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No. 11760

Please post all general issues and complaints here. If you want mods to do something, or have some issue with or suggestion for site content, you should use this thread.

>>>/meta/6821 should only be used for technical issues and suggestions (can't load site, site slow, bugs, site feature requests). This thread is for non-technical issues.

No. 11761

People still sperg-a-lergin' in the vent thread on /ot/ over politics after the warning.

No. 11762

The onision thread was being shitted up by a very noticeable green text anon who declared they weren't using sage to tell everyone something already debunked twice, and minimod, and went on to derail with infighting and even replying to a post about other stuff as if it were about them.

Took all my strength to report and not reply telling them to stfu, but now the only people banned out of it were those with less patience.

Why not ban the source of the problem? I thought it only went on that long because mods weren't around but they were allowing it the whole time to the detriment of the thread.

Starts at >>712853 continues on until >>712956

No. 11763

You're all banned. You all shit up the thread, I issued the bans myself.

No. 11764


OK thanks, sorry, just seemed like the initiator is still there, my mistake

No. 11765

Does Global Rule 3 apply in /ot/? Some sperg is posting over and over again about how some 13 yo girl looks retarded/autistic/FAS. It's really obnoxious and has nothing to do with the thread.

No. 11766

Greta Thunberg is 16

No. 11767

File: 1570011670237.jpg (466.79 KB, 6538x645, bait collage.jpg)

Is this allowed? Just want to know if it's cool to reply to, & not cool to report. Strikes me as being intentionally unrelated to the cow, like they're trying to derail. (These are all about Onion himself, not Lame.)

No. 11768

lol someone seems triggered

No. 11769

i see a possible religious spergathon coming in the LJ thread, with lots of anons thinking that jews must do x, say y and think z in order to be jewish. it's on the edge of becoming a derail so just wanted to point it out before it got there.

No. 11770

>has nothing to do with the thread.
lmao you're talking about the unpopular opinions thread. nothing in that thread ever has anything to do with the thread. we already told you she's 16 yet you came over here to sperg. give it up.

No. 11771

File: 1570072049170.png (44.8 KB, 500x525, 1569901278135.png)



No. 11772

Can we report anons who are victimizing Lainey in the Onion thread? It breaks two rules: no tinfoiling & no whiteknighting.

No. 11773

i don't really think that victimizing lainey is tinfoiling, and if it is, it's not baseless what it is though is wking and OT.

No. 11774

there's a lot of extremely obvious incelbait happening in the dumbass shit thread and anons won't stop taking the bait hard.

No. 11775

Why is there absolutely no moderation in /w/ while all you farmhands are ban happy as shit in /ot/?

No. 11776

Why are unsaged anons not being told to sage in PT? There needs to be an announcement again or autosage it. Im tired of seeing nitpick bullshit and opinions bumping a thread with no milk.

No. 11777

is it just me or do we need another townhall?

No. 11778

Can a farmhand do something about the nitpicking and unsaging going on in the plastic and proud thread? Anons in there are posting absolute garbage the last few days. Thanks!

No. 11779

can privilege and privileged be added to the list of words in redtext?

No. 11780

ooh this

No. 11782

File: 1570147196319.jpeg (900.9 KB, 1242x1797, 911B6070-9A69-489A-A4B5-1F8A14…)

This isn’t mine, but I am confused by the ongoing moderation.
How is this off topic on the Onision thread when they’re talking about Greg not going down on Lainey?
Memes / images like this are frequently shared on there.
Can mods give some clarification on what’s “on topic” when the general conversation seems to be the same?
I am increasingly displeased with this moderation.

No. 11784

its bringing up someone who is not greg. what is so difficult about that to understand? the post talked explicitly about sarahs friend.

No. 11785

Yes, but the context is that he’s friends with Sarah. Sarah confirmed that Greg doesn’t eat pussy, and the discussion is around Greg eating pussy. Which is a dumb conversation to begin with, but it’s still contextually accurate.
Is connecting the dots too hard for autistic anons?

No. 11786

I explicitly told anons in the projared and onion thread to stop posting twitter commentary unless it's relevant. Stop pretending that petty insults qualify as milk, it was off-topic as hell.

No. 11787

Then ban the rest of the people talking about Greg eating pussy. If you’re going to ban one, ban them all. It’s not fair to ban on person, or another. Its the same inconsistent modding that’s been happening for months now.

No. 11788

>then ban the rest of the people talking about Greg eating pussy
You're strawmanning and that conversation was two threads ago. Plenty of people in the thread have been banned for derailing and infighting all week. The redtext is there to make an example of the milkless twitter caps clogging up the thread.
I don't think as many posts are reported from there compared to /snow/.
We can have one if there is enough demand.
Pretty sure bans have been issued towards whiteknights there.

No. 11790

can we fix whatever is happening in the PT thread? that anon won't shut the fuck about her stupid wedding/husband and it's not milk at all. most of her posts are unsaged /ot/ blogposts.

No. 11791


why are you so bitter anon lmao

No. 11792

no one is bitter, bitch has been blogposting long enough. our queen wouldn't approve of people using her threads to talk about themselves.

No. 11793

Mod, why even keep this general complaints open if you’re never going to admit fault for anything though?
The conversation was very much about vaginas, and eating out because Greg tweeted today about lesbians being better in bed.
Que: conversations about Lainey’s pussy, and Greg not going down. It wasn’t off topic. And this in itself is fucking retarded, but I am hoping that you can maybe understand my frustration in the inconsistencies.
One minute Lainey discussion is entirely banned, and then its ok. One minute nitpicks with Greg go on, and then it’s not. One minute cowtipping is all the rage with multiple anons, and then?
I want to know your rules, so I don’t break them. Because they change every week.

No. 11794

Thank you so much!

No. 11795

>The conversation was very much about vaginas, and eating out because Greg tweeted today about lesbians being better in bed.
Nobody at the time was discussing oral, they were discussing tweets. It's literally just a milkless cap of some twitterfag insulting Greg.
Twitter commentary is not milk.
>One minute Lainey discussion is entirely banned,
Discussion of Lainey was never entirely banned. It was only banned outside of her thread if it didn't have any relation to onision.
>One minute nitpicks with Greg go on
Nope, nitpicking is banned globally.
>One minute cowtipping is all the rage with multiple anons, and then?
Cowtipping is never tolerated. Do you think I control what these monkeys do?
>I want to know your rules, so I don’t break them. Because they change every week.

No. 11796

Is there any way we could move the Momokun thread to /w/ or absorb it into the Costhot thread? I’ve been a longtime follower and there’s rarely any milk there anymore, myself and other anons agree that she’s no longer /pt/ material and the threads are mostly just comments about her weird body and infighting. The last 4-5 months of threads have been the same over and over again and it keeps being said that she’ll become milky again but I sincerely don’t think it will happen again. There’s some infighting on the thread right now about this suggestion however I wanted to come here and see if we could possibly make the move, thanks!

No. 11797

>myself and other anons

admin can see your IP, you know.

cows on /pt/ aren't there necessarily because they are actively milky 100% of the time, their legacy is what gets them that status. otherwise tuna and fahr wouldn't be there.

No. 11798

I hope you’re not insinuating that I’m Mariah or one of her lackeys, because I’m not. I’m someone who has been following these threads for a long time and has noticed that they’ve been reduced to infighting and people just saying “something is going to happen!” for such a long time now, and nothing happens. And with threads like Luna yes it’s slow but at least the discussions are steady and relevant.

Another issue too is when anyone brings valid criticisms of the thread to the table, some anons will immediately jump on you and accuse you of being Mariah or her friends. It’s extremely annoying and unnecessary and makes it so it’s hard to improve the quality of the threads and make adjustments.

No. 11799

lol i don't think you're moo, i just think you're an idiot since no one was agreeing with you that the thread should be moved.

No. 11800

Question, why do you want the thread moved instead of just, I dunno, fucking hiding the thread? Why would a cow with as much legacy and idiocy as moo just get merged in to the fuckin costhot general thread??? You don’t get moved to snow for not having milk 24/7. There’s dryer cows on that thread who haven’t had real drama in a year. I just don’t get what’s your damage and why you’re so concerned about it both in moo’s thread as well as coming to whine on meta

>there’s nothing but infighting

>there’s infighting right now
Yeah because you brought up this stupid ot sperg in the thread

>me and other anons

Who?? Majority opinion seems to be to keep her there

No. 11801

I made two posts on the Moo thread about it and then people started yelling about coming to /meta/ so here I am. Any infighting past my initial two posts I’m not apart of. I think you should go back and look at the thread because there are people who agreed with me before all the shitflinging happened. I don’t know why the slightest idea of moving Mariah makes the entire thread shit their bricks. I moved my discussion over here because I wanted to speak to an Admin about it in a proper manner, not fight with another anon like you who is weirdly hellbent on the current classification of Mariah Mallad on this site lol.

No. 11802

"No more milk" is always annoying. I don't know why you thought that bringing it up there wouldn't cause infighting.

No. 11803

Yeah, people are yelling at you because they’re there to talk about moo and you’re weirdly obsessed with seeing her moved to the costhot general thread and derailing by demanding to speak to a manager lol

No. 11804

Is requesting new threads when the auto-warning has already been posted ban-worthy? Because it should be.

No. 11806

##Admin Why is the Venus Angelic thread in /w/ - vloggers, lolita, cosplay when she is/does none of these things?

No. 11807

/w/ is for weebshit.

No. 11808

I never understood people who kept on screaming "NO MORE MILK STOP TALKING ABOUT HER!!1!" >>11796 If there's no more milk the thread will die on its own, all you're doing it causing infighting

No. 11809

Someone is derailing and scaring milk about Shiloh in the Onion thread.

No. 11810

people are taking the bait so the onion thread is way off topic now. can admin pls place some bans and remind people not to feed trolls?

No. 11811

I'd second this if mods have enough time on their hands.

No. 11812

I'd second this if mods have enough time on their hands.

No. 11813

i think the large amount of blogging in the TND thread could potentially be warded off a little bit with a redtext notice on the original post in the thread. that way anyone who clicks on it intending to write a novel has a second warning before they post it. and props to the farmhands for promptly banning/redtexting egregious posters.

No. 11814

Holy fuck. Can somebody intervene in the onision thread? Idk wether to nope tf out or ride the spergocoaster until I die in screaming retard edgelord agony. It's autism in it's purest form and I can't look away.

No. 11815

and the anons sperging out about drug statistics and posting fucking papers too.

No. 11816

I'll only say she doesn't belong in /w/ because she should really get switched back to /pt/ again.
She's a legacy cow who's doing a lot of dumb shit lately. Yet I guess since anons will always have her narc mom to scapegoat even for the shit she does to this day, it probably won't happen.

No. 11818

there's obvious samefagging in the vent thread on /ot/.

No. 11819

Can we also add 'good look' to redtext? Lots of talk about muh optics lately.

No. 11820

There’s a huge amount of evidence that most of the screenshots released from some batshit retarded 16 year old are fake, but anons can’t accept it in the TND thread.

No. 11821

those are not in the confirmed milk section so what's the problem, what are staff supposed to do for you exactly? they're not universally accepted as true, only the Tofu video is - and Taylor acknowledged that one. the germ of a story often leads to the truth with Taylor, as much as the stories might start off sounding far-fetched. there have ben a few I personally thought were bs but turned out to be something.

No. 11823

Can a mod address the talk about Moo being a pedophile in the thread to be bannable as well with her nitpicks about her tits? She isn't a pedophile, she doesn't go after kids, and dressing as a 'kid' who is a 5000 year old drahon two fucking years ago is old as hell milk that needs to stop being brought up. This argument is fucking dumb as hell at this point and just throwing around Moo being a pedophile or child molester when she isn't is really fucked up because some anons want to stretch what that means as far as possible.

No. 11824

Shayna's thread needs more monitoring tbh.

No. 11825

There's some ridiculous samefagging and what I suspect to be self posting going on about star_666 in the "Instagrammers you hate" thread.

No. 11826

The kpop critical thread is full of some newfaggotry derailing, it's borderline retarded. Can someone please ban these dumbfucks?

No. 11827

nametagging troll in Shayna thread

No. 11828

and ppl taking the bait (SA)

No. 11829

Can a mod PLEASE put a stop the nitpicking in Moo's thread. It is nothing but bitching about her 'tits aren't normal'. Holy fucking hell they are tits. They sag. They are overly huge for someone her size who wasn't supposed to have tits like that to begin with and then she got fat and they got super saggy. This is what happens. Im tired of the whole thread being nothing but nitpicks about her tits [which in OP says it bannable] and the nitpicking about her BMI and shit.

No. 11830

i totally disagree with you and the mod who posted that whole huurduur ban thing. the entire thread and point of the thread is nitpicking.

No. 11831

Nitpicking is against the rules and the number one reason for complaints about the quality of moos thread.

No. 11832

Unless she's sperging on IG, cheating her patrons, or being a tard on livestream her thread follows the formula of
>post pics of a recent set or selfie she took
>bitch about it for 20 replies

I think it's boring.

No. 11833

The Obayed thread in /snow/ is a fucking mess full of unsaged posts and a lack of milk, can a farmhand clean it up please?

No. 11834

File: 1570880537348.jpeg (86.82 KB, 1242x501, 34D07E62-137C-483A-AA0F-3DE1EB…)

What rule would a post like pic related break? It said the reason for the ban was unspecified

No. 11835

Lots of armchair psychologists in the Pixielocks thread on /w/.

No. 11836

Was gonna say the same thing. The autism vs bpd debate is derailing the thread.

No. 11837

It's gotten worse since her mental health awareness video too.

No. 11838

Looks like derail to me.

No. 11839

political discussion + 'derail'.
If you noticed everybody in that whole conversation chain got a ban.

No. 11840

Can mods hand out some bans/warnings/whatever to get the newfags in the instagram egirls thread to get them to sage? (I'd report the posts individually but it's been going on for 20+ posts so I assume that would be more annoying than helpful?)

No. 11841

Honest question: Do you really get off on talking for 50 replies about Momo's nipples, tits and razor burn? I sincerely don't understand the idea of nitpicking someone's body because it's too boring for words and not interesting. There's only so many times you can say "lololo she's massive and her tits sag" until it becomes autistic and cringeworthy. Same goes for the pedo/tax evading/animal abuse "speculation". She's been milked dry. Leave the thread to be until she does something worth noticing again. Get a goddamn hobby or something.

No. 11842

But then you might ban all discussion about looks/(subjectively bad) make up altogether (would also drastically affect other threads such as the Luna Slater or TND threads) because it’s just as nitpicky and repetitive.

It‘s still to this day impossible to tell where the line is between legit commentary and nitpick. By the info we’ve been given about what qualifies as nitpick all candids, posts about anything regarding her weight (including posting fake stats), Dropbox leaks, etc would have to be banned as well because muhh boring body shaming nitpick.
And well, in that case you might as well shut down the thread altogether.

No. 11843

File: 1570984650818.jpeg (819.53 KB, 1241x2274, rip.jpeg)

Can a mod unlock the Hartley Hooligans thread in /snow/?
Lola died and now Gwen will probably get milky since now both potatoes are kill.

No. 11845

File: 1570988435817.png (190.35 KB, 1440x874, 009.png)

To be clear, is merely discussing there being bait in a thread now a bannable offense? We can't even acknowledge that there's a problem in a thread we’re using anymore?

This ban would have actually made sense if I responded to the bait or dragged it out after the troll had already been banned, but neither of those things happened. I reported it, made two entire posts responding to anons who mentioned it being in the thread (and this was while he kept posting without getting banned, not after it was already over), then got back on topic as usual without a hitch. He continued shitting up the thread for quite a while after that, and nobody else replied to him, either.

The rules haven't been changed, they still state responding to bait (not just mentioning that it's there) is what's against the rules, so unless there's something else that wasn't explained, I'm assuming the farmhand behind this was just irritated for whatever reason, went full retard without paying attention to the actual rules of the board, and was too stubborn to fix their mistake in the end.

No. 11846

A three day ban does seem a bit heavy-handed for a post like that, did you try appealing that thing?

No. 11847

I did, basically saying the same thing and to amend the rules if things had changed, and it was denied.

No. 11848

You might have been talking to a farmhand and they gave you a ban since some people have been saying they've suspected this. If they are going to be harsher on rules for that thread it should've been stated beforehand like previous farmhands have done before this round of them. That or they think you've posted about it too much idk

No. 11849

How do you all not see that this is literally feeding the scrotes that come into pink-pill, though? It's the definition of taking bait. They want you to discuss them and give them attention. 3 days is little for being so fucking braindead if you ask me

No. 11851

By that logic, having a GC/PP thread in general shouldn't be allowed since by simply talking about men or trannies in a negative light, we're "attracting" them and encouraging them. In fact, the site itself is just attracting bad attention by not being a safe space for incels.
The tard would've posted with or without me or anyone else commenting on them. He did it repeatedly, with no encouragement.
Aside from that, it's not and never has been against the rules to say water is wet, or point out someone shitting up a thread. Taking bait would have been actually responding to it.

No. 11852

you deserved that three day sperging break

No. 11854

Do you have any actual reason for that?
Actually, it doesn't really matter unless you're a mod yourself (in which case, kind of cowardly to not even say it with your chest).
The fact remains: Actual rule-breaking and derailing warrants 3-day or longer bans, not some farmhand getting personally buttblasted. Any non-retarded person who uses this site can agree with that.

No. 11855

I mean, taking the time out of your day to tinfoil about scrots and homophobe-chan is not only derailing, but still somehow giving them the attention they seek and thus taking the bait to an extent.
Now I'm not saying you're guilty of this because I'm not looking at your post history but sometimes getting slapped with a bait ban is also due to having a history of taking bait or doing it multiple times within a short timeframe.

No. 11857

I've talked about there being a troll in an /ot/ thread before without any issue or warning, and I see others do the same regularly, so it'd be weird for it now to be a big enough problem to fall under a multiple day ban.
I think if it's something that's being tightened on, the rule about bait should be edited, or they should've actually announced it, like >>11848 said.
As for the post history thing, I make it a point to report scrotebait and never respond to it, and I can't even remember the last time I got a ban/warning for derailing of any sort. Probably a month ago, at earliest.

No. 11859

The mods have said before that discussion is fine, derailment when its EXCESSIVE which spergs keep doing is just fucking with the thread. We dont need, like exampled, 50 people saying the same shit. We GET she gets money based off her looks. Comment on it, let it go. The people who keep pushing bad tinfoil about pedo/taxes/animal abuse should be banned. Tinfoil that is unfounded is bannable anyway and we have NO evidence on any of those things in any thread and the dog thing was dozens ago and doesn't need to be brought up and picking up a dog and it yelping isn't the same as someone strangling a dog ffs. Moo just mishandled a dog while picking it up without asking. Not animal abused, just being a cunt.

As far as the tit shit goes, We get it. They saggy. You dont need to bitch about it 'NOT NORMAL'. Its fucking normal. Shut up. There are millions of bodies in the world. There isn't a set look for tits, you austic and she has had procedures? Whats there to really go on about? Point it out or let somene point it out and end the discussion. It doesn't need to be parroted 4837 times and 'lol those tits' isn't milk.

And at this point anyone not saging in the thread and isn't giving milk needs to be banned. Im so tired of these anons coming in with 'LOL look at her massive size' and not saging anything.

The fact that OP twice, with the shit threads, actually cropped out that a mod said to not nitpick her tits or instant ban is annoying. That needs to go back in the thread header.

No. 11860

Your infighting/trash talking another anon and derailing a thread. Thats not pointing shit out, thats baiting baiting. Seems deserved.

No. 11861

>3 days
>for a post briefly talking about a scrote/troll who wasn't banned until later

No. 11862

The mod is right, we dont know about previous bans either.

No. 11863

>We dont need, like exampled, 50 people saying the same shit.

Exactly this. This is the only issue and then it got weird with the pedo stuff. Moo only did mild loli-related stuff because it's what her dumb incels are into, not because she's actually interested in children. Some anons throw their common sense out the window in that thread and cause a derail when it happens.

No. 11864

The fact that half the posts are unsaged bs and tinfoil too is irritating. The mods arent address sage issues in PT at all. Some have BUMP in threads (not moos).

No. 11865

File: 1571071872911.jpg (56.84 KB, 756x404, titspergs.JPG)

>It‘s still to this day impossible to tell where the line is between legit commentary and nitpick.
Well, let me spell it out for you. If Momo was, for example, making fun of other girls for having saggy tits and calling her own perky and gravity-defying, then it would probably be funny if people pointed out how much her tits sag. Because the conflict comes from Momo's intense self-deception that aggressively clashes with reality and maliciousness towards other girls. But she doesn't do that as far as we know, so pointing out for the nth time how her tits sag is boring and nitpicky as it doesn't really have anything to do with the state of affairs. It's just finding fault for the sake of having something to bitch about, which lowers the quality of the discussion. When Momo was bullshitting people about working out and drinking fit tea when her weight loss was actually due to getting liposuction done, it was appropriate to point out how lumpy and unbalanced her stomach looked because she was lying to people about a product she was endorsing and the nonexistent effort she put into improving herself. If she was open about it from the beginning, it would be much less interesting to point her Donkey Kong body out because there's no deception behind it.

Most cows are interesting because they were caught lying or having delusions of grandiosity, both traits which Momo had during the first 40 threads or so. Dropbox leaks were not a bannable offense because they pointed out how she was scamming her patreons with low quality costumes she was given thousands of dollars to produce. Again, the milk comes from the deception. Fake stats, lying again. Candids, they're also funny because they showcased how effortless her costume was and how much she edited her photos to falsify reality.

Anons like in the pic related are there just to shit up the thread quality, you can see how they're big perpetrators of infighting as well. It happens with all tinfoiling, someone starts with the "omfg I bet she rapes kids too you know how she lewded that loli dragon once!!!" sperging again and they're immediately there screeching "hi momo" when you tell them to calm down. You can tell they're there just to look for conflict and attention at any cost.

No. 11866

The catalog pages are a pain in the ass to use. They take forever to load and it crashes my browser more often than not. Anyone else?

No. 11867

yep, super slow for me too

No. 11868

I think it would be a good idea for the egirl thread to get put on auto sage. Nothing but self posts, vendettas and newfags. There’s no real milk and never was, it’s just a shit thread that should be buried already

No. 11869

probably going to catch a ban for responding instead of reporting, but can admin or a farmhand maybe think about a sticky that says something like NO TIPPING, NO TOUCHING in bright red letters at the top of every page? there's a trend towards moralfagging and talking to the cows 'for great justice' that's taking over all the threads. unless lc is changing their stance.

No. 11870

this isn't shitting up the quality of the thread at all. and it's not even sperging. explaining that moo ruined her own body isn't making the thread worse. the thread is and always has been bad, the quality of all cosplay cows threads are all bad. i think moo should be on /w/ simply for that fact. her milk is copslay milk and cosplay milk is bad.

No. 11871


but why does it need explaining? We already know, it's been said a million times, how many zoom-ins to parts of her body do we need to see?
How many detailed accounts of all the ways we already KNOW she messed up her breasts/body do we need?

We all know why she looks the way she does.

No. 11872

this. not to mention the infighting

No. 11873

i never said it needs explaining, just that it doesn't reduce the quality of the thread, which is true. the only thing that ruins the thread are anons who baww about people making posts they don't like. is reeing about moo's breasts repetitive and boring? maybe. but moo is a lather rinse repeat cow and she hasn't gotten in any drama, the past 4 or 5 threads are just "eww moo is gross and not nude yet, look at her eating and pretending to be on a diet" and nothing else.

No. 11874

I'll increase moderation until newfags are weeded out.
That's called reading the rules. No matter how plainly the rules are stated retards will still refuse to read them.
Report cowtipping immediately, it ranges between a 1 week ban and a permaban.
I applaud your passion for defending such insightful commentary. Nitpicking is still against the rules.
>it doesn't reduce the quality of the thread, which is true
I needed this laugh, thanks.

No. 11875

File: 1571098513108.png (780.79 KB, 619x973, bianca.png)

On the topic of the egirl thread, whoever made the thread included a picture of Bianca Devins in the image op, who is the girl that was brutally murdered on instagram a few months back. She was murdered 7/14 and the thread was created 9/10. I guess it isn't breaking any rules but it does seem supremely fucked up and unnecessary.

No. 11876

It's highly inappropriate there's no reason to have her, that whole thread is a fucking mess. Seriously.

No. 11877

there's a bunch of racebait sperging going on in gc/pinkpill.

No. 11878

admin, i'm trying to say the moo thread is shit and won't be less shit regardless of what is posted.

No. 11879

I mean she was an e-girl, no?

No. 11880

I think people got way too worked up about Bianca being in the thumbnail. Her picture was used as an example of an e-girl, that's it. Honestly she probably wouldn't have even been brought up if anons didnt start sperging and being butthurt over it.

No. 11881

Who cares? She's not even discussed in that thread.
Yeah, that's true. One person's trash is another person's trashy time.

No. 11882

yes she was discussed in that thread, and got trashed by some anons too. I reported it since I thought we were supposed to keep Bianca discussion contained to the one and only thread - and got a warning for doing so.

No. 11883

maybe my skim was too shallow but all there seems to be is mentioning that she was the typical egirl and anons complaining about her in the image. she was 'trashed' more in /ot/ than anything but that was for like a week after she died.

No. 11884

Admin ever since you decided to kill of the gc and pp threads and merged them together they have been a mess.

You might as well delete that thread considering it has nothing to even do with pinkpill or gc anymore despite its name.

….or you know you can do the right thing and make seperate gc and pinkpill threads again.

No. 11885

Just goes to show it was right to put you all into a containment thread since you have no idea how to behave yourselves and hate each other on top of it which is very feminist I might add

No. 11886


>this meme again

Not her but how many times are you going to repeat that? The infighting is from scrotes who invade and the mods letting it happen. Also, antifeminists who want to attack lesbians and defend their Nigels.

The Pink Pill thread was fine on its own and so was gender critical. It made no sense to force them together.
I know I may not even be talking to an actual woman, but I'm so tired of this shitty victim blaming response whenever we try to get actual moderation

No. 11887

And you think the scrotes came because the thread was merged? If anything it's easier to get rid of them since they gravitate to only one thread now instead of two but I guess mods not being online 24/7 to clean up your shit thread warrants constant whining about how you're being unfairly treated and how you're a "victim" topkek

No. 11888


>REEEEE stop whining why should mods ever do their jobs???

You sound so dumb. As a matter of fact newfag it wasn't even close to this bad when the threads were separate. Maybe because the mods were actually competent back then but no, it totally makes sense to bitch and moan about how it's our fault whenever we try to actually get counsel on this
You don't even like the threads so how about you stop sticking your fat nose in whenever people who do use them try to reach the admin? This isn't your thread

No. 11889

While the merge has curbed the radfem moralfagging on other boards etc so far(much thanks for this), the actual thread itself is garbage. I haven't seen this much racebait/homophobia/anti-manlet sperging in a long time. The thread definitely needs more moderation, don't be lenient with derailment bans at all.

No. 11890

You're not allowed to post your opinion on threads dude, only that anon is allowed to complain, and you can't give opposing feedback to the admin team on that topic! /s

No. 11891


Yeah, screeching like a bitter pterodactyl whenever anyone says anything about a thread you're eternally mad about and don't even use isn't valid and no one really cares to hear it. It's not even really a complaint. It's just you bitching out of salt

No. 11892

Is it possible to divide GC and pink pill thread?

We have like 6 different threads about attractive/unattractive people yet we have to deal with 3 different discussions in ont thread

No. 11893

the only one screeching here is you. the tard rage is intense

No. 11894


>no u

Quality post. I wonder why no one listens to you.

