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No. 627

A place to discuss and vent about pickme or fake self-serving feminist behaviour you have witnessed or experienced, online or IRL, to post cringe screenshots or memes, theories and tinfoils etc.

This is seperate from the tradthot general as it’s not just for discussing particular women with particular belief systems, as there are many kinds of pickme out there. However, Trad-thottery can still be discussed as it is classified as pickme behaviour.

No. 629

Found an interesting article on psychcentral about how this sort of behaviour links heavily to narcissism and sociopathy in females https://blogs.psychcentral.com/recovering-narcissist/2019/12/3-toxic-ways-female-narcissists-and-sociopaths-terrorize-other-women/

No. 630

File: 1577977971841.jpeg (158.47 KB, 1125x2436, 9449D2DB-E077-49DA-8339-B1E361…)

No. 631

Also I forgot to mention in the thread description; post anything related to tranny pandering women. I’m pretty sure they prefer to lift up trannies as they’re too repulsive to be a threat to them.

No. 633

File: 1577979420103.png (77.44 KB, 1025x707, Capture.PNG)

Most of reddits feminist are unironic pick me's. Reddit has no idea how good they have it with every feminist making their 'I love mens lib' post, 'incels are right, but they're actions are wrong', and sex positivity shit.

No. 636

Honestly it's both a blessing and curse that women are so empathetic. Men NEVER cape for women as hard as women cape for men.

No. 644

File: 1577987217345.png (83.29 KB, 878x539, 90day.png)

You guys every watched 2 hours of trash level TV then got on Reddit to tell all the younger women how feminism turns them into abusers?

No. 649

This bitch is on crack if she thinks MRA lift a fuckin finger for anyone. They use men’s issues as emotional warfare against women and make shitty boomer esque memes

No. 650

File: 1577998488563.png (71.88 KB, 850x556, Screenshot_2020-01-02 r RedPil…)

Well, this subreddit is a fucking goldmine.

No. 651

File: 1577998678218.png (43.26 KB, 850x334, Screenshot_2020-01-02 r RedPil…)

No. 652

File: 1577998912595.png (41.33 KB, 850x323, Screenshot_2020-01-02 r RedPil…)

No. 657

They're trying to be the Cool Girl trying to fix all thr problems men create for themselves. When was the last time an mra listened to feminism with the same attitude?

>our men need women :)
Kek. This has to be a male desperately trying to reel women into a false sense of security with that shit.
Alot of posters on rpw are just men larping. For karma points or just to convince other women into joining their movement that reduces their agency and rights. Real women there are pretty homely, interlized misogyny, desperate and scared of being alone. Mrs Midwest was really active on that sub before she nuked all her accounts once she got caught and despite her preaching about how feminine and perfect women must be, she married a porn addicted cop who hates being around her. I don't remember if this woman as active or not, but I did remember seeing a post from a woman who gave ~makeup tips~ on how to hide the bruises on their face and body that her husband gave. Because there is no such thing as domestic abuse, just discipline according to them.

No. 659

Sorry but why are all tradtards so obsessed with Taylor Swift?

No. 661

She's the ultimate pick-me

No. 663

Maybe Taylor Swift appears "classy" because she represents the image of the ideal woman to them. She is a wealthy blonde white woman with a victim complex, doesn't show off to much skin and sings about fairytale romances which is considered "high quality" to the pickmes on RPW.

No. 664

I have a friend and know a few girls who are Not Like Other Girls Humblebrag Semi Pick Me, like literally announcing about how they get jealous girlfriends of their guy friends messaging them all the time. First of all, I doubt it happens "all the time". Second, why even announce it? The relationships are definitely toxic and they obviously don't see it on the girlfriend's perspective, only "He's a good friend! I don't think he's bad!"

No. 665

"Men's liberation" Liberation from what?

No. 666

>Alot of posters on rpw are just men larping.
Feminist circles are now infested with men who identify as women

No. 682

Yes I saw that in the tradthot threads. Mrs Midwest is also very very boring and extremely lazy, not the “high oestrogen personality” that they all desire so much.

What these women don’t realise is that when it comes to reeling in the scrotes and keeping them there is; its all about the chase. Scrotes want nothing more than to conquer women, and these women are literally conquered before they even get to fuck. If you want a man to worship you then you must never give him what he wants; allude and evade, give him a taste of what he wants and nothing more.

Their men are glad for their services but as human beings they are looked down upon and hated because they’re weak. Their men don’t want to spend any time with them because they’re like needy little dogs, begging for affection. That’s one reason why so many of those bitches get divorced, neglected and cheated on.

No. 687

from wikipedia
>The consciousness and philosophy of men's liberation is critical of the restraints which society imposes on men. Men's liberation activists are generally sympathetic to feminist standpoints and have been greatly concerned with deconstructing negative aspects of male identity and portions of masculinity which do not serve to promote the stories and lives of all men.[weasel words]
>Men's liberation is not to be confused with different movements such as the men's rights movement, in which some argue that modern feminism has gone too far and additional attention should be placed on men's rights. The men's liberation movement stresses the costs of some negative portions of "traditional" masculinity, whereas the men's rights movement is largely about unequal or unfair treatment of men by modern institutions because of, or in spite of those traits ubiquitous to traditional masculinity.


No. 689

Dude I knew some tradcunt exactly like that! She would fight with her soyboy husband alot (and she would always cope by deluding herself about how masculine he was). She hit him too but when he hit her and she just went to discord to attentionwhore about it, and then got mad at ME for telling her to get help. She sperged about how she isn't a victim this and that. She believed in shit like sexual market value too, along with being a general hick racist.
Sorry I'm stoned btw

No. 694

>The consciousness and philosophy of men's liberation is critical of the restraints which society imposes on men.
What are these restraints? Rape, domestic abuse, pedophilia and murder being frowned upon? Lmao.

No. 700

you're not allowed to cry in public or wear nail polish without being called gay. it's very hard for men out there, anon.

No. 704

Men’s gender roles and problems are created by men themselves.

No. 765

thoughts on pink pilled pickmes? the ones who know how shit men are and basically resigned themselves to it. I guess looksmaxing femcels and "female dating strategy" types are like this.

No. 766

are we gonna have a pickme and a handmaidens thread, or do handmaidens go here too?

No. 767

lol what the actual fuck. FDS is the opposite of pickme. being aware of how shit men are is not being a pickme either.

No. 797

being aware of how shit men are and "maximizing" their use to you by appealing to male gaze and stereotypes is still pick me behavior

No. 799

how is using men pick me behavior? as long as you get more than you give it's fine. pick me is caping for men/excusing their actions/shitting on other women. Using men is non-feminist, but it doesn't fuck over other women.

No. 800

it's literally being reliant on men. how is that not pick me behavior?

No. 803

Because pickmes shit on other women, have no spine and actively advocate that for other women. FDS advocates not getting in a relationship unless it's skewed heavily in your favor, not to rely on men entirely. If anything, pickmes pay for men's schooling and split the bills because of 'muh equality'.

No. 816

You’re retarded. Fuck off

Handmaidens go here, they’re basically the same thing

No. 909

>Handmaidens go here, they’re basically the same thing
there is a difference, Handmaidens refer to women who enforce the patriarchy, often time these women are older, religious and in a position of authority, pick-me's refer to younger women who try to get genral male approval

No. 915

This pickme boss (Modern Medusa) and her minions made a "Lovely Ladies for Men's Issues" bikini calendar. Warning: extreme cringe.

No. 918


Omg Anon… thank you for that. I’ve been having a rough time recently and that video made me laugh more then I have in a long long time.

No. 919

>'feminism is actually pushing a lot of myths'
>'one in five women are raped or whatever the statistic is haha lol'


No. 931

Really kind of them to take time off from apparently huffing some very strong glue to speak up for men.

No. 932

you did warn about the extreme cringe but still i was unprepared.

also the main bitch saying circumcision is peak issue over fgm etc yet seeming to know fuckall about it besides the fact that it exists was so embarrassing, honestly. she can't even pick-me right smh

overall 9/10, had not seen a thirst for male attention so pronounced before, however, i am withholding a point for possible future improvement.

