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gender critical and female politics
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No. 1821

With the admin's verdict on /2X/ (and pink pill related topics as a whole) announced, where should farmers who want to discuss female politics head to?
The current options seem to be:
>New imageboard
>Migration to other, existing imageboards
>Migration to Reddit
As far as the first option goes, we may be able to create a space on https://8kun.top/ or https://endchan.net/ using their board creation functions. The only downside is that both places are also home to all sorts of unsavory males (virulent racists, pedophiles, pornography junkies, manosphere users, etc).
We could also create our own standalone board/site, though we'd need someone with the proper skills for that. Post any thoughts/suggestions on /2X/ migration here.

No. 1827

i think creating our own space on a male board and/or crystal.cafe are the best options

No. 1829

That's going to end up as well as a seal jumping into a shark tank.

No. 1830

crystal.cafe might be alright if a lot of us go there. i think a board with an innocuous/boring name on a male bbs would be ok. it's not like our userbase is enormous enough to draw attention on a small bbs anyways.

No. 1831

i'd rather not be on a male site tbh
i guess crystal.cafe is the better option

No. 1833

This shit sucks
As an oldfag- I fucking hate Reddit. I can't be arsed to participate on Reddit, I hate it, even though I do browse it just for reading, I hate the UI.
Also as an oldfag that's been on 4chan since 2005- using a male space won't work either. I'm still struggling to deprogram myself from all the damage that's been done from such sites.
Never got into crystal.cafe. I've heard of it and checcked it out but apparently it's already compromised by troons.
I've been on lolcow for years now and it's helped me immensely.

No. 1834

how should we migrate? make a thread for us specifically or just, is there a pp or manhate thread on there even already? i haven't visited in forever

No. 1835

Nowhere. I just won't have a female-oriented space to vent about these specific grievances anymore. I don't browse crystal.cafe, and I only go on reddit to lurk. There's no point in integrating to another website's culture just so I can make a post here and there, and even then I'd probably stop browsing there too.

When this admin steps down, it'll just be someone else's shitshow with new rules too.

No. 1839

Would you be down for a forum? I think those are much easier to create.

No. 1841

File: 1578983029381.png (271.45 KB, 1785x557, boring shit.png)

Like this person is obviously a male
I dont get it, why cant they just go to their own spaces and post shit. Now we have nothing because of the shitty Admin

No. 1842

File: 1578983077963.png (64.28 KB, 1888x218, 983593853.png)

My issue with CC is that it's currently full of trannies and men from places like /r9k/ LARPing.
The mod/janitor team is also markedly slower (at least based on my own memory of using the site), leaving us vulnerable to inevitable raids from angry males. I also don't get the feeling that the admin there would be very sympathetic to us, either.
Here's someone's first attempt to migrate to CC, from last year:
Based on the admin's post, I get the sense that she may just ignore obvious scrote raids/reports under the argument that it's just "having a discussion". Since I can't tell what was deleted, we also don't really know what would constitute "comment spam that's not conductive to the conversation". The whole concept of deletion based not on actual user consensus, but the admin's personal opinion sets kind of an undesirable precedent.
It'd be a rough path for sure.

No. 1843

i prefer an imageboard personally

why won't you use something else? that's silly. that's what people like admin want. to squash your will and thought completely, honestly.

>When this admin steps down, it'll just be someone else's shitshow with new rules too.

she's apparently pretty uniquely shit. it's possible that in future there may be a more reasonable admin. we've had radical feminist threads (not just manhate or misandry) for a long time, actually. they weren't the most active, but we had discussions about starting our own female communes, etc. she denies any of this and acts like there was no culture before now. it's pathetic.

No. 1844

Admin is completely irrational and also a liar which leads me to believe the troon theory was indeed accurate

No. 1846

>that stupid first post by admin
wew. guess the team over there is full of bootlickers as well, embarrassing. dumb as fuck considering they were already hilariously compromised because the actual females that do visit can't stop licking faggoty r9k or general loser taint. you'd think they'd adopt more of a hardline stance so as not to attract men, but handmaidens won't stop handmaidening no matter what, i guess

No. 1847

handmaidens are nearly as bad as the unhinged scrotes in my opinion.

No. 1850

that's why i honestly think making an innocuous board on a male imageboard wouldn't be so terrible, at least until we could get our ducks in a row.

tho honestly, i feel like the admin on cc might be better than this one. at least the thread is still up and shit. it's even worse that we had such a large and established userbase here that had been here for years and years, and admin is completely intolerant of it and is irrationally demanding a core component of the userbase leave. it's muhc more shameful for the admin of a site with an established board culture to be so irrational and ridiculous, rather than one with no history and established culture, being a handmaiden.

No. 1854

On 4chan, they sometimes post screencaps of CC threads, inviting them to come and court or chat with "the femoids". The place also gets mentioned on /lgbt/ a lot. Lolcow has survived so well as a female space because that shit is met with suspicion and swift bans at the slightest whiff of scrotehood. We need a place with that same energy.
I think, if possible, we should try to create our own board, or find a relatively quiet, very low-key imageboard to populate. In the latter situation, even if we didn't have proper moderation, we'd have a layer of protection in scrotes/trannies simply not knowing about us or where we are.
In any case, a temporary 8kun or Endchan "lifeboat" might be beneficial. Long-term is kind of unwanted because of the very nature of those sites' "usual" cultures, but I think they could be good emergency bunkers.

No. 1857

If we have to have a temporary move I vote for Endchan. 8kun seems much more toxic.

No. 1866

you all are crazy if you decide to stay on 8kun/endchan

that's just asking to get *anned sooner or later due to the nature of those sites and being on them. Fuck that noise.

I rather go to cc because there are some girls present but aren't aware.

No. 1868

Dreamwidth/LJ? Not exactly like an imageboard, but easy to set up and doesn't come scrote infested.

No. 1871

would love if a new radfem imageboard gets created

No. 1873

I attempted to create a temp board on Endchan, just in case, but couldn't find any options on thread settings (eg how to sticky a thread, display rules or any other functions besides deletion and things found on the management page), so I kind of gave up. Hope someone more competent rises to the occasion.
8kun also requires the global admins to approve a board request, so there might be a slim chance of them allowing a scrote-free environment.
The good thing about Endchan is that there's an option to remove a board from their index page, so we could have it relatively "hidden" there.

No. 1876

that's a good idea then, actually. being able to delete could be really useful.

i'm honestly up for anything at this point, forums, whatever you guys choose, i don't care. we need somewhere. i still think crystal.cafe is an option for backup, along with endchan. or like another anon said, a forum is fine.

does anyone want to make a discord for now? i never use discord but i'll happily join for this purpose.

No. 1877

File: 1578990259672.jpg (7.81 KB, 117x143, IMG_76ojgc.jpg)

That's sad. I just wanna discuss stuff without having a traceable profile. Every group has exceptional individuals, gc/pp is not special in that regard.
I follow 2/3 cows on /pt/ and that's about it, and I'm slightly more interested in the social aspect of a female centred image board rather than "lol cows mad"
I don't think c.c will be welcoming but I do hope we find an anonymous place to post in. DW/LJ sounds good to me but I've never used it aside from browsing kinkmemes.

No. 1878

I'm fine with any site where you don't need to create an account.

No. 1879

I vote to stay here and create a new image board

No. 1880

what do you mean by 'stay here'? we can't. admin is nuking 2X and ot pp/gc. the problem with creating a new board is that it's a lot of work, cost, takes technical skill, etc. creating a board on an existing imageboard is possible, obviously, but creating a new one is… work

No. 1881

I’m honestly glad this is happening, I spend too much time on lolcow anyway, and PP is a depressing world view. I’ll have to just resort to shitting on men with my IRL female friends, seeing as admins only friends are the incels she meets on fucking overwatch probably.

No. 1882

Someone should just make a discord for now. Lame but organized enough for such short notice

No. 1883

Dreamwidth would be perfect. I already follow some other anon comms there, and two of them are extremely active. The admin of the dreamwith page just makes a post, allows anonymous comments to be on, then you just make a new post once the captcha comes on (at around 5000 comments). You’d have a deletion thread as your first comment, so people can report strange comments there.

No. 1885

Dreamwidth sounds good to me too. There have been long-running anon communities on Dreamwidth before.

The fact is, no matter how much handmaidens try, you can't stop women from being GC or PP. We will always find a way to talk to each other and there is nothing they can do about it.

No. 1887

File: 1578994045060.jpg (143.84 KB, 998x460, 14a29d2a-11b3-4f11-a0a3-302f63…)

Admin, I hope you're happy. Enjoy your site. Crystal.cafe 2.0 has been created. Welcome scrotes on board!! Fuckin' hell…

Males can shit on jews, niggers, faggots and women in general. But OH NO, fellow women, don't even try to talk about poor poor trannies and scrotes uwuw, their feelings will get hurt uwuwuw.

Girls, I love you so much. I hope you find a good community to migrate to. I'm grafetul for the time I've spent with you, I really am. I wish you happiness and hope for a better future. I will miss this, I will miss it a lot. Discussing feminism, talking about good movies and books, exchanging life experiences… This was an oasis in my life. I feel for the anons who don't have friends or relatives who understand how poisoned this world is. I'm lucky I have a relative with whom I can discuss radfeminism, but I know not everyone does and this board was the only place they could vent and feel welcomed.

I'll follow wherever you go, girls, but in the time being, thank you. Thank you so much for this. Here, I found hope.

No. 1888


i made a profile with a basic entry, comment and we can chat all you guys like. enabled anonymous posting etc so it should all be good

No. 1890

>Crystal cafe 2.0 has been created

Exactly. Give it a few months and Lolcow will be wondering why /ot/ and /g/ are suddenly infested with people posting about how they stole their little sister's dirty underwear today and it's such a universal female experience, right girlies?

No. 1891

Thank you anon! Let's keep circulating this link all over 2X so everyone knows it exists.

No. 1892

File: 1578994455946.png (294.61 KB, 640x579, 9.png)

Thank you for taking the initiative! Time to learn how the fuck DW works lol

No. 1894

np you guys, i love you pink pill girls so much. i'm so saddened that this is happening, particularly bc i have seen a lot of posts by anons in /ot/ saying shit about how their self esteem has improved with exposure to pink pill type thought, that they felt less alone and could prioritize themselves, could detox from male-centered chan poisoning, etc.

i've never used dreamwidth either, but you just 'reply' to the initial post. at least it's somewhere to respond to each other anonymously. you can see here how it works:


i made a discord server if you guys want to join so again, at least we have something for the time being that's fairly accessible. the dreamwidth shit is new to me but i really like the fact that at least we have 5000 replies to work with and we can stay anon

here is the link to the discord: https://discord.gg/jxuZwh

No. 1898

I know you guys are probably spooked at the idea of opening an 8chan/kun board, but it might be the only viable imageboard option in the future that doesn't involve someone paying for and hosting the entire board. If we were to do it, I suggest naming it /2X/ but not tagging or naming anything to do with feminism or pinkpilling, and I think this will help to prevent anons from there 'invading' the board. Often small-traffic boards barely get bothered over there, so it might be a pretty good option at least to make an attempt?

No. 1899

endchan is better
8kun is filled with cp everyday

No. 1900

Good point, any of the infinity-running *chans could work, and you're right, the smaller the better. I didn't even realise endchan was still running.

No. 1901

what is Endchan?? and what its community like ?

No. 1903

i agree with you. i don't think it'll gain as much negative attention as people think

there aren't that many users here to really draw up a big stink imo. hopefully anon or anons can get the old, established discord link so we can all join and be together and formulate a really solid plan. maybe someone in the previous rf discord will be up for the task of creating a totally new board, even

No. 1904

Endchan's boards are even smaller and more niche than 8chan's. The boards don't interact very much if at all, they are essentially entirely different communities that couldn't sustain their own site. Endchan is so small that it's unlikely to be raided by anyone.

On that note, anyone got any ideas for a covert board name/subtitle?

No. 1905

I've favorited this link for now.

The chan board thing sounds like a good idea if you can keep the dudes away. Maybe make it a board about a topic males aren't interested in so they don't even click.

No. 1906

2xRad or Rad2X is my suggestion

No. 1907


/Rad2X/ - Circular Discussion (since it's a radius or some shit idunno)

No. 1908

I think masking it as a topic dudes don't care about it is a good idea. How about crafts, or knitting? They don't care about that even a little bit.

No. 1909

seconding using Rad2X as a board name

No. 1910

PP is not permanently banned. It's being given a break during migration.
The new site launch date will go up on announcements within the next two weeks. GC is not coming back, radfem general is not coming back. /2X/ will not appear on the board menu.
This was decided collectively by staff (mods and janitors) about a day or two ago.

No. 1911

but knitting might attract tards

No. 1912


anyway, for all interested gc/pp/radfem people, we're setting up camp here: https://pprefuge.dreamwidth.org

No. 1913

File: 1578997942050.jpg (24.05 KB, 321x375, tumblr_0851733547ded67978050f9…)

U so mean
Thx for pinning the migration thread tho.

No. 1914

Maybe but it's one of the few topics men don't care for in any capacity. Stuff like make-up or fashion attracts troons like flies on shit.

No. 1915

On the other hand, it's a fairly obvious female-centric activity so it might clock us as a female centered board?

No. 1916

That's true. Maybe something very obscure, like an instrument nobody plays or an animal nobody cares about?

