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File: 1562883208271.png (210.66 KB, 640x480, Lisa_plays_games.png)

No. 39880

Old Thread: >>1850

Let's continue to discuss everything vidya game related.

>your favorite games (old or new)

>online or sp
>what are you playing on pc/console/mobile
>games recs
>great deals
>shit-games discussion
>basically free discussion on any games

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Pokemon Thread: >>33729
The Sims Thread: >>8880
Overwatch Thread: >>1641

No. 39887

File: 1562893466740.jpg (95.46 KB, 735x642, whatwomenwant.jpg)

I try not to get my hopes up, but if From Software ever blesses us with Bloodborne Part 2, I'll spontaneously produce enough milk to nourish every orphaned baby on Earth. We need more cool-ass female hunters in this world, and less GRRM.

No. 39889

I don't really think they would make Bloodborne 2 (sadly) But I fucking love bloodborne. They've made the old hunters dlc at least but I don't know what else there is left to the story. Perhaps continuing the ending choice where you become the new great one?

No. 39890

I’m tentatively hopeful that Elden Ring will be good but god why the fuck did they get him on board? I hope he’s only there to give guidance on the Nordic themes and not as a full on writer because I’ve grown to like Dark Souls’ style of storytelling. I don’t want some convoluted plot shit or character drama getting in the way of my sweet, lonely dark fantasy atmosphere.
Tbh my dream would be a game like DS’s setting but with more allowance in multiplayer without turning a game into MMO stat grind/gear trade cancer. Still no chat - I just want to gesture around with strangers to find things to kill together then the ability to sit down in chairs and eat with them afterwards. Maximum comfy.

Also I’m trying to craft a 1/12 cloak like Eileen’s to go on my dolls, it’s only at the drawing board right now but I’m planning to articulate it with wire and use feathers from… somewhere.

No. 39892

I'm picturing it being like Dark Souls where they just made sequels with a very similar storyline but with different settings and (mostly) different characters. From could just make the same game over and over again from here on out and I'd keep buying/playing it, because the Soulsborne formula is perfection for me.
>I don’t want some convoluted plot shit or character drama getting in the way of my sweet, lonely dark fantasy atmosphere.

No. 39894

I love Apex so much and every loser boy I talk to online hates it which makes it better because that means I'll never have to play with them

No. 39898

Besides the Soulsborne stuff, I want to play a Dynasty Warriors game because I never got into fantasy China. But I don’t know anything about the games, only that there’s like 10+ of them and it’s husbando central. which one should I start with?

No. 39923

My backlog is so long. I have more or less 40 games I barely touched iirc and many of them are JRPG. I'm planning on playing most of them this summer during the holidays, wish me good luck. Is anyone else trying to deal with this too?

No. 39930


Yess, same here! In the past months I got many games for a good deal, so now I have so many games I still want to play or wait to be finished but I'm just way to slow with playing through that I feel like I will never make it.

No. 39940

File: 1562933483266.png (Spoiler Image,1.33 MB, 1536x801, cuties.png)

Anyone else really enjoying Shadowbringers?
This scene was really cute and I unironically ship them. Does this make me a furry?

No. 39960

File: 1562950741739.png (43.96 KB, 1000x562, cof_2015-03-03_15-24-34-852.pn…)

I've recently replayed Cry of Fear and it made me hungry for more games where you get to explore cities alone, perferably by night.

Any recommendations?
They don't have to have combat

No. 40042

File: 1562992427497.png (280.51 KB, 620x468, oddly.png)

Got a Switch for my birthday. Playing Pokemon Let's Go right now. I'm grinding for a perfect stats Oddish, so I can call her Goddish. I love it so much.

No. 40210

File: 1563107961141.jpeg (28.71 KB, 500x280, images (17).jpeg)

Shadowbringers is great
You are a furry tho

No. 40224

Are you me anon?! I also just got a Switch for my birthday and I've been addicted to Let's Go Eevee. When the games first came out I thought it was a stupid cash grab and looked like a boring kiddy hand-holding game yet here I am now, totally sucked in. It's a really cute game and I love being able to ride the bigger pokemon like Arcanine.

No. 40258

File: 1563130641698.gif (2.56 MB, 500x281, tumblr_psvb6p5gFC1r96o5c_500.g…)

I am so stocked to see my fave tragic love story play out in gorgeous graphics that I have decided to replay FFVII. I am at Gongaga already and I am relieved to find out this game is not as hard as I remembered, which is good as I don't really enjoy the random encounters. I goddamn love the plot and all the characters.
It's a really smart decision to drop Compilation and make it non-canon to the remake (hope they will not screw it up, but since Square has admitted that the Compilation was a cash grab due to a merge with Enix, I am being relucantly optimistic).

No. 40336

I'm excited too. I don't really cry when I play video games but I have a feeling certain scenes are gonna be an exception in the remake.

No. 40387

Lmao, I'll take it. Nice pic of best boy.

No. 40389

File: 1563194703732.jpg (49.59 KB, 877x713, g5NvjdX3lLb2McPqDoWyWPVll8k4Hi…)

I have Let's Go Pikachu. Let me know if you want to trade or something.

No. 40410


ffvii is my favorite game of all time and i'm genuinely shocked but also ecstatic that they are doing the original more than justice.

No. 40422

Judging by the new trailer and various quotes and hearsay, I think we will get to spend a lot of quality time with Aerith before her time comes. Everyone and their mother knows she is gonna get murdered by Sephiroth, so they cannot just shock us that it happens. SquareEnix is gonna try their best to make people love her so that their hearts are as broken as Cloud's once it happens.
Looking forward to crying my eyes out.

I wonder how will they deal with her death since it was surprisingly nongraphic in the original. You can't avoid some amount of blood now due to how realistic the graphics are. I hope it will not ruin the mood of the scene.

No. 40647

File: 1563370659777.jpeg (78.26 KB, 1280x694, C9B998CF-446E-4EC4-82D6-2E311B…)

Has anyone played Catherine?

No. 40764

File: 1563456080223.jpg (996.06 KB, 1920x1080, Preview-Code-Vein-01.jpg)

I'm excited to play Code Vein. It basically looks like if Phantasy Star Online tried to go the Dark Souls route. I hope it turns out to live up to my expectations.

No. 40768

catherine is my hands down favourite game ever, besides alice madness returns. I'm so excited for Full Body it's going to be amazingggg. anon if you haven't played it try and get your hands on Catherine: Full Body when it drops, I think it's september?

No. 40786

That’s where my question was headed! Thank you, I’m def gonna buy full body when it comes out. I’ve necer really played a puzzle game like it though so my only concern is maybe it won’t appeal to me as much as I think.

No. 40796

File: 1563480803151.png (155.6 KB, 800x450, yup.png)

Anyone got some recs (PC/3DS/NSW) for someone like me? I'm the most casual player ever, I mostly enjoy Pokemon and Animal Crossing esque games. I'm shit at games that require mechanics and my last crack was Stardew Valley.

No. 40821

any recs for iphone games? i'm playing animal crossing but getting bored of it. i love the kairosoft games and cookie run as well.

No. 40837


Yomawari Night Alone, Ni No Kuni 2(pc)

No. 40843

Hey I love Stardew valley too and a lot of people recommend I play Harvest moon (haven't yet though).
Also there's Graveyard Keeper wich is like SV but not as good I heard.

No. 40889

Yomawari is so good!

No. 40913

Already got Yomawari, I'm a fucking coward but it looks really interesting! Thanks anon.
I tried the last HM but anon… It's REALLY UGLY looking so I deadass stopped playing, so as a reverse rec I'd say you should maybe try older ones with PC emus? A friend told me My time at Portia (PC) is a pretty fun farm sim so maybe you should give it a shot.

No. 40923

Older Harvest Moon games are loads better. Friends of Mineral down is a great one! A Wonderful Life is really good too, you and the other characters actually age throughout the game which is bittersweet. The cows are the cutest too.

No. 40929


so cute, so spoopy, i love it!

No. 40968

File: 1563622178337.jpg (71.11 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Mass effect is my religion. I have no shame.

No. 40969

Same! I am still not losing hope for another ME game, especially after Anthem's massive flop.

No. 40973

Does ME have a casual/easy option? I played DA so I assume the story is just as good but I fucking suck at shooters.

No. 40974

File: 1563631596590.bmp (7.91 MB, 1920x1080, sosfomt-in-development-3-15626…)

The newer Harvest Moon installments are not by the original publisher Marvelous Entertainment, but by Natsume who used to localize them. In the West, Harvest Moon now goes by the name "Story of Seasons". If you’re looking for a nice, relaxing and cute farming game, you should try the Story of Seasons games for the DS. They were all really well done with nice designs. Natsume still releases games under the name of "Harvest Moon", but they indeed are looking very, very bad.

There will also be a remake of Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town for the Switch soon! I am really excited for it and I will get the Switch just for this and Animal Crossing.

No. 40977

File: 1563634713970.jpg (88.42 KB, 682x334, 1WOHss_5024734d5efb43fb4a57b86…)

Excited yet nervous for release cause I ain't shit when it comes to scares.

Anyone else tentatively waiting?

No. 40980

I still think about Mass Effect and how much I love the universe. I try to get into other sci-fi media and always find myself comparing it to ME.

I'm not optimistic, lol. I'm bitter they segued all of Bioware's best people into Anthem and left Andromedia with the scraps. They could easily remake ME1 and make it an AU or something if they want an easy redemption, but I'm sure they could screw that up, too.

ME3 has a casual option, can't remember if ME2 does but I'm pretty sure its Easy is manageable for people inexperienced with shooters. Unfortunately, ME1 fighting is a clunky mess regardless of the difficulty.

No. 40985

anyone have any good recs for PS4/switch games? i just finished persona 5 and nier: automata and i want something with a good story & characters to get into.

No. 40997

File: 1563654173491.jpg (38.97 KB, 620x350, 740full-garrus-vakarian.jpg)

I got into Mass Effect a few years ago and i remember it being one of my favorite sci fi games ever made. Something about it felt so vast, without being boring. There were so many species and places to go. I loved all the lore, as well as the aliens you meet along the way. I had such a blast and i really think about going back to replaying the first 3 games (the only ones that exist.)

No. 40998

File: 1563654299257.jpg (76.57 KB, 768x433, red_dead_redemption_2_-_public…)

My favorite game on PS4 right now is Red Dead Redemption 2. You don't even have to play the first game because this one is a prequel, so it's extra good. I really fell in love with the world and characters, despite never giving a shit about Western wild west stuff before hand. it's REALLY GOOD!

No. 41001

I bought this a little after it came out and couldn't get into it because of the slow start, should I just stick it out?

No. 41018

File: 1563673449369.jpg (199.84 KB, 1400x1400, Judgment_gif_1544213951.jpg)

I've been playing Judgment / Judge Eyes lately. Compared to the Yakuza games, which this game takes place in the same city, Judgment is more slower paced and I like that a lot. I played the demo months ago and it was long as hell. Took like 3 hours to complete. I really like the change of pace, because I've had multiple instances in the Yakuza games where I felt rushed going from story point to story point, they made it seem like I had no time to wind down and relax.

No. 41021

>slow start
You're in a giant snow storm and discover an enemy ridden cabin in the first 10 mins. I would say yes. Never thought it had a slow start at all, but it's absolutely worth playing the story all the way through.

No. 41023

File: 1563680259399.jpg (69.13 KB, 564x564, 0ab6217b2bf6e40b5f6dc6ce6a4b2d…)

Same, no shame here either. Liara best girl. And Andromeda wasn't bad, honestly, it wasn't a masterpiece but it didn't deserve all the hate. I do wish we'd gotten more of a First Contact experience, the introduction to the Angara felt v cheap

I can't fucking wait until it comes out on PC, I'm legit considering buying a console just for this

No. 41160

File: 1563838235226.jpg (183.93 KB, 1200x800, 343244.jpg)

Did anyone here play Assassin's Creed Odyssey? Thoughts?
Kassandra is so hot.

No. 41166

File: 1563841631071.jpg (579.34 KB, 1000x563, metro-2033-redux.jpg)

I'm hooked on the Metro series at the moment. I bought Metro 2033 Redux and Last Light in the Steam sale, then later got Exodus for my PS4. I love survival horror and post apocalyptic stuff so this is right up my street. 2033 can be a little slow in places, and there were a bunch of glitches, but it was still so enjoyable to play.

Is it worth playing? I've played most Assassin's Creed titles before this, but for some reason I've hesitated to get Odyssey.

No. 41168

Played the first/original game and the puzzles are so fun!! difficult, but still doable. I had a blast and can't wait for full body. I dont even mind the trap character, Rin

No. 41198

kek I guess you're right, it's not very slow at all, and I did get past that part. I guess I'm just not a fan of the playstyle, and that's what made it feel slow to me? Also I don't usually play very narrative-heavy games at all so I'm not used to it. If I get the time I'll have to give it another shot.

No. 41213

It's the best one since Black Flag.

No. 41273


All Assasin´s Creed feel like the same game to me. If you´ve played any you know what to expect to a T but you´ll probably like it if you like the historic setting.

No. 41292

Recommending RDR to someone who's only played JRPGs?
Rockstar is good at writing characters, but I just hate how basically the whole main story is you playing as the bad guys.
And how there is no way to avoid a horribly depressing ending.

No. 41471

File: 1564068176112.jpg (29.41 KB, 680x418, tsumtsum.JPG)

I'm neither a disney fan nor I'm interested in the "tsum tsum festival game" BUT the special Switch edition that will be sadly only available in japan is cute as fuck. Finally a eye cancer free color scheme.


No. 41480

What's the best JRPG to play to dip my toes into the genre? I always avoided JRPGs since they never really appealed to me and looked pretty boring, but people always hype them up and I want to give at least one game a fair chance since the closest I've come to playing a JRPG is Pokemon, lmao. Dragon Quest XI looks cool and I like the graphics but I'm not sure if it would be good for a complete beginner to the genre. The Persona games also interest me especially with how much praise they get but they kind of overwhelm me and again, not sure if it's the best choice for a newbie. I just don't want something grindy that feels like a chore instead of fun.
I have a PS4, PC, 3DS, and Switch, although right now I only have access to the last two. What do you anons think? Any recommendations or tips for a newcomer to the genre?

No. 41485

File: 1564075214926.png (4.22 KB, 968x500, qfs8hnwdfw201.png)

If you don't mind GBA graphics, play Mother 3. It's not the most typical, but it's fucking great and doesn't have enemy battles out of nowhere (you see the enemies on the screen and can avoid them).
You don't need to play the previous parts of the series to get the story and enjoy it, though there are some brief references. You can google them after you finish the game.

Avoid spoilers like plague!

No. 41489

Persona 5 is amazing. Im pretty new to JRPGs too but loved persona. Playing the previous games isn’t necessary, though I’m sure there’s references I missed. You can’t do everything your first play through either so it’s actually fun to play a second time.
I’ve also played Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and enjoyed it, despite not usually liking open world games and preferring turn based combat. Just be warned, it’s centered around that whole “big tiddy anime girl” shit lmao the story is decent otherwise.
Kingdom hearts is good too but the story is a mess. Like I played 1 and 2, but still don’t understand shit in 3 because apparently all the side games count as ~vital story~.

No. 41503

File: 1564082793527.jpg (216.9 KB, 1280x720, ss_200b468aaa011d8bf606e418314…)

this might have been touched upon in the previous thread, does anyone have comfy game recommendations? i'm trying to find something new to play while i wait for the new animal crossing. pic related, replaying va11-hall-a now and i forgot how relaxing and cozy it is to just hear characters vent and watch the world go by

No. 41504

stardew valley, slime rancher, islanders and also there's a similar game to valhalla coming out called coffee talk, there's a demo on steam currently

No. 41507

It depends on how much time your ready to play a game to complete it. Pokemon is good because it's easy and not too long but there are so many things you can do that you can potentially spend hundreds of hours. Final Fantasy is a famous series, the most popular ones are the PS1 games but FF6 is also very popular. They're not "too" long to complete from what I've been told, bu then again I only played FF1 to FF4 so far. Fans always fight each other on whether the recent games are good or trash. I played Fire Emblem Awakening and Fates and liked both, but they're more like tactical RPGs and Fates as several routes, including one that's way more difficult than the others (Conquest). Once I get around the GBA games I'll tell you if they're good or not for beginners.

I like the SMT franchise a lot, I would say Persona 3 to 5 are good for beginners and not too difficlt once you get used to the gameplay. For the main series I'd say SMT4 on the 3DS is one of my favorite games ever and it's also a good entry point to get into SMT but it's pretty hard, especially at the beginning, and it's long, it took me a bit more than 70h to complete my first playthrough. Overall SMT is like Pokemon because almost all the enemies you face can become a playable character so you can customize your party as you wish. Again about P5 since one anon recommended it, the game is long. I never played a Dragon Quest game, a friend said the series is great but not why they're great.

No. 41508

File: 1564085664453.jpg (130.35 KB, 950x1082, 1563771464713.jpg)

are any of you guys excited for the new fire emblem? i want to play the blue lions route first…

No. 41511

SMT Strange Journey and The World Ends With You

No. 41512

Ugh I want more news about Elden Ring to come out, the silence bores me. I really hope that’s just a working title too because it sounds too generic, like Lord of the Rings and The Elder Scrolls, two huge franchises in pop culture, had yet another grim and gritty fantasy baby. I like fantasy, I don’t want this to turn out bad but the trailer gave me weird vibes about the tone of the game.

FromSoft also declined a documentary with NoClip which is really disappointing because I want to know more about them and their practices but I guess they want to be secretive.

Wtf I’ve never heard of this but it looks very cool. Reminds me of PC98 games from what I’ve seen of those (too young, but the graphics and UI have this certain look that fascinates me).

No. 41520

I want to play it but I would have to borrow my sibling's switch and I have too many unfinished games to beat first

No. 41521


SMT 3 Nocturne pissed me off so much lol. The mood of it is so good, even when it feels empty it kinda works for the eerie atmosphere, the gameplay is also fun but you are right about those games being hard and grindy, i never actually beat it, got frustated.

I never got into persona but would love to play 5 if it ever gets ported to PC.

No. 41524

SMT4 only took me 45hrs, like 8 of which I spent fusing. I don't get how so many people had trouble with that game, I thought it was really easy. I never had to grind.

Maybe try the 3DS etrian odyssey games and persona Q? they're easy, the mapping is fun, the characters are cute, and there's a good bit of fujo pandering in pQ if you're into that. I'd recommend playing either etrian odyssey untold: the millennium girl or persona Q first.

No. 41573

I haven't played Strange Journey yet despite having the original game for months but I've been told by many people that it's a masterpiece but not beginner friendly. Not sure I'd recommend it to her if that true.

I couldn't play Nocturne all that much when I bought it a few years ago because my PS2 was broken and scratched all my games, but I'll play it very soon. If it gets too grindy for me I'll just skip the non-mandatory parts like the labyrinth (?) and the real/bonus final boss, I have so many games to beat. Anyway I loved it from what I played.

>SMT4 only took me 45hrs
I feel like I could have done that but I spent like one third of my time doing almost all the side-quests, including getting the black card, fusing demons and trying to unlock the neutral route. I redid the Kenji fight way too many times but I was locked in the law route no matter what so I'm sure I spent even more time than that on my first playthrough. I'm still salty I never managed to unlock the neutral route because I hated killing Isabeau but right now I'm about to beat the final boss of SMT4 Apocalypse so I don't really feel like going back to SMT4 now.

>I never had to grind.

Me neither, and I'm sure nobody really needed to from what I've seen. Naraku was really hard at first imo but once I reached Tokyo the game because really easy.

No. 41574

I can't stand the Fire Emblem battle system. The only TRPG's I've ever beaten were the FF Tactics Advanced games.

I wish I'd known beforehand that the infamous Matador is the third boss. I got stuck, realized I had to grind and redo my entire party and never got back to it.

No. 41575

JRPGs fall under an incredibly large umbrella. I would suggest Kingdom Hearts or Castlevania Symphony of the Night.
Dealing with tedious and complicated menus popping up every now and then are also something I don't like, but Vagrant Story was interesting enough for me, although you probably wouldn't want to play it until you're way more into JRPGS.
I'm also not a big fan of turn-based RPGs, but a few of them like Yokai Watch are entertaining enough for me to push that aside.
Some other JRPGs I also liked are Secret of Mana, Phantasy Star Online, and Chrono Trigger.

No. 41619

File: 1564150538553.png (2.24 MB, 2560x1440, DA5AE7FA-7E08-4DE4-862B-FA0A82…)

The 3DS version is easier, I think it’s called Redux.

I got stuck for a while in the stage for Hikawa’s boss fight because I had to grind a bit for some stronger abilities. The game needs a HD port so bad, some people have been able to get it to look incredible on emulator with the right settings

No. 41622

File: 1564151909311.jpg (21.14 KB, 500x260, 1470004126620.jpg)

I bought the original Strange Journey for the NDS before Redux was announced, I'd feel stupid if I bought almost the same game without playing the one I already have. I'll see how it goes once I actually play it, I'm about to finish SMT4 Apocalypse and after that I'll play SMT Nocturne. The final boss in SMT4A is seriously pissing me off because of its second phase and the RNG that's always working against me. Satan and the last dungeon were piss easy, I don't get it.

No. 41803

File: 1564274406245.jpg (963.13 KB, 1440x1080, image1.jpg)

I'm late to the party but I played Rakuen recently, goddamn did I cry in the club. Love the soundtrack! Not to mention made by a one-woman team!
Kinda whack that this didn't get nearly as much deserved attention.

No. 41807

File: 1564283223841.jpg (79.74 KB, 624x480, screen2.jpg)

Anyone else loves aveyond franchise, it is absolute my fav games. Rich stories, beautiful graphics. 2 part is my favorite, I hate that in past years in all this type rpgs they mushed all the people, created dwarfs out of them.

No. 41809

Can you tell me more about this game cuz I’m intrigued and need something new in my life

No. 41813

It's a story-rich puzzle game for the most part! It's a refreshing depart from usual rpg maker games because there is no combat! It has comedy, feels, and spooky. I especially love the way I can tell it was written by a woman and made with so much love. It's unfortunate that some people may think that makes it boring. About 12 hrs of game play. It's an experience and I honestly feel bad for those who refuse to give this genre a chance.

No. 41814

this seems really sweet anon, I'm gonna have to check it out.

No. 41841

File: 1564312428106.jpg (439.01 KB, 1500x1370, fe15.jpg)

I hate it when people shit on some games in a series because "it's bad because there's (actually optional) fanservice, you play as a self insert and you can date some of the characters!", then praise other games in the same franchise because "the art is pretty, the music is pretty and the story is good" when these games are actually not that much better in these aspects and the gameplay and level design are so much worse than the games that supposedly have too much fanservice. You'd think they were reviewing visual novels but no.

When you talk about things you dislike in games with the exact same people such as excessive DLCs, loot boxes and similar practices, different versions or routes of the same game in different cartridges or the fact that some games are released a year later outside of Japan because of botched localisations, or games you can only really play online for no valid reason they don't say anything because it turns out they don't even play video games, they just watch playthroughs on youtube. Yes it's about pic related but not only. I'm glad I bought a brand new copy for only 25€ because it's disappointing so far and people wouldn't stop praising this game and its shitty boring maps literally just because there's less fanservice than the previous games.

No. 41842

All the Fire emblem games as if recently especially are male pandering shit though. They were never good enough to be praised on such a high level to begin with.

No. 41862

Anyone who argues that recent Fire Emblem is good, are full of bullshit and are probably some neckbeard dude.

No. 41912

Ooh yes it sounds right up my alley, thank you! I’m definitely gonna check it out

No. 41960

I've been playing FE Three Houses all the weekend and while I don't fully understand the teaching system, the whole castle thing turned out to be more fun than I expected. There's also more options for lesbian romance. The story is a bit darker specially after the timeskip and it's way more believable than Fates drama. At least the Blue Lions route has some fucked up shit.
So far the only thing I regret is not having enough time to keep playing.

No. 42014

dudes I'm obsessed with Atlus, playing persona 5 as we speak and it's so pretty and so so fun wtf yes
been stinging for them to drop catherine: full body so this is amazing in the meantime, so glad I gave it a go. the art is fucking cool

No. 43905

I really wish Destiny was actually a single player RPG. The music, art style, and lore are so good.
But I'll waste time grinding during events all the same.

No. 44202

I bought Pokemon Ultra Moon as soon as it got released because I thought it would be a sequel just like Pokemon BW2, I didn't have enough free time to play it or anything else for months, but I just beat the first trial today and barely anything changed. I feel dumb, I just learned that it's basically just a third version and there are only a few new side quests.

No. 44332


Hard to answer but really for me is either Earthbound, Final Fantasy 9 (and X) or Chronno Triggered.

Dragon Quest is kinda the default jrpg franchise, it features all the stereotypes of the genre and always stays the same when it comes to themes and setting so is very newcomer friendly.

Jarpig is a genre i played a ton but i have actually beaten very few games. I was insane about them growing up in the psx era but looking back, most were not that great. I think if you want to know what the hype for the genre was about just play any classic Final Fantasy game. ( I kinda don't like them after X but loved them all from 6 to X)


I never understood Visual Novels, they feel so low effort and boring to me, i would just rather read a manga. And what is even up with that guy´s hands?

No. 44336

Visual novels are better than manga because their usually voiced and have choices and multiple endings to explore. Also color.
But I guess if your not the type who can self insert it's not as interesting.

No. 44480

I want to play P5 so bad but at this point I might as well wait for Royal, so… 2020.

No. 44797

File: 1565951320978.gif (208.61 KB, 500x375, a3938c7683dddeb2652da2a708337f…)

has anyone here ever played any of the Aveyond series? I'm in the process of completing the first one cos I never finished it when I was young but apparently the sequels are much better

No. 44798

damn that's so weird I just came here to find Aveyond fans lol I can't believe it got so many sequels

No. 44876

File: 1566005985088.gif (1.32 MB, 480x270, 09827184687bdf5e011e6b294a7828…)

Any anons picked up Ion Fury? The game looks pretty neat. I might splurge on it when I get paid next week.

No. 45513

File: 1566480972720.jpg (41.59 KB, 400x240, tumblr_o1hq3hS8U91qkujmco1_400…)

I really enjoy games where you can pick your gender and your name, even if they don't have a lot of customization. I find them kind of feminist, as they don't usually change your interactions with the story or characters based on your gender (aside from minor things). That's because it would be a pain in the ass for programmers to do so lol. Consequently, the games usually end up being neutral on your gender and NPCs don't say sexist shit or judge your actions.

Any recommendations? I'll give mine:

— Games with customization I've enjoyed:
+ Pokémon franchise [Nintendo].
+ Rune Factory 4 (you only choose your gender and name) [Nintendo 3DS/Switch].
+ Animal Crossing franchise [Nintendo].
+ Stardew Valley [PC].
+ The Sims 3 [PC].
+ Fantasy Life [Nintendo 3DS].
+ Final Fantasy Chronicles: Echoes of Time (sequel, you only choose your race, gender and name)[Nintendo DS]
+ The Urbz [Nintendo].
+ Age of Wonders III (don't know about the prequels, but you can customize your avatar, the game is nice and cheap on instant gaming but I haven't played a lot) [PC].

— Games with customization that I've played but bored me/weren't appealing:
- God Eater franchise (didn't appeal to me, too much weebness but eh, you can find good discounts on instant gaming right now)[PC/Playstation/other platforms].
- Dragon Quest IX [Nintendo DS].
- Harvest Moon franchise [Nintendo].
- MMORPGS (I liked Aura Kingdom and Maplestory 2, but I always end up quitting these types of games) [PC/Android].
- Staxel (bought it when it had a huge discount on instan gaming, haven't really played it lol) [PC].

— Games with customization that I haven't played yet:
. Fire Emblem franchise (I would like to play the newest games, but they cost tons of money and I'm not paying that for something I don't know if I would enjoy) [Nintendo].
. Monster Hunter Stories (cheaper on Android, I may buy it in the future) [Nintendo/Android].
. Assasin's Creed Odyssey (I already have the game) [Playstation].
. Secrets of Grindea (waiting for it to be finished) [PC].
. My Time at Portia (waiting for a good discount) [PC].

I don't remember more games. It would be nice to hear your recommendations, anons, any videogame genre is welcome as long as you can choose the gender and name of your character!

No. 45520

If you have a 3DS you can get a demo to try FE Awakening a little. Fates' gameplay is similar but a bit more balanced because in FE Awakening some classes are way to OP compared to others. Three Houses' gameplay is different and there's no demo as far as I know unfortunately and while you can't customize the main characters in FE Echoes because they're remakes of FE2 there's a male main character and a female main character. I don't think I can recommend FE Echoes to anyone though, I found it boring at best and annoying most of the time because of the witches and the cantor maps. I also never played any Monster Hunter except a demo on the 3DS, I have no idea how different each game is but you should try demos and see how you feel it. I like some of the games you already cited, I think maybe you should try Sword of Mana and Magical Starsign if you like JRPGs. There's also Persona 3 Portable, both main characters are different so you have different dialogues with the female MC but I liked her a lot. There are other games where the main character is a woman but you can't customize her so not sure if that counts.

Anyway this reminds me of an old article in a Minnie Mag (before it became Witch Mag) from the early 2000 I think, it was saying that video games weren't just for boys and they can be fun and it cited a bunch of recommendations with female protagonists, playable characters and cute characters in general like Resident Evil, Street Fighters, Pokemon Red/Blue because of the cute pokemon and the female NPCs/trainers, Final Fantasy, the legend of Zelda, etc. This is making me feel nostalgic.

