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File: 1575485474594.png (23.5 KB, 512x512, 1531140834476.png)

No. 490704

Have a dumbass question that doesn't fit any other threads? Ask away!

Previous thread: >>>/ot/473321

No. 490705

Did anyone else see the comment where the anon was explaining how a man doesn't just appreciate a beautiful woman like a pretty picture but that some primordial urge tying him to millions of men before him was compelling him to bury his face in vag? I remember replying "holy shit" but I can't recall what thread it was in

No. 490707

How is oral a primordial urge? Like wouldn't sex for procreation be primordial whereas oral is newer and less instinctual. I feel like tard for even typing this lol

No. 490710

that post made me fucking die lol I think it was in one of the vent threads?

No. 490716

File: 1575489138077.jpg (106.51 KB, 784x858, RWl1Vzr.jpg)

Should I just pay off the rest of my student loans right now? I have enough in my checkings account account that if I pay off the remaining part of my loan I'd have about $400ish left over and I have a paycheck coming in between now and when my credit card bill is due (it's usually around $400 but very little of it is frivolous shopping). The only reason I'm hesitating is because it feels like I'm really cutting things close. I always think that the worst case scenario could happen, and even though I have quite a bit of cushion room in the form of my savings, I really like to leave that money for actual emergencies and not "oops I miscalculated and now have to take some money out to cover up my mistake."

I'm paid ahead and there's really no reason for me to pay it off besides personal satisfaction and just no longer having this debt hang over my head. What would you anons do?

No. 490724

If you can afford to pay it off now, pay it off now. You never know how your financial circumstances may change and suddenly you’ll be wishing you paid it off when you had the chance.

No. 490730

Does anyone have medication for anxiety that actually works? Earlier this year, I tried medication for the first time and literally all I did was sleep because it was hydroxyzine lmaooo. This time around, I need something that actually works cuz I got shit to dooooo and I can’t be on the verge of tears the whole time.

No. 490732

Thanks anon!

My current temp job is ending in two months and I'm trying my best to get a job lined up so I don't have any gaps but it'd be nice to not have to worry about a payment if I have shit luck and get stuck between jobs!

No. 490733

All anxiety meds tend to make you sleepy as they sedate you. You’ll have to trial and error for what has the least side effects on you fam. Alternatively, try kratom.

No. 490734

Why are there special things for diabetics? Like diabetic shoes or lotions that are labelled for diabetics. What difference do these things make for a diabetic compared to regular shoes or lotion?

No. 490740

I sell kratom at my job and after seeing who buys it, I don’t trust it haha

No. 490747

There's special shoes for diabetics because diabetes can cause peripheral neuropathy. I have no idea why diabetic lotion exists.

No. 490752

diabetics skin is way more sensitive they need more idratante also the lotion doesn't have scent in them to which they then to be sensitive too

No. 490761

What is the core demographic of 4chan? Is it mostly young American white males or Asians?

No. 490765

Is it a bad sign if my wisdom teeth are taking forever to fully grow in? One started to poke out in February and since then maybe just a little over a third has come out, which seems really… slow. I was at the dentist right when it started to emerge and they told me that my wisdom teeth all seem to be normal and that I shouldn't need surgery but I'm paranoid about this kind of stuff. Should I just stop worrying about it?

No. 490773

Nothing to worry about at all. They can be really slow.

No. 490794

Nah, mine have been randomly hurting once or twice a year for like a decade. I don't need them out because they'll fit in my mouth.

Just keep up regular dentist appointments, they do actually know what they're talking about.

No. 490808

Should I go to therapy if my dispositions slowly been getting worse over the month and I've had 3 days of suicidal idealization to the point I've taken taken a knife out in attempt to kill/cut myself?

No. 490810

It's related to how diabetics have a higher chance of getting chronic high blood sugars that result in sensitive feet and dry skin.
To add on I've recently gotten a bad grade at uni so that cold have caused it tbf.

No. 490813

just be careful if they make little pockets where bacteria can thrive in. mine were half emerged for years and just fine, but I neglected cleaning a bit and my gums got infected. it would've been fine with just the treatment, but I just got them out for peace of mind.

No. 490816

I have a wisdom tooth that has barely grown, I'm afraid it's rotting down there but don't want to go to the dentist lol. At least it doesn't hurt. I hope we're both fine.

No. 490836

Yes. Trying to top yourself is as "time for therapy" as you can get.

No. 490858

Is there any merit to those facial attractiveness AIs?
And how to find out if you're ugly or not without posting your mug on plebbit or 4chinz?

No. 490860

It could be impacted. Go to the dentist if you can, anon. My bottom wisdom teeth came in sideways. There was only a small bit showing, but it was growing into my other tooth which could've caused a cavity. It's better to just get them out if they're impacted. It makes flossing easier too.

No. 490862


shit this is a good question. I usually look at my past sexual/romantic partners and use that to ballpark a range of attractiveness. appearance isn't everything ofc but most couples are about the same when it comes to facial symmetry, health etc

No. 490867

If you honestly can't tell you're probably about average.

No. 490892

you can check the flagged boards, /pol/ and /int/

No. 490901

Can anyone tell me where can find good sources that show statistics about the reality of prostitution? need it to debate some pro-'sex-work' dumbasses.

No. 490921

I almost wanna believe you're making a parody of anti-prozzie womyn such as myself, I mean at least when I say or think something I based it on sources I read.

No. 490929

I want to start making art as a hobby. I've never been properly trained in it but it looks fun! I had some "natural" talent as a kid in art classes, like my teacher(s) used to display my art work as exemplars. I regret not pursuing art classes in high school and applying to art school. I could only imagine how fun that would've been.

ANywaYs, what are some good resources for a beginner to improve and self-teach art? Should I go digital or traditional? Should I just make doodles with pencil and paper?

No. 490963

Thanks anon!

No. 490982

Is it not normal for my eyesight to get progressively worse? I was talking to my coworker about how my prescription always gets adjusted a little bit every time I visit my optometrist (around every year or two) and he always makes a mention of how my eyesight has gotten a little worse. I've been to a bunch of optometrists before settling on my current one, and all of them have always said at every appointment how my eyesight has gotten worse lol.

No. 490986

i might be mauled even just for asking this on lolcow but:
is writing fanfiction stupid? for example one that has smutty scenes but also tries to have an actual plot?

i recently started writing and i cringe every time i start writing, but really enjoy the process of writing and it makes me happy idk does this make me pathetic?

No. 490987

Yes, that's generally the case afaik.

No. 490997

Do you publish it online or just do it for yourself?

No. 490999

i'd cringe if i was writing it too, but do whatever you enjoy, anon. it's definitely kind of cringy imho but at the end of the day you may make something people really enjoy, or something you may enjoy. follow your bliss and whatnot

No. 491000

just for myself, honestly i'm really lonely and bored. i thought about publishing it but my anxious brain would never allow it. i would perish with 1 single bad comment.

No. 491001

if you have no intention of sharing, continue it. i can't keep a journal or diary because it's the cringiest shit and pointless to me, so i understand the feeling, but if you like doing it, why should you feel bad? you aren't even going to share. don't get too wrapped up in whether or not it's cringy as long as you enjoy it and feel you can grow as a writer or whatever from it

No. 491002


thanks kind anons. it has really helped me be productive at least a little bit other than doing things i have to do in a day.

btw, i hated journalling first, too. i'm my own worst critic and even writing something simple as a diary entry would make feel cringey and stupid. but then i got used to it and it really helps me put my head in order.

No. 491023

Not pathetic. Fanfiction brings people joy. Joy is good. Do what makes you happy.

No. 491092

File: 1575578243236.jpg (258.7 KB, 800x945, 20191205_123412.jpg)

Kms this is the 3rd time trying to post this porperly

Why am I seeing people using commas as elipses recently? Is it a non-english thing? Is pic related correct?

No. 491094

File: 1575578444480.png (750.45 KB, 750x1334, 1575395794132.png)

Double posting to add– why does she type lke this? Are the commas more uwwwuwu or something?
(Pic from >>>/snow/900685 )

No. 491107

Have no idea where this is from, but reading that one screenshot was enough to get me all annoyed and bothered. Do people really think typing like that is cute?

I believe people abuse the commas like that to appear more "cute" and "innocent" like that girl in that screenshot for an example. She's basically feigning innocence and acting all "i dun kno wat u talkin abt ,,,, am just small,, so baby ,,".
All the people I've seen who type like that are always those ddlg retards who think acting like little kids makes them look all cute.

No. 491114

Yeah see I thought it was some dumb ddlg littles bullshit but I've seen it used outside that context. Crying bc my 13-year-old neice texted me the comma elipses before and there's no fuckin way she's into ddlg stuff
Is it a weeb thing? That turned into a chan thing? That turned into an internet trend? That's my best guess

No. 491119

Maybe your niece is just her randomly using it without any ddlg-related stuff or intention, like those 12 year olds who "typE likE thIs" and just recently entered their random quirky phase. She's probably just typing like that, because besides the ddlg retards, a lot of other people on social media type like that too. And tbh I really doubt that a 13 year old knows what ddlg is so I feel like there's nothing to worry about.

No. 491141

Oh yeah for sure, I was joking around about my niece; I know she's not into that sexual stuff but she is weeb-y so I figured it was a Korean or Japanese thing. But thank you for trying to put my worries at ease lol

No. 491146

I think it's probably just a weeb thing. I saw people using commas for ellipses on tumblr a lot (outside of ddlg communities) when the site was still super active.

No. 491180

Japanese anons, or anons who are knowledgeable about Japan, help me out please?

My ex bf was a massive turbo weeb. He told me he was a weeb before we got together, and I thought that just meant he liked anime, the same way that other people like Star Trek and other things. I'm not into anime myself, but I just kinda figured it wasn't a big deal and we didn't need to have 100% identical interests. Anyway, I thought he was just into anime, I didn't realize how utterly obsessed and consumed he was by it, and later learned that his interest in it was mostly sexual. He went on a vacation with his family to Japan, and basically acted like it was the best experience of his life. Went to Akihabara 3-4 times and bought a bunch of stuff (mostly porn). Found out later he went to the Red Light District to get drunk with his friend. He told me that Japan was better than the West because they were less prudish about sex because they never had Christianity as an influence. He said the west is less sexually liberated than Japan. I feel like that's the opposite of the truth, in fact I would say the west is TOO sexually liberated, but I'm kind of prudish myself so I guess I'm biased. Anyway I always thought Japan had much more of a sexually reserved culture? I'm just confused. I feel like he was imposing his ideals onto Japan. Is what he said true?

No. 491182

They are prudish and conservative in the sense that they expect women to be pure virgin waifus, and degenerate in the sense that there is a massive porn and pedo culture. Maybe they're connected? Girls dont wanna fuck so they compensate with hentai.

Neither of you are wrong really, but it's not some Japan exclusive phenomenon. Men always want slutty pornstars and virginal wives at the same time.

No. 491189

Akihabara is basically degenerate land so that's probably why he thinks like this.
Japan is absolutely not more liberated. Imo all the weird and disgusting fetishes/kinks exist and are much more common there because they're actually so sexually repressed. It's definitely linked.

Easy example of how not liberated they are : do you know why japanese women sound like they are in pain in porn ? That's because women must be innocent about sex. Culturally it's not proper to show that they want it. Basically it's enjoying sex but denying it because it breaks this innocent image. It's not what happens in real life I think ? At least I hope but that's definitely how japanese women are expected to act.

No. 491253

Why do people still think their beanie babies are worth a fortune?

Got back into them after buying one from my childhood. I keep finding accounts with zero feedback selling them for high prices. Didn't care at first because I was interested in them in cheap lots until I find a good one with no feedback, wanting $1000 and the "Reserve is not met" on the current bids so it won't sell until they make whatever secret amount they want. Let the beanie babies go to a loving home already.

No. 491292

How do you shade on Firealpaca???
I can draw with a mouse and all but I can't shade crap,tried asking on r/learnart but got ignored

No. 491358

why do people look away quickly when I look at them? why can't people hold my gaze? I catch people staring at me frequently and they always look away like they don't want to associate, acknowledge or talk to me (usually my peers), and sometimes other people get all flustered and act embarrassed that I even glance their way. Am I ugly? Is it the clothes I wear or how I do my makeup? I thought strong eye contact is supposed to establish that you're listening to people and is the polite thing to do.

No. 491359

same anon but sometimes I think I have autism. I had to train myself to look at people in the face after my co-op instructor gave me shit in mock interview for not looking at interviewers while answering interview questions.

No. 491393


Fashion anons please help. I really want to spice my look a little, I'm a brunette and I have below the waist length hair, only one piercing in each ear.
I've thought of getting more piercings but a nose piercing is too cliche and literally everyone I know has one, and for ears I've thought of getting a daith piercing but the piercesr that I got recommended had her schedule full for two months now and I'm beginning to have second thoughts about it.

My hair has always been long and natural colour, I've done a few dyes but the were all different tunes of brown that faded and grew out, I really wanted to do the highlighted fringe trend but again everyone now has it and it is not uNiQuE anymore and I would get mistaken for a fan of these tik tok kids..

I'm a poorfag so my wardrobe is pretty boring; jeans upon jeans upon jeans, couple of trousers, basic tshirts and shirts, four old jackets, one or two jumpers, and a few tops stolen from men. I don't have much jewelry/accessories but I always wear the same few pieces over and over.

I don't have a clear idea of what my style is but it definitely isn't easy to find things that I like in stores, I could describe my style best as a hybrid between punk and hippie and some vintage elements, the colour scheme I go for is: navy blue, black, brown, moss green, white, and sometimes red. it is a little all over the place but that is what I feel best wearing.

Now to the important bit, how could I make myself look more interesting but still look suitable for a job?

PS: /fa/ is the most useless board because they're all circlejerking about how expensive designer stuff are better and they never give a valuable advice.

No. 491394

You need to make a moodboard of what you like, either start saving pictures of outfits and looks into a folder or directly pasting them into the same document until a pattern emerges.
Don't dye your hair or get a piercing just because someone online recommends it, because only you know what's acceptable for work where you actually live, but also remember that piercings and hair are relatively temporary. If you don't like it you can change it back eventually.

No. 491405

i lived a year in japan, studied japanese and japan for 4 years. worked at two bars while there, here's my take:

japan is a horrible place for women's rights. while they might have rights in the eyes of the law, in every day society women are seen as how you'd see a women in 20th century. they don't take women seriously, men feel like they can take advantage of women and it wouldn't be wrong because women aren't expected to react as harshly as western women do to harassment. it happened to me, as well. every country has its red light districts, you can't judge a whole culture by just looking at that.

while i'm grateful for my experience and the friends and memories i made there, i'm very wary of japan-obsessed people because they're awful, most of the time have next to zero knowledge about the real japanese society. sounds like your bf was just looking for an excuse to abuse women and found it in kabukicho, the red light district he probably went to, in an industry that's by design for men that have abusive tendencies and don't value women.

i don't wanna be that girl, but i'd say run the other way as fast as you can. try to educate him if you want, but i don't think it'll hold if he's 20+ years old. don't let him demand things from you that he was able to demand from those hostess girls.

No. 491464

i like the other anon's reply about making a moodboard!

also when it comes to things like nose rings/dyed fringe they can look "trendy" but some variation of those trends has been happening for a while so don't worry too much about people assuming it's associated with something like that. There are women/girls of all styles professional levels with different nose piercings where I live. The dyed fringe thing might "give away" your inspirations if it's specific place/color but when I grew up in the 90s-00s bright colored highlights/fringe were a big thing too so most older people don't associate it with "zoomer culture" or whatever.

Maybe since your influences are punk/hippie looking at some vintage photos might help as well? So you can find things that are still visually interesting but maybe stand the test of time a little better? I love looking at pictures of 80s punks/goths for inspiration.

No. 491614

Nope, do what you want. Hell, I draw my OC with canon characters sometimes. Fuck "cringe" culture.

No. 491626

Should vasectomies be more commonplace, even at an early age?
Just like, from the standpoint of it being easily reversible
Less teen pregnancies
Less abortion (I'm pro-choice, but it's not like abortion is a really easy/simple thing to go through)

Potential increase of STDs through kids who think bareback is safe now

Is there any real reason why this shouldn't be a thing?

No. 491631

I think it should definitely be encouraged more, yes. It's bullshit that so much of the responsibility falls on women, with birth control and all. Especially since vasectomies are so much more successful.

No. 491634

Oops, we made a mistake and now you're completely sterile.
Just use rubbers like God intended.

No. 491636

I think they would have to lop off an entire ball to do that

Like seriously, I haven't heard of it ever being an issue, they would have to somehow destroy both testicles, because though it's hard you can still get someone pregnant with one ball

No. 491637

Though you should wear condoms regardless, I looked it up and while vasectomies ARE reversible, the longer you go without reversing it, the harder it is to successfully do so

No. 491653

File: 1575693290818.jpeg (222.76 KB, 1280x720, 30A1EC77-9517-442E-AD95-69077D…)

How do I meet girls from Michigan in the anime/j-fashion scene?

I’m moving to northern Michigan in a couple of months and want to try to make friends before I get there so I’m not alone. I tried to look up meetups but most of them are dead or locked groups on Facebook

No. 491655

nta except pic make me cri everytiem

No. 491657


Dude same lmfao.

No. 491697

>he went to the Red Light District to get drunk with his friend
>He told me that Japan was better than the West because they were less prudish about sex
>I'm kind of prudish myself
he cheated on you with either a hostess or a prostitute.
japan is known in asia as the most liberal and less conservative country because of its jav and prostitution culture. i would say the japanese are even more cumbrains than most of the west because of what
exactly because women in particular are not "liberated" that their men are the most degenarate, same with koreans

No. 491715

Original anon here; thanks for taking the time to type that, it was incredibly insightful. I hope you don't think I was judging all of Japan by the redlight district, I know it's more than that. I think he was cherrypicking things about Japan that he liked and idealizing it. I've always heard that Japan is really bad for women's rights, but didn't know how much of that was true or not. Anyways, I'm not in contact with him anymore.

This is what I always thought, that the all of the sex stuff came out of repression.

>Akihabara is basically degenerate land

that makes me feel kinda validated, not gonna lie.

I'm not even prudish by most people's standards.. more just compared to him.

No. 491775

What are some good ways of gauging how emotionally intelligent and empathetic a man is? I know it's important to judge by actions instead of words, but what should I look out for specifically?

For example I had an ex that cared a lot about me, but at the same time he was emotionally retarded. He would help me out whenever I needed it and do sweet things for me, but didn't know how to handle emotions well and disrespected me when we got into disagreements. He never tried to empathize or look at things from my point of view. How do I avoid this in the future?

No. 491832

>He never tried to empathize or look at things from my point of view
men who are not like this are very, very rare. check the redflag thread on /g/ out. i wish giving up on men completely were feasible

No. 491862

I’ve been talking to this guy for about a week and during that time, I saw posts he made under his username looking for women to talk to. Not that I think we are exclusive or anything but I can’t help but think he isn’t that interested. Thinking about just removing/blocking him and moving on. Does that seem reasonable?

No. 491879

I think it seems reasonable.

Emotional intelligence is a horse shit. It's basically just the big five personality trait agreeableness which is basicslly empathy.

No. 491970

Totally reasonable.

No. 492123

File: 1575821719801.png (83.04 KB, 382x184, 1565760674804.png)

How do you differentiate between milk and vendetta? I want to post about a certain cow i used to be friends with, and although they're moderately milky and have shown up in places like kiwifarms before, I'm not sure if they're quite milky enough to post. I might be blowing things out of proportion since i have bad blood towards them too. I've started compiling a topic list of milk that isn't exclusively personal just in case.

No. 492144

Good question. Farmers are so fickle. If I were you I would either refrain from posting altogether, or post it anyways and just accept it if anons screech vendetta. Maybe it'll be milky!

No. 492367

if i got a really nice haircut, shampoo and condition for $20, is it way too much to tip $12? i have like, slightly above waist length hair and multiple times hairstylists have fucked up my hair and made horrible choppy, shapeless layers every time, but this guy did a really good job. considering that i feel $20 for a great cut, shampoo, and condition is very cheap, was it too OTT and a waste of money to do $12? everywhere else around me has a base price of like $50-60 for a layered cut on long hair, with tip on top of that

how much do you ladies with long hair pay for a nice cut that includes shaping, not just some in and out straight across trim?

No. 492372

Would you guys date a person who had a feeder fetish? Why or why not?

No. 492374

No. He's fucking insane if he wants you to eat yourself to death. Doesn't value you, you're just his toy to fulfill his death fetish. Even if you don't participate, he could still manipulate your food to make you gain weight. Feeders are deranged. I hope you're not considering dating one - if you must get with some fetishist, why not pick a feet or hand guy? Something that doesn't end in a heart attack?

No. 492391

What if if was less involved, like doesn't mind if you indulge on a date and wouldn't care if you gained weight type of way? Like none of that sneaky shit.

No. 492415

Does anyone else here get really bad insomnia on days leading up to their period? My periods are irregular and I just started yesterday which clued me in as to why I couldn’t sleep. With that said, because my periods are so irregular I’m going to look into getting back on birth control and I was wondering if the pill helps with that? I’m getting sick of not being able to sleep and ruining my sleep schedule once a month because of PMS (and it’s been years since I was on the pill so I genuinely can’t remember if it helped me back then).

No. 492434

Id rather die than be with any man so dedicated to any fetish. Feeders are especially gross since they get off on making a woman unhealthy and increasingly dependent on the feeder.

No. 492438

Not about to date any fetish freaks, especially those where they essentially get off on controlling aspects of a partners life

No. 492488

Is it better to have a chunky pen as opposed to a slim pen for writing? I was looking at pen reviews and some of them say there’s less cramping with the wider pen

No. 492491

What are some things I can do to alleviate some of my lower back pain while at work? I have an office desk job and sit at the front desk so constantly standing/walking isn't really feasible. It's just sort of a dull achey pain. I jumped off from the bouldering wall and fell awkwardly yesterday. I thought I might have bruised my tailbone but I think I might have just straight up landed on my lower back like an idiot. Pain is pretty manageable and only spikes if I bend over too far or make certain sudden movements.

No. 492493

It depends. Some pens are way too wide and it just feels uncomfortable, but yeah slimmer pens do tend to cramp.

No. 492516

Nah, I don't think it's a waste.

People used to fuck up my hair all the time so I ended up growing out my hair but I hate the hassle of dealing with it, so I did some research before finding some old lady in my neighborhood who does hair for cheap. Chopped off my waist length hair to a bob for only $10 and I gave her a $10 tip because I looked so fuckin cute afterwards. Feels so good to find a hairdresser that you love and trust. I go back about every 3 months for a trim and come out feeling cute as shit every time and she still charges me the same $10 every time. Absolutely love her.

A coworker of mine pays about $80 for the whole shebang for her hair, but she only goes about once a year. Tip your favorite hairdresser well, I think they're well worth the extra money.

No. 492521

Should I go to uni tomorrow with bruises (the bloody kind) on my cheek? I hope dermacol and a green concealer will hide them.

No. 492528

Why do you have bruises on your cheek anon…? Is everything okay?

No. 492541

My handwriting is always so much better with fat pens, and the writing is smoother too. but of course, it depends on the quality of the pen

No. 492548

>>492521 u ok anon?

No. 492553

I know people like to laugh about influencers who buy comments or follows, but how does one become the bought commenter or follower? I wanna make some cash lol

No. 492566


They pay for bot accounts by the thousands, not actual people. I think it works out to be a couple pennies per account.

No. 492567

some companies use actual people though.

No. 492571

I always thought it was purely bots?

No. 492582

how healthy is it to eat meat everyday? not trying to start shit whether it's ethical or not I'm just wondering, maybe I'm out of touch because we generally eat little meat in my house but a flatmates just dines with meat everyday. I don't think it's chicken either, the "healthy" meat of sort.

No. 492587

It's not very healthy. The more processed, the worse it is for your health. It can be a good source of protein if it's good meat but that really depends on where you live and shop. So much shit is laced with antibiotics and even chicken is pumped with saline to add weight.

No. 492589

Like >>492587 said it heavily depends on the meat's quality. People who live near the Arctic circle traditionnally eat a lot of meat and fish but do fine when it's from animals they hunt and not supermarket processed meat.

No. 492604

you can actually buy real people from china usually, and they will give you relevant comments and help your organic growth. they're hella expensive thought and you need to plan it out more.

No. 492643

This comment with no context scrolling through /ot/ was alarming and I was glad to find out you aren't swapping human trafficking tactics.

No. 492653

It's very healthy if it's fresh non processed cuts of meat. It's a complete protein source so it contains all the amino acids your body needs for physical and psychological functioning. It's also a rich source of b12 and iron. Iron being a crucial nutrient for women. Eating more meat can help with weight management as it doesn't spike your blood sugar. The combination of protein and fat will leave you feeling full for longer.

It could be that your flatmate eats a keto or paleo diet either for weight loss or to treat a medical condition.

No. 492677

This refugee boy in my class keeps fucking touching me without my permission. He plays with my hair, strokes my cheek, grasps my hands and strokes my arms. I know he likes me because he keeps giving me candy which I throw out but it’s so fucking annoying. I don’t want to be touched like this. The best thing is he does it in front of the whole class and no one notices my discomfort. What the fuck do I do? I told my teacher but she’s not doing anything about it and he. Keeps. Fucking. Touching me. I’m 18 btw before anyone thinks I’m underaged.

No. 492685

Be loud and stand up for yourself. Keep saying "Stop!" or "Why are you touching me?" in an assertive tone every time he comes near. Fucking yell if you have to. I know it's easier said than done, but there's safety in numbers and if you yell "Don't touch me" in front of your class they'll have no choice but to notice. Pushy people like him thrive on women who try to be polite and not rock the boat, so you gotta shut that shit down and be assertive. Don't let him get away with being creepy and socially inept.

No. 492688

Make a loud scene next time he does it, be very vocal and clear that you do not want to be touched. Your teachers can hardly stand by and ignore it if you freak out any time he touches you

And yes you're perfectly entitled to freak the fuck out over it and scream at him to stop. Forget about being polite

No. 492694

What are those weird that are often Asian channels? I mean this:
(i think some of them are cool though)
Like is there an industry for this? I remember a funnyish but cringy video where a bunch of Indian kids would repeat p*l shit for money. Is it that? Halp, getting drowned in those channels reminds me of a feverish dream.

No. 492703

Are you slouching too much?
I managed to pull something by just spending a whole day at the computer in a bad position and it took like a week to feel better. Try stretching or lying on the floor with a tennis ball under your back and make a conscious effort to check your posture.

No. 492744

I use isopropyl alcohol 2 or 3 times a week to clean my face. I have acne issues and the idea is to kill any and all bacteria. Is this bad for my skin?

No. 492748

yes, it is extremely irritating and drying, which probably upsets your skin/acne even more. was a dumb bitch in my teens and did a similar thing but with hydrogen peroxide. if your problem is oily skin or slow shedding skin, try a chemical exfoliant, i like paula's choice bha liquid (obvi followed by a decent, non-alcohol containing moisturiser and spf during the day). i also use germolene as an antibiotic on open lesions if i've been naughty lol, it does contain alcohol but a less irritating kind, plus i only use it to spot treat and on occasion.

if it is some other sort of issue, honestly go to a doctor. they can put you on antibiotics (helped amazingly for my friend - literally not a singular pimple in sight) or even birth control if it is instead hormonal.

No. 492751

Ok thanks anon! I do have oily skin and I am on birth control. I suspect its the bc because its cystic and gnarly. Thank you for your advice though!

No. 492758

ah shit, my condolences then, can't do much about that save for changing what kind of birth control. def stop with the alcohol though, can try moving on to gentle nappy rash creams or something similar like that to keep the lesions sterile but that's about it.

there are def things that make cystic acne worse though, so maybe it is worth looking into the rest of your regimen? for me stopping using cerave moisturiser ended cystic acne i used to get on like boundary between my chin and cheeks but frankly idk which one of the ingredients it was. nothing else changed in my life so i'm pretty sure it was that (not on bc). you can use cosdna to like see if the stuff you use has any major acne-causing or irritating ingredients, has been a major life/moneys saver. also since you're on the oily side, i'd still recommend some sort of chemical exfoliant, it helps stuff heal more quickly too since the skin layers are peeled more often (paula is a pricy bitch but i'm afraid to change her, there were some good recs on the skincare thread for other products you might want to check out).

No. 492763

You're a lifesaver! Tbh i'm pretty clueless when it comes to skin care, I just use a pretty cheap face wash from the drug store and some dove beauty cream. Most products make me break out even worse so I tend to not experiment. I had no idea about cosdna! I'll take a look when I get home!
I did look up Paula's choice bha and I'll probably order it! I've never used chem exfoliant, only sugar scrubs until I heard how bad it is for your skin.

Can I ask what the fuck a toner is good for if anything? I tried a toner once and it made my face feel like It was on fire.
Ty for all your advice!

No. 492780

Do any anons have any advice about feeling more interesting or worthwhile?

In context, my boyfriend has a lot of friends who he hangs out with every day, literally. I’m not as social, I only see friends once a week or so, and I don’t mind it being that way. However I can’t help but feel like my life isn’t as interesting or that I’m not as cool and I always feel a lot of shame in admitting I’ve spent the day reading or with my family or going to church/a church event with my family or roomate, etc, even though I really enjoy those things.

Basically, I’ve convinced myself that my life is boring or uninteresting because I’m not around people 24/7, and my hobbies aren’t necessarily as “cool” as my boyfriends, even after I found out that he and his friends are basically just smoking weed and watching anime every day when they’re not skateboarding, kek. I just want to know what I can do to instill a sense of self-worth about my lifestyle? Is becoming more social the answer? Or do I need to stop thinking social = worthwhile time spent? Self-helpy books and article reccs welcome!

No. 492784

no offense but i wouldnt date a guy that wanted to spend time with his friends that often. how do you even have the energy to do that? i'm so tired after i work. his friends smoke weed, skate, and watch anime. no offense but i doubt it's you that's boring here.

No. 492792

Your life is not boring in the slightest, I think you're feeling too much pressure. Doing a variety of things doesn't truly increase your self worth. As long as you enjoy what you're doing, and you do it for your happiness/health, that's self worth. Maybe take up a new hobby if you want a little variety, like knitting or baking? Just anything that seems interesting to you and can give you a challenge without breaking the bank is good.

