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No. 11760

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 11761

People still sperg-a-lergin' in the vent thread on /ot/ over politics after the warning.

No. 11762

The onision thread was being shitted up by a very noticeable green text anon who declared they weren't using sage to tell everyone something already debunked twice, and minimod, and went on to derail with infighting and even replying to a post about other stuff as if it were about them.

Took all my strength to report and not reply telling them to stfu, but now the only people banned out of it were those with less patience.

Why not ban the source of the problem? I thought it only went on that long because mods weren't around but they were allowing it the whole time to the detriment of the thread.

Starts at >>712853 continues on until >>712956

No. 11763

You're all banned. You all shit up the thread, I issued the bans myself.

No. 11764


OK thanks, sorry, just seemed like the initiator is still there, my mistake

No. 11765

Does Global Rule 3 apply in /ot/? Some sperg is posting over and over again about how some 13 yo girl looks retarded/autistic/FAS. It's really obnoxious and has nothing to do with the thread.

No. 11766

Greta Thunberg is 16

No. 11767

File: 1570011670237.jpg (466.79 KB, 6538x645, bait collage.jpg)

Is this allowed? Just want to know if it's cool to reply to, & not cool to report. Strikes me as being intentionally unrelated to the cow, like they're trying to derail. (These are all about Onion himself, not Lame.)

No. 11768

lol someone seems triggered

No. 11769

i see a possible religious spergathon coming in the LJ thread, with lots of anons thinking that jews must do x, say y and think z in order to be jewish. it's on the edge of becoming a derail so just wanted to point it out before it got there.

No. 11770

>has nothing to do with the thread.
lmao you're talking about the unpopular opinions thread. nothing in that thread ever has anything to do with the thread. we already told you she's 16 yet you came over here to sperg. give it up.

No. 11771

File: 1570072049170.png (44.8 KB, 500x525, 1569901278135.png)



No. 11772

Can we report anons who are victimizing Lainey in the Onion thread? It breaks two rules: no tinfoiling & no whiteknighting.

No. 11773

i don't really think that victimizing lainey is tinfoiling, and if it is, it's not baseless what it is though is wking and OT.

No. 11774

there's a lot of extremely obvious incelbait happening in the dumbass shit thread and anons won't stop taking the bait hard.

No. 11775

Why is there absolutely no moderation in /w/ while all you farmhands are ban happy as shit in /ot/?

No. 11776

Why are unsaged anons not being told to sage in PT? There needs to be an announcement again or autosage it. Im tired of seeing nitpick bullshit and opinions bumping a thread with no milk.

No. 11777

is it just me or do we need another townhall?

No. 11778

Can a farmhand do something about the nitpicking and unsaging going on in the plastic and proud thread? Anons in there are posting absolute garbage the last few days. Thanks!

No. 11779

can privilege and privileged be added to the list of words in redtext?

No. 11780

ooh this

No. 11782

File: 1570147196319.jpeg (900.9 KB, 1242x1797, 911B6070-9A69-489A-A4B5-1F8A14…)

This isn’t mine, but I am confused by the ongoing moderation.
How is this off topic on the Onision thread when they’re talking about Greg not going down on Lainey?
Memes / images like this are frequently shared on there.
Can mods give some clarification on what’s “on topic” when the general conversation seems to be the same?
I am increasingly displeased with this moderation.

No. 11784

its bringing up someone who is not greg. what is so difficult about that to understand? the post talked explicitly about sarahs friend.

No. 11785

Yes, but the context is that he’s friends with Sarah. Sarah confirmed that Greg doesn’t eat pussy, and the discussion is around Greg eating pussy. Which is a dumb conversation to begin with, but it’s still contextually accurate.
Is connecting the dots too hard for autistic anons?

No. 11786

I explicitly told anons in the projared and onion thread to stop posting twitter commentary unless it's relevant. Stop pretending that petty insults qualify as milk, it was off-topic as hell.

No. 11787

Then ban the rest of the people talking about Greg eating pussy. If you’re going to ban one, ban them all. It’s not fair to ban on person, or another. Its the same inconsistent modding that’s been happening for months now.