No. 11895

File: 1571209761893.jpeg (62.33 KB, 500x281, serveimage2.jpeg)

Can we get a mod to see if it's one imageposter/samefag that's posting the Braco spam?

No. 11896

*in /ot/
Just to clarify

No. 11897

seems to me mods listen to me more than they do to you. you know.. considering your assange-level shit slinging still hasn't gotten your precious threads unmerged

No. 11898


Sure Jan. Stay mad about threads you can ignore and hide.

No. 11899

Weird how the second GC/Pinkpill is brought up, the general complaints and issues thread dissolves into infighting and everyone screeching at eachother. Can you all shut the fuck up?

No. 11900

Agree. I wonder if one of the mods just didnt like the gc/pp threads in general and decided to merge them

No. 11901

Just came to humbly suggest starting to hand out bans for "muh psychology studies." People blogging about their absolutely retarded half-finished bachelors degrees is literally never relevant - and so, so irritating.

No. 11902

It is a bannable offense on /pt/, /snow/, and /w/ regardless of sage. Report it if you see it.

No. 11903

is sperging about someone not being a cow against the rules? like, if you don’t think someone belongs here just report the thread instead of clogging it up with multiple posts white knighting them

No. 11904

Yeah, this is happening a lot in snow and it's really annoying, especially in the DDLG thread. If someone doesn't like a thread I don't see why they should keep clogging up the thread with posts about how it's not milky

No. 11905

This happens so much in snow.

No. 11906

Thanks for the quick bans in the PP/GC thread.

No. 11907

I thought the boy and girl idol thread had be merged. The boy idol thread is now on their second thread and the female idol thread is still periodically bumped. Could farmhand /admin make sure the next on is merged?

No. 11908

racebait in gc/pp again

No. 11910

Adding to this: do you guys permaban all these racebaiting retards? Because they keep coming back and derailing. We might as well just turn PP/GC into /pol/ 2.0.

No. 11911

I swear to fucking God the race baiting is coming from the same group of retards, they get extremely sarcastic in the same way, without fail

No. 11912

and the sad thing is, they keep falling for it again and again while showing their true colors. They keep saying they are for real women while being racist to real wen. Why can't they go make a white radfem discord and fuck off? It's time for mods to ban them for good.

No. 11913

Very funny that you complain and encourage for pink-pill to be banned while doing your very best to start shit in that thread.
Pink-pill isn't going anywhere. They can have their thread given that they behave, you on the other hand have not.

No. 11914

There's two new vent threads going, not sure if anyone wants to lock one of them to avoid confusion.

No. 11915

Can something be done about the horrorgami person who's been cowtipping? She's done it in both Kelly Eden's thread and now Lori's thread, on two different platforms. I'm sorry if this comes across as complaining, just don't know if she's doing it with other cows too.

No. 11917

could you please do something about the sperg(s) in the kpop critical thread attacking anons whenever they answer questions that are being asked about idols?

>anon1 ask a question

>anon2 responds
>anon3 comes out of nowhere reeing and calling anon2 either a "stan", "ratmy" or "nctfag"

it's incredibly annoying, promotes infighting and takes up space. at first i thought it was someone shitposting, but now the posts seem oddly aggressive.

No. 11918

1. your mods/janitors are too invested in certain cows and they obviously are lonely. lets take the onision thread. I have been following onision for ages yet i was banned for tinfoiling. lol. then the responses was quoting lainey and greg. so we take the word of cows at face value now.
then we have wk of cows. the mods are wk. they are obviously getting offended when certain topics are brought up. I have been on the internet for a long time. I have stopped giving histories on this site because i get banned. like most people dont know jeffree predates myspace. but if i mention the site I get called tin-foiling.

2. then we have the posters who pretend to be mods. they have chased away a lot of farmers. the bryan stars and dasha posters have moved on. there is good content now but we arent getting it. please watch you mods they are slowly killing the site.

3. sage needs to be on all boards. a mod called me autistic but whats autistic is bumping a thread every 15 minutes or trying to fill up threads.

4. ok someone bumped the thread to see if anyone has milk. the mods should delete some of these 2 word post.

No. 11919

based on this post alone i can say the mods were spot-on with calling you autistic

No. 11920

File: 1571404708140.jpg (20.43 KB, 468x286, article-1340274-019169F9000005…)

Wow, I think a lot of us speculated people would post bait in the PP/GC thread to get it banned but it's hilarious they even came to meta to say mods should ban the thread lmao.

Thank you, based admin.

No. 11921

Are you complaining about a ban you received 8 weeks ago?
> the responses was quoting lainey and greg. so we take the word of cows at face value now.
This is one of the reasons the onion thread is cancer. It's just something that comes with the influx of twitter sjws.
>. then we have the posters who pretend to be mods.
Do you mean minimodding?
>sage needs to be on all boards
Sage is on all boards.
>4. ok someone bumped the thread to see if anyone has milk. the mods should delete some of these 2 word post.
How do I even respond to this?

No. 11922

Why do mods on here keep banning me for ANY use of "xd" even if all instances I used it was to mock the anon I was replying to? Is the use of "xd" banned period? I dont get it.

No. 11923

dont understand the point of a ban when its obviously used ironically

No. 11925

Appeal your bans if you think you didn’t break a rule. Someone might have been clearing the report q and missed the sarcasm, when you’re going through 50 it can be a honest mistake.

No. 11927

I always thought it was stupid that even emoticons that aren't actual emojis or weeb kaomojis are banned. this is the only image board where you can get banned for using dorito face.

No. 11928

Could something be done to stop talk of bpd in the pixielocks thread? The majority of the shit posted is infighting about symptoms, if she has it at all, and armchair diagnosis about what she really has. Its not milk and is just encouraging nonstop arguments

No. 11929

We barely get any reports from there - next time you see such behavior, please report the posters.

It is impossible for the farmhands to try and manually manage all the posts that go up on this site. We rely a lot on posts being reported.

No. 11930

Can the lesbian hating sperg in Kpop Crit be put to pasture? He/she sperged about "dykes" about 4 times in 2 days

No. 11931

Could something be done about the Jared WK in the ProJared/Holly thread?

No. 11932

>Who cares? She's not even discussed in that thread.
….the multiple people complaining about it and reporting it care, clearly. What kind of logic is this? You have literal proof of people caring in front of you. If I wanted to see a murdered girl getting trashed I'd go to 4chan.
>Rule #5: Don’t post about wishing bodily harm on a subject or group. (a-logging)
How does multiple people saying someone deserved the extreme "bodily harm" they got not clearly fall under this category? The girl is dead and people are still wishing bodily harm on her.

>I mean she was an e-girl, no?
No, at the time this thread was posted she was not an e-girl because she was dead. She is no longer in the e-girl category, she is in the murder victim category.

No. 11933

People still complaining about Bianca being talked about in the thread weeks ago is ridiculous. Get over it, you got an answer and it's over with. Nobody is even talking about her anymore except for people who want to keep bringing it up and being butthurt over it

No. 11934

Can we get a sitewide hellweek (except for /g/)? Are we still short on mods?

No. 11935

I was banned for three days but it only gave notice with 55 minutes left of the ban and let me post unhindered before that. Are bans broken or what?

No. 11936

i know i will be banned for this but im the op. admin, are you a woman. you seem to be as lolzy as the regular posters.
i complained about a ban from weeks ago because i just saw it.

yeah, i think im too old for this site now. i will see my way out.

No. 11937

You were only banned for a specific board. You most likely only got the notice then because that was the first time you tried posting on that board since the ban was issued. Bans are working fine.

No. 11938

okay, we were supposed to complain here about bans and shit, right? alright, the mods ban way too much in the Onision thread. like way, way too much, over dumbass stupid reasons.

also, build an autosage feature or whatever. just a little checkbox you can tick that when its a major update, you click that shit, when its not, boom the thread don't get bumped
you guys seriously need to do something about these banhappy triggered mods, because the shit is getting silly now. or hell, has been silly for years.

ok. thats it. there i said it here.

No. 11939

clearly you haven't been here for years if you think an autosage feature isn't something we have you dumb newfag. threads get autosaged all the time

No. 11940

Go baaaaaw on twitter or whatever hellhole you came from

No. 11941


firstly, why get angry over me suggesting a handy feature? second, if you have this neato feature why not use it and why ban people for "not saging"?
I have commented on this many a times before, you people don't seem to understand what sage actually is.


again, whats with the hostility? why are you people being so defensive?

No. 11942

because autosage is for threads that have absolutely nothing interesting about them anymore and are just full of fags like you. keep doing what you're doing and you might get your wish of an autosaged onion thread

No. 11943


you are confusing the type of autosage i mean with the little anchor thing, you really have no idea how to run a chan, do you?
I could built the feature I'm recommending in for you in 15 minutes flat, but hey, im a dirty male right?
keep up your spergin', its hilarious.


No. 11944

i don't even run this website what the fuck are you on about? and yeah you are a dirty male who needs to get the message that he's not welcome here. clearly you're not fond of the website either so i don't get your incessant fagging all over this board. is it autism?

No. 11945

File: 1571608153974.jpg (32.56 KB, 614x520, Image1.jpg)


aww so angry that you can't budde-ban me after all these years still. say how is that user-agent thing working out for you?
hmmmmm delicious!


No. 11946

mental retardation shouldnt be so funny but here we are. the onision thread is filled to the brim with twitter newfags and they deserve every ban they receive.

No. 11947

Imagine being too fucking stupid to know lolcow was founded by a male who did all those features you complain about kek
Yeah like changing your useragent is going to hide you're the same autistic kiwifag who unironically uses vivaldi.
Keep entertaining us.

No. 11948

tinfoil, please no ban, but i'm pretty convinced that the admins are trying to kill the onision thread for taking up too much website traffic

No. 11950

Does it though? PT is a popular channel, but OT is usually has something going on because of newfags whereas PT could be waiting for a while sometimes.

No. 11952

My God shut the fuck up. You do know saging is when you aren't delivering milk, right? Thats how that works you dumbass.

You have an opinion - SAGE
Lolzy fanart/meme - SAGE
Correcting an anon because you disagree - SAGE
Anything at all that is being posted by the topic of the thread - NOT SAGE -POTENTIAL MILK
Someone commenting on Twitter/Insta/YouTube about said topic, but not adding anything new besides a 'burn' - SAGE

Unless you have milk, everything you post should be saged anon, so fucking do it and stop bitching about your bans. Maybe learn how this site works and how saging and threads work.

No. 11953

i'm not the raging scrot, i just want to get it out of the way first bc i know some anons will blame me for it. farmhands will see i'm not, that's what matters, but:

there's something fucky going on for sure. i'm an old user, i've been on here for several years. something changed and i don't think the mod team/admin realize that they're killing the board. i don't agree with the "too many bans reeee" crowd but idk, the board seems deader every single day, i feel like the actions being taken are keeping people from participating rather than encouraging better engagement.

i think the team's focus should be on keeping the board alive and on its course, not kill it so that they have less to do.

No. 11954

It sounds like you're describing one thread.

No. 11955

well, mainly the onision thread, sure. thanks for keeping up with my posts admin-sama!

No. 11956

File: 1571638781469.png (42.44 KB, 1910x152, jesus.png)

hey mods, can you ban whoever keeps screenshotting and posting my name on the usagi/kelly boards? I know her irl and it's irritating being called a selfposter when why the actual fuck would I. I don't want to have to go dark on social media just because this of this fuckhead.
I left comments on their stuff but for actual fucks sake I did not post it here.

tl;dr vendetta chan is smearing my good shitposting name.

No. 11957

I think it’s mostly because there’s some careless moderation. I feel like bans are thrown left and right for things that aren’t stated explicitly in the rules / hypocrisy for one thread over another, and then when something bad is happening it’s totally disregarded.
Lolcow will continue to die as long as moderation isn’t done properly.

No. 11960

What the fuck, I was was the anon in your screenshot and I have no idea who the hell you are irl, jesus christ. There were multiple people calling out horrorgami for cowtipping across Lori's thread and Kelly's thread. I have no fucking clue where you got the assumption that the few people calling it out are the same person who has it out for you.
Also, the majority of people were calling you out for cowtipping, not selfposting.

No. 11961

am horrorgami.
I'm not talking about you specifically, the original anon who is posting my screenshots in the kelly and lori thread. they DMed me on instagram right before posting it here, which is why I knew to check here,
i know them irl (i think) and they've been following me on throwaway accounts.
it isn't cowtipping, it's me interacting outside lolcow. this board's rules dont apply to my life outside of it. it's considered cowtipping because it's posted here. it's not that hard to understand.
I'm asking mods to delete the screenshots from vendetta-chan because she's only doing it to fuck with me. I don't like being doxxed and called a cunt for no reason.

tl;dr I was being facetious to lori and kelly in my own time, gets posted here, suddenly cowtipping. that's not how it works and I honestly expected better from you guys.
I was being pretty cunty to kelly/lori but i've know about both of them/interacted for years regardless of these boards so I dunno what to tell you besides stÖp

No. 11962

also anon who i screenshotted in >>11956 was literally to refer to you telling me to post here, not calling you vendetta-chan. sorry for the confusion.

No. 11963

Is it possible for the Obayed thread to get put on autosage or anything to deter Obayed and his "harem" from self posting? The thread itself feels like its just one big self post. There's no milk, just vendettas and selfposting.

No. 11964

File: 1571688284832.png (2.17 MB, 1678x1630, LORIYOUFUCKEDUP.png)

vendetta chan is lori, screenshots as proof. think that's pretty notable. have DM screenshots if you need more evidence.
feels good man.

No. 11965

i'm kind of glad it's dead… it was taking way too much mental energy to read through the dumb posts of everyone's opinions on how to properly beat a dead horse. i like reading his milk but it was legit turning into an abused women's hugbox thread. was fun while it lasted though, i learned a lot. thanks for putting up with us for so long admin-sama and for doing the right thing

No. 11966

File: 1571802523154.png (1.27 MB, 3552x1886, eye tee tee.png)

I can't believe I'm actually posting an annoying long post but I came back after a month long break like I usually do and missed the thread merge drama, but thanks mods. Im supposed to share a thread with pink pillers when I want to talk about GC stuff and radfem stuff.
When women wanted to vent about tranny buffoonery they went to the GC thread.
When women wanted to talk about beauty culture, our pornified society, religion, and sex work they went to the radfem thread (that they ASKED FOR in the town hall).
When women wanted to complain about men, either for valid reasons or for femcel schizo reasons they went to pink pill. And now these 3 very different subsects of women; feminist or not are supposed to share a SINGLE THREAD and NOT infight? What the fuck were you thinking? Pic related. One of these things is not like the other.

I do not expect the admin or farmhands to understand or care about why these 3 different groups need their own threads but we do. There is going to be friction in GC when it comes to being CRITICAL about GENDER, even when it doesn't have to do with troon hate (lots of anons seem to think GC = Troon Hate exclusively) There are going to be disagreements in the radfem thread about all sorts of shit, or political lesbianism, or having a boyfriend, or whatever. But it's an imageboard, we should be allowed to duke it out with each other. I hope I can say that most of us can handle it. I am totally fine with bans being given when someone derails a conversation that has nothing to do with feminism/gender crit ideology however I do not understand why we are being punished because some mods might take personal offence to what we believe. I don't understand why it's necessary to overpolice these SPECIFIC threads for "infighting" when what you're really talking about is just discussion in the classic vitriolic imageboard way.
You don't want politics shitting up boards (even OFF TOPIC)? Ok, give us a /pol/. You can even have your own "go back to /pol/" memes. You don't want a /pol/? fine. Let us have the GC and radfem threads back. They were popular and successful threads even if you personally don't agree with them. People can't handle hiding 3 threads every couple of weeks? You tell people to integrate with board culture but you can't even use basic imageboard functions?

You tell us that we can go to "another site" to express this stuff. Where exactly? On tumblr you get banned. On twitter you get banned. In Britain you can be arrested for misgendering. 4chan is a male dominated board. Mumsnet is a site for mothers with young child and they should not be expected to bear this cross.

Give use back GC and radfem. Or merge GC and radfem general but do not insist that we share a thread with PP.

No. 11967

File: 1571835232228.jpg (100.46 KB, 800x679, lhtb0byg26l01.jpg)

this has to be a troll post

No. 11968

Why not make a radfem imageboard?

No. 11969

I can't believe I'm actually posting an annoying long post but I came back after a month long break like I usually do and missed the thread merge drama, but thanks mods. Im supposed to share a thread with pink pillers when I want to talk about GC stuff and radfem stuff.
When women wanted to vent about tranny buffoonery they went to the GC thread.
When women wanted to talk about beauty culture, our pornified society, religion, and sex work they went to the radfem thread (that they ASKED FOR in the town hall).
When women wanted to complain about men, either for valid reasons or for femcel schizo reasons they went to pink pill. And now these 3 very different subsects of women; feminist or not are supposed to share a SINGLE THREAD and NOT infight? What the fuck were you thinking? Pic related. One of these things is not like the other.

I do not expect the admin or farmhands to understand or care about why these 3 different groups need their own threads but we do. There is going to be friction in GC when it comes to being CRITICAL about GENDER, even when it doesn't have to do with troon hate (lots of anons seem to think GC = Troon Hate exclusively) There are going to be disagreements in the radfem thread about all sorts of shit, or political lesbianism, or having a boyfriend, or whatever. But it's an imageboard, we should be allowed to duke it out with each other. I hope I can say that most of us can handle it. I am totally fine with bans being given when someone derails a conversation that has nothing to do with feminism/gender crit ideology however I do not understand why we are being punished because some mods might take personal offence to what we believe. I don't understand why it's necessary to overpolice these SPECIFIC threads for "infighting" when what you're really talking about is just discussion in the classic vitriolic imageboard way.
You don't want politics shitting up boards (even OFF TOPIC)? Ok, give us a /pol/. You can even have your own "go back to /pol/" memes. You don't want a /pol/? fine. Let us have the GC and radfem threads back. They were popular and successful threads even if you personally don't agree with them. People can't handle hiding 3 threads every couple of weeks? You tell people to integrate with board culture but you can't even use basic imageboard functions?

You tell us that we can go to "another site" to express this stuff. Where exactly? On tumblr you get banned. On twitter you get banned. In Britain you can be arrested for misgendering. 4chan is a male dominated board. Mumsnet is a site for mothers with young child and they should not be expected to bear this cross.

Give use back GC and radfem. Or merge GC and radfem general but do not insist that we share a thread with PP.

No. 11970


Hard agree. >>11966 anon sounds almost sane, nothing like a genuine gc/pp/rf martyr.

No. 11971

I just want to know if I'm the only one struggling with clicking the little tiny links to the various boards at the top of the site. I would use the catalog as well, but it's basically useless bc it's so slow. Admin is there any plan to fix that? Any idea why it happens? I'm not techfag but maybe it has something to do with the infinite scroll?

No. 11972

no offense anon but you either have really shitty internet or a really old pc kek

No. 11973

I was banned just because I said we would be better of without kids that murder. Wtf?
Is this reddit or mumsnet now?
This isn't against any rules afaik and it's certainly not a-logging. Whichever mod banned me did it purely driven by emotion. Are emotional bans now a thing?

No. 11974

actually, nevermind. Fuck this site and fuck retarded mods.

No. 11975

>advocating for children to be murdered isn't a-logging
take your meds

No. 11976

It's murderers. What difference does it make if it's a kid? I knew at the age of 9 that killing isn't okay, what makes that kid exempt of justice?
Seriously, you're fucking retarded.

No. 11977

you're really trying to continue this argument on /meta/ while also sperging and insulting everyone. please keep going it's really funny

No. 11978

I just want to respectfully point out, for the record, that this just proves my other post
We're supposed to share a thread with these retards.

No. 11979

I hope you realise, we still know it's you, the resident autistic kiwifag.

No. 11980

While I agree that the three are only vaguely related and should be treated as separate topics and therefore get their own thread each, I also kinda get why it’s been done.

Especially radfem bullshit has bled through all boards and topics and femcels started tone policing the stupidest shit in various threads across all boards. They need to be kept at bay and LC is not meant to specifically attract that kind of audience (or at least that’s what I got from Admin‘s/Farmhands‘ statements so far).

No. 11981

i smell a few anachans in the infinifat thread

No. 11982

I'm on a tablet… One other anon said they were having trouble with the catalogs; I was curious to know if admin knows/cares if it was a common issue. There are a bunch of little things imo that make this website a pain to navigate. Normally I dgaf but I love this website lol

No. 11983

yeah imageboards just aren't really made to be used on tablets/smartphones. it's gonna be clunky no matter what unless the entire set-up changes which imo it shouldn't. just invest in a notebook or something

No. 11984

Don't get so excited. There's barely any meat on those bones anon

No. 11985

Touché thanks.

No. 11986

There will be mobile support on the new engine. I don't have a projected date yet but this is something I've been working on my own free time.

No. 11988

Cool! Thanks for the info and for your hard work.

How many unique visitors does lolcow get? I'm curious to know how many farmers there are

No. 11990

At least one of the posts in the “radfem” section was classic cringy libfem sperging if you read the context (attacking another woman → bait/switch to accuse that same person of actually attacking women to appear self-righteous), and one that you put in “radfem” while another you put in “pink pill” are obviously by the exact same poster.
That chart is awful and just makes us look autistic, anon.

No. 11991

There's a festering nest of anachans here, partly in the anachan general and I think maybe in an /ot/ thread about meals also? They like to pretend to talk about "milky" skellys and get big mad at the fatty fake anachans. There are a smaller number of "normal" posters in there I'm sure (I'm one) but the general atmosphere of hunger is palpable.

There does tend to be a lot of sperging around FAs no matter what, they're a fun topic but it does attract the judgy types, the weightloss bloggers and also the hungry types looking for motivation to not eat. It's an interesting idea that one of the regular anachans might have made the thread… I wonder? I go to bth threads but I just find the extreme eaters to be interesting at bth ends of the spectrum. Also the FAs are staring to have real social impact now which makes them a shitty and dangerous movement.

No. 11992

>makes us look autistic
Pfft baby you ARE autistic. You all deserve to be chased off the site. If anything PPfags are the most tolerable of the three.

No. 11993

We're not the ones who got exposed for shitting up threads, then coming here to demand they be banned, sorry.

No. 11994

So, some more hypocrisy on bans again?

Typing lIKeE ThIS is ok again?
I knew my minimod rant would get me in trouble, but what the fuck do you guys mean the other things aren't against the rules?
"All users are expected to contribute in a constructive way and are discouraged from posting low quality comments and images."
1.1 Do not blogpost. Blogposting means sharing your personal experience, perspective, or anecdote in a way that’s not directly relevant to the discussion.
1.4 Do not lament about a cow’s shortcomings and past events if it isn’t relevant
7.1 Nitpicking
7.2 Repetitive comments

Those things are what I reported. Lol. Get fucking real.

No. 11995

>but what the fuck do you guys mean the other things aren't against the rules?
You were banned for minimodding and asked to report the posts instead of replying to them. Nowhere does the ban state that what you were referring to wasn't breaking the rules. Hope that clears things up for you.

No. 11996

is there a reason that on /w/ and /snow/ when an OP is banned for the thread being shit, the thread doesn't get locked?

No. 11997

I think it's because the subject itself is interesting so maybe not locking them is a warning to make a better thread next time but that the topic is welcome? I'd imagine at least.

No. 11999

Can admin/mods see all my embarrasing post+deletes?

No. 12001

Ya ;3

No. 12004

I just reported u for emojis(>:T)

No. 12005

Like everything else the mod team probably has transwomen in it. The trans threads have been awful and it's because they have a large presents. So, like the other poster wrote we need a radfem board and hope the trans don't destroy it.

No. 12006

File: 1572042302661.png (319.35 KB, 1027x361, large-present-header[1].png)

>they have a large presents.

No. 12007

Admin has stated otherwise, although of course those could be lies… how gross to think of a TIM getting his rocks off by being included in the mod team and being shilled as a real female by admin… shudder…

No. 12008

What the hell is wrong with you people. Like how can you act like this and not understand why the rest of the site hates you.

No. 12009

Are the farmhands watching the Soft Girl/DDLG thread? The name fagging is rampant rn. It's either Erin herself pretending to be various people and not knowing how the site works - or she's sending her followers out to shit up the thread. Can we find out if it's all the same person? It's really suspicious.

Agreeing with this anon, ya'll are embarrassing. The majority of this site gives two shits about this.

No. 12010

reeeee mods r trannies.
here we are again, round and round.

No. 12011

Can we please get the gc thread back? I used to read the gc thread a couple times a month, so might have missed any deleted posts, but i didnt see much trouble at all so im sad and a bit confused to see it gone. Might have been different in the radfem/pinkpill thread, seeing The clustefuck going on now. But i think its a very important topic giving this is a female centric board and it sucks to have to share it with random manhate and the inevitable infighting and handmaids/triggered incels.

No. 12012

this is asked all the time and gc/pp anons cant accept no. how many times do you guys have to be told deal before you get it.

No. 12013

No go back to r/GenderCritical faggot

No. 12014

people like you who don't think GC is the same idea as PP stuff are idiots. no one in the old GC thread was doing anything other than bitching about dangerous males. just because you guys think your opinion is more grounded in science doesn't mean the general user finds it different. no one could even discuss things (like saying that it's possible some of the people are victims) in the GC thread without people reeeing about hating men.

No. 12015

You know transmen and NB were discussed often in GC too right? these people are trans too and discussing them was fairly common.

GC and PP aren't the same, discussing gender-related themes and the likes isn't the same as specifically man-hating, this proves you don't even know which were the themes discussed in that thread, you just go for an easy "Nah, is all man-hating".
>like saying that it's possible some of the people are victims
Most trannies whether male or female did all of this out of a fetish/pornsickness (see fujos/sissies), unless they're minors/extremely mentally ill/ gay people you shouldn't feel pity for them especially when they're using harmful stereotypes as costumes.

No. 12016

we have a fakeboi thread on /snow/ and now we have a troon thread as well how many threads catering to your topic of interest do you even need. if you wanna discuss the political rammifications and not just laugh or vent about people there's def other sites for you (but you might not like them because they won't be a huge exclusive circlejerk)

No. 12017

I'm just a regular girl who would feel a little uncomfortable if some guy associated with the janitorial staff is furiously masturbating to this website and using the userbases ignorance to gain inclusion and cummies. Not everyone is reeeing like you and others are kek

No. 12018

it's such a stupid tinfoil as if admin didn't say multiple times that mods get verified first

No. 12020

Yep that's basically my thought too, as I stated in >>12007, because admin has been kind enough to respond to my inquiries on this matter. Although I was responding to >>12005 so maybe they're the reeeeetard. I don't really participate in the gender/sexuality discussions but I would definitely feel uncomfortable here if those accusations were true. That's all.

No. 12021

File: 1572102099977.gif (506.89 KB, 500x361, retardalert.gif)

How many rounds of this shit do we need? We are at round four or five of tinfoiling about "mods r trannies cuz they don't agree w me".

The original admin was a MAN. Ever since then, all mod teams have been exclusively biological women for that reason.
Pic very related.

No. 12023

It seems obvious that those who are concerned can never be placated because there is no way to prove anything either way. Maybe just let them cluck amongst themelves and relax a little bit bc you're not going to change any minds anyway. Unless you just want to screech.

No. 12024

no one in hell is going to furiously masturbate to anything regarding the site.

No. 12025

Everytime I come here (to make sure there's no any Scat attacks) I see the same conversation after the mods have said over and over and over again, the thread isn't coming back.

it's time to move on.

No. 12026

File: 1572112084838.jpg (34.81 KB, 400x635, 73079397_2730394773646842_8865…)


Jesus, this again?

