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File: 1575699929581.jpg (120.47 KB, 609x744, La_confessione.jpg)

No. 491663

The more secrets you feed the farm, the stronger the farm gets. Lay yourselves bare before the farm gods.

No. 491683

I just can't stand how the world worships artsy New York writers and artists yet we're supposed to see them as oppressed martyrs or something. They have more social capital than me, yet when I don't do as they say I'm somehow the bad person. For example, I went to the Tate and I got pissed at how so many of the pieces were arguing for social change and how everyone else should change. Yet these people would never share their social capital with me.

I'm 25 years old and I feel like I have pretty limited social capital. I'm from a really well-off financial background, and I don't think I will ever have to want for money. But coming from a background of unclassy immigrant parents and not having the best social skills or a knack for what's cool, I'm lacking in other ways.

I'm jealous that these writers and artists get so much attention and praise, which I think is the most important thing in life, but they act like they're so oppressed. They champion equality but would never want things to actually be equal because their specialness would be taken away.

Idk what I'm trying to say here. Fuck cool people I guess.

No. 491709


>They champion equality but would never want things to actually be equal because their specialness would be taken away.

The sole reason they tilt "pro-equality" to begin with as a group is because they're mad at how much power some redneck industrialist can accrue mining shit out in the sticks even though he doesn't play their social hierarchy games or isn't even part of the soft influence network. They'd rather see their academic and media buddies had all the power through demagoguery because they're conjoined at the hip and have everything else be monopolized by collective ownership so the only attainable power is influence. Otherwise there's nobody more classist than them. Across the world these types publicly get off on how those outside their metropolises are subhuman.

No. 491717

File: 1575723298145.jpg (57.7 KB, 749x926, dumbfuckjuice.jpg)

tw for dumb shit ahead.
im so stupid… i cut myself a month ago and the scar is so ugly and deep and red. i was clean from self harm for a long time before this i guess thats why i misjudged the amount of pressure i should put on the blade
i was really happy that my old scars are almost unclockable but this shit is gross… why am i such an idiot makes me want to go fuck it and ruin my arm even further but thats some childish shit and im a professional adult now ugh.

No. 491727

>I'm rich but not from a wasp familly
>boohoo I'm not old money like they are
Fuck off, you are just a spoiled brat being jelly of the popular/well accomplished people in your city while ignoring how very privileged you are for being well off and living in the most powerful country in the world. Will YOU share your social and actual capital with other people?

No. 491734

I’m not from a wasp family. My family is made up of immigrant professionals. Lol I don’t have access to a ton of money yet. I do regularly donate money to charity on the reg right now. I could do more but I realize I’m a weak willed person and a hypocrite. I don’t hold myself up to be better than most people.

Not really sure why you are so keen to suck these people’s cocks especially when a lot of them are actual wasps unlike me.

I understand some people are going to be more famous than others. But I wish they would be honest.

Also I hate how a lot of these people claim to love immigrants but would never invite people like my parents into their circle because they aren’t classy enough. Like you can’t claim to love immigrants and shit on people for not liking the right types of wine.

No. 491736

nta but anon how can you simultaneously “never want for money” and “from a really well off financial background” but also “not have access to a ton of money”?? it sounds like you’re trying to play both sides and it’s confusing

No. 491740

I don’t have access to my parent’s entire bank right now you dipshit. Right now my parents are paying my tuition and they give me some extra money as an allowance. I do donate a fair bit of that. If I needed to go to rehab or needed extra money for whatever then they would spend it. And they’ll give me money for an inheritance. But I don’t have access to thousands of dollars to give away like most grown children of upper middle class parents. You are really dense. Do you not know how this works?

No. 491746

And? Nta but you are still privileged as fuck. Come back when you are one of the anons that has to work to sustain themselves during college or can't even go and is stuck at a retail or callcenter job. Also, most people never even get an inheritance deepshit.

No. 491750

jesus, all i said was that it was confusing. why are you being so defensive? calm down. must be nice to have your parents ensure your tuition though, you’re very lucky.

No. 491755

I guess I am privileged lol? These people are even more privileged than me and acting so high and mighty. I guess you can ignore that and continue worshipping these people though.

You were accusing me of playing both sides. And yeah I guess it sucks that your parents couldn’t pay you. Though I did earn a full scholarship to at least one school but my parents preferred I didn’t go there even though they had to pay.

No. 491786

all i hear is you crying because you aren't as rich as other rich people. no1curr. most of your story sounds like a cope anyway.

No. 491791

What about my story made you so hurt hurt?

I’m not even that rich lmao. It doesn’t take that much money to live comfortably in America

No. 491794

not butthurt, i probably have more money than you. you just sound like a pathetic cashlet.

No. 491796

dude, this anon
even complimented you and said that must be nice, they didn't even shit on you? Wtf is your problem?

No. 491798

don't bother with her. she just seems like a pathetic cunt humblebragging or coping with having a shitty life. she's clearly making it up as she goes, but she sounds out of touch enough to be wealthy, so who knows. she's literally whining about being mid-upper class.

No. 491799

I upset a bunch of mombies the other day by saying how it's wrong to smash their kid's stuff and physically beat them as a form of punishment.
They'd made this post with a screencap of some ratchet queen holding up her daughter's smashed up phone. Bragging about how she made her daughter feel like shit and broke the phone because she wouldn't show her mom what she was doing on it. Was I supposed to clap for this? What a stupid bitch move to have wasted her own money by smashing a phone she'd paid for when taking it away would have accomplished the same thing. Her daughter is gonna become secretive and rebellious, because the only lesson breaking her shit teaches her is that she shouldn't get caught and can't trust her mom. And I'm sure next time the daughter gets mad she'll take after her mom and break something in retribution.

I couldn't believe how people were defending that. Of course they told anybody calling it stupid that were were just naive childless people who probably disrespected our parents growing up. Nah, I just grew up with a physically abusive sociopath and a traumatized narcissist, so I have the ability to recognize abusive parenting habits since I've lived through it. People think children are so stupid, it's like they forgot what they did when they were kids or are in denial about it.

No. 491822

Ok great, you have more money than me. I said I wasn’t that rich lol.

Yeah I bet your life is awesome. Why is that so? Tell me about how great it is.

Being passive aggressive isn’t the same as being nice. Wtf is wrong with you?

No. 491823

Healthy eating has made me a lifeless, boring lump of depression.

Back when I was a chubby food lover there was nothing that could bring me down. I was active at work, studied hard and had lots of hobbies like drawing, writing and composing music that made me happy.

I used food to reward myself. No matter how stressful work got, I was content because I knew at the end of the day I could come home to make a cheesy bowl of pasta, indulge in a bag of chips and dip or a big batch of garlic rice with chicken (craving it all right now).

Now I just come home, eat a salad then go to lie in my bed with my phone because fuck everything. I'm lifeless at work and hate myself more than ever, despite being skinny and supposedly more attractive.

I know I can't go back to my unhealthy ways. Obviously I have some deep feelings of resentment and depression that lead me to use food as a comfort and reward for being productive, but it sure felt a lot easier and inspiring than coming home to lie in my bed and stare at my phone until I fall asleep because I can't be bothered with life. It's all so pathetic.

No. 491825

I like getting attention (the good and wholesome kind) it makes me feel validated and worthy because i know my efforts didn't come unnoticed.

No. 491826

Probably pointless to ask, but are you sure you're eting enough and the right stuff? Also, having a treat every now and then really won't hurt

No. 491841

I agree with the other anon, make sure you're getting in your nutrients! Eat your protein, get in iron and B vitamins, and take supplements if you must.
And if you start lifting weights you can eat a bit more and that cheesy pasta will help you get strong.

No. 491843

I carry my weight eating "normal" for me kind of chubby/curvy. I had really bad untreated stomach issues and basically ended up on a liquid diet and got super small. People were nicer to me everywhere I went it was surreal. I think the culture on lc wants to pretend everyone's "healthy weight" is looking slim and fantastic when that's just not the case for everyone. Your build/genetics matter.

I wish you the best anon that's a confusing place. This is probably not helpful but I've put on weight again and ran into a classmate recently. One of the first things he said to me was that I look so much healthier/happier and he was really worried about me but didn't want to say anything when it was happening. (at my lowest weight I still had a lower end normal bmi. I never looked skelly.)

So like idk I feel like all I got was being skinny was jerks flirting with me more but actual people who liked my personality never cared for a second if I was like 6 inches larger or whatever. They just want to talk to me without me feeling like I'm going to pass out.

I'm actually going to look into ED treatment for myself now because with my stomach issues I've developed so many bad habits I want to unlearn and have similar damage now as someone with bulimia. I never had the "ana-chan" mindset but at my worst I was legitimately terrified of certain foods because eating hurt and so did not eating.

No. 491904

Interesting, I'm the opposite way. I become essentially useless when I'm eating in a healthy way. As soon as I start heavily restricting my intake I become productive in all areas of my life, despite being more exhausted in general.

No. 491936

girls I’m dating a /pol/tard gun weeb as an elevated form of self harm but the dick is so good I want to marry and have babies

No. 491942

Love yourself.

No. 491943

That was obviously the scrote shitting up the first page threads anon.

No. 491950

Unironically the weeb part is the worst part.

No. 491954

Don’t fucking do it. Decade later and a divorce. It’s not worth it.

No. 491956

Honestly interested in the details, because to me right now he seems like he would be a really good father & husband.

No. 491978

>the world
Your world. Most people regard artsy New Yorker writer types as being Bohemian scum. There's nothing good in that world that has ever come from the privileged children of millionaires sitting around in cafes and vegan delis musing on how cool and enlightened they all are for being above the dross of everyone that needs to do actual work for the living.

No. 491981

are you me? hard to explain without self doxx but basically I did this while underage and have literally ruined my life and name forever as a result of what came along with it. can't say much else without doxx, but seriously, be careful. as much as an overrated meme it is, pls love yourself.

No. 491985

Tim from Tim and Eric looks so much like a former coworker who treated me like shit that I get traumatized whenever I look at him.

No. 491990

File: 1575787598329.gif (1.16 MB, 480x358, 1491194525495.gif)

just dont anon. I've done this and it was not worth it. He had a huge dick but it hurt a lot but goddamn was i proud of being with an asshole with a huge dick.

he doesn't value you as a human and you're babies will probably all be dumb and sad with him as a father.

No. 491991

a. i dont trust your judgement generally, and b. i definitely don't trust your judgement on how good dick is. his ruddy assed raisin prick is not good and you're coping. such men cannot be good lays because they're selfish and socially inept. you're going to get creepshot peevids along with your dox released online, and/or shot in the face over a disagreement about nancy pelosi. there are MUCH better ways to self harm.

No. 491999

>such men cannot be good lays because they're selfish and socially inept.
>and socially inept
Heh. The way you worded this reminded of another anon that said she loved her socially inept bf. That he spent most of his time either studying ancient history, or working on carpentry projects meant he wasn't at all socialized in the ways that make men shitty.

No. 492000

that was necessaryspeed. i can't comment on her husband but this anon has most definitely caught herself the worst brand of socially inept man you could possible land. these men are not only dangerous, grime laden sewer creatures, but even in the case of those packing a kiiiind of considerable chorizo, it's going to be poorly utilized, like a literal baby with a bmw. you have to be a generous and empathetic lover to be a good lay. a man who wants to see large swathes of people exterminated and enjoys destroying shit with guns is likely to end up giving her not a warm mug of her favorite peppermint latte, but instead serving her up a hot cup of lead all because they disagree on inconsequential social policy or bc she once said something kind on facebook to her ethnic male coworker from Kohls.

No. 492006

File: 1575792021636.png (117.01 KB, 680x528, iOJVt4r.png)

If you're being honest I apologize, but I'm thinking this story is just being posted over and over by some /pol/tard who desperately wants to convince us that he's not a virgin. We get a couple retarded confessions exactly like this each thread like clockwork. I think of read some permutation of "I'm dating a /pol/tard/neckbeard" about fifteen times and I'm sick of it.

No. 492009

If he's the tiki torch type, sure, there's no athlete that could run fast enough. Just I find it slightly funny that you jump to an image like that when the stereotype I have of a /pol/tard gun weeb is closer to Ron Swanson or Dwight Shrute.

No. 492012

I genuinely dislike Asperger's/Autistic people. Every time I interact with any of them it always feels like the equivalent of a wet blanket and I viscerally cringe at most things they say, especially when they get in their obnoxiously picky and bizarre mindset moods. I also find their social response trash and annoying and they seem to have a hard time genuinely bonding with people and having good emotional expression. Autistic males are the worst because they will get stupidly obsessed with something and mindlessly reject anything else because it's the conformity that they're used to and they're so.. conformist.

No. 492013

why would you think of like… mid 40s sitcom men when we're talking about /pol/ tier gun-toting weebs? sitcom men also need to have a modicum of likability and comic relief to them despite their dumbassery. real life does not work like that. the albatross that anon is insisting on hitching herself to is going to be like a 40 page book of nothing but red flags. real life doesn't demand any sort of balance.

No. 492018

I'm very sheltered, and I stick to myself a lot. Sitcom men are almost the only men I know.

No. 492021

File: 1575795150682.png (1.18 MB, 1050x591, Untitled-1.png)

I think about TV head a lot.
Sometimes I wish I too could become a friendly neighborhood cryptid.

No. 492022

Well yes, that's why they have aspergers, what did you expect by talking to them?

No. 492024

I hate that autism is the current meme problem anyone with social issues is assumed to have because now everyone thinks I have it when I’m just a cluster A weirdo that will eventually get better instead of neurologically defective

No. 492028

Did I write this? Because same. Except I don't know if I'll ever get better. I was very poorly socialized as a child and as a result have immense trouble interacting with people, relating to people and maintaining relationships and have eccentric interests. It's annoying how those traits are always associated with autism, like people don't even believe you can have those traits without being autistic.

No. 492030

I dislike Asperger's males, yet know a couple of women with it who are fine. The guys have no filter so all the disgusting thoughts they have around sex and women just come out of their mouths all casual

A quote from an autistic guy who teamed up with me in a class "I love having an orgasm right before sleep, don't you too?" Totally random after just meeting him

No. 492031

i’m happy to be with my boyfriend but i’ve been cheating on him with my fbw ever since our relationship started. and i think i’m developing feelings for him as well, but at the same time i still like my bf and don’t want to break up with him.

i’m definitely going to hell in the afterlife.

No. 492032

What do you think the difference is between autistic males and autistic females? It would have to be socialization, right? Other girls would quietly take her aside and explain why something like that is not appropriate, whereas boys would be more likely to just egg him on or bully him.

No. 492033

Not sure if this is bait because this is such a dumb post but imma respond anyway. You obviously don't like your current boyfriend because why would you cheat in the first place then? Break up with him and stop being so selfish.

No. 492034

Aren't 3 out of every 4 cases of autism in a male? Could be biological, could be that girls are made to develop better social skills and taught to be thoughtful in a way where boys aren't. They're more self interested

No. 492035

End things before it all blows up maybe? Aka before you get caught

No. 492036

in the case of high functioning autistic males, i see no difference between them and your run of the mill retarded male. i think it's going overdiagnosed because general social/emotional retardation is an overwhelmingly male condition.

No. 492039

The difference would be that the former is aware of his deficiencies, and is struggling to overcome them. I give enormous props for effort.

No. 492065

My co-worker that I have ranted about here before was like that… He got circumcised and out of the blue told me he couldn't jack off because it made his dick bleed.

No. 492070

I knew a circumcised autist who at 30 years old wouldn't shut up about how he was probably missing out on extra sensation. He had it done at 10/11 when he had a tight foreskin so it was necessary and we were certainly not close enough for him to be talking about his penis to me.

I mean plenty of women have a hard time getting off but we don't tell everyone about it like it's a hardship. Autism or not he seemed ok in lots of areas of life so I don't think autism gives him a pass. He also took pics of me one day without telling me and refused to delete them cos 'we were in a public space so he's legally allowed to take photos of me without consent' I'm pretty sure he jerked to them

No. 492073

File: 1575804160141.gif (952.15 KB, 500x281, what are you doing.gif)

>ever since our relationship started

What? So you started cheating on him immediately after you got together? Why the fuck even get into a relationship if you're looking to fuck other people?

Your boyfriend deserves better than you. He's going to find out and dump you eventually. Might as well stop being a lying little coward and tell him now. Even if he doesn't dump you, he'll never trust you again, and probably cheat on you because he figures you're doing the same.

Have a nice day.

No. 492074


I could never imagine going into work and being like "yeah, I'm having so much trouble having an orgasm from masturbating because of xyz". The thought makes me cringe.

No. 492075

I feel like I see at least one or two posts like this in the confession thread every time I look at it. I refuse to believe all of them are genuine.

No. 492082

It's unclear whether that's the case or if it's because autism is so underdiagnosed in females. The symptoms present differently in females just like symptoms of heart attacks present differently in females. There's also a bias- for a long time doctors didn't even believe that women could have autism, and sometimes autistic women also misdiagnosed with other things like BPD. Girls with autism also tend to have way more anxiety than boys which probably makes them more self aware and withdrawn.

No. 492094

Ok, but….is low spectrum mental illness irl (so not on paper) even real? To me it doesn't make sense since autistic people seem to be everywhere with and without a diagnosis, I'd say they're the overwhelming majority if we'd include pdd nos (which is the chaddest autism type I heard?) and so many symptoms overlap with different illnesses, why isn't autism then a personality disorder for example and why couldn't bpd not be autism? And aren't Asians (focusing on Indians and Japanese) the most autistic people on the planet? What is autism even?
and how does it distinguish from being an introverted awkward piece of shit?
toilet thoughts, but it's weird how I'm not being diagnosed with autism yet the people in this video >>492082 who seem normal but awkward to me are.
sage for autism, but pls answer me

No. 492122

but anon I’m also riddled w/ red flags, it’s why he seemed me out

No. 492125


not bait, I just have a lot of mental health issues. he kept tabs on me after my first public meltdown (asking to be hit by strangers kinda meltdown he witnessed)

No. 492325

I've had this slight crush/obsession with this only slightly popular streamer and youtuber who is literally an autistic 30-year-old short manchild for a long time. He acts like he's 15 and says the old "women over 30 look like milk" BS but for some reason I can't stop slightly obsessing over him on and off. There used to be a thread on a website about him but it was shut down so now there is nothing on him except his shitty youtube channel. His antics and his haters are completely autistic and I feel so, so ashamed.

No. 492333

Tell us who it is pls

No. 492334

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention he's also a proud NEET lmao.

No. 492335

NTA but I hate how the characteristics of autism are so vague. Like anyone can think they have autism these days based off some random personality traits. I've even read that liking poetry is a symptom of autism in women.

Here's what I would say are some features of autism:

>constantly talking and ignoring other people's attention

>not being able to ride a bike
>sensitivity to different foods
>having vocal freakouts when things don't go as planned

No. 492336

earnest question, why is bike riding on this list/ and why specifically bike riding, why not like swimming or driving a car or something?

No. 492341

Lol, why that one short autistic 30 year old manchild and not the millions of others?

It's delayed/impaired motor development in general. Biking, swimming, driving, throwing, writing, drawing, dancing, running, multitasking talking with paying attention… all skill sets controlled by the same parts of the brain, so all skill sets affected.
On the same name note, sensitivity to taste goes hand in hand with a sensitivity to noise, light, and touch. They experience sensory overload, which severely affect their ability to function, so they learn to block all inputs with massive freak out sessions as a coping mechanism.

No. 492342


It's eggy aka Toby Reynolds

No. 492343

Original anon. Nope. This guy isn't American.

No. 492345

ah ok, i can see it now that you've expanded upon it. just plenty of people i know who def aren't near the spectrum yet cannot ride bikes so it really caught me off guard lol. conversely, i also personally know autists that can drive, even chris-chan can drive and he's def autistic. it's often about access to things/local culture really.
i'd say over-explaining (esp obvious things) or having weird speech patterns in general can also be indicative.

No. 492346

IDK. I feel like he would actually have talent if he weren't a NEET. He would be funny if his opinions weren't retarded. I also like his voice.

No. 492352

>Ok, but….is low spectrum mental illness irl (so not on paper) even real?

Depends on how low it is, and how much it affects you.

>To me it doesn't make sense since autistic people seem to be everywhere with and without a diagnosis

If they don't have a diagnosis there's a good chance they don't actually have autism (or whatever they're claiming to have). People love to self diagnose and probably a lot of people who claim to have OCD and other things don't have it either, because they read half of the wikipedia summary of it and decided they have it.

>and so many symptoms overlap with different illnesses, why isn't autism then a personality disorder for example and why couldn't bpd not be autism?

Two symptoms can look the same on the on the surface but be completely different underneath and have different causes. For example, someone could be walking with a limp, and in constant pain, but it's caused by arthritis. Someone else could have the same symptoms, but for them it's caused by MS. My cousin had arthritis and was misdiagnosed with MS. Same thing can happen too with mental conditions.

A lot of symptoms of autism look like symptoms of PD's, but when you really dig you find out the causation is very different. For example someone with BPD and an autist might both have trouble maintaining relationships, but with BPD it's because of abuse, trauma, neglect etc that stopped that person's brain from forming properly, and with the autist it's because of the way their brain was when they were born. Autism isn't considered a PD because it's considered a cognitive disability and PD's are not. You have to be an adult to be diagnosed with most PD's (I think) but children can have autism.

>And aren't Asians (focusing on Indians and Japanese) the most autistic people on the planet?

I'm not sure what you mean here, are there actually higher rates of autism in those countries? Or are you using the pop culture definition of autism like "I like anime and computers, I'm so autistic lol" because in that cause they're probably not the most autistic people on the planet.

>What is autism even? and how does it distinguish from being an introverted awkward piece of shit?

I can't really answer that. But if you think you have autism, it's diagnosed with a test. It's a long test I believe. I'm not sure what country you're in, but if you're in the US you might have to pay for it and I think it costs like a thousand dollars. Bring it up to your GP or who ever you're seeing that you think you might have it and they should direct you to where you need to go.

Sorry this was so long, I couldn't answer all your questions but I hope it clarified a few things.

>I've even read that liking poetry is a symptom of autism in women.

Yeah that sounds kind of ridiculous. I'm guessing who ever said that was talking about the "obsessive interests" symptom of autism. Autistic boys often have obsessions with things like trains and computers (or those are the stereotypes at least) but girls tend to have different obsessions. I've heard some people say fantasy novels as well.

>sensitivity to different foods

This is one of the sensory issues with autism. Sensory overload is a common symptom of autism. Being super sensitive to sound, light and smell are also included. Not everyone with autism has that though.

No. 492354

File: 1575861941248.jpg (Spoiler Image,45.38 KB, 533x570, 0019bcd661d5a0fe9fb289e0fd14d8…)

It's Jahans isn't it?

No. 492360

God, I wish I hadn't clicked that spoiled.

No. 492373

I love having sex with my boyfriend even though he’s never made me cum and it doesn’t feel as good as masturbating. I still really love how it feels besides this and I don’t even really care about cumming. I always tell him he’s the best and super amazing even though it would probably make me feel even better if i did it myself. I just love him so much that I don’t care. And tbh nobody has ever made me cum before even when doing the right things so I don’t expect him to. I just love him a lot

No. 492377

this confession smells like necessaryspeed4

No. 492382

Holy shit. Teach your man how to make you cum…… if you love him and want it to work long term, sexual fulfillment is absolutely necessary. I used to think this too but one day I realized that it wasn’t what I truly wanted and I was just settling. Soooo be more communicative and find something that works or just fine a whole new man.

No. 492385

File: 1575867318846.jpg (70.24 KB, 457x319, 1575048657857.jpg)

No. 492387

I understand this anon…maybe for a different reason.
My ideal sex life would involve rarely getting touched at all, which I know reads as pathetic and pick me but I imagine it would feel so freeing and empowering.
Maybe your sex drive is also just very focused on other people? Like a service top or whatever.

No. 492402

That ain't me, could y'all accusing everyperson you dislike or has dyslexia of being me, and my husband actually takes time and effort into pleasuring me and I let him know what works and what doesn't(fuck off retard)

No. 492437

i swear to god if any of you have the hots for a brachycephalic marshmallow-man that hates women and talks about "the wall" i will personally drag you to therapy myself

No. 492459

>earnest question, why is bike riding on this list/ and why specifically bike riding, why not like swimming or driving a car or something?

I have pretty bad motor skills and I can still ride a bike. Not well, but enough where I can bike for a mile on flat terrain. I would say that bike riding is a pretty common skill that is not so hard to learn. I would say that riding a skateboard or alpine skiing are much harder.

The reason I put it on is that I was listening to an autistic guy talk about how he couldn't ride a bike and it struck me as weird. I'm pretty sure my autistic best friend in elementary school couldn't ride one either, though she might have learned when she got older. I think it's more concrete as opposed to "Omg I'm so klutzy, I must have autism."

No. 492473

i mean, choosing not to engage with people that have those disabilities is completely alright, you never should be forced to put yourself in situations that make you feel uncomfortable.

but if you're sitting in your room alone just thinking about how you hate them (and i'm not saying you're doing this) sounds like more of an issue with you. you know those people don't choose to be like that, right?

No. 492479

Confession thread shitpost drinking game! Take a sip every time you see one of the following types of shitposts:
>Lel I'm cheating on my boyfriend
>I'm dating a /pol/lack/neckbeard/trump supporter uwu
>I fake orgasms/I like terrible sex where I never climax

No. 492495

File: 1575903770009.png (558.77 KB, 560x560, what is that.png)

Original anon.
It's Britbong/Dominic Vanner.

No. 492501

is this a tranny?

No. 492542

File: 1575913568649.jpg (19.58 KB, 826x282, D-BYCBZUYAI9DER.jpg)

If you are reading this it's because I know you hate letters, and for once in my life I didnt know what to say. I still dont. I dont know how you fix things like this without time. I cant look at your face without shaking. It's always been an act. One day I'll get the courage to say what I want to say. I'm sorry people were mean to you, I'm sorry I was too. I should have told you you were awesome without taking advantage of you.

No. 492554

File: 1575914213068.jpg (19.7 KB, 334x336, 1559122262758.jpg)

Love yourself anon.

No. 492617

Not a spicy confession or anything, but I haven’t shared it with anyone and it feels weird to be experiencing

I’ve always said I don’t want to birth my own kids. The plan has always been to adopt. I have severe medical anxiety and simply don’t think I could deal with being pregnant or the pain. But lately… idk. My current bf makes me feel different. I feel so strongly about him and I love who we are together. I really want to have a child, sometime, not now, but in the future… I don’t know. I love us so much and it feels like it would be depressing to die and leave the world with no physical evidence we ever existed, no passing of our genes… no celebration of our time together. We aren’t ready for kids right now… but maybe in a few years, I could do it for us. I think I would still want to adopt (I want multiple kids) but… I’m starting to think it wouldn’t hurt to at least try to have one of my own biology. I want to be a mom one day, adopted or not… but now the idea of our gene lines ending with me/because of me is scary.

No. 492636

britbong is literally a pedophile

No. 492640

No he he's just an obese NEET with Kallmans syndrome

No. 492642

you're too priveliged to complain, seriously

No. 492645

Cringe. You'll call him Mistah J next.

No. 492648

Ahw it’s babbys first dumpster fire relationship. Every self-hating ~fucked up uwu~ girl has felt what you’re feeling with the whole “us vs the world” thing. Wait til he figuratively or literally punches those rose colored glasses off your face kek

No. 492650

still a better choice than my pedo ex

No. 492651

dear god, i just read "late 20s, early 30s". anon, please, this is beyond personality disorders. neither of you clearly have any interest in improving yourselves, honestly, and men generally lack the motivation or interest in self improvement anyways. you're really in over your head and you're out here romanticizing it. you sound incredibly naive for your age and it's scary. so what if he grew up on the chans? not to stan for any chantards but there are literally millions of guys that grew up on the chans, and some of them might actually be a better choice than this loser.

>maybe we are both crazy and perfect for each other

you need to stay away from men. i'm not joking. there's nothing that indicates that either of you are perfect for each other. if you think you guys having a "morbid" sense of humor or chan culture injokes is something rare, you're very misled. i hate reading posts like these because i always feel like despite all you guy's protesting, it's going to be another bianca situation

No. 492652

that's not how you avoid being victimized by horrible men, anon. you don't make choices because "my rapist bf is so much better than my murderer ex!".

No. 492664

Better than a pedo.. what a cool standard to have. Better than a mass murderer could be another one, Better than a baby killer?

No. 492689

Is it embarrassing that I enjoy browsing Webtoon? (True Beauty is my personal favorite.) I’ve never mentioned it to anyone, so I genuinely have no clue as to whether or not I’d be met with laughter if I did. Guess I’ll use this thread to find out.

No. 492693

Yeah I'm aware but he's also gone for "legal" women. He's still a piece of shit either way. I tell myself this and how retarded he is but I still can't stop the obsession.

No. 492695

I've been dealing with what I think are infertility issues for the past year and a half or so, but it's gotten to the point where I feel less than a woman because of it. All I ever wanted was to become a mother, but I also don't want to adopt.

No. 492696

>want to be mom
>don't want to adopt
you just want to be pregnant, not a mom.

No. 492698

Adoption is a lengthy and complicated process. And, I prefer raising a child of my own blood than that of a child who doesn't.

No. 492699

I’ve replied to my own comment before because I was lonely and didn’t want to feel lost in a sea of other people’s problems

No. 492701

Who wants to feel sick and tired for 9 months and then go through labor, nobody actually wants to be pregnant

No. 492702

tbqh, people like you, who claim to want to be mothers but really only give a shit about nursing their narcissistic streaks, are so gross. if you cared so much about being a parent, or about children, the length of time wouldn't matter (if you foster, adoption is free in the US). besides, you're either infertile or practically infertile anyways (unless your husband isn't particularly virile) so shit is already lengthy and complicated for you at this point, yet you keep trying for biological children instead because it's what you want, not what's best for children, and not what's less complicated, either. at least if you went the route of adoption, it'd be a fairly sure thing so long as you guys were committing yourself to helping kids in need, not just going the private adoption route or something. your wanting to be a parent is only an extension of your narcissism.

No. 492704

that's not true at all. lots of people think about parenthood, pregnancy, and marriage in terms of "polaroid moments", not reality. so many women romanticize and idealize pregnancy literally all of the time??? where are you living? plus, like, they claim all this evo psych stuff to justify why they'll be fulfilled being pregnant despite it being literally physically and psychologically harmful.

No. 492705

who the fuck told you adoption is free

No. 492706

adoption through foster care is covered by the state. read.

