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File: 1580073404358.png (9.98 KB, 370x320, 06C003A7-7D94-4C26-BB6D-E53689…)

No. 507386

Have a dumbass question that doesn't fit any other threads? Ask away!

Previous thread: >>490704

No. 507399

How to deal with being a misfit?

I really want to shut myself away from the world, but I'm a human so I need my socialization to keep myself sane. I don't want to deal with people's bullshit so I think that cutting bonds with people I don't relate to is the way to go. However, I do need to make connections because my job tends to rely on that.

Do you have any books or webpages that can help someone overcome this situation? Tips are welcome too. I'm just tired of people in general, I wish I was rich so I would live my life peacefully.

No. 507442

why do you never see animals wearing glasses

No. 507446

there actually is a company that makes perscription goggles for dogs (called "doggles" ofcourse) but most animals aren't as reliant on vision as humans so it's not that neccisary

No. 507449

Does anyone know where I can get a bitcoin USB miner? They're only available used on Amazon, and they're $90. They were once about $20 because they're just a novelty that doesn't pay out a whole lot. I just thought having one would be neat. I am I hoping too much?

No. 507454

How do you find videos like the ones being played in this one? Are they stock, news, how do I find clips like this? If you're curious why i like to pause videos like that and use them as art reference.

No. 507464

They record their own B roll. I'm assuming they just stand in the streets for hours with a tripod lol
It sounds weirdly voyeuristic but I enjoy watching the footage from Thailand Red where it's some guy with a hidden camera recording the redlight district of Pattaya

No. 507470

idk this for a fact but i would assume it's and it's a combination of relying on other senses, having whiskers/tails etc, and not needing to do things like reading and driving that require tip top eyesight

No. 507530

Like other anon said its their own footage. Just find random youtubers living in different countries and see what you can find.

No. 507546

Will losing 20 lbs likely help make my face look less bad? Currently around 140 at 5’5”.

No. 507560

Go for 10 lbs for now because even that much you can see a difference

No. 507572

i was 5'8 and 150 pounds, lost 20 pounds and i think i look the exact same. face and thighs maybe a LITTLE smaller if i nitpick. but it really differs, you may see a lot of change because you're shorter or just store fat differently.

No. 507600

Hello, are there any Apple anons here? I'm thinking about getting the 2017 Macbook Air because my Windows laptop is so bulky and laggy. Would it be reliable to buy it off ebay/Amazon?
How is piracy on the MacOS? (Like movies & stuff)
and how frequent do you experience lagging/crashing?


No. 507602

Search for "street scenes [name of a city]". Why do you use them as art reference? Do you copy the picture to practice enviroments?

No. 507606

sincerely, what is all this hype about boar bristle brushes? what am I doing wrong? they make my hair so frizzy. my hair is straight so wtf. everything I Google says "boar bristle doesn't make hair frizzy"??? everyone always says this shit is their holy grail, what am I missing??

No. 507610

It's probably because your hair is straight
My hair is naturally wavy, so boar bristle brushes help straighten them out and get rid of frizz

No. 507697

File: 1580137406209.jpg (55.63 KB, 535x1024, 370265bdcbb92d9c19ba9476b84762…)

What are your opinions on having a dyed streak in your hair? My natural hair is pretty much the same as the girl in this pic and I kinda want to bleach a patch of hair like this and dye it a different color, but I'm kinda scared it'll come out weird and too 2000s middle schooler-esque. Is it cute enough to try or am I tacky?

No. 507698

Which general type of girl look do you like the best:
cute, pretty or sexy?

No. 507699

If you don't style yourself like a scene, I don't think you'll look scene just because of the streaks in your hair. I think brown hair with pink streaks in looks really nice and kind of reminds me of valentine's chocolate.
Go for it! If you don't like it, so what? It's only hair and it's good to try new things

No. 507701

I'm on a 2015 MacBook air and it's great. I've had two crashes in the year and a half I've owned it. I bought it used off of Ebay, but you'd really have to do your research. I bought from someone with 100k sales in tech, that had a 30 day return and 90 day refurbished policy in case something went wrong. I wouldn't trust buying used tech from an average seller, especially because Mac has so restrictions that need to be unlocked before you can use their product secondhand.

Piracy is about the same as a PC if you're just downloading files off of the web. Just be sure to convert the files when you save, because sometimes they save as iTunes files and you aren't always able to view those.

No. 507705

File: 1580138771255.jpg (39.31 KB, 378x600, 50dcbe0592f94378ea82b06f401b42…)


No. 507708

I don't think it would give off a scene vibe unless you did the crazy hair straightening and hairspray style the scene kids had. I used to have one chunk of gold in my hair like Ikuhara and I loved it.

No. 507731

Anyone went through opioid withdrawal on their own? I’d really appreciate some tips and tricks, anything really.

No. 507740

What exactly does being asexual mean? I used to think it meant you had no sex drive, but I've heard people say you can still have a libido and be attracted to people and be asexual. Does it just mean you just don't have sex with people? How is that different from being celibate?

No. 507741

it was supposed to be a label for ppl who can't feel sexual attraction but everything has to be inclusive nowadays so you can be asexual no matter what as long as you say you are. just like he lesbians, and i'm not talking about transbians

No. 507760

How come a lot of gay men are so effeminate from childhood on, no matter where they're from? (and some lesbian women being the opposite too) and if it has nothing to do with biology, why don't we see non-conformity in straight men and women, especially during early childhood? I know for adults the pressure to conform to gender roles is too high but i see many gay people talking about how their parents knew that they were gay since they were little..

I'm just really asking out of pure ignorance.

No. 507766

i personally think anyone who says that is exaggerating to try to make their sexuality seem more legit to people who think it's a choice. kids wouldn't prescribe to gender roles unless they wanted to anyway, they're inherently selfish and needy.

No. 507767

>on their on
what do you mean by that? you better be taking subs, missy.

No. 507768

okay so I bought a boar bristle brush years ago because I heared it wouldn't make my hair all staticy and flyaway and it didn't work (my hair is straight too). I always thought maybe it wasn't real boar bristle but now you've said this…

No. 507773

>why don't we see noncomformity in straight men and women

Um, we do? And especially in kids. It's usually later on when kids start conforming to gender stereotypes more because of peer pressure. When I was a kid I was very boyish, I never played with dolls and was mostly interested in animals. I didn't want to be a princess either. Oh and I'm straight.

No. 507778

There's research that indicates some people are gay because of hormone levels they were exposed to in the womb. Which is probably why there's phenomena like you're more likely to have a gay son the more older brothers he has, your body gets less and less good at regulating the male hormones. So it might be that very gay acting men have been exposed to higher estrogen or lower testosterone or something when they were developing so act more what cultures decree as feminine and vice versa for butch lesbians. Of course there's also going to be sociological reasons like mimicking representation in the media like the "gay accent" or the absence or inverse of identifying with and then copying same-sex straight adults gendered behavior like even pre-pubescent straight kids do.

No. 507792

Can I ask what you're basing these assumptions on? Are there studies? Or have you met every gay man and gay woman and saw what they were like when they were children? I'm sure there are lots of gay men who weren't interested in "girly" things as children and lesbians who liked normal girl things. Most of the gay men I've met it wasn't obvious they were gay. No offense but it feels like you're making generalizations based on media stereotypes more than anything.

No. 507802

No. 507828

File: 1580161319169.jpg (23.52 KB, 504x548, brush.jpg)

I use a Kent boar bristle brush and have done for a few years now. I use a normal Denman brush and then the bristle brush.

No. 507924

If I marry a Jewish woman and we adopt kids would they be Jewish since one of their mothers is Jewish?
Also if we were to have biological kids and I was the one to give birth would they be Jewish (not ethnically obviously) since they're being born in to a family with a Jewish mother?

No. 507933

to the first question, no, unless they converted to judaism or you raised them in the jewish faith (which I'm guessing you won't because I'm guessing you're both female). to the second question same answer.

No. 507967

Thanks for answering my very dumb question Anon.

No. 507992

File: 1580194721765.png (8.19 KB, 1184x1184, pixelthink.png)

Does dreaming of being in a homosexual relationship, gay?

No. 508001

only if dreaming about murdering someone makes you a killer as well

No. 508022

Would it be really stupid to write a letter and send it in the mail to the guy who ghosted me? We live on opposite sides of the planet so it's unlikely it'd probably even arrive but I want some form or closure, to apologize and say the things left unsaid, and also to send him the dumb art I drew of us. We were close for 3 years and I was(am) in love with him but I am a BPDfag who ruins everything. Maybe I should write the letter and then just tear it up? I don't know I feel so empty

No. 508025

>it's unlikely it'd probably even arrive

uhh unless he (or you) lives in a really shitty country with a really shitty postal system, that letter's gonna arrive on the other side of the planet.

but don't do it, he ghosted you: he doesn't care. Don't give it your energy.

No. 508026

?? really? I have wavy hair and it made my hair even worse. I kind of thought it was a thing for people who already have perfectly smooth hair.

No. 508029

File: 1580206271444.jpg (96.23 KB, 1242x1242, IMG_20200123_224236.jpg)

Alright anon thank you for guiding me

No. 508040

Sending a letter is the least useful way of getting closure ever because you never know if they even got it let alone read it.
Seconding everything else other anon said, he already wasted your time so don't give him any more

No. 508045

not the anon but i've read this a while ago and it's a good read. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3296090/
might explain why countries with more hormonal birth control (america, germany) have more gay people than those with less to none (japan)
but that's just my own speculation

No. 508080

Those of you who stayed with someone after being cheated on, why?

No. 508084

My ex cheated with a really hot guy so I had threesome with both of them, broke up with him, made his friend a fuck buddy for a few months and left him too

No. 508102

Think I stayed for like a month before I broke us up. We were both not out of the closet and a long distance relationship. She trooned out (ftm) and despite saying I still loved her she ran off with another troon (ftm). Apparently long distance didnt count as a relationship to her. She wanted someone who could 'understand' her more. I was too insecure then in my teens that no one found me attractive. Also where I live is hard to find Gfs so I wasnt sure where to go from there.

I then found my current gf who makes me happier.

No. 508125

I was apathetic and able to still use his car to get to appointments, plus he was "only" emotionally cheating with men and I thought it was cute. Probably like how a teen girl would read gay manga, I was able to go through his texts and have a giggle. I was a beard for a lot of gay guys in high school and he ended up trying to date a few of them. It was more interesting than being alone and I wasn't interested in a real relationship anyways. He joined the army and is probably still leading a similar lifestyle despite being in the closet.

If you benefit from being compliant, I say roll with it. But if you love them I don't know what to say, that shit would hurt like a kick to the stomach.

No. 508133

cause i cheated too but never told him :)

No. 508135

Does anybody have experience with zeolite rocks? Will I regret dropping $9 on 2 pounds of white rocks? Do they actually get rid of ammonia smell? I have stinky cats.

No. 508153

I was on a marriage visa working as a self-employed cleaner. He also yelled at me all the time and nothing I ever did was good enough for him, he had to bitch and nag all the damn time.
I got a good job then dumped his ass.

No. 508161

ok so i'm wearing a tampon for the first time ever in 20 years and i can sort of feel it while i walk around/sit down? but it isn't unbearable or anything, it's just there. is this ok? should i take it out?
i'm wearing a pad with it too.
also is it true that women just lose their tampons? how does that even happen

No. 508162

you didn’t push it up far enough. take it out and try again or shove your finger in there and move it up. and it’s extremely rare to lose your tampon, i’ve never known it to happen to anyone i’ve ever met.

No. 508163

also by take it out and try again i don’t mean with the same one, i meant a new one, in case that wasn’t obvious lmao

No. 508167

File: 1580239558121.jpg (25.73 KB, 540x330, 1537766438056.jpg)

I know this sounds stupid but can you actually pay people to be your friends? Online chatting is fine. I have money and I don't mind dishing out some cash if it means I can be a little less lonely sometimes. I just want to talk about my stupid hobbies and fandoms with someone and have them pretend to care for a few hours. My actual friends only care about themselves.

What about getting a sugar baby? Like paying a cute girl occasionally just to talk to me about mundane stuff is a service I'm interested in.

No. 508169

I actually think about this a lot lol. If it didn't make me feel like an absolute degenerate creep I'd hire a cute sugar baby just to talk to about fandoms/ships and keep me company like going out on walks, to the movies, eating out etc. It'd also make me feel bad because it wouldn't be sincere. It sucks to be this lonely fam, I'm in the same situation where my friends are more interested in talking about themselves and their problems and I'm always left with the position of being the plan C.

No. 508174

File: 1580241132577.jpeg (61.23 KB, 720x720, 1556633286145.jpeg)

I'd do it tbh. I'm spending a lot of time on the internet anyway, already have a job but a side gig like this would be cool.

No. 508176

i'm sort of scared to put my fingers up there though
i do push until my fingers hit my body, and i deploy the applicator, but i still feel it lol
this sucks

No. 508178


this genuinely made me sad, you shouldn't have to pay for friends.

I hope you find some sincere friends soon, fam. I know that feel. and i wish for you to find someone who will talk to you without expecting a paycheck in exchange.

there are also people on okcupid (and similar) who don't look for hookups, but rather friendships/people with similar interests. might be worth a try?

take care.

No. 508180

I can be your online friend for free if you want. We can watch movies together, video chat, read books/manga together, play vidya, etc. You can tell me about your grievances and I'd be happy to listen. My discord is: agari#2395.

No. 508182

I'll also talk to you guys for free just add me on discord: I'll be in the lolcow discord with the nickname "123"

No. 508183

dude I would be your friend! I’m in a situation similar to you but I don’t have any irl friends either.

No. 508185

^ godspeed guys!

No. 508190

My bf is kinda poor and he went traveling with his family in the middle of this month, to save money he ignored me since the beginning, not texting me or hanging out with me and then started to talk to me again the day he arrived in his destination. What should I do? Is it weird?

No. 508211

It's kinda embarrassing how some of you are suddenly so eager to befriend that anon as soon as she offered to pay some people for it, it feels like some of you wouldn't even give a fuck if she didn't mention the money part at all. I genuinely hope she'll be able to make a normal, caring friend and not someone who's forcing themselves to listen to her and fake-pretend to be her friend because of the money.
I am aware that anon said herself that she doesn't mind paying, but still.

No. 508213

how is he saving money by ignoring you?

No. 508214

How did you even read it like that? Anons wanted to be friends for free. Also I see lonely posts day in day out here, it's just the image board format makes it pretty hard to reach out since the threat of a LARPing scrote is ever present.

No. 508215

Plot twist, it was a man all along.

No. 508282

File: 1580259136907.png (4.04 MB, 3840x2160, Screen-Shot-2018-03-28-at-5.07…)

I absolutely hate, despise, and feel grossed out about the way selfie cameras distort people's faces into a deformed mess.
Does anyone have any recommendation for the selfie camera with the shortest focal length and the best distortion correction?
Wide lens my ass, i'd rather use a selfie stick and have faces look like they do irl.

No. 508286

Is this really true? Cause I frequently have times when in the mirror I'm looking really cute and then look like shit in any photos I take. It does a number on your confidence.

No. 508298

uhh does anyone remember the tumblr user i'm about to very poorly describe? he was a japanese man who made poorly drawn art that often featured bunnies/gore i think. he was a total weirdo and eventually got called out for the sexual responses he posted in response to underage girls' asks

No. 508300

recovering NEET here.

what's a good schedule to adopt when i'm at home so i don't sit in bed on a computer for 8 hours?

No. 508301

Oh fuck, I know who you're talking about to. He had a schoolgirl and blood fetish too right?

No. 508303

Yuta, you can find him on insta as Clitorispears
He still has a link on his profile to an apology about his replies to underage girls

No. 508304

File: 1580266260265.gif (3.82 MB, 480x266, focal length gif.gif)

most cameras have pretty high focal length since they're designed for taking pictures beyond the distance of someones arm and most cameras/apps attempts to counter this are usually shit since your face is still a physical 3D object with features different distances from the lens its hard to correct for without editing software, its funny how taking selfies is such a vital part of human culture but no one has realized you need to put it on a timer and step back or you're going to look like an anti-semitic caricature with a huge nose

No. 508312

His other account is fluffy_ass_goth
OT but of course one of my mutuals who I suspect has yellow fever while always trying to call out other people for their yellow fever is following him lol

No. 508318

Is it really lovebombing if i do it to everyone? And does it hurt people?

No. 508324

I think it's only lovebombing if you're doing it before it after abusing somebody

No. 508327

I'm really starting to freak out about this corona bullshit, why the fuck do they let people from wuhan go abroad now? I am freaking out

No. 508328

Maybe some exercise or a hobby like painting, reading, going out for a walk, something physical maybe

No. 508339

Ppl still look like shit even if they stand back because the shit is a literal fisheye lens, and you lose quality and have to crop the unnecessarily big background area.

I know that having a normal camera solves this problem but carrying one around feels really tryhard and inconvenient (although tbh same goes for selfie sticks). I want the convenience of a phone.

They're even able to put telephoto cameras on phones so I can't believe that there isn't even a single phone out there without a deformed selfie camera.

And also I don't think selfies are even that important and I live my life normally despite never taking them because of the deformed issue, but I hate that the convenience of just grabbing my phone and snapping a happy moment with my friends is taken away for me, because everyone looks deformed and it ruins the memory.

I don't want weird filters, if they really want to grab a big background area why don't they just put two lenses on the front and take two images and merge them automatically or something, it can't be that difficult, photoshop has had automated photomerge for like a decade now ffs.

Sorry for the rant lol this shit is one of my biggest pet peeves.

No. 508341

File: 1580275401697.png (183.18 KB, 602x315, jfdsjlfsjdfd.png)

lmao it makes me irrationally angry too. like i WANT to be self indulgent and take a same face selfie every other day but there's no point when my grainy webcam is more flattering. why do i have to choose between potato quality or looking like a skinny headed droopy eyed chincel? i can just picture myself as an elderly woman, looking back at old pictures to remember my youthful looks because i'll have literally forgotten what i used to look like, only to be taken aback at the even more outdated looking graininess of the photos and feeling regret that i never had any "nicer" photos of this time. but i'm not gonna fucking save selfies that look like the left of pic related

No. 508343

Not trying to race bait

Can any Indian anons confirm if this shit is normal?

No. 508348

OTOH I've witnessed so many portrait photogs completely fuck up passport and CV photos because they use a wide angle ass lens to take their pictures with and make you stand yonks away then they just zoom in on you because they don't care. Then when everyone ends up complaining about their enormous head and multiple chins they shrug their shoulders and say "people think they're better looking than they are". No you dumbass, you just can't take a damn photo to save your life.

Every single passport photographer does this where I live now and there's not even any photo booths you can use. I regret moving away from France, the stupid photo booths there were ten times cheaper but the results were so much better.

No. 508349

Do you think it's normal anywhere else, what kind of question is that? No it's not. The difference is that nobody does shit about it, but it's not normal.

No. 508357

File: 1580278759621.png (65.39 KB, 800x938, 800px-Zonal_Councils.svg.png)

Depends on the province, India is super diverse, with hundereds of ethnic groups and languages but it can be divided roughly into the northwest, Ganga plain (central north), Deccan Plateau (south west), Tamil South and and the North east, out of all these regions the Ganga plain has the worst reputation regarding rights of women by far, then followed by the Deccan Plateau, Northwest, the South and the north east Indian subcontinent is actually the best place regarding the treatment of women

No. 508370

why are there so many methods of making coffee (instant coffee, boiling, french press, k-cups etc) and how do people choose? is it just about taste?

No. 508372

It depends on what kind of bean you are using and the consistency of the grind and what strength you want that taste to come out as. My spouse loves espresso coffee, but it always has to be a dark roast with notes of cocoa in it.

No. 508383

Why are teen girls so judgemental

No. 508421

File: 1580308256042.jpg (293.32 KB, 1628x532, 1573591248854.jpg)

This. I think that I look okay when other people take pics of me with a professional camera, but I absolutely despise selfies. I don't feel bad about editing my nose a little bit smaller, since the selfie camera makes it look way bigger than it really is anyway.
What about mirror selfies? I find them to give a more realistic image of how you look.

It is true. Selfie cameras caused an increase of people getting plastic surgery, because of how it distorts features and makes people believe they actually look like that.

No. 508428

Could someone please link articles they find interesting? I really want to expand my interests and knowledge, but I don't know where to start! When I'm bored and in public with just my phone I'd really like some go to reading materials. If that makes sense.

No. 508436

This won't really expand your knowledge by any means but it's one of my favorite reads.


I always dig up random ass shit to read at work but I'm always on incognito so I don't have any links but here's some that I can remember off the top of my head.





I find that sometimes really interesting articles will pop up on twitter's explore feed and it'll usually lead me down a rabbit hole of research lol. I also really like to scour wikipedia on terrible things like incidents of genocide, man made disasters, natural disasters, etc.

No. 508437

No. 508439

Yay now it's in my country too, i am over this

No. 508443

Thank you sweet anon ♥

No. 508457

Question for anons who use VK: is it normal to add someone as a friend on VK before messaging with them? or is it normal to not add someone as a friend but message each other anyway? i suspect my boyfriend is cheating on me (for a number of reasons) but he has a secret VK account that i found recently. he has only 5 friends on it, none of which “like” any of his posts. i don’t have reason to believe he messages with any of the people shown on his friend list there. but for some reason he changes his profile picture constantly and i see that he’s active on VK countless times during the day. could it be that he’s messaging someone on there, but they’re just not on his friend list? or maybe is he using it for music or something like that? he doesn’t know that i know about this VK account btw. i want to just stop worrying about this.

No. 508459

I just remembered another one!!


Sorry for posting so much in the thread lol. I just love reading long weird articles.

No. 508466

You can message someone even if they're not on your friends list.

No. 508472

File: 1580322191846.jpg (35.07 KB, 720x831, 78947820_3318443318167930_3104…)

Question for anons who wore braces: how often did you have to go to the dentist to have it tightened? Once a month?
And do you need to be in the same place for the whole lenght of the treatment? What happens if in the middle of the treatment you suddenly have to move far away? Will the dentist take your braces off? What about the payment?
I grew up in a poor family, so I couldn't get braces during my teens. Everything would've been so much easier if I got them back then, not now that the crowding is getting worse and I have to travel often. Fuck

No. 508482

Are you the anon who has a slavaboo bf who wants to go to russia and talks to girls on vk or am i tripping? Anyways maybe he is catfishing or some shit, the constant pic changing seems kinda off but you can never know before you ask really.

No. 508483

I wasn't really ever a NEET but there was a time when I was out of a job for two weeks and had nothing to do outside of job hunting.

I started my days at 6AM. I'm not a morning person, have never been one, and am still not one, but I like the mornings (after I get out of bed and stop feeling as groggy). It's quiet in the apartment, there aren't that many people out in the street, and in the summertime it tends to be cooler. I have a dog too so I spent the first hour of my day tending to her; food, cuddles, walks. Then, I would take a walk myself, usually out to my local Target so I could leisurely browse around if I needed something, most days I didn't. There aren't a lot of interesting places for me to walk to so I always picked Target lol.

Late morning was for breakfast and some youtube/TV. In the afternoon I'd spend some time on the computer for job hunting, maybe I would switch things up and use the computer at the library. I spent a lot of time drawing and painting. I'm by no means good but spending an absurd amount of time painting something was always a good way to pass the time. My city's library has ebooks available to rent so I would just read books through there instead of buying books. If I'm feeling antsy and have time before dinner, I'd usually take another walk, or do a youtube workout video. Then it was time to make dinner, a shower, and then I'd wind down for bed with chill youtube videos or some more reading. I would usually go to bed around 10pm.

I hope you'll find the routine for you anon! I'm very much about leisurely going about my life and the activities that I do, so even though I didn't have days packed full of fulfilling activities to do, I could dedicate a solid hour or two to each thing that I wanted to do and would still feel good about getting something done.

No. 508484

I just discovered I'm living in an illegal apartment.

I've been having some issues with my landlords showing up unannounced/while I'm at work and leaving lights on. This got me researching my tennant rights, and I stumbled upon the phrase "illegal apartment" which put the seed of doubt into my brain. I'm on the second floor of a house, there's a set of outdoor stairs leading up to my door, but no other means of egress. On a phone call with my landlady she said if there's ever a fire, I could just jump out the second-story bedroom window, because it's "not too far of a fall." This got me wondering even more because I would think that's against the ADA or something if I were to get injured doing this (I'm not legally disabled but do have joint issues and don't want to risk injury from jumping from a window in the event of a fire.)

I just called the local zoning board and they confirmed it's a permanent single-family dwelling and there shouldn't be an upstairs apartment. The lady on the phone said she'd speak to her boss and call me back by tomorrow.

I don't know what to do. My lease is up at the end of May. I guess I'm just wondering if any lawyer-anons or other anons have ever had experience with this, or any advice on how to proceed. I don't want to get in trouble. My landlords are kind of shitheads so I wouldn't mind if they had to deal with this, but I don't want them to retaliate against me or anything.

No. 508485

Any Brit anons here? I heard the usual postman knock at my door but couldn’t answer at that moment so he left, but he didn’t leave a ‘something for you’ card. I’m convinced it was one of my packages I’m expecting from Japan and I don’t have a tracking number or insurance. My items are actually due in a few days in Feb but my stuff always arrives a little early. What should I do?

No. 508509

is there a term for people without a mental illness or disorder? don't say normal

No. 508510


No. 508511


No. 508512

What's the difference between coke zero and diet coke?

No. 508517

isn't that for non autistic people?

No. 508521

If you lurk on someone's twitter frequently (but never interact) is there any way that the person will know/find out your account? Sorry if this is dumb but I'm not a big twitter user and also really paranoid lmao

No. 508522

I think the term started with autism but is now accepted for other conditions. Like if someone is schizophrenic and not autistic they are neuro-atypical.

No. 508526

They both have zero calories. Diet coke doesn't taste like regular coke and the people who like it don't want it to. Coke zero was invented to taste 'exactly like coke' for the people who don't like the taste of diet coke, and not to lose the people who already like diet coke the way it is. However coke zero still, of course, doesn't taste exactly like coke but it tastes more like it than diet coke does.

No. 508551

Is someone with adhd neuro-atypical as well?

No. 508553

People with adhd are not considered neurotypical. Historically neurodivergant has included adhd because it's a "cousin" to autism.

No. 508581

Did anyone know that the admin is a kpop stan/kboo? No wonder there are so many kpop threads on here…

No. 508583


No. 508586

Input your address and the date you got the card into the royal mail redelivery page, you don't need a reference number to do it, and schedule the redelivery. Congratulations you haven't been import taxed

No. 508587

Most recent admin post in the updates meta thread :

>"The /2X/ board will be permanently closed on February 5th, this also happens to be national Loona comeback day"

No. 508588

that made me cringe ngl

No. 508593

Not exactly a stupid question but I couldn't find another questions thread.
My psychologist just prescribed me lithium, but she never really diagnosed bipolar or anything else.I do have mood swings but nothing too extreme. Any anons here take this medication? Does it have bad side effects? Do you guys think I should search for a second opinion first?

No. 508604

why are flu shots shilled so heavily i thought they were pretty much useless

No. 508607

Has anyone had their makeup done at Sephora? I’m tempted to go there to see what they recommend for my half hooded eyes and bone structure.
I think you have to buy 100$ of makeup to get one? Or am I mistaking that for a consultation? I could go for splurging on one nice foundation and maybe a small makeup palette anyways since I only own one.

No. 508633

The consultation is the one where I believe you have to purchase a certain amount of product after they try a bunch of different shit out on your face.
And just fyi if you do go for that, I did it back in 2014 and the experience was pretty meh. Most of the products I bought I never repurchased and I wasn't shown anything too new. I think it will only be as good as the person you get, and if they have no experience with your type of facial structure or skin, you're fucked.

No. 508640

most people don't need them since you're not going to die from the common cold, however you could transmit it to someone with a fucked immune system who it might kill if you get infected

No. 508659

I got my eyebrows waxed by a woman around my age and when I tipped her (little over 20%) she said "how sweet", and I have no idea how to take it lol. felt slightly sapphic, dismissive, or somehow like the tip sucked? $5 for a $20 quick wax doesn't seem bad tho, but also not so good it is worth commenting on other than "thanks!"…

Am probably reading into it too much but I've never been called sweet for tipping LOL

No. 508678

Did you mean to say something else or was there some lesbian energy in her response?

No. 508679

Anyone tips to stop procrastinating all the time, and burying my head in the sand to avoid things?

No. 508681

I’ve seen a lot of really terrible makeup jobs coming out of Sephora consultations. Like black girls being painted six shades lighter bad.

There’s practically no qualification needed to do it. If you can put foundation on a sponge and not blind someone they say you’re good to go.

