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File: 1567519094663.jpg (94.5 KB, 1024x1001, ONLINE-10[1].jpg)

No. 457360

Previous thread: >>448171

No. 457365

i have no idea who this guy is but everytime i see him i crack up

No. 457366

it’s braco the man with the healing gaze

No. 457369

File: 1567519701101.jpeg (425 KB, 1600x900, -aeae7e58-afe2-410e-8892-5cc8d…)

I'm unhinged

No. 457379

It makes me sad when white guys constantly shit on white women. I've never race mixed and I don't plan to, I'd never have mixed race children and so on, so feeling as though you're unwanted and second best compared to childlike asian women saddens me. These men always take the worst examples of white women and act like we're all like that.

No. 457384

as i looked more into shit men say, men of all races, especially the most incel-ey ones love to shit on the women of their race. almost all of them do it, even the "trad nationalist uwu" types. it's really embarrassing.

No. 457385

Those sound like shitty guys, I hope you meet better ones who don't have yellow fever and use those idiotic notions to put down other women. It seems like people with limited contact with Asians tend to be the ones who are the most spergy fetishists since they imagine Asians are special magic animu fairies and not just normal people.

No. 457386

KEK, this op pic

No. 457387

My parents ghosted me yesterday, I was playing in a concert at a fair they said they’d go to and they never showed up. I think I annoyed them when I said I was driving myself instead of going with them. What bothered me was that they never called or sent a text to let me know that they changed their minds…I called after the show because I was worried something happened.

No. 457391

Yeah I think the reality is that most white dudes actually massively prefer white women, I actually know a white guy who dumped an asian girl because he wanted to marry someone white. But for some reason it still gets to me when these assholes shit on us.

No. 457394

Both these images don't tell you a whole lot. For example Asian men are really controlling and will emotionally browbeat women into staying into a marriage because of the fear of shaming their parents and the community.

No. 457398

Never met a white man irl who actually has an asian preference. If they do they're either antisocial losers or dorky software developers, same way white women who date Asian men are usually dorky weeaboos or kboos. Attractive white men always pick white or white hispanic women.

No. 457402

Lmao, great pic choice

No. 457403

The two groups that shit on whites the most are the whites who date other races, and the people of other races who date whites. I'm pretty sure its fueled by insecurities. It might be be taboo in the current political climate to say anything bad about mixed race relationships. That doesn't change the fact that they're trying to build a relationship out of a fetish. That will never not be weird and I think they're aware of it.

No. 457406

I dont think a white guy is unattractive for automatically being interested, romantically or sexually, in asian or non white women. What is true, that white men who tend to praise ASIAN WAIFUS AS DA BEST tend to be the worst of the group, for some reason.

No. 457407

>and the people of other races who date whites.

All races do this. I've always thought those asian incel subs like aznidentity are a good example of this. They hate white men and asian women yet pedestalize white women.

Although I doubt they're actually dating anyone tbh.

No. 457422

File: 1567527301376.jpg (68.16 KB, 672x372, 672.jpg)

i think my crush is probably gay and it makes me want to die. i love him so much and i was hopeful that things are going to work out. some things he says point out to him being gay. if he's gay i have absolutely no chance. i want to cry. how do i get over this fucking feeling

No. 457430

>"larger sample size"
>23139 couples
>only 1% are white/black, white husband/black wife couples making up even less than that
>believing this proves anything about marriage or relationships as a whole
will you guys never get tired of this shitty /pol/ bait?

No. 457432

>That doesn't change the fact that they're trying to build a relationship out of a fetish. That will never not be weird and I think they're aware of it.
it's kind of retarded and reactionary to think people of different races can't ever fall in love, and that it must always be a fetish. azn masculinity scrotes aside, normal humans exist outside of gross internet forums lol

No. 457433


white/black pairings are the less common statistically though, its only natural they choose the sample proportionally.

No. 457434

it just doesn't really make sense to make blanket statements based on a dramatically small pool, unless you just want to start an angry raceb8 fight

No. 457440

Be careful not to tip toe into race baiting. Thanks for keeping the discussion civil so far.

No. 457441

>don't tiptoe into racebaiting
>anons calling interracial relationships a fetish

are you guys stupid?

No. 457444


But that's every single study ever though, every other article making wild generalizations about society is more often than not just asking 30 college students from a major city what they think, extrapolating and making assumptions from that, and why a lot of people don't take sociology very seriously as a science.

No. 457445

That isn't racebaiting. If specific pairings were put down and others praised then you might have a point. You feeling personally attack doesn't make it so.

No. 457448

>and why a lot of people don't take sociology very seriously as a science.
i agree with that, it shouldn't really be taken seriously the way it is now.
that's why there's conflicting studies on whether porn affects how men view women. we all know it does, but there's at least one study claiming that's not the case. of course it turned out to just be a shitty little survey done in one college, but it gets touted as a "study" to mislead people into thinking it can be held against studies that have actual brain analysis and indepth data

the only valid studies have an assload of work and take into account a ridiculous amount of factors. anything else should just be billed as a survey by amateurs, or maybe a clumsy attempt at gathering statistics where there were previously none, and nothing more. but nobody will listen to this, because it's easier and more comfortable to take skewed information as fact to confirm personal biases

No. 457451

not them, but it literally is the definition of racebaiting.
>the act of intentionally encouraging racism or anger about issues relating to race, often to get a political advantage
making objective, often inflammatory statements about a subjective topic directly related to race is racebaiting, anon. it's not only about mentioning specific races. that would just be racism, which can be combined with racebait, but isn't the same.
your personal definition doesn't change anything

No. 457453

File: 1567534434715.jpg (45.73 KB, 500x628, 1566638714752.jpg)


don't discuss things objectively, that's racist

No. 457457

broadly presenting your cringy, subjective opinions as if they’re objective facts, then insisting you're discussing them "objectively" isn’t the same thing as actually discussing things objectively, anon
if you were correct, every dumbass scrote who comes here to attack women should be allowed because they’re “just discussing things objectively”

No. 457460

>It makes me sad when white guys constantly shit on white women.
Then stop rewarding them with your attempts at companionship. I used to be just like you.
I thought, for the sake of kids if I had them, that race mixing would be a big deal and it would be oh so damaging to them. So I said I was a 'realist' and never bothered dating outside my own race. I totally swallowed that pill.
But you know what's worse than being a little confused about your heritage?
Growing up witnessing your dad being toxic and abusive, if he's even in the picture at all.
ALL white men I've dated were either toxic, abusive, entitled, lazy, or complete cucks. Even my own father, and now recently my stepfather, fall into the abusive/toxic/absentee white guys category.

>But anon, that's just your personal anecdote.

So let people do what works for them on an individual basis. White women don't owe the caucasian race anything to date and reproduce with white men.
If our experiences have been nothing but shit with them then it's within our rights to seek other options.
>But aren't you concerned that you're only valued and fetishized for your skin color?
What, in the same way white men body checked my waist, tit, and ass size in order to be considered a worthy mate?
It feels good being desired. If someone wants to put my skin color up on a pedestal then it's no different from white men fetishizing physical characteristics about women already.

White men SUCK right now.
Most /pol/tards I've seen are white men.
MGTOWs are mostly white men.
Incels and mass shooters are mostly white men.
Yick. They need to clean up their own house before I step foot in it again.

No. 457466

>y-you've got a subjective take!1!
Which is LITERALLY what I said.
>Let people do what works for them on an individual basis.

It's within my right to say white men suck based on what I've personally experienced and seen among them. I know it's tough, but you gotta deal.


It's like you didn't read it and got offended at the part where I said white men suck.

No. 457467

Take it easy aznidentity

No. 457468

>i'm not a /pol/tard and i'm not racebaiting
>but here come the graphs i've saved specifically for racebaiting and thread derailing
i'm not agreeing with that anon, but you are part of the problem lol

No. 457470

Lmao, stop trying to bait.

No. 457474

I imagined this as a gay asian troon talking about his experiences with gay white men and it sounded kind of funny.

No. 457478

File: 1567537195550.jpg (110.25 KB, 500x374, 1447004246022.jpg)

>friend messages me on fb with a video of the beach
>ask her if it's from one of our trips not too long ago
>"No I'm actually at the beach with R!"

Oh, okay friend.
R, the guy who I thought you were mutually called off with because you're moving away.
R, the guy who you said isn't going to work out because he doesn't plan to move with you.
R, the guy you said won't take you 100% seriously because of your religious statis.
R, the guy who you constantly throw moody ass tantrums over when you're out with your friends because you're not doing the right things to get over him.

Yeah, R, the guy you're totally not helping yourself by prolonging feelings over by sleeping with him and going to the beach with him.
I'm so tired of hearing about this dude. Not only did he try hitting on me since they were officially not a thing, but I can tell he's the type to have side chicks. He's gonna hurt my friend like he already has, my friend is just being really dumb about him.

No. 457480

are you retarded? i didn't make any inflammatory comments about any race or say anyone or anythting sucks. your "objective discussion" was just yelling and crying about how other people's relationships must just be a fetish based on subjective opinions. It’s just as ridiculous as the other anon who was shitting on white men.
are you homophobe-chan? only she can be this dense

anyway, has anyone noticed this pattern of discussion when it comes to race on women's forums?
>one woman comes in to talk about how she feels bad about men of her race attacking her to praise women of other races
>other women chime in to either shit on the women of other races, or just shit on interracial relationships in general
>one woman comes in to disagree and state that she's just done with men of her race because she's had awful experiences. essentially states that it's time to divest and explore other options
>the women who were attacking interracial relationships or other women before start accusing the last woman of being a man sockpuppeting because they don't want to give up hope on the men of their race
>entire thread is spoiled and filled with sockpuppet accusations
i've seen this happen before on other sites. i tried to nip it in the bud here by pointing out that it was racebait when i noticed the second thing happening, but it's too late now. mods pls

No. 457481

>my subjective inflamatory comment about which race think it sucks is valid
Yes it is, I even gave reasons why.
Are you a white male? You seem to care an awful lot.
>objective discussion using statistics are not valid
I actually haven't said anything about your images, take it up with the other anon who's been replying to you.

>Make the same argument for any other race except white and suddenly is racist

I'm sure if you came in a thread, guns blazing without any personal evidence as to why you think a way about a race, and just post a bunch of /pol/ tier images with questionable sources, then yes you would be banned in a V-E-N-T thread.
Get it?

No. 457487

>Breaking rules and getting this heated while lolcow's champion, Lord and Savior, watches on from the OP
I doubt he would be angry, but he would probably be disappointed.

No. 457488

fuck that shitty meme

No. 457492

File: 1567538001814.jpg (290.07 KB, 768x1152, mmm.jpg)

Not Indian, but I'd go away in exchange for some masala right now.

No. 457495

he takes my pain away.

No. 457497

yup, lipstickalley. i've seen it there too. i don't get why it's so hard to just be sane and date whoever treats you the best regardless of race
it reminds me of incels obsessing over hypergamy and "sexual market value" with graphs about virginity or whatever

No. 457501

File: 1567538629875.jpg (68.23 KB, 1024x1000, QB8hkq[1].jpg)

Don't tempt the gaze of death.

No. 457504

>farmers who apparently hate race related discussions have been on other website's race related discussions enough to know the trends and what happens in them

Huh…almost like…you actually do like these types of things or something.

No. 457507

is this chicken? looks tasty

No. 457514

except those sites aren't for racebait discussions, tards like you just come in and derail them because you are mentally ill. it's like we can't escape your psychotic shitposts and that's the whole problem.
go and make your own website or subreddit like incels.com to bitch about how we should all be loyal broodmares for this race of men and never ever ever date anyone else or why that race of men is trash and we should all immediately date other men. duke it out for yourselves there and stop messing up innocent threads and forums with your bullshit
sane humans don't care

No. 457530

>whining about derailing as you continue to derail
You're quite the softbrain and you sound like a shitposter. Fuck off already.

No. 457532

It's so annoying when people ask if I'm really sure I don't want to finish the Master's degree I started.
Yes it would only be half a year + an internship.
But the year I did do was utter shit. What's the point of college if I'm just pushing through yet another lecturer who does nothing but read slides, another head of department who seems like she's high all the time and her assignments make no sense, the same ugly campus and the same lost people stuck in administrative hell at that shit school.
I want to go to a different college and do something that's at least relevant to my interests. I just need some time, and I'm not planning to be idle while I search either.
I don't mind when it's just an off hand question from someone who's not familiar with my situation but when I clearly tell my mom 'I'm going to do so and so' I find it so… insensitive to question it. I already gave her my reasons. Maybe she thinks I should hurry up to get a Master's degree jut what's the point if it teaches virtually nothing and I'm hardly employable. I wish she'd just trust me to make the right decisions for me.

No. 457533

>anyone who doesn’t like pointless derailing and says it’s bad is whining and they’re tthe REAL derailer
galaxy brain. you fuck off back to stormfront already, no one wants you here

No. 457534

Yes you ARE derailing. Take ten fucks and go off with them.

No. 457535

Lipstickalley is actually full of racially charged discussions. You sound called out and now you're trying to virtue signal. No one cares.

No. 457536

one more time: go home

No. 457538

My roommate fucking STINKS!!! He's a full-blown Brony fag, never showers, never brushes his teeth (has had same toothpaste in his bathroom unopened for over a year!!!) He hoards food in his room and it makes the hallway leading to it reek of B.O., fast food, and POOP! One time he straight up smelled like shit and I almost vomited standing in front of him. He walks around in his little underwears covered (and I mean COVERED) in skid marks (he told my husband when there's no TP in the bathroom that he just uses his underwear???). Never washes his clothes, ok I lied, he does sometimes, but when he does they come out of the dryer sticky?? When he talks to me, his gums will randomly start bleeding. He'll eat the crud from underneath his nails. He eats food that has been sitting out on his bed over 24 hrs. His room is a nightmare - dirty dishes, fast food garbage, pizza boxes, literal food, just stacked in his room. Nasty jizz-injecting dildo and fleshlight that sits on his nightstand (you already know these have NEVER been washed!!!!!) GOD I AM JUST SO DISGUSTED I WANT TO SHAKE HIM!!!!

No. 457540

>this unhinged bitch thinks I'm the stormfronting /pol/tard from earlier

No. 457542

>complains about derailing
>continues to derail
>thinks they’re not the unhinged bitch

No. 457543

No u, pathetic.

No. 457544

not wanting lolcow to go to shit is virtue signalling? i don't think you know what that term means. called out on an anonymous forum?
i'll drop it now because the /pol/tard seems to have gone, but you sound platinum retarded

No. 457546

i threw up reading this

No. 457547

oh my god my bf told me this week is a little shit for him behorehand and i went and made a joke about his low sexdrive and now i feel like shit but he sent me to "study" cause i couldn't follow the conversation we were having and now i just dont wanna annoy him nut i feel like i do is annoy him not like he acts or even talks about it, i guess i should leave him alone. i believe when he says i love you

No. 457548

An argument that was over by the time you commented about "lolcow going to shit" is not going to be the downfall of lolcow.
Get ahold of yourself and stay dropped.

No. 457549

File: 1567544280739.jpeg (57.14 KB, 600x400, 094.jpeg)

e n o u g h

No. 457550

save this thread, braco pls

No. 457551

>stay dropped
no need to get mad about a dead argument

No. 457552

File: 1567544393295.png (181.79 KB, 900x573, meme.png)

Forced meme Braco demands your s i l e n c e now

No. 457553

File: 1567544446856.jpg (43.83 KB, 500x375, Braco.jpg)

s h h h h h

No. 457556

such a soothing image

No. 457557

File: 1567544638653.jpeg (26.66 KB, 474x562, br.jpeg)

some drop
others are never picked up

No. 457558

File: 1567544683871.png (301.06 KB, 682x519, ArmstrongP-BRACO.png)

No. 457590

my anxiety is fucking killing me. i cant even watch a movie or listen to music without feeling like i am about to die.

No. 457596

I come here with vents but then I laugh at the dumbass braco posting and I'm not even mad any more. You guys are so dumb. Please don't ever ban this lmfao

No. 457613

Same, he's grown on me. But I thought that the original bracoposter was a troll from somewhere else, not a farmer? Did we adopt the meme?

No. 457633

We live inna sociey

No. 457665

damn i hate when people are like "THAT'S YOUR OPINION". it's like, yeah, no shit? obviously it's my opinion? who else's opinion do you think i think it is? i'm just giving my opinion when you asked for it. it feels like it's said by ppl who just want to silence you

No. 457678

i feel like i have had heart palpitations for a week straight. dont feel good man.

nice braco posting btw

No. 457699

I am not crazy but does anybody notice how Instagram people have been darkening their skin tone and some have started to make their eyes look slanted??

Like please tell me I'm not the only one seeing this.

It really bothers me for some reason, and I don't like it.

No. 457705

So… My bf was talking to one of his friends while we were eating breakfast via messenger. My bf told me that they were talking about how they were feeling about moving out of our hometown to a new city (we all live in other countries) and I happened to see the conversation. His friend was talking about how the girls in the country that he's currently living in are hot but too conservative and my bf answered "really? Here they're pretty liberal" and his friend told him "that sounds cool, it's a shame that you can't do anything about it" and my bf responded with a lame joke half-agreeing with him.

I feel bad now. So insecure. Also I think I've been browsing lolcow too much lol and that makes me feel super paranoid of men. I'm scared that my bf is going to hurt me. And honestly I used to like his friend but what he said is gross. I remember at the beginning of the relationship he was super supportive and happy for my bf. But I guess since he left our country and he is constantly getting his 40 yo dick wet with 20 year olds he feels "liberated" or whatever because he is living the "bohemian life" travelling around the world, couch surfing, reading tarot to the girls that he wants to fuck… Like, fine, live your life however you want, but why do you want to push your lifestyle to your friends? Specially your younger friends. Also, it's not the first comment of that kind that he makes. Why does his friend having a LTR relationship bothers him so much? It's weird how much he wants my bf to fuck some girl specially because we are in another country. Makes me feel like I'm the used gf that it's not interesting anymore. And I'm twenty years younger than that dude and 5 years younger than my bf so I think it's crazy for me too feel like that. But I do feel like shit
Why is he like this. Why does this make me feel so worthless. Fuck.

No. 457714

I actually hate my best friend.

No. 457715

I can’t know for sure but it seems you’re pretty jealous about it tbh. You sound exactly as one of my friends who did the same thing to me, being all passive aggressive because of a guy. Let her be and make some mistakes but don’t get too smug because she has the right the take wrong decisions and you’re no one to tell her otherwise.

No. 457721

Jealous how? The egotistic scumbag tried to hit on me when my friend is still emotionally (albeit stupidly) attached to him and bragged to my face about other women he was meeting up with. Friend knows this and doesn't care.
Oh and I think he's ugly too but that's just me.

I'm not doing or saying anything to her in response, even though it's incredibly difficult to keep a supporting face even though she's being stupid. And acting passive aggressive to our friend group when we hang out when she decides to have a mood swing. No clue where you're getting that I'm passive aggressive, but methinks this is hitting a little close to home for you lol.

No. 457722

That dude sounds nasty as hell so you are right to be creeped out by his behavior. He sounds mentally stunted too going about like an adolescent. It’s kind of weird your boyfriend is friends with the guy but don’t take your bf’s assent to what the creeper says too seriously. From what I gather in general guys will half heartedly agree with their bros on anything to avoid getting roasted.

No. 457730

I cut off my "best friend" months ago and am still trying to shake off all the shit she bullied me about to make herself feel better about being fat and alone. Depending on the sitch, it's worth it.

No. 457733

File: 1567577503198.jpg (10.33 KB, 265x265, 1520041101559.jpg)

>innocent threads and forums

Lolcow is an innocent forum now.

No. 457744

Something is very very wrong
My mind is rushing out of nowhere and has been for the past few days but it's suddenly very bad, both racing and no thoughts like I'm high. My speech keeps slurring too and I'll just jump from different topics to another, or just stop mid sentence suddenly apparently, it's hard for me to notice

FWIW I have Bipolar II and a few other things. No idea if this is connected. I'm on meds for it

No. 457749

Go to a doctor.

I mean if you're not an uninsured American like most mentally ill people I tell to go to the doctor online inevitably turn out to be.

No. 457750

I have bipolar 2 also anon and had a psychotic episode that started like that (not to scare you it could totally just be a manic episode but better safe than sorry.)

tell a friend if you can and maybe look up a crisis line and get in touch with someone who could give you resources. (there are local ones all over and they can refer you to services and it's also nice just to someone.)

my mom found one that had people come to my house to check in on me. they evaluate you and ask if you want to go to a hospital (if you decide you don't want to they just leave.) they will escort you and it's free and less stressful than ambulance.

have you been able to sleep? if there isn't a way for you to get help right now that's like the best thing you can do for yourself.

No. 457752

The only subreddits i like browsing are the ones with chonky pets and every.single.time you open one of those beautiful chubby pictures is full of virtual signal comments about "muh animal abuse". Shut up, its a chubby spoiled cat, do you hate the world this much you always have to assume the worst and shit all over everything? goddammit. Let me have some joy watching chonky furry critters.

Its so bad that a lot of users preemptively add a disclaimer on their posts like : "no , i am not abusing my fucking cat, he is on a diet and doing yoga and shit, the vet says he is fine, no he is not diabetic and i don't feed him with ice cream yadah yadah".

No. 457753

File: 1567586927230.jpg (60.94 KB, 600x800, 137593505136.jpg)

I wish I could stop being into fucked-up shit that I am into. I can get off only on the vilest things and it's so bad I don't even want to mention them anonymously. Incest is probably the mildest of them.
I get why this is, it's trauma and ample amounts of self-hatred and suicidal ideation.
But honestly I wish I could just switch it off. At this point I am ready to blow my brains out because the intrusive thoughts are only perpetuating my disgust with myself and making my "fantasies" even worse.
I wonder if you could ever just walk back from that shit, retrace your steps and pretend nothing has happened, have some normal happy vanilla romantic/sexual feelings.
Or at least become a complete degenerate who's proud of their kinks as being something unique and different, like scrots usually do.
Sure, I can get therapy, but not right now as the only free therapist my city provides me with is connected to my primary psychiatric caregiver and getting "she wants to get murdered while fucked by her dad" on my file would be pretty upsetting to my overall diagnosis.

No. 457760

I used to struggle with intrusive thoughts about self harm/suicide/sex when I was young. I've been through the therapy wringer and while i'm still fucked in other ways but dealing with them was probably the best life skill I ever got out of therapy. Here is my best advice.

please remember we are animals are we are dumb and our brains get fucked up. it isn't your fault. your thoughts aren't "you" your actions are. jerking off to them just rewards the thoughts and keeps you pavloved. it's a pretty hard thing for anyone to break out of alone and the shame just makes it worse. (not that you should be proud. just neutral.)

there are other ways to find support that aren't therapy. set a reasonable goal and take a break from sex/masturbation. find some online support groups. try dbt/cbt worksheets. just try. any little way you challenge the thoughts helps break the cycle.

I do highly recommend guided mediation vids. You can find ones about sexual trauma and intrusive thoughts specifically. I know telling mentally ill people to meditate is a meme. i can't "just meditate" for the life of me but popping on a video when im freaking out calms me down or at least distracts me long enough for shit to pass.

also don't be paranoid they won't literally write down shit in your file like that and if you want to talk without even digging in to what your fetishes actually are that's completely possible. finding ways to cope with the thoughts is way important than what they are. any therapist worth their salt won't pressure you to disclose as long as you are willing to work on the problem.

No. 457762


don't become an edgelord cumbrain anon, you are gonna make it

No. 457790

>sleep has been shit lately
>watch the clock count down
>11pm oh it's a little late
>midnight I should try sleeping
>1am well it's late but..
>2am fuck I'm still not sleeping
>3am ..
I have to be up at 5:30 or 6am for work. I didn't go to sleep until a bit past 3am last night, and made the mistake of keeping my phone in bed with me so that when my alarm went off I subconsciously walloped it then went back to sleep. I was an hour late for work.

No. 457791


I worry so fucking much about fitting in and being liked but I also don't try to be fun or engaging - something about me is off to people. If I try to fake being confident and talkative it turns to cringe and creepiness, if I "am myself" I'd just die someday and nobody would know.

I'm diagnosed with mild autism but I can navigate socialization with nerdy men somewhat decently, it's other women that fucking terrifies me. I AM ONE. Most I've met in uni right now seem very judgemental/standoffish toward me and I always feel like I've said or done something wrong that I can't put my finger on. I know half of it is my social anxiety speaking, but the other half is seriously normie women finding me weird/off-putting for some reason.

How do I stop judging other women as being against me and worrying about them liking me and start seeing them just like me instead? I've never had a female friend group that I was actually close with and grew up with only brothers so it's unfamiliar and scary as fuck. In school I'd get silently ostracized/stinkeye by girls mostly.

I know, I'm one of those annoying fucking women that only hangs out with guys because they secretly just want to fuck so they "accept" me for now.

No. 457792

My current friends SUCK and I miss the ones that moved out. We rented a cabin in the woods and I was hoping we would go out to do things like hiking, visiting a wildlife center, or exploring the small towns nearby. Nope. They just fucking sit around, drink and smoke weed, stuff their faces with food, and play video games. Why the fuck would you go through the trouble of going up to the mountains to do shit you can do at home? My old friends would’ve never done this shit and would actually go out and have actual fun without resorting to bumming around and using weed and alcohol. I miss them so much.

No. 457793

I don't really follow typical ig models, but the "darkening their skin tone and some have started to make their eyes look slanted" immediately made me think of Ariana Grande and yes, it's definitely bothersome. It feels like modern day blackface to me.

No. 457796

What are your interests and hobbies? I'm guessing it's nerdy stuff, since you can socialize with nerdy men.
Try finding women who share your hobbies and interests, even if its through internet first.

I had a same problem back in high school and first year of uni and was really bad when it came to small talk. But as I managed to find friends I realized that "be yourself" advice is actually good. It's just that it doesn't work with people you have nothing in common with.
As you start to communicate with women who have things in common with, you will gradually learn how to small talk with everyone else too. What you first need is to accept yourself and not feel inferior because you have different interests.

No. 457807

I'm unhappy with how I'm wasting my life and I know that I need to tear it down in order to try to make a new one, but I don't have the courage. This is the message of so many films and books so I know the score and I've read so many 'I'm wasting my life' articles telling me to change things asap but I know I'm still just going to do nothing about it. Fuck.

No. 457811

Thank you for advice and reassurance, anon.
I tried jacking off to normal things and it still pops into my mind right at the end. So I probably should take a break overall. It's not like I have high libido or need/crave it all that much.

Yeah, I know they technically can't write it down, but really mental healthcare in my country is abysmal and gossiping about clients is a common thing so… I wouldn't want to out myself. Especially considering I could actually implicate my father for some crimes in the process and I wouldn't want to do that because nothing good can come out of it.

I really hope I will. This is wearing me down harder than my life-long depression. Who knew sexual deviancy actually isn't fun at all.

No. 457812

File: 1567609699128.jpeg (16.91 KB, 275x239, 1561513926678.jpeg)



No. 457818

Your response made me feel better, ty Anon.

I guess my bf keeps talking to him because he’s like a big brother that apparently is living this crazy, amazing on the road life full of sex and fun while doing art (he has a guitar and shiny boots… and he gets acting gigs sometimes). I think he admires him in a way.

I mean, when I met him I also thought he was cool. Now I see things differently.

No. 457819

today at work happened something that just doesn't stop bothering me.

usually the first one to enter the lunch break room, this means that turn on all lights, open the windows for some nice fresh air and turn on the radio because you spend hours in a place of noise and other unpleasant sounds.

As mentioned I turn on the radio and today I made it a bit louder than usual because on monday (and other times as well) an older co-worker complained about the radio being on while you don't really heard anything because in the meantime people gathered in the said room, which made the radio hard to hear, but still loud enough that it was playing in the background. She then always slaps(in a really aggressive way) the radio switch off and and says that it's waste of electricity and money to have if on. Today she did the same way but it was this time so harsh the way she did it and then she stood there while making her coffee saying: "See, nobody really notices when it's on or off it was so quiet!". At the same time everybody turned around to her because they wondered why the music went silent and she says: "Anybody wants to hear it?", before anybody could answer she proceeds with:"Just as I thought, nobody wants to hear this noise".

She then always joins her friend, which usually always complains that the radio is too loud. Then they sit there and talk the loudest in the room about trash reality tv and shit on facebook in the then awkward silence.

I just like to have this music in the background because I feel that everybody can just enjoy themselves and is not bothered to be forced to listen to some other peoples talk, which everybody will listen to when the radio is off or just hear the news for a weather update. I do it for idk how many years and always try to make it as loud as some nice background noise so you won't feel like in a church when it's all quiet idk I will still continue with it, no matter if she has a bad day again or nah. The again, she will retire really soon so it's not worth being angry about I guess lol

No. 457832

I don't know if there are some bisexual feelings awakening in me or I just hate men too much. Like, I don't actively hate men but I do distrust them and I'm disappointed in them.
I don't feel intensely sexual about women, but there are some girls I'd die to kiss. Also, if a cute girl wanted to kiss me, I think I'd do it even without really knowing her (I really want to kiss someone - but I wouldn't kiss a random man, ever). I think I'd even go home with a girl… when I imagine having ONS with a woman, I am willing, and I'd gladly be like - please teach me, show me what to do. I'm a virgin and there's a guy I'm talking with, and even though I'm very attracted to him, the thought of having sex with him is super stressful to me and I'm anxious to even admit I'm a v. While when imagining it with a woman, I wouldn't be wary.
I don't know how much of it all is my men aversion. I don't know if I'm bi or just curious. I'm feeling pretty weird.

No. 457833

my annoying new neighbors' lawn has sprouted a different eyesore pinwheel every day since the weather started getting warm. now that summer is winding down, their lawn has reached its final form and it looks like a field of hundreds of hideously colored, cheap-looking, spinning flowers of mismatched shapes and sizes. every time i look at it i scream internally - i've literally never seen anything like it. it's so fucking ugly and there's no HOA or anything to stop them from doing this shit.

i'm pretty sure they're drug dealers too since they have shady-looking people coming and going at all hours of the day for five minute-long visits, and i KNOW some of the people who live in that house are here illegally from mexico since the dumbasses brag about it and their ~mexican pride~ every chance they get. i just don't see why they would lie about something that could get them deported. also, they always have trashy looking people sitting on the porch smoking and yelling at each other in spanish and it's just gross. they're bringing down the entire freaking neighborhood's property value since everyone else here is just normal and pleasant (and too damn nice to tell them to knock the shit off).

i feel bad for even thinking it but i almost wish someone would call ICE on them. i don't think i could ever do it since my conscience would eat at me, but it actually scares me that i live near these people who might have guns or a whole-ass meth lab in the house or something that could hurt me or other people. what if one day one of their drug deals goes bad and someone's caught in the literal crosshairs? it's fun to joke about their offensive lawn ornaments, but i'm actually legit scared of these people and don't really know what to do.

No. 457837

>i don't think i could ever do it since my conscience would eat at me

Hispanic here, Call them, i would call the shit out of them, my family in the US actually has called on several people. We don't like illegals and criminals bringing down their neighborhoods and giving latinos a bad name, everyone else suffers for it, the whole point of going through with immigration is to run away from lowlifes from back home and people who don't follow the law.

You should have zero remorse, its way shittier for everyone if you do nothing. Imagine your conscience if this criminals hurt someone. They don't get to have the same consideration as people who work hard and do their paperwork, fuck illegals.

No. 457840

Why not start slow anon? It's never too late to start, and if drastic change isn't your style, I don't see what's wrong with changing one thing at a time until you get to where you want to be.

No. 457842

hispanic anon also but you do realize the immigration system is pretty broken and impossibly slow, right? like, i'm not saying that justifies illegals coming here to brag and act like retards, but "do your paperwork" is a massive oversimplification. really though, we should be denying jus solis to the children of illegals and birth tourists and offering a pathway to reasonable citizenship to those that will not have kids, imo. it's not just a problem for hispanics, the chinese and russians are doing it too. i see nothing wrong with letting in people who want a better quality of life, but it becomes a problem when theyre not only trying to come here, but also are purposely popping out a bunch of kids they cant even afford in order to exploit american citizenship law or the welfare system.

No. 457847

>hispanic anon also but you do realize the immigration system is pretty broken and impossibly slow, right?

So? each country has it standards, they don't need to turn themselves into another latinamerica by letting everyone in and giving free citizenships away, and legal citizens should not tolerate bad behaviour and criminal activity isrupting their way of life. A lot of people are not going away from latinamerica to better themselves or their lives but to make their host country more like Latin America and behave just liked they behaved back home, if you know how things are like in latino countries and, sadly, how many latin americans are like when it comes to abusing the system not caring for law and authority you know that the first world standards of living should not be taken for granted and they have the right to preserve them.

If your neighbors are illegals that are behaving in an uncivilized manner and committing other crimes and ruining the neighborhood the right thing is to call the law on them so they can take care of it. Someone behaving well would not stand out anyway and you would not have to know if they are illegal or not and this would not even be a problem, but if they are wrongdoing and neighbors do nothing they are only calling for it to get worse and eventually they will loose their neighborhood and turn into a favela.

No. 457849

Normal law-abiding people don't have shady strangers constantly coming in and out of their home for short visits. You're definitely right they are drug dealers.

No. 457856

File: 1567622745040.jpeg (84.72 KB, 999x1080, sadpiggy.jpeg)

I'm in my late 20s and my metabolism couldn't be slower than ever despite all my efforts to shed weight. I'm overweight so not obese. It's not like people will turn their heads when they see and call me a fatty (if I posted my pic on lolcow on the other hand…) I have this disgusting mombod without being a mom and you would think I eat burgers, pizzas, and junk food on the regular while it's the opposite. I watch my diet, I do regular physical activity, all of the recommended stuff for losing weight and I just don't see any results. My scale doesn't seem to budge either.

I hate that I care so much about appearance that I can't even enjoy myself. I visited my grandma for a week and it's the first time in a long time I ate this much and I feel like such a pig. I looked at myself in the mirror and started crying. It's pathetic but I feel so hopeless. I hate going outside when there's lots of people. I hate buying new clothes and trying them out. In fact, I feel that buying nice clothes is such a waste on someone like me. I feel that I uglify everyone's day and lower everyone's status by just being in their presence. I fucking hate myself. I can't even comfort eat.

No. 457858

My weight also stagnated for ages eating 3 small super healthy meals a day and working out 5-6 days a week strength training and cardio. It just maintained my weight and kept me very healthy, fit, and well-nourished, plus gave me muscle tone, but the scale didn't move and I stayed a higher weight than I wanted to be. If you want to see results you just will have to do something more drastic for a while then go back to maintenance. The "just be really moderate and you'll slowly lose weight over a very long time" thing generally only works if you have a food scale, always measure your food 100% accurately, and never slip up or unknowingly go over your calorie limit even a bit. Try only one small meal a day and that's it for 1-2 weeks and see what happens. Cut back on your exercise temporarily so you don't overtax your body. You can easily regain all your nutrition, energy, and any modicum of lost fitness afterwards.

No. 457859

On the topic of the neighbors; I am very much what you would consider an immigration friendly person, but ultimately have no tolerance for people who put shame to other undocumented/illegals who work honest jobs and often work their asses off to build up from nothing. I've met and known people who are undocumented or "illegal", worker with them, or people whose parents are and it's not fair to the reputation of all other Hispanic immigrants legal or illegal that drug pushers and drug dealers who often aren't doing it out of the decency of their hearts, should be allowed here. That's unfortunately and precisely the kind of behavior that influences the negative stereotypes against immigrants. Depending on how much trouble they cause I would wait a bit to call ICE on them, anon if you can get any definitive proof they're drug dealing I'd get it and then call the cops on them. I'm not even a huge fan of cops, by no means, but getting rid of a couple drug dealers is a good thing, legal or not.

No. 457862

That sucks, anon. Renting a cabin in the woods and going out exploring seems like a dream for me.

No. 457864

Thanks anon. That was my decision too. I'll just have to limit my caloric intake to be sub 500 or even completely skip meals altogether and see how it goes for two weeks.

> It just maintained my weight and kept me very healthy, fit, and well-nourished, plus gave me muscle tone, but the scale didn't move and I stayed a higher weight than I wanted to be.

This exactly! It's like I turned into a female version of bearmode and I have broad shoulders and I'm tall so it just looks so awful on me.

The only thing that I want is that my lifestyle is reflected on me. I get people oftentimes joking how I must have a huge appetite. They don't mean to offend but it stings so hard.

No. 457867

>vent thread
>every post is race sperging

Something about that OP pic brought this out, evidently. Can someone make a new vent thread with a cute pic, this thread is ruined already and I don't wanna look at this dude's face for a week

No. 457876

>every post
>no race sperging since yesterday

Why are some of you so dramatic?

No. 457877

>I'll just have to limit my caloric intake to be sub 500
Sounds pretty extreme. If you're eating healthy and you exercise regularly then perhaps you're already where you ought to be. You can't starve away a large frame.
It sounds to me like she is stressed out and in need of a gazing session.

No. 457879

My boyfriend is on meds and recovering from chemo, so his libido is pretty much dead. And might be for a very long time.
We weren't ever super constantly active sexually (or even regularly, I guess) but literally nothing has happened since we found out about his cancer 2 years ago.

The thing is I think he's trying to cope with it now by saying we could be doing much bigger and memorable things, that we don't need sex. I get it, sex isn't everything. But I have to ask him to hug and cuddle me which to me are just basic things not sexual at all.
Then sometimes when he's super tired he'll talk about his penis with me and it's really sexually frustrating.

