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File: 1576006860629.jpg (186.47 KB, 960x960, JH9FbyH.jpg)

No. 66892

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No. 66893

File: 1576006968782.jpg (58.91 KB, 600x900, GFDUBYg.jpg)

Is this yg prostitute?

No. 66894

File: 1576007077111.jpg (103.47 KB, 1200x630, wnAruO7.jpg)

Momoland is planning a comeback. Y'all think they can survive with two members leaving? JooE's gonna have to hard carry.

No. 66895

File: 1576007187499.jpeg (31.96 KB, 750x422, 1576004858039.jpeg)

an anon said jennie reminded them of a young kim soo-mi and now i can’t unsee it

i guess it’s all on jooe and nancy now

No. 66896

I bet it’ll flop and they’ll be forced to do CFs in the Philippines until they disband

No. 66897

Can’t be Nancey is still on it, considering how much stress weight she’s put on

No. 66899

It does seem weird that Jungkooks minor collision is referred to the prosecution by the police unlike other celebrities who get off more lightly after settling.

No. 66900


lol such a fashionista

No. 66901

I can't tell Loona members apart. They suck at marketing them as Months since they are supposed to be Calender girls.

No. 66902

What do you guys think of CL's new music? I personally love each one so far. It sucks how many years she wasted with YG's crusty ass. Im so glad that she is finally able to move on!

No. 66903

kek she really be trying to show as much skin on the upper half
if she actually had boobs it would probably be widely criticized

No. 66906

to me it seems like hes going through a normal person procedure instead of using his status or his companys money to get off easy like it usually happens with idols. im pretty sure this is regular legal procedure and the only reason its news is because its unusual for a celeb to actually willingly suffer the consequences of their actions and because hes from bts and his name gets clicks. if and until we find out some damning information that isnt already public, i see no reason to beat this dead horse anymore.

No. 66919

that dress sits so low on her it looks like it's sliding off

No. 66920


IDK if farmers here know Kim Gunmo but he is the Kpop artist with the topselling album before BTS dethroned him in 2018 with Persona. He was well loved by the SK public until recent accusations that he is a violent alcoholic who assaulted women. On the Soompi article his fans are even trying to cast doubt on accusors like good ol' oppalogists.

That's what BTS, EXO etc will be in 20 years(this is an imageboard)

No. 66921

Cmon I don’t bts and exo but I don’t want them beating women lol

No. 66922

Yeah tbh no one in bts and exo gives me wifebeater vibes anyways

No. 66924

Of course they wouldn’t give off wife beater vibes with their fake flower boy personas. That’s why so many celebrity/idol male abusers get away with it. Not saying I think bts/exo are secret abusers or that they’re definitely like to abuse someone, just that you can’t be like, “welp, he doesn’t seem like a wife beater.” based on their professional image. You sound like an oppalogist in the making.

No. 66925

Kim Gun Mo didn't give off wifebeater vibes either. He appeared on a few variety shows with his Mom and fiance, a month ago people were congratulating him for finally marrying. Even the woman who he allegedly assaulted says he is different to his TV persona after he drinks alcohol.

No. 66927

If they ever tried to to beat women it wouldn’t be hard to overpower their scrawny asses tbh

No. 66929

The average SK woman is not a Murican size 14.

No. 66931

She looks like a little girl playing in her mom's closet.

No. 66934

File: 1576034576739.jpg (249.27 KB, 960x1503, ezgif-2-cef5509a974a.jpg)

I know this doesn't mean anything but all the teddy bear symbolism has got me thinking lmao. This is from two days ago.

No. 66935

Her being so flat chested and her dress being so low gives the optical illusion that she’s bare chested and has no nipples.

No. 66936

You know there's a reason why nobody replied to this in the last thread, clfag?

No. 66937

She is irrelevant. I always find hilarious how her delusional fans think CL can make a career in the US.

No. 66938

I think the songs are fine for now, it's her moment etc. I just hope she doesn't stay on this chill vibe forever and release some bangers

No. 66939

imagine jimin throwing a punch kek

he couldn’t even hurt a toddler with his weak ass

No. 66940


No. 66951


God… this don't look that good.
But imagine if a more fuller chested idol was wearing this, she'd get shamed to hell and back.

At least the glasses and the bow matches, lol.


I think that anon is tinfoiling. Since Teddy is YGs producer and has made songs for BP. Some people think they might have a thing going on. And here she is wearing two teddy-related clothing articles. I think it's too far a reach tbh.

No. 66952

File: 1576048988571.jpeg (441 KB, 750x1213, C7172A3D-392E-40AB-BCD8-84C100…)

I can’t get over how ill-fitting this dress is - it sits way too low on her chest and it doesn’t flatter her body at all. The hem is finished weirdly, almost like a very flat bubble skirt. I tried to see if it was a designer dress (since sometimes designers loan out dresses/shoes which are fitted for runway models and not to the stars wearing them, so the fit can be wonky), but I checked her Instagram and she doesn’t credit anyone. I guess she’s wearing this to advertise her sunglasses, which I do like. But ugh, it looks even worse from this angle.. whoever picked that dress did her dirty

No. 66958

File: 1576050454999.png (129.33 KB, 1352x646, miumiu.png)

It's a ready-to-wear miumiu dress and it's definitely too big for her midget ass. The alterations are busted. If she wants to be the Asian token girl in LA she needs to step up her game.

No. 66959

It doesn't even look good on the model

No. 66961

Jennie has this weird fat girl head. Its so out of place with her ana chan body.

No. 66963

She has this weird bts effect in which even the ugliest pics/things she does gets praised to hell and back

No. 66964

I hope whoever made this pic is not a secret vivi stan cause they left her out and that's stupid

No. 66966

I thought it was to indicate vivi already looks old kek

No. 66971

Actor Choi Young Soo punches 15 year old Busters member Chaeyeon. What an absolute freak. What’s wrong with these men? And no one else on set said or did anything either. This man needs to be fired and thrown in jail.

No. 66972

File: 1576070521644.jpg (111.67 KB, 716x855, IMG_20191211_232056.jpg)

This group is literally who but as usual men doing what they want to children on TV because they're older

No. 66973

ikr vivi looks wrinkly and plastic anyways

No. 66974

File: 1576071966428.jpeg (Spoiler Image,557.5 KB, 706x1164, BB526558-A51F-45D0-A646-7E80BD…)

Dude was also sexually harassing her as well. He’s a literal nugu actor (he plays as extras in movies) but it’s crazy how he’s able to do shit like this publicly while being filmed and not even flinch. Everyone else present isn’t even doing anything either. Girl is 15 years old, this is so fucked.

Video here : https://twitter.com/alwayszziluv/status/1204613304242458628?s=21

No. 66975

what else do u expect from a culture that prioritises appearances? shame on everyone involved, especially the asshole who let "fame" get to his head

No. 66976

do you guys think he will face any consequences?

No. 66978

File: 1576074243346.jpeg (345.8 KB, 1668x1113, BE2DCF49-028C-4CF2-9A6E-C28F78…)

No. 66983

she's the jimincel of bp

No. 66987

What the fuck? They got fired, right?
Jesus, I don't even wanna imagine what these young girls/women in these industries deal with on daily basis, without anyone knowing.

No. 66990

Inb4 Kim Gunmo and those actors "did not look like the wife beating type"

Fuck oppalogists, SK men are really misogynistic I actually feel bad for Koreaboo women who go to SK thinking they will find a boyfriend who is like a Kpop star lol

No. 66991

Do it, but doesn't H3H3 gives off major vibes of being a Jewish MRA Ajussi who is chauvinistic too?

No. 66992

File: 1576081949919.jpg (178.47 KB, 800x1200, IMG_0336.JPG)

I need to know what push-up bras she uses….

No. 66994

Kim Soomi lookalike

No. 66995

It's so ingrained too. She's fucking 15 and went through that with a pained smile because it's common most likely. Radfems in SK go fucking hard and for good reason. These men are such trash


do it.

No. 66996


The fact that BP are hyped for being a "visual group" is funny as hell to me.They look bland and average as fuck without their stylists.

Jennie looks 60 in this pic.

No. 66997

File: 1576082761917.jpg (54.14 KB, 854x854, stuffedpaperroll.jpg)

this is all you need

No. 66998

>>66996 let's be real, all of BP are more visual than other girl groups who add plainer members like JooE, Hyebin, Dahyun, Chaeyoung, Chaeryeong, Sunny, Hyoyeon, Minzy, CL etc to make up numbers.

It's a bad photo of Jennie but she is prob strolling round in sweats without contact lenses, makeup or hair done, most idols would look worse than that much less normies

No. 67002


BP has the advantage that it only consists of 4 members.You could also arguably call Twice a "visual group" if they only consisted of Tzuyu,Sana,Momo and maybe Mina.

If she really has no makeup done in that pic,it just reinforces what OP was saying about them looking bland without their stylists.That's just what she looks like without all the glitz and glam.Which is average.Nothing wrong with being average,but it's also not "top visual" like people make them out to be.

No. 67003

File: 1576084783786.gif (2.71 MB, 540x275, dull.gif)

Sana, Momo and Mina are super basic and Tzuyu acts like a cyborg, like she's a retard or something

No. 67004

Basic? The foreign line of Twice is way prettier than the Korean line

No. 67007

File: 1576085341238.jpg (154.3 KB, 1366x2048, sana.jpg)

i just don't see it, sorry. their stale bread personality doesn't help

No. 67011

File: 1576085466975.jpg (43.55 KB, 321x401, 2.jpg)


And BP doesn't look basic?lol

No. 67018

Wtf?? I can't believe these guys haven't been officially fired. Does anyone know if there was any context to this e.g. is it one of those shows where they're "supposed" to be mean and vulgar? Because I can't understand why these dirtbags were cocky enough to assault this girl when celebrities get heat for not bowing right or having a stink face.

No. 67020

The show is actually for children..

No. 67023

No. 67026

Damn, i must have watched that video 20 times. You can hear his hit land! And she's just there awkwardly laughing because she doesn't know what else to do. Poor girl.

Fuck him for saying they were just joking. He walked away like an angry madman.

No. 67027

thats korean "humor" tbh
almost all their male comedians act that way the whole ~angry ugly little self deprecating ahjussi~
as far as i know none of the most popular ones full on punched a female in public though so i guess they're getting bolder

No. 67030

I think it's because she's an ~android in the stupid loona mythos.

No. 67031


I don't think I've seen any kpop idol that wasn't basic without the stage lights and makeup. The actors/actresses are much better looking.

No. 67032

Regardless of whether or not you like her, it's kind of incredible that the lyric video also has sign language. But I'm wondering if the weight gain has made her self-conscious which is why she isn't appearing in the music videos.

Looks like those crossdresser silicone boobs that drag queens wear, lmfao.
From an outsider's perspective, I agree that the foreign girls are prettier–I think Koreans know that too deep down. I also think WayV (the one with mostly Chinese members) is better looking than NCT. If you base it upon facial characteristics, it kind of makes sense because Japanese people have features from the Jomon people and the Chinese population has genes from Western Asian populations. That's not to say that those populations are always better looking but that they have greater chances of getting 'desirable features' by Korean standards. Twice is a rare case where I think the foreign members are the visuals, which is never talked about among Koreans because it's true. Koreans are nationalistic due to the tensions between East Asian countries–the last thing they wanna admit is that the most busted members of the "nation's girl group" are the Korean ones.
Anyway this is sounding like a race baiting thing so I'll stop here.

No. 67033

he accidentally landed a hit so loud i could hear it through the low quality video and the other one called her a bitch repeatedly by complete accident too. that happens sometimes guys, nothing to see there. /s

btw, neither got fired, both got "suspended", which means they'll be back in commission in no time. tbh i don't think this is uncommon treatment of idols within that industry AT ALL. that one taemin gif where an adult man (staff) grabs him by the ass still haunts me to this day.

No. 67034

Woah what when did that happen?

No. 67035

File: 1576104585797.jpg (332.26 KB, 2048x1226, Wa2p6NG.jpg)


Twice foreign line could be a really successful classy Jpop girl group lmao I cant stand the cutesy concepts of Morning Musume and AKB.

No. 67039

like centuries ago, i dont have the file anymore, i would have attached it. but i remember he still had the mushroom/bowl haircut and they were filmed from behind so it was no mistaking what went on

No. 67040

That’s really sad :((:()

No. 67041

Most foreign members in Kpop are picked for their visuals since they aren't good for varieties (lack of fluency) or interviews

- MissA Fei
- f(x) Victoria
- Got7 Jackson, Mark Tuan
- Gidle Shuhua
- Twice Foreign line
- EXO Kris, Luhan, Lay
- IOI Kyulkyung
- WJSN Chengxiao


No. 67043

File: 1576105393805.jpg (Spoiler Image,144.53 KB, 500x747, 1187.jpg)

but here's this too tho

No. 67044

Question, is Taemin gay? Does he set off anyone else's gaydar because he does seem a little gay to me but apparently Shinee has an openly gay member (Onew or Key) and it wasn't Taemin

No. 67045

File: 1576105948302.jpg (Spoiler Image,149.62 KB, 900x1286, 4738652876.jpg)

I always thought it's just Key, as for Taemin isn't he known to be a ladies' man? As for Jonghyun, since he has passed I won't get into that.

No. 67046

Yeah i always hear rumors about him being obsessed with the idea of baekma

No. 67048

This. There's a much higher standard for foreign members, esp visually. It's to make up for them, you know, being foreign.

No. 67049

Not this again. Please shut up.

No. 67050

>nct foreign line
Yeah I find the chinese members much better looking too. Yuta on the other hand…hes like one of the rare exceptions of the "foreign members look better" rule…idk how sm fucked up like that. Is it that hard to find one good looking guy from a whole ass country?

No. 67051

Woah, what a miserable fuck. Hope he gets his ass handed to him. How much of a piece of shit do you have to be to hit a 15-year-old girl and call her a prostitute?
Ugh, I clenched.

No. 67056

I don’t find Momo pretty and Sana is not photogenic at all

No. 67058

She just looks like a child to me, skinnyfat

No. 67059

beauty really is in the eye of the beholder because imo sana and momo are the ugliest in twice

No. 67061

I must admit I find momo pretty in an odd way? And because she’s pretty in such an odd way (?) I’m surprised her visuals are so widely worshipped. She seems like her visuals would only appeal to a select group of fans, not be regarded as the universal peak by so many. It’s weird and unexpected. She’s pretty in a really weird and awkward way so she shouldn’t be regarded as one of the prettiest girls in kpop tbh

No. 67062

Samefag, I think she looks so weird because her cheekbones are too wide for her face

No. 67063

Same! It’s probably an Asian thing because I don’t get the fuss… or I may have weird taste because I find chaeyoung cute comparing to Sana/Mina/Momo

No. 67064

nah that’s just the weeb in you talking

No. 67066

Did you forget dahyun.. but yeah sana looks like phineas and momos face looks pinched

No. 67067

Nta but liking the way a japanese person looks makes you a weeb but liking the way a Korean looks doesn't make you a kboo? OK

No. 67068

I literally said she looked pretty in a weird way and I don’t get how so many people fawn over her looks. Okay…??

No. 67069

people always shit on dahyun and chaeyoung for their looks, but what about jihyo?

No. 67070

mad daehyun /naeyeon fag

No. 67071

>>67067 can someone post a photo of Twice Korean line only so we can compare? I don't believe ajumma Chaeyoung is cuter than the foreigners. Nayeon has a botched nose and weird teeth. Jihyo is also an ajumma. Jeongyeon and Dahyun erm…

No. 67072

i don’t think dahyun is pretty and nayeon looks pretty botched these days but i just wanted to know what people here thought of jihyo

No. 67073

Prettier when she was a kid because of her sharp features but old-looking now because Jihyo has the opposite of a babyface. Chloe Moretz Drew Barrymore and Lindsay Lohan also has the same vibe of being cuter as kids because their features were defined but looking like Ajummas in their 20s because they age faster than babyfaced celebs.

No. 67074

mad over what kek. are you that anon from a few threads ago that went on a hate sperg over DAHhyun for almost half a thread? can tell because you still haven't figured out how to spell her name
cringe. look them up yourself and form your own opinions

No. 67075

File: 1576116545805.jpeg (122.97 KB, 1280x720, 23095AF5-E02F-4D97-BB16-6153DF…)

I’ve seen someone mention how asians kids with sharp features grow up to have even sharper. I agree with that,Jihyo was definitely prettier as a child. Now she looks like she should be a part of twice foreign line

No. 67076

looks kinda white there

No. 67077

can the anons elaborate on taehyung being a misogynist? haven’t been able to find much

No. 67078

File: 1576116799372.jpeg (111.23 KB, 750x744, FC92FD88-A780-489C-97A6-F18341…)

damn the effects of weightloss,,

No. 67079

>>67075 Those child actors with super defined and sharp features probably have less facial fat than other kids, when you grow up it's a disadvantage. Ha Yeon Soo, Jang Nara Im Soojung and Ariel Lin have babyfaces which age better because their features are less sharp with enough facial fat to soften the aging process.

No. 67080

File: 1576117830949.jpg (73.89 KB, 682x1024, 4koa2GZ.jpg)

No. 67081

File: 1576117954188.jpg (58.24 KB, 682x1024, dDihpVS.jpg)

No. 67082

why do dahyuns brows look like caterpillars

No. 67083

these pics are so shooped they shaved off momo's cheekbones to make her face more egg shaped like the others LOL. if you're gonna do this weird comparison shit at least use caps from tv appearances or videos

No. 67084

File: 1576118543159.jpeg (420.47 KB, 1740x1720, B794B6E4-AD95-4763-A06C-9AC88E…)

lol when they go easy on the shooping

No. 67085

Surprise, no one complains about how this isnt a kpop thing thus shouldn't be discussed here. Seriously where are those anons? Kek.

On the other hand, that guy is really disgusting. I imagine the girl didn't quite understand what he was saying/didn't want to be rude to him.

No. 67086

this is a kpop thing because the girl is in a d list kpop group called buster. it's in the title of the article. her company already released a statement saying it was just a joke as well

No. 67087

What's baekma and which Shinee member are you referring to

No. 67088

Nta but what are you talking about? It's da-hyun not dah-hyun
Even her name is hangul is just Da-hyeon

No. 67089

If this was possible for them + umji, then what made it hard for kayla, cl, etc? I'm not fat shaming, just genuinely curious. I mean they're celebrities, they can go through various diet plans/programs.

No. 67091


they already made her come out with a clarification statement as well apologizing for the fuss. that poor girl.


here's the video of one of the dudes calling her a bitch + derogatory jokes about her needing listerine to wash her mouth referencing oral sex. this girl is 15. i'm sick. why is korean media so degenerate? if this is what they're like when the cameras are on i can only imagine what kind of shit goes down behind closed doors. she doesn't even look phased or bothered by what's being said, already socialized at a young to accept this kind of treatment as normal


No. 67092

Taemin, and baekma a common white woman fetish by korean dudes

No. 67093

uhhh stress, maybe? i’m not sure either

No. 67094

CL is already 28 and has had no career outside 2ne1 and never will so it isn’t really necessary for her to loose weight tbh. also she isn’t pretty amd does not have very good proportions either so it wouldn’t make that much of a change.
In regards to Kyla i don’t know. I remember some former pristin members now in their new group did some scenes in their mv that was supposed to represent Pledis make them go on diets on something

No. 67095

its the sweet innocent eyed angelic blonde models he gets with. why you think he goes to those fashion shows?
this is an old topic, everyone knows it. not gay, taemin gets around A LOT. can we please stop this "might be gay" nonsense? whats next? heechul? these groupie shaggers def arent gay.

No. 67096

is that sooman?

No. 67097

Yup just like the girl in this mv

No. 67098

how the heck did that even come into existence?
yellow fever: thinking the women are sweet and obedient ok, i disagree but i can logically understand the nonsense. i dont get the white chicks one. can someone explain?

No. 67099

File: 1576122029748.jpg (98.61 KB, 750x501, pd.jpg)

The Produce 101 Japan winners look so…..average… Even PD101 China had cuter guys.

No. 67100

a bit off topic but fuck it lol

The submissive asian woman stereotype is hilarious and wrong kek have these people ever heard of tiger moms?

No. 67101

They only think he’s gay because of his appearance

and I guess move didn’t help

No. 67102

not sure want made that any better, or under your skin

No. 67103

File: 1576123352034.jpg (41.53 KB, 568x540, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

I mean if you look at the overall contestants… I guess they're the better looking ones? Kek. I remember anons mentioning some good looking dudes there (like 3 or 5 of them) idk if they got into the finals though. Judging from the pic I don't think they did?

No. 67104

File: 1576123657815.jpg (35.29 KB, 495x619, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

I don't care much if taemin is gay or not. I just pity anyone or anything that has to fuck him while looking like this kek. He used to be cute, idk what happened.

No. 67105

File: 1576123719604.jpg (24.35 KB, 701x438, images.jpeg-9.jpg)


No. 67106

this shit should be spoiled jesus lord

No. 67107

Excessive botox and fillers. His cheeks are bursting with filler like a jello balloon.

No. 67108

File: 1576124036688.jpg (159.65 KB, 1024x879, 1574465558318.jpg)

different fag

No. 67109

File: 1576124404287.jpg (660.42 KB, 1638x2048, 1573968971637.jpg)

i think its also weight. seems to go right to the face.
pic must be after some concerts, lost weight, doesnt look as bloated.

No. 67110

>>67104 Is Taemin trying to outdo his buddy Jimincel in the creepy contacts stakes. Good god.

No. 67111

Why does Ten look haggard like a manager hyung? Twinkyong and Baekhyun hiding behind the girl to make their head smaller, sneaky. Bet they made Lucas take the photo because he looks good regardless of head size.

No. 67112

>>67109 Taemin looks bad in this.

No. 67113

No. 67114

File: 1576125091741.jpeg (1.16 MB, 1123x1328, 61BD1345-380D-4CD9-A00D-219018…)

lol jimin park from 15& looks like this now in her attempt to drastically become hot

No. 67115

You’re nitpicking, he looks good here

No. 67116

>ignoring the obvious nose job on Lia

No. 67117


Most Korean/Asian/Arab/Indian dudes lowkey see white women as a sexual bucket list experience (like how Caucasians see Asian women too), because of the sheer amount of white people porn there is online. 80% of porn features white people and most non-white men jack off daily to white porn actresses because of the lack of Indian or Arab porn.

Hence why white women especially blondes get sexually harassed travelling in Egypt or India, because those dumb degenerates associate white women with porno women they jack off to every day.

But if you ask Korean men to marry someone white they will complain that they only wanna marry someone who cooks Korean food and that SK women aren't as degenerate as Japanese or white women who do porn, all while jacking off to JAV or white porno actresses.(racebait)

No. 67118

Her duckface is so bad I bet she quacks

No. 67119

It's a very good picture of him, yes, but he still looks awful even at his best nowadays.

No. 67120

At first glance, I thought that this was jimin’s creepy white twin from the west changing up his look

No. 67127

Oli London looks more like Taemin than Jimin.

No. 67128

And yet she complains about men calling her new boobs with all sorts of fruits names

No. 67129

File: 1576128218314.jpg (Spoiler Image,24.54 KB, 678x381, 1571396668_Insight-on-Justin-J…)

Did I? His look nowadays reminds me of the ~human Ken doll~ which isn't a compliment. He just looks so unnatural and plastic-y. It doesn't even have anything to do with age cause those tvxq dudes are looking good still.

No. 67130

Oh my fucking god he does, he really does look like Taemin

No. 67131

Japan has always had low standards for their male idols. 80% of johnnys are fug af yet have all sorts of female autist fans

No. 67132

File: 1576128977501.jpg (160.26 KB, 634x845, rIuz1zY.jpg)

No. 67133

File: 1576129266144.jpg (234.8 KB, 854x1280, 2019-12-12-13-40-45-499.jpg)

No. 67134

File: 1576129836680.jpg (25.09 KB, 640x426, 2bSbw9Rl.jpg)

It's like Taemin got surgery to look like Oli London

No. 67135

File: 1576129891662.jpg (289.42 KB, 1521x2048, qYAih1Q.jpg)

No. 67136

looks like gackt lmao

No. 67137

She does this because no one will listen to her boring ass music, then complains when this is all she gets attention for.