To be honest it's so fucking sad we have to put all this work in to find a space that will just let us talk and camouflage ourselves so men don't ruin it. Women really can't have anything.

No. 1920

PP/GC is banned off of /ot/ at this very moment. PP/ man-hate will not be merged with GC. None of this was mentioned in terms of the new server in my post (aside from /2X/).
GC will have to fuck off.

No. 1922

ok… thanks for the clarification. not sure how that will work out given that most ppers are also gc, just maybe not as focused on them, but troons are very misogynistic and this bleeds into veritable manhate territory. glad they're not merging tho tbh.

No. 1923

File: 1579000412560.jpg (72.87 KB, 503x762, wut.jpg)

>pp is not permamently banned
>I will also be banning all pink pill related topic off of /ot/
so which one is it?

No. 1925

So is anything critical of trans banned then? Or just GC thought in particular? Like for example if someone in the Onision thread called Lainey a she instead of he, are you gonna start banning for that? I want to get things clear.

No. 1926

doesn't make any sense, but it would've been very wrong to ban all of it. at least some semblance of controversial thought is staying.

No. 1927

So /2X/ will continue to exist as per this post, because why mention it won't appear on the menu if it's getting deleted?

>/2X/ will not appear on the board menu

And will be 'abandoned' (what does this mean?) on the new server. Meanwhile, all /2X/ flavored threads aside from PP general (which is temp banned for migration?)are being permabanned on /ot/ and anywhere else on the site outside of /2X/.

Would I be correct? I'm not trying to sound like a retard but the posts are fairly unclear about what's happening.

No. 1928

I think they're talking about the new website with modern features

No. 1929

Yeah it's not clear to me either.

No. 1933

Admin what does this mean? It sounds like /2X/ will continue to exist, but as a hidden board ("not on the board menu")?! Don’t play with our feelings like that.

No. 1935

one of the handmaidens in /meta/ actually inadvertently made a good suggestion in the middle of a screaming fit about how she's not like the other girls because she loves troons and men: mongolian pottery. let's do it, in honor of handmaiden-chan.

No. 1938


made a thing just in case

No. 1940

can you rename it to Rad2X ??

No. 1944


No. 1947

That’s not the first use of the term, it and variations of it have been used around here for years

No. 1950

I prefer Dreamwidth to the scrote nest that is endchan.

No. 1951

has a retarded scrote already posted on accident in the thread on endchan or was that one of you guys?

No. 1954

I'm aware, but why shouldn't we just take it with us to the new place? It's boring enough scrotes won't even look twice at it.

No. 1956

File: 1579008327209.gif (340.18 KB, 220x295, peace.gif)

Honestly I think I'm just gonna ween myself off of imageboards. I've been making steady progress on becoming a normalfag and have been keeping up with socializing regularly and diet and exercise and all that. I'm still grateful for lolcow for elevating me from pickme status and helping me getting over my internalized misogyny. It was honestly a huge factor in me regaining a lot of the self-esteem I had lost in countless relationships with horrible scrotes. So thank you ladies for that.

In regards to admin decision, I'm disappointed, mostly because of the lying. If she/someone on the mod team wanted to get rid of PP/GC discourse, she should have done so from the beginning without all the needless /meta/ drama and polling(which was ignored for some reason?). I've never been one for tinfoiling about the admin/mod team but even this decision is very suspect to me.

Anyway. Godspeed, ladies. Hope you all continue to keep up the good work and help other women realize how awful men truly are.

No. 1959

she's not getting rid of pp, apparently. her wording in her original post was just terrifically unclear to the point where everyone, ppers, gcers, and antis thought she was getting rid of 2X.i guess she's keeping 2X and pp on it, but not gc.

No. 1960

>In regards to admin decision, I'm disappointed, mostly because of the lying.

The lying is what gets me too. Why all this deceit? Just say you hate GC topics and ban them. All of this dancing around exiling us to a containment board then creating a poll 20 days later then flipping out when the poll didn't go the way you wanted it to and ignoring the results is so unnecessary and creepy. I would have respected admin more if she'd just been honest and said she's banning the topic because she personally doesn't like it. I wouldn't agree, but at least I could get behind the honesty. Instead we get this mess.

No. 1961

there's one in existence already, from when gc and pp threads got merged. Still active but slow. They do voice verification to make sure there aren't scrotes around. The main mod is travelling and won't be back online until february 5th and I'm not active there so I don't know if it would be cool of me to post an invite.

Dreamwidth's userbase is mostly millennial and older women who were around fandom spaces during livejournals heyday. That's where a lot of the tumblr fakeboi shit started, so idk how their admin(s?) would feel about us setting up camp.

No. 1963

I blame everyone who voted chris chan

No. 1965

>I'm still grateful for lolcow for elevating me from pickme status and helping me getting over my internalized misogyny. It was honestly a huge factor in me regaining a lot of the self-esteem I had lost in countless relationships with horrible scrotes.

Same. Lolcow was with me when I was still in a long term relationship with my shitty ex. I was the cool forevergirlfriend always putting up with shit until lolcow told me I was right to be angry, and that I didn't have to tolerate it. I don't think I could have dumped him a year ago if I didn't have everyone here encouraging me when I'd post about his messed up shit.

I think we'll be okay, I'm just disappointed that the little corner of the internet that helped me accomplish that is getting steamrolled. All the best anyway, anon.

No. 1966

PP is staying. GC is leaving. Literally all of the vent threads are also staying. Your experience with lolcow is not going away just because GC is being banned. Farmers can still complain about their scrotes and get advice? Wtf is the doomsday thinking in this thread.

No. 1967

The alternatives are nice and I appreciate the Anons creating them, but could we just lay low until we have a new admin? I mean if she's throwing this much of a shitfit over being accused of being a tranny, how long before she just ragequits entirely? I don't know. LC just has the right infrastructure for gc discussion. It won't be the same anywhere else.

The wording was a bit confusing honestly. And no matter what the result was, it looks like Admin would have used any scapegoat to ban gc.

No. 1968

I voted idc but I thought the question was "who would you want to be outted"
Thankfully I'm not the only retard who misunderstood the question

No. 1970

If I'm understanding admin correctly in >>1910, we might be in the clear as far as PP and /2X/ go. This means we're still allowed general female-focused political discussion in the long-term, but GC's still in trouble.
Unless I misunderstood, that lightens things a bit. We'll have to see. Even so, I think it's good to have somewhere to hold us over in times of uncertainty.

No. 1971

…. interesting…

No. 1973

I thought troon accusations were stupid but the way she flipped shit about it is weird. Writing long rambling posts like she did is not something you do when a nerve hasn't been hit.

Admin has a site full of reddit users and males now kek. She's gonna love it.

lmao you're so salty jesus. As well as a liar. get some perspective. You literally said this is spilling into your rl. it's not the users that desperately need a break from lolcow, it's you.

It's so sad seeing all the women in here talking about how much self-confidence they've got from here and then having it taken away because the admin of the site can't just ignore a few vocal users.

No. 1974

Crystal.cafe is basically dead (sometimes not a single post on any board for hours), so if enough anons went there, tranny posters would get drowned out. But the reason it's so slow is probably because there were so many obvious trannies in an already small userbase, so nearly everyone else simply left.
Will be interesting to see if eventually the same will happen to lc as well.

Hopefully you're right about admin quitting. She said that mods are her real life friends, she lives in Japan and posted a picture of her hand which clearly shows she self harms, she's likely a shitshow herself.

No. 1976

Goodspeed anon, wish you the best normie life you can enjoy.

No. 1977

while i'm not mad about GC being banned because i prefer pp i do agree that admin needs to take a break or give the site over to someone who is emotionally equipped to handle it because that outburst post was not a good look no matter what side of the debate you're on.

No. 1978

>posted a picture of her hand
I forgot about this. Cringe.

No. 1980

Lmao, right here with you anon.

But I don't think we're retarded. We were just in a headspace thinking the poll was about CURRENT or future issues. We fell for admin's bait.

No. 1983

I think I voted "Idc" to that option because I don't. Cows sperging in their own threads has never been funny to me. I remember when Mickey Deer or whatever her name is bf came into her thread and it devolved to shit within hours.

No. 1984

>gc will have to fuck off
Ya clocked yourself

No. 1986

Go dilate lol

No. 1987

Well, I don't know why any of us would even want to keep posting here after our site admin basically outed "her"self as a troon and/or troon girldick sucker. I've been keeping as quiet as possible, but I'm fucking sick of doing it. Fuck men. Fuck troons. Fuck admin. Instead of migrating elsewhere, I'll just go outside where normal people don't feel the need to cry about tranny or men's rights.

No. 1988

>she lives in Japan and posted a picture of her hand which clearly shows she self harms, she's likely a shitshow herself.

Lmao It all makes sense now. Admin is a fucking weeaboo flake.

No. 1993

Why GC? And what do you count as GC? Making fun of someone for being a bitter, misogynistic tranny? Or actual science-based discussing of trans politics and how harmful they are? "Misgendering" someone? You need to stop being so vague and capricious about your terms and maybe people would respect them, you can't change your mind on a whim and then stomp your feet when people get pissed and pass banter your way. Most of the "GC derailment" comes from someone laughing at a troon, another anon throwing a fit and screeching about terfs and now you got a /meta/ crisis again.

Admin is hiding something. She's dodging valid questions and only addressing the most uncivilized ones. Did she get a cease and desist from Yaniv or something? It was thrown around in /meta/ that she's just on a crusade to ban people who go against her authority and whether they're GC or not is secondary, but her fits are so erratic that it's truly perplexing. Just what IS your damage, Admin? Why GC? The discussion barely exists outside of the containment threads.

So Admin, what are the boundaries here?
>Case 1: An ugly, manic, woman-hating transwoman is sperging out about the cotton ceiling, calling the death of the terves.
Are we allowed to call him a "he" or discuss how his mindset is inspired by the entitled tranny movement?
>Case 2: A fakeboi weeb is calling herself "a gay man" and tagging her female cosplays as "#crossplay" while suffering of a massive case of NLOG
Are we allowed to call her a "she" or discuss how her actions are being influenced by internalized misogyny?
>Case 3: Some anon unironically says she identifies as "nonbinary" and chimps out when anons laugh at her delusions.
Do the offending anons get banned for "GC discussion"?
>Case 4: A very recent example: An anon posts about her abusive TiM boyfriend in the Vent thread, detailing how he uses his "transitioning" and "dysphoria" as an excuse to fuck her up.
Will she be banned for "GC discussion" on your "apolitical site"?
>Case 5: An OBVIOUS assmad tranny is posting on the site, maybe even admitting to the fact. People tell him to fuck off and go dilate. Will anons be banned for "GC discussion"?

And so forth. It's a slippery slope when you start banning general topics that are left up for interpretation. Even if you say "no, that's not bannable" to any of these, some user will get their feelings. hurt over it and come to yell at you in /meta/ again for coddling "terf spergs", causing infighting again. It's not going to go away, Admin.

No. 1996

>Are we allowed to call him a "he"
>discuss how his mindset is inspired by the entitled tranny movement?
>Are we allowed to call her a "she"
>or discuss how her actions are being influenced by internalized misogyny?

it's really that simple, imo? but staff can correct me if i'm wrong. as long as it doesn't devolve into a deep discussion about movements and politics it's fine. you can give advice to that anon with her tim boyfriend without dissecting the layers of bullshit in the troon movement.

No. 1997

I also want clarity on these questions. It's psychotic to expect people to follow rules if you can't explain what they are. We're not mindreaders.

No. 2001

I don’t have anything to say other then GC threads completely changed my mindset on the state of the Trans/LBGT (Unlike most of the anons I actually have trans friends) world and how politics, handmaidening, and “diversity” have turned it into a dumping ground for sexual predators, borderline/narc abusers, pathological attention seeking and literal child grooming by TRAs. Even if there were posts who’s tone and content I didn’t agree with lolcow/gc was the only place that this type of behavior could be discussed openly with screeching from handmaiden thought police.

No. 2003

File: 1579031766231.png (1.65 MB, 1381x776, alexjones-conspiracies.png)

maybe this is why admin wants to get rid of it, gcs kept terfpilling more and more women lmao

No. 2004

Why not just make 2X permanent and ban 2X-type discussion from other boards? That way everyone is happy.
I don't get it.

No. 2005

Same fam. I have trans friends as well, so at first I had a bit of resistance to the terf ideas and was kind of appalled at anons who came off too aggressively about their troon hate. But once I looked into the sources, I realized a lot of arguments were actually sound and the trans activists were often the ones being unreasonable.

No. 2006

Just what is the threshold for "dissecting the layers of bullshit"? See, the catch is that anons who are REALLY pro-trans will see anything, even misgendering, as political GC spergery and use the rule to their advantage to get anyone banned. That's how it works in the real life as well. Call a predator hiding behind the trans disguise out for preying on young girls and you're a violent transphobic terf for ever questioning a brave and stunning ma'am.

Well, I guess the good thing to come out of this is that eventually the teetering TRAs will slip up and do something that can be taken as a transphobic stand, get punished for it and realize how the discussion is actively being silenced and there are no online spaces available to pour your heart out at. I would say that occasional "dissecting the layers of bullshit" is a very minor problem to what it could be compared to something like 80 replies of race baiting or how greasy Venus's bangs are.