No. 492707

I’m pregnant and by no means am I deluded into thinking this won’t be the most difficult stage of my life yet, it’s worth it though I want to build a family to love and take care of because I didn’t have that growing uo

No. 492711

not sure what the point of your post was. great that you realize pregnancy is hard on the body, but you aren't everyone? look around at most soon to be mothers, they are not aware at all. a lot of mothers actually mention that they were never told about the risks that they'd face until after it happened. and why waste your resources on creating more children/people capable of suffering, rather than saving kids from the same despair you'd felt growing up? makes sense.

No. 492712

People often throw the term narcissism and such around without really understanding what it truly means. You think it makes you holier than thou because you feel your way is better than mine. We can agree to disagree, it's fine. By no means would I be that way if I ever had my own biological child. And, quite frankly I see nothing wrong with wanting my own child biologically. Parenting is not sunshine and sparkles. But, there's also nothing wrong with wanting my own biological child.

No. 492713

Wow, we really pregnancy-shaming on here? Anon has every right to start her own family whichever way she chooses. You act like being on an 8 year waiting list for an orphaned baby is a sensible option. There's huge demand for orphan babies and toddlers and none for older kids.

No. 492717

you can act like family and parenthood is just a condiment choice, but you're talking about the deliberate choice to create new life because you want a "new" child that has your eyes, and you act like there's no ethical weighing to this and that they're both the same, just different? not at all. just because you want it doesn't mean that yours isn't objectively less ethical, not to mention the fact that your children will have to contend with climate disaster. nothing you say has has anything to do with the beauty of family, something that has nothing do with shared genes (as we know plenty of biological families abuse, rape, murder their family members) and helping the next generation. you're purposely creating more people whose suffering is guaranteed (you can't guarantee happiness, but you can guarantee your child will face some kind of misery at some point, or possibly, much misery), when we know there are millions of kids out there that are suffering endlessly, with no hope. i'm not creating more people knowing i have no control over the circumstances they might face, and there are plenty of unfavorable circumstances that as a parent, you can't even avoid for your child.

lmao, of course, god forbid someone should adopt a child that's more than a few mos old. but sure, this is all about "having a family". can't help a 5 year old in need and wait for a baby, god no. you guys seriously sound like kids who won't be satisfied until they get a purebred puppy. it's not about family at all.


uhh, where? to my knowledge, there's no such board

No. 492718

Anon you are fine for wanting your own child. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. I wish you a smooth-sailing pregnancy and happiness!

No. 492719

anon you sound like you have a severe savior complex, and if anyone here is being narcissistic its you.

>I'm so EtHiCal cuz I would NeVeR make a baby, I would adopt one!1

>can't help a 5 year old in need and wait for a baby, god no. you guys seriously sound like kids who won't be satisfied until they get a purebred puppy

Also your argument is all over the place and your writing makes it really hard to understand you. Try being a little more articulate.

>you can act like family and parenthood is just a condiment choice

Yes hello Mcdonalds, I'll take a cheeseburger with extra parenthood on the side, oh and no mustard please.

No. 492723

>adopting a child/baby
>abusing it
>profiting from it
hopefully every adoptive child will beat your biological children really good UP

No. 492726

how vile

No. 492727

lmao i wrote gif instead of sage

No. 492728

I had a sex dream about Icky Vicky Shingles. I lived in one of her "mansions" with her and I'd heard bad things from other girls who'd lived with her. She had taken a particular liking to me though and was following me around even when I was just trying to hang out in my private quarters. Then she made it known that she wanted more than rent and we ended up fingering each other. It was especially awkward because she roasted me for trying to find her g spot lmao but I ended up enjoying it. I remember thinking she smells clean and feeling a little sorry for her.
I woke up in absolute bafflement because I don't find her sexy and I don't think I'm even attracted to women. I swore it would be the last time I browse lolcow before bed but here I am again

No. 492733

anon what in the hell are you talking about?

No. 492752

Where your parents from

No. 492757

i had a dream a few years back that i fucked kiki so i get it. sorry for your lose anon lol

No. 492764

I have a huge crush on Emily from Snake Discovery. She's not "conventionally attractive" but I think shes so damn cute, and I love her confidence. Shes a smaller lady and I love the way she handles a fucking alligator with so much "Yep this is just what I do." Shes so knowledgeable and always cheery. She's everything TND wishes she could be but scrap the trailer trash look and replace it with a qt tall, respectable and sweet blonde with glasses. Her mannerisms are adorable and honestly shes just so wholesome.

No. 492769

the only thing that turns me on anymore is my own trauma, and i hate it. it feels like my sexuality is warped beyond all repair.

No. 492774

Anon that's very sad and I'm very sorry for you. I really hope you can get the help you need. Nobody should have to suffer with that. You can reclaim your sexuality with time, I believe in you.

No. 492776

I totally relate to this… my advice would be to never entertain that inclination. Like when I'm horny and masturbating, if I started thinking about fucked up shit I would just stop and get a cold glass water. It's better to be asexual than to never recover from that warped mindset.

No. 492783

she's married to a fat dude leagues below her. he better be a gem of a human, but lbr he probably jerks off to the opposite of her and is probably average at best, emotionally. i once stalked his facebook profile and he's not particularly intelligent. definitely not as smart as she is. pretty sure she's dating down sooo hard and doesn't realize it.

that having been said, i don't like reptile people or exotic pet people because they hype up owning snakes or other edgy animals (no you dont need to bring up how cute hognose snakes are or anything, they're still pets for "not like the other pet owners") too much and 90% of snake owners are impulsive retards. they should be advocating NOT owning snakes, like, ever, because most people who own them are terrible. the type of people that are naturally drawn to snakes tend to be shallow and concerned with "collecting cool animals". plus, reptile ppl, including emily, focus too much on the looks of these animals and morphs etc. it's uncool imo. i'm glad she rescues them though. i just wish reptile people would focus less on looks and the animals being "cool" bc theyre not a golden retriever

No. 492789

Anon there is nothing wrong with owning a snake lol. There is also nothing wrong with liking the colors or the way it looks.
I hope your dog herds your sheep and your cat catches rats in your barn, because if they don't and you got it because its cute, youre a hypocrite. Why are you upset that people like snakes? Who owned a snake and hurt you?

>Gee I wish dog people would stop being so focused on how "cute" they are just because they aren't a scorpion.

>Golly I wish people weren't so focused on how "cool" fish are just because they aren't hamsters.

Most people I know with snakes have 2-3, and In Emily's case (Where her entire job revolves around traveling and teaching about snakes) she has a lot, but again its her job to teach about snakes and advocate proper husbandry. She's also a licesnced breeder who is against improper breeding/inhumane morphs like the Spider BP, so its really not that uncool.

It sounds like you've been reading too much of Taylors thread.

No. 492796

>because if they don't and you got it because its cute, youre a hypocrite
no, i own/rescue pets to save them from a lifetime of disease, predation, etc. that's my primary motivation. if i have room and resources to rescue animals, i put it towards rescues. that's the basis people should be operating on, not getting a "cool" animal (who shouldn't be pets in the first place, tbh, and imo, this goes for cats and dogs, even, but there are many of them here already). rescuing exotic pets is admirable, and i'm so glad she does rescue some animals.

i can understand some breeders doing so to prevent wild capture or improper breeding, but exotic pet ownership should be heavily discouraged and warned against as much as possible, because people often overestimate themselves. 75% of reptile pets die within a year. js, i think there's a weird culture around animal ownership and the idea that kids and people in general need to own an animal to maintain an interest in it or respect or care for them. we see so many releases of these animals because people overestimate their interest or ability, they love novelty first and foremost, etc, and we know so many invasive species that have decimated native populations of animals are owed to the actions of exotic pet owners. how they look doesn't come into the equation being that there are so many pets that need homes.

No. 492930

so is being regnant, stop coping and admit your pregnancy fetish

No. 492948

I love reader insert fanfics

No. 492979

I only tell my dad that I love him out of fear

No. 492988

No shame anon, I dig them too.

No. 492989

same! I have to cope in a way or another

No. 492991

Me too its my guilty pleasure

No. 492992

he just got raided by the police
love yourself more you deserve better

No. 492994

File: 1576012815238.jpg (65.22 KB, 634x435, article-2311267-195F930D000005…)

Im not sure I was ever attracted to men. I got in relationships with them to satisfy their want n avoid awkwardness. I always broke up with them before sex happened because I didnt want it to. The relationships I had with other women felt so much more fulfilling. They only ended when I got cheated on or mutually ended it. I didnt call myself a lesbian because I didnt care for the idea of sex that way n figured it was a big part. Ive never really understood when other girls pointed out a male celebrity was so hot shed screw him. I just dont see people in the light of 'I want to have sex with them' at a glance. Idk if Im bisexual or lesbian, I think Im too scared to call myself lesbian from the high amount of transbians. At least with bisexual I wasnt such a target for those pricks. I always saw myself alone with a good career or maybe marrying another woman if we really clicked.

No. 493051

I meant to post this in the tinfoil thread and now I can't delete it, what the fuck

Confession anons please ignore the tinfoil sperg in this thread

No. 493057

Yeah I know. I have low self-esteem…I get attracted to these types of guys pretty easily.

No. 493195

I'm coming to terms with the idea that I probably have BPD. I was diagnosed with bipolar in my mid teens and always thought the diagnosis was accurate other than the fact that my manic episodes only usually lasted a few hours to a day. A friend jokingly called me borderline once online and I shrugged it off cuz we were just throwing insults to joke around, but I didn't really know much about it other than cows i'd seen called such. Over the past year or so i've looked into it and the more I reflect, the more it really seems to be me.
I'm just on venlafaxine from my GP at the moment to help with the anxiety, I haven't received psychiatric care in years since I mostly lied my way out of in before I turned 18. I'm not sure what to really do, I have no true close friends and the public healthcare system is really a joke here.
Pretty much every single symptom strikes me very deeply asides from the 'anger' part, although most people perceive me as a very angry and sometimes spiteful person, I always personally feel that i'm only really sad not angry. I've been a neet for years and have terrible relationships with everyone around me. I'm going to an appointment to talk to my old uni to see if I can go back, but I don't know if I even want to go back anymore. If they reject me i'll probably just kill myself before the end of the year. I feel completely trapped and no one would care except for my obsessive and abusive boyfriend.

No. 493198

what fandom? also where do you find good ones?

No. 493206

A book I'd recommend, The Dialectical Behavior Therapy Skills Workbook. DBT is what most countries recommend to manage bpd symptoms. In person DBT sessions are difficult to get referred into so I know some women who really found the book helpful when their healthcare system couldn't offer much

No. 493218

Oh yes, it has to be your own blood or else it won't be able to inherit the Mighy Sword of Dumbness or something.

No. 493227

Adoption-sperg absolutely reeks of cope. She pops up with the same shit anytime anybody mentions wanting kids. It wouldn't surprise me if she is a like a cat lady, but instead of cats she just collects kids and neglects them while she spergs out online about how everybody should also adopt.

No. 493229

shitting on adoptive parents, how original. imagine wanting to bring more people to this world instead of taking care of actual children in need

No. 493230

i have all kinds of medications for my mental illness but i literally never use them, it's starting to take up so much space in my bathroom cabinet but i can't throw them out because i feel like i'll jinx myself if i let them go. i should stop accepting more prescriptions but i feel like it creates good luck for me

No. 493241

Isn't there a risk with having that much medication to hand? I have friends who can't even collect a full months prescription in one go cos where I live mental health services are cautious of people stockpiling pills and then having enough in their house to overdose on

No. 493306

>shitting on adoptive parents

No, we are shitting on you because you obviously have autism/savior complex that you can't possibly contain to your Holier than Thou self.

O' mighty, ethical and pure ~kween~ tell us more about the commandments of shitting on women who want their own spawn!

No. 493318

i'm not that other anon

No. 493319

I never said you were, you're still a vapid bitch

No. 493322

sad that you have to resort to insults, and
>No, we are shitting on you
you were implying it

No. 493508

I kinda want to take college classes again, not because I want a degree but because it just makes me feel like I'm going somewhere in life and have a purpose…

No. 493738

You're just another adoption-chan, coincidentally typing exactly like the other one. Go to the radfem thread and act like an aspergers kid if you really need an outlet.

Sad that you have to take anons observation about one person and try and turn it into
>shitting on adoptive -parents-

As if we aren't all just shitting on -you-

No. 493740

why are you still bothered?

>Go to the radfem thread and act like an aspergers kid if you really need an outlet.

you're the one losing your shit and insulting people lol. die mad

No. 493792

I have this really irritating attraction to one of my boyfriend's sociopathic friends to the point where I can't even look at him. I wish I could stop and I feel so gross about it

No. 493822

File: 1576214843053.jpeg (42.74 KB, 318x356, F9E8A143-27F3-4110-91BD-952B01…)

My childhood bully’s life has turned to shit and I’m all for it.

From first grade up until about mid 11th grade a girl in my school bullied me relentlessly. She would pretend to be my friend, and then assault me (kick me until my knees and legs bruised), follow me home to ambush me with her friends and mock me, steal things from my home, copy my homework and claim it at her own… make up lies to get me in school, ect. She constantly insulted me, acted like she was better than me, and made my life harder. She would catfish people, tell lies about me… all sorts of things.

She got pregnant in hs and dropped out. Had a kid, boyfriend left (obviously). Hadn’t heard from her since.

About a year ago, she got pregnant again. Miscarried late in the pregnancy, got super sick. She has a bunch of health problems now. She’s fat, and she literally looks like she’s 60 years old. Her hair is aged and dry/dead and her skin is bad, swollen, and wrinkled. Whenever I see photos of her and show people, they’re always shocked when I tell them she’s actually a year younger than me.

I know it’s bad, and gross, but it gives me some satisfaction to know how horrible her life is. It honestly made me kind of disgusted when I saw people complimenting and sympathizing with her during her hard times, she’s a bad person and I think she deserves whatever happens to her. I would never interject or say it though. But I have to wonder if people knew how she treated me if they would still comment on photos of her, bloated, in her crappy wigs, telling her she’s beautiful.

I know it’s a horrible thing to feel, or say. But I don’t feel sorry. She gave me a miserable childhood and I’m glad her adulthood is going horribly.

No. 493840

One of my childhood bullies ended up on the Jeremy Kyle show, behaving like a screeching autist. Another one just got really fat, and another is a camgirl. Makes me feel better seeing as I’m a total fucking loser, but I at least look my age and haven’t publicly humiliated myself for all the world to see.

I know kids can be cruel but I wonder about the boys and girls who went totally out of their way to make me miserable, I never ever did that to anyone, no matter what awful things happened at home or school.this way I don’t feel bad for revelling in their self imposed misery.

No. 493845

I'm thinking you're based. Karma acts in wonderful ways sometimes.

I had a bully who would relentlessly bully me in middle school, and in one case he kicked my face in a crowded bus. HARD. The school didn't even want to punish him for it (he's too young wahhh excuse) until my dad took them to court. And you know what? I'm still sore about it. I would love for him to get his shit kicked in. That kind of shit you just don't forget.

No. 493871

File: 1576235954503.jpg (48.67 KB, 540x405, 1529447793663.jpg)

I miss my shitty ex bf. he was a foot fag and i miss the way he sucked and licked my feet. It felt so fucking good. If a good foot fag ever touches your feet you'll never fucking forget it when the fucker does it right.

No. 493904

Are you me? My ex was also a footfag. its the best wish my future will also be a footfag

No. 493939

my first boyfriend ever was into feet and people thought it was soooo gross so I kind of adopted the same opinion…… but my current dude is into feet too and uh yes. A good footfag is a wonderful thing. it makes me feel super appreciated because every part of my body is touched/kissed by him.

No. 493957

You don't have to feel sorry but you also just don't have to be happy either, lmfao. It seems like you two just both ended up as losers, get a shrink.

No. 493973

Nta but
>You're so fucked up for being happy about a sociopath's life going to shit lmao

You moralfagging spergs remind me of people who used to be bullies/sociopaths and just got "woke" in the recent 2-3 years

No. 494040

Oh shut the fuck up, I'm a social loser and have always been. Don't be such an Elliot Rodger holy shit, you're ruining it for us wholesome autists who just wanna live and strive.
A miscarriage goes too damn far, she'd have deserved it only if I'm missing some more details that she did to her but so far I find it sick and it's really fucking ironic you're calling me a sociopath when you have such a vengeful mindset. Save it for fucking people that weren't kids, jesus christ.

No. 494295

I already said "nta" you fucking retard, can't you read?

No. 494303

>out dancing
For what purpose

No. 494308

File: 1576350884973.jpg (33 KB, 400x400, IGQDkVex_400x400.jpg)

Went to a new doctor yesterday and he's like thirty years older than me and SO HOT. We flirted so much yesterday and today I had to go back to his office for a prescription and flirted even more (so much that his secretary even asked if I was a family friend or something lmfao). He's married and I'm taken but dude, if I was single I would hit it.
I just googled him and found his flickr account, where he posts pics of his cats and some stuff from a video game convention around here and I'm not even sure if he has kids. He even likes porn on there because boomer don't know other people can see what you mark as a favourite kek

My bf is a really jealous person by nature and I hope he never finds out I flirted this much with someone else

No. 494310

Holy shit your boyfriend is based. How do I find one like this?

No. 494317

you'll wanna be careful about that.

No. 494319

I love your bf lol

No. 494341


Also the "flirting" with you is probably just him being nice.

No. 494347

Flirted with my doctor too! He was so hot and I felt like such a creep for enjoying him asking me to take my top off and when he was close to me. Usually it would be unprofessional the way we talked to eachother.

I am taken and would never act on any impulses though. Also poor doctors constantly being harassed etc… Wouldn't want to be that patient.

No. 494351

this is all really gross.

No. 494355

Lol, what? I don't even..just never mind. I only responded because I hate it when people think they're not being retarded.

No. 494356

If your doctor actually is flirting with you, you are definitely not the first or last that he flirted with.

No. 494364

yes, yikes. topkek if they're all fatcows, i feel bad for the doc though, poor lad is trying to help the sick. i feel with young handsome male doctors they tend to get sexually harassed a lot but maybe that's just me. everyone fawns them at least and they seem to just cringe lol.

No. 494367

Are you american or no? Cause I've never encountered doctor telling anyone to take their top off. Usually a nurse comes in and gives you a gown to change into, in which all tests can be conducted without creep doctor making anyone strip.
Fucking disgusting

No. 494372


>>494308 here, He’s my eye doctor, he's never seen me without a top on and I’m definitely not sexually harassing him kek.
What a cope

No. 494373

Maybe, didn’t really think that deeply about it tbh. Just kinda liked the attention from a handsome older man. Can’t say I care if he flirts with other people, I’m not his wife

No. 494375

disagree on the idea that young male doctors are so professional and admirably benevolent, like they're unfailingly pious nuns or something, but it's cringe all around regardless, worse yet knowing both anons are with other people tbh. it's possible they were flirting with anons too, but i think it's really creepy either way for medical professionals to be anything but appropriately kind/accommodating. even if i found a doctor attractive, the minute he was anything but professional with me, i'd be turned off completely, just because that doesn't suit what a doctor should be, so any respectability or admiration that comes with them being a doctor is almost wiped away? especially irks me because my dad is in medical and he is so inappropriate with female patients, non-stop flirting, making 'jokes' and asking them out, etc.

idk if people in the medical field can't restrain themselves enough to maintain professionalism and maintain frame separate from their dicks, they shouldn't be in that field.

No. 494391

Feels good man

No. 494593

Are you the scrote who confessed to posting made-up stories to bait people here?

No. 494623

Gross, how do people like you even end up with boyfriends?

No. 494664

Two part confession. Some dumb shit:
I stalk my ex sometimes. Not because I like him, I broke up with him over 5 years ago. And he's gotten uglier and did not seem like he grew up much. I kind of just want to see what he is up to. Does anybody else does that?
Anyway, it does make it easier that he's gotten a bit famous on Youtube (almost a million subs lol) so sometimes I look at his videos. Last week he did this kind of collab video or something with this one guy, and now I am really attracted to that guy. When I am procrastinating I catch myself watching him, what the fuck.
We will never meet since I don't even live there anymore and that would be fucked up, but it's kind weird that this is happening. I just have bad taste in men probably. I hope it goes away soon.

No. 494682

This was my exact though. Seems like stories like these have been popping up every other day in the confession thread, then a scrote admitted to posting made up stories on lc. Gives me even less motive to believe they're true.

No. 494725

I had sex with my sister.

No. 494726

Im sure that i know atleast one of your dads. SOrry

No. 494727

I had sex with Charlie Sheen and Chris brown while millie bobby brown watched

No. 494729

File: 1576449884682.gif (4.5 MB, 480x277, 1564026518391.gif)

No. 494753

I find that people get mad when they see me happy, as if I shouldn't be smiling. But when I'm sad, they are always passive aggressive with me, smug / mocking or annoyed. I've learned over the years that it's not because of me, it's because of how I appear to other people, and the best I can do is to keep my head high and be happy about the life that I have a control over.

No. 494874

This is so fucking pathetic.
I just now realized that during my youth, most of the time, I didn't even enjoy anything sexual with other people.
I just did it for some twisted validation, typically from people who didn't really give a shit about me.
It was never "I want to be choked", it was actually "I want someone to tell me I look sexy when I can't breathe. I want someone awful to obsess over me, because I am awful and I deserve it, but if they tell me I'm pretty and they like abusing me, I serve some purpose, and I'm worth caring about". None of it was natural, it was all some disgusting affect that pandered to existing self-hatred. It started from excessive exposure to pornography from an age too young to properly process it, was encouraged by groomers and pedophiles, and was bolstered by shitty fucking internet blogs as I started going through puberty. I barely even got turned on, it was just mental self-harm.
I thankfully don't do that anymore. My interest in sex is very rare, though, possibly from overexposure. The problem is, whenever I actually try to get myself into a sexual mood, the thoughts of wanting to be validated through abuse pop up instead of anything that might actually feel good.
I don't know how to fix this, I just wanted to confess.

No. 494922

I'm sorry to hear that anon.
Ideally society should do everything it can to make sure children aren't accidentally exposed to porn.

No. 495032

I found a fly in my lunch before but I was really hungry and broke so I took it out and ate it anyway.

No. 495109

This is very relatable, and I am still in the stage of doing this to myself and trying to stop. You aren't alone.

No. 495152

File: 1576571398588.jpg (26.45 KB, 498x474, 1552540868696.jpg)

I end up ghosting a lot of people when i take a break from socializing. I'll often just quit from social media for a few days and then come back, or selectively talk in places where i feel comfortable. Then i come back, and i don't know how to explain to people that. Isn't it kind of weird to have a somewhat stranger come back to you and go "sorry i was tired and didn't feel like replying" except multiply that by 2 weeks or maybe even months, because i get stuck in a loop and then i just end up permanently ghosting someone out of shame even when i really liked talking to them? I feel two-faced as fuck. I wish my social battery didn't run out so fast. I must have some sort of terminal autism to be able to really like someone and still not be able to talk to them regularly

t. ditched a bunch of japanese language learning buddies on hinative who are likely going to be pissed when i come back from a 3 month hiatus

No. 495156

File: 1576573966249.png (512.73 KB, 899x445, CAWCAAWWWW.PNG)

Wow, I can relate completely. Feels bad because I want to get closer with my online friends but I just get burnt out quickly.

No. 495165

i used to be a hardcore brocon according to my old social media, which is pretty funny considering how all of my posts were about anime siblings and how much i wanted an older brother like [insert generic anime older brother name]. maybe at the time i didn't think it was weird.

No. 495167

Are you me? This is exactly what I do, and I can’t help it. It’s more the fact that they want to talk every second of everyday that burns me out and puts me off being online though.

No. 495174

nta but this is literally me, i understand that maintaining relationships can be difficult but please reach out, people care more than you think.

No. 495179

File: 1576588430680.png (118.83 KB, 500x522, whew.png)

I worked a lot to get into this prestigious university, it was my dream for so many years and I made it ! My parents are poor and working their asses off to pay my studies but it's worth it according to them: "You're the pride of the family".

But since I've been there, I've never been so unhappy. I feel out of place. After a painful year there, I started to skip more and more classes to the point where I failed my second year 2 times and I'm on my way to fail it a 3rd time and get expelled. The thing is… My parents still don't know it.

I know it's a stupid lie because they'll find out but I don't have the guts to tell them yet. I'm so ashamed of being such a retard and wasting my parents money.

No. 495182

I was in your exact situation one year ago, as cliché as it sounds, the truth WILL set you free. Come clean to your parent, it will help you close this chapter of your life and start a new one. You don't even realize how much your lies hold you down until you let go of them.

No. 495183

I know, I'm a coward. I don't even answer to their phone calls anymore.

What happened to you ?

No. 495184

I failed multiple years and lied to my parents about it, just like you I stopped answering their calls and ended up actually not contacting them for almost six full month at one point, which made them paranoid I was pregnant. I couldn't accept failure, I couldn't accept I wasn't studying a field I enjoy, couldn't accept that academy and me were no compatible at all and I kept this idea that if I just waited a little bit longer everything would fall into place. It didn't and I lost three years of my life and hurt my parents along the way. The talk was extremely difficult and embarassing, I cried and everything, my parents were obviously disapointed, but it allowed me to move on and start living again.

No. 495213

The more you skip, the more you feel guilty and alienated and it negatively affects your mental health which in turn fulfills the prophecy of you skipping until you fail.
Remember, mental illness is particularly bad, but feeling extremely stressed and out of place in college is a normal experience. College students go through dozens and dozens of breakdowns. You are not alone in this and I mean it in the best way as someone who went through what you are going through to the point I didn't even want to be alive anymore: you can always start a new chapter. You can overcome anything. You can be the person you want to be. You will graduate. You are stronger than you know. There is hope for you.

No. 495480

Every time i feel a little bit bad about the content of my art, i remember some annoying really woke friends i used to have that shit talked me and excluded me because most of my characters are heterosexual. I can't stay in this art block forever, i have to keep drawing to flex on these retards. I have nothing to give to people who start drama over OC sexualities. I have to keep picking up a pencil every day so i can leave these obsessed tumblrtards in the dust, or so i think.

I know it's dumb, but sometimes doing things out of spite works. It's so petty and meaningless in the long run, but it makes me feel good.

No. 495579

I have a fetish that I've had since I was very young that can potentially destroy my life and it eats me away inside. I have a partner who already knows about it but a lot of times I feel like I can't control it and it will cause me to do something that can ruin my life and my relationship. I feel like such a huge ass loser.

No. 495609

What kind of fetish anon?

No. 495630

File: 1576665055329.jpg (44.73 KB, 960x733, 1495567778220.jpg)

I wanna fuck Tim Rogers so badly. Jesus fuck he's exactly the kind of twig boy i love. I don't care if it turns out he's a creep or a jerk I just wanna ride his dick until he can't come anymore.

No. 495636

I rrrrrrreally want a certain breed of a cat and have been for years, and now that my (no-breed) cat has passed away a few months ago I could finally get one. But I really can't get myself to buy a cat from a breeder when there's so many cats in shelters looking for a home. I'd probably forever feel guilty if I got that breed cat from a breeder. But I also really want that cat. uuuuugh

No. 495638

Unleash yourself and become the female Jeffrey Dahmer you were born to be babe

No. 495640

get the cat that makes you happy. the cat that was bred was already born, and already alive.
you are one single person your choices don't matter in the long run when it comes to societal change.
whether or not you buy the cat someone else will therefore revoking your choice in not purchasing it.

kind of like how you vote and someone you know voted for the opposite candidate and says "I cancelled out your vote" even though that line of logic would work both ways.

donate money to no kill shelters and support groups that want to advocate for laws that make pet breeding illegal, if you still feel guilty.

No. 495651

stupid, poorly thought out line of thought. whether or not she makes a difference in discouraging breeding doesn't matter. what DOES make a difference is her being able to literally adopt a cat that will be put down, or is at risk of being put down. that's a very real difference. that decision creates a huge impact on the animal that is saved from fear and anxiety.

the bred cat won't be killed or abandoned.

No. 495652

I have never dated or even been friends with christians because I have a lot of issues with that religion and how a lot of christians behave, (I really just don’t fuck with any organized religion) but I’ve been talking to this christian guy for a few months and I really like him despite his faith. I sort of judge him for being a christian though and the way he talks about his faith seems like he just believes to cope and because of “tradition.” I really hate how much emphasis he puts on traditions and shit like that because that in my opinion is the lowest reason to do/believe in something. I really hope his faith doesn’t cause a hindrance in any potential relationship we could possibly have and that he stops being a christian one day. I’m not sure if all of that makes me a really shitty person and so far we haven’t really had any issues with it. So as long as it isn’t detrimental I’m going to continue talking to him and just silently judge him I guess lol. Also him being a christian kind of turns me on because when we fuck or do anything else that’s considered sinful I feel like I’m corrupting him or something. I just don’t know if all this makes me a total bitch and if I should feel guilty about it. We’ve discussed both of our spiritualities and I never say anything to him that would hurt his feelings.

No. 495655

no offense, but how can you want to be with someone for more than a night that believes in religion if you don't believe? that's a huge difference, like, he's seeing life through a totally different lens. that's really strange to me. i don't think i'd be able to relate to a man on like, any level if we aren't seeing the world similarly. not that i say anything offensive to religious people, but even children can tell that religion is so shamelessly awkward and fake, so for adult men to not see it… idk

No. 495656

Eh she’s only idealizing him right now, which is normal. Let anon have her corruption fantasy before it gets inevitably shattered anon.

No. 495662

No offense taken lol but we really don’t see the world through a different lens. He’s pretty open minded and isn’t bothered by me being bisexual or slutty. He does drugs and has sex with me so it really isn’t a point of contention. Also I am a very spiritual person so I don’t judge him for having faith in something I just wish it wasn’t christianity. I honestly believe he uses it to cope with trauma so I just kind of feel bad for him.

please say sike rn lol But seriously we get along so well and we’re so similar in so many ways and he has just been so much more mature and treated me better than any other guy, so as long as he isn’t a douche about it it should be fine. Right???

No. 495674

Lol I’m sure it will be fine to casually date him. It’s not like most Christians are openly assholes. You won’t know if his faith is gonna be a source of friction until further down the road where deep rooted beliefs show themselves through his choices. It’s a totally common thing that religious boys will hella sin and still think less of women who do the same lol they are renowned hypocrites after all. I do hope that yours raises above the odds tho.

No. 495676

Soooo are you an edgelord New Atheist or are you chill with "witches" and astrology? I'm guessing the latter lmao. Why y'all like this?

No. 495677

If I were a straight woman I would kill myself. It'd be virtually impossible for me to find a partner considering the vast majority of men are utter trash. In b4 the pickmes tell me otherwise.

No. 495684

I don’t fully subscribe to any one set belief system but I fuck with a lot of what hinduism and buddhism teach: karma, chakra, reincarnation, etc.
>Why y’all like this?
Like what exactly?

