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No. 13204

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 13205

stop talking about it. stop.

No. 13207

There were more but can anyone tell me if they also suspect there's a scrote invasion?

No. 13208

I think it's those radfems pretending to be men so they can blame them for us not liking their gender critical spergs all over the website. Wouldn't be surprising knowing the other dumb things they have tried to pull in the past.

No. 13209

Well in either case we're all gaslighting each other, I understand why admin hasn't responded.

No. 13210

I feel bad for the admin. She is working so hard for us only to be insulted. Definitely should delete the 2X board

No. 13211

Samefag anon here, the redtext on post i crosslinked is kinda creepy (lel I know it's just a website), I wonder if they ironically labeled it as radfem or blamed it as radfeminism sperging, or worse, it's indeed what you said.

No. 13212

If it's indeed radfeminism sperging
>Definitely should delete the 2X board
then yes
If it's not, which I hope it isn't, then no, they need a containment board.

No. 13213

I feel kinda honored and special rn

No. 13214

…holy fuck. so when we blame the anti gc and pp anons for being scrotes, you tell us to stop tinfoiling but now you do this shit?

No. 13217

The post history checks out.

Take the sperg here. Anyone derailing the complaints thread will be banned for now on.

No. 13219

I am not allowed to use teary emoticons since you'll ban me, but I just hope you stay strong in this shitstorm.

No. 13220

imagine being this much of a little bitch(derailing, not the right thread)

No. 13221

File: 1579130802343.png (55.95 KB, 1872x192, jnknknj.png)

I don't know if this is linked to the posts in the dumbass shit thread, but I hope it doesn't become a trend.

No. 13225

Wtf. I was siding with the admin when a radfem made a troll thread in /ot/ and i got this? I got banned for ban evasion too but that's fair
>This is an awful attempt to cause discord. Go back to kiwifarms, samefag.(ban evading radfem)

No. 13227

You got to be fucking kidding me.
If this isn’t bait this got to be the most blatant scrot-self outing. Either one should be banned tbh.

No. 13230

After further inspection it seems this is an actual GC anon who was shitting up the previous complaints thread. They are now VPN hopping after creating a fake scrot thread and replying to it with threats against radfems.
This is some next level shit. You be be permabanned for attempting to deceive the farms in any way. This goes for anti-pp/gc as well.

No. 13231

I didn't make a thread and I never posted on 2X or said anything remotely similar to radfem ideology. I'm neither a scrote or a radfem but nice try. And now I know you can't actually trace posts.(sure thing, ham-chan)

No. 13232

if this is true this is really sad

No. 13235

Can you at least tell me why you think I'm a scrote and or a radfem? Or show me my so called post history? I am so confused.


Thanks for the laugh.

No. 13252

Can you please do something about the annoying idiot in the pro ana scumbag thread in /snow/?

No. 13258

I got a ban for comparing onion to trump the other day, is that a part of the whole 'no politics' rule? The reason was "enough of the trump comparisons" but that was the first in thread that it came up. Just wondering

No. 13260

Can something be done about the constant "Boomer Chris Hansen" talk? I just get so sick of what seems like the same few anon's from the snow thread coming over and bitching about it.

We know he's getting something out of it, fuck, who cares? It's annoying.

No. 13265

Assmad anon nitpicking and name fagging in Moo thread. Can a mod confirm ban evasion possibly? I know they aren't all red texted. Was assuming silent ban for titpicking.

No. 13267

is Anisa still a banned topic

No. 13269

Can there be a reminder made in the Onion thread to read the thread and stop repeating things that have already been stated. Newfags are spamming the thread for the sake of posting and decent posts are getting skimmed over or not read. It's becoming annoying.

No. 13270

Can a mod set rules in the cosplay cringe thread? It's clear it started as a vendetta thread and its just nitpicking and personal feelings towards what is and isn't allowed for cosplay.

Its fucking stupid.

No. 13271

it should go on /ot/ or /m/ and not be in /w/ anyway at all since it's not really drama based. judging from some of the posts ITT, you need to stop being a whiny cunt.

No. 13272

I dont even know why it was even made to begin with. Anyone anons don't like get thrown into the instathots thread anyways or have their own thread already and I'm not the one throwing fits in the thread. It's anons who are mad someone asked about rules for the thread since it's a clusterfuck of people just agreeing with each other and no real discussion happening besides nitpicking what you personally just dont like. The only thing actually worth talking about is the Hetalia thing. A better thread would be a General Cosplayers thread about weeby cosplayers. /OT/ is definitely where this needs to be relocated otherwise.

No. 13274

>It's clear it started as a vendetta thread
Against who anon, who is it a vendetta against? I'm the op of the thread and I'm begging you to tell me who I specifically have a vendetta against because you keep repeating it over and over again.

>Can a mod set rules in the cosplay cringe thread?

There are rules, the rules were "talk about the cows/milk that don't fit in the costhot thread" (because costhot is a very specific category that doesn't apply to most of the cosplay cows/milk these days, and that thread stagnates because of it). You're the one trying to police what people are allowed to think is cringey. If any rule should be set there it should be this one /ot/ rule (which should be a global rule imo):
>Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/
because there was zero mini-modding/infighting/derailing prior to the Disneyfags.

>its just nitpicking and personal feelings towards what is and isn't allowed for cosplay

No one said anything was or wasn't allowed, it's literally just people's opinions (yes….personal feelings, that's what opinions are) on what they dislike about cosplay(ers) right now. Multiple people saying "I find Disney cosplayers annoying for xyz reasons" and other people agreeing is not saying "Disney cosplay is now ILLEGAL and you should be banned from conventions and hunted and burned at the stake for their crimes!", so drop the victim complex. Again, the only people who have said what is or isn't allowed are the people who went in there and suddenly started trying to make up rules about what people are allowed to talk about. Why are you on this website or the internet at all if you cannot handle people having opinions different than yours?

Even if some dingbat on an anonymous internet forum said x thing isn't allowed for cosplay…..that's just an opinion and has absolutely no bearing on anything you do with your life? Why the fuck does it matter? Christ please love yourself anon and stop putting so much stock in people wanting to vent about what is undeniably at it's core a VERY stupid hobby we're all involved in, it's not that serious.

No. 13275

>a clusterfuck of people just agreeing with each other and no real discussion happening besides nitpicking what you personally just dont like.
That's… basically every thread on this imageboard? If you can't handle people having different opinions you're probably better off in some tumblr hugbox where you'll never be challenged. Anons in that thread did pretty much nothing but call Disney cosplayers retarded attention whores and some sperg took it personally. God the newfags really do need to grow a pair and stop coming to /meta/ to baww about every small thing that hurts their feelings. You do know you don't need to react to every post that you don't agree with?


No. 13276

Taylor Deans hairline is the new rosacea of Onision. The nitpicking from her latest vice video is unbearable now.
I get she looks bad, but it’s been every other goddamn post on the thread.
Can we implement some more rules on it?

Thank you.

No. 13277

It's a video that shows her as she really looks. Of course people commented on it. It already died down, so?

No. 13278

i got a ban cause of anons hurt feels that got revoked.

No. 13279

can we have the Anisa thread back?

No. 13280

put it in thread requests. there needs to be actual milk though. no use making a new thread if it’s only gonna be nitpicking about her pear head and dora haircut.

No. 13281

Can the Raven thread be unpinned now that nothing has happened for days? Thanks!

No. 13282

ya what the heck is up with that?

No. 13283

more so a question and suggestion for mods: has there been any talk of a hell week at all? its been a while.

No. 13284

to be fair anons have been begging for her to be tagged for a good while. its not like /pt/ moves pages like the other boards

No. 13285

There's some namefag spergfest going on in the ana thread, send the troops, thank you.

No. 13286

File: 1579829765526.jpg (329.1 KB, 1065x1421, 20200123_223220.jpg)

Sorry to bother you mods, but why was I labeled a scrot and banned just for pointing out radfems cowish behaviour on meta? How can I appeal this, submitting proof I'm a female handmaiden or whatever?
I only got to see this ban now because I live in two cities and I barely post with this IP address. I've been posting with the other one and mods didn't seem to have a problem with my posting, except this one.

No. 13287

someone may have just bounced an ip. just email admin. its happened in the past plenty

No. 13288

Nah, the post was made by me but I don't see how it warrants a non expiring ban for being a scrot.
If it was the "you girls" that set the alarms off, I meant "you girls (in the radfem general I was posting)".
At most I could see it getting a short ban for infighting or bait, I would take the L and leave.
I just don't kmow how to appeal this ban, tho.

No. 13289

i just found out that we still have a 30 second wait between posts. that seems pretty long.

No. 13291

I will ask about it but emailing me the original post and IPs can help me reverse it. Sorry about that happening.

Edit: another mod lifted your ban earlier, and the janitor who banned you hasn't been with us for a bit now

No. 13292

I always find interesting minor flakes online but I never know where to post them. Is there a thread on /snow/ for thread suggestions or a megathread for very minor flakes that don't have a theme (like art or soundclout)? I can't find one and I get scared of making threads because I feel like I'd waste board space or something.

No. 13293

sorry for the double post but id also like to know is there anywhere on the site for discussing people who aren't really cows but just unique individuals

No. 13294

There's a thread for thread requests on /pt/ and a personal lolcow thread on /snow/ where those unique individuals might fit in.

No. 13295

Thanks! You guys are awesome.

No. 13299

Hi is there any way for me to be able to read the message for my ban again? I refreshed my page right away without realizing I got one and it was gone. I’m sorry, and thank you in advance.

No. 13300

try posting again. unless you are no longer banned

No. 13301

Thank you!

No. 13302

Will anything be done about the whiteknights in the Venus Angelic thread who are taking every chance they get to defend her and make her the victim.
Now there cant even be proper discussions in the thread because the whiteknights react to everything what is said.

No. 13303

sorry you think any criticism of the insane nitpicking going on in there is whiteknighting

No. 13304

The endless discussions about who's the biggest cow between Marge and Venus need to be a banable offense imo.

No. 13308

God there have been so many newfags here lately. They're so obvious. They never sage, they type in all lowercase, the double or triplepost.

I know everyone's blaming the Onion threads, but I think the TND threads are contributing to it, too. It seems like "household names" like those two draw in a lot of newfags simply through sheer popularity/infamy.

No. 13309

people shamelessly namedrop this benghazian glass blowing forum every fucking chance they get in both of those cows’ mentions. also, PULLfags because their site is kill.

No. 13311

I'm not new but sometimes I type in lowercase.

No. 13312

>complaining about newfaggotry
>using reddit terms
good job.

No. 13313

Would really love some revision on Onision’s board. The need to visit different threads just to discuss what is relevant, even when it comes to those surrounding him (who are directly involved) has really turned the thread into a dump.
Need to talk about Kai? Go to the other thread. Need to talk about the drama lords surrounding Greg? Go to the other thread. Need to talk about something else? Find another thread.
Meanwhile his thread is literally comprised of shit memes, self posts, and think pieces from anons. That’s it.
So many integral parts to the story have been moved to other threads so we don’t get the full picture.
It was not the greatest thread, but it’s barely readable these days.

No. 13314

>Reddit terms
I've never even used Reddit though.

No. 13318

people on imageboards don't say "double/triple" posting, anon.

No. 13320

Hey MODs there's a Hitler poster at /m/ Dress Up Games Thread.
I already reported it but it has been there for 4h. Wouldn't that be considered political bait? How's that allowed?

No. 13321

making hitler in dress up games isn't politics bait, lmfao. it's a joke.

No. 13322

Oh sorry, I forgot that /m/ is now proto /pol/. One might as well start making jokes about Muslims and race I guess then.

No. 13323

you need to be 18+ to use this site, anon. is it edgy? sure, but it's not against the rules any more than making kawaii trump or obama or something, not that you'd report that anyway.

No. 13325

Same with someone who was going on about "white radfemcels" in the celebricows thread.

No. 13327

People on Reddit don't say that, either. The only places I've heard people say "doublepost" are regular forums, like Kiwifarms, PULL, GuruGossip, etc. Some of you guys call it samefaggotry, which is also wrong. Samefaggotry is when someone replies to themself or posts more than once while pretending to be another person to push the conversation in a particular direction. If you're using it really charitably, it can also mean any time someone replies to themself.
I've used LCF for two years, and I'm not going to stop calling it doubleposting. I'm sorry that it's not adequately chanspeak for you, but I'd rather use a word from another site than misuse samefag, which does not refer only to when one person posts multiple times in a row. It refers to someone being deceptive. Samefagging is a bannable offense. Doubleposting is just newfaggotry. There needs to be two separate terms for these things.

