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File: 1560407995479.png (1.88 MB, 1400x696, totemtiem.png)

No. 421286

alright faggots it's time to ask the totem

No. 421289

Will the queen ever return?

No. 421291

File: 1560409094551.jpeg (129.15 KB, 1668x1042, danny.jpeg)

The correct question would be
"When will the queen return?"

No. 421292

will mira ever stop posting in her own thread

No. 421293

File: 1560409358093.gif (874.06 KB, 206x206, 90D7CAED-0249-4227-A8CD-DC459C…)

Are you for real right now?

No. 421294

File: 1560409366250.png (380.73 KB, 512x512, queenindafarms.png)

long live the queen in da farms

No. 421296

Will newfags die off before summer ends?

No. 421301

will holly conrad ever get therapy

No. 421302

can i touch ur weiner totem daddy

No. 421305

File: 1560413097904.png (94.64 KB, 500x300, ive-made-a-huge-mistake-147759…)

No. 421313

Will I ever be happy?

No. 421316

will I pass my exams?

No. 421317

File: 1560416173407.jpg (4.53 KB, 188x164, 1500672930838.jpg)

Are you going to tell me to "ask again"?

No. 421322

Do I have autism?

No. 421327

Will I ever know what love feels like?

No. 421328

will the female coding discord happen ?

No. 421329

Will I ever have enought money to attend to at least one fucking concert

No. 421331

Yes but it will be Jimmy Buffet

Yes but it will be filled with men in dresses

Yes but it will also smell

Yes but the good kind

Yes ask again

Yes but you will wish you hadn't

Yes but not on Tuesdays

No. 421333

I will try to make it later when Im at home

No. 421336

is it worth the trouble?

No. 421340

Fuckin' magnets, how do they work?

No. 421350

will my life always be shit

No. 421351

Should i be productive today

No. 421355

will this guy text me back?

No. 421356

Will I be together with him again?

No. 421359

am i wasting my time with a scrot

No. 421361

does he

No. 421366

will youtubers ever stop being rapey

No. 421368

Soup or stew, please, im hun gry

No. 421371

Will we find the next big weeb cow within the rest of this year?
/w/ became so stale..

No. 421372

just jerk off, mate

No. 421373

wat price

No. 421375

Will I get into the college I want?

No. 421393

Am i ever gonna live a good life sanic

No. 421414

will i have the courage to kiss her after our date tomorrow?

No. 421415

sonic, you tease, is this a challenge?

No. 421416

File: 1560445301857.gif (948.07 KB, 200x200, 1531937675336.gif)

well damn. if this had went well, you could've meme'd me into doing it with confidence.

No. 421440

will I get to proposed to this year

No. 421441

nooooooo sonic noooooooooooo

No. 421459


No. 421467

Will I find a gf?

No. 421470

File: 1560454046517.jpg (10.84 KB, 275x206, 1559489728979.jpg)

Will I get a job I like in the city I want to move to?
Pls based sanic

No. 421471

well I hope you're just a recruiter wearing a furry suit ty

No. 421490

Does she like me back?

No. 421499

will I commit a felony?

No. 421500

File: 1560459031454.jpg (20.87 KB, 256x345, 1516761798757.jpg)

Am I gonna make it, sonic?

No. 421503

will I find a new accommodation this month?

No. 421504

sanic, I was relying on you here, buddy

No. 421505

should i buckle down and make an okcupid?

No. 421514

Will my webcomic take off

No. 421530

will you be my bf, sonic totem?

No. 421531

Oh greaf Sonic, is it a good idea to go through with the plans for Saturday?

No. 421535

what is my porpose sanic

No. 421537

Is this my final year in this punishment called life?

No. 421542

cute bf/gf soon?(1-2 weeks)

No. 421543

Good job.

No. 421545

Are we all gonna make it?

No. 421547

Am I gonna make it at least?

No. 421552

Will i

No. 421554

Wrong answer, yes i will bitch

No. 421571

Will i become rich soon?

No. 421572

Is the sonic totem right?

No. 421578

tbh this is a lot less effective with a board as slow as this one.