No. 45528

So i am playing Chronno Trigger for the first time and after all the years of hearing the game being hyped as one of the best jarpigs ever i gotta say, it does hold up, its great. (I left it just entering the sky city)

I really like the female characters in it, yeah sure, i can nitpick that two of them have "kiss" "charm" allure" in their skill list but they are over all cute and strong and Lucca is smart and the best, they are not just cosmetic but really good party members in battle. and also i kinda want a Froggy plushie now.

No. 45539

The Elder Scroll series, and a lot of other western RPG's have customizable protags.
Destiny and Warframe, if you like shooters.

No. 45560

i would def try out awakening as the other anon said. stay away from fates, the story is really, really bad, and i can only tell you that should you really like how awakening plays MAYBE consider conquest for the gameplay, but sure as hell don't buy it for the story. awakening has more customization as well. there's also new mystery of the emblem (FE12) with a character you can name and change, but maybe it's not the best starting point. same for echoes, but it doesn't have customization.

No. 45566

Second for the Elder Scrolls series. I’ve only played Skyrim but I know the rest treats your protagonist similarly. They are also very mod friendly so you can customise everything about your character (read: not be ugly, lol). You can be gay and marry another female character and no one ever comments on it but that’s mostly because there’s 0 dialogue about marriage outside of the quest for it rather than worldbuilding.

There is also the Dark Souls series, "gender has no bearing on ability", it says in the menus. No male gaze shit or that fantasy crap where women are mistreated because it’s "realistic and gritty" to make it "dark". They’re a solid trilogy of games with online aspects but nothing like an MMO.

If you didnt like Harvest Moon, what’s different about it vs Stardew Valley?

No. 45571

I'm going to tag in on the Elder Scrolls suggestions! Also, Fallout is a fantastic game to get lost into and the newest one has excellent character creation. Also, if you haven't started playing Sims 4 at all, check it out! I would suggest pirating though because some of the stuff packs suck.

No. 45573

File: 1566523147062.jpg (126.67 KB, 960x544, psn-a.jpg)

Phantasy Star Online is good! It's an MMORPG, the first game isn't online anymore, but there's fan servers that are still pretty active to this day. The second game is still alive and well after 7-ish years of release, even officially coming out to release in English in 2020.

If you have a PSVita, I highly recommend playing Phantasy Star Nova, it uses the same engine as PSO2, but completely available to play without internet connection. It also has it's own fan translation, which is fairly easy to patch if you already have your Vita homebrewed.
I honestly like Nova a bit more than the Online 2 counterpart, which is what it's heavily based off of. The first reason is, because it's offline. The second reason is because this series features a lot of women as leaders. The main ship that's being piloted has a female captain. Also, you can customize how your camp area looks. If you want all women running the shops, go for it, a lot of the women have great buffs compared to the men if you want them to tag along with you during your quest.

No. 45599

I just built my first PC, and all the stuff I ended up buying is so cute together!! I originally wanted the pink razer collection, but upon seeing it in the store, i saw its so…magenta.. and ugly… so i went with the mercury collection for the keyboard! All my pieces are black and white and it's absolutely perfect to me. Are there any PC games you guys are really into right now? :) I need to start buying them!

No. 45606

Go buy Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen ASAP

No. 45629


Thank you so so much for all your suggestions!!! I'm going to check them out now that I have your opinions backing them up.

I think I liked more Stardew Valley because it had the mod option and RPG elements, which make the game more similar to the Rune Factory series, I don't know. Thanks for your recommendations btw!!

No. 45646

based anon. I love Dragon's Dogma. I have bought the game a total of 4 times for different platforms. It's so fun.

No. 45650

File: 1566583319857.jpg (180.55 KB, 1463x794, ffviii.jpg)

Since FF VIII Remastered is announced for 3rd septembre:

Who is going to buy it???

No. 45653

me. some of my earliest memories are of this game lol (it came out when I was a baby). I can't wait to play it when the weather starts getting shitty omg it's gonna be maximum comfy.

No. 45686

I havent played it since beating it in 1998 or 99, so it's gonna be a wild ride to play it again. I'm really looking forward to it.

No. 45757

FFVIII was the second game I ever owned by myself, so it´s super special to me.
Not sure if I can wait for the shitty weather to start, but it will be awesome nevertheless.

I kinda hoped for a remake, tbh. But the remaster is fine, too.

I played it a few years ago again when it was on Steam for sale. And it was as awesome as the first playthrough on PSX.

No. 45855

File: 1566701654235.jpg (40.84 KB, 314x445, sims.jpg)

any of you ever play the sims urbz? there isn't much to do in this game after a certain point, but I played it as a kid and I have sooo much nostalgia from it.

No. 45858

Yeah I played it, but I didn’t really like it since there wasn’t much to do. I got it as a Christmas gift one year haha.

No. 46016

If anything if anon will like Awakening she should play FE Fates Birthright because of how similar it is since you can do some level grinding if needed and the story is just as straight forward. Conquest is great but it's more challenging.

Basically if you care about story a lot Fates isn't all that great, especially with the shitty Americanized localisation. But if she cares more about gameplay she may like Fates just as much as, or more than Awakening. Both are good and similar enough tbh. We'll just pretend Revelation and its shitty maps and underleveled characters doesn't exist.

No. 46017

I played the Urbz on the GBA long ago when I borrowed it from a friend and I liked it but never finished it. I was always stuck at the same part of the game but I don't remember what it was at all.

No. 46242

File: 1566917378815.jpg (54.49 KB, 800x686, 1l.jpg)

Just finished Bully again but this time on the PS4. Still one of my favorite games of all time! Honestly, if you can help it get the Scholarship Edition. PS4 version is kinda crap with crunchy audio and some serious frame rate issues. Now There's been an influx of Bully 2 rumors i'm cautiously optimistic lol.

No. 46244

I played a lot of the Sims games (PC, GBA, DS, etc.) and I loved Urbz lol. Also played Bustin' Out for a while, but we only had 2 copies between the 4 of us so I spent less time playing that one. Urbz was my shit. I loved Det. Dan D. Man so much lmao. Just a few months ago I watched a little bit of someone playing it on YouTube for nostalgia

No. 46268

File: 1566925366715.gif (1.56 MB, 160x250, 225352524.gif)

I love Bully, def one of my faves as well. It's super comfy and somehow gets that mid-2000s USA vibe across really strongly. I might have to redownload and play it now lol.

No. 46272

Unpopular opinion (maybe?) but Bully is Rockstar's BEST game besides the Red dead series. GTA felt too male pandering and Bully was an overly fun game, despite the pointless controversy non gamers gave it.

No. 46280


I played through the game like 4 times, i have never actually beaten it. I don't even remember the furthest i got or what the story even was, and i lost the save (i was emulating that time.)

Its a problem i have with long jrpgs, i love them but always end up dropping them as soon as my attention goes somewhere else when i am in like the second half of the game.

I hope the remaster adds a skip button to summon animations. They were beautiful , yes, but its annoying after a while.

No. 46281

Is anyone playing/planning on playing classic WoW?
My boyfriend has convinced me to try, because I’ve never had a real MMO experience before lol.

No. 46282

I played it so many times despite not being into Sims. In fact, I was thinking about it over the past few months and really want to make a simple game of my own that would be similar to it (decorating your own home, themed areas, reputation, etc.)

It was an easy-peasy game but it was something I played to relax. It was a comfy experience.

No. 46336

I am! It's mostly oldfags nostalgia and I mean I'm enjoying it so far but god damn I miss a lot of the conveniences! Everything takes forever and only fun to play with at least 2 frens imo

No. 46350

File: 1566988719697.jpg (199.13 KB, 890x606, bayonetta.jpg)

got bayonetta that i wanted to play for years in the playstore's summer sales for less than five euros but i havent got around to play it yet.i havent really spoilered myself on the plot and hopefully it's going to be decent enough despite it being over the top and ridiculously sexualised

No. 46352

anon, Bayonetta is incredible. 10/10 gameplay, so don't worry about the spoilers. It's crazy fun.

I finally started BotW. It's the perfect early morning game. Gameplay feels totally natural.

No. 46353

this is really good to hear.thank you anon

No. 46381

Is Bayonetta hard to play though? It seems like it relies heavily on button combos and I'm the worst at that. If I can win by butonmashing it's fine for me, but fighting-style button inputs are the worst.
The game seems fun and interesting and Bayonetta is super hot (don't judge me pls) but I don't want to buy it if I am unable to play.

Or, really, I am willing to train/learn and git gud finally. Does it have a proper learning curve or am I just trown into it with everything at once?

Sorry I am a casual, I'm ok at aiming/precision and shit, but the more buttons I have the more I freak the fuck out.

No. 46390

Just play on easy/normal anon. You'll get through them just fine. Score is based on how much damage taken as well as damage dealt but it doesn't matter to get bad scores if you're just trying to get through the story!

No. 46483

What do anons think about the new Yakuza game? It's now turn based combat. I'm still excited.

No. 46515


excited as hell. I only started playing Yakuza 0 so I'm a newbie to the franchise but I already am in love with it. Wish I could find the other games where I'm from but sadly there isn't any video games stores available in the area and the closest (which isn't) is by boat to another place.

No. 46527

Going from action beat em up to turn based is super stupid.
But whatever, I only played Kiwami because it was free on PS plus.

No. 46529

MC(?) looks like one from the online yakuza game! I wonder if it's a continuation of his story?

No. 46530

File: 1567106503611.jpg (11.17 KB, 300x168, download.jpg)

forgot the pic sry

No. 46534

File: 1567109701525.png (887.27 KB, 687x643, old kasuga.PNG)

Yes that's him! Yakuza Online is supposed to tell some backstory with what happened before he got sent to jail. Not sure if this one will give you a summary of what was on Yakuza Online, probably so since you can't play the game overseas unless you know some Japanese.
Also, I'm glad Ichiban got a new look since the first time we were introduced to him.

No. 46603

File: 1567127882896.jpg (32.33 KB, 768x432, Yakuza-0-768x432.jpg)

Yakuza 0 was my first Yakuza game and i got massively addicted!! it's gonna be a wild ride, anon. Have fun

No. 46604

I'm worried about the turn base as well. the free movement combat in Yakuza 0 is what made me love the game so much.

No. 46669

I have a guess they realized their new engine didn't work the way they planned, even though I did enjoy the way they cleaned it up in Judgment it still has some issues with frames and probably will continue using it for that series, so they decided to completely switch up the gameplay for the next Yakuza. Probably saw how well the Clan Creator minigame was.

No. 46821

I just got into the Sims 4 and I can’t wait to mod the shit out of it to make all my characters look just right, I’m kissing goodbye to all my other hobbies for like a month now. Anyone in here who can point me to must have mods?

No. 46826

No. 46845


thank you! to be honest, yakuza 0 is the first game I got invested into after purchasing my ps4 and other games with it. I realized to sometimes stray away from the objectives and enjoy the feel of the game and its mini stories (tbh I only realized this like yesterday when school got harder and harder along with my extra curricular activities and instead going straight to the plot. I just walked around Karamucho fighting anyone for money and just invest whatever business is up for selling.)

I'm still afraid of the mini-games and fighting those hulk like asshole with millions of money with them because I'm still not used to the console. So yeah, I'm still new to console gaming or gaming general tbh. The only games I've spent were hack pokemon games you could download on the phone and other mobile games, even mobile moba)

No. 46891

It is R*'s best game. I'm still hoping that they'll make a sequel.

No. 47242

File: 1567438965828.jpg (190.91 KB, 817x1222, jennette-mccurdy-nintendo-shoo…)

Hey anons, going to invest in a Sky3DS+ cart in a few days. Know any reliable sources?
What are your personal Top 5 3DS titles?
I love Style Savvy, Animal Crossing, Yokai Watch, Pokemon, and Samurai Warriors.
Also, is it worth the time to region unlock my 3DS?

No. 47647

When will Minecraft finally fuck off?

I browse Youtube in private mode and nearly all of my recommended videos are Minecraft related with some dumbass doing a stupid face in the thumbnail. I don't even watch anything about video games let alone anything related to Minecraft.

Oh and fuck WoW too.

No. 47699

This is a thread for appreciating video games, not bitching about them.
Why do you even care about the recommendations if you're not logged in anyway. Just ignore them.

No. 47772

File: 1567586387467.jpg (3.32 MB, 1497x5600, 3DS recommandations.jpg)

I could recommend SMT games if you like RPGs, which are mostly remakes and two very good original games, Fire Emblem and Ace Attorney.

You said you like Pokemon, and SMT is sort of similar, it's a JRPG series you can "recruit" enemies in your party whenever you want and just customize your party in general. SMT games that are remakes are:
>devil survivor overclocked
>devil survivor 2 record breaker (both are tactical RPGs)
>SMT strange journey redux
>soul hackers (this one was a game from the 90s and it's a bit dated but still enjoyable, but I haven't finished it yet)
>persona q and persona q 2, they're based on the Etrian Odyssey games
And then you have SMT4 and its sequel SMT4 Apocalypse, they're some of my favorite video games. If you're American SMT games tend to be on sales on the e-shop pretty often from what I've been told. If you're European like me don't even bother trying to buy physical copies.

About Fire Emblem, you have Awakening which is easy and a nice 1st game to get into the series. Then you have Fates which is divided in 3 routes you have to buy separately unless you somehow find the special edition of the game. Birthright plays like Awakening, Conquest is harder because the maps are different or are the same but with more difficult objectives and different playable characters and there are restrictions so you can't level grind, like the first games of the series. Then you have Revelation, which is DLC only, have gimmicky maps and have no balance whatsover, think of it as a "fanservice" golden route where nobody dies and everyone is happy. FE Echoes is a remake of FE2 and you'll either love it or dislike it. I didn't like it at all personally. If you want to play FE Fates I recommend you just play Birthright and Conquest, forget about Revelation unless you really want to play online (not worth it.) Don't listen to anyone bitching about FE Fates having a bad story because they'll pretend that Awakening, Echoes or even other games have a better story which is wrong (except maybe for the new Switch game.) Don't play FE for the story, play it for the gameplay.

As for Ace Attorney you should be able to get the whole series on the 3DS now iirc. It's very tory focused so play in that order
>AA Phoenix Wright
>AA Justice for All
>AA Trials and Tribulation (they're in the same trilogy, and basically it's the main story written by Shu Takumi)
>Apollo Justice
>AA Dual Destinies
>AA Spirit of Justice
Try to avoid spoilers as much as you can if possible. I have the first four games on the DS and only AA5 and AA6 on the 3DS. I think you can also get the trilogy on steam but I think it's more convenient to have everything on the same platform.

I haven't played Bravely Default or Bravely Second yet, but friends have and they enjoyed both a lot. Same thing for Radiant Historia. Other games I liked were shorter Nintendo games like Rhythm Heaven Megamix, Super Mario Land, New Super Mario Bros. 2, etc. I'm looking forward to playing Zelda games, Metroid 2, Luigi's Mansion 2 and Kid Icarus and then I'll be able to talk about these games too.

No. 47797

File: 1567605439713.jpg (81.36 KB, 933x602, direct.JPG)

Nintendo direct is today!

>Tune in 9/4 at 3pm PT for a #NintendoDirect featuring roughly 40 minutes of information focused on 2019 #NintendoSwitch games, including #PokemonSwordShield and #LuigisMansion 3.


I hope fore more info or sneak peaks from Animal Crossing: New Horizons or Bayonetta 3 trailer.

No. 47798

Super informative list Anon. Thank you! I have played the PS2 SMT games so I'll definitely check those out as well. Ace Attorney, didn't know there were so many lol.

No. 47825

It really be like that. Classic would be fucking boring without close friends

No. 47852


We got more info on Animal Crossing, new things to see and how cool the nature looks like! But no bayo ….

No. 47855

File: 1567638909721.png (Spoiler Image,456.64 KB, 1422x792, Sans.PNG)

Animal Crossing looks promising!
This reveal caught me off guard though

No. 47917

is the new animals going to have cooking finally? it definitely looks like a cute and comfy minecraft. seeing the decorations on the animals doors and the cute rustling leaves made me super excited!

No. 47927

Animal Crossing Trailer for anyone who missed it! I'm so HYPE!

No. 47929

File: 1567695988584.jpg (22.38 KB, 366x286, shrooms.JPG)


One thing that I like to add: What the fuck are those giant mushrooms? I thought that I was way too tired to watch the direct in the middle of the night but checking it now again I really saw those gigantic shrooms. I like to now what's the deal is. I haven't played all AC games, so I wonder if they were already part of a game?

No. 47930

there were mushrooms, but nothing of this magnitude

No. 47971

I’m starting to think there definitely won’t be a museum any more, it doesn’t really make sense in this desert island setting. Maybe it could be reborn as a research centre?

No. 48388

their fur looks so soft! <3

However, I'm worried about how they didn't focus at all on the characters. I hope the developers have spent enough time to develop proper friendship and flesh out the characters more.

No. 48517

I hope Syn Sophia announces about Style Savvy soon. The most recent game was tons better than the previous one. Imagine a fully fledged console version of this series.

No. 48581

File: 1568001427979.jpg (19.46 KB, 540x304, spyro.jpg)

I just got the Spyro Reignited Trilogy. Best forty bucks I ever spent. I had the original three games like fifteen years ago and I managed to 100% the games, but I lost them.

Even if you know nothing about Spyro, these are fantastic games. The music and art is really great, too.

No. 48582

Ocarina of Time and Majora's Mask 3D, A Link Between Worlds, Animal Crossing New Leaf, Fire Emblem Awakening, Pokemon Alpha Sapphire or Omega Ruby, Tri Force Heroes, Ace Attorney.

No. 48728

I'm still argueing with myself if I buy it or not. The teaser looked awesome and I remembered a lot of figures from the games. Purely nostalgia.
But I´m so unsure if it is worth 40 bucks when it is that similar to the original games.

No. 48914

File: 1568110870017.jpg (127.15 KB, 1025x579, Screenshot_20190910-111948_Pok…)

Hi, anyone playing pokemon go still? I'm really good at sending gifts, swear!

No. 49109

I just cheked the new FF7 trailer.

What do you think? To me it looks similar to FFXV which is not a bad thing, it looks pretty but i kinda liked the turn based combat better than the broken action based system of XV that they seem to be going with. I would most certainly be playing it when it comes out, but kinda want to replay the original before it comes out.

No. 49191

File: 1568247967076.png (777.54 KB, 1251x1080, 20190912_032608.png)

I'm not worried about the battle system in the least because everyone who's played the demo was blown away by how great it is. They also mentioned how surprisingly good the dialogue sounds. The English voice work in this trailer sounded rough as hell, but I have faith that it'll sound better in-game. Overall, everything looks amazing. I don't even mind this new SOLDIER dude and those dumb ghosts lmao. I understand they need to pad it out so we can stay in Midgar longer. The original is one of my favorite games of all time, so I bought the 350-dollar 1st Class CE even though I've never been a preorderfag. I've waited so long for this.

Cloud's hair doesn't totally defy gravity and I love it.

No. 49202


The dialogs and character banter were amazing on XV. If it anywhere near as good that alone would be a selling point for this one. The big problem in Xv to me was the plot and the bland dungeons. This time we know thats covered because its FF7 we are talking about here.

Resident Evil 2 hyped me for remakes. It can really be amazing and i want this to meet everyone's expectations so maybe they do one of FFVI, that classic aesthetic with current gen polish would be so good.

No. 49216

lol I got so hyped when I saw the Squats Minigame and then got even more hyped when I saw TIFA PULLUPS MINIGAME!! Also it's nice to hear some sass from Aerith in that brief clip of her and Rude.

No. 49262

Gungrave got another sequel. God bless Japan.

No. 49279

>They also mentioned how surprisingly good the dialogue sounds
Good, because the trailer didn't show it. Part of me thinks it's unnecessary to do a remake of this old game, part of me look forward to explore that world again in a new way that couldn't be done in 1997. God Don Corneo is going to be mega cringe though.

No. 49357


It is crazy to remember that the original game came out so long ago, maybe because the characters are so present and remembered still to this day, FF7 became franchise of its own within the FF franchise.

It makes sense that the Square Enix is giving them new life so they can milk the crap out of the IP for more years to come like they have done all the 00s, but that also means they need to step up and make a really good game that meets the expectations. I think a remake was inevitable, i don't get very salty about them because worst case scenario the remake is not as good but we still have the original game with some added mainstream relevance, best case scenario the remake is great and worth it so any way is all good.

No. 49582

Yakuza 7 looks great. I can't wait to play all these minigames. It looks like they're packing a LOT into it compared to Yakuza 6, which was lacking hardcore. The turn-based gameplay looks pretty fun and it definitely shows the developers are having fun with it as well. Yakuza is finally fun again.

Fucking YES! My boyfriend showed me the first Gungrave and I got hooked. I can't believe how short the game was.

I think Reno looks hot now, in a I-used-to-be-a-Gackt-fan kind of way.

No. 49806

File: 1568517447910.jpg (337.38 KB, 1920x1080, spellbound-screenshot-stairs.j…)

Does anyone know if any good witch games exist? I am too cheap to pay for The Sims 4 but I really really love the concept of their new witchcraft expansion. Still waiting on Witchbrook to maybe never come out…

No. 49848

File: 1568539231211.jpg (8.9 KB, 142x380, Reno-artwork.jpg)

TBH I wish he had a slightly more ugly and sleazy look like in his original design. It would look cooler if not everyone looked like Gackt, it's been 20 years of JRPG Gackt designs.

No. 49864

>The Sims 4

Nigga wat?

No. 49900

File: 1568560403611.png (305.67 KB, 660x431, stardew_witchhouse.png)

while i wait for Witchbrook to never come out in my lifetime, i usually play Stardew Valley with visual mods to make everything look witchy. it's amazing!

No. 49930

Aww wow this is so cute! Just had to say it lol

No. 50134

>I am too cheap to pay for The Sims 4
look up fitgirl repacks or games4theworld. EA are greedy, lazy bitches. Don't give them your money.

No. 50135

This game looks fucking cute, wew. I'm definitely going to check it out.

No. 50156

just want to chime in, if you do download the sims from fitgirl, or really any other torrent, use a vpn! or risk getting a few dmca take down notices. ea seems to actively watch sims files.

No. 50371

File: 1568688264285.gif (1.82 MB, 498x372, tenor (4).gif)

Kind of witchy, but Magicians Quest for DS! It's a magical version of Animal Crossing.

No. 50382

Does anyone play dead by daylight? I'm trying to become a pro-killer but the 1st person camera fucks me up

No. 51223

Can confirm, I've gotten a DMCA notice after downloading the Sims a few months ago even though the game came out a few years ago. EA is super stingy. SoftEtherVPN is always good and free.

No. 52358

File: 1569504471818.jpg (63.78 KB, 600x600, D4vk-umWwAAXv3u.jpg)

Has anyone else played Little Misfortune yet? It's great.
I liked Fran Bow, so I had high hopes for this, and it did not disappoint. I wasn't too into some of the gross-out humor, though and I wish there was more than one ending, and more stuff to play around with in general, considering all the choices. Plus, the fact that there seems to be no real way to "die", "get caught" or otherwise lose in this game, no matter what, kind of sucks the urgency out of the scary bits. Plus, I noticed at least one continuity error and a visual glitch in one part. It almost feels sort of unfinished, but otherwise? Lovely. I loved the overall message of hope, it was refreshing and very heartwarming.

No. 52362

File: 1569505152388.jpeg (45.04 KB, 1280x718, untitled-goose-game-1185824-12…)

Anyone else having a honking good time being an horrible goose?

No. 52385

Hell yeah. This game was so fun. Had a great time causing chaos as a goose. Very relaxing.

No. 53037

Is anyone going to play Code Vein? I don't know much about it but I heard you can customise your character and it's basically an anime Souls-like which is right up my ally, I wanna know if it lives up to the hype

No. 53057

There's a demo up so you can try it out.
It really seems just like Dark Souls with an anime coat of paint and some edgy story.

No. 53069


Nta but when i read that i automatically discard. The souls-like meme is a dead horse.

No. 53077

I honestly thought I'd like it, but after playing the demo, I really don't anymore. I seriously thought it would play more like Phantasy Star Online 2 or something, but it's so heavy feeling. Maybe it was just my expectations that ruined it for me.

No. 53287

Demo’s console only, I’m PCfag. Upon watching some videos the feel is more like DmC more than anything.
Visually I’m getting the obvious JRPG vibe but besides the stamina bar they do have an analogue to Estus flasks.
I’m gonna wait until I can try it cracked.

No. 53392

Dmc is fast crazy action, this is definitely more slow parry/dodge Dark Souls.

No. 53445

I'm playing it! More than halfway through and enjoying it a lot. Been doing most of it co-op with my fiance (some bosses I've done solo) and he loves it too. We're both big Soulsborne fans so it was a safe bet in getting it. I'm not into anime all that much personally but the story and characters are still able to hold my interest. The combat is not slow like Dark Souls, I would say it is more like Bloodborne in that regard. It took inspiration from Dark Souls for some things but is very much its own game with its own strengths and weaknesses.

No. 53486

File: 1570017891773.png (261.5 KB, 500x549, 1569915394919.png)

I'm playing FE3H and after a few weeks not playing it whatsoever because I was too busy I reached the timeskip, and thank god the monastery section is less time-consuming now. It's still annoying though and while I'm doing the blue lions route, I want to go with the black eagles route next. Problem is, there are so many cutscenes, the support scenes are so long, the monastery part is long and repetitive and the first 11 chapters are the same no matter the route so I'm wondering if I'll get burned out. Has anyone here completed several routes in a row?

At least with Fates you could do whatever you wanted between two maps quickly and without restrictions like the action points, I wish it was a bit more like that in 3H.

No. 53522

File: 1570034589689.png (1.4 MB, 1038x1200, 89ED638B-0E16-4E1C-AD6E-214C30…)

I’m on my third play though now, and I hate how much of a time sink the stupid monastery is. I love FE and I’m having a lot of fun with the different classes and supports, but the pre-time skip section is just draining because there’s very little variation.

If you’re going to go Black Eagles next, make a separate save in the February month of the game because BE splits off to two separate post time skip stories so you don’t have to redo the first 11 months over.

I really feel like they could have just compressed the Monstary into the barracks like in PoR but made the whole explorable map because of Koei being involved

No. 53530

Are you talking about the part where you choose between the black eagles route and the church route? If that's the case I'll do that, redoing the same 11 chapters with the exact same characters and cutscenes sounds like a pain in the ass.

>I really feel like they could have just compressed the Monstary into the barracks like in PoR

I'm a filthy casual who only played Awakening, Fates and (unfortunately) Echoes so far, not sure how it's like but I'm guessing it's probably more like the "my castle" feature in Fates? I don't think having such a huge explorable zone for the monastery was a good idea, doing everything I need to do each time takes at the very least an hour and more than half of that time is spent running back and forth to give items to the characters, it's boring. That's only impressive and fun the first few times you explore it. At least the maps are good and unlocking the paralogues isn't as annoying as in Awakening and Fates, especially in Conquest.

No. 53532

>At least the maps are good
lol. I still loved the game though.

No. 53573

File: 1570059466490.jpg (938.72 KB, 1080x1870, FoMT Marriage Candidates.jpg)

So what does everyone think of the Friends of Mineral Town remake, and how do you feel about the redesigns?

They added two new marriage candidates(bottom center of the pic) Brandon and Jennifer.

Personally I'm not too much a fan of some of the redesign choices, particularly Doc and Karen. Karen now looks like Freya from Grand Bazzar and with Doc, they somehow managed to make him look even MORE generic. Really unsure how to feel about Ricks's new hot redesign as well. Probably gonna go after Brandon, and maybe Cliff again for nostalgia.

By the way apparently they brought back the "best friend" system(from DS Cute), so you'll be able to marry any candidate regardless of your gender selection.

Who're you interested in?

No. 53576

File: 1570059709022.jpg (68.54 KB, 672x337, fomt secret marriage candidate…)

Also forgot, here are the redesigns of the secret marriage candidates.

That Kappa….

No. 53635

I'll rephrase it: they're not pure torture like the maps in Echoes and I'm having fun with them. Maybe Celica's maps traumatized me.

No. 53636

I'm really not that hyped for the remake… it just feels so lazy. But, I mean, it's nothing new for them, they did plenty of remakes in the past. Still, I'd rather have a whole new game. MFoMT is just so nostalgic and cute to me, the design just screams early 2000's so I'm a little sceptical. Might just be me being some kind of lore-beard purity fag.

Also the redesigns are kinda boring. What happened to Cliff? And Won is way too kawiwi animu, wtf

No. 53688

I am very excited for the remake, although I was really hoping for a new Story of Seasons game for console. I loved the DS titles, but I am really longing for different graphics (like, actually seeing something, everything on the DS is so small lol) and the return of older gameplay mechanics like proper mines. However, I am also very ready for this nostalgia trip to Mineral Town and I like what I have seen so far, especially the video trailers. Without movement, the game looks a tad bit too much like a mobile title imho, but I think it’s bearable when playing. And nothing can be as ugly as the Harvest Moon games Natsume recently released.

The redesigns are okay. It would be nice if it would be a bit closer to the old designs, but I guess they changed their artists and this is more up to date. However, on that collage they all look kind of the same – bland and happy, which is the thing I disliked about the newer SoS installments. The characters just lack personality and are really generic. This shows in the redesigns. Popuri always was my wife in the games, but she can be really annoying; on her picture she just looks innocent and sweet. Same with Ann who looks less tomboyish and kind of boring. I understand your comment on Karen, but at least she has some kind of facial expression that goes beyond ":D".