No. 495686

Why do you think you're better than Christians or other practitioners of organized religion when there's nothing to indicate that you're better? Is it because you're vaguely spiritual and non-committal instead?

It just seems like you're some dumbass trendy American who think that Hinduism/Buddhism are so cool while knowing jack shit.

No. 495733

When did she say she was better than anyone? I think someone here blew their Jesus-whistle.

No. 495742

Abrahamic religions have it so ingrained in their belief systems that they're superior to non-believers, that they see it as an affront to their superiority when an outsider doesn't want to play. So much that they project the outsider is being the condescending one for merely disagreeing.

t. ex Catholic

I recognize a lot of copes.

No. 496283

I do have a libido, albeit not the strongest most of the time but the only urge i have is to masturbate. Maybe eat a girl out like i have but i have 0 urge to do anything else, it's even me feeling bad about my body, no trauma or anything. It just feels kinda odd at times but doesn't really bother me, seems to streamline things.

No. 496778

File: 1576887550859.png (432.7 KB, 600x338, you know.png)

I wanna join a cult. Something about being tight knit, niche, and a tad persecuted really appeals to me. Is there even any cult that isn't infested with scrote-shit? Imagine if lc was a cult, damn wistful thinking.

No. 496780

we can make lc a cult together, i promise

No. 496787

I have really fucked up fantasies about being in a sex cult and being the sex slave of several people higher ranked than me. I feel so bad because these things exist and completely destroy peoples lives but I just want to live in the middle of nowhere in some isolated town and suck cock all day.

No. 496791

Judaism is a bit different in that it's not solely a religion so people will most likely not care if you're atheist. They'll still consider you a Jew as long as your mom is Jewish though, so they kind of look at it the way a mother would look at her transtrending goth daughter, but at least nobody says anything out loud or considers it an insult.

No. 496792

I thought I was the only one that wanted in a cult. The promise of closeness and belonging is so alluring, even knowing about the lies, manipulation and abuse. I'd also be very down with joining a commune.

No. 496793

I know you know that is only arguably hot in fiction. I want a female-only matriarchal cult (or Midsommar type would be fine as well lmao, no male would be given any authority tho). I just want to give up all this societal burdens and pick mushrooms in the forest, skin boars, sing and dance with my sisters.

No. 496794

i come from a cult which my family has been out of for many years now and to this day i cannot comprehend what in hell made my grandparents join in and inflict the decades of suffering they did onto my family. makes me want to vomit thinking about it dbh

No. 496795

Ugh me too. I'm so terrified of (sexual) abuse though, which is inevitable in male-lead cults and the reason I want to depart from society in the first place.
I'm sorry anon, they probably did it because they felt estranged from society. Never worth it in every instance I've heard of.

No. 496801

so whos gonna do it? whos going to create the cult? im hyped

No. 496803

Cults need a charismatic leader AKA total Stacies therefore the lolcow cult can never be because Stacies probably aren’t posting here.

Maybe we could try worshipping a cardboard cutout of Farmer-tan.

No. 496826

>Referring to any woman as a Stacy
No one is going to be a part of your weird cult because you use incel-speak, you goofball.

No. 496832

I keep replaying different scenarios in my head where i'm dead, like how would my loved ones react, how would the funeral go, how damaging would it actually be and for who. It's not that bad I guess but I also think some of my friends would never haul their ass over to my hometown for my funeral and I get little pissy over it. This is like getting angry over seeing a friend being mean to you in a dream. I wonder if there's any fellow depressed anons with these hedonistic fucking multiple hour long daydreams.

No. 496848

I'm out at a club for the first time with a female coworker and it all just clicked. I'm a lesbian. She danced with me and it felt so good. I know it doesn't mean anything but it felt so good to touch another woman. Fuck me. Where do I go from here.

No. 496853

go down on her, report back.

really tho bless you based lesbian anon, enjoy your new freedom.

No. 496865

What’s wrong with Stacy?

No. 496920

JK Rowling reminds me why I don't really want to write. Imagine getting lucky and writing a series that brought joy and hope to millions of people. Only for those same people to turn on you in an instant the second you voice–in no particular rude or mean fashion–a 'wrongthink' opinion.

I'm not a huge fan of Harry Potter, but the tranny backlash she's getting makes me feel bad for her. Sure she's got money and probably doesn't care, but the principle really bothers me.

No. 496922

You don't want to write because of this one-off thing? The vast majority of writers do not get famous or rich. You're not going to go far in writing if you do not enjoy writing for its own sake. Besides, JK rowling is still a millionaire and she still has plenty of fans who don't care about what she says. You seem like someone who wants to write but is looking for excuses to not push yourself.

No. 496928

She probably has a pretty good time in her Scottish mansion and you're unlikely to turn out just like her. Just write.

No. 496953

It's really not about expecting to turn out just like her or getting as big as her. Cancel culture has proven that even relative nobodies will be strung up by their gonads if they say anything against certain agendas anymore. JK Rowling will be able to handle it better for the fact that she's filthy rich.

No. 497063

As actually being literally who writer/artist, you’re gonna need to be even more inoffensive and pandering, since you can’t afford your tiny fan base to turn on you. JKR will be fine because there will always be nerds who buy her shit.

No. 497119

Use a pen name, use multiple accounts on social media so you can post whatever you want anonymously, etc. Don't let this shit hold you back, and keep in mind that normies don't give a shit. And I saw on LSA that as soon as the controversy happened sales of the HP books increased on Amazon.

No. 497230

I dream about being a basic bitch, abandoning my past, and personality, because I think it would be easier

No. 497270

I really want to know what the original painting looks like.

No. 497276

File: 1577017905091.jpg (495.25 KB, 1295x1600, Artgate_Fondazione_Cariplo_-_M…)

Beautiful painting, I love the shine of the woman's clothes and her hairstyle is so cool. I love the edit so much too

No. 497277

Thanks, it's really beautiful.

No. 497334

Most male cult leaders are not attractive men, and the few times when there's female cult leaders they're often not attractive women either. That they start off as being incredibly insecure when it comes to appearances is a part of what motivates them to take extreme measures, and what later plays in to them being abusive sadists.

No. 497350

It's a phrase used to generalize the shit out of "normie" women but it pretty much extends to any woman who has standards.
"Stacies" are man-chasing whores who only date chads and ignore the clearly superior beanpole, unhygienic, moron incels. You can use the term Stacy if you want, but take into account that you pretty much also qualify as a Stacy on the merit of being born a woman that an incel thinks is unattainable based on their subjective, fucked up views.

No. 497357

Aren't Stacies libfems and instathots? If not, is there a better word for these types besides handmaiden?

No. 497363

NTA but instathots yes, libfems no. They have the reputation of being ugly fat feminazis.

Being a Stacey has nothing to do with being a handmaid, it's just about being extremely conventionally attractive and having an active social/romantic life. I don't think it's bad and I disagree with anon that they are man chasing, they get chased by men. The best example is any of the pretty blonde popular girls you see in a teen movie, like Regina George or whoever.

No. 497365

A Stacy is just a female Chad (whom incels worship), it's not meant to be used in a derogatory way.

No. 497373

You're confusing libfems and radfems. Other than that you're right.

No. 497379

My Aunt died earlier this year and I was worried about how our first holidays without her would be but it's actually been kinda nice. She was absolutely a narcissist and could really make our lives hell, but I do miss her because when she was good to us it was really nice & we'd get along great. It feels wrong to say that the holidays this year have been so peaceful and relaxed compared to how they always were in the past. Everything's been going off without a hitch, there's no family drama being thrown around and no one is trying to control everything. We're all going at our own pace and getting things done without arguments.

No. 497386

You think incels think there is any difference between the two? The unnatural hair colour on an ugly fat girl meme is absolutely a libfem stereotype.

No. 497387

I've only ever heard the term Stacy being used in a negative way, mostly because they're unattainable and only date assholes or whatever.

No. 497390

That’s just incel’s perception of Stacy. An conventionally pretty woman dating Chad = thot dating asshole. Honestly I think lolcow has a fair share of Stacies.

No. 497439

Fuck, did anyone else notice starting since the mid 2010s how much communities have taken a nose-dive in content, discussion, and originality? It felt like as the 2010s progressed more of the same shit and most mainstream topics started only getting appreciated/discussed, while the more obscure shit or parts of the fandom was pushed out completely out of the light (when it wasn't the case much in most fandoms or communities in the 2000s and early 2010s, because it would attract people highly interested in that subject no matter what), and people generally discussed less about stuff in general and brought less things out to the forefront. I feel like people have either been getting stupider, or increasingly more "normified" and less passionate about what they like online.

Nothing is really that enjoyable for me anymore since people these days only wanna focus on the hyper aware details and the shallow shit that immediately catches their attention. I remember just talking to a bunch of people a decade ago about so many different things and hearing about so many different, multiple perspectives and content you couldn't find anywhere else getting contributed and none of that shit just happens anymore. Also a lot of shit that was easy to find on the internet is becoming increasingly rare or just wiped out. Does anyone else notice this?

No. 497440

*hyper exposed

No. 497448

Getting into university is my biggest regret in life. Now I'm stuck in a science field my uni gives no fucks about and Im gonna graduate late. I stopped studying but I only have a year left. Not giving a fuck and attending for the fuck of it improved my mental health, dealing with professors who want you to meet their unrealistic expectations while not communicating at all is exhausting.

No. 497542

Someone I'm friends with has self-published a book, and I don't want to support it. I know she's a talented writer but not only is it not the kind of thing I would read off my own back, but I find her insufferable when she talks about it. She talks about how she is now a "published author", shares her own giveaways on social media (giving away free signed copies to people who repost), and seems to expect her friends to fork out $12 to preorder her book. It just leaves a bad taste in my mouth, possibly because I'm jealous that she has managed to write a whole book and I can't, but also I really can't deal with the way she won't shut up about it.

No. 497549

Lmao she's not a "published author". Self publishing doesn't count. Anyone can do it. I'd be annoyed with her too anon and I'm pretty sure you're not the only friend of hers who finds this obnoxious.

No. 497560

I feel you, anon.

I do support self-publishing because it makes way for a bigger variety of stories out there that are more about entertainment than money, but I've yet to meet a self published author who isn't obnoxious about it and forcing their friends and family to buy and read their mediocre book to show their support.

No. 497591

I think you're right to have mixed feelings about it. I love seeing my friends succeed and create things, but no one has to tolerate excessive self-congratulatory exaggeration or pressure to fork over money. I don't think it's right for any artists, writers, or other creatives to essentially guilt people they know into financially supporting them. If they're talented enough, their work will sell with standard public promotion. Otherwise they might as well be MLM sellers pushing leggings or essential oils on their loved ones when it comes to how they're making those around them feel. Be happy she's achieving her goals and doing fairly well, but don't feel bad for not liking her attitude.

No. 497719


Thank you all, I feel a lot better/more valid after reading your replies

No. 497747

I know I'm with the "wrong" person for long term but I want to try to make it work anyway and that might make me a shitty person.

No. 497751

What makes you say you're with the wrong person? No one is perfect for you and no one will ever be. I honestly think you might have the right attitude, just overthinking things? Sorry, I have no info to go on.

No. 497787

File: 1577156808149.jpg (175.98 KB, 850x1048, sample-af555b772bac9ed94b4fecc…)

I love it when artists draw him in straight/bisexual situations

No. 497797

Basically we have a lot to improve on, which makes our future shakey if things don't change. He has depression to face on his own as well as substance issues (weed). I have done an ultimatum of sorts to get him to start therapy but he stopped going and it's up to him to find solutions. He had to be hospitalized because of the extent of his weed use and was advised to quit. It was a rare reaction. He's since lied to me about having completely quit weed and that hurts deeply. He has lied about doc appts before too. And it hurts. Idk… if he doesn't get it together / I don't get it together… it can't work long term. But in a fucked up way I don't want it to end anytime soon.

No. 497827

My sister recently had a child with her husband who has kids from a previous marriage. Being that he has to support three children now and isn’t making as much money as he used to, I’ve been hearing that the family is struggling a lot. My mom feels sorry for my sister but I honestly don’t feel any pity for her at all since my sister abused me growing up. She chose to have a child with someone who already has them. I haven’t talked to her in almost a year even after her child was born and still don’t plan to.

No. 497834

This is the worst fucking confession I've ever seen in this thread ngl, how fucking dare you take Lio away from him

No. 497861

File: 1577179678230.png (1.23 MB, 818x569, lkiytsdcvbn.PNG)

I'm endorsing these forbidden pairings and no one is gonna stop me.

No. 497884

My friend is in a new relationship and he's been fucking hig gf without a condom and she's not on any kind of bc. I don't judge, it's his life and they're serious about the relationship, but they've known each other for 2 months so… I just wish him the best of a fuckup happens

No. 497886

Just do you and have fun anon.

No. 497912

please encourage that his stupidass use a condom or make sure she's on bc. someone this stupid cannot be a parent. it's majorly unfair to the child, and i doubt they'll do the right thing and abort. people this careless, with this "i'm immune to negative consequences" mentality always choose to keep the child because they don't understand how inept and how ill-suited they are to being parents. they already aren't worried enough about getting pregnant so they certainly won't be worried about how difficult it is to raise a child or be able to properly conceptualize how much care a child really needs.

No. 497916

Trust me I tried and am still trying. He's actually my ex and I really don't want him to end up being stuck with a girl he met 2 months ago. But they're both set on making it work, marrige and kids. He said that they'd probably try for kids in cca 2 years so they're not bothered. I know it sucks but I can only do so much.

No. 497950

File: 1577209696454.png (496.54 KB, 515x513, feelsbadman.PNG)

I have this complex where I get extremely anxious about my boyfriend interacting with my friends/family and saying something cringy to make them dislike him. He's made edgy jokes in the past that have put my friends off and its so fucking frustrating because he never makes those kinds of jokes when we're alone. I think he gets in this performative mindset when he's anxious and around new people. One of my closest friends once said the polite version of "I don't like him/get along with him" and has admitted to being straight up rude to him because of it which makes me feel just terrific.

I've spoken with him about this before and he was very understanding and admitted he's had problems with this in the past and it upsets him a lot. He has many nice, normal friends and I always feel at ease hanging out with them since he acts like his normal self. I know I need to just stop worrying about what other people think, but the damage has been done and now I just kinda avoid hanging out with my friends and my boyfriend together.

No. 497951

yay thank you, I hate fujoshits

No. 497983

I'm getting convinced my mum has delusional disorder and it's so fucking frustrating. Very long story short she had a falling out with a "friend" who spread shit about her (that my mum's a racist and shit), received an anonymous death threat (likely from this woman), ended up unable to work. Legit horrors have happened and my mum already had sexual trauma on top of others things previously.

At this point however she's seeing threats where there are none. Sometimes this shit is all she talks about. My boyfriend bought her a marzipan shaped as a pig (common christmas thing in my country) and she took that as a secret message meant as an attack on her.. that she's a pig. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK. As if my boyfriend has any reason to do that?! She has these sort of delusional ideas fairly often and nothing I say helps. When she gets really mad she even thinks I'm against her. She is all the close family I have left and I'm so heartbroken this is just how it's gonna be for the rest of her life. I'm already depressed and on the verge of a mental breakdown.

No. 497996

So I haven’t been on here for a while, and I don’t really know how to start this.

I’m currently in Africa (long story) and I’ve been here for over a year and a half. North african culture is a little weird as in cousin marriages are supppeer common. I’m actually extremely lucky bc my parents are from two entirely different tribes and so are their parents. I mean, at least i’m not inbred? That being said cousin marriages are still common and encouraged in our tribes. Since i’ve came here i’ve kinda just made it known i dont fuck with my blood. Out of all the people, why go for your cousins?

So fast forwas to July, i was at this wedding until some guy came up to greet me and a family member. We started talking and really hit it off. This country is super islamic and conservative so to find an open minded guy and all was really fucking refreshing. It’s been almost two years since i’ve last been in a relationship so when he asked for my number i thought fuck it, why not? We’ve been talking for a few months and he’s honestly the sweetest guy i’ve met but there’s one issue.

See i’m from X tribe, bc of my dad. My mom is from Y tribe. Tribes in this country all have a stereotype. So i asked my mom what his tribe’s, Tribe Z, stereotype was like and we got to talking about our family tree. Apparently, my great great grandma is from the same tribe as his, and he actually may be my second/third cousin. I don’t know how the fuck to react to that and it’s put me in a really fucking weird position.

Out of all the guys I could meet in this shithole country, why did it have to be my cousin? I haven’t told him or anyone for that matter about this and honestly it’s been a almost a week since i’ve had a proper conversation with him and he’s noticed i’ve been off when talking to him. It’s just so weird to talk to him now when all I could think is “haha ur my cousin.”

I really like this guy too fuck. I don’t know what to do, i mean i should break up with him but how? “Your my cousin sorry bro i dont fuck with that.” Fuck man. It’s like some kind of cruel joke.

No. 497998

Would you really consider a third cousin still your family/blood though? I personally don't think I would.

No. 498020


Same, third cousin is detached enough to not be inbred level, specially if you live in a smaller community

No. 498037

Based and redpilled
Wish i saw this tho, I think I've blocked every promare artist that came on my dash lol. I need to find more good het artists on twitter already desu

No. 498040

Those are abuse scars anon, therapy can help her with that, but its normal to act that way when you've been betrayed or laughed at for a long time.

No. 498046

Yeah, my mum has been through so much trauma and loss in life so I completely understand why she's acting like this. This last ordeal was just the last drop. It's just very hard to deal with it all alone and I don't feel comfortable talking about it with my friends so it felt good to write it here. I doubt she'll be willing to go to therapy.

No. 498052

I kind of don't feel bad for old boomers rotting away in nursing homes, my mom worked at one and the racist and anti-immigrant views were strong, she eventually lost her job and her mind because of a racist patient who yelled at her to "go back to Costa Rica" (we're eastern European too wtf). I hope our generation and the ones to come are better than this. Fuck old people.

No. 498055

I don't have any strong hope that future generations will be better. But I definitely don't buy into the innocent sweet gran who was good to her kids all their lives got dumped in the home by ungrateful family trope. Some old fucks are rightfully in there to rot and it's more upsetting to me that the employees aren't paid enough to deal with their literal shit.

No. 498058

My mom is a CNA at a nursing home. We're Mexican and she tells me similar stories about how some of the patients call her a wetback and tell her to go back to Mexico. Idk how but she doesn't get bothered by it at all.
A lot of old people are absolutely shameless when they're senile. Tbh I still feel bad for them though because they do get taken advantage of, and elder abuse often gets sweeped under the rug.

No. 498082

File: 1577257130605.png (28.98 KB, 240x185, 1557246116216.png)

I know I have like 200 followers at best but i have nothing for them on Christmas. In fact i have posted nothing over 6 months. This giant ass artblock is kicking my ass and i can't even go on my art blog to at least tell anyone anything. I just leave my fans on hold and make them think I'm dead.

No. 498087

I mean, they probs aren’t even thinking about you

No. 498089



Realistically there's probably only a very small percentage of those 200 followers that would consider themselves fans and are actually awaiting new content. Most people just see a blog, like it, follow it and forget about it until next time a post of said blog appears on their dashboard. This goes for anyone with some sort of following.

Merry Christmas anon, chill and don't worry

No. 498090

Every time someone says "right up my alley" I always think they're going to say "right up my ass". My brain has been so ruined by the internet

No. 498100

Thank you, anons. I did some niche stuff, but i hope so. I should appreciate the time I've taken off to hone my skills and recover from artblock, but I can't help but feel bad. I'm just not the type of person that can pump out a shit load of art weekly.

No. 498163

thanks for making me snicker like a 13 year old anon lmao

No. 498173

Everyone in my life has started to notice I have an extreme, almost exclusive preference for very "feminine" type guys. I've only dated a few people, but each one is more physically frail and effeminate than the last. I feel like it might even be some kind of fetish, this is super degenerate to me but I've enjoyed having past bfs put on my underwear (I usually wait for them to offer, so as not to force them)

It's gotten worse lately with my current bf. He has very feminine aspects/mannerisms (full lips and lashes, the way he talks, posture, etc) but is also generally a bookish/sensitive type, and for this his friends will always make weird jokes when I'm around (like "showing me who the real alpha male is" by beating him in a game) and his family will try to make him seem like a fussy baby to make me laugh. I usually hug him and remind him I love him, but the thing is, this has started to kind of turn me on. Sometimes we jokingly rp out loud and one time I said to him, "you're my sickly little Victorian boy, you're going to die soon" and we both seemed a little too into it. Am I a fucking closet pedo or something

No. 498174

Anon I'm losing my shit over "my sickly little Victorian boy" haha holy hell

No. 498181

lmfao, wow. i get the effeminate thing, but i never understand the panties or making them perform femininity. i don't get that, and i really think it makes them susceptible to trooning out. also
>tfw your bf is prettier than you, naturally
that's the thing i hate about dating effeminate guys. the sickly little victorian boy thing is weird for sure but whatever floats your boat. i'd just be careful because at the end of the day, he's still a guy and is probably pretty malleable and once you send him down a certain path, men have no self control or self awareness, so…

No. 498182

Effeminate guys are the most attractive IMO, but I'm sorry anon
>"you're my sickly little Victorian boy, you're going to die soon"
This made me giggle, lmao

No. 498183

Nothing wrong with dating pretty guys. But this:
>"you're my sickly little Victorian boy, you're going to die soon"
lmao what

No. 498184

I agree 100% , that's why I say Boomers get the nursing facility bed. They don't deserve visits from their kids. They belong there. For life.

No. 498188

File: 1577297526847.png (281.03 KB, 683x736, Screen Shot 2019-12-25 at 11.1…)

I asked for a kinda pricey Lazy Oaf skirt for Christmas because I wanted something that was similar but much nicer quality than one of my favorite skirts. My mom got me a really cheapy Amazon version that's an even worse quality of the one I already have, I got paid today so I just bought the one I originally wanted instead.

No. 498191

I'm laughing too now, actually that sounds so ridiculous typed out. I swear it was a joke though! By "too into it," I meant that he found it really funny and sweet and cuddled into me like a child. Maybe I just like feeling motherly

Thanks anon, you made some really good points and this was kind of the warning response I was looking for. I don't think I'd care if he decided to be a girl on his own, but I definitely really don't want to push him or guide him in any direction. I'm really afraid of that because he had a crazy gender-special ex who would make him paint his nails and project gender/sexuality issues on him and he really seemed to hate that. I'll be careful

No. 498194

I made her mistake once. When I got the skirt it wasn't sewn at the waist but instead wrapped around and secured with a strip of velcro wtf.

No. 498198

Different anon here but I have the same tastes as you and it never turned my bf trans just to reassure you, however I stopped putting him in girls pants after a guy friend of mine transitioned. Even though I'm ok with trans people I can't indulge in that fun kink anymore without thinking about social politics and getting turned off.
Make the most of it whilst you can, also because as we get older men get less feminine.
>"you're my sickly little Victorian boy, you're going to die soon"
I'm going to think of this and laugh everytime I hear tuberculosis mentioned in a period drama now

No. 498203

I got really annoyed because I specifically told her that if she couldn't get what was on my list then it was okay, I literally only wanted what was on the list. My mom feels like she has to give me tangible presents so if I ask for just cash or gift cards she'll ignore that and buy me a bunch of random shit instead. It really annoys me because it not only wastes her money but it always reassures me just how little she knows about me. There have been so many years where most of my presents are just low quality Amazon shit and I'm sick of have metric tonnes of things that just collect dust. Maybe I'm just ungrateful but goddamn I feel like I've made it clear I would rather have just a few gifts that I'd use than a bunch of random junk.

No. 498209

My fiance got wasted after Christmas Eve dinner then we went home and had sex, or attempted to. Until he puked on me. Honestly, he’s seen me that drunk when we were in high school, and I do feel bad now. But in the moment I was kind of mean and unforgiving about being puked on. I think I even made him cry. By the time he finally stopped puking and I’d cleaned up his messes, I was too exhausted and disgusted to be a decent human being, let alone a loving one. Like I said I feel bad, I apologized and he’s apologized, so we’re all good now, before anyone tells me to dump him kek. The holidays are just different than I imagined they would be as an adult.

No. 498213

Yeah how dare you not act sweet after bring puked on.

No. 498216

nta but fuck off.

No. 498219

>"you're my sickly little Victorian boy, you're going to die soon"
fucking lmao anon you're killing me

No. 498221

It would be such a romantic and considerate thing to say to your ill boyfriend kek

No. 498224

Ah thank you, this is good to hear. Sometimes I get an irrational worry that I really am subconsciously trying to influence his identity or something.
>social politics
I hate thinking about this too. Sort of related, my parents are a bit judgmental about all this, and they've said stuff about my current bf like that he "dresses European" which in my culture definitely means "looks skinny and gay." I hate thinking about how he's perceived to others, then again, it doesn't affect our relationship. And as you said, the look will fade with age.

omg, I'm happy that everyone's getting a kick out of this. I want to tell my bf but I don't want him to look for the posts lol

No. 498227


No. 498228

or in the spirit of christmas "you're my little tiny tim"

No. 498268

Top fucking kek

No. 498271

>I've enjoyed having past bfs put on my underwear
I was with you till this part, don't encourage any troon sissy fetishes and ruin feminine boys for the rest of us

No. 498299

was looking for places to put the new things i got as gifts and realized that over half of my room is just stacked boxes that i still haven’t unpacked despite having moved like six months ago. it’s so overwhelming because i just don’t know what i want to do with everything. i have six boxes full of clothes that i’m honestly too lazy to wash because they’re now dusty after sitting in a box for six months, two boxes of books that just don’t fit on my bookshelves and idk what to do with, and another two boxes full of makeup that’s probably about to expire soon anyway. i sound like a damn hoarder lmao. but i want to straighten my shit out, i just don’t know where to start so i feel overwhelmed and give up and ignore the fact that i have at least ten boxes stacked in a corner and nowhere to put new things.

No. 498303

I feel sorry for Venus and I know she's doing a lot of wrong things to herself and the people around her but I think that the farmers in her thread blow it out of proportion. What she's doing is not nearly as bad as what Margo did, I don't think Venus is a narcissist but I do think she's obviously very troubled because she was socialized by one and abused by one for most of her life.

All of this being said I do believe she has a mental illness and it may or may not be BPD (I also hate how people demonize absolutely all BPD sufferes). On another note I know that some of the farmers in there genuinely want to see her get better and a lot of their observations about what she needs to change are spot on but at the same time I know that most of the people that post in that thread with so much anger are mentally ill themselves.

No. 498355

If they've been sitting in boxes for six months and you haven't used them or even really thought about them, consider donating them. someone else has room for them and might actually need more clothes/books. Trash the makeup.

you've been living there long enough that anything that hasn't made it out of the box by now isn't an essential. Downsize.

No. 498415


Oh I can totally relate here. My mum makes me cringe so hard at christmas time because instead of asking me what I want she'll buy me cheap crap and insist "x brand is really expensive! That's the good stuff, you know!" when it's clearly a cheap knock-off or a no-name brand. I don't even care about name-brand stuff or the amount of gifts I get, but I just hate the idea that she wastes the little money she has on this junk that I know is gonna sit in my house taking up space until I eventually throw it out or donate it. This year I got an ugly knock-off versace bag that is the complete opposite of my style and a dress that is so poorly-made and ill fitting that my boobs and thighs spill out of it.

No. 498418

Maybe she's emberassed she can't buy you the brand stuff?

No. 498497

I agree. I wonder if it might be cptsd that she has, it's often misdiagnosed as bpd. People with abusive narcissistic parents often end up with "narc fleas" even if they aren't narcs themselves. Margo was the only consistent person in her life until a few years ago, it would be impossible for anyone to come out of that situation and be mentally healthy.

No. 498512

I unironically enjoy those shitty celebrity x Y/N fics (only if they are written really well though). But telling this to anyone I know irl and getting clowned? No thanks, I'd rather die. It's so embarrassing to me. I know they're cringy, I know they're bad, but I still cannot stop reading them.

No. 498516

I leave subtitles on because I legitimately can't understand what people are saying sometimes and I'm generally surprised at the text that appears on the screen versus the lip movements and mumble I heard on the audio.

No. 498521

I like subtitles! I love the absolute clarity over what is said. Also sometimes it captions bits you weren't supposed to hear, also giving you the name of the bg music. It kinda pisses me off when my friends get sooo bothered by subtitles. Must be an american thing to get distracted easily by running texts as they are less likely to watch foreign movies.

No. 498550

I want to make my own video games, but am too lazy to play them, and at the most usually watch playthroughs on youtube.

No. 498570

I'm disappointed to hear that the Cats reboot is just another soulless, cgi cringefest. I remember watching this on vhs as a kid, while some parts were slow and hard for me to understand I remember liking a lot of parts. It would have been awesome to have seen some heart and artistry put into a modern costume design, or just fleshing out the story more as a film opposed to a broadway performance. Sadly, we got what we got and I doubt the property will ever be touched again after the flop.

No. 498590

People above 40 shouldn't have kids simply because of their selfish desires.

No. 498594

Shoot that ain't even a secret. That's an observable fact in science.

No. 498637

Everything ALW makes sucks anyway but I would be lying if I wasn't itching for a new phantom of the opera movie just to see how hilariously they can fuck it up this time but since Cats is such a disaster, I doubt they'll touch any of his musicals ever again for film adaptations

No. 498645

I dunno, as far as I've seen Cats sucks mainly for the cgi. if they stop with that and just make normal Broadway to film adaptations, wouldn't that be ok? what could they cgi in phantom of the Opera?

No. 498651

I wish i was a super confident narcissist who believes in herself too much rather than being an insecure, anxious loser.

No. 498654

File: 1577458466042.jpeg (15.49 KB, 736x386, 544D1661-DE65-4140-A65F-6BA884…)

I’ve been venting to myself and myself only for almost three years now and I would strongly recommend it. 5990 tweets and counting…
When something piss me off, instead of passive aggressive texting or replying mad, I just go there and start saying EVERYTHING I want to say, no limits. At first I felt kind of dumb but now it reduces my anxiety because I’m always tired of having to project a good image and there I can the 100% honest with all I feel.

No. 498655

The cgi is just the cherry on top but Cats sucks because its Cats. It has no story. It even sucks on stage because it has no plot at all and unless you're really thrilled by furrys singing song after song introducing themselves while writhing around on the floor, you're not going to like Cats even if it had the best cgi ever seen by man. The entire idea was doomed from the beginning. At least phantom of the opera kind of has a plot, albeit a dumb as fuck one, and costumes to look at which are not just fursuits. But they're not going to make a new movie out of that one either because the 2004 one was also a disaster in its own right. A shame though because I actually really love phantom of the opera. Its the female equivalent of a dumb action movie.