No. 421580


No. 421632

Will I ever be happy with my life?

No. 421654

File: 1560486107761.gif (1020.1 KB, 320x212, tenor.gif)

No. 421660

File: 1560487266968.jpg (42.21 KB, 500x375, tumblr_n5bfpkqLsi1qdhrwbo1_500…)

sonic totem pls will this weekend be a happy one

No. 421664

Will my death be painful?

No. 421672

Am I gay?

No. 421677

will my presentation go well tomorrow?

No. 421683

No. 421685

will my fiance like the jacket i'm looking at?

No. 421686

thank you for talking me out of this purchase

No. 421699

Will I get another paid/sponsored trip to Japan?

No. 421701


…. Okay, maybe I'll master bait later

No. 421712

you didnt acknowledge the dubs

No. 421713

will i learn to love myself?

No. 421719

will my business ventures work out

No. 421740

Should I take the guy I’m seeing seriously?

No. 421785

Should I stop browsing lolcow?

No. 421806

Will the 20€ my friend lent me gonna come in my account today?

No. 421840


I thought the totem were talking about tripfagging, not real life trips (isn't it?)

No. 421897

File: 1560522490656.png (813.2 KB, 880x1262, bateman.png)

Retard… Dubs/trips are when the last two numbers of your post are the same. Imagine being this new to boards.

No. 421900

*2 or 3

sonic totem do you love me?

No. 422109

oh shit, anon, watch out

No. 422128

File: 1560542425435.jpg (24.47 KB, 400x400, 1549705840123.jpg)

Should i be alive

No. 422231

I'm sorry anon. <3

No. 423114

is he being honest to me?

No. 423116


No. 423119

File: 1560841214035.jpeg (114.5 KB, 933x828, BC0B93E5-6221-4A45-9F35-AA8263…)

Will I ever see my crush again

No. 423123

beloved totem, will I ever finish my PhD

No. 423124

thank you totem, my presentation went well
a sacrifice will be offered

No. 423126

Should I let it go?

No. 423127

Will I finally move abroad?

No. 423212

should I start trying to date again?

No. 423215

Should I drink my hot chocolate with almond milk?

No. 423216

Well, that's a strong response…

No. 423219

thank you, based sanic. i need to focus on my academic endeavors, not romance.

No. 423222

Will I ever have nice hair?

No. 423235

Are you there?

No. 423239

should i make a smoothie?

No. 423240

b-but i'm hungry

No. 423242

do I look gross today

No. 423243

Will I find a gf in a new city?

No. 423258

>I'll see you soon
Uh-oh, anon

No. 423264

Will I do well on this midterm…?

No. 423266

Heyyy reroll

No. 423267

oh shi-

No. 423268

Is my medication right for me?

No. 423280

Should I go to the laundromat today?

No. 423283

will I feel better tomorrow?

No. 423288

Should I go away?

No. 423332

will I finish this project by the end of the month?

No. 423336

Will everything be okay?

No. 423338

Should I go spend a week with my friend in the South of France ???????????????

No. 423350

Will I hit a six figure salary within the next 5 years?

No. 423359

am I gonna be a NEET forever

No. 423367

does he like me back?

No. 423408

Should I get a haircut tomorrow?

No. 423422

Will I meet a cute, good hearted butch that will love me this year?

No. 423426

Will this lump go away if I ignore it?

No. 423438

File: 1560916911355.jpg (8.16 KB, 221x250, 1495841603160s.jpg)

Is marrying my bf a good idea?

No. 423439

File: 1560916854869.png (2.75 MB, 2998x1681, emopika.png)

Is marrying my bf a good idea?

No. 423447

File: 1560918646310.jpeg (44.96 KB, 540x521, 947EB5F6-F43A-429D-B830-8D4B1F…)

is marrying MY BF a good idea?

No. 423450

will i get a reply soon ?

No. 423456

Am I ever going to get called for a job interview…

No. 423459

>suffering awaits

No. 423475

Am I wasting my time?

No. 423575

Will cute boi and I ever have sex?

No. 423593

Should I leave my bf?