Baek Yerin, meanwhile, has a #1 on all charts.

No. 67139

What is this kpop's obsession with gackt?

No. 67140

Lol yeah. Yerin keeps a low profile too.

No. 67141

File: 1576137040265.png (403.5 KB, 976x560, 1576079274-screen-shot-2019-12…)

> tvxq dudes are looking good still
oh really?

No. 67142

apparently he is the sh*t and at least 1 members in every group tries to emulate his look.

No. 67143

>>67077 sorry to bts fag you, bts fag but you can literally find shit in under 5 minutes. The retard has yanked on fan's hair for wearing shit that didn't cover enough aka her shoulders were showing. Among other shit but that's enough spoonfeeding for you.

No. 67144

File: 1576138927034.jpg (115.87 KB, 450x672, your-oppars-in-2030.jpg)

I'm sure koreans know that. And that's why they do things like declare chinless Nayeon as their fav and get mad about the foreign girls' pronounciation (as if that matters in something that sounds like an uwu kids song)

Oof, I hope that's not what it looks like (but it probably is…)

Odd that he still dresses so feminine, one would think that a guy who grew up not only oggled by female fans but also harrassed by male pedos would do everything to look as strong and manly as possible. At this point of his career he definitely has a hand in his styling, so he likely chooses to look like Kris Jenner's head on a twink body.
But I don't think he's gay either, the standards of gay behavior are just completely different in the Asia.

Heechul (and maybe some of the other older idols) is his fan, but I highly doubt that newer groups even know him. Bts also clearly had zero idea who Yoshiki was when they took a pic with him.

What is this extremely low resolution pic supposed to prove? If that's his "bad" look, then that still means he looks younger than every single member of sperm.

No. 67147

nancy's body is so thick compared to the other girls. her white genes are going to catch up to her once she reaches her 20s

No. 67148

honestly to me she has the best body

No. 67150

I meant yunho and changmin, the one you attached is not a tvxq member anymore duh

No. 67151

You sound like a jealous knetz. Are you lost?

No. 67152

having huge ass and tits that throw off the entire body's proportions seems to be a trend nowadays

No. 67153

>triggered whitefag

No. 67154

Yo i'm not even white but i can tell plain jealousy from honest criticism

No. 67155

not even saying she has a bad body, i'm just saying she looks very stocky. she's going to stand out from the rest of the girls if momoland lasts long enough for her to reach 23/24

No. 67156

no one is jealous of your bias

No. 67157

It's not even that Asians have better genes, it's bc they take care of themselves (+ dr. kim's free ps fridays) more than any other race cuz public perception is everything there(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67158

are you kidding lol? asians in general have smaller frames than americans etc. it's just a fact. look at kyla

No. 67159

>smaller frame=better gens
are you retarded?

No. 67160

are YOU retarded?
the bitch is stocky, that was my only point. move the fuck on

No. 67162

File: 1576144011157.gif (60.2 KB, 220x122, tenor.gif)

And i don't even have to be a stan to have some common sense, which you clearly lack of

No. 67164

File: 1576144417450.jpg (125.97 KB, 720x720, PhotoGrid_1576144390519.jpg)

>move the fuck on
Yeah if you could move the fuck on that'd be great
>pic from #42

No. 67165

anywayyy there's a lot of defending in a kpop critical thread? kind of defeats the purpose. go gush over nancy in the general thread

No. 67166

this thread has never been immune to difference of opinions and personal tastes. you can race bait and shit on nancy but don’t be surprised when people disagree and call you out for doing the most

No. 67174

not even the person who posted about nancy. go praise your flopdol somewhere else(your post history says otherwise)

No. 67176

anyways, how do we feel about this loona cb? wasn't bbc in a shitload of debt just yesterday

No. 67184

can someone remind why loona stans are more insane than usual

No. 67186

bc this thread is slow af and I just want a topic to talk about

No. 67188

hopefully another scandal will happen before 2019 is over

No. 67190

im not talking about this thread im talking about loona stans in general everyone knows about the annoying stan loona meme lol

No. 67191

idk ppl are just bored/insane/14yo and when you give them a simple slogan like "stan loona" or smth, they'll run with it like a wildfire

No. 67192

btw I quite enjoy most of loona's predebut releases, they were much better than whatever high high&butterfly are supposed to mean

No. 67193

Jaejoong got into the circle of all of the older vkei and jrock guys (mainly Hyde and Yoshiki) but the last time I checked he’d never interacted with Gackt apart from when TVXQ were on a music show with him years ago. I miss the drama of 2004-2009 K-pop and J-pop so I wish there was a juicy reason behind it but I doubt it’s that deep.

One of my favourite pieces of gossip lost to old boards and stuff was that Jaejoong and Ayumi Hamasaki have massive issues with each other after being friends for a while, but he’s not relevant or milky enough for anything to come out of it now. The “hurrrr K-pop isn’t fun anymore” stuff annoys me but it’s true that old idols had scandals that were more fun than either being just talentless and ugly or being a genuinely disgusting person. BP don’t even have interesting bullying scandals

No. 67194

god this shit will just make everyone avoid them at all costs kek

No. 67206

The ultimate autismo

No. 67208

Which one is Nancy even? The 2nd on the left is Yeonwoo, the most popular one who got dropped, right? Because she looks by far the heaviest and doesn't have a drop of white in her…

No. 67210

Yeonwoo is on the far right, Nancy is the one with the bob.

No. 67213

So Nancy is like the 4th "fattest" in a group of 8, how horrible…

No. 67214

nobody cares about the 5 members that aren't nancy, jooe or yeonwoo (who's not in the group anymore I believe), so that kinda puts her at the 1st spot in terms of fatness anyway

No. 67216

jfc this song is so lazy and the choreo looks like it's been done by ME at 3am, what even is the "come see me" move someone pls save aoa from themselves

No. 67220

Why does the red haired one always have this drugged look in her eyes?

No. 67222

don't let her fool you, they're all on drugs

No. 67223

It's because she's obviously lied about her age and is older than she says. That's the joke.

No. 67224

I found it so hilarious. Iirc Hyolyn also did that by changing her birthday to be b4/after the lunar new year (not sure tho as it was very confusing to me, a westener) but didn't vivi just make herself a LOT younger than she is? Did the company make her do that? I can't imagine them not knowing the actual age of one of their idols lmao

No. 67225

File: 1576158612162.jpg (4.88 KB, 163x171, 4297661ed740229380c6c86c9639af…)

Claims to be born in 1996. Fucking sad that a 26 year old has to lie about her age.

No. 67226

After lunar new year -> only 1 year older than the western age
Before -> 2 years older
Vivi is the worst tho. Someone here said the same about tiffany but im not sure.

No. 67227

Tiffany lied about her age? woah what a pioneer
agreed. kpop should stop debuting underage idols, so all the pedos could just fuck off about ppl in their 20s being too old for this

No. 67229

kek a ruined one on top of that

No. 67231

i don’t follow bts, that’s why asked. most of the stuff i find is overlapped by oppalogists.

No. 67232

The song is just meh ok, but what have they done to their faces? Who are these people? I wouldn't have known this was AOA if the video title didn't say so

No. 67234

why? i cannot comprehend why they are defending them like this, how do you find this good?

No. 67238

where's the screenshot coming from ? if it's from a SM, it doesn't mean shit, we all do that when we're too young to have an account

No. 67240

I'm sure most people know deep down certain idols are pretty untalented but don't want to admit it and/or are just being contrarians. Not everyone can be super talented, there's no need to claim everyone is a singing goddess or someshit. Most idols are average singers and dancers.

No. 67241

funny how these fags always use a fake robotic voice, probably because they're 13yo fatfucks.

No. 67246

basically. If they didn't you would hear the fat deep voice rumbling from their thoat

No. 67247

some idols are untalended but have a peronality/visual that make up for it so idk, it's not like I'm a producer who know what will sell

No. 67248

Top 10 best-selling artists in 2019

BTS — 6,037,765
SEVENTEEN — 1,455,758
TWICE — 1,140,501
GOT7 — 646,445
EXO — 641,270
X1 — 639,117
Baekhyun — 554,478
MONSTA X — 535,721
KangDaniel — 503,558
NU’EST — 491,803
Top 10 best-selling boy groups in 2019

BTS — 6,037,765
SEVENTEEN — 1,455,758
GOT7 — 646,445
EXO — 641,270
X1 — 639,117
MONSTA X — 535,721
NU’EST — 491,803
SUPER JUNIOR — 429,375
StrayKids — 424,965
EXO_SC — 412,590
Top 10 best-selling girl groups in 2019

TWICE — 1,140,501
BLACKPINK — 368,857
Red Velvet — 345,831
IZ*ONE — 325,295
MAMAMOO — 206,800
WJSN — 205,755
GFRIEND — 192,514
ITZY — 119,704
Dreamcatcher — 67,513
fromis_9 — 67,106


No. 67249

Seventeen outsold EXO surprisingly

No. 67250

File: 1576163019933.jpg (144.41 KB, 427x1354, 1576153456-0004353630-001-2019…)

Junsu was allowed to appear on korean tv for the first time in 10 years, but judging by his apartment the struggle was worth it.
Yunho and Changmin also showed their places and they by far don't live as luxuriously as him or Jaejoong. The price for the units in the tower ranges from 4 to up to 30 million.

It's because they only came back last week. But Seventeen seems to be really popular in Korea, while western kpoppies don't really care about them. Same for Nuest, Produce 101 really saved them.
And the differences between girl groups and boy groups are huge…

No. 67255

Does he have a crossbite?

No. 67256

I'm pretty sure NCT should be on this list, what a shitty statistic

No. 67257

Seventeen is the second most popular boygroup in japan after bts so thats where a lot those sales must be coming from too

No. 67258

Since they listed exo and exo sc separately I assume they also did that to nct 127 and nct dream. With combined sales nct would be on that list.

No. 67259

lmao nct shooting themselves in the foot bc of that whole subunit thing

No. 67260

this looks like a macys photoshoot for kids with downs

No. 67261

I just realized Twice is only being called pretty bc of the foreign line… that kinda changes perspective on things

No. 67263

>chanmi is the only hot member now
my my my how times change lmao

No. 67264

File: 1576168213800.jpg (83.29 KB, 752x768, Twice1.jpg)

Predebut they were already pretty

No. 67265

jyp has a weir sense of good looks, nobody in itzy or wonder girls could be called a visual and in twice it's only the foreign members

is he ani-korean or something?

No. 67266

Twice Korean line singing Cheer Up kek

No. 67267

actually I find dahyun and chaeyoung pretty now

No. 67269

If anything he is adding foreign members to boost the Korean line. Itzy kinda lack stannable visuals (Yuna is ok, Yeji maybe, Ryujin looks worse as she grew up) compared to the group they wanna copy, Blackpink

No. 67274

File: 1576170001074.jpg (120.41 KB, 1280x720, BkzFp0i.jpg)

>>67267 That video is from 2006 when they just debuted. Chaeyoung has too many trashy tattoos now, including a cupid heart on her neck. At least she doesn't hide them 24/7 like coward Jungkook.


Dahyun is just meh skillwise.

No. 67275

1)twice debuted in 2015
2)ew her tattoos are fugly
3)dahyun looks cute with dark hair

No. 67278

*2016 I meant. Sorry.

No. 67279

File: 1576170424554.jpg (79.03 KB, 540x791, Oz26MXl.jpg)

Who is Juvis trying to kid? Kek

No. 67282

the kekkest of the keks

No. 67283

i dont get it? what is this about?

No. 67284

god the bar is set so low for males its disgusting
cant wait till he gains it all back and then some just like the other two times he ~went on a diet~, because thats the only time he's relevant is when he loses weight and gains it back lmao

No. 67288

>>cant wait till he gains it all back

Implying Shindong didn't just abuse the V-shape face filter button

No. 67292

its not even flattering. the chubbier pic looked better. this inbetween very overweight and skinny doesnt suit him

No. 67295

>>67288 to be honest I saw him on knowing bros and he did lose weight.. but the filters are still obvious in that pic

No. 67296

yeah sure he looked better at 120kg than at 100 it makes perfect logical sense

No. 67300

Itzy girls are cute enough but they have no standout visual, not like Doyeon or Sulli or Nana-tier. The only "visual goddess" idols JYP ever had are Suzy, Somi and Tzuyu, and personally I find Suzy even blander than Yoona.

I guess JYP is trying to create a more "approachable" image in his idols so he only casts the girl/boy-next-door types

No. 67301

Mysides no racebait but all the whites itt are hilarious

No. 67302

File: 1576173591575.jpg (37.55 KB, 520x465, tRzI96Z.jpg)

HyunA was in the original WG line-up and I think she was always a standout visual. Somi is meh, even Koreans find her old-looking (they call her Ida Daussy) and said she looked late 20s during her IOI days when she was 15-16.

I find Itzy Yuna pretty for her age. Not sure why Ryujin doesn't stand out in Itzy anymore when she was a star on Mix9.

No. 67303

hyuna was super pretty in the past but now she's tragic

No. 67305

File: 1576174055522.jpg (34.31 KB, 638x293, Capture.JPG)

>no racebait
>is racebait

To each their own, I only found Hyuna gorgeous in the Troublemaker and Red eras. She needs eyebrows to look good. Yuna is pretty, but her creepy shit-eating grin is disturbing to watch after a few seconds.
Ryujin doesn't stand out because she doesn't suit outlandish hair colours, and for some reason her overall facial expression seems angrier/more serious. Something is definitely different from her Mixnine days

No. 67306

It's not racebait lmfao. don't be so sensitive, cracker

No. 67307

I never found her super pretty, she really has one of these inoffensive faces, even after the ps (minus the tragic lip fillers but hopefully they'll soon b gone)

No. 67308

File: 1576174886273.jpeg (17.3 KB, 193x261, 953746B0-3A57-4BC6-9383-87BD60…)

i agree.. she’s really pretty but her smile weirds me out

No. 67309

File: 1576174924468.jpg (57.89 KB, 500x586, WkhYxwE.jpg)

Hyuna's makeup face is the opposite of inoffensive, she always look OTT sultry and sexy. But even barefaced she stands out when you see her next to her groupmates

No. 67310

File: 1576175013436.jpg (55.88 KB, 350x525, 8kfPQ1R.jpg)

No. 67311

I find her smile just as pretty as every other person's, it's just that she only has 2 facial expressions and that can get tiring

she still has lots of room for improvement tho, considering how young she is

No. 67312

woah, 4 minute had… very asian looking members

No. 67313

it's almost like they're asian or something

No. 67314

File: 1576175827586.gif (383.23 KB, 500x361, hyunabrows.gif)

>>She needs eyebrows to look good.

No. 67315

hmm yeah with light hair best go 1-2 shades darker for eyebrows. im not sure why the stylists didnt do that.

No. 67316

i think it's the eyebrows; maybe they plucked the arch out of them during mixnine so they'd be straight. now they're more angular.

No. 67317

This thread, man. This thread.

No. 67318

File: 1576176858137.gif (1.02 MB, 268x340, giphy.gif)

Actually the prettiest member in 4minute was jihyun and will always be jihyun.

Some anons here seem to equate relevancy and fame with a female idols looks…hyuna might have been the most famous 4minute member but jihyun was still better looking than her.

Jihyun is a irrelevant flop and no one really knew or cared about her in 4minute because she had no charisma and had barely had any lines in 4minute but people could still objectivily agree she was the prettiest.

No. 67319

Im waiting for the day when Key and Jokwon come out of the closet.

No. 67320

File: 1576177050476.gif (2.46 MB, 177x270, 36666451-84F0-4FE9-A492-3DCDBE…)

wtf olivia hye predebut

No. 67321

she looks like the akmu girl, you sure that's not her?

No. 67322

File: 1576177329139.jpeg (70.04 KB, 576x1024, D0D5BF39-B299-4740-9A8B-CBC248…)

nope this too
it actually says her name too

No. 67323

the absolute state of the "naturally beautiful" olivia hye wow

No. 67324

File: 1576178079318.jpg (5.59 KB, 183x275, download (1).jpg)

Biggest LOL in the century.
Bitter spoiled eggs and nctfags now cannot use the ''seventeen are irrelevant'' excuse now, eggs must be mad that svt is now more famous than their fave botched lobotomies exo.

And Mingyu will always be the original hot ''sea-looking'' guy because Lucas looks like a monkey orangutan version of him.(ban evading rat)

No. 67325

Mingyu is actually Korean so he has the edge over Lucas there too

No. 67326

the tea is that mingyu doesn't look sea at all, if anything he kinda looks chinese

No. 67327

You do know that the chart includes like 4 days of sales from EXO versus months from Seventeen or..? cool down ratmy

No. 67328

File: 1576179009905.jpg (29.29 KB, 500x666, UkMD7Le.jpg)

Eh you used a photo with contacts and dyed hair. She looks average

No. 67329

she's not pretty to me either but she has the innocent look to her that sk likes, besides she's not ugly

No. 67330

File: 1576179365176.jpg (Spoiler Image,32.73 KB, 610x380, hansohee.jpg)

Article: Han Seohee exposes Jung Daeun for assaulting her.
Source: Mydaily via Nate

1. [+202, -19] She's living quite the rollercoaster of a life with that pretty face of hers…
2. [+165, -7] Every time her name is in the media, she brings with her bomb-tier news
3. [+127, -10] She needs stability..
4. [+30, -6] One thing's for sure, her mental is not normal… so don't leave any hate comments…
5. [+28, -2] Quite the abnormal life… I feel bad for her…

Source: TV Report via Nate

1. [+121, -9] Maybe they're both drunk… or high… but you're both weird to me
2. [+96, -7] If you were assaulted, you should be reporting it to the police. Why are you on Instagram?
3. [+94, -13] What a psycho… from a druggie feminist lesbian… who had some fun exposing other celebrities, and now she's fighitng to the brink of death with her own partner
4. [+16, -4] What're you doing with your pretty face…
5. [+14, -0] Both of them look so normal, why do they choose to live like this
6. [+8, -1] Don't feed the troll

No. 67331

File: 1576179604740.jpg (14.86 KB, 342x262, jJ9FLy9.jpg)

Hyuna should've never fucked around with her face, she has the kinda of natural beauty Koreans like a lot but her sexy concepts led her down the path of PS

No. 67332

File: 1576179829183.jpeg (257.2 KB, 750x560, DE3699E1-A8C4-4B4A-BD93-3C31E4…)

psychopathic kpoppies celebrating

No. 67333

File: 1576179885588.jpeg (385.44 KB, 750x928, 43704DD1-C5A7-4A74-87BD-FBB074…)

No. 67334

>oh but you're so pretty, why would you act crazy
knetz btfo

No. 67335

>>67334 Hate to say but she probably is addicted to attention and social media, like Sulli. Sulli admitted she did a lot of things on SNS and IG because she enjoyed the attention it gave her, even if it ended up as bad publicity and got her hate. Han Seohee could have the same problem.

No. 67336

this is a general idol sickness (well or many people who operate out in the open like that).
some just have less control over themselves than others.

No. 67337

she looks like haseul lol

No. 67338

not like seeking attention is connected to mental disordes in any way btw

No. 67339

ryujin puts on that blank expressionless face a lot of the time in performances and i think she looks so ugly/weird when she does that.

No. 67340

haseul actually owns up her looks and I can respect that

No. 67341

it's funny to me bc these (inexperienced) idols probably think they're putting on a cool face, while we just think they look bored

No. 67343

wtf does "spoiled eggs" reference? i keep seeing anons say that itt

No. 67346

SNS addiction is probably a 21st century mental illness, especially if you do increasingly questionable things to gain attention like spray whipped cream into your mouth, post about domestic violence etc.

If Han Seohee is in a real domestic violence situation, she should pack up, leave and move out immediately, not make SNS posts to gain clout for being a victim.

No. 67347

She doesnt look like her at all? Are you retarded?

No. 67348

>like spray whipped cream into your mouth
this is so sad, why would anyone do this to themselves?????

No. 67349

my bet she won't even report that to autorities

No. 67350

god why do they make their eyes so weird and downturned? They really do look like theyre trying to stay awake while knocking off…

No. 67351

Did Wonho actually come back to Monsta X? Google's not saying anything.

No. 67352

Ahh so the egg rat was the batshit svtfag from a couple threads back this whole time? Wow what a twist.
Neither an """egg""" nor an nctfag nor a spermy but imo Mingyu is far less attractive than Lucas. The latter has more interesting, modelesque features despite all the heat he gets in here for being a "seamonkey".

How many comebacks did seventeen have this year? 3?

No. 67353

nah. "no offense but [insert something highly unlikely to happen but that OP wishes would happen anyway] would suck" is a common twitter copypasta of sorts, its considered good luck to quote tweet someone elses "unlikely thing actually happened" tweet with your own wish - thats what the wonho OP was most likely doing.

no news on wonho from what i know and i hope he stays gone tbh.

No. 67354

seventeen came back in spring right? meanwhile exo came back last week. at least try to mask the fact that you are a ratmy plz
if this is real i hope she actually gets help and leaves asap rather than staying. it's crazy what attention seeking can do to people it's really sad

No. 67355

Hsh is psycho. I don't doubt that she pushed daeum to do that. She seems like the type who would those batshit crazy stuff we only see in movies like some gone girl shit or something

No. 67356

the boredom that comes with being an unemployed richess can drive ppl insane

No. 67357

The comments of i-nets are even worse, zero sympathy. They either say that it was mutual and that surely Seohee hurt her as well, or they downright say that she had it coming. Also "there was the sympathy when Wonho was accused?!". Appearantly transphobic and opparphobic comments are deserving of domestic violence.
At least give her the benefit of the doubt.

>Funny how they are preaching to not leave hate comments and to be careful but said and did everything under wonho articles…

>OMG, they were just leaving hate comments on Jihyo articles, but lets respect HSH a transphobe and drug dealer to minors of all, wtf? How does this person manage to get sympathy every single time but innocent female idols get bullied? She's a patological liar and i have my doubts about the abuse
>Put them both in jail and let them rot.
>You lay down with dogs you get flees with them.
>I don't have sympathy for people who actively try to ruin other people's lives unprompted
>By a show of hands, who pities HSH?
>I'd think that no one with a sound mind would SUPPORT an abuser, but who exactly pities HSH? That girl is so toxic I-
>Seohee has spent her life being an evil bitch, she doesn't deserve empathy.
>Not saying she deserves it but life has a funny way at knocking your ass down a notch or 2.
>Jung Daeun… you should've choked her harder… what a failure.
>funny how these bitches never do anything, like if you're being abused go to the police.

No. 67359

imagine thinking exposing oppars for doing illegal shit makes domestic abuse and murder perfectly justified

these peoples degeneracy goes beyond cow fanfics

No. 67360

Dumb question but who is Jung Daeun exactly ?

No. 67361

her transgender partner

No. 67362

the chick that wonho dude was with. it was her stuff he supposedly flogged and didnt pay back. the chick with admas apple is now with hansoohee

No. 67363

it makes no sense tho, 98% of idols are fucking boring

No. 67364

IS it only me who think Hyuna's time is over? This was really boring and even saddening because I see she can't accept the fact she's already replaced and her popularity is only there because of the "first public couple" concept and her female fans.

No. 67365

This is how I know you and everyone pointing fingers at the woman is a kpoppie newfag. People here have praised Han So Hee for doing the impossible. Go back to shithole twitter /netizenbuzz for support.

No. 67366

She's soooo fucking rich too i wonder how she wasnt able to buy a career. Maybe her parents would rather she stays away from the entertainment industry but they must now regret it cause if she kept herself busy as an idol she wouldnt have become a drug dealer

No. 67367

HSH is officially /ourgirl.

