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No. 490470

Previous thread >>482594


No. 490471

File: 1575425529621.jpg (94.73 KB, 640x692, IMG_5980.JPG)

almost posted on the drunk thread but this is a bit bigger than that. it's been almost a year since i decided to cut contact with a convicted felon who essentially raped me (i never said yes through voice or body language and he put words in my mouth) and was convicted for his second felony (child enticement). it is also almost the one year anniversary of the relationship with my boyfriend who changed my entire life. i drank HEAVILY last year and quit my job that had a decent wage but i went back to school this year and have never been happier. ive even gone back to therapy and want to get better and have a family with this man! we've had an extremely close and intimate relationship and i am so grateful for it. but i am still plagued by anxiety and depression and some memory issues that i am working through therapy.

i have clear goals of moving out of my mom's house (a source of anxiety) to move in with my boyfriend in a new place when his current lease runs out. i graduate with a degree in accounting in fall 2021 and i love my schooling so far. but i am still plagued by debilitating bouts of paranoia and depression and the simplest tasks can send me in some complicated anxiety attack and i just feel so embarrassed. i am so so frustrated that i have to be SO mindful of my environment and my actions and my thoughts that i just want tp revert back to when i was suicidal and a serious binge drinker.

i really have an issue with wanting to kill myself in a passive way. i havent been to the hospital because im afraid of surviving but i have an extensive self harming history. i am scarred all over my thighs and stomach and chest and shoulders and upper arms and some very noticeable on my forearms it makes me feel so crazy sometimes.

i just have to vent it out i think because holidays are so stressful and winter sucks where i live. i love my boyfriend so so much and i dont want to die. i have made so much progress. but sometimes it just feels so lonely and useless to keep going, you know?

No. 490477

File: 1575427635910.jpeg (13.43 KB, 552x555, images (45).jpeg)

my grandpa just died and i dont know what to do anymore, he was battling a painful illness so im glad he can rest now but it still hurts so so much

No. 490478

I’m sorry anon. My thoughts and love are with you.

No. 490482

I wish I was a morning person ffs, or at least had the ability to wake up like a normal person. I go completely comatose to the point I’ve started sleep-putting off my alarms in the morning. Even worse, I dream about getting up and ready for the day, so I’m extra pissed when I actually wake up. I tried going to bed earlier than usual but I felt just as tired. So yeah fuck. I’m doomed!

No. 490485

File: 1575428133244.png (437.96 KB, 500x549, 1460646034199.png)

Surprise, another guy I had been talking to turned out to be a complete asshat. We met online and chatted for a bit, and had some chitchat on cam before finally meeting in person. Up to that point he was texting me on an everyday basis. Also he was lovebombing(?). It's not quite the right word, but not outright expressing lovey dovey sentiments. Just saying things that would make him an attractive partner to someone like me, luring in my trust. In hindsight it feels like I got bombed.

So we met up and had what I considered to be a decent time together. We didn't get wildly intimate and we both agreed not to reveal everything on the first date. He left and all was normal.

Suddenly his texting drops. I reach out to message him twice but both times he was curt. Very sudden and stark change. The final time when I texted him (last wednesday) I asked him if he was free that weekend and all he told me was that he wasn't going to be home that weekend and that he'd be very busy all this week.
I mean I had nothing to say in response to that? I just figured he'd get back to me when he had time. I gave him the benefit of the doubt, because 99% of the time "I'm too busy" is a giant cop out. At least in the context of being ignored for a week. I bet he had time for video games and things he actually wanted to do!

Fast forward to today: I finally got so frustrated that I texted him to ask how he was doing. He ignored that text. I waited two hours and then I was blunt and just asked him if he wanted to talk anymore or not. Immediately he replied back to me with excuses. Claimed not to have gotten my previous text, which is major bullshit. And that he had been asleep and was now at work. No, he couldn't have texted me since he'd been soooo busy. Furthermore, he technically had the last message last wednesday (I didn't reply to his response telling me how busy he was..) so the onus was on me to chat him back. Besides he thought I was mad at him for him telling me I was busy–fucking nonsense games like that.

Who am I to change shit spots on a shit leopard? Maybe I should thank the shit leopard for showing me his spots before he sunk his teeth into me.
Anyways, he hasn't answered the last text I sent and obviously wasn't apologetic. Gonna block and defriend the creep, I'd give him a farewell fuck you text but that would probably just stroke his ego. This guy dgaf about me. No one really does. Love the neo narrative that women are now clingy and needy if they expect their potential suitors to check in on them more than once a week.
It's really hard finding people who care.

No. 490489

Dammit Anon, I know that feeling. At the very least it's good he showed his colors early before you got too invested and attached to him. It was good you didn't play his stupid game. Just think of it as trash clearing itself before you can meet someone amazing and right for you. I'm cheering you on!

No. 490494

I'm sorry and I hope you feel better soon.

No. 490502

I know these stupid bitches. I'm in a group chat with them. They are all lazy, overweight etc etc and I'm the only actual "successful" one. They constantly lie or make excuses for how shitty their lives are, pretending that they are cheap out of choice. I really don't care it's just that I live a completely different lifestyle than they do but I don't ever rub it in or show off or anything and trust me I could really make them feel like bum ass bitches. So anyway I'm on a wonderful vacation right now in the Cayman islands and shared a photo with this group chat and they started trying to subtly say I was lying about the events taking place? It was just very annoying cause one of these cows is literally over 300 lbs and she has accidentally exposed herself multiple times but she legit tries to convince this group chat she is 99 lbs and anorexic. So I wouldn't care so much if it wasn't for those huge circle jerk that seems to be jealous of me. Yea yeah I know I know I could just leave and tell them to fuck off. But to be honest with you they are just entertaining to watch be total failures at life, my own personal lolcows if you will.

No. 490503

Says something how you think so little of this group yet you continue to browse there and even search for their validation in your vacation choices.
If you had friends you could share your pictures with those, and people who are "successful" like you.

No. 490504

Went through the same thing so I empathize anon. HUGS He's with you always.

No. 490506

Must be a birds of a feather thing cuz you sound like a lolcow

No. 490511

I was a dumb kid with strict muslim parents and a family full of fucking imbeciles. I was just kind of getting by but never really making solid friendships in school, most really were out of convenience. One big part of why I dropped my few friends in high school was I didn't know how to tell them about how horrible my stupid family made me feel. There was no physical abuse or anything but they just made me feel disgusting about myself. And then the stuff around being muslim made me feel disgusting about myself too because I felt like a dirty sinner who would be going to hell for wanting to masturbate and thinking about committing suicide too.

I know my period's coming up soon but what the fuck I just don't get this shit. I just came home from school, spent 8 hours online, and maybe cried myself to sleep then did the same thing again. I literally could have had a job and still done fine in school, I just never really thought about it.

When I go see the counselor here I don't vent about random other shit. It's literally like I'm losing years of my life to reading shit online that I'll forget in a week and means nothing to my life. It just makes me stressed out day to day because four hours are gone in a snap, and then I panic and feel gross but on a certain level don't care and that makes me feel bad too. I think on a certain level I mentally blocked out some shit and can't even remember why I keep doing the same shit over and over again. When I write things down I can't bring myself reread them.

I spend my time reading other people bitch and vent online. I don't want to find other people who remind me of myself because I'll probably find them disgusting. After spending so much time online I feel disgusting and inhumane. It's so dumb but I keep doing it. I used my phone's website blocking for a bit but for whatever reason forgot about it. It's late in the day now and it's at the point where I either decide to fuck up my sleep schedule and stay up or just go to bed. It's stupid and I hate it. I'm too scared to put myself out there and do anything, and honestly I know it'll probably be kind of boring and awkward too so why bother? I'm probably going to cry and make this same stupid kind of post after forgetting tonight in like two weeks.

No. 490512

I absolutely hate wannarexics, munchies, hypochondriacs and the like, but recently health issues are catching up to me and I'm starting to feel like every day is a battle. I kind of see why they seek attention for it, though it still puzzles me how you can be a ~brave illness warrior~ but not even gainfully employed. My job has totally burned me out, but I have to find another one ASAP because layoffs are imminent and I only have about 3 months of expenses saved up. Getting stuff done and maintaining an adult life is so precious to me, but what if I can't do it? I'm so close to a mental breakdown and feel like every minute costs me.

Come to think of it, it's not that bad since I could easily snag a job in food or retail to stretch my savings longer. But last time I worked retail I often got panic attacks/meltdowns from the oversitumulation, so using my degree and getting that nice office job is really really important. Thank god my cost of living is relatively low.

No. 490516

Everytime I think I've found a man I like he turns out to be trash. I was getting close to some guy then he reveals hes a pedo and legit molested a 8 year old so I had to nope out of that. Why does the universe want me to be single?why does every guy who likes me have to be fucked up in some way?

No. 490517

i'm in a similar situation with a guy, currently in the stage of him ignoring me and pretending to be busy. summoning the will to block and delete. nobody cares about me either.

No. 490518

File: 1575434863295.jpg (10.62 KB, 339x419, 1445993357174.jpg)

I'm so fucking terrified of my family dying. I think about the 'what ifs' like an idiot almost every day at this point and it makes me so sad. I'm aware that nothing lasts but I can't cope.

No. 490520

You still sound very young, anon. Focus on things that make you happy. Engage in a positive hobby. Your writing is eloquent, perhaps writing short stories would be a nice distraction. Education is important so you can be independent and not have to rely on your family forever. I hope things get better.

No. 490521

So I really hate Jeff Goldblum after he defended woody allen, along with him just being creepy imo.. I'm a csa victim so yeah

Am I in the right to be kinda uncomfortable with my BF LOVING him and talking about going to Jeff Goldblum Day in Pittsburgh, taking a friend because she loves him too while I stay at home..? It upset me but I don like wanna be all "stop having fun"

No. 490527

Me too, anon. Last year I was at a sleepover and when everyone was already asleep, I felt so much panic I couldn’t stop crying and only wished to go back home. It was like any kind of bad shit could happen to them just because I wasn’t home. I actually had to call my mom to make sure everything was fine and only then I could sleep.
It was extremely weird and I wish to never feel that panic again.
However, sometimes I also have those “what if” moments. I’m still trying to figure out how to block those thoughts from my mind.

No. 490535

I hate it when someone I like likes someone I hate, especially if its for more serious reasons like defending a rapist.

I never understood the jeff goldblum obsession.

No. 490536

If you've communicated this already to your bf, including your experience with csa, then yes. It's immoral for him to knowingly attend an event that celebrates a rapist apologist. And it's especially disrespectful if he knows what you've been through. You deserve to have people in your life who take a stand for you.

No. 490539

Ugh, me too. I mostly worry about the aftermath, like having to arrange funerals, sell the house, get rid of their stuff, etc. The idea of having to do all those things while mourning them is overwhelming and scary. I also think I'll be really lonely and lack a support system without them, I don't have a tonne of friends but I hang out with my parents all the time. I'm even reluctant to move out of home because it's like, on their deathbed will I be thinking "boy, I wish I left them earlier"? Fuck no, I'll be glad for the extra time with them. I guess all we can do is appreciate them while they're around and hope they don't die any time soon.

No. 490541


Omg anon I literally came here to talk about the exact same thing. I know how you feel. Sometimes when I think too deeply about death, illness, me or my family dying I literally get panic attacks and become extremely afraid. I'm terrified of death and what happens after, if there's an afterlife, if there's just nothingness and complete darkness, it all sounds scary to me - and even more terrifying than that, I hate having to go through some kind of illness or disease and suffering or going through pain, I don't want to become weak and depend on other people, I find it so embarrassing and it strips away my dignity. And I don't want any of my family to go through that either, I don't wanna be around highly stressful and gross situations, I don't want anybody to leave me. I love my grandparents so much and they've always been around my whole life and I'm fucking terrified of them dying, and how I'd feel when they're gone and how different life will be. I don't wanna be depressed and show others how depressed I am. I'm scared of it all. I don't want anyone I know to die

No. 490554

Oh god me too. I recently moved to a new city so I don't see my parents much anymore. I sometimes wonder if I should have stayed in buttfuck nowhere and thrown out all my opportunities to at least spend the time with them that I'll never get back.

No. 490558

I'd be cringed out by a BF that wanted to celebrate any Actor Day at all. People that are paid to read out lines that other people write for them aren't particularly important or impressive in the slightest.

No. 490569

because theyre all fucked up. the good ones are only good until you find out that they aren't. it's just a waiting game, and most women are content to sleep with a stranger they've wedded, in their bed.

No. 490574

I'm seeing these "traditional" asian youtubers doing the traditional ways of making certain foods and commodities and it honestly is triggering the fuck out of me. Listen, i am the privileged girl of northern asian tribe who grew up in south east asian past territory. The things that they conveniently and ASMR like shown is a menial hard work which brings a solemn look to my "helpers" and they went, oh its definitely way less satisfying as it potrayed to be. I just cant wrap my head around that my parents is just casually go oh that's just what they do to these human beings who deserve a better life than a slave like daily treatment. This is hella ironic but wtf.

No. 490576

No. 490605

my friend hit me up yesterday with him going to sudoku and left me a fuckin mess. turns out he didnt but i have been shaking and feeling like i want to barf for about 18 hours. im so fucking mad and i know he wont get any help.

No. 490614

I am in this boat right now…have to say the worst part is how alone it feels. People speak to me like my life is still normal and I am expected to go along with it. When I try to talk about it they end up talking over it with their daily problem. Its just not the same situation and I dont know what I expect in reply from them. They haven't gone through losing their parents or home yet so they just cant understand. Theres also no correct feeling way to bring up the current situation irl or online. It always comes up somehow like christmas with the family, decorating the house, coworker just asking about family life. Then back to getting glossed over because its awkward to talk about.

No. 490623

I don't know why, but v/bloggers etc who become well known/famous for something, then get a kid and only post about their kids annoys me. I don't know why this is, sometimes it's informative, but most of the time I really don't want to see cute baby pictures or similar crap because that's not why I followed you.

No. 490629

are you esl or schizophrenic?

No. 490634

I was doing paleo/keto/low carb/whatever and then my mom made me eat a normal breakfast with my family and now I'm so sluggish. Ugh, I always forget this happens, white flour and sugar kill me. I always think that having a meal together is worth it but eating this type of food always ruins my plans. I can't do single thing I was supposed to do right now

No. 490636

I have a really really bad ingrown hair and I'm not sure what to do about it. It is in so deep I can't even see where it is and it's made a big hard cystic type pimple? I've tried using heat compresses to free it but it doesn't work. It's been weeks and it's so painful. I'm tempted to buy a exact knife and just cut it open because idk what else to do at this point. Worst part is it's a pube so I really don't want to go to the doctor to have it removed…..

No. 490640

After he didn't respond to my last message last night I sent him the final this morning. Deleted him off social media. The works. I even said how I don't think he'll respond but how I don't care cause it felt good to not let him off completely. He's a passive coward and I can tell that he's not gonna apologize. Assholes like that constantly justify themselves.

Anyways when someone makes me frustrated like that, I tend to go through past conversations to pick out red flags to vindicate my rage.
The kicker in all this? When he was initially bombing me with texts he would get whiny and tease me about being uninterested if I was legit busy at work and didn't reply to him within an hour! Yet I'd always apologize and get back to him the same day later.
Yet this sleazeball can cut me off with how "busy" he is and ignore me for a week, but I'm supposed to take that as a miscommunication and a failure on my part to initiate.

I don't even care about him, I care that so many men are conniving sociopaths trying to stack options like women are idiots.

No. 490648

Oh god, those are some huge red flags. Tbh with guys like that you shouldn't even send them those final messages like you did because even negative shit like that boosts their ego. Best thing with guys like that is to not show you give a fuck at all. Save giving a fuck for the guys who are actually decent and treat you with respect. Also NEVER, NEVER apologize to men who are just playing games. Women apologize for too much shit while these awful men will push your boundaries, neglect/ignore you, all without even batting an eye.

At the very beginning you have to be setting the tone and also what kind of behavior you will accept. This will weed the shitty guys out almost IMMEDIATELY. If he can't get the attention/validation he wants he will move on to someone else. If he's not texting back and putting in significantly less effort than you, don't respond by giving him even more attention and effort! Someone who wants you in their life won't back off, play cold, and risk the chance of losing you. A good man will work and put in effort for you!! I can't stress this enough! It's almost a given that women will give a lot of love in relationships, but it's not the same for men. Unfortunately we have to sit back and let men prove themselves to us.

Don't be afraid to cut someone off immediately if they are not treating you the way you want to be treated! Don't think you have to settle for anything less than what you want.

No. 490651

just go to the fucking doctor already. stop being like plasticnproud and shay and letting your cyst carve a cavity into your flesh.

No. 490658

I can’t stop thinking about how my ex fucks tens upon tens upon tens of people in every city she travels to. I wake up and imagine her getting fucked by all these different people who treat her like a goddess and I have all these mixed feelings of hurt and jealousy. When we broke up after briefly dating she said she didn’t see me in a romantic or sexual way, but she’ll have flings and tons of new partners nearly every single week. I recently found her sex tumblr and she’s a full-on slut (her words) now. Do I go to therapy about this? Do I miss her? Am I jealous of her lifestyle or of the people who get to be that close to her? It’s actively rotting my brain to the stem.

I know this is not_very_feminist_of_you.jpeg but I don’t know how to stop having it preoccupy my mind 24/7

No. 490662

I wish you good luck with this anon! I started forcing myself to become a morning person earlier this year and even though I still struggle to get out of bed in the mornings, it's one of the best things I've done for myself.

Have you tried the sleepytime clock? It usually works for me. You're woken up between sleep cycles so you usually wake up refreshed/not groggy. Maybe if you can, just start waking up just a bit earlier (like 10-20 min) than your current wake up time and work backwards until you reach your goal wake up time instead of jumping all the way back
at once? I believe in you anon!

No. 490675

To the anon who posted on the previous vent thread talking about not being able to let themselves enjoy things in front of others, even when said others are excited too, I totally understand how it feels like being unable to show your true feelings regarding your interests to your friends/families.

Have you ever thought that maybe the way you were brought up/experienced life when growing up affected the way you express yourself to others?

I had a good think about why I act in such a way and I think it's because I've always been a shy person since I was small. So it's really hard for me to express my true feeling. I also hate showing my true feelings for fear of looking stupid. But over the years it got worse due to being bullied in school for being the weird kid who likes very niche interests/hobbies.

Worse part is my parents also played a big part in turning me into this unfeeling/cold person who hides away their own feelings/interests from everyone. They are never supportive of my interests at all and always ridicule or got angry at me if I so much as show any happy feelings towards my interests/hobbies. Sometimes they even put a stop to my hobby because they're so vehemently against it. They're very old school super conservative people, so anything that is not the "norm" in their mind is 100 percent not acceptable at all.

It really sucks cuz I end up growing up unable to find or even push away irl friends who are interested in the same things as me because I pretend to not give a fudge about it, play it cool or act very indifferent about it (but inside I'm so excited about it!).

Sad part is, I also carry this habit online. It's hard to make online friends too because I never want to open up about my interests at all. I've never had a lasting online friendship even though social media has made it easier for people who has niche interest/hobby to get together.

I don't know how to change my "fake-disinterested persona". Sometimes it makes me depressed. It has turned me into this boring disinterested cold person and I hate it so much. I wish I had supportive families or friends when I was growing up. I'm 80% sure I would have turned into a much more open and more confident person.

No. 490676

im so pissed off and sad at the same time. All I do is look for a job and cry. I am so fucked. Plus im super annoyed at one friend of mine who wont stfu about how unhappy she is - for reference she has a job, lives at her home with her parents, her sister recently brought her a car, her fucking job pays for her gas ffs. She does not even do a difficult job. I distanced myself from her because i dont wanna be rude to her. Still gets on my nerves when everyone asks me about how she is going. Am i my friend's keeper?

No. 490677

Nah anon, I don't think you're feeling jealousy.
You're feeling disgust. Because you felt a particular way about intimacy while this person you had feelings for evidently views intimacy as a disposable novelty.
She's so shallow that she doesn't even see how damaged she looks in calling herself a slut and leaving a trail of bodies.

I'd be disgusted too, knowing I gave feelings to someone like that.

No. 490691

Stupid vent but there's this guy at uni that I've been fond of, and he always hanged out with a hijabi girl( live in a Muslim-ish country)but I assumed they were siblings or friends (I'm dumb) because I didn't think a religious girl would openly walk around with her bf but today I caught them alone and he had his arm around her waist, so pretty sure they're dating.
He's just some random dude so i shouldn't be upset but he's really my type and I would've loved to get to know him.
Oh well..

No. 490718

In case anon who answered me in previous vent thread is here:
friend who knocked out her teeth took the picture herself and sent it but I was still really weirded out that my other friend used it as a lock screen background so that other people we were hanging out with could just casually see it?? If it was me in that situation I'd be so mad
Honestly hope my friend wasn't drugged by someone but guess we'll never know what really happened.

No. 490722

File: 1575490217871.jpg (6.72 KB, 300x168, images.jpeg.jpg)

I'm pretty sure I'm going to be fired soon. I can't concentrate for shit at my job and it shows in my work. But honestly it's hard for me to care, idk. I think I might be burned out

No. 490726

Lately, I've been thinking way too much about my parents possibly dying soon. They are both nearing 65 and while I keep telling myself it's unlikely that anything will happen to them, I can't help but dread what life will be like without them. I don't have any really close friends and I spend maybe almost 70% of my free time with them in some form. I think I might possibly even kill myself if I lost both of them. I really have nobody else in my life other than my parents.

No. 490731

Kind of annoyed because I'm a temporary employee at my current position and a coworker encouraged me to apply for a full time position in a different department because she knows the director of that department is struggling to fill in the vacancies since 3 people left in a very short span of time, but the department director is taking things so slow. I tried to follow up about it but still haven't heard anything back, so my coworker asked one of the employees in that department but that employee didn't know anything about my interest and says the director might not be moving forward with interviewing me just yet because they just hired someone for one of the spots and are training him (guess they don't want to train multiple people at once or something? apparently it caused issues in the past?). She figured it might be about 2 months before he'll seriously consider interviewing me but my time here is up in two months lol.

I'm friends with the HR person too who complains about how the director is extremely picky about candidates and by the time he wants to interview someone, they've already accepted another job. It's also apparently been really hard to even find people interested because the salary is low (I'm only willing to take it because I think it's a good first step towards where I'd like to go and am very fortunate enough to live rent free with my parents).

Well, whatever. I've already started revamping my resume and a new master copy of a cover letter and will start sending out applications soon, I'm just a little disappointed because I would've liked to have stayed here. I'll just take this as his passive way of saying 'I'm not interested in you as a candidate' and move on.

No. 490738

Is that what cysts do??? Fine, I'll go.

No. 490739

Its demoralizing how radicalized people have become because of youtube and 4chan. Thank god my kid wont be a zoomer, maybe the next generation will chill out and actually feel empathy again. The 90's did irony better too ya'll suck.

No. 490742

i think we'll have another war early this century

No. 490753

65 is still super young and they have a long ways to go before getting really old, and they could easily have 25-30+ more years if they play their cards right. If you're close with them I think it's worth sitting down with them and talking about your feelings and how much you care about them. From my encouragement and concern my parents have taken to heart the health and nutrition advice I've coached them on and they are both 60 but in amazing shape, eat really healthy, do cardio and weight lifting constantly for the past several years. We go jogging, hiking, and to the gym together and make healthy meals together. Their vitals, blood levels, etc. have all improved drastically and their doctors are really impressed. Some defensiveness is normal for a while since it's their lives you are talking about, but if you are kind about it and actively help them with stuff like making some food for them or doing more activities with them you could totally get them on board with some healthier habits that will ensure an increase in their lifespans and protection of their mental clarity and mobility. Just make sure to pose it not like "here are all the things you are doing wrong" and more like "I love you so much and you are my best friends in the world and I want us all to live as long and healthily as possible together, can we try eating some more xyz together if I make it or sometimes go biking/hiking/walking/etc.?" A VERY long, happy, and active future together between you all is possible anon!

No. 490769

>tfw no extroverted nerd gf

No. 490775

I have shit ton of anxiety right now and no way to relieve it. I am about to burst out crying again and I just want to get the razor…

No. 490776

I'm so scared right now.

I've just been told my father has been borrowing money from people and not paying back, bills have gone unpayed and money that we should have has disappeared.
We don't know why or what is happening, he seemingly told no one.

I thought my family was normal…

No. 490785

Sounds like drugs, gambling, or hookers

No. 490786

I don't have anyone else to tell this to so I'm writing it here. A few months ago, I met a guy that completely resonates with me. He has been through similar experiences as I did, he feels the same way about most things and we have identical goals in life. He feels the same because yesterday he told me he has never connected to anyone in such a deep level (which is when I realized how deep our connection is). We understand and can easily complete what the other person is saying most of the time. He has been the only man I've ever known to ever be vulnerable with me and actually talk about his emotions and problems without shame and that was so lovely to me and (I think) shows that he trusts me. I enjoy being with him and he too. I have never felt so happy, this is all I ever wanted. A real connection with someone.

No. 490791

I hate everything

No. 490793

>65 is still super young and they have a long ways to go before getting really old, and they could easily have 25-30+ more years if they play their cards right
Yeah, my parents are in their early 60s and I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised by how obviously not old they are. Like, you grow up thinking 60+ is a decrepit senior citizen on the verge of death but in reality, my parents have barely changed and certainly aren't any less active. My mum is a hardcore athlete and super fit, my dad does sport and works out, we travel all the time, they have plenty of hobbies and friends. They have some health issues, sure, but they haven't slowed down at all and they would have to deteriorate rapidly to worry me.

It makes me really optimistic for the future actually. It used to kinda seem like life was over at 30 but if you've got your health and money, retirement age seems so fucking awesome. I'm jealous of their lifestyles tbh.

No. 490797

I’m sad for my mom who might have just gotten the stomach flu but I’m more just mad because if it is the stomach flu, I will probably end up getting it because she is the kind of person who will just cough on you without covering her mouth when she’s sick. There’s four of us in a tiny 2 bedroom apartment, so now I’ll just pray its just a one time fluke and she ate something bad and wipe everything down with bleach. Fuck.

No. 490801

Thanks for the advice. My dad is very self-defeating and stubborn when it comes to exercising but at least my mom is more open-minded and in better shape. I definitely will try to get her to work out with me more and hopefully that will eventually encourage my dad too.

No. 490803

I feel the same towards my own boyfriend, anon. He’s fucking rich and is able to solve whatever problem/need he has only snapping his fingers but still complains the whole day about very stupid things while life fucks me over frequently.
I absolutely hate how he has all the support and conditions to have the chillest life of the world but would rather spend time complaining about videogames or stupid college work. Ugh

No. 490807

I mean I hate to be that person, I am just trying to think realistically. Any reason I can think of is not a good one..

No. 490815

thank you guys, it means a lot

No. 490818

Today is my third day at my job and there's a cute guy in my office/pod. Exactly my type too… Why would God do this to me?

No. 490824

I know anon, it's just hard to believe this is happening to us

No. 490831

Best of luck getting a better job. I basically zoned out for weeks at my old job before quitting. I hated being there and my boss made my life hell for a year.

No. 490832

>I just want to get the razor
what the fuck don't do that

No. 490839

I was having a heart to heart talk to my dad about my suicdal thoughts until my mom came in with her "maybe the depression is from you having never felt real stress. You should do some chores for me" theory and trying to make us rush our convo because "dinner is in 5 minutes". I thinks its because shes from a culture not versed in mental health, but you could at least read the mood.

No. 490845

i don't really know if dressing and looking androgynous/masculine is the best way for me to cope with nearly 8 years of csa from three different men.
like, i had a fakeboi phase for a while when i was 12-14 but then after that i realized that i felt for comfortable identifying as a girl. at first, i thought my tomboyishness and hatred for feminine items was my fakeboi habits, but once i hit 16, i realized that it might've been a coping mechanism since my abusers were homophobic as hell and hated boyish girls. so i guess preteen me was like, "hey if i act like a boy they won't harm me anymore!!!!" which leads to now. me, 20, being told by everyone i know that i looked prettier with longer hair, that i looked prettier in dresses.
believe me, i've tried to enjoy things that are considered feminine. i painted my nails once when i was like, 17, but after five minutes i washed that shit off out of disgust. same with any time i tried to grow out my hair or wear makeup.
people say i've got a naturally masculine face, so sometimes i pass as a transguy even when i get uncomfortable at the thought of being a dude. it's really hard for me to explain to people, so i don't get to talk about this much, since it's not just related to LGBT things.
i'm okay with calling myself a butch lesbian, since that's what i am anyways. i just… i wonder if coping like this is really okay for me.

No. 490852

Even if it's a coping mechanism, it doesn't sound like an unhealthy one unless deep down all you want is to be a girly girl. Sounds the like the main issue here is external pressure to be feminine or fit the tranny narrative, but you shouldn't have to question something that makes you feel comfortable just because other people prioritize shallow, sexist nonsense over your personal preferences.

No. 490855

thank you, anon.
i guess it's mostly peer pressure from everyone around me and the fact most of my friends in my teen years were fakebois from tumblr.
and no, i don't really have a desire to be a girly girl. most of my boyish mannerisms (how i talk, sit, etc) and my interests might've been the reason why everyone (especially 30-50 year old women in my town) keeps trying to tell me to look like a girl while i'm still young. maybe they're self projecting at the loss of their youth, but i don't really know.
as a kid, no one really minded since they thought it was a phase from me hanging around too many guys in junior high and high school. i don't feel like explaining to them that the way i express myself is, like, stupidly simple but also ridiculously complex to other people.

No. 490857

thank you kind anon!

No. 490868

Some days I think I look really beautiful, like more attractive than average, and then there's days where I think majority of people are just nice to me because I probably look like someone with downs syndrome.

No. 490871

getting my wisdom tooth out today lol wish me luck!

No. 490874

one of the things i really regret is admitting to my doctor i had suicidal thoughts and he had to tell my parents. the looks on their faces still kills me and guilts me like nothing else. i know i shouldn't hate my doctor for telling them but i do, but mostly i just hate myself for saying anything in the first place. that was a few years ago and i very rarely feel suicidal anymore but i just know it's something that still lingers in their minds and i feel so embarrassed and exposed. i don't want anyone worrying about me like that or finding out things like that about me. it's made me feel really guarded and i never talk about my feelings with my family anymore. i'd rather keep it that way tbh. it also made me quite wary about doctors in general too

good luck anon!

No. 490877


Good luck anon, it will go well!

No. 490880

I hate that if you openly admit to liking cute things, (stuffed animals, Calico Critters, San-Rio characters) people automatically assume you're into DDLG or age regression.
No bitch I just love looking at things that make me happy, I don't need a tragic backstory for that.

No. 490881

“ coming out” as “non-binary they/them” is one of the most privileged things a person could ever hope to do. Leave your suburban bedroom and go to a war torn country and tell me instead how uncomfortable your pronouns make you

Fucking grow up

No. 490882

Same. I feel so self-conscious sometimes having a big stuffed animal collection in my living room. Like, I can imagine people who've come over probably thought I have a DDLG voyeurism fetish or something, but nah. I just like them! They're special to me and most importantly soft. I don't doubt people wouldn't assume I'm into DDLG if I had dozens of action figures instead. Hard, plastic, vinyl… I have a few, but my main focus are the plush. Just like people who have merchandise surrounding their pets, I have a couple of those too, but I also like cartoony characters.

No. 490883

that's understandable, seeing how agere and ddlg thots have made anything cute have relations to them. it's a shame that stuffed animals and anything pink and fluffy make people think agere/ddlg immediately. to be honest, sanrio is still one of my favorite brands because their accessories are really cute. like, my melody and kurumi are just cute.

No. 490884

Second only to coming out as demisexual. They have some fucking nerve equating such mundane, normal personality traits an actual minority orientation.

No. 490885

> I tried going to bed earlier than usual but I felt just as tired.

Routine is important when it comes to sleep. Try going to bed earlier for 2 weeks straight and check if it still doesn't make a difference.

No. 490888

i kinda get paranoid when i own/make something that is cutesy and baby pink and blue coloured, what if some reddit brainrot person thinks i'm a troon bc of my cute keychain lmao

No. 490897

2019 has been the fucking worst. I moved to the other side of the country to the big city because I got an offer to be a Masters student on a small stipend, and I couldn't find work for months before so I took it. Turns out my supervisor is a bully and idiot playing at being a scientist and had no proper plans for my work, his lab is falling apart and I've basically been used as cheap labour for his 100 different projects that he doesn't have any time for.

My dad (who helps to support me during my studies) lost his job, I've had endless problems with renting, my car broke and also was broken into and parts stolen recently, had a huge health scare where I was being analysed for either multiple sclerosis or stroke, my cat had to be put down back home and guinea pig was really sick for a while (she's fine now). My bfs dad also was diagnosed with cancer.

Good news is my dad got another job, albeit half the income he used to get. I quit my masters and am starting a good job in Jan and can finally leave this toxic work environment. The supervisor is getting his karma because nearly everyone in his research group is quitting and he has basically no publishable data from this year. Now I get to go home for Christmas and spend time with family. Feeling good for next year. Only problem is that I'm going to be working with my bf at the same company, do any anons have tips for working with your partner? We've been together for 5 years and its been generally fantastic but living together has obviously had its challenges. Mostly I think because of my negativity I brought home from the shitty masters. We did study together and had the exact same subjects but we could at least go home and take a break from each other.

No. 490903

You are in weird circles if "people" think about DDLG and age regression immediately cuz of cute stuff.

No. 490904

Im a student nurse in my last year and I interned since the beginning of this school year at the surgery unit. Completely different surgeries, hectic work environment and colleagues are very similar. I got feedback about my personality in the beginning and it made me so insecure. I tried to change it. I ended up with failings anxiety, which made me work chaotic on occasions. I had a talk with the coordinating work instructors, my mentor and personal work instructors and I have to decide if: 1. I continue on surgery, and I have to work less chaotic/become better 2. Stop, intern in a different place.

My college counselor said that I should go for option two because they already have a bad opinion about me, and I can’t change anything now.

They even tried to tell me to stop nursing altogether, that it might not fit me etc. While I’m in my last fucking year. This shit sucks so bad.

No. 490905

this, normal people don't even known that shit exists

No. 490906

Just block him. You're 100% correct about him and at this point you are responsible for your own wellbeing. If you continue to play this game you are complicit in your own pain. Move on anon. >>490517 you too.

No. 490919

hey anon , i feel your pain about having to distance yourself from a shitty friend. i started college again this year and quickly made friends with two girls and they both turned out to be super lazy, professional complainers who just wanted to copy my homework and take shortcuts thru everything. at first it hurts to lose them but in the end you’re so much better off without people who need you to hold their sad little hand through everything and act like the boy who cried wolf. you have your own life to take care of, focus on yourself and getting to where you want to be and forget the people dragging you down

No. 490928

I hope it went well anon! I got mine out a few months ago and it was the best decision I made (even though I had to pay completely out of pocket for it lol 10/10 worth the money and I'm glad I got to pick whatever surgeon I wanted since I was paying anyway).

No. 490931

File: 1575557638504.jpg (79.22 KB, 720x1080, screen-2.jpg)

I fucking!! love Sanrio!! Especially Kiki and Lala because I am a two-faced gemini bitch lol.

I went Christmas shopping and just so happened to come across a Hello Kitty popup store and was so sad that I had to hold myself from buying everything in there. I just love all of it, and it always makes me think of my parents because my dad would always go out of his way to buy me Hello Kitty plushies as a kid. I bought a very nice Kiki and Lala wallet when I visited Japan a few years back and I won't be replacing it until I can go back and find another equally cute one. I love their adult line stuff so much.

sage for plush sperging lol

No. 490974

>this point you are responsible for your own wellbeing. If you continue to play this game you are complicit in your own pain. Move on anon.

Who talks like this? Btw you should read the thread before you reply.

No. 490978

Your dad sounds sweet, I'm a little jealous lol

My dad threw away all my plushies one day while I was at school. I was about 8 and he thought I was too old for them??

No. 490985

During the day the middle of my jeans ripped somehow and I walked around all day like that, not even noticing a single thing until my friend told me about it in the middle of the mall. And she also said that it's very obvious and everyone probably saw it.

I'm so fucking embarrassed I want to die lmao.