No. 498656

It really helps to say things out loud or to write it down to understand your mind a bit better. I sometimes record myself talking about things that bother me and i even have a vent notebook. It really helps, especially if you have no one to talk to. (or don't want to)

No. 498659

this is so true, i keep a document that's full of just my thoughts and opinions and observations with dates and times as well. it's interesting what goes on in your mind and to see that written down, it also helps you understand yourself and figure things out and organises your thoughts. it's therapeutic and fascinating, and sometimes amusing to see your feelings at a certain time period and maybe how they've changed or stayed the same.

No. 498664

One of these days some spooopy youtuber is gonna stumble upon your account and make a 70 minute long video navelgazing over whether you're running an arg or if you're just crazy. 1.3 million views.

No. 498700

I think I enjoy seeing people gain weight. The "final" size doesn't matter to me, I just like the initial process of the weight gain. I enjoy hearing them commenting on their weight gain too, especially when they're even proud of it or commenting on it in a sexual way, but I personally don't get any sexual pleasure from it.

I think I'm fascinated or maybe even amused that people willingly eat themselves to death? Though I would be completely against it if someone dear to me would do that.

I never actually encouraged anyone to eat more or joined a livestream where someone would just stuff their mouth with shit. I haven't felt this way last year either, it all happend when I stumbled upon mukbangs and some fat lolcows.

No. 498714

I just lied to my parents saying I didn't get into the study abroad program. My sister lives near there and I can't handle the idea of being forced/guilted into being alone with her and my sister screaming or making fun of me. I applied to that place initially because getting somewhere is competitive, and it seemed cool, but now I want to cry.

I feel like shit for lying so much to my parents for stuff that feels like dumb but I just don't trust or know how they'd react. And in this case with my sister, maybe we probably could've reconnected but I just don't know if I'd do something "wrong" and she'd blow up at me. My parents don't mind the idea I didn't get in, but I feel guilty.

No. 498717

I'm so desperate for physical human contact that I've resorted to listening to various personal attention ASMRs to fake my brain into thinking that someone is touching me. I don't have a partner and my friends would be weirded out by touchy-feely stuff so I'm at the point where I would pay for someone to brush or braid my hair or massage my shoulders or something completely non-sexual. I'm absolutely pathetic.

No. 498724

You're not. Don't feel bad about it if it makes you feel better anon.
I know that feeling too well. I haven't hugged anyone for years.

No. 498739

all this means is that you're human, anon. not pathetic at all.

No. 498750

not pathetic – at my loneliest I would pretend someone was touching me, even just standing by me, in a weird little fantasy world that was super comforting

all you are is human nonnie and it's ok

No. 498848

It's okay anon, I'm even worse. I have no friends and watch vlog type videos to fill the void because it tricks my brain into thinking I'm actually interacting with someone. I realize sometimes I actually start thinking of youtuber as my friends snd hsve to stop myself and remind myself that they don't know me at all irl and they might not even like me if we actually met.

No. 498856

Why do you think otome CD’s are so popular haha

No. 498857

Damn, that was me last night anon! For a second I thought I wrote that. I'm going through the same intense loneliness. We'll get through this, girl.

No. 498891

Sometimes when i'm sad i like to imagine other people in various different countries and lives being happy and being with their loved ones, laughing and smiling and telling each other they love one another, and weirdly enough it makes me happy, knowing there's at least so many other people not feeling as miserable as I do at a certain time. It's weird because other times when i'm being a cynical bitch and i'm out looking at happy couples and friends interact i detest them for a brief moment, but it's mostly envy, and some sad bitterness. But really i'm just glad other people are happy. Is that strange?

No. 498917

Where are you from? I'll braid & brush your hair for free if ur a Finn

No. 498927

File: 1577554351881.jpg (48.24 KB, 737x737, 1571861841611.jpg)

>>498717 legit would brush your hair, braid it badly and even help you dye it or something. I feel you, anon. Love, finn anon #2

No. 499077

Nah you have a good heart anon, it’s normal to be jealous of something so pure and loving, we all want it, it’s what makes us human

No. 499079

not at all, people should feel happy for others, the crabs in a bucket mentality is no way to live

No. 499142

aw anon i can't describe how much i feel how you are feeling. im in aus i can brush ur hair 4 free. i don't have any advice but i'm here 4 u

No. 499208

I wish I were someone else

No. 499288

The 10's were horrific for me, but I genuinely have a good feeling about the new year and decade. It's a first. I feel like for the first time ever, I am on the right road. I'm finally fixing everything I ruined this old decade.

No. 499294

No. 499318

I’ve been feeling insecure about it but I really like wearing pastel children’s clothes and only that. I only wear children’s shoes, socks, shirts, dresses, skirts, hats, pajamas, hair accessories, everything. I don’t really fit into adult women’s clothing and find it so boring.. the cute pink and pastel of children’s clothes just hits home with me. I’m very short and thin and have an embarrassing baby face (always have) and even when I’m dressed normally I get mistaken for a young teenager (typically 12-14). I actually wish I looked more mature so maybe I could look beautiful in elegant gothic clothing or something but instead I’m just too cutesy for it. It’s not some weird pedo shit either, sexually I’m not into dressing that way at all or acting like a child in any way. I just love kids clothing. I bought the cutest pink and rainbow sparkly shoes at the mall with little charms on it and they’re absolutely adorable, but part of me feels like I’m just some sort of freak. I used to be into more adult fashion like lolita but I lost interest in it after a few years (but I can’t part with my wardrobe…). I also love children’s television and toys and all of that. I had a very very bad childhood, I had to mature extremely quickly as a child and was neglected by my mother (and I didn’t have a father) so maybe my brain is just fucked up enough to find peace in children’s things. It’s difficult to not even have a community to go to for this. The closest thing is “SFW” age regression but I’m not a regressor. I refuse to associate with kinksters like DDLG and ABDL. The best community I can find is Japanese girls who are as weird as I am but my Japanese isn’t that good. I guess I’m destined to be some kind of weird freak forever or something, I don’t know. It makes me feel really guilty and I think people associate me with DDLG.

No. 499357

i get this kind of thing if your childhood was fucked up and you want to relive it, but people are going to think you're perverted or some shit irl. give an example of how you dress, because you're sounding like you walk out of the house like Justice threw up all over you. i refuse to believe you can't find something for teens and tweens that fit you. stores for teens carry 000 and whatnot.

No. 499360

just buy japanese clothes like the rest of us. i agree with >>499357 you sound perverted.

No. 499361

You can find pastel clothes in the women's section, and if you find it "boring" to the point where you buy children's clothes there's something wrong with you.

No. 499365

The clothes you wear are how you advertise yourself to the rest of the world. If you are so insecure why not just dress your age in public and wear children's clothes in private? I can guarantee the majority of adults don't find the clothes they go to work in especially interesting.

No. 499389

Go to therapy and study Japanese.

No. 499463

File: 1577718890002.jpg (53.94 KB, 600x800, 238b714e7f398c32385081e803f528…)

I'm actually trying to get over a similar issue, but my obsession with wearing children's clothes had to do with my past ED so it's been easier for me to work on a real problem. That being said, I do think there is a real issue with exclusively buying childrens' clothes no matter how well they suit you. Unless you plan to be a neet forever, it's not exactly the best way to present your best self to the world. That and I'm pretty worried I'll flip out when I start showing signs of aging and don't suit the clothes anymore, idk about you.

What I've done so far to transition out of the cutesy stuff is get more into girly/elegant k-fashion (lots of layering, skirts and pinafore style dresses) and work in the cutesy elements via color palette and hair accessories (bows, big novelty clips). I still buy from the kids' section because it fits well, but I make sure it's more neutral pieces that I can work into my wardrobe, like plain sweaters, skirts, and babydoll dresses. Most people can't even tell and it's a funny conversation piece if someone asks where I got it, instead of me walking around looking like the Baby Gap incarnate.

Good luck, anon. Ultimately, you should do what makes you happy. If dressing any other way is going to take a toll on your comfort or happiness, just be confident and learn to be okay with the fact that you're doing something out of the norm. Don't psychoanalyze it too hard.

No. 499471

Buy cute asian clothes and get help for that trauma sis if I see you out in the streets in jojifuku-tier shit I’ll definitely judge you a degenerate because you don’t pass for an actual child no matter how ~smol~ you are.

No. 499515

File: 1577736353401.jpg (30.19 KB, 704x528, MV5BZTRkZjc3OTctNWVhZC00MDFhLT…)

I really want to be somewhat famous and well known,I know its legit one of the most retarded dreams someone could have but damn im dreading living life is as simpleton nobody, its just so boring and uneventful.
I hate routine, I absolutely dread having to work a 5 to 9 office job, I don't want to live like that.

I know it makes me a moron clout chaser but i've had a taste of the regular everyday joe life after taking a break from college (switching majors) and I just want to shove my head into an oven from how bored and unfulfilled I am.

No. 499516

>I know its legit one of the most retarded dreams someone could have
Don’t be so hard on yourself anon, tons of people wish for fame.
If it helps, think of how prevalent cancel culture is nowadays and how much of each celebrity’s dirty laundry is aired to everyone. everyone’s so desperate to dig up old internet posts or dirt from middle school on celebs. It makes me want to live as quiet of a life as possible, and I’m a complete average joe myself.
Maybe you’re stuck living in a boring area. I know I am (Amerifag college students know out of state tuition isn’t cheap!) Try preparing to get a job somewhere interesting after graduating college when you go back.

No. 499530

Meh, you just look like a typical weeb or e-girl then. To some degree we are all childish in our private home, being an adult consistently is really boring. You do you anon, as long if you don't touch kids.

No. 499740

I am a very quiet person because I have been abused pretty much my whole life. I never speak or say anything because I am scared people will think what I'm saying is dumb or will laugh at me.

I obviously have no friends because of this and I could go days without saying a single word. I bite back my words everytime I am in a social situation and think of something to say. People think I'm that quiet weird girl who never talks but in my mind it's better than being bullied for being annoying.

Doesn't help that the few times I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried talking to people, they think I'm annoying and weird and don't like me. I feel like I have no social skills whatsoever and even suspect I have mild autism.

I think I'm a nice person but people are always mean to me because I don't "fit in". So I developed this weird defense mechanism of just never talking :(

No. 499742

You're not alone! I was basically mute during middle school and had so much trouble with my voice when talking. If I could say something, the tone would be off and my voice would croak. People still barely hear me, and I'm monotone and somewhat deep-voiced, but it's better from giving less fucks…

I have mild autism, some people think it's a meme diagnosis tho

No. 499771

I wanna be your friend anon we can just be quiet together

No. 499776

I feel you, anon. I used to be very social, confident and talkative as a kid, now I'm tendencially shy, quiet and I drain my social batteries very fast.
I became quiet during the end of elementary school because of trauma and abuse, even the teachers commented on how strange and sudden the change was. Was the weird quiet kid throughout all of middle school until high school. Then I started working on myself to change and try to slowly revert to my old real self, because I know that I want to be like that again. Now I just feel like I can't remember how to, sometimes it's really hard because it feels like there's something stopping me, but I've been slowly improving.
I'm sure there are many people that can understand your struggles, maybe you could help each other out. I'd befriend someone like you for sure.

No. 499977

this thread might be of some help to you

No. 499997

I'm not OP of >>499740 but I'm pretty much in the same boat. Is it fine to post in the NEET thread if you are a trainwreck that is employed?

No. 500014

nta but the ex-neet thread is mostly about learning how to devolep social skills and learning how to be a normie, so go for it

No. 500113

I got home from an awesome party last night, and I felt a little happy that my roommate had been home all night doing nothing. Fuck her.

No. 500114

neetlita, is that you?

No. 500119

not this shit again

No. 500122

File: 1577926880445.jpeg (607.84 KB, 1063x1068, E060E7FC-92DB-40BD-92B2-CFA405…)

My 6th grade teacher still has her site up and even has a page for old students. I still think about her from time to time and want to message her, but what am I supposed to say? I’m a neet now, sorry for being a weird anxious fuck who probably looked like I hated you and having panic attacks in your class?

No. 500135

Roommate anon is becoming a whole ass cow

No. 500182

Lmao you need to chill. Some people prefer doing their own thing as opposed to partying

No. 500185

get out of neetdom and then message her

No. 500189

Nah my roommate asked me if I was doing anything but I chose not to invite her to the party

No. 500192

oof neetlita you sound like a bit of a cunt.

>my ebil roommate didn't go out and have fun bc i didn't invite her! hahaha this pleases me

No. 500197

I don't understand what you get out of telling us all of this. Is it gratifying to hear that you're acting like a bitch?

No. 500198

the roommate anon is back at it again

No. 500201

since roommate anon is an actual cow farmers won't hesitate to jump on other farmers to try to mine for another cow, innocuous intention or not.

No. 500277

This is barely a proper confession but I am checking myself into the hospital for mental health shit tomorrow. My behaviour is getting increasingly worse and affecting every aspect of my life. I don't trust myself anymore. Any helpful info/experiences are appreciated.

No. 500293

Don’t have any advice unfortunately, but I wish you all the best anon!

No. 500346

isn't that the point of a confession thread?

No. 500353

I finally got the courage to post on several Online Dating apps as a woman seeking women. I posted my actual face on there and I'm still afraid someone will find me and out me to my entire social circle and then I'll get ostracized in my very homophobic country. Anyway Happy New Years.

No. 500354

good luck anon, my only piece of advice is to make sure you’re getting the most out of your time there and focus completely on absorbing and using the tools and coping mechanisms you’ll learn. try to stay out of other people’s drama if they try to drag you into it. now is the time to be selfish and worry about you.

No. 500355

AYRT and aw yall anons so sweet (and everyone else who replied). I feel a bit better knowing people don't think it's creepy because I totally thought I was being a weirdo for doing this.

No. 501021

Eversince I saw this one actor sing a few weeks ago I've been constantly thinking about him. I've never had a celebrity crush let alone a weird fixation like this in my mid 20s life…

No. 501297

I want to cut ties with one of my friends because she kind of idealises me and two days ago I wished a happy birthday (I was wrong and she told me). Today it was actually her birthday and I didn’t tell her anything (which hasn’t ever happened, and we’ve been friends for more than 10 years now).
I feel pretty terrible for it but I feel worse knowing she loves someone who I am not.

No. 501314

this happened years ago…

I went into my sister's room one time (her room is really big so we store stuff in there). her room is a bit of a mess with a lot of stuff on the floor (I'm not one to judge bc my room is messy too) and I stepped on something and heard a crack. it was a hair straightener. I didn't tell her, can't remember why I didn't, because know I would now. I guess I was just immature back then. but anyway she thought that she broke it later, and was really sad about it. I never told her the truth. and the thing is I would offer to buy her a new one, but that was the straightener that they gave her at beauty school as a reward for something and the value was 100% sentimental so I can't really replace it. I feel like it's been to long to tell her especially cos I can't do anything about it.

No. 501323

This may be totally retarded but you could come clean to her, get a new one and get it engraved with something nice?

No. 501326

hey that's an idea. I'd have to come up with what to get engraved in it though.

No. 501446

I just stumbled upon these Korean mosquito torture videos and I find them seriously entertaining. I was in a shit mood until I saw them. The videos involve mosquitoes getting tortured in various and often stupidly elaborate ways and I can’t help but find them funny. The cheerful music and the narration adds a whole layer to it too. Mosquitoes suck so I don’t feel bad for finding their torture entertaining.

No. 501602

monkie tier crap

No. 501624

that's fucked up. it's not their fault they're disease vectors. hopefully they can't feel pain, but it's terrible to take joy in any living thing's pain.

No. 501626

>feeling bad for an insect that kills over a million people a year

No. 501641

are you dense? as i said, it isn't like they mean to be disease vectors, they just are. let's say they feel pain, the unintended negative consequence of the action they take in order to survive doesn't negate the pain felt by them. it's incredibly irrational and wacked to take pleasure in torturing any animal. i doubt that they feel pain, but that's beside the point.

No. 501703

File: 1578318143149.jpg (29.02 KB, 481x524, Chj9xqfW0AASQ5m.jpg)

I know I'm gatekeeping but I really wish the witcher wasn't so popular as it is becoming now. Been a fan since the first game and the books since they were translated to English and available in my country. But seeing the fans from the show slowly killing the small cozy fandom with their shipping, complaining about the racism, sexism etc is making me sad because they don't get what the world and story are about.

I know it's stupid to bitch about it, but it makes me sad.

No. 501710

I love too much the taste of red raw meat. It always breaks my heart when people want it well done and I need to eat it often or I start losing my shit, even when I take proteins with legumes I feel weak and nervous. I love also other meats, but nothing is like red ones. My favourite ones are boar and dear, but those can't be eaten raw so I don't know how they taste raw.
I know it is not totally safe to eat it even when it's cow meat, but everyonce in a while, when I want to treat myself, I prepare a tartare or carpaccio with salad and a good red wine. Absolutely heaven.

No. 501711

This was me when the Castlevania series came out on Netflix. Don't worry anon, in a few weeks, it won't be as popular.

No. 501712

+1 with the NieR series.

No. 501713

File: 1578322169837.jpg (385.09 KB, 831x749, 20200106_174933.jpg)

You're not alone, anon. The series is very close to my heart and seeing the casual GoT fans watch the Netflix show is painful. On one hand, I like that Sapkowski and CD Projekt Red are profiting from it, but I also just really hate all the memes being thrown around by people who only know the show. Now we won't have our smaller, passionate community to ourselves. We have to share our space with casuals.

No. 501716

I kept watching mainly because Henry Cavil's teth are hot as hell.

No. 501717

Fair enough I guess, kinda reads like a fancy vampire wrote this

No. 501727

is this JP kek. i mean i kinda get it, i'm not the biggest fan of red meat but eating raw vinegar-marinated pork is life. in the summer we buy like half a kilo-kilo every other day for bbq and i always end up eating like a third of it raw lol. overdone meat should be a war crime also.

No. 501736

can i ask what the real issue is? shouldn't you be happy that this show is opening people up to the world of witcher and bringing them to enjoy the other forms of media its in?

No. 501740

High key been thinking about my bf's cute coworker a lot lately after she said something flirty to me and i've honestly been fantasizing about breaking up with him and asking her out. He's been really mean to me lately and says a lot of insulting and condescending things that add up, when I brought it up with him he got angry and told me that he already feels like he pads what he says and that he holds back what he really wants to tell me. He's made it abundantly clear that he doesn't see me as his equal, intellectually. He has also stopped listening to me when I use our safe word. I'm really tired of how I've been treated by him and I just want a cute and gentle gf who doesn't yell at me all the time and makes me feel like I'm loved.

No. 501743

I feel disgusted when men think about me in a romantic or sexual way. I feel disgusted when they compliment my appearance. I feel disgusted when they flirt with me. I feel disgusted when they talk with others about me in that way. I feel disgusted when they talk with me about those topics. I feel disgusted when they look at me in that way. It doesn't matter what they look like or how they are, I feel disgusted.
There, I said it.

No. 501746

>has to hold back on being a cunt to you
>doesn't respect you as his equal
>doesn't give a fuck about your trust and boundaries
Dump his ass.

No. 501749

You’re gay

No. 501750

>He has also stopped listening to me when I use our safe word.
That's rape…
Why the fuck are you still with him for?

No. 501754

Fuck really? I think I'm in the same boat. I always went by bisexual because 'maybe I never met the right guy' but all my straight relationships were just to appease the guy. Wed never have sex or even kiss really, I'd break it off always. Always liked my gfs more and they didn't end from me breaking it off. Didn't mind kissing them.

No. 501760

nayrt but… gotta agree there. He's really something.

Like the other anon said, smaller fandoms are cozier, filled with people who are passionate and deep into it. Now I know what pre-GoT ASOIAF fans felt like.

No. 501761

We've been together for years, there have been a few times in the past where I've almost worked up the courage but ended up backing out of it because the goods times were really good. Every time he'd get mad, yell at me, or touch me without consent he'd always apologize after and say he's just difficult and that he didn't mean it, I thought that maybe he just needed help controlling his temper. I've made a lot of excuses for him under the guise that he overall had good intentions but after the last time he yelled at me it felt like a switch went off in my head. Now it's just trying to find a way to cut the cord in the least messiest way possible.

No. 501772

Most newcomers are gonna stay casual because the games or books are a fuckload more of content hours than just watching a show. The show is Netflix's attempt at its own GoT and it wasn't even nearly as good as everyone loves to sing. It fills an average GoT fan's empty hole of tits and dragons though.

No. 501774

bruh you better stop before you get into cat/dog/monkey territory

No. 501775

Meh, in the grand scheme of things we humans do the most damage to the planet. Everything else is just 'present'.

No. 501776

Then human territory…

No. 501779

I left out my anxiety medication by accident last night and my mom saw it, so I lied and said it was antibiotics for an infection. I feel fucking bad but I just do not want to tell my parents I'm taking drugs for that because I don't want to be forced into talking about my feelings with them. She immediately asked if I was having sex three times and when she left said "you really stressed me out. You need to tell me about these things".

No. 501780

What do you think makes you feel so entertained about mosquitoes being tortured?

No. 501781

I suspect that too, but I've spent most if my life just taking it for granted that I belong to the norm, that it's hard to figure out. I thought the feeling of disgust is something that will go away when I grow up/become adult but it never did.

No. 501787

Idgi I have no compassion for bugs, least of all deadly mosquito's who aren't even imperative to health of most ecosystems.

No. 501798

nta and like i can't say i have any compassion or tender feelings for mosquitos either, wouldn't mind if they all just disappeared over night etc etc (fu food networks), but like torturing them or watching them be tortured just seems very unnecessary and weird.

No. 501813

It’s okay anon there is no fucking norm thing to do, do what makes you happy and if that’s dating girls there’s not damn thing wrong w that. Hope everything works out and I hope you are content with yourself.

No. 501823

I think it’s more the fact that there are people out there so fucking autistic that they make these stupid videos. The way these Koreans do things like give cartoony voices to insects and going out of their way to make insanely stupid and elaborate ways to kill a tiny insect is just hilarious to me. I think that’s the biggest reason why I find them funny tbh. There is a full-grown adult behind this juvenile autism. For fuck’s sake, they even made kawaii mascots for one channel.

Plus, I have no empathy toward mosquitoes since I’ve lived in countries infested with them and my sister even got sent to the hospital over a bad mosquito bite before. Those things can seriously fuck you up and I just see them as unfeeling insects that exist to cause pain and suffering.

No. 501862

I felt like this when the 3rd game came out and the series became popular. The first witcher is one of my all time favorite games, I feel it was very special and I really dislike the direction the developers took with the third game.

No. 502049

I miss blogs/blogging. Like I know it still technically exists but not like it used to.

No. 502057

I miss reading a blog and being able to assume it's not all sponsored content and ads. I've been trying to read travel blogs for an upcoming trip and it's a bit of a minefield.

No. 502087

Omfg, don't even get me fucking started on how literally EVERYTHING is ads nowadays. That South Park episode about how ads were taking human form was painfully accurate.

No. 502132

I really want to volunteer for my local opera company but you have to email them and ask to volunteer and I honestly just feel weird as hell doing that and don't know what to say.

No. 502134

What's so hard about a quick email saying you're interested in volunteering and asking if they are currently looking for anyone? You don't even have to call them, and surely the actual volunteering would be more nerve wracking than just sending an enquiry.

No. 502138

I don't even know to be honest, I'm just not sure exactly what to say and am afraid of sounding spergy in my email.

No. 502155

Don’t think about it too much and just be straightforward. You’re offering your time to them, not trying to sell them something.

No. 502156

You're not volunteering right now and you won't lose anything if they never call you back, give it a try.

No. 502162

You can look up sample emails asking about volunteer positions if you're unsure of what to write. Good luck anon, I hope you have a nice time volunteering!

No. 502164

File: 1578460553955.png (1.35 MB, 632x1200, D09B97A7-5DD2-46A0-ACC0-09B111…)

I’m just gonna say it. I think my boyfriend’s major and interest in Russian is DUMB as hell. I think it’s fucking stupid that he’s blowing 2000 dollars on a trip abroad to Russia this summer for two months when he’s not even Orthodox or Russian. Great, won’t get to see him or hardly talk with him for two whole months when I already only see him once a week because he goes to school in a different city. He dated a couple Russian girls before me so i’m certain he has some kind of fetish. I hate it so fucking much and i’m sure he’s just going to just gawk at the girls there and get drunk. I found his VK account and it always says he’s online at certain points in the day and i’m thinking he’s probably talking to some girls or something. He knows i don’t like this shit due to my reaction whenever he talks about it but i never say anything disrespectful about it to his face. It’s the one thing I’d change about him. I love him besides this but still, it pisses me off.

No. 502178

I've known I have a drinking problem for years, but it's only now that it's actually starting to fuck up my life. I used to always live alone from 16 on, or with my ex who was also an alcoholic, and I had no friends and was a NEET, so I only ever effected myself or posted dumb shit on IRC. But since fleeing my ex earlier this year, I'm now living with my sister and adult nephew, and I'm starting to mess up my relationship with them. I have a job now too, and I'm starting to fuck up with that as well.

I stopped drinking liquor two months ago after I drank 3/4 handle of gin and woke them up at 2 AM apparently stark naked and pinned against the wall banging my head against the wall. I don't remember any of this and was confused why she was mad at me the following morning. Two weeks later I blacked out and woke up with my lip busted to shit, bleeding, with a big bruise, and 45 minutes late to work. I told them I hit myself with a filing cabinet and I don't think they believed me. I only drink without them knowing so it was weird for them I'm sure.

Switched back to beer and was still blacking out every night, but functional in the mornings to go to work, although not really ever showering. Then a big snowstorm hit and I was off work for about a week, which turned into the worst bender of my life. Since then, for the last two months it has been completely out of control. I started drinking on my lunch break and then for the last three weeks I've been drinking in the mornings before work. Today I managed to get so hammered at 9 AM I had to call in sick. I faked losing my voice and I think family bought it, but I don't really remember what I said to them.

To make it worse, I visited my mom after Christmas and got so drunk at the airport and layover on the way back I left my bag on the plane and did some other shit apparently. My sister picked me up and yelled at me that I just stunk of beer and some other things. I don't remember getting on or off the plane or pretty much anything from that night. So she got on me for drinking then, and then my mom texted me saying she knew I had a problem and needed to cut back. Thankfully neither of them have commented anything further.

My life has just become a constant blackout. I'm literally not a person anymore, just existing to drink and I don't enjoy anything, films and reddit are just things that entertain me while I'm drunk. I don't remember practically anything about my life and my cognition is at zero. I don't care about my appearance at all and look like shit every day when I always used to be incredibly vain. I used to have a fucking eating disorder and alcohol has managed to subsume it totally.

None of this matters to me enough to stop. I can't even remember what it's like to not drink every day. I just at this stage need to control myself to not drink before work. But to do that I think I need to just stop drinking totally. I can't moderate myself and the last time I tried I got a day sober before feeling fucking withdrawal symptoms, idk how bad it would have got.

I have some leftover beer in my drawer and it's fucking spooking me to think I might forget this and start drinking as soon as I wake up again.

No. 502180

Please go to a doctor because if you keep on like this you could die. Alcohol is no joke. You need professionals to help you out with this. Even going to an AA group would be a good start.

Even though I don't drink every day I do sometimes have a problem with moderating my drinking. I know how it feels to black out. One of my best friends had a beer one night, doesn't even know what happened next but when she came to herself she was missing most of her front teeth. She's in treatment and currently sober. I really hope you seek out help, anon.

No. 502191

What baffles me about people like you is that you see life like it's one big anime trope.

No. 502208

Whenever I'm on my period and I have to go somewhere where they don't have a trashcan on their toilet, I hide my used pad (wrapped in tp ofcourse) behind the toilet.
If you're not gonna think about the other sex and their problems, you deserve having pads stuffed behind your toilet.

No. 502212

File: 1578477817206.png (106.62 KB, 221x286, 1465271148272.png)

I understand, the series is good but the fandom is so cringe
If I see another "toss a coin to your witcher" joke again, I'm gonna scream.

No. 502214

The fuck anon, I'm a woman and don't have a trash can in the bathroom because I put my used pads in the general waste can in the kitchen where I put all my other garbage. Get some help.

No. 502215

I hate finding dead blogs through product reviews. It's usually some cute item or beauty thing I just found out about, but the blogs had so much character. They were all customized to the aesthetic the girl wanted with fun posts. It's like finding something good too late since they all switched to twitter or Instagram. We've downgraded so hard when it comes to expressiveness online without a care. Those dead 2014-2017 blogs always sit in the back of my mind to pursue that. Having my own place to fill with monthly favorites, food I made or places visited.

No. 502218

dude please go to a dr or AA.
I was at this point and it just gets worse trust me. you can do it, please try and stop
i'm 5 days sober and its already lifechanging. please get some help my friend dont throw yourself away, you deserve better

No. 502220

I wanna hug you

No. 502222

so you expect your visitors to parade around their used pads while going from the toilet to the kitchen? this is only fine in your own home or parents place.
also, tossing your used pads in your kitchen garbage collector sounds disgusting.

No. 502226

Having some poor cleaner who isn't in charge of where the bins are put having to pick up YOUR dried period blood is so much more disgusting, Anon! Have some compassion.

No. 502227

I wrap it in tp first and then the package from the new pad so no blood comes through.

No. 502230

No. 502235

Eww my friend does this at her house and it fucking grosses me out. Her, her sister and her mum out number her dad and I can't imagine what he thinks when I as a guest am disgusted anytime I use their bathroom and someone's on their period. I walked in and there was 5 pads rolled and stacked on the back of the toilet. There was a bathroom bin overloaded with tissues. I lived with my mum and brother only and it was just common courtesy to not bleed and leave bloody messes in shared areas. Fucking bin your pads ladies.

No. 502241

wow you're seriously blowing this out of proportion and did not read my post at all.
>I do have a bin at my own toilet wich I empty in time
>I do wrap my used pads in tp adn the wrapper of the new pad
>I dont smear period blood anywhere, wtf?
>I do use bins when they're available, only if they're not I will hide it because I'm not gonna parade it around the house

No. 502247

I don't understand how you will go to the extent of wrapping it to hide it, rather than wrap it, be discreet and take it to the nearest bin. You hopefully wash your hands after the bathroom too, there's been plenty of times I've wedged a wrapped up pad into a bin and just washed my hands afterwards. What I couldn't get over at my friend's was that these were not just pads from the same day and there was a smell. It was gross. Do you go back and dispose of your hidden secret later, like who the fuck do you think disposes of it eventually that's fucking gross.

