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File: 1581202783111.jpg (229.6 KB, 1000x1180, dumb ass.jpg)

No. 512957

Not trying to vent? Not annoyed? Not asking a dumb question? Post it here.
Previous thread

No. 512966

File: 1581204246226.gif (161.1 KB, 500x300, 1572519788555.gif)

I tried writing to do lists to be more productive but I discovered that I enjoy writing lists so here I am not working at all

No. 513006

Who would be up for a best girl thread?

No. 513009

File: 1581213000235.jpg (773.81 KB, 1440x2960, Screenshot_20200209-034917_Chr…)

This is borderline bravery yet dumb as fuck

No. 513010

Haha that's me and I'm still WAITING for an answer, Farmhands♥♥ :3

No. 513012

you're grade A cringe

No. 513016

File: 1581214126796.png (999.43 KB, 860x1104, 919004c0f.png)

I bet you're fat

No. 513017

We have a waifu thread on /m/

No. 513019

File: 1581214230893.jpg (26.22 KB, 477x423, funny-celebrity-pictures-gyat-…)

I've been getting pretty good feedback on this fanfic I'm working on even though it's the first piece of structured fiction I've ever written. I know AO3 is not the pinnacle of quality writing but it's really nice having people be excited for a thing I've made. It's not a super hyperactive fandom but it's active and I've gotten a good amount of comments on it even though I've only been working on it a month. It's also nice to have a creative outlet that is not connected to what I want to do with my career; it's purely for fun.

No. 513022

I wish Farmhands would put at least half as much energy into redtexting the obvious larping and concern-trolling scrots who are just triggered over the existence of radfems (and are samefagging on /meta/ and now trolling in the pp thread) as they put effort into forcing the narrative that all pp and gc anons are mentally unwell radfems who falseflag as trannies for some reason. It's just disappointing and tiring at this point, especially since the screenshots are real I guess. Just what the hell.. (And no, I'm neither white nor well-off either). In the end this is probably a dumb thing to be seriously upset over but oh well.

No. 513024

Because they're a bunch of femoids only doing this free service for male attention

No. 513027

They're so disingenuous, and the worst part is how transparent all this shit is. Like, these are "damage control tactics" a literal 12 year would pull and think they're smart about. It's like they don't think ahead, they just expect us to swallow everything they say without question.
I'm honestly considering attempting a full move to Asherah's Garden (though only with a VPN), at least until Lolcow's administration changes again.
The layout is ugly as fuck, but at least there, no one has to worry about being banned or false-flagged for criticizing any mod/admin, or saying "trannies bad".

No. 513031

Same tbh. Why don't they ever ban or redtext the insane anti-pp/gc anons? They spam for ages, they don't even stop spamming after they get their way. Why are they not held accountable, ever, but boogeyman "radfems" always blamed, redtexted and banned? And what's up with anons being accused of being le radfem boogeymen for every little thing? Seems like a lot of anons are not even necessarily gc/pp, but are being called it and banned for things they either didn't post, or just for questioning. It makes me feel increasingly uncomfortable posting on LC, tbh. It feels seriously like the spamming, baiting, insane antis can do no wrong to them? It's very weird. I'll probably do the same and just use a VPN. The staff here seems less and less trustworthy as time goes on.

No. 513035

tinfoil but the unhinged anti radfems anons are the farmhands themselves larping as anons

No. 513039

shitting up /ot/ again, huh? here i thought radfems kept themselves so contained

No. 513044

it's /ot/, who gives a fuck

No. 513046

literally anyone who uses this board and has been complaining about you for the past year and a half

No. 513047

you've been shitting up /meta/ for months without a ban.
like admin says in big red letters at the top of the page, just hide the thread if you hate it

No. 513049

people are voicing their opinions about what happened in /meta/. you really expected us to say nothing about all this glorious milk? besides, /ot/ isn't that active so i dont see how WE are disrupting anything important. but it seems like you enjoy bitching about non issues, so keep on whining love

No. 513052

File: 1581221246355.png (69.65 KB, 1260x1064, result.png)

bullshit. per even the fucking survey results that all of you assumed would soooo go in your favor, you're just a vocal and very pathetic small minority. and you in particular are insane and a shitstarter. all you do is sit in /meta/ with the intention of pissing and moaning about problems that don't exist.

No. 513053

i've never posted in meta? believe it or not but there's more than one anon posting here… and i don't hate this thread. i regularly post in the dumbass shit thread. i don't want to hide it, i'd just like you all to continue the radfem issue somewhere else especially since you have your own imageboard now

No. 513054

if you're not a /meta/ shitposter, stop bothering people like one, and just post things you'd rather see instead. that's how it works.
or, keep trying to infight and prove everyone's point more. when an admin completely shits on a relevant chunk of a site's userbase, of course they will talk about it.

No. 513055

File: 1581222435333.png (9.87 KB, 564x231, er.PNG)

Lbr, that anon is one of these people, I'm sure.

No. 513059

File: 1581223044857.jpg (16.42 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

I don't keep up with the Yandev shit drama but god he was so fucking cute back then.

No. 513061

are you blind

No. 513064

I just heard a loud thump, like something heavy fell on my roof or hit the side of the house but close to the second story. I'm scared.

No. 513066

If so many anons wanted a radfem board why was /2X/ mostly dead?

No. 513067

Daaaaaamn, I be schizoid.

No. 513069

it really wasn't that dead considering it was a hidden board.

No. 513071

The annoying thread sucks and is full of unpopular opinions and dumbass shit which already have threads, so it shouldn't exist.

No. 513073

Agreed. Everything posted there could fall into the Vent thread, Unpopular Opinions thread, or Dumbass Shit thread. It's too much like the others to warrant having its own thread.

No. 513086

i'm absolutely not. this is why so many farmers are fed up with you guys and it hurts me to see that you don't see this yourself.
i mean, i understand, but you have been talking about it. a lot. most farmers come here to relax and talk about their life and you're just being stressful not just on meta but now here too. i don't even know why this whole thing started up again and i wish it hadn't. i thought everything was decided? why is there still so much discussion? it's exhausting.

No. 513094

everyone stopped talking about it in this thread hours ago, but you're coming back to reply, starting it off again. while still complaining it's stressful.
you could find out why people are talking about it now if you read the /meta/ thread, but it still makes no sense to drag up a topic you claimed to not want to see after it's already lulled.

No. 513097

well mostly because i was out doing something and came back to reply to a discussion i started. i'm sorry, i won't engage in good faith with you again.

No. 513101

you were never engaging in good faith. you started this off with the snarkiest shit ever (>>513039), but go off, i guess.

No. 513104

at first yeah, but i figured i could maybe talk to you normally but you absolutely refuse to see anyone else's point of view but your own. should've stayed snarky.

No. 513105

because i said it makes no sense to bring back a topic you said you didn't want to see after it's already disappeared? okay.

No. 513106

no, nice cherry picking though. i swear it's like arguing with my dad with how stubborn and manipulative you guys get.

No. 513107

cherrypicking? that's…literally what happened. look at the last few posts.
anyway, you're not helping make the thread relaxing. you're just being needlessly combative and kind of manipulative yourself. it's clear you've been doing all this in bad faith from the very start, so there's no real point in conversing with you.

No. 513108

so stop and leave or would it kill you to not have the last word

No. 513111

File: 1581240553452.jpg (115.29 KB, 600x425, 5ecffd829df96f54650ee472de83a5…)

the hypocrisy is real.

anyway, i've been rediscovering all these old series from when i was younger. it feels kind of strange looking back on them now, and wondering why some of them never got as popular as the other media in their genre.

No. 513117

I think I'd enjoy cooking if I'd actually start. But thinking about the amount of money I'd have to spend kills my motivation. My family has absolutely no spices or ANYTHING really stocked up, I'd have to buy literally everything and if I'd fuck up the recipe… well, it would be an expensive attempt.

No. 513118

File: 1581243047189.jpg (391.9 KB, 948x948, erinfish.jpg)

I just adore this fanart one of you did in the Erin thread. It's so ugly-cute. I'm thrilled it's in her thread pic collage because it makes me smile every time I see it.

No. 513125

it really is great. I'm not into her as a cow, but I love that she has unintentional hooves. it's just cute art tbh.

No. 513126

it's wonderful! really captures her look and aesthetics

No. 513130

Is that tape on her underwear… Is there a story to that?

No. 513131

It's meant to be a tiny censor bar from the time she took a photo of her "smol innie vagina"
Cause she likes bragging about having a tiny vagina like a kid cause she's disturbed

I miss her milk

No. 513159

what was the point of all this

No. 513161

Why am i so scared of driving alone? it seems like i cant never overcome the fear of being in traffic and messing up everything. I just want to finally grow up and learn how to drive without asking my mom to drive or uber myself everywhere, i dont know where this fear stem from but i know to god damn well i need to get rid of it.

No. 513164

Ah, the illusion of productivity

No. 513165

When I was still in driving school I was pretty confident in my abilty, after that my confidence was gone.

Everyone says that the best way to get over it is to gain more experience by driving.

No. 513167

Same! It's so cute, I saved it on my laptop. I love artanon's creativity.

No. 513188


Same here pretty much. I don't need to drive in my current situation but eventually I would like to get over this anxiety because having a car helps a lot

No. 513219

Does anyone have cute images of girls in a sleepover? preferably anime

No. 513281

You need to build your confidence with driving. What part of driving makes you anxious? For me it was parking, so I started by practicing on a large, deserted parkinglot. And when I felt confident I could do it, I went on to a more difficult parking lot. Now I can easily park in any given situation.

If it's just driving in general, I would say, start by driving in a quiet, 1-lane area you're familiar with. No destination, no time pressure. You need to experience that you can drive on your own, that it isn't scary. When you're confident about driving in a quiet, familiar area, go on to a little more busy area or an unfamiliar area and so on.

No. 513298

There's a coronavirus case in my city but the national news is keeping it quiet. This thing is worse than the flu and I really hope it doesn't spread.

No. 513301

I found an article about my state complaining about the outbreak and media coverage of the coronavirus when the latest strand of influenza has a 7% mortality rate lol.

No. 513312

I get that some people have legit concern with alarmists and sensationalism, but of alllllllllll subjects, why would anyone wanna gamble underreporting infectious illnesses?

No. 513334

To stop people from panicking
I see your point and I don't think people should be blindly afraid. But from what I've read, the coronavirus can permanently damage the immune system, and supposedly cause sudden death.

No. 513358

I didn't even find out about /2X/ until 2 days before they moved the threads back, cause I don't browse meta.

No. 513359

it just hit my pea brain I have a big assignment due tuesday. lol

No. 513363

File: 1581298106188.jpg (26.03 KB, 1024x682, cet.jpg)

I'd like to thank anons on here for encouraging me to get a cat. She is the sweetest and most precious thing. I had been living alone for 4 years with little socialization and she really just brightens up my mood and makes my house feel like a home. I really do love her so very much and it's only been a week or two. She ended my depression and cured world hunger. Okay maybe not all that bad she's always here for me and loves to cuddle. Cheers to farmers who shill cats.

No. 513366

This is so cute Anon. Cheers to you and your cat.

No. 513371

My cousin just finished premed to take a year off to work and adopted a cat. Best decision she's made in a while! They are such good company, you'll always have something to miss while you're out! Have fun, anon!

No. 513375

cats are great people and the best of friends. S tier pet for sure, no doubt about it. glad you guys found each other and could bring joy to each other's lives.

No. 513414

It’s 2020 and I’m still waiting for another Yu-Gi-Oh movie

No. 513416

Me but with mortal kombat

No. 513450

Me for Kung Pow 2

No. 513466

The OP in the confessions thread makes me imagine the nightmare scenario of an anime villain mod that stages a coup to seize the whole site and blackmail us all with our embarrassing sex and diarrhea confessions, with the end goal of making us all pay for every expensive hosting for the farm and making it into an online global superpower.
>The more secrets you feed the farm, the stronger the farm gets. Lay yourselves bare before the farm gods.

