is the ugliest form of kpoppie snowflake.

She now says she wants to be my friend.
I choose to live as a straight person so I can't tell anyone about the ordeal…but she likes to torture me at school (she's trying to make me like her by shoving photos of asian boys at my face, of course this isn't working and everyday I want to cry)

No. 517109

Yes I have. You're conflating poor people with tacky middle class people who get all their fashion advice from barbies. Even in cities you have those people walking around like it's snowing.
I've been to all the top 10 cities in the USA by pop. that didn't include Texas.

No. 517111

Most wigs aren’t in crazy colors unless you’re buying shit cosplay wigs from amazon, and even then, they’re going to cost more than $20. Have you ever actually been into a hair shop before?

And yeah, $40 on makeup would be someone buying the cheap shit from ulta. Even when adding the absolute cheapest stuff to my cart, foundation, blush, eyeliner, mascara, a palette and lipstick costs $24. And this is garbage stuff with terrible quality.

No. 517113

No they fucking don’t you ignorant fuck wit literally you are imagining up a specific person in your unimaginable brain. There are millions of people living in property mostly older people and children yet you’re rambling on about some ghetto wigs and acrylics fucking stereotype. You are piece of shit anon, who fucking hates poor people! You suck.

No. 517114

are you under 18

No. 517116

>Goes to big famous cities in the US to get your opinion of poor people instead of actual run down ghetto towns
Stop sperging and actually read
I don't hate poor people, you are the one who said I hate poor people because saying they need to spend money wisely is too much for you. You're clearly personally offended by my words most likely because you relate to the people I am criticizing. I'm not talking about every single poor person just poor people who blow all their money on dumb shit. You are the one who is talking about irrelevant things and blowing this way out of proportion, save your time and stop getting so offended by every single thing you slightly disagree with but don't cry or expect money from others if you find yourself in the cycle of poverty when you can't understand why you can't save

No. 517118

>You're clearly personally offended by my words
>stop getting so offended by every single thing you slightly disagree with but don't cry or expect money from others if you find yourself in the cycle of poverty when you can't understand why you can't save


No. 517119

I've also been around the ghetto areas and the same thing applies. Poor people legitimately do not wear makeup or do that entire getup you're describing. In fact, from what I've noticed, poor women don't do any of that because it makes them stand out and susceptible to sexual assault and theft.
Also it seems like you think only women are poor because people are poor because they buy makeup and wigs and completely forgetting that men can be poor, unless you think men are poor because they're all drag queens or some bullshit.

No. 517120

Back tracking ass bitch

No. 517122

So why did anons get so defensive about how 40 dollars worth of makeup with cheap but required if Poor's don't wear makeup? Why do others have to point out poor people shouldnt spend so much on makeup? Why are ghetto poor girls known for having eyelash extensions, crazy colored lipstick, etc? Men can be poor but they apply too if they spend all their money on car mods and fake Gucci. If you think I'm just lying move on instead of insisting no poor person ever spends money on anything and anons are getting offended and attempting to defend something that apparently doesn't happen

No. 517123

idk if you're aware of this but we're not a hivemind

No. 517124

Both of you are trying to pass off your words as fact
One end and Anon I claiming all women need to wear makeup
The other end one is claiming no poor woman ever wears makeup

Factually anyone who has experience with homeless or just Poor's in general knows poor women wear makeup, if they didn't there wouldn't be markets for cheap makeup or no stereotypes about poor girls wearing shitty makeup

No. 517125

Online shopping and the beauty industry are booming… There's definitely an undercurrent of less make-up and consuming for the sake of the environment in general but that's not mainstream at all

No. 517126

Oops I meant >>517090 not >>517089

No. 517127

File: 1582395928977.png (59.72 KB, 761x575, fuck off.PNG)

I fucking hate phishing sites. Just give me a virus already, fuck off with this "srry we don't have a keylogger. you have to give us your info first" shit and then they dont even deliver

No. 517133

File: 1582397068814.jpg (676.18 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-22-19-42-48…)

>You sure it's me who's gross when you continue to defend poor people stuck in the cycle of poverty?
Yes, bitching on an imageboard about how you are so much better about poor people buying online will. surely help them!!! How about donating a good book on personal finances to those people if you care so much? I bet you also love to shit on fatties while claiming that you are only trying to help lmfao
Also you are not taking into account how poverty changes mind. Rich or well-off people can plan, because they know they have a future. Poor people are gonna buy the lipstick or good meal, because they are poor anyway and who the fuck knows if any future is coming?

Read the link and educate yourself, cunt.

No. 517149

Youre again sperging over literally nothing. Telling poor people not to waste money on bing bong wahoo things isn't literally Hitler, gross or whatever. Sorry reality offends you

No. 517150

>farmers unironically supporting cheap, consumerist goods and materialistic slave lifestyle

What the actual fuck is wrong with all of you. It doesn't matter if it's from China or North America, people need to stop buying stupid cheap shit, poor or not. What the fuck is with this defense?
I highly doubt the retards that are purchasing things off AliExpress or whatever hell site are buying "only the essentials".

No. 517153


You can be anti pointless consumerism without judging people who engage in it, some of them literally don’t have access to anything else to do with their life. Like if your white trash you parents probably didn’t expose to any kind of culture so the idea that that person, as an adult, would spontaneously decide to go to a museum is ridiculous. Even if someone dragged them to one they would have no idea why/what they were looking at and just be bored. Idk internet culture might be making this shit a little better b/c selfie culture us making spaces/experiences compete with junk for attention aggregate, so zoomers are spending more money on going to nice places or expensive cafes to take selfies as opposed to just endless stuff buying but I’m probably being very wishful

No. 517162

They're not saying consumerism is good, but that poor people who consume do it because of the culture they were grown in and not because they're weak willed/bad people

No. 517165

>Providing actual facts on why poor people spend recklessly
Yeah right lmfao. Nobody's calling you Hitler, just an ignorant, self-righteous pos which you are.
Love how you can't argue my points so you just attack me and pull shit out of your ass.

No. 517168

Farmers are complete fencesitters tbh
>Proven facts
Of what? That poor people are irresponsible with money and use shitty logic to justify their lack of self control?

No. 517169

ok now you're not even being subtle with your hatred for poor people lmao.

No. 517171

this. what the fuck is >>517168 problem? what a freak.

No. 517173

It's stupid to overspend when you're poor get over it

No. 517174

Of the things poor people could waste their money on, obviously it's better for it to be cheap? What, you want them to spend what little money they have on high priced sustainable ethically sourced things that only rich, socially conscious hippies ever buy? Not even regular, comfortable people do that! Why the fuck would a poor person do it? It'd be nice if we could end sweatshop slavery but it's not cheap and people have other things to worry about in their immediate day to day life.

No. 517179

research and actual psychology > your ignorant vendetta

No. 517181

I've started to hate-watch a family run arcade channel. I first watched their content because they are in japan and play in arcades there while speaking english (they're an american military family living over there) but I'm now watching because there's a weird dynamic in the family. People comment about it and they freak out deleting comments and making community posts telling off viewers. 'if you've got nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all!'

The oldest daughter is very mature and self sacrificing for the younger daughter, the younger is spoiled and weirdly stunted for her age. She's a big girl to be carrying around teddy bears and dolls all the time in vids. A couple of times they played machines on behalf of 'friends' (paying customers) and then when they win the prize the daughter tantrums because she wants the prize for herself, she got her way both times. She's 11. They upload daily and admit that their apartment is a fire risk because of all the arcade clutter in it.

The husband is a pushover and the wife has a very highly strung personality. She talks down to him like he's an idiot and he just takes it. She spends stupid amounts on winning prizes that she could easily buy much cheaper. She's becoming more and more rude towards arcade staff. She hogs ufo catchers and stops other people from playing by pretending she's waiting on assistance. She bitches about other people playing on the machines cos she doesn't want them to win. She admitted in a live stream that she started the channel because as a bored housewife she has nothing to do while the kids are at school and she wanted an excuse to play in arcades all day. I don't know how they can afford the habit or at what point the fire hazard apartment will be too much. They sell some prizes too but shipping time takes up to a year.. which she thinks is reasonable cos she's busy? Never thought I'd be hate-watching such a channel

No. 517182

The anti-o flakes thread is so fucking weird. The hatred they have for Onion's victims is so bizarre. I would like reading about the "anti-o's" (which for some reason the actual victims got lumped in to?) but the anon opinions are just too ridiculous to the point where it's not even a readable thread/clearly a containment thread.
I don't feel passionate or annoyed enough about it to post in meta or anything, but it's just… weird.

No. 517185

This, plus why punish the consumer for simply being ignorant/uneducated? I'm so sick of corporations trying to divert responsibility to the consumer, especially for shit like this. Big companies know damn well that it won't make a difference.

It reminds me of an ad I saw for a cruise that was advertising them getting rid of plastic to be "environmentally responsible" you're a fucking cruise company cruise ships in and of themselves are environmentally irresponsible.

No. 517186

>It reminds me of an ad I saw for cruise that was advertising them getting rid of plastic to be "environmentally responsible" you're a fucking cruise company cruise ships in and of themselves are environmentally irresponsible.
Preach it. McDonald's in my country is advertising all over how socially responsible they are cause suddenly they are changing straws and icecream boxes to paper ones. You cunts should have done it years ago, now you just want the good PR and dumbass conauments praising you for caring about environment.

No. 517189

File: 1582409819703.jpg (117.31 KB, 532x531, P0.jpg)

Looking up stuff on depop and some of these pictures are so funny. Looking up prom dresses out of curiosity and found this gem.

No. 517190

everything you mentioned is just racist stereotypes about black women. congrats on exposing yourself you big fucking retard.(Racebait )

No. 517197

Literally just go to thrift shops, not only is it cheaper half the time but you can find better things than paper thin clothing and plastic houseware
No you exposed yourself, you assumed black women when I mentioned things I've seen poor women spend lots if money on. You see this and assume its black women. This makes you the racist. Poor people of all races do this
My point = poor people spend money because they're stupid with poor logic
Your research not only confirmed my claim but also supported my opinion, what exactly are you trying to say? You literally posted a fucking article that said poor people blow money because their logic is as poor as they are, are you trying to defend this behavior? Again wtf are you trying to say without saying muh research repeatedly?

No. 517198

Sage for samefag but this also debunks anons who earlier tried to claim poors don't blow their money

Poor people who blow money without even attempting to save for education and whatnot are retarded. You posted an article that said Poor's blow their money because they believe they'll never stop being poor, which unarguably is extremely poor logic. It literally proves people who disagreed with me wrong you fucking imbecile. Keep screeching about muh proven psychology

No. 517199

>Literally just go to thrift shops, not only is it cheaper half the time
Lol what a fucking lie.

No. 517200

I'm about to google this anyways but I've always wanted to know, who is Jim Benton and why was he so relatable to preteen girls

No. 517204

They spend money they had SAVED UP, it doesn't affect their bills and doesn't harm anyone.
>they believe they'll never stop being poor
This is true more often than not.

No. 517205

I'm in a group chat listening to an Italian complaining harshly in Italian (to no one in particular because all of us speak English). I wonder what he's saying.

No. 517206

File: 1582413636400.jpg (17.46 KB, 400x400, H6029Pp1_400x400.jpg)

pls stop fighting let's talk about stupid stuff like how i don't remember if i left my vibe on my bed or in my closet and I'm at work and my brother just texted me he's in town and using my computer in my room.

No. 517208

Most thrift stores I know of you can build an outfit for less than 20, try doing that on AliExpress or wish you'll get overloaded with shipping fees not to mention the poor quality and shipping wait
You've never met a poor person

No. 517209

Anon is actually kinda right about the consumerist tendencies of poorfags. Poorfags gravitate for brand names like iphone or kylie because it gives them a sense of belonging with richfags if they were able to shill out 1k for a iPhone. There are studies or something on this but I'm too lazy to crack open my sociology textbook.
I will also say that there is a difference between richfags and richfags born into being a richfag. You will notice that self made richfags are very strict with their shekels.

No. 517213

>Yikes-ing at the word shekels
Go back to 4chan greg

No. 517214

>Sage for samefag but this also debunks anons who earlier tried to claim poors don't blow their money
You realize that poor people are not a hivdmind, right? Are you that retarded? Some don't spend frivolously, some do. And even those that do are not 'stupid' as much as fucked by their shit circumstances. Poverty literally warps your mind. It is incredibly difficult to break the chain. If you understood this, maybe you would not be a condescending asshole. But all matters to you is that you are a superior poorfag.
I always have free shipping with Ali, the fuck you are talking about.

No. 517219

Do you have brain damage?

No. 517221

>uses the word shekels to refer to rich people
>tells other people to go back to 4chan
the autism is strong w/ this one

No. 517224

Never said they were, I just said I judge poor people who blow all their money, it was again anons claiming all poor people are x
I mean you can't just make one liners with no context and expect people to understand exactly what you meant. You made yourself sound anti semantic

No. 517225

I'm Jewish and I use the word shekels as slang for money like a lot of American Jews do. Maybe stop assuming what you don't understand

No. 517227

>no u
At least you tried, now go back to shitting on poor people.
Either you're backtracking or you're too much of a retard to understand that your post can be seen as anti-Semitic.

No. 517232

No, they said "yikes" when someone used a Jewish word, which in my head registered as being anti semantic because I'm use to people casually using Jewish slang, get over it and stop shitting yourself because you can't make yourself clear

No. 517233

Why can't strawmans be permabanned on spot

No. 517234

>all of this shit storm just because someone said poor people shouldnt waste their money
When will farmers learn to stop blowing shit out of proportion

No. 517235

She didn't say that, and the discussion didn't go like that.

No. 517237

Funny you say that considering you had to change your opinion multiple times because you were called out on your bullshit

No. 517241

Only if you meant the others, I stuck with "poor people shouldnt waste their money" the whole time, arguers were claiming they did, then they didn't, then made several contractadictions, posted something that proved my point and so on
Sum it up for me then

No. 517243

Please for the love of god, shut the fuck up already about this topic.

No. 517246

This is just a case of anons wanting to fight for no reason, even if they agree. Anons will fight for days over literally nothing. That's why so many strawmans fly around. If only lolcow users could get free therapy

No. 517249

File: 1582424800231.jpeg (11.28 KB, 275x275, 64843484.jpeg)

oh god anon…is it at least small???

No. 517250

LMAO this is unfortunate.

No. 517251

would also like to know how some of the most relatable teen girl diary fiction was written by a grown man. my assumption is that most women who write for middle school girls are concerned with imparting good lessons and integrating their own experiences, whereas Benton's main concern was making people laugh. Idk though.

