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Gender critical and radical feminism define gender as sociological (feminine/masculine) and sex as biological (female/male). Woman is defined as an adult human female. Radical feminists seek to abolish gender as it is used by patriarchy to oppress women socially, reproductively, and financially. They strive to preserve women's spaces (such as restrooms, locker rooms, and health care providers) and areas of artistic and intellectual expression separate from men.

Trans ideology posits that one's gender is self-determined based on one's feelings and defines woman as the characteristics and behaviors traditionally ascribed to females by society. Increasingly, transactivists are conflating gender and sex and asserting that a person can self-identify both gender and sex.

Gender critical feminists strive to maintain the distinction between gender and sex. The conflation of gender and sex erases the biological reality of women, eliminates women-only spaces, and disestablishes women as a protected class. Existing laws and legislation currently being passed around the world allowing for self-identification on legal documents do not differentiate between gender and sex.

The acronym TERF (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminism) is used primarily by transactivists and their allies to denigrate radical feminists and other women who express gender critical ideas. Transactivists portray TERFs as violent oppressors by virtue of their ideas alone.

Posts of related news and web articles are welcome. Posts of photos, videos, and blogs of transactivists for the purposes of discussion and critique are welcome. Please refrain from derailing, infighting, and ad hominem attacks. This thread is not intended for the general discussion of feminism, sexuality, misogyny, or misandry.

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File: 1573318461769.png (35.48 KB, 297x289, 1563192675958.png)

Throwback to when a scrote send this to a mother of a murdered girl.

No. 481807

File: 1573318614748.png (351.09 KB, 788x582, FFFFFF.png)

No. 481810

File: 1573319655996.jpg (55.4 KB, 636x520, 1573298553941.jpg)


No. 481814

do people look at this and see anything other than a corporation trying to protect their "brand"? like, honestly who would believe a PORN COMPANY that being antiporn or porn critical is a bad thing??

No. 481815

File: 1573320477607.png (89.9 KB, 741x423, screenshot.PNG)

Seeing women who have been fed the TRA mantra ("cis women", "usually I do say people with uteruses") show hints of hitting peak-trans warms my heart.

No. 481818

What are the pictures he sent? What happened to her?

No. 481821

not sure what the pics are (I assume his dick out or cum on the pics or sth) but it looks like Bianca Devin's mom, Bianca who got decapitated by an incel she knew a few months ago

No. 481825

Love how this statistic is a roundabout way of saying "men are violent and need to be taught that getting their dick wet isn't a human right" but they present it as some reason to never criticize porn.

No. 481826

Its not even just corporation, apprently some "feminists" are against the anti-potn movement and saying the anti-porn community is a gateway ot the alt-right(necessaryspeed4)

No. 481843

It's also a blatant lie
>In a meta-analysis of 46 studies published from 1962 to 1995, comprising a total sample of 12,323 people, researchers concluded pornographic material puts one at increased risk of:
>- developing sexually deviant tendencies (31% increase in risk)
>- committing sexual offenses (22% increase in risk)

No. 481847


No. 481849

File: 1573330965898.jpg (96.92 KB, 465x850, Image2.jpg)

>Paul J. Wright, Robert S. Tokunaga, and Ashley Kraus, “A Meta-Analysis of Pornography Consumption and Actual Acts of Sexual Aggression in General Population Studies,” Journal of Communication 66, no. 1 (February 2016): 183–205.

Here are some masterposts with plenty of sources, including all the points on pic related

No. 481865

A porn company trying to convince people to watch more porn? Wow, who would have thought.

Also, why is necessaryspeed4 able to keep posting here, does she only get banned for 24 hours or something like that?

No. 481891

are there any good fictional books (preferably by female authors) that have strong, platonic female friendships in them? there are a fuck ton with male friendships (shawshank redemption, lotr etc) but I would really like one with female friendships.

I don't have much hope for finding one though.

No. 481892

My Best Friend's Exorcism by Grady Hendrix is a YA horror that has a strong theme of friendship between the two female main characters, or do you mean plain literature, no genre fiction and for someone a little older? Can't think of too many where the only plot is the friendship in the same way as something like Shawshank, but a few with friendship in addition to the main plot.

No. 481893

I was being pretty general, I'm open to pretty much any genre. Thanks for the recommendation.

No. 481911

File: 1573349655709.png (78.19 KB, 1012x462, topdyke.png)

what mental illness does toppdyke have? (other than being a self hating bisexual pretending to be a lesbian)

No. 481913

where can i find more rf drama like this besides radfemgossip? yes, counterproductive but there are so many 'feminist' cows too

No. 481919

most radfem drama boils down to radfems accusing other radfems of being handmaidens

>have a male partner, you're accused of being handmaiden

>didn't abort your male son, you're accused of being a handmaiden
>vote for a male poltician e.g Bernie, you're accused ob being a handmaiden

No. 481921

you getting called a handmaiden doesn't interest me. do you have any links or not

No. 481922

Wow she sounds unhinged.
Also just in general, there's nothing fucking wrong with being bi, just stick to dating women without denying your actual sexual orientation and no one would care. You can actively choose to only fuck women without it being some political lesbianism bullshit.

No. 481923

>40 year old with deep seated self-hate and identity issues who constantly fights with people on the internet actually has shady past and inconsistent values

Well, color me shocked!

No. 481938


Toppdyke had so much cow potential but other radfems are boring prudes and didnt milk the cow.

Someone should make a account pretending to be a 16 year old lesbian,befriend toppdyke take it in the dm's let toppdyke expose herself as the creepy predator she is and then screenshot it.

Toppdyke also has a very creepy history with young women/tennagers, she goes after 18-21 women mostly, is rumored she slept with a 17 year old girl and she mostly goes into the dm's of 15 year old transmen calling them ''COCKWORSHI1PERS''.

No. 481946

I read a radfem tumblr post once all about how less creepy it is for lesbians to hit on teenage girls, I thought that was gross. What made me sad was larpsandtherealgirl retweeted some shit like that, I always wondered what larps was like in real life.

No. 481956

I think toppdyke was the one who made that post….?
I wasnt active on radblr when larps still had her account.
I dont know much about larps other than the fact that she was okay with a white supermacist and harassed people,when she left radblr some people speculated that she became a mod at lolcow.

People who use the ''We are the same gender,im a homosexual so its okay for me to have sex with a child/teenager'' are disgusting and make the lgbt look like pedos, and the fact that fellow lesbians/gays dont care also makes it worse.

No. 481957

* I meant reblogged not retweet sorry, I could def see larps posting here at least. Larps claimed to be detransitioning but also acted like she was super feminine at the same time? She also blogged a lot of sam hyde memes and he's not friendly to women.

No. 481960

Yeah most of them are fake and project alot. They call women slurs like ''bihets'' ''cockworshipers'' ''troonfems'' and then most of them end up being exposed as the same women they criticize.

Do you know anything about raidz?she was also a radblr account that didnt seem very liked but there is no info about her and her account is deleted.

No. 481962

File: 1573360444722.jpg (88.25 KB, 297x876, tumblr_pbnzxo71Ik1rz7bs8o1_128…)

This is how toppdyke looks like.
This photo is also a couple of years old so she is even more haggard looking now.
This is also the same woman who claims that she sleeps with 3 women every day,and writes cringe-worthy wattpad-esque stories about hooking up with girls.

No. 481963

>She also blogged a lot of sam hyde memes and he's not friendly to women.

sorta related but has anyone noticed that a large majority of Tumblr radfems seem to like It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia for some reason

No. 481977

File: 1573364729165.jpg (135.38 KB, 1002x868, Untitled.jpg)

Ah, yes, we all know how men are not allowed to enjoy things now, they're so oppressed. And of course, they're a tranny.

No. 481978

Naomi Novik's two stand-alone books both have this, but especially Uprooted – there's a romance, but honestly, the friendship between the main character and her best friend is the real central relationship at the core of the book. Some other random recs: Woman World (collection of strip comics about a post-apoc world without men), lots of stuff by Jillian and Mariko Tamaki working separately and together but especially This One Summer and Supermutant Magic Academy, and I'm seconding My Best Friend's Exorcism.

No. 481979

Women world has troon chracters though

No. 481981

i think raids remade at some point? her new url was rudefemraids or something similar. i blocked her as soon as i saw it pop up so i don't know if it's still there. as far as i remember she was one of the ringleaders of the menalez hate mob.

No. 481985

Like radfemtori who prtented to be a radical lesbian femenist with a butch girlfriend but turned out she was actually a married stay at home Army wife

No. 481987

Perhaps benevolent sexism is relatively harmless compared to the other stuff that's talked about ITT but goddamn male pick mes can be annoying as fuck with the way they excessively put women on pedestals. Like I get man you made respecting women a part of your personality and that's cool, but can I just exist as a normal human being without someone always drawing attention to my sex by treating me as if I'm made of fucking glass? Thanks.

No. 482014

So is this general now radical feminism only or feminism in general? Can we recognize that liberal feminism was useful and did a lot of good but at the same time realise that radical feminism is the next necessary step?(posting porn and no spoiler)

No. 482031

File: 1573382250024.jpg (62.54 KB, 543x537, IMG_20191110_043634.jpg)

I'm unsurprised but saying a penis is male genitalia will get you banned on ResetEra lmao

No. 482038

I don't understand this logic that lesbian radfems have that anyone who has ever slept with a man is a bisexual polilez and that saying you did it for social pressure is bullshit because in west you can choose who you sleep with and no one forces you to do anything but then they are worried that young lesbians are pressured into sleeping with trans women

No. 482039

I'm enjoying the radfem tumblr milk, because I'm always seeing them getting into some shit, especially menalez (aka former kawaii blogger rnortal) for some reason. I've wanted to post about them for a while, but I was worried that some anons here would think I'm just a libfem/troon vendettaposting or something.
Honestly, if TRAs could pay attention, they wouldn't be trying to argue that "terfs" are bigoted cishet tradwives who "don't understand biology" (lmao). They'd just point out that their opponents can't even hold a decent, self-respecting community on a site as easy as Tumblr. They're the literal definition of "radfem spergs", and probably how the rest of the site sees farmers who use these threads.
>I dont know much about larps other than the fact that she was okay with a white supermacist and harassed people,when she left radblr some people speculated that she became a mod at lolcow.
Wild if true.

No. 482046

>I dont know much about larps other than the fact that she was okay with a white supermacist and harassed people
Any proof of that (or at least more details)? Especially the white supremacist thing. I've read her blog a few times and enjoyed it a lot, that's such a shame if true.
>when she left radblr some people speculated that she became a mod at lolcow
Are Radfems on tumblr aware of lolcow? How does even such gossip start lmfao

No. 482047

File: 1573386691200.jpg (264.49 KB, 1920x1080, IMG_20191110_054951.jpg)

There's a log in Death Stranding where a character rambles on about neo-genders and troons are upset about it.

No. 482048

File: 1573386956401.jpg (37.2 KB, 500x557, KIG.jpg)

praise Kojima

No. 482053

File: 1573388466971.png (833.67 KB, 1080x1832, Screenshot_20191110-061731(1).…)

My favorite part is the fact they cant even acknowledge this is one of the first, if not THE first AAA game that follows their narrative to some degree. They just blow it out of proportion.
Bless our aphobic king Kojima.

No. 482067

menalez is so fucking annoying, she it always stirring shit with someone. i don't understand how anyone can follow her the constant drama is exhausting.

does anyone remember that norwegian girl who was married and found out she was a lesbian after sleeping with a trans woman, then dated some mutant looking redneck from america who was always having gold star battles with some other group of dykes?

No. 482068

I don't know shit about vidya but
>"This might literally be the worst thing Kojima has ever fucking done, and he once made Big Boss go on a date with a child"

According to this person aPhObIa is worse than pedophilia? These people are so sheltered it's beyond belief.

No. 482073

gold star battles as a whole are just super wierd, like have these people never heard of compulsory heterosexuality

No. 482076

But anon, anything an author writes is 100% their own opinion, it's not as if they can write fictional characters and situations they don't personally agree with, nope!
I mean I think triggering genderspecials and aces (who aren't LGBT/kweer) is fucking hilarious and I love Kojima for adding this to the game, but there's no way we can guarantee it's his personal views unless he explicitly says so. All these people have autism Istg.

No. 482077

Eh, I like menalez for the most part. She has a tendency to feed the trolls and has had a couple of questionable takes but I don't think she comes close to deserving the harassment and threats of doxxing she gets from certain rudefems.

No. 482080

I miss witwitch's blog because it was the best one for radfem and anti-pornography resources. She had so many great quotes tagged by topic.
Does any other blog on the tumblr feel the void?

No. 482082

>radfemtori who prtented to be a radical lesbian femenist with a butch girlfriend but turned out she was actually a married stay at home Army wife

that wasn't radfemtori that was another fake lesbian but was actually an Army wife

No. 482101

They know he’s Japanese, right? Even if this reflects his own opinions which is questionable, he’s not writing from the real pit of SJWism. He’s writing from a cultural background of concern about birth rates and declining human connection (AKA one of the most major and widely known issues Japan is facing) and pairing it with awareness of global trends since the game has an American setting. The most so-called intersectionalist Americans sure love shoving their ethnocentrism down everyone else’s throats and assuming every other nation has the same social dynamics and particular issues as them, though. How dare any of his concerns arise from issues he knows from his own home country!

No. 482103

How do Gender Critical people feel about women with naturally high testosterone

Most notably in cases with olympic athletes, but just in general

Treat them like men or treat them like women?

No. 482113

Holy shit of course treat them like women because they are women. Hormones don't determine your sex but your genes and genitals do. When it comes to athletes, they should be allowed to compete if it's their natural test. Obviously nobody should be supplementing but I wonder if there's a surefire way to tell someone shooting up vs having naturally high test.

No. 482128

File: 1573406898852.jpg (559.45 KB, 1080x1920, kjtkehphitx31.jpg)


No. 482130

How would we even know? Most women don't know their exact hormone levels, not to mention testosterone raises during menstruation. Where is this coming from?

No. 482133

Maybe I can't read but I don't see where this says anything about troons? Isn't it just talking about asexuals?

No. 482136

I respect this. There's nothing wrong with acknowledging that you don't like your body and that additionally you wish you could live in a way that is currently called the female gender role, though obviously I wish that these outdated gender roles and restrictions would be dissolved in the future. I don't even really take issue with preferred male or female pronouns as long as it's seen as a preference and not a rule under threat of punishment, and as long as it doesn't interfere with things like private female-only spaces or the ability for medical practitioners to do their jobs properly. This user seems very reasonable and it's fair I think to just see MTFs and FTMs as separate categories of people who want to live LIKE the opposite sex does in our current culture rather than go about insisting "men have periods" "women have penises" and so on.

No. 482143

File: 1573410410989.png (39.26 KB, 769x269, img01.PNG)

No. 482144

didn't she became a white nationalist or some shit?

No. 482150

I just saw a video about a few olympic athletes being banned from competing because of their hormonal makeup

With that being said, what about intersex individuals?
I'm only asking about this because there was a specific example of a female athlete being inspected one year and passing the "test" because she had female genitals, but failing subsequent tests because she had a y chromosome

I'm not trying to start any drama, just curious

No. 482151

I thought that was Celestia?

No. 482160

Intersex people are a totally different thing. I don't think someone with XY chromosomes should compete against women, no, but I'm not going to argue about how someone with an intersex condition identifies. A lot of them have their ambiguous genitalia modified as infants against their will, you can't really compare that to a troon who deliberately chooses to cut off his dick. I'm sick of trannies using intersex people as an excuse for their own insanity, tbh.

No. 482174

File: 1573420925872.png (109.21 KB, 500x710, all-you-normies-out-here-fucki…)

No. 482178

Intersex is something different entirely, but in general I'd go by testes and ovaries because that is by definition what separates male and female. So even with a Y chromosome I would still consider them a woman. Even if they have increased testosterone or whatever. I have no idea what the hormonal balance of an intersex individual looks like.

What condition entails an individual having ovaries and also having a Y chromosome? I'm curious

No. 482189

This is obviously a joke taking the piss out of lolifags, jfc

No. 482190

umm hell no. kojima is deviant antiwoman scum

No. 482192

>Issa joke
>As if the proof of all the scrots who use to "joke" about hating Jews and blacks ended up actually going out and buying Nazi flags and joining the KKK isn't enough proof of how these "jokes" work
>As if joking about sexualizing toddlers is okay
>As if there aren't scrots out there who will take this seriously and actually fap to toddlers
>The fact there's documentaries on men who molest actual children and justified it because of pedo jokes

The "issa joke" thing would be valid if males haven't proved to us the lengths they're willing to do for these "jokes", they had their offensive joke rights taken along time ago when they stopped being able to handle it without it evolving into something serious

No. 482194

saying its a joke like porn of infants/toddlers doesnt exist
joking about it only makes it harder to address how disgusting it is, eg: your scote-logic comment

No. 482197

This is just a vent but I have a super anti-SJW female friend who cracks racist jokes, sexist jokes, says the n-word, etc and shits on trans men/trenders but will defend trans "women" to the death. It drives me insane

No. 482199

Is your friend shuwu?

No. 482202

It's because she knows trans women don't care about racism and sexism, they just use it to cover their asses.

No. 482203

I dont mind menalez except for the fact that she uses being ''black'' as a sjw points tool instead of a race, especially with how she is only 10% black at max.
She seems to view south east asians as inferior because she always talks about how people view her as south east asian and how she finds that insulting.

No. 482205

File: 1573430148439.png (311.83 KB, 421x750, tumblr_inline_pb46oskdDO1r0jzp…)

I found a rare picture of toppdyke's stripper years.
Reminder that this is the same woman who calls girls/women sexist slurs like ''dickworshipper'' ''bihet slut'' and tells them to get raped.

Why the fuck are there still radfems who support this crazy bitch who is a sexual predator,lies about being a lesbian and treats women like disposable sex dolls.

No. 482215

yeah but troons are calling this particular MTF an uncle tom

No. 482218

thier were also a couple of radfems who used to date white nationalists as well and they would also try to justify it by saying that since all men are inherently shitty them dating white nationalists would be the same as dating men aren't white nationalists

No. 482241

Yeah, some men are obviously shittier than others though. Lol even ITT anons admitted to having conservitard boyfriends who are pro-choice. Imagine dating men who want to strip you of rights.

No. 482243

Eh my bf is rightwing and we don't agree on everything but we have a great relationship and that's what matters, he's pro-choice btw

No. 482244

Case in point.

No. 482248

To my knowledge, she didn't take an x-ray so they didn't look into whether or not she had ovaries–they just made her strip and a bunch of doctors stared her down
They actually did this a lot when testing like this became big news
Just a vagina rather than a penis–but I'm sure a condition where women who do have a Y chromosome can develop all typical female parts
At least, according to a quick google search, there is at least one girl who has had that happen

No. 482269

Sorry I'm not dating a porn sick loser who think all TIMs are stunning and brave

No. 482277

File: 1573451108274.jpg (20.31 KB, 416x234, quiet-2-416x416.jpg)

I'm curious as someone who doesn't play vidya, how bad is the misogyny in his games? I've heard a few times that his games are generally misogynistic but he did apparently make one of the most important characters a woman and I've come across a few female fans of his games online. The "Quiet" and "Mama" shit doesn't look good though for me as an outsider.

No. 482285

Is your BF actually right wing? What are his most prominent political views? I think we need to realize a lot of super leftists, most notably autistic males, skew the definition of what's considered right wing nowadays. And the same could be said about super right wingers.

No. 482292

How the fuck is kojima antiwomen?
His games have a lot of fanservice but they are like the only big AAA titles that sexualize not only women, but men as well, which is a big plus. The Quiet backstory thing was 100% retarded (especially since it contradicted the series lore) but that's all. Also name other game than MGS2 that features a heroic female soldier with hairy armpits.
Kojima doesn't seem antiwomen but rather libfem (women can be beautiful/sexy and strong uwu). His games are by no means radfem heaven, but nothing to get offended over.
I sincerely hope that the ladies of DS have well developed personalities.

No. 482305

>because women are sexualized the solution is to sexualize men as well

fucking libfems

No. 482314

Making a "joke" about raping babies is pretty fucked up regardless, js

No. 482318

KEK this situation never happens. No matter how masculine a woman appears, we all know she's a woman. Take a look at women with PCOS, some growing full on beards. They still look like women.

No. 482336

He doesn't like Donny and thinks libertarians are Idiots and he's both pro 2A and pro-choice

No. 482339

I'm not a libfem just because I am not triggered by a ridiculous game series full of sexy characters of both sexes, which are also pretty damn memorable and full of personality.

I'm not saying MGS or Kojima are perfect, but it's not like things are either 100% radfem approved or women-hating.
I also honestly believe that it's weird to shit on MGS/Kojima when there are plenty of shit games which don't have any of the redeeming points (strong plot and well written characters in general, everything about the Boss, Olga and Sunny Gurlukovitch, Eva/Mama being allowed to grow old and still remain an important player in the plot, Meryl growing into a non-sexualized badass… and yes, sexy guys are a plus if you want to have sexy heroines. It's harmless fun for all. Did you know that Raiden aka MGS2's bishonen protagonist became a thing after Kojima got a letter from a female fan complaining that she does not want to play as some old geezer, but an attractive guy?).

MGS is known for being both too serious and too silly at times. I would not mind to see some features/scenes go, but it's hard for me to get offended about a series of games that allows you to buy a figure of either a soft boob Quiet or soft ass Snake. It's so fucking stupid it makes me laugh.

No. 482344

File: 1573476174883.png (283.44 KB, 600x505, CHRIST.png)

>Woman World (collection of strip comics about a post-apoc world without men),
>Women world has troon chracters though

…….How ? like If there was a specific plauge that wiped our male humans how the fuck did MTFs somehow magically survive

No. 482349

The funny thing about the women's world is that the elder is a fucking tranny.

No. 482351

quiet is a pure bait character that was used to cause a shitton of tinfoil from peacewalker.
MGS actually has some really awesome female characterslike the legendary OG Boss, sniper wolf, meyrl, amanda, Dr. Strangelove, Dr. Naomi hunter.
I've played a bunch of the games.

No. 482354

So Leah Tverly is apparently single now, how long do you they think she'll stay single this time

No. 482359

Honestly hating on Leah is overrated and stupid.
If you compare leah to actual problematic ratfems like toppdyke,larps,raidz etc. Leah is the most normal one out of all of them lol.
Leah may rage on her videos but she is NOT a hypocrite and lives her life by her words which i respect that.

Maybe we should focus our attention on toppdyke who is 41 and uses underage girls like sex dolls.

No. 482367

File: 1573485539172.jpg (114.52 KB, 1280x1280, strangelove.jpg)

For me personally MGS is a series where the sexualization doesn't really bother me. It doesn't happen exclusively to the women, and if you can look past the occasional cringy shit the female characters are actually quite well written. They often have really important roles and multi-dimensional personalities. There are also quite a few female characters that aren't sexualized, and LGB characters that don't feel like forced pandering. So yeah, I don't think Kojima is the biggest offender when it comes to this type of stuff.

I haven't played Death Stranding yet but the female characters seem pretty sensible, I think Norman Reedus is gonna be the only one with his assets out in the open.

No. 482370

She went on a rant about how all women should kill their husbands and then midway she actually started crying into the scarf she was knitting, all because some guy she was stalking didn't like her back

No. 482371

kojima has way more homoerotic fanservice than misogyny. he puts some awkward shit re: women in his games but it seems clear he wants to objectify men more

No. 482378

File: 1573488816279.jpg (55.57 KB, 612x758, o8h6684ofr131.jpg)

Yup, he seems more gay than sexist. And aren't men in DS able to be pregnant? Or did I see that wrong?
There are loads of game developers who are way more problematic than him.

No. 482382

>Why the fuck are there still radfems who support this crazy bitch who is a sexual predator,lies about being a lesbian and treats women like disposable sex dolls.

This isn't new just look at Valerie Solanas, she's hailed as a lesbian radical feminist Icon but truth was that she was not actually a lesbian and in fact hated feminists and feminism and duped feminists into supporting her so that she could get away with attempted murder

No. 482387

Yup its things like these that make me embarrassed to call myself a radfem.
Because radfem's will defend any problematic woman as long as she says she is a lesbian.

Solanos was also diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and thought people were out to get her.
But i do give her credit for making radical feminism popular (even though she was against feminism) because sometimes it takes extremism to gain traction.

No. 482394

He clearly wants to fuck Mikkelsen.

No. 482407

how is quiet getting strangled with the camera on her tits not worth getting offended over? how about a teenage girl getting a bomb grabbed out of her pussy? you're seriously retarded.

No. 482408

Metal gear games, with solid snake crouch sneaking around all the time, were basically about staring at a dude's tight butt for hours at an end.

No. 482409

This assumes that Kojima read or even wrote, every last piece of world lore in his game.

No. 482422

>conservative but still pro-choice
>stripping women of rights

r u high

No. 482435

The Quiet thing I cannot comment on as MGSV is the only canon game I haven't finished. You make me want to look up cutscene movie, but I hope that after DS I will be in mood to go back and finally finish the game from start to finish.
Paz's death was presented as fucked up and tragic, not titillating (which would make it offensive in my eyes). The protagonists were trying to save her when when the bomb thing happened. Everything that happened to her and Chico in Ground Zeroes was meant to portray the inhumanity of war. I do not see your point here. Are stories not allowed to touch on atrocities that happen in our world? Again, it's not like terrifying things do not happen to male characters as well. Otacon was groomed and statutory raped by his stepmother, which fucked him up for years.

If I wanted to criticize Kojima's portrayal of women is that too often they self-sacrifice for the greater good instead of making a difference by fighting til the end and coming out alive (Olga, Naomi, The Boss, Paz, Eva though at least she was old as fuck, Quiet… oh and Emma, which I would consider the worst character had she not been a deconstruction of the fetishized lil sis type of character) It's not that noticable unless you think about it, though.

No. 482446

File: 1573507600700.png (32.43 KB, 603x265, index.png)

Ok I know this is 5 days old so will sage but what happened this time? I mean, i know about the first reason he left twitter but what happened this time?

No. 482454

SA–ugh, true. I blocked out how dumb that particular bit was I guess, lol. I have sympathy for the cartoonist though, if she hadn't added something she would have taken so much shit

No. 482460

No one ever said Solanas was a lesbian though? She quite clearly states she's volcel in the Scum Manifesto. It's also pretty clear you shouldn't read the scum manifesto as theory (like you would read Dworkin) but more as poetry or like you would read the Dadaist manifesto.

Also didn't Warhol steal one of her plays while she was working for him? Not denying she was batshit crazy but I'm no fan of Warhol either.

No. 482461

I haven't read the whole scum manifesto but the parts I have have resonated with me. It's very dark and cruel but it's coming from such a real place of pain I can't hate it.

It really is a piece of art not a game plan. To me at least.

No. 482465

Does the overall tumblr radfem community even support td or raids? I usually see them written off as the crazies of the community.

No. 482466

Does the overall tumblr radfem community even support td or raids? I usually see them written off as the crazies of the community.

No. 482475

Got Buck Angel, who's a "transmedicalist" and doesn't believe in non-binaries, to do a like 8 second voice over for one of his videos, thus giving the twitter retards the ember to start another "Contra wants to genocide all enbies" forest fire.

No. 482485

wasn't the SCUM Manifesto that was publicly released the first draft and not her intended version

No. 482498

Thanks for the info, I guess a lot of trans people hate nuck angel despite buck angel being trans himself?

No. 482499

nta but a my boyfriend has some right wing views and some of the stuff he believes in makes me uncomfortable at times. He is very anti-refuguee and although I've explained to him that being critical of the procedure and being worried about the impact of bringing refugees in is one thing. He believes that Syrian refugees live in mud huts pretty much, have absolutely no skill sets and can not imagine them to even be relatable at all to us. He thinks that since I couldn't name a Syrian city and don't know much about the full history off hand that he is right.