No. 513515

Ouran High School Host Club Season 2

No. 513521

I would really sacrifice my soul for this.

No. 513560

File: 1581353536170.jpg (482.9 KB, 1032x1024, 1581291055133.jpg)

This comic is just so frightening to me, I just had my son 2 years ago and the thought of the world reaching a point where he is conscripted into a fighting a horrible war is keeping me up awake at night, this comic was made a full 19 years before the start of WW2 btw

No. 513590

What if he just transitions?

No. 513596

Other people that had sons will most likely turn their anger and scorn at them because their child got send off to war but not theirs even though the child was originally a male and just got off from being sent to war because they transitioned

Along with after the war people will mostly likely be bitter and angry at them because they needed all the people in the war and that one person got scott free while they lost friends, family and more.

No. 513600

File: 1581361379911.jpeg (26.81 KB, 389x299, 46853.jpeg)

My college is having a jewelry sale for Valentines day with work made by students in the metals program and I'm so fucking jealous and sad that it's a 2 hour drive over there because I want some cute, original and handmade jewelry. They didn't have this shit when I was a student!! Then again, I was broke as shit back then so it's not like I could've afforded it anyway lol.

No. 513611

File: 1581363752131.jpg (193.59 KB, 1286x856, 8eb1tmfqh3721.jpg)

Board drama related but smurfchan in the coomer thread who shooped herself blue reminds me of when I did the same thing in 2007. I used to do all sorts of whack shit to my pictures to try to look artsy and cool. Downloaded paintbrushes and stamps from Deviantart and went to town on all my digital camera pictures before selfies were really a thing lmao. I'd try to follow Photoshop tutorials but looking back it was pretty bad. I changed my iris color, hair color, and even smudge tooled my eyelashes longer lmao. Remember having to blur your own skin? Now there's beauty apps so no one has to know shit in Photoshop anymore.
I wish I could show you all the cringe.

No. 513615

File: 1581364944773.jpg (117.07 KB, 720x695, ddddddfsdf.jpg)

I went to the Michaels for some cardboard paper and all their paper had the ugliest color. I want bright stuff, future retro??? ever heard of it??? whatever happened to the bright colors of the 50s? I swear nail artists live in heaven they get the best colors but noooo one gives a fuck about the arts and crafts origami people because they're not sexy enough for instagram photos fuck outta here with that shit.
ALSO I had another point I wanted to complain about but I forgot what it was.

No. 513631

File: 1581369422431.jpg (34.3 KB, 611x367, 6577888.jpg)

Ah ha ha. Wtf is this shit. My ap gave me a +1 point not this .3 shit

No. 513655

Why is American grading so complicated? In France we're graded from 0 to 20 points, above 10 you pass, below 10 you fail.

No. 513700

the pinkpill thread makes me so fucking depressed

No. 513702

awww I'm so glad you're happy with your kitty. they really are such lovely animals to have around

No. 513703

Eh, don't see it as the end-all-be-all, and if you do, take a break. It's just a good reminder as to the nature of men and to not get too comfortable with them but most men inherently aren't likely to murder you, probably. Anyway anon, try to get your opinions and beliefs from multiple sources and don't give up on people.

No. 513715

File: 1581383120945.jpg (45.22 KB, 750x691, D65a_hbW0Ag9kj7.jpg)

idk if anyone else can relate but sometimes when life gets a little bleak I honestly feel like i am my OWN personal lolcow, and am one step away from being somebody else's, and the only thing keeping me from having my own thread is like. a lack of followers and the ability to be self-aware about how much I suck and the restraint it takes to not constantly overshare if it isn't necessary/ relatable/ humorous to do so. sometimes I'll catch myself nitpicking my own traits the way some anons would nitpick a snowflake who's a little manic and doesn't have a 23 inch waist and a fairy nose and I honestly think if it weren't for knowledge from years of lurking here and my last few brain cells, I'd be getting dragged too. maybe it's mean to look at these absolute trainwreck cows and come out of it grateful that i'm not AS bad or far gone as they are, but at least it keeps me in check

No. 513727

It’s part of the stages of grief. Remember to take breaks from reading it. In a way, those threads make me want to live my best life in spite of the grim reminders.

No. 513734


No. 513738

I love Kennie JD on Youtube. She's just so cute and funny and relatable!!!

No. 513742

I think the transtender trend will be dead by then

No. 513744

I tried to climb a tree today but I spooked a dove which was nesting.
I really wanted the oranges on the tree but I have an orange tree at home so I'm not that bothered by it.

No. 513746

File: 1581389711248.jpeg (38.45 KB, 473x434, F1848DE9-4B5F-4881-8B6B-FF8937…)

YouTube tarot reader said I’m definitely getting a date this Valentine’s


No. 513751

How do those work? How can they read you stuff when it's a random video?

No. 513755

people are so horrible. i am so tired of people being like "what's the point of pigeons??" and using this to justify them being harmed.

what's the point of you? what do you mean "what's the point" of another living, breathing, feeling creature? sick, really.

No. 513763

Nta but normally you would choose a pile/number/charm and get a assigned time stamp where the reading begins

No. 513768

My husband and I watched 1917 last week and all I could think about was how excited those dead soldier’s mothers were at some point to feel them move in their womb and that they didn’t go through pregnancy and birth just for cannon fodder. I told my husband it convinced me even more that I want to move because I don’t want this kid growing up in a military area and getting sucked into that.

No. 513771

Redbull has a new watermelon flavor I keep downing down but caffeine gives me the shits and I live in a dorm with shared bathrooms fml

No. 513775

Do NOT hold in your poop or else you will fart like crazy in your sleep, trust me.

No. 513799

I’m impressed that there are anons on this site who are actually really good at drawing. Gives me hope that the art thread may have some skilled anons giving in their input and they aren’t all just a bunch of salty jelly amateurs.(like /ic/)
Also sometimes I still wonder who made that one momokun lizard art from a few years ago.

No. 513801

I’m 28 and I have never gotten a Pap smear. And it’s because I’m still pissed about something that happened years ago.

So about 7 years ago, I was 21 and I just got my wisdom teeth removed. It was a tough process and I ended up loosing a lot of fluids and became super dehydrated to the point where I had to get an IV. I was in a lot of pain in general.

Four or five days after the incident, I’m recovering but still in pretty bad shape. I wake up and noticed that I started my period. I ended up calling the advice nurse because I was worried. Turns out that I didn’t take my BC because I I hard time taking pills at the time due to being dehydrated. Seems pretty obvious now but I was a stupid 21 year old.

The nurse then notices my age and asks if I had a Pap smear. I tell her. She then insists that I stay on the phone to schedule an appointment even though I’m in a lot of pain and discomfort. She didn’t let me go until I booked the appointment. I ended up not going.

I know that stuff is important and I know she had good intentions but that incident really left a bad taste in my mouth. Idk it’s been years and I should get over it. I only thought about it because an anon in the vent thread mentioned condescending OBGYNs and it made me think of that incident.

No. 513802

Hey! I'm 28 and just got my first one this year because I'm pregnant and my OB was pretty understanding about it. Mine came back normal, no cancer cells or std's, and my OB was very quick so the discomfort didn't last too long. They also have different sized speculums so make sure to ask for a smaller one if you're scared. Just get it done!

No. 513835

I had my first pap at 27. I expected it to be fine so I was more worried about the experience being uncomfortable. Turns out I had cell changes and one of the strains of hpv that causes cancer. Keep on top of pap smears everyone.

No. 513848

File: 1581425535891.jpg (39.91 KB, 387x387, 81188888_2902446116483046_7821…)

For these past few weeks i have been binge-eating with the ferocity of a rabid raccoon and I decided to weigh myself this morning to convince myself to stop, expected the worst but haven't even gained half a kg. Guess I'll just keep eating inhuman amounts of spaghetti until I croak.

No. 513879

I'll never get why shoujo mangakas make cute slim girls like the one in your pic obsess over their weight. I mean c'mon lol.

No. 513882

I stopped visiting pinkpill a while back because it was making me so depressed and warping my view of men. Yes, there are terrible men out there and I've had plenty of them in my life, but the men in my life now are supportive and kind, an unfortunate rarity that I will surely cherish. Take it with a grain of salt. The threads helped me gain a much needed wariness of men, but I don't let it consume me like I used to.

No. 513896

i get really wasted and shitpost here sometimes. sry friends

No. 513897

A lot of slim girls worry about their weight too, anon, especially young girls who are insecure.

No. 513900

Good on you, anon. It's important to be aware of the dangers some men can pose but there are many men who should be treasured as friends etc. irl. I only lurk on pinkpill and don't agree with most of it but if you read there often enough it could be easy to convince yourself all men are hopeless creatures unworthy of your time which is just not true.

No. 513906

I disagree with quite a lot of things in the pink pill thread, but I feel like if I voice my disagreements there I'll be burnt to a stake or something

No. 513908

File: 1581435739901.gif (7.93 MB, 512x288, imageboards.gif)

It's an anonymous imageboard, be free. Say what you want to say.

No. 513909

As long as you're bringing something useful to the discussion and not just caping for men I think it's good to see some debate. Some others might see it as infighting but to me the point of anonymous boards is that we can disagree on things, I prefer the pink pink threads when it's a mix of libfem and radfem anyway

No. 513912

Same, I felt the same way about the radfem-threads. I agree with a lot of their points, but you can't disagree with any of them without being labled a pick-me/handmaiden. Why can't I hate men but still acknowledge the shitty, abusive women I've encountered without getting crime stats and a lecture about how they were victims of the patriarchy or some shit? All humans have the capacity to be cruel and abusive monsters, no gender or race or whatever is excluded.

No. 513914

Ho boy thank you for posting that image! I lost it when my last laptop broke and couldn't find it again.

No. 513915

I recently realized there is little continuity between my public self and how I behave on line.

Like in “real” life, I am such a confrontational, direct, blunt bitch. I make enemies wherever I go. I am constantly at war with someone, most often an authority figure like a professor or somebody else with perceived power. I have a general low tolerance for cliques and the toxicity of groups, so I am a perpetual loner. I often feel like the world is trying to squeeze me into this tiny box, like there’s way too much pressure and bullshit I just want no part of.

And yet online, I try to be kind to others, helpful, and encouraging. I sometimes snap at people, but it is never quite as bad as I am in the world. I actually fucking apologize to people, or at the most, try to find some common group with others. I cannot seem to do that in the real world.

I don’t really make friends per se (not about that shit), but I realize maybe I am fucked up in some way because of shitty upbringing/feeling like an outsider/like I don’t belong anywhere. Online I am just free to be myself. But I hate dealing with people face to face because then all their bigotry, insecurities, and retardation get in the way of you just communicating as two human beings. I don’t know anymore.

In short, there’s still some kindness deep inside my bitter, cynical, bitchy heart.

No. 513922

I'd love to hang out with you.

No. 513929

>acknowledge the shitty, abusive women I've encountered
What's the point of doing that in the man-hate thread?
>All humans have the capacity to be cruel and abusive monsters, no gender or race or whatever is excluded.
This is a dumb copout take. Just because all humans have the potential to be shitty, doesn't mean that all humans will be shitty?? If you truly believe all humans are equally evil across the board then explain the gross differences in statistics.

No. 513930

File: 1581439153473.jpg (95.16 KB, 984x716, ENBfVepX0AAks15.jpg)

Beware the retarded sperging right now, sorry lol.
Attack on Titan related rant, because a lot of anons were talking about it on another thread and it made me remember some nasty things that I absolutely cannot stand.

Why the fuck is Eren x Levi even a thing? And why the fuck do so many people ship it? Ever since I became all invested in AOT back in 2016, I've encountered so many people who are into that or even claim that it's "literally canon" and I cannot wrap my head around it.