No. 492806

your face wash could def be a culprit for making your acne worse if it has sls as one of the 1st ingredients. you can certainly get some sls free ones but it's kinda location-based as to what's proper cheap and easily available, I use a polish one bc europoor lol (sylveco chamomile).

if you do go for a chem exfoliant, also get spf of some kind, unless you already use that, as the new exposed skin is obvi more sensitive plus continuous exposure of it to UVa could speed up aging.

yeah, I don't tend to experiment much once I found what works for me, I keep to face wash, bha liquid (nighttime), moisturiser and then spf during the day and hempseed oil during the night to top it all off. I did try out vit c and HA for a bit but those particular products did fuckall for me and I'm not made out of money to trial and error often lol. similarly, I frankly don't know what a toner is exactly for as my only experience is with those godawful clean and clear ones as a teen (also made my face burn lol) but I know some people more into Korean skincare really like them if you want to get into that!

I mean I hope I'm helpful instead of rambly and confusing haha

No. 492809

No you're incredibly sweet and concise, I had no problem understanding you. I do use SPF because I'm ghostly pale haha. it's the only thing I actually understood about skin care. Thank you again Stacy anon

No. 492811

soz didn't mean to be condescending about spf, just know that people not that into skincare generally overlook it as something only albinos in Australia should use lol. that's really good though and I'm sure your skin will be thankful for in the long run!

1st time I've been called a-a S-Stacy, I shall treasure this moment!

No. 492816

There's nothing wrong with you, you don't need to change yourself here.

There are plenty of self help books for more introverted people because sometimes it feels like extroverted people are 'doing better in life' but if you enjoy your solo time then just enjoy it

A book I'd recommend
'Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking'

No. 492823

Is an electric toothbrush a good investment? Or are they just a scam? I don't know anyone that ones one so I can't ask

No. 492834

what do you mean 'investment', anon, they cost like $10

No. 492850

Am I being ott in my response to my property manager? Our building just had our second fire in six weeks! You could say I'm a bit stressed out, not to mention physically sick. I've been to the ER twice and had to take steroids and antibiotics after the fire in October; my throat was so swollen I was choking on food and drink.

>All the smoke detectors from the last fire has been replace and the detectors from the smoke fire 12/8 are fine.

The smoke detector on the second floor is still chirping for a new battery; I have been listening to it for weeks. Apologies for not doing someone's job for them by addressing it sooner.

Edit: It is 2:53am. One of the detectors in the hallway outside of my room is emitting three rapid chirps every 39 seconds, the same detector that chirped thusly at 7:03pm on 12/08 an hour after the fire. The batteries should be replaced after such a fire event, and the smoke detectors themselves should be replaced every ten years as recommended by all smoke detector manufacturers and the federal government.


But hey, what do I know, I'm just a welfare case waiting to die in the poorhouse system because I failed at life, amirite?

Obviously I'm the fool for investing in insured $25 Tripplite surge protectors and $10 14g appliance extension cords and for taking the time to utilize my knowledge of electrical engineering to calculate the combined amperage load of my electrical devices in the interest of everyone's safety.

Fire, shmire! The circumstances of the preventable fire-related deaths of my many friends and neighbors through my lifetime were certainly isolated incidents and not learning experiences. Let those batteries chirp away into oblivion. Who needs 'em? The smell of the smoke will wake us up!

Sunday's incident was THE SIXTH FIRE IN THIS BUILDING DUE TO RESIDENT NEGLIGENCE I have witnessed in less than three years. I had a mutually elucidating conversation with members of the FD regarding the reporting of these incidents while I was being treated for smoke inhalation.

RIP My friends who died in the Ghost Ship Fire in Oakland on December 2nd, 2016. You haven't lived until you've watched loved ones die on the news.




No. 492864

Sadly not where I live

No. 492867

How do I fucking do basic eyeliner when I have super shaky hands and sensitive eyelids that start fluttering like crazy whenever I try??? I just want to do my lashline and maybe a little subtle cat eye but no matter what, the end result always looks like I had a seizure. I've tried liquid eyeliner, the traditional pencil type, the marker type, gel with a brush… always the same. The liquid and the marker had the worst results but they were all pretty horrible. Any tips from people who had the same issue and managed to find a solution? Or anyone who knows eyeliner? I'm desperate… I'm so bad at makeup I feel like I'm the clueless man in those "my boyfriend does my makeup" videos. I'm almost looking up into tattooing my lashline because I'm tired of trying and failing constantly and scrubbing my makeup at the last moment when I need to go out and the eyeliner goes to shit yet again. It's such a small thing I know but it makes me feel so ugly and stupid.

Sincerely, someone who just practised again for literally an hour………

No. 492872

Put your elbow on a surface, place the butt of your palm on your cheek and apply in small lines slowly and carefully. It helps to sit down and have a magnified mirror close to you to see what you’re doing. I had fluttery eyes due to being uncomfortable with foreign objects too close to my eyes but once you get used to it the fluttering should stop

No. 492873

File: 1575987729208.jpg (54.45 KB, 900x1200, Toner.jpg)

I have super sensitive skin and never had a problem using this toner. I really like it because it dries out my pimples and evens out my skin tone.

No. 492884

NTA, but I've heard people I know praise this toner. Never tried it myself, but they tend to have minimal acne, or at least the breakouts aren't as terrible.

No. 492886

This toner is a fucking god send. I have very oily and acne prone skin, so I pair this with a hydrating toner (serum? essence? idk what the fuck it is, it just has a lot of hyaluronic acid in it) and my skin has cleared up SO MUCH.

No. 492888

I do tend to usually slouch when sitting at a desk for a long time, but yesterday I pretty much sat up straight all day because it was the only way to avoid making my back pain worse haha. It's gotten a lot better today! I've been doing some stretches every morning and night, and I'm trying to stand up and move a bit around my desk every hour or so.

Thinking back on it, it was 100% avoidable since I did everything I usually don't do at the gym (doing a new route as my first warm up climb instead of one I'm familiar with, jumping down from the top instead of climbing down), so I'll take it as a lesson learned the hard way. I've also been reading that my back probably absorbed all the impact because my glutes are weak so I'll start working up my glutes more and being more careful with myself. Thank you anon!

No. 492890

Lol thank you anon for your perspective, absolutely none offense taken. I seriously don’t know how he has the energy for it, literally if he has at least a 3 hour gap in his schedule at any point in his day he’ll go to his friends house. It seems like he can’t stand being alone with himself which I think is strange. And to defend myself, he didn’t tell me he watched anime/played dnd until we were already in a relationship, I just thought he was a stoner/skater (tbf we’re young so that’s still cool), but yeah, anime/dnd is a huge turnoff for me.

Thank you, are you my inner voice anon? Lol I’ve started baking recently and I’ve been thinking about getting back into knitting haha, maybe this is the push for me to get back into it!

Thank you anon! Im college aged so I feel like there’s a huge pressure to be constantly with people, partying 3 nights a week, never eating alone, etc, so it’s reassuring to hear that enjoying solo time is normal. That book sounds interesting, I’ll try to find it at the library!

No. 492891

File: 1575991737843.jpeg (1.94 MB, 3024x4032, 1_qXp9MemqNmYwhoNptxeflg.jpeg)

Absolutely love this book. You might not need the whole thing, but there's a chapter or two in there that talks about values and measuring your life/values/self worth in ways that are important and best for you. I have a hard time putting it into words but this book has really helped me a lot. Even though I don't live a lavish life travelling or making cool shit like I see old friends do on social media, I don't give a fuck anymore because I don't share their values and I don't use their "success" as how I measure my own success. I hope you'll come to appreciate how fulfilling your life sounds. It sounds so cozy and quaint, I'm honestly a bit jealous.

Also, I can't find the image right now, but there's a panel from the manga "Roaming the Apocalypse with my Shiba Inu" where the dog says something like "As long as you enjoyed the time that you spent, it is not time wasted."

No. 492892

Anon, I wish you the best of luck. I hope the batteries will be replaced soon. House fires are one of my greatest fears.

No. 492927

How do i stop seeing myself through the male gaze? I feel like, once i started becoming a teenager, i became hyper-aware of guys around me and how they perceived me.
I subconsciously keep seeking their attention and i honestly don't know where this stems from.
I want to stop giving a fuck about what they might think about me but it's really hard for me to do so as an insecure 20-something.
I've started going out without makeup, and don't really wear "feminine" clothes anymore, i guess that's a good start?

No. 492958

If you get fat then people will stop looking at you

No. 492985

There’s no one way to dress to achieve this, just start being more true to yourself. It’s a process of unlearning. Present yourself in a way that makes /you/ happy. Wear things that make you feel good, or simply comfortable. My only other tip would be don’t watch porn because it’s all made in the male gaze plus it has pretty harmful effects.

No. 492987

A good mental place to start is to remember “my self-worth and values as a person are not defined by what men think of me”. Make sure that whatever it is you do, you’re doing it for yourself and not to try and appease or appeal to anyone else. You have hobbies, interests, thoughts and dreams - focus on these first and foremost, because you’re the person who lives in your skin, and you deserve to be comfortable in it. It is tricky when you’re dealing with insecurity and how others perceive you, but remind yourself of your best inner qualities, and that foregoing societal expectations of “femininity” doesn’t make you a lesser person.

Good luck, Anon! I think you’re doing well so far.

No. 493001

I’m going to a company dinner tonight and it’s my first time doing something work related outside of actual work. The restaurant is nice, like outside of my usual price range but not crazy expensive. Since the owners are paying for everyone, what’s a good way to gauge how much to actually spend?

I always feel uncomfortable when someone else is paying and order something cheap, but when everyone else is going to be ordering drinks… maybe it’s okay for me to get a more expensive entree and an appetizer? I literally don’t know what’s expected in this sort of situation haha

No. 493004

Your boyfriend sounds like a loser. You would probably be better off if you broke up with him.

No. 493007

I'm the same way and always order the cheapest/near cheapest thing I can if someone else is paying lol. Maybe chit chat with coworkers near you about the menu to roughly gauge the waters (sorry I can't remember the expression right now lol). I've never been to company dinners like that though, but I would imagine if it's not a crazy expensive restaurant then something a bit more expensive off the menu (as opposed to the most expensive thing they offer) should be okay.

No. 493009

Adorable and also wrong.

No. 493049


No. 493054

Stop giving anon bad advice. Being fat doesn't prevent people from looking at you. It just makes the men who chase you more disgusting, and the women meaner. Everyone loves a good punch down, and that's not gonna help the anon in question find value in herself.
Like how you've yet to accept that men will fuck everything and it doesn't matter.

No. 493060

just get what appeals to you. they're willing to pay, so why not?

I wouldn't normally say this if it was like your friend treating you, but it's a company. they've probably made a generous budget or can use this as a tax write off or something.

No. 493064

Do women actually gain foot fetishes or is it really rare? I've just came from the Wikipedia article about it,not the other way around just fascination the with male feet, I'm just insatiably curious

No. 493065

I have a foot fetish’s but only when my feet are worshipped, licked and my toes are sucked on. It just feels good. I could never do the same for men’s feet. They’re usually gross. Women’s feet on the other hand are small and dainty…

No. 493069

creepy scrote larper

No. 493087

I wasn't directly asking you… can't you read?

No. 493096

It depends. Fetish as in something all encompassing that I can't enjoy anything else? No. But it is a part of the body I appreciate. If I'm attracted to someone (which is very rare) I will enjoy caressing, kissing, and licking their feet like I would other places like their neck or stomach. Although I prefer it having done to me more because my feet are sensitive.

The guy I had done it to had very good hygiene so it never grossed me out or anything. In the end I think what made it so great was his reactions. He was very embarrassed that he got turned on from it and it was hot as fuck. I liked making him squirm when I called his feet cute and pushed him on his back so I could kiss them. Cringe I know, lmao.

No. 493240

making men embarrassed but turned on is the best thing, it feeds my ego way more than a normal orgasm

No. 493245

Why doesn't the cologne I love smell as good on me as on other people (not scrote, just a dumb lesbian who likes this specific cologne)? My parents bought me a bottle of my favorite cologne and I feel bad because it was pricey but I just don't wear it all that often… I apply one spray to my neck and have tried spraying it from a distance and spraying it up close, but the smell always dissipates within an hour or two. I have better luck of the smell staying (and not risking being too powerful and assaulting my own nose) if I just spray it on my clothes. If I want the smell to stay on me, I have to use two sprays, but then it's way too strong and it smells like the top notes never dissipate.

Whenever I smell it on men, it's always very strong (in a good way, like I can catch a whiff as they walk by) and I can smell the lovely middle notes, but whenever I wear it, no one even knows that I'm wearing because they can't smell it at all lol. I have really minimal b.o., does that have something to do with it? I've been wanting to buy a rose perfume but I don't want to waste the money if the same shit is just gonna happen again…

No. 493249


skin chemistry, dryness, oiliness of the skin all affect the scent and its longevity. maybe spray more near the veins, like the inside of an elbow, behind the knees (!)… try mixing it with a scentless lotion, lather it on your skin and then spray again like layering idk. i guess with men perspirating more it also "pushes" the scent out more.

No. 493250

does anyone also dream in text? i see words in my head and sometimes a voice is reading them out loud. theyre usually words that i dont understand (that i probably read somewhere), obscure or maybe inexistant. i wish i could note them down

No. 493253

Thank you anon! I'll definitely try the inside of my elbows/knees and mixing it with a scentless lotion! Every time I try to look stuff up people always put emphasis on the neck so I've only ever sprayed it there or on my chest haha.

Worst comes to work I'll just keep spritzing a little on my clothes lol.

No. 493256

I don't know much about scents but the two facts I always remember hearing are that scents mix with your skin/oils and that gives them a slightly different smell from person to person. The other is that after an hour our own nose can stop registering the scent but others will still smell it

It's nice that your parents buy you cologne. My dad always gets me floral smelling perfumes and I don't have the heart to tell him my preference lol

No. 493260

I'm super grateful! It's a very nice Chanel cologne. I guess I'd rather spray less than more since a lot of my friends find it to be a very easily overbearing smell! It sucks to feel like I'm wasting it when it's way too subtle though haha, or maybe I should just learn to embrace that subtly.

Why not make subtle hints about it to your dad? I don't typically buy or wear perfume/cologne so when I started saying stuff about how much I liked it, they were like "oh" lol.

No. 493271

I don't really watch porn but there's enough other shit to set crazy standards for young women.
I've realized I feel less vulnerable when I wear more "tomboyish" clothes that's why I mentioned the clothes part but I know you're right, I need to learn to stop giving a fuck.

Yes this is exactly what I need to realize/learn…

Thank you guys so much!

lol I know this is true but that's not exactly what I want but thanks?

No. 493277

Not those anons, but I wish you the best of luck in your journey of self confidence and self love! It's honestly taken me years and years of slowly coming to terms with my worth as a person. I had a fucked up history of defining my worth by how sexually appealing I was and it fucked my body image a lot. Now I finally feel comfortable with what I see in the mirror and who I am as a person outside of my physical qualities. It's a never ending upward journey, but it feels like I've gotten over a lot of big hurdles for what feels like a nice stroll down the lane of new self discovery. I'm sure you're a lovely and beautiful person and I hope one day you'll be able to walk in whatever clothes make you comfortable and stab whatever man who looks at you funny in the eyes.

No. 493321

What a sweet response…thank you!
You sound lovely, and I'm glad you're happier with you current self.
Wish you all the best, too.

No. 493341

Do any anons here use pomodoro technique for studying/focusing?
If so, how are your experiences with it?

No. 493345

I waste so much time on here that I actually want to get banned, how do I do this without shitting on anyone?

No. 493347

why not go out with a bang?

No. 493350

I'm too pussy for that lol

I'm a male poster and all I do is share bs made up stories, why am I even here?(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 493355

go back to your shitty male forums. why are men so obsessed with women?

No. 493359

she figured it out, the madwoman. pouring one out for you, anon.

No. 493389

I know a woman with a foot fetish. It's rare, but there are women into it.

No. 493424

Does she like female feet or male feet?
Even if I had a foot fetish I cannot imagine being attracted to male feet. Their feet are so fucking disgusting.

No. 493448

I'm still coming to terms with the fact that my tinder date tongue fucked me in the ear last week.
What would cause anyone to want to taste earwax that badly? I mean he was doing it like he was enthusiastically eating me out. Doesn't it taste bad? I'm scared.

No. 493455

Probably had an earwax fetish,does that even exist??there are men out there who get sexually around by female hair so no surprise

No. 493456

I hate autocorrect

No. 493458

ear licking and sucking during foreplay isnt uncommon because it feels and sounds good. assuming he not a weirdo he probably thought you'd feel turned on by it. he should have asked first tho.

No. 493464

I get nibbling/licking the outer ear, but I've never had someone just stick their tongue inside. This one was totally new to me. At first I thought he was just doing the earlobe nibble thing then he just dives right in. I was too shocked to tell him to stop so I just sat there thinking "oh god what the fuck? wet willie wet willie noooooo!" while trying to process what was happening. It didn't totally turn me off surprisingly, just felt like he was trying to taste my brain.

No. 493470

Why the hell do I feel nostalgic about the 80s or 90s when I wasn't even born in those time periods?
Being raised in the internet back in the 4th & 5th grade I used to watch A LOT of YouTube videos featuring retro commercials from the 80s and 90s,that could be it?it happens when I hear 80s/90s music too all of a sudden the nostalgia just kicks in…

No. 493475

How were you not at least born in the 90s? You’re a baby lol.

No. 493489

Lol, why are you on this site if you're not even 20 yet? Do your homework. It's a school night.

No. 493490

you know those websites that pop up when you google a celebrity's height that are like "celeb bio" and they have all this information like a celebrity's weight, bra size, height, shoe size, and so on? where the hell is that info coming from? is it all made up? sometimes the weights listed are so obviously wrong that i'm convinced its all made up

No. 493495

I've always wondered that myself. I know in some cases those cites will ask the celebrities themselves (or their agents/PR people) to provide that information, other than that I'm not sure.

No. 493506

ngl this sounds hot. I love having my ears touched and nibbled during sex.

No. 493538

how the heck do I get my hair as sleek as shiny as stylists make it? it doesnt seem like they do much but put in some product and use a round brush to dry but I'll use the same shit and it's still a frizzy mess.

No. 493542

Anyone here have experience with male prostitutes? I have never enjoyed having sex with another person bc I just can't relax, I overthink everything I'm doing and it ends up feeling like a chore. I had a fling with a guy some time ago and he asked me what turned me on, where I wanted to be touched and I had no idea what to answer

So I've been thinking of hiring a guy to practice, try to find out more about myself sexually you know? What are your experiences paying for sex, anons? Is this a good idea?

No. 493548

I think they started out using the portfolios celebs agents send out to casting directors (which themselves are full of lies, putting womens weight down and mens height up and even lying about D.O.B.) but since these webpages do so well on search engines they might just be guestimations or lazily automatically scraping the info from other websites.

No. 493560

Are you parting your hair into sections/using a concentrator nozzle when your blow dry? Are you blow drying with the direction of the hair cuticle, or against it? Are you waiting more than a couple minutes between washing and blow drying?

There are a couple reasons why just product and a round brush might not be cutting it. Also, use a light heat protection while you blow dry; if it’s been a while since you’ve had your hair trimmed, the split ends could be sabotaging your blowout before you even start.

No. 493620

Idk anon would they start a bad habit where you can only relax if you feel like there needs to be some type of exchange between parties before sex so you can relax? If you don't know what turns yourself on I'm going to guess you don't masturbate much if ever and you should start exploring that first before paying someone for a service like sex. Wouldn't it be better to be comfortable with the right person and have the memories of having great sex with someone you could potentially care a lot about. Sounds like you've had casual sex already and haven't enjoyed it. I hate casual sex too, it's much better with an emotional connection

No. 493631

She's a lesbian, so into women's feet only.

No. 493656

is charcoal toothpaste good? should i try it?

No. 493658

I'm 19…bold of you to assume that

No. 493662

It's worked for me without even noticing. I went to a family event and this was a 2 months after using the charcoal toothpaste every other day and the first thing they asked me was "Anon, did you go to the dentist recently? Your teeth are really bright…" Sumigaki toothpaste is what I used. I stopped because it made my teeth feel brittle and I remember having a chalky feeling in my mouth for a few days after prolonged use. If anything, maybe once every week would be better than every other day.

No. 493673


No. 493677

nta but are you a moron? i guess you're only 20 so you don't know how to math, but there's no way you can be older than 20 if you weren't born in the 90s. it's not bold to fucking know basic subtraction.

No. 493679

can you be an anachan and be aware of it?

No. 493687

Nta but who the fuck cares and why are you getting so worked up over it. Are you autistic? I don't get this distinction between 18 and 20 when 20/21 year olds and 18/19 year olds aren't that damn different neither mentally or physically..

No. 493689

Because it was more interesting decades for reason this website is not willing to hear
Don't let anyone gaslight you into pretending the shitty 2010s is more interesting than the 80s-90s when it came to at least stuff like music and social life.

No. 493693

Yes, you can

No. 493705

Some of them are obnoxiously proud of it, so yes.

No. 493719

Damn read my original post, apparently you can't read,I never said I was ACTUALLY born on those time periods,get your eyes checked.

No. 493728

Do people still read story-like blogs? I'm thinking of like horror and/or ARG blogs that are written as if they're real events but might not be. Sort of like Blowfly Girl's blog. Not creepypastas or fanfictions though.

No. 493730

Having most of my nostalgic memories in the late 90s and experiencing some of the end of early-mid 90s culture it’s all so funny to me. Anyone can enjoy whatever generational bs they like but damn it’s so much harder to look back at how things have changed and how much older we are now.

No. 493736

Why is it always 80s and 90s
What about earlier decades

No. 493744

Those people are deep into parenthood now with being 40-50. I doubt they have anyone willing to find clips of commercials, shows, song clips etc for youtube. Then on top of that have enough people actually watch it for others to see. The further back you go the more there's lost media to put together. I'm sure they'd enjoy it but itd probably be someone younger put it together. 80s+ still has free time and active internet users where the >70s wouldn't.

No. 493745

File: 1576185648280.jpg (326.81 KB, 1000x1000, octopath-traveler-1---button-f…)

Has anyone here played Octopath Traveler? Should I buy it? It's on sale for $35.99 on the Nintendo store and I heard it's really good…

No. 493747

In the 90s, people seemed nostalgic for the 70s
And in the 70s, people seemed nostalgic for the 50s. But most of those people are older now.
Besides I think a lot of people these days are uncomfortable with romanticizing 50s/60s because of the racism, sexism, and other forms of bigotry that took place. While 70s is regarded as post Civil Rights, it seemed like a shitty and depressing time to live in terms of standards of living and politics. 70s movies and music were great though.

No. 493749

70s black community > 10s black community

speak for yourself.

No. 493750

I like the 70s/80s more than the 90s tbh
The 90s got spoiled by heroin chic, teeny pop bullshit, and decline in mainstream music in my opinion. But the mid/late 90s still had some really good pop culture moments, fashion, music,and period of economy.

No. 493757


If you are into RPG stuff, then give it a try! (Idk if there is still a demo of it on the ninty shop? If yes, get it and try it) it looks really pretty btw.

No. 493769

The fuck you got against Backstreet Boys bitch

No. 493789

How can you tell if you're going against the cuticle? And are you supposed to not wait, because I usually let it towel/air dry a bit (but my hair is naturally very wavy and frizzy so maybe I shouldn't be doing that). I do use a nozzle, though.

No. 493837

Swear to god an anon better not hijack this into racebait. But why do wokes act like there's never been tv shows with black leads/stories until recently? I remember the 70s to 90s had a lot of popular classic family friendly shows about black families. Is the woke crowd just too young to remember or did I just watch a disproportionate amount of tv? Or do these shows not count?

No. 493852

What does it mean if a post gets a gold star?

No. 493856

Maybe he likes earlicking voice works.
…I only know how that feels when a cat does it.

No. 493858

They really just ate that ignorant of television history.

No. 493865


most of the times I ever saw it seemed sarcastic to me, like the "you tried" star. like when someone posts something so retarded a ban isn't enough. there's a few rare occasions where i've seen it used for actually funny quality content

No. 493866

How do you know if you have parental trauma or not?

Unlike a lot of people here, I was never bullied even though I was a super weird, booky kid. I guess I wasn't totally included in things, but I was fine being by myself for a long time. Despite this, I've always been pretty anxious and negative/critical. Hence why I'm drawn to imageboards. I kinda assume that's just the way I am.

A couple of years ago, I went to a therapist because I was having trouble making friends in uni. My therapist really wanted to talk about my relationship with my parents. I thought it was stupid, and for various reasons, I left her before we talked about it. I was having trouble with my parents because I wasn't doing well in uni and had been taking years off and living at home.

Now I'm fine. I've managed to turn my friend and academic situation around. I'm excited to see them at the end of the semester, but I don't feel super close to them, and I've barely called them during the semester.. Part of it is that they're immigrants and I think we have super different values. When I talk with my mom I feel more stressed out, and I just don't think my dad knows how to relate emotionally to me.

I think my parents are pretty good even though they're not perfect. They've definitely been very financially supportive of me. I think they tried their best according to their limited knowledge. Again, they're immigrants, so they're not exactly the most knowledgeable about the best standards of western parenting.

When I was 1, my mom began her medical residency. My parents shipped me off to my grandma and grandpa, who were super loving. I don't think I started living full time with my parents until I was 4 and I started preschool. I don't remember very much about that time, so I'm not sure how I felt about it.

I feel like some people, especially those critical of working mothers, are going to say that this somehow screwed up my childhood, or at least gave me an anxious attachment style. Right now, I'm glad my mom decided to do residency because we ended up with a much higher standard of living than otherwise, especially since my mom has been the main breadwinner in the house.

But idk maybe my ex-therapist was right and my problems had something to do with my parents after all.

No. 493876

You should actually talk to a therapist about it.

No. 493935

more like Backshit Boys

No. 494001

File: 1576270851530.jpeg (533.29 KB, 2133x1600, gonegirl.jpeg)

What are your thoughts on the cool girl trope?
A YT channel that I follow called the Take made a new video on the concept of the cool girl and while I definitely agree that these cool girls that are smoking hot, into nerdy/masculine hobbies, eating pizza or burgers while still being thin are definitely a man's fantasy, I just hate how it kind of perpetuates the idea that the moment you're into nerdy stuff or things that are considered masculine interests, you're doing it for attention and for a guy. I'm decent looking and a lot of people are surprised that I'm into robotics, that I work as a software engineer and so on. My idea of a good night is making a juicy bbq steak and playing some vidya to chill. I'm saying this not to sound special and not like the other girls but probably because there are lots of other women that are the same and I just think the cool girl trope reinforces the idea that there are male interests and female interests and women that happen to be good looking and are into these typically male hobbies are doing it for everything but because they're genuinely interested in it or like it.

No. 494006

You're kinda right, yeah. Moids are always surprised when I talk about my female friends who are really into vidya, especially western rpgs. I think they just don't care enough to get to know the women in their lives - I have met so many Stacys who love Assassin's Creed and whatnot - yet males act like gamer girls are sooo rare.
I also hate that I have to turn into some lorebeard and prove myself just to chat about vidya with males.

No. 494007

I don't think you will find a feminist who doesn't dislike both cool girl behaviour and also the idea that women fake interest in male hobbies for attention. Theoretically they could get mixed up but there are a lot of context clues that make it obvious when it's one or the other. If you're not acting like an attention seeking pickme who talks shit about other women, nobody but shitty men will care.

In any case, the cool girl speech resonated with a lot of women because they identify with it and see it in their own behaviour. Many of us can easily relate to trying to seem chill yet physically perfect and prioritizing a guys interests and hobbies over our own to impress him, but having the self awareness to know we're just faking it to meet men's unrealistic expectations. If you know you're not faking it, it doesn't apply.

No. 494013

Another female software engineer with masculine interests here and I think this is the exact reason why the cool girl trope needs to be ridiculed. Exactly because it perpetuates the stereotype of "hurr women only play vidya to appeal to men". It's the reason why people hate it, because it fetishizes women to the point where when they have interests not typically associated with femininity it MUST be because men find that relatable. There are IRL women who exploit this role and push the assumption further because of the male-created fantasy and thus damaging every other woman in the process.

While I don't disagree that the "cool girl" title is handed sometimes out on a shoddy, misogynist reasoning, I still believe it's warranted most of the time. Someone like Belle Delphine definitely deserves it. Like someone in the Pink Pill thread said, I don't have to have unconditional love for every woman on the face of the earth to be feminist.

>In any case, the cool girl speech resonated with a lot of women because they identify with it and see it in their own behaviour.
This too. It's important to call the trope out so that women can recognize it when their female socialization is at play. Like I mentioned, I'm a software engineer, and I've met a lot of them working in IT. The girls who see every other woman as competition and constantly try to emphasize their "not like other girls" interests to cement how much of a "cool girl" they are, in order to survive in the male-dominated field.

No. 494021

I don't think the video was trying to insinuate that liking male dominated hobbies = cool girl. What I interpreted was that a cool girl was a woman who has pick-me qualities, or has something to gain from male attention or a scrote dream girl.

Personally, I like videogames and comics. However, I am ugly, a shut in and don't talk about my hobbies with anyone, so I never have to worry about being thought as a cool girl. I can see most of the misuse of the cool girl title coming from scrotes to give to any woman who dares to do anything but watch beauty tutorial on youtube like they are supposed to.

It sucks that a lot of woman who genuinely do like male dominated hobbies end up falling into the cool girl trap, rather than reaching out to other women who like have similar interests because they feel some sense of superiority to other women or love attention.

No. 494053

How would you feel if you were trying to recover from an eating disorder at a facility, and you found out one of the staff that treats you also has an active eating disorder as well?

No. 494054

In fiction, I see it as a just more "down-to-earth" version of the Manic Pixie Dream Girl-trope. A ~unique~ girl who will sweep the male protag off his feet with her totally one-of-a-kind quirkyness, just replace the fingerpainting and dancing in the rain with video games, sports and beer. But of course she has to be super hot, otherwise she'll just be a weirdo.

No. 494170

that would definitely trigger me as a patient. As an ex ana-chan who was also in inpatient, I felt a ton of competition with other ana-chans about wanting to be the most sickly thin one. I don't know if that was just me though, or if that's common with people with EDs. Having a person of authority there (staff) with an eating disorder (that I was aware of) would pretty much guarantee I wouldn't want to get better, but rather try and one-up her. And honestly any staff member at an ED clinic who actively has an ED is most likely doing exactly that, trying to feel like the most sickly ana-chan, and revel in watching other ones gain weight, which is extremely fucked. Also on a totally different level, IMO actively mentally ill shouldn't be in the position of treating other mentally ill people, like at all. Recovered is one thing, active is just dangerous.

No. 494172

Not sure if this helps but my therapist who helped me through depression had depression himself and was on medication for it. It felt nice that he understood the feeling, but I also felt bad for unloading on someone with the same condition.

If you mean their ailment is untreated or a "secret," however, then that's a big no thank you.