No. 933

Made it to 0:36, I can practically touch the insecurity through the screen. Poor thing doesnt know yet

No. 941

File: 1578351791484.jpg (29.16 KB, 847x265, 2490910479147.jpg)

>volunteer to literally be emotional comfort women punching bags
You can tell they don't even value themselves anyway. Women like these are sad.
Part of me wants to wish they are just doing this go get money from retarded men. But maybe I'm being too optimistic.

Also I just notice that this was made 2 years ago, surprised that the Medusa lady left her embarrassing comments, potential pickme/handmaiden cow?

No. 942

File: 1578351878786.jpg (30.46 KB, 664x382, 2982347974974290.jpg)

another one

No. 946

File: 1578352235584.jpg (284.58 KB, 1603x903, jkaghhjeiorueuoehbnmv.jpg)

Her channel

Basically tried to piggyback on the anti-feminist rave a few years back and no one gave a shit about her channel lol

No. 950

File: 1578355800509.png (10.51 KB, 441x101, disgusting.PNG)

She has such an intellectual audience

No. 957

Someone should tell this bitch that it isn't 2016 anymore (which was the peak of anti-feminist content on youtube)

No. 964

I really hope this is just a way to take money from stupid men because I can't imagine being this retarded

No. 966

you know what I really hate about pickmes? the way that their identity basically revolves around not being feminist. like as soon as a woman says something like "I think makeup is oppressive" or "I think porn can be harmful" there's always some goddman pickme hiding in the bushes waiting for a woman to say something like that so they can jump out and be like "I don't hate makeup!! I love makeup!! :))))) and porn :) I'm not a salty fun hating cunt, right men?? right? love me please:)" and it derails any serious conversation about this stuff.

No. 997

Women who spend their time flirting with taken men and then getting huffy when their partners are "catty and dramatic" are such toads. Tell her she needs some self-respect and to start valuing something about herself other than her supposed fuckability, because moids will literally fuck a chicken sandwich.

No. 1048

There's another ex-mod for RPW who's still around and as cringy as ever. /u/Atlas_B_Shruggin

>Women who believe they're with a High Value Man, what value does he bring you?

>this is not how i see a mans value AT all. a high value man (to me) makes me want to bring value to HIS life.
>My SO is high value and I will fight to the death to defend him. What does he bring me? He rewired my entire thinking so that I cannot imagine life without him, is that enough? Is it enough that I have him?


No. 1068

>He rewired my entire thinking so that I cannot imagine life without him, is that enough?
Gag. This sounds severely sick.

No. 1079

She's gay lol

FDS is about accepting patriarchy and trying to take the best out of it. But what these women don't realize is that they will never win by playing by the patriarchy's rules.

I'm also convince they don't know any "successful" man or are in these circle by the way they talk about these men.

No. 1083

I think Taylor is considered "classy" because she sings about being unhappy with her break-ups with her many boyfriends (even though this is obviously a stage persona of always playing the spurned victim), while singers like Miley get loads of hate because she sings about being proud of being sexually experienced (even though ironically this is also an OTT stage persona and she doesn't seem to have had as many partners as Tay irl). So you have this fucked up dynamic where it's ok to have had several partners but only if you didn't enjoy it.

No. 1087

Kek gimpgirl555 is there to say
>Let's see…
>Male companionship
>Help with kids
>If men were leeches then women wouldn't be trying to marry them. Duh.
Amazing. He is a leech and those rpwomen are coping for having such low standards like "he helps me out sometimes uwu"
Then the response under saying how he gives you the FMF you wanted.

She's(possibly a larping man?) the type that once he leaves her, she'll have nothing and still blame feminism on her failures. That dependence won't last long.

No. 1224

She's taken by a man, but now that you mention it, and given all the shit she tries to say about being pansexual and genderfluid, she's trying to flirt with men outside of her boyfriend's race. She's voiced before about wanting to date or crush on women because she's already dating a man, but I think she's now trying to galaxy brain her way into making it OK to flirt with taken dudes because they're "not the same" as her bf in her eyes. Jesus.

No. 1274

They’re usually bland or ugly looking bitches like shoe & southern. I’ve never met a pickme who is Stacy tier, at best their high average, and they all pile on the makeup to cover how boring looking they are.

No. 1276

File: 1578573875283.png (50.75 KB, 1038x243, dumb.png)

Guys, how many lives does your piece of shit husband have to endanger before you do anything about it instead of commenting about it on livejournal like it's just an irritating trait your husband has instead of him, you know, fleeing the scenes of crashes he causes.

No. 1278

My personal experience lines up with this. It's a certain type of bland girl that has been ignored by men for so long this is the only way they've figured out how to get male attention. Unattractive/pretty/beautiful girls all get harassed by men too regularly for that shit usually.

No. 1279

It was obviously a joke.

FDS is nothing like this.

No. It's literally not. Can you lurk a little bit more to understand what pickme/pp is etc before making these comments?

No. 1280

you need to learn to sage and stop spamming the thread with this shit. That isn't what FDS is even slightly.

No. 1282

This is 100% written by LARPing scrotes

Patriarchy valiantly overcoming the problems caused by itself, kek.

No. 1292

Yes this exactly. Too hot to be cow called, too ugly to be cat called

No. 1398

Why is type 1 from the OP the most hated out of them, by men and women alike?

No. 1404

idk. maybe because she's trying to be different, people don't really tolerate dissenting females. people shitting on 'le-not-like-other-girls-girls' are 10x more annoying than the former anyway.

No. 1420

File: 1578657426373.png (796.92 KB, 1399x877, notyourpickme.PNG)

A woman calls men childish, and this other woman needs to come in with personal attacks and muh half the population don't insult the mens comment

No. 1424

Jealousy. Girls like this think men will see their tweet and tell them they're one of the cool girls, not like the other girls. Then they get strung along for years while he's looking for the girl he'll actually marry lmao

No. 1436

Ngl that sounds like it's a male larping with a fake woman's profile. The pfp and how males use "Chad" unironically like that are red flags.

No. 1456

isn’t there more milk on gimpgirl555? she is batshit crazy

No. 1469

this is definitely a man. look at the picture.

No. 1493

She has like, decades worth of posts on forums, in the tens of thousands iirc. There is endless milk for someone who can be bothered browsing through it all, she has always been nuts and shows it in literally everything she posts so it's not like there are new developments with her.

No. 2360

Saw a woman today bragging about giving birth to a boy and not to a girl. Saying girls are just trouble and she wouldn't want one.

No. 2364

Weird logic.
In which way are boys, on the average, not trouble?

No. 2366

They usually mention something related to girls growing up and having a sexuality. Saying the girls will give them a headache when they start dating.

No. 2380

And teenage boys don't have a sexuality? One that can be very in your face and destructive? Pfft

No. 2381

She's gonna raise such a fucking bastard because her sweet boy would never cause trouble…!

I knew so many moms like this. Treated me like Satan's mistress while their teenage boys were monsters. They always will blame others for their male child's shortcomings too, typically their girl peers.

No. 2388


oh wow, that's just sad. she really have been brainwashed into thinking anything abt women and being a woman is inherently bad.

No. 2397

If she had a girl imagine how terribly she would treat her. Why are so many mother/daughter relationships so fucked up? The mother will treat her son like he is God’s gift to the world and her daughter like she is a cancerous tumor.

No. 2424

Can we talk about pickmes we know IRL? My boyfriend is into nerd culture so is surrounded by pickmes
Here's a sum of a few
>Boyfriend's friend girlfriend
>15/16 and dating a 20/21 yr old
>Claims to be uwu super fertile and to have gotten pregnant several times and miscarried for her ~dark demon overlord~ for the past few months, also claimed women can get pregnant easier on their period
>Calls herself a loli despite being morbidly obese
>Claimed my F cup was flat chested, insults other girls especially revolving around their boobsize if they're skinnier than her and not even flat
>Her and her boyfriend are both insane compulsive liars and make laughable accusations about baphomet being their friend and lilth being their mother
>Hoards sex toys and never shut up about how uwu super kinky and ddlg they are
>They hate each other and manipulate each other all the time, both always call my bf to bitch about each other
>Claims to be too submissive to be single and that she needs a man to stop her from doing drugs
Boyfriend's little sister friend
>Freshman in high school
>Claims she's so different and edgy because she has a dark sense of humor
>Constantly attempts to flirt with my boyfriend

Some random girl who hangs out at MTG shops
>Never shuts up about her body despite her body being completely below average
>Loud, annoying
>Never shuts up about how submissive she is

This is the first time I've dated a guy who's kinda different from other guys I've dated. I usually date more preppier/athletic men while I do have nerdy interests myself I like to keep to myself it made me realize how many toxic people lurk in weeb and nerd culture

No. 2429

Wait, so the girl in your first story is the 15/16 year old?