It's the least understandable ship ever. Eren and Levi have no romantic interest in each other, hell I cannot even stand the entire Petra x Levi thing but at least that makes more sense than Eren x Levi does. People even shipping Levi with Hange makes more sense than any of this shit. They're not even friends, like yeah they respect each other, but what they have is more like a normal student and mentor thing, that's it. Literally. No friendship, no tacky wacky hehe it me eren uwu levi uwu heichouuu~ uwu shit. And the age gap is so fucking weird too, Eren being 15-16 when he first meets him and Levi being in his mid 30s. Sure, Eren is 19 now but before he was legal it also used to be a huge thing, bigger than it is now. At least it's not that incredibly huge anymore ever since the hype around AOT died and people started bashing on it for different reasons.

I understand that people are free to like whatever the fuck they want and nowadays they ship every single thing together for some "sweet yaoi", but I still dislike it lol.

Also before anyone points out, yes I am the one who spammed Eruri in the Husbandos thread.

>breathes out

No. 513932

They think it's fucking sexy to get publicly curb stomped by a midget, it is really that simple

No. 513933

Aren't the crime statistics explained by a mix of hormones (testosterone) and environmental factors like upbringing and such? It's a fucked up male minority that constitues over half of violent crimes if I'm not mistaken.

No. 513934

nta but I believe women can be evil in different ways. That said yeah, talking about abusive women in a man hate thread is out of place, it's like mras coming to feminist discussions to whine about circumcision. I agree it's a problem, it just doesn't belong in that discussion.
On the other hand I do think man-hate (just like woman-hate…) threads like to generalize and blow things out of proportions, make dumb assumptions and all so I mostly stay out of that part of the discussion even though I'm pretty radfem in some other aspects. I'm usually in pinkpill threads when we discuss trans people and I avoid fighting about men because I don't want to seem like a pickmeisha or something. On the other hand, on 4chan I'd be blamed for being a dumb sjw feminist bitch, you can never please people

No. 513936

It's partially because of this
>what they have is more like a normal student and mentor thing
and because they're both decent looking characters. Also there's some weird appeal in a short dom I guess. Student/mentor ships are quite common I feel.

No. 513943

Women also suffer from raging hormones and bad childhood too fam… We ain't out here raping and murdering, if anything it increases our risk of being victims to violent crimes.

No. 513952

I'm not trying to talk about abusive women in that thread, but theres so much talk about how women are just so insintctively kind and nurturing and what a utopia a female-only society would be. Some of ya'll didnt get physically and mentally abused by your mothers throughout your formative years and it shows.

No. 513957

I feel like a freak when I read those threads sometimes. I don't have a strong nurturing instinct at all. I hate taking care of people.

No. 513960

File: 1581442293388.jpg (134.32 KB, 1076x1464, vhp11jbcvc911.jpg)

basically its this

No. 513961

I did, literally every woman in my family was/is a psychotic nutcase to their daughters, but I also had a lot of amazing, admirable and kind women to guide and teach me growing up, that showed me (very slowly) that this kind of behaviour is not even remotely the norm. Meanwhile I can't say the same about literally one single man in my life. Even the cause of the women in my family being the way they are are always freaking men. I watched my friends being bullied by girls and got some of it too later on, but none of that ever compared to what the boys did. Even if a world without them wouldn't be all rainbows and butterflies, a lot of issues would drastically incease.

No. 513962

Yah, but different hormones. Many men who go through bad childhoods don't become violent either I'm just saying some do. There are lots of women out there who are violent and verbally abusive anyway, it just doesn't pop up on societies radar as much.

No. 513963

*drastically decrease, sorry for Esl

No. 513965

fuck u kazzyokada

No. 513966

No. 513968

So regarding this whole conversationm, I'm having a baby, and I found its gonna be a boy, a lot of the radfems I know online are telling me to not keep him and saying that “It doesn’t matter how well you raise him because his male peers, society and porn will ruin him” and I don't know what to do?

No. 513969

>WWE fandom

OK now I’ve heard it all.

No. 513971

File: 1581443428571.jpg (23.92 KB, 316x341, 1563548259509.jpg)

>close lolcow.farm
>open new tab and immediately go to lolcow.farm

No. 513972

File: 1581443518642.png (313.87 KB, 717x436, mysides.png)

my sides are in orbit. to be fair I imagine there aren't many male/female wrestler interactions to make het ships with

No. 513975

If you want a child and you think you're absolutely 100% ready to teach it how to survive in the future and be a good person, if you are able to put aside your ego and own issues for it and happily realise that a child is a responsibility you will be bound to for the rest of your life and lso a big financial sacrifice, go for it no matter what. Don't listen to strangers on the internet and sincerely ask yourself if you are ready to raise your boy no matter what.

No. 513976

It doesn't matter what the radfems have to say about it. Are you ready to raise a child point blank? The gender isn't even the issue.
Bringing a person into this world not everything will be within your control. You can't worry about that stuff. If you feel like you can instill values and give a good enough quality of life to your boy, then go for it. No parent is perfect, but I bet you'll do fine.

No. 513977

I've seen dispute over whether or not women have care-taker qualities by default. I think it's mostly socialization, women only seem naturally caring comparative to males. Don't feel bad for not having "strong nurturing instinct", fuck that, it's the same kind of guilt and shame that forces women to keep unwanted pregnancy and stay in bad relationships.
I relate. Copious experiences with inherited trauma in women in my family. Bullied by girls in school. Dealt with queen bees at work. Had good relationship with father/brothers. Every single woman who fucked me over, has their brain damage traced back to men, every time.

No. 513979

Do your best and pray that he's smarter than an average male. That's all you can do, beside abortion lol

No. 513980

File: 1581444125909.jpg (32.11 KB, 188x275, 1554261642129.jpg)

yo i do that too lmao

No. 513981

I appreciate the discussion happening but seems a little heavy for the 'dumbass shit thread', just saying.

No. 513982

The fuck? Maybe try loving your child you're choosing to have? Don't get pregnant unless you're sure that you'll love your child regardless of their gender

No. 513984

>men r shitty cause they r men!
god radfems are stupid.

No. 513985

I absolute regret not getting working holliday for the rest of the week as well. I could've got it but for some reason I thought I don't need it but we have some shitty windy weather going on here since days and I'm really not into going out of the house when it rains, snows and hails every five minutes ….


same here, same here lmao

No. 513987

>I don’t know what to do

Anon for Christ’s sake, all you have to do is teach your kid about this kind of shit and warm them how destructive it is. Keep them away from the internet and shit. Remember that kids can be dumb but they aren’t stupid. I can understand how the radfems can be worried and scared about someone raising a son in current society but it’s not all over. The kid can turn out fine if you just put in the effort.

No. 513991

File: 1581448296681.jpg (48.02 KB, 936x942, D3b-mXKX4AAcwLI.jpg)

>when mutuals ask about the break up you had after a decade.

fuck you faggot im free

No. 513992

File: 1581448363749.gif (2.18 MB, 400x225, 3C38DA3B-637E-496A-8B0B-F22AE2…)

I cry watching nature documentaries sometimes. I feel like I’ve lived a million lives as creatures on earth and have forgotten a million times.

No. 513994

Mutals in general who ask about break ups

No. 513997

I've had a faint burning and stinging feeling near my heart for the last 5 hours. It disappears and re-appears. Pls wish me luck that it's not pre-symptomes of a heart attack.

No. 514003

File: 1581451713276.jpg (124.94 KB, 755x1000, 1568023531723.jpg)

>tfw you develop a crush on a dead musician
>tfw you develop a crush on a dead comedian
>tfw you are now developing a crush on a dead author

i guess i like tragic men.

No. 514007

Who are they anon?

No. 514009

Has anyone scammed someone PayPal money?

No. 514018

File: 1581455634021.png (115.32 KB, 475x437, 1A560040-82D2-455C-AF11-1FB603…)

I’m scared I’ll lose my new job from being a dumb fucking sieve-for-brains cunt.

No. 514047

Same, especially because my new job is essentially "Photoshop Monkey" and I panic hard whenever anyone asks me to do anything not related to Adobe CC

No. 514062

My radio fell on the floor and now my Fall Out Boy sounds out of tune I'm so pissed off.

No. 514072

At least it was just Fall Out Boy playing (sorry I had to)
Maybe you could put on some electronic music and get some weird sound effects lol.

No. 514075

File: 1581466440163.jpg (58.19 KB, 651x655, 1551711105822.jpg)

A while ago I found a nice website to watch free movies online on, but today when I went to it it said my account was suspended even though I never made an account…

No. 514084

I really admire people who can summarise and explain things well, even things with odd meanings. I can't do it for the life of me.

No. 514089

i don't have any respect for cows who have shitty parents like lillie and venus. sure, you can feel bad they were raised that way, just like any other ignorant person, but plenty of people with shit parents grow up to be loving and sweet people.

No. 514092

definitely gonna keep him away from the Internet

No. 514102

I put on like 25lbs and it shows a lot because I'm so short. My BF's grandma took me aside and said she would give me a gift card to a clothing store of my choice if I got my weight down. I know there is a family wedding coming up and she probably doesn't want me making the pictures look bad kek. Ugh I am a little offended but I guess it's a good kick in the butt.

No. 514104

Let's do it together!

No. 514121

I remember around my years as a college student, plastic surgery became so normalized to me through YT and social media. I remember being recommended sunnydayhe’s videos on her surgeries (at the time her v-line one and boob job), and then seeing Geo from JKFilms crew get her boob job, and thinking that eventually I would get plastic surgery too. I mean, it’s not as looked down upon as before, so why not??

But man. Now that I’m older, the thought of proper aftercare makes me so tired that I don’t want plastic surgery solely because I’m not willing to deal with it haha. I don’t even want to get my ears pierced because I don’t want to give up haphazardly rolling around on my pillow while I sleep. I was so stressed making sure I was taking good and proper care of my mouth after getting my wisdom teeth out, and having to do deal with that on a potentially and bigger and more painful scale with bigger consequences to poor aftercare just sounds so fucking tiring. Plastic surgery just isn’t worth it lol. I guess I’m lucky that I’m just average. Getting rid of social media really helped too.

No. 514125

Good. I hope everything goes well for you and your child anon!

No. 514128

Wow god forbid you go up a dress size and bring dishonor to us all. What the actual fuck? Who treats 25 pounds like 250?

No. 514137

You sound cool

No. 514270

File: 1581523315239.jpeg (356.44 KB, 1600x1200, 62BE45A9-E611-4C58-B3BC-59C6B1…)

I just found out my IUD appointment was rescheduled to this Friday after planning it for late March and I can either "take it or leave it" because the hospital is often closing its doors and reopening them. They'll only be open again around June. This is the only gyno able to install my IUD, she's rough as fuck with my cervix because I haven't had a natural birth or abortion, and she's pretty good. Makes it like a ten minute procedure with absolutely no small talk and I loved and appreciated it. I went to maybe six doctors before her and none felt okay pushing that hard for fear of perforating my uterus. This was gonna go in the vent thread because I thought my boyfriend wouldn't be able to take the day off to be with me for it but he called while I was typing and was sweet about it and has no issue taking it off which is a huge relief! Fuck. Can anyone here describe how bad their pain was with having it removed and replaced at the same time? I know it isn't the place to ask but I'm just babbling and didn't want to clog the dumb question thread with a stupid story as I've done here.

No. 514280

i like this comic lol

No. 514284

I can't stop watching clips of it's me or the dog on youtube

No. 514300

Meme sites are more toxic than the chans combined. I'm reading the comments of an imgur post complaining how school boards will kick teachers out for touching their students and how it should be allowed to beat children with bats instead and that it's looked down upon to look at students wrong. These people are so fucking mentally ill. 4channers are retards and tumblrs are perverts but memers are the worst of them all and I don't trust anyone who memes seriously.