No. 12029

I'm not saying it's happening… but being included in staff on a female-only imageboard and being defended as a real woman is like a tranny wet dream but go off…

No. 12030

Nah you are a paranoid fucking freak and so are all the other radfems [on this site]

No. 12033

i don’t get why the advice thread is in /g/ but the vent, confessions, kink shaming threads are in /ot/

not that i think it really matters

No. 12036

>/g/ is for all things girly, bathroom talk for advice, lifestyle, fashion, cosmetics, makeup, periodtalk. Anything you would ask and talk about with your female friends.

all those other things are off topic. like i dont care what some idiot in /snow/ thinks of sex workers and dd/lg has to say personally about kinks, so stick it in the off topic board. i wish more anons went into vent to let out their personal gripes about cows so it doesnt crap up the main thread. it makes sense.

/g/ makes sense for advice. a lot of anons ask about relationships or their vagainas or acne or whatever. its not off topic. and frankly, i would rather ask /g/ users about my vagina over the users on /ot/ who, lets be real, never leave it and they begin to rage that i should dump my bf and kill him because i got worried about my pussy or some acne or whatever.

No. 12037

File: 1572136034274.gif (137.51 KB, 300x565, source.gif)

Like this anon >> 12023 said, the possibility that mods are trannies or not it's unverifiable, rads/meta anons should remain neutral and accept both possibilities that the team is all women/there are trannies since both sides have no evidence to backup their statements. Also, meta anons shouldn't just expect others to believe everything mods say blindly, radfags screeching "mods are trans!!!" are annoying but "mods are women cause they said so >:T" is not a compelling reason to mitigate that "tranny mod" theory as "mods are all women" isn't a certain truth since no one can prove it…unless you all bring evidence. You all here just keep repeating "mods are women because they said so" over and over with no evidence in hopes everyone believes it, with verifications no one can prove them happened ("mods said so" doesn't count). If mods are in fact women you shouldn't be SO pressed over people merely mentioning that "trannie mods" theory especially when you can't disprove that yourself.

No. 12038

Well in first place i don't know why the fakeboi and transwomen thread are separated imo they should be merged since its just general cringe with no political implication
>but you might not like them because they won't be a huge exclusive circlejerk
You all should stop with these weak ass ad-hominems they're getting stale.

No. 12039

I mean people can't prove the mods ARE transgender, so how come people can't use the only source they have vs. people shouting, "Mods r trannies because they did something I didn't like!" no one has proof.
It's just annoying to have the same conversations, people need to move on create a sit or something where you can have the conversation you want to have. It doesn't seem the mods are budging and calling them trannies won't change that

No. 12043

can mods check the infighting and weirdness in Shaynas thread about fupa?
and the mini modding? It seems to show up strong with Fupa but this time it seems different.

No. 12046

posting this wouldve got you a warning in the past. there are too many no personality bored people on the site now. thats why there is no milk. in the past someone who knew a cow would post but you people ran them off. now the site is grammar homebodies.

>>12007 >>12010
i wrote 12005. I didnt know this topic was already addressed. lol. im glad im not the only one who noticed. I had to stop posting milk on a few of them. everytime i posted something I got bashed. even if you dont want the milk how do you bash it. I also stopped posting venus and onision history for the same reason. their fans/haters are trying to rewrite history. but there are other sites with the full history so Ive decided to quit responding over here. i initially got upset when my- my digital escape- milk was treated poorly.

Im 12005 and I wrote that in regards to gatekeeping. someone is allowed to bash anyone that doesnt agree with trans issues. as far as fighting this gender war I think everyone need to take up some trade classes. you all need to find jobs.

if people can feel the shift then to say they are imagining it is lame. some of those threads arent milky but devoted to defending the trans cows. come on. just like venus stop defending everything. just state your facts.

I wont be responding anymore.

its so obvious. I think after being called out the trans has kinda backed off but for almost a year you couldnt criticize at all. everyone felt it and the threads started to suffer because they ran a lot of people away.

No. 12048

lol go do something else

No. 12049

At this point the anon's angry about this shit could've made their own forum to discuss this shit.

So much time wasted shouting at people who don't give a fuck and aren't going to change it.

No. 12051

There's a ton of race baiting going on in /OT/ especially in the Reddit hate thread (unironically.)

No. 12053

This is probably the most logical response but I've verified myself as a female with a timestamp. I'm too wary to mod or even give janitor privileges to randos because if they're not trannies they can also be cows or overly involved farmers. Because of this most of the mods are my close irl friends and any janitors have limited board privileges, even after being verified.

The only issue with this tinfoil is that it's always been a possibility with any board or forum. It's only referenced here because gc anons are still scorned about losing their thread.
There's a reason the same 2-3 anons come here within the span of days to make more tranny janny accusations.

No. 12057

File: 1572298756972.jpeg (61.04 KB, 637x184, EABCF858-113F-4D12-BA4F-E7CC8D…)

There hasn’t been any racebaiting after first warning. There is meat sperging but if discourse is lockable offense then just nuke all of /ot/

No. 12058

Prob about the whole "eating any animal is the same" argument since it was related to an Anon saying Asians eat dogs

Would it be alright to remake the thread or whatever and just put the rules at the top/ban specific subreddits from being mentioned??

No. 12059

The reddit thread had surprisingly little racebaiting, I'm honestly shocked it got locked.

No. 12060

Any discourse about race is banned in /ot/, yet anons continue to discuss which races eat which animals.
The thread was just infighting with no discussion of the actual topic at hand.

No. 12061

Really? Most of the thread was people talking shit about reddit posts/redditors, the racial shit only happened very briefly. I get that rules are rules, but I don't see why the entire thread should be nuked because a few people couldn't contain their faggotry.

No. 12062

Factual statements about cultural cuisine isn't racebaiting

No. 12063

Any discussion of race, racebait or not is prohibited in /ot/.
You would know that if you read the sticky.

No. 12064

The gender critical autists have spread into ot/ Tinfoil… do they think they’re doing some kind of evangelical redfem mission work? Don’t they have their own holes of the internet they can dribble bullshit into?

No. 12065

Those are two tinfoil posts, and they belong in the tinfoil thread.
Just because you don't like the opinion shared doesn't mean it doesn't belong, especially since it's not even weird racebait or anything like that.
I think the Pizzagate stuff is retarded, but guess what? I ignore it, because the thread itself is for conspiracy theories and tinfoils. Grow up.

No. 12066

>They belong in the tinfoil thread.
No they don't. You guys are supposed to keep that shit in your containment thread.

Remember to report radfem derailing outside the pinkpill thread when you see it, even on /ot/.

No. 12067

>you guys
I've complained about radfems multiple times though? It's just retarded to ban conspiracy theories when that's what they are. Autists thinking everything is a wild scheme.

No. 12068

Sorry to bother but the Projared thread is becoming pretty unreadable lately. Every time it gets bumped there is no milk and it's just anons arguing back and forth about what if Jared isn't so bad/what if Heidi is worse, etc. and reposting old milk.

No. 12069

radfem and gender shit belongs in pink pill and nowhere else. how hard is it to follow this one simple rule? do you guys seriously think about nothing else? is everything just troons with you freaks? radfems are unbearable and single handedly ruined /ot/

No. 12072

Honest question, do you even read posts before replying? I'm not a radfem, I've literally been annoyed and reported their autism. I even said that in the very first sentence of my post.
If you need someone to bitch at, try the actual GC spergs who've been trying to get the threads unmerged above.
You don't look any less autistic than them by mindlessly screaming at anyone who doesn't praise every single action the farmhands take. You just look like a hivemind sperg.

No. 12073

i honestly have no idea what you're even talking about but you need to take this site less seriously

No. 12074

You say that, but then post shit like >>12069?
It's a no from me. Take your own advice pls.

No. 12075

It would be great if the Plastic and Proud thread could have a ban on armchair diagnosing her rash and armchair litigating her statements about having been raped in the Dominican.

No. 12076

Thanks for unlocking the Reddit Hate thread, hopefully it doesn't fall apart again.

No. 12080

Are we not caring about the minors posted in the gimp lady's thread because there's just no hope for any offspring of that woman, or what? I mean, she posted them herself, but she's also sick as fuck in the head.
I reported it a while ago now. Poor things.

No. 12081

lol one of the mods is always in here sperging about radfems. I was last here 2 weeks ago, same thing. Then before that. If you disagree with the mod stance you're a radfem. No matter what. It's prob the tranny mod. Seeing terven everywhere lmao


Anyway have you guys considered that not all the women sperging about gender issues and trannys are radfems? Or even gender critical? But good luck. Keep banning everyone for the slightest reasons. Your site is thriving.

No. 12082

Have you guys considered that not all the women sperging about retardo radfems like you are trannys? Or even pro trans? Take a bath and get some fucking self awareness.

No. 12083

You need to calm down, this is just a forum full of strangers

No. 12084

I haven't been following the thread closely but I'm confused as to why the sister's IG had been redacted? Was she a minor? When I caught a glimpse of her IG before the link was taken down it looked like no minor to me..

But the pictures of the kids definitely need a blur or censor over them or something. It's not their fault their birthmother is a deluded psycho.

No. 12085

Anon… I'm not the one whose been sperging about the mods being trannies day in and day out all over the site like a paranoid schizophrenic just because they made a decision I don't agree with. Again, get some self awareness.

No. 12086

This is what I mean. I'm not even the person you're freaking out at.
You sound mentally ill, get some fresh air.

No. 12088

this is not a forum.

No. 12090

Lolcow is an imageboard. Do you know what an imageboard is?
>An imageboard is a type of Internet forum that revolves around the posting of images, often alongside related text and discussion

No. 12091

is there anything that can be done about the absolutely insane amount of samefagging, hi-cowing, infighting and autism that is the miranda thread?? i mean seriously it reads as though the same 5 people are just talking in circles for the last two years.

No. 12093

that’s just how lolcow is

No. 12094

can we get some temporary bans for the animal sperging in shay's threads? unless it's milky, mentioning the cat or dog shouldn't be necessary and now it's devolved into dumb shit like "how dare she feed them dry food" and "uwu i need to make sure that lil angel is okay!".

No. 12095

ntas but y are you like.. that? are you on the spectrum for real? lots of radfems are

No. 12097

are you fucking new?

No. 12098

Some tranny sperg has breached the GC containment thread and is causing a ruckus in ot.

No. 12099

It actually seems to be one of the GC spergs stirring the pot again, not a real tranny. I'll give warning bans to the idiots who took that obvious bait.
>inb4 t. tranny mod

Yeah we can crack down on the pet sperging in there.

No. 12100

Out of curiosity, will /pt/ ever get more clearly defined requirements? Been on this site for a million years and I've just watched it make less and less sense. Why do /pt/ cows get permanent tenure long after their milk has dried up when there are cows in /snow/ and /w/ that are on like, thread #20? Seems like when cows reach >5 threads they should be automatically moved to /pt/ or something.

Like, in /pt/ the Sheena Duquette thread previous to the current one took 2+ years to fill up. Current thread is 9 months old and just reached 300 posts, with months of nothing in between. The (one) Fahr Sindram thread is 4 years old and still hasn't filled up, Jessica Yaniv thread never even got vetted in /snow/ and was just allowed to start and stay in /pt/ but is already pretty stagnant. At the very least shouldn't Sheena and Fahr move to /w/? And then in /snow/ you've got active threads like Baylee Jae (Thread #9), ProJared/Holly/GG (Thread #14), Holly Brown (Thread #19), etc etc. Just not sure what the logic is.

(I also still dream of the return of /manure/ to clean out all of the spam/shit threads from the catalogues and some sort of archive board where maxed out threads go so it's only fresh current threads…but I know that's a pipe dream)

No. 12101

not at all, so i’m aware that fuck all will ever be done about the dumpster fire status of half the threads in /pt, especially mira’s when it’s very obvious that it is the same handful of people posting. anything admin does would probably just aggravate the spergs anyway. like an anon above me said the criteria is all fucked anyway.

No. 12103

/pt/ isn't about activity. you should look at it as a kind of hall of fame for cows. basically, a cow does something so stupid/funny/fucked up that they get moved to /pt/ and stay there because they've proven themselves to be an unredeemable idiot.
a lot of super active /snow/ threads are full of nitpicking, infighting, minimodding and hardly anything interesting going on.
also i'm sure it'd be a shit ton of work to constantly move people back and forth to /pt/ and /snow/ based on the thread activity not to mention it'd be confusing for us as users as well.
momokun is still on /pt/ despite her thread content being /snow/ level of retarded nitpicking but she's proven herself to be a super idiot. what anons need to learn how to do is to let cows die out. if they don't do interesting or funny shit anymore then just don't post about them. constantly ranting about how their nasolabial folds and boobs sag or whatever just attracts unhinged people from PULL with insecurity issues who then make the whole board feel more hostile and crazy than it was before.

No. 12104

Any response to this? Or do the male tranny mods not have any innate compassion for children? Kekeke jk…………….

No. 12105

File: 1572797076885.png (59.77 KB, 648x247, Screen Shot 10.png)

>you should look at it as a kind of hall of fame for cows
Right, but I'm saying this makes zero sense. A "Hall of Fame" implies a purely archival sense, not an active one. You don't go to the Baseball Hall of Fame and go "well he retired 20 years ago but we're still waiting for him to set some new Baseball records so we can talk about it", which is what you're implying /pt/ is for. Besides isn't that what /cream/ was supposed to be for?

>a cow does something so stupid/funny/fucked up that they get moved to /pt/ and stay there because they've proven themselves to be an unredeemable idiot

That's literally the requirement of creating a thread for any cow in the first place, or have you never read the rules? You're making it sounds like /snow/ is some triage board where people are given a chance to redeem themselves and if they're a lost cause then they move to /pt/, like it's hospice care or something. If they're not an unredeemable idiot in the first place they wouldn't warrant 5+ threads? Dolly Mattel is on thread #42 in /snow/, how many threads does she get to prove that she may still be redeemable? 100? The Game Grumps threads date back to 2015 (how I found lolcow in the first place), how does that not count as a "Hall of Fame"?

No. 12106

The rules on minors are
>Do not make threads on subjects under the age of 16.
>Do not post identifiable information on minors such as full names, addresses and schools.
>Do not post photos of minors where there is an expectation of privacy.
So it should be fine to post pics that merely include them from time to time as long as you don't post pics of them that were supposed to be private or start sperging specifically about them ala the onion anons.

Her sister's IG may have been redacted because posting family members who are unrelated to the dramu is against the rules.

No. 12107

no but /snow/ is for threads where cows have to prove themselves consistently milky enough. also again it'd be such a mess to have threads constantly moving back and forth. a lot of the rules have slightly changed over time the standard set of rules is like what? almost 5 years old now? you can't take them so literally. why even care? shits the way it is

No. 12108

>don't post pics of them that were supposed to be private
Those kids really are SOL in that case because that gimp lady doesn't give a fuck

No. 12109

File: 1572813040801.png (11.89 KB, 547x109, rules.png)

>the standard set of rules is like what? almost 5 years old now?
>you can't take them so literally
You really can't read huh bud. They're not an ancient out of date dusty tome, they're literally updated all the time. If they aren't meant to be taken at face value then how can they be enforced?

>no but /snow/ is for threads where cows have to prove themselves consistently milky enough

Right, so explain to me how a cow that's on their 42nd thread hasn't proven themselves "consistently milky enough", but Fahr Sindram who hasn't produced enough milk for one full thread in 4 years has? Explain why Lillee Jean got upgraded to /pt/ on her 3rd thread, but Jillian Vessey is on her #34th in /w/? Explain why Jessica Yaniv didn't have to go through /snow/ at all? You can't just say those are the rules when they're not actually followed in any case. There's just no rhyme or reason to any of it.

>why even care? shits the way it is

Because it makes the website worse, and it doesn't have to be? /snow/ and /w/ are so overrun with the same ~5 cows on their 20+ thread constantly being shoved to the front that none of the hundred other threads get any breathing room. /pt/ is nothing but breathing room because it's just a graveyard for Greg and Momo threads and cows from 5+ years ago that are just tumbleweeds at this point. I don't know where you "constantly moving threads back and forth" from, I'm literally talking about a handful of dead threads that have been stagnant for years trading places with a handful of threads that are bursting at the seams. /snow/ and /w/ are breaking fire codes and overflowing with milk, and /pt/ is an empty club with a bouncer turning everyone away for not being hot enough but letting boring uggos and old women stay in there for years only ordering water

No. 12110

alright i'm not reading this. have fun being mad about this though i guess

No. 12111

Do the rules against vendetta, samefagging, sperg/spam, necro and milkless posts only count for /pt/? There’s just so much of it in /snow/ and /w/ but i dont see bans happen unless someone makes a shit tier thread.

No. 12112

snow and w are basically like "pre-pt" forums. there's probably going to be a couple vendettas and necros because they sound interesting enough to be considered a cow at first. i'm sure majority of personal lolcows are vendettas/samefags, but it's basically a containment thread. sperg/spam and necro, though i def agree. so much non milk and bumping for dumb ass reasons.

No. 12113

Can something be done about the Goth sperg in the Altcow thread? They show up all the time trying to detail and dictate the rules of being Goth or whatever (and they have a very recognizable way of speaking) and it's shitting up the thread, they're being called out on it now but I doubt it's gonna stop anytime soon.

No. 12114

just want to tell admin and everyone to keep up the good work!

No. 12115

It's already the 5th or 6th time I get banned for trying to post a reply to a thread. The reply doesn't even go through, I just get btfo'd on click. Can someone explain why?

No. 12116

Are you sure the ban is expired? Post a photo of the ban in question.

No. 12117

I've never taken a screenshot, it just says I'm banned. Then after 24 hours it's back to normal.

No. 12118

might need to take a new approach for necessary4speed. Red texting all their stuff is just giving them the attention they probably crave, it's practically namefagging at this point.

No. 12119

she's namefagging fine on her own with her typing style and subjects. same happened with keith

No. 12120

I'm super late but imagine thinking Shay has done anything /pt/worthy. She's an alco with boils on her pussy who doesn't walk her dog. Just because anons nitpick their way to high thread volume, it's not an indicator. Sheena is boring as hell these days but she pretty much did kill someone then spent her payout on a tit job. The difference is in the scale of what they've done.

No. 12121

Can a mod please go into the alt-cows thread and calm down the race infighting?

No. 12122

Then go to the PT request page on PT. You don't like who is on the catalog then mention others in the suggestion thread.

No. 12123

thanks to the farmhand in the ddlg thread

No. 12124

the cow recommendation thread in /snow/ should be moved to /ot/.

No. 12125

lmao what
Why would a catalog-like thread about cows be in /ot/?

No. 12126

why shouldn't a discussion thread that isn't based on any specific cow(s) be in a place for known cows? why not just already use the catalog that is easily accessible in the first place?

No. 12127

anon I'm not complaining about who's on what board, perhaps you meant another comment

Do you mean the Personal Cows thread?

No. 12128

no, it's a thread where anons suggest cows for different anons.

No. 12129

Just noticed that I got a temp ban a couple of days ago for a post I wrote 2 months ago. What was the point of that?

No. 12130

Sometimes people report old posts and going through the report queue you don't always notice the date. I apologize, I agree that there's no point to it. It was an accident.

No. 12131

that thread is on /pt/ tho, lol.

No. 12132

This is the second time I've gotten banned for something twice.

thankfully after an hour my ban was removed, but why does this happen?

Thanks to the person who read my appeal, but this isn't the first time I was banned for the same comment Days later.

Once I was banned for something I said 3 days ago, and I was already banned for.

And today, I got an 6 hour ban from all forums for a comment i made and was banned for on the 3rd.

No. 12133

Can we please get some bans in the Plasticandproud thread? Some newfag is clogging up the thread and I've reported them several times.

No. 12134

what types of bans aren't redtexted?

No. 12136

does the ddlg/nymphlet/soft girl thread’s “shit thread” status mean there’s no moderation whatsoever?

No. 12137

no? it just means that the OP is shit

No. 12138

I think OP is asking because the thread is a dumpster fire of DDLG girls fighting and cowtipping.

No. 12139


No. 12140

it needs to be put on autosage

No. 12141

Can that cinawol person please be banned fr the ddlg thread? They're just infighting for misreading a comment, and now won't shut the fuck up about who they are.

No. 12143

Agree. No one in that thread knows how to sage and the DDLG girls are all infighting and cowtipping. No one cares about 'sfw agere'.

No. 12144

this. i personally like laughing at ageplayers, petplayers and ddlg so i don't care about whatever vague bs they're trying to defend their particular bs with.

No. 12145


>Why do /pt/ cows get permanent tenure long after their milk has dried up

Qualifying as a /pt/ level cow is not a bell that can be unrung.

One of the prime qualities of a /pt/ level cow is that they will return with prime milk after months or even years, and the milk is usually an entirely new drama. Fahr is a good example.


>Right, so explain to me how a cow that's on their 42nd thread hasn't proven themselves "consistently milky enough"

Are you deliberately being obtuse?

Full threads and high activity are not a measure of milk. The number of threads and the activity level of a thread is determined simply by the number of posts.

Look at the The Laur and Lillee Jean thread. It was moved to /p/ after only a few threads and only a few months because of the quality of the milk and the quality of the. The farmers in that thread stay on topic, avoid nitpicking, have dug deep into their milky pasts, and bring the receipts.


This. The current Raven thread is a good example of farmers exercising restraint in nitpicking and ignoring her until she reemerged. I didn't even finish posting the transcript of her last farewell video, and I stopped posting about the changes she kept making to her accounts because it became an obvious game to her.

No. 12146

is the gc/pp thread on autosage?

No. 12148

The Onision thread has a bunch of moralfagging and blogposting in defense if Plainey. Could just be one person pretending to be multiple people but it seems to be increasing, as well as the unsaged posts.

No. 12149

No, someone needs to make a new thread.

No. 12153

Can I get a response to a 3.1 violation on /snow/?

No. 12157

Now the DDLG girls turned a thread about them into a thread solely focused on Erin >>>/snow/891485 . Don't get me wrong, Erin deserves to be mocked, but they're just salty she's copying other ddlg girls as if the entire "community" wasn't a complete cringe fest.

They're only three posts in and the thread has already been shoved to the front by some brainlet who doesn't know how to sage. Pls put it on autosage.

No. 12159

Why the fuck would you want a thread made about a milky cow put on autosage. There's literally no reason for it to be. Erin's been the sole reason the ddlg thread has been at the forefront of snow recently, it only makes sense for her to have a thread solely dedicated to her.

No. 12160

Can something be done about the cowtipper in the PnP thread? I’ll report the individual comments but it’s getting annoying since they’re starting to infight.

No. 12161

And the cowtippers in the Onision thread. Staff seems pretty quiet. I hope things are alright?

No. 12162

Sorry to bother y'all but the DOX is still showing up on Google search cache. Anyway this can be altered? Thanks in advance.

No. 12164

Twitterfags have found out about their thread on snow and now its gone full retard in there.

No. 12165

Just had to clear the cache on my end, cheers. T. Idiot

No. 12166

While I do believe Erin is a milky snowflake skinwalking cow, there are so many retards in her thread. I don't think it should be autosaged, because they don't even understand how sage works and won't understand the punishment. Can we get a farmhand in there to lay out the problems because I feel a urge to sperg about the rules but I'm not trying to minimod and get in trouble.

They are repeating posts, not saging, someone posted their email address ffs, and, of course, you can tell it's full of ddlg chicks totally defending agere or whatever, not realizing that farmers find that shit disgusting.

The newfags are spoiling the milk, please help. I feel like all the real farmers are abandoning the thread as it descends into newfaggotry hell and thats such a loss of potential enjoyable milk. It's so wasteful.

No. 12169

some assblasted sperg is posting scat and assorted autism in /g

No. 12170

thanks for deleting scat and assorted autism in /g/

No. 12171

I think Erin's interesting as a subject, I do love a catfish. but it's so fucking retarded how her threads are being handled:

thread 1 ~ locked by staff till anons could prove she's milky >>>/snow/849255

thread 2 ~ e-girls thread >>>/snow/866800
e-girls in thread decide "muh thread quality" would improve if Erin was moved to her own thread, thread is now wall to wall newfaggotry

thread 3 ~ Soft Girl/Ddlg/Nymphets general really just a vehicle for Erin at time of its creation, op is a retard "someone had to do it!" aka the cry of the newfag >>>/snow/879341
ddlgfags in thread decide "muh thread quality" would improve if Erin was moved to her own thread, now they can nitpick each other's bodies in peace uwu

thread 4 ~ second standalone thread for Erin instead of requesting >>>/snow/849255 unlocked. the cycle of Erin autism continues

No. 12172

I know staff have policed this in the past but can we have a bit of fresh scrutiny of newfag Onision threads? The main offender being threads where they don't update the milk at all but just copy-paste the whole lot, change 1 link and the thread number/title and call it done

This new one is bad >>>/pt/728877
I've written up the milk for them here to try and fix the problem >>>/pt/728931

They think having a thread at all hours of the day is more important than documenting the milk a la the tempfags. Onision threads have a bit more happening right now with Chris Hansen involved and documentation is important.

No. 12173


I agree that she's interesting but mods should really work at handling the influx of newfags, especially the obvious vendetta ddlgfags. The 'erin is dead' post to me smells of cowtipping.

No. 12174

Yeah that thread is basically unreadable right now. I’m hoping it will calm down eventually. Every other post is just some twitterfag whining about the thread existing. Any normal person would just not look at the thread instead of continuing to bump it, but I guess onion’s shadow fans don’t have enough brain cells to spare for that kind of logic.

No. 12176

I disagree that >>>/snow/849255 should have been unlocked. The current milk isn't current, it has her old usernames, the picture sucks, it doesn’t contain her more recent shenanigans

I’m not sure if that was your thread or something since you keep linking to it

No. 12177

like why reactivate the mediocre outdated thread when you can just make a new one

No. 12179

Can a mod please ban the "I'm a guy" whiteknight in Erin'a thread please? I wouldn't be surprised if it was Erin herself, but they keep samefagging and whiteknighting her and it's ridiculous. I feel like the thread could be good if mods went through and just banned a few people. Erin's got a lot of milk but there's a severe lack of integrating.

No. 12180


No. 12181

Thirding, there needs to be some intense banning in there to teach the newfags how to integrate. They are running wild, I posted >>12166 and they somehow made the thread even worse, I'm fucking astounded. It's the worse I've ever seen a thread, personally. I hope farmhands/admin address the situation at the very least.

No. 12184

At this point the Onision threads are entirely self promo for anti-o twitter accounts, or their YouTube videos. What can we do about this? Is there anything?

No. 12185

Autism in the Erin thread, again.

No. 12186

>no admin post in 17 days
where were u wen admin was kill

No. 12187

Can we please ban the trend of "unshooping" fat girls (Momokun)? When one anon does it, another handful of anons start posting their shitty shops and clogging up the threads. Nobody looks at these and it's just another way of saying "haha she's fat."

HDR-ing Onision/Lainey pics was banned and this feels like the same kind of thing. Editing a cow's pic so that they can uncover more details to nitpick.

No. 12188

There’s some pedophile defending himself in /OT online child grooming.

No. 12189

We need a mod to add into.Moos description, since dumbass snons keep removing it, that the mids have already stated that nitpicking needs to stop for the following and that it was instant bans:

Pedosperg, tit nitpicking (color, veins, medfagging about them, sagginess), medfagging in general, taxsperg, weightsperging, animal abuse

Like fuck. The unsaging anons wont sage. We never even got a mod to address the unsaging.

No. 12190

Please. I agree with this. We get milk has been sorta slow, not going through 5 threads in one week anymore, but these unsaging newfag anons literally do nothing to add to the thread.