No. 13328

you sound fucking autistic

No. 13329

That's not bait, that's just someone realizing they could create a known political figure in a dress up game. Like other anon said I doubt you'd report a Trump, Obama, or even a Stalin made in a dress up game.

No. 13330

no it's not. it's already been discussed anyway.

No. 13331

Late to the party but why is there no new too poor thread?

No. 13332

Because nobody made one? Make one yourself.. or do you think mods do that?

No. 13334

she's probably making sure it didn't get banned or something, dumbass.

No. 13335

What a retarded assumption

No. 13336

nta but not really, IIRC her thread/the soundcloud threads actually were locked for a while a year or two ago

No. 13337

unpopular opinion has tons of retarded racebaiting

No. 13338

study a few well-made ops here, research up any milk since the last thread closed and summarise it, link it to the last thread and post it in /snow/

No. 13339

PLEASE get rid of /ot/

No. 13340

Plz ban all Radfems, this place is not much fun like it used to.

No. 13341

can we finally get that stupid cow-photoshop thread so they stop shitting up shayna's thread saying "it's part of board culture".

No. 13342

you gonna elaborate at all?

No. 13343

The A-logging about Kobe Bryant's death is in so many forums right now. Someone already bragged about cowtipping because some cow tried profiting off his death. Anons need to learn some self control.

No. 13344

…Like it used to be when radfem topics weren't banned at all?

No. 13345

Nta but it was fun back before the radfems even started invading this site. There obviously wasn't a need for them to be banned back then because… they weren't here. Now that they are, they need to get the boot. Ot has been an unreadable cesspool ever since.

No. 13346

There was never any radfem invasion though, they were oldfag users that started developing radfem ideas after the PP/GC threads took traction.

No. 13347

KEK No the fuck they are NOT. Now you sound completely delusional.

Let me go ahead and stop replying because I already know where this is headed

No. 13348

>says they're NTA but they're the only ones bumping the thread within the past few hours

No. 13349

uhhhh no i genuinely don’t believe this lol. i’ve been around since the site first existed and it definitely feels to me like the GC sperg shit came out of nowhere, from a mass Reddit migration or some shit. it honestly killed every fucking subject it was spread into and i couldn’t be more glad admin decided to kill it off with brute force outside its chernobyl exclusion zone. i don’t even have a problem with PP posters bc they usually stay in their lane but for some reason the GCs could not just calm the fuck down. i still see them leaking randomly.

No. 13350

absolutely love when you guys try to push this narrative of you being oldfags who have always been here when i've been around since circa 2016 and there wasn't any radfem shit in sight. just people poking fun at freaky troons but no autistic politics behind it

No. 13351

Check /ot/'s catalog. We've been having GC shit since as early as 2016, while most standalone threads emerged around 2017. The first official GC thread was made because it was such a widely discussed topic.
I've been here since Ian was admin and Kiki was still relevant. I don't understand why you would lie about something we can double-check.
Just two examples:
If I went through the oldest vent threads, I'd probably find more examples of anons hating on troons and discussing feminism.

No. 13352

Seriously, anon.. for real now.. real talk… did you read through the first thread? Did you read it? There's nothing radfem about this. The last one is also full of people disagreeing with you and it's hardly comparable to the GC/radfem threads that followed. The discussion back then was alright because it was just a one-off vent thread for people discussing the prevelant tumblritis but you all went full autism and made this your political hugbox because shocker people think retards are retarded and that was seen as an invitation by you and the reddit ilk that got linked lolcow on the GC subreddits (which is true, you can look that up)

No. 13353

>A thread with like 30 posts
great evidence

Shitting on troons isn't gc, radfem, misandrist, or female exclusive. They're hated on every board they don't own like /lgbt/ /r9k/ or /cuteboys/. The real GC and radfem anons all either immigrated from reddit or facebook and a huge wave came after the Dec 2018 tumblr rule change. You can tell by the way they act alone. The results of that poll were telling.

No. 13354

>this backpedaling
We're talking about both GC and radfem shit, not just radfem. Follow along.
Besides, GC is considered synonymous to it. Who is the "real GC" exactly? Post proof.
Once more, I don't understand the motivation behind lying about this. Any actual oldfag knows we've never been a troon-friendly site, and we've always discussed politics freely. There was an entire feminism general where anons debated being libfem vs radfem.
You can claim it's a "mass reddit migration" all you like, but post history is stacking up against that theory, and so far, you've had nothing to back up the reddit claims. I'm not even a frequent poster in any of the feminism threads, but I'd be a lying retard to claim it's new.

No. 13355

dont reply to meta gcfags. or any gcfags. youre arguing with a bunch of mentally deranged brick walls. ironically, they act like fucking males.

No. 13356

I wonder if it really is just like 3 people. It looks like they have the same typing style, and they reply within minutes of each other. I kind of regret engaging with them now, but it feels wrong to not question their BS.

No. 13357

Will you just leave you absolute uber faggot. Even if your delusion of thinking this website was for you and your retarded politics, it's not anymore. It won't be ever again under the current Admin. Get used to it. Your whining won't do shit

No. 13358

Are you going to take a break from trying to cause infighting? You say that the GC anons are the ones that act like men, but you're calling people faggots like a fresh /r9k/ plant. Take a nap, an imageboard isn't this deep.

No. 13359

>Imageboards aren't that deep
>Wants to turn a gossip chan into a political hugbox
>Faggot is /r9k/ only and never gets used on here
Yeah you absolutely scream oldFAG

No. 13360

No. 13361

>things no one ever said in greentext
>thinking "[adjective]fag" is the same as calling people "faggot" as an insult
>thinking most anons here use "faggot" as an insult in general
Only someone with high testosterone could be this aggressive and wrong at the same time. I hope you get the help you need. Continually sperging about some users who only exist in a containment board now is not the answer.

No. 13362

holy shit not again…

No. 13363

it's only one anon >>13340, the same that was racebaiting yesterday. just ignore the retard

No. 13364

File: 1580252269013.jpg (27.03 KB, 300x240, again and again and again and …)

it never fucking stops. someone goes around using the term 'radfem' as bait and like 3 people reply

No. 13365

Radfems can never just take an L… they camp out itt and start writing essays and calling everyone a samefagging male the second someone complains about their screeching.

No. 13366

>they act like males
even more than actual XYers sometimes

No. 13367

after the admin of that radfem board turned out to be a self-hating man I wouldn't be shocked if some of them are XYers. there's something so uniquely masculine about the way they behave… like how they have THE absolute worst takes but still talk down to everybody as if they're always right? or how they think all real women subscribe to groupthink and berate the ones that don't. I defo get the vibe that some of them want to be men if they aren't already. it all feels like robot invasion 2.0

No. 13369

There is a lot of samefagging for sure. Why the hard on for the RadFems though?

No. 13370

Isn't it weird that radfems have already "lost" (technically), but there are still some anons screeching about them daily here and in /ot/? I saw one randomly accuse a Courtney Love stan in the tinfoil thread of being a "radfem", even though said stan was shit-talking women in general, claiming that very few women are talented. It's tired, and this is tinfoil, but it really does seem like some shit a bunch of bored invading moids would do to cause chaos on a site they know is full of women.
>"Lmao so radfems are their big issue right now. Just call someone a radfem so the whole thread gets derailed, dumb bitches fall for it every time"
The bizarre aggression and insults both ITT and in /ot/ are very male-sounding, too. Aside from that whole possibility, though, what do these "anti-radfem" spergs writing novels about how their radfem boogeyman is literally ever-present and Satan-incarnated want? The whole website to be banned until their own special, specific opinions are the only ones allowed? Are they just doing this in hopes of convincing the admin to ban PP threads too?
I wish they'd just yell that they've had enough, bitch out the admin, and make their own sekrit anti-feminist imageboard or whatever where they chase their boogeyman away. Then we could all have peace.

No. 13371

literally nobody in here is writing novels except for you

No. 13372

Yeah, okay.

No. 13373

I know you guys are busy, but is the Hellweek still planned?

No. 13375

lmao this one killed me

No. 13378

I'll try to get on it as soon as possible, I've already hired more mods to help with the task.

Don't bring your GC related complaints here >>>/meta/13215

No. 13379

I don't care for erin, and she's mildly entertaining so I'll keep on lurking for her crazy ass, but is it just me or are the a-log tier posts on her thread absolutely cringe? Like why meme her mom (pic) even though she doesn't belong in the drama, for example? The nitpicking is ridiculous as fuck too. I thought they're against the rules. And I wonder what happened to the reveals of her posts?

No. 13380

oh damn, i didn't check the thread here in ages (as in days), didn't realize it'd still go on.

No. 13381

The post reveals are in thread number 2 anon

No. 13382

sankyu, I guess she wasn't important enough to get her reveals announced

No. 13383

Thanks, admin!

The Onision thread has gone down the shitter again with moralfaggers, derailing and people who can't take their Sarah shit to the anti-o thread. It's been going on for hours now and has turned into bickering back and forth.

No. 13384

Can hell week be hard on the rad fems? They’re out of control and making the site unusable

No. 13385

i agree about the bickering but since when is sarah anti-o? if that's the case i'd go there.

No. 13386

Dont say sankyu, newfag. It points you out. Be normal. Save that shit for /w/ where weeb garbage like that goes.

No. 13387

At least you saged your post….

No. 13388

Dear GC Bitches Who Couldn't Stay in Their Lane,

Thanks for fucking it up.


OP of the GC threads

No. 13389

In what thread?

No. 13390

Oh, hi OP of the reddit GC threads. This is not reddit.

No. 13391

why are you writing like a retard

No. 13393

Please post an example, I would love to see this unusable site.

No. 13395

admin, rules say you won't remove anything but will you remove posts for $$$?

No. 13396

Share the post and most likely they won't, but feel free to send them money anyway.

No. 13397

based and desperatepilled

No. 13398

The other girls are talked about in the anti-o thread so why wouldn't Sarah be? It's not directly Greg related and has the same retarded behavior the twitter/moralfags bring to that thread, which is the nonstop bickering. It just clogs the thread like the Shiloh talk did a day ago. A farmhand gave a warning when that happened and they switched it from Shiloh to Sarah. Didn't even heed the warning.

No. 13399

So, can we get some clarification? Because again, I find myself even more pissed off because a) onisions victims are very much apart of onisions threads but… it goes into the anti-o?
But the anti-o was originally for the twitters and anti-o group and not really the victims, right?

No. 13400

>onisions victims are very much apart of onisions threads but… it goes into the anti-o?
They willingly associated themselves with anti-os so yes, it goes there.
>But the anti-o was originally for the twitters and anti-o group and not really the victims, right?
It's now a thread for onion side milk as well. Legal discussion and side discussion can go there.

No. 13403


Readjust you radar. Fuck reddit.

But the drama on both sides has been such an embarrassing demonstration of stereotypical female catty bitchiness that I've stopped contributing my other thread OPs, resources I access through my employment, and gold star transcripts.

No. 13404

admin, pls respond. i know you don't like dmcas. not trying to remove a cow thread, it's a photo of someone who knew a cow in a dead thread. i know you have to pay out of pocket for the site so let me help.

No. 13405

No. 13406

not even for $1000? $10,000? seriously, name your price and it's yours. no will even notice it's gone

No. 13407

I’ve been on lolcow for a good part of a decade, seen some shitty times on it but I’ve been using it less and less and part of me feels as if it’s because of newfags making the site borderline unusable. Useless old threads get bumped for no reason, so many ops feel like vendettas and many of the threads are so obviously other cows nitpicking some girl they don’t like. The Cryaotic thread for instance is a cesspool, and there’s so many people who are obviously sex workers gossiping about other sex workers. There’s some legitimately interesting cows in /snow/ like Soren but people need to learn they don’t need to bump a thread to talk about some camwhore’s nipples. It’s pathetic

No. 13408

the imageboard is led by imnotlikeothergirls koreaboos, what did you expect

No. 13409

This isn't the thread for 2x butthurt

No. 13410

stan loona

No. 13411

I agree. Admin got triggered when she noticed that a big chunk of the users didn’t browse snow or pt and preferred ot. Honestly snow and pt have become so boring, nitpicky and autistic that I understand why anons stopped browsing those boards. Lolcow has genuinely become an edgy version of Pull.

No. 13412

If its a dead thread why should it matter? No one will go look at the photo you want removed.

No. 13413

Can the autosage be lifted off the Anisa thread? There is new content but people aren’t notified

No. 13414

I'm sorry but I think it's about time to close all kpop related threads permanently. The autistic- refuse to integrate kpop stans can go back to the literally millions of other sites and sm that they've forcibly taken over and ruined.