No. 2435

Most of them are 15/16 because most weebs are toxic pedophiles who only keep them around because most of them are desperate and insecure enough to stay around

No. 2441

okay… yeah, we know that, but why is your boyfriend friends with a guy like that? that'd be grounds for breaking up for me.

No. 2447

So this 15 year old girl being groomed by a 21 year old, who is also shown to not have a very nice homelife from her obesity to her drug problem, is a horrible pickme because she said something about your flat tits. She's not an adult, she's a groomed child not aware of the consequences.

Anyway I remember your spergout on ot with this character you've written who gets called flat by jelly fatties. I'd like to believe this is just your fictional writing, and you're not actually a NEET in your 20s competitively obsessed with a teenager in your unwashed ass male group of losers.

No. 2448

>Anyway I remember your spergout on ot with this character you've written who gets called flat by jelly fatties. I'd like to believe this is just your fictional writing, and you're not actually a NEET in your 20s competitively obsessed with a teenager in your unwashed ass male group of losers.
i kek'd

No. 2450

He acknowledges it is wrong and we always joke about how gross and weird both of them are. It's not like I can force him to cut off friends just because I don't like him or break up with him, if he started showing signs of accepting this behavior then I'd be concerned.
What are you on about? You really believe only one girl on the entire planet gets body shamed by fat girls?

No. 2457

your boyfriend is friends with a pedophile and you're picking on his victim online, what's wrong with you? has it occurred to you that she's like that because she's insecure and has been manipulated by him?

No. 2469

The only pickme here is you, and not only that but you're also a terrible person.

No. 2482

>Pretending 14/15 yr olds are literal children and holding both people accountable for their actions is evil
Have you never been 14/15 before? You should know wrong from right by that age. Choosing to baby teenagers says more about you than it says about me

How so?

No. 2484

they ARE children smh

No. 2485


>My boyfriend is into nerd culture so is surrounded by pickmes

yeah you lost me there. This is such a male mindset. Plenty of women are into nerd culture and it has nothing to do with men. The way you're talking about this 15 year-old is fucking foul. I hope she gets away from you an your toxic friend group.

As someone else said, he only pickme here is you an the fact you're threatened by this girl who could probably use a friend and some guidance. Does shitting over these women help your self-esteem, anon?

No. 2486


Your bf is a pedo if he's hanging around with them. Only pedos hang out with other pedos. No good person associates with them. Great choice. Now you know if you continue with this shit you're no better.

Also there's 0 chance you don't have a weight problem yourself because you are OBSESSED with everyone elses weight.

No. 2487

>you should know right from wrong
You're retarded. You didn't post her here because she made fun of your tits (and btw you're supposed to be the mature one who dismisses insults by teens), you posted her here because you argued she was a pickme. Most women have no fucking clue how to be in relationships, and it's unsurprising that a teenager is being insecure and trying to pander to your gross bf and his pals because she's being, gee, SEXUALLY GROOMED?
You're an awful human.

No. 2491

Posts like this really put into perspective how I was at 15 and how I viewed teenage-adult relationships. When I was 15, I would have done and said the same things as that girl and found my relationship with the 21 year old legit because 15 year olds are just little adults anyways and 15 and 21 is just 6 years. Now at 21 I realize 15 year olds, even 16 year olds, are indeed children and that anyone seriously entertaining them romantically at my age are predatory or extremely mentally delayed. I think it's fucked up you're taking a silly 15 year old personally. I said a lot of dumb things at 15 and got bullied for it by a bunch of women in their early-mid 20s which fucked with my internalized misogyny for awhile. You bullying her and acting competitive is not gonna help with whatever mindset she'll have towards women later on.

No. 2492

Teenagers don't completely have their adult brains yet so it's normal for them to have some pretty insane views? I mean, their minds are literally not fully developed and they're experiencing a lot of fucked up shit from hormonal changes and being between that child and adult stage. Also, depending on whatever mental illness or personality disorder she may have she will lack the foresight to see how she actually is and feel trapped in her current situation. I don't get why people act like 15 year old girls are this mature adult women but no one ever acts like this with 15 year old boys.

No. 2493

They're literally 3-4 yrs away from becoming an adult. Treating them like literal children fuels the problem

>Gets mad that a woman hold women to their accountant
Okay then
Nerd culture IS surrounded by pickmes. I'm sorry, but what exactly did you expect from a pickme thread? Acknowledging there's a lot of pickmes amoung weebs and nerds isn't saying "literally all women are pickmes". God forbid you ever work in a high school if you're this pissed at 15 yr olds being held accountable for their actions

>What do you mean you post a pickme in a pickme thread????
Again. What do you expect?

When I was 15 I knew damn well not to get into BDSM relationships with strange greasy grown men, shit on other women's bodies, and call myself a loli. Some actions are excusable but that doesn't mean we shouldn't say anything in the moment. I don't hate her or think I literally want to send her to the gas chamber like y'all are writing me out as. I just think she needs help and that she is infact a pickme, because this is a pickme thread. Don't know why your brain explodes at pickmes being discussed in a pickme thread

No. 2494

This is also the same site who harassed teenage nymphets for doing similar so villianizing me and acting shocked for doing the same is mind boggling

No. 2497

it's against the rules to post teenagers

No. 2499

Now it is because of that. Even then there are still exceptions for 16+ yr olds and most of the girls are still getting harassed because of what they did when they were 14-15. So much for practicing what you preach eh

No. 2500

teen girls can never be pickmes to adult men. period.

I don't know why so many people believe self-esteem and confidence grows out of thin air, and shit on people who never had that kind of positive reinforcement in their lives. it's always misplaced parent issues, abuse or neglect. never once have I seen a teen girl with healthy self esteem and loving parents act this way. there is always some underlying reason why. dfc.

No. 2501

Most adult women are pickmes for the same reason and still get shat on. If you're a pickme, you're a pickme, no exceptions. By allowing teen girls to be pickmes because "but but they're teens and have problems!" You're only encouraging the problem

No. 2502

do you really think that the ppl at /2X/ are the same ppl 'harassing' teenage nymphets? what a dumbass. die mad pedo apologist

No. 2503

I would argue that 18-19 is not even a full adult either, no matter what the law says. You don't seem to get a really good mind until about 25, but I say 20-25 year olds are the true adults.

No. 2504

Lol the /2X/ crowd isn't the same as the crowd obsessing over what girls did at 16 and lambasting them for it 10 years later. Personally the only cows I really enjoy was early Mariah Mallad (until the whole situation became too cringe for me to follow), early Chris Chan, and Onison and that Yaniv guy, and the other alt-right or troon tards.

No. 2505

Yes. This is a small site. Chances are most of the people are the same

>Pedo apologist
>Says the person who makes excuses for teenage girls whoring themselves to adult men

No. 2507

You are an adult woman shit-talking a teenage girl who's being groomed by a grown man. Your boyfriend is friends with this groomer, and simply makes light of the whole situation without any concern for the girl. He makes this into a "both sides" issue, when it's clear who the real problem is here (his "friend"). He has done more than accepting this behavior by keeping this man in his social circle, and belittling the girl. He's co-signed it.
You don't care, either. You're just irritated by the girl and also pull no punches in mocking her. Somehow, you thought you'd be praised for this behavior on a female-centric website, on its female politics-centered board.
Please, anon. Step back and look at yourself. Normal people don't act this way.
If you never change your mind on this, I beg you to at least avoid having any children. I don't know what you're going through, but right now, you're sounding like exactly the type of mother who would call their daughter a whore if she told you she was raped, and/or would feel some bizarre sense of competition with the child 24/7.

No. 2508

Fighting undeveloped, vulnerable people because you think they're near fully grown (pro tip: a lot can change in just 5 years and also, if you think they're damn near adults now what makes you think that a 15 year old is going to get groomed or raped by an adult?) is never the answer. All you will do is just make them feel more against whoever is fighting them especially if the people are just doing it without explaining why and not trying to understand this hormone-addled developing individual.