No. 517253

No. 517263

File: 1582427832144.jpeg (49.9 KB, 750x238, D6C39B3E-B9C5-4988-9495-A00C2B…)

why does this happen when i click meta

No. 517277

>Most thrift stores I know of you can build an outfit for less than 20

It's hard to find good stuff at thrift stores now, with everyone and their mother having a depop/etsy/ebay dedicated to flipping used clothes for triple the price.

No. 517279

I feel odd about Koreans. All my life I've been surrounded by them (more like age 6 and up but whatever) and whenever I try to learn about their culture, I'm bombarded by Kpop stuff. NO!
Kdramas??? NO!!!!!!! I'm Chinese and my family watches Chinese dramas and that's bad enough. The only historical dramas I like are Spaghettis. Just because they win Oscar nominee, doesn't mean anything because Chinese movies have better CGI.
Anyway, I really like 요고베라 and I wish it was more popular at Wholes Food but they don't have it at Wholes Food so I have to go to the Ktown to get it but I don't want to.

No. 517297

File: 1582441904567.jpg (40.21 KB, 720x960, peE3eGH.jpg)

Someone I know posted this on facebook, and I just want to show it to everyone because I'm dying of laughter

She has 3 sons and named the youngest Dadi Yankee. After that puerto rican rapper Daddy Yankee. The first two are twins and I always thought their names were bad enough. I can still barely process that she really did this, the kid's name is Daddy mispelled.

No. 517298

that's incredible. imo 'kelvis' is almost worse than dadi yankee for me though. they're all so bad. these poor kids will definitely be seeing some visits from cps.

No. 517304

Everything about this is hilarious. Elvis and Kelvis are bad enough but Daddy fucking Yankee?? omg.

No. 517323

File: 1582453217843.webm (2.71 MB, 711x400, 1522202499410.webm)

No. 517332

that's hilarious. they'll either end up selling crack or hating their white trash mom.


No. 517338

Those names sound like a poem. This is true art.

No. 517340

Oh my fucking GOD anon I'm dying. Reading your post I was like, okay, twins, how bad could their names be? And I saw Elvis and think, huh, maybe a little trendy but not that awful of a name. And then I read fucking Kelvis and lost my goddamn shit. I feel really bad for those kids but I can't stop laughing holy shit

No. 517341

Maybe he'll just go by Kel

No. 517343

I think I found Elvis and Kelvis on Facebook and the mom that birthed them. I'm surprised they're older than I thought lol.

No. 517354

File: 1582463737391.jpg (53.21 KB, 800x450, sonic-robotnik.jpg)

I am so horny for him

No. 517381

Sometimes I snuggle with my pillow and give it a kiss kinda pretending it's a person before I sleep. Is this weird/pathetic or normal? Like is this something other people do? I honestly don't know

lmao anon literally why

No. 517382

I do that too anon, I'm lonely as hell

No. 517427

I want to shout and let everyone know I am in love and how wonderful it feels but I have to keep my cold bitch image.

No. 517434

I find this post cute lol Megara energy

No. 517443

Jake Paul is back at scamming people but I don't feel like digging up the youtuber-thread.

No. 517477

Not pillow, but I do still sleep with stuffed animals at age 21. It’s just comfortable especially when I’m at home and not at my partners. plus yknow monsters and stuff

No. 517481

One time my mom told me that my great grandma went to jail for beating her neighbor's ass with a tire iron because she got sick of hearing him abuse his wife and kids all the time and I like to think about how based that shit is every once in awhile.

No. 517483

File: 1582496520771.gif (1.3 MB, 275x154, tumblr_nk99fhuymq1qhnoouo1_400…)

So, I randomly decided to check on my former class teacher, which I personally really liked as a person and teacher. It's been eleven years since I saw her for the last time. So, I'm sitting here with my good night tea and randomly her name popped up in my mind and thought to check on her. I googled her birth name and scrolled through google images since she has a pretty generic name you have to look really deep into to find something on her. I expected some news articles about her and my former school but instead I found this pic of a woman to looked VERY similar to her but with a kind of pop-art photo filter on it as a twitter profile pic. I clicked on it because it made me curious, but the name didn't matched with the one I googled. On the twitter page I scrooled a bit around and saw this pic of this elder woman in some sexy clothes and erotic poses and I thought "that's NOT her" but deep down inside me I already knew that it was her. The thing is that she obviously didn't used her real name for that twitter account because it was one to post sexy pics and writing erotic books. She also linked her facebook account with her artist name and I went there and I found videos of her, which def proved to her since it was 1000% her voice, and diaries entries of her being on some sex tourism trips in egypt and how she fucked an young guy there that how much he loved her titties lmao. I also found her real facebook account on her said twitter accound bc she linked it there also and yes it's her and she works now as a freelancer writer and I'm still here ?????????????????? like what the fuck did I just read. Like ??????? reading this kind of stuff from your former teacher is kind, not what desired to see ??? hello??

Anybody had a similar experience with a former teacher or idk I have damn moment right now and I don't dare to share my discovery with my mum, who also met her back in the day and sometimes went over the past years that I should check on said teacher.


No. 517510

File: 1582507759022.jpg (147.06 KB, 640x767, tumblr_abc336984b498fbc3749dd8…)

This is so retarded and I know people are allowed to have their own opinions and aren't obliged to like what I like, but I wish I could stop getting so overly defensive and instantly annoyed whenever I see people bash my interests. When I like something, I like it with my entire being and invest so much time and energy in it that it means the absolute world to me and whenever I just see someone slightly talking bad about it, I get so angry and feel like cussing them out but I don't do anything, because I respect their opinion (even if I want them to die for thinking bad about my interests) and it would just cause unnecessary Kindergarten drama. I'm aware that this is some teenager shit, but I really can't help it, because I've always been this way. I'm not even autistic or anything, I just get really angry when people badmouth the shit I like or are critical over it.

I also really love using a lot of commas. Makes me feel posh. Makes me feel elegant. Today? I am using a lot of commas.
Tomorrow? I will use commas again.

No. 517513

my brothers name is eren and its so weird hearing people talk about aot eren jäger irl without thinking they mean my brother

No. 517523

wtf are you okay

No. 517524

don't ask me because I don't know

No. 517525

I'm the best I could ever be.

No. 517527

everyone who complains about how school never taught us real life skills are the same people who can't spell or use grammar for shit, and they also don't have the real life problem solving skills or proper train of thought that those nonsense math classes were actually trying to teach them. they're probably the same fucking boys who derailed classes every single day or clowned around and refused to learn anything in the first place. most of the US education standards are total shit that nobody uses but at least maybe try to learn to spell.

No. 517530

File: 1582511316741.jpg (54.49 KB, 540x540, tumblr_pmjmt5x7jx1ql3awl_540.j…)

I don't know if this should be on /g/ but it's all so stupid I should post it on here. Today I learned about this fashion system that has at least 13 body types + the clothes each of these body types should wear if they don't want to look like shit and judging by my personal results 99.9% of my wardrove is literally the opposite of what I should be wearing, but I'm okay, I don't really want to stop dressing however I want, the recommended clothes for me are clownish, juvenile and literally no one would wear that shit in daily basis no matter how much they try push it as this ~oh so quirky androgyne~ style, I might like jfashion but that doesn't mean I should look like a Confetti Club/Trendercore reject 24/7.

No. 517541

T. Flamboyant gamine

No. 517557

File: 1582517810534.gif (658.43 KB, 220x202, 2A0C3005-56F6-4F9A-8F37-789D79…)

Me too and I don’t know why either

No. 517563

I have a weird attraction to Indian men. I think I'll end up with one. There's this really kind/cute/smart Indian guy at my new work but I would never approach so I just think about him from afar.

No. 517568

File: 1582520006957.jpg (101.78 KB, 1024x318, mori fashion.jpg)

Something similar. I'm a huge fan of the midwestern depression-era fashion but the fashion that's most popular for the stick-thin bodytype that's so prevalent with that sort of depression fashion is just kfashion shit and no shade to that style but it's not my thing. The closest genre to it internationally is mori fashion but I'm not really into the frilly Japanese style either. Just normal simple clothes where are they wtffff

No. 517571

As a south asian woman, good luck with that shit; the cultural expectations from their families are something to be wary of. Hope you find a good man who puts you first!

No. 517577

I want to have sex with someone the same height as me lmao. It randomly occurred to me that all my partners have been at least 8 inches taller than me (just worked out that way.) Anons what is it like? Do you fit together better? Is there even much of a difference? Do you prefer a taller/shorter partner? I don't really care that much in the grand scheme of things but I can't stop thinking about smooching a cute manlet.

No. 517579

if i get an alogging ban for saying for someone to "kys out of the thread" i will be in a huff!

No. 517582

when you say Indian what specific ethnicity do you mean ? cause its super super diverse

No. 517583

Does anyone else get worried your neighbours are judging you for listening to the same song over and over again or am I on a next level anxiety trip through this gay life?

No. 517584

I had a neighbor who listened to the same playlist loudly every damn day. I absolutely judged them. Sorry anon!!

No. 517585

File: 1582524600466.jpg (25.61 KB, 474x360, cabinet.jpg)

me listening to Nine Inch Nails on repeat while three houses over someone's playing mariachi music at max volume while some white chicks are noisily singing in the distance in the other direction in the middle of the fucking night

No. 517586

which song?

No. 517588

I was listening to Metal but my favorite is Modwheelmod's The Great Destroyer remix or Zero-Sum.
No clue what the girls are singing (I think they're practicing for their school singing class or whatever).

No. 517594

Get with one born in America and doesn't have Indian friends, good luck

No. 517595

I'm on a website about "What your girlfriend wants (gifts)" and the shit is so fucking… it's a bad idea. Like, a 50 dollar box to print a note for your girlfriend? FIFTY DOLLARS FOR SOMETHING TO WRITE A LOVE LETTER??? HUH.
A pillow? You know, that's a good one. I like pillows. Airpods is kinda stretching it, at least for me because I prefer headphones but alright… A hometown date… Right, that wouldn't work on me since my hometown is literally thousands of miles away but okay. And then random shit like Kylie Lip gloss (I don't wear any makeup so this would be a no go but maybe some chicks would dig it), roses that last 365 days (I don't like roses though and I prefer baby's breath PRECISELY because they look the same alive and dead, just more brittle), chocolate (I don't like chocolate and I tend to give chocolates I'm gifted to whatever trucker I find and they all really appreciate the notion. I'm very thankful for truckers and I acknowledge it's a very important job that's very strenuous physically and emotionally which is why a little bit of sugar is probably a good thing for them to prevent them falling asleep mid-drive and besides they don't get enough thanks as-is. Go truckers!!!)
And then the list goes on about buying your girlfriend a briefcase which, alright. I've never heard of this as a gift before but you know what? I could get behind it. An essential oil kit? I don't have a diffuser but if it came with a diffuser, maybe. Starbucks giftcard? I don't drink coffee but.
And then it goes on to say stuff that's actually kinda cute like a box full of memories of the first date which is really cute, matching birthstone promise rings, a kitchen aid mixer (i mean I have the handheld thing but maybe?), and probably my favorite thing on the list is a polaroid camera because mine is broken. And then it gets a little weird with matching onesies (it's too hot for that in my region but idk, maybe Northerners wear those?), a speaker???, and then a fucking dog like h,,, what?? That's one way to get a girl's attention, I guess.
Maybe me being overcritical about everything is the reason I don't have a boyfriend haha except that is hahaha.

No. 517596

you are going on a 4 paragraph sperg about a list that's just a covert advertisement ? while responding to it with your own personal preferences in great detail, and concluding with the absence of any boyfriend to even gift you any of those.
I didn't even know it was possible to blogpost a random list on a website, at least you posted only in the right thread, but it might've been shorter to say that you were lonely this valentine's on the vent thread.

No. 517598

I have to say, I fucking hate flowers as a gift (in relationships at least). I know it's the thought that counts and maybe I'm ungrateful, but they're a pretty, temporary inconvenience that took no more thought than the idea to get a girl anything at all. Like, now I've gotta find a vase for this shit and keep it on display for the requisite amount of time to prove I appreciate it, great…

No. 517611

you kind of remind me of a youtuber anon. this reads like a reaction video. also agree that truckers don't get enough admiration. they hold society together and have to have much more responsibility than other drivers. it's also a great career if you can't/don't want to study for years but want a high paying high responsibility position. plus you get to be alone and pick your music.

No. 517616

do you ever see people with extremely punchable faces? they could be the kindest/sweetest/normal person but something about their face makes you irritated/annoyed? obviously never acting on it but I was wondering if I was the only one
>inb4 hurr you’re a psycho get therapy

No. 517617

bruh it’s ideas these things are so general they could literally apply to anyone. “meh i dont like coffee” starbucks sells a bunch of non coffee stuff? its not that deep, you sound like a pick me

No. 517620

I do too, most of the time they are not ugly nor weird but just have a mouth area that I dislike (lower lip that's bigger than the top one, slight overbite…).
idk where this comes from.

No. 517648

i feel really clumsy and awkward around really gorgeous women and idek why, i just don't know how to act

No. 517673

I'm so unbearably thirsty, I've actually started reading smut again, I feel like a highschooler again

No. 517674

Are you Turkish? I have a Turkish male friend whose name is Eren.

No. 517678

File: 1582555091632.jpg (18.04 KB, 283x280, 1r5pbd.jpg)

Often when I put sunscreen on my face I think some of gets in my eyes, since they start to water and/or burn a little bit

I might go blind but at least my skin will look nice

No. 517692

Putting a lot more effort into this single cover letter than I have for any cover letter that I've done in a long time. It's for a digital media training position, and the pay might be really shit for all the work you have to learn to do, but I think it's something that I really want to do. I can finally learn all the things I need to know to be in this field. Please wish me luck anons.

No. 517696

I used to get this aswell, but since I started using a near odorless sunscreen, my eyes have stopped tearing up. I think it may just have been the fumes because most sunscreens smell very strongly.

No. 517703

>lower lip that's bigger than the top one
That's most people Anon.

No. 517704

Please tell me what channel this is!! I'm so intrigued.

When I studied abroad in Japan I became addicted to ufo catcher lol. Not to the extent the wife is like, but I blew quite a bit of money on them and hoarded up quite a bit of junk just because I knew I could win the prizes easily even if I didn't necessarily want them. Fun story, once I needed to buy a spoon but stopped into an arcarde after class for funsies and there were these character spoons of Rascal the Raccoon and I won it in two tries lol. Probably my best and most useful win.

No. 517712

File: 1582561565516.png (278.1 KB, 591x393, fried salad.PNG)

I personally really love broccoli and a broccoli samosa sounds damn good to me, but fuck this tweet really made me chuckle.

No. 517718

>lower lip that's bigger than the top one
What? Bigger upper lip looks absolutely disgusting.