No. 514314

File: 1581535493409.png (595.92 KB, 603x607, EQmTlL9WAAA9Tl4.png)

I wanted to write random shit but couldn't think of what to write so I googled up a random quote generator and found this "inspirobot" website which is just an AI that generates quotes. The first one was fine but boring but the more quote I generated the weirder they fucking got…

No. 514315

File: 1581535523822.png (218.57 KB, 594x596, EQmTlL9WsAA0FWo.png)

No. 514316

File: 1581535554629.png (886.39 KB, 598x596, EQmTlL2WkAM0FuB.png)

My favorite because I love cake lol

No. 514317

Honestly these remind me of a lot of surrealist tumblr memes/photos with quotes, maybe that's really where they came from

No. 514399

I wish Lillee and Laur got as much traffic as other threads on the hellsite. They're extremely lulzy and deserve it. However, if they get more traffic, a lot more idiot nitpicking and no saging newfags.
A Dilemma

No. 514426

i really like mcmansionhell and follow the author on twitter but she recently converted to judaism and wont shut the fuck up about it for days. i'm thinking of unfollowing her for a few months.

No. 514435

People like you are so pathetic and the reason this site is going to fucking shit. You’re an arrogant, self centred little cunt.

No. 514439

She's been intolerable on Tumblr for years. She's one of those people who got a speck of fame, and then decided to mix in her personal blog with the content people actually care about.

No. 514442

gee i wonder if you're a "radfem"

No. 514443

I used to skim her blog occasionally and while I agree with her on a lot of points, after awhile all her posts seemed do devolve into nitpicking somewhat asymmetrical mid-tier homes. I mean these homes weren't amazing but they weren't really interesting enough to tear into the way she does. Her examples of 'good' homes are also always so incredibly boring and whitebread it comes off painfully unaware.

No. 514569

File: 1581625465415.jpg (28.84 KB, 750x402, farm.jpg)

This made me laugh

No. 514630

I had a dream I had sex with Henry Cavills Geralt

Henry is gross irl but I love Geralt.

Happy Valentines to me

No. 514635

Henry Cavill as Geralt is super hot, I wish I could have a sex dream of him but it didn't happen yet and I haven't managed to lucid dream sadly. Happy Valentines to both of us Anon!

No. 514637

Ilu anon
Thanks for being wholesome

No. 514684

I see ugly couples together all the time with normal, happy relationships. It's really not that big of a deterrent. When I see incels or people in general claim that they're single because they're ugly the truth is probably more like "I'm single because I'm ugly and I think I deserve someone way above my league but I don't even have an interesting personality to make up for it evident by my shitty, entitled attitude towards dating and/or asocial behavior"

No. 514687

Uglies who date uglies do ir as a way to cope. I won't touch an ugly person, and especially someone who looks like me, because I do not like myself. I also do not expect anyone else to.

No. 514697

Did he ask you to play a round of Gwent when you finished?

No. 514708

Y'all if I don't grow a boyfriend by the time I wake up tomorrow, I'm finna.

No. 514712

I'm all for you having standards anon but I think there's merit in leagues. In a relationship, there's often a reacher and a settler. It's dangerous and unstable when the gap is too large, it just destroys self-esteem even more.

No. 514727

>In a relationship, there's often a reacher and a settler.
An uncomfortable truth, and I think you have to lack self awareness to be happy in a relationship like that (mostly the reachers). Not to mention, men usually consider themselves to be the one settling even when that's not true and they're equals or she's the one settling.

No. 514749

File: 1581669286952.jpeg (33.33 KB, 387x416, 1566343722990.jpeg)

I love animals so much and spend most of my time by myself and I really wish I could adopt a furry friend to keep me company but sadly it's just not possible for me right now. I'm moving back in with my parents to save money while I commute to campus and there's no way they would let me get an animal. They already have a cat and he's a gorgeous little tiger but he's very independent and doesn't really enjoy being petted or played with, plus he's only really bonded with my mother and just tolerates everyone else. I still love him and it's better than having no pets around at all but I wish I could have an animal that's truly mine and actually wants to be around me. I just gotta be patient for a couple more years but damn I really can't wait to adopt a small dog or cat or a couple of rats or something.

No. 514757

I was today years old when I learned that there's pink mold when I looked at my out-of-date pink polka dotted cottage cheese

No. 514775

pornhub premium is free today ladies
i already bought the wine and candles
i am ready to go

No. 514776

I know that. I just have a pathological hatred of anything ugly.

No. 514797

Ordered a cute rainbow design dildo as a sort of V day gift to myself. Was sad that it won't actually arrive til Monday but now I've got my period anyway so that works out fine

No. 514841

File: 1581703409383.png (366.82 KB, 640x574, F0280DEA-A4F1-4959-8DB5-BF5D2C…)

I want a cute fujo gf. We could keep a nice clean little house and never deal with any smelly 3DPD boys and I would never judge her on her BL habits or ships. Pipe dream.

No. 514843

File: 1581703667323.gif (1.74 MB, 500x271, 8b9e6a0024cfe18057445d31b7f269…)

It's like I ghostwrote this. I'm a fujo who only dates women IRL. No 3DPD boys allowed. Date me, anon. We can be the cringiest couple to ever exist.

No. 514846

>tfw the only guy who likes me is a gay guy who's only into me because I'm a tomboy and otherwise he only dates dudes
I want to cri

No. 514854

File: 1581705335933.jpeg (80 KB, 804x604, 1DE31DF7-0AF0-4949-9A3C-BA5CAE…)


You can display all your figs and posters, even the really embarrassing ones.

No. 514877

different anon but omg same. and i love this art. is this the evil within?

No. 514894

Sounds lit but I don't want any cats or dogs

No. 514900

I put in fake classes and grades so I meet the recs and requirements of a college I applied to, I also took another college course later on. I just got an email from the consoler asking for my transcripts. Problem - I flunked throughout high school, don't meet the recs, and dropped my college course. I can ask her if I can just apply as a high school student without transferring my credits, or I have to fake transcripts. What to do?

No. 514902

I honestly think you were pretty dumb to think you could get away with this for long, but I actually had a high school teacher tell us a story about how he supposedly pulled the same shit (though he was our English teacher so we never knew if he was truthful or just really full of shit and pushing the 'unreliable narrator' bs on us. He was a damn good storyteller though so lol). He told us that he went to the dean or counselor and got mad at them and accused them of losing his transcript, and they got flustered so in the time it took them to actually contact his hs and find out that he flunked out, he got his GED and did whatever else he need to do to meet the minimum requirements of the college he was at. When they confronted him with the truth he just said 'lol yeah I lied. Here's my GED and other shit to prove I meet the requirements to actually get in/stay.'

I guess you could try the same shit but again, my teacher was probably full of shit. Or just own up to your lies.

No. 514906

fuck anons I'm the same, I hate irl men and want a qt fujo gf to do qt fujo things with, draw and read BL stuff while living it up in our fujo household. 3DPD boys get the hell out of my life

No. 514914

File: 1581719176682.jpg (57.79 KB, 500x500, 1574972093780.jpg)

Today I kicked to the curb the crazy bitch that caused me a lot of useless sorrow through manipulation, gaslighting and some plain sadistic behavior that I still don't understand and won't try to.
I sent her a long text telling her everything I think about her, I've been pretty brutal but trust me, she deserved every single word after what I've been through because of her psycho cluster B ass.
I told her off like I've never done before, then I blocked and deleted her from everything, and it feels… so good. I've never done this to anyone who fucked me over before, I had no idea it would be so liberating. I feel like my own self esteem increased after doing this. I don't feel bad knowing that my words have probably hurt her, she needed to be called out. Hopefully she will take my advice to heart and will actually fuck off to therapy, instead of playing with other innocent women.

No. 514916

Does anybody have some advice to somehow cram two semesters worth of knowledge in 2 months? I'm not aiming for super high grades, just a pass. I can probably get an extension once i work with my depression situation too.

No. 514917

File: 1581720170316.jpeg (133.62 KB, 900x1315, 12C27679-1F81-497A-9FED-A019BE…)

Joseb forever, natch.

No. 514918

Can you get a hold of practice tests and can you solidify the materiel that will be on your exams? Pass those and you should squeak by.

No. 514923

FUCK lol my boyfriend tried to have flowers delivered to me but i left college early today and completely missed it and had no idea until hours later. i feel bad but i’m laughing because of course this would happen the one time i actually leave early.

No. 514935

Thank you, I hope to god I can pull through.

No. 514953

Portrait of a Lady on Fire is back in theatres. I’m debating whether I should go watch it again or not. On one hand I absolutely love the film, on the other hand the ending is so fucking bittersweet and makes my heart feel like I’m going through a heart wrenching breakup again and I don’t know if I want to deal with it again. I should also stop looking at comments of reviews of the movie. It’s always a bunch of stupid incels or other bible thumpers.

No. 514972

Today I dyed my hair the color of period-blood

No. 514974

it's weird because those types usually avoid subtitled art films like the plague

No. 514981

Ya'll, it worked. Gottem.

No. 515012

They 100% didn't even watch it, they just review bomb movies they think are "lefty and feminist".

No. 515098

Oh god I think I'm autistic.
-I get really obsessed with things like video games/books. I'll focus on a certian one for weeks at a time. It's almost the only thing I can talk about at times, I can tell I'm annoying my friends but I can't stop.
-I always had a crippling fear of loud noises like fire alarms. It's still a phobia of mine but every time I try and look up "fear of loud noises" it's always connected to autism.
-I used to hand flap/spin a lot as a kid, I don't do it as much now but I still hand flap when I'm excited. It's really embarrassing.
-What's also really embarrassing is that I repeat certian phrases when I'm excited that are in no way related to what's actually happening. I can't control it either.
The only problem is I get sarcasm and social cues pretty well, I read that autism in girls is different because they can "blend in"? Is autism a bad thing? I feel really ignorant right now

No. 515114

Misophonia can be a sign of ocd or generalised anxiety too, might be worth looking into them as possible causes

No. 515129

File: 1581797371540.jpg (303.66 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-15-21-05-14…)

Holy shit I am in love with the textransformer website that was posted in the Luna thread. Sometimes it vomits striking sentences, sometimes just pure WTF. I can stop generating Luna style poems and screencapping the best parts. Would love to make a thread but not sure if other anons share my fascination lmfao

No. 515158

File: 1581801757077.jpg (518.47 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2020-02-15-22-21-57…)

Another fave. Human poets are canceled

No. 515199

File: 1581811753261.png (183.52 KB, 720x951, Capture _2020-02-16-01-00-18.p…)

I just discovered that there's a brand who produces giant kawaii disease, organ and cell plushies. some of them are even interactive and have sounds and hidden features. Every single description has informational facts about the subject and for some of them they even made videos of the disease plushies talking, I-

No. 515201

It could just be ADD/ADHD. I do all of these things. I’m well socialized, understand cues. Being annoying and having specific sensory issues don’t necessarily denote autism. To be diagnosed as female autist, your retardation must have been quite apparent compared to your peers. You sound well adjusted enough, which is the autist’s best outcome, so it may as well be a non-issue.

No. 515203

File: 1581812322872.jpg (23.42 KB, 700x467, caw-wbc.jpg)


No. 515204


No. 515207

File: 1581813423116.jpg (79.3 KB, 650x650, waterbear-space_web.jpg)

I can't get over this. This is one of their product images y'all
>One of the most fascinating lifeforms on Earth is the common tardigrade, or technically speaking, “slow walker.” Typically found most anywhere, waterbears love a nice patch of moss. Indeed, they are also known as “moss piglets”. This smallest bear in the world can hibernate for decades before coming back to life! They can even survive in the vacuum of outer space!
God bless every person involved in this

No. 515208

>cosmos and helmet sold separately

No. 515212

Just another saturday night alone. I try to convince myself I like being on my own, but I wish I had a gf.

No. 515253

I'm sad that my valentines day weekend plans were ruined by my bfs dying dog. I know it's sad but I was really looking forward to it and I tried to be understanding about it but hes ignoring me and he hasn't told me I love you or anything. He didn't even seem interested when we went to dinner last night.
I feel sad and hurt but I also feel shitty.