No. 490989

He is sweet! But also kind of an asshole haha I came home once to a Hello Kitty body pillow (not lewd… it's just pink and fuzzy with her face in the middle) and he said he bought it because it was the last one and he saw a little girl interested in it, so he bought it for me so she couldn't have it lol.

I'm so sorry your dad threw them out!! I would've had a meltdown, which is probably why my parents never threw any of my toys out. I have a raggedy old pillow that I sleep with to this day and they have never tried to take it away from me because the headache of me learning to be "independent"/grow up from my toys (i.e. I probably would've cried until I vomited for god knows how long) far outweighed just letting me have them. I think in general my love for plushies as their only kid has rubbed off on them. I brought home a lot of plushies that I won from ufo catchers and they'll ask to take certain ones for themselves to put on their bed/will be offended if I don't give them certain ones lol.

No. 491005

I'm a university student. I used to be one of the top students in my class when I was in school but now I'm barely passing and I'm sad about it, my classmates go to parties and festivals and every concert in the area, watch every netflix series, go see every new movie in theaters, go to the gym, and regular saloon visits and I do fucking nothing besides watching youtube, no friends, no relationships, no connection with family and I still get shit grades whilst they get straight A's. I'm sad because I'm not having half the fun they have in a week and above that I get the shittiest grades that makes me even sadder. and do you know what rages me the most? they keep on joking about how they're doing bad and send memes about failing when they are fucking killing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! unbelievable I just wanna pin them down and punch them in the face and pull out their done hair all these fake nails they have.

No. 491011

this thread might be able to help you

No. 491012

I cried, my mom cried. I eventually collected a little hoard again and he repeated his clear out.. We were in family therapy by the second time it happened and we realised my dad was overly controlling

Still plushie collecting in my 30s lol. I love how some countries embrace it at any age. Couple of my friends have only started collecting pokemon plush lately at 30-ish

No. 491022

my neighbors are noisy and screaming and annoying and the other neighbors are also shouting and screaming. I fucking hate them

No. 491025

I really thought my boyfriend was this saintly anti-porn radfem ally and ended up accidentally finding porn on his phone today. I've been so fucking naive. He knows how harmful porn is for men and especially for women. He's the only man I've ever trusted. I'm more dissappointed in myself for believing him. Why are men like this?

No. 491026

I'm second hand mad at your boyfriend

No. 491028

File: 1575573274474.jpg (31.74 KB, 750x694, 78250772_820854388345894_64087…)

I miss my old friend so much, even though when our friendship ended she hurted me like hell and back. Seeing her shower her attention to her new friends like she used to to me is kinda sad. Sometimes i wish things were normal again between us and we could be friends forever, i can even get to see her get married some point in the future but its long gone…the friend i used to know turn into something i dont wanna remember anymore. Getting through is hard because i felt like its going to be a while when i get to meet someone so in sync like her again. She left me broken and in shambles after all this time while she is so happy with her new and ''controllable'' friends…why am i so unlucky in friendships? people constantly stabbing me in the back, i just want to be happy or find a friend that at least share the same interest without being judgmental. Life is unfair…

No. 491030

Thanks. I hesitated to post this because I was afraid even farmers would give me the "YOU'RE A CONTROLLING BITCH!!1" treatment. I'm just really upset. He KNOWS women in porn are mostly miserable and forced to do it, and that porn is violence against women. I guess he doesn't mind violence when it gets his dick hard.

No. 491032

give him an ultimatum that either he give up porn otherwise you'll leave him, also be sure to say that you'd be willing to help him deal with porn addiction

No. 491034

calling it an addiction will make matters worse.

No. 491037

I think this is the sad reality alot of the time when women think they are dating anti-porn men

No. 491038

>>491032 I don't think he's addicted and there's no way I'm going to coddle or "help" him after this.
I know but I was sure it wouldn't happen to me. I'm so stupid.

No. 491041

If they both were 'strongly anti porn' and he's doing this behind her back I'd worry about any trust being possible at this point

Privately watching porn while in a relationship where it's not discussed as a big deal is totally different to painting a false image of yourself and then jerking it to porn secretly

No. 491042

you need to ask deep questions that don't have simple answers. for instance my bf and i were just talking about how we both think that lesbian radfems are the most based, which you won't get from someone you're just having really basic conversations with about it.

No. 491050

Destroy him.

No. 491055

the just give him the ultimatum

No. 491057

I'm probably a little jaded but I think men who claim to not watch porn are liars. Even worse than the pornsick in some cases.
I think the truth is that every man watches porn. And while I've long since accepted the occasional porn fap by them, it's so pathetic to have porn stored on their phones.
Shows a complete lack of impulse control. What even for? For those bathroom faps on the go I guess.

I'm sure you'll talk it out. I would just never believe the man who would say that to me. I'd think he was just telling me what I wanted to heat.

No. 491058

No. 491060

YES! I keep wondering why download porn in the age of internet? I get why you might keep nudes of people but porn that is available on ten different sites…why??

No. 491061

almost all men will watch porn outside of a relationship, but i think there are genuinely guys that won't watch it in a relationship. i won't go into it because it's strange and very specific, but i can tell if my guy orgasms without me, so at worst, if he's looking behind my back, he'd be looking all with the 0 payoff of not cumming, if he is looking at it.

that's sad. i'm sorry, anon. honestly i think the only solution is to just find a guy that has like, an insanely low sex drive. that's the only way i see it working, being that porn is so normalized.

No. 491064

What about DerricK Jenson ??

No. 491065

i agree with >>491041 he's not just looking at porn behind her back, he's literally lying about who he is or at the least, the type of person he is.

No. 491071

I think this way too, I'd rather have a guy be honest about it and let me in on what type of porn he watches. Then I could judge if it's particularly shitty stuff or not. Not saying any porn is good porn but I'm older and jaded too

No. 491076

I do belive in men's capacity to change. I think men are socialized into violence via the culture but they can learn to better

No. 491079

nta but i think socialization is just a basis for a lot of issues. so many people use socialization as a crutch. even claiming that men are shit rapists cause they can't be anything else because of how they are socialized really removes a lot of responsibility. all of us were for the most part socialized to be certain ways and many of us don't want to accept that. blaming socialization for everything turns everyone into victims, even if you're saying it negatively.

No. 491102

I mean we often pick which parts of our socialisation really stick with us into adulthood. Most of us have plenty of resources to see a mix of ideas and to choose our ethics

Specific to the situation being discussed, he chose to lie and blaming society for his ongoing charade wouldn't make any sense here

No. 491112

This guy I know went in for minor finger surgery for his birthday and he kept posting to his social media about it as if it was a big deal. Like I get being in the hospital sucks for your birthday but like…you ain't gonna die lmao. I got my tonsils taken out on my 13 birthday. It was fine.
Men can be so melodramatic. He's one of those logic autists too who thinks his comments on everything are super pragmatic. I guess except when he wants to vent.

No. 491166

Why WOULD men change in any meaningful way when they benefit from the status quo. Men who only now denounce porn is only because they coom themselves into ED. Males would rather kill themselves than have a broken dick. So unless we can somehow make their sexual pleasure contingent upon not being a piece of shit…It's hopeless.

No. 491181

My sister is an alcoholic at 22 and has been since she was 18. She's a beautiful girl but the drink ruins her, her teeth have turned brown in places and she keeps pissing herself. She smells really bad. She's really sad and the drink makes her sadder. She was functional enough until recently but started passing out drunk at work and drink driving. I hurled her car keys into a pond to stop her.
Sunday before last she took an overdose and was vomiting something sticky and brown. She spent 6 hrs in resus and then majors and then was hospitalised because her liver was failing and the antidote infusions weren't working. My dad died this way a few years ago and I was really scared.
After a week they managed to stabilise her and sent her home with outpatient care. It seemed like she'd turned a corner but then while we were asleep looking after her she snuck out and got vodka and we found her passed out drunk in her own piss and shit after drinking a litre of it.
I went crazy at her. She lied and said she hadn't been drinking even when we showed her the bottle. She told me my attitude towards her drinking made her attempt suicide.
Her liver was literally failing.
We didn't know what to do so we put her on house arrest to detox, except for her therapy sessions (she has to stay sober if she wants help for her mental health from the NHS).
She starts doing sneaky stuff like asking people to drive her to the supermarket so she buy stuff for a craft project, and then buys bottles of vodka to hide in the house. I find them all and tip them down the sink before she can drink them.
She shoves me and calls me an aggressive bitch. Next morning she apologises and promises she'll stay sober. I say you've said this before, please prove it to me. She doesn't respond.
Couple of hours later she persuades my brother to let her out and get a call saying shes shitfaced in a public toilet. I go down there and bring her home, but not before tipping her vodka away.
She's so angry she starts trying to beat me but she's 5'3", skinny and hammered and I am a 5'9" brick shithouse and very pissed off. I throw her over my shoulder in a fireman's lift and carry her inside.
I'm so mad I can't talk to her but I hug her and she cries. I love her so much she is so precious and lovely but more and more it feels like she's gone and it's just her body walking around possessed by somebody I don't know
She's avoiding me now and our family is pretending like nothing happened and are just letting her destroy herself because it's easier than the conflict. Suddenly I'm the bad guy when it feels I'm the only sane person in the house.
I'm so stressed out that I think I've started losing time. I missed my bus to work this morning despite getting there early and waiting at the bus stop because I lost about half an hour somehow. I only know it was that long because I kept checking my phone and now I'm worried I'm losing some time and not noticing. I don't know what's happening and it's scary.
Also this is a minor vain thing but my hair is super damaged and falling out too from a combo of stress and the rough bleach job my hairdresser did on me. My eyebags are monstrous so I can't even fake and look like I'm holding it together. My students keep asking what's wrong with me.
I'm so sad that I'm lying on the floor typing this because I feel too useless to deserve a proper bed because I can't help her or anybody else
She's going to die I'm sure of it and it'll be my fault
What do I do

No. 491185

Bf's boss lady said this to him today while critiquing his performance:
>you're very engaging when you make eye contact
>it's a gift– not everyone has that
>use those blue eyes

No bitch.

No. 491187

I’m about to fucking fight this old man in my apartment’s laundry room. Him and his fucking planet of a wife do laundry like once a month for their whole family or some shit and take up EVERY. SINGLE. MACHINE!!! AND HES STILL GOT SHIT SITTING IN CARTS!!!! MY FUCKIN DUDE!!!!


No. 491188

this sounds really rough, anon. my grandma who was basically my mom was alcoholic for over 40 years and i can tell you for certain that if an she doesn't want to help herself, no one else will be able to and it will not be their fault.

my grandma died after essentially just drinking without eating for almost a year straight, she was literally wasting away before our eyes, skin flaking everywhere in large chunks, random bleeding etc, none of that fazed her in the slightest. she never in her life admitted she had a problem, i used to cry on her bedside before going to sleep when i was in elementary school that she should stop and it is making us all so upset (she was the cranky and violent kinda drunk) and she would be apologetic and crying as well and saying how i'm the most important thing in her life but then next day/drinking occasion it always went back to the usual.

tldr blogposting, you really can't make them better unless they actually want to get better. i feel for you anon, alcoholism really does ruin lives and families but you can't help much besides be there for them if they ever decide to turn it around in the end. i hope she gets some sort of wake up call and am really sorry you are going through this.

No. 491190

If she won't accept your help, there's nothing you can do, so please don't feel like you've failed her. What she's doing to herself is by no means your fault. I think you're doing everything you can. You're actually doing more for your sister than a lot of other people would in your situation.
That being said, please take care of yourself. I'm not asking you to stand by and let your sister drink herself to death, but you should try and dedicate time to yourself and get some much-needed rest if possible. I know that's a really generic thing to say but your health is suffering so much due to stress, and you deserve to rest. You deserve to lay down in a proper bed.
I'm sorry you have to see your sister do this to herself. I hope that she sees how much you love her and care about her. I hope sobriety sticks for her. And I hope your health improves.

No. 491191

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! I remember you from last time. Dude, just walk up to them. They're human, they talk actually. Ask them when they usually do their laundry so you don't show up at the same time.

No. 491192

I complained to my mum and she gave me the key to the basement of the building next door (all owned by the same ppl) and to use their laundry room instead lol because apparently this is what she does if she runs into these people.

Continued vent: that old man took like 15 minutes checking all of his clothing in the each of the dryers he took up so I left to go next door and when I came back, none of the dryers are on but his clothing is still in there!! Is it fucking dry or not!!!

No. 491201

>classes are over, have days off work to study
>more alone time
>IMMEDIATELY start thinking delusional femcel-tier thoughts about how society functions
>BDD goes into overdrive
Why am I the way that I am?
I love spending time alone and yet I get weird and neurotic when I get to do it.

No. 491202

Man I have encountered some of the worst human examples at the shared laundry. I may have shitty W&D units but fuck almighty I do not miss having to deal with such shit.

No. 491209

lmaoo me too anon. when i don't hang out with people for like ~2 days i spiral into such a weirdo

No. 491225

In unit laundry is pipe dream in the city I live in…. I can only dream of having it one day. Even when I lived in a college dorm it wasnt this bad…

No. 491304

I really want to kill myself but I have family members who love me and I can't stand the thought of ruining their lives. But it also feels like I can't hold on any longer. I feel trapped and I don't know what to do

No. 491313

anon please if you can, try to find a helpline to call. talking to someone is honestly the best thing you can do and people at these helplines have training and will talk in confidence. help is available and you deserve to get it. I am only another anon on here but I don't want you to die and I hope you are able to seek some help. Give yourself the chance to talk to someone - don't make any decisions just yet. you are valuable.

No. 491321

thinking of you anon. my closest friend died this year of alcoholism. it was very difficult and I am ashamed to say I don't think I did enough in the year leading up to it.

people have recommended Al-Anon to me in the past (I also had an alcoholic parent that died too) and I never ended up going, but it sounds like you need more support than you are getting - maybe worth thinking about something like that? look after yourself. other anons are right - you can't make someone else recover, that's not on you.

No. 491324

so my boyfriend left me for another woman, she is blonde and slim and I am neither of these things and it's so cliched and stupid. I feel like an idiot for missing him, and if it was someone else I would be going "good riddance to bad rubbish" like a grandma. But however much I tell myself I'm better off not being with someone who doesn't want to be with me… I'm still really sad.

No. 491328

I know how you feel, anon. Take your time to heal and try to remind yourself of your own worth. Just because some crusty dick dropped you, doesn't mean you're suddenly worth less. And don't beat yourself up over the feelings you're having, that's just how it is. People usually don't just fall out of love from one day to the next.
It took me so much time and I was so fucking bitter, but I got over it. Still see and interact with him on a semi regular basis and it's just neutral. You'll get there.

No. 491330

thank you anon! I'm glad to hear you are doing better too. being able to interact in the future with my dignity intact is what I'm aiming for too

No. 491331

Don’t feel bad cause you’re neither of those things, anon. And don’t blame the woman he left you for, if anything you should pity her because he’ll probably leave her for someone else too in a while (those kind of guys are the worst)
Just focus on you, distract yourself with hobbies like drawing or painting or knitting or something creative, that or exercise. I know people on social media will tell you to just sit there and wallow in your depression and mock people for saying that they should try to do things to feel better
“yoga doesn’t help, Karen”
It doesn’t hurt to try to feel better, Fuck that guy, anon. He doesn’t deserve the space you’re giving him in your head.

No. 491339

thank you anon, yeah I completely agree with you - that's definitely the outlook I want to have, I want to get fit/spend more time on creative stuff again and I want it to be for me, not so I can compete with some other woman. And yeah I don't blame her as such, much as I would like to, it wasn't her fault really. sometimes i wish I was a bit less rational though, it might be cathartic to screech about him being a treacherous bastard and her being a homewrecking bitch, but in the long run I'd regret it. Probably.

No. 491343

None of this is your fault. Your sister is suffering from a mental illness and drinking is her way of self medicating. Remember that when she's abusive and violent towards you, it's not because she hates you. She's probably in pain and will do anything to relieve it.

Unfortunately with alcoholics there's little you can do until they're ready to help themselves. You need to look after you're own health, not only for your own sake but because your sister will need you there when she's ready. Don't expect her to be able to give up the alcohol and stay sober straight away. Severe alcoholics are physically dependent on alcohol and going without it will cause her more harm. Delirium tremens can kill alcoholics so any attempt to detox needs to be done with medical supervision. Try and get her to see her GP as the GP will likely prescribe her benzodiazepines. This helps control the alcohol cravings and will treat the underlying anxiety.

I wish you all the luck in the world for having to go through this.

No. 491349

Why don't you join Tinder or something similar, receive free validation from men and explain to your uwu nigel that it's not cheating since there's no actual sex going on? Or start watching ballbusting porn in front of him. They only understand something is bad when you do it back to them.

No. 491352

i think my boyfriend might be terrible. i don’t want to get into all the details right now but he literally just called me multiple times (he knows i have to get up very very early for class) to wake me up out of my sleep so he could rant about how he was trying to trigger his friends and it wasn’t working. i just. what th fuck. what an actual child. at first i just swallowed my anger and let him ramble but then i made the unforgivable mistake of sending him a meme poking fun of the situation (it was directed at his friends, not even at him) but instead he just freaked the fuck out and started screaming over me when i tried to talk so i ended up just yelling at him to shut up and let me go to sleep and ended the call. then he sent me some long dumb novella about how i’m such an awful person apparently.

i don’t even know what to say. all of you are going to tell me to leave his dumb ass and you’re right. if this shit continues into january i’m fucking done. the one and only reason i say that is bc i’ve gotten him xmas gifts and shit that aren’t returnable so some tiny part of me hopes he can just fucking not be like this and shit can be normal for me.

and i have a big test tomorrow. i was gonna go to class extra early and study beforehand but now there’s no way i’m going to have any energy for that. he just fucking ruined me for the next 2 days and it burns me to know he’ll be fine.

No. 491360

>if this shit continues into january
it will, and will likely continue way after. your bf honestly sounds like a freak. men who are verbally abusive and have screaming fits over nothing rarely change their behaviors. cut it off now and spare yourself from suffering through more of his unhinged bullshit.

No. 491364

Just got diagnosed with an incredibly rare, aggressive disorder. life expectancy is 5 years. I'm getting married in 2 weeks. I need to tell my partner so he can decide if he wants to call off the wedding or marry a dead bitch walking and become a widower at 30.

I thought my life was getting better….spent a lifetime battling depression and suicidal ideation, and now that I want to live I'm going to die anyway.

No. 491370

I hate to bring it up but there are much higher rates of husbands walking out on partners after cancer diagnosis, like much higher than vice versa. You're in a horrible situation but it's important to find out how much care you'll need as your disorder progresses and whether he'll realistically be there for you for the five years

No. 491371

Sometimes I get this insanely intense guilt for not meeting societal expectations. I am in my late twenties, most of my friends are married or in serious relationships, some of them have started popping out kids already, and they are in the careers they want to be in and have masters degrees. I never had a serious relationship due to my severe fear of intimacy, cannot see myself having children anytime soon and work in a field that I hate and only have a useless bachelors degree. I know the solution to all this is just to accept myself, and stop comparing my life with others' but I find it hard, many times I feel like something is irreparably wrong with me.

No. 491374

If it makes you feel better something like half of those now perfect marriages will end in divorce and child custody rows. I was married and divorced all before 30 and I have friends with all sorts of blended families and kids with different dad's from where they wanted kids before a certain age so they had them with the wrong men. Life can look perfect til it's suddenly not

No. 491378

i'm so, so sorry, anon… i know it can seem like all hope is lost, but there are miracles sometimes… i'm so sorry to hear you'd been suffering for this long and now to be met with this devastating news… i wish i could help. life fucking sucks like that. sending you many hugs and warm wishes. do you have family or a support system that will help you in the coming years? i hope to dear god your fiance will stick by you, but it's hoping a lot of men. please seek solace in your family or friends if you have them and i pray things improve.

No. 491379

Anon don't worry yourself sick. Make a bucket list and do those things.

No. 491381

Sorry if this sounds cliche but I'm sorry. I have no idea what what you're going through is like. You have all our love & support. Basically everything >>491378 said. Sending prayers your way..

No. 491382

My boyfriend is addicted to watching Amberlynn Reid reaction videos. He says they help him stay healthy and in shape - which is awesome, sure, but they're so annoying to listen to.

He doesn't like using headphones, so since we live together I will usually hear the videos going like a lame radio show in the background. There's this one guy - MichaelBePetty - who has the most nasal and annoying voice while talking. Everyone is praising him for how real and "no bullshit" he is, but all I hear is some insecure guy constantly going "oh my god gurl, I don't care, gurl, whatever gurl why are you even filming this" while mentally fapping on his own high horse on how much better he is than her.

Like for real, if Amberlynn Reid is the bar you set for what a great person you are, you might have some issues of your own.

None of these people commenting on a trainwreck like Amberlynn Reid are genuinely concerned for her health like they claim. They're just stroking their own egos to the lowest hanging fruit possible. It's boring and unoriginal, but at least my bf's doing well on his weight loss and I feel like telling him to quit watching these idiots would just seem like I'm trying to sabotage him.

No. 491386

>None of these people commenting on a trainwreck like Amberlynn Reid are genuinely concerned for her health like they claim. They're just stroking their own egos to the lowest hanging fruit possible. It's boring and unoriginal, but at least my bf's doing well on his weight loss and I feel like telling him to quit watching these idiots would just seem like I'm trying to sabotage him.

agree so much with this. i've seen so many 'commentary' channels just be assholes about fat people and then say they're just 'telling it like it is' and 'real talk'. they're really just doing it out of self righteousness and a lot of them are chubby themselves (shocker).

the only channel i like for that kind of thing is michelle mcdaniel, who is usually really respectful in spite of her awful clickbait.

No. 491397

That's why I'm so upset. I thought he's so wokeuwu and not like other men.
You're right.
Thanks anon. I think I'm done with men for life.
Blaming society would be ridiculous because he KNOWS about all human rights issues related to porn. I guess he just doesn't care. It's sad how his morals mean less to him than his dick.

No. 491400

Thinking of you, anon. I'm so sorry you're going through this.

No. 491406

Job search is destroying my sanity. I'm a translator and for some reasons people in my country think that those who don't work in economy or IT are lesser human beings. I'm looking around for jobs not only in my field, and I have been working for almost two years after finishing uni before my company went bancrupt. So I thought that will make job search easier, but nope.

They aren't even inviting me for interviews. I dread opening those job websites in the morning. I feel like I'm burning out. I have a double master degree, good grades, job experince, WHAT DO THEY WANT FROM ME? Sometimes I think it's because I have a foreign name and was born in a foreign country. Maybe that's it. Ugh. Fuck this.

No. 491411

>get sexually frustrated to the point where I'm unable to sleep
>My boyfriend is a typical 2020 male who isn't able to stay hard or cum
>Tells me about how he fell for the fap December meme and tries to jerk off several times a day

When will men in relationships understand those memes are made by lonely men unable to get girlfriends, not for men who already have girlfriends and should focus on improving their own sex life instead of trying to out meme other men by breaking their own dick. This human race will die out because of memes and porn

No. 491412

This is making me wanna quit drinking… I don't want to end up like this.

No. 491415

Found more buildup on my teeth today which means I have to get them cleaned again. I don't know why this is happening to be. I brush my teeth twice a day(admittedly, not for long) but still, I got a scaling done a few years ago and it made my teeth weaker than they already are.
If I get them cleaned again, my incompetent dentist might give me a huge gap, in addition to removing that bit of enamel left on my teeth.
I have health anxiety and losing my teeth is one of my biggest fears…shit like that is panic attack inducing. I need to calm the fuck down cause I have a bunch of stuff to do…

No. 491416

Went through the same with my older brother a few years ago. Please don't destroy yourself over it, there's really nothing you can do about it other than be there for her. I know it's hard to take care of yourself while someone you love is suffering like this, but your health is important. As other anons said, the only person that can make her sober is herself.

I wish I could offer you some better advice. Maybe try therapy if you aren't already.

No. 491417

Can't you switch dentists? Some of them are just hopelessly incompetent, I'm afraid.

Blogpost but I used to go to this lady who would berate me for my dental hygiene and tell me so many teeth need to be taken out because they're "rotten beyond saving", until I switched to this cute Greek guy who said that they can all be saved easily and I had so many cavities because of teeth clenching and fitted me for a mouth guard. My teeth have been perfect ever since.

No. 491420

He's straight up fat himself. I think he's obnoxious and I'm sorry that's who your bf chooses to listen to.

No. 491431

Since the date for the witcher netflix series is approaching, it constantly pops up in my twitter feed and the more I read about it, the more I hate it. I really want netflix to go broke and burn. They got everything wrong, from the casting, the story, the ideas in the story. They have completely butchered it to appeal to the GoT crowd, so a bunch of retards and soyboys. Fuck all of them.

No. 491442

I have woken up at 6am two days this week, struggled to fall back asleep for 1-2 hours, then woken up at 11.

I even tried going to bed earlier too, I don't deserve this.

No. 491448

I was feeling not myself and I hurt an innocent person in a really cruel way. I apologized to them but nothing can undo the damage I already caused. I seriously don't think I can ever forgive myself

No. 491454

File: 1575652238780.jpeg (97.83 KB, 933x898, 1570897988289.jpeg)

i need to vent about how much i love my best friend. she's actually the kindest and most thoughtful person i've known ever and i'm not always the best friend due to circumstances but she never holds it against me and she's just so great guys she's great and i want to brag to literally everyone about how great she is. i haven't had a friend like that in a long time and i'm not sure i deserve it

No. 491455

This is so sweet, anon. I'm sure she cherishes your friendship, too, even if you're not perfect.

No. 491456

Today was the first day I've managed to leave the house this week and it was absolutely wank, and I wish I hadn't, I even lost some money. I regret trying.

No. 491467

My anxiety is so bad today, I have a really bad headache and my stomach is turning so much because of it. I also need to do stuff but can't get out of bed.

I just want this year to be over with, holy fuck.

No. 491470

I'm in the same boat as you anon with the anxiety. Headache, stomachache, on top of that, I've barely gotten any sleep, I keep having intrusive thoughts. I know I'll feel better if I just get up and go to the gym for a bit, but I'm SO sleepy.

No. 491471

I think I'm actually going to die from my ED if something doesn't change. I slept all day yesterday after a week of exams and starving myself. I woke up super confused and I'm still hungry.I feel like I finally let myself go and now I have zero control over food.
My only solace is weed and tea.

inb4 fuck off anachan
I just needed to vent.

No. 491473

I have a friend like this as well, she's also so humble that she hates it when I post about the great stuff she does for me cause she's concerned about making other friends feel bad. Never met someone quite as thoughtful as she. I want to brag about her every time.

I'm glad there's good people out there.

No. 491478

File: 1575657451491.png (110.81 KB, 400x225, 2dlk.png)

OMGGGG. My flatmate drives me FUCKING INSANE. She bakes every single night, starting at midnight until 5 in the morning, which would still be okay for me (well, except for the noise she makes when I'm trying to sleep) but then she proceeds to smear dough on LITERALLY EVERYTHING and doesn't clean up after herself. Doorhandles. Light switches. Cupboard handles. Bathroom sink. Kitchen sink. Also, I suspect she has been stealing from my things because I found dried dough on my coffe jar as well as on the package of the of salami I had in the fridge. Which is funny considering she told me she never eats processed meat because they are "full of hormones" and also she "stopped drinking coffee years ago". Sure, bitch. I wrote notes saying "please don't steal from my coffee, thank you" and "please stop eating my food, thank you" and put them in my cupboard and the fridge, but if she continues to do this I'm going to confront her about it.

No. 491479

My male best friend confessed that he was in love with me, but I rejected him because of personal reasons. He said that it's okay and it won't change anything but I can feel how he's slowly drifting away from me and I understand because I want him to move on and actually I thought he was going to ghost me at first so it's not that bad but it makes me so upset. He was pretty much my only friend too. I feel really sad when I think about when we were just meeting each other and I was super happy I had found someone to talk about my dumb interests with

No. 491489

I found my first gray hair. I'm still in my mid 20s. It's stressing me out even more than I already am.

No. 491491

Initiate: ruin friendship by confessing love

My sympathies anon.

No. 491493

Confront her, anon. No one deserves to live with a filthy pilfering roommate.

A scrote scolded me to wear a coat when I was taking out the garbage today and just, fuck men

No. 491497

greys can appear early in some popeel, mom's friends husband's hair turned salt and pepper when he was 17 (just like that, no trauma or stress or anything). and honestly can look quite cool! I do hope your life gets less stressful though and you can have a breather.

No. 491509

Big smooth brain moment. I decided to waste an hour doing a homework problem worth very few points, thinking it'd be easier instead of the one worth a lot more that was actual pretty much the same thing. It doesn't even matter because I couldn't print it in time but damn I feel dumb.

No. 491517

My tranny autist brother is moving out and I can't be happier. No more trying to use the bathroom and finding his pubes on the toilet seat. No more finding out he used my towel to wipe his makeup off. No more me trying to mind my own business doing schoolwork and him ranting to me about his autistic fixations until I explicitly ask him to stop talking to me. No more having to label my food because he's a pig that eats anything he isn't told not to eat. No more getting my hopes up a little when he says something that could be interpreted as him having empathy and being disappointed later.
He isn't violent like he used to be but just his presence in the same room that I'm in causes my mood to go down. But finally, I'm free of him.

No. 491518

yikes. i'm at my first uni exam and i'm already mediocre. not barely passing but not excelling either. studied but obviously not enough! just like everything ever in my life!

No. 491521

My Vietnamese immigrant parents did not know what cold sores are and just attributed them to “inflammation.” My boyfriend is giving me shit for having them when I had no clue what they were growing up and thought it was normal since I’m pretty sure my parents carelessly infected me with them. I have had them since I was little. I fucking hate this.

No. 491523

your bf is an ass and they are nbd (literally more than half the world's population have them - it is more odd not to have them), if your mom has them, she probably passed them to you during birth, nothing she could've done about it.

No. 491545

my Ex keeps posting photographs on Instagram of me. We dated over ten years ago. Some of the photographs were up to 3 years after we broke up. He states that he was part of these photo shoots. I asked him to take them down and that I found it creepy. He said he had a lot more in the vault and that I was jealous.
Of what? I’m married and living abroad.
This is why I got an emergency restraining order (it is no longer applicable).
It makes me feel violated and depressed.
Like not only are you legit stealing my photographs and lying about it but you’re creeping me the fuck out.
And the worst part is that I can’t do anything about it,
I’ve tried reporting the pictures because of harassment and so have my friends. Nothing gets done.
I’ve tried asking him to stop.
I didn’t copyright them because they were personal images.
Everyone just says to ignore it but no one fucking understands how fucking creepy this is. Especially when I asked him to stop. Like he didn’t even take those pictures, it just shows that he was cyber stalking me until I deleted all my old accounts.
It makes me want to cry.

No. 491551

like 80% of the population has hsv1, you legit could've gotten it from a towel or sipping it out of a drink. and assuming you've kissed your boyfriend he has the virus too, he just doesn't have cold sores.

No. 491554

File: 1575670125524.png (169.4 KB, 540x338, tumblr_oxs4vx5kDw1vkgjmeo1_540…)

im so fucking sad. not only have i been physically ill for almost 2 weeks now but it's affecting me mentally. the last thing i needed for my mental health was to be unable to be productive with homework, not go outside, not workout and not be able to eat healthy food. ive been eating liquids for 4 days now and i've barely gotten any work done. it's the end of the semester so there's, in a way, not that much to do but i know for a fact if i were healthy i would have been a week or two in advance.

I also feel like maybe i shouldnt have finished this 3 year program. I feel like i enjoy and am interested by some parts of it but could never actually get a job for it or no one will hire me. im panicking so hard. push comes to shove surely i can just be some mediocre marketer but i feel like I have huge impostor syndrome. I have around a 90% average this semester yet feel so empty inside. I dont have many friends and I've barely touched video games. The only thing that makes me feel like I have it together is the routine of homework, school, gym and cooking. Now that I'm sick I just keep crying all the time because of the physical and mental pain. I'm so alone. it's my fault for isolating myself but i feel like I don't really have anyone to truly talk to anyways. Sorry this vent was messy and all over the place. I'll probably make a post in career advice thread or something because I also need to find an internship to graduate and I've barely looked up agencies or places I'd want to work outside of big video game companies that seem like such a stretch at this point.

No. 491555

I’ve been reading similar statistics but he actually screamed at me about how I probably infected him with them and how his parents made it a point to try to avoid infecting him with them all this time since they both have the virus. It just makes me feel like complete shit and ashamed of myself. I think this maybe the last straw in our already kind of crappy relationship.

No. 491560

anon, please tell me you're from burgerland or else I might actually know you irl
And post to the career thread, I'm sure some anons may have some advice for you. Remember, you're sick right now and not in a normal state of mind. You can do this.

No. 491561

I can't focus on anything to save my life and it's driving me nuts and making me look like an absolute idiot to boot.
Certain conversations are a struggle because I have to pay attention to not look too autistic and if I don't I end up having dumb tics while the person speaks, but then I end up missing a bunch of the stuff the person says since I hear it but can't focus on it.
Sometimes it just results in nonsense word salad because I'm trying to read something and my boyfriend is talking at me and demanding my attention and a response immediately.
Sometimes it's nothing at all and my mind races around, it feels like my thoughts are a windows xp screen saver bumping around my head.
I'm a trainee at work and they don't know what to get me to do so they just throw random 4hr online courses at me that are in no way interconnected and I can't manage to do them all because I just don't care about some of the material and will never have to do it again. I also have to go to the library to concentrate and study but if I don't go home right away my bf gets pissy that I'm "avoiding him".

Fuck my ass, just leave me alone for 1hr.

No. 491563

He sounds… really weird. Tbh I got my first cold sore as a teenager because my mom kept me from getting infected as a kid and I was honestly really relieved when I got them because I knew it was just a matter of time before I’d get them and there was no use worrying! Plus it doesn’t impact your life like any other than not doing oral while you have them? I’m so sorry your boyfriend flipped out over something so harmless, you didn’t do anything wrong anon

No. 491564

hey anon, dont panic about going grey! it can be genetic or due to stress or diet. all three made me turn grey at 25. if you're stressing there are myriad ways to style/dye your hair so it looks awesome with the greys.
welcome to the silver fox club!

No. 491567

Is that really bjork?! Wtf, not the Icelandic smol fairy I envisioned. What's going on here?

Sage for no vent just disbelief at bjork

No. 491577

you cannot contract herpes from towels, straws, shared drinks or other stationary objects, anon. it has to come from skin to skin contact. usually it’s a kiss.

No. 491579

what a faggot. only men turn into silver foxes. women just get old and unattractive if they ever were in the first place(bye faggot)

No. 491580

I'm 24 and probably have 100 grey hairs, it's been like that for years. It's mostly hidden but I gave up on ripping them out because I didn't want to be bald. I honestly think I just have bad hair genes. But don't worry anon it's normal.

No. 491581

Doesn't it have to be during an outbreak, as well?

No. 491583

I'm 32 and got my first grey hairs about 5 years ago. It was pretty bad for me since I always wore my hair short but since grey hair is much more brittle and has different texture than "normal" hair it really stood out. Since then I've let my hair grown out so it wouldn't be so obvious. I don't dye my hair, though.

No. 491588

nah. men turn into disgusting farts.

No. 491590

Hi anons, thank you for the reassurance. You're right, I'm perfectly fine. I've been going through a rough year dealing with a trauma setback so seeing the hair strand further triggered a big wave of panic and anxiety that's been building up for a while, I've been in a ball of dissociation the whole day and it's mostly due to my overreaction.
Actually, I remember my mom started getting gray hairs at the same age and it didn't start getting most noticable until 2 years ago, which was about 20 years later.
It's been a stressful time, but I know my priority on worrying about this will subside in a couple days. Nothing interesting has happened recently so that's probably why I'm more focused on it.
Now I'm definitely excited to mess around more with my hair. I only found out about the strand because I was getting a haircut and it popped out under a big chunk of hair.
Typing it out has kind of helped me cope, thanks again for the reassurance, seriously needed it.