No. 2007

Troonadmin whined about gc and pp discussion still happening in other boards because duh its a part of internet life. Just look at how nikkietutorials came out. Admin allowed the asspats but banned the criticism.

No. 2008

Please stop with the personal attacks, you will only make things worse and it's getting too petty. At least it sounds like we can keep pp and 2X but you might make her change her mind again with this.

No. 2010

It's really sad that this has to be said at all. Imageboard staff should be thick-skinned for obvious reasons.

No. 2013

nah. the admin is a bitch. i got banned after explaining to someone the differences between radfems and libfems.

No. 2021

File: 1579038697290.png (1.05 MB, 860x1578, 1578896561212.png)

Sorry for being a retard, but I don't understand. In /meta/ thread admin said that /2X/ will be removed and any pink-pill related topics will be banned. But here she says that pp will stay? So are we allowed to make fun of men or not?

No. 2022

>this passive aggressive threat and weird implication that the decision would be on anyone else except admin

Why do stans say things as if we can't go back and read everything that's been posted? This is the strangest admin behavior I've ever seen on lolcow, and the fact that her moderation team are mostly her irl weeb friends explain so much about the unhinged farmhand behavior I've seen in the past year.

No. 2026

Lul bitch makes Regina(ex admin/lolcow herself) look like a saint

No. 2033

Do you not know what farmhands are?

Hopefully but I don't mind ditching the gc anons since they've been unbearable

No. 2034

apparently "2X will be abandoned on the new server" means she's keeping 2X. the phrasing makes it seem like she's dropping 2X from being on the new server, but apparently that isn't so. so we can still shittalk men within unlisted 2X, but GC isn't allowed.

No. 2035

Suggestions, these are pretty slow and somewhat nice, though I haven't lurked as much as I used to.

I would add Lainchan but, here and the previous thread discuss different chans there's also a pastebin of those collected. https://lainchan.org/r/res/14350.html

Though personally I prefer places without a dedicated politics board and lewd/ecchi.

No. 2036

I've never created or moderated an imageboard so I'm not sure of how it works, but is it possible to create a board and make it "unlisted" so the scrotes can't just end up there, and have a 2X-exclusive mod team that moderates it? If that's the case, any of those chans should be fine.

No. 2038

File: 1579044269312.png (33.09 KB, 1070x700, capture.png)

I can't say I have either but it's a learning experience. Also I think Bob has a good point going here. Make an image board, have maybe 3-5 public boards just for show and then maybe have 6-7 hidden active boards that users can use unlisted. Most people when they see a site is 'dead' won't bother and it's a good camo. It's just that regular users and potential new users would have to be in the know, it has pros and cons.

No. 2039

kek you joke but terfs are like a snowball rolling down a hill just picking up more and more snow. Everytime something GC gets banned I feel like terfs double. Terfs really are the anti-trannies, who nearly half themselves with their 41%.

No. 2041

No lol, you don't get to change imageboard culture because your fee-fees get hurt. The shit written about people on this site that admin is happy to host but the line for her is "being called a tranny" it's hilarious tbh.

The fact you idiots don't think admin will be coming for you next. I don't understand you guys claiming to be all about PP but cheering on the censorship of women because "they annoy me". Pathetic.

No. 2043

A lot of the other chans seem like shit options, tbh. I don't think any GC/RF anon wants to be on an imageboard that has a majority male userbase, especially when it's host to other nasty male shit like porn. crystal.cafe doesn't seem promising, either. I think the best bet /2X/ has in regards to finding a haven on the internet is to carve it out ourselves. Why not make our own imageboard?

As per crystal.cafe's FAQ, "crystal.cafe uses a fork of Tinyboard."

Tinyboard is a lightweight PHP imageboard.

Here's the link: https://github.com/savetheinternet/Tinyboard

Could also look into the vichan fork of Tinyboard as well: https://github.com/vichan-devel/vichan

In all honesty, it doesn't seem like getting a new imageboard up and running would be too difficult for anon with even junior dev-tier skills. Google's a straightforward domain host, in my experience, but there are other options as well, that perhaps obscure owner identity better. There's also the matter of creating a MySQL (or MariaDB) server.

An anon with an adequate amount of time and skills in PHP and databases should have no problem picking this up as a pet project.

As an aside, I'm bummed this is happening. Like other posters have said, the GC/PP threads really helped open my eyes and the anonymous nature of lolcow (especially as a female-centric imageboard) made me feel like I had a ~~safe space~~ to discuss my frustrations. It sucks to see a schism occurring, but I'd be happy to just use both imageboards (hopefully if a new one is created.) Speaking as a staminarose oldfag, this isn't the first migration I've endured and as long as I keep using imageboards it won't be the last either. C'est la vie.

No. 2045

anons called Moot a faggot all the time but he never did things like this. Though he should have nuked /pol/, /soc/ and some other boards.

No. 2046

if anyone gets to this, please allow for tor-posting. i'm sure i'm not the only one who feels most comfortable posting political opinions in privacy.
i'd be happy about a new imageboard either way, but i'd doubly appreciate this.

No. 2049

All nicefems become rudefems at some point.

No. 2050

>imageboard culture
>radical feminism

A truly bizarre, almost oxymoronic combination.

No. 2051

Hardly anybody on this board actually reads radical feminist theory or engages in feminist activism, kek. We had an anon asking for “radfem beauty channel” recommendations in the Radical Feminist General thread.

No. 2052

one does not have to be a radfem to be critical of troons and hate men

No. 2053

Anons do parrot radfem talking points and seem to stalk radfem bloggers a lot though. I actually found out about this site because people were posting my friend’s text posts here.

No. 2054

Radfems are the only feminists who actually care about women. I am not a radfem because I don’t read the theory or engage in activism but the radfems are right.

No. 2055

this. i dont see why its so hard to understand.

No. 2056

I only speak for myself, but I actually volunteer at a women's shelter and during college in the past performed philanthropy that served programs for women. Wouldn't call myself a radfem, but I still make gc/pp posts that mainstream internet would consider transphobic and anti-male.

Imageboards are the perfect places for discussions and sharing information. Lolcow isn't a hivemind, there's a variety of posters. That's why for example there's discussions about female objectification in pp threads, meanwhile someone is on /ot/ shitting on Moo's tits and telling us why men ought not give her money for the umpteenth time.

No. 2058

Same except it was my posts about female socialization being posted here.

No. 2062

The oxymoron isn’t about imageboards themselves but the whole “imageboard culture” part which is characterised by its aggressive misogyny. Would be interesting to see a “radical feminist imageboard” or an anonymous female-exclusive space since female separatism is a big deal to radfems.

No. 2063

I’m surprised that radfems are even spoken of positively here now since everybody would shit on them all the time.

No. 2075

we live in a sad world

No. 2080

Imageboards require a lot of work to host. You'd need a decent amount of space and processing power to host it and any admin would be doing it out of their own pocket. The other issue is that basically every imageboard to exist has been flooded by cp in its early days due to devs not knowing how to implement more complex things like DOST filtering and spam filtering, captcha et cetera. The endchan board seems to be the best option for now, it's the same thing but less than half the work and the place is pretty much dead anyway.

No. 2084

The sites you listed are nice because political discussion is kept to a minimum. Migrating there would ruin them.
Also, was the endchan board deleted?

No. 2087

It's still up but the actual server for the site rn is going down a bit.

No. 2101

does banning gc also mean banning non-troon related gender critical discussion? like about female socialization and gender roles?

No. 2102

Same, anon. These threads were really the tipping point for me. I'm sad there's no where else on the internet to talk about this without risking your social life. The closest place I know of is the troon threads on Kiwifarms, and they're pretty annoyingly sexist

No. 2105

death before reddit. I thought this one was such a good idea.

No. 2115

File: 1579080806861.gif (250.73 KB, 400x300, tumblr_pdnegwLgX41xdypq5o1_400…)

this is really gay so be warned

I'm really going to miss all of you. The pink pill threads really helped me with my self-worth and it helped me to deal with the reality of the world. No matter what happens now, I'll always treasure the perspective I've gained from these threads.

I'm sure many of you feel the same way and I'm crushed that over. Thank you to all the OG man hating anons, I wish you all the best, admin is a gay tranny, etc.

No. 2126

File: 1579083344740.png (53.03 KB, 1647x208, Screenshot (119).png)

For anybody who hasn't seen it or doesn't believe it:
>as a female
>most of the mods are my close irl friends

No. 2127

File: 1579083401605.jpg (302.28 KB, 988x1144, IMG_20190912_014142.jpg)

Somebody on kf also claims to have milk on her

No. 2128

File: 1579083589482.png (45.1 KB, 1563x283, Screenshot (120).png)

And despite supposedly not giving janitor privileges to randos, stuff like that still happened… Was this one of her tranny friends who couldn't control himself for a second?

No. 2131

I would love to hear it, any way we can get it out of them? She’s so strange and dogmatic. Never seen an admin with such a childish personality.

No. 2133

admin clarified her enormously confusing first post by saying she's keeping 2X and pp, but not gc. jsyk.

i get being wary, but at the same time, she condemns any users for suspecting other anons could be male or a troon. really strange. she claims to take the threat of tranny or scrote mutiny really seriously, so why is even accusing ppl of being scrotes or troons a bannable offense? it's kinda ridic tbh. she'd have more info and ability to establish a solid repertoire with someone applying to be a janitor than we'd have on other users.

No. 2135

oh that explains it . Weebs are the most illogical, evasive, and handmaiden crowd there is 8/10.

No. 2136

They still have yet to post it, only asked whether somebody's even interested in general, so we'll have to wait

No. 2137

so why is gender crit being banned though????

No. 2138

bc her and her friends don't like them, i guess. i think she thinks they're all newfags and/or just generally "cancer", as she has said. they claim they're always derailing.

No. 2139

Perhaps she’ll be the first LC admin to have a thread in /snow kek

No. 2141

Did you quote the wrong person?

Yes, but I don't want /2X/ deleted if there's at least a chance we can keep it just because you have to go and be extra edgy. I heavily disagree with her reasoning and think she needs a much thicker skin too, but making fun of her scars, insulting her even more and calling her a cow will just make her decision more negative for us.

No. 2142

You can literally go back to that GC thread and see that the janitor was excessively redtexting trannies with radfem arguments. They were 100% not a tranny. There's no reason to be dishonest here. It just gives us a bad look.

No. 2143

Your female socialization is showing, anon.

No. 2145

I've always thought if admin/mod team really were troons, they were Aiden's instead of hons.

No. 2151

I have trans friends too, I was posting in the GC, pp, and man hate threads because of all the sexist shit I have to deal with as a female in a male dominated profession and also the shitty men in my personal life over the years. Been coming here for years and rarely post in the gossip threads but enjoyed /g/ and /ot/. It's sad that not supporting sexist stereotypes and gender roles gets shouted down as being a TERF on FB and other SM nowadays

No. 2157

then perhaps the first step is to create a discord or slack so that a group of anons can be amassed that can work on it together and split the workload of the project, rather than hoping to find one anon with that specific skillset who would have to carry the burden entirely of building the new imageboard.

the discord/slack/etc could also serve as a place of refuge (kek) if (when?) /2X/ is nuked.

No. 2166

The invite link expired. New one, please?

No. 2180

seconding this

No. 2184

No. 2192

afaik mods aren't janitors? I have no idea how many janitors versus mods there are

No. 2206


No. 2218

I still don’t understand how a picture of an arm is supposed to be proof of anything. But pretty amusing they actually did that nonetheless.

Genuinely or praying for the KF-fag to actually have dirt on them.

No. 2232

I know not everyone is interested in a traditional forum and we might not have to migrate anyway, but I made a forum at twox.boards.net

It has the ability to enable anon posting for some boards and to hide other boards so only verified users can see/access them. I don't know yet if I want to advertise it on tumblr/reddit too, but I think one benefit of a forum as opposed to a chan is that it won't scare away normies if we choose to advertise to them. It's also a lot harder to raid forums.

I don't know a lot about admin-ing, so if anyone wants to volunteer to help out I would really appreciate it.

No. 2234

I'm really excited about the dreamwidth stuff. For those of you who are confused, a good example of how it works would be to look at dreamwidth communities like fandomsecrets and fail-fandomanon. Not saging because I think this is helpful. Whoever made the pinkpillrefuge community, you're doing the lord's work!

No. 2245

What a bummer. It's like your only options for venting about trannies if you're a woman are Reddit or KF. Eugh.

No. 2333

Stop being so dramatic, ffs someone linked to something you can use directly above you.

No. 2334

maybe I'm getting older, but I've come to appreciate the old forum style.

No. 2336

Give me a week or so and I'll get us a new imageboard, will post a link when it's up

No. 2339

You're the best. If you need any help drop an email or something like that. I'd love to help and was already starting to research how to do this.

No. 2343

File: 1579228639314.gif (26.96 KB, 363x203, You-Rock-Girl-Glitter-Scrap.gi…)

oh my god, please make it happen. this would make my year. i will donate to help keep it running and i'm sure others would be happy to as well. please make our dreams come true, we so desperately need a space for this that we know is safe and anonymous.

No. 2353

Yes! Please do it, anon. I'd also be happy to help in any way I can.
If possible, can you keep us updated on either of the Discords?

No. 2355

what do you plan on naming it ??