I've tried talking about it before, he'll say stuff like no one is attractive to him and that he won't ever feel it again, or that he's not interested in sex at all.

I don't want to make him do things he doesn't want to do. He's also super busy with work (he works from home so no, it's not that he's seeing another woman.)
I just really crave and miss the physical affection. But I don't want it from anyone else.

No. 457882


If you're already talking to guys through dating apps maybe try talking to girls too, there's no harm in just talking to them and seeing how you feel about it

No. 457884

File: 1567630807107.jpg (215.91 KB, 1280x720, huh.jpg)

This sounds like bait, but I've unironically forgotten how to divide numbers. I've used my phone and calculator so long I can't do it by hand.

No. 457890

It could definitely be both. You can be attracted to women and also feel more comfortable around them. Men's sexuality tends to be more predatory than anything so I don't blame you there.

No. 457891

I always fear that this will happen to me, but honestly I've been terrible at math all my life that I don't think it matters.

I do long multiplication/division through a really roundabout method (cannot for the life of me ever remember how to do it through the standard method) so it takes me a long time anyway, but it's so easy and relies mostly on addition so it's easy to remember.

No. 457895

I was gonna say that he's traumatized or depressed and trying to cope hard but
>he'll say stuff like no one is attractive to him and that he won't ever feel it again, or that he's not interested in sex at all
That's some harsh shit to say to you in an indirect way. Not attracted to you and isn't interested. Um, ouch?
If sexuality is a need then he either needs to compromise, or you should move on. Sounds like he's got lingering issues. Get you a man who will want to sex you anon.

No. 457911

It happens, Anon. I do a math bootcamp for adults re-entering college. You just need a little practice. If you don't use it, you lose it.

No. 457919

What I don't understand is, why are people asking other minorities (especially blacks) to help Hispanics when 30-40% of you voted for trump?

This is not race-bait, I really don't understand why people expect black people to help with everything "progressive".

No. 457920

please go to a nutritionist, it make make everything clear to you, I learned that my BMR was not as low as I thought and if you stick longterm to a healthy lifestyle you WILL lose weight.

No. 457925

I'm feeling really sad about Sans being in smash

because Erika would've lost his mind if he had seen it. I wish he had seen it.

No. 457926


No. 457935

File: 1567641443206.png (211.75 KB, 583x531, japery.png)

I am so tired of being ugly and fat. I've got PCOS, which makes trying lose weight a fucking NIGHTMARE. I can't go out with my friends because they all always want to go get food I can't have without gaining fucking 10 pounds just from looking at it.

They're all pretty average to small and they're all (imo) really pretty. We're a mixed group of alt fashion nerds who sort of congregated together.

So in a group of about 5 pretty punk/goth girls I'm the fat, ugly goth. It sucks so much. It's been bothering me more since I realized just… how ugly I am? Out with friends just walking around/window shopping, they constantly get compliments from the shop employees, or from other customers.

Not to mention I'm not even aesthetically nice fat- I've got huge knees and deep hip dips instead of at least rounded out hips, huge ankles, fat hands.

Even if I manage to lose some, it always comes back.

No. 457939


>visit an endocrinologist

>take your metformin and birth control pills
>intermittent fasting 16/8
>weigh your food
>keto hard

I lost 30% of my weight in 6 months. That was several years ago. You can do it!

No. 457942

File: 1567643746406.jpg (211.1 KB, 800x1031, pretty-ugly-poem-read-two-ways…)

also this. <3

No. 457944

NTA but this is really wholesome. Thank you for posting this.

No. 457945

File: 1567644213037.jpg (Spoiler Image,34.14 KB, 700x394, steg.jpg)

I hated this guy, and I hated his song and I hated the whole whole arc he is the part of. The other two got such better arcs.

No. 457946

there's positive and then there's boomer-tier glurge. wew.

No. 457948

File: 1567644627042.gif (135.81 KB, 500x333, IeCjBbE.gif)

assert your dominance by slapping the radio back on.
maintain eye contact.

No. 457953

I thought that part was super tryhard.
>Steven fuses with Amethyst and we get a bulbous, cartoony Smokey Quartz
>two dorky fat male characters fuse and form that, suuuuuuuure

No. 457955

File: 1567646047881.png (148.63 KB, 335x283, recreation.png)

Thanks- I'm actually already subbed to Keto and PCOS. I've got other issues, but it's the biggest one on my plate. It just sucks that they're pretty/fit with so little effort and to even glance it I have to put in so much effort to do so. I'm still trying but it's disheartening to hang out with them.

(i want to say theyre lovely people. They're just blessed with better genetics/faster metabolism/not having pcos) Attached is approximations of our body types. (not us, but people who looks similar enough. friends on left.)

My arms and thighs are bigger than the girl on the right, and my torso is a bit shorter.

No. 457956

i think it was a jojo reference

No. 457958

love it

No. 457964

If you're not already doing so, go for clothes that flare out around the hips and hug the waist to give it definition. Lightweight tops with sleeves are your friend.

That camisole and jean capri combo is one of the most unfortunate outfits for most plus size people.

No. 457965

File: 1567647186139.png (62.37 KB, 170x328, 284878939022211.png)

It annoys me how many entitled shits from western countries claim to be communists or support communism when they have no idea how it fucking works and that it was a disaster and it could never be applied as in theory (marx and engels) because it has already been consumed as a political ideology. I hate capitalism as well but as someone that lives in a post-communist country capitalism and democracy are still much better than communism and the way it was applied, only we know what atrocities our parents and grandparents had to go through and communism affects us and will affect the upcoming generations as well since the government and public services still work in a very communist, corrupt and bureaucratic way.
Most people that were born in countries that weren't communist at some point can't understand the struggle the people living in communist regimes had to go through their parents had job options, freedom of speech etc etc. I've never met anyone from a post-commie country claiming to support communism unless they're like 80 years old and had some sort of important function within the communist party back then. Most of the youth is actually terrified at the thought of communism since their parents would tell them horror stories from the soviet era.

No. 457969

It's the same as the dipshits that wear those Chè shirts. Dude was a fucking wholesale murderer. His own people curse him. Why do they wear them? It's fashonable. Same as communism. It's fashionable.

No. 457970

I need to pull an all nighter to fucking function.

After posting this, I will take all night if I have to in order to: prep a basic lunch for a few days, clean the dishes, and do 3 assignments.

No. 457971

My fucking arm aches so fucking much bc i layed on it weirdly for a long ass time. This is hell. I have also drank maybe 1/4 what i usually and everything feels so much worse, i am dry and in pain, farmers.

No. 457972

i agree but that you call it "communism" when it wasn't kind of debases/devalues your critique tbh

No. 457978

File: 1567649945402.png (160.16 KB, 600x576, UlwwD9g.png)

Trust me, I know this feeling you describe very well. But you know what? Most people love you the way you are if you are a nice person. Nitpicking looks like we do on lolcow is reserved for nasty people. I managed to pick up my husband when I was fat, he even complained when I lost weight. I was baffled. It was me who was obsessed with looks and thought I'd only be worthy of him if I became thin.

This kind of negative thinking is also part of the depression and mood swings caused by PCOS, therefore keep up good habits fighting it. Fasting is a very important part, as there are multiple scientific studies confirming the positive effect of fasting on several kinds of mental illness, including depression. You will look better, have more energy and most importantly, you will feel confident about yourself no matter how you currently look like. Talk to your doctor if you have any health concerns before going full keto / fasting, better be safe than sorry.

Apart from that I think you sound like a really lovely person, and you are most probably many years younger than I am, so go out and make something good out of your life, enjoy your youth! Do the best you can, let go of what you can't change. If you make an extra effort, everyone else usually notice though they don't comment on it, they will think highly of you.
You might think it's unfair and a lot of hassles but in the end, heros are made by the paths they choose… not the powers they are graced with. <3

No. 457982

File: 1567651027659.jpg (45.87 KB, 596x599, 1IwKGIR.jpg)

because yall need love and wholesomeness

No. 457990

i will post in this thread everytime my power goes off
fuck you local power company

No. 457998

>>457971 ok my arm stopped aching just now after painmeds and massaging but now my neighbor keeps dropping dishes or someshit. I have the thickest wall so i have no idea how loud this asshole is being this early. I am never gonna sleep, am I?

No. 458001

i have a bit of atopic dermatitis on my head that resulted in scabs forming around the top of my scalp. i kept ripping off the scabs and messing with my hair and now i have two small bald spots on my scalp from picking at it so much. fucking dammit as if i didn't have enough problems with stress, my self-esteem, and appearance already.

No. 458003

i have a lot of abuse to sort through and i dont have a therapist to help out with it. the thing that really has me fucked up even over the beatings and shit was being used by two guys as sexual conquest and having one of them wanting to 'win' so bad that he drugged and raped me multiple times and took pictures of it. that was like 12 years ago. i have no idea what that man has done with those pictures or if he still has them but i always had an underlying fear he uploaded them to an image board. he bragged about doing that with a past girlfriend that was supposedly into him having sex with her while she slept and i want to think its me being stuck on it because it all sucked.
but man. i just dont know. i want to have faith in men, but even with a longer term relationship the guy was still a freak and really sexually abusive and it all just piles up. and i know this is causing my insomnia, but goddamn i just want a night where i can go to bed and not be up for a couple hours stewing about this.

No. 458007

I hate myself, I already was bad enough before but i woke up at police station this morning.
I got too drunk last night, couldn’t take care of myself or even keep standing so I got taken in. I’ve never in my life been that drunk and don’t ever want to drink after this.
Saddest part is that none of my ”friends” or classmates helped me. I know it’s not their job but feels super bad that no one would care enough when i’m doing that bad. I would take care of anyone that drunk on the street.

I keep thinking that what if i didn’t take that drink i got offered last night, what if I could’ve told the police my parents place and got taken there instead of police station. I don’t exactly understand why they took me in instead of delivering me home, since some patrols choose to do that.
I don’t know how to live this down, and I know it’s gonna leave some mark on my records, that were good and clean before… I even managed to smash my phones whole screen.
I just fucking despise myself and keep thinking what id what if

No. 458024

"It Chapter 2" is a mediocre movie and I am pissed because I was hyped for it. What’s even worse is that I’ve done some research about the books afterwards and found out that King literally describes a child gang bang orgy at one point that includes an 11-year-old girl losing her virginity to the guys of the Losers' Club. Excuse me, what? This is so weird.

No. 458029

People keep joking he’s a total gigachad murdercock who is peak sexy manliness but tbh his design disgusts me, it’s unattractive and aesthetically unpleasing on so many levels.

No. 458040

File: 1567676257819.jpg (13.79 KB, 280x373, tumblr_owyr5eck7z1t169bjo1_400…)


thanks anon, i am glad i am not the only one. I am Venezuelan so imagine how much first world bs i've had to facepalm at. I don't bring it up anymore online because i know some jackass from an expensive US school is going to scream chavista propaganda at me or tell me how it wasn't real socialism for the gazillionth time.
Just die, stop commiesplanin to people who lived in these regimes.

No. 458042

File: 1567676310457.jpg (661.42 KB, 1000x1000, Norbio.jpg)

Time will heal this as surely as it has healed past embarrassments for us.
Please though, try to take a break from drinking. One day at a time. First try today. Then try tomorrow. Then the day after, etc.
Don't beat yourself up.

No. 458050

No. 458057

File: 1567678402252.jpg (46.24 KB, 480x360, 149849853818.jpg)



I don't even want to click that. We are far too aware of that sub, they keep bullying and harassing venezuelans online and are the absolute worst. As if the last 20 years of propaganda bombardment and abuses were not enough for us. Even making this post i'm afraid i'll invoke them and they'll start swarming in here.

No. 458072

Exercise doesn't make me feel good or make me happy like they say it should. It just makes me angry. Every time after I work out I get extremely irritable and angry and snap at people. Probably because I know I just tortured myself for nothing. I will die alone. No matter how hard I try to change.

No. 458074

Exercise is garbage when it's working out for the sake of working out. The gym and running can get fucked, and so can all the liars who claim muh endorphins to cope with the tedium and suffering.

Sports, on the other hand… finding a physical activity you actually have fun doing and want to improve at is a game changer. Suddenly you've got goals and a hobby and being seen as attractive becomes less important, regardless of how the exercise impacts your body.

No. 458076

File: 1567681394970.jpg (8.3 KB, 236x236, 1558745123821.jpg)

Yo I‘m sick of pretending to believe my friends actually care about whatever new news. Like the forest fires, they would lament on how terrible it was, link petitions and whatever non-news that was some minor update on it. It was the same with the notre dame fire, like "oh noooo we went there and saw that", I mean, of course they didn‘t actually donate, and once it was out of the news cycle it wasn‘t mentioned again!

And for the forest fires, I linked other, larger forest fires going on, like in Siberia. "oh that‘s terrible" and NO mention of it again, no investigating that or the scope of it. Just reposting those new amazon fire links because that‘s the fucking topic du jour.

Speaking of, one thing that REALLY fucked me off was when I bought something off of a popular company and mentioned it. "oh, you purchase things on there? they‘re a terrible company! Unethical practices, work conditions etc. I saw it on twitter".

I mean, I WORKED THERE. I needed the income desperately and I worked long nightshifts at their warehouse and it was back breaking and inhumane. I was injured because I was instructed to do something despite my protests of it being unsafe, and they didn‘t have any supplies to treat it in the med room. The managers or operation of things fucked up and I was given the blame for it. Ridiculous demands or comments made by managers and no way do have solid proof because phones etc were banned. A viciously competitive environment between workers because of the false promise of a full time job. If you were late or off, no matter the circumstance 3 times, you were fired no questions. I almost had a mental break and I TOLD my friend this at the time. I said that if this is what working conditions were like in the west, I dread to think how it was elsewhere. I watched documentaries and looked into it myself, no big news scandal needed, and I informed them at the time, too. I did my best to not support the company, but sometimes they were the only place I could get what I needed.

Of course, the personal experience and investigation their friend made to deem the company unethical wasn‘t enough. Noooo, they needed fucking twitter outrage so they could spout off and feel morally superior to anyone who did patron that company. Despite the fact that they did it plenty in the past, AFTER I told them what a shitty company it was.

I was about to make a bitter comment about how there just needs to be some fresh scandal on twitter about nestle so they can hear me about that, but the thing is that even after the big news blowup…nothing comes of it!! It‘s just sending links, signing online petitions, cooing to each other about how terrible and awful it is and forgotten once the news coverage decreases.

No. 458080

Exercise sucks until you find something you like. I enjoy team sports and there's the social aspect but I haven't joined any clubs in a while with moving and I conditioning takes ages.

I've been doing low impact stuff like yoga and stretching to improve flexibility. I honestly would recommend that. You don't need to measure weight or inches, you are just pacing yourself and improving every stretch by working on form. Improving flexibility will strengthen your muscles and improve how you carry yourself. I cannot tell you the joy I felt the first time I touched my toes with ease I could never do that shit in highschool and I was captain of a sports team lol. It strengthens your core which even helps with your gait and everyday walking. You'll notice your stamina go up and the best part is stretching and yoga isn't they energetic compared to running etc, so it feels less work.

No. 458083


I feel thats mostly a scrot meme, they fell better from the testosterone release, of course if you are a woman testosterone would just make you feel pissed off and dirty.

Exercise is still good though, not just for finding a partner, it will keep you healthy and fence off things that will really make you feel awful, just don't over do it or streess over it if you just want to get by and not be a fitness buff. no one has to be ripped to be healthy.

No. 458087

I bet most of them are American too, like most of the retards that support communism. I swear most Americans have the shittiest grasp over politics and history, it's like they are isolated from the rest of the world. I had 4 years of history classes about the history of communism in my country and both communism and marxism in general, then I had to take a huge exam on everything that I have learned. I'm tired of stupid Americans telling me that it wasn't communism or some shit like that, they don't even want to learn from me, a person that actually lived in a post-commie country and experienced communism indirectly and actually had to study about it.Yes,this was communism you privileged shit. Unless your parents and grandparents were immigrants in America or black and even then they still had more options than my parents and grandparents. My parents had to wait in line 4 hours at 6 in the morning for bread and milk, they couldn't buy anything from the stores because there were no imported goods they had to choose between 2 types of soda and chocolate, my grandmother had 2 illegal abortions where she almost died, my great grandfather that was a writer rotted in jail and was tortured because the communist party decided his books spread anti-communist propaganda.
I'm sorry for the sperg, I'm just really mad over this.

No. 458097

I don't understand why my boyfriend is so quiet when we're together and lately has started to ignore me in texts. He doesn't bother to make conversation at all, I'm always the first one to say something or make a text but now when I reply to him, he won't even answer. He has a shitload of friends so he can't be socially retarded. I really do wonder if he's as quiet when he's with them or if they just talk and he listens to their bullshit. The only time he texts me is at night which is the worst time to talk to me because I'm busy at those hours. What gives???

No. 458102

I would take a look at where you are seeing, reading, or hearing these pro commie, American comments. Most Americans IRL don't agree with any of that.

One of my best friends was a Jewish refugee from Kiev. He left in about 1980, and his family eventually made it to the US. He had a Che Guevara flag when I met him. Absolutely ridiculous. He just wanted to look cool or sound edgy. We have had many disagreements over the years. Some people are just edgy idiots.

No. 458109

>all the liars who claim muh endorphins
kek. These are the same people who claim to suffer from ~muh anxiety~ because they get mildly nervous before public speaking but are literally the most loud, out going, successful, good looking people. Fuck off.

No. 458112

Yeah fuck them.
I also hate the people who joke about muh crippling depression and being a disappointment when they have a close group of friends, romantic partners, a degree and a job or go to grad school, and also have a great internet presence and following.

No. 458113

>Most Americans IRL don't agree with any of that.

Very true, the chavista idiots protesting in favor of Maduro in the US are only a few clowns no one takes seriously irl. Theres usually more venezuelan migrants just laughing at their rallies than chavista zealots.

But they are very over represented online and all over reddit and ibs. Just like trans people, its only a small segment of the population but online they make a lot of noise.


Chapos is an american podcast and the subs are absolutely majority american. A friend send me this caption some time ago from a census they did on their users on their own site and turns out most are unemployed white males from upper middle class who are insulting us.
Basically a bunch of stereotypical neets incels who fap to traps.

No. 458126

Sorry to hear that anon, hope you managed to flee that shithole.
I got into a fight with one of my friends because she retweeted some Venezuelan artist promoting their commissions so they can save money and emigrate and then my friend proceeded to mock that artist for thinking life outside was better. I think nobody is willing to leave their country unless they hope for something better.

No. 458127

literally no one protests in the us in favor of maduro, they protest in favor of non interventionism. ffs, bolton and his crew have said they want venezuela's oil and they want to escalate the situation.

No. 458132

File: 1567694100523.jpg (69.62 KB, 480x480, 1566520543061.jpg)

No. 458134

Not OP, but your posts really make me want to get up and find something fun to do. I used to work out for the sake of working out a lot, and all I got out of it was shin splints that haunt me to this day if I powerwalk for too long lol.

Maybe I'll finally do those yoga workouts I have saved to a YT playlist. I've been looking into taking rock climbing classes too because I always thought it looked super fun (tried it once as a kid and it didn't disappoint, I loved it) but I'd only be able to commit once a week and one of the only facilities in my city is expensive as fuck and wouldn't be worth the money. For now I've been taking long walks on the weekends in the early morning in my neighborhood, it's not strenuous but I really enjoy zonking out and just walking about randomly.

No. 458138

I feel like I have no one,I finished highschool and I have no friend left.Last year my bestfriend basically ditched me because she finally formed a group of stable friends in her last year at her hs.All my other friends pretty much ghosted me,no one messages me anymore,and I can’t figure out why I couldn’t make a friendship last and why I’m so alone at almost 19.There were no fall outs,no fights or anything and I drove myself crazy trying to understand why no one stays and if I’m doing something wrong.Maybe people just don’t like to stay around me for more than 2-3 years,maybe I just have to jump from a person to another before they get bored of me.I have no one next to me and I don’t see how I can fix it.I am not a shy person so I can’t blame it on that,so why do they throw me away like this..is this just how people are??

No. 458143

I hope you'll find your group of people anon. Things change, people change, it's just a really unfortunate part of life. I'm only a bit older than you, but I felt really similar growing up. It really sucks watching all of your former friends come together and stay tight knit while you watch on the sidelines, or to just watch people who you never thought would leave your side just suddenly… disappear one day. My "main" group of friends was constantly changing as I grew up- the group of people that I thought I'd spend forever with kept changing before my eyes. As an adult, I'm very fortunate to have a handful of highschool friends still reach out to me a few times a year, but it does sort of sting to see them with a bigger group of our friends having not been invited.

Even my most recent college friends who I really trusted and thought we would be ~*~*friends forever*~*~ with just dwindled down to almost no one. It might be a while until you find someone who stays by your side. I'm very grateful to my best friend for staying and changing with me, but I can only hope she'll continue to do so. It's cliche, but you're still young, you have plenty of time.

No. 458145

True. Tankies are even more retarded than nazis who are at least just lying when they say their dogshit system didn't kill millions of people, while e-commies actually believe the USSR propaganda.

No. 458150

Those are good points anon, I'll try to think of some little steps I can do for now. I feel like ideally I need to move away from everything because a big issue for me is that I feel like I'm dying in this small place that I've always lived but I'm scared to leave my family or my partner, but you're right that there are other small things I should start with instead of getting obsessed with the big picture and letting it paralyze me. Thanks for replying

No. 458155

You can do it anon, I believe in you! I hope you'll start feeling better about your life, at least all the bits that you're in control of!

No. 458173

I hate how my boyfriend acts like me not having sex with him twice a day is torturing him.
I just woke up from a depression nap and he’s super annoyed by me not wanting to have sex with him immediately. So annoying

No. 458174

I've put it together that I was depressed and had anxiety as a kid/teen (at the very least… I might have deeper issues but I'm still scared to go to a professional), but totally ignored it because I grew up during the rise of 'depression culture' and didn't want to be THAT person…

My family/home life was the source of my depression, and having it since so young, I've been unable to form meaningful or lasting friendships as a kid/teen. I've also been this way for so long that people I'm currently close-ish with expect me to be like this, they don't know how bad my mental health really is because I've always been like this. I'm not sure if I even know how bad it is, every day is a new surprise in finding out just how mal-adjusted I am. I have improved, and it makes me sad that I'm finally starting to understand things that I couldn't see while deep in it.

There were a lot of things I struggled to understand because I was already dead inside in elementary school. How do I carve out a personhood for myself as a mid 20s adult? I feel like I have no identity, because I spent so much time in my youth dissociating. Is this depersonalization?: I finally became comfortable seeing my name in print and feeling like it refers to me FINALLY, THIS YEAR.

But now I'm starting to understand how people who seem happy and successful in life can just suicide seemingly out of the blue. I'm happier and have a better perspective and more hope than ever, and I still constantly think about ghosting everyone and disappearing (barely a step up from suicidal).

Is there somewhere I can connect to other people or stories from those without pre-trauma identities? I know I should just go to a professional, but I still haven't accepted my issues as valid enough to do so.

No. 458175

I feel you anon, same problem in university rn.
Have a hug

No. 458177

not every business run out of the home is illicit. not saying anon's neighbors aren't drug dealers, but in this economy people have all sorts of side hustles.

No. 458196


Maybe they are selling Catrina cupcakes, and in that case their crime is not paying any taxes.

No. 458229

My barely 3 years old cat had to be put down today because the illness she's been struggling with for the last 3 months won, she was suffering so much it was the best choice for her. I feel like a failure now, I feel like I've failed her and dissappointed her because there wasn't more that I could do. On top of all this I have a surgery in 10 days that requires a 2 week ~1000 calorie diet composed of VLCD shakes that taste like literal powdered shit with a pinch of the most fake vanilla you can probably get. 5 shakes a day, on day two I was already puking them back out immediately because I can't stand the taste so I willingly chose fasting over that. I'm not even angry or upset that I can't eat, just feel weak and broken because of what happened to my cat. I feel like if anything else happens these upcoming days, it'll kill me on the inside.

Forgive me for any typos but I'm literally bawling my eyes out

No. 458272

I'm sorry about your cat, from what you say you didn't fail her at all, you did all that you could and then you made a tough and responsible decision to stop her from being in more suffering. You were a good pet owner, you did good.

If it's advised by the doctor then you should probably consume those shakes, just in case it's relevant to the predicted healing process or anesthetic. Try mixing them with as little water as possible and standing close to the faucet, force yourself to shot and swallow as much of it as possible and then immediately stick your head under the tap to drink as much water as possible to get rid of the taste. It will taste worse but you can get it over with faster. You can also contact your doctor to see if there is anything else you're allowed to consume to take the after taste away.
Good luck with your surgery anon be kind to yourself

No. 458336

Your cat is in a better place now, probably somewhere warm and covered with her favorite toys! She probably has tons of angels at her beck and call so that she will always be fed and loved on. Losing a pet is never easy anon, you made the right choice in the end.

As for the shakes, whenever I have to drink nasty stuff I'll usually opt for a straw so that I can shove it back as far as possible and then drink so it goes straight down my throat. You'll probably still get a little taste but it definitely beats have it run all over your mouth. Best of luck with your surgery anon.

No. 458372

I grew up in an abusive house and I spent some years as a teenager being an asshole, basically… I had no emotional intelligence and I was probably emotionally/verbally abusive myself, or if I wasn’t then I was definitely toxic. I know we all make stupid decisions in life especially when we’re young so beating myself up over it is pointless but it eats away at me. I’m not the same person that I was (or at least I’d like to think so!) but I feel like no amount of change will ever stop me from being an irredeemable person because of my mean streak. I keep expecting that this will come back to ruin my life even though I should know there’s a difference between like a proper adult acting abusively and a 17/18 year old, but I don’t know. Maybe they’re the same.

I really need someone impartial to tell me if I’m gauging this accurately or not or if anyone has any similar experiences to share that’d be great too

No. 458382

>>458229 I am so sorry for your cat, anon. She doesn't have to suffer anymore and no matter how dumb this sounds, she would want you to take care of you. You didn't fail her, you had her best interest in mind. Do the icky shakes, your doctor didn't order you to drink them for nothing, i suggest filling a water bottle and having that in one hand, shake in other. Alternate to get it down. I honestly feel for you so hard, it's gonna be ok, anon. Good luck with everything, surgery and life in general.

Dumb thing i read that helped me when my cat had to be put down was that all cats that pass away are looked after freddie mercury in the aFtErLiFe, that always comforts me to no end.

No. 458387

can bpd be actually cured?? I have been struggling with it for so long but it's starting to get worse and worse, I can't control my emotional outbursts at all. I have considered suicide a lot recently just because living with such bizarre thought patterns and changing sense of self is painful for me and all the people around me. i feel like a burden to my family and the world

No. 458414

piggybacking off of this but what's a good 'sport' or physical hobby that is a tangible skill that i can learn? preferably one i can do on my own so nothing where i need a team or an opponent

No. 458421


Swimming or running, you are your own oponnent and are constantly beating your own records.

Martial arts maybe. I did Tae Kwondo and swiming when i was younger and it was great for me, i am not really a team player and hated all the other sports but i really like a chance to beat people up and only worry about my own records instead of what other people from my team are doing.

No. 458424

If I had all the time/money/energy in the world, I would do
>all types of dance
>gymnastics and acro
>ice skating
>martial arts

No. 458426

File: 1567724461849.jpeg (82.15 KB, 500x495, 867464C2-59A9-4A20-9209-65BFAA…)

Had a really really good day today and I honestly can’t have good days because it ends with me crying over how depressing my day to day life is and how rarely I have opportunities to feel happy. All I did today was walk around my university with my best friend and act dumb and be loud and walk around the forest near by and eat lunch, but it was such a good time the weather is so nice right now and i’m just thinking tomorrow i have to go back to my boring job stuck in a dark office to get out tired and late at night and always miss the day and it’s just a cycle. I never really get to do anything but work and it’s taken over my whole life since i was a teenager and i never really got to enjoy or have much fun. At this point having good days just ends up badly for me since I just always end up wanting for it not to end and having to go back to my normal life. And that leads to me realizing why I don’t have fun is because i’m not attractive enough to get invited places and overall have a bad personality. I feel like i’m rambling but I don’t have a good way to put it into words.

No. 458437

I can totally relate to your feeling. For the longest time I really believed that all the bad shit happening to me is karma for me being a piece of shit and that it will pay off one day, maybe
>"I'm trying but I really am just irredeemable…"
I just want someone to tell me that deep down I'm a good person. But when kind people did tell me this, it didn't change anything. I think all we can do is try to live well and do good because it's the kind of person we want to be, not because we have some intrinsic good/bad nature that we must pursue/abate. Idk tho, just my cope

No. 458438

are you me, anon?

No. 458440

it can't be cured but can be managed well with time.

i don't have bpd but had a friend with it and while I was researching i found some promising articles that said it becomes significantly easier to deal with around 25-30 (this was the case with other personality disorders as well)

nobody was completely sure why yet but if i had to guess it's because of that sweet sweet frontal lobe development

No. 458441

i don’t think it can be cured 100% since there’s no guarantee that you keeping symptoms in check will mean that they’ll be in check forever, but it can be treated. mood stabilizers definitely help but won’t alleviate everything. bpd is unfortunately one of those things you really need to put in the legwork to get results out of. if you don’t have a therapist, there are a lot of dbt exercises you can find online that’ll help… they’re all really boring and repetitive but they do work.

i used to have angry outbursts too, and the trick is stopping yourself from yelling because yes, it’ll feel good to react in the moment but it does more damage than that temporary relief will give you. if your outbursts happen around other people, remove yourself from the situation for a few minutes and either come back when you’ve naturally calmed down or once a dbt exercise has helped you. it’ll take time, but you’ll get the hang of it.

i won’t lie to you and say i’m completely better. i’ve been casual about my “recovery” for many years and the core worries i have from having bpd are still here, but you learn how to manage it.

a thing i like to do is write down your entire train of thought to see how it got from point A to point Z within a matter of seconds; it helps point out how unrealistic it is. also if you have family or friends you can rely on, it helps to ask like “hey is x actually happening or am i overreacting?” and they’ll tell you honestly. 9/10 it will be bpd logic. self-help books on bpd are also very helpful. i’d go to your local bookstore and look through them to see which one works best for you.

i should also say i’m not a professional in any capacity and these are all just methods that have worked for me and that i’ve been in your position before. i believe in you, anon

No. 458455


I am mentally ill, thats a fact and was medicated for a bit for anxiety and psicotic and manic episodes but could not follow through and get a complete diagnosis, i had no money, i have an elderly family member who was also sick and even the Xanax was awful and made me want to die more than ever.

I am 30 and i am scared to try again with psychiatrists and i am scared of the diagnosis, is likely to be bpd, even if i could afford the treatments and stuff i know i am fucked and is probably something that will never go away and is too late for me to start treatment as an oldfag.

I'll probably keep deteriorating and end up in the street talking to myself eventually or slashing my wrists before starving to death locked in my room the way my life is going.

No. 458461

I’ve been really into tarot card readings and my most recent reading told me not to gossip about people this month because it will come back to bite me in the ass. I don’t gossip about people that much anyway, but I’ve been particularly watching what I say and I’m getting really paranoid about it. I literally got a horrible adrenaline dump there overthinking if I said anything that could be misconstrued as gossip at work today. My heart was beating out of my chest. I think I might be latching onto being really superstitious cause I’m feeling lost in life right now but man is this shit.

No. 458465

South Africans are fucking retarded, this is coming from another black African.
ffs guys really?

No. 458470

I'm 24 and terrified to date. I have been in three relationships before, including being engaged, but all of them were physically abusive and generally just horrific. I have never actually been on a 'date' in my life… I just kind of fell in with these awful guys and felt too guilty to break up with them.

A guy at work asked me out today that I really liked. We chatted for about an hour and felt a good deal of chemistry, which I honestly never felt with any of the other guys I was with. I gave him my number and he texted me after he left asking me out tomorrow.

I really want to say yes, but I'm scared that he's going to try to take things too far and I won't really know what to do. I'm nervous about sex, and even kissing. I really, really don't want to do it, especially on a first date. I'm scared of being awkward in general. I feel like the stakes are incredibly high and I'm terrified to fuck things up, even though this is probably irrational. I'm also scared he's going to end up being another abusive psycho.

I mean on one hand I really want to start going out and actually doing things but every part of me is just rebelling against the idea and saying it will be better to just dick around on Reddit alone.

He texted me this four hours ago and ever since I have been agonising about what to say to him… I got off work two hours ago and have literally just been pacing around the living room writing and rewriting texts and then deleting them. He probably thinks I am not interested now. God damnit I hate myself.

No. 458472

If you're really interested in this guy, just tell him you'd like to go out on a date but want to take it slow. You don't have to spill your tragic backstory right away. If he's not a scumbag he won't have a problem with it.

No. 458482

File: 1567736787603.jpg (10.52 KB, 320x230, gallery-1481916087-why-are-you…)

my boyfriend and I are at the age where marriage and kids are valid to discuss and he does often but he'll still do dumb shit like make an appointment without checking if it's on a day he has work. he'll say, "i'm not like you!" as if it's not basic common sense to check things like that. especially in his case where the appointment is really important and hard to make and his work schedule is strict and practically impossible to rearrange. he should've told him his free days but instead he just said, "ok." to the earliest appointment then got mad when i told him that was on a day he has work. while he can fix it it still frustrates me and makes me second guess settling down with him when he still struggles with many common adult basics like this.

No. 458483

Sounds like this person will annoy the shit out of you if you choose to spend your life with them.

No. 458485

let his own mistakes fuck him over. don't inform him he's goofed if he can't keep his own damn schedule straight. either he'll learn to be a fucking adult and handle his own damn business because you won't hold his hand or he'll whine at you and show that this is absolutely not someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

No. 458486

I can't get over my ex boyfriend, I think about him every day. He wanted to be friends and I told him that being friends would make it harder for me to get over him, but then I agreed to be friends with him anyway because I knew I would miss him. However, he never texted me, and I didn't want to seem desperate but texted him twice after we broke up. Once two weeks after our breakup, and the second about a month after that. I wanted to say more hurtful things but I tried to be civil and just said that I felt like he was avoiding me and if he didn't want to be friends that's fine but I wish he would have been honest about it. He said he hadn't texted me because he "wanted to talk to me but had nothing to say to me" and then accused me of patronizing him. I said I wasn't trying to patronize him and I just felt sad that I felt he didn't want to talk to me. Then he never replied.

I swear to god he's a fucking man baby and has to be the fucking victim in every situation. I hate that I miss him.

No. 458487

Thanks for the advice, anon. I've been worrying so much I honestly didn't even think of that. I thought I would just have to be in the position of hoping he didn't try something. I need to develop some fucking agency.

I agreed to go out with him over text and I suppose when we first meet up tomorrow I'll just say that I'd like to take things slow. So if he still tries something after that it would be a pretty easy decision to not go out again.

No. 458490

I have friends who are nearly 30 and married who post about their sex life constantly. Like, yeah, you're married. Married people have sex noooo one cares!! I am getting embarrassed about them commenting on my stuff in case someone clicks their profile lol. They are more or less tame irl though.

No. 458493

Indians are ruining the Internet.every month India gains mullions of new Internet users thanks to affordable data plans and those Indians start creeping into every corner of the Internet,users like this are >>457460 clearly Indians who derail threads and make the Internet more shitty(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 458512

i have the same mean nature and was also abusive when I was a teen. ive been making efforts and I think they are slowly paying off, I've been becoming more empathetic and patient. in this case faking it til you make it seems to work.
also don't be shy about your emotions and feelings - being ashamed of being sensitive was the main cause of my lashing out.

No. 458520

why is every hairdresser around an annoying, sassy, condescending gay man? is it really that hard to just get a female to cut my hair? I'm getting kind of tired of it. Every time I go to a new place and book an appointment it's a rude gay man. Next time I might say no…. I want a female to cut my female style hair.

No. 458528

I've only had three male hairdressers, of whom two were great, but one said something like "Haha, yeah, all the men are better at this stuff (stuff = cooking, etc). It's just the facts!"
I just uncomfortably laughed and didn't say anything, because I didn't want to be a source of "discomfort", but I should have. Why do men think they're "better" than women in these? If anything, men have had more opportunities than women, even in "feminine" domains, so of course there are going to be more men who are at the top of their game. But yes, let us conveniently forget the talented and hardworking women because they're not men.(>>>pinkpill)

No. 458553

File: 1567752935623.png (5.31 KB, 220x239, unnamed.png)

Same stuff happened in my homeland and we were never under communism. I present you the political compass chart!
And no I'm not from some banana republic doomed to poverty etc by its colonial past – which is also a (pre) capitalist invention kek
That's why you get dragged by some basic whitos: at least their big 10 education bought them some political theory 101

No. 458561

I now realize I was aswell. Everyone around me was getting in relationships and I started "late", I was desperate for love and affection I didn't have when I was a kid at home. I romanticized bad behaviour and hurt more than one person at the time. I didn't realize what I was doing until I got in a relationship with someone I truly felt in love and ended up abused and cheated myself. I later had toxic behaviour with friends. I struggled a lot to be a better person and "train" myself how not to be an asshole, basically. I am now more sensitive and sincere, but I still regret truly a lot about my pastself.

No. 458606

File: 1567765372611.png (20.78 KB, 700x700, actually.png)

>achtually you need a very high IQ to understand political memes from 18 yrl old upper middle class americans kids that took a sociology elective so your entire life experience and your own education is not valid

the condescending and patronizing from commie fucks never ends.