No. 508682

Yeah mightve just been coming from me though, she was cute

No. 508685

uh anon I said I never got a card, he knocked on the door then left without posting anything. No red card, no grey card. It’s low value enough to not be taxed anyway so I’m not worried about that.

I’m thinking there’s a chance he forgot to do a card for me and he definitely didn’t leave it with a neighbour or I would have heard it.

No. 508689

Same dentist, once a month. Because he's the one that made your dental plan.

No. 508696

Just do it. That's it. If you're already aware then force yourself to do what you got to do. Don't even think about it, just act.

No. 508721

you won't get into trouble, and your landlord won't know you reported it.

No. 508740

So, Brexit is tomorrow. I'm wondering if it'll make UK citizens moving to EU countries harder?
My boyfriend lives in Europe whereas I live in the UK and the plan was to move in with him once I have enough money to do so etc, will Brexit make this harder?

No. 508745

It depends what sanctions are put on us, but realistically, yeah, it will be more difficult than it is now. The likelihood is that you will need a visa or a green card type of permit. No one knows for sure, as I say they've not worked out the kinks just yet, but chances are you will need to jump through a lot more hoops. If you're going to do it, do it sooner rather than later.

No. 508747

Nope. Also if you want to, set your profile to private. You can even retweet their tweets (the numbers will reflect it) but they will not get the notifications for it unless they follow you already (pretty sure this also applies to likes), in case you accidentally click on it.

Twitter makes it easy to have multiple accounts and switch between them now too, so sometimes if I'm feeling really paranoid, I'll lurk through someone's profile with a blank private anon account.

No. 508749

Can you guys recommend any good french (vlog/lifestyle) youtuber?

No. 508776

I can't do it for another 2 years at least ahhh I'm freaking out

No. 508783

I don't follow any lifestyle youtuber so I cant recommend one but this French youtuber is hot and interesting therefore I recommend him to anyone.

No. 508811

File: 1580414163800.jpg (6.98 KB, 300x300, download.jpg)

why is natural deodorant treated like a meme? pic related, i started using this deodorant recently and it works better than the other common brands i've used before. and it smells like roses, which is nice. i have read some bad reviews of this one in particular saying it stains white clothes, but i don't wear white tops so i haven't noticed. but when i see people think about switching to natural, people seem to always go "ewww you're gonna smell awful lol" or maybe "lol you're gonna smell awful at first, but keep going" is mine not a TRUE "natural deodorant" or something? there wasn't any sort of adjustment period of anything

No. 508819

It's cause some brands of natural deodorants really suck, Schmidt's is the only good brand that lasts all day with out any deterioration to the sent.

No. 508820


Maybe you are lucky and just dont smell too bad naturally anon. Because when I tried using natural deodorant it made me smell worse than if I just don't wear anything at all, it seemed to mix with my chemistry and make my sweat smell sour rather than just sweaty.

No. 508823

Am I autistic if loud sounds really bother me or am I being stupid?
I feel so sensitive to sounds. I can't concentrate if high pitched or loud voices are speaking. Is this normal, lol? I've been listening to white noise for 3 hours now because my brother is talking on the phone and I can hear him. I want to cry when guests come over to our house because the loudness of it all actually hurts.

No. 508826

Sounds like misophonia, I get it too with certain noises. Like they make me recoil and block my ears level of hate the sound.

No. 508827

Because it works bad for people who sweat a lot, same for all no-aluminium deodorants.

No. 508832

File: 1580417213401.jpeg (332.08 KB, 746x808, A77F6B71-FA1A-42C3-81FF-38B0A4…)

Took a quiz and got 40% lol, great

No. 508844

Have any of you ever been hypnotized or tried hypnotherapy? What was your experience?

No. 508859

same but with the sound of crying babies, annoying high pitched anime voices, and loud door knocking sounds. They trigger my fight or flight response and sometimes I wonder if I am just being autistic.

No. 508871

You can have a symptom of something without having that thing. For example you can have joint pain and not have arthritis. So just because you have sensory issues doesn't necessarily mean you have autism even though it's a common symptom of that.

Also sensory issues can be a symptom with other conditions like schizophrenia/psychosis, ADHD, PTSD etc. But you can also have sensory issues by themselves without a condition.

No. 508872

I have an anxiety disorder and when I'm more anxious than usual, I become extremely sensitive to tons of sounds. Music sounds weird. I sometimes believe I might be autistic or something, but then I remember I'm just having a wave of anxiety and a day later the same music sounds less weird. It's weird to explain.

No. 508873

I think that kind of response is just ingrained in our brains for safety reasons. Like some songs by The Chemical Brothers used to make me feel uneasy because they have loud crashing/boom noises

No. 508934

if i had a therapist in the past, and my gf has her now, can they discuss me?

No. 508941

Nope. It's illegal

No. 508942

what if my therapist doesn't add anything to the conversation that she learned from treating me?
she once said she could treat my roommate (who my therapist knows a lot about from my discussions w her) at the same time as she was treating me.

No. 509008

How do I know if the sanic totem has answered me?

No. 509011

look at the number of your post, and the last digit corresponds to an answer !

No. 509016

Did anyone here have experience with things moving and falling on their own?
I know I'm going to sound crazy but I keep having things shifting around and falling in my house. At first I thought it was my cat or just the way I positioned things. Lately this has been happening more frequently. I started thinking I was crazy and that I would schedule an appointment at the psychiatrists if this continues. Yesterday I had a friend over and a heavy suitcase turned over in front of our eyes. It was a loud slam and it shocked us both but I was so glad that she saw and heard it too. Now I'm scared and I'm waiting for my parents to pick me up.
Obviously, I didn't tell anyone about this. I've searched online and it appears that it could be vibrations causing this or pipes somehow?
It makes no sense. I don't believe in ghosts but none of the rational explanations are satisfactory.

No. 509024

Do you live near any areas where earthquakes are common? Or highways? Construction? Maybe your building shakes and you became accustomed to the vibrations?

No. 509039

Anyone know good work at home jobs? Or ways to earn money at home other than cam whoring?
My friend gets £300 just for selling feet pics it's honestly tempting

No. 509040

No to all but the third question. There's construction work in progress nearby so that might be it. It's still weird that objects move even once the construction work is done for the day but I guess that's good enough of a reason for now. And it's a bit weird that random things move at random places in the house.
I'm the first owner of the house which was brand new at the time I moved in and have been living here for 6 years straight. It's the first time I get something like this happening so I don't mean to imply there's something supernatural at work. I don't feel any presence or whatever usually goes with ghost stories. It's still scary hearing thumps somewhere in the house and seeing certain stuff changing place.

No. 509061

How do I take good pictures of myself that are 'instagram worthy'?

No. 509071

take them with snapchat and save them bc snapchat doesn’t reverse your photos.

No. 509074

Work with Appen or Lionbridge, or look for remote customer support jobs.

No. 509083

nta but seconding Appen. most of the jobs they gave me i could literally do from my bed

No. 509110

File: 1580492956731.jpg (67.65 KB, 560x420, 723-560wlo.jpg)

anons, please take a look at this tile. this is irredeemable, correct? i'm going to end up selling my house and want to redo the floors but my entire family is telling me i'm crazy and that these are perfectly fine floors and it won't be worth it to redo them. i feel like i'll end up taking a hard hit on the price if i keep these in. look at that grout, that color. it's purgatory chic. it's even worse because the grout is wider on my floors, and i have no other flooring but this.

No. 509116

ngl yea the grout is gross and the tile is super dated. is this your kitchen? you should get an oscillating multi tool with a carbide tipped grout removing blade. it’ll run you like $100 all told. once it’s out you can install sub flooring and id say go for laminate flooring bc it’s durable, warrantied and looks really good. also cheaper than retiling everything.

/end construction sperg

No. 509119

thank you, anon. it's hideous garbage. my family is on some shit to not see this. it's not my kitchen but it's very close to what mine looks like. this tile is all over my kitchen, hallways, and living room. like, almost all of my house save for the bedrooms and stairs, which have even worse olefin berber carpet that legit makes me want to kms, the shit is impossible to keep clean and collects dust like there's no tomorrow. it's disgusting, and i only have concrete under it. i have to redo all of the flooring.

are you suggesting that i could put in the wood laminate myself? wouldn't that be tough? what's the average cost of labor per square foot in your opinion for laminate? honestly, even the illegal workers here seem to be charging quite a bit.

No. 509123

File: 1580496290223.jpeg (323.66 KB, 750x1294, DB8F19B8-CA9F-4484-9DE2-90C0C6…)

i wouldn’t install the flooring myself, but removing the tile can def be done by you and some helpful friends if they’re willing. it is pretty expensive to have the floors refitted, but it raises the value of the house by a lot. try checking job wanted postings from local carpenters on craigslist or whatever your local equivalent might be.

at the end of the day it’s a long, expensive and messy process but imo it’s worth it to raise the resale value of the house. my mom and i have flipped a couple in our neighborhood and the flooring was always one of the biggest hits, but we always made our money back.

pic related is similar to what i have in my bathroom and kitchen, it’s sheet vinyl; it’s cheap, moisture resistant, and also pretty durable. it comes on a big roll and you tell them how big you need it and they cut it for you. there’s only one small blemish in my bathroom floor after 8+ years with this stuff, and it was haphazardly installed by some idiot, but somehow it looks really nice. best of luck to you anon

No. 509136

will my period go away faster if i pee a lot?

No. 509140

No. 509141

No, your bladder doesn't flush out your uterus lol

No. 509142

thanks, i just realized how stupid that question is

No. 509176

which is worse, ghosting someone or breaking up with them over text message? I'm not gonna do either of these things, I just wanna know what you guys think

No. 509178

I think ghosting is worse. I'd rather have some form of closure, even if it's something as shitty as break up text, rather than nothing at all.

No. 509182

Kinda cute lol

No. 509195

Bless you, construction anon. I hope I catch you when I need to ask for help because my home needs doing up soon to be able to sell it but I don't have a clue about these things. Actually I'll just ask you now. About a decade ago my mother (partially) ripped out the carpet in the living by herself, exposing the wood bits with spikes. The kitchen and bathroom don't have 'proper' floors, like they're not carpet or laminated or wood, they're hard squares with weird paint flecks and I don't think that's right. What do?

>halls and living room
>with these tiles
I can't talk but bruh what the fuck

No. 509215

If you are breaking up with a woman, text message.
If you are breaking up with a man, ghost.

I've only ever received verbal abuse, physical intimidation (if done in person), and coercion to take back after trying to explain my reasons to men. Men are less able to tolerate rejection than most women. There's more to lose in terms of your self-esteem and safety when you reject men, cause they can get abusive and violent and too emotional all while believing they are the more logical sex. Ghosting is optimal for that reason, and nah I don't feel bad about it cause so many men ghost women for less. At least we have good reasons to do so.

Sad but true, based on my experience.

No. 509223

I've ghosted my ex boyfriend of 5 years. A lot of reasons involving emotional abuse since I was 14 aside, he would disappear for several days randomly every week and wouldn't contact me at all. I stopped giving into his game and just left all together

No. 509247

I want to read free pdf books but I can't focus to do it on a computer or my phone. Should I get a tablet or ereader? What kind would be best? I don't want a spend a lot but the bigger ereaders that have a better screen size for pdfs are more expensive so maybe I should get a tablet instead?

No. 509280

File: 1580534055511.png (9.98 KB, 614x216, gshdofsgbfohgjfsa.png)

Does anyone remember this tumblr post that was about a disorder that was similar to Dissociative Identity Disorder (except not really which is why I know it's not) where people who were affected obsess over fictional characters so much to the point where they think they ARE said character? I remember the post giving an example such as thinking you ARE Draco Malfoy. If you don't remember the post, does anyone know if this disorder has a name? The results on Google don't really help.

No. 509281

Anons in a happy, healthy relationship, what are some 'green flags' to look for in your crush?

No. 509286

if their parents are still happily married is a big one, most people end up replicating their parents relationship so might as well make it a good one to copy

No. 509289

it was something like fictive, fictkin or fictionkin

No. 509293

File: 1580538720519.png (8.71 KB, 425x140, whoa thats like wow idk ignore…)

YES. Close. It was Fictive personality phenomenon. There's a ScienceDaily article about it.
There's so many people who are affected by this phenomenon on tumblr and it's fascinating but also kinda fucked.

No. 509328

Nta but I'm doomed then lol. Grew up in two families and both went to shit.

No. 509329

File: 1580550584387.jpg (38.47 KB, 600x900, Skinny-Fat1.jpg)

So I'm looking into losing fat and buiding some muscle but can't decide whether I should cut first then bulk or do bodyrecomp. Help?? I'm 5'3 and am a very pudgy 120 lbs. Pic related is similar to how my body is right now.

No. 509338

30 minutes of daily cardio (alternate walking and jogging) and 1 hour of weight lifting.
Eat a little less than you are doing right now.

No. 509339

Why am i so bad at making friends or maintaining a conversation online? I have no problem talking/bonding with pp irl but when it comes to online conversation im so awkward and stiff. How do i fucking fix this aaaaaaaaa

No. 509344

What causes women to convert to Islam and be a hardcore follower of it (like Miranda)? Why would they pick Islam? No bait in my questions, I just don't see how there is any gain in it.

No. 509346

Probably for the community and being seen as the special snowflake who converted.

In Mira's case, dick.

No. 509384

I lost my virginity yesterday. I feel really sore now. When will the sore feeling go away?

No. 509387

Idk who miranda is but as an ex-muslim who has had a few relatives who dated and married white women i can tell you that most of these women are really vulnerable. They have low self-esteem and so they date shitty muslim men who make them feel special until they get married.
Most of them value tradition and shit and want to prove to the guy and his family that she can be just as good (and by good i mean obedient) as other muslim girls.
I knew a a east european woman personally who converted to islam and wore a hijab because of her in-laws. She later took it off then and told me she didn't care much about converting and all, it was no big deal to her. But basically, previous anon is right, it's just for the dick.

No. 509395

A white, catholic girl I knew turned Muslim when she befriended a muslim girl and got to experience the muslim family/community and traditions through her friend. She had been on her own since she was a teen because of her shit family, I guess that ultimately drew her in: a family/community she didn't have. Then she got herself a muslim bf and converted.

No. 509414

what's funny is that Islam as a religion is perhaps the easiest Abrahamic religion to disprove, muhammad claimed that the kaaba at mecca was built by abraham and a place of worship for the tribe of abraham despite this being complete garbage. the israelites had no permanent settlement at mecca and the historical record shows that mecca did not exist prior to the 2nd century AD. there are 0 mentions of pilgrimmage to mecca in any of the jewish historical sources. the quran mixes up mary the mother of jesus with miriam the sister of aaron when they're totally different people who lived about 600 years apart in jewish lore. This error was so glaring that after muhammad died his followers actually reported on the arguments that used to break out when someone reported how muhammad's "divine revelation" contains stupid mistake that show ignorant misunderstanding of jewish lore. Islam is literally just parts of Arab/western Semitic culture that were present in Hejaz region at the time of Muhammad mixed with Muhammad's vague understanding of Syriac Christianity and Judaism

No. 509424

Probably by tomorrow. Doesn't last too long.

No. 509430

Is there a dream avatar maker for imvu, like gaiaonline? Or any other way to make cute 3d characters

No. 509443

Arab guys are hot, their food is good, I wouldn't convert but I would wear a hijab if I had to date one who wouldn't mind me not converting but wanted to show me to their fam.

No. 509444

true. not worth any of that, actually, and i wouldn't want to ever meet their families, but arabs are legit basically the only attractive men. it's really too bad.

No. 509448

What religion have you been raised with even? Because that's bollocks kek.
>First there wuz grass n shit
>den da light came
And that's christianity I'm quoting.
I mean sure there are mistakes with islam but point them correctly out with sources, you just rambled like a schizo.
btw are you schizophrenic?
Miranda couldn't find a different boyfriend and she found a rich one. Same for the other women I guess. In Europe fucking muslims for the young girls is cool for idk what reason. But on those tlc shows (look up tunisianloverats) handsome young men want passport so they find desperate gross old women who will convert for them and then they leave when their man dump them. A lot of e-converts are attention whores who want gifts from beta orbiters. Who cares though, people leave islam just as much if not more than they convert.

No. 509450

i find arab men mostly repulsive with their facial hair, haircuts and tracksuits (not racebait i'm arab) but i guess some of them can be cute. btw if a man is muslim he doesn't need his partner to convert. it's only women who have to date muslim guys

No. 509452

File: 1580580351210.jpg (6.35 KB, 474x266, rudy.jpg)

Damn. My nannies were Arabs and they were alright. I used to live near an Arabic supermarket and sometimes they'd give me free ice cream or extra rice. I found them really chill. I feel it's unfortunate how the US perceives them but I also realize even Thomas Jefferson suffered from Islamic terrorism so it's ingrained in our culture from an early age.

No. 509453

eh it depends, All gulf arab guys are all trash but Egyptian arab guys top-tier

No. 509455

what specific type of Arabs were they though, egyptian, lebanese, Tunisnan, Saudi e.t.c

No. 509456

My nannies were Saudis. Idk what ethnicity the people at my supermarket were (I think the ice cream people were Turkish though).

No. 509460

File: 1580581004351.jpg (53.21 KB, 854x640, 5955dc904ab1ba3bdee62768bb7c7b…)

I think Pashtun men are hotter then Arabs, they have the best parts of both mediterranean and european features, sadly they never date out of thier clan/family

No. 509465

File: 1580582076729.jpg (80.25 KB, 624x800, 82b65dedf4f78b2a7685233e600916…)

Genuinely curious about pink pill ideology or the ideas surrounding it. Is there some sort of wiki similar to incels or red pill? Also, there seems to be a lot of hating men in pink pill threads. Is there like a specific type of man or group of men that is considered bad or are there people who take it to the extreme and think all men are the negative stereotypes like inceldom?

Also is it frowned upon for men to post here? I get making a huge deal about your gender is cringy as fuck in any sense, but sometimes I wonder if posting here as a guy will immediately make people hate me even if I can't ask a question or anything like that without outing myself as a guy.

tried looking through the rules carefully, but I'm pretty retarded.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 509472

If they're genuinely nice to animals, waiters, cleaners, children etc. Especially waiters and cleaners. I read somewhere that if you're partner treats vulnerable people harshly, then that's a huge red flag because you could very well become vulnerable around them. If that makes sense!

I think analysing what they hate/how they act when they're angry is important too.

No. 509473

Practice on here! I think talking about similar interests is a good way to start. Just practice. Maybe go on friend threads on r9k, join discord groups etc.

No. 509474


No. 509476

Is it bad that I hate remaining friends after a breakup? I feel like everyone does that but I pretty much have to cut the person out of my life completely to move on

No. 509478

No, for some people it works but for many it's a code word for free sex or the guy getting his hopes up. I'm friends with one of my exes who's legitimately a good person and we were together for 5 years but I'd never be friends with any of the others even though they asked me because they expected free sex 9 times out of 10 or just wanted to flex their new life/job/gf on me which I don't give a shit about.

No. 509481

>friend threads on r9k
Worst idea

No. 509482

No. 509486

No. 509488

File: 1580583851011.jpg (52.49 KB, 704x400, 1568066674606.jpg)

Should I invest in a Cintiq or an ipad? I can't fucking decide.

No. 509495

>Maybe go on friend threads on r9k, join discord groups etc.
why are you encouraging anons to try to get murdered in their search for friendship

No. 509525

Use a calculator to work out your TDEE. If you've never lifted weights before and have a higher body fat percentage it's possible to both gain muscle and loose fat at the same time. Eat 1g of protein per pound of body weight while eating at a calorific deficit.

No. 509530

Hello guys, my boyfriend is away for the weekend and I thought of selling lews of me to people on the internet, I only have PayPal. Where can I found such audience? Im only doing this for money. A place like /b or /soc, where do you find those these days

No. 509533

Don't do it behind your boyfriend's back

No. 509535

This has to be bait or robot roleplay

No. 509536

I want to non-surgically change my eye color (stroma not the iris implant crap) in Europe,is it worth doing?

No. 509537

I have an iPad and I'm happy with the drawing experience in Procreate after drawing on a tiny Wacom on PC for years. I can take this thing anywhere and get going rather than feeling chained to my desk. It's Apple though, and a bitch to move my files and make backups to my PC while avoiding iCloud. Oh, if you're anything like me just admit it's a luxury purchase, I 'invested' in my iPad and rn it's an overpriced Netflix and lolcow machine more than a drawing tool.

No. 509538

Googling Stroma pulls up enough stuff to think it's at best a scam, at worst an experimental botch job.
Stick to lenses

Also I found out that incels think "brown eye cels" are a thing

No. 509539

So bodyrecomp then? My TDEE is 1663. Should I consider lowering my carb intake too?

No. 509540

Tbh if I were you I wouldn't want to make online friends, too many weirdos and annoying underage teens. Anon who suggested r9k has be fucking joking, I don't recommend Discord either because they are all very clique-y, they all sound like American teenage tumblr girls or they're posturing manchildren wanting clout in whatever subject the server is about. I guarantee at least one mod will be the resident aggressive asshole for no reason but everyone is cool with it because they're old guard or the admin's bff or someshit.

No. 509541

Why would you fuck with your eyes like that? No, it's not worth it

No. 509546

Is it bad to listen to white noise for hours?
My family are really noisy, and the only way I can block them out is by either playing a vidya, music or white noise on full blast in my earphones.

No. 509548

It’s bad to listen to anything full blast, let alone for hours

No. 509556

Don't do it, eye colour is extremely insignificant.

No. 509582

My hate for my family makes me think I have a mental illness to be fair. Or a cluster b personality disorder. I feel good when I don't see them as much as possible, angry when I see them too much. What does that make me? Gosh I need to get out.

No. 509622

File: 1580605851490.jpg (73.81 KB, 640x800, a1ec109088a5cb8ece78837c4faf46…)

does someone more creative than me have an idea for what i can make for dinner?

anything is fine, i'm going to the store soon

No. 509628

Either a chicken pie or a cheese omelette with some spinach (or other vegetables) on the side.

No. 509640

Why do preorders sell out?? Can’t manufacturers just let the orders flow in under a certain time limit and then just fulfill the total number of orders that come?

No. 509643

Grilled fish and rice with vegetables on the side (I like broccoli or spinach) was always one of my favorite cheap go to lazy meals when I lived abroad. If your grocery store has it, buy a soup base that can be mixed with water (not like miso soup) and some noodles that just need to be boiled, top with veggies and/or meat. Baked anything.

No. 509666

No. 509670

I don't think wanting time away from your family makes you mentally ill unless you genuinely do hate them for no reason? I personally get very overwhelmed by family if I am forced to spend too much time with them because they're exhausting. I see them a couple times a year and that's enough for me, I still keep in touch otherwise.

No. 509682

I'm a character designer and I can't seem think of a name or outfit for this blonde rich snobby woman who looks 18
She has a billionaire daddy,wants to join the bad guys,bad guys reluctantly agree to have her in despite having a troubled past with her modeling career with a billionaire's wife

No. 509683

What's the setting, in a general sense? Time/place? What medium is the work of fiction in (comic, cartoon, etc)?
What's her personality like? Any stereotypical "rich" hobbies, like tennis or badminton?

No. 509692

>>509683 setting in a futuristic city in the year 2032
Personality,she is condescending and arrogant,likes to boast about her achievements,thinks everyone is inferior to her except for the people she likes.was a model (her original hair color was brown)
Owns a beauty company (despite mocking women for wearing makeup)
Loves taking photographs of herself

No. 509694

File: 1580623747362.jpeg (1.48 MB, 1235x1528, 71670976-05FC-4D0D-B2AB-C3BA31…)

Something like pic related? Feel like it’s a good springboard

No. 509697

File: 1580625882904.jpeg (7.15 KB, 224x225, images.jpeg)

>>509694 nice
Alright so I just thought of an outfit something simple first in order to add details later
Light greenish dress with ruffles in the sleeves and ruffles in front too with frills,shoes,dark green knee high flat boots with golden accents,light green or dark purple tights lastly dark purple leather gloves
I don't know about the belt though
Pic is somewhat similar to the dress she wears but not quite

No. 509703

What are some good social medias for selling artwork? I currently have nothing. I'm kind of against facebook owned websites and had a twitter stalker so I'm trying for something besides facebook, instagram and twitter. Googling it brings up mostly Chinese talking apps, does anyone have any better suggestions?

No. 509738

Name isn't too important tbh
Avery, Mariam, Eleanora, Victoria, Leah, whatever

No. 509835

File: 1580675394762.jpg (57.28 KB, 700x700, cdn.cliqueinc.com__cache__post…)

One of my New Year's resolution was to get finally more ear piercings, but until now I still kind of duck out to get it done because I don't know what the best way is to get it done. Until now I only two traditional piercings on each side, but I would love to have some helix piercings, a daith one and some more.

So my questions are, in what way should you get your ear pierced?
What way has the best healing procession? (because I've also seen that it can cause really easily some really nasty infections)
What do I need to remember when it's healing?
How painful is the piercing process? (my child and teen self got it done with the outdated pistol method).
Is it ok to get several piercings at once or just one per session?

Any experienced anons here to give some advice?

No. 509837

in my experience, going to a piercer (they're often found in tattoo shops) has been pretty good. they know how to pierce ears and they'll tell you how to maintain them etc.

No. 509839

I got 3 piercings done at the same time. Two lobe piercings, one helix piercing. I have a high pain tolerance, so it didn’t bother me. I do want to note that it can get expensive depending on the jewelry you choose. The most basic studs sold at the shop I went to were starting at $90, but they are really high quality.

The helix piercing took the longest to heal. I would say at least a couple of months. I got it done during winter, so this slowed down my healing process A LOT.

Really recommend going to a piercer at a tattoo shop, like the other anon recommended. They will give you post care instructions.

No. 509844

ex-piercing shop anon here. I can give you some tips advice, if you'd like.

1. In what way should you get your ear pierced? - Look around for piercing shops in your area, read their reviews and see what quality of jewellery they use. You want a piercer that uses Titanium jewellery, as well as a piercer who uses single use needles. Go and check out the shop, take note of how clean it is. If you wouldn't eat in there, don't get pierced there. A piercer MUST wear gloves when piercing you, if they don't use them - run. They should also be following cross contamination protocol e.g. not using gloved hands to touch doors/taps and then touching the sterile jewellery/needles/your body. Common sense things. Also check out their portfolio of previous work. Lastly, don't be nervous about asking your piercer any and every question you have. Anyone worth their salt will be happy to help you and put you at ease!

What way has the best healing procession? - There are several methods. There is the traditional saline soak method, which involves using warm saline to soak the new piercing in. You can google this for more info, but I must say do not pull, twist or spin your piercing through the fistula (the piercing hole) as it can cause irreparable damage to it and cause many issues. Soak the piercing with the warm water until it cools. You can also use chamomile tea bags as a compress to do similar. There's also the LITHA method - leave it the hell alone. Some people swear by it. You basically just let your body do it's thing and heal, moving any loose crusties away from the site with warm water. Don't touch your piercing with unclean hands. Change your bedding frequently. Don't use over ear headphones. If you have long hair, keep it off it for the first 2 weeks and try and keep your hair as clean as possible. Again, do some googling if you're unsure of anything I've mentioned above - sea salt soaks, compresses, LITHA etc.

What do I need to remember when it's healing? As above, don't touch it with unclean hands. No fiddling with the jewellery e.g pulling/twisting/tugging. Cartilage piercings are known for growing what is known as hypertrophic scarring (sometimes keloids but it's usually HS). These are bumps of tissue that look like zits. Do NOT pop them. These respond well to hot compresses. If you think you have a bump, go to your piercer - it may be that the jewellery does not fit your anatomy and might need changing, or it could be you're susceptible to them. Do some reading about them if you're curious! They are generally harmless but can look unsightly.

How painful is the piercing process? I've had just about everything pierced and I find cartilage to be pretty gnarly, but, bear in mind the piercing process takes approximately 2 seconds or less if your piercer is proficient. A piercing will hurt - it's a needle through your skin. But to distract yourself, and what I've told people before, is to take a nice, steady breath in, and once you feel the pain, exhale. Or you can focus on wiggling your toes. Both of those seem to work. In short, it will hurt, but you'll be okay. Promise!

Is it ok to get several piercings at once or just one per session? - You can get more than one, but more means your body has to work harder to heal your piercings. I'd suggest doing one at a time, that way you have the best chance of healing your cartilage (already a difficult area to heal) and you will probably feel more confident about getting more piercings if this one goes smoothly. For cartilage piercings, they reckon they heal within about 3-12 months, again, this varies due to peoples' bodies being different, your anatomy being thinner/thicker in certain areas on your ear and how well you are in general. I'd suggest going one at a time.