He also insulted me by saying that I am a racist because I use the term poc and said I'm a white girl that advocates for people who don't care because institutional racism/sexism isn't a thing

No. 482510

i'm not white but using the term "pee oh cee" is cringe, even to me
it feels like being called colored in a politically correct way

No. 482511

yeah a lot of us don't like being called POC, just call me what I am or say black/brown

No. 482533

I don't call black/brown people POC to their faces, POC is just a non offensive way of saying non-white minorities

No. 482538

saying non-white isn't offensive. and what about the term people of color has anything to do with a minority status?

No. 482563

A lot of them are, especially GTA and saints row that are specifically made to fuel retarded men's "all hot chicks are resistable to me and I will reject them until they're fighting over me and begging for me" fantasies, and since men are easily meme'd it's another reason why men are starting to lose their shit when they get rejected because they can't handle the fact it ruins their fantasy

No. 482570

I automatically read POC as "piece of crap" since that's what christian kids typed instead of POS to double-censor their curse words on giaonline when I was like 12.

No. 482571

They don't have any widespread support. they have a couple of cronies, but they're really just radblr's variation on the token psychos you get in most internet communities.

No. 482582

Am i the only one who noticed that gay men love putting their hands on women?
Like a gay man will get any chance he gets to fight a woman.

No. 482591

having a bf that doesn't see inequalities in society plain as day and want to see them fixed is pretty dumb, and generally that's too 'sjw' or 'cringy' to anyone but men who are on the self reported left. if it's not apparent to a man then that means he's callous and/or stupid, and why would you want to fuck that? just being pro-choice is nowhere near enough, and generally they're only pro-choice insofar as that they're terrified of becoming a baby daddy and having to fork over $300 a month. fiscal policy that is not progressive is hugely harmful to people, ESPECIALLY women, in what we know to be a very, very tangible way, and not having progressive economic views means your male is a massive dumbass. men are some of the biggest bootlickers for the wealthy and most men you'll come across who aren't on the left are generally going to be covert or vocal social darwinists that could not care less. they are very sympathetic to that viewpoint in general, even when it doesn't benefit them, that's still where their loyalties lie.

kek of course this was a scrote.

No. 482620

Having a bf who wants to take away your rights is a pretty big elephant in the room. That's just me though. You can continue coming up with any rationalization for why it's okay.

No. 482625

Is this what right wing means now?? I need guns and I don't need even more chauvinist scrotes in my country.

No. 482632

no. anon and her bf are just idiotic and don't know what left, right and center mean.


suuure he does. there are leftist arguments for gun ownership (i don't agree with them in the US) and a lot of people on the left arent cool with illegal immigrants. at most he'd be a centrist just with those but if he's out here calling himself a right winger willingly and he's so stupid that he thinks Syrians are living in mud huts, you're overestimating his competence and compassion, i can almost guarantee. if he didn't identify more with right ideology, why would he call himself a right winger so willingly? no one in America would call someone who only believes in just that a right winger. the overton window in America is hilariously skewed to the right, even chapo tards (most of which are pro 2a) wouldn't consider this right wing. most centrists are right skewed, so he would easily be called a centrist or center leftist. why would he choose to identify as something that is known in America as being much, much further right that what he claims to believe? doesn't add up. don't buy it or your male apologia.

No. 482634

You sound severely mentally ill. There is no meaningful stigma around the term right wing. Especially now when you can be left leaning on most things, but against having your country invaded and that's enough to be called far right. If identifying as right wing wards off people like yourself, then it can only be a good thing.

No. 482636

I honestly don't believe in what's aligned as right or left wing politics. Just simply beliefs and which laws you agree with more strongly or disagree with. The right/left wing idea is just males being competitive with each other. That's why the far right and far left are mostly made up of aggressive men, because they're so competitive. They call less right/left aligned people traitors and tell them they're actually the opposite of what they believe in.
Honestly, just be a decent person. You can have your own business for your own profit(a "right" wing ideal) and donate your earnings to non-profit organizations (a "left" wing ideal) at the same time. Don't fall for what men, constantly at war with each other, deem is right or wrong: think independently.

No. 482642

I could never get into GTA but I've played two of the Saints Row games. I didn't have a problem with SR because it's obvious that the world they live in is a dystopian nightmare where all the bad things in this world are exaggerated. It's also possible to make the MC female.

>fiscal policy that is not progressive is hugely harmful to people, ESPECIALLY women
There's so many components to progressive fiscal policy I don't see how you could condemn anyone for being either for or against it without further definition. What if someone believes in the welfare state but not universal healthcare? What if someone believes in increasing the tax burden on the middle class while not taxing the elite?
What if someone agrees with it to a certain point but understands that it can be taken to the extreme?

No. 482644

did you comprehend literally anything that i said? it's like you didn't even read a word of it. nearly no one in america would consider him a right winger for being pro universal healthcare, pro maternity leave, just because he's pro 2a, but against illegal immigration. are you going by twitter's hyperwoke echo chamber that has practically no bearing on reality? even then, they don't consider being pro 2a a right wing position. most democrats are pro 2a, and plenty of 'leftists' are pro 2a. gun control is not being NOT pro 2a. it's far too embedded in american history for politicians to come out as anti-gun in america. it's basically political suicide in america and is not feasible. he would not be considered a right winger in america, so his willingness to call himself a right winger suggests to me that he shares more in common with them than that if he wants to be identified as it. are you defining actual political terms by what two retards on twitter say to you and not what real life politics in america are, or what? in REAL LIFE everything in america is skewed to the right, that's why we can't have centrist policy proposals without them being deemed socialist. no politician, no party, no anything, is considered "far right" for curbing illegal immigration and being pro 2a. for fuck's sake, obama deported massive amounts of people and is pro 2a. he's thought of as considerably or very left by most of the american populace. and again, being pro 2a is not just a right wing position.

>What if someone believes in increasing the tax burden on the middle class while not taxing the elite?
that's literally not progressive fiscal policy. neither of your examples are progressive, not even remotely, but especially not the last.

No. 482645

>that's literally not progressive fiscal policy
Taxing the middle class to provide services to the poor is progressive fiscal policy. Supporting the welfare state is supporting progressive fiscal policy regardless of if someone supports other tenets of progressive fiscal policy or not. Also I fail to see how recognising that progressive fiscal policy has the potential to be harmful if not correctly managed means that someone is outright against it.

No. 482662

wow anon somehow you btfo hundreds of years of complex political thought, politics are complex alright and while I do believe in being in a good person regardless of politics I know political identities are a real thing that sometimes can't be ignored

No. 482687

>develop a crush on a guy I met online
>he was really nice when he thought I was a dude
>I tell him I'm a woman, and suddenly he starts getting creepy and asking for nudes
>everything I say he either turns it into a dumb joke or acts like a condescending asshole
>once I told him about predatory TiMs and concerns women have
>calls himself a 'feminist' and tells me I'm sexist
>rambles on about bullshit that just all boil down to 'shut up woman'
>keeps pulling shit I never said out of his ass, ex. "oh so you want to KILL all transwomen?"
>doesn't believe me when I tell him about AGP freaks because 'anyone would be able to spot a fake trans'
>send him examples of them
>"it's not a trans issue! it's a psycho issue! women could do the same!"
>claims women are lazy and don't fight for their rights and are dependent on men yadda yadda
>dismisses whatever concerns women have. man in women's shelters? "lf you don't like it go recover in a private resort then" oh gee, why didn't any abused woman think of that?
>throughout this whole conversation I've never insulted him once while he calls me ignorant, whiny, etc.
>continues to insist that I'M the sexist one

How can you be lack this much self-awareness? Men are a fucking joke.

No. 482693

File: 1573571854388.png (402.08 KB, 539x937, what.png)

Am I reading this correctly? If you don't like the social roles associated with your sex then instead of trying to fix it you should just run away and change your gender since those problems are clearly just inherent and males can't ever peacefully be friends like the animu girls can. These people are supposed to be the progressives, this post had 500 notes so a lot of them seemed to agree with this.

No. 482697

TRA ideology has gotten to the extent that being any kind of gender non-confirming means you're "trans" just by virtue of GNC being "not cis". E.G. everyone to ever live as no one can fully embody sterotypes that change depending on context and observer. It's like some sort of inverse gatekeeping where you insist people who don't even want to be in your group are included like with all this "egg" bullshit.

No. 482698

So, the progressive solution to fixing the shitty social norms built by/for men is to just switch to another gender, based on fantasies about that gender made up by other men?
Why are they like this? Why couldn't they watch moe anime and be like "Yeah, guys should be nicer to each other and stop giving into pressure to be as violent as possible to "be a man"."? Why is it "Why couldn't I have been born a girl? I must actually be a girl on the inside omg"?

No. 482699

Because men and masculinity can never be challenged or criticized or you're dismissed as a crazy 'feminazi' man-hater. Even men don't want to deal with men.

No. 482721

>White girls want to be Japanese girls to live like moe anime and are mocked
>White men want to be Japanese girls to live like moe anime and they're given pity, support, and law changes to aid them

No. 482797

Right after i wrote this one of my friends had a bad experience with a crazy gay guy trying to pick a fight with her and kept calling her a ''bitch'' ''cunt''

Men never fail to prove my point.

No. 482816


This guy murdered his wife of 35 years and said he did it while he was sleepwalking, even though it was in the middle of the day. The defense didn't hold up thankfully and he got sentences to 75 years, but this isn't the first time I've heard of a man murdering his wife after a long marriage. It scares me that you could be with someone 10, 20, 30 or more years and he just decides to kill you one day. I don't trust men and I never will.

Obviously there were probably warning signs, but still…

No. 482838

File: 1573611045199.png (454.43 KB, 706x2155, incelsme.png)

Incels come to their senses

No. 482843

jestermaxxing? that's a new one

No. 482881

No. 482941

Is it just me or are incels often less misogynistic than MGTOW? I just read one of them use the term “mentally stable female” but mgtow would insist that doesn’t exist

No. 482942

The boys who want government mandated rape slaves and claim women are incapable of internal monologue or sapience are the less misogynistic of the misogynist bucket.

We can’t go extinct fast enough.

No. 482943

Honestly I’ve heard MGTOWs say similar things or even worse, they just lack the ability to critique themselves ever. I’ve seen them express desire to assault women in public, or gloat over the deaths of women, or fantasise about 14 yr old prostitutes, and much worse.

No. 482944

At least incels acknowledge they're shit, mgtow is cope and shameless, they have no issue demanding to shove "women are evil!" Propaganda down boys throats, basically incels are self aware at least

Then again incels often admit to posting mgtow stuff so obviously it's intertwined with the same people

No. 482945

A venn diagram of incels and self awareness is two circles so far apart you can’t see them both at once.

No. 482946

Is it even worth the mental effort to discern which is less misogynistic than the other when both want to rape us to death and the difference is negligible at best?

No. 482963

File: 1573648366539.png (131.51 KB, 819x512, pxi5i6eu8ay31.png)

I am simply blown away by how delusional this woman is.

No. 482996

No wonder this troon chose to date her. Holy shit, she honestly better be pretending so she doesn't hurt his poor feelings

No. 482998

>I'm a woman dating a man who looks like a man and wants to make a masculine impression, how to I convince everyone else in the world to see us as a lesbian couple?
[insert that Lynchian copypasta here]

No. 483004

No. 483007

Sorry if this is the wrong thread, but someone posted an old article (1950s?) about a young woman who thought the male love interests in movies were too old, but I can't seem to find it. Does anyone still have it? Thanks in advance.

No. 483008

I think that might have been posted in the female gaze thread? >>>/m/7604

No. 483009

File: 1573664074013.png (802.31 KB, 974x525, photoplay 1925.png)

Oh, it was older than I thought.

No. 483010

None of you understand what left and right-wing politics actually is because you're centering it all around American definitions. Being pro-2A literally doesn't apply anywhere else in the world. What you're actually debating is progressivism vs conservatism, not left vs right.

No. 483011

None of you understand what left and right-wing politics actually is because you're centering it all around American definitions. Being pro-2A literally doesn't apply anywhere else in the world. What you're actually debating is progressivism vs conservatism, not left vs right.

No. 483029

File: 1573672652967.jpeg (138.48 KB, 750x384, 10179DB4-D60D-458C-A97E-1D55DC…)

Why does it rub me the wrong way when a band full of straight guys posts shit like this? Instead of using a more general term like transphobes, they always target women, and more specifically radfems. Tweet is from Sam Ray of Teen Suicide (American Pleasure Club) who’s pretty much a minor indie-celebricow in his own right.

No. 483031

File: 1573673177397.jpg (96.6 KB, 1024x834, 38c.jpg)

literally who

No. 483033

…i see what you did there, im stealing this meme.

No. 483047

Because TRAs and MRAs are two sides of the same coin.

No. 483081

Some of the loudest anti-terf people I know are straight guys. Yeah, so brave, shitting on women you disagree with and calling for harm to them. So progressive.

As an aside, I've recently started getting back into fandom communities - what are your thoughts on drawn smut? Is there a line between 'healthy' erotic art and unhealthy art? I've always been pretty critical of hentai and a lot of furry porn while cutting fandom drawn porn some slack, and I wonder if it's an inconsistent way of looking at things.

No. 483095

File: 1573697635790.jpg (85.29 KB, 828x885, x20bkifpojx31.jpg)

Based Ray

No. 483105

Imagine going under intense body changes, mutilating yourself, and making yourself infertile because anime. Men are a meme

No. 483110


The top 2 comments are horrendous. Keep in mind that these are most likely all teenagers.

No. 483112

File: 1573705236968.png (97.2 KB, 996x458, 1562680993633.png)

based ray b

No. 483115

All gay male agression toward women stems from jealousy of women's sexual acces to all other males.

No. 483117

File: 1573707154073.jpg (39.07 KB, 477x814, FB_IMG_1573706624436.jpg)

what is wrong with men

No. 483120

File: 1573708360108.png (714.12 KB, 1125x1821, ymof2184fvu31.png)

Men: non-monogamous women are literally the pinnacle of evil and deserve all bad that comes to them
Also men: men are being FORCED into monogamy by GUNPOINT

How the fuck to they justify this in their heads? At least women who think vice versa take points of men being unsatisfied via comparing their currents to their previous. Men literally just want women to only have eyes for them but also want to go through women like food

No. 483125

>Is nothing but nice to him
>Bullys her
>Evil women!!!!

Male logic everyone

No. 483126

well yeah
to paraphrase the classic of projection
scrotes aint shit but sluts and tricks

No. 483133

Lbr proobably a fake story. I bet if anything he heard of some girl at school having some medical issue and he knew of her or something. Then he just dreamt up some weird power fantasy after to flex on 4chan. It's all around pathetic

They want women to be divided. Only women they'd have as their moms and women to fuck. I love that they shoot themselves in the foot too by claiming that they're all sex obsessed retards incapable of loyalty and love.

No. 483137

File: 1573715055946.jpg (218.06 KB, 1078x874, why.jpg)

"Straight" in my experience. They usually jerk off to trannies, so they cape for them. Of course, they'll jerk off to actual women too, but will be nowhere to be found on womens issues. Fuck men.

And here's another quality article, from the dipshits over at Penis News.


No. 483142

I swear to fucking god I hate polysexuals. They're just projecting their ultimate horniness and saying monogamy is a trap and everyone was meant to have multiple partners. Sex addiction is a mistake, please go to therapy instead of pretending fucking your friends/randos is the most natural thing.
The worst part is I've seen both men and women try to frame polysexuality as the best thing ever.

No. 483145

File: 1573717182106.jpeg (37.95 KB, 738x415, 98659DEE-67F0-4F1D-BF7D-271C85…)

So they took something good and sending a strong message to young girls and have made it all about gender specials. Fucking of course they did.

No. 483148

The character was written well("they" are a shapeshifter) but it was still unneeded trans propaganda in a show that's great for young girls.

No. 483149

Yeah, I hate to admit it, but the show itself is okay. God, the publicity surrounding it is pure garbage though.

Also, tonights South Park episode was about trannies in womens sports.

No. 483156

off topic is that bishi pretty boy supposed to be the main villain of She-Ra

No. 483159

File: 1573723006530.png (1.65 MB, 1487x949, n1bqOw7.png)

I've literally only heard of this band from they/thems on tumblr. They know where their bread is buttered.

I've been getting back into fandom too lately, and i find the constant gender discourse really weird. I think there's a line when it comes to art. Depictions of intimacy/sex/naked bodies in and of themselves don't bother me but explicit, fetish-y stuff does. It's hard to put into words. Basically the porn vs. erotica thing.
Speaking of fanart, I found pic related a few days ago and it honestly left me kind of speechless, but also really sad for the girl who made it.

I would have way less of a problem with this character if they hadn't cast a gross misogynist like jacob tobia, on a show that's supposed to be empowering for little girls. does he even have acting experience outside of this?

No. 483163


islam is probably the most anti-lgbt religion of them all, it's hilarious how these people delude themselves for woke points. she's even wearing a niqab so she admits that she's a woman after all because only women have to veil themselves in islam. i wonder if she actually practises islam and goes to the mosque etc. wonder if she told any devout muslim she knows irl that she is "non-binary qweer" or whatever. haram as fuck.

No. 483166

The loudest and most aggressive "anti-TERFs" are either straight men or tranny chasers who want to validate their fetish as some form of wokeness. The straight men usually don't even give a shit about trannies, they're there just to take the chance to hate on women in public and being celebrated for it.

I love how they always straight out admit that "fetishizing moeshit made me realize I'm actually a cute girl inside living life on the easy mode, tee hee" like in >>482693
but get mad when someone else points it out.

My exact thoughts when they outright mentioned "This is a world where almost all of your mains are women" and then just make it all about muh trans bullshit.

No. 483167

If by straight guys what you mean is straight, and not "straight" they just say they're anti-TERF because they think that's what they're meant to in order to get laid. Behind closed doors they're as disgusted by weak men that invade women's sports and bathrooms as everybody else.

No. 483173

I think something that pisses off men is that these are bottom of the barrel tier men that usually get outcast and ripped into by the men above them, but they have avoided that by trooning out and now everyone pretends they shit gold and can do no wrong

No. 483189

File: 1573735369238.png (50.99 KB, 640x490, Screenshot_2019-11-14 Apple TV…)

Speaking of Islam, there's a recent "controversy" about a film called Hala, its about a young girl in America whose from a traditional Islamic family and her struggles to fit in

now the film isn't outright anti-Islamic but it does show a Muslim teen girl actually going through normal understandable questions of faith and romantic desires but apparently that's enough for woke twitter Muslims to dismiss it as just Anti-Islamic propaganda even though it’s written by a Muslim woman


No. 483191

File: 1573735695694.jpg (695.42 KB, 1075x1942, 60zj7pscfwx31.jpg)

even though its hasn't been released yet it gotten review bombed by a bunch of people giving it a 1/10

No. 483198

How is this not understood as a woman speaking her truth and being punished for it? Why are people not disgusted by this?

No. 483204

It's so retarded, when people are anti-Christian and tell about their negative experiences of growing up in a strict Christian household/school, majority of people don't bat an eye and most applaud them and cheer them on.
These people just automatically jump to the people who applaud those criticizing their negative experiences living in a Muslim household with xenophobia. Like, please think of the person, not the crowd. They're so worried about their motives for agreeing with them. Allow the woman the freedom she wants and support she needs.
I honestly hate people who bring up their dumbass denial about the religion being anti-x because they chose to ignore the bad parts, like please, this isn't the time to do that.

No. 483208

In the case of Islam I can't see majority of the Muslim population in Muslim majority countries becoming atheists/agnostic anytime soon, the only possible solution right now is some form of global Islamic reformation, the only current example I can think of is the Ahmadiyya sect

No. 483209

I want to get off this timeline where everyone is kissing islam's ass even though it's the worst religion out there for women and gay people. I'm sick of this. There's nothing wrong with opening the eyes of people to what a modern muslim woman goes through

No. 483216

I think a lot of it is fear of being seen as racist, imperialist, or a "white feminist" if they say anything critical, or even encourage listening to feminists who have left Islam. Especially in light of Islam being a current bogeyman of the right and alt-right.

No. 483233

>The scientist and atheist said he was “greatly encouraged” to learn that the unofficial Arabic pdf of the book had been downloaded 13m times. Dawkins writes in The God Delusion about his wish that the “open-minded people” who read it will “break free of the vice of religion altogether”. It has sold 3.3m copies worldwide since it was published in 2006 – far fewer than the number of Arabic copies that Dawkins believes to have been downloaded illegally.

No. 483236

I realize this is not really a new opinion but god, I’m so sick of hearing about “Trans Rights”.
>So-and-so says “Trans Rights”
>This fictional character says “Trans Rights”
>If you liked my post remember “Trans Rights”
>Let me just shove “Trans Rights” over this nice art

It’s never “LGBT Rights” or “Gay and Trans Rights”. Only “Trans Rights” because I guess everything else has been solved for us and it’s no longer our turn to ask for support.

No. 483244

a global decline of Islam might not result in peace either, for the case of a lot of Muslim countries is that Islam is at times literally the only glue holding the various ethnic groups of that nation together
for e.g in the country Pakistan theirs growing ethnic nationalism in the Punjabi,Baloch and Pashtun groups, a similar thing might happen with in Indonesia,Niger,Kosovo e.t.c

No. 483246

Come on, that's blatant antihumor shtick, where half way through you break the flow of a predictable story (boohoo, lost opportunities!) by introducing something horrendous, dumb, etc. and leave the whole thing broken.

No. 483258

who watched the latest south park episode? ppl are mad because its mocking trans athletes

No. 483276

What does "terfs" getting thrown under the bus remind me of?

No. 483278

It's quite accurate.

No. 483285

super off topic but I really love PC-Principal and Strong woman's relationship in South Park, I'm glad they were kept as recurring characters

No. 483293

File: 1573755192103.jpg (176.72 KB, 1220x813, Telfer_NCAA.0.png.jpg)

So I'm wondering where the jokes are. They're not even exaggerating now. There are athletes exactly like this.

“But there are all these disadvantages of competing in the 100 hurdles, you know?” explained Telfer, and she enumerated them.

“First of all, my height, how tall I am, is a disadvantage, because the wind is hitting us so hard and the taller you are, the harder you fall, basically,” she said. “There’s wind resistance.” Telfer is over six-feet tall, but if you attend a WNBA game you’ll find she is hardly the only woman of that height.

Another disadvantage: “The fact that the hurdles are so close,” Telfer noted. The distance between the hurdles is smaller in women’s competition. They are six inches shorter than in the men’s races, but more than half a meter closer together.

No. 483302

He starts off that way, but even he's not as much of an ass as Catra, his second in command.

The actual final villain is his clone/boss, Horde Prime.

No. 483372

do you think that this gender bubble is going to burst at some point? It's weird seeing it be so prevalent and I can just imagine some kind of wave of realisation coming about in popular online discourse about this. I saw someone I follow on twitter (who I think IDed as ftm for a while) hit peak trans, and seeing the Yaniv case get so much attention was really interesting. I'm just wondering if something could happen to turn the tables

No. 483409

File: 1573773522642.png (920.27 KB, 586x928, oc3yqcpx5ny31.png)

Imagine never leaving your room to the point where you think almost all women are never fuckable

No. 483410

File: 1573773636322.png (37.8 KB, 538x196, OK.PNG)

No. 483411

>>483409 this pic is all around retarded but also

>>only when horny

Why yall fucking when not horny wtf

No. 483413

File: 1573773936258.png (100.71 KB, 1195x456, excuses.PNG)

"I'm desperate enough to post on incel forums about suicide, but not desperate enough to get a 6/10"
They most likely mean desperate in the most out of touch way.

No. 483414

The girls in the second row are as good looking as some in the first though, and the bottom ones are really cute. They just aren't perfect and are using low quality cameras.

Is this what men really think? Good grief.

No. 483416

if anything this shows that some incels are just gay men in denial.

No. 483419

why are there so many right wing terf accounts on twitter? Its really gross to see supposed feminists say racist shit to impress men and get attention from groyper accounts

No. 483422


shit like this is cringy, call it out when you see it, hating trannies doesn't make you a good person or a feminist

No. 483423

File: 1573775070612.png (45.87 KB, 1166x204, gggggg.PNG)

Because most of them are straight up conservatives using feminism as a "I'm a liberal, but…" shield

No. 483428

>on twitter
I expect there are plenty of them on here. I try to avoid left vs right arguments on here because I don't want to tread on the ban/safe line. I also don't have the energy to argue with dumbasses who say stupid shit like
>Its really gross
>say racist shit to impress men and get attention
>call it out when you see it
>hating trannies doesn't make you a good person
It wouldn't surprise me if there are others who do the same.

No. 483431

I've seen this type on tumblr as well. They hate trans people and their posts have some radfem talking points but their circle/mutuals who they're always interacting with are right wing scrotes, even if those guys are posting and reblogging misogynistic posts. I guess they just use TERF to mean anti-trans.

No. 483432

File: 1573777919127.jpg (92.54 KB, 651x677, hilldog.jpg)

Hillary is shit, but even a broken clock is right twice a day. I wish this'd help kickstart people getting sick of this shit, but sadly it won't, until some left wing darling has the guts to speak up. Which won't happen.


Also, this confirms my belief that After Ellen may be the only good LGB site left.

No. 483433

I get what you mean 100% but as far as I have seen this user isn't presenting herself as a feminist and is just using TERF as a handle for muh irony

No. 483436

I think they're using TERF because that's what troons call them. Anybody who just doesn't agree with them is a TERF whether or not they're actually considered themselves feminist in the first place.

No. 483449

File: 1573784731708.png (767.81 KB, 683x774, Comic.png)

this is depressing to read. the doctor is a monster for taking advantage of this man instead of directing him to actual help

No. 483451

Well, she aint wrong. Women only spaces are needed, as well as women who need to be taken seriously. Men can fight their own mentally ill battles. Hillary should be focusing on women.

No. 483453

Maybe i'm an asshole for laughing, but this is the shit these idiot men need to know. You'll never have a real vagina or be a woman. Ever

No. 483459


if you ever want unintentional comedy, go to ao3 and search "terf". so much fanfic tagged under terf. the amount of frothing at the mouth COPE and seething, as their favorite fictional characters fight stereotypical lesbians/thinly veiled version of their mom/female school bullies. this fic is the dumbest shit i have ever read in my life and i'm about 60 percent sure a dude wrote it. people like to write fanfics about their butthurt about evil terves. its wish fulfillment for angry fujoshi. this one is where pearl from steven universe learns to love dick.

No. 483460

When she talked about getting more involved in Syria that hurt her chances more. There were concerns that it would stoke a nuclear war with Russia. Plus "end things decisively" is what Bush said about Afghanistan, and look how that turned out. Then when Trump talked about not getting out of Syria that helped his chances immensely. It made him the automatic tick for one issue voter pacifists. As trash as Trump was, and is, and always will be, the sad truth is that Hillary was not a strong candidate either. Hitch your wagon to a SLIGHTLY more stable establishment figure like Elizabeth Warren, or even better, a darkhorse firebrand like Tulsi Gabbard instead.

No. 483478

I'm not a rich career woman so Hilary wouldn't really help me or a lot of other women in poverty who need more social programs and access to affordable healthcare. Remember that a lot of women are pushed into prostitution and "sex work" because they can't afford healthcare, education, rent.

No. 483479

>Tulsi Gabbard
She's in a fucking cult and as conservative as any right winger. Why any Dems support her is beyond me, unless they just haven't looked into her AT ALL.

No. 483484

Because Leftist nominees should always lean slightly right if they want to win the middle. Same as how anyone that runs as a Republican should always lean slightly left. It's no good in just appealing to whatever your hardcore base is to smooth sail through the primaries if it alienates others and costs the election later.

No. 483485

I've read a couple articles about Tulsi that keep talking about that Chris Butler guy out of nowhere. It also seems like her brother has portraits of the dude hanging in his house. Weird ass shit.