No. 13415

you can just hide the threads you know. it’s not like there’s anything actually interesting on /m/ or /g/ anyway, they’re basically filler at this point. if you avoid those boards the rest of the site is pretty free from kpop sperging on either side except for the occasional argument in OT or whatever. they seem to stick to their weeb containment zones fine.

No. 13416

telling people to "hide the thread" when the concern is over the annoying userbase should be ban worthy.

No. 13417


No. 13418

You assume I haven't hidden the the kpop threads.
I want them gone because they invade nonkpop threads. Why should they be allowed to make the entirety of /m/ and /g/ their playground of fail? Better they go back to twitter or wherever they came from.

No. 13419

what? kpopfags never leave the kpop threads. using twitter lingo isnt just a kpopfag thing, retard.

No. 13420

It still shows up in Google results for my name.

No. 13421

>it worked once so maybe I can do it with other threads and topics I don't like
Great. Looking forward to the next months full of this shit.

No. 13423

you blew any semblance of a chance by asking publicly instead of in an email

No. 13427

Not talking about twitter lingo.
>kpopfags never leave the kpop threads
If that were true then I wouldn't be here complaining.

No. 13428

some retard is going around the boards and posting unsaged pictures of a dead cat or something with an obvious and non-contributing caption. i'd report but it won't let me for some reason.

No. 13429

Some mods are…let's just say "eh" (but that's not the admin's fault is it) but admin is nice to be fair. Desperate as fuck to pay $10,000 for a mug to get taken down tbh. But based.

No. 13430

If I were admin I'd take that money t b h

No. 13431

if that bitch had 10k for that she'd be paying a lawyer.

No. 13432

you get it lol its just someone saying dumb shit cus they found their picture and were upset. there is no 10k. frankly i want to know what picture lmao what is so pressing and why are they so embarrassed?

No. 13433

admin needs to hide the post/picture (more like all of their threads that hve been going on for years lmfao and then permanently delete it off the servers when the 10kanon deposited 10k bucks…I just want the best for admin sama

No. 13434

A lawyer or dmca means giving personal info and will be recorded somewhere. lolcow also doesn't like lawyers and draws attention to people which try to do this. I don't know lolcow's server status but they might not even have to comply. giving $$$ assumes no questions asked and no discussion.

No. 13435

lol no

No. 13436

Is that a threat anon?
I take donations only, not bribes.

No. 13438

If people can whinge until the GC threads are taken down, I don't see a reason not too beg for the kpop threads to be taken down to. It clearly works. Who cares if people use and enjoy the kpop threads? This doesn't even fucking function like a normal imageboard anymore so go for it kpop-hate anon.

No. 13439

I was talking about my own personal info, not yours. the person asked why I didn't want to contact a lawyer. some sites have pay for removal and I wanted to know if this was one. if not, nevermind.

No. 13440

Seconded, the K-pop threads bring in underage twitter spergs who at the same time moralfag and racebait around the board and then turn around to call anorexic k-idols fat whores and male idols ugly faggots.

No. 13441

where are you seeing kpop users outside of the thread? I use /m/ apart from the kpop thread and the board seems pretty chill

No. 13442

hey mods, after the post that basically everyone being discussed who's not onision needs to gtfo to the snow thread, there have been a ton of posts that should probably be in the onion flakes thread. i started reporting them all but don't want to be aggravating, maybe a farmhand could take a look.

No. 13443

some dumbass keeps commenting "i am a pineapple" in french to bump threads in snow

No. 13444

It would never work for one simple reason: admin and mods hated GC, but they're kpop stans. Don't worry, those threads aren't going away

No. 13445

This is the truth, Kpop isn't going anywhere. I'm waiting for all feminist type topics to be banned from Lolcow because thats where it's going.

No. 13447

The reason given for banning GC threads was because there was apparently too many but it's fine to have a million kpop, kpop critical, idol spam, idol boys, idol girls, kpop rant and jpop threads because each of those definitely warrants its own thread, right?

No. 13448

i’ve already reported many posts but there’s a ton of blogging and legalfagging in taylor’s thread, and a lot of it has shit all to even do with the state taylor’s living in or anything about her case. just a heads up

No. 13449

File: 1580693825220.gif (2.68 MB, 600x450, idubbbz gf.gif)

a request for the anisa thread autosage to be removed so people can see her pt level-tier modeling

No. 13455

File: 1580736359869.jpg (27.55 KB, 275x275, 1578842424256.jpg)

Can we please get a hellweek

No. 13457

this thread needs to be nuked in /g/ it's just one scrote posting gross fetish content and farmers arguing with him


No. 13458

No. 13459

Have we totally let go of the saging in non-drama threads? No onr fucking reads the rules before posting, the nearly dead kpc is a hellhole.

No. 13460

With the amount of nitpicking and newfags in that thread? Hell no.

No. 13461

someone linked to cp in the advice thread on /g/
i reported it but just a heads up

No. 13462

Then do something about it, even if i hide all the unsaged posts to read it, it's full of autism

No. 13463

Sincere question, why read it then?

No. 13464

Didn't i just say i hit the hide unsaged thingy to read it? I want the milk every once in a while, years and years ago was into some groups and now see their cow-like bs. Sorry to sound snarky, anon.

No. 13465

File: 1580858132741.png (107.7 KB, 395x265, 00B6A348-2714-4683-9B45-79AE70…)

>Don’t go into a thread to complain about the exact same thread. Hide threads you don’t want to see and take topic complaints to /meta/
please be implemented as a global rule? At the very least in the drama boards?

Reporting for whiteknighting/mini-modding/derailing never seems to make any difference when one anon is parked on and shitting up a thread and purposely disrupting actual milk discussion responding to every post with “you guys are obsessed! this isn’t milk! I don’t want to talk about this! post something else! this is vendetta!” and accusing everyone of being vendetta samefag. This feels particularly rampant in /w/.

We can’t ever call them out for blatantly being the cow themselves because we’ll get “hi cow”-d. If we respond to it we get redtexted for infighting. Doesn’t really fall under whiteknighting if they’re not actually defending the cow and only trying to staunch any convo by accusing anyone who posts of vendetta. Doesn’t fall under derailing either because accusing anyone who talks about a cow of being obsessed with said cow….is still technically talking about the cow. And an anon refusing to actually acknowledge the milk in front of them (being purposely obtuse) isn’t against the rules.

That or like, some kind of /w/ specific rule about not crying “vendetta” in every post when there’s clearly been multiple examples of milk posted? Idk, it’s just making the threads unbearable cause the cows are evolving and I see it happening in more and more threads.

No. 13466

can we have the female characters representation thread moved to /m? It's comfy and not exactly radfem.

No. 13467

Can a mod do something about the vendetta-chan sperg in the costhot thread? Completely derailing and bitching about people asking for proof about shit and then complaining about how they have to spoonfeed information because they aren't posting the information and keep posting iirelevant reaction images to anything anyone doesn't agree with along with huge novlla bullshit because no one else seems to have a hate boner for this nicole thot.

No. 13469

Can you do something about the pedo apologists in the art thread?

No. 13470

Can mods please do something about Nicole blatantly spiraling out in the costhot thread?
I've tagged them all (*suspected) in one post for easier reviewing.

Go home Nicole, you're not even trying anymore.

No. 13471

NO ONE knows who this chick is, you dumbass. How are anons asking for proof =/= Nicole? Tinfoiling is against board rules. All the anons have done is complain about her making a patreon and tinfoil about whether she called the cops and bitch about her quitting 2 jobs. WHAT does she actually do thats milky. If you just hate her, say it. But dont try to push some weird nonexistent dialogue about her being toxic or scamming. Post this shit if she is and stop bitching about 'spoonfeeding'. POST the relevant shit anons are asking for.

No. 13472

Stop 'hi cow' to anyone not dragging her.

No. 13473

not any of the anons, but flakes, especially in shitty generals threads aren't going to be that milky.

No. 13474

Anons are pissed other anons are asking what else has she done thats milky aside from 'hurr durr shes a thot".

No. 13475

>Tinfoiling is against board rules
Tinfoiling is only when there's no basis to a claim. No one's even claimed anything other than "she's full of shit" which has already been backed up several times over. No one is going to break into the police station to see if she filed a police report, which is what you seem to be demanding us to do to be allowed to talk about her. It's not tinfoiling if you anon just refuse to read the numerous posts that are already there and demand people spoonfeed you milk from years ago and throw a tantrum when people won't repost the same shit over and over again.

>If you just hate her, say it.

You need to take a nap anon, seriously. Calm down. Nobody there hates her anymore than any of the other thots and ebeggars in that thread. You taking it personally doesn't make it true. Even if someone did hate her….so what? It wouldn't make her any less of a cow? We're on a website that is entirely for talking about people we think are stupid?

>WHAT does she actually do thats milky

She's a thot and she ebeggs…that's why we're talking about her in the thread for thots and ebeggars. It's not a hard concept, really. If you don't think thots and ebeggars and milky, then why are you hanging out in the thot/ebeggar thread?

>POST the relevant shit anons are asking for

It's already there, it's already posted. If you refuse to read it, there's nothing I can do. You're not even hiding your samefaggotry well, you keep screaming to POST things, then people tell you it's right there read it yourself and then you ignore that person and scream at the next person to POST things. It's just boring troll/whiteknight/selfpost bullshit.

>what else has she done thats milky aside from 'hurr durr shes a thot"
Yeah, we're talking about a thot in the the thot thread. That's it, that's the milk, she doesn't need to have done anything else. Go to another thread if you don't find that interesting, no one's forcing you to stay.

No. 13476

so? that thread is literally for any cosplayer that sells nudes or posts ahegao face. it has no standards.

No. 13477

>You need to take a nap anon, seriously. Calm down

anyone that replies like you do shouldnt be giving out that kind of advice anon

No. 13478

Seriously. All this anon is doing is sperging out in the thread with walls of text. This thot is the least milkiest snowflake in the thread. Idk why anon is flipping out that not every anon agrees and all they keep doing is posting the same shit over and over.

No. 13485

There was this pro-pedo defender sperg who was sperging in the pinkpill thread about hebephiles for the past two hours and is now sperging about other stuff.

Why are the anons doing nothing?

No. 13486

sorry i meant why are the admins doing nothing?

No. 13487

Probably busy, anon.

No. 13488

Is the "weight gain thread" on /g/ an inside joke at this point?
Jannies ban posters there for infight but never ban the OP who infights and constantly bumps the thread with her infighting and it's obviously the same person necroing it every time. It's been two years.

Just wondering why that thread and that anon get special treatment in particular.

No. 13489

Anons in the PNP thread are so bored they’re all just sperging the fuck out at this point plz send help

No. 13491

the admins simply don't care.

No. 13492

It helps when you guys link to the threads or report the specific posts in question.

No. 13493

I've reported it in the past, and I saw other anons complain about it before.
Look I'll just hide it, anon gets her special infight thread for unspecified reasons.

No. 13494

OP hasn't posted in years. What's the actual issue?

No. 13495

So because of the way my wifi works (dynamic ip) I have no idea if my ban was lifted after first appeal or if my ip has updated. I'm using the exact same device and wifi I got banned on.
I was permanbanned from all boards with no given reason and no red text on any of my posts. I barely even post and I only use the skincare, haircare, confessions and advice threads anyway. Afaik I haven't broken any of the rules?
My last posts before the ban were on the relationship advice thread, not sure if they were from the same device but they were from the same wifi for sure:
And before that I posted on the confessions thread days ago but it wasn't anything controversial either.
Is there any reason for this?

No. 13497

To add, not all bans are red text.

No. 13498

I believe you got an automatic system ban but I lifted it when you submitted your appeal. If you still have issues posting you can email me your IP so I can manually whitelist you.
Automatic system bans are inherited from previous bans and IPs. Sorry about that anon.

No. 13499

Got it, thanks!

No. 13500

File: 1581072054086.png (28.99 KB, 1705x224, whypipo.PNG)

I'm not a rich white bitch.

No. 13502

File: 1581072776446.png (33.32 KB, 817x383, pajeet.PNG)


Tell farmers how you really feel about them!