No. 54724

kai…what have they done to you…

No. 54787

File: 1570486936905.jpeg (116.26 KB, 1196x668, A3B1FBEB-79C9-4F80-BACB-C8A35A…)

i'm enjoying fire emblem: three houses a lot. i've played 200+ hours and i really wish i had people to gush to about it.

however i hate 'fanon' interpretations of certain characters.

>leonie is my best girl

>everyone hates her because she wants to 'fuck your dad'
>this is genuinely everyone's one complaint about her
>they obviously don't look at any of her other supports or play her paralogue
>meanwhile everyone loves cyril and thinks he's a cute uwu boi who gets a glo up
>he's far more guilty about having a one-sided admiration for an older character ie rhea but gets treated completely different

is it because leonie is a girl? she's so great and i don't mean to be a sperg about people disliking her but their reasons are legit just stupid.

at least the online stats show more people dislike cyril after getting to know him lol. maybe people are just more vocal about disliking leonie than him.

No. 54862

File: 1570517450990.jpg (61.57 KB, 1200x811, mame-logo.jpg)

anyone grew up playing retro games on MAME?
i haven't played anything in a while but i find myself going back into looking for those old and sometimes obscure games i used to play there

No. 54906

Yesss! I had mame32. I remember some games in particular, especially a volleyball one that I spent hours in.

No. 54909

I noticed in general the main girls get hate for something men would do and get zero hate for. Characters like Dimitri are 100 percent worse but he gets no hate from fandom because he's a dude. I feel your pain, anon. I wish we could gush together.

No. 54995

File: 1570564741724.jpg (39.33 KB, 500x375, EFcUySFWsAADS45.jpg)

I always love the animal crossing series because its such a wonderful and comforting game. Whenever life is rough or things didnt go my way i usually turn on my 2dsxl and play it, the interaction between you and the villagers are always wholesome and funny, it made my day a bit brighter no matter how dark the skies are at the time and remind me that better days are coming.

No. 55071

recently reset my town in new leaf after abandoning it for a good year and I am very happy I did that as I'm having so much fun just fishing and trying to crossbreed my flowers etc! did accidentally sell my perfect apple tho lol

No. 55416

Glad you're having fun anon! Sorry abt your perfect apple though, be careful next time ~~

No. 55444

File: 1570647754197.png (2.84 MB, 950x1303, CI16_3DS_FantasyLife_E3_image9…)

I've been playing Fantasy Life for 3DS for a while now. It's so fun with how much you can do!
Yesterday, I spent a good 3 hours just doing carpentry, blacksmith, and tailoring shit.
I also love the humor in the story's writing, Butterfly is the best character.
I'm considering buying the DLC soon. I think I'm halfway done with the story.
I hope they make a sequel to the series for Switch or something. I know they have a mobile game, but it requires too much data and constant connection. I played it for a while and half of the time I get kicked off the server because my WiFi signal's too weak and probably the fact I'm not located near Japan.

No. 55543

I didn't even know this was a thing!! I really need some more wholesome games in my life, like harvest moon, animal crossing and now this! thank you, anon

No. 55547

You're gonna love it! It's like skyrim for kids, kek. On my first play-through I had 120 hours, iirc. I could've had even more, it's so fun.
Also the way you can customize your character is the cutest thing! And they have sooo many cute clothes!

No. 58287

File: 1571417896835.jpg (390.29 KB, 1320x1080, NINTEN.jpg)

Well, wish me luck anons but by the end of next year im gonna save up and buy myself a nintendo switch with some of my favorite games. If it ended up not happening, well at least i tried lol.

No. 58360

File: 1571471880339.png (237.97 KB, 512x512, 1571098328660.png)

Am I the only person who's not really that sympathetic to Edelgard? I'm playing her route rn, and the writers worked overtime to make Rhea look bad and to make Edelgard look good. Except I don't really see how Rhea is the bad guy for creating a world where dragons and humans could live peacefully. Rhea only fights in self-defense when others attack her. Rhea isn't responsible for humans creating a twisted aristocracy centered around crests. I don't want to fight Rhea.

Also, I think it's funny how Edelgard says she wants to create a world where crests don't matter, but doesn't hesitate to turn random citizens into demonic beasts in other routes. Not having Byleth around isn't a good enough reason for her actions, sorry. The only peasant she talks to is Dorothea, who praises her endlessly. Edelgard doesn't even think about offering public education to commoners UNLESS she marries Ferdinand. And her idea of a meritocracy is giving her friends from high school the best governmental positions. Ferdinand and Bernadetta still get to keep their land and titles.

And I've heard Edelgard doesn't even fight TWSID, so what's the point?

I'm overthinking this. But I just don't understand why Edelgard is so popular. People act like she's so revolutionary, like she totally destroys the status quo… but she doesn't. Nothing changes.

No. 58363

I'm playing with the Blue Lions so from what I can tell she's popular because of how the game was marketed (like she was the super important heroine, like Lucina and Azura) and because people don't think too hard about the actual story and its implications (kind of how people complained about Xander being a dumbass in Conquest when though his reasons for acting lile he does is perfectly justified.) I'm going to do the Black Eagles route next, I'll see if she's a developed villain or an actually morally ambiguous character lile some people say but it looks like she fits the 1st description more since she's a copypasta of Rudolph/Walhart/Arvis.

No. 58364

I wanna buy one too I have the money.

Good luck with buying it

No. 58369

No, I feel the exact same way.
I feel like a huge majority of the fandom complains about how Edelgard doesn't deserve all the "hate" she gets but I've literally never seen any of this so-called hate, just people defending her.
Also see a lot of people saying that if Edelgard was male people would be more sympathetic to her (his?) character, but honestly I disagree. I've seen way more people criticizing Dimitri over Edelgard. I'm all for calling gamer scrotes out but nobody's attacking her for being female, they're all defending her cause she's a cute waifu, like come on.

I think she's an interesting character but you're right, she's not revolutionary at all and basically nothing changes in her route in the end, all she did was fuck shit up and cause needless death. IMO she's hugely overrated by the fandom. The other two house leaders have more compelling stories.

No. 58378

Totally agree with you anon. One of the criticisms people like to put against Rhea is that "she executed people!!" Yeah those who tried to kill her like… she's pretty insane, but the only war she ever waged was against the ONE (not even an entire country, just one guy) who had killed her mother, sounds pretty fair to me tbh.
BE just feels incomplete to me? Edelgard was allied with twsitd and Hubert aids them in that one paralogue yet they just kinda forgot about them? BE even has less chapters than the other routes so I don't understand why they couldn't do like they did for GD. It says they beat twsits (seriously fuck whoever decided to give them such a long name) in one of the endings though, maybe the hubert/edelgard one.

No. 58583

Has anybody picked up Switcher yet?
I'm surprised they ported it to a console mainly directed at children and younger teens. I was curious if they censored the game at all, I remember there being a few sex scenes where you'd see a nipple or two. Not a big deal, but I'd be surprised if it wasn't taken out. I don't know how Nintendo still is with adult stuff like that, even for third party games. Also the physical release case looks neat, it comes with stickers and a map.

Hopefully by the end of next year they'll be as cheap as Switch Lites are now and maybe then Switch Lites are going to be in the $150-175 range. I heard they're thinking about coming out with a "Pro" version of the Switch so hopefully that'll help with cheapening of the prices!
Refurbished/used consoles aren't a bad option either. I bought my 3DS and Vita used and the only issues I had to deal with were a dirty battery for the 3DS (which was easy to clean up, I just needed to dab a little alcohol on a cotton swab and rub the connector for a few seconds) and the Vita being a little scratched up on the back.
Good luck on the search anon!

No. 58649

I feel the same way. Plus Edelgard was shilled so hard on the other routes. I don't remember if it was Church route or Golden Deer, but at some point I was given 2 dialogue choices and one of them was "I'm worried about Edelgard". Like bitch no, she was trying to kill me, why would I be worried? They made her a heartless bitch but they tried to make us feel so sorry about her ass.

No. 58899

File: 1571784102448.jpg (56.51 KB, 485x372, 1568997585412.jpg)

More of a rant, and it's about a visual novel but I need to get this off my chest
>binge playing a BL visual novel I actually bought
>time goes fast and the game is short so I'm about to get to one of the endings
>game crashes
>game won't even load anymore
>trying everything to make it work again, worried that something happened to my laptop
>mfw just found out something randomly happened to one of my save files, not even sure what exactly, and I had to delete them all
>now everything works again perfectly fine but I've lost a bit more than 10 hours of playthrough/one almost entire route
I'm so frustrated I'm not sure I'll play it again before a long time. I'm glad I only play actual games on consoles and handhelds jfc.

No. 58967

It's a VN, just hold ctl or whatever skip option till you get back to where you were.
Shouldn't take too long.

No. 58980

I can't do that anymore since I had to erase ALL my save files. I tried and it didn't work. I'll try to get the bad endings/shorter routes first so I'll be able to do that later for the actual good endings/normal routes though.

No. 58989

My significant other is going through hard time, so can anyone recommend chill, relaxing or just friendly-like co-op / multiplayer games? Some cute-looking stuff like Overcooked 2 would be appreciated! We really liked it! We also got switch so couch co-op stuff is fine, too, but PC suggestions are REALLY appreciated!

We are big fans of Animal Crossing New Leaf if it helps. He liked Stardew Valley, but never could get into stardew valley possibly for graphic reasons and characters never really felt real to me.I'd lke to get something we both enjoy.

No. 59005

I've been playing the untitled Goose game recently on the switch and think it's comfy and fun. hope everything gets better for you both!

No. 59026

Dunno if you could handle weeb stuff, but 100% Orange Juice is a pretty comfy laid-back game. It's a board + card collecting game where the objective is to collect as many stars or kill as many enemies as possible. There are a bunch of characters that have their own special abilities and unique ways to play which really changes up the game every time. Online is pretty active so you can always find 2 other people to join, and the devs are constantly updating and adding new things.

Unfortunately you just missed it going on sale but it's still pretty cheap anyway. There's DLC to add more characters, but there are 15 in the base game (most of them have to be unlocked though). It's a quite fun casual game to play and sometimes can be pretty funny watching people get screwed over due to bad dice rolls, but there's still strategy involved based on how you decide to play and use your cards.

No. 59029

There's usually an option to switch from skip only read text to skip all text.

No. 59057

nta but i fucking love orange juice.i have almost all the dlc.

No. 59072

Never mind, I found which key to use to read the text super fast for the first time, it was just not mentioned on the guide that came with the game. After I beat the game I was able to actually skip the text. So I unlocked all the endings in one day.

No. 59090

which bl vn anon?

No. 59124

sweet pool, I literally just played it because I always wanted to play Lamento and Togainu no Chi and this one was the first officially translated Nitro+Chiral game in the West. As I said I managed to get all the endings not long ago. I kind of wish I didn't, this was super depressing and I really dislike omegaverse shit in the first place.

No. 59273

File: 1572027023500.jpeg (69.38 KB, 875x915, 343A701F-7976-4081-8A79-6FA647…)

i don't even fortnite but i hate this skin.

No. 59321

i know im late but jeezus ive had the game since release and i fucking love it so much. not even a weeb but im a whore for rng luck. its so good.

just recently picked up forager for what i thought was going to be a simple idle clicker thing for down time, and it turned out to be some really neat automation sim that took what i initially thought stardew could have done for me and made it happen. im also a huge sucker for loot collecting and bashing mobs. in stardew i would always get too attached to the mines and never really found enjoyment in just farming.

any other anons really into rng/roguelikes? those are really the only games i play anymore, especially if they have deck building shoved into it. risk of rain will always be my favorite though..

No. 60604

hahaha what the fuck? overwatch 2? fuck off haha what the fuck? 2? you finished overwatch? overwatch is done? you're making a second overwatch? hahaha what?

No. 60702

tbh all the "wow can't wait for the new hong kong map!" memes are killing me kek

No. 60714

I won't post spoilers, but the new Pokemon leaks are pretty much making me not want to buy or play it. Maybe I've grown too old for this shit and got to play many more games to compare them but nothing really seems appealing to me so far, whether it was things shown in trailers and official announcements or in the leaks. I feel like if I really want to have fun I should just play the DS games I already have. And I'm saying this as someone who doesn't see the national dex removal as a bad thing at all since I don't care about transfering my pokemon to more recent versions and it kinda made battling online annoying.

No. 60720

When i saw this skin at first i thought it was a yandere simulator skin. yansim is popular with underage kids too so i definitely i made the connection on a whim
It looks like the same exact game but with a PvE mode… I don't even understand the point of it. Will they release actual lore this time?

No. 60727

File: 1572714039141.png (129.48 KB, 495x277, ny-luigis-mansion-3-gooigi-581…)

I'm playing Luigi's Mansion 3. Great game, made even better by Gooigi's sticky little footprints. Adorable.

No. 60736


i loved the first one, its the only one i hav eplayed and it was so good. Everyone dising on Luigi because they wanted Mario 64 part 2, but even Sunshine sucked, Luigis owned mario.

No. 60751

File: 1572723419609.gif (918.07 KB, 498x278, thatsright.gif)

>Mario Sunshine sucked

THANK YOU! I swear that game is only fun to watch in a marathon race, but even then.. I'm sick of the sunshine hype much. Excited to play Luigi's mansion part 3. Now if only they actually made a real Princess Peach game…

No. 60753


It's only the game i havent played from that company, but i love their other shit. Especially Lamento. I hope you got your route back on track, anon! sorry to hear about the game crashing

No. 61010

So apparently Dragon Age Origins is 10 years old now. I want to die.

No. 61063

fuuuck anon. and i always think of that game as like, later bioware too.

No. 61181

I played the shit out of this as a kid, I loved it haha

I loved being the skater chick

No. 61188

File: 1572882715373.jpg (69.48 KB, 832x463, 54rtfgv.jpg)

risk of rain haunts my fucking dreams.

No. 61715

File: 1573146411909.jpg (98.54 KB, 1600x1000, dims.jpg)

Death Stranding: hyped about it or nah?

No. 61744

Hyped!! I've been seeing people either love it or hate it. I hope I'll end up loving it because I think Kojima has some cool ideas. Even if it's shit in some aspect, there's gotta be some redeeming qualities, like how MGSV had killer gameplay. I can already tell the cutscenes are entertaining, so there's that at least.

No. 62180

File: 1573423479048.png (790.09 KB, 898x625, hg.PNG)

I got 3H for my birthday 3 months ago and honestly I haven't touched it much. I'm not sure I'm a huge fan on the teaching or freetime aspect, probably because it confuses me and has been the reason I've been avoiding the game all together.

I've been watching my boyfriend play it, it looks super good! Bit of a mindfuck and lots of metaphors, also a little extra at times but I love it and that's what makes it great imo. The player made stuff also makes the game.

No. 62215

got yakuza 0 bc it was on sale on steam, am a vidya noob (ac:nl doesn't count as hardore gaming for whatever reason) so am playing it on easy but it's so much fun! also it reminded me how much i was into playing pool online from ages 11-16 kek, i think half of my playtime so far has been just that. also kiryu is extremely cute!

No. 62261

anyone playing this right now? i can't believe it's really just a delivery simulator

No. 62281

I bought a PS4 to play this a week ago. The problem is that I got too excited and accidentaly purchased an used one instead of brand new. I would probably keep it, but my boyfriend has hardcore OCD and cannot stand potentially dirty items that cannot be cleaned… So now I am sitting with my copy of DS, waiting for my brand new PS4 to arrive. I am an idiot. I hope you guys enjoy DS!!! Can't wait to join.

No. 62307

File: 1573530296119.jpeg (816.46 KB, 1536x855, B81C2057-62A8-494C-900E-125AAE…)

I’m really apathetic of P5S and Royale, but the new outfits in the former are cute.

You’ll love (and hate) the characters a bunch! Where are you at currently?

Hope you enjoy it!

No. 62349

god, not very far at all due to wanting to try all the mini games haha. last big thing was the whole kuze part and kiryu meeting the business man guy. I'm really liking it though, well spent £5 kek

No. 62407

I'm glad! The mini games are great, and honestly so are the sidequests. I usually hate them in other games but every one has it's own story and they're hilarious and endearing. Can't wait til you meet the second playable character!

No. 62540

I've seen/heard bits and pieces, spoiler ahead.

So BBs are fetuses removed from brain dead women who apparently are also used to "telepathically breastfeed" them, from what I gather? Maybe it's just because I live in a country where brain dead women have been kept on life support because they were pregnant when they died (women in general are used as vessels) and I'm really sensitive to this topic…but the fact that this is being used as some edgy subplot in a fucking video game is really depressing me. Like this is something that actually happens irl.

I'm probably speaking too soon and maybe all of this will be explained but Kojima doesn't really have a great track record for how he treats women in his games so I'm not very hopeful. Please someone tell me that this is addressed and it's not made to be some kind of sexy fantasy for basement dwellers.

No. 62546

Yakuza 0 is honestly of my favorite ps4 games ever made. It's so much fun, but also emotional at times

No. 62547

If that spoiler is legit, that makes me furious. After all the bullshit in MGSV where he attempted to explain Quiet's character design, i really felt pissed off.

If that's the case, then i honestly have lost the last shred of respect i have for Kojima. Sadly, all of his gross fanboys will praise him like a God

No. 62548

>and I'm really sensitive to this topic…but the fact that this is being used as some edgy subplot in a fucking video game is really depressing me. Like this is something that actually happens irl.

The fact that it happens irl is what makes me feel like Kojima is even more of a hack. He really has no respect for women if he thinks this is okay. this is what he eluded to for three (?) years??

he honestly lost his touch after MGS3. I'm sick of women being used as plot devices for edgelord gamers and shitty writers

No. 62554

god, i'm so bad at rhythm games, karaoke and disco are very fun but i feel like a brain dead idiot kek. though in my defence, my controller is like a fake ps2 one so its kinda spongey and stuff.
and I just got to majima!! now i'm not sure which one is my main girl , kiryu or him haha

No. 62555

also speaking of disco.. that kneeslide man….

No. 62556

File: 1573705648584.jpeg (807.54 KB, 2048x2048, 5A3AE6AB-1D32-402A-ACD1-4FDFF3…)

Majimas introduction was lovely, probably one of my favourites in any video game. And god, his karaoke.. Hng. Hes so good..
I don’t really have a favourite between the two since I love them both equally, and I think the game did a good job at separating their arcs in parts that wont make you miss the other character while playing (for the most part).
Let me know when you meet and what you think of the short haired girl from the opening cinematic!

No. 62564

Yakuza 7 demo is out on Japanese PSN. I haven't played it yet, but it's currently downloading onto my PS4. Definitely excited to try out the turn based combat and see how it holds up.

>Let me know when you meet and what you think of the short haired girl from the opening cinematic!
NTA but I LOVE HER and want to protect her. I have a lot of similarities to this character so I feel more of a connection, but she's absolutely one of my all time favorite video game characters.

No. 62565

anon starting yakuza 0 reminded me i had it downloaded so i also started it a few days ago. i'd do literally anything for tachibana.

No. 62570

File: 1573717968962.jpg (200.94 KB, 599x676, id-love-to-have-a-bf_o_7251514…)

No. 62580

based japanese sis

No. 62583

I just want to say - doesn’t Kiryu have the most beautiful voice? I feel like a middle-aged mom swooning over some Josh Groban Christmas songs when I listen to Kiryu’s karaoke songs. His voice is so perfect.

No. 62679

I have a soft spot for both, so i can't choose. Both Kiryu and Majima are very, very endearing in their own ways

No. 62680

I love her

No. 62706

So many Yakuza voice actors have such velvety voices. I love Akiyama's voice. Especially when he sings Baka Mitai.

No. 62748

oh for christs sake lmao it's not even painted as a good thing in the game and a major female character has an entire story arc centered around how shit it is. the whole game leads up to how inhumane the entire concept of it is. you're all clamoring to find something to be mad about at this point

No. 62749


ok, i´m gonna say it, Kojima is a terrible writer, he had some clever ideas that can only really work in the realm of vidya but as far as any other standards go he would be considered to be pretty dogshit, like third rate low budget horror movie level, he would not be allowed to exist as a creator of renown anywhere else except on videogames, specially with how much he rips off other authors, ripping off something from a movie and including it in a videogame is easier to pass than a movie ripping off another movie .

Even now that videogames are billion dollar enterprises the writing is still at a low bar, lower even than mainstream american movies. I feel not just Kojima but a lot of videogame personalities are really bloated and way above their heads.

No. 62750

kojima didn't even get renowned because of his writing. he got renowned for revamping and popularizing stealth games

No. 62753

>didn't even get renowned because of his writing

I´ve know plenty of MGS fans who would disagree. The whole selling point of that franchise was how it was so cinematic and had a "serious" script, even when its really a cheesy b movie. He was already known for his writing before that anyways, like in Snatchers in the 80s, another potpourri of ripped off ideas.

No. 62772

it's not really what got him famous and renowned though. any article and video done on him mentions the revamping of the stealth genre instead of his writing lol
i don't really know anyone who expects good writing from him anyways but maybe i'm not in the right(or wrong) circles for this. i expected corny writing and cheesy dialogue but with wacky concepts from his games and that's usually what i get so i'm never disappointed

No. 62840

File: 1573913290395.gif (696.63 KB, 498x370, 1547319585619.gif)

>people demanding great writing or character development in video games but not even caring or talking about level design or gameplay

No. 63118

This is my life right now, i'm obssessed with elder scroll online.

No. 63129

It's honestly really cute to see so many Yakuza fans ITT.

I love them too so much! The characters in this game are crazy good aren't they? Even the villains are well written and loathing (in a good way).

I agree, whew, hearing them say 'I love you' makes me very very happy

No. 63130

It's honestly really cute to see so many Yakuza fans ITT.

I love them too so much! The characters in this game are crazy good aren't they? Even the villains are well written and loathing (in a good way).

I agree, whew, hearing them say 'I love you' makes me very very happy

No. 63444

File: 1574310580347.png (1.38 MB, 1238x903, 233919.png)

was forced to take a week's break as my shitty fake ps2 controller decided to break kek, but have spend most of today fishing (not as good as ac:nl but that's expected) and i finally got to the part where we meet the girl and i was left on cliffhanger whether majima would kill her or not but surely not right?? right? like rn she's bit of damsel in distress but i want to know the backstory! also it's 4.30 and i should go to sleep ahh why is this game so gripping lol.

yes, the voices, minigames and random side-quests are all very good! i get distracted so super easily. pretty sure i spent an hour just playing blackjack lol, I don't even particularly care for card games? not complaining tho, makes the game seem fuller?

No. 64037

File: 1574527048084.jpg (138.34 KB, 1024x683, 4116393976_8e87f1f9cd_b.jpg)

Anyone playing Mario Kart Tour?
Feel free to add me: 875097227494

Have a lovely day!

No. 64080

File: 1574550432487.jpeg (43.42 KB, 574x430, 1573641983930.jpeg)

I'd like some Mario kart tour friends as well! My code is 389495655537

No. 64091

File: 1574556343315.jpg (75.52 KB, 633x738, 1561139211870.jpg)

I recently bought witcher 3 and I'm in love with the game, even if it is kind of buggy. It's definitely fitting the BOTW sized hole that was left in my heart after i 100% that game and Ys 8, lol. Geralt is pretty good husbando material to be honest, i heard that he had more of an animalistic appearance in the previous games, which is interesting!

No. 64184

File: 1574610572777.png (244.09 KB, 824x528, 1568493456743.png)

Anyone else here played Crystar? I finished it last night and I really liked the characters, story, music etc but the game itself was such a slog. I knew the game would be tedious since I checked out the reviews but I thought I would be able to tolerate it since I got through Drakengard 3, but man it was far worse than I expected. I still kinda like the game overall but I wish I didn't pay full price for it

No. 64188

thank you, that is my new favorite picture.

No. 64324

File: 1574720022290.gif (4.72 MB, 550x640, yakuza.gif)

>Yakuza 0
Majima is ultimate yakuza husbando, you can't change my mind.
I need to go back and finish the game but the main story just isn't that interesting to me? It's like watching a really long action movie. The sidequests and minigames are amazing tho

Does anyone have recommendations for something like Horizon:Zero Dawn? Sci-fi/lore-heavy/not an fps? Alternatively, is Dragon Age worth getting into? Already played stuff like Skyrim, Witcher 3 etc

No. 64326

I really love Dragon Age, it has the best waifus out there tbh. Origins can be a bit tedious at times, 2's cast is amazing but the plot meh but Inquisition is great imo. Inquisition is easy to get into even if you haven't played the others.
Have you already played Morrowind? If not, I'd recommend that as well.

No. 64332

File: 1574725767515.png (1.36 MB, 811x746, geraalt.png)

I'm sure you'll love Witcher 3. Are you playing it on Switch or other?

he is but Kiryu is honestly so cute and endearing it's hard to play favourites..
Here are my recommendations, sorry if I trail off what you asked for: Nier Automata or Bayonetta, Fallout has a third person mode.. (1 and 2 are different to the later games but just as good) BOTW, >>64326 seconding Morrowind and Oblivion. Metal Gear Solid maybe? Deus Ex?

No. 64339

I've heard good things about it, if I can go into Inquisition without already knowing lore then I'll definitely check it out since not knowing where to start is what's been holding me back. Fav DA waifu?
I really should play Morrowind/Oblivion too. Was too young when they came out so just completely missed them.

Kiryu is pretty adorable too, I've just been totally neglecting his side of the game to play the cabaret minigame lmao
>Nier Automata
Ahhhh I should've mentioned it in my first post, it's one of my favourite games. Played the first Nier straight after finishing it

I'm waiting until the new animal crossing comes out before getting a switch since they'll probably release a cute AC themed version for it, but planning to get BOTW once I do.

>Metal Gear Solid

>Deus Ex
For some reason I've always just assumed these series would just be angsty male power fantasy stuff so I've never even given them a chance. If the spoilers in this thread about Death Stranding are true then I'll probably write that off as well bc…yikes.
Cautiously optimistic about Cyberpunk 2077 for now.

sorry for stupid long post, but thank you both so much for all the suggestions!!

No. 64353

nayrt but I've played Deus ex HR and MD a bunch of times it's SO good, transhumanism is my thing so obviously I'm in love with the setting, chara design etc. I never felt like it was a male power fantasy. I actually love the main character, I think his story is really interesting. Great husbando.
If you like stealth games then absolutely play Deus ex.
I know you said no FPS but I will also rec dishonored every chance I get

No. 64355

Playing on PC. Man, he looks really different. He looks so fucking weird in the first game though. Second game looks alright though, maybe i should play that one day. I think I'll get a good 200 hours on Witcher 3.

No. 64363

File: 1574741299070.jpg (240.72 KB, 1280x694, tumblr_pmhp3z3SdF1r84zvno1_128…)

I've seen a lot of anons talking about how much they love Leon. Should I buy RE2 even though I've never played a horror game before?

No. 64368

Dishonored isn't really FPS, it's also a stealth action.
Dues Ex is cool. Play the original game too.

No. 64370

I really like one night stand on switch. I enjoy trying to achieve the different outcomes, but I know I can never win Robin over, which sucks, but I acknowledge it as it's good writing.

No. 64380

Sure! Go for it. I don't think you need to be a horror game veteran to play/enjoy it. Hopefully it'll get you into the genre or at least the series though! Play Resident Evil 4 afterwards if you enjoyed 2

No. 64384

I recommend all the games, depending on your ability to play older games that is.. IIRC, the first game revolves around the short stories, the second around politics, and the third around Geralts life.
I also recommend the books if you’re interested, Geralt and co. are portrayed rather differently compared to the third game but honestly they’re great!

No. 64388

oops yea it's not really a fps I meant that it's first person

No. 66196

File: 1575560366535.png (379.34 KB, 512x512, resident-evil-3-remake.png)

Resident Evil 3 cover leaked. I like the new character models tbh.

No. 66197

File: 1575560518517.png (321.3 KB, 640x929, apgxevqcqf241.png)

Another look at the new Jill. A part of me would've wanted Julia Voth to come back, but this isn't bad either.

No. 66210

Not bad! I did like Claire’s redesign in the RE:2 remake; the new Jill looks pretty good so far.

No. 66302

Mexican guy I can't remember the name of doesn't look as cute.
The realism they're going for just gives me a bit of that uncanny valley.

No. 66315

I thought Carlos Olivera was Columbian? either way, i'm not digging his look… It's the hair. Looks odd to me. Hope they tweak it. I loved RE3 so much when it came out and played it dozens of times. The RE2 remake was okay, so hoping they do better with this one. Lots of potential with Nemesis.

No. 66399

lil animal crossing update!

It's almost there and I'm truly sad for all my games that won't have the chance to be played once New Horizon has arrived lol

No. 66946

File: 1576040945534.jpg (20.55 KB, 960x540, ELcq_5oWsAcNEIm.jpg)

I think she looks fantastic.

No. 66981

So, we have a trailer. It's coming out in April.
I'm just a bit weirded out by how inconsistent Jill's face looks (she looks different in every appearance, wut) and how she looks like Milla Jovovich sometimes, it gives me the ptsd flashbacks from the shitty movies.
Everything else looks great though, apparently it was produced alongside RE2 so it shouldn't be rushed.

No. 66982

the only reason im not killing myself rn

No. 67029

File: 1576100207825.png (291.94 KB, 800x498, x0hn6wrph6e21-e1550092829529.p…)

Tbh, I'm not really happy with her outfit, it looks too much like Claire's.
I always liked second in pic related

No. 67052

File: 1576110038606.jpg (130.26 KB, 877x692, 1576094456373.jpg)

Yeah, the outfit looks kinda uninspired. They put the original one in the preorder version on purpose so that more people would buy it, kek.
Face in the bottom middle looked pretty bad, but it's probably because they were trying to imitate her surprised look from a scene in the original game and it didn't go too well. Apparently the models are only there for face scanning, they don't really act the scenes. So they shoot maybe some basic expressions and the rest are worked on later artificially, that's why some expressions might look weird.