No. 423595

Post about it in the relationship/vent thread and we'll tell you.

No. 423598

Will I ever find a guy who treats me the way I deserve?

No. 423616

Do you love me?

No. 423617

No. 423620

Can I murder my ex and get away with it?

No. 423622

Be careful, anon

No. 423669

should I eat lunch first?

No. 423687

will i win some lotto money this weekend?

No. 423724

Is this guy right for me?

No. 423727

Should I leave him

No. 423780

Will I get back on my feet?

No. 423781

W-what do you mean sanix? That's so cryptic. Will I see you in my sleep and you'll guide me towards enlightment?

No. 423790

Will I get a job after intership

No. 423791

did chris ever jizz on you, sonic totem?

No. 423792

Oh God. You have my deepest condolences.

No. 423797

…..did the closest friendship of my life end…..really just like that?

No. 423801

Oooo what happened; tell us

No. 423847

Its hard anon but yeah. Nothings permanent. I hope you feel okay as time goes on and meet new people.

No. 423947

will I get this flat?

No. 423957

Is he 'The One'?

No. 423966

will i get an email back soon, O Sonic Totem ?

No. 424017

will i have the best birthday party ever

No. 424034

Would it only cause cringe?

No. 424035

No. 424036

Should I get the dior one

No. 424037

woah now that's a bit of a commitment

No. 424114

should i give up on trying to date him?

No. 424116


No. 424119

should i buy atoms?

No. 424120


No. 424122

Should I hurry up and call the college I want to enroll into?

No. 424127

only solid crypto advice ever

No. 424279

do people percieve me how I fear they percieve me?

No. 424281

should i learn to code?

No. 424284

Is it hopeless?

No. 424285


No. 424287

Will Henry ever escape and find happiness?

No. 424302

should i keep going?

No. 424329

should i stay with my emotionally negligent bf

No. 424530

o great one, when will the anons in the dumbass shit thread stop arguing about a witch picture

No. 424620

Is my boyfriend using me for money?

No. 426016

is it a good idea to buy a laptop on credit now instead of suffering 3 months with a basically unusable laptop?

No. 426023

Will the nigga ask me to be his taquito?

No. 426030

Does "she" have bad motives?

No. 426195

why is she in quotes

No. 448276

o totem, will my professor be proud of my thesis ?

No. 450463

Should I buy gold bars

No. 450471

will i ever be happy

No. 450473

will i get a new job

No. 450508

will I have money next year?

No. 450510

Will I get a job in two months after my graduation?

No. 450524

should i get married this spring?

No. 450527

…should i get married this spring?

No. 450532

Will my birthday be okay?

No. 450549

Is the remote recruit thing a legit option for me atm.

No. 450557

am i making a good decision for myself?

No. 450558

Haha my boyfriend forgot it completely. Thanks sonic.

No. 450559

will i marry him?

No. 450562

Will I ever know true love

No. 450567

Can I get over how scared I am of the brief pain to do what needs to be done?

No. 450583

Am I going to college this semester

No. 450585

Will I find a job soon

No. 450619

Will we rekindle our friendship?

No. 450621

Will I go next Thur?

No. 450628

should i perm my hair

No. 450645

can he be saved?

No. 450652

Will I get a good job?

No. 450668

Will this month go smoothly for me?

No. 450671

Should I get that compression bra?

No. 450674

rolling again bc maybe is not an answer. are my problems capable of being fixed

No. 450675

this totem is petty

No. 450689

Will I be hungover tomorrow?

No. 450743

This won't lead to anything serious, will it?

No. 450750

will I make it in a week ?

No. 450757

will this whole plan go well ?

No. 450759

will the sanic totem ever answer me?

No. 450760

should i stay?

No. 450761

Will I meet my goal?

No. 450762

Will i get a good job?

No. 450768

will I power through and save face ?

No. 450769

Will I meet a decent psychologist?

No. 450775

should I keel myself

No. 450778

lmao, no release from this hell for you anon.

No. 450797

Will I get to move and work to the city I wished for?

No. 450803

will my shitty paper ever get published?

No. 450850

should i keep trying for him?