Lastly, make sure you eat a full meal before you go in and take a piece of candy for afterwards. I can't count the amount of people who try to look brave and say they've eaten, who then proceed to faint or puke during the piercing. It's safer for you and me if you eat, are hydrated and well rested. If you're anxious, tell your piercer. If you feel faint, tell them. They've experienced it all and I can guarantee they want you to be 100% comfortable during your visit. Don't be afraid to be honest. Anyway, I hope that has helped a bit and it isn't too rambling.

No. 509849


Wow, thank you so much for this! This answered a lot of questions I had and I got a good picture on what to expect! This made me feel more confident on making my appointment really soon and get it finally done! Thanks a lot anons!

No. 509853

You're welcome. I hope it goes well for you and that you enjoy the experience. One last note - it's easier to heal a piercing with a barbell than it is with a ring. Let us know how it goes.

No. 509859

Lobes have less pain than cartilage. But I’d rate ears around a 2-3/10.
Use salt water and soft soap to clean em.
Also, Twist them!! It will help!! But be gentile and for the first few weeks try not to sleep on your side ( idk if ur a side sleeper) its hard to do but it prevents swelling / scar tissue
Also it matters on you and your pain tolerance. I’ve gotten 4 at once but if it’s your first time I wouldn’t go above two. Eat before!! No caffeine or alcohol because that can mess up your body/ makes your blood thinner and thus harder to heal!! Also make sure to check to see if your piercer has a portfolio. Idk if you know a lot about the jewelry but most shops have it available. But if you want to bring your own you can. Go for either titanium or gold , there antibacterial and help with healing.

Good luck!!! I hope you decide to get more places done!!

No. 509861


I will keep that in mind and I'll def report back! Now I'm even a bit exited about it ha! Thanks again!

No. 509899

Please don't use soap on a piercing. It's really bad for the good bacteria on the skin trying to heal the fistula, alongside this, don't twist your jewellery. It can distort the healing, cause scarring and even cause prolapse of the piercing which requires surgery to fix. Places like Claires suggest you do it, but a professional piercer who knows their shit will tell you not to twist, pull or 'loosen' your piercing jewellery. Twisting them will not help your piercing.

I'm glad you're excited, also read above. Emphasis on the importance of not fucking around with your piercings. No twisting the jewellery. No soap. Simply clean with warm saline solution. Trust me, I've been piercing/getting piercings for over 15 years.

No. 509947

Does the night shift mode on iPhones actually do anything?
I feel like it should be stronger

No. 509949

You can download an independent one, I use one called Bluelight Filter which I can turn up very high, and then turn my brightness down very low. Just make sure you turn things back before you go outdoors or else you're unable to see your screen at all

No. 509950

do any of you watch tv? not like hulu, netflix etc but like, traditional tv?

No. 509958

I watch TV with my grandma when I visit, but with the amount of commercials it's not even enjoyable. We watched some show on network TV and there must have been a commercial break (with the same commercials) every 5 minutes. It's kind of ridiculous when you look at the cost of cable.

No. 509961

Would it be totally insane of me to reach out to older dating app matches and ask them why they might not have responded/ghosted me?

Or more specifically, come up with a sort of "post match test" and get a bunch of information about how they felt when they saw I liked them/swiped right, how they felt about the conversation, etc etc

No. 509992

yes, insane and creepy. leave them alone

No. 510031

This is something an overbearing autistic man would do

No. 510038

Wouldn't surprise me at all if he came to LC to get women's opinions.

No. 510052

What the FUCK is a terf??

No. 510053

A terf is a bad bitch who don't take shit from trannies or liberal cucks.

No. 510056

What would you gift to a 26 years old woman? She is into cute things in general, pink colour, sanrio, these kinds of things.

But I do not want to gift something that you would gift to a child… Like, as an example, I wouldn't want to gift a plush toy. Something more useful or less kidd-y.

No. 510057

shes a designer x artist if that helps.

No. 510062

Different anon but why are there terf bangs, i've seen them on many kinds of people, not just terfs/possibly never on a terf? Tell me, o wise anon.

No. 510065

Maybe a Sanrio bag or something? I think I've seen Sanrio makeup. I have a little My Melody lip balm, maybe she'd like a lil Sanrio makeup set? I got it from Yesstyle I'm pretty sure.

No. 510067

You're in luck in a way because there's basically everything sanrio made. If she likes cooking, makeup, drawing, idk anything, there's something sanrio made for that. Could be a lil expensive tho

No. 510069

Because they like to generalise and put the people they disagree with in little boxes in order to trivialise them, because they can’t adequately defend their own world view.

No. 510077

Idk, i've heard the be referred to as gentrifier bangs, which is more accurate imo because i've always associated the with crazy the lib fems that get memed on. A lot of people seem to think terf is straight up another word for "feminazi".

No. 510084

How do I know if my relationship with someone is likely to last?
How do I know if he's 'the one' ?

No. 510086

An "insult" tranners made up to call biological women when they disagree in literally anything they say.

No. 510088

Look for sanrio collab items. Collaborations with designers are usually targeted at adults.

No. 510096

Plushes are honestly the cutest, I'm 27 and have a hoard of them. They're great decor, tbh. A bag would also be a great gift idea. Sanrio has plenty of varieties of tote bags for adults. Sanrio also makes kitchen utensils. Seriously, they have tons of things non-kiddie. If she's an artist, maybe buy her some nice paper for whatever medium she uses? Or an accessory for her computer if she's a digital artist.

No. 510108

They were originally called "sjw bangs" and like "problem glasses" were associated with sjws. They didn't like being called ugly so they turned it around by insisting that they're actually "terf bangs" but I've never seen anyone who identifies as a radfem actually wearing them. I think it's just an attempt to put people off of getting them or a way to insult celebrities who have them like Hayley Williams and Emma Watson.

No. 510128

What are the cons of birth control pills?

No. 510130

Because these bangs are ugly so it's another way of calling feminists they disagree with ugly while being "subtle" about it.

No. 510156

I don't take the pills but off the top of my head I would imagine issues being:

- Having to set a reminder to take them around the same time everyday (I think the window is an hour though)
- Having to always have them on you/know where they are (in case you switch bags a lot or go out and forget them)
- Trips to the pharmacy for refills
- Might take a while to find a pill that doesn't fuck you over.

The first 3 aren't terrible inconveniences, especially if you get BC pills that work wonderfully for you, but I personally opted for the IUD to avoid dealing with those things lol.

No. 510158

I'm picking up stuff from a friend that I left over at their house, but my friend has pinkeye. How likely am I to get it from them handling my stuff? How long can the germs survive on objects, do I need to disinfect? It's a cloth pouch.

I already wash my hands, even moreso cause of this stupid coronavirus bullshit, but idk why pinkeye is suddenly making me freak out lol.

No. 510164

For me it makes me emotional and depressed, most other negative effects could easily be prevented by working out but some lazy people like to blame birth control when they don't work out. Another is of course the reminder thing but my life is hectic with ever changing schedules

No. 510166

My ex boyfriend, whom I broke up with 2 years ago, and moved on keeps telling me about how obsessed he is with Asian girls? I'm Russian and Middle eastern. I'm dating someone else now who've I've been with for almost a year. I'm just so confused, I don't care who he dates or who he is attracted to. We're on good enough terms but if I run into him around town or if he messages me he always attempts to direct the convo to be about Asians. Why?

No. 510173

To make you jealous and insecure

No. 510179

It's killing him that you've moved on so he's trying to say "pfft you were never my type anyway!"

No. 510180

Lmfao, what a loser. Obviously he wants you to be jealous because he's a bitter bitch

No. 510183

Why do people hate Halsey?

No. 510184

Sounds like a yellow fever infested weeb. Also to make you feel insecure and jealous?

No. 510198

File: 1580763767177.jpg (Spoiler Image, 184.12 KB, 960x1280, tumblr_inline_nyr5u8Gh6m1sxm9e…)

People found out about Halsey because she made a song parody about Taylor Swift's dating life which ironically created her career. Swifties disliked her & 1D fans disliked her because she would ship Harry with I can't remember who else in the same group on her Tumblr. The rise of hate from normies all began when a video came up of Halsey making out with an underaged fan on stage & she said she will not apologize for making out with her fans. From this controversial moment which she tried to half ass cover up, people started making fun of the way she sang. A Vine video of a man talking like a Indie singer blew up on Tumblr with the caption of basically saying this is hoe Halsey sounds. People then began poking around her past. People who went to HS said she was insufferable & a liar. Halsey lied that she was poor when you could scroll in her social media before fame, she was pretty well off. Halsey makes cringy music for people who happened to ride the same artists from Tumblr favorites ( like Lana, Melanie, Poppy…). One of the worst lyrics she's ever written that briefly was made fun of was " getting high off legal marijuana ". Halsey is hated for being pedoish, annoying with her black politics while passing as 100% white, being a liberal feminist, constantly lying & overall her Indie voice style. I forgot a lot of things, but I used to catch up on her antics until I forgot she existed. Oh I nearly forgot, she is known for being the attention seeking bi girl kind of person. Yeah, a lot of people don't vibe with that fake shit.

No. 510206

Well that about clears it up. I've never listened to any of her music but seeing all the Halsey hate on social media over the years made me wonder wtf she did to make everyone so mad.

No. 510222

fucking pathetic that this is why people hate halsey but are completely willing to stan every male rapist who’s ever dropped an album. sounds like she’s never actually hurt anyone, she’s just annoying and out of touch, what a crime

No. 510224

I listened to her music for the first time a few days ago after years of knowing who she is and hearing about how people hate her, I actually really like it. It might be angsty party girl stuff for teens but a lot of it is pretty and soothing.

No. 510235

Have terfs fully pivoted from being radical feminists to just conservatives?

No. 510237

LOL this guy is pathetic as fuck anon, I'd revel in just straight up asking him why he keeps bringing up asian girls to you, and then ask him why he thinks you care who he wants to have sex with?

No. 510240

depends on the terf I guess, but the trans thing turns a lot of women off who are otherwise liberal. I doubt many terfs have gone full anti-abortion conservative just given the fact that radical feminism is still the main anchoring point for why they're not on board with the trans encroachment on women's spaces/identities. I'd be very shocked to hear a terf say she was voting for republican, but I wouldn't be shocked to hear they weren't voting at all because the horse piss estrogen flavor-aid has been forced down the gullets of the democrats, and no candidates really represent terf-y views.

No. 510243

Doubt it. Most of the single issue "feminists" piggy backing off of GC were conservative in the first place, and just hate trannies. There is also a distinction between radical and liberal politics fyi.

No. 510245

every single terf argument is literally the same as what a racist or homophobe would say, just sub the race/sexuality for trans people, so honestly they might as well be the same.

No. 510257

every single sjw argument is literally the same as what a nazi would say, just sub terfs for jewish people, so honestly they might as well be the same(Race-baiting)

No. 510259

Yep, I like Jeopardy and procedural shows. And watching it live keeps me up to date, I'll always get distracted by other things if I would just stream everything.

No. 510260

anyone like eating ketchup and hot sauce packets? idk i bet one day itll cause me to get high blood pressure

No. 510261

if i had to choose id much rather be an sjw, it’s actually less embarrassing. terfs are so cringey and spergy they managed to make a good chunk of this site hate them on principle.
>inb4 everyone who doesn’t like terfs is just a scrot or a handmaiden reeeee

No. 510262

Yeah. I can't remember what part of Mein Kampf it was in, but Hitler the first one who said that women should be defined by having ovaries and XX chromosomes instead of makeup and high heels.

No. 510264

>they managed to make a good chunk of this site hate them on principle.
It was actually a loud minority of the site + the farmhands, according to the survey but whatever.

Can you die by eating human hair?

No. 510265

i like drinking small amounts of ketchup but hot sauce? yikes

No. 510276

Is it a bad idea to get a cleanser and moisturizer for my boyfriend? He uses beard oil sometimes but I find that everyone should take care of their skin. His skin isn’t bad but it could def use a bit of love to keep soft and exfoliate a bit of the dead skin cells under his beard.
Idk if it’s too girly or me trying to push something on him.. I just see it as wanting to take care of him in every aspect. And who doesn’t want soft skin? Maybe I’m dumb. Christ.

No. 510278

File: 1580779038715.png (134.11 KB, 720x1056, Screenshot_2020-02-03-16-17-11…)

No. 510285

what is bullet journaling?

No. 510287

>just sub race for trans people
OK Rachel Dolezal

No. 510289

A journal with a grid of dots on the pages so you can easily draw your own callender or spreadsheet or whatever to plan your activities in. Hipsters love it since physically writing something has retro cool now adays and pretend it's an advanced lifehack to keep a todo list.

No. 510292

>comparing trans issues to racism
Ironically sjws would chew you for that.

No. 510299

bf's brother is having a going-away party as he's joining the airforce. should i get him a little gift? i don't know him very well so it should be something practical that he can take with him. for example my bf got him a spotify membership some time ago, to activate when he's in the airforce. thoughts?

No. 510300

why do i feel hungry if i lay down, regardless of when i last ate or how much i ate? i could be stuffed, lay down, feel hungry, stand up, and i'm stuffed again

No. 510315

Ignore what the other anon said.
Bullet journaling is creating a journal where you use different bullets (a black circle, a dash, and a white circle were the original types I think) for different things to journal about such as tasks, events, or misc. thoughts you wanted to journal about.
Yes, you can draw a calendar in it but it's not a requirement and the original bullet journaling was to simplify journaling your tasks and events.

No. 510321

File: 1580792287161.png (339.24 KB, 700x393, granny.png)

Can some savvy tech anons indulge me with some advice?

I'm in desperate need of a new phone and a laptop. The phone I have now is almost five years and pretty shot for a smart phone. My macbook is a decade old, which honestly isn't too shabby for an apple product but lots of things don't work, it's beat up, and now it's starting to get more and more incompatibilities that it's getting to be more hassle than it's worth.

I don't do much. I really just want a phone that can take nice pics/video, and allow me to do some editing and streaming. I don't really do mods or nothing wacky with my phone to care about much else.
With a laptop I really only use it to browse the internet, stream, and edit pictures and video. I was hoping to buy a refurbished macbook again because it's pretty tard-proof for people like me.

I have saved $1200 so I was lookiing to split down the middle and have a budget for $600 per each item, but the thing is I don't really know if I should prioritize a bigger budget for one over the other, like if I should settle for a $300 phone for a budget of $900 in order to get a better laptop? I don't even know where to begin, or even if what I have saved is enough for what's realistic.

What do you all have?

No. 510322

Google "ryder carroll bullet journal method". You'll find videos and blog posts all about it, even a video from Carroll himself (see attached). That's what the original system was, before arts and craftsers smothered it in washi tape and brush pens and stickers. Not that the maximalist artsy art journal-like spreads are bad or anything; they have their place, and they look really fun! but I think the trend is just the antithesis of the original system and is completely at odds with its principles (i.e., efficient, easy to start up/do, easy to read, flexible).

No. 510329

This is really cute anon, I wish I could help but I’m a fucking shit gift giver to people I actually know let alone a lc anons bfs brother kek. You could also get him something to enjoy before he leaves maybe.

No. 510330

I’m sick of trannies coming here trying to manipulate the narrative of the site. Why can’t they just fuck off? Nobody cares about trannies, terfs are literally just rational human beings most of the time, whereas trannies are aggressive fucking psychos,

No. 510335

They would, but at the same time they equate trannies to non-white women being discriminated against all the time. Showing them their hypocrisy makes them mad lol.

No. 510341

if you have one of those polaroid/instamax cameras, just some small pictures of his family/pets to put in his wallet would be nice. idk about airforce but in army basic we were allowed to put pictures in our lockers as well. you could take them during the going-away party.

No. 510353

When making data sheets in excel, how do you know which data label goes in the row and which goes in the column? For example, making a data sheet of sales number by each person for each region or for each product? Hope my terrible wording makes sense

No. 510357

That isn't relevant to the conversation and you're assuming people autistic enough to "cancel" wouldn't cancel kiddy diddlers either

No. 510358

If you're just surfing the net a cheap chromebook can work, a macbook may be overkill unless you want the programs and customer service it comes with.
I guess an older galaxy model will be around $300.

No. 510367

Am I gonna get banned if I post in the wallpaper thread, the last post is a month old

No. 510423

I think necroing is allowed in non drama boards? Or at least it's ok in ot (or I just haven't been banned yet for necroing an old ass thread here and there kek)

No. 510424

I'm not tech savvy at all, but my coworker keeps recommending the google pixel to me. They usually come out with a cheaper budget version (I think it's the ones that end in a). I don't think the Pixel 4 has one right now, but the 3 has the 3a which is $400 on the google store right now. You can probably find a refurbished one for even cheaper.

As for laptops, I've seen people mention thinkpads on here. You can get a used one off ebay for pretty cheap, and I've seen an anon or 2 praise them for their functionality and durability.

No. 510443

File: 1580831708783.jpg (68.05 KB, 840x630, ae50d3c04ff6aa4757cf2cd7e90df8…)

Resident Thinkpad sperg here to shill my favorite laptops to yet another anon here kek. They're not pretty and sleek like Macbooks but they get the job done for half the price and double the value.
You can get great Thinkpads on even the tightest of budgets but since you do have more money to spare, I'd spring for one of the newer models, specifically the T470s. It's got a lot of nice features, I'd say one of the only drawbacks is that it's a bit heavy at 3 pounds, but if you don't carry your laptop around everywhere it might not matter.
For around $400-500 you can get a T470s off ebay with a solid processor, 16 gigs of RAM, and a 256 GB SSD, which should be great for your needs and last you a long time. Meanwhile the Macbooks in that price range are usually closer to $600, older, have only 8 gigs of RAM (or even 4, ew), smaller hard drivers, shittier processors, etc. Plus older Thinkpads can still be beasts whereas Macbooks are dogshit after a couple of years. (Props to you for still using a decade old Macbook, I'd go insane.) My current Thinkpad is a 2013 model and you'd never guess, but you couldn't pay me to touch a 2013 Macbook. I may be a little biased though…

As for a phone I don't have much advice in that department. The Samsung Galaxy is a good line and like the other anon said, the older models get cheap really quickly. I have an S9 which is still fairly new and it's around $300 unlocked on ebay. (And if you spend like $450 on a laptop and $300 on a phone you have so much extra money to spend on other things, yay!)

Please update us when you get your new laptop, I'm getting so much secondhand joy thinking about the instant upgrade going from a decade old Macbook to a new modern laptop. There's no way that thing has more than 4gb of RAM, right? If you get the T470s and go from 4 to 16… omg anon I'm getting so excited thinking about it.

No. 510445

i think it sounds like a great idea. i get my bf some skincare things every once in a while and we like to have "spa nights" with fancy face masks and candles and the whole shebang, but then again he is a bit more metrosexual than most. im sure most men would be happy about a thoughtful gift from their gf, even if it was outside of their interest field.

No. 510446

Great, thanks, get ready for my epic wallpaper

No. 510453

i have a $25 amazon gift card, what should i get, anons? what would you get?

No. 510457

Save!! Wait until there's something you want

No. 510458

When I was in your situation over a decade ago, I got rainbow thigh highs, a wholesale bag of my favourite gummy sweets and top highest beauty bestseller that was under 10. Never regretted it. Aternatively I recently discovered sunpaper, where the sun marks the silhouette of whatever you put on the paper in white. I can't wait till spring to try it with flowers. You could also get tshirt printing paper and make whatever you like on a tshirt, I think it's an underrated activity.

No. 510463

Something related to your hobby or something you wanted but didn't want to spend all that money on?

No. 510465

nta but seeing the occasional thinkpad shill really makes me want to get one lol.

I have a literal decade old sony vaio (sony doesnt even fucking own vaio anymore wow) and it's really… on it's last legs. The poor thing. I really wanted to get a custom PC built once I moved out, and I've been debating for a laptop to bridge the time between now and then so I might end up getting a thinkpad for that lol.

I considered getting another Vaio, but those things run into the thousands…… fuck that shit.

No. 510480

okay, so! thank you for the suggestions. i think i'm going to get some exercise/fitness related stuff. i have a jump rope in my cart atm ($6.82). if anyone knows of good amazon workout clothes, or any other fitness type things, please let me know! i wanna be a healthy bitch

No. 510481

Resistance bands!

No. 510488

File: 1580839206545.jpg (21.54 KB, 478x265, Newfag newfag oh god what do i…)

I arrived on this board quite recently. Can you tell me more about its history and ideology?

No. 510491

You sound like a male.

No. 510493

I'm a french beginner-intermediate and i'm dying trying to learn all the tenses and the conjugations…how do you anons who are learning languages do it?

No. 510495

Our idealogy is banning scrotes. Go away.

No. 510499

lmao, I love you anons

No. 510509

great idea! i ended up going with the jump rope, resistance bands, and an art book to use up the rest. thanks all!

No. 510554

how tf is that racebaiting? i was pointing out that if you switch words, things have different meanings. do i need to add /s for you retards?

No. 510559

What's the dumbest reason you've been banned here or on 4Chan?
I got banned once for sending fire emblem hoes mad memes to anons on /v/

No. 510563

Once got banned from /a/ for complaining about bad hentai cumshot physics. Reason cited was trolling. Then got a global 4chan permaban for VPN-usage/ban evasion and had to explain in my ban appeal that no I'm not using a VPN I actually live in this
low populace country with a rare IP and /int/ flag.
Never got any serious bans from lolcow though.

No. 510567

Around the time Venus first escaped and Margo was staying at various airbnbs in Japan, some anons found out where one of her airbnbs were and posted it. I was studying abroad in Japan at the time and my dorm was like a 30 minute walk from where it was, so I walked over there after coming back from class one day. Did not see Margo, all I did was take a pic of the front and post it. Got banned for like a day or two for cowtipping lol.

No. 510568

What country?

No. 510577

On /cgl/ for vendetta when I mentioned a popular lolita (not even in a negative light) while I also reported all the actual vendetta and shitposting that was going on in the very same thread. But the janny only deleted my post and left everything else stay. I used the report function frequently and it always worked fine but for the last 4+ months they are completely ignoring my reports for some reason, but when I'm phoneposting from a different location they suddenly act normally and clean up. I think they just blocked my ip or something lmao

No. 510579

Oh and also for posting BL images in /a/'s snk threads.

No. 510583

The ultimate stupid reason why I've ever been banned here was literally due to some retarded janitor's mistake for not double checking who they're trying to ban and got me instead. It hasn't happened recently, but definitely more than a few times in the past.

Anyone remember that one ex janitor who was embarrassing herself by getting into arguments with anons and then redtexting her last word when she would get angry enough to ban? Lmao. She didn't last long, I think she dinged me once and I posted that to /meta/ for cringe and even the admin didn't defend her kek.

No. 510609

File: 1580857871583.jpeg (102.81 KB, 966x725, 1400980277495.jpeg)

How do people feel comfortable in bathrooms with big windows in them? Do they have blinds, on sided glass, do they live in mansion? Like why

No. 510611

if you mean your, that's obviously a big house/mansion, so they probably don't have neighbors at all to look in. there's also tons of trees outside the window likely blocking the view. there's probably no toilet in that room either since most rich people (atleast that i know) put their toilet in a separate space.

No. 510615

Is it considered a form of financial abuse if someone holds the fact that they pay something for me (like a phone bill) over my head as a powerplay whenever we're in an argument?

It seems like they do this to redirect the criticism away from themselves and throw it back at me by framing the fight to be about how I'm immature and ungrateful because I don't suddenly pause the fight to kiss their ass about it and forget what I was mad at them for.
I've told this person that if they're not paying to help me and they resent it (they make triple my wage) then they're free to cancel anytime and I'll find my own way. I intend to get a new phone and get off their plan when I get my tax return which will be soon. When I said this last time they just shouted "BUT ITS THE PRINCIPLE OF HAVING PAID IT TO THIS POINT AND YOU NOT APPROACHING TO TAKE OVER!"
It pisses me off because the implication is that I voluntarily chose not to be involved when in reality this person has had the reigns over my phone since I was a teen. They never invited me to talk about finances and always pushed me out of it. They have always flip flopped between telling me not to worry about it when it makes them look good, and obviously when we fight they conveniently go back to the narrative that I'm using them.

It's not gonna matter in a month or two. I just wanna know if anyone else deals with this kind of bullshit.

No. 510616

File: 1580859978525.jpg (74.8 KB, 852x500, why me.jpg)

I still have no idea to this day why it happened, but I got banned for using a Proxy/VPN back in September on 4Chan (my ban lasted until the end of fucking November) and the most confusing part is that I've never visited 4Chan in September or used any Proxy/VPN shit, but yes. I also live alone so there's that too.

I even took a screenshot of it when I first saw it. I've never been this confused in my entire life.

No. 510621

Why are W.W so racist towards B.W?
Morbidly curious on this one.
Black Queens, please chime in, too :)(racebait)

No. 510624

This is so autistic of me to ask but I saw >>>/snow/926923 and on the message shows a tab for translating "English to Bulgarian" and I just can't help but wonder if admin sama is Bulgarian? It shouldn't matter, I know I know.
>stupid questions thread
Ok all is well!

Ignore my double post AND the race bait above my post

No. 510625

How to fight the extreme urge to put something off? Starting the task doesn't work because I can't get rid of the nagging voice at the back of my head telling me to do it latter. Not to blog post, but my attention issues are so bad I actually think I might have inattentive adhd

No. 510626

Can you give a modern example? White women are more racist towards themselves if anything(race discussion)

No. 510628

File: 1580864204769.jpg (136.04 KB, 889x356, Screenshot_20200205-095658_Sam…)

Can somebody explain this banner to me. Idk who it is or what the moon runes say.

No. 510630

>this is who tells you that lolcow is not 4chan
It's kanadijin, canada flag morphed with japan.

No. 510631

Wild guess would be that it's kanadajin

No. 510636

I posted in another thread about visiting America and how disappointed I was with the state it's in. Does anyone know where I can find a (relatively unbiased) view of the issues in America leading up to why things are the way they are over there? It's all very well to say the government/people have fucked values, but I really want to get into it.

No. 510637

its kanadajin who's a crazy cow with a thread on /pt/ and it says 白人系日本人 aka Hakujin kei nihonjin
which means "White Japanese People"

No. 510638

File: 1580866121905.png (87.45 KB, 852x522, b&.png)

Posting copypasta in threads on /cgl/ to see if anyone was new enough to reply to it.

I have windows in all my bathrooms. It's not a problem because I don't have neighbours. It's nice to be able to sit in a warm bath and watch the cold weather outside.

No. 510645

I was learning Russian at the time and asked on /int/ for Russians to explain the word "fun" for me because when I was trying to learn it their term "fun" had something screwy about "having fun" not being translatable.
They banned me for trolling while I was talking to Russians in the thread about Russian etymology.
Also, the last time I was banned, the janitor replied to my (then deleted) post to unban myself because he wanted to ask me a question about my circumstances. I was venting about being abused on /adv/.
Also, I was once banned for trolling on /v/ out of the blue even though I don't play video games or use /v/ but the ban went away a day later. idk what was up with that.

No. 511265

But how resistant to shocks are they?
That's the man reason I don't want to get a laptop again, broke the ones I had by dropping them.

No. 511271

I got banned once here for "race baiting" even though I was bitching about woke Twitter users how their terminology came off as racist. Wouldn't have cared that much but the ban was too long imo.

I don't post on 4Chan that much but sometimes they mistakenly ban me for something I didn't do (like posting CP on /b/. I don't go on /b/ and I have no idea where to get CP (and I certainly don't have an interest). It goes away eventually but what's that about?

No. 511276

File: 1580883414508.gif (1.25 MB, 512x384, March_approaches.gif)

So, I live in a small town so finding a part time job here is a fucking nightmare if you have little to no experience. BUT I do run a small online store where I sell convention artist alley type things. I'm wondering if that would be a good thing to put on a resume? Am I getting ahead of myself for thinking that that bit of info will give me more of a chance of being interviewed/hired?
I know my questions are dumb, but I just want some type of reassurance. Job interviews makes me super nervous and I feel like having an online shop would probably make the interview go smoother since I actually have something to talk about…right?

No. 511278

You may as well! No reason not to.

No. 511283

Absolutely put it on your resume anon! I used to run an online shop too, and it's easy to translate that into an impressive-sounding job description. Think like "managing inventory" "fulfilling/shipping customer orders" "customer service and online marketing" "working with manufacturerers to create product" (if you get charms, buttons, prints made)

Even if it's not a full time thing, you still have a lot of job skills that can translate well to working retail or elsewhere.