No. 67368

I mean daeun is also a woman so we either have a female wifebeater or a psycho liar. Good for us that she stirred some shit but being a shit stirrer and psycho are not mutually exclusive in fact they walk hand in hand most times

No. 67369

Not to derail about terf bs but ftm trannies tend to be a bit violent, more than other natal women but still less than mtf trannies. I guess it helps them feel like real men.

No. 67371

Yeah but it's been said she's not a troon anymore just a dyke. She was convinced by her ex partner to take hormone shots so they could get legally married but she already stopped taking those

No. 67372

Hormones are probably a big part of what causes it

No. 67373


Wait so she dated Woho, became a tranny and then dated Hanseo? Looks like bad tv show scenario

No. 67374

yeah she dated wonho, became a tranny to marry some random girl, and then ended up with hsh

No. 67375

Don't expect sympathy for hsh from them. They've been wishing for her to be tortured and killed for a while now

No. 67376

no they came back in september with fear.

No. 67377

Is that momo beside tzuyu? Doesnt look like her

No. 67378

They released a mini album and 2 other singles earlier this year too, no?

No. 67379

she trained at a bunch of different agencies so I doubt her parents didn't try. she probably didn't want have to put on the usual idol act

No. 67381

Sunmi is pretty but that's after jyp and various ps lol. Wonder why she never got popular when in wg.

No. 67382

*sunmi looks pretty SOMETIMES

No. 67383

It is yeah

No. 67384

Sunmi's too anorexic looking, even for Koreans lmao

No. 67385

People in the comments say they muted the crowd thus why there was no cheering during her singing but then when it's the part where she talked with the crowd they were almost silent too? Kek

No. 67386

I know with money you can do anything but HSH was already exposed in a bad light when the news of her and top broke out? I doubt it's be easy for her to get an actual job somewhere that isnt her parents' business. Plus the fact that she's been training to become an idol means she has no prior education to support an actual job outside of the entertainment industry.

No. 67388

Ia w you, i meant how couldnt she debut before all the scandals etc. But it must be what the other anon said… she probably wanted to be a soloist or something

No. 67392

No thats been debunked a billion times. Go ask those pinkpill cunts about it.

No. 67395

yikes wtf. this is new levels of creepy, even for kpop. He looks straight up like a white dude wearing a mask

No. 67399

File: 1576211182363.jpg (133.94 KB, 900x600, d59825123c06434d89cc4a1605b45e…)

Cherry Bullet, a nu-gu with 2 songs lost 30% of their members officially today. They had been promoting without them for a while but now their contracts have been officially 'terminated'

No. 67402

Testosterone made her sound like bart simpson ctfu

No. 67403

File: 1576212190907.jpg (278.52 KB, 972x1200, ELM7HFvU8AA5q7f.jpg)

Damn. Lookin a little rough there, scammy.

No. 67404

Are there any idols that actually have good skin?

No. 67405

is this an edit or did he really go out looking like that? damn taemin aged badly

No. 67406

>aged badly
Nah, I think he went through too many surgeries and now looks like michael Jackson/a tranny

No. 67407

hsh is a messy attention seeker but she also exposes these shitty male idols so i support her

No. 67408

the unhealthy lifestyles aren't helping them

No. 67409

it's so obviously an edit

No. 67410

Jaehyun from nct maybe?

No. 67411

fat grafting on her face

No. 67412

i agree with you, i always only thought jihyun was pretty but she was dumber than a box of rocks and had no talent or personality and was the least liked member even less than the chubby one and the dyke

No. 67414

File: 1576216284856.jpg (52.18 KB, 600x600, K7GoRdt.jpg)

It's just the lack of bangs. Momo looks the same in another predebut photo

No. 67415

it's b4 the bulimia

No. 67416

she looks like a washed out seohyun

No. 67417

were they chinese?

No. 67418

I mean, it doesn't look like he has any inflamation in his skin, just acne scars and the editing highlights the unevenness

No. 67420

Idk why they even bother to create these nugu groups, like even commoners/casual fans can tell if the groups will be able to last or not. Esp girl groups lmao, they have it worst. Boy groups have better chance at winning cause of braindead fans (bts, ateez, etc)

No. 67421

Lmao at this point she should just take more hormones cause that voice is terrifying. Kinda surprised to know daeun can speak english tho.

No. 67422

BTS and Mamamoo started out as nugu groups too. Their group names and member names are super outlandish even in Korean (Rapmon and Bangtan Seonyeondan kek) but it didn't stop them from achieving fame.

Sadly out of 100 nugu groups outside CJ SM YG JYP only 1 or 2 will reach that level of fame, but it will make 1000 idol trainees believe in the lies peddled by nugu companies to hit it big like BTS.

No. 67423

Yuck spoiler that shit.

Taeyong is gross inside and out

No. 67424

As much as I hate bts I must admit they did offer something ~different~ than other nugu groups back in the days. Mamamoo was a breakthrough from all the cookie cutter gg concepts with their vocal talents so yeah I understand how they got into their current level of fame. What I don't get is these groups with similar concepts and boring songs (bvndit, fanatics, cherry bullet, favorite, nature, etc), like do they legit think they'll make it? So much money wasted in the process.

No. 67425

File: 1576229148696.jpg (27.45 KB, 300x250, leegai.jpg)

Tiffany wasn't the pioneer though. This woman (Lee Gai of Baby VOX) was kek. She lied about being 20 when she was actually 30. Even worse than vivi.

No. 67426

i mean his skin isn't the worst i've seen
i see worst skin everyday

No. 67427

Idk if this is just a side winter release (like many kpop groups') but the MV looks so cheap

No. 67428

Can't tell if he'd come out as gay or trans though…would he be more accepted as
trans ? Since there's a famous transgender singer already..

No. 67430

For BTS it is concept (the whole self love message and BTS universe nonsense is teenager crack) and the group dynamic that won fans over, EXO has the group dynamic of limp veggies and their concept is no different to TVXQ or SuJu.

For Mamamoo it is vocal talent and girlcrush concept, the girls can actually sing live and have more stage presence than most big 3 girl groups, people actually want to watch them perform on stage and book them even if they aren't as pretty as Twice or BP. Hwasa performed with JYP recently but if she ever tried to audition for a big 3 idol agency she would not pass due to her looks (JYP also failed IU, he says he picks trainees on "star quality"), Mamamoo's looks are the kind that gets slated for being ugly in Korea especially Hwasa and Moonbyul. But their stage presence is way better than Momoland, Twice, Gfriend, RV, etc because they sing live and don't stick to prissy concepts.

99% of girl groups have too many filler members (Loona) who dance and sway around lipsyncing 2 lines, or can't perform any vocally challenging song live at all, which waters down the group dynamic. Or they have members who want to use their idol career to jump into acting ASAP (Yeonwoo).

No. 67431

File: 1576232509432.jpg (408.35 KB, 1843x873, 1576189366465.jpg)

good post. i wish non edited pics were more easily available!
im sure plenty have good skin with their weekly visits to dermatologist. just not all the time. that irene pic from last thread. i thought her skin was rather good, obviously no one has 'perfect' skin.
its edited to appear smoother but he obviously went out looking like that with the pink cheeks and lips. not sure about the paleness - which part is makeup and whitewash.
wish they wouldnt whitewash so much. do they do it to stand out more? pic related - here what gets my eyes is the left fan. seems to be mogging the rest in the picture. is that the clean skin/pale effect and thats why they whitewash?
what are you smoking? why on earth would he say he is trans? cause its 'more accepted'? oh come on. come back to reality.

No. 67434

Lmao at v's face
Edited: ~the most hansum guy in the world~ my ass

No. 67435

Can we talk about V and his whole vibe for like the past three months? He looked so done in all the mama/mma shit, i was actually shocked they used the footage where they scanned by all their faces & he was at the end & was the only one not smiling. Of course im secretly hoping for milk but I don't see anyone talking about it anywhere. Fucking fans always "protecting" their spoiled oppars asses, it's so gross…get a job, nOoNaSzZz, he's never gonna fuck you

No. 67437

File: 1576234088054.jpg (27.99 KB, 600x450, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Not every gay guy wants to become a woman though (e.g. ezra miller). Even with everything he's done jokwon has never got backlash, I guess the korean public are more comfortable with that "gay in denial" image rather than someone who fully comes out as gay/trans. Him in this vogue photo shoots for example was praised for being daring, expressive, charming, etc. He was even cast in a musical about drag queens and transsexual. There's just no need for him to come out any time soon when the state he is in now is very comfortable.

No. 67438

I think it's just all part of his concept of being a suffering artist. v thinks looking like he's dead inside makes him seem deep and mysterious

No. 67439

Is that how she looked when she was pretending to be 20 because she sure doesn't pass as such in that picture.

No. 67440

File: 1576236988358.jpg (24.53 KB, 443x332, images.jpeg-4.jpg)

Yeah she didn't lmao. Idk how the company fell for that or maybe it was planned by them? Idk.

No. 67441

I know not every flamboyant gay guy wants to be trans but you can't deny that a lot of them nowadays are opting out for transitioning, or they become "non-binary" or some shit for whatever reasons.

No. 67442

They are Korean, Taiwanese and Japanese

No. 67451

Holy shit i expected kokoro and linlin to go (its a shame though) but mirae?? wtf she was their leader and one of the main vocals. The other two were not promoting for a while but there was no indication anything was upwith mirae

No. 67453

the girl in the middle looks like wendy

No. 67456

BTS and Mamamoo had something different to offer and constantly did festivals and such to get their name out there. G-Idle isn't a Big 3 group (though I guess you could argue their company isn't totally nugu) but they're making a name for themselves because their sound is very distinct (aka "ethnic hip" kek)

These new nugu GGs are just ripping off Big 3 group concepts and calling it a day, which isn't a sustainable way to set their group apart from the rest.

I agree mostly that mmm are good performers, but sometimes I wonder how much of it is down to their agency allowing them more freedom? BP and RV were also very energetic in their debut stages but look dead now, probably because of the near-constant control their companies want to exert over their every move. Even Twice are going through the motions these days.

No. 67457

taeyong is a horrible person but just because he doesn’t look like an instagram filter doesn’t mean he looks disgusting anon

No. 67459

t. pizzaface

No. 67462

File: 1576251989845.jpeg (134.02 KB, 767x1252, A380AAA5-8F7D-4822-A695-6B6D4F…)

much better, right?

No. 67463

>>67462 ntayr who the fuck is that

No. 67464

Long rant incoming:
Mamamoo is starting to piss me off with their libfem-y, pseudo-empowerment shit.

Men do want women to twerk half naked on stage, that's not their problem. Their problem is that you guys are considered too ugly to do so.
I'm tired of this ~fuck the haters~ ~ Wear what you want~ concept.
Also, having fucking drag queens on shows isn't really IT.
Since they have such a huge lesbian following(according to Koreans at least?) why don't they show some support to them or in general, be more explicit about their support, if that's what they show in their performances.
This is bts all over again but I can't blame them; they just found out how ifans are obsessed with wokeness.

I wish they'd just go back to their more sophisticated concepts and lay low.

No. 67465


Lol @Ratpinks constantly blaming YG for their lack of energy or talent. They're just lazy as fuck.

No. 67466

File: 1576255688083.jpg (53.17 KB, 750x452, cockroaches.jpg)

woke KWEENS doing blackface and saying the n word

these bitches are doing what US female artists did 30 years ago and stupid fans think they're groundbreaking

No. 67468

Finally a voice of reason thank you anon

Nobody gave a fuck when Lee Hyori, Uhm Junghwa and now Hyuna did sexy concepts on stage - the public liked it just fine because all the aforementioned women are attractive.

My problem with their "empowerment" bullshit is how they put down other concepts and ggs to do it; Hwasa constantly says she's not going to act cute on stage (indirectly shading Twice) and says she wouldn't want to be skinny anyway - the way she said it just reeks of insecurity. They're going to attract more "not like other girls" fans and only become more obnoxious in the future I can tell

No. 67469

Cute concepts are gross and pedobaity by default nothing wrong with calling that out though their butthurt fans should know by now. Also most idols probably secretly loathe doing that shit anyways a la taeyong and her justified hate for gee

No. 67470

>Cute concepts are gross and pedobaity by default
you guys have issues

No. 67473

I wouldn't go so far to say EVERY cute concept is pedobait, but all of Twice's concepts are pure neet pandering cringe.

No. 67474

I think their reasoning is because they get hate from knet cumbrains for every little thing they do (looking ugly in an airport pic, not wearign a bra w/e) and hwasa has been getting hate for being 'fat' ever since debut.
They first had drag queens on stage with them in 2016 btw, back when they were doing jazzy stuff.
I don't know about the other two but Hyuna has been seen as a slut since forever for doing provocative stuff

I can understand their line of thought and why their songs, concepts and oufits took a turn, but I do find it cringy & forced and I wish they would go back to doing stuff like piano man. This shtick is getting boring.
Wheein had an mv with a lesbian storyline just a couple of months ago. I don't know why are you pretending that strongly showing support for lgbt people wouldn't ruin any idols career, especially one from a gg

I know anons are gonna call me a mmmfag but sometimes your posts read like mindless hate on stan twt

And yes cute concepts are inherently pedobaity bc uncle fans are the main audience and everyone knows it

No. 67475

File: 1576262520676.jpg (55.05 KB, 1280x720, twice-likey-m-v_hd.original.jp…)

Speaking of Twice, it's interesting now for a top gg literally none of them would make it as a solo. The visuals like Tzuyu and Mina have zero presence and the ones who are a bit livelier like Dahyun or Chaeyoung have barely any talent. Jihyo could maybe sing OSTs, but K netz would probs say something nasty about her looks.

No. 67477

The only one I would be curious enough to see go solo is Sana

No. 67480

They certainly don't need anymore not like the other girls fans, judging by the anons who replied to you they already have enough.

No. 67481

I think nayeon would try with a more sexy concept but would flop

No. 67482

I'm not so sure Sana would do well as a solo artist but more of a variety show host like Hani from EXID. She went viral with her whole "cheese kimbap" thing and she is also the most fluent in Korean and has aegyo which I'm sure knets would like.

No. 67483

Same fag. This being said, I think a lot of them have potential for good solo careers in Japan. Just not in Korea/internationally. The standards in Japan are low, as we can see with 48

No. 67484

afaik 48 idols don't have solo careers

No. 67486

File: 1576266756098.jpg (93.45 KB, 600x600, o-kwon-2am-lo-anh-vao-quan-bar…)

Key was spotted at a gay bar.
Jokwon was spotted at a gay bar in thailand and even had pictures of him taken there. (this pic)
Also its been rumored that Key was dating that Hyeong Seop model guy.
Sehun who talked about not having attraction
to women.mentioned feeling attraction to men multiple times and has a sugar daddy (which some delusional fans will still deny but a anon posted proof in the previous threads before of his sugar daddy liking romantic posts about him)

Funny how sehun,key and jokwon are the only three obviously gay men in kpop yet homophic fans keep on denying that.

Kpop fans like pretending straight kpop men are gay for their ship yet we have actual gay men like sehun,key and jokwon yet fans keep on denying it.

No. 67487

File: 1576267437073.jpeg (62.89 KB, 750x750, 21E1DF5F-B230-4F6B-A70B-A248FA…)

No. 67488

That's what I was thinking. She sounds so insecure that she couldn't make it doing any other concept than the one she's doing now. She looks so fuggo and I guarantee she would get way more hate if she was actually pretty, like you said, but since she's ugly people can self insert. They are better off with their 'classy' concept (idk what to call it) since they seem less fake woke and way more likable.

No. 67489

Nct/superM ten is also clearly gay

No. 67490

> Funny how sehun,key and jokwon are the only three obviously gay men in kpop yet homophic fans keep on denying that.
You forgot Ryeowook. Dude has been pretty much an open secret for a long while now. He’s been caught at a gay bar as well.

No. 67491

Exols deny him being gay? It's so fucking obvious lmao. Also, I remember back in 2015 seeing a bunch of them tweet/post "sehun gay" and end up with hundreds/thousands of likes.

No. 67493

name 1 group with a pure cute concept that isnt pedobaity. I say pure cause cute ft weird/creepy concepts like RVs are enough to scare away the pedos
Kpop critical #43 and ggfags still havent learnt that the garbage they consume is tailored for incel males

No. 67494

Are you missing brain cells or did you just miss the entire point of what I said. You can tell their standards are low based off the idols they chose to worship over there. I didn’t list off billions of j pop solo idols cause this is the kpop thread and nobody here probably knows them

No. 67495

File: 1576268978428.jpg (45.69 KB, 540x550, tumblr_inline_p0rzoo4dvx1ra1c3…)

I guess they tweeted that as a joke because alot of them deny it.
I guess the ones who deny it come from conservative backgrounds or are SEA so i can kind of understand why the would deny their bias being gay since they view homosexuality as a sin and as something disgusting.

No. 67497

lmao they don't have any genuinely attractive and talented artists/performers there so there's not much room for standards in the first place

you got anything more on him besides pure speculation?

No. 67498

That's a problem many gg face, and that's why so many chose to marry or do yt/streaming/insta "modelling". Jyp should have sent them on shows individually, if you look at e.g. Exo or Bts most of the members still have a niche, something they can do after disbanding, but Twice don't.

Hani is liked by guys and girls. Sana is only dumb fap material for otakus, she might be able to mc a short segment on a music show, but not something longer like awards or varieties. Her only "talent" is aegyo and that get's old quickly (and she's also already in her mid-20s…)

No. 67499

Sana is actually loved by a lot of females. Afaik all 3 Japanese members of Izone had her picture as their phone wallpaper. The only members of Twice who have much stronger male fanbase are Dahyun and Tzuyu. The hate boner some of you guys have for Sana is ridiculous.

No. 67500

22 is mid twenties? Sometimes I'm convinced half of the women on lolcow are pedos themselves with statements like this..

No. 67501

you do realize that half of lolcows audience are male right?
There is alot of male scrotes here pretending to be women.

No. 67503

Why would any females like her…?

In Korea she's 24, which obviously is mid-20s. Plus they have vastly different standards, they say Sunmi is gross for acting sexy at her "old" age, they will no longer tolerate Sana relying on aegyo for much longer. The men who want cute look at preteen izone members instead…

No. 67504

self inserts and she's pretty okay looking. most western kpop stans a girls so obviously there a quite a few females who find something likable about her face

No. 67506

She has nice visuals and stage presence, that already makes her better than 2/3 of her group. Isn't that what most girls care about when it comes to female idols?

And her being popular fap material is not her fault, males fap to "classy" feminist icons like Irene too. Almost all female idols are nothing but fap materials anyway.

No. 67508

lmao that guy looks like he's been photoshopped bigger

No. 67512

How's this pedobait? They look like bored housewives.

No. 67515

>Why would females like an attractive woman

No. 67517

Anon r u really using fucking lovelyz as an example of non pedobaity group?? Top kek

No. 67518

They don't have ANY? Your hate boner for Japan is showing.
Also, people think Ten is gay for the same reason they think Amber is a lesbian, their appearances and voices just fit into common stereotypes for gay people (sassy diva and tomboy). And it's just annoying because that in itself doesn't prove anything.

No. 67520

their new stuff isn't

No. 67522

All that's true but this is different, he's actually looking super done lately. I hope it leads to milk

Whoa how do you even know any of this info? Youre an actual unicorn, lmao you couldn't pay me to even learn the names of these garbage nugus who will be done in a year.

I too don't understand how so many groups debut knowing the chances of hitting it big are like almost zero. Really makes you reconsider the whole "front for prostitution" paradigm

But as someone says at least once a week in this thread, BTS have never actually done anything woke. So mmm can totally skate by doing what they're doing and get all the points with almost zero effort

No. 67523

A lot of girl groups that start out as pedobait(which lovelyz very much did, especially in regards to jiae, yein and kei) then transition to ~mature~ concepts when they arent getting anywhere anymore. Apink did this a couple years ago. Hello Venus did it. SNSD even started to do it around the time of their first Japan tour. They were still doing well but there were rumors starting about them starting to date which was a big no no at the time so SM wanted to break them away from their innocent image, etc.

No. 67524

File: 1576290084124.jpg (54.91 KB, 734x418, images.jpeg-7.jpg)

If they look like bored housewives then it means they've changed concepts from "pure" to "mature" (like a pink did), thus it doesnt suit what that anon said about pure = pedobait. You can tell just by their new album teasers. Meanwhile their debut/old stuff were indeed pedobait.

No. 67525

nope they've only hat two comebacks this year

No. 67526

no she doesn't look the same lol. only mina looks the same in this picture.

No. 67527

>Jihyo could maybe sing OSTs
i don't think so…jihyo really isn't that good of a singer. it's because she's in twice that people think she's a good singer. i can't imagine her ballads doing that well also considering the fact that she's one of the least popular twice members.

No. 67528

2/10 is 5 according to you. You sound really slow. 22 is early twenties, you mong.

No. 67529

i'm not a mamamoo stan, but i have to appreciate that they do put in a lot of effort as idols. they have great stage presence and 3 of 4 members can sing better than the average idol. the members are super obnoxious and have done some real embarrassing and questionable shit (mainly hwasa), but i can't hate them at the end of the day. they're one of the few kpop groups worth respecting imo.

No. 67530

just cut out the 3 to the right and this picture doesn't look too bad

No. 67531

I don’t like how idols do those vlog episodes like the bp diaries and bts run etc. on one hand, I think it promotes sasaeng behavior and makes fans feel close to the idols, which can promote rude/inappropriate behavior towards them.

On the other, I think watching them do too much stupid shit and act like babies really seems to take away from their stage personas. Obviously some videos and stuff are normal and expected but the stuff idols serve seems excessive. Like, seeing G idle act like ‘cutesy’ babies and stuff really takes away from when they try to act like hot shit. Obviously they have real personalities off stage, but this is degrading the stage personality and makes them seem super try hard and fake… kinda cringe

No. 67532

My point is that they should just do less vlogging. A lot of their shit is boring anyways.

No. 67533

I agree. She only sounds good because she's surrounded by ugly voices.

No. 67534

blackpink members are just boring though. they can't do anything but act badass or act cute. their real personalities are so uninteresting. jisoo is actually the most likeable one when you watch them on variety which you wouldn't expect at all from watching them perform on stage since she looks so awkward.

No. 67535

>I don’t like how idols do those vlog episodes like the bp diaries and bts run etc. on one hand, I think it promotes sasaeng behavior and makes fans feel close to the idols, which can promote rude/inappropriate behavior towards them.
Yep and they wonder why sasaengs like nayeon's stalker exist

No. 67537

They ARE holy shit. They’ll just be like “hey guys I’m drinking green tea!”, stay silent while reading comments on the stream and then end it to go piss. Or they’ll vlog the stupidest shit. Oh wow good job eating some rice! Stfu.

No. 67538

Go back to Twitter. No one is attacking gfriend yet you feel the need to defend them for no reason. If some of their stuff post debut doesnt feel/look like pedobait (like the other anon mentioned about lovelyz looking like bored housewives), then it simply meant they have changed concepts. You still can't deny that at some point of their career they have been a pedobait, even groups like SNSD have been through that phase too.

No. 67539

She's not tho. It's one of the biggest twice myths imo, like I keep waiting to hear this incredible voice but it never comes, then I'm so confused, it's such gaslighting lol she did this kinda jazzy version of tt it's on youtube and like shes legit off key for a lot of it, and still fans use it as the prime example of her "real voice" or something? Classic cult psychology

No. 67540

i'll admit i've watched some of those "best singers in kpop" videos and jihyo always gets ranked high like way too high. people think having a main vocal position and belting high notes makes you an amazing god tier singer when that's just not true.

No. 67542

jihyo is ranked high because the other vocalists in twice aren’t reallly the best

No. 67545


from mamamoo blackface to gay speculation then to bored housewives, it’s like deja vu. haven’t all these been discussed at length in the same exact way before? or i may have seen the future.