No. 517719

File: 1582564298717.png (67.45 KB, 728x617, act.PNG)

It feels weird seeing the method I used to slide by in math test I didn't know how to solve be endorsed on the ACT

No. 517724

Yesterday I made scrambled eggs and they were very good. They made my day better, really. I can't cook for shit so I'm proud.

No. 517727

File: 1582565341270.jpg (26.46 KB, 620x375, Whitney-My-Big-Fat-Fabulous-Li…)

pic related as an example, I hate this and her whole mouth, the big front teeth and how her mouth slit is so big and shut at the sides but open in the middle. idk what kind of personality she has but I want to make a dent in her face.
I prefer when the lower and upper lips are equal in size.

No. 517733

glad I'm not alone, I thought the broccoli samosa sounded pretty damn nice.

No. 517753

I love eggs so much, they're super cheap, super versatile, and super delicious so I think they're a great ingredient to start learning how to cook with!

No. 517768

Dumb advice incoming. Don't self harm, floss. If you don't have perfect hygiene, it'll probably hurt and you'll probably bleed, but the end result will be good for you.

No. 517769

What if I floss AND self-harm?

No. 517774

File: 1582575496836.jpg (124.39 KB, 1200x800, 960656546.jpg.0.jpg)

Yeah, I relate. Some people kind of give off bad vibes

No. 517780

I get what you're trying to say, but if you shove the floss too deep down into your gumline to cause pain/self harm, it will create problems in the long term.

No. 517799

File: 1582577340356.png (825.03 KB, 651x606, heart for u.PNG)

anon holy fuck i know I already said same but SAME. I can't stop laughing because it's literally the first time in a long time I've read anything like that (truly since high school) and I'm so embarrassed that I'm like this over this character of all fucking characters. I'm glad I can share that with you

No. 517806

Fuck anon, you're right. I forgot about the actual true way to floss. God, why is it so difficult to not have your teeth rot our of your face… Steve-o has survived everything, but he lost his teeth because he never flossed. Fuck.

No. 517816

I can't floss because it triggers my desire to hurt my gums all over. Bad advice imho

No. 517839

File: 1582584727813.jpg (39.78 KB, 637x960, 9gwalxfbndm31.jpg)

I find this so funny for some reason

No. 517859

I love playing the piano so much. Learning new songs and being able to just sit and practice for ages is so fun.

No. 517921

File: 1582607344155.jpg (543.13 KB, 1078x1089, 1582565682356.jpg)

No. 517923

I'm so glad I'm not alone… this is so weird for me to do again all of a sudden

No. 517989

I hate when you've been inside on the computer too long and you go outside and you can't focus on anything, everything is blurry and nothing seems real.

No. 517992

I don't get that from being online but I feel that way after the cinema

No. 517993

I'm obese and I'm currently losing weight and getting healthier
I've been watching Amberlynn compilations as a form of motivation

No. 518000

Good for you anon. You can do it.

No. 518008

After 22 years I kicked the habit of biting my nails into lesch-nyhan-syndrome stubs, and my nail beds are almost fully grown back and appear normal. My nails are long and rounded, I own THREE nail polishes! The only downside is I've been waking up covered in huge cuts and areas where I've obviously scratched myself open and not woken up. I need baby mitts. I am functionally retarded and it's making me laugh right now

No. 518015

same anon, i watch nicokado and a local gross guy and his cooking. wishing you success!

No. 518078

I used to be friends with a girl who is the epitome of those uwu sad depressed pwincess uwu tumblr girls. She was such an insidious cunt and was kicked out twice from my college because of low grades (which, I should add, became so low solely because she didn't go to class). Massive schadenfreude for me, but this bitch still preaches that fake "im just trying my best to be kawaii and ureshii even tho im kanashii all the time!!" bullshit and gets asspats for it to this day. I haven't spoken to her in years and don't cosplay anymore so I never run into her thankfully. Out of curiosity I checked her twitter today (can't help that I'll always be a snoopy bitch) and it looks like she's enrolled back at some other local college but just tweeted "pwease dont give us a quiz today professor, it's my birthday. i didn't study or do the readings." Dumb cunts never learn I guess.

If this was anyone else I would probably admire their resilience to get a proper education and degree (especially in this job landscape), but nah. When I was still friends with her, she was an English major and her dream was to become a game writer. She never wrote anything. I only ever saw her complete one class assignment when I lived with her. She's also still got loans from our college too, but of course rich mommy and daddy are probably paying it off for her.

No. 518081

Just thinking out loud; but literally anything can be fetishised and therefore legitimised because people are obsessed with normalising overtly sexual behaviour. When did the label pervert become disingenuous. When did we have to start pandering to perverts and making perversion normalised and ok. Literally any behaviour could be described as a fetish or any hobby or any anything if enough people claim to get off to it. It's weird and like, being overly horny is an issue. Predatory behaviour is an issue. I don't know where I'm going with this, but perverts are gross

No. 518083

I've been trying to figure out where a stench has been coming from in a couple of my classes this semester and I've figured it out. The smell is like strong cat pee and what I can only describe as what you smell when someone has a medical condition that involves necrotic/infected skin. It's just some average skinny dude, but I can smell if halfway across the room. How does he not realize? IS everyone just too polite to tell him? What is that mystery smell? Does he never wash their clothes?

I've smelled sweat, unwiped ass, and other BO but this just takes the gross cake.

No. 518090

I hate when a random man speaks to me on the internet and he starts out all friendly and then he obviously wants a whole romance or physical thing. I love talking to people and would love to just have a normal conversation with a stranger but so often men clearly just don't want that on the internet. This guy chatted with me on reddit and suddenly he asks if I'm married or single. I tell him I'm in a relationship. He says "Ok good I'd like to see you tho". I tell him we obviously won't meet due to distance and I wouldn't have anything but friendship to offer anyway. Then he asks for a photo and luckily he took my no but just.. sigh. He had to ruin the opportunity for a continued friendly conversation oh well lol.

No. 518093

He's probably sick or has an infection. If he's a college student he might be too retarded or broke to see a doc.

No. 518112

I can’t wait for VR technology to go absolutely apeshit. I miss seeing animals so muuuch but I’ve sworn of zoos and aquariums for years now. Maybe in 5-7 years I’d be virtually swimming with whales, for now I’ll just go watch every marine video on YouTube.

No. 518113

i had a roommate my first year in the dorms who stank of phlegm. she smelled like a cold, which sounds bizarre but it's the only way to describe it. she would talk and the room would fill up with this diseased smell and then she'd bitch when you opened a window. she was difficult to be around in general.

she ended up being sent home after she destroyed her arm with a carpet knife while high on shrooms, and tbh i do feel kind of bad for her because she ended up in care. but she was too out of control to be living on campus and her family were irresponsible in sending her off when she was so out of touch with reality. last i heard she was in a group home and not well.

No. 518186

I realized I've been dealing with depersonalization over the past year. Most days are okay now but some days I still go through mild episodes. I guess it's fine and dandy to put a name to what I've been dealing with and recognize what it is, but it doesn't ground me at all when I go through it. I think at this point I'm so used to feeling like a replacement for my old self that at most all I can feel like is someone who's just learned to control this body and mimic my old self the best that I can, but I will never truly feel like "me" again. I just thought maybe this was a new version of me and I can just embrace that it's a new me and do whatever I want now that the sky's the limit, but I've gone back to the same old same old shit that past me has always liked because I like it after all I guess, but it feels wrong and disjointed. It feels like things are just a little bit off.

I wish I had health insurance to go to therapy and talk to a professional but I feel like it's so mild now that they would just shoo me out the door because it isn't anything more than just a small, persistent feeling at the back of my head.

No. 518187

>sworn off zoos and aquariums

fucking stupid, anon. don't give into the meme that zoos and aquariums are bad. both are very helpful to conservation efforts, especially aquariums and. many of them help keep the species thriving. also without them we'd have less places to house orphaned animals.

No. 518188

File: 1582669958271.png (96.49 KB, 333x624, 04edt75e36t11.png)

reminds me of this image

No. 518199

I like wearing socks with sandals. It's comfy. I have a friend who gives me a hard time for wearing them and she doesn't know or care about fashion. She let herself get memed into disliking a perfectly comfy mode of wearing sandals by society. Sad, many such cases.

No. 518200

They may not have access to any truly good ones nearby, which can be reasonable because some issues involving animal treatment (for example stress on territorial animals) are fairly common. A friend of mine worked at a highly esteemed aquarium for years and quit due to ongoing issues with the treatment of some animals there.

No. 518202

File: 1582672882775.jpg (10.15 KB, 290x370, 2a4baf72e5e4c0fb48052bef726d1e…)

Same. Thong sandals with socks actually does look gross but something like pic related looks cool and feels comfy. I have a pair of nike slides that I wear with black socks and people have yet to complain about it.

No. 518210

I am still in disbelief whenever I see full-grown adults who went through high school and never learned the basics of using apostrophes in words.

No. 518215

File: 1582676279684.gif (12.99 KB, 50x50, lightlaughplz.gif)

eating snacks rn and crying tears for no actual reason, i'm not even sad
keep forgetting to take my olanzapine medication

No. 518224

I'm thirdworlder, absolutely no fucks given outside of profits. I'd rather give money to actual sanctuaries.

No. 518248

There's an anon thats keeps using thier instead of their/they're and it's driving myself crazy.

No. 518279

anon is…is that a deviantart plz icon? Holy shit it's been years

No. 518285

what really gets me is "45$". is this a thing? i see so many accomplished people putting the dollar sign after the number. they are americans, not immigrants.

No. 518294

File: 1582702257778.jpg (39.35 KB, 789x467, 1289674648.jpg)

I like making up gods/goddesses (what they look like, why they came to be, what foods and incense they like, prayers, etc.). I also worship them in private.
>tfw you run out of rosehip oil for your shrine to Ymera and have to use tea tree oil instead
I hope he doesn't ravage my crops for this…

No. 518313

aha ! on the same page I hate it when anons confuse those two :

NTAYRT = not the anon you replied to
NTA = not to argue

No. 518316

NTA can also be not that anon

No. 518317

Super cute anon! I do this too.
I imagine the lead God as Rhea from Fire Emblem dont judge me ok

No. 518384

kek I modeled one of my gods off Rhea, too!

No. 518408

I don’t get why isn’t it 45$ when it’s read as 45 dollars and not dollar 45?? All other counting units goes after the figure.

No. 518456

idk wtf is wrong with me sometimes. I blurt out the most stupid shit sometimes when i'm in class or with my profs, or i tell them some random personal shit and i regret seconds later. If i know i'm this awkward why don't i stfu instead of embarrassing myself….

No. 518461

Does anyone else find that they can't enjoy fiction?

I've never really been able to get into novels. I read a lot of true crime and I watch a lot of documentaries. Friends are always talking about whatever series they are currently watching but I just can't get invested in a film/book/series unless it is heavily based on true events

No. 518462

Yes, it's called having no imagination.

No. 518463

Do you have autism?

No. 518479

I always thought people with autism had active imaginations and an interest in fictional worlds? Like Chris Chan and his sonic comics.

No. 518492

i hate that people always have to try to put people down for preferring non-fiction. i am the same way as anon and it has nothing to do with imagination. you can have an active imagination but enjoy non-fiction more.

i am the same way. i just don't find it to be as interesting when i learn it's not true. i like learning about peculiar or out of this world stuff, that is actually real. it's more freaky and surprising like that. like, yeah, anyone can imagine something, but it's cool to learn about things that actually happen or things that are actually around, that are insane and overlooked precisely because they're real. non-fiction just draws me in more and ends up surprising me more. idk there's a lot of weird shit that goes on irl. there's no real need to read fiction. high fantasy just doesn't draw me in like it because even though i can imagine it and become pretty immersed, i still can't shake that subconsciously i know it's not real. it just doesn't allow for the same level of immersion for me because i do know it isn't real. like, it just depresses me/annoys me, almost?

No. 518497

Fuck anon, that's a great idea! Now I'm gonna have something interesting to daydream now, thx!

No. 518499

Autistic people have trouble empathizing and understanding people's motivations and emotions, which makes appreciating fiction more difficult. This especially goes for novels or long running series where a relatively complex model of characters' minds is necessary in order to understand their emotional states and how they fit into a web of relationships with other characters.

The exception is usually with stuff like cartoonish children's media where characters are (typically) simplistically written and easy to understand, or heavily reliant on basic tropes. Also some sci-fi and fantasy where the emphasis is often more on the lore and setting rather than the characters. That said, you don't have to be autistic to prefer non-fiction and documentaries.

No. 518532

Most autistic people aren't that imaginative. Chris Chan has been on the same kind of tropes and derivative nonsense for decades so that's really a bad example of an imaginative or creative person. He's also a bad example of someone in the Sonic fan community, considering there's actual hackers and programmers of the classic games in there.

No. 518550

Just impulse bought some more cute work clothes. I hate playing into that ~*~*ooo sexy office lady*~*~ shit but man does wearing a pencil skirt make me feel powerful. also wish i had cute boss lady gf who would let me eat her out from under her big wooden desk while she wears a powersuit but alas

No. 518584

File: 1582758542871.jpg (90.18 KB, 1023x917, D6NcioQUEAELUr1.jpg)

I've got too much love rn and I dont know what to do with it so I'm going to aggressively send it to all the anons reading this. I dont know who you are but you're fucking beautiful, and you better have a good day or I'll be really upset idk I just want you to be happy

No. 518585

I feel like there's a spectrum between Immersion and Escapism, and the more you like escapism the more you'll prefer fiction and vice-versa.

No. 518599

File: 1582761265932.jpg (35.98 KB, 480x720, lwgq-104-0631-r-1580016699.jpg)

Pantsuits hngggg

No. 518610


No. 518620

Does any anon here do musical theatre? I have always loved musical theatre and when I was a lot younger I used to perform but stopped due to medical reasons. In college I chose a major unrelated to theatre because I wanted to be realistic. But I feel like I really want to do musical theatre and/or singing and performing in general. I'm already in a lot of debt from school but I feel like theatre and performing are my true passions. I like what I'm doing now but I'm not passionate about it like I am with theatre and performing and I feel that I need to do them. I haven't taken any dance classes and I haven't taken any performing arts classes in a long time. What do you guys think?

No. 518623


I think you should take steps to pursue your passion. You could start taking classes during your free time and see where that leads you. Good luck, Anon!

No. 518635

I spent $40 on watercolor supplies on a dumb whim and have just been trying to paint landscapes (referencing off tons of pretty landscape photos I’ve taken/saved for this eventual purpose lol) and I’m sure my paintings are just highschool-freshman-in-art-class-tier at best, but it feels nice to make art. It feels nice to do landscapes because I used to never do them, and it feels nice to look at it in the end and not loathe it instantly and want to put everything down and quit forever. I just look at it and go “I think this is the beginning of something nice” and hope that I can only improve from here on out. I think I would’ve been a decent artist by now if I had that mentality when I was a lot younger, instead of trying to just gain popularity and praise. I don’t have social media except for a private twitter and I just post it there for my friends to see. When it gets warmer out, I’d really like to do some plein air.