No. 494186

By “with the cuticle” I just mean directing the air to follow root to tip. It helps smooth the hair vs hitting it with air from the bottom upwards or from the side, which can cause frizziness.

Towel drying should be fine (make sure to pat dry, not rub), but try to get your hair dried ASAP if it’s generally more frizzy. The longer you wait to dry it properly, the less effective the blow out is going to be. Also, not sure what kind of round brush you’re using, but if your hair is particularly thick I would avoid boar bristle round brushes.

They’re so dense that the don’t catch enough hair in my experience (and any hair not being pulled taut by the brush is going blow around and not get smoothed).

No. 494251

File: 1576331889639.png (26.86 KB, 1140x198, a.png)

Are makeup, fashion, and things related to kinks mostly tied to pickme behavior (in order to be selected by another person) because they are generally subtly imposed on people's minds?

No. 494272

No. 494279

I got around to watching that Take video and the part about Miss Congeniality straight out murdered my soul. I had never even heard of this movie but it really hits deep that only after the main female character becomes surface level hot her quirky tomboyness is suddenly charming. It should be fucking illegal to create garbage like this. When I was an aloof, tomboyish, nerdy-looking teenage girl the boys hated me and lived to ridicule my ass, but after I grew up and started taking grooming my appearance more, those same guys suddenly approached me to basically tell me how hot I've become. It wasn't cute or fulfilling, like I had reached my hollywood movie fairytale ending. It was sad and degrading that only after I lost 15 pounds and started dressing nice I got to be worthy of respect. Told those superficial fuckers to go to hell btw

God that video pissed me off. Not because it was badly done or anything, it was 100% spot on, but because the examples described in it were so enraging and made me realize how harmful and destructive the Cool Girl type actually is. That Gillian Flynn dialogue was so, so accurate. Every young woman should watch this video. I'm even embedding it because I think it's just that important.

No. 494285

How bad is it to have a concussion and not seek medical treatment? Is that something that can mess with you longterm? I was telling a funny story of when my bestfriend accidentally kicked me in the face and my friend was saying he was "90% sure" I had gotten a concussion from it bc I passed out for a second or two & then started going on about that was probably why my memory sucks. Idk he was kinda freaking me out so I just thought I'd ask lol

No. 494305

Would anyone mind explaining exactly what a VPN does (in layman’s terms)? How necessary is it for an average person to use one? Which would you recommend? I’ve become increasingly paranoid about my privacy (or lack thereof) as of late. Reading through the “Unhealthy Obsessions with People” thread on here recently certainly didn’t help any.

I know that we essentially signed our privacy away the moment we bought smart phones and started using social media/the internet in general, but I would simply like to do what I can to keep my browsing habits, identity, and information as private as possible. Any other useful tips?

No. 494320

dude….get a vpn on every device NOW

No. 494321

Sometimes I wonder if I'm dumb for liking videos by The Take because they're kinda clickbaity imo and I'm more used to videos that feel a bit more personnal and home made… But it's refreshing to see videos about movies not made by men. Altho I'm not sure the two women who do the channel write their own script so idk.

No. 494322

Well, that reaction was a bit anxiety-inducing! What am I currently at risk of? Any suggestions as far as VPNs go, more specifically for an iPhone?

No. 494328

File: 1576357865530.png (375.52 KB, 393x441, 1489412633808.png)

I don't know if this counts as a stupid question or not but am I being too picky for wanting someone with a low number of sexual partners? I guess I feel insecure whenever I'm with a guy and I know they've been with so many people before me and it just makes me anxious about them comparing me, is that normal?

No. 494329

Does a parent inherit their child's debt if they die? Like if I had my mother as my beneficiary and I died, she would get my insurance but would she also be responsible for my debt? I know children can get stuck with the parents debt but Google won't tell me the opposite

No. 494333

>I know children can get stuck with the parents debt
No they can't. Debt collectors will pursue the children anyway, but there's no legal obligation to pay no matter what they say to convince you. Likewise a parent won't inherit their kid's debt, the estate is responsible for it in either situation.

No. 494334

Yes! I would love to know more about VPN and if I even need it. And any other privacy tips.
Pls anons help!

No. 494342

Okay good to know. Follow up question, how long after getting a life insurance policy would need to pass for it to be paid out? Like a few months, or should it need a year?

No. 494343

I posted this in the employment thread but got no response so I’m trying here..
What’s the best way to follow up for a job? How long should I wait before calling?
The one I applied for only has their general HR department’s number listed, which I’m not used to because I’ve only worked for very small companies.

No. 494346

What do you want a vpn for? If it's for privacy, vpns are almost completely useless nowadays because websites and apps mostly work with fingerprinting (reading your cookies, device info, website settings, browser info, browse history and behaviour, screen settings etc etc). Vpns only fake your IP and DNS address, which means your location, but most of the popular ones are already blacklisted and easy to detect and/or leak your real info on various occasions anyway.

No. 494348

It depends on the job and if they need people. They might call you the next day or in some months. My cousin got a call from a company 2 months after she applied for that job lmao

No. 494349

If you're asking for why I think you're asking the answer is never if the death is a suicide.

No. 494350

I know that part, got it covered. Just need to know how long I should wait between getting the policy and eventual death as not to arouse suspicion

No. 494353

That's true, but it is another added layer of obfuscation for yourself if wanted. Sure it can be cracked via other methods, but at that point, who cares about you enough to bother unless you're peddling something extremely illegal? I mostly use mine for accessing region-locked content.

If you are using for privacy reasons though, for proper anonymity you gonna have to do some work in changing your browsing habits during use and not go logging into any of your usual accounts etc. I'd also suggest avoiding any of the main VPNs due to hack and leak issues, like the recent thing with NordVPN and their third party provider breach.

No. 494369

how do people commonly comfort themselves when they feel fear, anxiety, anger, hopelessness, etc? i usually eat a lot or lose myself in games but i can't keep doing these things as a adult

No. 494377

if it doesn't look suspicious you don't need to really wait long at all, but you'd be fucked if it did.

No. 494378

File: 1576368919148.jpg (425.74 KB, 1280x1920, 1576343548576.jpg)

Why are kpop photos so often edited like this? Sharpened, super smoothed skin, whitewashed, etc. I realize most celeb photos are edited in some way, but kpop seems to have mostly the same ethereal poreless style. Not hating, just curious, and don't wanna get banned for being a newfag in kpop threads.

No. 494384

Because they'd be ugly then and everyone would stay a weaboo instead of a koreaboo (their better sense of aestheticism is what made weabooism die out).
t. normal human being

No. 494385

If you have memory issues that you didn't have prior to the injury it's probably already messed you up.
There really isn't anything medically that could be done though. Recovery is just usually not being active and trying not to overtax your brain while it heals.

No. 494386

You really think you can kill yourself without it looking suspicious. You're just wasting the investigators time and your parents won't get anything.

No. 494396

What birth years are considered Gen Z and millennials? I can’t tell if I’m Gen Z or a millennial since I’m born in the late 90s. I thought millennials cut off is 1995 or 96? I googled it but there’s no specified date

No. 494399


if you don't personally, clearly remember 9/11 happening you're gen z

No. 494403

Nta, but the only thing I remember about that day was walking from the school bus to my house and asking my mom what was up. Then, I guess I went to play because I didn't care nor understood why it mattered. I was in 3rd grade, so I assume I'm just a young millennial.

No. 494414

I remember playing with shadow puppets and my parents acting all sad in front of the tv. I didn’t understand what happened at the time. I guess I’m Gen Z then which is weird because my younger siblings always joke about how I’m a “dumb millennial”

No. 494422

Late reply, I use it all the time for anything that needs good steady practice. A few tips, its better to make a gameplan of what you want to accomplish before starting and you should adjust the time sets to work best for YOU. I say that cause sometimes studying for a straight 45 mins and a 5 min break doesn't work well at all for everyone. Also while its tempting to use this for maximum studying it works best spread out over days. So yeah really need to do planning beforehand.

No. 494448

I was born early 1990s and my parents didn't tell me shit about 9/11. I didn't find out till goddamn middle school

No. 494460

No one mentioned it at your school? It was the topic of the day in every class in second grade

No. 494465

Hi all. Looking for RealStreamNews thread.. can someone direct me to it?

No. 494466

How do I increase the amount of time I'm asleep safely
If I try, I can get like 7 hours–I want 16 hours (or close to it)
I basically just don't want to be conscious for most of the day–waking up just to go to work, mostly

I'm assuming there's some sort of pill I can take OTC–but getting drunk also seems like a way to do it potentially? I think it's something my dad did with like 80 proof stuff just to knock himself out.

No. 494476

drunk sleep isn't as restful.

No. 494482

How many of you are man-hating dykes?

No. 494487

Not a dyke or even a radfem, just a man hater.

No. 494492


No. 494514

I just want to be unconscious

No. 494569

For what purpose?

No. 494571

Hate being alive, hate mulling over negative thoughts, meds aren't working, therapy isn't really progressing

I figure, if I hate myself and I am too paralyzed by anxiety and depression to do anything, I might as well not be sad (because I won't be awake)

I took like 5 mg of melatonic and a normal amount of valerian root and I slept 1 hour last night

Also, just found out, you can't buy alcohol after midnight in my state–and I have to wait even longer to buy it because christianity I guess

No. 494581

Alcohol makes all your troubles even worse, anon.

No. 494585

No. 494606

I'm sick of browsing /g and having to scroll through numerous -post pics of who you wanna fuck, fetish and sex- threads before getting to the actual girly threads. Can't we have a seperate nsfw board?

No. 494607

Meh, the liver damage gives you tangible pain to focus on. It's hard to drown in emotional ennui when you have the DTs to worry about. Soak yourself enough and your interior monologue can no longer drown out the physical discomfort. It's hard to be depressed once you've shat the bed literally. You'll spring to action with a whole new set of priorities. The weak need not attempt.

No. 494608

You need to get some benadryl

No. 494609

What are some green flags in men? For me it’s:
>doesn’t watch porn
>has no social media
>invests his time and energy in his interests and hobbies
>has a good relationship with all family members, especially his mom (and sisters if he has any)
>isn’t a spoiled mommas boy
>not a weeaboo
>no vidya or anime (anime is a slippery slope into hentai imo since it’s so full of fan service nowadays)
>quiet soft sensitive shy boy.. but that’s my type so I’m biased
>watches what he eats so he doesn’t let go and get fat. This also shows self control and discipline.
>works out but not excessively. Gym bros are annoying

The guy I like rn confessed he never watches porn and abstains from masturbation because he’d rather just have sex with someone he’s emotionally invested in. That made my heart melt and go all fuzzy. Now I want to shape him into my ideal man if he takes an interest in me

No. 494614

>no vidya or anime (anime is a slippery slope into hentai imo since it’s so full of fan service nowadays)
>quiet soft sensitive shy boy.. but that’s my type so I’m biased
I agree with everything on except for these two. I myself like to indulge in anime once in a while (the non fanservice-y type) so I'd be okay as long as I approved off it and we watched it together. Same with video games.

As for the soft and quiet boy…well I find that a little boring tbh. Sensitive is good though, I just don't like guys that are too meek

No. 494618

you can click the little [-] at the top left corner of a thread to hide it fyi

No. 494620

>Isn't a drama queen
>Has a sense of humor but doesn't passive aggressively disguise insults with jokes
>Treats customer service people politely
>Likes animals and treats them well
>Likes anime and video games but doesn't have shit taste in them and isn't too involved in the communities
>Has actual hobbies
>Isn't homophobic, the way a man treats gay people tells a lot about how he sees women deep down
>Works full time or wants to work full time
However it's fucking impossible to find a man like this.

No. 494625

>the way a man treats gay people tells a lot about how he sees women deep down
Not necessarily disagreeing, but what's the logic behind this?

No. 494626

>Likes anime and video games but doesn't have shit taste in them and isn't too involved in the communities
God, I wish. But a lot of men into these things are just obsessed with the fanservice and porn even if they don't outright show it. It's so gross and creepy. They don't care about the characters, stories, animation/gameplay, or the love that went into making them. They don't care about having fun discussions, just jerking off.

No. 494631

Do you remember the days where you could log on and talk about your favorite characters and series for hours and even roleplay as them back in the 2000s? All of a sudden, that changed and now fandoms are infested with coomers; even the ones for small children.

I wonder what caused that shift.

No. 494634

How do people who are talking about anime ITT feel about manga readers?

Personally, I can't really get into anime because it takes too much time–especially if it's an adaptation of something I'm already reading

I'm assuming the fandoms are probably the same, but is there any difference in people who tend to only read manga vs people who tend to prefer anime?
I once knew a guy who insisted on catching up on One Piece by watching the anime, which I thought was commendable, but essentially a waste of time due to all the filler

No. 494643

Nta but the type of person that goes out of their way to insult some collective have deep issues, also if he has no qualms with being a piece of shit to other people then that alone should tell you a lot.

No. 494657

What does the large golden star symbol on some posts mean? I've seen them here and there but I haven't been able to tie the pictures together as to what the star means.

No. 494670

it means you did good

No. 494672

source > adaptation every time
fandoms turn to shit the moment anime onlys arrive. i know i never want anime adaptations for any of my fav manga. you can at least make the argument that manga readers appreciate the art and craft more by making an effort to read compared to anime onlys who can let it passively play in the background. manga readers also have access to more diverse genres. it's similar to books and film adaptations. that said, some anime originals are fantastic and their manga adaptations suck too.

>I once knew a guy who insisted on catching up on One Piece by watching the anime, which I thought was commendable, but essentially a waste of time due to all the filler

this is a perfect example of what i mean. the op anime is complete dogshit and tone deaf on a shoestring budget. you can't even enjoy oda's art and pacing at your own speed. might as well watch paint dry.

No. 494673

I enjoy manga more than anime, a lot of anime is based off manga, but there's usually a disconnect in the anime-ifying part. Also the fact most manga takes 45ish minutes to finish an entire book, the story is easier to follow. Chapters are not as time consuming as an anime episode and it's way easier to go back to a part in a manga.

No. 494680

Why do straight women cape for gay men so much? I get that lesbians do it out of concern for themselves, but I can't see any other reason to stick up for a group of AIDs spreaders who are mostly misogynistic.
>Isn't homophobic, the way a man treats gay people tells a lot about how he sees women deep down
Sounds retarded to me, but enjoy your troon lover I guess.(take this to the containment thread)

No. 494688

Bless you anon. I'm an avid manga reader and rarely watch the adaptations. And every time, I repeat myself - every time, the anime comes around, the party's over. The fandom turns to shit. Reading manga actually requires you to sit down and read something, it forces you to immerse yourself into the material inside your head. You become much more invested and appreciate the author's original touch looking the way they intended it to be. Then come the anime only faggots who watched the dubbed, edited version of the original take as a background noise on Crunchyroll because their friends are into it, and then jump on the bandwagon while moaning about manga being too boring because Johnny Young Bosch and Yuri Lowenthal aren't speaking character voices out loud. They're like locusts. And the reason why I stick to manga only properties.

No. 494690

Traditionally it's because they fear gay men treat them the same way they treat women. Also because accepting gay men means they're more secure about their own sexuality and self.

No. 494740

I thought it was an autism award

No. 494770

Am I being oversensitive for being kind of hurt that my bf said “this isn’t funny” when i sent him a video that made me laugh? I feel like I’m always so nice to him and it just felt like a cold reply

No. 494777

Because they believe that 90s myth that all gay males are cool and therefore more trustworthy than straight guys even though they can be just as sexist and racist IME. The only time anyone ever screamed and called me a nigger to my face was a Jewish gay dude. Don’t believe the hype.

No. 494793

What did you send him?

No. 494795

this, gay men still act like sociopathic racist / sexist men IN ADDITION to being walking vectors for diseases. So many of them are down low and spreading to unsuspecting girlfriends / wives.

No. 494798

Curious as to how you all feel about the recent trend of manga/anime based on light novels and books?
Not that I disagree with anything you've all said so far

No. 494799

Sorry if this is meant for more of a relationship thread, but how can you tell if someone might be into you?
You pretty much have to hit me over the head if you're into me, but I kinda want to know if there's any way to discern if you "have a chance" with someone?

I recently shopped at this local boutique and the cashier commended my taste–I wasn't trying to show off, so it felt nice to be appreciated for being me. They also seemed pretty interested in some of the things I was searching for (that the store ended up not selling after all).
I guess I'm not really looking to turn whatever that was into a potential relationship–but if I do meet someone like that, is there a good way to go about that?

Also, it's cool to ask someone out if they are working and they hit on you first, right?
I have to ask because I have 0 experience

No. 494804

It was just a silly Tik Tok video. Nothing controversial or offensive.

No. 494807

It seems like some people who like to watch anime prefer to do that instead of reading the manga. I noticed that especially with series like Golden Kamui, Beastars and Kimetsu, with people asking online what chapter they could skip to after finishing the anime.

On the other hand you will see manga readers complain about anime adaptations if the pacing gets changed, has bad visuals or direction, etc. And the other anon is right about fandoms going to shit when the anime happens.

No. 494842

Ahhhh I’m the same way. One time my boyfriend told me “That one was kind of dumb.” It made me want to dig myself a hole. But don’t worry you’ll get over it, Anon!

No. 494890

do nicotine patches work for anyone else for energy? i've smoked and never gotten anything out of it, but these seem to really work. anyone have any worrying experiences with them? i suffer from chronic lethargy and at this point, nothing helps me given to me by drs, but this helps a tiny bit.

No. 494894

I was in your shoes in my last relationship. The thing is that you're feeling bad because you're forcing yourself to laugh at unfunny things to make him feel good and he's not aware of it and you expect the same treatment since you know how it feels bad to share something because you see value in it only for it to be shat on. I would suggest you one of two things, either stop forcing yourself to laugh at his stupid jokes to make him better this includes not complementing things you dont really like to please him, he would say that you changed and this could cause stress ngl, the other option you have is to stop caring about his opinion because his sense of humour is crooked anyway otherwise you wouldn't be faking laughing.

No. 494911

Sounds like a douche.

Pretty much this. But I will laugh at unfunny shit for a partner or friend (unless it's something inappropriate) because it's like, why be a fucking drag? If they're having fun, why shit on it? If I really don't find something funny I'll be like "wow that's silly" instead of calling it dumb.

No. 494973

indifferent since it safely sells and theres occasional gems, blame the consumer not the maker, etc.
it's hard to compare adaptations without reading the original novels in japanese tbqh. there's interestingly executed ones like baccano, nisio isin (monogatari and katanagatari), and welcome to the nhk. shin sekai yori was too wordy and impaired by cour format. i tried reading "acclaimed" fan translated light novels before and theyre usually she-breasted-boobily level but weebs arent going to translate nonfanservice writing. i think its funny that lns set the most hated trends though: haruhi with sol moe and sao with isekaishit.

No. 494994

File: 1576529315389.jpg (14.64 KB, 275x275, 1555984964774.jpg)

ok, what is with the smelly socks meme? is it just american's with their constant shoe wearing because i don't know anyone whose feet, socks or shoes smell so bad that it fills a room. like why would your shoes smell, not even my goddamn gym shoes smell.

No. 494995

Real question, but dumb:
Is there actually any problem money can't solve?

I'm assuming the only answers are things that can only be solved with time or thing that don't yet exist.

But feasibly–money, it can pretty much fix just about anything. Please let me know if there's something wrong about that statement.

No. 494996

I think my feet smell after about a day, but I don't think it's bad enough to necessarily be a problem (nobody says anything about smell when I slip my shoes off at work)
But I have to assume any sort of meme is just about the utter disregard people might have when considering other people–like taking your shoes off on an airplane

No. 494997

Why don't I get creepy messages on dating apps or social media? Just wondering

No. 494998

>>494995 mental health or some health issues in general, you can alleviate the pain or get the best psychiatrists but money can't cure shit. it can buy you treatment but for example a bpd bitch shall always be a bpd bitch.

No. 494999

>>494996 Thanks, it sounds so stupid but i am an eurofag that doesn't wear shoes indoors and has work shoes that are more sandaly yet no one's feet really smell. I've just seen so many topics, threads and plotlines with the issue of people having extra smelly feet and thought i was missing something kek.

No. 495001

Wait like 2 months, I guarantee you'll get at least 10
It's really not hard to get creepy messages
I know it's not like a jealousy thing, but if you are insecure–don't be
Even grandmas can get creepy messages, you just have to be in the wrong place (everywhere) at the wrong time (literally at any given time should the moment suit someone)

No. 495003

I put most health issues under "thing that don't yet exist" because feasibly there could be a cure, we just haven't worked it out yet
Like, there's no cure for cancer, obviously
There's a chance you might not die–but that's not the same as a cure
But that doesn't mean people aren't working on it, but that's just my opinion

No. 495004

If it makes you feel better, creeps tend to send out messages to girls who they think would be good targets. Creeps don't like challenges or women who they think will outright reject them.

I noticed when I had more insecure wording in my profile and more revealing/niche pictures, I'd get more creepy messages. But that was more than a few years ago.
These days not so much. With the way most dating sites work (Not being able to message without a mutual match) most guys don't want to risk being shut down if they come out the gate with pickup lines and dick pics.

I don't think it's you. I think the game and amount of deception has changed.

No. 495006

>>495003 Then your question is kinda flawed in the first place, you can't buy the time that it might take to come up with those solutions. But if I don't die on that hill, i'd say you cannot buy a friendship, you can't buy "love" per se, you can buy companionship and many people might be attracted to the money and perheps even with time grow to tolerate you, still preferring the money. that opens up a whole new discussion on wtf is friendship or love so idk dude, maybe you can buy anything. i feel like you will hit back with "but they can do it if people invent shit" so i won't mention how i couldn't save the world from dying from pollution and shit even if i was the world's riches bitch so i won't go there haha

No. 495010

I guess I tried to preface that–but I get your point, thanks
Also, pollution is incredibly manmade and money is really the only reason it continues to happen
It's cheaper to pollute than it is to properly clean things up, which is why companies do it. Heck it's cheaper to get caught polluting and pay a fine than it is to not pollute.

No. 495015

wtf are you talking about. Do you think i never use social media or dating apps?

No. 495016

I'm just saying it's a matter of time
though >>495004 does have a good point

No. 495023

>>495010 yea of course money basically creates pollution but nnnnnno absolutely no amount of money can reverse that damage at this point.

No. 495040

I actually don't believe that's true–unless you're talking about like getting back all the extinct species

No. 495053

>>495010 cool, we need people like you

No. 495096

At what point is a thread considered “dead?” There is a question that I would like to ask in a particular thread that hasn’t been updated in a month.

No. 495100

I don't think it's dead, maybe 4 months is dead.

No. 495113

i think i fucked up my back earlier in the summer but i'm not sure. i went on a rollercoaster with my nephew and when the cart caught the chain, it jerked us forward and the bottom of my spine popped in a way it never popped. i've always had back problems, but now it's so much worse. i can't sit up comfortably for more than a half hour or so. would this be a problem for my chiropractor to handle (whom i haven't gone to in about three years) or should i visit my regular doctor?

No. 495117

chiropractic is a meme so yes go to a real doctor

No. 495119

Definitely go to your chiropractor. Also maybe invest in a waist trainer in the meantime, you know those things people wear to get rid of belly fat.
I had a terrible back injury when I was in elementary school from getting a soccer ball to the face. The person we went to did their best to adjust my back and made me wear one of those for a few weeks. Definitely had improvement and I wear a waist trainer when I notice my back hurts a bit again and it feels better soon afterwards. Hopefully this can help you as well!

No. 495144

What exactly makes people go absolutely crazy over celebrities and lead them to do insane shit like send gross creepy letters and objects, stalk them, break into their house, be overall annoying and invasive etc. Like I would think that people who were in love with celebs and maybe even thought they're in a relationship with them would treat them respectfully and nicely and not do anything to hurt them or even kill them, like Christina Grimmie's psycho fan. If they worshiped them like a god why would they purposefully harm them?

No. 495145

maybe it's the "if i can't have you then no one can" mentality

No. 495149

Any attention is good attention for a desperate, unstable person, a celebrity won't notice 99% of their fans but harassing them is a bit more likely to work than just being nice and respectful. It's obviously not legitimate love or affection for the celeb in the first place, the fan doesn't even know them. They just obsess and fixate.

No. 495176

Anyone know how asian ring sizes work? I want to order something from ebay, but idk if it would be too small/big

No. 495341

They're mentally unwell and don't actually have affection or respect for them, they just have a delusion that they're meant to be together or have been spurned by them or whatever. They'd be stalking an ex but celeb stalkers are usually so socially isolated they don't have any real relationships to turn toxic so invent them from the media they consume.

No. 495393

Posting this here because I don't want to start any shit:

What do Rad-Fems even look like?
For the longest time I was imagining a bunch of butch biker-esque chicks, but that's probably almost definitely not accurate
Now I'm imagining a bunch of soccer moms with lesbian haircuts because apparently so many of them end up being a trad-wife

No. 495453

Normal women. There are communities for radfems who want to "looksmaxx", and the posters from there tend to actually be very conventionally attractive.
All the memes about soccer moms and bulldykes are just that lol

No. 495466

>>495393 >>495453
I'm saying this from a completely neutral place since I don't consider myself a radfem but also not whatever the opposite side of the spectrum calls themselves, - but every radfem I've seen myself (either on twitter or youtube) are usually thin, feminine, blonde white women with one really unfortunate facial feature. A huge five-head, extremely gummy smile, strange hairline, etc. It's always specifically one of those.

No. 495482

>There are communities for radfems who want to "looksmaxx"
Huh, really? Doesn't seem very feminist, what is their reasoning for it? It sounds like something I could relate to, maybe. I'm not going to have kids or get married, or maybe even date/have sex because of feminist beliefs. But I know I'm gonna spend the rest of my life being judged and pitied for it, and I feel like looksmaxxing is the only defense I have against the negative assumptions.

No. 495485

probably average shaped, no makeup, and regular clothes.

you can't be a radfem and also obsessed with looksmaxxing

No. 495502

It's funny when you see pretty girls online be
radical feminist, the vitriol against them becomes 100x worse because it breaks scrote's stereotype of the "ugly" "fat" dyke lesbian

No. 495520

I've also seen men call feminists who put effort into their appearance/wear makeup hypocrites… yet if they didn't they would call those women gross and ugly. you can't win.

No. 495586

Am I fucked up for getting turned on by hr giger's art?

No. 495596

Why not just look up some famous radfems.
Radfems would be reading "beauty and misogyny" by Sheila Jeffreys rather than post about getting prettier. You're thinking of pink pill women.

No. 495600

if god and the devil and heaven and hell were real, doesn't that mean that the devil is cool with you being bad and fucking around?

No. 495605

Yea, but you'd still get tortured in the afterlife and all that

No. 495618

that doesn't really follow based on what the bible says, it seems more like the devil would just want people who hate god to help him out and chill.

No. 495624

If he's real I'm pretty sure I'll go to hell and be given command of a legion of demons. Dude seems pretty rad.

No. 495648

the devil doesn't run hell or have any power in hell, so it really doesn't matter. on the day of judgement he is going to burn and die just like the rest of the condemned. he's just another sinner that dies alongside you, which is a much lamer storyline than what is popularly believed to be in the bible.

No. 495654

Lmao I love how matter of fact this post is

No. 495712

Will I go to paradise? I don't want to burn in hell. Hello god if you lurk here pls answer me.

No. 495713

Fuck you transphobic site slut cunt fathead little shit don't ever come and call my art cute ever again you shithead, God ppl don't understand being trans is like being God and if you're trans your such a validating person :0)(bait)

No. 495741

Hey anons, this is more of a rant since I'm not sure what I should do.
Why the hell am I afraid of men suddenly? My anxiety has become much worse in the past months and I just realized how tense I am around men. A guy sat next to me on public transit and I couldn't stop thinking about how easily he could kill me or something. Only when he left I realized I was very tense and sitting on the edge of my seat. My fear isn't exactly warranted, I mean I was sexually exploited by a man as a child but it was online so I don't know how that would suddenly translate to real life. It's always a specific type too, when they're the same size or smaller than me I don't feel as anxious. I really hate this, I don't want to be afraid of them. This has never happened before.

No. 495750

Are you reading this site a lot?
I definitely woke up to the dangerous strength of men when I first started processing a trauma that I had been ignoring, but also fixating on the pink pill thread for a while made me paranoid to a point where the fear wasn't even useful. Treat men like oncoming traffic, there are sensible things you can do to avoid dying that way but after a certain point you are just disrupting your own life by completely going out of your way to avoid unpredictable catastrophes. It also helps to keep in touch with any possible good man, such as a trusted friend or family member. Talking with someone who understands that men can be dangerous might might help you contextualise it better yourself.

No. 495985

I don't feel like I'm not like other girls, I'm in fact a very plain boring piece of shit, but I do feel really strange and eccentric. Neither boys nor girls like me. I went to the psychologist and they can't really diagnose me either. What does this mean? They're afraid to tell me I'm a twisted serial killer psychopath? That I need to kill myself? Pls respond.

No. 495987

you might be autistic. I'm not trying to be mean, but what you wrote is pretty relatable and I recently found out that I'm high-functioning autistic. I'm a woman, and I have girl and woman experiences, but put me against any same age woman with similar interests/experiences and I still come off as weird and eccentric. Only sperg men and eccentric women (who may just be spergs themselves) really like me.

Many professionals are still pretty ignorant on how autism manifests in women, especially high functioning adult women, which may be why your psychologist is unsure.

No. 495998

Guys, even spergers, only like me if I have sex with them. They block me online if I don't send nudes even if they're a 600 kg neckbeard with 3 teeth missing (real story). Girls hate me even if I compliment their ugly nasty face. I don't understand the world nor do I like it. But even if they respected me I'd still feel drained. Definitely autism symptom I agree. But I can relate to every single label of the rainbow. I'm not special, but I do notice that the GAF score (?) of other people are higher than mine by a ton (mine was at its lowest for 5+ years 20 something), I feel because I almost lived like a feral child that I missed a lot on life. When I was 7 it would be weeks that I'd be allowed to go outside, just an example. Maybe if I weren't put to clinics or if my home life was better I'd have been a different and better person. It didn't help that nobody can sympathize with me, but I don't think it helps since I just want a time machine and different parents maybe and environment.

I don't know what I live for, I work and go to school but I put up a facade that I plan the day before and I don't say a word that's not a script and try to look polished so no one bullies me or memes about me in the irl cow threads.
tl;dr i am a loony
But for now I guess autism will do. I do think you can develop in a later stage of life. Do you agree?

No. 496014

>I do think you can develop in a later stage of life. Do you agree?
I'm an assburger myself and I don't believe this. People hardly change and if they do it's because of trauma/some hardcore life experiences plus deep reflection.
We'll be weird and prone to ostracism for the rest of our lives.
>send nudes
Please, please, for your own sake, don't do this ever again. Ever.