No. 502264

I guess I shouldve mentioned there is a big stigma where I live about being seen with anything period related (that includes unused pads that are not in a tiny bag or something)
it mostly happens in public toilets where there are no bins, at a close friends house it's fine to ask where their bin is.
Your friends house does sound disgusting, I always make sure there is a (near) empty bin available for my guests

>You hopefully wash your hands after the bathroom too

I always wash my hands after bathroom, people who don't are disgusting

No. 502512

a previous therapist told me I am a borderline with narcissist traits. now I tell current therapists and they laugh it off and tell me she was wrong and i have ptsd but i dont agree with that because i was thinking for like the past year i probably am a narcissist. And now theyre trying to tell me i'm a victim and that's not true. I can't even bring this up with anyone i know because they'd hate me. I want to deal with my issues but its like my therapist is shooting down the idea theres anything wrong with me.

No. 502518

Apparently some therapists don’t like their patients to know or label themselves as borderline narc because the patients tend to feel it’s unfixable and or take a sort of retarded pride in being a borderline narc.

No. 502533

>there is a big stigma where I live about being seen with anything period related

And? Why care? Just bin your pads. It's not that hard. Please don't be so disgusting.

No. 502558

I’ve had to deal with a lot of animal death as I’m the only one in my family who can tolerate slaughtering animals. My parents always asked me to do the slaughtering whether it is pest or food animals. It’s a strange feeling having been asked to do that. I kind of wonder if it contributed to making me into the cold person I am. I especially cannot forget the smell of death and some of the more grotesque deaths I witnessed.

No. 502559

My little pet of 8 years died next to me in my bed. No vets were open to euthanize him and he had a cafe mate I didn't want to traumatised so i kept him in my bed til he passed. Even the flashbacks of that can ruin my whole day, ask them to help you if it's weighing on you. Death may be natural but it's still hard

No. 502560

Late, but thank you anon.

No. 502566

A lot of this stuff has no real test for it so is just down to an individual practitioners opinion, getting different mental health assessments is pretty common if your life is fucked in general enough, I guess just share your concerns since what else are therapists for and ask for their reasoning and it might make sense.

No. 502645

I keep getting really depressed thinking about humanity being replaced by artificial intelligence and how everything is being automated and the rise of virtual reality etc. if I think about it too much it starts to make me suicidal.

No. 502661

i hope this experience gives you every tool you need to go forward

No. 502665

I want to have a blog but nothing I write feels complete or good enough to me. I look up to people writing highly personal blogs and yet my dumbass personality disorder stops me from following their example.

All the SEO bullshit also stresses me out, I feel like I can't just try. Everything needs to be perfect immediately.
I just want to create a place where I can be myself…

No. 502678

Nah I think people are going to try and make themselves into AI to become immortal first. Humans are too prideful.

No. 502679

I have the ass flu and my butthole is shattered from shitting all day

No. 502683

That's probably worse tbh. An immortal race of prideful cyborg oligarchs, and then everyone else without the same tech access as a permanent underclass.

No. 502693

maybe the rich and privileged will do that, but every one else will get replaced. it's already happening. mcdonald's is to the point where they're automating all their ordering. when they figure out how to automate everything else they will. I recently worked at walmart and they automated all but 1 or 2 checkstands. it's only gonna get worse from here.

No. 502695

who knows maybe ww3 happens and we all end up with leukemia living like in mad max

No. 502696

thanks for cheering us up, anon

No. 502699

File: 1578620219696.jpg (50.78 KB, 640x960, efe6c9b2105ed6330d6317165c94d6…)

sorry im just really thirsty for a warboy bf

No. 502709

Lol. Witnessed.

No. 502710


No. 502763

Russia/slav-boos or whatever you'd call the people who glorify russia/slavic culture exist and I find it incredibly cring and annoying. It's not as bad as koreaboos etc but it's there somewhere.

No. 502776

Sorry I can't get over his two giant tumours that he named.

No. 502779

Honestly I'm starting to dislike like a vocal minority of straight women. A lot of women complain about female friendships for a reason, and it's nearly always because so many women prioritize dick over each other and it's so obvious even if they deny it. After souring so many connections with straight or straight leaning women over the topic of MEN over and over again, I'm becoming really bitter. I can't imagine straight scrotes cutting each other off because they said something bad about women in general. It's honestly disgusting really. I wish there were more women who loved other women and didn't care what the opposite sex thinks

No. 502805

What's crazy is that I had a friend in high school who claimed so determinedly that she was half-Russian for some odd reason, like she didn't even seem to be really into Russian culture or history at all it was just something she would bring it up any time she could, we all knew it was bullshit but she just carried on pretending, it was so bizarre lol. She was a massive compulsive liar though, she lied about a lot of things. This was before I knew what a slav-boo was or that they even existed, maybe she was some weird version of that.

No. 502807

my disordered eating behaviors have been crazily amplified by:
the fact it’s my last year of college and I barely have time to do anything, general depression/stress/grief over the death of a close friend, being prescribed drugs that suppress my appetite, living by myself with no roommates, and generally being incredibly broke…. I was initially thinking “haha well at least all of this will make me skinnier” in a sort of jokey way initially, but now the idea is pretty much one of my only comforts when I think about how stressed out I am all the time… I’ve sort of isolated myself from a lot of my friends and peers as a result of how throughly I’ve been going through it and feel this weird kind of pleasure when I do run into people I know and they tell me I look great because I’ve lost a bunch of weight.

No. 502809

I hate even saying this because its such a taboo but female friendships between straight women are almost always build on jealousy, subtle bullying and competition for male attention. Its so cool nowadays to pretend like all female friendships are these totally based and sacred relationships of mutual love and support when actually being friends with a bunch of straight women will squeeze the soul out of you. Straight women can't be friends with each other without throwing each other under the bus and talking horrific shit about each other behind their backs all for the purpose of getting a lil more crumbs of attention from a scrote than the other girl. I guess my confession here is that female friendships don't mean shit to me.

No. 502810

Then your only option is going full platonic lesbian.

No. 502815

This totally crushes my soul. I am always so scared of getting close to women unless it's autists like me and who don't care about sex or having a bf/gf.
In the past it always ended up with them developing crushes on me if lesbian/bisexual and the few straight girls I happen to befriend cut me off immediately because I am not-cool-enought for them, tomboyish as I am.
It also happened that a girl I thought my bestfriend started flirting with my bf and I cut her off because if I can't trust someone on this, how I could trust her in other situations? I later discovered she was talking trash on me, too. Yikes. I felt like shit and guilty of cutting off a friendship for a guy at first, but honestly fuck her for wanting to mess with her "bff"'s bf.

No. 502818

You sound like an extremely toxic person if you unironically believe the shit you just wrote. That's so insulting. It's a good thing no girl wants to be your friend. Go back to your 'no drama'-males and fellow women-hating dykes.

Lesbians always complain about straight women supposedly only thinking about men, when they themselves spend way too much time making up theories of how we actually work and why we're inferior to you. You're like trannies, instead of using your energy to go against the ones who actually insult or even hurt you (men), you pick the easiest target.
You're straight up a misogynist.

No. 502825

while i will agree the anon you're replying to is going bit overboard in the later half, i have had only female friends throughout my life, yet a very, very small handful of those friendships didn't end due to the other girl going awol as soon as she got a boyfriend/romantic interest. which yeah, were mostly fellow nerd spergs with 0 romantic prospects kek. i do value female friendships the most in my life i think but it is kinda ?heartbreaking? how i seem to be in the minority lol.

No. 502829

Shut the fuck up. I have not a single male friend. You can't just call every woman you disagree with a misogynist or a pickme or whatever the fuck. Its a fucking confession thread and I confessed about being constantly burned by straight women. Your pathetic "oh boohoo she said ~female fwiendship~ isn't beautiful and holy" whining isn't going to change my mind. You sound too sheltered and reclusive to even experience being tossed aside like a piece of trash for some stinky chode.

No. 502831

> fellow women-hating dykes
wow, that's fucking rude. Why do you think that lesbians would be the ones to hate women? What kind of logic is that.

No. 502835

Nothing more pathetic and laughable than a straight girl who pisses her pants and goes on a gigantic sperg when someone critisizes heterosexual womens behavior. Just like the white people who take extreme personal offense to every harmless "lol wypipo" joke.

No. 502836

I'm not that anon and while I agree that lots of women tend to be really bitchy towards each other, it makes a good friendship all the more precious. You're allowed to believe whatever you want though.

No. 502839

don't you guys know, the only women you're allowed to complain about on the site now are narc moms!

also the irony that >>502818 sounds like she'd call someone a pick me but then bitches when people complain about women exhibiting pick me behavior…

No. 502851

Honestly, yeah ,the best female friendships I've had were with women who didn't care about men or the opposite sex that much, and felt detached from that sort of thing. For once, I felt respected as a human being and not seen as a piece of shit for not conforming to conventions of femininity. I have male friends and many are loyal like dogs or will fight with me and we will say bitter things but they will always come back somehow and say we're close but.. it ain't the same. I actually have a few female friendships I really like right now, but many were burned for no reason and wasted in the trash. 2 of which dumped me after they got new boyfriends, lol. Assholes.

No. 502857

Well, you have the female socialization to thank for that. No woman is born an evil bitch who drops her friends the moment a hot guy walks in. We're taught that our purpose in life is to serve the needs of men and dedicate our very beings to them, we're marinated in the idea that "a woman's worst enemy is another woman" and that women are "too catty and dramatic" to ever function together. This ends up with a lot of women believing it and acting upon it. The only way to fight it is to realize that it's a learned behavior model and raise awareness about it. The "omfg other women are such cunts I can't handle it" sperging does nothing to help.

>a very, very small handful of those friendships didn't end due to the other girl going awol as soon as she got a boyfriend/romantic interest
Honestly this tends to happen with guys as well, it's not only limited to women.

No. 502861

this thread is for venting, just let people confess stuff

No. 502871

I think you meant "female friendships I've personally experienced" lmfao

No. 502880

What part of "shut the fuck up" do you not understand? You're just a straighty mad that people here vent about straight women worshipping the cock at all costs. Nobody here cares about your personal feelings. Let people vent without falling into an autistic fit about how we're all uwu toxic misogynists.

No. 502887

What I hate about these kind of posts is that they pretend this is only a female problem when it actually concerns every human being. If you're friend with whores don't expect them to be loyal.

No. 502888

I don't really want to participate in the slapfight happening, but just chiming in to the charge that only straight women abandon their friendships for a relationship.
Not true at all.

Tbh once you enter your late 20s and early 30s, it's just the natural course that mature couples have less time and energy to spend with friends. If they're not busy working their jobs, taking care of their families, or working on their domiciles, they probably want to spend the free time they get after those responsibilities on themselves or with each other. I personally would find it very strange and off if someone prioritized friendships above or equal to a serious romantic partner.

But I don't know the context with which OP or the rest of you are arguing. I don't know if you're talking about a very young women (early 20s) who's maybe isolating herself to a man in which case that's unhealthy. Or a more mature woman who's finally settling into a relationship where couples with other responsibilities she just doesn't have as much time to juggle.

Either way, I'm sorry you all had such horrible experiences and haven't had the pleasure of a meaningful friendship with another woman.

No. 502890

Males don't abandon their friendships and gleefully shit on their male friends for a chance to make it with some girl. To them we're all debased whores anyway and I hate scrotes to death but at least they value their friendships with other males and stick together. Have you never heard of "bros before hoes"? And I'm not talking about "being friends with whores". What the fuck are you talking about?

No. 502893

Nta but do you even know any males? There's tons of guys who cut back on their interaction with their male friends. Have you seriously never heard the male bitterness when a man chooses his significant other over his bros?
That's what they say! They get extra mad when their guy isn't about "bros before hoes." Men are incredibly jealous and petty when they think a woman is "stealing" away their friend.

No. 502895

You sound like a male. Get the fuck out and never come back here again. I couldn't care less about male "problems".

And if you are a female for some reason, I genuinely pity you. Stop stanning and defending a group of people who see every one of us as worthless subhumans.

No. 502896

>pointing out that men do the same shitty behavior people are accusing straight women of only doing

…………….? I mean…you're kind of the one defending men more by implying they don't ever abandon each other because they're just oh so loyal. When the original argument is about bitchy jelly female straights.
You're really, really off base with this one lol.

No. 502898

Lmao, men are the exact same of women and unleash their bitterness by gossiping, ghosting and insulting each other. Many of my former male friends have a story of ghosting all other friends just because they got a girlfriend. If two men like the same girl they pretend to be friend and be there for each other, but the moment the other is looking the other way they go all the way to "steal the girl".
Just because they don't do that in front of you doesn't mean it won't happen.

No. 502899

People were specifically talking about women doing it to each other and you come in with "think of the menz". I don't care if men bully each other. I don't care if they call each other whipped for being semi respectful to their woman. I don't care about problems males have that they themselves created in the first place. I don't care about scrotes period. This was a discussion about female friendships specifically and you were derailing.

No. 502900

>People were specifically talking about women doing it to each other and you come in with "think of the menz.
No I didn't you liar. YOU were the one going off here >>502890 about how men "never abandon their friendships," and when I came along to correct you, you're having yourself a shit fit because you wanna sperg out about how straight women don't want to be friends with you. If you didn't want derailment then maybe you shouldn't have said too much where other people were tempted to reply to your stupidity.
You sound like a nightmare, as a straight woman I would avoid you too. The second someone disagrees with you, they're on the chopping block. Red flag alert!

No. 502902

Ofc you're an offended straight woman. Stay whining.

No. 502904

File: 1578682812993.gif (829.51 KB, 450x254, giphy.gif)

Stay friendless and mad about it? You couldn't possibly be the problem.

No. 502919

This female friendship argument breaks my heart tbh. I was unlucky enough to have had negative experiences with normie women. I had two amazing friendships that lasted for 3~4 years and I thought wed be friends forever. But no, I lost one to boyfriends and one to mental illness. I don't wanna be bitter and condemn women, but it's like…is that anon actually right?
I know how loser this sounds but I lowkey watch moe anime because I want idealistic friendships like that, no dirty scrotes to ruin everything.

No. 502920

Maybe your luck is shit and the other anon is a clingy jealous psycho who no one wants to be around.
There's tons of women who have friendships with other women. So you encountered some shitty people, it happens. Friendships are a lot like relationships where you might have to go through some shit before you find compatible people.

No. 502921

I think you have to be lucky with friendships as well as relationships, don't let past experiences scare you but learn from them. Toxic people really do have all of the same patterns and it gets easy to recognize after a while.

No. 502923

A lot of women don't want to be friends with me because very few girls where I lived (small town, small country in Eastern Europe) could relate to me, we didn't really have much to talk about and never have, and I kind of grew up in my own bubble so I ended up being really weird around women (and men, but with them I know how to act because they've approached me before and I have a boyfriend so I got used to it).

It's always been like this, first they made fun of me as kids and now they're moms with kids and I work and live abroad. People in the country I'm in don't usually hang out with foreigners and out of them Slav women are seen as "trashy" and "hookers" so it's not like I have an incentive to talk to people here either. The few times I've spoken to girls at parties they've always looked uncomfortable. I've made friends with a few other Slav girls but we're not super close and they always go back to their own friends from back home and I have nobody since I grew up in the boonies.

I don't even know what to talk about when I meet with a girl who is a bit more of a normie than me, I freeze up completely and I know the things I would talk about normally (an MMO I play, Asian fashion, botany, gardening) would make me sound like an idiot since girls my age that I've met usually don't like that kind of stuff. I've met some cool girls online that I would've loved to be friends with if we knew each other irl but they're usually busy with their own lives as I am with mine so it always ends up fizzling out.

No. 502925

File: 1578686347678.png (231.34 KB, 572x325, 1480953425689.png)

My confession is that I'm always the one who ruins great friendships, though not because of boyfriends but because I'm a coward (in the true sense of the word, not in the self-pitying way) who goes the easiest way when facing problems and don't want to pull friends down with my misery and lack of development, so I ghost em sooner or later because I can't cope with not being able to keep up with them.

Tbh everyone who loses friends who act like I did is better off without them.

No. 502986

Ah, you're a larping scrote trying to bait. Nevermind then.

No. 503025

I used to want to be a video game developer. I still think the idea sounds cool, but apparently the industry is really hard to get into, not only that but it's unstable because it's mostly freelance and you get treated like shit especially if you're a woman. it's not a huge deal because there are lots of other things I wanna do, but it still makes me a bit sad if I think about it.

No. 503028

Men gleefully murder other men over income inquality and other bullshit, but yeah it's the wimminz who are too immature to be friends.

Women who complain that "women hate other women" are ALWAYS the women who hate other women. At least in my experience.

No. 503035

I don't hate other women because I criticize them. I find it weird it's deemed as okay to criticize your own religion, or race for example, but if you criticize your own sex it's "no u hate them!" stupid logic. Maybe I criticize them more because I care more? I also don't believe any of that stuff about male friends, ect, and only made two posts so far on this subject so you're off base as usual with people who deflect and don't wanna acknowledge other people's experiences.

No. 503037

Maybe it's because women will behave more empathetic and loving with each other, and do things like vent to each other and share secrets, so when one of them dump another because of their boyfriend or some other issue it stings more? I mean this can happen in both sexes, but obviously women having more empathy and loving based bonding is more common than what men do between each other. I think it's hard to see a friend being shit if they vent to you and act like a sister to you. It's harder to see them dumping you coming.

No. 503047

but it is true, a lot of men jump on their friends ex gf just to get some rebound pussy and it usually goes to shit from there.

No. 503049

>Women who complain that "women hate other women" are ALWAYS the women who hate other women. At least in my experience.

so everyone on the site then huh?

No. 503051

>Women who complain that "women hate other women" are ALWAYS the women who hate other women
Have you wondered why? Women first start treating other women like shit for male attention, or because a man convinced them, the women that were treated badly have enough and react to that. You started it.

No. 503054

I mean I never denied that as I only made the OP post and then a second post that didn't get a reply to. I know what men can do it and it's worse but I don't care about guys

No. 503068

I think I'm going to ruin my current relationship by being myself.

No. 503078

My friend let's me borrow his computer until I can buy or fix my old one. I accidentally found his porn stash because I guess we both use gyazo (image capture service). He's apparently into monsters, zelda, and loli. I wish so bad I could unseen this because deep down I'd hoped he wasn't this way. Feel so disgusted right now mostly for the underage anime girl crap.

No. 503098

When I'm feeling insecure, I just look at people who I consider ugly and instantly feel better. Mean? Somewhat. Shallow? Absolutely. Do I feel bad? To be honest, not really.

Jennie from BlackPink is really ugly to me, but I see her looks praised everywhere outside of lolcow so it just makes me think 'if she's considered good looking, what do I have to worry about?'
Attitude really makes a difference. If you're confident despite being ugly, seems as though more people will find you attractive. It worked for Jennie, though of course other factors play a part into that. Law of attraction, I suppose!

No. 503104

When you said you look at ugly people for confidence I thought you meant looking at pics of genuinely below average people but you look at some kpop girl? I mean whatever but I can't imagine looking at some ridiculously done up idol who has gone through truckloads of plastic surgery and actually feel better about my own looks. You must be hilariously beautiful. Even the "ugliest" idol still wogs me into the next dimension.

No. 503106

I find Jennie pretty when she's dolled up but anyway, I have this friend who is below average in terms of looks (there were a couple of instances where my other friends have insinuated this and she never gets attention from male strangers when other girls with her do.) but she's a real narcissist and talks about how so many guys are dying to get her. She's also extremely confident and extroverted so when she approaches guys they actually find themselves drawn to her. She just knows how to make herself more interesting although it's oftentimes an exaggerated, more ideal version of herself.
So I'd say, most of the times, if you're really confident and radiate that, despite not being that attractive, many people will be interested in you…just what I've noticed though.

No. 503117

tbh I'm a little guilty of this, though I don't purposely go looking for unattractive people to make myself feel better lol that's just plain mean. But if I happen to come across someone who's ugly in real life or online i can't help feel a little better about my appearance and think, well at least I don't look like that.

No. 503118


I feel you anon, I'm guilty of being self-destructive when it comes to friendships, god knows why…I don't do it on purpose, but it ends up happening anyway in some form or another. We get pretty close then just drift away in the end and I'm too pathetic to get back in touch with them. Maybe people are just better off without me

No. 503127

I'm absolute gutterscum but I can't find a way out because I've been this way for years.

I am completely friendless and recently dropped out of college and currently working a horrendous job at the dollar store from which I also steal for thrills. I'm quite overweight but still have a lot of muscle mass because I go through periods of working out like crazy paired with days of binging like a retard so I look like a weird combination of fatty and she-hulk. I have severe bpd and depression because I was raped as an infant and its so bad that I can turn monstrously abusive towards my family for absolutely no reason. I get unreasonably angry seeing other people happy and I'm very casually cruel towards others to the point of wishing death on my coworkers because they critizise me. I'm selfish and egotistical and probably have some co-morbidity of npd and bpd. I'm currently fantasizing about fucking my married, devoutly christian therapist even though I have absolutely no libido otherwise. I might want to get myself tested for autism because I've read that an autistic brain is similiar to a male brain and some of my abhorrent behavior and thoughts are incredibly male. Especially the constant aggression and hatred for everyone and everything. I have genuinely no clue how humans act so I feel like an imposter all the time. I want to blame all of this on the rape and abuse but I think I'm just naturally complete and utter trash by nature.

No. 503136

yeah nah you’re not autistic, you’re just a shitty person. some people are just shitty. don’t kill anyone, retard.

No. 503141

lmao bpd people are eternal preteens aren't they. luckily for you, unlike my disease which they keep grouping with yours, yours get better as you age

No. 503144

I acted like an unhinged and toxic retard as a teen due to undiagnosed bipolar disorder and ongoing sexual abuse. I feel bad for everyone that had to deal with me back then.

No. 503147

Well, at least you’re aware that you have terrible qualities. My therapist told me that borderline cases are usually the result of trauma so that might be the case for you. I grew up with a sister who was sexually abused as a child and was diagnosed with bpd. She also shoplifted and exhibited similar antisocial and spiteful behaviors. I stay away from her as much as possible these days.

No. 503162

> I might want to get myself tested for autism because I've read that an autistic brain is similiar to a male brain and some of my abhorrent behavior and thoughts are incredibly male.

It's not nearly as simple as that, female autists get diagnosed more easily when we're similar to stereotypical male autists, but female socialisation really affects how our autistic traits express. But do get yourself assessed for BPD/PTSD, that's more likely what you're dealing with.

No. 503163

Whenever I read posts like this on /ot/ I understand why some people posting on cow threads sound unhinged as fuck.

No. 503177

I've been diagnosed with bpd and ptsd for literally years and I'm pretty much a vip gold card holder at my local psychiatric clinic. I wanted to get assessed for npd too but apparently I don't fit most of the criteria but I still suspect a slight npd/bpd co-morbitity. I guess you're right about autism and I was mostly loosing myself in unhinged venting. I know how complicated that spectrum actually is and I'm actually sorry if I offended anyone with autism with my overgeneralization. I might still have some form of aspergers though because apart from not knowing how to act like a human at all and not being able to relate to literally anyone, I'm also extremely sensitive to noise to the point where I self harm when a trigger noise persists for too long. I'm not even saying all of this to be edgy because I do sound like a serious edge-chan but all this stuff is seriously unbearable. I don't think you can imagine how much constant anger and disgusts actually hurts if you haven't experienced it yourself.

No. 503187

You should probably just isolate yourself from society, or really, anyone at all ever.

If you have all of this recognition as to how you're a bad person yet appear to do nothing about it, you need to be quarantined or put down.

No. 503192

You're goddamn right I need to be put down, baby

No. 503198

Spare your empathy, anon loves being fucked up

No. 503202

this is a weird post but i don't understand why everyone is shitting on you. if you were raped as an infant, uh, yeah, you're going to turn into a massive mess full of problems. it's FAR more unlikely that you turn out to be a functional, emotionally healthy human considering. i don't believe you're beyond help. your development and path has just been severely set off course. i don't think you sound so bad tbh, but anons love to bandwagon on here. it's obnoxious. psychologists are such a crapshoot, so it's difficult finding one that can help, but maybe meds for impulse control and a competent one can help? what about trying something like ketamine? you sound absolutely miserable and it really seems like you need all the help you can get to prevent yourself from hurting yourself and others. maybe it's possible that being depressed has dampened any emotions you once had, outside of anger. i get that. i am almost always anhedonic save for the very occasional periods of intense anxiety and some (though reasonable) anger. sometimes it zaps all of our positive emotions and unfortunately still sticks us with all of the negatives.

maybe, but even if she is just a tardy edgelord, i can't see how someone who was raped as an infant wouldn't be. what's her worst crime? she wants to fuck her therapist and can't control her anger? i think her phrasing made the content of her posts seem a lot worse. as far as the actual offenses go, doesn't seem too strange for her circumstances. her phrasing really makes the actual content seem a lot worse. i dont get the "i wanna be fucked up" impression as strongly as you guys are getting it.

No. 503210

Everyone is shitting on me and telling me I need to be put down because I come across as extremely obnoxious and unapologetic in my original post. The truth is I actually hate being like this and I literally said that being like this causes me extreme emotional pain every day. I also have been actively seeking therapy for literally years at this point. I know how edgy and cringe I come across in my post and I don't blame people for telling me to die and whatnot because this is an imageboard and also because I've heard the exact same thing several times irl too but I'm still suprised by the vitriol of some of the people here.

I was raped at 3 years old by two male family members and the rape persisted over several years until my fathers death. Thats why I'm the way I am. This shit happens all the time. Watch the docu "Child of Rage". Thats basically how I was too as a toddler. I mean I'm not bothered by being called a fucked up retard who should kill herself because I think this about myself but just for the record, no I don't like being this way. I literally don't. Even the child rapes didn't hurt as much as feeling like this every waking minute.

No. 503213

>this is a weird post but i don't understand why everyone is shitting on you.
same. but then again i dont think ive ever dealt with someone with bpd

No. 503216

People on this site love treating bpd like its the most dangerous thing in the world, which is hilarious to me because lots of people on here have it. Or some other kind of mental illness. But someone mentions having bpd due to csa and suddenly everyone turns into an unhinged televangelist condemming the person to hell for crimes against humanity and nature for having a mental illness.

No. 503218

I fucked my married psychiatrist, he was my sugar daddy for a while and wanted to leave his wife for me. It was fun. But I regret it.

No. 503225

I'm getting really tired of the aggressive testosterone fueled autists instigating fights every other post. I usually offer something positive or I don't even comment. I know this is a snark board but still, save the nitpicking and passive aggressive comments for the cows.

No. 503227

>lots of people on here have it.

Yes. Sometimes I really think what we suspect is scrote behavior is just some autistic 16 year old girl going through her edgy phase or an extremely emotionally manipulative but grown woman that's been hurt by men and just wants to watch the world burn.

No. 503234

Living the dream tbh

No. 503241

yeah because i love being told to kill myself by shitty bpds, and me venting my personal issues in which bpds instigate and start shit very OBVIOUSLY on this board (and other places online) 24-7, in my time of need. yeah i enjoy being manipulated and shat on by bpds in personal relationships too and driven even (more) Insane. bpds dont have empathy for other mental illness except their shitty personality disorder gangs so why should I care ? they make my life worse

No. 503244

I'm speechless lol

No. 503246

What mental illness do you have sis? Autism?

No. 503255

a bunch of years ago, i hooked up with a super hot pierced up goth guy (my usual type but the pinnacle example) with such a gigantic dick that he literally had to force it in (while telling me "open up" in a commanding dom way ugh) and while im in a happy relationship now, i still wish i'd had the courage to hit that dude up one more time

No. 503259

File: 1578792160874.png (1.2 MB, 960x960, 1577738725382.png)

>that feel when I will never have this

No. 503264

you sound unhinged.

No. 503266

i feel this anon

No. 503267

i also have a similar thought about a psycho ex i would never go back to, because the reason i put up with his crazy was his pierced tongue + big dick + ability to go 3+ times a day lol. my current partner is totally satisfying and kinky etc but i still wish i could go back in like a dream just once or twice kek

don't lose hope anon, you can find the big dick goth bf of your dreams

No. 503273

Are you sure they're bpds and not narcs?

No. 503277

I had a crush on this cute goth boy in highschool who allegedly had a big dick, but I was such a coward and sperg that I didn't ever even talk to him

No. 503279

i had the opposite problem of being hypersexual/impulsive thanks to untreated mania, so now i have all these wild stories i can never forget, RIP. tfw can't aggressively take a guy's virginity for the power trip of it anymore.

No. 503294

aight this one is very bad

when i was in kindergarten i think, but probably before, my neighbor (same age) invited me to his house. his sister's hamster just gave birth to a litter and there were so many of them tiny bitches.for some reason, my neighbor put all of them in the bathtub (not w water or anything) and started chucking them at the shower wall…and started getting me to do it too. his sister's hamster lost her entire litter bc we killed every last one by repeatedly throwing them at the wall

my parents never let me have a hamster at any age after even though both my sisters had them. or any pet that wasn't a fish. that's typical psychopath behavior from me and i was old enough to know better..

No. 503298

ngl but id kms if i was you. literally would not be able to live with myself. that shit would haunt me every day. throwing them repeatedly, no less. really awful.

No. 503301

You deserve to feel bad. good confession I guess because I'm truly disgusted

No. 503303

It's nice to know I've never been and will never be on this level of human trash.

No. 503304

my best friend died of an overdose a few motnhs ago and the person that supplied her with and introduced her to the drugs fled the scene and has been postimg on social media like it didn't happen, or at the very least like he wasn't there and isnt responsible for it in some way. it made my stomach turn when he made an "RIP you didnt deserve this"-esque post for her and posts woke shit about how much he believes in harm reduction and i feel even sicker when other people i know interact with him because they don't know and i don't and i just don't know what can be done about it

No. 503308

Plugs can be just as clueless as addicts. He feels remorse but not responsibility for what happened, she did it to herself as far as he's concerned. That's the nature of the drug world. Zero accountability for a quick buck.

No. 503309

i haven't killed a hamster in 16 years that's a good record

No. 503312

I find kissing to be completely disgusting, although less so when it's me but even still quite gross.

No. 503313

I agree. And you know how in some japanese porn people "kiss" by literally sticking their tongues out and rubbing them together? That is disgusting.

No. 503314

maybe not disgusting, but i don't see the point in it. pecks, yes, but when the tongues come in i just don't feel anything or get the point

No. 503315

>>503313 i always hoped that was just some av thing but yes, weird and off putting

>>503314 oh pecks i can deal with, i should've been more precise! I genuinely just don't get why people enjoy it, but to each their own.

No. 503316

I don't exactly find it gross when I do it (though it can be, depending on the guy), but I'm viscerally disgusted by kissing scenes in movies/tv. Not sure why, something about the sounds and the awkward voyeuristic aspect of it I guess.

No. 503343

not to be an actual retard and am no race baiting, but do japanese actually kiss like that? like, normal people?