No. 13503

File: 1581072812250.png (28.71 KB, 2359x138, INVALIDATED.PNG)

No. 13504

No. 13508

What's the context of these? A janitor?
Also, mild nitpick, but
>cloudflare demographics posted 2 years ago
Those stats were obviously inaccurate, and I don't understand why anyone would take them seriously enough to remember them years later, even for this dumbass "Everyone I disagree with is a rich white racist" argument. Wealthy women in their 30s and up aren't hanging out on a fucking /cgl/ drama offshoot lol

No. 13509

Just a heads up, there’s someone (or several people?) in altcows 17 who I think may be blackface troll from the last thread.

Obviously this is just speculation, but it seems odd we get another vague “so and so was racist because!” post randomly like that, with no context. I don’t know if they’re doing it deliberately as some kind of weirdo litmus test, or trolling for lulz.

No. 13510

is this a farmhands ? yikes if so

No. 13511

Why don't you people ever post context? I swear everytime someone just drops a random screenshot it's just trying to stir up shit in the most confusing way possible.

No. 13512

Yeah I want to know what the fuck is going on and I don't want to get banned assuming and making the admin/farmhand mad. Just post who it's about.

No. 13513

No. 13514

What the actual fuck is wrong with femdom anons

No. 13515

lmao thanks for the laughs

No. 13516

File: 1581109039838.png (39.64 KB, 964x285, Capture.PNG)

>from running an imageboard
Also, am I the only who finds it weird that the person in the KF thread who posted the Twitter acc of the user who brought this milk is calling her a "crazy bpd femcel", "femoid", "femishit"? Sounding a whole lot like an angry, woman-hating tranny/moid. That person's only made like 4 posts, so you know it's an old account that was logged into specifically for this purpose.
So, a misogynistic tranny or scrote with insider knowledge on Lolcow's staff, and/or other people who would be able to "bring cream" on Admin. Certain radfem tinfoils about tranny jannies are starting to look just a bit more legit.
I'm not white btw, just a brownie like admin

No. 13517

Or then bringerofcream is a personal cow we don't know about. Looking at the sick fucks twitter makes me think it's some obscure cows twitter. No way in hell is that person not being milked by someone.

Probably bragged about their le epic leak to orbiters on discord or some shit, who just now realised their precious moon to orbit hates men. This femcels twitter is full of full cream milk, no way are they not a major cow. I've gotten more laughs out of that twitter than their shitty screenshots. Who the fuck care if janitors talk shit about femcels? They do it for free for fucks sake, let the hot pockets have their empty enjoyment to fill their autistic void.

No. 13518

Nah, this person is an unrelated nobody to me. A random Twitter sperg like all the rest.
I find it way funnier to laugh at our admin's hijinks. Milk from home is always sweeter.

No. 13519

how would bringerofcream even know this shit if she's not also "from home"

No. 13520

yo. /meta/ brings the best laffs lol

No. 13521

She's presumably not the admin, so she's just not as interesting. Not that hard. If she is or was a janitor, we also don't know how involved she was in site decisions or what her bans were like. She just looks like a boring random.

No. 13522

File: 1581111767496.png (13.74 KB, 598x130, sterilesaint.png)

No. 13523

I don't see how random Twitter sperg and random milk bringer are related or how random discord caps are actually proof and not random caps.
That's crystal cafe's admin. Our admins discord is in the lolcow discord. Sorry if I'm not getting something here but this is confusing
Thanks for locking that thread it reeked of anachans

No. 13524

>beats the shit out of her boyfriend
your admin vendetta is clouding your milk judgment

No. 13525

Regina and snail were on good terms, so it's not impossible one of Crystal Cafe's jannies would end up as Lolcow's admin after aussiechan stepped down.
If admin originally came from Crystal Cafe's mod team, everything that's happened makes more sense now.

No. 13526

>dime a dozen russian anachan e-girl with a blood fetish on Twitter
I'm sorry, but this is just too common. I've seen too many of these types in the wild to care much.
I just want more admin milk and diarrhea tales.

No. 13527

>Beats up her boyfriend
>Brags about being a mod
>Posts nonstop cringe about female power

Dunno anon, this is some major quality milk unlike some crusty screenshots.

No. 13528

File: 1581113002381.png (368.44 KB, 550x392, femcel?.png)

So is this an asherahsgarden mod a crystal cafe mod or a lolcow mod
They initially didn't deliver milk except for receipts from the site itself so it's weird for random zero context receipts to get posted. Some highlights of what she said from the kiwi thread
>Her ethnicity makes her especially sensitive to criticism
>Ultimately, the reason the unlisted board on lolcow was deleted is because she was tired of being called a tranny.
I can still access lolcow.farm/2X with the capitial X
>There are rumors that she is anorexic because she really doesn't like being called fat and makes sure to remind everyone that she is a skelly
Isn't russian anon anachan ?

This reeks of some sort of vendetta and I'm living for it but I really hope this anon isn't a farmer or angry gc anon because fucking yikes

No. 13529

File: 1581113230907.png (14.96 KB, 598x197, Screenshot.png)

No. 13530

the weakest attempt to divert attention from a cow of all time

where's the thread? I could go for a mystery.jpg style milking

No. 13531

My money's on former Lolcow mod who was spurned after being removed from her position. How else would she have access to a mod Discord, if this is real? The ingenue account also looks very familiar for the Lolcow Discord scene, so I'm inclined to believe the screenshots are legit. The full context would be nice, so I'm hoping whoever this is dumps more shit so we can get a full picture.
I'm not shocked by the shit from the Twitter account, because this is kind of what I expected, anyway. I wouldn't be surprised if they're all mentally ill anachans, edgelords or other assorted spergs. It seems like people who run imageboards are always fucked up or cowlike.

No. 13532

>voicing personal disinterest is now diversion
Take off the tinfoil hat.
Honestly, start a thread to talk about this Twitter person. We have massive threads on boring people like Shay and PnP, so it's not like quality is the big issue here. She'll probably freak out and lock or delete her account by the time she finds out she's being mocked here and KF, though.
I genuinely just only care about admin milk right now. This "sterilesaint" person isn't enticing enough for me to distract from it. If she turned out to be like Nemu or Chris-chan, maybe I'd be into it, but this half-assed shit? Not really.
The only thing that makes her interesting to me is her connection to Lolcow, and I want that to be expanded on.

No. 13533

Admin is nippon weeb k-pop sperg according to my field notes from lurking in the lolcow discord. If the screens are legit then probably some crystal cafe mods fighting again. Anons suspected the crystal cafe mods were posting in the /ot/ thread when someone sperged about a love note to an incel.

No. 13534

b im not even a part of whats all happening right now, i just love all the tinfoil and bitching at each other, you ladies are crazy

No. 13535

there's 0 admin milk though aside from the rather weak screenshots and i doubt there will be posted more if this is all she was saving so you trying to ruin the fun here is quite frankly annoying

No. 13536

File: 1581114662487.png (21.01 KB, 598x130, Screenshot_2020-02-07 purgator…)

Or it could be a deranged manhate anon. The 2x board was supposed to close on the 5th afterall and the pp thread has been awful to read through lately. Since admin moved the thread back to /ot/ there has been multiple femdom anons shitting up the thread and crying about their nigel fwb.

No. 13537

How am I ruining the fun? No one is stopping you from digging through this account. I just hope that more mod discord leaks come as a result of this, because eastern euro BPD thots kind of lose their novelty fast.

No. 13538

ok, we get it. stop shitting this thread up then if all you're waiting for is more discord leaks. bothering us about how irrelevant you think this mod is won't make the discord leak hopes come true

No. 13539

Take your meds.

No. 13540

File: 1581115484574.png (Spoiler Image, 232.34 KB, 590x707, 2.png)

>this is who gets picked to be a mod

No. 13541

We don't even know if that twitterfag is even a mod of lolcow or if this is beef between two mods
>>>/ot/386275 some nostalgia from the r9k drama from quartz.bistro
>two mods beef at each other over shittalking
>mod reveals to entire userbase during townhall that other mod gave r9k robot her login
>anon finds a cringey love letter a moid posted on r9k
>anon loses her shit

No. 13542

>sperging and infighting for hours
>still diverting attention from the cow
>…and onto the boring discord caps you keep trying to shill as ~real milk~
Hi cow

No. 13543

File: 1581117159381.png (309.49 KB, 598x613, femdom.png)

No. 13545

admin are u going to say something about all this?

No. 13546

cringe. never bring back the 2x related thread topics.

No. 13547

You really responded a full hour later with an unsaged post to "hi cow"?
Autism. Anyway, still waiting for real milk. You can keep obsessing over this Twitter chick if you want.

No. 13548

Is femdom /2X/-related?

No. 13549

Why did race become a part of the problem? Were people supposed to know Admin wasn't white or something? I don't really get it, and I'm not even white myself. It's weird that she was talking about being discriminated against, but then went on about "pajeet coons".
It seems like the person who shared this shit on KF was racist and guilty of a lot of the same things she accused admin of, too. Some interesting people involved with this site.

No. 13550


hi casey

No. 13551

Is that her name? Maybe if you've doxxed her, you can post something more interesting than Twitter screenshots.

No. 13552

i 100% do not believe she's not white, considering she's a koreaboo who allegedly lives in the nihon.

No. 13553

like >>13552 stated she is most likely asian/white and this anon is probably mexican so this seems like some massive false flagging or fake caps

No. 13554

I know you ladies are super mad but gotttdamn the autism is thru the roof holy shit. The majority of us want to talk shit about people but you idiots make it too personal. Find some lvl of chill Lord help your

No. 13556

are you lost or something?
why are you fucking retards all fighting in the meta complaints thread? go to /ot/ or something

No. 13558

Plot twist: admin was the person constantly race baiting and bitching about muh whypipo in PP threads. well, this cap finally explains why she hated GCs especially.

No. 13559

I mean the current PP thread has quite a bit of racebait

No. 13560

no but let's pretend it is

No. 13561

>she took over lolcow at 19 and is now 20
Fucking called it. I knew she was really young and insecure which is why she took everything personally and was ready to ban any topic that made anons come to /meta/ to scream at her.

Admin, you really bit off more than you could chew. I appreciate the effort for wanting to help the board out but you got to know your limits. Also, word of advice - don't trust your mods. Never trust your mods with any amount of personal, possibly embarrassing information about your life. They're not your friends. They will rat you out at some point. It always happens.

No. 13562


A better word of advice - never let batshit man-hating radfems mod or take over your site or else the second you do something they don't like they will chimp the fuck out and try to dox you. You can never win with them. Exterminate and move on.

No. 13563

I don't think the mods are radfems at all tbh. Im not the anon you are responding too tho

No. 13564

The person who was posting discord leaks clearly was. had to be a mod if they're legit; how else would they have gotten access to the server in the first place?

The first kiwi post happened right around the time admin decided to get rid of 2x

No. 13565

Who tried to doxx her? All anyone did was post Discord caps that may or may not even be real. If anything, someone tried to doxx the former mod or CC person who was mad at her.
Are you living in this reality?

No. 13566

Look at the timing of this all. That anon started posting after admin announced nuking 2x and these random caps with zero context were posted right after admin locked all the 2x threads. I don't know if this is actually a mod or if it's a rando but one thing is sure, this is tied to the gc/pp sperg unless it's a random vendetta.

No. 13567

Samefag but I also wanted to point out the amount of self admitted femdom anons in the pp thread right now.

No. 13568

you need to take a break from meta and/or lc in general. everything you post just makes you sound crazy.

No. 13569

>literally tried to dramatize screenshots into a doxxing attempt by The Radfems
>says others sound crazy

No. 13570

What? Is this just an elaborate falseflag? Where's the proof that this is the mod discord? What does the random twitter have to do with it? What cloudfare statistics? Why the sperging about radfems again, they are already banned what more do you want?

No. 13572

I just tried to check the Twitter account, and it's been deleted. What the fuck even was all of this? I saw some anons try to relate it all back to PP, but PP anons don't even have anything to be disgruntled about, considering their thread is back on /ot/.
The fact that there's a focus on femdom and literally nothing about trannies makes me skeptical about pinning it on GC, either.

No. 13573

File: 1581129677970.png (6.79 KB, 56x56, 353061725198614531.png)

meta always has the best drama

No. 13574

ok buddy retard

No. 13575

File: 1581135009554.gif (4.11 MB, 368x368, lizerd.gif)

I don’t know if this is related to the kf tranny who offered to buy the site off me, or the 2X situation. All I have to say is that I knew how the user base has historically treated its former administrators; even I have participated on shitting on my predecessors. What I underestimated was the lengths some people will go through to manufacture drama or conflict. However, this is thread consistently delivers pure cream and I can appreciate that. I do want to keep this thread on topic though, if anyone wants to continue the discussion I have zero issue with anyone going to kiwifarms. Sometimes I chuckle when I read that shit.
Onto other matters. Confirmed themes that will be coming back in an improved format:
• darkcow
• girltalk
• keekweek (obviously)
• default lolcow (Yes? no?)
I've also had multiple requests for more dark themes, if there is enough demand we can add more. If anyone wants improved variations of girltalk in different colors then that's also doable.