No. 2510

You are truly fucking pathetic and not worth replying to by anyone here in a serious way. You're threatened by a 15 year old girl because she pointed out you have no tits. Die mad about it.

No. 2511

Shes 15 you complete mong that's not "Holding women accountable for their actions" that's you literally BULLYING a child that's being groomed because you're jealous she's getting more male attention than you.

No. 2513

Let's just cut the shit about what's going on here. You were the only girl in a group of loser weaboo guys. Then along comes a younger girl than you that your "friends" take more notice of because they're all pedos. You start lashing out at her because of jealousy. She lashes back and calls you no-tits. So you come here in hopes that you can get some support and oust the girl that's ruined your status as the only girl in the group.

Man, girls like you in nerd culture are a dime a dozen. The girls that compete with EVERY OTHER girl that comes along and refuses to be friendly because you HAVE to be the only girl. I genuinely feel bad for you. Your self-esteem is non-existent and the only way you can sustain yourself if on male attention. I wish you the best, anon. You're gonna need it with that pedo bf of yours kek

No. 2516

The teen girl isn't the pedo… moron. Now I see why you think it's okay to shit on kids rather than the adult taking advantage of them. You're as mentally underdeveloped as they are.

No. 2517

This is a pickme thread where we shittalk pickmes, not analyze strangers lives just for doing exactly what the thread is for
Where did I say she was? It is sus to defend teenage girls whoring themselves
The only thing I said about her looks was that she was obese because she was. That's just a fact. Sorry you are for whatever reason hurt

No. 2519

you're a very sad person.

No. 2520

How much longer do we have to endure this cowtit sperg who got her feelings hurt by a teenager?

No. 2521


No. 2522

Maybe just move on and stop getting mad or go to another thread since this subject clearly triggers you

No. 2523

You're the one who's been voted off the island. Leave already.

No. 2525

lmao you are just a shitty troll we're trying to talk sense into you and you're still defending your shitty ass views. I tried to be serious with you for a moment because i've been in your place before (of saying dumb beliefs) and usually it leads me to being attacked even when i back out of it/agree with the others, but you actually deserve it this time. Good luck

No. 2527

>Pickme thread
>Talks about pickmes, not even insulting, literally just describing what she does and hoping she gets help
>WHAT??????? PURE EVIL!!!!! LEAVE!!!!

No. 2528

nta but wow this is getting very very embarrassing to watch. why are you doing this.

No. 2530

You keep replying. Just settle it. You don't agree with me. You keep carrying the argument on for no reason all while starting infighting with me just because I used this thread exactly what it's meant to be used for. Move on with your life and forget it. This does not effect you

No. 2531

>Did nothing but insult me
>Did not even try to refute points I made
>We TRIED to talk sense into you
You'd get me if you made an actual good point as to why teenagers shouldn't be held accountable for their actions, but you did not, on top of that you put words in my mouth on several occasions and insulted my hypothetical life. If that's your way of trying to have a decent argument to argue your viewpoint you failed. Either calm down, quit insulting and have a decent argument with me or you are making a fool of yourself

No. 2534

why are you acting like it’s only one person replying to you? it’s clearly multiple different people, that was my first post in this entire thread. i asked you why you’re making an ass of yourself and you didn’t actually answer the question.

No. 2536

>Either calm down, quit insulting and have a decent argument with me or you are making a fool of yourself

No. 2537

I'm going to avoid calling you a samefag to avoid another infight, but chances are you were one of the people who either insulted or strawmanned me. You can tag the posts you made and we'll see who's right

No. 2538

Where did I insult anons, make hypothetical lives for them, or put words in their mouth?

No. 2541

kek anon you deserve your own thread. You are batshit insane. Grown ass women don't let teenagers get to them like this.

No. 2542

i’m >>2534 and >>2528. that’s literally it, sorry to disappoint. take your tinfoil hat off please

No. 2543

How did I "let teenagers get to me" ? I made one post, not even insulting her, just describing what she does and y'all lost your minds
So you just got involved with a random infight to result in more infighting for no reason because?

No. 2544

Here's your serious answer: she's being groomed and you and your bf, both adults, are allowing it to happen. She probably is very annoying, yes, so are ALL teenagers, but that doesn't give your friend free license to rape her.

You need to cut ties with your "friends" and report this to the police. If you're not willing to do that no one here can help you because you are certainly not a feminist or pro-woman.

No. 2545

>Doesn't even talk to this girl, hates and avoids both her and her boyfriend
>You're grooming her!!!
Okay. You practically outted yourself as insane. You can leave now

No. 2546

>expecting feminists and pro woman in pickme threads

No. 2547

I'm not the only anon who was replying to you.

No. 2548

I did not say you were grooming her. You are insane. Good luck in life and I hope you learn some self-confidence so you stop dating pedos.

No. 2549

>You practically outted yourself as insane.
lol. keep dancing, monkey

No. 2551

Your point being?
How is my boyfriend a pedophile? That's like saying being friends with druggies makes you a druggie, or being friends with a murderer makes you a murderer. Just because your friends aren't saints doesn't mean you're a bad person unless you encourage it yourself

But how do I have low confidence just for being annoyed at what she does? I haven't insulted her or other anons, literally just lists what she does on a pickme thread, that's it, that's literally it. What is the problem?

No. 2552

Somehow, this thread managed to attract a literal pick-me who feels actual resentment toward teenage girls and is okay with befriending the men who prey on them.

Everyone has explained to you what the problem is, you're just refusing to see it and dragging this thing out. Just do better, or drop it.
Being friends with a drug addict is one thing. Being friends with a predator and even making fun of his victim? Nope. Take that shit elsewhere. Nobody who supports women or girl's wellbeing will accept that. You're saying she "needs help" and that you "hope she gets help", but all your posts reek of spite and rage. What are you doing to help her, as an adult and woman? Don't say there's nothing. Seriously, do better.

No. 2553

if a guy is friends with a pedo it's probably because he shares his views. There's no other reason to associate with a pedophile.

No. 2554

holy shit dude, you're wacked and it's hilarious. why the fuck are you even on 2X?

No. 2557

Literally how can you know that a 15yo girl is being groomed by a 21yo man and not report it to the police. You're part of the problem

No. 2559

I'm afraid you listed the opposite of everything
I don't hate her, as I haven't insulted her, I just described her
My boyfriend acknowledges it's wrong and we both make fun of both of them
Holding teenagers accountable for their actions isn't evil, if she was literally 3 yrs older y'all wouldn't say anything
Everyone has explained to you what the problem is, you're just refusing to see it and dragging this thing out. Just do better, or drop it.
But then refuse to have an actual discussion and just insult me, I also had words shoved in my mouth, even in your same post as you claim I resented her. It's hard to have a discussion when you can't discuss without insulting me, every single post that replied to me either insulted me or strawmanned me, I would love to see your point but none of you decided to calm down and explain, just insult insult and insult and not use actual words I have said
Family?friends? Etc? Also 15 is the age of consent in a lot of countries, are people in those countries some how not pedos or what's your logic behind that? They're both stupid but late teens who date middle aged teens is a lot more acceptable to most people and not blantantly evil so there's no need to be as extreme with it
You're on lolcow, unlike other anons I haven't insulted,strawmanned, made up hypothetical theories about other anons lives, which is textbook crazy. And if I did by all means please tag the posts where I did. Having a debate and disagreeing with me isn't ~crazy~ tinfoiling about strangers lives just because they described annoying things a 16 yr old does is.