No. 496032

Lol I quit that shit because I hate being a slave of people and I always did, I just thought they wanted to date me I guess because they said so, and later when they told me it's normal I thought that it was normal to do, feels good that I no longer give fake compliments, and I never sent obese toothless grin-kun shit because he lucked out to chat with me while I was trying to get my shit together and understanding the world/reraising myself because I realized that I genuinely didn't understand it. It was really hurtful to realize how evil people are and how evil men are sexually but I got over it. I lie about being a virgin because I don't count that one time I had sex as a 13 (or 14?) year old with a 32 year old grandpa when I was drunk since I feel I should just forget it (I never told anyone because I'm afraid to get hated even more lol) and I don't wanna get made fun of lol.

So autism is ruled out then if it's not something you can develop? Because I swear I can remember a more normal healthier me even if it didn't last so long.am so spergy and nervous/anxious and I was so innocent about people and the world until a year or two despite living with a mom and later mental asylum who made me sleep on the floor for years and also in very cold rooms. Then bpd is only left I think? I can't think of any other problem where you just bawl in tears and hallucinate that your hands are small toddler hands just because you saw yesterday an elementary school celebrating christmas.
Oh well at least it's going better at school/work even if I'm a shitty weird dumb person.

No. 496040

Idk you sound much more open, honest, and non narc than people with bpd. None of us have any basis to say though, its all just armchairing.
I really sympathize for you though anon and you sound like you are a good person and pretty self aware. I hope you get the help you need and get stable. I know its not allowed but: Imagine a heart emoji here.

No. 496043

Thanks, I will just do as my psychiatrist say and stick to the healthy stuff i do. insert hug emoticon. M-merry christmas btw (I will leave this site for a bit since I am drowning too much in it now)

No. 496044

Look into schizotypal personality disorder

No. 496049

File: 1576730280942.jpeg (8.28 KB, 207x244, download.jpeg)

Merry Christmas anon!

No. 496058

apparently bpd and high-functioning autism manifests similarly in women. it's hard to say though, since it seem you lived an unfortunately very traumatic life.

You can't really develop autism, but it can be more of an issue later in life, which is why high functioning women tend to get diagnosed later. I don't think you'll find the answers you're looking for, since you still seem in denial about your childhood rape.

I sincerely hope things work out for you, anon.

No. 496060

Not meaning to be rude but perhaps you're more of a schizo like
said? Because of this part
>just bawl in tears and hallucinate that your hands are small toddler hands just because you saw yesterday an elementary school celebrating christmas.
People with autism and BPD don't usually hallucinate.

No. 496064

Is it pedo-ish to want to be a teenager again and have a do over in the dating word? I want that type of romanticized teen angst relationship bullshit but I'm not like attracted to teenage boys or anything. I'm just kind of a dreamer/idealist and life has never lived up to my dreamworld and it just sucks.

No. 496066

I'm not an expert, but that seems more like a trigger response than straight up hallucinations.

No. 496067

if brains aren't fully developed until mid 20s, what makes people believe they can talk to kids or teens as if they were adults?
like, how can people trust teens to make good decisions when their decision makers aren't fully formed yet?

I was babied as a teen and hated every minute of it, but I can't imagine having free reign. i feel like I would have been more reckless, so I'm unsure if I should be grateful or not.

No. 496069

>what makes people believe they can talk to kids or teens as if they were adults?
There's a balance there. The idea isn't to reward recklessness or bad decision making with coddling or dismissing bad behavior with toothless verbal scoldings.
Usually the context is to communicate with youngsters in a way that talks to them and not down to them. You're more likely to get cooperation out of children and teens who feel they are acknowledged instead of being treated like stupids. Kids aren't entirely dumb.

I feel like there's people who take it to either extreme instead of seeing how there's a happy medium.

No. 496148

I have been reading pink pill a lot actually, I think what scares me the most is that they make a lot of sense and put into words what I couldn't. Thank you for the advice!

No. 496183

My parents gave me "free reign" as a teen (drank alcohol at home with friends, smoked weed openly, skipped class all the time, no focus on college or career, etc.) and I'm really angry that they didn't prepare me for adulthood or really give a shit about my development into a funtioning adult. I think they thought or tried to ride on the fact that I was mature for my age but I really wasn't, damnit. I was still a kid. I'm a huge loser today (but I'm working on it), and of course my parents can't be fully to blame for my failures, but I can't help but wonder what my life would be like with more support and structure from my parents. I hope this gives a little perpective anon.

No. 496199

Anons who were raped multiple times how did that happen? I'm not trolling. I'm really curious. I actually got sexually assaulted in the past but I'm not sure how it happens multiple times.

No. 496208

>they thought or tried to ride on the fact that I was mature for my age but I really wasn't

There's absolutely no such thing as a mature child. I've seen it time and again that children some adults see as mature/wise (let's say Greta Thunberg for the sake of an example,) are still very much kids with no real world experience at all. I can't even describe the feeling I got when I was like 24 or 25 where my brain sort of "clicked" into place and it felt like my mind was so immeasurably different from how it had ever been in my life previously. I'm 27 now, and I'm sure it happens for different people at different ages, but there's definitely a moment in time where I feel like I became an actual adult. Probably having a child myself and the responsibility of a job, bills, etc. is what threw me into the role, or maybe it's scientific (the general consensus of science is that the brain becomes fully developed between ages 25 to 30.)

No. 496228

i have an amazon rental textbook overdue and the card i used to pay for it is expired. if i just keep it will anything happen? the amazon delivery guy gonna do a drive by on me?

i have the book, i just accidentally ripped the cover off (it's a paperback). some of the index pages ripped out as well, but i have the cover. if i just put the cover back on and send it back, again, would anything happen? idk how i'd actually put it back on so i'd just be slipping the cover around the book and sending it off

No. 496332

Should I let a male kitten live inside with my two female cats?

Long story details if it matters? A year ago we started feeding a nice stray cat last year. The house next door was abandoned years ago and the cats from it live wilds in the woods so she came from one of them. Like 7 months ago we found out she had two babies. One didn't make it, other one did. Kept the mother and kitten in the garage until it could eat normal food. Kitten started bullying mom over food, mom cat didn't come around as much, found out neighbor got her fixed and adopted her. Now stuck with young boy cat who my partner refuses to rehome. The boy cat is fine with people, so not really a shy stray like the mother was, but does whatever it wants like force himself inside the house and follow my car. I got him fixed along with my 3 year old female cat who lives inside. We also have a 9 year old female cat who is fixed. The boy cat has been in the basement while it heals from surgery but wants in the rest of the house. My partner says he'll mount the other cats and I don't want him doing anything like that so I've been trying to keep him out to protect my lady cats. He bullied his mother so I'm worried he'll do it to them but he's still young and fixed at 7 months, maybe he won't mount the other cats?

No. 496381

Any lesbian anons that live in small places outside of the anglosphere? How do you find dates especially in your late 20s?
Holidays are just around the corner and I feel terribly depressed during this time of year. More so than Valentine's day or any other coonsomer date. I usually focus on work but with family gatherings and all the awkward questions that are bound to be asked and everyone being in couple I just feel so empty and lonely.

I've tried dating however I live in a small country (balkans no less) and 95% of women are either bisexual, couples, single mothers that have vowed to never be with a man ever again, women in their 40s and 50s that are divorced, have kids that are grown up or soon to be grown up and want to finally be with a woman after doing their "duty". I'll sound superficial when I say this but I just want another woman like me that wants to start building life together as corny as it sounds, not someone that has already quite a history with someone else and kids of their own. All the women I've been falling for were straight and I keep getting asked out by straight guys which led to a number of awkward situations. I guess this was also a half vent, sorry about that. I just have no one to talk to. Lesbian sites in my country are a joke and there are lots of nutcases that have a need to stalk and harass lesbians for whatever reason. It's all so tiresome.

No. 496455

Is it possible for my sense of smell to suddenly change? I was going through a lot of nausea recently and the first day I felt better and showered, after I was putting on lotion and even my fragrance free labeled lotion was making me sort of nauseous… And then for the past two days I keep smelling this sort of weird smell, I think it’s the inside of my nose? lol sometimes I would smell it right after rubbing my nose but suddenly I keep picking up on a similar smell here and there. The weirdest thing was when I was setting up my aroma diffuser for the first time in a while. I use floral oils and was going to put in a fresnia oil because I know I like it but it just smelled too strong so I thought maybe I just didn’t want to today and went to grab a rose oil- my absolute favorite scent, and took a whiff off the bottle like I normally do and it… smells different? Like the scent resembles what I remember it smelling like, but now there are parts to it that I don’t remember picking up on before and it’s off putting.

Am I just going crazy or what?? lol

No. 496470

Is it weird I don't understand alcoholism/drug addiction? I love drinking and doing some drugs but I don't feel the need to do them all of the time. I'm on adderall right now which makes euphoric but I stretched out my month prescription to over four months. And I would probably do it even less if I didn't have to study.

I had a bad case of internet addiction in my past that kinda caused me to be a NEET. I'm still too addicted to my phone and the internet, tbh, but who isn't these days? A lot of alcoholics still have a similar internet addiction. I don't understand why people need drugs when there is a constant stream of content to consume and distractions. Plus having an internet addiction is way less harmful to your body.

No. 496486

some people are VERY prone to alcoholism and others not at all. it has to do with brain chemistry. same with food/sugar addiction.

I don't know if the same is true about drugs like heroin and cocaine, but I watched a video recently of someone who did drugs and she said that most people who do drugs aren't users and that people believe the misconception that all heroine users being like kurt cobaine because of media portrayal and that there are more functional drug users. it's a pretty interesting topic.

also, "internet addiction" isn't a real addiction, same with porn and video games. I mean, I'm not an expert so maybe it could be? but to my understanding an addiction is with something that physically enters your body and does something to your physiology, like drugs. so called internet addictions are more like a compulsion. and something else is that I feel like the internet actually makes my mental problems even worse and need drugs even more lmao.

No. 496489

Heroin/opioids seem really dangerous to me. There are a lot of people who don't become addicted but there's way too many regular people who become addicted. Maybe it's only 10% who fuck up their lives but that's still too much. I wouldn't risk it.

No. 496494

like another anon said, brain chemistry has a lot to do with it, but i think a lot of people are easily psychologically addicted, like, there are a lot of people out here saying they're really addicted to weed and dramatizing, claiming it's physiological and they're "waking up in cold sweats" (lol) because they didn't smoke a joint today, when we know it's not. and some people just don't get addicted as easily, so maybe that's your situation too. i choose to use some drugs as a way to self medicate because my depression is treatment resistant and doctors refuse to give me older classes of anti-depressants because suicide risk, but i can pick up and drop things comparatively easily too, i just really really really don't want to feel the way i feel, nor can i afford to literally, but it's not addiction. some people do get physiologically addicted easily though, people who are genetically pre-disposed to alcoholism or drug addiction in general.

but i think we're seeing a lot of people use "addiction" to talk about psychological addiction that are trying to claim it's physiological to play it up, when it's really just psychological. some people feel the need to be on drugs to escape how they feel or their reality, and i think that plays into a large part of drug use and eventually addiction, too.

No. 496508

Congrats, best wishes for a healthy pregnancy

No. 496509

>to my understanding an addiction is with something that physically enters your body and does something to your physiology, like drugs.
wouldn't gambling not be an addiction either? I'm pretty sure the brain's chemistry is changed by an addiction (though I am also not an expert).

No. 496510

There are absolutely addictive drugs that have physical effects of withdrawal such as benzos and opiates. Do not fuck around with that shit there's a reason they have the highest rates of relapse and od. Shrugging that shit off is the dumbest thing you can do, weed is fine but stay the fuck away from the hard stuff you'll regret it.

No. 496512

this is untrue. physical and behavioral addiction are not the same thing. the addiction to things such as the internet, etc. are behavioral addictions and many of them have similar aspects as standard addictions to drugs.

>In the fifth edition of the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5), gambling disorder is included in a new category on behavioral addictions. This reflects research findings that gambling disorder is similar to substance-related disorders in many ways.

No. 496562

Hello girls, I'm having a problem with some jackass reporting my instagram accounts and using multiple accounts to get it shut down along with making the hashtags blocked so I won't have many followers. Do I have to personally contact Instagram and tell them about this so they can stop that moron?

No. 496619

>sometimes I would smell it right after rubbing my nose
That makes me think it's just a harmless infection, that can have a weird smell. But I'm not a doctor.

No. 496666

I don't know how to get over the trauma of being in an abusive relationship.
I am in therapy and my therapist gave me advice to observe/describe and write down my thoughts non-judgementally and to assess whether it's true and general stuff for distress like breathing. But I'm doing it every day. It helps for a few seconds/minutes but then it comes back.
I'm so very sad that it happened. The relationship was 4 years and the abuse started slowly 3 years in. I am sad that it happened, vaguely wonder if it was my fault and I'm just that terrible, but I also don't feel like I deserved it in a weird way (I go back and forth on it). Like I am angry that I'm burdened with all of this and paying out the nose for expensive therapy. When I'm at a point where I understand I wasn't my fault, I am so sad and angry that it happened. "It shouldn't have been like this. Someone I cared about shouldn't have done horrific stuff to me" and I can't get over that. I can't let it go and not feel sad about it.
Can anyone give advice? How can I stop having such a heavy heart? We've been broken up for 8 months and I feel like it's this shadow that is over me. I am objectively better off broken up. I don't have to hide in fear or avoid going home but i am afraid I'll never feel happy like how I felt before I met him.
I live alone in a city with no friends, can't afford to take classes a the moment (paying for therapy). I'm trying though. Im going to free Meetup stuff and habing out with coworkers. Im at a point where it feels like ending things is inevitable for me and I'm just biding time.

No. 496714

I'm in a similar situation, but my ex wasn't extremely abusive, just an ass I guess, idk. I'm going through the same thought process as you too. Apart from going to therapy, maybe try to do things to occupy yourself? Like finding a hobby, trying to plan for the future the best you can, stuff like that.

It will take time until you heal, maybe it will leave scars but it will get better eventually. I know it fucking sucks and that you probanly have these thoughts often or some days it gets a lot worse, like it's the first day since the shit happened, but it does get easier. Just keep going to therapy and do your own thing. Best of luck anon

No. 496739

I get the weird smell a lot. Congrats, it's either sinusitis or something to do with your tonsils. It goes away.

No. 496746

What's the point of pairing food and drinks together? Like, can someone explain how the taste of one or the other is enhanced by having the two of them together? I think all alcohol tastes like ass so I don't get it lol.

No. 496749

My spouse is a craft beer freak and he swears lots of different kinds of beers pair with certain foods. Usually sweet or savory stuff. Sometimes I get a whiff of his beer and yeah it looks different and I can smell the fruit or coffee or nuts added in the brew, but underneath all that, it smells like the same cough syrup. I guess it's an acquired taste. I'd rather just drink something non alcoholic like water and enjoy my food as is lol.

No. 496752

>the taste of one or the other is enhanced by having the two of them together

It's pretty much that simple, think of having coffee and a donut together instead of one or the other alone, or how some people will put a piece of cheese on apple pie. If you don't like how alcohol tastes though, combining it with food isn't going to make it better. Pairing things is just a new way to enjoy things you already like.

No. 496764

It will take time anon, be kind to yourself. Being abused by someone you loved and trusted for years doesn't just go away with a few therapy sessions and breathing exercises. You are mourning the relationship and breach of trust, the anger and grief is normal. Keep working on what your therapist told you to. It WILL get better, slowly yes, but it will.

No. 496786

Is there a way to just smell better naturally?
Not that I smell terrible, but I'd love to give off a better scent than just "normal human who wears deodorant and occasionally a few bargain bin scents"

Obviously, stronger smelling foods can seep through, especially if you eat a lot of garlic/spices
But what about more floral scents? Or what if I wanted to smell like fresh cookies?

Does anyone here have any experience with CRISPR? Maybe I could change the bacteria on my skin that eat sweat/dead skin to exude fresh, light scents

No. 496788

CRISPR is an oversimplified jerkoff fantasy for transhumanists. Just wear perfume.

No. 496789

I get why you say that, but I also want to know more about your specific viewpoint

Also, any perfume recs?
I really like citrus and "pink sugar" if that helps

No. 496800

you can drink chlorophyll water to get rid of body odor… it worked for me. but then I switched to capsules and it fucked up my stomach. but I already had a lot of stomach issues.

I've heard parsley has the same effect, maybe you could put parsley in a blender with some water and drink it? that sounds gross but it might work.

No. 496805

The only thing I’ve heard of working is diet. Avoid flavorful foods like beef, onions, garlic, dairy and strong spices like cumin. Fenugreek can make you smell like maple syrup. Chlorophyll capsules can work. There are only probiotic sprays but they only ‘work’ if you don’t shower.

No. 496814

What's the difference (if any) between the deep web, the dark web and the shadow web?

No. 496822

deep web = non-indexted sites that wont show up on a search engine, most are subdomains for legitimate sites, dark web = non-indexted sites for illegal shit like selling drugs, stolen CC info, cp, ect, shadow web = meme term for an even darker dark web where the REAL bad stuff happens from creepypastas that normies take serious

No. 497083

How do I be less introverted? Is it possible?

When I was a neet it was easier to go to a party or something at the end of the week because I'd stay home alone all day while my family went to work. But I have a fulltime job now and maintaining just enough sociability to not be treated as a freak/get work done (and I don't even eat lunch with anyone or talk to people much outside of work stuff) still drains like 90% of my energy that I don't even really want to hang out with my friends anymore. Am I just fucked any have to choose between work and a social life? (And it's not even a choice because not working is not an option…)

No. 497090

You can develop abbilities generally associated with extraverted people, but you can not become less introverted than you naturally are.

No. 497094

Why don't wolves faces melt off when they eat stomachs? My stomach has acid so if a wolf eats it it's face will be burned off. Do mooses, hens, or whatever wolves eat stomachs have less acid?

No. 497102

Most animals stomach acid isn't that strong and you need to marinade organic material in it for hours for it to dissolve significantly and that's after it's already been torn up which is why most animals chew their food before swallowing and certain harder foods like seeds just go straight through you.

No. 497165

File: 1576979645970.jpg (55.72 KB, 1467x2000, lavender-latte-ice-cream-6.jpg)

maybe a gross question but what do you do after a guy comes in you? like directly inside w/o protection. I'm a virgin and not planning to do this but it was just on my mind.

this is assuming you're not trying to get pregnant btw. do you just go off to bathroom and push it out with your muscles over the toilet? it's surely gonna drip out if you just leave it, so what is the method?

No. 497173

I hate having guys come in me because its messy and flows out of you pretty much instantly and stains your sheets. I don't recommend it but if you absolutely must, go to the bathroom right after and let it flow out into the toilet. Some things sound hotter in theory and creampies are one of them.

No. 497178

Why is turkey so popular at Christmas? Does anyone actually like turkey?
It's nearly always dry and tasteless. It's like chicken but worse.

No. 497184

i think it's only popular for christmas in the uk. i don't know why, you guys have terrible taste in food anyways. honestly quorn has a great alternative turkey that's less dry, so why even eat turkey? it's certainly not worth the colon cancer.

also the only turkey that is not dry is brined or fried.

No. 497200

>come from family who serves prime rib and lobster tail for Christmas because it was their way of showing off that they had "made it" in the new country


No. 497206

I have a Steam gift card and never really played the Sims that much. Should I get the Sims 3 bundle with some of the expansion packs? Or would it be better if I just tried pirating it?

No. 497207

In my experience it just like comes right out and then I just let the guy clean it up with a towel or whatever is handy and then go pee because it’s important to always pee after sex so you don’t get UTIs and what not. side note towels are really handy during sex like lay one down before having period sex or to wipe off excess lube or a creampie lol

No. 497211

Probably because people tend to have family over at dinner and it's a large bird that's easy to cut slices off and share I guess.

No. 497212

File: 1576996117002.jpg (279.61 KB, 1028x686, kittila2.jpg)

Why does the sky turn pink/purple in winter but not in summer?

No. 497213

make sure you can run ts3 first, it's such a resource hog

No. 497233

I have to recommend this to everyone playing sims3, download a program called Fpslimiter, you can find it by googling fpslimiter sims 3, it makes sure your game doesn't try to make too many frames per second and caps it at 30 fps I think. Before I installed it, my game was running at literally 200 fps and lagging and my laptop was overheating. After installing it it works like a charm. Loading times are still a bit long but not 10-15 minutes anymore.

No. 497258

idk but can it be related to light reflection due to snow? i noticed it doesnt get that pink if theres no snow

No. 497260

Close. It's because the colder it is the less dust and other particles rise on evaporating air and clog up the sky making it a denser medium for the full visible spectrum of light to get through. Violet colors are the first to be scattered since they're shorter wavelength (moving slower through the medium) and the human eye cant detect those shades very well. Same reason sunrises and sunsets are redish orange shades, since the sunlight is coming in at an angle through more atmosphere than usual most of the colors get dissipated reaching you other than those on the longest visible wavelengths.

No. 497368

Thanks for the info! I have a new and very powerful PC so I think it will be able to handle the game. Just slightly concerned that the graphics card (RTX 2070) might be too new for it to recognize since that’s apparently a thing but Googling that doesn’t turn up anything too concerning.

No. 497369

File: 1577045142997.png (346.63 KB, 635x880, EH-edVEU0AEpBI2.png)

All the talk about robohusbandos in the Dumbass and Prediction threads got me daydreaming.
Can anyone recommend media with male robots dealing with female humans, or just about male robots in general? Platonic relationships would be great/preferred too. Books, Movies, Music, Games, Manga etc are all good.

No. 497392

anyone know how i can download a good video editing software (adobe after effects or sony vegas pro, preferably the newer versions too) without having to pay for it? i watched endless of youtube videos and all of them end up being a big scam lol

No. 497397

File: 1577054005405.jpeg (13.9 KB, 253x199, E12AC17F-16C4-4BC3-BC1F-E50605…)

Data from Star Trek The Next Generation is my favorite robot character from televised media. His character is interesting because he’s largely motivated by his own self edification and a desire to become more human. I liked that they never made him too human, the stiff roboticism of his movements and behaviors contrasted with his goals was entertaining and made character growth feel more well deserved.

The obvious downside is that he’s part of an ensemble cast. You could probably find a guide to all the Data-centric episodes but at the end of the day his story is still intertwined with episodes that largely aren’t about him. TNG is a good show but it’s not short, the effects are dated and the first season can be rough. So unless you are intrigued by the show in general it’s hard to recommend. If you’re still interested I’d look into viewer guides that steer you around the worst of the first season when the writers were still figuring the characters out. You can also wet your toes on a couple of episodes centered on Data, the one about him and his ‘daughter’’, “The Offspring”, is great. All that said I easily forgave the show’s flaws, it’s still a pretty good show and Data is great.

If you do decide to watch be aware his character arc concludes in the films and that there isn’t any romance (terrible first episode aside).

No. 497399

Getting Nick Valentine as your companion and romancing him in Fallout 4 is the top robohusbundu experience.

No. 497401

I also recommend the British show ‘Humans’, which contrary to the name is all about robots. It’s set in an alternate London where robots are commonplace and the events that follow as they start becoming self aware. There are multiple interesting robot characters, male and female. Mind you the show wasn’t renewed for a fourths season so you might not be satisfied with how it concludes. My favorite male bot was Odi, who was ‘disabled’ following an injury and found religion lol, he was sweet.

No. 497408

Zettai Kareshi (manga, I think there's also a drama)
The one Black Mirror episode with Domhnall Gleeson

You might also enjoy the visual novel Nameless, it's about a bunch of bjds turned alive and not robots but it works the same (girl gets husbandos from objects). It's very anime/manga tropey though (there's even a shota husbando - yikes, vut at least no sex scenes afaik) which is why I dropped it

No. 497409

Data gets so much pussy for being a robot. I mean I love him and he's adorable but whats with the shows obsession with having him fuck all the time?

No. 497422

Fan service maybe? Data was a very popular character especially among female viewers and the actor used to get tons of fan mail from women. But there wasn’t really anyone on the cast he could have been paired with so the only way to get him a relationship was to introduce someone for that sole purpose (generally a bad approach).

No. 497432

Thank god I've never been sexually assaulted, but I have to assume it happens when you're in a relationship with your assaulter
Or, unfortunately, multiple people at once

And some women have to go through the absolute hell that is getting sex trafficked

No. 497441

What does TiF, TiM, and OTT mean?

No. 497446

Trans-identifying male/female
So a TiM is also known as a transwoman but this term takes away the designation of "woman."

Ott.. Over the top? Not 100% on that one tho

No. 497449

i think it's off the topic

No. 497463

OT is off topic, OTT is over the top

No. 497476

What's the best way to download youtube videos? I know there are sites you can use but those seem shady

No. 497479

No. 497480

Jdownloader, for easily downloading pretty much everything including youtube

No. 497487

No. 497489

I thought he only fucked one time with Tasha Yar? I can't remember another time

No. 497546

Are there a lot of lesbian bars in Tokyo? I keep reading about how there's a lot of gay bars and how many of them don't allow foreigners in them or are small and just have their own usual same customers but I can't find anything about lesbian bars.

No. 497558

I know about the Goldfinger bar, but that's it

No. 497662

american anons, what are you paying annually for your homeowners insurance?

No. 497674

I’d be more interested in knowing how many American anons own their own homes

No. 497682

probably few what with the fact that we have to pay for health insurance, medical bills and insanely overinflated tuition. i'd like to know too. but i'd still like to know about the home insurance premiums too.

No. 497701

Yeah I’m racking my brains and only remember him banging Tasha and maybe that one woman who tried a relationship with him. Otherwise I think he mostly got wistful sighs and coy glances and some flirtations here and there from women who were attracted to him.

No. 497708

Some own their own homes thanks to an inheritance of property, in America a lot of wealth is built generationally unless you're part of a small percentage of extremely intelligent immigrants.

No. 497712

Any of you ever think of larping on other sites as a man the way men come here snd larp as women?

No. 497720

File: 1577142708519.jpg (61.21 KB, 500x333, 1548990845030.jpg)

So I'm going to Tokyo for a month in august/september. This will be my third time going there and this time I'm travelling alone. Is there a way to meet people (tourists or japanese ppl) so that I'm not completely alone for a month? My japanese language skills have gotten pretty bad though.

I've read that some people recommend guide groups but since it's my third time I don't really want to do a lot of sightseeing in touristy areas again. But I also kinda don't want to be lonely and sad for a whole month help

No. 497721

i know there are facebook groups for this kind of thing. maybe look for one of those? or you could use a site like ohmyjapan and contact only women or something.

No. 497728

Confession: I have samefagged/LARPED on the 4chans in order to get people to actually respond and respect my opinion.

Confession: After much experience, it works. It's sad, but I do it so people will pay attention to what I'm actually saying and not automatically dismiss it because I'm a woman.

Confession: I'm not like a femcel or anything. I'm married and shit. But I do this kind of a lot.

I love the asshole of the internet and it's really entertaining for me. SO SUE ME. Pretending to be a dude makes people respond to me more rationally and have an actual conversation and think I'm funny …. And better.

No. 497731

I really wish 4chan would die out, I really hate pedos and nazis.

No. 497733

Yeah, me too, honestly. I feel dirty with the LARPing but OMG this site and the Worse One provide me with an outlet for the shit-talk I wish I could find IRL but I never would cuz "principles."

I need the shit-talk. I'm saying I argue with the nazis and pedos and gross-o's, btw.

It's a trashy place but when the hubs is at work and I'm drinking I eat that trash UUUUPPP.

So sue me!

No. 497739

dude so easy!! learn up some basic colloquial/casual japanese, trust me it goes a long way (for banter)
when we were there we'd get split up while at a bar/on the street and being drunk aussies who talk to everyone we managed to make heaps of friends.
one night a girl straight up yelled at me in english that I was cute and I yelled it back in japanese, we're still friends. honestly just don't be scared, try and get out and experience some of the night life. there's amazing bars where there's a person from every country pretty much.
also touch base with people over instagram you know if they live there so you can have someone to meet up with.
we played soccer with a bunch of strangers in the middle of the street in shibuya at 3am. get amongst, be brave, have fun, stay safe.

keep us posted on how it goes dude! proud of you for doing something like this by yourself. it'll do you wonders.

No. 497746

File: 1577149408246.png (463.96 KB, 750x625, HO3Zt6U.png)

Does anyone know what these types of illustrations are called? I love the cozy tiny room look.

>one night a girl straight up yelled at me in english that I was cute and I yelled it back in japanese, we're still friends.

NTA but this is so cute anon omg

No. 497749

I really wish that toilets didn't exist, I really hate shit and piss.

No. 497754

are you saying 4chan is a toilet and the nazi pedos are the shit and piss?

No. 497771

File: 1577154507030.jpg (137.16 KB, 750x740, 042a494c-a298-485c-bde1-d873db…)

does anyone know which post has the most replies to?

No. 497799

you'll have luck finding similar illustrations if you google "isometric room drawing/illustration"

No. 497801

I think they mean 4chan helps contain them, like toilets are where piss and shit is contained

No. 497811

File: 1577160961558.png (335.29 KB, 554x386, ooooo.PNG)

AH Thank you anon!

No. 497814

Is there anyone on this website that actually supports MtFs/TiMs/Axe Wounds?(>>>gc/pp)

No. 497816

File: 1577162199858.jpg (1.07 MB, 1650x1238, Boya.full.1875068.jpg)

NTA but thanks, I love these too. Posting my fav.

No. 497820

What do people mean when they refer to meat “melting in their mouth”? Why do they even say it like that? Just say its tender?

No. 497828

Lmao redtext, but no link? There's only a single link to the new 2x board buried in the old GC/PP thread. How are new people/people online infrequently supposed to know?

No. 497829

it was posted in the last gendercrit thread. it's not hard to find lol you people just want to shit up the place and this is your excuse now huh

No. 497832

https://lolcow.farm/2X/res/1.html there are no threads on it yet

No. 497833

You're looking at the wrong URL, go to https://lolcow.farm/2X/

No. 497835

Why do so many zoomer memes involve earrape? How is that funny?

No. 497836

My bad, thanks!

No. 497845

Spot on.

No. 497854

I had no idea there is a new board.

Why hasn't it been added to the menu?

No. 497862

Because it's not permanent yet, it's being tested

No. 497927

probably for the same reasons why gen x loved "surprise buttsex" (aka anal rape) meme

No. 497949

File: 1577209691682.jpg (187.45 KB, 1080x1325, IMG_20191224_101641.jpg)

This ban was retarded, nowhere in the site rules does it say gender crit discussion is limited to one thread. Your knee jerk reaction as a mod just makes me think you're a butthurt tranny who hates that more and more people are seeing through your shitty, invasive ideology.
If there are MtF mods on this website they should get demoted and banned, same with handmaidens. You're not right to run a space primarily for women and try to silence those of us who are tired of your tranny agenda bullshit.