No. 450851

will he change

No. 450862

Is he worth pursuing?

No. 450879

should i move in with her

No. 450907

No. 451108

File: 1566337553072.png (64.12 KB, 175x146, parappaicon2.PNG)

Is returning to the instagram hellhole a good idea?

No. 451115

File: 1566338597985.jpg (52.2 KB, 613x550, 2b4566daa5bf8a61909f9f171e2ce3…)

will I get to go to the airport?

No. 451120

Am I a NGMI?

No. 451169

lol 2 late sanic thinks ur gay now

No. 451175

Will I ever be content with my life?

No. 451179

No. 451182

Will I meet The One this year?

No. 451199


Should I keep waiting?

No. 451252

will I get that better job I've been looking for

No. 451255

Will I ever figure out what I want, ever?

No. 451576

File: 1566400930019.png (647.9 KB, 750x743, 1558286890350.png)

a couple questions if you will, sonic
will i get the help i need tomorrow?
should i bother with a lotto ticket?
should i just drop out of uni?

No. 451577

File: 1566401036327.jpg (55.54 KB, 624x678, 37113427_1885524721506677_4463…)

should i just neck myself then?

No. 451629

please sonic, will i ever be a worthwhile and wholesome person

No. 451828

is this medication actually going to work instead of disappointing me

No. 452052

will I get this house in FFXIV that I've been camping for the last 12 hours

No. 452480

should I confront him sonic

No. 452483

Should I just dump him

No. 452490

Will we work out in the end?

No. 452491

Will I get this position?

No. 452516

will i travel to another country this year?

No. 452519

Is he creepy or cute?

No. 452521

am i just straight up unemployable?

No. 452523

File: 1566521175630.gif (2.37 MB, 444x444, played yaself.gif)

No. 452524

Does he like me?

No. 452541

No. 452570

is this right for me?

No. 452581

Is the new Fire Emblem worth playing?

No. 452582

Oh sonic totem, answer my question!

Will I get it?

No. 452616

Should I contintue watching season 2 of The Sinner even though I read it all goes ass near the end?

No. 452659

will i make it in time ?

No. 452669

will we get married or nah?
pls help sonic totem, i don't know if i'm wasting my time or not.

No. 452708

Is he the one for me sonic

No. 452717

Is she still playing with me, Sonic?

No. 452814

Will you make a 3D game as good as Sonic 3 and Knuckles?

No. 452815

Should I try for a relationship with him?

No. 452816

Is the thing with x a good idea/will it go well

No. 452879

Sanic pls tell me. Does he actually like me or is it lust?

No. 452885

is the person I day-dream of daily a good match for me?

No. 452889

Am I better off alone?

No. 452890

When will I see them again, so I can find out

No. 452891

am i going to hell for this?

No. 452896

will I ever have coitus again and will it be satisfactory

No. 452914

should i leave my husband?

No. 452915

No. 452922

Magic Sonic here. Sorry about that. Yes, do leave your husband.

No. 452924

Does she like me for real?

No. 452925

No. 452926


No. 452952

Will that asshole send me the email today sonic?

No. 452953

Ok, so that means I'm out?

No. 453543

If I keep going and start working harder will I find success?

No. 453545

So yes?

No. 453589

Should I get back into touch with her?

No. 453701

Should i get a second cat?

No. 453719

File: 1566757755998.gif (28.61 KB, 480x480, CAF52AF4-890A-4F7E-9FEC-3B1987…)

No. 453736

Does he hate me?

No. 453751

O great Sanic, will my project flop?

dam bro, that's heavy

No. 453796

>mfw Sonic was right

No. 453804

Sonic what about this new lead idea? Any good?

No. 453805

No. 453877

Was I wrong in thinking he wanted to be more than friends?

No. 453878

Should I off myself now while I have the guts?

No. 453879

But why male models?

No. 453880

Say no more fam

No. 453950

o sonic totem, will i finish this fucking essay in time ?

No. 454000

Is everything gonna be daijobu

No. 454172

Do I try to make it work?