No. 511308

If I rarely leave the house and don't have many internet friends, how do I know if I'm attractive to others? Stupid question, I know. I don't want to post myself on rate threads.

No. 511311

They're hardy laptops that are built to last. They're widely used as the go-to laptops for businesses so I imagine they're made to take lots of abuse from careless workers. Honestly, if you're looking for durability, there's no better choice. Thinkpads are tanks.

No. 511313

Thinkpads are the way to go for a laptop.
For a phone, aim for an LG model, they're usually above par with the year's Samsung Galaxy model specs and essentially the same price or even cheaper. I haven't had any issues with models I've owned, minus the touchscreen crapping out on my V3 but that's only because I used to stuff it into my bra when I would workout, lol. My spouse has a Galaxy and he's had to get his model replaced 3 times in the past year because the screen glass is so fragile.
Anyways, LG is the best phone brand experience I've had so far, if any anons know of better brands, let me know. I'm an avid user of Happy Chick emulator kek.

No. 511317

File: 1580900569739.jpg (56.95 KB, 460x460, previewPhoto_censored1.jpg)

Well firstly ask yourself, do I like what I see in the mirror? Can you imagine somebody having tender eyes when they see you? If the answer was sure, then yeah you're decent. Most people are average when it comes to attraction & you'll be surprised despite all the shit talking how low people's standards really are. Are you attractive for the common public? Most likely. For Miss USA pageant shows? Only if you're skinny, blonde, & tall.

No. 511329

Ignore this retard >>511317 sadly the only way to know for sure if you are atractive is to go outside and pay attention to how people treat you. Attraction has a lot to do with your manners and attitude as well, it may sound silly, but if you know how to behave and talk out there it was like your looks got boosted. Beauty is relative anon, if you went a long period of isolation and depression is easy to be perfectly decent and fine and think of yourself as a fugly troll because you've interiorized those hyper filtered photos you see at social media that in top of that are taken from trickly angles and are used to see people nitpicking cows to death. In the real world 9 out of 10 times no one is that stunning, you easily see super ugly people having a blast at life while you are wasting your time worrying to much about your looks that no one even cares that much anyway.

Oh and don't post yourself in rate threads at /soc/, that's a terrible idea. At best you may become hooked on internet validation.

No. 511337

Thanks anon. Either you understand or you're just a really empathetic person, lol. Everything you said was right.

No. 511341

Oh yeah, go for it. I put my freelance art "career" on my resume even though it's shite and i sold maybe 4-5 things total but it helped me since it was at least something, which got me an interview. and during the interview (which was retail) it really helped since i could talk about my experience with customer service, punctuality, time management and all those fancy words

No. 511354

What's the funniest post you've seen here or on 4chan?

No. 511368

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but could someone please recommend me long lasting body sprays?

No. 511378

Why do my knees begin to hurt after sitting on a chair for a long time?

No. 511382

Anons who still use crystal cafe, why?
It's dead now and it's quite obvious that there are a lot more males there than here. I hope this place stays as it is. It's comfy here. I'd like if it were a lil more active, especially here, but I guess that makes men more likely to come here.

No. 511389

File: 1580913030189.jpg (183.75 KB, 720x1018, 1573245925617.jpg)

Sometimes I've gotten banned on 4chan for making fun of trannyjanny. No regrets tho

No. 511449

Is it normal to flinch and have nearly a panic attack whenever I try to finger myself? I've had this issue for so long now and never thought much of it (I kept telling myself that maybe I'm just not into penetration), but lately it's starting to become a huge deal, because my boyfriend really wants to have sex lol. Have no idea how to explain it to him and even though I don't remember many things from my childhood, I'm kinda sure that I am not some CSA victim or was touched/raped.

No. 511455

Is there a site where there's an overabundance of asian women?
Maybe like lipstick alley, but for asian (east to west, north and south) women?

No. 511467

It's not normal at all. I'm really sorry to hear that, anon. Maybe see a sex therapist? Ask on the masturbation thread?
Or instead of fingering yourself, maybe try grinding if it helps you feel better, or just grab a tiddie.

No. 511469

File: 1580922763858.jpg (4.61 MB, 4253x3393, kinydkv4z5521.jpg)

you can find some sites for east asian american women, but South , North and central asian women have massive amounts of cultural, racial, ethnic, linguistic and religious differences to ever have solid identity, pic related is south asia alone

No. 511472

Pls, judgemental people who have no interest in psychology OUT.

Ok, there's this person, I find them kind. But a mess. I will never forgive myself if this will cause them problems when asking here, but I come to find out they show their family their breasts when angry as a teen, and I was wondering what mental problem this belongs to? They also said sexual vulgar stuff to them which I'd say on /b/ when very very very bored and depressed.

I swear to god I am not shitposting. Just worried about them, but maybe I'm a prude?

No. 511491

soompi is your best bet and the closest variant to lipstickalley; a forum for black pop culture gossip which attracts actual blacks, larpers who wanna racebait, and a looot of people who think they're african american LOL.

I just don't know if soompi's still active kek.

No. 511513

soompi is just filled with kpop and kdrama fans. It's really not that active anymore.

No. 511531

Well…it's not like LSA isn't based on literally love&hip hop…..

I kinda expected soompi to 404 tbf, who uses forums these days anyways?

No. 511548

File: 1580926741169.png (564.82 KB, 1080x520, ramona.png)

How do I get over internalized misogyny?

I have had mostly REALLY bad experiences with women in my life, and I have a really hard time trusting and being friends specially with girls my age. Heck the only actually traumatizing experience i've had with a male was with a transexual so depending on your beliefs i didn't even have any problems with actual men, while a handful of female interactions have left me with huge mental scars.

I don't think I have Pick Me behavior because its usually has nothing to do with men, but im slightly harsher when criticizing other women about anything, I also tend to use derrogatory language alot, I seem to have no filter when calling other women whore or cunt.

No. 511563

Were the women you've had bad experiences with Pickmes?

No. 511577

Not really, I've only gotten into trouble with a Pick Me already in college.

My mother has periods of being abusive, she's very mentally ill and when he life gets to hard too deal with i've become sort of a punching bag, it has only happened a few time (3 to 4) but the abuse was severe enough to leave me with physical scars, my dad on the other hand is an alcoholic but has been just absent, i see him very rarely, even when they were still married.

I was bullied by girls in elementary school, mostly due to my appearance since i hit puberty earlier than average and being overweight, i just looked like a really strange goblin woman-child.

Then in high school i had a really toxic friendship with two other girls who basically slowly corroded my self esteem until i felt like i was deformed, I went through a period when i was seventeen where i covered all the mirrors in my room and bathroom because of the things they told me, masking it all as friendly advice and concern, i could barely stand to look in my face.

I also had a short lived friendship with another girl whose a straight up sociopath, she terrifies me. Im pretty sure if she were a man she would be killing small animals for fun.

The pickme was just a really cunty teenager who was dating a guy i went on a date with, i never knew he had a girlfriend yet she blamed me for him cheating. Nothing of notice, just a regular asshole.

No. 511600

Will post that on the masturbation thread, thank you!

No. 511700

Have any (US) anons on here gotten their bachelor's degree online instead of the traditional route? Is it considered a joke or viewed as less desirable to employers? Do you save a lot of money on tuition?
Obviously we're talking about an actual accredited college's online version of a degree program, not some bullshit online only scam school.

No. 511710

I don't have a good answer because I'm interested in the same thing, but I'm not sure they make a difference between online degrees and traditional degrees–unless the school itself is unaccredited
From what I've seen, Tuition might be somewhat less, but it's still costly to some degree (though you may want to wait/hope that a candidate who supports free public education to win)
But I'll similarly be waiting for someone with more experience to get us more education

No. 511712

File: 1580938819083.png (222.76 KB, 340x359, Capture.PNG)

i want to learn how to make my own clothes, where do i even begin?

No. 511715

Thanks, anon. I've been looking into Western Governors University, it's an online only university but seems to have a good reputation and is accredited. Part of the reason why it appeals to me so much is that you can take the classes at your own pace, which means if I work my tail off I can graduate much faster than normal which is ideal in my current scenario. And they charge you by 6 month terms instead of credits so the faster you graduate, the less you pay (and the tuition is already really cheap compared to other online programs). It almost seems too good to be true so I've been stalking the subreddit to see what the catch is, lmao.
Wishing you good luck in your own college journey, hopefully there are other anons here who can chime in and help us!

No. 511726


There should be beginner sewing classes somewhere near you, some people would advocate for diy with internet help but with sewing you can have the weirdest questions so i think its always good to have a teacher

No. 511733

Seconding >>511726 but if you want to try the DIY route, Youtube is a bottomless pit when it comes to tutorials. Mood fabrics also has free tutorials and patterns on their website if you want to check those out. You can also take some of your favorite pieces of clothing, lay them on a big piece of paper (taped together news paper or grid lined wrapping paper are my two go-to's) and trace them to make your own patterns (this is how I started). Good luck!

No. 511759

are bisexual guys even a thing?

No. 511760

I think so. If a man can maintain an erection looking at a naked woman and can also do that looking at a naked man, to me that is pretty clearly bi. Basically all the dudes who marry women and have children then declare themselves gay later in life, I think they're actually bi. If you were truly 100% one or the other, you would be repelled by the opposite/same sex. I think bisexual men who are attracted to women oftentimes hide their bisexuality from the women they are partnered with because, speaking in broad strokes, most women would not like to be with a bisexual man. Mostly because I think its SO easy for gay men to find other men to have sex with, and it makes women uncomfortable to imagine how easy it would be for their bisexual identifying BF to get a blowjob from some dude if they ever felt like it. a 100% heterosexual man you assume would need to put in a bit more effort to cheat.

No. 511763

Yes, it's just very socially unacceptable (from regular homophobia but also like the other anon said from women worrying about them being able to cheat easier), so the vast majority of bi guys just stay closeted or never even act on it and only go with women or won't even admit it to themselves from internalized homophobia and try to repress it. You also get bi guys, like bi girls, who claim to be exclusively gay since the gay community doesn't fully accept bis if they can "tap out" and live a straight life whenever.

No. 511766

File: 1580949672293.jpg (2.44 MB, 1500x2400, 85c52d38f90eb508d4afd589442166…)

Any romance novels were the main characters aren't complete chad's and stacy's, but just normal middle aged people? I'm new to the genre so I'm not sure were to look
Also if the romance covers dumb is the book dumb? Can something like this secretly be a good gem or all those dollar store romance novel memes right?

No. 511768

Do any anons here visit PULL and/or Kiwifarms? Do you have any suggestions on good threads to read there?
A lot of threads are hit or miss on both.
I found the shmorky and egoraptor to be pretty good so far though.

No. 511771

Covers with shirtless guys usually are pretty cheesy, lol. But sometimes there's a little more depth.

If you want something more realistic, l think looking for books less marketed as romance novels and more as general fiction with romance as a tag will be fruitful. See who the authors are and what they usually write: just romances, or other fiction as well. And look up stuff on goodreads to see what readers say. From there, check out the reviewer's list or find similar books through it. I don't have any recs though because I love garbage.

No. 511781

Tbf though a man can get erect at a fucking fruit. I don't think whether their dick gets hard is too reliable in testing male sexuality, seeing how susceptible to memes they are (AGPs for example).

No. 511783

File: 1580955844865.png (162.64 KB, 398x224, 4B306E2F-9E25-440A-9997-61D479…)

Genuinely not trying to racebait or anything nor start a race related argument and bash on others, I'm just curious and would like to hear other farmer's opinions on this. I even tried reading those sites who try to "educate" people on this subject, but all of them keep saying the same recycled garbage over and over aka "you're racist you NEED to love everyone why would you only want to date your race" etc. so I really want to know what others think of this.

Do you guys think it's racist when you only want to date your race or one race only? Inb4 someone starts accusing me of being a white girl with yellow fever who only wants to date oppas or some shit, I'm Asian and get told from time to time that I'm being racist for only wanting to date my own race (mostly by my non-asian friends). And it's not like I am disrespectful to other people or call them ugly or something, I just feel myself feel more attracted to my own "kind".

Don't ban me pls I am just curious.

No. 511786

what type of asian are you specifically ?

No. 511787

I'm Chinese!

No. 511788

No. 511793

Lmao no it's not racist, your non-asian friends just wanna fuck, ignore them. It's natural that people are drawn to those who look like them, especially if you grew up in a racially homogeneous environment. As long as you're not having prejudiced lines of thought, don't let your friends neg you.

No. 511795

Are there any artists here who are super paranoid about sharing their work when chatting with internet strangers? Whenever I chat with someone new and I mention I make art, I almost never share my work if they ask to see it.

No. 511840

I think studies show people tend to take the same races

No. 511847

If you grew up in a culture that has a certain beauty standard that reflect your ethnicity than of course you're gonna find your own ppls features attractive. I've been called low key racist because I've only dated within my race (I'm mixed latina and white but only date indigenous latinos) and it's the stupidest shit to go accusing folk of. Anything is racist to sensitive ass babies that feel rejected and want a reason why you don't want to fuck them.

No. 511848

not weird at all. our preferences tend to be molded by our environment imo. if you were surrounded by chinese people, raised by chinese, watched chinese media, etc., of course you'd be attracted to chinese men. I used to have the opposite problem – I'm mixed islander but I"m attracted to typically white, Mexican, and East Asian men. I used to feel bad about not being attracted to "my own kind", but I was raised in the US and exposed to primarily American and Japanese media (parents were weebs), and went to primarily white and Mexican schools. Makes sense in hindsight.

No. 511850

I'm Southern. How the fuuuuuck do I do a standard American accent???

No. 511859

>I used to feel bad about not being attracted to "my own kind", but I was raised in the US and exposed to primarily American and Japanese media (parents were weebs), and went to primarily white and Mexican schools. Makes sense in hindsight.
I'm in the same boat, anon. I used to feel guilty and self-hating for not liking men of my race, but it's silly. People like what they like. As long as you're not attacking anyone just because you're not attracted to them, why should it even matter?
At the same time though, I do get that some people may have racist preconceived notions and it might be influencing their dating decisions. The same way white weeb dudes with yellow fever have this idea of all Asian girls being anime waifus, I think it can work the other way around with finding some groups or even your own undesirable for silly reasons. I think asking yourself why you're into what you're into basically tells you whether or not it's actually racist. It's a really subjective, nuanced thing.
But at the end of the day, no one should feel obliged to date or not date anyone else lmao. That's personal business.

No. 511875

I think it's the most natural thing to prefer people your own race. I find it more racist to exclude them because you subconsciously put the other race you usually date on a pedestal or associate their race with positive stereotypes, and all that while hating your own.

No. 511889

I've noticed that men who are half white/half asian and raised in a white country tend to still have a thing for asian women in particular. I've often wondered if it's a Freudian thing of wanting someone like their mother or if it's just innately in them to seek out someone with similar features after experiencing a childhood of standing out for those features

No. 511990

When people with NPD or some other mental illness make themselves the victim, do they truly, genuinely believe that it's 100% objective reality, or does some part of them deep down know that it's bullshit? Like what about twisting scenarios into something entirely new? Let's say they were on the train and someone accidentally bumped into them and didn't apologize. Later they tell this story to a friend and it turns into "I was brutally assaulted on the train and I was sobbing and crying on the floor and nobody helped me!" Do they seriously believe that's what happened, without unwavering doubt, like they would testify in court and insist on their deathbed that that's exactly what happened? Is that level of delusional even possible?

No. 511998

From what I've read professionals say about NPD, they don't truly believe it deep down they just maintain the cognitive dissonance because the other option would be to admit their own shortcoming etc.
But also at the same time a lot of their behaviour is subconscious and out of their control. They lack a lot of the ability to have true insight. Narcissists are complicated tbh, there's a lot on these things we don't understand.

No. 512015

Maybe they start to believe their own lies because the alternative would mean they are the problem, and that cannot be because their narrative says that they are awesome and flawless. As a matter of fact I think they'd say and exaggerate anything as long as it kept their image of themselves intact.

No. 512146

File: 1581026437861.jpg (13.72 KB, 320x400, s-l400.jpg)

Anyone know a brand similar to liz lisa for shoes? I'm a 38-39 EU so their shoes would crush my feet after some walking. I like their flats and various sandals mainly.

No. 512168

i get mine from aliexpress, they have a lot of liz lisa dupes and similar styles. Just use "lolita shoes cute" or "cute sweet shoes" as your search terms and you'll find really good ones.

No. 512171

when do i need sunscreen? when do i not need sunscreen? should i wear it on cloudy or rainy days? at night? pls enlighten me

No. 512177

i use a weather app that tells me the UV index and i only wear it when it's high. (i also bring a sun/rain umbrella) i usually always wear it on my face though.

No. 512195

What is the reason I don’t seem to attract creeps? For example I’m 25 and I’ve never gotten a dick pick that i can remember. I also never got asked out when I worked at the Magic the Gathering store. I guess it’s my weird personality.

No. 512211

If you seem really nice or outgoing you get way more attention from men that think you’re a doormat or a slut.

No. 512222

You need sunscreen on constantly in the daytime. It doesn't matter how cloudy it is. This video does a really good job on explaining it!

No. 512248

>dr dray
this bitch is actually pathological in her anti-sun crusade

No. 512251

File: 1581035260319.jpg (62.28 KB, 1066x941, 22ede4f3-4d0e-41ca-a8f6-bd20db…)

How do you make online friends if you don't like to put out info about yourself online?

No. 512271

Tell em just that, that you don't like to reveal too much about yourself online, meet likeminded people etc
Good luck anon, it's a good mentality to have imo

No. 512299

sunscreen is important but this woman is a nut job

No. 512326

Scope out people who put out their info first then contact them.

No. 512339

Shared interests? too bad message boards barely exist anymore. I had so many "friends" when shit like IMDB boards were up.

No. 512343

People seem to love her but she gives me crazy vibes and is so thin I think she’s got an ED. She just looks so unhealthy that when she calls herself ‘Dr’ I don’t trust it. Is she even an actual professional? Everything she says is nothing I can’t find already being discussed by other skincare Youtubers.

No. 512346

File: 1581050481642.jpeg (11.28 KB, 275x275, 64843484.jpeg)

anons would it be weird if I started dating a dude with the same name as my dad? (they're both named michael, very common name). what do i do if my family starts being weird about it? I think it would probably bother them more than it bothers me.

No. 512347

File: 1581050821931.png (28.64 KB, 650x350, snail.png)

has anyone else noticed a trend of youtubers speeding up their videos a litte? It's happened to me on two occasions now that I was watching a video, it seemed like the person was talking SUPER fast with super fast hand movements, and then I slow the video to .75 and it seems much more natural. Am I going crazy?

No. 512348

permbanned on /lgbt/ for making trannies angry

No. 512351

Funny you say that when my mom was watching a Sim video with the lady speeding up her voice and it sounded like a chipmunk

No. 512352

>when she calls herself ‘Dr’ I don’t trust it.
iirc she's not a dr anymore

she also has a thread in snow

No. 512355

based anon
I would be ok with them if they had blinds/ one sided glass
not a specific post per say but most of the time I get the funniest posts from /co/

No. 512383

Why does no one talk about Strawberry Shortcake anymore?

No. 512389

I've heard of YouTubers slowing their videos to make them hit the 10 minute mark, I think Shoe did it recently. Some probably do make them faster, especially if they tend to make longer videos and they realize half their audience doesn't finish watching all the way through.

KF, I frequent the Rabbie Dee thread on the Tumblr subfourm, it's been pretty slow lately. Another one is the Sammie Bushart thread, but it gets retarded with filler every couple pages.
PULL, I honestly avoid at this point because so many threads get clogged up by the same users repeating their opinions.

No. 512398

The stretching to ten mins thing has been bothering me with a few youtubers. They openly admit to it and act like it's cute to waste their audiences time every fucking video by dragging out an into and turning a five min vid into a ten minute and one second vid. I used to try and skip to the main parts but lately I've just purged them all from my subscriptions.

No. 512433

Does anyone have an invite link to the discord that 2x posters went to?

No. 512455

So I was reading this horror story and it made me curious. Can you actually (extremely disgusting warning) suck out the gel in your eye with a needle and put it back in?

No. 512469

Saw someone post about BCAA powder on the positivity thread (I'm not op of the post they were replying to) and I looked it up and it sounds like something I would like to try out myself but I saw there's links to diabetes (and insulin resistance can develop if taken in high doses). Obviously I wouldn't drink so much at once, but diabetes runs in my family so I'm already at risk but would taking this (in small amounts at a regular interval) heighten that risk even more?

No. 512519

Yes, it's possible but it would cause a lot of damage to the eye. When it's done as a medical procedure, one needle is sucking out gel, and another is injecting different substance at the same time because pressure of the gel is holding structures in the place.

No. 512534

It depends on what you want to achieve by taking BCAA powder. Branched chain amino acids would be part of a normal healthy diet as any protein eaten is broken down into amino acids. If you don't want to take a BCAA supplement you can just eat more protein such as whey powder or red meat.

No. 512553

File: 1581097361966.jpg (20.79 KB, 391x391, -17__EXZ_400x400.jpg)

will I get better at putting in contacts? and are they even a cheaper alternative? I want to start streaming, but I wear these coke bottle glasses, and they make me self conscious of looking to the side even slightly. I'd also like to be able to do nice eye makeup.

No. 512558

add yourself to this one and ask for a new invite for the secret discord. someone should help you out. this link doesnt expire but the secret discord ones do

No. 512559

You can do it. I've been wearing contacts for 8 years now, they're so comfortable you won't even feel them.

No. 512564

Eventually! I struggled a lot at first (took like 15-20 min the first ever time) but after a few weeks I got so used to it that I could put my contacts in without a mirror and minimal flinching. I don't want to say that I wore them daily for those few weeks, I usually do stretches of days where I do where them and when I don't. You'll get used to it anon.

No. 512570

Yeah? I wear them in cosplay occasionally, and sometimes they feel better than others, so this is reassuring.

That's great news, it takes me forever and I go through many pairs of contacts because I strain(?) them out trying to put them in.

No. 512631

It gets easier I've been wearing mine for 13 years. I recommend daily contacts as they're the most hygienic and breathable. Get a solution like optifree puremoist with systane ultra drops for when your eyes dry out or hurt. Look far away to the side when inserting your contacts, roll your eyes with them closed to center the contacts. Always bathe the contact in solution before inserting. Open up your eyes with your other hand if needed. Hope you get better at it anon it's just finding the aha moment/doing it often.

No. 512728

after a binge eating episode, what should i do? i feel so guilty. i just inhaled two bags of chips, a package of ice cream, chocolate and twizzlers in an hour along with french fries and a grilled cheese sandwich. should i run two hours at the gym to expend those calories or not eat anything tomorrow?

No. 512729

I'm in college right now and the lectures end at noon everyday, so I end up with a looot of free time. How do I spend my free time? I get so tired and lazy that I end up watching netflix for hours and wasting my time. I could focus on my art or language learning but I find it hard to spend time on things that aren't mandatory for me to do.

How do I stop being a lazy cunt?

No. 512731

Not eating anything tomorrow will not compensate for what you ate today. I'd say do a 7 minute workout and go on with your day.

No. 512734

Is there a poetry thread? Where do people post their poetry?

No. 512737

Not that I know of. I've thought of making one on /m/ before but never did.

No. 512739

Remember how dumb you feel now and try to remember that next time you get the urge so you can avoid doing it.

No. 512774

I don't know that much about ed's other than shit i've read here, but if i can offer an outsider perspective, i don't think you should do anything physically different, especially not starve or cut calories to "make up for it". if you do that, i'd imagine you'll just get overly hungry and want to binge again. you could do a reasonable workout if you work out anyway, but don't do some crazy multi-hour thing. you're just going to get your body used to extremes on both sides. it's like if you miss a whole night of sleep, you shouldn't sleep for 24 hours to make up for it, you should just try to stay up until you can get a normal night of sleep again.

No. 512799

>drink water after the initial food weight goes down
>don't drink too much that you make yourself more full
>keep drinking water
>eat normally
>take laxatives
>try restricting again tomorrow (you will binge again)

No. 512809

I bet it'd be active if you started one

No. 512832

Unsure if this will work for you but make a physical list. Write down tasks you want to get done within the day on a paper. Start small with shit like 'one load of dark clothes washed' and 'desk cleaned up' to having 3-10 tasks left to complete. Cross them off as they're completed so you feel accomplished. Keep the list lengths at actually possible lengths so all tasks get done. Your art could be on the list with a random subject to study. Have some concepts labeled 1-6 (dice) or 1-10, generate random # for that concept. Shit like 1 perspective, 2 color, 3 backgrounds, 4 action.

No. 512833

No. 512835

Why are so many Vocaloid fans autistic furry male trannies now? What the fuck happened? Back in the day (late 00s-early 10s) most Vocaloid fans were just your regular weeb girls, now you got all these men creating their own cringey rainbow sock utauloids. Is it because of the "Hatsune Miku is trans" meme or something else?

No. 512839

This could actually work! Thank you anon!

No. 512864

is the "ok booomer" meme dead yet?

No. 512867

I'd like to know this too. Almost every vocaloid fan I meet is literally autistic. I guess it's like Sonic's fanbase, something just draws them in? The bright colours? The fact that vocaloid have no canon personalities so they can imagine them to be whatever?

No. 512868

No. 512875

How do I go about learning to sew? I recently acquired a sewing machine from an older relative, and I would really like to learn how to use it and eventually make my own clothes. Are there good Youtube videos for it? Should I suck it up and pay for a class?

No. 512876

unfortunately not

No. 512882

Is it possible to be sensitive to skin lotion?
I think I've figured out why I've had intense anxiety these past few days. I haven't done anything out of the ordinary the days following besides put skin lotion on my body because it was severely dry out.
Is this a thing that can happen?

No. 512922

Some people say dimethicone can dry out your skin and there are brands like Aveeno that use it in their body lotions. A lot of fragrance can also be irritating to skin

No. 512924

What the absolute fuck is going on in /meta/? I read it yet i do not understand shit.

No. 512927

I would recommend following a class. I taught myself the basics of sewing through YouTube vids before signing up for a class and it turned out I taught myself so many wrong techniques. You really benefit from learning the foundation from a teacher. The problem with youtube videos is that you can't tell apart the proper and wrong techniques as a beginner.

There's a couple of popular sewers on youtube that make clothing or do thrift flips who get a lot of praise for their sewing skills but a lot of their techniques wouldn't fly in a proper sewing class.

It's gonna cost a bit of money but in the long run I think it's gonna be more cost effective because you're not going to lose money on wasting fabric, thread and time on bad projects and trying to figure stuff out without guidance.

No. 512928

I’ve sewn for 3 years now and I’ve never watched YouTube videos about it so I can’t recc any, but I would really recommend taking a class or at least getting a good book on it. I learned to sew in a class when I was in high school, and I was gifted a late-60s Better Homes and Gardens sewing book which has absolutely everything I need to know in it, I refer back to it all the time. I’d definitely recommend older material (from the 50s-70s) when a lot of women made their own clothes as opposed to it just being for hobbyists because it’s very thorough and helps you learn a lot of daily wear garment quality skills. Also, if you’re into old clothing or a particular style, I’d check Etsy and eBay for old patterns, which you can usually buy in a lot of 10— it’s super fun and a great way to acquire lots of different pattern pieces/styles to mix and match!

No. 512930

I like vocaloid but im going to assume the troon/furry crowd likes her because: young girl, pigtails, thigh thighs, pop japanese songs for the weebs, a mascot so she can have any persona, also a robot so 'genderless', can make her a sock puppet for anything political due to no real back story or canon plot like normal characters and shows have, essentially just a mascot to project whatever they want onto the vocaloid with no repercussion of fans fighting back thats not canon

No. 512932

>Someone, implied to be a salty former mod (using throwaway handle "bringerofcream"), posted screenshots from the Lolcow mod discord to KiwiFarms
>The post and the screenshots revealed that Admin-sama is a young (19-20) Hispanic woman, is very insecure about her ethnicity and hates being called a man, thus revealing the reason to ban GC talk to be that she saw GCfags as "rich white bitches" who kept accusing her of being a tranny
>Suddenly someone replies to the post claiming that this bringerofcream person is "Casey", a mentally ill, anorexic, unstable girl from Australia who posts unhinged edgy posts on Twitter under the handle "sterilesaint"
>Sterilesaint locks up her account
>People go crazy claiming that sterilesaint is a troon and the elusive "tranny janny" people were tinfoiling about when admin started shutting down GC discussion
>The only reply admin has made so far to the discussion is that she's suspecting that the person bringing this on is a "tranny from KF who wanted to buy the site off her" so nobody knows what's the truth behind this whole story
There's the gist of it.