No. 497952

or it could be that some mods aren't radfem? god forbid people have a difference of opinion

No. 497961

i love how you people think everyone who doesn't want to fucking talk about men is a tranny or handmaiden. some of us want to have relaxed discussions that don't remind us of garbage.

No. 498004

Mod is definitely a troon lol

No. 498007

itt: anons not reading the rules at the top of /ot/ and then getting mad when they get banned for breaking them

No. 498008

Gonna reply to you because everyone is treating you like you're crazy and that's not a good look considering I know there's many more people who agree with you than it seems

I do agree it's weird and obnoxious how mods are so against gender crit/pink pill discussion, I also find it annoying how female spaces are always called to more "fair" and "tolerant" than male spaces, which can have casual misogyny in its board culture and that's seen as fine and dandy, but if SOME elements of hating men or troons is on here then it's "too political, guise"

No. 498016

Nitpick, but you don’t have to be radfem to not worship the ground trannies walk on
Never met a man that doesn’t think trannies are vile and they’re by no stretch of the imagination radfems

No. 498019

this site bans most political shit, why do you think you get a pass?

No. 498034

My boyfriend looks like Kylo Ren and he won’t grow his hair out like him and it’s making me so sad and angry because I just want to stroke my fingers through long hair plus it’ll flatter his face

Why is my boyfriend so stubborn I just wanna slap him some times

How do I get him to grow his hair out without looking like a controlling beotch

No. 498035

i feel your pain because i love long haired men but i think you're just going to have to accept this one. wouldn't you be annoyed and grossed out if your bf really really wanted you to get a pixie cut to look like emma watson or something

No. 498039

This and also you'll be surprised at how many men don't take care of their hair, or just do not care. It look greasy and gnarly most the time. Plus if he's 25+ most men start to shed or lose their hair, and it happens on a frequency way more than how female hair sheds so you'll look forward to long ass strands of hair in every nook and cranny.

Long hair on men tends to be nice in imagination only.

No. 498048

Would it be bad to make a thread maybe here in /ot/ or it would probably fit /g/ more about some smaller websites that sell clothing/jewellery and might not have enough reviews out there it's a mixed bag with either too much bad or too much good?

I've come across a couple sites I've never heard of before and when searching up the site(s) I either get really old reviews from years ago or some recent reviews that aren't in english or just snippy because the clothes didn't fit.

I'd just like something a bit more concrete reviews/opinions on the website if they aren't shady and on the off chance farmers have brought from one of the sites and they could give their review/opinion of said site's clothing, quality and overall experience they've had

No. 498062

Do any of you anons find yourself willingly (and unprovoked) sharing embarrassing information about yourself with people? For example, embarrassing childhood memories, or even more recent occurrences? I always notice how open I can be with people, even strangers, about things that I’d generally be hitting myself over if thinking about it by myself. I can kind of see it as laughing about it to get over it, and using these situations as armor instead of criticism (like Tyrion dwarf shit lmao) but none of the things I share would ever be brought up by other people, so what would I really be protecting myself from…? It’s just odd that I easily share this info about myself to literally anyone I can moderately vibe with, and seem to enjoy it, until I think about it after-the-fact and wonder why the hell I shared so much. I’m curious to see if any of you do the same, and how you feel about doing so.

No. 498168

thank you anon!! I'll try to hit up some bars! Although you all went as a group right? I just feel slightly scared of going to bars all by myself so I guess I will have to befriend at least one person beforehand. Any bars/nightclubs you recommend?

No. 498197

It's just me or were the years 2013-2015 ABSOLUTELY horrible?anyone else agree?I know it's the past but damn I have never truly suffered or felt agony ever in my life until those damn years came by,thank goodness it's almost 2020 those memories are almost non existent

No. 498199

lol I do this too
"thank god it's a new decade so I can forget the old decade"

No. 498200

I actually peaked in 2014/15. 2016-now has been a massive downward spiral so I'm delighted to start the 20s new anyway.

No. 498202

anon thats exactly me. i do this with my coworkers/supervisors all the time since we are friends and they seem to vibe when shooting the shit but damn if my brain doesnt go a million miles per hour later that night thinking about how dumb i am.

No. 498204

some, though 2014 and most of 2015 was great for me. end of 2015 is when things went to shit.

No. 498208


2014 was one of the worst years of my life but that was mostly due to depression and incredibly stupid mistakes on my part.

No. 498210

That's where most people here dropped out/finished high school, I'd say pretty normal sight to see in your environment. Life sucks for most and then you die. I hope 2020 is a chance for all of us to begin new and clean, though. Fuck old memories yay.

No. 498214

Does groupon ever go beyond 20% with their sales?

No. 498225

I wonder what happened to the online sex workers who are popular five years ago. Is it possible for most girls to keep their brands for that long?

No. 498232

class of 2009 here, am I too old for lolcow?

No. 498233

are vacuum cleaners a good vector for transfering bed bugs?
i try to buy everything (electronics, furniture with no cloth, etc) used, but now im second guessing buying a used vacuum because of this.

No. 498235

Don't be fucking stupid.

No. 498236

I don't think so. Just make sure to clean the filter/bag before using it.

No. 498261

Why do some women post pictures of themselves in the snow in outfits clearly not keeping them warm? Thin tights with a skirt and fur jacket, your legs must still be freezing. I don't understand…

No. 498262

If you're wearing heattech tights it's warm enough. Also, a lot of people live in areas that just aren't that cold, even with snow. If I can walk around in December in tights and a miniskirt whilst living in the Arctic circle, I'm sure girls from Midwestern US are fine too.

No. 498263

1) more likes on social media, attention
2) get men to swoon over how hot they are
3) they feel cute

No. 498265

2014 was the year of my attempted suicide and start of a downward spiral. pre-2014 I was still a mess but somewhat functional. 2019 is the year it started turning around and I'm excited for 2020

No. 498270

Legs don't get as cold as the rest of your body, just stockings or tights are usually fine. Obviously they want to look cute, maybe they'll suffer a little for vanity's sake, but it's not THAT uncomfortable.

I'm currently planning my packing list for a winter trip and I'll be taking a couple of shorter skirts to wear with heat tech uniqlo bottoms like >>498262 mentioned. I just don't like looking frumpy and I know my legs can take a bit more cold than the rest of me.

No. 498273

>I just don't like looking frumpy
Yeah honestly same, it always puts me in a super bad mood and people always treat me worse than when I try to dress up. Nowadays people spend most of their time indoors too so it's whatever.

No. 498274

100% same. I know realistically it shouldn't matter, but when I dress like crap I feel like crap. I'm very mediocre looking so I need the confidence boost of cute outfits. I get especially fussy about my clothes when I go on holiday, I really hate looking like a tourist in athletic wear or whatever.

No. 498304

I'm past the morning sickness part of my pregnancy (for me at least) but food still tastes off, or just not as good as it usually does. Is that normal and my tastebuds will eventually return to normal? Or is this possibly unrelated or a depression thing?

No. 498313

if you're not cute how do you expect the outfits to fix that lol. if you don't look cute, cute outfits will make you look worse tbh.

No. 498318

What a weirdly mean and confusing response… firstly, I said mediocre looking, not ugly, and I'm aware it's not going to fix anything about my average face. It makes me feel good regardless, people should wear whatever makes them feel comfortable and confident. But I've never seen an ugly person look worse because of dressing well and it's strange that anyone would think that.

No. 498320

Thie anon probably thinks "cute outfit" means a miniskirt and bra set.

All people look better if they dress well. Dressing well = looking worse does not compute.

No. 498340

I've never been pregnant but from what I've been told by other women it really is something that depends on women. My own mother never really felt morning sickness when she was pregnant of my siblings and I, but my former manager who had to go to maternity leave at some point was feeling nauseous the whole time and many food and ingredients she used to love made her want to throw up just because of the smell until she gave birth.

No. 498341

ia, this is the weirdest reply i've seen for quite a while

No. 498342

File: 1577363846428.jpg (104.66 KB, 846x846, Adult-Summer-kawaii-Lolita-Dre…)

Anon assumed OP meant pic related by 'cute clothes' and went full retard kek

No. 498345

You could try adding more salt to food to see if it makes it more satisfying. I've been pregnant twice and I always get cravings for salt. First time it was salted peanuts, the second time it was salted cucumber with hot sauce. Cravings and taste changes are thought to be related to increased nutritional needs, so maybe lack of flavour in food is caused by electrolyte imbalances.

No. 498347

How can I learn to become less sensitive?

I'm quite insecure and have a bunch of mental issues that make it hard to just not get offended when people joke or tease me.

I wanna be less tense and not make things awkward by getting serious when friends joke.
I'm aware of it when it happens but I just can't laugh it off…

No. 498417

How do I stop eyeshadow fallout while applying it? I'm not heavy handed or too crazy when I apply shadow with brushes, I usually don't get fallout that much/at all when using eyeshadow, but I got some glittery gold shadows for Christmas and the glitter gets fucking everywhere no matter how I apply it with a brush. Can I do anything about this or should I just apply it with my fingers and then blend it out with a brush?

No. 498437

I've only ever been able to apply super glittery eyeshadows with my fingers. I recommend trying out an eyeshadow primer too if you aren't already doing that.

No. 498447

Do people think it’s weird to go partying with your sibling? I mentioned to someone that couple years ago when I didn’t have many friends I used to go clubbing with my brother and his best buddy (I still do it sometimes) and she acted as if I was lowkey admitting to comitting incest or something, it was bizarre.
I laughed it off at first and just asked her wth was she talking about, but now my insecure ass can’t stop worrying that I’ve been doing something weird without realizing it.

No. 498456

I don’t think so at all! I’ve had similar reactions to talking to people about my brother who I’m just super good friends with, I think people who aren’t close to their siblings think it’s odd/awkward to be close to your siblings because they think of how their interactions with their siblings go.

No. 498457

No, it's weird of your friend to make the leap to incest, or to imply it. Is she a bit sheltered and making an automatic connection between clubbing and hooking up?

No. 498464

Yeah, I’m pretty sure you’re right. Looks like she was projecting something onto me.

I guess I got confused because I really didn’t expect anyone to have such a strong reaction to something like that.

No. 498477

It was mostly due to bullying in middle school and being obsessed with social media,I still fucking hate how shitty my teenager years and how my mental health became worse but everything turned around for me in 2017

No. 498490

Has containment threads/boards ever worked for imageboards? It seems like they end up drawing more of their ilk.

No. 498524

I remember when bronies got a containment board on 4chan because they kept spamming /b/ with pony stuff. It took a while, like several months(?) until they all eventually migrated and made use of their /mlp/ board. So I guess yes it does, but it takes a while for people to either give up or figure out that there's an entire space for them. The same thing happened with paranormal content, its all contained in /x/ entirely pretty much.

No. 498528

Why is it that I can marathon dozens of shitty top 10 youtube videos or watch my favorite video game streamer for hours but can't even be assed to start a new TV series?

No. 498529

lmao anon I have that too. I think its easier to binge 10-20 min videos rather than committing to TV series, I guess? Since yt vids are more of short lived entertainment/background noise for me personally.

On another note I am suspecting I might have ADD since I can never sit through shit without losing interest/attention. My boyfriend mentioned I might have it by the wave he observed me by his side. Any anons who are taking add/adhd meds? Does it help with sitting your ass down and focus on studying?

No. 498537

Ahh, I really enjoy longer videos though. I thought about it a bit more after posting, and in my case it's because it's way less time consuming to find an interesting Youtube video than a good TV show. There's so much content on the internet, so at least if I don't like a video I can click off and find something more appealing within seconds. It's a much bigger let down to browse through shows, pick one out and then find out it sucks after watching for awhile. Haha.

No. 498538

oh yeah I feel that honestly, I dropped shows and anime for a while because they feel kinda boring and not fulfilling enough. I fully relate to that view on youtube videos too.

They released The Witcher on Netflix and it's a pretty fun watch tbh, I would recommend if you are into that kind of stuff anon!

No. 498543

> I think its easier to binge 10-20 min videos rather than committing to TV series, I guess?
I've got a short attention span but it's the total opposite for me. Like, if I'm going to sit down and watch 10-20 minutes of anything it's going to be a tv show with good reviews, with an interesting premise, etc. Like hell am I gonna risk wasting 20 mins of my life on some youtube video by an amateur which could be, and most likely is, garbage. I hate youtube outside of music and informative videos because there's just no way to gauge or guarantee quality until you sit through the video.

No. 498557

why are little kids such jerks?

No. 498558

Shit parents who don't socialize them properly and now adays probably just give them an ipad rather than talk to them at all.

No. 498595

It's much easier to judge the quality of a video within the first couple of minutes than it is to the judge the quality of an entire series within the first couple of episodes.

No. 498596

In my experience?

When I was 3, I was singing a particular line from Summer Girls by LFO when my sister's asian friend came by
I loved the song, but it didn't even register to me that someone else might not understand that I had been singing the song all the time and could only remember so much of the song

For those unfamiliar,
"New Kids On The Block
Had a bunch of hits
Chinese food makes me sick"

No. 498598

its simply that empathy has to develop, it isn't inborn. you have a point where you go 'ohh that happening to them is like if it happened to me. they feel bad like how i feel bad'

No. 498604

For authors who have been dead for a long time like say Jane Austen or George Orwell who collects the money and profits from their books being sold? I know they usually have some kind of estate but how exactly does it work, and do like their kids and family get something also?

No. 498607

I'm not very knowledgeable on the subject, I'm sure another anon can give you a better answer, but esentially it depends on the author and how long they've been dead. Usually the publishing company makes a profit though. Jane Austen has been dead for longer than Orwell, so I doubt her family makes any money from those books. I know that Tolkien's family sold the rights to LotR and the Hobbit away, so I'm not sure if they still make money off of those sales, but they do make money off of his other works I believe because Tolkien's son Christopher edits and publishes his dad's unfinished works.

No. 498608

Is it easier for certain people to have perfect pronunciation in a different language because of where they're from or does it more have to do with language aptitude?

I see some people having strong accents and pronouncing things incorrectly, when they've been living in certain countries for almost decades.
Other people can very quickly adapt to the language and have no problem pronouncing words from various languages.

I'm just interested to know cause when I learn languages I really want to speak it accent free, and pronounce things as accurately as possible.

No. 498609

Both, but mostly aptitude. People who have been studying foreign languages from a young age are able to adapt better to a non-native accent, but some people will still sound slightly "foreign" whereas others will lose their native accent completely. This also doesn't go for all languages, some people who can speak some languages so fluently they sound native might struggle with some other language's pronunciation if it's different from what they're used to. For example, Bob Smith might sound good when he speaks French because he'd lived there for years but doesn't sound like a native speaker. Whereas he sounds like a native when he speaks English and Swedish even though he's otherwise not proficient at it yet, and neither of the languages sound anything like his native language either.

No. 498636

it depends on which languages you are exposed to in the womb and as a newborn, when you start developing your internal sound distinguishers. some people quite literally cannot hear certain sounds well because they never developed that capacity.
then it depends on how close the sound system of your target language is to your internal one. if they're not so far apart, less accent as you can actually hear the minute differences between sounds when pronouncing foreign words.

aptitude can then come in to bridge the gap, or you can find other sounds that approximate what you want.

look into linguistics, this area is called phonetics.

No. 498674

this is literally not how this or anything works.

No. 498743

This is something I'm curious about because I'm around a lot of bilingual people. For instance my grandparents are Greek immigrants who came over in their late 20s after having kids, but my grandmother still had an incredibly heavy accent while my grandpa almost had no accent. My mother-in-law is Korean and she immigrated with her sister in their teens but MIL still has a heavy accent while her sister is much easier to understand (they both took English classes all through school as well).

No. 498869

If I watch part of someone's youtube video, like half or less than half, does that hurt their channel?

No. 498875

Most likely, "retention time" is a huge factor for a successful channel, it's why every youtuber stretches their video to the 10 minute mark since the almighty algorithm likes that benchmark. So they can fit more ads in or whatever.

No. 498884

It only matters if they're monetized. It wouldn't help, but I doubt it would actively hurt them.

No. 498987

Ok, I'm ashamed of this one but I have to ask:

Is it ok to buy some accessoires at claire's when you are NOT 15 anymore? It's just that I found some legit pretty stuff there, which isn't some kiddy garbage but I hesitate to get it because I'm in my late 20s … help.

No. 498989

Of course, who's going to stop you? It's not like you'll be leaving the tags on I imagine, only people who'll recognize would also be claire's shoppers

No. 498990

Anon… There's no age limit at Claires. If I have extra money and want some cute accessories you better bet I'm gonna check Claire's. My mom's purse is from Claire's too.

No. 499000

is Bumble bff actually good for finding friends? i'm very introverted and I've heard its usually for girls looking for people to club with

No. 499035

Adults go in that store all the time. Who's to say you're not buying for your young niece? Or a friend's little girl?
Maybe you just like the jewelry. No one really cares, anon.

No. 499094

Go for it. They have some cute rings sometimes, and they're actually small enough for my fingers.

No. 499138

Why do I usually feel woozy and dizzy and very slightly disoriented after an afternoon nap? It's like the fluid in my brain is whirling and it stays like that for the rest of the day, is it only because I might not get enough sleep during the night?

No. 499159

You're probably exhausted or overwhelmed. Anything stressful happened this week or just building up? Drink plenty of water and rest well, anon. You'll feel better soon! Also exercise a bit if you can, you might have some pent up energy inside of you contributing to the dizziness. Usually a rush of adrenaline or cortisol will make you feel this way.

No. 499182

It's called sleep inertia. It happens if you nap for longer than 30 minutes, because deep sleep starts after that. Interrupting deep sleep fucks with your brain and results in feeling shitty afterwards.

No. 499274

Is The Mandalorian worth watching even as a pretty casual fan of Star Wars? Also, is it worth catching up on the new movies? Last one I saw was The Force Awakens back in 2015, should I bother watching the next two (and Rogue One) or is it a waste of my time?

No. 499298

A guy I kinda knew in high school and hooked up with a couple of years ago texted me out of the blue. I feel like it's kind of pointless because I'm not going to see him anytime soon as he moved to a different state. I really doubt we would meet up in the next year. He's a nice guy who I would meet up with or even hook up with again, but I don't think we could date.

What should I do? I guess I will just text him until the conversation fizzles out.

No. 499301

i'm a very casual fan and i like it. i haven't seen the new movies and have only seen maybe two of the older ones. baby yoda is cute

No. 499310

Pls farmers, no "gtfo there" posts, I need links to resources written by professionals for dealing with severe dysfunctional households. I am willing to read books as well, articles, links, books (optional) is good.
Thank you so much if one can gib.

No. 499327

I hate reading PDFs on my phone because the text is tiny, and when you zoom in the screen doesn't fit all the test. Is there a way to convert a PDF into webpage format?

No. 499330

It's called a pub. There are pub converter apps, ios or android?

No. 499425

So, I just reset my old Apple ID password on my laptop (I'm still logged in on my old iPhone 6, but it keeps asking me for verification). This is a new laptop, so it's asking me to answer the security questions. I can't answer them or give the date of birth, because pretty much all of that information was made-up.
If use that same password to try to log in on the phone, will it try to make me answer the security questions there too, and lock me out if I don't? This is really bothering me.

No. 499446

Thanks anon, just started it today and I'm really enjoying it so far. And yes, the memes got old fast but baby Yoda is adorable.

No. 499674

Is there any chance the embassy will mail back the original documents that they switched up with the copies?

No. 499690

okay, time for a truly stupid question. first of all let me preface this with I hope I don't sound like a larping scrote or a "not like other girls" pick me. but do you ladies ever feel weird about liking "masculine" things? I never thought about my interests that much. I like metal music. a lot of women like metal, but most of my favorite metal is power metal. I never thought it was weird, but then I saw people saying on a bunch of places on the internet how power metal is the "most masculine genre of metal" and "power metal is for guys" and "girls almost never like power metal". and I've had similar things happen with other things I like. like people saying "it's mostly only guys who like [insert book, tv show, movie I like]". it's probably mostly just salty scrote gatekeeping, but sometimes I actually feel weird about liking these things now, almost like I'm ashamed, or like I shouldn't like them? have any of you had similar experiences?

No. 499691

yeah when I was a child and now that I’m an adult I can’t be bothered to care. I like “girly” shit and “manly” shit, just like millions of other women in the world. Stop giving a shit about what other people think, that’s kids stuff

No. 499694

With beurocratic shit like that you need to take the initiative and contact them to ask for them back.

No. 499700

I've been made fun of by girls for liking grunge and hardcore, you can like whatever you like its not a pick me bitch thing if you genuinely enjoy something

No. 499713

Masculine things are only percieved as masculine. Many male dominated hobbies are considered masculine though.

No. 499749

Were any of you popular in high school? If you were than whats your secret?

No. 499787

In 2020, I’m planning to develop art as a side hustle in order to support myself through uni. The artists that earn the most off of patreon seem to be R18 hentai artists who produce art that is clearly geared towards men, so that’s what I’m gonna aim for (plus I’m much better at drawing women than men).

How do I grow my audience? I just don’t know where to start. I’ve thought about making a twitter, reddit, deviant art, instagram, pixiv etc. account and then posting art on every platform, as well as submitting this art to different groups/circles/subreddits/hashtags to gain traction. But what else can I do? It seems really difficult. My art itself isn’t absolutely fantastic but I’ve seen a decent number of artists who are worse than me gain a following.

No. 499820

If you’re going the H route pick a name not associated with yourself at all.

You can choose American or Japanese characters. Furry and anthro is also another way. Tons of niche stuff there but it’s a little risky but they pay well. You just have to think about how much you want to be involved with that group.

Pinups sell well too. It doesn’t have to be full on H to get money.

I don’t know your skill but look at YT mikeymegamega for drawing breasts. His style is cute and has appeal to weebs.

Good luck anon

No. 499824

Any tips on posting about a cow in your circle without them finding out it's you? I'm fucking paranoid

No. 499828

KF has a personal lol cow thread we could start here. It has to be vague enough so you wouldn’t get caught. If they don’t know about this or KF you’re good

No. 500040

so someone posted a picture of a plant a few days ago and said it was really easy to take care of. I'm trying to find this post back because I wanna know what plant is was. Has anyone seen it and know where I can find that post? This is pretty dumb I know but I've been searching for it and can't find it anymore lol. I'm pretty sure it was in /ot but it might've been /g

No. 500041

Any anons run a successful online store? I'm thinking about starting an Etsy shop to sell some of my knits. I'm not really sure how to grow a customer base other than to make an IG account to advertise my projects..

No. 500049

Lol I think it was the spiderwort plant and it was posted in the 2020 new year thread. I remember cause I saw it too and I took a clipping of a pothos yesterday to try!
Thanks for the reminder anon! I think I'm going to try to find the spiderwort too.

No. 500059


I guess you mean this one >>499453

No. 500060

Does anyone know a song from 2013-2014? it's probably an indie song but it goes "because you are,you are,my _____
A man sings it
I remember in 8th we all used to dance in class when the song played

No. 500062


yes that was it!! Thanks!! <3

No. 500075

What’s Kiko Mizuharas weight and how does she remain so skinny! My goal this year is to get down to her size because we’re the same height. I’m so excited to diet in 2020!

No. 500078

Probably not it but "ho hey" by the lumineers goes "I belong with you, you belong with me, you're my sweetheart"

No. 500079

I know it's good to drink a lot of water when you have a UTI but can it actually get rid of one that way?

No. 500097

How long should I wait before "double-texting" someone? We are adopting a dog and the foster texted me saying I could come visit whenever and asked what a good day was. I gave her some days and times and she never responded. It's been over 24 hours since then. I have other stuff I need to schedule during my next day off so I really need to know sooner rather than later, but I don't want to look like a psycho demanding to know when I can come over or something, especially since it's the new year.

No. 500120

It was a pop song though but thanks for trying

No. 500132

Have you tried googling the lyrics?

No. 500163

Yes but all I get are Christian songs,it repeats again oh well who knows it was popular in 2013-2014

No. 500171

Listening to music on higher volume with wired headphones obviously will drain phone battery a bit faster, but does that apply to headphones connected via bluetooth (minus that bluetooth itself affects battery anyway)?

No. 500194

this one? idk.

No. 500343

No, you need antibiotics. Even if it feels like it's gone away, you need antibiotics. You unfortunately can't flush it out by just drinking a lot of liquids.

No. 500344

kek I'm op of that post and this makes me so happy. I hope you'll enjoy your new plant friend, spiderwort or not!! I was just looking at mine this morning and thinking of repotting him this weekend.

No. 500347

I was popular for a brief period of time as a freshman when I pretended to be a 'cool' girl who never showed emotion because I read it in a shoujo manga(I know). People thought I was queen bitch for rewarding attempts at bullying or mocking me with silence and one-liners and giving people bitch glares. Those bullies would often try even harder to get my attention to the point where I ended up befriending most of them; and yeah, the bullies were the cool kids. I was also the thinnest I had ever been and got good grades. I never ever talked about nerd stuff or myself much in an attempt to come off as mysterious.
Anyway, this only works if the bullies are also the cool kids.

No. 500407

It probably varies, rougher schools have more physical bullies and nicer schools just ostracize anyone who seems poor or just socially awkward. I wish there was a formula to it that worked every time which might work with guys but with girls its much more random and luck based. If a popular enough girl hates you she can turn the whole school against you even if nothing is really wrong or different about you.

No. 500432

To anons who used to self harm but have been able to stop: how did you do it? What coping methods do you use now? I mainly only cut when I feel overwhelming anger or stress. It sounds pathetic but I feel so helpless against it when I’m overwhelmed by it, but I don’t want to resort to cutting anymore to work through it.

No. 500436

Is all the new music coming out now just hiphop? Is rock dead? What about pop? I feel like everything now is just hiphop but I'm out of touch anyway.

No. 500437

I got out of a shitty environment. I still have depression but back when I lived with my mom and had no money I would spend my free time burning myself with cigs or cutting myself. I don't know why I stopped, don't want to have to explain the scars I guess.

No. 500466

who is neetlita?

No. 500473

File: 1577998425445.jpg (61.55 KB, 540x582, careful.jpg)

having some big ugly conspicuous scars on my arms meant long sleeves even when inconvenient or disgusted stares and anyone who sees it having a permanently altered perception of me for the worst.
having to explain those and the worse ones on the less visible parts of my body to future partners and knowing it limited my dating pool to mostly unstable men (stable men can pull equally pretty girls who DON'T have grotesque scars that openly scream their instability so i can pretty much rule them out even though i'm more stable now)

both of those things forced me to stop dissociating from the brutality of what i was doing to myself. really thinking about the grossness and the violence i was inflicting, and how permanent and visible that violence was. how it told the world what my problems were and made the shame worse. people looked at my scars in disgust and it hurt but i realized it was entirely justified, because what i was doing was scary and violent and invoking of natural disgust. i suffered many summers in long sleeves before getting a cover up tattoo and now everyone wants a closer look at the cover up tattoo and i can't let them. or they ask what the uwu ~meaning~ is and i can't tell them. all of these things are frustrating to deal with and motivate me to resist the urge (after ~10 yrs of cutting and ~3 yrs of abstinence i still get the urge)

self harm is easy when you're dissociated from what it is you're doing to your own body. i have to resist the urge to sink into that blackout state where all there is is your inexpressible pain and the blade (or whatever) that can release it. there is no quick or easy way, just pure effort of resistance, and the same old platitude bs of "find a hobby, distract yourself" but honestly most of it for me is physically restraining myself and forcing myself not to move towards the blade stash no matter what until the urge passes

No. 500474

IIRC NEETlita is a reoccurring poster in /ot/ who keeps complaining about petty things concerning her completely normal roommate (or other women for that matter) she wants to feel superior to due to her self-esteem being in the pits. She's a lolita who lives off of her boyfriend, doesn't work or go to school. Some other anon can fill you in as to what she's posted in better detail.

No. 500475

Not all new music coming out is hiphop. You just have to look a bit further than the most popular artists to find good new stuff.
Some of my favourite albums that were released in the past three years include:
MGMT - Little Dark Age
Slowdive - Slowdive
Franz Ferdinand - Always Ascending
Nick Cave - Ghosteen
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard - Polygondwanaland
The Symposium - The Symposium
Weyes Blood - Titanic Rising

None of these are hiphop and some might be to your taste.

No. 500485

I can't find the original post since I'm not sure what thread it was in, but it was an anon who was complaining about her super normal roommate while being a huge cow herself. Her main complaints was that her roommate is a loser because she spends a lot of time indoors and never goes out and works a shitty job while she herself is unemployed and relies on her boyfriend.

No. 500488

I was selfharming for a huge part of my life (12 years or so). I thought I would be always doing this. I have been clean for three years.

The only advice I can give is to fix the underlying issue that makes you self harm and/or change your life circumstances so that you are happier (Easy, I know). IMHO if you self harm you probably have MUCH bigger issues that you need to take care of first. Self harm is an effect of something horrible going on with you. You really need to feel that you are worthy of kindness and care.

A therapy might be worth considering if you can afford it or get it from your health care with no extra charge! If not, maybe give the Matthew McKay DBT workbook a shot (it's the Luna Slater one lmfao)? I own it and it is supposed to help you develop healthy coping mechanisms. I think there are also workbooks for people wanting to stop self harm floating around on the internet as well.

I keep my fingers crossed for you. Good luck!

No. 500489


>MGMT - Little Dark Age

this one is a masterpiece. Absolute perfection.

No. 500491

File: 1578001144059.jpg (57.1 KB, 750x735, 789591e5aee5552b63569b5aae9f91…)

Thank you for sharing anons.

Thank you. I don't have health insurance so I can't go to therapy, but I did find the book online! It feels awful because I do pretty well on most days, I honestly feel pretty good and no longer depressed because I've changed a lot of big things in my life, but sometimes certain small things just set me off and I feel like I'm losing control and I end up cutting. I know it's because I live at home and my (very loving and well meaning) parents just do insidious shit that just sets me off sometimes, and I take after my dad who's a big temper tantrum throwing manchild sometimes, but unfortunately I've only been able to just start saving up to move out (just finished paying off a big loan, on top of starting to look for a full time, big girl job). I hope the workbook will do me some good. Thank you again.

No. 500510

I'm talking about mainstream billboard type stuff

No. 500517

With the move from radio to streaming what's 'billboard' popular doesn't really matter. People always make new music in all kinds of genre's.