No. 503357

Japanese people are really weird about sex. A lot of people there are completely celibate and get their sexual fulfillment through porn. Even the women. Theres loads and loads of porn targeted towards women in the form of manga, games and, my personal favorite, drama cds. And yes, they all kiss really weird and do extremely unconventional shit in there all the time. Like licking each others eyeballs.(racebait)

No. 503358

>hurrr in japan those crazy nips only tongue kiss and lick each other's eyeballs and eat poisonous fugu fish!!!!
I fucking swear the people on this board. They're normal people who kiss and hug normally just like anyone else. Holding porn as some national standard for relationships is fucked up, otherwise I'd say Americans do ass to mouth on the regular without as much as wiping the shit off the dick.

No. 503365

Sometimes I use the hair on my head as floss.

No. 503370

I love when people who are clearly not Japanese, talk about Japanese people and Japan overall as if they know anything. It’s easier to single you out as retards. You fucking retard lol

No. 503381

That’s smart. I’ve tried to do that but my hair isn’t strong enough to floss my molars.

No. 503387

I had a sex dream about my best friends boyfriend and I feel terrible about it. I have my own boyfriend who I care about a lot and I have no interest in hers. I’m paranoid my dream means something.

No. 503390

If I can act like an armchair physoholigist for a second - I read once that having sex with someone in a dream is usually about merging some mental aspect of what the person represents in your mind with yourself. Maybe your friend's bf has a quality you admire and want to emmulate or maybe he displays something you find unacceptable and haven't assimilated yet or something you're missing.

I used to have constant sex dreams about a coworker I disliked in waking life. For a second I wondered if maybe I'm secretly attracted to him but then I realized I "envied" his outspokenness and courage to enagege in confrontation since I'm more timid and people-pleasing. I also disliked him because of his abrasive attitude to everyone including me. When I left that job and didn't interact with him again I never had dreams with him again.

You're probably "attracted" to something in your bff's boyfriend but not in the conventional romantic way you're scared of.

No. 503394

File: 1578844276375.jpg (40.52 KB, 800x450, post was made by brainlet gang…)


Sorry, I meant armchair psychologist

No. 503406

Sorry you got shat on by bitter as fuck autists in this thread anon. I am so sorry you went through that experience as a child but the thoughts you are having are understandable and I have similar thoughts as you. I hope that you have the right therapist that can help you and maybe it would benefit you to attend group therapy for young adults or a support group for young adults if such a thing exists where you are.

No. 503411

It depends on how you criticize other women I think, when you nitpick other peoples looks its just kind of shitty, there are women that instigate problems with other women for the enjoyment of hating other women. As long as that's not you, I mean do whatever.

No. 503413

Yeah, fuck you. Having something horrible happen to you doesn't mean you get to be a literal blight on society, especially when you understand you have trauma and you know you're acting like a maladaptive fuck.

Both of you should be gassed. No sense of community or something greater than your pathetic sense of individual desires.

No. 503423

>a literal blight on society
What exactly is anons crime though? Wanting to fuck her therapist?

No. 503426

you could do it independently in your free time?

No. 503428

if ur in college this may help: idk if other schools do this, but my school has a program and major/minor for video game stuff. even links you with connections. if you're not in college, a college w/o that program, or have graduated, etc., learning it on your own could be very difficult.

with one google search, i found there are trade schools for it. best of luck!

No. 503429

Did you even read her post?

>its so bad that I can turn monstrously abusive towards my family for absolutely no reason

>I'm very casually cruel towards others to the point of wishing death on my coworkers because they critizise me
>Especially the constant aggression and hatred for everyone and everything

It's like you purposely skipped everything or something because you also want pity.

No. 503435

Diagnosing other people while pretending to be a psych major, in which they almost always tell you on the first day of psych class to not diagnose other people. Or the fact anons will automatically slap "bpd" on someone just because they disagreed with them, over psychoanalyizng posts cows and even other anons make, the whole "typing and arguing style" meme, being obsessed with a certain anons for weeks on end and accusing every other person they disagree with of being that anon even if said anon and the other anon have literally no similarities other than pissing off people. Farmers are crazy and taking breaks from lolcow makes me realize that more and more

No. 503465

I may have or may have not added some e-stallion i found on twitter on snapchat and sent him a nude. some regret. waiting for him to answer and send me the same dick pic all over his twitter.

No. 503483

literally why would you do this

No. 503502

straight women

No. 503507

People think I'm doing well because I post fancy restaurant food pics a lot throughout the week. They don't know I'm actually having multiple dates pay for my good time out lol. Irl my job is alright but the pay is mediocre, I'm actually broke as a joke right now.

I'm hoping I'll sniff out a high quality guy from these dates but so far it's kinda meh. So I'm just juggling the field, muahahaha.

No. 503515

I kinda want to go under a new name, a new total identity. Go to university, get the most expensive degree, get a student loan on that, get a shitload of credit cards, max them out, and then when the time comes and the banks and government desperately call. Just kill myself in their offices to piss em off and not pay shit.

No. 503528

File: 1578893368864.jpeg (44.85 KB, 464x444, 065190C1-C401-4685-999C-1FC619…)

The more posts I see about how anons here are diagnosed with actual mental issues, the more I want to stop coming here. Would probably be better for my own mental health too.

No. 503538

I've been using this site less and less and I feel like my mental state has improved. But then again that is sort of a chicken vs the egg situation, like, is it the site that's negatively affecting our mental health, or are we coming here because of our mental health problems? I'm not sure. But I do think that the internet and social media in general are more bad than good for us. This site does have positive aspects though, like those of us that don't have friends or have things we need to vent about that we can't say to anyone irl. Ultimately I am thankful for this site, but I think it's better used in moderation.

No. 503547

Sometimes I get kinda turned on when watching men's tennis and hearing the passionate sounds they make when hitting the ball. It's so raw and real and honest and in the moment…I'll see myself out now

No. 503574

It's absolutely best to use this site in moderation. It's fun to briefly read whatever updates have built up on /snow/ whilst you wait in line for something irl, but I know I'm at a low point in my mental health when I've read every cow thread and find myself refreshing an /ot/ vent thread instead.

No. 503630

apparenly I replied to the wrong anon but i hope you see this

if ur in college this may help: idk if other schools do this, but my school has a program and major/minor for video game stuff. even links you with connections. if you're not in college, a college w/o that program, or have graduated, etc., learning it on your own could be very difficult.

with one google search, i found there are trade schools for it. best of luck!

No. 503640

File: 1578928885914.jpg (46.13 KB, 828x799, 1577224333933.jpg)

When I'm uncertain about the outcome with a crush/new job/new situation, sometimes I go on the divination thread on /x/ and ask for a (free) reading. It gives me peace of mind somehow, and even though I'm not a believer, many times I've been genuinely surprised of how on point anon's reading was.
Last time I did it was yesterday, reader anon nailed it even though I didn't give much info. I know it's most likely because it's just a common situation, but it's what I wanted to hear from someone and I'm a bit more in peace.

No. 503663

I'm a tennisfag, I too find it incredibly sexual.

No. 503710

It's satisfying to me that my terrible father is terrified of dying with no children to care for him because they all want nothing to do with him. He gave us a traumatic childhood and always expected us to cater to him

No. 503723

It's like shitty parents never expected us to grow a spine, did they? They just thought we would feel obligation and guilt to change their pissy adult diapers in exchange for the heaps of shit they put us through.

No. 503748

Every so often my father will try and reach out and I'm tempted to respond just to tell him off on how much he's hurt us, but I never do because it's too satisfying knowing he'll never get in touch with any of us again even though he wants to. So used to getting what he wants, I hope the silence hurts him more than any response ever could.

No. 503752

I'm so horny it huuurts ugh masturbating isn't even helping…

No. 503821

I love how I can hear my neighbor talking in his room while I'm in bed… it makes me feel more safe living alone. My anxiety brain feels better knowing that if someone were to break in a try to rape me, he'd definitely hear my screams and call police.

No. 503902

i love that too. also it's relaxing for me at night to imagine everyone in my small complex to also be comfy and resting

No. 503907

I was an idiot two years ago and thought camming would be fun. Obviously I found out differently. Some random hookup site made a profile with my photos and I've emailed them but they won't delete them. I tried emailing something called accountkiller and haven't heard anything ahhh

I feel like such a dumbass.

No. 503910

i feel this way with true crime, even though its always been popular, the ted bundy zac efron movie made everything worse. for awhile you couldnt consume anything without running into a hybristophile, even if they were just commenting on a podcast………….

No. 503916

I'm glad I moved into a house, at my old apartment building I had a weird schizo neighbor who lived upstairs and a neighbor to my right who loved to scream epithets while gaming. I also had my packages stolen every. single. time. I will never miss apartment living.

No. 503917

unethical advise i guess but the best way to get any website to remove photos of yourself is to claim they are from an underaged person. i've had multiple social media profiles forcibly removed this way.

No. 503956

I'm hoping when the show is finally over for good and the temporary hype dies down, what will be left is a lot more people who genuinely fell in love with the whole world and the other materials, the books, the games. The characters will always be like a sort of family to me and I'll always be happy if I can find people who truly understand that feeling. When in doubt, you can always rewatch CD Projekt's 10 year anniversary video and replenish all of your happy warm feelings about the series instantly.

No. 504041

Sometimes I randomly fantasize about stealing peoples S.Os. not even to date them but just being hot enough to do it.

The idea of actually doing it IRL repulses me but it's a weirdly fun thing to imagine/fantasize abt

No. 504049

lmao are you me? I was just about to confess this. I fantasize about this all the time. I don't actually want to do it, I just like to dream about myself being desirable enough for that.

No. 504052

Exactly! I'm glad I'm not alone in this lmao

No. 504116

i really miss lauren southern's bullshit, hope she has some crisis and comes back

No. 504120

i miss that we can't watch shuwu cozy up to her, pedal backwards, then kiss her taint again, all within a span of like, 33 minutes, anymore

No. 504139

Men don't cheat on their spouses because their lays are irresistibly hot or desirable, it's because they wanted a hole with no strings attached and women like you would just happen to give them the opportunity like charity.

It's a confession, but in case you ever get "flattered" with the opportunity, know what you're actually getting and what he's actually saying about you.

No. 504183

Why when I have a crush it can never just be a crush? Why does it have to immediately become full blown obsessive borderline erotomania? I can’t focus on fucking anything, I’m constantly horny but don’t want to masturbate, I delude myself into thinking they’re madly in love with me too and it blinds me to when they could/could not be showing their true feelings. The worst thing is I feel like this about someone I have to see everyday and live in close proximity to. I’m losing my mf mind and I can’t focus on anything creative or even do any reading.

No. 504191

Is it bad that I want a lolcow rate thread?
I really just want objective, unbiased opinions on my appearance so I know how I look to others and what I should improve. I have no idea if I'm pretty or not.
I know soc has rate threads, but I'd rather be ugly than post myself in 4chan, honestly.

Then again, I feel like selfies can only go so far. Pictures of yourself taken by others seem to be the most accurate, I think?
Every time I go on Instagram I question the fuck out of my attractiveness, fml.

No. 504207

Instagram is always posed an edited. It's cliche but becoming more confident in yourself and being kind tends to present as more attractive to people who are worth spending time with aha. I learnt the hard way trust lmao, validation from strangers on the internet only does so much

No. 504208

My mental health is fucked and I'm constantly paranoid. I feel like a wound cog that's just going to split at any minute.
I always seem to hide how I actually feel when I go to therapy, I never seem to get any answers, so I just do it on my own. I also can't seem to take any medication cos it destroys my fragile, paper-thin sanity.
It feels like a constant fight to keep myself out of delusions and grounded in reality.
I barely know who I am, I'm just trucking along each day trying to keep my head above water.

No. 504210

Understand that completely. You'll find someone who matches that intensity one day, it can get you in fucked up situations if you're not careful, but I've seen it work out really well for a fair few people I know, including myself

No. 504215

I don't think you stand to gain as many net positives with feedback from anonymous. They don't really know you and thus can't really discern what works for you aesthetically with all other factors that make up who you are, like your personality and mannerisms combined.
I guess it would work out if you're up to meeting superficial standards from a mix of strangers, who may have conflicting opinions. It just seems like you lose a bit of yourself in the process. /2c

Agreed. Even if you're conventionally hot, it's just a boost to the cheating man's ego. He doesn't actually care about you or what it does for your validation. All that matters is his needs. Cheating men are selfish.

No. 504225

File: 1579106994080.jpg (429.97 KB, 1011x1367, IMG_20200115_163357.jpg)

I really want a quality Baby Yoda doll.
My dumb ass is literally in therapy for being a pos consoomer (and some other things).

I still love the photo in pic related tho. It makes me happy to look at it. Wish I could find the source.

No. 504239

I know that feel, it's called limerence. Wish I could press a button to make it stop. I'm so jealous of people who can just have a crush that fades away as soon as it's not reciprocated, and move on like nothing happened.

No. 504375

File: 1579133141710.gif (3.96 MB, 440x245, 9C356896-0106-43EC-B8C6-69E73F…)

Thanks for replying anons, never heard of the term limerence but it rings true. I’ve struggled with it my whole life, my intensity actually puts off people im interested in who show t he slightest interest back. It affects my decision making, my ambitions, everything. I simply can’t bear it, the worst is how I just cant accept that they don’t feel the same way, no matter what I have to do mental gymnastics to make it seem like they do. Thank god I’m shy af otherwise I’d embarrass myself even more. Thank you so much anons, soon I won’t be so closely tied in to this person so it won’t hurt so much. The worst is falling for a colleague or neighbour who you can’t get away from.

No. 504483

File: 1579174518266.jpeg (352.74 KB, 640x861, BAACA7AC-0920-42F0-A4A2-237AAE…)

I found this awesome piece of advice today regarding the subject. It’s reduced my anxiety immediately to do this, I imagine my object of limerence bringing home his new girlfriend and her and I have a conversation and get along, then i find a new place to live and never see them again. The end. Still feel in a state of near constant anxiety but it is lessening.

No. 504711

File: 1579247520845.jpg (115.46 KB, 1280x720, dd.jpg)

Im really thinking about trying to get custody of my nephew from my sister, she's super neglectful and a POS who blames all her problems on him despite him being 11 and I have always been the one cleaning up her messes and taking care of him, he's such a sweet boy and she doesn't deserve him, but I know my chances of winning custody are almost null and that If I try I will never get to see him again

No. 504713


I have been sorta dating this famous musician for a couple months and he just showed up the other day with all his shit and I guess (??) has unofficially moved into my house.

It’s weird because back in the day, in his heyday, I was a huge fan. I’d go to all his shows and stand in the front, so I could watch him play. I was very young then, and so was he, but a bit older than me. He used to smash his guitars and once threw one to me. It’s so crazy to wake up and look over and see him laying next to me. I don’t even have words to describe the experience.

He’s not like famous famous, not anymore. Maybe he was once upon a time. But to me, he was a big part of my young adult years. And I had no idea what a cool fun and hilarious person he really was.

Anyways I guess the confession is that I was a fan, because I don’t think he knows. He recognized me these many years later and I tried to tell him he knew me from concerts but I don’t think he believes it or if he does, he doesn’t know how into the band I was back then. It’s embarrassing actually, how into them I was. So I am trying to avoid having to really be straight about it. And I can’t really tell any of my friends because they will freak out, as they are fans too.

Everyone thinks he’s currently in rehab or doing drugs on the streets but really he’s hanging in my house watching cartoons with me, lol. Sober, mostly, if you don’t count weed. I harbor the same stupid delusions every woman has - I will fix him and he’ll play again. I know it’s so stupid and unlikely but some part of me just feels like if someone can really love him, the real him, not the public image, then he can get back his career.

I know it’s stupid, but that’s my confession.

No. 504715

lol it's all good people do weird shit

No. 504716

you cant tease us like that! who is he anon?

No. 504719

I wouldn’t be so sure, do you have other relatives on your side of proof of unhinged behaviour, it depends where you live or what your job/earnings are. He is old enough to have a mobile phone and use the computer I guess, he’ll be old enough to walk to your house on his home soon, so maybe it’s better to just be a respite for him, you’ll make a huge difference in his life. Thank you anon, you’re a good person.

No. 504727

>I wouldn’t be so sure, do you have other relatives on your side of proof of unhinged behaviour
most people in my family would agree that she's a asshole but I doubt they'd be willing to testify against her in a custody battle
>he’ll be old enough to walk to your house on his home soon, so maybe it’s better to just be a respite for him, you’ll make a huge difference in his life. Thank you anon, you’re a good person.
He already does, she's barely ever at home, so either im babysitting him or he ends up staying at my house for the day. I take care of him and I love him as if he was my own son

No. 504731

anon will never tell. I would love some kind of a hint at least.

hope it's not someone larping as the girl dating the Johnny asshole from the TND thread (don't really follow it, dunno if it matches or not)

No. 504737

i don't think i've stopped listening to audio files from gonewildaudio for a fortnight now, at the gym, at work, at home, no matter what i'm doing… m4f, f4f, f4a and even f4m which can be some of the best ones. i am getting addicted to audio porn and addicted to the feeling of being aroused, i masturbate once at the end of the night and its incredible because of the build up but it's beginning to feel unhealthy

No. 504753

That is so cute, anon! I'm not even into Star Wars but I still love baby yoda.
Idk if it's the same but I found this site that sells action figures and such https://www.dorksidetoys.com/The-Mandalorian-The-Child-Baby-Yoda-11-Plush-PRE-p/mtgwd85.htm

No. 504773

>I take care of him and I love him as if he was my own son
No offense, but that sounds kinda creepy, Id be concerned if a grown woman I knew believes that she deserves to be the mother of someone else's child

No. 504779

ntayrt, but I don't think it is. His biological mother clearly doesn't care for him enough, I don't see anything wrong nor creepy with anon loving him as if he were her own.

No. 504785

Who matters is the kid, and I'm sure the he is quite happy to have a maternal figure who spoils him and treats him right. When I was a kid in between custody of my batshit parents, I always appreciated kindness from adults because it gave me a break from chaos. Wish it had been other members of my family though, they all stood by and watched me be neglected.

You're a good auntie.

No. 504790

I watch so much mukbang videos and I am like embarrassed of myself for liking it but I also fucking hate like 85% of mukbang content on the internet

No. 504809

I live vicariously through my popular close friend who's enjoying a healthy, normal life, successfully studying abroad and meeting a bunch of new, exciting people…i used to be envious but i think i so was envious that i started being like this to cope cause i can't ever imagine living such a fulfilling life even in another life…isn't that pathetic? lol.

No. 504816

File: 1579284555446.png (2.17 MB, 828x1792, 02DE7549-0702-47A6-8323-97D21C…)

I downloaded this dumb otome app again (Love 365) and I'm having so much fun with it. I feel 16 again.
The guys are just so hot and I genuinely appreciate the effort put into them, lol.

No. 504818

You're an outcome of social media tunnel vision where you idealize the small percentage of people who post solely good things in their life while not realizing a lot of it is exaggerated and cherrypicked. You ignore the average person who wakes up and goes to work since they're not on your radar from blasting their ordinary lives on the internet all day.

Most people are average and that's okay.

No. 504821

who's best boy and why is it shinichi?

No. 504836

I get what you mean, anon but I'm not the type to get jealous by stalking people's insta's or snapchat.
I'm very close to her, we talk almost every day, and she's the one telling me how happy she is with everything; i don't even check her social media for my own sake.
I would not complain if i had an average life but my life is far from that.

No. 504842

File: 1579289524965.jpg (314.31 KB, 1280x853, 1531511167730.jpg)

Someone I know who's an awful, miserable person fell for the genderspecial tumblr meme, has the classic shitty pixie cut and asks people to call her they/them, the whole works, whatever. As of late she's been talking more and more about her sooper special transness and being an "MLM" and I think she's laying the groundwork for being a fullblown fakeboi now. Part of me secretly really wants to see her actually transition and go on T and fuck up her body (although I don't think she would do it since she's a coward who just wants attention without any of the potential repercussions).
I know I should stop being a petty bitch who loves schadenfreude but watching her take T and turn herself into a pimply, hairy, squeaky-voiced Aiden instead of the perfect anime prince boy she's deluded herself into thinking she is would be so delicious.

No. 504853

I think in a few years time we're going to have a problem with detransitioners becoming so common that they can't be ignored. Even with all the trans awareness that is being promoted now there is also this effort to make out like detransitioned people don't exist

No. 504855

I'm the same, I have a friend I used to be really close with in high school who's now calling herself a gay boi, waiting to start HRT soon and I can't help but watch this tranwreck happen from afar. Majority of me hopes she eventually realizes this isn't what she really wants and is just a masculine woman. I feel like lots of these people know they're already in too deep and don't want to back out because it'll just prove the detrans people were right all along.

No. 504878

how fuckin sheltered are you? it’s creepy that someone wants to actually properly care for a child whose needs aren’t being met? what is wrong with you

No. 504897

i like this one

No. 504907

File: 1579307482931.jpg (35.47 KB, 500x493, 295.jpg)

>tfw i asked the sonic totem if i'll ever have a big dick goth bf and it said no

No. 504926

It is kinda creepy, im sure the kid's mom might be somewhat neglectful but she's his mom and anon only mentions how much she loves the kid, does the kid love her as much?

No. 504930

they're sisters, idiot it's her nephew. are you like the black sheep of your family, anon?

No. 504931

I'd still be wierded out if my sister took this much of an intrest in my kid and belived she deserves to be his mother

No. 504936

File: 1579313538463.jpg (7.79 KB, 500x137, 4cc.jpg)

No. 504937

nta but the actual mother of the child is neglectful. That anon has every reason to be concerned and care about her own nephew. It'd be worrying if anon wasn't concerned about the child's well being.

No. 504948

I ghosted a guy who was nice to me and I feel conflicted about it. I think what made me do it though was that I got really annoyed with having to constantly explain everything to him. Every time I mentioned something like a show or some concept, he would ALWAYS ask for a summary or explanation. I guess shit like that seriously annoys me since I was often wondering why he couldn’t just quickly Google these things. I got sick of being treated as some sort of living encyclopedia at times. Conversations became so extremely one-sided and dull that it just became a chore and completely unenjoyable. I still feel pretty bad about the ghosting though.

No. 504954

My hair is a pixie cut right now, but that's actually really smart when you're out of floss, not gonna lie.

No. 504957

I'm about to download this now

No. 504977


You’re right, I will never tell. I can’t. I’m like madly stupid in love with the dude, lol. BUT - it isn’t “the Johnny asshole from the TND thread.”

I will give a hint: if you’re into shitty goth / industrial bands, you prob know him and are a fan of the band he played in for awhile. He also was famous for things other than music. If that helps.

No. 504980

>I got sick of being treated as some sort of living encyclopedia at times.
I kek'd because this exactly what I tell my mom when she puts me on a pedestal for being smarter than her, even to the point of getting angry at me if I don't have all of the answers to her questions.
Anyway it's easier to just cut things off cleanly by offering a simple explanation for why things aren't working out if ghosting makes you feel guilty. You also aren't obligated to spend time with someone just because they are nice if that's what you feel guilty about. You're allowed to surround yourself with people because you enjoy their company and personality too.

No. 504985

I'm a grad student working in a lab that hires a lot of undergrads and I've got a silly, inappropiate crush on one of them. He is like 8 years younger than I am ffs.

No. 504993

I don’t believe in religion, I went to Sunday School when I was little for many years, but my family isn’t religious and I just went for something to do, I guess. But whenever something in my life feels unbearably stressful or something feels hopeless, I start to pray to God. And I always notice that my problems get resolved/go away incredibly quickly after I pray as a last desperate resort. It feels weird, because I always say I don’t believe in God. I don’t go to church, don’t read the bible, me and my family don’t live our lives religiously at all, but I always turn to prayer in the end. And by saying I’m an atheist or something, I always have this thought at the back of my mind going ‘if you u say you don’t believe then praying next time won’t work’. It fucks me up. I don’t know. I feel like I come across as some Jesus freak whenever I mention it to my family. I think I believe that there’s something out there. I don’t know anymore. I just find it comforting I suppose.

No. 504996

i saw, that was fucking brutal and am sorry sonic did you dirty like that. maybe there's slightly larger than average goth bf out there for you?

No. 505004

when I was a teenager, my best friend was really interested in doing drugs. she always wanted to do hard drugs but never did. she did however have a friend who was into hard drugs. said friend also did this thing where she would color a popsicle stick (it's basically just a small wooden stick, if you don't know what that is) with a sharpie, then light it on fire and inhale the fumes to get high. I've never heard of this anywhere outside of her friend.

anyway, we were both incredibly stupid back then and thought it would be fun. we did it a few times and it didn't even get us properly high, just lightheaded. I've since read up on how merely sniffing sharpies can be really damaging to the brain. I'm already predisposed to mental illness and I am 100% sure this gave me permanent brain damage and made my mental illness issues worse. there is not a day I don't regret doing that. it's such a dumb, embarrassing thing to admit to but it feels good to let it out.

No. 505007

I would have done that but It has just been too long since I ghosted him so I find it would be awkward now to come back and do that. In any case, I think It’s helped pushed me to not ghost now since I haven’t ghosted anyone since then. I just don’t think that dude deserved it since the only bad thing he did was be unintentionally annoying.

No. 505023

There's nothing wrong with that, anon.
I pray in times of comfort myself. As long as you know it's not 100% foolproof, I think you're good.

No. 505042

…Are you me? I’m in the exact same situation. I don’t pray often, but every time I do things always turn out how I hope. And whenever I pray I always make it a point to apologize to for not praying enough and only turning to God when I really need something lol. I’ve never told anyone about it though. But if there is some sort of higher power out there I really am grateful, cause I know they have my back.

No. 505070

He was probably just trying to make conversation about something you were interested in. That said no one owes anyone else their time so ghost whoever.

No. 505085

You’re bangin’ Trent Reznor?

No. 505109

isn't he still famous? and he's known only for his music, I think (and music for movies that he made).

Anons, what are other industrial/goth bands with infamous lead singers/characters? The band might still be going without the guy in question or have broken up.

I think of Skinny Puppy but that's cause I don't know that many industrial bands. Need to google lol.

No. 505115

Don't think it's him.
He's just had another child, hasn't he?

No. 505116

i made a fake instagram to creep on my boyfriend's ex gf because he unblocked her a while ago and am torn between getting a sense of satisfaction from feeling prettier than her (yes i know this is mean)
and being upset that they're still on good terms and he watches her stories and likes some of her photos. i would say the sadness outweighs any potential confidence boost i get so i'm trying to stop being creepy.

No. 505161

not to give a stereotypical lolcow response but personally I'd be suspicious of him still talking to her like that, especially if she was the one who broke it off. my ex boyfriend was friends with virtually all of his exes (even the one he said was "crazy") and it turned out after we broke up he was basically keeping them around to flirt with them just in case he might get laid by one of them again and was cheating on me with a female friend who wasn't even an ex. I'm definitely not saying dump him or anything, just keep an eye out

No. 505164

i appreciate this response, i had something similar happen in the past which is why i got worried in the first place honestly. i posted about this on another board mentioning that it makes me feel uncomfortable that they talk even though i feel like i trust him. i decided i'll talk to him about it to alleviate my anxiety and hopefully resolve it. thanks for being realistic with me anon

No. 505167

Is it Monte Cazazza?

No. 505172

you're welcome, I hope it all goes well

No. 505217

recently got a credit card when i definitely should not have gotten a credit card and am now spending money i dont have like its burning a hole in my pocket and i knew i would do this but am still…. doing this.

its not like my limit is 10k but still why am i like this

No. 505220

Put it somewhere you would have to actually make an effort to get it from, like a high shelf, ice it or just cut it up man. Stuff isn't worth the stress.

No. 505228

Isn’t that guy old?

Can we have a timeline, musician banging anon!? Like if we guess it’s nbd we anonymous! I just want that tea lol

No. 505236

i've done this about four times now - i record the sounds i make while i masturbate and about to cum, then i listen back on them and sometimes even get turned on by the sound of my voice. sometimes i get the mad but brief idea of actually sending the recordings to my ex boyfriend. i think the idea of someone getting off to the sound of you getting off is really hot. i don't even delete them. i feel like such a fucking weirdo for this.

No. 505240

we should ask on some music sperg board/subreddit kek. Someone would figure it out or at least give a good estimate of who that might be.

No. 505251

Idk if karma exists or not but nowadays I’m more convinced than ever that good things usually happens to good people and…well, that’s it.
My confession is that I secretly enjoy this so much, specially when bad things happens to my closest friends, specially those ones who think they’re the best, above anyone else and then life hits them with reality and they end up all alone.
I won’t go into much detail but I’ll say that I archived more than them in almost every aspect of my life and without having to fight hard for it, while they try, try and try and never get anything back. I know I can’t confirm it’s because they’re arrogant and selfish people but I actually think their personality has a lot to do with how they end up at the end of the day.

No. 505263

I don't believe in karma but I see the exact opposite (maybe cause I'm bitter and that's all I notice?) The bad, narcissistic, selfish people around me all are living great lives( healthy, good money, great partners etc .)

No. 505269

Yes, usually cold, very rational people know how to play by the rules and so they succeed. I wouldn't go as far as saying they're narcisssistic but they're just not easily impressionable or let things get in the way of what they want. The anon you replied to, well, she implies she is a good person which is shady because people who are actually good never call themselves that. They are the most humble people I've met.

No. 505272

Yeah, he is pretty damn old but anon did make it seem like he is an older musician. All other industrial/goth musicians I know are either married or still active so that was my best guess lmao.

No. 505273

Not weird, kinda hot. A lot of guys would like that.

No. 505314

I have bipolar disorder, with a major symptom being manic hypersexuality. Hypersexuality is far beyond just being horny, I obsess over sex constantly, will make inappropriate comments to people, and have to masturbate in work toilets to keep myself under control. As such I've never managed to stay faithful to partners. I was formally diagnosed and treated 7 years ago, but unfortunately not before I cheated on my then-partner. I've been with my current partner for 4 years and have managed to stay faithful. However, the strain of trying to keep my hypersexuality under control is driving me literally crazy - I'm fixating on random guys, usually ones I work with because I don't have much of a social circle, and it's destroying my sexual inclination to my partner. He's the love of my life, I still find him attractive and he is by far the best lover I've ever had. But bipolar is a serious illness and the urge to fuck my life up is so strong recently. I'm scared that one day I'll lose control and do something I regret. Aside from this I am quite sexually messed up and get aroused by odd things, so I tend to seek out inexperienced guys who are easy to manipulate for my own benefit. Starting to wonder if my fiancé just deserves better than me, tbh.

No. 505315

File: 1579449386531.gif (958.05 KB, 250x250, doggo.gif)

I've done that too! Sent it to my bf when we were first dating/long distance and it would make him crazy. He thought it was super hot.
I don't think it's that weird tbh. Better than actually filming yourself imo.