No. 483487

They have a rectovaginal fistula! It literally is shit leaking into the gaping wound. This happens all the time and these monstrous “doctors” are allowed to torture these people with little to no consequences. If “gender-affirming” medical procedures are vital to trans people, why are there no standards, dedicated research, or resources for the poor emergency room doctors that end up treating the steadily increasing disasters? With all the money and dominance the TRAs have, why are they not investing most of that money in the aftercare or legal defense of trans victims of mutilation? You know, the trans people actually at risk of dying? If you want to see the phalloplasty side of horrors, look up the case of Cayden Carter, who has endured over 30 surgeries.

With all the side effects and inhuman results, isn’t it quite obvious that nothing is natural and harmless about medical transition? They can not claim to be “born this way” like LGB because there is medication or surgeries required to be LGB. Trans is the only minority on Earth whose identity revolves around being cut up and dependent on drugs for the rest of their life.

No. 483489

I want the Hippocratic oath to do no harm to tied more tangible laws.

Did you perform a surgery to remove some genitalia?

Was it strictly necessary for their PHYSICAL health?

Okay then, you lose your license. Do it again and we'll throw your ass in jail.

No. 483511

hayley williams only exception goes to reddit and ponders if he should dump her because his ex had big boobs

thank you males for ruining love, sex, affection, and romance

No. 483516


No. 483520

Stop booing him. He's right. There's no religion anywhere that treats women worse.

No. 483530

you have any more quotes from him that aren't about criticizing Islam? Religion is shit anyway.

No. 483534

Where not islamophiles here on lolcow, we don’t give a fuck about criticising Islam or Muslim men because they deserve it. Fucking destructive and backwards religion.

No. 483536

I watched it. Personally I thought it was very tame and the writers of this show went very easy on the issue compared to the stuff they have done before. But it also doesn't surprise me that people are hating them for doing that.

No. 483537

Haha it was amazing anon

No. 483542

If this is supposed to convince me that TULSI BAD, it's doing the opposite. Islam treats women the worst of any religion, so you won't find many supporters here.

No. 483579

There isn't any difference between first and second row women. Meanwhile third row women don't have professional photos done with good lightning and make-up like the other examples.

No. 483587

>Trans!Tracer AU to somewhat combat the mega Terf in the Overwatch fandom. This is my contribution to showing that Trans Headcanons are great, and so I gave our belovedly gay poster girl a penis | Emily has Lena trapped in a chastity cage for a week, and all the cockney cadet wants is to touch herself again, but Emily has different plans, including her girlfriend's beautiful booty.

i hate men.

No. 483593

File: 1573822228685.jpg (51.21 KB, 306x505, 21042024-7688731-image-m-10_15…)

>German 'socket sadist' who 'persuaded girls as young as 13 to give themselves 230v electric shocks on Skype' faces 88 attempted murder charges
Imagine putting your fetish over women's and girl's lives.
This one was posing as a scientist, offered money and kept reassuring them that it was all "safe".

No. 483594

File: 1573822463996.jpg (164.11 KB, 1000x1002, 5da.jpg)


No. 483599

I’m really curious about supposed radical feminism in South Korea. I want to know more about what these women are reading and teaching!

No. 483601

>One of the pictures looked sorta like mine with a huge gaping hole at the bottom and I told him that doesn't look human
>And asked him if mine would look like that
>He told me I would not
>And now I look liked that

So this guy didn't believe what was in the doctor's portfolio because…the doctor pinky promised it wouldn't look the same?
These are not smart people.

No. 483602

Halfway into the month and I'm sick to death of hearing about no nut November. Any excuse for men to overshare with dick talk and their porn habits.. Keep your masturbation habits to yourself, if you have a porn addiction go get help privately

Had several no-nut themed youtube vids recommended to me when I thought youtubers were playing it careful lately when it comes to anything remotely sexual affecting their monetization?

No. 483605


>88 attempted murder charges

>David G

I'm howling over here

No. 483607

This is why young children/teens especially young girls need to be educated about predators and pedophiles.
Telling kids things like ''private area is a no-no'' wont help instead you have to have a serious one hour conversation telling them everything about predators,pedophiles and how they groom children.

Yes that one hour conversation may be a bit shocking to your child but not as shocking when your naive child gets taken advantage of by a adult because you were to scared to educate them.

Educating children about pedo's and predators should not be taboo.

No. 483615

File: 1573827613779.png (3.38 KB, 128x128, 3HEAD.png)



No. 483616

People need to be made aware of internet scams in general. Grooming is half of this, but the other half is people not being skeptical enough of people and things on the internet. Sounds like they were bribed into doing it because he claimed to offer them money.
I've seen women get taken for a ride in similar-albeit less physically harmful-scams.

No. 483639

Before we start im a a atheist and just watch these videos for entertainment.

But can we talk about how gay men have no shame in screaming and calling women sexist slurs?

At 10:50 a old faggot screams at these women and calls these women whores.

Oh and dont worry ladies if you do shill for gay men and support them this is what all gay faggots think about you even if they dont say it to your face this is what they think about you.

This is why as a woman i only support the L in the LGBT.

No. 483642

Gay people aren't a hivemind.

It says no homophobia right in the OP.

No. 483645

Nta, but this is PP and gay men are still men, so? I'm just not seeing the logic here, anon.

No. 483647

I literally said that i support
lesbians but i dont support gay men.
Cant you read you gay scrote?

No. 483648

Pointing out that gay men are still just as misogynistic as straight men is not homophobia. Her choosing to only support the L in LGBT doesn't mean that she doesn't want gay men to have any rights or not be allowed to be gay. Well, it might. Idk exactly how she meant that. But I do know it's possible to support ppl having rights without supporting them in the sense of sticking your neck out for and defending them like so many women do with gay men.

No. 483650

No different than troons and their chasers, no doubts a good chunk of them overlap

No. 483651

A gay man goes in a gas station acussing the workers of stealing something,and then punching the female worker.

And of course the only person who he hits is a woman,harshly knocking her out.

Gay men are too big of cowards to hit men thats why they always incite violence against women.

No. 483656

Im not focusing on anyone being bad.
IM FOCUSING ON ALL MEN. Something you dont want to do you faghag.

I focus on all men and criticize all men which is why i also criticize gay men BECAUSE GAY MEN ARE MEN TOO.
You cannot silence me, filthy fujo.

No. 483662

I unironically support no nut November just because anything that can help the cum brains be productive members of society seems like a win in my book. It just needs to be longer, like No Nut Next Year.

No. 483668

No. 483669

I just wish they'd do it quietly, they go a few days without jerking and need a big fuss

That and some of them think they become magically more attractive to women cos semen holds a magical power that when collected makes us wets ourselves in their presence..

No. 483671

This article reads like some libfem propaganda.

No. 483673

File: 1573835023409.png (220.46 KB, 489x420, climateminister.png)

Always with the gendered slurs when it comes to insulting women or talking about something they did wrong. It can never be just something like asshole or piece of shit, it has to be bitch, whore, cunt, thot, or hoe everytime.

No. 483676

>not masturbating to women being abused in porn is now misogyny
I just don't know anymore

No. 483678

Ignore them they are probably the same scrote or libfem who was previously defending fags so of course thy will defend porn. Just report and ignore.

No. 483684

Unfortunately the point of No Nut November isn't to call out sex trafficking in the porn industry or to stop upholding harmful standards that porn pushes onto sex, it's to keep your testosterone safe from the jews/roasties who want to turn you into a soyboy. Or at best, to make yourself more productive and motivated (which is great but still doesn't acknowledge that the porn industry is horrible).

No. 483686

>The Hard Right is Anti Porn so we gotta be super super supportive of the Porn Industry
>The Hard right is Anti-Muslim so we gotta bendover backward for Muslims
that's the situation were in right now

No. 483689

NTA but I've seen plenty of men talk about 'the power of semen retention' from the same viewpoint as pick-up artists see it. It's about building up testosterone and becoming more alpha so that women flock to them. I think it requires a level of mental illness for a guy to believe that shit.. yet there's no shortage of men buying into it.

If a guy gives up porn cos he worries about the treatment of women then good for him, that's not what no-nut is about tho

No. 483691

This is such bullshit and you know it.
Both the right and the left are pro-porn.
The only people who are really anti-porn are radical feminists and a few christians.

No. 483692

I've been more bothered by the amount of girls who have posted memes or joked about how they're flashing their titties to their guy friends during no nut november as if it makes them one of the guys. I don't blame camgirls for using anything they can to promote themselves but then the pickmes copy it and it spirals from there, I've even seen some of those autobiographical 'quirky girl' comic artists on instagram make jokes about it.

Openly reducing yourself to wank material for your orbiters is not a normal friend activity and I hate that middle schoolers are going to see this stuff and think that it is.

No. 483698

depends of which faction of the right and left were talking about, I actually do know some Gen-x socialists who are opposed to all forms of pornography but I also some right wingers who are opposed to pornography for religious and moral reasons

No. 483699

Even if you don't lose weight while exercising, it still improves your health.

>flashing their titties to their guy friends during no nut november as if it makes them one of the guys
I usually don't throw this term around lightly but THIS is truly some pickme behavior.

No. 483704

Nothing healthy about the guys who get it into their heads that a month of no fap will increase testosterone and have them swimming in pussy at the end of it… then it doesn't happen and they get bitter as fuck

No. 483705

Nayrt but I think that was their point, that things can't be summed up as simply as saying any political group is a hivemind?
People who only ever see things in extremes just sound mentally stunted to me.

OT but I'm worried that now these threads are so difficult to follow, after the GC and PP merge, that only the most extreme leaning people will stick around. Echo chambers are stupid and make us all stupid.

No. 483707

If a male friend told me he was doing no nut my response would be "stop oversharing"

No man needs to tell his female friends if he's been masturbating or not

No. 483708

Anything that reduces the total number of Porn users is a net benifit for women, when the number of porn users goes down then Porn companies lose a lot of money which might bankrupt thme

No. 483712

I see people accepting the framing of nofap as a right wing thing. Its been years and I don't remember it ever being that on imageboards. It was always either a typical challenge thing like with cinnamon or a health thing, hormone level or porn addiction related. I can't see much of an interest in it on right-related places either when I ctrl+f there. I get zero results with "fap" or "nut" on /pol/.

IMO its more like the divide is driven from the Left , from some very creepy offshoot of psychoanalytic theory that insists lack of impulse control (among other, shadier things like prepubescents having "free love") is the antidote to "fascism" (restraint, social trust etc.) and the identification of rightwingness is just the standard projection. Ive seen some hot takes from liberals about how coomers consuming a lot of porn correlates with being more "tolerant" and therefore porn is doubleplusgood… I wish I had that article saved.

No. 483716

My concern was more that no-nut as a pick-up artist technique is a load of shite and guys will only take it out on women when it fails to make them irresistible

I guess that men partake in nofap for various reasons (some positive) but for some its more harmful when they buy into the more outlandish claims about nofap benefits

No. 483717


I don't think that's how it works. Low IQ men get denied all the time and they try hitting on women all the time (statistically the dumber you are the more sex you have lol). If one pops off I'd expect its more to do with collapsing mental health and cumulative frustration rather than the billionth approach failing and being told peepee no go into hole one more time.

No. 483725

File: 1573843883930.jpg (8.62 KB, 226x223, IMG_20190919_131242.jpg)

I swear to God some of you anons on this site

No. 483726

>according to cumbrain porn shillers

No. 483754

I assumed it was something to do with movember/testicular cancer awareness?

No. 483774

Is this a dumbass question or…


I keep seeing these people on my IG reposting gofundmes for top surgeries and gender reassignments and hormones and shit it’s like…. what kinds of people actually fund this shit for other people? rich trannies? Poor trannies donating pennies to people to further their agenda?? Like who is so entitled to think getting their tits chopped off because they hate themselves is someone else’s choice to spend their money on…

Saged for just ranting like an asshole

No. 483777

can women stop fucking manchildren who watch porn and defend it/obsess over it? Like internet commentary channel fuckboi types of guys, please don't breed with them PLEASE.

No. 483781

its sad that at a time when education and women's rights have progressed the most, young women have regressed the worst. More women want to be e-thots than scientists or doctors how fucking tragic its not even funny anymore.

No. 483782

Maybe because being a doctor is a thankless, debt-ridden, constant treadmill of a shit deal. And maybe women tire of constantly having to prove themselves over and over to be taken seriously in STEM only for opportunities to be gatekeeped from them on the basis of their sex, which no doubt will get worse as the market becomes saturated.

It's not a mystery. Women don't want to be miserable.

No. 483785

I thought sexism in real life, professional positions was pretty minor compared to online but as someone in a professional field… finding meaningful employment was hell. I’d go to networking events and introduce myself to men and on more than one occasion I would have them shake my hand and then turn around and walk away or excuse themselves. Some of them unironically wanted me to fuck them for job, and my friends had the same experience (going to corporate events and having their potential interviewers either grope them, ask them out, or hit on them in front of people in incredibly sexualized ways).

It’s really insane that this is how the process for women to find professional work is in 2019. Like I still can’t believe that it’s common place and no one says anything or does anything, and reporting it goes no where. Universities, corporations, hospitals love to pretend to be inclusive but this is how women are actually treated in them. With disdain. You can be the brightest woman with a resume full of accomplishments and they’ll still treat you with skepticism.

No. 483786

File: 1573858632750.png (95.9 KB, 530x334, wtf is wrong with men.png)

No. 483787

yeah I'm sure that's why they do it and its not male approval or laziness or anything. I'm a feminist but as women we need to put a stop to this, stop buying girls dolls when they're kids and buy them stem puzzles and shit.

No. 483788

yeah I'm sure that's why they do it and its not male approval or laziness or anything. I'm a feminist but as women we need to put a stop to this, stop buying girls dolls when they're kids and buy them stem puzzles and shit.

No. 483789

Of all the gender specials they could have picked they chose the one who told playboy he was mad dont objectify him, that women are "lucky" to be objectified and seen only as sexual objects and how desperatly he wants that.

Great, fantastic choice of VA She-Ra. You don goofed.

No. 483790

giving up and becoming e-thots because its easier sure isn't the answer either, women can accomplish a lot by helping each other out similar to how men build nepotistic networks.

No. 483791

The hormones released by orgasm are positive and create relaxation, happiness, and bonding. These men are just psychopaths who want some excuse for their violent sexism.

No. 483798

I had no idea this was a thing. Holy shit.

No. 483820

Do men really masturbate everyday or something? Because it sure seems like it.

No. 483822

Yes? How is this even a question? Do you not have a brother or a boyfriend? Because they would likely tell you that they do, in fact, masturbate every day.

No. 483823

You know that's now true, most young girls want normal average jobs that provide for them but also don't ever wanna go to collage cause they don't wanna end up debt ridden like millennials

No. 483824

depends on what type of man were talking about and what culture he's from

No. 483830

this is terrifying, as if I wasn't already scared enough of men

my ex masturbated 3 times a day and watched porn every time.

No. 483832

>my ex masturbated 3 times a day and watched porn every time.

Why'd you even date him?? I'm upfront with scrotes that I don't date men who watch Porn

No. 483833

I didn't know he did until we were already in a relationship. it deteriorated quickly. trust me if I knew the stuff that I later learned about him I wouldn't have dated him in the first place.

maybe I'm just a cynical man hater but I don't believe there are any non religious or non asexual men who have access to porn and don't watch it. some watch it less but if they say they don't watch it at all then I believe they're lying.

No. 483835

well I want them to cut it out or get used to being an object to oogle at with an expiration date. Of course we're worth more than that, it just sucks that men still have this much control over us and we're still so far from being equal in the eyes of men. I'm also angry that so many men are going to look at instagram models and compare them to their gf's and long suffering wives. Like we're sabotaging each other by continuing the sex trade willingly, I'm not talking about trafficked women here.

No. 483837

back when I watched porn I'd suggest bringing it up when getting it on with my bf at the time and he didn't like it, he seemed to know a lot less about porn than I did either. Some men just don't care about porn, they're like a tiny percentage though.

No. 483838

File: 1573868642442.png (207.75 KB, 441x337, 1472898887643.png)

I do think their are some men who don't watch Porn for moral/religious reasons

CM Punk,Steven Crowser,Derrick Jensen are all men with radically different ideologies who all don't watch for their own reasons

No. 483840

it isn't a rectovaginal fistula because he doesn't have a vagina.

calling a gay man a faggot is literally homophobia.

No. 483841

that's what I mean. I think men who don't watch porn have a reason not to (religion, no sex drive, blind, no internet etc) I don't know if any men exist who have a normal sex drive and access to porn but just choose not to watch it. I personally don't believe they exist, but I could be wrong.

also when it comes to religious people like steven crowder I don't know if I believe they don't actually watch porn, because I grew up around religious people and they can be very hypocritical when it comes to practicing what they preach. I do believe some of them are honest though.

No. 483843

File: 1573869469857.jpg (116.84 KB, 288x360, CM.jpg)

CM Punk has a normal sex drive and access to porn but doesn't watch it because he's straight edge, even the author of the greatest webcomic in the world is Anti-Porn

No. 483844

But why specifically target gay men when their shitty behaviors are something all men do? Cowardly men hitting women? That's not gay-exclusive.

Just say "men". The guy in the video being shitty has nothing to do with who he fucks and everything to do with the fact that he's a man.

Shitty male behaviors are universal regardless of race, religion, or orientation. Singling out men of any one type just splits hairs and attributes the problem to things other than its actual source– toxic masculinity in a patriarichal society.

No. 483845

it's great that he doesn't watch porn, but he's still refraining because of the lifestyle he adheres to (in this case straight edge) which is to me basically the same thing as not watching it because of religion.

but I don't think there are guys who don't have any obstacles/reasons not to and just don't watch it because they don't have interest in it but still have a normal sex drive. that's just my opinion.

No. 483846

nta, but gay men are often exempt from being held accountable for misogyny because people often believe that being gay means they can't be misogynistic. in other words, they get away with it.

and some times gay men are misogynistic in a whole different way than straight men, like they think they know how to be a woman better than women do.

I'm not saying all or most gay men are like this, just that they can be.

No. 483851

Don't wanna be the anon that brags about her nigel or some shit but my boyfriend doesn't and no, he's not lying. He's not religious, asexual or anything, he's just turned off by it and has always been.
He's the only man I ever met that doesn't watch porn tho. Most of them proudly announce it or get pissed off if you suggest you are uncomfortable with it and call you a prude

No. 483853

not to be an ass but how do you know he doesn't? he might watch it while you're at work or something.

No. 483865

It can be about multiple things.

No. 483866

>women can accomplish a lot by helping each other out similar to how men build nepotistic networks
This should have happened already but it hasn't, not on any meaningful scale. Women who made it high up enough to help other women had to and continue having to play shitty boys club games. Most of them develop severe queen bee syndrome thus directly or indirectly partake in enforcing status quo.

No. 483867

I think some gay guys try to pull this card, but basically everyone I can think of, who doesn't excuse misogyny in other people like straight dudes who just honestly dislike or mistreat women, calls them out on it
there are a lot of toxic dudes out there and being gay doesn't mean you're woke, it just means that you should have more empathy for others

like that one guy who made fun of this hired help who was installing something in his home, he made a bunch of racist comments and, without thinking I guess, put it up on social media

No. 483891

I used to be pretty sex obsessed as a teen but I couldn’t even masturbate everyday. Some of my male family members would even have their hands in their pants while I was around as a child, and there has been students caught in my classes masturbating. I’m trying to wrap my head around it, how they would do it everyday and why but god damn I just can’t understand men.

No. 483892

we can also blame capatlaism

No. 483894

I used to masturbate like four times a day (waking up, shower, get home from school, bedtime) and still have sex almost every morning and night lul.

No. 483896

K? no one asked

No. 483898

>talk about high sex drives
>wtf why would you also talk about high sex drives in reponse?

No. 483900

File: 1573879228937.png (165.1 KB, 243x484, during class.png)

Speaking of that, here's a scrote looking at anime foot fetish pics on DeviantArt right in the middle of class. The OP claims he does it for the entire two hours.


No. 483901

File: 1573879293387.png (Spoiler Image, 1.71 MB, 1300x2918, caught.png)

Another one caught looking at hentai in the middle of math class. Scrotes truly have no shame. They'll even look at porn on the computers in the public library with little kids walking around.

No. 483905

Porn in pubic is so weird. They can't jack to it then, so why do they watch it? Wouldn't you just get frustrated and aroused? Never understood why some guys do this

No. 483907

This exists in all fields of work though. When people are inevitably forced to get a shitty, low paying job because being an e-thot didn't pan out there is that same gatekeeping with the added bonus of more exposure to sexual harassment and abuse from the general public (ie asshole customers, creepy handsy middle managers, stressful kitchen enivironments, etc.
) I haven't worked in a more "professional" environment since I did internships in hs, but I think it's pretty disingenuous to suggest that kind of environment is more toxic than lower paying or entry level jobs.

No. 483933

We are both artists that work from home and I trust him completely anyway. I would've been just as suspicious as you before I met him so I understand why you're asking

No. 483943

My boyfriend has a coworker who watches porn in public, sound up, and shows it to other coworkers. He's from a different department so my bf can't really do anything so they have to just accept it until someone in the guy's department speaks up. The coworker is an immigrant from Africa and everyone assumes it's a mix of culture shock and porn addiction.

No. 483957

This gave me a flash back of once when I was at the uni library and this old dude was watching porn on his laptop, he was using headphones but they were turned up so loud that I could hear all of the bad fake moaning. He also was breathing really heavily. It made me SO uncomfortable

No. 483984

Oh man, there's a guy in one of my classes at uni who does this. He sits in the first row, too, so everyone can see it. He's such a stereotype with his gamer laptop and waifu key chains though lmao, it's hilarious.

Maybe tmi for /ot/, but I used to do shit like this in high school. I'd just draw porn in class regularly and share porn with friends during lunch breaks.

It's just high libido + no self control + pornsickness. Maybe for some it's exhibitionism too. Idk, I hid my porn from strangers so it wasn't that for me.

Regardless there's no excuse for acting like this as an adult. It's time to get some self-control and keep your horniness to yourself.

No. 483986

People who watch porn in public should be tried as sex offenders.

No. 483993

That stuff is so normal now, and I think it's why we need more early education on healthy relationship boundaries for kids and subsequent education on the realities of the porn industry. It's crazy to me that some parents want to stop their kids from even learning about consenting to hugs in preschool in case it corrupts them or turns them gay, it just means that when their kid eventually does see noncon painal on an ipad in the playground they're going to be even less equipped to understand it.

My bf is the same so I believe you. I'm not here to boast about my Nigel but I spend a lot of time trying to break down how he ended up that way despite how porn-obsessed our culture is today. I know it's foolish because even rapists often compartmentalize their actions from otherwise wholesome lives, but part of me hopes that I can work out some sort of formula for basic empathy towards women in case I ever need to look for red flags or have a son.
In his case both of his parents took care of the home and kids but also had their own working class careers and encouraged the kids to have weekend jobs instead of being entitled brats. He has sisters so he grew up hearing their female experiences and perspectives. He was taught humanitarian insight (the effects of poverty or drug addiction etc) and so now understands how this ties into the porn industry and he shows high empathy overall such as when interacting with waiting staff, homeless people on the street or animals. Also he never got into anime but instead relatively egalitarian stuff like Star Trek, which seems like less of a gateway into porn, and grew up at a time when kids didn't literally have pornhub in their pocket so his first experiences of seeing sex scenes were less violent. There is also a lot to be said about watching for red flags in who people spend their time with, with his friends being mostly decent themselves, but maybe I'm wasting my time thinking about when he could just be low testosterone or an exceptional actor kek

I'm aware that focusing on upbringing excuses to people to blame their parents instead of themselves and sets a dangerous precedent for judging people for something they can't control, but I'm still interested in the anthropological view of empathy. Contrary to all this, my abusive porn-addicted ex came from a feminist household so maybe I'm just looking for patterns that don't exist to reassure myself that this one won't suddenly turn into a monster. Either way it seems learning that women are people in early life still counts for something as most of the decent guys I've known have strong willed mothers or sisters.

No. 483997

Now imagine if a girl with body dysmorphia made a gofundme for a nosejob. Not only no one would donate, but she would be dragged.

No. 483999

I have severe body dysmorphia and I'd love to have a GoFundMe to fund supplements, makeup, derm trips, plastic surgery, etc. But do I get that? Nope! I get the "get professional help and love yourself" shit. If we treated gender dysmorphia like body dysmorphia how many troons would still troon?

No. 484001

My boyfriend hates porn too, and he always shuts down his friends when they try to show him, he also thinks is disrespectful if people talk about their sexual encounters openly. I don’t think there is a formula, he used to watch as a teenager like I bet all men did but he didn’t become socially inept so maybe that’s it? We are both pretty old school when it comes to relationships so maybe that goes into it. I don’t know, but is good to know that there are SOME men who are normal about sex, I’ve been groomed and shown porn by older men since I was 13 so they still are a minority

No. 484021

No. 484024

I hear porn consumption is even higher for men in Islamic countries then those in Western nations, because of obvious reasons

No. 484027

I can tolerate people like this. If you make a genuine effort, but don't deny biology and don't squeeze your self in to spaces that are not for you, I'll show the same respect in return.

No. 484028

The funny thing is that the "problematic" stuff he's done/said is so goddamn tame. It's the LAST stuff these SJW's should bother with, yet they just love attacking their own more then anything else, it's hilarious to watch.

No. 484032

what the actual fuck. So they'll straight up say this shit like this then cry about women not wanting them.

checked out his Twitter more and I guess he just shit posts. Like how he'd go full nazi for a white girl. But that's just a retarded excuse to say fucked up shit without accountability.

No. 484038

No. 484046

I've been actually able to help a friend of mine hit peak trans because of the body dysmorphia comparison (she suffers from it). People with BDD also think they're in the wrong body, have intrusive thoughts about parts of their body they can't change without PS very often during their day, suffer from depression, can attempt suicide… so why do they "just need therapy and to learn to love themselves" while saying the same thing to someone with gender dysphoria is "horrible because they absolutely need plastic surgery or will commit suicide"?

No. 484069

File: 1573941098796.jpg (182.2 KB, 1080x2280, mtymjyojlsy31.jpg)

Lmao what the fuck is wrong with men

No. 484071

someone should make this argument into a thing and post it everywhere

No. 484075

someone needs to make an "ok coomer" song, we should point and laugh at men with porn addictions

No. 484078

It makes me mad that people associate being anti-porn with censorship, sex and nudity aren't the issue its the exploitation and abuse or implication of abuse and the list just goes on. When people go into how we're trying to control male sexuality it makes me especially angry since our sexuality has been controlled since the dawn of man. If women were encouraged to be as selfish as men we'd fuck 30 of our hottest orbiters at all time who the fuck do they think they're kidding with this shit?

No. 484079

Yeah and I fucking hate that men act like porn and masturbation are intrinsically tied together and that not wanting a man to watch porn is the equivalent of putting a medieval chastity belt on him and forbidding him from having any sexual thoughts or feelings ever. How fucking twisted do you have to be to be completely and utterly reliant on pornography to get off? That's like me stating "your diet shouldn't consist of Mt. Dew and Doritos" and someone responding "Are you fucking kidding me? Do you want me to starve to death you goddamn bitch?!?"

No. 484080

I wish we could have an actual women's strike and just ignore all the men in our lives and do nothing. What would actually theoretically happen if we did that? All matter of women just living their lives for themselves and never cleaning, cooking, or fucking men?

No. 484081

Your making it too obvious that you are privileged.
Most women do not have the privileges to be able to avoid men and most women in 3rd world countries would get killed for doing that.

No. 484097

File: 1574029037925.png (8.8 KB, 984x55, hmmmmmmm.PNG)

>TL;DR I'm 25. I'm fat ugly amd short. never a girlfriend or kissed still a virgin and no attractive women like me
>Every girl i liked has rejected me and friendzoned me and everybody tells me my league is fat ugly girls even my dad told me date ugly fat girls or to get a hooker so my life sucks.
>I'm practically invisible to good looking women and I also don't have any friends here and I've lived here for six years I only have friends because I keep tabs and visit my once in Colorado but my family can't help me with attractive good looking women because they're all overweight and married overweight women so they settled so they're not the ones to get advice from
>If i lose weight and still can't attract a good looking woman then i wasted my time I don't want to lose a hundred pounds just to have to end up dating an unattractive woman still or a woman who is hardly plain looking or average and its like all i am gonna hear is this.
Most incels are clueless when it comes to their looks match, but this fucker knows.