No. 491592

got you back cutie, please dont stress too much. I'm sure it looks fucken cool too. update us on your progress if you decide to style it/get more greys, could be handy for us other white-hair anons.
glad you're feelin better lil dude hope your day stays good

No. 491595

I've posted before about my breakup but please bear with me, I have nowhere else to post. my now ex I guess boyfriend has been posting in the other places we used to both frequent, being all 'meet my new girlfriend' and 'she's so funny I love her' and 'my old girlfriend is a bitch' and like mate these people all know me too you know and now I can't even ever go back there or talk to any of them because he's got in there first and I'll just look like I'm bitter because I got dumped for someone he likes better. I know this is all so fucking childish and I HATE feeling like this.
The other problem is I am really scared of the future, it's not so much that I think I need a partner to be a whole person or anything like that - I was happy enough on my own before I met him - but just I'm a lot more lonely now, and I feel like I have no voice.
Not one of the people who were friends in common has contacted me to ask if I'm OK, even. I'm just going to be forgotten and have to deal with hearing about him and her and what a golden happy couple they are and no one will ever give a shit about me ever again.

Like I say I know how childish this all sounds and I know logically I'm better off without someone who shows such utter disregard for my feelings, but it hurts so fucking much nonetheless.

No. 491599

he's just fucking retard anon trying to blame you for something he doesn't know that has happened or not. also he could've had hpv1 all along just never gotten any physical cold sores. do you really want to be with someone as unstable as him?

No. 491607

there's gotta be a dude out there that will worship your pussy, leave him please and find someone that actually enjoys sex.

No. 491608

I had 3 teeth extracted because the fillings fell out and I didn't have the insurance to see a dentist, take excellent care of your teeth because they're easier to lose than you think. Avoid sugar as much as possible too.

No. 491619

Why can't I find a bf who is just like me but a tiny man?
I'm fucking pissed

No. 491640

I want a tiny man just like me too. I’m not tall but I want one

No. 491651

I keep getting rejection emails as I’m applying to my first “professional” job after graduation. I’ve been working in retail for years, and I’m so tired and frustrated I can’t seem to get my foot in the door anywhere. I want to leave my shitty job so much, it’s hard not to feel discouraged..

No. 491662

I have to continue therapy (for major depression) so I can get tugboat money whenever they decide to give us DACA people amnesty, and I don’t wanna go to therapy anymore. However, I want free tugboat money

No. 491670

Some kid recently wrote an article about how he became radicalized because he became a mod of /r/dankmemes on reddit when he was 13 years old. It's really that easy.

I know how you feel anon. My first year I actually managed to get all A+ in my courses. Something in my attitude and motivation changed and now at third year I'm probably looking at some C+ on my transcript for this semester, especially in my stats class because I skipped almost every class and only showed up for the midterms (once you skip a few times in a row and get behind it's hard to go back). I also don't have a lot going on compared to a lot of my peers which is why I think I'm in this rut, I'm just stagnant in life and my brain is getting tired of only doing studying.

No. 491672

Taking money from the government and pretending it’s for mental healthcare while other people who want and need to go to therapy have to pay around $100 per visit…thank you anon, very cool

No. 491676

decided to just fuck it and let myself enjoy things! fuck anxiety and depression! if this guy is into me i will pursue a relationship! fuck off with those feelings of worthlessness!! this dude is into me regardless of all that shit!!! i'm gonna settle down with this guy, hell yeah!!!

No. 491679

Why do you want a tugboat so bad

No. 491686

fellow translator here, I might be pessimistic but I feel like we've chosen the wrong career in the first place, with the technological advances of the modern world there's not going to be much need for translation in the future. I'm switching fields

No. 491692

I was recently groped at a concert and I can't stop thinking about it. I keep replaying the situation over in my head. I wish I had been more confrontational about it. I just kept shoving the guy's hand away, but never actually turned around and went off on him. I was really scared.
Even though I'm in my twenties it was my first time ever being physically assaulted. What makes it worse is that I always thought it would be more physically violent/aggressive, but the way the guy touched me was so delicate and intimate. It disgusts me because I was such an idiot to not say anything and I usually pride myself on being strong enough to handle myself (which tbf I usually am quite firm).
But what truly makes me sick to my stomach is that while I didn't enjoy being touched by some insensitive, random scrote the touch itself lingers on my mind. I've never been intimate with anyone so now my mind keeps thinking, "imagine if that was someone you loved, like a boyfriend"
I'm so confused and upset with myself I just want to cry.

No. 491694

It's partially the foreignness and partially the fact that translators are mostly freelancers now.

It's not that people who work in IT are better people, but I used to work in finance and even I had to change careers because IT is eating away at all other industries. Sad but that's how it is.

No. 491699

> I didn’t copyright them because they were personal images.

You don't have to explicitly copyright things for copyright to apply.

No. 491703

Just thre out letters, bus cards, old flowers, pictures etc that I had saved from my 6 year relationship. We broke up almost 2 years ago but I finally did it. I feel guilty about it but it had to be done.

No. 491708

>the way the guy touched me was so delicate and intimate
i don't quite follow this
>I've never been intimate with anyone
now i get. i'm sorry that your first experience being 'intimate' with someone was being groped in a concert, but understand that wasn't neither delicate or intimate, those weren't his intentions. i'm sorry you're going through this

No. 491728

I hate to know how much easier would relocating to, and getting a job at, another country be if only I was born in a native speaking country. I know the world was never fair, but fuck me if I would not love to be able to just go around Asia just teaching my mother language.

No. 491731

As different anon said, you don't need to copyright photos and art, the moment you create it you have rights to it, american companies are spreading this copyright bullshit to scam people.
Are you sure that you deleted social media for good? If you can restore one with your photos just report copyright and link photos on your account.
If you deleted accounts for good use this form: https://help.instagram.com/contact/1681792605481224
You are trying to report something else.
Describe everything in additional info box, he even threatened you with releasing more photos so they should do something about it. Don't report pictures for harrasment, moderators will think that you are just trying to take them down out of spite.

No. 491733

Was so busy with uni that i pushed away all my negative thoughts but now all the accumulated stuff is coming back to me slowly and i'm afraid cause i don't wanna be depressed to the point of not being functional again but i can't help it. I'm worried about what's gonna happen to me and my life in the future and i just can't see it go in a good direction since nothing ever worked out the way i wanted. i keep thinking about ending it all before it's too late, and i'm forced to live a even more miserable life.

No. 491741

Well most people who sexually attack are aggressive. He was probably "delicate" about it because he wanted to keep groping you and you hadn't run away yet.
I remember a girl at a gig once who turned around and loudly instructed the guy pushing her to stop rubbing his dick on her ass. He disappeared after that. In a gig environment you have every right to tell someone to fuck off and let you enjoy the band. Everyone will be on your side; it's impossible to misinterpret. You're not on a date, it's a strange guy harassing you.

Sorry this guy took advantage of the fact you were caught by surprise.

No. 491780

Found out yesterday that a hapless sex worker friend of mine I've known for years is going to be a single father. I didn't think he could get any trashier. (For context, he's keeping his babymama's name private, and is only going to be a single father because she decided that she doesn't want children, and apparently she didn't realize she was pregnant until long after the legal abortion period.) I'm just sad and upset because I remember going window shopping together years ago and how much he wanted to improve his life and get out of the shithole he lives in. He always tries to do the 'right' thing but it's always for other people and never for himself, and just keeps digging himself deeper. On top of that, the first thing he posted about on FB was cosplay for him and the baby. I'm glad that he wants to step up and be a good father, but how could someone be this dumb? He knows how rough he had it growing up in poverty, hasn't been able to really move up in life, didn't take precautions when having sex, and I guess is just okay repeating his childhood with a new baby. At this point there isn't any better choice, but I'm so disappointed.

No. 491811

I'm so fucking triggered right now. My stupid college doesn't have free printing and the one I usually use in another building wasn't working. The library ones don't do double-sided I swear; I literally sent an email to IT about it and they responded back with "it's fine". No. Fuck you. But since my preferred one wasn't working, I went to the library out of good faith and of course before I print I see the page amount is twice what it should be because the double-sided printing isn't fucking working!

In the end I printed for free and double-sided at a building farther away but I wasted a whole half hour of my fucking life on this shit. Truly I am a dumbass, at my preferred building I even signed into an employee computer (I didn't wear my coat out since I thought it'd be a quick process) and an employee firmly told me not to do that again and they'd look into it which is fair, I should've just gone to the building I went to in the end. But my goody-two shoes ass still feels shaken up. Per usual my personal brand of stupidity and impatience made me look like an idiot and just waste a bunch of fucking time and put myself in a bad mood. lol

No. 491824

Most days recently I have dealt with an intrusive feeling of not really beloning, not seeing the future for myself, and not feeling motivation for my next move.
It's like I was supposed to have died by now, and by some glitch I've made it this far but have no idea what to do, who I am, or where I wanna be. I'd like to be content, but all the aforementioned just serve as obstacles to that end.

No. 491839

There's something about CL that I adore. Her new song rewind is really somethin special. I'm not someone who is very familiar with kpop or anything and I know some people might be upset about her leaving 2ne1. I wasn't aware of any of that so I just see this artist struggling to make it in the US. I was amazed by hello bitches, and now this rewind song has me super emotional. At the end of the day she's an artist trying her best and I hope she makes it.

No. 491846

I should probably put this in career but? It's more of vent. I'm doing a "freelance" thing soon. Not for money but "exposure" lmao. (I'm new enough at this that it actually is worth it and I really need practice with the social element/professionalism.)

I'm not an amateur at The Thing I've been doing it for a long time but it was my hobby that was special because it didn't have the same pressures of my job. Turning it into one makes me really scared I'll ruin it for myself? Especially since I have to work with other people.

Also I'm like low-key a munchie so of course after months of stability I'm also SUPER SICK before this and it's so frustrating. (not like oh I feel tired wah more like oh will i accidentally projectile vomit on this person??? woops??) I can't cancel AT ALL because it's a time sensitive project and honestly I would call out of work or school if I felt this bad but lol

I try really hard to hide the munchies from my friends and work because if I really wanted to never feel bad I could just not leave my house and I know people don't actually care about your health problems and just think you are a flakey liar. I have long stretches of doing pretty well and then like a couple months of bs every year so I think I'll be more excited about this when I'm not nauseated

Anyway there are trade off's to everything. I hope this kind of stuff eventually leads to me being my own boss but also like I'm already becoming very very aware that balancing my work/health is always going to obnoxious.

No. 491860

i'm so tired of the fact that whenever someone even dislikes me or talks shit about me, the first thing i'll think is "i'm better off dead." i've been trying so hard to tell myself i'm worth my life but it's too fucking hard to actually convince myself after spending my entire life loathing myself.

No. 491863

I try to connect with people but I just can't. I meet with people, I laugh at their jokes, say the things I think I'm supposed to say but that's it. I struggle with the opening up part. I feel like I have nothing to say or at least it's not worthy of saying. For some miraculous reason I do have friends but whenever we hang out I feel like something's missing. Like I'm watching the conversations from the outside and can't be present. I feel like an alien

No. 491873

I'm so fucking sad. i have that psychomotor retardation thing, like my whole body just feels like it doesn't belong to me and I can't move it. typing this is the hugest effort I can make. i have deadlines so I have to work but all I can do is stare and sigh

No. 491874

Some shitskin immigrants killed a poor bear in my country, posed with the bear's corpse and I wish them a slow painful death.(racebaiting)

No. 491880

I’m so upset and scared of men from the country I grew in. I’ve seen around 5-6 news about women being murdered by their ex boyfriends or husbands, and these men barely face any consequences. I ducking hate this country and men in it, I’m just glad and thankful my mom married a decent man from there who has been nothing but a great loving father. I’m so lucky I never dated anyone there, but my heart aches every time I see these news. I fucking hate men jfc

No. 491882

I have felt this way my entire life. Even though I have friends and stay socially active, I feel extremely disconnected from them. It’s nice to stay social I guess but I still feel a deep void in my life. I don’t have any advice on dealing with that but I guess at least you’re not alone in those feelings.

No. 491883

Samefag but
I feel the same way anon, it’s like I can connect with people on surface level and maybe get to know each other better if we drink but that’s about it, everything reverts to how it was the next day. I feel like I can’t connect with my friends that well either because we have such different interests that it feels like there’s not much deeper I can connect and I feel bit envious of my mutual friends who do. All my hugs to you hope you meet people who you don’t feel that way with

No. 491893

If I could go back to 16 year old me I would tell her not to even bother with sex or relationships. I'm 28 and I've never been in a relationship where I felt comfy and a mutual attraction. I wasted do much of my life trying to find a man who loves me and understands me now I'm a bitter 28 year old with a ruined vagina.

No. 491897

>Ruined vagina
What did you cut it open or something? 28 isn't old and sex doesn't "ruin" vaginas. Stop taking biology lessons from Reddit degenerates

No. 491905

>a ruined vagina
this must be scrote falseflagging

No. 491907

Before I'd used to love masturbating etc but after years of just associated sex with bad experiences I cant even enjoy anything sexual anymore. My dating experiences have made me basically asexual.

No. 491908

same here anon. I have a few friends who say that I'm their best friend but I feel basically nothing toward them.

No. 491917

It's really frustrating that nobody takes me seriously when I tell them I'm lesbian because I don't "look" lesbian enough. I'm very typical Korean girl style and everyone kind of just scoffs at me when I say I'm lesbian. I have no luck on dating apps besides couples looking for "unicorns" and I just feel pretty alone and isolated. The only other lesbian friend I have said I don't really give off a "lesbian enough" vibe or feel whatever that means…

No. 491922

Oh no, I’m not trying to use the system that way…okay, maybe a little. I am qualified because of mental illness and have been visually impaired since birth but since I wasn’t born in this country (US), I can’t get any tugboat money until I’ve become naturalized. It is also why I got a work-permit right away.

As for wanting the tugboat, it’s more so my family’s idea in order to have some to fall back on so I don’t become dependent on them in the future. Currently I’m working and a student so I’m not exactly leeching off Uncle Sam lel

No. 491927

File: 1575769721787.jpg (26.57 KB, 270x405, 270px-Theodore_Tugboat_at_Murp…)

Oh wait I thought you meant an actual tugboat

No. 491952

See, this is why people don't want to give you amnesty. You come here wanting free shit from the taxpayers. What do you contribute that outweighs what you cost?

No. 491958

if you looked like a stereotypical lesbian, people would call you a dyke. you cant win.

No. 491964

I pay taxes like everyone else???

No. 491966

My parents keep pressuring me to have a child when I have stated multiple times I don't want one. I don't even have a man to have a baby with, my mental health is in a bad state and I don't want to have such a massive responsibility on me. Why can't they understand that no matter what anyone says, I will never have children. They keep saying the old ''who will take care of you when you are older?'' argument but I doubt I'll regret my decision when I reach that age, either way I don't think I am gonna grow. I can't stand being around them because of this.

No. 491968

Having a weird massive allergic thing so my doctor put me on these anti-histamines that I have to take for 2 weeks that fuck me up SO much. I take them before bed and it makes me dizzy and drowsy for a full 24 hours. Fucking sucks, I go back to work tomorrow and I can't function like this.

No. 491969

Do the taxes you pay add up to more than the therapy and tugboat money you anticipate eventually getting?

No. 491971

Depending on your kids to take care of you when you're old is fucking dumb anyway. Becoming a caregiver is a huge emotional and financial burden and not everyone is capable or willing to do it. All of my grandmother's kids jumped ship when she became too feeble to live independently, so my dad wound up taking the reins, and it was more than he could do on top of managing his own business/family, so he had to hire a carer for her. If having someone to take care of you is the only reason you want kids, then you're way better off saving all the money that you would've spent raising a family so that you can afford to live in one of those nice old people communities with carers lol.

No. 491972

I got a write up at my job for something literally nobody trained me for. I did what I felt was the best I could do, but nooo I was supposed to do it this other way. During the conversation with my boss, he even asked if I know the correct way.. and I said no. Like?? Shouldn’t that lessen my write up to just a warning or a teaching opportunity? On top of this!! I was disciplined in an area of the store that is open to customers and there were people in the store. There’s an office, yet my discipline was public for some reason? None of my coworkers have heard of someone getting a write up for this either, plus the person who started a few months before me said she didn’t know it was supposed to be done that way either. I’m so mad about it lmao. I JUST got out of my first three month ~probationary~ period and now I’m right back in it for another two months. And I’m so paranoid about it, they can fire me over anything right now. I’m applying for other jobs currently and I’m gonna follow up with every single one until I can quit this one. I just strongly feel like this wasn’t handled appropriately and I deserve better.

No. 491974

Not to alarm you anon but it sounds like they did it specifically to avoid giving you whatever benefits you would get for being off the initial probationary period. You're doing the right thing to look for a new job- I've seen and worked at places that do these nitpicky things rather than just being upfront about not having the resources to give you what you're owed, to avoid lawsuits. Get out of there asap. I believe in you!

No. 491975

As far as I’m aware, I don’t get anything because I’m a part time employee. But regardless, it does feel like.. specifically targeting me. My sales are on par with everyone else so it’s not my performance.

No. 491976

where you from?

No. 491992

Assuming you are in the US, they're probably trying to bullshit you until you quit. It's preferable for employers to pressure their employees to quit vs. firing them outright. Even in an at-will employment state, if they fire you, you can be eligible for unemployment.

No. 492015

I feel so much worse after getting a job (bagger at a grocery store). My life feels so much more meaningless and all I feel like I do every day is drudge through the motions. I cried thinking about how I have to go into work tomorrow morning. I’ve been thinking about killing myself multiple times a day. I know that having a job is something almost every normal person does but depression is crushing me and I feel so hopeless.

No. 492017


Please look for another job. You're obviously too intelligent for such menial work. There must be other options for you as a first job. Maybe paid internships or part-time work somewhere more stimulating. Work is not meant to be torture.

No. 492027

There are jobs that don't suck?

No. 492051

What is it about the job that makes you so depressed? Is it the customer interaction, the menial tasks or management treating you like shit?

No. 492062

File: 1575801376457.jpeg (19.25 KB, 225x225, EF35B893-5016-4E5B-B5F2-29ACD0…)

I can never fall asleep without laying in bed for 3 hours minimum. My brain is just constantly sperging out about everything I’m not happy about every single day. I feel like I literally need to take meds for my anxiety but I won’t go to see a doctor. I feel like I’m becoming irrelevant. I literally have no friends besides my boyfriend, I haven’t hung out with any of my actual old friends in over a year. As far as my boyfriend goes its long distance so whenever I’m not staying with him I get depressed and think bad things. I don’t even update my social media’s anymore (I don’t have many anyway) although I do still go on there to check out others. I feel like I haven’t posted in so long that no one even remembers that they’re friends with/following me which keeps me from posting. My only hobby is playing a game that has a pretty toxic community and that I stress too much over but won’t stop playing realistically because I’m addicted like a retard. I just feel constantly overwhelmed idk. It’s not something specific I feel at the back of my mind so I don’t know how I will ever clear it. I also wish my stupid chin acne would go away.

No. 492067

Yes and none of them are in retail. Don't fall for the meme of retail being the only option out there. My first job was working at a school district watching kids during lunch, refcess, and after school. There's also custodial work. Security is another option. All these are entry level, pay more, and way more meaningful than bagging at a grocery store.

No. 492071

I’ve been working at my first job for almost a month now, but I really think I have ADD. I was a NEET for a few years (I’m 21), so being out of school meant I didn’t really need to worry about that since it wasn’t like I was doing anything important, but my issues with focusing are stressing me out again. In school I had to read things multiple times before they even slightly got in my head, I couldn’t stick to any tasks and it was a struggle to do so without trying to start on something else, I’ve always had issues with memory so that made school quite difficult for me, I get bored of things very easily, issues with organisational skills (I’m literally the least organised person ever), etc.
At work, I do the same thing my whole shift (it’s only part time too, so it’s literally a four hour shift and I find that difficult…), and I find it really hard to keep going and stay on track/motivated without taking several breaks in between. I work in a warehouse where I pick and pack, and I actually enjoy it, the people are nice. It’s not hard either, sometimes stressful. I don’t want to start slacking off because of my issues focusing and lose my job because it’s finally teaching me how to be a normal person and not a home bound NEET not to mention having money is nice. I want to go to the doctors and inquire about maybe seeing if it’s worth getting tested but since I’m an adult and I wasn’t diagnosed in childhood/adolescence, would they even take me seriously? I had other issues as a child and my family didn’t pay attention to me a lot, and in school I was quiet and mostly left alone by teachers (though some would complain when I couldn’t focus or finish tasks), so any issues like ADD wouldn’t have been taken on board. I also want to go back to school eventually but I become incredibly stressed with my difficulty with learning to the point where I get agitated and I cry because I feel really dumb, whenever I’ve tried to pick up new skills/hobbies it seems impossible.
Sorry for the long post, but I just hate being like this as an adult and I’m stressed. I have work tomorrow and I’m feeling tense.

No. 492129

I’m so fucking sad anons. I was bouldering today and on the FIRST boulder of my day, a new V0, I jumped off and fell on my fuckin tailbone. I’m home now, the staff was very sweet and my parents came to get me, but I’m so angry at myself. I keep thinking “what if I had climbed down instead? what if i had gone to warm up on other routes im more familiar with instead?” and shit like that. Our slab wall isnt terrible high, and I jumped off from high up because I’ve been trying to force myself to become more comfortable with jumping off the wall. I’ve done it before and I know how to properly fall from higher heights, but I just moved fucking weird or aimed my ass weird so instead of landing on my feet, then butt, then rolling off my back, I just went from feet to tailbone.

Climbing is inherently dangerous and I know I’m lucky I didn’t end up with a sprained wrist or ankle, but I’m just… angry at myself. I know once it heals and I start climbing again, I’ll be riddled with the fear of letting go of the wall, or I’ll be too scared to climb to the top because I worry about coming down. I’ve only been climbing for a little two months and I felt like I’ve made good strides with being more comfortable high up on the wall and coming down and now I know I’ve just set myself back a whole bunch of steps.

The pain isn’t terrible but it spikes up and I have to move very slowly, but fuck me.

No. 492132

I just graduated from high school and have 0 work experience so this was the only place that hired me and I applied to a ton of places. It helps slightly to remember that this job is only temporary.

I guess if I had to choose I’d say it was the menial tasks. The monotony of doing the same uninteresting thing every day. I don’t know if that’s a problem with the job or my depression though.

No. 492135

I had my browser opened to Shayna's thread with her titties out right in front of my mom rip

No. 492137

I feel like I'm stuck in this alternate dimension where all the decent guys I meet are the ones I agree to hookup with, and the ones who want a relationship are all bellends.

A guy I hooked up with last night bought me pizza and made me fucking pancakes this morning. The last date I went on the guy asked to go dutch, added £5 to my tip and still tried to kiss me. Hell, none of the men I have been in a relationship with have made me food. I also always get head. Always. One guy ate me out more than he fucked me.

I'm resigning myself to a lifetime of being a single whore. Somehow it is far more fulfilling than any relationship and I know my heart's never going to get broken.

No. 492140

Those guys are using you for sex. It's not really a feminist thing to do.

No. 492160

shrugs idk probably. I’m not really that desperate for tugboat money and I don’t plan on fully surviving on it when I’m aiming for a high-paying yet stable job after graduating….in the next five years or so (law school…still thinking about it).

Originally from Mexico

No. 492167

My life is so fucking ironic. All the things my friends used to be envious about me i've lost.

>"you're so lucky your mom is great, my mom is …"

lost my mom

>jealous and angry because i got scholarships and was academically more successful

turned into a failure, no choice but to study something i have no interest in, can't even study properly cause i'm too lazy and depressed

> "you should be thankful that you have such thick, long hair" (got this one a lot)

suffer from severe hair loss; won't probably have any hair by the time i'm 24.

of course it's not their fault in any way. It's just depression is coming back for me and i just feel bitter.
hope they're all happy now.

No. 492173

>those guys are using you for sex
Yeah I'm literally doing the exact same thing to them we're all fully aware of the situation

>not really a feminist thing to do

Who fucking cares, does everything a woman does have to be some huge political statement?

No. 492178

>does everything a woman does have to be some huge political statement?
I was beginning to wonder if I was the only one who felt this way

No. 492187

Um, yea, that's how it is by default? Why do you think other minorities complain about the perception with everything they do as being a political statement when they are literally just existing?

Lol, you all are late to the party.

No. 492188

You guys sound like pick mes

No. 492201

I wonder why anons are whining at you.
As long as you have a good time and the guys please you so that it's mutual I don't see the problem.

No. 492206

This website has a lot of extremist feminism. I'm surprised anon didn't get called out for having just sex with a man and how that's giving them power or oppressing the rest of us.

No. 492208

I am a pretty "extreme" feminist but if men are pleasant and lick pussy what's the problem lol.
What is sad are all those men who want ons but don't care about women's pleasure.

No. 492209

Sure thing scrote

No. 492211

NTA, but we don't want to be a walking political statement. it's the allies who more than likely have some sort of fetish of seeing those socially lesser than them suffer and the rest only see us as a political statement out of spite to piss off the political enemy.
This sounds like a LARP tbh

No. 492212

I understand that, I'm just explaining as to why people perceive what women do everyday as a political statement and how it's the same for any minority. Understand completely. Most people want to mind their own business and not have their lifestyle or their behavior be a political statement.

No. 492213

Fuuuuuuck I just moved into a new apartment with my boyfriend and I want to break up.. I simply do not love him and I don’t think we’re compatible at all and I can’t keep up with doing sexual stuff constantly, I keep thinking I want to be with someone else so I clearly am losing interest but I feel stuck since I just spent a big portion of my money to move in and stuff plus I don’t have any family to fall back to while I save up more.. I feel bad bc he’s not a bad guy and I still care about him but I don’t think we’re suited for each other and expects very different things from me than how I actually am and I just can’t keep up with it.. I guess I will try to talk about it with him and see what I can do

No. 492217

Are you sure you aren't the scrote anon?

No. 492221

I get way more head than I have to give so yeah I'm pretty pleased

How? I'm not shitting on women who don't have casual sex or think it's anti-feminist. I didn't even disagree with that notion. If anything me sleeping around drives guys away from 'picking me'.

No. 492228

Holy fuck guys gossip and bitch constantly, honestly coming here is a fucking relief from the constant discord drama. I wish I could meet up with some farmers and get inebriated

No. 492231

You're asking to get picked as a hook up partner. You're delusional.

People on discord are losers. why the fuck do you use it?

No. 492240

samefagging but on top of the lower back pain, suddenly I got cramps from my period and almost passed out doing laundry…

Well, my family is ordering pizza tonight and I’m gonna pig out because today physically been awful.

No. 492244

hell even some retail jobs are better than others, my friend does flex fulfillment for a target and he said his workdays fly by because he's constantly moving. I guess it depends on what you're struggling with though. Also I second the anon that said security.

No. 492246

aaaand we’re not getting pizza now because dad’s kicking up a fuss about the prices. i just wanna kms

No. 492256

Nta but you're calling anon a pick me because
>You're asking to get picked as a hook up partner.
She does get partners, hooks up with them, and lets them go on her own accord. How is that pick me behavior?

No. 492257

Women are always going to get the short end of the stick when it comes to sex. You're deluded if you think you're "doing the exact same thing to them." It's not going to be equal as long as sexism exists.

No. 492258

not necessarily, I love my night shift shelf stacking job. no customers, I don't feel bored bc you're constantly on the move (plus I feel less like a lazy slob bc of the physical aspect), feels nice in the end when you walk through a faced up aisle, my coworkers are super nice etc. also I get paid extra bc it's over nights and they're legally obliged.

No. 492264

I don't want to start a shitstorm and I totally respect your opinion. Can you elaborate on this? I'm intrigued.

No. 492270

Considering how many guys I've ghosted or just ignored on tinder, pretty sure I'm the one doing the picking. Stay mad tho

Do we though? I can orgasm several times and then blueball the guy if I want to. Sure there's the risk he might rape or murder me for it, or do that anyway, but there are ways women can get theirs and give a guy nothing.
Besides the point though. Anon was trying to tell me guys were using me, as if I was going into these things expecting marriage and being easy.

All this cuz I wanted to vent about how the men I've dated have never made me pancakes. Stay salty, farmers

No. 492272

Yeah you're totally a delusional pick me

No. 492274

You admit you could get raped or murdered yet you think you're fine. You sound delusional

No. 492276

File: 1575849131102.gif (319.46 KB, 500x210, giphy.gif)

And you're a retarded radfem larper. Troll more

No. 492277

>Sure there's the risk he might rape or murder me for it
>Stay salty, farmers

No. 492280

Really didn't say that though? Acknowledging the risks of something and still doing it =/= thinking you are fine. Being delusional would be saying men don't hurt women for no reason.

Fwiw, I have been raped by three different people, two of them multiple times, who were close to me and weren't just one-night stands off an app. Being modest didn't save me from getting raped.

No. 492281

Pls explain how is she a pick me.

No. 492283

you just spelled out yourself the inherent risks of hoeing around as a woman and yet try to present yourself as equally powerful in these arrangements? and top it off with "stay salty" lmao? I hope nothing bad ever happens to you as being naiive isn't a crime but jesus.

No. 492284

I'm really sad for you. Your behavior is obviously a result of your rape trauma, yet you tell people to "stay salty." That's really sad.

No. 492285

Nta but wait, isn't it actually equal as long as the man is not a rapist or otherwise shitty?

No. 492286

Most men are shitty. Like the vast majority of them. Good men don't exist.

No. 492289

I'm trying to explain to you that I don't see myself as equally powerful and you stretched my response to one comment to mean that? L2r. Bad things happen to people whether they're naive or not, is my point. No need to armchair.

No. 492290

if only most men weren't shitty huh. if he isn't a rapist, he is still more than likely to put upon weird sex acts or secretly take photos/videos and then share them with friends and online etc. pls one more body to his awalt whore list and infinite ego boost to their already over inflated ego. like idk, I personally don't see much merit to such arrangements, like isn't getting a really nice vibrator cheaper and less stressful lol.

No. 492293

Ok, scrote

You must be under the delusion you're liberated and reclaiming your sexuality lol

No. 492295

File: 1575851083447.jpg (44.66 KB, 680x620, Bait_f09ded_5907668.jpg)

No. 492296

You're based anon. I appreciate it.

That's fine if you don't personally understand it. Vibes are great but they get boring and there's only so much they can do, you can't really replace a partner with a vibe. The men I've met have been relatively interesting people even if they're putting on a front, one I'd consider a friend now, I get more out of it than I did a monogamous, romantic relationship, without any of the arguments or pressure, and I was socially pretty retarded until recently so it gets me out of the house and talking to people on a regular basis. I also have a pretty high sex drive. It's been a recent part of my life, it's not something I've been doing for years. But I've gotten pretty lucky and had a decent time so far.

No. 492299

I’m from the US and a state where they can fire me whenever, for no reason. But if they can find an excuse to shove me out (fired or quitting), I’m sure they will. Plus the gossip at my workplace is wild, everyone already knows about my write up. Apparently someone plans on saying something about how my write up wasn’t justified, but now I’m stressed because 1) I didn’t ask this person to, 2) management will know that I spoke to coworkers about it, and 3) i should be the one to stand up for myself!! At best, they might listen to someone who’s been here for years.. at worst, I could be let go over talking about something they may have wanted to be private (they didn’t say it was a private matter but who tf knows).

Anyways work sucks (I loved it prior to this tbh) and my jobs politics/culture is shitty apparently.

No. 492301

still sounds like you could get the same shit from having a good social life and a vibe? just have male friends and a job or something? I hope it's smooth sailing for you but ngl, I'm concerned, have seen too many friends go from "I'm just having fun being a sexually liberated babe" to shells of themselves in a surprisingly short time period.

No. 492303

Yikes. So you are a rape victim and an autist who doesn't have a good social life and is using men to cope.

No. 492306

You're welcome anon. I regret deleting that post now. But I realized that I was totally triggered by what is likely bait. Stay safe out there and keep having fun!

No. 492307

File: 1575853061480.jpeg (166.8 KB, 1440x810, BB0B068A-31DB-4ACB-AB76-294968…)

>dropped my phone
>glass protector was fine
>screen glass underneath shattered

No. 492309

t. Scrote

No. 492356

This reads as though you want human interaction but are too insecure to think that you're worth someone's time without offering them sex.

No. 492370

I went to a rave 2 days ago and I snorted some speed and I haven't slept since then. I've been awake for over 50 hours now. I'm not sure what's happening but I still can't sleep although I'm extremely tired.

No. 492371

I was considering starting to take the new depression medication i was prescribed today but they just barely gave me enough pills to reach until after winter break so I'll start tomorrow. I hope this helps me not be stupid and make myself miserable!

No. 492380

my mom is such a fucking retard. bitch continually plummets herself into further mental illness and despair by knowingly subjecting herself to outrage boomer news channels, and outright has streamed retarded tomi lahren clips in front of my face and other retarded shit. it's the holidays, if you make yourself miserable by obsessing over politics in general and project it onto everyone else around you then don't expect everyone to give you any respect back. she can do a simple, easy thing, turn all this shit off, and focus on actually being a happier person, or she can continue drowning in negativity and hate that the overwhelmingly lousy news channels like to perpetuate. i don't think my trying to recover bpd ass can deal with her bpd doomsdaying paranoid ass any longer. dumb bitch makes herself miserable and I bear the brunt of her verbal and psychological abuse for it esp if I protest it and say I don't want to hear it.

No. 492406

your mom sounds toxic af

No. 492413

If you anons are actually concerned about her safety you could try and express yourselves in a more sympathetic way.

No. 492421

I don’t think I will ever work for free ever again. I’m sick of feeling like I’m being used and discarded. I’m especially a bit pissed at one of my friends for doing this to me. I contributed art to their project with promises that the project will take off. In the end, nothing took off and I just feel used.

No. 492463

File: 1575889395687.jpg (33.98 KB, 383x291, fb675a5e99ad0faea772cbd30b4e7e…)

man why am I so goddamn ugly in pictures. my face just does not make sense, it feels skinny but it ends up looking fat, my cheeks look bloated, i get a double chin, my undereyes are gross, i just look fucking disgusting. i hate coming across pictures of myself other people have taken, it makes me paranoid about how i look to people irl and if i actually look like that to others.

No. 492467

my mother is similar except she's the conspiracy theory Alex Jones equivalent to yours, she's also weepier and more guilt-tripping and attention-seeking rather than aggressive. I tell her to go out and do things but she refuses and delves further into depression, there's absolutely no use talking to her as she outright repeats the same things starting with "but for me, I…" for hours on end. she drives me insane.
I don't have any advice but good luck with her. don't exhaust yourself to try and save her.

No. 492469

Wtf that’s not normal

No. 492483

Anon how are you describing me so perfectly? I look normal in selfies but when other people take my photo, especially with a fancy expensive camera I always look like a fat goblin, no matter what. I hate being unphotogenic.

No. 492484

Same, anon
I look in the mirror and my face is fine then my grandma posts a pic of me on Facebook and my face looks crooked and fat and shit wtf
I’m convinced that ugly me is what I actually look like and I’m just good at taking selfies and also the mirror lies

No. 492497


yeah you guys are dead on, i like how i look in the mirror and in pictures i take of myself where i'm in control of the camera angles and such, and then i see pictures people take of me and everything goes to shit lol. it's like all my worst features blow up and take centre stage, my nose becomes ten times larger, i look half dead, ugh it's awful. It messes with you because you're not sure which version of you is real and you don't know what to believe

No. 492503

Hate to break it to you all but other people’s cameras are telling the truth and your mirror is lying. I feel like that should be common sense.

No. 492504


except it depends on the lens etc. and it's really not that simple at all but nice try lol

No. 492505

No it shouldn’t because cameras aren’t eyes. Cameras detect light differently than we do, compress three dimensional images into flat images, have varying focal lengths that significantly affect the appearance of faces, and so on.

No. 492506

Hi fellow translator! I get what you mean, but I still think like there will be jobs for us in international companies and such, they always search for people knowing a few different languages. But yeah, career change is not a bad option either.

Anon, thanks for your opinion. I sometimes think I should change my last name to a typical last name in this country. About translators being freelancers, you're right. I wanted to look at freelancing options, but we were advised at the uni to work in a few companies first and not dive into freelancing without having contacts to potential clients. But I will look into it I think.

IT is overpowering everything. It's pretty shocking to see.

No. 492507

Are you guys this out of touch? You can’t possibly believe that you look significantly better than the majority of photographs taken of you when it gives a much better image of you than when you look at a flipped version of yourself in a mirror.