No. 505318

Imma need these recordings… for research

No. 505319

Not that weird, thats the reason I used to send nudes at all, specifically cause I thought it was hot that I was getting someone off by doing basically nothing. I also used to think abt sabotaging my ex but it wasn't worth it compared to wanting to make my current relationship work (which sending lewd shit to your ex would definitely screw up).
We were long distance & now live together. He prefers hearing me now than when I would send him recordings

No. 505330

File: 1579453550421.jpg (28.99 KB, 656x499, 7399775c1ce69f30516e4a73f71954…)

I was brought to tears after reading fanfic of the Greek Gods in whcih meducsa falls in love with a handsome kindhearted blind young man, I just want someone like that

No. 505333

And post about it without sharing a link? For shame.

No. 505334

No. 505337

So someone (kinda) older who guitar smashes who people think does meth. Industrial band.. was/is pretty famous what, 20 years ago? 10? Not active in music right now. I’m still thinking about this haha. Someone said skinny puppy but I think ogre is still playing shows and stuff so that doesn’t make sense.

No. 505339


OG anon also mentioned that "Everyone thinks he’s currently in rehab or doing drugs on the streets but really he’s hanging in my house" so somebody who apparently is well know for doing drugs. I thought at first that it was ol' manson but I hope that anon is better than this.

No. 505344

Are you banging Dani Filth, from COF?

No. 505365

NTA but COF is not goth or industrial despite being constantly labelled goth. They have goth influence in their music I guess but their genre is extreme metal.

/saged for music sperging

No. 505389

and the band that seemed to be popular but cringey/cheesy so maybe it was popular with teens? Manson would fit here but it's most likely not him.
Anon also mentioned the guy having some other succesful venture than music.

can anyone that knows more about industrial than me browse the wiki list and see if anything fits? I do listen to some bands but not enough to be much of use.

No. 505393

I just realized today that it is a CPAP machine and not CRAP machine as I had always read it my whole life… I had always thought that why on earth would anyone give it such an humiliating name, haven't fat people already suffered enough…

No. 505418

File: 1579477477054.png (279.33 KB, 500x490, 8264829174.png)

oh god anon

No. 505423

Drugs are bad.

No. 505430

I'm really bad at perpendicular parking. Literally just parking between two cars. I've been driving for 5 years now and I get this crazy wave of anxiety when i'm parking and I always think I'm going to hit the car next to me. Yet, I always end up fine?? That doesn't change the fact that I'm equally as scared the next time it's time to park.

No. 505432

i'm so bad at it. i always end up crooked and look like an asshole

No. 505443

I believed my whole life I was lesbian because I've only ever really felt attraction to girls. Like when I look at guys I feel really turned off, but lately it's been kind of different and I don't know why. I've been entertaining the idea of being bisexual and I'm not super confident I am but I'm trying now to organize a date with a nice guy. I just don't really know how to interact with men since I've only really hung out with girls, and I'm also a little socially awkward. I feel super nervous about the whole thing, lol

No. 505453

I went through that list and nothing really stuck out to me and I know there’s tons more bands than those listed. I’m stuck! I want some more hints anon!

No. 505457

I wish I didn't believe in God. Not believing in God would make me feel less shitty and confused with the fact that my life is so shit compared to those around me. So much of how my life has played out was out of my hands to begin with. The people who tell you to have faith in God are the same people who are ridiculously beautiful, smart, loved and cared for, and raised into healthy and well off families (Not that I'm the opposite of these things, I'm just very average when it comes to looks and intelligence, and I've gone through a lot mentally and situationally). I seriously think god hates me; I feel like I never had a chance at a good life.

No. 505467

Pretty sure even thee bible makes life out to be pretty unfair and ruthless at times and God doesn't seem to give a shit. I like to believe that his cosmic moral justice is just too difficult to grasp.

No. 505554

I have a wonderful kind and empathic boyfriend I adore; and he adores me. Good sex, good friends, he makes me more patient by example.

So why am I so scared to commit? I love dating and relationships and flirting; I just hate the idea of never being able to do that again (despite the fact most men are horrible humans). My bf is a rare gem I truly cherish, but I also simultaneously just want to kiss every boy and hold hands and have a harem of boyfriends. It’s so fucking stupid, but I just needed to express it somewhere.

No. 505611

Long term love doesn’t diminish the dating and flirtation. It makes it all more wonderful. You can be together for 40 years and still feel new to each other every day, with the added joy that is exclusive to sharing a close, intimate, once in a lifetime bond with someone and years of shared memories.

No. 505722

I ruined the first date I've ever been on because I'm so afraid of commitment that I tried to make the person hate me. She didn't hate me until I ghosted her a week after the date, luckily she got a girlfriend later but I still feel bad that I can't grow the fuck up and be able to date like a normal person.

No. 505723

ok i will relieve you of the guilt and take him off your hands

No. 505727

As a kid (till I was like 20 tbh) I'd often have problems with shitting, I'd like shit once or twice a month, and it would be unexpectedly. I would also go to my aunt's place who lived right next door to read/borrow some books because she was a teacher. I borrowed this book and went back home, however I had to shit bad and my brother was in the bathroom. I ended up shitting myself only a bit that could be easily wiped with paper, and I was so afraid that someone would find out that I hid it in one of the books I borrowed and put it in my book shelf. Once before bed, my mum wanted to read me a bedtime story and saw the shitstained book, I freaked and I lied saying I found it like that.

No. 505736

Scared? Are you sure it's fear?

Never, ever, ever, underestimate fear. It's the most powerful emotion of all. It's the first emotion babies experience. It's the first emotion that evolved in living beings. It's the one emotion survival depends on. That makes it the most useful emotion.

That's why I'm asking you to carefully consider what exactly you feel.

If it's fear, that means something of great value, something of critical important for your life, is jeopardized. Might it be freedom? Might it be choice? Might it be new experience? Those are important. If you're really afraid your relationship will endanger any of those, listen to the fear. It's there for a reason. It's there to help you set priorities for survival. And that means the relationship has to fall to the back burner.

But maybe it's not. Maybe you've just worded it too harshly, or haven't thought about it much and just used a common phrase. In that case, try to name the exact thing you feel. It will tell you how you should act. That's what feelings have evolved for - guiding actions.

No. 505749

I know that. Hence why I said the idea of actually doing it is repulsive. I wouldn't give the opportunity even if I was hot.

it's a fantasy. Not reality. I can seperate the two, jfc. Chill.

No. 505750

Haven't been in a relationship in years, mostly okay with it.

>mfw my awkward dude friends all become single and start hitting on me after finding out im losing weight

>i crave the die

No. 505775


felt this

No. 505795

When i was 19 and just split with a long term boyfriend i decided to do some Tinder hookups to numb the heartbreak. I matched with this dude who played the same niche video game as me and he was decently cute so we met up. I drive 30 minutes to see him at his parents house and he immediately complains that his dog is dying and just shit everywhere so it might smell bad. This guy lives with mom and dad, has a computer setup in his dark room so we just hung out in his room and fooled around a bit. But i kept thinking of that poor little dog. Tinder guy came so he got up and immediately started playing a game on discord with his friends, so I got up and went downstairs and sat with this little dying dog. His head was laying on his paws and he hid away in this corner, nobody else was home except me and the guy. I pet him on his head for a while and he eventually shut his eyes. I was getting pretty choked up and the whole situation was weird so soon after I left. The dog died that day. Tinder guy didn’t seem to give a shit. But at least I spent some time with that dog in his last moments. Never saw the guy again either

No. 505807

What the actual fuck that isn't cool at all

I gotta agree that most dog owners shouldn't own dogs at this point, myself included because I dont have enough time to walk my dog more often

No. 505810

Sounds like a grade A fuckboy who doesn't give a shit about other living things, including his potential hookups and friends.
Whenever I meet someone new I always look at how coldly they treat their animals. An animal is a dependent yet innocent being (aka 'needy'), a position that you yourself could occupy if you get in a long term relationship someday. You'd have to remember to expect to be treated about as good, or as badly, as his animals. They're like the canary in the coal mine for empathy and devotion.

I don't trust men who are shit to their animals.

No. 505817

I caught my autistic 11 year old looking at weird fetish videos on YouTube and it’s super disturbing because he found them through looking at cartoons of kids characters and video game characters. We had a talk about it but sometimes I don’t know if I’m getting through to him. YouTube is fuvking evil and gross. This is how kids get exposed to pedos and gross people who can’t go a few days without getting off without their gross degenerate fetish content. I feel like I slipped up and allowed this to happen But I don’t ever expose him to weird shit like that and I guess we had never talked about it before so it makes sense he just stumbled upon it. Especially because he was watching on my phone where I’m logged into an 18+ account. Idk I just feel so much guilt.

No. 505841

11 seems about the age where kids begin to get curious about this stuff. When my brother was that age, he began drawing strange dinosaur-human hybrid sex stuff, because his childhood interests were seeping into these sort of newfound feelings he had. Must be difficult to see as a parent, but I think that it’s kind of normal for that age, with or without autism. Sorry you have to deal with it though, I’m sure it’s stressful to handle.
I know that my first sexual fantasies were about fictional characters from games I played when I was younger. Strange times.

No. 505848

nah you're not a weirdo. I get turned on my my own noises too and I've heard other girls say the same. I've recorded myself before, even was gonna post on gonewildaudio lmao. would send to a SO for sure, an ex…. probably not but you do you, girl

No. 505849

try gonewildaudio

No. 505853

You should have forwarded him to Holly Brown.

No. 505873

I think you’re right, anon. I remember being similarly curious at that age. But also it was some pretty degenerate weird fetish shit that made me want to puke. I went through the YouTube watch history and I genuinely feel like he stumbled across it, when I finally got it out of him (“you’re not in trouble, you’ll be in more trouble for lying to me” approach) he said that he was just curious to see what it was. I also have a hard time with it because I was exposed to sex and pornography at a really young age and it ended up really fucking me up in my teen years and early adulthood. So I’m trying to avoid that happening to him, especially as obviously he has the tendency to become obsessed with things. Definitely don’t want his next phase to be gross fetish porn of cartoon characters. Hopefully I’m not being a crazy helicopter parent. I know I’m paranoid to an extent, because kids are gonna find out either way. I just want to protect him from being confused and sucked into porn so young.

No. 505907

Even though I'm in a happy relationship with a man, I still occasionally fantasise about being in a relationship with a woman. I'd never leave nor cheat on him, I just wonder what being in a lesbian relationship would be like.

No. 505911

File: 1579639272149.jpeg (852.68 KB, 1552x2048, ELP7o0qUUAILny6.jpeg)

I wish my art style was more 'pretty'. I've been going after realism the past year so I struggle with being more free in style. My body artwork may have gotten better but loosening those poses I need work. My style isnt where I want it to be even if my technical skill is getting there. I dont want to hate my own art in 1-2 years.

No. 505919

I'm not an artist myself so I can't empathise with you, but I think pic related looks great!

No. 505920

File: 1579640425557.jpeg (Spoiler Image,811.66 KB, 828x1146, 0B34D209-D1AC-4D62-84A0-2D919F…)

I like it when artists draw a little hair down there but it makes me feel better about myself when I don't shave

No. 505956

Ass hair is considered niche fetish and not a thing adults have, we live in a society goddamn.

No. 505959

anon people do have ass hair what the fuck are you talking about

No. 505961

honestly I'm down about 60lbs and I've found I've become so bitter towards people because in the back of my head im like "ok but would you have been into me if I was at the beginning of my weight loss? probably not" and it's making me feel so jaded. I've always been the friend with the good personality, but I was fat, and therefore, the designated 'ugly' friend despite having better hygeine/teeth/hair than any of my friends bc it 'didnt count'

60lbs later, all my guy friends who used to see me as 'one of the guys' now are flirting with me and it's genuinely starting to piss me off. Like what, I wasn't good enough before?

200 >160, 5'4. (A good hunk of it is lean muscle in my thighs/arms/back.)

sage for blogpost

No. 505964

they meant that the fact people consider it a fetish and not a thing adults have is the problem. hence the 'we live in a society' meme

No. 505965

oh woops i cant math 200 > 140

No. 505966

I'm curious, what artists inspire you or whose style is similar to how you want to draw? If you need to loosen up your poses, I don't think that's really related to style. Maybe try gesture drawing from youtube videos or go to an IRL class, or working faster on quick sketches and less polished work.

No. 506027

Sinix, league of legends artists and other painted but fun looking art. The quick poses definitely helps get a handle on how bodies move. I think immostly just sad my art isnt some cute disney, pretty anime looking style. Wanted myself to be better at the basics before I went in for stylizing more. Pic related I thought was nice. Feels like they have more fun with what they're doing.

No. 506054

My friend is in a relationship with a girl that lets him fuck her once per month and only 10min. That's it. He has a high libido so this makes him incredibly miserable.

I want to tell him to dump her but I don't want to be that person…

No. 506060

this was written by a man

No. 506062

Yea, because we can't have male friends or exes, right

No. 506066

calm down, coolgirl

No. 506070

who cares. stay in your lane lmao

No. 506075

Why are you friends with some scummy dude who rubs his sexual exploits in your face like you're his therapist? Like he should dump her and date you cause it's not like he's held back telling you his dick details right.

No. 506076

Why are some of you so triggered?
He's my childhood friend and blurted it out, that's it jeez.

No. 506081

Yeah I forgot how common it is for a man to word vomit how horny he is and how much his gf doesn't fuck him to other women. My bad.

No. 506095

Ugly cosplayers give me the determination to lose weight and improve my looks. The contrast between idealized anime characters and sad shitbags cosplaying them is inspiring AF.

No. 506104

Comparing yours or anyone else's looks to anime characters is cringe. Srs business cosplay is cringe. Improve yourself in order to be your own person and not to skinwalk a fantasy.

No. 506107

File: 1579710048913.jpg (88.12 KB, 640x800, tumblr_faf487c01a6156b218ba708…)

Normie guys thinking kpop girls are hot makes me feel like shit.
Sorry, but to me most of them just look (and act) like kids. But if men my age are attracted to them, does this mean they think of me as old? And too fat and too tall? I wouldn't give af if it's neckbeards but I also see more and more totally normal guys going "kpop is shit, but she's hot!"…

No. 506108

I'm not trying to look animu at all because I'm not retarded. It's just that ugliness really shines on delulu cosplayers. It's a good motivation to not make myself ugly

No. 506112

File: 1579711701035.jpg (115.55 KB, 720x1080, jennie.jpg)

What makes you think that normie guys aren't into that shit either? Plus, idols like jennie are always walking around in outfits like these, so of course guys think it's hot that someone with an "innocent" face wears revealing stuff like that.
Don't have too much faith in men, anon.

No. 506116

it's like how men find selena gomez 'hot' despite her having a neotenous baby face. or like emily browning in 'sleeping beauty', or a better example; ariana grande. it's not black and white. men can find neoteny and childishness attractive while having varying tastes as well. so a guy could go "oh jennie's hot" but will jerk off to voluptuous women that look nothing like her. it doesn't say anything about you at all , and continuing to think like that will only kill your self esteem even more anon

No. 506117

Lots of normie guys have yellow fever too. I wouldn't be interested in the interests of men who clearly are objectifying these women and putting them on pedestals based on pee pee tingles. Odds are you are good enough anon.

No. 506120

sometimes it really isn't deeper than them thinking women in short skirts and tight clothing are hot. it doesn't mean they wouldn't date/hook up with someone who's the opposite of a kpop girl, and it doesn't mean they daydream about dating a short girl who does aegyo or whatever. same with women and their kpop boys.
also, comparing yourself to what people jack off to is never a good idea.

No. 506121


Also asian women don't look like children come fucking on.

No. 506123

because a normal man couldn't possibily find an asian woman attractive without being a gross fetishist, right? jesus

No. 506124

Why are you trying to twist this into an all asians thing? You're not the same. I specifically said female korean idols, and whose look and act a lot younger than a normal korean or other asian woman.

These women also look ages older than the average idol.

My friends also like pics of her in normal clothes, so it's not that.

No. 506128


They don't act or look like kids, they act cute. Westerners and asians have different views of what is Cute.

No. 506129

Most of my male friends think Jennie is ugly, but maybe they're just the minority?

No. 506132

But they're not saying she's cute. They call her hot and want to fuck her, that's what weirds me out. If like you say she's acting cute then a man's first thought shouldn't be about sex. Cute shouldn't make you horny.

No. 506135

Anon, if you're not surrounded by k-pop idols looking for average/normie boyfriends IRL, you'll be fine. Being jealous of pop stars and models is a waste of time, since being attractive is literally part of their job. They're also unattainable to 99% of men, unsurprisingly.
Also, you can chalk it up to the advent of the internet and recent popularity of k-pop as a whole. Guys just like all sorts of different things (their standards are not actually rigid at all, no matter what they pretend and idealize, they'll take what they're given), and their ideas of "hot" are easily swayed by whatever's new, exotic, socially accepted and popular. K-pop fits all the bills.
It doesn't really mean anything, and I'm sure girls who don't fit into the usual popular western aesthetic (which may or may not be a bit more achievable for you) have felt the same way in their lives.

No. 506138

File: 1579716972013.jpg (331.86 KB, 1438x1438, 1572489080283.jpg)

I'm disappointed that I could possibly be Japanese. My last name is Japanese but I thought it was Chinese for the longest time. If I were to be Japanese, I would be very angry because I find Japanese people to be rude to Chinese people and I believe that I am Chinese so if I were to be Japanese, I would be disappointed.
I don't even like tempura.

No. 506141

Yeah you sure sound chinese…

No. 506146

They literally admit to looking and acting as child like as possible. Get out of here weeb

No. 506147

Thank you. Happy Lunar New Year. I hope you will have a lot of luck in the coming time.

No. 506148

i used to use yaoi mangacaps as pfp and stuff on websites. just mild stuff mostly like two dudes smooching. tbh im not even a fujo i just liked that they made my male friends uncomfortable. on steam in particular scrotes would always message me to tell me that they hated my pfp while having some god awful loli anime girl ecchi shit as their pfp respectively. ive graduated from doing that now though since ive learned you can't really fight fire with fire, now i just remove the dudes with anime girl tiddies in their pfp

No. 506149

That would be lovely but I've been completely poisoned by men who will literally fight to death over what type of woman is most attractive

One end you have men wishing death on fat women and claiming men only like skinny girls and only skinny girls are worth anything, you have men laughing at women with small chests or ass existing and writing novels about how big breasts are the true center of beauty, you have men at each other's throats over what race of women are more feminine and wife material etc. Hell some men will even blow what types of hair women have insanely out of proportion. Just going on 4chan and starting a thread on a "type" of woman and these idiots will immediately start infighting for days on end defending their waifu and saying insane and disgusting things about women as well as making up false scientific facts. Why are men like this? Why can't attractive women just be attractive and let it be?

No. 506150

>Cute shouldn't make you horny
Is this bait?
There are different types of cute, platonic (like animals and kids) cute is one thing, but it's possible to find cute adults sexually attractive. It's not mutually exclusive.

Unless me having a preference for cute men to big, masculine ones means I'm a pedo now.

No. 506151

I guess I'm just being bitter. My ex crush is dating a 17 year old and my now crush likes kpop idols who look half my age. I can't even go for the 'sexy' style to attract guys because I'm pale. If you're not either babyfaced or a have sexy tan you're fucked.

No. 506152

Top 10 girls in mud

No. 506154

I'm not gay but the blonde with indigo top is getting to me with those jugs.

No. 506158

File: 1579722067608.jpg (39.86 KB, 564x564, Im_watching_you.jpg)

That 404 thread made me want to start archiving shit like old movies,music , and cartoons. Those "lost media" videos always remind me that not everything stays on the internet forever.

No. 506160

Fat mood.
An entire singer's discography that I would listen to when I was a little kid disappeared off the face of the internet and their website was one of those sites where the information was all on JPGs hosted externally by image hosting sites that has since shut down so the wayback can't help me with it either.
So sad.

No. 506162

This is so funny to me lol
If I'm talking to a guy who ever sends loli/gross porn, I'll send gay shit right back
Ur my inspo now anon

No. 506163

I think you could still find the songs. Do you remember the singer’s name? Maybe you could find their Facebook/social media and message them. Perhaps they still have the files or even physical copies.

No. 506165

this sounds femcel asf. there are fat fetishists, there are men that find skinny women boyish and ugly, there are men that like plump and 'womanly' women like christina hendricks, there are men that are pedophiles, there are men that are attracted to mature women like gillian anderson, there are men into muscular butch women, there are men into petite 'smol' women. at the end of the day, why do you care exactly? men will always talk and argue among themselves over their preferences on anonymous image boards and also in real life. it's just shooting shit and obnoxious/sexist locker-room talk.

>Why can't attractive women just be attractive and let it be?

do you expect men to never ever talk about women online? that's a bit odd. just like there are threads here about unconventionally attractive people, or 'people shilled as attractive you don't understand." that's just how the internet is. people talk shit. it can hurt sometimes but you need to remember that none of it is very deep.

No. 506167

File: 1579724530171.png (31.27 KB, 1008x720, HEARTBREAKING.png)

There's only two songs uploaded on youtube, one song I was able to find off of someone's computer archive server (or whatever it's called), nothing about them on social media (I suspected it was Bart Baker because with the one picture of the singer, they vaguely look alike, but I tried to contact Baker asking if he was this artist and I got no response, still 50% sure it's him because they had the same style and they look the same even though technically they're not from the same state).
I don't know. I'm a little bit disappointed about it but they weren't really that good anyway. Still, it would be nice to find their stuff.

No. 506173

no idea why but i think these posts are hilarious

No. 506182

This is so alien to me. Are they a family? Why would the girl with brown hair wear a bikini if she didn't want to go in the mud? Why is the boy who was in the mud wearing jeans? Why is there a fully dressed guy filming them?

Can someone from this part of America explain any of this to me? I can understand a family going to a sauna together but something about the filming of the girl getting dunked just made me uncomfortable.

No. 506183

i don't think they're family. it's florida. they're all fucked up weird rednecks on oxies and shit.

No. 506215

did you really just say "im a pale-cel i cant be sexy"? look there's definitely stigma against really pale people but there are also plenty of men who arent retarded enough to care. stop crying over a guy dating a kid and someone who watches fancams to jack off.
blogging but i know a guy who's into older women and is dating a chick older than him but likes a couple of erotic models who look young (his age, rather rather than mature). that shit doesnt matter you baby.

No. 506244

File: 1579742101070.jpg (48.87 KB, 1000x667, xDita_Von_Teese.jpeg.pagespeed…)


What the fuck?? Pale and dark haired has always been one of the epitomes of sexy femme fatale.

No. 506249

they aren't family, it's just some rednecks doofing around and filming it to post online because the girls are hot, like homemade porn but not that serious.

>Why would the girl with brown hair wear a bikini if she didn't want to go in the mud?

oh anon you make me lol. you sound like an alien. they're flirting and messing around. it's a game. like dunking someone in the ocean.

No. 506261

first of all, if you ex crush is dating a 17 year old and you guys are any older than 20 years older, he's a weirdo pervert that is of no loss to you. and if your current crush has different preferences, that's okay in life. Some people won't find even the hottest person you can imagine hot, and that's alright. I'm sure that you also has preferences for how people look for you to be attracted to them. as far as the pale thing goes, a loooot of guys like the pale mousy look. Not every dude wants an extremely tanned fashion-nova babe type either.

No. 506293

I want to be cute. I feel cute on the inside but I'm so tall.

No. 506294

Tall people can be cute, anon! Take it from a shortfuck.

No. 506300

Switch bodies with me, anon. I'm short and I want to be a cool tall butch.

No. 506339

Same. Being shorter was my biggest dream all my life. Not necessarily short, just not gigantic af as I am.

No. 506360

nothing gets me more turned on than fantasizing about fat chicks beating me up and it's been like this since as long as I can remember.

why couldn't i have a more "presentable" fetish like spanking or choking or even ddlg? Why'd it have to be this? lmfao

No. 506361

Lmao what the fuck anon.

No. 506365

Elaborate pls, im fascinated

No. 506376

Tall girls are extremely cute to me.

No. 506377

File: 1579795270444.png (2.19 MB, 1258x1264, Screen Shot 2020-01-23 at 9.51…)

The idea of my boyfriend's ex pisses me off beyond belief. They're a cool popular Japanese tattooist, went to the local pretentious expensive art school, a lot of artists I admire and all of my (few) irl friends follow them on IG. I think even a few have tattoos from them, and I'm not whiny enough to ask everyone I know not to engage with them, but I'm definitely pouting in secret.

I feel like such a baby, but how could I ever compete? My art is dogshit, I'm broke and uncool. I know that my bf clearly is happier with me and all that, this is specifically about me knowing I'm a lesser human being than this stupid rich kid.

Pic related.

No. 506380

if it makes you feel any better i think this is ugly and annoying. very dollanganger adjacent etsy style, i dont know how to explain it. hate it.

No. 506383

Haha if that's what being pretentious and rich gets you count me out. Anon a little bit of work and you will surpass her art. Her art is actually shit and her tattoos are worse. That is some seriously fugly art to feel inferior about.

No. 506384

I agree with >>506380
He chose you, and he's happier with you! I can really empathise with feeling jealous over a SO's ex, but don't be so hard on yourself, anon. Take his happiness with you as the biggest compliment.
I don't think being a tattoo artist is that admirable. I think you're cooler, anon. She stinks.

No. 506385

…she's just a tattoo artist calm down. You're building her up in your head like she's some mogul with exhibits in several galleries who your bf secretly pines for.
Don't they teach you artists anything about "perspective"?

No. 506392

lmao her art looks middle school tier, especially the hair. dont feel bad anon, just block and continue improving your own work.

No. 506440

A-are these her work? I'd cut my flesh off if I woke up from a bender with one of these on me. I guess it's where I live, everyone and their mom is a tattoo artist art school-dropout. It turns out being rich doesn't stop you from being trashy.

No. 506483

I dont like cats or dogs
I dont hate them hell Id never hurt them but my family's pets really ruined it for me with a dog who peed on every inch of carpet or new object that wasnt in a closed room, and a cat who pissed in clean clothing piles if his box wasnt changed immediately. I think Id be happy to never own one again now that Im moving away and my allergies can finally chill out. Not a fan of my friends dogs and cats either but I still pet them if they want that attention so long as they arent jumping onto me,snagging clothes I worked for. It just seems like if you dont like dogs or cats then you're expected to like the opposite rather than not wanting both.

No. 506530

File: 1579822396514.jpg (508.36 KB, 900x1280, theguiltisoverwhelming.jpg)

Ok here's one. I unironically like Yankee Shota to Otaku Onee-san ok? I think it's hilarious and wholesome and the design is cute. 10/10 would head pat.

No. 506540

I want to not have kids just to spite my parents.

No. 506550

>…she's just a tattoo artist calm down
this, she's a tattoo artist that's not someone to be jealous of

No. 506597

I hate showering. I hate it so much

No. 506623

Is that you Myah/PnP/Dolly/Phatboe?

No. 506638

Does that change once you get in the shower? I find the thought of showering daunting for whatever reason but feel ok once I am actually in there. I also recently chopped like 7 inches of hair off and am dreading showers less and less since I don't have to spend ages washing my hair.

No. 506663

When I was around 16 I posted my feet to /tv/ and an anon called me fat and I got so upset I didn't visit 4chan for weeks afterwards and this is the single most cringiest thing I've done online. Thank you for letting me confess this sin.

No. 506668

How do you not know where your family name is from? Did you parents never talk about their history at all?

No. 506669

If you're chinese and have japanese ancestry you know damn well that shit is being kept a secret until everyone who knows about it is dead.

No. 506673

When you live out the boonies there's not a lot going on, and so goofing off in mud is what youngins' for kicks. The brown hair girl is playing the shy wallflower to get a boy to like her, and he's probs just wearing pants still so his boner wouldn't be obvious. They're filming it to show friends all the fun they're missing out on.

No. 506676

Ah gotcha. Now I feel kinda dumb for not getting it right away.

No. 506701

I'm pretty sure I'll never be in a relationship, or at least not in a healthy one.
I have tons of issues, being extremely insecure being the one of the less serious ones.
There are a few scenarios in my head when I think of dating someone. Either I'm so happy that someone accepts the unlikable, flawed me that I end up missing or dismissing all the red flags, and I'll end up with a shitty, abusive, manipulate partner because of my own insecurities, or they'll lose interest in me after finding out more about me or see how annoying my personality is, and leave me or cheat on me….or I'll be super jealous and suspicious of him that I'll ruin the relationship.
Either way, I think I'm meant to suffer alone and that would be fine with me if I didn't have to depend on a man for my freedom, and in a place where everyone is married by 24 or so.

No. 506717

I'm in the same headspace insofar as constantly questioning things due to my insecurities.
I would recommend women's dating strategy forums, so at least you'll feel solidarity with other women who are in your shoes too right now. There are women who are on the fence, me included. It's helped me tremendously insofar as reassuring me in my decisions, and rekindling my own self-respect. I think we as women have become too self-critical. How many men honestly worry about burdening us with their disordered personalities and abuses? Nah girl, they sleep!

My mom was a giant trad/pickme/multiple divorcee so I never had a good example of how to be in romantic relationships. She always blamed whatever on me for why I was having difficulties with men. Watched me suffer LTRs while never offering me support, just reprisals for not magically being able to do better on my own as I was taken advantage of by shitty scrotes. So I had no idea how to approach relationships besides being overly pandering and accommodating (as I saw her be) while hoping that these men I was so desperate for wouldn't leave me after sex and still find me useful and fun. It makes me hurt thinking about how harsh I was on myself while letting low effort, flawed, and lazy men walk all over me.

Best bits of advice I've gained so far:
>men will fuck anyone
So don't think of it in terms of feeling sad that you didn't meet up to their standards. It's about them meeting your standards anon, and about you meeting your own internal standards. You are valuable and worthy, so don't let the way these men treat you convince you otherwise. Remember, men benefit from you believing they're special and someone you should kill yourself over.

>dick is abundant

Don't catch feelings or oneitis, save that for a committed relationship. Your emotional bond is to be earned. If a man is foolish enough to treat you poorly or discard you, readjust your crown and move on. Don't give men chances to hurt you again, and don't extend forgiveness when men would never do the same for us. When they hurt or reject you, move on immediately and block. There will be more.
If you act like you don't have options, a man will be more likely to abuse you and push the envelope thinking you'll settle.

If companionship is important to you anon, I think you should chase that dreams but do not put yourself down or chase low men in order to achieve that. Better to be single than in bad company, I can attest.