No. 512935

File: 1581192953368.png (125.57 KB, 650x525, maid.PNG)

i never believed tranny janny anything, but anon, c'mon, they talk endlessly about "getting hard", "jerking off", "being a boy", admitting they were "memed into liking traps and licking eyeballs by twitter". they particularly seemed to post non-stop about "jerking off" and being turned on. this person is a total cumbrain whether or not they're a troon and it's sus as fuck. anons aren't "going crazy" to figure that this person is a troon when they're talking about having been a boy and seeming to be a former anti-fem that associated exclusively with anti-fem incels.

No. 512938

Thank you so much for the wrap up, makes more sense
I agree, has to be trans and even though i hate the "lOOK AT THE HAMDS!!A SCROTE!" it clearly is a man's hand imo

No. 512941

Thank you for the advice <3

No. 512943

This may be the weirdest place to put this but I literally cant find the answer anywhere else. I am trying to remember the name of a sandwich they used to have in stores in the early 2000s. It was frozen, and sort of like a cross between a hot pocket and a sub sandwich. It had pepperoni and cheese in one variety, and I think another had chicken and bacon and cheese? The bread was really soft after you cooked it. And I want to say it had the word Express in the title but I cant remember. TOMT wont be any help because I think they only allow media related posts.

No. 512947

I agree with the other anons who recommended taking classes. If you're ambitious and diligent enough, you could become self-taught, but YouTube videos alone won't suffice. Beyond technical skills like knowing how to operate your machine, you're going to need to learn fabrics, specific elements of garments, techniques, etc, which can be really overwhelming if you don't know where to begin.

What kind of machine did you acquire, and is it fully operational? Do you know how old it is or the last time it was serviced? If you have a shitty machine, you're going to end up quitting before you even start. If there is a sewing machine repair shop in your area, it will be an invaluable resource. It would be worth it even just to get a general "check up" on your machine, and they can also refer you classes if they don't offer private lessons themselves.

I'm going to stop myself before I write a novel, but if you have any more questions I'd be more than happy to help! Learning how to sew has been the best thing I've ever done for myself; it requires a lot of patience and it can get frustrating at times, but the results are so rewarding. Best of luck, I hope you find sewing suits you!

No. 512953

File: 1581202241750.png (249.77 KB, 581x432, retard.png)

And this retard said this right? He has to be skelly just to get a bit of cheekbones showing, kek. He must be unfamiliar with how high cheekbones is a very common trait in those with African descent. A Maasai warrior mogs him in bone structure easily.

No. 512955

meanwhile a mod used a racial slur against me as a black woman and said i was fat which admin condoned. im supposed to give a shit about a hispanic woman with a victim complex and anorexia who's also racist herself crying..

No. 512958

When 2X was created i was defending the admin and i got banned for being a scrote larping radfem or something. Then the farmhands called me ham-chan lol.

No. 512960

Does somebody have the screeshots or the link? Ty

No. 512964

No. 512965

The cows were inside us all along awww

No. 512967

File: 1581204643418.png (114.36 KB, 1432x776, 9048.png)

I just realized I got banned from /meta/ for posting that we've had a tranny mod since Jan 2019, lmao.
So, all the screeching and infights about radfems that's been going on for days with no reason isn't "derailing", but that was.
She hasn't elaborated on anything, and "Shut up or I'll ban you" isn't going to make people stop seeing how suspicious all of this is. Farmers aren't nearly as retarded as these people clearly wish we were.
>inb4 I get permabanned from the entire site for making this post

No. 512968

Unless you've been shitting up meta previously by trolling/baiting purposely, it's incredibly telling that they permabanned you from /meta/ for this. A week ban would already be suspicious, but this is not a good look.

No. 512969

Knowing shes an insecure 21 yo girl explains the retardation tbh. Just imagine the farmhands.

No. 512971

I can probably link to each /meta/ post I've made in both that and the last general complaints thread. I haven't trolled or baited at all, or at least not that I remember. It's always seemed like a waste of time, because half the posts on /meta/ are made in obvious bad faith.
Even in this instance, I didn't get into arguments with anyone. I literally said to stop infighting so we can talk about the tranny shit.

No. 512973

I think she recently turned 20.

Yeah, I figured you didn't. They're just eager to shut this shit down, but what they're doing looks so, so much worse. Permabanned for this? Really? Why are they like this?? Permabanning people for things like that isn't going to convince anyone that there's no fire behind all this smoke.

No. 512974

I have been banned about 4 times over the dumbest shit, the mods seem really clueless about imageboards and how they work.

No. 512975

They're obsession with being anti "nitpicking" now is super weird. Thats literally what this entire place is for.

No. 512977

>the mods seem really clueless about imageboards

No. 512978

Can BC make your orgasms stronger or am i just imagining shit

No. 512979

Eh BC killed my sex drive and all these years later I never got it back. Guess it depends on your hormones and body and sexuality in the first place, and what kind you take.

No. 512980

>>512979 that is why i'm surprised by this, my libido hasn't really changed only the climaxing. Wish there'd be more research on BC.

No. 512981

In regards to orgasms specifically, they're actually a lot weaker when I do bother to masturbate. Now if I use a vibrator its different. My orgasms are super intense with vibes. But manual stimulation is basically not even worth the effort lol. Thanks for reminding me I need to get a new Satisfyer vibe.

No. 512984

When did retard start being a word we aren't supposed to say and how is it any different from calling someone an idiot?

Sorry fauxgressives, I'm still on the fence about saying faggot but I will never stop saying retard.

No. 512985

I guess because it's used as a slur for mentally disabled people, not just implying normal low inteligence.

No. 512986

>When did retard start being a word we aren't supposed to say
Calling a bad thing 'retard' ('you're retard', 'bunch of retards over there', 'retarded job') implies being retarded/disabled is inherently bad. It's an evolution of the world view of calling a bad thing faggot comes with the idea being a fag/gay is bad or calling a bath thing cunt/bitch/whore implies somethings wrong with those concepts.
>How is it any different from calling someone an idiot?
It's different from idiot because idiot doesn't depend on the assumption another group is inferior or inherently bad. Idiot carries no implications or even if it did they've been lost to history. I guess it may be hard to empathize, but you can see why some people might not like their very existence being a punch line

No. 512993

Was it like a panini?

No. 512995

File: 1581211179524.jpg (99.14 KB, 640x468, 2581991952_8553d4fd0a_z.jpg)

It looked kinda like a Bagelful, but bigger and savory fillings like pizza and chicken bacon ranch. The box was green I believe. They were so good and I would give anything to find them again but Im pretty sure they arent in existence anymore. Just knowing the name and that Im not making it up in my head would make a world of difference though. It was some time between 2002-2006.

No. 512996

>how is it any different from calling someone an idiot?
it's not, it literally just means someone or something slow. see fire retardant and mental retardation

No. 512997

>idiot doesn't depend on the assumption another group is inferior
>being retarded isn't bad
Kek okay.

No. 513000

Pizza Cones?

No. 513001

Nope. Think a sub sandwich with soft bread filled with stuff like a hot pocket, but in a soft bread like a bagelful! Thats the best way I can describe it lol.

No. 513008

Holy fucking shit really? That's messed up

No. 513011

I think I remember what you mean. In the early 2000s there were a lot of bread or pastry pocket products released as snacks for teens. One of them was called Hot Sub. IIRC it was a sub prefilled with fast food type fillings of cheese and meat. You needed to cook it in the microwave before eating it.

No. 513013

bad was a bad phrasing. I meant bad to be 'it's not ideal to be poor', but 'poorness shouldn't be associated with pure negativity'. I dunno how to phrase it.

No. 513014

post proof

No. 513015

if I wanted to pay someone to compose music for/ improve a song I've written lyrics for, who/where should I look?

No. 513028

anons who have seen multiple therapists, what has been your experience with male vs female therapists? like which was better? I'm not trying to be pink pill, I'm just curious

No. 513033

surprisingly, the male therapists have been better for me, but i think it's just a luck thing in my case. i generally don't feel comfortable with either. mental health professionals are very judgmental with no real understanding for how illness actually works, and they make it obvious.

No. 513038

File: 1581219507262.jpg (94.21 KB, 960x653, EQIjdjtWoAEzq-u.jpg)

I think its close to ending

No. 513050

what the fuck is this? boomer political cartoonists weirdly appropriating lame gen z memes to shame progressivism in order to shill their fave shitty corporate backed healthcare policy? this is like, a mobius strip of laughably embarrassing irony

No. 513057

It's because it was used on official documents in places like insane asylums. As someone who lives in a country where it's not used interchangeably with tame insults, it just reminds me of a really dark time in history when we treated people who were mentally ill or special needs like shit. You'd get the same reaction here to that word as you would a racial slur.

No. 513058

File: 1581222863857.jpeg (120.77 KB, 611x861, 6E3B99F3-D3A1-4783-9F86-0CC92B…)

Why do people have to be so fucking disgusting like this….do they think it’s funny? Quirky? I seriously don’t get it

No. 513078

my first ever therapist was male and projected his issues with is his daughter on to me so I had to quit seeing him since the sessions would end with me helping him.
My second therapist was a woman and she seemed very cold and would only hand me pamphlets and tried to use a hypnotism technique since she diagnosed me with C-PTSD. I explained to her that that method made me uncomfortable but she kept pushing it.
So therapists aren't really a by gender kind thing it's based around what you need/are comfortable with, of course you shouldn't stay with one that enables your shitty behavior but you shouldn't feel guilty going in for your session ether.

No. 513133

This reminds me when I was still in middle school aaages ago and I thought 'retard' was just weird American slang for stupid because it's not used medically (or at all) in the UK. My teacher (who's usually chill and liked me) heard me call a classmate that word and he really chewed me out in front of the class the moment it left my mouth, I don't think I was the only one thinking "why is he THAT mad" but I don't hold it against him lol. I think it must've hit a nerve because he seemed like he's seen a lot of shit in his life and was a carer.

No. 513134

Thank you for such detailed replies! I guess a class is definitely the way to go. I knew coming here to ask was a good idea - so much passion for sewing! Do we have a thread for sewing related posts and questions?
This has got to be insecurity talking. I love nitpicking anons and tbh they helped me clean up my act a bit when I was younger. Online zoomers and young millennials seem really sensitive to critique though.
Male therapists will always tell you to wear makeup to feel better. Aside from things like that, it's down to personality and who you vibe with best. I prefer working with a male therapist because I crave female validation in a way that it interferes with my therapy.

No. 513138

How do I teach my hypothetical kids good values? Without nagging them? I saw some posts on the vent thread to do with sending nudes and it made me think: if I never heard anyone talk about nudes but still had computers/phones, the thought of sending them would still never cross my mind. When I say 'good values' I have a hard time articulating what I mean and I don't wanna slut shame other women if they wanna dress sexy or whatever but it's just… bad? 'Risky'? There's no real way to teach someone how to value themselves so that they don't do potentially dangerous shit for attention. I guess making sure they're with other well-balanced non crazy friends is part of it?

No. 513139

Why is that everyone that is so vehemently against law enforcement the same type of people that would be the most helpless in a completely anarchist stateless society?

No. 513142

Female lesbian therapist was the best for me. Men don't really get to the heart of the problem, it's more like they just talk at you instead of listening. I'd say a lack of empathy in general. That being said, I've only tried two therapists, one male and one female. The female one made a huge difference. I was expecting to prefer a male one because women can be intimidating to me because I always feel like such a gross slob but she was so much better than the man who I met with. Also the male therapist kind of gave up on me right away for no real reason, it was strange.

No. 513163

Do circle lenses hurt? What are your experiences with them? Can they look natural? I have tiny monolids and I want to make my eyes look bigger. I already have falsies but they’re not enough

No. 513169

File: 1581264216180.jpg (546.21 KB, 1521x560, Contact_Lens_Side_Test_15-01-2…)

They don't hurt, you just have to make sure you're putting them in the right side. They can feel a little strange at first, but you're gonna get used pretty quickly. They can look natural depending on the pattern + the color, it's gonna look natural it's not too far away from your natural color so your iris doesn't show in the middle. Take a look at luxury babe lenses, they can look pretty natural in my opinion and a reasanoble price (picrelated there are some examples i picked that i like)>>513163

No. 513170

i work in retail and we get a lot of chinese customers buying up hand gel in bulk atm (we're constantly selling out.) my question is, why buy so much? is it just panic buying or is there some kind of restriction on buying hand gel in china that would mean having to send it back there?

No. 513177

Do they feel like normal contact lenses? I have experience with those.

No. 513182

400 million of people are quarantined (nothing really comes in or out) and masks and medical stuff is all sold out in china, so the chinese in other countries buy up a fuckton of that shit and sell it back to people in china for marked up prices.

No. 513183

idk but everyone still uses it in my country as a slightly more intense version of stupid

No. 513184

Whats the best pet for a apartment?

No. 513186

cat honestly but get them some little nail cover things so you dont have to declaw them, but also dont have to worry about them tearing everything up

No. 513190

We got a rabbit and i'm constantly surprised at how unobtrusive he is, even though he's free roaming. He costs almost nothing to feed and he's completely silent. You just have to make sure their litter tray is cleaned or it will smell and it will chew through any electrical cables on the floor. We got him as a baby so he's very sociable.

No. 513191

I heard that rabbit poop is big and that they poo alot?

No. 513201

How about snails? They are quiet, fun to look at and don´t take up a lot of space.


Yes, if it must be, a nail cover is the way to go. Declawing is so bad, I can´t believe people are doing this to their cats. It is illegal where I live and I was totally shocked when I found out that it´s totally normal in America, with vets even offering coupons for it. So disgusting.

Yes, rabbits do poo a lot. I think all herbivores do. But it´s not gross, it´s just like dry little lumps that can be picked up.

No. 513205

No. 513207

nah they're tiny little poop balls. but they poop everywhere. rabbits are not good pets and really shouldn't be pets. they're very fragile and easily frightened and it's sad. they never quite relax like other animals do. plus the poop problem really is a pain.

No. 513224

What the fuck does it mean when a guy says he wants a girl who can 'get along with the lads?'
My brother got a new girlfriend recently, and he was saying how he likes that she can 'have a laugh with the lads'
But who can't laugh with boys?? Don't most girls?

No. 513225

probably means she can laugh and participate is crude shit
bodily fluid jokes, sex jokes, things that most females actually find annoying and even downright offensive unless they are pretending to enjoy it, thus giving them the title ~one of the guys~ or a ~guys girl~, or my personal favorite ~not like other girls girl~

No. 513229

It means the guy is really immature and is hopefully a teenager and not an adult.

No. 513231

He wants you to be the elusive ~cool girl~.

No. 513232

This. She's the ~coolgirl~ because she'll laugh along and not get offended, even if it's against her interest in the long run. They sound like kids, it's pretty typical.

No. 513235

OK,what pet do you think is the best for a apartment?

No. 513237

I have a reptile. No smell, low maintenance, and no pet fee. They'll only get as messy as you allow their tank to be, so if you're not neglectful that will be zero.

No. 513238

>Women don't like gross or dirty jokes unless they want to impress men!
What a toxic mindset and exactly what fuels the whole "not like other girls" thing. Plenty of women genuinely enjoy gross jokes, women aren't a hivemind

No. 513239

you uh, know that rabbits can be litter trained, right? rabbits don't do well in big buildings that have lots of noise, but if anon lives in a small quiet building they make for good pets.

No. 513243

nah, women dont enjoy dehumanizing and misogynistic disgusting sexual jokes unless they are mentally ill
we also dont enjoy jokes about pedophilia, fucking animals, incest, fucking people with disabilities, fucking elderly people, and sexual exploitation, again unless we are exceedingly mentally ill
men love that shit and joke about all of it constantly, and thats the kind of shit they want to feel free to spew in front of females without them being offended
also included in the group of ~cool girls~ that men refer to as such, are females who are fine farting, shitting themselves, burping and being fucking disgusting and joking about all of those things like they are animals who have no self control

guess you're one of those girls, sorry that you took offense lmao

No. 513246

Anon…. he's 27 today

No. 513247

Be honest… how many of u edit ur selfies

No. 513248

every litter trained rabbit i've seen still drop poops occasionally. don't get me wrong, they're cute, but they're anxious animals and the occasional poop dropped around isn't preferable.

No. 513249

who hurt u girl lmaoooo

No. 513250

nta but you sound mentally ill.

No. 513251

i mean the poops are literally just hard balls so it's not big deal. i'm surprised you didn't mention the important aspect of having to rabbit proof your house and hide literally every and any exposed wire from it's view/reach or it will snip it in half with it's cute teeth.

No. 513255

The only camera I own is a Polaroid.

No. 513257

Do you not have any female friends?

No. 513260

in her defense, i dont know of any women that find those things particularly funny. maybe edgy girls on the internet, but idk. most women don't tend to make jokes like that. she's right.

No. 513266

Nta but you sound disgusting

No. 513269

Nta but reptiles or hamster. I'd say bird but if you actually watch bird owner vids they talk about how they need as much attention as a toddler on top of destroying various parts of the house with their beaks
The biggest hamster syrian just needs a 1000-1500 square inch cage, 10-12 in wheel, beeding to burrow, food, water plus they dont talk or poop anywhere in the apartment. Reptiles are similar with no vocals, no way to damage the apartment.

No. 513274

right, i forgot if you disagree with someone you automatically agree with and prescribe to the exact opposite of what they said.

No. 513279

if you disagree with someone that disagrees with someone else you are agreeing with the last person

No. 513285

I don't take selfies, so there's nothing to edit.

No. 513287

Women and men tend of have different tastes in humour. A lot of women love dumb bitch memes, but most males wouldn't find any value in it or would even look down on such memes.

No. 513290

I guess but even then women and men aren't hiveminds, many women will laugh at fart jokes amoung their friends or even tell gross jokes. Most women I've been friends with enjoy and tell gross jokes when they're close with someone. Claiming women are all pure innocent prudes who would never genuinely enjoy gross jokes is insane and retarded

Maybe if you're not close with them or you're only friends with very prissy and prudish women. More laid back women can enjoy these jokes but God forbid women be anything outside of a prissy uptight prude or she's a pick-me

No. 513296

Related to the convo happening above, I like making vulgar and misogynisticy jokes around my girlfriends because we all know they're just that between us–jokes. It's how we stay sane and laugh at the world's insanity.

When guys make similar "jokes" it's uncomfortable because they're revealing their half-truths. They actually mean it, they're not entirely making fun of it. That's why when a woman takes offense they go on the defensive and downgrade her coolgirl points. No challenge allowed.

No. 513299

Obviously women aren't going to find jokes about rape and pedos funny. That doesn't mean they don't enjoy gross humour. Plenty of women joke with close friends about female specific bodily functions such such as periods and pregnancy.

No. 513300

Sad. Many such cases.

No. 513305

>we also dont enjoy jokes
You're not our ambassador famalam

No. 513307

caring about how men view you is the first mistake women make. since i started disregarding their opinion my quality of like has improved drastically. the lenghts they go to get acknowledged is astouding, they truly are like children.

No. 513308

no. none of my friends are prudish or prissy, they just wouldn't typically make jokes about pedophilia, raping the elderly, etc. there's a difference between fart and shit humor and jokes about raping the elderly, pedophilia, exploitation, etc.

No. 513310

Oh it's not to say that's the case for me now. But back when I was a naive cool girl and pickmeisha'd that was my experience with the matter. These days I wouldn't tolerate men's shit period.

No. 513311

>What the fuck does it mean when a guy says he wants a girl who can 'get along with the lads?
Honestly depends on what kind of a guy he is. There's that thing when men are super cruel to a girl because they want to impress her ? or their buddies, or even her buddies if she's the uglier one in a group. I'm really not a sensitive person but there's something that makes me want to cry when men do that, I've had it be done to me and I've seen it done to other girls mostly when I was a teen. Only retards do that though so hopefully he didn't mean that. Or the coolgirl thing. But he most likely mean the coolgirl thing other anons elaborated on.

No. 513318

Obviously yeah but the Anon in question was claiming no sane woman would ever find jokes pertaining to body fluids or dirty jokes funny

No. 513320

>muh pickme and cool girls
I hate men and pickmes and am a lesbian yet still laugh at dark, cynical jokes with my female friends. Woke bullshit policing peoples' sense of humor is the most retarded thing that needs to stay and die in the 2010's. For a lot of people crude humor is the main way of coping with whatever difficulties they face in life.

There are certain lines that can be crossed but they're highly individual and vary from person to person, and people using thinly veiled humor to seriously dehumanize a disadvantaged demography (such as incels making mean-spirited jokes about women in public) is offensive, but having a panic attack over a single gross joke is your own problem.

No. 513323

now I feel bad that I've laughed at pedo jokes before.

No. 513326

Cool girl

No. 513327

You don't have to. Edgy and dark humour can be either taking a jab at the victim (bad and unfunny) or at the aggressor/oppressor (actually funny). It's why two similar jokes can sound very different depending on who is saying it and how they're saying it.

No. 513328

Is it bad that I laugh at misandrist jokes? Males can dish 'gross' jokes but can't take it when I joke about them being pedos and retards.

No. 513329

I look like Shayna in the body and face and have her awkwardness in photos and videos. How do I improve this?

No. 513331

what is the best website to create an old web forum?

No. 513336

fuck i just remembered a cool website where you could endlessly browse other's shitty or straight up surreal webpages and create your own but forgot the name of it.
i think it had 'cities' in the name maybe
pls help i can't find it

No. 513338


No. 513339

Was it neocities.org?

No. 513341

Geocities. Now I have old internet nostalgia.

No. 513348

Angelfire sites are still running.I think geocities is gone.

just do a Google or duck site search of angelfire with a keyword.


No. 513353

how do cleaning companies know that their product kills 99% of germs

No. 513354

They’re probably sending it to their relatives, all the stores are running out of sanitizer and masks. I had a customer at work who was trying to find masks so his wife could mail them to her family overseas.

No. 513355

This sums it up but there hasn't been a shred of proof those caps are legit and it's very confusing but it smells like null trying to take over lolcow all over again. I'm just baffled that here on lolcow people are suddenly not caring for receipts or caps.
I feel the nostalgia. Anyone remember systemspace?

No. 513437

They use bacteria trays and it kills 100% of bacteria.
They have to write 99% for legal reasons (just in case one bacteria lives).

No. 513480

File: 1581335561536.gif (1.25 MB, 450x366, 4yehhe.gif)

Anons, is there a point in going into the museum of illusions alone?

Most of the pictures I saw were with at least two people there and like, what's the point of going if there are possibly no mirrors to actually see the illusion? I don't want to look at too many pictures so I don't spoil it too much for myself but I also don't want to get there and be disappointed because I went alone… especially since I'll go on valentines day.

No. 513513

What would you bring for yourself for a 3-4 days of living in someone elses house? Going to stay at my s/os mother house for few days.

I am going to bring with myself;
pjs, skincare+makeup, shampoos, clothings, toothpaste and toothbrush, tiny snacks, but… What else?

No. 513532

A book, a hair brush, a hair tie, my phone charger.

No. 513535

Small thing of deodorant, brush, maybe a hat

No. 513538

Even if you don’t have anyone you should still go just for the hell of it.

Toiletries, your blanket (I think it’d help make you feel comfier at night), and what >>513532 and >>513535 said. Oh! And maybe some Tylenol, Advil, etc. just in case.

No. 513557

File: 1581353349816.jpg (167.52 KB, 552x551, 2020-02-10 08.49.50.jpg)

i rented a textbook from amazon last year, it's past due and the card i paid with is expired. will anything happen if i don't send the book back and don't pay the overdue fee? i imagine they'll delete my amazon account, but are there any other consequences?

No. 513568

They're coming for you.

No. 513573

Amazon will most likely just shut down you're account or ignore it entirely. Most company's don't care enough to take legal action because they have to spend thousands to sue a person who might only be able to pay 1,000 without filing for bankruptcy.

No. 513586

File: 1581357596772.jpg (28.88 KB, 750x422, jeffbezos.jpg)

you did what?

No. 513628

To any neurophysicists, why can I hear voices in my head? Sometimes it's just weird whispers but sometimes I can hear full on conversations. Once I heard a guy talking about buying a bass guitar for his daughter. Where does the sound come from if I can hear these voices when I'm alone in a room?
thanks xx

No. 513639

Do you live in an apartment complex with thin walls?

No. 513642

You should go to a psychiatrist for an actual diagnosis because wheahter it be based on your symptoms or the risk of something running through your family or either your life choices.

Because while strangers on the internet armchair diagnose you. You wont be getting any actual help from them on how to stop said voices and understanding why you hear them without meeting a professional psychiatrist in real life

No. 513646

That sucks. I wanted to know the physics behind it but okay. Audio engineering is my passion.

No. 513647

File: 1581371244426.png (817.05 KB, 532x538, colorberry.PNG)

Can someone please help me find a design patent? I follow a resin artist on ig (@mrs.colorberry) who says she filed a patent for her geode resin tables but I can't find it anywhere (I've been trying to search it under her real name which is listed on her website).

No. 513649

No one here can really answer you. You have to go to your doctor. I've read it's pretty common for auditory hallucinations to start out as random talking, but they might develop on from there after a while and become more specific. You could just be stressed or sleep-deprived, some are more prone to hallucinations than others. It could also be mental illness/neurological. Book an appointment.

No. 513651

How can practically every girl on Instagram afford to wear new extensions/wigs in every photo? Most of the extensions that I’ve been looking at online cost somewhere between $300 and $400. Plus, you have to replace them every few months, as far as I’m aware. Am I shopping on the wrong websites?

No. 513661

Maybe they're getting cheap ones off China and editing their photos so they don't look as shitty?

No. 513663

this is poorly executed. it doesn't really look like a geode.

No. 513664

you can't file a patent for this.

patents are for inventions. she probably meant a copyright, and even then you can't even get such a generic design like this copyrighted.

No. 513667

How should I talk to someone about suspicions of ADHD? I've read that a lot of doctors don't believe it exists in adults n it's freakin me out. I don't know exactly what is wrong with me but I feel like bringing this up might be a good starting point to find out? I've never been diagnosed with anything in my life and it's starting to take a toll on my mental state. I just want to know how to deal with the escalating fuckery that is my brain.

No. 513676

It depends where you live.
I don't know about other countries but in the UK you express your specific issues to your GP and ask them to refer you to a specialist for testing/diagnosis, with the waiting list varying in length for different localities. It might have taken me about six months from when I first spoke to my GP to begin medication, but I have no sense of time so that could be bullshit.
From what I've read about the US from /r/adhd you can just pay your doctor enough to agree with you then just start popping dangerous amphetamines without any guidance or supervision.

Try not to put all your hope in it being adhd also, especially if it's a recent issue. Even if it is ADHD medication isn't always a silver bullet, like with depression, there can be a lot of trial and error involved in effortful things like exercise and diet. Don't go in with a checklist of ADHD symptoms to try to 'trick' the doctor, because then you might just end up not getting support for actual issues that you do have.

No. 513677

Most of them get sent free wigs to promo them, and they edit it so any cheap ones look a little better.

But you can get good wigs and extensions on eBay if you use the right keywords and check the listings carefully.

For nice fake hair quality, search for the colour you want and "heat resistant" and select "search in description"
For human hair extensions, getting the exact shade is important since they lose the protective coating if you dye them, and go frizzy. You can get the names of each shade by looking for hairdresser color wheels. For example the lightest blonde you can buy is generally called 613.

For human hair extensions look for the weight in the description, you want to get close to 100g or more. Also each extra inch costs a lot more, but the bottom inch or two will be thinnest and not look much better anyway, so you can save money by getting say 16-18 inches rather than 22.
Also for extensions, not wigs, look for auction and you can find people selling unused packs of human hair extensions for cheaper than retail.

No. 513680

The best way to manage ADHD is to be aware of how its symptoms affect you, and then work around that. Rather than trying to fit a square peg in a round hole and trying to be more "normal" which will just make you miserable.

For me I have embraced having no sleeping pattern, and needing a set distraction (like music, watching a tv series or movies) in order to focus on my main task. Coffee helps too.
Read articles about hyperfocus, rejection sensitivity, object permanence, and executive function in relation to ADHD.
Some stuff on here may be useful:
I'm sure you know this but just posting for maybe ADHD anon.

No. 513686

This is the best advice I’ve been given in general regarding hair extensions. Thank you so much, Anon.

No. 513687

should be fine. i have the same name as my bfs mom and aside from a couple of jokes in the beginning it's really nothing significant.

No. 513688

part time job?

No. 513695

This anon wigs.

No. 513698

Can you be attracted to fictional men and still be a lesbian? I think it has something to do with how pretty they look, but even feminine men IRL disgust me.