No. 500523

does anyone know of any decent high impact sports bras that clip in the front or just aren't annoying to put on? all of my sports bras are so annoying to put on since they're not the stretchy useless kind. my hair gets caught, my glasses get caught, etc

No. 500526

kinda random, but have you tried putting them on from the bottom, as in stepping into them vs putting them on as you would a t shirt? solved my sports bra annoyances but tbf am flat so don't use the most high impact shit

No. 500531

Adding on, here are her posts
>>498559 (Not confirmed to be her or not but replies to literally everyone in her meltdown like NEETlita. They also complained in vent thread about it.)
IIRC she posted in the annoying thread before too

No. 500545

Should I buy plan b tomorrow? Basically, was riding my boyfriend when he came, I got off him but some of his cum ended up on my outer labia, I wiped it off immediately and I’m on birth control but I still can’t figure out how high the chances are that the cum could’ve gotten inside me. Should I buy plan b and deal with the side effects even if I might not need it? I have a funeral to go to in the 24 hours after I’d be taking the pill and don’t want to be nauseous/puke at the funeral, but I also want the peace of mind until I get my period next week.

No. 500546

If I have a good friend who is friends with another person who spreads rumors, is it wrong of me to ask my friend to stop associating with this other person? I wouldn't want to control who they are friends with, but I feel I can't truly trust them if they're friends with this other person.

No. 500550

If you are on birth control and are taking it consistently around the same time each day I don't see any need for Plan B. I usually avoid letting my bf cum inside me but the rare chance that he does I never used it and I've never gotten pregnant or got a late period or anything of the sort. And he's done it around 10-15 times total. Don't worry about it unless you missed a pill or just started taking it.

No. 500551

If you’ve been on birth control for at least a week or two already, you’re probably fine. Had nothing but unprotected sex with my husband for 3+ years and nothing happened. Wasn’t fertility related either, managed to get pregnant immediately after stopping bc. I’m not sure how regular you are with taking your pills, though.

Take the plan b if you’re really really worried about it, but just know that you definitely will be dealing with the nausea for about a day, maybe longer. It might be worth it for you if you’re a particularly anxious person though. PS: You’ll probably only puke if you have a weak stomach.

No. 500556

Thanks for the responses!! I’ve been on bc for over a year, I’m only really worried right now because I definitely took my pill 3-4 hours late on New Years due to being out when I should’ve taken it, so it hasn’t been two full days of taking the pill on time before this incident. However, he didn’t cum directly in me, I just can’t figure out how high my chances are of it getting in me to the point where I’d need to take plan b, ugh. I’ll be able to take it in the 24 hour threshold of sex though, so i might take it for peace of mind just out of anxiety about the whole situation.

No. 500567

>on the pill
>outer labia
>wiped it off immediately
Honestly at this level of paranoia how do you even have sex? Chill out, the chances are astronomically low.

No. 500662

File: 1578045472559.jpg (89.93 KB, 564x1002, irritating.jpg)

what word were they trying to use? what were they trying to say??

No. 500665

"irritating" means "annoying"

No. 500667

so they're just calling themselves annoying? that's it?

that doesn't seem very noteworthy. why did it become a meme

No. 500672

Flossing every day or not? I heard you should, but it seems kind of excessive to me.

No. 500676

i know this is the stupid questions thread but you're so autistic anon

No. 500678

I've never flossed in my life tbh, seems like weird american thing #175093 just to sell you tat.

No. 500679

Do I have to tip my hair stylist every time I have an appointment? I have the past few times but I'm a regular client and I wonder if it's something I really need to do. I know it's a nice gesture but I really just go in for routine maintenance, nothing fancy. Is it in bad taste not to tip every time?

No. 500682

Is it weird to wear sports bras all the time?

No. 500686

You should floss or else you risk interdental cavities. Not American btw.

No. 500701

if your teeth are like overcrowded, do floss daily or have fun with inter dental cavities as >>500686 said, otherwise, if your teeth are less densely packaged and you've not flossed and lived just fine up to this point, don't bother, flossing is such a pain lol.

t. overcrowded teeth chan with inter dental cavities

No. 500715

I'd say yes. I go in every 3 months for a 1-2inch trim and I tip every time to stay on her good side. It took me years until I found her and I absolutely love her so I don't feel like risking it.

No. 500719

File: 1578063223515.png (2.74 MB, 828x1792, 1577916845418.png)

Saw this in Erin's thread, I was wondering if the picture she posted in the story is from a game or something? It looks cute.

No. 500720

thats animal crossing ^^(^^)

No. 500722

No. 500759

have you never heard of animal crossing?

No. 500768

nta but why would you recognize it if you haven't played the game?

No. 500778

would it be really gross if i stopped using deodorant? i heard it's healthier to not use it, something about a body's natural chemistry or smell or something? but i've been using it majority of my life so i'm not sure if i just went cold turkey with it if i'd start stinking.

No. 500781

I've heard of animal crossing, and I THINK it's something like a Harvest Moon clone, but I wouldn't recognize unless main character boy and furry girlfriend were in the pic as well.

No. 500783

I think it depends on if you're a sweaty person who naturally has strong BO or not. I've had friends who practically never sweat meanwhile I sweat buckets just sitting around and smell like a teen boy some days. And going completely off antiperspirant and deodorant (when I was an unemployed shut in for a few months) never helped me personally.

Maybe give it a test run if you have vacation time?

No. 500786

Maybe switch to one of those natural deodorants. I think aluminum as an ingredient in most deodorants is one of the main concerns, so natural deodorants don't contain it.

No. 500810

I haven't used deodorant since I got out of high school mostly due due to the fact I don't sweat like crazy. I did switch to a salt deodorant for a while, but it actually made me smell terrible. I just wear a nice body spray and it does the job.

No. 500868

kys for saying something so ignorant and sinful

No. 500871

They have a few similarities but AC is not a ferming game.

No. 500893


I know it, but I've never played it, so I didn't know how the rooms looked like.

No. 500905

My bf has the opposite of ED. He gets hard so fast without any assistance. It just goes… up at sexy thoughts or when he sees me naked. Is this concerning at all?

No. 500907

Why would that be abnormal? That's how it should be. I'd say a majority of women get wet from 'sexy thoughts' or seeing their bf naked. It should be the same for men, and before men ruined their dicks with porn, that's how it used to be. My bf cums from no physical stimulation at all just from seeing me partially naked or even from looking at my pictures, kissing, etc. Whether or not it's abnormal, I don't care, it's cute, imo. Just be happy you don't have to deal with 40 min long sex just for him to barely get off, or have to jerk off a half limp dick.

No. 500911

What guns would be good for a beginner?
Would you gals recommend getting a conceal carry license?

I live in a rural area outside of town with all my neighbors being old or hillbillies who have their own guns so it's not the most dangerous area. And I've never been in real danger, beside a man following my car home once when I lived in town years ago. But I've been thinking I should at least get a gun to stay safe and I get paranoid a lot about break ins, people following me, strange men in parking lots, etc.

No. 500927

I thought men are supposed to last very long in bed?

No. 500936

Before porn ruined sex. Most men suck at sex and nobody wants to be dry pounded for hours. If he knows how to fuck him lasting long is a good thing

No. 500952

and when exactly do you think that was?

No. 500976

Is it illegal to disclose someone else’s HIV+ status? Not like a doctor breaking confidentiality, but just a regular person finding out someone has it and then telling someone else. I feel like I was told somewhere that it is, but all I can find from googling around is that it’s illegal to not disclose your own HIV+ status to sexual/needle partners.

No. 500980

you could face legal charges if it turns out it's just a rumor.

No. 500981

If you're stocky enough to handle them then shotguns are preferred for the purpose of home defense. You're only getting one gun though, and one you can carry with you, so focus your search on semi-automatic 9mm pistols. Pretty much all brands of them are easy and reliable, with the main difference between them that you'll care being price. Honestly your best bet would be to check out any nearby licensed dealer that you lets try before you buy.


No. 501005

File: 1578114240085.png (137.58 KB, 300x253, D8LbiM0XsAExth7.png)

Am I a bad person for asking my boyfriend to leave the groups he's in dedicated to porn, mostly IRL? He was in a facebook group that's just girls posting ""lewd"" images, I asked him to leave because I was really uncomofortable, he tried to just say that it's all because he just supports them, he used to mod for camgirls before he met me, etc… I have Borderline and I'm scared I'm being the horrible toxic example of one..

I haven't asked him to stop on this but he was talking about how many porn dedicated discords he's in too, and in the one we're both in that has a nsfw channel, he's constantly talking in it. I also can't tell if it's just me being uncomfortable because porn makes me uncomfortable in general, due to traumatic past stuff..

No. 501007

It's so painful seeing these posts of girls having no boundaries because of bpd. You're not overreacting, it's gross to be so openly porn addicted.
>mods for camgirls
I would dump him if I were you, he sounds pathetic and guys like that never change.

No. 501012

either find your own kind of kinky stuff to enjoy or ask him to stop

No. 501065

Leave him, he sounds like a pathetic beta. You can do better.
You’re not automatically a monster for having BPD either.

No. 501074

he wants to "support the girls" my ass. That's just an weak excuse to look at lewd pics. He couldn't care less about the girls in the pics.

No. 501097

>multiple porn-dedicated discords
>constantly in NSFW channel
>FB group of women posting lewd images
Putting up with cumbrain shit is an entire mistake. If he won't quit, he's not worth your time. Also
>mods for camgirls
I'm sorry but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. Don't do this to yourself, anon.

No. 501110

>he used to mod for camgirls before he met me,
No offense anon, but the only thing I can think of that's more pathetic than this is being the woman that stays with him.

No. 501133

Is there any way around the pain of laser hair removal? I'm a pussy and the sound + flash of heat bothers me too much. Is this the only way to get rid of hair forever and am I really gonna have to do this every day for two weeks straight?

No. 501157

You better not be doing that dumb shit for a man.

No. 501165

Anyone who does this into a relationship (even though I have to say, if the person I had a crush on told me they're into multiple porn discords, I'd side eye them and my crush would fizzle out so fast) is a cumbrain asshole completely disrespecting you.
Don't be a doormat and dump him without looking back, this shit ain't normal or healthy.

No. 501172

I stopped keeping up with politics/world news after the 2016 election (in America), and I am incredibly ashamed of that. Both the conservatives AND the liberals were behaving in such an extreme, insane manner than I felt compelled to distance myself from the situation entirely. However, I do care about the state of our country and would like to start doing my part as a citizen. Are there any non-partisan websites that share basic news or state what each party supports in simple terms?

No. 501175

Why do americans latch onto any foreign blood they have? Like from my experience no one talks about it unless their parents are foreigners except in america where people will mention that 1% of italian blood they have.

I get in the case of like italian-americans where their culture is still affected in their day to day living for example. It's like, technically i am 25% italian but I have no cultural ties to that so I don't call myself italian

No. 501176

I have struggled a lot in my life, I feel nothing sexual about it but I love the youthful look. Sometimes I say very horrible stuff in those shit circles that I kinda like the jailbait look (I mock it since I know it's bad) but I don't mean any of it, I love it in fact to wear it. I swear I never touched any kids, I just love looking like a nymphet freakshow until I get my first lines aka when I'm in my 30s. Maybe even nymphet is the wrong word but that cute romantic sweet youthful style is what I adore. I know many girls who hate wearing this style probably dress youthful as well and are hypocrites about it (lolitas hating on larme kei aesthetic comes to mind)

Should I feel bad about myself and can I wear these clothes without being truly evil for it memes aside? I promise you I don't like kids, I just want to dress like a teen / larme kei because it makes me feel cute and pretty.

No. 501182

>larme kei
I just looked it up and it's so pretty

No. 501187

99.9% of people who are into it dont wear it well, like lolitas. it's also tacky.

No. 501197

They're a nation of immigrants who's family history in that country only goes back a few generations until everyone was coming over on a boat from somewhere else, unless of course they're native. Most other countries don't grasp at straws for ethnic identity since their ancestors have been there for thousands of years.

No. 501198

File: 1578158753786.jpg (363.02 KB, 1303x1600, 1c4f9beb2a6ad83d93e3c5f01fb3c6…)

Yes. Wear what you want. It's not your fault dd/lg retards and pornography have poisoned some people's perception of anything cute to make it sexual on a woman (and honestly, the very notion that anything a grown woman wears that's not literally men's clothing or the equivalent of a potato sack must have some implicit sexual connotation is kind of irritating). Larme is literally just girly, non-sexualized vintage fashion. I see it and think of an American hipster/boho girl's more bougie sister who likes old movies, "quirkier" clothes and having old-fashioned picnics in forests or something.
You don't need to explain yourself or reassure anyone that you're not a pedophile, that should honestly go without saying. Cumbrains are the ones who see the color pink, maybe some braids or pigtails and anything feminine and conclude it must be some fetish thing. As long as it's not jojifuku, you're good, anon.
Also, like it or not, the 1997 Lolita movie was disgusting in subject matter, but its aesthetic was good. It was a very stylish film, but the iconic looks were absolutely wasted on the bullshit misrepresentation of the book. In the same way, the action movie Sucker Punch was kind of trash, but its concepts were high-level. I think we're all mature enough to accept this.

No. 501201

>I just love looking like a nymphet freakshow
You actually sound disgusting and like you know exactly what you are doing and why. If your reasons and style were innocent and completely nonsexual you would never say this nasty pedophilic crap. You may not "like kids" but you sure love the idea of looking like a pedophile's idea of one.

No. 501204

NTA, but I got more of the idea that she's used to seeing the fashion get shit on, so she's trying to insult it (and herself) before anyone else can, almost to smooth out any possible negative reactions (though it's clearly backfired). She even said "I mock it since I know it's bad". Kind of like a "Y-Yeah, haha, it's terrible (((pls no bully))) " thing.
I might be wrong on this, though. I kind of have a habit of assuming the best case scenario when someone mentions liking J-fashion, but being concerned about backlash.

No. 501206

>what is self-deprecating humour

No. 501208

>the very notion that anything a grown woman wears that's not literally men's clothing or the equivalent of a potato sack must have some implicit sexual connotation is kind of irritating
that made me kek hard anon, very true. Tumblerinas have got such a hate boner for anything that isn't men's clothing and I just love my skirts and my vintage clothing so very much. One of my adulthood dreams is to be able to dress elegantly to my workplace everyday freely without being judged by these potatobrains and bothered by cumbrains.

In the other hand I'm gonna give them that western fashion brands do shit tier clothing. I haven't gone to normie fashion stores for a while but the last time some female friends dragged me into some of them everything was trashy cheap looking clothes and as one of my friends called them there were plenty of unwearable "k-pop croptops" for everyday life(I've got very little idea about the k-pop fashion scene honestly). Thanks got I can order clothes online and I've got some asian fashion stores that do decent looking stuff in my city or otherwise I may probably be considering men's clothes too.

No. 501210

Would you mind sharing how you viewed the overall aesthetic? I understand that it was set in the ‘40s, but I didn’t notice any particular color scheme or especially stylish backgrounds/decorations/scenery. The candy store was cute, at least.

Lolita just wore the same outfit in various colors/patterns. I found her to be really gross and irritating, too. She was much more tolerable in the ‘60s version. I’ve never read the book, however; perhaps she’s supposed to be portrayed that way.

No. 501220

File: 1578164158134.jpg (338.12 KB, 1920x1040, Lolita-1997-327.jpg)

I liked the way the film itself was primarily warm-toned, sometimes almost foggy. It felt like the whole thing was a hazy spring/summer vision, and fashion-wise, it worked well with the milk braids she often wore, crop-tops, light blue with pops of red, etc.
I also liked that one scene where she was in a school play with the white flower crown, but I can't find any good screencaps of it.
IMO, the book makes it clear that Humbert is an unreliable narrator, and doesn't paint him in a flattering light, while the 1997 movie just plays things almost as exactly as he says them, and it annoys me a lot. Maybe the Sue Lyon version is better, I haven't seen that one.

No. 501231

>googles larme kei
Ah I see where girly k-fashion takes it's inspo from

No. 501234

I have two jobs and am going to school. I started getting more hours and need to quit me second night job. What's a funny and cool way to quit to prevent no hard feelings bc my boyfriend works there and I like to eat there?

No. 501237

Pretty much all news is partisan. Always has been, always will be, so the way to correct way to stay informed is to aim for a balanced diet. Watch some Fox, some CNN, some Al Jazeera, some Breitbart, heck, maybe even info some infowars, with idea being that their opposing fake news bullshit will cancel each other out, leaving at least a slight approximation of the truth. Though if you want an easy option that requires less commitment, I can stomach Tim Pool as a neutral commentator. His track record of being a former far left 'Vice' media reporter now disgusted by the insanity of his assumed party does a lot for his credibility.

No. 501246

I honestly never saw the sexual aspect of larme-kei or the nymphet look. I absolutely adore cult party kei, it's almost like a fall/winter version of the two.

No. 501261

larme is fairly new.

No. 501263

Just give your manager a 2 weeks notice or something. What's wrong with you?

No. 501278

a "funny" way of quiting would result in the opposite of no hard feelings if you ask me

No. 501287

kpop in 2012 didn't look the same as now though. it looked more like gyaru which looks more like western clothes shrinked.

No. 501288

it's a very laid back and non-serious job, plus a lot of my friends that work there are cool
IG we're just from different places that don't take things as seriously

No. 501291

Well it's still older than the girly k-fashion style

No. 501292

if you're not creative enough to come up with something yourself, it's probably not worth it tbh. it's not like any of us can gauge would actually be appropriate or "cool" or "funny".

No. 501303

Just hand in your two weeks and go. I doubt there’ll be hard feelings as long as you don’t flake out for your last two weeks. Shit happens, people gotta leave jobs. If it’s a laid back place I don’t see why they’d care. I handed in my two weeks at my old job but no one outside of management knew I was leaving until my last day, but I still drop by and visit and no one cares.

No. 501317

Eh I guess I could do that. I've always been a bit of a jokester and this job literally means nothing to me

No. 501318

Would you count this as age regression? The term disgusts me but I think it might apply. Ever since middle school, I was aware that the way I spoke and acted with my parents was weird. I speak in a higher, goofier way and actively avoid acting like an adult or confronting them. I think it's because I'm uncomfortable around them; I know they don't really care about what I think, so there's no point in acting like an adult. My mom's also a preschool teacher so sometimes she talks like she would to the kids and I respond in a similar, joking way. When my sister's around our parents, her pitch and manner of speaking also reverts to a similar manner.

No. 501325

What’s a good high paying job with an liberal arts degree? I don’t know what I want to be and have no passion in life. I want a nice job that’s not too stressful, that’s a 9-5 easy office job. Preparing for the workforce is always so scary to me. I wish I could be a perpetual student forever but then remember the purpose of education is to get a job and make money. I’ve had no action plan from the start cuz I never knew what was my end goal and I still don’t.
I’d ideally like to end up working in the States, maybe a New England state because it looks cozy there plus my girlfriend lives there. I’m canadian so I don’t have to learn English or adjust/assimilate to American culture because it’s relatively the same thing. Is it relatively easy immigrating down south? I also just realized this isn’t a stupid question but more of an advice question. Oh well. I feel stupid so I’m just going to post it

No. 501327

New England cities or towns? Boston is bustling with tech jobs but the rest of NE sucks employment wise and the people are cold

No. 501334

Ideally around Boston but I’ll take what I can get. I’m not educated in technology unfortunately.

No. 501337

I mean, can it be age REgression if there was never any PROgression? It was always like that? Maybe a stagnation.

No. 501340

>liberal arts degree
>high paying job
>not stressful

pretty much any liberal arts degree you're going to have to work your way up the ladder or be well connected to make decent pay, unless you want to be something like a teacher or psychiatrist which you need additional special schooling/training/certification for. teaching in massachusetts pays decently, but the cost of living in the boston area is astronomically high so it doesn't mean much. if you want a job that requires not working hard and no specialized education you could be a receptionist at a salon or something

it's not like there's a lot of easy low level jobs that pay well out there for people with minimum education, especially when you factor in that you're an immigrant and i'm assuming your hypothetical employer would have to sponsor a work visa for you

source: I have liberal arts degree, used to live in boston, and have a high paying job

No. 501345

Lol thanks anon, I guess it is more of a weird habit then.

No. 501346

I said not too demanding because I'm a bit of a lazy bitch but I can work hard if I try. I'm doing an MPA right now and might do law school or another masters next if it helps with higher pay.
I'd get my girlfriend to move to Canada if I could but unfortunately she is working off her massive student debt with a low-paying wage slave job. I was going to apply to a school in Massachusetts to be with her but it's so expensive.
My life plan is to be with my LDR girlfriend somehow. I know … It's pathetic. But I have no life goals or ambitions. I just want to be with her because she's the only one who makes me happy.

No. 501347

if you're lazy and unambitious why would you spend time getting a law degree… probably one of the most demanding careers which requires you to be highly motivated and, again, you will have to be willing to put in a lot of time and effort to work up the ladder to be successful

I know two people with an mpa, one is a bartender and the other is a researcher who makes like $60k. network within your department and get internships, just getting the degree isn't enough to be guaranteed a good job. focus on a specialized field or subject and know everything there is to know about it so that you can set yourself apart from everyone else who has an mpa

honestly, it seems very stupid that you're considering doing additional MA and JD programs when, like >>501327 mentioned, you could instead do some sort of tech related program where jobs are plentiful and the pay is generally higher for entry level jobs. but honestly most employers probably don't even want to deal with the fuss of sponsoring a work visa unless you're exceptionally talented or accomplished

No. 501350

if you want a good high paying job, you should have gotten a degree that takes at least a little effort to achieve. go back to school and study something useful

No. 501351

I never thought of doing tech. I’d have to go back to school for that which I don’t mind. I might have to do another bachelors unless there are postgraduate degrees. What degrees do you recommend?
I was a dumb, depressed teenager who didn’t have a career path planned once I graduated. I deeply regret going down the path I’m on now because I thought it was the easiest and I didn’t think long-term things like job market and income. I’m probably going to sound conceited but I have natural intelligence that makes me pick up things quickly so doing a 180 career change isn’t too worrisome to me. It’s going to be weird entering university again as a ”mature student”

No. 501369

How do people come up with stories and plots? I kinda hsve an idea for a fantasy book, I can think of elements of the world and characters that I want but the only plots I can think of are super cliche over done. I don't know how anyone thinks of stories for anything without doing that.

No. 501376

I was a really lonely child with no friends so I had to use imagination to create worlds and characters to keep me company. It carried on to adulthood.

No. 501380

>What’s a good high paying job with an liberal arts degree? I don’t know what I want to be and have no passion in life. I want a nice job that’s not too stressful, that’s a 9-5 easy office job. Preparing for the workforce is always so scary to me. I wish I could be a perpetual student forever but then remember the purpose of education is to get a job and make money. I’ve had no action plan from the start cuz I never knew what was my end goal and I still don’t.
I'm sorry this is literally so much like some stereotypical "Millenial: The Post" that it made me laugh as a Millenial myself. Wants a high paying cushy job with a liberal arts degree, doesn't really want to do anything, treated her degree as some fun hobby and is terrified of entering the workforce.

No. 501383

If you just want a cozy office job, study business and specialise for HR. You will have to intern during the summers but most of my friends who studied with me got a job easily in HR if they wanted it. They pay decently, but they're not very high paying.

If everyone could get a high paying job, they wouldn't be high paying anymore. Sorry. They are stressful, involve lots of studying and ultimately sacrifice in terms of free time and relationships. I work in finance/tech (COBOL) and I had to fight tooth and nail to get this job and prove myself enough just to stay here. My boyfriend was pissy that I was neglecting him, so I dumped him. Now I'm single and working 11hrs per day but at least the pay is good. You don't want a high paying job, you want an easy job, and I'm sorry to say but you don't have the luxury of being choosy with that degree.

No. 501385

>maybe a New England state because it looks cozy there
It’s not very cozy

No. 501395

according to litfags there's only like five different types of stories you can tell. despite that limited number there are so many variables that create an infinite number of ways to rehash the same archetypes.
pacing, world building, characterization, and syntax are all vital things that could flipped and mixed around to add variety to any cliche.
the thing about cliches is that their presentation is something that is rehashed repeatedly through the repeated usage of the same presentation.

if your writing, world, and characters are well made then the cliche will just blend in with the rest.
basically if you think it's good write it, and if you wanna publish pay an editor to fine tune it.

No. 501424

I bought a new laptop and my old one I'm gonna give to someone.
The thing is, I deleted all files from it but I'm not completely sure if everything is deleted.
What more I should do?
I'm brainlet when it comes to computers btw.

No. 501433

just reinstalling the operating system will do the trick, I think windows 10 can reinstall itself if you don't still have the original disc

No. 501440

are there any survey sites or misc. apps that are actually decent at making a little extra cash?

No. 501448

Writing sperg-out inbound.

The main cheat for being creative is to stop getting inspired by other works of fiction like most derivative mediocre writers do who just repeat tropes they've seen or read before (which is why modern-day set plots rarely involve smartphones since they're written by boomers regurgitating ancient plot points from before everyone had those) but instead be inspired by reality like most writers people think are original.

E.G. most fantasy fiction is straight forward McGuffin quest heroes journey's fodder that would never happen IRL so need to be heavily contrived because the genre has just been copying LOTR for 80 years straight. But people go crazy for how unpredictable and grounded GoT is when GRRM is simply copy and pasting the War of the Roses to the extent that Westeros is just a map of Britian with Ireland above rather than beside it.

Same for say crime fiction, everyone's seen media where the anti-hero detective hunts for the genius master criminal and they have a twisted cat and mouse game rivalry since the writers are all just copying Sherlock and Moriarty from fucking 130 years ago. But if you simply look up real serial killer cases you will find some real fucked up stuff no sane person would come up with and some really unexpected twists since IRL random shit happens all the time. Which is how Thomas Harris wrote the Hannibal Lecter novels and why the prequel is so much worse because he became too self/genre-referential and stopped basing it on real life criminal cases and psychology.

Same goes for dialog, instead of copying the stiff practical way people talk in media pay attention to how real people talk past and over each other and how the better they know each other the more of it is subtext and body language.

Same goes for action scenes, read or watch accounts of real life shootouts, battles and street fights and you'll find more thrilling and intense occurrences than your usual hero is completely unharmed while shooting all the unnamed goons who die instantly and doing impossible things like blowing up a car by shooting the gas tank and such generic shit.

So basically if you want to write fantasy just learn lots of history and take notes of obscure interesting situations that might fit with your world, adjusting the order of events to string them together into a coherent narrative that flows from one part to the next and fitting your most suitable characters to best explore them into the roles of the individuals involved.

No. 501461

all my windows are open but I can't get the smell of bacon out, whats a good trick to get strong smells out of your home?

No. 501470

I've recently been into korean and chinese versions of mangas since i'm a very visual person and care about aesthetic a lot(i don't really like the japanese ones and they're bw)
And since i used to draw a lot myself, i really am very selective about the art.
I'm not a fan of "killing stalking" but i really love how well-drawn the manhwa is and since i'm not familiar with the whole digital drawing stuff i was wondering if these people all draw them on tablets or do they use other methods? I'm really interested in doing it myself, just as a hobby.

No. 501480

Unload a can of air freshener in the room.

No. 501493

Does every fat person have a huge victim complex?

Everytime theres a fat person in a circle or IRL they turn out to have one, be petty and excuse everything on depression while not trying to do about it, not having a job or education. Or they are toxic and jealous.

So far the only fat women from my experience that were not toxic are popular singers, wholesome and sane women who learned to accept themselves and have kids… I just dont understand whats the deal.

No. 501494


fat men seem to care less about being fatasses. i've met literally one guy that bought into the HAES "losing weight is impossible" BS and he was a poorly adjusted tumblr fag. fat girls seem to fall victim to HAES/FA much easier

No. 501495

didn't you kind of answer your own question by listing fat people you know that aren't toxic?

No. 501503

seriously? this again? bitch do you really think that all the fat people in the entire world are assholes? no? so shut the fuck up. this is tiring

No. 501514

it's entertaining though. I work with this fat girl who constantly does crash diets. Went from keto, to Mediterranean, to vegetarian to full ""vegan"" all with the guise about how everyone including her doctors says it's super good and it sheds the weight right off and helps her with PCOS, nevermind the fact she just downs tequila and cheese its every night then bitches about how unhealthy all dairy products are, or the fact keto and vegan diets are literally the opposite of each other. Tries to go to the gym and bitches about how "it hurts!" so she stops, claims men are always after her and stalking her, even claimed a man was following her because he looked at her through his car window for a second and got several cars in front of her, bitches about not having a lot of money then posts on snapchat all the shopping sprees she went on, going to the movies and buying tons of alcohol and getting manicures weekly. Still fat, still full of herself

I have more fat people stories but that one is the most recent. Most fat people I meet are extremely unbearable, minus the ones who are only chubby because they're old and their metabolism slowed naturally.

No. 501517

Pretty much.

No. 501518

Every fat friend I've ever had was a bitch to me, eventually one of my closest friends turned everyone against me and turned particularly bitter after I lost some weight and blossomed in looks. I don't hate fat people, I just have rarely met any that didn't hate skinny people. I'm saying this as someone who has struggled with my weight at times but I've never lost my head about it or taken out my insecurities on other people.

No. 501526

Well every fat friend I've had has been nice but quietly insecure and self deprecating, and sometimes sad because they had to take a lot of shit from men (being insulted and ignored). Do our anecdotes cancel each other out?

Maybe it's because I'm not American, I just don't see that type of rude fat girl outside the internet.

No. 501531

Needless to say, if you have a problem with every single person you meet from a certain demographic, you might be the one with the problem and bias.

No. 501537

Is there something I'm missing about the Dakota Rose thread? I swear to God it's just 90% tinfoiling(paragraphs and paragraphs of tinfoiling, bitches be writing essays), and 10% anons trashing on her poor fashion choices but no actual milk. I don't see how anons are coming to the conclusion that she has a sugar mommy/daddy and is on a marriage and shit with 0 proof. Somebody please explain this shit to me.

No. 501542

All people in a certain demographic are in the same demographic because they have a common trait at least, and we dislike that specific trait. It's not a random bias that comes out of nowhere.

No. 501544

>I don't know what bias is
It's okay. I didn't expect you to get it.

No. 501549

you know how when youtubers get sponsored they say "use this code to get 50% off!!", is that code only usable for a period of time or can you use it whenever you want? i'm not even planning on buying anything, just wondering kek

No. 501550

You're the one who didn't get it.

No. 501557

Usually expires between a month-full year. If the site isnt very smart you can stack codes too. I did that to a clothing site with codes they forgot about. Always got 30-40% off until they only allowed one coupon at a time.