No. 2359

Same for me as well. I just found this site a week ago and recognized some concepts from old college gender studies classes. The hateful language was extremely offputting (and still is), but other replies starting ringing true, and here I am. I also recognize now the hateful and angry language often comes from a place of true frustration and hopelessness. But also fuck right wingers.

Is it set in stone that this board will be deleted? Is there a date?

No. 2361


No. 2365

File: 1579258847415.jpg (26.62 KB, 426x741, 51woQ-CDejL._SY741_.jpg)

I'm not very experienced but I'll be happy to help anyway I can!

No. 2376

It's going fairly well I've got us a domain name (reveal when it's up) and installed an imageboard on a server. Busy most of the rest of today but it's possible it'll be ready for posting on this weekend.

No. 2377

Exciting! Thank you!

No. 2385

Legend. I was going to try but semester starting again left 0 time. Will be glad to help when it's up, as I'm sure will others.

No. 2390

ahhh so excited

No. 2393

sorry to be retarded but why is 2X getting ax'd? I thought the majority voted to keep it

No. 2403

File: 1579298997352.png (158.74 KB, 1243x506, e.PNG)

no real reason tbh. here's admin's post detailing why

No. 2436

lol at accepting all this
this why you feminist never achive anything

No. 2437

are you the same retard on /ot/ saying that anon is creepy for caring about her nephew?

No. 2439

good job at missing the point and getting needlessly paranoic

No. 2440

i'm saying this because you're an illiterate fuck

No. 2443

File: 1579317850254.jpg (199.67 KB, 1300x730, IMG_20200118_062433.jpg)

I try not to laugh at ESLs but this one cracked me up
Where did they post I wanna see lol

No. 2445

>Where did they post I wanna see lol

No. 2471


The DNS is still propagating and the main domain name currently still directs to a placeholder site for me, but


might work (it works for me at least). The DNS propagation can take several days and I haven't confirmed yet that I can receive email through the site.

Not everything is perfectly configured yet, but we have our own imageboard now if we want it.

No. 2474

aahhhh!!! oh my god i'm so excited!!! thank you so much, anon! this is going to be great! you don't know how valuable and meaningful this will be for so many women.

No. 2475

Bless you anon.
It's going to need a lot of mods though.

No. 2476

>There is no offical list of rules yet. For now, there is just one thing

How about no men allowed?

No. 2477

kek i thought this too

No. 2479

Awesome, I hope this one works out. Thank you anon!

No. 2496

Is GC getting axed because it’s political? I don’t understand why we can’t discuss female politics on a female based imageboard. However I understand admin’s reasoning for not keeping 2X since it’ll attract more scrotes, but limiting GC and some PP discussion seems like we’re bending the knee to male trolls.

No. 2515

thanks. even if admin keeps 2X and PP, it would be good to have a place that isn't shared by the pickmes in several of the cow/snow threads.

No. 2518


Yay!!! Thanks anon!

No. 2581

This is awesome, thank you!

No. 2587

This is absolutely the best thing ever anon, thank you so much!

Though I would suggest adding a rule about no illegal content. Would be nice.

Again, thank you so much!

No. 2633

Amazing, thank you! Please say if you need any help from non-coders.

No. 2646

Very neat anon, but one question; will you implement https? Pretty please, I'm a security concerned anon and that would help to protect the site's userbase. It's pretty much a need nowadays.

No. 2651

There are instructions on how to apply as a mod on the site

There shouldn't be any personal information on the board to steal but I will get round to it

No. 2654

Thanks for taking care of it.

Even if there aren't supposed to be personal information it prevents man-in-the-middle attackers and keeps them from getting your ip if you are using a vpn to browse or post, for example. Some of us live in shitty places where it's rather risky hold radfem views, and with the mass surveillance going on nowadays and all the backlash towards radical feminists I think we need to protect ourselves as much as possible.

Keep in mind this is going to be a female-centered imageboard to discuss feminist and woman issues. Only that will make us an obvious target for riders from other boards like r9k or pol (as it already happened countless times on lolcow itself during its early years, just because the userbase was mostly female). Believe me, we need to care about security.

Only wanted to give my two cents because I think it's important.

No. 2657

No. 2659

Yay. Thank a bunch for your hard work, anon.

No. 2698

Would it be possible to set up a GC board as well?

No. 2703

There's already a GC thread. Why do you need a whole board?

No. 2714

Seconded, amazing work Anon. I've favorited it. I like the layout too, works a little better than Lolcow on my phone.

No. 2715

tinfoil is that admin made the new board as a honeypot
I'm just not comfortable yet

No. 2728

Just use a VPN if you're worried.

No. 2733

Admin is a self-hating man with radical feminist ideology who thought they could lend a hand with providing a space for a perspective they are unable to find anywhere else online on the grounds that nobody else had done it, and would much rather have handed the keys over quietly without anybody having ever found out.

LynxChan was about a preference for node.js/mongo over php/sql.

I guess finding a new admin is urgent now.(pathetic selfpost)

No. 2734

File: 1579531998123.jpg (32.83 KB, 680x680, f522443c54b06dee5cfd072d2e9129…)

>Admin is a self-hating man with radical feminist ideology who thought they could lend a hand with providing a space for a perspective they are unable to find anywhere else online on the grounds that nobody else had done it, and would much rather have handed the keys over quietly without anybody having ever found out.
>LynxChan was about a preference for node.js/mongo over php/sql.
>I guess finding a new admin is urgent now.
Since you confirm that's you, I will be nice and remove the above post.

Censored original post for posterity:
>FYI admin of the other board is most likely a man named *.
>Here's his other website: *
>Patreon: *
>GitHub: *
>Reddit: *
>He also might be a pedo, since the board is powered by niche LynxChan made for and used by https://8channel.net/overboard/

No. 2735

File: 1579532316687.png (18.97 KB, 450x142, Screenshot_2020-01-20 IP CQiZn…)

no mercy towards scrots

No. 2737

What's the point of doxing him now that he admitted it? Just keep the info to yourself in case something goes wrong.

No. 2739

you sound like a handmaiden

No. 2742

wait how was this found out?

No. 2743

Is this legit? How exactly was this information found out? To play devil's advocate, anyone can name some random internet guy, then respond to themselves confirming their own claim using a VPN.
Please explain in detail why they're most likely that person.
I want to believe in Asherah's Garden, but if the admin really is male, it's a bit disappointing. I guess it's not the hugest deal as long as a female admin definitively comes along (after all, LC's first admin was male), but the thought of the deception and infiltration is bothering me.

No. 2745

NTA but with a reverse DNS lookup you can find other sites with the same IP adress.

No. 2747

File: 1579535331982.png (69.19 KB, 860x988, angband.life.png)

SSL certificate is issued for both of his domains, and he doxes himself on the other one.
He even confirmed it's him >>2733

No, you cannot do that actually.

No. 2748

I really liked the new board. Is it such a big deal if it is him? As long as the new admin is a woman, should there be an issue?

No. 2749

>No, you cannot do that actually.
Thanks, my understanding of networks is not very good yet.

No. 2750

The cope has never been so strong

No. 2751

I don't think he has done anything malicious and the site clearly wasn't a honeypot. I feel kind of bad for him. He was kind enough to sacrifice his own time and effort to create a space for us.

Tbh it's humiliating that we couldn't even make an imageboard without help from men. This is one of the reasons we need more code monkey women.

No. 2752

>Tbh it's humiliating that we couldn't even make an imageboard without help from men.
It is, but not as much as anons begging on their knees for a board owned by this scrot.
>I don't think he has done anything malicious and the site clearly wasn't a honeypot.
Why lie then? How far would it have gone?

No. 2753

>Why lie then? How far would it have gone?
He knew no-one would be interested in the board if he said he was male. But he clearly stated that he has no interest in being an admin and is only a temporary one.

No. 2754

File: 1579538913400.jpg (202.6 KB, 720x838, 20200120_084300.jpg)

Yeah, it's no wonder why we would be hesitant to use a board made by a male associated with other very wonderful boards such as pic related. Just because we need a new space doesn't mean we should accept handouts. There are other options.

No. 2756

>It is, but not as much as anons begging on their knees for a board owned by this scrot.
No one's begging, but be realistic. Where should we go? Our other options include the LJ-type community, Discord and the free forum. I believe many of us have adapted to that (or can eventually, if we must), but let's be real. We're an imageboard community, and we have been from the start. The false claims that most of us came from Reddit or some other sites are just that, and that's also why it's like pulling teeth trying to remove all GC and PP anons from Lolcow. Like it or not, we're actual users. Integration to a new format just won't feel the same.
Maybe we can try the Endchan board for now, but I'm unsure of how it will pan out. That leaves Crystal Cafe, aka scrote, tranny and handmaiden headquarters.
The admin of AG doesn't seem to hold any malicious intent in what he's done, didn't try to make a name for himself, and said from the jump that he didn't want to run the place long-term, but is seeking a new admin. If we can fulfill the new admin part ASAP, and even verify that said new admin is an actual woman (livestream/AMA with face covered, maybe?) it'll be fine. We'll need to find women with coding experience who agree with, or don't mind supporting a controversial cause.
If there's an anon who knows how to create an imageboard, and has the resources/time to maintain it, I'd much rather we go to them instead and support them as much as we can, but in our current circumstances, this might just be our best bet. In this situation, I'd prefer to put practicality over pride for the time being.

No. 2758

Wew lad.

Thanks for the warnings. It's still nice to have some temporal place to emigrate but one can't help to get suspicious of a man being willing to host a radical feminist website, for free. Sorry if your intentions to help are genuine Asherah's admin.

Tbh he has admitted the truth when he's been exposed and his intentions were of finding a female admin right away, so here's that.

I'm giving him the benefit of the doubt because I can understand why anyone would rather deploy literally anything else over something that works with php/sql. Php has a fame of being insecure by default and I've worked with sql, and it's a mess.

Sometimes you can't get political when it comes to technologies anon, you gotta pick what works best and it's updated. Sadly.

No. 2759

The least we could do while browsing the newboard is using a vpn/proxy. Opera browser comes with a free one

No. 2760

>We'll need to find women with coding experience who agree with, or don't mind supporting a controversial cause.
>If there's an anon who knows how to create an imageboard, and has the resources/time to maintain it
That's not so difficult, even I could set up/host a board, but some of the people here are literally nuts, bordering on extremism, and being a host/admin for such a place is much more responsibility (including legal) than just being a poster.

No. 2761

wow, just nuke the site. women can't literally have anything without men hamfisting their way into it.

No. 2762

Yeah, I agree. I'm a code monkey myself and I wish I could take over asherahs garden but I'm currently too busy with other things and there's a huge responsibility when it comes to maintaining and moderating such site. Not to mention if I get doxx'd my career would be over.
> I don't think he has done anything malicious and the site clearly wasn't a honeypot. I feel kind of bad for him. He was kind enough to sacrifice his own time and effort to create a space for us.
Yeah, that's how I feel about this too. And I like the site because the default theme is easy on my eyes and better.

No. 2763

You could just set up rules against extreme a-logging, anon. I haven't seen any real extremism, personally, but even in that case, since we're not men, I'm confident that even the odd anon who might post something like "Kill all men" would just be venting, not stockpiling weapons and actually getting ready to commit or encourage murder.
It baffles me that /pol/ and all its garbage offshoots are allowed to continue existing on multiple sites, even after Brenton Tarrant, Dylan Roof, Breivik and fuck knows who else have murdered multiple people, but certain branches of feminism are still considered too much.

No. 2764

nta but I don't she was talking about feminists, or at least I would hope so. More like scrotes and trannies that would go after the board and its admin and so on.

No. 2765

In the hypothetical scenario of Asherah's turning out to be a honeypot if no one shows up to take over the admin or to make a new website I vote for dreamwidth. There are some anon communities in there already; I'd be concerned over the possibility of the dreamwidth staff trying to kick us out or something; but if I'm not wrong they are the same people who manage ao3 that has a fame of supporting freedom of speech. Thoughts?

Otherwise, we could try to stick to endchan or somewhere where they have a strict policy of not fucking over board owners just because they don't agree with them and hope the pedos and other garbage in there don't get assblasted at us for being radfems.

Pretty much this. I could also set up and host the new board but I lack of the time and the money to manage a website and there is also a certain legal risks involved.

No. 2766

If anyone actually has the means to set up a board, you can still take a page out male-anon's book and host a site until you find a new admin willing to deal with all of the risks. I don't feel right posting on asherahs for obvious reasons.

No. 2767

It's pretty much both.
It might be both venting like >>2763 says, but there are people who genuinely think this way.
And then you get the other side, which would be happy to destroy your life for running such place, as >>2762 already stated.

In all honesty, I have already ran a questionable imageboard already, for almost a year, I know how to protect myself from doxx, but I don't subscribe all the way to extreme GC and PP thinking, which makes me hesitate to admin such place.
In the end, people who didn't like my board, failing to DDoS it, resorted to posting CP and taking down the domain.

No. 2770

Look, I've lurked questionable places like 8chan's political boards before the site got nuked and rolf, if you think GC and PP are "extreme thinking" you've been too cuddled in the internet. Some anons saying men are subhuman after sharing tons of stadistics and proof of males doing inhuman things and screenshots of trannies starting smear campaigns cause someone hurt their feefees never will compare to pictures of victims of terrorist attacks being posted and having literal (male) psycho anons mocking that shit and making memes of it. Have you ever seen those memes of "Are women really human?" that circulate around imageboards with naked white girls on it? Because those are being shared unironically by the scrotes who inhabit those places.