No. 513704

I've laughed at pedo jokes, but the pedo themself was the butt of the joke. I hate pedo jokes where the victim is the one being joked about. either way kind of makes light of pedophilia which makes me feel bad too

No. 513706

I've heard this said by lesbians before so I'm gonna go with yes

No. 513726

Whats the name of that app/site that let's you list the food in your house and offers meals you can make that food?

No. 513750


No. 513764

I have this theory that a big reason that some lesbians are attracted to fictional men is that a lot of them where written by female creators. So they actually enjoy the female gaze/construction of a character, since it's impossible for a women to ever write a man from a really insider perspective.

No. 513782

Anyone got any tea recommendations? I'm just really into tea lately, big fan of regular earl grey, and big on anything herbal or floral tasting.

No. 513784

Earl grey bella Luna from adagio is still my favorite black tea. Pinky up tea is dessert tea without all the calories. Rishi sweet matcha was good, trying another matcha but it feels dissapointing in comparison. Would love if you or other anons knew a good matcha because they're all pretty expensive to waste money on.

No. 513807

Is the whole rumor about ig models in dubai true? Are there really girls out there that will let men shit on them just so they can afford designer bags? I can't imagine doing that for any amount of money damn..

No. 513812

Green or black tea with vanilla, and peppermint tea. Those are my favorites.

No. 513819

There's definately loads of sex work going on behind the scenes on insta. When I was into MMA girls who posted pictures of training on there would get creepy offers from coomers wanting to "spar" e.g. pay to do erotic wrestling. But the shitting thing is an over the top example one guy used on some cringe redpill blog that spread around as fact. Probably happened at least once but no leaked case.

No. 513820

It's old (pre-instagram) urban legend to demonise women and arabs. Nowadays it's mainly dudes coping because cute insta models won't talk to them. Just look at this quote from some mgtow website, it's pure cope:
"Here’s some cold, hard truth: there are no snowflakes. There are good women out there, yes, but as a whole, girls do not deserve your worship or praise. They are just people, nothing more. And in the case of the Instagram models, there’s no reason to be intimidated by beautiful women. That drop-dead gorgeous girl you’re crushing on is likely getting paid to have a Saudi sheikh take a shit on her nose and watch it drip down her chin.

The next time you’re tempted to Like a girl’s selfie on Facebook or write a slobbering comment about how good she looks, just think of the “Dubai porta potties” and smile."

Some girls in Dubai are escorting, some of them are probably into scat, because people are gross lol. But it's not common like in urban legend. Milionaires from Dubai are hiring blonde models from agencies to be hostesses at mundane events, suspicious Dubai trips with no photos are mainly those shoping mall openings and what not.

No. 513821

It says more about men willing to pay women millions to be toilets than women being coerced by money imo, if there was a market for male prostitutes you'd see almost every single male try to sell his ass on the street but men are ugly and useless but for whatever reason think they're fucking gods so who knows

Sage for pink pill

No. 513825

Those men are still gross but I can't respect a person who lets someone do this to them just to afford shiny trinkets, its one thing when its a trafficked woman/child or someone living in extreme poverty, but these people toss out all self-respect just to have stuff to show off to other girls and push that lifestyle on them. They're both as bad. Get a regular job like the rest of humanity.

No. 513828

>But the shitting thing is an over the top example one guy used on some cringe redpill blog that spread around as fact.
was that the one where he pretended to be an oil sheikh and made offers to them?

No. 513830

I agree but men who use it as an excuse to hate women are absolutely stupid and completely lack self awareness if they believe men wouldn't be a million times worse if given the chance

No. 513833

While his comment is completely dumb and ridiculous he is right that thirsty men should stop worshiping random thots for no reason, they are indeed just people, like everyone else. There's no need for dehumanizing them though lmao what a sad person.

No. 513841

Does USPS have any way to ask them general questions that is not by telephone or in person? From what I can find, their available categories for issues you can report are very limited.

No. 513843

Where did the TERF thread go?

No. 513847

Hello techfags, is this a bs article yes or no? Can apps really log my camera? I hope not. https://www.igeeksblog.com/spy-fy-iphone-camera-privacy-case/

No. 513861

Click one of these prompts and usually the "other" section lets you type a personalized message.

No. 513863

Trust fund, sugar daddies, and/or massive credit card debt.
Google "ADHD testing near me" and go to wherever does it. It's expensive as fuck though.

No. 513867

well sometimes you allow apps access to your camera when you downloaded it for the first time and they ask for permission and all that jazz

No. 513870

This is basically just an article promoting the product, but if you really want to check, go to your privacy settings in your apps, you can activate and deactivate permission for certain apps not to use the camera at all times. Android is pulling out a feature to turn off location permission for apps when they're not shown on screen, unsure how Apple is with a feature like that though.

No. 513877

Lolcow is safe space now uwu

No. 513880

It means she laughs when they make fun of her.

No. 513884

Mod's got rid of it you have to check >>2X to find the GC discord or new site were all the terf posters went

No. 513887

Don't think so, seems more like you're on the bi spectrum

No. 513895

What do you think the worst way to die would be?

I scrolled through Qinniart's twitter, and although I was never too into her art, her posting about her cancer sounds horrible. I really feel for her and I hope she's in a much better place now, poor girl. I think it must be one of the worst ways to die, honestly. I'd much rather die suddenly than wait around for my body to give up on me. It's a really morbid thing to think about, that any of us could get cancer.

No. 513898

I love the Tazo's grapefruit green tea and peach tea. I've seen stuff of like a "princess earl grey" which is earl grey but with roses too and I've always wanted to try it because I fucking love rose teas so much. Lucipia has some nice sounding shit on their website, but I'm too cheap to pay for the shipping so I've never ordered from them. I do have a special green tea blend that they made and sold in Ghibli stores and it's soooooooo damn good. Dammann Freres' Jardin Bleu is another one of my favorites, absolutely beautiful tea. My ex had this tea from David's tea, it was apparently a blend of their green passionfruit and goji green tea. SO GOOD. I don't know if she just asked them to mix them together for her or what, but I figure you can buy the two flavors loose yourself and then mix lol. I've also bought the grapefruit granita for my best friend for Christmas one year and she loved it. My other non-brand specific favorite teas are chrysanthemum tea and jasmine tea. I usually go to the asian supermarket near me and grab whatever packs they have and that tactic hasn't fucked me over with bad tea yet. They used to stock some random brand rose black tea and lychee black tea that was so good, but I couldn't even find the brand online and they stopped selling it. I'm so sad.

An ex-friend of mine gave me a sachet of this rose tea that was the best fucking rose tea I've tasted to this day. Unfortunately I don't remember the name of the brand, but I guess it doesn't matter because she said they were discontinuing that specific tea anyway. To this day I still have that sachet and I'm sure it doesn't taste good or fresh anymore (just sitting in a ziplock bag for like 5+ years now lol) but I just cherish the thought of it.

I wish we could be tea penpals anon. I fucking love tea.

No. 513928

Has anyone here travelled solo? How was it? I’ve been thinking of solo traveling to Japan. Will I get bored and lonely if I stay for a month?

No. 513948

I really like jasmine green tea, oolong is a good one (not floral though). White peony tea is nice and hibiscus!!!! I also love rose tea. I’ve had the princess earl grey as well and it’s really good. I kind of just look for the specific kinds of plants instead of buying by brand.

No. 513949

If you haven't already, look up the solotravel subreddit

No. 514013

Why do people watch mukebangs? I thought it originally started out for men to jack off to…

No. 514015

Mukbangs? They started originally due to korean youth moving away from home, getting lonely and people streaming themselves having dinner to have company. The shit atm with the deep throating food and shit totally looks like fetish shit though.

No. 514016

i thought it was for eds tbh, both under and overeaters. not sure how true this is

No. 514025

Like someone else said, you can't patent this. You also an't copyright a geode table. If she figured out some kind of special method to create the table, maybe she's trying to patent that? Even her filing a patent doesn't mean she got one.

No. 514028

I figured it might have been the method she was using that made her want to patent it, and the method was exactly why I wanted to see it haha (because I dont have thousands of dollars to shell out for one and wanted to attempt making my own). I just looked it up again and it looks like it might take up to 18 months after it was filed for it to public info, so it's either that or she didn't actually get one in the end.

No. 514037

I'm listening to the Christian radio station and I'm kinda getting pissed off how many times they use children to market their ads or explain things in a way a teacher would explain to a child.
Aren't people who use the radio supposed to be all boomers? What's with all the children advertisement EVERYWHERE?
Also, the part about God molding people to love him unconditionally and how men should make their wives do the same (for Valentines day, so romantic!!! /s) is creepy as fuck.

No. 514051

people are paying $1,000 for that ugly table? it's just cheap polished quartz rocks and concrete

No. 514073

i can tell you how to make it by looking at it if it's resin casted. do you have any bigger pics? i can just find her IG if not. just from that pic it's just a bunch of mother of pearl (nacre)

No. 514087

File: 1581468992095.jpeg (11.13 KB, 380x250, contact-lens-basics-678x446-co…)

is buying contacts (strictly for vision. not circle lenses or any for fashion) online ever legit/safe? do you need a prescription? or are they a one-size-fits-all kind of deal?

I want to start wearing them but would rather buy online than from my optician. does anyone here do that or is it dangerous to buy them online? I don't want to risk injuring my eyes or anything. i'm in the uk if that helps, any info is appreciated

No. 514088

you have to get your eyes checked but yes of course there are legit sites, all of them require a prescription.

No. 514099

Just make sure to get your correct lens strength and what kind (daily wear lenses or more longwear?). There could be something particular about your eye/sight that requires a certain contact lens.
After getting a check you can order from any reputable online store. You live in the UK, there should be plenty to choose from.
Be prepared for struggling to get them out of your eye in the beginning but eventually it'll all be a breeze.

No. 514103

File: 1581472144603.gif (1.8 MB, 540x304, 726515670904ed444da0abd39ce4f0…)

Idk if it helps but I've been wearing asian brand colored contacts for a decade and everything is fine, my vision hasn't worsened. I think the more important part is your hygiene. So popular, frequently advertised contact websites in your country is likely safe. You just need to know your eye power. Unless your eye curvature is wonky, soft lenses are made to fit most eyeballs. Do you have astigmatism? Toric lenses to accommodate that are usually more expensive. So I just wear a pair of astigmatism glasses over my near-sighted contacts lol. That way I can take the glasses off and still see, added bonus of not looking like two coke bottles on my face (-6 in both eyes yikes).

No. 514110

Is breathing candle fumes bad for you?

No. 514111

Apparently blowing out a candle pollutes the air about the same as a cigarette does. So having candles lit all the time is probably not the best, but unless you have asthma or something I don't think it's a big deal.

No. 514133

Accidentally posted in wrong thread my bad
I know many of you farmers are stoners based on Shaynas thread. But has anyone else quit after being daily users? I tried cold turkey, didn't work. Basically I tapered down then I stopped buying.

Overall I found it was worth it for me to quit.

No. 514134

Is eating an entire can of beans unhealthy?

No. 514135

I don’t think it’s unhealthy but it might make your stomach hurt because of the fiber and sodium content.

No. 514136

File: 1581477453783.gif (272.9 KB, 400x300, weed warrior.gif)

why did you quit? and why/how did you become a daily user? what are the benefits that make it worth it? sorry to interrogate, am daily smoker that sometimes wonders about quitting but feels like i "get something" out of it (cope?) beyond just being stoned which is of course pretty alright

No. 514139

Has anyone here scammed a buyer money via PayPal?

No. 514140

ffs stop asking and just ship an empty box.

No. 514141

No, it's only really possible to get scammed as a seller.

No. 514162

I thoroughly rinsed them to avoid the excessive amounts of salt. Hm.

No. 514166

File: 1581489323789.jpeg (36.58 KB, 500x313, smileyface.jpeg)

Yes. I quit using a similar method. Stopped buying and slowly stopped accepting offers from friends and then stopped completely. I quit because I realized that being stoned was a negative experience way more often than a positive one after several bad shroom trips. I really don't miss it. There are some things I really miss about it but I don't miss simple tasks taking hours to complete, paranoia that spirals into full blown panic attacks, feeling vulnerable and exploitable all the time and worrying that I'm going to be taken advantage of or fuck up irreparably because I'm stoned etc. Weed lowers my willpower and convictions which is the last thing I need as since I trend lazy and suggestible anyway. I can't talk about this shit irl because usually people are threatened that any negative discussion of weed is going to threaten its legality or they think I'm a normie who never like it in the first place. Is there anything in particular you're wondering about?

No. 514168

File: 1581489999781.jpg (27.05 KB, 594x594, wlefjlwer.jpg)

Is it true that conventionally attractive women are hard for men to approach? Do I have to make the first move because dudes are afraid of me?

I was a fugly kid but now I'm a conventionally cute, well-to-do girl and while strangers will flirt with me (less to lose?) nobody seriously takes the plunge. I want at least a chance at having a boyfriend fuck's sake

No. 514183

Look out for any type of documentation about any city. Travel magazines, "live city stream" in youtube, anything that could use the image of a crown-packed-street with still visible structures (like the vid you sampled)

No. 514216


is anyone else starting to get nervous about the coronavirus or am I just being paranoid? So many things about this seem to scream of a potential pandemic.

No. 514218

Resources for someone who wants to start learning how to prep? Always been interested in it and paranoid, these days it just seems to be the smarter move. Prepping anons, hit me up!

No. 514226

The death rates are surprisingly low, 45 thousand cases so far and only a thousand deaths

No. 514227

How do you tell it apart from the normal flu? It's flu season and I got a bad flu and got paranoid and thought it make have been corona but I have no way of knowing.

No. 514230

I used to solo travel a lot and it was a lot of fun, but it's also what you make of it. If you're the type of person willing to put yourself out there and make friends and talk to strangers without being a sperg, then you should go for it. Definitely take some sort of self-defense class before you go if you've never really worried about safety, and if you're young consider a hostel because it's a sort of built in group of other people willing to put themselves out there, and you might meet other women who will help keep you safe, especially if you like to party and drink.

No. 514236


Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought that we currently don't know how many people have actually been infected? And isn't China lying about and downplaying the number of infected/dead people? It also seems like the World Health Organization didn't realize the potential severity of the situation up until pretty recently - or maybe they chose to keep us in the dark to prevent mass panic? Sorry for the tinfoil

No. 514249

There are sites listing the case numbers and death numbers with live updates, breaking it down country by country too. I know what you mean though, people don't have alot of faith in China

No. 514250

?? you stupid? anon's point is that china isn't telling us real death rates.

No. 514254

I watch them sometimes. I do it for the same reason why I follow food accounts on insta: to look at food that I really like but that isn't accessible to me in that moment.
I want to be jelly at people eating food that I like, I guess. That, or I want to feel hungry.

No. 514256

The sites are reporting the deaths reported by the WHO, which is reporting the deaths reported by the CCP, which is lying and reporting smaller numbers than the real ones.

No. 514266

File: 1581522202636.jpg (337.37 KB, 1200x1200, 2438428a1b22ffafb3eb1311fdd241…)

This seems to be the biggest one I can find off google! I found her because of a fb video featuring her that showed a few short clips of her pouring the resin and it seems simple enough, but I wonder what she thinks she does that's so special that would want her to claim she filed a patent for the method/design. It seems simple enough to just mix with the right pigments/glitter and then pour roughly in a circle shape… it sort of looks like it's done the same as those popular acrylic paint pouring videos except with resin. There are funkier patterns that I'm not really sure how I could go about achieving them though.

No. 514267

File: 1581522300102.jpg (1.12 MB, 1050x1132, Resin-Designs_03.jpg)

pic of said funkier pattern. Maybe just pouring little mini cirles/globs of resin and then hitting it with a blow dryer or something to spread it around a little? Or she might have just dropped some rocks or whatever she uses at the edges into the middle of this pattern lol

No. 514290

This dude at work was crying about how much the court told him to pay in child support. He told them he'd just quit his job and get welfare so he wouldn't have to pay. Like what the actual fuck? These are your children, you don't want them to live decent lives?

Why do men hate paying child support so much?

No. 514294

Sounds like he hates being held accountable. The consequence sounds pretty detrimental if he was hoping for a cozy lifestyle. It's like they really don't expect women to want money for raising the children they helped create.

No. 514339

Because they're children in adult bodies themselves.

No. 514369

They're describing the emotion not the reality. Most people who exaggerate like that suffer from mood instability and victim complexes. If someone bumps into them without apologizing it triggers an extreme reaction along with their complex. So when they re tell the story the event is so entrenched with emotion they end trying to explain how it felt and not what happened truthfully. They project their emotions onto the event. The less extreme version is saying 'the meeting took like an hour' when it was only 5 minutes. You described the emotion not what happened.

Of course some can be aware as other anons said to emotionally black mail people

No. 514370


I was talking about this with other women on another website.

I went through this with my own father. My mother BEGGED him to at least, give her $100 a month just for food. He refused even that much and started ranting online about sexism.

I will never understand why men have children and then never want to support them in their life when they separate from their spouses/partner. And these are the same ones who wonder why their kids resent them, like you’re supposed to love them unconditionally despite everything.

Most of this is done out of spite for the mother. Like in my case, it isn’t like I was receiving 20 g’s in support, but still…there’s so much spite directed at the woman, even if she did nothing wrong, and the kids have to suffer for their retarded parent(s).

No. 514391

Because they want to cum in women and go without any consequences, whine like children when they're held accountable for their actions. Men in general can't stand ANY actions for their consequences

No. 514394

ty for the advice. looks like I'll need to get an up to date prescription then. I just hope my optician isn't weird about me going elsewhere for lenses.

I don't have astigmatism thankfully. I've had my eyes checked before to see if I could use contacts if I wanted to and everything was okay. I feel bad for your -6 eyes, that must suck but it sounds like you've found a system that works for you. I mainly want contacts cause I've worn glasses for 20 years and never tried em. ty for all your advice!

No. 514395

if you're attractive some dudes are naturally going to be scared of approaching you, for fear of rejection. it depends on how self assured and confident they are though.

I would advise you make the first move tbh.

No. 514405

Anyone has any experience in eating disorder treatment residency? I've been struggling with bulima and considering checking myself into a treatment center that caters to my religion (Judaism) in a few weeks. What are the usual rules? The center is near Vegas and 20 hours away from me. Do they allow work? visitor's? technology, etc?

No. 514436

I went to one as a minor so it might be a little different for adults.
>What are the usual rules?
No talking about "triggering" things, you weren't supposed to say anything about any body or talk about food in any way. They are also pretty anal about how you eat, they call you out if you don't eat in exactly the way they want you to eat. There's also relatively strict policies on what you can and can not bring, they don't allow things like shaving razors, small mirrors, and writing utensils. They have strict bedtimes, we had to be in our rooms at 10pm and up at 6am I believe. In the mornings we would be weighed and once a week we would have blood work done.
>Do they allow work?
I assume it wouldn't be allowed or be heavily restricted. At the place I went to we did have periods of time we could do schoolwork but it was limited to 3 hrs a day. Most of your day is spent doing ED-treatment related stuff so you wouldn't have much time to work.
This varies place to place, the place I was at allowed for phone calls and letters but no visitors outside of certain events.
This also varies, the place I was at allowed for game consoles, mp3 players, etc but no laptops or smartphones.

The experience is kind of a mixed bag. On one hand my mental state deteriorated a bit while I was there because I like having alone time and there is pretty much none of that there unless you do something and get sent to the isolation room for a few hours to a few days. The staff was what you'd expect, basically just your standard therapists, some bad and some good. The bad ones though might be worse than you'd expect, some of them I felt did not see me as human. On the good side you'll probably make some close connections while you're there, even if you are bad at socializing being together 24/7 forces people to be friends. That was probably what helped me the most, to know you aren't alone with your feelings. To be honest I wouldn't recommend going voluntarily unless you feel like your life is at immediate risk. There are programs where you go 5x a week for 3 hours and you'll be treated with more dignity as you aren't confined. Also after I spent a month in a residency I was moved to another program for a month where I got to leave after 5pm, and that was less exhausting.

No. 514456

for me personally it's

- drowning because the pressure will make you feel like you are about to explode

- falling down from a very high place because you would probably panic a fuckton while you're falling as you see the ground getting closer and closer and then probably also feel yourself collide with the ground and boom .. you're an omelette

- being buried alive .. i cannot even describe that one it just makes me panic a lot

No. 514475

If you were me would you go fuck your ex this afternoon and entertain the prospect of fucking him no strings but not telling him upfront take advantage of this long distance thang

No. 514484

No because I'm not retarded

No. 514490

No because I'm not retarded either

No. 514491

File: 1581606512653.gif (387.48 KB, 252x252, BouncyGraciousJuliabutterfly-s…)

Think I'm going to do it.

No. 514503

Kek. Never change, lolcow.

No. 514545

Guys can you please tell me which not-so-old iphone models are worth buying? I have the iphone 6 and it's slowly giving up on me but there's no way i can afford 11.

No. 514549

I've had my iPhone 8 since the day it was released aka 2017 and it's holding up pretty good so far, I've got no complaints at all.

No. 514565

Pothead anons, what do you do to enhance your high? I've been smoking for years but it's not an everyday thing. I go without smoking for months sometimes but my tolerance is still too strong and I have to smoke a lot before I can get a semi-sustainable high going. I've been trying out different strains but it just doesn't hit like it used to.

No. 514568

make sure an old model is still worth and safe to buy in terms of updates

No. 514591

Damn that must suck. I don't have any suggestions to enhance the high. I smoke max 1-2 twice a week but sometimes go weeks without and it's never hit any different to me. I'm more used to it obviously but that's it. I wonder why it's different for you.

No. 514599

Maybe a different method would work better for you, such as eating/vaping/ maybe even a bong or a pipe.

No. 514624

That shouldn't be happening especially if you take huge breaks.

I smoke daily. I'll have two hits off my bowl in the morning (doesn't get me goofy high, but makes me more mellow and time goes by quicker). Then I'll have an entire bowl or smoke a joint when I get home. Which does get me pretty baked.

Do you take any meds? Besides shitty weed I don't know what else could be causing that for you.

No. 514643

I can't be assed to get into vaping. I'll try a higher dose of edibles though.

I smoked a whole joint the other night and it felt like barely anything. It's def not shitty weed because it's legal here and I can get good stuff from a dispensary.

I guess it's body composition? I have high alcohol tolerance too despite not drinking that often. I gained like 15 pounds at the end of last year when I sunk back into depression and I don't remember it being this bad before.
I didn't want to spend extra money on concentrates but I might have to, aside from losing weight..

No. 514644

Is it weird for a 20yo to date a 16yo?

No. 514646

yes, i think so

No. 514647

Yeah that’s super fucking weird and illegal.

No. 514648

Yes. Unlike a 4 year difference of other people 16-20 carries a big maturity difference. You're talking about someone who most likely living with their parents, working towards their permit, and still in high school dating someone who has a job and started college.

No. 514649

Not illegal in some countries but definitely very weird.

No. 514650

Is it fucked up to talk through my issues out loud for 10 minutes to an hour all by myself? It looks kinda like an interview or like i was doing a very serious youtube video. I do this so much.

No. 514652

Why are mothers who have just given birth (~0-2 years) so smug?

No. 514654

seconding 8. bought a second hand iphone 8 this fall and so far im really happy with it

No. 514657

because a child is like buying something new and after 2 yrs it gets kinda boring and u wanna get rid of it

No. 514665

blazed off of the oxytocin from cuddling a baby 24/7

No. 514675

Nope, just sounds like it's the way you process your thoughts.

No. 514677

It's probably healthy actually. I want to keep a voice diary but I get so self conscious.

No. 514683

Why do pescatarians get a distinction from other meat eaters? Fish are still living creatures, and it’s not like someone who specifically only eats poultry gets a specific name/label.

No. 514685

Because some people were evolved culturally just by eating fish and eating non-fish meat is relatively new to their region.

No. 514704

File: 1581649180730.png (1.03 MB, 665x650, 1581417085083.png)

Any one have more images or know the origin of it? The person who pasted it left this description
>I'll tell you (and everyone else who reads this later), this image was made to trigger certain perception blind spots of your brain. It uses familiar forms and colours but combines them so it's completly unrecognizable (no idea how they made it or for what purpose). A usual reaction to looking at this for a while is distress at not being able to recognize things so don't worry too much about it. It's literally nothing.

No. 514707

A bot combined a bunch of images into one and created this.

No. 514713

Sage for off topic, but man that image is weird. At first glance, my mind thinks it sees three earring-type holders, a person crouching in on themselves, in front of a pile of junk. It’s quite baffling to look at closely.

No. 514715

me as E.T. in the back

No. 514716

I read that these are supposed to represent what it feels like to have a stroke but it could be Internet bs

No. 514726

nah someone made it with some website that combines random images into one and uploaded it to instagram. It's a cool image but it means nothing/has no purpose.

No. 514728

Are sun lamps actually effective in boosting your mood?

No. 514731

my mom has one, she said it helped a little but don't expect a lot. She stopped using hers after one winter.

No. 514748

where i live, even some classrooms have them and it is truly believed to work to some degree. but we're all hella depressed as a nation anyways so makes sense.

No. 514758

how long it takes for therapy to work? I've been on 6 sessions or so and I have not made any progress yet. I know it's not enough time but I worry that I will go for months and not make any progress

No. 514759

Are we talking head shrinks? I mean… that depends on you. Are you applying what you learn in therapy? Recognizing harmful thoughts/actions and changing them?

No. 514760

for now I just come and talk about ny issues. My therapist told me to think about what stops me from initiating contact with others so we can do something about that. I guess I have not discovered any patterns yet or a solid way to break my harmful behaviors. I am a big mess with a lot of problems

No. 514791

Depends on the nature of your fucked-up-ness but don't expect it to be anytime soon. It's ok if it takes time. I've been in hardcore therapy for a couple years now and it's only recently that I feel like I've finally made a breakthrough.

No. 514804

The big thing to note is that you will be the one doing the work outside of that therapy session. That's how you get your results sooner. Also, of course be honest with your therapist for best results.

No. 514811

Why is it that certain foods will sort of taste… different to me in such a short span of time? Like, I normally don't like any sort of chocolate at all, but when I'm on my period suddenly chocolate tastes so damn fucking good and I can't get enough of it. Or even times when I'm not on my period and something will taste particularly sweet/bitter one day and then the next day, the same thing suddenly tastes mild. Is it just a brain thing?

No. 514838

Sometimes the temperature of a food can affect the taste as well. I usually let onion rings sit out for a few minutes because their taste comes out sweet when they get closer to room temp rather than freshly hot. I heard there's some beer like that, they taste way better after you let them sit out for 10+ minutes after pouring a glass. I've also had milk taste different the next day, maybe because it spoiled lol. Is that kind of similar to your situation?

No. 514845

No. 514893

Will I look stupid if I go to the gym in false lashes? I really want to blend in and not be noticed but I feel cute ugh

No. 514910

Are you sure you're inhaling properly? When my friend first started smoking he'd go through so much of it in order to feel high. We found it odd but later realized but he wasn't breathing it in right.

No. 514915

i mean yeah a little.

No. 514951

Has anyone been high on salvia?

No. 514956


I wouldn't advise it unless you are a hardened space cadet . I was at a party once in bristol uk and this creepy older guy turned up with it . One of my male friends who,s whole personality and identity was tied into drugs took the bait when this older dude started offering it to people , trying to big note himself around all the young ladies. There were people there telling him not to touch it . He didn't listen . He took one hit from a pipe , passed out and hit the deck immediately, people freaked and began trying shake him , he gets up asking people what happened , where was he . His face then goes apple red , he starts screaming and throwing punches at people then starts running around in circles , then fly,s out the front door of the house yelling and screaming . His friends found him at his flat down the road about 30 mins later huddled in a ball crying. The whole time the older creep was laughing his head off like he had taught the boy a lesson. It's up to you but after witnessing that I wouldn't touch the shit.

No. 514960

ugh that's terrifying. I had kind of an opposite experience. smoked a bunch and with friends and next to nothing happened for me. had maybe slightly weirder vivid imagery in my head than usual and then after a few minutes I felt dead sober. so either way not worth it. i don't think it has any appeal except for drug experiences collectors to add it to their collections

No. 514968

If any anons garden-what is easy for you to grow? Indoor or outdoor.

No. 514983

I have a cactus that hasn't died yet by my kitchen window.

No. 514985

Yeah. This dude was a university lecturer who had just come back from South America. Creepy as fuck but a lot of people looked up to him. He got some through uk customs if I recall and it was a big deal that he had it cos it had this reputation of being a mind fuck of a drug that Aztec warlords smoked while they cannabilised prisoners of war , etc . I did some research and most of what they are selling in usa in those legal high shops is quite low grade and more of a marketing scam . Like absinthe in the booze market .