I love how you refuse to ask or look into anything deeper and just insult. It's legal in my state because of the Romeo and Juliet law but I don't support them. I'd go more into my beliefs but you seem more focused on insulting me and explaining as to why I'm the next Hitler than to actually listen to what I say

No. 2560

your first post on this was 21 hours ago kek >>2424

No. 2562

holy shit theres so many things wrong with what you just said and i dont know where to begin with

No. 2563

No. 2564

Then just explain instead of insulting, if you can't do that you're just invalid

No. 2565

obviously you don't give a fuck about what we have to say so why would i waste my time explaining to you why blaming underage victims instead of pedophiles is bad

No. 2566

I am literally asking for you to explain, I have said I want to have a simple discussion to see your side but you refuse and just insult me and will probably just do the same in the reply
Also he isn't a pedophile according the law where I live which is just what I'm use to and I'm sorry you aren't use to it, the entire reason teens eventually stop being annoying is because people like me call them out, if you can't call them out they'll end up like pathetic binkie princess level bitches because people like you constantly protect them from any sort of criticism. This thread is for pickmes, which is why I mentioned her, if we had a thread about pedophiles or men in gross relationships then I would mention him, and I do in fact hate on him all the time, as I've mentioned but like always you never read anything I say and just insult and strawman

No. 2567

You sound unhinged

No. 2568

As I predicted, just insulting, no explaining

Just move on if you have no argument, I don't know why you keep going

No. 2570

How are you holding her accountable? Once more, how are you helping her? Why do you make fun of "both of them"? What has a 15 year old done that makes her just as bad as a pedophile (calling you flat does not count), and why are you still friends with a pedophile?
People are insulting you because you keep making excuses for men (in this case, a predator and your boyfriend who keeps him around) and showing your ass. That is how a pick-me acts.
>21/22 is now teen and your boyfriend's "friend" is now no longer a pedophile
You have now crossed into actual pedo apologism.
As for Romeo and Juliet laws:
>The law as it appears in the statute.
>(c) Is not more than 4 years older than the victim of this violation who was 14 years of age or older but not more than 17 years of age at the time the person committed this violation.
She is 15 or 16, he is 21 or 22. That's higher than 4 years, sorry.

No. 2571

Do you genuinely think we are all the same person?

No. 2573

Compulsive and obvious lying isn't healthy nor should it be defended, and she insults other girls, which is also unhealthy. She manipulates people out of their money as well, she has done a lot of bad stuff, not ~as bad as pedophilia~ but you putting words in my mouth isn't a surprise at this point
>Why are you friends with a pedophile
I'm not
>You keep making excuses for men
What are something invalid I used? All I can think of was mentioning it was legal in my area so there would be no point to report it to the police, I honestly don't know what you want me to say
>She is 15 or 16, he is 21 or 22. That's higher than 4 years, sorry.
His mom already went to the police and the police gave us that. I literally don't know what you want me to do. This is a pickme thread, we vent about shitty girls we know, she is shitty and right now the subject is about her, plain and simple. Anyone who has a younger sibling knows they are not literally children and should know better as well as knowing as to why someone can call out dumb shit they do. Again it is very unhealthy to not only be against calling out teens but also defend them, that's why so many women are adult children nowadays because everybody is so scared of any sort of critizing. I hope you don't become a mother of you can't explain why things teen do are wrong

No. 2575

i bet u r jelly of the teenage girl bc shes prettier and younger than u

No. 2576

>Compulsive and obvious lying isn't healthy nor should it be defended, and she insults other girls, which is also unhealthy. She manipulates people out of their money as well, she has done a lot of bad stuff,
So, how are you helping her? How are you holding her accountable for her actions by talking behind her back? Have you ever called her out from a place of concern?
>not ~as bad as pedophilia~ but you putting words in my mouth isn't a surprise at this point
You repeatedly insisted that you make fun of both of them, implying they're on the same level. Here, you admit they're not, but I bet you're going to continue pretending they are.
>I'm not
Sorry, you date men who are. That's so much better.
>What are something invalid I used?
Your concept of "middle aged teens" and bringing up other countries to try and justify it, comparing him to family and a drug addict so it sounds less bad that your boyfriend's friends with him, etc.
>I literally don't know what you want me to do.
How about, actually try to help her and be there for her if you're so against pick me-ism? Get him jailed for the definite stash of nudes he has of her on his phone or PC (nudes of people less than 18 is still considered CP)? Not bringing your anger at children to us and derailing an entire thread over it?
You've repeatedly shown that you're a textbook example of someone who should never be a mother, because instead of helping your child, you'd rather attack her, call her a slut and complain behind her back when a grown-ass man creeps on her.

No. 2577

In the end the pedo friend girlfriend was the biggest pick me of them all lmao

No. 2578

I have infact, I even discussed it with my boyfriend about her self esteem issues.

Making fun of both of them isn't saying on the same level sorry if you think that way

>You date men who are

20 yr olds dating mid teens is kinda a debatable subject, especially if you're like me and live in a place where it is legal and not exactly uncommon, which is why although I disagree I just leave it be until they start doing something more eyebrow raising

>Your concept of "middle aged teens" and bringing up other countries to try and justify it, comparing him to family and a drug addict so it sounds less bad that your boyfriend's friends with him, etc.

How is using comparisons invalid? Do you need read books? Do you not know what a figure of speech is?

>How about, actually try to help her and be there for her if you're so against pick me-ism? Get him jailed for the definite stash of nudes he has of her on his phone or PC (nudes of people less than 18 is still considered CP)?

I talk to my boyfriend about it and he does what he can, at the end I can't control the lives of other people. His mom is already trying to take care of it and I don't know if they exchange nudes

>Not bringing your anger at children to us and derailing an entire thread over it?

I'm literally not angry and it was the people fighting me who debated it? I just listed out annoying things she does and everyone flipped there shit because I didn't treat a manipulative high school bully like a precious little innocent victim who needs to be coddled

>textbook example of someone who should never be a mother

Why is that?

>you'd rather attack her, call her a slut and complain behind her back when a grown-ass man creeps on her.

There you go again. This is why so many girls repeatedly get hurt by grown men. Instead of explaining why they shouldn't do what they do you write them as victims, also how is willingly dating a guy (who has tried to break up with her on several occasions) make her someone that's getting creeped on? I literally just list out things that she does and describe her behavior. The fact you're villianizing me for doing exactly that says a lot about both you and her. Everyone just hates the truth I guess

No. 2580

Your "comparisons" are completely unfitting. It sounds like you're the one who doesn't read ("Why is that?" when the sentence literally continues with "because"), and your "whataboutism" and self-victimization ("villainizing me!!!", "she's a BULLY") is honestly pathetic.
After reading all the BS you thought would be good to post, I don't even care to break it down line-by-line and respond anymore. It's like talking to a brick wall. You'll just make more excuses and insist you've done nothing wrong.
All I can say is: Just leave the thread already. Hide it. Go camp out in the long-dead nymphets thread and offer it your "truth" if that's your bag, but we won't follow you. Everyone here disagrees with you and has explained why, but you just don't want to see it. I hope that young girl gets far away from you and your toxic friend group full of pedophiles and enablers. No wonder she's a pick-me with adults like these in her life.
I understand now that replying to you at all was a complete mistake, because all it's done is given you an avenue to smear your shit on the walls. I read most of the other responses, and they all make sense, especially the one that said you were just mad at no longer being the only girl, and the other one that said you had a male mindset.
I hope someone posts some real pick-me stories soon.

No. 2582

>Your "comparisons" are completely unfitting.
How so?
>It sounds like you're the one who doesn't read ("Why is that?" when the sentence literally continues with "because")
I asked for an explanation of the statement, which was not provided
>and your "whataboutism" and self-victimization ("villainizing me!!!", "she's a BULLY") is honestly pathetic.
I am using the textbook definition of things. She bullies other girls, which is literally just factually describing her, and I was repeatedly insulted since post one "you're vile!you're grooming her!you're jealous! You just want to be the only girl! You're a pick me!"
Did you forget about that? Why does it hurt your feelings that I am literally describing what is happening? Why are you offended by reality?

>Everyone here disagrees with you and has explained why, but you just don't want to see it. I hope that young girl gets far away from you and your toxic friend group full of pedophiles and enablers. No wonder she's a pick-me with adults like these in her life.

She's literally in there because people like you just continue victimizing her instead of explaining why what she is doing is wrong. I did what I can and still hold her accountable for what she does, unlike you who is desperately fighting as to why she's the victim and needs to be coddled, if nobody explains why it's wrong and just keeps saying she's a poor victim she's just going to find some other greasy dude to cling to. Just look at how mad you are for describing literal reality and what she does. That says everything. And you aren't helping me help her by screaming at me about how evil and horrible I am for talking about annoying stuff she does, infact it just causes the opposite reaction
>No longer being the only girl, and the other one that said you had a male mindset
Oh? So you can explain to me what I have said or done to make it seem like "I was mad about being the only girl" or "I have a male mindset", right? Because please do

No. 2585

>Anyone who has a younger sibling knows they are not literally children and should know better as well as knowing as to why someone can call out dumb shit they do.
There's a reason why minors can't legally give consent. How many people do you know reflect that everything they did as a teenager was completely sane and that they were perfectly mature enough to handle important decisions? Because I don't know a single person who admitted that they never did dumb stuff. It doesn't mean that you can't point out what what teenagers do is stupid, but to try to put equal blame on the kid as a pedophile is just idiotic. They don't have the same life experience and neurological development as adults. If you can't see the huge difference between a 21 year old and a 15 year old then you must have never mentally matured past the age of 15 yourself.