No. 67547

It's a gossip thread. Of course there will be repetitions. What do you expect?

No. 67549

You are correct, all of these cropped up in a previous thread

No. 67551

If you don’t want to talk about it, bring up a better topic, faggot. Complaining isn’t going to do anything.

No. 67552

Wait what's with the hair, all orange with hella roots…what cb was this?

No. 67553

Yeah let's not pretend that this thread is some deep shit. It's not. And if anyone doesn't like ~the state of this thread~ so much then they always have the choice to not visit it and come back like a week from now. I've done that many times.

No. 67554

Interesting you say that bc I've often questioned their default lineup for pics. Why is it good to have the three ugliest on the right? Is there some psychology or human nature thing that leads ppl to only look from left to middle or…?

No. 67555

File: 1576301002667.jpg (96.36 KB, 850x440, 69cqU5t.jpg)

Speaking of which, I've heard rumors that Twice's lineup was rigged on their survival show due to a lineup pic highlighting the final 9 members grouped together in the middle. It seems probable to me, especially in light of the Produce101/X1 rigging controversies.

No. 67556

better than masturbating to bts / exo

No. 67557

I've never watched sixteen but I don't get why they had to make the trainees compete to get into twice? Like they could have just debuted a group without prior revelation like this and still gets the same amount of attention from the public (like itzy). Is it possible that jyp was trying to get rid of the leftover trainees? Like making them leave the company without forcing them to.

No. 67558

I believe he was, considering many Twice members had attempted (and failed) to successfully debut multiple times in the past. Adding to that the fact that other contestants like Natty went to other survival shows like Idol School really reinforces that notion.

No. 67559

Lol as if re: key and jokwon it wasn't about their mannerisms. Those stereotypes aren't baseless and it's autistic to think so

Yeah but it's more profitable to do it thru a survivor show

No. 67560

The same anons come in here and talk about the same retarded shit every day bla bla bla did I ever tell you the definition of insanity

No. 67561

Yeah, I mean the word "rigged" has a kinda nasty connotation for some ppl but I do think it was pretty planned. Nayeon jihyo + jeong were shoe-ins, as they were left hanging after some other failed debut (??? someone who knows more, fill in here) then I think he knew he wanted the j line and/or tzuyu, he wanted the group to be kinda like snsd but with more broad asian country marketability. Notice no one in the group is truly fluent in english, this wasn't going to be his big "western breakthru" attempt or whatever

The whole thing with momo being brought back later, and tzuyu being a last min add-on or whatever, was all for drama & watchability of the show. You need shit like that or it's too boring to watch. i think it was all pretty planned, but that's the case with every reality talent show like these. My mom watches shit like The Voice and America's Got Talent & at least once a week I explain how I know something is staged or scripted, it's mind boggling that she doesn't catch it herself but whatever

This doesn't explain about the order groups are photographed in tho, lol some person who works in marketing or performing arts or fashion photog or something, pls chime in on my BTS question!

No. 67562

There's been other shows like it too like stray kids & mix nine & rap star, it's just like simon cowell & his 5836283 similar shows, it's just another way to create hype & make content for a show, which is just another way to get new fans & build hype for a new group…& around & around it goes, heh

I think Chaeyoung knows if she had just hung on a lil longer, she would have been in itzy. I bet she's pissed. I bet all of twice kinda are, tbh. I wonder what that's like to spend years desperate to debut but then you end up in a pedobait group winking & shit to a song like "knock knock" in a side ponytail. I wonder if it's worth it?

No. 67566

twice have no reason to envy itzy. twice are the top girl group right now despite having no talent and bad songs (except for fancy). itzy are going to be the next miss a/f(x). they had a successful debut, but watch jyp throw them away eventually.

No. 67568

You mean artists who are attractive, can sing, dance, all in one? Then nope. At least not anymore. Why do you think they're so obsessed with kpop idols and kcelebs?

Lol it's the same boring topics over and over again I wonder how these anons don't get tired of it all.

How do fans find the time to watch all their shit though??

No. 67569

Lmao yeah. The way I see it, itzy is just another "side dish" for jyp.

No. 67570

i think the fact that bts are constantly doing lives adds to that as well. also to me it seems kind of arrogant that they don't go on variety shows. i know people hate doni and coni but variety shows are interesting bc being in a situation where idols have someone to bounce off makes them more funny/entertaining rather than the whole show being one puff piece for them

No. 67572

define "pure" and tell me how that lovelyz MV isn't "pure

No. 67573

I think they used to…do they just not anymore bc they're too big or they just don't need it? Variety is for promo & i guess they don't need that anymore. Honestly I wonder if it's awkward backstage with other idols tho like @ mma or mama, do you think they all secretly hate bts? Haha

I think it's more weird/rude how blackpink don't do award shows or stuff like the kbs festivals. No wonder they're doing all this fashion show stuff, they literally don't do anything. Not even covers, dance practices, reality show stuff…I don't think they even lived in the bp house or whatever it was called, I think they just film there & go home to actually sleep. Same with that roommates thing bom was on.

No. 67574

Agree. Tbh I miss the times when you only see idols/celebs on stages or a few variety shows, when they seemed decidedly out of reach and glamorous. It adds to the excitement and mysticism. Nowadays seeing them acting ‘relatable’ at best or fucking boring and retarded at worst on lives or vlogs just makes me acutely aware of how replaceable they all are. The more they try to manufacture the “closeness” between fans and them, the more disingenuous and desperate they look.
Just because you spend time in the thread with the highest infestation of misogynistic rats doesn’t mean that that is the case tho
VNfag icu

No. 67575


No. 67576

is it just one pic or is there more

No. 67577

at least twice's songs sound like music and not just ugly noises to rap over like itzy's

No. 67578

you bring up an interesting poit and tbh I feel like a lot of it comes with the rise of social media. I don't only feel this way about idols but also other artist I follow, also models and such, I just DON'T CARE about your boring, mondane life, looking at pictures of your dog or you having coffee in a pretty setting. The major way these ppl like to overshare is ig stories, some of them post so many, I wonder if they're actually ok or is their whole existence based on posting stuff to social media. What is interesting is seeng backstages of shows/photoshoots not you WALKING to them for gods sake

No. 67579

Predebut they all had orangey hair w grown out roots @ the same time? Weird…

No I know twice is the biggest gg & all that, just when you're in something like that, you lose perspective. I was bitching about my fancy "grown up" job after a year in & my dad was like "ok but just imagine if tomorrow you went back to [basic low paying college kid job i had before]" & I was like yeah I know I know. Just, when your situation changes, you can really lose that ability to see the full picture.

I can't see most of twice actually liking their concept, + they know they're 100% pedobait & have to pander to nasty uncles. Groups like Gfriend for example can avoid that kind of existential despair as they have mostly female fans & their concepts lately are mature, pretty, dark, dramatic…not pantomiming instagram actions like that awful "likey" choreo. Jeongyeon & tzuyu in particular always seem pretty checked out & I feel almost like it's a coping strategy or something

I forget where i read this but chaeyoung was shortlisted for itzy but got put into twice early instead or something. I can't imagine her NOT looking @ itzy's concept/whole vibe & seething w jealousy. Jmo.

No. 67581

File: 1576319974338.jpg (34.37 KB, 720x378, ezgif-3-49bb0b8a58f7.jpg)

>SM And JYP Tried To Cast This Handsome Top Student Multiple Times But He Turned Them All Down
This dude looks ordinary at best but it's still better than whatever creepy looking shit SM or JYP would morph him into if they had the chance

No. 67582

I feel like the only one who gets both bored and extremely uncomfortable by how long idols just stare at the screen silently reading comments during lives. I wouldn't be able to put up with that even for somebody I liked.

No. 67583

File: 1576323797853.jpeg (177.93 KB, 1125x1029, 2C2F144C-6955-4EE5-9CCB-A2D44A…)

Y’all KNOW what the comments look like…

No. 67584

Link it I wanna see

No. 67585

idk why people think SM is at top for recruiting "visuals" when they let people like shindong debut ( more recent examples are most of nct)
It's also creepy how adults comment on literal children's looks in a sexualised way,whenever trainees are introduced.

It's weird how they pick people from the streets, regardless of whether they can actually sing or dance.

No. 67586

Just admit that your idols were/are pedobait at some point of their career, lovelyzfag

No. 67587

Yeah I find the whole scouting thing to be bullshit. You get members like jin lmao. Can anyone give examples of truly talented idols that were scouted on the streets?

No. 67592

Armys would have you believe Jin is an example of this lol

No. 67593

Who's the member from certain kpop groups you forget exists?

Mine would be Jungyeon and V

No. 67594

Super junior was a reject group tho anon. They were all rejects from their acting division, comedy division, dancing division and they were supposed to be something like akb or morning musume type jpop groups where they brought new people in and kicked the old ones out every couple of years so they can get rid of trainees faster. That's why there are plenty of fugs in super junior. But people got too attached to the first people that they just stuck around forever and didnt bother with graduating.

Shindong was originally in SM training as a comedic actor, so letting in big fatso for that purpose makes sense because korea loves a good fat joke.

No. 67596

nta but i checked and it's been deleted so ig the ratmy hate and retardation got too much for op.

whenever someone disses bts this is to be expected tbh, ratmys are demented

No. 67599

Yeah not gonna fall for that ratmy

No. 67600

File: 1576334002362.jpeg (162.01 KB, 734x1242, sad art hoe.jpeg)

his smile and optimism: gone

No. 67601

Seriously fuck off ratmy

No. 67602

kek sana is the only one enjoying uncle attention

No. 67603

the way she pushes the sana+dahun thing is truly disgusting… but I guess when you have no personality, doing porn intros is the only way to gain attention

No. 67604

Someone post some ugly pics of jimincel.
And the sides this thread is going to shit so lets get to it.(ban evading ratmy)

No. 67607

File: 1576337837331.jpg (377.63 KB, 1280x960, 7ELbuPz.jpg)

I don't usually believe in gay rumors but Sehun and this Chef Suke fella are happily showing public displays of affection kek



No. 67608

They probably had a thing but nowadays sehun is pretty much alon, no? Also, calling the chef sehuns sugar daddy when exo is loaded kek

No. 67610

Yep. Also, the picture he took down with Donghae. I mean, its whatever. I preffer idols admitting they are gay that denying it to the end of time.

No. 67611

File: 1576338694870.jpg (1.22 MB, 250x326, xWLs8iI.jpg)


No. 67612

>>67611 see 22:30
[Talking about which EXO member they wouldn't date if they were a girl] Chen: "This is not disliking Sehun. It is when we are the opposite sex. Because it's opposite gender so my 2nd is Sehun." Then he starts laughing and Ryeowook says "Okay because of privacy we'll skip the reason".

EXO members basically outed Sehun years ago.

No. 67613

please hop over to general for fangirling. this is the critical thread.
>you are just nitpicking
yes that"s what the thread is therefore! posts such as this one:
>commenting on tired looks while simultaneously spotting strategic positioning of members due to proportions.
are the creme de la creme!!
Again, a general thread exists guys, thats where you can fangirl without interruption and you can post jimincel pics non stop in the idol spam thread!

No. 67615

i agree with most of this but i don't see how posting jimincel pics to make fun of his face belongs in the idol spam thread. no is fangirling over the pictures of jimin's wonky contacts

No. 67616

with regards to jimincel, i was refering to that ratmys post: >>67604 which was fangirling. my bad, i should have been more precise.
otherwise yes, new bad contacts/nitpicking looks go ahead and post.

No. 67617

so namjoon said on vlive that he’s lost 34 pairs of airpods. i fucking hate rich people

No. 67618

well, how else is he gonna get them replaced if he doesnt tell his fans who will diligently buy him multipacks.
and yes, even when idols complain about not getting paid much, people seem to forget all the stuff that fans buy them, appliances, clothes, jewelry, furniture and a lot more. its nuts. no wonder so many say their fans are their life and mean everything to them.

No. 67619

bts aren’t allowed to receive any gifts from fans or fansites anymore. he’s clearly buying new airpods every other day because bts are rich as fuck now. instead of buying like i don’t know , headphones with a chord or taking care of his possessions. sorry for the vendetta

No. 67620

BTS aren’t allowed to accept fangifts

No. 67621

did you try anon

No. 67622

>teehee he's so clumsy
It's funny how the vast majority of kpoppies are diehard sjws, yet when it comes to their oppars being wealthy and priviledged af is a-okay. How is anybody "deserving" of enough money to buy absolute useless bullshit x 34+ times?

Okay we get it, ratmys.

No. 67623

i know they are arrogant cunts or at least project that image, not accepting fan gifts was one of the best things they've done and i think other groups should do the same. how could anyone feel good about being relatively well off yet accepting expensive gifts from deluded fan girls.
but yeah i don't know why him or anyone would buy air pods instead of headphones you can actually hear out of

No. 67625

>not accepting fan gifts was one of the best things they've done and i think other groups should do the same.
You're clearly one of those ratmys who think your boys invented kpop…
No longer accepting gifts after reaching a certain level of popularity is the norm. Even newbies like Itzy or unpopular groups like Nct do that.

No. 67626

How the fuck is this guy handsome? Maybe they they think handsome = would look 10000x better once we make him go under the knife to give him that "star" factor

No. 67627


I love how my previous hypotheses of secret fans pretending to be haters stands the test of time.

No. 67630

Please God, end the trend of bowl cuts in South Korea. There are so many male idols that would look much better if they had an undercut or fade or whatever. The bowl cuts just make them look like giant ten year olds.

No. 67631

afaik receiving gifts from fans is not really a thing anymore. even nugu/rookie groups don't do it

No. 67633

File: 1576354114651.jpeg (187.33 KB, 745x941, 7BB8C031-783B-45F2-A1EF-5C0B5F…)

This was nct literally a week ago but it might have been a one-off.

I think Blackpink is like the only big group that accepts gifts from fansites on birthdays and anniversaries.

No. 67634

I thimk small things like that and letters fans hand them at airports are different

No. 67635

>SHINee, VIXX, GOT7, TWICE, DAY6, Stray Kids, ITZY, EXO Lay, D.O, Xiumin, Chen, Sehun, IU, BTS, NCT, AOA
>[+392, -40] So what are the rest of EXO members doing?? So some members are receiving and some other members are not receiving…??
Sehun definitely also still receives stuff inofficially.
>[+71, -4] TXT doesn’t receive gifts too
They don't need to, BTS pays for their shit.
Meanwhile Blackpink can't even sell 2k tickets, they need some extra income lol

On the other hand, you can't fault them. If people are dumb enough to shill thousands, let them. In most cases it's just some middle aged chinese women with way too much money.

No. 67637


No. 67639

>middle ages women paying for their sweeties
well, apparently the chinese exo line has way younger than middle aged fans (girls obviously)from rich families that pay them to meet for like coffee dates and talk.
im sure plenty other idols have similar incomes

No. 67641

Minho from Shinee.

No. 67643

he is a terrible rapper. what the heck is he even doing? quickly talking isnt rapping.
off to general with you minhofag

No. 67644

File: 1576357114171.jpeg (261.43 KB, 828x1143, 757FB415-765F-4A34-8651-362AFB…)

Holly shit, something really morbid is going on with Dia

No. 67645


No. 67646

i hope they keep an eye on her before…sounds alarming.

No. 67647

they call their fans AIDS…?

No. 67648

I did notice Somyi was suspiciously inactive on social media some time ago but told myself she was being shy or something

No. 67649

File: 1576358284814.jpeg (605.23 KB, 2048x1152, 7BC6231A-6111-4560-9663-162DC1…)

Somyi’s absent

No. 67650

luhan was scouted and ended up being lead everything + visual + fotg. it’s possible he was utilized so much just bc he was the prettiest idk much about vocals or dancing but given that exo actually has decent vocalists (cbx) and good dancers (i.e kai) it seems odd they’d have him do so much unless he was at least somewhat good.

>t. exofag 5+ yrs ago

No. 67651

This video is nightmare fuel

No. 67652

how? the girl is clearly depressed.

No. 67654

Imagine being employed by MBK and NOT being depressed

No. 67655

Obviously something is going on with her. I hope her shit company at least sent someone to check up on her. I find it concerning that she said she took medicine….

No. 67657

she’s insecure and depressed for sure

No. 67658

It was bc at that time the chinese line was more popular than the korean one.

No. 67659

File: 1576363509345.jpg (157.15 KB, 961x961, 005IMDgUly1g9w6oc9wi6j30qp0qp4…)

jfc he's so weird looking(your entire post history is just pictures of jimin. please move to the spam thread already.)

No. 67660

be more subtle next time

No. 67661

she has such a low esteem… she should take a hiatus or something. the werther affect could really take its course
technically it's just the group name but backwards but it's still unfortunate lmao

No. 67662

Just recently Seventeen and Nuest's agency said no more fan gifts after some fans gave Jeonghan massage chair for his birthday.

No. 67663

Btfo. It seems pest control has arrived.

No. 67665

File: 1576368252616.png (58.83 KB, 448x239, swdds.png)

imagine being proud of this

No. 67666

imagine caring so much about BTS that you follow twitters like this

No. 67667

RM is an insecure bragger. Brags about his supposedly high IQ, indirectly brags about his riches, likes to stare down on the other members like they're plebs. But in reality knows he's considered unattractive by society which is why he used to talk down on V's appearance so much. Prissiness and pettiness is even more unbecoming on men.

No. 67668

and if you think it's a screenshot from me you're retarded but go on

No. 67669

based farmhand

No. 67670

Wtf you’d think he’d stop after losing them like 3 times jesus

No. 67673

https://www.knetizen.com/bts-v-reveals-sasaengs-always-sitting-in-front-of-them-or-right-next-to-them-on-flights/ (Kek reminds me of Jonghyun's SNL skit) “I’m speaking for all of us. We fly with private jets but in fact, we’d love to fly with commercial airlines. However, whenever we fly -short or long distance- there were people who knew where we were seated in advance. They would sit in front of us or right next to us, which made us a little uncomfortable. Well, to be honest, I wish they didn’t do it. Yes, it scares me. Really.”

No. 67674

Well, if company is the one that prohibits her from performing and using sns I doubt there will be anyone sent to “check up on her”

No. 67679

This is a skit. Not saying Shinee didn’t struggle with saesangs but this vid you linked was scripted

No. 67680

This is a skit. Not saying Shinee didn’t struggle with saesangs but this vid you linked was scripted

No. 67682

Our UNICEF icon kek

No. 67683

nta but
>Kek reminds me of Jonghyun's SNL skit
they literally said it's a skit and then quoted the article about BTS they linked. Why is everyone in this thread so retarded

No. 67684

File: 1576403633647.jpg (90.96 KB, 1200x630, ezgif-3-9bbc5f70b0eb.jpg)

>Imagine Ordering A “Frozen 2” Elsa Poster But Getting A Half Naked JYP One

No. 67685

The company should get them a jet already, how cheap can they be? Are they getting on commercial planes to try and appear as relatable? Is it a thing they do for the Korean public? I don’t get it.

No. 67689

File: 1576411410008.jpeg (15.77 KB, 255x524, received_446303649595527.jpeg)

Saw that the wonho come back tag was trending again and decided to check why. Man do they still think he didnt do anything wrong? Also not shocked they posted a shirtless photo to go with it, considering his body is all his fans like him for

No. 67690

This seems 100% staged for e-points

No. 67694

They've been nonstop hashtagging him and monsta x for weeks now, it's so fucking annoying. Like when has a person that's been kicked from a group ever been let back in, let alone been welcomed back into the industry with open arms no problems.

No. 67695

Jimincel is so ugly tbh.
What's the ugliest pic you got of him? I need some to troll ratmy's with.(ban evading ratmy yet again)

No. 67696

are you that ban evading ratmy again?

No. 67700

go away

No. 67701

lol park jimin, jimin park, aoa jimin.. how do all three look like trash (samefag as above)

No. 67707

Smh how does jhope have fans. He’s so ugly. Looks like a horse. I’ve seen ONE good picture of him.

Also I just had to get this off my chest/vent it. Please don’t respond to this if it’s gonna make the thread go to btshit again I can’t take it. My rage overwhelms me. Just ignore this.

No. 67708

I’m glad twice has at least switched to a girl crush concept rather than being all cutesy. They finally get to act like the adults they are.

No. 67709

people will stan mediocre ugly kpop boys for anything

No. 67710

And they struggle so hard to pull it off kek. Only Jeongyeon and maybe Chaeyoung look comfortable doing it, the rest just seem so out of their element

No. 67711

Better than pedo bait

No. 67712

He's not just mediocre, I think Jin and Jimin is mediocre. jhope straight up looks deformed and somewhat repulsive. He makes me want to avoid bts videos.

No. 67713

He's not just mediocre, I think Jin and Jimin is mediocre. jhope straight up looks deformed and somewhat repulsive. He makes me want to avoid bts videos.

No. 67714

Yeah I was about to say that…j-hope does not reside in the realm of mediocre. Throughout the years he has transcended the limits that not many people can reach

No. 67715

you're right, not many idols or musicians in general could even dream of reaching the level of artistry shown in chicken noodle soup

No. 67716

did you forget the /s anon???

No. 67717

I think its obvious I was being sarcastic anon

No. 67718

Kek. What’s with girl crush fags acting like girl crush is adult? It’s just as cringe as cute. Girl crush is for the 13 year old “not like other girls”. For the kids who think they’re badass because they wear black fishnets, listen to beat heavy Kpop raps and worship the ground Lisa walks on.

No. 67719

Girl crush is worse than cute

No. 67720

Nothing’s worse than cute wtf and fancy isn’t girl crush, neither is feel special or breakthrough imo

No. 67721

>Nothing’s worse than cute wtf
>t. femcel
Can't help but wonder if you're another one of rose's legbeard simps. I know this thread is riddled with them and other blinkers.

No. 67723

at least cute concepts have some sort of variety as opposed to the girl crush which is the same faux feminist/ 'i'm a queen' bull crap. if those aren't girl crush songs, what are they?

No. 67724

What's with that recent influx of twicefags? Males or femcels? Your unnies don't give af about you, they only live for male validation.
How could anybody unironically listen to that???

No. 67725

Not creepy comments at all:
"I am jealous of that bean sprout, it even gets to take a tour inside Suzy's ears"

"It's my wish to have a fight with your hair strands…I think even your dandruff would be pretty"

No. 67726

Twice are NOT girlcrush lol. It's just an excuse for them to wear sexier clothes for the neets. They still have the dumb "I love u oppa" lyrics.

No. 67727

>How could anybody unironically listen to that???
this thread apparently lmfao
>"but cute concepts have soooo muuuuch varietyyy"
my ass

No. 67728

why would suzy put a bean sprout up her ear

No. 67729

File: 1576442400524.png (55.02 KB, 720x397, Screenshot_20191215-123031~2.p…)

This thread is becoming a parody of itself

Serious question, why do kpop fans spam pics of their fave in random threads here & all over the internet. Doesn't that belong in your diary? If anything you're turning people off, not recruiting new "stans" What are you trying to accomplish?

No. 67730

I mean if you see a good pic of your fave that makes you feel stuff in your kokoro, then it makes perfect logical sense to share it with other ppl that know (of) that fave of yours

No. 67731

Not a twicefag but you can't accuse other anons of being femcels and ree about male validation in the same post anon lol, sorry

No. 67732

File: 1576445671656.jpeg (450.54 KB, 567x756, 979EDA48-82F8-4AC3-93B3-79D7F7…)

lisa has some SERIOUS negative ass..

No. 67733

so what? it's still better than the inflated ass narrative hip hop baddies are trying to push in the west

No. 67734

But what I don't get is, why post a pic of your fav in this thread calling them ugly and worthless? I get that the ratmys want us to pay attention to their favs but I just don't see why they would be satisfied seeing them get bashed.

No. 67735

Butts are unnecessary fat that makes it harder to have sex.