No. 458610

File: 1567765800956.jpg (15.58 KB, 264x275, 1558988703293.jpg)

I feel like I'm suffering from major imposter syndrome with my second language. I've been learning it for six years (almost seven) and moved to the country where it's natively spoken to take an advanced language course six months ago so you'd think I'd be near fluent but I'm so not. I don't understand how I'm both fairly advanced and yet so fucking clueless at the same time. Some things I can understand really well (or do I? can't even fucking tell) and other things I'm a fumbling dumbass with.
Plus the whole six months I've been living here I've avoided human contact as much as possible because conversations give me anxiety, which only makes my problem worse because speaking has always been my weakest skill and I'm not doing anything to help improve it by avoiding conversations, but I still keep doing it and continue to sound like a retard when I speak.
I moved to this country for uni and my exam to prove sufficient language skills so I can enroll and start my studies is on Monday. I have not studied at all. Part of me is incredibly anxious that I'll fail, but part of me is weirdly zen. I need to get a C1 level result to pass, and on both official mock exams held by the uni I scored at a C2 level. So I guess I should be fine, but at the same time, am I really a fucking C2 speaker? There's still so much that I don't know so how can I be C2?!?! I can't help but feel that I'm just one of those people who's good at taking tests but doesn't actually know the material so when I start my degree in the fall I'll humiliate myself.

No. 458611

Is it a country where English isn't commonly known?

No. 458615


I fucking hate how desperate people are to equate men and women morally. They're charging this woman with human trafficking and kidnapping and calling it such in the headline, when it was an illegal adoption with the birth mother's consent. I'm not saying she did nothing wrong, but calling a woman informally adopting a baby with consent from the birth mother "human trafficking" and having her face the same penalties is disgusting. It feels like yet another instance of people needing to grasp at straws to believe women are just as bad as men.

No. 458618


But what she did is literal human trafficking.

A lot of parents sell their sons and daughters to human trafickers, that doesn't make it ok.

No. 458621

Not only is trying to fix your posture extremely painful, you also look so stuck up in public.

No. 458639

File: 1567772984022.jpeg (47.45 KB, 770x470, 99516521-4D63-4F3F-8F35-37F6E6…)

Watched The nice guys movie with some male friends last night and one of them couldn’t shut up about how he wants to fuck the actress that plays Ryan Goslings daughter in the movie. And she’s like ten.
When I told him that was disgusting he basically told me I was a washed up hag, even though I’m two years younger than him lmfao.

I never thought of him as a pedophile before, he just has a thing for girly girls with short hair but damn, that evening ruined my opinion on him

No. 458644


That’s very obviously a child. No one else spoke up that that’s fucked up?

No. 458645

They just kinda glared at him and my boyfriend asked him if he’s blind or something.
The other two guys are on thin fucking ice themselves though, one of them is like 22 and has been dating a seventeen year old for the last four years so…l

No. 458649

it's almost impossible that at least this guy wasn't a fucking dickbag before. why are you friends with these kinds of tards?

No. 458650

File: 1567774799739.jpg (32.7 KB, 640x480, 1529363700253.jpg)

And you're still friends with these men why…?

No. 458653

he was 18 and she was 13 then? ew, what? run, anon, and maybe check your bf too if this is the kind of crowd he's associating with.

No. 458655

>>458639 get better friends, imagine this as a news headline. There's a guy his age raping a girl this age, wouldn't you wonder who the fuck would hang out with his pedoass? Not blaming you, but just saying to think twice or thrice about these people, your bf included. Have a talk.

No. 458659

Like I said in my post, what she did was wrong, but the point is that some lady illegally adopting a baby is nowhere near comparable to what people think when they hear "human trafficking" (ie sex slave trade). Pretty much no one sees "human trafficking" in a headline and thinks illegal adoption, they think sex trafficking. It's pretty much synonymous at this point.

No. 458660

There's a guy in my online friend group who keeps posting his incredibly shitty porn drawings on our Whatsapp chat. They look like if a middle schooler with learning disabilities tried to copy Shadman (at least he only draws women who are clearly adults and none of that loli shit). He openly admits that he uses hentai as reference instead of actual pictures of real women, and goddamn it really shows. Broken spines, impossible "thicc" proportions, tits starting at the collarbones, vaginas positioned way too front. Not to mention the weird anime-inspired faces, they look exactly like what every little preteen weeb used to scribble on their notebooks at school.

No one else in the group seems to be bothered by them. On the contrary, they comment on them positively, give pointers and requests, congratulate him on "improving". I don't know if they're just being nice or if they actually think he's talented. One time I straight up said how shitty I thought they looked, and I got called whiny because they're "unrealistic on purpose!". He's been feeling "creative" for the past few days, posting at least 15 different tentacle porn drawings. It's not really worth starting any fights over so I just try to ignore it, mute the chat and hope no one says anything important in between the cumbrain flood.

No. 458661

File: 1567779371486.png (297.54 KB, 497x445, 1558565243551.png)

If there's any god or superior being out there, please, either let this girl fall in love with me or let me forget her asap.

No. 458663

They’re friends of my boyfriend, so not really friends but I at least accepted them until yesterday. Thats done though kek

Talked with my bf about it and turns out he’s pretty creeped out about it too. Said the guy who talked about wanting to fuck her probably was just drunk and being stupid but he will talk with him about it later.

The other guy who’s dating the seventeen year old is just a dick altogether. Tried to get me involved in a threesome with them before and keeps making weird sexual jokes about me. Even got his gf to randomly french kiss me before while she was drunk and I was just chilling and minding my own business. Been talking to her lately though and I think she will probably break up with him as soon as she graduates, so at least theres that I guess

No. 458672

post an example

No. 458675

I'm about to go to the gym to release some energy but holy shit I dislike feeling so on edge all day. I can barely focus. I'm so anxious and panicked and my mind is racing. I have a slight deja vu, which makes me panic even more. I don't like being traumatized. I understand this is just a little setback, but goddamn it's uncomfortable.

No. 458680

My dad just came home with a bunch of random girls to jump into our spa pool at 3am, while my mum was waiting up at home for him in her dressing gown.
They're supposed to be helping a family friend move houses in the morning but I guess you can't trust men for anything. No idea what the fuck is wrong with my dad, but I guess my hatred of men isn't so entirely unfounded.
Sage for pinkpill sperging.

No. 458681

I haven't had weed in about a week and I'm getting some later but my god. My insomnia has been mental all week, my period came early and I have a massive migraine and spot on my forehead and I have so much shit to do for my dissertation. I just want to get the weed now, feel like I'm floating then come back down and get this shit done. My cramps hurt and my head hurts, and I just got hit with that nicotine craving too since I'm a cheap bitch that stretches out her weed by mixing it with tobacco. A horrible decision I made 4 years ago that has now bit me in the ass! Probably going to have to roll a cigarette and feel desgustang but I know I'm addicted :(

No. 458682

Your dad brought 3 girls back to your house? Girl, make a scene!!

No. 458684

My mum already sent them all home after he tried to lie and downplay it all and now she's yelling at him from their room. I've been predicting their divorce for over 10 years now but maybe it's sooner than appeared.

No. 458691

File: 1567784075599.jpg (Spoiler Image,127.94 KB, 1281x1600, 8d1161f5-5417-4228-aaa6-2e3702…)

I hope none of them lurk here because this could probably start some shit, but here you go

No. 458694

That is so far from being anywhere near okay, what the fuck anon, your dad is a fuckin sleaze. I'm sorry, I'm sure you're better

No. 458695

please ask him if he'd jerk off to this. I bet he'd jerk off to this and think it's hot af but would criticize real women who don't look horribly disfigured and just… ugly

No. 458704


this belongs to the bad art thread anon. I'd be pissed too to have this popping up on my phone 17 times.

No. 458707

This looks so bad, I can’t

No. 458732

Are those worms? Jesus. I'd block him off my phone lol

No. 458736

You should say something about not knowing he was into post op trans girls and congratulate him on having such progressive preferences.

He can stew on that trying to figure out why you'd say that.

No. 458770

I think they're like robot tentacles or something, since that's supposed to be 2B. And I don't have his number saved or even interact with him that much, we're just in the same group chat.

Lmao I gotta remember to try that next time

No. 458777

dunno anon, languages are weird. English is my second language and I've studied it since 1st grade so like age 7. I passed 2 different English proficiency tests at C2 level at age 17, got 97% on one of them even, and was widely regarded as the most competent student English-wise in my school so you could say I felt proficient as fuck. After that, I moved to UK for uni reasons and now, looking back on my English when I was 17, it feels like I was a bumbling idiot with a lexicon of 150 words barely able to hold a conversation, despite having evidence against that in the form of my exam results.

From the time you've spent on it and your past test results I'd say you probably are C2 speaker, just more self-aware/conscious than 17 year old me lol, Dunning-Kruger and that.

Not sure if my anecdote was insightful in any way but I do highly recommend going out of your way for that person to person interaction, I fell like talking with people around me in these 4 years has helped me much more than the majority of formal schooling I have received then again most of it was downright useless and I learnt primarily from internet and fanfics anyway lol

No. 458811

Someone I know put their mid-teenage cat to sleep because it was accidenting a lot and abnormally.

But, I think the cat was just mad about something (the family life is a bit tumultuous atm).
I babysat the cat for a week in their home and no accidents. Just cuddling and playing. I'm so sad. She was such a good cat and I really loved her. I feel like she could've been rehomed. My boyfriend is deathly allergic but I would've gotten rid of him and taken the cat lol.

Can someone provide insight? I've never had a cat. Was her death justified?

No. 458824

I've never had a cat, but it doesn't seem justified. Maybe a calmer home environment and an owner who was better prepared for potential medical issues. I mean, there are pets with much worse problems like behavior issues or chronic health issues who are alive and happy with a family.

No. 458829

File: 1567800325475.jpg (69.32 KB, 640x965, 9j3n5m4a89e31.jpg)

was her incontinence investigated at all? my cat is 16 and has been having accidents lately but we're looking into the causes with our vet and have gotten her another litter tray which has helped a lot. we've washed and put away items she's peed on because after cats have peed on something once, they'll just instinctively pee on it again, even if it's been washed. she's a pretty chill cat and her issue hasn't been a huge deal to my family. I couldn't imagine having her put to sleep because of it. Maybe if it was worse, like if it was causing her extreme distress and there was nothing we could do to help her? I don't know the full details of the kitty you're talking about but in my case it's unthinkable.
>My boyfriend is deathly allergic but I would've gotten rid of him and taken the cat lol.
you're a good person anon.

No. 458843

sounds like this guy who always gets in at the same bus stop as I do
teeth looking like never brushed, fedora and neckbeard combo and always the same grey shirt with dubious stains (i hope it's just food)
dude tried to flirt with me once and got upset when he found out i'm "too old" aka 19 at the time
i feel sorry for anyone who has to live with that kind of guy, you'd hope they would at least have the decency to live alone or stay in their parents basement so no one has to witness them

No. 458852

me too anons, id be you guyses friends if we went to the same uni
(good fucking taste utena anon, bless you)

No. 458855

don't feel bad, in a recent lecture i was in a girl struggled with calculating 1000-250 in her head
you could see in her face how she wanted to take her phone but didn't wanna embarass herself
like i get most other students joke about stuying law "because there's no math in it" but…..

No. 458884

Am I being overly paranoid for worrying about the fact that the job opening I accepted last week is still posted as a sponsored ad on job seeking websites? I don't sign the contract til Monday and I'm worried they're going to replace me already or are holding out to see if better candidates come along. Maybe it's because I've been a NEET for so long and was job hunting with no results for 2 years and now I'm worried my shiny new job is gonna get taken from me already.

No. 458904

So if someone attempts suicide because you were indecisive because you thought about going back to your ex (who I'd broken up with recently, like, a month prior) and now claims my wavering about him vs my ex "drove them to suicide" because I told him I was going to try again with my ex, is there any realm in which this could actually be my fault and that this is not manipulation?

No. 458908

No, of course it's not your fault your insane friend is suicidebaiting so you pick them instead of your ex. I don't know if going back to your ex is exactly a wise choice either depending on why you broke up, but even if you promised this dude you'd pick him and then didn't, it's no reason to attempt suicide. Please drop this toxic retard asap.

No. 458916

My bf keeps using me as a reason to get out of situations ("sorry my gf wouldn't like that" "sorry gotta go now my gf would get mad") and now I seem like a pissy shithead control freak gf to his friends who don't really know me that well even though I honestly do not care how long he stays out or whatever he does.

No. 458927

File: 1567813361739.jpg (515.77 KB, 1209x2261, Screenshot_20190906-193846_Dis…)

My boyfriend is really getting on my nerves. He purchased a VR set and now suddenly wants me to buy one as well…so we can play together, even though I've never wanted to buy this shit. Yeah i would just drop 100 on this if I had disposable income like he does. At first I was going to buy a VR set that costs 160 just to please him but he wanted me to buy a 300 dollar one which turned me off to the whole thing, now he's back to wanting me to buy the 160 one. Now I'm being called cheap and selfish for not wanting to spend money on something I've never had interest in.im pink and he's black.

No. 458929

I'm a really intelligent and likeable person with a lot of potential, but my anxiety is making me perform way more poorly than I'm capable of. It's like I'm wasting my days away over relationship issues because they're making me self-doubt at worst or draining me at best.

No. 458931

If he wants you to get one and play with him so bad, why doesn't he just buy it for you? In your position, I would've been like "Looks fun, but I don't have that much money to spend right now :s" and just imply I want him to get it for me instead. Either he'll stop bringing it up, or he'll nut up and get it for you. Should be fine if he thinks $100 or more is such a low price.
Also, no offense but he sounds really fucking vile
>have fun watching your japanese movies and drinking yourself to sleep
What kind of way is that to speak to your girlfriend? Either you two have been fighting, and the VR set isn't the real issue here, or he has no respect.

No. 458933

>>458927 what a fucking cunt your bf is lol. I get that he wants to spend time and shit but why is he attacking your interests and wants like that? The pinkpill bitch in me says to dump his ass bc that's hella disrespectful and neckbeardy but i am just feeling pissy so maybe just tell him to fuck off with his expensive toys (he probably didn't have any company so he had to whine you to get one kek)

No. 458953

What a whiny piece of shit. I hope he's not always like this. Are you guys long distance or something?

No. 458975

he sounds annoying. if he cared so much, he'd buy it for you. he sounds like a jerk and very immature.

No. 458980

This is why you dont edate discord niggas

No. 458985

If he's going to be such a whiny scrote over VRs you can only imagine how he's going to be over more serious issues. He also sounds like a walking moneysink, you deserve better.

No. 458988


Even if you're in an LDR you can do shit and play games together without having to drop 100 bucks on shit you've never tried before or looked into. He sounds like he doesn't respect you imo love yourself anon

>i didn't buy this thinking you would buy it
>have fun with your shitty interests you alcoholic how dare you not do what i want


No. 458989

I’m so tired of being a bad driver. It’s like no matter what I do, I just suck at it. Driving makes me anxious and I’m awful with directions, even with google maps literally telling me where to go!! It’s actually amazing I haven’t caused any accidents or gotten pulled over. I wish I could afford to Uber everywhere just for my mental well being, I’ve had to pull over just to cry and calm down an embarrassing amount of times.

No. 459009

I'm so damn frustrated I could cry. I've been working out 3x strength training and 2x cardio, 5 days a week since 21 August, tracking calories, eating under 1400kcal more than a 500kcal deficit to my maintenance calories a day, and not only have I maintained but I've gained 0.5kg. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't know how I'm ever gonna reach my goals and just live a happy life where I'm not obsessing over food constantly. The only take away is I think I've gained a little bit of muscle in my legs and butt which has made my piece of shit linebacker man body top heavy self look the tiniest bit more propionate.

No. 459011

I never thought being on reality tv would give me a certain respect for other reality stars that i hadn't had before. To put yourself out there for the world to watch can put you in a vulnerable state of mind. A TV show is JUST that, a SHOW. It needs ratings and someone to keep those veiwers watching.. whether it's a girl with an eating dissorder or bad attituded bitch. Whoever is behind the scenes to put the show together has no regard for how their show may effect the casts life.. sure you sign on for a show and what do you expect? Well most certainly not to be percieved as someting you are so far from. Once it's all said and done there is no going back but there is the after math you are stuck to deal with. The shit talking.. plus shit talking.. and some more shit talking. What are you supposed to do when there are thousands of insecure niave people sitting behind a computer half way around the world whom have never met you, continue to tell you that you don't deserve anything in life because of your "nasty, mallicous, cold hearted" ways. Rough huh? Well here is what you do.. you thank the people that DO know you and DO care about you for being there. You can't let society bring you down and get into your head when you know you have your friends and family that know the real you. The only opinions that matter to me are the ones coming from the people that actually love me for who i am & if those people want to tell me i'm doing something wrong they will tell me in a way that is not just to bash me because they are bored with their own lives. Never thought I would be saying i respect people like Snooki but for having to deal with all the haters that bitch is doing just fine.

So, thank you friends and family that don't judge because of the way i have been made out to be on a show and thank you for still having my back, treating me the same as before and always supporting me when i need it most. YALL are the people i don't want to dissapoint. Yall are my real fans.

No. 459017

Interesting, spill some bts tea anon.

No. 459019

You’ve probably lost fat and gained muscle, anon

No. 459020

try to not focus on the scale and use a measuring tape/clothes as an empirical measure.
you could also just not eat anything for a week if you want to hit the panic button.

No. 459043

File: 1567838390888.jpeg (43.55 KB, 840x625, F3FB804C-874B-42AA-84B8-CB5997…)

I can’t think myself out of this depression. I can’t be bothered to do the things to unNEET myself and I feel really, really stuck. Right now I’m sleeping during daylight (because I don’t want to live) and eat like one meal a day due to the timing, leeching off my single mum. I can’t seem to commit to the changes I do in therapy because there’s no one there who’s ‘with’ me - like I can’t do it for myself but I can do it for another person if the situation is just right. I don’t fly into panic attacks if I’m outside for too long but I’m like hard wired to resist going into social situations soo that’s why I’m a NEET. It’s not like I want to stagnate and spend all day online but it’s so much easier than being vulnerable out there. Even meeting up with a trusted friend leaves me so exhausted I end up messing up self care for the next 2 weeks. Jfc I’m such a womanchild wasting my prime years - I still don’t want pity, I need a way to trick myself into getting better because I’ve consciously given up and can’t seem to stick to it even if I want to (and I do). My plan was to meet up with my only two (male) friends more and more and "use" them when they’re willing to walk around job hunting with me but one of them is MIA in some unhealthy relationship bs and the other is moving so I don’t have a ‘safe’ person’s presence to stop an internal freak out. Earlier this year I tried to be defiant and fight my depression again and now I’m just resigned, not looking at job sites and I feel no happiness from anything. It’s really hard to change me when I’ve been online so long that my self-image has always been "ugly duckling weirdo, exactly who you’d think lurks imageboards" and that’s just the tip of the iceberg about my esteem issues. I’m stuck in my coffin

No. 459070

Getting out of this depressive state is going to be extremely hard and painful,and the only advice you get is to try to get out more,fight your fears meet new people and fight your social anxiety.My adivce is to keep going without knowing what will come.And one day,after many years of having the same bad day over and over,things will get better and easier.You will wake up and your heart won’t hurt as bad.I don’t know if you’ve been to a pyschiatrist to get medicated,cause the pills really do help if you’ve been in this depressive state for so long that you can’t fight your body falling asleep.I used to sleep 14h a day and no one can really understand that you literally feel physically incapacitated,so take that serious.And try to stop depending on your friends,no matter how many people you have around you they can’t heal your pain.Focus on doing things you like and take all the time you need until you can get a job.

No. 459072

driving isn’t a universal skill! try practicing the things that scare you in your free time to gain some confidence.

No. 459075

I love dancing, especially dancing to 70s to early 00s music, and some 10s music. Doing those dancing activites where you just completely work your whole body gets you fit as fuck. Its honestly much more fun and satisifying than running or weight lifting. People who find running, weight lifting, or gym exercises boring should just do moderate to high intensity dancing. It makes your body fat melt off like butter while making you have high stamina.

No. 459082

Do you use and dance workout type videos to guide you? I hate going to the gym and I hate dancing in public but dancing is the most appealing way to be physically active for me.

No. 459087

Not usually, but I did at the start. I would look at music videos of the people dancing back then, or just dancers of that time in general, and learn from them. The thing is they were very good dancers and had a lot of stamina and physical strength all over, so it could be hard to catch up to them but its worth it imo. Having a rhythm can be hard to learn too

No. 459090

Oh yeah and watching yourself in the mirror helps a ton too. I used to look like a wild chicken doing it because I never knew how I looked like when I would dance. Learning new types of dances helps too. Youtube tutorials, ect.

No. 459095

Some of my friends' apartments smell terrible and I really dread going there when they invite me. I don't know where that could come from but one of them have flatmates that I never met and I wonder how they deal with it. The other friends seem to never wash his sheets and pillows because of how their colors look.

No. 459096

Dancing is so fun, but I can't afford more classes than I currently do and I don't have the room to dance at home. It's too bad because I prioritize ballet but sometimes all I wanna do is a high energy jazz class.

No. 459105

It's so frustrating when professors only allow two absences for a four days/week class. I get sick at least three or four times a semester, so I'm forced to come in sick and infect other people and they have to do the same which in turn gets me sick.

No. 459108

File: 1567861396412.jpg (703.72 KB, 1280x1280, tumblr_nziddafCsv1qej1xvo4_128…)

Growing up with a shitty family and a shitty home taught me how to be secretive, also being cyber molested at the age of 12 taught me to be cautious on the internet. I'm still pretty secretive and had people whom I known for years and only recently knew very important things about me. kinda sucks but I'm grateful.

No. 459110


Lol, didn't even cross his mind that calling you an alcoholic weeb right off the bat was maybe no the best to go about it

No. 459150

Someone i was mean to recently committed suicide. He was this guy, a few years younger than me who was always posting his self harm on instagram amongst gore and other edgy things. He would post about how he wants to kill himself all the time, saying he was gonna fall asleep with a bag on his head or take sleeping pills. One time he posted his self harm into /b/ and shared the replies onto his Instagram and was surprised people were being mean to him. He would brag about how he’s internet famous constantly. This guy was a part of my friend group and he wasn’t always like that, i have always been really friendly to him. But all of us started to get really fed up with his attention seeking behavior. He would post about how he’s suicidal and he’s gonna kill himself and live stream it and every time someone tried to offer help he would tell them to fuck off or decline it, if someone called out his behavior he would share it onto his story so that his friends would attack them. He was just all around a toxic individual and over time people started getting really sick of it. He got bullied a lot with people telling him “just kill yourself already” or insulting him in general and I would always message him some supportive things and told him not to listen to those comments. One day i was talking to my friend privately about him and i said that the music he makes really isn’t that good and he’s not as famous as he claims to be and sometimes i feel like he posts his self harm all the time for some kind of “aesthetic.” My friend screenshotted what I said and sent it to him and he blocked me. I never told him to kill himself or anything. I’ve never wished him any physical harm and always supported him but I was just confiding in who i thought was a friend about his destructive behavior and she turned against me by sending him that. For a couple days people started bullying him more and more and his posts about wanting to kill himself apparently became more frequent and then a little while after he killed himself. I feel so horrible about this and i feel like i was some fuel to his mental illness and i wish i could take back what i said. I never wanted him to die, i cared about him a lot as a person but his behavior was getting out of control and he would always refuse help and it began to anger me. I can’t eat and I can’t sleep. I don’t ever want to make a horrible comment again about someone after this. It’s ironic that I’m posting this on lolcow and honestly after this I may stop reading this site forever. I feel so guilty about what I said and I feel like the worst person. Who knows, my comments could have been in his mind before he was trying to kill himself. He didn’t deserve to die. I wish he got some help.

No. 459151

File: 1567870261335.png (5.17 KB, 400x400, 1443894261658.png)

My single mum who has lost her sanity long ago but thinks she's perfectly fine keeps assaulting our neighbours. Today she received a letter from a court where they're going to decide if she needs a caretaker. I wish things did not have to come to this but the situation out of my hands and I hope she will get the help she needs.
I wish my life was normal but let's see where this goes.

No. 459175

You have nothing to feel guilty for. You didn't send him over the edge or anything. Plus you couldn't possibly know what he was thinking at the end.

No. 459226

I bought my friend a WoW sub so we could play Classic with my other friend. Other friend's schedule is a bit janky, so we decided we would play Retail together as a duo and Classic as a trio. My main realm on Retail is a RP realm, but thought it'd be best if we went there since I have money just sitting around. Only issue is they're more strict about names and my friend tends to pick stupid shit as his name to be funny. He did it twice even when I asked him not to, and then when I suggested that we play on a regular realm he was like "don't worry" and stopped playing.

I only asked him to pick a more sensible name at first because I wasn't sure if being reported for a bad name leads to account action. Given that I paid money for his sub, I'd prefer if he didn't do stuff that might lead to my money having been wasted. I know this is a silly thing to vent about, but I don't think I was being unreasonable.

No. 459241

Anon this is nowhere near your fault, he clearly had other things going on in his mind; beyond what anyone on the internet could help with. You tried your best to be kind. Not liking someone's music and finding their behavior worrying is reasonable. Your friend who decided to send your opinions to him was an idiot for not seeing he was already unstable.

I'm sorry for your loss anon, I hope you find peace eventually.

No. 459246

He was sick anon, he was going to kill himself regardless if he got mean comments. If he didn't get attention and comments, he probably would have killed himself for lack of attention and feeling lonely.
That's how suicidal people work; irrational, impulsive, and toxic.

It's not your fault and there's nothing you could have done.

No. 459251


What kind of asshole would screenshot a private conversation and use it to backstab you like that?

Dude, i've nitpicked and said "mean" things about loved ones in confidence to other family and friends, as i am sure they do about me because is normal to sometimes be critic about people you care about, i would be pissed off if my confidence was broken and i was taken out of context like that. You should really be mad at that "friend" of yours that sent him the captions.

No. 459258

File: 1567878046364.gif (2.76 MB, 200x250, 1498312924538.gif)

I don't talk to my mom because she's a toxic and self-centered narcissist. I've cut her out of my life and I'm emotionally better for it.

Yet my new bf teases every now and then about her and I really don't like it.
"You gonna talk to your ma?"
"Oh you better not let her see your room if you gotta clean it lol."
I explained how fucking horrible she was to me in case he forgot-again-but he needs to understand I'm keeping that bitch at a major distance. She's never coming over to my domicile and I will only ever speak to her in brief over urgent formal matters. She is not to be in on my personal life ever again, she's lost that privilege fifty times over for the shit she pulled with me. She's an emotional abuser and a social vampire. It's not funny.
He apologizes after he gets me going and tells me "don't stress" but it's like, then stop bringing her up because you know it bothers me then hm?

It's like he's one of those people who half doesn't believe that adult children have no good reason to cut off contact with their biological parents.
Or he could be projecting his fears, because he has a teenage son from a previous relationship and maybe he's scared that the son will cut him off for a reason too, although I can't imagine why because it does seem like he tries to be involved without being overbearing.

I think it's the latter because bf had an estranged relationship with his parents as well. His biological mom had nothing to do with him and his dad raised him but was very distant. It makes me feel bad for him but he seriously can't expect me to make amends to abusive people who I don't trust.

No. 459259

I don't know when I turned into such a coward, but if I watch or read anything even remotely creepy before bed then I'm terrified all night and can't sleep. I just lie there with my heart racing and freaking out if I hear any noises. It never used to be this bad. I wish I could just turn my stupid irrational overactive brain off.

No. 459301

I experienced something similar but not to this degree.
In my case I noticed that when I'm stressed and have anxiety it intensifies my fear of horror plots.

No. 459339

File: 1567885656299.jpg (10.39 KB, 296x158, 1440059268404.jpg)

I hate my job and was planning to quit, but my spouse just lost their job (laid off) recently, so i'm the only one working. i want to quit so bad but i cant now and i feel like i'm trapped in a corner

(Been job hunting all week.)

No. 459362

I'm so salty. The desk chair my dorm comes with has these shitty chairs without wheels and I checked the feet to see if I could put castor wheels on myself a few days earlier, but just saw this plastic bump and thought "I guess not!"

A couple days ago I saw someone with wheels on theirs and now out of frustration looked on the school subreddit and what do you know, you just need to remove the plastic to reveal the hole to put the wheels in. This would've saved me so much frustration. I could have bought the stupid things a week ago.

No. 459386

File: 1567896111362.jpeg (5.77 KB, 225x225, 56675874374.jpeg)

>on etsy looking for a headpiece for an outfit
>see one I like, nicely assembled but cheap materials
>go on aliexpress and find the exact same lots of filigree, wire, and other materials
>bought enough material to make 3 headbands plus other shit for less than $15

No. 459409

Big brother started in my country and it fucking sucks balls, I have no clue who decided on anything that goes on in the house. It's awfully boring, the production itself is elementary, mikes crackle or fully cease to work, no enforced rules and a couple that only fucks. They literally don't do norhing much beside loiter around and fuck outside as others go the fuck to sleep in the shared bedroom. I have no clue how that can be allowed, earlier seasons there were some sort of bedtimes. I was so excited because I hate all reality tv but bb was the only "good" one, but I guess we can't have anything nice in this household. There's also this evangelist man in the house that could be at least somewhat entertaining but he is an ugly hick so, there goes that. Very 1st world problem of me.

No. 459413

after getting rejected from so many amazing apartments, I finally just signed into a halfway decent place–but I'm super unhappy with it

it needs to be cleaned, which is infuriating because the landlord said she cleaned it but really what she meant was she wiped down all the visible surfaces because there's still a bunch of crap from 20 years ago just aging and growing inbetween window sills and behind sinks/appliances

but, le Pièce De Résistance, is that the tiny toilet in the already tiny bathroom doesn't flush properly
spoilered for gross the first and second dumps I took 3 flushes minimum, and maybe you're thinking "oh, she just takes gigantic dumps" but no, there was a tiny little poop nugget that just wouldn't flush despite there being nothing else in the bowl

I'll see if it can be fixed along with everything else that needs to be fixed (it failed inspection, but I did get them to make an addendum to the lease that just says everything will be fixed within 60 days)
But I really wish that I could have gotten that nicer place or at the very least not have signed up for a lease for a place that is worse than I expected.

No. 459421

I’ve been feeling horribly anxious and really down recently, but whenever I try to talk about it with my Mum, she manages to completely bend the conversation so she can talk about her current problems for 15+ minutes. Like, when I say I’ve been feeling really sad, she will go on to talk about her own depression and how that affected her, and ‘oh, there was this thing at work making me feel upset, let me explain it to you in great detail—‘ that kinda thing. She’s a pro at doing this. It doesn’t help that she already talks about her problems all the time regardless, so it gets old listening to it on repeat after I’ve already comforted her many times and given advice and shit. I don’t want her to feel as if she can’t share these things with me - but that’s all I’d like in return, for her to comfort me and give me advice and just, listen to me vent my feelings for a bit. But instead I bottle up how I’m feeling, and nod along to her problem I’ve listened to for the 30th time.

No. 459434

I definitely have high anxiety these days and what my GP suspects is ADHD, but I'm on an 8 week waiting list until I can see a psychiatrist and get medication so in the meantime I'm just trying to cope on my own. I'm hoping treatment will clam down a lot of my neurotic symptoms.

What sucks is that I used to really love reading and watching creepy stuff but now it's become such a huge source of stress I have to carefully curate the media I'm consuming so I don't scare myself but sometimes I do anyway, it's shit.

No. 459442

my mum does this too, "story of my life!" "how do you think I feel!" "I put up with that every day" it's like DUDE LET ME SPEAK.
I genuinely just let her talk at me. gave up trying a while ago. god speed fellow emotionally neglected anon

No. 459449

I am so sick of my parents not taking my relationship seriously. Especially my mother. I'm used to her insulting me and belittling me but when she does the same with my boyfriend it makes me so angry and embarrassed. My boyfriend has done nothing but shown respect to my family and brings us gifts when he visits. My mother makes it very obvious she doesn't like him(at least in front of me; she at least awkwardly smiles in front of him) and does absolutely nothing to treat him as a guest when he comes over. Often times she would lock herself inside her room when he comes over. I can't fucking stand her saying shit like "I like A(my guy friend) better than B(my bf), he'd make a good boyfriend. Haha don't tell that to your bf though." God it makes me so angry and I wish she'd keep that shit to herself. I don't know who she think she is saying shit like that, when she barely manages to keep her marriage together. When my boyfriend gifted me a gold bracelet today, my mom accused him of stealing it. I would usually keep this shit to myself but knowing how fucking fake(she pretends to be friendly in front of my boyfriend) and disrespectful she is, I told my boyfriend exactly what she said and how she wouldn't believe the fact that the bracelets indeed belonged to him(before he gifted it to me). My mother is upset at me for this ("how would he think of me?!") and belittles my intelligence("why would you tell him that? God you're so fucking stupid"). If she thinks it's not okay for him to know about it, he shouldn't be saying it to me either. I don't talk shit about her husband to her (despite being the first witness and the victim of all the shit that went down between them) so why does she feel the need to belittle my partner in front of me? Her behaviors have always been very toxic and hurtful but this really crosses the line for me. Usually I'd rant my problems to my boyfriend but I can't even do the same with this one because of how embarrassing it is. I don't want to hurt his feelings and I don't want him to develop negative feelings towards my family, since this is a long term relationship and I see myself being with him in the future. My family doesn't have to like him, and I never forced them to, but I wish they would keep that rude comments to themselves. I don't even wanna know what they're saying behind my back if they think the shit they say to me is okay.

No. 459452

With the toilet it might be a water pressure thing or tiny water tank if it is all small like you say but one thing some apartments do is install a sort of small container within the real toilet water tank that reduces the water capacity to like 1/3 its real one and makes it so that you have to flush multiple times when not just peeing. I guess they do it to impose saving water for some reason. Definitely open up your toilet tank and see if you can tell if that is the case and if you can remedy it if so.

No. 459463

This technically belongs in the employment thread but because I vented about it here in a past thread I just wanted to share the good news that I finally got a job after being turned down a bunch of times because of being overqualified!
It's part-time retail management and it'll be great while I try to find something more permanent for next year!

No. 459488

File: 1567922276471.jpg (18.6 KB, 640x360, tumblr_pf63qyONmw1xgejee_frame…)

I work/live at a place that's frequently rented out for events (weddings etc), and basically every Saturday night from May - October is pic related. Im twenty fucking five, I'M SUPPOSED TO BE THE BOOMER. Seriously though normally I go to sleep at 9pm so I don't have to lay awake thinking about how lonely I am, but NOT TONIGHT.

No. 459494

File: 1567923439160.png (8.28 KB, 225x224, images.png)


No. 459522

i've taken my sister's perfume that she's recently bought abroad with me and i forgot to put it in my baggage like a fucking idiot. so the airport security had to take it and throw it away. it's such a waste. they have a rule for us to not carry anything over 100 ml. the perfume was 150 ml but it was definitely 2/5 empty… dumb rule

No. 459527

Wojak looks like he lives in the Simpson's house.

No. 459537

God, I fucking hate when my boyfriend's BPD acts up, he goes on
these tangents but he tries to make it sound like a general statement about a group of people but it's obviously about something I questioned him about. Like today we were on the phone and he was messing with something and I heard it because it was repetitive and I I try to pretend I'm retarded and asked, "Are you messing with something?" And he answers "it's a cup." Then seconds later he's like "Man, I hate when people just hyperfocus on something and they make a big deal out of it. It's so annoying." And I pretended to act retarded and ask, "Can you give an example? Who did this to you?" And he shut up. I was quiet because I knew it was about me lol and he had the decency to ask why I haven't been saying anything. Fuck. He only does this when something's bothering him because of someone at work annoying him or he's anticipating working with someone annoying, so it just ruins everything for him.

No. 459583

That's just being a petty asshole. People with BPD are still 100% responsible for their actions like anyone else but then again they only get that diagnosis because they fail to act with maturity whenever something upsets them.

No. 459593

that doesn't sound like it's caused by BPD. that's called being passive agressive and passive agressive behaviour is not a symptom of BPD.

No. 459601

I’m so tired of living in the big city, it’s honestly so exhausting. I hate the people, the traffic, the drinking and partying that people do specially tourists and i hate how stressful working is. I want to move to a small town and have a small house surrounded by trees or move abroad, but my mom refuses to move since she doesn’t speak the language and it would be hard for her to get jobs outside this city specially since she is able to get high level positions. I understand that but even with her well paying management job and my job we can only afford to live in an apartment since rent here is insane and pretty much everything is over priced due to tourism and being a “big city”. I really really want to move but feel I will be stuck in this city forever and the thought of that really scares me. I feel like i’ll never be truly happy in this place but never will be able to move out either.