No. 514986

Herbs. They practically grow themselves and smell good!

No. 514989

Not really, many girls have lash extensions and it's not like you take those off to go to the gym.

No. 514990

don't do that, you could get an eye infection.

No. 515004

anon you're attractive without the fake eyelashes, come on. falsies are never the "make or break". foundation/concealer, okay, i can see that, but not falsies. don't wear them to the gym, it's going to look really weird and they'll probably start falling off your lids as a result of you sweating your ass off. it'll look strange either way. not a good look

No. 515024

go for it, anon! don't forget to wear high heels while you are at it

No. 515027

File: 1581765360833.png (82.47 KB, 1230x338, ANj1MemYrHWq1tsJheKOJDfwuH52Pn…)

i chuckled, mostly because this post and situation reminds me of this classic

No. 515045

Sweat + glue = nice eye infection or irritation. Always remove them.

No. 515047

The answer is simple, hormones can affect the way you taste things. When you are pregnant, stuff you usually like will taste awful and stuff you don't you might crave. It's an extreme example but hormones do drop and rise with periods and this will affect how your food will taste to you.

No. 515065

I have a very autistic and stupid question.

I know that this websites tracks people, which is based. But it made me a biiiiiit scared of ONE thing. Whenever I browse this website on my phone (which is only ever on my old ass phone since my laptop's not for shitposting), I can accidentally click on the anonymous headers that are saged and then this email app pops up. Will the staff now know my full name? Honestly idc that much if so since they're cool now so…

No. 515075

Would it be retarded to wear a pride flag pin when it's not pride month? I just got mine so I'm a bit excited but also kind feel like it's stupid.

No. 515082

I have some doubts about everything you just said. Where did you read that lolcow tracks its users outside of the site?

No. 515089

that's not what she's saying. i think she thinks that lolcow is providing the email app/program that opens when you accidentally click on the name field of a post that has been saged.

the email field on an imageboard creates a mailto hyperlink but the app/program is just your default on whatever device it is. lolcow doesn't host it, and so obviously doesn't have access to it. at most they'd see what IP address clicked it.

No. 515101

File: 1581789025665.png (645.55 KB, 720x720, 1577016880472.png)

genuinely feel like such an asshole for not believing this a tiny bit but,

is it believable if your friend tells you the story of her life in one sitting and it consists of nothing but sexual abuse, trauma and other gruesome stuff? and keep in mind that we've known each other for 3 weeks now.

she basically told me how her parents used to beat her as a kid and then film her while doing so, that she got sold into a child trafficking ring and prostituted, had to perform child pornography and that her dad also raped her, her mom beat her so bad once in the morning that she went to school with bruises everywhere and the cps came but then ended up doing jackshit and also of course that she suffers from a bipolar disorder, bpd, dissociative identity disorder, autism, histrionic personality disorder and also anxiety. i wish i was making this up right now.

i used to read soren's thread on /snow/ religiously before and when she told me all of that i just kept thinking about him and how much they sound alike, but a part of me also feels so incredibly bad because it's clear that she has some issues and maybe a part of her story is true too, but i've met a lot of people like her before who just revolve their entire life about some sick made up story of theirs to appear more cool and edgy.

No. 515104

Anyone who overshares stuff that like only 3 weeks of knowing you is a huge red flag. Most likely lying about a lot of it too, some people are pathological liars who love to make new identities and stories up when they make new friends.

No. 515106

> suffers from a bipolar disorder, bpd, dissociative identity disorder, autism, histrionic personality disorder

She's full of shit

No. 515109

I don't think histrionic PD is actually considered a PD anymore, it's now just recognized as BPD.

No. 515110

little rainbow accessories aren't that uncommon but if you don't want to be perceived as wearing a pride flag year-round, probably don't do it

No. 515112

Phew, I learnt something new, thank you sooo much!

No. 515115

She's been obviously lying about her dramatic snowflake story but ……

those diagnoses probably have been true, psychologists diagnosed me with everything as well. they're more full of shit than that girl you're talking to.

No. 515133

> psychologists diagnosed me with everything as well

You would need a psychiatrist to diagnose

No. 515135

This going to be a bit gross but I hope an anon can help me with this.

So last week I got professionally my teeth cleaned bc I'm a black tea lover so it stains your teeth. I got a done, super happy but of course it costs. I thought once I get it done I will have nice looking teeth for a while but I just took a closer in the mirror and it looks like one teeth starts to have these brown stains again (I do brush my teeth three times a day in case you wonder) and I'm just ??? about this because I just drink one cup of black tea each day and the fact that it starts to look like crap again kind of angers me. I know people that drink tea and coffee (and even smoke) and still have better looking teeth than I do? What's the problem and can I get those brown stains removed at home or do I need to get it professionally teeth cleaning each month? I do not want my teeth to look like they are rotting so it botters the hell out of me. Help?

No. 515155

same anon, aren't all psychiatrists also psychologists but not all psychologists are psychiatrists?
I just call 'm all psych, like I care about them and their useless job.

No. 515169

If you walk into the room and there is a box of tissues it is a psychologist and your not getting a script for anything . If there is no box of tissues then your with a psychiatrist and he may write you a script for something or section you on a 2 day in voluntary treatment order that can lead to all sorts of mischief involving long stays in strange rooms , electricity and room mates who think they are vampires.

No. 515171

I would contact whoever did your teeth cleaning. It's possible they didn't do it properly, so tell them you're not satisfied with the results and see if they'll offer a second treatment.

No. 515172

wtf does this have to do with getting diags?

No. 515173

not true at least in all countries I know of. psychologist can diagnose they just can't prescribe medication, and a psychiatrist can

No. 515174

it sounds like your tooth has craze lines. that's probably why its only happening to one of the teeth.

No. 515175

What does a diagnosis matter if your dealing with someone who can't write scripts and keeps offering you tissues?

No. 515193

not that anon you replied the second time but the first time, you're correct about the tissue thing.
i fucking hate psychologists. but i don't need medication either.

I don't know what it has to do with anything nor what your answer has to do with it but it sounds like we're both loonies who hate psychologists.

No. 515196

Yeah. I think I got my wires crossed. I thought you were asking the difference between the two . Sorry anon . Your right I am a bit of loon who finds the psychology profession a bit shady . My personal experience though . I'm sure some are worthwhile .

No. 515197

Is your friend Soren? Kek

No. 515209

Does anyone know about the link between mouse leukemia virus and chronic fatigue syndrome ? Is it a meme or is it real .

No. 515343

OK so…how do I plan out my life? How do I start, how do I organise it?

I was broken up with yesterday and my ex is happy to house me (since I was/am dependent) for the next while. So my job options have gone from anywhere within an hour to the entirety of europe, or wherever else but it'll be more bother. I'm pretty qualified for niche highish paying jobs. My family in my native country are very dysfunctional so I want to avoid going back there. I currently have a gym subscription (where I've lapsed in going recently), and go to language classes for about 20 hours a week.

So I guess…I have the freedom to do anything I like? I mean I've got a soft limit of a few months. My mind is buzzing with the potential routes I could take but I don't know where to start or how to organise anything or really form the question I want to ask. Up until now it's been "find something in this country where I don't speak the native language, stay with my partner and pay my share of the bills". Now it's just…opened so much and I'm struggling to grasp all this while I'm still shaken up by the breakup in the first place.

So what do I do? Where should I start?

No. 515345

If I was in your shoes id make a list of anything I wanted to do. Then i'd read back through and eliminate ones that are not realistic or I would not be passionate about. Then from there Id just decide which route I'd want to go overall and start on down it. Moving country sounds like a potentially good idea but overall just finding a good job is probably the best next step because you can get money to move to your own place and truly have freedom.
I can't deny im jealous of you, good luck with it anon.

No. 515358

my ex is happy to house me (since I was/am dependent) for the next while

I've had friends in this situation and just be aware of how quickly he could change his mind on this offer. Is your name on the lease?

No. 515371

Is it still ghosting if the person never attempts to talk to you in the first place?

No. 515413

Serious question, is it possible to be pro-black if you have a white husband?

No. 515427

First step, I think, is to step back and take a breath. You just got broken up with yesterday so just make sure you're taking care of yourself and allowing yourself time to heal. Engaging in life planning can be a good distraction but you also want to make sure you're feeling your feelings, y'know?

But as to your actual question, I would start by doing some reflection on your purpose, passions, what you want/need in your life, what you want to change, etc. If you google reflection prompts you can find tons, you might also look into "Ikigai." From there you can pick out important themes and write out a vision of your ideal life, maybe even make a vision board if you're into that sort of thing, then just start to determine what things you need to do/goals you need to hit to get there.

No. 515433

If someone is accusing you of that, and doesn't bother to contact you evar, fuck em. Blocked. Bye.

No. 515448

can random people see your glassdoor profile or only employers? and will it come up in a google search?

No. 515474

This sounds confusing but does anyone else have this thing happen to them when lying down, eyes closed trying to sleep: i just vision weird ass seemingly huge (cant explain, they just FEEL HUGE) geometrical things that you chop up in your head? Kinda like some odd early 2000s 3d animation? It's voluntary either and it only rly happens when i'm really really sleep deprivaded like right now. This sounds fucking weird. Looks like some 3d physics animation tests. Agh.

No. 515478

Yes. You don't have to fall in love with a black person to know you respect them. That's just one person you're married to. It could be anybody. There's thousands and millions of black people out there.

No. 515493

File: 1581918043036.png (1.81 MB, 640x1136, IMG_3456.PNG)

It's quite annoying when I know for sure that I need to get work done, yet I procrastinate to no end, because I hate everything associated with college. I am very hardworking and try my absolute best at getting everything done, and I do quite well and succeed, but when I come home it feels like it needs to be a safe haven from anything to do with that place. I can't stand to even look at my planner - I'm sick and Tired of this shit. I really don't understand how people do more work after coming home from just having done 6-8 hours of lectures. I love what I'm studying but holy shit I just really get burnt out. It's a common thing to just say "just do it", but schoolwork has such a negative connotation with me, plus it usually takes ~4 hrs to get everything done properly.
How do I accustom/ease myself to doing even more work when I get home, especially when I don't feel like it?

No. 515494

it's just your screensaver anon

No. 515529

Kek anon wtf
It's hypnagogia. It's normal, I eee green and purple blobs myself, but if you Google the term you get lots of weird results about tulpas and lucid dreamers because the only people that care about using the specific word are online weirdos

No. 515537

Does a free app exist that allows you to paste Sanrio and other kawaii stickers into your photos? I do not want to pay a dollar for a sticker pack. WTF

No. 515561


No. 515627

Is it worth getting my brows done at a professional salone if they're spares at the tails?

I just want them to look nice for once and even when following tutorials I somehow fuck it up

No. 515652

I recommend picsart too. It's perfect for that. you can get it to appear at the bottom of iMessage next to things like memoji and you can just search through all the stickers. I just searched hello kitty and countless stickers popped up

No. 515653

mine are green and purple too! like green and purple spirals.

does anyone know the name of the research site that's similar to jstor that has a logo of a raven or crow holding something in its beak?!

No. 515669

Can alcoholics drink at celebrations or do they have to stay on their sober day streak? I'm sure they think about drinking when sober so would they spiral down given some?

No. 515670

Alcoholics cannot have any amount responsibly. Another way to think of it: Some never stop considering themselves addicts even though they're in recovery.

No. 515682

Do you think someone has the "right" to be homophobic if they were raped/assaulted by their own sex before or does that make them absolutely ignorant and bigoted? The same question also counts if they were wronged in that way by a person of another race too.
For an example I met this one woman a few months ago online who told me that she was raped by a black man and now she's "scared of black people" and in some way I can understand what her problem is and where she is coming from aka she is traumatized, but at the same time I cannot shake off the thought that it sounds ignorant and like she is now making herself think that every person with a dark skin color is now a rapist and will start attacking her (which is racist in its own way imo).

No. 515686

kind of, but i wouldn't word it the way you did. i think that having a ptsd type of fear response to a certain type of person is a lot different from hating that type of person just because of generalizations you've made about them. it's not the fear response that's homophobic or racist, it's what you do with it. like if you went on to declare that gay people are inherently predatory because of your traumatic experience, that would be homophobic.
it's the difference between fearing and avoiding elevators because you were trapped in an elevator once, and declaring that no one should ever use elevators because they're way too dangerous and fail constantly.

No. 515713

File: 1581987694095.jpg (23.52 KB, 600x400, simratpal-singh-600.jpg)

In place were turbans are common do they have jokes were a tree or gust of wind blows off their turban? Like a joke how a dudes toupee falls off?

No. 515741

Nah bc that shit is locked on tight

No. 515813

For school I need to give presentations and have conversation with "clients" for exams and I always get super, super nervous. I'm not one of those people who ends up crying in front of the class and can't do it or something, but people can definitely tell I'm very nervous. I start to stutter, just sound strained and for exam-conversations I black out and don't know what to say anymore. Even though I'm perfectly sociable and chatty outside of situations where I get graded. People don't expect me to be one of those people who get super nervous for presentations.

It's not like I'm scared or anything, I just get uncontrollably nervous and idek why to be honest. It just happens. People tell me to stay calm and I want to but I can't seem to flip the switch.

Is there any way to get over this besides "experience"? I've been giving presentations for years and I've been pretty stagnant so I don't think the lack of experience is the problem.

No. 515828

i guess one shouldnt, but i was an alcoholic in 2017-2018 but i still drink at parties or celebrations without falling into the old habits again, so i guess it's case by case

No. 515864

What's the best skin moisturizer? Bonus points if it's natural or has mostly natural ingredients and organic. Sorry, for stupid question but I don't know much about skin care and it's hard to tell when you search online what's a genuine answer and what's just another promotion.

No. 515868

/g/ has a skincare and makeup thread!

No. 515869

oh, sorry thanks.

No. 515871

If you're looking for the best moisturizer you shouldn't go the natural route anon, natural isn't better in terms of what it can do for your skin.

No. 515872

I highly recommend Vanicream. Apparently it's also recommended often by actual derms but I've never been to one so I can't confirm. But it has a very short ingredients list and it's designed to be as gentle and non-irritating as possible.
They have a couple different formulas, I've tried the "classic" one which was okay but the lite lotion is my favorite since I hate greasy or thick feeling moisturizers. I'd definitely recommend the lotion version if you also prefer lighter formulas.

No. 515877

Thank you! This looks exactly what I wanted.
How come?

No. 515952

Planning to get a new phone, but not sure which to get. I was debating between a Samsung Galaxy S10 or the Google Pixel 3. I like the crispness of the Pixel 3 front camera, but sometimes it is a little TOO HD. do any anons have experience with either.

No. 515980

File: 1582078025307.jpg (1.46 MB, 4328x2048, 20200218_103545.jpg)

Have the Galaxy S10e and I love it. Great pics. Here's one of my cat from this morning

No. 515982

Does anyone on this site use the geocaching app?? (And if you don't know what it is and like scavenger hunts, look it up)

No. 515984

OMG YES, I'm literally the only person I know who's into geocaching. It's boomer activity around here. Everyone just wants to do boring ass hikes instead of treasure hunting.

No. 515985

Ahhh i just did my first few today after hearing about it from my sister-in-law (who has been doing it for 10 years) and it is SO fun, i can't wait to do more. I live not too far from a popular college and there are TONS of caches there! The birdhouse puzzles were amazing. Can't wait to go out tomorrow and find more!!

No. 515986

I'm so happy you enjoyed yourself! Then coolest/hardest one I've found was hidden IN a river and we had to find the machination to pull it out. 10/10 with a friend!

No. 515990

WHAT now that is cool, I'm hoping to discover one as obscure as that! One of the ones i did today had an etch a sketch where you had to follow 32 different steps telling you which way to turn the knob,and it revealed the letters to put into the lock that opened the cache. So crazy how people come up with this stuff. I wish i had known about it back in high school

No. 515996

What's the name of that one English film about a bunch of dudes getting high in the middle of a battlefield during the 16th(?) century?

No. 515997

A field in England.

No. 515998

I can't believe the name was that simple. ffs my brain
Thanks a lot.

No. 515999

OK I have a really dumb question. What do people in their 20s usually mean when they say they have an "office job"? Are they being modest/intentionally vague about something skilled/specific or are they being vague about something like data entry? What job titles are more or less entry level but they let you sit in an office?! I can only ever seem to find retail/labor for entry level or office jobs that require years of experience and/or a lot of school, but I'll hear people talk about their "office jobs" when they're still in school.
I have a long term plan for a career but it would be nice to not continue to fuck up my back or do retail until I get there kek

No. 516001

I assume admin/data entry/customer service work when people say that, if someone has a decent job in an office they will probably have a proper title to say instead. It's not like it's arrogant to say you're a project manager or account coordinator or w/e. Personally my 'office jobs' have always been customer service and case management.

I don't know about the US and seems like the job market is fucked there. A last resort entry point might be call centres, since it gives you phone/computer experience that you can spin to sound like customer service or admin for the next job.

No. 516004

I'm assuming it's any job where you use a computer and sit in a desk lol. I'm a paralegal but I still call it "just some office job" because it's basically just stressful thankless pencil pushing.

No. 516010

File: 1582090904874.jpg (114.54 KB, 1080x1080, c202f3d72b640812935e2d9351397e…)

What the everloving fuck is a VSCO girl? I'd never heard the term or had even heard of the app until yesterday, and I'm trying to wrap my head around it. The fuck does skskskksksk mean?

I feel like I more or less get all of the internet girl aesthetics trends, normcore, nymphets, egirls, costhots, tiktok etc etc even if I don't partake in any of them. I don't know why this one has me so baffled. Is it a CA thing? Or just a beach thing? I don't live in a climate where I've ever seen girls walking around in giant tshirts or birks or scrunchies. Is it an Emma Chamberlain thing? I thought she was more normcore adjacent though? I've never felt so old in my life. I feel like I just heard about a new continent no one was telling me about. I almost bought a Hydroflask the other day cause I saw a cute one

No. 516015

It's literally just a beachy california girl and I want the damn midwesterners to stop trying to steal our aesthetic. It's cultural appropriation.

No. 516017

What is this stupid tiktok meme about white abd black guys?

No. 516018

It's literally just teen girls doing and liking teenager shit, then someone felt like shitting on them and thusly a meme was born. Also, it's fucking weird seeing it being called vsco girls, i used that app back when i ran an aesthetic ig and that was a great while back, odd.

No. 516021

Made up to sell shit

No. 516025

Is there a free reverse phone lookup? I feel like there should be because phone books are free but every site wants to make me pay a membership fee

No. 516032

No they all want money.

No. 516086

Is going to a community college a good way to make up for bad high school grades? I graduated with a 3.4/3.3 (weighted, unweighted) in high school. The average gpa at my dream school is a 3.7, but 3.5 is recommended for my degree. My gpa isn't the best so I'm thinking of trying really hard at community college so I can get an impressive college GPA to make up for my high school one. I heard once you get your first college gpa your HS one doesn't matter as much.

No. 516104

I can't say from experience since I jumped straight into a 4 year university and graduated, but when I was still in highschool, some teachers and counselors suggested the community college route as a backup choice. Supposedly, getting your associates first or just having some college experience under your belt shows the school you want to go to that you can handle the work load and survive. I would assume they would still look at your high school grades, but they'll probably have a lot less impact especially if you can get good grades in community college. I also considered CC myself because you can get a lot of, if not all, of your general education requirements out of the way for a heck of a lot cheaper. If you're unsure of what you want to do, it's also a relatively inexpensive (compared to the cost of most full 4 year schools at least) way to experiment with taking a bunch of different classes.

If your dream school is extremely competitive, take the time at the community college to get involved on campus or outside of school too. Not super overboard, but maybe get involved in a school club or do a small internship if you can juggle it. I think the more that you do, the less of an impact your high school grades will have (I think getting involved in things outside of the classroom is all part of the college experience anyway, so it really doesn't hurt you to try doing it!)

No. 516107

Also I forgot to add, but assuming your from the US, does your dream school have a EOP/HEOP program? If your family's financial situation isn't the best, that can also be an option for you. It's how I got into my number one college choice despite really lacking the grades for it lol.

No. 516109

Nta but what a beautiful cat. Such wise eyes.

No. 516126

Does anyone else wake up before certain things happen? I'll frequently wake up in the middle of the night for no reason, and after a minute or two I'll hear some shit going on outside of my room (e.g.parents arguing, dog barking, some shit happening outside the building, or even someone getting up to use the bathroom in the dead of night). I always thought it was weird because there's no loud sound that jolts me awake as if I'm waking up in response to whatever is happening- I just sort of wake up naturally and then I can hear some shit happen.

No. 516136

Thats really interesting. You may have a hyper vigilant sub conscious. Same shit happens to me and that's what I put it down to.

No. 516165

I’m so genuinely terrified of coronavirus, and I’ve been trying to calm myself down for so long but now it’s in the state I live in now, and supposedly people infected are being told to self-quarantine? Which is essentially useless because most people are dumbasses who can’t be trusted to brush their own teeth.Can someone please talk my hypochondriac ass down? I’m mostly scared my young sister will catch it and not have the immune system to fight it because she has a lung condition. Please tell me I’m being autistic over the flu.

No. 516167

Wash your hands thoroughly and avoid touching your mouth/nose/eyes as much as possible. I've read (but can't be assed to find the article that said it) that the virus weighs more than other viruses so it can't stay airborne for too long. As long as someone doesn't straight up cough on you, you should be okay (but still wary of surfaces because apparently it can live for hella long on them). I also saw some interview with the dude who advised for the Contagion movie that as it gets warmer, hopefully the spread of the virus as there will be more water particles in the air to drag it down.

I've been reading bits and pieces here and there and it's undoubtedly scary, but as long as you're self aware enough to frequently wash your hands and generally not be nasty, I think you should be okay.

No. 516171

You won't die from the coronavirus, anon. The only people at actual risk are very small children and the frail elderly, just like with any flu. You could catch any form of common pneumonia and have a bigger chance to die. The current outbreak is big news because preventive measures are so high to keep it from spreading and evolving just in case. Bottom line you definitely won't die from it.

No. 516172

It worries me the health workers in China are dying. They are young and have the best advice. There is something odd about all of this. I am stock pilling food , etc. Taking other measures but cant blog on a train.

No. 516175

Jesus christ anon, there are 25000 medical workers working at the epicenter of the outbreak and out of the 1700 infected only 6 of them have died.

No. 516176

How do I become less naive?

No. 516177

there's literally a cure available anon

No. 516178

You’re not alone. People think this shit is “JuSt aS bAd aS tHe fLu”, but people are dropping off like flies in China. The government is sealing off apartments and leaving people in there to die. They’re forcing people into vans into makeshift hospitals where many people die. People are so flippant about this that it disturbs me. Does the flu almost cripple a nation? Do we spray the streets with chemicals and disinfectants when it’s flu season every year?

I’m going to stockpile food, medicine, n95 facemasks, etc. Good luck to you all.

No. 516179

You have to remember that China has crazy pollution and A LOT of people there smoke. Their lungs are already in not so great shape.

No. 516180

what? a lot of relatively healthy adults that aren't in the typical at-risk groups are dying. this is NOT a babies/elderly/previously sick type of thing. it's very infectious with a high death rate for how little time has passed. preventative measures are so high to prevent a possible global pandemic, not just to spare us of an inconvenient little flu. a vaccination hasn't even been prepared yet and there's still a lot of uncertainty about the nature of this disease. anon shouldn't freak out just yet but that doesn't mean you should tell her optimistic assumptions based on nothing just to shut her up, jesus.

the reason people keep parroting "MoRe PeoPle dIe frOm the FlU" is because coronavirus is so new, obviously. that doesn't mean the lower death rate should be an kind of comfort yet.


here's a map from johns hopkins where you can track cases in your country

No. 516181

news to me. what cure? all i've seen is that some scientists in china are testing different antivirals but none of them seem reliable yet

No. 516182

>1700 dead out of 80000 infected is "dropping like flies"
Okay well have fun eating flour in your bunker while masturbating to dystopian apocalypse powerfantasies paranoid prepper-chan

No. 516183

You should be more worried about the economy honestly.

No. 516184

Yes, being prepared for a worldwide epidemic is dumb. Let me guess, you actually believe China is telling the whole truth about the virus and the death toll?

No. 516186

Same, I've been genuinely panicked since January 21st. Have been buying n95 masks and disinfectant but I need to take a busy train and bus for four hours daily to get to uni and I'm so anxious every time I commute.

No. 516187

I mean, I also think China is culling its herd but that’s just a theory, a conspiracy theory.

No. 516188

i'm sick of seeing hypersensational people screaming about evil china conspiracies but i'm way more sick of people who are so scared of being lumped in with that crowd that the care more about being sooo unbothered than doing more than a minute of actual research. i just hope they're secretly taking precautions in between virtue signalling about how totally not a big deal this is.

No. 516189

chloroquine, a cure for malaria that's been around for decades. It's not an vaccine but it's been tested and proven effective.

No. 516190

thank you for responding. i'll look into it

No. 516194

Yall think many athletes will skip the olympics due to the coronavirus? Inb4 "they're trained their whole lives for this", yea but surely some will be paranoid enough.

No. 516196

I hope not.
Humanity must fulfill the Plague Inc. prophecy.
I already sent a text to my long time crush about how I wanted to tell him I have always been deeply in love with him so I won't regret that before I die of the impending doom and destruction of modern day human society.

No. 516197

I can admit that I am a paranoid person and I am a proud conspiracy theorist, but everyone should take simple precautions like buying face masks, hand sanitizers, and practice universal precautions like using a paper towel to open a public restroom door. Please don’t take this whole thing as a joke anons.

No. 516198

Rather than athletes skipping being the demise of the 2020 olympics, I would not be surprised if Tokyo straight up cancels/postpones the entire thing. Japan is already pretty fucked with the virus, they have the most cases of it outside of China (and not counting the cruise ship).

No. 516199

Haven't you seen 28 Days Later? Remember the scene where the zombie bird drops blood in that one guy's eye? Protect all your face holes, eyes, noses, mouths, etc. Preferably wear a surgical mask but that would look weird so use goggles and say you're a dirt bike or something.

No. 516200

Wasn't there articles about how masks don't even protect you though? Honestly as it is now just practicing good hygiene is the best bet.

No. 516203

I meant surgical shield but ok whatever

No. 516204

it seems like that's one of the many drugs that is being tested right now and it seems promising but i wouldn't bet everything on it yet because the tests were done on cells in vitro, which doesn't 100% mean that it will cure humans without fail. still, definitely something to keep our eye on and i hope it works well.

the particles are small enough to get through an n95 mask, yes, but it's still a barrier that will decrease the chances of a particle going right into your face. imagine pouring some soup through a colander. a lot of soup will go right through but some will happen to sit on top. and yeah surgical shields are better but they obviously look ott at this stage

No. 516205


I agree that more protection is needed, TBH n95 masks, something covering the eyes like goggles, and gloves would be extremely helpful, but I wanted to tell the doubters that even though they may think this isn’t so bad, they can at least have some kind of protection that isn’t on prepping levels.

No. 516206

For the 1000x time surgical masks are to stop you from touching your mouth with dirty hands

No. 516211

Was kinda thinking the same when asking this, I mean yea it'll be a completele loss moneywise but that compared to an actual factual virus shit show?

No. 516212

>tfw hikkineets will survive the plague like a bunch of cockroaches

No. 516229

k i'm sorry to keep harping on this but it's been shown to stop the spread of the virus, that doesn't mean it can prevent the virus before infection nor does it mean it can cure someone who's already well into the infection. it's still too early to call it a cure. i can't find anything about it actually curing anyone who was very sick with corona. just that it's promising because it can inhibit the cell replication.

No. 516231

you sound pants-on-head retarded

No. 516246

Some of y'all in this thread need to chill out about this virus. There's no need at the moment to walk around with masks and shit all paranoid about catching the virus unless you live in the areas worst affected. Just wash your hands and keep updated on the development of the situation. You're currently still more likely to catch the regular flu and if very unlucky die from that.

No. 516256

What's uncertain about nature of this new SARS outbreak? It's not a new thing, sciencists and doctors are dealing with it for almost 20 years.
It seems to be much less deadly but spreads faster than previous strains.
Flu (generic strain, not ones that were the worst diseases in the history of humanity) is not little and inconvinient, it kills 500k people annually, leaves hundreds of thousdands with life-long health problems. Preventive meansures are here to spare us from another annual flu-tier pandemic. Economy and healthcare system is not ready for two coexisting flu-like diseases.

During previous SARS outbreak sport event that suposed to take place in China (idk what it was, not olympic-tier) was held in the USA.