No. 518642

File: 1582774182633.jpg (58.96 KB, 640x640, external-content.duckduckgo-2.…)

I just went out to buy a pair of sneakers (pic related), I got these because I thought they were comfy when I tried them on and I kind of like chunky, retro looking shoes. I googled them when I got home and apparently they're a meme??? Do I live under a rock or something? Never in a million years would I imagine a basic white tennis shoe as being a "thot shoe." Maybe I'm just out of touch. For what it's worth I still like them.

No. 518648

I feel like some serious shit is about to go down in 2020. I'm scared because I'm travelling very soon ugh

No. 518660

I'm not sure about their meme status but chunky Fila sneakers have made a comeback, I see some female students on my college campus wearing them or similar ones.

No. 518671

This is pathetic but I hate how all men and their dads now claim that their girlfriends are all porn star bodies virgins who like anal and squirt and all kinds of outrageous stuff. Not only is sex supposed to be sacred but it's been really fucking with men's minds the kind of stuff they expect from the bedroom. Women doing stuff like that and you being into it is supposed to seem like a treat, not expected

On the other end you have men who hate their girlfriends and constantly compare them and pressure them into eating disorders, plastic surgery and body dymorphia

No. 518673

>On the other end you have men who hate their girlfriends and constantly compare them and pressure them into eating disorders, plastic surgery and body dymorphia

I was only with my last ex 4 months and still ended up with a worse body image than I did going into the relationship. he had a serious porn/hentai problem and liked to talk about how I didn't check all the boxes and no women could check all the boxes for him and that he needed porn to be satisfied (sometimes specifically for things that I didn't have). he acted like I was a moron when I said it hurt my feelings that he watched so much porn.

No. 518697

They don't even care if you like anal though, most of my friends have at least one ex that kept pressuring them after already hearing that they dislike anal. My ex left porn open on his laptop and it was women acting like anal was pure torture for them. Good times.

No. 518699

Typical men, instead of finding pickmes who like anal they just try to torture women who hate it

No. 518710

The guy I've been seeing for the past month just dropped the L-word and then started grinning and making a little dance because he was happy he could say it.
Fuck it was so adorable I'm gonna melt.

No. 518717

not trying to argue, what do you mean sex is supposed to be sacred, like to those men ?

No. 518745

Avoiding porn addicts might be a good idea in the future, anon.

No. 518763

File: 1582803890462.jpg (40.66 KB, 640x370, 1575924579614.jpg)

This girl i know got heavily into OW last year and since then has turned into a goddamn wnb e-thot, she keeps tweeting about her pantsu (yes, pantsu), skinwalking some ow character and now she has began the "hee hee i can moan on voice chat, i am irl hentai". What the fuck, anons. Descostang.

No. 518768

Nta but that's easier said than done. Even if you stay away from the obvious porn addicts how many men out there aren't secretly watching too much porn?

The ones that insist they don't watch it are liars. My fave posters on here are the women who brag that nigel doesn't watch porn..then they end up in the relationship advice thread having a meltdown after discovering that mr 'I think porn is disgusting' nigel actually watches all the porn

No. 518770

> guy I've been seeing for the past month
> dropped the L-word

Ten years ago I probably would've found this cute too but anon be realistic

No. 518780

I might have memed myself into asexuality. I don't know how.
I feel nothing when I see or read sexual content, and I've gone the past 4 months without masturbating.
When I see an attractive person, I just admire them like I'm listening to a good song.
When I try to think of situations that might be hot, my brain responds with excitement for half a second, but then it fizzles out. It's all so boring.
I'm scared my partner will dump me over this. I used to just force myself into things and pretend to like them, but when I told her the truth, she told me she wants me to stop. The issue is, she has a sex drive, and I just don't seem to anymore. It's kind of shitty when she asks if she can eat me out or have me finger her, and I say sure, but then she asks "Do you really want to?" and I hesitate.
I don't know what to do.

No. 518784

File: 1582806875107.gif (1.1 MB, 400x222, luna.gif)

I've been going on dates with this girl pretty consistently for two months now. Sometimes we go out and get dressed up, sometimes she comes to my house and we just chill out. The other day she brought me food after work and joked about how my cat was trying to steal her girlfriend away. It just occurred to me that she called me her girlfriend. I guess she is my girlfriend? Wow. I don't have to post >tfw no gf in this thread every two weeks or so anymore.

No. 518785

Feel you anon. I'm ashamed to admit I know plenty of tards like this. Ethots are the newest plague upon society.

It's like every half-decent looking girl nowadays thinks it's their divine calling to embarrass themselves on the internet for a chance at ~the easy life~. Smh, half of them aren't even entertaning, they're just pathetic, unoriginal and cringe. Where did all the classy women go? If they're still in existence, they're being overshadowed by the aids epidemic we're currently living in. Sage for no1curr/autistic rant lol.

No. 518789

theyre not that prevalent. your post is some dumb shit men say. these girls have been around forever.

No. 518796

every men watch porn and every men is a potentially cheater. is like they`re dumb, they cannot think with their brain

No. 518809

I seethe but I’m also happy for you bitch

No. 518820

They're treated like how uggs were a decade ago. Both get made fun of for being large clunky shoes tons of women wear. Just get them, they're super comfy

No. 518832

Sex is fun and a gift, men act like it's a chore or excruciating hobby

No. 518834

The guys I've dated with high sex drives sucked all the fun out of sex for me and left me with some ongoing issues around sex. The demand for it and being expected to fulfil exact roles for them.. knowing they want you to reenact porn and then having to deal with their bratty moods when you won't put out often enough or do the weird kinky thing they get off on.. they often ruin sex for themselves (and us) by having all this pressure around it and needing it to match porn standards

No. 518835

I didn't know he was a porn addict going into the relationship. Duh.

No. 518838

And you'd think if you do meet their standards you'll get some sort of praise and worship for it, right? Nope, they'll just act like every other girl they can find off the street can do the exact same. I just gave up on trying to impress men and cut myself off from men sexually all together. I'm completely numb. If there's a huge influx of women who can give the exact same thing as I can give then they should find someone who has no issue with being taken for granted

No. 518839

I've posted about dating a guy with unusual sexual tastes before and how he was just pervy and awful..and got the same snide response of 'well then don't date perverts'

Ah yes cos men that are perverts, porn addicts or just plain abusive all tell us that shit on the first date don't they

No. 518841

File: 1582823769025.jpg (38.09 KB, 335x411, 199f5b8d5cb30f53ca43040c270519…)

I found this in a pinterest board dedicate dot lineman, the people who fix electric poles during black outs,and I can't stop laughing. Who on earth thought this was a good idea

No. 518842

File: 1582823955241.png (2.13 MB, 1495x845, 45777.PNG)

I think that stupid image ruined my recs algorithm

No. 518870

My mum bought me a mbira for my birthday today! I told her about it almost a year ago as something in passing, and that I was checking flea markets and thrift stores for them since that's where my brother finds his and she outright bought me a brand new, beautifully tuned 17-key mbira. I could cry, I haven't put it down yet except to write this out. It sounds like heaven! Tiny heaven!

No. 518872

File: 1582831345683.jpg (174.75 KB, 1440x1440, ERlHhOsVUAEDmST.jpg)

Alright girls, what are you?

>tfw i'm a low level pile of rocks, i just want to nap

No. 518873

>I’m a low-level, pile of rocks, why am I the side-kick?!

Sounds thrilling!

No. 518878

the hero is a pen, protector of the land

No. 518879

The Invincible Princess from Another World!
That made me so happy, I was expecting something silly but I got something really cool! Thanks for making my day better

No. 518882

>Transformed Into a Pomeranian, But I’m Doing My Best!
My sides are obliterated, thanks for this

No. 518883

Reborn as a Demonic Babysitter, But I'm Doing My Best!

No. 518887

Anon this is so cute!!! I'm so happy you got such a great gift!

No. 518888

I would soo watch this!!! (unless it would involve said pomeranian constantly sniffing heroine's panties and falling into their boobs… I have low faith in Japan not ruining this lovely concept)

I lowkey wanna write my own take on the concept (with a different breed of a dog) but I am already stalling with my main project lmfao

No. 518893

File: 1582837100390.jpg (16.15 KB, 284x247, pomerania-hembras-perros-de-ra…)

The invincible Pomeranian protector of the land.

No. 518903

File: 1582841511503.jpg (104.77 KB, 1080x1080, tumblr_pfnlfu2zBm1vtts30o1_128…)

the pope is sick a day after interacting with people who have covid-19 aka coronavirus. obviously that's not how illness works but it's amusing to think he might have the plague

No. 518911

You're right, that's not how it works.

No. 518913

File: 1582844175639.jpg (34.72 KB, 487x476, kekeke.jpg)

Transformed into a dragon but I'm doing my best!
Damn that reminded me of tohru/kobayashi it was so wholesome

No. 518915

>Transformed into a bow and arrow and I'm ready for love

Apparently I turn into Cupid's bow or something

No. 518920

>My next life as a cat, I will conquer the world!!
Move slime, I’m the next moe overlord of isekai

No. 518935

Girls who shat on things like bvb and twilight were pickmes

No. 518969

if by bvb you mean the band, they were always incredibly shitty. nothing pick me about admiting that.

No. 519003

>Transformed into a Generic Main Character Protector of the Land
I'm generic but still wanna protect the land

No. 519014


I shat on Twilight because it was bad. Anne Rice did vampires better than Stephanie's racist ass.

No. 519018

They were about as shitty as any other metal band in the genre, their music has been analyzed by people in the music industry, the vocals, guitar, bass and drum are all fine. Literally no reason to shit on it at all other than metal just not being for you

It's just as any other movie marketed towards teens, it's definitely not the worse

No. 519023

some of us were just weebs who couldn't see the appeal of the male leads.

No. 519025

Getting out of the city on Saturday to hang out with my friend's new kittens. I am looking forward to this so much!!!

No. 519026

you can't just call people pick mes for not liking things you clearly personally enjoyed. me and my friends hated twilight because it was blatantly pandering shit, same with wicked.

No. 519028

Twilight is pretty comfy and nostalgic tbh. I read it before it got really big and never really understood either the popularity or the hatred. It was just an easy, indulgent read for tweens and doesn't need to be taken so seriously.

No. 519031

Ordered something from Amazon uk over a week ago. According to the tracking in my order history it started out in an Amazon facility in Germany and it has since entered and departed from three different Amazon facilities in the UK..is that normal?

I requested that it be gift wrapped but why pass it through quite so many facilities before actually posting it?

No. 519032

did you order it shipped by amazon? afaik amazon usually leaves things shipping internally before using the local post at the destination amazon facility.

No. 519035

It was sold directly by Amazon and I chose their free shipping, hasn't been handed over to royal mail yet. Strange to me that it's been through four facilities? That's over a week where it's been technically marked as 'shipped' but it isn't in post yet

No. 519042

File: 1582878675896.jpg (34.64 KB, 640x480, 1582878440676.jpg)

We get it, you lusted after Andy Biersack (which is the only reason anyone stanned those clowns). No reason to call people pickmes for calling the band shit, which almost most of metalcore is. Especially generic, soulless crap like bvb (which you pretty much admitted to - same as other bands, no better or worse)

No. 519048

Sorry but they were awful.

No. 519061

Something really weird happen every time I see someone I care for getting emotional.
I get giggly or smiley…
I don't understand why, yesterday I had a pretty heavy conversation with my partner and I was feeling really sad and overwhelmed, but at one point HE got emotional and started crying, which made me go completely cold inside, I also had to control myself to not laugh out loud. I don't find it funny or satisfying at all to see him break down in tears, I don't understand why i'm like this, it's extremely confusing.

No. 519062

I disagree. I am one of those girls who shat on twilight and bvb and i had my legit reasons. For one, I was obessesed with vampires and felt offended by twilight. I watched the first movie and found it incredibly boring. With bvb, i never really hated on them, i just thought they were boring.

No. 519064

I used to get that to a degree maumybe not as bad as you do but you just gotta learn to handle emotions better. Great advice.

No. 519074

Looking for opinions on owning soft toys as an adult woman?

I love them but lately I see so many adult baby/age regressors looking like absolute retards with them. Is it bad to own a few if you just sit them on a shelf, maybe keep one on your bed? As a functioning adult with no weird regression habit is it weird to have a few toys in your room?

No. 519082

It's probably just bad cope.
No one cares about your stuffies. Just don't give off retard vibes.

No. 519089

I think I'm just feeling some extreme second hand embarrassment after watching a vid about age regressors

No. 519114

I usually don't like any korean music related stuff, but I just found out about this group and I really, really, really like them a lot? And this one Medley is really good too, they've basically took Queen's songs and spinned them into their own versions. Especially that one guitar solo though. Maybe I can like just one group, as a treat.

No. 519130

I feel some really bad burn-out from anime and I don't even know why. I used to rot my brain on shows like Lucky Star, Nichijou, and Azumanga Daioh but now I can hardly sit down and watch and binge anime, and it takes me ages to finish some.

Kinda makes me sad, considering I was a huge weeb back then and now I can't even bring myself to care about a series. Kinda makes me wonder if I "outgrew" watching anime.

No. 519132

Maybe you're just tired of SOL shit. I tried to watch GochiUsa recently and I couldn't. The art style was adorable but it was terribly written. I'm finding in most SOL shows, something about the characters seem off and I just can't get attached to them. It's that kind of "uncanny valley" feeling you get, except it's from their actions rather than their appearances. Years ago I would've eaten up something like GochiUsa too.

No. 519139

Try reading manga instead.

No. 519143

File: 1582903490795.png (Spoiler Image, 1019.77 KB, 1318x725, thanks i hate it.PNG)

I always forget the name of loppy bunny so I'm always googling it, but today this popped up and I'm so fucking disgusted.

No. 519153

Sad thing is I can imagine this ending up as someones sex doll rather than an innocent reborn doll

No. 519158

NTA but I try to avoid SOL series about girls written by guys.

No. 519262

File: 1582922754451.jpg (27.83 KB, 450x577, unnamed.jpg)

I bought this dress at the end of last summer because it finally went on clearance (it's cute but not $60 cute, I got it for just under $20 woo) and I can't fucking wait for the weather to warm up so I can finally wear it! I'm sad I didn't manage to get it in white, but I really love this colorway too.

No. 519311

>finally getting around to researching asian skincare
>remember how south korea is struggling with the corona virus
Guess I'll have to put it on hold until next year. I sincerely hope all of you are doing some form of prepping.