Let me question how "questionable" the board you ran must have been; maybe you're a femanon who has been too sucked up into imageboard culture enough to believe women discussing nothing but reality is "extremist". I'm sorry for you if that's the case; someday you may find yourself getting some "way too extreme GC and PP thinking", who knows.

No. 2772

aww man I knew it was too good to be true, I was starting to get comfortable with the place

No. 2773

NTA, but you're right. It's funny, when men ask "Are woman even human?", they accompany it with images of degraded, victimized women. Their whole rationale is because they have the power to hurt us, our very personhood should be called into question.
When women ask "Are men even human?", they accompany it with cases of men committing rape, murder, abuse, exploitation on all levels, etc and proof that they do it far, far more than women do. Their rationale is that because they have such a strong desire to hurt us (and even each other), their personhood should be called into question.
Somehow, these two groups are considered mostly equal, except the first one is given more leeway and has multiple chan boards to post and discuss their shit. The second one is far too extreme, though, because reasons.
The best part? Incel/misogynist killers are absolutely a thing. "Femcel"/misandrist killers aren't. If both groups are equal, or the latter is to be considered "extreme" at all, why wouldn't that carry into crime rates? It's not even like you need to be male to own or handle a gun. We just don't do that, because we are not nearly as fucked up.

No. 2774

Sorry, I have a boyfriend and I don't think I will ever bring myself to equating him with a criminal.

No. 2775

Not her, but so do I. He agrees that most of the male population is shit, and goes out of his way to not be yet another example.
Don't understand why it has to be one or the other, unless you secretly think men are stuck horrible.

No. 2776

Well if you equate "men are infinitely more likely to commit rape, murder, violence in general" with "my boyfriend must be a rapist, murderer" then you're just a fucking idiot

No. 2777

Sorry but I'm not understanding what the problem with asherah's garden is? Is it just that the admin is a male? Or is there evidence to support that he may have questionable intentions? If it's just that he's a male…uhhh I think we're gonna have to give up on life completely if we're trying to avoid everything created by a male

No. 2778

I apparently have no idea what pink pill is, excuse my ignorance. My past exposure equated it too much with general male-hate.

No. 2779

It's pretty weird that a man would create a board called "against men"

No. 2781

Male feminists are always sus as fuck and seem like they're overcompensating though. That's why they always get outed as creeps. What reason does a man have to be self-hating unless he feels guilty about something? Any skeletons in the closet we should know about? Weird how showing their support for women's issues is never about being a good man.

No. 2782

I don't think it's self-hating to be aware of and against the harmful socialization of men and the concept of masculinity in general?

No. 2783

He did call himself a self-hating man though.

No. 2784

Male admin literally said he is self-hating in his self-post.

No. 2788

Hmmm it is strange that he said that. I didn't see it at first but I get your points

No. 2805

this. i understand being suspicious but wtf is their vendetta? like, dial it back, damn. i have no problem with admin being a male at first. he has admitted himself he doesn't want to keep it. obviously it's disheartening that it is a dude, but if he did it without any malicious intent, his help is really appreciated. i honestly don't think he seems like an asshole.

No. 2806

This is exactly why trans ideology is so pervasive on the internet since men are more likely to be into tech than women and troons even moreso and if you control the internet then you control the narrative. I remember reading about how KF was making fun of r/gendercritical's terrible coding skills and even Spinster only exists because the founder's boyfriend created it.

No. 2820

File: 1579607058870.jpeg (6.55 KB, 260x194, images (1).jpeg)

Ngl that's kinda funny
I feel sorry for all the cute ag banners.
Ignoring privacy, you shouldn't stay there anyway because it's getting nuked pretty soon and no one gives enough of a fuck to take over.
It was a fun ride still

No. 2821

It's actually pathetically naive that everyone is willing to suck his dick regardless of whether he had any real malicious intent or not. He could have lied about everything just to cover his ass because he got caught.

No. 2823

except that he didn't need to get doxed unless that happened or unless there was more to suggest that was so?? it makes no sense to pre-emptively dox someone, retard.

No. 2824

Wtf are you talking about? He could have lied about his reason for making the board after he got doxed, retard.

No. 2827

DW is an easy site to use as anon, and idg why people are autistically fixating on the imageboard thing.

why? so that when the scrotes invade they can plaster CP/gore/scat everywhere? why make it easier for them? iirc on DW admins can set a page so that only admin or mods can upload images.

DW is simple to use, easier to read as responses can be viewed inline or threaded, and the admin/jannies there can ban as many assholes as is necessary. but by all means, keep obsessing over having an imageboard (which is 100% going to be created by a dude) because DW is too old or confusing or some shit.

No. 2828

i wouldn't trust someone's self admitted reasoning alone regardless. that's not what makes anything less sus. you at least wait for people to fuck up a little or give you solid reasoning to suspect doxxing is warranted. absolutely nothing warranted that. a simple "admin is for sure a dude" or giving proof without name etc would've been just fine. totally unnecessary.

No. 2829

It's super easy to set up a text board. And I've been working on researching it. Also would requires
less server space, so setting it up would be faster for me.
We're not completely incapable of making our own board, the scrote just got to it faster lol.

No. 2830

Who cares that some scrote got fixed, nothing happened to him, do you really think some evil feminists are gonna show up at his door and … What?
Order pizzas to his house?
This isn't /b/ he's fine.

No. 2831

The ebul feminists are not a threat, but ill-intentioned scrotes lurking there might be.

No. 2835

I love the irony that we have been driven off our female board by female admin for our "intolerable" manhating, yet an actual man was happy to make a website for us to put said intolerable manhating on. Just goes to show what a pussy our current female admin is (sorry admin)

The dudes aren't even offended by it! Only you! We need a better plan for 2X. If the site the guy made can be passed to a woman, that's good but also means we could be locked out of it if original male admin gets bored and deletes/locks it.

Or our sensitive admin here can lay out a clearer plan. I agree with the anons who state that keeping the imageboard format is preferable.

No. 2839

Whether or not the dox was unnecessary is besides the point. The problem is that everyone is unquestioningly sucking his dick for making a board without any real reason to believe that he has good intentions. It's better to err on the side of caution than to immediately trust the type of men who lurk imageboards. Yes, they would make a entire board, lie, and manipulate just to fuck over the wahmenz. They are that deranged.

If male admin's explanation is genuine then I'm sure he understands what the issue is better than some of you apparently. It's fine to use a VPN and post on the board if it is handed over to a real female admin. Harping on about how he did such an ~uwu kind and generous~ thing when we don't even know his real intentions are is pathetic.

No. 2840

Absolutely lol at all the males in here "hurr women can't code we had to get a man to set it up." No shit women are going to think twice about setting up a board with the way troons react. This scrote that set up Asherah's has basically nothing to worry about. TRA's won't come for him like they would a woman.

There are plenty of women here, me included, that work/study in cs and could set up a board. But the semester literally just started up for most of us, and the rest CAN'T risk their careers like this. Do you know how fucking hostile it is in programming for women? Do you REALLY think we want an extra target on our back that WILL lead to our firing if found out about because trannies are so common in cs.

Like God damn, praise the male for not fearing male violence and retaliation. Good job guys.

No. 2841

Also for the "spinster was made by a man" yeah again NO SHIT. Even learning programming opens you up to a torrent of abuse. I literally legally changed my name to a masculine sounding one because communicating via email with people who hadn't met me irl became easier when they assumed I was male.

No. 2842

So, what should we do? Just give up on imageboards altogether?
>the rest CAN'T risk their careers like this.
There are ways to protect your identity, ffs.
We aren't going to get anywhere by cowering in fear.
We can either take the cards we were dealt with (so, yes, using the male-made board for now), or someone's going to have to rise to the occasion.

No. 2843

Then you fucking do it. Plenty of tutorials out there.

No. 2845

This is still a female imageboard with the exception of one thread that wasn't able to be contained.

I'm not kicking anyone but there sure are anons here who want to willingly embrace a lying scrot. The plan is laid out on /meta/ for anyone who hasn't read it.

>But the semester literally just started up for most of us, and the rest CAN'T risk their careers like this
If you really believe this what makes you think it's a good idea for me to run this entire site on top of a political board? All of a sudden it's too much of a risk for anyone else?

I'm not satisfied with the new board I'm working on so I don't mind extending the migration deadline.

No. 2846

Must be real nice to live in a bubble like this. Trannies are literally beating women in the UK on the street. You're pathetic.

No. 2847

Im working on it y'all just fucking chill for a minute.
It might start off as a text board then get upgraded to an image board. But no one's giving up on shit.

No. 2848

I don't have the time or money to take on such a project, but I would in a heartbeat. I would support someone who took it on, though.
Being scared of the moids just isn't that great of a defense, sorry. If you CAN do this, but refuse to, accept that you are part of the problem.

No. 2849

If you had said you didn't want to run this because of danger that would be another issue entirely. You got pissed people called you a tranny kek

No. 2850

You're no better than the admin, but keep preaching. Guess we need to shut down all women's shelters too because of the trannies who threaten us for having them.

No. 2851

You are demanding women set up a board for you because "you can hide your identity ffs" but refuse to do it yourself. Entitled as fuck and not nearly the same as shutting down rape centers.

No. 2852

And that's an assumption that was made.
The infighting was just the tip of the iceberg.

No. 2853

lmao it's hilarious you're attempting to change the narrative now. Cute. You've been sperging about this in long ass text posts for ages and never mentioned fear of male violence.

No. 2854

I'm not afraid of male violence, I knew what I was getting into and I know how to take precautions against it. It's just funny that some anons are too cowardly to do the same.
Props to whoever does and isn't a simp for ian 2.0.

No. 2855

you literally let men bully you into shutting down a hidden female politics board. But keep stroking your own ego about your bravery. I don't know what you're complaining about. SOME women don't want to take the risk. You chose to. No one forced you to make /2X/.

No. 2856

"Demand"? Where did I do that? You're the one who said "You fucking do it". I pointed out the truth. Our two options are to use Asherah's Garden, or to wait for an anon who's braver than you.
I'm not refusing to do shit, I already explained why I can't, but you certainly seem to be.
Honestly, why did you even post? Did you think we'd kiss your ass and go "omg anon such a martyr, being capable of doing things but not doing anything at all for fear"? If you can't help, leave it at "Not everyone has the time", or just stay the fuck out of it.

No. 2857

Stop sperging and learn some useful skills.

No. 2858

You posted an entire sperg rant because you think "I'm scared!!" is a valid excuse in 2020 for willful inaction, but okay.

Thanks, anon. Please post a link when you're done. I'd be happy to pay the little I have to support it on Patreon or Kickstarter, if neecessary.

No. 2859

Not to take admin's side, but I see her point.
In allowing PP, she's still done more than some (not all) anons in this thread ever would. We can't shout about how woman in the programming scene are an oppressed class, but use that same fact to defend doing nothing at all. That's literally exactly what they would want.

No. 2860

what? what men are bullying admin? quit pulling shit out of your ass it's embarrassing for all of us

No. 2862

you are really embarrassing… stop double posting you tard

No. 2863

Are you autistic?

No. 2866

women being fearful of male violence isnt being weak or cowardly jeez

No. 2874

learn to do it yourself then

No. 2876

can you stop being retarded for 5 fucking seconds?

No. 2886

has any one else been permanently banned from that garden site even if you sue a VPN? Kind of weird. I've switched browser, proxys and VPN's, but they still know it's me

No. 2889

What have you been banned for?

No. 2890

Wont say. Just says the ban is permanent.

No. 2891

Can you post a screenshot of your ban? I'm inclined to disbelieve this.this

There's tons of bad actors in this thread. There's DW, some anon is apparently trying to make a text board for you, and you're all sitting in here attacking each other and bitching out admin, whose site you are still posting your retardation on. Sort yourselves out, jesus.

No. 2892

File: 1579705392693.png (50.66 KB, 1241x640, 43453.PNG)

Ban ID covered because I think it's personal info.

No. 2895

Admin isn't going to let you keep the board for kissing her ass. The amount of you supporting this moid is hilarious. Yeah anon you're right it would be crazy for a man to make irrational moves like banning women from a feminist board things like this have NEVER happened before. (Tranny claymer or whatever his name is anyone?)

Yeah typical moid behaviour. I used to use a service that banned by Mac address idk if that's what's happening here or is possible with these boards

No. 2896

In fact I'm 99% sure this is the moid himself because I have no idea why a supposed feminist would cape for a male like this

No. 2898

Do you know why you were banned?

No. 2899

nevermind, he explained.

No. 2903

I have no idea why we can’t just make a discord ffs

No. 2907

we have a discord

No. 2911

explain how? because I'm the orginal anon who posted that pic

No. 2912

File: 1579730283828.png (17.14 KB, 870x147, banned.PNG)

nta but

No. 2915

Ah. explains why the VPN didn't work

No. 2916


No. 2918

I'm actually disturbed on the amount of handmaidens using that scrots site but as long as it weeds out the pickmes it can't be a bad thing

No. 2923

is there a no expired link

No. 2959

I once met a man on the internet who claimed to be interested in radical feminism.
I was young and fell for it. Spoiler: there's no man like that. That Garden site is bullshit and probably a trap.