No. 11788

>then ban the rest of the people talking about Greg eating pussy
You're strawmanning and that conversation was two threads ago. Plenty of people in the thread have been banned for derailing and infighting all week. The redtext is there to make an example of the milkless twitter caps clogging up the thread.
I don't think as many posts are reported from there compared to /snow/.
We can have one if there is enough demand.
Pretty sure bans have been issued towards whiteknights there.

No. 11790

can we fix whatever is happening in the PT thread? that anon won't shut the fuck about her stupid wedding/husband and it's not milk at all. most of her posts are unsaged /ot/ blogposts.

No. 11791


why are you so bitter anon lmao

No. 11792

no one is bitter, bitch has been blogposting long enough. our queen wouldn't approve of people using her threads to talk about themselves.

No. 11793

Mod, why even keep this general complaints open if you’re never going to admit fault for anything though?
The conversation was very much about vaginas, and eating out because Greg tweeted today about lesbians being better in bed.
Que: conversations about Lainey’s pussy, and Greg not going down. It wasn’t off topic. And this in itself is fucking retarded, but I am hoping that you can maybe understand my frustration in the inconsistencies.
One minute Lainey discussion is entirely banned, and then its ok. One minute nitpicks with Greg go on, and then it’s not. One minute cowtipping is all the rage with multiple anons, and then?
I want to know your rules, so I don’t break them. Because they change every week.

No. 11794

Thank you so much!

No. 11795

>The conversation was very much about vaginas, and eating out because Greg tweeted today about lesbians being better in bed.
Nobody at the time was discussing oral, they were discussing tweets. It's literally just a milkless cap of some twitterfag insulting Greg.
Twitter commentary is not milk.
>One minute Lainey discussion is entirely banned,
Discussion of Lainey was never entirely banned. It was only banned outside of her thread if it didn't have any relation to onision.
>One minute nitpicks with Greg go on
Nope, nitpicking is banned globally.
>One minute cowtipping is all the rage with multiple anons, and then?
Cowtipping is never tolerated. Do you think I control what these monkeys do?
>I want to know your rules, so I don’t break them. Because they change every week.

No. 11796

Is there any way we could move the Momokun thread to /w/ or absorb it into the Costhot thread? I’ve been a longtime follower and there’s rarely any milk there anymore, myself and other anons agree that she’s no longer /pt/ material and the threads are mostly just comments about her weird body and infighting. The last 4-5 months of threads have been the same over and over again and it keeps being said that she’ll become milky again but I sincerely don’t think it will happen again. There’s some infighting on the thread right now about this suggestion however I wanted to come here and see if we could possibly make the move, thanks!

No. 11797

>myself and other anons

admin can see your IP, you know.

cows on /pt/ aren't there necessarily because they are actively milky 100% of the time, their legacy is what gets them that status. otherwise tuna and fahr wouldn't be there.

No. 11798

I hope you’re not insinuating that I’m Mariah or one of her lackeys, because I’m not. I’m someone who has been following these threads for a long time and has noticed that they’ve been reduced to infighting and people just saying “something is going to happen!” for such a long time now, and nothing happens. And with threads like Luna yes it’s slow but at least the discussions are steady and relevant.

Another issue too is when anyone brings valid criticisms of the thread to the table, some anons will immediately jump on you and accuse you of being Mariah or her friends. It’s extremely annoying and unnecessary and makes it so it’s hard to improve the quality of the threads and make adjustments.

No. 11799

lol i don't think you're moo, i just think you're an idiot since no one was agreeing with you that the thread should be moved.

No. 11800

Question, why do you want the thread moved instead of just, I dunno, fucking hiding the thread? Why would a cow with as much legacy and idiocy as moo just get merged in to the fuckin costhot general thread??? You don’t get moved to snow for not having milk 24/7. There’s dryer cows on that thread who haven’t had real drama in a year. I just don’t get what’s your damage and why you’re so concerned about it both in moo’s thread as well as coming to whine on meta

>there’s nothing but infighting

>there’s infighting right now
Yeah because you brought up this stupid ot sperg in the thread

>me and other anons

Who?? Majority opinion seems to be to keep her there

No. 11801

I made two posts on the Moo thread about it and then people started yelling about coming to /meta/ so here I am. Any infighting past my initial two posts I’m not apart of. I think you should go back and look at the thread because there are people who agreed with me before all the shitflinging happened. I don’t know why the slightest idea of moving Mariah makes the entire thread shit their bricks. I moved my discussion over here because I wanted to speak to an Admin about it in a proper manner, not fight with another anon like you who is weirdly hellbent on the current classification of Mariah Mallad on this site lol.