No. 13576

Tell us more about the KF tranny, you can't leave us hanging like this

No. 13577

File: 1581173621801.png (81.9 KB, 597x780, therapist thirst.png)

I knew she'd lock down her twitter so I did some digging yesterday. Enjoy the milk.

No. 13578

File: 1581173729685.png (185.88 KB, 596x1692, anorexia.png)

No. 13579

i hope the recovery from your brain injury goes well anon!

No. 13580

File: 1581173860123.png (108.7 KB, 597x1116, cooom.png)

No. 13581

File: 1581173990060.png (196.36 KB, 597x1590, rambling.png)

No. 13582

>"tried not to get hard, failed"
>"me jerking off 9 times out of 10"
>"does jerking off kill empathy cells"
>"Tfw no qt maido servant to rape you when you were a boy and corrupt you irreparably"
>"i like making women say sorry over literally nothing, basically apologising for their very existence because the weak should fear the strong"
Wait a second. Didn't this same person who dumped the apparent LC mod Discord caps brag about being a mod themselves here >>13522?

No. 13583

>Tfw no qt maido servant to rape you when you were a boy and corrupt you irreparably
i'm sorry, what? and why does this person say "jerking off" like this, talks about "getting hard", etc??

No. 13584

File: 1581174416583.png (1.02 MB, 594x1381, hand.png)

If a hand specialist wants to analyse whether this is a man hand or not then go for it.

No. 13585

File: 1581174697899.png (317.75 KB, 598x678, hand 2.png)

No. 13586

File: 1581174918849.png (120.87 KB, 472x388, wtff.PNG)

hands don't really show anything, especially like this, but their steam profile names are very sus/creepy. the lalafell objectification gives me strong male vibes tbh, and if female, it's gross either way. tough to tell considering the imageboard environment, but it certainly would explain their racism. is this a self-hating male that is preoccupied with the role of a domme? this shit is so bizarre. anyways, would make sense as to why admin dislikes gc/pp if this is her idea of them. this person is completely wacked whether troon or female.

No. 13587

i hope this twitter anon commits no oxygen. this is retarded and unamusing

No. 13588

File: 1581174937135.gif (6.95 MB, 384x379, confused drake.gif)


Maybe this is the tranny mod radfems were sperging about? Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
>inb4 it turns out there actually was a tranny mod who admin ousted upon finding out
>inb4 this is the tranny mod who decided to "expose" admin by attempting to get radfems to go at her

I refuse to believe anyone but a tranny would be this mentally ill and unhinged.

No. 13589

File: 1581175311853.png (1.61 MB, 1682x1080, Untitled-1.png)

I went through the twitter account before it got deleted and found these pictures. This looks like a woman to me, but honestly it's scrote-ish behaviour and embarrassing.

No. 13590

I just want to talk to whoever insisted this was a femcel or femoid. If they had enough access to the Twitter account to dig up screencaps from 2016, there's no way they didn't know this was a tranny.
There is no "fem" whatsoever going on here. This is a straight-up cumbrained incel scrote/troon, lmao.
What happened to the anons who all but jumped at the chance to turn this into a "When radfems and manhaters ATTACK" situation like >>13562, too, kek?

No. 13593

This person outright referred to being male. I don't think it's much of a question anymore.
See the meido post in >>13580. Couple that with the post about punching walls, getting hard, and cringy coomer Steam usernames in >>13586. I'm going to be very surprised if this isn't a man.

No. 13594

File: 1581175907991.png (3.16 MB, 1682x1080, troon confirmed.png)

That fucking adams apple and quarterbacker shoulders. Even has the troon nose (tm). Troon confirmed. Why do troons always try to cause drama in female spaces?

No. 13595

that's really not an adam's apple or linebacker shoulders but troons know their angles. nevertheless, this person looks like a gay male to me, facially. australia has a lot of young troons too so this makes sense tbh. i never bought a tranny mod theory but it was always possible. strange that they should be allegedly "manhate-y", didn't expect that, but i don't think they're genuinely man-hate-y as they display many of the cumbrained and predatory behaviors anons vocally complain about.

No. 13596

That's not an adam's apple, jfc. You just need to accept that there are batshit insane pickme women who have marinated in porn and male-dominated spaces and thus internalized their mindset. If it was a tranny she would be posting upper face pictures and censoring her mouth/manjaw/nose, not the other way around.

No. 13597

File: 1581176364127.png (69.75 KB, 595x776, movie night.png)

Some additional caps but these are less interesting. And it's not like I had to look for these. Almost every tweet from that account was caption worthy.

No. 13598

idk about it being a man or a woman but it's mad ugly

No. 13599

NTA, but nope. No room for damage control here. He literally said he "was a boy".

No. 13600

File: 1581176552464.png (12.43 KB, 598x110, attractive.png)

No. 13601

File: 1581176696111.png (62.26 KB, 595x682, anadom.png)

No. 13602

File: 1581176869089.png (14.05 KB, 586x94, interesting.PNG)

No. 13603

i agree that i don't see an adam's apple but he literally said he was a boy before and that he got "hard". Some troons pass, get over it.

No. 13604

Could you please explain instead of spamming twitter caps? How is this twitter user the same that posted the (fake?) discordcaps on kiwi(that's what you want to say right?)? What do they have to do with lolcow and/or the staff? Why are you posting this on /meta/?
I'm so fucking confused lmao

No. 13605

A true and honest tranny wouldn't imply being a boy. I think we might be dealing with a severely mentally ill and porn sick woman.
This seems like sarcasm.

No. 13607

it's not sarcasm. that tweet alone can seem like sarcasm, but at this same time, he/she was spamming openly feminist gamer/gamer journalists telling them to kill themselves. i think in 2016 he was an antifeminist

No. 13608

s/he made a kiwi account to talk shit about mods/admin and then a kiwi user who presumably knows him/her revealed his/her twitter. they ended up deleting immediately after that was revealed so it's pretty much confirmed it was them. bragged about being an imageboard mod as well so it's not a far stretch to assume they were a mod here considering their weird kiwi vendetta

No. 13609

I've seen tons of AGP trannies refer to being a boy, talk about "boymoding", etc.
We have literally no reason to believe this isn't just a troon.

No. 13610

The account only had 3 posts, how is that user supposed to know them and exactly pops up in the right moment when they are shitposting about admin in the kiwi thread? This just screams weird sockpuppet.

No. 13611

no clue? the account seems old as well. maybe someone they bragged to about their mod privileges on discord or twitter? considering they bragged in the open that wouldn't be a far reach either

No. 13612

File: 1581178013327.png (177.47 KB, 1502x652, kf.png)

Wait a second, one thing I think is strange is how those posts on KF happened just after Admin posted her decision on 2X, just like >>13564 said.
Here's when Admin posted about getting rid of 2X >>12977, January 14. Bringerofcream posted this on KF on January 16. Is this someone who's unhappy with the 2X decision? Why would a scrote be upset about it? This whole thing is bizarre.

No. 13614

bringer of cream appears to be american, "realize" and says "sjw talking points". idk, i dont get the impression they're a 2x user or sympathetic to their ideology unless they're just gender crit. manhate anons typically don't talk about "SJW" this and that

No. 13615

Could be what >>13588 said. Tranny trying to turn all the women against each other after getting kicked out, either after being exposed or for some other argument with admin.
I kind of doubt anyone would foresee LC having a radfem board and make a Twitter account false-flagging as a tranny, become a mod, etc years in advance just to do all this.

No. 13617

File: 1581178568719.png (30.62 KB, 598x340, aussie.png)

No, it's a second gen Russian immigrant.

No. 13618

i'm talking about the kiwifarms user "bringerofcream". they type with american spelling. "sterilesaint" always uses "s" rather than "z" (realise vs realize, analyse vs analyze).

No. 13619

i'm sure they did that to throw people like you off. seems to be working. it's a moot point to argue that bringerofcream and sterilesaint aren't the same person considering they deleted their account immediately after it was revealed on kiwi

No. 13620

Where do you get from that they are a mod and the screens are real? Is there anything else?
And the person who claims to know that user with 3 posts and claims that it's some random twitter tranny literally just wrote "To nobody's surprise the bringerofcream is a mentally ill femoid. If you ever wanna see an example of why lolcow is full of crazy bpd femcels this is the one.
Meet Casey - an anorexic, unstable, cutting, pharmacy student from Australia who proudly posts on twitter about beating her boyfriend bloody. She also, of course, worships Russia in all its gulagging of the mentally ill glory, completely missing the irony in that.
Some examples of this special specimen:"
I swear I don't act stupid on purpose, this level of tusm is just way too high for me. Why would a scrote who calls women femoids and hates lolcow know that supposed twitter tranny feminist kiwi user who only posted 3 times enough to share all that weird data? He just states it as a fact without any proof and everyone believes it??

No. 13621

eh if you looked through sterilesaint's twitter before they panic-deleted after being exposed on kiwi (which is why everyone believes it) you saw them talking to anti-feminist scrotes all the time

No. 13622

NAYRT but the twitter screencaps are real. Archiving all of them would've been too slow but I did save some.

No. 13623

Why are there users here so insistent that the twitter fag is a woman??
You look bad defending him.

No. 13624

mind you, there are A LOT of anti-feminist femdom enthusiasts on r9k. i dont know where s/he actually stands as of now politically, but trannies into femdom are not necessarily pro-feminist leftists or anything.

No. 13627

There were several anons taking it for a fact before the deletion too and if the thing with the anti-feminist scrotes is real this makes even less sense. Why would they be angry about the closure of 2X then? Why are would they talk with scrotes like that anyway if they were a feminist or pp anon? It doesn't really add up.

I don't care about the twitter cow, I want to know what they supposed to have to do with lolcow with proof and if the posted discord screenshots are real or not.

No. 13628

The fact that the sterilesaint user talked about being a mod, and deleted their account after this whole thing went down makes things suspicious. We know they were a LC user because of >>13543, too.
The best case scenario is that sterilesaint is an angry former mod who orchestrated all of this.
The worst case scenario is that sterilesaint isn't bringerofcream, just a regular mod who may or may not still be on the team, making decisions while bragging about how much he loves making women apologize and wishes he had a MILF gf, lmao.
The painful/humorous part is that either way, the "tranny janny" conspiracy theory is lent a certain amount of cogency by all this shit. It's just too much all at once.

No. 13629

What does it matter if it was taken as a fact before the deletion when the deletion confirmed it anyways? Good luck trying to get proof of anyone being on staff on any imageboard besides 4chan btw. No way staff is gonna confirm or deny any of this

No. 13630

Probably just salty they got removed as a mod and want to blow up the site with manufactured drama. Plus they know how sensitive admin is and have probably been baiting both sides super hard.
Seems like they were opportunistic and took advantage of an already existing problem to stir shit even further.

No. 13631

yeah i think this is what happened. since the account was old, i think its a lurkers account. some anons tinfoiled earlier in this thread that bringerofcream probably bragged about the so called leak on discord, since they bragged about mod status on twitter ((and clearly theyre an attention whore anyways)). prolly some scrot saw them bragging and decided to fuck with them by doxing them. pretty common for kiwifags to eat their own.

No. 13632

posted too early
prolly the person who leaked this could have been found in the interactions of the twitter account tbh. sterilesaint interacted a lot with scrots and incels to the point a few orbited.

No. 13633

One of the orbiters has made his twitter account private but I have 4 others.
>Patrick @showersalts
>Seraphqiel Tr @TheTrSeraphqiel
>𝌌 @TH0TBR34K3R
>tanbu @tanbu_gg

No. 13634

lurker's account but they posted to their twitter "i'm a mod on an imageboard"?

No. 13635

no, the account who doxed sterilesaint on kiwifarms is a lurker account who is probably also an orbiter of sterilesaint on twitter.

No. 13637

OT but Pharmacy student Casey from Australia can hardly be classified as doxing.

No. 13638

Are you joking? Did you not see all the mh and femdom shit on the account? She literally posted caps from the pp/mh thread

No. 13640

double posting, sorry, but why is this in this thread?

No. 13642

Why do you keep asking?

No. 13643

this person's "manhate" was fully fetish related, anon.

No. 13644

I literally just woke up and this is my first time commenting in here after seeing (47) on te tab. Thats why Im asking. I dont have any idea what is going on and from scanning the thread the admin seems cool with it, but whys it relevant to the thread.