No. 12191

The anti Onision thread is a fucking dumpster fire of retardation and newfaggotry, how has it not been locked?

No. 12192

Aw I love the un-shoops

No. 12193

I think it's more of a containment thread to keep the anti-o rants out of the main thread. Just report what you think is a problem. The mods are clearly watching the thread based on the recent red text.

No. 12194


It has turned into shitshow of vendetta posting by someone wking that cow Mikenactor, it’s not even about “anti-o” fags anymore

No. 12195

Then report it or ask a mod to step in? They're all a bunch of cows and if it gets locked then it'll just return to the main thread again.

No. 12196

i would love to see erin's full post history

No. 12198

>if it gets locked then it'll just return to the main thread again.

They shouldn’t be on lolcow in general, not until they learn the board’s culture and rules. They should have been banned and told to stay on topic without adding that they could make a thread in /snow/. They can keep their retarded Twitter beef on twitter.

No. 12199

>not until they learn the board’s culture and rules.

Completely agree and it's becoming obvious who the newfags are with all the direct linking, tinfoiling to hell, cowtipping, talking about their feelings, text walling and not saging. Those all fall under what not to do. The mods seem to be handling it, but the new people still don't seem to be listening.

No. 12203

The Onision thread has been going off-topic in various directions ever since the site became available again.

No. 12204


Exactly, it’s not even milky, half the retards mentioned in the thread aren’t even “anti Onision”, they’re just loudmouths. I understand wanting to drag the autists who do stupid shit like cowtipping or think they’re lawyers but no one cares about ss of irrelevant tweets

No. 12206

The alt cow thread is a mess. No one is posting images except of Kaya, but will mention other people with no screen shots. why do people keep forgetting this is an image board

No. 12208

There's way too much to report but the new kpop critical thread is filled with race bait and infighting/Stan wars and way too much tinfoil and I feel like it's spilling into the other boards/threads.

No. 12210

The rape debate in the unpopular opinions thread should be in the PP thread, it's been going on for way too long.

No. 12212

The mods here don't even know board culture

No. 12213

The 200x banned fags war cry

No. 12216

I am crying too, I thought saging posts wouldn't hurt a thread but why did I get a red text for this: >>>/pt/723678??? I am pretty sure you can just hide saged posts, and I see no point in redtexting it much later, I thought admin agreed that it was weird too.
and too shit.

Also, why is moo's thread 100% just nitpicking now and when I make an awkward post it gets redtexted? I mean at least I saged.

No. 12217

It's been removed. Sorry about that. A tip though, if you don't want to bump a thread don't post pictures. Pictures will bump the thread regardless of sage.

No. 12218

While you're here farmhand, would you mind telling the newfags to integrate and chill on the maximum tinfoil in the Onision thread?

No. 12219

Oh damn. Any way for it to be still saged because I really didn't ever notice this, sorry.

No. 12220

I’m in complete agreement. This site has become flooded with bitter radfems moaning about their hatred for the male species and derailing every conversation to complain about trannies. It’s annoying and pathetic.

No. 12221

can something be done about the "TND Rape Debate"? People can't prove or disprove it and it has nothing to do with anything going on.

Plus it's kind of gross, not like Taylor (to my knowledge) brought up her rape & even if she did, again, we can't disprove or prove it.

No. 12222

Literally came here for this too, every time someone says she wasn’t raped because reasons that rely on rape myths, I rage. We don’t know what happened, and that’s fucking that. The milk has nothing to do with it but it comes up unrelated every now and again and inevitably people bring up their shitty reasons for deciding she’s lying.

No. 12223

Can we just get a hellweek? It seems like a bunch of threads could use it and it might dial back the newfags that don't want to integrate.

Or maybe a cough from admin to let us know that she's still alive?

No. 12224

I agree but current farmhands/admins do nothing about infighting and unnecessarily hostile anons cause they think it's normal. I think people even speculated that some of the people causing it may be a farmhand, especially in OT. But that's all people speculating so idk. We should have had one MONTHS ago. We need a hellmonth at this point.

No. 12225

I agree but current farmhands/admins do nothing about infighting and unnecessarily hostile anons cause they think it's normal. I think people even speculated that some of the people causing it may be a farmhand, especially in OT. But that's all people speculating so idk. We should have had one MONTHS ago. We need a hellmonth at this point.

No. 12226

I agree but current farmhands/admins do nothing about infighting and unnecessarily hostile anons cause they think it's normal. I think people even speculated that some of the people causing it may be a farmhand, especially in OT. But that's all people speculating so idk. We should have had one MONTHS ago. We need a hellmonth at this point.

No. 12227

Almost the entirety of the new Onion thread is just anons responding to the bait.

No. 12231

they already got booted anon. admin and farmhands have done the most to make them feel unwelcome. it takes time.

No. 12232

It was like that in the last thread too.

No. 12233

Can we get some kind of warning in the Onision thread from staff to make people behave or integrate? It's jumping all over the place and anons attacking each other for saying the slightest negative thing about the women involved, falling for bait, so many hi cow accusations, retarded tinfoils, people not saging, newfags all over the place, you name it and its been happening for more than two weeks now. I do see mods red texting but they haven't given the usual warning when things get out of hand.

No. 12236

PNP's new thread is full of implant illness sperging already and infighting.

mods pls

No. 12237

I second this, anon. Chan ettiquete isn't hard, and I feel like last hellweek was somewhat effective in quelling newfaggotry.

No. 12238

Seconding this. I wouldn’t care if it was mentioned once or twice in passing, but they’re literally sperging about who is and isn’t right when NONE OF US (not even ariana lmao) know anything for sure.

No. 12239

File: 1574525366774.jpg (219.75 KB, 800x1149, 20191123_080905.jpg)

Does anyone know why this happens?

No. 12240

you have hide saged posts checked

No. 12241

No way? Fucking really? Hahaha, thanks anon. What a coconut I am.

No. 12243

Can a mod please address unsaging in moos thread holy fucking shit the dumbass shit thats not saged and not milky in the slightest like opinions

No. 12244

Same thing in the Onision thread. I think it's every active pt thread at this point.

No. 12246

Can we please start handing out bans to the fucking newfags? I swear to God every thread has 20 autists not saging their stupid bullshit. Momos thread is full of them especially. Can we maybe get a banner made that says "SAGE YOUR POSTS" ffs, so many anons have told people to sage but they're still going off.

No. 12247

Wasn't the Develv thread confirmed to be like 50% samefag and them selfposting?

No. 12248


Jesus, a lot of us read it. Farmers get so paranoid, instead of pointing and laughing like we're supposed to.

No. 12249

File: 1574681392155.jpeg (333.89 KB, 1143x928, 1544388490603.jpeg)

No. 12250

I'm starting to wonder if it's actually the sisters themselves coming here and insisting their thread is all selfposting or samefagging hoping that they can get it banned that way.
They're probably not smart enough for that though

No. 12251


That's a really great tinfoil. If they wrote something of any length, they'd be pretty easy to spot. >>12247 is a little ESL for something so short, but it's not purple enough to be the girls. It'll be entertaining to internally tinfoil over this for many comments to come, though.

No. 12252

Now why did you have to rile up the 2 develv spergs again? Ignore them until their thread finally dies.

No. 12253

Can we please have hellweek for christmas, snow and w is riddled with newfaggotry.

No. 12254

also people were racebaiting in gendercrit thread AGAIN

No. 12255

This would be the greatest gift.

No. 12258

A lot of posters got banned in the last thread because there was a lot of random thinly veiled compliments towards them.

No. 12261

Seriously. PT threads should probably have active mods just for that board, not managing other boards. PT is always active with something a lot of the time and the amount of unsaging is so irritating at this point and we aren't even allowed to tell people to sage if they dont know because then its mini modding. Like wtf are we supposed to do then when nothing is being done about them? Mods aren't even addressing it in threads.

I dont get why we dont just autosage PT again or just remove saging in there all together so we dont have to worry about this shit again. WHY was it even stopped? Makes no sense.

No. 12262

Yeah it feels like there’s no moderation atm whatsoever.
As others have already mentioned, the Moo and Onision threads are especially bad with all the unsaged bullshit and newfags.
+1 vote for a christmas hellweek

No. 12263

Agreed. Staff has stepped in twice in the past week in the Onision thread which is better than before which was not doing so for a month or so. They were pretty active when Sarahgate happened and it would be nice if they were active on pt again. The amount of newfags willing to sage and trying to make moral stands on a site like this is fucking crazy. There was an autistic argument yesterday over someone saying that they saged when they didn't and refused to believe that they didn't sage.

Tuna has a ton of artfags clogging up up the thread. Laur and Lillee's thread clearly has new people who just want a place to vent (understandable) but lurk more or integrate. Lack of sage is all over pt. I'm not going to pretend like I didn't slip up and act retarded, but these threads are getting so much worse when many people are acting like it.

No. 12264

Christmas hellweek has my vote as well.
Pt is ripe with newfaggotry. In the onision thread people don't sage their shit, no integration and there's derailing over pronouns and other things.
Not saying nothing's been done but this is just exhausting.

No. 12265

The confessions thread is full of race autism again

No. 12266

i remember first admin saying that sage should be done with lower case, so that's ironic that screencap. (jokes on me if it changed)

No. 12267

Another vote for Christmas hellweek here.
/snow/ and /w/ are just being destroyed by newfags who won't listen and won't integrate. Board culture is slipping away, it feels like. They treat this place like they are leaving a comment on Instagram or YouTube, it's so annoying. Keep board culture alive, please.

No. 12269

Yo, what the fuck with the revenge threat getting locked?? I agree the op was milky and sociopathic, but what the fuck are the mods, 16 year old retards? What the hell, can't we have a thread where we talk about fuckers who hurt us and what we did in consequence and share those sort of experiences?? In a fucking gossip focused imageboard, whose main aim is to discuss shit people and make fun of them???????? Are you for fucking real?

No. 12270

Like really, /g/ and /ot/ are full of anons sharing god awful experiences of abuse and fucked up shit. I don't really think I'd hurt to have a thread where we talk about what we did in response towards those sort of situations to defend ourselves for a change.

No. 12271

It devolved into infighting and none of what you say was happening in there. It was people moralfagging and arguing about adoption. Also you sound fucking insufferable and type like a 16 year old retard so bit ironic of you to call the mods that

No. 12273

>>12267 og hellweek asker here, all this and the fucking emoji usage, no one reads the rules at all.

No. 12274

Someone do something about the sperging on kelly eden thread right now, it's a shitshow

No. 12276

Please. It’s becoming a desperate situation

No. 12279

From the looks of it we are being invaded bye a whole bunch of kids today. Probably because most schools are out for the week now. Nothing can stop them at this point.

No. 12280

It's already being planned out along with the yearly cow awards.
There are constantly bans in that thread. The only issue is the high newfag turnover rate at the moment.

If there is a particular post or something going on, report it instead of complaining here if you want us to see it faster. We've been noticing a decline in reports and it makes things harder on our end.

No. 12283

I support another hellweek but it doesn't necessarily have to be on/near Christmas. I assume the mods have like. Families and stuff to tend to at that time.

Idk maybe I'm autistic and people just meant "for Christmas" as a way of jokingly calling it a gift.

No. 12284

Definitely mods shouldn't spend their holidays wrangling newfags, agreed. It was more of a present joke.

No. 12285

Thanks for being considerate guys but regardless of how many mods we have there will always be an influx of winter and summerfags. More mods are better so we can all distribute the weight of the work during the seasons.

No. 12286

I know things are crazy, but you mods are doing a great job! I hope everyone has a happy thanksgiving and eats lots.

No. 12287

Just wanted to mention a heads-up for the Onision thread and the board overall, Chris Hansen mentioned lolcow so shit could get more crazy

No. 12288

Can someone please do something about the lack of sage in the Moo thread lately. I keep reporting it but it doesn’t seem like anything ever happens as the presumably same dumbass(es) keep(s) doing it.

No. 12289

I wish people who constantly shit up a thread by complaining about the thread's quality or calling for its banishment would get banned. This is far more annoying than regular low quality newfag/underage posts (you can simply ignore those).
Why not just hide the thread if you don't like it?

No. 12291

sperging about feminism and pp in the confessions thread

No. 12292

Someone(anons?) in the animecore thread keeps shitting up the thread with responding to posts separately without sageing. i don't know if it's the same anon who keeps getting red texted.

No. 12293

the lack of sage in heather sparkles thread is criminal

No. 12294

The kpop critical thread is under some retard fire and is more unreadable than usual with the no sage and infighting (that is pretty much samefagging). Please send help.

No. 12295

This, I suspect it's ratmies because every time people tell them to stop infighting they call them exo 'eggs', whatever the fuck that means.

No. 12296

>>12295 It's fucking insane rn, not one to whine about the topics there but the blind screeching with no milk sans sage ft. Dumb gifs. I am tired.

No. 12297

pink pill bait in the Kpop thread

No. 12300

Can the retarded infighting in the "annoying thread" please be stopped? Every time someone mentions weight or tit size

No. 12301

The situation on /pt/ is getting out of hand.
Why make saging even possible if barely anyone uses it anymore anyways and nobody seems to care.

No. 12302

The point of someone being int he thread is that they want to read whats in the thread you dumbass. Why would they hide a thread they follow just to hide it because shit newfags don't read the rules. Don't think you can come here just to bitch about people bitching about saging when the rest of the anons who do sage know how to work the goddamn site, unlike you. Stop shitting up threads and maybe anons might stop harassing you to sage your bullshit tinfoil/medchair/fat/useless/non-milk posts

No. 12303

Seriously. Make the whole thing unsagable again or some shit. This reverting back, but not modding the unsaging did no one favors.

No. 12305

she's talking about people who go into threads and say "this sucks, not milky, just shut the thread down". those people are thinly veiled white knights.

No. 12308

sincere question but why do you guys give a fuck? especially if you'd rather have no sage at all? what about not saging triggers you this much?

No. 12310

I'm curious about this too. Why does sageing mater that much to where there are multiple posts about it every day shitting up most threads?
Besides the obvious reason of bumping the thread or not, who fucking cares.
I guess it depends on how you prefer to navigate the site because if you just bookmark the threads and check them periodically it doesn't matter if a thread is bumped but if you navigate using the respective front pages of each board too see which threads are active it would matter. I hope that makes sense. The endless mini-modding is tiresome as fuck tho
The real aswer is that it's ~board culture~ and you should be ~in the know~ and it makes people feel good about themselves to be justified in shitting on someone tho

No. 12312

Newfags shut the fuck up. Its a board rule. Thats why its annoying to other anons who follow the culutre of this board. Stop preaching about board culture. No one on here goes on and on about it like you. Learn to integrate or don't bother posting. Sage when you don't have jack to add to a thread's milk or topic. How is that difficult? Especially in PT threads which is why it's such a problem for a lot of anons. That's our main board. If you want to talk about 'board culture' then you should understand that our main board should probably be held to the site's rules the most.

No. 12313

File: 1575183694679.jpg (46.94 KB, 512x512, 5e9df687bfcfff0dc67445f137950a…)

There's another wave of tit sperging going on in the Momokun thread.

How many times do people need to say that she has breast reduction scars? How many times do they have to say her tits are saggy? How many times do they have to point out that they're discolored? How many times do they have to say one is bigger than the other?

This is so tiresome. Every possible thing there is to be said about her stupid boobs has been said at least forty times.

No. 12316

Some people like to navigate the board by using the ‘hide saged posts’ function to only see important posts that are somewhat milky or relevant.
Posts like this for example:
aren’t relevant. They don’t add anything of value. So for someone who chooses to hide saged posts, it’s a huge pain in the ass when they STILL have to navigated through heaps of bullshit like that.

Posting things that bump the threads are meant for shit that’s relevant to anyone following the thread. Your personal opinion isn’t important enough that it needs to be seen by everyone.
Plus, it’s annoying af to see a thread being bumped, thinking there’s new milk and it’s just some dumbass being too stubborn or new to integrate properly.

Plus everything >>12312 said.

No. 12317

kek i am most definitely not a newfag and have probably been around a lot longer than you so simmer down a bit. this still doesn't explain why you'd rather revert back to /pt/ having absolutely no sage at all? same with >>12316
how does that make sense?
honestly in my experience it's always the people who have been here 6 months/a year who bitch about le newfags sage ree and you guys are way more annoying and still newfags as well

No. 12318

I suggest lengthy bans for anyone that doesn't sage when they have to.

Mods how do you feel about nuking the anti-O thread? it's just a bunch of self posting and twitter user thinking they are more important than they really are. Don't worry I know it won't happen but it's worth a try.

No. 12319

No one genuinely suggested to get rid of sage. Are you actually autistic?
We‘re saying that because of the amount of unsaged posts and how little there seems to be done about it, it‘s almost as if sage doesn’t exist in the first place. It’s hyperbolic ffs.

No. 12320

Uh >>12303 ?
How would anyone know that's supposed to be hyperbolic when we did have sage taken away on /pt/? Or are you too new to know about that one?

No. 12324

people in that thread seem more interested in her tits then the people paying to fucking see them. I'm so sick of it.15 posts about her nipples or how saggy her tits are, who cares at this point? Saggy tits aren't Milky.

No. 12325

Ayrt and you proved my point. I do integrate and I do sage, it's really not hard, now if you could get off your pedestal and quit sperging up every thread with sAaaAAgE we could all enjoy ourselves

That's what I suspected re: navigation. Personally I think this site needs a new design but I know everyone will freak the fuck reeeeeing about that idea because we need to look exactly like 4chan or something. Also it truly does weed out annoying people who can't figure the site out and who will give up and leave. Honestly it's for the best whenever I think on it. The sage faggots keep out a good portion of newfags kek a decent trade-off

No. 12326

telling people to integrate while being a fag about navigation being hard isnt a good look

No. 12327

a new design is in the works, admin has stated that in one of these threads

No. 12328

Can we get active bans on the latest 4 posts on moos thread. Jfc.

No. 12329

ABSOLUTELY and newfags like >>12325 can bitch aboit it all they want. The site isnt made to suit you. Its how its rules state. Sage or stfu in threads.

No. 12332

You can barely operate the site yourself so maybe take several seats

No. 12333

of course they are, they say kek unironically.

in my opinion board rules should be put exactly in peoples faces, if you want newfags to stop triggering you, then you should urge the admins to make the rules more visible to them.

No. 12334

Stop trying to troll. Holy shit. Learn to just follow rules you idiot. Then anons wont call you out on it in threads.

No. 12336

The thing is that even if you follow the rules you still have to endure the endless empty "Sage!! Dumb idiot" posts so…

No. 12337

And thats why this whole thing is a mess. You have newfag anons who dgaf who want to complain about those and then you have the old farmers who are fed up with it and the people in between ignoring it all. Thats why PT needs to go back to autoing posts vs what it is now. If anything that board, as our main, should be the strictest. Especially right now in the Moo and Onion threads. Thats why, with milk flowing between the two of them currently, its so irritating that anons are not saging because the whole 'WOW that nipple is high than the other' posts aren't fucking milk.

No. 12338

If you reeee about sage, you're 30x worse than the anons not sageing their shitposts. Shut up. Using lolcow for one year doesn't make you an oldfag.

No. 12339

Nah keep board culture as is. When I see a bunch of unsaged dull reiterated posts over and over in Onion thread I know fuck all interesting is happening. Also it weeds out the newfags and their shit opinion pieces they love to post.

No. 12340

dear admin, can we nuke /ot/ for christmas?

No. 12341

Board culture? Have you ever even been on an image board besides lolcow and maybe cc?

It really doesnt matter wether they sage or not when lolcow is as slow as it is and literally no one uses the hide saged posts feature. All this bitching is pointless. Crack down on the sage sperg minimodding 2020

No. 12342

Dear admins and farmhands,

Can we please ban people who use the word nonny to refer to an anon? It almost reads like namefagging to me and I suspect it’s one or two of the same people who do this.

This would be the best Christmas present ever. Thank you for your consideration.

No. 12343

There would be significantly less minimodding if there was more, you know, actual modding.

No. 12344

have you considered the fact that there is modding going on but it's not all redtexted for reeing retards like you and that even if one person gets banned there will always be another one? minimods are cancer

No. 12345

I absolutely agree, and it's not just a problem in Greg's threads or /pt/, it's everywhere.
Do I remember wrong or were people actually banned for not saging some time ago? Now you can go as ot as you want, nobody gives a shit.
It's just annoying af, if you don't sage a retarded post that doesn't add anything to the general conversation, then this only serves to show just how important you think your 'opinion' is. Sometimes threads read more like chats, with everybody just quickly typing short answers, without bothering to sage or to learn how to reply to others properly.

No. 12346

There's pinkpill infighting in the artist salt thread

No. 12347

every other thread on /ot/ is pink pill infighting.

No. 12348

When the ProJared drama happened, farmhands stepped in so the threads didn't get spammed by a million tweets made by their stans. Would a mind be kind enough to do that again? Most of the screencaps are dumb shit that their fans are saying.

No. 12349

lmao I knew there was some retard gonna reee the usual nOt AlL bAnS aRe ReDtExTeD!!!
Yes, I did consider this. But it’s way too obvious that it’s the same few people. And I doubt that all of them are ban evading. Plus, the sheer amount of people in this very thread mentioning the lack of moderation (especially on /pt/ and /ot/) and crying for another hellweek should show that it’s not just a lack of redtext.

Well, let’s hope the new janitors might fix the issue, but looking at the last few posts in that thread make me doubt it.

No. 12352

Most of your post history is you telling other people to sage and coming here to complain about sage.
I don't even know how to respond to this. You're literally the problem.

There is also no lack of moderation as reports have been taken care of quickly despite of the holidays. You're literally just pissed because of sage.
Let me tell you why sage bans aren't redtexted; I tell my mods not to redtext minor ban offenses.
By the way, typing like tHiS shows a clear lack of integration, this is not instagram or twitter. Sage is not a big deal on chans and I'm not going to penalize people over it as long as they're contributing. Sage bans basically always apply to some newfag or idiot who treats the board like a chatroom.

No. 12353

NTA, but thanks for clarifying, admin. It helps a lot with reporting unsaged posts.

No. 12354

what the hell is going on with all the weird racist dog whistle posts in ot and snow lately???

No. 12355

admin, sorry to be mean, but you seem really out of touch if you're trying to criticize part of anon's shitposting it makes you seem like just as much of a sperg as everyone else.

No. 12356

File: 1575569094105.jpg (390.33 KB, 1074x1534, Screenshot_20191205-100442_Chr…)

No. 12357

Can a farmhand please check the erin thread, I think it's pretty obvious that she's selfposting/vendetta-ing herself again like an insane person.

No. 12358

no i get that, idiot. my point was that anon isn't typing in a differen t style, she's shitposting on purpose. it's that dumb spongebob meme. admin critiquing her typing when she's being a retard and arguing on purpose has no place here. the rule is for newfags who type like that regularly because they come from tumblr.

No. 12359

Ntayrt but I'm confused. What does deleting, integration, and lurking have to do with >>12355 's comment about admin
>trying to criticize part of anon's shitposting
? What am I missing here?

No. 12360

Anon is pointing out all the things that this newfag isn't doing because they want to post their way regardless of integration or lurking.

No. 12361

So you’re saying unsaged tit/hair sperg is contributing valuable content to the moo thread? Alright, noted.

No. 12362

what's up with the baiting, impartial redtexts in the gendercrit thread? i understand mods have their views and i neither agree nor disagree but jesus this is embarrassing

No. 12363

there's a tranny sperg posting gore in the gc thread.

No. 12364

They're no longer a janitor for this behavior. Luckily they were only a /ot/ /g/ janitor.

No. 12365

I'd love if we had a option to hide all images.

No. 12366

the reddit hate thread is literally just another P.P thread. they are just using it to whine about men, but on reddit. that doesn't merit it's own thread. just whine about redditors on the fuckig P.P thread.

No. 12367

family's names, phone numbers and addresses are being posted in the plasticnproud thread

No. 12369

/ot/ should be allowed to have a thread about issues involving ethnicity and racism like it has one for feminism.
Not all anons are "white" and would probably want a place to vent about shit that happens regarding their ethnicity/skin color.
Would a containment thread be possible or is the risk of inviting trolls that big?

No. 12370

The nitpicking on the Onision thread has gotten to a ridiculous point. It’s so obnoxious to read “wow ha Onision is really ugly” and the 10484738 variations of it. We get it. He looks like a Neanderthal, or whatever. It’s just bad.

Also, there’s some bait happening in the TND thread and all of the retard anons are responding to it

No. 12371

Just no. We will not be allowing even more containment threads.

No. 12372

thank you bb.

No. 12373

Why don't we put it to a poll for splitting the threads? We had a poll before for pp. If admin claims to listen to the user base there should be no problem with a poll next townhall. lol

No. 12375

didnt the mod just say no more containment threads? Youd be making an already existing thread into two threads.

No. 12376

Hey, could you also pls stop sperging about racism in the celebricow thread when all happens is a thotty wearing braids?

No. 12377

Anon in Moo thread freaking out about, my guess, a ban they got.

No. 12378

I just saw what happened in Celebricows and in relation to other recent activity I just wanna say to the mods I stg I'm not a bait poster I'm just genuinely this retarded

No. 12379

I was just about to mention this kek. They called the mods "dikes" and trannies, then complained that his ban was too short (while ban evading.) Autism is a hell of a drug.

It always makes for a good laugh when some sped comes into the Moo thread and announces that they're a guy.

No. 12380

Can we get some help in the pnp thread again? Lots of infighting useless posts from newfags.

No. 12381

Why is serious race baiting being allowed at the unpopular opinion thread?

No. 12382

This. Can you do something about that? They're trying to hide behind being radfem by calling anyone who doesn't like it tranny too.

No. 12383

Can we please have some regulation on the edits that anons keep making on Onisions thread? The thread is shit, and is continuously getting shittier. It’s just a continuous circle jerk of most of the girls who are barely victims talking about how powerful they are, horrible edits, and the same “Kai is crying” I feel like I will lose my mind if I read another retarded anon say that again.
Or for Christmas we can just nuke the thread entirely.
There’s not a whole lot of genuine contributions except witty anons making digs at Onision/Kai, and speculation on what not victim is being interviewed next. To a degree some of things are important, but it’s also just redundant as fuck.

No. 12384

sounding like we need a good hellweek.

No. 12385

Speaking of the edits, idk about the onion thread, but if anons aren't adding shit that even mods say to add in like certain topics are banned to be talked about, can a mod add that into the OP?

No. 12386

The fundamental issue is that all the cows and flakes involved read the thread, day and night. They're going to shill their younow streams, they're going to use the site to their own benefit, they're going to post their Reddit tinfoils and new exclusive onision drama videos. They're going to proudly display their cringey edits as well.
I don't feel that there is anything to fix that onision is probably one of the most tipped cows alongside chrischan. The damage has already been done.
What specifically needs to be edited into the OP?
Report. It's faster than meta but I see my mods got to it earlier.

No. 12387

I joined the Discord and don’t see any text channels. Do they no longer exist, or am I just an idiot who doesn’t know how to use Discord properly?

No. 12388

The Onion thread is basically a newfag containment thread at this point lmao

Greg is to LCF what CWC is to Kiwifarms. It's how people find out about the site, so it's plagued with newfaggotry and people making the same jokes/observations/tinfoil they've been making for years.

No. 12389

I made this current Onision thread, what warnings did I miss? There's a recent announcement from admin (bolded) and the other ones about anti-o's, ot Lainey talk, and onion flakes/orbiters are there too.