I understand code monkey girls not wanting to risk their future by creating the board. Most of us aren't neckbeards on a basement and would be fucked up if someone doxxed us. We can't be mad at them, I wish the world was different but it isn't. I hope you all get good grades this semester.
I'll probably use DreamWidth if no board is made before the expiration date.

No. 2962

Someone speaking some good fucking sense.

Wish I could believe in the garden but this dude did hesitate to implement such basic security measure on that site as https is. It is suspicious.

No. 2977

This is why they men can't be radfems.

No. 2996

File: 1579831426003.jpg (39.26 KB, 293x321, 1576804866175.jpg)

>Please please PLEASE don't use a new website, don't make one either, just shut up and disappear REEEEE
You assholes are transparent as fuck.

No. 2997

File: 1579831843940.jpg (17.22 KB, 600x600, 9191661c8454ef11774db17e28c554…)

No. 2998

It's not, that's exactly what larping and manipulating scrots would do.

No. 3000

What that anon wrote is far from the truth. Most of us aren't against making a new website BUT UNDERSTAND people not wanting to take responsability for it. It takes a risk to set up a site like that.

Saying that we are just "scrotes that don't want to make a new site just because" is an indication that that anon doesn't know what reading comprehension is.
Also, he could be the scrote trying to bait us into using that garden site. We aren't just "not using a website uwu", we are against using a FUCKING WEBSITE MADE BY A SCROTE. This is just bait for another fucking infighting, stop it.

No. 3001

Can someone give me a quick rundown on what's been going on the past few days regarding the new website

No. 3003

A scrote made a board, some anons are against using it and the ones that want to settle for it are starting fights with the former. There are rumours that a female anon is working on a board but idk about that.

No. 3031

Just read the thread and judge for yourself.

No. 3041

>What that anon wrote is far from the truth.
No, it's not. The most pathetic scrotes and other kinds of falseflaggers do this all the time (I mostly know this kind of behavior from 4chan though). When admin made the announcement there were "farmers" claiming we should all 'go back' to discord or reddit in the same pseudo-sympathetic way. I'm not saying all anons who have those worries are men, but it sure is a nice chance to manipulate under the guise of protecting safety.

>Most of us aren't against making a new website BUT UNDERSTAND people not wanting to take responsability for it.

…And actively fearmongering and discouraging them from it, so no one codes a new website besides the AG, that no one should use because it's made by a man even though he doesn't want to keep it abd searches for a new female admin and mod team. Like admin and other anons said said, she did it too and there are ways to stay safe. Hell >>2962 didn't even read the thread, they just tried to scare anons off with false information. And >>2918 is trying to insult anons into not using the website (and thus into either waiting for something that may never come or do nothing). That's typical scrote shit even if they didn't intend to sound like that.

>Saying that we are just "scrotes that don't want to make a new site just because" is an indication that that anon doesn't know what reading comprehension is.

This is not what I said or meant, pretty rich of you to complain about my reading comprehension.

>Also, he could be the scrote trying to bait us into using that garden site.

Wanting anons to continue talking about our issues and not being too afraid to make a new website if they don't like AG makes me a scrote? What?

>We aren't just "not using a website uwu", we are against using a FUCKING WEBSITE MADE BY A SCROTE.

What is that uwu for lol. And then explain what risk I supposed to put myself into by posting on the site. Like, I'm not happy about a man making it either and I'm sure there must be something weird about him for hosting a manhate site as a man. But he is willing to give it to someone else and even teach them how to opperate it, there is no way for him to know the exact locations of the posters(and you can mask that with vpns, proxies or rdp providers anyway), and the worst he could do in terms of security is malware ads/redirects (which are easy to block) or trojans you'd have to download and open which there is neither. What speaks against using it even temporary as an alternative to doing nothing?

>This is just bait for another fucking infighting, stop it.

God forbid I discuss site migration in the site migration thread. Disagreeing is not infighting, how about you stop trying to shut anons up.

No. 3055

Agreed. It's weird seeing anons ITT be like "Don't use the site, it's a trap", and when asked how, it's "They'll use your IP to doxx you" (not a thing, and even if it was, it doesn't block VPNs, so you're basically home free), but when asked for an alternative, or if they'd just take the site off his hands quietly to mitigate risk, the stated problem is that it's too dangerous.
Like, okay. Understandable, you don't want to risk your safety. But then, where should we go? What's the solution? Taking ownership and remaining as unknown as all of the admins of LC (besides Regina and Ian) have been doesn't seem impossible, in theory.
I think one anon mentioned making a text board for us, but there hasn't been any update on that.

No. 3058

>this ridiculous wall of text sperging that we won't get in that site, yet no proof why the site is trustworthy
>no, U are the scrotes!!!1
Ok, I'll bite.

I'm >>2962. You are the one who hasn't clearly even read the thread, and some tech illiterate brainlet loudmouth who's full of shit as well. Just ctrl+f and search for https. The first time this guy posted his site didn't even bother to implement it, and he had to be told to do so. Every damn imageboard I ever used or lurked, lolcow included, uses https even if no personal information is shared by the users, because apart from a very evident security formality for anyone minimally tech-savvy, it stops literally all the data you are sending to the server from being leaked in the case of a man in the middle attack. What parts of the website you are browsing, your browsing habits, your posts, everything. If you are connected through a proxy, your actual ip, too.

Have you ever used tor browser, anon? It has that nice extension the devs add by default called "https everywhere" that enforces the https in all sites you visit, do you know why is that? Because it's an imperative to only browse https sites under tor or anyone who owns an exit node could eavesdrop everything you do in that session and know your actual ip. The tor project had to shut down an important percentage of its exit nodes that turned out to be compromised some time ago for that reason. That's an example of how important is to use encrypt your data while connecting to somewhere.

Do you realize the vulnerable position this negligence leaves the users of a website mainly aimed towards political discussion? Mainly the users who don't mask their ips and tor users (and vpn companies are well known for harvesting and selling their users data, look the fuck up what are you installing in your browser/computer before committing for fuck's sake).

Why are you so defensive over people here being skeptic? Are you asherah's admin? If it's you, why are you so insistent that people can't be doxxed by their ips despite of several cows's post having been exposed in LC already?

Get over the fact no one in here wants to use a website made by a lurking scrote on an imageboard that's been raided by scrotes several times until a woman takes control over it for obvious reasons. It's not rocket science. You are the one that sounds like he's larping.

No. 3060

tl;dr, but I'm >>3055, and I can't really understand why you're so pressed.
We don't need to use Asherah's Garden.
However, I can't really see it as rational that many people have gotten away with being out and out pedophiles demanding "rights", as well as posting shit like "Kill all non-whites, Dylan Roof and these other murderers are /our guys/" online, even without security measures, but we should totally all be afraid that "Males/trannies are bad" might tip off some mass doxxing, law enforcement knocking at VPN's doors to trace who we are and jailing us all. It doesn't make sense to me, and honestly seems like fearmongering, but that's your deal.
On that note, where should we go? Any suggestions?

No. 3070

My bf has offered to make a GC image board and then switch it over so I am admin. I am not concerned about my career or anything like that.

Not sure if that's something that is even remotely a good idea, but figured I'd mention it.

No. 3077

That sounds just fine to me, anon. As long as an actual female is admin, it's good.

No. 3094

tfw women can't code(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 3098

that sounds excellent, anon.

No. 3101

So this anon was right >>2806

No. 3218

I can't get here if I try 2x only 2X (capital) works. Is that intentional?

No. 3341

File: 1580233280663.png (31 KB, 650x990, poll.PNG)

It was refreshing to have this corner of the internet after suffering through all the misogyny of 4chan, reddit, facebook etc. I felt like I have a group of women here who really understand me and I wasn't shut down for venting my frustrations about men like elsewhere on the internet. There's going to be a huge cultural change here even outside of /ot/ and /g/ now that these topics have been banned. Soon you'll be attacked or banned for misgendering Chris Chan or calling a male lolcow out for something a female one wouldn't get away with. It will be like every other part of the internet that hates women. It's impossible to have a large group of women on a website and expect them to never talk about politics or vent about shitty relationships with men or ffs talk about being a lesbian in the only corner of the internet that hasn't been infested with roleplayers.

It's very obvious that crystal.cafe is full of men and trans people but I'm going to make an effort to post there regularly again. If a vocal minority could change the culture here, we can change the culture there too. I think the polls here made it very clear that we're dealing with a very small, very annoying minority. If we keep posting things that actually interest us (and clearly bore men since it's kept them away for so long) and report posts from men/trans people I think we have a good chance at re-claiming both websites and letting the staff know who REALLY uses lolcow (and hopefully crystal.cafe and whatever alternative websites were suggested above) and they'll be forced to listen to us.

Pic related, keep this in your head when you feel like giving up on these sites. We're the majority, we've been around since the start. We're not going to let a few twitter newfags turn this into their PC safe space, they have enough websites to use for that.

No. 3342

Is this a board solely dedicated to politics? I don't know about other anons but I was hoping for an imageboard where we could just discuss whatever and it's assumed everyone is female/feminist, where people have the option to post political threads if they want. Also naming one board "against men" seems a bit much and kind of like a joke ngl.

No. 3344

File: 1580236209778.png (74.63 KB, 1268x308, whiteknight.png)

lol, he got salty

No. 3350

I come to this thread just to laugh at posts like this negl. Keep it up paranoid-chans

No. 3353

I'm confused, how am I paranoid?

No. 3358

Lesbian talk is allowed, pink pill is allowed, making fun of troons is allowed, men still get banned. Yet the removal of one thread (GC) makes you think this will turn into a woman hating haven? If you're not paranoid you're out of touch.

No. 3361

Careful mandmin, you male-feminist entitlement is showing KEK

No. 3362

Um okay keep telling yourself that I guess. Lurk more if you want to know what I'm talking about. See what people are getting banned for. All these topics have been shoved into a secret board which isn't going to exist in the future. Including a hidden lesbian general. Admin ignored our choices in the poll.

So tell me again how I'm "paranoid" and not just describing things that are actually happening?

No. 3365

Do you like.. ever check /meta/ or are you just sitting on here every day? Admin said PP and the lesbian thread will be moved back to /ot/ once 2X gets nuked. Stop being retarded, you're embarrassing.

No. 3369

i love you anon. dont listen to the meanies

No. 3371

You guys only reach for that because you're not clogging OT with your sperging anymore.
I know you aren't oldfags because of the anon in the radfem server who admitted using lolcow since 2011 kek

No. 3372

>you're not clogging OT with your sperging anymore
NTA, but you admit /ot/ isn't clogged with GC shit. Cool.
So, can you explain for us all the complaints about GC that are peppered all over /ot/ and filling up the /meta/ thread? That doesn't make sense, does it?

No. 3373

It isn't clogged because you don't have 3 threads on /ot/ anymore

No. 3374

So, you can't explain. At least, thank you for admitting the current screeching about radfems/GC is completely unfounded.
That's really all I wanted to confirm. I wasn't wrong to think anti-GC spergs are a thing, kek.

No. 3375

Keep being delusional
you morons aren't getting your precious thread back kek

You guys call everyone handmaidens and troons whenever you get the chance but you are kissing ass to a maledmin because you guys are too retarded to make your own board. You're all contradictory trainwrecks

No. 3378

File: 1580274745482.png (1.56 MB, 1100x900, rg.png)

Obsessed. You even joined the Discord server, lmao.

No. 3379

Keep deflecting darling, I also know a good chunk of you know nothing about scary imageboard culture. I know how many of you hypocrites have nigel bfs and how many of you have pathetic e relationships with incels.(baiting)

No. 3380

File: 1580276436087.jpg (83.84 KB, 1300x988, eavesdropping-business-man-lis…)

No. 3383

File: 1580282395145.png (2.86 MB, 1618x1232, jnkkjnk.png)


No. 3384

I don't remember this scene from Cats

No. 3386


No. 3389

kek, what happened to being a self-hating male?

No. 3390

It's really creepy that you followed us onto a verified discord server after we already got kicked off lolcow.
Are you having fun looking at conversations about crafting and cooking and our cat pics?

No. 3391

>"none of you are oldfags because one anon lied about it"
>going as far as posting in the /2X/ board for hours and even joining their server

No. 3393

>You guys call everyone handmaidens and troons whenever you get the chance but you are kissing ass to a maledmin
We're not a hivemind

No. 3405

I joined the Discord and left after a while because of the things that anon mentioned. Plus the constant sperging and tinfoiling about users being male really put me off. Everyone in there acts like a 12 year old and it didn't really entice me to stay or have any thoughtful conversations with you guys. & It's true a lot of you are hypocritical as well, what with your weird boyfriends. You don't have to be anti-radfem to think everyone in that discord is ridiculous.

No. 3406

Agreed. The Discord is filed with shit-stirring and complaining weirdos who all seem to be in their tweens. No one is even talking about feminism there. You don't need a secret chat to trade cat pics, wtf.

No. 3407

someone sounds mad

No. 3408

Way to prove the point, anon.

No. 3411

I only really lurk in that server, but I've never seen any sperging like that. It's mostly just memes, tranny cringe and people discussing laws/policies that harm women. They do talk about feminism, but it's typically confined to the discussion channel.
There is also a vent channel where some people talk about their families and SOs, but from what I've seen, half of them are literally lesbians, lmao. Saying "a lot of them" have weird boyfriends is kind of an exaggeration IMO.