No. 67736

bc this is kpop CRITICAL, so even if it's a very lq bait it's still better than straigh up posting a pic of jimin and saying you love him

No. 67737

I didn’t know what to call the style of their new concepts, so girl crush was a reach. Glam? Glam fits feel special but not fancy. It’s definitely more mature than their old style though and I’m glad for it

No. 67738

No, I get that it's Kpop Critical, it's just that it would make more sense for a stan to try to keep people from talking badly about their fav rather than bringing them up all the time and insulting them.

No. 67739

I get what you mean. Like the exo and jennie fags who swing in and very openly defend them or the raid we had a little while ago.

No. 67740

File: 1576447515813.png (2.11 MB, 1125x2436, 9C0733EA-9E10-49FE-8EFD-DCE605…)

A certain autist had a fit on stage and ratmys think it’s cute… okay


No. 67741

sometimes obsession can go both ways, maybe the jimin poster is so sick with being in love with jimin but can't help themselves, so they end up shitting on him anonymously on some meaningless thread

No. 67742

why would a femcel stan women who want male validation? at least make your argument coherent. by your logic there is also an influx of blackpinkfags and you're one of them.
he's a spoiled rich man with anger issues… and they think it's cute

No. 67743

Jimin's bleating in the background(as if he's getting fucked in the ass) and the one letter(aka V)'s asthmatic voice always drive me nuts. I can't stand their "singing". And people pay for this shit and listen to this for hours???

No. 67744

"Cute" offers variety & "girl crush" doesn't? At this point y'all are literally just making shit up just to have something to say. I can't imagine why as there's no up/downvotes here, no rep tracker, no features to unlock. Contribute to the discussion or stfu.

Ultimately all these "concept" titles are too broad, it's annoying that there are literally only three categories, cute or girl crush or sexy. No group is all one or the other. Early gfriend to me was "innocent" not cute, Gee was part sexy part cute, itzy is kind of a punchy teen girl power thing w/ innocent themes (tho i can't wait to see how daddy jyp gradually tips them into Sexy over time, ugh)

No. 67746

File: 1576448954678.jpg (97.22 KB, 600x900, EKNl1G4VUAAfBW1.jpg)

On the topic of Jimincel there is a twitter account called paldingK which is exposing his bad singing and behavior and hisfans are going nuts in the comments with rage and some are having breakdowns.


No. 67747

Also to explain some things. I am NOT and WILL never be a Ratmy. I am a troll and i am going to admit that and have trolled here but i cannot Btshit.
Me being a troll has nothing to do with being a ratmy and id wish the farmhands stopped labeling every troll a ratmy thanks.(ban evading ratmy)

No. 67748

>I can't imagine why as there's no up/downvotes here, no rep tracker, no features to unlock
what did you mean by this? is this sarcasm im too autistic to pick up or are you unironically bitching about this site not having plebbit mechanics like muh upboat system?

No. 67749

File: 1576449364018.jpg (215.57 KB, 1080x1850, ELomchOU4AARiZf.jpg)

Looks like jimin was at the same tattooist…..

No. 67750

File: 1576449392971.jpg (61.15 KB, 1080x492, ELomc_qU0AAarQX.jpg)

No. 67753

>This is an imageboard, it's lolcow, theres no reward for mindless or petty posts so why do they waste their time.
? imageboards are made for shitposting

No. 67758

They tried in the beginning. That's why they've been lurking and started posting 24/7 about BTS under the cover of "hate"

It's why I was right and the farmhands have caught onto it as well.

No. 67761

Yikes. You’d think after seeing jungkokks shitty tattoos that he’d choose a different artist. What’s with these millionaire celebrities getting shitty tattoos? They could afford high end work but none of them choose to do so. Smh

No. 67762

File: 1576456144961.jpg (58.58 KB, 1024x760, IMG_20191216_012837.jpg)


jimin actually got his tattoo way before jungkook got his sleeve. that selfie with the tattoo artist is like over a year old at this point, i remember cause armys were bending over backwards to say it wasnt jimin but a lookalike in the pic kek

pic related - jimins tattoo

No. 67763

They’re solo stans of the other members

No. 67765

There are a few Twitter idiots that use this thread to shit on other members they hate in the bands they stan. They’re the anons that have no problem reeing about Jimin, but defend Taehyung and have a lot of obviously glowing reviews of BTS songs, gifs, and pictures.

No. 67766

File: 1576462214141.png (1.97 MB, 1455x1091, 0BE91558-BD54-41A8-B49F-DDEF07…)

No. 67767

Uhh airpods aren't useless bullshit, they're actually pretty useful? The issue is the humblebrag & fans find this endearing. If it were something more normal like losing keys or cracking phone screens, it might be relatable…so it's embarrassing that he doesn't see how bad it looks. Also looks like he's angling to have fans send him new ones which is fucked up.

I searched & someone on twitter compares this to them ordering 20 lobsters in a restaurant, wow that's embarrassing too

No. 67769

These dudes travel everytime and earphones are easy to loose, especially apple's that everybody has. Idk why this shit is even a subject

No. 67770

Hi there anon. I travel a lot too. At least once a month long distance. Not nearly as much as idols but enough to know that you don’t lose 30+ AirPod sets just from traveling. I’ve never lost mine. Get your head out of your ass; he’s just spoiled and lazy

No. 67771

I was almost interested, then saw that she's sperging about lipsynch and pre-recorded vox. Confirmed autist, that's basically the entire kpop scene since fucking ever. Also, she stinks of being an actual ratmy herself.

No. 67772

wtf is wrong with him. 33 pairs is a shit ton of headphones to lose so casually. He really is ugly inside and out

No. 67773

No. 67775

File: 1576467765633.jpeg (303.51 KB, 1125x942, DB392039-90A0-4CC8-B4DB-3DD59C…)

#blinksdemandforblackpink is trending on twitter… how embarrassing… they spent their money putting up an ad begging for bp content

No. 67776

anon he’s just dumb and clumsy
“Ugly inside and out” makes it seem like he killed someone

No. 67777

Apparently the ad was right in front of YG hq, this is actually pretty funny

Tbh they just need to grow a pair and start writing their own music like g-idle did when their shit kept getting delayed. Unless yg really is some evil mastermind mistreating them and stubbing their creative freedom

No. 67779

eww. You sound lame AF.

No. 67780

Why YG's building is so ugly ?

No. 67781

Cause they don’t got no fucking money

No. 67782

File: 1576469824520.jpg (257.04 KB, 1279x1019, onlyabaddiewithpadding.jpg)

Body standards change over time. The 90s were all about the high fashion waif kate moss model look, dark circles, no body fat, "heroin chic"
Right now thick butts/thighs are having their moment, but it'll all cycle back around eventually

This is the era of the baddie which means you can have fat & curves but only if they're in the right places…to the point shapeless bodies like jennie's need "help" just to pose in some normal high-waisted skinny pants

Yes, & airpods are expensive enough that most ppl would handle them carefully & be very "aware" of them always, like you would w/ your wallet .. if you're rich enough to replace them 30+ times it's tacky to announce that publicly to all the broke teens who made you

No. 67783

Nah, just sick of his fake woke bullshit and 148 IQ. he's dumb as a bag of rocks and looks like an egg to boot. Bragging about losing 33 pairs of airpods is something so wasteful and pathetic.

No. 67784

Thick thighs and butts are going to stick around. Hourglass figures have always been worshipped. Look at historical sculptures.

No. 67785

why does red velvet's new song sound like 7 rings lol(this is an imageboard)

No. 67788

most people did not give a shit about kate moss and heroin chic. only teenage girls and fashion industry gays cared about that shit.

No. 67789

it… doesn't. the song hasn't even been released yet.

No. 67790

Almost every YG group has a member who writes/produces their own stuff - G-Dragon, BI, CL, the brother of AKMU, Song Mino. It's the only way they can get any material released at all

Blinks just don't want to admit that their unnies don't care about music altogether, choosing to use evil YG as a scapegoat who's preventing the girls from writing music instead

No. 67792

Unpopular opinion

Does anyone else think the more talented ones be paid more than the filler members

Like jungkook should make more than jin

I’d be mad if I was a talented member being paid the same as a filler

No. 67793

Dumb take. Jungkook is not talented in producing music at all. Suga, RM etc produce some bts songs and get paid more for them. Why should Jungkook make more again? Because he is GoLdEn MaKnAe who excels in playing vidya games, dancing, being an eboy etc? Should your co-worker who is a better painter get paid more at an unrelated job?

If anything Jin is more talented in cooking, not getting ugly tats and driving cars kek

No. 67795

crashing cars*

No. 67797

i didn't know bts had solo stans

No. 67800


well, they do make different amounts of money. its not equal.

however, the difference isnt based on 'talent' necessarily because thats almost impossible to objectively quantify, but to use your example of bts - the rappers generally get paid more because they contribute more to songwriting, production and have more solo projects than others and this is also reflected in their individual net worths. this would presumably put jungkook ahead of jin as well as hes written and produced several songs to my knowledge.

i actually think this is good for groups that market themselves as 'self-produced' because it provides incentive for otherwise less involved group members to actually do shit rather than just skate by while putting in less effort

No. 67801

sorry to come in w a request but ive been reading these threads since the early #10s and have no clue where to even start looking, does anyone have that img of blackpinks tour outfits, the one where jennie (?) has a different one every show while the other 3 have the same outfit?

No. 67802

File: 1576485823951.jpeg (381.21 KB, 1832x1044, A195C922-148C-4EA9-8623-F0515A…)

YGs response to the truck ad

No. 67803

File: 1576487490874.jpg (75.56 KB, 800x400, twice-heart-shaker.jpg)

>>67784 Oh I don't disagree. I'm telling that anon it's not a cope to reject the baddie body shape as the desired norm. They aren't obligated to change their preferences just bc "thicc" is the current trend in the west

>>67788 Fashion, celebs, social media "influencers" & advertising trends are all reflections of each other. If we'd had IG in the 90s, the skinny model look would have reigned supreme. The Kardashians & "thicc" culture wasn't trending yet. Remember Britney Spears dieting & working out like crazy to keep everything completely tight/flat, fighting her natural body which leans thicker bc long torso, short legs, thick thighs. Today we have Lady Gaga & Taylor Swift on stage w/ a lil extra pudge & no one gives a shit. The times they are a-changin' lol kpop reflects this too, they're always just a couple yrs behind the west. It's been pointed out here before how SNSD's proportions & leg lengths in those jewel pants in "Gee" are very different from Twice or Lovelyz' bodies today.

Also it's never not funny to post pics exposing kpop padding, here's my personal fave

No. 67805

weird question

but why isn't there any boy crush concepts kek

No. 67807

girl crush is largely based on feminism so i don't think boy crush would do well. most female kpop stans are into eboy/"soft" boy aesthetics now anyways

No. 67809

Girls are normally expected to be cute and demure, and so that's what we see in most girl group songs, because that's what's popular and socially acceptable with the general public (esp their target audience, men). Girl crush is a clear difference from that which is meant to appeal to their female fans instead. Girls like girl crush concepts because it's something that they aspire to be like, and something that makes them feel empowered.
Boys already tend to do cool concepts due to gender roles (men having to be cool and tough, while women have to be soft and cute), so whatever a "boy crush" concept would be would probably not be too out of the ordinary. Also once again, due to gender roles, there aren't too many (open) male fans of boy groups due to the fear of being seen as gay for liking them or wanting to be like them. The primary audience for boy groups has always been young women.

No. 67810

Bless you for sharing this hahaha
I replayed this one too many times

No. 67811

thanks for detailed explanations anonz
the only group it seems to be socially acceptable for guys to like is big bang kek

why does jimincel sound prepubescent here

No. 67812

At least sage your autism and don't type like we're on twitter, fucking solo stan

No. 67813

Would be easier to look at the jennie/blackpink thread on pull. They have got many examples.

No. 67815

File: 1576499858626.jpg (203.66 KB, 960x1440, ezgif-6-8db014ba1cf0.jpg)

I know fanservice has always been there in kpop but imagine a 28 yo dude doing this. This is not even funny anymore, it's just stupid.

No. 67816

>>67815 I have no idea what Taeyeon saw in this retarded uggo

No. 67817

isn’t it pretty much an open secret that they never dated for real and it was just a publicity stunt to take attention away from whatever was going down at sm at the time?

No. 67818

Lmao tiny dick energy

No. 67821

Wtf is boy crush? boy shit is the default in that they can be thugs oe gay butterflies and girls will still cream their crusty pants. Men don't give a shit about boy groups. And those that do call it gaypop.

I swear everyone here is 12

No. 67822

He's doing it because idiots like you pay attention.

No. 67824

No need to be rude. I'm sure you've posted/commented about equally stupid things that male idols do. Plus people here actually point out moments from fancams/mvs/reality shows that they actually watch from beginning to end, you might be one of them too.

No. 67826

there can't be a boy crush concept because that would have to be a concept that only appeals to men and that just doesn't exist because female fans love all the concepts boy groups do.

No. 67830

because kpop is extremely feminine

No. 67831

literally no one in sk cares about rm and suga's production and solo work

No. 67832

No. 67834

Y’all really need to take another look at every single rule huh

No. 67835

File: 1576526640099.png (4.69 KB, 394x64, ccvvvvv.png)

Imagine being a woman aged 45-55 and still supporting Seungri and being a bigbang stan.

No. 67836

File: 1576528723706.jpeg (426.4 KB, 750x936, 3C6CB3C9-3C19-4E17-A79D-9CAF1A…)

can’t wait for ratmys and similarly minded to try to police red velvet and their fans about using “ableist” slurs for song titles

No. 67841

File: 1576533464980.jpeg (218.45 KB, 524x699, 39099D1C-89EC-4B4F-A1E0-99B46C…)

viv must be loaded

No. 67842

Her fcking nose holy shit…

No. 67843


vlv, who?

No. 67844

Hey nctfags why do I see nctzens calling three of the members (johnny, yuta, doyoung) the "feminist line"? I know kpop stans are dumb as fuck with this stuff but what did they even do to be given such a bullshit name?

No. 67846

seeing as this is kpop and the bar is as low as can be, im guessing they said stuff such as 'its ok to be overweight' or they, for god knows what reason, appeal to lesbians.

No. 67847

If she was loaded she'd have been able to afford a better surgeon.

No. 67848

File: 1576537879497.jpg (630.16 KB, 2289x2289, PicsArt_12-16-06.07.28.jpg)

I am not an nctfag but I was curious as to what constitutes them as feminist in the eyes of nct fans so I searched google and twitter and came upon these tweets. I guess..Them acknowledging the fact that women can do things = super woke feminist kingz.

No. 67849

>Yuta ended gender roles


No. 67850

That incel chin is next level

No. 67851

oh lord. the insecurity is over 9000. Didnt their parents teach them self respect?
I remember coming across some super cringy stuff idols said to fans such as 'if you like someone else i would be jealous' and MonstaX apparently said something along the lines of wanting to be their fans bfs.
no wonder these girls are being pandered to so much if they re that gullible and malleable.

No. 67852

These are the women that are so insecure that they need a boy band and a translator to give them confidence, while calling other women who call them crazy as femcels.

No. 67853

Yes, they definitely don't care if people are fat. ;)(;))

No. 67854

File: 1576540531579.jpeg (40.08 KB, 704x396, 9C9FB3CB-411B-4CA8-98A6-D960CC…)

>super woke feminists kings


They pretty much are by Korean standards.

No. 67855

that psychotic laugh at the end gave me shivers.

cant believe they cared more for her phone case than those cigarettes. they could have started a whole she is dating ….cause he smokes marlboro thing.

No. 67856

With that botched is not like she could pick much better tbh

You must be one of those retarded fags who make 'jk humiliating his hyungs for 6 hours straight' compilation on youtube huh. U rly think this simple minded fella is something

No. 67857

>gender roles
I know yuta has said some stuff while he was on that show abnormal summit but this still doesn't explain the other two guys

No. 67859

sorry misspelled vivi

my thoughts exactly
how could she buy herself a career looking like that

No. 67860

lmao American men must’ve traumatized these women so bad that they think Korean boy bands wearing Smokey eyeshadow and doing aegyo makes them woke feminist kings who could never do harm. I remember someone a few threads ago said that girls liked bts because they were an escape from real men and it’s so true. Too bad korean men are just as bad if not worse. At least American men are assholes up front iunlike of korean assholes who hide behind finger hearts.

No. 67863


1. [+25, -0]
I urge you to abolish the controversial IAC show

**2. [+4, -0]
Stop fcking lies you little b1tch your clapped staff when straight to her hair! We have a whole a$$ video and you b1tch can still lying??? You umpa lumpa flopping a$$ father fucker go cut your d1ck you trash men (comment in English)**

Orbits kek

No. 67864

i thought this was an ahjumma from one of those flop 2nd gen groups like berry good or stellar

No. 67868

You can just see the drastic difference in IQ between the 2 comments too

No. 67872

but they had those matching instagram posts for like months before they were revealed as a couple. i think they were dating for real especially taeyeon is known for dating other sm male idols.

No. 67873

>At least American men are assholes up front
ever heard of male feminists/leftist males?

No. 67874

SM has also been referred to as whorehouse cause sm idols screw each other so much. Do yeah, im not doubting her dating scandal, also cause its her.
there have also been reports on how they deliberately try to fake relationships, not sure how reliable that info was, but it was they like same with same, so youngest with youngest etc.

No. 67876

File: 1576560365426.jpg (601.17 KB, 1075x910, Screenshot_20191217-152403_Ins…)

Homegirls looking bit different

No. 67877

Pretty sure anon was referrring to majority

No. 67878

she looks like she'd be in brown eyed girls tbh

No. 67880

Oh yeah definitely, I was just more shocked that someone who looks that old looking and busted was able to debut in a new group rofl

No. 67882

Yeah they need the validation from 21 uncanny-looking males to not feel like trash. How empowering…

No. 67883

File: 1576562025204.jpg (1.11 MB, 1080x1920, 20191217_125308.jpg)

Speaking of beg…

No. 67884

narsha and miryo look like completely different people, but gain and jea are still pretty similar i guess

jea just looks a lot younger now than she did so whatever she had done worked in her favor

No. 67885

at least they're pretty open about it from what i remember. didn't they admit to getting plastic surgery before each comeback on a variety show years ago?

No. 67886

Yeah they made a parody about it. They're cool I guess, and their ps turned out to be rather successful than many 3rd gen idols.

No. 67888

BVNDIT's anorexic member is looking a lot worse as of recently.

No. 67889

then anon's even more full of shit that I originally thought

No. 67890

Bom's voice is getting worse with every comeback. Now she sounds like a literal broken record. Not to mention her face too, Sandara looks so normal standing beside her.

No. 67891

i could see kai and krystal having been a fake relationship since people already shipped them before they started dating and they were caught two times together in public. you'd think they'd be more careful.

No. 67892

her face has become more bloated from filler lately, with her legs getting noticeably skinnier as well. im just going to assume that this video's filled with comments saying she's naturally that spoopy, just like her other fancams

No. 67893

bom is clearly mentally ill and people only stan her out of pity and not because of her bad singing

No. 67894

File: 1576574489535.jpg (71.68 KB, 520x650, gd1.jpg)

his facial hair is so gross, why is each strand so thick?

No. 67899

Is he an idol? He looks like a foreigner

No. 67900

Is he an idol? He looks like a foreigner

No. 67901

Is he an idol? He looks like a foreigner

No. 67902

Jenkai seems more fake though. Both could be either real or fake, idc.

No. 67903

That’s G to the D you casual

No. 67904

wow, imagine a kpop idol that's ok with men wearing makeup

No. 67906

Cause some nugu gg member getting pulled by the hair by a staff cause they know they can get away with that without huge backlash is funny haha haha

No. 67907

yay to no whitewashing
on another note, are there any idols that have had their beards lasered? must be annoying shaving every day and with all those clinics with lasers around…..

No. 67911

File: 1576589129177.jpg (52.75 KB, 690x518, DUoHFEAVoAANpUj.jpg)

Maybe Bts, since they're supposed to look like uwu boys forever? lol Other than that many idols have been caught with a bit of a stubble on their off-days.
That Crayon Pop girl did a video about body hair and surprisingly lasering doesn't seem to be that popular with idols. I guess it's the same for men?
Ironic that shaving off your jaw is no biggie but permanently getting rid of your facial hair is too much. Maybe they hope they can go into acting, and some older actors do have beards, so they think they might need them too in the future?

No. 67912

File: 1576589215921.jpg (34.73 KB, 720x480, 4f252d374dedfd205a7729c9c7f542…)

No. 67915

Most idols careers end before 30 or after military, so i assume they would like to stay in show business too, like acting? Makes sense to not laser your facial hair off esp if you dont grow too much to begin with

No. 67918

I can't wait until this entire piece of shit slave labor industry implodes because the suicides will go completely out of control. I mean just imagine repressing every single aspect of yourself to cater to a bunch of 13 year olds who pick apart your every move. I predict that we're going to see a massive spike in idols killing themselves or going insane.

No. 67919


so the only reason you wish for the horrid cycle of capitalism-driven abuse, manipulation and exploitation of largely innocent people to stop is so that… even more of those same people kill themselves? thats really the primary reason? yikes my guy.

No. 67921

I never said I want anyone to die and I seriously don't. I just think that a massive wave of suicides is inevitable at this point and even the fucked up and apathetic fandom will finally realize that this whole industry is a big mistake.

No. 67923

You're hopelessly delusional if you think idols earning 100k to 1 million a year are slaves who are "going to off themselves". Seriously even the 15 year old idols earn more than Master degree holders once their trainee debt is paid off. Idols are comparable to footballers and sports stars, short term career, restricted diets/lifestyles during their career, few options after they soft "retire" in their 30s but many of them will have saved up a few hundred thousand or more by then.

Sehun and Chanyeol bought buildings at USD$3 million each even though EXO has so many members and aren't BTS successful. Even if the averagely popular 20-something idol saved up 10% of that, it's still far more than most office workers and last time I checked low wage service workers aren't killing themselves en masse. South Korea is hell for migrant workers and they aren't killing themselves so why would idols? Because they shave their beards and legs and get Botox? Lmao that's all celebrities, even Western actors who gain or lose weight and change their appearance drastically for roles. Idols are like musical/stage actors playing a role too, they have to keep to concepts and between getting hair and makeup done and reciting or singing their lines I think most of them are pretty satisfied with their job (compared to menial labor) to not think it's slavery.

Calling idols repressed slaves is an insult to actual slaves like construction workers or maids in the Middle East. Are musical or stage actors slaves if they shave for a role and wear ridiculous wigs and makeup?

No. 67925

You sound like those crazy radfems who have a crying fit over manspreading or something.

Most of the suicides (Jonghyun, Sulli, Hara) didnt happen because idols were too repressed to appeal to 13 year olds. Jonghyun wrote sensual songs (see Suit Up) and Hara and Sulli often dressed however they liked. I really dont know why idols shaving off facial hair is a big issue, most ordinary men in Asia are clean shaven not because they wanna appeal to 13 year olds, but because Asian men cant grow full beards and just sparse goatees which look ugly as hell like Gdragon.

No. 67927

>most idols love their jobs and many of the ones that debut will be 5%+ top earner.
second this. stop pitying them. anyone in any industry can have mental problems. stop buying into bs.

No. 67928



>I never said I want anyone to die and I seriously don't.

does not track with this

>I can't wait until this entire piece of shit slave labor industry implodes because the suicides will go completely out of control.

just admit you said something dumb, offensive to actual victims of slavery, and downright malicious and lets move on

No. 67930

You do realize that this only applies to idols signed on sm,jyp and yg…right?

Some idols from other companies do make it but its a very small percentage.

Alot of idols from smaller companies if they DONT become famous they go through hell, dont have enough money to buy food,debts that they will never be able to pay back, have to resort to doing illegal things to survive etc.

80% of kpop groups are in debt,Nugu,one hit wonders and do prostitution if theyre female.

So just because you only watch the same three popular rich kpop groups does not apply to all kpop groups.

No. 67931

This is 2 years ago btw, how did hyuna even manage to fuck up her face so bad in the span on 2 years. Holy shit.
She was pretty 2 years ago.