No. 12390

Could we have a new lolcow holiday, like hellweek, but call it newfag day? Mass ban all the non-sagers and obvious newfags. This is getting unbearable at this point honestly. Onions thread is bad but so is moos and Taylor's.

No. 12393

File: 1575884019125.png (108.7 KB, 500x393, D427043B-C8AA-4B2D-B482-2C8303…)

Hey cool guys

Just saying hey. Everyone want to complain but I’m smiling.

No. 12394

If you dont purge and permaban all the retarded twitterfags that have raped the Onion thread soon i’ll kill myself

No. 12395

The onison thread is descending into a faggot-riddled hellscape.

Send help, mods

No. 12396

I think admin said that they were planning a hellweek soon.

No. 12397

I got banned from a thread for “nitpicking” even though my reply on the thread that got reported said “You guys are being so nitpicky could you stop” how the f does that work

No. 12398

Some dumbass sperged in the Moo thread about a surgery she’s never had and it had nothing to do with the cow but I got hit with the ban hammer for telling them it was off topic for “derailing”. Amazing. Shouldn’t mods be the one telling people shit is off topic and irrelevant so we don’t have to?

If farmhands put half the effort they do trigger happy banning people into the onion thread as they do the other threads maybe it wouldn’t be such cancer. I dunno why some threads seem to be moderated so well while others are so so bad

No. 12400

You got banned for minimodding about nitpicking instead of reporting. Not for nitpicking! Hope that clears things up for you.

We don't really see all that many reports from the Onision thread lately. It would help us get to things a lot quicker if you could report the posts that violate the rules.

No. 12401

File: 1575944970898.jpeg (66.96 KB, 640x640, 4B79E089-8F2F-46F5-AA09-ED2DB8…)

Hold on longer anons. Bitches come and go. Newfags will weed themselves out. Everyone here is qt

No. 12402

Really? I always thought I reported too many things in that thread. I'll try reporting more.

No. 12403

Same fam, seems like we need to go ham in there.

No. 12404

scat troll in the onion thread, mods.

No. 12405

please nuke the poop sperger in the onison thread

No. 12406


Can we suggest award categories this year?

No. 12407

Requesting a farmhand's help to edit or fix an OP. I created it not realizing that I had mixed up a cow's internet handle with one of their victims.

Their victim came forward to correct my mistake and request it be removed from the OP. The username is Sertraline_Bee.


No. 12408

Is there any way mods and admins know when an IP is public? I use my phone carrier's data and I've gotten like 3 warnings in the past few days for people who aren't me but do live in the same general area as me, which is a roughly 60 mile span.

No. 12409

There's a "weight gain thread" on /g/ that could use an autosage. The anachan OP has necroed that thread for two years, and recently came back to sperg with pictures of attractive girls sticking out their bellies when no one else had posted in it for 10 months.

No. 12410

I reported the posts in the Heather Sparkles' /snow/ thread that keep going into a derailing argument about the details of working at Target but maybe nitpicking and hypothesizing her work hours should be a banned topic. You can already tell that its gonna be some boring shit that keeps happening every time she posts about working.

No. 12411

File: 1576090217417.jpg (193.81 KB, 989x840, IMG_20191211_194651.jpg)

I already reported it a day ago, they don't care.

Why was this poster banned? She wrote what the linked article is about, so…? Out of all the posts in the kpop thread this is what you have a problem with?

No. 12412

Can we add a new rule on the TND thread that comparing her looks pre/post heroin will result in a ban?

It doesn't happen a lot, but it's enough that it gets annoying and clogs the thread. Duh she's going to look like shit after using drugs. We don't need before/after photos to prove that.

No. 12413

can't you just report it under nitpicking or even for its sheer autism?

No. 12414

Onion's thread is being derailed by a sperg with a massive hate boner for the one that was on Chris' show last night and won't shut up about it. It sounds like Stevie, but is probably just a troll. People are replying like idiots and it's been going on for hours. I reported some posts, but there are a lot of them.

No. 12415

I kinda think it's stevie too since he made a pissy tweet also >>>/snow/904673
I've been reporting them since they started commenting.

No. 12417

not really a complaint or issue, but will there be lolcow awards this year? or do they happen after the new year? there has been so much milk to celebrate I'm just wondering if/when it's coming

No. 12418

Is there a way to perma-ban the vendetta chan against Rag in the Onision thread? I dislike rag too but this is getting exhausting. Mods keep banning him but vendetta chan is still here. Please ban them for ever, im so tired of this shit.

No. 12419

Please nuke or quarantine Kpop critical. The newfag refugees from stan twitter, lsa, OH and other kpop hellholes refuse to integrate and individual post reports seem useless. Now their shitty-ness is starting to spill into other threads. I don't want to go to read some cows thread on Snow or PT and be inundated with stan twitter slang and kpop reactions gifs. Please do something.

No. 12420

>I already reported it a day ago, they don't care.

I'm starting to think it's some spergy farmhand's toy. How the fuck is necroing, samefagging, and sperging on this website a bannable offense everywhere else but not for that thread? It's so gross too.

No. 12421

Are attractiveness nitpicks like the one filling up the TND thread kosher now or something? I report them as I come across them but half the time that thread is nothing but a cesspool of pointless comments on how big her lips are or how trashy she looks. I always thought comments like these that contribute nothing to the thread were reportable but if not and I'm wasting my time I'd like to know.

No. 12422

Yes,there was one last year as well.
This is an imageboard, what don't you understand?
We can deduce it if we examine things hard enough. Are you still having issues?
If it was reported it was probably already taken care of. If this is still happening then report the posts and thread OP.
Nitpicking is against the rules but to be fair most cows look rough around this time of the year.

No. 12423

IP anon here, I haven't had any issues since. All three of the warnings I had expired weeks ago.

No. 12424

Hey so about Admin comment at >>>/pt/740816 and my 24hr ban. Thanks for lifting the ban.

Those previous points I left in in the section at the bottom of the milk are some key things from the last two-three threads - they don't have to be there though. I've done the same thing in Taylor's threads at times too.

Why this went from zero to full salt and 24hr ban when a warning about the /pt/ OP direction and content you wanted would have worked- I don’t know. I’m not new, I'm neither of the original/recent 'good' OPs from the Onision or Taylor threads but those anons seem to be gone a the moment so I'm trying to give a hand. I will always defer to someone who's going to make a better one. I have 2-3 live OPs here at the moment and if you think they're cancer you need only say. I can read warnings.

No. 12426

Shout out to the ban-evading retard in thread requests continuing to shit up the thread with sperging about Greta Thunberg.

No. 12427

You’re salty about a 24 hr ban?

No. 12428

can something be done about the roommate-chan in the /ot/ annoything thread? every few days they come back and bitch about their seemingly normal roommate and then throw a fit when no one agrees with them.

No. 12429

Can I make a suggestion for an OLED screen friendly ultra black theme? I thought the Szalet theme was completely black, but turns out there's red outlines within the background. I wanna scroll through lolcow and conserve my battery lol

No. 12430

Try the hellweek theme its black

No. 12431

Second this

No. 12432

Gonna third it. Koreaboos are the cancer of the threads and feel the need to spam with their shitty idol gifs. I wish they'd keep it to their designated threads but they obviously can't do that.

No. 12433

I 4th it. Also, don't forget the Idol spam threads and Kpop General threads. Lock all of it so it doesn't fester to other boards.

I'm surprised we managed to get this far tbh when we originally had the Anti-Korean thread and the autism was subdued in the beginning with the Kpop Critical threads. You would think news of crime / trafficking and suicide would still be front and center but koreafags are so desensitized that they don't give a fuck anymore. All good things come to an end.

No. 12435

yes I was, kek. but as it turns out I made the thread too early by a day, I kind of have egg on my face about it anyway.

No. 12436

I swear this theme didn't exist until you mentioned it. Maybe because it's the second on the list lol. Thank you!

No. 12437

consider not making garbage op then. relax anon threads can wait

No. 12438


The k-pop spergs need their own board. Finding threads in /m/ is almost impossible because it's so full of k-pop.

And before someone tells me to use the catalog, I can't because it crashes my browser.

No. 12439

i've said this before too! i keep hiding the threads, but they pop up so often that each time i check /m/, they're in my face. literally just make a korean culture board and keep the kweebs quarantined.

No. 12440

Try using lite.

No. 12441

Should it Just be k critical and one general where all the photo spam can go in?

No. 12442

Yes. purging them all is also a good answer

No. 12443

No. 12444

Nta but I've had trouble with the catalogs for as long as I can remember and using lite mode works, thanks for the heads up! I never had trouble with other parts of the site so I never considered using it.
Will I miss out on any posts or threads at all if I remain in lite mode? Sorry for the retard-level question.

No. 12445

What's with the person spamming a Tumblr link everywhere?

No. 12446

Schizophrenic vendetta poster

No. 12447

Please do something about the autistic high school posters in the Vicky thread? Winter break must be out early this year.

No. 12448

I feel like if you keep Kcrit (or kpop related threads), you should keep it on autosage. If it's not at the top of the page all of the time, it will be harder to find and not attract as many newfags. But honestly, >>12442 is also a valid option at this point.

No. 12450

>gendercrit/radfem/pinkpill 2.0
Lmao as much as I want to see the fallout, I rather you have to ban them all b/c any semblance of serious discussion will be drowned out by photos.

Or just ban everything except the Kcrit thread. That's how it was in the beginning. Maybe keep it on autosage like what >>12448 said.
The spam threads attracted more people to this site to make it like /kgp/ 2.0

No. 12451

the photo spam one is fine, people can just hide the thread, but i think the regular kpop thread and the kpop 'critical' are essentially indistinguishable in terms of context, one is just way saltier.

No. 12460

I disagree the idol spam threads and kcrit threads attract and encourage the kpop autists the most imo. Spam for obvious reasons and kcrit because it is one of the completely anonymous places they can simultaneously wk their faves and shit on everyone else, which would be fine if they integrated but they don't.
Sage or lock it all.

No. 12463

Its always funny to come here and see you guys sperging out to the mods lol

No. 12467

i don't care about the idol spam cause it's just photo spam thread, and tons of those are on /m/ as it is. i was suggesting to get rid of the critical thread though, you must have misunderstood.

No. 12468

can someone explain to annoying minimods that posting an image counteracts sage and actually does bump the thread.

No. 12473

Will there be a catalog for the new board or a way to access threads without anons linking them elsewhere? If I lick through to it I can only see the sticky and could only get to other threads by clicking direct links. Sorry in advance if this is just my browser being retarded, but usually I have no issues with lc on it.

No. 12476

Not sure if it was still being changed or it was just browser retardation, but I can get the catalog now. Thanks for the early xmas Admin & farmhands.

No. 12484

Can the weight gain trend thread be locked already? It's just people infighting

No. 12491

this, it's just infighting and fetish posting

No. 12496

link spammer in /g/ and /ot/–pretty sure it's a virus so no one click it!

No. 12504

top-of-site link to lolcow awards has 'mod.php?' in it so it doesn't work

No. 12505

Will the rest of Erins selfposting history ever be revealed? Pretty sure she’s still posting in her own thread, and the thread about gentlepurrs seems like an obvious vendetta made by Erin herself

No. 12506

No. 12507

Christmas will be glorious, that's all we can say for now.

No. 12509


If man hate/feminism/gendercrit has to have a single containment thread, then kpop trash should, too.

Lmao I don't even know why they're here in the first place when literally every other site on the internet has a place for kpop autists. They can suck on a lemon if they don't want to share a thread.

No. 12512

this is positive feedback, but a permanent 2x board would be a great addition. i think one thread for pinkpill & gendercrit is too small and leads to a lot of infighting and people exposing their ~manhate~ in other /ot threads. i also want to add that the new admin has been absolutely amazing and so has the mod team & most of the farmhands. thank you so much for all the work you do, and happy holidays!

No. 12520

I like the 2X board too. Hope it can continue and be more active.

No. 12526


That would be the best Christmas present. Erin's thread is a shit show right now.

No. 12527

Bless you, Admin. You are going to spoil us, this will be glorious milk! Thank you! I was coming here to meta to ask about this exact thing. Erin is already going crazy on twitter rn because of her thread, I can't even imagine what will happen after this.

Merry Christmas Admin-sama, Farmhands, Janitors, and fellow anons!

No. 12530

File: 1577104898472.jpeg (90.36 KB, 1031x632, 23D4D189-F617-4D2B-A8B9-757030…)

Not even follow those threads but you a G

No. 12542

Sooo….is anything going to be done about the kpop threads? At the very least there's no need for both kpc and kpg. The crit thread is just newfags and a bunch of stans fighting with each other all the time, and nothing to actually discuss

No. 12560

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays admin/mods.
Sometimes you make me really mad. And sometimes I make you mad. It’s a really good trade off.
I hope you have a nice time.

No. 12563

Merry Christmas to farmhands and Admin!!!
I still really love lolcow and appreciate all the hard work you guys put into the site. Hope you guys spend the day with family and friends and have a great time.

No. 12564

why is the word nonnie redtexted? I'm just trying to be nice

No. 12565

Buzzword I assume

No. 12566

It sounds stupid, that's why.

No. 12567

I thought she wrote normie. What does it mean anyways.

No. 12568

It's people trying to make "anon" sound cute.

No. 12569

no it's an old slang in british, it's basically the equivilant of calling someone a baka.

No. 12570

File: 1577305566110.jpg (18.46 KB, 300x300, These earnie strip comps never…)


No. 12571

No anon, it's what >>12568 said
Only britfags would be aware of whatever you said lol

No. 12574

because of extreme cringe

No. 12576

it started in gravy's thread though and they say nonny in australia too.

No. 12578

File: 1577344760549.jpeg (55.66 KB, 525x525, ABEFADEA-03E4-488E-9A57-5AC5F8…)

We didn’t receive our Christmas gift.

No. 12579

Sorry, we've been busy with holiday stuff but reveals will begin tomorrow.

No. 12580

File: 1577347275567.jpg (7.25 KB, 198x254, DXE-2VZXkAEMlOJ.jpg)

my body is ready bless u

No. 12581

it's not actually from gravy's thread, just some imports from other places brought it and that was one of the threads where it popped up. the british/australian usage you're thinking of (where the word means "silly person") is not the usage here. those who brought this here are using it as a cutesy shortener for "anon". trust that it's considered cringe here, and let it go.

No. 12582

oh lawd

No. 12586

the SWers are annoying in Shay's threads, but the people who CONSTANTLY feel the need to bash them in her thread rather than the cow itself is getting really irritating. we get it, you don't like SWers in general, cool, go make a fucking thread about it and stop derailing her thread.

No. 12588

Is there any way 2X can be accessed using both capital and non capital x?

No. 12591

Some retarded age regression thot keeps bumping the gentlepurrs thread. Mods please should lock it or autosage it

No. 12593

Could they maybe just ban the person who keeps bumping it with "no, she IS a cow!!1!"

No. 12595

this, pretty much. there's so much self-posting and cowtipping in that thread. shayna was a favorite cow but the thread is filled with vendetta posts and it's gone to shit.

No. 12596

It literally comes from British anons using fail fandom anon on LJ and DW a decade ago. Everyone started saying nonny then, and if someone here uses it it's probably a sure bet they came from there.

No. 12599

everyone who is not shay should not be posted, and this also applies to the opinions of sws from twitter. those kinds of posts have been phased out of some other threads (eg taylor dean), not sure why they still fly in shay's thread since they contribute nothing except an atmosphere of self righteousness and vendetta. only shay's direct interactions and other critical pieces of news should be getting posted.

No. 12606

i already reported, but i was wondering if we could ban age regression sympathizers from erin's (pwurrs) thread. it's tiring seeing "agereg and ageplay are legit but erin is doing it wrong" all the time, and it doesn't contribute anything.

No. 12614

Did I miss the christmas surprise or

No. 12615

is dasha selfposting in her own thread again or does it just really, really read that way?

No. 12617

mods pls, namefagging and male scrotting in the /ot/ vent thread

No. 12620

Is staff on vacation? There’s a scrote in /ot/ for a whole day now.

No. 12621

yeah i think those are girls who found the thread from twitter

No. 12623

come on admins, where's our suprise

No. 12624

I'm not one to speak but your mods need to be better, why the fuck would I get banned for a shitpost in the dumbass shit thread?

No. 12625

dumbass shit isn't for shitposts.

No. 12626

And what kind of posts are dumbass shit posts then…? Either way the given reason is for spam, and it's a permanent ban, which I still don't understand tbh. Oh well.

No. 12627

it's a thread for shit that doesn't fit in other threads, that's it. it's not for shitposts.

No. 12628

I don't even know how to respond to this tbh anon. But it doesn't matter to me much anymore.

No. 12630

Lel it mattered cus you posted here. Poor bby was your ban like 5 minutes? That’s a slap on the wrist. Deal

No. 12631

Aww shit samefag lol permaban from a post in the dumbass thread? You’re a real fag. At least you could have made it count.

No. 12636

I see you're very bored. Thanks mods for unban.

I'm here to ask what happened to the reveals.

No. 12637

I almost forgot about that. Mods, when are reveals happening? You guys said they would we happening on Christmas.

No. 12639

Don't get too excited. Raven posts were promised months ago and we haven't got them either.

No. 12640

I reported the post but somebody made a doxxing post about some person in Snow

No. 12641

Maybe those were the reveal-S?

No. 12643

I figured raven and Erin lol how awesome

No. 12645

I know a mod asked somewhere up the line, but I forgot to reply. I mentioned that adminds/mods have made statements about certain topics being bannable in Moo threads. Can we have a mod come in and retell people about what is bannable and have is pasted to the top of the thread as well in the info? Three threads ago a shitty anon removed all of that and it's just been copy/paste without it since and newfags are killing me with unsaging and tinfoiling and bullshit.

Mods have said the following is bannable at this point in Moo's threads:
>weight sperging/arguing about her 'real' weight
>nitpicking tits/body marks unless it's a new surgery that is an actual topic
>old milk/reposting photos to bring up discussions when it's been slow
>kick for fat
>tinfoiling about her relationships/derailing with anon's claiming to know her
>pedo/incest claims/discussion
>money/income/tax sperging
>creating another shitty thread [mentioned specifically 2 threads ago by a mod]

Can we make removing these topics as bannable too? It just invites newfags and unsaging tinfoilers to really ruin the thread because of slow milk. Not like Moo has had any good milk. Sets stopped being released anyway too. Now there is barely anything to talk about aside from maybe once a month.
Thank you ahead of time.

No. 12646

Found my other one I think. Please add:


>animal abuse tinfoiling

No. 12647

I'm not one to usually sperg about lack of sage or nitpicking, but can we please get some proper moderation in Erin's thread? The thread keeps getting bumped with non-milk, reposts, and anons nitpicking about her 'wonky eye' and her 'fat sausage finger man hands'. At this point I can't tell if it's all Erin shitposting or if farmers are really this autistic.

No. 12648

Seconding this. All the sperging about her mom and mundane shit is getting embarrassing

No. 12649

>Sets stopped being released anyway too.
They haven’t tho?
I’m not disagreeing with your actual point about those rules being added etc. But the last few sets have been released. They just get taken down extremely fast lately.

No. 12651

Nothing from November besides Onsen was released. For several months now not even Reddit has gotten full sets aside from a few here and there and a mega if we are lucky. Patreon anon doesn't post sets, no one has her Onlyfans, its just what we find and it's breadcrumbs. This is why there is so much cluster in the threads. So, yes, they have stopped to a degree. Its been SLOW this entire year. Moo even stopped sharing as much on social compared to every other year. You can't say she is milky. She hasn't been since the scamming issue. Her spergs have been mostly tinfoil too because they are so vague.

No. 12652

Id like to add she practically put a gag order on people to rarely post her in their stories too. Umbran visited once and that seemed to be enough to where she she's with Moo Moo is barely in any vids or photos. Same with her other crew. Practically no one posts when they are with her aside from a tag and posed photo. Moo is doing all she can to keep herself as private as possible. Thats why its been such a drought this year.

No. 12656

someone is namefagging in the tnd thread and posting unverified shit about the girl JC is fucking. can someone either verify them or tell them how to get verified or ban them or something? happy new year.

No. 12657

Does anyone feel that TND's thread is full of self posting? I feel taylor, Syd and Jonny are all up in there. Especially syd and jonny.

No. 12658

And I think there may be some same fagging from someone triggered (or syd triggered) some name fagger is talking shit. The thread is a mess rn.

No. 12659

taylor's thread has always been full of self posting. taylor and her stans are usually p. obvious. i'd love to see her get outed like keeks.

No. 12660

no one is triggered by the namefag. namefagging is against the rules, apparently you don't know them?

No. 12661

Did I say it wasn't agaisnt the rules?

No. 12662

Yep! Between all of the TND twitter morons who post screenshots of their own twitter accounts, the self posting, and cringe fest.. my once favorite thread has turned into an Onision thread in a lot of ways.
You know it’s got to be a collection of Emzotic, Bree, Jonny, Taylor, and Taylor’s little fans.
It’s just a mess.
And there’s a namefag in here going off like a crazy stalker about Syd.
Would love if our fellow farmhands could expose any of it.

No. 12663

Im not going to lie, everytime I see a overly aggressive post about Taylor's look I think it's emozotic or I think of her LOL.

No. 12664

ugh yes the tnd twitter crusaders are getting like the anti-os

No. 12665

Can we put an end to the blah blah about Vince Nicotra in the Onision thread? The guy sounds like a fool and an asshole, but a) so what, and b) the Onion white knights love it as a distraction.

No. 12667

Mods really really REALLY need to stop being childish, is it just me or do some of them act really childish and only enforce bans when if it offends them even if it's not against the rules?

No. 12671

Welp I can't delete the post sadly but my apologies and I mean it, I thought it was a permaban, but I checked again and it's a short ban. Hope you mods had a good NYE, we'll still be eagerly waiting for the gifts.

No. 12672

Seriously, I don't want to keep bitching about Taylor's thread but it's full of Syd Wk's, self-posts and bullshit, it's becoming comical.

No. 12673

You went off and then wished the staff a good new year's eve while asking for gifts. It makes you look a little crazy, anon.

Honestly, that thread is all over the place and might need a lengthy clean up. The only thing that's going to cure that is a hellweek and it seems like a lot of work for that thread alone. It kind of reminds me of Shay's thread.

No. 12674

why would people attack the girl that got pregnant instead of the 2 people that we know for a fact are both assholes?

if and when syd becomes relevant (being pregnant doesn't actually make her relevant to anyone BUT taylor) then yeah, by all means go off, but people in the thread are talking crazy on taylor's behalf. like anons saying she's going to hurt the baby are reaching. sorry but the amount of stans trying to spin the thread in taylor's favor right now is ott. taylor wants that thread gone but if she can't have that she'll have stans flood the shit out of it, which is what's going on both there and here.

inb4 syd wk, who cares about her? other than taylor?

No. 12677

There's no "to be fair", but it's just that shortly ago I was permabanned and I thought it happened again. I agree that it's weird and unacceptable, but then again, I can't delete my post sadly for some reason. I wished them that because I know they've been busy and modding takes a lot of time I assume, that's why. Doesn't make me look any less crazy but I genuinely meant to apologize.

No. 12679

its not just you anon, the thread is bad with people infighting, bitching about syd and trying to push her forward in the thread, chasing off the milk spiller

No. 12683

Will Erin's selfposts be revealed soon?

No. 12686

File: 1577994190028.gif (802.13 KB, 245x160, c29.gif)

No. 12689

can mods please step in to the tnd thread and make a judgment call on adding syd and jonny for the new thread? ty

No. 12693

Is 2X gonna become officiated soon?

No. 12694

Hey guys staff has been busy with holidays and I'm still working with post histories. Post labeling not be optimal at the moment because python 2 is being depreciated. Either way I will post histories in a less polished way, I was just hoping I could do it the way I planned.
If anyone liked 2X please post about your experience, I'm not opposed to it but I know some anons prefer OT.
Sincerely, have the happiest holidays.

No. 12695


Happy holidays, based admin!

I was surprised to see 2X, because it seemed like the kind of thing that would attract new radfems to LC in general. (Obviously from context, I wasn't a fan of radfem posters in the gossip forums.) If it doesn't do that, there's no problem. If it becomes an imageboard for women (radfem or otherwise) to discuss politics, that'll be amazing. There's no space like that online afaik. If it stays purely radfem and gc but doesn't negatively affect the rest of lc, that's also cool. Sorry to ramble.

No. 12696

i thought the idea was that it'd be a female politics board instead of a purely radfem board i mean you don't have to be a radfem to care about female politics

No. 12697

I like the board, the question is how you can make it stay a bit hidden and protected while informing regular users of it's existance?

No. 12698

I'm begging of you, admin, don't put 2x in the main board listing. I'd really suggest having it stay a hidden board to avoid spergs and scrotes from invading. I'd rather have a slow board than filled to brim with bait.

No. 12699

jfc just make a discord. you're claiming there's no spaces for you, you can make your own. stop trying to make one imageboard cater to you so hard. admin is being nice enough but you guys ask for more more more.

No. 12700

Get rid of 2x what the fuck is wrong with you.

No. 12701

Hard agree

No. 12702


2X is less active but still better and less clogged with trolls than OT, can we keep it? imo it's a much better way forward than a single thread and I think many anons are thankful for it.

No. 12703

This is literally the most calm the radfem types have been in this thread. Chill out. A containment board will at least keep them out of your hair, unless you want them to return full force to /ot/.

No. 12704

honestly, please get rid of 2x AND pinkpill. they all need to go and stay go. lolcow is for fucking internet drama, not femcel politics. go make a new imageboard for that instead of forcing it onto this one.

kill yourself

No. 12705

Scrote posting much? Fuck off. Admin is trying to appease YOU by making a separate board. Don’t be dense.

No. 12706

Back on the "everyone who says something I don't like is a scrote" bullshit. This is why we don't want you people here. Containment boards do not work, they only make things worse.

Admin, I can't believe what a fucking retard you are.

No. 12712

Why are you so angry?

No. 12715

You should consider learning how to read

No. 12716

they're still shitting up /ot/ as we speak. it's clearly not working. this site shouldn't have to bend to anyone's political alignment, we're not 4chan. i'm sorry that other sites don't allow you to speak without the influence and interruption of men, but this site is based around drama, and only got rid of men to keep them from white knighting cows. it's not your safe space and many of us would like it to be less politically charged. adding an entire board for you to be politically charged is unfair to the reputation of the site.

No. 12718

This this this 1000000 times this.

No. 12719

What reputation? The reputation of being a hate-filled jealous femcel chan where ALL women do is talk shit about other women without any other conversation of substance?? Funny you talk about safe space when it's not YOUR safe space. If you think you can be perfectly apolitical when shitting on others then you're too far up your own ass.

No. 12720

>they think reeing about trannies is conversation of substance

I think people who have a fundamental misunderstanding of what this website is, hate and chase off the core userbase because they don't agree with their political beliefs, derail threads all over the site about said political beliefs at every. given. opportunity. and outright refuse to integrate should not be allowed on this website let alone be catered to. this is worse than when we had the incel containment board. genocide now.

No. 12721

Honestly from a community and website traffic standpoint, the 'femcel politics' is the only thing that makes this place unique. I could go anywhere for lolcows and gossip if that was all that this website had to offer. I don't even post here often but I do lurk and find some of the politics interesting. I'm sure a large majority of the users here feel the same way.

No. 12722

"Reeeing about troons" is straight up academic compared to zooming in on some bitch's vagina and crying about garbage boyfriends over and over.
>implying twitter autists aren't the newfags
Oh it's bait

No. 12723

NO THEY DON'T. literally no one but the /ot/ radfems who only come on the site to sperg about politics think this. nobody else likes you, I guarantee it.