No. 11802

"No more milk" is always annoying. I don't know why you thought that bringing it up there wouldn't cause infighting.

No. 11803

Yeah, people are yelling at you because they’re there to talk about moo and you’re weirdly obsessed with seeing her moved to the costhot general thread and derailing by demanding to speak to a manager lol

No. 11804

Is requesting new threads when the auto-warning has already been posted ban-worthy? Because it should be.

No. 11806

##Admin Why is the Venus Angelic thread in /w/ - vloggers, lolita, cosplay when she is/does none of these things?

No. 11807

/w/ is for weebshit.

No. 11808

I never understood people who kept on screaming "NO MORE MILK STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!!1!" >>11796 If there's no more milk the thread will die on its own, all you're doing it causing infighting

No. 11809

Someone is derailing and scaring milk about Shiloh in the Onion thread.

No. 11810

people are taking the bait so the onion thread is way off topic now. can admin pls place some bans and remind people not to feed trolls?

No. 11811

I'd second this if mods have enough time on their hands.

No. 11812

I'd second this if mods have enough time on their hands.

No. 11813

i think the large amount of blogging in the TND thread could potentially be warded off a little bit with a redtext notice on the original post in the thread. that way anyone who clicks on it intending to write a novel has a second warning before they post it. and props to the farmhands for promptly banning/redtexting egregious posters.

No. 11814

Holy fuck. Can somebody intervene in the onision thread? Idk wether to nope tf out or ride the spergocoaster until I die in screaming retard edgelord agony. It's autism in it's purest form and I can't look away.

No. 11815

and the anons sperging out about drug statistics and posting fucking papers too.

No. 11816

I'll only say she doesn't belong in /w/ because she should really get switched back to /pt/ again.
She's a legacy cow who's doing a lot of dumb shit lately. Yet I guess since anons will always have her narc mom to scapegoat even for the shit she does to this day, it probably won't happen.

No. 11818

there's obvious samefagging in the vent thread on /ot/.

No. 11819

Can we also add 'good look' to redtext? Lots of talk about muh optics lately.

No. 11820

There’s a huge amount of evidence that most of the screenshots released from some batshit retarded 16 year old are fake, but anons can’t accept it in the TND thread.

No. 11821

those are not in the confirmed milk section so what's the problem, what are staff supposed to do for you exactly? they're not universally accepted as true, only the Tofu video is - and Taylor acknowledged that one. the germ of a story often leads to the truth with Taylor, as much as the stories might start off sounding far-fetched. there have ben a few I personally thought were bs but turned out to be something.

No. 11823

Can a mod address the talk about Moo being a pedophile in the thread to be bannable as well with her nitpicks about her tits? She isn't a pedophile, she doesn't go after kids, and dressing as a 'kid' who is a 5000 year old drahon two fucking years ago is old as hell milk that needs to stop being brought up. This argument is fucking dumb as hell at this point and just throwing around Moo being a pedophile or child molester when she isn't is really fucked up because some anons want to stretch what that means as far as possible.

No. 11824

Shayna's thread needs more monitoring tbh.

No. 11825

There's some ridiculous samefagging and what I suspect to be self posting going on about star_666 in the "Instagrammers you hate" thread.

No. 11826

The kpop critical thread is full of some newfaggotry derailing, it's borderline retarded. Can someone please ban these dumbfucks?

No. 11827

nametagging troll in Shayna thread

No. 11828

and ppl taking the bait (SA)

No. 11829

Can a mod PLEASE put a stop the nitpicking in Moo's thread. It is nothing but bitching about her 'tits aren't normal'. Holy fucking hell they are tits. They sag. They are overly huge for someone her size who wasn't supposed to have tits like that to begin with and then she got fat and they got super saggy. This is what happens. Im tired of the whole thread being nothing but nitpicks about her tits [which in OP says it bannable] and the nitpicking about her BMI and shit.

No. 11830

i totally disagree with you and the mod who posted that whole huurduur ban thing. the entire thread and point of the thread is nitpicking.