No. 515262

Have you ever had a pet die? Suck it up.

No. 515270

Yes actually, and this week my pet was also sick but he didn't really make an effort to be there for me/ brushed off my crying. But keep assuming.

No. 515277

File: 1581841291010.jpg (566.04 KB, 1008x1013, Screenshot_20200216-192323_Chr…)

I really want to sign up to something like Stitchfix and have curated outfits sent to me and shit because I HATE shopping for clothes and I can't dress myself for shit. But there doesn't seem to be a box that ships to my country, they are all US only.

No. 515279

I heard it’s ass and a waste of money

No. 515280

because his pet dying isn't about you, pull your fucking head out your ass and be there for HIM

No. 515282

>pet need evasive surgery
>get brushed aside "it'll be fine"
>his pet is dying
>try to be there
>pushed aside and ignored
Ok, anon.

No. 515286

File: 1581845881108.jpg (2.92 MB, 2200x2788, Henry_Cavill_by_Gage_Skidmore_…)

henry cavill is so ugly to me it actually grosses me out, i feel fucking insane for being this triggered by some face? looks like some white american caricatyre, albeit he looks somehow almost ok with a mustache. what the fuck is this.

No. 515288

File: 1581846014213.jpg (94.4 KB, 1200x770, e5-12-e1580235465109.jpg)

adding the mustache cavill here, he looks hella gay but somehow less gross

No. 515290

same. i find him viscerally gross. like, he has nice features on paper but something about him feels very gross. i feel like this is what "attractive" punters look like.

No. 515292

thank goodness i'm not alone with this, it feels like nails on a chalkboard but visually.

No. 515295

File: 1581849331393.jpg (423.82 KB, 1920x1072, gaston-personnage-la-belle-et-…)


you guys, I come bearing answers.

No. 515300

look at you still trying to make yourself the victim, grow up holy hell

No. 515301

oh shit anon, that's it. slimy.

No. 515306

ew that's it
there it is

No. 515313

I keep injuring myself at work because I'm so sleep deprived. I'm so sick of it.

No. 515315

You ok?

No. 515319

>denied you basic empathy and brushed off your crying when your dog died
If this is how he handles negative emotions and serious situations like grief imagine spending a lifetime with him. How will he treat you later in life when more struggles appear for him, and when you face even greater difficulties? Death is an inevitable part of life. Will he turn away from you again when you are grieving loved ones? Do you want a husband who will deny you comfort in your most painful moments?

No. 515321

One good thing about my boyfriend breaking up with me is I can go back to having mini crushes on my professors to make going to class more enjoyable.

No. 515323

yeah, I'm just sick of getting hurt. I have bruises, lumps, cuts and sores all over my body. it's not deliberate, I'm just so sleep deprived it's like I'm drunk. They won't employ another person to save money so I'm literally running and doing the physical labour of 6 people which doesn't help.

No. 515336

Him! That's who he reminded me of. Lmao, he's actually like that, personality included.

No. 515347

why do i get so extremely overly emotional whenever i hear the openings and endings of anime shows that i really like and i am really into

No. 515355

could just be personal neurologic responses to pleasure and euphoric memories, could be autisimo, could be an overactive nervous system, could be many different things

No. 515368

I love salmon so much??? I can eat it every day for every meal!!! I don’t think that’s safe? I want it sashimi’d, I want it grilled, I want it stewed, I want it in soup, I want it on avocado toast! I love living near the ocean aaaa

No. 515372

uh anon. the OP was the one who brushed her bf off when his dog died, not the other way around. anon is clearly just lying about he pet being sick too for sympathy.

No. 515373

Bf got borderlands 3 for our Valentines day present. We played all day and he made me cum 6 times at the end of the night and rubbed my back.

No. 515374

Damn. I've had whole relationships where the guy didn't make me cum 6 times in total…

No. 515377

>Being able to cum 6 times in a night
Wtf life is so unfair

No. 515379

Wholesome and cute
I love salmon so much too, I wish I could eat it more. Enjoy your meals!

No. 515382

File: 1581879770074.jpeg (127.64 KB, 613x373, A63CDD4F-5799-4BF8-96F4-DAABE9…)

im literally hornypilled

fuck you wellbutrin even though you’ve been working wonders for me so far

No. 515409

My bf ate me out and gave me a nice back rub but he literally never buys a gift, like ever

No. 515410

so wellbutrin does make you horny? I've started taking it two weeks ago because I have no libido due to meds and/or trauma I have no idea about.
Can you tell me about your experience with wellbutrin from start to finish?

No. 515417

this is weird

No. 515438

when i was like 11 i was stupid and wanted my hair to grow really fast so i was on yahoo answers looking for hair growing hacks. some dude posted on there that you can make your hair grow 12 inches overnight by mixing water with flour and using it as a hair mask. i did it and then it dawned on me that i had made bread dough in my hair and it took me like two hours to get the sticky bread dough out of my hair

No. 515452

I like watching the DUST channel on jewtube because I’d like to know where are we heading in the near future. From the videos I’ve seen, we’re gonna be controlled by AI overlords

No. 515455

>like 2 ig influencer pic for workout motivation
>Suddenly my feed is filled with Asian girls who use unholy amounts of Photoshop

No. 515468

It's okay when I was 11 I wanted my boobs to grow so some asshole on Yahoo answers said to mix this weird shake of bread, parsley, milk, butter, rice, and a few other weird things and I did it and puked

I'm a G now but my body didn't form until I was 16 so I'm not mad I'm 21 now

No. 515471

>tfw drank a lot of milk and also soymilk when I was 10 hoping to have big boobs when I grow up
>nothing happened
I feel scammed.

No. 515479

I recommended this job to my male friend, and he took it to his dad, but then came back and went on about how his dad advised against it because it's too much work. I don't want to go into detail, but it's actually a pretty basic job that also offers training. He'd only need to go in twice a week, if that.
To be brutally honest
-his dad is a complete loser. alcoholic, had a string of shitty jobs, never put effort into anything, constantly leeching off his wife's family.
-he's also an abusive dickhead, but that's a different story.
I told my friend, "Yeah, but do you want to be like your dad?" in a really soft voice. He said "Well, no", and I said "Exactly", then told him to stop taking his input on life and get a better male role model. I added that even another friend's dad is better. I think I also said "Even a fucking McDonald's manager is better", which may have been going a bit too far.
His sister overheard from another room, called me a bitch and told me to stay away from their family if I'm going to talk shit on their parents. He told her it's none of her business and that I'm not wrong, to which she angrily walked out.
I later mentioned saying those things to my other, female friends, and they're mostly shocked and disgusted. They said I was being way too harsh.
I guess what I said wasn't the sweetest, but he's not even mad. I'm annoyed now.

No. 515480

>I was too harsh
Hah, nah sis. You're absolutely right. It's a shame other women feel they gotta coddle men during babby's first job. No one coddled me! It was either make money or not have shit.

No. 515481

sorry for late response anon but
when i was first diagnosed i was put on zoloft and it didn’t help at all personally, i experienced mild side effects but didn’t see any improvements even a couple of months in. they started me on wellbutrin, which worked really well and started to up my dose (i’m up to 200 mg now, not taking zoloft anymore) but i see a huge increase in my libido compared to when i was taking zoloft. working really well for me and i rarely see side effects, but the libido gets distracting lol there’s been a couple of studies in it which have comforted me since it’s not just me being gross or a weird menstrual cycle. hope everything goes well for you anon, everyone has their own experiences with antidepressants.

No. 515484

I'm a dyke and I used to really like and ship Harley and Poison Ivy back in the day, but their fans (who don't even read comics) got so annoying and demanding and the "relationship" is so obviously fapbait that I ended up despising it. They're even started doing it with Punchline, The Joker's new girlfriend, because of how fucking insufferable they are.

I'm loving new Ivy/Kiteman because it's actually wholesome.

No. 515485

I drank one can of diet Coke by accident and my pussy smelt ungodly for days despite my healthy diet and good hygiene. How do ladies who drink it regularly not smell bad ?

No. 515486

I guess it depends on your body chemistry. I can't eat high amounts of certain sauces/spices or else I smell absolutely awful

No. 515487

I can understand his sister being pissed, lots of people feel compelled to protect their shitty family members simply because they have a more nuanced perspective of that person, but the other people you told are being precious about it for no reason. your male friend NEEDS somebody to be real with him.

No. 515488

Sometimes I fuggen hate DDG whenever I'm trying to look up a picture with a girl in it it's either porn or sissification fetish stuff or just unrelated to the search terms.

No. 515491

Dude similar has been happening to me but it may have been BV for me. Every time I would drink anything with a high amount of caffeine my vagina would smell like cake batter. I'm on medication for the BV now and I think it has improved.

No. 515497

That sounds like a you problem.

No. 515510

>They're mostly shocked and disgusted.
>Being more disgusted at someone callig out an abusive, useless asshole than someone being an abusive, useless asshole
Imagine being SHOCKED by someone just saying facts on abusive people, the horror.

Nah fuck this and everyone who believes it, you can have a compelled knowledge of your parents and still objectively criticize them on their bullshit and abuse to you and others, doing otherwise is dangerous and borderline delusional.

No. 515512

I wanna troll Facebook with posting anti-SJW/woke/special snowflake pronouns (“Latinx” in my case) just to piss off two of my woke friends (won’t touch Trump cuz I don’t like him either) but am too much of a pussy to do so.

Should I do it?

No. 515517

No that’s cringe

No. 515519

Do it anon, woke people deserve what they get

No. 515520

Find something better to do with your time

No. 515522

what does it mean if you're never a bridesmaid or a bride?

No. 515545

You ugly.

No. 515549

That you have trouble forming close connections with people?

No. 515564

Do it, it will show them how feeble and pathetic they really are.
I miss doing this since copping a lifetime ban from twitter kek.

No. 515565

I've got a bump on my heel that hurts like fuck if I walk. I didn't even know it was possible to get any sort of bump there but here we are. It's probably from the crappy boots I wore all winter and the buttload of walking I have to do daily. I can't wait to go through the gony of buying new shoes again.

I also need a hug.

No. 515588

I had that when I was a teen, and it was an actual wart on my heel. I had to get it frozen.

No. 515589

You don't really have a close group with friends who want a traditional wedding. You have to have a 'yes man' personality to boot. If you're standoffish, they won't want you in the party unless they've got no one else. Or if they're willing to overlook the fact that you won't perform on their terms because they care about your close friendship. Brides want people in their party who will tolerate ridiculous demands to make 'their day' (which is a climax of several other 'their days' including things like bachelorette parties and bridal showers you will be expected to help plan and attend), work.
Are you nice? Reliable? Connected? Trustworthy? Fun? A workhorse? Servile? Doormat? All very desirable bridesmaid traits. If not, well…

No. 515590

Contacted amazon through their live chat. I ordered a rainbow coloured owl beanie baby and received a brown reindeer.