No. 13645

Probably because it pertains to the mods and admin.

No. 13646

So, big mad male anons are trying to post personal stuff about admin because..?

No. 13648

No clue, I'm just wondering where all this leads.
The tranny janny thing shocked me a lot. Also, I'm pretty sure the only male here is the Twitter user/mod who deleted his shit after getting revealed, and now he's having stuff exposed about him.

No. 13649

Fucked up if there was a male on staff and admin lost her shit for being called a tranny and deleted GC because of it.

That whole, "Trick question" poll made me side eye everything here even if I love the site. I also woke up to 45 new posts kek. I read all of them and STILL don't really know what to make of it.

No. 13650

Basically, the staff has been gaslighting us. Neat.

No. 13651

shit no, seriously? Anyone could have seen this coming since the anti-radfem sperging started.

>this amount of damage control
it's always you motherfucking troons. It's always you.(samefagging)

No. 13652

right, ok retard

No. 13653

it is looking more and more like their was a transwoman on the modding team if you ask me, Ban me if you want, but this shit always happens. They are always worming their way into women's spaces, they do it on reddit so course they'd find a way to do it here.

All tinfoil of course. I don't know if this is a attempt to make anons go, "Look at this radfem starting shit!!" or if it's just some bullshit.

the way admin acted about 2x was NOT normal. It was personal and it sucks if there was an transwoman amongst us.

No. 13654

it's pretty obvious.

No. 13655

the way radfems act on here you would've been nuked on any other website way faster and sooner

No. 13656

I'm >>13650 and I wonder if the farmhands banned >>13651 for samefagging to make it seem like we are the same person. At this point, it wouldn't shock me.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 13657

You say it as if men don't post negative stuff about women ever.

No. 13658

women are silenced all the time, what's new?

No. 13660

damn sure wish that silencing would work better because here you still are being annoying

No. 13661

nta but the people bitching about radfems are not annoying but people who may or may not be rad fems are the issue?
So I guess people are only allowed to bitch about rad fems but not defend them/themselves?

There seems to be more people obessed with radfems then actual radfems.

No. 13662

these delusions

No. 13663

>fake discord caps?

Admin did not outright deny their validity. I care less about the identity of who posted them than whether Admin really thinks farmers are rich white bitches and was seeking asspats for subjugating herself by coding for us.

No. 13664

No. 13665

Im really not getting why they are letting this shit go so far. I have a feeling everyone's going to get banned after the mod addresses this or just banned in general kek. Meta has been a mess but i'm not complaining.

No. 13666


2X is 'gone' but you are still bitching?

No. 13667

same could be said about you but i know self-awareness isn't your strong suit. we've seen this by now

No. 13668

>no u
why do i even bother lmao

No. 13669

why DO you bother? why don't you just leave? you're insufferable in your stubborness and need to complain on here when all your complaining has brought you is the complete opposite of what you wanted and yet you STILL do it. boggles the mind

No. 13670

Damn they really got you pressed huh

No. 13671

>admin: You can have your threads but please don't shit up the rest of the site
>PP/GC: Accuses half of /ot/ of being male, pickmes, etc. Derails threads on /pt/ and /snow/ over pronouns.
>admin: There's too much infighting we need to do something about this
>PP/GC: We're being silenced oppressed! Spergs out all over /meta/
>admin: Have your own containment board
>PP/GC: Still shits up the rest of the site, still keeps calling admin a troon
>admin: I'm sick of this shit, fuck off to your own website
>PP/GC: No one can code so the only site they have is an instance of Lynxchan owned by an actual male
>admin: You can have a pink pill thread in /ot/. Inserts red text about calling other anons scrotes in the OP
>PP/GC: Still spergs all over /meta/, still keeps calling admin a troon, still keeps accusing other anons of being men and gets KF involved in the drama

No. 13672

lmao you faggots take this so seriously?? this is why there are threads made about people wtf. just talk some shit and leave why tf if matter holy shit i love /meta/

No. 13673

You have whined for so long about non issues. Don't say you haven't. Your hate for women is abundantly clear. Why are you even on this site?

No. 13674

you're really living in your own world

No. 13675

>everyone who thinks i'm annoying is a woman hating man
and yet you wonder why you got btfo

No. 13676

I don't really give a shit about radfems but why are the koreaboos and the scrote in /g/ still here?

No. 13677

Admin's sleep or reading the shit show here I guess

No. 13678

File: 1581197893480.png (744.02 KB, 2276x868, UUWUU.png)

enjoy crystal.cafe 2.0

No. 13679

>being this autistic
my sides

No. 13680

admin and her friends are koreaboos so they'll stay no matter what lbr, that's why there are a million kpop threads

No. 13681

your autism isn't really doing us any favors here.

No. 13682


No. 13683

I would not be surpise if this was the mods going back & forth larping as angry anon's so they can shut down everything KEK, Meta drama is the best drama.

No. 13684

Crystal.cafe is much nicer than here tbh I don't get the hate

No. 13685

Not anymore, they got merged.

No. 13686

Please learn to read comprehensively.

No. 13687

sperging for a month on /meta/ is, however, not autistic at all. and shame on any woman who decides to use anime reaction pics, when we all know that anime promotes pedophilia and sexism

No. 13688

are you a troll here to make radfems look even worse?

No. 13689

File: 1581198486327.gif (1.43 MB, 540x304, GK12391.gif)

I will post as many cute anime girls as I want. Die mad

No. 13690

Im not that anon but it seems it to me

No. 13691

Seriously, I've been suspecting this for ages. I refuse to believe that someone is in all honesty so autistic they go on a full spergfit about anime reaction images.

No. 13692

yes, when someone disagrees with you, they are immediately a troll

no matter how much horse pee you drink, you will never become one

No. 13693

File: 1581198977471.gif (471.79 KB, 500x496, 8256DA0E96A.gif)

Radfems don't need any help to look dumb af. Why are you still here? Don't you have an imageboard of your own now?

No. 13694

Stop replying to the sperging 'hello fellow females, feminazis btfo, women should be silenced more amirite?'s. You are wasting your time and you know it.

No. 13695

File: 1581200062975.jpg (292.35 KB, 543x685, 1566276556588.jpg)

This. You guys are really going to let this anti-GC/PP sperging and infighting happen so the real meat of things can get drowned out and go unaddressed: Tranny janny confirmed.
There's no more bitching about radfems to be had if the crazy ones were literally right all this time. How are we supposed to trust the admin and mods were being honest about literally anything if the most obnoxious tinfoil turned out to be legit?

No. 13697

we're still bitching because you're all still here and still shitting up the site, you complete and utter retards

you are all deranged

No. 13698

I still wanna know why stan loona shit is ok by admins, gross and unwarranted

No. 13699

>anime moe ugu reaction pic
cut the bullshit out already you fucking sociopath trannies pieces of shit, you've been outed. Cry us some more, your larping and attempts to turn out against each other have been blatant to anyone with half a brain cell since the /2X/ drama started.

>>13695 already said it. There is no turning back after this. Let's see how our always competent admin is going to cope with being exposed to her userbase as a liar, god this is karma coming back to fuck you in the butthole bitch.

No. 13700

File: 1581200749094.gif (92.57 KB, 340x340, PQ9243Xn.gif)

Radfems are currently losing their shit in /snow/, not that I am surprised.

How misogynistic of you to assume that I am a scrote for enjoying anime. Women aren't a hivemind, you know

No. 13701

Don't even respond to him or her, or any derivatives who want to sperg about radfems or post their favorite anime pictures.
They're just here to shit up the thread so that the mods can safely get away with pretending none of this ever happened.

No. 13702

this went unnoticed for some reason but lol

No. 13704

Yeah I can see admin going, "you know what fuck you guys" again, It's best to not interact with the Meta Cow

No. 13705

File: 1581201290181.jpg (153.55 KB, 476x514, ANIME REACTION IMAGE.jpg)

Can you please explain why posting anime images on LC means someone is either a scrote or a troon?

I don't understand how anyone can know the origins of the site and be surprised by the occasional anime girl picture.

No. 13706

holy shit lol close the website for a few days

No. 13707

Exactly. Let's stick to the most important thing.
We literally had a tranny on the mod team since the beginning of 2019. See >>13522.
No word on if he's still a mod, what exactly happened, if he's the "bringerofcream" KF user, or anything at all. The mod team has gone completely dark.

No. 13709

>complains about being discriminated against
>uses words like "pajeet", "coon" and "retard"
>blames website problems on "rich white girls" and not her (his?) own incapability to separate the job from they're own political beliefs and hiring fucking mentally ill male friends as a mods

What a fucking shitty person through and through.

No. 13711

File: 1581202343377.gif (1.17 MB, 498x278, M1989a09Ko.gif)

There is literally no reason for them to lose their shit over anime pics. But since they're radfems, it's probably because they're jealous of fictional characters stealing their men or some shit(ban evading radfem larping as a troon)

No. 13712

Stop derailing this thread, it's gotten ridiculous. There hasn't been a tranny janny or male janny, ever. PP is back as promised and other threads were moved or merged as requested.
I have personal obligations to attend to but anyone who continues with this shit flinging spergfest is getting banned from posting on /meta/.
For the anon that asked earlier, the kf folks were not apart of the mod team, they contacted me through other people offering to buy the site (possibly related to Dyn) during the radfem meltdown for 1k.

Edit: Stop losing your shit over anime pics and gifs. This is an imageboard and if it isn't loli or suggestive then there's zero issue.

No. 13714

Because their post histories are littered with man hate and gender critical post histories, and then they have a few random troon larping posts exclusively on /ot/.

No. 13716

This is not what I meant we should do instead anon…
And how is it confirmed?

No. 13717

Not that anon, but can you show their post history? There's been a rash of strange bans just like that one with no proof that it's radfems.
Please don't treat your userbase like we're stupid, all of this is so shady.

No. 13719

I've noticed this as well.

No. 13720

lmao i got banned for someone else's post twice so i don't believe y'all

No. 13721

This is the one time an admin comes out and starts seething over "derailing"? The only derailing here is that your shit bucket needs to be emptied, you scat lagoon creature.
>No tranny janny or male janny.
Explain. I was only reading up to this point, but what does that mean exactly? Not even a "That wasn't our mod" or "It's all faked"? Who is that person, and why did they have Discord screencaps? You didn't even deny the "ingenue" caps were yourself, just made some half-assed comment about manufactured drama.
You can't ban literally all of us for questioning your actions.

No. 13723

So during the radfem meltdown some KF tranny offered to buy the site? Just conveniently like that? During that spergout I saw a lot of posters who were very obviously samefagging and baitposting to cause everyone to lose their shit, both on the anti-radfem and pro-radfem sides. It really sounds like KF goonies intentionally trying to drive the mod team to a point they would be willing to get rid of the site and hand it over to whoever giving them acquittal. I'm not even trying to be a GC tinfoil here but this sounds like a very likely scenario, especially when we take into account how badly null wanted to have control over lolcow back in the day and had a temper tantrum when he couldn't achieve it.

No. 13724

If this isn't a troon it proves correctly what I've always assumed - that femdom anons are cumbrained.

No. 13725

I've been banned two different times for posts I was already banned for days before. Someone else in the last General thread was accused of something similar by the Admin and they never proved it.

I'd love to know what the fuck is going on because there's always Radfem hate in Meta and then it gets super fucking crazy on both sides.

No. 13727


I'm talking about these posts where the admin went, "I checked their histories and they were this and that"

I'm not saying I don't believe them, I'm just saying, People would like to see proof. The admin's young and I know it's a lot of pressure but…

Im this >>13725 anon by the way. I'm pretty sure i'm going to catch a ban soon. I used to post in GC right before it was banned, maybe I'll be accused of larping.

No. 13728

Come on. I know you can do this! Show me the proof :-)

No. 13729

Show Me the Proof Or stop Lying You Fucking cunts :))))

No. 13730

You obviously don't know shit about how any of this works lmao so stop bullshitting

No. 13731

I'm going to post as much as I can since you guys like to delete what I say for no reason teehee

No. 13732


No. 13733

No wonder people make fun of female programmers lmao YOU CAN'T DO SHITTT

No. 13734

You can't lie like this and expect Me To stay silent :)))

No. 13735

I know you're not busy you mentally ill losers show me the Proof

No. 13736

Where the Fuck is it? I've been waiting a long time Come Onnn!

No. 13737

Are you guys asleep? e_e

No. 13738

Actually I'm kinda bored right now so I will stop for a moment 8D

No. 13739

Probably busy discussing this in their racist discord group. Because they're all racist.