No. 3412

Maybe you should have a look at the 2X channel then. That's where I encountered the most juvenile behavior. I understand being upset about losing this place, I am too. But why obsess over the staff so much? It's so ridiculous and pointless and kind of embarrassing. I was embarrassed to be in that discord after reading through a lot of it, hence me leaving.

No. 3415

The most I saw there is someone joking that the "mole" might actually be a mod, and talk of removing people who never talk. Also, them shitting on the AG admin, IIRC.

No. 3416

I left before any of that talk so I can't comment on that. But when I was there, there was a lot of "mods are tims, admin is a man, admin is a young newfag, admin is this that and the 3rd". It's just like, why? I thought the Discord was made to get away from all of this. Not to sit there bitterly and give updates on the newest dumb thing Admin said and then harp on it and her male typing style. It just made me feel like, maybe, just maybe, the anons who complain about us do have a point and that a lot of the users on this board don't have good intentions and are just trying to start up more drama. I'm too old for that and I'd rather just someone make an entirely new imageboard because clearly Discord's get too clique-y and childish.

No. 3417

You really are retarded aren't you. No one has said any of that and it's considered an inside joke. But apparently you're too fucking dense. You're right boomer, you're too old to use the internet.

No. 3418

Not only that but it was more raging over this board than talking about actual radical feminism. It was more focused on trannys and when it wasn't it was cringe about anons bfs or husbands. Like fuck man no wonder you really want a man hate thread when half of you are in dysfunctional relationships.
I liked the GC threads but I underestimated the number of unhinged anons.

No. 3419

Well, there you go. You guys are incredibly aggressive and childish. You're the reason this is all going tits up for us and it's sad that you lack the self awareness to see that. Also very feminist of you to harp on a woman's age but what do I even expect from the Discord clique at this point.

No. 3420

i agree, and i also left for a similar reason. i dont know why theres a whole channel for what is pretty much just shitting on random users as well the site in general. there were definitely screenshots from random users in /ot/ and stuff. we've been booted, i dont get the point of harbouring all this anger. i just wanted a place to go to after 2x ends.

was this really necessary? i dont think the discord is above criticism.

No. 3421

I don't check that channel often, but if what you're saying is true, I can understand how it'd get annoying quick. I feel like most of it is probably just OTT venting, considering everything that's happened thus far. Plus, there's no other real space for that particular kind of salt.
I think it's honestly better for them to sperg out privately than to post "tranny janny" all over /meta/ and derail any respectable discussion like what happened before the server existed. Now, it's mostly just the "anti-GC" people posting shitty bait and searching for their playmates to go to war with.
I don't mind the Discord (I think it's comfy), but it's definitely not the same as an imageboard, and I also hope we get one soon.

No. 3422

Yea, you all are really trying to stir shit up now. There was none of that. At all.
I'm sick of people being dishonest and trying to put misinfo out there. Stop trying to start stuff, everyone is fine.

No. 3424

nta but
>you really are retarded
>youre too fucking dense
>boomer youre too old to use the internet
>not aggressive
discord anons unhinged confirmed

No. 3427

this makes sense. thank you for understanding. im sure the discord is fine if youre into it, but it just wasnt for me

No. 3428

I think people who gravitate to Discord tend to be the drama-loving types, anyway. It's most likely a combination of the "secret club" aspect of a verified server, and the fact that the core of Lolcow itself is literally drama.
Anons who just want /2X/ back, and to discuss female politics purely, naturally won't really take well to that kind of environment. It's just one more reason why we need an anonymous imageboard format for a replacement. Farmers are farmers, and many will inevitably take a similar kind of attitude with them as they had on the anon site to a place like Discord. It'll just look more vulgar with names attached.
Discord isn't the same for the aforementioned reasons, and a BBS forum will just end up attracting the wrong crowd (like PULL or LSA).

No. 3430

I get you, hopefully we get a new place soon.
(Also >>3428 was >>3425, sorry for double post)

No. 3431

Yea, there's no way getting through to you.
You all really are trying to push a narrative. The discord is fine, people come and go, you want something, just talk. We have channels for radfem/ feminism discussion. But I guess you just ignored those. Apparently, I'm lying and we all fight and scream about nothing but trannies. There has NEVER been drama at all, until now apparently.
It's not a secret "club", we have verification to prevent scrotes coming it. Why would you be complaining about that?
I don't understand the end game here. We all are waiting till we get an imageboard. you don't have to come into the discord if you are so offended. Go to AshGarden or whatever, or wait for Admin to finish the new server. OR MAKE ONE YOURSELF AND STOP COMPLAINING.

No. 3432

I'm sorry my valid criticism of your discord got you so hurt. Really telling that you and everyone in there can criticize everyone on lolcow including random posters on /ot/ but once someone dares to to criticize the way you act in there it's code red. Please get a grip and grow up.

No. 3433

Calm down. I like the Discord, and I'm not offended at all by it. I just also see why it'd be off-putting for some people, because not all anons are the same. Getting defensive about something like this just makes us all look like nutjobs.
There is shit-talking, and I believe that's natural for any space with Lolcow users (especially on Discord), but not everyone will like it, and that's also fine. They're allowed to talk about it. It's not an attack on you, it just means it's not for them.
>We all are waiting till we get an imageboard.
This is the main thing. My only real point is, the server can't take the place of an imageboard. I think we're all on the same page when it comes to that.

No. 3435

Again, you are generalizing the entire discord to be something crazy. It literally the same as lolcow's discord except with feminism and no men. Funny how you don't complaint about that. Stop complain and do something. Stay here & wait for Admin. Or go to the imageboard made by a male, AshGarden, or make your own place, or wait for someon else to make one for you, … eventually. It's not hard. Really, try it sometime.

No. 3436

I was in the discord server too and I don't think you understand what radical feminism is.
Here's what it's not, going to the lolcow discord to yell at admin and then sperg more in the server, or complaining about trannies all day.
There is so much more to radical feminism than gender critical politics or drama.

No. 3437

we are free to complain about whatever we want and you are not exempt from criticism just because you mod a radfem discord server. absolutely embarrassing behavior and proving the point of everyone complaining in here

No. 3438

…. I'm not a mod… holy shit.
Yea, I'm done.

No. 3439

so you're going this hard over a place you don't even mod? double cringe

No. 3441

The Discord server was made after the poll debacle and after GC was banned from lolcow. Of course people there will discuss what happened on lolcow before because they came from here and many of them have been on here for years. In addition, the spergs keep coming to this thread to provoke (see for example >>3350) and anti GC derailing is happening both in /meta/ and /ot/. It is very annoying and I guess Discord is a good place to vent about it. If you don’t like it, fair enough. But why do you feel the need to come here to start infighting and to hate on something you don’t want to participate in, anyway?

No. 3442

This entire thread and your discord is cringe. Keep proving anti-gc anons right, keep proving staff right. At this rate nobody will take GC seriously anymore, even the OG OP thinks you're a bunch of trainwrecks.
Thinking everyone who dare critique your behavior is a male, tim, or mod is unhinged as fuck.

No. 3443

I get that initial venting was probably needed but it dragged on for way too long up until I left and presumably still so. There's a point where you have to realize that you come across as obsessive/unhinged especially when most of what I saw wasn't even reasonable venting but legit stupid insults. Fair enough if you think that's funny but it wasn't for me. Criticism isn't hating either. You guys are way too defensive for your own good and it's why we are in this mess in the first place. I criticized you because you used lolcow and still do so and you continue to be rude assholes to everyone and making us look bad. You're not helping yourself or other radfems on here by behaving like this and I wish you'd finally realize that.

No. 3444

You're not helping the situation. It's almost like you're just trying to farm more angry responses or something.
I'm actually in support of the anons who are criticizing the server (though I personally haven't seen much of the issues they're complaining about, or maybe I just don't see it as a big deal since the server is also active with plenty of other things), because I don't want it to become the only space we can use.
But, honestly, at the end of the day, does any of it matter? Why is it a huge deal if some people in a quiet, tucked-away server are annoyed about how things have been going, and complain amongst themselves about random posts and mod actions? Are they not allowed to bitch privately about what they don't like on a board they've been using for years?
It's not as if they're brigading random threads just to bring up radfems out of nowhere, or camping out in /meta/ just to make insulting, low-effort posts like I've seen many of the anti-GC anons do.

No. 3445

you should check meta again when you have the time because lol

No. 3447

I just did, and it looks like more shitty bait.
"Bitches Who Couldn't Stay in Their Lane" is something I'd expect to read from some angry k-pop stan/hyper-SJW from Twitter.
"OP of the GC threads"? Seems legit. Also, I'm pretty sure the actual OG GC thread (as in, the very first one) was literally made by the old staff of this site, but I don't expect new people LARPing and trying to take over this place to realize that.

No. 3449

File: 1580339697381.png (5.9 KB, 763x74, Untitled.png)

well shit…

No. 3452

Saw this coming. Anyway, with the demise of /2X/, we have two options left:
A. One of the anons (there's one who promised a text board, and another who said her boyfriend offered to make a board) delivers before the deadline, and we just head there. I think one user in the Discord discussed starting an imageboard, and even brainstormed on domain names, but still no ETA on that yet
B. Remaining anons head to Asherah's Garden to recoup. From there, they can either continue discussion of migration and branch out elsewhere, or one anon can just take ownership of the site so we can use it without fear.

I know B is the more controversial option, but the male admin is still being very forthcoming about literally giving the site away to any anon who asks, no strings attached. He gave a clear breakdown on what taking the site would entail on the /info/ board. It doesn't have to be a male-owned board, and it's not even meant to remain one.
Personally, I would literally just take the site myself (and even change the name if just reading Asherah's Garden leaves a bad taste), but I don't know shit about owning an imageboard, and I don't have the money to hold up a website.

If anyone does opt to go with B, I strongly encourage using a VPN, for obvious security reasons. There are plenty of free ones, like Windscribe and ProtonVPN. The browser Opera comes with a free one, too, and I'm pretty sure Tor-posting is allowed on AG.

No. 3453

wdym you saw this coming
it was announced a month ago we just have a deadline now

No. 3454

I mean the deadline was probably decided to be ASAP in response to the infighting in here, complaints about the Discord server and yelling/false-flagging on /meta/. It looks very spur of the moment, and is very "convenient".

No. 3457

We knew this place was closing, we just now have a date.

Yep. Notice how right after the announcement the trolls disappeared? Same song. Different dance.

No. 3458

The discussion just ran its course. I'm not a troll for thinking the discord anons are behaving like children but if that makes you feel better.

No. 3459

what about the trolls in /meta/

No. 3464

You genuinely think everyone who disagrees with you are trolls now? The absolute cope.

Thank fuck this board will close.

No. 3466

Yeah, it's obvious what that was.
Anyway, they're definitely still lurking and trying it, so don't respond to him/her/it. Notice the spacing in the latest bait post is the same as the "OG OP GC" in /meta/ (kek).
Let's speed up migration discussion instead.

No. 3469

nah the one Typing Like This and the "ALL RADFEMS SHOULD BE BANNED" duo

No. 3470

>you pointed at a different anon and called them the mod from discord so look who's talking lol
I'm not that anon you retard jfc

No. 3482

Anyhow our biggest problem with finding anew board is that all are alternatives are dead. No one's posting on AG, endchan, or even that dream site.

No. 3486

…wait, what's with the Loona thing? Admin is an unironical kpop stan? Explains a lot, cringe

No. 3487

That's because /2X/ is still up. When it finally closes those other places will probably become more active.

No. 3489

File: 1580403388928.jpg (430.09 KB, 893x1567, IMG_20200130_174711.jpg)

The anti kpop thread also suddenly had to go and then you have farmhands openly posting idol pics…
People on kiwifarms said our admin is only an ana-chan teen (and I also saw posts of her calling anons fat), so her and the mods are probably young weeb kpop fans who are still in their "guys, i'm not one of those ugly/fat/evil feminazis teehee"-phase.
There are some farmers who are already 30, us being lead by an 18-year-old made zero sense in the first place. I also had the impression that the last couple months bans were so random, it's quite obvious that mods love secretly participating in arguments.

But it's all good, quitting imageboards or at least lc is for the best anyway.

No. 3493

The absolute state of this board…
I don't get why they're so keen on closing radfem threads when there's a lot of other shitty threads they could close. I honestly assumed that most anons are rad-leaning and don't have a problem with the feminism threads.
I used to be on tumblr but then i got tired of seeing all these libfem posts and reddit was absolutely not an option for me.

Not to get all sentimental over an imageboard lol but as a young radfem i was really happy when i found about lolcow but now i won't even have a free space with like-minded young women(and women only ), when irl i don't have any rad-leaning friends in my life either…

No. 3494

>women only
like the malemin of AG who larped as a radfem on here for ages? lol

No. 3495

The Endchan board seems mostly abandoned (and is still indexed on the front page of the site, opening it up to scrotes), and Dreamwidth's layout is kind of jarring.
I still think AG is our best bet. It's an imageboard, a few farmers have already posted there, and it's still relatively unknown, harshly reducing chances of scrote invasion. I posted on it using a VPN before, but it's not really active yet. Plus, the owner is handing the site over to any farmer who's interested, and has been trying to do so from the start. As long as there are female mods and a female anon takes over, I personally don't give a shit if some scrote first made it (a scrote literally made Lolcow after the other sites fell apart, lmao). You work with what you've got.
Whatever we do in the end, I'm just definitely not going to Reddit.