No. 501568

I know political stuff isn't allowed but this genuinely bugs me, the main anti Hillary argument when she was running was that she was a warhawk and that trump would not involve US in international armed conflicts and focus on the domestic policy and all of that. This was repeated constantly so it obviously mattered a lot to the voters. Now with Iran happening, and tbh who really believed he wouldn't be an international PR disaster?, how can anyone claim that Trump was better? I don't like Hillary either, I know she's fake, I hate Bill Clinton, but she still wouldn't be nearly as bad as Trump. What do magaheads get from Trump? I only know he managed to cut down on legal immigration but did he really achieve anything else? Are americans happy with his actions?

No. 501582

Fat American girls are rude because they're taught to cope with their insecurity by shitting on skinny girls and calling them flat and stuff. I live in one of the most obese parts of America and I see healthy or even curvy fit girls getting flat and twigs

No. 501584

it's not like hillary wouldn't have done this shit anyway. she was also too reliant on simply being a woman, and i feel like she would have hurt future women's chances of being elected.

No. 501590

What makes you think she would have? I did cringe on her fake I stand with women bs. I know she doesn't give a fuck about women but neither does Trump. Maybe Trump's honesty is refreshing to people and that's why they voted for him? I just think Hillary would have been better for international relations. Do you really see her making statements or decisions like Trump does?

No. 501593

simply because it's related to US priorities in the middle east. she's much more of a big oil politician than obama was, but i feel like she still would have done it one way or another.

No. 501594

When a person stop being a girl and become a woman?

No. 501596

No. 501598

Hillary loved destroying Libya when she was secretary of state and is in tight with the "bomb, bomb, bomb bomb Iran" war monger circlejerk. Honestly Hillary would have probably done this shit way sooner since she's very good at political manoeuvring and could very easily get Republicans and international community to back her on it but Trump is a complete retard who Democrats and other world leaders are uneasy to side with on anything and doesn't actually care about practical goals or ideologies only about keeping his narc ego inflated so warhawk generals have to put the work in to goad him into this shit.

No. 501611

what's a good sports bra for someone with big, slightly saggy, ugly tiddies?

tfw no itty bitty titties…

No. 501614

i keep seeing triple parentheses and frankly isn't that supposed to be racebaity? but I keep seeing it used by what I suspect is one anon here and it's kinda bothering me, does it mean anything else in the context of lc vernacular because ive never seen it before this one faggot anon started using it recently

sage for esp dumb mini sperg

No. 501616

omg, this text paired with this picture crushed my heart. it has nothing to do with bpd, this is just unfair imo. i hope you leave him and find peace, because this alone causes a lot of inner turmoil for women and their self esteem, with or without bpd.

No. 501617

i haven't noticed. can you take a screenshot next time you see it?

No. 501618

would u mind sharing some good sites you buy from? ive been looking for some new asian brands to look into.

No. 501623

The triple parentheses thing is typically what /pol/tards use to signify Jews or what they believe is being controlled by Jews. It should be obvious by the context if anon is shilling their jewish conspiracy mumbo jumbo. Is LC your first imageboard?

No. 501628

Trump is just brain dead.
Magaheads are brain dead too. Most of them would be appalled if they ever found out that r/t_D was taken over by Israeli/Russian Jews in 2016, before that there was a lot of anti Semitism on there, after the takeover, all non-Zionist mods got purged and a new anti-Muslim, pro-Israel ethos was established and continues to this day. (Nothing to do with putin, or the mueller report into Russian collusion, more likely they are similar to the RT media organisation: opportunistic and zeroed in on a way to make money; I suspect they were funded by the Russian billionaires/banks that trump is heavily indebted to, doesn't really matter, they made no impact on the election because the sub was toxic af and off putting to normies).
But, one policy they did stick to promoting was Trump's anti-war ethos.
Establishment want wars to profit off, and also to make examples of rogue nations that don't chip money into the international economic system run by establishment billionaires.
That's pretty much why Trump got elected. Normies are sick of the wars. And sick of the economy being shit for everybody except billionaires. He was the only politician since Carter who campaigned heavily and in a convincing way on ending wars and improving the economy for ordinary people. Trump's campaign was positively anti-establiment. And it stuck with ordinary voters. Obama tried that but he really only got elected because of the black vote and the liberals virtue signalling, he was always going to be a stooge of the warmongering establishment (as he proved with his wars, and also by screwing American taxpayers by bailing out banks while repossessing ordinary people's homes, busting teacher and health worker unions, and so much more).
Trump has delivered on a good amount of his promises that he campaigned on: improving the economy, raising wages, more jobs, bringing factories back home, scaling back warmongering.
Despite his obviously retard behaviour, the country is in a much better position than Hilary could ever hope to bring!
She gleefully bragged about killing Gaddafi (a progressive leader that, despite media slander, used Libya's oil money to look after his own population instead of allowing foreign billionaire-owned oil companies to profit off of his oil and kept the population safe from ISIS/Al Qaeda).
That last sentence is why Hilary/Obama backed the rebels in Libya's civil war. And why they went into Syria, and why everyone except Trump, is eager to invade Iran. Countries that do not submit to one of the world powers, are countries that are more likely to refuse to take part in the (((international central banking system))). And that can't be allowed, in case other countries try to extricate themselves from the central banking system, and thus stop kicking money up to the billionaires.
Obama was cucked to that system. And so is Hilary. Trump is the only one who isn't. He doesn't need the Establishment's money or the 'prestige' they can offer like board memberships or speaking tours.
The CIA have been gunning for Trump since day 1. They don't particularly care about the billionaire bankers, but they do care about the USA being number 1. And the easiest way to ensure that is by going after those countries and forcing them to submit to the central banking system (which runs on the petrodollar, ergo, the US dollar). Russiagate, the Syrian gas attacks, the impeachment evidence, the Iran false flag incidents throughout 2019 such as the impounded tankers and the attack on Saudi oil fields, the location of Soelimani at the Iraqi airport, and more, all came from the CIA! And all were intended to either get Trump removed from office do that he could be replaced by a neocon, or bully him into escalating the war in Syria and invade Iran.
Hilary would have happily invaded both Syria and Iran no matter how flimsy the CIA's evidence was (just like Trump did to Iraq in 2003).
Trump has repeatedly told them to fuck off and help him figure out how to end the wars. They don't like that attitude.
Israel is a factor too, but mainly in that Israel's interests happen to coincide with the central bankers' and the CIA's.
Ironically, it looks like Iraq is going to expel US forces now in response to the assassination, so the Iraq war might be over! The CIA's lack of patience to just wait and hope that a neocon or neolib gets elected in 2024, combined with Trump's incompetence and poor decision making abilities (by agreeing to bomb that guy at the CIA's request), may have ended the Iraq war!
All that's left is to make peace with the Taliban and leave Afghanistan and we'll be at peace!
(And hope that the CIA doesn't back 'rebels' in all of those countries, which is inevitable. The CIA just can't fucking help themselves!)

No. 501631

I used them on that longpost. Not to be particularly racebaity (it's not about race, it signifies Jews). But mainly as shorthand to imply 'Establishment'. The main powerplayers are Jewish, hence the conspiracy theories about Jews. (Not all Jews are part of it, almost are just wagecucks like the rest of us, but that significant portion of powerplayers along with the constant urging for countries to be submissive to Israel and Israeli interests above their own national interests, is what fuels that particular conspiracy theory).

No. 501632

Air purifier. The Dyson ones are best by far. But any air purifier with a carbon/charcoal filter will filter out that smell.

No. 501636

Don't do another bachelors ffs. Do a postgrad.
Don't be so hard in yourself either, the mockery here is just teasing. You're obviously capable enough to get that arts degree, you'll be well able to get a postgrad!
If you like tech, go for it. There's loads of post graduate masters degrees and certifications aimed at career-changers.
But, I'd avoid tech because if you were into tech, you'd know it by now.
Try HR, as the other poster said. Super cushy. And quite well paid.
Or maybe teaching? Summers off work and decent union pay.
Or maybe, if you're artsy, try design?

No. 501639

When she kills another woman in hand to hand combat.

No. 501659

File: 1578291346713.png (17.86 KB, 193x236, unknown (4).png)

Does diet coke ACTUALLY make you gain weight?

No. 501661

No, why would it? It has 0 calories. Studies have linked it to obesity more because of the psychological effect it can have (makes you crave sugar, makes you feel entitled to eat more because the soda has no calories, etc). But on its own it will not cause weight gain.

No. 501662

Thanks! I just keep reading on some stupid articles about how it raises your insulin or something and slows down weight loss. The health community seems a bit split about this.

No. 501664

no, but it was proven people tend to overeat and underestimate the amount of calories they'd consumed when drinking diet versions of sodas instead of the regular ones. plus, it tastes like shit, so just drink water instead

No. 501667

It does make your body produce insulin but if you have a healthy diet and exercise regularly then it's not enough to make an impact. If you consume garbage all the time it will definitely exasperate it, though.

No. 501670

most people who drink diet soda only drink diet soda and not even water.

No. 501701

Exatly this. I lost 20 pounds while still drinking a ton of diet coke to satisfy my sweet craves. The carbonic acid might cause some bloating but it's mostly because it might also make you crave for actual sugary food because it tastes sweet but your body is not getting sugar, so it confuses your brain or something to that effect.

No. 501724

Personally I've seen the multiple parentheses thing in completely unrelated memes, for example the ones with parrots. For example something like (((Howdy))) with the pic of a parrot in a cowboy hat.

No. 501783

Does anyone know of a J-vlogger who did vlogs in areas like Nagasaki? I remembered subscribing to a couple and they were the only jvloggers that I could stand to watch. I think the woman's hometown was in Sasebo, and she posted a vlog where she bought expensive fruit or something to bring home to her mom or grandma shortly before her marriage (I think she needed her grandma/mom to sign some important papers or something). Does anyone know who I'm talking about? I tried to just search Nagasaki or Sasebo vlogs but none of the names are ringing a bell and don't seem to be what I'm looking for.

No. 501811

How often do you wash your pajamas? How many nights do you wear pajamas until you wash them? Just wondering how i compare with others.

No. 501814

I'm going to be honest here, I'm still in the habit of picking boogers and wiping them on clothes (so they get washed off,) so I wear them like 2 nights maximum before I inevitably wipe some boogers on the pants.

No. 501818

Once a week in winter, every two days or even daily in summer because I sweat a lot.

No. 501829

smell test ftw. usually like 4 nights or so in winter and 2 in the summer. if i don't wear underwear with my payama bottoms then like 2 days max bc am a discharge factory.

No. 501830

every three nights in winter; every other night in summer. i'm a heavy sweater. i wash my sheets once a week if that's of relevance?

No. 501835

every 2 days

No. 501838

that's a good point, nothing is completely original. the question for me is, how to put an original enough twist on one an old story-type without it being a blatan copy and paste retelling? I guess that's up for debate.

interesting, I enjoyed reading this.

No. 501865

don't wear pajamas, only roomwear/loungewear when close friends are staying over.

No. 501879

Not sure where the hell this goes. What language should I learn first? Watching people's reactions to another knowing their native lang on yt has made me realize how stupid I am over the past week.

The only language learning experience I've had is french in high school but that was only one year and I switched classes bc I had no friends in it. Bilingual anons please help this amerifag break the stereotype.

No. 501882

Whatever language you will stay motivated to learn, whether it's because you want to travel there, you like the culture, you like the tv/music/literature… if you have no preference and no interest in consuming native material you will probably get bored, struggle, and quit early on.

No. 501902

prolific is pretty nice imo but it takes a few days between each survey in my case, may be different depending on your country and the information you give about yourself. i've been using it for a month or so and made about 11 bucks. nothing big but a little extra cash.

No. 501903

Are there any ways to minimize the appearance of scars from compulsive picking on wounds? My legs are absolutely covered and im almost embarrassed to wear shorts or skirts in the summer because of it. I've tried concealer but they still show through because they're so purple.

No. 501904

What >>501882 said. Pick a language that you really love and want to learn out of passion, and don't be intimidated if the language you want is something difficult for English speakers to pick up like Arabic or Russian, if you genuinely love it, you'll make it happen.

And don't fall for the meme that you should learn a specific language solely because it's "useful". So many people try to force themselves to learn Spanish but because they don't actually care about the language or culture they half ass it and never grow beyond a basic level.

No. 501918

since your native is english try german

No. 501919

Test question for farmers.
When you take a bath / shower. Do you wash your legs?

No. 501926

dont tell me you don't, anon

No. 501933

No I dont. I also don wash behind my ears. Or my ass. Or my hairs

what kinda question is that ?

No. 501940

Nope. I make sure I never get water on my legs. If I'm in the bath I'll lay flat down on my back and keep my legs in the air out of the water. Get some core exercises in for good measure.

No. 501943

Second question. Do you all use lotion after taking a bath/shower?

No. 501944

Yeah..you're supposed to wash everything in the shower, I mean do you not wash your feet too? Those collect a ton of sweat and dirt so..

No. 501945

3rd question
do you take a bath/shower EVERY day?

No. 501946

this is a weird question, why not ask under the girl talk threads?

No. 501953

b/c this is the dumbass question thread and I want answers to my dumbass questions

No. 501958

I love lotions after showers/bathe
I don't shower everyday
I don't focus on them, but I do "wash" em

No. 501959

but do you do it every time you take a shower? Or only during cold/winter months

No. 501960

nta but if I have the time I'll wear a fragranced lotion but most of the time I just slap on some face lotion from cerave and cover my dry spots with cerave, I don't have the fancy youtube routine its too annoying. I also struggle to have the energy to shower but I try to force myself to at least every other day.

No. 501961

File: 1578418315668.jpg (261.69 KB, 1759x2048, dress 1.JPG)

I love this dress so much, but the model is wearing a small and is 5'11 and the length is described as 40 inches. I am 5'1. If I wanted to get this dress anyway, and have it tailored would it likely have to be shortened at both the skirt and the torso?

Do any of you guys know approximately how much that costs(usa anon)?

No. 501966

I do it every shower, ever since I was a baby. My mum would lotion my skin, then I did it myself.

No. 501968

Are you a troon?

No. 501970

No, I was asking because a coworker at work called me weird for:
-washing my ENTIRE body everyday
-putting lotion/nivea/vaseline on my body after washing everyday
-and not washing my hair every single day
She would say you only need to wash your privates and armpits, everything else trickles down and you don't need lotion for your body. I was like, you have to be fucking crazy. But, everyone else wasn't phased and agreed with her so I'm trying to see if I'm the crazy one or not.

No. 501978

You don't need to wash your entire body with soap everyday unless you work in a really dirty environment or sweat a lot, it's actually not good for your skin.
I don't think it makes you weird though, your coworker is the weird one for being weirded out by your washing habits lol.

I do put on lotion after every shower like you unless I'm feeling lazy (which is often tbh). I wash my hair every two or three days.

No. 501980

I was made fun of for not showering everyday, not even because I smelled THAT bad (I still showered almost every other day) but because because my best friend at the time told everyone in my school. Now I make sure to have showered within the 24 hours if I go out, but I get lazy and skip days sometimes due to depression if I don't.

No. 501985

My parents give ms shit for not showing twice a day, everyday like they do. I don't really have b.o. thankfully, so I don't feel the need to. I also like hot showers so I know it's awful for my skin. I shower every other day because I need to wash my hair. I'll only shower on consecutive days if it's the summer and I'm super sticky.

No. 501987

I mean, she's right about lotion. You don't need it unless your skin is dry or you're worried about looking ashy. It's not a necessity at all, you've been marketed to.
Showering is such a personal thing though, and some people don't seem to get that. Some people shower daily, some every two days, some several times per day. It depends on your skin, the climate you live in, the clothes you wear, your skin condition.

Some bitch once made fun of me for using gentle bar soap (which in my country is most soap) instead of shower gel for washing my body. Like, what the fuck do you think people used before shower gel was invented, why the hell do you think soap on a rope came into existence? Some people really are sheep.

No. 501999

Break open a vitamin E capsule and rub that into the scar, every day or so. It's oily so you probably will be able to cover multiple scars with one capsule. That'll lessen the colour difference between the scar and surrounding skin.

No. 502001



Every night, but sometimes I just sleep in the t shirt I wore that day since I change my shirts daily anyway.

No. 502007

How to take selfies in which I look like I do in a mirror?
What is a good filter/editing app that will not change me into an alien?

No. 502010

I think it was on one of the threads somewhere on /ot/ recently where someone said to hold your camera as far away from you as possible, and then zoom in because it causes lets warping from the camera lens. Lower angles are also good (I like to tilt my head slightly up and look down. Achieves a sultry sort of look lol). I personally snow and stick to the stickers/animal filters because I think they're cute without making me look like a bug eyed freak (I'm sure there are some on there that will make you look like an alien, but I've found some decent ones that enhance my features without crossing the line, to each their own though).

No. 502015

>hold your camera as far away from you as possible, and then zoom in because it causes lets warping from the camera lens
Do you mean to zoom in while taking a photo or to crop it after it's done?
I will give snow a shot.

One more question, what is tye best way to have a cutesy pink filter on your photos? can you do it with snow?

No. 502020

Zoom in while taking the photo! I've personally never done this since I've figured out my One Good Selfie Angle, but I've seen someone say it works for them.

Snow has a lot of filters. I personally don't use them but I wouldn't be surprised if they did have cutesy pink one (I just did a quick scroll through them and a lot I randomly picked had very subtle filters). I mostly stick to the stickers and some of those have a color filter on them depending on which one you pick.

No. 502025

How can I get $400 PayPal dollars fast?I can't use my bank money because I'm not allowed to order anything online

No. 502033

Thanks for the input. I realize now that it must be a cultural thing. I've always washed my body everyday with a washcloth/expholiator and used lotion right after to prevent dry/ashy skin. I realize asking my parents, they said that their coworkers called them strange as well, but everyone else that shares the same culture with us does the same stuff we do.

No. 502070

Here's the situation
Basically, at work we are supposed to partner up with a coworker and discuss a few work things.

Someone already asked me and I said yes, but I also wanted to ask someone else–they just happened to surprise me 30 minutes before I planned on asking.

I think i MIGHT like the person I was planning on asking and I might want to get closer to them, but I'm still kinda not over someone else so I don't know if it would lead anywhere

It's a really small project, so it really doesn't matter much, but would it be worth it to try asking the person I might like and just trying to back out of it with the other?
I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings, so I'm honestly fine with either result.

No. 502074

Thanks anon!

No. 502080

No. Figure out if you're over your ex or not before you jump into something new.

No. 502154

Would your answer change if I said they weren't my ex?

No. 502181

What's it called when someone who gets woken up from their sleep is violent and doesn't realize until a few seconds later? Is it just plain sleepwalking? Would anger management therapy be beneficial?

No. 502272

I have moderate acne and don't cover it up.
Would the average person be disgusted by this? Is this a genuine obstacle preventing me from forming friendships?

As soon as I became not-fat I broke out so I haven't noticed a big difference in how others treat me. I assume fat and acne are about on the same level as far as flaws go.

Just wondering if any pizza-anons have experience with this?

No. 502279

I grew up sorta pizza faced and I clearly thought a lot more of it than other people. One of my friends in high school had severe acne, and I'd only notice it on occasion. It's weird to describe, but unless I really pulled myself out of that moment, I didn't notice it or give a fuck.

My skin is better now, but I have the decency not to point out other people's acne, whether it's a tiny one or they're a huge pizza face. I'd like to imagine that most other people are as decent, and if they aren't, you shouldn't try being friends with them anyway. Only middle schoolers are petty enough to be disgusted by it, adults realize acne is an unfortunate fact of life and out of most people's control.

No. 502295

I think it's sleep walking unless the person was assaulted in their sleep in the past.

No. 502308

My pen pal's package came in recently and one of the gifts was an extremely cute piece of paper. It's got a design in the center of the page on both sides, and I love it and want to include it in my journal somehow, but I don't know how. I also don't know if writing around the designs would ruin it. Should I try to bind the paper in and leave it as is, or keep it loose and just stare at it?

No. 502321

It depends. I grew up with horrible acne and I still have scars and hyperpigmentation til this day (and honestly, it makes me want to die that I won't have clear skin even when I am 40). I was bullied a lot at school for it, but then again, I feel like people would have been less mean if I at least had pretty facial features underneath indicating I had the potential to be beautiful.

No. 502335

Fat and acne are treated the same in depending on how you're carrying yourself.
People tend to think better of fatties who are hygienic and can dress nicely. It's the same if you make an attempt to take care of your acne and look presentable otherwise.
People won't think much of your acne unless you make it blatantly obvious you're not trying to take care of yourself ie. Having a face so oily from not washing that people can see your grease slick yards away.

No. 502339

alright, fess up time! Which one of you anons is bloobird on reddit?

No. 502360

how long would it take me to die if i laid down in the snow without any winter clothes? would someone be able to save me before i die? and is it painful?

No. 502363

I'm interested in this too. Thanks.

No. 502364

Dying from exposure is incredibly painful. While you're not enjoying the terrors of shock-induced delirium, you get to experience the divine sensation of your extremities seemingly going through extreme temperature changes, from boiling pins and needles to cold thawing numbness, as your vasomotor tone decreases and your labored respiratory and cardiovascular system begins to fail you.

Exposure kills drunks, anon. People too inebriated to save themselves or know better. Sane and sober people know what a shitshow it is.

No. 502371

Thanks! So I should go somewhere very cold, isolated, and preferably still snowing and bring a lot of booze with me. Got it.

No. 502376

Imagine attention seeking on an anon board.

No. 502379

just jump into a cold river, dummies.

No. 502384

It's going to be one less shitposter on lolcow. Trust me, you want this as much as I do. Didn't intend to attenwhoer so I'll stop with this.

No. 502387

Is there no other way, anon? Why do you want to do this?

No. 502397

Good place to get a nice-looking backpack? Ideally waterproof with a lot of space for books/tablet/etc. I've been using the same shitty Jansport since high school and I'd like something that looks a bit more stylish but is still functional, I don't want a tiny designer bag because I still need to carry a lot of stuff.

No. 502411

Why is solid black or white text on a busy background hard to see, but white text with a black border is easier to see?

No. 502413

do a flip(a-logging)

No. 502417


I used to carry an Everlane knapsack for school in 2013, and they really improved the designs on them too if you wanna check them out.

I also looked around Lululemon and I remember they had decent laptop bags (I know it's for yoga but I think it could carry up to 15 inches), so you can check that out too.

I also see a lot of working professionals carry a Mat and Nat faux leather bag if that's the kind of look you want!

No. 502439

>Hazbin Hotel is popular with coomers and 4channers in 2020

>If this was 10 years ago, it would've been popular with the fujos and women instead

So farmers, can someone answer why have the traditionally feminine interests have been replaced with a male fanbase? Also what do fujos and women like now? Also did this start with MLP?

No. 502444

File: 1578536203404.jpeg (15.15 KB, 275x265, 1570897988289.jpeg)

may i get the link to 2X i have it but i lost it help

No. 502445

some fujos do like it and make porn of it, but they post it on twitter and DevianArt, fujos like the same yaoi trahs they had always like noting change some are "trans men" now so they get a free past to post ther fetishs, i feel like it did star wint MLP if i'm honets before that the /y/ and /d/ were all anime or old cartoons

No. 502451

Just replace lolcow ot with /2X/

No. 502452

How is this traditionally feminine?
I feel like there are way more dudes into weird porn than there are women
Not to say there aren't women who like weird porn, but it's overwhelmingly dudes

[spoiler]for a second I thought this post was about Habbo Hotel making a comeback

No. 502458

most of those shows 10 years ago featured cute boys and hazbiz hotel has no cute boys, so no fujos

No. 502462

File: 1578540603008.png (62.21 KB, 800x496, 84928492.png)

I don't know what you guys are talking about, loads of girls like Hazbin Hotel. It's just that men now feel more comfortable enjoying "feminine" cartoons, which does have a lot to do with MLP (and Steven Universe, honestly) IMO.
The designs scream "2008 scene kid", too. Alastor and Angel Dust are basically fujoshi bait for the reasons stated in pic related.

No. 502464

i try it but i get a 404

No. 502465

Cause I remember stuff with this colorful, flamboyant style being popular with mostly women back in the day. You know those 2000s to mid 2010s years on deviantart, myspace, tumblr, ect, hell I remember certain video game franchises having a large female fanbase undercurrent because of the characters being colorful and flamboyant in their designs, and also some of the males being cute and whimsical. I just dont see that anymore? but maybe I'm mistaken. But I'm also only in my early 20s so I don't feel like I aged out at all to see this, considering many of these people were in their early 20s/late teens when this was happening too.

Lol habbo hotel

Alastor is cute isn't he? And that Angel Dust dude.

I see some girls but way more men being loud about it and super duper hyped about it, I mean even lolcow doesn't like it that much idk. I just see mostly dudes into shit like this nowadays and I can kinda tell by the discussion and fanart being pumped, because women were generally more into introspecting and theorizing characters/shipping/ect back in the day as far as I remember. Or maybe everyone just gives less of a shit like that internet complaint thread said and I'm just confused

No. 502466

and to add on, not to say there isn't shipping or what I said going on, it's just way less than I expected than if it came out in like 2010?

No. 502468

it's 2X, not 2x

No. 502487

thanks for helping this dumb bicth out anon!

No. 502494

I feel like there's multiple reasons that could be behind this. I'm autistic as fuck, so I'll try to break them down. Sorry if this is disjointed.

1. Female sexuality and creativity isn't really embraced online the same way it was in the past (unless it's in very direct service to male sexuality, eg the rise of dd/lg). There used to be a dedicated online culture for girls and women to enjoy BL/shipping as a hobby (or even self-inserting via OCs), to the point where it often became destructive and obnoxious IRL (yaoi paddles at anime cons). Nowadays, with the "anti-fujoshi" complaints and increased pressure on women (especially women who are considered privileged in the current cultural paradigm) to be contemporary political "allies" to men and male-aligned women, many girls and women who would've otherwise approached these things with enthusiasm are far more cautious. They're largely keeping their content on fanfiction sites and anonymized spaces, while their main social media accounts stay clean to avoid negative judgment. Men aren't held to fire nearly as much for being sexual degenerates (or for their self-expression in general, no matter how embarrassing) so they're fine with being "horny on main". Women fear being "cringe" more than men do.

2. A lot of girls are into K-pop more than 2D these days, so they're probably more into shipping, writing about and drawing their oppas. I think many of the women/girls in fandom of yesteryear were literal 14-17 year olds, but these days, the younger crowd's point of fandom is composed of K-pop guys. Tokio Hotel, One Direction and various J-rock bands also had their dedicated fangirls back then, but the K-pop boom is massive in this era. Older women are probably more demure and calm about things, so the intense fervor of the past just isn't there. BTS and other groups are hogging a lot of attention.

3. Hazbin Hotel is an indie production. I'd wager that the last real eras of booming fujoshi (and general female-focused fandom) culture in regards to western content were the Jack Frost from Rise of The Guardians/Hiccup from How To Train Your Dragon ship, The Onceler fandom, the South Park fandom, the Gravity Falls fandom (Bill Cipher/Dipper shipping was huge), and the Rick and Morty fandom (they shipped the eponymous characters), the Superwholock fandom and (maybe) the Avengers/general capeshit fandom. Notice that most of these are large productions with wide reach via places like Netflix, TV and so on. Hazbin Hotel being a 100% independent production means the lion's share of people who will find out about it will be the sausage fest of internet "cartoon nerd/degenerates", not the same people who gravitated to the aforementioned fandoms. The one exception to this I've seen is the fandom for the short "Welcome to Hell" (quite a bit of fujoshi popularity there, which I suspect was on purpose), but I'm pretty sure it didn't really "pop" as much as it could've because it was an indie production, and like I mentioned earlier, the internet cartoon nerd scene is a sausage fest. I kind of want to include Homestuck in this somewhere, but I don't really know how large the yaoi scene for it was in comparison to everything else. Indie media that has the male stamp of approval just gets farther, point blank.

4. Hazbin Hotel isn't an anime, and is also marketed as an "adult cartoon". Anime is more of an open platform for shipping and character focus in general (most likely because of Japan's cultural/aesthetic aspects of bishonen characters and focus on building lasting personal relationships between characters), while western cartoons are in kind of a complicated place. People don't really ship Bojack Horseman, The Simpsons or Family Guy characters like that. There are the exceptions listed in #3, but it's no coincidence that most of those franchises are/were targeted at young people. This isn't as true about Rick and Morty and South Park, but their ratings are/were PG-14, and their wide availability made them a bit more accessible to the mainstream, meaning kids would come across it anyway, while Hazbin Hotel's creator specifies it's for adults right off the bat, and it being indie makes it easier to avoid/ignore. Younger people tend to fixate more on the relationships between fictional characters (I guess it's a safe way to process their own hormones, and sort of a wish fulfillment thing), while adults generally watch adult cartoons to laugh, unwind and say "Damn…kinda hits close to home" whenever there's a scene that talks about serious topics.

5. There are more "attractive" female characters in Hazbin Hotel than male ones. Off the top of my head, I can count maybe 3 male characters that look sufficiently humanoid enough to appeal to most male-attracted female viewers (Alastor, Angel Dust and the main character's dad). Meanwhile most of the female characters are quite conventionally pretty, and human-looking with only small monster quirks, like oddly-colored skin or black irises (and in the most "out there" case, being a cyclops). A lot of western media falls victim to the trope of "ugly/odd-looking men, pretty women, and women who might be a bit weird-looking, but are still pretty", and Hazbin Hotel only strays slightly from that path. This will help foster a male fandom, who'll be happy to sexualize the female characters and ignore the male ones (except to self-insert here and there), but this alienates a female side of the fandom who would be drawn in by handsome/cute male characters.

One other thing I do want to point out is that I'm pretty sure it's still mostly girls and women writing a large amount of fanfics, not just for Hazbin Hotel, but most media in general. Male fans are just louder about their fanfare (probably because of #1), and I suspect they commission more fan art that panders to what they want, so their numbers seem more inflated.

No. 502505

>tokio hotel
if I could travel back to 2007 and tell teenage me that the dreadlocked one is going to end up married to Heidi Klum…

No. 502506

>They're largely keeping their content on fanfiction sites and anonymized spaces, while their main social media accounts stay clean to avoid negative judgment.
This definitely happened to me, in 2006 I could yell about my ships all I wanted but I've now resorted to having a protected anonymous account to contain all my "degenerate" shipping&fandom stuff in. It's so sad that we've regressed to this point, men can shake their dick anywhere they want while women are driven back to chastity unless they're e-thots directly pandering to men.

Regarding Hazbin Hotel, in all honesty calling Angel Dust "fujo pandering" is like calling any hypersexual flamboyant gay stereotype character (like Mr. Garrison or Big Gay Al from South Park) "fujo pandering". Like you said I think the target audience is supposed to find the main character and her girlfriend the major fap fodder.

No. 502509

No one expected Tom to cosplay as Shrek either but it happened too.