No. 455039

do my neighbours know i smoke weed lol

No. 455043

Will health insurance in america gett better this year

No. 455044

Sonic I was just kicked of my insurance plan so I'm not in the mood for your ambiguity

No. 455071

Oh great Sonic will the finally deliver the notebook?

No. 455118

Is our luggage going to get lost on our trip?

No. 455454

Will i get the job

No. 455464

sonic pls

No. 455473

Should I quit my job?

No. 488532

File: 1575038678638.gif (994.71 KB, 498x474, tenor.gif)

Will I finally graduate this year instead of flunking?

No. 488533


i am fucked

No. 488540

Will I get back my parcel?

No. 488543

nO. Will they successfully steal my ~$500?

No. 488548

Should I ghost him?

No. 488557

Are we still friends?

No. 488561

Will we end up going on that date or was he messing around?

No. 488564

Will it happen today or tonight?

No. 488566

No. 488591

Would it be worthwhile?

No. 488592

Will todays session be fun?

No. 488600

Is my business gonna work out??

No. 488603

>yes, at a great price
honestly i suspected as such. are we going to break up cos we're trying to run a business together?

No. 488614

will i get the job i want after i'm done with school?

No. 488624

should i just quit my fuckin job lmao

No. 488625

re-roll ay sonic u bitch should i quit my job

No. 488628

Am I gonna get a gf in 2020?

No. 488629

…Woah. Not another shitty year please.

No. 488632

will I get skinny sanic

No. 488634

No. 488641

sanic should i buy a drawing tablet?

No. 488648

i'm an idiot. how does this work? lol

No. 488652

Should I upgrade?

No. 488661

ask your question and sanics answer is the last digit of your post number, in case for your post it's 8 and thus "suffering awaits"

will I finish this essay without pulling an all nighter?

No. 488671

Sonic should I buy an iPad rather than a tablet?

No. 488679

Halp. Do I really need the Nintendo Switch currently in my amazon basket?

No. 488681

Yeahhh that's what I thought too.

No. 488698

Will it work out next year?

No. 488700

>>488698 so it'll work out sooner, right

No. 488701

>>488700 for fucking good?

No. 488722

will be 2020 be good to me

No. 488725

Will I finally get a good job?

No. 488728

re-roll, will i get the job i want after i'm done with school? pwease sonic

No. 488735

Is it cancer?

No. 488736

should I apply for a new job sonic the wise?

No. 488784

do i have a chance with her?

No. 488785

No. 488786

i rly played myself

No. 488791

was moving here a mistake?

No. 488798

will I learn it successfully?

No. 488815

Will Christmas be ok?

No. 488843

will he come back?

No. 488844

give me a real fucking answer you bitch whore.

No. 488855

o wise sanic, is my attraction to my coworker mutual?

No. 488856

>yes, at a great price
I'll take it.

No. 488865

does she like me

No. 488868

Do I have a chance with her?

No. 488869

Should I go to work today?

No. 488915

Should I dump him

No. 488919

Will I find a gf in 2020?

No. 488920

oh come on

No. 488927

Is he genuine in his feelings for me or is he just targeting me because he’s desperate?

No. 488932

Does he actually like me?

No. 488978

will today's session be good?

No. 488991

sanic should i buy a headset instead of just a mic?

No. 488992

should i just get both?

No. 488998

Will we ever get along again like we used to? Is he still salvable??

No. 488999

Oh for fuck's sake.

No. 489016

Should I apply for that when I complete 3months?

No. 489091

am i a lesbian?

No. 489107

will i pass?

No. 489160

Will I get accepted if I just apply for it?

No. 489161

I’ll see you soon? Fuck what does it meaaaaan sanic

No. 489164

will i get in if i apply

No. 489166

will i get in

No. 489181

Will I stop feeling wired and frazzled after activities?

No. 489183

How will your movie be, Sonic?

No. 489194

will i ever be happy?

No. 489199

Hell yeah, this is just the boost I needed! Thanks, Sonic Totem!

No. 489200

Don't ask sanic again Anon because I'm giving you your answer.
Yes, if you can allow yourself to be and if you work on it like any other skill. Start on cbt workbooks right away.