No. 519342

I went to go blow up the bathroom and people kept walking in ontop of that the bathroom was in a very obvious place fml

No. 519345

Wait what is this? Why are the nipples so prominent?

No. 519356

I think I have DID, but not as extreme as people say it is? As a kid, I would imagine different people in my head for fun but gradually I might have deluded my brain into believing that I'm a schizo or some shit. Weird shit is happening with me right now, and people around me are starting to notice it too.

No. 519362

I dreamt of talking and playing with friends online that I've never met and will never exist, but it is the first time I've felt happiness in a while. I wish I could go back to that dream and speak to these people again, because I am that lonely. At least they would never hurt me.

No. 519381

Watching the updated cgi version of the first Pokémon movie with my nephew; where the hell are the original va’s?

No. 519390

I just watched that today. I had no idea what I was watching until halfway through and thought it was a new movie. Maybe they couldn’t afford them?

No. 519422

tfw need to ask dad when he's picking me up today, but it's 2am so I don't want to text him and be called out for staying up so late.

No. 519452

I found a piano cover of a song I love and I'm really attracted to the pianists' hands… but I watched some of their older videos and the rest of their body and arms reads as female and I think it's a girl judging from Youtube's tiny profile icons. But in the original video I like their hands look so masculine. Maybe playing the piano just does that to you and it doesn't matter anyway because I'm only perving on them for their hands.

No. 519575

the picrew dress up games really make me weirdly happy, i love making myself and also creating random ocs for my fantasies because i am not that creative when it comes to character design

No. 519610

god i wanna get rid of my sex drive so bad but i don't know how to

No. 519617

No. 519618

acquire depression, anon.

No. 519624

Fuck I've been watching magia record and I just love it so much. I might even have to get into the game though I hope it's not p2w. I'm just so happy to see an all girls cast that isn't some hard sexualized crap with panty and boob shots ever 5 minutes. There isn't a main character who looks generic with a full harem for fuck all reason either. Amazing to see the girls have actual issues that affect them. They actually have feelings rather than being one note pretty visuals who never change despite bad events happening.

No. 519658

File: 1583016515569.jpg (93.41 KB, 950x841, 9f9263d8f5bf85cbd40e28a11e3a51…)

Don't shlick to me or my son ever again

No. 519660

File: 1583016557710.jpg (54.29 KB, 515x620, 82ee611eaadec7d0ee096b87274fce…)

Winona is my husbando

No. 519661

File: 1583016606355.jpg (70.19 KB, 467x700, 8a6d2660d9ac85ed5075a276949ac2…)

Brad is my waifu

No. 519662

File: 1583016705420.jpg (33.22 KB, 389x305, bdd21efa35abef56aa704626161045…)

Who is this nerd?

No. 519665

File: 1583017719117.jpg (74.85 KB, 736x736, be12b7e44af09a9890a9e2cab47d3f…)

I really wanted to lose my virginity before I turned thirty and it's now only a couple of months away. I keep telling myself I can still talk to my crush and if he's interested, I can have sex with him within the next few months but I'm such an chicken I can never find the balls to speak to him. it's not like we know each other, so it would really be the cold calling of admitting you like someone, when you're strangers to one another. but if I did find the confidence and he wanted to date I would hope to have sex pretty soon after. the clock is ticking and I'm aware of the days closer I am to my thirties.

I'm old enough to know how pathetic this sounds but fuck, I just want to be able to know I lost my virginity in my twenties. I don't want to be a 30 something virgin.

No. 519666

No. 519673

File: 1583018880730.jpg (17.23 KB, 288x457, 64628a7824380187d75c7cad5df2ce…)

No. 519679

Anon, just go clubbing with some friends and get a one night stand.
Be careful, let the person know it's your first time and get down to business.
Or find a bf/gf, even if they're not "the one", and same thing, get the experience.
It's truly not that hard. Good luck!

No. 519681

I don't think that telling anyone to loose their virginity to a one night stand is good advice. Casual sex is already risky for non-virgins. There's no guarantee that the person they're doing with is going to care or even show any consideration for them.

No. 519693

A one night stand with some random bozo is a horrible idea, anon shouldn't wait for mr perfect either, just do it with a guy she likes and actually knows

No. 519718

Don’t feel ashamed of that anon, I have lots of friends in their 30’s who are virgins/have little sexual history. They’re not even weird or anything. Different times, people are busier. You shouldn’t feel like you have to rush anything because of your age. I’m almost 30 too, and lost it when I was 27. I honestly am grateful I missed out on all of the confusion having sex too young (for me) would have caused. I wasn’t ready until I met the right person. That’s not the case for everyone, but people are all different.

If it is truly bothering you deeply, you need to be brave and try. Cast your line girl. Sign up for a dating/meetup app and just try to go with your gut. You’ll know when it’s right. It feels really scary when it’s new, but the moment it happens, you’ll be like “wow, that’s it?” Good luck anon! Let us know when you get the nasty.

No. 519728

File: 1583033458137.png (6.02 KB, 209x240, images.png)

This is awful advice tf
This literally how you get an STD or held down raped by a drunk. Worse if anon became a dissapeared woman from being murdered at his place. In general it's going to be a bad idea because drunk and the pain/possible bleed of first time.

No. 519729

File: 1583034407598.gif (984.78 KB, 500x281, source.gif)


I'm 28, and I'll be 29 this year. I am a virgin too; please don't feel like you're alone! It may seem hopeless, but some things happen later in your life, and it's nothing to be ashamed of! It won't happen if you don't put yourself out there, but at the same time, don't feel compelled to share an experience with someone you don't feel right or comfortable with!

No. 519735

Oh wtf calm down. ONS happens all the time you prude and the actual probability of being raped etc is slim so calm down. Not all men are out to rape or kill us, wtf. If you're not too stupid and cautious enough you'll have fun, jeez.
Interesting how you assume anon is necessarily a woman and not a man too.

No. 519737

>Interesting how you assume anon is necessarily a woman and not a man too.

No. 519742

File: 1583036891484.jpg (25.75 KB, 540x360, tumblr_myhhdpwk0H1s6u7eho3_540…)

No. 519744

Acting like men ain't more violent drunk kek, go back to your nigel.

No. 519753

>Interesting how you assume anon is necessarily a woman and not a man too.

go back to whatever male pandering libfem hell you came from, newfag.

No. 519765

My family is being so sweet to me, I can't stop crying. It's 1am and I can't stop thanking whatever- if any- greater power there is out there for being so nice to me. I couldn't have asked for better people who cared more about how I think and feel. Who genuinely care about the dumbest and most benign parts of myself. I've definitely shown them how thankful I am but it will never be enough. I could vomit right now thinking about how I'll never be able to make it up to any if them equally. Fuck

No. 519776

Hey anon, don't beat yourself up, that's not what your family would want. Get them fresh flowers, make them dinner, do a house chore. Love expressed in seemingly small ways means a lot. They already love you, so you're a good person to them already! Don't worry so much about "making it up" to them.

No. 519803

I don't get why country is going against WHO guidelines and is letting corona patients stay at home and risk their neighbours and shit. I get that hospitals would be even more unfair but this all seems so badly planned out. I am just so fucking angry at whoever caught this shit from some fucking animal.

No. 519823

Guess I didnt realize how much my ADHD meds suppress my appetite because I forgot to take them today and absolutely gorged myself until I was sick after dinner (something I never do, and never did even before meds). This is the first day I have forgotten to take them since I started about 6 months ago and I was wondering why I was so ravenously hungry. This is the worst feeling in the world, I'm so bloated and can feel it all sloshing around and it hurts so fucking bad and even my throat is burning. Tried heartburn medicine but it's not working.

No. 519861

If people want to give reasonable criticisms of the coronavirus media coverage in the US that's all well and good. However I will laugh at your ignorant ass if the reason you feel the media is being too hasty is because you claim we have better healthcare than China.
No we fucking don't.
Why do I feel like the people downplaying this haven't dealt with having the flu without health insurance in their adult lives. Hmmmm.

No. 519870

lmao anon my brother's name is Eren too!

No. 519878

I could never lose it to a one night stand. even if I wasn't a virgin I wouldn't want a one night stand, it's not for me. I want to at least kind of know the person and for them to care about me beyond simply thinking I'd be good for one fuck. I don't mind about someone being 'the one' anymore or anything tbh, I don't think it's realistic, just don't want it to be total random

I do feel comforted to know I'm not the only one but 30, for me, just feels like a big milestone I'm freaking out about in general. I'm like you in how I'm glad I didn't have lots of bad uncomfortable sex when I was young and that's what I've been telling myself through my 20s but I feel like I'm pushing it now at almost 30.

I really want to try and talk to him. I'm just quite an anxious and awkward person, I'm self conscious and very unsure of myself. the idea of going over to him to talk scares the shit out of me. I've tried dating apps before but no one on there has really 'caught my eye', I also hate the way it feels like I'm trying to sell a product. I feel talking to my crush is my only option, I just wish I had the guts but it's hard that whenever I see him my heart races, lmao I feel like a teenager.

thanks anon, I know I'm not alone and that does make me feel a little better! I know I have to actually put myself out there in order to get these opportunities I just wish this fear of taking these chances wasn't so completely immobilising!

ty for everyone's replies, you're a good bunch

No. 519893

File: 1583082789402.gif (1.71 MB, 480x360, think.gif)

Torn between deciding if I want to make the sweet potato chili for dinner, or if I just want to go to a Chinese buffet later today to binge. Today would be dim sum day..

No. 519895

i'm only seeing this 6 days later but yes i am

turkish eren is more superior than anime eren
also sorry if this is retarded but i hate how the english speaking people always pronounce his name all weirdly all thanks to their burger accent, at least the japanese people pronounce is somewhat correctly

No. 519900

This Wednesday I have an appointment to get my hair bleached. I have naturally black hair, but would like to have very light pink hair, so this is the first step and I am really nervous. I am going to look so dumb with brown hair.

No. 519913

When I met my now boyfriend he quickly gave me a nickname. To be honest I don't know why but I think it's because it's slightly asier to pronounce in english than my real name. It's a bit similar but not really.
Anyway sometimes it's so weird when he uses it around me or his parents even. I am used to it at this point but it feels like this alternative version of me. The version he sees of me and not really the one I am deep down.

No. 519925

Honestly I'd recommend against contacting your friend if you're not very close, you might just come off as very creepy.
One night stand can happen among a group of colleagues or friends too, up to you to decide if that's not your route. In which case go dating app and throw yourself out there, but dont have high expectations, first times are generally not really great kek. Mine was with a guy I've been dating for 6 months, I took my time with him, he was super patient although he obviously couldn't wait to do the devil's tango. He had way more experience than me, I told him honestly I was a virgin and needed him to "guide" me a little and he did. He was super sweet but the first time was meh kek. The following were better and better.
Good luck anon ! Dont freak out too much, you'll find someone to do that with.

No. 519981

I'm getting rid of all my old clothes and it feels great. I tried to still like the styles I enjoyed as a teenager but god, it looks immature plus I hate how everyone in the community only care about mainting their ~uwu aesthetic~ and nothing else. No more clinging onto my old self, time to grow up.

No. 519987

I feel this. people giving me nicknames puts me on edge and makes me feel like they're trying to control me. like i just told you what i'm called and you've decided i should be called something else? but i don't say anything because i realize it's a me problem and most people probably don't mean anything negative by it.

No. 519991

i want to change my name and dress like some kind of victorian elf and bring a pipe with me everywhere

No. 520000

I'm going to Texas in late March but the problem is…I might be infected with the Coronavirus

No. 520001

you better get your ass to a doctor immediately for testing. if you neglect to do that and go to texas knowing you either do have it, or could very well have it, you are a disgusting person.

No. 520003

hopefully you'll die before then

No. 520008

Not even a burger but get your ass to a doctor asap, dingus.

No. 520009

That's the shitty part of trying to date foreign people who can't really pronounce your name, even without a nickname, you kinda feel _off_ like it's a role or some shit

No. 520012

Going to the doctor isn't a good idea either, wtf can they do? It just creates needless contact with other people. Self quarantine is better.

No. 520013

Here we're supposed to call the doctor and figure out if a twst is needed. Is it true that in the US the test can cost hella money?

No. 520014

Self quarantine and call your local hospital, they should have some safe protocol in place to come test you/ pick you up with hazmat etc. Dont go around spreading it. You might kill vulnerable people like old people or infants by spreading it.

No. 520021

You guys got it all wrong
I'm not infected with Coronavirus but arriving to Texas I MIGHT get the virus,is it safe to travel or not,I'm virus free but is it safe in Texas where I might not get it?

No. 520023

Are you esl because that is just jumbled. Where I'm from they just told us to avoid pointless travel, look out for symptoms and wash our hands and phones enough. Could go either way anon.

No. 520025

File: 1583106718105.gif (834.18 KB, 360x197, him.gif)

The dress up game thread is the best thread on this entire site.

No. 520028

Depending on which areas of Texas you are going? In the area I live theres mostly one ethnicity and not a lot of tourism coming in and out of town but big cities like San Antonio or Houston where there is large amounts of congested areas those are places you should avoid. You can travel just wear a proper mask to ensure you won’t come in contact with it airborne wise and try to keep contact with others and crowded areas to a minimum.

No. 520056

File: 1583110769008.jpeg (52.75 KB, 604x604, 1483910427619.jpeg)

So I finally get a second chance to travel to Japan late in the year (first time fell through because of finances) and now that this virus popped up, my travel buddy is getting cold feet about it. They are waiting and watching to see what it goes through before making a final decision in late-summer.

This sucks because I was finally lucky enough to able to get 2 weeks off of work. I'm super worried because it'll be a long time before I can aim for that time frame again from work. It's really "use it or lose it".

If the virus has turned low-key over the next few months, but my buddy is still reluctant, I may have to look into doing it solo…which is honestly, a bit scary.

So because of this dumb anxiety and how the news likes to spout sensationalist bullshit, I'm just not looking at any Corona or general travel news for a few weeks.

No. 520057

samefag, but I'm obviously not going if the virus gets bad enough that the US has a quarantine for those coming to/from Japan that extends all the way into 2021.

I will just use my travel time for some other place within the US if so be it.

No. 520063

I agree lol. Kinda weird to me because it feels like turkish is just reads how it's written haha, no pronunciation ticks and such

No. 520068

I was looking at some dumb celebrity hair slideshow and it said that a number of actresses are ACKCHYUALLY naturally blonde, like Sofia Vergara, Kristen Stewart, Zooey Deschanel, Leighton Meester, etc., next to some old photos of them with piss yellow hair and dark roots. Who's even gullible enough to believe this? Why make it up? So many questions.

I agree. Those games are fun as hell.