No. 459669

I'm planning on seeing my GP to make an appointment for anxiety and depression. Though I'm scared I will get diagnosed with other disorders.
Basically my crazy family is driving me to the point of insanity because there is no way to deal with them other than shutting them out completely. So I think this is what causes me problems and I will be okay other than that.
My mother is mental and on welfare, so I can't get a job and just move out. If I had a job the state would force me to pay for her expenses. She always finds a new crazy thing to do. A few years ago she start to get up at 4am and cleaned the house like a mad person. Now her new obsession is blasting awful pop music and genuinely believing that the songs on the radio/TV are hers and the artists stole them from her. So she sings along all day long. Then she threatens everyone who tells her to stop doing this and has shouting arguments with them. Sometimes when something doesn't go her way she starts to act like a child and tells me "Help me, your brother is being evil to me. He's a monster that doesn't want to let me enjoy anything". She also believes that everyone from the outside world is plotting up against her. Our neighbours have been asking me if she's okay because they never see her anymore. And they make me responsible for everything she does. A few weeks ago a neighbour yelled at me for something that's her fault.
I get aggressive at everythign dumb my someone in my family does or jsut breath heavy when they talk to me. Because I'm done with my nerves, I have other shit to deal with aside from this.
Is this what it feels like to be in a mental ward? I want to keep my sanity…

No. 459685

I hate when I can't really speak up about people my mutuals look up to and share articles about because I feel like they'll call me something along the lines of a bigot. Growing up in an abusive home with narcissistic and emotionally manipulative parents, you notice these things right off the bat. Those people claiming to be victims online, begging for attention to be heard, it's all an act. I just hate it mostly because these professional victims are the typical targets of those right leaning weirdos who go on the most retarded spergs about how much they hate women and feminism. It's merely coincidence I recognize the people they're talking about actually suck, but for totally legitimate reasons and not just "She's a whore!" Manipulators know exactly what to say, they'll repeat things that have truth to them, but spin it in their favor for their personal satisfaction, not for actual advocation.
This is why I hate when certain people talk about issues that literally do matter and should be talked about, because I can sense right away they don't actually care about the issues and just want to look good for social media.

No. 459687

I dealt with similar family issues years ago, and believe me, it will only get worse. You need to prioritize your own well-being before trying to help anyone else. If you can't get a job or have your own money, you're going to stay dependent on your mom for support.

Tell your GP all of this and ask for help. I don't know your country, but there should be some kind of social program for low-income that can help. If you're in school, ask for a guidance counselor about the best way to move out. If your mom is that out of touch with reality, tell them that. Tell them you don't feel safe.

I've been there and I know it's rough. I wish you all the best anon.

No. 459716

i'm tired of being ignored and treated in a nasty way by somebody who is supposed to be my significant other but has never actually called me his girlfriend or partner once in seven years. why am i still hanging on when its clear he doesn't want me? everything is always on his terms and then he narcs out on me over it when i point that out. he says that if i wasn't deficient in x, y, z way, he might want to invest himself into the relationship more. obviously because i'm an idiot i still love him but it's so blatantly over. it's been over for years. it's just there's the odd moment when he can be really nice and gentle or do something thoughtful and i think there's a chance it's going to be ok, then it's back to ignoring me or shouting at me.

i miss being treasured and being allowed to care for somebody in return. i wonder if i'll ever find it again.

No. 459738

I found a bedbug on one of my tshirts that were washed yesterday, my apartment complex has had an infestation problem stemming from the shared laundry units that I somehow JUST NOW am finding out about. They sent sniffer dogs last month but nothing turned up in my apt so I thought we were okay.
I ripped apart my room and thankfully only found small amounts of droppings on my salt lamp and bookshelf (that I immediately chucked) and like three babies so far but I’m absolutely FUCKED since I’m moving apartments this month. We flipped my mattress and didn’t find anything yet I’m stuck between severe anxiety yet also relief that I’m not extremely infested.

No. 459793

My first 3 1/2 years at college weren’t fun. I feel like I never really got to fully enjoy my time on campus and it’s been bothering me lately as I am looking at universities to transfer to now that I’m almost done with my general education requirements.

I know it’s a stereotype but I never had this positive experience like so many of my peers and professors brag about, as I am in a legacy school district where everybody knows everybody else and 90% of our professors transferred to the uni down the street. I haven’t gotten all this unconditional support from faculty like so many others I’ve known, the students self-segregate in their little cliques so good luck making friends (even one of my professors mentioned this), and all in all I feel like I’ve just floated along without really living in the moment.

I wish I could go back in time and change my major to something else, as I’ve done some serious thinking and I realize that my major, though I’m good at it, isn’t necessarily my desired career path after looking into my options. I originally chose it because I let some people in my life kowtow me into thinking that anything but strict Humanities or Science was “stoopid”, and that there are “no jobs” for anything but the standard classic shit. And as much as I enjoy reading, research, and other intellectual pursuits, the thought of spending another 10+ years in university writing papers about abstract fluff that has no interest outside of academia and giving lectures to disinterested students is not appealing to me anymore.

I just want to feel alive again, like that feeling you get when you haven’t seen the sun in a long time and you wake up to blue skies. I haven’t felt like I’ve been truly living in the moment in a few years. I’m always anxious of the future and unable to enjoy my present. I’m thinking of jumping the gun and applying to a fine arts program at a few universities in my state and abroad, even though I’m anxious for the inevitable “Art is useless” lecture I’ll get from friends and family.

No. 459819

My boyfriend wants to try stand-up comedy. He's the type to sulk when nobody thinks he's funny, and also the type to over-explain everything he talks about until you're bored.


No. 459850

One of my friends has become insufferable to the point where I really don’t want to hang out with her anymore. She went from being a talented animator and illustrator who made really awesome work to just being completely fixated on her short-lived relationships. She’s slowly become more and more obnoxiously obsessed with sex positivity bullshit to the point where she actually proudly talked about how much of a slut she is around me and some of my other friends. She also kept going on and on about her current boyfriend (who has the personality of a rock) and is just completely obsessed with him to the point that she wants to follow his career path. I also get the feeling she has this strange jealousy and/or sense of superiority over me. She has a tendency to butt in on anything I say and I sense she feels that she’s better than me just because she has a boyfriend and I don’t. It’s such a shame because I remember years back, she was actually a pretty cool person but now her obsession with relationships has pretty much killed that.

No. 459911

Why don't you break up with him if you talk shit behind his back?

No. 459913

One would be utterly alone if they cut ties with every person they see flaws in.

But yeah she should break up with him bc she thinks he'd be a bad comedian due to his personality.

No. 459914

What is your major?

No. 459915

Every single piece of paperwork or extra fee this apartment is costing us drives me into an abyss of anxiety. I can't wait for us to live together in our home country where we understand everything and we have our family and cars.

No. 459918

It's not exactly a major/minor system but basically it's supposed to be a degree in business and languages. I want to deviate from that and major in economy or environment, which won't be easy but I'm taking the steps for it.

No. 459932

There’s a really SJW-y user on an RP site I go to and I was really surprised she wasn’t a gender special but she still called herself ‘queer’ when she’s a self described cis woman (nvm she says she’s a demigirl now)

The real meat and potatoes is that she keeps moaning about fatphobia and the lack of fat characters, she’s opened several separate threads months apart just to vent essays about being fat and being oppressed which are of course all vague high school stories. Like, girl, no one is obligated to make their OCs obese here and I know your constant whining is pity fishing. You’re not brave or daring for making an OC ugly.
Most of her characters are conventionally attractive anyway no matter what their weight and the same bottom heavy body type. Hmmm…

She’s said nobody wants to RP with her overweight characters but I think them being fat is the least of her problems. RP is about fun and escapism, that’s why most characters are healthy weight and attractive. While I wouldn’t shit on someone for being a size 20 irl it’s a weird choice to make when designing a character and all of hers just reek of cringe. I checked out her OC profiles when she made another thread about nobody going near her fatties and it was so uncomfortable to have to read their exact body shape, their ‘squishy thighs’, ‘soft gut’ and whether or not they shave or what they do with their pubes. She ends up sounding like the fetishists she complains about. Their backstories are also always something like ‘grew up in an abusive home, got molested, now she’s free and experimenting with her sexuality’ with a femdom bent. Who would want to engage with a whiny dangerhair who will use them as part of her coping mechanism? Nitpick but she also commissions the same bland artist over and over for her works who draws everyone with dick sucking lips and I lol’d one one of the pieces for a character had a caption that said "note that the lips are not canon".

The site tends to be quiet and moves slowly so she’s more visible than on a place like Tumblr. Her posts are fucking insufferable but blocking her doesn’t block her content so I still have to see ‘the struggle of plus size OCs’ etc when I’m there to RP. God, if you’re fat, either care or don’t care about it, and if you do care just lose the weight instead of dragging people into it.

No. 459940

I feel so stupid! I have a new collegue and despite him being really young and going through a lot he's always really positive and understanding of others.
While I on the other hand cry for every little thing that happens. If he notices he always tries to cheer me up while I dont even have any real problems to begin with.
I really try to stay positive but it just won't work.

No. 459946

I don't mind fat characters if they're interesting and written well but everyone knows the SJW types who lack self awareness aren't going to write a compelling character.
For all they screech about fatties being pigeonholed in fiction, they always write their fat characters in stereotypical ways, or flat out write masturbatory self-inserts that no one wants to read about.

I crave some unconventional characters in my media, but I know that the people who are the most vocal about it are the worst advocates because they're coming from places of insecurity.

No. 459979

A word that isn't clear: elucidate. Bitch this is why we have culture wars and tribalism.

No. 459982

If you can't afford to heat treat everything, why not buy some diatomaceous earth to dust most of your stuff/apartment with? Best of luck anon, hope you'll be able to get rid of those bed bugs!

No. 460004

when you want to take a shit but you're having an intellectual debate with someone.

No. 460035

I suddenly remembered that my ex found Blaire White beautiful. Oh my God.

No. 460058

I live with my parents and younger sister. My mother is disabled. Both my sister and I work and go to school full time.

I'm back at home after breaking up with a shitty ex. I spend my free time looking after my mother and taking her to appointments, cleaning the house, as well as cooking for the family. I pay for my own schooling.

My sister spends her free time either partying or with the tinder date of the night. My parents pay for her classes despite their finances being pretty shitty since my mother can no longer work and my sister working full time.

I could deal with this fine if she wasn't such a fucking nightmare to live with. She's constantly changing her hairstyle and cuts her hair in the sink and doesn't clean it up and has gotten hair dye all over the carpet. She doesn't take care of her cat so I have to clean his litter so he doesn't pee all over everything. The basement space we share is completely covered with her clothes and she has half unpacked luggage from three months ago still laying out. To top it all off she's a fucking miserable cunt when asked to do literally anything. I asked her to make dinner one night (I had everything out and defrosted already) because I had some extra work to do and she shit on my job and implied I was just being a lazy asshole. She's 'forgotten' to fill up the gas tank for the car we share (that I only use for errands and rarely use) the few times I've had to drive it, leaving me pay to fill it up. I forgot to hang the keys for it back up today and she ended up screaming at me for making her wait an extra minute while I got them because it annoys her.

I'm 25. She's almost 24. I was living on my own for five years and am fucking floored she hasn't changed from when she was 18.

I cannot fucking wait until I've graduated and can afford to move out on my own and away from her shit. My dad's too exhausted from work and my mum literally has a brain disease so they don't have the energy to deal with her anymore and just don't want conflict. And what the fuck can you do with a grown ass kid other than kick them out? (Which they'll never, ever do.)

I'm this close to just taking all her shit and burning it and posting pictures of her legbeard nest on social media so everyone knows that she's not the cool alt girl she presents herself as and instead is a miserable leech taking advantage of her mother's disability. I used to like her. Now I fucking hate her.

No. 460072


No. 460088

2 weeks ago my grandmother who raised me was brutally murdered. Since my father died I am her next- of-kin so I had to make the arrangements for her funeral, burial and deal with her furniture/possessions and insurance. I've become very bitter and distrusting of people since her death, it crushed me into pieces.. I can't explain how much this destroyed me. I left work for 2 weeks and I became suicidal and depressed so I came back and forced myself to appear cheerful and happy. Today a new Co worker was hired and before my shift started I made a purchase, long story short I thought my new Co worker stole my change right out of my purse. I told 2 of my co workers what happened (I told 1 of the 2 Co workers I suspected someone took it and it was obvious who I was referring to) I went back to my work place and counted the till and took pics for evidence, the new coworker seemed a little worried and confused. After I left I remembered I used my money for coffee. I feel like the girl and my other Co workers probably think I'm racist (She's black). My boyfriend told me that I only reacted like that because of what happened to my grandma and they would understand if they knew. I feel bad about making the coworker uncomfortable

No. 460091

I thought falling in love would be something beautiful but it's killing me inside. I love him so much.

No. 460098


No. 460105

If it comes up again with your coworkers maybe if you are comfortable with it you could say that you went through a traumatic incident with your family recently that had put you on edge, so that they will at least sort of understand. Obviously up to you. One of my dear friends has been going through something similar with his father and I know it's been really difficult for him about who to tell, how much to say, etc. while obviously it is having an impact on his work and everything. I'm really sorry you've been going through so much pain and horrible things.

No. 460109

>>460058 man, you sound like me (this post >>459669)

No. 460118

My dad is such a massive piece of shit. He cheated on my mom once and he's doing it again. I'm so tempted into telling his gf that he's cheating on her just to save her the trouble. He's just white trash with a weird latina fetish, it's a good thing his diet is so shitty so he'll die early.

No. 460127

Sucks being stuck in a shitty home situation. At least I just have a year of school left before I'm finished and can hopefully have a career, I can't imagine how tough it must be knowing your mother's a dependent /and/ having her in such a state. Here's hoping things turn up for us soon, anon.

No. 460130

My neighbours have had this shitty fucking dog for almost two years now, and instead of walking him they just tie him out back multiple times a day to piss and shit.

He barks non stop whenever he's outside. I love dogs, but this is a tiny dog that just yip-yip-yip-yips the entire duration he's out there. The only time I've seen someone out there with him in the past year, was when they were on their deck and just chucked a giant bottle at him before going inside.

No. 460138

Thanks anon

No. 460139

I'm really worried. Yesterday I went to a job interview and they told me I got the job and they'll be sending off my recruitment details to HR and that I will be getting a pre-employment training pack email that I will need to complete online then I'll get my start date and come in for my uniform but I still haven't received the email, it was only yesterday afternoon but I'm freaking out like maybe they were lying or they've changed their minds about me. Would an employer really be that heartless to say I have the job then just totally ghost me?

No. 460147

I have an HP touchpad tablet and i think the darn thing is busted, the screen starts ghost touching itself like it is possesed so its hard to do anything but its weird and sometimes doesn't do it but others is impossible to navigate. It also stopped registering the touch around the sides of the screen, i can't connect to the internet because i can't press the button on the corner to change the letters on the keyboard to numbers and write my wifi password, ugh i am so pissed off because i spend a lot of time reading pdfs and doing drawing studies with the reference on my touchpad and it is so perfect and comfy. Is annoying me so much, even a factory reset solved nothing, i find nothing about it on google, only stuff about laptops and i am a poorfag and can't afford a new one.

No. 460178

That poor dog! Can you call animal protection on them? Or is the offence not big enough?

No. 460187

i'm in a really bad financial situation and i sold nudes out of desperation while being in a relationship. at first i couldn't feel anything and i didn't even feel like i was cheating because there was no arousal from me and i really didn't like talking to men but now i feel so fucking guilty. i feel absolutely horrible for betraying him and i'm too scared to tell him. i'll live on with this feeling forever.

No. 460191

This blurry double vision started all of a sudden? I'm sitting in my bed eating and it just started and it won't stop. wtf… I can't even read my computer screen.

No. 460192

Why don’t you date someone who can financially help you? If a man doesn’t do that he isn’t worth your time

No. 460197

my boyfriend has money and i mentioned to him that i was in a bad situation but he seemed to ignore it. but i still love him and i did something he didn't know about/consent to so i feel extremely guilty.

No. 460201

My boyfriend of (officially) 5 months told me that he sees us together in the future, long term, and I’m scared that he’s just settling or we’re doing this whole relationship thing wrong and we’re just gonna end up hurting each other and ourselves when it’s over. We’re both 19 and this is the first relationship either of us have been in so we don’t have any experience and even though I love him, I’m worried that he’s taking it too seriously too soon. But maybe hes moving quickly because he wants to join the military after college lmao

No. 460208

NTA but given your boyfriend has money, yet won't help you financially when you're desperate, I kinda think he lowkey deserves it. I've helped financially desperate boyfriends when I had barely any extra money because I actually gave a fuck about them.

No. 460229

I wouldn't even feel bad. Why are you dating someone who won't help you out at a hard time? Especially as you mentioned he has the means to help, seriously

The guy obviously doesn't care so I wouldn't waste time feeling guilty, earn money whatever way you want and fuck what he wants when he doesn't even offer help

No. 460230

The statistical likelihood of you staying with this guy forever (19 and your first) is extremely low. First relationships always feel intense though, just don't make huge decisions while you're so young, and keep on top of birth control!

No. 460234

I’ve tried to be cool about this but I’m really dissappointed and sad about my newest tattoo. I wanted to embark on one of the biggest plans I had that I’ve wanted for years, and I thought my tattoo artist was a lot better than he was cause his work on instagram looked really good, and at a flash event he tattooed my friend a small version of one of the animals I wanted and I was happy I found someone who would be perfect for one of my most important tattoos. I thought I really explained everything thoroughly through email but when I showed up it seemed like he had barely read it and drew something up as I was standing there and it took a long time (He only had me booked for a short time even though I told him I was prepared to sit and wanted a half sleeve) and it looked like a good sketch even though it wasn’t the type of layout I really wanted. It’s more a design pasted on my upper arm rather than an actual half sleeve that wraps around. It also was supposed to be two animals, and in the first session the one was so large that it took up most of the space and my shoulder was still bare, so in the next session we tried to squeeze in the other animal which I had intended to be the focal piece in the first place and now I feel like it just looks stupid. He’s a decent guy and way undercharged me even though I quoted him a big budget cause I expected more time and detail but I just wish I had fought harder in the first session for what I wanted. This was one of my dream tattoo designs but I had spent such a long time in like tattoo instagram where etiquette is so highly priortized I got in this headspace of artists being the authority and trusting them cause they know better and I thought blasting him with references and sketches and nitpicks would be annoying.

On top of that the face is ugly and stupid looking. It’s not even an issue of it being too masculine or aggressive like it just looks retarded. I’m kind of looking forward to fall and winter just so it will be covered up more often.

I just want to cry cause I thought by being responsible and waiting until I was older and more researched to start getting tattooed would save me from tattoo regret and I’ve never considered laser removal before. In addition the artist who did my smaller tattoos on the same arm is his friend and they do residencies together, and I absolutely want to get more tattoos from this other artist in the future, it would be really uncomfortable if they saw I had it removed or reworked.

No. 460235

I wish I could get my insomnia under control. I just started a physically intense job that I love but not getting sleep most of the week makes it so hard. I'm on Lunesta but it only works sometimes and it's short term anyway. I almost passed out at work today but I was so busy I couldn't do much but take a quick break and chug some water, then I had to come home and nurse the worst migraine of my life for 12 hours. I really need to keep this job, idk what I'm gonna do.

No. 460237

yeah don't take it too seriously, not saying he's manipulative but if he wants to go to military he's probably buttering you up so you don't break up with him. You're both very young, don't promise him anything and don't buy into big uwu love after 5 months because they guy is anxious about you ditching his ass. keep that in mind and you'll figure it out

No. 460241

Is there a cause for the insomnia?

No. 460243

File: 1568115432040.png (302.59 KB, 760x900, Screenshot_20190910-073659.png)

I have no idea what that "Hustlers" movie is about but it seems to glamorize working at strip clubs. Let me vent a bit.

>Men who own the club will take 25% of what you make.

>Most girls are addicted to drugs. The men who own the club WANT drug addicts to work there.
>Men try to take your picture when you're no looking.
>Men will try to touch you when they shouldn't.
>Men will try to rip you off or argue and haggle.
>Men will say disgusting things about you and other women.
>Men will try to lure you away to possibly murder you.
>Men will come in there looking to try to snatch you up to pimp you.

It's wholly unsafe and unglamorous. Fuck this culture we have that glorifies the exploitation of women.

No. 460249

I was expecting her to be much younger, why on earth are you treated so differently when there is a 1/2 year difference? She's six years into adulthood and won't take turns cooking? That is a level of babying usually reserved for sons

No. 460250

I only saw the trailer but I got the impression the plot is literally about them being unsatisfied with how the owners take a cut of the money, and coming up with a plan to scam guys and make real money on their own.

It probably will glamourize strippers in the sense of 'look at these super hot chicks being badass and getting money by being hot' but we can only pray it won't glamourize the actual stripping industry, you are right that it's utter trash.

No. 460262

Thank you for clarifying for me. I was so mad lol.

Imagine if they took it further and started dropping pink pills. It's sad because like you point out it will still glorify stripping which is exploitation.

No. 460267


curious too. I use phenergan as a sedative, have you tried it?
congrats on the job anon, proud of you. is there any way you can tell your management that you're dealing with some issues at the moment or do you think they wouldn't be receptive? hope you feel better

No. 460303

I posted my nudes in a NSFW Discord server a while ago, I was lonely and really wanted attention. I sent them to so many people. I also posted my face pics, which I later deleted, and in some of my body pictures you can see my birth marks and some unique features of my body. I know I’m being somewhat paranoid but it makes me extremely anxious. I’m scared of someone finding them and recognizing me or posting them somewhere. It makes me feel so bad to the point where I’m considering getting plastic surgery so I can look different than the person in the pictures. On the other hand I feel like I shouldn’t change my body/face just because I’m scared of assholes online. It makes me feel horrible.

No. 460306

I invited my mom to my wedding, but almost immediately after she realized the date (its on oct 31st) she freaked out. I tried to explain that my partner is pagan, that its literally just a date, that the reception and ceremony wouldnt involve anything blasphemous, and if anything its just going to be autumn themed. She expressed that she’d be deeply uncomfortable but would attend anyway.

I know my mom obv. When she’s uncomfortable about something, she ensures everyone around her is aware of it. She still calls my gf my “friend” since the last time she freaked out over our relationship half a decade ago. I was concerned about how that might effect my wedding day.

I sat on it for a few days and started bubbling up with a bunch of other thoughts/feelings, so I tried to bring them up to her via text (she steamrolls me over the phone) and she accused me of being my fiancee trying to break us apart

I essentially told her that if attending our wedding would make her uncomfortable, then I would rather her not attend for the sake of being there. I would understand as the reception isnt whats important to me, just the union itself. I didnt uninvite her, but I did let her know that I didnt want to feel like I was walking on eggshells as the wedding will be intimate and Im already nervous about the event. That if she could have a good time, even just an okay one, then thats all that mattered.

Then she freaked out again, called her beliefs “spiritual nonsense”, then ironically went on an aggressive rampage about about being a woman of God and the bible, etc. She refuses to message me anymore because she thinks I’m my partner texting her, then went on about how my relationship with my her is perfect and that my gf is trying to ruin.

Im thinking about calling her later to explain myself, but now I regret inviting her at all. Our family history was unfortunate and we never got a chance to bond. It hardly feels like she’s my mother because she just wasnt present in my life in any way that mattered and sometimes she was a part of the problem. I dont know how to talk to her because she just steamrolls right over me and I deal with it cause I learned better than to talk back.

Now I feel like an asshole for making her upset, but now I feel like this was probably the last straw. Im tired of holding out for a mom and Im tired of the way she speaks to me and treats us. Im sick of her trying to roleplay my mom instead of acknowledging our history and our relationship for what it is and actually address our issues so that we could remedy it and move on.

So I dont see the point in trying anymore when I got along just fine without her. I feel guilty for saying it, but it hardly feels like a loss anyway.

No. 460308

I don't know what the chances are of you ever irl meeting anyone that's seen it but it takes any power away if you just say yep that's me naked, yep I have have a sexual side, we all do. Men do this shit of desiring pics of us naked one min and then shaming us for it the next, where's the shame in having a body and a sexual side. Fuck anyone who thinks they hold power over you cos they saw you naked

No. 460312

My parents just don't want the fight or confrontation and feel like it's too late to do anything about it. Her excuse is that she's exhausted from work or school - and on her days off she's enjoying her day off. Except I do the same shit and am an actual adult about things.

My parents aren't happy with her and if I wanted to be a cunt I could take advantage of the fact that I'm the 'good kid' but I'm too old for that shit. Just desperate to gtfo if my parents want to deal with her being miserable forever they can.

No. 460316

I don't necessarily mean someone irl, more like being recognized on social media or when talking to someone online. I know it's useless to feel guilty about it because I won't erase it completely but still.

No. 460318

File: 1568133686201.jpg (48.32 KB, 613x531, Dgcvp-bUYAAw21M[1].jpg)

>my partner is pagan
Can't blame your Mom for objecting. Will your wedding involve any of her LARPing?

No. 460322

It sounds like her religious beliefs still very much create a tension when it comes to you being gay/marrying a woman. My own dad has gone from being loudly anti-gay to just being passive aggressive, there's a point where you're just too old to keep accepting that behaviour.

Apart from the gay issue, people who suck the joy out of a wedding often do it because they are possessive and feel like they are losing a hold on you

No. 460323

She sounds fucking nuts and like an awful mother, like you said she was never even a real mom to you, never acted like one and just RPs as your mom now. She has a LOT to make up for if she really wants to fix your relationship and she should realize the bare minimum would be accepting your girlfriend and how you want to do your wedding. The fact that she isn’t even doing that says again that she is still incredibly selfish and uncaring. It would probably be better if she decided not to even come to the wedding since apparently women in love and Halloween are too much for her to wrap her God-fearing head around.

No. 460345

I hope you do try

Because at the very least you tried and if your mother insists on being that way, then you really can't help that and, like you said, you don't actually have to deal with her if you don't want to

No. 460353

Braco-anon you're ruining Braco
We accepted Braco into our hearts after your first wave of posts, we bonded over how he grew on us and welcomed him as the face of the vent thread. You helped us to find him almost as a beloved mascot.

But now you (whether the same anon or not) are spamming him everywhere again and have made a thread at the same time, making him irritating and stale. Couldn't you have been happy without running a stale joke into the ground?
You don't deserve Braco's gaze.

No. 460363

I hate that mortifying ordeal of being known to receive the reward of love meme. So many people I know who use and abuse others in their lives just love sharing those pictures. So hypocritical and lacking of awareness.

No. 460369

translators note: braco's name has a meaning that can be translated as "oniichan"

No. 460373

File: 1568147842899.png (33.65 KB, 500x382, i-am-tired-of-being-nice-i-do-…)

I recently broke up with my boyfriend of several years and as the days past I find myself being more and more angry. Being able to exist without the pressure of dating him lingering on me, and realizing how he held me back and treated me. I'm pissed, I'm exhausted, and I feel hateful. I have never met another person in my life was so unable to function on even a basic level. Everything was about him and he found a way to make literally every. little. thing. in our day a problem.

I wish I had someone to talk about it to but I don't want to burden my friends with hours (hours) of complaining about shit he did. I don't want revenge. I just want people to know the shit I had to go through, and to vent what I was so quiet about for so long. I spent a few hours opening up about it to one of his friends who's also on the breaking point recently, but that's it. It was so eye opening, especially since he had held us back from talking about him for so long, to hear inconsistencies in the stories he was telling us, and to learn about past patterns of his. He's a narcissist, a manipulator, and a selfish person through and through.

He's made our breakup about himself and only himself and how he's a victim and I'm thoroughly fucking enraged about it. It's disgusting. The amount of time I threw away in my life to watch over him, guide him through his own emotions and issues he caused, please him, and keep him happy, and he has the fucking nerve to run around saying how awful I am. I hate it.

No. 460382

Are you me anon? I'm going through a similar situation, I was with him throughout important years of my life in which he did not allow me to do things that would have gotten me far. Even when I tried discussing it with him and how he held me back he went on to make it about himself and how I was hiding things and I wasn't allowed to vent to him if I ever had a bad day or anything or else he would go on a tangent blaming me, accusing me of things, and just taunting me until I was on the brink of suicide.

don't give him time. don't give him thought. don't give him anything. We can take this time to focus on ourselves and rebuilding the lives they caused us to lose. Don't let pieces of shit affect you like this and they'll realize it when we are living our dreams and they're miserable and looking for some other girl to abuse.

No. 460384

I am so sorry you are going through this too anon. I hope you pull through on the other side feeling better as well.

No. 460387

File: 1568150900849.png (119.68 KB, 260x275, 1561756016885.png)

I feel like the shape of my nose gets in the way of every single hairstyle or look I try.

I can't belive how people can just be born with nice noses it's so unfair.
Why do I have to look like a witch that has cursed herself?

No. 460397

There is an annoying bpdette hanging in my friend group and shes going out of her way to tear apart the group by cheating on various male members and trying to get at the girls' boyfriends.

Sources tell me she enjoys fucking with people because of low self esteem and daddy issues.

Memes aside I'm considering doing a banishing spell or just outting her infidelity in front of everyone because I'm sick of this shit. Everyone is walking on eggshells over it.

What do anons?

No. 460399

If you decide to take the route to expose her make sure you have solid evidence and make sure you cut off every avenue she can take to spin this around and blame you. You need to be very methodical and put all emotions on hold to take on emotional vampires like this and you need to be ready for things to get ugly and persevere with a straight face. Whatever you do, don't get provoked emotionally because you'll lose face. Best thing that could happen is her exposing herself by her own reactions.

No. 460402

File: 1568153819505.jpg (42.77 KB, 745x419, willow-rosenberg.jpg)


Banish the shit out of that vampire anon

No. 460407

No evidence needed as she homie hopped for the 1000th time.
Pretty sure she's only hanging around us again because of new guys she hasn't got at

Also her mom tried to molest my boyfriend when he was underaged (he fixed her car). Her mother also attempted to feel up her daughters exes.
That family is demented lmfaooo

No. 460412

I think me and my best friend of 16 years are pretty much done for.
We got in a huge fight last Friday. She accused me of being too mean (I was teasing her a bit, which she has done to me million of times as well. I would’ve stopped if she told me to shut up. Instead she had to make it some big thing like I’m always a bitch 24/7). I told her that I was sick of her whining about how depressed she is without trying to help herself and how she is so anti social and ignores everyone but her small selection of friends that I’m not even apart of. She then tries to physically attack me.

I’m willing to talk things over but I’m still hurt that she tried to attack me. She doesn’t seem to regret what she did. I’ll admit that I didn’t act great either but I still think my concerns are valid. She is in her late 20s and still acts like a teenager and has no ambition. We have nothing in common either. Our friendship has been weak for quite a while but I’m starting to realize that it might as well be officially over.

I know people grow apart but I wish it didn’t end like this. I still care about her

No. 460429

I have a 1.5 hour long psychiatric evaluation tomorrow for the first time in 8 years and I'm freakin out

No. 460440

It's the second week of uni for me and my profs are nice and interesting but everyday has just been a reminder of how lonely and bad at socializing I am.

No. 460458

>i sold nudes
why why why do you all keep taking / spreading / selling nudes?

It's one think for some asshole to take pics of you not looking during sex.

but for you to take it and distribute it … I really do not understand

No. 460460

emotional vampires are the worst
always draining my fucking energy

No. 460472

Anon no!! It's the beginning of the semester. It takes time to make friends. You will get there if you keep talking to your peers and putting yourself out there. LARP as a normie and give smiles and act upbeat and people will like you. There are even youtube videos on how to be more charismatic which I copied and made many friends this past year. I believe in you!

No. 460476

I love my dad but he has so many fucking issues that he can only tackle one at a time, and it's wearing me out. He's on a fuckload of medications, just spent all his money moving to a new state, won't set up a therapist appointment, and only focuses on trying to lose weight and buy cheap alcohol. He's on disability but can definitely work, he just refuses to try looking because he's scared to fail. And I get it, but he's gonna be homeless if he keeps this shit up. I can't actually handle (let alone afford) visiting him regularly but it kills me to hear how poorly he treats himself. I know if I moved down closer to him I could help him but it puts so much stress on me giving him advice and he already was completely emotionally dependent on me as a kid that I refuse to let that happen again. I just feel guilty and angry that he can't take care of himself, he's always had me, his parents, or a girlfriend run his life and it just can't keep being like this. He's only just turned 40 and I feel like he wants to be treated like an elderly person when he's fully capable of turning his life around.

No. 460479

File: 1568167429835.jpg (50.05 KB, 704x452, Hey, where's that chocolate ca…)

I don't know where the last 3 hours of my life went. Was just doing some aliexpress browsing and maybe stopped to watch a couple of youtube videos but…I feel like what I've done doesn't account for 3 hours? It feels like it's only been 50 minutes.

No. 460483

it sounds like you have autism anon.

No. 460488

File: 1568168909703.jpg (5 KB, 166x240, 87232423.jpg)

There's this bpd-bipolar-sex worker person basically stalking me and i am so over it. Trying their best to insert them into my life, love bombing and figuring out where i live? I am grossed out.

No. 460493

I just gave up on helping my niece out she is a terrible person and a terrible mom. I gave her the benefit of doubt after two months she has not shown improvement over her personality and her horrible mothering. She then gets mad because i dont want to help out her little sister. Her sister being the first one to leave the home because she couldnt abide to the simple rule of keep the room clean and lashed out on us. My niece with her baby have left back to the shithole place they came from all because my niece didnt want to do two things clean the kitchen floor and majorly take care of her own daughter. I feel like a bad person because the baby has no fault and they are going back to a horrible place were her life is at risk. but her mom is terrible. I talked to her and she kept telling us that she knew we hated the baby. I just told her that the problem wasnt the baby It was Her and her selfishness. I explained the plethora of wrongs she did and praised the few rights. but how much do we have to take of her lying and manipulating and doing nothing for me to see change?

No. 460518

Poor baby sorry that’s sad

No. 460530

Honestly i just wanna die. My life is so far from what I've imagined. My youth is all gone and I didn't accomplished anything. I will turn 30 depending financially on my mother. I just want to fucking tap out.

No. 460548

I'm gonna miss my friends a lot when I leave this country.

No. 460549

Same anon same. Wish there was somewhere we could privately talk, I feel like this constantly

No. 460568

I believe I've read your posts before about these nieces you took in. Sounds like they are blindly immature at the moment.
You're a good person for trying. Give it time.

No. 460658

I'm doing this because I'm feeling lonely and it's probably not a good idea. If you're depressed and wanna talk about how your life is miserable please contact me at the provided address.

No. 460665

Saw my first Nazi today, an ugly white guy on forearm crutches who could barely walk and clearly had meth mouth. Lmao, muh superior race my ass. The bastard had on the iron cross, really low key Nazi imagery that I’m guessing most people don’t notice. What scares me was that he kept following me around the transit center at 9:00 am and we were the only two people there. Creepy asshole.

No. 460666

9:00 pm*

No. 460673

You can delete and repost within 30m of posting, friend

No. 460687

Someone on the bus today assumed I was pregnant and offered me a seat. I feel so fucking gross and ashamed. I wish I could use this as inspiration to lose weight but I'll probably just feel sorry for myself and binge eat instead. FML.

No. 460702

>Why don’t you date someone who can financially help you? If a man doesn’t do that he isn’t worth your time

That's fucked up and you know it.

>NTA but given your boyfriend has money, yet won't help you financially when you're desperate, I kinda think he lowkey deserves it.

But this isn't. Not the part that he deserves, but the part about him not really loving you. I have both helped and been helped in the past from boyfriends and not caring when you can help certainly shows a lack of love and interest. Fuck the other anon and her gender role bullshit though.

No. 460704

I feel like I've been on my period for months straight. I have a hormonal IUD and it made my period so light that I don't bleed for most of my periods, so I usually gauge that I'm on it from other things like acne or spotting (if I'm lucky to have it be that easy to tell). The worst thing about my periods is how it feels like my depression resurfaces, like I feel a stark difference between who I was yesterday (happy, normal, have most of my emotional issues under control) and who I am today (a fucking dumpster fire). My mood swings from extremes constantly while I'm on my period, and for my past 3 periods, it feels like my mood swings have never stopped. It feels like there's no beginning or end to it. I did bleed my period just before this current one, so when I stopped bleeding I thought it was over but I'm… still in such a weird and bad headspace and I have cramps today for god knows what fucking reason and it's driving me fucking nuts.

No. 460710

>That's fucked up and you know it.
Lmao, not the anon you're responding to but this is called survival. When shit gets bad women need men who can financially pull.
Most men who cannot provide or who pretend they cannot provide are usually low-effort lazies who want their women to do all the work, including household management, when they know full well how society already disadvantages us in the job realm.

Maybe anon's boyfriend is a 'progressive' and doesn't mind her selling her nudes if it means he doesn't have to pick up extra shifts, who knows. Ra, ra, fight the gender roles!

No. 460711

begone tradthot.

No. 460713

Mental midget.

No. 460719

a woman should not be worrying about whether her man can support her, this isn't the 50s, child. unless you're in a loooong term relationship trying to rely on anyone for anything is dangerous.

No. 460723

I despise you almost as much as the cancerous conservative men, because you prove them right again and again. Your strawman about "most men who cannot provide" makes me consider you are too young to be here. And yes, we will fight the gender roles that say one gender needs to be "protected and taken care of". You might be a child and infantilized but most women are not. Absolutely vile.

No. 460724

Oh she definitely matches that description. Clearly trying to advocate but all her things are just repeated grovelling while inserting those issues into a roleplaying space. The community is not supposed to be her therapy group or the audience for her soapboxing. Anyone who describes no responses to their as "humiliating" sounds extremely insecure for relying on RP to heal them and it's stupid to call it "exhausting". I WISH the most exhausting thing in my life was the equivalent of nobody swiping left on me. The one thing I sympathise with her on are the fetish users that pop up thinking that place is where people swap f-lists.