No. 67933

posting this for anyone who would like some good cringe and as a friendly reminder to never fly Korean air

No. 67935

Nobody says idols are all multi millionaires. Some get very famous and successful like Hara, Im Siwan, Park Hyungsik or Hyuna even if they are from a smaller agency. You can see BAP Bang Yongguk, Mamamoo Solar or Vixx Ken and their apartments on Youtube, they don't own a building like EXO but they are alright doing solos or musical acting. They don't look depressed, just normal people living their lives doing what they love?

There are tons of models, stage actors, musical actors and drama actors who are way less popular than idols but earn a decent living doing what they like too. Stop thinking the industry will crash and cause mass suicides, you are mentally ill.

I have tons more sympathy for child worker slaves in Bangladesh or smartphone factory workers in China (see Foxconn suicides), thats the reality of actual low paid work in Asia. Idols are like the 1% because they are celebs with fanclubs, even if you think it's a stressful job where they have to put on an act 24/7, it's not slavery?! I worked as a makeup counter salesperson and air stewardess and you basically fakesmile all day with a chirpy voice and if your attire, nails or hair color isn't right you are penalised. Is that slavery?

You just come across as incredibly sheltered.

No. 67936

I literally said that there are some idols from smaller companies who make it but NOT ALL of them do.

I shouldnt have to explain myself a thousand of times to retarded dyslexia anons.


No. 67937

>>Jung ByungHee better known by his stage name G.O, stated that most average idol groups that aren’t popular nor completely unknown usually make around $20,000 annually, a surprisingly low amount especially when we consider the fact that they’ve worked hard for an entire year while also having to split among at least usually around five or more members. For a five-member idol group, that would be around $4,000 per member. And we’re pretty sure that $4,000 a year isn’t exactly the paycheck anyone had in mind when signing up for a job.

>>Clearly, such circumstances seem unfair to the idols who have basically given their everything to make it in the entertainment industry. In fact, Song JaeHo also revealed that his group Mad Town made at least around $100,000 from a few gigs but never saw a dime.

No. 67938

Imagine getting $4.000 salary a year, when you work your ass off.

And then you retards have the nerve to think all idols are rich like Exo or Twice.

No. 67939

File: 1576604206724.jpeg (89.63 KB, 669x669, D0C506FA-5833-49F7-A77F-EF26F8…)

Not crazy about Seulgi’s feet. Don’t understand the hype.

No. 67940

Lots of small company idols end up doing modelling, acting, stage work or dance/vocal coaching to get by. That's a reality, not everyone can get famous. So? In Korea a lot of idols who can afford the training to pass auditions already come from well to do backgrounds, FYI. Very few come from poverty backgrounds even if their parents are divorced. My point is, you are making a huge deal out of idols having to shave, being stressed, having to pander to tweens, etc when most working people are stressed, even doctors, lawyers, pilots etc. How can you expect an entertainment industry role to be unstressful yet pay big bucks? Lots of idols/actors take a risk to join showbiz and they sometimes fail because they are unpopular, thats part of the gig. In Hollywood Aladdin's Arab lead actor couldnt find work for months while DiCaprio gets big roles for being a popular white actor, do Hollywood actors complain that they have to be waiters or do odd jobs to get by? That's a rite of passage if you choose acting as a job, like idols. Fame isn't guaranteed, they can pick a stable office job instead if they want.

No. 67943

I hate to say this but my ex-room mates are BBC actors who graduated from RADA and Juillaird. They did radio voiceover work, waited tables, taught dance, all while filming bit part roles in BBC dramas to get by in their 20s. One time my roommate memorised an entire script for a role he won for a stage play at Donmar Warehouse only for the play to be cancelled and he didnt get a cent for rehearsals. Acting and idol work is very unstable and often dependant on fleeting factors like popularity. People who cant handle freelance work and unstable income shouldnt go into showbiz at all, it is a risky career path.

No. 67944

>>67937 >>67938
When they earn 100k the company deducts the fees for venue rental, stylists salary, promos, stage clothes and props etc etc too, same as any album produced. I believe G.O. only earned 4k because his group Mblaq didn't get popular, until now nobody cares that Dara's brother Thunder was in it. If a group is unpopular how will they earn loads? Showbiz isn't an industry where hard work equals wealth.

You can be super untalented but good-looking like Sehun or Yoona and hit it big. You can be extremely talented and average looking like G.O. and stay anonymous. That's showbiz, no matter how hard you work you may never get popular like Nine Muses.

No. 67945

>>Imagine getting $4.000 salary a year, when you work your ass off.

Anon is it so hard to understand that idols are not salaried workers and the company doesn't subside them if their albums flop because their other employees (stylists, managers, makeup artists) need to eat too?

If you sell 1 million albums you get rich like EXO and if you sell 20k albums you prob can't cover your expenses and take home only 4K? Nobody thinks all idols are as rich as EXO, if EXO sold only 20k albums like nugu groups they also will earn less. It's kinda stupid to think the entertainment industry must make sure all idols are rich and successful or else the industry is evil and exploitative, nobody is forcing idols to enter showbiz and hire stylists, music producers etc to help them release music. If a photographer or artist tries to sell his work and nobody will pay more than $50 so he earns only $1000 annually, is he being exploited by the art industry? Lmao. He can switch to other stable jobs that pay better for the time expended because hard work doesn't equal wealth in showbiz or art.

Wake up and stop crying about how the entire SK showbiz is exploitative, maybe it is to young kids who join early but this is a worldwide issue.

No. 67946

File: 1576607224524.png (350.73 KB, 720x405, Slide1.png)

If anyone needs further proof of why flowerboy styling is cursed, see how it ruins a manly(ish) idol.

No. 67947

If the CEOs and PD nims and assholes at the top kill themselves, absolutely. But not the idols tbh unless they are abusers and creeps themselves like JYP and that Moon guy.

No. 67948

anaon, he clearly only lost the babyfat and is a bit better groomed now.

No. 67950

>never get popular like nine muses
isnt that one chick an announcer? dont those get like 6 figure salaries?
>work hard(er)
yeah i never understood how this a thing to say to people.
i understand the sentiment but no one got to the top because of iq and/or hard work. there was always a lot of luck/coincidence involved.

No. 67951

>no important education for getting a job
thats bs, they go to school. plenty do online university courses. those decade contracts are no more.
they basically get training and mentoring while studying and going to school. they just dont spend their free time watching tv.

No. 67952

Do you guys seriously like Baekho, Jackson, Shownu etc.? They're fucking ugly and only pander to men who like rough looking idols only as a "fuck you" to girls who want men to manage their looks.

No. 67957

Exid Hyerin said on Knowing Bros that she worked part-time at a cafe after debuting as an idol during Exid's unpopular years before Up&Down when they struggled to get gigs. That's what I mean by stable work. 10 year idol contracts do not stop them from moonlighting, just like normal labour contracts can't stop you from working on weekends as a tutor, tennis coach, model etc. Idols usually do online mall modelling, ads, radio work like DJing for stable income outside of their album promos too.

No. 67958

>how could she buy herself a career looking like that
top kek
is being the token c*k in the most nugu group with probably the biggest debut debt known to kpop considered being successful nowadays?

No. 67959

the fact that pannchoa translated an article where some comments have 1 upvote speaks volumes lmao

No. 67960

Every one of the male idols you mentioned is a hundred times more well-groomed looking at his ugliest than the average man. You don't have to be a flower boy to look put-together.

No. 67961

pls dont feed the trolls. they are like gremlins…..just you are never allowed to feed them.

No. 67962

They call a guy 'fat' who supposedly weighs 60kg (and also doesn't look any heavier)…
And fangirls really think oppar isn't disgusted by their appearance.

I bet idols egg each other on, trying to get others to be even more ana, botched and mentally fucked, because in the end even members of the same group are only rivals.

No. 67965

wasnt it the exo line where someone said they were proud to be the skinniest cause thats how they are above others and will stand out?
>egging each other on and disgusted by non ana appearance
seeing as some egg each other on who sleeps with the most/most beautiful groupies groupies im sure they avoid anything that isnt ana or a total stunner.
i would be surprised if they actually try to get someone to be botched since the group needs to carry that.

No. 67967

I ain't saying that Baekho's the most handsome guy, but he looks a hell of a lot better without glossy lips and a snatched waist.

No. 67968

Not to wk but it's pretty obvious that they're just fucking with him. They don't actually think he's fat.

No. 67969

I don't understand why so many farmers are upset that some unpopular idols earn very little money. It's basic economics. If you open a cake shop and sell 300 cakes a month, you probably do not make enough to cover rent, ingredients, utilities, assistant's pay and still pay yourself. The owner of a popular cake shop that sells 30000 cakes prob earns way more, the CEO of popular cake chain probably earns millions. Does anyone feel sorry for unpopular cake shop owners and think they should earn as much as the owner of Cheesecake Factory? No, because supply and demand dictates popularity, for some shops to be famous others will fail.

It's the same for idols, nobody owes them fame and it's up to them to hit it big. For every wealthy idol in BTS or EXO there are anonymous boybands like Up10tion that earn nothing and have 0 stans because teenage girls are busy drooling over Jimincel or Junglebook, it's never fair. Fame attracts more fame and people like to stan already famous bands and ignore anonymous bands.

No. 67970


>fame attracts fame

my favourite part is when fans say 'oh, they have it so hard, we should be considerate', they imply their famous favourite. the one that is very well off anyway instead of giving a damn about the rather unknown ones. the fans dont seem to realize the irony.

No. 67971

I was a big fan of 2NE1 when they were still together, and this shows how even the girl groups that don't rely on sex appeal end up washed up. Arguably, Bom might be in a very different place if YG had competent vocal coaches and stopped her from doing surgeries after 2009. On the other hand, Dara literally has nothing else to do. I've seen some videos of her "training" at YG over the past few years…but for what? She can't sing, can't act, and apparently she's not any good at variety according to K-netz. She still looks great (age wise) imo so modeling could work, then again she's over 30 I think, so it's not long until she's cast out of the industry due to age.
A number of trainees and idols are forbidden to get other jobs though.

No. 67974

shes been claiming to have a sickness that affects her vocal cords for years now, but who knows since all kpop idols and their companies do is lie about literally everything

No. 67975

Bom's "sickness" is probably alcoholism, cigarette smoking (nicotine addiction kek) or drug addiction, those lifestyle habits affect your vocal cords which is why Western rock stars sound horrible after 40 or so like Oasis' lead singer.

No. 67976

are there any known idols besides gd and top who have smoked since they were young and still are?

No. 67977

some of the girls from t-ara, who had it used against them later on during their bullying scandal

jiyeon, eunjung and hyomin specifically

No. 67980

no, just smoking

No. 67982

it was regarding the fucking up their voice. that spawned my question if any idols are known long time and still current smokers.
if they are and continue for another 10 years….well…..

No. 67983

File: 1576618221054.jpg (45.63 KB, 600x800, sehun-jpg.jpg)

some of the guys in exo smoke

No. 67984


No. 67986

File: 1576618673970.jpg (41.36 KB, 540x540, 1576600894-201912171623103310-…)

this is nitpicky as hell but people who deck their babies out in brand name clothes and stuff are annoying af
ive never had anything against her or anything but having kids sometimes brings out the worst traits in people


No. 67989

either that or trying to get on return of superman kek

No. 67990

he quit around enlistment time iirc, he moved to vaping after his service and was posting about it for a while. no idea if he’s gone back to smoking now or quit entirely

No. 67993

He smoked on ig live a few months ago

No. 67995

normally id think these kinds of posts are stupid, but seeing that photo, kek
no way in hell did rose and jennie look like that
we've all seen the photos of them predebut so its not even a conspiracy, they didnt even try to make it look real

No. 67996

File: 1576623150065.jpg (53.1 KB, 530x722, 249ddea68ce3c314bea7c6f9a090d2…)

to piggyback on that post, idols are notorious for sharing photos of themselves at GRADUATION(which more often than not, happens after they debut and are already famous) or in performing arts school or even college, and passing it off as ~school photos~

No. 67997

vaping counts as smoking…

No. 67998

File: 1576623306917.jpg (62.41 KB, 540x450, Idol-High-School.jpg)

almost every single staged school photo you see is post debut, thus probably post plastic surgery

No. 67999

File: 1576623501516.jpg (20.18 KB, 600x319, Sistar-Plastic-Surgery-Before-…)

now school photos where the idol is standing outside and you can see trees or whatever in the background, are typically actually pre debut
studio style photos are usually for high school/college students
just an interesting tidbit and a way to know the difference

No. 68000

Why do young Koreans call Korea Hell Choeson dynasty or whatever the fuck? The average Korean is already super educated and has to compete with other average Koreans on the same level of education or more, with many only sticking out do to connections / favors / looks. Not getting famous as an idol without money / network cushion is close to a death sentence. Why the fuck do average Koreans kill themselves every year because of their retarded college exams? They don't have high suicide rates for nothing. Stop being blind.

No. 68002

most companies don't do that though. they have their trainees drop out at 12-16 and if they don't make enough money or find a sugar mommy/daddy they're fucked. mostly the big3 (cube/starship/woolim honorable mentions even though many of their trainees dropped out) go to school and train at the same time

No. 68003

Those nct dream kids all dropped out of school

No. 68005

> much older woman
how much older we talking?

No. 68008

so about 20 years? ok, thats rare. yeah prolly $$$

No. 68015

Late response, but Kyuhyun mentioned getting epilation in one of his videos. Not the same as lasering, but that's the only time I've heard an idol mention doing something to control facial hair. I assume that because most Asian men tend to have weak facial hair that shaving frequently isn't much of a problem for them kek

No. 68020

That is the reality of nugu actors, actresses, models, singers, etc etc in ALL COUNTRIES not just Korea. In Los Angeles many struggling actors wait tables between jobs. Some aspiring actresses end up doing R-rated roles, softcore photoshoots or hardcore porn like JAV which Japanese AKB48 idols do sadly. If you ask me Korean idols have it better than Japanese idols who get sexualised explicitly in gravure books. In my country idols/singers do a lot of social media adverts, hosting, singing at parties or corporate events, become rich man mistresses etc etc unless they are A listers.

It's stupid as fuck that anyone thinks South Korean showbiz people and idols live a gilded life. Not even all of Hollywood actors do, there are some who get exploited and molested by directors.
Idol fame is like a zero sum game in Korea, South Korean fans are loyal stans who support 1 group only so if BTS Ratmon earns 5 million a year, it means BTS is sucking up 50% boyband stans and some nugu idol in Astro or AB6ix has only 20 actual stans, no solo activities and earn 4000 bucks.

Popularity works that way in SK, idol stans are loyal from their teens to their 40s (watch Reply 1997) and once they choose a group like EXO or BTS, they will never spend money on another group's albums, concerts, merch, fan signs.So BTS being such stan attractors does affect nugu idols who debut or promote at the same time.

No. 68023

yeah, this is tacky af

No. 68025

File: 1576641540210.jpg (22.15 KB, 783x391, images.jpeg-3.jpg)

Not sure if you were talking about UKISS' Eli but he kinda fits the description although the age gap isn't that huge (11 years)…

No. 68026

Anyone find this coupled with the Mamamoo x JYP performance to be…suspicious? Seems like a lot of acticity between the two out of nowhere lately, which leads me to believe JYP may be buying RBW.

No. 68027

i don't get it those idols you mentioned are as put together as any skinny twinky-boy idol. I'm convinced majority of kpop fangirls feel intimidated when male idols show a shred of masculinity.

No. 68028

File: 1576644898054.jpeg (24.73 KB, 669x421, images (15).jpeg)

She looks 50 wtf. Prolly lied sbout her age

No. 68029

No. 68031

File: 1576649805114.png (274.6 KB, 491x460, jj.png)

last "bon voyage" ep confirmed the arm tattoo. waiting for the HD now to see how it really looks. hopefully it's not as bad as the hand one..

No. 68032

I forgot that UKISS existed entirely

No. 68033

No1curr, faggot

No. 68034

"Rant about Kpop, its creepy fandoms, and/or its fucked up industry. Or just nitpick idols."
> nitpick idols
if you don't like it you're free to leave butthurt-chan

No. 68036

>This thread is not about fangirling. Save that for the general kpop thread.
Get out, rat. Please go brush your teeth.

No. 68037

That’s what you’re waiting for?

No. 68039

Yeah lol, or at least mid 40s. Even with all those ps she can't hide it.

No. 68040

You're not the only one kek. So I searched and found out that they only have 3 members left at this point. Might as well just disband.

No. 68041

so they actually havent disbanded yet? ngl im shocked

No. 68042

she is a racing model and not loaded. guess anon meant another person

No. 68046

Omg I forgot about Eli and his old wife. I always thought she trapped him with that ugly ass baby kek

No. 68047

the food is great though :(

Serious reply, but I'm not surprised this got made. Korean Air is SK's biggest airline. Promos like this will give them more exposure, especially to KPop fans who want to fly over and see their oppas

No. 68051

No. 68056

Nta but I couldn't finish the video. It's not catchy and too many cringe moments. If it's meant to be informative/promotional they should make something like an earworm song for that. Serious question, why didn't they use bts? Not a ratmy or anything I swear, just wondering.

No. 68059

File: 1576664912590.jpeg (349.05 KB, 1125x1109, DD5B266B-A621-4C8A-8EAE-1EF81A…)

Blinks making a big deal over this photo shoot even though jisoo looks like shit in it… she’s the visual wtf happened to make her look this bad

No. 68060

No1curr, faggot

No. 68062

Then don’t respond, faggot

No. 68063

File: 1576666743694.png (377.96 KB, 400x539, 1574897464047.png)

>why not get BTS to do it
cause someone has connections, pics related

>why is the song crap

umm, did you hear that song jopping? you really gotta ask?

No. 68064

No1curr, faggot

No. 68065

Pic is not related unless you want to talk about illuminati shit but thanks for trying to explain even tho it doesnt make sense

No. 68066

Nothing happened, she always looks like she's in 30s
>inb4 stop age shaming my idol!!!!
It's not even age shaming at this point, it's the truth

No. 68067

the dude has connections. the pic is showing him even knowing rothschilds.
His connections is what got sperm the airline gig. its literally what i wrote, how do you not see it?

No. 68068

this is bps jisoo? holy crap fotoshop to mars and back. those makeup artists and stylists really do one hell of a good job in idols everyday life. (and credits to dr kim obviously)

No. 68069

Her voice is unbearable… How tf can someone says it sounds good ?

No. 68070

The picture second to the left on the bottom row is specifically the worst wow…

No. 68071

I wonder about the possibility of jisoo having lied about her age. She looks really old anytime she makes anything but a straight face

No. 68072

Ok sorry i am slow

No. 68073

Not sure but from what i found on the net, she has a brother who is 6 years older than her and a much older sister who's married already (idk how old). It's not unusual for someone to have much older siblings of course, but when you try to fit the age-faking theory in there then it can fit right away kek.

No. 68074

File: 1576678457581.png (47.71 KB, 902x494, blinksaredeaf.png)

No. 68076

I’d still rather fans lie and say it’s good than pretend meanie YG forces their precious angel to sing badly and ruin her voice. I don’t know how so many people can still claim that when everything about her suggests she loves the indie wailing rather than just singing well. You think the girl who’s obsessed with Halsey is being forced to sing like her against her will? It’s so stupid

No. 68077

where did they even get the idea that yg's "forcing" her to sing that way? i think its just one massive cope

No. 68081


UKISS is still around?? I'm also shocked they're still together. I heard like 4 members left and ago married years ago

fucking dead, anon

No. 68082

bit of a tinfoil, but i think a lot of young teen kpop fans just don't have the maturity to get how much a person changes between the ages of 14 (when a lot of trainee photos and singing comes out) and 20. if you're so committed to your favourite group that you think you still will be in 7+ years, you might find it harder to see why someone's entire creative style and taste might change in that time without them being forced - if that's the case then they'd need to think about how in 5 years they might regret spending a lot on merch or eating half a sweet potato a day to look like their skelly queens. also see the way fans keep jokes about idols going on for years after the idol grows out of this behaviour like the "v is a random alien!" shit, kpop memes age like milk.

i don't hate every indie voice singer and i think rose just does it badly, but it's obviously her choice. if blackpink debuted in 2012 she'd be doing adventure time uke covers and posting the perks of being a wallflower quotes. her avocado and cactus stuff is just the late 2010s version of that stuff

No. 68083

File: 1576687317677.jpeg (123.92 KB, 750x243, C467606C-AE16-4CBB-BA91-165BBD…)

>name someone more talented
uh let’s see

No. 68085

seventeen’s woozi lol my dude literary produced all of svt’s discography.

No. 68086

and it all sounds like shit

No. 68092

File: 1576690421956.png (687.09 KB, 1242x2208, 4884731B-A83A-4BBC-85CF-6B9982…)

No. 68093

Let me guess, every single one of these songs sounds like rotten, wet, nuclear garbage?

No. 68097

Why hire bts tho, superM must have a better rate and basically the same impact business wise

No. 68098

Doesnt have as much credits but at least he can write something that isnt hot garbage or fake deep
Also did he really pass Gdragon? Cause there was a recent show abt it and he was still behind GD

No. 68099

Holy shit. She sounds awful. With the way she sings I can barley understand her. If there weren’t subtitles I would just assume that she was singing in korean. The way she sings reminds me of Shakira’s goat voice, only rose sounds like a turkey.

No. 68104

She's an avocado and bananas singer

No. 68105

For real

No. 68110

File: 1576703947052.jpeg (224.41 KB, 1125x1569, 17E45583-F72C-46E5-817E-45A98C…)

I can’t stand stan accounts, but they really hit the nail on the head here

No. 68113

Kind of hope her voice goes to shit so someone else can take over the singing like how Minzy took over for Bom.

No. 68118

The question is, who will take over the singing?

No. 68119

Because sperm has some of the most easily recognizable male idols and sm wanted to get them more promo?

No. 68124

woozi is one of the top earning idol producers of 2019.

No. 68125


No. 68126

GD has the most copyrights of any idol why lie when it literally takes 2 seconds to google?

No. 68127

You know what, never mind just disband them

No. 68129

File: 1576718257679.jpg (83.21 KB, 635x457, songwriterslist.jpg)

Because their braindead fans will eat up anything including lies. This chart is from last year but even so ratmon would still be #2 or even lower idk

No. 68131

this sounds like someone doing a parody of the "welcome to my kitchen" voice. how does she take herself seriously singing like this? lol

No. 68132

did he produce seventeen's song hit? because that is one of the worst kpop songs i've ever heard. actual garbage to my ears.

No. 68133

File: 1576721351298.jpeg (161.4 KB, 750x919, B51BC664-39EF-4C3A-AC87-222973…)

Her mouth is fucking hideous. How any Loona fan calls her a visual is beyond me.

No. 68135

I mean…if it wasn’t for those damn teeth then she would be very close to beautiful. Every Loona member is average (or above, if you’re being generous) with 1-2 major flaws that make them seem far beautiful and either ugly or average

No. 68137

*far from beautiful

No. 68141

File: 1576726134190.png (209.26 KB, 540x323, tumblr_pe9gg5qp0B1rw5s69o1_540…)

They gave her ugly momo horse teeth
Hyunjin the only real visual, but she is just a Korean ver of Tzuyu

No. 68144

That's literally every pic of jennie too, she has exactly one facial expression & it always shows her top teeth like that

Slightly ot but related, it's pretty wild when you realize kpop's general okay-ness w/ bad teeth, visible gums, huge ears, huge lips & weak chins…yet they have no problem cutting thru the eyelids & jaws of literal children trainees

No. 68148

File: 1576735701442.jpg (104.71 KB, 1000x932, 1576667567-nayeon.jpg)

So this white incel guy whos admitted to stalking Nayeon is claiming he "accidentally" ran into Jeongyeon and Tzuyu yesterday. Nobody believed him until pictures surface of tzuyu and Jeongyeon out together on the day in question. He has a history of making creepy fucked up posts about killing females who reject males, and calls Nayeon his wife. Now JYP released a statement about how the company is taking precautions to protect Twice. How long before another Taeyeon kidnapping style incident?