No. 520070

keep seeing shit about the nuclear family being bad for women, which is fair I guess, but also idea of living with my parents or partner's parents or family sounds fucking awful

No. 520096

ummm why is independence not an option for you though

No. 520117

i don't want to be independent. i want dick on demand.

No. 520124

My apologies I forget to mention my arrival there in the airport or city that's why everyone thought I had the virus
But fuck,it's Houston where I'm heading to.I know how extremely crowded the airports can be there,and filthy.

No. 520127

It sounds awful right up until you have kids and the extra support means you actually have free time and can sleep. I don't think the idea necessarily means extended family living in one house, if we're talking the most natural, advantageous situation everyone would just live really close to each other. It takes a village and all that…

No. 520129

…What do you think ‘independence’ mean anon?

No. 520130

It sounds awful right up until you have kids and the extra support means you actually have free time and can sleep. I don't think the idea necessarily means extended family living in one house, if we're talking the most natural, advantageous situation everyone would just live really close to each other. It takes a village and all that…

No. 520135

>have a 2k 1099 I have to pay because I got screwed over by an MLM and lost money just by working for them
>Have 200 dollar medical bill to pay because I had a cyst erupt in my uterus
>Work at a fast food restaurant because that's the only job to get around here, despite having a college degree and trade school actual jobs relating to my field require tons of experience
>Get a paycard from my job which activation only has robo calls so it's been impossible to get activated so I can't use the money I make
>Have bad eating disorder, I know treatment is going to cost even more money I don't have
>Boyfriend had an accident in October and has a 1300 medical bills from a clinic that was supposed to be for lower income folk
>He still doesn't have a job because he's slightly awkward despite interviewing several days a week
>Had to drop out of an EMT course I was excited to take because the workforce development officer whom would pay for my supplies and everything kept putting my information in wrong, speaking over me and straight up lied to me
>Can't afford anything for my family
>Both families are abusive so we both have to hear non stop nagging about how we should both have 9-5 20 an hour jobs in this retirement town

Thank you modern day America

No. 520137

Have you guys watched the trials of Gabriel Fernandez on Netflix?
What did you think?
Should the social workers have been tried, or were they only doing their job?

No. 520138

Yeah it's endearing at times but it also just doesn't feel like me. In his mind if we got married one day he'd probably be weirded out hearing my real name which is.. odd to think about.

He isn't that foreign to be honest. We both speak english and our "native" language. He's just not that comfortable using it so we speak in english which I love to be honest. He could use my name if he wants but it'd probably be weird after all these years.

No. 520139

I noticed when I got home like 3 hours ago that my neighbors left their door open and their cat is wandering around the hallway. I'm so tempted to take it in. Would that be wrong??

No. 520144

Take it in until they get home, then give it back. It was likely an accident to leave the door open—and anyone would be crushed to have a pet hurt or lost.

Bonus: making friends with your neighbor

No. 520155

pls dont come to Lubbock wtf

No. 520169

anon now I"m curious how are you supposed to pronounce it? I'm a burger and I pronounce it like the name Aaron (AIR-uhn or AR-uhn), is that not correct?

No. 520234

We could all die tomorrow from a pandemic anyway, use a pseudonym instead of legally changing your name and go live your bad elf girl life anon

No. 520245

I dislike it how men say all women are crazy because some that are into serial killers or whatever. Like no bro, you can tell when a woman is crazy or slightly off the difference is you see all women as just women no matter the variances of their personality unless their unpleasing to your dick particularly. I seriously don't get how they don't see this. Oh, or they're the type to say all women are crazy. They really don't know how to read anything beyond looks

No. 520248

what's annoying is that the edgy hybristophiles are as close as women come to annoying male edgelords, except hybristophiles do fuck all except post insensitive shit and thirstpost about their favorite serial killer on tumblr or twitter, while male edgelords actually stockpile weapons and pretend to be a big badboy with a gun, they often have poor emotional regulation (as most men do), jerk off to weird and/or gross shit, and emotionally abuse the women in their lives. retarded girls are nowhere near as crazy as these guys, and these guys are way more common and a larger percentage of the male population than hybristophilic tunglr girls are.

No. 520251

female killers like Jodi Arias, Joanna Dennehy and that cartel hitwoman who bragged about fucking dead bodies all get love letters and comments from men about how they could do anything to them, you just notice hybristophilia less in men since women commit way less horrific murders to be lusted after by weirdos rofl

No. 520253

No, that wasn't my point.. and I know men are far more shameless in their hybristophilia since they have no emotional attraction or sensitivity at all they just wanna fuck and coom because all women are sex objects to them and they're basically signaling they don't give a fuck who a woman is along as she's judged as attractive to them, which was the point I was trying to make
.the women who constantly tweet about Ted Bundy being so omg hot or even the other serial killer groupies have a different vibe to them than other types of women, so men using this to generalize all women is annoying. It's like idk, how we can tell a woman has this personality type or character but the only thing a scrote can input is how hawt she is because they see nothing but women as pieces of meat and replicas of each other, while we can see some character and body language of a man pretty well idk. I mean I think straight women are aware that there are "types" of men more than straight men are about women, besides ugly , hot , crazy. , and something else.

No. 520254

How- why can't you guys pronounce anything?

No. 520255

so it's eh-ren? like literally eh ren? that's kind of like "erin", which is a popular name and not really like "aaron". but i assume there's more of an 'h' in yours?

No. 520275

If(on average) men die earlier, wouldn't it make sense for women to date/marry men a few years younger?
I know that scrots would've exploited this fact to the extreme if the reverse was true, and they would've barked at anyone who criticized age gap relationships with the life expectancy statistics.
The obsession with a woman's youthfulness is however so excessive that most young woman around me feel uncomfortable to date someone even one year younger than them.

No. 520300

Really, I have not seen much of a difference between a 20 and 30 year old man in terms of emotional maturity. Sure at 30 he may have a mortgage, but will likely still be at the same mental age as he was at 20. The only difference is, he's more crusty because god knows most men don't take care of themselves. I don't know why some women freak out at dating a man only 1 or 2 years younger. Those women probably don't have the mental capacity to be in a relationship either, they can have the crusty 40+ year olds.

No. 520310

anon blease I know my accent is retarded but you didn't answer my question

No. 520343

the girl im currently dating is very stereotypically butch, she looks so tough in her profile picture,is muscular and dresses the part and all
so i always forget how soft her voice actually is… just got a voice message and i'm swooning
God, I love women So Much

No. 520345

>tfw no soft butch gf
please love her extra for me ;_; im jelly af anon

No. 520349

College is a wild time, even though I'm a loser who rarely goes out. Turns out a family friend's daughter who goes to liberal arts school up north (whose parents bought a fancy house when they own a store) tweets shit like no one should make over 100k. Then my friends at my tech school are like working for defense and pharmaceutical companies is evil but we'll still do it. I'm just over here trying to work through my mental issues and struggle to get my schoolwork done. lol

No. 520351

I just clicked a 4chan link that was in /snow/ thread and got bombarded with 'jerk off with random teens' and 'tired of being rejected? These Asian women won't reject you' ads. I just wanna die

No. 520377

matched with someone on hinge
thought they were cute, they liked my opening line
they didn't respond quickly so I hit them with a "hewwo?"

instantly unmatched
I'd be sadder if I didn't figure that was going to happen and if it wasn't hilarious to me

No. 520384

why was that hilarious to you? why would you send 'hewwo?'? it just looks embarrassing anon

No. 520385

i spend more time on /ot/ than the other boards with more milky and interesting topics such as /m/ or even /pt/ etc. etc. aka like 80% of the time i am on this site it's just on here
idek i think i just like talking with you girls

No. 520390

It's more of the fact they unmatched me as soon as they saw I sent it that's funny to me–it's like a joke to me because it's funny to see people pretend to be mad whenever I post it in chat for like a video game or something
I sent it because I just wanted to see how they would react, maybe even get them to respond a bit sooner
I find that most of the time people just forget that I exist, so instead of waiting a week and unmatching them due to a lack of responses, I tried to be bold and fun and send something stupid
I get that people can't always respond as soon as I like, but I hate having to wait to find out that it's not that they were busy but just that they didn't feel I was worth responding to

If it looks embarrassing, oh well, that person obviously doesn't like the same stuff I do so we've moved to a point where I can feel better and move on
I'd rather be embarrassed due to an action than inaction

No. 520394

I'm an idoit and can't shut up. I get bronchitis every spring/late winter and now I probably have laryngitis too now. My voice sounds like shit.

No. 520395

File: 1583192443619.jpg (44.43 KB, 313x500, 51iWv Ij5ML.jpg)

Fuuuck. I thought this was some photoshop meme, but some dude actually published their furry nazi porno on amazon

No. 520406

i will be praying for your death len gilbert

No. 520407

How serious is this person? Maybe it's a chuck tingle type of situation?

No. 520427

This why I hate them and think all furries should die

No. 520431

File: 1583198853885.jpeg (2.3 MB, 4032x3024, 47A518CE-1532-49C0-B8AE-D6C1D4…)

Animals that make little noises when they sleep is the cutest thing in the world. Puppies softly boofing, kitties doing that little purr-ow thing, birds chirping quietly with their eyes closed…animals are the best man, life would not be as fulfilling without pets

No. 520449

anon i literally actively try to be annoying for fun and get a super kick out of it, never change
if you get real bored start dming youtubers and see what they say back. got a super stoic one to reply and fuck it's fun bothering him. the confusion it the best part
all in good fun, you gotta make yourself laugh

No. 520505

That is hilarious

No. 520510


No. 520515

Me too. I try to post on other boards but yeah I like giving (you)’s to anon’s stories lol

No. 520535

File: 1583231599593.png (89.32 KB, 315x270, Mr._Resetti_large.png)

Why are people pretending they got traumatised by Resetti as childs to justify why he definitely had to go? If you don't like the motherfucker cause you want to be able to reset your game and do whatever the hell you want, just be honest about it. It's just a game ffs, nobody got traumatized cause they had to type "I am dirt" in a video game…

No. 520539

Corona officially confirmed in the city I work in…. and I have to take public transport daily.
I'm not too bothered but man…

No. 520542

File: 1583235733439.jpeg (36.35 KB, 576x575, whatthefuck.jpeg)

I had a dream that Admin doxxed me and made a thread on me based on all the stupid shit I've done on imageboards in my life. I became a cow and everyone mocked me but I quickly became irrelevant because I went into hiding. Pls no dox me Admin

No. 520558

Last weekend me and bf went for a trip to a national park and left our car in a backyard of an old guy who lived close by (he allowed us to). Anyway, the guy’s dog decided to follow us on our entire 16km walk and it was the best thing that happened to me all week. She was so lovely, smart and friendly and now I can’t stop thinking about how awesome it would be to adopt a dog like that but we’re both allergic and couldn’t keep a dog indoors because of this, which sucks.

Idk, I just feel like I’m missing out on a lot in life by never having been able to own a dog.

No. 520564

Poodles are good for allergies since they don't moult, but you need to take them to a groomers/groom them yourself since they basically just continually grow curly fur like a sheep. However they are not a breed that I can imagine taking on long walks since they're kinda sensitive and hyper, the smaller ones at least. Do some research anon, it may be possible to get a dog. Sounds like it would make you happy.

No. 520566

Lmao I had a similar type of dream a few weeks into using this site. A whole board pointing out my cowdom. I was like "How did they find this photo of me? I don't even have it on my computer!"

No. 520584

You hit the jackpot, anon. Good for you!

No. 520585

Thanks for the advice, anon. It would definitely make me so happy. Growing up, both me and my bf grew were strictly not allowed to have dogs so we just kinda accepted it as a reality of life and never did any real research on hypoallergenic breeds but we should definitely look into it!
For now, we’ve decided to visit again this weekend and bring a bag of a nice food for the dog.

No. 520588

idk where else to put this

Bernie Sanders 8 1/2 hour Filibuster but it's Lofi

No. 520595

shed, the word your looking for is shed.

No. 520602

my bf is the same height as me and there arent any problems with sex positions or anything. kissing is great too cuz no neck strain.

No. 520611

that reminds me….imagine having this piece of trash for a son, I would call the cops if I found a stuffed animal with my sons jizz in it. I can only imagine the pain his mom must feel on a daily basis.

No. 520625

lmao there's two coronavirus cases confirmed in my state and I don't have health insurance and can't afford to get tested if I get sick. I know that I'll probably be fine and will recover from it if I do catch it, but I'm more worried about my parents…

No. 520660

we're in the same state i think. don't buy face masks, wash your hands, be careful. i'm also worried about my parents, the elderly and children. shit sucks. if you do want a face mask for them, i think there are special ones that aren't surgical bc those r just taking them away from hospitals and don't work for this virus

No. 520700

I want the word "cohort" removed from the english language. What a stupid word, I wish it were alive so I could pinch it for sounding so ugly. Hearing the word "cohorts" is like having someone spit in my ear

No. 520727

You be careful too anon! I've been constantly yelling at my parents to wash their hands since the outbreak started lol.

If we're in the same state, I think there's something about free testing that will start? I just heard about it from a coworker over lunch and have yet to look into it myself but I sure hope they'll offer something like this… putting a monetary barrier on testing and treatment is only going to make things so much worse in the long run.

No. 520735

"free testing"…any chance you might also get some proper affordable healthcare ? It's really worrying to imagine a 450 million big country where people might chose to die at home because the virus would cost too much to treat, or people might chose to come to work even when sick because no sick days offered, and would infect dozens more.
I predict countries with better healthcare and work protection will fare far better in this pandemy.

Keep washing your hands and keep safe, people.

No. 520738

I've looked into health insurance for a few months now and even with financial assistance, it's still very expensive. I don't qualify for programs like Medicaid because I make too much by their standards. I wish making the choice between having health insurance for situations like this and just being able to just afford living wasn't a thing, but here we are. Land of the great huh?

No. 520783

Sorry to read that anon, that's awful. I'm french and living in the UK, both country have great healthcare system in place, both public and private, I can't imagine living in the USA tbh. Its appalling that one of the biggest most advanced country on this earth still has such a backward healthcare system in place. It's dumbfounding because it actually costs more to your country in the long run, not less. Who can still defend such a system I wonder. It's truly sad. A country that can't take care of its citizen is a country that does not deserve its name imo.
Keep safe anon, it's easier said than done but hopefully I'm wrong and you won't have such a crisis on your hand. It's scary.

No. 520793

Thank you so much for the kind words anon! I really hope this doesn’t turn into a bunch of infighting by other anons but the system here is corrupt and fueled by greed and it’s extremely upsetting. People argue that nationalized health care will mean long wait times, but when the alternative and current reality is just suffering/dying before you reach the waiting room to even wait because you can’t afford care… it’s just very upsetting. All I can do is vote and hope for a better future, and for now, hopefully find a job that offers me benefits (no matter how shitty, anything is better than nothing atm).