No. 460725

>a woman should not be worrying about whether her man can support her
Then she's a naive dumbass who's gonna be pulling long hours and coming home to a dump while her man demands his tendies and beer while he cusses at his games.

There's a huge difference between having no job and expecting a man to provide everything, versus having your own means and also expecting a man to provide. Smarten up.

No. 460728

>More strawmen
We have an issue with you wanting men to support women, not with partners supporting each other. Explain to me why you use gendered language and why gender neutral language is not a better way of going about it.(politics/ infighting)

No. 460732

You're talking around my point and absolutely projecting right now. Maybe you're too young and inexperienced to have been in a long term relationship dynamic where a man cannot be a provider in strapped times. Good luck is all I got to say.

>not with partners supporting each other
The op literally felt she had to resort to sex work and degrade herself in order to get money because she felt her partner wasn't going to be financially supportive.
Does this sound like that type of situation to you?
Do you think op would get into that kind of situation with a man who she would believe would step up for her? The answer is no.
>muh gender neutral language
Do you know where you are?

No. 460733

thank you jfc. couples should be financially stable on both ends. it's up to them to decide whether or not to share finances.

in the OPs case her and her bf need to compromise together, and if one of them is unhappy they should part ways. simple as that. anon's bf isn't obligated to help her financially and she's not obligated to stay with him. simple.

No. 460735

god your retarded. anon is trying to say you should have said that couples should support eachother, not simply that men need to support their women, you didn't imply that and you seem to disagree with it anyway since you seem to think that a man needs to support you. what about lesbians?

No. 460738

>your retarded
Nice grammar sis, really driving it home there.
>you should have said that couples should support each other
I'm not concerned as to what I should have said to have protected your feelings. OP resorted to sex work because, from reasons unknown, she felt she couldn't go to her boyfriend for financial support. Probably because she drank your kool aid about how 'finances must be separate' and 'men aren't obligated to help financially.'
>what about lesbians?
I dunno anon, what about them? If one lesbian has more advantageous skills and a better career, does she owe her partner nothing in hard times because 'finances are separate and no one is obligated to anything' and would she be okay with her partner selling her nudes to straight men for the money? One person has the means yet doesn't act, or gives off the impression that she'd be stingy. That's a pretty fucked dynamic, imo.

No. 460741

oh forgive me, i didn't realize you were new to the internets~

>implying men have more advantageous skills

you got me, anon, i believed you for a bit! good show.

now please take your head out of your ass long enough to read >>460733 and sit the fuck down. or don't and enjoy your future abusive husband who's warning signs you won't notice because you're too smitten by his financial support.

No. 460745

>implying men have more advantageous skills
That was only specific to your lesbian scenario because in the career world, women do have to jump through many hoops and constantly prove themselves through skill to gain meaningful employment.

Women do not possess the privileges of being male such as being paid more or have an automatically presumed competency about their skills.

In any case, I think I'll throw my dice in dating the man who can provide as opposed to dating the man who I fear I cannot go to for financial aid without resorting to sex work. So far it feels good to make my own money working a normal job while being spoiled by my guy, and knowing if I ever needed help he'd be there for me.

No. 460751

Overall I prefer being in my relationship, but it sucks just how much another person can affect your mood.

I‘m unemployed and started volunteering for a hobby I‘m into, and for the first time in soooo long I interacted with people other than my bf. They were being all kinds of positive to me. I have a hard time making friends but we went out for lunch together first day when usually I‘d eat alone and it was so nice. I felt warmth from them and towards them and it was so rare. I felt interesting, valued and respected.

Then I met up with my bf and was prepared to tell him what a great day I had. And he dropped the bomb that the thing he reassured and promised he would be with me on time for, actually he wouldn‘t be. And yes, he could have cancelled the other thing consequence free…but no. He wants to go do that thing so would instead renege with me.

And it just brought me right the fuck down. I went from being on top of the world to…being treated like some clingy gf (which I can be, tbf) because I‘m mad he went back on his commitment. It was just a complete 180 for me mood wise. It evolved into an argument and I ended up crying, when hours before I was super happy.

No. 460755

File: 1568213959018.jpg (25.3 KB, 346x450, 1494965653123.jpg)

>mfw I attracted ants in my bathroom because I left my sugar scrub jar slightly unscrewed

How are they even eating this stuff anyway? It's not like it's homemade, I bought it from a big box store and I'm sure it has other additives and perfumes. These ants must be starving.

No. 460757

almost all of you probably graduated high school so.. please help me
i'm 18 and in my last year of high school. we are a few days into the year and i already want to die. i need to prepare for the exam in the end of the year, which is fine because i'm okay in most lessons. the problem is that my mind is never empty enough to concentrate on lessons. i'm always thinking about pessimistic shit like "i can't believe i've done (some cringy shit) 2 years ago. i could've done it like that instead. i bet everyone who saw that will always hate me. why didn't i do it like that" or "oh that girl who saw me throwing up in a party is walking down the hall. i want to disappear. i want to go to another school" and other dumb shit. i get extremely uncomfortable while talking to people who aren't my best friends. has anyone felt like me during high school? did you get over it? how do you remember these days now?

No. 460776

High school was hellish for me as I was bullied mercilessly and was severely depressed so I can relate. However, I’m long past what happened back then since I don’t have to deal with my high school peers anymore. People move on and go different directions in life and as such, will mostly forget what happened. Once you move on to bigger things in life, what happened back then will matter less.

No. 460789

Honestly I don't think you should feel like the clingy bf just because of that. He promised you and should have kept it. What you're feeling right now is understandable because you feel like he should be with you when you need him, and he's not. That's how you tell when someone genuinely loves you. When things get difficult and they need to make a decision, do they pick you or do they go fuck around with their friends and avoid the situation.

I'm not sure how serious the promise was but clearly it was very important to you, and if he's going to be dipping like that you don't need him in your life.

No. 460803

Sometimes people take partners for granted after a while. Bit rude that he agreed and then went back on his word without talking it over. If you keep telling yourself you're 'just clingy' you run of risk of always taking blame when he's not appreciating you or keeping to agreements..

I had a relationship where I basically cried regularly over him and didn't realise I'm not even a 'crying person' but the unfairness of how he treated partners (turns out it was a pattern of his with all his exes being 'crazy' had driven me to despair. Broke up and realised I'm not actually depressed or emotional, when I'm single I'm fine and content with life

Keep an eye on the pros and cons and whether the relationship brings you more joy or sadness/frustration

No. 460815

The people I date and love, especially the men, will never appreciate how devoted I am to them. All I'll ever get is them wanting to be with other people, getting cold feet, not chasing me, not appreciating what they have. I'll never get what I want in return. I don't want to off myself but I don't know why someone like me exists. I just want to not exist, I want this pain to end.

No. 460837

File: 1568219312975.jpg (48.33 KB, 500x500, natsuki.jpg)

Can anyone offer advice?

I've been really good friends with a guy from my uni. We met on the first week of lessons 2 years ago and instantly hit it off. He is really cool and we have a lot of fun together. We can talk about politics, memes and life and we share many common interests. Let me emphasize this, I love him as a friend but I have zero attraction towards him. He isn't ugly but I don't like him appearance wise. Plus when I met him I was in a relationship so I didn't try anything.
He got a girlfriend as of last year. I met her and she is cool in general lines. However you can call her a basic bitch though and that'd be fine if she really didn't try so hard to "fit in" with the kind of communication me and him have. Examples include opening a shitpost page (right after i did) while her posts literally make no sense and she just copies meme templates without understanding them and you can smell the tryhard from 100 miles, trying to change her own political views in order to seem "woke" to my friend while she is your stereotypical Christian Stacy, trying too hard in general and ending up looking cringy instead of owning what she is and not seeing it as a competition.
Ever since they got together, I have hung out with just her multiple times, since I don't find her generally too bad when she is on her own, however I really don't get to hang out with just my friend anymore cause he brings her everywhere. It's really hard when they are two completely different people to include them both in a subject and not feel like I'm leaving the other one out.
What's extra annoying is that she acts like a needy baby most of the time, for example if me and him go to some concert that she won't like she will tag along but will act all pouty and nag us to go back, or if me and him start a convo she doesn't understand she will again, act pouty and say we are excluding her.
Again, there is no secret crush here on the works, I am just really tired of being the third wheel and want my friend back.

No. 460869

Bikers use that symbol as well, you know.

No. 460908

I was in your shoes when I was younger and let me just say it’s not going to get better but if you find someone who you’re actually compatible with, you’ll stop caring. My version of this feeling stemmed from insecurity. I was always giving so much in the hopes it would get the guy to stay with me, to be faithful, to give me the same attention I gave him. But overcompensating only made me feel more miserable and worthless as time passed. It was like that with almost every guy I loved, and looking back it was cyclical, I’d give and give, he’d pull away, I’d ask myself how dare he, start to resent him, rinse repeat until he actually hated me. I honestly thought I was doomed to that until I met my husband. Once you find someone you can feel at home with, you don’t feel the need to over-love them, and gradually, you stop worrying that they don’t love you enough. Sure, I have days where my husbands working and and I’m lonely but instead of worrying he’ll invest his time with someone else, I remind myself of how insecure other guys made me feel, and how different my husband is. I hope you find someone who also encourages you to let go of insecurity and immaturity, because that did the trick for me.

No. 460912

You have a refusal to accept that your friendship has changed, and that friends obtaining partners does (validly) change the dynamics, particularly when said friends are the opposite sex.

Tbh just be grateful you still get to see your friend, because most women would not entertain their boyfriend's female friend hanging around so much and causing them to be the third wheel. You're lucky she's wanting to be a pickme cool gf because it sounds like she is bothered by the social dynamic when all three of you try to hang out deep down.

You're young students, it's literally destined that you will be cringey and tryhard. Ex. a shitposting page, really? Lol. Regardless of what you think of her, your friend likes her enough to date her. If you don't want to ruin things, you'd better realize the boundary politics that's happening here. Try not to step on her toes too much because it could cause your friend to distance himself if she goes back to him to bitch and he decides his romantic relationship is the one worth salvaging.

No. 460921

so i just joined a discord channel and the message sound is giving me anxiety
i used to only use discord for one person who catfished me for a year, it was this really manipulative ana-chan bitch who pretended to be an artist i used to be friends with who disappeared from the internet that i had emotional baggage with
they didn't know that and just messaged everyone on a fake account claiming to be that artist that they saw used to be friends of them, and like a massive dumbass i fell for it
that person also made me very uncomfortable with many things and since they were the only person i had added on discord the sound now makes me feel so awful
just as example, she'd want me to send her pics and stuff but when i sent her a cosplay photo of me she had this massive mental breakdown because apparently my legs were skinnier than her and it was a huge mess
she'd also go on this site where you can watch videos together and make me watch triggering content with her and generally unload a bunch of negative stuff on me, but then also make it about herself when i came to her with my problems
i'm trying really hard to not let it get to me but i feel just like back then
i hope i can adjust to it so i can actually take part in the group

No. 460924

Friend, you should be able to turn off the notification sound in your settings. I did that for most of the channels I'm on.

No. 460925

NTAYRT but thank you for your post. I related a lot to constantly giving so much to try and get men to stay, and every time they would settle down for someone else but never me.

My most recent girlfriend was the first person I felt safe and secure with. It felt weird to have someone love and adore just me as much as I did them after going through so many one-sided loves for so long. She did end up breaking up with me because she was afraid that I would constantly give and sacrifice and end up resenting her for not returning those feelings, so while I'm still sad that she's not in my life anymore, at least she had the decency to not drag me along.

It sucks, but at least now I know what it feels like to genuinely be cherished by someone and I'm not settling for second rate pieces of shit anymore. OP, I hope you'll find someone who will treat you right.

No. 460941

My 12 year old cat has had diarrhea for more than two days and keeps vomiting and my car won't start. I just moved to a small hick town without uber or any public transportation and I am frantically trying to get someone to give me a ride but everyone is busy. He's probably dying. I wish I would die too.

No. 460950

i'm sorry anon, that sounds rough. maybe you should just get a taxi? i know it's like sunken cost fallacy, but you're goin to likely be spending a lot on the vet bills anyway so fuck it?

No. 460951

So I'm kinda worried about my dad's drinking. He goes to the pub almost daily, he lies when he's going, always says he "needs" wine with dinner or whisky afterwards. I'm just worried it's gonna escalate, I can't even remember a day where he hasn't had at least one drink. Since he's stubborn he wouldn't admit to it or even attempt to not drink for a while. I want to convince him to at least reduce since it's just unhealthy as is, but he won't listen to any of us.

I know this site is anonymous but even admitting this online feels wrong somehow

No. 460961

oh anon, i feel for you. my mother was (note the past tense, being an alcholic killed her) an alcoholic too and i tried everything to stop her. tried being nice, tried tough love, tried cutting contact, tried getting her doctor to tell her she was killing herself. nothing worked. i wish i had advice for you to help your dad but in my experience there's nothing you can do that will make an alcholic stop, they have to want to stop themselves.

instead i recommend you take care of yourself. being the child of an alcoholic parent is a tough thing to go through. i'm not sure where you live but try google "children of alcoholic parents" and chances are you'll find an organisation in your country dedicated to providing support to people in your position. you can talk to me here too and i will listen to you. good luck.

No. 460962

My dad is similar. He doesn't go out to drink, but he often buys giant packs of beers and drinks at least one or two cans a night. He says it takes the edge off at the end of the day. It's been like this for years and hasn't escalated, but I also constantly wish he would stop and I tell him this.

I hope one day our dads will quit.

No. 460968

thank you! it's not reached anything like what you would have gone through and I don't think he's an alcoholic, but it's great knowing there's people here who listen to my venting.

I hope so too

No. 460988

File: 1568236601837.jpg (82.63 KB, 701x935, pencil_skirt,x1000,front-c,468…)

>inb4 Braco told me this place is moded by scrots

After the thing with the gender critical thread and rad fem thread happened I got kind of disappointed in a way even tho I don't see myself as a radfem and the discussion about troons tires the fuck out of me, I would sometimes go to the rad fem thread and I could really understand them and most of the points they made were based in reality. It made me happy to see a place where men get shitted on constantly because on any other online space women are the ones being shitted on and if they try to stand up they're going to literally be called crazy. This place felt like karma after reading what men write about women on 4chan and thinking some of them come here and probably read all the stuff women have to say against them.

I remember that when I started browsing lolcow 3-4 years ago this place definitely had a male demographic because there was this thread where anons would post drawing of themselves with some pieces of information and a portion of the posters were male. I wonder if there's still men here browsing /ot/ and larping as female. It's quite unlikely because I can't see any man putting up with so much man-hating. This also made me wonder about the mods of lolcow, it would be really funny and fucking weird and surreal if one of the mods is actually a tranny. Can you imagine that? Women coming to lolcow, a place where they can finally vent their frustration regarding transgendered men and just men in general and one of the mods is actually a tranny themselves. I have no fucking idea who hosts this place or who mods it but I'm 100 percent sure that there is at least one man involved in the moding and he may even be the boyfriend of a farmhand.

No. 460989

NTA but being an alcoholic is less about drinking heavily and more about the craving. I am a lowkey alcholic and get cravings for it to the point that I always buy some kind of alcohol when I go out, be it a drink at a restaurant or a 6 pack even if I have some at home. I only usually drink one or 2 drinks because I am a lightweight but right now I have an ulcer so I am going absolutely nuts and drinking anyway.

No. 460991

This site is not a female safe space, that's what you guys don't seem to get, no one wanted it to be a safe space. Men were only banned because they were annoying not hated. The shift of this idea that the site is a female utopia of free speech needs to go.

No. 461018

> The shift of this idea that the site is a female utopia of free speech needs to go.

But why would any woman have anything against this? Serious question.

No. 461029

>The shift of this idea that the site is a female utopia of free speech needs to go.

did anyone really had this idea? this is one of the easiest places to get banned from.

No. 461035

kind of ot but I hate inconsiderate neighbors, I'm the only person on my street that doesn't just let my dog roam free and cleans up after their poop. Someones stupid ass dog shit in front of my house yesterday and its like…why the hell are people really this lazy?>>457833

No. 461036

Picture this: 3ish years ago men were being such attention whores, and places like r9k were brigading here so much everyday, that it was easier to just outright ban male posters because any that showed up here proved that they never had good intentions nor wanted to integrate.
The smart ones who were already here quietly complied and shut the fuck up about their precious 'male opinion here's.

What do I care if men can't post here?
You seem to imply there's some kind of anti-men space created by a few recently, when actually this is a culture that was generated over years of dealing with maleposters on this site and fostered by their shitty attitudes when they were allowed to speak.
Bringing them back will not reap anything positive, mark my words.

No. 461037

wait what? so you're saying men are ok? That's news to me

No. 461039

Almost got my self banned from an online course I signed in for because I got carried away with their affiliate program and got a bit too spammy with my email methods.
I'm kind of surprised with how bad I'm at making decisions, wtf how didn't I anticipate this happening. Now I'll be forever the spam email scrapper shady girl there, rip

No. 461048

Same fag but the worst part is that I was really hoping to get a job in that course's company at the end of it, but know it's quite obvious I blew it once again. I'm getting really fed up with myself.

No. 461059

I'm moving into uni halls on Sunday and I'm so scared about not making friends. I have anxiety (that I'm receiving CBT for) and am painfully shy, so the drinking/clubbing culture during Fresher's week doesn't appeal to me at all.

No. 461085

lolcow is doing beautifully. if you fags really need a place to convert incels or robots or whatever, go make your trek to r9k crystal.cafe or start up some other bbs with the intent to deradicalize weebs. they don't need to come here. go to them or create a space for that shit. they ruined it before.

i just don't want much to do with them and we have a good thing going as lc currently is and i just want to be around a few girls that get me. go canoodle with creepy dudes anywhere else on the internet.

No. 461087


Thank god I have a ton of self control around her and I have not lashed out or anything. Mostly because I think she may be cringy but she is an okay person that doesn't deserve catty behaviour. However I don't think that it'd be a reach to kind of voice my concern to my friend about being the third wheel always. I don't know even how to bring it up tho, without sounding jealous or that I hate her.

No. 461089

UGH I accidentally saw the Bianca Devins murder photos and I WISH I HADN'T!! My heart is racing sooo hard I hate gore that was traumatizing FUCK

No. 461091

I'm so sad, I will be going on vacation for the first time in over 4 years and I'm only dreading it.
My friends booked it in march, so I thought I'd have plenty of time to lose weight, but in the end I only got much fatter. I can't even wear shorts or sleeveless shirts, so how am I supposed to put on a bikini?
Last year my mom bought me one of those bikini shorts, so that I would feel more comfortable (not that I ever went swimming), but those feel too tight and way too short too now.
No idea what I'm supposed to do. Leaving on a shirt will also only result in people looking at me weirdly.

No. 461094

They don't even have taxis here! It's crazy. I finally got a ride, my cat is staying overnight at the vet. They found a mass in his abdomen and are taking x-rays. Thankfully I have a ride sorted for tomorrow until my car gets fixed. Stressful day.

No. 461096

Forgot to mention that it's in 10 days already, so even if I started working out super hard right now, it wouldn't be enough time to make much of a difference.

No. 461115

File: 1568246960984.jpg (955.26 KB, 2444x1716, 1393608519419.jpg)

My friends should be beaten with a stick that has been dipped in manure. My friends are drunks and potheads. My friends are using me as emotional sponge, constantly bitching about their problems while i stay quiet about mine. I must be a shit person to have such shitty friends. My friends don't even like manga or anime.

No. 461120

I was so confused about this pic when I realized that they are exiling poor Pigglet cause they are afraid of pig flu lmfao

No. 461125

i don't want men back i'm just sick of the opinion that the site is hateful towards men because the users hated men, we didn't. the annoying posters just happened to be men and now they're radfems.

No. 461132

Get better friends yo. Preferably ones that like manga and anime.

No. 461134

I just hope they don't fall victim to addiction just like their two older brothers did. Or they don't resort to selling themselves. I'm glad at least i moved her around so she could get government help so I know the baby will have food for at least 3 months. I hope by then I don't get busy with my own life.

No. 461135


It was my first time seeing a corpse. Ever. And it was accidental. I cried for days.
(no i haven't been to a funeral yet)

No. 461153

I'm very similar to you in the way I'm very shy and alcohol adverse (childhood trauma lol), I'm about to graduate this year and the only friends I ever made during my time are the girls I lived in halls with. Weirdly enough, nothing forges friendships quite like bonding over being in a strange, kinda run-down place, surrounded by people who are absolute swines and being annoyed that fuccboi on the floor above playing guitar badly at all times of the day.

Just don't skedaddle from the kitchen when other people come in and ask them questions about them or yeah, just comment on the general state of things ala "wow this microwave sucks, my lasagna is still cold in the middle and we pay 400 quid for this haha". It may seem like everyone is fucking weird/normie and you have nothing in common whatsoever, but persist a bit and that most likely won't stand true (the girl I initially thought was a blond bitchy bimbo turned out to actually be really shy and into fps and jewellery making for example!). If I managed, so will you! Will be keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!

No. 461160

I feel you anon, I really fucking hate my nose and I would look so much prettier without it being so big

No. 461176

is anyone else tired of the bracofag creating all the new threads? its not even funny its just fucking dumb, obviously some scrot with nothing better to do than sit and wait on the female dominated imageboard, hah you sure showed us

No. 461179

It was kind of funny for this thread when I realized who he was since, you know, healing gaze on the vent thread, but putting it everywhere just got annoying. I don't know if it's a scrote or a weird female anon, I would believe either.
I appreciate the weird sense of humor but think it's overdone and that it's gotten to a point where it's non-applicable

No. 461181

File: 1568262698143.png (402.47 KB, 689x540, fck.png)

>feeling sad and shit irl because mental illness
>try to daydream a happier place and a not angry, bitter, and hopeless me doing good things
>daydream about an even angrier, more bitter-er, more hopeless-er me who fucks everything up more

I'm trying but god fuckin' dammit

No. 461193

Me too. I try to keep myself busy so I don't have these self destructive thoughts but the night time is the worst. Also when I wake up and realize I didn't die during my sleep.

I'm also fucking dumb and I'm constantly self sabotaging me. God I really wish I was one of those ppl who can use a bad situation as motivation. Like my sister ex fiance broke up with her a few months before their wedding and she turned it all around and got this amazing job. Meanwhile I just get to fetal position at any minor worry. I really suck at living, I have no emotional intelligence or resilience at all. Im probably textbook millenial snowflake. Idk how can I be so inapt at navigating life.

No. 461201

File: 1568269046502.jpg (17.2 KB, 434x532, cYek2Zf.jpg)

my bff doesn't talk to me bc i "upset" her about something regarding her boyfriend and now i just saw she included his name in her IG username.i will probably lose my friend but i dont think i can do anything anymore i tried everything i could

in case she actually stops talking to me,i cant wait for those posts reeking of faux love and "my life is so great with my boo" vibe while i know she is still going to be unhappy.it's a sad thing to think about but i can't get sad about that anymore

No. 461202

File: 1568269182521.jpg (257.9 KB, 1500x1000, girls_0303.jpg)

one of the greatest mysteries of the universe and something that's upetting me rn is that adam driver's acting sucks so hard in star wars, but was so good in girls? like, he was great in every season. girls was a terrible show watched by 3 people but he was very good in it, while star wars is a disney franchise loved by almost the entire world. who allowed this to happen, repeatedly now???

No. 461205

My mother in law says its my duty to clean up after my husband because im a woman

Im so fucking annoyed.

No. 461209

I have the same issue. I cook, we both pick up our shit but he does the heavy cleaning since I'm allergic to cleansing products and he never once complained about it. We both work the same hours. Yet according to her I should be doing all the house work. It's even funnier she has some poor immigrant cleaning her place while she's a pensioneer sitting on her ass all day.

No. 461210

I don't know if it's because I'm stressed at work (buncha people let go), because I'm stressed about living situation (moved into new place, not sure if I'm budgeting well), stressed about meds (don't have backups and lost one of my most important meds), stressed about relationships (loser since '95), or if there's something else that's new that I don't know about

also I'm sick, literally and figuratively
being online at this time doesn't necessarily help but I know I'd just be tossing and turning super hard either way

No. 461217

I had this issue and just pointed out male gender roles and asked her if those were my husband's duty. Shut her up real quick.

No. 461223

I tried doing that and it ended in a screaming match so now I just avoid her as much as possible. I overheard my boyfriend arguing with her telling her we don't live in the 19th century anymore. She treats her poor daughter the same way. I guess it's some cultural issue since she's an Eastern European immigrant.

No. 461226

Oh god Eastern Euros are the worst with this shit, which is really surprising to me since communism was more egalitarian that Western capitalism. They have a messed up mix of egalitarianism and gender roles that makes no sense and it's just "This is what is right" nonsense. Not all of them obviously, but still, way too many. I know since my brother is married to an Eastern Euro woman and it's so annoying talking to my SIL's mom, her gendered nonsense is so strong with her.

No. 461228

File: 1568276736786.jpg (50.26 KB, 750x722, tumblr_pqr39uO32F1sfkav7_1280.…)

My Fine Arts class is full of special snowflakes, whiny kids and mentally ill people.

I'm scared. I don't get along with them and nobody seems to want to talk to me even though I tried to make a good impression the first day. I thought this would be different and I would get a chance to meet artsy people, do collabs together, etc.
But instead, I got people who only talk to each other to ask for alcohol, cigarettes or to whine about EVERYTHING.

I don't get it. This feels like high school all over again.

Also, toilets are unisex and don't have doors (I mean, the entrance of the toilet not the stalls). I feel so fucking unsafe, exposed and uncomfortable here. Fuck.

No. 461229

Anon are you me??
I'm going through much of the same I try to keep busy and people tell me small goals and everything but it feels like I don't do enough in the day and I get so mad at myself

No. 461238

>I don't get it. This feels like high school all over again.
It will always feel like highschool anon. People are people and they really don't change that much after "growing up". Also being so uncomfortable about cigarettes and alcohol makes you seem a bit sheltered and prudish, and speaking from someone that was also judgy like that you should just get used to it.

No. 461239

Same, I wish I was not allowed to make decisions for myself. I'm really bad at life and not self sabotaging all my opportunities in general.

No. 461241

She probably just doesn't like you and is looking for excuses to shit on you. MILs are notorious for that. Mine is a staunch feminist, but still tried to pull that shit on me in bad faith attempt to establish I wasn't good enough for her baaaaabbbbbbyyyyy until she was put firmly in her place. There's a lot of weird psychology that goes on when mothers have to accept their sons are getting married, which is why MIL vs wife is the oldest trope in the book.

If they can't be forced to behave it is best to just avoid them entirely.

No. 461243

That may be true but we had no issues before I moved with my bf and she realised I wouldn't be his maid. She also spouts shit like "you have to obey your husband, you can't divorce him even if he beats you" to her own daughter who also works full time. She's just an old misogynist and a hypocrite since she herself got divorced twice.

No. 461246

That woman seems unhinged.

No. 461260


I know, I don't mind people smoking or drinking (I do drink too), but it seems these teens have adopted "cigarettes and alcohol" as a personality trait. I think they just want to fit into the stereotype of "hippie cool art student" and it makes me sad because turning yourself into a meme is not good.

But thank you for you advice, I guess I still have a long way to go.

No. 461287

just got fired from my job because they have to "scale down" and im the weak link. literally cried in the office bathroom for like 10 minutes knowing ill have to hunt for a new job now. fuck this

No. 461288

File: 1568283867244.jpg (634.1 KB, 1495x2091, 6QIxb9TYMxqVce0asyivZQZteraNZP…)

sending hugs, i totally get it. sorry about that, anon.

No. 461290

Good luck anon, here's to finding a good job fast.

No. 461299

The three main personality types:

I drink wine
I drink beer
I drink coffee

I'm mostly coffee but with a hint of beer

No. 461321

the drinking tea types are a whole thing too

No. 461351

I am so tired. I can't connect with anyone, going to university has become a struggle and depressing. I feel so lonely. I just want a sincere friendship with someone who's creative and interesting, I want someone to have my drive to create and do stuff. I want to laught and talk about art, about literature, movies. I want someone who's close. All my past friendships has been draining, I had to give so much. No one seems interested in me, only vampires.
I have a lovely boyfriend, he's my best friend and is everything I love in a person, but it is not enought, of course. No one should rely on only one person, and even it does not bother him, it bothers me.
How do I meet and be friends with anyone if everywhere I go I see unapproachable persons with their already closed groups or people who's plenty uninterested in me because I'm not cool enought? I used to go out, meet a lot of people, but everything was so ephemeral and wasn't more than just promises of meeting again never fulfilled. Everyone's in this city for a short time and treat others as just someone passing by. At first I liked all this stuff, but I now need something more and I feel like I missed all opportunities and people I knew before now live far away from here.
I feel I won't do anything ever in my life because I lack human connections.

No. 461362


Even with how much we'd want it to, banning men doesn't suddenly make this site a utopia of free speech.

No. 461374

I only drink soda and water though…
I just don't like the taste of alcohol or coffee/tea

No. 461403

Any time I get a coffee in my local convenience store I try to get served by a woman. The men working there nearly always say "oh I thought you were offering to make me a cup lol" and it gets old

No my gay ass doesn't find you funny or charming and the women working here are waay nicer to make small talk with. I think they're starting to notice my careful selection of queue. Might just save myself the money and annoyance and skip the coffee. First world problem

No. 461404

Rare personality type

No. 461417

There are so many ways to make friends anon, I believe in you! The easiest thing you can do is leave your door open. I left mine open and a girl came in and commented on my posters and we hit it off (didn't become best of friends, but it was nice when we found out we had a class together and would walk to class and grab breakfast on occasion!).

Don't be upset if you don't make friends right off the bat. It might take a while to find your people. Once classes start, you can try talking to people in class. I made good friends with a girl I sat next to in my language class because I just asked 'is this the XX class taught by professor XX?'! Well, we also had a lot of partner work so we were forced to talk but we got along really well so it worked out! I didn't make friends in every single one of my classes, but it's definitely possible! If you notice someone in multiple classes with you, it doesn't hurt to use that as a conversation starter (if not becoming friends with them, at least invite them to study! Study partners are also important!).

Join clubs, it's the easiest way to meet people who like what you like. If your school doesn't have any clubs, look into volunteer opportunities that interest you! I met a lot of my future roommates through club (we were all cosplayers so you can imagine the wreck the state of our suite was in whenever con season rolled around lol but it was an experience I used to only be able to dream of), and I met my best friend to this day because of that club. I frequented one of my professor's office hours a lot and befriended other people who would come by a lot, and also it's just great to really get to know your professors outside of class hours. He really helped me out down the line, and I still email him to this day just to talk!

Remember that there are sooo many other people just as nervous as you are! >>461153 is right, nothing forges friendships quite like bonding over being in a strange new place. When I studied abroad, I became super close and great friends with students who went with me from my school (just that general sense of 'oh hey we sort of already know each other' really forced us together) as well as the other international students as we all fumbled and tried to navigate our way as American students in a completely foreign land. I believe in you anon, best of luck! My uni years were some of best, and I really hope you'll have a great time.

Also, I really don't like alcohol either. You'll be able to find people who don't either, or at the very least, will respect you enough to not force you to join them in drinking (if they don't, then consider it a warning that they aren't worth your time). I was always invited to house parties with friends, but just had a fun time drinking all the mixers and playing games with everyone (though most of my friends aren't heavy drinkers so I'm lucky I wasn't in a really crazy environment).

No. 461420

Everyone was talking about her so I was trying to find a picture with her face (had only seen the other photos of her bloody body from the neck down which was iffy, but didn't bother me too much) but once I saw the one with her face all I could do was stare and felt a mix of disgust, horror, nausea, and extreme sadness all at once. The picture of her white face is burned into my mind and I feel like I can't escape it and it makes me want to cry just thinking about. I truly, truly wish I hadn't seen it and I wish it wasn't the first photo I got to see of her because she was really a beautiful girl.

No. 461434

I have extremely long fingers and toes and I hate it. Makes me feel unfeminine and like a man at time. I usually don't mind, actually I liek them, but when I look down while holding hands with my boyfriend, I get really insecure on how freakishly long they are and put them away.

It took me so long for me to tell him my actual shoe size because I hate being size 10.

No. 461441

I'm job hunting and I contacted a recruitment agency because they had an relatively interesting job to offer. After some exchanges by phone and emails the recruiter who contacted me told me by email he would call me back today but he didn't and I'm pissed off I stayed at home with my phone right next to me all day long just to be ignored like that. The agency is going to be close in about an hour.

No. 461444

I feel you, I also have this weird issue with my hands/feet. My feet are really wide, and my fingers are short and fat but my hands are actually quite huge, proper man hands. They're weird and lumpy. One time, I tried on my guy friend's watch and his wrist was actually smaller than mine!

I know I'm probably overthinking this but I'm so insecure about it…

No. 461448

you don't need to have smaller body parts than a man to be feminine. like you have xx chromosomes, you're as feminine as can be! if any guy cares about the size of your fingers/toes, they're a wristlet incel and literally not worth a single one of your thoughts! just use hand cream so they're soft and bam! cute, nice hands achieved!

hey the more the hand the better you are at hand holding right? also your boyfriend is still together with you despite your digit/foot size so he must find them alright. and if you break up and he cites your appendages as the reason, go back to the wristlet incel point!

t. bitch insecure about her nail beds who hates seeing other women being insecure over dumb things like that

No. 461457

Call them right now and just say you're following up to see about the job and ask if they want to reschedule the call. That's what you're meant to do after a certain point.

No. 461473

My husbands brother said I was crazy, he said he didnt care but I should learn to not curse around people. He said he didnt care personally but you know.

Theres a big age gap between us, I am in my early 20s and he is almost in his 40s, I have known him since I was a teenager. I am bipolar and possibly shizo so the fact everyone knows im crazy is hilarious but depressing, lol.

I had so many memories of guys being attracted to me and seemingly liking the fact I am obviously mentally ill and therefore vulnerable I am,, which is true tbh its pathetic as fuck but I need extensive therapy, but strangely acting still aroused or even more excited by me. My brother in law thought I was 18 for some reason and is obviously attracted to me too. It doesnt help I have a very young looking face and mannerisms, I have had men really try to sexually harass me because they thought I was 15 when i was really 20. Honestly my experiences made me realize how predatoral most men are.

Sorry for the pathetic post anons, I love you and im ready for any tough love you guys have to give.

Im just sad because idk how to hide my craziness. And sad in general

No. 461476

apparently my parents are getting a divorce. not only that, but it's finalized in 2 weeks. they haven't told me. one of my sisters had to get it out of them, and she told me. they weren't planning on telling us until after it's finalized. one of my sisters still lives with them, this has been happening under her nose. my dad gave my mom 6 months to move out and my sister has to pick which to live with, which she probably doesn't fuckin want either
my sister told me to act like i dont know for when my mom tells me, if my mom even decides to tell me. and my mom is drinking again and i feel like a bad reaction on my part will make her drink more.

No. 461479

Sometimes I can’t stand my Mom. If things aren’t the exact way she wants, she retreats into a depressive state to get her own way. I know, for a fact, if I cut my hair or dyed it, or got a tattoo, she would refuse to talk to me anymore, at least for a few weeks. She wants me to look acceptable to her standards. She says I keep secrets from her, and says it upsets her when I don’t show her what I buy or what I get up to. But she fucking judges everything I do to an overwhelming degree, she will make it known if she doesn’t like something, or if she thinks you’ve spent too much on something , if it’s ugly to her. I love her but she’s so manipulative and overbearing I can’t stand it.

No. 461480

My brother was arrested and now has a record, I always told him to never do anything illegal as in Murcia you won’t get hired anywhere and it’s similar to carrying a scarlet letter. I didn’t know things were that bad for him, while I was busy at a prestigious university my brother was battling him personal demons, likely from not accomplishing much since he graduated highschool and my mother shaming him for not going to college. I tried to help him, told him to take classes at the community college near by and fill out papers for fafsa but he never followed through. My brother was always there for me and seeing him through his life go down the drain angers me, I’m so fucking pissed. So much potential, lost, I’m hoping he doesn’t go to jail and it’s just probation.

No. 461481

Too late, I'll do it tomorrow morning. I checked at what hour the agency opens just to make sure I call the recruiter asap.

I worked as recruiter not long ago and when I contacted candidates to tell them I'd call them back or send them an email at a specific date I always did it at the correct date. If I didn't I would have had my ass kicked by my manager, I want to know wtf is this guy doing.

No. 461483

I'm in a rough situation because I cannot take care of my sick dog & honestly I'm so tired of doing everything I have. I'm mentally unwell from it. My mother won't let me give her up because "I'm a terrible person" if I do. But I'm so tired of taking care of this sick dog and I've neglected my owm mental health because of it. She is messing with my allergies as well. It's making me feel trapped. I'm probably an ass for this but I want to give her away.

No. 461484

My ex described dating an extremely mentally ill woman before me, I was at my lowest depressive point when he met me. Three years in he suddenly went from just being his moody self to acting like he hated my guts, found out he'd cheated on me with a woman who is so mentally ill her children were at risk of being taken from her.. They ran away together. I now realise that he only ever dates unwell women so they'll put up with his abuse. My mental health improved drastically the very moment I moved away from him. He likely has his own un-diagnosed personality disorder

The only after effect that still bothers me is I have nightmares of him coming back and making life hard. Last night I dreamt that I was still with him and during an argument he called a psych ward claiming I was psychotic when I wasn't. I was in a panic waiting for an ambulance to come, hoping to explain myself without him manipulating the situation. I woke up in a sweat

This guy texts or emails me every couple of months and I know very well that all his relationships have a life span so he's attempting to keep me on the back burner..