No. 2586

>There's a reason why minors can't legally give consent
Yes. As in literal 12 yr olds. Once they turn 14 or 15 there's tons of laws allowing them to consent, age of consent is 16 in most countries in a lot of states
>How many people do you know reflect that everything they did as a teenager was completely sane and that they were perfectly mature enough to handle important decisions?
Nobody does that, they live, learn, and regret and know what they did wrong. Constantly forcing the narrative that young girls who purposely go for older men, sign up for BDSM forums, even lie about their age to some extent, that they're victims doesn't allow them to learn from their actions, rather just keeping them in a victim mindset and how exactly will they learn better if all they know themselves as is a victim and nobody tells them that they have to get their shit together?
> It doesn't mean that you can't point out what what teenagers do is stupid
Great so argument over right?
>But to try to put equal blame on the kid as a pedophile is just idiotic.
I don't. This conversation was simply about HER, not where I place most of the blame, just because I don't spend every dying second blaming him and obsessing over him doesn't mean I'm erasing blame from him.
>They don't have the same life experience and neurological development as adults. If you can't see the huge difference between a 21 year old and a 15 year old then you must have never mentally matured past the age of 15 yourself
Literally where did I say that? Can you guys form an argument without making up things I say?
Obviously they're very different, but she isn't a fucking vegetable ffs. In high school you should know not to make fun of other women or their bodies, be slutty on social media and towards adult men, compulsively lie, or take money from others. Teens are dumb of course but me discussing about dumb shit a teen a know does doesn't make me vile, toxic, unhinged or whatever else insult that was thrown at me because nobody can apparently argue without making 99% of it blank insults

No. 2599

Jesus christ. Get over your flat tits and help that girl escape from her groomer instead of laughing at her with your pedo boyfriend. How embarrassing.

No. 2601

File: 1579430861175.jpg (34.65 KB, 500x333, 3ef.jpg)

>Holding tweens accountable for their actions isn't evil, if she was literally 6 yrs older y'all wouldn't say anything

No. 2603


No. 2609

you are literally a pickme, hanging around with a bunch of pedo weaboos, defending them for criticism in a way they wouldn't dream of defending you, and shitting over other women.

Holy shit at you hanging around with a guy who gets his mum to go to the cops to check it's ok for him to fuck at 15 year-old.

This has to be a tranny. The contempt for women is seeping off their posts.

I hope your bf and his pedo friends die, anon. I genuinely mean that. I hope that girl gets the help she needs and realizes the non-titted drama queen is just jealous of her.

No. 2610

Anon this sent me. This whole thing is ridiculous. What's the bets OP's pedo bf had been texting this girl and now OP is panicking.
"haha babe yeah she's so annoying, so gross and fat. Don't look at my phone."

No. 2612

>"haha babe yeah she's so annoying, so gross and fat. Don't look at my phone
kek, you know it's true especially since her trashbaby bf insists on being friends w a pedo (and apparently anon sees little wrong with this)

No. 2613

Are you that anon who would sperg out at farmers posting about their underage abuse and blaming them for it? You sound male-identified and deranged.
Normal people don't want to be friends with child predators, anon. The same way most people who hang out with crack addicts are fellow crack addicts because who tf else would put up with that sort of behaviour?

No. 2615

The way to actually deal with pedo creep besides contacting LEOs since you say it was already done: cut the nasty fucker off. Refuse to hang out at events he's at. Leave if he shows up. Making fun of him and keeping him in your circle is tacit endorsement of his predatory behavior. Also calm your nasty fat girl tits, a teen calling you names shouldn't bother you. They name call, it's normal kid behavior

No. 2617

Defending them how?
>Why does this annoying behavior bother you??? Why don't you just let teens be bullies and not say anything??
Already debunked, stop recycling arguments and use something I actually said
More conspiring about my hypothetical life you make up in your own head
What are you on about?
More victimizing her despite it being debunked and again recycling arguments I have already debunked

Now I please beg, can someone make a decent argument with me that isn't writing off her as nothing but an innocent victim, "why don't you contact the police" or "you're just must lol get over it" or anything else I already refuted?

No. 2618

Also, me pointing out what she does isn't insecurity, it's literally just describing what is happening, another recycled argument that is constantly being used despite it being rebuked

No. 2619

u sound busted af, let ur bf smash that underage pussy as a reward for dealing with ur annoying ass

No. 2620

please leave too

No. 2621


No. 2622

Baiting is just as bad if not worse, you also can make the other anon look sane

No. 2624

File: 1579454051133.jpg (239.46 KB, 1080x1698, 29cb46ab53b529e01aace36221c7ca…)

Anyone seen how women are redrawing those old quirky pickme comics? It's nice when men can't pit us against each other.

No. 2625

I think they're cute. Reminds me of Oshiete! Galko

No. 2627

File: 1579456147469.jpg (692.62 KB, 3000x4000, KEK.jpg)

I love those a lot!
Especially since it makes men in the comments seethe lmao

No. 2628

This is my favorite trend. It's cute,gay,makes men angry,and get rid of the "pitting women against each other" patriarchal bullshit.
I adore it.

No. 2629

>imagine being a grown ass woman crying that a 15 year old girl is bullying you on a Taiwanese basket weaving forum

That's probably a man.

No. 2630

I'm sorry, but I am literally begging you, where exactly did I "cry"?
Hint: literally just saying what she does isn't "crying"

No. 2631

i feel like this is a fetish for you at this point

No. 2632

File: 1579458915636.jpg (647.91 KB, 2276x1258, thisone.jpg)

I love these so much! I would love to see more of them if anyone can post the ones they have.

No. 2634

File: 1579459546058.jpg (226.22 KB, 1363x700, thisone2.jpg)

No. 2635

Before you accuse me of being one of the posters above, it's the first time I post something itt.
How old are you, anon? If you're actually female your posts look like you're barely an adult. I can see why you can hold someone not much younger than you accountant for dumb shit we all did as teenagers.
Yeah, her behaviour is bad. Mostly because she's being groomed by an actual adult which I hope she leaves. But you mocking her for dumb shit all awkward teens say won't help. Like an anon pointed, she'll grow to hate women even more because she will believe only males are on her side. Because girls like you mock her.
Are you mad that she called you flat even though you have an F cup? Who the fuck cares? If you're really an F cup the only thing that must concern you is that horrible back pain you're going to get.
If you'd be friendly to her she will eventually regret what she said and you'd both feel better about all this.
It's easy to be an asshole when you're young. Hell, many people are assholes later as well. But you don't have to be one of those people. Try to befriend her or leave her alone. She'll grow out of it.
>t. Oldfag

No. 2636

Best new trend I've seen in ages.

No. 2639

The thing is, if you've got big tits someone saying you're flat chested isn't going to bother you. There's nothing wrong with being flat chested anyway, but you don't go around with F cups and get bothered if someone says you're flat.

tbh has it been considered by sperg-anon the tit thing was a joke if she really IS an F cup? idk this is fucking dumb.

I love all of these. Post 'em if you got 'em.

No. 2640

Again, how was I bothered? I just listed out something annoying she did, similar to how someone who is fit wouldn't like being called fat
All this I have debated and debunked, enough with recycled arguments

It's not even about the tits.you are the ones blowing it out of proportion. I just said it was annoying and I moved on, you are the ones who keep bringing it up and act like me entire problem with her revolved around her doing that despite me constantly bringing up her compulsive lying, stealing, manipulating, etc
She's annoying, this is a thread for annoying pickme girls. Why is it hard for you to understand that I don't baby her?

No. 2641

She's not a pickme. YOU are. Everyone here has told you that. Go play with your pedo bf. You're boring now.