No. 11831

Nitpicking is against the rules and the number one reason for complaints about the quality of moos thread.

No. 11832

Unless she's sperging on IG, cheating her patrons, or being a tard on livestream her thread follows the formula of
>post pics of a recent set or selfie she took
>bitch about it for 20 replies

I think it's boring.

No. 11833

The Obayed thread in /snow/ is a fucking mess full of unsaged posts and a lack of milk, can a farmhand clean it up please?

No. 11834

File: 1570880537348.jpeg (86.82 KB, 1242x501, 34D07E62-137C-483A-AA0F-3DE1EB…)

What rule would a post like pic related break? It said the reason for the ban was unspecified

No. 11835

Lots of armchair psychologists in the Pixielocks thread on /w/.

No. 11836

Was gonna say the same thing. The autism vs bpd debate is derailing the thread.

No. 11837

It's gotten worse since her mental health awareness video too.

No. 11838

Looks like derail to me.

No. 11839

political discussion + 'derail'.
If you noticed everybody in that whole conversation chain got a ban.

No. 11840

Can mods hand out some bans/warnings/whatever to get the newfags in the instagram egirls thread to get them to sage? (I'd report the posts individually but it's been going on for 20+ posts so I assume that would be more annoying than helpful?)

No. 11841

Honest question: Do you really get off on talking for 50 replies about Momo's nipples, tits and razor burn? I sincerely don't understand the idea of nitpicking someone's body because it's too boring for words and not interesting. There's only so many times you can say "lololo she's massive and her tits sag" until it becomes autistic and cringeworthy. Same goes for the pedo/tax evading/animal abuse "speculation". She's been milked dry. Leave the thread to be until she does something worth noticing again. Get a goddamn hobby or something.

No. 11842

But then you might ban all discussion about looks/(subjectively bad) make up altogether (would also drastically affect other threads such as the Luna Slater or TND threads) because it’s just as nitpicky and repetitive.

It‘s still to this day impossible to tell where the line is between legit commentary and nitpick. By the info we’ve been given about what qualifies as nitpick all candids, posts about anything regarding her weight (including posting fake stats), Dropbox leaks, etc would have to be banned as well because muhh boring body shaming nitpick.
And well, in that case you might as well shut down the thread altogether.

No. 11843

File: 1570984650818.jpeg (819.53 KB, 1241x2274, rip.jpeg)

Can a mod unlock the Hartley Hooligans thread in /snow/?
Lola died and now Gwen will probably get milky since now both potatoes are kill.

No. 11845

File: 1570988435817.png (190.35 KB, 1440x874, 009.png)

To be clear, is merely discussing there being bait in a thread now a bannable offense? We can't even acknowledge that there's a problem in a thread we’re using anymore?

This ban would have actually made sense if I responded to the bait or dragged it out after the troll had already been banned, but neither of those things happened. I reported it, made two entire posts responding to anons who mentioned it being in the thread (and this was while he kept posting without getting banned, not after it was already over), then got back on topic as usual without a hitch. He continued shitting up the thread for quite a while after that, and nobody else replied to him, either.

The rules haven't been changed, they still state responding to bait (not just mentioning that it's there) is what's against the rules, so unless there's something else that wasn't explained, I'm assuming the farmhand behind this was just irritated for whatever reason, went full retard without paying attention to the actual rules of the board, and was too stubborn to fix their mistake in the end.

No. 11846

A three day ban does seem a bit heavy-handed for a post like that, did you try appealing that thing?

No. 11847

I did, basically saying the same thing and to amend the rules if things had changed, and it was denied.

No. 11848

You might have been talking to a farmhand and they gave you a ban since some people have been saying they've suspected this. If they are going to be harsher on rules for that thread it should've been stated beforehand like previous farmhands have done before this round of them. That or they think you've posted about it too much idk

No. 11849

How do you all not see that this is literally feeding the scrotes that come into pink-pill, though? It's the definition of taking bait. They want you to discuss them and give them attention. 3 days is little for being so fucking braindead if you ask me

No. 11851

By that logic, having a GC/PP thread in general shouldn't be allowed since by simply talking about men or trannies in a negative light, we're "attracting" them and encouraging them. In fact, the site itself is just attracting bad attention by not being a safe space for incels.
The tard would've posted with or without me or anyone else commenting on them. He did it repeatedly, with no encouragement.
Aside from that, it's not and never has been against the rules to say water is wet, or point out someone shitting up a thread. Taking bait would have been actually responding to it.