No. 492509

Don't know if you're still here anon, but I wish you the best of luck! I was in retail for two years after I graduated, only got my first desk job a few months ago and even then it's not really ~*~*professional*~*~ or in my field of study. We're both still young! It's a lot easier said than done, but keep at it! I believe in you! Maybe reach out to recruiters? It just takes one person who believes in your potential to make all the difference in your career, but finding that person might take a while! Don't give up hope! I'm sure the future holds lots of wonderful things for you.

No. 492510

File: 1575906003557.jpg (82.06 KB, 1024x545, camera lens warping face.jpg)

you can be made to look like a neanderthal or have your big ass nose flatteringly minimized depending on a camera's focal settings

No. 492511

This, and body dysmorphia on top of it just dramatizes your reaction to the slight shift in the image.
I also think other people look better in real life/in mirrors.

But I think this anon is just trolling lmao.

No. 492512

Idk, I know people who seem good-looking to me irl but look bad in pictures.
I have the opposite question about myself, I tend to look pretty good in pictures but I wonder if the pictures are lying and if I actually don't look so good.

No. 492517

File: 1575908131148.jpg (24.13 KB, 416x331, fetret.JPG)

Alright, this is going to make me feel bad, but if I don't get it off my chest it will bother me.

So my boyfriend has wrapped a gift for me, it's not at all heavy, but it's long and flat. I've come to the conclusion that it's a painting his mother has done. Now, this would be a nice gift right? But it's a painting that he personally wanted. I don't really want to give too much away, but it's an established painting that had become a popular meme, and it's a recreation done by her. I didn't want this, and now I'm going to feel terrible when I have to pretend to be super excited about getting a gift he wanted.

I would never say this to anyone, I just feel shitty for wanting something different.

No. 492523

Wait, why is he giving you a gift that he wanted? Does he think just because he likes it so much that you would too? Even when I buy gifts for my best friend, I can tell she might not like somethings that I would really love…

No. 492525

dump him now, give the gifts to another friend or to charity he doesn't deserve them or you lmao

No. 492532

A flipped version of yourself in the mirror is still 3D and moves with you whereas a photo is not. You can make yourself look like 40 different people thanks to just lighting and angles alone, what have you been smoking? A photo will have your general likeness sure, but it's nothing like real life.

There's a reason why "true mirrors" exist.

No. 492535

calm down crazy.

No. 492536

My job shut down unexpectedly for renovations without telling anyone before. I was working yesterday and now I'm jobless for a week, right before the holidays… Great.

No. 492537

i look like a blob too, anon. i don't have any sharp features or a slim face (despite being skinny) so that's why maybe…

No. 492538

how old are you? i've had quite a few boyfriends, and many of them buy you stuff they want you to have, rather than stuff they think you'll like.

No. 492543

I get upset over things like this too, but there’s a few factors to consider here. The first being, is your relationship worth more than a good/bad gift? And second, how much effort did you put into your gift for him? I do get the emotional tug at getting a gift you don’t want, it sucks to feel undervalued. But have you been dropping hints all year or are you more passive about your wants? I’d try to be more vocal before the holiday, give him time to rethink the gift, before you have to grin and bear it. It’s a petty problem, for sure, but it could easily create some unnecessary resentment in your relationship. Communication is the only way I can think of to have the holiday you want/deserve. Tell him what you really want and how important gift giving is to you. If he still can’t get it and it gets under your skin enough, maybe you should consider breaking it off. Guys are mostly retards who dont give thoughtful gifts, but theres exceptions to every rule. If it’s a dealbreaker, then I encourage you to move on to someone better suited to your needs.

No. 492546

how is she crazy

No. 492549

Did he get it for free/at a reduced price seeing as his mother painted it?

In my experience bfs give the worst gifts even after years living together. I would say it's a man thing but then my dad hardly knows my interests since we moved far apart, and he still manages to consistently give 'safe' gifts that are pretty nice

It's shit having to fake excitement over a gift because deep down you're hurt at how little the person seems to know you

No. 492551

They're giving good advice, nothing crazy there

No. 492556

File: 1575914506592.jpg (30.87 KB, 640x360, e383dd5c19a42f7f868168ccdf4060…)

Holy fuck I'm doomed because my dad accused me of stealing $43 from him even though I never did now I have a black eye,to sum it up,I have a US PayPal account,there was $40 there, I decided to make a new PayPal account within the country I live in now (not America)I added all the important info to it,10 minutes later I transferred the $40 to my new PayPal account,the same day I spent them,the website gave me a discount,so I spent $35 instead of $40, needless to say it all went great until today,my dad yanked my hair and punched me afterwards he accused me of stealing $43 from him,I relentlessly said to him I never stole anything from him,he was becoming more violent like the ugly savage he is,that the card was in my name even though I didn't use any damn card!only my balance,the date said Dec 9 (today) even though the purchase was on Friday/Saturday
And I've spent $35 not $43!he claims I used his check information to steal from him,I never ever did
Why the fuck did this happen?
Holy shit the worst morning I've ever fucking had,now this brute doesn't trust me and I think he will kick me out for good

No. 492557

My stepdad is asking me to hunt down weed for him so he can impress his new chick who's about my age, she has a kid. I also have to leave the apartment I split rent with for three days during the weekday while I work so they can have time alone together.
I think he got out all my Christmas decorations and my tree from the storage unit expecting that I was gonna put them up, so he could impress her further. Of course I won't be doing that, he can spruce up the place himself if he wants that so bad. I've done enough.

No. 492561

anon, im sorry youre stuck in such an abusive situation. please take care of yourself and get away from this pile of steaming shit. you deserve better and nobody should ever hit you.

No. 492563

What are you doing, posting here about that. Go to police right now,jfc. If a stranger would fucking hit and threaten you, you'd do the same thing. And it soubds like this couldn't get any worse.

No. 492570

I live in a third world country now so they won't be able to anything,he's more backwards than a caveman

No. 492577

not a very serious vent but here goes: there is this dumbass neighbor that's just really annoying as a neighbor and has been giving me headaches for years now. the thing is I have felt a miniscule bit of sexual and emotional attraction to him today which just makes me cringe and recoil in disgust at the same time because when I'm not looking for flats or complaining about my neighbors, I usually can't stand the guy. he held the door open for me today because we arrived at the front door at the same time. I suscribe it to hormones and my social withdrawal and my lizard brain and the fact that everybody's lovable to some degree I guess. And maybe he's just not completely detestable or in fact, just a regular, normal person that I just happen to have problems with. But wow, what an odd cocktail of feelings to have. For a second there I felt like one of two characters in a story that hate each other and then explode with sexual tension and fall for each other except it's very wrong. I guess it's funny. Maybe fun is better than constant stress. And don't worry, I would never, ever act on that

No. 492584

>"I want to see you."
>I want to see you too.
>"When are you free?"
>When I get out of work.
>"I'm actually busy but if you want you can come hang around to watch me perform boring tasks while I neglect any attention towards you. Then you can drive all the way back to your place, having done nothing with your evening just to go to bed early so you can restart a new work day tomorrow. How's that sound?"

Fucking hell.

No. 492585

samefag. she was always insufferable but more recently hopped onto the trumpette train sometime 1-2 months ago and hasn't dismantled. hoping it'll maybe subside after the holidays, but it's reflecting badly back on me since i can't afford to live with anyone right now except her. she's had a lot of things crawl up her ass and die since i started living with her but the political shit has gotten far worse than it was when i started. arguing only makes it worse so I often leave the room when i don't feel bold enough to tell her to turn it off. I don't care to hear some retarded blonde bitch say "hollyweiRD LIBERALS" unironically and have to hear that crap, she mutes the television to play this obnoxious shit, nonetheless. how hard is it not to force political views onto others? how hard is it to not obsess and fear monger over things like that… during the fucking xmas season

i have seriously considered returning my mother's few gifts I've bought thus far for christmas so that i can get my money back bc my bank balance is abysmally low after spending money on gifts for everyone and I don't think she deserves them, the shitstorm that would cause would be p bad so I'm probably not gonna do it, but she honestly doesn't deserve shit from me

No. 492588

Today I finally received that jacket I ordered from eBay (Chinese seller of course) and honestly I didn't have very high expectations (I just wanted a cute jacket for going out but this style cost like 3x more in shops here) but this jacket is just… it's complete trash. It arrived pilled and as I tried it on my top was covered in those tiny black bits of fabric. And I spent almost 20 euros for this piece of shit that I now have to throw in the trash. Lesson learned, never buy outerwear from eBay, Aliexpress, whatever… just have to wait for sales I guess ugh.

No. 492590

At least donate it to a thrift store anon

No. 492592

Same thing has happened with my brother to the point my entire family ignores him and looks down at him now. He's gotten so obsessed with far right politics and conspiracy theories all he can ever talk about are his political opinions and how the government wants to take our guns away so that they can systematically round everyone up and kill us all, even though he doesn't have a gun to begin with. No matter how much everyone tells him we don't care and don't want literally 50-100 texts a day from him about it, he won't stop and acts like a victim about it. That type of political content just rots people's brains.
Hope you can move out and get away from your mother's bullshit some day soon.

No. 492593


It's literally falling apart, I don't think they would even accept it, sadly. I've donated to charity shops in the past and here they have kind of strict guidelines actually. I'll try to get a refund at least but again I don't really expect to get it kek oh well. This had to happen, been like 10 years of buying from China and never had an experience this bad.

No. 492601

Feeling sentimental right now so this not even a real vent but when i read through this thread sometimes, there are so many sad and fucked up stories that i wish i could reply to all of them to at least offer some comfort but sometimes the posts really leave me speechless and i don't even know what to say. I wish i could help these anons.
Hope you guys are doing ok.

No. 492603

you can 100% buy outerwear from those places, you just need to be smart. there are 3 easy tips to save you from failure.

>look for items with reviews

reviews, especially ones with pictures are a sure way to not get fucked
>look at the sellers other items
if a seller is selling 1 listing for a jacket and 50 listings of car parts, you probably should look elsewhere
>if it seems too good to be true, it is
expect a little less, and read the description. cheap leather will always be fake, but sometimes it will say in the product name that it's real. same with down, which is usually just substitute.

i've gotten many nice coats for less than 30 that have been amazing in these cold quebec winters.

No. 492605


I did all of this but guess shit luck had to finally fall on me lol. Well I'll get over my butthurt knowing that after Christmas sales are coming up. (I'm Finnish so I also can't really afford jackets/coats falling to pieces the moment I put them on. This one was a bit thinner and I was ok with that because I was going to layer it well…)

No. 492607


add me to the list. I'm the least photogenic person, even when I was slim I always looked like a massive angry fat tomato in every photo.

even professional photographers have been stumped, they look from the camera screen to me going "but how is it so different?"

and now I'm a lot fatter, so I just avoid cameras at all costs.

No. 492610

I've started seeing this new guy exclusively. He has a very positive and bubbly personality, and gives me a lot of green flags. We're super compatible and want the same things.

His hair is ruining it for me though. It's shoulder length with waves and curls. He doesn't do a thing for it. Most of the day it looks like an unbrushed, stringy, and greasy mess. It makes the top of his head look flat because the roots are greasy while the damaged ends are frizzy and fluffy. Even if he threw it in a messy man bun it would improve his appearance 100%. Because at least he'd look like a hipster instead of unwashed. He legit looks like a hobo Mark Wahlberg because of the damn hair and beard combo.

He asked me what I thought of it, and without wanting to hurt his feelings because I KNOW how insecure men with their long hair are, I simply offered that I had a friend who could stylize it for him. I left it at that. I don't want to knock a guy down if he doesn't want to be army shaved, but there's a better way to go about this.
What's more baffling is that on his social media he's had numerous styles of hair. This is the longest his hair has been and it's the worst for him.

No. 492612

ive got the toots, anons. my lil bums goin all pffffffffffffff

No. 492613

Men are retarded with hair care and you have to tell him it looks greasy and he needs to wash and shampoo and comb it every day at that length since he presumably didn't grow up with parents teaching him this.

No. 492614

I'm lonely but my live-in boyfriend is in game with his friends for an indeterminate amount of time so I'm just waiting around for him. Usually I'm happy to have time to myself but when I'm lonely his gaming really bothers me, if I ever have to look for a new boyfriend I'm avoiding gamers like the plague. I hate how unreachable they are when they're playing live games with their friends and they have headphones on, with any other hobby you can just take a moment away for a second.

No. 492615

Does anyone else ever feel like they'd be a lot better off being straight and gender-conforming? It's actual hell being a GNC lesbian, straight women will think you're a creepy predator preying on them, straight guys will treat you like something they scraped off the soles of their shoes because they can't hit on you, political "lesbians/bisexuals" won't touch you because they're all ~aro/ace~ (straight girls with issues), actual lesbians/bis are extremely rare or from the scenes I don't enjoy myself, gay men don't give a shit about women in general, what am I left with?

Even within all the woke circles a gender-nonconforming woman only has value if she's a tranny or looks like a generic 2019 Kristen Stewart imitation with supermodel looks. I feel like I'm even being side-eyed by them for daring to identify as a woman. I'm so tired of this. Lord help me.

No. 492618

fwiw, anon, i find gnc lesbians fucking hot and i don’t think i’ve ever gotten creepy vibes off y’all. actually one time a really, really hot gnc girl kept making eye contact with me outside this club and asked me if she could take me out but i was way too chicken shit to take her up on it. i’d bet on my life that a couple of the girls who seem “weirded out” by you are actually into you and just too spergy to say anything.

No. 492620

Legit crying at this, potentially howling maybe, but you are either going to have to tell him the truth or leave because as what I can assume is a grown person he is clearly comfortable with his hairdo, encouraged even potentially by not having had anyone tell him about it. I have faith in you

No. 492623

I tend to feel way less lonely when I'm single compared to when I've had live-in bfs.. I think it's because being ignored in favor of a video game feels insulting after a while. I'm introverted and don't need a lot of company so it took me a while to figure out how relationships made me feel lonely more often instead of less

No. 492624

If you present as more feminine you then have the issue of unwanted male attention. I'll keep my short hair and loose clothing thanks

No. 492627

>without wanting to hurt his feelings
I've stopped caring about this ever since overhearing my boyfriend's extremely ugly, fat, chip-toothed friend talk shit about a girl on tinder just because she had an edgy hairstyle. Give yourself the same audacity that these retards have or else you'll have a boyfriend who looks like onision.

No. 492635

This is gonna sound corny but I really want to get good at online games like League or Dota because I enjoy the PvP strategy and decision making aspects of those games.

But every time I become interested in something I stick with it for a few days or maybe a week. After that I can't see it as anything other than a chore even if in my mind I still want to enjoy it. I try to think of reasons why this is happening and make attempts to fix it but I'm not usually successful. I then have to wait for the next time my interest in those games peaks again so I can rinse and repeat in attempt to make things stick this time. I'm not sure why this cycle is a thing or if there's anything different I can do. I just want to enjoy some stupid vidya yet I feel like I can't control my own interests and motivations. Any of you lovely anons happen to have any tips or insight?

No. 492639

sorry but this is hysterical and I'm wheezing. Is your shitty nocturnal baker thief flatmate a cartoon character with sticky hands made of dough? Is she a raccoon?
And I agree with the other anon, you should confront her

No. 492641

I am at a weird point where I am in such physical pain 247 that do not seem to go away that I am quite willing to kill myself? I don't feel hysterical, just very sad about how it all turned out. I could've been so much more but at the same time, likely not. Life sucks, anons. Feel like I am being cornered into suicide.

No. 492646

File: 1575931017750.gif (1.77 MB, 499x281, 8549898683.gif)

>watching popular counselor on YT
>talking about narcissistic mothers, how they effect their daughters
>concise points
>he struggles to close on a positive note
>poses awkward questions and attempts to explain his answer that would land upbeat
>"So should daughters of narcissistic mothers cut them off?"
>"You only get one mom."
No one told me I only get one dad. My stepdad adopted me when my biological dad abandoned me in a country road after an argument. I've had strangers who've owed me nothing act more empathetic and parentlike to me. What would it take for people to believe my mom is a toxic manipulative shit who has caused me countless traumas for the sake of her image, and that there's no outcome I would value in having her in my life? Would she have had to been hitting me all the time for people like him to believe that she was angry, spiteful, domineering, insecure, selfish, and otherwise just the right mix of unmotherly–to see that she should have never been a parent? Or would these people just pretend like she must have had a good reason to been hitting me? Bad parents get too many passes. I resent that.

No. 492671

I had been seeing this guy and we have so much in common and I had such high hopes for us. But we lacked a bit in the chemistry/passion/drive and also communications department so far and currently we're just not seeing each other or talking really and standing still.

This whole thing stirred up a lot of guilty feelings for me from the start, too. Basically, I had one relationship where I picked a sensible, sweet partner for the first time in forever but probably didn't feel enough attraction/it was mismatched and the relationship turned sour and I feel like I wasted that ex's time and hurt him a lot, too (it wasn't a good time in my life either). Or maybe it was a good thing that just didn't go anywhere. Anyways, I still feel sorry for everything I did wrong.
Now I'm scared of hurting a (potential) partner or of trying a bond, finding it's mismatched and then rejecting them. Even when that just happens. I burden myself with all this responsibility and treat the other like a raw egg because I'm so scared of things going bad. I don't wanna hurt him. I don't know why it matters so much to me to this point where it's suffocating.

I'm also so fucking lost when it comes to attraction right now. Like is it a given? Do you just know? Can it develop? Can love develop? How important is sexual attraction? Does it have to be immediate? My ideal relationship would be someone like this guy plus I want to jump their bones all the time and they want to jump my bones all the time. But that just didn't kick off and that worries me. I had partners where that was easy.

I also heard this theory a lot that attraction is somehow linked to differing immune systems and that attraction happens when someone else has a fitting different immune system that could add to yours for healthy off-spring. I don't know if I believe it, don't know enough about it anyway but ideas like this sorta add to my fear that good matches are a given or not and that maybe we're not a good match.

Maybe I'm just in denial of us being mismatched but it's just so weird for me and confusing and I feel stuck. I'm attached to this idea of us. Maybe that's the right idea? That we just need to get together and figure it out and it can grow from there? Are my early expectations too high? Am I too neurotic and impatient? Should I just go for us and see what happens?

Oh and I've been really withdrawn and don't wanna talk about my feelings with him at all currently which is weird and probably mega unhelpful right now. I'd feel especially bad or guilty voicing my doubts. And I don't wanna break the ice. I wanna conceal all this stuff and be alone. He's also introverted and has a tendency for avoidance, too, and he hasn't dated for years which doesn't make it any easier for him either.

Maybe I'm too neurotic and overthinking it too much but I just don't know what to do right now with this opportunity or risk.

I'm also really tired and not sure any of this is making sense but there it is.

No. 492673

Hey I feel you, I cut my mom off years ago and it’s difficult but I do feel happier, do what feels right not what people tell you is right

No. 492678

If you don't feel chemistry and attraction then why try and force something that's not there?

What you're describing is a friendship, or y'know.. a doomed relationship

No. 492683

I'm all for telling people to let go of small/petty stuff when it comes to moms (mine died when I was like 20) but when it comes to big stuff, trauma and ongoing manipulation… Look after yourself and your own wellbeing

No. 492686

>I'm also so fucking lost when it comes to attraction right now. Like is it a given? Do you just know?
Yes. It shows itself differently for everyone but when I'm attracted to someone my heart flutters. I get the butterflies in my stomach and I feel kind of nervous. Imo if you don't feel that strong attraction then I wouldn't pursue it. If you settle for just ok or good enough, you'll regret it later on. You can find someone who treats you right and you are attracted to.

No. 492692

I still have some hope that through intimacy and trust and commitment more attraction could develop with time. And that it's something that can grow. And that maybe fear and familiar comfort in the single life is holding us back.
But maybe you're right. Thank you for the input.

No. 492697

I had two relationships where I hoped the attraction would build with time. It didn't. I want those seven years of my life back

Now when people ask about my break ups I have to make vague shit up cos I hate admitting that a lack of sex very slowly killed both relationships, and yeah I somehow didn't learn my lesson the first time

No. 492708

Do you feel pressured by him to be more sexual or attracted to him?

I think you can grow fond of someone from the stranger->friend process and attraction can grow there, but I don't believe sexual attraction can grow anymore once you already know the person. It will stay at whatever level it is now or drop.

Unfortunately biological attraction has little to do with the personality, all about genes and immune systems like you said. This is why so many people are good on paper but not as partners.

No. 492721

I feel you anon, I'm glad the process has taught you something about yourself. At least if you're lonely in your own home you can invite friends over or go to theirs at any time without considering your partner.

No. 492722

I’m absurdly pissed off and sad with my boyfriend.
His father is about to go through a complex surgery to prevent heart problems and he is just sitting on his ass at home. Both him and his sister left their mom to go to the hospital and wait for the surgery alone.
What makes me angrier is that my bf is a grown fucking adult and chose not to go support his mother just because she didn’t ask him so.
He plans to sleep until he has the surgery’s results. What the fuck dude? His parents give him everything. How come he won’t support his family now?
I told him to go keep his mom some company, but he keeps saying “she didn’t ask him to” and that “she’s alright”. I don’t mean to be negative, but what if something happens? Isn’t it better to have someone there than no one at all?

No. 492724

Wanting to sleep until the surgery kinda makes me think its a coping thing. It sounds like he might have a lot of dread about it in that regard. Some people cant handle being around when a loved one is passing or passes. Idk just spitballing but im sorry youre dealing with that anon.

No. 492730

Thanks, anon.
I understand it might be a coping thing too, it’s just that he’s already made so many selfish decisions regarding literally anyone (myself included) that this time I couldn’t think of it in another light. I feel so bad for his mom staying there alone.

No. 492731

I don't necessarily feel someone is being unsupportive if they choose not to go to the hospital if they're not asked to.

No. 492734

>Really hot gnc girl kept making eye contact with me outside this club and asked me if she could take me out but i was way too chicken shit to take her up on it
FUCK I wished that happened to me.

No. 492736

It may be because I was encouraging him. It's tricky to explain, but his parents have more art from the actual artist of the meme painting, and we thought it would be funny to actually have one of them at our apartment, but his mum is a painter so he suggested that she could paint the original, which was completely different to the original idea and didn't have the same effect/feeling(?). But he seemed excited about it so I told him it could be nice

19, he has always been spot on with gift ideas for me, he's very smart and considerate. This is just very surprising to me.

I have definitely hinted at many different gift ideas, and have a lot of hobbies and interests that he knows if appreciate gifts for/from, and have stated "if you'd like to get me something for Christmas you can get me ____" either in a joking way, or a genuinely helpful way. I'm sure it's not the only gift or anything, but him telling me it's "my gift" makes me feel pretty dissapointed. I wouldn't break up over a gift, especially since I know he goes out of his way in other gift-giving holidays, so I know he's not just terrible at it.

He would have gotten it for free. He does know me very well, and has been very good with gifts in the past, ones that are very specific. I guess he's given me high personalized gift expectations

No. 492738

File: 1575945470001.jpg (Spoiler Image, 253 KB, 1344x1283, 1575934486300.jpg)

I've gotten so fucking heavy, my body looks almost exactly like Shay's. I feel so gross with my gunt and rolls, but I feel like I can't stop depression eating fast food.

No. 492739

you were living the dream and blew it, smh, anon. you let the team down

No. 492741

fwiw shay's body wouldn't be talked about nearly as much if she wasn't such a disgusting train wreck and rather some normie nobody we all collectively happened to pass by on the street. and if you do feel that uncomfortable with your body, it isn't such a gigantic weight where it is near impossible to go bounce back without like loose skin and 3 years of your life gone.

i do tend to fall into the trap of "too tired/sad to bother, will just get MacDonald's or frozen pizza" occasionally but if I force yourself to cook something, it can feel almost invigorating? obvi depends on the person and scheduling and all but maybe try out some new recipe to hype yourself up a bit? good time of the year for a nice nourishing soup! or at least get some baby carrots to snack on on the side or the like. anons in the weight loss thread prolly have more weight loss-targeted advice but i personally have noticed that shitty food makes me feel shitty and sluggish in general and it forwards the spiral of inactivity and upset. she's literally not that overweight, just completely unfit so either healthier food choices or increased physical activity will prolly sort you out!

No. 492745

Please seek medical care Anon. There is a doctor out there who can help you to improve your physical illness, just keep looking.

No. 492747

File: 1575948407231.jpeg (86.26 KB, 750x736, 755CDCF8-0330-4BDC-A3CB-949F51…)

K I’m gunna catch a B& soon but you’re really cute and I hope you know it

No. 492756

christ on a bike. that's not fat. jesus. I'd do anything to look like that as opposed to the blob I am now.

just my luck to have my ED be compulsive overeating. I wish I could go back to never eating, but I'm so fucking depressed and it makes me eat more and the cycle continues.

No. 492759

I just popped into the gendercrit thread after a long time and wow I regret it. I'm so fucked up because of that TiM getting posted with the abortion fetish. I have PTSD from my own situation and it disgusts me that this motherfucker wants nothing more than to invade and occupy my body in all the ways that still haunt me — under the guise of fulfilling a "true identity." disgusting. nothing is fucking untouched by greasy male hands in the realm of sexualization.

No. 492766

File: 1575955415309.jpeg (52.5 KB, 492x330, 40F3E6F0-02E7-4501-A07F-45BE09…)

I’m suddenly getting anxiety about writing back to my matches on dating apps. I’ve had too many bad experiences talking to men online so I guess that’s why I’m feeling this way. I didn’t even get any bad messages from my matches but I’m paranoid that I will say something wrong or make a joke that they don’t get or find offensive and be judged harshly in response. I dread opening my apps now and checking on their responses. Now I suddenly don’t even want to date anymore.

I think I need to deal with my fear of getting hurt and my lack of trust toward men before doing stuff like this. I went through a lot of abuse in the past that probably adds to this too.

No. 492770

Just look down on them like you're talking to a fish anon. Males don't care about you half as much as you do them.

No. 492777

You’re probably right considering how flaky and lame the overwhelming majority of men on these apps are..

No. 492778

File: 1575958231553.jpg (38.87 KB, 800x651, C1AXdN8.jpg)

>Males don't care about you half as much as you do them.
it's so fucking true.

No. 492785

A ton of the seasonal hires at my job are making life so fucking difficult for me by being too scared to answer phones. If I transfer a phone call to your department its because it's a question for YOU goddammit. I get it, I hate phone calls too, but if its part of your job and you're getting paid to do it, just suck it up and answer. Otherwise it rings back to me and I have to try and literally google the customers problems for them because I can't leave my department. Even worse when I ask them a question over the radio that requires a simple yes or no and they can't even do that.

No. 492808

I am stuck in a one-year contract for a job in a foreign country. Although I like living in the aforementioned country, the job makes me miserable. I'm suicidal on the daily. If I'm not thinking about throwing myself in front of a train, fantasize about becoming life-threateningly ill, or getting into a serious accident, and being forced to return home as a result. I'll be here for another 8 months. I don't know how I'll do it… 2020 looks so bleak. I can't get out of the contract without incredibly damaging social and financial repercussions, so I guess I'll just have to hang in there.

No. 492815

File: 1575971669586.jpg (90.64 KB, 1024x713, Ana-Maria-Maiolino-2-1024x713.…)

Having an orbiter is nice at first but a while later it quickly turns scary and uncomfortable. Please do not let them in, i got rid of all of my orbiters and i was stupid enough to keep this one, I kept him because I thought he was the least autistic.ow I'm finding love again and life is great but out of the blue he texts me and spoils my whole mood, I want to go back to that fuzzy feeling I had earlier before he messaged me with his weird request but now I'm just anxious.

No. 492818


Oh wow are you me? I want to tell you it gets better, but it doesn’t. I have 2 months to go.

No. 492831

File: 1575978792640.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 67.21 KB, 716x216, 1F98FFC2-578D-4EC2-9D7E-0A7F0B…)

people who say shit like this honestly ought to be considered legally retarded especially in the context of them talking about themselves on mother fucking /snow/ of all places. the absolute STATE of the type of pea brain who unironically roasts themselves this way on an anonymous imageboard because they need negative attention that badly. yikes. i can’t look away.

No. 492876

my boyfriend left his band because two of the members were rapists, another guy also left and now the band consists of soley rapists- i found out today an aqquatance of mine who knows that these guys are both rapists has joined their band and it pisses me off so much.

why does he think its ok to work with someone like this knowingly? that band were going to be fucking doomed had he not swooped in and joined. im so fucking pissed off at the fact that these guys have a chance again at success despite having been so fucking horrible to women. im so pissed off at how men just allow other men to get away with this shit. they're going to get hoards of teen girls orbiting them, they're 100% going to take advantage of those girls.

in my country 95% of rape cases never make it to court/get dismissed by cops. it fucking sucks. there exists no justice for women here.

No. 492878

What was his request, anon?

I never would've called my 'friends' orbiters before, but hearing you describe it that way puts a lot of stuff into perspective. It was tough cutting off the last one for the same reason, he'd text me all the time and even after me telling him multiple times that I didn't want any gifts or to borrow his comics he'd still unload things on me every time he caught me at an event. (I generally refuse gifts from guys I don't want to be close with because regardless of what they say, they always expect something in return, and I just don't want to 'deepen' any relationships by giving them gifts back.) Finally I told him some shit about my mental health being bad and not having the energy to maintain our friendship, and that mostly shut him up because he's so "woke." It wasn't necessarily a lie but like, I wish he'd just respected my wishes in the first place. I know how tough it is when one person is much more invested in a friendship than the other bc I've been there too, but at some point you have to take responsibility for your own feelings and stop chasing after people who aren't giving you the same level of attention you're giving them.

No. 492894

you seem more retarded being so bothered by something so mundane. simply stating their jaw is square is not a self roast, it's you that decided it's a roast because you apparantly hate square jaws so much lol. that anon was simply making point of how ridiculous the nitpicking is in the pnp thread

people who get so pissed about something on a thread on lolcow that they have to bring it into other threads, like the vent thread, take this site way too seriously. you should take better care of your blood pressure

No. 492897

I saw that a person I ghosted a long time ago might be going to a very limited movie showing that I'm also going to. There is only one showing tonight and tomorrow night.

I ghosted her because even though we were best friends at the time, she's an emotional leech. She's the only person I've ever ghosted and I'm honestly afraid of running into her again. I don't even know what I would do because I'm not confrontational.

I just want to enjoy this fucking movie. It'll probably be very crowded and I probably won't see her even if she's at the showing I'm attending, but fuck it makes me insanely nervous to know I'm within proximity of running into her again.

No. 492901

On the bright side if you ghost people and they never try to.make contact they didn't care. Even if they are there I'll doubt they'll approach you.

No. 492903

Are you going to see Promare? If that’s the case, I doubt they’ll say anything since you’re probably all passive aggressive twitter weebs anyway.

It’s a movie, not a tight knit hang out. Just get in and out, why would you want to hang around?

No. 492910

I don't intend on sticking around, she just makes me incredibly uncomfortable and I'd like to avoid her at all costs.

No. 492921

this probably goes into the relationship advice thread but whatever
i got cheated on by the love of my life and i couldn't be more broken. he was the only person that i ever trusted (since even my family was physically and mentally abusive to me all my life) and i truly feel alone now. i have nothing that keeps me going anymore. thinking of killing my self everyday. I am a dumb dropout (HS not college) that has dyslexia, discalculia and crippling anxiety on top of it now. I gave my virginity to him and now this. i found the most perfect man but he was only perfect in my head. i hate men and i hate this life.

No. 492934

i fucked up this year really bad with finals. one of them is due in an hour. i am so fucking humiliated by my work that i cannot possibly go to class, and i'm sitting here wondering how i could possibly save this credit. i desperately want to kill myself. it was a cruel joke for my school to be split across the train tracks. they've tempted me every day for almost three years now

if i try to tell my teacher that i have depression and thats why my work looks like dogshit (it doesnt matter how hard i work on it, even the stuff i care about the most is so shitty compared to my classmates) it just sounds like some fakeass excuse. i cant do this anymore. theres no future for me in any way. i used to keep pushing through being an ugly dumbass because i thought my skills could get me somewhere. lol. i don't know what to do and i cant stop crying. i wanna go home

No. 492936

Please speak with your professor. Most of them aren't robots and do want you to succeed! What more do you have to lose by speaking to them about trying to save the credit? I believe in you anon.

No. 492938

depends on whether you're in 3rd world or no, if it's a western/anglo country, chances are they'll take you seriously and you could get an extension or something similar, if not, my condolences and I hope you manage to salvage it somehow! uni is bs and everyone who says it's the best thing ever is lying but we'll pull through!

No. 492939

Orbiter is redpill lingo.
You sound like a man.

No. 492940

>i'm new to the internet!
have you seriously never heard women use the term beta orbiter? go on any costhot's thread and i'm sure you'll convince yourself every poster is a man. lmao.

No. 492944

she's really hard to talk to, and is my favorite professor too. i'm gutted by the fact i've (preemptively) disappointed her. i don't have the courage to face her right now tbh.

i'm US but my school is an extremely hardass industry-focused arts school. some majors will give you extensions, but my major is notorious for no tolerance, no excuses, etc. and i regret picking it more than anything. no idea if getting this degree is worth it anymore tbh. good luck to u 2

No. 492949

He requested a normal video of me doing something that i've shown him before but it is creepy because he was so pushy about it as if he was horny/angry.

No. 492953

I can't stand ageism. I'm just tired of people on this website implying anyone older than 22 is some sort of haggard granny. It's also sexist and makes me think a lot of the anons here are undercover scrote pedophiles, but sadly they're probably just self hating weebs with a warped sense of reality.

No. 492954

File: 1576003245542.jpg (20.95 KB, 720x506, 0b8c3c3a-9d6b-4b74-a0fd-d8bb64…)

Ever since school started again it's a nightmare to go home with the bus and I have no other option. Why the FUCK are these highschool kids trying to shove people inside, the bus won't leave without you and if you're too far back though shit, you're not getting a seat. Today I was able to literally lean my whole bodyweight at whatever morons were pushing from the back. Jesus christ why is it so hard to act fucking civil for some of these retards

No. 492967

Every time I have sex, I end up feeling bad about myself. While it's happening it's fine and fun, but afterwards I feel dirty. I don't know why. I'm not having sex with random people or anything; it's with my boyfriend of 3 years who I love dearly. It also makes my sex drive almost non-existent because I hate that feeling, which is causing stress between me and my boyfriend. I try to get past it so we can have sex, and like I said it's fun during, but once it's over I feel gross and feel like I never want to do it again.

I don't know what to do about it.

No. 492970

You prob need to talk to a professional and not force sex in the meantime. Sort out the underlying issue first

No. 492984

What a retard, leave him please anon. Leave him because he’s pathetic and can’t keep it up and make it KNOWN that it’s because he’s a porn addicted troglodyte with a frail weenie, who can’t satisfy you

No. 492993

>fap December
It's "Destroy Dick December" you heathen

No. 492995

Go away pornsick redditor

No. 492996

I know this feeling Anon. I once forgot my bag on the bus because of how fucking obnoxious some of the high school boys were being. Got off a stop earlier and my whole trip was fucked since no wallet, no phone. Just couldn't handle it. Got it back fortunately, I think one of the quiet girls on the bus noticed and gave it to the bus driver. Bless her.

Now I live in a town where people aren't obnoxious on the bus, more like a freak show every morning. Lots of obese, unkempt people. Not trying to be rude, but like a bunch of CWCs honestly. Better than the former though.

No. 493019

my christmas has never been like the ones you see in movies or ads on TV and i don't know why it's affecting me so bad as an adult as opposed to an actual kid/teen.

No. 493059

it's weird to be riding the "my life doesn't matter and nothing i ever do will matter" wave of emotion after having been over my depression for years. i've gotten out of that mindset before so i know it's possible to feel better, but man does it hurt to even have those statements cross your mind as if they're facts. can't even watch tv anymore because i just think about how i will never do anything important like the characters on tv do. not good-looking like them either. i'll just be forgotten after i die and will never do or be anything remarkable. i'm even comparing myself to imaginary people now i guess

the weird thing about thoughts like that is that i know i'm only thinking them because i'm depressed or something right now, but aren't they technically true? is it just that thinking those things feels worse when you're depressed and they're easier to brush off when you're not depressed? because realistically my eventual death will mean nothing and i'll never make an impact on the world, my life will have been meaningless. not suicidal, just sad and deep in thought. not sure why i'm even typing this

No. 493062

I just wanted to post about how I'm a fatty who takes more food than I should, but accidentally posted on the pinned admin thread. God damn I feel dumb.