No. 12724

I'm going to lock the /ot/ threads for 7 days. Pink Pill and Gender Crit anons will have to post in /2X/ for the meantime. I will do whatever the polls here reflect a week from now. You guys can view the results as anons vote so we can see the overall judgment in our community.  VOTE HERE.


Raven's confirmed posts thus far will be posted today along with Erin Painter's. Two anti-Os have been outted earlier as well. More mystery outtings will occur for the remainder of this week so keep an eye out for further announcements. I'm working on labeling everything so it's easier to read through but I'm having some technical issues with that so the raw pages will be posted for now instead 

No. 12725

Not everyone who finds the female politics interesting is a radfem. That was why the combined PP/GC thread couldn't get along to begin with.

No. 12726

keep telling yourself that, legbeard. take your highly academic autistic screeching somewhere else. we do not want it here.

>nitpicking technicalities

No. 12727

I'm just saying, you must see the irony in taking issue with radfems calling every anon who disagrees with them a scrot while saying all anons who talk about the /ot/ brand politics must be twitter radfems.
But beyond that, just make it an issue of moderation. Farmhands have already been purging people who post politics outside of the designated containment threads. Beyond that I don't see why it's so hard to just report and hide.

No. 12728

I think that 2X was a very good idea and I hope it stays.

No. 12729

after doing the survey i realize the issue is your personal feelings towards the site. it's a drama site, nothing more. we don't need to grow it just like kiwifarms shouldn't grow into something else. it's also ridiculous that you're not allowing any kind of politically charged threads other than the p.p/gc stuff but have the gall to claim that lolcow doesn't pander to anyone's ideology. people love to act like /ot/ is separate from the rest of the site, but it has drama threads and catty bitching just as much as the other boards. many people claim to only use /ot/ and act pretentious about it, but they are the outsiders. people like >>12719 are hypocrites who minimize anyone who disagrees with them being here. it's not insane that i am more okay with associating myself with a drama site than one known for radfems. and i am someone who used to post in g.c for a period of time.

No. 12730

guys stop fucking killing each other we’re literally about to have milkmas

please stop fighting, sit down at the table and let’s feast

No. 12731

Regardless of admin decision on the issue, I'm still pretty hyped for Erin's selfposts. Thank you for taking the time to bring us this milk.

No. 12732

Why are people literally going crazy with rage over the existence of 2X? I'm just happy to have my GC thread back without pinkpill/radfem bullshit. You could literally bitch about radfem spergs hating on gay men, bisexual women, weeb stuff and treating FTMs as "gender traitors" but the only thing you guys take extremely personally is the "manhate" and "tranny reeing". That what makes you look like scrotes and troon scrotes.

No. 12733

>it's not insane that i am more okay with associating myself with a drama site than one known for radfems.
You shouldn't be "associating yourself" with an anonymous imageboard at all, anon. That's really embarrassing, and goes against the most basic, integral point of any anonymous site.
Lolcow started off as a revival of Stamina Rose, and even SR had its own "/b/" culture and multiple threads for unrelated discussion in the midst of all the drama threads. That's just the nature of things. Most users won't always want to talk about someone's nasolabial folds, and we don't all feel as comfortable on social media.
If you want the drama and the drama only, the solution is to ignore /ot/, /g/ and /m/, and instead stick to /pt/, /snow/ and /w/.

No. 12734

Can't wait for Erin to have all her posts tagged.

Exactly, the whole point of anon boards is for it to be…. anonymous. If you don't tell everyone in your life that you post here they won't know or judge you for others users' posts, simple as.

No. 12735

I go to lolcow over kiwi farms for the female perspective and because I just love the general batshittery. I approve of /2X/ and removing the /ot/ threads so that everyone's happy.

Most lolcow threads are filled with comments and opinions just as inflammatory or controversial as what you might find on /2X/ so I don't understand the argument that it's making site culture worse. We're all crazy as fuck here and that's why I love it. If janitors nuke ladies who can't keep their sperging where it belongs I think we'll be gucci.

Thanks admin for trying to make things work.

No. 12739

Thank u from all Raven anons who've been patiently waiting a long time.

No. 12740

imo, 2X is too brand new to even evaluate and make a determination on. people haven't properly moved over because right now there aren't many threads and it's comparatively inactive, partially because of the fact that it isn't all that accessible (though i think it should stay hidden). why is everyone rushing to make a determination so quickly, on a board that is terrifically slow for multiple reasons? more time is needed, imo. this is quick for any board, but it's especially jumping the gun on a board that is literally hidden. 2X is a great idea, but it needs more time to develop so users will actually use it rather than /ot/.

No. 12741

idc where the threads are as long as they arent banned. a million thanks for the selfposters milk ♥

problem is you sound like a dumb bitch

No. 12742

thanks for the hard work guys, this is a milk gift of wonder

No. 12743

More mystery outings? Wew. is still waiting for erin's posts

No. 12744

Just wanna say that you're starting the new year off with so much milk and it's much appreciated.

This. Just sit back and enjoy.

No. 12745

>2X is a great idea
what a joke

one 22x user has been samefagging hard in here

No. 12746

i'm none of the other posts, so no.

No. 12747

I agree with this, there hasn't been enough time. I feel like /m/'s trial period was a lot longer?

No. 12748

I like /2X/ a lot and I hope it stays. I don't think there's any reason to hide it or keep it unlisted. I'm tired of the threads in /ot/ getting consolidated. Some people might say the board has the potential to bring trolls, but so do the threads when existing in /ot/ and so does the vast majority of the content on this website anyway.

As for everyone who's insisting including /2X/ is a bad idea because lolcow is a drama forum, half of the lulziest cows are trans. Instead of having the cows' threads fill up with gender critical discourse in lieu of milk, /2X/ creates a consolidated place to discuss it.

I don't see any downside to the board's continued existence. For those that don't want to participate in political discussion, /2X/ functions as a containment board. For those who want more nuanced discussion and more threads, /2X/ acts as a haven.

And for what it's worth, perhaps lolcow didn't intentionally start as a women's imageboard but it certainly turned into one and I don't see anything wrong with embracing that.

No. 12749

>admin says containment doesn't work
>makes containment board


No. 12750


I'm >>12695 and I'm confused. You think we're making lc cater to us by not personally being radfem? Where were you the past year? Or did you get the idea I was radfem from my post somehow? Not to infight, mostly just to clarify what I meant if possible.

No. 12751

i wasn't implying you were radfem, but i just hate the argument that "this is the only place we can talk freely!" they/you should make your own site.

No. 12752

Completely agree. Certain degenerates shouldn't have threads tbh.

No. 12753

Are we degenerates?

No. 12754

You've been in this thread bitching at everyone who doesn't agree all day, go outside.

No. 12755

Nta but yes, absolutely, and you shouldn't have threads or boards.

No. 12756

Keeping /ot/ apolitical and keeping X2 going should be a good compromise.

No. 12757

How? We're the opposite of it.(infighting)

No. 12758

>posts are 12 hours apart
>bitching all day
>literally responding to a question
grasp those straws

No. 12759

Genuine question, what makes radfems supposedly so much more evil than all other types of farmers?

No. 12760

Yeah I'm pretty confused about why being a normal person who thinks sissies are gross is bad

No. 12761

It's because they derail every discussion, vent, advice thread etc about how evil men are. While they're right, shit gets annoying pretty fast.

No. 12763

I also voted, but please for the love of god no posterIDs, that will make namefags and tripcoders and attention seekers stay her longer. They are the worse.

Also, I hope this is safe from botting. This is a serious decision.

It's really strange to me, it would make sense to keep 2x hidden and rhe rest pp and gc threads gone on /ot/ the vitriol against it is so strange. But i wuldn't be suprised when I see lurkers from other boards bragging about manipulating certain discusion when it comes to female topics. Very strange.

No. 12765


I really liked 2x because it was a place to slow down on spergging, it was calm and less drama with everyone having their own thread. I would prefer to keep it hidden to decrease traffic. Also I know some people may ask for access but if they don't know it at this point they shouldn't be given it in threads because if people consistently post it the serg prevention will be useless. Maybe a temp/perma ban for offenders?

As much as I want the site to grow I don't think it should get any bigger than 2x, because then it will become like other imageboards/websites with too many bad actors at play and put the entire site in jeopardy (ex: various chans and kwfarms) and put too much work on Admin (and the rest of staff). Also, if someone else were to take over, they might have a specific agenda to push. But then again, I trust Admin for when the time comes to give that power to someone that would be fair and partial like she has been.

Anyways, thanks Admin and the staff for taking the time to do this and everything else about the board for us. You all do it because you cared enough to take time out of your day to do so and we really appreciate it.

No. 12766

It's set to one response with email validation, if the numbers look botched then I can check the individual responses to confirm any suspicions.

No. 12767

File: 1578232997270.gif (2.15 MB, 496x356, thankyouadminsama.gif)

thank you admin

No. 12768

nobody is gonna bot your faggy radfem poll jesus do you hear yourselves sometimes

No. 12770

File: 1578250433866.png (168.18 KB, 1305x295, r9k.PNG)

sure. see pic related. worse yet when anons are punished for being wary and called paranoid when posters literally talk like this: >>12704 >>12700

No. 12771

shh, it'll mess up their "the whole word is against me waaah" narrative

No. 12772

File: 1578253520366.jpeg (59.23 KB, 600x450, 30a.jpeg)

No. 12775

I've said it before and I'll say it again. It would be great for there to be a space that women can use to discuss feminist issues, but this ain't it. I am super confused as to why everyone is pushing for this site so hard when it's already a target for incels as it is. People who use this site for /ot/ are missing the point of it's conception. Going to discord or another site where incels can be kept out seems much easier.

No. 12776

Women who wanna be empowered use a gossip imageboard shitting mainly on females, of course it makes sense.

No. 12777

/2X/ is nice. I think its a good way to appease both sides, though there will always be people who will be unhappy no matter what admin does.

People act like if they nuke all female politically charged discussion, it's just going to make it all go away or discourage trolling when it'll probably just "infect" the other threads worse. Might as well try to contain it and people can hide/ignore it if they don't like it. It's really not that hard to ignore discussion you don't care about or hate.

No. 12778

I agree. I also think a lot of people who aren’t interested in pp or gc just like to poke fun at trannies and certain kinds of men, and this is one of the only sites you can get away with it without having to deal with a horde or nonsense, bans or doxing, unlike shitting on women on literally any other site, which is totally consequence free for the most part. The XX threads seemed to be working until a sudden influx of people on ot started obsessing about muh retarded legbeards. Keep femcel sperging to XX and take your anti radfem sperging literally anywhere else on the internet, everyone’s happy.

No. 12779


Admin should've added a page on the poll where it asks which board you frequent the most and if you answer /ot/ or /2x/ it automatically burns your vote kek. We all know those newfags are the only ones who camp out in /meta/ 24/7 and vote on these polls and no matter how big of a chunk of le userbase they make up now, their opinions on this issue don't matter. I say get rid of them regardless of the results, it's for the best.

No. 12780

>Let me keep my femcel rage containment hugbox that won't actually keep me from sperging outside of it and exile everyone who doesn't like it or boolies me for being a femcel, everyone's happy!

No. 12781

can admin or a farmhand please go into the moo thread to clarify what is bannable. anons keep sperging about everything being bannable posts and saying admin herself said it was when she didn't. we need some clear regulation on that because right now people are claiming everything they don't like should be banned. i know admin said she didn't like certain things but afaik body nitpick, titsperg and fat comments are the only posts that are banned.

hopefully admin will get rid of it if they don't stop. they're still doing it in /ot/ and getting bans at least.

No. 12782

I was about to come and address that because Im the anon who added it in. All of the bannable listed items have been mentioned by a mod at one point in the Moo threads. It is doing jack shit to keep the drailing, newfags, people pretending to be Moo, tax season coming up and we know how those fucking spergs are, from fucking up the thread as is. Its turns into a jackoff fest as to who has the worst 'shes so fat' variation and repeated nitpicking about her tits. Now, like Onion's thread, we have to have a fucking list in OP to keep dumbasses from doing shit and the mods are probably tired of having to go into that hellhole ad restate every thing they've said is bannable.

If you havent been here for the tax, animal abuse, pedo.. etc posts from the mods, then welcome to the Moo thread, newfag.

No. 12783

Just to add, as you can see I even added the kick for fat part into the reposted list because that way its easier to copy/paste when other threads get made. I didn't post it to try and minimod. I posted it because its not just me who have been coming here to complain about the state the threads have been in and it really sucks to have to ask the mods every thread to restate something they did multiple threads ago. They have other shit to do. Moo isn't the first cow to have a damn list and her's is a little bigger because she's a chick so you have to add in titpicking and useless crap like that.

No. 12784

oh i'm not disagreeing, that was why i'm addressing that admin herself never clarified. but people have asked admin ITT several times to actually say herself. i'm talking about how every time it's brought up people try to tack on important aspects of the thread like it's been a problem (like saying not to link patreon sets etc.)

No. 12785

The admins have clarified in actual Moo threads about all of these different ticks. I forgot armchair, tbh, but figured that'd fall under medfagging as a whole with her ADHD and people assuming cushings. And the tax stuff, pedo, animal abuse, 'i cant tell you who I am but i know some secret stuff about the group'..

This isn't just about this thread have anons with issues about it and waiting for a mod to say something ITT. They have stated this shit in actual threads. These things have been problems as they've had countless derailment issues where a mod has to step in and actually say to stop derailing into these topics. We've had warnings about what is and isn't on topic for Moo threads already. You can go through the threads and verify each one. Reposting is 'old milk' which seemed easier to just put up there because across the board anons have issues with this and Moo especially because people find sets randomly all the time and go on spamming as if this site hasn't seen them before.

No. 12786

again, not disagreeing, i just feel she should give the final say since she personally has had problems with her mods saying or doing things that she didn't approve.

No. 12787

I get it, but these were all things over the course of 3 to 4 years. Its not all the same mods as before and why would the rules changed about it anyway? Mods had these in place to begin wih when they mentioned them. The mods that were giving out dumbass bans dont have anything to do with these.

No. 12788

because the new admin can change the rules, this isn't a new thing.

No. 12789

>I also voted, but please for the love of god no posterIDs, that will make namefags and tripcoders and attention seekers stay her longer. They are the worse.
Tripfags get banned anyway. It would be cool to trial poster IDs at least just to see what happens. There's a lot of paranoia around individual posters or '___ stans' shitting up certain threads and poster IDs could go a long way in terms of lessening those accusations.

No. 12790

Yeah idk why anons think poster IDs are tripfags.

No. 12791

It won't let me vote unless I "sign in" but I vote for keeping a pinkpill/etc thread on OT. I don't really care about 2X, I'd rather topics were more messy in one place like on OT.

Expanding lolcow: no

I like /w separate due to my affinity for weebcows.

No. 12792

I don't understand why anons who don't like the GC/radfem/pink pill threads don't just hide the threads. I don't like the fact that there is a ridiculous amount of kpop/anti-kpop/idol threads but I can appreciate that there's a demand for them, so I just hide them. I think people would laugh if this kind of discussion went on in any other imageboard. Just let people post what they want and start a thread about something you like instead, see if that gains traction.

No. 12793

does this collect our email addresses??

No. 12794

we've been over this, it's in other threads all the time, ffs how many times do we have to go through this. huge proof of this is that admin had to tell people she was banning pronoun spergs on /snow/ so it's not paranoia.

No. 12795

It's a board of anonymous women, what did you expect?

No. 12796

You people are so dense I don't know why anyone bothers arguing with you anymore. It's like talking to a brick wall. Your only retorts are logical fallacies and male accusations. Surely you guys have more than just 2 x chromosomes.

No. 12797

That's called derailing. Just fucking report it and move on. It is by no means a unique circumstance on this site.

No. 12798

no shit, but the derailing got so bad that it had to be controlled by admin herself. stop trying to minimize my points. ffs you guys jump through so many hoops to pretend that the radfem/gc/pp/manhate posters are all pwecious angles that never hurt anyone.

off-topic but why isn't there an option to nuke /ot/ entirely on that survey? all the users on /ot/ are entitled whiny blogposters anyway. i used to use it to shoot the shit but this pinkpill/gc crap has shat it up over the last few years. i really have less issue with the content and more with the posters, and i used to post in our misandry threads!

No. 12799

>off-topic but why isn't there an option to nuke /ot/ entirely on that survey? all the users on /ot/ are entitled whiny blogposters anyway.
you are astoundingly entitled, anon

No. 12800

>what is sarcasm?

No. 12801

I don't give a fuck about those threads, it's more the constant gc/pink pill posts all over the site that get super annoying. I agree more than disagree with their philosophies but the amount of screeching has completely put me off /ot/ and they're are several threads in /snow/ I just don't go into any more because of it. Basically, containment threads don't actually contain anything, they actually just seem to encourage it. Just look at how /pol/ bullshit took over the world a few years ago.

No. 12802

none of that reads as sarcasm, and it definitely was not intended to be. just because it's retarded doesn't mean it passes for a joke, and it obv wasn't intended to be one.

No. 12803

the ones who derail and cause infighting are usually anons disagreeing with the gc and pp anons. just ignore it if you don't like it lmao. i don't lose my shit everytime some of y'all nitpick on cows about their 'flat ass', 'saggy tits', 'big areolas', 'nasolabial folds' or other dumb shit. you literally have the entire rest of the internet to shit on evil terfs. relax. we only get this one tiny thing.

No. 12805

Would the staff mind keeping an eye on the ProJared/Holly Conrad/GG thread? Holly's dumb ass has been lurking and mentioned us talking about her, so we might get an influx of trolls and whiteknights again like the last time she did this.

No. 12807


2X is a degenerate shithole of transphobic and self-loathing misogynists. It can fuck off to reddit, honestly.

"you literally have the entire rest of the internet to shit on evil terfs. relax. we only get this one tiny thing."

Uh…transphobes, including TERFs, have like the entire world and internet to shit on transpeople. I think your view of the world is fairly convoluted lmfao.

No. 12808

I'm not even siding with the radfems but you are cringe
go back to tumblr, honestly

No. 12809

>t. someone who isn't ugly or butch enough to get harassed and have their sex questioned all their life despite being a woman from birth

No. 12810

the way they put it was cringe but essentially it's the truth. it's pretty socially accepted to not be a fan of current gender politics outside of you know… social media such as twitter & tumblr

No. 12811

Yes! I do not usually comment on this site but I was thinking this too!

I have spent a lifetime being a passionate feminist and I'm sorry, I can't care anymore about the majority of trans women, who are easy to avoid or ignore both online and irl. There are many more ugly or butch and old cis women than trans in this world. I was around the first time this conversation appeared, and it is sad to see dialogue regress and become reactionary rather than evolve past the gender theory of the last century or even the last decade.

I think many young women on this site do not know how many unconventional looking cis women end up disavowing womanhood and identifying as gender queer because society has gotten so obsessed and mistrustful about who counts as a woman that everyone, even the modern lesbian community, rejects us uglies, oldies, and butches. I have seen with several young women I know that the trans are at least initially more welcoming and less scrutinizing or demanding than many feminist spaces too. Are we going to blame the gender queer people, many of whom have been through the same exclusion, for welcoming women who are struggling and making them feel included? We are forgetting the real problem lies in society's strict and regressive standards. Have we lost the ability to look at ourselves and society and see how powerful men's influence over the nature of womanhood still thrives? Are we going to pretend our own trashing and policing does not drive other women away? Many of us uglies, oldies, and butches are made to feel so unwelcome and like we don't count any more as women but no one cares about us because we're not pretty or feminine. I really feel the concept of sisterhood doesn't exist today and has just become a marketable, fake-empowered word used to sell diet products on social media. No wonder so many young women feel disenfranchised - I know I often have.

But I'm a boring oldie who is only here because I worry about what my nieces are encountering on social media. So what do I know.

No. 12812

I agree, I went to look and it was all very one-note. It is such a good idea to have a place for easy discussion of female politics but in practice it looks like this will just draw in more of the gender discourse and become a self-confirming circle of rage that spills over into the rest of the site rather than a productive environment. I wonder if this is because most people here are angry and are here for gossip?

No. 12814

I voted for the threads in /ot/ as I haven’t used /2X/ thus far. After thinking about it for a while, I would also be fine with /2X/ (perhaps even as a general female politics board as suggested before), but I don’t think it should be hidden. Otherwise it would be too slow and restricted to a small audience only. I also agree with >>12721. Those topics make lolcow unique outside of drama/gossip and are part of the board culture. Both gender critical and pink pill ideas have become constitutive of lolcow somewhat and it won’t help to ignore them, even though some farmers itt sperg about lolcow being a "drama website" only. And no, I am not even following pink pill ideology. But I can ignore/hide posts or not engage with the posters, and so do you. It is baffling how sensitive the spergs in this discussion are. It is an anonymous image board, don’t let it hurt your fee fees that much.

also top kek about anons like >>12716 worrying about the reputation of the site and associating themselves with it. The newfaggotry is real.

No. 12816

>but I don’t think it should be hidden. Otherwise it would be too slow and restricted to a small audience only.
Not sure if stupid or bait. But I laughed.

No. 12817

How come the ‘Vote for critical board changes’ post is only pinned on /snow/ and /w/? That seems so random. Out of all other boards it affects /ot/ the most. I also feel like blatantly advertising the poll on those boards only would affect the outcome of the poll.

No. 12818

>Out of all other boards it affects /ot/ the most.
explain this

No. 12821

I didn’t mean to say that the percentage of gc & pp users is small though. But I think the existence of /2X/ hasn’t reached everyone yet and if it is hidden, new users don’t really have the chance to participate. I have never been a fan of hidden boards, but that might just be my opinion. It also shouldn’t be hidden because as mentioned in >>12814, it is part of the board culture. The vote will show if that impression is right.

It makes sense as the poll also asks about integrating /w/ back into /snow/ and other changes like that. I agree that it should be also advertised on /ot/ though as the threads were/are there.

No. 12822

Do you read the thread though?
>new users don’t really have the chance to participate
That’s the fucking point. The point of 2X is not to lure in even more radfems, but to give them their echo chamber to avoid their bullshit bleeding through all other boards and threads.

No. 12823


Agreed, the location of the poll is perfect. Users who never visit these boards are most likely newfags anyway, their input is less important

No. 12824

>lure in even more radfems
Nice try. Most aren't radfems, just hate men. The rf thread in /ot/ was dead and the rf thread in 2X has 2 posts in it. This is why the merge was a mistake.

No. 12825

I've been saying this. I don't know why anons here keep arguing everyone is a radfem and making it some kind of catch-all umbrella term for the 2X board. It's possible to be interested in 2X and not be a radfem. Hell, there were loads of tradthots posting in GC at one point.

No. 12826

I was wondering why some anons ITT are so hung up on the idea of obliterating anything remotely GC/PP when those threads have been around for a long time, but then I remembered of the recent influx of people from twitter so it makes sense.

No. 12828

Except there weren't any afaik and those were just le call outs by tranny screechers

No. 12829

After temp isn't "a long time" but they have been around for too long. /ot/ went to shit as soon as they started and now the whole site is.

This isn't a newfag thing and exclusively lurking /ot/ and the tranny threads in /snow/ for a year and a half doesn't make you an oldfag, dumb cunt.

No. 12831

this. the older misandry threads were way different than the ones in the past 2 years or so. the group of users that use these threads are the problem, not the threads themselves. /ot/ was so anons could take a break from drama, but now people brag that it's the only board they use.

the misandry threads and the people using them were less insane acting before. my issue now with users who use those is they act like the site owes them, it doesn't.

No. 12833

I voted to get rid of /2X/ because it concerns me that through being annexed off from the rest of the userbase it could become too radicalized. I instead liked how the /ot/ GC and PP threads could have more of a healthy mix of radfem, libfem and others in between. I don't think arguments between those posters is bad as long as it stays in the thread, anonymous boards aren't meant to be echo chambers after all.
It's a female site so it's important that we can talk about our daily experiences in ways that we can't on male dominated boards, but having it all closeted away in a secret board is just setting up the origin story for the fabled "femcels" that misogynists like to rant about. However, I still think having /2X/ is better than when PP and GC was combined.

Still, the site is running well overall imo and we've had some good milk this year. I hope /m/ stays and this year it's more active, I want to talk to you bitches about all the fun stuff.

No. 12834

File: 1578361047416.png (56.24 KB, 957x657, unknown.png)

Just noticed /2X/ was recently added to this part. Won't this muddy the results? A lot of people voted on /2X/ already from the jump, and probably won't take a second look at the survey to edit their responses and vote again.
What happens if the majority votes to keep /2X/ as a board, but it gets the least votes in the board scheme poll?

No. 12835


Suspicious that this was added when the polls are almost closed. Watch lolcow become "inclusive" by the end of 2020 and be ready for the neovagina threads in /g kek.

No. 12836

seconding this question.

No. 12837

please stop the race derailing in the kpop thread

No. 12838

Lolcow already is inclusive? As in it doesn't actively exclude if you stay anonymous. Lolcow isn't a safe haven for rfs and gcs.

No. 12839

no one said anything about allowing males who out themselves. this site should be apolitical.

No. 12840

If the site does become inclusive eventually, they won’t be considered males anymore.

No. 12841

I joined late and was confused too abput the different amount of voters and questions. The question about 2x and 2X was about which spelling we would want to keep(having to type in capital letters to enter the board or not), right?

No. 12842

File: 1578421775249.png (232.8 KB, 765x649, gotmilk.png)

Can we just nuke the eGirls thread once and for all? or at the very least put it on auto-sage or move it to /w/ or something? It constantly gets necro'd by newfags who are just blatantly egirls themselves there to self-post or beg for vendetta milk. I've never seen such a mess of a thread before and not one of them will learn how to sage or integrate.

No. 12843

Never even heard of any of these people. Its selfposting or cucks asking for shit about them.

No. 12844

Right, that's what I'm saying. That's been the entirety of the thread since day one though. I'm just tired of seeing this shit at the top of /snow/ every other day because egirls are too stupid to learn how to sage.

No. 12845

And we already have other threads they can fall into like instathots people hate, alt-cows.. Things like this, so might as well nuke it. Whats the point of having a thread where no one has anything to say aside from 'have you heard anything from xx'? Its a waste of space.

No. 12846

>resorting to namecalling
I thought that GC anons were supposed to be the crazy and aggressive ones

No. 12847

You realized that you can post libfem shit in 2X right? It’s not a board for a specific leaning. The whole point of new board in the first place was to make /ot/ less political. I imagine if it stays, which it should, threads like the “I have tranny friends” one would get moved there. I hate the “they’re gonna be radicalized uwu” argument because we aren’t a bunch of aggro fueled men.

No. 12848

This is interesting, because I see both of your points here. What scares me is comments like >>12839
>this site should be apolitical
because I feel like 4chan and 8chan probably considered their "anything goes, everyone gets a say" policy to be "apolitical" at one point, and I worry that that will open the door to people whose opinions are in fact dangerous and harmful (dangerous in the escalation to real world physical violence sense such as Pizzagate sense). I think "apolitical" isn't really a concept that can exist these days. Maybe 5+ years ago, but not currently, because not taking a stance is in fact a stance in most scenarios.

I want to believe what anon said "we aren’t a bunch of aggro fueled men", but I also don't see how everyone immediately calling anyone who disagrees with them or presents a different opinion "retard, cunt, faggot, tranny" etc doesn't fall into that camp. It almost feels like if we just banned that type of aggressive and unnecessary name calling it would solve a lot of the problems. Regardless of wether or not you think you personally should be able to use the phrases, they're just are objectively loaded phrases in today's climate and immediately add a level of aggression and venom to any comment.