No. 484106

incels: why won't women date fat manlets, those conceded stuck up bitches

also incels: no super attractive women for me to date, only average ones wwhhhaaaaaahhhhhh

No. 484117


He sounds like a keeper. I’m having a really hard time finding a guy that isn’t porn sick and knows how to respect me

No. 484133

Same here Anon…. In general finding a guy who isn't a trashcan on fire and who's single is hella difficult.

No. 484143

Fat guys are always the most bitchy and shallow when it comes to dating fat women too. Whereas skinny to average women are constantly being shamed to consider fat dudes as dating material, fat men can't bear being told that maybe fat women are well within their league.
Out of most male stereotypes, the obese guys tend to be the most vocally entitled.

I don't feel sorry for them. It just goes to show how they view women as objects and signifiers of their social status. They don't want icky yucky women who look similar to them, they want the hot models that all their friends will high five them for and be jealous of. They don't even consider that maybe the woman they're dating deserves better than them. Even most fat women I've seen tend to deserve better than the majority of fat men. Fat men are gross slobs with no sense of fashion and even worse hygiene.

No. 484149

File: 1574038926926.png (466.24 KB, 1080x1737, Screenshot_20191117-185804(1).…)

This he/him lesbian discourse on Twitter is entertaining.

No. 484150

File: 1574038963234.png (163.32 KB, 819x651, on and on.png)

No. 484156

Is it considered racebaiting to ask why all these trans are white?

Like literally almost all of them, I think I saw an Asian guy once, but easily 95% or more of them are white guys.

No. 484157

well in terms of % the number of African American MTFs is much higher compared to thier respective population, but due to the larger white populationn in the US you are more likely to encounter a white TIM then a black TIM

No. 484163

i personally feel like he/him lesbians exist…but for all the wrong reasons…i see a lot of people using 'stone butch blues' (a novel) as an example of he/him lesbians being around for decades but it seems this lesbian only adopted masculinity because she was demonized for being a woman in love with other women
where is the power in that? why would you encourage women rushing away from themselves?

No. 484165

File: 1574040752716.jpg (159.61 KB, 900x1200, EAHFTIIU8AE1Zbi.jpg)

So Leah Tverly is apparently 30 years old, I thought she was 23 or something

No. 484169

But I almost never see Black TIMs. I don't even live in a White area either.

Do you have any statistics? I looked and all I can find is statistics about trans murders, which is mostly Black men.

I guess it's possible that only the white TIMs get media attention, since black ones would just make white people hate them more. But even then, all the TIMs I've known IRL have also been white.

No. 484171

File: 1574041719119.png (29.4 KB, 1002x192, Screenshot_20191117-184304(1).…)

I definitely see it the same way, however the troons/enbies discussing this topic are butting heads for opposite reasons, pronouns and gender validation. Some of the points the enbies are bringing up are really gender critical, like they're almost getting it, but then they say the he/him identity is practically a positive thing.

No. 484174

According to Ray b studies majority of Afircan American/Hispanic TIMs were homosexual transsexuals (HSTS), while majority of White TIMs are commonly AGPs

there are occasional expectations of upper middle class blacks being APGs but they are not the majority

No. 484178

I thought she was older than 30

No. 484201

she's started her own thread on 4chan once it was a mess

No. 484214

Other freaks that are turned on by it.

No. 484217

More whites in America times whites more likely to afford medical costs?

No. 484233

That's definitely one reason. Also I would say minorities tend to go HSTS as a way to cope with homophobia, it's "easier" to be a straight woman than a gay man. You see this in a lot of cultures, just look at the supposed "3rd genders" which are all just a way for them to deal with their effeminate gay men.

No. 484235

Oh yeah, that's true. I've heard that even in Islamic shit holes, where being gay is something that can get you thrown off buildings, you can still use gender reassignment as a loophole. Just a shame you can't use "pretending to be a man" to get out of being oppressed for being female.

No. 484255

I've seen tumblr posts with 100.000+ notes about how ~woke~ certain muslim rulers were for having gay "lovers" - when in fact they were pedos who raped castrated young boys

No. 484291

I didn't know whether to post this in the confession thread or here but currently my two best friends are both TIFs(the former butch lesbian type, not the fujoshi type).
I don't know how it ended up this way but we just get along well. I respect their pronouns and all that in person and neither of them are political but I still feel like they'd eat me alive and never speak to me again if they knew I was GC.
I just wish actual butch lesbians still existed and felt okay with being themselves.

No. 484299

Like Karen Straughan you mean? Too bad she's an MRA lolcow, and bi with a male partner.

No. 484389

File: 1574092397529.png (668.6 KB, 604x913, PWkBMbG.png)

Lolcow level nitpicking

No. 484392

Lmao. We need to shame footfags and other fetishists back into obscurity.
They're getting too bold.

No. 484423

tbh I think privileged women should take the lead on wgtow or seperatism or whatever it's called. 1) they have the means to do so, 2) privileged women love crying about #notallmen or being willfully ignorant to how awful the men in their circles are.

No. 484462


Maybe this belongs in the reddit thread but, woman obviously doesn't want sex but does it anyway = she's a bitch. Nobody voicing concern at the fact that she feels so pressured to just let him do whatever he wants?

No. 484483

im not even surprised tbh. i used to lurk that sub for the milk, and i swear every second post is written by a cumbrained man borderline raping their wife and then screeching and circlejerking with all the other posters about how their wives/girlfriends/husbands /whatever are all evil abusive cunts. the women arent much better either tbh

No. 484487

A post like that doesn't even belong on that sub imo. "Dead bedrooms" should describe married couples and people who are years invested into a relationship. Not two horny college students who don't communicate and then act shocked when one isn't satisfied. What a joke.

No. 484488

File: 1574104622653.jpg (96.74 KB, 720x1240, wjgndnmvxdz31.jpg)

The delusion

No. 484493

File: 1574105259831.jpg (103.67 KB, 700x700, 24_mirandakerrnextpolaroid.w70…)

jesus fucking christ even asking if they're a looksmatch. are there any studies that show men's idea of average is insanely warped? if you go on their communities they literally will post pic related and say 4.5/10 for pic related because no styling, entitlement, etc

No. 484494

>posting your crush's pic on a manlet incel subreddit
Seems like a good decision.

No. 484498

her features are kinda immature.
i dont really like rating though. it doesnt make sense

No. 484521

Seeing how Kalvin Garahh looks like now all i could think of is karma.
She has turned into everything she hates. She wanted to be this hot alpha guy but instead she looks like a masculine fat girl.
Her voice has also become more womanly and the only time her voice passes as male is when she sounds like a gay man.

No. 484532

>kinda immature
Probably because they’re teens anon, they ARE immature

No. 484541

Hands up if you're surprised.
(Hands are also a social construct)

No. 484569

Has anyone ever noticed how so many men stan for male murderers who commit crimes against their girlfriends and wives?

I'm watching this police cam surveillance video of the first interaction after Chris Watts' wife was first reported missing. The comment section is rifled with comments left by male users calling the wife a bitch, her concerned female friend fat/annoying, or criticizing the home (which is really a criticism about her).
Spoilering the story cause it's disturbing:
Chris Watts murdered his pregnant wife Shan'ann and his two daughters Bella and Celeste after she came home from a MLM business trip. He premeditated the murders. He first smothered his two kids and then went to bed with his wife where he provoked an argument by bringing up wanting to separate. Chris was having an affair with another woman. He resented the debts that they had in excess of $70k and the fact that Shan'ann was pregnant again. He wanted to start with a clean slate. He strangled Shan'ann during the fight after dosing her with Oxy.
Somehow his kids recovered from being smothered and came into the room crying and traumatized to ask what was wrong with their mom. Chris dragged Shan'ann's body in the bedsheet downstairs, loaded her and the kids into his truck and drove off to the oil site where he worked. He buried Shan'ann in a shallow grave. Then smothered his children one by one again with their own blankies, and stuffed them into the oil vats to get rid of their bodies. He tried to set the scene as if Shan'ann had argued with him and took off with the kids, but Shan'ann's friend noted how she missed an obgyn appointment and how all her stuff was still there. The neighbors immediately suspected Chris. The entire video is Chris acting shady and not like a concerned husband and father because he knew his wife and kids were already dead.
He later confessed to their murders and gave the details when it became undeniable

I can't believe anyone would hone in on anything else but this irredeemable monster. I think the men in the comment section ought to be put on a list.

No. 484586

Massively late answer but as an MGS autist I can say: it's pretty bad. I love these games, I truly do, but you have to be fucking blind to not see the misogyny. You can go "uuuuh but they're BADASS FEMALE CHARACTERS!!!" but you cannot. Go Past. The. Misogyny.

Since I'm a retard and I have nothing better to do with my time I put a game-by-game (excluding pre-PS1 Metal Gear's, I'm not going to dwell on that) list of instances of misogyny if you fancy reading that. I reiterate: I LOVE these games, I grew up with them, but also I have eyes. Spoilers obv.

MGS1 :
Meryl: even if she gets to be a StRoNg InDePeNDAnT FeMaLE ChaRacters, starts with being a character whose ass you ogle at in an awkward cinematic, and this ass wiggling is noted by another male character and this is how you remember her. Like that's a plot point. You end up following her in the women's bathroom, where she pulls out a keycard from her bra/tiddies. Also her low-poly PS1 model has defined nipples. Thats a thing. When she's mind-controlled (long story), she moans and grunts "oooh, make LOVE TO MEEE" to the male character. It's not Technically Her since she's mind-controlled by a man, but Kojima still put that in his game. She ends up marrying a shithead (the real ones with know the joke here) who was nothing but a useless waste of space and multiple time put her and her team in danger, but he's good-looking under his balaclava and saved her life once, so may as well fucking marry him I guess.

Sniper Wolf : formidable opponent, still has a coat with a V-neck so deep here entire boobs are almost out. In Alaska. In February. I know I shouldn't even bother because have you seen the game? In either the remake or the OG game, the camera pans down into her tits as well because that's just a bonus at this point right.

Others : grouping them in here because they don't have physical appearances in the game even though they're here, but both Mei Ling and Dr. Naomi Hunter have cringe-worthy (I mean as in "I'm getting debilitating secondhand embarrassment from this" not in "haha furries") conversations where they're just horny for the MC for no reason, out of the blue.

MGS2 :
Olga : I feel sisterhood with her because she's out there walking to the MC with armpit hair and she's not quite hashtag problematic. If you knock her out and send a picture of her unconscious body to your binome, he'll go "this is not what we need… I'll still make a backup of this one."

Fortune : walking around in basically a bodysuit. But also she has a railgun so she gets points. I don't remember anything particularly bad about her.

Emma : as an anon pointed out, "lil sis" type character. Has a… weird? Relationship to her step-brother? Considering their family history I have words to have with Kojima.

MGS3 :
Land of the free, home of the InDePeNDAnT FeMaLE ChaRacters huh!

EVA : InDePeNDAnT FeMaLE ChaRacters, runs over a guy's face with her motorbike so +1, introduced with a closeup on her boobs + walks around in a military suit open on her chest + bikini top like 10/10 spy gear Kojima you sure did it. Also gets physically assaulted by a dude she's spying on, it's implied he tried to sexually violate her as well.

The Boss : maybe the least hashtag problematic of the bunch but maybe I'm real biased. Her suit still is open on her chest and you have copious sideboob (does it count as sideboob if it's the inner sides…?) during the whole fight with her. I KNOW it's plot-relevant because she has a scar and yadda yadda but mother of fucking god.


Paz : maybe I will NOT talk that she acts and looks like a schoolgirl during most of the game even though she's way older because I want to save myself the trip to puketown. Also there's a sidemission where you can date her/it's implied you two fuck (tbf you have the same mission with one of your male comrades) (but also when you spent like 75% of your game thinking she was 15 it just gets Gross sister).

Strangelove : canon lesbian of my heart, I can still see there are huge cracks in her writing (writing her low-key predatory towards Paz and another female character, but I like to pretend it's just not there, for my sake, and because when she said "inside every woman there's a universe, and we are able to sense this in each other" I felt that, as the kids say.

Can't remember much for Cecile and some of the other female characters of this game which is a shame and I feekl like a fraud.

MGS4 :
Death is upon us.

EVA again : tldr she's old, and her coat is still open on her boobs. Do you see a pattern.

Dr. Naomi, again : tldr her shirt is open on her boobs, DO YOU SEE A PATTERN.

B&B Corps : now this one's foul. The B&B Corps is an all-female fighting unit and tldr they're traumatized to shit, as in one was forced to torture her family, one had to eat corpses to survive, that kind of things. When you defeat them, you are treated to them seductively crawling to you WITH camera shots of their asses and cameltoes, and they end up finally falling asleep curled on themselves like babies. It's WAY more uncomfortable to witness than I managed to convey here. It's genuinely disturbing. And it's only after that that you're told they're horrifying backstories and it feels like a massive cop-out, some kind of sick "hey! These women we forced you to sexualize you sexualized? They're traumatized to hell and back! How do YOU feel? Aren't you ashamed?!" etc etc.

Already mentioned what happens to Meryl in this one. Though it gets bonus points because Mei Ling becomes a ship captain and she looks dashing in her uniform.

Oh this one's foul x2

Quiet : you already know about her. OF COURSE her outfit is a fucking cop-out, you guessed. She has em-ba-ra-ssing scenes of dancing around in the rain like some kind of weird stripper, and you are """"gifted"""" to an excruciatingly long and drawn-out scene and men waterboarding her until the light leaves her eyes and getting ready to rape what they think is her dead body. She comes back from it and kills them all in an extraordinary bloodfest but still. Fucking still. Did it warrant a fucking attempted rape scene.

Female SKULLS unit members : their suits have the boob pockets. You know the ones. The ones hentai artists draw when they don't know how fabric fits on women's chests. You KNOW the ones.

Can't think of much more I'm getting dizzy from all the fucking autism I'm displaying.

Honorable mentions:

You can use porn zines to lure out/confuse enemies in multiple games.
You can find "sexy" (bikini/pretty tame lingerie) posters of women in multiple games. In MGS2, you can jerk off to them (not explicited) and your binome will cal you and ask you what the fuck you are doing.
Mistral, from Metal Gear Rising… which I'm not going to get into because TeChNiCaLLy Kojima didn't direct it.
Sunny : pure, absolute angel. Didn't deserve anything wrong. Tiny light of my eyes. If I catch the sick motherfucker who wrote the line of the 10 yo boy calling her "hot for days" when she's 10 yo too under the guise of Patwah he's getting the electric chair.

TL;DR if you want to skip all of this MASSIVE cringe:
Yeah Kojima has a female character problem. You can go all day about how they're StRoNg FeMaLE ChARaCTeRS which, in a way, is true, it almost feels as if they have to… make up for being powerful characters by being dressed in absurdly revealing clothing, being introduced in demeaning ways or being face with fucking sexual violence. You can go on and on and on about how the men in MGS are objectified too!!!" but I mean. Who made the game. A man. This is a man's power fantasy. It's like the whole "superheroes set unrealistic standards for men!!!" thing. And whereas, for exemple Snake's weird clothing is barely addressed and a constant in the game, never jumping out at you in a meaningful way and not being a character trait that people actively notice in game, the woman-hating jumps out. SUDDENLY you have Meryl's ass wiggling in your screen in slow-motion. SUDDENLY the B&B are wriggling and writhing and moaning on the floor and getting ass shots. SUDDENLY the camera pans into EVA's boobs. SUDDENLY Quiet gets almost fucking raped on-screen. It almost aggresses you. No one ever goes, in-game, "Damn, Snake's tight little reptile ass tho… bites lip", you don't get long panning shots of Snake's muscular torso.

It's obvious Kojima has a Woman Problem. Even if he gives his female characters "agency" (they don't have agency they're pixels on a screen), even if he makes them strong and able to fight.
It's really funny to me to wonder if the heavy homoeroticism of MGS is intentional or not. Does he has so much of a Women Problem he didn't even realize he discards them in honor of a very Bros Before Hoes type of vibe? Or is he aware of his Women Problem and the homoeroticism is just another thing he piled up on top… Makes you wonder.

No. 484587

samefag, OH my fucking GOD this wall of text is way bigger than I thought it'd be
AND I forgot to sage.

No. 484616

thanks for not pretending these games don't have a problem, unlike some anons…

No. 484625

I really don't want to view those comments. But are men really still trying to convince the world that Chris was right/innocent?

It's amazing that they'll defend a man who killed his pregnant wife and kids then whine on the internet about how women don't want to start families with them. Like women aren't even allowed to be caucious for our lives because that hurts their feelings

No. 484656

They support him because it's is many men's fantasy to kill women who disagree with them or get in their way.

No. 484660

File: 1574131509345.png (514.29 KB, 846x469, menhavenoattentiontodetail.png)

sorry if this is too lighthearted for this thread but…seriously?

No. 484662

btw, i didn't even cherry-pick that image.

No. 484668

No. 484671

>But are men really still trying to convince the world that Chris was right/innocent?
They know better than to outright say it, but their words betray the sympathetic stance they have towards him. They're sneakier in their phrasing for the fact, but some are still ridiculous.

They're still calling Shan'ann "bossy" and a bitch who "pussywhipped" him. That he's a man who finally "snapped."
This is how ridiculous the comments got:
There was a part in the video where the officers investigated their basement, which happened to have a lot of their stuff in storage bins. The officer commented about how it was so organized.
A male sperg replied to the officer's comment and basically accused Shan'ann of micromanaging the basement space! Poor Chris couldn't do anything with the basement like turning it into a mancave with a pool table, kegger, and other shit because mean Shan'ann would've chewed him out.
Completely ignoring how Chris couldn't afford a fucking mancave because of all their debt, blaming Shan'ann for having an organized basement (how DARE she!), implying Chris had no space in that giant house for himself, and acting like it was a justified buildup for why he murdered them all.

Of course there's comments about the house itself, which are usually gendered comments about the decor ie. "What a cold house." Men aren't criticized for keeping a cold home, that's an insult tailored towards women. Implying Shan'ann was fake and didn't try hard enough to keep the house happy. Even though there's tons of videos of her trying so hard to do just that, where Chris acts like an uninvolved, clueless dumbass. And like god forbid putting up mass-produced decorations that she liked and were accessible to her (granted their budget) makes her a hollow person.

Male commenters in general being hyper critical of a woman who can't even defend herself over shit that she shouldn't have to defend even if she were alive.

No. 484674

Within only a few months of the Watts murders, there were two other violent, high profile cases in the US. A similar story to the Watts murders where a man murdered his fiancee on Thanksgiving, although her body was never recovered. He's believed to have murdered her with their baby in the same house. He was also cheating and possibly wanted to get the fiancee "out of the way" like Watts, and also the Jayme Closs kidnapping, where an adult man stalked a teenage girl after seeing her at a bus stop, murdered her parents in front of her, and kept her captive for months under his bed until she escaped.

But men still feel slighted when a woman speedwalks ahead of a guy following close behind her late at night, because that's sooo offensive and generalizing and NOt aLl mEn

No. 484676

lmao too bad it was made by a male, its the same guy that wrote that e-thot song?

No. 484681

If you mean the Scott Pilgrim song, that was Negative XP.

No. 484684

File: 1574135129705.png (770.5 KB, 593x468, Negative XP..png)

this is what the Scott Pilgrim song guy looks like (the one on the right) looks like

he also posts on /pol/ btw

No. 484687

Ugh, why would you want to be a nazi when you're clearly not even white and all those people want you dead? Sage for ot

No. 484690

File: 1574135984833.jpg (15.25 KB, 300x300, b1e889f944f321de10ae4562f2d6a9…)

I'm pretty sure that guy is actually just the one who made the video. Negative XP is East Asian (pic related).

Nevertheless, he still ain't white.

No. 484691

File: 1574136303857.jpg (19.64 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg)

three of the biggest figures of HWNDU were an Arab man,a mixed race woman and an Asian guy

No. 484693

Which is retarded, love yourselves please. I almost kind of like Venti but then she laughed at some racist shit that pissed me off. Is she making bank off her alt-right orbiters or is she just doing it to be cool?

No. 484699

You mean this shit? I'm not gonna be the asshole that's offended on their behalf.

No. 484711

Unfortunately pornography is only a tiny tiny part of the problem

Easy porn only exists in the first place because of easy on-demand accomodations in every other facet of life. Men are addicted to porn, but they're also addicted to video games, social media, and even useless information addiction is a thing.

The problem is never going away

No. 484712

I should also add that all men have narcissistic addictive personalities and are incapable of evaluating their lives from a broader angle

this is why this the problem will only continue to get worse

No. 484724

I don't wnnaa sound "but women do it tooo" but Social Media addiction is definitely something found in men and women

No. 484730

File: 1574142758333.jpg (6.87 KB, 225x225, curious_pete.jpg)

why do we hear of any FTM Transathles, like are there any modicore female athletes transitioning to men and dominating male sports, also are there any sports where women would have a clear advantage over men?

No. 484732

this feels like justification for my unpopular opinion post that men aren't heterosexual, but femininity fetishists lmao

if THIS is enough for you to "question your heterosexuality"…. you're not a het dude my dude.

No. 484733

I watched something about a transman in ice hockey, and she basically fought to be able to keep playing in the women's league. Transmen know they will never compete against natal men.

No. 484736

Everything the scrots say about the Watts murder is stupid and false and coping. I remember a few months seeing an article on the daily mail of a woman who had been at an amusement park during the same time as the Watts had a family vacation. She described Shanann as loving and doting on her kids (not cold and bossy) and Chris as a creep who was irritated/agitated and looked bored (cold and bossy!)

This was months before the murder. So literally scrots are just projecting as usual.

No. 484748

From the context of users clearly trying to suck up to a troon I assume it was written by a libfem woman (or more hilarously a transbian), a straight man saying that would be ~problematic~.

No. 484749

That's what I figure whenever men rant about how women have it easy. In their mind they are not picturing the average woman they are picturing the hot celebrities and porn stars they see in the media and are attracted to.

No. 484756

File: 1574149156725.png (30.5 KB, 816x156, 983RH93F.png)

Why marry someone that you hate? Why admit that you have such little sexual desirability that you'll be willing to pay someone to rape them?

No. 484759

File: 1574150959743.png (56.71 KB, 878x210, Screenshot (76).png)

Happy #internationalmensday ladies!!!
Btw why won't you just shut up and listen to the menz!1!1

Half of all posts seem to be from (indian?) handmaidens and the others are neckbeards reeing about evil feminists supposedly being triggered. Goes to show just how many "problems" men really face lol

No. 484767

I just looked up #internationalmensday on twitter and Jesus Christ why the fuck are there so many Indian men intrested in internationalmensday

No. 484788

MRAism is having a big resurgence in India since they have an absolutely fucked sexist culture that combines the worst of patriarchal mideast/south asia religious culture and the worst of entitled pornsick western culture so men feel attacked when women protest that maybe you should prosecute men for regularly gangraping and murdering women.

No. 484790

…Because trooning out doesn’t make one better at sports. TiMs dominate women’s sports because they’re biologically men.

No. 484816

File: 1574165486116.jpg (516.3 KB, 1080x1792, 20191119_140857.jpg)

This was painful to witness

No. 484817

File: 1574165527615.jpg (580.41 KB, 1080x1743, 20191119_140917.jpg)

No. 484818

Freediving. Having smaller bodies with proportionally larger lungs makes us better at holding our breath and withstanding ocean pressure.

No. 484821

Really wish we had more context here. I can think of plenty of reasons why a lesbian that's not even sexually active might require a pregnancy test, but I'm scratching my head as to why a man would. Maybe they've just been trained to always treat trans patients the same as their chosen gender to avoid them hulking out or suing.

No. 484824

Ahh yes, PIV sex, just what lesbians love the most. God it fucking feels like we're living in some dystopian parallel universe where simple words stopped making sense and penises are female, except this is actually reality.

No. 484828

damn she has ballooned lately. she looks like an autistic high schooler who's special interest is doctor who and she sounds like she has something stuck in her throat.

No. 484831

> but I'm scratching my head as to why a man would.
That's not what they're saying. They're saying lesbians should be required to take pregnancy tests because "trans women are women and since lesbians are attracted to women they fuck trans women, so they could end up pregnant". Absolute baloney, obviously.

>I can think of plenty of reasons why a lesbian that's not even sexually active might require a pregnancy test

Tbh I agree, I used to nod along with the "I can't possibly be pregnant I'm a lesbian" argument but artificial fertilization exists? Also rape?

No. 484832

Its usually Gangus who engange in this behaviour, the Northeast is actaully considered very safe for women

No. 484837

T gives physical advantages that seemly last for life. For a TIM who started estrogen after puberty, he still has a male skeleton that will naturally have an edge.while FTMs basically have a legal loophole to take performance-enhancing drugs. I can see FTM athletes competing in male devisions to be more fair then MTF athletes competing in female devisions.

No. 484843

Literally this. I’m having a hard time finding a man that can’t masturbate without pornography. I always tell men I date on the first date that pornography is a dealbreaker and they always get pissed off as fuck and rant about the importance of masturbating. I don’t even bother pointing out you can do it separately from porn because why bother explaining to men who are so defensive of it? They’re already far gone in the deep end.

No. 484845

I remember asking a guy that surely he masturbates without porn sometimes like in the shower and he told me he brings his phone into the shower to put it on a shelf playing porn, amazing.

No. 484846

File: 1574172479454.png (188.95 KB, 1004x682, screenshotAtUploadCC_157417229…)

What's the census here on r/AgainstDegenerateSubs

It has an intresting history as it was a sub started by a rightwinger but was taken over by radfems, the users of this reports porn/nsfw subreddits who break the rules and compain to reddit admins hoping to ban said subreddit


No. 484853

>The worst part about porn is the insidious nature of how they are trying to normalise miscegenation.

>Miscegenation, homosexuality, incest, violence fetishes, humiliation, degradation, hedonism, promiscuity, pedophilia. The list goes on and on.

No. 484866

>Miscegenation, the interbreeding of people considered to be of different racial types
These first two are not like the last, and nobody on the sub is arguing with them. Is r/degeneratesubs just a radicalized white hetero puritan sub?

No. 484867

The sub has a lot of infighting, altright retards, moderate antiporn Christian's and radfems trying to work together

No. 484868

File: 1574178464475.jpg (129.7 KB, 870x1390, a-young-business-woman-with-he…)

>You aren't allowed to lump my degenerate fetishes in with other degenerate fetishes
Can and will.(bait)

No. 484884

>Homosexuality is a degenerative fetish!
Are you living in the 50s, anon?
Also who cares what two adults do? As long as it’s consensual.

No. 484902

The difference between race mixing and homosexuality to pedophilia is that pedophilia is never between two consenting adults. The degeneration is that it involves child rape by default, you absolute rart.

No. 484906

I want to like this sub, I am tired of sex positivity and degenerate shit being normalised too, but unfortunately I am a black woman with a biracial dad so eh.

No. 484909

I share a lot of radfem views but unfortunately a lot of radfems out there are batshit white supremacist femcels so good luck

No. 484915

Meh don't even respond. We don't need to derail another thread over this shit because of retarded tradfems and homophobe-chan.

No. 484917

Can you dumbfucks please ignore the male troll who is purposely trying to derail this thread.
Just ignore and report,don't feed the troll.

No. 484921

that's why we need more radfems on that subreddit, we gotta kick out the /pol/tards on that subreddit and make our presence known

No. 484923

I'll give you the benefit of the doubt that you aren't just a troll trying to start a helterskelter for your own amusement, and reply to you.
Making your voices and alternative opinions known is one thing, but don't go out to start a turf war on a subreddit that specifically meant to combat the "growing problem of radicalization on social media". Take that battle somewhere else.