No. 67393

Game Awards 2019 is airing, nothing really looks interesting so far

No. 67397

Everything looks bad and like it's been shat out and rushed because of the success of REmake 2. I'm really disappointed they arent taking their time remaking this game. It should be out this fast. I'm not looking forward to this. Jill's face looks beyond bad. Why cant they just use her face models from REmake 1 on gamecube??

No. 67398

None of these outfits work for Jill imo. they look so uninspired. what are these idiots are Capcom doing…

No. 67448

The Game Awards was such a snooze fest. 2019 really was a terrible year for gaming.

No. 67449

Aside from DMC V and REmake 2, i didnt buy a single game in 2019. I'm actually trying to think what good game came out

No. 67454

Those are fanmade

No. 67460

Any other anons waiting for The Stanley Parable Deluxe Edition release in 2020?

No. 67461

RE3 has been developed alongside RE2, they've allegedly been working on it for years so I doubt it will be rushed. We'll see in April I guess

No. 67485

Anyone play rdr2? Specifically online? I’m installing the moonshiners update and I’m super excited. So much new stuff in today’s update between the new role, new clothes and items, new features and bug fixes. I hate the fan base and discussion on reddit. They’re too autistic for my taste and never stop complaining about how much rockstar sucks

No. 67624

Bridges in new Animal Crossing confirmed.


They had absolute nothing interesting to show. I hoped for some good new trailers but nope. It was just hilarious to see the salt that neither Smash or Death Stranding won game of the year lmao

No. 67629

There's been bridges in every Animal Crossing to date how is this even news KEK this is almost as bad as detailed knees

No. 67751

Late but TGA was ok. Extremely hyped for The Wolf Among Us 2.

She looks like Jon Risinger in that first picture, kek

What’s in it? Never completed the game but it’s pretty funny and cool

What do you play on anon? I honestly never finished or got too far in RDR2 mostly because of the controls..

No. 67774

I'm gonna play RDR2 tonight. I was playing since March and love the new updates so far. Hope you have a great time, anon

No. 67806

I tried it when it came out as a beta, but there was not much you could do back then and it didn’t really convince me. Is it worth looking into it? I loved RDR2, it just didn’t work as an online game for me.

No. 68163

Anybody else playing Disco Elysium right now? Really good RPG along the lines of Planescape Torment. The writing is reallllly good. Very much enjoying it so far.

No. 68203

File: 1576787532629.jpg (20.53 KB, 600x360, 1575067066773.jpg)

What do you do when you have a backlog and you're accumulating games you've bought but never beat or even started? I felt burned out after just beating one route in FE3H depite liking the game a lot and ever since I'm just on the internet during my free time. I can't bring myself to turn on any of my consoles these past few days even if I want to play more games.

No. 68316

File: 1576821177049.gif (4.67 MB, 481x271, C6140FDE-AEFE-482A-B932-DFB4CF…)

Please plesse please tell me someone here has played the Titanfall 2 campaign, holy shit did I cry and need someone to hold. That ending… BT is best boy.
If you haven’t played it I wholeheartedly recommend it, at least watch it on Yotube since its not that long.

I feel you.. what has helped me was to stream the game for friends or get into it enough that i would need to finish the game to avoid getting spoiled. I love crossing out finished games on my backlist so I have a listography, narrowing down the games helps a lot. Not much can fight the inability to game while depressed though, good luck <3

No. 68324

sweet, I've had it on my wishlist on steam for a while. might pick it up after I get paid!

No. 68377

>what has helped me was to stream the game for friends
That sounds really fun. I wish I could do that but I play on handheld consoles like the 3DS or the PSVita and I would need some equipment to be able to do it.

>I love crossing out finished games on my backlist so I have a listography

Interesting, I personally use https://howlongtobeat.com/ so I can make several lists and see how long a game is. Since I have so many JRPGs it's useful since some of them are longer than others.

No. 68437

File: 1576889142552.png (74.14 KB, 457x457, qSVl78q.png)

Risk of Rain 2?! The new update is great, Acrid such a good boi. How cute is his fucking starting animation, napping sweetly on the ground before getting up to hurl on everything? Magnifique.
No love lost for Mul-T and Loader either, Hopoo did the transition from 2D to 3D amazingly

No. 68439

File: 1576891123053.png (1.18 MB, 1536x1646, monumentvalley_gdc_long.png)

My favorite kind of games are rpgs, mystery, point and click and puzzle games. I'm wondering if anyone has played Monument valley. It's pretty fun tbh.
>Puzzle games are pretty fun in general.

No. 68440

Ah! A fellow anon with exceptional taste!

I haven’t had a chance to play the new update but I’m so excited! Acrid is my bae! I never thought I could love the second as much as the first RoR but man, it’s so amazing.

No. 68587

Can't believe this gem of a game is just 20 bucks on steam…Meanwhile there's a bunch of garbage games selling for 60.

No. 68588

>sunshine sucked
Did you even play it? It's one of the best platformers of its time and the water jet mechanic is fun as hell and different.

No. 68822

I played it recently after getting 3 months of Origin Access for free. That robot has more heart than most human characters out there.

No. 68920

Do you guys think peggle will ever be released on switch? I'm so upset at how shitty the app is

No. 68923

Are there any anons here that enjoy elder scrolls online here? Ever since I got into it in august I have been completely hooked and have been playing it every single day. It's hands down the best elder scrolls game ever made, even if it had a rocky start on release according to those who experienced that and flaws it has, mainly pertaining to it being a mmo. Some examples of the flaws include there being no real player impact is left on the world because they need to reset the dungeon for the next players, or trying to be stealthy, but another players just runs in and rip and tears through everything, or having to wait for a boss to reset because you couldn't get a hit in because other players got to them before you. It's also the ultimate mmo for people who hate people and mmos. Zenimax do a good job of acting on criticism. I would hope that for ES6 that they outsource the game to someone else because I can tell from a mile away it's going to suck, I have no faith in them. Sorry for my retarded sperging, eso is good.

No. 68966

Does anyone remember a video game called Golden Sun for the gameboy advance? I used to play it all the time as a kid and got nostalgic about it but couldn't remember the name so my brother helped me use keywords i remembered to find it again! Such a comfy game…

No. 68974

I personally never played it, but it's right up my alley though, since I enjoy RPGs and a few others. And I use android emulators for some games and rom hacks.

No. 69009

File: 1577229600241.gif (233.39 KB, 98x128, 1576709737746.gif)

I wanna get back into persona but the games have such slow starts it makes it hard to replay tbh.

I feel you, in the case of handhelds I livetweet the game on a private twitter either to myself or friends if I'm really enjoying the game and not feeling too lazy. Thanks for that site by the way, super useful! Good luck though!

I know right, jesus. I got it free from this months PSPlus games, can't even get myself to play multiplayer because every time I open the game I just want to replay the campaign lol

No. 69011

Right? I had a lot of doubts and they all came to be unfounded. It even is a bit of struggle to think about touching the first game again despite how much I loved it, lol. And to think it's not even finished yet.

No. 69013

Once I hit vet levels I quit. From a single player game standpoint the story is hit or miss. (Wrothgar was amazing, Morrowind was okay). From an MMO standpoint it's spammy animation cancelling garbage and clunky as hell. And it's got a real predatory model when it comes to crown crates and other fun cosmetic stuff. Artificial time gated scarcity sucks.

I'm WoW trash though and prefer that endgame progression / challenge loop and have never been a fan of action RPGs so take that with a grain of salt.

No. 69019

I always wanted to play Golden Sun! I remember as a kid seeing the box art and just admiring the character designs. I'll have to download a ROM of it soon now that I have so much free time.

No. 69080

I picked it up during a sale but I've honestly been so lost on where I should head and how to increase my damage.

I'm an mmorpgfag but I'm currently mainly playing ffxiv, I really miss having friends to play online games with.

No. 69097

Dead Space 1 and 2 are at almost 4 bucks each right now, should I?

No. 69159

Yes! It gets more action horror in 2 but it's got some real creative monster designs and cool levels. I really enjoy the series - for all 3 got shit on it did some neat stuff.

No. 69160

Any games on the PS sale worth buying under like, $45CAD?
I’m thinking Death Stranding even though its a little over my budget, or like, MK11 or DMC5. I dunno.

No. 69186

Deadspace is one of my favorite modern day horror games. Definitely get them!! (Only 1 and 2 are worth playing though)

No. 69187

I'm playing Death Stranding right now! For me, i'm having a lot of fun just delivering packages and helping other people on the map. It's really relaxing!

No. 69256

File: 1577395671775.jpg (119.8 KB, 1280x582, 35820-teaser1.jpg)

Ori is currently on sale at the switch shop and I wonder if any anons have played it before? idk I always thought that it looked very pretty. Is it good?

No. 69282

sims 4 dlc is on sale right now, so does anybody have any favs i should pick up? i only have get together, parenthood, seasons and laundry day.

No. 69283

hi, new here

recently bought an xbox one console. got any recommendations for either story driven or indie games?

No. 69300

I've watched an entire playthrough of it and it seems like a very good platforming game. The soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous and I would play it just for that emotional experience, imo.

No. 69329

Beautiful visuals and music

No. 69342

I never thought that figuring out the best way to climb over a mountain could be so interesting.

No. 69372

File: 1577450342158.jpg (68.66 KB, 396x556, tumblr_p0nuaxqfzn1qjz6aao1_400…)

No. 69501

Also, it's really fun when other players (playing online) leave ropes and ladders to help.


Haha, beautiful

No. 70291

New official Animal Crossing trailer (japanese)

No. 70292

File: 1577883213630.jpg (221.39 KB, 2048x1142, o5713bq1h2841.jpg)


official artwork and box art (for japan)

No. 70293

Can't wait to finally experience Animal Crossing the way it was meant to be played. Only played it on GC and Nintendo DS with no internet access.

No. 70301

yes yes yes yes yes serotinin here I come

No. 70350

>darker skin tones

niiice!! I love how cute the cover is for Japan too.

No. 70962

File: 1578181770755.jpeg (148.82 KB, 1024x768, 23BA1AB6-E769-4AC9-9D32-1CBBB1…)

Well… I’m >>69160. Caved in and bought Death Stranding and Tekken 7 (.. on top of PSPlus). Have been neglecting them though since I’m still addicted to Apex Legends

Also, any anons into Jet Set Radio? I’ve been rediscovering it lately through Woolie’s LP and I love everything about it!

No. 70976

I haven’t played JSRF but I played the original on the Dreamcast and I just need more of it. It’s such a gem imo

No. 70988

File: 1578191669560.jpg (43.86 KB, 640x360, eg2017_chocobo.b189c163859.ori…)

JSRF is the shit!! I'm waiting for the day it gets an HD release like the original got years ago. Bis is my favorite character!

I can't stop fucking playing golf games. I don't even play golf IRL, but for some reason these games are addicting. I want to buy the Chocobo DLC for Everybody's Golf on PS4, I've spent so many hours online just telling everyone how cute their Chocobo sounds. It makes me want to cry because of how cute they are, like how cute Yoshi sounds in Mario Kart 7.

No. 70998

File: 1578196443430.jpg (61.9 KB, 1280x720, Apex-Legends-Wattson-1280x720.…)

i love apex legends too but i feel like everyone is so strong lately in pubs. i can't chill

do you watch streamers or youtubers?

No. 71001

I only played the original on dreamcast too, but JSR is such an underrated game with fun music and even more fun aesthetics.

No. 71022

File: 1578201368421.png (1.09 MB, 1461x906, 548DD9EE-4E2B-4FD9-892B-E69870…)

Haha, right? I can’t stop listening to the soundtrack. All the characters have such good designs (even rival gangs, whew!) my favourite characters are probably Beat, Gum, Cube and Mew though!

For real, doesn’t help that I’m trash at the game lol. Waaay better on ps4 than pc though since that’s my main platform :p I don’t really watch streamers or youtubers much even though I should.. ive watched a bit of kandy and aceu in the past though. Any recommendations?

No. 71048

File: 1578226895631.png (200.38 KB, 600x439, 1576952192766.png)

I beat the Azure Moon route a few months ago in FE3H and now I'm right in the middle of the Crimson Flower route and oh god, this game is such a drag. Why the fuck did the developers think making you redo the beginning of the game 3/4 times to unlock all the endings was a good idea? Only a few cutscenes and dialogues are different and this shit lasts like 11 chapters.

No. 71057

cant you abuse the save function

No. 71073

Not really, the game is weird in that the route split happens at the very beginning (as soon as the first chapter iirc?) where you have to choose your house/students, but you only really start having different chapters and stories after the 12th or 13th chapter when you compare all the routes.

The exception is between the Crimson Flower and Silver Snow routes where the route split happens right before the 12th chapter so I WILL use the save function here. Fates was better designed, you only had 5 short chapters to complete before the route split, you can skip them once you complete your first run anyway and the chapters between all the versions were way more different.

No. 71141

I've always though it looked interesting, but I'd probably be terrible at it. And Future is only for the orig Xbox.

I've just been playing the Holiday event on Destiny and I can't believe I already have 20+ hours on Death Stranding and am only on chapter 3.

No. 71201

File: 1578279972731.jpg (43.75 KB, 426x426, 1566875697943.jpg)

How do you feel about Edelgard so far? Make sure you talk to her every month or you'll be locked out of making a certain decision.

No. 71244

File: 1578314192611.jpg (64.22 KB, 624x736, D9qDcnyU8AAXrT_.jpg)

Don't worry about it, I managed to stay her ally after the timeskip. I kept the save file from right before I have to choose between Edelgard and Rhea so I won't have to redo the pre timeskip part of the game. Not sure I'll be able to do the VW route since I'm only borrowing my sister's Switch and I'll probably move out soon.

I liked Edelgard a lot in AM as a villain and even in general, she was pretty much a better Walhart since she's important from the beginning of the story. But I already have a feeling her own route is trying to push her as a kawaii waifu who did nothing wrong because she loves her sensei uwu after the timeskip.

No. 71245

Finished it last week. It's so unique. I'm addicted to the schizophrenic skill dialogue system. I'm unironically desperate for more stuff like this.

No. 71282

File: 1578344312443.png (163.94 KB, 492x448, 1572927593457.png)

That's how I felt like, too. Her motives for everything in CF seemed kind of inconsistent to me, and she and Hubert say a lot of things, but then do the exact opposite. I'm also getting tired of everyone on twitter being like "she'd be the perfect communist queen, if you just ignore her personality, her actions, and her reasons for ruling." Edelgard fans seem to be incapable of looking at her flaws, they really love to whitewash her. She's way more interesting as a villain, rather than how she acts in CF… I don't think she's cute just because she's scared of rats, sorry.

At least Rhea and Dimitri fans will admit that their faves did a lot of things wrong.

No. 71290

File: 1578349786350.png (377.42 KB, 680x595, 718A54A8-9C10-4B58-B29E-1D18D1…)

I just started Darkest Dungeon and I did not know about characters preferences and hatred, I accidentally put together two who hate each other. This bitch started insulting everything the other did until he fucking got too upset and fucking died of heart attack. Everyone else got pissed and 3/4 characters died oF FUCKING STRESS.

I lovehate this game already.

No. 71353

Just got it and I'm liking it so far. The mc is such a gremlin of a man but I'm having a blast just walking around and chatting with the locals.

No. 71377

To me it seems like her route was developed at the last minute because IS was too ambitious (again, see what happened to Fates) and wanted a villain route because characters like Rudolph, Arvis or Walhart were popular, BUT they wanted a plot twist à la MGS2 were the heavily marketed character and poster boy/girl of the game is actually not the protagonist (and the suspicious JRPG church and pope aren't the actual villains) BUT the investors told them to hurry up and release the game asap while forcing them to make Edelgard more marketable for Japanese normies and waifufags so she can't be too much of a ruthless misguided villain.

Actually I say that but I've been told that VW and SS are pretty much copy-pasted and that it's more likely that VW was based off SS with only one more chapter and a different last chapter. I really wonder how the game was developed now. We will probably never know, since to this day we don't know exactly how FE Fates was developed and why the story had so much potential and was so shit (an that's not even taking the terrible localization into account)

No. 71734

There is limited Animal Crossing: New Horizon merch for early pre orders! Merch varies from shop to shop and location! There are bags, washing cloths, key chains and other stuff!

No. 71735

File: 1578693812254.jpg (207.84 KB, 900x1500, 71Uexk6bp-L._SL1500_.jpg)


I found the washing cloth and tote bag for my country but I can't buy it (yet)? I def want to score SOMETHING from it lol

No. 71736

File: 1578693887138.jpg (134.44 KB, 893x1500, 71nYpDdqDaL._SL1500_.jpg)

No. 71738

I don't have a switch so I just preordered the bundle that comes with the pin badges, tote and nondescript case from the nintendo uk store. it's a lot of money but I know I'll be happy once the game is released. it was only £5 more for the bundle with all the goodies compared to buying a switch and the game separately too.

I can't wait to play!

No. 71739

that wash cloth is cute!

No. 72454

Cyberpunk got delayed to September! FFF

No. 72492

Fuck yes!!! I was worried that FFVII Remake and Cyberpunk were gonna come out the same month and I really want to play both. Sorry to those who can't wait.

No. 72495

thank you for bringing this to my attention, I'm in the same position as you and this bundle is perfect! I'm presuming it would be the new version of the switch?

No. 72499

Sucks for me because I am totally over Final Fantasy now especially 7. And I've still got a grudge against Square Enix for putting Deus Ex on hiatus for a shitty Avengers cash in.

Guess now I have to preorder Doom Eternal.

No. 72652

oh you're welcome! it's a pretty good deal I think. and yes it's the switch with the improved battery life. are you going to get the grey version or the one with blue and red joycons?

No. 72661

I feel like the only people into the FF7 remake are super nostalgia fags and newcomers. I played the game back in 1998, a few months after its release and it was decent then, but it barely hopes up now. Also, the story is not solid enough to warrant real replay. It's just very meh, especially compared to other RPGS that came out in 1997-1998.

No. 72662

meant holds up now*

No. 72682

I'm interested to see the changes they make. I don't really get your criticism. Every remake targets nostalgia fags and newcomers. FFVII sold very well, so it'd be stupid not to put out a remake.

What RPG would you want remade instead?

No. 72684

File: 1579334272211.jpg (22.11 KB, 585x300, b11084fdbe14d3b0979f52b60d7f4e…)

I need to sperg about my man Goro Majima for a second. I fucking hate a majority of the fans and even the localization team for not taking him seriously. They all just portray him as some ex dee totally random "trash goblin". Like… Have you actually played the game? Everything he does, is for a reason, no matter how random it may seem. His whole fucking personality is an act for his protection, down to his Osaka accent and hair, so people from his past wouldn't recognize him. He's a man of many masks, which is why I think his Hanya tattoo is perfect. The character designers knew exactly what they were doing.
Also, I absolutely HATE Goromi fans. I can't believe how obsessed they are with this single sub story scenario to the point where they're making zines and seething at Sega for referring to Goromi still as a man.
I cherish Majima so much, I wish the majority who like him would understand him better.

No. 72685

I want SquareEnix to make new games. All they've put out lately has been ports/remakes and cash grab phone games.

No. 72692

I disagree with your argument, as I love FFVII's story and characters a lot. They are the best parts of the game and it will be great being able to experience them again without the trash graphics and dated mechanics. I just hope that the extra content will fit the tone of the original story.

No. 72696

It's true. I'll admit a part of me was disappointed when they said they'll be treating FFVIIR's parts/episodes as separate FF titles. I love FFVII and it was a dream of mine to see this remake come out, but I'd kill to see their Agni's Philosophy tech demo as FFXVI.

No. 72709

They can make literally anything else tbh. The reason i personally cant stand FF7 is because it has SO many side stories. It's probably the one FF game that has at least 4 side stories for no reason. Dirge of cerberus, Crisis Core (even though that one was okay) Advent children, etc etc… it's such a mess.

Squeenix is so lazy and does the same shit over and over. Like Nintendo with Smash bros. Also, they need to get rid of Nomura so they can actually have some fresh ideas and stop the same face syndrome.

No. 72750

Anyone wants to talk about the plot of Death Stranding? I have almost finished it (I am at the part where you are supposed to incinerate BB's corpse - btw I am not buying that it's really dead and I expect a plot twist tbh. Either this or it goes to beach or wherever to chill with Cliff eternally) and I would love to exchange opinions with someone.
Overall I liks the game but feel like Hideo has missed out on making the characters feel like real people and not plot devices. I miss the codec calls about everything and nothing from MGS 1-4. This and all the little scenes made the characters of MGS feel like my friends or acquaintances. They were very exaggerated as well but the fact that most of them felt like they had interests and life outside of their importance to the main plot (or situation at hand) made them unforgettable.
(diehardman really pissed me off when he started venting his guilt at me. idgaf, our relationship was purely professional, go see a priest if you feel that bad)
I'm pleasantly surprised at no bullshit sexualization of female characters (I wonder if someone at Sony forced him to stop being a retard due to the fallout of the #metoo era or if it was his decision). I really like most of them though I wish that we could get to know them better.

ATM I beloeve that Cliff is best guy as he loved his wife and went crazy without her and never wanted to leave her or their son. I'm awaiting to find out it's his fault that she winded up in coma/braindead(?)

No. 72814

File: 1579450961345.jpeg (45.74 KB, 654x533, B3A3F2D5-EBDC-4327-8DC6-0AF9AF…)

Anyone playing the new apex event?

No. 72886

File: 1579527764678.jpg (22.17 KB, 400x240, 193380-disney-magical-world-2-…)

I'm still debating whether or not to buy Disney Magical World 2… Any anons who've played it, is it worth? I haven't played the first game but I've heard 2 is basically an updated version of the first one with tons of more content.

No. 72893

File: 1579535896255.gif (1023.06 KB, 760x428, fuckyeah.gif)

Two more months guys! Almost there!

No. 72933

File: 1579563469956.jpeg (322.48 KB, 1446x2667, 6DC7E88E-B4F4-4B7E-BA03-F51854…)

Pre ordered it to today and it comes with this cute Tom Nook phone sticker thing. Probably gonna put it on my laptop or mirror.

No. 72965

Late reply but yes I’m getting the neon one, I just think it’s way cuter than the plain grey. I’m also hoping to buy extra joycons at some point. I waited this long in case Nintendo announced a special AC switch but it’s looking like it’s not happening or that it will be a switch lite same as pokemon sooo

No. 72977

I haven't played 2, only 1, and I thought it was okay yet a little boring. I can see the appeal, it's just not for me. I'm not a big fan of Disney at all so I don't know why I bought it. I really liked running the cafe restaurant thing and decorating it.

No. 72979

Just bought this!
Looks really fun and tbh I don't care about the censorship at all.

No. 72981

File: 1579619890859.jpeg (1.28 MB, 2140x2828, 73FA2EB7-29F3-4B1E-9C38-041BC9…)

I'm on the last case of the first AA game and it feels really dragged out. I miss Maya because Ema just feels like an annoying downgrade tbh.

No. 72988

the neons are nice but I'm getting grey. my brother has the neon joycons so I wanted something different. I waited specifically for this game too (and bc I only play animal crossing and the layton games lmao) I was holding out for a special edition but I didn't want a lite cause no fullscreen connectivity. just under 2 months now……. BRING IT ON

No. 72989

File: 1579625959456.jpg (148.2 KB, 1545x1295, animal-crossing-new-horizons-a…)

island paradise here I come!!!

No. 73015

I try to, but have no one to play with ;_;
It's always nice to see other Apex anons!!

No. 73022

File: 1579649399778.jpg (21.75 KB, 640x360, 47949217908_de54098100_z.jpg)

Anons have you heard about/played Pathologic 2 ?? I just discovered it and I'm pretty sure I'll buy it soon but I wanted to have more opinions. It looks really unique and strange (love it) but I've heard it's super difficult. I like difficulty (hollow knight is my fav game) but in this case it's a RPG and I'm scared that it's just not going to be fun to play ? Especially with the time limit. So I guess my question would be, did you find it enjoyable and would you recommend it ??

No. 73029

Aww <33 what do you play on?

No. 73157

I bought a nintendo switch!!! I am so excited to play animal crossing! and I hope story of seasons: friends of mineral town gets a Europe release.

Im playing Okami at the moment and I am in love with it. I played the pokemon mystery dungeon demo earlier and It's like my childhood hit me in the face.

Even though it was a lot of money it has already been worth it and im so happy.

No. 73209

Have fun, anon!
I'm fairly certain that FOMT will get a Europe release
I'm looking forward to that too!!

No. 73219

File: 1579789169912.jpg (86.87 KB, 726x580, ratprophet.jpg)

you will feel mostly clueless of what's going on because of all the steppe folklore words and stories they'll allude to a lot.
i paid full price for pathologic 2 and it's worth it.
the first one is really cheap if you wanna try it out first but it is way harder than the second one and way more arduous to play through.
all in all pathologic 2 is solid game.
also dont make the deal with the train car man.
it's not a spoiler but just dont.

No. 73240

On PC. I usually play Bloodhound, Bangalore or Wraith.

No. 73247

I just bought a switch lite too! Only reason being animal crossing.. the wait is killing me lol

No. 73254

File: 1579812063322.jpg (551.51 KB, 1058x1500, 91XFK8XRNAL._SL1500_.jpg)

I nearly forgot about this gem. I'm usually ALL about games that take themselves seriously and have dramatic plotlines, but it's nice to have fun with an over the top game.

There's something about older games that's so charming. I'm also looking to get into Saints Row, I heard a lot of good things about it, mainly the in-depth character customisation, which is a huge plus in my book.

No. 73315

Now I want to look up which came out first. Lolipop or Sukeban Chainsaw.

No. 73348

Woman of culture

No. 73376

I lowkey want to build a PC just to play sims 4…
Anyways any cool indie games anyone wants to recommend me? I'm on linux so all I can play at the moment is steam compatible shit. tnx in advance!

No. 73377

Hollow Knight

No. 73387

If you like the building aspect of sims 4, planet zoo might be good for you. If you like the relationships aspect then stardew Valley might also be fun to play.

I got my pc when I was only into sims 4 too and then I branched out into different genres. Don't be afraid to try an action adventure game or something! You might be surprised at how much you enjoy it.

No. 73392

File: 1579967407156.jpeg (61.78 KB, 600x547, DA7782E1-86B8-49A9-867E-13756D…)

I was really excited for Rune Factory 4 to come on the Switch but it's coming a little under a month before Animal Crossing is so I'll have to wait
I feel like this is very bittersweet

No. 73394

File: 1579968500549.jpg (169.96 KB, 943x632, Screenshot_20200125-160058_Chr…)

Has anyone played the Life is Strange franchise?
I feel like a lot of people shit on the games for being "sjw-pandering" but I genuinely enjoyed the first game, it had a goid story line and soundtrack.
The prequel was kinda shitty, I hated hoe Chloe was manipulated by Rachel Amber, and I feel like it left out many plotpoints from the previous game (like how Rachel and Frank had a thing going on) and it dragged on a bit.
Life is Strange 2 was honestly disappointing, the main character gave me the I'm-to-kewl-2-care vibe and the episodes didn't feel like they made a continuous story line, just random shit that happened to them. The only character development that was happening was Sean getting edgy and careless, and Daniel getting more annoying (albeit still a young child, but still).

No. 73397

I agree! I genuinely liked the first game, but it feels like the others just didn't have the same feel to them.

No. 73419

I love LiS1, I have a lot of warm nostalgic feelings about it. I've been playing as the episodes would come out and I remember the agony over completing the ep and having to wait months for the next one, oof. So much suspense. Honestly, LiS1 was an Experience for me.
I liked Before the Storm too, tbf I don't know why people are not that enthusiastic about it. In some ways it hit me more than first season. I like chaotic complex female characters though, Rachel wasn't annoying me. Chloe was very manipulative towards Max, too. Adds to the realism and complexity of relationships, maybe.
The second season though… I just don't care about the characters. Not enough to even play beyond ep2, I've been putting off finishing the game for quite a time now. It's not the matter of not relating because they're not white chicks… I don't know. It just doesn't have the same magic? Hard to describe.

No. 73423

I don't like LiS much anymore but I do look back very fondly on it. I was born and raised in Oregon and Arcadia Bay reminded me so much of my trips out to the coast as a child. Arcadia Bay is literally just Tillamook Bay. Plus I was seventeen, and an dorky hipster, and obsessed with Twin Peaks…it was literally made for me kek. Even then I thought it was cringey and at times poorly written but it was an experience nonetheless.

>I've been playing as the episodes would come out and I remember the agony over completing the ep and having to wait months for the next one, oof.
this!! I didn't like the way the story turned out but imagining how it could have gone as the episodes were still dropping was half the fun.

No. 73472

Yeah, I don't remember enjoying this case at all. IMO it's only worthy if you're going to play the Apollo games.

No. 73660

File: 1580147156746.jpeg (83.25 KB, 1920x1080, 244D72D0-4A0C-42F3-A530-A60DAB…)

Not too long until we can meet new pretty boy, FEfags !
Dimitri remains best boy and no one can take his spot in my heart

No. 73661

i'm excited!! and i hope the new characters will motivate me to go through my last two routes (cf and church). i'm already tired of the "yuri is trans uwu" shit though.

No. 73664

this is a boy? he is very beautiful. Can you play FE on easy mode or something? I love the characters design but hate strategy games…

No. 73670

File: 1580150167985.gif (497.81 KB, 500x375, 46465.gif)

I bought some new games during the Lunar New Year sale that I'm pretty excited about, yet I spent my three days off replaying Tomb Raider Anniversary for the millionth time since I was a kid. At least my speedrun strats have improved, so it wasn't all a waste plus I got to spend time with my waifu.