No. 520806

i never realized how fucking cringe this fandom was until recently, people were so fucking entitled and crying because they weren't getting a nintendo direct soon enough and THEY NEEDED TO KNOW MORE before they bought the game like shut the fuck up you preordered that shit ages ago and will guzzle whatever shit nintendo farts out thats animal crossing related to get that uwu soft gaymer aesthetic. i swear animal crossing is for the "not like other gamer girls" now its fucking annoying

No. 520822

Can someone come into the movie thread and talk to me about The Invisible Man pleaseee!

No. 520829

File: 1583289488163.png (431.18 KB, 690x690, bg.png)

No. 520833

my cat is caffeine free!

No. 520835

No. 520836

I ended up playing that in the background, surprisingly comfy though I only made it like 2 hours in

No. 520837

It fucking sucks that there's a giant pandemic and you have to pay to protect other people
sure it's the right thing to do, but doesn't it make more sense for the government to pay for testing?

since this isn't the vent thread, I'll say this
I'm super curious as to what all the anti-vaxxers are saying about the virus considering it's spreading so fast and there's no vaccine

No. 520841

This is the same guy making fun on K-pop stars for being plastic. I mean, they are, but this hypocrite and his wife are carrying a good amount of plastic themselves.

No. 520854

File: 1583296783667.jpeg (64.74 KB, 554x744, B85D3DE3-0924-409A-B121-7D2C8A…)

No. 520882

there is rhis pretty gurl in front of me i wantnto talk to her i msweating so much shes so pretty

im also in tje bus anosn

No. 520933

IDK if it is because I'm ovulating or not but lately I LOVE my bf from all my heart and every time I see him I get horny, we've been together for almost three years now and I haven't felt this strongly about him in a while. it's nice to be in the honeymoon phase again.

No. 520940

cats can have a little caffeine as a treat

No. 520941

Honestly they're probably stocking up on their doterra oils and taking multiple shots of them per day, thinking it'll actually help them lol. Those dumbasses will never save themselves. We had a measles or mumps outbreak again a couple of years ago and anti-vaxxers STILL insisted on not vaccinating their kids.

No. 520942

Did you talk to her or just stare at her?
Writing this on the bus too, that's a massive boxer dog behind me wrestling with its owner and it feels like it might jump into my seat any second

No. 520945

Went in for a job interview and it was weird af
>Filled out an application and got asked to fill out another once I got there
>Manager sat across from me and starred at me creepily when I was filling out out
>Asked if I've ever cooked in a kitchen before despite talking about my courses and experiences on my resume
>Asked me what was wrong with my other job even though these supposed hours wouldn't even conflict with each other (job was 4-11 am, current job is usually 1-9 pm)
>The whole "I'll give you a call" after a brief interview but never receiving it

I don't know why it just left a bad taste in my mouth, I feel weirdly dirty? I know I've done nothing wrong but what the fuck

No. 520968

File: 1583339518252.jpg (144.76 KB, 942x555, ESPc-5WUwAAw3Ls.jpg)

I love sleeping on the floor so much. I have a proper bed and all but sometimes I'll take a pillow and blanket off my bed and just have a nap on the floor. It's comfy.

I also just saw pic related on twitter and considered getting it for my floor sleeping, but apparently on the website it says it's unwashable????

No. 520979

File: 1583341077396.png (373.34 KB, 1494x1328, pick me up.png)

Job hunting sucks but whenever I feel down, I reread emails that my favorite professor/adviser sends me. They're full of cheesy lines like "enjoy the journey and not just the destination" and other words of encouragement, but he was a major figure in my academic career and hearing that sort of stuff from him really hits different.

pic not entirely unrelated lol

No. 520987

Ok I went to a mall where I live. Was going to buy garlic at one of the grocery stores. Could not find it. Odd, I thought to myself.

I then go to the other store and STILL can't seem to find garlic. Eventually I do find some pre-peeled ones from my own country but the regular garlic variety is nowhere to be found. I then realise that basically all of the garlic imported to my country is from China. I guess production and export of certain goods are taking a hit. Which I knew but hadn't experienced myself before now.

No. 520993

wanted to make a post about my crush but then got paranoid and deleted it even though i know no one ive ever interacted with has ever used this site

No. 521007

>but apparently on the website it says it's unwashable????
Put a blanket on it

I kinda love how Japanese people are always chilling on the floor, I'd like to do it but it feels akward surrounded by all my tall furniture. If everything was lower to the ground it seems like it'd be comfy.

No. 521010

File: 1583352211537.jpg (11.94 KB, 296x296, 1493701453780.jpg)

First world problem, but I find shopping for clothes so fucking annoying. I wish there was a way to just look at outfits you like over the internet and buy the whole outfit in one click.
But no, I have to look around for the pants, then the shirt, then the shoes, and that'd just be ONE outfit.
I'm trying to renew my whole closet, that's why. I'm so jealous of celebs that get their own stylist that arranges that shit for them. I just want to point at cute outfits on the internet and get them.

No. 521011

File: 1583352368292.jpg (42.29 KB, 658x681, Three-roomy-patch-pockets-ESD-…)

fuck it, jumpsuits for all people as uniforms.

No. 521016

I try really, really hard to be a carefree person and not judge others based on their own personal decisions, because everyone has a unique thought process and life would be boring if we were all the same and our different ways of viewing things makes our world such a big and beautiful place but my cousin's wife just had a baby and the name they decided on was "Brinley"

No. 521019

File: 1583353162578.jpg (199.33 KB, 1054x814, bw6xK.jpg)

i support this

No. 521020

it will be a focken movement, anon

No. 521022

No words.

No. 521026

LeVar Burton = Kunta Kinte
Fucking legend. Love that movie.

No. 521042

File: 1583360397071.png (2.91 MB, 2804x1432, futon.png)

i bought a japanese futon bed for pretty cheap on gumtree, if you guys are in the US you can probs get the accessories/washable covers for them shipped easier and cheaper. there's even really nice bases you can buy, saving for one as we speak.
fell in love with floor sleeping when our air bnb in japan only had futons, makes your back feel so good once you get used to it.

No. 521054

File: 1583362658787.png (24 KB, 1193x125, 453.PNG)

Stage 1 denial

No. 521061

Isn't Tesla firing people left and right and going bankrupt ? Or am I confusing it with another company

No. 521085

How cheap is cheap?

No. 521086

Nevermind, I thought Gumtree was a asian site, but it's just craigslist/depop

No. 521153

With coronavirus it's coming. Not dying from it chic.

No. 521163

'Simp' is just a replacement for 'cuck' and it's annoying.

No. 521166

studying for an exam tomorrow and it's at that point where it's late and I keep getting distracted. just need to power through and pass these classes!

No. 521188

And also most people don’t even know how to use the word simp. A guy sees another guy say something as simple as “You’re pretty” to a girl and you got some slimy beast calling him a simp.

No. 521219

Lolitas are funny, they are offended by people calling lolita costume, but most of their discussion is about costume aspects of it- they're arguing that this style of dress can't be worn with that style of shoes, this is not real lolita because rules etc. It's a costume, you want it to function like a costume and there's nothing wrong with it lol. Costume is not an insult.

No. 521250

The term simp needs to die off, already sick of hearing it

No. 521298

I mean at least its better then cuck

No. 521299

Whenever I hear the word "simp" I just have to imagine a cat taking a little sip from a wine glass with glasses on in front of a table and after a long sip, he just puts the wine glass on the table and goes "Mrrwwww.. simp".
I don't even know why.

No. 521303

Anon. You're retarded.

No. 521307

File: 1583439692991.jpg (54.98 KB, 554x744, Hx3kgUWL6fyffXfGmN6lK7hNQcTj2v…)

…I love you, anon.
This is the only meaning the word will have in my mind from now on.

No. 521319

My friends from highschool are such wonderful people. We barely keep in contact because we're busy with our lives and other friends, but we always pick up like we've spent no time apart from each other. I actually have probably zero common interests with them, so we became friends out of 'survival' in a way (plus my highschool was TINY), but damn. I love these people with all my heart, and they're probably the first group of friends I've had where I never questioned my place in their lives. Whenever we see each other now, we run into each others arms and greet each other with such love.

One of them is engaged now, and I found out through another friend and sent her a message on instagram congratulating her. She said she cried and was so sweet in her reply to me that it almost made me cry too. I feel so lucky to have such extraordinary people in my life. I know high school isn't the best time for a lot of people, and I feel fortunate that it was for me. It's funny that when I went off to college, I met a lot of friends who actually shared my interests, but most of them were secretly catty and fake, always hiding behind that fake positivity bullshit and acting as if giving a genuine compliment for someone else's success would kill them.

No. 521332

File: 1583442995483.jpg (69.74 KB, 600x800, c64da787baa09d4d4bd71459cd31e9…)

anon that's so CUTE
>mfw i'm havin a simp

No. 521335

I looked at CC for the first time in months and everything there is so weird, like are they retarded?

No. 521336

File: 1583443757974.jpg (42.85 KB, 564x752, h6FF3C447.jpg)

Henlo remmeber to /simp/ some water today fwend

No. 521338

Because males duh. Every time 4chin brings up cc as le fEemaLe chan, I get a little smug like yess go shit in the shitbox, anywhere but here. Shame, I like its aesthetic, we should have more girly themes.

No. 521347

no. all of you are fucking retarded.

No. 521352

Must be tiring to be so bitchy for no reason anon

No. 521360

File: 1583447101139.jpg (9.46 KB, 216x233, 946816486848123135468461.jpg)

No. 521375


No. 521443

New Monster Hunter expansion introduced a feature where your character gains a move that can slam an enemy monster's head on the wall. I don't do it myself but my S/O does when we play together.

I'm getting split second flashbacks of how my narc mum slammed my head against the wall and it's triggering my fight or flight response. I feel like I'm an overreacting dumbass about this and I'm too much of a pussy to bring it up to him. I ask myself why is this happening now when other violent games are fine and that incident happened more than a decade ago.

No. 521530

why have two of my art classes included self portrait assignments? I don't want to look at my crusty face.

No. 521550

I’m all for social justice but saying “Rest in Power” whenever a black person has died is cringy as fuck.

No. 521560

rest in power sounds like some shit incels would come up with to mock chads
or some mortal kombat move
"finish him… fatality.. rest in power"

No. 521563

Why must one person bring up incels and chads in every topic when it has nothing to do with it

No. 521564

Guess who just pulled an all nighter reading a ton of 801 doujinshi?

And I don't plan to stop tbh

No. 521565

because… it reminds me of them? is it forbidden for people to think of their idiocy when it comes to stuff?
it's also a joke btw

No. 521571

I found this women obsessed with Elon, accusing Grimes of faking her pregnancy and drugging him. It's so random, what is going on kek. Not posting in celb cow bc its kinda stupid but interesting how she devoted 3 months to this

No. 521575

Having short hair is great but I also find it really hard to drag myself to the hairdresser before my hair gets dumb-looking at my neck. I've had this haircut for 3 years now but I'm still not used to it lol.

No. 521607

File: 1583506906682.jpg (901.97 KB, 5000x5000, XGp1uG5.jpg)

Looking through the kiwi farm art threads and good god. I never thought you could dig deeper than the re draw thread, /IC/, or an art discord full of 16 year olds, but here we are. I stare at all their drawings looking for a logical reason someone could draw this bad besides severe mental retardation. It can't be because they're a child because Kiwifarms isn't made for children. Can't be a teen because I've seen discords full of teen artist and they never fuck up this hard. It can't be an autist because kiwi farms is above all this dumb stuff right?

No. 521608

File: 1583507335223.png (603.69 KB, 1064x687, 46.PNG)

Their re draws are so bad they make me appreciate the crappy artist more. RCDart has solid colors and very dynamic art. Her style is shit, but she could at least make a solid piece if she tried. Tearzeah too. Her inking and color choice are good compared to that

No. 521617

File: 1583508384932.png (147.95 KB, 816x728, Screenshot_20200306-151535~3.p…)

Love when people use their bios to list health conditions. This one's new though.. Diabetic and proud! Proud of what exactly?

No. 521622


The KF redraw thread is one of my favorites. The cringe factor of someone posting their shitty pencil scribble and claiming they "fixed" someone else's art is too good.

No. 521631

I did not know about this… thanks for the goldmine anon, browsing the thread right as we speak

No. 521646

I used to really not like kids and babies, like the embodiment of that childfree subreddit level of not liking kids and babies. But nowadays I really found myself to have warmed up to them, and I really love watching people be cute with their kids whether it's out on the street or online. I'm still adamant about not having my own kids and I don't really feel that baby fever that I see people talk about, but if close friends have kids, I probably wouldn't mind playing babysitter if they really needed one or just being the ~*~*cool aunt*~*~ and giving them a little extra candy or toys just to annoy my friends.

Now whenever I hear or see people rant about the existence of children (even if they're well behaved) it's just… so cringey to me. Just leave them alone, they're just tiny little people trying to do their best.

No. 521647

I guess I accidentally cut it out of my reply but attached video is currently my favorite to replay in the background. Juno is so cute and polite.

No. 521658

Damn Grey's Anatomy really got a reaction out of me last night lmao. I didn't think I was this invested but I am actually pissed and firmly believe Alex would never make that decision.

No. 521659

Jesus christ is that show still running

No. 521663

16 seasons baby

No. 521664

I used to be the same, in high school up until college education, I was so keen on not wanting a child or taking care of one. I got a job working with children when I dropped out of college and they all loved me, maybe because I was younger, but i had the strive to teach them life lessons and how to be a good person.
>Just leave them alone, they're just tiny little people trying to do their best.
i get furious seeing people try to destroy children's lives on social media, like adults do this shit so often when a child does something extremely rude or considered morally wrong. first, these people have no idea what these children are going through, but they dont' care and would rather dox them or make fun of their appearance.

No. 521669

I swear I remember it ending around 2015 or so, also wtf Shepherd is dead

No. 521699


No. 522007

There's this new lady at work, kinda older and I sense she's a bit of a femcel (we can sense each other). Anyway, I immediately stalked her social media and its all about conspiracies and lame memes. I think we will get along and I'll finally have somewhat of a friendly relationship with someone amongst the zombie apocalypse down at that hell hole.

No. 522186

i kinda feel like this site has a bunch of scrotes now who try to spam every thread at any chance they get or pick retarded fights for no reason besides their "keks females back at it again"

No. 522194

File: 1583616556563.jpeg (205.48 KB, 750x1056, F2305AFA-1C55-499B-BE19-9A4A36…)

Marnie the dog passed away and I’m so upset even though she isn’t my dog and I’ve never met her. Fuck.

No. 522294

Okay so im a bi girl and I'm 25 and i met a girl in January on Tinder who is 28. She messaged me first, spent a month texting and I met her this week just gone.