No. 461488

all i want is weed, i don't care abt anything else rn, i just want some fucking weed

No. 461491

I'm (severely) mentally ill and have a dog. I love him a lot and do my best but I couldn't take care of him without help from my family and bf. If I lost them I wouldn't be able to. No doubt. Its important to have a backup plan. There are some services (us) that arent pounds and dont kill animals that match a dog to a forever home. I think that's a responsible way to do it if you have to let him go anon. It doesnt make you a bad person to realize your limits and want better for the both of you.

No. 461517

>befriend first girl I sat beside at uni
>follow her on twitter and discover she's a ratmy fujo they/them calling everyone terf and fascist
God, either take me now or make me go back. Tis the price to go to weeb school, I suppose.

No. 461538

File: 1568313851058.jpg (85.88 KB, 576x1024, EEL7qagUcAIQxGN.jpg)

A stationary store/instagram was caught selling/posting designs that didn't belong to them. Others have noticed other designs belonging to other artists. Who knows how many peoples works they've ripped off? I saw it posted on twitter and said instagram page posted this as an apology. I'm so taken aback at what a fucking stupid and shitty apology this is.

The artist says they also messaged her privately, but of course they only posted it on their story (didn't even put it into a highlight) so future customers wouldn't know they blatantly plagiarize their products.

>It was an honest mistake on our side due to some miscommunication

Bitch WHAT miscommunication?! What mistake?! It's not like you were working with this artist!! They're just blocking people and deleting comments of people calling them out now.

No. 461566

Experiencing something similar currently. School is filled of libfems who dream of doing ~sex work~ .
Someone euthanize me.

No. 461569

Same, because of my career choice I am always surrounded by these types of people

No. 461572

I assume you're in Japan studying? I'm surprised this person isn't triggered by everything there or weeb things are the exception?

No. 461573

No, I'm not in Japan, but I'm studying it. We will see.

No. 461580

As in she's a bts fan? Yikes

No. 461606

my boyfriend thinks that it’s not weird for him to go off and jack off on the couch when he tries to get me to have sex and I’m not in the mood. he watches porn while doing it and didn’t understand why I didn’t want to stay and listen to him jack off after he’d huffed and given me the silent treatment after I’d tried as gently as I could to tell him that I was really not in the mood. Is it weird? Am I just weird for thinking it’s weird? Idk about anyone else, but if I was in the mood and my partner wasn’t, I wouldn’t ice them out and make them listen to me pleasure myself while they tried to sleep.

No. 461608

Yes it's weird to jerk off in the same room as someone who just said they didn't want to be sexual with you, bit abusive tbqh.

No. 461623

what a loser, yeah, that's definitely abusive and manipulative

No. 461637

File: 1568327957205.png (604.56 KB, 900x900, 1578340969_preview_mr ree.png)

someone has pissed in a cup and left it in the communal bathroom at my college today. nearly tripped over it. every time I feel good about humankind something like this happens

No. 461643

it wasn’t in the same room - we live together in a small one bedroom apartment though so I could hear everything and he knew this.
I confronted him and told him it was weird and he was just like “well what do you expect me to do huh?? I have to take care of this!” like okay your cum is more important than my emotions in our relationship. It felt like he was punishing me and he knows one of my biggest insecurities in a relationship is him losing interest bc our sex drives don’t match up and cheating on me. he said he was going to come back to bed when he was done but it ignored the point that it was still weird to leave to jack off when I wouldn’t bang him. I’m just so disappointed he’s such a cumbrain.

No. 461648

He sounds disgusting and manipulative. He could be more discreet, I guess it's a type of punishment to listen to his porn while he wanks off. My bf did this years ago drunk, left me in the bed and went and turned on porn. Soon as I heard it I got out of bed and turned it off and asked what the fuck he thought he was doing? Told him if he's that desperate he can wank into the toilet. It's completely disrespectful.

No. 461653


I feel you anon, i learned so much more with online courses and books i pirated than from the shitty art school i went too. I hated everyone so much and almost no one, including the teachers even cared about art, it was just the snowflake olympics.

The thing is i suck for everything else, there were no other places around to study and at least i could afford i without going into debt but i still feel so bad for even attending. Those people disgusted me so much that i feel a lot of my initial drive and passion got muddied and mixed with bad memories of clowns and incompetent burned out junkie teachers.

No. 461655

>which is really surprising to me since communism was more egalitarian that Western capitalism

If by egalitarian you mean making everyobdy equally miserable and oppresed, sure.

No. 461658

File: 1568330217763.jpeg (27.27 KB, 620x576, BC70AE0F-F947-4D8F-A323-61230F…)


are you me? this is eerily similar to how my now-ex boyfriend was throughout our whole 3 year relationship. he recently dumped me because his dick is more important than the rest of a normal functioning relationship, we lived together as well. it never gets better anon, he won’t change his views about how important it is for him to cum over how you feel about his constant need for it. once a pornsick cumbrain, always a pornsick cumbrain, do yourself a favour and get out before you waste three or more years of your life just to argue over the same problem over and over again. it’s like talking to a brick wall after a while

No. 461709

File: 1568341554138.jpg (20.88 KB, 960x960, 1565374258771.jpg)

Why did my dad rather drink and be angry over anything and everything so my friend's dad had to be the one to call me smart and ask how school was. I just don't get why you wouldn't love your kids? It's humiliating and i am glad no one in my life really knows about my shit childhood but I always feel like people clock me when I don't really say anything when holidays or something come up. I know it's not my fault but boy did it fuck me up. Wahh why didn't daddy fucking love me waahhhwahh why the fuck did every aunt on his side tell me to be the one to patch things up with him when he never once did contact me in over 5 years, the man hated me and loved booze. I am so fucking sad and it's stupid, I know. I rarely think about it but I got into this weird state where it just hit me that my dad didn't fucking love me, how embarrassing.

No. 461715

That's not stupid of you to feel sad about at all. You were wronged. He let his own festering mental issues and selfishness affect his own innocent child. Parents are supposed to be the ones to show their children unconditional love and care. The people who tried to get you to patch things up are ridiculous; it's his responsibility. He should be the one to reach out, to apologize, to grovel and try to make amends and even then you would still have right and reason to not accept it.

No. 461717

lol I've had at least 2 exes do this to me many times and even though it felt bizarre every single time, I thought it was normal somehow. a lot of the time it was definitely a tactic to get me to cave into sex or oral but I thought I was a prude for kind of wanting to be like "are you for real just jerking off under the covers right now?"
how fucking hard is it to just go rub one off in the bathroom, or idk, maybe not think your dick is the #1 priority all day every day.

No. 461729

>>461715 thanks, feels better to hear this from someone else and not just my head and wonder if I am just selfish or mean. I calmed down a while ago but feel grateful I can at least write it out! Thank you, anon.

No. 461734


No. 461739

My best friend got her first boyfriend and I feel weirdly betrayed. She’s supposed to be mine and I’m supposed to be her number one. They’ve been together for 3 weeks and I’ve only met her once since then. It sucks.

No. 461747

File: 1568352069330.jpg (54.53 KB, 750x750, 12912294_1697782703794869_1074…)


Lord Braco has spoken, amen!

No. 461748



No. 461749


your post doesn't make sense to me at this moment, what does your post mean?

No. 461751

this is some asha-tier word salad

No. 461753

>>461746 if you are on some medications, better take them unless this was a copy pasta? It's pretty incoherent, anon, are u ok?

No. 461754

>>461748 the what

No. 461757

>if you are on some medications

Probably HRT

No. 461762

Report tranny b8 and don’t engage dear anons

No. 461766

spoiler alert: i am short and angry i guess.
i hate when people tell me i am "smol" when they ask me my height. recently, i met irl with some friends i had online and it was really awkward because they were surprised how short i was. one of them had me stand next to their irl friend who is my age and fucking 6'2 female. it made me feel really insecure because i am the shortest in my family and no one knows why i am legit this short when my sisters are average height. it's getting really annoying and infantilizing. idk why egirls are all about that "haha smol uwu" shit but it being legit said to me unironically (when i have spent years avoiding telling people my actually height) is fucking Weird bro.

No. 461767

Kek, it's amazing to see so such a breakdown though. Showing us all what type of person it is who is against the gc anons and threads here.

No. 461769


can you stop gas-lighting with your shitty western mindset for a second? just because I was born with "fish" doesn't mean I am hysterical


blahblahblah "tranny b8 troll". good, then fuck off and leave me alone. stop talking about me. stop demanding money sex etc. you people are obsessed


I am forced to endure harassment from transphobes and lesbians daily. stop sexually pushing yourselves on me. I don't want it and I don't want YOU


oh here is a terf with more of her reverse sexism skin color race shitty shit.

shut the fuck up transphobic bitch

radfem is a cancer(troon meltdown)

No. 461770

File: 1568360411703.jpg (73.83 KB, 1024x762, e9e.jpg)


No. 461772

People want what they can't have. It sucks you are in that situation and really nothing to do but accept it. Sooner the better maybe.

I'm not too short, 5'3, but have always wished to be actually tall like 5'10. I feel like it would match my personality better and that people wouldn't feel as comfortable approaching me.. which would be a def plus for me.

No. 461774

File: 1568361063101.jpg (26.39 KB, 600x610, a30.jpg)


No. 461776

I'm sorry, I'm not okay

I won't post again. I am calling for help. I had to refresh for this, I can't delete, sorry


No. 461777

File: 1568362108405.jpeg (Spoiler Image,161.95 KB, 1177x892, 92B52BBC-B670-4E81-92ED-729EF3…)

No. 461780

Ignore autistic copypastas and bait like this. Thank you.

No. 461786

why not just delete the posts??

No. 461794

thanks anon, 'wristlet incel' sent me

No. 461853

So my crazy aunt has been staying with my family and I for the past six days uninvited and refuses to fuck off. I want to ask her wtf she won’t leave but I know if I say something I’ll get the bitch edit by other fam.

She’s been in the house since this Sunday and I am doing my best to avoid her, so thankfully I have classes during the week and run errands but it’s still annoying as fuck to look at her every time I need to go downstairs to do our laundry or get food out of the fridge.

She doesn’t do shit while she’s here, her energy is so fucking unpleasant, it’s like a dark cloud of negativity follows her everywhere. She’s constantly in the way and disrupts the family habits, turns off the whole house fan at night we keep on to ward off bugs, turns off the safety lights we keep on so that we won’t fall down our stairs in the dark, and just acts like a general retarded faggot for no reason.

I went in the guest room this morning to look for a towel that’s gone missing and also to see if she’s packing up to go…she’s been wearing the same tee shirt and pants and washing them everyday on repeat. It’s gotten so bad I didn’t care that she saw me walking out, I just want to make her know she’s overstaying her welcome. She usually stays 2 days because we are pretty boring in general, and don’t do much.

And yes, I have made comments about what’s up with her in group texts, saying that if we are going to be playing Barbie Dream House to her we need to do xyz like buy extra food, clean out the water heater so our water pressure doesn’t go down, and I know it isn’t just me that wants her to leave from our conversations, but everyone else acts like she’s going to just up and leave on her own. And it’s not like she isn’t aware she’s being annoying, since all she does is complain about her job as usual, which she only works now at for 2-4 hours, but she’s toned down the raging paranoia from a few months ago.

If she isn’t gone by Sunday I will just either confront her or the others and ask how long she is planning on staying as she’s already been in our house for a week and is becoming a nuisance.

No. 461856

How do you genuinely make friends as a 21+ year old? I'm getting my life back on track and I'm doing better with everything but the social part. I don't want to be alone anymore but everyone here are cunts in general and will just stare at you, it's even talked about as the "Perth Stare". People don't leave their high school group. I kinda want to move, maybe get a working visa and go overseas but I have no idea where to start.

No. 461860

i love being a turkish terf.

No. 461861

saw a pic of a cute guy with long hair on twitter, was scared to click the profile and of course its a tranny, why are men retarded? i guess i should just be thankful they hang their red flags out in the open

No. 461873

File: 1568386576647.jpg (47.23 KB, 540x540, b1cb316d-0460-45ea-b5ba-3d6f5c…)

Just found out I passed an exam that I've been struggling with for a loooong time.
This would be wonderful if they gave their usual period of a week between the written and oral exam, but for some reason they decided to put this one on Monday.
To make things worse I have another exam on Tuesday and I abdolutely need to pass one of these two things.
Goodbye sleep I guess

No. 461881

File: 1568388617903.jpg (38.69 KB, 730x504, 133c8505-d85f-488e-84b3-a0aeb5…)

Best of luck anon!!! I believe in you!

No. 461910

Thank you anon, I'll do my best!

No. 461925

My mom made me throw out my dinner because "You will gain 2 kilos again if you eat this right now". I really want to lose weight because I'm super close to getting overweight (5'3 & 138 lbs). I'm seriously trying to eat healthy and doing sports 5 times a week but my mother just isn't helping. She is making me sick with getting me to throw out (perfectly fine) food, skipping meals and guilt tripping me about my weight which results in binging at night when she is sleeping because I'm so hungry. This makes me gain even more weight and I feel even shittier about myself. I wish I could just move out but I just don't have the money at the moment.

No. 461942

No single meal will make you gain 2 kilos and 'close to overweight' isn't the same as actually being overweight so her tough love approach seems too harsh for where you're at

You're not a 300 pounder that needs rescuing from herself so let her know you want to tackle your weight in your own way

No. 461969

I desperately wanted to study abroad in my final year in uni and it's causing my some problems. Apparently my uni in Ireland is way easier than my uni home in the states, and the econometrics class here isn't eligible for credit at all. I was planning on getting over it this semester, so I'm going to be screwed over this semester lmao.

No. 461979

Fuck, I'm so sorry anon! That sucks! This reminded me of when I had come back from study abroad and my old adviser desperately did not want to let me apply the credits towards my major. I had to spend like 30 minutes in his office with handouts and printouts of ALL my material from my foreign university arguing that they deserved to be applied lol. It was so annoying.

I hope you'll have fun in Ireland though! Studying abroad is really great and fun!

No. 461996

When I was 15/16 I worked part time at a law firm, just scanning documents and putting together binders for the legal assistants. It was mostly personal injury (car accidents, slip & falls, etc.) but a lawyer took on a wrongful conviction for a murder from decades ago. So I did my job, but I think working on that file fucked me up. I'm into true crime and had seen crime scene photos before so I thought it'd be fine but… these were so much more graphic. The way she was mangled and violated is burned into my memory. Even if I didn't have to scan the photos I would've still scanned all the written documents and I had to read/skim them to make sure none of the pages got skipped by accident. I can't forget those descriptions and transcripts either.

Sometime I think about "exposing" the lawyer, becauce he's just generally a huge prick (he never once said hello to me when I worked there and I heard him yell at assistants multiple times, among other things) but I know it wouldn't really do anyone any good. I wish I said I wasn't comfortable working on that file, but it was huge so I got a lot of hours out of it. Idk, it's been years and I feel like I should just get over it, I mean the photos were black and white for god's sake, but it's like they've been colourised in my mind.

No. 461998

It’s embarrassing as an adult over 25 with a career, I still feel inadequate and hate myself for not being more of a “cool girl”

Idk if therapy is enough to fix this

No. 461999

The good news is that I talked with the professor about taking a similar econometrics class and she will give me some credit for it. I also would get credit for other classes. I feel way better now. :)

No. 462002

what kind of "cool girl" do you want to be? how arent you a ccol girl?

No. 462081

>be in a friend group
>friend starts to get bullied by the rest
>stand up for her
>group turns on me and friend joins them
>i'm isolated out
>they gloat about being such good friends with eachother and pat themself on the back for being kind drama free people
>refer to me as problem causing bitch
>group still together while i'm alone now
what the fuck happened? how do people like this exist? what the fuck did i do wrong?

i'm angry remembering but why do i still blame myself years later

No. 462101

My best friend passed away in 2015 from cancer. Her birthday is today (September 13) it just makes me feel an empty hole in my heart…

No. 462104

I’ve seen similar things happen before, both to myself and others. Cruel and selfish people abound everywhere unfortunately (I don’t think as a majority but a sizable minority of people) but anyway you did the right thing. I hope now you can be around more kindhearted people. Bullies simply love to be mean at all costs partly because they seriously lack self-reflection and many people’s self-preservation response to friends who are bullies is to try to get on their good side and join in.

No. 462106

You are a good friend to remember her with that love and thoughtfulness on this day. She definitely would feel happy to know how much you care about her still and would want you as her friend to think of the good times too and in addition to mourning to also be happy in your own life for her and for you.

No. 462110

My fiancé has a kid but his ex has sole custody and is too stubborn to let us genuinely co-parent with her and it’s soooo frustrating for me (& my fiancé). I only had visits with my dad growing up and it’s just not the way to form a genuine bond with a parent at all, it upsets me so much that my fiancé doesn’t get to actually be a dad despite being the primary caregiver when his son was a baby. I just want to have the cute kid half the time, I want to have a relationship with him, I want to parent with my partner! I wish his ex wasn’t so overprotective and would let us help, there’s no legitimate reason to choose to struggle (her words) when there’s two other adults available literally anytime. Ugh.

No. 462115

>unironically piss in cups around my room because my abusive father yells at me and looks to pick fights anytime I leave my room

No. 462117

I used to do this too; I'm sorry anon. Stay safe.

No. 462164


No. 462166

I feel you anon. Similar situation, not engaged but been with the guy for nearly 5 years and his kid went to two weddings with us and it all went OK I thought. I'm a child of divorce and have a stepmum that to this day still has an issue with me seeing my dad, so I don't want to be that woman to this kid. His mum barely let's my bf see his kid. He's never late with payments and asks every week to see his son but just gets knocked back. I dropped him over to their house on Christmas morning and he phoned me 15 mins later crying saying they left to go to her mothers.

I just feel bad for the kid in situation and feel guilt I'm causing tension or he sees it that way. Kids need their parents and if they are actively trying to be in the kids life it should be welcomed.

Hope your situation improves.

No. 462174

File: 1568461510670.png (233.21 KB, 839x473, 36664430_520526528374875_43142…)

So, me and my lds bf are 'just friends' now and it is probably because he doesn't want to do the long distance thingy, but for some reason i feel guilty about exchanging nudes with random men online even though we're not together and he always refuse to do it anyways. help me feel less guilty because i still talk with him everyday and we get along just fine and im a stupid motherfucker and can't just say no to some random stranger with a nice cock.
ps: he constantly say that he got no feelings for me and that he views me just as a friend but he treats me specially still. I only did it twice -so far-.

No. 462178

stop talking with him, you both sound like an immature trainwreck

No. 462183

fuck thats me anon, is all australia just like that? i want to move so badly

No. 462184


LDS like the religion? Unless I'm missing something, I don't understand why you would ever feel guilty for his sake. You're not dating anyone, and you're exchanging nudes online.

No. 462185

File: 1568464894331.jpg (76.83 KB, 665x900, 1-shintaro-kago-ririn-kutin.jp…)

when the depression hits i get really bad invasive thoughts about stabbing my eyes out, shaving my head, or cutting off one of my limbs. i've told a few therapists that i'm concerned about it but the response is that it's "normal for someone in my situation." pls i don't want to be normal for someone with PTSD if it means wanting to deflate my eyeballs

No. 462191

File: 1568467487360.jpeg (229.81 KB, 640x722, 47707200-030F-46E5-8B63-57F15F…)

My boyfriends aunt is asking me to go to a Chinese doctor for my endo, I’d usually refuse but my boyfriend is convinced it will help.

Most doctors I’ve gone to say to cut my uterus out or get preggo.


No. 462192

I've heard that women are told that (have a baby and see if that helps!)

Yeah what a great solution doc…

I'm sorry that docs are so shitty when it comes to womens issues

No. 462193

It’s so sad and frustrating, I can understand if he just wasn’t suited to parent or something but.. denying a sane, stable, and willing adult the ability to have a real relationship with their child is cruel.

I hope we both eventually get to be the amazing stepparents we aspire to be and our partners get their babies back in their lives!

No. 462214

thank you for your kind words anon. i'm sad that this is such a common situation. going against a group vilifying me really made me doubt myself, you know? i don't get why they saw me as the problem causing bitch after everything. it unfortunately made me cautious of making friends since then tho i know it's irrtational.

No. 462218

I hate my manager, she's a liar and an incompetent bitch, she always says sneaky humiliating things but pretend she's really kind and nurturing, I guess she believes we're oblivious to it, but we're not. This dumb bitch is convinced she can do anything she wants to me because I told her I was in a really difficult situation and looking for a long term job, and when she learned I'm actually not gonna stay after my contract she had a public meltdown during lunchtime because she hasn't been looking for my replacement.

No. 462228

these people are all around us, anon. that's what's so terrible about being vulnerable in this world, as if you aren't suffering enough for any given reason, these bloodsucking sharks swarm you when they sense any vulnerability, and it's not just bosses. i hope she gets fired or just gets her karma for being an opportunistic and rude asshole.

No. 462234

My dumbass really woke up at 5am, tried to go back to sleep for an hour, then gave up and spent 5 hours on my phone in bed. Now my arms are gonna feel sore later because obviously this isn't my first time doing this. rip

No. 462236

Im scared that the friend finder thread on g is being used by males

No. 462256

Annoyed is one thing but why are you scared by that? Are you sending those anons your nudes and address before you get to know them properly?
If it's on your mind to begin with then it wouldn't be that hard to figure them out, you aren't going to develop a close friendship to them first without realising it. You can just go back to the thread to mark them and flag their post to admins.

Don't be scared of sneaky men, let them be scared of being found out.

No. 462290

I was hanging out with some close friends and we were eating pizza. Then one of them jokingly made fun of my chewing noises and it really dampened my mood.
I realized that I do have a loud chew and now I’m cautious about eating in front of certain people. My mom has a loud chew too so I guess I got that from her. Even if I try to chew softly people can still hear it. My mouth is a cave. It sucks and I feel like a slob

No. 462304

I'm well into my twenties and I just started scratching myself with a thumbtack a few weeks ago. I'm ashamed of this middle school behavior. I just really want to die though, and it kind of helps and it doesn't seem as bad as other stuff.

No. 462307

Pft, as long as you chew with your mouth closed the sensory autists are just going to have to adapt to the fact that chewing produces noise in the mouth. They were being rude to you, and I bet every single one of them makes a noise when they eat.

No. 462314

I have to learn javascript at school but I suck at problem solving. Everytime I'm trying to code with it I feel like crying. I wish I was goot at it. I wish I was smart.

No. 462318

I have chronic sinusitis and want to kill myself because of it. Insurance may not even cover the surgery. I feel like I should end it all tbh.

No. 462319

I used to think the stigma against BPD was unfair. I had sympathy for the trauma they went through, and took issue with the often kind of sexist undertones in the way it's diagnosed and talked about. But then I got chewed up and spit out by too many of them. Honestly the stigma is well deserved. It's really just Narcissism Lite. And you should be very concerned and diligent about treatment if you have it. The ones I've known had sucked all the joy out of my life and offered me nothing but constant arguments and lost sleep. They're all emotional abusers and I don't feel sorry for them anymore.

No. 462323

I've met a bunch of them through an old job and there is a quiet borderline that suffers more internally and then the regular old borderline that lashes out and is an emotional vampire, a liar, a cheat, a manipulator and so on

No. 462326

The quiet ones are still manipulative and still only think about themselves and their feelings. I'm venting, you're not gonna change my mind about them. I know some are worse than others and I know they aren't abusive 100% of the time (few abusers are abusive all the time). But I still wanna stay as far the fuck away from them as possible.

No. 462330

There are days where I'm nothing but a miserable mess who's still not over her extreme trauma from her childhood and my boyfriend tries his best to get me out of them by making me breakfast, playing my favorite video games with me even though he doesn't really like video games and basically doing stuff for me so that I feel better and I know that he means well and only wants the best for me but I can't help to get annoyed by that and yell at him to leave me alone. I always apologize afterwards and he tells me that it's ok, he might not know how I truly feel but he'll try his best to be as understanding as possible, but I still feel like such a cunt because he really doesn't deserve to get treated that way. I have no right to use my mood as an excuse to treat him that harshly.

No. 462332

Yeah, they wouldn’t get diagnosed with it if they didn’t think and act in extremely shitty ways. Sabotaging themselves and their relationships is part of the definition.

No. 462333

I wasn't trying to change your mind about anything ?

I've met probably a couple hundred of them so when the subject comes up on here (it does pretty frequently) its an interesting thing to discuss, I have tonnes of horror stories from trying to deal with them

No. 462337

>But I still wanna stay as far the fuck away from them as possible.
agreed. Everyone who has been burned by BPDs say this exact line lol

No. 462339

I think lolcow is full of people that have BPD, lots openly admit it and some show it with their extreme reactions to other peoples opinions

And of course loads of the cows show signs

No. 462343

How did you meet so many people with BPD? Did they tell you they had BPD?

Honestly the guidelines for BPD are so vague other than constantly shitting up your relationships. I've been trying to understand what constitutes BPD and a lot of the symptoms could apply to anyone.

Sometimes people can be extremely mad without BPD. I often get extremely angry when I hear annoying opinions and I don't think I have BPD. I think it's common for people on the internet to get mad about random things too.

No. 462345

since there are so many people talking about bpd rn, can someone please tell me how you can easily know someone has it without them telling you about it? i don't really think i've ever met anyone with that mental illness before

No. 462346

most people are just armchair diagnosing and talking out of their ass

No. 462347

I worked in a day centre for people with various mental health issues. It was like a social thing and most people referred had been in hospital just before that. I only worked in the kitchen so people chatted away with me and told me too much honestly. They had no filter

No. 462350

Look up the list of traits, you need to have at least 5 I think

It's not really a science though, it's kinda bullshitty

No. 462352

Actually yeah you're right that anger isn't really the best indicator. Every now and then I'll see anons taking an innocent comment and really twisting it to make it have a whole new meaning, that shit reminds me more of bpd but you never know what their deal is. In a way some symptoms of it just sound like an exaggerated version of youth, impulsiveness, risk taking

No. 462353


Psychiatric diagnosis can take a while and even then there is trial and error. Just going online and looking for symptoms you can end up self diagnosing 20 different mental illneses at once lol.

That said, i've dealt with an actual diagnosed people with bpd in my life and got hurt so bad and made me regret being good willed and compassionated. -999/0 would not deal with anyone with bpd again. If i meet someone knew that has the same symptoms as her i keep my distance. The saddest part is knowing that the more support you give the more you are enabling them and of course, ruining your own life in the process by entering into a manipulator's spiderweb.

No. 462371

I agree people love to armchair diagnose people with all the Cluster B's, especially NPD and BPD but I have seen commonalities in the people I've known with BPD - all formally diagnosed.

They were all incredibly manipulative. Every word or action of theirs was specifically calculated to get a certain response out of me, usually to get me to do something they wanted. They were all very two-faced because of this and it was hard to know where you stand with them. They all lied excessively and frequently tried to draw on pity whenever called out for it. The biggest thing they all had in common, and a huge hallmark of the diagnosis, is what would happen when I'd finally put my foot down and say it's not okay to treat me like that. They locked themselves in their room and drink a whole bottle of vodka, cut themselves, threatened to kill themselves… then you find yourself comforting them because while you hate their annoying ass, that doesn't mean you want them to die. They use their supposed suicidal ideation to draw you back in and the cycle begins again. The threats are almost always empty, and even the quieter ones will not-so-subtley find ways to guilt trip you whenever they fuck up.

BPD is pretty vague but that's the number one thing that distinguishes it - a fear of abandonment so apparently overwhelming that it drives them to extreme measures to keep people from leaving.

No. 462406

You only need 5 of these traits:

Frantic efforts to avoid real or imagined abandonment, reflecting intolerance to be alone

Unstable and intense relationships marked by abrupt and extreme shifts between idealization and devaluation

Identity disturbance, seen in an unstable self-image or sense of self

Impulsivity that is potentially self-damaging in at least two of the following areas—spending, sex, substance abuse, reckless driving, binge eating

Recurrent suicidal gestures or threats, or self-mutilation

Marked mood reactivity

Chronic feelings of emptiness

Frequent displays of inappropriate or intense anger

Stress-related paranoid ideation or severe dissociative symptoms.

Basically, because symptoms are so varied, no 2 people with BPD will display the disorder in the same way.

No. 462415

"actually diagnosed", just saying, an "actual diagnosis" does not mean anything. people who have been put through the psychiatric or psychological mill know this. a 20 minute "session" and they're quick to diagnose without any peeling back of the issues that you're faulty or even ever seeing you again to figure out whether or not this behavior is simply coping or the result of even ptsd from a recently removed negative stimulus.

wrong in my case. never been diagnosed or suggested by psychs that i have bpd. i just see the way BPD is used against people in psychology and psychiatry, and specifically against women, especially ones that are coping poorly to harmful stimulus, and a MULTITUDE of reasons could cause that behavior, and there is no effort made to identify triggers or remove people from environments that cause them to react negatively or go crazy, or prevent them from hurting themselves by entering abusive relationships they think are normal. psychiatry and psychology is very much all about treating symptoms, pretending people are forever broken, and hoping you become pliable enough to not be a burden to everyone around you (often times when you're suffering from abuse or molestation or what have you).

i have GAD and i was told the other week by a psychiatrist "benzodiazepines are placebos, you never experienced anxiety reduction when you took it". a lot of the people in this profession are liars and bullshitters that use their authority against people they think are delusional or too retarded to notice, and i have a million different stories about my negative experiences with psychiatric or psychological professionals that make it very clear, at least in the states, they are only interested in treating symptoms. 80% of people are morons, doctors and 'professionals' are no different. it's hardly a burgeoning science because it's so tainted by authoritative assholes that are just manipulating the vulnerable.

- people tend to feel empty because life is genuinely meaningless, and when you're abused (as most with bpd are), that's doubly obvious. lots of people who are chugging along in life unperturbed by BPD feel empty because life just is empty

- young people frequently have no fucking idea who they are, and that's to be expected. especially those that are coping in response to negative stimulus and have never had an opportunity to develop without being under constant stress or emotional, financial, instability

- people tend to be reactive while being abused because their needs are being ignored or the problem is being completely ignored

- anger obviously a problem while around abuse

- abuse causes dissociation

- most young people are impulsive, especially those that are abused because they have never learned self worth as their boundaries have repeatedly been broken down by their abusers. they have never been taught self worth and have repeatedly had their trust violated and are often punished for having any self esteem or confidence

so here, just with these things, already an impulsive young person that is coping poorly through who knows what "has BPD". and to take it a step further, i would say even kids who are just going through teenage stressors can display a lot of these symptoms without abuse.

no doubt there are definitely manipulative psychos out there that are black and white but i think this shit is way overdiagnosed and is the perfect way to further victimize victims who cope "the wrong way" (i.e., we don't want to deal with the root cause of what is causing you to act this way because it requires putting your family or boyfriend in prison, you just need to learn to suck it up better because your behavior while being abused is inconveniencing the people around you or your productivity).

that's untrue. lmfao, these people are misdiagnosing and over diagnosing all of the time.

No. 462439

I hate hearing that thing about relationships where "you're ready for a relationship when you aren't looking for one" or "you can only be in a relationship when you're happy being single"

At the very least you have to want to be in a relationship to be in a (well, at least healthy) relationship–it's something you actively have to pursue, you can't just wake up and be in a relationship

it just seems false and self serving, another way to give a non-answer like
>life's not fair, get used to it
>it's always in the last place you look
>you'll know when you know
etc etc
sorry if that's too much incel venting or whatever

No. 462441

I agree, I think a lot of women diagnosed with BPD actually have C-PTSD. There is a push to scrap BPD as a disorder entirely and replace it with C-PTSD. Hopefully, that'll be the standard in future.

No. 462443

I hate that shit too anon.
The one that gets me is
>no one can love you unless you love yourself!
As if self love is always perfect and there's no such thing as self loathing and insecure people in loving relationships as we speak.
I hate these platitudes so much, they're so passive aggressive and backhanded too.

No. 462463

File: 1568518244799.png (183 KB, 402x402, tumblr_ps63askXfw1wsk2dc_540.p…)

lmao i came here to vent about my BPD and people are sperging about BPD, but honestly i think they are right you know, i am absolutely insufferable.

I don't even know what to do anymore except offing myself, I made everyone i ever loved hate me, im not even manipulative just a huge unstable cunt, but still it damaged things beyond saving.
The only people who want anything to do with me are abusers, my closest friend,maybe only friend, is a straight up psycopath(haha cluster Bs sticking together), i go to therapy and all but it doesn't seem to make much difference because i can't leave the triggering environment (my shitty ass small town).

I mean is there any hope for the worst kind of person around or should i just give up?

No. 462466

>but still it damaged things beyond saving.
how are valuable relationships capable of being damaged beyond saving if you know someone is struggling with either veritable illness, or coping as a result of continued trama? are you targeting vulnerable people and trying to ruin their lives, or are you just unstable and afraid so you self-sabotage?

No. 462467


Just self-sabotage, I started getting somewhat delusional when things were going too well and blew minor things out of proportion, all of my former social circle except mister ASPD were mostly well adjusted college students with some bumps on their lives (divorced parents, etc) but nothing too major that made them exceptionally vulnerable or fucked up mentally.

I think thats also why they had a hard time forgiving my freakouts since they are pretty neurotypical.

No. 462468

As long as you can live your version of a peaceful life while trying to do as little harm as possible to others, then being a bit self-destructive and sometimes manipulative isn't the worst that someone could be.
It's not like you have a lesser right to live than anyone else. Just my 2c.

No. 462473

File: 1568519822861.jpg (73.07 KB, 700x700, aXm1954xjU.jpg)

I've spent the last hour or so sorting through my downloads folder and it's been such a chore. Reaction images, irl pictures, webms, movies, tv series, music files.
I just shoved it all in here for the past fourish years. I swore I did a cleanout maybe a year or so ago but I guess i didn't do a very thorough job.

I'm finally getting rid of the majority of it even if it's stuff I would've leaned to keep.
Is it weird that I feel a bit sentimental deleting most of it? It feels like a little internet time capsule. All the things I saved were in chronological order so sometimes I could guess where I was browsing and what I was doing/feeling at the time when I saved these things. Now I'm just deleting it. All the hours of viewing and collecting this shit and it might as well have never existed.

No. 462477

File: 1568521077003.jpg (4.75 KB, 250x250, 1568430080625s.jpg)


I have a reaction folder that is like 4 years old and i thought about erasing it and detox from IBs but can't for the life of me do it. If i delete it i know i'll get autistic spasms and feel awful for a long time.

No. 462490

Bitch me too. Me too

No. 462498

I love my bf but he fucking SUCKS at communicating, even over the littlest things. I'm willing to work with him about it and I'm not going to just dump him since he's perfect in every other way, but he just refuses to actually fucking talk about minor shit until he blows up at me over something that shouldn't have been a big deal. Then he does the whole "I'm sorry, I know I need to communicate, I swear I'll work on it" routine before he inevitably does it again a few months later. It's exhausting.

No. 462519

I teach at a high school. Some of the female students have decided to start a feminist club, and I thought that was so great. At the expo, they told the male students that they were more than welcome to participate at any time and I felt a pang of sadness. I know they’re just trying to be nice and inclusive, but I also feel like the male presence is going to drastically change the dynamic. They were going to try to open a chapter of “GIRL UP” (connected to the UN iirc) but decided against it BECAUSE it excludes males.

My hope is that any male student who is willing to attend is willing to sit and listen to these young women. That’s the only positive outcome I could see from including males, and I’m a little skeptical. I would be crushed and angry if these young men tried to dominate the conversations or if the club founders felt they had to censor themselves or walk on eggshells around the guys.

I offhandedly said to another female colleague that I would make it a female exclusive club if I were them, and she was shocked. She didn’t seem to think it would change the dynamic at all if it was mixed gender.

Still think it’s a cool idea for those students and I hope they have a lot of valuable discussion and find some sisterhood in their group. Just kinda sad to see a potential all-female space become “inclusive” in order to be more…popular? Palatable?

No. 462546

I get that a relationship shouldn't be and won't be the end all of all personal problems, but why is it a bad thing to lean on a potential partner if you are having self image issues, if you need someone to confide in on an intimate and personal level
not that a partner should be a therapist, but more that someone that helps you create a warm and healing environment around you–like any friend or family member would, but more consistent

No. 462547

Not to alarm you, anon, but if he's not working on it, it will get only worse. He's not perfect if he's not willing to grow up and talk about issues face to face and fix them.
And yes, this is a dumpable reason.

No. 462548

Not to alarm you, anon, but if he's not working on it, it will get only worse. He's not perfect if he's not willing to grow up and talk about issues face to face and fix them.
And yes, this is a dumpable reason.

No. 462562

Is your therapy part of a DBT based program? If not, I'd highly suggest you look into that. DBT has been shown to be the most effective form of treatment for borderlines.

No. 462564

I've known women diagnosed with BPD that had their diagnosis changed to complex trauma

I've known women diagnosed with BPD that had their diagnosis changed to bipolar

I've known women diagnosed with BPD that had their diagnosis changed to autism!