No. 2643

Can i be sappy for a min? It's kinda beautiful how even libfems agree with this trend. I find it strangely beautiful when a thing brings opposites together.
(too bad some people make the girls trannies by putting the trans flag on them or smth, though)

No. 2644

I agree. In the end, even the most egregious libfems want women to be happy and at peace. They just have their own idea of how that's achieved. We basically all have the same goal in mind, and this kind of thing is a reminder of that.

No. 2647

File: 1579462503682.jpg (95.99 KB, 566x960, 525a489dc1c777ed96c31ab5f5da7e…)

No. 2649

>how was i bothered?
>she's annoying
That's not the only example, but it's your general word choice. You do NOT sound like someone simply describing what they observe in a detached manner, like you're trying to claim. You keep describing her as a bully, annoying, making fun of her, all things which point to the conclusion that she has gotten to you in some way and that you don't like her.

lol what kinds of things are men even saying? i can't even guess what would piss them off about this.

No. 2650

I get it, you don't want to debate, you want someone to agree with you.
Go back to reddit or something.

No. 2653

Point blank, your friends are the creeps for hanging out with teenagers.

Teens naturally want to rebel and seek attention. Is the girl a pick me? Possibly.
However instead of bullying the kid, maybe try to help her or something. Get to know her. Maybe she has a bad family life and trouble making female friends. Seeking affection from an older male is an unhealthy coping mechanism.
The pedo she is dating is 100% taking advantage of her teenage stupidity.
Children including teens SHOULD be held responsible when they are making bad choices. But holding kids responsible doesn’t entail bullying, does it?
Helping a teen is difficult bc they can be obnoxious and snarky but the fact is you truly sound jealous an intimidated by her youth. Your actions towards her will just make her double down on her bad behavior. “Women are all mean snarky bitches! Older men know how mature I really am!”

No. 2658

File: 1579468402457.jpg (291.47 KB, 1869x2048, 1579468344529.jpg)

I live for those. Pls post more if you have them

No. 2670

And? You can say dogs are annoying, you can say babies are annoying, but somehow when I call someone in my life I find annoying, annoying everyone loses their shit. I don't care that she made comments about my body, I just find it annoying and pathetic, similar to how if a dog keeps barking you can be annoyed but not personally bothered, which is what you are acting like I am.

She didn't "get to me" she just came to mind when I saw a pickme thread and thought I'd share about her but somehow her being a teenager made everyone lose their fucking minds and scream their damn heads off despite most anti-pickmes doing this same thing that I am doing

No I actually would like to see the opposing side but it's hard to when the only arguments are recycled and debunked arguments and the vast majority of the posts are just dry insults

>You're bullying her!!!
By talking about her on an anonymous form and respecting her as a person in real life while discussing with people around her about how they should help her? You automatically villianize stuff like this without even understanding and wondering why you can't progress. In order for you to work with me to help her you have to TRY to understand what I'm saying and quit throwing around false insults

>She has a bad home life!!!

If that's the excuse we're using them this thread wouldn't even exist because most pickmes have bad home life
>You're just jealous!!!
Another reason why I can't take you seriously. I haven't said a single thing that even hinted I was jealous of her, but this is lolcow and anytime you attempt to call another woman out you're immediately marked as jealous

>Your actions towards her!!!

Oh? Like what? Do you somehow magically track me, monitor my thoughts and actions, and record every communication I have with her? Last I checked, I haven't mentioned a word about how I communicated with her face to face (outside of this post where I did mention I just respect and tolerate her when she is around)

No. 2672

damn for all the time you’ve spent sperging about a child that hurt your feelings you could’ve made like $60 at a minimum wage job. very cool way to spend your time anon

No. 2674

Mm if only you spent your energy to form rebuttals instead of hypocritical baiting

Also, I know this takes your few brain cells to think about this, but did you know a lot of people can access lolcow mobile while at work, school, gym, etc? And it only takes a few seconds to reply?

No. 2675

i know baby doll, but you’ve been losing your marbles for like two days, again, because A Youth hurt your feefees. everything is going to be okay, your tits will not deflate any further just by pointed words alone

No. 2676

If only you used yours and read my post, then you wouldn't be so insistent on "she hurt you!"

No. 2677

If a dog annoyed you would you spend 2 days posting about what an asshole it was on an anonymous forum?

No. 2678

Also, may I remind you, it was you guys who insisted I was so hurt over her comment, when in reality I just mentioned it once and moved on. You are the ones who kept bringing it up, insisting I was hurt, insisting I was jealous, etc. When in reality I wanted to discuss bigger issues with her like lying and stealing, but since I mentioned how she makes vile comments on other women's bodies by all means let's all just focus on how I'm just in a corner injecting my titties just because of what she said or whatever tinfoil you guys want to write about my life.

Is that projection or are you just out of arguments?

No. 2679

You would if people attacked, insisted that the dog hurt you deeply, claimed you were bullying the dog, strawmanned, and got mad about you replying to posts that replied to you because apparently nobody here knows how conversations work and will draw conclusions that fit their narrative simply because someone they are fighting is doing the same as they are, which is replying to their posts

No. 2680

BTW I know another strawman is coming so I'll highlight an extra important part of my post

>You are the ones who kept bringing it up, insisting I was hurt, insisting I was jealous, etc. When in reality I wanted to discuss bigger issues with her like lying and stealing,

I really hope you prove my wrong but with how this is going I'll either get insulted, the whole "she's still going!!" Thing while you are still going, bait, or another strawman/recycled argument

No. 2681

go masturbate or somethin jesus christ

No. 2682

Thanks for proving me right, carry on

No. 2683

Thank you for entertaining us for the past two days

No. 2685

Back at ya

No. 2686

You're pathetic.

No. 2687

Yay another comment proving me right. Keep going please

No. 2688

stop samefagging.

No. 2691

File: 1579477055290.jpg (184.19 KB, 574x1214, 6bf22222.jpg)

No. 2696

Pretty funny how the pick me in the pick me thread is losing her shit this hard.

“Waaaaa a kid in my male dominated group is a pick me! I’m so much better than her! Help me hate on a 15 yr old high school student who is being groomed by a guy in his 20’s!”

The fact her bf and friends group is ok with the situation is pretty telling. A nest of pedos and pedo sympathizers.

No. 2697

seriously what is there to possibly get mad at about these?

No. 2699

>lol what kinds of things are men even saying? i can't even guess what would piss them off about this.
You're right, this "trend" one things that fall under men don't care and don't know about

No. 2700

>You're okay with it!!
Debunked if you read my posts
>"I'm better!! She's being groomed!!"
Debunked if you read my posts

Just read my posts if you still want to repeat argument that have already been used and debunked, by keep repeating arguments you just show yourself as a mad idiot who doesn't want to read and just wants to stay mad because for whatever reason, I said something that upsetted you deeply to the point where you strawman and look for something extreme to claim no matter how many times I prove myself, you just keep repeating it. Either projection or you related to her in my OP so are now mad just because I describe her behavior and find her annoying (and not being deeply bothered like you bitches are desperately trying to convince yourselves) while trying to help her

Men just have fantasies about women fighting over their attention, so when women refuse to follow their fantasies they just get mad

No. 2701

lol fuck off fattie you're boring at this point move on

No. 2702

the irony

No. 2705

Proving my point again

No. 2708

File: 1579494647357.png (13.85 KB, 1000x163, Screenshot_2020-01-20 ot - Ve…)

Anon is cringe but she made a good observation about the difference between men and women.

No. 2709

Stop selfposting your points are fucking dumb. Hurr durr women so mean because we go deeper than calling each other faggots and general disinterest in everything. Fuck off.

No. 2710

Also go check migration thread. Full of "I feel you bro" posts.

No. 2711

I wasn't selfposting you dumbass. I didn't want to reply in that thread because it would've been OT so I posted here.

No. 2712

That's just the sort of userbase that following "lolcows" attract, extremely judgemental and petty people. KF has the same autismal infighting and that's mostly men.

No. 2718

Don’t be retarded. This is clearly the same person sperging about how jealous she is of teenagers
Ok you faggot. Fuck off back to 4chan, plenty of weeb pedos to be picked by there.

No. 2719

Kys retarded faggot

No. 2727

You sound like a lolcow.

No. 2740

The males are here

No. 2794

based comics holy shit
girls liking / loving each other is always a net positive.