No. 13740

She made a post last night asking anons to stop derailing

No. 13741

It's probably more because a lot of them are from male-pandering anime, especially the dragon loli one.

No. 13742

how do we know it's not a troon? Why is it a rad fem pretending to be a troon instead of a troon or just a asshole? This is weird as fuck LUL

No. 13743

Hello what is going on here

No. 13744

Meta MilkMas 2020

No. 13745

File: 1581210807002.jpg (203.9 KB, 930x1200, 74358291_p0.jpg)

I'm having a bitch fit because the farmhands tagged me as a radfem ^^

No. 13746

This is so obviously someone larping as a radfem. Whichever "side" you're on, if you think this is legit you're fucking retarded.

No. 13747

why are meta anons fucking retards

No. 13748

most anons are retarded and cowish tbh

No. 13749


i bet half the fucking radfems are just hamplanets who want to fuck fit dudes so they cry oppreshun

No. 13750

True that

No. 13751


Since my earlier post >>13663 was apparently overlooked in the fray, I'll ask again.

Were the discord caps fake?

No. 13752

At this point I'm convinced it was the same twitterfag larping based off the fact they are anachan and racist themselves. How do farmers project with zero self awareness lol

No. 13753


How are farmers overlooking what is important here, ie is Amin resentful of coding for rich white bitches? She didn't actually comment on the veracity of the caps >>13575

No. 13754

Resentful? What the fuck?

No. 13755

Everything posted since then (hating on radfems, posting anime pictures and even focusing on the "tranny janny" shite) has been a pathetic attempt to distract from this. Don't let it be drowned out.

No. 13756

If it wasn't real, I'm sure admin would've said that in any of her posts by now. It's a bad look and were it not true, I'm sure she'd say so. I don't even necessarily see a problem with being salty about putting in unpaid labor for people who are genuinely more privileged and better off than you are, but the assumptions are wild. The assumption that the people she specifically dislikes are white and rich is based on literally nothing.

No. 13757

the retardation is out of control i love this keep it up. i need more laffs.

No. 13758

i gotchu fam

No. 13759

sick! keep meta poppin

No. 13760

>Everyone I dont like is a rich white girl
Incel tier lmao

No. 13761

Stop losing your shit about being called a tranny

No. 13763

Can a mod go into the altcows 17 thread (again so sorry!!!) and deal with this escalating moralfag? I think they are buttmad about Kaya being moved to another thread. Thank you!


No. 13764

Reading the post, tp be honest, seems like the mad anon who was just throwing random people out in the cosplay thot thread with nothing to back the person posted besides 'they are a thot'. There is an anon going around, and you can tell who it is, who keeps posting and getting big mad when no one agrees with them.

No. 13767

Be careful what you wish for. 

  • Global rule #8 Do not attempt to use lolcow.farm for attention or profit.
  • Global rule #9 Do not deceptively post about yourself in the third person for any reason.

For the reasons above I've decided to post your entire known post history. If anyone has ever doubted that there are falseflaggers then this is the proof you've been waiting for. We haven't forgotten about the ban evading sperg either, but since they're using a cheap proxy it's going to take some time to verify things to the best of my ability.
ham-chan, opera vpn is not going to save you. We know who you are, and it will rain cream.


I can't drop my work and real life priorities to respond to random screenshots of a discord server that doesn't exist. We use tinyboard and telegram to communicate. I'm not sure if this is related to the situation on kf but the tranny who offered to buy the site off me is featured in a thread here, the former admin of freech.net (now shutdown).

In the future it would be wise to take tranny janny accusations to the proper thread here, it's a waste of time for staff to go through posts unrelated to spam, gore, cp, or janitorial issues.


No. 13768

File: 1581304134899.png (29.81 KB, 128x125, 387665167074197505.png)

kek i love you admin

the cream truly is in /meta/

No. 13769

File: 1581307760815.png (31.7 KB, 1235x453, scrote thread.PNG)

interesting… if true, people sure are strange. but out of curiosity, where are the fake scrote threads you guys say she posted in pic related, and the threats against radfems? those seemed to be the straw that broke the camel's back in determining that this person is a falseflagger, previous to these anime reaction pic posts, which aren't all that damning. the alleged thread and threats are a lot more milky, js.

No. 13770

Thank you i always wanted my own post history lmao ily♡

No. 13771

Btw will you keep updating it for me? And 190 posts? Nice

No. 13772

File: 1581308284757.png (176.09 KB, 1101x848, yikes.png)

Maybe it will be the next reveal or who knows
You're super cringe. Care to explain why you're making gc anons look like shite by acting like a child?

No. 13773

Uh just noticed some posts arent mine in /anon1 but the second one is pretty accurate so good job

No. 13775

File: 1581308744896.png (16.33 KB, 811x112, cringe.png)

>this site has gone to shit it's crystal.cafe 2.0
>larps as scrote
What the fuck is wrong with some of y'all lmao

No. 13776

File: 1581308866052.png (16.14 KB, 1808x70, anonwhy.png)

>radfems aren't the one's derailing on other boards

No. 13777

so did you create fake scrote threads, threaten people and shit? then do this weird shit about the anime pics? that's fucked up and crazy-ass behavior if true. if you were out here falseflagging, seriously, seek treatment. this is shameful behavior.

No. 13778

File: 1581309160512.png (17.71 KB, 987x216, Screenshot_2020-02-09 Anon2's …)

Imagine being proud of this behavior like a smug little shit. Bet it's a scrot tbh

No. 13779

They missed some of my posts and added some i didnt do (like the ones in the gossip threads). I never created threads but i did post an answeer to do the odo to the one that had the ot was posted by an scrote? African americen people dancing and racebait i think. But i did say something, didnt create

No. 13780

Oops. I mean I didnt make the racebaity thread but i answered and reported it ^^

No. 13781

What threats?

No. 13782

idk, admin said you made fake scrote threads and threatened radfems, upthread. here: >>13230

No. 13783

>literally everything else

I’d say jfc maybe at least try to integrate to some extent but I doubt that’s even possible for someone as mentally deranged as you.
Wouldn’t be surprised if you turned out to be 13.

No. 13784

Too bad the thread i was banned for is gone. Should have screenshotted it lol. But i guess i cant prove it wasnt me so believe what you want -,-

No. 13785

File: 1581310180352.jpg (32.1 KB, 449x489, aadmin.jpg)

>Uh just noticed some posts arent mine in /anon1
Never said they were but thank you for saving me the time and confirming that you are indeed the asherah's garden admin/former mod spamming a few days ago. You slipped up in your confirmed history but I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt.
You don't need to deceive farmers to have what you want. I'll shill for you https://asherahs.garden/

If you continue I will make sure to include your blogging and 2X "mod here" posts to a collage matching the listed proxy ranges. Pathetic to be quite honest.

No. 13786

Whats the point if im gonna b deleted again and 2 lazy rn im sleepy XD

No. 13787

If youre going to make sich a big claim dont immediately ban me

No. 13788

So, I'm posting now because staying quiet will be worse.
I'm the mod/admin of AG, and all my posts declaring myself as such were made using Opera VPN. I haven't "been spamming for the past few days". I don't know how I can prove it to you, but my virtual location on Opera is in Europe by default, and that has the "77.111." beginning.
I genuinely don't know what I can do or say to make my case, but I believe this is an honest mistake and not some huge malicious scheme on your part.

No. 13789

And did i just get doxxed by an admin? Aww lad

No. 13790

No. 13791

Im a newfag in the sense i havent been here for years so idk why u think im the fucking creator of an imagevoard lmao i struggle to use snapchat xdd

No. 13792

Can you guys see what im saying when i post on farm.lolcow?

No. 13793

lol this cringe attempt at damage control. get off lolcow and lose some weight

No. 13794

Why is it damage control if im telli g the truth… and why call me fat? :/(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 13795

How did you appear so quickly?

No. 13796

File: 1581311088443.gif (436.57 KB, 400x225, giphy.gif)

if this is really you care to explain why you popped up 2 minutes after admin's post if it totally isn't you and you already confirmed the posters information here >>13767

No. 13797

Look, the false-flagging person was literally posting at the exact same time as me and spamming nonsense. Unless I was mentally destroyed beyond all repair, wouldn't it make sense for one persona to literally disappear for the benefit of the other?
I lurk very often, but I swear I'm not responsible for any Opera posts besides the ones that specifically highlight me as a mod.
If there's anything I can do or say to prove myself, I'll try.(stop)

No. 13799

This is a classic example of samefagging and it's painfully obvious. Typing liek randum xD is not going to make you look like any less of a trainwreck.
I just have one question, are you the male admin who made AG or are you just insane?

No. 13801

File: 1581311874034.jpg (28.72 KB, 382x403, dumpster.jpg)

No. 13803

File: 1581312921096.jpg (28.97 KB, 500x643, ITT.jpg)

fuck y'all and your GoT level weird-ass scheming

No. 13804

>begging for falseflagging proof for days
>gets it
can't wait for the inveitable sperg delusions in here that will try to explain this one away

No. 13807

>the former admin of freech.net
Holy shit. Do they think LC is part of /cow/ or something?

No. 13808

Its funny because it always seems that when an admin or mod from a site leaves under anything, but their own terms, they spiral out. Ive been a mod on another site and this shit would happen all the fucking time. Unfortunately it seems they came here.

No. 13810

So what's up them discord screenshots. RE: rich white bitches?

No. 13811

They're probably the twitteranon or troon I really doubt this is related to radfems >>13767

No. 13812

File: 1581331625081.jpg (206.74 KB, 1067x1717, Screenshot_20200210-024503_Chr…)

This sick fuck has a spam bot directly linked to his github
Very fucking suspicious considering the increase in CP spam in /g/ lately

No. 13813

Do you actually believe your own lies? No crickets, just deleting. They used this opportunity to make him look suspicious. Bye bye radfems

No. 13815

not a complaint but if any if you just saw that revenge porn post i managed to cap it and send it to the girl so she can hopefully find out who did it and report them, the spineless pussy. on lolcow of all places as well, lmfao

No. 13816

oh you can suddenly type like a normal person? also your posts are probably getting deleted because none of what you say makes sense anyways and you're just annoying. go away already retard

No. 13817

>responding to that thing
even if admin said that, holy shit, it's not like farmers havent thought/posted worse things about the admins or other people here..

No. 13818

I bet u r fat

No. 13819

ok, edward sausage fingers

No. 13820

I will start starving myself for my waifu ♡🌶😍

No. 13821

File: 1581368180082.jpg (55.35 KB, 646x431, billie-eilish-side-eye.jpg)


just stop posting you bloatlord

No. 13822


The difference is that Admin is in a position of power.

No. 13823

Or dont bite the hand thats moderating. Mods and admins dont have to take the shit and if youre shit talking them, good. Get banned.

No. 13824


When has having an admin with totalitarian power who is resentful or biased ever worked out?

Also, presumptuous much?

No. 13825

It's pretty weird that someone accusing admin of being an anachan is an anachan themselves.They're obviously incredibly racist calling people slurs on Twitter. Bringerofcreams first milk leak was a bunch of speculation like
>admins ethnicity clouds her judgement
How is this remotely milk, and if the screens are legit where is the proof? According to the kiwi thread some lurkers in the lolcow discord say admin is a weeb living in japan or a SEA girl.

No. 13826

start paying for the website then if you want "power"

No. 13827

this bootlicking is embarrassing. you honestly sound like you belong more on a forum, no offense. no one should be above constructive criticism and questioning.

anon isn't saying she wants power. she's saying people who hold administrative positions are held to a higher standard of conduct. whether or not the discord caps are true, no idea, it's possible they are or aren't, but an admin's behavior should never be held to the standard of anonymous randos who aren't entrusted with responsibility.

No. 13828

I agree but this is a site where anons proudly talk about picking their noses and eating their boogers like dessert.

No. 13829

Anon refuses to see your point.

No. 13831

Can anyone help in the TND thread? There’s a bunch of morons arguing about whether or not a picture of Taylor’s snake is symbolic to Jonny Craig. I’m losing brain cells by the minute. I don’t care who helps. The crystal cafe mod, the ashneradjo whatever the fuck whoever the fuck. I’m just desperate, and trying to take the edge off in here too. Because it’s a mess in here.


No. 13833

>but an admin's behavior should never be held to the standard of anonymous randos who aren't entrusted with responsibility.

she's doing this for free, deal.