I swear to God why do so many people remember Tokio Hotel now? Back when I was into them, it was only me and some cholo dude I wasn't even friends with in my entire high school who knew who they were lmao.

No. 502520


Honestly, it feels like as each decade passes you see less women expressing their sexuality (outside male-approved male-gaze shit) and less women-gaze things out in the open. I'd say you could have seen this in the media as early on as the 60s, I would say it was quite present in music a lot during the 70s,80s,90s, and a lot of the 2000s, I'd say it was quite present in fiction and fiction fandoms during the 80s-2000s, but now it has disappeared, all of it, in a supposedly more Feminist century, that has been telling girls their sexual preferences and interests (outside male gaze approved shit) is "cringe", and their self-expression is "cringe", and men dressing up to look any way more attractive for the opposite sex through grooming, fashion, and being trim is also "cringe" or "gay". Lol.

I just realized hazbin hotel has beautiful female characters and only like 3 hot guys. Man that is so lame. Especially since this was created by a woman it makes it even lamer. Women need to make more fiction with beautiful boys and well-written stories, I get Kpop is the "thing" now but we also need to go back to fiction since I feel like Kpop heavily skews more to the under 18 side of womanhood.

No. 502528

Because the internet doesn't consist only of Americans?

No. 502531

>I just realized hazbin hotel has beautiful female characters and only like 3 hot guys.
Three? I can't think of a single hot guy in it. The female characters are humanoid and defined so they're easy to look at, thus attractive, the men consist of stick limbs and overly cartoon faces that only maybe someone with a very specific niche taste would find "attractive". Even Angel Dust's voice is so grating it strips off the last hopes of the character being able to be taken seriously.

Otherwise I agree about everything. Men attractive to women are instantly labeled as "gay" and we're being force fed the idea that they should only like older, selfish dadbod losers to avoid making men insecure.

No. 502535

I was actually thinking about what I've seen people say, but yeah I agree that the male characters aren't hot to me.

No. 502548

How long should you wait before rehoming a kitten you found? I made posts on FB, nextdoor, Craigslist, and put posters up in all the adjacent neighborhoods. Her nails were trimmed so she must have belonged to someone, but it's been 2 weeks and no one's come forward.

No. 502565

Shouldn't you take it to a local cat and dog home? If someone's missing a cat I assume that's where they'll go to ask and not online pages probably no one in your town goes on.

No. 502568

Have you gone to a vet or shelter to see if she’s been microchipped? Most kittens can be chipped so owners won’t have to worry too much about her being lost and ending up dead in a shelter because they would be notified to come pick her up. If they tell you there’s no chip then I say about a week or two just to wait things out a bit but if you can’t take care of her for much longer then you should consider rehoming earlier

No. 502600

I have a masturbating partner where we exchange nudes on snapchat to get off, we been doing it for almost a year and a half but we stopped for six months then about a month ago we started doing it again, but the weird thing is that he says that sometimes he feels crippling guilt/shame afterwards and im just confused because I felt that at the very beginning and then stopped feeling ashamed for it after a while like what any other human would but he only started feeling that now almost two years later??? does any anon know what's wrong with him -or even me god forbid-? that is my question.

No. 502604

did you two by any chance stop beacuse he got a gf and now hes feeling guilty beacuse they're actually still together?

other than that its unfortunately common for people have all sorts of weird sexual neurosis and hangups, might have just grown up religious or got touched as a kid or something

No. 502606

I really have no idea, we stopped because he claimed that he did find me attractive anymore but half a year forward he is asking for it. I think that he tried to get in a relationship when we were on a break so I'm not putting the possibility of being some sort of relationship completly off the table… another thing is that I used to be the ashamed one because of one of the reasons you mentioned and I used to tell him about it. and he used to be the one not to get ashamed of it that's why it is super weird to happen now, he is confused as well.

No. 502614

Is it worth keeping my best buy credit card? I just got an email that they're going to close it soon due to inactivity (have literally not used it since I was coerced into signing up for it- pls no bully about falling up for signing up for it, I'm not confrontational and the cashier was extremely aggressive and it's a lesson learned). It's technically my newest card (2 years) but I didn't immediately close the account because I read it's just better to have boost overall credit limit to be higher/make my revolving usage lower. It's not my biggest credit line, but it's still a couple thousand.

No. 502616

I have a Best Buy card because it's great for your credit if you actually use it. If you don't, just cancel it or do nothing and let it be closed automatically.

No. 502621

How much money do you ladies keep in your checkings? Like, what is an acceptable minimum and when do you consider yourself in the red? I keep the majority of my money in my savings for emergencies, and keep a good amount in my checkings for some wiggle room, but I'm curious as to how other anons handle their finances.

No. 502632

If I go under $1k in my checking I get worried, so I guess that's what I consider "in the red."

I keep most of my money in my checkings, though, and am slowly building my savings in a different account via auto transfer. Currently my savings account only has around $900.

Also I have an IRA with contributions from my employer, dunno if that counts.

No. 502647

I don't have celiac disease or a wheat allergy or anything (that I know of) but I have a lot of digestive issues which have gotten worse as of late. I currently have gastritis, I also believe I have h. pylori. I'm thinking about cutting out gluten, because I've heard it can help with some of the issues I have. I'm trying to find more information about the benefits of cutting out gluten, the only good resource I found was What I've Learned's video on it. have any of you cut out gluten, and what was your experience?

No. 502656

I only keep $500 or so in my checking because I have a high interest rate for my savings, so keeping it fat earns me more money vs doing fuckall in checking.

No. 502674

what's the rate and what bank/plan, anon? are you in the us?

No. 502680

Are twins of two different sexes just as normie siblings as other ppl and their siblings or do they share more of the same dna? I am guessing just normal siblings but I am very tired and watching s2 of You

No. 502685

yes, fraternal twins are just like regular siblings. there were just two eggs ready at the time of conception. identical twins happen when one egg splits after it's fertilized. you can have fraternal twins the same or opposite sexes but identical twins are always the same sex.

No. 502687

Ok i feel less dumb now, thank you anon! Did not know that someone can give birth to twins with two different fathers because the sperm can survive that long in them tubes. Humans are so fucking weird.

No. 502691

if i'm not at zero before my next paycheck I consider myself good.
>having savings
what is that

No. 502707

i think i have schizophrenia, not sure bc im not completely out of touch with reality. should i go see a therapist immediatly? or can i wait bc i dont want to miss on work. im also kinda afraid of what would happen to me if i did go, like, would i be hospitalized? i did try to kill myself twice but that was bc of depression.

last year, i started hearing sounds in my head (bells ringing, doors opening) and seeing hallucinations (spiders crawling on the ceiling, walls vibrating or turning into other colors, people hiding behind my back, shadows on the wall). this year, i started to hear voices and animal sounds (mostly at night) but they're not harmful, just a man saying hello or hey, a dog barking or a woman whispering sentences in a foreign language. i had delusions before when i was a kid, and a few months earlier. like i thought i was the only human and everyone else were either robots or hologram and that my friends and family were planning on killing me but i think im over it now. im in my early twenties btw

No. 502716

i was in your position once and it started very much the same way with me, unthreatening sounds and slight hallucinations whatever. go to a doctor or psych (therapists are only there to listen and chat, not qualified to prescribe anything) and let them know because it's a slippery slope for the things you hear and see to become threatening. nip that shit in the bud sis, it's not real and you don't need it.

no they won't section you or put you away unless you're a threat to yourself or others.

No. 502734

It's 2.30% pa, but not US and the rate is only offered for residents here. Hopefully you can find something decent!

No. 502735

How can anyone find them hot?? wtf??Viz can't even draw men properly,they all look like anorexic teenagers plus it doesn't help if her uNiQue!111 art style makes my eyes burn

No. 502740

Is it normal that most of my social interaction comes from online forums? I don't have friends, haven't since I graduated highschool but I'm not a NEET since I'm enrolled in University n' have a job.

No. 502748

File: 1578637565816.png (3.41 MB, 1800x1350, ADF9F11F-0D1D-4D13-89A6-D08C12…)

Which poster do you anons prefer—left or right?

No. 502750

Right, the left one would bevcool but the kid or whatever grosses me out for some reason

No. 502757

both suck

No. 502759

None. Ot I tried watching this movie twice, but both times I fell asleep after the first 20 mins.

No. 502771

left, it's more memorable

No. 502780

File: 1578653016916.jpg (337.63 KB, 1600x1600, DayPack.jpg)

Are kanken bags actually decent or are they just an overpriced and dying meme

No. 502782

Fjällräven is a sturdy good quality outdoors brand. No idea if the quality is affected by overproduction after these went from nerdy to world-wide trendy, though.

No. 502798

I have one and its durable but it doesn't lay sturdy like that loool

The doghnut backpacks are better imo, and they come with a laptop pouchie

No. 502820

File: 1578669298948.png (219.12 KB, 504x586, fdj.PNG)

nta but I've never heard of them and just went to check them out and fuckkkk this colorway is so cute!!!

I have a small anello bookbag that I love and has served me well everyday for the past two years.

No. 502841

File: 1578671622127.jpeg (111.92 KB, 1051x788, 3d.jpeg)

My sister wants to go into 3D modelling. I'd like to get her a Udemy course but since I'm not really knowledgeable about 3D modelling, I don't know which software to recommend her and therefore, which course to get for her. I heard that while Blender is popular, it's not an industry standard. Zbrush + Substance Painter + 3ds max seems to be the way to go or nah?

No. 502843

I have the donut bag. I'd say it can fit somewhat of a lot in its compressed space. Quality would hold up for 1-4 years depending on wear. My biggest gripe is that it would fall over when really full. It was also a huge pain in the ass to get something out when standing. Since the zippers further back and only on top I had to set it down to get something out. It annoyed me enough that I'll probably go back to my old backpack. Theres also only 2 main compartments unless you dont pack a laptop. That could be used as a 3rd one then.

No. 502870

3DS Max works best for hard surface modelling such as cars, buildings and machines. It also has animation tools and other cool features, but I used it mainly for modelling in school.

ZBrush is a sculpting software and works better for organic shapes such as humans, animals and other more fleshy creatures.

Substance Painter is used to create and add texture to 3D models, both hard surface and organic, but it doesn't have any modelling or sculpting tools on it's own.

I really like these programs, but after school was over and I didn't have access to them anymore I switched right to Blender without problem.

The best thing about Blender is that it has both hard surface modelling and sculpting tools in one. It also does textures really well, and the online community is very helpful and has a lot of clever tutorials out there for free. So if your sister is unsure what to get, starting out with Blender is a really good option in my opinion. It's a surprisingly powerful program that honestly doesn't feel like it should be free, considering the stuff it can do.

No. 502872

why can't we upload images from image url's? that'd be so much easier

No. 502882

i accidentally cut one of my fingernails too short. it grew out and now looks ugly as shit. the "white" part takes up half the space (where the nail usually looks "pink"). is there any way to make my nail look normal again or is it gonna stay like that forever?

No. 502883

the pink is the nailbed, did you damage/cut into the nailbed?

No. 502910

Thank you so much anon! I'll tell her that and have her choose.

No. 502911

i guess so. i just cut off too much of the corner. and now the left part of my nail looks almost completely white. idk if there's any way to fix this.

No. 502912

Does anyone know any good book channels on yt that is not run by a person who seems like they're straight out of 2015 tumblr and is not fixated on the young-adult genre?

No. 502917

Cut your nail(s) short until the white part is very thin, then wait for it to grow out, repeat until the nailbed is unified.
If you keep that nail long, stuff will get under the white part in the nail bed and it'll take more time healing and look gross. It happened to me.
Good luck, anon!

No. 502929

Merphy Napier is my favorite booktuber, she is the only large-channel booktuber who reads a well rounded assortment of books/primarily non YA, at least that I know of. There's also Elliot Brooks but she mostly only reads fantasy and some historical fiction and some manga.

Another channel I sometimes watch is shadesoforange but she pretty much only reviews horror/thrillers.

There's nearly an infinite amount of book youtube channels, but most of them are really small channels. The best thing to do is search for the names of books you're interested in or the genres you're interested in.

No. 503003

If I'm a 32F can I comfortably fit into size large or extra large sports bras? I don't want to work out, just an alternative to wearing regular bras.

No. 503021

XL would be way too big, L might be too. Try some on at a store or look at a size guide online, 32F is hard to fit and I wouldn't take a chance on just ordering something blind.

I like my kanken but get the no. 2 instead of the original, it's way more durable and less prone to fading. Also the leather trim/straps look nicer and more stylish imo and less like a kid's bookbag. Pricier but worth it.

No. 503046

Yes, I am a 32G anon that has ditched underwire bras. I usually wear a medium or a large in sports bras. I can usually eyeball the fit and coverage
I like the under armour seamless longline bra. I wear a large. It's a good alternative to a regular bra because of the straps. I avoid racerback sports bras when I'm not working out.

No. 503057

No. 503061

In the mood to try a new hobby or skill. What do you anons recommend that isn't learning a new language, already learning Spanish instrument, too expensive or programming?too boring

No. 503062

Crocheting, knitting, sewing, macrame, uhhh beadwork or perhaps leather crafting? I studied a bunch of them and it's kept me pretty preoccupied! Plus everyone loves a handmade gift.

No. 503066

Seconding fiber arts, you can start basically any of them for under $10 and there's loads of guides everywhere.

No. 503089

I'm already a knitter, but macrame looks fun I suppose. I'll try that.

No. 503114

File: 1578746095030.png (312.33 KB, 600x600, 488_th__p_3.png)

I was gifted something fairly expensive recently by a relative but not to sound ungrateful i have no use for it…my phone and laptop kinda do all the work i need for everything. What should i do? Should i sell it? i just need a different approach to this situation.

No. 503119

Why do most (masculine) gay guys take better care of themselves compared to straight dudes?
Most young gay guys I've come across irl and online are really fit, well-dressed and generally more attractive than straight guys.
Is it cause the bar for straight men is non existent?

No. 503122

Gay guys are really concerned with apperances because of their own dating culture. Fatphobia and lookism runs rampant in gay communities so everyone tries really really hard to look their best because of the high standarts they have towards each other.

No. 503134

File: 1578754976447.jpeg (296.13 KB, 1125x2001, 27D823C2-3999-45F9-B98A-0FDF36…)

How do I fuck with this wannabe freedom fighter? I usually wouldn’t ask but i really hate dumbasses like this

No. 503139

Why the fuck do apps need to be updated so much? Like no matter when I update my apps, the next day like 30 more will need updates wtf

No. 503145

File: 1578759453875.jpeg (44.07 KB, 480x480, 1531510678414.jpeg)

A friend said they wanted children in the future and thought it was weird I mentioned fertility testing. Is it really that weird? Wouldn't you want to know if there might be issues to address before you pursued having children?

No. 503157

Not really weird since it revolves around the subject. Don't know what your friends issue is.

No. 503173

I would just sell it but it does depend on your relative a bit I guess. When my relatives gift me something they'll literally never ask about it again or care what I do with it. But if your relative low key expects to see you wear it (assuming it's that smart watch in pic) maybe don't sell it.

No. 503199

maybe? I've never heard of people getting a fertility test done before even tryingn or having any reason to believe they're not fertile so perhaps your friend thought it was weird for those reasons?

No. 503243

I know a few single young women who've gotten fertility testing. If you're running low on viable eggs, it can help you decide if cryopreservation is a good option and it's better to know sooner rather than later.

No. 503245

Whats the source?

No. 503299

when a lesbian who uses a strap has sex w a lot of people, does she or is she supposed to put a condom on the strap?

No. 503302

As long as she sanitizes the dildo in between, there should be no need to

No. 503310

yeah. if it's silicone and it can be boiled, properly sanitizing it is best. if it isn't or is made of a porous material (PVC, rubber, latex, TPR/TPE, "jelly") my number-one move would be to just get rid of it in general bc they can never really be fully sanitized… or put a condom on it

No. 503366

God it's bad that they're actually sexualizing this naked mole rat looking thing. She literally says her name in the video. Demi Lardner, yikes.

No. 503395

Do facial piercing still really affect getting a job?

I mean I can live without a piercing but if it doesn't affect it then I'd want one lol

No. 503443

File: 1578864691851.gif (2.67 MB, 540x302, bede.gif)

Is there any lets players on youtube that actually play a whole game anymore? Anyones you recommend? I watch Call Me Kevin and while I enjoy his personality I just couldn't care less about the random games he plays. I'm currently watching Maxmofoe's Pokemon lets play and I realized how much I've missed watching lets plays like that. I'm not a big fan of twitch streams since I really can't be bothered to watch someone be gone for 10 minutes to pee all the time.

>tl;dr recommend me some lets play channels

No. 503447

do you like them for the commentary?

No. 503448

aspiring author here. is it a good idea to post my stories onto wattpad or other online reading platform and hopefully get noticed by a publisher or Netflix and get a deal? or should i just go the traditional route of getting an editor then going to a publisher? or is self-publishing through amazon better?

No. 503451

Where the fuck did pink pill go

No. 503459

why not try all of them

No. 503466

Most posters are probably just on /2X/ instead

No. 503467

maybe its because i dont read much but the only authors i know who posted some shit online first and then got a series was the author of diary of a wimpy kid, the free pages were on funbrain or something. and that 50 shades of grey shit. i personally dont think publishers would be scouring wattpad for future authors, its mostly A. used by 8-14 year olds B. a fanfic site (one with a more mature userbase is ao3). i dont know how becoming an author works but i think the traditional route is probably the best way to being a proper one, but posting online and building up fanbase doesnt hurt, i think its kinda hard to become a proper author and even then how many people are going to read them? to be popular online is easy you need to create majority fanworks because most people dont care about original stuff and then after youre popular enough, try to get your followers intrested in your original work

No. 503478

I was referring to the Kissing Booth (a movie on Netflix) whose book was published on wattpad. It's still there, but the author is now selling it in a more polished form with a traditional publisher. Some lady on wattpad also got a publishing deal by writing Harry Styles fan fiction. The Throne of Glass series was discovered on fiction press. I think developing a fanbase and engaging with them will help book sales if I choose to publish traditionally. Idk. I'm not an expert, just an amateur.

I have tested the waters with wattpad but the user base is annoying (all tweens and teens). it's operated as a "social media" for books whatever tf that means. you can make money from there akin to a YouTuber if you get sponsored as a Paid Story. It's confusing and I don't know if that's more of a hassle than just finding an editor then a publisher.

No. 503494

Are Malwarebytes and Windows Defender scans enough to be 100% sure my computer isn't infected? I'm paranoid since Defender removed a trojan a couple of weeks ago.

No. 503496

Just search the name of a game you want to watch and try out all the first vids. I found my favorite tiny lper because he played this obscure point and click I was interested in.

No. 503498

am i retarded for being offended over art of children in a sexual lens? loli or shota art or stuff that "teases" it? i always say it makes me uncomfortable and equate it with pedophilia but i am continually told that "it's just art" and i shouldn't be bothered. how do i not be bothered of art that's trying to make a kid look sexy? just because it's "not real"?

No. 503501

of course not. you're retarded for asking this question in the first place.

No. 503504

seems everywhere i turn i get this though. idgi. it doesn't seem like anyone else is bothered by it

No. 503508

pedophiles are very defensive. normal people dont bother explaining why pedophilia is wrong. also, the internet is filled with degenerates who are actually a minority in real life

No. 503510

i think i'm just bothered over it bc a friend told me "who cares it's just art" and they have never like, shown pedo apologist behavior but they think i'm exaggerating by saying that the art is pedophilic

No. 503511

If you're still paranoid you can use Clamwin. It's a free and open source antivirus made by Cisco.

No. 503513

Would you consider yourself a prude? You kind of sound like one.

No. 503517

NTA but

"you're a prude1111!!"

said 90% percent of the time by internet autists with extreme mental problems who become intensely flustered just by talking to a cashier

the irony of it all

No. 503518

no? i'm very open about consuming porn and i've been using tinder to hook up for awhile now. i just don't like seeing children drawn in sexual ways. can you explain why you think i'm a prude? i'm being genuine here because i truly don't understand how not to be bothered by loli/shota/etc sort of art.

i have no issue with pornographic art if it doesn't depict child characters

No. 503519

consider killing yourself. thank you.

No. 503522

people who wear shoes whitout socks are reptilians

No. 503523

>a-am I retarded for sharing the opinion t-that majority of the world shares…???
You're not retarded for that but you're retarded for this stupid post in general, especially when the discourse has been blazing full speed for the past year.

It's okay to be bothered with whatever you see in art and feel uncomfortable and dislike it. But they're still just drawings, you really can't call FBI for someone drawing shotacon. Just don't look at it.

No. 503524

Oh this again.
Lmao anon that kind of thing is on the same line as gore and shit. People into that are a small minority and It makes most people uncomfortable. Literally block/report etc. if it rattles you so much. Makes life more bearable I’ll tell ya what.

No. 503525

>retarded stuttering
nta but yeah i can tell you're a triggered animefag. probably one of those bpd farmers who like to start shit. it's the "STUPID QUESTIONS" thread
if someone wants to be disgusted by lolicon and shotacon let them. why do you sound like you're lowkey defending it?

No. 503526

>telling someone to block/report something they don’t like is defending it

Where am I right now lmao. If I don’t want to see or engage with disgusting shit/people, blocking helps A lot.

No. 503527

>nta but yeah i can tell you're a triggered animefag
nta either but uhh, you understand how greentext works right? As in, it's implies the anon being quoted is doing the autistic stuttering because they are being retarded? Your insult makes no fucking sense when the stuttering is used as an implied insult in itself.

No. 503531

The thing is, why use "autistic stuttering" mock in a thread FOR STUPID QUESTIONS about STUPID QUESTIONS? Matter of fact, that shit is more autistic and dead on arrival than anything that anon said. It's like they lack complete common sense to point out the obvious, wtf

No. 503551

You sound like an absolute sperg, anon.

No. 503553

What makes someone “classy?” Their choice in attire? Specific personality traits? The way they handle certain situations? Feel free to be as specific as you please when answering.

No. 503566

Mostly how you handle situations. You can wear classy attire but if you fly off the handle at the slightest provocation, you will not appear classy.

If someone tries to upset you, attack you, etc the "classy" response would be thoughtful, calm, or nothing at all, as appropriate. Being considerate of others and careful with emotions of others.
Clothes, posture, hairstyle, name, hobbies etc matter too. My Fair Lady with Audrey Hepburn shows the differences pretty well I think.

No. 503570

I want to apply for a cabin crew position and this is one of the requirements

"Applications shall contain CV including a recent passport photograph."

Should I actually go and take passport photos or can it just be a good selfie cropped to those dimensions

No. 503572

Go take one, not like it costs much

No. 503573

they probably want a passport photo for an id card, should just get it done.

No. 503578


one of the airlines I applied says it's necessary I have an EU passport so I guess i gotta do the process and take pics too

thank you anons

No. 503586

I hate my tits so much, I legit feel disgusting because of them, I just want a cute small chest.
Is getting a binder a very bad idea? I just feel like that would make me feel so much more comfortable.

No. 503591

it generally is, yeah. plenty of ftms have literally broken their ribs because of them. you can only wear them for a short period of time but even then, that only refers to decent quality ones not the taobao-Ebay ones. a medium to high impact sports bra in your correct size would prolly be the best, it will still minimise them but in a safer way. do not give into temptation and size down though as then you'll risk rib deformation again.

also nothing's wrong with bigger tits anon! they're all warm, soft and cute! if they are bothering you that much you can go the breast reduction surgery route, my aunt had it done when she was in her late 20s because of her back pain, but if it's only mental then just learn to accept them honestly.

No. 503599

I always find that sports bras only push up your breasts even more, so not exactly flattening. And I don't have any pain in my back or shoulders, my parents would go crazy if I actually had surgery.

No. 503617

>why do you sound like you're lowkey defending it?
No one is defending it, everyone else is just tired of hearing your sperging about a monthly-fucking-g fantasy series. The magazine intentionally targets perv women. If it bothers you so much stop reading/watching it instead of posting how much “sexual undertones” it has in every thread…

No. 503632

>everyone is the same anon if they defend somebody else or have vaguely the same opinion!!!
Your type is literally the kind of worst poster on the farms.

No. 503642

You’re an idiot if you can’t tell it’s the same poster.

No. 503649

File: 1578931943213.png (1.04 MB, 1080x1616, Screenshot_20200113-170936.png)

Am I too old to know what an X-gender is or is that only a thing in Japan?(pp/gc baiting)

No. 503657

When do you know you're ready to move out? Assuming you've found a decent place already, what do you do to prepare for moving out?

I'm 24 but I haven't moved out on my own yet (not counting living away for college), but a friend texted me that a spot might be opening up in her building at the end of this year. Rent isn't crazy but I wonder if it's just wiser to stay living with my parents for a little bit longer to save up as much as I can (my parents are nice enough to not ask for rent). I'm aiming to have a fulltime job within the next few months and my checkings right now is kind of shot from finishing off a big loan.

No. 503672

No. 503691

And you bet western weebs are eating this up. Can't blame her though, I wouldn't want to be a woman in Japan either.

No. 503747

I’ve been trying to track my period but when does it actually end? I had a few days where it was just a bit of red/brown residue and there was basically no flow. I didn’t even need to use a pad or tampon. However most sites seem to state that would still be considered being on my period. That would mean my last period is 10 days long which seems a bit too long.

No. 503784

File: 1578963991843.jpg (110.94 KB, 1440x1446, 1435525.jpg)

Are the people at christian colleges weird? This mostly depends on the college I assume, but if you could imagine a college that puts faith, hope, and spirituality without out right stating Christianity would the people their be hardcore religious? The same question for a college that puts 'christian' in their title and brags about it. Like are they openly chaste against sex and drugs, do they go to church often, do they make God a part of their personality, and do they share the conservative beliefs like red beck Christians? To put mroe context this will be in the NC/SC area
Also are christian colleges accepting of different denominations of Christianity? Orthodox to be specific.

No. 503823

Save money
Plan out what your apartment will look like
Make sure the lease doesn't fuck you over
Find multiple back up apartments
Save money

No. 503861

Ok so i've been wondering this for a while but feel too stupid to ask because I just don't know!!

So I notice a lot of times on here y'all will say someone has greasy hair -is it because it's shinier than usual that gives it away? Because others in the photo will have a shine on their hair but only the cow in question gets pointed at. Basically, how can you tell when hair is greasy from photos alone?

IDK anything about it tbh, I'm black with natural hair and of course my hair doesn't look like that/have the same properties as most of the cows posted here.

No. 503872

It's just a stupid nitpick. People keep saying Venus' bangs are greasy all the time but they often aren't at all, farmers just say that cause they're bitter.

No. 503882

Shiny, stringy, looks like it was dipped in oil and the strands look glued together. Venus' hair is the best reference.

No. 503904

I have broader shoulders, a long torso, undefined waist and wide ass hips and I feel like no dress ever looks good on me; I just look weird in them. I'm planning on attending a party soon but I literally don't know what to wear.
Does anyone know what kind of dresses would look somewhat flattering on me?

No. 503908

Despite the undefined waist, are your hips still substantially (10+ inches) bigger? And is your bust small? I would say my body is similar if that's the case, and I find fitted dresses still look good, sometimes with a belt to fake a more nipped in look. Depending on the type of party, a loose-ish sweater dress with a belt might also work. I find the slight oversized aspect makes my shoulders look smaller.

Disclaimer that I'm not an anon who is super educated in fashion, just my own body.

No. 503922

Not substantially bigger but yeah my boobs are non existent.
It's a rather big, formal party so I want to wear something more classy/sexy I will definitely look into dresses with belts, maybe something puffier too. Thanks anon!

No. 504050

I know this'll sound really stupid but how safe is it for foreign women in South Korea? I've always wanted to go for a visit, but lately I've been seeing anons discussing how corrupt, violent, and unsafe it is in japan, and especially for foreign women since they're easy targets. Now ofc I have no interest in ever going to japan but I know that sk and jp share a lot of similarities so it made me a little nervous. Can I hear experiences from anons that have been to S.korea to get an idea of what it's like?

No. 504054

People here are so paranoid lol. How the fuck is Japan a violent country?

I went to SK with my family and didn't have a problem.

No. 504062

Maybe wear more poofy dresses that make your waist look smaller and proportion your shoulders?

No. 504063

Going for a visit should be okay. Visiting and living or working there are two different things. Especially if you're only there for a few weeks. Also, the buddy system helps in any situation.

No. 504073

I have a redbull addiction and I'm thinking about DIY'ing my own energy drink to save money and cut down on sugar. I was thinking of putting caffeine and ginseng in seltzer. would that be safe? has anyone done anything like this?

No. 504093

I don't know how to find decent discord servers that aren't full of disgusting oversexual men and little kids. Any tips?

No. 504095

il anything about that bu please be careful, if you buy caffeine in a bag a small dose can make you have a heart attacks and kill you and a tiny tiny dose has to be measured with a really precise scale, every now and again I see somebody in the news die of an overdose for simply sprinkling some in their protein shake or something !!

No. 504176

File: 1579083146444.jpg (35.95 KB, 425x425, squash.jpg)

I used to make my own energy drinks with water, caffeine powder, electrolyte powder, taurine and glucuronolactone. You can use sparkling water and flavour it with squash concentrate to cover the bitter taste of the caffeine powder. I don't know what that would be called outside the UK, it's pic related. I would take it as a preworkout and I used to bring a bottle to work with me if I was tired.

No. 504184

nta but never knew coffeine overdose can be considered a suicide method worthy of keeping in mind kek
I need to research it just in case

No. 504197

I have the same problem. A few years ago it was pretty easy finding good servers, but now I feel like every server is overrun by a bunch of minors.

No. 504283

No. 504288

Not to be edgy, but isn't a heart attack a great way to die? Doesn't sound like an issue.

No. 504391

File: 1579138070211.jpg (79.33 KB, 970x546, 685baad7-63e3-4ab6-a259-da9700…)

Are automatic litter trays useful or overpriced garbage? Just trying to make daily litter cleaning less gross now that I have two cats who insist on using the same box despite the fact there are two others in equally discrete spots. I don't want to spend a lot of money on one if they aren't worth it or will scare them mid-shit or something.

No. 504446

Can there be another anti-anime thread?last one isn't locked but dead,I just want to be amused and informed about degenerate weeb shit again

No. 504449

Do you have a non-automatic sifting box? Daily cleaning hasn't been so bad since I invested in one. Rarely do I gotta touch the scooper.

No. 504458

Has anyone ever been bullied by their teachers? I feel like every teacher I've had, with the exception of like 2 absolutely hated me.

No. 504467

Not me but my boyfriend is practically traumatized for how he was treated at school by the teachers when he didn't quite understand the material and would try to ask questions. He dropped out of high school because it was that bad.