No. 489203

i don't know who you are and you don't know me, but this legit made me cry a little, i'll start with a book right away, love you…

ps: hope sonic doesn't catch you

No. 489215

Will things work out with the Finnish guy?

No. 489253

Should my fatass eat that chicken in the freezer?

No. 489256

Should I just move on?

No. 489259

Should I even keep trying?

No. 489283

should i restrict

No. 489388

Buy the larger present?

No. 489393

were you lying in this answer sanic, be honest now!

No. 489394

jesus maria, why would you give me this false hope in my abilities/discipline

No. 489395

Will I ever see her again?

No. 489402

Will i afford to fix my face this summer

No. 489414

is he my soul mate?

No. 489415

is he my soul mate? ffs, making me ask again sonic

No. 489606

Should I presude a relationship with him

No. 489607

Sonic I fucking hate you

No. 489611

>be eternal, omniscient totem
>know all the secrets of the universe and beyond
>share mystic knowledge freely to help illuminate thetans
>get ree'd at

No. 489613

Will I get a gf in a new town??

No. 489615

Just like last time, huh? To how many places I have to move.

No. 489710

will my wedding be a disaster?

No. 489711

No. 489735

Will Christmas with the fam suck ass?

No. 490075

I'm glad to hear it anon, I'm hoping for the best for you. I don't know how I'm going to escape sonic after this though he's literally the fastest

No. 490318

Should I do it?

No. 490402

Should I tell him soon?

No. 490406

roll for will he murder me or will it be great

No. 490416

does he love me back

No. 490419

thank you sanic

also are my shitty homedyed roots that noticeable?

No. 490420

jerking off it is

No. 490431

should I tell him that I want a break

No. 490460

Will i have a fun bday oh saint sanic

No. 490461

>>490460 will it at least be painfree

No. 490491

will i be okay tomorrow?

No. 490501

Does she still think about me?

No. 490507

Am I actually bisexual?

No. 490526

happy (early) bday anon, you're funny

No. 490528

Does he like me?

No. 490530

Is she still in love?

No. 490533

Are my career goals reasonable?

No. 490538

Ffffff. Reroll?

No. 490613

Is it worth the heartache?

No. 490650

Does my mom Secretly find me super annoying?

No. 490991

Will things work out financially for her?

No. 491008

will my hours still be okay in january?

No. 491010

guess i'll start looking for a second job…

No. 491045

>I'll see you soon

No. 491046

Will I be able to make the trip next year?

No. 491049

Should I go to that last minute thing?

No. 491062

sonic, why does your music have good house beats?

No. 491067

Should I go for a walk today to buy some ginger?

No. 491099

Should I go to work today?

No. 491148

will this holiday season be more miserable than the previous 4?

No. 491149

had a feeling, sanic. than u for the swift reply tho

No. 491173

should i kill myself?

No. 491174

ok thanks sanic

No. 491179

will i make good money tonight

No. 491186

Will i be pretty enough for her?

No. 491255

Will he confess to me at that time?

No. 491258

Darn. Is it because of his family?

No. 491299

will my projects turn out well?

No. 491332

Should I give up?

No. 491333

Is there a chance he likes me back?

No. 491344

will they get what they deserve?

No. 491350

Should I get fast food on my way home?

No. 491351

Wtf. Should I cook at home?

No. 491354

sanic will I ever get maaaaaarried

No. 491355

Did he think I was cute?

No. 491356

Should I get him a christmas present?

No. 491384

sonic, will i ever meet the punky sensitive bi guy of my dreams??

No. 491421

Sanic will he ever get over his fuckin abusive ex or wat

No. 491490

should i kill myself, oh great blue one?

No. 491505

Are they interested in each other?

No. 491660

Should I continue?

No. 491661

Will I ever touch him?

No. 491671

Should I?

No. 491732

By myself or with them?

No. 491756

Does she miss me?

No. 491781

Will I get the job?

No. 491795

Should I have gone today?

No. 491803

Will I win my first game?

No. 491804

Is it over?

No. 491806

Will we end up together?

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