No. 493090

I'm genuinely upset that we as humans aren't yet able to download language packs directly to the brain. Think of all the literature we're missing out on!

No. 493105

The idea of having kids utterly terrifies me and I genuinely can't understand how people can just have them on a whim. I don't mean in a psycho "reee breeders reee crotchspawn" way, I mean it is genuinely so scary. What if you're a terrible parent and accidentally give them a fuckload of psychological damage? What if you cant save up enough money for them to go to college and they wind up in massive amounts of debt? What if they get horribly bullied and there's nothing you can do? It almost gives me a panic attack just thinking about it.

No. 493109

One of my rare figurines was improperly stored and lost one of its arms. I have my doubts that I will be able to find the missing arm. This is probably going to irritate me slightly for the rest of the week.

No. 493123

the fact that you're asking yourself those questions already means you're ahead of many parents including mine. not saying go ahead and produce children, but caring about that is the first step (even if it's not enough on its own).

No. 493133

maybe not helpful but I also get these thoughts and personally find them peaceful. like I can't ever fuck up THAT much, even if I do "this thing I'm afraid of doing bc omg cringe" it doesn't matter if it does go tits up because overall it changes nothing and so on. it's weirdly empowering, like I might as well just do whatever I want since there are no consequences sorta thing.

yeah, I will never be a hot 22 year old but does it matter?? all the hot 22 year olds will eventually become old and ugly and die and in 40 years no one will remember them just like they won't remember me.

No. 493138

I hate all trans people on a personal level and especially ftms, because they think they're better than anyone who's gnc/butch/a tomboy.

No. 493140

I had a (fairly high functioning) autistic friend lay down on the floor, cross his arms and refuse to leave my house once. We had already spent a long day together and I was tired. He just lay there like a cross toddler. I was living in a shared house too so god knows how I'd explain that if my roommate had come home

Tbh I don't even know how much of a role his autism played in it. He was 30 with a house, car and job so he obviously could function. He had a crush on me so I blame it more on him being an entitled male who refused to respect what I wanted

No. 493141

I'm slightly worried that as a butch/tomboyish woman some people are probably mistaking me for an ftm

No. 493147

More and more, I’m convinced that I will never have a guy actually be interested in me. Every guy I talk to ends up ghosting me or showing obvious signs that they lack interest in me after a while. I just don’t know what’s wrong with me that this happens. Is it because my career, interests, and hobbies are things that I care about too much and men can’t relate? I’m just almost tempted to just say “fuck it” and just find a hook-up for the first time instead of futilely searching for a meaningful connection. At least I might be able to get my physical needs met that way.

No. 493148

NTA but a butch/tomboy woman is way more likely to read lesbian to me. I assume most normies are the same since TIFs are just not that relevant or mainstream off the internet.

Though if I see a tumblrina looking teen girl with short coloured hair, anime merch, etc I'll often assume she's a fakeboi or genderspecial.

No. 493150

I'm certain I knew a guy with a tranny fetish who most likely thought I was an MTF because I have PCOS. Having small boobs, more masculine features, and female pattern baldness has cursed me since 2015.

No. 493181

i feel you. i present as gnc/masculine in terms of hobbies/habits/fashion, and so many people online think i'm a tranny whenever i post selfies on twitter or something.
irl, however, people just see me as a lesbian because they don't give a shit about troons, which i'm glad about. like, come on. just because i've got short hair and i'm wearing men's clothing doesn't give you the right to assume i'm a troon, especially when all these genderspecials are going off about "maybe…that feminine person u see irl is actually a closeted transguy so dont call them a she!!!" lmao.
the main problem is how you're perceived online, really.

No. 493182

I got stared at by a family when I was out at dinner with a friend lately, I'm very much aware that I have an unusually deep voice and the restaurant was loud so I was talking to my friend a little louder than usual

It was the kind of staring where you know they actually want you to notice. Hopefully they felt stupid when I stood up at the end and I'm barely over five feet. No Tran here folks. I hate that I'm now stuck wondering if people are questioning what I am

No. 493185

If you only want your physical needs met then tbh a vibrator would be a whole lot more reliable than a man

No. 493193

i spent an unhealthy amount of time trying to find two actors who played in a commercial in my country.i went through a bunch of sites who didnt credit them until i managed to find one of them by searching a cap from the video which directed me to an actor scouting site.

idk if i should be impressed with myself going through this or weirded out for obsessing over something like this this much

couldn't find the other actor tho and this is a bummer

No. 493199

have contact dermatitis rash all over my face from frankly idk what, possibly the new laundry detergent, anyways, i know it is whatever and will go away so i'm not concerned about it but i have one last uni workshop in half an hour and i'm debating hard if i should go looking like a leper and all. i haven't had this dumb thing in over a year why now reEE

No. 493201

I ordered a new vibrator and it was supposed to be delivered to a postal automat where I can go pick it up discreetly without interacting with anyone. Well, during Christmas time apparently the fucking postal services changed the delivery to a post office instead and now I should pick it up with a fucking "your package has arrived" letter essentially screaming HEY GUYS I GOT SEX TOYS. That "discreet" company name they give in the letter is so obvious that if you google it you immediately find millions of discussions about sex toys. So basically now I need to show that letter to some giggling seasonal worker teen boy instead of, oh, just using the fucking code and getting my package from the automat in peace. It was only twenty euros so may as well fucking leave it there. What a shitty service, I'm not really a prude but still it makes me mad.

No. 493202

they see how many packages on the regular? i doubt their interest would be soooo piqued they'd memorise the name of the company and google it on their break. this is same as people thinking check out people care about whatever tf weird grocery combos they're getting. just get your vibrator and have nice Christmas, anon!

No. 493205

Do you really think a post office worker gives enough of a fuck about any given package that they'd take the time to google it so they can go "wow that total stranger bought a sex toy"? Because they don't, at all.

No. 493208

You have to understand that service workers don't give a singular fuck and just want to go home.

No. 493209

One time a company addressed my sex toy order to 'Name Surname Orgasmic rabbit vibrator' no idea how they ended up printing that but fun times! I kind of wanted a refund to make up for the embarrassment but didn't get one. Another time I had a butt plug delivered to my local post office with heavily damaged packaging

The place I currently order from now says LH trading on all the parcels so if the courier man who delivers them every couple months ever gets curious it's very easy to find out who LH trading are. You kinda have to weigh up the benefits of getting the toy with the risk of embarrassment

No. 493210

File: 1576068919418.jpeg (444.28 KB, 620x764, D0076D00-7B08-425D-9B5C-3BEA6A…)

I remembered that I followed the wholesome memes page on fb a while ago and that the creator used to try and make money from her audience for just posting stolen and non credited memes.
They didn’t even attempt to make their own shirts or merch. Just shitty ads and wanting to start a Patreon.

They tried to profit off their page of 1 mill with zero original content, today I ended up finding out that they became a sell out and the stupid Troon sold out their page for a quick buck.
What a waste of potential in a page

No. 493221

Imagine having to leave the house or pose for a photo knowing that's what your face looks like

No. 493225

Okay so why am I literally the most retarded person on earth?!
I normally never blow dry my hair but I've been recently considering switching from air drying cause my hair is super thick and takes forever to dry. I'm cheap and my mom had a spare she didn't need so she let me take it the last time I flew back home. The only problem is that "home" is the United States and I'm an American who lives in Europe. I stupidly thought OK I'll just use my travel adapter so I can plug it into the EU plugs in my apartment here and left it at that.

I never had to use my travel adapter before so right now I went to test it out to make sure it worked and see if I needed to run to the store to buy a new one or not. So I tried to see if my hairdryer would turn on and I fucking blew out the fuse like a dumbass and now none of the outlets in my room are working. Now I have to deal with this shit holy fuck why am I so dumb and why did I not think to double check everything FUCK.

And I probably broke that hairdryer too, meaning I'll have to buy a new one here so what was even the fucking point god I'm truly a clown

No. 493237

I had a slight crisis over this during college and we were doing translations for a class project in my language class. There were so many nuances and double entendres that are near impossible to encapsulate perfectly and you will always, always have to sacrifice something when translating into another language and it sucks.

I want to read some of my favorite books in their original language! Think of all the undertones and wordplays that were missed out on! Unfortunately I'm really bad at picking up new languages so I'm stuck reading the translations and hoping other people write about the fun shit I missed out on.

No. 493243

I'm so tired of sex and porn being shoved in my face even by people who know it makes me uncomfortable. Even by underage kids in a discord server for a children's game. Okay that wasn't directed towards me but why do children need to mention porn in a place like that? God people are so perverted and it's like nobody cares that not everyone is comfortable with that shit

No. 493248

I wonder if some people who identify as asexual are experiencing something similar. Sex and porn being so heavily joked about that you can become repulsed by it

I had an ex with a filthy sense of humor and the thought of sex with him became repulsive. He liked anal and I didn't so the fact that most of his jokes were about things in peoples asses pissed me off

No. 493255

I'm not asexual and people acting that way didn't cause my feelings, I have other reasons why I feel uncomfortable about it but partially I also just find dicks pretty disgusting, but people talking about it or even sending me "funny" videos of guys getting handjobs sure is not making me feel less uncomfortable and it bothers me they don't even think of my feelings when they send that kind of stuff.

No. 493257

> just find dicks pretty disgusting

Same. The more I see them the worse they look

No. 493261

asexuals don't really exist sweety.
it's called being normal. society these days is heavily sexualized, too much imo.

No. 493265

Agree. No one wants to see a couple making out in public, tons of people get uncomfortable seeing PDA such as handholding and witnessing someone try to flirt, or just looking at someone in a sexual manner. That's one issue I have with these asexuals, they just think everyone's hypersexual, but it's so unrealistic. They cherry pick little instances that happen maybe once every few days and that means EVERYONE WHO ISN'T THEM is like that. Majority of people in relationships don't even have sex once a day or week.

No. 493268

I never said I believe in asexuality as an actual thing, I said people who identify themselves as it, sweety

No. 493281

why do anons here hate 'asexuals' so much

No. 493282

There's one anon that gets stupidly triggered by it and I think it's the condescending 'I like to call people sweety' one cos nobody here even said asexuality is valid and she still chose to misread the post just for an excuse to sperg

No. 493295

Sorry for the personal question but do you date guys and if yes then how do you deal with it? Do you get over it and still do stuff with that part of their body or not? I can't bring myself to do it tbh

No. 493297

File: 1576084956681.jpg (242.67 KB, 1079x1051, 400b6864-0e7a-4546-ad54-e53c56…)

posting on this website be like

No. 493299

>because clowns are fucking hilarious, smartass
The pic feels like sthg Onion would post to troll teh haters

No. 493301

NTA but I've never quite liked penises and I had two long term male partners, I don't think it's healthy to force it. Even with all the effort I put in to keep up an active sex life it wasn't enough and the average guy will still bitch at you for going a week or two without sex every now and then

Either find someone incredibly understanding or stay single til you've worked through the underlying issue

No. 493305

never said you did not-sweety! so stop "sperging" about me. The main point of my post was to criticize society's sexualization.
I don't know how I hate them? I think they don't exist and need to stop being a snowflake but that's about itz

No. 493307

love this image

No. 493309

kek I don't care about asexuals but it sure is fun watching this shit unfold every time a discussion about asexuality comes up. Stay retarded anon.

No. 493312

Because they love to claim that they're ~just as oppressed~ as homosexuals because an underwear ad on the street made them slightly uncomfortable and everyone else thinks about sex 24/7.

No. 493324

I don't know how I even hate them*
I never brought them up before, sorry for hurting you I guess. I still don't think there's any asexuals though and it wasn't the main point I was making (people don't listen).

No. 493332

You tagged the wrong post

No. 493335

File: 1576092685955.png (87.64 KB, 400x300, tumblr_o2o7qdWtSo1qhp6c8o1_400…)

last night i found out that my shitty ex bf died a few months ago and i'm really torn between feeling so much relief, knowing that i don't have to worry about him stalking me & my family or trying to doxx me & shit, but also feeling kind of fucked up about it. knowing the person who pretty much destroyed you, tried to ruin your life for over a year after you cut them off, and changed you as a person completely is just..gone. i don't really know how i'm supposed to feel.

No. 493339

In a way you'd expect a flood of relief but then I can also see it opening the floodgates on upsetting memories. Have you talked to a professional since the breakup?

No. 493343

I'm not in any rush to get into another relationship but it just feels hopeless if I want to find love again after divorcing a physically/sexually/emotionally abusive piece of shit. I just feel like damaged goods and no one will ever want me when I'm ready to date again.

No. 493351

you are definitely not damaged goods. you just need time to heal. I'm so sorry that happened to you.

No. 493358

nah, i would really like to, but honestly i can't remember most of what happened. idk if it's because of the trauma or what, but i suffered pretty serve memory loss after i cut him off for the last time. if i didn't have screenshots of him threatening to kill me & the man i got with afterwards or leaking my underage nudes, i probably wouldn't even believe half the shit that went down.

No. 493360

People that can’t sympathize with addicts deserve to get a rare painful disease with no cure and where people mock their symptoms because they’re lowlifes

No. 493362

Thank you for your kindness, anon.

I just hope someone with a good heart and good intentions comes along eventually and treats me and my family with love and respect without holding my past against me, it often seems difficult to find a genuinely good person, but that's why I need to heal first.

No. 493364

File: 1576098071648.jpeg (23.19 KB, 419x455, 3B6B4E2D-F460-483F-ABC8-62BAD6…)

hi anon i’m glad you are safe now but i understand it’s probably conflicting going through that. sending hugs

i just got scammed by a psychic for a good deal of money. the goofy thing is i can afford it but i’m more upset about having trusted someone and shared personal things. i’m trying to reach out to friends and family more so i don’t feel so driven to reach out to strangers because i was seriously lonely and depressed and she hella took advantage of me. she also was technically picking up things accurately but i need to realize that intuitive gifts does not preclude unethical behavior :(

No. 493365

Right?? Poetry is pretty much a lost cause. So are period pieces. I hate feeling like I'm missing out reading translated works.

No. 493366

I'll toast to that for you anon. Mazel tov!
Addiction is neither rare or incurable Luna.

No. 493368

Whose Luna? Addiction depending on the drug can be damn near impossible to cure, there is a reason most either od or continue on maintenance drugs, if people stopped shaming them and we had better healthcare perhaps we could have better ways to heal and taper addicts. How was your Hanukkah?

No. 493371

Everyone knows addicts are people. What's uncertain is what an addict is capable of or what they'll do in order to get their fix.
Addicts hurt people. Only a fellow addict or someone naive would completely drop their guard around them. I can empathize, but at the end of the day their brain chemistry is fundamentally different. I treat addicts how I'd treat bologna-snorting special ed kids licking their fingers for that last bit of Dorito dust.

No. 493372

I’m a recovering addict and my brain works just fine thank you. I’m still disgusted at the general attitude of a lot of people here, but I’m also not a conservative so maybe I just don’t get it and we should just kill the undesirables

No. 493376

>Addicts hurt people.
This is absolutely true. Like you said, you don't know how they're going to get their fix. Just because you know an addict did drugs, doesn't mean that's all they'll do. They're also likely to be addicted to gambling, sex, alcohol… There's nothing off limits. It's anxiety inducing, they'll do these things in secret. They'll literally call off work because they know you're aware and they want that fix. Confronting an addict is hard because you just know they're taking even more measures to make sure they don't get caught… again.

No. 493379

No one said you were brain dead, your brain has been altered by your addictive drug of choice. I don't know what you were addicted to, but assuming it was something hard along the lines of opioids or meth, it absolutely changed your brain and how it works. You can Google those terms if you don't believe it, but it's part of the reason why some addicts cannot stop despite being aware of all the horrible things addiction carries.
Sounds to me like you're taking a sensitivity to the things being said about addict lolcows, but imo you should stop identifying so much with them as you're recovering.

The majority of people on this website aren't conservatives shaking our fists at the devil's lettuce. We come from firsthand experiences with addiction, and being family or friends with people who are hooked on damaging substances.

No. 493383

My fucking friend forgot her damn keys and had to come at mines in the middle of night, making me climb up and down several flights of stairs with my chronic fucking pain, i was already in so much pain and oUt Of sPoOnS. I know it's not my place to be pissed off but my fucking pain levels are so beyond right now that i cant pretend i amn not beyond fucking pissed off. They're out there throwing a pity party as i'm in the bathroom trying to gather my fucking shit.

No. 493384

>>493372 nta but then fucking leave and go recover somewhere else where you're not triggered by the shit anons post

No. 493385

There are people claiming weed makes you retarded though

No. 493386

I didn't, but maybe you did.

No. 493391

>person insists on making plans with me
>agree and make plans
>day of the hanging out
>suddenly person comes up with excuses and clearly wants me to tell them it's okay to flake
>"oh I could hang out but I wont be myself I literally fainted at work today"
Oh my goodness, if simple plans to hang out overwhelm you so much either don't plan them, or just admit you need a night to yourself. Fucking own it. Don't attempt to guilt the other party into letting you go. Quit the excuse making, an excuse isn't better than the truth. I'd respect your flake ass more if you were honest instead of trying to save face cause you don't wanna look like the lazy bad guy.

No. 493403

NTA but you can't become addicted to it though. I think you're actually retarded now that you're spewing shit that has nothing to do with addicts

No. 493406

The cure to addiction is pretty simple. Don't be an idiot. It really is as easy as that. If you're too dumb to stay away from things you'll get addicted to. Then you're too dumb to deserve sympathy.

No. 493408

It does make you retarded. One of the tell tale signs of a retard is if they say otherwise.

No. 493410

so ready for my ignorant racist boomer parents to fuck off home already. they came to visit me and i live in a country that's very multicultural/diverse and they're just loudly talking about how x town would be so much better without x race living there. they got all pissed off when i told them to stop and my dad's like "ohhhh now you're all into PC culture, you libs are so sensitive waaaah"

No. 493430

I was in multiple Discords where they had a public channel with a bot that would bring up any porn gif when you typed a bot command followed by the keyword you want. In retrospect it's pretty stupid that looking at porn together was considered fun.

No. 493435

File: 1576113670027.gif (498.33 KB, 500x269, 1458164722057.gif)

I'm about ready to kill my roomate. He's never paid me any rent in the time we lived here(4 months). We moved to the city together, I was the one with the money who put the deposit/first month down and signed the lease, and we agreed that he would find a job as soon as he could(I got a transfer). But of course he had to be all picky like "I would never work for minimum wage, I'm worth more than that" (this whole time I supported his ass with my min wage job lmaoooo) and "I don't want to work in cleaning or fast food, those are shitty jobs" (those are literally all he's qualified to do other than retail). Basically claiming that he was working soooo hard to find a job while sitting on his ass all day, making a mess of my apartment and eating my fucking food. He thinks he can use everything that I own, even though I told him multiple times to not touch my stuff. Lots of my kitchenware and other things I keep in common areas have gone missing, I have no clue what he did with them. All weird little things like my tupperware lids or spoons or some shit, they're just gone. If he doesn't steal my stuff he breaks it, I had to take my tea towels and floor mat out of the kitchen because he got some sort of sauce all over them, and he just throws the tea towel wherever instead of hanging it over the stove handle so it smells like shit and has a bunch of food residue on it. He doesn't listen to a thing I ask of him, even though all my requests are reasonable, like don't turn the thermostat up to 30 because it's too fucking hot, or don't leave lights on, turn off the stove when your done so you don't start a fire, don't smoke weed inside go out on the balcony so we don't get a complaint from other tennants, things like that. He always says "oh yeah absolutely, totally I will do that" really enthusiastically and then doesn't do it, and now that I think about it he's probably just mocking me and my autistic ass just didn't realize. He's not bad about cleaning up, although he doesn't do it in the places that actually matter; he never wipes the countertop after making his nasty stoner food so when I go to use the kitchen I have to clean it first(another thing I asked him to do), but he does my dishes all the time, which I HATE because that's how my stuff keeps going missing, he washes and puts it away and some things are just…gone and the clean dishes still have food on them half the time, but I can tell he thinks doing the dishes makes him such a good roomate, like when I asked him not to do my dishes for the aforementioned reasons he agreed not to, then since I didn't wash them myself immediately he did them anyway and when I confronted him about he just smiled at me in this really self congratulatory way like he was doing such a nice thing for me or some shit. Who the fuck declines the opportunity to NOT do someone elses dishes?

So I finally asked him a few weeks ago to leave, it's a good time because he just got a full time job but hasn't started yet, he'll be earning more money than me so he has no excuse not to leave. and he wasn't argumentative about it like I expected, but I asked him to leave before and christmas, he could rent a room off someone now that he has money and of course he's all

>oh no I can't do that anon, I need at least a few months to get enough money for a nice apartment

>thank you so much for everything you did for anon!!

mother FUCKER its not my fucking responsibility to support you because your spoiled ass can't live by someone elses rules. It pisses me off so much that he has the nerve to thank me when I didn't do any of this for his sake, I didn't bring him here with me for his benefit, we had a fucking agreement and he took advantage of me. But of course I'm a fucking doormat and agreed to let him stay longer because it's winter and I didn't want to throw him out but like fuck this man…I'm so tired of being a pushover to this dickhead. I went to see my parents last weekend and my mom is pissed about it and gave me the motivation to tell him to get out at the end of this month. I chickened out the last couple of days but now I think I'm ready to tell him off. He's got to leave by the end of the month or I'm changing the locks on him and throwing his stuff outside.

On top of it all, his parents are fucking loaded so whether he's lying to them about his employment situation or they are really okay with him living off someone who makes minimum wage I don't know, but if he complains to me about not having money for an apartment I will point him back in their direction because I'm sick of basically being his mommy.

No. 493438

What? I’m not an addict I smoke weed what the hell is your problem?

No. 493439

Racists can racist all they want, they’re not getting their pure white society so they might as well learn to adjust and get along with different cultures

No. 493440

this story was a disaster from the start. I would just call the cops or something at this point, he's 4 months behind and not even on the lease smh. I really hope you get the nerve to kick this loser out.

No. 493449

White boomers know their time is coming. Why do you think their kids literally make memes about them. Take everything they where given for granted and they fuck up their kids' future. God I hate my parents and their 'just walk in and ask for a job and pay for everything' mentality. Wtf do you think I'm doing? Masterbating at work? Fuck off. And they keep crying about minorities taking everything but they still hire them because they are what my racist shit father says is 'cheap'. Day of the retirement home is coming. And I will never visit them. Enjoy staring out the window shitting in your adult briefs.

No. 493452

my wife accepted a commission on my behalf and im still upset about it.

i do accept commissions, but work in an entirely different medium. i havent drawn seriously since high school and even then it sucked. I dont know what to say to the commissioner and my wife doesnt understand why i dont want to commission someone knowing my drawing skills dont deserve it right now

itd be different if it was in the medium i actually worked in cause im decent at it, but now im stressed cause i wasnt prepared to be in the situation

No. 493453

just cancel, apologize for your wife's overzealousness, and explain to her you don't accept commissions in that medium. maybe ask the commissioner if they could accept something in your chosen medium instead w/ a small discount.

just tell your wife you don't do commissions in that medium, or not to outright accept commissions on your behalf.

No. 493462

Yeah youre right and thats p much what i did. I just freaked out because this has never happened before and had the idea that id have to force myself to produce quality content that im just not well practiced in at all

ngl im still upset even though it feels like its all over. we talked about it, but she still doesnt understand why i didnt want the commission in the first place. i really appreciate having someone that likes the stuff i do in my spare time but i still feel almost betrayed? like if i drew shit stick figures in the margins of my architecture notes and someone started advertising me for wedding portrait commissions

idk i just had a bad day and this was the cherry on top

No. 493472

Today I found out he's been lying and telling people I'm his girlfriend, the love of his life, He's been busy "focusing on our relationship" and sending photos of me to people that were covertly taken without my knowledge :')) i told him off and he tried to lie, when he could no longer lie his way out of it because I have proof he melodramatically blocked me thank fuck but somehow I feel like he'll unfortunately be back. He knows I have a boyfriend and that I never liked him and would say he supports me and my bf but then

No. 493484

File: 1576123461677.jpg (41.73 KB, 938x633, p05thnc5usx31.jpg)

I have never been more frustrated by men. This regular who I was attracted to at my job ended up giving me his number and we started talking all the time. I hadn't had good conversation with a guy in so long and thought maybe things were going well for once but then he randomly blocked me on snapchat and didn't reply to my text asking what was up like a week and a half ago. I left it at that since unfortunately that's normal nowadays but then today he came in and did what my coworkers agreed was an excessive amount of small talk. I get if he didn't want to make it weird whenever he came in but it wasn't just a quick and simple, "how you been?" He hovered for awhile. He asked about my recent trip (which he blocked me two days into), mentioned he didn't see me last time he was in when he knew I usually worked so he asked if I was sick and okay, if I've been busy, if I liked his new hair, and then ended with "talk to you later." and maybe I'm being dramatic even venting about this but I feel like, ok if you weren't into me fine, but then suddenly you hang around me to have all this small talk and act like you didn't just, ghost me, basically?

Then this other guy I had talked to for awhile asked about hanging out and I told him my usual free days. Suddenly stopped replying too. I sent a snap and a text two days later but didn't pester past that. He hasn't replied in a week now but continues to like my pictures on instagram. I just feel so tired of how the start of a relationship seems impossible nowadays, at least with my bad luck or whatever is going on. I can completely understand being busy or losing interest but with these situations it feels like too much and it makes me not want to pursue anything.

No. 493496

The first guy sounds psycho. Block you out of nowhere and then trying to be friends in person? wtf is wrong with people these days?

It might fall under "breadcrumbing" where they are trying to be available-but-distant in order to seem desirable, or maybe they are just insane. Hard to tell.

No. 493502

this is how most men act these days.. anyways if either of them come crawling back to you don't give them a chance. they don't deserve you.

No. 493507

My stepdad decided to invite his mistress (who's my age..) over. From Wednesday until Saturday. We split the rent on a 2 bedroom apartment since my mom divorced him for cheating, and I needed a roommate. We get along fine (although his recent womanizing has greatly disenfranchised me) and most people think we have a camaraderie (my mom is mentally disordered and antagonistic so I've never gotten along with her and my bio dad has been out of the picture since giving up rights when I was a preteen). Maybe I just view this parental relationship as the last I got. Despite that, stepdad still wanted me gone during this girl's duration of stay. He wanted me to ask my friends to put me up but tbh every friend I knew lived an hour+ commute from my job so I pretended not to be able to get anybody. He insisted on a hotel, and when I told him I didn't have the money he graciously volunteered my cover. By which he set me up in a rinky dink hotel which is not only scuzzy, but has a rainbow of male characters outside to boot. Additionally, my stepdad required that I buy him weed. I remember when I was in college and he'd yell at me over weed, but now there he was begging me to find him a plug and procure a half for him and the girl. I've spent 3 hours hunting down weed, but I got it, and will drop it off for him tomorrow. He gave me money, but I still feel like this is wrong. What kind of parent asks their offspring to go buy them drugs? Jfc. Then of course stepdad coaches me on the lies he told this girl, so "just in case" I meet her, I'll know which lies to tell. I'm not to tell her that he was married. I'm to say that I'm his adopted daughter but my mom lives in Florida and I'm up here because of my bad relationship with her. Midlife crisis? Who knows. Why couldn't they get the hotel room and not me? Who knows. All my parents are spiritually dead in my mind, as far as I'm concerned. I'm so embarrassed, and so afraid that if I ever get close to people that they'll judge me for my weird family situation and how most of them are bad people. I don't want to be a bad people. THERE IS A HIGH FREQUENCY TINNITUS BUZZING COMING FROM THE HOTEL ELECTRONICS IM GONNA SCREAM.

No. 493511

Wtf, fuck your dad (oh wait)! This triggers my man-hate so hard. Can you in the near future find new roommate?

No. 493514

I recognize your posts/situation over the last several months and I really hope you get out as soon as your lease is up. It sounds like an awful environment and you are an adult! Your stepdad can't just kick you out of your own apartment so he can sleaze it up with a chick half his age. He can man up and rent his own fucking apartment instead of needing his adult stepdaughter to split the bill, and it's pathetic that he needs to do so. You aren't a bad person, but he is taking advantage of your parent-kid relationship and it's disgusting. You're an adult, you have as much right to be there as him. HE can get a hotel if it's so important he gets alone time with this chick. And starting off a relationship with huge lies like never being married, with a girl the same age as his step daughter, sounds like it'll be a real success.

No. 493519

>>493383 Update: they had them all this time and were just too freaked out to find them in the dark. Good for her but wowee.

No. 493523

File: 1576137119457.jpg (95.66 KB, 717x348, tenderloin_housing_clinic_san_…)

Dear Tenderloin Housing Clinic of San Francisco,

Enjoy your memes!

No. 493540

What if there's no underlying issue and it's just something that's not for you? Seems like every guy has these strong sexual desires..

No. 493544

My bf was supposed to come home and enjoy a nice vacation but instead he'll have to work all the time because his prof just sprung a deadline on him. HOWEVER this deadline should have been obvious from the get go and if only he had thought to fucking ask then he would have known in advance instead of sobbing to me about it.
I did my best not to mention it because it would help nobody and making him feel bad is mean but I'm frustrated. Men are literally unable to be on top of anything.

No. 493585

I wish I had an emotionally happy childhood with parents that actually cared about my emotions, not just shoved them back down my throat, and that saw me and my needs.

No. 493587

Looked up an ex and saw that she's married to some old guy and is into bimbofication now. Sucks to suck! I can't believe I let that psycho wannarexic manipulate me for a year. I guess if you can't lose weight, you can just get big fake tits. People whose lives revolve around their degenerate fetishes disgust me.

No. 493588

Are you gals sure you're into guys at all? If dicks are just truly not sexual to you then maybe you're into women. I know men make roastie jokes and denigrate women's anatomy all the time, but when push comes to shove they beg for a chance to eat you out. It's hard for women to recognize that they're not attracted to men because society pushes the narrative that we're supposed to be miserable with an unattractive partner anyway.

No. 493590


Guys, I ended up getting it last night. And yes, the exact thing I thought would happen happened, some fucking pimply kid smirking at me. I used to do seasonal work at the post office and yes, everyone knew those fake company names that are actually sex shops. We were bored kids, of course when we saw some strange name we looked it up for laughs just in case it was something ~scandalous~ (it was a small post office so we did have the time and automats didn't exist here yet). I know, very immature. I guess I technically deserved it, the tables have turned kek.

Anyway actually I realized it's got more to do with my social anxiety than the fact it was a parcel from a sex shop. I'm so used to those automats now. And because you all need to know I love this vibrator way more than the old one, I actually got an orgasm in like 2 min which never really happens with me!!!!!!! it's a christmas miracle merry christmas farmers

No. 493594

Proud of you anon, Merry Christmas!!

No. 493597

I get that this is already a bad situation all around, but on top of everything I find it even MORE sleazy that he's saying you're his step-daughter. If this woman who's your age has chosen this then clearly she's not too bright, but if I were her I'd also be weirded out that a woman my age who my 'boyfriend' claims is his step-daughter lives in his house… Anon, this isn't your fault, but I really hope you can distance yourself as soon as possible. Your dad is being the equivalent of a 27-year-old dating a 17-year-old, and you're right to feel weird about getting drugs for him.

No. 493599

Wtf anon… how did you find out?? Damn what a creep.

No. 493602

I hate that I'm terrified of flying. I used to love it but it spooks me so bad now since events like 9/11 and Germanwings Flight 9525 make me think of crashes. It's a big worry because I'm hopefully flying to the US next year to see my boyfriend/go to Disney World. It's like a 9hr journey, aaaaah. I haven't flown in over a decade and that was only a 2hr flight.

No. 493607

File: 1576159751787.jpg (96 KB, 1080x1079, IMG_20181203_172657.jpg)

I have an exam tommorrow and I'm trying to study, but the apartment above me are renovating and have been drilling on and off for hours.
Sometimes they'd start as eary as 7am till 4pm, but today they decided to start at noon and are still going on
How tf am i supposed to concentrate

No. 493615

have you tried listening to white noise? it usually helps me concentrate even when theres noise distraction.

also, good luck on your exam!!

No. 493624

File: 1576161651555.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, tenor.gif)

I have my first psychiatrist appointment today and I just feel so stupid and scared.

No. 493640

You'll be fine, anon! You've got this. The first step's always the hardest, but it'll get easier - believe me.

No. 493661

How can people be bothered having friends? I used to have a lot in high school, but we all had a massive falling out and I naturally drifted away from people. I’m already pretty introverted and enjoy my alone time, but now it feels like it’s to the point where I’m ‘out of practice’ with having friends. It mentally exhausts me meeting up with people and having to be all smiles and energetic the entire time I’m doing so. I mean, I would love to have a group of friends that I was completely comfortable with and just hang out and relax and do shit with, but it’s a the stage where it doesn’t feel possible.

No. 493665

>On top of it all, his parents are fucking loaded
change the door lock and put his stuff outside your front door
it's time to burn bridges

No. 493666

i recommend brown, pink or grey noise as they are "softer" than plain white noise
i often listen to brown noise when i need to sleep faster

No. 493682


Just know that a plane crash (or even a non-fatal engine failure or something of the sort) is extremely unlikely to happen on any given flight, a terrorist hijacking or a suicidal pilot situation even more so. Especially when you don't fly to or from some third world country where no one gives a shit about safety regulations (and still most of their flights don't crash either).

Damn talking about planes really making me excited because this time next week it'll be the holidays and I'll be on a plane to see my bf who currently works in another country yeet and I just love flying and the atmosphere at airports etc. maybe I'm a weirdo. Hope I get the window seat! Didn't specifically book it but I seem to always get it somehow.

No. 493688

I think I've finally come to accept I'm never really going to like or trust my sister. We're both young (and only have an age gap of three years) but while she can be nice to other people and has a lot of friends, she can be really fucking nasty and I just don't care. When she was in college and came back home over the summer I remember one day she was throwing a hissy fit over something, I told her to stop (knowing it would piss her off) then I ran up to my room and had to hold my door closed because she kept banging on it because she's a fucking animal. I knew she would hit me cause she was mad or whatever. Then I remember running outside because I thought that she wouldn't do anything to me where other people might be. My mom came back from work then and just chastised the both of us and then we never talked about it. Our family dynamic is weird and dysfunctional but I don't know how to explain it.

I'll always be stuck seeing her during vacations or getting forced to sleep in the same bed during trips until one of us gets married and I'm pretty sure she won't be meeting anyone for a few years. Not that I don't think she could, I don't think she really cares or wants to date. But then again I don't talk or know her very well.

I wish college in this stupid country wasn't so fucking expensive otherwise I might actually try to branch off from my family. But it's not, and they're paying for it so I just have to deal with it for a couple more years when I graduate. It's shitty to say that but it's true to some extent. My family members aren't horrible people but I just don't know how to deal with them.

I don't believe in Islam anymore and I think there's a small but real chance that if my parents found out they'd disown me or stop paying for my education.

No. 493690

>tfw man I've been pursuing for months is in a 3 year relationship
I thought for sure he was giving me signals but I GUESS NOT. Why did he approach me if this was the case? I..?

What a waste of time. I hate this. kms big time.

No. 493694

Thank you anon!

It really wasn't that bad but the lady got some datails wrong on the "report" thing and wants me to get an eeg and I can't help but feel like she's wrong.

No. 493695

I usually listen to cozy library sounds, but they are right above me so they're way too loud.
Thankfully, they clocked out now
And thank you!!

No. 493697

this isn't a vent, but i just cried massively listening to i will always love you by dolly parton while imagining how someone who doesn't even know i exist proposed to me. how does a person get this lonely lol

No. 493698

I'm 30 and my sister is nearing her 40's. Our relationship is still just the same as it was when we were in our teens, my sister is a lazy, immature idiot who constantly picks fights, lives to ridicule me and generally acts like a bitch. I'm so jealous of people who sincerely get along with their siblings and share a strong sisterly bond together.

No. 493700

Damn. This is real shit, anon.
Sending you love from a fellow lonely bitch.

No. 493708

I've gained such a disgusting amount of weight that I'm wishing for my eating disorder to return and make me lose a ton of weight again. I feel immense shame and regret whenever I eat but I can't stop binging. I'm pathetic and I don't want to leave my house looking like the chubster that I am now.

No. 493712

I’m at Disney and it’s so busy I didn’t get to do anything I wanted or eat the things i wanted at least not without waiting for hours or pushing through crowds.