No. 12849

I dont go into either of those threads so I can sorta do this without bias. If there are already other boards like 4chan and 8chan that allow this type of radical talk and post after post of just name calling, then let them go there. If this board has rules such as no racism I think it should follow other climate changing rules too. There are so many forums that RF and GC can go to. They just want to come here because lolcow is easy and moderation for this stuff has been hard. It should just be gone from the site tbh. Let the angry anons go somewhere else to sperg nonstop and infight instead of making new threads because it fills up with bull.

No. 12850

>I hate the “they’re gonna be radicalized uwu” argument because we aren’t a bunch of aggro fueled men.
Well, 'containment boards/tags/subreddits/whatever' absolutely don't work because they give the radical group a base of operation with which to organize, and which is available to vulnerable non-radicals with a single click. This can affect women and girls too- although it wasn't intended to be a 'containment' case, one of the big reasons that liberal feminism and queer theory blew up is because teen girls were getting radicalized on tumblr.

This is why I support 2X tbh

No. 12852

>If there are already other boards like 4chan and 8chan that allow this type of radical talk

…are you saying that anons who want to discuss feminist issues should go to 4chan….

No. 12853

go anywhere that isn't here

No. 12854

Im using an example. Holy shit you guys take things way too literally. No wonder your threads are so fucked up.

No. 12855

What you're suggesting is the opposite of apolitical. I'd rather be called a retard faggot til the end of time. What? You think misgendering is literal murder too?
>opinions are in fact dangerous and harmful (dangerous in the escalation to real world physical violence…)
Women can't relate. How about using your fucking brain and NOT killing people irl because some imageboard said so lmao let's not pretend that SJWs aren't condoning violence against evil TERFs (women), but I guess that's not ~dangerous radicalization~.

No. 12857

the phrase 'climate change' applied to speech makes me nauseous.

opinions are not harmful, ever.
>people whose opinions are in fact dangerous and harmful (dangerous in the escalation to real world physical violence sense such as Pizzagate sense)
honest question, what are you trying to say with that greentext? if there's a point there i'm missing it.

No. 12858

File: 1578453302209.png (40.45 KB, 1226x80, loaded.png)

>What you're suggesting is the opposite of apolitical.
….yes, that's literally my point? Did you read my post at all? I literally said
>I think "apolitical" isn't really a concept that can exist these days
I'm saying it's impossible to be apolitical so keep the politics and cut the aggression. The aggression is what's turning those threads into dumpster fires. Just take away the unnecessary knives everyone's immediately trying to throw at each other constantly and it can be an actual conversation.

>What? You think misgendering is literal murder too?

This is so wildly unrelated to anything I said in my original post that I'm genuinely worried you never learned how to read correctly. How do you possibly get "misgendering is literal murder" from "tranny is objectively a loaded phrase"? That isn't even commentary on the trans community, I'm talking about the English language in the most literal sense? Thanks for proving my point about those phrases being loaded by having an immediate overblown emotional response to me even acknowledging the word "tranny". Couldn't have come up with better proof if I tried.

>I'd rather be called a retard faggot til the end of time

No one really cares about your kinks, but if that's really what you're into I think 4chan and 8chan would in fact be better suited to your needs. Unless you need to feel like it's coming from women? That's some real Rome Roy shit right there.

>opinions are not harmful, ever.
>honest question, what are you trying to say with that greentext? if there's a point there i'm missing it.
Opinions are absolutely harmful, the direct evidence of that is situations like Pizzagate and the numerous shooting directly linked to 8chan? Sorry, I didn't think I'd have to spoonfeed you that info, but here you go: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/8chan#Controversies
literal escalation to real world physical violence that started as just "opinions" on a website. The other direct evidence of that is…..literally of all of history? Sorry "opinions are not harmful ever" is just such a buckwild thing to say I honestly can't tell if you're being sarcastic or not.

No. 12859

Man why don't you just hide the thread or scroll past it.

I just don't understand the absolute vitrol against those topics and don't see all that spilling over, derailing and radicalization that anons are talking about?
Can you name examples when you mention it?

No. 12860

Damn, go back to tumblr.

No. 12861

everyone has done that already.

No. 12862

>reputation of the site
That is pretty lulzy. If people want a dedicated board to sperg about politics or some other pointless bullshit that ultimately has no effect on reality, I don't see what the problem is. If there's a demand for it, let them have it.

No. 12863

>opinions are in fact dangerous and harmful
You sound like part youtube's TOS-thought policing. Can't have those dangerous thoughts floating around. God forbid anyone has thoughts we don't like and possibly expresses them in verbal form.
>ban "retard, cunt, faggot, tranny"
I see certain vernacular as part of board culture. When I get called a faggot, retard etc. I don't feel attacked or go cry in a pillow. You do know this is the internet where it's a mistake to take "mean" words seriously right?

No. 12864

Saying "several threads on /ot/ and /snow/" is not a concrete example and also doesn't show what kind of posts they mean.

No. 12865

calling people names is part of board culture and we are not men. i am an incredibly sensitive person, like, i cry over everything, and i've literally never been offended when you guys call me names that are common on here tbh. it's an imageboard, and it's populated by women who understand board culture. men are impulsive turds that are GENUINELY aggressive, that's why we, despite always allowing for namecalling, haven't resorted to absolute ridiculousness and insanity. i think there's a difference between calling someone "retarded" or "don't be a faggot", and being a genuinely evil or unempathetic person. usually people don't even use "retard" or "faggot" on lolcow in a way that's genuinely hurtful. there's really no culture of like, a-logging each other on here like there is in male spaces. offhanded "haha what a fag" comments are nowhere near vitriolic screeds and harassment, threats, etc, that men make toward each other. people here don't want to go out harming mtfs or whatever. "social justice" troons, with approval by large organizations and cities, literally march with bats to want to hurt women. unless we have a male infestation, i don't see the need to be so worried, and there certainly hasn't been anything so far on the site to even warrant your concern tbh.

No. 12866

I don't know what your hard on is for Pizzagate but I don't see how it's a good example for your "controversial opinions are bad because they lead to violence" assertion. You act like Pizzagate is going to recruit for ISIS or something (which in reality was created by the CIA funding the mujahideen - I believe that was part of Operation Cyclone - in the 80s, but I digress).

This opinions lead to violent acts rhetoric makes you sound like those people who say violent video games lead to violence. There will always be a few people who're weak minded and stupid enough to blame something they read on the internet for their retarded actions, but that's because they're stupid and probably don't belong on the internet. Reasonably intelligent people aren't going to take something they read on the internet or anywhere else for that matter, and use it as an excuse to commit wanton acts of violence against their fellow man.

I don't know if it still exists but I hate that there's a website where pedophiles go and TALK about their predilections with each other. However atrocious, expressing thoughts (that don't advocate for violence) isn't against the law. To penalize someone for THINKING about such a thing means advocating for criminalizing thought, which for now at least, doesn't exist.

Back to Pizzagate, people have a right to express whatever opinion they have about it, save the above mentioned caveat. That a few idiots decide to do something violent because they say they were motivated by something they read on the internet isn't the internet's fault, it's the fault of the moron(s) taking the violent action.

TL;DR - You sound ignorant.

No. 12867

I can't take the survey bc I got rid of Google years ago and don't want to create another account just for this. I don't know why you didn't use the same open form that you did for the LC Awards.

No. 12868

Can you guys not fucking infight and derail this thread with your bullshit? Where the fuck are the mods?

No. 12869

File: 1578467713511.png (575.22 KB, 635x732, pizzagate.png)

This entire post is honestly the stupidest shit I've ever read in my life. I have to believe you dropped out of preschool and were never exposed to any basic history if you genuinely believe "opinions and ideas are harmless"

>I don't see how it's a good example for your "controversial opinions are bad because they lead to violence" assertion

Because it's literally a controversial opinion that started and spread on 4chan/8chan that lead to a man showing up at a restaurant with an AR-15? How much more literal can you be? It's a cause and effect flow chart even someone as dense as you should be able to understand. If Pizzagate hits too close to home for you, I'd happily provide you with any of the dozen other similar situations that have happened in the recent past, since you're too busy reading your pedo forums and writing your ISIS fanfic to keep up with current events.

>That a few idiots decide to do something violent because they say they were motivated by something they read on the internet isn't the internet's fault

>because they say they were motivated by something they read on the internet
>they were motivated by something they read on the internet
>something they read on the internet
>motivated by the internet
>isn't the internet's fault
Imagine being this stupid.

TL;DR - you've clearly snorted too much infowars brand dick powder if you're genuinely dumb enough to think "it's not illegal or dangerous for pedophiles to discuss wanting to fuck children"

No. 12870

>Can you guys not fucking infight and derail this thread with your bullshit? Where the fuck are the mods?
Bless your heart, you must be new. These threads are consistently 99% infighting/mini-modding, 1% mods actually responding to questions/concerns/feedback. It's like a combination "complaint box" and "lottery". Everyone puts their dozens of questions/complaints/concerns in the box, mods shake it up and pull out one slip of paper to respond to while everyone is rolling around on the floor fighting in front of them.

No. 12871

Im not new, thanks, and I know how this thread usually works. This isn't the place for you guys to come here and infight because your shit is down right now until the mods figure out what to do with it. Take your shit and get out and just wait to see where your shitty threads will be located. There is no reason to migrate it all here in the meantime. The mods already said they have a poll to see whats going to happen. Just fucking wait it out. At this point it should all be nuked. I dont go to that part of the site and holy shit, I see why so many people fucking hate you guys.

No. 12873

If you're going to derail this much at least tell us exactly what sort of incredibly dangerous thing you think is going to happen if we keep a board about female politics here.

No. 12874

This thread doesn't exist so people can fight over how evil men are, pizzagate and your tinfoils of the day. All of the actual complaints and issues have been drowned out by sperging by a few select posters, who certainly know who they are. Saying you know what the thread is for and still continuing to sperg about your tinfoils is not okay.

After this post we will start issuing bans.

No. 12875

Why was the reddit-hate thread on /ot/ locked? It seems like there are a lot of anons who still want to talk about it.

No. 12876

It's on 2X

No. 12877

I see, thanks for the info.

No. 12878

imagine being this pathetic.

GC is part of radfem beliefs you complete idiot.

Good to know this sites still a trash pile and catering to angry men that want pp/gc threads banned/out of sight instead of the admin growing some balls and just saying "this is how it is"(ignoring farmhand warning)

No. 12880

I haven't used lolcow in a while, but I think the main issue is that it's not like radfems/terfs/whatever found this site and set up camp. These threads were started by regular lolcow users, on a board where you're allowed to talk about off-topic issues. There are video game threads on ot. Is this site not the place to talk about video games, then? Does that even make sense? Why be militant about one topic and not another, especially when it happens to be an issue many regular users experience?

I guess I'm asking, where does the line get crossed?

Why is it okay to kill parts of the organically created board culture here? I don't get why every single admin we've had has tried to kill parts of the site repeatedly.

A lot of boards are redundant or just worthless. Just hide threads you don't like, like everyone else.(ignoring farmhand warning)

No. 12881

how would radical feminism threads be part of board culture from the start if politics were never allowed in the first place? man hate was allowed because it wasn't inherently political in its nature(ignoring farmhand warning)

No. 12882

After reading the same tinfoils, baseless accusations, and entitled posts, all I can say is fuck you guys.
I give you your threads back, you didn't improve your previous behavior that led the previous admin to lock them. You couldn't stay in your containment, you had to constantly antagonize your fellow sisters who were just sick of it. You continue to invalidate the complaints of other farmers. Even after being given your own board you have the nerve to continue this shit in the meta thread after a farmhand warning.

I know not all gc and pp anons are like this, and things have appeared fine for now, despite of the continued comments about how /ot/ anons are all troons. What you need to understand is that you're literally cancer and my patience is growing thin.

Despite of however the polls turn out I have a pretty good hunch that the constant troon accusations against everyone won't stop. If you really believe that myself or staff are running some "inclusive" conspiracy then I have a great solution.
Run your own website. I've spent way too much time last year dedicating my time and resources into trying to deploy a better site to be disrespected anymore. Sometimes I look at the insane shit y'all come up and think "why do I even bother" "why do I keep giving them chances"
Just vote, keep your conspiracies in your containment BOARD, and fix your attitudes.

No. 12883


No. 12884

Tbh I do like the addition of /2X/, I think it's better for some topics in /g/ like vagina general & other sex related subjects.

No. 12885

then what would be the point of /g? Keep those threads in /g, /2X is supposed to be a board to discuss politics and feminist outlook on world and not yeast infections or best vibrators to use on your clit.

No. 12886

File: 1578548956384.jpeg (75.28 KB, 670x640, FC0EDE1C-8480-4EA7-8268-163732…)

Based admin

No. 12889

agreed that stuff should be /g/, but i also think it's kind of weird that the lesbian general is in /2X/ when the rest of the relationship & sexuality threads are in /g/

No. 12890

I have to assume it's because lesbianism is, unfortunately, political at this point. I'm a hetero anon and I don't really read through that thread, but from what I can tell (scrolling by it,) it would seem that most lesbians on this site have radfem views as a result of being preyed upon by MTFs in the LGBT community. Can any lesbian anons here verify/correct?

No. 12891

>led the previous admin to lock them
a little ot but have we had a recent admin change?

No. 12892

I would agree with this except you have other boards which have random, non drama topics as well.
Personally I would revert this site to being drama threads only (pt/snow) given that the some drama/cow threads are limited-the reason given space on the site which is why I do not understand why there were non drama boards to begin with.

No. 12893

Go to any lesbian event and you will see troons. This gradually causes the real lesbians to leave and you end up with events comprised entirely of troons. So lesbian gatherings are now crossdressing straight male gatherings.

No. 12894

Except I don't recall the admin even saying why the threads were merged in the first place. I asked in one of the threads, and admin/farmhands ignored my quesrion and someone replied "been saying it for ages, one of the mods is a troon". Admin replied to this calling this person a sperg, which means admin saw my question and ignored it. And any time a mention of the thread merging or tranny mods came up, farmhands would magically appear to call us spergs instead of actually giving us answers. Other people suggested it was because of arguments, but the thread merge caused 10x as many arguments than there were before.

Like, I get that this is your website and you can do what you want with it, and I respect that, but when you allow something for ages then randomly ban it and not give answers you can't really blame people for speculating.

No. 12895

Terfs eating themselves?? I love this show

No. 12896

The threads were merged because radfems at the time had about seven threads and they kept on making new ones. Lots of farmers, including I, complained about how they spill over to other boards to go on about troons and scrots. There was a vote during town hall and farmers voted for a merge instead of purging them all together.

No. 12897

I always got the impression that oldfags and the farmers who were against the pp threads also hated trannies/don't want males to use this site, they simply didn't identify as radfem.
But now you have people downright hating on "terfs" while kissing troon ass? Quite the demographic change.

>the thread merge caused 10x as many arguments than there were before.

>you had to constantly antagonize your fellow sisters who were just sick of it.
Admin-sama, writing stuff like that just sounds weird af… Lc was always everybody shitting on everyone and everything, why are you suddenly writing bullshit like "we're sisters"?

No. 12898

People should have just used the tranny thread in snow for tranny shit and the PP thread in ot for man hate.

It doesn't need to be this complicated.

No. 12899

infighting is against the rules, we aren't supposed to fight or fuck with each other so it makes sense.

No. 12900

I don't think most people here are hating on TERFS or kissing ass for trans people, we just find your constant sperging annoying.

I get how you guys want a place to talk about your female plights and all that but it turns into an endless loop of the same crap for anyone else who's not as invested in these issues. Particularly annoying when some of you guys leak your bullshit and complaining into other threads. Hopefully 2x might solve this but who knows.

No. 12903

Then it should apply for infighting in general instead of singling out that specific thread/board.

>I get how you guys want a place to talk about your female plights
Would it not be yours too?

No. 12905


No. 12906

Already seeing 'troon' begging used for the first time in Moos thread. Can we just ax anything for these anons? Get them off the site. Their shit leaks into other threads.

No. 12907

all of the tinfoilers ITT are fucking retarded. when people say women can't be autistic I'll just point them here…

No. 12908

I feel like iPhone users who constantly shit on Android have some type of prolonged buyer's remorse from paying $700+ for the same phone every year.

No. 12909

>your female plights
Lmao. If this isn't the most condescending tell of a man posting.
There's a self-admitted gay man venting in /ot/ right now. He's bitching about how he can't fuck his male sex shop coworker and makes it clear he posts for validation often.

Kinda sad how women who post here are treated like spergs for speculating when in reality there's proof of male LARPers here all the time.

No. 12911

anon obviously meant your as in yours personally, why are you guys so retarded. obviously if she doesn't want to talk about it the plights are not hers.

No. 12912

Can both of you shut the fuck up.

No. 12914

File: 1578705319294.png (378.26 KB, 1264x583, g.PNG)

sorry, but i don't really understand why this was locked? this really isn't the same as the /g/ "not my nigel" thread to me. the /g/ thread is specifically and only for boasting. the thread that anon made is about concerns, complaints, frustrations, how they relate to their views, and general boasting.

it seems like it's just more of an all encompassing 'nigel' thread, negative and/or positive. even though anon named it the same as the other, the intentions are very different.

also, are we not allowed to have repeat threads even though the climate between boards is supposed to be different?

like, we have a reddit thread but the 2X reddit thread allows for more in depth discussion with a certain flair, without it being considered derailing. maybe i'm a minority but i think it makes sense to have "repeat" threads where anons can talk about these things and how they relate to our politics or views, specifically, without having to go on /g/ or /ot/ and end up sort of derailing. just my two cents. thank you.

No. 12915

You guys pinned the vent thread lol

No. 12916

That's right, we have a reddit one, we should have the right to make other duplicate threads there.

No. 12917

After reading the spergouts here I just wanted to tell the admin that I'm grateful for 2X and happy that you gave it to us and felt you should know this, thank you

No. 12918

Considering this thread, ax everything for them so they have no place on the site. Hfc they bleed into other boards no matter what anyway. Its a cancer.

No. 12920

This. Thanks for everything, admin. Everyone has their personal viewpoints and biases, but I for one appreciate that you're actually listening to the userbase and trying to keep things fair. Less competent admins would've just sperged out and ragequit.

No. 12921

Lmao I'm a woman, I'm just not very interested in female politics. Sorry not sorry.

Wow, someone who understood.

No. 12923

File: 1578783718191.jpg (47.92 KB, 625x471, 3d62d64251688224307c6a0951317d…)


>I know not all gc and pp anons are like this

Thanks, really. It sucks to be associated with so many bad apples, but I earnestly believe 2X is a good solution for lc. Strict regulation on all other boards to limit gc/pp sperging, derailing, and infighting seems to be the best option. I have no idea how you are going about bans for such things, but since it has been a continued issue, I would create lengthier bans including people who respond to their sperging. It would hopefully stop pp/gc from either derailing threads and encourage other posters to stop acknowledging them. This is just a suggestion as it obviously has been a thorn in your side for a while, not sure what you have and haven't tried.

Admittedly I find any "scrote/troon/terf reeeee" accusations pretty funny, it's pretty much a meme at this point but I can see how it's frustrating for others.

Admin, you're doing what you can. Don't let this place bother you too much.

No. 12925

Can we get warnings in koos thread about saging? Two newfags keep unsaging their tinfoil and derailing money speculation talk that no one brought up

No. 12926

No. 12927

Rip lolcow

No. 12928

i think the new admins/mods are doing a good job. polling the community is a better way than expecting everyone to reply to a thread. i hope some changes are made for the better because i love my fellow sadist-chans, no other corner of the internet is like this

No. 12929

@admin sorry you have lots on your plate with this pp/gc shit but there’s been one(?) anon in moo’s thread that does nothing but lick her ass and derail by going on rants about every point anons try to discuss. If you call moo ugly, they bitch. If you say she didn’t wear underwear, they demand proof. If you bring up relevant old milk to make a point they go sperg smackdown demanding proof of milk from years ago. Is this all the same anon or something?? It’s getting irritating

It’s really weird it’s been happening since the left thread or so and it does nothing but derail when anons are just trying to do the regular gossip

No. 12930

File: 1578815668413.jpeg (102.99 KB, 1024x1016, 0848EBC5-4E2F-4278-BC77-E8730E…)

I pour one out with you bb

No. 12931

ave farmhands. are we still going to see selfposters milk from ao flakes thread? it would be really nifty if you looked into possible vince nicotra selfposting (im hellbent on him being anonymous boomer gene)

No. 12932

Its no WKing to expose bullshit tinfoils when we have posts from her debunking the shitty anons talking about her family. We have no proof about underwear. Let it go. Dont nitpick her 'ugliness' and drag it on an anons will stop telling you why youre wrong (nitpicking is against rules).

No. 12933

Nah I’m not talking about mini modding nitpicking that’s fine. I’m definitely talking about this one anon (is it you anon?) who is always defending moo, any time someone criticizes her there’s always excuses they reply with why she’s like that, why it was all done big conspiracy, why it’s not true. I was sure it was umbran but surely she wouldn’t be that stupid lol

It just stutters discussion anon. It just causes infighting because both sides sperg out about it in the middle of discussing current milk. Why go out of your way so hard to reply to every anon with bad things to say on a gossip site if you AREN’T there to WK? It’s lolcow. people are going to call her ugly.

No. 12934

there’s a big dumb shit flinging contest in TND’s thread about veganism and leather and all this other stupid fucking off topic infighty bullshit and it’s seriously derailing the thread.

No. 12935

Because shit anons like you, even with proof, keep pushing stuff as if its all true without concrete evidence like the underwear thing, her family (why were they even brought up)? Its not defending, its saying there isnt proof of stupid shit. Lurk the threads, stop posting in the thread without saging. Stop getting pissed about anons pointing out proof of why she does certain shit. We get this is a gossip board, but that doesnt excuse all hell being thrown out the window because you want to make the whole thread a shitpost station. We DO have proof of a lot of shit recently posted.

No. 12936

To add, anyone not saging gets reported immediately. Im done with you morons in her thread.

No. 12937

nta but we're allowed to tinfoil about stuff some of the time. these threads aren't meant to be unbiased archives. go to ED if you want something like that.

No. 12938

>we have posts from her debunking the shitty anons talking about her family.

this isn't the place to fight about this, but there are a lot of lolcow users in vegas who know/interact with her family regularly. it's absurd to expect a cow known to lie is being truthful without proof, and someone chiming in to correct info about her parents is no different than a former coworker or classmate anon dropping details. instead of crowing about proof, why not just stop posting until you have proof of your own that's more than just an unreliable narrator's words?

No. 12939

Right? Moo is a known liar, almost everything she says is a lie. Nitpicking/Titpicking is silly and some tinfoils are way the fuck out there that it's retarded (like her being a pedo) but to expect all tinfoils to stop is silly. What the hell can people talk about then? The lipo rumors started as speculation and people got mad then too only to find out that she did actually get lipo. Some speculation isn't going to kill a thread and if you're going to use Moo's own words as proof of something, at least back it up with actual proof. That one anon keeps demanding proof and trying to shut down conversation but not giving any either, it's pointless infighting and mini-modding. If it's against the rules then report it, it's that simple.

No. 12940

exactly, it wouldn't turn into such a huge derail if anon(s) didn't come in screaming for proof and making people dredge up shit from old threads over one-off comments. so much of moo's milk comes from either nitpicks proved true (like the lipo) or secondhand stories from ex-friends/fellow congoers/etc. screaming at anons to provide proof for what are clearly personal anecdotes just written as fact so you dont get banned for blogging is just stupid, no one's gonna risk their irl over this. i agree with whoever ITT said the same person screaming about proof is the same person insisting she's a multimillionaire whether we like it or not.

No. 12941

Anons, you do know that there's an option to tinfoiling about useless bullshit and that's called shutting the fuck up? Most people stopped following the Momokun thread after it turned into scrolling through literally hundreds of replies of "What a fat tax-evading pedo rapist animal abusing bitch" spergouts based on absolutely nothing because obsessed anons just had to try and suck that saggy teat that ran dry ages ago. It attracts a retarded newfag userbase and enables PULL tier behavior, that thread is just one a-log away from a constant flood of "if I got to go to Japan…" blogposting.

No. 12942

All of you make the thread unbearable. Is it that youre mad about the topics not allowed to be talked about in greentext?


She HASNT had new lipo and tinfoiling, as mods have said, do nothing but derail. Why the fuck do they want to dredge up old shit. These newfags are infuriating and a mod needs to go into the thread, when they have better things to do, just to tell these fucktards to stfu about her family and old milk.

No. 12943

it's a catch-22 of a problem, isn't it? if no one can "tinfoil"/speculate and no one posts unless there's something noteworthy to talk about, it isn't much of a discussion. at the same time, there are anons who take it way too far and complain in the thread instead of taking it to meta like they should. both sides have valid points but are irreconcilable with each other.

No. 12945

Then dont post unless there is something to talk about that isnt old milk or conjecture. Tinfoiling derails. Old milk derails.

No. 12946

maybe we could make a dumb shit tinfoil thread in /ot/ for the anons who can’t help but put their useless theories in main?

No. 12947

Bruh I didn’t post shit in that thread, you’ve got the wrong anon lmao

What, pray tell, are we allowed to talk about in Moo’s thread. Titpicking being banned I get, but we can’t even talk about if she wore underwear under a cosplay or not without >>12941 sperging the fuck out.

I get repetitive shit is annoying, but some stuff in there is just straight gossip. I swear to god some anon in there is trying to run that thread in the ground on purpose. Shutting down anyone who says anything negative and getting the thread put in timeout for the infighting it causes. Now there’s a tinfoil for you

No. 12948

again, tinfoiling is fine, the thread isn't an archive. there are certain topics that are shit to discuss over and over, but it's not because tinfoil is banned, it's because those topics are brought up by salty anons who want to cope with moo making bank. the thread needs discussion between milk or off topic shit crops up. if you don't like how the threads are, go elsewhere or report and move on. bitching about shit you don't like being discussed is cringe.

No. 12949

Not necessarily an issue, but just out of curiosity…
after I’ve made a post, and return to the site hours later - I notice my original post appears back in the “comment” section of the posting area.
Is this a glitch? It only happens sometimes. I’ve wondered if it happens because it’s been a reported post.

No. 12950

I rarely post in Moo's thread, I'm just giving support to people who want to talk without mini-mods screaming at people to shut up. Anons doing that are derailing just as much as the ones with the crazy tinfoils. It's not that hard to report.

Pretty much this. Both sides make good points but they need to stop fighting about it in the actual thread. This is how the thread ended up in snow.

No. 12951

Let them post in here then and keep out of it. Certain threads work differently than others based on what mods said is and isnt okay in certain ones, especially PT.

No. 12952

a battle of the greatest wits of our generation

No. 12953

then report and get over it, you're wasting the mods time by coming in here and whining about stuff you don't like.

No. 12954

File: 1578924660396.jpg (10.57 KB, 279x181, ddddddff.jpg)

as a finnish person, i feel that a total ban of emoticons is disrespectful for my cultural origins. we finns should have a special permit to use emoticons since it is part of our cultural internet identity.

No. 12955

Or … you could just integrate like everyone else does. tf is wrong with you?

No. 12956

why do you hate finland. what is wrong with YOU? rude and culturally insensitive

No. 12957

i'm ok with making an exception for finnish posters only

No. 12958

agree only if everything else in your post is also OVERTLY finnish to a comical degree lmao

No. 12959

Thanks a lot terfs for being autistic, now nobody can make fun of nikkietutorials

No. 12960

wtf are you talking about

No. 12962

I have a feeling sperging about transgenderism etc.. just creates an infighting and derailing in the youtuber general.