It's so over diagnosed in early twenties women, it really is the lazy diagnosis

No. 462568

Yes this

I'm already attracted to women so I kick myself for putting up with years of shitty and miserable straight relationships

I ended up on antidepressants in all my relationships and the depression magically lifted every time I became single again. Fuck their mental abuse and mind games. I've had more joy come from sex toys than any guy

No. 462596

File: 1568557358099.jpeg (49.08 KB, 1024x970, D_4lWIXUwAASQh4.jpeg)

I've been in a mostly long-distance relationship with this guy for over a year. It's probably my first ever healthy relationship, and I really adore him as a person, but for the last month, all I can think about is that maybe I'm not that romantically attracted to him anymore…
When I calm down and get distracted with my stuff it gets kinda better, and I am still think able to think about him in a romantic way somewhat (although I still find PDA and couple outfits kinda cringey), but I still end up thinking about that when I'm feeling down.
I just can't bring myself to hurt him, and ditching him out of the blue would be bad for me as well, since my depressed ass is dependent on him. I don't know what to do. I'm fucking miserable.
Advice on the internet is either "Break up immediately if you ever feel like your feelings have changed, otherwise it's totally unfair to your partner!!!!" or "Toughen up, marry them and be miserable together, everyone's going to be miserable eventually, anyway". I don't really have much of a support system, and I don't know anyone who could give me a good advice. I can't make an appointment with my therapist, because he seems to be on a vacation. Not that I've had much money to spend on therapy, duh.
I feel like a fraud and a scammer. I spent so much time crying and whining about wanting someone to luv me uwu, but once I got too comfortable I grew cold. Maybe I really can't love anyone, unless they love-bomb me and abuse me in true narc fashion.

No. 462607


Sadly there isn’t any therapist who does DBT around where i live, shitty small town outside of the US and all.

No. 462609

i just got rejected by my crush and i can't stop crying like a retard i really really really want to disappear i haven't been in an actual relationship for the last few years. my confession to him went horrible. i wish i never told him that i like him. i'm going to die alone.

No. 462610

I tend to attract military men (base nearby) and all of them I've gotten to know turned out to be married and most have young children. Do not marry, ladies.

No. 462617

Edgy opinion but military men are a specific kind of scummy since the career filters for stupid aggressive unempathic risk takers who'll never take responsbility for their own actions.

No. 462618

Obviously you are not going to feel especially loved/loving when it's long distance. That involves a lot of imagination.

Every piece of advice I've ever read about long distance boils down to: make a plan of when you are going to close the gap/move in together/move closer, with dates, and actually do the plan, otherwise the relationship can't last.
Have you made any plans? Do you want to?

No. 462622

File: 1568561554895.jpg (55.74 KB, 500x553, large.jpg)

It upsets me that I never got attracted to someone in real life. Only 2d guys and celebrities.
I actually never met a guy that interests me in the slightest (other than meaningless crushes when I was a teenager).

Because of my age, I brought myself to date 2 men even so.
It didn't go well. I didn't find any of them cute and we didn't get along. The first one didn't seem to have in real interests in life and barely talked. The second one got often frustrated that I didn't share his opinions and would rather get someone who agrees with his every words. It quickly became unbearable.
I waste so much time wondering if something is wrong with me, if I'm too picky. I'm happier without them, just sad that I didn't find anyone yet…

No. 462623

A feminist club that includes males sounds about the same as a lesbian club that includes MTF

It's a good faith gesture on the assumption every male that joins is a "good one."

A feminist club that panders to men seems an oxymoron to start with.

Fittingly, apparently lolcow has one or two male admins (who shut down the radfem and gc threads) so now I have the same fear about posting as these woman will have about speaking in a "feminist" club that includes males.

No. 462627

protect those reaction images. I have never collected them, but whenever I try and find one that I'm thinking of online I can never find it again, I guess my keywords suck.

No. 462628

Same anon, I wish we could get to the stage of human like 2D bf AI already.

No. 462630

My mother convinced me to stay over at my parents house for her birthday. I don't live with them but my 26 year old neet brother does. Turns out there's nowhere for me to sleep on because they turned one of the bedrooms into a storage room. I had to sleep downstairs on a tiny sofa where i can't even stretch my legs and am in constant danger of falling over if i roll more than half a degree. Also there are mice and a ton of mosquitoes here downstairs. It's her birthday so i decided to put up with it for her.

Today i woke up to my mom telling my brother that i'm the black sheep of the family because i overslept and therefore i wasn't going to be able to go with them to morning church.

I, independent, with a job and an engineering degree from the best university of my country, i'm the black sheep. Not my neet, jobless, careerless, useless brother. This because i wouldn't go to church while my brother goes with them every sunday.

Also yesterday my dad was watching tv full volume on the living room (where i was supposed to sleep) until 3am. And this morning at 5 my mom and brother (both whom went to sleep early) were already in the living room with the tv on and loud, talking shit about me, nevermind the fact that i was trying to sleep there.

Also yesterday at 3am my dad was watching a random ass romcom and saying really disgusting shit about the female protagonist because she was getting married in white despite not being a virgin (she wasn't even wearing a veil). I'm neither married nor a virgin but he doesn't know the latter. My dad says a ton of disgusting shit about women on a regular basis, he's the type to blame rape victims for going out at night, i dread watching the news with him.

And then my parents dare to complain that i visit my boyfriend's parents more than my own…

No. 462631

I feel like Caroline Calloway (thread on snow, but all the crap is public on her Instagram) has all the traits of BPD/NPD

It's very useful seeing her posts from a clinical perspective, as many girls with none of these traits get incorrectly called borderline or narcs by sexist men. Seeing what it looks like laid out on a page in real time is very useful

No. 462632

>makes their daughter sleep in a dirty room on an uncomfortable couch bc she's not a male
>puts their useless NEET son up on a pedestal
>disregards a college degree in favor of whether their children attend the weekly religious ceremony
>can't even watch a tv show without weird hangups about the women in them and what they've done with their virginity

Yep, all signings of bigot parents.
Sorry anon, but they'll never change. My mom is exactly like this and I wonder if she'd had treated me better if I were born a male. Nothing I did as a woman was ever good enough, I was tossed scraps and expected to be grateful, and I chose to be deflowered before marriage so buh bye my only saving grace as a female.

No. 462633

I'm tired of everything.
I wish I could just die already

No. 462634

Shitty "friend" to make someone self conscious for eating…

I hate this insurance/overpriced medical care bullshit. I hope you are covered. Stay safe Anon.

No. 462635

Yesterday was my birthday and I got jumped.
All I wanted was a nice and fun birthday but instead I possibly got a concussion.
I try not to dwell on bad things but this really sucks.

No. 462639

I'm going to move to his country next year, it's probably going to happen no matter if we stay together or not. But going all the way there to break up a couple months later would be pretty sad. I'm shuddering at the thought. He wants me to come in a few months as well, but I don't want him to waste any money on me, because I don't know what state of mind will I be in at the time.

No. 462640

I used to think i was fat in high school, and would constantly spend all of high school wearing baggy clothes and sweats. And now that I am actually fat and gained 40 or so lbs due to being stupid and stressed, I feel like i’ll never get that body back and I wasted my prime being insecure. I literally thought i was obese in high school but looking at pictures now and seeing the clothes i would wear i was tiny, just had rolls. I normally wore a size M for pants and S/M for shirts and now i’m a land whale. I’ve been trying to hard to get fit but i always give up instead of being patient and over eat. I’m so tired of being fat, I literally can’t stand to look at myself in a mirror it makes me physically sick. None of my old clothes fit and I hate having to buy larger clothes it makes me feel so ashamed and disgusting.

No. 462647

No. 462666

My mom is constantly minimizing my ethnicity, and it makes me feel even more weird and alien to my culture than I already do.
She said I'm basically the same as foreigners who try to lay claim to our country just because they happened to be born there, but aren't part of the host race. I told her "I came from you" but she just said that it didn't matter and that there's just always been something "different" about me. All this because I have a reserved personality, don't talk or dress the same way as most locals, and don't really like "our" food or music.
She keeps saying that I should get a DNA test, and that there's probably all sorts of "other" floating around, despite the fact that both she and my dad are the same race (though my dad might be 1/8th something else) and from countries that are next door neighbors. The only thing that would back this up is how I looked as a baby, and the texture of my hair.
I know it's dumb from a logical standpoint, but it really makes me feel like maybe I was somehow born the wrong race. I even find myself personally identifying more with people who are multiracial, but that could easily just be some weird self-hate. It's confusing. I don't know where I fit in. At least people who are actually mixed with parents of two distinctly different races have a reason to feel this way, I have no excuse.
I'm deliberately not mentioning any races or countries b/c I don't want this to be twisted into racebait, I just wanted to vent

No. 462670

adding to previous anons
the biggest indicator of bpd is the splitting for me (combined with the other symptoms)

No. 462676

Why did my boyfriend think it's cute to say "tbh if something happened i could snap so easily" while I was explaining how fucked up and scary it is when you hear those cases of men snapping and murdering their entire families… I love him but holy fuck, what the hell?

No. 462677

Forgot to add but right after he said "im joking, im joking!" when I told him that's not funny and don't say that.. I'm disturbed right now.

No. 462682

I can relate a bit, but in a different way. My family is mixed with a ton of ethnicities that all have historically hated each other, and no side of the family wants to meet the other because of it. I'm envious my non-Euro friends all have warm, welcoming families with a single culture where they celebrate holidays and traditions together.

I'm a lone wolf who only knows her mother and father, but both of them have personality disorders. My grandfather is Native American, and he raised me in his culture, until he passed when I was really young, so I only have what little he shared and his books he left behind. My mother thinks it's ridiculous I hold on to our spirituality and I should "just accept I'm white and that's all others will see me as." My father is happy I'm trying to learn his dad's language, but doesn't wear his regalia anymore and just calls himself "German" when people ask his ethnicity (he's not).

I got screamed at by hard lefties at my college campus for cultural appropriation when I wear my grandfather's bone jewelry that's been in the family for generations. I, was unfortunate in being blonde haired and grey eyed, so they don't associate my appearance with the culture I was raised. Add insult to injury when being called an Anglo when my "English" side of the family is from Wales and my distant grandparents who came from Ireland where indentured servants.

I've also been straightening my hair for years because I got the shit beat out of me as a kid for having curly hair. Black students thought I was trying to imitate them. My mother has been shaming me for it since. All of her brothers have the same hair.

Probably already going to get banned for race baiting, already did once, but IDGAF. There's literally no safe place on the internet to talk about this without getting banned.

No. 462689

File: 1568575217033.gif (908.58 KB, 500x375, HA HA HA AH HA HA HAAAA.gif)

>bf is older mexican
>believes in a lot of misinformation and superstition
>comes to my apartment today
>open door
>a cute male praying mantis is on my door chilling
>bf acts scared and uncomfortable coming in
>like he's afraid of the bug
>'Watch out babe, there's a giant walking stick!'
>laugh because he's way overreacting to this
>assure him it's not a female so it's not gonna be aggressive
>we go out for lunch
>'i-is it still there?'
>it is
>assure him there's nothing to be scared of
>we go out to eat, then he drives me back to drop me off
>'Be careful of that bug. That thing kills cows. Don't it kill cows?'

He actually believed that little mantid could kill a fucking cow. Lmao! I had to google it and show it as a superstition just so he'd believe me about it.

No. 462691

File: 1568575597998.jpg (55.82 KB, 800x422, killdozer-og.jpg)

Kinda less serious yet similar, video of Marvin Heemeyer's killdozer rampage was on tv yesterday at work and this dude said to me that he still thinks it's the funniest thing ever and the dude is a legend. Men are psychotic by default.

No. 462698

I feel guilty for not missing my deceased dog.
So about a year and a half ago, my cat died. He was adopted when he was still tiny, so I guess our bond was pretty strong. Cue his death, I still cry sometimes when I think about it long enough. It was an accident, some guy ran over him. It's been so long, but I feel like I just can't get over it.
Thing is, my dog, who had been around for longer than my cat, died a week ago, but for some reason I just don't feel anything. Like I don't care about it. With my cat it hit me almost immediately. But with my dog? I barely miss him, and I don't know why.

No. 462704

Eh. Sometimes, you have different bonds with pets.
When my dog died, I was devastated. I would cry a lot. This was almost 3 years ago. My cat died last June and while I was sad, I wasn’t nearly as upset. For one thing, when got her five years before and she was pretty old then. She had a lot of health problems since.

Whereas my dog was young and healthy. But all the sudden, she got parvo and died a week later.

Sometimes the circumstances of things affects grief. Doesn’t make you a bad person at all.

No. 462705

No. 462710

I made an appointment to get waxed in time for my school's career fair this week but my dumbass forgot I can't go because I have class during the entire thing. I've wanted to get waxed for a while but I'm shelling out $95 for lowkey no reason, fml.

No. 462711

He's telling you about himself.

No. 462716

my dad went through my room and found my personal altar stuff, wand, herbs, oils, and candles. He's very religious and I'm getting so much shit about it and it's something personal to me that I haven't told anyone about and now I feel violated.
He also found my weed but whatever fuck it

No. 462717

File: 1568582677438.jpg (25.49 KB, 750x748, D4x4Op5XoAchZbF.jpg)

Today my boyfriend and I were supposed to go on a shopping date because I had a really bad week and when we got there he was like I'm just gonna wait in the car while you go in, text me when you're almost done. Like, what the fuck? He didn't understand why I was upset at all and why I just told him to take me the fuck home.

Why do scrotes lack any emotional intelligence, anons?

No. 462720

I don't get what's the point of being a "witch". Is it for the aesthetic? Your dad has rosaries and icons and shit, you have your wands or whatever. How is one supposed to be more legitimate than the other?

People are always laughing about how dumb Christians are. But when it comes to witches, they're poor innocent smoll beans. Ok.

No. 462722

You could always "santeria" your shit. Make the religious iconery stand-ins for what you actually believe.

No. 462732

More christian than catholic. I don't consider myself a "witch", I do have some pagan spiritual beliefs though and it's just something personal to me and it's helped alot with my mindfulness meditation.
He's against all that.

He's less mad about the weed too, he says I can just smoke outside kek

No. 462747

I have some shit saved off of 4chan from ten years ago or longer. Sometimes I think to myself that i should do a mass cleaning on all my hard drives, but at the same time, it's kinda fun seeing those little glimpses of internet archives.

No. 462756

Is there any chance your dad is not your biological dad, and all this weird commentary from your mom is her way of admitting it/trying to get you to do a DNA test so you can "discover" it?

No. 462770

File: 1568592812749.jpg (61.81 KB, 665x658, 151341330371.jpg)


I definitely have a sicth sense to navigate my huge random image folder. I feel autistic as fuck about it too. And i always find some random image i saved once and forgot about it. Is so hard to let go. I already lost a hard drive once and even when i lost a lot of work and stuff i ended up sulking about my dumb reactions.

No. 462786

File: 1568596542124.jpg (166.27 KB, 650x650, aXm4301xjU.jpg)

I have a huge batch of pic related from a random inspirational quote generator. I must've saved them bc they made me laugh at the time. I feel bad for deleting some of them.

No. 462790

File: 1568597759516.png (699.05 KB, 750x679, 155753076727.png)

I started like that, saving wholesome neat things but it really started getting eclectic over time.

No. 462792

I recently acquired a high paying job with benefits. I've been mooching off my mother since graduating college because all of my previous jobs were shitty part-time. This new job required weeks of off site training that I managed to complete.

Yesterday was the last day of on site training. I ended up making a mistake, and I freaked out like the idiot that I am. I was going to talk to my supervisor, but she had an emergency. I was sent home and told that she'd call me back later.

During the call back, she said that I was unreliable. Her tone wasn't kind, understandably so. They will call me back tomorrow with a decision on whether I'll be kept or fired.

I'm positive that I'll be fired. I was hoping that I'd finally be able to be successful and independent. But I should have known better.

No. 462793

Gosh anon, what’d you do that was so awful? Maybe by tomorrow, they won’t be as upset. Sorry, that must be frustrating.

No. 462796

The person I was training under was stressing me out. We were out on patrol, so to speak, away from the facility. I was trying to do the job, but the nitpicking was incessant. And they psyched me out saying that any little mistake could get me fired in the first 90 day period. They thought I wasn't fast enough/cut out for it. I asked to be taken back to the office to talk it over with the manager. This meant I didn't finish the last day of training and couldn't be allowed to work on my own Monday like I was scheduled.
Thank you for your sympathy and concern.

No. 462797


Stand your ground and show your willing to not let it happen again, they are probably pressuring you to see if you break easily or if you cave to stress. Hope it works out anon, work stuff is a bitch.

No. 462798

Do you like this job or was it just out of necessity because of the full time and benefits?
I'm not sure how I'd feel after coworkers telling me they think I'm not cut out for it, especially knowing these would be the people I'd be dealing with on the job with me.

No. 462800

I'm going to try my best and choose my words carefully. Thank you for your support!
I think I could learn to like the job. It's one where it's difficult at the start but can be easy once the routine is right. But I didn't want to do this job; I only applied to make my parents happy. I wasn't expecting to make it past the interview.

No. 462801

I wish I had thicker hair. My hair is very thin (like Dakota-level thin) but wavy/a little curly. People used to make fun of me in school because my hair was always frizzy as hell. All of the "curly girl" methods are only for thicker or curlier hair. My hair always looks like shit. I hope to get a good haircut this week but IDK even what to do.

No. 462804

Good luck anon. I've had that shit happen to me at a job too, where I was told I was too slow or I freaked out and got fired. It was such bullshit too, since it was my first two days. People tend to be a bit slower when they first start.

No. 462812

File: 1568604480491.jpg (111.91 KB, 1080x1245, PicsArt_09-12-09.58.51.jpg)

my new flatmate is kinda unhinged. she lived here previously and I moved in so I kinda follow her rules out of courtesy but she's so weird about some things. the most annoying one is she insists on only the heaters in our bedrooms being on, the ones in kitchen, hallway and the bathroom are off. then she also keeps both the bathroom and kitchen windows open at all times, which, while fair enough, good for the ventilation, obviously makes everything outside bedroom same temperature as outside. it is 7°C outside rn, felt like freezing to the toilet bowl just now. wonder tf she's gonna do in the winter when it gets round 0/dips into negatives.

her great argument is that she's poor and gas gets expensive if more heaters are on but like, bitch, so am I, we have roughly the same amount of income, yet I'd rather eat more tinned beans than feel like living under a bridge. she is already making me pay more of gas money on the grounds that my room is bigger, which I gave in to because I don't like being argumentative and giving a bad 1st impression and frankly idc about those extra 10£, but this is kinda ridiculous. she also hasn't told me where the boiler actually is as she "doesn't want me to mess up her schedule". I hate being a doormat lads. And I miss my old flatmate other as a flatmate and as a friend.

also she removed my shit from the oven without telling me when I had a timer going and my food was doing just fine.

No. 462817

Same, anon. I’ve tried cowashing so many times and my hair feels AWFUL afterwards, even when I’ve “reset” with a clarifying shampoo. I can use a really light gel, but nowhere near a handful. It suuuuucks.

I’m going to cut my hair into a long bob soon, and see if I can do blunt ends. Hopefully it helps. My hair just gets so weighed down when it’s long.

No. 462818

She sounds like an idiot since anyone trying to save on heat would realize leaving the windows open in less than ideal weather is going to cost you.

No. 462822

my ex is like this, doesn't seem to realise that not all asian girls are animu girls with plastic surgery, and some are just as averaged and pig nosed as the rest of society. I'd hate to be only fetishized in a relationship, but I guess that's just me.

No. 462824

I feel like I gotta teach my boyfriend to appreciate things…certain art, music, even just events and people…teach him to accept and appreciate all kinds of things. It disgusts me that he could not do any of this on his own. He has to learn through conversations, arguments, lessons, and also mainly OTHER people. What I say doesn't matter, but if someone else says the exact same thing…he finally learns. It's gross. I love him. But he's just…like all other men. Really just nothing. Garbage. Nonsense. Cant appreciate anything. Disappointing.

Training men doesn't seem worth it. They all have to be trained.

inb4 MALE FOR LIFE tranny mod gets mad at this.

No. 462828

File: 1568613845558.jpg (388.37 KB, 1080x1335, 20190916_090342.jpg)

Korean single needle tattoos are so fucking stupid, they're filling up my ig discover tab. These idiots paying 2000e for something that will fade away in 6 months time or blur to oblivion. Also the whole moralfagginess oover the fact that they'll tattoo huge fine liney, messes on otherwise untattooed young girls, how the fuck do they sleep at night.

That or the tattoos are just cringy mess of english words (kinda like the whole kanji tattoos you don't understand the meaning of) ft. Shit art or copied shit. I am so pissed off. I get that it's not on my body, not my money but I am looking forward to someone in the tattoo cOmMuNiTy to throw shade.

No. 462829

>>462828 i wanna add that i know this isn't single needle workz it's just gross.

No. 462845

so idk a thing about tattoos but do they use like, smaller gauge needles to do thinner stuff or is this just like, going over the same area a million times with more ink? this looks terrible. is it ironic to get bad DA art from random wichita teens posted in 2006 as tattoos now?

No. 462853

File: 1568630178493.jpg (66.59 KB, 1000x1000, 83c3fafd8d97a31e4e024925dd47ef…)

nta, I think this is the style she's talking about.

No. 462862

I want a boyfriend or a friend, anyone, to come and take me away and show me something different. I'm so tired. I feel like a stuck child.

No. 462939

Anybody getting a tattoo may as well just go with "RETARD" on their forehead in big bold letters. They'll look and be perceived the same, but it wont take as long to get done.

No. 462942

sometimes this looks like a man's shoulder but he doesnt have a nipple, and sometimes it looks like a really weird butt haha

No. 462959

at this point I have to agree, I've never been against tattoos but holy shit they are getting uglier and uglier. Why is everyone so stupid? why would you get something large in thick black in a generic style that's going to fade into an ugly green mess.

No. 462969

Be that friend for yourself,try to see different things,learn new stuff.That way you'll never be alone and have fun all the time!

No. 462973

i'm glad i'm not the only one who saw a butt

i feel like a lot of it is people missing that tattoos are still art, and have to compliment the medium. your skin curves, ink fades, something that looks good on paper might not look good on your body. tattoos should have some cohesion and flow to them, drives me batty to see people with bodies that look like they're covered in refrigerator magnets lol.

i don't have tattoos myself yet since i'd want something of quality and that shit's expensive and at this point i wonder if it's actually worth it or if i should just buy some nice framed prints.

No. 462974

File: 1568659245928.jpg (168.34 KB, 1238x1237, tumblr_65e1a0130311302c56bde04…)

I wish I knew what I wanted to do for uni earlier, but because I've waited I have decided on what I want to do, but it's become harder for me to get a position in the course I want, so I'm basically forced to do a whole year of studying to make up 12 points I'm missing from meeting the rank requirement. I was studying to fix this until the company i was with closed down. I don't want to be starting uni when I'm 20, I'd feel old in a class with 18 year olds. I don't have a job, I've been applying for everything I'm even remotely qualified for. I just can't see myself making any progress. I want to make an advancement, I'm so tired of this.

No. 462976

Can we just start banning anons who claim everyone who disagrees is a male? It was legit at first now if you just call anyone out for being irrational, humblebragging or being a hypocrite they'll cry male, it's annoying and turns this site in a meme

No. 462987

20 is still so young anon, don't worry! 18 year olds will not even be able to see that you are a couple years older. I'm in grad school where some of my peers are 21 and some are 55 though so I guess I'm used to no one caring about having done things at a different pace, but really it does not matter and your age difference is so small! You can do it anon, you will get to where you want to be!

No. 462990

File: 1568664458568.png (29.28 KB, 400x400, C246E8DF-5B92-461F-9435-859DD4…)

My anxiety is giving me cramps, nausea, making me sweat, and making my heart thump. I feel so miserable just being conscious right now. I wish there was something I could do to make it immediately go away.

No. 462994

Anon never rely on something that can just “take it away”

Seek therapy or read on coping mechanisms.

You’ll get better if you seek help

No. 462996

OP here. i have accepted it for the most part. sometimes i just get annoyed. it's due to my best friend being a tall dude (6'3, he's the only person i let the short jokes slide w/. hes a mountain compared to me) and people have compared us to all kinds of weird shit and there was a issue when i graduated (he was a year ahead of me in school) of people asking me where my "guard" dog went.

i am 5'0 and a lot of people really like dumb me down cuz i am so small. everyone says i have a strong loud personality but then i get dumbed down to uwu haha smol and its like the OG post for how to talk to short people meme but i pull out a gun when they get to my level.

No. 463008

File: 1568667656429.gif (464.22 KB, 400x300, 38583048.gif)

>rare pair of shoes I've wanted forever have turned up
>exactly in my size
>only slightly used
>$160 (reasonable for these shoes)
>tfw struggling to be responsible vs slamming that shit on my pile of credit while I still have the chance
>and after all I haven't bought myself something nice in a real long time..

No. 463012

My hair just grew out to shoulder length and I already want to cut it. It looks fine when I dry it and have it curl inwards towards my face, but once I go to bed, it fucks up by the morning and will either be flipped away from my face on one side, or both sides if it's a bad morning. It looks stupid as fuck. I have really fine hair so I try my best to avoid heat styling/applying any heat to my hair so that I won't damage it but I got so fucking sick of how stupid it looked this morning that I just took my straightener to it. I could shower in the morning but my cousin wakes up around the same time I do and is never consistent so I don't want to risk not being able to shower before work so I just do it at night so it's inevitable to risk waking up with stupid looking hair in the morning (even after blowdrying it and having it end up the way I want it to look).

Guess I'll go to the hairdresser after work tomorrow and have to wait 2 hours to get a haircut… Fuck.

No. 463013

Resisting the symptoms only makes it stronger anon. Try to find comfort in the uncomfortable. Therapy, journaling, and developing healthy habits like exercising 2-3 times a week and eating less foods that may make you sensitive really helps you deal with the symptoms and learn to cope. I lived panic free for about 2 years, it was awesome to be able to focus on enjoying things. I believe in you. Don't give up!

No. 463014

>tfw check facebook message requests on a whim
>guy I asked out 5 months ago found and messaged me in June
I don't even know if I should reply now. I'm kind of pursuing someone else who I have more in common with, too.
Feels bad. He plans on moving back to his home country after graduating anyway so I guess it's whatever.

dw anon, in my experience everyone just assumes you're in the same age bracket. I started at 21 last year and people still think I'm 18-19 kek. I'm not even an uwu tiny neotenous loli uwu or anything, just average.
You're still super young! It's a tired sentiment but it's true.

No. 463017

File: 1568669831187.jpg (73.77 KB, 1220x1220, perm-rods2-1220x1220.jpg)

Use thin plastic perm rods (or any curlers, like foam ones, but on fine hair a thinner one is better) on the bits you want to shape, no product or heat, just roll them up in the curlers before bed, and when you wake up the hair will be curled. It will drop out into a looser curl within an hour so don't panic if it's too tight of a curl. Then at least you have control over what your hair looks like in the morning.

No. 463019

Anon you replied to. Cowashing is so retarded. It doesnt help to rinse out conditioner at all. I also have to wash my hair daily with shampoo or else my hair gets super weighed down and greasy.

I also plan on cutting it shorter for my next haircut. Having longer hair is such a pain.

No. 463025

>been thinking a lot about my life so far
>turned 24 a few months ago
>feel old because I'm realizing how quickly time goes by
>remember it being September 2018 and getting fired from my first real job
>feels like yesterday
>wtf happened between then and now
>feel anxious because I don't have a set career or vocation in life
>just going through the motions
>want to change but am afraid of it at the same time
>don't even know where to begin to change to be frank
>somedays just wish I could pack up my shit and leave even though I don't have a lot of money
>am willing to try anything new or interesting at this point as I feel like I've reached a dead end in my development
>somedays I feel like a zombie who is just mindlessly going through the motions
>freaks me out really badly because I want to be more involved in my future
>want to feel vibrant again, like I'm fully present
>wish I could go back in time and pursue my interests instead of doing whatever the fuck it is I'm doing now
>don't even know why I didn't try going into what I really liked
>beat myself up because it's my own fault for being afraid to express my own desires and let other people influence my decisions
>used to try to be altruistic and selfless and regret it now because of how much time I wasted trying to be a 'nice' person
>never took the time to ask myself what I wanted out of life, always put others before me
>used to let 'friends' walk all over me and take advantage of my kindness
>know better now and have to consciously remind myself that I do matter
>anytime something bad happens I just hold it in and smile even though I'm dying inside
>think a lot about my past and all the people I've lost
>feel sad because so many of them never lived to their fullest potential - drugs, abuse, mental illness held them back
>wondered why I didn't try harder to get out and do things and be more assertive
>want to ask myself why I was so afraid of everything, of being myself, of having my own time in the sun
>still hard to break my habit of being uwu shy and sweet, but it gets a little easier everyday to assert myself a little more
>started praying again even though I'm not really religious, it just feels like I need to say to the world that I'm open to whatever comes my way
>learning to let go of this subconscious need to 'save' my family, accepting that I cannot change what has happened to them and that it isn't my fault nor my responsibility to help them

No. 463028

File: 1568671379950.png (245.63 KB, 500x375, 3647B010-7C3F-4D67-99A7-E1AB10…)

Fucking hell I wish I was naturally pretty, why couldn’t I have won the genetic lottery. I wish I didn’t care, I don’t know how to not care about it I give too much of a fuck. Nothing helps cause I look bad no matter what.

No. 463032

File: 1568686694395.gif (318.29 KB, 274x227, source.gif)

>tfw I realize how empty my life is without lolcow and how I struggle to fill the void with sweet nothings when it's down

No. 463033

File: 1568687259487.gif (976.19 KB, 500x312, 5837B349-0640-49F7-B0EB-0BF0A8…)

>fill the void no more anon

No. 463034

Anon who was worried about being fired today here with an update. I called my supervisor.
At first, she was heavily considering firing me because of my anxiety;she had emailed the main office about it. But I stuck to my guns and explained that the coworker was the one making me anxious primarily. I asked if I could finish training with someone else on another assignment. My supervisor agreed and said she'd call me back later after discussing it with her boss.
But she forgot to call me back before she left work. So I'll have to try again tomorrow. Hopefully they made arrangements, and I won't be let go.
Thank you for the encouragement and support yesterday, anons!

No. 463035

I’m getting married next month and my dumb brain has been soooo obnoxiously anxious about it. My insecurity is through the roof too, which is weird since I’ve never felt insecure in this relationship yet. I feel so annoying because I’ve been needing a lot of validation/attention and my married friends don’t relate to these feelings. I have no legitimate doubts about marrying him either! I can’t wait for our wedding day to come and go so I can chill the fuck out.

No. 463036

Right on. Good on you for sticking to your guns.

No. 463044

>>463032 same, sweet anon. I was scared laur somehow got it shut down, someone give me a fkn hug.

No. 463045

>>462939 go eat something, you sound awfully angry.

No. 463055

Goddamn. I had friends over this weekend to celebrate something we got pretty drunk. Nothing out of control but we all ended up getting kind of cuddly on the couch. My boyfriend and best friend were sitting close and watching a YouTube video together, nothing that out of the ordinary for their interactions. The next day my best friend's spouse sends a huge text to me about how creepy my boyfriend is and accused my boyfriend of trying to get my best friend drunk enough she couldn't consent to anything to have his way with her (we were all in a room together.) I text my best friend about everything and she is super confused by her spouse saying that and also informs me that her spouse threatened to harm themselves and is now in the hospital. I feel worried, confused, and super pissed. The spouse is a trans woman which I guess is all the perspective I need, eh? I do hope they get the help to find the peace they need but holy shit do not make my boyfriend the reason you are trying to kill yourself.

No. 463060

The past month or so I’ve been so just “done” with my husband. Our one year anniversary is soon, so we haven’t been married long and now I’m stressing out because if I’m this pissed off by him now can I imagine being with him for 5, 10, 25 years? My depression is coming back full force and I just walk around feeling like a zombie.

Everything he does annoys me. He’s gained a lot of weight and so every time he overeats I just feel disgusted by him. I love cooking and baking but don’t even like to anymore because I just think about how he will get fatter because he can’t eat just one cookie or one serving of dinner, he will literally eat the dinner serving I prepared for him PLUS the plastic container I put in the fridge that was supposed to be his lunch for the next day. I’m quite slim and try to take care of myself and I’ve struggled with eating disorders and seeing his fat body stuffing his face with food makes me ill.

He’s also so careless and forgetful and clumsy, I rarely ask him to do anything for me but when I do he can’t even get simple things right. I ask him to buy hand soap and he picks FOAMING hand soap when our soap dispenser is not for foaming soap so it’s useless. He often forgets his money, forgets his car keys and makes me wait for him to go back up to the apartment to get them, he almost made us miss our flight once because he misread the time. I tell him to wash his dish after dinner and he says later, but he goes to bed without washing it, then he says he’ll do it in the morning, and I wake up after he’s gone to work and it’s STILL THERE. He never empties the garbages, he will just keep shoving things into them until I empty them. He’s too stupid to check the garbage before he takes it out on garbage day. There was one bag I tied up which he put out, but the kitchen garbage was also really full so he should have emptied that and took it out too.. he will mess up the kitchen right after I clean it, getting noodles, rice, sauce, crumbs, oil, etc everywhere. Leave chunks of food in the sink.

He never listens to me. I have to repeat myself 5 times until I’m practically yelling to get a response which is embarrassing in public. “Hey look at that restaurantx4” “…” “HEY LOOK AT THAT RESTAURANT” “what?” And he’ll act angry and won’t even look when I point out I had to repeat myself 5 times. Like wtf? The other week I was at a restaurant with him AT A TABLE JUST the two of us, and I tell him about how I found this restaurant and then 5 minutes later he asks “so how did you find this restaurant?” What the actual fuck. Every goddamn time I’m right beside him repeating something and he won’t even turn his head or acknowledge I said anything. Supposedly his hearing is fine according to his yearly medical check. I get kinda triggered by it honestly because my mom did the same thing when I was living with her, just ignoring me all the time and I have social anxiety so I’m sensitive to feeling left out or ignored.

I literally discussed how I feel about all of these things after we moved to this apartment back in feb/March and he acknowledged my feelings and we made a plan to work on things and he said he’d try harder and lose weight and help out more and listen to me and it was really emotional with me crying and everything and I thought “finally! I talked about my feelings and everything will be better now” but it’s not. It was good a while but went back to this. He hasn’t lose any weight. Now when I bring it up he tries for a day MAYBE two but does something to piss me off again, like eating food for two meals, literally swatting me away when I ask if he can bring the laundry inside since it’s heavy for me, leaving his socks and dirty dishes around, etc. This plus the depression honestly makes me just want to kill myself. I feel like I’m trapped in this shitty life forever.

No. 463061

Go to couple’s therapy. Honestly it’s the only option you have if you want things to change. There is no manual on how to be married and what your going through isn’t unusual. Learning how to live together and be a part of each other lives is a huge change. If you don’t at least try all options you’ll always wonder what if. If you go through all the channels to figure it out and it still doesn’t work, at least you Tired. Hang in there, I feel the first year or two of marriage is the hardest but if you both want to work together on it you’ll push through.

No. 463062

You're not trapped yet, just don't have kids with him. He sounds annoying af tbh, was he like this before you got married or has he 'let himself go' now you're locked down?

No. 463066

Before we got married we actually lived together with his grandmother since she’s quite elderly and can’t live alone. So we had some similar problems but we always just kind of justified or reasoned that it was because of that. “Oh dirty dishes in the sink, it’s because grandma was cooking so I didn’t want to be in her way” “who crammed the garbage full without emptying it? Must have been grandma” he gained a little weight since the time we first started dating, but nothing too bad. He was never even “skinny” he was always about “normal” not skinny, not fat, not buff, but that’s what I like actually. He got a bit chubby, but now he’s clearly overweight. I felt some depression stress about the living situation since I wanted something just for the two of us and as I said I love baking/cooking and wanted my OWN kitchen so I just kind of thought things would be better once we had our own place. After we got married we got our own place shortly after and as I said it was good for a while and then it got bad and I talked with him and it got better again for several months. I even went off my anti depressants I was doing to well. But now it’s like this. The worst it’s been yet. I definitely feel trapped because I’m not in my home country, I don’t really have friends here still, except for at work, and I put off going to college to be with him so I feel stupid and trapped and alone and like if I did have to leave him I’d be left with nothing-literally. Not that I necessarily want to leave him, i just wish things could be like they were before. I just wish he’d put some effort in and show he cares more.

No. 463069

Yikes, didn't you live with him prior to getting married for a year or so? I feel like you would have caught on to a lot of those poor habits of his minus the weight gain. That's a shame.

As other anon said, it's either marriage counseling or divorce. It sucks you're in this situation.
He reminds me of my ex, except my ex was such a low test doof he never even offered to marry me. I ran like hell after cohabitating only a few years. And whatever you do, don't bring kids into it. Stress x100.

No. 463082

If you're invested in saving your marriage you need couples therapy. It's not optional, it's not going to get better without it. But it honestly sounds like you're done with him and that you're not compatible at all. Either way you guys don't have kids or a mortgage together yet so if you aren't interested in doing the legwork to fix it or if he refuses therapy you should divorce asap.

No. 463106

un-asked for update: scored a job interview for a clothing company I love, really hoping the interviewer's bias to me (since I'm there often) helps me land the position. I'm also planning on taking a test that will hopefully get me into uni asap. Really sad the main person supporting me is my boyfriend's mother and not my own, but I am thankful.

thank you anons, it truly does worry me, so you both have helped me consider this a little more, I am sure I can pass as a similar age as them. Thank you.