I hope they can accomplish something and maybe even see eye-to-eye on a few things. People don't always have to agree in order to work together

No. 484925

>a lot of radfems out there are batshit white supremacist femcels
most of my online interaction with radfems is on tumblr and not that there isn't crazy people and drama, but i honestly have seen no outright white supremacist or femcel shit in the two years I've been interacting with that community. I don't know why the vibe on reddit is so drastically different.

Can anyone who does radfem twitter/fb/spinster etc. chime in on how those communities are?

No. 484927

>Make a single post about refusing to step onto the slippery slope
>Don't bother responding to the anons that replied to avoid an unnecessary argument
>Now I'm a male troll trying to derail what was a two post exchange
I hate to shatter your delusions, but this thread was never a hivemind even before the merge. There are a lot of subjects that a group of pink pilled terfs can have different opinions on which don't contradict the things they do agree on.

No. 484931

while there aren't any white supermacist radfems, thier are a couple of radfems on radblr who have dated or are dating probable white supremacist men

No. 484933

I've heard of celestia, but I think she was already out of the community by the time i got into it. are there others?

No. 484940

i wouldnt call them radfems but on twitter this subculture of "trad x rad-leaning" has come about. i dont think they are actually feminists as much as they call themselves that, i think they are literally just trad/alt-righters who hate trans people

i will say that on twitter, a lot of rad fems have basically welcomed these people into the fold… which is fairly disappointing.

No. 484942

i think larsandtherealgirl (tumblr) was caught with some racist dude but i cant remember exactly. anyone know why she deleted?

No. 484947

larpsandtherealgirl* was a lesbian, she wasnt caught dating a racist. She did have her on set of issues though

No. 484949

what are you talking about? the anons in this thread use neo nazi buzzwords and complain about race mixing. even radfems on tumblr make 'subtle' jokes about brown radfems and their complaints about microaggressions. we are the ones who get accused of causing infighting when we point out anything racist white women say. it's not even thinly veiled racism anymore.

No. 484951

there's a huge difference between a white radfem who commits microaggressions and a white radfem who is unironically dating a skinhead

No. 484979

I'm so confused about the common argument that TIMs participating in women's sports is okay as long as they started transitioning before puberty.

Am I the only one who remembers boys already outperforming girls in elementary school? So why should it be okay for a man to compete against women just because he never went through male puberty?

No. 484981

Lets a If a TIF goes on T during her entire puberty, thus impacting her growth (bones, muscles, etc) then detransitions after, say, 10 years on it, how much unfair advantage does that pose if she competes with other female athletes? and should she be allowed to compete professionally with other female athletes

No. 484985

File: 1574198429122.jpg (43.98 KB, 640x480, AP-jae-s.-lee-dmn-640x480.jpg)

No i think trans people should compete with other trans people and leave women the fuck alone.

And tifs use their trans privilege just as much as tims do.

There was this Tif who ended up beating all the girls in a wrestling championship because she had a unfair advantage because of her ''enchantments''

No. 484987

Wasn't most of that shit the singular homophobe-chan who keeps going on her sperg fits here? No one likes her, and she's also not a feminist (radical or otherwise), she just happens to hate trannies.
Please correct me if I'm wrong, I just haven't seen any neo nazi shit in these threads that didn't turn out to be her or a scrote.

No. 484995

I know a few rad fems on Twitter who focus on classism, so they'll talk about stuff involving the white working class and white poor. Which is fine by me, because that interests me too. I've never encountered actual outright Neo-Nazi or Neo-Nazi friendly rad fems though.

No. 485083

File: 1574222573195.png (64.98 KB, 870x253, Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 9.59…)

Sometimes I wonder why I haven't just blown my head off yet. I know I'm being dramatic but I'm so tired and have no hope. Things seem to be getting worse.

I wish there was a definitive 'next life' so I could be a man. I dream about it sometimes, even though I know this is the only life I get. But just imagine people liking you, people listening to you, people seeing you as a human being. People not immediately writing you off. Does anyone else relate to this?

No. 485087

File: 1574222816965.png (35.75 KB, 868x112, Screen Shot 2019-11-19 at 10.0…)

I mean here is another thing that amplified these thoughts for me today. Just the fact that most people write you off before you even have a chance to prove anything…I don't see what the point of anything is. There is no way to change these things. No amount of wishing and hoping it will be different will ever change anything. I'll always be 'woman' (read: worthless whore, bitch, etc) first and anything else second. Regardless of what I do or say, everyone's mind seems to be made up and you can't win. You can't fix this.

No. 485088

Lol black guys are pretty sexist.

No. 485091

I don't want to start a fight here but my point is that it seems like almost everyone is. I used to have this naive viewpoint like…other groups that experience prejudice and hate might be more sympathetic to different types of prejudice and hate, but that just hasn't held true. So if anything it makes me feel more depressed and alone.

Like there really is nobody who is going to come and disagree with those things. If you're a woman you are completely on your own and everyone hates you and doesn't want you around. I guess the difference is that most women are strong enough to accept this and move on and I'm just not. I aspire to be but I am not.

No. 485101

The only real sexist thing I struggle with is playing videogames tbh. I'm afraid if I lose or am horrible in the game I'm suddenly fitting and helping push the stereotype women suck at games.

I don't think the whole world is sexist, maybe more in some countries and communities than others, but I think you should be more outgoing and not as easily shot down. Speak like you have something important to say. I had to really grow a backbone from going from a mute to a shitposting fuck-all. But I do have a lot of close friends, I think the problem is confidence and being convinced people already think this way before you talk to them, it creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

No. 485102

lol it's funny because I have the exact opposite perspective of this idiot. male-dominated offices are shitshows and the culture is repulsive, nothing ever gets done and the few female employees are forced to be responsible for everyone else so that everything doesn't just turn into a dumpster fire.

No. 485104

File: 1574224589650.jpg (51.65 KB, 489x410, trannies.jpg)

Fucking this.

No. 485105

I don't know I just keep to myself mostly now. Most of the things I am interested in are technically 'male dominated' so I just keep quiet and enjoy them on my own as much as possible. I mean before I knew that this type of misogyny was rampant I was fine being outgoing but now I know what men think of women and I think life will be easier if I don't engage and just try to keep my head down. Even if it's painful and I need to be alone.

Yeah I really like my female coworkers and they don't fit the mold he has laid out here. But people in that thread were literally calling women 'snakes' and saying they're these evil creatures.

No. 485112

File: 1574225587209.png (220.58 KB, 541x698, qVUDSWa.png)

Look at him and tell me there's a god

No. 485113

File: 1574225613873.png (290 KB, 559x883, qVUDSWb.png)

No. 485114

File: 1574225722678.png (352.07 KB, 545x888, qVUDSWc.png)

No. 485115

File: 1574225867193.png (226.76 KB, 553x305, qVUDSWd.png)

No. 485116

Remember to take it with a grain of salt. And spot sexist studies that are just satisfying their confirmation bias. There are literally 2 guys who wrote a bunch of research papers for publication companies they suspected had a liberal bias, and not only had their ridiculous papers published, but got awards for them. They did things like, reword Mein Kamph, replacing the word "jew" with "men" and they got accepted. Don't accept that all men think you're shit as true just because it's the bandwagon opinion in media atm, and look for logical fallacies because they are rampant. This happens with psychological studies as well, it's a very, very feminist field. You have to learn how to read the study and see if it's factual and how they came to their conclusion.

Articles about how "men hate you and think you're trash unless you're a subservient handmaiden" are cherry picked. You could make Trump look like the greatest guy with the same tactics, showing how proud he was they have the most women in congress in history, and just stuff like that. Men are humans just like women. Charity Waters is created by men and they make thousands of wells for villages in Africa, and share the most depressing and empathy inducing stories you'll ever hear. Ocean Cleanup was created by men and they're trying to clean the entire ocean in the next 5 years. Men have gone out of their way to save strangers who were woman from other men who were abusive towards them. People are different and they don't automatically assume all women are trash. Find guys who like their mom, they're usually the best ones.

No. 485117

>please remember that I support women and cis women

As always, male is the default.

No. 485119

>not all men

Even in the pink pill thread?

No. 485120

>This happens with psychological studies as well, it's a very, very feminist field.
no it is not

No. 485122

Stop being autistic it was obvious meryl and snake had a thing and she was the daughter of his commander

quiet was purposely created to be objectified to fuck with everyone pushing the chico is quiet theory.

Guys and women are sexualized but tbh all these female characters are more than just their appearences dude. Eva is a highly sexual woman but she still kicks ass and has agency over herself. I also don't get where you got your naomi and mei ling stuff from

No. 485125

>taking that as a bad thing

NPC tier.

No. 485126

Um.. yeah it is.

No. 485127

Is this where all the fat SJW's hang out? The farm?(bye)

No. 485145

File: 1574236792858.jpeg (45.91 KB, 988x655, 462232A5-9329-48CC-A8B4-17AB7D…)

No. 485148

Hopefully the managing organizations never let this shit into the olympic level.

No. 485160

Kids do not exhibit biological differences in performance before puberty anon. If boys outperformed girls it was due to them spending more time exercising, not biology. If they trooned out before puberty, then I don't mind them competing with girls.

No. 485206

>Genie appears
>your wish is granted
>reincarnate as a man that's short, poor, black,mentally ill, and ugly.

No. 485208

>Am I the only one who remembers boys already outperforming girls in elementary school?
Yes. All three of the best players on my soccer team were girls.

No. 485235

That line tipped me off that it was a scrote. They can't resist framing feminism as some massive, all-powerful anti-male cabal.
I wonder if we're having some "redpilled" visitors from r/AgainstDegenerateSubs.

No. 485236

Gets babied by society because despite the amount of women who handmaid short men and how much body positivity men get society thinks they're oppressed because a girl on tinder said she liked tall guys once
Get babied, people assume you're hard working where as when women are poor it's assumed it's because of bad life decisions
Blacks are only hated by the alt right, the very people who have the same views as you about men's being oppressed
>Mentally ill
It's a known fact mentally ill men get millions of better treatment than mentally ill women. A man being mentally ill gets quickly treated and has the world catered to him, mentally ill women are assumed to be faking for attention
Lmao ugly men get millions better treatment than ugly women

No. 485238

Blame women for not dating you for being short.


Blame women for not dating you for being poor.


Blame women for not dating you for being black.

>Mentally ill

Blame women for not dating you for being mentally ill.


Blame women for not dating you for being ugly.

I fixed it for you, anon.

No. 485239

Wrong reply
Meant for >>485236

No. 485240

I think he's a super christian fundie. Hence his use of handmaid and helpmate. And those guys don't like that women are people with rights and not slaves anymore. They also can't comprehend couples not wanting kids and poor women not wanting to stay poor. If she gets with a rich man instead of working then she's a gold digger hunting men down for resources. If she doesn't, she's hurting society by working. It's insanity.

How long until someone leaks confidenial docs of some of these drug companies that say trans is a huge experiment. You can't keep pushing this and expect everyone to stay ok

No. 485253

I don't know If I hate this man but I know this is the most pathetic creature I have laid eyes upon

No. 485255

>Blacks are only hated by the alt right
Go outside and see the real world. If you think that certain groups of white people are the only ones capable of racism you are incredibly naive. I'm not condoning racism at all but if you think that white people are the only ones that hate others for their race, religion or nationality, you're in for a big shock.

No. 485260

What is the final answer to the troon question?

No. 485263


No. 485268

I think that feeling is why a lot of women try to be fakebois and become handaidens.

No. 485276

I can't believe how dumb progressives are KEK
They honestly just want us to lick their boots

No. 485282


Take a minute & watch this: A teenage girl fighting tears because her school board ruled that bathrooms are open to anyone who identifies as a girl. She is terrified that a boy will see her naked, & her privacy concerns are dismissed. She is collateral damage for trans activists.

No. 485286

The only people I know who hate blacks are alt right. Who exactly is this large group of people conspiring against blacks?

No. 485287

Holy shit, this is in Chicago? They're pulling this shit while the teachers are still struggling with the pay rate? Absolutely retarded. They still can't fix the decaying buildings in the schools in low income neighborhoods, but they can allow this. Only pretending to be retarded because I know they'll never care about the poor, but Jesus Christ.

No. 485288

Women had to fight for women's spaces so that we could safely exist in the public sphere (and so we could escape male violence, as with shelters). MANY teenage girls are going through this right now; I personally know mothers who don't know what to do because their daughters and their daughters' female peers no longer feel safe or comfortable in areas that are supposed to give them privacy like the locker room. One parent pushing for their one child to go through with a socially and medically dangerous decision that has no backing showing it truly helps anyone (and despite 80% of minors recovering from gender dysphoria naturally and spontaneously with zero intervention) causes dozens of other children to suffer.
And parents are cornered now because of how TRAs throw around accusations of bigotry and misuse the 41% suicide statistic. Despite that this is because of the fact that almost all transgender people have multiple other mental illnesses which are what actually should be treated, suicide is used as a threat against parents who want their children to hold off transition for surety and safety reasons.

No. 485289

For fakebois, it's true, and a lot of them have also dealt with some form of sexual harassment/abuse, like a lot of women. In order to avoid unwanted sexual attention from creepy males, becoming a male or a "nonbinary" blob in a binder sounds like the answer.

No. 485290


No. 485291

>the only animals I know that eat rats are cats
>therefore, only cats eat rats
This is such a basic fallacy

No. 485300

Plenty of Mexican gangs specifically target blacks and have done for decades. Some of America's biggest race riots were caused by tensions between Asians and blacks. Arabs/Muslims have never stopped hating blacks. Every race has a large group that hates every other race.

No. 485304

I had the displeasure of finding an exes porn viewing history years ago. Footage where hundreds of women were secretly recorded using public bathrooms. As much as people insist 'they only want to pee and nobody wants to perv on a woman when she is likely peeing/shitting' ..Um yeah there are very real perverts out there creating and sharing vids of exactly that

No. 485310

Why would you date a perv?

No. 485314

Do you not know that men often hide fetishes from their partners?

No. 485315

But you can tell they're hiding something

No. 485317

Like cameras

No. 485321

This will push more people to homeschooling or online schools. This wasn't so this boy can pee with girls. Those adults actively fought for this boy to change and be naked with other girls.

And why is it always mtf that do this shit.

No. 485322

Where are you that treats mentally ill men faster and more efficiently than women?

No. 485327

I just don't get the logic, if he wants to 'be one of the girls' then how does he think upsetting a bunch of his female classmates with help with that goal?

Couldn't even soften his voice a little while being interviewed, kek

No. 485328

They're 1% of 5% of men that are gay
How is it that such a small amount of men can wreck an entire movement of a much larger amount of women?

No. 485331

I guess it's more Tumblr related, but the fact that Menalez gets a lot more hate and has a full on hate blog against her compared to someone like TD tells me something about radfem/gc side of tumblr.

No. 485334

someone should start a td ~truth blog. her reaction to it would be hilarious.

while we're on the topic of radfem tumblr what do you gyns think about thestrippershateyou? male troll or severely mentally ill woman?

No. 485342

There are already three hate accounts for toppdyke but toppdyke has no shame or consciousness whatsoever so she calls every criticism of her a ''troonfem troll dicklicker''.

Toppdyke seems mentally unstable i goes its all those drugs that she did when she was a stripper whore that fried her brain.

No. 485344

''thestrippershateyou'' is just a pro-tranny,pro-prostitute libfem.
She has NOTHING to do with radfems and seems to hate them.

No. 485363

one does damage control and one doesn't, TD calls people dicksuckers in all caps ala an early 2000s forum troll who hurts women's feelings(mostly TiFS but also people like necessaryforspeed who develop permanent butthurt about radfems and seperatism after). she says foul things but it's easily preventable just by blocking her. she probably has an anger disorder or something, but she's older and been through the mill so who knows what makes her behave like this. again, easily managed just by blocking.

people don't like menalez because she's in constant damage control mode, will steal posts in a histrionic response to being blocked, and goes out of her way to look through your blog on her alt accounts to get around women's established boundaries and look for a way to cancel them. She keeps track of her vistor IPS and I've seen one post about her finding a woman's social media profile against her will, and that woman deleted her facebook and tumblr soon after. her inability to control her reactions to online drama causes her further self harm, and lack of management of her personality disorder is frankly concerning. of course people are more interested in talking about a woman that manipulates people and tries to erase receipts of her questionable behavior.

No. 485368

File: 1574287247053.png (43.46 KB, 601x461, aclu.png)

posted yesterday

why are trannies and their supporters so delusional?

No. 485373

She's been getting into online drama since she was just a basic but popular pale/kawaii blogger, aka rnortal.
I remember her captioning literally everything she reblogged with "similar posts here". I also remember her being discussed all over those kawaii Tumblr "gossip" blogs.
I was actually surprised when I found out she became a radfem. She used to be a huge libfem.

No. 485374


>stripper whore that fried her brain.

That sentence wasn't misogynistic at all.

No. 485379

There is one way to be a man, just one simple thing that unites every single man on this earth. It's called having a Y chromosome. That's the one way to be a fucking man, anything else you do doesn't invalidate that one truth. God.

No. 485388

>what is androgen insensitivity syndrome

No. 485389


>a freak mutation that affects 1 in 100,000 people means women are men and men are women if they just want to be uwu

No. 485390

No, dummy, it just means defining what people are by their chromosomes only is a bit too much.

No. 485391

I don't think chromosomes are a good way to define a man or a woman because you can't tell what someones chromosomes are by looking at them. Being a man or a woman is a combination of things, not just one thing and that's why you can't change it with the flip of a switch.

No. 485394

>using anomalies to define the norm

No. 485395

How else would you?

No. 485396

Anon, they’re anomalies for a reason, they fall outside the norm

Maybe I didn’t word it the best way beforehand, but it’s retarded to define a majority by a minuscule minority

No. 485397

that was my point. her hate for radfems is so extreme and poorly reasoned that I don't know if I believe if she's sincere or an elaborate troll.

No. 485399

Shoe tried to argue with someone under that tweet kek. More people realizing how nonsensical tras are

No. 485401

Is there a male equivalent term for terf? I'm guessing not..

No. 485402

I guess everyone hates the taste of their own medicine. Im calling toppdyke that because toppdyke is hypocritical and calls women those exact terms i called her….and even worse.

Toppdyke loves pretending she is of some moral superiority over other women by harassing rape victims and underage girls so im going to call her out for being a stripper who abused drugs.

No. 485413

recently the gender fandom came up with "TEHM" - trans exclusionary homosexual male - but it's not used widely. I've seen it used unironically maybe 5 times, all on tumblr.

No. 485417

Another bigger issue is this can also potentially push more people to the right, If liberals and leftists remain adamant about kowtowing to troons then majority of moderates and even people who were left wing will have no choice but to side with the right

No. 485424

This shit got ratio'd and has 21K responses. I don't think I've ever seen a deluded trans post get that much pushback. I fucking hate it, but it seems like, yet again, if you want people to call this shit out, bring up men.

No. 485434

And of course it's only directed towards gay men.

I bet a lot of the same trans allies (e.g. Greg, shuwu and the like) who previously attacked terfs will defend "tehms".

No. 485435

Not trying to start a war but can somebody explain to me what a "swerf" is? I know what it stands for but I don't really know what it means. Is it just a feminist who is anti porn/sex work?

No. 485446

Why would a simple question like that start anything here? You sound like you've been harassed by TiMs one too many times for asking any harmless questions about them or their "feminism."

No. 485451

It's a meaningless slur just like TERF, but yes, it basically means a feminist/anyone who is critical of sex work/prostitution/the porn industry

No. 485454

Thanks, I was just wondering because the term makes it sound like a feminist who doesnt believe sex workers should have rights or something

No. 485456

File: 1574313417510.jpeg (103.05 KB, 960x899, 5969b1db5ba30.jpeg)

Why do men find stuff like this funny?

No. 485464

God that greasy fuck reminds me of so many gross boys i went to school with, there’s no way in hell I would’ve changed in front of them
Feel so bad for her

No. 485466

There's no way 20% of gay men are troons. Or do you mean 1% of gay men?

No. 485471

Can we talk about hunter schafer or indya Moore?

No. 485502

hunter schafer was discussed a few threads back, when euphoria was airing. what's indya moore's deal?

No. 485506

Males with that are still males since they'll never be able to produce eggs but some can still produce sperm even if they're literally born with a vagina. People use intersex conditions to try to show le sex is le spectrum but it's really not, it really is a binary of if you have a functioning Y chromosome or not. Even ultra rare things like fertile XX males happens because they don't really have two X chromosomes, one is so deformed it functions as the simpler Y chromosome.

No. 485509

So you're either a man or not a man, tertium non datur. Everything else is just… not-men.

No. 485510

That's what 1% of 5% mean

No. 485516

moore is a good example of a Blanchard's homosexual transsexual (HSTS) archetype

>The homosexual transsexual type corresponds to what is known as early-onset in other sources, while the autogynephilic type corresponds to what is known as late-onset in other sources. Homosexual transsexuals are proposed to be motivated by being very feminine in both behavior and appearance, and by a desire to romantically and sexually attract (ideally very masculine) men. Autogynephilic transsexuals are thought to be motivated by their sexual desire and romantic love for being women.[31]

>According to the typology, autogynephilic transsexuals are attracted to femininity while homosexual transsexuals are attracted to masculinity. However, a number of other differences between the types have been reported. Bailey states that homosexual transsexuals begin transitioning earlier in life,[25] :162 generally before turning 30, which accounts for their supposedly better adjustment. He states that they are also more likely to come from poorer, non-white, or socially marginalized backgrounds,[25] :183–184 and, by definition, are exclusively attracted to men; whereas autogynephilic transsexuals are either attracted to women, exclusively or not, or asexual.[25] :162 Bailey also argues that autogynephilia tends to appear along with other paraphilias.[25]

>Sexologist Anne Lawrence, a proponent of the concept,[32][33] argues that homosexual transsexuals pursue sex reassignment surgery (SRS) out of a desire for greater social and romantic success.[26] Lawrence has proposed that autogynephilic transsexuals are more excited about sexual reassignment surgery than homosexual transsexuals. She states that homosexual transsexuals are typically ambivalent or indifferent about SRS, while autogynephilic transsexuals want to have surgery as quickly as possible, are happy to be rid of their penis, and proud of their new genitals.[31] Bailey argued that homosexual transsexuals are unlikely to transition if their appearance as women would be very unattractive.[25]

>According to Bailey and Lawrence, transsexuals who are active on the internet are overwhelmingly autogynephilic;[34] and the two kinds of transsexuals rarely interact with each other or appear in the same spaces.[25]

No. 485517

File: 1574341000472.jpg (2.86 MB, 1440x1555, 552326e.jpg)

Insightful critique. You can feel the teenage egoism and sheltered life

No. 485533

Or female and not female. I was talking about males since AIS doesn't fuck up females as dramatically as males to the extent that you get the opposite genitalia and females have less intersex conditions in general since we essentially have a back-up X chromosome if one goes weird.

No. 485711

What the fuck is this supposed to mean anyway? Where is anime being banned?

No. 485720

They mean lolicon and shotacon specifically, not anime itself.

No. 485767

love the way men CONSTANTLY strawman everything. ever notice that shit? interact with a male and they're always strawmanning to act like they're victims.

No. 485811

>upper middle, suburban life
>stay at home mom
>le straight white male TM
>makes friends with creepy dudes who break boundaries
>anti sjw gamer goober
>dropped out of uni & got trade job

and I'm supposed to believe he got abused by his ex gf? what would Lundy Bancroft say?

No. 485878

Lauren Southern has to be one of the biggest hypocrites alive.

I haven't kept up with her (nor do I plan to in the future) but she has preached SO much about how women need to get married at 20 and have babies and be housewives and be traditionally feminine etc etc. but I just looked at her youtube and her avi is her wearing a fuckin PANTS SUIT. bitch what the fuck

No. 485892

I heard he almost got her fired too. Feel terribly for his daughter and his wife. His wife is a therapist or a psychiatrist. So he can hate feminism buts he's living as a stay at home dad with no job while his wife works in healthcare. Cognitive dissonance is one hell of a drug

No. 485895

how did he almost get her fired?!

No. 485951

Because other women support them. Wherever gay men lead, liberal feminists will follow.

No. 485954

Good news is you don't have to. Just after her last full feature documentary someone blackmailed with something, and she dropped off the planet.
Y'all are talking about Stefan Molyneux aren't you? He was allegedly eavesdropping on his wife's therapy sessions and airing her patient's dirty laundry in his podcasts. God help me though, I still find his daddy/daughter minecraft videos adorable.

No. 485956

Liberal feminists are the most privileged and richest, I've found. They claim to be part of the under privileged, but it seems not to be the case. Actually underprivileged people don't want half the shit they claim we want.

No. 485961

An anon who seems to have deleted her comments mentioned that he wanted his daughter to become a great revolainity philosopher but he also thinks that all feminism is bullshit

it honestly seems like IRL doublethink(the acceptance of contrary opinions or beliefs at the same time)

No. 485965

Eh, I've never heard him say he wants anything for his daughter other than her happiness. But then so what if he wants more if he wants more from her? She'll grow up as her own woman that can make her own decisions. Especially since his most controversial position is you should always distance yourself from ANYONE that's abusive, even if they're related.

No. 485971


Neither of them pass to me. I haven’t heard anything problematic about Hunter but I have seen a lot of creepy people online drooling over him/her. Indya has said/tweeted some super ridiculous things such as “trans women are biological women”

No. 486083

Agree also I enjoy pose because I'm bi but there are a bunch of shady implications on the show about women

No. 486109

File: 1574451645460.jpeg (364.03 KB, 1125x1395, 4BD8E320-DD3D-4EB9-A437-45923B…)

I saw this meme shared by a couple conservative tradwife accounts and it depresses me. These women really think romance stories are as bad as porn? There is shit in porn that sends women to the hospital and fucks up their bodies for life. What is in a romance novel that a man “can’t even do”?

No. 486111

Comparing romantic gestures to taking two dicks in your ass at the same time, yeah that seems about equally unrealistic, kek

No. 486127

>rom fiction teaches girls that it's unrealistic to expect a healthy, well mannered man to be a loving, respectful partner who will love you in a lasting healthy relationship
What a cope. Those trad wives are miserable that their conservative trad husbands are the exact opposite of what they hoped for. They wanted some handsome 1950s husband but got a porn addicted misogynist that whines about women including their wives on social media while those trad wives are stuck doing everything in the home and go to work on top

Someone blackmailed lauren?

No. 486138

>Comparing hardcore bondage, plastic surgery, fisting, etc to women wanting their husbands to be romantic with them

Only men.

No. 486148

I think what the image is trying to say is that people shouldn't base their expectations for their partner on fiction, which is a fair point I guess. Where it fails is that the example of the male ideal is something as disgusting and harmful as porn, while the female ideal is something as benign as a romance novel.

No. 486160

Holy shit what a horrible image macro. Men numbing their dicks over women being abused and expecting their girlfriends to give them anal is comparable to women expecting their boyfriends to be decent, caring partners? Fuck this narrative and everyone claiming that female erotica is "just as bad" as porn. Come back when the majority of women are watching IRL porn in which the woman violently pegs a man in his ass and makes him forcibly eat her out, then you might have a case.

This. It's soul-crushingly sad how tradwives are coping with their awful husbands like this, when they ask them to do the absolute minimum for the relationship they're immediately gaslit into believing they've been "brainwashed by romance novels into having unrealistic expectations". I hate how so many women buy into this meme too.

No. 486189

File: 1574466721011.png (83.23 KB, 676x560, 569.png)

No. 486215

Not confirmed, just speculated on. Since https://web.archive.org/web/20190611040855/https://www.dangerous.com/50638/say-farewell-to-the-klepto-queens-of-the-british-far-right/ came out in the same week that she made her retirement vid with friend and mentor Stef.