I contact them cos I don't like to think of the same mix up happening and disappointing a little kid. My own kid is already playing with the toy. Tried two different customer service agents and told them I'm not looking to return it. Just wanted to inform them. They keep insisting on a return! I don't even want a refund. I'm letting you know so you can fix the product page. My non-fussy kid is already attached to the crappy thing you sent! Like talking to a wall

No. 515591

Still mad about a personal shopper job I had for an Amazon store owner where my parents literally had to end up paying to work there.
She paid 10/hr which would be nice if I got the full 40 hours and I would barely get 30 hours a week, on top of that she refused to reimburst me for gas I used for her, 5 dollar tolls, lunches because I was in situations where packed lunch wouldn't be allowed, required uniform I had to buy myself, and so on, gas was 20 a day and 25 if she wanted me to use toll, another 5 dollars for lunch, if I was lucky I'd get paid 60 that day and I have to save 25 anyway that day for car insurance, leaving no money for me to get clothes she required, ended up with me wearing my boyfriends loose and stained clothes because I was at the bottom of the barrel at this point where it was literally depriving me and my family of money for her… claimed I was taking advantage of her because I offered to give up my lunch break to help pay because I took the long route (which is only 10 minutes more) because I couldn't pay the toll because hey I'm broke because of her then suddenly installed a rule that you can't take breaks unless you work 8 or more hours, which of course was impossible because hours were shit, didn't offer health insurance or any sort of benefits which would be fine if she didn't mention in the interview how she tries to make up for it but refuses to do that despite me working there for months. It's also a 1099 and with tax season coming up I'll probably have to pay more out of pocket since this piece of shit job literally put my family in debt. I'm working at a fast food place now which I unfortunately make much more and can actually save and it's a lot less stressful

She wasn't even an mlm or anything, just a shitty employer

No. 515601

I'm scared to ever have kids because even if you let them live you when they're adults, you can't guarantee that they won't be assholes.
I randomly came across a thread on a LoL forum about how some guy is made because his mom dumped her boyfriend, he's extra mad because he will have to pretend to support her decision because he "leeches" off of her and then in a deleted comment seems to say something about she should be killed because she's a whore. I'm sure the mother isn't great either but I can't imagine being this awful to the person that homes you.

No. 515604

>I hope you realize he isn't a "Chill and cool" dude if he dumped her on the side of a street. He is garbage, you most likely don't see everything that goes on between them.
Of course this comment got a -1 hah. He doesn't sound like a prize. Certainly not decent. The mom was probably so bossy and naggy towards him because he was being a do-nothing like her son.

But I agree with some of those posters that the apple doesn't fall far from the tree. The reason why this kid is an entitled prick is because mommy coddles him that way. Grown ass son unemployed and playing LoL all day with time to spare to play Dr. Phil over his mother's relationship issues. The son calls her "bossy" and projects that issue onto her relationships because the truth is he resents her for the occasional times she asks him to step up to live with her. Like clean or cook or pay some rent. "Ugh," he thinks, "She is so demanding and bossy and the guy is just so chill!" Like him. His resentment turns to hate. The hate brings in violent intrusive thoughts. So that when this lad throws a temper tantrum, in the heat of the rage, says to an audience on a game forum that he wants to kill his mom.

No. 515610

I dated a guy with a thirteen year old son and while I wouldn't usually date anyone with kids I thought this was different as he was only a few years away from being grown… The son wanted his dads full attention on weekends and ended up resorting to dirty protests when we moved in together.

At 13 he suddenly forgot how to flush a toilet and every shit that he took for months was just left in the toilet for me or his dad to find. He'd often time it for when we'd be preparing dinner and stink out the apartment. It was obvious what he was doing but over and over again his dad bought the story of him just being forgetful. This problem didn't happen before we moved in together, weirdly enough. It also never happened at his mom's house. Boys/men are psycho when they feel possessive over a parent. Would never do it again.

No. 515616

Ayrt and imo you're exactly right. But it still worries me that people are so mollycoddled in general these days that even if you raise kids "right" they might still turn into an entitled shit like this

That's utterly psychotic unless there was a hugely concerning age gap between you and the guy in which case the kid is an unsung hero

No. 515619

Only 6 years. When his dad started dating someone after me the kid just plain threatened to never visit with his dad anymore. I was still living there as a roommate til our lease was up so I got to overhear many threatening phone calls where he got his mom to pass on the message. Made me feel real relieved to be leaving the situation

No. 515621

File: 1581964943864.png (382.94 KB, 640x375, 30D92E1C-C0A5-4FD5-B0D4-5F8137…)

Dear farmers,
Even though we fight, even though we disagree on things, even though some of you are cows, I still love u. When I go into other spaces on the internet, it makes me appreciate u. Have a good week anons.

No. 515622

Older kids from a previous partner are always a touchy subject. They're at the age where they are aware of what's going on but too immature to articulate and express their feelings about it.
It was really wrong of the kid to cause scenes that purposefully sabotaged your time.

I went through a similar thing as a preteen, but it's because my dad genuinely didn't care about me and was sadistic about withdrawing attention. He only got custody of me every other weekend by the time I was a preteen. He never spent any of that time doing something with me or bonding with me, and the times I dragged him to take me to a movie were far and few because that cost him precious time and money. I hated visiting him because I would be guaranteed to be hauled over to his girlfriend's house, shoved in a corner with my CD player or gameboy or tasked with babysitting children, and forgotten about until I asked for food or time to take me to mom's. He'd become abusive or mean if I got in the way of his weekend schedule.
Think of my visitation as trying to make up the previous 12 days my dad had been absent from my life, this was before texting caught on and he never called. He chose to spend the 2 days of our makeup time with his girlfriend, and doing whatever they wanted. It really damages your heart and worldview as a kid when a parent puts a new partner first so obviously. I had my tantrums, and no doubt I said some mean stuff to the girlfriend when she would try to interfere. I'm sure she thought I was a brat, because I'm sure my dad painted a very flattering picture of himself to her. But understand it was my dad's crazymaking.

Not to discredit what you're saying about teenage boys being impulsive and more violent, it's true. Just that his dad might have been more responsible for his outbursts than meets the eye.

No. 515623

Even during infights i realise we're all a big sometimes dysfunctional community and that's the way i like it, ditto anon.

No. 515630

File: 1581966109436.jpeg (140.48 KB, 880x682, DA67FDF3-EE3C-417D-BB8B-29E706…)

Are camwhores as salty about Projekt Melody as males say they are?

No. 515631

a few of them definitely are, but they seem like they're just mad because they're entitled shayna types and believe they deserve instant fame and riches and melody is getting in the way. i haven't seen anyone actually jealous of how the thing looks, nor do i know how many of them are mad

No. 515633

I fully get that his dad was adding to the issue by choosing to play dumb over his dirty protests. I tried to get him to dedicate more time to just the two of them and I tried to get more of my own space on weekends to relieve some of the tension. His dad didn't acknowledge the tension at all.

His reaction to the gf that came after me was explosive and I still never got the ex to say "oh yeah I guess he does have an issue with me dating and you didn't just imagine all that anon". I don't know if they have a relationship at this point cos once the son went into a full on rage (rather than the usual passive aggressive) the dad got aggressive too. Sad situation for everyone involved. Sorry to hear what you went through with your dad. Maddening when fathers have two modes like that, indifference or anger.

No. 515636

What I love about this site is how I'll never know whether the anon that calls me a bitch in one thread is the same one empathising with me over trauma in another

No. 515642

I think it's just a very small vocal minority who mistake Projekt Melody for some kind of premade AI cartoon thing instead of a motion capture (or whatever you call it) of a real person in real time.

No. 515668

This af. I see arguing with anons on this site like arguing with a sister sometimes, it's just a bit of shittalking to pass the time until we join in on the same fun again

No. 515779

the adorable security dude at my store fist bumped me and told me I was doing a good job when I firmly turned down a very persistent woman attempting a sketchy return. i said thanks but inside i was busting the fattest uwu.

No. 515784

I'm trying to catch up with Supernatural and god everything after season 5 was a mistake.
They went from hunting ghosts, vampires and monsters to killing Hitler and zombie necromancer nazis… I mean what the actual fuck

No. 515785

tbh it was never very well written, just a fun ride and the pleasure of staring at Dean's face

I do miss it being scary though, first season freaked teenage me out

No. 515798

Dropped it around s3 and i wanna ask: they do fucking what

No. 515801

This is so random, but I've noticed that I've never had strange youtube videos pop up for whatever reason. For example, Mozilla wrote an article about how people were exposed to shocking or extremist content through youtube:


For example, it's people being exposed to videos of extreme injury and pro-ana videos. I've also heard of people getting into extremist content through youtube as well.

On the other hand, I feel like my youtube suggestions are totally fine. There's even a lot of really positive youtubers I've found through the algorithm. For example, I'm watching this video on the merits of contemporary Christian worship music where a guy tries to be impartial and charitable towards a much-loathed genre.

I think it's because most of my youtube browing revolves around video games (but not let's plays), cooking, and music. I don't see a need to watch much political things on youtube even though I feel like I do stay aware of political news through other means.

What are you guys' youtube suggestions like?

No. 515809

Super weirded out how everyone kept warning me about bc making my bipolar flip the fuck up but i have never in my life felt more normal and stable.

No. 515838

I feel like I used to get really outlandish things in my recommendations, but I think youtube has finally caught on that I will rewatch the same video like 20 times over before I'm ready to move on so they just recommend me shit I've watched over and over again. I rarely ever deviate from channels I already watch and occasionally I'll have a new video pop up from a channel I've never seen before, but 9 out of 10 times it's usually a miss for me.

No. 515850

anyone else not get the celeb hate threads? like the celebricow or the kpop threads (either one). i get hating on people in your small niche community like camgirls or cosplayers or IG artists because they are so close to home, but celebrities are so far removed from the average person it just seems weird. i don't prescribe to the whole "haturz make me famous" bs, but hating on celebrities is a sort of fixation in itself. so it's fucking weird to me.

No. 515879

This stupid video is a decade old and a dead meme anyway but it still makes me laugh out loud every time I think about it.

No. 515885

kpop is an intensely competitive and involved fandom, they get wrapped up in hating celebrities just because they are selling better than their favs or have annoying fans or w/e.

I don't see any of that in the celebricow thread, it's just random gossip and nobody seems very invested? It's very harmless and obviously suitable for an off topic board.

No. 515886

What’s stopping the famooose from being absolute lolcows? They’re probably the milkiest motherfuckers with the amount of narcissism and yes men they’re surrounded by. The trade off is it’s less accessible. Hilarious that these people have whole ass teams of image curators and PR and yet the cow behavior just jumps out.

No. 515889

hating on celebrities is understandable since they spread their drama all over the world and can be hugely negative influences, obsessing over a no-name camgirl you have to go out of your way to stalk her insta daily is the real autism

No. 515893

I thought this bitch I'm friends with was just a cringey clout chaser and liar when she said that she knew and was involved with members of this band I used to like, but it turns out the bitch actually knows them. Huh. Well, shit.

No. 515912

I had no idea that guy came from an actual video, let alone a real honest advert. Thank you for schooling my uneducated ass today

No. 515913

>tfw stressed out after reading an anon's post
>look down at mood ring
>it's grey
>look up mood ring colors and meanings
>"grey represents feeling stressed out"
Wow, incredible.

No. 515920

Mood ring? wat? That thing exist?

No. 516007

File: 1582089780715.jpeg (273.38 KB, 750x842, 83A4EE91-3665-44C3-9011-46AE89…)

Can I have five more of these little coral bitches?- seriously, nintendo better give a date for when they’re releasing this in the uk. I used to think I’d like to purchase the regular switch but honestly I don’t have anyone to play multiplayer shit with anyway, and the switch lite seems cute and versatile. I wish they were bringing it out at the same time as acnh though..

No. 516013

Muh birth control is the devil anons are the worse, the ones who blame birth control on their laziness, "but evil hormones!!!1!" anons, or the saddest but funniest ones are the "why should I take something that can help me with a problem I have???" Anons

No. 516022

You must be 18 to post here anon

No. 516035

I don't use it for safe sex as i Do Not Fuck Men but for other issues. While I agree that some people just get lazy and blame everything on it, there's the fact that science does not give a shit about women's issues enough to actually know wtf bc can end up doing to women.

No. 516036

Harley quinn's brids of prey outfits are better than her ss outfits. They fit her character more and they dont look like some 14 y/os sex fantasy

No. 516054

I can't take any birth control because it greatly affects my moods and has full on sent me into crisis a couple of times.

What I really don't understand is when women claim that they've been a raging bitch for three years on the pill and they gained 100 pounds and lost all interest in sex anyway…like stop taking it once you see the damage starting?? I've exhausted all forms of hormonal bc and tbh I'm happy being single right now cos I'm not going to take a pill every day only to then complain about it. No sex, no problem lol

No. 516058

I've been alone at work for the last 3 days and I love it. I get so much done, no distractions and I'm just enjoying it. I like my coworker, she's great, but I guess I just prefer working alone.