What games do you always find yourself going back to, anons?

No. 73677

nayrt, but you can play fe3h on easy mode AND it comes with a feature called divine pulse, which makes it possible to go back several moves (even as far as the beginning of the battle) if you think you've fucked up!

No. 73701

It looks so good! The original tomb raider games are my favorite. Glad it got a remaster

No. 73802

What are the best plot heavy games for PS4/Switch besides Detroit Become Human (and other David Cage games), Life is Strange and Night in the Woods? Preferably with a light gameplay as I enjoy playing them when I ride my stationery bike.
Visual novels are fine as well I guess, though at the moment I am especially looking for games like the titles mentioned above. I also want relatable/well written characters and plot that is at least fun if it doesn't always make sense (DBH is a great example).

No. 73964

File: 1580311802445.jpg (109.52 KB, 600x371, 54984204898549054.jpg)

Anyone here play dwarf fortress? The villain update just released after about what seemed 5000 years!! I stopped playing for a long time and now I'm crawling back. I can't wait to waste hours and hours just reading legends mode.

No. 74157

File: 1580442737568.jpg (36.48 KB, 960x580, awww.jpg)


No. 74158

File: 1580442783865.jpg (59.5 KB, 960x640, ahhhhh.jpg)

This is so cute

No. 74160

I'm not a fan of the dock design but GOD I love the joycons and the back panel of the console. I've been waiting for an AC design so I think I'm going to get it!

No. 74171

I'd lost hope for an AC design! This is soooo cute, I've always hated the garish red and blue design of the switch, this one is so soft and tropical, I'm definitely getting it. I'm also very glad it's not a switch lite.

No. 74174

I miss the Professor Layton games. I know they're still around but they don't have the same charm anymore and they don't have the man himself!
I always thought the games were really charming and fun and the stories were genuinely nice. Layton's voice is amazing too.

No. 74177

I feel you anon. Layton's Mystery Journey was such a disappointment, Kat was cute but the game itself was garbage

No. 74182

I feel so rewarded for my patience nintendo has truly blessed us, its not a switch lite either fuck yes!!!

No. 74218

File: 1580502676965.png (822.76 KB, 680x1100, confirmed.png)

I preordered the bundle with the tote bag and pins a couple weeks back but cancelled it this morning to get this one instead, I love the colour scheme so much!!! Can't wait for March!

No. 74554

I've never played this game but I'm such a sucker for zombies and sharks and collectors editions in general. I'm so bummed this is sold out everywhere. I don't want to give money to a shitty ebay seller, but I'm probably going to have to

No. 74659

File: 1580929902426.jpeg (85 KB, 428x371, Screenshot_2020-02-05-18-08-04…)

I wish Haunting Ground got a remake, or at least a sequel

No. 74672

The controls are so awful. it would be a good game for a remaster to fix that. It was a bad game with the worst story line though. No idea why it got so much hype and i love horror games.

No. 74674

omg i dont have a switch yet, but i might need this one.

No. 74695

File: 1580959224982.jpg (19.09 KB, 400x227, IMG_2942.JPG)

True, and the panic mode thing was annoying. I guess all I want is a pretty game with a nice soundtrack.

No. 74965

I rommed Magician's Quest on my laptop (essentially just animal crossing but wizardry, lol) but the controls are kind of odd on it? I don't have a mouse, so I have to use the keyboard and it just feels very slow. It's a shame, because it's a really charming game. I wish I had enough money to buy a PC because laptops suck for gaming. Super uncomfortable.

No. 74967

It's very cute! You enroll in a little wizard school, and like Animal Crossing you're the only human there. There's shops and restaurants etc you can go to and you can decorate your dorm room. You learn lil spells and take on quests at the school. I know you can romance the animals or 'best friend' same sex animals, but I'm not that far into the game. The translation seems a lil off, but it's not terrible. It runs quite slowly on my laptop, but I'm not sure how it runs on DS.

No. 74968

File: 1581267404858.gif (1.16 MB, 220x220, DinnerIsServed.gif)

I just want to say that I truly loved Daniella. She was such a terrifying (though beautiful) character. It's a shame that now she would be headcannoned as trans with her unsetting look and a womb obsession (and TBH, she does give me uncomfortable tranny vibes which I hate because I used to enjoy her character so much! And now that feels a bit ruined).
Her theme was INSANE.

Anon, I have just turned on my DS today and considered playing it for the first time! Can you tell me more about it?

No. 74969

samefag, my dumb ass did not consider that you would reply before me. I will give it a shot tonight!

No. 75017

File: 1581317608974.jpg (40.88 KB, 484x640, dfac8270a9f63cd11e62d5ef316722…)

in the same vein,I really wish Rule of Rose(which is similar in a way as there's a female protag with a dog) got a remake with fixed game mechanics,since it was the biggest problem of the game which really ruined the experience.I haven't played it as it's one of the rarest games of PS2 because it was banned in a some countries,but I loved everything about it from the music and the atmosphere to the story and the characters and how they were all handled.Lots of thought was put in in and it's a shame it was rushed to the point the gameplay was so bad people were quitting it.It also got unfair flack for "lesbian" themes and abuse which were only subtle and handled pretty well imo.Stupid moral panic and shitty gameplay made this game obscure while it could be a horror classic like silent hill and I'm kinda salty more people dont know about it.

The chances of it being remade are slim as most people don't know it exists and atlus doesn't seem to care about remaking a game like this.It has a great story with sad themes and good twists.And for a 2006 game,the motion capture graphics looks pretty good even today compared to AAA full realistic games which look ugly and outdated

No. 75020

This game is fucking fantastic. One of my biggest regrets was finding s used copy at Gamestop for like 30 bucks but then selling it later on. Now it's way too expensive to buy. I loved everything about this game except the fighting but it could've been clever. I loved the weapons, the health items and costumes. I also loved the Brown mechanic. There was so much lore and so much to explore here. The characters are great and you feel like you're stepping into their world.

Maybe slight spoiler but I firmly believe some dev at red dead redemption was inspired by this game for one of the sidequests. The whole boy in the basement one.

No. 75022

if you are interested,there are people making reproduction cases on etsy with decent prices.the ps2 needs booting/a mod for the game to play but I've read people are satisfied with their purchases.you could look this up

No. 75053

File: 1581356250465.jpeg (71.27 KB, 720x399, 5A236F5A-29EF-498D-9BFA-A7DD88…)

Persona 5 has best gameplay, Persona 4 has best story and Persona 3 has best characters. I'm going to try Persona 2 tonight and see if I like SMT. Persona 5 is overrated.

No. 75054

I love Persona 2 the most. If you can, play SMT IV. I wanna fangirl over Walter with other people.

No. 75063

File: 1581361103340.jpg (195.83 KB, 1600x1200, dianaref1.jpg)

I got super lucky and got my copy before the prices went crazy. It's such a good game and i'm so happy to see other anons who love it too!! I never understood the stupid ass ban. EU is a wild ass ride because their reasoning behind is actually retarded. It's a great, rare horror game with an all female cast and really interesting story/take on mental illness and trauma. It's one of my favorite games out there and i still replay it. I do wish the controls were better, but other than that, it's one of the best horror games ever made on the ps2.

No. 75074

I'm only an hour into P2, but so far it's pretty interesting! I love the look of older graphics and the story is bizarre yet intriguing.

No. 75081

You can tell people only watched the trailer and got outraged at the blood sucking scene (and thats the only explicit thing I can remember tbh) without actually playing the game.

It has a lot of fucked up themes and the setting makes them even worse but the it manages to present them in a really tasteful way(Clara, cloth on the ground representing the dead etc), also, the visual storytelling they have going on is godlike.

Oh, and have you guys tried emulating the game? Its easier than trying to find a copy imo

No. 75088

is it worth just watching an LP of this? there's no chance I can play it (unless someone knows a good emulator?)

No. 75090

File: 1581376317950.gif (2.95 MB, 540x250, 00fc4faa-de82-4f24-8b04-a0dd7b…)

Hewie's theme was cute too
I think Rule of Rose would have been better as a movie or short series

I hope Outbreak gets a remake after RE3 is released. It'd just need voice chat and more scenarios

No. 75097

No. 75117

personally it's what I did.I didn't feel like going through the hustle of emulating it and dealing with the clunky controls.Watching an LP was fine for me

If you get to do it,then go one and watch videos from Rule of Rose Mysteries which analyse the game.It gets even more interesting

No. 75137

I wish the gameplay was a little better. I constantly got lost in a the samey corridors, but part of the issue was on me. The fight system was awful. I want to play again though… I don't like let's plays.
The RoR Mysteries blog was great too, it can probably be still accessed via wayback machine.
Does anyone know any other media wiyh similar mood/themes and focus on dark girlhood? Heavenly Creatures and Cracks are recommended (those are movies), but I need more games, manga, etc like this.

No. 75491

Haunted ps1 Demo Disc, anyone? Downloaded and ready to be taken to my friends house tomorrow for a night of spooky gaming. Just something 'bout dat aesthetic…

No. 75703

>I think Rule of Rose would have been better as a movie or short series

No, that would be horrible. The game had so many fun notes and side quests to do where you can piece together the mystery. Movies cant do it and a series would be awful because it's a game based on some scenes that do sexualize minors and that would be disgusting irl.

I would love for Outbreak to get a remake however!! It's a game that had such an interesting concept, but executed poorly. It would be interesting to do it with actual online multiplayer.

No. 75984

File: 1582129344231.jpg (111.6 KB, 1200x800, photo01.jpg)

new nintendo switch lite color revealed. Pretty cute imo.


No. 76003

aww it reminds me of the pink DS Lite I had as a kid. Might have to finally get one.

No. 76041

File: 1582167692562.jpg (49.22 KB, 960x486, 27661605_1746394792049449_3832…)

I keep telling myself I can just use my bf's switch, but goddammit that coral color calls to me.

No. 76048

Don't act like a dumbass consoomer.
If you don't need the console and can freely use your bf's, don't buy it. It's a huge waste of money due to a retarded reason.
Of course go for it if you can't use your bf's switch at any time and as much as you want.

No. 76085

Anons is the switch lite good or should I save for the full size switch? I'd probably mainly play it in my room (no tv) or during.my breaks at work. I've heard the lite is a more comfy handheld experience.

No. 76103


I posted a graphic back when it was announced >>39790 and my personal intake on this. It really depends on what you are looking to, if you want to play your switch games on the go then I would go for the lite because it has a longer battery life and is more handy. The casual switch on the hand which I personally own, has more options but as I said, it depends on what you want. Read what suits your needs and then go for it.

No. 76182

what if anon is playin animal crossing?

No. 76188

I don't understand how your question is relevant. You can't play AC on a basic Switch or what? Guess I'm fucked then

No. 76203

You can, but it's a near daily visit type of game. If she can't see her boyfriend for a while, her village is going to suffer lol

No. 76244

File: 1582292870502.jpg (85.78 KB, 591x528, theythemac.jpg)

i fucking cant lmfao
i do like the guy on the right though

No. 76269

>Of course go for it if you can't use your bf's switch at any time and as much as you want

No. 76273

i posted >>76182 and i'm not dumb. my concern was that you can only have one town per switch and as of now, can't transfer it. i'm getting a switch now simply for animal crossing because i don't want to have it locked in to someone else's system.

No. 76290

Well it is your decision, you know the best how much you can use the Switch that you share with someone. For me it's not a concern at all so it seemed weird to buy an extra Switch, but you may have a different situation. I would not recommend buying an extra Switch JUST because it's uwu pink and you can.

No. 76505

Get into the tales series now!!!
I highly recommend tales of symphonia (available on steam but emulate it on dolphin for 60fps) & tales of berseria

No. 76507

Currently trying to understand and finish a run of World of Horror… it's not been easy…

No. 76533

Why do i felt like Joan is Daisy Mae's mother? Shes probably retired and let her daughter carry on her legacy?

No. 76583

File: 1582493726604.jpg (Spoiler Image,56.18 KB, 980x551, lruv7moobmi41.jpg)

oh god I regret preordering RE3 after seeing pic related I'm probably gonna fucking pee myself playing this game. I HATE IT.

No. 76587

Anon, you have great fucking taste.

No. 76618

i'd recommend anon vesperia in addition to symphonia. berseria is too edgy and would turn me off to the series if i played it first

No. 76869

destiny , Symphonia, Abyss an Vesperia are the best tales of games imo.

No. 77235

I know it's super soon, but I just wanna play this dumb game with my boyfriend.

Do the damn port already, Japan (or at least announce it to give me a piece of mind)

No. 77257

I just got a PS4 recently after not owning one since the 2, any good games I should check out? I've mostly been a nintendofag and was gifted an xbox one a while back so anything thats ps exclusive I have missed out on over the past 10-12 years or so.

It came with that bundle with horizon, god of war, ive been playing the sims 4 and some JRPGS. I also just started Code Vein. I like pretty much all kinds of games but RPGs are my favorite. I trust lolcow to steer me in the right direction.

No. 77279

>Any of Dark Souls games but especially Bloodborne (exclusive)
>Castlevania Requiem; is made up of Symphony of the Night and Rondo of Blood (exclusive)
>all of the Darksiders games
>Monster Hunter: World
>Fallout 4
>The Witcher 3
>Marvel's Spider-Man; I haven't actually played this one, but a friend of mine swears by it (exclusive)

I can't in good conscience recommend Destiny 2 rn, since it's on the last couple weeks of the current season and the New Light introduction they have for newbies is an irredeemable mess, but it's free to play, if you wanna give it a shot.

If none of these catch your interest, or you've played most of them, the PSN has a fuck-ton of other games to browse through, so there's plenty to choose from. Hope it helps, anon.

No. 77345

File: 1582955043238.jpg (214.61 KB, 1280x720, ER648okU0AEktxb.jpg)

anons I played FE Awakening back when it came out and am currently halfway through Three Houses and really like them both. Which other Fire Emblem games should I play? The only other tactical rpgs I've played are Final Fantasy Tactics A2 (which I adore) and Phantom Brave, if that matters.

No. 77378

Try to play FE Fates if you liked Awakening in terms of gameplay. It's the same thing but better/more balanced. There are three versions, Conquest, Birthright and Revelation. Conquest and Birthright are the base game but they're sold separately and they have different playable characters and classes, as well as different chapters (unlike 3H where all the routes have almost all the same maps for a long time except maybe CF but it's the shortest route by far). Birthright plays exactly like Awakening but more balanced. Conquest is way harder because of restricted money and lack of level grinding maps but has really good maps. The story isn't all that great and some of the really interesting things were removed for the localized versions because the story wasn't family-friendly enough and some people will tell you it's shit but the characters are ok for the most part. Just make sure to unlock supports between all the siblings to learn more about them.

It's recommended you play Revelation last because it reveals a bunch of plot points that stay mysteries in both base game routes. Not only this is wrong and other less expensive and more fun DLCs reveal actual things, the maps are super gimmicky and boring. And there's the fact that you can use almost all the characters from both versions but they have shit stats and levels in the chapters where they show up so there's no point to it. The only good thing from this version is if you want to play online but it's too late for that now. So imo you shouldn't bother with Revelation at all.

FE Echoes plays very differently from the other 3DS games but I wouldn't recommend it. I personally hated it, the original game aged like milk and almost nothing was modernized in this remake. Don't listen to people telling you the game is good because the art and voice acting is great because they mean that only these things are good.

I'm playing FE Blazing Blade right now and I'm enjoying it but I'm only at the beginning of the game (just unlocked Eliwood), so I can't give you an opinion yet on the GBA games.

No. 77392

File: 1582990564927.png (792.23 KB, 550x861, cf1.png)

wow anon thank you for the detailed response! I'll look into Fates and probably try out a few ROMS of the older games.

No. 77419

Thanks for the recs! I’ve played all of the fallout games btw (I didn’t care for 4 after the first playthrough)
I have been intimidated by the dark souls series because all of the men I’ve ever hung out with have tried to like make it seem like I’ll be bad at it and won’t get it because I’m a girl. my ex told me to play it and he sat there over my shoulder trying to tell me what to do and how to fight the entire time. Very annoying. but I might have to give it a shot because I love the aesthetic of the games in general.

Also love the darksiders series. Def will check out some of the others u posted.

No. 77425

File: 1583011056752.jpg (349.62 KB, 616x353, capsule_616x353.jpg)

finished octopath on switch in 69 hours. i'm kind of sad it's over but at least i don't have to deal with all those exhausting plots anymore. it was pretty cute and fun to play, a really good timewaster, challenging but not ragequit inducing. 6/10 anyone else played?

No. 77444

>Also love the darksiders series.
My girl!

The soulsborne games aren't nearly as difficult as people like to make them out to be. Just like any game, they require familiarity with the controls, and while there is a bit of a learning curve for some encounters, don't let the prospect of difficulty or the words of a buncha pansy-ass dudes dissuade you. The games are beautiful, full of depth and, once you get a hang of what you're doing, incredibly fun. Cheers, anon!

No. 77508

File: 1583105462856.gif (1.17 MB, 540x304, AthleticFairAngelfish-small.gi…)

Bf ended up just giving me his switch so hey it all worked out in the end. Just gonna get a skin for it because I hate how the blue and red joy cons look.

>World of Horror

OOO anon, I've been hearing a lot of good things about that game! I'll probably take the plunge and play it too…

No. 78052

File: 1583425030884.jpg (73.21 KB, 700x658, h6zyn4lj3ne31.jpg)

Bought and played Doom for the very first time and let me just say holy fucking Christ this game is THE SHIT.
I've done nothing except play it these last 5 days straight and now when I close my eyes all I see are Doom levels.
Help me

No. 78053

the DOOM series is honestly so good (apart from 3, which is a good game just not a good DOOM game)

SUPER excited for the 20th cause I'm gonna have one monitor with ACNH and the other with DOOM Eternal and have a good ole time

No. 78063

I'm honestly so happy with the whole DOOM/AC cross over stuff. I'm getting both when they come out.

No. 78076

same here anon. I've started hearing the soundtrack in my dreams.

No. 78095

Guys can be very shitty about games but ngl I don’t think handholding you through a soulsgame is a guy-only thing, I think I fucked up and robbed my friend of her first run experience too because we decided to immediately co-op and I lead her hard through everything because I wanted to spare her all the frustrating shit I did on mine.
this is true. Souls is a bit annoying with how NPC quests work however, they’re convoluted and hard to keep a track of and imo you end up doing many things unknowingly. I take skyrim’s hand holding map markers over this.

also screw covid19 for delaying Elden Ring news

No. 78156

any recs for someone who is just getting started on the nintendo switch? thanks to this thread i found out about va11halla, which would be the prime example of what i am into.

No. 78197

I honestly hate the mentality that comes with the Soulsborne games. My first experience was Dark Souls 1 and Bloodborne and i had a friend co-op with me because it was brutal without help in some areas. We also had a great time doing it together. There's so much fun about 'jolly cooperation.' People should be more like Solitaire and stop trying to gatekeep the souls games from players who arent on their 'level.'

No. 78201

I played the demo and enjoyed it a lot. Honestly I might pick it up or ask for it during the holidays lol

No. 78241

Since finishing it I'm doing all the side quests now and it's so much fun. Honestly, get it, best switch game I've ever played by far.

No. 78279

Oh yeah, jolly cooperation is some of the funnest times I've ever had in gaming (sunbro4lyf). It probably helps that the only direct forms of communication are gestures and every meeting is so fleeting you have to make it count. There's no time to bitch at your teammate when death is imminent.

I'm not fond of lorebeards and their fans who constantly parrot their glorified fanfiction, there's too many players who get sucked into watching YouTube videos to cram all that lore in and I think they're losing out on the mental exercise that comes with piecing together your own interpretation of the game on your own.

No. 78442

Also, it's boring. Watching lore videos means you're missing out on a ton of stuff from simply experiencing the games themselves. It's like reading a wiki instead of watching a movie.

No. 79040

I've finally built my pc, and I absolutely love siege. I'm new to pc fps games, but I already feel like I'm doing so well in it. My bf is also really good at the game, so it's super fun to play with him. I'm just so happy, I'd always wanted to play pc games but I was afraid I'd be really bad at them and that the learning curve would be so steep, but I'm doing well!

No. 79109

File: 1584275962992.jpg (342 KB, 1116x1600, 138-1384338_vampire-the-masque…)

Anyone else can't wait to play Bloodlines 2?

I was actually glad when I heard they postponed the release date - it was going to be released this month, if I recall correctly - because they still have a lot to work on, especially the animation. I just really hope that manage to recreate the same seedy and dark atmosphere as the original.

No. 79487

File: 1584533574819.jpg (301.19 KB, 1280x1707, IMG_20200229_170913.jpg)

I've always enjoyed playing some idol rhythm games, but after playing more games with male characters and the new Enstars game my intetest in games like idolm@ster just went poof, though I still appreciate the music.

I wish there were more high quality games with dudes that had better 3D models, animation and music.

No. 79491

I'm excited! Here we go again with all the games i want to come out, coming out around the same time. I'm really looking forward to bloodlines 2

No. 79533

So I recently got hooked into the Persona games. I played 3 and 4 and loved them and was looking forward to playing 5 but I was abroad and only had my handhelds so I had to wait. Now I'm home and am reunited with my PS4, but P5R is so close to being released in the west and now I'm not sure if I should buy a cheap used copy of P5 and play it first, then buy Royal when it's gone down in price a bit, or just skip the middleman and only play Royal.
Idk, am I overthinking this? I feel kinda dumb buying P5 when the more enhanced version is right around the corner, but I'm pretty cheap and more of a "patient gamer" too. Any thoughts from people who've already played 5?

No. 79550

I've seen that the added content in P5R isn't amazing or change the experience of the actual game overall like P3FES, P3P or even P4G did so you're better off saving money and getting the original game. People even kept saying buying P5R is like buying a 70$ DLC because of how tacked on the new content is.

No. 79552

Oh damn, didn't realize it was that disappointing. I was trying not to look up too many reviews or summaries to avoid spoilers but it looks like a lot of people are saying pretty much what you said. I'll just buy the original game, then, and maybe I can check out P5R in like a year or two when it's gone way way down in price. Thanks for saving me like $40 lmao

No. 80110

Playing it right now. It's so good but I keep dying.

No. 80130

File: 1584945299731.jpg (126.01 KB, 640x480, ps2_castlevania_curse_of_darkn…)

anons what are some of your favorite ps2 games?? preferably ones that haven't been re-released to current gen consoles.

No. 80162

If you like Curse of Darkness play Lament of Innocence as well.

No. 80164

File: 1584956143369.jpg (43.7 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

Can anyone recommend me experimental games that focus on exploration? Screenshot is from LSD Dream emulator which I really enjoyed. I also like Yume Nikki and The Path

No. 80226

has anyone played kingdom come: deliverance? if so, is it any good?

No. 80229

Shadow of The colossus (remastered now but ps2 version is godtier.

No. 80263

File: 1585016392655.jpeg (45.77 KB, 1067x600, F375B346-AF75-4654-A041-29233A…)

Gitaroo Man
Digital Devil Saga
Shadow Hearts I & II
Shin Megami Tensei III

No. 80264

File: 1585016908198.jpg (599.63 KB, 1304x2112, HeatAgniConcept.jpg)

>ps2 shadow of the colossus

YESS. it's still the best one imo. Ps4 is soulless

Digital devil saga is such an underrated gem

No. 80292

File: 1585035854305.jpg (8.42 KB, 236x288, 79bfcad69478c950d3d3245081f166…)

This is one of the more popular spinoffs. We need more Devil Summoner love.

No. 80493

with the whole self isolation thing, i decided to replay fallout 3. its been great! super nostalgic because i had this friend of mine that insist i play it at her house during a sleep over and i stole her copy to finish it because i liked it so much haha. but yeah! a great game to play in this time of great national fear. also i had a serious crush on gob even though hes like. not at all important lolololol

No. 80496

Seconding Shadow Hearts 1&2. I love those games so much!

No. 80497

has anyone ever played rune factody?

No. 80499

anon if you're still here, this has become one of my favorite games ever too!

No. 80529

If you like Yume Nikki, try .flow. It's its most famous fangame and a favorite of mine.

No. 80610

Wanna play The Wolf Among Us 2 soo bad. I wonder what the plot will be, the trailer was pretty vague

No. 80616

I've never played any games but i want to get into gaming. Do you guys have any recommendation?

No. 80634

I wonder if it will follow the comics?

No. 80714

what other mediums are you usually into (reading, comics, etc). Which genres? Also are you into things that are heavy in subject matter or more lighthearted?

No. 80784

what are some of the best, newer games to play support classes on?

No. 80991

File: 1585484237535.jpg (38.27 KB, 960x540, IMG_20200329_141609.jpg)

Nier:Replicant is getting a new version for PC and consoles
They're going to re-dub the whole game and shoehorn the seiyuu of 2Beta and 9S in.

They also announced a mobile game, don't have any hopes honestly because Sinoalice is shit and Drakengard 3 was the last game I liked.

No. 82844

I just picked up my copy of FFVII, I'm so excited!!!

No. 82864

You're so lucky! I have to wait until tomorrow. Enjoy!!

No. 83222

How are anons feeling about FFVII remake and all the changes? I'm about halfway in (I suppose) and already wanna talk about it…

No. 83224

I get the issues people are having with it, but honestly, it's a remake, not a remaster. People are gonna complain either way, but I, personally, have enjoyed playing it. I finished it yesterday and while I feel like some bits of it were a bit of a lull, the action and story more than made up for it!

No. 83228

I thought it was fine until the ending. Those floating ghost things you keep seeing annoyed me too though, and we saw Sephiroth's ugly smug face way too often. Isn't he supposed to be mysterious?

No. 83230

File: 1586714144441.jpg (41.49 KB, 960x542, o6gteppbp9s41.jpg)

No. 83240

When do you think the playstation store will have discounts on FF7 remake and Persona 5 Royal? I really want to get those games but I can't justify dropping more than 50 bucks on a game so I'm holding fingers crossed for Christmas time.

No. 83252

i love it and i love the fact everyone wants to fuck cloud

No. 83273

Depends on how fast part 2 comes out. I think it'll be a fall or christmas release TBH. I don't think they are gonna wait to pump out the remainder of the story.

No. 83278

Maybe it's too early to ask, but would the FF7 remake be a bad purchase if I haven't played the original? Or any other FF game, for that matter. I've heard that 7 is one of the better games and a good first game for newcomers to the series, but as a younger gamer I'm kind of more drawn to the new game with shiny modern graphics. But it worries me that the remake is only the beginning of the game and that the rest of the story is gonna be in separate games.

No. 83287

ya'll can thank Nomura for that, yes he is the same guy that created the kingdom hearts franchise so of course he was gonna pour some kh autism to this as well. lul this is the same guy that almost ruined ffxv (formerly called 13vs) I bet they will also kick him out of this project if he goes full autismo with this game.

No. 83289

it's a really fun game anon, get it

No. 83290

Only slightly related but how much does Nomura want to fuck Gackt? When I saw one of the FF7 remake's trailer me and my friends thought Reno looked way too much like Gackt. When will Nomura let it go?

No. 83299

How the fuck was it KH autism, they represent Reunion. It's probably going to expand into the clones and what not. Not everything is fucking KH. Black cloaked figures was already in FF7 prior to KH being a thought.

No. 83300

the same day he lets go of Noctis and 13vs this man knows no limits

meh its just my opinion, everything Nomura touches he ruins, I was just saying that maybe he will try and make the story as convoluted as kh, dont get me wrong I do like kh but its a bit too much and the fact that he added his "not noctis" character to the whole plot kinda ruins it but like I said its just my opinion.

No. 83301

Maybe know the game first then? It's representative of the Reunion. It's not like he's going to stray far from the actual plot he's just adding elements not well explained in the ps1 release. They even said they wanted to expand on things they had to cut or didn't have time to put in.

No. 83306

Oh my god anon, changes are not automatically good or bad. At the moment I would honestly said that the dementors are terrible. You do know that they are supposed tp be 'keepers of destiny', right? They are intervening so the timeline of FFVII is intact and the story roughly goes on as it already has.
How is that not stupid and overly convoluted. Literally nobody asked for this shit. Maybe the dementor addition will end up being good, but I doubt that. Yoshinori Kitase is the only person who can write at SquareEnix, everyone else just adds autism to the plot.

No. 83317

I"m sorry but MUH TIMELINES slaps of Kingdom Hearts to me.

No. 83326

This. The timeline ghost bs has nothing to do with the reunion (the word itself triggers me as it reminds me of the trainwreck that was Advent Children).

No. 83333

Nomura is a hack and i wish he would quit square altogether. FF15 was only good because he had zero hands in it, but look at Kingdom hearts 3 and how much of a trash fire it was because Nomura was all over it. I cant stand him. He needs to retire.

No. 83340

I forgot how to make spoiler text, but dumb dementors aside, what did everyone think of Jessie, Biggs and Wedge's parts?

No. 83341

So FFXV is good? I wanted to play it but heard mixed opinions and was afraid that the plot would be typical Nomura shit… even though I've seen the main characters being praised a lot. A lot of people have shit taste and genuinely like Nomura's bs so I was not sure I could trust those opinions.
Badger best Final Fantasy character, that is all.

No. 83349

you even got quads! yes this! Nomura is a fucking troll at this point, and he made 13vs stay stuck in development hell for 10 years until Tabata moved in and tried to fix the dumpster fire that game was, and dont even get me started on kh him adding all his 13vs shit and his "not noctis" character ugh, horrible! Yes, he really needs to retire.