No. 486218

>They wanted some handsome 1950s husband but got a porn addicted misogynist that whines about women including their wives on social media while those trad wives are stuck doing everything in the home and go to work on top

Preety much this , the least tardmen could do is act like classically masculine males and fuffil that role but they can't even do that

No. 486219

exactly. all these men whine about how they want women to be traditional but can't do the same thing themselves. they want women to give up their modern freedoms and go be traditional housewives but they themselves don't want to give up modern freedoms like porn.

No. 486221

File: 1574478524280.png (37.24 KB, 742x404, mythbusters.png)

No. 486223

It’s not even that hard, either. Dress a little better than a complete slob, wash your ass, and take some initiative for once. Then come home from work and be treated like a spoiled child just the same

No. 486226

File: 1574480065574.png (211.52 KB, 1038x660, screenshotAtUploadCC_157447989…)

No. 486229

>falling for the racial bait-and-switch scrote defense
For as progressive as many of these types claim to be, why does it seem like they never even listen to the women of the race they try to defend with this tired argument?
And no, boomer aunties who still invite pedophilic uncles/grandpas/nephews to family reunions, and intensely male-identified pick-mes who think it's their duty to defend Stephon Clark (and other men like him) even though he was a racist, misogynistic piece of shit who would've never done the same for them do not count, just like how tradthots, female Trump supporters who show up at rallies with shirts that read "Trump can grab my pussy ANY TIME" and "redpill women" don't count.

No. 486237

She always struck me as pretty lib fem anyway, so I'm not shocked by this.

No. 486239

She does have a point. Racism is still very real, even among young women.

No. 486240

File: 1574486135868.jpg (191.04 KB, 980x685, 1549595253517.jpg)

you're she's always been a libfem larping as a radfem and her "feminism" has always been superficial, trite and ultimately insincere, the music itself wasn't remotely engaging or powerful.

No. 486241

File: 1574486565836.jpg (98.04 KB, 729x352, muhmisgendering.jpg)

She talks in that Pitchfork article about how women used to make comments at shows about how can you be a feminist and a stripper. Damned women, thinking for themselves and questioning her lib fem shit.

Also, I never much liked Bikini Kill. I'm not just saying that because of this interview - I really never got into them. If I'm gonna listen to 90's chick bands, I'd rather listen to Hole, even though I know Courtney is a massive bitch.

No. 486242

god forbid women have 80%-100% of any fucking room

No. 486246

File: 1574491641805.png (17.7 KB, 541x345, expectations.PNG)

pic related.

No. 486248

File: 1574492436901.png (980.5 KB, 960x842, 1563566075519.png)

It's horrifying to see people who hear anime and think 'cartoon porn of children' using an anime teenage girl to represent themselves/their views. They're making a character with no will of its own promote child sexualization. I guess it would've been too on-the-nose to make an anime little girl mascot that promoted lolicon being legal.

Maybe it isn't a coincidence that they're using her to represent themselves, given how many trans like anime and want to be underage anime girls.

No. 486250

I just googled Adam Savage and his top tweet is about how antivaxxers beliefs aren't rooted in science…. The irony….

No. 486251

>“I’m going to come and kill you.” [Bikini Kill] had shows that were stopped in the middle because women would shout us down, and want me to answer a question about how I could be a feminist if I was a stripper. Men would yell “shut up and just play” when I would talk in between songs.

I mean they weren't wrong

No. 486265

Adam Savage is a smug, prototypical ~male feminist~ who doesn't deserve my time of the day. I wouldn't be surprised if he was one of the closet AGPs who fantasize about dressing up as a woman and feel ~terves~ to be threatening to their fetish.

Anyway idk how many finnanons still browse this thread but there recently was a slight turmoil in the online scene over here. A semi-well known twitter account (venlaolsen) that supposedly was kept by a 25-year old lesbian was outed to actually be owned by a 30+ mentally ill straight guy (ukulaitinen), after he honest to god faked her suicide to milk for sympathy points. What makes it notable is that using the "girl's" account he tweeted/re-tweeted a lot of anti-TERF and "trans women are women!!!!" takes while creeping on "fellow lesbians" and posting inappropriate, pornified photos of women with slimy captions and straight out sexual fantasies. He also posted tweets applauding himself as this fictional lesbian and used some anonymous girl's photos as his own. After the lie was revealed he tried defending what he did by claiming that he actually ~WAS~ this lesbian female and his actions were totally warranted because he's "pansexual" himself. At this point I'm just waiting for him to come out as a tranny and redeem the golden ticket to defend himself against all controversy. I fucking hope it happens because it would drive so many people to peak trans, these nutjobs do the converting job better than any GC activists could.

No. 486282

File: 1574509433298.jpg (3.19 KB, 240x110, kys.jpg)

Holy shit that dude needs some serious help. I hope he lied about being a father too.

No. 486293

I like to watch fashion videos and there's one YouTuber whose videos I would occasionally watch when they popped up in my recommendations. She just seemed like a typical 20 year old girl to me but it turns out she's actually a TiM. I'm usually really good at clocking troons but I think this is the first time I've been truly shook, I never would've guessed she's trans. It helps that she never once alluded to it and all her content was normal lifestyle and fashion type stuff. Knowing now that she's trans, I can sorta understand it, but if she hadn't come out I wouldn't have suspected anything. I've never seen a TiM with a more passing voice than her, even the 'better passing' ones like Kim Petras still kinda sound like a gay boy.

Any farmers have thoughts on this? Honestly I don't mind the small population of troons who seem to want to live quiet lives like this, she's not creepy like Hontra or Yaniv or like a blowup doll drag queen wannabe like Nikita Dragun.

No. 486296

Honestly the vocal fry sounds super performative and also fucking annoying, BUT I do agree with you on the whole thing about the quiet ones. The ones who aren’t always screaming about trans shit or how they don’t “HAVE TO PASS”

No. 486298

File: 1574518682945.jpeg (57.68 KB, 550x406, 0919F154-79CE-4D59-8029-A7A1D0…)

You really didn’t expect at all? Kek

And stop saying she. Just because you errr fooled and like him doesn’t make him a woman

No. 486342

Probably because she is a "real" trans woman and not a no-disphoria having "lesbian" twansgirl

No. 486366

Racism is still real definitely. And it terrible that people use it to their advantage to screw over others, like what she was talking about. But if she’s talking about actual cases where a black man has actually assaulted a white woman and not believing the woman because of “racism,” then she can fuck right off. Shitty and terrible people exist. Black or white. Male or female.

No. 486376

>Also didn't Warhol steal one of her plays

I know this is 12 days old but what actually happend was that Solanas gave Warhol a screenplay and he said he might be intrested in turning it into a feature length warhol film based soley on the title "Up your ass" If it was good, but after actually reading the screenplay warhol told her he had no intention to produce Up Your Ass as either a play or a movie; the script was then simply lost in the shuffle, thrown into one of the Factory’s many stacks of unsolicited manuscripts and papers. Solanas was concivned he had stolen her work, she began telephoning insistently, ordering Warhol to give her money for the play.

No. 486389

File: 1574541139000.jpg (687 KB, 700x999, Tulathimutte_Cervantes.jpg)

Has this been posted here yet? I think farmers would have a great time reading it.


No. 486391

I am currently four weeks pregnant, and I have recently had a bit of guilt about how being a mother is not a very radically feminist role. I am unsure how to reconcile these two parts of my life as I move closer to meeting my child.

No. 486397

it should be noted this was written as a satire of woke bros who proclaim to be male feminists but slide into violent anger when they don't get the sex they feel entitled to.

it should be obvious with lines like this
>IF YOU ASK HIM WHERE he went to high school, he likes to boast that, actually, he went to an all-girls school. That was sort of true—he was one of five males at a progressive private school that had gone co-ed just before he’d enrolled. People always reply: Ooh la la, lucky guy! You must’ve had your pick. Which irritates him, because it implied women would only date him if there were no other options, and because he hadn’t dated anyone in high school. One classmate junior year had a crush on him, but he wasn’t attracted to her curvaceous body type so felt justified in rejecting her, just as he’d been rejected many times himself.

>"You’ve turned your loneliness into this, like, fetish necklace of martyrdom. And all of us,” they gesture around to other picnickers, “have to sit here and rubber-stamp your feminism. If we don’t indulge your wallowing, we’re being callous and, like, complicit with some diabolical global conspiracy that’s keeping you from getting laid. But if we do, then we’re ‘disingenuous’ because none of us will fuck you ourselves."

The actual plot arch — male femenist incel gets radicalized online and goes to shoot people was pretty predictable though.

No. 486398

Anon, being a feminist doesn't mean you can't be a mother. On the contrary, if you believe strongly in it, then can't you use your beliefs in the protection of women to be a really good mom and role model for your kid? Especially if you have a daughter.

No. 486399

No. 486401

maybe courtney was right

No. 486403

I remember when we had this huge flamewar on lc about who was the bigger libfem, Courtney Love or Kathleen Hanna and now I guess Hanna has proved herself to be the bigger libfem

No. 486406

I feel kind of sorry for the current generation of hsts guys like this who got transed super young because most of them would have just grown up to be normal gay men rather than mutilated transwomen. I'm sure some of them are happier like this but it's not ever going to be most of them. It's depressing.
what did courtney say about her?

No. 486407

Was that in the handmaiden thread? I feel the need to re-read that now, in light of this new interview.

No. 486414

She's not wrong though, we've burned fully functioning black towns over little white lies.

No. 486427

File: 1574547282188.png (627.64 KB, 1368x1158, why.png)

yes another boring ugly gay dude who hates being gay being lauded as hero and savior for "bravely" embodying gendered stereotypes


No. 486435

Girl, did you see the hands? the wrists and all, dead giveaway

No. 486445

The voice passes surprisingly well but the jaw and the nasal bridge immediately looked male to me. It looks very similar to those super effeminate gay beauty guru men.

No. 486451

You can be feminist and still be a mother. I think it really just depends on the dynamic with the father. If he ditches or forces all the work on the mother, etc, I would say it's a wrong decision though.

No. 486464

Sounded like a youngish boy to me

No. 486480

File: 1574562829513.jpg (35.44 KB, 1480x87, 1.jpg)

does anyone else feel like the mods on this site are incredibly precarious at times? I was reading through the blaire white thread (which is where this screenshot is from) and people kept bitching about how it was derailing into nitpicking blaire's looks, even though the kelly eden thread is almost entirely dedicated to bashing her looks and I've never seen the mods tell anyone to stop. it's the same with other threads too, like how people used to bump the altcows thread with kaya's acne shots all of the time. other anons complained about it, but a farmhand never stepped in.

it's funny how nitpicking only becomes a problem when it's about trannies.

No. 486483

Damn, it's more feminine than mine. kms ig.

No. 486484

his voice sounds like a girl to me but as the other anon pointed out his vocal fry/valley girl accent feels hella fake and forced. also, his hands….

No. 486485

Young boys don’t exactly sound masculine. But they don’t sound like women either

No. 486497

I'm really not shocked that mods and admins would favorite some cows over others. They're human and not completely impartial. Even I enjoy the nitpicks on some cows but absolutely loathe the nitpicking about others.

No. 486506

Yeah, I've noticed it. Also, the altcow thread is pure awful. I dunno why I still go to it. Boredom, I guess.

No. 486550

I saw this posted somewhere else on lolcow before
>getting sexually assaulted
>being favored

pick one. You can't be both favored by society and a victim to it, this is some real galaxy brain thinking here

No. 486552

>get brainwashed by society into being afraid to hurt men's feelings
How is that being favored by society?
>"I put myself into shitty situation after shitty situation" followed by "I was a naive girl taught always to be 'nice'."
I don't get it. If that's what she was taught and what was ingrained to her, how can she say that she "put herself" in those situations?
What kind of self-flagellating bullshit is that post? While I agree that it's important to learn how to say no, why is the writer blaming young women for what they were taught and saying they are the problem? Why should society not be to blame, and why shouldn't men be taught basic empathy or how consent works?
She's also ignoring the thousands of women who have said "No" and been assaulted even more, and/or outright murdered for it because rejection made the male(s) angry.

No. 486554

This 100% reads like a scrote larping. I refuse to believe that this is a genuine woman.

No. 486558

Great, now I'm gonna assume every ugly girl is a troon

No. 486571

File: 1574592568330.png (31.23 KB, 362x339, innocent.png)

I was really surprised to see this statement on a twitter of japanese musical of all places. There will be women only and an all gender bathroom for the men? Anyone know if the bathroom issue is a big one in Japan?

No. 486579

“Magically stopped getting assaulted”
Um okay? I’ve said no more than I should have and because I was scared of the men being violent after I said no a few times, I ended up becoming a doll.
I also started dating some of those assholes because I was so confused I thought that was a form of romance.
The fucking point is that even if you say no, most men won’t fucking care.

No. 486588

propably sports which need a lot of endurance instead of burst damage.
I guess most competitive sports are rather focused on the latter tho

No. 486596

ofc you can still be a feminist as a mother thats not what she's saying. she's conflicted because having children at all is not a feminist choice because its primarily still the default for most women even when culture still shits on motherhood up and down

No. 486610

Firmly saying "no" only to then have the guy go into a tirade of "whore, cunt, bitch" is so fun, women are so sheltered and favored over men lol

No. 486616

As opposed to NA where the men's bathrooms are always made the gender neutral toilets and men get to keep their own. Interesting.

No. 486620

And they try to look like an actual woman instead of most troons who try to look like bimbos and anime characters. The reason why they're not actually trans is because they rather just be a man instead of an average woman because they know how much an average woman has to deal with. So much for easy mode life huh

No. 486624

>The fact they blamed women getting assaulted for women being "sheltered and favored"
>"I magically stopped being assaulted"
>Quoting assaulted

Oh boy where do I start. You can tell this person never lived a day as a woman

No. 486630

This person realizes that even the women who say no and enforce boundaries often get assaulted, forcibly and against their will? That men still take advantage in non-romantic situations to force themselves onto women?

Just the other day in my city a man was arrested on a public bus for whipping out his dick and forcing himself onto a woman.
Was the woman being 'nice' as she hollered for him to get off her? Did she not say no hard enough? Was the situation too romantic for her to enforce boundaries? Is society to blame for favoring her enough to let her ride the bus?

You can tell a man wrote this because it starts with a reasonable premise in the opening paragraph, but then he slowly weasels the misogyny into the following.

No. 486689

File: 1574619234225.png (599.21 KB, 1066x3199, Capture _2019-11-24-09-41-13~2…)

where do I even begin

No. 486706

Exactly. You can tell its a male larping because he never goes into detail when women do say no. Like they collectively forget the moment after a woman says no to them that they get angry, launch all the "bitch, whore, cunt, slut" insults and threats immediately after because they hate that women can say no. But no they want to blame women for just existing in the same place.

No. 486707

>haha mansplaining isn't real, dumb radfems giving everything a name
>but yeah I myself have personally witnessed several instances of men talking over women and not listening to their opinion
Why is it so terrible to give a name to something that many women experience? I really don't get "radical centrists" who refuse to have opinions.

No. 486709

I watch a lot of true crime documentaries on Youtube and in the last year or so I've noticed the comment sections have changed. They're now filled with arguments about gender. Men going out of their way to point out that 'while the murderer in this documentary was male… women definitely murder just as much as men' (not true)

Either that or we are the reason for men snapping and murdering. Performing mental gymnastics just to bitch about women when tbh it's a documentary about a single case and it doesn't require a random comparison between genders. They hate seeing female murder victims because they want women portrayed as evil. They even go nuts replying to people who dare to sympathise with the murder victim, ffs

No. 486712

>mansplaining isn't real
>goes on to explain how mansplaining is real

No. 486719

>They hate seeing female murder victims because they want women portrayed as evil
They know they rape and kill exponentially more than women for all of history. So they want women to be rapists and murderers just as much so they'll feel better about their own fucked up nature because they hate being reminded of it.

No. 486744

My god, the scrotes have taken over EVERYTHING


>sprite comics and roleplaying forums
>fanfiction and literature
>puzzle games

>and now true crime

WHY are they invading all the female dominated spaces and forcing themselves in it? WHY is this happening?

No. 486746

Because men have to be the center of everything. and its even worse when you got handmaidens who are totally okay with trannies and men invading. i'm so pissed off

No. 486762

File: 1574627736602.png (604.63 KB, 477x887, ew1.PNG)

This is one of the cringiest troon posts I have ever seen but it ended up on my feed from a friend liking it.

No. 486764

File: 1574627816910.png (148.98 KB, 484x887, ew2.PNG)

In the og tweet https://twitter.com/JekoJekoUEM/status/1198427013016694790?s=20 it's accompanied by three more images of him getting money from people for "making bathrooms gender neutral"

Woke people are cucks

No. 486770

I swear to fucking god, only trannies and idiot sjws are offended by bathroom signs. like wtf. i'm all for divided (or single room only) bathrooms. why are trannies so mad about it

No. 486773

Anticipating the tranny (and then inevitable gay) backlash in the 2020s.

No. 486774

Single room only? Do you want people to kill each other over who gets to take a piss first?

No. 486802

tranny shit always affects gay people too. Makes me pissed off.. I can't wait for more ammo for people to use to be antigay, instead of just hating trannies alone

No. 486837


>Man wants woman to be sexually exclusive to only him

>Some reason despite being so demanding, also doesn't want to be official, missing the entire points of FWB to be "no strings attached"
>Accuses her of "sleeping with others" because he death gripped too hard

When will women learn sex and relationships with men aren't worth it especially with men who don't even want to make it official?

No. 486848

Went to his profile to find this tweet and it was full of pictures of his asshole and the pinned tweet was a vid of some sort of solo porn he's selling. I don't know if this is normal for twitter but I feel like usually people make separate accounts for that shit and keep their main relatively clean and serious. He probably gets off on openly having it on his main though.

No. 486849

Whats the point of having fwbs if a lot of them will literally just be shitty lays

No. 486862

Not sure how common it is, but I've seen some bars/restaurants in NYC with a common hand washing area, but the toilets are separated in small "rooms," almost like mini closets. I think most people would be fine with restrooms like these being unisex. It's more private and probably helps to reduce lines, since men don't take as long.

No. 486884

That's how it is in places like Japan and Korea but there's still the problem of them placing cameras in the toilets to watch women too. The problem can be solved if lib fem handmaids would be ignored and people stopped giving tras an inch

How is it near the 2020s and men still don't understand how vaginas are muscles.

No. 486940

I'm always so confused by the people who donate to all of these gofundmes. Like, why? Do you have literally nothing to spend your money on than some loser with a victim complex?

>radfems are too stupid to get to the root of the problem
>which is that men are raised to think that they're better than women
This person just invented the concept of male socializtion without realizing it lmao. Maybe if she would actually read feminist literature she'd be able to put those problem solving skills to use instead of playing handmaiden.

No. 486942

Because they have to insert themselves into everything. Just look at how scrotes come here to troll. Of all the imageboards, they come to a small female oriented one.

Makes me think of their bullshit about women "invading male spaces" like gaming so women can "attention whore". Literally everything men say is projection.

No. 486947


Almost all of the "classic" fiction has only male characters, and even when there is a woman she has a really small part or is portrayed horribly. And anytime a feminist/anyone criticized it they'd come up with a million reasons why women shouldn't care that there are no female leads, or why there should be no female leads period.

Then when that movie came out that had an all female cast men everywhere were triggered and losing their shit over it.

No. 486949

File: 1574643609512.jpg (90.07 KB, 960x720, Simon Baron-Cohen (Biological-…)

I hate listening to scrotes critique liberalism because it's like watching an autistic kid socialize. Both can't grasp the subtle nuances of the situation so they take everything literally. "Men hitting women = Women hitting men" is no different from someone autistic thinking "my door=employee only door". That's the only way I can describe it literal autism.

No. 486956

I have never seen this, could you provide some links or screenshots

No. 486957

are you really defending liberalism on a radfem thread

No. 486962

File: 1574646717179.png (760.51 KB, 1080x1665, s4pvcpk7kl041.png)

Is Anita Sarkeesian getting Pinkpilled

No. 486968

She got a lot of hate for a tweet about how the Mandalorian has few women in it, I think she's just being a boomer and thinks that meme is supporting her view and has never heard of the gamestop ogre origin.

No. 486969

she's a millennial, stop calling every older person you dislike a boomer

No. 486970

No, I'm critiquing scrotes and their puddle deep 'male abuse is like female abuse' arguments

No. 486989

Not racebait, but has anyone else noticed more and more black women are becoming more "pink-pilled"? I lurk lipstickalley and hear them all the time about their dating pool being fucked by default of having like 10 black women with a college degree and good paying job to 1 average black man who the community sees as "good" because "at least he's not in jail".

Black guys online are starting to act like white incels now.

No. 487022

This has come up before quite a few times. When you're descended from women who were literally treated like livestock and systematically bred for slave children, it is generally impossible not to be at least a little misandrist from that alone. Couple that with the special brand of bullshit black women get to deal with from men, and you get man hatred on another level.

No. 487025

That black women represent the American demographic most likely to have a degrees, and black men represent the American demographic most likely to be in prison means you're gonna have an imbalance. Though nobody is forcing them to only consider black men. I'm sure there's men of every race that would gladly dehumanize them.

No. 487028

not sure if this has been discussed before (on another thread) or whatever but do any other anons get annoyed with “sex positivity” or whatever it’s always pornstars or libfems talking about it
Sex work or promiscuity isn’t feminist at all imo.
yeah I’m against slut shaming and ~ye women be chaste~ trad redpilled crap
but sex work is actually a vile, male dominated industry, produced and consumed by scrotes who literally only allow jobs for very young, very beautiful women. I’ve seen a bunch of girls come out of it that used to do it who hate their bodies now because they’re not as young or can’t make as much money as they did and body dysmorphia and depression.
I hate how porn treats women and I hate how men treat the girls who do camwork and such
I hate the objectification of the girls who do participate in sex work I know not all of them are trafficked or whatever but I still feel like they were pressured into it or are too naive to know just how dehumanizing it is
Plus I hate the fetishization of young women or teenage girls and I hate how porn enables this, Ive been hit on by men since I was 14, men are sick, I believe them shamelessly doing this is because of things like porn being normalized

No. 487031

I think you'll find incel behavior in all races/ethnicities. One thing that unites men, is their hatred of losing control of "their" women.

The more women waking up to their bullshit, the better.

No. 487049

File: 1574670696416.jpg (41.74 KB, 692x428, shutup.JPG)

Why do they have to make literally everything about themselves?

No. 487056

>nobody is forcing them to only consider black men
that's super wrong, being in a relationship with a nonblack men will basically result in banishment from the black community

No. 487057

I can't wait for her to become gender critical. She knew her feminism until she got this troon to help with her videos and then started to tweet the TWAW mantra.

No. 487059

Anita Sarkeesian is a opportunist.she saw an opportunity to make money off of dumb nerds by causing controversy despite having no emotional connection to video games or nerd culture in general, and others followed suite. she won't ever become gender critical because thier's no money to be made from it

No. 487068

I once heard someone say that girls who identify as non-binary are often on the autism spectrum. I don't know if it's true or not, but if it is it would make a lot of sense. does anyone know if there's a study about that or anything? or correlation with transgenderism and other conditions in general?

No. 487071

One google search got me multiple studies fam.

>It found that 14% of the transgender and non-binary group had a diagnosis of autism, while a further 28% of this group reached the cut off point for an autism diagnosis, suggesting a high number of potentially undiagnosed individuals.

>These figures were primarily driven by high scoring amongst those whose assigned gender was female at birth, supporting recent evidence that there is a large population of undiagnosed women with an autism spectrum disorder.

>Individuals with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or meeting the AQ cut-off score for ASD were over-represented in both the transgender and nonbinary groups. The key variables differentiating the transgender and nonbinary groups from the cisgender group were systematising and empathy. Levels of autistic traits and cases of ASD were higher in individuals assigned female at birth than those assigned male at birth.

>Autistic Girls : Gender’s Silent Frontier


And the study it's referring to:
>August 2018, 48% of children and young people who were seen in GIDS and whose parents com-pleted the social responsiveness scale (SRS), a quantitative measure of autistic behaviours in chil-dren and young people, scored in the mild to severe range (n = 2073). Ten per cent of female-bodied young people scored in the severe range, as did 7% of male-bodied young people. Taken together, these aspects signify a rapidly shifting context in the profile of many young people presenting to GIDS, which has prompted much discussion within the service and more widely about how best this group should be supported.

>Parents reported that before the onset of their gender dysphoria, many of the AYAs had been diagnosed with at least one mental health disorder or neurodevelopmental disability and many had experienced a traumatic or stressful event. Experiencing a sex or gender related trauma was not uncommon, nor was experiencing a family stressor (such as parental divorce, death of a parent, or a mental health disorder in a sibling or parent).

Autistic people often develop hyperfixation traits and have a stunted understanding of social situations and feelings, so they're more likely to become obsessed with their gender being the root of their problems. I.e. Autistic girls might be more aloof (problems with impulse control for example) than the neurotypical girls who have been socialized to be docile, which adds to the gender-nonconforming nature.

No. 487076

I wonder if this is for the same reason as the women-only train carriages so men won't grope people on the train? Fucked up that they need that.

No. 487079

Whoah. Thanks

No. 487091

File: 1574685007242.png (490.6 KB, 994x572, asj.PNG)


just read this article and the mom here makes so many good points about how relentlessly people gender children and just misses the logical conclusion of raising her child to just be a person regardless of whether they're male or female. How is it helping your child to raise them as an "other" instead when it's so clear and easy to see that we could just stop forcing pink on girls for one second of our lives?

> https://www.huffpost.com/entry/parenting-baby-gender-fluid_n_5dcc3f59e4b03a7e0293c7b8

No. 487096

File: 1574685610352.jpg (193.71 KB, 1080x1130, IMG_20191125_133619.jpg)

Father jumps in front of a train while holding onto his 5 year old daughter, she miraculously survives.
Pic related are some males' reactions…

I know I really shouldn't click on anything news related anymore because the comments will always be disgusting, no matter what happened.

No. 487098

What a garbage sounding community.

No. 487102

>Man tries to kill himself and his daughter
>Hmmm how can we make it the woman's fault

No. 487109

So after the r/neovaginadisasters subreddit got banned the creator now created a website called neovaginadisasters.com. and troons are already trying to cancel it

No. 487111

I see basically the same comment on every serial killer vid that I watch

"well he probably murders women because a woman cheated on him in the past and broke his spirit"

No. 487112

Hope the rest of the comments drowned out that noise. So glad to hear that the daughter lived too. She didn't need to die just because her dad was pathetic.

No. 487113

that might be true of some individuals but i come from an area where i know more mixed race people than i know anyone of 1 particular race. idk if its a red state/blue state thing but its not an "issue" at all here

No. 487114

File: 1574689846029.png (92.15 KB, 807x484, damn.png)

I was curious so I went to check out this place and went on the romance forum, and damn, you're not wrong.

Fucking based.

No. 487119

just serach "bedwench" on Youtube and you'll see what I mean


No. 487134

really guys? Stop it.

No. 487255

Man cheats on woman
>"It's not right to judge him, he probably had good reason. We don't know what was happening in his relationship, she was most likely a terrible person and deserved to be cheated on. Perhaps her breasts were too small. Men have needs after all."

Woman cheats on man
>"She deserves to be murdered by him and it's totally understandable if he kills their children too, or even becomes a serial killer. That adulterous harlot is the only one to blame for any blood he sheds from this point forward."

No. 487269

This shit right here is so god damn annoying to come across.

[picture of something/someone that just happens to have pink and blue in it, no matter how small]

There's this new feminine-looking Pokemon line that has pink/blue/white and people are head over heels and headcanoning it as the "Trans-right" Pokemon.

Well, that was before their Pokedex entries came out, and it turns out they will beat the shit out of you if they feel strong emotions and loudness, something that a lot of transgenders are. Hahahaha, get fucked troons.

No. 487271

which pokemon?

No. 487276

Nta but Galarian Ponyta, cotton candy-looking pastel unicorn. You know, exactly the kind of soft and magical aesthetic that little kids, especially little girls, love. Of course, TRAs have to turn anything innocent and cute into a “trans icon”. A more accurate trans representation would be if it was obese, on disability, sparse dyed green hair, stripey socks and wearing an old punk vest.