No. 516060

Yea like if you do have other options and the means to get them, why not go to a dr once you realise your quality of life is going to shit? I also have a tinfoil that women sans mental health issues also notice mental shit easier while maybe in my case it just evened shit out or…i just don't notice it on top of my normal shit.

No. 516063

Yeah every time that I've tried out new birth control I've looked up other womens stories and read about how women ignored 5 stone of weight gain, losing half of their hair, being angry and depressed all day every day and their relationship falling to shit because of the pill moods.. they only complain after all that, Switch your birth control sooner girl!

I have a couple friends where no birth control suits them at all but they endure it for the sake of their partner. Like I'm not doubling my body weight or crying every day just so a guy gets to raw it. Dick ain't that great

No. 516064

It's honestly sad and worrysome, but i know some gynos can be very shitty about these things but at the same time, jesus fucking christ. I take bc due to ovarian cyst control and have changed pills due to side effects that were scary as fuck, now i'm relatively fine! I just fucking wish everyone could be fine with bc.

No. 516066

I was treated like I was being petulant when I complained about side effects (constant spotting, mood swings, one of my tits grew larger than the other and has never recovered) on the mini pill by a female doctor. She said "well, you have to give it at least 6 months for the side effects to even out, maybe even longer". That's a really, really long time for her to just expect me to be miserable. Doctors seem to handwave side effects away to me pretty often, now that I think about it. I wonder if it has to do with being female.
For example, I didn't want to go on antidepressants because I only have mild anxiety and don't want to risk my mood getting flipflopped, dealing with coming off them, or sexual dysfunction. A different doctor acted like I was, again, being petulant and strongly encouraged me to consider them like the side effects aren't real.
I'm starting to think that people are too comfortable feeling unwell if they think it is going to "fix" them and I'm not "sick" enough to be ok with that sort of treatment. I spent years of my life feeling shitty due to birth control and now that I'm finally feeling stable why would I fuck it up because of a little interview anxiety?

No. 516069

Psych meds and the pill are weirdly similar when it comes to docs just telling us to put up with worrying side effects.

"give it six months and see" ..but doc I'm suicidal and on top of that I'm bleeding through my pads and clothes every fucking day

No. 516088

Sometimes people are really defensive about it, they don't want to feel like a victim or something. I was put on it from 15 and remember my boyfriend at 19 trying to get me to come off of it because he thought it was affecting my mental health. He was completely right but I got angry and argued against it, I reacted as if he'd told me I was crazy. The truth was that it made me depressed and killed my libido. I currently just use condoms with my partner and my sex drive has never been better.
I met that ex recently and he said I seem much happier now I'm not on the pill but I still got mad at him for playing armchair psychologist even if he's right lol

I still think bc is a fantastic option for women to have but it's not for everyone. The site effects should be known.

No. 516098

File: 1582123989028.jpg (866.89 KB, 1920x1280, old-dog-cuddles.jpg)

I tell myself that I don't want another dog after my current dog passes. I just don't think I'll be able to do right by that future dog. I just don't think I'll be able to give them the all the time and love that I think they deserve, and after I move out, it'll be a pain to find pet friendly apartments and feed them fresh/raw food like I would like to. At the same time, I've had my dog since I was 8. I only have a handful of memories of life without her. Life without a dog, or really any pet, seems awfully lonely. Maybe I'll foster in the future, but I already know I'll probably end up a foster fail.

I couldn't help but think about this shit again after my dog came to see me off for work before heading back to bed herself lol.

No. 516122

Fuck bc honestly. My obgyn told me to wait months for my symptoms to pass on the lowest dosage. I already have high estrogen but she said it could help with acne. It gave me the worst acne for a month, made me bleed for that month, made my happiness numb and anger much worse. Libido totally died on top of my breasts slightly sagging. I couldn't handle it and gave up after my sister pointed out my breasts changed. Everything went back to normal except I'll never have the perky breasts I used to. Not having a period wasnt worth all that trouble.

No. 516123

>when you're looking for pictures of cosplayers of a character you like but you stumble upon blackface but it doesn't matter because no one cosplays her anyway
Better than nothing

No. 516131

I know stores have these point systems to make you actually buy more shit, but I just had enough points to get deo, shampoo and two other things for free so that's nice.

No. 516138

Hell yeah anon! I have like $500 worth of points hoarded up on my credit card right now. I'm just waiting to hopefully settle into a more comfortable spot in my life before splurging all of it on a nice little vacation for myself.

No. 516216

I keep getting recommended Wendy Williams stuff on YT, and now I want a Wendy Williams thread…

No. 516222

I've thrown up 10 times today and I feel like total shit. I can barely eve drink anything and haven't eaten anything.
This is so stupid, I have important shit to do.

No. 516224

lmao instagram banned all my ways to weasel my way around the restricted viewing of an account. After the new and annoying update where you can only scroll two and a half times through a profile until you get a message to sign up, I figured out that you could just click through the posts and still see all photos but I just realized that this isn't an option either anymore lol sniff I loved to check some pages here and there and other social media pages do not interest me anymore. I wish tumblr never killed itself …


gastric flu?

No. 516225

Use storyinsta! They have an option to go through a person's posts as well.

No. 516228

File: 1582150074599.jpg (35.69 KB, 734x734, goods_51_425371.jpg)

I already have at least 4 long pleated skirts, 3 of which are from Uniqlo, but I want MORE!!! I love long pleated skirts, they make me feel like an elegant lady. They usually release this style every year with maybe an new color or two, but last FW they released a slightly different styled long pleated skirt with slightly wider pleats and I bought that shit so fast but the pleats all came out after washing… the pleats on all of my other skirts from them have never washed out. I was so sad…

No. 516232

watched like 5 episodes of demon slayer but then stopped for some reason and even though i want to continue watching it sometime later, i still cannot wrap my head around why it's so damn popular, nearly the same level as tokyo ghoul and naruto popular. is it even that good as people make it out to be? and another thing i cannot stand about is that nearly every character suffers from the same face syndrome in it aka they have the same type of ragged hair, same type of eyes and some might think the way the eyes are designed is pretty but to me it's so off putting because it's always the same shape and the same coloring with different tones

No. 516233

Just get ublock origin and use the element zapper tool to block the full page pop-up.

No. 516235

I'm glad California is banning private prisons. The more people billionaires enslave, the less workers millionaires can hire. It's annoying how little the wealthy care about people like me who need as many workers as possible but they're all being imprisoned for stupid shit I don't care about.
Just my thoughts.

No. 516236

>same face syndrome in it aka they have the same type of ragged hair, same type of eyes
You mean 90% of anime?
Anyway, getting into something at the heights of its popularity is disappointment every time. If I didn’t watch a show when its popularity was still rising, then I’d let it sit for at least a few seasons until one day I thought of it and felt genuinely curious enough to watch it without expecting anything. Tried to watch Attack on Titan in 2014 and couldn’t get through it. My psyche was probably put off by how ever-present its fandom was. Tried again in 2018 in solitude and it was a pretty great experience.

No. 516241

Weebs become anticipated for any generic overly-cliched anime out there especially if there is a another same faced bug eyed girl to claim as their new wAiFu11!!!
I just don't get it either.

No. 516250

I’m glad I got into Kimetsu well before the anime aired, it’s a fun series to follow and the mangaka isn’t trying to drag it out. I hope she gets more into doing horror series after it ends.

No. 516251

Y’all wanna see my trouser snake?

plz don’t ban, I’m a girl!

No. 516253

Tbh I liked demon slayer and some scenes were great but it wasn't ground breaking, game changing stuff at all. It's well animated but it follows all the shounen tropes. I'm really confused at the popularity of it too because it really feels like it's the most amazing anime of these last years.
Tokyo ghoul was also a mystery to me because the anime was just so technically bad.
For kny, the first episodes are "the worst", not bad but the most boring i think you should watch like.. 10 episodes ? Since it's a long running manga, it takes some time to meet/know the main characters and overall story.
I think it will really get interesting in future seasons because of this, the side characters introduced so far are a lot more intriguing imo

No. 516257

You could probably iron and starch them back in. It would just take a long time.

No. 516258

I personally like it because of its focus on family, interesting designs, and focused story. None of the plot really feels shoehorned in (in my opinion) compared to something like My Hero Academia.

No. 516279

I like that KnY feels distinctly female-coded.

No. 516284

File: 1582165686642.jpg (207.25 KB, 800x780, 80cefa70a2e1441205a8b53377980c…)

No. 516337

i smell so GOOD right now god i should treat myself to bath bombs more often indulged the vampire fantasy with very nice scents tonight

No. 516352

File: 1582175057905.png (112.67 KB, 500x874, gfadhfdadg.png)

This picture made me recoil into a black hole.

No. 516379

File: 1582182956273.jpeg (12.98 KB, 739x415, images (36).jpeg)

At age 28 I have finally found a doctor willing to give me a tubal ligation. I can't wait to never worry about birth control or pregnancy again. I was also going to donate my eggs but I failed the medical history check due to 2 gene mutations, which was a bit disappointing, but reaffirms that I'm making the right choice in not passing my shitty health issues on.

No. 516381

Aaa congrats, anon! Wishing you luck in your tube knot times

No. 516421

this picture is annoying. you just know whoever styled this is probably making like $90k a year despite being this bad at their job. she looks like she grabbed everything here from her mom's donation pile to wear while bleaching her bathroom

No. 516440

File: 1582198196178.jpg (242.68 KB, 901x604, lisa.jpg)

3 of my edits have been used for Cow Thread pics and one edit as a banner.

I think I spend too much time on Lolcow

No. 516463

Maybe. But bless u, time spent creating art is never time wasted.

No. 516513


Same, idk how many were used as thread pics but at least a few over the past years and one banner banner lmao I just love when farmers have a good laugh at an edit.

No. 516539

I live in this terrace house so it's kind of like an apartment in that you live really close to your neighbours. Some rent part of their house out since there's four floors in each house.
Anyway one of my neighbours seems to have some kind of illness or something. Usually in the early hours in the morning I'll hear this retching sound as if he's throwing up. This happens A LOT and I wonder if he's.. ok lol. I don't know who exactly he is as there are several people living in the house. I think they're polish. Most of the people in the house smoke on the terrace (no judgement from me, I smoke too). I just wonder why there's so many frequent retching noises, it's honestly quite disconcerting.

No. 516551

Could be an alcoholic or coming off some substance

No. 516555

I guess that's true. It's just kinda weird to feel worried for my neighbours health because of this retching or whatever that has been going on for at least over two years now. Nothing for me to do about it ofc.

No. 516584

He's probably brushing his tongue, anon. My man retches, too. It's disgusting. I'm sorry you have to listen to that shit.

No. 516587

could be an alco. I get like this in the morning probs freaks my neighbour out indeed. hope hes okay

No. 516600

Why do i suck at maths so hard…

No. 516606

I may dislike male fish but mine has a nice color so I don't really want him to die.
He's big enough for two fish fingers. I would never eat a disgusting riverfish though.

No. 516609

I took the morning after pill a week ago and I'm about a week out from my period but I just got it. And while reassuring it would explain my skin and mood lately. I've had a shit day and now it's like oh. But also there's people having a party below me and it's annoying

No. 516615

My grocery store discontinued the matcha I like, the new one tastes like shit, and now this other brand I bought is worse than that. What a waste of money fml the only decent one for its weight is all the way in the city or I'd have to order my old one in bulk online.

No. 516645

This post is going to sound so melodramatic and stupid but I just feel like I needed to post it somewhere lol.