No. 493715

Right? When people say blowjobs are demeaning I’m like fucking how? You can’t be into men and not want to look at or touch a penis. There are literally people that have told me women having a sex drive is abnormal here it’s nuts. You’re not straight.

No. 493717

You're too close minded. I am not attracted to women at all, I can't even imagine experiencing anything sexual with them, but I do feel sexual attraction towards men, I just think their dicks are gross, but the rest of their bodies are sexually attractive to me. I'm not miserable with my current partner and I think he's the cutest guy I've ever seen.

No. 493718

nta but I also love flying too! I do think stuff like "hm, what if the engine just blows up right now?" or other terrible shit during take off, but it doesn't bother me too much. Maybe because I've been flying since I was very young?

People shit on airplane food but I've never had bad airplane food honestly lol. I look forward to watching movies that I missed out on (because I don't go to the theaters that much), and with tablets and shit being so common now, I'll download a bunch of shit I want to watch in case they don't have anything I like. Hope you have fun with your boyfriend and get that window seat!!!

No. 493720

I've been there too anon and it really sucks. It feels like losing your true self and is a horrible cycle. Shame, regret, and black and white thinking only increase binging! Try to remind yourself those thoughts are unfair and harmful to you. Try to counter them with self-care and self-nourishment. Be gentle and forgiving with yourself and focus on things that can bring you more peace, happiness, and comfort (spending time outdoors, gentle exercise that you enjoy, hobbies, nutritious meals). Binging also causes a lot of completely temporary bloating from all the water weight and extra food inside your digestive system so you definitely have several pounds that are not even fat and will disappear very easily when your habits become more moderate again. Also remember people much, much heavier than you go out and exist in the world and enjoy life–you should not have to isolate yourself because of some temporary weight gain which honestly no one else cares about because they are thinking about their own lives, not random people's sizes. Your ED is not the answer since it would only further sap you of energy and joy, but rather self-forgiveness, healing, and working towards becoming a happier and more comfortable version of yourself are what will return you to your natural size and mental health.

No. 493722

thank you. i hope this situation gets better for us some day

No. 493735


Not that anon but you guys realize dicks -are- gross, right? Realizing that doesn't make you secretly lesbian. It's a known fact that women are cleaner and care generally more about basic hygiene than men.

I once walked in on my ex taking a shit and he was wiping his dick tip off with toilet paper because apparently men shit on their dicks sometimes due to sitting down.
This is a common thing.

Dicks also build up a ton of sweat and their balls are constantly next to their assholes when they are sitting. Add all this to the fact most men can't be bothered to actually shower or practice basic hygiene…

Dicks and men are gross, probably more so to non-lesbians because we get to see in action how they (dont) take care of them.

No. 493737

Man, this hits home. I spent so long waiting for my older sister to "grow up" and finally be the person I always wanted her to be but I've had to accept that she's never going to change and that she'll never magically wake up one day and stop being a bitter, narcissistic, hateful person. I remember the day it truly sank in that she's never, not once, genuinely cared about me as a person and it fucking stings.

I wish I could say that after all these years I've completely come to terms with it and made my peace but honestly, I still cry sometimes thinking about all the awful shit she's done to me (and our family) and I get so intensely bitter and jealous seeing sisters who have a cute and healthy, loving relationship with each other. Shit sucks.

No. 493742

i miss the weather in florida so much right now. i moved away from soul-sucking family to the midwest, and, while everyone is nice and not so stupid, i’m yearning for the beach and hot, humid weather my body was made for. already looking into miami or tampa next year. really wanted to take a trip to italy or france next fall, but it’s honestly not worth another year in this arctic tundra
shit. part of me wants to be stubborn, stay another year to rub it in everyone who told me i couldn’t make it’s faces, but i’m also hoping to never have to interact with those same people ever again lol so who cares

No. 493752

I despise my father for leaving us all alone and then act as if we should know what to do with our house, with our pets, with our lives in general.
I can't stand how smug he seems to be about always knowing better than everyone, us included. I can't stand how condescending he is all the time, wanting to make his voice be heard when actually no one likes him and everyone thinks he's a poor excuse of a father. I’m not lying, every single person I’ve met told me how awful it is that he decided to leave just because, never looking back except to open his big mouth when it’s useless information to us.
I'm tired of being judged by everyone in my life. Ffs, just because I don't say anything it doesn't give people the right to treat me as if I'm dumb, I didn't ask for everyone's opinion, specially from people who can't get a grip of their own lives because they're just sad and pathetic individuals who need to destroy others in order to feel better and/or superior.

No. 493755

This Midwest is the worst place for weather anon KEK I'm stuck in the Midwest since birth and I can't wait to get out. Majority of the reason is because the winters are not worth it. Hope you find a new place soon, you definitely learned a lesson lol.
Hate driving to work in these winters. Last year it took me 2 and a half hours to get to work when it would normally take me 45 minutes. And I couldn't turn back because I was so close to work and the roads behind me were dreadful and icy. It was brutal.

No. 493756

Are you my sister? I feel the same way about my father. He expects perfection from everyone, including his children, but can hardly take care of himself and did little to nothing for our family. He taught us nothing about survival, not even stuff like brushing your hair or cleaning your house and certainly didnt provide an example of how those things were done. My sister and I were neglected all through childhood and just thrown out at 18 with the expectation that we should somehow acquire incredible jobs within a few years. Didn’t happen because I was so busy learning how to take care of myself, my younger sister, and working through college that I had to pay for.

No. 493761

Trying to make plans with my friends for my upcoming birthday and they’re literally making it so difficult. Can’t decide on a day because conflicting work schedules, despite it not being necessary for everyone to be there. They made some vague complaints about money, despite me offering to pay for everyone who can make it. It’s not even me reaching out to them about it, they messaged me about my plans. I literally drive an hour, sometimes longer, just to see them briefly when I can and.. apparently none of them can get their shit together enough to drive 30 minutes to a restaurant. Like!! No, I don’t want to drive an hour after work to sit on a floor and watch everyone drink and chitchat and then have to drive an hour back home just because everyone will be free that day. And of course, they won’t make the trip to see me at my house on a day that is convenient for them because its too far. I feel like I’m being a brat about it but seriously, bare minimum, I’d like to see some effort to meet me halfway since we don’t live close to each other anymore.

No. 493770

So strange to hear this. I came up to the twin cities for college to escape DC summers, (I know I didn't think it through) and I love the winters up here. I guess everyone hates the weather of the place they were brought up.

No. 493771

>already looking into miami or tampa

Traffic is going to replace your weather nightmare, anon.

No. 493774

File: 1576200736612.jpeg (184.22 KB, 1000x1000, 903EFAC8-90DF-4156-A326-6EE356…)

I don’t know what to do girls. I’m in a LDR with a guy who’s very very self conscious. He never voice chat, never send pictures of him (I saw his face like once), never try to be more “real” with me other than texting. We only play games together. I love him very much but god, I can’t stand it.. When I bring this to the table, he gets upset and think I don’t understand. I fuckin get it but you promised me you’d make some goddamn efforts and still nothing. We took a break a moment ago and I almost ended it for good because of these specific reasons. I’m not like him: I’m extraverted, socially outgoing and love to be on call and feel close to my bf by sending a bunch of stuff, including selfies. On top of that I’m soooo sexually frustrated since meeting him is a BIG NO NO atm because he’s not ready for it even after months of dating. If I dare ask about that, he becomes real mad since he starts panicking and overthinking.
He made it clear he was deeply inlove with me and that I was his sole reason for living. I feel the same but I’m very very frustrated by his behavior.
I envy those who are patient and can wait indefinitely for these things, it’s not me. I feel like I’m losing my mind. I made a promise to not leave him again and to stay by his side forever because I love him so much but it’s so fuckin hard to be left with texting only in a LDR….
I know I’m gonna sound like a heartless bitch but I’ve been fantasizing of having sex with a man. I don’t want to nor will cheat on him ‘cause I have sincere feelings but my libido is killing me and masturbating can only go so far. God I sound like a pornsick virgin but it’s the truth. Last time I had sex was with my ex in july.

No. 493775

Tell him what you just told us, and then if nothing changes, end it.

No. 493776

he's catfishing you.

No. 493777

So you've only been dating since July, he's 'deeply in love' with you but all you do is text and play games together and he gets upset at the idea of meeting you? I'm with >>493776 here.

As someone in an LDR myself with someone I met online, you shouldn't put any emotional investment in unless you can video chat. I'd even hazard to say don't get attached until you can meet at least once, and certainly don't make promises of forever until you visit enough to get an idea of what forever with them means.

LDRs are fucking rough. Don't bother with them unless the person is absolutely 3000% worth it to you. He should be chomping at the bit to see you, to be able to touch you and spend time with you. Bail.

The only reason I'd give for staying is that you need an emotional buffer of a nice fluffy low effort fantasy after a break up, but sounds like you're getting nothing but negativity out of it.

No. 493778

File: 1576202131059.jpg (67 KB, 640x427, 34654357.jpg)

>never voice chat
>never send pictures of him

that totally sounds like an actual catfish anon, run!!!

No. 493781


This, even the lowest confidence virgin body dysmorphic dudes I've talked to online are still happy to send videos, photos, and dikk pics or videos whether you want them or not, heh

The circle of "is a real but shy guy" and "catfish" are not even overlapping here. Also maybe he's married, homeless or some other significant status that would become evident with more recorded information

No. 493784

Also agree. An ugly, shy man will send photos of himself. Even if it's unintentional to try to show off something that isn't his face.

No. 493785

Around when we first met he was bitching about this girl he was friends with blocking him "for no reason", I reached out to her secretly and she told me what really happened, but I chalked it up to his autism. When I went back on that app to block him I saw messages from her like "you're his gf right? if you're (real name)" and i was like uhh how do you know my name does he talk about me? and she told me everything lmao. He didn't apologize or deny it or anything. I don't think he thinks thats wrong at all. I'm really disgusted.

No. 493796

growing up, I had a typical traditional female upbringing:
keep house, no male friends (even pre-puberty), can never go anywhere if a male was present, wear skirts/dresses (but I quickly stopped due to making too many holes in my tights), never go anywhere bc yOuR a GiRl, etc.

but I was also banned from being "too" girly, so no makeup or nail polish. I wasn't even allowed to emote, no crying no whining no laughing out loud.

the best thing to do was be stoic and get good grades.

no personality = no yelling. just be quiet and smart.

wtf kinda upbringing is that?

I'm not even smart in the grand scheme bc no only got god grades due to pressure and not genuine interest. so I'm stoic? but no one actually appreciates that in a woman, so what the fuck.

did my dad only want me to join a nunnery or what.

No. 493798

File: 1576208827911.png (433.01 KB, 580x438, ghbt.png)

I did, that's when I decided to take a break. I came back because he told me he would change and make efforts but here I am months later.. He keeps saying I shouldn't be that upset.

>>493776 >>493778
My bad, I had to clarify: I did see what he looks like on three different selfies a long time ago but they were cropped to only show half of his face and to this day, he never sent me one again.

You're absolutely right.. That's what I thought but he sorta guilt tripped me into staying and forcing me to understand what he's going through, that I couldn't be mad because I was "supposed to love him unconditionally" and not hurt him. I do get some positivity but it's overshadowed by all of this shit.
I'm a needy person who craves personal touch so it already took a toll on me to not receive any. Not to mention I'm a very anxious person suffering from depression so none of this situation help at all.

>>493781 >>493784
Yes, this is what I've been thinking all along and it tremendously reassures me that I'm not some kind of capricious child to request things like that.

No. 493799

This is such a dumb vent but it annoys me when I message my boyfriend "i love you" and he replies without spelling love correctly, he'll write it like "luv" or "luhve" and it makes me feel like he's not taking it seriously.. I know he's not super emotional through text or talking so I get it but still! Just write it completely dammit so I don't get paranoid!!

No. 493800

>My bad, I had to clarify: I did see what he looks like on three different selfies a long time ago but they were cropped to only show half of his face and to this day, he never sent me one again.

I'm autistic, but you're genuinely retarded. HES CATFISHING YOU.

No. 493802

I'm sorry but my IRL friend who had the chance to see him once said it was him lol. He's not catfishing.

No. 493804

Your irl friend is pretending to be him then. It happens 50% of the time on catfish tv shows

No. 493806

Agreed. It almost definitely is the friend catfishing.

No. 493807

Rip anon. That’s a catfish.

No. 493813

>Doesn't show face anymore
>cropped photos of past selfies
>Has a friend who COINCIDENTALLY has seen him ONCE
Message your friend Anon, I dare you.

No. 493816

I know this friend very well since uni and it's not him. He (Korean) doesn't even look like the guy (White) in the pictures. But thank you for the laughs gal, really appreciate it haha

No. 493818

Maybe he (Korean) thinks you'd prefer him (White)

No. 493826

>it can’t be my friend because it’s not him in the photos
That’s what catfishing is.

No. 493827

Girl…obviously he wouldn't be using his own picture to catfish you. He just googled a random's pic and cropped them so you can't do a reverse search.

No. 493833

I'm so sorry for your loss

No. 493835

My bf is very sociable and has always had friends and I'm the complete opposite (never had a friend to hang with, not a people person at all). He has people over at least 5/7 days of the week with most of those days having people here till fucking midnight and it drives me up the wall. I'm partially upset because I know I'll never have people who want to hang out with me and the rest is cus I can't comfortably walk around in my own home with these people here. I want to come home from work, take my pants off and watch cartoons in the living room but I can't because he and his group of tards are playing board games. I just want to scream and shout and tell these people to fuck off out of my house for once. Luckily I've turned an extra room into a game room for myself and I can lock the door. It's nice even though I can still hear the screeching over nothing through the walls.

No. 493839

Even if he is who he says he is, he's wasting your time. Getting mad at you for wanting a relationship that has any sort of stakes at all is fucking dumb. Don't let him manipulate you or make you feel like you're the asshole for being a reasonable person and valuing your feelings.

I'm still on team catfish but even IF by SOME MIRACLE he's just this super shy low self esteem guy it's not your job to be his therapist and emotional punching bag and you cannot be expected to set aside things that are important to you when he's giving jack shit back.

No. 493842

Tell his gf,anon

No. 493850

I'm jealous of your bf but anyway, if you're both paying rent then you guys should talk about having a certain number of days per week which the flat is yours, either so you can have some downtime or a quiet couples night. If he wants to see his friends on a night you've agreed is yours he can always just go to theirs or a bar. It might help to joke to his friends that you want time to sit in your underwear and watch TV after a long day of work to show that it's nothing personal.
However you also need to look for some friends anon, only having your bf is unhealthy. You don't need to be a huge extrovert but even joining a book club would be a start.

No. 493854

Your boyfriend sounds like a loser. You should dump him.

No. 493861

I'm having my period right now which usually puts me in a terrible, borderline suicidal mood… But for some reason this time I just feel extremely horny. I don't want to masturbate because I feel gross but I can't stop thinking about having sex with my therapist and my ex boyfriend (not at the same time). I hate it but it's a big step up from the usual…

No. 493862

I feel really alone and confused and scared. my boyfriend who i live with is turning out to be really not good for me. i fucked up & entered into a relationship right after moving in with him and i feel like an idiot. i thought it would be chill & casual but it turned into a full capital-R-relationship very quickly. he's not good with money (neither am i to be fair). i feel like i have to be his parent and stop him from spending money going out with his friends/buying things he doesn't need so that he'll have enough to pay his half of rent. he is low-key racist and sexist and says fucked up jokes a lot. he's always making big flowery declarations of love & saying how he wants to spend his life with me & get married, even when we'd only been dating like a month. i cant tell how much of it is just normal romance stuff because commitment scares me a lot in general so i have an immediate bad reaction to him saying stuff like that. it freaks me out tbh & i have this awful gut-level anxiety that he'd do something fucked up if i broke up with him.
almost all my friends (who i talk to more than once every few months) right now are also friends with him so its really hard to talk to them about what im feeling. also i feel really embarrassed because we live together & for some reason i feel like the reaction from 'friends' would just be like "Oof yikes" & not much more. (it's almost all make friends). i just talked with a close mutual friend & he was super unhelpful & changed the subject immediately to talk about boys he has a crush on. im overwhelmed & i want to run away

No. 493864

brit here. wtf are these election results I feel like I am losing my mind. our country is seriously going to absolute shite yet people STILL vote conservative, even though they have been sinking this ship for nearly a decade now. guess I'm moving to europe ASAP fuck this shit.

No. 493870

same in australia, just…WHY? why are people voting this way when it's literally ruining the country…we're the lowest ranked for climate change policies, half of it is ON FIRE, and yet we still have a shitty lib government who are literal cartoon villains bringing lumps of coal into parliament and shit. i feel like im losing my mind, why the fuck is this happening. it legit feels like boomers are having their last fucking hurrah at completely and purposely annihilating the world so the rest of us can suffer while they rot in their cash-lined coffins.

No. 493872

We're a country founded by convicts, sis, with our mateship culture defined by the culture of those convicts. This is relevant in that convicts really don't like being told what to do. Especially not by anyone they dislike. Ie, anyone that isn't exactly like them. Present any argument to the typical Australian as to why they should or shouldn't be doing a certain thing and their automatic response will be to spit in your face and do the exact opposite.

No. 493873

>tfw he's begging me to come back
I wish I didn't had any feelings left for him. But he will never change so I must be strong

No. 493877

My bf annoyed me yesterday and I'm still mad about it. He kept me waiting for fucking ages because he got caught in a conversation at work and couldn't just say he had to go because speaking his mind to people is his main weakness. He's sorry, thought it was about half that time, won't do it again and I forgive him, and we're supposed to do something nice this evening. I even stewed last night then got mad at him again about it, he was again apologetic and had a heart to heart and we were good. I woke up this morning and I'm STILL MAD. All I can think of is ways to phrase things as subtle jabs to him. Like how do I stop being petty and get over it? It's doing me more harm than anything just clinging to this resentment. Like I just wish I wasn't so filled with negative emotions on the rare occasions that someone does do something like this to me. He's always so kind and considerate, yet I'm clinging to this one bad thing as if that's all he's ever done. I want to get OVER IT.

No. 493878

"Those abused girls in Rotherham and elsewhere just need to shut their mouths. For the good of diversity" - Naz Shah, Labour MP for Bradford West

"as far as these young girls who are being exploited in towns and cities, we believe they have made an informed choice about their sexual behaviour and therefore it is not for you police officers to get involved in." - circular email sent to the police by the Home Office under Gordon Brown

Not really surprising that Labour lost seats in Northern England.

No. 493879

I think that a great many people on the left that purport to be feminist/environmentalist in general, routinely make a very critical error in their assumptions about why people aren't as leftwing as they are. In right wing/anti-enviromentalist circles, a large quantity of the contempt that is present for environmentalism/socialism is not due to the abstract concepts of environmentalism/socialism themselves, it's due to who the concept is associated with. Many of the people who are critical of the legitimate concept of anthropogenic climate change are critical of it because they find its strongest proponents to be insufferable. I think that a lot of this contempt, which often spills over into very bad policies, is due not to any deep-seated view of the environment, but simply due to their contempt with us and our "coalition" more broadly. Just as we generally have a disdain for the right and their coalition and what they say, they obviously harbor the same for us. By simply associating environmentalism with the left, especially by pointing the finger of blame for the environment and white men, we are needlessly alienating people that are potentially non-hostile to concepts of environmentalism and the threat of man-made global warming. This is not to say, of course, that they would agree with us and our particular viewpoints on the various details of our views of the planet's health and welfare, but they could be made to change.

No. 493880

I still can't fathom why these people want Brexit so badly. I honestly didn't see the issue of remaining in the EU. It's absolutely insane that anti-Tory/Thatcher constituencies were voting for the party they have an entrenched hatred for. Kinda scary to see the way the country is going, honestly.

No. 493882

You like being free, right? You like it that there's no abusive boyfriend in your life that controls everything from what you can and can't eat to who can and can't be friends with? Well Brexiters see the EU as that boyfriend. Even if they don't feel Brussels is being abusive in this exact point in time, what they still to want to make sure is that they're never advantage of it in the future. The advice that's always given to anons, that they should always love themselves, and strive towards independence before making a commitment roughly equal partner that they absolutely trust; if it's true for an individual then it's true for country as well.

No. 493883

>right wing/anti-enviromentalist circles
The biggest advocates for protecting the environment are right wing and they use climate change to promote fascism. So your post doesn't make sense.

No. 493886

Most conservatives will tell you that fascism is always left wing, that right wing means advocating for less government, and less fascism implicitly. Climate change is scary to them, but it's less scary to them than having a fascist government that denies even their basic (but stupid) right to pollute.

No. 493889

File: 1576243146743.jpg (26.72 KB, 507x504, 16711781_999363376875234_71828…)

fuck it, i will die alone
the past few days i tried to push myself to go to events that interested me, but i'm too shy to really approach anyone and i just ended up making awkward small talk
everyone would just be better off if i stay at home
i just wanna make friends (and find a gf)

actually i want a gf real bad, i have friends (kinda) but i cant seem to make any romantic connections
im just so lonely

No. 493890

love yourself anon

No. 493897

File: 1576246589184.jpg (85.65 KB, 800x696, 01c[1].jpg)

Marxists BLOWN THE FUCK OUT! The Conservatives are libshit trash who are even hated by most of their voters. It just goes to show how little people think of Labour. Jeremy Corbyn for PM NEVER EVER.
Its pointless trying to explain that to them. If they were reasonable people they would already understand that you can't protect the environment while supporting open borders and opposing population control.

No. 493899

>The biggest advocates for protecting the environment are right wing
Are you taking the piss

Also no one in this thread knows what the fuck fascism is

No. 493903

Establish dominance- Come home, throw your bag and coat on the gaming table, leave your pants on the floor, throw yourself on the couch and turn the TV volume all the way up. When he approaches you and says "What the fuck, anon," say "Yes sweetie I'd love a beer, thanks!"

I'm just kidding, you definitely do need to talk about this but he should have noticed that something was wrong when you started coming home and locking yourself in another room every day. This hits close to home for me because I'm nervous that my own boyfriend will do the exact same thing if we move in together, so it's something we'll have to discuss beforehand. Hope you guys can work it out!

No. 493908

So the election results. Not great.

No. 493910

>I once walked in on my ex taking a shit and he was wiping his dick tip off with toilet paper because apparently men shit on their dicks sometimes due to sitting down.

why don't they hold their dicks out of the way? the dick isn't that close to the butthole anyway, aren't the balls like a protective barrier (when sat down?), why would shit touch the dick? I'm so grossed out

No. 493911

I'm so sorry anon, it's always a tragedy when someone so young passes

No. 493912

I feel the same anon, I'm in absolute shock that so many people went out and voted for these tory bastards again

No. 493914

File: 1576250172173.jpeg (4.93 KB, 249x203, Unknown.jpeg)


No. 493916

Not to mention balls also hang out of the way so it's not like shit would be touching them either. Anon's story doesn't match up.

No. 493919

I don't think you sound bratty anon. Seems pretty shitty to me if they can't put in the same effort to see you (and for your birthday) that you put in to see them. And the fact that you offered to pay for everyone who can make it? You deserve better friends anon.

I hope you'll have a wonderful birthday, with or without them. Eat some good expensive cake, do shit that you want, and have a good time!

No. 493920

he was obviously just wiping his dick from having urinated and anon is retarded

unless this is weird american thing #5723094 where the water level in toilets is so high any poop that's floating can drift over to touch a guys dick if he's long enough flacid

No. 493929


lol, definitely learned my lesson. everyone is nice and there’s tons to do. i’m actually in the twin cities, so not completely unbearable. come to miami with me, anon! my friend lives in a huge house down there and is willing to rent to me for ~$300 a month


i grew up in a very touristy beach town in florida. i’d much rather deal with sitting in my hot ass car in traffic for 2 hours and be near the beach than freeze my ass off and only have lakes. (i’m a spoiled bitch who doesn’t like to go in water that i can’t see through)

No. 493932


Anon, I can only imagine what you and your family are going through. You don’t have to stay strong right now, be broken and weak and grieve how you need to.

No. 493938

Depends on the toilet, and the dick. Like if you're an 8" guy using an older, less water efficient toilet then I don't think it's outside the realm of possibility that his dick would touch the stool.

All the more reason big dicks are overrated. I don't want to get e-coli in my vagina because a guy with a poopy dick fucked me. Thank Christ I'm bisexual.

Also this conversation made me laugh aloud in the supermarket.

No. 493940

Bf made some last minute plan to go out with his colleague (he literally warned me around the time he usually arrives home) and I feel super weird about, I usually trust him completely, but I have a super weird feeling today, don't know if I'm just being paranoid…

No. 493943

Go with your gut.

No. 493954

I think my job is ok but there is that one bitch. That if she has a bad day u gonna have one too and i work with her in one room. And today i was eating and having a chill moment like have my break and dis bitch is like „is there rly nothink to do that u sit down?” Like bitch let me have my break and watch my dat cat memes and eat my food. I rly hate that girl one day i will slap her.

No. 493965

I fucking HATE the US’s healthcare system. I literally had to get married in order to get my own healthcare, because I was too young otherwise and the government wanted me to use my parents until I turned 25. I literally have to pay 1/5th of my income every month for the cheapest option and it’s so shitty. Nothing is covered until I meet my massive deductible. I need health insurance to go to college for a health science major. You know what else I need? Vaccines. You know who didn’t vaccinate me as a child? My mom. Stupid. So right now, before my insurance kicks in, I can get vaccines for cheap and I can afford it. But the second my health insurance kicks in, I have to pay the full cost. I can BARELY afford to cover those costs on top of my month payment and other bills. I’m lucky my husband can afford to help me out with this. But just. What. The. Fuck. I just want to go to school so I can get a decent job and won’t have to stress like this ever again. I’m going broke before my classes even start, so don’t even talk to me about my future student loans. Oh and I’m literally still trying to pay off the bill from a single night in a hospital, from a year ago. I hate all of it.

No. 493966

> I don't want to get e-coli in my vagina because a guy with a poopy dick fucked me. Thank Christ I'm bisexual.
I lost all of the little brain cells I had just by reading this post. ???????

No. 493971

Don't freak out too much, it's Christmas so lots of people spontaneously go out after work, maybe his friend was convincing.
Pay attention to whatever is worrying you, maybe even call him to ask him a random question like if he can pick something up on the way home or ask if you can come if that will help you eliminate your doubts, but don't start panicking for no reason

No. 493974

I just realized I could have printed something 4 sheets per page instead of 2 sheets per page and save a lot of paper. I'm so dumb!

No. 493980

I'm sorry but how old are you? You sound like you got married at 18 already..?

No. 493981

Anon please be retarded because I cannot believe you can't understand what we're trying to tell you

No. 493983

I’m 23 and I got married this year, not just for healthcare. I’ve been wanting to go to school since I graduated but my lack of health insurance kept preventing it because of what I want to study. I tried getting it through various jobs but of course they’d cut my hours just enough that I didn’t qualify.

No. 493984

I feel you anon. I come from a low income family from one of the most expensive states but I was kicked off their medicaid health insurance because I "made too much." I was making $17.50 when I left my job there. I understand in some states that this is more than enough to live on, but it's not in my state considering the insanely high cost of living. I left that job because it was retail and I earn minimum wage at my current job ($15), but I still don't qualify for state assisted health care. I earn just above the threshold for it, but I absolutely cannot afford to even move out without at least 2 roommates (even for a shit neighborhood!). If I was to get my own insurance, the premium for the silver plan after the tax credit would still be about $200 a month, but I'd probably get fucked over with the tax credits since I didn't quit my job until a few months into 2019 and they factor that income in.

I wish you the best of luck anon. I want to have hope for our future but I just don't anymore.

inb4 "just move states!"

No. 493990

I see, that sucks. But I'm glad things are working out now and you're still young anyway

No. 493991

I fucking hate worker's comp. I cant file a new claim for my foot til this shit proves to not waste my time like it did for my first claim. If the claim is paid, why am I still getting letters?

No. 493994

Do I report my employer and risk losing my job (and my colleagues losing their job) or keep quiet and keep working in risky/deadly environments…

No. 493995


If it's really that bad you should report. Is the money really worth the risk?

No. 493997

I feel so bad for your situation, particularly the part where you've gotta cover your own vaccines because your mom was retarded. I feel so bad for this upcoming generation with kook anti-vax parents who are going to stunt their adult children from doing things in life all because of their arrogance.

No one wants to marry me so I've been on my own with finding health insurance since my parents retired at 22, lel. There's been some years when I've been uninsured. I'm 28 now, the "best" health insurance I had was when I worked at a call center. There was no option to opt out of their health insurance, I think they deducted just under $100 from my paycheck every month, but the same nonsense with copays and a ridiculous deductible. I actually used it because the call center stressed me out a lot and made me sick. There were actually running jokes by the local physicians about "another one" from my company needing psych medications. I digress.

Anyway I'm in this anon's shoes >>493984. I have a new job that's not stressful and doesn't make me sick, but the contractor's insurance sucked ass and was too expensive. Before I opted out, I went on the marketplace to see if I could get a cheaper plan. Nope. Even though I have massive debts and high rent that completely nullify my $18/hr, this country treats me like I sit high hog and can afford a $200+ premium for SHIT insurance that doesn't cover anything, requires copays, and has high deductible.

I opted in for dental and vision, but not the fucking health insurance. So I'll be uninsured again. Just a few weeks ago some jackass tinder date got me sick, and when I got an ear infection I had to go to an urgent care for antibiotics. It was $120 for the visit, and another $40 for the antibiotics. It was cheaper to be uninsured than paying with insurance!!!

No. 494004

My dog has a stronger bond with my parents probably just because she stays in the living room and thus sees them way longer during the day but it still really hurts me because she was supposed to be MY dog and I have strong feelings for her and wanted to take her with me when I move out because I'm completely alone because I don't have any friends and that hurts. I also have no chance of living in a city where I could actually go out on my own and do something fun because my shitty income won't allow me to live in a place like that. I don't want to lose her and be all alone when I move.. But I especially want HER because I already had her and love her so much.

No. 494008

Dogs do tend to latch onto whoever happens to be around them most but you can build your bond with her further by helping her associate you with more special activities. If you play games with her every day and take her out on lots of walks and hikes she will become closer to you and see you as a dearer friend.

No. 494010

Luckily my mom got smarter when she had my younger siblings so they’re vaccinated, she’s admitted to me that she was dumb at the time and wishes she could afford to pay for me to get them now (not that I asked, but I appreciate the thought).
My health insurance is 220/mo and won’t cover anything, it’s literally for emergencies so I’ll only be in some debt worst case scenario instead of a shit ton of debt.. yay. Which further bums me out because I have really bad anxiety and would love to find a medication that could help me, but noooope. Can’t afford it, no matter what. Maybe once I’m done with school, I’ll get a job that pays a living wage AND insurance that will allow me to get what I need. It feels like such an impossible dream though.

No. 494012

File: 1576272338709.jpg (21.24 KB, 400x300, 893281ed2704064eba587677ecb857…)

I wish you the best of luck in the future anon, and I think your dog can come to love you just as much as your parents!

I got my dog when I was very, very young. She's "my dog" but that's mostly the excuse my parents pull when they don't want to bathe her or something. Otherwise she's the family dog. My dad took care of her the most the first few years we had her, then it was mostly my mum, and then it was finally me when I came back from college 2 years ago. Over the course of her 15 year life, I've had the shortest amount of time committed to her.

Despite this, I would say she has the strongest bond to me now anyway. I wake up with her at 6 in the morning, hours before anyone else is awake (she always wakes up this early even though my parents routine is always to wake up at 9am, so I adjusted to her wake up time), feed her, and walk her before I leave for work. I think maybe my parents play with her when they wake up, but their time with her definitely does not outshine me anymore. When I come home, we cuddle like crazy. She's super affectionate as a senior and I've got all the love to give (my parents mostly ignore her). A few years ago, if she had the choice between going to my dad or me, she would definitely pick my dad. She didn't give a shit about me. Now? It's me, all day, everyday. I'm the sole bringer of food, guardian of walkies, and angel of rubbies to her now. My parents don't have shit on me anymore when it comes to who my dog loves the most. She still won't sleep in my bedroom with me though lol.

No. 494017

I thought you could be covered under your parents' if you're under 25 and in school?

No. 494019

Well she still can't walk on a leash so I just play with her in the living room or run after her in our backyard lol
Yeah I get this but my dad already gets up very early for work so he's the one who greets her and let's her outside and then my mom sits with her during the day because I work in my bedroom.. I don't know what to do because I'm worried if I just take her with me when I move out she will get traumatized and not get used to it. When I'm left alone with her for a few hours (which sadly doesn't and can't happen very often) she already gets stressed sad. I know she sort of loves me because she's always happy to see me and plays with me but she clearly doesn't feel safe or happy when we're alone together. I told my mom I wanted to do the things like let her outside and give her snacks but she's not listening and is taking everything over, I would do more for her but I don't know how, she can't walk on a leash and my mom already gives her everything even when I tell her I want to do it and my mom is almost always home so it's hard to practice being alone together as well. She freaks out when she's in my bedroom and I close the door so I can't sit with her here either

No. 494020

Yes, that’s true. In my specific circumstance, I would have to pay my mom for the added cost if I was on her plan and it’s more than what I can afford. Plus if she changed jobs, which she does occasionally, I’d have a lapse in coverage which wouldn’t be good and could cause issues with school.

No. 494033

this anon posting again. i keep hurting so much emotionally, it's been months since i've felt like this. normally i just switch my thinking to "alone, not lonely" but now i'm really REALLY feeling alone AND lonely. i wonder if there's some way i can't contact this guy. we don't even live on the same continent, but i would do anything just to figure out a way to get to know him.

No. 494039

I wish you the best anon. I feel like this is something we shouldn't have to fight so hard for yet here we are. Healthcare is a privilege and not a right here.

No. 494042

File: 1576278411662.jpg (67.03 KB, 445x401, C8m6txe.jpg)

I'm tired of all the diet/fitness advice being about either losing weight or losing weight + gaining muscle and having rock hard abs/a tight ass.

I mean, if those things happen in the process that's great but I don't care about how my body looks with my clothes off (it's not like anyone's going to see it), I just want to be in the best physical shape I can be in terms of performance and I don't know where to find easy to digest tips on how to begin and what with.

I started doing bouldering with my coworker recently, we'll go snowshoeing soon, and want to start horseback riding lessons, archery and orienteering in the summer when the weather is not shit (I live in the Arctic circle so the weather prevents me from doing outdoor sports for a lot of the year). I want to see how fast I can run, how high I can climb, how straight I can shoot, and I want to know what foods I should eat to give me the best fuel for those activities.

I want to see my body doing cool things, but now I'm a flimsy skinnyfat shrimp with no body definition who gets winded super easily and I don't know what to eat on a daily basis. I would ask my coworker for advice but she follows this weird ass diet and talks about anti-nutrients a lot so I don't want to.

No. 494044

I relate. I just want for once for discussions about exercise and dieting to be about being the best one can be, not about if my results will be attractive enough for the literal whos judging me.

No. 494045

Try getting a nutrition tracking app like chronometer if you want to see more about how healthy your meals are, it might help. If you're just starting out, simply focusing more on eating any whole foods will do a lot. As for running I recommend interval training especially if you get winded easily, many runners recommend it both for speed and endurance training.

No. 494052

my pessimism is truly one of the worst traits that i have.

i kept beating myself up and being all down over my exam that i took last week, because i somehow made myself truly believe i totally fucked it up and will get a bad grade, but turns out i actually did very good and i ended up getting a good grade on it too! i'm still very annoyed at myself though, because i really gave myself such a hard time over NOTHING all thanks to my negative nature to the point where i couldn't even enjoy the things i usually do.

i believe it all comes from me having such high hopes for everything and everyone in the past and then getting nothing but disappointment at its finest, so i just gave up and started thinking everything will turn to shit lol.

No. 494064

I haven't had a friend since I was 14. I wish I could find someone to talk to freely and go to cafes with. Everyone seems so busy and important and I'm too shy for my own good.

No. 494088

maybe follow what actual athletes are doing than fitness gurus and gymrats. All those things you listed have professional leagues, so it shouldn't be too difficult to get an idea of how to be in top form for whichever sport.