""Hello, this is JYPE. We notify that after our previous statement of warning against ongoing stalking issues, we have since requested official police protection against this issue, and as a result, the police are taking measures to patrol the vicinity of our company as well as surrounding neighborhoods in Chungdam. In addition, we are taking strict security and protection measures for our artist's group activities.

We are continuously looking over various possible methods of legal actions, and plan to proceed with the best possible means against the issue.

Previously, we also notified fans regarding the label's legal action currently taking place against individuals who posted spread malicious rumors via online communities. We once again stress that as soon as we finish assessing the severity of ongoing rumors and malicious attacks, we will be taking necessary actions including lawsuits and criminal investigations requests.

Finally, we emphasize yet again that we will not hesitate to resort to the strictest means of legal action available against all actions which damage our artists' characters, rights, and names, so that they can continue promoting under a safe environment.

We ask fans for their continued reports regarding such malicious activity, and promise to do our best as an agency for the health of our artists. Thank you.

No. 68149

This is actually my favorite song. I've listened to many different covers of it but this one is the worst.

No. 68150

Nah if anyone is visual it'd be heejin, she gets the most cfs and the center thing

No. 68151

File: 1576736559340.jpg (852.98 KB, 1080x2065, 20191219_132228.jpg)

Damn I didn't realise how ugly it was before you mentioned it

No. 68152

Heejin looks reaaaally plastic, but it's true that she's the most popular
However Hyunjin was known for being a Tzuyu-Naeun lookalike even before debut

No. 68153

File: 1576739281907.jpeg (107.04 KB, 800x532, 4B797508-C71D-40B8-9962-FAD2BB…)

Which reminds me, BBC’s favoritism to the same 3 members makes the group look so bad. It makes everyone look like they’re either better than the rest or a filler member.

They give their main vocalist ~2 seconds of lines in each song and members like heejin and yves, despite their expertise being more in dancing, ~14 seconds of lines. Like imagine training your ass off off to be the main vocalist and leader of the group and just getting reduced to a “filler” member who’s lines always go to someone else. I really hate BBC more than Loona; if they were run like a normal group then they would be more popular and have less rabid fans. Obvious favoritism is a pet peeve of mine and here we are.

Ps It looks like Loona is lowkey copying Izone’s vibe for their comeback. The two are already so similar…

No. 68154

Reading this back to myself, I sound like a stan, but just to clarify, I only know this much bs because I used to stan. Bbc has no idea how to run a group and the fans are…you know…so I left the fandom

No. 68156

Gross. I hope this guy kills himself.

No. 68159

File: 1576743001669.gif (1.14 MB, 250x336, ezgif-6-f2173e31f1ae.gif)

Her mouth looks even worse in motion, it's the mouth version of the infamous dorito chin kek
Reposted: gif too heavy

No. 68160

Ofc she would act stressed up if she saw him lmao, like who wouldn't, it's a natural response to seeing a psychopath running around your workplace.

No. 68161

incels get off on female fear/repulsion, so its not surprising he'd practically gloat about her being scared or uncomfortable
seems like a future serial killer to me

No. 68162


i honestly think that, even beyond this specific stalkercel, any female idol would be stressed by being approached by one of their weirdly obsessed uncle stans, especially with only one manager around. i dont imagine that kind of interaction ever stops being terrifying, no matter how harmless the dude might end up being.

No. 68165

Makes you wonder why, when their concept is "girl of the month". You'd think every member is so talented they deserved their own solo predebut kek.

No. 68167

File: 1576747164315.jpg (252.68 KB, 1000x569, 20191219_161825.jpg)

Late but
>assholes who hide behind finger hearts.

No. 68171

eyelid surgery is far less invasive than genioplasty or upper jaw surgery, jaw shaves aren't as common as people think.

No. 68173


Oh my god, that is… indeed invasive. Sheesh, they cut off that much bone?
Has any idol gotten this surgery?

No. 68177

I’m still keking over the “girl of the month” concept, it’s an obvious inspiration from pervy callendars

No. 68178

It had potential tbh but they do nothing with it so they basically just wasted a whole year

No. 68179

Holy shit I just realized

No. 68181

what's this concept ?

No. 68183

loona's korean name means girl of the month, there are twelve members who each have their own solo

No. 68191

Lmao genius is for artists who've had hit songs…

No. 68192

oh ok, as if we knew their name anyway

No. 68193

File: 1576781181460.jpeg (17.67 KB, 225x225, 019AF338-962C-4AFC-BE57-4C19DF…)

Some people get filler to fix a “gummy smile”.

No. 68195

they are literally just talking out their ass. Repeating a lyric is not explaining it.

No. 68197

how can they explain lyrics that have no sense and that they didn't write kek

No. 68198

File: 1576784337452.gif (943.2 KB, 800x1200, 87911AF3-DE52-414C-B6D6-ECCA88…)

I saw a video of Loona and Vivi’s non-existent chin was bothering me. I decided to make this gif to show the difference between what she looks like now and what she’d look like with a normal jaw.

No. 68200

Botox isn't filler tho but yes

No. 68201

You made her look like the Crimson Chin, I’d shave mine off too if it looked like that.

No. 68204

Anon but mark and taeyong write and produce the songs themselves!!

I was honestly surprised at how much different (and uglier) doyoung looks without editing. Also yuta's eyes are freaky, mark looks like a 12 yr old and an old man at the same time, and taeyong seemed really aloof and full of himself.

No. 68206

Doyoung is a catfish. His Instagram posts and real life look like two different people. Anybody think that Jaehyun is extremely jealous of Taeyong?

No. 68208

File: 1576790310600.jpg (644.14 KB, 1080x2340, Screenshot_2019-12-19-18-17-13…)


No. 68209

File: 1576790434640.jpeg (170.35 KB, 896x1593, 3489589.jpeg)

kek, sorn just ended clc's non-existent career. she posted a pic where she is posing with a guy in a racist mask and then chose to blatantly ignore all criticism coming her way. she's currently trending on twitter.

No. 68210

Seems like everyone in that group besides mark hates scamyong. Even if the guys a dick, which I'm sure he is, that cliquey attitude isn't going to get them anywhere. Theyre terrible at their jobs, its no wonder why that group is flopping and sm only cares about the four who know how to behave.

No. 68211

File: 1576790468423.jpeg (62.69 KB, 734x860, 589484.jpeg)

No. 68213

isnt that literally just a tyler the creator mask?

No. 68215

File: 1576790660302.jpg (69.95 KB, 730x1168, tumblr_8ef0bf6d51042ff2d126ee3…)

so i get that red velvet is really pushing a ~creepy midsommer cemetary doll~ aesthetic right now, but wtf is irene doing with her hands in these pics

reminds me of when lady gaga was doing her spirit cooking cosplay lmao

No. 68217

>>68210 If Taeyong's personality is as bad as people say, then are you surprised they can't stand him? In any work environment there is always someone you don't like and all you gotta do is just smile and pretend to be nice. They don't have to be friends..
Sure, for an idol group it would be better if they were close friends.. but I don't think it's the others fault. Taeyong should work more on his personality imo

No. 68218

>>68215 how do you live while being this retarded? she's mid-movement.

No. 68219

>When the brightness filter for all setting is on max

Kpop is really good at lying to the whole world about their skin tone, until they come to the west and pictures are all online for the normies to see though their manufactured hype

No. 68220

That's not racist, unless they are using the tyler the creator mask in a racist way… but given these people and their track record… I wouldn't be surprised kek. Goodbye to any western advancement (they where literally who in the first place) except in SEA land anyway

No. 68221

i looked it up and the mask like face tyler the creator had on in his video or whatever wasnt nearly as exaggerated feature wise as that mask is, so while its similar i dont think its based on him and if it is, its still pretty shitty

No. 68223

But they don't try to hide the fact that they hate him, not even on camera. The vast majority of idols aren't actually close to eachother but they literally get paid to pretend to be. (The illusion of) good chemistry is important for boy groups these days. 127 seriously fails at that, and its yet another reason why they're shitty ineffective idols.

No. 68224

>>68223 im not a stan so can you post examples? in the video above i didnt really see it

No. 68225

Lmfao this bitch is going down and I can’t wait to watch

No. 68226

how long before 4chan adopts her as a new waifu despite the fact that she is SEA

No. 68227

Kek why would jaehyun be jealous when he's way more popular than taeyong with half the push? They especially love him in sk and see him as some kind of perfect visual god. He could probably even reach cha eunwoo level if he was promoted that way.
However I did notice that yuta was giving taeyong looks while he was talking

No. 68228

Jaehyun is only popular in south career but they barely give him any song production opportunities despite being one of the best singers and face in NCT. He and the rest of Nct 127 just sit around in the dorms all day buying coffee and vinyls while Taeyong and Mark collect royalties with garbage lyrics. I would honestly be mad.

No. 68229

I guess, but I bet he knows that he has the best chance at a successful solo career when nct is finally given up on

>one of the best singers

Imma have to disagree with this tho. His singing is usually meh and at times just plain bad

No. 68230

other anon but here is one example after Mark and Taeyong comeback from Superm promo. They pretty much ignore him. @23.58 and @23.16

No. 68231

>despite the fact that she is SEA
what white person would care about her being sea aside from a koreaboo or a chinaboo? so many chantards approve of sex tourism or going to poor parts of asia to fuck kids for cheap

No. 68232

Jaehyun is less attractive less charming and less entertaining than eunwoo so doubt it. He's not good enough to carry a group.

No. 68233

File: 1576795245378.jpeg (61.33 KB, 360x500, 41A747E3-0275-4467-8059-2A5B5D…)

No. 68234

I mean at least they sound decent when singing.
But my god for Korean standards they really don't look good.

No. 68235

Of course they have Jaehyun and Taeyong sitting on the center of the screen to try to distract viewers from how bad the rest look lol

No. 68236

Oh god don't remind me of the time they worshiped Red Velvet Wendy for the same shit. Fucking incels are cringe.

No. 68239

yeah she's never coming back from this. kpop fans tend to be way harder on female idols when they mess up like this and clc don't have a successful career like mamamoo to fall back on.

No. 68240

File: 1576800554773.jpg (275.43 KB, 2048x1365, EMK5_J_UcAAiw5C.jpg)

lol oh boy

genuinely not surprised this is happening it was just a matter of time, but i am shocked it managed to be some random white guy and not one of the many asian saesang incel stalkers like oniontaker that would create such a ruckus

No. 68241

is mark from a super wealthy family? i get why sm pushes taeyong, but mark is boring to me in every single way. i don't get the appeal.

No. 68242


I don’t understand marks appeal. His face looks a little down syndrome-y. Is he an amazing singer or something? I don’t know anything about nct but despite not following them online at all, it always seemed like Mark was being thrown in face the most.

No. 68243

he is the best rapper sm ever had.

No. 68244

…And? Sm has the worst rappers of any A list kpop company and Mark isn't changing anyones opinions on that.

No. 68245

sm has outright said mark is his favorite nct member a couple times so I guess it's just favoritism.

No. 68246

Yea for current kpop boy groups standards they're pretty decent at singing. Even a member like yuta who doesn't get lines is surprisingly good. Why sm made nct a rap focused group I will never understand…such a waste

Lol I remember hearing taeyong's k-fans were raging about this

No. 68248

File: 1576807064390.png (709.83 KB, 716x623, jennie.PNG)

I mean…
Kek i guess it doesn't bother ppl when it's jennie bc she's "hAwT" or "sUcH a kWeEn" or whatever

I don't think this is a ps thing or a deliberate pose tho, i think it's just their faces?

No. 68249

God I wish I could see what it’s like at cube hq right now…. sorn is trending #1 worldwide for being “racist” and unapologetic.

And clc is just giving her a look cause they all know she’s destroying their careers. I deadass can’t stop laughing this is so funny to me. They must be SO pissed

No. 68250

It's fine if you don't like his rapping, everyone's entitled to their opinion. But you asked why he is so popular and people liking his raps is one of the reasons why. He is also considered one of the strongest dancers in NCT, which is already known as one of the better dance groups in the industry. But besides that, I think what draws a lot of people to Mark is that he is objectively hardworking. He was a member of all three NCT units as well as SuperM (until he graduated from Dream), and performed strongly in each one without any complaints. And despite all of the work and the spotlight he gets, he still comes across as a humble and good natured person. I really think this last part in particular is what contributed to his popularity over the years, how he seems like a genuinely kind and hardworking person.
>inb4 i get called an nctfag for trying to answer your question.

No. 68251

Only a koreaboo could find jaehyun attractive. His face is so shapeless and has no structure

I kinda agree with you but I also can't forget when he was on the hello counselor show and he found nothing wrong with a creepy incestuous brother. I can never look at him the same after that

No. 68252

being hardworking is a good thing, but if you're uninteresting what's the point of being a celebrity

No. 68253

Do you have a link or synopsis of that episode?

No. 68254

but loona does have a bunch of filler members and heejin and yves aren't one of them. you could cut the group down to 5 members and nothing would be missing. bbc treated loona like a concept rather than a real kpop group and it's why they're such a flop.

No. 68255

To each their own, a lot of people obviously like him enough to follow him, whether it's for his talent or for his personality.

No. 68256

Nvm I just found out that mark is Canadian and speaks English. No wonder he’s popular. Ugly dululu kboos always love English speaking members of groups because they think they have a chance of interacting with them. Namjoon, sorn, jennie, that chicken little looking guy from Day6 etc.

No. 68258

why is it that the english speaking members of kpop groups are always the cringiest? it's like they all have the same middle school humor.

No. 68259

Unfortunately it might work in JYPE's favor. Who are Koreans and woke international people going to believe more? a white stalker incel? Yea right. Everyone knows he's just a run of the mill sex seeker in Asia

No. 68261

>inb4 i get called an nctfag
More like mark whiteknight/akgae. This is kpop, no1curr about muh hard work. Blackpink is one of 5he most popular groups and the industry and jennie is the most popular member. After all that time sm spent shilling him from day one and english being his first language, he ought to be a whole lot more popular than he is. Guess his mediocrity stands in the way of that.

No. 68262

CLC literally only has a semblance of a lifeline because of this SEA girl. Now they will get never get international asspats and stay touring SEA.

I wonder what the next excuse is: "She/He didn't know!!!!" #89918273

No. 68263

Don't forget Wendy. Speaking of her, I wonder if she ballooned in weight again?

No. 68264

What's up with the fat shaming lmao

No. 68265

…are you surprised?

No. 68266

Nobody is safe from the Kpop critical thread, nobody.

No. 68267

so this josh guy is LEGIT insane holy shit
heres the video but its 43 minutes so im looking for cliff notes to post

No. 68268

File: 1576811070394.png (948.47 KB, 654x1024, 1576804961113.png)

no she just continues to wittle her nose into oblivion

No. 68269

he's literally acting like he's dating nayeon and the company is against him in some big conspiracy because they dont want anyone to know nayeon is with him lmao im SCREAMING

No. 68272

Something about her figure makes her appear fat, like no matter how much part of her jaw she shaved, but I can't quite get my hands on it. Can someone tell me what it is?

No. 68273

>insane to stalk kpop idols
>still sane enough to turn off dislikes / likes and comments

No. 68274

What's creepier is that he denied being a fan, so what is he? Just a plain psycho stalker

No. 68275

she doesn't look fat to me she's been pretty skelly for a while now.

No. 68276

Jesus. botched to oblivion. Might as well get a yuta crimson chin implant to top it all off.

No. 68277

he seems to be a narcissist as well, and lots of crazy people cant take criticism and will block others from being able to call them out

No. 68278

her face I mean, yeah she's been pretty skelly what with the pics of her rib cage showing

No. 68279

Probably Bulimia cheeks / jaw shave that makes her look saggy unless she becomes Rose ana tier

No. 68280

This isn't just "oh kpop fans are so delulu lolz" this is actual delusional disorder/psychosis. The dude needs help & not just bc nayeon is his target, he's a danger for a lot of reasons

She needs to stop, isn't there a point of no return where your nose loses all structural integrity & caves in like michael jackson? This is… not good.

No. 68281

yeah he genuinely seems to think he did nothing wrong despite not picking up on the social cues the company was throwing his way the FIRST time he managed to get into their building, much less the second one when if it happened like he is saying, they straight up told him to not come back because he made the girls uncomfortable

there has to be more to the story though because random fans dont usually just have access into a building like that, much less access to actually meet an idol in a situation to make them uncomfortable

No. 68282

i kind of feel bad for wendy (but not really) because joy and yeri get away with being bigger but wendy has to skinny or she'll get dragged by knets

No. 68283

True, but then again he's a white guy so they probably thought he was important or something. So they probably let him in kek

No. 68284

He is popular though, which is why several anons were asking about him earlier in the thread? You say he should be more like Jennie i.e.: skating by with no effort but you know if that happened you'd just complain about him more. Stay salty though.

No. 68285

Yeah whiteness can get you further in countries like SK, but he also has money apparently.
He may have paid to get into a fanmeet or something? idk its not really adding up to me. Im having a hard time following his timeline of when he started trying to communicate with her and when the company starting freaking out. All of this seems to have happened over a period of 4 days or so?

No. 68286

Second video just posted before it gets taken down inevitably. We could literally be watching a potential Bjork style stalker situation.

No. 68287

no one said mark should be like jennie lol but now that you mention it jennie was way more interesting when blackpink debuted than mark has ever been in his whole career so there's that.

No. 68288

I wonder about this, there seems to be a current theme of "uwu feel why is the vocal not getting love, stan talent". It seems that if they aren't THE visual / most popular they are fucked. (ie. Wendy, Rose, Jihyo, literally who vocals in other groups). The only ones that do make it are Taeyeon and IU, which is so weird because they got so much hate as well but Taeyeon got away with it for I guess being "uwu kid leader" and IU when she permanently regressed her brand to being a "100 year old child"

He's still going to take them down unless someone re uploads it somewhere else like bitchute

No. 68289

This is so scary. Either he is never going to stop or this is going to end very badly. He thinks he is entitled to have access to Nayeon and that she absolutely has to give him a chance and has to listen to his side of the story and has to see what a good guy he is before she is allowed to say no. And you can see how angry he is getting, he just hasn’t turned on Nayeon yet but he will eventually. She’s never going to speak to him directly and he’s going to take that as her leading him on or refusing to give him a chance he thinks he deserves. He’s delusional. He’s one of those guys who thinks women just aren’t my allowed to not be interested and demands reasons why they won’t give him a chance and once she gives a reason he will get angry and hurt her or kill her. I hope he ends up getting deported but in order for that to happen things probably have to get a lot worse first. Wish he’d do us all a favor and just off himself.

No. 68292


Seems he became obsessed super fast since october, and even has >Nayeon I really love you written in Korean in his twitter bio kek.

Hes basically a saesang but on steroids.
i hope he gets deported too and is banned from entering back into korea tbh.
Why is he even there? I watched both videos and still dont understand.

No. 68293

File: 1576814707817.jpg (30.78 KB, 480x720, wendypredebut.jpg)

It's bc her natural body is rounder/"fat" sry i don't have a better word .. but check her out predebut. Lots of idols have this, where they're a bobblehead bc their head originally was in proportion to their natural body (as most humans are, kek) then as idols they starve down to meet kpop body standards, but their head stays the same. I'm talking actual skull size & facial features, not necessarily facial fat, bc they get fillers to make their faces look youthful & healthy. Sunken skelly ana cheeks have to be avoided. And this is part of how they avoid ED/starvation rumors, bc a full face tricks ppl into thinking you're healthy.

Idols in this boat imo include Wendy, Rose, Soojin, SinB, Tiffany, Suga, maybe chungha, maybe Seungri, Bom & CL early days, sometimes Yerin, sometimes Sooyoung but I think her body is pretty naturally lean .. also babysoul, hyolyn & soyou @ their lowest weights

Imo tzuyu would have it if she ever forces her weight down post-twice

No. 68294

i remember in snsd early days of variety, sooyoung was always promoted as ~eating a lot~ and eating so much even that she gained swelling in her face, kek
i will never believe an idol that is touted as eating a lot has a normal relationship with food
its more than likely always overcompensation and manipulation so the fans think ~unnie eats so much but stays so thin~ and it becomes their "quirk" or something endearing, when in reality if an idol DOES eat a lot, they are told to lose weight always no exceptions

No. 68296

File: 1576815691730.jpg (702.78 KB, 1080x1346, 20191220_011843.jpg)

This looks like copypasta lol girl couldn't even bother writing something more unique/genuine, she out right copied buzz someone's apology

No. 68297

lol why do they even apologize anymore
once you've crossed that line and dont have a huge fandom to back you up you're done

even some of the most popular idols who have said/done offensive stuff still get it brought up constantly by ifans

No. 68298

Jesus you're dense. Go white knight that boring uggo somewhere else.

>He is popular though

kek sure

No. 68299

and all sorn has are international fans. no one in Korea gives a fuck about clc. sorn relies on her english speaking youtube channel to bring in fans. She fucked up big time. And she’s not popular or important enough in kpop for whatever international fans she has to stick by her no matter what.

No. 68300

well they still have to keep up appearances. I don't think it's impossible to come back from these types of scandals though. people were still making fun of Mamamoo earlier this year but now they're stan twitters new darlings. it definitely won't be easy for her.

No. 68301

I love how every apology about Racism from K-idols is always 2 things: non-existent Or VERY VERY VAGUE.

She better pray she doesn't do a Tiffany and get Korea on her ass. They'll remind her who she is lol.

No. 68303

File: 1576816915151.jpg (505.08 KB, 1080x1920, Screenshot_20191220-014026_Ins…)

The guy who wore the mask put more effort than sorn

No. 68304

The difference is that that as much as I hate Mamamoos battered faces, they can at least sing (from what I can see). Sorn has nothing, like what >>68299 said. Isn't she a wealthy SEA princes or something though. She fuck off back home and not deal with the hate if she wanted to.

Remember when she put up a video crying about how unfair it was that her company did not pay her the same amount as other members? Well, looks like you fucked it up now, not only for yourself but your literally who co-workers. You just know they've always despised her and talked shit when not in the room. Just like the Alex Reid and Rania shit fiasco.

No. 68305

>i could have picked up any "mask" to cover my pimple but instead i chose the one with exaggerated black features, already knowing how offensive that is to black people, because i was in a hurry and wasnt paying attention

at the least, he was trying to look "hip" by picking a black mask in the first place even if it was just a black mask without the stereotypical black face styling

No. 68306

How long til cube kicks her out, lets place our bets

No. 68307

Me thinks some farmers itt have a poorly concealed vendetta against SEAs

No. 68308

“As a person of color I could never be racist myself”

idk how to do the green text thing oops(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 68309

i think clc is one of those groups that is just gonna eventually stop promoting and never officially "disband" despite 5 of the members not renewing contracts
they fucked up from the getgo by adding a bunch of new members two years after debut

No. 68310

Depends how much cube cares about international support for clc, they were on the backburner anyway. 100% if it was "ethnic queenz" Soojin / Soyeon then cube may give a fuck and put out a vague apology.

No. 68313

File: 1576820255729.jpg (117.3 KB, 1000x1000, fe87813e3ba42f8b72ffed8b898f87…)

Here's a really dumb question, please don't attack me I just don't get why this keeps happening. Just…if you're not sure about something, maybe don't do it? If you're thinking of trying a hairstyle you saw on a black rapper (Chan, RM, Kai) just…dont do it quite yet? If you're thinking of an outfit, costume, mask that makes your skin darker (Sorn, jackson, mamamoo) just…wait five mins? Go find out from your mngmt, or look it up online, then get the okay, then do it?