I feel like since my break up at the end of 2018, I lost my sense of self and I still have yet to recover from it. We only dated for a month, btw, so I already know I’m being stupid and ridiculous about it. 2019 felt like a blur, like I was just going through the motions of existing. My job was terrible too, so that didn’t help. It’s 2020 now, and I thought things were finally working out… I mean, I’m definitely not as depressed as I was last year, I’ve picked up new hobbies, my friends are still awesome and great, and I’m working a easy, less stressful job atm. Things should be okay, right? I guess they are, but it feels like I’m just waking up. Not just from the break up, but from my college years before it. My highschool years before it. Everything. My whole identity, my entire concept of self from my whole life, it doesn’t feel like it’s mine. They’re my memories that I can play back, and my emotions that I can recall, but I still feel so detached from it.

I no longer feel like I’m on autopilot, like I’m existing in a body that doesn’t belong to me, but this body doesn’t feel like home. It’s mine, but at the same time, it isn’t. It probably doesn’t make any sense but that’s just how it feels. Not in a troon way either. Just in a sort of existential dread-esque way, I guess.

I’m also trying to figure out where to go from here, job wise. Find hobbies to make life worthwhile, and hopefully a job that’s a little worth my while too, right? But after all this, I don’t know if what I want for myself is even what I actually want for myself. I don’t know what I want, I don’t even feel like a real person to some extent. It’s weird. I wish I had some drive and some purpose but I feel like eventually, everything that I try to do to bring purpose and warmth into my life will just go right through me, as if I’m a sieve and everything meaningful is water that just pours straight through.

Sorry for the weird rambling.

No. 516685

sorry 4 replying so late but ian curtis, john belushi and john kennedy toole :/ yeah i know i deserve to be executed

No. 516721

File: 1582271015690.png (78.22 KB, 539x471, beautifulzoomerculture.png)

Is this how the 2010's will be remembered

No. 516723

Today I waited on this lady during lunch and she just…totally bewildered me. Starting talking about herself a little so I engaged since it wasn’t busy and talking to people can be nice, but literally I could not get a word in edgewise and it got intensely personal. Starting talking about how she was going to this like therapy retreat? Thing with her daughter. Told me about how her daughter was raped (!!!) and proceeded to tell me a bunch of shit that her daughter said during one of these “therapy” sessions..! This goes on for like 15 minutes and all I could do was nod and try to keep up. Why. Would you reveal this to a stranger. Why would you talk to your server about this. I’m like the same age as this lady’s daughter. “It’s okay for me to tell you this because I’ll never see you again.” How am I supposed to go up to you and ask if you want to order some queso after having this revealed to me. Ma’am. I just wanted to know what you wanted to drink.

I can’t stop thinking about this.

Nice tip though

No. 516724

>Niche memers
Can I please die now?

No. 516728

It's the age we live in. The arts have been democratised , largely in part to the internet and the occupy wall street movement . This woman is revelling in her narcistic belief that she to is entitled to air her dirty laundry in much the same way as the celebrities she reads about . We are all entitled now to be stars of a show. Everything is about ourselves and making everything about ourselves. This phenomenon serves a higher purpose because the eye is never wider than the view but the picture is always hanging in a frame.

No. 516729

interesting. so, since all of the mentioned examples of modern day subculture groups are basically insults and people earn the title, I guess you could say everyone's a faggot now.

No. 516734

I have met some delusional people who unironically call themselves koreaboos

No. 516743

Hit a weight loss plateau in the last couple months and been completely stumped overcoming it so I'm trying Noom. Dunno if it's worth it but the 2 week trial was only a dollar so I guess we'll see.

No. 516780

occupy wall street has nothing to do with weirdos oversharing.

No. 516786

When the only two people who give a tiny shit about you are a homophobe you went to highschool with and your ex fiance who checks up on you when he's bored. Fuck my sad life. I hope once I'm diagnosed and get help I can actually turn my life around since every aspect of it is miserable.

No. 516812

File: 1582300726982.jpg (88.35 KB, 564x705, 0ec8281d7321ff267cb77775dabdb9…)

I bought a bunch of midi dresses and skirt and it was the best decision ever. I'd be okay with never wearing pants again tbh.

No. 516830

I bought a piece of wood with Nordic runes on them from some random dude in England and I translated them into English and it told me that I'm going to die if it hails on a sunny day this year. I'm so scared but it doesn't hail here often except sometimes it does nooo I don't want to dieeee

No. 516832

What are the chances of 3 amazon orders in a row all being fucked up? The first went missing after the tracking on it just stopped updating. I was all stressed out given the ahem.. intimate nature of the item

Following order sent the wrong item and now a 3rd order has been marked as delivered but it is nowhere to be seen. 3 strikes and I'm done I guess.

No. 516846

File: 1582309139003.jpeg (49.33 KB, 720x720, 1575060192004.jpeg)

Happened to watch the new pewdiepie video and i think he got some botox

No. 516851

Why are you watching him? Ew.

No. 516855

Was doing my brows and autoplay happened so i just left it on for a while lol

No. 516864

Do you think it could be porch pirate?

No. 516865

Caps? I don't want to watch his shit but I like dirt on him.

No. 516868

I had a dream I had sex with my crush. I like to pretend he's still alive but having sex in the aether is just weird.

No. 516872

Oh, now I’m interested. My dad and I watch her show sometimes, lol. I don’t like her, but I do at the same time. Very conflicting feelings. Somebody make this happen.

No. 516879

File: 1582320041746.jpg (435.14 KB, 1440x792, 20200221_231606.jpg)

Uh it doesn't really translate as it really showed more when you notice his forehead rly not moving, here's the thumbnail though

No. 516882

kek I guess he's taking after his wife. Thanks for the pic.

No. 516883

Have you ever been to a place that just automatically gave you a really bad gut feeling?
>went to office building i’ve never been to before for an interview
>halls are mostly empty and there is almost no one around
>all walls are gray
>company’s suite in the building is locked and you have to ring a doorbell to be let in
>camera near the doorbell and “no cell phones” sign on the door
>had to sign this form that said i wouldnt talk about the company on social media before the interview
>gut feeling gets instantly worse when the interviewer comes up to me
>its a middle-aged guy whose smile gives me a really bad feeling for some reason
>walk past all of the gray cubicles and a feeling of dread descends upon me for some reason
>interview guy smirks and tells me that he pays attention to “every minute” an employee isn’t taking a call (its a call center)
I know it doesn’t sound bad but for some reason when i was there i felt this horrible feeling of dread. I feel like i cant accurately convey the feeling through writing. It just felt so eerie and i wanted to leave the moment i walked in

No. 516886

Nah, it really does sound awful based on your post alone anon. Also fuck that interview guy lol.

I went to an interview that I ultimately declined the job offer for (despite being super desperate to leave my shit retail job at the time) because the entire thing made me feel so off. It was in a super industrial area and I powerwalked for like 10 minutes straight but the entire time it was eerily quiet and empty with lots of cars/trucks/things for shady people to hide behind (did not want to think about what it would be like in the winter time when it gets dark fast). The interviewers definitely did not take the time to look at my resume beforehand because there was a lot of awkward silences as he stared at it before finding something to ask about (usually not a bad thing since ppl can be super inundated with applications and resumes, but the job posting had been up for a while and I was immediately offered the job like a day or two later so I got the feeling they didn't have that many applicants in the first place). The office was drab and I just had a weird feeling as I sat on a stool in a tiny nook in the wall right by the entrance.

No. 516889

File: 1582324068234.png (305.64 KB, 510x366, 2332.PNG)

men age like wine, pass it on.

No. 516891

Harry styles is the ugliest motherfucker I’ve ever see and I’ll never understand why people like him.

No. 516893

Men age like milk, die mad about it.

No. 516894

anon, it was sarcastic. kek.

No. 516900

Oh, I'm sorry. I just feel like there has been more scrots baiting in threads lately so I'm on a bit aggressive.

No. 516904

There is no new vent thread and I'm feeling like shit right now. Goddamn it.

No. 516906

he always looked inbred tbf
he looks a bit better on right because of the foundation coverage

No. 516908

can't believe that i ever thought this dude is hot/attractive in any fucking way

No. 516909

i'm so used to reading mangas now that whenever i see a random western comic, i automatically start reading from right to left instead of the other way around and then end up confusing the fuck out of myself

No. 516910

I saw a missing persons flyer and decided to look up the name since the person went missing like two weeks ago, and they just found her body today…

No. 516917

My hairs been falling out in the shower more, my energy is shot, I get light headed with losing my vision way more no matter how much I eat. My legs keep painfully going stiff with it hurting like hell to move them back into normalcy. I've gotten way more bruises in the past year that take forever to heal. Awful to say but I wish I knew wtf is wrong with my body because this cant just be depression. My chances for cancer due to family is 25% so that's not an impossibility. Not that I'd want that to happen but I hope a dr could figure it out so i could actually get medicine for whatever it is.

No. 516921

Maybe your levels are just out of wack. I hope it’s an easy fix for u anon.

No. 516925

Husbando af. I just want good things for Princess Carolyn. And really, who wouldn’t!
>tfw no cute caring capable autist bf

No. 516926

Imagine dating a guy for years only to discover their feet look like this.

No. 516928

Are you ordering fulfilled by Amazon or just from secondary sellers in the marketplace?
Just buy your dildo from a proper online sex shop it's just as discreet shipping and billing wise.

No. 516929

Honestly I had a suspicion when he first appeared that they would wind up together but since BH had a theme for their characters self-sabotaging, it made me fear he would either show his cards to be a bad person or PC would ward him off somehow. I'm really glad they wound up together too, and idk if Judah is supposed to actually be younger than PC but he looks it. That makes me happy to see a younger man be with a mature, successful businesswoman as he works under her. Not a common dynamic these days in shows. It's always the reverse.

No. 516930

I love Judah so much
I'm so happy Princess Carolyn got a happy ending with a man that treats her right and he's an an incredible business partner
Goals tbh

No. 516932

Anon wtf use a spoiler tag
I didn't even open the video but now that plot development is ruined for me

No. 516936

I used to think people who "settled" with just one partner forever or stayed in sexless marriages were lazy or cowardly but I'm starting to get it

Me and my current boyfriend are a really good team and I'm starting to realize how rare that is. We take really good care of each other and we respect each other without making it a competition. I don't live near any family so it means a lot to me that if he thinks I'm getting a cold he will pick up some vitamins for me without asking, and I love surprising him with dry clothes and hot tea when he comes in from the rain. I never agreed with the idea of marriage but I'm suddenly scared of not having him in my life, we've been together for years and our relationship is still romantic, but if we ever fell out of love I don't know what I'd do. It's stupid to worry about the future but it's really stressful to realize how dependent I've willingly become.

No. 516940

Definitely follow that up. There's a chance they could be plain incompetent. Twice I've had two random Amazon parcels delivered to me, the first address was in my street but they seemed to fuck up the door numbers or postcode, the second address was still in the same city but nowhere I've ever heard of.

No. 516957

I'm a mail woman and it always makes me cringe Everytime I see the lower income apartments and trailer parks order boxes and boxes full of nonsense from China. Not saying poor people can't buy literally anything but I always deliver more shit to poor people than I do to obviously rich people. I do judge hard when someone is clearly lower income and spends tons of money on nonsense

No. 516958

File: 1582346851995.jpg (40.64 KB, 474x355, mickey.jpg)

Is there a name for the phobia of whatever this is?

No. 516960

Nothing feels better than the sweet relief of period cramps stopping. I felt it in my thighs!!!

No. 516973

How do you know it's nonsense? You can buy necessities and household items from Aliexpress and Taobao for very cheap.

No. 516981

Maybe cause rich people don't need to save money by buying cheap chinese items. They can go to the nearest mall and buy designer clothes, sponges and god knows what else.
Fuck off with that judgmental crap, you don't know the whole story and it's none of your business anyway.

No. 516991

Have to agree with the other anon that it can be way cheaper to order online through bids or used goods than walking to a store for all of it. I've bought a fair amount of nicer clothes that rich people resold for way cheaper since it wasnt their flavor of the month anymore. They have the money to buy up front in stores while frugal people are forced to shop around.

No. 516996

How do you know they did not save up for the things they buy?

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