No. 3496

okay but fr, i've yet to hear an argument as to why anons can't just use a vpn and post? it's not hard. obviously just don't post a bunch of identifying stuff on AG (which no one does on here anyways, either), and use a vpn. simples.

No. 3498

No. I refuse to take handouts from a shady scrote.

No. 3500

How is it a handout? No one begged him or relied on him for shit.
Actually, that's not even the point. Do you have any other ideas? Can you make us an imageboard?
That second question isn't a challenge or insult, I'd genuinely be very happy if you or someone else could do that.
Otherwise, I'd rather take the site that gives us the best outcome. If pride comes before practicality for you, that's whatever, but this "I refuse" shit is kind of performative and lame. We need actual solutions.

No. 3503

That, and there's no reason to believe AG collects any more information than LC does.
On the off chance that the "tranny janny"/"tranny admin"/"scrote mod" rumors are true, or even the claims about admin and all the mods being handmaidens or whatever, I don't think there's much reason to believe we've ever been any safer here than we would be there. It's not like they're on our side or that they signed a contract to protect us or anything.
Truthfully, we should probably be using VPNs on all chan sites if we can, at least when it comes to discussing more "controversial" opinions. I'm too lazy to use one 24/7, but yeah.

No. 3505

lol no you're right i just meant that once a scrote is detected he's at least being banned. Autogynephiles and incels are propabably on lolcow in abundance.

No. 3506

Confirmed male ?

No. 3507

shut the fuck up

No. 3508

Men are still banned on sight
I still see k pop critical on /m/

Do you guys actually check any other boards?
You got issues wtf

No. 3509

you're a pain in the ass with your tinfoiling. go take your meds

No. 3511

File: 1580425845819.png (10.56 KB, 570x118, phallus.PNG)

according to the rules, they're banned for obviously maleposting but are not banned by virtue of them being male. otherwise, why even say "posters with a phallus"?

No. 3513

duh because how the fuck are you supposed to know someone is male unless they make it obvious

No. 3521

that's not the point. someone can give hints to being male without obviously maleposting. there's a difference between males not being allowed because they're male, vs only banning the obvious admission of being male. it appears (based on what i've seen) that men can and do post (and it be permitted), hinting toward being male, without obviously saying that they're men. there's a difference. were men banned simply for being male, suspicious posts without obvious admission would lead to a ban. for the sake of principle, i think it's better for a female board that insists on remaining female, that it be clear that men simply aren't welcome, rather than saying "okay, i guess men are allowed because i can't completely ensure that you are male until you clearly admit it". essentially, the wording greenlights men posting, even allowing them to be part of the community by saying "posters with a phallus", it just encourages some degree of stealthposting.

a lot of men bring milk through, so it'd kind of make no sense to be more firm on that for a drama board, though, tbh.

No. 3525

please show examples of what youre talking about

No. 3528

The rules on maleposting have been like that for years, admin just reworded it to include anyone with a penis

No. 3532

Then apply for the admin role.

No. 3566

File: 1580501072579.png (73.1 KB, 768x426, hashed.png)

Hi. I’m actually a mod/global volunteer on Asherah’s Garden.
The truth is, IPs aren’t logged on the site. The board software does allow for it, but our current server configuration prevents that function from working properly.

The server uses Nginx as a reverse proxy, which means requests made on the standard web ports, 80 for http and 443 for https, are routed internally to the imageboard service. IP forwarding has not been enabled to the imageboard, so it sees all requests as coming from the IP address of the server itself.

Additionally, when we ban someone, it just leaves a hashed token in the ban list, rather than an IP address.

This is why there was a glitch earlier that caused everybody to get banned when the admin was trying to ban a scrote bait thread. We kind of sat on this information for a while, because we weren’t sure whether revealing it could attract the wrong kind of attention and bring potential raids to the site.
Considering AG is still relatively small, for the time being, we plan to just delete all spam and bait, and see how that works out.

If it proves problematic in the future, we may turn on IP logging, and we will make sure to announce the change for transparency’s sake.

No. 3570

this new info makes me feel a bit more comfortable using the site, anon, thank you.

No. 3573

File: 1580544299526.png (727.97 KB, 745x607, sergio.png)

That's because you're a board volunteer, clear IPs are viewable for the actual admin or board owner.

Pic related, the tranny developer of the chan
Enjoy handmaidenchan and maledmin

No. 3579

Did you even read the post? I get being cautious but now you're just making shit up.

No. 3584

It sounds like you're the one unfamiliar with how things actually work, as opposed to what maledmin tells you.

No. 3585

NTA, but linking 8chan to this just because it uses the same software is a huge reach.
Anyway, what's your alternative? Plebbit?

No. 3586

File: 1580563019850.png (167.46 KB, 1364x696, 1d67657a-889a-4c8c-8a94-45b7a9…)

You're actually half-correct in that hashes are visible to mods, while "clear IPs" are visible to admins, but you're kind of missing the point.
In advance, I'm not the best at in-depth explanations, so if this is the least bit confusing, I'll be glad to answer any questions.
Pic related is a screencap from the admin.
The first IP (OP) is his own, and is different from the other two, because on the 17th, he connected through the site from "" instead of from "https://asherahs.garden/". In stark contrast to his IP (which starts with "80.41"), the rest of the thread have "" as their IP by default, because all anons (as well as himself, on the 20th, as you can see from the first reply) connected from "https://asherahs.garden/".
No anon has posted on the site through "" (and they're not supposed to - anyone who tries to post on the site using this link without a VPN is doing so at their own risk), so by default, their IP isn't visible.

No. 3587

File: 1580563101199.png (382.83 KB, 1576x1360, 1580552521378-498w9843984.png)

To compare, this is a screencap from my end (a mod).
You can see a clear difference between the IP hash of the OP (admin), who posted from "" on that day, and every other post by both himself and regular anons. The hashes also correspond to the differences between the "clear IPs" you can see from his end. I made a point of showing more posts than just the first two in my example to make this even clearer, and I don't mind showing more, or demonstrating this with other threads and boards on the site. If any anons can identify their own posts to corroborate this if/when I do, that'd be great.
Also, nice picture of Stephen Lynx, but Lynxchan itself was not invented by the owner of Asherah's Garden, and doesn't really have anything to do with the board. It's just the platform we use. No handmaiden or tranny shit here, and any female anon is still free to permanently take the admin's place if the male thing is unsettling.

No. 3588

File: 1580566976970.png (346.79 KB, 2000x700, log.png)

Except Nginx log looks something like pic related.
Includes your IP, exact timestamp, pages you access, whether you are posting, where you are coming from, and your user agent.
Not like you can do much with it (most people don't have static IP and don't post from work), but it's worth knowing.

No. 3590

Are those your posts? None of them show how admin is supposed to be seeing IPs and the posts itt explained throughout why he can't, down to the accidental bans. Are you the same anon who sperged about https and thinks proxies are easily traced back and that all vpn services sell their user's data? Just make a board already or apply for the admin position instead of whatever this is supposed to be.

No. 3593

I should probably mention that the admin isn't completely initiated on running the board quite yet. We're not exactly seasoned developers, so it's safe to say any misunderstanding can be chalked up to lack of experience, rather than malice. Any anons who feel iffy about this can and should use a VPN (and avoid sharing personally identifiable data), we're not out to get anyone.

No. 3594

No. 3595

File: 1580580020362.jpg (88.25 KB, 2000x1123, 550096-youtube_0.jpg)

wtf is this shit.
will be ever find a place that is not made by or for degenerates??

No. 3596

this anon >>3587 said thats a picture of stephen lynx who created lynxchan, not the actual admin of AG

No. 3597

File: 1580582751036.png (260.38 KB, 649x549, lynx.PNG)

That's not the admin of AG. Pic related is posted a lot on JulayWorld. This is ridiculous. Richard Stallman is a nutso fattychan that argues against age of consent laws. Has nothing to do with GNU/Linux though. Is anyone who uses GNU/Linux a pedo then? Dumb.

No. 3602

thank god, sorry, skipped that post, I'm retarded.

No. 3606

I think we should use AG at least until an alternative is found, there is a female Admin now according to a post on there.
Depending on which threads are allowed to return to OT, AG seems to be fine for now as long as you're not using a static IP (yes I read the posts above about how every post appears as if it's from the server IP and not the Anons, and is hashed on mod view, but I assume that can be modified to show poster ID instead as is default on most sites)

No. 3608

That's a lie, owners can see clear IPs according to the tranny developer. Why would someone lie abou that.

No. 3609

(to be clear, the post states there is a now a second female admin, but the male owner is still there as original admin also)

No. 3610

The screencaps show repeat hashes for mods and repeats of the same IP for admin view. I'm not admin so I can't confirm, but I know that even if that is the case that setting could be easily changed.

The other alternative is the chan board (though I just checked and it isn't loading right now)

No. 3611

It's been explained with screenshots multiple times how and why IPs aren't shown, anon.
That leaves the nginx logs, but if your IQ is above room temperature, you already know how to use a VPN or Tor to protect yourself anyway.

No. 3614

The Endchan board is broken on my end, too. Seems all of Endchan is down, rip.
That leaves 8kun, but it's full of CP and scrotes. Plus, last I checked, they didn't approve the request to create a 2X board. The "Create a new board" option takes me to a 403 Forbidden page, so I guess they're not approving any new requests at this time.

No. 3615

If that is the board volunteer, they won't see clear IPs. The software can show clear IPs to the board owner period. I don't give a fuck what maledmin says, the software developer has this stated in multiple threads and in the documentation.
I'm not using handmaidens garden anymore, I use a VPN but to come on here to lie to gulliable anons is shady as fuck. You're either maldmin pretending to be a board volunteer or a damn fool.

No. 3617

Unironically, do you know how websites work? You didn't even acknowledge what >>3588 pointed out, and that makes it seem a lot like you've read something the tranny developer of Lynx said (though you haven't linked to it), and you're holding steadfastly to how you personally interpreted it, even after how things work in this case has been explained. The board volunteer even posted a screencap from the admin's side of things, showing the clear IPs you're talking about.
If you can say "Yes" to the first question, do you mind putting some of the energy you've placed into tinfoiling about this into building an imageboard we can use, or ask somebody else with the time and skill?
It's okay if you don't want to use the board, but this back and forth and wild accusations are a complete waste IMO. Like, at least give other suggestions on where we can go.
We don't have time for infighting.

No. 3623

File: 1580664960075.png (83.25 KB, 1090x455, tranny.png)

>you're holding steadfastly to how you personally interpreted it, even after how things work in this case has been explained.
Nice try but whatever maledmin or handmaiden "explained" means nothing when they're lying about the software's capability to show clear IPs to the administrator. This isn't made up, it's a feature in the documentation.
This is the second lie off the bat and a major red flag from the "self hating" man.

No. 3624

might be cool to steal something made by a male (asherahs garden) and take it for ourselves for once like they always do. idk.

No. 3630

So, you're dedicated to screeching and tinfoiling even after more educated anons who also aren't the admin or mod have explained this? And you also won't list any alternatives? Thanks, anon. Now I know it's safe to ignore you.
It really does seem like you could be an undercover scrote or handmaiden yourself who just wants all GC/PP anons to disappear and not have a space to ourselves.
We already know Stephen Lynx is a tranny, the anon who called you dumb pointed that out in >>3597. Are you hoping lurkers who aren't paying complete attention will think it means he's AG's admin? Embarrassing.

No. 3631

>when they're lying about the 0software's capability to show clear IPs to the administrator.
They aren't, you just can't read. Hint: It's literally in the first paragraph of their first post.

You mean like applying for the admin and mod positions they've been searching for for 2 weeks?

No. 3634

File: 1580675860797.jpg (46.04 KB, 680x810, 1563056930765.jpg)

>the only posts using "maledmin"

No. 3636

what happened to the anon making a textboard?

No. 3663

Is the discord still a thing or was that totally abandoned?

No. 3698

is asherahs.garden for scrotes or what, i still don't understand it
a retard

No. 3701

Hi, anon. (New) female admin of AG here. Asherah's Garden was made by a male, but is meant specifically for women who want a space to discuss female politics and other topics, not for use by other scrotes.
We're actually looking for a female poster to take full ownership of the board. You can find details here: https://asherahs.garden/info/

No. 3702

Not long till 2X closes now, everyone. Where are we headed? We've gotta make a decision.

I'll go wherever but I'd say AG is our best bet right now. Obviously use a VPN when you're there. If you don't have a paid VPN then Windscribe has a data limit but it's free.

No. 3706

Would anyone like to set up a new discord? The one posted above isn't even accepting new members, I think they've forgotten about it.

No. 3709

How many hours do we have left ?

No. 3714

Admin closes 2X on February 5th, so we have 24 hours at the very most.

No. 3716

File: 1580842536511.png (299.78 KB, 3840x2160, SGTQLHuLHCt4JWp-29uQTmVdCkXAA9…)

Here's a link to the discord acting as a middleman to the radfem server: https://discord.gg/9qegGB
Links are posted there to other server, in which you will have to voice verify as female to join.
See you over there!

No. 3717

Okay, where are the links then?

No. 3718

if the invite's expired, feel free to ask for a new one in the chat!

No. 3721

No, it's mostly one butthurt anti-gc/pp anon falseflagging like a lunatic.

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