No. 13834

This. >>13833
Lolcow isn't some big website like Reddit with execs. It's a tiny imageboard. She probably pays for this out of her own pocket.

No. 13835

Do you run the site? No? Then sit your bitch ass down. They can literally run it, ban whoever, because its their site. If you dont like what an admin stands for, fuck off to another site. This isnt a democracy where anons opinions matter. The admin doesn't have to even make threads to interact and ask questions to site managers. Be fucking grateful or get off.

No. 13836

Holy SHIT this same person is the deranged BPD-chan who was accusing victims of BPDs wanting to be abused by them and getting a kick out of it. Anon please get help

No. 13837

Admin is letting this pointless, baseless discussion continue for the sake that you keep your right to blab, that’s not very “totalitarian” is it anon.

No. 13838

If things were as you say they should be, this site would be a bigger mess than it already is, bootlicker.

No. 13839

This is true, this sped has been shitting up /ot/ since September. It's like watching BPD infect the board in live action.

No. 13840

File: 1581452373963.jpg (30.43 KB, 266x400, WhiteKnight.jpg)

A lot of whitekniting.>>13837

You are really taking this too seriously.

No. 13841

I still don't get where there being two shitposting anons fits in with the AG admin claim.
Especially since they probably aren't the same person, though the person said to be anon 2 claimed the anon 1 page had posts from her.
She selfposted her hand and turned out to be white, while anon 1 posted about being black a lot and said the mods called her a chimp.

No. 13842

chimp was what that anon was referring to? is she sure they didnt say she was chimping out about something and she took it the wrong way? lol thats weird

No. 13843

I'm just assuming because ham-chan was meant to be black and admitted it before, but the person who posted ITT said anon 1 and anon 2 pages were both themselves even though some anon 1 posts weren't right, but the only person who's selfposted is white.
You could be right about the chimp thing, I don't remember what she said about the mod exactly and cba to dig.

No. 13845

She did say "chimping out" but it could have been a pun, so not a coincidence.

No. 13846

ha! i argued with that sperg. way to validate everything we said in that thread, ham chan! i love our resident cow.

No. 13847

I think it's the anon who said they were called a slur and someone told them to post proof kek

No. 13848

My secondhand embarrassment quota has been fulfilled for today. Thank you meta.

No. 13849

this is a bpdchan who larps as a male though
I wonder if they were trying to hide being white with the smurf filter but who knows lol

No. 13851

So does hamchan/smurfchan still shitpost using vpn? I feel I'm still seeing their posting style on ot but that's just my tinfoil…

No. 13852

Does it matter?

No. 13853

Nah i'm just lurking, but I know which posts you mean.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 13854

People keep responding to the banned bait in Onion's thread like it's their first day on here and some of them aren't even bothering to sage. I've been reporting but more newfags keep popping up to reply despite the red text.

No. 13855

Don’t you think you’ll be happier on Reddit? Honestly you are fucking embarrassing. A petty little bootlicker. You have no fucking life off the internet, bet that’s why you care so much.

No. 13859

Can a mod go in and edit out the infighting instigation at the beginning of the OP? >>>/w/82304

No. 13860

File: 1581579569676.jpg (315.69 KB, 2205x1462, 1549731052754.jpg)

>that's why you care so much
>writes this

No. 13861

Can we do something about OP? No one can say anything in the thread without them trying to infight, complaining about people asking for proof, the OPs OP has infighting in the headline.

Im beginning to think OP is one of this chicks stalkers. They are trying reeeeeeally hard and its all just nitpick shit about photoshopping her face.

No. 13862

Can mods do something about this anon who demanded we leave the Costhot thread and make a separate Nicole thread numerous times, and then followed us to the Nicole thread to continue having a meltdown?

>Can a mod go in and edit out the infighting instigation at the beginning of the OP?

>No one can say anything in the thread without them trying to infight, complaining about people asking for proof, the OPs OP has infighting in the headline.
I'm the OP and I genuinely don't know what you're talking about here. What infighting instigation? Infighting is mentioned nowhere in the thread or the "headline", and it's also not happening in anywhere in the thread? What are you talking about? If mods look at the thread they'll see clearly none of what this anon is talking about is happening, and if it is by all means edit it. As far as I'm concerned I (and other anons) have backed up everything I've said in the OP with proof (which is what you've been sperging about this whole time in the first place). Either way, this is ridiculous. We've done everything you asked us to and you're still mad.

No. 13863

When you spam another thread constantly with someone, yeah. Anons are going to ask you to take your spergfest hate boner for 1 person to a thread of just them. Youve been shitting up the costhot thread, pissed anons ask for proof and give run around images that prove nothing.

Stfu. You keep replying to yourself. And stop spamming uwu. You need to be 18 to post here.

No. 13864

>Anons are going to ask you to take your spergfest hate boner for 1 person to a thread of just them
So we did. Why are you mad?

>pissed anons ask for proof and give run around images that prove nothing.

So we made a whole thread full of proof. Why are you mad?

No. 13865

You are literally saying what I said. Good. The reply is saying its good you made her, her own thread. Just stop sperging out and lowkey infighting. Like wtf did op need to infight in the first paragraph. Anons asked for her own thread. Stop fucking being mad anons here ask about this fucking cow. Holy shit. Youre so self important.

No. 13866

File: 1581627820162.gif (525.73 KB, 245x138, F4E23521-310C-4DA6-8D9C-2CC2AA…)

> Like wtf did op need to infight in the first paragraph.

how is it possible for one person to infight with themself? the hell are you talking about? you are retarded as fuck

No. 13868

The scariest monsters are the ones that lurk within our souls.

No. 13869

File: 1581677110004.png (74.49 KB, 211x238, C6269156-DADE-44BC-ACE0-7E3323…)

No. 13870

There’s plenty of new milk on the Blaire White front, got an event overtook by antifa and made a fake crying apology video, I’d be happy to make a post myself but I go on the thread and
>they have low hipbones!
this isn’t fucking milk? I feel like previous admin banned all the oldfags now this is what we got

No. 13871

I think there's one person who likes to respond to every single post in the threads on kf and here and constantly reiterate that Blaire looks like a man. It's repetitive and drowns out the milk

No. 13872


Just post the milk. Agree that the troon-spotters are annoying, but it's not going to get better by not posting milk.

No. 13876

Can mods please do something about the wk/tinfoil/vendetta-chan in the NED thread? They're just posting pics of some other girl's tweets going "PROOF THEY'RE SKINWALKING NICOLE!!!!" without actually posting anything that shows it has anything to do with Nicole. And they're all caps stolen from a blatant Vendetta/harassment twitter account
sauce: >>>/w/82736

I know I'll get red texted for "hi cow" but….honest to god who else could possibly be this obsessed with Nicole and relentlessly trying to derail the any discussion of her? If there's not an anon sperging about how Nicole is a victim and has no milk, it's an anon tinfoiling/vendetta-sperging about Addi.

It's reaching "but mina!!!1!!11!" levels at this point. inb4 they come to sperg at me here

No. 13877

was lolcow down for a second there or is my connection just retarded

No. 13878

A discord notification told me the site was back up

No. 13880

I agree, we know he's a man, he knows he's a man (his boyfriend may pretend he's "Straight' but he knows he's a man), that's the LEAST milkest thing about Blaire.
Esp. with all thats going on, but the best thing to do is post Milk, report and move on.

No. 13881

seems like you don't give a fuck about obvious larps when they are into the same retarded ugu shit you enjoy

No. 13882

I speculate there’s a few farmers in the Luna thread cowtipping. Somebody somehow got ahold of a video that is not public at any capacity of her higher than a kite, calling her dad, and then showing her pussy (it was obviously paid content from her sex work shit)

Can somebody address this?

No. 13883

thank you to farmhands or the admin, whoever ended the race-related sperging in the pnp thread. i appreciate you

No. 13884

Literally no one knows who made her do the video and people are scaring away the milk with their moralfaggy autism. Maybe they did cowtip, maybe they didn't, but we have no idea at this point.

No. 13885

that's not even cowtipping. a lot of SW threads have someone who pays for the content and then posts it.

No. 13886

i would check the KF threads to see if someone there fessed up to it. i don't know why people aren't taking this seriously. the girl is on a deadly cocktail of drugs and is suicidal to boot, this isn't funny or amusing whatsoever.

No. 13887

I don't think they're regular farmers, just people who know or keep up with Tuna. But people are going full moralfag in Tuna's thread even though this same thing happens in other SW threads.

No. 13888

i think it's different with luna. and why involve her dad?

No. 13889

bruh…you serious rn?

No. 13890

yes??? i don't have a shred of sympathy for luna herself but this is just unnecessary.

No. 13892

It could have been someone with a fetish for it, but we literally have no idea who did it but people are running with their speculations and acting like faggots. Tuna isn't different than any other SW though and no one's clutching their pearls when their content gets posted. She's a junkie who uses people and now someone used her for entertainment. She is the one who involved her dad when she could have easily said no. We won't know if it's cowtipping until someone inevitably spills.

No. 13893

she started doing SW, expect SW stuff. we know no one here posted it anyway, it's from kf from months ago.

No. 13894

More of a question for mods: is talking about Sarah in a way that depicts her as a cow in the Onion thread considered derailment? I feel like Sarah is a onion flake at best, if you wanted to consider her a cow, it's getting a bit annoying watching anons ripping on her while other anons wk her to compensate.

No. 13895

Sorry farmers, but are you fucking retarded? It’s one thing to pay for their content, and post it, and it’s another to specifically command her to do something just to push the limits so you can run to LC to post it. That is not raw milk, that is manufactured milk.
And yes, I do believe it should be considered cowtipping because you are directly engaging with her. I don’t give a flying fuck about the morality of it, I give a fuck about you weirdos trying to get her to preform for your thread.

No. 13896

This cowtipping also hurt the onion and Erin threads.

No. 13897

someone already mentioned that someone on kiwifarms did it a while ago so go yell at them

No. 13898

You're not wrong, but you're running with your assumption that it came from here when we still have no idea who did it or where it came from. Take a break from the thread if it's getting you this mad.

No. 13899

the thread before this one, farmers discussing sarah were told to take it to anti-o with the rest of the e-girls. so report i guess and move on? nothing she does anymore directly impacts greg so i can see the reason for moving her out.

No. 13900

that's the literal definition of cowtipping.

No. 13901

No it isn't. You can even double check the rules to see that.

No. 13902

the op of the video at least deserves a ban for namefagging (yes I reported)

No. 13903

The Onion thread has gone full autistic and derailed a lot with infighting and off-topic Sarah shit.

Tuna's thread is getting a bit of derail too with people getting mad about the milk.

No. 13904

the amount of autist newfaggotry in both those threads is insane.

No. 13905

question for admin since i saw you hop into luna's thread: what's your personal position on anons who get involved with cows for the purpose of producing milk? the site culture back in the day seemed to be a lot more positive about self-policing. telling anons to knock it off wasn't a problem back then but now that's seen as mini-modding.

in snow threads, though, and in some pt threads, we have anons do it almost constantly, whether it's posting their own tweets or dm's or whatever. it seems like this became more of a thing around the time of tempcow, but. are you more of an oldfag when it comes to this? or do you not think it has an impact on site culture?

also could we have a townhall to talk about some of this shit haha

No. 13906

can we have a mini-townhall just on luna's thread???

No. 13907

back in the day people knew what cowtipping actually was.

No. 13909

Thanks for stepping in, admin! And staff too if they're the ones cleaning up the Onion thread mess.

No. 13910

We don't know whether or not a farmer requested the call. If a farmer did they touched the poo, if a farmer didn't it simply is what it is. There's no point in continuously moralfagging about it.
There should be much more outrage over the amount of cowtipping in the onision and TND threads, in my opinion. It's definitely increased over time with the twitter and Instagram newfag diaspora.

I need suggestions for a reasonable townhall date.

No. 13914

maybe time for another poll?

also, when do the (You)s show up?

No. 13915

Since there is a discussion of cowtipping, I noticed there are lots of (No 1 curr) redtexts in recent posts on /pt/ over things like weight loss surgery…but no redtext on the people calling for Cowtipping in Moo's thread by vandalizing her con booth. Yes I reported.

Just would think that calls for illegal cowtipping is a bigger concern than "hi cow" or emoji use or no1curr.

No. 13916


what are you talking about? I just saw three redtexts over cowtipping there over the banner?

No. 13918

I must be having cache issues, my bad. Thanks for your work mods!

No. 13921

a scrote is posting gross pics and the same message over and over again but you will probably not give a shit because it ain't a terf(ban evading sperg (hamchan))

No. 13922

just report and move on

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