No. 11852

you deserved that three day sperging break

No. 11854

Do you have any actual reason for that?
Actually, it doesn't really matter unless you're a mod yourself (in which case, kind of cowardly to not even say it with your chest).
The fact remains: Actual rule-breaking and derailing warrants 3-day or longer bans, not some farmhand getting personally buttblasted. Any non-retarded person who uses this site can agree with that.

No. 11855

I mean, taking the time out of your day to tinfoil about scrots and homophobe-chan is not only derailing, but still somehow giving them the attention they seek and thus taking the bait to an extent.
Now I'm not saying you're guilty of this because I'm not looking at your post history but sometimes getting slapped with a bait ban is also due to having a history of taking bait or doing it multiple times within a short timeframe.

No. 11857

I've talked about there being a troll in an /ot/ thread before without any issue or warning, and I see others do the same regularly, so it'd be weird for it now to be a big enough problem to fall under a multiple day ban.
I think if it's something that's being tightened on, the rule about bait should be edited, or they should've actually announced it, like >>11848 said.
As for the post history thing, I make it a point to report scrotebait and never respond to it, and I can't even remember the last time I got a ban/warning for derailing of any sort. Probably a month ago, at earliest.

No. 11859

The mods have said before that discussion is fine, derailment when its EXCESSIVE which spergs keep doing is just fucking with the thread. We dont need, like exampled, 50 people saying the same shit. We GET she gets money based off her looks. Comment on it, let it go. The people who keep pushing bad tinfoil about pedo/taxes/animal abuse should be banned. Tinfoil that is unfounded is bannable anyway and we have NO evidence on any of those things in any thread and the dog thing was dozens ago and doesn't need to be brought up and picking up a dog and it yelping isn't the same as someone strangling a dog ffs. Moo just mishandled a dog while picking it up without asking. Not animal abused, just being a cunt.

As far as the tit shit goes, We get it. They saggy. You dont need to bitch about it 'NOT NORMAL'. Its fucking normal. Shut up. There are millions of bodies in the world. There isn't a set look for tits, you austic and she has had procedures? Whats there to really go on about? Point it out or let somene point it out and end the discussion. It doesn't need to be parroted 4837 times and 'lol those tits' isn't milk.

And at this point anyone not saging in the thread and isn't giving milk needs to be banned. Im so tired of these anons coming in with 'LOL look at her massive size' and not saging anything.

The fact that OP twice, with the shit threads, actually cropped out that a mod said to not nitpick her tits or instant ban is annoying. That needs to go back in the thread header.

No. 11860

Your infighting/trash talking another anon and derailing a thread. Thats not pointing shit out, thats baiting baiting. Seems deserved.

No. 11861

>3 days
>for a post briefly talking about a scrote/troll who wasn't banned until later

No. 11862

The mod is right, we dont know about previous bans either.

No. 11863

>We dont need, like exampled, 50 people saying the same shit.

Exactly this. This is the only issue and then it got weird with the pedo stuff. Moo only did mild loli-related stuff because it's what her dumb incels are into, not because she's actually interested in children. Some anons throw their common sense out the window in that thread and cause a derail when it happens.

No. 11864

The fact that half the posts are unsaged bs and tinfoil too is irritating. The mods arent address sage issues in PT at all. Some have BUMP in threads (not moos).

No. 11865

File: 1571071872911.jpg (56.84 KB, 756x404, titspergs.JPG)

>It‘s still to this day impossible to tell where the line is between legit commentary and nitpick.
Well, let me spell it out for you. If Momo was, for example, making fun of other girls for having saggy tits and calling her own perky and gravity-defying, then it would probably be funny if people pointed out how much her tits sag. Because the conflict comes from Momo's intense self-deception that aggressively clashes with reality and maliciousness towards other girls. But she doesn't do that as far as we know, so pointing out for the nth time how her tits sag is boring and nitpicky as it doesn't really have anything to do with the state of affairs. It's just finding fault for the sake of having something to bitch about, which lowers the quality of the discussion. When Momo was bullshitting people about working out and drinking fit tea when her weight loss was actually due to getting liposuction done, it was appropriate to point out how lumpy and unbalanced her stomach looked because she was lying to people about a product she was endorsing and the nonexistent effort she put into improving herself. If she was open about it from the beginning, it would be much less interesting to point her Donkey Kong body out because there's no deception behind it.