Yeah the game is good it does have the unfinished feel to it but the whole thing itself is pretty good,the story is a bit shit but the gameplay is fun and the banter between the characters is fun too, you will fall in love with them than with the actual person you are suposed to marry (in game) I have put like 200 hrs on the game but you can finish it in around 60 to 80 hours depending if you want to jump all the side quests, also the dlcs are pretty good except gladios that dlc is shit but the rest are decent. I would say go for it but wait till there is an offer or discount on the ps store or steam.

No. 83360

He was cute. But it really cheapens the impact of the dramatic scenes if everyone is going to survive. I wonder if there is going to be an alternative story line where Aerith lives.

No. 83361

Ya'll act like he ain't got hella restrictions on him since KH3 FF7 is their biggest cash cow currently and they aren't allowing him much wiggle room beyond what was initially intended for the game.

No. 83366

should have retired him already ffs.

No. 83557

Anyone else despise Overwatch's current state? I have to be dragged by the few friends that still play. But Jesus, at least with Bethesda you know going in it's gonna be a massive trip of bullshit. Overwatch's team seem to just do the worse possible balance choices they possibly can then be shocked it makes the game more of a chore. I've more or less migrated to other games for daily fun. But every time I get begged to play and do. I can't help but go how did ya'll fuck up this bad.

No. 83645

Ladies I have three choices
Animal crossing new horizons
Final fantasy 7 remake
Persona 5 the royal

Which should i go for? I already played the first persona 5 game omg I loved it but I also played animal crossing new leaf and I've seen game play of the new game and final fantasy 7r the reviews are good, but idk which should I get, pls help, no bully pls

No. 83692

ANY of the other choices before Animal Crossing
not that AC:NH is bad but for me it's put every other game on the side while I spent too much time paying off Tom Nook

No. 83703

Yah that's what I am looking for actually. A game that will keep me busy a while thanks!

No. 83715

ff7 remake easy

prepare to want to fuck cloud strife

No. 83743

As a longtime Cloud lover, it makes me so happy that everyone wants a piece of him. God bless Square Enix for the hand massage scenes lmao. He deserves all the love.

No. 84270

No. 84343

File: 1587361297568.png (519.48 KB, 748x512, 69951860_p0.png)

Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Complete for Switch is on sale for $29.99. It's two games in one and a fun JRPG. While not as polished as SMT, fans of that might enjoy the similarities.

No. 84894

okay this made me laugh, is this part of Nomura's revenge?

No. 86111

File: 1587818931785.png (306.33 KB, 630x354, sabrina.png)

I was playing FE Sacred Stones and I'm currently in the second half of Eirika's route and I got so pissed at one of my unit getting killed from something completely unpredictable an hour into the chapter and from the RNG screwing me over and over again I gave up and decided to just play otome games I had on my backlog. Fuck it. The fucking fog mechanic and "you can see enemies in a room until you unlock it because fuck you" thing are total bullshit and any older fans who tell you they're great ideas are retarded or in total denial. Maybe once I'll be done with more games in my backlog I'll go back to it since I have so much free time.

I also really want to play the original FF7 now because the remake or rather, knowing that the remake is more of a sequel made me kinda hyped. I already have most FFs on my PSVita so maybe I should play all the ones I never even started yet. So if I go back to FF it's either gonna be FF7 or the FF10 and 10-2 remaster.

No. 86116

Half of the fun of old fire emblem games is ragequitting lol. Just try again in a while

No. 86157

Yeah I'll try again another time, the real question is when? If I could have played this game and FE7 back when I was a teenager I would have fucked around with everything they have to offer but I don't have as much patience for that anymore I guess. Or maybe I'm getting burned out after doing two routes of 3H and doing the first 10 chapters in Sacred Stones in one go?

No. 86176

This reminded me that Digimon Survivor is supposed to come out this year but the release date hasn't been revealed yet. I just want my Digimon survival game

No. 86199

Yeah that might be a problem. I played FE8 and most of the other FE games as a teenager instead of studying so time wasn't a problem, plus I savescummed for FE6 which is even more rng based, and three houses came out in summer and was easy as fuck so I just played through it, but yeah, you might be burned out from playing too much. Take it easy, after all is just a game.
I'm curious, what otome games are you playing?

No. 86214

I just completed Hatoful Boyfriend and its sequel, they're pretty fun and I'm really glad I never saw spoilers before playing it despite the franchise being so popular. I started The men of Yoshiwara Kikuya and its sequel Ohgiya, they're pretty boring so I don't think I'll do all the routes for both. I did two full routes of the first game and I just started one route of the second game.

I also have Amnesia Memory and both Hakuoki games, I'm not buying any more otome or BL games until they're on sale on Steam.

No. 86346

HOLY FUCK so if those TLOU2 leaks are real, you're basically playing as a buff troon who's primary goal is to kill a lesbian couple

No. 86356

hatoful boyfriend isn't a real otoge…

No. 86357

the dogenzaka games (yoshiwara, ogiya, secret pets, etc) are pretty terrible since they're formerly mobile ports and most of them have no voice acting. you should get nightshade and nameless if they go on sale, they're some of my favs

No. 86358

yeah, i saw those leaks and i'm… so, so disappointed. i LOVE ellie and i can't believe this is supposedly happening, jesus fucking christ, why would they think this is a good idea

No. 86362

I don't think abby is actually a troon, I think it's just a detail leakers/people on 4chan are assuming based on her build.

No. 86364

I knew it was gonna be a trash heap the moment it's reveal trailer was on LOOKIT HOW UWU GAY ELLIE IS ohandheressomethingaboutgameplaywhatever. Knew right then they were gonna serve up a steaming pile of garbage. Especially after Baker was like "Fans are either gonna love or hate it." But imagine being so shit at writing your story is Main anticipated cast gets killed off by someone who at end learns 'revenge nu solve nuthin'

No. 86374

I know but since it starts as an otoge parody I guess it's close enough.

I'll check these games later, I'm sure they'll be on sales later but I'll try to finish more games in my backlog before. I don't think they were on sales on Steam when I bought the games I mentioned in my previous post though.

I don't mind if there's no voice acting in the men of yoshiwara actually, it allows me to just smash enter and be done with routes pretty fast since I read very fast. I did one route in ohgiya and marked that one as "completed" in my backlog anyway, I started another route to shitpost about it with friends but after that I'll leave it at that.

I'm getting my popcorn ready for this shitshow.

No. 86377

I got back to playing Overwatch but this time I bought it for ps4 since my pc is a potato.
Holy shit are there a lot of smurfs on console. I get one almost every game and at this point I just think at the beginning of every match "I hope our smurf is better than theirs"
inb4 "but muh alt account i do it to relax my real account is in masters playing with smurfs makes your game sense better

No. 86437

No. 86441

Imagine being so progressive you say women can't be feminine. Also it's the fucking end of the world ingame even if troon you can't change anything. Also getting real sick n tired of modern games not allowing female characters to be anything above average. I'm looking to enjoy not see uggos I could run into at Wal Mart at 2 am.

No. 86444

Disagree. Ugly women? Fine. Replacing women with actual troon characters? Fuck off, Naughty dog.

No. 86450

File: 1588179533612.jpg (185.78 KB, 480x360, mJo7IPf.jpg)

They straight up smushed the uggo gf's face and raised her forehead to make her honker more prominent. Imagine being hired on as a face model for a highly anticipated game just to have your worst features hilariously overblown.

No. 86451

I have no idea why making a woman masculine has to be such a big deal to the developers, every other 3 video game males are extremely androgynous or feminine.

No. 86453

Here's the thing I don't understand, TLoU is a very meh, big-budget video game written by people who obviously wished they were making movies instead, it's hardly ever stood out as the kind of game that would take risky steps like this, whatever your opinion of it. There seems to be more game devs who are trans than people working in cinema or TV, or atleast more vocal ones. Large portions of the gaming community are very trans-oriented, speedrunning for example has a huge amount of trans runners. My only explanation for it is that shit like Gamergate encouraged a split where you're either for wokeness, trans representation, etc. or you're super against it, feminismand SJWs, etc. The funny thing about TLoU2 is that no one is happy, transfolks hate that their representative is a villain, women hate that their representation is being diluted and the usual Twitter edgelords are mad the women aren't sexier and that there's anything "SJW-y" in their precious video games.

No. 86454

i'm happy bc everyone else is unhappy

No. 86460

Naw I disagree this was being developed in the hayday of MUH insert political bs here I think they really thought they were supporting amazing causes without realizing just how utterly tone deaf it actually was. I doubt many are actually apart of any groups. They just wanted ass pats of look how much we care!!

No. 86467

This is so disgusting. We're really living in time where men are so openly threatened by women, they dont want women to be feminine?? I'm a massive tomboy myself, but what the hell is wrong with femmine women? Nothing. This is such absolute shit, especially considering the audience playing this game are going to be straight men and women (and maybe some bi and lesbian WOMEN) not trannies. Why the heck are they pandering to trannies? this is awful

No. 86468

They literally gave her a jawshave too. wtf

No. 86470

File: 1588190739507.jpg (67.24 KB, 648x460, whhhy.jpg)

If the game is going to be this focused on social political tumblr politics, why even make it at all? The first game was a pretty good end of the world type horror game. I didnt even give a crap that they hinted at Ellie being gay. But this trans thing? Homophobic shit? Why? Who are they selling this game to? I play games to not deal with this and now it's here. I was looking forward to this game all year, especially with the quaratine happening and now i'm going to give it a pass. It's so disappointing that Naughty Dog is going this route.

No. 86471

The naughty dog leaker confirmed that anyone in deveopment is at risk of being fired for questioning "progressive" choices. Its definitely a transdev thing.
Making women "ugly" isn't an issue for me. Look at Heather from silent Hill 3. They're literally trying to make women as masculine as possible to soothe the feelings of trans? It makes no sense to go overboard on this. Ellie wasn't an overly feminine character in the first game anyways. This feels very fucking weird and stupid. The plot is even worse.

No. 86473

File: 1588191429863.jpg (35.27 KB, 728x410, heather-mason-silent-hill-sile…)

Heather from SH3 is cute and femme, what are you talking about? The only thing they really changed about design was giving her slightly wavy hair and a skirt instead of pants. I like her design and personality a lot though.

Ellie was always a tomboy, (which lacks massive representation, let's be real.) Women do come in all shapes and sizes. I've never met an extremely hyper femme or hyper masculine woman before. Usually women are just women, even if they wear skirts or sweat pants. The problem is Ellie was always pretty much a tomboy and there was no need at all to 'masc' her up to avoid hurt feelings. I just do not get this choice they are making. No one wins here.

No. 86475

>>86470 And if Abby is trans why pick that hill to die on? It's the end of the fucking world which means she's a man with fake tits made of random shit unless they are gonna pretend there's a doctor to transition her.

No. 86476

Imagine setting up an interest post virus world where people are taken over by plants and then you have a scene where Ellie didnt know what an ice cream truck was because she was born after the virus. And suddenly there's a man who thinks he's a woman, even in this world setting. This makes zero sense on so many levels.

No. 86499

File: 1588243277818.png (327.37 KB, 645x836, 1588233677003.png)


No. 86501

That does indeed look like very realistic troon representation. Including being violent to lesbians.

No. 86505

File: 1588252197841.jpg (6.12 KB, 239x211, the unholy fusion of donald tr…)

should have said

No. 86506

If anyone's curious about the TLoU2 leaks, it's here: https://m.cda.pl/video/509538290?wersja=1080p
There's an add playing at the start, sorry, about that. The video's not mine but I couldn't find another source. The video is 1h35m long. It's a shame about the garbage story. Some of the gameplay looks nice and I like the post apocalyptic setting. Still not going to buy it. I hope Naughty Dog's studio gets shit sales.

No. 86515

It'll still sell as even though the leaks are prominent there are mass crowds that lap up anything. But I think the reviewers will be the harshest crowd. Also apparently the director all but forced a female writer out including shoehorning in Ellie gay as it wasn't in the script prior. I'll try and find the screenshot but it was a 4chan leak so not sure on it's reliability.

No. 86516

File: 1588264150574.jpg (Spoiler Image,699.83 KB, 1341x740, sC84HGP.jpg)

Yikes. spoilered since technically spoilers for game.

No. 86517

Yeah, I heard about that too. It was Amy Hennig that was forced out and I'm sad because I was hoping Ellie was meant to be lesbian. It sucks belonging to a part of a forced sjw agenda.

No. 86526

It's worse when you realise it's not even that, just some scrote fetishising teenage girls kissing but calls it "progressive".

No. 86528

File: 1588271458596.webm (Spoiler Image,2.9 MB, 854x480, 1588264140582.webm)

jesus fucking christ

spoilered because troon violence

No. 86529

lol. do you think they get off to this

No. 86530

Ah yes such trans friendliness portraying as a violent man with tits beating the shit outta a lesbian couple. This makes Disney turning Lefou into a clingy creepy gay neckbeard almost positive representation.

No. 86531

>Amy Hennig
Hope she starts working on an actually worthy project now.
This story was dreamt up by some troon living out their troon fantasy of bashing lesbians for sure.

No. 86534

File: 1588277974080.jpg (77.71 KB, 1140x565, ho8ix59.jpg)

even her fucking silhouette is mannish

No. 86538

thanks, i hate it.

No. 86550

this is legitemately unwatchable like actually who the fuck thought this was a good idea? it's grotesque how gruesome this is

No. 86551

Well apparently everyone on board was told to never speak out about the direction. So even if others were like yea wow this is shit nothing would come of it

No. 86553

so i've heard but whose idea was it in the first place? neil's? either way it watches like torture porn for incels so that's gonna be a good look for naughty dog surely

No. 86554

Well if 4chan leaks are accurate which I take with a grain of salt. The director had a close relationship with that hack Sarkeesian. Which could be believable as around that time companies were toting her ass around as 'helping' them.

No. 86561

isn't she a neolib feminist why would she think it's cute to have two women getting the absolute living dogshit beaten out of them

No. 86564

Cause she legit has no clue what she's talking about. A good example is her ABC news video where she's playing Watchdogs and an npc gets a purse stolen and she says that the game sets this woman npc up to be violated. Despite the fact even in the video the screen shows the hud in red to intervene. If she was involved she probably wanted some violence against women spin. But that's assuming she's at all involved.

No. 86568

Yet again finding a way to put the blame on misogynist male gamer's favorite target huh?
She has made good videos about violence against women in media, unless she has gotten completely brainwashed by the trans propaganda I doubt she'd be ok with this.

No. 86569

From Crash Bandicoot and Jak to this kind of gruesome shit, behold the trans magick

No. 86615

Good fucking christ I usually have a strong tolerance for violent scenes but knowing the context paired with the portrayed intensiveness this is almost made me throw up. Definitely showing some pent up anger on screen from the director. Maybe this was his big fat personal "Fuck you" to Hennig.

No. 86618

I heard [MASSIVE SPOILERS] Joel gets a brutal death scene from this troon too. Makes my blood boil.

No. 86622

Nah, her attitude is more "remove any violence against women, regardless of context!". This scene is pretty much the complete opposite of what she'd suggest.

No. 86624

Dunno what you've been watching but Anita is a massive hack whose understanding of women in plight or media is on the level of momokun. She wants your money she doesn't give a shit about anything she's spewing. FFS her twitch chat was monitored but a fucking child predator.

No. 86625

I am into true crime so I have seen pretty gruesome things. After I watched (thing you mentioned in spoiler) I had to turn off computer. How could they do that to their fans? Wishful thinking but I hope ND goes bankrupt.

No. 86627

Seeing this and reading the leaks… who the fuck would be okay with this? It all looks like some torture 3D porn made by incels. It's so bizzare that this was supposed to be the main storyline? How would that fly ANYWHERE whitout getting massive backlash?

No. 86628

You have to remember we knew next to nothing about it. It's reveal trailer at e3 was revolving around Ellie's sexuality with gameplay in the last bit. We knew more about the fact her gf was sloppy seconds of their leader Jesse than we did story. Also sweat because apparently that was important. I think the PR team knew full well it was a disaster and purposely kept info to a minimum.

No. 86630

File: 1588355996273.png (322.42 KB, 998x683, EWttiTpXkAIrIum.png)

So what are these rumors I heard that Naughty Dog actually made their animators watch gruesome videos of people getting beaten and killed so they wouldn't make the scenes of Ellie and her gf being beaten "sexy"? Any credence to that?

No. 86632

I heard that too, I know it's a practice in movies for crime scene stuff. And the make up artists for HBO's Chernobyl looked at real pictures of what happened to those closest to the reactor explosion. But man I feel bad for the animator if true, since I heard they were required to look at the most brutal stuff

No. 86633

I feel like there's a difference between making your staff look at crime scene videos/pictures and making them look at videos of the actual crime occurring. That's shit that gives people PTSD. Naughty Dog is seriously brain damaged if those rumors are true. I mean, not only do they not pay their staff but they also make them sit through videos of people being murdered? Employer of the year

No. 86638

I don't remember Momokun making any videos like this. People's obsession with Sarkeesian is embarassing. She tried to do something good - Naughty dog clearly aren't.

No. 86644

Are you seriously bringing up her scamgo funded series that people who requested refunds didn't get when she took years to get out as proof she's not a scam? The delusion Also she lies multiple times throughout this very video. Dinosaur Planet was a duo game between Crystal and her brother who was modeled heavily after Star Fox which Nintendo noted and had changed to include Star Fox instead. It was never Crystal's game it was her and her brother's. She all but ignores Zelda's Sheik because it doesn't fit in her agenda. The fact Peach has her own DS game and was included in Mario games as a playable character, but isn't the title character so isn't always going to have her own stuff. There's a reason she isn't consulted whatsoever anymore and her view count is at 4k if she makes that. People caught on to the fact she has no clue what she's talking about.

No. 86654

God let it go already.

Anyway, has it been officially confirmed that the TLoU character is trans?

No. 86662

Then don't try and prop up a dogshit person if you don't like hearing about how bad they actually are anon. Also learn to sage your newfag is showing.

No. 86664

I heard one of the mocap actors for the game was a female body-builder, so it's possible that Abby's just a really buff woman.

No. 86665

Wouldn't surprise me. The scene is so gruesome that it's absolutely over the top in how intense it is. It's not just blood and gore you see in action games and think nothing of it, it's an actual beloved character being beaten to a pulp by someone the player doesn't give a shit about and then made to watch as her girlfriend is killed in a very disturbing way. And to top it all off, the killer becomes the new main character. That's just sick and disturbing on so many levels and I'm not at all surprised at the claim that 70% of the original staff walked out. It's horrifying how anyone would think this was a good idea, especially when the marketing played so heavily on showcasing the lesbian couple.

This. Honestly there's no defending Sarkeesian. She's a con artist and a hack who saw an opportunity for profit and took it. While what she was doing was a good idea on a theoretical level, she wasn't the right person for the task.

No. 86667

Like how did this pitch meeting even go? "Hey guys so for our highly anticipated sequel we're gonna prop up this lesbian couple then kill them off and you finish by playing as their killer! Great right??

No. 86669

ok so i don't really know about this game. does it really force you to get the couple killed? or is there a way to avoid it?

No. 86670

File: 1588367595054.jpg (34.05 KB, 500x500, 1588251852964.jpg)

No. 86671

You actually kill them at the very end of the game. As in, you beat the game and that cutscene of them being brutally beaten is your reward. You switch to playing Abby halfway through the game after you kill Joel. Also it's kind of up in the air if Ellie even dies.

No. 86673

Wow even worse. Do we see how Joel dies or did the lesbians get the only living shit kicked out of them scene?

No. 86674

Joel gets it even worse lol. He gets bludgeoned to death with a golf club.

No. 86675

Jesus WTF God have mercy on that poor fucker who had to animate this shit.

No. 86677

Just WHY was this made? Just seems like pure sadism.

No. 86679

>In the mid 2010's Naughty Dog fired a long-time employee on a day's notice when he made a complaint about being sexually harassed by a manager and offered him $20k worth of hush money
>Naughty Dog is notorious for not paying their already underpaid and overworked employees' bonuses and overtime pay
>The ultra woke male feminist Neil Druckmann threw Amy Hennig, a female writer, out the door in midst of making Uncharted 4 because she wasn't licking his boots clean, destroyed her almost finished script and overworked developers with an insane crunch mode to finish the game with all the alterations he wanted, resorting it into being delayed again and again only to deliver a bad game
>The constant abuse of the workers made all the gameplay animators quit so they had to get movie people to finish the job
>Now they released a game with an absolutely horrible plot taking a huge dump on the fans of the original

It's like this has been happening with every American game studio during the last 5 years. Maybe they will release a TLOU Mobile game or paid subscriptions during this year's E3 lmfao.

No. 86680

File: 1588370049115.png (299.66 KB, 1244x1052, 1588225972450.png)

>We treat our employees like dog shit! How come they become so bitter and resentful they'd leak the entire plot of our upcoming game we clearly were already secretive about because we knew the shit we put in it wouldn't fly? However did this happen?

No. 86683

If I was on the PR team I'd of quit can you imagine the cluster fuck when it drops and those not privy to the leaks find out?

No. 86689

i dont understand. its like they completely changed the genre into like… a shock snuff game? i mean the original had its edgy moments but it also had plenty of nice moments, and the ending was dumb but the majority of the game was well written, for a game. were they under so much pressure to live up for the sequel that they just decided to go insane with it so people would be baffled instead of disappointed? really doubting im actually going to buy this game now, which is sad because i loved the first one.

No. 86692

apparently it's supposed to be some grand lesson about the cycle of violence/revenge since abby's father is one of the people joel killed at the end of the first game. hence why it's likely that ellie survived that beating but her girlfriend didn't

No. 86702

Remember when the edgiest thing in TLoU was whether or not Joel's kooky friend was gay or not or just obsessed with the guy surviving with him Pepperidge Farm remembers

No. 86722

That's so stupid. It's a post apocalyptic scenario and the player knows that Joel is far from being a saint but he did whatever he could to save Ellie from being vivisected.

In TLoU2, he gets brutally killed and then spat on. They even added that animation from Ellie's point of view when you see blood coming out of his cracked skull.
I liked the first game and I don't consider myself attached to the characters yet I found the scene disturbing.
And then to top it all, you're supposed to play as the killer, the totally buffed "woman" and care for her?
They try to make her extremely likeable by adding shit like she saves children with medicine which is so cheap.
Also, Abby is supposed to be a biological woman but looking at the model they used for making abby, they removed her curves and other sings of femininity on Abby which confirms what an article said that they deliberately make women looking more manly and men looking more feminine to be trans inclusive.

No. 86758

What gets me is the people saying "What you saying a woman can't be buff?? How sexist!!" They used a fucking bodybuilder for her body. It's the end of the fucking world. There isn't gonna be specialized gains made for women no gyms to do specialized workouts to optimize the look getting that huge on old and weak rations without stimulants is pretty impossible. Abby is as tone deaf in the environment as it gets. And even if made to appease the troons it's even more insulting.

No. 87277

There's actually a segment in the leak where you walk around in a gym as Abby presumably at her group's compound, so even the devs knew they had to do something to justify her bizarre character design.

No. 87324

File: 1588693824167.jpg (66.51 KB, 481x621, EW9p685XQAsUnrF.jpg)

Naughty Dog literally filed DMCA over this meme

No. 87402

File: 1588722869206.jpg (42.85 KB, 638x396, 9lwcEYv.jpg)

I just don't understand why they went with this plot for the sequel. There is no possible way they thought "murder the protagonist from the first game" was going to go over well with fans, even if the villain wasn't some weird social justice thing. It seriously feels like some gamergate parody, especially how they took the model for ellie's gf and literally gave her a hook nose and an incel chin. >>86450

Way back when the first game came out Neil Druckmann said in an interview when asked about a sequel that "I think the world is ripe for more stories, but as far as the journey Joel and Ellie goes on it ends with this game." Somehow that's turned into "let's do a sequel with these characters and then kill them off." I just really want to know the reasoning behind it. Like >>86689 said, maybe they wanted the money a sequel would bring but knew they could never live up to the hype so decided they would rather have a complete trainwreck than another meh game? Did someone insist on having Ellie and Joel be in the sequel, but not care what actually happened to them? Is this all an elaborate set up for some shitty tv/movie spin-off? Find out next time on dragon ball z.

Also, I know everyone's forgotten/accepted it by now but it's still so weird to me how they insisted the ellie/ellen page thing was a coincidence. Even the names, and the fact that she's a lesbian.

No. 87554

File: 1588810672529.png (331.66 KB, 1078x1202, Screenshot_20200506-190743(1).…)

Cyberpunk sounds like it's going to be shit more and more.
I understand sex was a thing in The Witcher 3, but this sounds ridiculous. Customizable genitals? Is a character with three dicks going to be a possibility and why the odd focus of customizing them?


No. 87566

I really dont see this as an issue, it's allowing you as the player make every aspect of your character. And if I can fuck Reeves you be damn sure I'm gonna.

No. 87567

Abby's father was the surgeon that Joel killed at the end of the first game, so that probably explains it.

No. 87568

Now adays Anita does a weekly podcast with a hilarously manly looking troon (that get 2K listens each lul) so she probably has been brainwashed by them.

No. 87571

Does anyone know of any tolerable let’s players on YouTube? I’ve been watching John Wolfe’s channel for a couple years but every time I try to find another one I get exhausted by the obnoxiousness. I would love to start watching female let’s players especially but I don’t know where to start.

No. 87578

So Western games doing this shit is supposed to be good and a marketable point but JRPGs about war that are sold for 15 years old teenagers and older in Japan have entire plot-relevant lines about assassinations and war being bad things removed in shitty localisations because that's too violent and thus not marketable? And that volleyball bikini game is treated as the devil incarnate. The video game industry is fucking weird, man.

No. 87590

I enjoy 8bites

No. 87598

File: 1588846823827.jpg (213.03 KB, 727x975, last-us-part-2.jpg)

No. 87599

File: 1588846923309.jpg (35.12 KB, 725x314, bts.jpg)

No. 87603

So you can have sex with prositutes, great more sex industry propaganda, exactly what men need.

No. 87634

It's gonna be more of Bioware games style sex scenes as a natural part of some storylines as opposed to hiring prostitutes in GTA

No. 87635

File: 1588863858871.jpg (469.13 KB, 1920x1080, SenranKagura-1.jpg)


>Game sexualizing minors, having obvious "loli" character and pedo pandering bullshit.

>Nitty Gritty Hollywood-esque +18 cyberpunk game, adult characters that look like adults in every adult media we consume.

Are you brain damaged or just a coomer weeb?

No. 87646

>And that volleyball bikini game is treated as the devil incarnate
And rightfully so. You're the fucking weird one here.


No. 87663

File: 1588874286333.jpg (455.33 KB, 998x913, FREGJRk.jpg)

Great so how many hours of dogs being murdered did Neil force poor animators to watch. This guy has serious fucking issues.

No. 87664

Different anon, but are you talkimg about "Dead or Alive" volleyball or something else? Cause the fanservice in Dead or Alive games is over-the-top but there isn't anything morally wrong with it.

No. 87665

finally a game for the doghate retards to enjoy

No. 87667

Oh good I'm not the only one that thinks that is the biggest tard fest ever.

No. 87673

More sadism. Why am I not surprised that the game involves literal dog-kicking.

No. 87677

There's a few guys I know who are mad about the sex aspect of games, a couple of them say if they wanted a game filled with sex, they'd just watch porn. They play video games for the game, not fanservice. We need more men like this to speak up.

No. 87686

Why are they trying to advertise this as some boundary-pushing moral dilemma. It's like "Sure, you have to kill a lot of humans(some of whom have families) but in this game you also have to kill dogs!Pretty hardcore, huh?"

They're acting like it's the first video game to have dog enemies.

No. 87698

the sadist angle is concerning and completely nonsurprising

No. 87699

My guess? Most you know sane people shy away from animal abuse even in video games. I know plenty of friends who just run away until the dog enemies return to their patrol areas. So Neil the sadistic fuck that he is probably thought it was a testament to how 'gritty' his world is by forcing players to not only kill animals BUT hear the anguish of the owners. After all 1 was Henning's world not his so he's gotta show how much better is is.

No. 87782

I was comparing both games because they both have shitty unnecessary fanservice, they're the same type of trash. I don't remember what the title is but it's not Senran Kagura so nothing to do with lolis or pedo shit hopefully. I think it's Dead or Alive (?), there were some people arguing about it not being released outside of Japan.

No. 87783

Yeah, I didn't see your post but I wasn't sure of the title anymore. That's what I'm talking about.

No. 87809

tbf I think I remember reading that when you kill human enemies in the game, they'll have names and call out for each other as well. The dog thing is just furthering that. Though personally I think it goes against the game's theme a little – play a character that brutally murders peoples family members and beloved pets! Revenge is bad though. Become the single worst nightmare of everyone lucky enough to escape your wrath! REVENGE IS BAD THO.

No. 87833


They're trying to make the player hate Ellie to justify their shitty writing and ending. After all, you should be happy when the family murdering dog kicking protag who ou grew to love in the first game + dlc dies.

Wasn't there a story of the devs being forced to watch real gore videos to use as reference? That's my issue with the dog enemies. Not that there are some, but that Neil is making it as sick and disgusting just to shock people and fuel his disturbing fetish.

No. 87859

>Wasn't there a story of the devs being forced to watch real gore videos to use as reference?
Yes. It makes >>86528 all the more disgusting.

No. 87871

What's the source of that info? I think it's should be illegal to force others to watch such things.

No. 87872

Yeah. It's not the first game to have dog enemies, but at least in the other ones they didn't have you hear the pained cries of their owners calling out their names. What's even the end game of that? It's unnecessary sadism. If there's no way to avoid it, it's pure retardation, as the game wants you to feel guilty… for an action that it forced on you.