No. 506723

File: 1579889195560.jpeg (213.69 KB, 789x881, 613B0703-7195-48EF-9421-A0DC7C…)

I’m in the same situation anon. I’m 21 and ive been an artist since I was probably 12. My boyfriend’s ex is 18 and is a much better artist and it makes me…actually suicidal. she’s prettier than me too and has a cuter style too but her art skills are what really get to me. My bf says my art is his favorite and it’s the best but i don’t believe it. Pic related is a drawing she made of herself and my boyfriend. I hate myself tbh, i could never compare

No. 506726


honestly i don't get it. what is particularly unique or original about this picture? this is why i feel so disconnected from the art community, specifically the online one, since it's so based on praising and acting like fan-based art as derivative as it is is so amazing. i can't stand how this kind of art seems to be larped as some great artistic ability online, i don't get it.

why don't you pick up dancing, or writing? a lot of retards can doodle anything, few people can write something of substance, a lot of people can't dance.

No. 506729

Anon I think you're just looking at the situation with emotional goggles.
I can see why the picture you posted would be good and sentimental for her and your ex, but as a standalone piece of art? It's an unremarkable sketch to strangers. That's how you should be looking at this too. There's someone out there for you with your art and your looks. Don't compare.

No. 506730

she has a very cute drawing style but IDK about you being unable to compare since I've never seen your art. It does not seem like insanely skilled person drew it, but maybe you have Chris Chan tier skills. Anyway why do you have this saved? Go draw yourself with your boyfriend instead of obsessing over his ex.
Anon is already a drawfag so yeah. But as a writer who used to have an inferiority complex toward visual arts - it's nice to hear that words on paper are worth something (and not only animu doodles)

No. 506732

Why are people into art so fragile?

No. 506736

artists are tortured souls.

No. 506738

They create products whose commodity entirely depends on the opinions of others. It makes sense.

No. 506739

Anon I wouldnt beat yourself up this is average stylized realism.
Probably due to escaping real life through art media and using hundreds of hours only to be dissatisfied after seeing more technically skilled.

No. 506741

I respect writers more than I do drawn art. It may sound mean but a good art takes maybe a day to draw for someone to look at it for a second, maybe put it in a folder, and then forget about for the rest of their lives while a good story or fanfic will make me think about it for years to come and I will constantly go back to it and reread it in the future.
Though the keyword here is "a good story" because a lot of writers just aren't that good.

No. 506742

It doesn't have to be unique or original for anon to feel bad about it. Even if someone's style is ugly you can still tell if they're more skilled than you are.

No. 506744

I both write and draw, fanfic/fanart and original art and prose, and I will rarely revisit my own writing as much as I revisit my own art. Yet I'm the same way as you when looking at another person's art/writing.

No. 506746

yeah but i think a lot of the art people on online art communities love is low in originality or uniqueness. i find this interesting because a lot of people love and praise music and music artists for being original and unique as long as it sounds good, and even original/uniqueness that is experimental and maybe not as catchy as say a generic pop tune is more praised or respected, so why does it seem to be the opposite in the fan art communities? I also see the same with writers; people love original writers ect

but yeah talent is pretty important originality or not but i think what would hurt me is someone being far more creative and artistic than i am like they're on an another dimension and i just can't compete lmao

No. 506747

It's ugly and his eyes look infected goddam

No. 506750

Do you actually suck dick at art or something to be agonizing over this?
Lmao anon. Everyone is so sweet to shit on an average piece of art for a fellow farmer though.

No. 506756

if someone else being a better artist makes you suicidal you have way more problems than you're addressing.

No. 506762

I like the drawing but it's nothing special or anything? With consistent practice and discipline you can achieve the same (and more)

No. 506769

This is quite NSFW but
When I give my bf a blowjob he just grabs my head and forces himself down me and I actually really like it because it means I have to do less work…

No. 506792

I don't trust men who have Snapchat.

No. 506794

File: 1579906202201.gif (75.19 KB, 220x220, what.gif)

I just spilled all my dramamine because I had my dramamine tube right next to my chapstick and I thought I picked up my chapstick and when I opened it all my dramamine spilled everywhere

No. 506798

File: 1579906689699.jpg (40.85 KB, 780x518, face-palm-780x518.jpg)

I really regret wasting two years of my teenage life stanning kpop idols. It was easy to fall into since I had just moved and didn't have any friends but that shit is so disturbingly time consuming. I cringe and feel disgusted with myself when I think back on that time, and I find the idols I used to adore and think I'd always love so ugly and boring now. I wish there was a way to go back in time to prevent yourself from going through certain phases

No. 506799

Don't worry anon, whatever you're into now will probably seem cringy in a few years too, and you'll look back at your kpop phase and smile eventually. The circle of life

No. 506803

Teenagers obsess over dumb shit. I had my share of obsessing over dumb shit as a teen. >>506799 is right that you'll likely look back on it with fondness. At least you aren't a late-20s adult obsessing over Kpop shit like someone I know lol.

No. 506827

I've been addicted to playing Sims 3 since I was teen, and any time I get a new crush I'll make a sims version of the guy and myself in order to use the game as a fantasy (i.e. have us get married, have kids, etc.). It used to just be celebrity/fictional crushes, then it turned into guys I knew in real life as well. I feel like an absolutely cringy psycho every time I do it, especially since I'm in my early twenties now, but it's mostly just a way for me to process my feelings and have a little fun. The sim version of me is currently married to the guy I've been casually seeing irl for a few weeks now, if he ever found out I'd probably jump off a bridge from embarrassment lol.

No. 506835

Kind of cute
My ex best friend confessed to me that she made me and her in her sims 4 game and made us live in a lil apartment together, I found it very flattering and endearing

No. 506837

At least it was only 2 years and you aren't doing that stuff far into your 20s. Cut yourself some slack.

No. 506840

Everyone goes through cringy phases. When I was in hs I loved one direction lol, looking back yeah it's cringy but it made me happy at the time and helped me not be majorly depressed. I mean, if you weren't into kpop you probably would've gotten into something else and also cringe at it.

Look at it this way: better than teenage pregnancy/drug addiction!

No. 506869

I abuse library Wi-Fi to download a crapton of YouTube videos and honestly I'm shocked I haven't gotten banned for it. I'm always paranoid they're monitoring me lol.

No. 506874

File: 1579926186985.gif (889.66 KB, 240x432, secret lemonade drinker.gif)

SWIM downloaded over 120+Gigs of music. I like to think I'm doing music artists a favor because most of the stuff I download is just out of compulsion and artist I've never heard of so not only does downloading everything for free advertising to me, I'll also advertise their name to other people who want to listen to stuff of their genre. Technically, I'm a chaotic neutral.
Also, I'm immune to being called out for stealing music because whenever any of the artists I like come to my city, I go to their concerts and buy merch so it's okay.

No. 506876

Downloading YouTube videos isn’t really the same as torrenting Hollywood movies. That’s probably why no one has took notice.

No. 506893

You know if you're using your own device they can't track what you're doing. They may be able to tell how much bandwidth you're using up, but they cant tell how, and it could be legit.

No. 506899

I like looking at fucked up porn for non-sexual reasons, I never masterbate and I have no desire to so I have no idea why I do that.

No. 506903

I'm reserving my hopes with coronavirus but I hope that it gets way more serious than the media hype makes it out to be.

No. 506911

This girl i hate fucked my baby dad behind my back. Her gang banger ex boyfriend is looking for her. He threw her out of a moving vehicle for talking shit and stealing money from him. She was in a coma for 6 weeks and the first thing she did was hit up my bd for sex. This time last year, she used to watch my baby daughter while i went to work. I found out she was hitting my infant and letting her cry in a crib all day in a dirty diaper and doing weird shit like pouring sugar in her bottle. I never got the chance to fuck her up about it. So i texted her writing some hella nasty shit to get her riled up so she would give me her location to throw hands. And she fell for it. So i anonymously sent it to the guy that's looking for her. Kek.

But honestly shes lower than dirt. She used to chain her disabled 7 year old son to a chair and whip him because he would cry that he didnt want to go to bed at 8 and play more video games sometimes. I witnessed and told her i would beat her ass and call CPS if i caught her doing that again. Lost custody. And ON HER WEDDING NIGHT she beat up her ex husband with a baseball bat, because he was drunk and accidentally pissed the bed. She knocked all his teeth out and gave him a concussion. So no. I dont feel bad.

No. 506913


Men with snapchat are always 100% cheaters

No. 506914

I was in that age gap where everyone has it. Most of people I know still have.
Guess it's different after a certain age

No. 506920

No. 506929

Excellent, I'll add it to my list of letter-combinations.

No. 506939

She sounds horrible but you sound like trailer trash too tbh

No. 506940

ok… sorry but why the fuck is someone like you on an imageboard? sometimes i wish lc was kept for online dweebs/outcasts and sequestered from drama so this wouldnt happen

No. 506947

Why do you people blame the other woman for fucking the baby dad, when your baby dad had an equal if not greater responsibility to not stick his dick in a different woman? If he cared about you and your feelings he wouldn't have.
Do you think he slipped and fell into her, or she said something to trick him into getting hard and forced his dick inside her?

You let this weak man cum inside you and passed his genes, and now you're trying to cope by focusing on the drama of this other batshit woman because your baby dad is a walking piece of shit. And he will still be a piece of shit after her ex rolls her up too.

No. 506954

Art is about emotional expression and that can be exhausting, a lot of them would have a mental breakdown if the wind hit them the wrong way

No. 506955

How did you find this place? This shit is wild.

No. 506956

This shit can't be real

No. 506971

Why the fuck would you want that? Not everyone who is interested in imageboards is a loser. Go find a discord to your liking if you want to talk with other losers.

No. 506972

NTA, because you normalfuckers make every discourse about your personal life and have no passion about anything but your boring normalfag interests and clog up the discussion and make shit a lot harder to read. You have invested pretty much every place online so I would like not to be able to read the garbage you type for once.

No. 506973


No. 506974

I mean >>506911 is a loser too, just a different kind

No. 506981

wtf do you think discord is? it's not fucking irc. discord is so heavily steeped in normie gamer bullshit more than imageboards ever had their roots in casual normie culture. literally every 16-24 year old guy alive is on discord. awfully tired of camgirls finding their competitors threads and polluting the site with their boring/trashy ass bullshit like this is LSA, gurugossip or twitter. outcasts have nothing of their own anymore. the old internet was 10000x better for this.

thank you, exactly. appreciate you, anon.

No. 506983

100% agree
That anon doesn't belong here

No. 506987

in her defence she is a far far bigger outcast loser than some weeb neet

No. 506995

NTA, but I wouldn't even call >>506911 normal.
That isn't how normal people live. In a sense, if that anon is also a weeb, I'd say she actually fits in perfectly here. Crazy shit adds spice to threads like this. There's not even any discussion clogging going on here, she just posted her insane confession and then dipped. As long as the site doesn't turn into FB, I don't mind things like this.

No. 507005

On fb this asshat posted about his security business using a news story about a man who got robbed of his life savings recently. I thought it was pretty tacky to be using a crime to promote his business.
I clicked on the article to read more about the robbery. Apparently an entire safe was stolen. I was expecting the victim to be some old man as older people tend to be the types who hoard tens of thousands in cash around their houses. They have an irrational fear of banks and 'virtual' currency after all. Also when I think of "life savings" I think of savings that maybe took more than 10 years to accumulate.
Nope. Turns out it's a fairly young looking couple who don't appear to be even dipping their 40s yet, they appear early-to-mid 30s. They're advertising a gofuckme to recoup $40k and apparently some stolen jewelry. It was meant for their future home, vacations, business investments…just very strange assets that would have been better suited in a savings account if not for the collected interest alone. Cops say they didn't catch anybody. The gofuckme says there were witnesses who saw teenagers bop in and out of the house beforehand. Nowhere does it mention what this guy does for a living. Teaching was mentioned a few times but I find it hard to believe he's a gradeschool teacher and he doesn't appear to be a prof. Teachers here are the most chronically underpaid nationwide. My mom was a teacher from one of the best paid in another part of the country, and she wasn't exactly stupid with her money. Yet she never had 40k in raw cash lying around, even then I don't believe she'd be naive enough to put it in a safe anyway.

My confession is I think people like the ones in this story are scammers. There's no receipts to prove what they claim was stolen was actually ever there. They could have easily paid off some neighborhood kids to steal an empty safe and stage a break in. Now they're gonna cash in on the gofuckme, and so far it's working. I bet these two are gonna use those funds to take an epic vacation of a life time in a few years and thank the grace of god and generous community for giving them the opportunity against all odds.
Nah people are super gullible.

No. 507019

I don't believe in luck but i consistently keep seeing good things happen to some people close to me; they've either pretty much gotten everything they wanted in life so far and more, or they just live a normal, content life and it's so stupid of me to think this way but i'm like, i suffered since childhood with mental illness, had a crazy dad, lost my mom, have a few health conditions(don't wanna go into that really)etc. why don't i get an ounce of what they have?
I have this false sense of entitlement, thinking this life owes me good things because the majority of it has been like bad joke. It's pretty damaging because nothing good really happens so i just end up pitying myself but i can't help it- especially not when i'm in close proximity to these people. I'm just really really envious.

No. 507022

idk anon a lot of normalfags have pretty fucked up lives. they spend little time thinking or reflecting and mostly just react, so. anon seems like a very specific subtype of normalfag though. those people rarely are outcasts. look at your run of the mill camgirl and/or stripper that we see posting on here… their lives are similarly fucked but i don't think we'd say they're actual outcasts. they're just retards that make bad choices and associate with shitty people. often they're fine, socially, and have typical interests, they just make bad choices and aren't too bright.

No. 507024

What is someone who is more or less normalfag but also an actual outcast?

No. 507026

social pariah

No. 507028

This is such a good copypasta. I almost wanna post it on LSA

No. 507035

Please do that would be so funny

No. 507036

I'm deeply in love with a cow. I realize she's a shit person, but I still find her so attractive and I just love her. It's completely irrational. I come here to talk about her because nobody else knows. I wish I could make it all better for her. People don't work that way tho.

No. 507038

I couldn't figure out how to open my roommate's vacuum to throw the dirt out and I had to watch a yt vid to figure it out. It was, in fact, very straightforward. You had to press one of two buttons on the vacuum.

No. 507039

Its Shayna isnt it? I swear some of the posters in her thread have GOT to be obsessed and in love with her to go on and on and nitpick the way that they do, kek.

No. 507040

Idk what the general opinion about them is here but I find drag queens revolting.

No. 507047

Me too. I get disgusted every time i see these males styled like freaks. I'm not part of the LGB community so idk if it's empowering for them and if that's why they celebrate them (or because we celebrate everything men do?)but i don't get that whole ~breaking gender barrier~ and ~showing how ridiculous femininity is~ argument cause it's still only a thing among gays and straight libfem-y type of young women , and straight men (who are the problem) will not watch these clowns and they even if, most of them will not give a shit since they're gay ,or be revolted.
I just think they're an insult to women, especially the way they refer or describe vaginas. I see so many young girls and women emulate them in every way possible, and i find that problematic.
Whether gay or straight- men are obsessed with femininity… seriously, if ratio of drag queens and drag kings were reversed, the men would go crazy and attack these women in every way, saying how they have penis-envy or some shit. Not to forget, the trans cult would come for their asses…like immediately. But since men do it we all have to stfu and accept and celebrate it cause it's progressive.

No. 507053

No. 507064

Had to visit my abusive parents last week & it was horrible. On the last day I couldn't take it anymore so I dunked my fathers toothbrush into the toilet. Happy birthday, dad.

No. 507066

i think some of them are interesting in the way that I like the fashion/makeup they design/wear (think raja from drag race), but i agree a lot of them are revolting. my friends used to watch drag race and i watched it with them, and i thought it was neat tht they know how to sew and design their own fashion, which is a skill most people today dont have. in a way its also a performance art, so i dont really mind the over exhaggarated femininity (depending on who's doing it tho ofc), they are essentially actors playing a character.

at the same time i stopped watching it because of the way some of the men spoke about women in general, and i also hate it when people wear drag makeup irl (eg contouring) because imo its so ugly and jarring and it only really look "good" on stage when performing.

No. 507076

I was going to make fun of the first anon for "muh sekrit klub"-ing but fuck it you're both right. That type of trashy normalfag is SO fucking boring to talk to. They have no interests or hobbies and want nothing more than to talk about the people in their lives and complain. Their asinine shit is only interesting in a trainwrecky way if you know them, so an imageboard is the last place to post about it.

No. 507080

File: 1579985331834.png (51.78 KB, 1237x366, natasha.PNG)

abby?? who??

honestly idec that they're boring to speak to at length, because they can be milky (obv), but it's just so bizarre that a fair part of the board is like, accustomed to a certain type of 'nerdy' outcast subculture and that because of the drama threads, the literal diametric opposite of the original userbase is drawn in, too. it's just so strange to share a site with. like, sharing threads with pic related and shit would be weird. granted, anon isn't anywhere near as bad, but you can just tell she's a mess and likely came here from a sabrina nellie thread.

No. 507081

File: 1579985731043.jpg (44.83 KB, 330x541, tumblr_inline_n2lr3j2AwI1s6f4y…)

I sometimes look at Cracky-chan's old photos. I like the "rough, unprofessional early 2000s weeb/mallgoth" aesthetic in a few of them, I find it oddly inspiring.
It's a shame that she was run off the net by insane incels. If it wasn't for /b/, I could see her just becoming a cool alt girl who's been into self-styled modelling/photography since 2005, sort of like Nana Rapeblossom (minus the drama, internalized misogyny and unironic Nazism).
Sometimes, I have daydreams of taking cool photos like she did, storing them in a private corner of the internet, and amassing a small to medium-sized group of people who enjoy the same things as me. Just the good parts, with none of the psycho neckbeards.
All the weirdly dedicated essays and cult-tier fervor created by the male "fans" do create an intriguing, morbidly fascinating image around her internet presence, though. Looking through the walls of text on different sites feels like going through an ARG.
I sometimes wonder if the same men who stalked and hyperfixated on her are also the ones harassing/orbiting other random girls on the internet to this day, or if it's all just a specific, obsessive incel "culture" that permeates male-dominated imageboards. It's probably a mix of both.

No. 507082

I can't believe they are considered PC since they are literally making a joke out of a) how women dress and use make-up b) how gay men act effeminate c) the idea of a man trying to be a woman. Don't know how that isn't a three strikes and you're cancelled of sexism, homophobia and transphobia in todays climate.

No. 507083

i mean…biological women are pretty much an afterthought in general now even in feminism so its not shocking

the only time people are allowed to be offended by drag queens now is if they use words like tranny(hence why everyone has turned on rupaul despite the fact that he's one of the least problematic people in the industry and paved the way for the majority of LGBT celebrities to even be considered) and ofc when they say something racist, which obviously should be a called out

but biological women and their identity, their issues and feelings, their sexuality, their safety etc is all considered to be more offensive and ~exclusionary~ than actual transphobia and homophobia now

No. 507100

I never followed people like this back in the day because I was too young, but man her aesthetic is really gorgeous. Males really are the worst.

No. 507103

I just wish young girls would stop idolising catty gay guys.

No. 507136

Speaking of the gay community, I fucking hate it when dudes call their butt hole their "pussy" or "bussy,boi pussy". It's retarded.

No. 507177

File: 1580011335528.jpg (90.36 KB, 640x480, 45840-dale-1486388434-623-640x…)

I unironically watch Riverdale despite knowing how cringy it is and I love jughead so much

No. 507179

samefag I also the love the rest of the cast as well

No. 507184

In my head I have always read "anon" as "annin". This is embarrassing yet it will never change.

No. 507186

I fucking hate the show yet I watch each new episode immediately upon release.

No. 507190

>I fucking hate the show yet I watch each new episode immediately upon release.
same for me

No. 507196

This show is so fun. It's basically a soap opera with how stylized and corny it is, but there is way worse shit on TV. It's based off a corny comic book, I don't know why people hate it so much.

No. 507198

I love the show but it can be genuinely very cringy at times

>you look very DILFY today my Andrews

>I dropped out of the 4th grade to sell drugs and support my grandmother
>we’re endgame

are all lines actually said in the show with a straightface

No. 507200

Pepe will always be peep

No. 507203

my older brother says "ay-nawn" and it makes me wanna kms

No. 507215

Sometimes I don't feed my cat on time because she will get insanely cute and affectionate to try and get dinner. Both of us are manipulative shits. I love her.

No. 507273

>t. typical catfag

No. 507281

My cat learned how to manipulate people to give him food by being adorable and I only caught up because he went obese. Cats are machiavellic af and I love them.

No. 507284

I hope this doesn't come across as racebait but I'm kinda disappointed about (most likely) having white passing children

I'm half black half white. I really admire my African roots & I highly identify with it. I currently have a white male husband who I love dearly. I know its weird but im a little bit sad that our future kids will most likely be white passing? I definitely worry that not displaying the typical features will cause a lack of touch with the culture/ other people would put the (hypothetical) child under the label of "white" instead of mixed/ black. If I were to have a child, I'd love for people to be able to roughly identify their heritage just by looking at them, but I know this is unlikely to be the case. I feel kinda guilty about this

No. 507286

You're not alone annin.

No. 507287

Im sorry anon but this comes across as racebaiting. Seeing your own children as labels is a fucked up mindset for a mother to have.

No. 507325

Why does the opinion of strangers (aka the only people who wouldn't know the kid's heritage) matter so much? Isn't accepting your child the way it is so much more important and valuable than what a stranger thinks?

No. 507348

I'm mixed with a white husband and tbqh I'm glad our kids came out looking white since it means they won't suffer from racism. My kids skin tone is the kind of thing I didn't think I'd ever care about and looked down on things like hispanic grandmothers boasting about how white their grandkids came out assuming it must be for shallow aesthetic reasons or some messed up self-hatred. But I started thinking real pragmatic as soon as I was pregnant and only cared about my kids having a good life which unfortunately includes not being clocked as a racial minority, so you might find your opinion changes if or when you actually have children. And I guess take into account that upside of seeming white you couldn't mitigate much if it was otherwise but with your downside you can still teach your kids about their heritage which most people find engaging no matter how they look.

No. 507365

I hate how all the news about Billie Eilish being suicidal a year ago or so annoy me. Maybe her words are taken out of context, but they seem very "me me me". Like… you were suicidal? And so fucking what??? Are you bragging? How about you tell a bit more so we see why it should matter to anyone else. Was it mental illness, bad life situation, how did you deal with it and what others can learn from it?
I feel like a hypocrite because I do genuinely care about depression awareness and lessening the stigma of mental health talk. I don't like when celebrities make such confessions without adding anything of value to them.

No. 507514

File: 1580093967098.jpg (91.34 KB, 700x1169, 5c75007af0be0-awesome-tinder-p…)

Listening to 80's and 90's music gives me so much nostalgia but I was born in the mid 90's and hardly remember anything til 2010. Wtf is wrong with me

No. 507516

sheesh, you sound miserable as shit. she was what like 16 or 17? why is it your business to know what caused some kid to develop depression? it’s not, and no matter what the reason is, guaranteed you’d say it’s not ~bad enough~ because your depression is the only valid one. fuck off back to twitter with this ice cold take

No. 507524

Honestly, as someone else said, you sound very elitist here. You can't claim to care passionately about mental health awareness when you get angry at people (especially famous people who live their entire lives trying to hold up a "perfect" image, while receiving criticism and having their privacy violated) not explaining every single facet of their mental health struggles or the factors that may cause them. You should be understanding of the fact that not everyone struggling with their mental health is going to openly share everything about themselves, their past, and their life just to try and "prove" to someone like you that they're "truly" struggling.

That's, like, incredibly normal, anon. People feel nostalgic over media created during/reminiscent of times they didn't consciously live through, as not living through that time allows one to appreciate what came out of that time while not experiencing the negative aspects of then.

(Also, do you have some kind of memory loss condition or are a child abuse victim? How do you not remember aspects of the first ~15 years of your life?)

No. 507527

who cares. it probably helps a lot of her fans to not feel alone. and you are a hypocrite it's not just a feeling

No. 507550

Not saying I'm right about this at all, but felt like confessing the annoyance anyway to get it off my chest. It irks me how sensationalized the article about it was. It felt very attention whorish. Maybe that is why it bothered me as I usually don't have the problem of gatekeeping mental illness. Or maybe it caught me at a bad moment cause I'm too exhausted about everything falling apart to care about some rich celebrity's issues.
I recognize that everything you say is valid and I am the asshole in this situation. Haven't gotten those irrational feelings for some time, maybe therapy will help me find out why sometimes I am so bitter lmfao. I have nothing against Billie personally and felt bad when I read a review of her record in which author claimed that her depression must be a clever marketing tactic.
I wouldn't post this opinion on twitter as I do not believe it's some hot take lmfao

No. 507553

just chiming in to let you know you're not alone in feeling put off by the articles and how it was framed

No. 507558

Had a wet dream about one of my friends the other day. I feel gross.

>inb4 someone accuses me of being a scrote

No. 507562

Hi anon. I wasn't abused and I don't have a memory condition (that I know of) so I'm not really sure why I'm missing so much of my memory, but I did have strange upbringing and have mental health problems that seem to affect the way I perceive time so maybe that has something to do with it? Like sometimes I feel like I'm living the same day over and over again. But anyway I think I also tend to romanticize those time periods in a way.

No. 507568

I'm glad to know this

No. 507571

Somehow, I remember finding an old friend's pro-ana Tumblr. I think another friend of ours told me her Reddit username she had to post herself on r/gonewild and I got curious to Google that username and I'm sure that's how I found the account.
I decided to make a fake Tumblr account to follow her on it and reblog random aesthetic style posts. At some point I decided to basically start sending her mocking anon asks about her being pro-ana and saying how she would brag about eating a bite of a muffin. Basically anon mail saying the word "thin thin thin…" over and over again. She eventually made a post saying to stop hating on her. I think this lasted like 3 months until she abandoned the Tumblr and she never figured out who it was.

No. 507573

I don’t like my husbands grandmother at all. She’s rude, she’s annoying, and she’s constantly treating me like I’m stupid when she’s the one wiping the floor and then my counter with the fucking dish sponge.
Nothing I do when she can see can possibly happen without her commenting on how she does it differently. She’s not some fuckin magic woman and she’s got zero place telling me how to run a household when she hasn’t done it in twenty years and stopped learning in the late fifties.

No. 507579

same shit grandmother-in-law as well, I appreciate the postive role model she was for my husband but that doesn't mean I'll let her walk all over over me

No. 507580

I'm losing weight but im deeply terrified that when im at my goal I'll find out im still ugly.

I've been told so many times i'd be pretty if I lost weight.

What happens if im not? what happens if theyre wrong and have to face that fact?

If I lose it, and I'm still ugly, then that's that. I cant afford to fix my face.

No. 507583

I’ll be polite but goddamn is she obnoxious. She’s not even a great influence cause she’s hella sexist and still says the stolen generation was just trying to help.
Husbands other grandma legitimately freaked out over her first grandson wearing a onesie that had flowers on it. Kid wasn’t old enough to hold his head up but might catch the dreaded gay.
Old people are really not as precious and wise and people think.

No. 507584

shit anon, at least mine actually taught my husband to cook, clean and take care of himself, yours sounds like a real headache

No. 507591

His mama did a good job at least. He can cook and clean and she didn’t baby him. It’s a very white catholic family, so I guess that partly explains her attitude. Shes not like, super bitchy but I’m still not exactly putting my hand up to care for her when she’s demented either.

No. 507592

someone should make in-laws vent thread, cause the issues you face with in-laws are very specific and can't be applied to other social dynamics

No. 507596

I don’t think there’s enough to make a thread about it. Four or five comments in a confession thread aren’t really derailing any more than anons confessing attraction to underage people or venting about weight.

No. 507608

Maybe a family member vent would be better because it isn't too specific where it'd go dry in 4 days

No. 507632

Sometimes I go on google maps, select a random place in japan, go on street view and look around. I know it's kind of nerdy, but it's a cool way to see what places completely foreign to you look like.

No. 507634

why japan

No. 507639

nta but try it it's really relaxing. use mapcrunch tho.

No. 507640

Pretty place
I do Spain sometimes too

No. 507645

File: 1580128278129.jpeg (49.6 KB, 828x798, EHrwP19VUAAKH_3.jpeg)

my boyfriend is ten years younger than me omg. i had been chatting with him for a few years before we got together off and on and i had a crush on him for awhile. but i never was close enough to get his age and i didnt want to powerlevel so no name no age location all of that. but we recently started talking more and i fell for him. hes not underage lol he can drink but yikes. i cant really help but feel like onision.

No. 507647

What are your expectations for the relationship long term?
If the plan is only to keep him as a boyfriend so you can have a fling, then not to worry.
If you intend to pursue this as a serious relationship, then I wouldn't get too comfortable or attached. A decade of age difference is a big deal when it comes to a man's maturity and emotional intelligence. It usually doesn't bode, especially if we're talking about a guy in his early 20s.

No. 507651

yea the emotional maturity thing is whats keeping me from wanting to go further with it. i really do like him a lot but i am taking things slow because my last relationship was horrible. 10 years is a large gap in life experience and stuff and its something that is always on the back of my mind. thanks anon for some more perspective.

No. 507673

How do you date someone without even asking them their age? That's usually something you reveal to each other as new friends.

No. 507688

You might really enjoy this channel, anon.
I used to watch these videos a lot when I was going through a rough spot, they made me relax and it was like a healthy escapism.

No. 507693

Yes!! I love his videos. They're really relaxing too. What I like most about Japan is how clean it is. Little to no litter is so nice to see.

No. 507694

My best friend and I used to do this for fun. One time we were roaming around Shibuya and found an idol cafe the Backstreet Boys once visited and they signed photos of them and the waitresses. I love looking at the industrial areas, they remind me of my childhood.

No. 507704

I'm jealous of you

No. 507706

Not in real life lmao just Google Maps

No. 507711

Still jealous that you had a friend to do that with lol
It's cute!

No. 507796

Samefag. Hah, it was in a music video!

No. 507874

I chose my LDR boyfriend over a perfectly fine guy in my area. I regret it now. LDRs are a joke, yet I always think "this will be the exception".

No. 507877

Why would you think an ldr is anything more than a pen pal in the first place? You’re not dating this dude from a million miles away, it’s long distance flirting with a stranger.

No. 507902

I'm looking up sites on dream interpretation. I hate that I'm resorting to these hokey websites, but my dreams revolve around the same few scenarios.

No. 507903

not all dream interpretation is hokey. a good chunk of it is but some of it is based in science and psychology. my favorite book about dream interpretation is called dreams 1-2-3 by j.m. debord. they might have it at your library.

No. 507941

> "Dream work is a very personal process. There is no Rosetta Stone for interpreting dreams, no universal meaning for every dream symbol," says reddit.com dreams forum moderator DeBord.

Thanks for the rec anon, I'll see if I can get it with interlibrary loans or find a PDF.

No. 507944

Same! I frequently have dreams about engulfment in large bodies of water. Getting murdered is also a recurrent theme lol