No. 494094

there’s a guy who looks EXACTLY like onision in the second year of my course at college. i feel bad but every time i see him i feel grossed out and then guilty bc he can’t help that he looks like someone else. i know it’s not just me though because a couple other people have mentioned it too. i wonder if he knows

No. 494101

For diet it's best to think of food as fuel for what your doing. If you're looking to gain strength and fitness you will need to eat more protein. You can use a TDEE calculator or a macro calculator to find out how many calories and how much protein you need to eat.

No. 494144

I went to the gentle femdom subreddit (I know, fuck reddit) and I was hoping it was going to be mostly wholesome comics/art and things of that sort. It turned out to be way worse than I could have ever imagined. Most of the posts are legit attention-whoring. So many women there posting risque pictures pandering to grown men who want "mommies." A lot of sub "men" there posting pictures of themselves in lingerie (like that has anything to do with submitting to a woman). I bet most of them are probably autogynephiliacs which makes me want to puke.

It makes me so grossed out that so many people who are into femdom are just like…that. It's all so exaggerated and insincere.

No. 494147

I feel normal/happy during the day until I take my meds and then I feel like game ending. have no idea how to switch off them and i'm too scared of another weird breakdown idk what to do

No. 494149

I bought sketchy Wal Mart lobster bisque from the deli section cause it said it had real lobster, I read the back and sure enough it said real but I was still half not convinced. Got home and heated it up, turns out there is real lobster in it. I found a giant claw meat and some lobster tail. It's honestly better than bisque I've had at restaurants. It tastes so good wtf.

No. 494150

oof. i feel you, anon. i went to school with someone who was nearly identical to asherbee and every time i saw her i had to do a double take.

No. 494159

I wish there was a website like tumblr without all the stupid shit. I want to look at pretty pictures and write long posts, not read about how people who want to be self sufficient or like the homestead/cottage aesthetic are racists and should be spending their time helping everyone else in society instead. Saw one post saying you can't like cottagecore if you don't support trans people. Tumblr is dead but the people still on it still won't let anyone enjoy anything.

No. 494164

Walmart has some great hidden gems. I usually get their ready to eat potato wedges and boneless wings when I'm feeling lazy. Their rotisserie chicken ain't that bad either.

No. 494166

I went on my very first date ever tonight, and part of me thinks it went really well but I also can't tell if he liked me or not.

>first time seeing each other in person (met on tinder, only talked through texting)

>suddenly worried that he thinks i'm uglier in person compared to my pictures
>we were both extremely awkward, clearly not very social
>we managed to have decent conversation but there were so many moments of long silences and tense atmosphere
>he put more effort into the conversation than I did, I did try to be upbeat and entertaining but just couldn't think of things to say
>people have told me before that I come across as very "weird" when they first meet me, so I'm worried he got the same vibe

We do seem to have a lot in common and I really liked him, and he did ask for a second date but idk, I just keep worrying that he didn't enjoy my company very much.

Eh, it might just be paranoia…I've never interacted with a guy in a romantic way before so I have no idea what I'm doing lol. Kinda regret waiting until I was 'older' to date (I'm 21, decided to wait until after college) because now I feel like I have the dating skills of at 14 year old.

No. 494171

Keep texting him after the date. Be engaging, ask about him and see if you both start getting confortable for eventually a second date. It's not the end of the world if you don't get along, you'll find someone else.

No. 494177

>Saw one post saying you can't like cottagecore if you don't support trans people.
KEK do you remember what their explanation was? It is pretty annoying when I follow an aesthetic blog and have to unfollow them because they constantly start making posts about how ~evil~ TERFS are

No. 494191

The girl that i hate won, she won everything in life that i ever wanted and had…i just felt so incompetence rn.

No. 494193

pretty sure I worked almost 60 hours since last pay cycle and my company is severely undercutting me even after taxes. I was supposed to make close to 500-600 and they only paid me 400 almost even which sounds like bullshit after taxes. I really hate the idea of having to complain to my boss about this since it's probably corporate whos at fault but it pisses me the fuck off that I can't buy half decent Christmas gifts without completely draining my budget and I'm already gonna return a ton of shit because I have a feeling nothing will be done about my check being underpaid. I fucking hate working retail

No. 494205

File: 1576304466908.jpeg (14.44 KB, 253x275, 1575688471061.jpeg)

my dumbass cant flirt for shit and now some cute guy thats actually interested is hitting me up and i cant help but feel disheartened by it ughhhhhh

No. 494207

I haven't been on Tumblr in over a year and I'm glad I haven't thought of going back. Is x-core a Tumblr thing? Like I know the words hardcore and whatnot existed, but they love to make up words to categorize anything. I tried looking for the cottagecore is transphobic post but I found a couple saying it's racist. Kek.

No. 494230

My boyfriend is being the biggest jerk as he always is and it makes me laugh because he thinks I'm getting annoyed by him when actually I enjoy his anger towards me.

No. 494244

Lord save me, my cousin was giving me bedroom eyes.

No. 494246

File: 1576327606552.jpeg (70.25 KB, 494x536, 84BFED1A-6FAA-4260-A518-E330CD…)

My mum is in surgery for a herniated disc so it’s kind of a big deal? I was having upbeat conversation with her up until the moment to ease her nerves. Well now that she’s in there I’m freaking the fuck out anons…

No. 494258

I've realised that i get tired of people very easily.
i make new friends and i'm semi-exited but then after a while i just find myself getting annoyed by them, and then i just hang out with them out of habit, if i even still hang out with them.
I wasn't like that when i had a best friend whom i connected with.. maybe they're just not the right people for me?
i just really want someone who gets me; i don't want these meaningless friendships.

No. 494261

Any updates anon? I know how that feels like.

No. 494265

What's the weather like in Alabama this time of the year?

No. 494266

My boyfriend and I were ranting about how much my parents were fucked up and abusive towards me, then I unearthed a memory of walking in on my dad wearing my mom's lacy underwear. When I was a teenager I found out he was a foot freak. Fuck.

No. 494269

i hope you’re far away and safe from your shitty parents now, anon. i’m sorry

No. 494280

same anon same…

No. 494282

I've been a NEET for two years and I'm so miserable. No one is hiring me but at least I'll start college in two months. I feel like I'll miss my degenerate lifestyle but I can't stop thinking about bad things and I know this will stop as soon as I find something to do.
I'm ashamed of everything about myself so I've been drifting apart from my old friends, I want to reconnect with them again but it's going to be really awkward so meanwhile I hope I can make some friends at college, or at least with my coworkers if I can get a job soon but I doubt it, so I can get used to actual human interaction again. I've spend the last two years "e-dating" a man 7 years older than me (I'm 20) but I've blocked him from everywhere months ago and now I feel very lonely, our relationship was very toxic as you can imagine and some of you guys even told me to dump him when I vented about him here a year ago kek. I'm very thankful for my parents, they're too understanding and caring.
I'm not sure what do I want to vent about but I just want a bright future.

No. 494283

>20 years old
The pain will begin subsiding once you reach the age of 25 or so, and mature mentally. Then it will get even better when you get 28 or 30. You will become more aware and responsible and will be able to take your own decisions more clearly, and actually own them.

No. 494284

Thank you, anon, this gives me a lot of hope for my future. I've been feeling lost but if others could get their shit together no matter what then maybe I can too.

No. 494290

I raise our 4 year old and have sex with my boyfriend (or at least blowjob) every single day, but if I don't put something in the exact place he wants it to be or clean the hair out of my hair brush every day, he calls me lazy. Lol If this relationship ends, I'm never getting into another. I'd rather be single for the rest of my life than do this much emotional/domestic labor every fucking day, while still getting shit on.

No. 494297

Why can't you break up?

No. 494299

I hate-lurk a lot of internet communities. Twitter's "MAP" scene, the "PEAR" shit and its affiliates are one, and I just have to say, I don't understand pedophiles and their defenders.

If you're a pedo, why not just shut the fuck up about it, and live your life without causing harm or feeding into things? Why are they always trying to play victim, worsening their condition by consuming things like CP (including simulated CP) or literally molesting children when they know it's wrong? If they were really just normal people, they'd completely understand why the world fucking hates pedos. If you haven't done anything to a kid, never plan to, and don't want to normalize their sexual abuse, why even take it personally when people talk about how much they hate pedos? A decent person would not care, no matter what they secretly feel in some part of their brain. Why do they have to bring up being "MAPs" or "NOMAPs", talk about it and try to force people to accept their pedophilia?
If they were decent human beings with empathy, they'd get exactly why it's not accepted, and they'd agree that it never should be.

Instead, they choose to be selfish, act like they're innocents and push that typical "MAPS are valid, it's not my fault, woe is me, i was born this way and no one understands me!! i need to be handled with care (and be allowed to feed into my paraphilia without being judged), i can't help it" pity-me rhetoric. Either that, or they try to rationalize their impulses in all sorts of ways. Usually, it's by blaming children, claiming they actually want it, that they're "fighting for children's rights", that children are somehow pedophiles too, or insisting that they (pedophiles) are just "teaching" them (disgust).

If a person with pedophilia can't live in silence, then castration and suicide are options, too. And tbh, if their so-called "sexuality" impedes their lives so much that they need therapy and coddling, or else they might sexually abuse a child, that's reason enough for them to be considered irredeemable and locked up.
It's like they're too self-absorbed to see this, or they're willfully ignoring it because they're just that selfish and abhorrent.
Sorry to sperg out, I'm just angry.

No. 494301

I've been hoodwinked. My mom said we were going to quickly drop off food at her friend's house then go shopping, but now it's become social hour. smh

No. 494302

I love to see this said. Pedos should be locked up, euthanized, commit sudoku, or get fixed. Female pedophiles are getting more attention nowadays too. Male or female, you probably deserve death if you want to hurt a child.

No. 494309

File: 1576351354421.jpg (29.23 KB, 630x630, 2038356_1.jpg)

Why the fuck is me wanting a fit partner being "too picky" and having "too high standards"? My life pretty much revolves around fitness and being healthy, why the fuck would I want a SO that's not into it? I'm not even talking about strict healthy diet and killing oneself at the gym. It makes me feel like I'll be single forever and at this point I'm starting to think it's okay, better than being miserable just so I can say I'm in a relationship.

No. 494311

That's not picky at all. Being healthy should be a basic requirement.

Also, I don't think most women can be too picky. On average most women are wonderful partners so they deserve someone who exceeds their standards and treats them right.

No. 494315

Related vent: I hate that we live in a world where whenever reading posts like this I have to stop to think to myself if this anon is talking about the actual people who want to rape and/or molest real kids or nerdy women who ship 17-year old cartoon characters who look like they're 22. This is what crying wolf does to the society.

No. 494316


No its happened. Even normies know about it some now since you got actual people like that just walking around in public.

No. 494327

It would only be picky if you were a fat lazy slob who demands their partner be a fitness model. But I don't see how it's picky or unrealistic to hold a potential partner to the same standard that you hold yourself to.

No. 494330

My dad's started to blame me for his marriage problems to my mom and has been saying that I pit them against each other. He just hates me so fucking much, I want to leave but then he gets sad and mopey when I talk about going. I'm so depressed, I just want to fucking die and not deal with this anymore.

No. 494337

My cousin is hypercritical of everything despite being a NEET in his 20s with no redeeming qualities. His parents are extremely sweet people, but they continue to coddle him and don't discourage his behavior. Our families are close so I see him frequently and I'm about to lose it.

He nitpicks (free) food at family dinners, disparages every topic that's brought up, and is overall just a fountain of negativity. I've never heard him say simple things like "this food is good" or "I love that show/song/game." It's always some kind of nitpick with him thinking he's so above everything. I'm certain he's the kind of person looking up supermodel photos and writing "ew, she has a mole on her chin."

No. 494357

You gotta get out. That emotional manipulation is some shit coming from a parent, and disparaging you to your own mother? What a jerk. Move out, give him some time to sort himself out (and find yourself way way happier without that unstable cloud hanging over your head)

No. 494362

since you're here i will just assume you're autistic and a butterface, just like any autistic lifter and thus you CAN find a buff boyfriend, head over to one of the worst boards on 4ch, you know which one

No. 494370

Anon, I've been in the same position and I know how you feel. My dad has borderline and narcissistic traits. Moving out but not very far (two hours away) was the only thing that helped. His anger has little to actually do with you and he's only being mopey to manipulate you. Move out and he'll redirect his energy when he realizes that the marital problems still exist in your absence. Don't put up with it.

No. 494371

Swear I'm not a scrote, but I sometimes get curious about other women's sensations and pleasures during sex/masturbation and want to google them but never hear anything about them. It's always centered on men, or men asking women's questions, or making about how horny they are about the women and how it makes them aroused. I've been experimenting with sensation with my clitoris and vagina lately and really just want to hear other experiences regarding this to see how mine is and what I could do to improve. I'm so bored and tired of hearing about male orgasms and male experiences..

No. 494376

File: 1576368123900.png (39.48 KB, 275x203, 1532151892917.png)

>dating men from 4chan
Anon please…

No. 494380

Women with extreme eating disorders are worshipped in different communities too and unnatural women. It's sad that the natural and healthy human female body isn't enough for men now and women wanting healthy partners is seen as picky and gross. The dating world for young women has gone to shit and you'll be lucky if you find a guy who doesn't expect fake looking tits

No. 494381

I’m so grossed out how addicted to porn people are that they start to nitpick it. Like of course it’s fake and exaggerated, it’s porn. Go establish an emotional and romantic connection with someone and gtfo the internet. https://www.reddit.com/r/sex/comments/e9n0z5/the_most_annoying_thing_in_porn_is_the_female/

No. 494383

Hello fellow virgin. It feels like I'm tickling myself and like I'm stuffed but in a really good way, and then when i cooooom it feels like I am pissing out the longest piss i held in.

Very overrated come to think of it, that's why i quit fapping.

No. 494389

File: 1576370254657.png (172.7 KB, 400x299, bratzk.png)

One of my supervisors was so unprofessional during our Christmas party. He was talking and dancing with another woman in a physically intimate manner just a few minutes after his wife left. And it's even sad to think that I used to really look up to him. Cheating is fucked up, but doing so right in front of EVERYONE? that's the real shit on the cake. I want to talk about it but my co-workers haven't mentioned anything yet and I worry that my observations might be wrong.

Men really are trash.

No. 494390

>How DARE these women not moan authentically!
They've deathgripped their cocks so badly that they can't even stand female vocalizations anymore. Which is funny because the whole reason why porn actresses moan like that is because their directors and viewership demanded that.
Just can't please all men.

No. 494395

OP's a woman. I don't care about porn but it's annoying to hear dying cats.

No. 494401

I’m the same way.

No. 494402

Hey Anon, how’s your mom doing?

No. 494405

What exactly do these people expect from things put together in order to poorly imitate intimate moments? Real sex with people who are in love with each other doesn't involve three seconds of fingering, a blow job and straight to dry jackhammering while somehow squirting 3 minutes in. And honestly at LEAST this is a step up from men who think women's vaginas are broken if they aren't able to cum from dry fingering for 2 seconds.Have men become so obsessed with nitpicking that the only way to meme them out of porn addictions is to nitpick the porn in order for them to copy other men and nitpick porn? Is this reverse psychology?

If the human race dies out because men death gripped their cock's to not being able to enjoy sex with women and meme'd themselves into nitpicking women so much to the point where women are no longer attractive to them then so be it, at least the future generations in 3rd world countries where men haven't broke their dicks with porn will get a good laugh when they wonder why the people who have the ability and most opportunity decide to let themselves die out because of anime and porn

No. 494407

5 seconds in Icelandic tinder and now I’m getting better quality matches than ever in my life.
Wtf is this bullshit why can’t I meet men like this back home

No. 494415

I'm so tired of meeting insecure men that have to one up you in everything you say. Oh you have been playing this game since season two? Well I started playing during the beta!!! Why my level is so low you ask? Well that's because I lost my previous account of course!!! Lmao fucking moids, every goddamn time.

No. 494416

Where are you from anon? Everyone in Iceland is somehow related since it’s such a tiny island with a smaller population size. I think the men there are always eager to date outside of Iceland. There’s an app in Iceland to check and see if you’re distantly related to anyone you’re interested in in case of accidental incest. I only know this because my family’s from there

No. 494419

My boyfriend is an incredibly bad singer, musician, writer, artist.. if it comes down to art he is absolutely so bad it's almost as if he's joking at first or being a parody or something? But he plays an untuned guitar that's missing the highest string and sings very complex songs poorly.

He just asked me to guess what his painting was, and it's so terrible I actually couldn't even give a guess without sounding cruel. I have no idea what it is.

Good for him for never giving up but damn

No. 494421

a lot of ~gamers~ are so fucking insecure when it comes to women being better than them at games, they go full sperg to save their fragile ego. a guy i was talking to got SO mad when i placed higher than him in overwatch one season. he made so many excuses and insulted me so much. he wouldn't even play with me in unranked casual games anymore after that.

No. 494424

Australian, this explains everything it’s raining 10/10 men on my tinder.

No. 494427

How so Anon? I don't see how men without internet access or even time are able to become porn sick. Perhaps even lower class dirt poor men on European and Asian countries could also do? I don't see why a man who has to work hard to support his family and doesn't have time to goof off will shit himself if a woman doesn't have big tits or perfect skin like middle class Asian and American/European men do

No. 494434

what are you talking about? there are indian men with literally no plumbing in their villages who go around the internet harrassing women for pussy pics. there is internet connection everywhere right now.

No. 494443

I'm cracking up at this post anon, bless him for continuing despite being terrible at everything creative

No. 494444

(This is such a first world vent, I apologize)

I had a barnes & noble coupon that expires tomorrow so I came to use it. I go here often ish and I feel so weird because the staff start recognizing me, and I already feel like it's weird as hell to go to a bookstore alone on a Saturday night. Anyways I couldn't decide what I wanted, I kept accidentally running into this one employee literally everywhere I went and started to feel really paranoid that he was following me. Finally narrowed it down between two books, and literally as I was in line realized I didn't want the book I chose and wanted to go back, but didn't want to leave the line because I felt like that would be weird after walking around for almost an hour. Ended up paying 12$ for a book that I didn't even want. I hate myself and I feel like such a sperg

No. 494446

Indian people are actually famous for having tech jobs, being customer support in technical positions etc. They are intelligent and good with technology in general. However there is an excess of men and plenty of terrible rapist ones there. I'm not sure we can make assumptions about degeneracy and tech; it's a lot more to do with general misogyny and attitudes towards women. Men worldwide were still rapin' and having child brides before the internet existed.

No. 494454

Does anyone near you do Little Free Library? You could leave it there so it's a nice little gift for the community instead of a mistake

No. 494459

I've never heard of that but I'll look into it, thanks

No. 494461

I'm going on a week sober now and I'm just so sad. I just keep crying. No matter what I do, I feel so restless. I need something to keep myself preoccupied but it's just so hard…

No. 494462

Alternatively go back asap and ask if you can exchange it for the other book and just say you got them mixed up because you were so tired that day, if it's only been a day or two you're within your rights to do so and the staff know you're a regular anyway.
Then once you finish it, donate it to the library project. Win win.

No. 494467

I thought I’d grow used to fights between my parents, but I’m starting to think it’s impossible.They never got physically violent against each other, but the screaming and the shit they say makes me wanna cry to this day and I’m 20.
The worst thing is that sometimes one of them lashes out on me too with no reason. Today, it was my mom’s turn, telling me to eat my ipad (I turned it off and took it to my room. I didn’t think it was appropriate to keep it turned on netflix when she was cursing at me for stuff I had nothing to do with) and slamming the door on my face when I was almost crying trying to speak calmly to her.
Then I went to my dad crying and he started saying awful things about my mom and now I’m feeling so broken. I just wish I could die instantly when this happens.
They had way worse fights before, but I have an important test tomorrow and now I feel like I’ll have trouble sleeping and concentrating. It makes me feel like they have 0 thoughts on how this shitshow will affect me.
I’m feeling so sad. I just wanted everything to be fine again.

No. 494468

I’m on day 3 sober myself anon, I know that feel. Your body is just regulating and learning that it needs to eventually start producing its own dopamine again. You’ve got this. I care about you and your sobriety.

No. 494471

I have never had to deal with withdrawals myself but I know the familiarity of feeling on edge, anxious, and restless. Find some puzzle games on your phone to play! I started doing picross and it's so fun and time consuming. Also find some time to work out, I think you definitely need to sweat it out for a few minutes. Even just for 20 minutes is enough to get you through a couple days. You got this anon, never give up! Success will come with time. You have to go through this to get through it.

No. 494477

I just finally got my dream tablet and I just fucking lost the pen for it a week after I got it. It costs $90 to replace and I have looked every where for it.

I'm a fucking moron piece of shit. I fucking hate myself…

No. 494498

Why are men the laziest pieces of shit alive? I left my room only to find a trail of shit on the floor. Turns out my grandmother had an accident and my dad, sitting on the couch in the living room, just left the shit trail there. Greeted me and immediately asked me if I saw it. What the absolute fuck.

Both he and my brother do this. There’ll be cat puke on the floor or plates that need to be cleaned, and they’ll let them sit there and harden/crustify forever so me or my mom will cave in and clean it. I hate giving in to it but I have to and that’s the worst thing about it. Part of me wishes I didn’t give a fuck and felt fine living in filth just so these fuckers would get off their asses but who am I kidding, they still wouldn’t do shit.

No. 494499

Guy friend has been with his long-distance rebound girlfriend for just over three months. They're moving in together in January. Which is fine, that's their mistake to make. But his gf got a kitten last week which is obviously 'their kitten' and I'm so fucking angry. A kitten is a live thing and you've got one 'together' despite only three months LDR? ARE YOU KIDDING ME.

I know him well enough to know it won't last. Which makes me even angrier that they went and got this baby pet together.

No. 494504

I don't understand. My life isn't so bad, I've never been abused physically or sexually in my entire life, I have some bullying trauma but I'm slowly letting it go, and I have a good relationship with my parents.

Why do I have the urge to stab multiple people and rubbing their blood all over me? I'm going to break soon enough and end up stabbing myself. I feel like that would be better instead of me hurting innocent people.

Am I just being stupid? Should I just continue suppressing this urge? I don't know how talking this out with a therapist could help as I don't have anything going on in my life that is making me feel this way.

No. 494507

you need to see someone. if you're a danger to yourself or others, please see someone or check yourself in to be held for a while. i have been placed on involuntary hold and it isn't bad at all, imo. could you have OCD and just a fixation on this thing? how old are you? you seem young. stabbing yourself or others won't make your life better, just a fuckton more complicated, and ultimately a living nightmare that you will regret every second of every day.

No. 494509

I had a friend who bought her gf a cat and after they broke up her ex used the cat as leverage to get back together.

No. 494510

I’m 18. I’m not sure if I do. I don’t like to self-diagnose myself. Dealing with the consequences would be a drag. I haven’t really thought about what would happen afterwards. I’m kind of nervous that they’ll keep me for a month or more…. but, I guess I should.

No. 494512

I have OCD traits and I get neurotic, obsessive, intrusive violent thoughts like this sometimes, especially under stress, but I would never act upon them. If it worries really you and you feel like you're in risk of taking them out on people, you'd better talk to a professional. There might be a hidden trauma you're repressing and a therapist can help you dig it out and help you cope in healthier ways.

No. 494519

Feelings are just feelings anon. I think you might have some pent up energy and your imagination is attributing it with a disturbing thought and it's so absurd it's standing out. Take no attention to it. You're perfectly okay. I think you're just anxious of the thought. Definitely go see a therapist if you feel you need to, you'll find out it's perfectly normal to have intrusive thoughts like these from time to time. It's just the way we react to them is what affects us the most. I know tons of people who randomly have disturbing thoughts of hurting their pets and children, we're taught to just observe the thought and try not to resist it coming back, eventually it goes away. It'll get easier the more you practice.

No. 494548

I hate the way my period makes me feel like im crazy. On the run up to it i feel so nihilistic and existential and my emotions are all over the place and I can't even complain about it because it's like the stereotype. I know im preaching to the choir but I fucking hate it and how we have to put up with it for so long.

No. 494553

I know it's stupid but I'm so insecure and jealous and possibly paranoid. I always worry where my bf is when (it sounds like) he isn't home and I get jealous even if he's just with guy friends, because I don't have any friends and always miss him
I'm scared he doesn't need me or cheats on me or finds someone better

No. 494555

so today i took the phone case off my iphone xr. i have one of the lifeproof cases which is supposedly supposed to protect your phone but idk if i was being to rough but when i put the phone case back on my phone couldnt connect to the cellular network. i tried pretty much everything to do with the software but it doesnt seem to be fixed. so that means its probably a hardware problem and the antenna inside is broken. fml. i tested the simcard in an old phone and it works that rules out the simcard being at fault. my phone is still under apple’s warranty so im hoping this repair will be covered. some online forums suggested dropping the phone or hitting it might bring the signal back but im too scared to try it. may as well give apple more of my money

No. 494563

what.. how do you get rough with a phone case?

No. 494565

I really appreciate you two. Thank you.

No. 494576

I understand completely Anon. I'm 25 and I still haven't gotten over them, even if I'm not involved in the fights directly it still makes me feel so drained. My mom is neurotic and can be in the pain in the ass with starting arguments sometimes, but my dad is so fucking mean and cruel to her. One time he yelled at her and told her to fuck off and get the fuck out of his house, it made me so angry and sad. What's worse is that I can't hate and shun my dad completely, because deep down he is a good person that has listened to me and helped me and my mom a lot. But he has anger issues from being beaten and abused as a child. I can deeply relate because even if I wasn't beaten, I still have a lot of anger from the emotional abuse and neglect from when I was younger.

I'm sorry you're going through this, Anon. It sounds like you even have it worse because your parents are still emotionally abusive towards you. I really hope you can get some sleep and do well on your test tomorrow. Please feel better soon.

No. 494587

i have no fucking clue . i dont know how the hardware of my phone got damaged because i didnt do anything unusual except take the case off. ugh i hate apple. anyway im going to my simcard provider tomorrow morning so i can double check it isnt the sim . i really am not wanting to pay the money to get it fixed though. i suppose i could carry around my old phone to hotspot if i dont have wifi in a certain area and i need data but this is just annoying

No. 494589

Did you try turning it off and on yet?

No. 494590

So, they found my aunt dead in her apartment. They don't know how long she had been dead for. My mom found out while she was visiting me, through Facebook. Nobody had even called my mom when they found her to tell her what had happened. My aunt was a drug addict on and off for a while, so it wasn't surprising, but still sad. My mom thinks it was an overdose but the sheriff said they don't think so. She was only 31. I hadn't seen her in years, probably the last time was 10 years ago when I was 12. My mom only spoke to her infrequently and they were barely even close for the past 10 years bc it was so hard to deal with her addiction that she refused to get help for. I didn't cry or anything or even feel that sad. My mom didn't cry either, she's not the type to show a lot of emotion, but I know she is upset and sad. Last night we watched funny movies and laughed but she has to be sad? She had to call a lot of our family to tell them and when she was talking to someone she said "I should have been checking in on her more" and it just broke me. Today she has to go to the state my aunt lived in and go to the coroner to identify her body, plan a service, etc. because my aunt's mom died a few months ago (half sisters so they have different moms) and their dad died years ago, so she is basically the only family she has. and I just feel awful and wish I could go with her but I can't miss work this week since I have to take 2 weeks off for Christmas. I don't want her to have to deal with it alone. After she left a few minutes ago to drive there I started sobbing, honestly not even bc I'm sad about my aunt but because I feel horrible for my mom. I hate that she has to deal with this. That probably makes me a bad person but oh well.

No. 494602

And this is what the retards in britian will deal with because they vote for tories to lose their NHS. Enjoy paying atronomical prices anglos. You all deserve it.

No. 494603

Did your aunt not have any kids? sorry to heae about that anon

No. 494619

Why have a service if she has no other family? When my grandmother in law died they just didn't bother since all her other family were in different countries and all her friends were already dead.

No. 494665

I'm sorry but it's kind of on you for doing something like that for a boyfriend. On the other hand you can always get them back to normal/natural

No. 494666


dump this mind gaming asshole. he legit sounds like a narc who gets off to shitting on your self esteem and you never feeling good enough, been there

No. 494668

>it's kind of on you for doing something like that for a boyfriend
You mean kind of dumb/codependent right?
You shouldn't change your body according to the whims of another person you feel like appeasing.
You need to love yourself first anon.It seems like he's manipulating you, not very nice of him…

No. 494669

This has to be bait. Who pays thousands of dollars for cosmetic surgery for someone else's temporary preference?

No. 494674

To be fair the part of him sending passive aggressive pictures of botched surgeries to make her feel bad and them gasslighting anon sounded extremely believable. That and anon deleting the original post.

No. 494683

My dad asked me if I wanted to to out with him to the doctor (regular check up visit) and I said no. Then he said “well don’t we have to go the store to return (xyz thing)?” Like, why did you even ask me to go out if you weren’t even really going to give me a choice?? After his doctor visit, we drove to the store but there was no parking so we left, which means I had to sit through roughly an HOUR total of my dad’s absolutely fucking horrendous and erratic as fuck driving for fucking nothing.

I just wanted to stay home and play games but NOOO he absolutely NEEDED me to go with him. I like quality time with my dad but I absolutely cannot stand his shit driving (doesnt matter how many times I tell him to stop speeding up when its unnecessary as fuck, we’re not running late, STOP SPEEDING) and whenever he makes me go with him to a 5 minute doctor visit.

No. 494687

Thanks a lot, anon. I really appreciate your words.
Exactly, I understand both sides and don’t feel like just pushing one of them away. I kinda get why they get so mad at each other sometimes, but it’s so exhausting.

Idk if I really do have it worse because when they’re alright, everything is great and I love their company. However, I wish I wasn’t treated like a punching bag in times like this. Today I told my mother what she said to me made me sad and her answer was that she was “upset”. Like, no apologies. I’ll wait for it anyways.
I didn’t sleep very well but I feel like I did ok on my test! Thanks again.

No. 494710

i want to back away from a long time friendship, but i feel so conflicted. my friend's mother passed away unexpectedly last year, so i've felt kind of obligated to be there for her and supportive, even though some of the things she says to me are downright insulting. we went on a trip together and the entire time she acted annoyed at me for things like wanting to get coffee in the morning, or eat more than once a day. during a 9 hour layover in another country, we got into a fight because a stranger she met on the connecting flight over offered to let us sleep at his house and then drive us back for our 6am flight. i thought it was too sketchy and refused to go, which she got mad at me for, since we had to stay in the airport instead. we used to be really close, but i don't think we have a lot in common anymore. i quit drinking because i take medicine to treat my ptsd now and went back to school, which i feel like she resents me for. it just sucks and i feel bad about it all.

No. 494718

God, I hate talking to my mom so much. She feels the need to respond at every single sentence with 'mhmmmmmm' and 'yeahhhh'. For example if I try to say "I went to the library to study, but I forgot my laptop charger so I had to come back home and get it and wasted an hour" talking to my mom will be like

"I went to the library to study"


"But I forgot my laptop charger"


"So I had to come back home and get it"


"And wasted an hour"


And she doesn't even wait for an actual break in your sentence, she will start going mhmmmmm and yeahhhhh when words are literally still coming out of your mouth. Its unbelievably fucking irritating and I asked her twice not to do it but she still keeps doing it. It makes me want to yell at her so I just avoid talking to her most of the time.

No. 494728

So I'm currently supporting a relative that is more than likely going to pass by next year. I'm mentally and emotionally preparing for when it happens, but it just seems like I can never catch up financially. I have a decent job that will provide good opportunities once I get a year in (I have 6.5 months until I make it there), and I know that I need to have patience, but it's still nerve-wracking as hell.

No. 494732

My friend had a bf of over 5 years, they were gonna get married and had picked out rings and a dress and then she went off and cheated on him. A ton.
And one of the guys she had set up to cheat with told her boyfriend so they broke up.
Now she's sad posting all these old photos of the two of them and it's really pissing me off.
Nobody is gonna say anything to her about how it's her fault for being such a stupid fucking hoe, we're all just supposed to give her cuddles because "it's so sad they broke up."

No! It's your fucking fault! I'd tell it to your face if I could but everybody would get on my case for being mean to you.
At least you got what you deserved in the end, throwing away a good man who supported you for some cheap Tinder dick. Stupid bitch.

No. 494737

Fake and gay.

No. 494744

are you that person who keeps spamming /ot/ full with unsaged fake shit?

No. 494745

>>494683 here. The good news is I finally threw up. The bad news is I threw up. Fuck this, I just came out of the shower too lol.

No. 494750

File: 1576453234207.jpg (20.34 KB, 600x623, 7ef.jpg)

Due to a complicated misunderstanding, a friend indirectly caused me to lose two of my friends this year. I sympathized and kept contact. Now all she does is moan about how lonely and depressed she is when she doesn't even try to improve her life. Eventually I gave up talking to her since I was the only one putting any effort into the friendship. I feel so resentful towards her now, not that that it matters. I just miss my old friends, fuck.

No. 494760


Hard to believe but no I'm not whoever that is, and sadly enough this is actually real.

No. 494763

Can’t stop feeling nausous as all hell. I threw up twice, a third time is threatening to happen but I took pepto bismol to try and stop it but I think I should’ve just let myself vomit. I’ve only thrown up liquid. I ate a tiny bit of rice porridge but I still feel kind of sick. I can’t get into any comfortable position sitting up or laying down. I just want to be put out of my fucking misery!!!!!

No. 494773

Thanks, and no

Sorry I meant blood related immediate relatives, she has family on her step dad's (who has been basically her dad for past 20 yrs) side and also my mom's mom's side but they technically are not related. She also has a ton of friends. But my mom said that she told her she wanted to be cremated (but there's not a will as far as anyone knows), plus they have to do an autopsy, so we think we are going to hold off on doing any sort of service until after Christmas. She was also on the board of my family's company so we have to deal with how her shares will be divided. It's just a big complicated thing ugh.

No. 494776

Ugh, hang in there anon. Hopefully in a couple hours you'll feel better.

No. 494797

Not that anyone was chomping at the bit for an update about my pathetic life >>493507
, but I'm happy to report that my stepdad told me it's quits between him and the girl. "She's not the girl for me." Haha, sure old man. She probably saw you need to split rent with your adult daughter and realized you don't have the money she thought you had, and yiked out hardcore. Thank fuck, though. I just hope he dates someone nice and his own age.

Thanks for the supportive words fam. I hope I can find myself in a better living situation at least by next year.

No. 494803

My sleep schedule is so fucked this week. I think it's because I overslept during the weekend, but it felt so good. I've probably only put in 4-5 hours of sleep each night since Thursday.

No. 494806

File: 1576467496268.gif (441.56 KB, 441x270, CDCA4ED4-0600-4107-AE4B-ED80CB…)

>meet someone on tinder and chat over Snapchat for a while
>we seem compatible
>we make a date a week in advance
>“sorry I just got called into my minimum wage job by surprise and have to work instead of go out with you tonight”
>”I’m too tired after work today can we reschedule?”
>Then we just exist on Snapchat Limbo where nothing happens.

Honestly getting so sick of this crap, why can’t people seem to just stand up for themselves and say “no I won’t be coming in boss, I have plans today find somebody else” or “I know I’m tired but I made plans so I should keep them”

Are people really at the mercy of their bosses or would they really rather work another 8 hours then go out on a date to meet somebody?

No. 494815

I feel you anon. It does happen, especially in restaurants/retail where people call out every day, but if they don't make an attempt to reschedule to a tangible date, they are probably not that interested and just want a few orbiters around to feel desirable. Chances are they want to keep their options open while talking to several different girls.

Don't keep them on snap/ig either, or else your ig feed is all losers that you never talk to. If you haven't spoken in a month or so, just remove them with a clear conscience.

No. 494816

If they consistently flake on you it means they don't actually want to go on a date with you. They want to keep you on the hook (hence rescheduling) in case other prospects fall through. Just move on.

No. 494818

I feel like I can't vent on lc anymore because I've vented too many times and anons will recognize my situation. I could make it more vague and leave things out I guess but then I wouldn't be able to say everything I wamt to say. It sucks because I have no one irl I can really open up to other than my therapist but I feel like it's not important enough to bring it up during a therapy session and waste valuable time.

No. 494820

Starting today I'm determined to change my lifestyle. My boyfriend doesn't allow me to cook or exercise, I rarely can go shopping, a gym is totally out of the question. I used to be active and 27 kg lighter before I met him, mainly from having a baby and spending way too much time indoors and stress eating, then from him buying soda every day and lots of sweets. He also doesn't allow me to clean the my apartment. He's a really controlling son of a bitch. I'm determined to start now, not wait for January the 1st. I'm going to make things happen not let them happen to me and affect me negativity.