No. 87919

I mean we established Neil is a hack he all but destroyed the Uncharted series before he sunk his fangs into TloU

No. 88271

Why do they keep putting sex in games? I'm trying not to let it bother me, but they are trying to normalize this GTA style hyper sexual shit now and i hate it.

No. 88273

This entire game is going to be such a hot mess. I hope most people protest it by not buying it. I'm beyond sad because it's one of the few games i thought would be good coming out, but holyshit.. it's offensive to both women, lesbians and fans of Joel and Ellie in the first game. I cant even imagine what they're talking and who they are pandering to with this.

Video games are dead. Just pack it up. Nothing good has come out in a while besides Animal Crossing and even that was disappointing, but at least it wasnt horribly sexist and violent.

No. 88274

I dont even like dogs irl, but this is unnecessary. Why even put this in the game at all? i hope this shit flops hard

No. 88692

File: 1589462864626.jpg (85.05 KB, 1055x1041, DVFtfRgW4AAmENi.jpg)

I recently bought Monster Hunter World, which is my first taste of the MH series, and I've fallen in love with it. It's grindy and punishing and I love that, and playing with friends is so much fun. I'm not too far into the 'main story' despite playing often because I've just been messing around with friends, but I recently discovered pic related and I just adore its design, I wish I could own one. Big props to the creature designers, they're bringing the goods.

No. 88737

I've heard such good things about the Monster Hunter games. I heard it can be pretty wholesome once you have friends too.

No. 88750

File: 1589476603196.jpg (75.37 KB, 1212x682, DbszlaL.jpg)

I adore MHW I am end game Iceborne and you're gonna love her sister if you like regular Paolumu. It's a great game with friends, most players are pretty alright, randoms can be a little finicky, you have your try hards that will leave quest even if you have a freebie faint with insurance safeguard and so forth. But over all everyone just wants to have a fun time.

No. 88752

Do you guys think the game is still enjoyable and worth buying even if you don't have friends to play with? I was considering buying the game once it goes on a good sale since it seems fun and gets a lot of praise but I'm a shy person who prefers to play single-player games and also don't really have any gamer friends to play with in general.

No. 88757

Totally, just join random lobbies when you get stuck on a monster. Most snobs are at my end of Iceborne area. Level up the palicos of each area to ensure your cat gets the best tool selection. I favor the buffs of coral high grounds. Plus the game rewards Master Rank players like myself for popping into lower quests and helping out. You'll never not have at least someone popping in to assist.

No. 88764

Awesome, it seems like the MH community isn't as toxic as some other multiplayer games, so I think I'll definitely snag the game one day and give it a shot. Thanks!

No. 88769

Yea no you'll get your shit talkers for not playing to the high level they believe their at. But often they have Chinese handles and can barely write out engrish phrases so easily ignored.

No. 88780

File: 1589480357615.jpg (322.58 KB, 884x395, SGOKHDd.jpg)

Jesus they always wanted her gf to have a honker.

No. 88801

Based taste anon, Paolumu is the cutest little shit there is.

No. 88881

tf do you mean video games are dead? You sound like a casual. Plenty of good games have come out and will come out. Just because TLOU 2 will be shit doesn't mean everything else will.

Anyway, I sincerely hope said game flops hard, but woke sheep will buy it anyway. I predict there will be at least 7 million copies sold in the first 3 days.

No. 88891

File: 1589513240531.png (2.4 MB, 1920x1080, 9ce634f9-5ddf-4e06-8f12-87571c…)

>no pedo pandering bullshit

think again weebshit

literally the only reason why japanese games get panned is because of pedo pandering.

No. 88893


Woke people never buy the products that pander to them, so is must likely that it will be a massive flop.

No. 88894

>giant tits

No. 88901

anon is obviously talking about the blonde girl

No. 88902

Can we stop pretending women with small breasts are children. Character is canon 18 btw

No. 88907

>Character is canon 18 btw
and so are preschoolers in hentai.
Come on anon, you know this argument is bullshit.
She looks pretty young/underage. It's not just her small chest, it's the styling with twin tails altogether with her face. She looks like a 'lolita' from pornhub.

No. 88913

the other character is literally the same except for the boobs though

No. 88928

File: 1589533956449.jpg (224.04 KB, 394x700, Marie_rose_costume_12.jpg)

>Similar to on New Zack Island, Marie Rose accompanied Helena to the Venus Islands. Unlike before, however, she had her own personal motives for partaking in the vacation and ultimately, in participating in the Venus Festival. After Helena told Marie Rose to go out and play for most of the vacation, Marie Rose wanted to prove to Helena that she was not to be treated like a child. She initially planned on having the vacation by herself due to it being what most adults do, but she quickly got bored when she met the Owner. After learning of the Venus Festival, she then got the idea of participating in it and winning top prize as her way of proving to Helena of her true status as an adult, and eagerly requested that the Owner help her in that goal under the condition that he not treat her like a child.

No. 88930

File: 1589534338764.jpg (53.53 KB, 500x281, 02_1.jpg)

>In Xtreme Venus Vacation as well as the Japanese version of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate/Last Round, unlike other female characters, Marie Rose prefers to refer to herself with her name, "Marie (マリー)" and rarely uses "Watashi (私)" which is commonly used by children or younger girls to make it sounds cute. This trait was removed during localization in the overseas version of the latter games, where she instead refers to herself by the first person pronoun.

No. 88950

I've seen pictures of that character's actress/model compared to the 3D model of the character and basically they made her look uglier than she is irl. It's even worse than how Trish looks in DMC5 compared to how her model looks.

No. 88976

Should I get an Atelier game? Are they actually fun or just weebshit pandering for japanese men.

No. 88982

Still 18 and one of the more tame series out there. We have a western company forcing staff to watch snuff films to not have character death be 'sexy' and you're getting your panties in a twist over some canon adult woman dressing in kiddy shit. She's never assaulted, and is treated like a kid when she acts like a kid. Failing to see your gotcha here

No. 89001

Ladies, how do we feel about the new Paper Mario game? Paper Mario and TTYD are some my very favorite games, especially TTYD. I didn't love Super Paper Mario and didn't play Color Splash or Sticker Star because I heard they were really bad and not RPGs.
This game looks beautiful but I'm feeling apprehensive. I was also super excited for ACNH and it ended up being a bit of a disappointment to me. I'm afraid the same thing will happen with this game.

No. 89002

I heard they're good, but I also wanna know more. I like some of the character designs a lot.

No. 89012

>but what about TLoU?!
How is that relevant to discussing whether DoA Extreme Beach Titties has pedo pandering content or not?
I don't really care about DoA either way, but >>88891 has a point that Marie is pandering to pedos (or people into jailbait/lolita porn - yikes).
You are the only one being triggered here. If defending the coomer weeb game is the hill you want to die on, than fine, but your judgment of the character is wrong.

No. 89013

The only one triggered here is you throwing a tantrum about some beach game featuring of age characters claiming it to be pedo bait when it clearly states they are of age and said character gets treated like a kid when acts like a kid.

No. 89023

YandereDev source code got leaked. v is currently having a field day making fun of him. It apparently has over 17k lines of code.

No. 89027

thank you anon this is great

No. 89072

okay, we get it, you see nothing wrong with an infantilised character meant to appeal to pedo otakus.

No. 89093

Do you expect female nerds on lc to be okay with this pedo bullshit or something?

No. 89096

nta, I'm the anon who made the comparison in the first place and the whole point was that I don't understand why a shitty bikini self-aware fanservice game is seen as lesser than a shitty game with HD customizable foreskin and explicit on-screen sex scene. As in, BOTH are bad, but one is going to be praised for it while the other is seen as bad.

No. 89110

>Why are porn films considered lowbrow trash when explicit scenes that serve narrative purpose in plot-heavy movies are praised? It's the same thing obviously

No. 89112


omg just came here to post the trailer as well. Ahhhh paper mario is happening but I also don't know how to feel about this. Paper Mario and TTYD are also my faves (if not also one of my all time favourite games ever) but damn I tried to give sticker star a chance but shit sucked so much that I just dropped it and never touched it again. i really want to see if it returns to its RPGs roots or not. The fighting combo is also something that I need to know before buying. The trailer shows lots of story, which is good bc that's something I loved about the two first games.

I don't know how to feel about this. I would love to play a paper mario game again but I don't want to see this beloved franchise being ruined even more. I will put this on my wish list but I need some proper game play footage before I will make my purchase or not.

No. 89119

Anon you're totally delusional if you think being able to customize your character's genitals and having sex scenes on-screen isn't unnecessary sexual fanservice.

No. 89121

We will see, the game is not even out.
Even if it turns out just to be a fanservice, it's still a very small part of a game. The other point stands. Therebis a difference between a work (or product) that is all cringey sex vs one that has some sexual elements (that may serve a purpose other than titillating).

No. 89124

Same!! I hope they drop another trailer with some actual gameplay before the release date. The first two are masterpieces so I know this one probably won't be as good but dammit I'm hoping it's better than the previous two flops.

Really wish Nintendo would rerelease N64 games at least, they have to know that they'd make a shit ton off of them. Bahh I guess we have to wait and see.

No. 89169

File: 1589664124115.jpg (48.92 KB, 360x450, F-Zero_X_portada.jpg)


>Really wish Nintendo would rerelease N64 games at least

T h i s

They give you every console the same old ports. The N64 and the Game Cube have tons of good games that are now sadly forgotten. If I remember it correctly they actually planned a N64 and GC virtual console on the switch but removed it for some reasons.

The reason why I would love to see this happen is because as a fan of a now dead franchise like fzero I could go back and enjoy these classics. Specially F-zero x is such a treasure. The gameplay and soundtrack are top notch and I say this as a person who normally hates racing games. Or idk some old zelda or Super Mario Sunshine, stuff like that. It was also speculated that Super Mario Sunshine gets a new entry of the series on the switch, which I hope happens because I remember really enjoying it as a kid lol

No. 89170

Why would they make her girlfriend so ugly when the model isn't? i'd be pissed the fuck off if i was the model for that character. wtf

No. 89171

Nintendo is an absolutely retarded company. Of course they can re-release older games that are hard to come by with a physical copy and make bank, but they dont want to. Then they act surprised pikachu face when people pirate their shit.

No. 89175


>Of course they can re-release older games that are hard to come by with a physical copy and make bank

They can but they said that they do not want to because they have ~philosophy~ that things that lying around in shelves and in storage are worthless or some shit like this and therefore they only produce a limited amount of copies of each game. This is also the reason why they have shortage all the time because they rather see the value sky-rocking of old game then being worthless in their eyes. I don't know, that's the way they see it but it also won't change the fact they could re-Release everything as a digital version as they used to do on the DS, Wii and WiiU on the virtual console.

No. 89461

I thoroughly enjoyed Persona 3 and Persona 4, but I'm sort of afraid of Persona 5. Call me triggered, but I feel the series is becoming too waifu-bait-y and it gives me the heeby jeebies.

Persona 3 and 4 was like, "You can date your classmates, they're kind of cool normal girls!" Persona 5 be like "You can date your classmates but also date your teacher who's also a sex-worker-maid, you can date your doctor, you can have romantic interactions with 2 BDSM loli twins who fuse into a 3rd loli!"

It looks really cringe to me from the outside. Thoughts, anyone?

No. 90959

I agree. I think P5 is somewhat bland past the second palace anyway. All of the characters are very one-dimensional imo. I don't think it's worth playing.

No. 90966

File: 1590070945093.jpg (39.58 KB, 400x563, pbjocoySzc1xovkrdo1_400.jpg)

Wtf why none of you told me that Devil May Cry 5 was this good?

No. 90995

File: 1590076837110.png (939.61 KB, 497x1230, 9bboqv9an8n21.png)

I know! I waited like a year after release to play it despite being a big DMC fan because my friend told me it was "just alright." What a goddamn liar!!! That game is the most satisfying shit. Gameplay is perfection.

No. 91233

File: 1590101688648.jpg (35.56 KB, 680x476, 8c4.jpg)

Ikr. Devil Trigger is the only thing I've been listening to for days. You just

No. 91256

File: 1590104437974.jpeg (11.68 KB, 480x367, D2DCevvX0AAlSgj.jpeg)

I heard it a million times in the game and you bet I heard it a million times out of the game. I need DMC5 DLC in my veins

No. 91264

It was a good game but DMC3 is still the best one. I wanted DMCV to be longer. It was too short of a game and Lady and Trish were useless and might as well shouldnt have been there at all. I wanted more.

No. 92146

I've played through Persona 5 at least 3 times at this point and I don't recognize the game at all from your description (honestly I take offense at describing Justine and Caroline as "bdsm lolis" wtf). Give it a try, it's probably one of the best jRPGs I've ever played and I'm one of those people who really fucking hate waifufag shit and thought being able to date your teacher was gross. Granted I didn't go with the romance route with any girl because it's 100% optional to begin with, I just maxed the confidants without dating them. Most of the girl characters were fine and had strong, enjoyable personalities and contributed to the story.

No. 92219

File: 1590427451693.gif (626.13 KB, 330x190, tumblr_mr31nnaali1qd8xn3o1_400…)

Has anyone else here played this beautiful trainwreck of a game and is excited to play Deadly Premonition 2?

No. 92231

Be still my beating heart. I hope the story is just as much of an awesome mindfuck like the first one.

No. 92256

oh fuck thanks for the reminder anon I bought this for my switch like weeks ago and totally forgot kek

No. 92433

you won't regret it if you do, another anon chiming in here. I got the game on a whim a few weeks ago without knowing anything about MH and I was hooked. Maybe we can help each other out some time, the combat controls really confuse me for some reason.

No. 92464

I played that beautiful mess of a game on the xbox 360 years ago. I dont think a sequel needs to happen, but we're in the year 2020 and plenty of bad shit keeps happening, so…

No. 92865

File: 1590616470378.jpg (125.92 KB, 1280x720, pippafunnell.jpg)

Best believe I found an external disk drive for my laptop so I could play these during quarantine. Maybe now I'll actually be able to complete it.

No. 93447

File: 1590700174215.jpeg (38.05 KB, 650x365, images (56).jpeg)

Has anybody here here played juice world? I thought it was another one of those games who used vivid and eery visuals as a gimmick. But i actually ended up spending ours on it.

No. 93906

File: 1590792782951.jpg (21.36 KB, 640x533, EZFEhr9U0AISVWE.jpg)

I've been playing a lot of horror games I've had in my backlog since working from home such as Silent Hill 2, Resident Evil 3's remake & 7, Twilight Syndrome series for the PSX, and now currently playing Mother 3 (no spoilers please). FF7 Remake was also fantastic though I still have to replay chapters for the extra scenes. Animal Crossing for switch has been great but I'm taking a break after playing for about a month straight.

Anyone else playing games that they've had wanted to play but never had the time?

I played it the vanilla version it came out and was less than impressed with the story and characters. The battle system is probably the best in the Persona series yet but goddamn the writing was so shitty and inconsistent. It's cheap nowadays though so it's worth $10 or less to try it out.

No. 93910

omg anon you just made me remember a game from my childhood that i forgot about for so many years

No. 94100

When I come back to my parents I always find them again and they're so cozy to me, when I get them to run right I love playing them. I've had issues with lag but I'm hoping there's no issues on my laptop this time. Deep down I know they're kind of "trashy" games but I feel like there was some heart put into them (at least at first).

No. 94126

File: 1590956303958.jpg (34.19 KB, 354x500, 51F2PSVX3AL._AC_.jpg)

Glad to see other god tier gamers.

No. 94148

File: 1590968966255.jpeg (99.69 KB, 1000x1000, 7C56B53D-23EA-4095-87CD-5F4262…)

As I was becoming more and more frustrated with New Horizons and wishing I could play another game like it(minis the annoying rng and inconvenient as fuck realtime clock) I thought about these games agian and oh boy I went on a nostalgia trip. It was my favorite game on the ds and its a damn shame that more aren’t being made, they were so much fun!(the ds versions atleast, didnt play the Wii ones).

Im upset that I missed out on games like Magicians Quest, Fantasy Life, and the other Mysims games cuz AC is disappointing me and I diffidently think I would have liked these games better. Being a poorfag kid sucked…

No. 94166

File: 1590979474676.jpeg (212.92 KB, 800x1162, 5BAD6D90-22FF-4610-9049-EC9553…)

As a kid, I played wii games from the mysims series a, they were great! I had the original mysims as well as kingdom, and agents. Kingdom was my favorite, the room decorating was fun and I liked the silly plots for each island.

No. 94167

Had this on Wii, wasn't a fan at the time it came out but played it again years later and was addicted for a few weeks. Great game. Never got the sequels though unfortunately.

No. 94169

Holy shit i love this! A lot of people i know irl and some that i see online hated it tho. Did any of you guys have the same experience? It honestly is a fun game. I played the DS version. My favorite parts were owning the mansion on the other island, the scubadiving minigame and buying new clothes. I also remember being critiqued by Elizabeth, the blonde girl for the clothes i wore.

I didn't understand the game at first but after getting the gist of it i've spent hours on my ds conversing with tourists and decorating all the rooms in my two houses. Good times.

No. 94184

I am playing Fatal Frame! Finished FF2 for wii, and now playing ff3 on ps2
Those games are so good!
Now the only games I want to play are ps2 horrors.
Has anyone played Rule of Rose?

No. 94185

Yes! PS2 era horror really was the best so far. Rule of Rose is amazing if you can get your hands on it. It has one of the most beautiful soundtracks in a game I’ve ever heard, and the story is haunting.

No. 94229

Fatal frame is one of my favorite horror series. Love that old folklore type horror so much. I own Rule of Rose, and despite its terrible controls, it's one of the best horror games story wise, and music wise. It's hauntingly beautiful.

No. 95198

any recommendations for some kind of cute co-op building game I can play intermittently with my boyfriend? Our work schedules make it hard to play something that really is made for longer sessions during the week, but I was hoping some casual building/creating game might exist, something like Minecraft in terms of ease to jump in/out of, or maybe even a puzzle game?

No. 95202

Astroneer and Staxel comes to mind! Stardew Valley also has co-op but that is a bit more serious.

No. 95205

I really liked playing Overcooked 2 w/ my bf. It's very cute and challenging!

No. 95262

File: 1591639633762.png (1.12 MB, 768x1044, Eleanor by Tourniiquet.png)

My copy of Rule of Rose is the most treasured game in my collection. The combat is frustrating but not as bad as everyone makes it out to be if you're already used to survival horror games. Everything is gorgeous; the graphics, the story, the music… I highly recommend it, it has a very special place in my heart. It's a real shame that blog analyzing the game is gone now, I think it was called Rule of Rose mysteries.

No. 95280

Any reccommendations for which jackbox games I should get? I want something to play with my friends online, I’ve played a few of the games here and there but they were from a range of packs. I don’t really want to buy loads of them, just the best ones to play over a screen share

No. 95284

File: 1591649008009.jpg (207.23 KB, 1200x901, IMG_20200607_160007.jpg)

Is anyone else hyped for The Last of Us 2… despite the spoilers?

No. 95285

fuck no

No. 95288

I kind of was, but those spoilers are too much. can't bother

No. 95291

was hyped until i found about anita sarkeesian hyjacking it. no thanks
there's letsplays of it already up on youtube, people have already bought physical copies. it's a clusterfuck

No. 95295

It definitely is not gonna be as bad as it was described by the leak, since the way leak was even worded was biased as the leaker sounded bitter AF.
Also lol at the image you posted, typical gamer outrage stuff, he's supposed to be aged in TLoU2

No. 95311

>pro trans propoganda
>kills off main guy (Joel) everyone is attached to
>makes Ellie have a gf, only to make her ugly and have a tranny kill her off
>women are made extra masculine to not offend trannies

no fucking thanks. Naughty dog is on my shit list forever

No. 95312

File: 1591665362790.png (770.1 KB, 1097x746, WendyMeet.png)

>the blog
I remember that one! The one ran by PokerNemesis? It was such an amazing blog for posting all the theories and threading together notes from the game. RoR is probably my favorite horror game ever made next to Fatal frame series. It's just so underappreciated. I remember being so annoyed when Cryaotic played it a few years back and was too stupid to get the game and kept complaining how much it sucked. He was an idiot and it frustrated me the entire time.

No. 95346

Why is Deus Ex so fucking good?

No. 95352

don't forget the cucking aspect as Ellie's gf is cheating on her bf with her (so we get the pregnancy plot). Wish they made them break up first at least!
That blog was legendary. I never finished the game as I got stuck at some part, but still enjoyed the plot analysis. The art and story in RoR is top notch. I wish we could still get such games in the post-PS2 era! Why there were so many risky, interesting Japanese games on the PS2 and not so many later on? Was the production so cheap back then that they were affordable despite the 3D graphics? Or was it because PS2 was a bestselling console?

No. 95371

>pregnancy plot
I had no idea. I'm so honestly sick of lazy writing when it comes to female characters. It's always like this. How hard is it to write a female MC like an actual person and not a plot device? Naughty dog is absolute trash and they should have never released a sequel to such a good game.

I think PS2 absolutely had the best titles on there. It's still my favorite console ever made. All my favorite horror games exist on it. Like the original Silent hill 2-4 and Fatal frame series. I still need to hunt down Kuon, but that's gonna be a while before i get a good price for it. PS2 was superior because it was backwards compatible too. I played so many PS1 horror games on it.

No. 95376

Which one?

No. 95377

And don't forget about the dog killer simulator!

No. 95389

File: 1591729081580.jpg (218.04 KB, 720x689, 1591723998405.jpg)

neilman keep drucking

No. 95401

I honestly hate him so much. Just a straight men fetishizing shit and pandering to the sjw/woke community. "if you dont like it, you're homophobic and anti trans!!' bitch–shut up.

No. 95439

I read the article. It sounded like he's saying lesbians are normal and should be features in games which is actually a correct take. Didn't seem like he was talking about a tranny murdering a woman being a good thing to normalise.

No. 95444

All of them. But I was talking about the first one from 2000. The writing is so good and it's so fun to play.

No. 95451

Honestly y'all clowns for blindly believing everything another clown on 4chan said. Read the reviews when the game is actually out and hate it then if it's so bad but now you're just engaging in sheep behavior.

No. 95452

ok white knight

No. 95460

File: 1591789192383.jpg (383.28 KB, 1920x1080, puzzle.jpg)

>Read the reviews
Bioshock Infinite: A smart game for smart gamers.

No. 95477

There's rumors that Persona 3 and 4 are coming out on pc soon, possibly this weekend. Anyone excited?

No. 95481

kek. I literally finished this game yesterday and wanted to make a post about how disappointing it was

No. 95485

>Acting like "reviews" aren't paid for by the studios to give shit games high scores.

Did you watch the leaks at all btw? I don't need to read reviews after seeing the main characters get brutalized by (totally not) a troon twice their size and the developers themselves introducing murdering dogs while their owners cry as a new feature.

No. 95490

Maybe I'm just too fucking stupid, but even tho Elizabeth kills Booker in one timeline…doesn't the premise of the game mean there are still timelines where all the Elizabeths didnt kill Booker?

No. 95497

Ever heard of spoiler tags? I beat the game, but goddamn it so many of you bitches leave spoilers out in the open ITT.

No. 95502

In the DLC she has hunted down all Bookers except one, and then she just does stealths around Rapture and hallucinates or smth, I don't really remember much of it.

No. 95509

My question is… if Elizabeth killed her own father, wouldn't that mean she wasn't even born in the original universe??

Some other random inconsistencies in the story/setting (massive nitpicking incoming in 3…2…1):
- Elizabeth was locked away most of her life with no human interaction, but behaves like a quirky, cute Disney princess with above the average social skills
- audiologs being scattered around in Rapture made sense, as the whole city was pillaged. Why would people record their thoughts and leave them around in Columbia??
- the plasmids also made sense in the original game, scientific advancements being one of the themes. Why do vigors exist in Columbia? Noone other than Booker seem to be using them
- not an incostistency, but I hoped the game would address the themes of race/nationalism it started out with, and not dump it in the second half to introduce the parallel world shit
- the original trailer suggested that Songbird would have a bigger role
- it also portrayed Columbia as a huge open world area which it was..not

okay I'm stopping now

No. 95517

anon…there were videos…

No. 95518

This game came out 7 years ago

>bioshock INFINITE
infinity minus one is inifnity

the game just isn't that good. I like the art direction and its fun to play but its hardly a philosophical powerhouse, or even very original

No. 95521

I agree. The first game is the only one that's kind of cohesive, you can't really think about the others too hard, especially infinite.

No. 95531

Oh boy, I hope my toaster laptop will run it.

No. 95567

I'm excited because I'm hoping they'll bring them to more consoles. I don't have a Vita and I've wanted to play P4G since everyone said it's better than the original release. P3P isn't so easy for me to find either.

No. 95617

File: 1591911379947.png (955.68 KB, 1332x731, BwstKOc.png)


No. 95619

Demon Souls remake anons!!!!!!!!!!

No. 95621

I think the PS5 looks good I like the futuristic vibe but…. Was I the only one disappointed by almost every trailer ?? I'm obsessed with vg trailers but here they seemed super rushed. The one for resident evil 8 was so bad. Pragmata started good but I can't stand the cute little girl companion protected by The Big Strong Man trope, it always weirded me out.

Arkane is by far my favorite studio but deathloop seemed boring when it was revealed and the gameplay video here confirmed it. What a downgrade.

Horizon was the best. It was the only game that made me think "oh yea a new generation is starting". All the others looked and felt like PS4 games.

No. 95631

Waiting for prices and release dates for games. There's a good chance anything I'm interested in won't come out for another 3 or 4 years so I definitely wont get one on launch and might just upgrade my computer instead.

No. 95649

I lost my PS4 in a break up so I can't wait for PS5 to play my games again.

I personally love the design. The graphics looked pretty amazing to me.

SO fucking excited for Horizon Forbidden West and Kena Bridge of Spirits

No. 95651

Oh hell yes! I hope they give the Dark Souls remaster and fix the controls, graphics. etc. I'm so looking forward to that if the controls are tighter and more responsive.

No. 95652

I hate the black and white color scheme. I think it makes it look like one of those old plug and play knock off consoles. Would be better all white or all black.

No. 95653


Bioshock infinite is literally the worst of the trio. I'd recommend one and two over it any day. i played it once and never touched it again. No idea why it got so popular.

No. 95663

I'm so excited for Spider-Man Miles Morales!! I love him so much and the first game was so good!

HARD AGREE. I can see it being one solid color and looking alright but now it just looks off. Especially the controllers. I can't wait to see the color options since the PS4 controllers did have many.

No. 95664

Amen. It just looks cheap and dated.

>fix the controls
You and I can keep wishing lol

No. 95665

Most of the games did look like PS4 titles. And some of the indie games were outright funny. They can’t be serious about that cartoon furry teenager angst game?!

I am a consoomer and ready to be hyped, but this is not it. There is no game that screams "new generation", they mostly look generic and just not as good as expected. That being said, I do like Horizon Zero Dawn 2 and the game where you are a stray cat in the future. And perhaps the announcements from Ubisoft and EA will be better.

I am not sure about Deathloop. It it the most creative game so far (not hard with that competition), but the trailer also did not convince me. The Resident Evil trailer was alright imo, but the way the reboot changed the whole series is still weird to me. They basically made a whole new setting and style, but still call it "Resident Evil".

No. 95676

To be honest they all looked like PS4 games when they showed gameplay. I have no idea how I'm supposed to see it as a next gen console when they seemed to peak at PS4, the trailer was mostly showing off how many floating particles they're able to render and idgaf about that. The games were pretty meh in general because they were just sequels or reboots of games I really had no interest in beforehand. But that's just my subjective opinion. Ghostwire and Demon's souls looked surprisingly good though but jesus christ the Resident Evil was a joke.

When I saw that fucking teenage furry game the first thing I thought was who sucked off who to get this licensed and greenlit. It literally looks like the creators are transbians who post fetish porn of their characters on Twitter, like no exaggeration I'm being serious and not just banting. Made me feel uncomfortable as hell.

The PS5 digital edition shit made me worried though. I want to keep my games physical so I know I actually fucking own them and they can't be taken away by the company whenever they want, I hope they're not planning to get rid of physical media altogether.

No. 95696

All I'm gonna say here is that I'm waiting for the PS5's release so I can get a PS4 for cheap. Costs won't stop increasing for console and game developments, it takes more and more time to get new games released, I'm just going to focus on my backlog and on games I want on the Switch and the PS4 when I get both and I'm going to "give up" on video games for some time.

No. 95705

FUUUUUCK YEEEEES- oh wait, it's a PS5 announcement. Oh well, I'm happy for the console players anyway and am interested in how a completely different studio will handle this. People are bitching about the different visuals already and saying the remake is blander/more generic, lmao. Admittedly I've never played Demons' Souls, I know it's supposed to be gloomy but are all those crushed blacks and washed out filters really so much better than what was in the new trailers? this both raises and crushes my hope in a BB PC port and Elden Ring news

No. 95715

>They basically made a whole new setting and style, but still call it "Resident Evil"
that's what re4 did. I appreciate capcom switching it up. especially after re6.

I want bb pc so bad…

No. 95717

I wish I was more excited for this, but honestly everything good Demon Souls brought to the table was taken and improved tenfold by Dark Souls. I'd have preferred an entirely new Souls experience, but it's nice for fans to have I suppose.