No. 487280

I'm half black and married to a white man. I've never gotten any shit for it from other black people. Not saying this means there is no stigma against it anywhere at all, but it is definitely not a universal thing.

No. 487289

>Desperate women denied abortions in Kenya 'are using COCA-COLA to kill their babies'
This shit is disgusting and depressing. Imagine being forced to give birth, and then kill that same child all because you were denied a rightful termination.
Infanticide is fucked up, so just imagine the dire situation you'd have to be in for that to even be an option. Nobody does that shit for fun, especially not multiple women and girls who are denied the right to terminate pregnancies (especially if it was via rape and/or CSA).
The whole thing is ghastly, but this is honestly one of the most enraging parts of this article for me:
>In 2017, under pressure from the American 'pro-life' lobby, a 'global gag rule' meant any organisation that so much as offers as advice on abortion will be barred from American aid.

>As a result, Family Health Options Kenya, just one organisation, had to eliminate free outreach services and close two clinics.

>Abortion is illegal in Kenya unless a mother's health is in danger. A 14-year prison sentence threatens anyone who carries out an 'unauthorised' abortions.

>In 2014, a Kenyan nurse was sentenced to death after being found guilty of carrying out an abortion on a woman who later bled to death.

>This means doctors are unwilling to take the risk, amid religious and political pressures, too.

Pro-lifers will read this article, blame the women and call them evil child-killers (as if infanticide is something a large amount of girls or women would ever be happy to commit), and still defend anti-abortion laws.
Meanwhile, a male serial killer or school shooter can murder multiple innocent women and children for no reason, and it becomes "Ok but his mother was probably abusive and his childhood was most likely rough. Society was just too harsh on him!! Ever think of that?? Have some empathy".

No. 487293

Hatterene. Prob also co-opted by trannies because it's one of those feminine looking waifu-bait pokemon like gardevoir, lopunny, etc

No. 487305

they can't help but make assumptions. They aren't genuine. The earlier you learn this the quicker you see them for who they really are.

No. 487311

Shit like this is why all "prolifers" can die in a fucking fire if you ask me. I'm not kidding. Their lives are worthless and bring nothing but extreme harm and tragedy for the sake of forcing women to incubate clumps of cells against their will. The world would be so much better off without them.

No. 487315

Sylveon is also another "trans rights" Pokemon

No. 487322

I hate pro-lifers so much. It's bad enough they've ramped up their propaganda bullshit in the US, where they've tried to get abortion overturned (luckily, the ACLU, as halfway useless as it may be sometimes, blocked it), but then they do this shit in other countries too, where women don't have the power to protest and don't have someone in their corner standing up for them.

No. 487325

it really is absolutely despicable. can their pro-life brains really be so warped that they still consider themselves to be "doing good" in circumstances such as these? it's something i will never understand.

No. 487328

They consider a fetus to be a living son or daughter, and abortion to be a fancy word for infanticide, so yes. That some women are inconvenienced by their children is not a good enough reason for making infanticide legal, and neither is the fact that some women will kill them anyway. Until they can be convinced that a human embryo doesn't count as human life, even when a bacterium on Mars still counts as alien life, they'll keep doing whatever they can to insure that life is protected.

No. 487331

who tf are you talking about?

No. 487333

The anons that were saying it's a huge taboo for black women to ever date nonblack men.

No. 487337

>'american boys project' wants to flood your instagram feed with diverse trans men


>As our society's relationship with gender and the language surrounding it slowly begins to shift, trans people are finally being permitted to carve out an authentic, multi-dimensional place for themselves within pop culture. But while the roles for trans characters in movies and TV are starting to move beyond token stereotypes and bad cliches, there's still a whole lot of work that needs to be done and a greater diversity of non-binary stories that need to be told.

>One person putting in that work is photographer Soraya Zaman whose "American Boys Project" is helping to expand our perceptions of the trans-masculine community, presenting viewers with a diversity of trans identities and experiences, while creating a safe space on Instagram for anyone who's ever felt like they don't fit tidily into culture's strict conceptions of gender. Identifying as gender queer themselves, Soraya says, "Growing up and not having language or people to relate to and correctly explain how I felt in relation to my gender was hard. It took me a long time to come into my own sense of self. So the project is very personal in that way." The youth of today, on the other hand, are finding new language and new means of forging their unique identities online. "I think its really exciting that the narrative around gender is changing and I wanted to explore that through my photography," they say. "It makes me happy that young people might not have to sit and wonder why they feel different any longer and instead have a safe

No. 487339

File: 1574741910850.jpg (900.4 KB, 1015x1504, 20191125_221812.jpg)

Some passed well. This one, however…

No. 487343

Transmen generally pass a lot better than TIMs but the mastectomy scars are of course a dead giveaway.

No. 487350

The mastectomy scars aren't the thing that made me clock her really. Even with that tiny bit of beard, her face still comes across as quite feminine.

No. 487354

Yes but tbh feminine features are going to be more obvious if you already know the person is trans.

No. 487368

wow those tattoos are bad holy shit

No. 487375

No they don't.

No. 487380

Is it just me or do tall trans"men" not exist? It's always only fat little girls who suddenly decide that they need to cut off their tits.

No. 487381

I've debated quite a few prolifers and what it boils down to these people are so delusional that they genuinely see early term fetuses as no different from a newborn baby and will fight tooth and nail to ~protect~ them. Even if it means sacrificing women's lives to back alleys, forcing rape victims to have their rapist's babies, and all the other countless horrific things that happen when abortion is illegal/inaccessible. If you bring up back alleys, they genuinely think the women deserve it. I have seen them leave comments on stories about raped children who weren't able to abort, saying they're so thankful she wasn't allowed to ~murder the innocent baby~ and that aborting a rape baby is worse than the act of rape itself. These people are subhuman lunatics incapable of rational thought.

No. 487382

It's basically trans psychology 101 that a large part of it stems from feeling like you're a failure as your own gender. That's why transmen are often unattractive fatties and transwomen are often nerdy autists.

No. 487385

tbf TIMs set the bar really low

No. 487401

Good for that manager. Imagine working with this AGP creep.
It sucks that most normie straight people (i.e. most people) think that being trans is the same as being gay/bi, or even being "extra" gay. I've noticed a lot more homophobia from people who used to be more accepting of LGB people because they think we're all into the trans rights narrative.
Pro-lifers are either scrotes who feel threatened by women having bodily autonomy, women with internalized misogyny who believe women's only respectable role is motherhood (these women are sometimes infertile themselves), and people (mostly males) who worry that their mother would've aborted them if she'd had the choice.

No. 487402

at least the mastectomy scars distract from her awful tattoos.

No. 487415

Also, hyper religious people who believe forced motherhood is "God's Will".

No. 487425

that doesnt answer who is "they"

No. 487480

File: 1574787160880.jpg (71.9 KB, 960x649, 583ghd3nnw041.jpg)


No. 487487


Her face is very obviously female

No. 487489

File: 1574789994476.png (575.56 KB, 800x800, hwZX0sr.png)

WHAT IN THE FRANKENSTEIN IS THIS???????????????????????

No. 487499

File: 1574791756369.jpg (80.18 KB, 565x686, kek.jpg)

Danzig's sister.

No. 487500

Just looks like a womans face has been photoshopped onto a doughy manlets body. Also looks like they accidentally deleted the neck.

No. 487503

Relax, its all just words on a screen. When I encounter these freaks in real life I go out of my make sure to avoid offending them by misgendering. I only address them with vomiting noises. I love degenerate predators uwu

No. 487512

They're still biological women and can't rape anyone with their flesh tube limp Bologna dicks, so no problem. 99% of the world doesn't take them seriously as men anyway.

No. 487516

TIFs are rarely predators and more often women trying to escape misogyny. Obviously it often goes along with internalized misogyny which is a huge issue, same with "enbies," but there's frequently a sentiment among them that they despised how poorly they were treated as women and they unfortunately see IDing out of womanhood as the solution.

No. 487526

How is calling out terrible tattoo work insensitive to transpeople?

No. 487549

this queen <3

No. 487559

Right? Those tattoos ARE terrible, the lining is so rugged.

No. 487566

There was a butthurt scrote/tranny in the comments reeing about how women have privileges in the comments.

No. 487596

True, and that's why most of them would never even want to be in female only spaces anyway because they're trying so hard to compensate and not seem female. But eg, if one had gotten raped or assaulted I wouldn't have a problem with them seeking out a female rape shelter.

No. 487647

it pisses me off how trannies/TRAs push the "gender spectrum" bullshit. they say "women like these things, men like these other things. that's why tranny mcgee is really woman, because he likes wearing high heels and bleaching his asshole, he has a female brain etc etc" but then everyone turns around and asks why we don't have more women in STEM. when they're essentially saying that if you're a woman and you like STEM you're less of a woman.

No. 487659

File: 1574824453806.png (42.23 KB, 949x453, screencap.png)

This is the comment. I mean, I agree with some of what he's trying to say.

The funniest thing about pro-lifers to me is that they don't even do things that would realistically prevent abortions. There's a planned parenthood not far from my house and they always stand outside protesting it. Do they actually think a woman who is planning on getting an abortion will see their signs and change her mind? Doubt it. You know what actually prevents abortion? Good sex education and access to birth control. But prolifers oppose that too. I don't think it's even about actually preventing abortion for them, I think it's about feeling like they're doing something good. They have a martyr complex.

No. 487675

Not because we're women though, but because we're American

No. 487677

Exactly, his comment even proves this point but he's just too much of a brainlet scrot to realize.

No. 487678

I don't see any western women talking about how we're as bad off as women in India or Afghanistan or Chad. Of course we have it that much better than women in those countries. That doesn't invalidate the sexism that women in western/first world countries still face though. Because we're still treated worse than the men of those countries are.

This is the same shitty tactic people use when you discuss abuse. "Oh, your dad was mean to you and called you names? Well, my dad hit me, I had it so much worse!" Just because someone somewhere has it worse, it doesn't invalidate how someone feels.

No. 487696

This is such a load of shit. No one in the US is hailing Chad as the pinnacle of civil rights. No country in the world is holding a long-impoverished developing nation as the gold standard in equality.

The examples he lists are also absurd. Abortion has been constantly challenged and restricted since it was legalized, and made much more difficult to get in several states, with long waiting times, forcing the woman to undergo an ultrasound, and severely limiting the number of clinics (Oklahoma has 3 clinics in the entire state), not to mention Alabama and Georgia where it is all but outright banned now. This guy knows or cares nothing about the reality, just that "it's legal, so you can't complain."

But because countries exist that are worse-off, no one in the US should work to improve anything. Sure.

No. 487699

I saw this one post that pointed out that even women in worse countries get that same argument thrown at them. I can't find it anymore, but I can describe it.
Those women are told "You think you have it bad just because being gang raped is a very real danger, abortion is illegal and domestic abuse is common? You are privileged, you get to go to school and live something of your own life. Look at your mother's maid, she's the one struggling." and then that maid is told "You think you have it bad? You're privileged, you have a job working for a well-off family. Look at the girls and women from much poorer villages, they don't even stand a chance. They even suffer FGM", and then the women from those hyper-impoverished spaces are told the same thing. The cycle continues until you're not allowed to say anything, unless you have personally suffered every single horrific social ill known to womankind.
The truth is, these people don't care about girls or women in any place, or in any society. They want us all to shut up and accept injustice, and that's just the truth of the matter.

No. 487701

Not disagreeing with you, but the abortion bans have been blocked in Georgia and Alabama, for now. I think Ohio too. That won't stop the pro-life idiots though, they'll keep throwing money at their special interest groups and they'll keep fighting. Not to mention, it's already hard to get an abortion in many states anyway, some only have one clinic.
Yeah, you'd see a version of that in action with "progressive stacks" at things like Occupy Wall Street. AKA "only the most oppressed of all of us is allowed to speak", even though the whole thing was about Wall Street and wealth inequality affecting everyone.

Naturally, misogynistic men would grab a hold of that one to use it to shut women down.

No. 487704

IIRC, there's more men that are pro-choice than women. Their concern is only having as much casual sex as possible without ever needing to worry about child support.

No. 487710

As a fujo even I think the ftm Aidens are delusional kek
In fact that was the first sign to me that made me start to think that this whole trans thing might be bullshit

No. 487716

I know this post is six days old but this is some fucking stupid shit, I’m triggered. What you’re talking about is fucking gang wars. Gangs are typically ethnically homogeneous but since when do they represent the sentiments of people of that color?? Don’t use this to insinuate that all non-white groups are out to get poor innocent black people. Fuck all the way off.

No. 487734

the stunning lack of self awareness to identify so strongly with a genre of comics made by women for other women and to assume it gives you a profound insight into the gay male mindset. do they not realize yaoi has nothing to do with how gay men really are? you'd think they'd want to be part of actual gay male culture, so looking at things like tom of finland, or gay bara comics, or even esoteric gay male fetish stuff. but, it's the most bland, milquetoast yaoi.

i hope a soft gay boi fujoshi goes to the nastiest gay leather bar and breaks down crying when some otter in a jockstrap laughs at her.

No. 487736

they literally all look the same. is there a fujos-r-us store or something? all of these girls look like crybullies that argue with their relatives at thanksgiving.

No. 487737

Honestly most fujos think the genderspecial Aydens are fucking nuts and funnily enough the Aydens are the ones constantly trying to cancel "evil cishet fujos fetishizing US GAY MALES". It drives me insane seeing this discourse and everyone dancing around the obvious, you see tweets politely addressing the problem when they should just cut the crap and tell the "MLM transmascs" to fuck off with their not like other girls bullshit. I'm sick of people entertaining their delusions and including them as "gay male representatives" when they all look exactly like this collab >>487735 .

Somehow they've even twisted the whole anti discourse to be TERF ignited and it just makes no sense to me. Trannies just seem to place the blame of all the world's problem on the evil terven coven.

No. 487739

A lot of fujos do that fucking Dreamworks face and I don't get it. It's either that or just an dead-eyed look right in the camera, like they learned how to male from the mugshots of school shooters.

No. 487743

Lol, this is exactly like those lesbian hashtags that are dominated by AGPs. Guess being a regular lesbian or gay isn't cool anymore

No. 487751

No. 487781

I think what she meant to say is that "feeemale privilege!!1!1" that all incels and trannies scream about is a lie, he also named things that are possible but are difficult, like women being born into oppressive cults in America that have it difficult to escape, women struggling with some sections of the workforce, having to deal with the whole "career wimninz are ugly, broken, unfeminine and will end up lonely" type deal, very little areas have safe access to abortion, speaking freely has shown us what even the most innocent of things women have to say get bombarded with hate on the internet, while we can do these things not only is it extremely difficult but you also have to deal with millions who oppose and harass you along the way.

No. 487786

its all 18+ year old women who want to be "boys", never "men".
check ever Aiden's harddrive for south park porn is all im saying

No. 487806

File: 1574864786170.png (192.36 KB, 491x251, cheers.png)

weird self post but i support the sentiment

No. 487826

how do we make female only spaces that don't exclude or alienate masculine/butch women?

No. 487831

Why would a female only space be alienating to butch or masculine women?

No. 487832

a butch woman who gets misgendered a lot has trouble entering female only spaces bc the women there assume she's a man. And culturally many people assume masc women have "man brains/thoughts" as if she cannot understand the female experience. Can you imagine a space where bulldykes and the girliest of straight feminine women feel comfortable around each other, just on the fact they're both female?

No. 487836

>Can you imagine a space where bulldykes and the girliest of straight feminine women feel comfortable around each other, just on the fact they're both female?
I can… it's lesbian spaces

No. 487838

Are there very many butch/masculine women with closer to male brains that even want to hang in girly feminine spaces?

No. 487840

a feminine straight woman would feel comfortable in a lesbian space?

No. 487841

maybe not, but assuming just bc a woman is masculine that she has a "closer to male brain" is the issue.

No. 487845

GNC women are still female and we have common ground there. I think the biggest hurdle with young people right now is that they have to learn that it's okay to disagree with someone or even not like someone, but you can still respect her and find mutual understanding if you're so inclined. I see this struggle a lot when GNC women argue with women who perform femininity - everyone is so insecure and angry and instead of coming together we splinter off. I think "feminine" women need to accept that they have to think critically about their choices, and GNC women need to have more understanding that not everyone can or wants to be GNC. Sorry if this is autistic.
She needs to learn to be if we're ever going to make progress.

No. 487849

>a feminine straight woman would feel comfortable in a lesbian space?
>She needs to learn to be if we're ever going to make progress.
Why? Why should a straight woman ever even enter a lesbian space?

>a butch woman who gets misgendered a lot has trouble entering female only spaces bc the women there assume she's a man. And culturally many people assume masc women have "man brains/thoughts" as if she cannot understand the female experience.
I met many dykes who looked like men at the first glance but as soon as they opened their mouths it was clear that they're female. Lesbian women supposedly being mistaken for men is a myth.
And people who "culturally assume" that any woman has a "man brain" wouldn't accept any lesbians anyway.

No. 487852

>imagine…comfortable around each other, just on the fact they're both female
Lol yes, easily. Given that neither of these women have a fucking complex about their sex… Why would a GNC woman even seek out female-only spaces if she is triggered by femininity and choices of other women, especially a woman who thinks she has man-brain kek. Vice versa.
If women want a female-only space then why is straight/lesbian even a deal breaker at all. See lolcow, lesbian or not, fem or otherwise (bar the Aidens and homophobe-chan), farmers don't feel uncomfortable here because women different from them exist. We just all love a scrote-free space.

No. 487854

Idk why this is even a question. Sexuality excluded, when we discuss issues that deal with us being female, we can find common ground. I'm a masculine woman and femininity doesn't bother me, I don't know why masculine women would bother others.

No. 487855

What the fuck is this laydee brain shit and why would radfems be uncomfortable around lesbians wtf, it’s just hanging out and relating to female experience, not fucking each other. Plus you can be GNC and not gay

No. 487858

Probably troons larping. The only time the "ladybrain" shit would ever matter is when you're in the doctors office having a medical issue.

No. 487859

File: 1574878667077.jpeg (365.65 KB, 745x1030, 3DE7CE0F-2E3E-4807-8EB1-D2DAF4…)

Opinions on this faggot? Never even heard of this dude before onision. Another one of those podcast having weirdos that thinks their opinion matters, dick masterson.

No. 487860

Bruh now that you mentioned, it's totally a troon
>gets misgendered a lot
>the women there assume she's a man
What kind of woman can't prove that she's not a man lmao

No. 487862

I don't even care if it's a selfpost, just marry me.

No. 487879

I wanted to love this but she sounds like she’s literally trying to be Leah Tyverly

No. 487902

black women have long been pilled, I've read Lipstick Alley (black women's forum) for almost a decade now and they've always been based.

I think lolcow farmers and lSA denizens would get along

No. 487909


No. 487911

Except farmers, who aren't american or white, don't like the "blacks have it the worst" rhetoric of LSA.

No. 487920

why is that cringe? i literally was just reading through an lsa thread about magdalen berns and the girls on there were saying how they became gender critical because of her. im white and dont visit often and just lurk but im glad a mainstream forum that isn't just an imageboard or mumsnet is becoming pinkpilled.

No. 487925

why are female spaces and lesbian spaces so heavily conflated in radical feminism? this is probably why the internet is devouring it as tRadfem 2.0.

straight women will never truly be man haters nor truly want total female separation, so either nut up and go full lesbian separatist, or find a way to include the Nigels.

No. 487926

This is a lie and you sound like a scrote. There are many straight women in the radfem community the only difference is that the lesbians are the loudest.

No. 487928

Butch lesbians are predatory and should be cast away from the lesbian community.
Everyone in the lesbian community hates butch women because butches are obsessed with being men and looking like transmen and copying toxic male traits.(bait)

No. 487932

>female spaces and lesbian spaces so heavily conflated in radical feminism
I'm not even radfem but I fucking wish lol

No. 487938


Trigger warning
I really don’t ever want to have a son. What the fuck is happening to boys these days…why are they all so evil? These kids are TEN

No. 487940

he's probably been exposed to porn

No. 487942

Probably porn culture. Makes sense when you think about the fact that kids these young have unlimited access to painal and gangbangs on demand thanks to the internet and the growing cultural acceptance of degrading porn.

No. 487946

I wanted to say do you think it is the incelpill movement and porn but thought that was too tinfoily.

Sage for blogging but a kid about 12 - 14 in his school uniform with all his friends made an obscene gesture in reference to fingering me when I was just walking home minding my own business. Are they all just gonna be like this forever? They’ve always been like this but they used to be rightfully ashamed of it, they used to at least try to be different. The internet has made men even shittier than they where before.

No. 487947

The internet happened. Interesting that girls get exposed to the same degenerate shit boys are exposed to but only boys act like this. Male is the defected sex. Momanons still coping hard with having sons though.

No. 487950

Can’t blame them as they’re just trying to be good mums in doing so. Not all little boys do this, surely there is some way you can stop this happening aside from extremely regulated internet access

My mother has really strict protection on the internet, but my brother is still a fucking asshole. I’ve never been able to access lolcow at my mothers house because of this kek

No. 487952

It's not "tinfoily" to mention porn. Kids ARE being exposed to porn. I remember a post on twitter about some woman and her mom who caught her 10 or 11 year old brother watching porn on his phone/tablet or whatever but they only laughed and told him that sex is normal. It's farcical how normalized it's becoming because porn is not an accurate representation of healthy, consensual sex. They should be give proper sexual education not allowed to roam free on websites like pornhub with such poetic video titles as "Retarded Girl Orgasm" and "NOOSE AROUND HER NECK REAL HANGING" then told it's normal. Lmao this generation of males is going to be even more mentally fucked than their predecessors.


No. 487953

File: 1574897826235.jpg (307.27 KB, 1080x1242, Screenshot_20191127-233316_You…)

wanted to watch a video on tv meal history, instead got a comment section full of "hurr durr women be ebil by not making homemade meals for 7 hours a day and wanting to go into workforce". this however is my fav exchange: women only try to kill themselves because they have been told they can do everything that men can!

No. 487954

It's porn and as well as the fact boys are taught that's what girls like and want, and girls are taught that's what they like and want and how different they'd be if they like it. It's honestly sick how porn is brainwashing people to get abused but anti porners have been gaslighted into Oblivion so any anti porn stuff is seen as extreme and crazy

No. 487955

males will argue for curtailing people's freedoms based on ~statistics~ yet ignore the fact that they commit 99% of violent rapes due to their own nature. testosterone literally fucks with a person's ability to empathize with others and makes it easier to be a violent cretin.

males are holding human society back and the irony is they've convinced everyone they are the arbiters of civilization. what a joke.

No. 487956

Statistically men should all be fucking exterminated kek

Statistically crime would be 99% over

They know this deep down, that’s why they say otherwise over and over again 24/7 whenever they can. Men are a stain upon the earth

No. 487957

They neglect to mention that in the 19th and early 20th century the main psychological procedure for women was literal molestation e.g forced orgasms. They keep trying to justify the detriment they have to women’s lives, trying to say it’s because we’re miserable without them and too dumb to work that we’re killing our selves kek. They know exactly how much misery they cause everyone and they can’t stand it. It’s almost amusing sometimes . Almost

No. 487963

Sadly queer theory (which isn't actually about LGB liberation) has a lot to do with this current pornsick climate

No. 487965

>They neglect to mention that in the 19th and early 20th century the main psychological procedure for women was literal molestation e.g forced orgasms.
Just to autistically interject that that wasn't a real thing.

No. 487966

File: 1574900594700.jpg (196.52 KB, 1359x1473, 2219ba3.jpg)

No. 487968

This makes me want to cry.

No. 487969

that poor girl, I hope she got the help she needed… and the other students got some fucking healthy sex education, jeepers

No. 487972

even little girls can't escape male society's obsession with women's genitalia. time for these obsessive fucks to find a new focus. their pornsickness is hurting actual children.

No. 487976

Is anyone else getting fuck tired of stories of women having their partners chest on them and be absolute trash to them but they still say, "but I love him tho". I'm convinced over half of these women will cut off their female friend for being shady about their boyfriend one time or saying one off hand remark but they defend these dog ass men..I feel this a significant portion of women

No. 487979

how did queer theory take off?

No. 487982

I think partially those women are pink pilled in a weird way - they know men are all trash yet they don't want to be alone/can't afford it/want kids or for the kids to have a father so in the end there's no point trying to find another man. then for the other half, they, just like everyone, are taught that women are catty and jealous and always competing etc etc, which, in combo with them being straight, leads to not valuing female friendships much. at least from my observations of women who pull this shit (good 2/3rds of moms friends kek)

No. 487983

File: 1574906610482.png (151.25 KB, 537x922, m.png)

People who think they are smart are pushing this idea that "TERFs are the female equivalent of alt-right radicalized white males" but it just shows how little they know about what they are talking about. What does fascism and racism even have to do with this? Radical feminists aren't conservative. They do realize a lot of radfems, even some of the most popular radfems on tumblr where this post came from, aren't white, right? I think they get this idea because there are some """"trad"""" girls online who post about their hatred of transgenderism but it's always just the standard right-wing talking points. That doesn't automatically make them a trans exclusionary radical feminist just because they are women. It's funny how I've never seen a critique of gender critical feminism from these types of people that either wasn't filled with blatant lies or didn't demonstrate that the author has zero idea of what they are talking about. Also, she was obviously laughing at the ask because it's something really dumb to send to somebody out of nowhere, not because she finds a trans serial killer funny.

No. 487992

It's ironic because I've actually seen more TRAs be racist than terfs. Throwback to when someone posted that screenshot of a TRA saying that black women who are critical of trans rights are hypocritical because there was a time when "black women weren't considered real women" (which is bullshit anyway). So essentially they were saying black women weren't allowed to have opinions that clashed with the trans rights movement.

I've also seen TRAs compare trans bathroom controversy with the racial segregation stuff that happened in the US.

But yeah, terfs are totally the racist ones.

No. 487996

how to prevent this shit from happening anymore? Sex segregation in schools? There are retards for parents who let the internet and porn raise their sons and they wonder why they're degenerates.

No. 487998

IMHO, schools should always be gender segregated regardless. Girls learn better in classrooms with only girls, and boys learn better in classrooms with only boys. Plus the less teens that are having unprotected sex, the better.

No. 488014

Does anyone have the picture or was it posted where TIMs would take water bottle ice trays, fill them with fruit punch, freeze it wear a pad/tampon because they wanted to experience a 'period'? I sometimes wonder what type of mental state these people are on and just where in the lords name where they think this is fine and try to have normal chats with actual females about how hard it is. It's all so tiresome.

On another note the news gets so depressing everyday when I read some scrote killed his wife (who wants a divorce and plans to leave his crazy ass) and their children then themselves, like if you want to die because she's leaving you do that on your own time and leave her and the kids out of it. I don't even bother with the comment section because it's "oh poor kids" before going on tirade of how it must have been the wife's fault that he is the way he is.

No. 488020

what's the best the way to raise a boy who respects women?

My son is 4 years old. I am a stay at home mother, and my partner pulls his weight when it comes to parenting - in fact, when he's home, he takes over completely, which I think is good. Son has no interest in dolls, prefers trains and trucks, but loves his plushies as well. I only have the one child.
How can I raise him to be a decent person, who respects women and lacks male entitlement?

No. 488021

has anyone watched roaming millennial's video about the terf wars and meghan murphy? I know it's just one view but I don't want to contribute to her engagement. plus I hate sitting through the 3+ minutes of sponsorships she does at the beginning of every video.

No. 488023

I've not had kids of my own, so take this with a grain of salt, but I think the mistake that many radfems make is they're overbearing in ways that sons rebel against later. So for example, instead of teaching them to respect women specifically you could teach them to respect all people, which includes those that are women. Oh, and obviously try your best to never shout or hit. The main lesson children take from that is using or threatening violence on anyone smaller is acceptable and effective.