No. 12963

Is there evidence that Venus Angelic posts in her own thread? It's just that the person who shows up to comment on her defense seems to have a deal of personal investment in making sure nothing about her is discussed in a negative light. It's odd.

No. 12964

you gave them a whole fucking containment board AND a farm hand warning in-thread, but seriously if you don’t start issuing bans for the gender critical spergs they’re going to keep coming back and derailing the shit out of this particular thread (jeffree star/youtube) and others. pls kill. they ruin every fucking discussion.

No. 12965

Seriously what's your problem? Nikkie Tutorials coming out as trans is a huge shock to everyone and you really try to demand that nobody talk about it? This is a drama board, you can't just expect people to go "Ok." and that's it. If you're so sensitive to literally everything, that people discussing big news for a bit is too much for you, then maybe you are the one who should remove themself from the conversation.

No. 12966

who the fuck said you can’t talk about it? nobody. who the fuck said you can’t be a retard and spill out of your containment board to screech about troons even though the one you’re crying about has literally never done any of the shit you worry about? farmhands did.

No. 12967

>come back to /meta/ after the weekend
>PP/GC anons are at it again after being told this thread isn't for this


No. 12968

Who is "screeching and crying"? Absolutely nobody, anon. Farmers only write stuff like "I knew it!", "Wow, I'm shocked" or "I bet Jeffree is the blackmailer". Nobody said anything along the lines of Nikkie being bad or whatever.
Why are you so angry? Nothing bad happened, don't get so riled up over what strangers write on an anonymous board.

No. 12969

she's talking about you right now and a thread on /ot/

No. 12970

Maybe don't start shit? Both on ot and here were other dicussions happening until one anon decided to once again whine about terfs.

No. 12971

can you ban the retards baiting gc and pp anons on /ot/ and the ones that respond?

No. 12972

this is the complaint thread, a complaint was written, can’t control who decides to reply to it.

No. 12973

You are way too mad at something on the internet. You're capable of writing a complaint without sounding like you're losing your collective shit.

Oh and, arguments and baits don't progress if you don't reply to them.

No. 12975

What is 2X and where is it? I'm so confused.

No. 12976

No. 12977

File: 1578975113396.jpg (146.29 KB, 1079x1062, Screenshot_20200113-195750_Chr…)

The final verdict I've come to after inspecting the poll, and discussing with staff, is to ultimately abandon /2X/ on the new server. I will also be banning all pink pill related topics off of /ot/.
My reasoning? Aside from the obvious voting duplicates, just the horrifying realization that close to 50% of all the voters didn't care about the site. If they didn't care about a major outing then they chose Chris Chan as an acceptable answer. Keeping /2X/ was validated twice and yet nearly half of all the voters didn't even know what the board was.

You can keep whatever is left of /2X/ before I archive everything. I think there is an ample amount of time to migrate to reddit or crystal cafe. Perhaps your very own instance. If you want to screech about it outside of your board then expect a ban, especially on /ot/. If you want to personally contact me about this then you can email me at admin@lolcow.farm or message me on the discord server linked above. I will not respond to this issue any further, as it has drowned out other issues throughout the week.

No. 12978

Are you going to post the entire results?

>If they didn't care about a major outing then they chose Chris Chan as an acceptable answer.

I don't understand what this has to do with the subject of 2X. Would there be something wrong with wanting to out Chris Chan, and are you saying this was a bait option? I voted for Vick personally, I'm just trying to make sense of this detail and why it was worth mentioning.

>nearly half of all the voters didn't even know what the board was

Which makes sense when you consider the link to said board was hidden in a niche thread on /ot/. If someone's strictly a snow or pt poster, they're not gonna know or give a shit. Even if they post to ot it doesn't mean they were in the PP thread checking for a board link they didn't know about. Unless they by chance stumbled into this thread during the window that it was being discussed.
>nearly half of voters
What about the other half and some change who did know what it was. I don't see why less than half should hold as much weight. If it's not about the popular vote then what's the point of a poll.

I don't think there's a point in contacting you as your tone is entirely non negotiable. Kinda disappointed that you went this route, but not my circus not my monkeys.

No. 12979

a lot of users come here for /snow/flakes and do not care at all about vicky, kiki, etc. or maybe some are just here for one /pt/ cow and mostly flakes, or don't know everything about chris chan, or just don't care about those particular outings.

you purposefully distorting voting "i don't care" (about those particular outings) doesn't = "i am a voter who doesn't care about the site". this is such a bizarre justification. this is a really flimsy excuse, admin.

frankly, this is an embarrassing stretch you've used to invalidate the userbase with literally 1 poorly chosen question.

No. 12981

>Would there be something wrong with wanting to out Chris Chan, and are you saying this was a bait option?
I think her point is that Chris-chan was never outed here. I don't think he's ever even had an active thread (and if he did, it died fairly quickly). Though, I don't see how it's relevant to the fate of /2X/, as there doesn't seem to be any proof that the 65% who wanted it or the PP threads make up the same 14.5% who would vote Chris. I'm not sure why it got any votes, besides there being newfags who chose it for some reason.
It weirded me out to see him as an option, too, but I didn't think it was worth pointing out, since the question itself was so unrelated to the point of the survey, and seemed so "added just-for-fun" that whoever typed it out didn't bother to use spell-check. I personally voted "kaka" at first, then "idc" after modifying my response for the re-validation, as I couldn't figure out why they were asking, or what it'd have to do with the new site/board scheme.

No. 12982

2020 is so good. based admin.

No. 12983

I'm starting to think I didn't really understand what that question was asking lmao. Oh well. The badly worded poll is law now.

No. 12986

>favorite outting among the options below
What part of that is badly worded kek

No. 12988

I was thinking "who would you like to see outed." Thought admin had new shit on the selection. In my mind I guess it made more sense because why would a poll on a current issue care about my opinion on past outings that in some cases happened years ago. I guess if I knew it was a bait question admin was using to guage site interest and newfag/oldfag, I might not have chosen Vick and went for Kiki.
Other anon's point still stands though as to why the "idc" option was taken as a neg on the voter when they simply might not have cared about the people listed.

No. 12990

Why is making fun of trannies a bannable offense outside of 2X now? You don't have to be Pinkpill or GC to realize that trannies are on par with munchies and furries. Jesus christ Admin. People are allowed to tinfoil about Momokun not wearing panties but laughing at mentally ill genderspecials is now out of the question.

No. 12991

You have absolutely no integrity and no fucks given, and by the poll of your OWN site are choosing to appease to less than 1/3 of the userbase. You are clearly motivated by your own personal feelings and obviously your friend circle considering how much you sperg and whine even when an anon suggests you are a "tranny" which is looking that way more and more tbh. considering how sensitive and easily unraveled you are you are probably getting your other friends posting on here to bitch and whinge and complain about 2X/PP on and on, and also if you're so sensitive what the fuck are you doing on gossip board wasting your time?

I dont know whats with lolcow having absolutely shit tier admins but how fucking garbage you are off the bat is really indicative of the future of the website.

No. 12993

See here
I mean, she did try to give a warning.

No. 12995

File: 1578981049291.png (12.02 KB, 587x350, Capture.PNG)

>nearly half of all the voters didn't even know what the board was
>Which makes sense when you consider the link to said board was hidden in a niche thread on /ot/. If someone's strictly a snow or pt poster, they're not gonna know or give a shit.
THIS. admin's rationale here is not great. plus, the whole "majority" thing that she's deciding to completely disregard because a minority (who we have no additional info about, were also LESS likely to vote in favor of /2X/ if they didn't know) said they didn't know. a lot of anons do not visit /ot/ (pic related), so why would they know? only 36.5% of those that voted even visit /ot/.

>Though, I don't see how it's relevant to the fate of /2X/, as there doesn't seem to be any proof that the 65% who wanted it or the PP threads make up the same 14.5% who would vote Chris.
exactly, and i think both "idc" and "chris-chan" were "whatever" responses that were quickly ticked off because the poll was not about our favorite cows or their outings. /snow/ is the most visited at 72%, while 47% visit /pt/. it's not at all even a valid excuse to claim people "don't care about the site" because they didn't care about those particular cows, or maybe just don't have knowledge of one particular cow, but instead follow other cows or flakes.

a lot of people also said "i don't care" or similar things in their responses to board schemes. doesn't mean they don't care about the site, just about the question. plus, as you say, where's the proof they're the same people? i voted kiki because it was funny, but i'm not a huge kiki person and was almost tempted to put idc because i don't really care about any of those specific cows in particular. maybe people preferred mystery's outing, raven's, etc.

No. 12996

YOU CANT MAKE FUN OF TRANNIES! ITS TROO FAR! but you can make insane nitpicks about females bodies and make fun of women with mental disorders and child sexual abuse histories~ uwu

The only people who applaud your dumbfuck choices are the rest of the anons who sound just as newly migrated as Reddit as so do you. "Cancer" is people being against troons/men but "cancer" is not the other shit your board is infested with? That is where your priorities are? Lmaooo

So why ain't the other shit being banned but only the anti troon/anti man shit ? Sounds like anon is playing fucking favorites and letting her personal politics influence her decision. Imagine lacking this much rationality or common sense lmao

No. 12997

Nitpicking/titpicking in the momokun thread is explicitly banned, just not every ban gets redtexted. Using that thread as an example because that’s the one anon mentioned.

No. 12998

I mean Admin not anon, but she acts like an anon anyways.

No. 13000


Either way lolcow got more problems than pp/gender crits so to hone in on them is hilarious

No. 13001

This. Constantly seeing redtexts underneath posts saying things like “ot gencrit” is getting annoying. Anything negative said about troons is considered ot now? Even if it’s relevant to the discussion!

>I think there is an ample amount of time to migrate to reddit or crystal cafe.
Says the admin banning gc discussion, lol. Not sure why you’d name reddit when that’s one of the most troon-infested places on the internet. It’s nice to see you fucking up a generally free-speech site because of your own personal political opinions.

No. 13002

free speech? this is a random imageboard, not a public platform, you’re not being censored and you have access to all the same tools everyone else does to make your own site

No. 13003

Making a site takes hosting, time, and MONEY and not all of us have that. How come on 4chan they could had their fucking shitty alt right and incel mentality run around for YEARS unchecked but as soon as women get their own little ideology going it's banned, suppressed, and pushed back with such fervor. Does it not look suspicious in hindsight?

And since you're obviously a mod, or admin, or one of admin's friends posing as a normal poster, tell me why did Pink Pill and Gender Critical offend you so bad?

No. 13004

anon obviously doesn't mean literally legally censored.

No. 13005

>this is a random imageboard
Yes, this is an imageboard that allowed free discussion of gencrit subjects for years, while other crappy, more mainstream sites would remove any sort of discussion that didn’t involve kissing trannies’ asses. The current admin wants to take that away for whatever reason. You’re probably admin/a mod actually, lol. You’re an idiot.

No. 13006

An imageboard with a culture that admin wants to redirect to satisfy her own preferences. There's always gonna be critics, as there have been with literally every admin on this site that ever was.

Remember them, newfag? Website moderation is pretty damn thankless as is, but I've always noticed the gratitude and praise moderation here got whenever a decision was made with a majority agreement among the userbase.
The criticism here is valid. Who knows why you're getting so defensive…

No. 13007

Only someone this defensive's got a personal attachment to something, so you can guess whatever it is.

No. 13008

ITT autistic spergs who continue proving why they lost their threads kek

No. 13009

You know since you're so against PP you're more than likely a dumb sperg who screeches about some irreverent nitpicking drama shit, right? I mean that's either one or two the userbases on here, ya dumb self hating sperg.

No. 13010

More like
>reasonable questions being posed to admin while you try to antagonize an argument because you're smug over intangible imageboard decisions
I'd report you for derailing and being an obnoxious pest, but methinks nothing will come of it suspiciously enough.

No. 13011

lol be mad

No. 13012

So why can't the people against PP explain why exactly they're against PP other than just keep repeating the same thing over and over like a bunch of autistic hivemind redditors?

Newfag, redditor, autist.

No. 13013

She wants attention, ignore her.

No. 13014

Anons incapability to see differing opinions to their own, to the point that they reee until said opinions are censored, is truly pathetic. It’s the fucking internet, if you don’t like something just scroll past it.
There are MANY threads and attitudes in this hellhole that I despise, yet I don’t feel the need to assert control over the opinions of others. Only the privileged would feel so entitled and have enough idle time to push such bullshit, fucking honestly

This isn’t even about it being pink pill or gc discussing that’s getting censored that bothers me, but the principal of the matter - it doesn’t actively harm anyone (unlike the COUNTLESS instances of child porn, gore, and what have you posted in male majority spaces), and there were containment threads, so why are anons and farmhands so fucking petty that they feel the need to just censor discussions they don’t like? What, is the moderating too hard? Why the fuck did you dickheads volunteer your time to do so if you weren’t willing to deal with it, there are always going to be arguments and sperging. Perhaps farmhands and admin should stop being so goddamn anal about not having clashes between users, newsflash, people aren’t going to agree all the time - what do you do when confronted by opposing ideas when dealing with people irl? Stamp your feet and screech until they leave?? And HONESTLY, is derailing one /ot/ really the worst thing in the world when it is literally off topic, what is there to even derail! Pure autism.

TLDR; fucking get over the pink pill anons

No. 13015

Bro dont you know all the other toxic mentalities on this site can fester but since I have a tranny friend and a man on the mod team the pinkpill and gender crit girls are so mean and hwurt my fewwlings :(

No. 13016

>"Newfag, redditor, autist"
>in response to a 2 year+ old billiegate/onion drama meme

No. 13017

And 4chan is a complete shithole, we dont want to end up like them

No. 13018

Because not every website has to host and cater to your fucking shit. Get the fuck off the site and stay off. Thank you admin. /2X/ being ax'd is the best 2020 gift. Now, maybe, we can go back to not having to blast rules and resist the urge to mini-mod these idiots.

No. 13019

Why are you against GC? Just give an answer.

No. 13020

So how come the racist shit and all the other shit gets to stay here but GC and PP is sooooo harming to your senses? NONE of the opposing side is giving a good argument and is just responding blindly to aggression which shows me: A) You have a strong emotional bias B) you have a strong political affliation

I mean damn, even as someone impartial to GC/PP back then I didnt mind its presence and certainly not enough to get fuming angry at it as if it was some alt right shit so all of this is irrational to me. And none of you are fucking explaining your views and just saying "no!" which makes it look even worse.

No. 13021

Admin you need to either grow a spine or fuck off back to reddit. Stop acting like a tranny.

No. 13022

Holy shit you’re fucking retarded, enjoy your pages and pages of discussion on shaynas baggy, infected cunt.

No. 13023

Kill yourself tranny

No. 13024

so admin-sama is going against voting results just because? ok lol. why did you even bother with that poll if you didn't intend to follow through it anyway, what a waste of time.

No. 13026

This is obviously an anti-gc sperg trolling to make le terfs look even worse, but they will probably get banned and redtexted as if they're serious, anyway, even though >>12704 was left alone.
I didn't believe nu-Lolcow was imminent before, but now I really wonder what's going to happen to this place by the end of the year.

No. 13027

File: 1578991821460.jpeg (5.35 KB, 183x275, images (2).jpeg)

>> just the horrifying realization that close to 50% of all the voters didn't care about the site.

No. 13028

Because she probably thought the survey would go her way. Since it did not, she's simply decided not to listen to the userbase, period. The excuse she gave is just that.
With this, she's made it clear that anon's opinions do not matter. If your thoughts happen to be in line with her and her in-group's, you're in luck. If not, rest in pieces.

No. 13029

You have a point but then why do you think that staff and admin got tired of this shit? Look at the absolute state of this thread. Some of you guys need to take a walk.
Anyways can a mod check the snow or onion thread for vince because hes probably self posting as gene

No. 13030

Fuck off, I've been here before you. Can't you and the rest of your tranny team make a tranny site for yourselves, and we who actually are oldfags can keep our site?

No. 13031

I am somewhat expecting that another admin will be rererereplaced, or is it just me?

No. 13032

Please. This admin is shit.

No. 13033

Admin was never planning to keep 2X and it's naive to think otherwise. She's not mad at GC/PP spergs for hating trannies or men, she's mad at them because they constantly go against her and her mod team she has confirmed to be her close IRL friends. It's also painfully obvious that she or her team are going anonymous to screech at people who spread the tranny janny rumor or cape for pp/gc subjects at the expense of questioning their authority because bans are issued quite unevenly despite the reasoning being "infighting and derailing". They get way too involved on a personal level which isn't a healthy mindset to have if you're moderating an imageboard.

Anyway I hope you get help with your meltdown issues Admin. I don't believe that any of the mods are trannies, but I sure as hell believe that the admin isn't fit for the task after all. You can drive out the ppfags but at some point a new discourse will take over the site and you'll have to ban that too. Or do like the previous admins and go MIA for months, let the site fester, then give it to someone else only for them to repeat the same mistakes. During one of the previous admins' last moments she went so nuts that you could get pretty much any topic banned when someone complained about it aggressively enough on /meta/.

No. 13034

In the youtube beauty community thread the anon who says Xir and Xirself doesn’t seem to have been banned. Are we not banning anons for tumblr speech anymore?

No. 13035

>They get way too involved on a personal level which isn't a healthy mindset to have if you're moderating an imageboard.

I agree with this. You need a thick skin and a certain level of detachment to moderate an imageboard. Some people just don't have that. Doesn't make them bad people, just makes them unsuited to the role of admin. That's just how it is.

No. 13036

Honestly, it's for the best. With all the tantrums in meta over the past few months about the issue, it might be best to wash your hands of it instead of trying to please people that will never be pleased.

No. 13037

Admin, that makes no sense. Why have a poll if you aren't going to listen to it? Also not everyone cares about those specific cows, that doesn't mean we don't care about other cows or the rest of the site.

No. 13038

>GC discussion gets banned but PP/MH is allowed to stay
WTF Admin

No. 13039

I just fucking hate any sort of tumblr newspeak ok, I hate the word “terf” more than anything. People who say it need gulagging.

No. 13040

tranny janny real

No. 13041

File: 1579000634649.png (81.97 KB, 1235x387, FUCK YOU GUYS BOO HOO.png)

how sensitive is admin exactly? especially with this post, it seems like she's only doing this because she's butthurt about being called a tranny. grown a thicker skin

No. 13042

This. I really hate what lc has become and this poll and the way admin is "evaluating" it is a joke.

No. 13043

ha, so now i must be admin herself or one of her mod team? that’s fucking rich. no wonder you delusional idiots got banned.

No. 13044

>i must be admin herself or one of her mod team?
You may as well be since you’re such an asskisser kek

No. 13045

stop bottling your polls and make your own gc site. for all the time you guys have spent throwing absolute tantrums about your ~safe space~ being taken away, all the time spent autistically tinfoiling that you can identify anonymous posters (i’ve been accused of being admin like 3 times now lmao) and all the time evading your bans… if you spent HALF AS MUCH TIME building your fucking site that you did sitting on your useless asses, you would already have one up and running with a solid community. but feel free to continue pissing your diaper because your favourite mongolian pottery site no longer caters to your specific brand of prejudice.

No. 13046

File: 1579003314584.gif (1.43 MB, 320x180, milk.gif)

They're actually too retarded to realize how web hosting works on 2X right now

No. 13047

i know, for all their big brain screeching you’d think they would’ve seen this coming and tried to prepare. shit, even a wikihow article or something. damn

No. 13048

>accusing people of ban evading and botting (while complaining about autistic tinfoils, ironically)
>"i'm not admin or a mod btw"

No. 13049

/Meta/ isn't the right place for your screaming at GC people. Please leave this thread to actual questions and complaints for the admin instead of cluttering it up with this sperging.

No. 13050

Yeah I wanna know why that happened. Is it solely bc they derail cow threads more often?

No. 13051

Y’all take this site sooooo seriously lmao all this whining over a board on a fucking gossip site is played so dead serious!!!!! You’re not embarrassed for yourselves so I’ll be embarrassed for you

No. 13052

You should be the most embarrassed about the way you type Haaa

No. 13053

Good one anon you really put me in my place! Sorry about your safe space board btw

No. 13054

i’m literally quoting off what admin herself said, which is that people botted the polls. looking truer by the minute honestly

No. 13055

You sound like a fucking retarded normalfag lmao. I know you're a retard larping AAVE btw

No. 13056


How do you know votes were duplicates? I'm just curious. If it's the ratio of votes in regards to certain issues, I'm sure most voters only responded to questions they cared about like I did.

No. 13057

>wahh wahh wahh gc and pp discussions hurt my feelings let me write a wall of text nobody cares to read through so i can pwn the people i wanna censor the opinions of!


No. 13058

>i don’t care!! no seriously i don’t care!!! i don’t care so much that i’m going to keep replying whenever someone makes fun of my retarded containment board!!

No. 13059

If not getting their containment board means THIS much to them to the point they embarrass themselves en mass on meta crying about it, then damn I almost feel bad for them. I mean, at the end of the day it’s a fucking gossip site. Embarrassing. Is it winter vacation in schools or something…?

No. 13060


Thank you based Admin

No. 13061

Explain how the survey was botted when you needed a valid Gmail account to fill it out, and could only make one response per account, as confirmed in >>12766. You really believe multiple farmers spent time making fake Gmail accounts, all validated with fake phone numbers, only to make less than 788 responses and account for a little bit over half of each vote on every category? It's kind of crazy, because your people were insisting botting wouldn't happen here >>12768. I guess the tables have turned since you didn't like the results.
She also didn't elaborate on exactly how votes were duplicated, mention botting or even go into any detail at all. She didn't mention ban evasion, either, but I guess you had to tack that on.
I don't even know why I'm replying. Guess I'm just sick of the bad faith posts.

No. 13062

most of the crying and bitching in this thread is from people like you. stop clogging the thread and go to /ot/ if you need to sperg out, this isn't the thread for that.

No. 13063

that reference to botting was that nobody was going to bot vote against your board, not for it. you literally got the results you wanted from the poll so i’m not sure what the big deal is. my bad, i thought she had mentioned ban evasion, i’m probably mixing up another post of hers; still wouldn’t surprise me if that was true though.

yes, i do believe people can take a few minutes out of their day to make fake gmails and use VoIP apps. as for revealing her methods? i find it reeeeeal fucking funny you guys are only demanding that now, but never when posts are labeled or revealed, or people are banned for samefagging or what have you, you just really want her to be lying and making it up. but she literally has no reason to make this shit up unless you’re a conspiracy theorist who thinks everyone that’s sick of GC derailing is a troon.

No. 13064

NTA but it's a google poll, how the fuck would she know? I would trust her on reveals because it's actually based on IP and browser data.

No. 13065

The post simply says no one's going to bot it, nothing about which side. Once more, botting that makes up less than 788 responses and couldn't even break into a uniform 70% in all polls? Everything on botting in Google Forms I've read puts botted results in the 1000+ range, and I'd wager that if someone wanted to bot, they'd get better results than this.
What am I demanding? All I said was that she didn't go into detail on the vote duplication, and she didn't. We'll never know what really went down unless she does explain, and that's fine. The survey is over.
If she doesn't feel the need to break things down, she doesn't have to, even if retards like you will continue to make wild assumptions without evidence.
You read something very short, and stretched it into a whole botting and ban evasion tinfoil, while complaining about tinfoils and conspiracy theorists in the same breath. And now you're randomly bringing up troons? The irony is thick.
Like other anons have said: Just go to /ot/ to rant. This thread is for admins to respond to complaints and questions, not your mad diatribes. Now that your so-called radfem sperg boogeyman has been sent packing, are you really this bent on taking their place as the nuisance of the site?

No. 13066

how is it not obvious to you which side the post is on?
>faggy radfem poll

No. 13067

One of the things I’m gonna miss the most about this site when I inevitably get put out to pasture and quit imageboards forever is comments like this, anons.
Nobody “Botted” the polls you retarded little

No. 13068

GCs are spergs but you all cocks and cockworshippers are pathetic too lol oh no my poor widdle twannies lmao oh what prejudice and horror if someone doesnt like ugly men in dresses

GCs need to stop acting like middle age karens tho

No. 13069

It doesn't matter. We don't know who botted or what actually took place. The point is that it's funny that the idea was so alien and ridiculous to you, up until things turned against your camp.

No. 13070

I mean I made that post and I also don't think anyone botted in favor for 2X. Nobody botted that faggy poll, I stand by my words.

No. 13071

good job consistently ignoring the “make your own site” part over and over again because you know you’re too retarded to do it.

No. 13072

File: 1579012353084.jpeg (73.84 KB, 400x321, 1578699569115.jpeg)


No. 13073

Admin is banning gc, not pp.

No. 13074

i for one agree with the admin. trying to make the site a political safe haven for women when 90% of the threads across all boards are about dramu and criticizing people's looks is a joke. i'd think that politically charged anons wouldn't even want to be here. i'm relieved that the site is going to be more neutral because i feel like many of us use the site to unwind and the constant extremist views were tiring at best.

No. 13075

You said that you would do whatever the polls reflected, here >>12724
And now you're going back on your word and choosing to go against the results and what most of your userbase wants, because of your personal bias? Because the poll results didn't go the way you wanted them to go?
It's beyond dishonest. I never accused you or the mod team of anything and was actually grateful for /2X/, because I thought that you knew what you were doing and that you had the userbase's best interest in mind. Seems like I was completely wrong.

No. 13076

/meta/ more fun the whole rest of /pt/ and /snow/ combined. you ladies are like the human equivalent of crumbs in the bed.

No. 13077

it was always obvious you weren't going to honor the poll. Anyway youve basiclly become a cow yourself with your cringey ass posts crying about anonymous users calling you and your rl friends/farmhands retards. You're not cut out for this.

She was always going to fabricate whatever excuse she wanted. She's a coward and a moron.

This is why admin is basically a cow herself at this point. How can you type that post out and think that it's not going to make the situation ten times worse unless you're new to imageboard culture? idk if admin or farmhands are trannys but they sure as hell act like it kek

No. 13078

Yes the site belongs to the newfags now. Admin just kicked out the original base. This site is going to be unbearable because it's now full of reddit users and males. Enjoy!

No. 13079

Admin, her friends and the anons who kiss their asses act as if lolcow was recently invaded by hordes of misandrist radfems who are trying to completely change lolcow around.
Meanwhile the majority of farmers 3-4 years ago seem to have been evil terfs who hated on poor trans folks - yet none of them were banned…the only bans issued were for obvious robots. And nobody was accusing them of "screeching" and calling for them and the topic to get banned either.
See for yourself.

No. 13080

are you even reading those threads?

No. 13081

File: 1579016580734.png (80.35 KB, 275x190, C0B353AC-71BA-40A8-9D21-F1204C…)

> good job consistently ignoring the “make your own site” part over and over again because you know you’re too retarded to do it.
Bitch how about you go make your own site, tf you talking about

No. 13082

I agree that threads about politics (like gender crit or radfem threads) are out of place, but man hate and making fun of trannies? Lol c'mon. That should be allowed.

She's said on /2X/ that pp will be allowed, but in her initial post she's stated that
>I will also be banning all pink pill related topics off of /ot/
So who knows? I wish admin would just make a clear decision instead of coming back and forth.

No. 13083

…this site is for drama

No. 13085

I just don't get it. Why even make a poll if you're just going to say "some posters didn't care about outings, therefore they don't care about the website and this poll is useless". It just sounds like an excuse after you realised the results aren't as expected or would have wanted and chose to listen to the minority of screeching samefags itt instead. This is just sad.
When you ban the topics all together, please make at least very clear rules what is and what isn't forbidden. Because without it just ends in "don't say anything remotely negative about men or transgenders".

No. 13086