No. 494821

Lmao same.

No. 494822

what the fuck. dump him

No. 494831

File: 1576475038932.jpeg (7.8 KB, 225x225, redflags.jpeg)

No. 494833

Getting healthy is a great goal and all but you can aim higher than that… like dumping his psycho, abusive ass.

No. 494835

My husband was just informed by his dentist that he most definitely has sleep apnea. They can tell based on his teeth grinding and everyone in his immediate family has it. We're in the process now of going through tests to get diagnosed officially so he can get a CPAP. The situation has weighed heavily on him and I'm trying to be as supportive and strong for him as I can and help comfort him, but lately I can't sleep. I wake up frequently in fear that he's going to stop breathing and I won't be able to catch it. We don't even get a mouthguard (the first step, till after the 9th of January. I can't stop feeling anxious about going to bed every night thinking about the possibility he could just choke.

No. 494838

File: 1576477966229.jpeg (59.97 KB, 534x598, 0A53B542-3C26-4F2F-A997-2A64E1…)

Lost my best friend because they were the type of person that was so woke they’re asleep. Everyone who doesn’t agree with them or see the world in the same way they do needs to do self reflection yadda yadda when they’re the ones who need to get a grip and take a hard look in the mirror. They wonder why throughout the years their friendships ended in flames and I was there the whole time supporting but once I wasn’t supporting them correctly, I was bitched out (for the hundredth time) and had to nope out. I had the audacity to tell her if she doesn’t like the way she looks to change it since it’s all she bitched about for years, but Im perpetuating society’s expectations of her losing weight and she’s never been happier (then why do you constantly bring up how fat you feel and whine you won’t be thin enough for a guy to like you ?). I’m the bad guy for not understanding the Latina struggle of not having a big enough booty because I’m white (I’m not but go off sis). I’m just so fucking angry at the years wasted with this person and I should have seen it coming. It was eye roll inducing watching them claim to be super intelligent and on another level while posting to Facebook all their dirty laundry and making call out posts about me for sympathy and asspats. Because instead of cooing ad nauseam «  you’re not fat ! » I was honest because that’s what pour relationship was. Oops, guess it was just her being allowed to be honest with me and I had to walk on eggshells in fear I might break her ego. Best part is now she’s making these stupid tshirts in red bubble with the inspirational « Radical self acceptance » (because I couldn’t accept her for who she is !) but she didn’t even create the font herself, it’s a plain ass tshirt, and I’m pretty sure that phrase is copyrighted. I’m just so mad because I take friendship seriously and she was supposedly my closest female friend, but these past few weeks I realize she doesn’t even know me as a person.

No. 494849

God, I'm glad you got out of that friendship. It's totally not worth it. Fingers crossed she realizes she needs to change her way of thinking.
I was a former SJW a few years ago and it was so extremely stressful, very cult like. Reflecting back on it, I'm sure I only got so caught up in it because I mentally wasn't in a good place. Now there's times where I'll catch myself going back making really edgy SJW statements on social media from time to time and it's always when I've had a really overwhelming mental health day.
However, I do realize a lot of people get "woke" to hide from the fact they're probably not as pure as they think they try to make themselves out to be. Honestly fuck them. I have unfortunately ran into many circles led by narcissists, sexual abusers, racists, and homophobes. It's always the consistently loudest ones trying to make all the calls too.

No. 494854

I have gastritis and it makes me feel hungry 24/7 like I have a burning hole in my stomach even right after I eat, and eating more just makes me feel bloated. My doctor gave me omeprazole which doesn't seem to do anything, the only thing that helped was taking zantac but that got recalled. Currently both bloated and hungry. Fuck. Fuck everything.

No. 494856

I had a fight with my ex-friend the other day, she unblocked me after a year since our last fight. Cant u just leave me alone? we're over… just as i was about to move on and then you came out of nowhere passive-aggressively wish me well?! I dont need your pity bitch, if you cant say anything nice dont say anything at all. Jfc, isnt it enough when you openly come for me online and make a huge thread on fb and then deleted it all like it never happened? I kept my mouth shut but you seem to like stirring people up and see me miserable huh. We were fine until one day you decided to end all of it and blame it all on me, you throw the biggest hissy fit over this and never let it go. Dont blame me for over reacting/thinking when you dont see the effect of you on other people, there are a bunch of little things she and her friend did to me but i never did anything back. Hope u guys have a good friendship, assholes attracts each others a lot and for me, guess i have to start from the beginning and lick my own wounds until it heals.

No. 494858

File: 1576487833716.jpeg (276.29 KB, 1440x1080, 0D576110-D98B-4065-B9A2-0528E0…)

Yeah, the worst part for me is I’m the type of person who always questions myself and what I did wrong/what I could change to make the situation better because of shit self esteem/years of gaslighting. Then she has the audacity to make posts saying her most supportive friend since childhood was trying to gaslight her into hating herself. Nah bitch, I just got tired of hearing you « woe is me » It was really telling when she went off on me this time in a group text, not caring one bit how she might come off to the other person. Guy friend in the chat confirmed to me I wasn’t crazy and that she was way out of line with the hurtful things she said, I should cut her off because she was toxic, and was the one who made me realize she didn’t really see me as her friend despite knowing her since grade school. She took his thoughts/advice on relationships to heart over mine because he’s a male and black, even though she’s only known him for a few months, he said the same shit I said, and I’ve had more relationship experience than the two of them combined. She’s going through a divorce so I understand why she’s lashing out so much, but it’s put into perspective just what a petty and sad individual she’s always been.
>gets sad/mopey in a convo because at one point in the past I didn’t refer to her as my best friend
>I grovel/apologize say I’ll be a better friend and I didn’t mean to hurt her feelings
>talks to me with such vitriol and venom for not sharing the same opinions guy friend questions we’ve known each other for as long as we claim/if we're as close as we claim

I wish this didn’t hurt so bad. Feels like I’m going through a breakup.

No. 494863

Thank you anon. After several hours my nausea has mostly gone away. Unfortunately I haven’t been able to sleep for more than an hour straight because my body keeps fucking pooping out liquid. I haven’t even eaten solid food in more than 12 hours at this point, I don’t even know what it’s emptying out. Also my fucking butthole feels raw from wiping it clean. I’m not even wiping it that hard! I’ve literally just been going 1-3 times every hour for the past 7 hours!

I know I should stay home but I want to go to work because I need the pay… (I’m part time and don’t get sick days).

No. 494870

What the fuck man. I'm so sick of hearing about so many people I know ODing in my city. This place is literally a trap for drugs. I spent a year overseas and I'm not even a week in and someone I know already fucking died. What makes it worse is I asked another friend about her literally a few days ago, if she was alive and doing ok. She said she was but she would rather be a junkie. Supposedly she died last week. Some fucking bad energy shit. This is fucked up I'm sad. I hate that this is so fucking normal here.

No. 494875

There is nothing wrong with consenting adults getting off however they please, get that stick out of your ass. Your dad did nothing wrong and you should not shame him for his sexual preferences.(b8)

No. 494880

>My boyfriend doesn't allow me to cook or exercise,

He doesn't allow you? Girl why you playing by his rules?

No. 494882

Mods have lost their marbles. How the hell is defending parents' right to their sexuality bait?

No. 494883

I think I'm going to get fired. I assked some time off to get my degree and have been making a bunch of mistakes lately because I'm fucking exhausted.
I don't even feel the right to be so tired, it's not like I'm working two jobs, do physical work or have kids0.
I'm so sick of being someone people end up look at like I'm a retarded kid not being able to cope with basic 30yo life.

No. 494892

Ok so apparently I can't be annoyed on my bf's behalf. He's been complaining about a coworker in another country taking ages to give him feedback. So he goes to a higher up and my bf is told GO TO THAT COUNTRY AND GET TO KNOW HIM so he would be more inclined to actually give feedback quicker. Which is fucking bs and I said as much. Bf is all like woah don't get so angry omg it's not so bad (despite complaining about how much it was holding him back previously) and he got annoyed at me for getting so angry. I've been annoyed on his behalf before, when he did someone a favor and they just replied "k can you do this too thx", and he absolutely refused to consider someone was taking advantage. And now bf is annoyed at me, and insinuated he'd rather I just listen and not try give constructive answers. Which is fine, I can do that, but no need to get annoyed and direct bad feelings towards me for trying to help out by just telling me i shouldn't get angry about it.

No. 494900

actually some advice on navigating this would be appreciated tbh.

Actually I'll add my theory to this to maybe justify why I'm so mad about it.
So he can receive treatment that I find…less than fair. I think any reasonable person would say it's less than fair, buuut he gets mad at me at pointing out that it's unfair instead of being annoyed at, you know…the actual situation where someone's being unfair to him.

And it COULD be that he genuinely sees it as totally normal and is annoyed at me for "blowing it out of proportion" (when I usually just start with "well that's unfair/presumptous/inefficient" and he's like "nah" so I try point out how I interpret the tone from the language used etc). Or…OR he does see it as unfair/shitty of that person but doesn't want to confront or acknowledge this, so instead transplants those feelings of friction on to me both because I'm putting it out in the open that that person sees or treats my bf poorly, and because I might be seen as a "safe" person to vent at.

Which I think fucking sucks, because in that work incident I was fully on my bf's side and it ended up with me recieving the cold treatment and apologising for making my bf feel bad about it.

Also, in terms of the boss suggesting he go to another country, I'm assuming he meant on the next work trip, nothing is planned, so wouldn't be anytime in the next few months. Soooo…like how is that in any way helpful omg such bs seriously.

No. 494902

You're probably completely right about the treatment being bs and he doesn't want you to be because it means he's a doormat.

My bf is the same and it just keeps on happening, and right now he's vomitting from stress caused by how much he's being pushed around by his superiors. I've been telling him for months to man up and be more assertive but it's probably too late for them to ever respect him and it only got worse with time. You're right to try to encourage him to fight against bs thrown at him but so many men are completely passive because they've never had to fight for respect.

So yeah. You being right and not overreacting means he's a pushover at work and he doesn't like that idea, which makes him act like a bitch to you.

No. 494905

Sounds like stomach flu, I get sick with it once a year. Today you're likely going to keep on shitting liquid even if you don't eat anything. In my yuro country we have a great remedy for diarrhea that is called smecta and is basically edible powdered clay, I don't know if it's available where you live though!
You might still have diarrhea tomorrow but you'll feel better already, however remember that you're still contagious so wash your hands thoroughly especially if you go working today.

No. 494908

Samefagging but also try to rehydrate properly! If you have a hard time eating you can get rehydration powder and mix it in water, it's better that just drinking water because you lose a lot of electrolytes with the diarrhea. There are also homemade recipes for rehydration solution available on the web.

No. 494909

kek sucks you live in flyover village, just move already

No. 494914

I fucking hate shaving and I don't get how some girls say they feel so smooth afterwards because I've NEVER had that feeling. I just shaved my pubes and the stubble is so itchy and gets stuck in my panties which hurts and I feel like a cactus how the fuck is this "smooth"? I use new razors and shave the same areas multiple times and still end up an itchy cactus. Girls how the fuck do you call this smooth and soft goddamn. Same thing with my legs btw.

No. 494926

Try waxing, laser or épilation but all of those can result in ingrown hairs.
Maybe you're using a shitty razor, I know that some are just nasty even if they're new. Safety razors are very nice.
If nothing else works, I guess you gotta go with the bush!

No. 494927

Thank you anon! I ultimately opted not to go to work today… I feel okay and the diarrhea seems to have let up a bit (have not needed to go for a full hour now wooo) but some wooziness still comes and goes and I was worried about dealing with my commute lol. I bought some bananas and jello to eat, though my mom got mad at me and told me not to eat that (because it’s going to make me poop she says??? idk im so fucking hungry I’m just gonna wait for her to leave for work before eating a few bites of one).

I’ll look into a rehydration solution though! I’ve just been carefully sipping on water here and there. I got some ginger ale at the store but I guess I should’ve picked up a sports drink too lol

No. 494929

Are you giving yourself razor burn? Don't go over the hair follicles so much because at that point you're just shaving off your skin. Opt for an electric razor and condition your pubes afterwards. Not as close of a shave, but less likely to get ingrowns.

No. 494934

I want to try hard wax on my own but I don't have the money atm. How easy and effective is it tho? I have an epilator as well but a lot of the hairs just get cut off instead of pulled out so it still gives me stubble (the epilator is a pricy good quality one tho) and I also had an accident with it where it sucked up my whole labia :))))

No. 494944

I don't get the obsession with removing all pubic hair.

No. 494951

I’m so fucking sick of waiting for the weed man when he says he’ll be one hour but takes fucking four so I have to sit around not able to fully relax the whole time and get a shitty answer when I ask what the fuck he’s doing. Why can’t it just be legal? I don’t want to drink disgusting alcohol I just want to smoke a goddamn joint but it’s so hard to find a weed man that isn’t a retarded cunt

No. 494954

Have gingivitis and rotting teeth due to genetics, bullimia and just too depressed/scared to see a dentist.
Finally gained the couraged but now it's so expensive. I'm trying my best to save, it's going great but now shit keeps happening. Hours being cut with no warning, random fees, increased rent.
I really just want to smile again. Is a GFM for 300$ dumb? Especially since I have no friends/online presence?

No. 494962

Might sound crazy but I pluck my pubic hair with tweezers

No. 494967

Super nitpick but it drives me crazy when people are active on their dating profiles and then it turns out they have no time to be actually dating anybody. Like they're going through major life changes like a move, or they just never have the time due to their jobs or being bespoke with friends.
I'm not the kind of person that needs to be attached at the hip, but it makes me feel so ridiculous to have to constantly renegotiate and jump through hoops just to make a single meetup a week work.

No. 494968

it's not that they don't have the time, you are just not a priority and most likely kept as a backup option

No. 494969

I don't care a lot about the hair but my bf wants me to shave. Yeah I know he can't tell me what to do but I don't feel comfortable knowing he probably thinks I'm gross or ugly due to my body hair.

No. 494971

Fuck! Is it me or is there an influx of handmaidens (larping trannies)??

No. 494972


No. 494975

Ew. I hope he at least shaves too.

No. 494976

You're exaggerating, she sounds like a normal person.

No. 494977

She sounds like a tradthot. Doesn’t even attempt to be like I shave my pussy for myself! uwu

No. 494978

Most "normal" women are handmaidens, so…

No. 494980

He does..
But I kind of wish he didn't so I could say yeah but you don't shave either
He told me it's okay if I don't shave but now I already know he dislikes it if I don't

No. 494981

Honestly I think men are socially pressured into liking certain things, a bush is a woman’s natural form and it’s not like to put men off 100s of centuries before they stopped being trendy. He’ll get used to it if he really likes you, if you wanna compromise just tidy up/ go for landing strip but there’s no need to do it if you don’t want to. I’ve never had a guy complain about hairs on my pussy, I shave regularly but my pubes grow extremely fast.

No. 494982

If he is less attracted to you because of it hat's clearly on him and says a lot about him. My bf has of his own accord gone down on me with a full bush and did not think it was gross/unattractive (although I trim now to make it easier for him). Then again my bf isn't a toddler. That's the kind of attitude you should expect a partner to have towards your body.

Really the worst part in all this is that it makes you uncomfortable. If you really want to give in you should ask him for tips, or just trim to minimize discomfort. The only way to be completely hairless is to wax btw, shaving always results in stubble the next day or few days after.

No. 494983

I was in a similar situation where you are now, except he didn't shave. But he wished I would and offered that he'll do it too. I tried it and it was shitty, didn't bothered to do it again and this thing caused friction in our relationship. I couldn't feel desirable at all, he didn't want to touch my pussy and when he did touch it was very awkward and it was obvious he did it because I asked. I'm hoping you can work this out because we couldn't. Thanks for reading my diary entry about my shit ex and pubic hair removal

No. 494984

Honestly, I think she should just hold off on shaving and see what happens. If he refuses to look or touch her pussy or starts to act differently because of it it's a tell-tale sign of him being an immature manchild.

No. 494986

File: 1576526336524.png (206.11 KB, 594x536, 1576467908602.png)

No. 494990

Wtf some men really force themselves to like women

No. 494992

For the first time in who knows how long I have a huge crush on someone. She's older than me, I'm definitely not her type and we see each other regularly anyway because of common hobbies. This is shit and I wish I could turn it off.

No. 495002

Was wondering why the guy I've been dating and have slept with hadn't asked me for a blowjob yet.
Apparently when he was 15 an ex of his gave him one but then purposefully bit his dick. He told me it makes him tense and he doesn't really like it.

I dunno, is it a win to never have to worry about giving your bf a bj?

No. 495007

It's a win if you are satisfied with your sex life.

No. 495011

What the fuck is with the obsession with incest. Not just from scrotes into fucking their mom/sister, but from women who treat Cersei and Jaime Lannister as couple goals and fawn over incest slash yaoi. Like do they have siblings? It's not regular taboo like BDSM - I could understand if it was something just vaguely exotic and alluring. But it's almost on level with pedophilia imo, there's fucked up power dynamics and it never happens without really terrible trauma that shouldn't be romanticized.

No. 495018

It's just new to me. Never met a guy that didn't like em.

No. 495021

So I'm having loads of anxiety currently because of my job. Here's the situation: I work at a fast food restaurant as a weekend worker. Now apparently, my schedule is fixed so that I have to work every other weekend. This was not mentioned anywhere in the contract nor was it mentioned verbally. Therefore, I thought you would get assigned shifts during the weekends that you could turn down and switch to another time, given that I'm being paid per hour. This is also my first job.

I just got assigned a shift on a day where I am overseas. I contacted my boss, asking if it was possible to switch and how to go about doing so (there is no information available anywhere so I asked her). She passive-aggressively told me that "If I had been to the information/mingle meeting last Sunday, you would've known that you are required to apply for vacation eight weeks in advance."

1. I wasn't at the meeting because I had a migraine, and had told the vice-manager (?) that.
2. I wasn't even hired eight weeks ago!
I politely answered that when I signed the contract two weeks ago, I had checked the schedule and only had two shifts in my schedule, not the shift I was asking about, so how could I have known? She then told me "Well you work every other weekend", which as I stated above wasn't specified ANYWHERE in the contract. Now I should have asked specifically before I signed the contract, but I still have loads of anxiety over this and feel like she now hates me and is going to fire me. I've tried reaching out to some co-workers (that I haven't even gotten to know yet) if they could switch shifts with me, but I have no idea how this will go down…

No. 495022

Cersei and Jaime having no sibling dynamics whatsoever probably makes it easy to ship. They're just two hot people who are ~star-crossed~. Most incest fantasies require an attractive character first and foremost, being related is just an edgy secondary.

No. 495024

some crazy bitch is trying to claim i am stalking her bf because he cheated on her with me (i didn't know at the time) and now they're trying to get a restraining order on me, even though we stopped talking a while ago. what she doesn't know is not only do they not have enough evidence, but i am close friends with a lawyer who is not only going to rep me for free, but is going to help me sue her for slander afterwards. i love when dumb bitches fail.

No. 495027


No. 495031

my dumbass experienced the ‘nice guy till you reject him’ for the first time recently where i’d seen some dude around at a bunch of concerts and we just talked.

didn’t think much of it and gave him one of social media accounts. my god did he start messaging all the time and trying to guilt trip me and shit and then playing innocent. after i blocked him, he lost his mind and kept trying to send me messages about what shitty person i am and how i need to apologise?

honestly my paranoia cannot put up with this i hate it lol. this is what i get for trying to be nice

No. 495033

>long distance/long term bf is miserable rn
>His parents call me to talk about the situation
>They're like 'we have to really be here for him'
>tfw I've been trying to support him for months and starting to feel apathetic bc no matter what I say his situation just keeps getting worse

No. 495037

how do you deal with the pain? I've plucked the odd few out and that shit hurts

No. 495042

I can never visit my mom's house because she adopted a fuckingh pitbull without caring about my opinion/situation (I have a small pet). Now she wants to have christmas at her house and I'm terrified of being mauled by that dog so I just can't go. I have cried over this so much and I feel like an asshole dividing my family. She knows I'm phobic of him but she just keeps describing how sweet he and it doesn't help my phobia. I keep imagining him snapping from sensing my fear and my family being unable to pull him away. He has a questionable background, he's young and has recieved no formal training. I hate that she got him without considering my feelings yet here we are. I'm afraid I wont be able go to my mom's house for the next 12 years so now. There's no solution to this because she has a pride issue and refuses to celebrate christmas at my grandparent's house or elsewhere. She also refuses to lock him in a room because it's cruel. I feel bad for not liking him and I'm sure he's a nice dog to them but… ugh this is painful and frustrating

No. 495044

>I can never visit my mom's house because she adopted a fuckingh pitbull without caring about my opinion/situation (I have a small pet).

Unless you live there, why does your small pet matter? Just don’t bring it to her house. And if you DONT live at her house, then why the fuck do you expect her to cater to you? Get a grip.

No. 495045

Just wait, she's gonna have to lock the dog in a room/cage because the dog is definitely going to try to eat someone's food. Most normal people with pets accommodate to guests and family. I'm sorry your mom doesn't care.

No. 495050

I don't expect her to cater to me. She just really wanted me to live with her yet didn't consider my fear or my pet and feels upset how I won't visit. It really breaks my heart but it just can't work how she wants it to.
Ugh thanks. We have to figure something like that out.

No. 495056

Nah fuck that, people gotta learn when their animals aren't appreciated by others. She can do whatever she wants in her own home, but I think it's really weak that she can't fathom to celebrate at someone else's house if she's not willing to accommodate the removal of the pet for the holiday.
Do you bring your pet around? If not, then that's all the more reason why it's fair.
She sounds like a social pain in the ass.

No. 495066

I wouldn't be bringing my small pet into her home. The dog doesn't get along with other dogs so he really doesn't have anywhere else to go.

No. 495079

Im a first responder and had to walk in a live shooting last week and am still recovering from a slight PTSD episode. Every single person in my apartment complex keeps screaming and slamming their door and it makes my heart race and makes me freak out until I'm sweating. I'm not saying the world should accommodate my needs but ffs can't people please be quieter? You don't need to scream "what" until you're blue in the face when you can't hear something, you don't need to slam your door Everytime you walk in your apartment.

No. 495081

don't work in that line of work if you can't deal with it, retard.

No. 495085

I have this weird complex with my body and I'm not even sure why. Basically any time I'm by myself, I really like my body. If I'm looking in the mirror after a shower or while getting dressed, I think it looks fine (with some flaws here and there). I have a nice shape and am a decent size…but the idea of being naked in front of someone terrifies me.

Not even just a significant other, but I can't even change in front of close friends or wear bathing suits without a t-shirt on top. I don't get why I can be so confident alone but when it comes to showing my body to people I want to cover up as much as I can. It's to the point that whenever I imagine having sex with someone, the lights are off or I'm wearing as much clothes as possible. It's a major factor of why I'm still a virgin, I can't get comfortable enough to let someone even look at my body, let alone interact with it.

It might be more of an intimacy (or vulnerability?) issue rather than a body image one but I hate it so much.

No. 495088

Calling someone a retard because they are experiencing the natural after effects of a live shooting in order to save the lives of others. You sure sound pleasant to be around

Anyway it's not that I can't handle it, it literally just happened last week. Every single person who experiences that will have mental trouble for the next few weeks. If we went by your rules everyone would just die because first responders are still human and I guess being human means you shouldn't work in that field

No. 495092

>expecting people to behave indifferently to shootings
This post was made by an American.

No. 495093

again, sorry you're not cut out for it. there are plenty of people who don't feel the way you do.

No. 495094

Honestly cannot handle apartment complexes for this reason. I have PTSD as well and I need my quiet and peace. I'm lucky I found an apartment that's basically a regular home, but sectioned off in two and it was way cheaper than what the actual apartment complexes were offering. I only got one neighbor to worry about and he's thankfully quiet.
The anxiety will ease with time, keep reminding yourself you're safe and it's just noisy neighbors.

No. 495097

Who exactly? But your logic literally the vast majority of the force "isn't cut out for it". Do you just want all first responders, firefighters, etc to just up and quit because they aren't fine and dandy a week after having to walk in a shooting? You honestly don't know what you're talking about and don't have a place to say who is and isn't cut out for things you don't understand.

No. 495116

I honestly despise people who try so hard to do something that comes naturally for some. I have a friend who literally went to school to learn how to compose music and I think that's just sad seeing him making an announcement every time he sits down and boots up Ableton.
I taught myself how to play and compose and I rarely ever make such a big deal during the process, only when I'm finished. I don't plan my recordings, it just comes naturally and sometimes I even forget to record because I'm just so in the moment and enjoying playing, I'm satisfied.
It's just so annoying seeing people try to mimick those who have the natural talent and they go overboard with it and act like they're better.

No. 495121

I'm so sorry. I haven't been through the same thing but my neighbors are absolute party animals with no respect for quiet hours and I've had to do a lot to sleep at all. Moved my bed as far away from the door and loud neighbors' wall as I could, earplugs every night, ambient music on loop and rainymood at almost maximum volume next to my head, melatonin. Noise cancelling headphones for the daytime help too, and there are some other potential options like noise cancelling foam. Hope things get better for you anon.

No. 495125

My father has 3 children by 3 different women (I'm the second) and possibly more I'm not aware of. He has a pattern of being neglectful and then up and abandoning us all when we reach around 9/10 years of age. He dodges child support and taxes too, I want to find this fucker and I want him extradited for fraud and thrown in prison. How is it just legal to do this to a wife and child? I'm angry there are absolutely 0 consequences and reporting him to the fbi or irs will probably get me nowhere. Fuck deadbeat dads, fuck you dad for leaving us with no money for school clothes and supplies, for having to get section 8 and financial assistance, all so you could screw around and make more babies you couldn't afford. I hope you're rotting in a thirld world shithole right now and remember the girls you fucked over while you die.

No. 495126

Maybe he generally likes making music despite sucking at it and wants to be better?
I can understand some of you’re frustrations but you sound kinda elitist.

No. 495127

You're the one acting like you're better, though. The guy is clearly having fun and you're the one saying he shouldn't because he isn't as good as you.

I bet you'll turn around and say there is no such thing as natural talent when you have to learn a new skill outside of your field of expertise and it's too hard for you.

No. 495129

I hope your phrasing is bad and you're not actually enough of an asshole to think that trying hard is somehow BAD, or that not being naturally talented warrants disdain? I have no clue how hard work = mimicking people with natural talent, it sounds like you're just looking for literally any excuse to talk yourself up for being ~so talented.

No. 495131

Sorry about the edgy retard that replied, and thank you anon for putting yourself through these traumatic events in order to help others.

Your neighbors sound very annoying even for a non PTSD person to deal with.

No. 495133

I've been a paranoid mess for the past few weeks, my meds are all over the place and it's so bad that I feel too anxious to leave rooms with a group of friends in it because I fear they'll talk about me.

On a related note I genuinely think i have some sort of brain damage. My learning disabilities are pretty bad and I just have a lot otherwise wrong of my ability to do things, react to things.. even speak sometimes. It could all be related to my mental disorders but I also used to smash my head against walls as a kid, followed up by OTC drug, opiate, and even a few times of crack use around my late teens. I could just be, well, paranoid though

No. 495138

Trying hard isn't bad, but he acts like he's a sudden expert. I do enjoy the fact he's interested in playing and composing, but he acts like a know it all most of the time. I don't think I'm talented, I know I'm not an expert. Maybe I just have more of a fixation on seeing the differences between someone who does something as a hobby and someone who's trying to do it as a career.

No. 495185

Fuck my anxiety. I'm an absolute fucking retard who worries about stupid shit all day. Someone didn't laugh at my joke? Time to obsess over how stupid I made myself sound for the next 48 hours and mope around and get nothing done. What the absolute fuck is wrong with me. I need to stop caring so much about what other people think, especially this girl who will never like me back. Half-tempted to break from any and all things social just so I stop coming up with stupid reasons to have a meltdown. I need a good lay or something.

No. 495188

You're acting like you're better right now

No. 495192

I have a laid back office job now but I feel bad that I exploit it. Like I have no set time to be there because I'm contracted and I self report times. Originally I got there at 8am, but now I find that I'm going in more towards 10am. Yesterday it was 11. All because I'm fatigued and wanna sleep in. I have an excuse in case I ever get interrogated, I'm gonna say I like staying a little later some days cause I get to interact and take on projects for the second shift director. That I like to get assignments early instead of next day, and learn more about different shift roles. Which is a half truth.
Then I exploit the fuck out of lunch. I usually take an hour but only report the 30, seems like everyone does this though.

No one cares if I leave early. No one is there to micromanage me. The only thing that matters is that I sit in that chair and make myself busy, but even then I can listen to an audiobook or music if I pop in ear buds. The projects that they do give me are relatively easy, and they only think they're hard cause they're boomers. I get remarks about how I'm efficient and do things quickly. So I know I'm not disliked. Coworkers make attempts to socialize with me, so I know no one particularly notices or cares what I'm doing.

I'm trying not to be ungrateful. I would've killed for even a scrap of this kind of freedom at my old jobs. It's hard not to feel like a slug though for taking a mile from an inch.

No. 495206

I’m pretty sure my pregnancy is going to miscarry and I’m weirdly upset that my husband and doctor are trying to tell me there’s hope and trying to cheer me up. I just want my doctor to give me the pill so I can get it over with, move on, and try again later.

I got convinced at my check up appointment this morning to wait another week to “see how things go” but I’m just so done at this point. I’ve already lost hope.

No. 495210

I think I get it. he's still just in music school but acts like the second coming of mozart online or something.

No. 495223

Since I got sick I'll probably have to throw out my leftovers from my work's birthday lunch. I know I shouldn't risk eating it since my stomach is still recovering but I fucking hate throwing out perfectly good food…

I grew up always hoarding food because my parents worked full time and weren't always home and I didn't know how to cook since I was young so I just learned to stretch out all of my meals, and to this day I do it even though I can afford to regularly buy groceries and can cook good meals for myself. It just feels like a part of my younger self is always there and always thinking "well if I had saved that food then I could've eaten now when I'm hungry." I hate this mentality and I hate that I would rather eat it and then feel miserable shitting my brains out than just accepting that I need to throw it out and eating foods that won't fucking wreck my insides.

No. 495245

is this the anon who was trying to get banned so she wouldn't be tempted to waste so much time here anymore? godspeed.

No. 495248

They wouldn't be hopeful if there wasn't any hope. And if you believe in it you can also increase the chance of it going well. Like when people feel depressed or stressed they can literally make themselves sick, so I'm sure feeling this way about it is not good for you.

No. 495249

I'm so annoyed at how immature many adults are, if you're over 20 why do you roleplay as a 6 year old? Teehee x3
God I want to hang myself around these people. I even know a 25 year old who acts like this. Come on you're almost 30 stop role-playing as a toddler, some adults don't like that.

No. 495262

File: 1576604006647.jpg (24.71 KB, 540x581, wojakJUST.jpg)

I'm currently begging my bf to use soap when he showers. He thinks that because he's asian and doesn't stink, he only needs to rinse with water. Why are men like this? I literally do not understand

No. 495266

LOL please explain to him that all other Asians still use soap. There's a difference between not really needing deodorant for your armpits because your sweat is chemically different and still needing to use soap to get bacteria, oil buildup, dirt, and dead skin off your whole body. And he still needs to do the latter.

No. 495267

I'm trying but he's spouting off some bs about how the skin needs healthy bacteria too. I honestly thought 3-in-1 shampoo/conditioner/body wash was the worst thing men were capable of. How I have learned.

No. 495274

Tbh I'd just fucking leave… If he doesn't respect your opinion on something as small and simple soap he's not going to give a fuck about your opinion elsewhere

No. 495278

Break up with him oh my fucking god

No. 495298

Dump him if he doesn't want to live up to the most basic of hygiene requirements.

No. 495299

> If he doesn't respect your opinion on something as small and simple soap he's not going to give a fuck about your opinion elsewhere

She would be equally not respecting his opinion on soap.

He would be equally justified in leaving because she doesn't care about his opinion.

This isn't about whether or not he should use soap, I'm just pointing out your hypocrisy.

You will never have a successful relationship like this.

No. 495300

Lmao don't stick with someone who doesn't know how to bathe himself. If other people can smell him, he stinks and he needs soap. There's no special asian gene that wouldn't make him stink from not bathing with soap.

No. 495310

Use soap.

No. 495313

…wow, do you really think "please wash your ass with soap" is an unreasonable request in a relationship? Huh.

No. 495314

Has nothing to do with soap.

It's about the lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy in dumping someone because they disagreed with your opinion, when you are equally not respecting their opinion and don't even realize it.

She didn't say dump him because he doesn't use body soap, she said dump him because he doesn't respect her opinion.

You will NEVER have a successful relationship like this.

No. 495316

>You will never have a successful relationship like this.
>You will NEVER have a successful relationship like this.
Why do you keep repeating this? You realize that, unlike /r9k/ and other internet hovels, most of us are not incels, right? That many of us actually have (or have experienced) good relationships and also happen to have standards (for example, a strong preference for men who actually wash their bodies, or are sane/humble enough to accept the basic knowledge to wash one's body. I understand this might be a bit too "Chad"-tier for some other types of men to accept)?
This isn't about ice cream versus frozen yoghurt, for fuck's sake. It's about basic hygiene. His opinion is clearly incorrect on this matter, and the fact that he's still holding steadfastly to it means he'll probably ignore her when she tries to point out something else he's obviously wrong about, even when it's more important.
You're speaking based on some ridiculous general principle for a very specific, clear-cut issue, and it makes you come off like an autist.

No. 495318

She made it into an issue on how to react when your partner doesn't agree with your opinion. It has nothing to do with the original soap issue.

If you're getting angry and hysterical to the point of breaking up over them disagreeing with your opinion, not even the topic they disagreed about, there is no way for you to ever be in a long-term relationship. You are on the mental level of a child.

No. 495319

I have an asymmetrical smile and im really self-conscious about it, even when I talk one of my lips tend to frown while the other smile, it looks so hideous and it made me not want talk to anyone face to face especially after I was mocked and made fun of for it when I was only 10.

No. 495322

>wimmens are angry and hysterical for expecting decent hygiene

Please just wash your taint, I beg of you.

No. 495323

breaking up with someone for having different opinions makes you retarded.

No. 495325

Fuck off, male. Nobody gives a single fuck about what comes out of your mouth. Go back to your own board.

No. 495326

Ok, so if you tell your bf "hey, please use soap because you don't smell the best" and he writes you off saying "Nah I don't smell and I'm never going to use soap" do you think he respects you? Not to mention that him smelling off to her is a fact… not as something as simple as disagreement in tastes. He clearly doesn't give a shit about what she says, and thinks she should just deal with the smell.

That's what I'm saying is grounds for dumping him. It's a huge fucking red flag from him. You can't stay with grown men who lack basic empathy and self-awareness because at their age they won't fucking LEARN. I mean having bad hygiene is terrible enough, but not willing to fix it for your partner is the shit cherry on the cake.

No. 495327

anon didn't even mention that he smells or not tho. my bf is chinese and he uses soap but never uses deodorant and never smells like anything, which is a bit insane.

No. 495328

I broke up with my fiance back in August and I just went for my well woman exam and I have a fucking STD. I have literally only been with him since my last well woman. Thanks prick. Never knew you'd been cheating too.

No. 495329

Ah, I misread the post, I guess she does specifically mention he doesn't stink. But still, does he not wash his ass or feet with soap? Gross. If you're with someone at the very least shower every day with soap out of consideration. I wouldn't want to be with anyone who lacked that much self-awareness.

No. 495331

she was kind of vague. asian guys are really weird anyway, so he probably really believes that. my ex believes in fan death (look it up) and there was no amount of proof i could show to change his mind.

No. 495337

And men call themselves the logical sex

No. 495343

Well woman exam..?

No. 495346

Is it a serious one anon? We're you symptomatic or not really?
Do you know if he cheated or if he's aware that he's a carrier?
If it's a serious std I'd pursue negligence or battery charges.

No. 495349

I kept having a nagging feeling that there’s an anon, possibly scrote, who’s been overly active around here. Types a specific way with fake ass stories, most of which, no one bothered engaging. So I guess he’s