Most cows are interesting because they were caught lying or having delusions of grandiosity, both traits which Momo had during the first 40 threads or so. Dropbox leaks were not a bannable offense because they pointed out how she was scamming her patreons with low quality costumes she was given thousands of dollars to produce. Again, the milk comes from the deception. Fake stats, lying again. Candids, they're also funny because they showcased how effortless her costume was and how much she edited her photos to falsify reality.

Anons like in the pic related are there just to shit up the thread quality, you can see how they're big perpetrators of infighting as well. It happens with all tinfoiling, someone starts with the "omfg I bet she rapes kids too you know how she lewded that loli dragon once!!!" sperging again and they're immediately there screeching "hi momo" when you tell them to calm down. You can tell they're there just to look for conflict and attention at any cost.

No. 11866

The catalog pages are a pain in the ass to use. They take forever to load and it crashes my browser more often than not. Anyone else?

No. 11867

yep, super slow for me too

No. 11868

I think it would be a good idea for the egirl thread to get put on auto sage. Nothing but self posts, vendettas and newfags. There’s no real milk and never was, it’s just a shit thread that should be buried already

No. 11869

probably going to catch a ban for responding instead of reporting, but can admin or a farmhand maybe think about a sticky that says something like NO TIPPING, NO TOUCHING in bright red letters at the top of every page? there's a trend towards moralfagging and talking to the cows 'for great justice' that's taking over all the threads. unless lc is changing their stance.

No. 11870

this isn't shitting up the quality of the thread at all. and it's not even sperging. explaining that moo ruined her own body isn't making the thread worse. the thread is and always has been bad, the quality of all cosplay cows threads are all bad. i think moo should be on /w/ simply for that fact. her milk is copslay milk and cosplay milk is bad.

No. 11871


but why does it need explaining? We already know, it's been said a million times, how many zoom-ins to parts of her body do we need to see?
How many detailed accounts of all the ways we already KNOW she messed up her breasts/body do we need?

We all know why she looks the way she does.

No. 11872

this. not to mention the infighting

No. 11873

i never said it needs explaining, just that it doesn't reduce the quality of the thread, which is true. the only thing that ruins the thread are anons who baww about people making posts they don't like. is reeing about moo's breasts repetitive and boring? maybe. but moo is a lather rinse repeat cow and she hasn't gotten in any drama, the past 4 or 5 threads are just "eww moo is gross and not nude yet, look at her eating and pretending to be on a diet" and nothing else.

No. 11874

I'll increase moderation until newfags are weeded out.
That's called reading the rules. No matter how plainly the rules are stated retards will still refuse to read them.
Report cowtipping immediately, it ranges between a 1 week ban and a permaban.
I applaud your passion for defending such insightful commentary. Nitpicking is still against the rules.
>it doesn't reduce the quality of the thread, which is true
I needed this laugh, thanks.

No. 11875

File: 1571098513108.png (780.79 KB, 619x973, bianca.png)

On the topic of the egirl thread, whoever made the thread included a picture of Bianca Devins in the image op, who is the girl that was brutally murdered on instagram a few months back. She was murdered 7/14 and the thread was created 9/10. I guess it isn't breaking any rules but it does seem supremely fucked up and unnecessary.

No. 11876

It's highly inappropriate there's no reason to have her, that whole thread is a fucking mess. Seriously.

No. 11877

there's a bunch of racebait sperging going on in gc/pinkpill.

No. 11878

admin, i'm trying to say the moo thread is shit and won't be less shit regardless of what is posted.

No. 11879

I mean she was an e-girl, no?

No. 11880

I think people got way too worked up about Bianca being in the thumbnail. Her picture was used as an example of an e-girl, that's it. Honestly she probably wouldn't have even been brought up if anons didnt start sperging and being butthurt over it.

No. 11881

Who cares? She's not even discussed in that thread.
Yeah, that's true. One person's trash is another person's trashy time.