No. 516267

This may sound like an immensely stupid question, but why isn't there an art critique thread? I want somewhere to post my art where I won't get asspats and critiques that amount to "Maybe change the color of this this thing" every time.

No. 516270

Stop calling me that.

No. 516285

connecting yourself via your art to this drama gossip site just generally isn’t a great idea. you can probably just post it in art salt or redline thread and get shat on but also some responses.

No. 516287

I feel like a huge idiot for asking this, but I’m not particularly knowledgeable about economic systems.

Why do so many people complain about capitalism? When people use that term, are they referring to the system we have set up here (in America), in which anyone can create a business, choose which products to sell, and adjust the prices whenever they please? How does that affect us negatively, and what are our other options? I notice socialism often being mentioned, but I have no clue what that entails. Please explain this to me like I’m a kindergartener.

No. 516296

is lolcow even worth coming back to after admin was revealed to be a total cringelord and it's username apparently is 10 years old or just plain retarded?

No. 516298

I'm shocked anyone could ask this. and yes I know this is the stupid questions thread but WOW.

No. 516304

Nah. That's why I'm trying to stop using this website. Also because the userbase can be pretty toxic sometimes.

>How does that affect us negatively

No. 516308

It depends. I was pretty shocked to learn we have a good number of cows on here outside of snow or pt. We got hamchan, homophobechan, sped4, that weird scat fetish anon, the Fujo sperg.

No. 516309

And smurfchan. Btw, has sped4 been posting lately?

No. 516311

Hamchan is smurfchan. Also I have no idea but I saw sped accounce herself unless someone was trolling as her.

No. 516322

How does it affect us MORE negatively than other systems would, basically. My apologies.

No. 516343

read a book

No. 516356

kek anons leave dumbass-chan alone, this thread is called Stupid Questions for a reason. You all sound like you just don't know how to answer her question in laymans terms. I can't either but at least I"m honest about it.

No. 516365

Anon just knows nothing about economics. Being dumb and being ignorant aren't the same thing.

No. 516366

I’m legitimately sorry for upsetting everyone. I am well aware of how stupid my question was and am rather embarrassed about my ignorance. The way I phrased things certainly didn’t help my case.

I feel like I spent more time simply memorizing the information presented to me in government class back in school instead of taking the time to consider how it applied to my own life. Now that I’m a working adult, I’m starting to think more critically about how our system affects us. I would love to “read a book,” but it’s difficult to find one that isn’t politically-biased.

No. 516371

Can I liquid diet while pregnant?

No. 516376

This is a stretch but when I was a kid I played these games so basically does anyone remember a game that I think was on nasa/gov where you had to put a bunch of stuff on a space ship and it'd rate you for how well prepared you were? There's also another game that's more near and dear which was this one where you had to (also btw I think this was a discovery game not a nasa one but idk) where you had to take a planet, give it ecologically sustainable maybe idk energy sources, and then you'd send the planet off to another player while receiving a new planet every week or so. I'm completely lost finding these two and both of their websites changed so much I can't find any info on either.

No. 516380

I'm going with no. Ask your doctor, not to be mean but that shit sounds dangerous and dumb.

No. 516382

I mean if you can get the required amount of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and calories from your liquefied food it should be possible but you should get your doctors advice before doing so.

I know that some women with hyperemesis gravidarum end up being tube fed or similar while pregnant so I guess it is possible but not sure why you would want to have a fully liquid diet unless absolutely necessary.

No. 516383

Do you really want to ask this on a website without medical professionals and risk damaging your child?

No. 516389

(I'm esl sorry) The current problem with capatalism is that some companies are no longer playing capatalism, they're destroying it for their own benefit. The basic idea of capatalism is free market; any business can sell anything. And because consumers get to choose where they put there money towards to, "Good" businesses will grow and be profitable and "bad" businesses will lose money, go into debt and out of business, right? So capatalism is supposed to be competitive, bring out the best of bussinesses which is good for the consumers.

Here's the problem: nowadays some companies spend YEARS losing MILLIONS of money, but they're still surviving. How? In a capatalistic system they should go out of bussiness right? It's because overly rich people and companies keep pumping money into these money-losing companies. Let's take Uber for example. It's been losing millions for years, but it's still getting large investments. Why has it been losing so much money? Because it's on purpose! They've been offering rides way under the market price. Other small(er) taxi businesses can't match these low prices because they'll lose money, go into debt and out of business; they don't have rich people backing them. So every consumer will go with the most affordable option, Uber. Uber is effectively destroying the competition and creating a monopoly. Once they've done that, they'll raise the prices, make big money and the consumer is stuck with a monopolised market for carrides. That's why these losing companies are getting big investments, because eventually they'll destroy all competition, fuck consumers over and make big money. Capatalism is out of control, it's no longer functioning the way it's supposed to.

No. 516395

Gosh. Sounds like your describing the Soviet union. Oligarchs monopolizing the market. Limited choice for the consumer. Power is power and a lie is a lie hey.

No. 516396

It can be easy to get identified by your art, there’s stigma for being on this board lol try /ic/

No. 516428

I really appreciate the explanation! Makes perfect sense.

No. 516437

fucked if true

No. 516452

File: 1582202618200.jpg (454.45 KB, 622x1020, Screenshot_20200220-234507_Ama…)

Why does my hair look so nice right after dyeing it? I don't mean getting it professionally done, I mean using shitty drugstore box dye. Like right after I use it, my hair is so soft and silky and beautiful. Is there something they put in the dye/conditioner to counteract the damaging effects for a few days or something? Usually after a couple of washes it goes back to being how it was before dyeing it.

No. 516460

Yea, it's something in the little conditioner that's in the box

No. 516479

I wish you could buy a separate bottle of this thing, it's never enough for my hair

No. 516485

my gf's address is not on our state's voter registration. wtf would we do

No. 516489

Damn, I wish I could give you mine lol. I have like 5 of those tubes because I have short and fine hair, so I never even finish getting through it before I have to re-dye my hair.

No. 516501

i always mix it with my normal conditioner tbh

No. 516515

I have a strong indication that an ex best friend will contact me in an effort to mend friendship. TLDR; She was very distant, lying and manipulative in the past, which lead to our conflicts. She also was diagnosed with BPD at some point. Is it possible for people with BPD to change their manipulative behaviors and be a good friend? Anyone have that experience?

No. 516518

If they've gotten therapy and otherwise worked on themselves it's definitely possible for them to change. Some people get well enough to no longer fit the criteria. I don't have a close friend with BPD but I know of an acquaintance of mine with BPD who used to have fits of rage and get fucked up on drugs just generally being a piece of shit to many people. He calmed down eventually and got a kid and has really turned his life around so it's definitely possible.

No. 516521

this is like half a vent and half a stupid question but i recently went traveling with one of my ultra liberal super woke gay guy friends. now i’m a lesbian myself and i do consider myself pretty left leaning but not super bogged down in queer theory. anyway we were talking about sex and he said (even though he mainly bottoms) that he’s never douched in his life. he said that gay sex and anal sex is like radical so that means if shit gets involved that’s just part of the radicalness of gay sex and expecting bottoms to have clean assholes is like internalised heterosexualism because you’re expecting your male’s partner’s asshole to be like a pussy but it’s not and more gay men need to accept this.

i’m not really sure what’s common among gay men but i was so put off my this ? like i’d always assumed a man who was bottoming would douche, even just quickly. and i find the possibility of accidentally shitting on your partner absolutely repulsive and unhygienic so i hope to god my friend is having sex using protection.

anyway my larger thoughts is that this is just a load of bullshit and i hate how gay sex is supposed to be radical and push boundaries. surely i’m not the only one who thinks what my friend said is really weird ?? like maybe if you’ve taken a shit pretty recently before having sex you can assume that inside has been wiped clean from the shit leaving your body but like. to not douche at all ?? ever ?? i was shocked. and i don’t care if i’m being heteronormative and un radical but my girlfriend and i will stick to having hygienic sex, thank you very much .

he also said some other bullshit like men who won’t bottom have castration anxiety but i don’t really have any opinions on that

No. 516524

That was a really complicated and political way of saying your friend is a dirty skank. Gay isn't radical. It's been operating in the grey zone for thousands of years. What have they done to your critical thinking? Getting a pay rise is radical. Affording a home is radical. A talking cat is radical.

No. 516526

yeah i don’t get the whole gay sex is radical thing either but i usually don’t discuss sex with people so i wasn’t sure if what he was saying is normal lol

No. 516528

Not sure if I should ask this here or the artist salt thread, but what's going to become of Qinni's patreon and kofi? Will the sites just keep the pages up and letting it collect money as long as people donate to them? I read someone else say the family should be able to gain access to her paypal to get the funds so hopefully it won't just be money floating about and can be used to help her family, but does patreon and kofi even have measures in place for when stuff like this happens?

No. 516529

tbh i kind of almost agree with him. like… you're fucking someone's ass. the place where they shit from. idk i agree that if you're not down to accept a shit covered dick, you're kind of retarded and shouldn't be having anal. seems obvious to me that it'd come with the territory. even pornstars who douche say shitdick is inevitable. while gross, i think your gay friend is just accepting the chaos that comes with putting your dick in an anus. this goes for anal sex whether female or male. if you're expecting no shit, you're watching too much porn. if i was a gay man, i probably wouldn't do it either. i guess gay anal can be radical in a way because, you know, it's taboo.

No. 516534

logistically i think that’s very sound. but i guess i’m just stuck on the whole ‘gay sex is radical’ thing. like i know it’s going against society yadda yadda yadda but i also felt like a pretentious fuckwit having this conversation with him out loud fjfjfhd

No. 516540

idk i think it makes sense personally, the radical part. it's not like, the most radical, but it's subversive nonetheless. your friend sounds annoying and i don't think it has to do with expecting it to be like a vagina, but it is subversive. the unreasonable expectations happen with m/f anal too. his phrasing and framing of the argument sounds retarded though so i can see why you're asking the question.

No. 516548

I've only had anal a handful of times before and it's always been on days where I just felt good to go, like digestion had been good for a few days so I had some confidence.. but in reality I think those days are rare for most people and a discussion should happen between partners.

I have a gay friend who tops and complained that straight men experimenting on Grindr are terrible for just full on shitting on him.. A small mishap can happen to anyone (even with prep) but some people are really thoughtless. You do owe it to them not to unload a full days worth of shit on them.

No. 516549

File: 1582222918016.jpg (51.12 KB, 1280x720, 845x480_WN_30_v01-1280x720.jpg)

So i was wondering if u guys had been in this financial situation before but there's something i really wanted and had my eyes on that thing for quite a while now, i know i can get it if i saved myself enough money by the end of this year. However, its quite a luxury purchase and i dont really know whether if it would make a big dent in my savings in the long run or not? Should i give up? or should i saved up for another year to be financially stable enough to afford one?

No. 516550

How hard is to take and finish all GED tests in order to get your GED?I live in Texas

No. 516552

That's nearly the whole year of saving, very few purchases outside of cars and moving home are worth a year of saving imo

No. 516554

tbh even after the console you still have to purchase the games which are pretty expensive. A few games adds up too, if you're that tight on money I'd personally not do it.

No. 516556

(assuming you meant the switch in attached picture)

No. 516566

Save up to be financially stable to afford one. Don't risk crippling yourself financially just for the sake of a luxury item. In the future, if it is a switch that you want, you can get one off ebay (I've seen plenty go for around ~$200ish, or great bundle deals) or refurbished from Nintendo directly (only like $20 cheaper than brand new, but it'll be covered under warranty at least) rather than paying full price for a brand new one. Luxury purchases are luxury purchases. Even if you've had your eye on it for a while, wait until you're in a more comfortable position.

No. 516574

It's super easy. I got my GED in Illinois so it's possible the testing material is different but when I took it it was practically 8th grade level stuff. the only one I failed was the math section, but I just suck at math and didn't study for any of them. just study your weak points and you'll be fine.

No. 516577

Or maybe it's not our fucking job to educate some stranger about a complex subject? dumbass.

No. 516585

Who's ham-chan and why is she so notorious?

No. 516586

Lol at the anons responding to this being apalled, I'm one hundred percent sure they are soft left-wing who never read abour this and just think "it's so unfair that billionaires exist maan like, there's people living in poverty out there, and like, a healthcare bill can make you lose everything and go homeless, ain't that fucked?"

And that's pretty much why people say it's bad. It's no deeper than that, most of the time.

On the more sophisticated side, there's sorta what >>516389 said, but I'd add the caveat that a real free market has never been in place so capitalism never functioned "like it's supposed to".

There are multiple alternatives - quoted anon seems to lean towards anarcho-capitalism, other anons who responded seem to lean towards welfare state (socialism lite), etc. You're already a cut or two above the average for even asking this, most people default to a simplistic position of "capitalism evil billionaires existing evil" and ignore that living standards have improved dramatically under capitalism - I'd really recommend you read up on different political and economic systems, you might find it an enjoyable activity.

No. 516588

I've been a part of a choir since I was a little girl until my late teens, and then I stopped when I got behind some schoolwork and my dad first asked me if I can "even sing" when I joined a fairly reputable, serious choir and then told me I can't sing because I was too shy to sing alone, acapella, in front of him and on command.

I've tried singing in the shower again a few times but I've discovered that I can't hit higher notes to save my life and the repertoire of songs I can sing without tuning my voice to an instrument for some minutes is minuscule.

Anyway, is there a way I can train myself to sing better or am I too long gone in my late twenties? I was never amazing or anything, but I had a lot of fun and sounded respectable and now I can't even sing a birthday song without cringing at my own voice. And recently I read a book of vocal exercises where the author praises male singers all the time and puts down female singers as "nothing special", so that put me out of it even further.

I'm so gutted, singing in my country is almost a national sport and I can't participate despite really wanting to.

No. 516605

An attention-seeking anon that the farmhands are trying to hard to promote as this lulzy cow. I know that she pretented to be black but posted her white hand dipped in blue paint.

No. 516621

paypal credit if you have a steady income and are good with money.
i couldnt not get that tbh

No. 516629

most, if not all, are complaining about American capitalism. there's way too fucking much to it so it was dumb to ask this to an imageboard tbh but anons shouldn't judge you for ..not knowing something. anyways im not reading what else they have to say as it seems to be in bad faith and not helpful and childish stereotyping and reasoning

i'd say look into the communist manifesto first but it's heavy to get into, so marx for beginners is a graphic novel that explains it easily. despite what political beliefs anybody has, it cannot be denied it is a genius critique of capitalism. why marx was right by eagleton i think is another good one. it focuses more on why capitalism is wrong

i'm not trying to push any commie propaganda. i am suggesting because these are all very well researched critiques of capitalism and the faults of it, which is what the anon asked for. don't no anons come for me unless you've read them

now if you want to go deeper, though i find this book cringy, the society of the spectacle by guy debord. this is about the social aspects of culture reliant on the base of the capitalist economic system. i suggest this to people bc it captures how an individual under capitalism feels personally. same w the revolution of everyday life by raoul vaneigiem

i know this reply is annoying im sorry in advance

No. 516632

Thank you so much, anons. I actually asked several people before taking my question to Lolcow, and none of them were able to define the difference between capitalism and socialism. I’m either surrounded by morons, or the general public is less educated on these matters than those anons realize. I figured that, since everyone here seems fairly well-informed, they’d have no issue with providing a quick explanation. I certainly wasn’t expecting a novel from anyone, nor did I mean to cause a stir.

I actually spent the night doing a good amount of research, so hopefully I’ll be caught up in no time. You guys definitely helped to clear things up a bit, and your kindness is appreciated.

No. 516714

For the american apparel tennis skirts what fits a 26in waist? I've seen so many descriptions say that xs-s fits 24 or 25. I'm scared to buy a m since I've had smalls fall off me over the day. It's going to be a preowned one from when I heard the quality was good.

No. 516717

if you buy something at a duty free store in the city (not in the airport) but give what you bought to a friend and not take it out of the country, is this illegal and will it cause problems at the airport ? i’m looking to buy fenty beauty for my girlfriend but they only sell it in duty free in my country and i’m not willing to pay for shipping if i was to order it online

No. 516751

Why is it that so many males decide to be female after a breakup recently?
A lot of girls reported me that their ex is going trans and I‘m just scared that they might have a crisis and regret it afterwards? Not that I care about their ex‘s but it is worrying that there is some other mental health issue going around like self-hate.
A change of body can’t change the fact that you‘re calling yourself trash all the time and think it will make you happier automatically.

No. 516753

Somewhere on ot anons talked about this and maybe it's because some men just think it'd be easier to be a woman/they hate themselves so much and think women as low tier people idk man as baffled as you are.

No. 516792

Probably something they were holding back on for the sake of the relationship but I've also noticed a weird thing where men want to possess a woman they know so much to the extent that they want to become her and end up mimicking their ex/other woman in their life down to choosing a similar name.

No. 516796

An anon more well educated on this matter can probably correct me, but I do think it's technically illegal. It's duty free to promote tourists to buy more stuff (and take it back home with them).

That said, whether customs gives enough of a fuck to chase you down over it is a totally different story. In my personal experience, I didn't have customs check anything. The stores stapled the receipts into my passport and idk how it is in other countries but in Japan they stamp it so half the stamp is on the receipt and half is on passport page so I didn't bother to try and remove them. I think the proper procedure is you have to declare it (I can't remember whether I did or not, but tbh I was probably only importing like $200USD of clothing/toys/non luxury bags), and customs in Japan and in the US will check to see that the receipts and items are leaving/entering the country properly. I think you're supposed to bring them on the plane as carry ons so customs can easily check but I checked in most of the stuff I bought (not knowing) and neither customs in Japan and in the US cared or even bothered to look at my duty free receipts.

You could possibly ask the store about duty free procedures to see what they say (how will the airport check, will they staple something into your passport, etc.) To be honest, I don't think either country will care enough as long as you're not buying thousands of dollars worth of duty free and not bringing it home with you.

No. 516815

They can't get the gf/relationship they want so they become the gf. Which usually ends up being a disgusting mockery, like a bimbo. Or also they feel as a failure as a man, so they decide they should be the "inferior" gender instead. Yeah…

No. 516816

hmm . i’m currently travelling in asia but i’m based in korea for longer stretches. i’m heading to laos so i was going to use that booked flight as an excuse to buy duty free. i’m sure it will be fine, as you said i don’t think they will be bothered to check but idk. if they do pull me over i guess i’ll pretend that i didn’t know i wasn’t allowed to do it, the total value of what i’m buying is around 100 us dollars so i don’t think it will be a big deal

No. 516819

it's not illegal because you're not selling it. duty free allows you to purchase a certain dollar amount of items for personal use (gifting is personal use) without taxes/duty/fees. and customs doesn't check your items, just the receipts to verify how much money you spent, and even then, you'll be taxed according to your country's standard duties/fees/taxes if you overspend. many people buy duty free and ship home instead of bringing on the plane, they just declare it to customs the same way they normally would. also many people buy things that you can't bring as a carry on internationally, so there's no reason that you'd need to take it in carry on. the only issue is buying items that you intend to sell, or not declaring how much you spent, otherwise you're good. and even then tons of people buy duty free and sell it anyway.

No. 516825

File: 1582304006649.png (63.27 KB, 275x240, B0E6BC21-9E90-45D4-B6E4-245657…)

I wanna see the replies of a post that had pic related in pic related. Pls link me to it.

No. 516829

How do I break up with someone in the kindest way possible..?

I’ve been dating my current s/o for the past 2 months. She is extremely into me and has mentioned multiple times she doesn’t wish to lose me but I just can’t feel the same way… I dread being with her due to her cow-like & ridiculous attention-seeking behaviour, and constantly daydream of being single again. She is not at all who I would like to end up with.

It’s pretty inevitable she would be hurt by my decision, but is there anything I should take note of to avoid hurting her as much as possible? I plan to write a long letter and cut her out of my life

No. 516834

thanks so much for this reassurance. logically i didn’t think it would be a problem but i’ve been flying a lot these days and being at airports and dealing with visas and customs is stressful af so i was worried about it for a hot minute

No. 516842

> her cow-like & ridiculous attention-seeking behaviour

Thing is, if this is her personality then there isn't a whole lot you can do to prevent her overreacting.. end it and run

No. 516856

You can't. No matter how nice you are, or how kind you are, or even if you decide to play up that "it's not you, it's me" card (though it does sound like it's a her problem lol), breakups suck, and they hurt.

It doesn't matter what she wants. You have needs and wants too. You're not a ragdoll that exists for her happiness. If she doesn't fit into your life, then she doesn't. Shit sucks but that's just how life goes. You'll probably end up villified by her no matter what you do, so just do it.

No. 516866

Eh, I mean if you have a good reason to break up with her then no need to write a long ass letter. That in itself is cow behavior as well, just do it anon, no fuzzes. 2 months of dating is nothing, be clear and brief, don't waste her time.

No. 516935

How often do you guys dust? I feel like I need to dust my bathroom counter, desk, night stand, etc. 1-2 times a week or I see noticeable dust buildup. Is that normal? Is my house's air just disgusting?

No. 516937

Is there a term for that weird feeling that goes up your body when something awkward happens? It's like a rush of energy.

No. 516942

Do you mean… embarrassment?

No. 516943

No, when I'm embarrassed I feel hot in the face. I feel it other times too but I just thought awkward situations were something we all could relate to. More like feeling a chill but it isn't cold.

No. 516948

Cringe? Like I feel like cringe energy is a thing, it's whatever makes you anxious to gtfo from the awkward situation.

No. 516956

Does everyone who has a pet love them deeply? (Aside from the abnormal cases where people may not feel love, ect.) I have my first pet and sometimes this feeling of love overwhelms me and I just cry when my bunny jumps into my lap and cuddles or licks my face… Everyone feels like that with their pet though, right?

No. 516963

My bird likes to cuddle up to my cheeks for about 30 minutes each morning after he wakes up.

No. 516998

I know there's extensions to block websites on your browser on your desktop, but is it possible to block certain websites on your browser on your phone? I can't figure out how.

No. 517003

Are you an android user? I personally recommend the Appblock app. It allows to block websites and apps (for example if you have an Ebay app, you cannot cheat).
There are some others, but this one worked the best for me. If you don't need to block apps, there are plenty of alternatives (like Block Site which syncs with your desktop, as far as I remember).

No. 517005

How do you know if you're feminine or not? Does long hair make you feminine?

No. 517007

Being feminine is more about your mannerisms than anything else. Having a stereotypically feminine hair or clothing is just an accent to the 'feminine' way of carrying yourself/behaving.

No. 517009

Oops, should've mentioned! Yeah I'm on android. I'm gonna check appblock out, thanks for the recommendation!

No. 517010

You don't. Other people decide that for you.

No. 517012

Is sushigirl.us like the chans or here? As in what's on it and are the people sane?

No. 517014

The people there are nice but I think they seem weird by this site's standards. It's a bit different from here.

No. 517016

You can search full sentences on google if you enter it like this for example: "Some of the newer groups of the late 2010s include"


No. 517018

it's mostly men, no?

No. 517021


Thank you so so much anons for the advice!! I finally managed to break up with her today through a talk, and already feel so much better! It was a peaceful break-up although she was rather resistant to going our own ways at first.

No. 517036

what is weird according to lolcow?

No. 517046

damn yall have to pay for that in america?

No. 517201

can you get sleep paralysis as youre falling asleep? or is it something else?
it happened last night, and it wasn't the typical "demons coming towards me" experience, i just heard whispers and saw someone sitting in my bed as i was trying to sleep. I couldn't move much either, and I felt like I had a massive weight pressing down on my body. I know it was just as I was trying to sleep because I managed to fully wake up and checked the clock to see only an hour had passed since i went to bed.
also, do people know what could cause this? I get something similar if i kind of doze off in lectures, I start to think i see things happen in my surroundings, but I'm chalking that up to daydreaming.

No. 517228

>Is it sleep paralysis?
Yes it's called hypnagogic
>what cause it?
The brain has a different mode for sleep called REM. REM is when you dream so your body paralyzes itself somewhat so you don't sleep walk everywhere. Sleep paralysis is when someone is conscious, but their brain is still in REM mode. Since REM controls dreams having the dream part active during conscious is what most likely causes the hallucination

No. 517405

I suffer from genetic hair loss which is usually only limited to the head but since almost a year or so I've been losing eyebrow hair idk why.
Anyone else experienced this?

No. 517646

Are South Korean and Japanese nightlife safe for foreign young women?

When I look up stuff about the dating and hookup scene in these countries it's always for straight men. What are some tips you can share for a straight woman?

I am interested in seeking hookups or dating in these countries but Korea's hidden camera and club rape scandals scare me. I want to stay safe. Dating app or place recommendations would be appreciated

No. 517662

i’m a lesbian in south korea so take what i’m saying with a grain of salt but i try to avoid straight clubs just because of the experiences me and my friends have had. like my friends would be in a group together and random fuckboys will approach and try to forcefully kiss every one of them. idk guys are pretty shameless here and some will even hang around gay clubs. it’s happened to me one time in a gay male club where two creepy korean men came up to me and literally groped me to the point where i would classify it as sexual harassment bordering on assault. i believe my situation is a little rarer but in straight clubs guys are pretty forward and bold with trying to pick up girls (especially foreign girls) i would recommend sticking with a group of friends when you go out clubbing and try to avoid clubs in gangnam (a few months ago a scandal broke out about involving assaults on female patrons and wealth club clients trafficking women and children in the clubs). hidden cameras are still an issue and my korean friends have told me they avoid bathrooms in subway stations for this reason. some of my korean friends will even go into the men’s bathroom when they’re with their boyfriend to avoid using public women’s restrooms. me and my other foreign friends are of the mindset that we’ve probably already been filmed so there’s nothing we can really do - may as well pee when we need to do it. also, it’s lowkey kind of easy to hookup with korean guys in general. they may not respect you as they would a korean girl (one of my foreign friends who speaks korean fluently says that when she texts these guys in korean they never use honorifics of the correct verb endings- they go straight to speaking plainly and casually with her which is something they wouldn’t do to a korean woman they barely know). anyway i hope this information is helpful to you. i don’t know what the clubbing and hooking up scene is like where you’re from so this might not be a surprise to you

No. 517664

also, if you’re looking to date i would recommend checking out language exchange events in seoul. as i learned through experience they’re really not for practicing korean ~ just for meeting people and i’ve met some decent and polite guys . too bad for them that i’m not interested lol

No. 517667

Not that anon but i have what i call terror fits where i get the usual nightmare but for some reason it doesn't stop once i am up and moving, so i end up seeing black shadowy people climbing up walls and shit. I know it's just my brain fucking up but it's super annoying and of course happens mostly when i'm stressed. I never freak out per se, i just have sometimes woken up "missing a limb" aka hallucinating and jumping up to fully realise in a minute or five that it was just a dream, but there is a full minute or few where i can stand and be awake seeing that shit. Embarassing really. I've also had full blown convos with "someone" sitting on a chair that did not even exist and getting up to touch the chair and it just all disappearing, I'm aure some wacko would scream ghosts right about now lmao.

No. 517668

I am sure you have heard this already and you know it's genetic but if you can, get your thyroid checked.

No. 517669

No hookup "scenes" are safe, dumbass.

No. 517670

Thanks a lot for your response anon. I am sorry to hear that you had to deal with harassment. I hope you'll always be safe.

Someone else I've talked to about this told me to stick with a friends group (ideally involving an older Korean friend) as well. I didn't know Korean guys in clubs would be assertive about approaching foreign women.

I am interested in dating but I am also down for hookups with the right guy. I have heard some of these fuckboys might try to film you without your consent while having sex and that's scary, I don't want to deal with creeps. It might be a better idea to meet guys in normal events like you said.

No. 517687

is it weird to love horror stories (listening, reading them), folklore.. Etc. But hate horror films?

No. 517715

Words cannot explain how much I love my dog. I sperg about my dog here and there on ot lol. She's so fucking cute. I think we've become a lot closer in just the past year alone, and I'm so happy and grateful that I'm her owner. The way she flops against me when getting rubbed, how she likes to sit under my legs, or how she'll see me off in the mornings for work- ugh. Pets are such a wonderful addition to people's lives. I've only ever had a dog, but I imagine other pet owners feel similar neverending joy and love for their beloved pet.

No. 517737

How do I delete an IG-account? I have checked through the settings several times and I can't find the option to just delete the account.

No. 517738

I've been trying to tighten up my college application and I noticed I'm lacking a few extra curriculum activities. I've found a few that could count, but I'm not sure. Could I put my past history with the Klan on my college application essay? I'm not sure if it counts, but I did a lot of outreach and community service with them. I even ran a branch! It's not something like 'I can play the violin' so I'm not sure(really bad racebait)

No. 517750

You can't do it in app, google how to delete ig account and it'll give you the link.