Sry if I'm an idiot & this is too simple. It has nothing to do w/ your beliefs whatsoever, like I actually believe political correctness has gone way too far in many ways but if you're a celeb w/ a public image, even a d-list k-idol, & you don't want this kind of press, can't you just take two seconds to check first? It's not like when you walk outside in Seoul SK, dreadlocks & black face paint just come flying at your body against your will. It takes thought, planning, & gathering of supplies to change your look.

Or, do idols just not keep up w/ news of their peers? Stray Kids Chan is a bilingual songwriter & group leader, no rocket scientist but kinda smart? Or at least he keeps up w/ the news? And if he doesn't, surely SOMEONE in the JYPE building keeps up w/ the news. So how does he end up w/ dreads (or braids or w/e it was) like I just don't get how it can even get to that point.

No. 68315

All I'll say is this (I will not delve any further b/c it will be racebait). They really don't give a fuck. That's why they keep doing it. They've been doing it since they had television over there.

International people can hate and fuck up their expansion but as along as their home base don't give a fuck. They won't give a fuck.

No. 68317

Yeah i agree with this anon >>68315. Koreans literally don't give 2 shits. Being "pc" is not really a thing in korea, and I doubt they care enough to even consider what their international fans may think. Being racist isn't frowned upon.

Some of the korean friends i had at uni were racist af, but they didn't know it lol. They thought I was soo cool and edgy JUST for being part black, and expected me to hoe out or show them how to twerk and dance because "that's what music videos show". It's a general ignorance that comes off as racist in the west, but they dgaf because it'll rarely ever affect them in korea. UNLESS you have a huge international following

Other races or ethnicities are just another style to them

No. 68320

File: 1576822777376.jpg (287.96 KB, 2000x3000, 6G6qPAn.jpg)

sooyoung looks sickly when she doesn't have stuff pumped into her face. i have a hard time believing she's naturally as thin as she is.

No. 68321

ok, then let me rephrase.
he is a very good rapper. he is good enough for western market and his style would appeal (imo, i sure plenty others as well) to the audience.
sm lucked out getting him cause this guy actually has serious rapping chops.
Just look at that trainwreck jopping. you get kais whimsical not on beat rapping, lucas what is he even doing?, taemins voice simply doesnt fit that style of music but then mark, he rocked his part.

No. 68322

the truth is idols don't care about what western fans think of them. they care about what koreans think only. kpop is mostly consumed by koreans so it makes sense. cultural appropriation isn't even a concept there. to them dreads and other black hairstyles are just a part of the hip hop style, an accessory. international kpop fans don't seem to understand that the majority of idols don't want to change their ignorant ways to make their international fans happy.

No. 68323

Asian people have darker skin anon, come on, what does "clothes that make your skin darker" even mean?

No. 68325

I asked a similar q a couple of threads ago, about why tf they don't just google it and one anon reminded me that they don't have google, they have their own k search engines that are biased and lack a ton of information.

this is not an excuse imo but at least it explains some of the dumber, more avoidable incidents

No. 68326

>this guy actually has serious rapping chops
anon just say you want to fuck mark and move on

No. 68327

Getting swollen after eating in the face means she eats way less in reality. Especially, if she didn't eat during the day but overeat on shows. It only means your organism isn't used to such amounts of food. Lol, they out themselves without realizing it.

No. 68328

File: 1576824879068.jpeg (301.56 KB, 960x960, C3C01834-A0C0-49EE-A2BE-9D3D22…)

What possesses kpop fans to act like this

No. 68329

File: 1576824914537.jpeg (247.53 KB, 960x960, F0BCC437-03E8-469A-9B1B-CC0828…)


No. 68330

Yeah i figured someone would say this as i used "google it" as a general term for "research online,” your point still stands tho…but doesn't fully explain why idols wouldn't know of each other's "appropriation" mistakes & learn from them (not bc they actually care but just bc they don't want to lose western fans or money)

Overall what everyones saying makes sense but business is business after all, and I'm assuming they like western fans & money so…idk, sure seems like a dumb business move. The lack of mindfulness, thoroughness is just lazy. Maybe western $$ isn't as important as we thought tho. Idk.

Mask that makes skin darker like in sorn's pic, Jackson's makeup etc. I know where you're going with this, but I know you know what I meant. My original post makes sense to anyone with common sense, no need to nitpick grammar & sentence structure just for woke points, no one's keeping score & this is a casual board where posts are expected to be short.

No. 68331

She deserves to get cancelled for this but i imagine if it was some male idol from even the most random group they'd get wk-ed so hard by stan twitter kek

No. 68332

Well you're not wrong

No. 68333

What if cube was waiting the whole time for some shit to happen so they would have the excuse to disband CLC? Kek

No. 68334

they disbanded 4minute because hate flopped so i can see them just dropping clc because of this one scandal. they don't need them anyway they have (g)i-dle.

No. 68335

>>& other similar posts
When y'all first posted about this you said she wasn't taking any action online or irl, implying she did it on purpose or was just passively allowing the media/internet to do its thing, &/or allowing her group to die. But it doesn't seem that way, i think she was maybe frozen in fear unsure how to proceed? Idk but i don't think we really know what's going on w this.

Also I feel like fans want idols to have free reign over their social media but obviously when they're given that freedom, shit like this happens. From a purely business & PR perspective, idol posts should be managed cuz these kids really don't know how to act. How many idols need to get caught in blackface (a totally preventable act btw, just DON'T PUT ON BLACKFACE) before their friends/peers catch on?

No. 68336

In my area wraps like these earn the car owner money but something tells me this is just one of those rich Chinese fans advertising for free…wild

Ok that's fair. They don't care. Yet when it happens, it becomes a whole thing…they're forced to make elaborate apologies & it makes them & their groups & their companies look bad. Any company of any type would prefer to PREVENT these issues in the first place, it's time consuming & bad pr. So the whole "they just don't care" isn't really a logical reason tho i get where that's coming from.

No. 68337

Josh saga continues
In this vid he goes on about people trying to prevent him from meeting her and it would be better if he could meet her and explain the situation, cause she ll prolly totally like him and it ll make her happy.
people telling him to stop looking for her are "psychopaths".
Apparently he has supporters…..damn those trolls.
he is "not a fan", its "not cause she is an idol". he "loves her for the person she is".

No. 68338

File: 1576832657836.jpeg (206.42 KB, 956x759, 3CB170F0-6CE8-40FB-89CF-544CC8…)

taehyung is so fucking annoying and has the most punchable face ever. he is clearly insecure as shit about his lack of talent and tries to copy everything rm and jungkook do (they ain’t shit either but at least they do something for bts). he is not an ~uwu aRtIsTiC~ genius in the making like armies think, he’s a grown man with the mind of a 12 year old who struggles with accepting the fact that the only redeeming quality he has is his (mediocre) looks. rn he is pretending like he’s “OH so tired of idol life and being surrounded by fans 24/7!!!” but i know he’s gonna become miserable once bts’ career ends. because delusional armies are all he has and no one in the entertainment world is going to actually take him seriously.

/rant. sorry i had to let this shit out

No. 68339

I doubt he has spoken against the fans, he knows it’s all he has. Why was he crying anyway in your picture?

No. 68340

No. 68342

There's always at least one member crying, it's not a boy group w/o fEeLiNgSz

He was super checked out thru mma/mama but still no one's talking about that other than saying he's over idol life? Tbh I believe it, he's not an attention whore like most of the others. He's no writer & not a creative type but I don't think he's the most useless member since his dance & general vibe/charisma onstage are good.

Literally no one in bts has true solo potential (not even junglebook) & I think they know it. Now that i think about it I wonder if that's part of what makes their chemistry work. They're all pretty mediocre alone but as a group it works.

No. 68343

That’s why it works, cause nobody stands out so the others don’t get resentful.

No. 68358

File: 1576839168820.jpg (214.39 KB, 1200x1200, EGdb9fyWkAEoI6B.jpg)

His fans try to excuse his weird behavior by claiming he just grew up, but nobody acts like a full blown hyper retard at 20 and then doesn't smile even once just a couple years later. That's too much of a difference, he probably really doesn't want to do any of this anymore. I also saw multiple tweets giving "antis are going to spam on his birthday, trying to get him to kill himself!" as the reason of why he's so different/sad.
It's only a matter of time until one of them leaves. I don't think that any of them are that insecure, they probably think they're the hottest shit, above being an idol und that they will be suuuper successful when they go solo/into acting. To me only jungkook seems like he actually wants to be an idol/wants to make it in the US. The rappers just used the group to be able to put out solo albums and jin is a sad lost case.

>he's not an attention whore like most of the others.
You seem to have missed his "I'm an artist"-phase and the absolutely retarded way he always dresses…

>nobody stands out so the others don’t get resentful.
Anything with the youngest in it easily get's 10 times more views, there's no way that the older members aren't super jealous and bitter.
Do people really care this much about age, they're only a couple years apart anyway. None of them are super talented, imo Jimin is not better looking than Jin, so why is the difference in popularity so big? I thought maybe it's because ratmon and jin are shit dancers, but jhope is the best at dancing in bts and still nobody likes him, so that wouldn't make sense either.

No. 68359

File: 1576839210314.jpg (846.53 KB, 1526x500, Screenshot (105)_LI.jpg)

I would cry…

No. 68360

tbh her surgery and rose's possibly is actually quite good bc they look natural and worked with what they had instead of giving them a new generic face

No. 68361

Wait, why was this anon banned? They were just quoting what the dude said there or is there something I'm missing? Kek

No. 68362

For being newfag

No. 68363

Cuz those crazy female fans want to fantasize that they're their mom and their sugar mom at the same time.They want to protect them and fuck them simultaneously. They're just not right in the head.
Also, the youngest ones are always required to act vulnerable and in BTS they do look better than the older members so that helps. Those fans are just creepers. And to imagine to imagine you sign up for such a job is even more mind-boggling.

No. 68364

Tbh who knows why he is like that. When I was a 1D fan one of them seemed off but then it turned out that his mum was dying. Maybe he has problems or whatever, it doesn’t really matter cause it’s his job and he has to do it. I’m not supposed to feel sorry for him if he’s over it, nor are his fans who are paying to see him. So who cares about his feelings.

No. 68365

no no no…i think this is probably her 2nd or 3rd time doing her nose and it already looked weird the previous time

No. 68366

tbh I don’t get why sea’s and blacks like kpop when Koreans look down on them

No. 68367

sorry but jimin is the 2nd ugliest bts member after ratmon imo. there must be something attractive about jimin's personality that makes him so popular because it's not his face or body that's for sure.

No. 68368

Most of them have no idea. To be fair though, the same applies to everyone who's not korean. I hope this doesnt come off as race bait, just telling the truth.

No. 68369

Nothing attractive really, he just goes around attention whoring harder than everyone else

No. 68370

Probably good at fan service

No. 68371

You forgot J-Hope nothing uglier than him

No. 68372

Nah they def resent each other but it's a separate thing, it doesn't bleed thru every interaction or appearance. BTS & BP are on opposite ends of the spectrum of maturity, social skills, teamwork. Most groups are somewhere in the middle, i think that's why this doesnt get discussed often. BTS as a group play nice & really sell that image of being a cohesive group. Exo, nct & other bg fans think one group was gonna get big post-1d & that it could have been any of them but it just happened to work out for bts. I dont agree with this even a little. Most of bts appeal is personality & group chemistry, you can't fully manufacture that

Haha I knew this would be hard to sell bc they're all so insufferable in so many ways. Trust me this was HARD to rank but imo in general the order of attention whoredom, most to least: jimincel, jincel, ratmon, junglebook, fiVehead, jhorse, sugar. He's not the worst but not the least, & lately his generally seeming "over it" actually made me notice him & start to like him

No. 68373

really?? jwhorse should ranked higher, he that whole fake dramatic personality going on bc ratmies think he’s hyper 24/7

No. 68375

>the same applies to everyone who's not korean

True. For example Seugri's show caused outrage with chinese fans because he had fat korean guys dressed in stereotypical chinese clothes call themselves pigs, along with some other stuff I can't remember. Nobody is exempt

No. 68376

Just cause the youngest are better @ fanservice and do more retarded shit like dressing like an eboy and dancing to billie eilish in a tiktok type of vid. This is not rocket science kek the more retarded and OTT someone is the more fans they'll have.

No. 68378

I think this boy is genuinely clueless. I honestly feel that he’s a good guy but barely realizes what’s happening to him or around him.

No. 68380

I think he’s genuinely some dumbass from the sticks of korea who hit it big on being decently attractive and hasn’t had anyone tell him no in the past 3 years

No. 68381

He definitely comes across as naive and innocent which is weird considering he grew up in showbiz…

No. 68383

I actually do think jk has potential to go solo. He’s been getting a lot of attention in the west so he may only be able to work there (not Asia because I do believe that Korea thinks of bts as very bland and mediocre) if he went solo. He’s met a ton of American artists too which has helped him develop connections (and who wouldn’t want to collab with the most popular member of one of the worlds biggest groups?) and he’s an eboy which is what Western teens/young adults are thirsting for hardest right now. He’s also considered good at everything (subjectively speaking. I don’t agree) and is believed to be funny, a visual, good at rapping, singing, dancing, acting, etc. He’s also helped produce a few songs and he’s had his music/solos appear in american shows like euphoria.

As much as I hate btshit, You have to admit he could do it, even if you think he’s untalented. There’s a shit ton of untalented celebrities in America lol.

Plus he already has such a big fan base, they probably would try to prevent his career from dying out for a while… and he was also a trainee and debuted at an extremely young age. I think being an idol is all he knows how to do so he’ll def at least try going solo

No. 68386

he doesn’t speak or understand English, that’s a major issue

No. 68390

I thought he did know it or at least knew a lot? Idk but I wouldn’t be surprised if he at least knew a good chunk from their America trips, rm and fangirling over American stars

No. 68391

You’d think so, but it’s not the case lol

No. 68392

nobody knows him in the West and majority can't tell BTS or any kpop group members apart, stop that bs

No. 68393


Imagine being this guys’ parents. How ashamed I’d be. Bet he's using their money for the trips and the lawsuits.

No. 68395

>west cant tell bts apart
their ever changing hair colours are not helping

apparently he has been 'in love' with her for over three years, vid 38:20

No. 68396

I want her to date a popular idol, Jimin or something, just to laugh at this psychos reaction.

No. 68397

Def jk has the most potential but I guess I'm not confident bc going solo isn't just about talent, it's that sense of having a unique artistic identity + the strength & charisma to carry a stage alone (one song in a 2-hr tour stop set or awards show doesn't count) I feel like no one in bts really has a solid identity in that way, except sug. They're def all very entertaining but mostly it's while in the context of the group. I don't watch them & think "gee there's that one standout member who's gonna be huge someday!"

Also i don't see him as a creative type with tons of ideas he's just dying to get out there? I think jk solo debut would be highly anticipated & hyped like crazy, but would end up being kinda boring, even anticlimactic…

I thought jimin for a while maybe, but his dance stage w/ Taemin made me go oof, nope. I feel bad bc taemin just is that good, & everyone looks like garbage next to him. But isn't that the reason there aren't many soloists? The kpop factory just doesn't end up with many taemins or ailees.

No. 68398

Ah you got me there, Good points. I do believe firmly that he’ll at least try going solo and it’ll be super hyped up though. It not translating because the lack of a group dynamic makes a lot of sense

No. 68399

let it be taemin, that would be even funnier.

>taemin dance moggs, everyone else looks like garbage next to him
taeminfag outing i see.
seems like in that vote he came behind jimin ,kai and some others. just because his style appeals to you doesnt mean its the best or most liked one.
he found the right niche for him to do well as soloist. everyone has niche capabilities, finding the right one is another thing.

No. 68400

Omg what a train wreck that would be. Jimincel or whoever's stans would make it all about them & freak out about how tHiS mArShMaLlow aNgEL mUsT bE pRoTeCteD

(What's with kpops obsession with PROTECTION anyway? Is it a translation thing? Like whatever they mean in korean, the closest translation is the word "protect"? Bc I don't remember hearing teen fans of Justin Bieber or whoever say he need to be pRoTeCtEd but maybe I just didn't notice)

Yeah but he's been open about how that was his assigned fake persona & idk any idols who've admitted that while still in an active group. Fans were sympathetic & I think it improved his image. But even at his most annoying he doesn't come close to jimin, jin or rm whose personas are intolerable

No. 68402

>Jimin is not better looking than Jin
That's 100% subjective

Lol @ all the akgae ratmys in here today. All the members suck equally, not having an ace or a group carrier is probably a part of what got BTS big in the first place. They only work as a group.

No. 68403

>What's with kpops obsession with PROTECTION anyway?
marketing play!
when they do dumb stuff they are more easily forgiven, cause uwu baby didnt know any better; and it adds the personal attachment to the idol which means $$$
you'll see the 'so smol' 'pure' 'angel' etc. its all people who have swallowed the garbage thats been tailored to the audience to evoke exactly that effect. its how you can identify morons.

No. 68404

Nah I only know taemin from that stage + the song twice covered & i hate sm bg music. He just had a command of the stage jimin didnt have when next to him. But you have a point in that a good creative team could craft him or jk an image that lets them shine. Someone here a while back said sunmi isn't much of a singer, she just knows how to sell herself as a soloist…same idea prob.

Yep as stated by several ppl above. Twice is the same deal. It's not a bad thing, the chemistry & personalities is what fans like. They insist it's talent or looks but we know the truth, heh

No. 68405

I second this. Harry Styles is another good example of that kind of career trajectory

No. 68406

>harry styles

No. 68407

>comparing junglebook to hairy style
the rats really got their crack pipes out today

No. 68408

Someone who is 25 but looks like a washed out 39 year old wannabe indie singer

No. 68409

He’s not as ugly as I expected him to be

No. 68410

The resident jkfags itt are autistic and deluded. He's got 0 chance being a soloist in the west. He can barely give an interview without having a good 5 minutes of dissociation let alone speak intelligible english. Plus he's a mediocre singer at best, he just sounds nicer in bts cause he sings with jimincel & company who sound like dying pigs. But yeah he basically sounds like a discount chris brown with that nasal and airy voice.
His best case scenario is having a solo career like Daesung who is filthy rich for doing dome tours in Japan. No need to go fucking ballistic and think he is the next bieber in the west.

No. 68411

>proceeds to enumerate a bunch of fluffy "facts" that only fans would know about junglebook and btshit
>aS mUcH aS I hAtE bTs

Hide your power level better ratmy kek

No. 68413

The demographics of that poll was like 13-29 years old and the vast majority was school aged children. I guess we are taking 9-year-olds as expert witnesses now kek

No. 68414

>13-29 year olds
yeah, thats literally the target audience for kpop. good poll.

No. 68415

Nah the oc anon was talking about dancing skills and not what them koreans kids like lol which is still fucking ridic to take into account when talking about the chances of a successful career as a soloist in the west

No. 68416

no way jungkook would make it in the us. i doubt he even wants to. the only one who would probably try that is ratmon.

No. 68417

Ratmon nationalistic ass would rather keep eating his kimchi by the han river than talking with muricans lbr

No. 68418

is he actually nationalistic though or does he just say shit like that to please his korean fans? lol he always gave me blackaboo(?) vibes

No. 68419

not enough people talk about his blaccent… you don't sound like that frm learning english by watching friends

No. 68420

Yeah out of all of them rm and jungkook seem the least nationalistic

No. 68424

He's not as attractive as eunwoo but he has super white skin, dimples, is kinda tall, and his fans believe he's amazingly talented. I think that's enough to get near eunwoo level. And he's not just popular in sk, he's also really popular in japan (perfect place for an easy cash grab since they seem to throw their money at literally anyone anyway)and SEA. I can see him getting pretty big in sk and japan if he ever goes solo actually

No. 68425

File: 1576881900191.jpg (41.45 KB, 540x470, Hz0vTbT.jpg)

SK is so conservative that smoking is something 33 year old edgelords showoff on IG to show how non-conformist they are.

No. 68426

File: 1576881976102.jpg (54.53 KB, 540x859, LnxlNId.jpg)

GD and TOP lending ciggy edgelord support

No. 68427

Same anon but just wait until he gets his kdrama debut and nct will have a sf9 situation

No. 68428

He's like 5'8 and all non-stans can see that he isn't particularly talented. You're delusional.

Wtf is going on itt rn? Oops all stans defending their oppars and writing essays on why they're better than the other boys.

No. 68430

I’m an ex army, naturally I know shit about them. Almost all of us are ex stans. doesn’t mean I presently stan. Plus I didn’t even list off things that were that specific. I watched euphoria and heard his music in it and the rest is shit I’ve heard almost every army spout. I mean Jesus they call him the golden maknae.

I’m saying right now I’m not a jk stan or bts stan. None of you believe me though. I believe his fan base is wild enough to hype up a solo career for him. I even said I didn’t think he was talented. Y’all really put words in other people’s mouths. I didn’t even say I thought he would be successful in the west, I said I can see him going for it

No. 68431

(Samefag) saying he has the most potential out of that shitty lineup called bts doesn’t mean I think he’ll be successful. I only think he’d do better in the west (not America specifically jfc) because I genuinely believe that Korea is sick to death of bts

No. 68433

Uhh a shit ton of people smoke cigs in SK, way more than in the US and they still allowed people smoking indoors up until a while ago at least japan too
It's an issue in the idol industry only bc their target audience is literally children and teens. Maybe with athletes and people who sell a healthy lifestyle it's taboo too but that's everywhere in the world.

No. 68435

>>68433 That's the point, almost everyone smokes so why is an actor smoking #1 on Naver search with Knetz criticizing? Real Korea vs Korea's image is so different. SK is one of the countries with the highest rates of men visiting prostitutes (usually called hostesses, masseuses, room salon girls like the one Kim Gunmo is accused about abusing, or the joint in Daesung's building) especially during military service, even if it's illegal. Almost every Korean officeworker visits these joints after work to entertain clients or build rapport with bosses but on the surface Korea likes to act "clean". A lot of Korean wives turn a blind eye to what their husband does after work as long as they earn their keep. If you are a guy who visits SK for business they even offer to bring you to these joints so you can pay to fuck a Korean woman.

NSFW https://tokyonightstyle.com/blog/trendingnews/sex-report-in-south-korea-the-lowdown-on-kiss-bang-stores/

Anyway Ji Changwook is a friend of Jung Junyoung and frequents nightclubs like Arena so he prob does drugs too. GD and TOP def smoke weed at least and do harder drugs. Cringy AF that they think smoking is cool because it rebels against an idol image despite it being the norm in SK.

No. 68438

they're probably critiquing because actors and idols affect the outside world's opinion of the country. can't have that threaten the fake image of sk being a ~beautiful kind wonderland~ with smoking. idols in particular are supposed to be the most pure innocent creatures too so smoking is basically a cardinal sin. i'm pretty sure it was like that in the west a couple decades ago but we obviously gotten past that river

No. 68443

Why are we taking netizen comments at face value? They don't necessarily represent what idk some educated middle class korean think. In my country the comments sections in news website are always unhinged too, just check some daily mail article about a celeb caught smoking outside a bar or buying cigs and you'll see the same type of judgemental comments. Idk i think this is an instance in which we're talking out of our asses just cause we read some netizenbuzz articles about idols every now and then

No. 68444

somehow gd went from looking like an anorexic alien to your average homeless man. don't know which look is worse tbh.

No. 68445

File: 1576898617621.jpeg (61.5 KB, 462x742, E4E7D1B4-A996-4D58-9597-B120B8…)

Hangyul got a nose job and looks completely unnoticeable

No. 68447

File: 1576899174542.jpg (178.3 KB, 1200x1800, 72ff866e6fa57710c0780fcbaeb702…)

didn't know who that was until i googled the name, but it's a shame because he was handsome before

No. 68448

Why do Korean men want to feminize their faces like MTF trans patients? Suga with the jaw shave as well. Do they know only MTF transsexuals get facial feminization surgery?

No. 68449

Everytime deranged farmers rant about how fucked the Kpop is and "why haven't Kpop idols suicided", I wanna remind them SK idols think the same about Jpop idols kek. Korean idols have it way better than Japan's idols who are forced to su