No. 2796

File: 1579554015930.jpg (68.3 KB, 792x960, IMG_1579553949951.jpg)

Took me awhile to find this one again but it's so cute. Lol.

No. 2833

Why does the second picture have inflation fetish vibes though?

No. 2837

File: 1579627694142.jpg (172.14 KB, 350x386, creamsicle.jpg)

there's two separate but similar memes being conflated here.

>>2634 is creamsicle, which dates back to 2012. It started on tumber and was generally quite wholesome.

the top comic in >>2658 was commissioned as de-bimbofication fetish art and spawned a similar meme of it's own. Most of the art is cute and wholesome but I don't think it's too far of a leap to imagine that there are men who get off on the concept.

No. 2901

File: 1579717793177.png (247.37 KB, 599x617, 6a7.png)

The best one

No. 2914

I hate how hypocritical conservative women like Lauren Southern are. They seem to think they're better than other women. Like they tell other women to get married and have babies at 19 because they will be old and busted at 24 but then these women themselves don't do that and instead focus on their careers. They definitely think they're the exception to the rule and that other women don't deserve to work and get married later/also have a family but they do. Like at least if you're going to tell women bullshit about how they should live you should practice what you preach. And the funny thing is that women who actually do get married and have babies young usually don't tell other women to libe that way.

No. 2946

you’re not wrong but people have literally said this exact criticism of Lauren Southern over and over and over again, you’re not insightful

also Southern turned out to be a complete grifter

No. 2970

lul she also quit social media to go back to college, mind you this is the same bitch that said women that went to college were useless, she also talked about white heritage and she dated some black Muslim guy omegalul this bitch just wanted patreon money once she got her fill from the thirsty moids she is ready to call it quits but too bad everyone will always know her as the muh white herritage girl or the trad wife bitch. like that other weird gun bitch who shat herself at a college party and now she is calling herself trad and modest.

No. 2971

Gungirl is a pathetic womanlet who can’t fight and looks inbred lmao but how do you know she shat herself @ a party

No. 2974

Sorry, didn't know that sharing my opinion on an anonymous imageboard was supposed to be insightful. Next time I want to post something I'll ask you first to make sure no one has said it before so I don't get lectured. Also I wasnt just talking about Lauren, I was just using her as an example.

No. 2991

No. 3038

That's all anyone knows about her kek. The real nasty woman.

No. 3047

LOL hahaha okay that was a good one anon, I love whenever she gives interviews she gets called out on her poppy past. Till this day, bitch keeps denying it.

No. 3049

File: 1579880821902.jpeg (Spoiler Image, 92.22 KB, 675x1200, 6C8A1D32-FA65-4084-8A0E-41EFDB…)

Is this really her though?
I mean even if it’s not, it still fucked up her trolling career before it even began. Which is funny af.

No. 3050

File: 1579881670232.jpeg (340.06 KB, 640x919, EBA701D1-91D7-441D-A6E9-8F65B3…)

No. 3061

Well no matter what the actual truth is people know her as a the weird gungirl who shat herself

No. 3067

Lmao that is one giant dookie. But whoever took that picture is a raging cunt as well. Tbh even if someone's a bad person I would still feel for them in that situation.

No. 3068

looks like your average white amerincan girl, idk how people are so convinced that it must be gungirl. We can't even see that girl's face

No. 3073

She sucks but isn't wrong. This KFC Barstool guys sucks more. Cheated throughout your wife's pregnancy then after you give birth. What gross trash

No. 3080

lol who cares? we all know scrotes are trash and will probably cheat on their spouses with anything that moves its in their animalistic behavior they are dogs, but yeah this bitch is top pickmesha tier, she wants to pander to all the alt right neckbeards and make herself look look like the trad but quirky "cuzz i uze gunz guyz I can totezz troll and fight the libzz"

No. 3084

Do standard female misogynists count as PIckMe's ?

No. 3085

This could be anyone,anywhere. I've seen a video where she claims that she's never been to a college party. I used to like her but her recent videos have shown she's pretty narcissistic and mean-spirited. Now I'm more inclined to believe because she is a friendless pick-me type of woman, so I believe that she's never been to a party lol

No. 3089

true. You don't see her ever talking about women unless they're liberals who need to be harassed. Kait reminds me of Lauren southern when she complained about misogyny in the alt right because they went after her. Like she doesn't know who she's pandering to lol

It could be anyone and its probably a shopped pic but it's every where she posts. So it's apart of her lore now kek
Who knows if she's telling the truth though. I don't think she'll admit it like how most tradthots bury their party days when they go full conservative. Tomi Lahren from FOX in the old days of living in Dallas would tweet shit like "gonna pop my pussy at the bar!"

No. 3095

Lauren Southern makes no sense. She’s a far-right white nationalist who shit-talks feminism but attends college, isn’t married, dated a black guy and said she hated how people treated her for being female. At least she quit her “political activism” last year.

No. 3100

that's so much shit… how is that even possible

No. 3107

people aren't just thier political opinions, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez grew up upper middle class, says she hates the white male patriarchy but dates a white guy and works within the establishment which she also claims to hate

No. 3108

are you male or just retarded

No. 3112

>works within the establishment which she also claims to hate
This is like saying you can’t be anti-capitalist if you have a job. People are forced to work within the establishments that exist.

No. 3113

That’s still not comparable to Lauren Southern.

No. 3116

I hate this tumblr idea that concept = individual. The white patriarchy is not the white man she dates.

No. 3119

Southern hates feminism but benefits from it everyday.

No. 3120

My favorite from an old thread on /ot/ was "Why do so many non-white people complain about racism but still have white friends?"

No. 3123

are you really trying to defend Lauren? who cares we all know democrats are also a bunch of hypocrites, its like saying water is wet. Still that does not make Lauren a better person, she is still a total hypocrite who probably made enough money to fuck off and leave her legion of misogynist neckbeards behind. But no matter how much she tries to get away from all this political stuff it will always come back to bite her and then she will put some dumb ass apology saying "I was so wrong those past years I was young and didn't know any better blah blah blah"

No. 3133

Who's jealous of teenagers?

No. 3160

what about female misogynists who shitty to men, do they still count as Pick-me's ?

No. 3162

Are you talking about a specific person?

No. 3171

kinda, throughout my life I've dealt with some women (most of whom were boomers) who often expressed negative opinions about men, stuff like men are pigs, a woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle e.t.c but were still highly misogynistic, cruel and unfair towards other women

No. 3173

Sounds to me like they just hate everyone

No. 3185

nta, but they kind of do. they're basically women who grew up under the thumb of patriarchy, aren't stupid enough to have been completely brainwashed of it, but perhaps have seen enough pickme behavior from their peers/were isolated enough from other women that that have no hope.

No. 3187

but is it really pickme behavior if they shit on men as well as women

No. 3224

I think with men they just learn to go along to get along because they’ll never win anyway, but with women, especially younger women, they have the upper hand and can demean them without consequence. Could also just be jealousy. Also I think a lot of women don’t bother to judge men because they just don’t care wtf they do.

No. 3230

No, their purpose is not to get attention from men.

No. 3307

i know the type you're describing. i think that's a classic handmaiden, no? the type that suffers under patriarchy but enforces it on younger women in order to have a scrap of power. the type that defer to men but boss around any woman less powerful. you get the idea

No. 3559

Before this board gets deleted, where the hell is that one meme picture of a pick me woman and her coomer boyfriend. I thought I had saved it but I hadn't and now I can't remember what thread I saw it

No. 3612

File: 1580612683133.png (27.67 KB, 1184x138, 436664.PNG)

'it's ok to fap to loli' cool girls are the worst

No. 3618

The anime catgirl profile picture says troon but I admit that with some kink/BDSM cool girls it can be hard to tell.

No. 3621

Yeah probably some weeb who thinks being short makes her look just like her 8 year old manga catgirls. She's defending it not because loli actually looks like short adult women, but because it's her fantasy that she looks that way and she doesn't want her nasty masturbation fuel shamed.

No. 3628

Idk about you guys, but I've never seen a short adult woman with small breasts and accidentally mistook her for a 10 year old. People who say shit like this are just pedo apologists.

No. 3650

To be fair, small breasted women do get told we're only appealing to pedophiles.

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