No. 11882

yes she was discussed in that thread, and got trashed by some anons too. I reported it since I thought we were supposed to keep Bianca discussion contained to the one and only thread - and got a warning for doing so.

No. 11883

maybe my skim was too shallow but all there seems to be is mentioning that she was the typical egirl and anons complaining about her in the image. she was 'trashed' more in /ot/ than anything but that was for like a week after she died.

No. 11884

Admin ever since you decided to kill of the gc and pp threads and merged them together they have been a mess.

You might as well delete that thread considering it has nothing to even do with pinkpill or gc anymore despite its name.

….or you know you can do the right thing and make seperate gc and pinkpill threads again.

No. 11885

Just goes to show it was right to put you all into a containment thread since you have no idea how to behave yourselves and hate each other on top of it which is very feminist I might add

No. 11886


>this meme again

Not her but how many times are you going to repeat that? The infighting is from scrotes who invade and the mods letting it happen. Also, antifeminists who want to attack lesbians and defend their Nigels.

The Pink Pill thread was fine on its own and so was gender critical. It made no sense to force them together.
I know I may not even be talking to an actual woman, but I'm so tired of this shitty victim blaming response whenever we try to get actual moderation

No. 11887

And you think the scrotes came because the thread was merged? If anything it's easier to get rid of them since they gravitate to only one thread now instead of two but I guess mods not being online 24/7 to clean up your shit thread warrants constant whining about how you're being unfairly treated and how you're a "victim" topkek

No. 11888


>REEEEE stop whining why should mods ever do their jobs???

You sound so dumb. As a matter of fact newfag it wasn't even close to this bad when the threads were separate. Maybe because the mods were actually competent back then but no, it totally makes sense to bitch and moan about how it's our fault whenever we try to actually get counsel on this
You don't even like the threads so how about you stop sticking your fat nose in whenever people who do use them try to reach the admin? This isn't your thread

No. 11889

While the merge has curbed the radfem moralfagging on other boards etc so far(much thanks for this), the actual thread itself is garbage. I haven't seen this much racebait/homophobia/anti-manlet sperging in a long time. The thread definitely needs more moderation, don't be lenient with derailment bans at all.

No. 11890

You're not allowed to post your opinion on threads dude, only that anon is allowed to complain, and you can't give opposing feedback to the admin team on that topic! /s

No. 11891


Yeah, screeching like a bitter pterodactyl whenever anyone says anything about a thread you're eternally mad about and don't even use isn't valid and no one really cares to hear it. It's not even really a complaint. It's just you bitching out of salt

No. 11892

Is it possible to divide GC and pink pill thread?

We have like 6 different threads about attractive/unattractive people yet we have to deal with 3 different discussions in ont thread

No. 11893

the only one screeching here is you. the tard rage is intense

No. 11894


>no u

Quality post. I wonder why no one listens to you.

No. 11895

File: 1571209761893.jpeg (62.33 KB, 500x281, serveimage2.jpeg)

Can we get a mod to see if it's one imageposter/samefag that's posting the Braco spam?

No. 11896

*in /ot/
Just to clarify

No. 11897

seems to me mods listen to me more than they do to you. you know.. considering your assange-level shit slinging still hasn't gotten your precious threads unmerged

No. 11898


Sure Jan. Stay mad about threads you can ignore and hide.

No. 11899

Weird how the second GC/Pinkpill is brought up, the general complaints and issues thread dissolves into infighting and everyone screeching at eachother. Can you all shut the fuck up?

No. 11900

Agree. I wonder if one of the mods just didnt like the gc/pp threads in general and decided to merge them

No. 11901

Just came to humbly suggest starting to hand out bans for "muh psychology studies." People blogging about their absolutely retarded half-finished bachelors degrees is literally never relevant - and so, so irritating.

No. 11902

It is a bannable offense on /pt/, /snow/, and /w/ regardless of sage. Report it if you see it.

No. 11903

is sperging about someone not being a cow against the rules? like, if you don’t think someone belongs here just report the thread instead of clogging it up with multiple posts white knighting them

No. 11904

Yeah, this is happening a lot in snow and it's really annoying, especially in the DDLG thread. If someone doesn't like a thread I don't see why they should keep clogging up the thread with posts about how it's not milky

No. 11905

This happens so much in snow.

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