She's absolutely lovely, seems sweet and is v v witty. We have similar interests too and style wise too.

Im not sure how to flirt or if she was flirting with me? She was very starey, she could just be generally though. Overall I am not sure.

This is my first date with a girl and I would like to properly date a girl. Just dunno how.

No. 522296

Act horny because omg I literally can not tell if you really like me back or even having a good time tbh. At least that’s what my gay staring means.

No. 522297


Im trying to figure her out tbf

No. 522316

File: 1583631513028.jpg (80.51 KB, 1214x905, e85.jpg)

I was browsing some image board and some anon recommended a sad anon read Jordan Peterson. Another anon comes in and says don't read Peterson, along with giving book recs, and the Peterson anon replied with, word by word, 'A person is depressed and the first you thing you think is shilling your ideology for low IQ whites'. Isn't that what Peterson is tho?
Also the Peterson anon called the Peterson hating anon an 'sjw' when the Peterson hating anon's lit were all 'intro into fascism' type shit. The anti peterson dude posted a book by a self proclaimed 'hitlers #1 fan' and yet he was still called an SJW

No. 522356

Oh nooooooo. That’s so sad.

No. 522583

File: 1583699790748.jpg (135.8 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

He looks like a proto soyboy

No. 522592

Hardcore that's what Peterson is (as well as a dumb asshole who thinks women wear lipstick in the workplace to signal arousal so maybe you want get hit on ya slut), had to go to Russia to be put into a coma for like two weeks to get over his benzo addiction and came out with brain damage lmao. Wonder how he's going, that news only came out within like the last month I think

No. 522648

I was listening to an 80s one-hit group on Spotify and it had a quote from the singer saying that the eighties was the last decade of creativity in music. That the 60s, 70s and 80s had the most originality and in the nineties producers started rehashing old styles of music. I kind of feel that now with hearing disco and new jack swing in recent songs, but idk if I agree or not that the eighties were the best. Some stuff got rehashed in that decade too.

No. 522651

I loved Marine and I’m sad too. But she seemed to have a long and happy life, especially since the odds were against her in the beginning. I also liked the fact that when she got older, her owner cut down on social media posts and events so that she could be comfortable and rest.

No. 522658

A few weeks ago I cried myself to sleep feeling lonely. Then I had a dream of my dead Grandpa hugging me and telling me he loves me. I think these are the type of experiences that make people believe in spirits and life after death.

No. 522731

Your Grandpa must have been a sweet man! I have these dreams too and they always comforted me.

No. 522780

I’m just tinfoiling here lol but I stumbled upon this youtuber and I keep getting the feeling that they’re FtM? Does anyone else see it too or is it just me?

No. 522790

I used to watch him a bit and never thought of that. Tbh I can see where you're coming from but I think it's just the lighting and filters he uses, plus the fact that he has a babyface.

No. 522815

I see it too. He reminds me of some other FTMs I've watched where their voice dropped quicker than their face changed. Don't think he is actually trans but just gives off those vibes unfortunately

No. 522840

Nahh but he is one of those guys who suddenly had their voice drop so sometimes you can't hear shit because he cannot control his shit properly yet. That honestly keeps me from watching most of his stuff these days.

No. 522901

Polish 'LGBTI-free zones' not ok, says EU commission


How does even the most homophobic person on earth not see that being intersex isn't some 'gay ideology' and it's just a physical reality

No. 523018

i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work i don't want to go to work

i'd call in but it'd look b ad since my crew may be shorthanded, especially since one bitch keeps has been taking extended vacation time for over a week now

No. 523079

Had the same assumption.

No. 523082

In an alternate dimension I think I'd be a raging fujoshi. The ads on the sites I go to would be for nothing but boys love webtoons.

No. 523262

why not this dimension

No. 523263

I want to learn about social behaviour and manipulation to recognise and not fall for it but to also be more manipulative and learn how to get ahead but every time I search anything about all I I get are a bunch of retarded ugly men screaming about muh redpill female manipulation.

No. 523264

Tbh most people with manipulative tendancies are that way because of their upbringing, it's a maladaptive behaviour so 'learning to manipulate' as an adult doesn't work out as well. You'd need to have a personality disorder really.

No. 523268

BTW but it works so well for certain types of people, it's scary.

No. 523277

I noticed that less conventionally attractive girls have the prettiest hands while more conventionally attractive girls have weird hands.

No. 523283

Can't tell if I'm ugly or attractive based on this post. My hands are just meh

No. 523288

Lol I wish, my hands are fugly and I look average.

No. 523311

Um is this a fetish?

No. 523313

what? not everything is a fetish.

No. 523318

It was a joke

No. 523334

my hands are average and I'm average

No. 523336

I get chilblains and finger swelling/redness in my dominant hand during the colder months, so I guess I have one ugly hand and one nice hand

No. 523342

I always stumble across weird things to read on the internet but this article is by far one of my favorites that I always think about, and I just found out there's a series on HBO now about it!! Definitely recommend this as a read for bored anons out there. I don't have HBO but I'm going to try and find a way to watch the series lol


No. 523387

i deleted my hellotalk account and remade with a man's name and my sex set to male. the app is downright pleasant now instead of stressful

No. 523398

I've done that on reddit before, suddenly people (men) stopped endlessly arguing with me about every little opinion I shared

No. 523401

yup, same here. every time i would comment on a post i would get a ton of messages from men, and my pfp was a random owl. then i thought maybe it was just because i'm an american native english speaker so ofc people want free english help, but no. still have my languages set the same way as a "man" and yet barely anyone initiates chats with me, and actually the ones who do are women. now i can comment in peace and initiate chats with people only when i feel like it.

No. 523428

If I die I want my YT comment history erased.

No. 523501

Reminds me when I vent about my parents their I have to switch genders. I can't complain about my mom being into pseudo science health stuff without it devolving into KaREn

No. 523519

File: 1583886617099.jpg (28.4 KB, 564x564, 8b9879714e638ee06e49f275182218…)

My grammar teacher just said only animal rights activists use his/her possessive pronouns, instead of it, for dogs. It makes a bit of sense, but only animal rights activists is a bit of an exaggeration

No. 523522

>kpop meme
i thought i was free from jimin's face in /ot/ but this anon had different plans

No. 523550

Bf and I went out for pizza and beer at a decent place and the waitress upsized our orders because she was a vegetarian too. We had this happen at a sushi place once, our vegetarian waitress brought us some appetizers on the house. It's always so nice and appreciated!!

No. 523563

We say he / she in french, not it.

No. 523579

literally everyone with a pet uses gendered pronouns for them. your professor is a retard

No. 523617

What? Why would we call animals "it" if we know what sex they are? What does that have to do with animal rights activists? Like I'm wracking my brain trying to understand the context of this but I'm genuinely confused.

No. 523623

You're right! He does look weird for a 20 year old and his voice doesn't match his face. I'll try to do a little more investigation and see if your tinfoil is correct.

No. 523675

even in Japanese we use gendered suffixes like chan and kun for pets.

No. 523713

It was obviously the professors attempt at a joke. Dogfags stayyyy feeling attacked by everyone who’s not tonguing dog assholes good god.

No. 523724

>I'm still adamant about not having my own kids and I don't really feel that baby fever that I see people talk about, but if close friends have kids, I probably wouldn't mind playing babysitter if they really needed one or just being the ~*~*cool aunt*~*~ and giving them a little extra candy or toys just to annoy my friends.

This is pretty much exactly how I feel. I don't want my own kids because it's such a massive commitment that I don't think I'll ever be ready for (and also pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding all freak me out really badly), but tbh I'm kinda hoping that my brother and his girlfriend will have kids at some point so I can become an aunt. I really like the idea of being able to do fun stuff with kids, taking them to parks, teaching them stuff, watching them grow and develop their own personalities, but also being able to hand them back to their parents and having time for myself after that.

No. 523747

people use gendered pronouns for literally every animal on earth you fuckin weirdo

No. 524773

File: 1584107894814.jpeg (34.56 KB, 493x351, 0D10773F-41E5-411A-9571-4A9733…)

Whenever I change the theme to girltalk and the screen turns pink I immediately smell strawberry milk.

No. 524836

holy shit check out this site I found. I think if I saw this when I was 10 I would have decided to buy everything https://leesdragondreams.com.au/

No. 524854

I haven't stepped a foot outside in over two weeks. I don't know how to feel about it.

No. 524859

are u ok

No. 524863

This is really gross but I got my nostril pierced a few days ago and haven't been able to clean out any dried snot like I normally do pretty much every day, and I could feel something stuck in my nose, a little further up than what the salt water soaks and running water can reach when I'm cleaning the piercing. I realized that I can fit a pair of tweezers in there without touching the jewelry, so I got a mirror and a flashlight…

Man, the feeling of dislodging and pulling out the giant clump of mostly dry snot from my nostril was so damn satisfying. I'm kinda hoping I can do it again soon.

No. 524868

I feel this so much anon lol. I'm also gross but I like the feeling of when I'm trying to clean my nose and there happens to be a piece of snot that's long and there's that long pulling sensation when I remove it.

No. 524882

Oh I love that feeling too but yesterday I pulled some junk out of my nose and it started bleeding a lot…
Also it feels so good when my nose finally stops bleeding and I blow out the blood clot. It feels like I pulled out a little bit of my brain lol

No. 524930

Lol ya.

No. 525008

I didn't expect the rip off to come this fast

No. 525035

I find the zodiac signs offensive.

No. 525037

>Gets told that every single Pisces is over sensitive
>"Then why are you being sensitive right now? Checkmate!"
John Wayne Gacy was a Pisces.

No. 525042

A part of me believes them, the other part doesn't tbh. I know for a fact that entire "Aquarius is such a nerdy intelligent zodiac uwu anyone who's an aqua is known for being a bookworm uwu" thing is just straight up garbage because it's just nothing but a dumb stereotype along other zodiac stuff BUT they also say for an example that cancers are known for being really fucking sensitive and literally every cancer I've met in my life was nothing but so incredibly sensitive and would get easily offended.

I really don't know what side to take on this.

No. 525044

I remember getting along with someone and when she asked for my sign, she immediately stopped talking to me lmao

No. 525053

File: 1584143212630.png (4.28 KB, 374x67, _snow - ProJared Holly Conrad…)

Unexpected chuckle from the PJ/Holly thread. Could make a funny banner for the site.

I could smell it from this picture… now I want some strawberry milk though, and I have none.

No. 525063

kek means cake in my language
i cannot take anyone serious who uses kek as some sort of lol
my mind immediately goes to CAKE

No. 525078

File: 1584145761724.jpeg (23.41 KB, 272x185, EDFFF95A-8A24-49D0-A3D3-744744…)

No. 525079

File: 1584145786521.png (312.73 KB, 423x500, topkek.png)

No. 525083

one kek for you, one kek for you
a kek for everyone

No. 525117

File: 1584154742844.jpeg (81.87 KB, 800x532, DzGLW_9WwAAi5CV.jpeg)

right side of my neck and shoulder blade and right arm are sore af I need to do some stretches in the morning

never liked eating these for some reason tbh, always felt too dry

No. 525215

File: 1584192246085.png (205.54 KB, 409x480, tumblr_o1gyncvKUQ1v0pigno1_500…)

>Let them eat kek!

No. 525219

Hey, I have a girl in my apartment building who is super charismatic and bubbly. She's very chatty and brave and the complete opposite of who I am. I hear her singing in the hallways of the building and outside (LOUDLY! She's not shy!) and her voice is really powerful and pretty good considering she's only 19 and completely untrained in it. I want to tell her that her singing is really nice and good, but I'm not sure how to word it or if it would scare her out of doing it in the future? Based on her personality she seems like it would boost her confidence but I don't have any personal relationships and have no idea how to word it in a note or even if that's a thing people should do? I live in a friendly country if that helps. Sometimes I think I'll do it as I move out of the building sort of as a "thank you for being delightful to hear" but I have no idea.

No. 525220

She probably hears such things often if she is good at singing so it wouldn't be weird to hear someone else say it. Just don't worry about it

No. 525221

>Sometimes I think I'll do it as I move out of the building sort of as a "thank you for being delightful to hear" but I have no idea.
That’s so pleasant and sweet. A lot of anons on this gossip board are more kind and good natured than one would assume

No. 525291

File: 1584209567844.png (25.43 KB, 1631x141, 324.PNG)

I'd pay to see this on Jerry springer

No. 525317

File: 1584211606294.jpg (30.3 KB, 960x960, 75246657_3543111315699801_5310…)

I recently just reconnected with some of my old online friends and pp that i might have misunderstood and probably annoy them. I was so relieved because most of them told me it wasnt a very big deal and were glad that i would reach out and talk to them again after a while, so i felt like a weight had lifted off my shoulders and all this time i thought i did something wrong but it was just all in my head. Phewww…

No. 525336

My friend's birthday has recently passed and I took him to a metaphysical shop & told him to get anything he wanted as a bday present. He picked out a Demon tarot & Angel tarot set. We both love tarot so a couple of days ago I asked to borrow them just to look through them, he was in the middle of using the Angel set so he gave me the demon set to look over. I ended up taking it to my house and reading through a lot of it, but put them up on my bookshelf. That night after I had fallen asleep, I don't remember all of my dream but I do remember at the very end I saw a crouched/hunched figure in an alleyway. When I woke up it kinda spooked me but I just chalked it up to nerves and psyching myself out.

Except after that, the next night right before I fell asleep I heard something in my house come crashing down. Went to go look and it was this metal framed cross that is in the hall by the kitchen. I have no idea how it fell but again was like "meh maybe the A/C knocked it down" and put the demon tarot in my dresser because I thought I was spooking myself. Well, I stay about 3 nights a week at my grandparents because they can't be alone & hiring someone to stay overnight is way too expensive for us to afford. I go to stay 2 nights in a row and when I come back both my Mom and sister were asking if my bluetooth LED strip lights in my room were able to be controlled even when I'm as far as my grandparents. I told them no and asked why they were wondering. They go on to tell me that my strip lights would randomly come on and switch off through-out the night. I said 'no, I left them on and they overheat and turn off blah blah" but I honestly have no idea why they were doing that. At that point I decided I was going to take the tarot back to my friend because it was just too many coincidences for me. I had to keep them an extra day because he was outta town so I put them outside in the shed. That night I heard knocking on my walls in my room and tapping at my window (which faces the backyard). It freaked me the hell out & I took the demon tarot out of the shed and put it in my car.

Since I've given the cards back to my friend I haven't had any issues. No knocking/tapping, no falling crosses, no lights coming on/off on their own. It's so freaky, I really never expected anything sus to happen just having those cards, a friend of mine also into tarot told me I pissed off my tarot cards by bringing in the demon tarot or that their energies didn't mesh well but idk it was pretty weird.