No. 95718

File: 1591974912528.png (1.02 MB, 1434x1134, image (1).png)

genuinely looks like a router from the early 2000s - also this is the estimated sized based on the bluray slot and oh LORD it's a real unit

No. 95738

I have mixed feelings about this, from what has been shown in the trailer, I fear they'll take a more bombastic approach à la Bloodborne/DkS3, losing the intimate and melancholic atmosphere that made the game so great (the world is supposed to be dull and muted due to the fog). It also looks like they are incorporating themes from the successor games that were not in DeS, many shots in the trailer were crepuscular, and the one with the skeleton in Shrine of Storms was a huge fail imo (also lol at hyping the reaper when it's one of the weakest ennemy in the game). A part of the original game's charm came from its simplicity and small scope, I fear that they won't translate it well.

Sorry for overanalyzing this 1 minute trailer, I'm a huge Soulsborne sperg and I've actually wanted a Demon's Souls remake for years, so I'm scared they'll fuck it up. I'm still hyped though, and if they actually include the sixth area and completely rehaul the world tendency system, that would be a huge improvement to the original game.

No. 95818

>When I saw that fucking teenage furry game the first thing I thought was who sucked off who to get this licensed and greenlit. It literally looks like the creators are transbians who post fetish porn of their characters on Twitter, like no exaggeration I'm being serious and not just banting. Made me feel uncomfortable as hell.

Ugh!! Gross af. It's like all male gamers now have tr00ned out and now they're developing games. I'm honestly worried for our gaming titles in the future for PS5.

No. 95819

RE4 still felt like a RE game though. It definitely jumped the shark, but it worked. Maybe i'm an old fag, but RE4 was the last good RE game. RE5 is only fun with a friend as player 2 and RE6 was horrible.

I only enjoyed RE7 as a stand alone game, but i'm not really into first person horrors in general. I like the option to at least have 3rd person mode. I feel like it's scarier. they should scrap RE in general for now and work on a new IP, but capcom is massively lazy and wont do that sadly.

No. 95820

File: 1592063765117.gif (6.06 MB, 639x462, siren-disgust.gif)

It's so freakin ugly. I hate it. I hate the black and white design. I hate the size and shape in general. What were they thinking. I guess i'll wait on the inevitable PS5 slim and a different color scheme. I heard the price was gonna be $600 on release date too. fuck that noise

No. 95821

No. 95825

The main writer for volcano high is not a troon BUT already got cancelled by twitter. She wrote an article about how video game porn (that contained models of underage HP actors and fictional children like Ash from Pokemon) could be improved. Apparently they also think she fetishizes LGBTQ+. Couldn't check that tho cause nearly all her Kotaku articles are about sex games and, frankly, I have better things to do than read that shit.

No. 95827

fucking kek

No. 95838

File: 1592077944280.jpg (25.7 KB, 460x215, helltaker.jpg)

been playing helltaker. It's alright but I've been struggling on the last level

No. 95894

Persona 4 Golden is on Steam for 20 USD if anyone hasn't heard and is interested.

No. 95896

The devs of that game are on a small game dev community I also happen to be on. This makes me so fucking uncomfortable…

No. 96091

Spill some beans

No. 96192

File: 1592328537641.png (678.68 KB, 1156x1366, men vs women mmo.png)

I just started playing Tera with some friends and I can't stop laughing at how ridiculously obvious it is whenever I come across a man playing a female character. Why do they do this?

No. 96193

Yeah it's a dead giveaway usually that the slutty catgirl loli in a bikini and a collar is a man. Even if girls play the cutesy race they usually actually wear clothes.

No. 96215

SOooo any of you weebs playing PSO2? Lol
Played this the other day, was fun! I see the r34 are spreading

No. 96255

File: 1592406544904.gif (967.91 KB, 500x389, 8vx8ILR.gif)

omg same. I was completely creeped out by all the elin mains. seemed to be the number one scrote pick. I play as a panda/chipmunk/furball since it's friggin adorable rolling n roaming around hunting down those abominations

>And Andromeda wasn't bad

Agreed. I rather enjoyed Andromeda. found it very ironic how gamers of all ppl were making fun of the characters like calling them ugly n shit even tho these 3d models were supremely better looking than any scrote gamer i've ever seen… judging by the cruel, highly lookist comments made, you'd think it was coming from supermodels but nope. just your typical fuggo scrote gamers. it's a shame how the animations like the facial rigging were very awkward in the earlier versions. made all the shortcomings all the more unflattering.

Anyone excited about Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines 2?

No. 96259

I always wanted to play as the goth girl in a white dress. She has the most beautiful character model. Wish that she was a more important NPC!

No. 96286

File: 1592423717252.gif (4.99 MB, 347x195, 62FCD42B-9778-4E97-8603-5B172E…)

Did someone get the itch.io bundle? So far I’ve played Night in the Woods, A Short Hike (such a cozy game btw, I can’t recommend it enough), A Mortician’s Tale and Pyre. I started Pyre last night and I’m obsessed and have been playing all day.
Does anyone have any recs as to what play next?? There are so many of them idek where to start lol

No. 96287

I'm so hyped for Vampire the Masquerade 2. I really, really hope they fix a lot of the issues the first game had while keeping its charm.

No. 96289

Thinking about getting back into Tera online and possibly getting into Final Fantasy 14. These are like the only 2 mmos that interest me on console, but idk if I'd be a waste since I have a like/hate relationship with Tera and I'm not sure if getting into 14 is worth the money.

No. 96298

Pokemon Snap 2 is happening and my inner child is freaking out. I loved this game so much, will def considering getting this one.

Any anons are also hype about this?

No. 96307

If you're gonna play FFXIV, wait for the next update. It's gonna make the beginning less tedious. That's what I'm doing.

Holy shit. About time!!

No. 96322

File: 1592437778605.gif (5.41 MB, 506x506, springfalls_gif2.gif)

Ruya and Spring Falls are both cute, relaxing puzzle games. I spent like 3 hours playing Plant Daddy, literally just a sim of growing cacti and stuff but you get some fun genetic variables.

My favorite so far is Astrologaster but it's so incredibly niche idk if I can really recommend it. Shakespeare, astrology, and medicine.

I'd hoped at least one or two of the visual novels would be decent but so far it's mostly been bad tumblr art, edginess, or both.

No. 96360

Yes! It looks better than Sword and Shield lol

No. 96370

File: 1592471742806.jpg (Spoiler Image,188.58 KB, 1116x696, 1592466369244.jpg)

TLOU 2 new spoilers


warning: will need eyebleach after

No. 96371

I literally want to throw up, I know you warned us but holy shit I want to die after seeing that. Why is this even necessary?

No. 96373

I remember an anon earlier in this thread getting upset because I didn't understand how or why there are some double standards with fanservicey Japanese games and way more explicit Western games. Well, I haven't changed my mind, I'm actually even more confused by the video game industry and how games are rated.

No. 96374

File: 1592474410431.jpg (61.73 KB, 1920x1080, EaRWfnTWoAU1XAh.jpg)

I don't like the white, all black would look so much better.

No. 96384

>>96371 >>96370
what's the issue with this? considering literally every 16+ movie has a sex scene nowadays, how is this shocking?
On a technical level, animation looks very good.

No. 96386

Self-insert of game dev is fucking a troon char.

No. 96388

Thank you! I had no idea! I'm getting it ASAP.
You weren't exaggerating. This is
absolutely terrible. She doesn't even look like a she face or body wise. wtf

No. 96389

Considering he made employees watch gore videos, it wouldn't surprise me if he made the animators for this scene watch gay porn beforehand

No. 96391

what gay porn? this is a straight couple, character on the left has small but visible tits

No. 96393

You’re kidding, right anon? One thing that really disturbs me is how they don’t even try to pass “her” off as female, looks like a straight up dude. In most medias they’ll at least try to make the tranny characters looks passable, i’m surprised troons weren’t “offended” by this since they usually think they look like 2d anime traps. At least they kept it realistic I guess.

No. 96394

File: 1592489521083.png (Spoiler Image,253.96 KB, 697x450, tits.png)

Are you joking? She doesn't look like a woman with small or non existent cup size. She looks like a he with pecs. Look, I'm all for decent, non sexualized representation of women in media that don't necessarily cater to men, but that thing is not a woman and "she" does women no service.

Also, I thought someone was joking when they told me the leaked ending.
Here it is:
Ellie is about to kill Abby but realizes revenge is bad and lets her live. Abby still attacks her and eats(? maybe cuts off ?) her fingers. Ellie can't play guitar anymore and all her memories of Joel start fading.
A good number of sources confirm that ending but I'm still hoping it's just a huge marketing ploy to create fuss about the game.

No. 96395

Are you living under a rock? Don't tell me you've never seen a woman with AA cup.
I swear, gamers and their perception of women is literally the worst, apparently doesn't matter if they're female themselves.

No. 96396

Yes, I have. I used to be in a volleyball team and we would dress and shower together meaning also get naked in front of each other. That pic I posted looks like a guy's chest. It has nothing to do with size. The entire body structure looks as if they glued a man's body with a vaguely woman's head.
The sportswoman's/bodybuilding woman they used for modelling Abby doesn't look anything like their final product even though the inspiration is buff she's still clearly a woman.

No. 96397

Even if the sex scene by itself wasn't so disgusting, movies are made to show a story and a sex scene is generally there to show the characters' relationship or because it's gonna be relevant somewhat. If it's not relevant then it's gonna be there for fanservice, as in, it's supposed to look sexy.

Here this is a sex scene in a video game. The point of a video game is to entertain gamers with good level design and gameplay. Stories are not necessary unless they're written for specific genres. If you wanted to show that these two characters are in love to each other and very close, you don't have to be that explicit in a video game because it brings nothing new or interesting to the table (and I can argue that this also applies to many movies and TV shows as well), just show the characters kissing and the screen fades to black or whatever. And it does't work as fanservice either for reasons I don't even have to explain. I already feel way better about my tiny breasts just knowing what the """woman""" looks like in this.

No. 96399

I don't even have an A cup (dunno how American sizes work so not sure what an AA cup is) and my breasts absolutely do NOT look like this. And none of the women with small breasts I've seen look like that either. That's just straight up insulting, you might as well call flat chested women "manly men" while you're at it. That chest looks like deformed pecs at best.

No. 96401

I have an AA cup probably even smaller if it’s even possible literally 0 boob and my chest does not look like that at ALL. If that’s supposed to be a woman then you might as well tell me everyone in that animation room has literally never seen an actual woman before.

No. 96405

the ending >>96394 is real.

No. 96408

File: 1592495255568.png (Spoiler Image,533.47 KB, 797x799, small-breasts.png)

You two have to realize there are other women except you and bodies come on many shapes, even though popculture is feeding you images of the only one right way a woman is supposed to look like. It's a very toxic mindset to have, not only towards others but also your own self esteem. I've spoilered an examples of small breast that came up just from a very quick google search.

No. 96409

File: 1592495598995.jpg (Spoiler Image,368.46 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2020-06-18-17-51-31…)

this is clearly a woman and claiming otherwise is lesbophobic /s

No. 96410

File: 1592496000240.jpg (Spoiler Image,604.24 KB, 2340x1080, Screenshot_2020-06-18-17-58-53…)

and this too

No. 96412

Ok then I didn't feel like it's relevant but here goes. I'm used to going to public baths (not sure if that's a good translation) where women all of ages, sizes, body types, skin colors, etc. come do their business and I've never, EVER seen breasts this deformed. And the breasts in your picture don't look at all like the fucked up shit in the sex scene in TLOU either, not sure what you're trying to prove here. The girl with the piercings are the closest to what I look like, to give you an idea.

>even though popculture is feeding you images of the only one right way a woman is supposed to look like

Nope, I'm way more familiar with real people I see irl than with photoshopped pictures and movies/tv shows with everyone wearing makeup and perfect clothes.

No. 96415

For some reason Abby looks more feminine in this scene where she's being crucified than she does in the other scenes we've seen.Maybe it's just a more flattering angle/better lighting

No. 96424

File: 1592503155072.gif (2.81 MB, 268x326, 16c71eec-37a3-4b8f-bc2e-056046…)

Cyberpunk 2077 got delayed until November and the manchildren are salty.

No. 96425

Im feeling kinda salty myself not gonna lie.

No. 96426

Me too, but not enough to insult the devs or similar lol

It sucks but they'll release it eventually

No. 96429

What are the chances to get Demon Souls Remake on PC? I'm not getting PS5. I had PS4 because of Bloodborne but I'm not going to support Sony anymore.

No. 96430

Those are so obviously male nipples, please stop using the "gamers don't know what real women look like" argument to defend a shitty game.

No. 96431

maybe I'm retarded but she looks male af to me

No. 96432

if you watch the video, she doesn't look nearly as bulky as she does normally. I couldn't even tell it was her at first tbh.

No. 96435

I have, but holy shit that face

No. 96495

It was inevitable, but I'm still sad.

No. 96530

File: 1592571834242.png (2.2 MB, 1339x1845, twitterplz.PNG)

I cringe so hard every time I see posts like this, it's ok if someone wants to be concerned but this holier-than-thou attitude and saying assumptions like they're facts is so obnoxious. That person is not even a game developer, let alone in any way aware what's going on in the company

No. 96541

I've been waiting for this game since its first announce a decade ago, loved the first teaser trailer and tbh I barely even care at this point. That game looks completely directionless, plans have been changed so many times.
>cop class shown in first teaser completely scrapped
>flying cars shown in first teaser completely scrapped
Now you'll say "But anon, the first teaser means nothing, that was 8 years ago!" and okay, point taken, but let's move to recent times after the 2018 trailer.
>3rd person was supposed to be there, then removed, making the whole sophisticated character creation screen useless
>some CDPR employer assures you'll be able to see your character "sometimes"
>features keep on appearing and disappearing at every new released content
>genre description changes from "rpg" to "action-adventure" mid-2019
>combat looks just like a run of the mill FPS, with a poor AI that hopefully is being improved before release
>game looks less Blade Runner inspired and more like a futuristic GTA
I don't know what to expect at this point tbh

No. 96544

Is it not an rpg anymore? Darn it, that's kind of killed my enthusiasm. I was hoping since it's actually based on a pen-and-paper rpg that the game would have some decent number crunch, skill customization etc. I'm not really interested in a watered down sort-of-rpg shooter.

No. 96558

This trailer was so beautiful. Shame that they pulled the plug on the cop class and the gloomy cyberpunk concept, it seemed really unique and fun for a videogame.

No. 96563


It's still an rpg and you still get choices, different dialog options etc.

They said that the game is pretty much done at this point and that some journalists will have a chance to play it, so I guess we'll get more news soon.

No. 96568

The game is still a big mystery, many changes and lots of stuff we'll only be able to verify once it's released. I'm looking forward to the Night City Wire event where they'll supposedly release more content.

No. 96570

I think my brother peak transed thanks to TLoU2 lol.

No. 96572

time to pinkpill him

No. 96591

November? 2020 seriously the worst year. This was the only game i was looking forward to.

No. 96592

wtf. this is straight up tranny chest. Naughty Dog really in it for the long run with how bad this game is going to be. Fuck everything

No. 96593

I hope more people do honestly. I see so many female gamers on my IG feed excited for TLOU2. I hope they all reach peak trans after this bullshit

No. 96600

Started playing BOTW again after sinking 300 hours into ACNH lol. I only have like 65 hours in BOTW despite owning it for like two years now… One of my favorite streamers is doing a master mode, permadeath run and it made me want to play again, seeing how much fun he was having (not on master mode or doing permadeath because I suck at games). It feels stupid to say but I’m starting to feel burnt out on ACNH even though I still want to change things on my island… that used to be fun, and it used to be the thing I’d sink more hours into if my interest started to wane, but now it just feels bad lol. Like, it just makes me hate my island more and more even though I make fun micro environments that I like. Feels much more fun now to just run around aimlessly in BOTW. I also finally beat my first two divine beasts (with no guide) and a major test of strength shrine!! I’m such a fucking terrible gamer and look up guides for everything, so it feels accomplishing to just figure it out myself for once haha. I also usually avoid combat at all costs (makes for my own fun challenge- to do things in the most convoluted way just to avoid all combat), but I started going out of my way to fight shit so I can get materials for upgrades, and even fight some small bosses like Hinoxes. Will I ever fight a Lynel? Probably not. But tomorrow I’m gonna try to do another divine beast, and maybe try fighting a Molduga. Maybe some more side quests too.

No. 96602

I see so many lesbians hyping up the game as their holy scriptures and I don't get it, the game was made by a man who obviously has a lesbian fetish, and let's not even talk about the gratuitous troon beat up. I guess that many people refused to watch the leaks, which is fine, but not admitting that Druckmann is a creep who poses as a feminist (while firing a woman for no reason) is just weird to me.
The fans are so rabid on Twitter, people offer legitimate criticism and they call you a homophobe who doesn't want women in games.

No. 96616

Did… Did they deliberately make the gf look more like anita or what? That beak is awful


No. 96628

Yes, real adult human female lesbians, not troons.

No. 96633

File: 1592658432276.png (50.45 KB, 509x423, 1592648399961.png)


Well that pic is now a new Yaranaika

No. 96641

anon, i just woke up to this. I love you

No. 96643

File: 1592672282841.jpg (93.88 KB, 500x500, 1390415128944.jpg)

Anyone play Dota 2? I really enjoy the game and wish the fanbase was less toxic. The new guild challenges are fun, even if you don't get much for completing them.

No. 96645

I dont get it, so hard to play and clunky too. I wish I was good at it… I dont even know where to start with that game. Mostly I get stunned or silcened for like 30 minutes and I quit after 1 game

No. 96651

The learning curve for Dota is really steep, but I'd recommend Purge's videos if you're new. The series where he teaches Day9 are super informative and fun to watch.

No. 96653

Pls don't play mobas. Just don't.

No. 96656

thank you anon :)

No. 96686

File: 1592717883414.jpg (38.38 KB, 760x428, 684654646.jpg)

>mfw my boss asked me the other day if I'm excited for tlou2
>mfw I said lmao no I saw the leaks
>mfw yesterday he said anon I bought tlou2 and I'm gonna play it on my weekend off and I'm not gonna let you ruin my fun with your cynicism!!
>mfw he's probably playing it right now
I can't wait till monday

No. 96689

please give us updates, anon

No. 96698

File: 1592739701856.jpg (8.11 KB, 224x222, image0.jpg)

I got close to 5k hours and I hate the game. Still play it every day. Not sure why.

No. 96701

File: 1592745877520.gif (131.48 KB, 300x232, popcorn.gif)

This shitshow with the last of us part 2 is hilarious, it's unironically one of the best things that happened to me this year.

No. 96702

I don't own a ps so I had to watch tlou2 and it was 10h long. What a shit show, the ending is incredibly disappointing. I hope it doesn't get any awards for the story.

No. 96721

I have a PS4 but I'm currently watching the same 10 hour long vid. No way am I paying for that shit. It sucks because I would really like a post apocalyptic game that's good. I was looking forward to Cyberpunk but my enthusiasm dropped. I had tlou2 but that obviously petered out after the leaks. Now I've got Eldern Ring and Demon Souls. Also Crusader Kings 3.

No. 96733

So many of my guy friends are playing it now. I hope they peak trans. it's gonna be such a shitfest. I'm so glad i saw the leaks before hand and saved my money.

No. 96734

I'm so hyped for Demon Souls remaster. I'm only worried about the trailer with little to no fog, when it's such a big part of the story. I really hope they finally do that game justice.

No. 96735

>No shirtless Nathan throughout the Uncharted series
>Yet this unnecessary sex scene got approved
What the fuck, Naughty Dog?

No. 96745

I can't see them fucking it up too badly, anon. I have faith in them! I really can't wait to play it though. Playing Demon's Souls for the first time when it came out really was something, and it is an experience I will never forget. I am currently replaying DS2 and for all the hate it gets, I am enjoying the nostalgia of it all!

No. 96747

What is there to peak trans about? Abby is cis.

No. 96750

I'm thinking of playing DS2 for the first time. Would you recommend it?

No. 96766

abby was designed to look trans despite being cis to appeal to trans gamers.

No. 96771

nta but I would. With the dlcs it's easily my favourite DS game, (Bloodborne is my favourite from soft game).
People shit on DS2 all the time but once you finish the entire game along with the dlcs, you feel like you've been on a really long journey. The one thing I like the most about DS2 is the choices you get to make in the end.
DS2 without dlcs is okay but the dlcs make all the difference. So get the Scholar of the First Sin. It's worth it imo. However playing online can be a bit tiresome. So many twinks when you're starting out since a lot of people have played it already. I got one shotted all the time.
Definitely. It feels as if the studio decided to not make Abby a tranny in the last moment so "she" looks like one but is officially a biological woman. I thought they would make a grand reveal during the pride month. The fact remains that they did intentionally cater to the trans populace by making female characters less feminine and male chars more feminine.

No. 96787

Does anyone have a big backlog? How do you deal with this? I have like 30 games I haven't completed or even started and many of them are JRPGs or are made with replayability in mind. I'm just trying to get into the easiest games first so I don't get too frustrated too fast, and when it comes to visual novels if I find the game boring I just complete on route and give up. What about you guys?

No. 96789

I don't buy any games I won't be playing right fucking now. I just keep a list.

No. 96790

I was like that too before but I kept buying old and rare second hand games I wanted for years on the GBA and the DS and things got out of hand. That and the fact that I was very busy with university at the same time. I decided to not buy games unless they're rare physical copies until I beat most of the games I already have.

No. 96791

I just watch Youtube playthroughs. MegaTen is my favorite series but it literally took me six months to get through Devil Survivor's endings.

No. 96795

I only played a few hours of the first TLOU when it came out but I found it boring and uninteresting. I wasn't interested in that or Uncharted (so…naughty dog games?). I realise they're supposed to be good but I can't find myself being interested at all.

No. 96801

My only backlog right now is Death stranding. I'm like one the final chapter but i lost interests and had to work a lot, so it's hard for me to get back into.

No. 96802

I would love to replay DS2 honestly. It was a mess of a game, but so much fun to play with friends (jolly cooperation.)

It's a good game, but lore wise, it's the weakest. The story is incomplete unless you get the DLC- scholar of the first sin. Also, there's the levels like Shrine of Amana and the Iron Keep, which make you wanna lose your mind. The game plays in favor of magic users a lot.

No. 96803

Yo, so they changed it LAST minute? I remember all the leaks and everything months ago saying Abby was trans. I'm seriously baffled by this. And it definitely doesnt help that Abby still looks like a man. Like a literal male body with fake tits. holyshit…

No. 96806

> Shrine of Amana and the Iron Keep
That's true. Man, now I wish to replay it. The Iron Keep makes every other DS area easy peasy. But honestly, Majula and the Majula theme is the comfiest place and OST in all DS games. I prefer it even over Hunter's Dream.

No. 96807

Agree. Majula is my favorite safe base/home base in Dark Souls. It's really relaxing

No. 96816

I'm pretty sure the leakers were just assuming Abby is trans, I don't think ND ever explicitly said she was.

No. 96817

you mean you don't like pushing dumpsters around??

I was 14 when that game came out so I really really wanted to like it because I thought Ellie was so cool but it was just boring.

No. 96828

I’m late to the switch party, I want to buy lots of games but I can’t get them all at once or I’ll be broke. Options are;
Mario Odyessy (I like Mario, though mostly the more basic games)
BoTW (everyone recommends it to me and it looks great, I have yet to finish a LoZ game tho)
Splatoon 2 (wanted to play since splatoon 1 but I’m scared of online gaming I suck)
SSBU (I play casually, don’t have people to really play with)

I’m also tempted to get the remastered spyro games even though I could technically still play the original ones. Thoughts?

No. 96829

sage for old shit but I've been thinking about replaying the mass effect trilogy, but I keep getting hung up on how much i hate the asari. They are shitty scrote fap bait universal cum dumpsters

No. 96830

BOTW is the first zelda game I ever finished if that helps

No. 96836

i’m about to play P5 for the first time in like 5 minutes—i played persona 4 a million years ago by am not too familiar with the series otherwise.

the only thing i wanna ask: ladies, who do i romance?
not futaba

No. 96837

Splatoon 2 is super fun. I can't speak for the other games since I don't have them but I don't regret buying Splatoon 2 at all, despite being someone who normally avoids competitive/multiplayer games like the plague. It's incredibly easy to pick up and get the hang of even for a complete idiot like me, and addicting as hell, too.

No. 96839

It's not much but that one segment of ME3 where Javik dunks on Asari history if you bring him and Liara along almost makes the frustration worth it.

No. 96842

File: 1592874451563.jpeg (37.76 KB, 240x240, image.jpeg)

Haru is my personal fav tbh. She inspired me to start my own vegetable garden! Consider The Floof as your girl.

No. 96844

File: 1592874923410.png (100.79 KB, 512x512, 86522.png)

ann, absolutely.
romancing her is so fun imo and her scenes are adorable. she's def my fave girl.
( haru, like other anon said is perf too tho. )

No. 96845

Asari are trash, but I love Mass Effect, especially ME2. That's definitely a fantastic series to replay. i really wish they'd do an HD remaster for PS4. I'd snatch that up in a heart beat.

No. 96847

not trying to bash on anons who liked p5r but, anybody else feel kinda empty playing it? Like, I honestly can't say the story was all that great (the symbolism at times felt wayyy too on the nose and I really hate how in the beginning it baits you into the thinking the game would be darker than it actually ends up being), most of the cast irritated the fuck out of me (by the time I got to okumara's palace I was kinda ready to drop the game), and by the time I go to maruki's palace I just sped through the game because at that point I just wanted to finish it and be done with it.

Oh, and akechi gave me poor man adachi vibes.

No. 96852

>Oh, and akechi gave me poor man adachi vibes
The real twist is that Akechi is bootleg!Jun and that the current Persona developers dont want to directly reference P1 and P2 because they don't want to disrespect the former developers' work, but instead they copypaste entire plot point and characters into their own games.

No. 96856

File: 1592886604111.png (875.58 KB, 1935x1558, 1523241883591.png)

character wise you got me there, but design wise that prize goes to Yusuke.

anon, you don't understand how cheated I felt when the twist villain wasn't nyarlotep but some literal who and how my boy philemon has all but been forgotten.

No. 96873

File: 1592912778745.png (88.4 KB, 322x308, yukatan.png)

>Philemon will never show up in the series again
>Atlus won't stop pretending that Nyarly is coming back and creating new villains who are suspiciously similar to him
>Igor's Japanese voice actor died so Igor will probably never show up and be relevant again either
>you'll never be able to beat the shit out of Philemon for being a stupid bitch
>the series' mascots keep getting worse and worse
Fuck the Persona developers. I think the only time since P3 when they heavily referenced the previous games was when they made Nyx the villain and the entire game was subtly a very direct sequel of the Snow Queen route in P1 but after that it's all just copypasted shit everywhere. Thank god the devs are moving on to other projects and other, younger developers will take over Persona. I hope they'll do something about the calendar system btw.

No. 96874

Honestly, the last good Persona game was P3 in my opinion. I could care less about p4, even though I beat it the year it came out and P5 was so disappointing that i didnt even remember finishing it. It was just..so disappointing.

No. 96927

File: 1592954091069.png (7.44 KB, 739x38, bruh.png)

not sure if this belongs here but I'm trying to play an old windows XP game. after a few unsuccessful attempts i found out the problem is the fact the cd has some file that windows 10 just doesn't like. I try to find a download of the game, find it, install a software to mount it, run into the same problem due to this file also being on this version. Only options are to somehow try to crack the game (I can't tell what the crack files are) or to try installing a virtual windows XP machine.

fucking windows 10. any tips?

No. 96964

What game are you trying to install?

No. 96966

Just came from a Reddit thread about The Last of Us 2 full of people shilling that Abby is trans…

Because a woman cant be jacked? Because the character is "built like a fridge" and theres no way a woman could maintain a strong physique? Even though its modeled off a real life female body builder…?

Is life even worth living?

No. 96973

> Only options are to somehow try to crack the game (I can't tell what the crack files are) or to try installing a virtual windows XP machine.
If you happen to chose the virtual machine option let us know how it goes, I'm curious on how doable it is for old DOS games or things like Myst, Arcanum or Sierra games

No. 96975

>calender system
I really hate how reptitive the calendar system makes everything.
>spend a few days dealing with PLOT
>go to dungeon and grind for like a day or week
>spend rest of month dealing with hit or miss social links
>fight boss
I just hope the newer games get better writers or ditch social links and go back to pure dungeon crawling.

I think my favorite line in persona 5 was:
>Don't hit your girlfriend.

No. 96977

childhood game Pippa Funnell, so its pretty obscure to find a noCD hack for

No. 96982

I'm so sick of people begging for a Bloodborne 2. The game was perfect by itself, flawless direction and the story was self contained enough, it doesn't need a sequel. Do they really want a Dark Souls II and III situation, where fans whine that they are respectively too different and too similar to the original game? Just go find another video game to obsess over, Soulsborne clones are dime a dozen.

No. 96983

Aside from the fact that one wouldn't be able to be that jacked during an apocalypse with limited food resources and no gym, the bone structure of a woman's torso just doesn't look like that. Female body builders do not look like Abby despite still being jacked, and even though it was modeled off of a real woman they still obviously grave her the body of a man so that trans people could relate to her. Everyone who says that Abby looks like a woman is blind.

No. 96987

anon there's no way a woman is getting shoulders like that without juicing. which would be fine if she was juicing in-universe, but she wasn't. she also doesn't look anything like the woman she was "modeled" after.

No. 96995

Anon, it was modeled off of a real woman, but they tweaked her body to look masculine. Even her first ever leaked pic is looking less buff than the definitive ingame model, they kept on making her bigger and less feminine.
Also what the other anons said, a real woman looking like that would have to be a roid monster.

No. 97004

That's not even the only problem with the calendar system, it worked well in P3 because the story and the system where designed to go well together but in P4 and P5 it makes everything so needlessly long just to it can fit with the Japanese school/fiscal year so you have