No. 488032

I definitely think there's truth in this, kids don't like to have things shoved down their throat. You can tell them a billion times not to talk to strangers, and they will still do it just to rebel. Kids inevitably reach phases where everything their parents do and say is cringy and they automatically reject it, parents who demand certain careers and lifestyles out of their children rarely get them.

I think the best thing to do is to keep on going the way you are, mum anon, it sounds like you're both pulling your weight when it comes to parenting so it will probably be easier to spot it if you see warning signs. Encourage his hobbies and interests, keep him occupied with healthy things, even if they're "boys" things. The worst thing to do is to get him a phone too young, kids get addicted to that shit extremely easily. But yes, keep at it and I'm sure you'll raise a good son.

No. 488038

Oh yeah, good point about the phone. Kids have zero reason to be unsupervised on the web at least until their mid teens.

No. 488041

I only had access to a family computer with shitty slow internet and even I was exposed to some pretty fucked up shit that still has an affect on the way I am now, and I never even went on actual porn sites. I can't even imagine the damage that having a phone with high speed data on it could do. If I ever have a kid their computer/phone time will be HEAVILY monitored. Even if you can't be there yourself, there's software and stuff you can use to monitor what your kid is doing.

No. 488067

This is why I support the COPPA act on Youtube, there's a lot of fucked up shit on the Internet that kids need to be protected from

No. 488074

File: 1574934492555.jpg (210.89 KB, 1210x1306, nSXKL1f.jpg)

I was going to post this in the Western Vocaloid fandom thread but I thought it would be more appropriate here. Saging if too weebish. I am absolutely livid. Popular utaite, Japanese Nico Nico Douga/Vocaloid singer, Mafumafu released a new song called 女の子になりたい I wanna be a girl. https://youtu.be/ucbx9we6EHk It’s an upbeat song about a boy fantasizing about being an ultra feminine girl like in shoujo anime. Whether it is just for fun(Mafumafu also sings songs about wanting to be a super cat and other silly things), about escapism for repressed feminine boys or gender confusion could be open to interpretation. Songs like this are not uncommon in the community and crossdressing or gender-bending is a regular gag in Japan. Mafumafu also shows off his high-pitched “girly” singing voice in the song. It’s not serious at all. However, the Western fan reaction was so disrespectful and disgusting! It was expected that the Westerners would automatically push a “____ says ‘trans rights’” meme but now comments for the video are filled with “Mafumafu IS trans” and using she/her to refer to a Japanese man who has never claimed to anything but a man.

They overanalyzed the shifting pink and blue color scheme of the animation and say it is 100% meant to be the Trans Flag. Some of them even claim the ability to use a feminine vocal proves he is actually a trans girl. Commenters that have called out these rude people, no matter how careful they worded their defense of Mafumafu, have been labeled transphobic! Certain TRAs, like in the screenshot above, were repeatedly attacking anyone who was not going along with their fantasy. Now they are taking “Mafumafu is trans confirmed” to reddit and various trans threads to spread this rumor. Saying things like they always suspected he was trans because he has cute image and made songs about being a fucking cat. I’m so sick of this.

No. 488075

File: 1574935157665.png (19.62 KB, 527x221, sigh.PNG)

I'm glad that person is calling them out on their bullshit and is getting supported. The more weebs that are wising up the better.
Gives me flashbacks to the DR/Chihiro tumblr drama years back when the trans trend was starting.

No. 488076

>pointing out that GNC person does not identify as trans
So how much longer until TRAs start dogpiling nondysphoric GNC men and women for being ~twansphobic~ for not transitioning? Actually the odds are that some nutjob on tumblr has already said it.

No. 488084

Sometimes I wonder if pronounrespecter is still lurking here.

No. 488086

I feel like this can kinda fit with PP since the tradthots thread is no more, but I wonder how Lauren Chen feels after going out of her way to make this tradchristian journalist career for herself only to bring her significant other onto her show to have him walk all over everything she says. Got a couple minutes into this, and when Lauren says she is anti-harassment of women the tool has to interrupt her and go "no, anti-harrassment of anyone." Every time Lauren tries to express that she feels a little empathy for Anita he has to interrupt her with some reddit tier comment like "current year lel" or just straight up shut down her attempts to be empathetic.

This is obviously what's gonna happen if you try to build your career on being a tradthot who totes being inferior to men, but I can't help feeling a little bad for her seeing this when she probably pictured a lot more success for herself than just being a doormat.

No. 488090

this really does feel like playground bullies mocking a feminine young boy, saying he acts like a "girl" and isn't a "real man"

No. 488094

File: 1574942036814.jpg (67.34 KB, 800x800, flat,800x800,075,f.u1.jpg)

These are making me feel pure despair about wanting to have children, especially cause I want to have a daughter in the future. Why is the world so awful? The poor kids don't deserve to be warped and traumatized by pornshit.

No. 488098

anon I spent 20 years of my adult life not wanting children and being absolutely sure I would never have one. However now that I am a mother, I have entered a whole new world I’d never known before (on a myriad of levels obviously but in this case) where my views own feminism have changed quite a bit. I love my child and I try my best to take care of him and make sure he grows up to be a good person

No. 488100

The tradthot thread is still around, anon. Here: >>>/snow/782532
Lauren Chen, like the other "conservative" women, all thought at one point that they'd be special once they got into a movement composed of misogynistic, racist men. They always get reminded that they're not.
I can't find the video anymore, but I remember at one point her boyfriend low-key defended pedophiles and said something like it's "too cruel" to castrate them and that they can't help their attraction.
She probably feels like shit, but this is the path she chose, so I don't feel too bad for her. Maybe with enough reminders, she'll finally grow a spine and ditch that collective. If the internalized misogyny is strong enough, though, she'll just continue being a doormat to shitty, bitter men with inferiority complexes.

No. 488101

>>488098 how did your views change?

No. 488103

Why is he even on the show? Nobody cares what he thinks. If it's to shield her from the most disgusting, lascivious comments then clearly it isn't working.

No. 488106

I used to think that motherhood itself was a patriarchal institution that was one of the main causes of women’s oppression and the feminist ‘solution’ was avoiding motherhood both in theory and practice and even now I do recognize the ways that motherhood can be used as a tool for control, but now the basis of my feminism is motherhood, cause it dawned on me everyone to ever walk the earth had one. its the first and most important human relationship that is formed, taking the very future in your hands can be a very radical act. Being a mother doesn’t have to obliterate who you are, it can catalyze the growth and expansion of who you are.

Which sounds pretty unfeminist because all of this has been strongly linked with the idea of submission. Even tho the idea of motherhood as passive is as insulting as it is erroneous. It’s a great trick they have played, convincing us that mothers don’t have power (unless, of course, her child goes on to do something awful, then it’s her fault) and I think we are handicapping ourselves throwing motherhood in the bin.

No. 488107


>but I remember at one point her boyfriend low-key defended pedophiles and said something like it's "too cruel" to castrate them and that they can't help their attraction

Is this supposed to sound bad next to the pedo-related stuff the twitter communist furry male feminists are spouting?

No. 488108

Last sentence reminded me of the true crime series 'murderers and their mothers' where grown men have raped and murdered women and it's somehow their mothers fault. They overlook absent fathers or even blame the mother for getting beaten in front of her son.. then downplay the role of the father in doing all the beating

People are so quick to point out when mothers aren't perfect

No. 488113

Stuff like this happens all across the globe on a daily basis. Intelligent women with potential get murdered by absolute losers every half minute.
Men are the single biggest danger women will ever face. Rabid coyotes are safer. They must know that it takes some real cognitive dissonance to ever try to spout they’re oppressed?
This makes me happy. Anon I bet you’re an amazing mother, You make me feel more optimistic about the prospect of having sons . We need to widen the gap of piece of shit males vs normal ones, and whoever said that drilling feminism into them too intensely will cause them to rebel they’re absolutely right. Teach your kids to love and respect everyone, themselves, teach them to stand up for the underdog in any situation whether it’s a woman or man or whatever. And most importantly DONT LET THEM AHYEHERE NEAR AN UNREGULATED INTERNET SERVICE!!!!!!!

No. 488115

People that get offended at the prospect of castrating paedos are 99% guaranteed to be a paedo. You can still live a normal, happy life as a eunuch. It really is the very least they deserve. Perhaps we should say “don’t fight against Muslim extremists, they can’t help their beliefs”

Men seriously overvalue their worthless balls and dicks and the balls and dicks of other men. Theyd probably be happier and more content in the way that Male dogs are. I honestly think so much as looking at violent porn and enjoying it should warrant a full and complete castration.

No. 488118

Men who want to fuck children and justify it because "a bloo bloo i can't help it" and also have retarded anti-women "trad" views are not better than men who want to fuck children because they are hentai-addicted communist furries.
They both need to be castrated, sorry, trad-chan.
Fuck off with this alt-right "If you're not with these scrotes, you're with the other scrotes!". They are all cancer, and so are the women who whiteknight for them.

No. 488119

careful anons someone might post "you know what"

No. 488146


Anon men already respect each other. They dont have to be taught it. That's the entire point. This whole post smells of scrote.

No. 488148

fucking lmao. i have much admiration for this guy.

No. 488149


>Men who want to fuck children and justify it because "a bloo bloo i can't help it"

Men? Ok, "bro". Not fucking with someone before they do anything is informed by principles most people hold.

>Theyd probably be happier and more content in the way that Male dogs are

Lack of sex hormones corresponds with depression. Vets care about population control so they blow smoke up owners' asses. Fido would be happier with his floppers.


>Men who want to fuck children and justify it because "a bloo bloo i can't help it"

Not what you wrote initially. Won't bother reading if you're that "fluid" in conveying the situation.

No. 488151

What about female pedos?

No. 488152

So they only ever commit violence against women?

No. 488160

I guess I shouldn't have said it was no more, I know it's still there, but I didn't want to risk necro'ing it where it's been inactive for so long.

No. 488163

>But, but, what about the womenz?

Are you serious? The overwhelming amount of paedos and generally violent and sexual criminals are males. When a woman is involved she is almost always coerced or threatened by a man. Do not compare us to them.

No. 488166

Anon, I agree with you. Majority of pedos are men (and the majority of men are probably pedos) but I'd wonder what we'd do with the very few female pedos since there's no penis to remove.

And is molestation of little boys by women as bad?

No. 488168

Lol I don't.

That disgusting bitch continued to defined the New Zealand shooter who targeted muslim women and children and tried to throw it back saying "but what about x?"

She and all the other trad thots can fuck off and if you sympathize with them it says a lot about you.

You probably were a tradthot yourself standing up for le redpill boyz until it got too hot. Many of you in this thread are suspect, especially for the comments in previous threads.

No. 488173

Women who hurt women should be chemically castrated, you don't need to cut it out if you can kill it chemically. As for boys, eh. You have seen their reaction, they take it as a mark of pride to be "raped" by a woman. The women who come here and think men think like us are deluded. They enjoy the so called "rape" when it is a woman doing it, they would hate it if it was a man though. So I say nothing happens to these women.

No. 488174

fuck of scrote bait

No. 488178

see >>488106

No. 488182

>As for boys, eh. You have seen their reaction, they take it as a mark of pride to be "raped" by a woman. The women who come here and think men think like us are deluded. They enjoy the so called "rape" when it is a woman doing it, they would hate it if it was a man though. So I say nothing happens to these women.

Anon…… lets not do this. pleaue

No. 488183

It's not like we can do anything you know, women don't make the laws, we just suffer under them. Also you know what I am saying is true, all these retards say is "nice" and "Where were those teachers when I was at school". Men are not women, they don't think or feel like us.

No. 488185

I hope to god you're just trolling.

No. 488186

You aren't making arguments anon, I am.

No. 488187

>pretend left is better than right on pedos, because some anecdote about someone having a centrist opinion of not mutilating people for developing all fucked up
>get told
>aaaa scrotes cop out

bitch more

and enjoy your sex positive "allies". Right side of history, here we come, choo choo!

No. 488192

>Not what you wrote initially. Won't bother reading if you're that "fluid" in conveying the situation.

Nothing I said before contradicts anything in that post.
I'm sorry you can't read, but please go defend conservative pedos elsewhere. Try Reddit, they love that shit.

No. 488215

Why are 'trad' men so gung-ho on shaming women for not being a wife and stay-at-home wife before 30 despite admitting to thinking that men aren't monogamous and that women older than 25 (especially post childbirth) are disgusting? How's being stuck with that supposed to sound appealing to women?

No. 488224

On the discussion of castration, how do you guys actually feel about it as a hypothetical punishment for crimes like rape, attempted rape, CSA, etc? It seems like a good compromise to me, since euthanization isn't really smiled upon.
They take someone's dignity and bodily integrity, so they pay theirs in turn (and they also lose at least one important component for sexually abusing someone). It seems fair to me.

No. 488225


Yes, honey, I'm sure the right sympathizes with and supports pedophiles. Of course. This is totally not you ''straining'' in willful delusion to manufacture a fault in your ideological adversaries out of thin air. On account of somebody's nigel somewhere. All the while you actively support the Constructivists, Marxists and other real movers on the Left (to which pedophiles flock like flies to shit, to the point that a non-trivial amount of their thinkers were predatory deviants) to drag us towards a meat grinder that won't spare any child.

>muh no 'bortion

How about muh making infants "comfortable" before dehydrating them to death. Yeah guys, the Left is so great. Don't mind me, I'm gonna go wax some pedo transtrender's balls real quick so he can feel pretty while raiding the girls' room in this progressive utopia were slipping into.

No. 488227

I'm not going to bother reading much of this, since you've already proven yourself to be here in bad faith (and also very low-intelllect, considering you couldn't understand what anyone who replied to you was trying to say), but you sound unhinged on every level.
We're not going to support your pedophilic far-right husband. We believe in castrating pedophiles. This isn't 4chan, get over it.

No. 488229


You can spare yourself the brainlet 2007-tier attempts at trolling, only makes you look even weaker

No. 488233

Because the goal isn't to be appealing to women, it's to create a society where women serve as cattle that can be bred, but also "expire" and need to be replaced every few years.
In their world view, the only valid society is one where men are the only recognized humans. Only their satisfaction matters, and women are to work as tools for that goal. They really don't think we have feelings or desires of our own that don't fit into that design. If we do have those things, it is inherently "wrong", a sign of a "degenerate, sick society" and not supposed to be there.
It's a twisted ideology, on every level. They even try to back it up with evopsych, but watch how fast they lose their temper when you remind them that men's sperm quality dips with age (18-early 20s is their prime), and they are far more likely to create autistic or otherwise "problematic" children if they try to reproduce when they're not young.

No. 488235

That really explains it all. Thanks for putting it into words.
And yes, statistics are always holy until they don't like them; then they're 'feminist' or 'Jewish' lies.

I also get the feeling they're over exaggerating the anguish and difficulties for single women in their thirties or older, or are they correct in that regard?

No. 488236

>>488224 i am all for it but wonder if there's any numbers on how many have still carried on abusing. There's many things going on besides the sexual release aspect of it, i bet there's fuckers who still wanna "enjoy" the act but can't get off because duh. It has to be very complex?

No. 488266

When it can be proven beyond doubt that someone has raped a child under 13, they need to get the death penalty. There are somethings that are unforgivable. The combination of mental and physical harm done to child makes this one of them.

No. 488270

It depends. If you’re a single woman in her thirties in a small town it’s going to be harder than if you live in a big city. Otherwise the woman’s attractiveness is going to be the limiting factor. Plenty of women look great in their thirties and plenty of women don’t.

No. 488340

So if the child is 14 then its okay? LMAO

No. 488383

All pedos should be castrated, chemically or manually.

No. 488387

I said 13 because it's the age when a child becomes a teenager and physical damage from being forcefully penetrated is going to be less severe. Personally I think all rapists should face the death penalty when there is no reasonable doubt of their guilt but that's going to be hard sell to 50% of the population.

No. 488415

Alright could someone just post "you know what" already

No. 488418

lol what is this meme?

No. 488420

File: 1574991280661.jpg (140.75 KB, 1200x800, 97327570.0.0.jpg)

The pic of the guy actually castrating himslef and then placiing his cut off penis in a container that looks pic related, its been posted a couple times anytime castration is mentioned

No. 488476

Lmao that’s not even sort of how development works. Top coomer logic tho. Basically the same argument they use to say it’s okay to want to fuck 13 year old girls. Get a clue.

A castrated pedo can still harm a child. A castrated rapist can still assault women. Just being back the firing squad and stop giving them 20 years of protective custody.

No. 488479

How about this, we both castrate and kill the rapists

No. 488523

>You probably were a tradthot yourself standing up for le redpill boyz until it got too hot
Holy assumptions, batman.

>defened the New Zealand shooter

Literally didn't know this about her, she just rides the YT algorithm hard in Canada. If that's the case I certainly feel no sympathy for her anymore.

No. 488574

anyone noticed this recent trend of fat below average-tier scrotes ranting about "eboys" and how their apprentylly all just closeted homos just because they practice good personal grooming and have a style that's appeling to some girls

No. 488579

Men: "don't get jealous of me looking at sexy girls online, you fucking insecure woman"

Also men: "eboys need to stop putting on these displays for women, I detest them getting any attention"

No. 488599

Men have always hated other men more feminine than they are.

No. 488604

You just need to look at the hate the idols of teen girls have gotten in the past.

No. 488609

File: 1575050319911.jpg (26.91 KB, 480x614, 440gr5u4ouf11.jpg)

I remember being super weirded when I first was full grown adult men in their 20s and 30s who were relentlessly mocking and picking on Justin Bieber and ranting on how much they hate his guts, when he was literally just a teenager

No. 488610

I mean they used to hate it cos feminine meant 'gay and weak', now it's driving them mad that feminine guys are often straight and quite lusted after

No. 488612

The same men will go on and on about how jealous women are of "hot teen girls".

Most complaints men have about women is pure projection I've come to realize.

No. 488613

from what I have seen eboys tend to have a light-emo aesthetic more then anything else

No. 488615

Yeah how dare women be attracted to physical qualities like being young, clean shaven and well groomed.. I mean it's not like men crave young and hairless partners.. oh wait

No. 488616

They all look like pouty ftms to me

No. 488617

File: 1575051551931.jpg (138.47 KB, 1024x1280, original.jpg)

It drives a lot of men insane when the usually "feminine" standard of youth/beauty is applied to their gender, and it's probably because they know that they can't compete.
We've been going through decades of these standards being pushed on us, and are routinely told by society that we're hideous and worth less as humans if we don't match it. Many of us have already had a head-start since puberty with excessive pressure on self-grooming, skincare, dieting and makeup so we won't be treated like garbage.

Meanwhile, most men have ignored all of those things all their lives, banking on the idea that we're somehow biologically hardwired to actually "like" dadbods, wrinkles, bald heads and body hair (and that the most we can ask for is lots of muscles). Or, that we're "just not visual creatures!!1" and we won't notice they're ugly, old and/or fat, as long as they have money.
The average guy has no skincare routine, and the most "self-grooming" he does is going to the gym, getting a haircut every once in a while, grooming his beard, or other facial hair if he has it (usually in a half-assed bid to contour his unattractive facial features), and buying expensive clothes sometimes. They wouldn't even know where to start if they went through 1% of what we do to be considered attractive.

Also, I don't know who this is, but he was one of the first results when I searched "e-boy". IMO, they only scream "Gay" at these sorts of guys because they don't know how else to mask their jealousy. That still works against them, though, because they're actually (tacitly) admitting these men are attractive, just that it's to other men, not women (as if they themselves aren't men acknowledging that another man is attractive, but super-objective, non-sexual observers who can totally, definitely speak for us as women). It's pretty funny.
On top of that, the constant insistence that we all want 35-50 year old bearded men with beer bellies, or grotesque, exaggerated embodiments of Greek statues (which were also, coincidentally, sculpted by other men) isn't just cope, it's kind of homoerotic in itself. It's almost like they're projecting their own latent homosexual desires onto us.

No. 488654

File: 1575056968216.jpeg (243.86 KB, 750x743, 9B1C8926-CE85-4A60-B37A-22CF41…)


Lmao I’ve actually seen posts on redpill/Mgtow forums that young girls (late teens-early 20s)are biologically hardwired to seek out older men (late 30s+) but that society “shames” then into not pursuing it.

No. 488655

its not a recent trend though. men have always done this. see the vitriolic hate grown men showed to people like justin bieber and boybands like one direction, or any other musician/actor who was/is popular with teen girls and young women over the last decade. also its a bit ot, but i distinctly remember that when the lord of the rings films came out a disturbingly large number of scrots i knew were screeching their heads off about women finding orlando bloom attractive because he was too """feminine""" lol. ive even seen some going as far as saying that teenage girls who are attracted to these more well groomed young men as opposed to fugly hairy beer bellied dadbod fuckers are some sort of pedophiles.

basically, >>488617 summed it all up perfectly.

No. 488664

scrotes who go to 3rdworld/eastern europe to prey on young girls trigger me like nothing else, I wish they all would get killed in horrible ways. they are so deplorable. and this gift of god has the gall to complain about 30 year olds trying to go after his 45 year old ass when even they are too good for him.
t. eastern euro chan

No. 488665

Kind of funny how these men complain about "gold-diggers" but women from poor countries marrying them out of desperation are okay.

No. 488666

I had an ex who'd say the same thing about not wanting to date women with kids (even though he's divorced himself and has a kid) that whole thing about raising someone elses spawn, how paying for them makes you a fool

After we broke up he quickly moved in with a divorced mom of 4 young kids. These guys might bang on about all these standards they have but they're bullshitting, living in make believe land

No. 488667

>22 yr old young girl who has her whole life to look forward to won't commit to a 45 yr old middle aged creep
>nobody is shocked
I hope that girl (if this poster isn't lying) just ghosts him and finds happiness.

No. 488668

It sounds like she is actively trying to avoid him, reads like he's stalking her

No. 488670

File: 1575058705179.jpg (96.84 KB, 602x554, true love.jpg)

They have no shame.

No. 488672

That and they grew up being told that Clint Eastwood, Charles Bronson, and the Hound from Game of Thrones are the masculine ideal. If women are supposed to demure, and groomed, sensitive, etc, then men as a polar opposite are meant to be strong, coarse, tough. Skincare is for women. Scarring is for men. Shaving is for women. Body hair is for men. Expensive clothes are for women. Work uniforms are for men. Women look after children by being caring towards them, and then men look after women by scaring off other men. Pretty girly boys that spend more time in a mirror than they do in a tool shed are an affront to their entire sense of universal balance which makes their immediate impulse to aggressively assert dominance until the aberration conforms.

No. 488676

>I get loads of offers from 30 year old women with kids
Congrats, young women like you enough to trust you with their children, shouldn't you be happy…?
Also hilarious that "30" is used as an insult. Does our casanova know how people that age look like? Just a few examples: Nina Dobrev, Lucy Hale, Lily Collins, Lily James,…all very cute looking - unlike any dude in his 40s.

Just yesterday I had a fight with my mom (just playfully) because I refuse to see George Clooney as hot. That guy has had grey hair since decades and somehow somebody decided that everybody should lust after him…just look at him, he's so average, all his fans must have been brainwashed.

No. 488677

Read a post by some 29-year old guy who met a woman in a bar, got her number and went on a date with her. He called it off when she told him she was 31 because "women should know their age has consequences". He also said he didn't feel bad about using "older" women for sex because if a woman is single in her thirties she "obviously never wanted a relationship".

No. 488687

I'm in my early thirties and I get ID'd constantly irl, then I go online and see men talking about how women are all basically infertile at 30. They're living in another reality

No. 488691

File: 1575060247729.jpg (74.06 KB, 630x949, anfisa-nava-wears-the-crown.jp…)

He got just what he deserved, and I hope his sisters laugh themselves to sleep every night. She even admitted she just wanted his money and he had obviously promised her a lot of luxury to get her to marry him. Really funny how they think marrying for money is so horrible but marrying just for looks is okay.
The guy even thought she looked young enough to date but bailed once she told him.

No. 488692

she looks really young. is this 90 day fiance? it's too bad these men (predatory fucks) don't neck themselves more often tbh. on the subject of sex tourist or marriage tourist whatever men, was jorge shacking up with anfisa not the most delicious and righteous 'punishment' ever or what? she's honestly not even bad at all, behaviorally, considering the circumstances. love the fact that this tubby little doughball said "i don't like american women, they're feminists and too independent" and specifically looked for russian women he could target because they'd be more 'grateful' but ends up with a russian woman with like 10 pairs of hardened steel balls that has no problem putting him in his place. can't believe people sympathize with him and claim she's such a horrible golddigger, while this lardy uggo was literally out here lying to her about being a millionaire, and is an anti-fem.

No. 488694

i don't think his sisters laugh at him. that's what pissed me off. his retarded sister lourdes, iirc, was like crying over her clinically retarded brother because he was "being taken advantage of uwu" bc she doesnt work (despite the fact that apparently jorge doesn't like working women). meanwhile i'd put everything i have on the likelihood that jorge posts shit about his reee roastie feminist independent sisters.

No. 488696

Sort of related to all this, but there was a thread on /tv/, of all places, about balding not long ago. And some of the dudes on there started bitching about how getting hair transplants or using Rogaine or whatever is "shameful" for men, which led them into talking about how women can "use makeup, change our looks" and all that shit, but if men do it, men get mocked.

Maybe men should look at their own sex then, because they're the ones who do most of the mocking. If a man wants to get hair transplants or use Rogaine, I'm not gonna shame him. Losing hair is fucking awful, for men and women.

No. 488697

Let's be real here. She looks like she's underage still. He wanted to fuck a child, but doing so illegal, so he went out of his way to find the youngest looking adult possible.

No. 488704

Not surprising when a huge portion of the threads on /tv/ are badly camouflaged incel threads.

No. 488705

Oh, I know. It just amazes me the amount of shit men will say to turn around and act like they're somehow oppressed by societys standards of beauty.

No. 488729

Do any of you have any good Gender Critical videos to recommend?

No. 488730

He's 90 minute video by an autistic lolcow explaining what transtrenderism is, and how, and why it came about. It has many citations and is therefore impervious to layperson rebuttals.

No. 488732

What do you say about middle-aged women who go to third world countries to fuck young boys?

No. 488734

File: 1575068684003.gif (1.81 MB, 268x268, tumblr_o43usrzwat1uhf9oxo1_400…)

Thats because the majority of men are bisexual or bi-curious but pretend to be straight.
At first when men mock or hate on good-looking,attractive,cute or feminine men..might look like jealousy but the more layers you peel to this the more it looks like male sexual frustration and confusion over their sexual orientation.

Most men will either have one of those two reactions to a good-looking or cute man.
The first one is being panicked and projecting their own disgust and shame on to that man
1. ''hAHAha he is gay,faggot,looks like a girl….he looks like a twink eh…he must take it up the ass…thank god i look like a real man''
The second one is more honest but they still deny having a attraction to men.
2.''Im not gay but he is cute,damn i just want to hold him..and…im not gay I HAVE A GIRLFRIEND,IM STRAIGHT''

Males of course are going to deny this but just look at male-only spaces where men are isolated from women for a couple of months/years they start raping other men.
just some small examples like:prison,military,segregated schools,segregated religions etc and many more.

Men are visual beings and most men are ugly (lets be honest) because they dont take care of themselves so when male's see a male who looks good,takes care of himself and is cute, most of those men start questioning themselves and their attraction to that person.

There is a reason why men are so obsessed talking about gay sex,joking about it,talking about dicks,being disgusted by vaginas etc etc.

You'd be surprised to find out how many men are on the downlow.

No. 488737

>Huur durr not all men.
Yikes when you try to go #notallmen but just end up looking like a dumb scrote because the majority of those young boys in third world countries are being raped BY OTHER MEN,THEY ARE BEING TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF BY MALE TOURISTS AND MALE PIMPS.

Your gender is so degenerate and mentally ill that you even rape your own kind.
There is more male on male rape than there is female on male rape.

Men commit the most rapes towards women and men.

No. 488739