No. 463112

I truly feel my friends don’t care about me as half as I care for them. I know it sounds childish but I always find a moment to check up on them, everyday, even if it’s just a few minutes of talking.
Today I tried my best to not text them and what I found was nothing. Of course people carry on with their lives and they don’t think how I am, how I’m feeling.
Worst part is that I actually told them these past weeks have been pretty shitty for me. I don't like to talk about myself but for once I explained them some troubles I’m having with my partner, job and school.
They left me on read after saying they feel sorry for me, and that’s it. Yesterday I tried to engage on a conversation again and apart from two lines, they didn’t say anything else to me.
I think they take me for granted because they know I’ll be there for them no matter what but fuck, my life’s hard too, you know? I have shitty days and sometimes I want to die because I can’t see anything being useful, sometimes I need to vent and I need them to check up on me. They make me feel insignificant, irrelevant, they make me indirectly think it wouldn’t matter if I disappeared and I have to come here to let out all my feelings because the people I love the most don’t appreciate it.
Lately I don’t even want to talk that much to them and I’m not doing it but of course they wouldn’t even notice it. It just proves how little meaning my words and actions have for them.
People are selfish because that’s our nature but I think that’s my main problem, I always put other people’s happiness before me and then I feel guilty for even opening my mouth. Sometimes I need to remind myself that it’s only a few messages, it’s not that important but this feeling of loneliness never ever stops, always been like this, with my old friends, with my parents, with everyone.
I wish I didn’t exist so I wouldn’t care this much.

No. 463117

File: 1568725047697.jpg (35.81 KB, 750x737, 53bacab5b9f7f31f4c14ece7bc0b93…)

i get notifications from my family's bank and my sister keeps overdrawing her account. last time she did it i got the notification after she sent me a pic of a bunch of junk she bought. literally wtf sis? she lives in a house we inherited, doesn't pay ANY bills, doesn't go to school, and makes like $35-40k a year, so what's the excuse??? i just hate seeing my parents clean up after her so much it's stressing all of us out

No. 463118

My bf is a drama queen and I can't stand it anymore.
He's a rather negative person and he only talks about work when he wants to complain. And he does talk a lot about work. I had to snap at him a few times because when I get home I'm received with one hour lenght complaints and drama. He never says anything positive and there's a limit at how much negativity I can endure.
Today he texted me complaining again. Like dude, ok, but I'm at work too and I don't have to stand your rants 24/7. He told me he was gonna save money, quit his work and start studying again. At that point I had enough and told him he's gonna complain anyway, he did the exact same thing when he was a student.
He started playing victim and telling me I never support him. Of course I do, I just don't wanna coddle him into believing he's a poor baby uwu. I told him he never takes criticism and avoids serious talks.
After an hour he texted me again telling me he's feeling sick and he's going home. So much for taking criticism. I know he won't want to talk when I get home so I will have to endure more complaints. The moment I want to talk about his negativity he plays victim again.
I'm so fucking fed of it.

No. 463119

I wish I could make friends at art school, but they would consider me literally hitler if they knew my real opinions(gc, immigration etc). And on the flip side, on "leftist" issues(feminism/ecology), I am way too radical for them as well.

No. 463120

Sounds like you and me should be friends anon

No. 463121

I fucking feel you on the literally hitler stuff. I have to hide my more conservative opinions from a lot of my actual friends. I’m lucky in regards to my feminist and ecological opinions however, since my friend group is insanely left-leaning. It’s become even more frustrating as I watch one of my more centrist friends turn increasingly more leftist.

No. 463123

I don't go to art school but I feel your struggle. Sometimes I wish I was still an ignorant libfem because it's so hard for me to find spaces that aren't filled with stupid genderspecial PC pandering bullshit. I don't mind befriending people with differing beliefs from me, but it's so difficult when they have to insert their politics into literally everything and go on crazy witchhunts and call anybody who disagrees with them an evil TERF or Nazi.

No. 463124


I am right wing , i just lied about it stuff during art school or just didn't bother to engage at all with those topics and saved me the headaches. I didn't had many friends anyways

No. 463126

lmao i kinda know your struggle anon. but even though you couldn't say some stuff out loud when you're hanging out in a big group you might be able to get likeminded friends who agree with you if you end up having a more private conversation with them. for example when i went out drinking with my classmates we all talked about libfem shit, but when i went out for a smoke with a smaller group someone always said that they don't actually agree with something we just talked about and everyone was like OH THANK GOD ME NEITHER.

No. 463136

Anybody else getting Universal Standard ads on their social media? I love the backlash they're getting for being so expensive and selling fucking potato sacks.

No. 463137

I wish my boyfriend would talk with me when we disagree, not scream at me how useless I am and then disappear for a few days.
I know what I should do, anons, I do know it very well. I just love him too much and I’m so ashamed to feel this way…he doesn’t deserve it.

No. 463139

He will act this way to you for the rest of his life if you stay with him.

No. 463156

Peer pressure is so difficult to deal with, especially regarding politics and opinions.

No. 463158

Grow a spine and stand up to him like the glorious bitch you can be if you just believe in yourself or leave him. Preferably both?

No. 463163

why is insomnia even a fucking thing. like why is my brain like "hmmm let's not sleep for 4 days in a row, this is fine," while my body is crying for mercy. I think I might actually kill myself I can't do this anymore while my doctors just fucking shrug and tell me to practice sleep hygiene which I've been doing for literally years with no change

No. 463167

I have been in uni for a week and I'm already exhausted. What the fuck is wrong with me. What's gonna happen during the exam session will I just fucking crumble

No. 463169

I keep sperging about how much time I waste here but it's better than annoying my irl friends so here goes.

I have an exam tomorrow and instead of prepping or doing other homework earlier wasted 3 hours online already. This entire evening I need to finish something due for another class so I'm probably going to get a C or fail even though the exam should be straightforward. I haven't kept up with the homework/reading because the textbook (which the professor wrote) is a pain in the ass to read. It's my fault for wasting so much time but damn. The help hours for the class are shit too and the other students are all upperclassmen.

No. 463178

I feel this soo much! I've had chronic insomnia for almost a decade. Last night barely 2 hours of sleep and I have to get up early for a doctors appointment. I can barely concentrate while driving, I keep seeing things, and doing the wrong thing and always feel like I'll get into an accident. Doctors do NOT care. I really think death is the only release from this sleepless hell. And don't try sleeping pills. They don't work for sleeping, or for kys.

No. 463180

Another anon chiming in with the whole age difference thing, in my 3rd year (I was 21/22) I was forced to take some 1st year courses as I changed my degree and had to make up for it. Everyone was 17/18 but not one of my 5 different lab partners suspected I wasn't a fresher just like them, one was even kinda offended and thought I was avoiding going home to halls together with her by taking a detour when I was just going home to my flat off-campus lol (halls are fresher-only at my uni). I don't look particulary youthful, have some forehead wrinkles even kek.

I hope you get the job and get into uni and have a very weird, kinda anxious yet exciting time!

God, same. Kinda stopped extending effort to my closest friend last year and guess what, she essentially dropped off the surface of the earth despite living 15 min away. Think we were without any contact for like 3 months at a time. Most of my other friends moved away this year so, bc I'm lonely and desperate, I started extending that effort again and we are back to bestie territory but it just feels so fake. I'm sure if I stopped texting first whatever bs she'd just go back to being silent again and that thought is just constantly at the back of my head. Wish I was better at making friends. To be perfectly honest, I actually think I am not that bad, rather I don't meet enough people and as a result very rarely do I meet someone I do want to befriend.

No. 463201

I still live at home and I do love my mom (no father) but sometimes she drives me crazy.

This may be petty but fuck it this is a vent thread.

She just cannot handle silence and talks constantly about absolutely nothing. She'll talk like this: "remember our old neighbour? He's now 78… no wait 77 no maybe 78…or maybe 78 well anyway he adopted a new dog!" And it'll go on for ages.

Whenever I tell something she's either talk over me, just not notice I'm talking and walk away, or after a while say "ugh you always keep talking about the same stuff"

It annoys me so so much.

No. 463235

Wow, are you me? I am an art school graduate myself but being in a career full of creatives in a very progressive city, I also feel extremely isolated due to having similar types of beliefs. I have a few friends from school myself at least since I just focused on doing activities with them and we share a few of the same nerdy interests but I think they would be upset if they ever found out my opinions and beliefs. Wish I knew a fellow creative who I could comfortably share such thoughts with.

No. 463266

I'm so tired of the emotionless voice "bedroom pop" genre.

No. 463275

do you have examples? this made me laugh but now i'm genuinely interested

No. 463301

I'm in the hospital (bc I got surgery) till Friday and I hate it here. I am in a room with 3 old people and they are all blabbering nonsense the whole day and snore like hell at night. I don't know the last day I slept for more than 5 minutes. I just want to go home. Since I cannot sleep I began dropping my stuff on the floor really loud everytime they begin to snore so those annoying whores see how it is to not being able to breathe properly because your whole mouth & nose is full of bloody slime and having to endure their shit all day and night.

No. 463334

File: 1568771616896.jpg (50.07 KB, 640x640, 1457035069585.jpg)

I am having the worst period pain of my life right now, I have these bad ones on and off again but I was ready to call an ambulance earlier because of the pain. I know it's gonna pass soon but I am so bewildered at troons who have the guts to claim they get periods. Do they have these pains that make them need hospitals or crave death? I have a pretty high pain tolerance yet this in the middle of work out of places? I wanna fucking die, I feel like something is trying to eat me alive. "I experience periods muh hormones" you fucking don't. You'll never fucking know what women have to go through because we aren't men and no one cares enough to fix this, if men had periods, they would've invented a bullet proof way of surviving it with no pain. I need a fucking coma to knock me out.

No. 463337

File: 1568772247322.png (378.34 KB, 600x450, 37fbef165730fa06add95644fb6909…)

I felt bad that I wasn't eating the tub of fresh spinach I had in the fridge, like I didn't want it to start to rot and go to waste. I blanched it all and ate it for dinner because it was really filling and healthy.
Welp, our mother earth has decided to reward my thoughtfulness over food waste with leafy green diarrhea for the evening.

No. 463339

I think my home has a mouse and it's driving me crazy, even though there's no proof except both me and my boyfriend saw something move in the corner of our eyes when we were watching a film. I'm ashamed because even though we're messy people we really try to keep the place clean but I guess we're not as good as we thought.
I put an ethical trap out so all I can do is wait but I keep fixating on every little ambient noise.

No. 463344

Your digestive system thanks you!

No. 463348

mxmtoon is the first that comes to mind, but Yellow Days and Clairo as well. Artists like that.

No. 463349

I love bedroom pop for the same reason you hate it. I definitely understand why people don’t like it tho

No. 463351

Eh, different strokes. I can see why people around like it even if I don't.

No. 463387

Shitty situation all around, I'd say you're both entitled to your feelings. With hers though she really needs to get therapy, or learn to compartmentalize past relationships as being…shit you leave in the past.
If she wasn't happy with her ex husband, then it shouldn't matter if she thought they were good friends. They weren't compatible and that's okay. What's not okay is making you feel second rate and like someone she settled for because she's gay.

No. 463403

thank you, your story made me giggle and feel a lot better anon

No. 463414

how does she make that money if she just shops?

No. 463419

Suddenly having flashbacks to my first relationship when I would lose my mind and scream due to my ex’s gaslighting and verbal abuse. Feels bad, man.

No. 463440

This shit isn't something you tell your current partner unless you're breaking up with them.

No. 463464

She says she's not romantically or sexually interest in him but wishes he could still be somehow a part of her life

No. 463469

It's guilt which makes her say things like this.
She probably feels like it's her fault that she isn't bi/straight. That situation feels like something out of a movie, where you marry your best friend - but in her case she probably think she has wrecked it all.

Doesn't mean she loves you less …and she is brave for opening up about it to you. It means she trusts you. You are allowed to feel sad about it and you should bring up your feelings to her as well. I hope it works out for both of you.

No. 463477

I second this and hope we're right.
I've missed the friendship of an ex before, it's a complicated feeling and it was really scary trusting my partner to not be jealous when I told him, but also it was so reassuring when he understood my feelings and in turn opened up with some of his baggage.
I however would suggest that she needs to make new friends to help lessen her attachment to her ex though. There's nothing wrong with them being best friends forever but if she's just clinging on to him just because she doesn't have any other close friendships then that's only going to things harder for both of them. If she doesn't have many other friends you could try inviting her to spend time with yours?

No. 463478

>>463419 at least you got out, anon! Gonna be ok.

No. 463487

File: 1568815108522.png (10.28 KB, 660x129, ddsadf.PNG)

I just found out about the big child abuse case in Japan, and I'm reading a bunch of articles about it and saw this.

She was just a few days away from turning 6!! 6 years old!!! Who the fuck cares about the figure of a 6 year old!! She was only 12kg when she died. It hurts my heart to see photos of her because she looked so cute and happy. An absolutely beautiful girl lost. Some articles describe that she wrote journal entries asking for her parents forgiveness and it makes me want to cry. They doted on their new son and left this poor girl to starve.

No. 463499

I hate being a woman tcg player. Men ruin everything literally, and I feel ashamed and stupid a lot of the time.

No. 463500

Someone I know went through traumatic rape and within two years she now hosts local events for survivors and starting programs and shit while also working and taking care of her kids. I hate myself for feeling bitter, I hate myself for how much her positive messages fucking piss me off, here I am sitting on my ass, letting trauma of years and years ago continue to destroy me completely.

No. 463501

she does retail management jobs but usually gets fired after a few months, but the pay probably adds up to that much.

No. 463504

i hate nikita dragun with every fiber of my being and seeing his botched tranny ass everywere makes me wish for death. fuck gay men and handmaidens who enable this shit.

No. 463506

I skipped therapy last week, which means I've had 2 weeks to try to do basic things like recording my goals and how I accomplish them. Or recording my moods. And I've done none of it. Time to be a big failure

No. 463523

Me too. I hate it when people use him as an example of a "pretty"/"passing" tranny. The most he'll look like is a botched manly woman, is that the goal?

No. 463524

Don't worry Anon! Therapy isn't school, there is no failure, there's only growth.
Feeling bad that you didn't do what you wanted is a first step, but don't be too hard on yourself!

No. 463536

it sounds like you're bi…

No. 463537

i just want my coworker to leave! Like go do something!! I cant listen to my podcasts because he keeps interrupting me by asking me to do stuff or telling me to look at shitty fb memes. I know its petty but this is the only time of the work day where I have complete solitude because everyone in the office has left for the day. But he is ruining it for me lol.

No. 463568

I know I can't give up and become a NEET (well, stay one)
But I've failed 95% of everything I tried this past year. I feel like a failure. How could I not.

No. 463588

Why do some people play games when it comes to letting you know if they wanna hang out or not?

My new bf pulls this shit a lot.
I get out at 5pm and he tends to get our around 6ish. His work schedule is very irregular. He wants to go home and change so usually if he's down to hang he's not getting me until 7pm due to the commute and also going later to avoid rush hour.
Okay that's fair but I just ask him to let me know, yes or no!
Because I don't eat all day and I'm fucking starving, and when we do hang he wants to go get dinner. I can deal with holding off, but it pisses me off to wait that long after work to eat just for him to decide he doesn't want to see me. Or worse, I go eat but it turns out he wants to see me so I essentially wasted my money when he wants to take me out.

The latter happened tonight and I'm so pissed.

No. 463591

Worried about being fired anon again with hopefully a final update: I get to stay.
Supervisor said that I had to make it through today, or I get the chop. It was the same assignment but with a different coworker.
And what do you know? I did great without the other coworker breathing down my neck. I did almost everything by myself, and the new trainer was very patient and chill. They thought I was doing great. I just need to improve my time.
So all you anons were right. It was the other coworker's toxicity that was killing my performance. Thanks again for the support! It really helped.

No. 463609

The person I looked up to in my recovery from depression has sold out for “vegan diets and quitting social media, eat pray love” culture

Meanwhile i’m feeling as close to screaming and falling apart I have in months

Is recovery from NEET behavior even worth it

No. 463613

I feel I give more than I take when it comes to relationships. I try to be the best version of myself in front of others. I try to always be there for everyone, to listen to them, to talk to them about whatever they want to talk about and message them. But no one ever does that for me. I can't ever talk about how I feel or even get a hello that wasn't initiated by me. I tried seeking internet friends but it's not worth it. I feel so lonely now. I'm tired of this. I give and give and give but take almost nothing back. Am I selfish or asking for too much?

No. 463616

My mum has really been annoying me lately and I'm letting it be known now. I'm ignoring her ever since she came home and acted like a head case, a few days ago. I'm sick to death of all her issues, and self indulgence. She has the mind of a child. Now she's acting like she gives a shit, offering to do things for me, I told her why do you care? I've always done things on my own. I wish I was rich soooo bad, I just want to move away, move countries.

No. 463622

Trying to fight the feelings of wanting to go off on someone just to make them hurt. I know all the things I could say to make them feel like shit for days and they would deserve me saying it to them but I am tired of being filled with so much hate when I get angry. I want to be able to let go and move on.

No. 463623

Trying to fight the feelings of wanting to go off on someone just to make them hurt. I know all the things I could say to make them feel like shit for days and they would deserve me saying it to them but I am tired of being filled with so much hate when I get angry. I want to be able to let go and move on.

No. 463630

File: 1568869387461.gif (146.44 KB, 500x281, ACF7A032-BFDF-4F7F-B187-C7B393…)

Everyone hug their best friend tonight because I miss my bestie hardcore. Thank you CE for saving my life seven years ago. I was so hardheaded that I never realized how much you loved and cared for me. I’m going to try my hardest to find your contact information. I haven’t forgotten about you, you’re my best friend. I love you. I hope I can be your maid of honor. I’m sorry for not saving your number.

I’m sorry guys, just wanted to let it out.

No. 463633

My best friend has always been jealous of me and now I feel stupid to have spent these many years caring about what she said to me.
We are friends for more than fifteen years now so obviously I had time to open my eyes, I just can’t understand how someone can be this manipulative because she feels inferior to me.
During these years, every little thing which was good for me, had to be scrutinised by her. This lead me to be a dumb 15 years old girl dumping my first ever boyfriends because she thought they weren’t too good for me.
Same with works, studies, and even hairstyles or clothes. The first time I told her I got my first job, she didn’t ask what I was going to do or if I liked it, but how much they were paying me, just to tell me she received more in her job, doing less hours.
She’s always nitpicking everything I say, I could say ten good things and then one less important and guess what she’ll be commenting about…
It came to a point where I always kept things from her because I didn’t want her to try and take control over them, I just don’t want to hear it.
Everyone who knows her asks me if I notice how jealous she is of me, of my life and I don’t know what to say because I don’t want to betray her even when I know she wouldn’t do the same for me. Of course I notice…

No. 463641

>Is recovery from NEET behavior even worth it

Being a wagecuck never solved any of my emotional problems, i would be a neet full time if i could afford it actually.

My general well being and mental state improves when i don't have to worry about work or other people's bs, the key is with your social interactions, your family, your self actualization and your hobbies, you don't need to be a wagie to have purpose or a place in life but its worth it if you find something that motivates you, you can be involved in stuff without being attached to a job or school.

No. 463642

>Is recovery from NEET behavior even worth it

Yes it is,their is a lot b.s you gotta deal with but their's a lot of good as well,escaping neetdom really Improved my mental heath and relationships with my parents

No. 463643

My mother-in-law is spending the week with my husband and I and today I got a little annoyed with her. She interrupts me all the time and she doesn’t actually listens to me. She been sleeping in my bed and I have to sleep either on the sleeper couch or the living room floor. I talked with my husband and he understands but it’s his mom. He loves her and I guess I love her but I hate this. I feel uncomfortable all the time. I don’t really relate to her but I’m trying my best. It’s hard hide how angry I get and I feel like a bad person.

No. 463644

Depends on how much being a NEET is affecting your happiness. I was a NEET for most of my 20's and during that time I was so severely depressed/suicidal I was put on lithium to stop my suicidal thoughts. As soon as I started breaking up my NEET routine - starting by attending a once-weekly life drawing class, then the occasional pilates - I started feeling a lot better. Now I have a part time job I enjoy that allows me to make my own schedule/hours (I know I'm lucky in this regard) and I'm happier than I have been in years. I feel productive, have a bit of money and my free time feels more meaningful, instead of every day being the same monotony that drove me to the brink of insanity.

I don't think a job is necessarily an end all be all, assuming you can afford it or have people willing to support you. No one enjoys wagecuck work, especially if it's retail or something more likely to make you feel worse. But hobbies that get you out of the house are important, even if you're an introvert. Even just volunteering somewhere once a week at a library or animal shelter could be good for you, or going to meetups for stuff you're interested in, like board games or art.

The biggest thing about managing depression is getting out of your comfort zone and making yourself do things. Any sort of things. I used to think it was bullshit and that people just didn't understand that being depressed meant it was impossible, but you really can. It doesn't have to be eat pray love shit or yoga at sunrise or vegan diets, it can be literally anything, and you can start with baby steps and take as long as you need to. It really does get easier with time.

No. 463645

>Is recovery from NEET behavior even worth it
Well, I mean… the real question is will it be worth it for whoever is financially supporting you? And the answer is yes.

No. 463646

File: 1568878237885.jpg (4.05 KB, 250x179, 1378855503502s.jpg)

I think my bf has been getting annoyed at me lately because I can't sleep over at his place. He has no mattress and sleeps on the floor. It's torture to me. I get how in some cultures this is normal but usually these people have cushy comforters and pillows to sleep on, yet he doesn't.
I technically "fell asleep" from 10pm to midnight but it just felt like I had my eyes closed while being painfully aware I was on a floor the entire time. I had to be up at 530am to commute back to my place and be ready to be at work at 7am.
I decided to drive home at 2am. I just fucking can't. My back hurts so bad and the part of my body that's on the floor starts to hurt after an hour so I toss and turn all night.

Mattresses are expensive and he knows he needs to get one if he wants me to be comfortable, but god damn. He works in a trade too, I don't understand how he can sleep like that after a day of physical labor.

No. 463647

My mental health is spiraling. I feel like I am losing my battle to ocd, anxiety, and hypochondria.
Every single day is a battle from hell. I miss when I was just suicidal. I actually lived, because I didn’t give a single shit about what happened to me.
Now I am a paranoid lunatic who constantly falls into the same spiral. I can’t fucking handle it.

No. 463648

what kind of manchild doesn't even own a bed? even a used mattress or futon would be better than that. he has no right to be annoyed at you for not wanting to lie on a floor all night when you have work in the morning.

No. 463649

>has no bed
>is mad at you for not happily accepting his bum bitch minimum standard lifestyle instead of feeling that much more driven to get one
Anon, don't do this to yourself. This dude is going to have you living in poverty, and then scream at you for not wanting to live in a dark, roach-infested hovel, lmao.

No. 463650

For real. I mean being a grown ass man without a bed is already a red flag but having the gall to expect his romantic partner to be ok with it is like 10 red flags. A bed is a basic need, not some high maintenance luxury.

No. 463651

File: 1568882558441.jpeg (107.25 KB, 500x667, D12BEC40-B44A-48BC-94E3-C4C6DD…)

I don’t feel safe.
Today I put all three of the towels in the washing machine and drier

Just to discover one of them in the dirty clothing when I woke up

I was asleep in the room the whole time someone was in the room whilst I was asleep

I want to fucking kill myself I can’t move right now and feel so scared

No. 463654

what shoes are they?? cant be wrong to treat yourself once in a while

No. 463657

try to chill anon, you sure there's no way you couldn't have blanked and only chucked 2 in? I do dumb shit like that all the time. Why would someone come to your room to take a shower?

No. 463667

I really like feminine and pretty men but all of them are gay or trooning out. Fml. Why God are my tastes so shit.

No. 463671

It’s not the first time my towel is used by one of the housemates

No. 463673

I had a boyfriend who didn’t have a bed for 3 months in our relationship. I refused to have sex with him and we never hung out in his room cause there was no where cozy to sit. He got a mattress pretty fucking fast after that ahaha. Forreal anon tho, that sounds like a sign of poor decision making and poor money management, and low empathy on his part. What does he spend his money on so that he can’t afford a $100 mattress from ikea or something? They’re really not /that expensive

No. 463675

Sometimes I get really mad at myself for being some kind of pick me when I‘m in a relationship.

I recall one memory where an ex made some offhanded comment and I kept asking loaded questions until I actually asked if his exes pussy felt better than mine.

WHO COMMODIFIES THEMSELVES LIKE THAT. Like what the fuck is my mindset to be this way? When in a relationship I‘m CONSTANTLY comparing myself to his female friends, coworkers, strangers on the street. It‘s like I fully buy into the idea that I need to be "the best" compared to others when that‘s not a possibility. Why do I view myself as something to be selected and men as the ones who pick and can replace at any point? I‘m angry at how much I can disrespect myself this way.

When I‘m in a relationship and worried the guy will cheat it‘s never because I think of doing something like that, I just think it‘s something guys are prone to do. My dad cheated on my mom for years. It‘s what I‘ve seen in films, when it‘s assumed the husband will try cheat, or the boyfriend is struck by how pretty some other woman is and chases after or whatever. It‘s a toxic as fuck message for both men and women. Women get a fucking makeover and suddenly they‘re the "best" and have their pick of men, and choose whatever guy hadn‘t noticed them before because they weren‘t top of the chain.

Honestly the evaluation process I go through I disgusting. If I meet or see a picture of a partners female friend or whatever I‘ll think about her weight? tits? waist? hair? face? personality? and I‘ll ONLY be OK if I measure up as objectively better. Otherwise cue the insecurity.

When I‘m single I think I‘m a great, cool person who anybody would be happy with physically and emotionally. I dont see other women as competition but as potential friends, or at least as the multifaceted humans that they are. It‘s just being with someone brings out a host of psychological issues that I haaaaate.

No. 463677

Get a lock for your room

No. 463682

It's my fault, really.
When we first started dating he was getting hotel rooms for when we'd have days together but after awhile I asked him why because it seemed suspicious and I felt a bit bad that he was spending that kind of money a few times a week. Well he confessed to the no bed issue and yet I went along with it. He was embarrassed but I entertained it. He just moved into the new apartment he has, must not have prioritized a mattress. We went to look for some but he wants a nice mattress which is more than a few hundred plus a day where he can get someone with a truck to go get it.

I think he was just annoyed because I woke him up at 2am and he was cranky. I just didn't care for his comment as if I'm not falling asleep because I'm not trying, when in reality it's because I'm on a floor.

Anyway the past two times I've went back home late at night. The other time he drove me because he usually picks me up. I think he's starting to get that it's not tolerable for me. I won't be attempting to sleep there again until he gets that mattress.

No. 463684

I honestly want my sister to die so badly. She is a nascissitic abusive piece of shit and I want my parents to finally stand up and kick her out of the house so we can all live in peace. Just a couple of minutes before i wrote this, she kicked me to the floor and started kicking my in my head because she is a dirty bitch and always makes a mess. She has no respect for nobody, she is a hoarder and has severe anger problems. She is obsessed with attention and doesn't listen to criticism from anybody. She is morbidly overweight as well and always finishes all the food in the house, usually leaving me with nothing to eat. When she is not being an aggressive monster, she feels the need to enter my room without knocking and invade my privacy to bang about how amazing her life is and how she has so much fun with her friends and I am a loser with not friends and I should die because of it. She hasn't changed at all and never will. I can't understand how people like her, she needs to be shot. If my parents won't get rid of her, I swear to god i will risk going to prison to dispose of her. I've had enough.

No. 463688

anon… he would pay for hotel rooms instead of saving for a mattress. That's not financially responsible at all? How old are you guys? How long have you been together?

No. 463690

He's old enough and makes enough to the point that he thought it was a feasible solution. Ironically he used to be a manager at a mattress manufacturer so idk if he's got a vendetta against mattresses or some shit. Men are just retarded, that's my conclusion. But it's a fairly new relationship and it's not like I'm living with him there.
I just needed to vent.

No. 463693

My favorite quote is "if I'm too much, maybe you're not enough?"

I don't think you're being selfish anon, but at the same time I don't think you should always be giving so much of yourself to other people. You deserve to have friends who are willing to give back to you what you give to them. It really sucks to let go of people when you desperately want people to stay in your life, but you deserve happiness and there are people out there who will help you become the best version of yourself and not suck you dry.

This is something I'm struggling with too. Ultimately, I can't go into a relationship or friendship expecting them to stay by my side just because I'm willing to always go the extra mile for them. It's nothing but a breeding ground for anger and resentment. I'm trying to figure out my needs and boundaries, and if you voice out your needs and it constantly falls on deaf ears, sorry to say, but you shouldn't keep those people around. I hope that you'll find people who truly care for you and will give back what you give to them anon.

No. 463694

This is my dilemma with butch girls lol. All of them are some genderqueer bullshit like FUCK can I please just have a cute butch girlfriend and not have to deal with this garbage.

No. 463695

File: 1568901286872.jpg (43.61 KB, 564x559, 01298f03f9bf34cc290b88c01483a4…)

My boyfriend said something really mean about my appearance today, but he was extremely apologetic when he noticed how much it hurt me.
For some reason, it hurt the most when he said "I think you're really beautiful". He already says it every day, but it felt horrible when he said it this time.
Why do I always feel worse when people try to comfort me?
It's not even just this or him, either. People saying "Everything's going to be okay" when I'm upset is usually what sends me off the edge.

No. 463707

I was watching a video about a breakup and oen of the people in the video said "it wasn't meant to be, but it was meant to happen" and that phrase it just stuck it my head and fucking me up.

It's been like 9 months since my girlfriend broke up with me and I've come a long way in terms of being super depressed and crying over it, but I have days where I can't stop thinking about her and how much I miss her and how sad I am that she's not in my life anymore. I've seen people say "it's not that you miss them, you just miss how they made you feel" and I guess it's true, but it's hard to replicate anyone giving me those feelings while also just feelings like… they fit into my life so almost perfectly. We really got along so well, we had so many similar interests that we could just yell at each other about. I really do feel like I lost a friend too.

But maybe it was just meant to happen. She treated me so well but she just learned that she's really not cut out for relationships, she just doesn't really want one. I guess I learned what it feels like to not be treated and viewed like as a human cumrag and have actual standards that aren't down to the ground because of the shitty men I would be with before her lol. It sucks that I feel like we aren't even friends anymore even though everything ended amicably. I admired her for so long, and now I feel like at the end of it all, I'm so much further away from her than I was just as an admirer that she didn't know about. I feel like such a fucking loser for being so hung up over all of this.

I decided to take a break from the hobby I met her through, even though it's been a huge defining part of my life for over a decade and it's how I met so many of my current friends. I feel like just shutting myself away in a cocoon and trying to find new things to be passionate about and indulge in but everything sort of feels… flat.

No. 463723

i'm interested to know what he said

No. 463732

I can relate. Maybe some people just want someone to validate their upset feelings instead of trying to make it better.

No. 463735

OT but is the hobby cosplay? I'm just wondering since my bf and I both cosplay and we've made tons of mutual friends through the hobby. I feel like I'd also need a break from cosplay if I ever broke up with my bf since it's just such a big part of our lives… it sounds silly because it kind of is but idk. Sorry for rambling. I hope you get over her, anon. Time heals all wounds. Don't force yourself to continue your hobbies. Maybe trying new things is what you need at the moment? You can always go back to your old hobby when you feel ready for it.

I guess I'll vent about something too.

No. 463742

File: 1568916170669.jpg (243.58 KB, 640x403, 2fum9r385xk31.jpg)

I wish my 'friends' would just tell me they don't feel like doing anything for my birthday instead of hiding behind social excuses and acting like they take up the entire day. Just tell me I'm not worth it, cowards.
And I'll just remember to not do shit for you next year.

No. 463750

It is cosplay actually lol. I think the majority of my friends in my life right now, I met through cosplay haha. I'm very lucky that I don't have too many mutual friends with my ex since we hung out with different circles, but recently my best friend has been making a lot of new friends who are mutual friends with her so… it's starting to get a little too close for comfort. I guess it's inevitable in this sort of community though.

It sounds weird to take a break since I only go to about 4 cons a year, and it's not like I spend all of my time between those cons making new stuff or whatever. I'm still trying to figure out what a break from it really means to me, aside from just not working on stuff and going to cons. I wasn't really happy at the last few conventions I went to either. Not sure if it was just getting tired from the inevitable, overglorification of drinking culture (I personally don't indulge for health reasons, but I've never really cared if my friends drink), the post-break up depression, or also just trying to avoid seeing her in person. Maybe all three.

I started rock climbing recently, and it sucks that none of my friends want to go with me (I can't blame them though, it can get pretty scary and just joining a gym is pretty expensive), but I'm trying to learn how to be comfortable with myself and comfortable exisiting by myself (and the screaming in my head lol). I get kind of sad seeing my friends post progress pics or con pics so it sort of makes me want to do a social media purge too. I've just got a lot in my head to sort out.

But thank you anon, for your words and in advance if you read my own ramble above lol. I'm hoping one day I can just look back and laugh at my current self.

No. 463751

tbh not doing much for your birthday is a part of becoming an adult. They're not cowards, you're just not 12 anymore.

No. 463755

It matters when I did shit on their birthdays and they don't care about mine. Did you skip out on a friend recently?

No. 463776

File: 1568926895287.jpg (43.28 KB, 1458x900, BritneyPictureDisc_900px.jpg)

kinda dumb but I was in a music shop and I saw this vinyl, I kind of love the cheesy 90s/early 00s girly look so I showed it to my friend and said something like "this is perfection". This older guy looking at vinyls nearby comments "perfect to use as a frisbee yea…"

I don't get what his deal is, why shit on my enjoyment? Sorry I have a different brand of nostalgia that doesn't suit your tastes dude, but you didn't need to undermine me like that…

No. 463779

Just think of him as a fucking loser who can't get enjoyment out of anything but shitting on other people's likes. Fuck that guy, enjoy the that nostalgic shit!!!

No. 463781

This mentality is so gross. I think people should always celebrate a new year of health, and being alive.

No. 463782

Males hating anything feminine at all costs. What a tasteless rube.

No. 463792

There are a lot of people who so lack real accomplishments that they gain a sense of intellectual superiority through listening to fucking music kek. The most low-effort way of thinking you're special. Be glad you're not one of those sad douches.

No. 463794

I was talking to some dude about books we recently read and i said I re read a childrens novel instead of saying graphic novel. He gave me a weird look and it was in my creative writing class so I feel like an idiot.

No. 463860

I just got my hair cut, which is lovely by the way, but the hairstylist was blunt as fuck.
When she asked where I work and my age, she was disappointed in me. She asked me why I was still working such a shit job when I have no kids or anything and could go back to school. I was taken aback, but she's absolutely right. I'm 28, what the fuck am I doing with my life basically working at minimum wage? She's younger than me, has two kids, and she's heading back to school next year. Anyways, her words really touched me.
I'm too comfortable being poor and doing nothing. I have to kick myself in the ass and do something out of myself.

No. 463877

I live in a bad area (but this is my hometown and I love it) still, every night I'am woken up from crackheads losing their shit at each other and it's so beyond annoying. I will watch them fist fight at 9:00 o'clock in the morning from my room. A couple of weeks ago some people tried to break in but failed and one of my neighbours (the one who asked my dad if he was going to join them at his house to smoke meth after he took all our furniture we were throwing out) was yelling at me as I left my house, at first I thought why is he yelling then I realised he was just trying to say "hello" and asked about what happened, I told him someone tried to break in then he said to me "tell me next time you're going away and I will watch the house for you, we gotta look after each other". lol. Yeah, right… don't think so. And that is why everyone here keeps to themselves cos you can't trust anyone. Everyone has an ulterior motive and are so sneaky and street smart. What's crazy is this area is also VERY VERY rich, the rich and poor area is quite literally divided by one road. It's crazy to see the stark difference in just a few metres of concrete.

No. 463883

How is planning even a tiny backyard wedding with max 16 guests so stressful? I wish I had someone to do this stuff for me when I already have so much on my plate.

No. 463900

I thought finally leaving the NEET lifestyle behind and getting a part-time job that pays okay would end my suicidal thoughts but now I just feel like I "crash" harder on bad days, because now I have coworkers and shit and it's like if I died I'd have a bigger "audience" now. Which I know is a fucked up and selfish way to think, I get so disappointed when I think about the fact that I turned out like this. Usually when I have lows they aren't so bad that I can't hide them at work and they don't last very long, but they're intense nonetheless. Do I just have a bad personality/attitude? Or is there something wrong with me? Idk I feel like I don't know how normal people behave anymore.

sage for samefagging, hit post by mistake and the formatting was fucked.

No. 463903

>a part-time job that pays okay would end my suicidal thoughts
It's not a problem with your personality, you just had your expectations too high if you thought it would fix severe depression. Working is a step up from being a NEET but it's not a cure all for mental health issues, and for lots of people it can exacerbate them.

Anyway you'd be better off asking a therapist this, since they would help with both the question and your suicidal thoughts.

No. 463905

Lmao, no hair dresser has two kids and is doing it all on her own.
Absolutely improve yourself but holy shit is she trying to make herself sound like hot shit.

No. 463906

one thing that I dislike is when people refer to whatever as 'porn' to describe something that's top tier. like when people say 'food porn' or 'nature porn' and subreddits like r/EarthPorn.

porn doesn't mean 'something that's incredibly visually pleasing' etymonline says porn originates from 1842, "ancient obscene painting, especially in temples of Bacchus," from French pornographie, from Greek pornographos "(one) depicting prostitutes," from porne "prostitute," originally "bought, purchased" (with an original notion, probably of "female slave sold for prostitution"), related to pernanai "to sell". it just makes me roll my eyes. choose another word that isn't so gros